Trinidad guardian

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Trinidad guardian
Uniform Title:
Trinidad guardian.
Distinctive title:
Sunday guardian
Place of Publication:
Trinidad Pub. Co. Ltd.
Trinidad Pub. Co.
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Physical Description:
v. : ill. ;


Subjects / Keywords:
Newspapers -- Port-of-Spain (Trinidad and Tobago) ( lcsh )
newspaper ( sobekcm )
newspaper ( marcgt )
Spatial Coverage:
Trinidad -- Port-of-Spain


Dates or Sequential Designation:
Began in 1917.
General Note:
Description based on: Jan. 1, 1962.
General Note:
Sunday issues called: Sunday guardian.

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University of Florida
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Copyright Trinidad Pub. Co.. Permission granted to University of Florida to digitize and display this item for non-profit research and educational purposes. Any reuse of this item in excess of fair use or other copyright exemptions requires permission of the copyright holder.
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I~nh'IMtUPIlTII! nu omRc T M-Ia [For Dalm~r ALtenoom Wear* WVM. FOD'GARTY LTD
flue. rnwiawetuU N. WI WRAP FllME ROAl@DlE Greatly Reduced IRON COTS
Q 1lnan h ie gCB 14K:C'B e aautifl bia t ShdPOPULAR SHAMES, Zft 61Ivs. 5&OO
Otuinanan ~I1oa C lN y dusa~ps 1POP. POSTERS, IStark and White 26mTINS
hoiyw qb~&O ~awta traa1128ftm BONANZA 7416aa.tu

No. 13539.:

New Shipment


S------------ --









A/.winioM C.,a4ai made Twreo

A Spare Tyre
Savsc Time and Money
Carry at Ie.1 one extra Itym- ca4"8
and tube with you, and minimize your
tyre trwune and epcw. To ruan a
mle or two Un a flAt t)TCe ill ruin ist.
Ahrlays chage immediately Ln ce of
a poetmra. (Iyo have no pamrtyre
Ajnd the poarcture cannot be repaired
immedistl, it will be less crpenmsive
to take off the- ,t one and run care-
MIy an the rim to your oeaCrest yre

United States Rubber Export Ca Ltd.

14 Ctli-n D Te'd f d

flPonilaen Canad-mande Tyrs


D. HOPE ROSS, Limited, Agents.
'I he Bonanza Garage
Lhacon Street.

%.F"f ^ 1 -."8

Z t- SA I'dIWA.Y, m2.

It l I- G-II: Y L1 :N~t.. Ot

IS ON F V E R V P IE C E v 4 wi uo ilh,14,bl
OFCHOCOLATE. ______________

-. ~~the 1,411l,11,1lb' rI-l.I. ), ,1 .-I
Ce.1upetent tntll -teuo-'ivjlorl for141 l' u ti S~o, ...lIe Il
Apply to Post OfficetiBox 116.. There ,a re c,". IIr.IIl,
IlOAll 1)AND lODGCIN3for ml 140-I 41 I041: I1
Aroargruill441.ilb nplrillrerelprclt1,. i
Iu41,lv prflar-el ilReply Ii T 1,141,

____ ____ ___ BENARES BRA\SS
AT 114l1 i o EllNx 1,1 4 1lnN cI 1)
Wi l 4l 11llifAion ill a luou14ilo4141414'
444r.17C 1 fivlle IIfiOC M. l y~ol le we)l) FM E \ 11M
lCeqllallll,.,1 irlIv Jr 4w,11,dp nerchI4, s.
Ar144ip, hv lette 11W A I, c vo,,,rl,INIOII I IlIAPII'S CAlll 1 a 11.
MoAl.AI.CA CAT-i .l'l .VlT
Coterie of Workers TIfro'nilvclP..".. I.l.
Tea Rooms The All Indin Store
0 C I uIA1C S1irirI

The charge for insortin these J
insertion 80o.; (Sundays onL
insertions, $1.80; 4 insertions,
$3.12; 1 month, $4.00; Husba
charge $2.50.
COTTA(EI No. 5 ollolI 1 H8troo,
Wookbrook. Apply it No. I Mne
.I4luidl Sltrt.

CAIRO n OT tiL. 1. Ch tlitlr tel .,
anotp lte wittbilliard lt-le. Pe r
further Inloruion o pplyp to N. AURA-
peAM, pbprlctor,. 46 M1nrtne .41141r.

Alout 100 acres of 1ud0, will t0
.lnrct in yoti7ng. o4onut ln pntalion,
bounded with the 'Rea, and the Tono
ianin Road pass through theo entire pro
porty, aituant4 t Wvnma, Toco dia.
trict. A bargain for n cnah purchansr.
For further partltularni ply to .1.
Wong Quol, 10 CIhrlotte SIroet.

TWO.STOREY Hu RSE, 92 Abe-r.
,ro4mby Street. Apply to 1225 Oxfor.

TWO ACRES OF TANI) for building
purposes at St. Augustine. Fire
minoteu' walk from local train station.
Apply J. A. G. Tunapuna Post Oflice.
1- SET-(17 Volumes) THE NEW
in perfect coodtion. No reasonable
offer relused. Apply SToDiNT
Sclo Trinidad Guardian
HOUSE & LAND. 13 Stone
Street. Apply H. DICK, 16
Frederick Street.

ENGINE. By W. h A. M6Oal, G6-a.
Row, with two fly whe. thus aensOring
a. %mooth and steady run, fitted with
Plckering Governor. Appty to Aloton
A Co., Ltd.

COMMODIOUS w..tortof rleOtC
In dalrihtaul litatClon oen Railwav Roadw
Pr1n1 Town. Water aatl tct k'
yn ce. ApPlt ,1Mr. Geo. a. Holder,
Cacique Street, Princen Town or to 25.
lVrtnch Street, Woodbriok. Pout oa

Advertisements is per inch. 1
ly, $1); 2 insertion,, $1.50; 3
$2.00; one wook, $2.40; 2 wooks,
ind and Wife Notices, minimum

N0TIC~~~ t!, 0lr cc, 1teand ,other lIubt,
PROM t1o214 11 l A ril 2t,'oxjo I' ethe lulla V~e 11t111l of11t.u1, Sant
1'l21lIttA of11,,Oil Oy HMOtandt not. 41lu,,
A. N,,),,' of No. 107 Qoevn Stil, I
(1hrbortl1 ) wil nt l1 pon thir1,41046411 to
IlIl~tflCl0 1 il.111 l1Iu12l)y-.
TI,,, genoral pulltllIis 644rob,,11 iot-irwd FIR4EI
lthat rmth14111 a,01,1lo, 41144.114MIMI (11.1 I,,
i,,,e alo or iny dobib' 1w4lo1bt4s1
trileledIiit ur mire Vi000 0114(111 ludoI a ,, 11 C,~ao 1l~o, t111e4 ,I
.lur.-phl, Ainldor, ER1rii1144111 ~v14 2Il2. ,r uoo owfon t 0Ow 1111 11116of
.1.thelln, bildiog of 10 Broadway
I ltitEilRV bog ton otlify thre4414441i 14-ll 1144 t binIIg 114144l lllllleldte tho
Public thantI m41nnot lresponsibleto 0I Roal 11ulk of 'uuouda, lBroadwaoy, hall
any 11461 or tebta caniracted bylry 4flilrlO to ) hit an611 11 I he inn",
wilfe Kuwsillil, I hvebeen hehliirt,lgd I
10444147 hoRAn.d 11- ut~. .11 IOIsRgr 1I-1.~llli~ 1 .- ll .1.olldllI '. .,1:1..l
Witnessa7 %% C 5,4o.L ,'.aoo..fat, 111 .-u I-)T
5162 March 19.2 ') I ,l 0(40 .,
RICE Al : ,mu-,' mrll t 4r.1 l..l.1.4ll 'D 2 I.I l
t4 the Maollgcl sIfl 1o 1-,,, tjr'aa
Caroni. P t1644 0044. aLoll h ...
litne and tlucb. ril tEr.4 em~,ih for01104)40
between Cs~.aro~l a jC~ri.,is1c., I 1,llrte r at
cIlitfnag~eItasca`10- oor ori,n t TRAVE.RSO "tGOVIA
along buth side- of Ch, C6,alta-1*rRow ~ ol..a
Caun~pisanodsloiCaroni11041 451) lect. Irrlt irpiv ofa.,r iues ait. tla l).n
I Salrsre, I p. c,te-o1 %l ite01 V01,ALL-Int

FROM 14t Ml." 1
the grourl l .1 .
colRNitof 1- .**l -i, d', l III 0
fit present '-.l'~t I 01 114
veccoa & *a-, 1' r i. 1 Gflti'l'
GRANT Ill u 11 t hIr,.,I
for msrrll. .t llp lr .IiI. l. r. It
conl-enio0 q v n.-o .l4.1'lil.
141-41)0 i181 II., nJ'l,.144. W'ri'r,
I'Comfort' (ei~. Trni-,.l, rd,4.,I
On Wc.Iooie'iy ,-enii~llg 14I
EoII Sno rhleo ,I -I-,ul .I o ,, lor I .lF0)11t .11
rerold fni ot.'nli pnC I'i,,lua .r fiii %11
41041114. ft A tlunrgoio r, P..
___________ Prmmht[4lr-

3(IOWO( OARS rOU O LE, T111t1: 1)' 1.MINlir(In
0Own4er tI~t 04. law 5,I 1m 411 o r~ppli.,
fA9f me.tol' anetr Inry, I aL MA-l.ion toi11,.();If Ofm. NIIIAD
leot condllton, albetrba Uhba 4 anlld nef. IGARDIAN ,rdt Il-jInnl-oz IH-
atnoter. Iasondtng pg Phamnh eel c. lii 0114401timelnt.
wwored at o seetingIllW". a L, gaa.
Apply to the Amher Trdlnan On., d.,-
3If BeaA(Wsi, iaayt~onfllpaIO 'Pt,,on
INSIDE TYRFlS.-Ioeef nnnOTITr f"r EfITlt1TIIN CVCI-"1100 Of the
waron nlut.-n..l.l~cl y res. (itnrunleed l 11 141 rlti ae d o:o a
W lro tym,0 a oll rnllamloo t o 510 "lraos atat MIe abe 1,a1ef TtlwIael.1-
rfirrvlt 100'..m om onA ollmn nt glo eer vlij ilp lirp it Wrds
a e. Not an ar ra eenant ns Inplcea. "Isr-
Not of4~141 4t ire eft nor atferW IItyapat notrwgo. (A wailtrn .1nr.
o n. Ing In tiro oaw t e nir tl(I'da o, lad. ah "F cr T nM a
ia mm..e l 04 is:e. r e. ld TO.. i Wc 4 l e
T*E XA. 47 S t. rr lACftC. & rosa
j n~ rhone1144 io~1t-i~. raoonr k o i..oaI n~tla.J rate. ToloalAsm

11). t1fXlt yaIrmfrmolIA i')yIr inchanthe b4OlNTA 1t01% CAL1I Cahisat m~
W I.-,! 4-4- all "m aen y804 o101f4Ite, h.I pae I .Imt lee 1'.4i1145 a A .
imn I r ", a srre irunk6 a -A-Or.for C 21 PoL11.1 M at Rt fI an-I
40-- af all'a-. aa oaW1 14alce lr nm I9I 061I Ill .1-pI ll I 4aC 1.0'
- %41,a & ~* N 100 Ph "' "" hr* 1'1-InTO FIT tOII
I usev, & Cn :71, o "". 1:11,9 fT V I

oicl rol 1iallllotlln jllet St. ta d L.
A barge obiltn Flerl 41Robe _, Serop
)-ooI.Ia A1l4,Iol r:,1620 lul -%l l@11(

L~cottrcs For till QuanlficAfion of
Sanitary Inspector.
A COU144511of ti, clllora (to b, 101o -Ir~
fly a1 t4ll Hx loIllm, iou terclo', ,I-
InKlt q00 ly 1i1A. oiorI1441r
-011 cnin-e n 7t4044Prdy1i1April
IlIat 4010 "ln 111 T11" l, lll
I lnt mrtu diat Sc l'ool I Ir 1l01.
Nr person wibIl Ie allooo~t to 411,11d
the- Ce 4r~e u4108a ,rh
(t) llulvisheu relI4,ce of getal
ell.o" cler.
(2) is 41444201and t4 40 year
a0P.,C "llllnaO14141
I51:19 ,lp0 l...-a
lAss,1411r, ,If '. I,01 b h~,dj,,,t
lics.l. any o'ler fx
.p lcenaoal U, I,-, t It il n ol'
.111 heror c'I" Lp '13 M C4 1
1141 v %I4 l I ;I t. '1 o''be, ,,,h6 the
fee of len 1ll -6re C3;, ,I
'cra. Ll.1 04,04,1of llr..Itb
15,1. Mauhleb QI2

Twill Domestic 28 ins
Plain Domestic 26, 27, 28,
30 and 36 ins
Cottons 28 to 36 ins
Flannelette 27 and 31 ills
Striped Flannelette 31 ins
Embroidery Cambric 25 ins.

For Prices apply to

Yaughan Galt & Co.

hlteln)lI c.t 1V..h3,-.-I T.1 -&4.1 I( le. I t.,..s j SANGRE GRANDE .n u
I44, iE tle a II I. I,~~tSIlA 1 lr .11 65I1"per IUS ~ U E~
Ii.,)lp~l~l0.1(4 3(1,.i~a'4 Ia ~ AN'NI' II. A!.RICLILTUIA1.IS, i i J h M
International TPrug Store HADCAF HWUIiviIIUQ
COTO 9aoaftona 4islt 'i,1y 17lb T~
24 Prrdoalck Sliera. 'Pboncle1230d Aprll 19,12 .1 Oar-gpe l..arinte 4itislu
riee011111040fie -IV nFsm-eiH. .S

WHOA! WHAT'S THIS?' READ. Ar5-d 111e.Pa .411l flea iai..
tr~lnato F,e r Sarnr ttlp in Orie .o.
T.,U L %i. 44'l1.l Dri. I4I1l41-. i.-. .. SIC rIOTAV&\11.1IT. EMPIRE T PE7TE S
nl,,,.-, ton 1. mn, u a. I, Nt...44 D140tept lIItIalotina? ta Ilaj .1t40.
bljcl4 lbulero. t ro4n41 'itteed the Obe. P4lt tIofr e 740 1, i t, Ill 1111 alff.
8,4n1 411cni I ile 4 ulpnpa aol fou ll y erith yont If as4. e t A Fr.1 (IM..M .%fk
ti.I,ta~r r %KIt, ln. b oIling 11mi'le. I 'r r _________ lpp(l oOe1 4'Inviosringu t.
Swontiu ti mmit 101 On l llll l'r tinki
froar &I to4 10 .14. A-l't,o. 11.- II01 L1
Adaploablo IMfg Fioplo .(1eoo DON'T BE "LONEBOME"aIASRN1 sLd
Dr~gelown4 -4 Illu o.. It W j,,SURANOE Co., Ltd
-- -___________ ~ A- ?:Ul'1It, I1 II4 0:1 48" \A04ufp'reme Coiurt [Bonds a
.10 111 4. ,44.1-. I.-a l, Guaranlr~e iIforsd
5RMOKERS....Fr runc
1.0 oge IfIt SlltrIt.111IN11 0111 (401c. Marine rnuouvnce
TOOTH PASTE 1) olaN( V f11* I0-r Ac1CdcflenInituianco
VOI Fenoaolnig TaturraItolSlaan a, f looara1a.0 aI n, 11. lnel hi)fI tllI prilt. Pae Gnlasata
fel acil rmartif on .ay other nmab Iee 'tTom44 F11tt Jrl 051444.. Mwoc Car Irnwanco.
paate. TRY TV a or rt,~ 1 frIb farltl Itarinmattgn. M re.
MOTAIL11hCO.. v tF7tldl.NII 11U.I.AIRP.B)1 Moni. EG RT.P o
lBS 7. V404Prednnieck Sienna oiagoi Rirret llr"Intlya. N.Y. G R T J &C

Sunday at Point Baleine Hotel. Up
Ilahllrg. Fishing. Tennlis. Gooparee Caves.MulGv jp-
..PROM ... For %Wourdq, Cuts had
MONDAY 13th Bruises o;en ummJls apply
I 311 ~i Ni PTF ,ill not run i 11Siindlyi tkuly' Chemical FEztrat, guab(0
Wiore, 11cr trip %-illbe can~ceillda. to cure.Fe

I odI xici i iiiz s rtiltrileave r Cluiguilrnras Daily at r) i roucn alIlDrugI. 1~ r rn
.171d 4.30 -Y 2 Nl0Ay 10 Ifriefls






r_- ; -. -.


I U P.N Ii h.,

Goverrnment Notlug.
'llII F.

k t I ,

Ware.. -.

4. a 14 .3

1 4' 4 .

I 10t -

fsItof 11,n .l it I, lh I 11 sta)InaV
I a r e i l t u l a M, r 1 1it t l t t 6 & 1 A C11 1a4
III- public 4 4l14 *~vt"o~l't46a l,.r ut,
I"~ i~r. l Is o0,, I ,, C I ."Y. ATuoa

? t allcf la lt.Ihi-i,ola.,.11,ournal
r. Iw...n' josi,.....-16" 1 i tullepint
nu4ctoII hl,1115 I 'n. 41act...
Amnn of 'n b rlc\ -1.o, Ii lijA o~j-
to oaadu. on A0 1 I o. -j,.14a, nu ft
Lo t m I N ti c ',~I.- I t .. '.rp C
P ter latl, d 1Cat I a, I. .Ioabl
104 i 6 till-l lII I fI I

4144 .11.1 .1. .1.1 1o.3rnlh
lr,, lll,. a6 4 .io lm

i-yres and Tubies

BinquirioR Soli, itud

- f \



.190'TIT7",R : 4a old reputation ...

st Price

ware Ino

S ....:Iii- i P P '

Tan D rhy Bo t .................................

What aUo.NB ...u............. Wha t about Your atr.. S it P ...... .............
A MB~ 88 i h ,-....... .***.** a Inilt Bo4 C f l nd r 4.0 50.

RB WN. ...... ... ...... lo d 1a S-- .5 n $10.00
'w ..PIQU. (. .tra Quality)..... A I ?rgc ranfe f e latest Twceds to ,,nTu>,>.1 ,i n-r --, ?70o, 00 7:>o i .
. ..... : ., .. ,,.. ha : bo t Yo r as er su t "" '' -.-- ''. (U' Tn ~ry f ........... I ,,
I I ,,0.." ..... .. ,," . t,,,, ,, c, ,. ... .................. s.
............. ,.,,., ,,, 0 c ,,,,,, ,,,,.,..a

wHPE STRIPe VOPTLS.................

PLAN WT'B VILB8. Sp"la l value ........... S to S4o.
;LM cOWURD AND. BLACK VOILBB........S36 ani 84
PANCY VOILA, IBeauti&l' Rane, New Styles.
BATRWOING SUfIo'or Ladil and Glrls, all liae.
BATHING CIAP ...........---............. ro 0on.

RIEBONS BiMek, White and Coloureel, aI .>*-", | uO m O ... ., ......... ...

M Llow


to $5.00 per yd

special Values' ii.Litt..k I'louI-Trtifl~lCicrin ad Vest-iug.
Plan's Coloueed Timic Sh~irts, launtde'red mock bmidns 411d1 sot .ul
cuffs, Nicely Asacriec designs at $1.20, $1.32;. $1 80 mni
Now Ties, Colamrp. Socici', Beltsa' Blracest, Ila~tiikerchleitc nu. t
,j -All n~n nol So- eY.,?~racm. OtirantmeoId itigo Dye.

I. itIits' BIn'lli nLa.-.'Sflot", 42 40, 9K It)CO,4SO(W. $i -A), $1.75antl
id1'.1,U.4,(l11mtiiii'1. 1411M V)icfi RIN, $1 75 nmi~ld K 0.
1al~r,i1'i4WhtoCit nvirts. (mitt, I~nv... I Mr,'2 Par.
,91101:S l'liOM $1 .111Iq ITARDS.



WkiUngQ pr (nlts
,w il. ... !,


S Ofll $ioo

on p srcbl -for cash, AD.- t ,. .

I w4
'tt. I .''" &

.fl~~~ji -, il' LJI4~


A~~l'!) ii AIi Ti.. 7 tii it., vi4.n tU Iivrn.
hobo Ab, MIigrit t T),Nnn hren.0*1' ir. iirit~~i,'nrI, w e, 1 Hav4I e

big ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 11,111. I tin 11; Ar~oi r. 11. 'n.fI'II .
Ti, ll'v tgO O "91fas .11, i'ti~ls t tI.,lrilil.i. 714.;iTierr ll.. '2 hi: '14. ti Jlin,1 AAmR G E
'I'~e utno o .' i n t. 30 s l n r t' 2 2 II , 11 he 1oI.t'II TIis
St. rd r A -u l ls t oroiri X 1- hlm Hr"'li l e N'-llvg W .W% T. g, i. M
In onu-10a4.1541thhi5, ffRa dsis &Lmvig ln % ~7 i'17 I ti iroi, A. SS ) T M N ,
lnrot h s Rtz b oe"Th, Pec~lynrs n, nlit il "h.r : W. 1.'.'1ino n ijhI I
Vorelaa Offie fnd t LengtsCA.1* MaUrMy1j 1fi. r Alen.s 'W iiin. citi, A1Totrn
low. tes a ad 1 m thd tOtlin t. 7 6 ; Attlr ol .ir L yi cnaw Pont. 0AF
rrAe Sil~Aatstaa. is n. T 10, is 111 b ue nrn;tru.l 7.71ntie.%r7.erjjrwja., It' B
Nui f itJane, t IsU e on.,A 1.%. 721h -.T he Vabt f P1n 'Q720472, n AN
-o tsa~irwo matqpctsmf. "iL gh"an C.. Ut' ,Psl WiAs lT ltiams '.1 ;Ee. P o ck e
"Na's u, ct,11.44th. itilipoCjmrk. 2nti5 ty.; Ad l'
tom. d mmos laaw ul as t. am um gist t Mambe n o. lnr Am P lo k...!!. rk, 7259
Ag nistan likeus Ma it ow f m r la~ 771 TteC m. Pa's K- t W l' t crla,. BanS
aworl s a eoxft W os! wod." Its s.I'1 72", ftnia ll37irb inof tai., Winters, tlao
Is IL1laom. o ; les ysu spfer1;K nds
oiml7M I Th Mther sof Bi WI*YA..

mt.6's9. o t~trt tA5ltt Kl0 t he T5 l i ., ,a ,l AND
tm. 'm nMlised Ibe faMarjo-
in f hs 1a, 1aW"`" e130o 5 TAR.A o 'Di t-S C I S O S
I% qN shibp ~a Othe ecowil e0 u. nl itry Bi ul', t cs 0t-- .

b e . . mBOh.~E ~ ~ I s 72 4; a tt1.6% c I M FST oH N N

4" x I Te Nrt Cone ree~ki ah
*A-' = Mae:.:.~Ib
ma oils &. co
I&(. i iem .s so'~ OR OE
C"16 4" t sshto ros', t'A8'44atO
ar.6 lA4.P QUR
YIN$NI*' *No

colting, Piggot
8 CO.



All Fr".pe
14 Fredcuncls St..

1.J. Bibeli


Huntley & Palmer's Bit
MINsI M/4?r. 11W.14 WAIT11
nIt KL A 48R It .Mai li Of

Mroert t o-wJi t.

Keen's Cmrn P She
Iv "1D44*
!wd VcoDart"
L r 'f .



select from at P-rices fromi


^. 7Olob

= In i d..". t t -th, 4iti -

so- d toot
o- a.' *t W. .jein tonatloo, s pI o ft .

H f"nlfM 5messof th sels Xlak thian tol Is ha t the oM l talitim oo

me .\'q bAoci5W U fltim ofaald write and he .ret fMr.o of
meet toam Wila s, hits csu not Ap
0te3k R~ af s wotether t 1watr before he laid the
aA. g inga utneg the uamse. M ohr ...
wo p -Or ot Mol o 4l1o' Mr. iobnaslon You pre not nd\vota.

0110e p e Wol, J rton ite hs; three aw h.o Cou

hoe -l ta t), two et the u tor d t to th
"At hes to e ruho r n 0 o unith1")5 Co1t Iut 04 yotur.
w foop I lh41Jiy .IOtIIs w1 tph tt be PMA. lWIn 'tan ne ver Aa witAds'.-
'. 4, fIto ltt ther M l he d e t. N dlo u t t. l iit

.m" B.w,_ a M BB. at l e am td t oa d r. otxu o I e t h Cur I ihnlel u ot hai no.
o ta e m a, Onm te tta ot was the hos ndd raue to bdkese you.
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Iar wa i as oi f"lt gs-a fl wol k w li* ,S Voties ws hea Mr. W0tohl h did rith komow hoam ft
-h u wa tot ek a a e w St w dela& T4a1 wes1t reB 11* Qr4 A tHI O wa tis b wler Int o r bnoor i in
da a ht E.theobe -teo to** Biooth e timcte a s ad Mi n w tootoda otbn.h rs"iblu thehg oo B o. 11 ton
'A"! P1. k. o1 kr 9 o0 & 6 ht t hBt el he sau fM dethe that rol nw d inog thous .r e ou ina itulleor of IMr.
win MWe h38wn e g and Mr. o rety Ld ktll tht I out Ish dlo lvrrod roil t .i,,
*9i thll ithm e rat tht e o U ft h O orted. Mr. bapd U was tully d eIt ll i w"n of Mhland r o roo te tile h thV. i
ese lltalle heoe Melh1 A OSDo se6 helm he gte i eho charge galut I triid ont. Atir tho ceoc ogiulrs
an e t hd altm lba tef BinT theb siteU m of pay M olptUsin. Oi own o4t Blthlrwo thry uion .,lu,
So tt ft the. w oa lit Mulleou oa l a a Is t the hr r e of tflilhrtid lln tkot o c lo u.
is. bee N abi II t M r 1a m lUlla r *e n t hr wi l l th mou I a ; iu psais t n lert to t l t wt si Iculoe
1 r 1f st e ed to a tisit I te ns e Moiod tould b oth l nlh n y Abll d. Th. lhat Loti of t ho ho t r.e
lt wmeedgewhss wfto reht e karms vbe sSal d ad 1i 0 e 11ci y bwoitlt hatrho di any ete tlo .
(hW C e got o de t m o s os o n n.w boo k.heoe ow lto m and c1 la ift I ho f eti rto, oler s ht di
S 1m Ie e i l h,-e t hmsti the Otos l l Ib s called Maooe who oem. Hsn hortiin-i, n,L Mr. O'leetly was In
h.. tie I qo I l ot wt l. We tlls ad t Ma to boas delAr ef dllvyes. Itolura l ato t e' tiur. t'tunael add not
eo hst 'In Itfi e l s weaN lo t Moa woul a re bo a ok I book I his Il fr I I a uiNt'h 0.1..r0 th )nd.tdlto
h ea Sthat he l It B thoil t firi a khoi s blt s lIk r was go On. tcl oe n *' ,i ICI. tu r t s.on e l.ct
bap le gob W liem be h i l at Sid t kin, llym bt Nut le hodi ll the the, a of IIU& I ron ol aIlc n 1e,
oo e e he aou & He to w as aee' wa loe ws to wit that hket o ne y o e on. against tutu. tb. to t WASur e r t ht bae
h alog Ie Iated et hIbe dlee. Tile fo I the pay ll.t boot wouo be. ietr .I to l iro M .lse. le l Ut Or rofit the bear
A leto wg aee tal iht l man h se tt n I ll the e awl Ifor e to hd o ti..,., ? tn ll' hter.)
ho er we rit cM ill h w tt N et l the W |a r ini e f. aro etl r ltniet. ln lt o tln Mr u tin oer n a ine enialu lnt on
_aesTI t e o ve t tt W t h t wl k les o hi thato w heo lOrrt voe hrl i t. 1 ho'l ua t their ., llthe m tole.troo diti n
M hH Vl sew t 't-1 ede Mide or td 16 m mitre wlk ha ve* t at Rutl ook In hisr bail-rsr ( h lr r.)s

i iW ief ed ib e k h ll I ea Yin Vlets we nt teol whe i tiray e n uhni l u hek thae blkrI ts. I, t i nn( h n hnOl.N r
lsknea bloow. lbn estlin ofi thse s lhe amotu a d Mui ltl i t o taill l khr e .t lhiO h It hl i. drhil. ttu l i on11h. lhie
Daat leI M WIln t oia a llaIotot et l o the o onoul m IIif ,n oijr.lltoh ca, .IJur...r.l r M i lon cl ri l o y hi,.
n lS ehe o IA t ed s ot0 hsles 1 fMte W e tsll WohoI to t h 1,,oole tt taiC th e Stub It t on r' ull o. tc1do .L wthlist t h li,
est t ell tbs town that el te ah teo I I eook w hith Masrrtrroo t o do me fo i tha aodv. .u? h er .% hlhio tu co
oM elle e dlee we rs.t thte r >lts eao r 4s l tlrh lob we o,.flk>',l ,tit h h ,o .Irl' .r to rvise i.,1 1 ,1 *,.n l'sr hi oh a ,liil].
a Ieas donrobrreo IsOa rkeh =e an thhe rw Ibe f o hol cord thu. trit er tId e OUlil ii nIr.cteiwa the l the hul.
e s s hikjA |tilAn Is IlMV o'l c di hilo s I6n Ih. ot'. \ltn< fx rh u.inl-'nlloll h rllh ihp r1rie. SIt. \{p e
64 sei tvsr. Weil1 ul4hie l.Is'tWr ilht -i'B -lelo t.-ha olt r usl-hn-llir r lte e hwt.e C oiI. ..ntli ti-. 1 nrt.n, -nIr ihr li mo
l Iu elle to a tl. t akse certatels w h the itu as a.t l Tbmot un t he r 0h,I n I i.e l *l1 l"h th.tlolCi '. otrk l.ii.lrf.
he e4 els tt hteb wi e hos r ofht lta I le d itI 1t.l .r l plln a' ot ,In ll, o n. 011. llwie It l ai,1.,hl ,ony t. t. fdo n r M r.
a vt f o tte a d eld a i wh eato on suw bets lIkea lthrow ihowr to hlon nu.t l'1 .'.11., tle l.'n.hirt i ln co tifir ultig
s d e gaftwmbl rotesW. tWtli s iolom et th n o woenl. dat l d o t. o Nit. hn I,
Wh llm a om e t w i elA lear Iw te the wl the toh-,la s 1s lO ir I t l 'r.Jt ltN Hte.rtrl li|.h., h ..1 h o
onetilet M a plaf i lest W as, e a et le WI t hin n e to a lh ie .1rhr ofr..J o.n lou llr.l -u4io ctrhml lh.t
t iw Its lei. wmlhaltr hle ha lol at 1 I the rlon s th e 14 ou rt es,ll. g hic b-Ir, oonh-r cil .ha 'cu In ot.i nrlr a l th i
IjM 1 41 Sf s aneMi CMl istaef fA I Ihe wantrot of f clellsl l the s i. tort, ime.n I. t 1 tro sll icn h.fl. !1 n t
ih 1 betft w*a i ei e l Ia the lllitn res Ibe J foee. ,c h the hn'eeit ioto InSen Iomor1 \InorI o1N0oS iu ni a eth l ureoiMi.Ll
"o he g m t o weel e b, omI elt Io th e s le as wna croon erv.i'l Iuny- -no 1l'1r. ent tolt hli. It o nl ft r h li
Ibl with w6 i. i U ti It o lad the ton ell a fl the dbr 1ee. r'mIt nt ,iue m ra1n i .er It, IM. t '.treooit, nuti nkti l init
t Wi hta l tls tI f WIUtia*t C IA t Ce e otoee t talncl 'from u igltH 1.1 tl-eu ,ll h ti. cibi f -or htui. Ito toNto.
e iIM tnil his me. md pa tho rn Ishe Bto lbs oare of f U er lnAlst nt lt i.hrnel M1"r. i,'rlhtrlu oishlhlllit htIn wlh.o
'tet i 4r vid Whef 41he a i. k sten o hm ear lto he l th It thie h eohlol got t .VQlyap W o cleck thll
0 s % te me....rte to .. o, +NIsaN e
Lt S bef elsg emsel ton the thr w o pos t of h o Raw h." Tou fe"r n M. ri ioeto,'d
o "^^^ 'd ee eptelta met Sfahc be, lag perpetrated the frasis himself, it check thinooho. Us r.cort wd ato

t.eo Lm at UM taaMo bto k a t ito ptsth utloe was tad 46t t a iht Monday. Xlu,1oo. knew hath hI o bd
I @tte" i Mt M, fw e It bo W ,ok with o1 |hIt atd 1 m e adls- eInt for the hooks bocaute ho hod to
S ae am jeoa tillc hem tes n he st to eah uthea bef ac ito eatey o e Ct d ar them. Os the M ona t- g Ilsad
e asse w l vedui U ilWih thei&os'l to thabr seoam its enuo %an at toJt Mr. Rne eno. up ho called up Vle hI

be h C-Ot O hMOft" te d" p5ob tim i tot-toh e hto he lian -r; ss har boom i tt tloo. Bt, never h
bt. MoS Man 60 tI S MIa .'I i 111t Wi bdt aO obt tmon ta edaoy ft e a arld i 1alerte pewoiek thet Brownt Ik' 0

SA U e damoe -I &W Tgo th aat Th ae,. Thor I theine weats thI Ia. tn ar daMue thief and had itolen hts
ai f l Veaml e -w Ce t hi mwho e was ii c oa i wo-nd ghas tI. meotey to open a notel. W en ho tole
w ft" _hom In al fltt hewS bt Ia lato* k un bpa it e Cf tewtl Mo- pboased thoDreteAit Orce he Opohe to
S wIh lea li g m t J g tn detrb4 i4e to ld a boarr whimsl Rupeh COktelloe toloing him that

I&S f l V Z to of- it as eislaw a se4t-if at to the cheme.-- to eomer .l, aipeetor CosteUo.e told
ead Owns 5d gnIqi _et IdB ,nid'ali ee.ldx 'ad Mou wovnd kim not to sa anything to anybody
i etwI -dbri OM md ga hIov o ed se t t un lake. U.'em b t to sea down ead e t M o. When
.,, ,-0 no 0" the inMlad Mem avf. as te owhthel r am. down to o thk Detectivt O1 Ice
01e St 'gIlem i twe. The do' me itsa nt t ma{lah hed bees made snd rt. Bar n bmo with him. At the oon
woSl_ t ab ta1 the l Ces ttie fo nd Itl three ws no imeh mioalkvh tend ltan r I them 'tOtlve Omffie, o pt..
f o toe **'soft h M t o the,.M I s. I solt e..e re Sg Op ee r -w punat vil
. E~L~~thuo'Csty teststemS do niat Ua ,.- gmd It Was tn -r t "lhe-lint timle thet
'Iilldl Km ah oIo't hfeat4,'- -tMr.m -e o- f Yaere or B cr'es Bs wa snenond. Bylrl-
hat tow to titl Aa Olda oa s*a lmo'eU eel amou oat O a|ne ad ba' to toek. h Brown 8o.
a-^^C Sa SA A. da thle a ( io.uMly bie s mu Laen Utt Ie it noo. dH Inio

am i v ; ltn thas sw It tn s eS that what &
%.... a Ema, thf ad had s

m i-r S hsIt*" l *AS a t Nhot wa IIInM ot wol II MIle L t o d hIne ah ILgel amet hs vl evt
aE;WU am beU be in the b|ne Mrsu se Lf b s shtottIw-: t oe deace. * h t
i ftWll I bt ww.w7 Icr sm l (' a tt tn 1 b a teao urer er Co" t llsp og Mle Ufllootell hll thea
III&tosm m lba co t1besx t> hir clt t a"oind asked hir
seas.-amse i l este Tou at t ae dIletin t mha to t an se hmt hoen
am' dn oosen oetelete. Ao a rests hoske he, lie ado e to hd i D tecavt Die
Iama Itr" a smMt. i a mma C mql en b son uisem teen. mie it nd Me. Banenc we Is t h oig aheet ion tte*k
ImUS s~ift tae' WJmmltaaeOfltS e t Voteneal ta O thA in e ieo tait olm os"i w thed t atece oil Miocei

b-, aigismir^ti u h e' IMamm ai t t did l eto itn iable ns. T fre rttn s T ail@ Ma101 We e p ( et SAI
Ms n nMmEW hBi- m nial s?' d5ai-- e- t 4W 0i gomtat as hbe dis. he luw set Bwal vmernt foe M.Llee,
a 5w ^ ffm the awsrtewrtt ed w* the knlto with Ms. O'n"tler atonttleli-t t e a ea wsr e eoshoamt
Ce4l It"* bm hen -b e ua l OWt we tiI6o1. bnd y ;eihi.I mad Mla etllaOW to thu so

W be ISI soit hlel eo1ueM CsMesstamlBsnl h Mr. JjasltoB, Mr. srlone a.troHam we pelitiUd ot K
tram c ,as dlat Wl saWop b 41t o. hlt n t' Me. Wie m ad Mr. Bdgtbtn All
W Nam-W u t ti The cot bam I sefl h ke bad wlith pr. Iho ehbiki. g am hMe Ile l Mao
H 7 Watllf aBirw i I n je ih Mr 0l s ate the aiiIti d lth a Wh wcsas
pa wt sl s s ..e. -so t
,, S' ssdlnk. so gtIh eg Ik0e handoas Si.

1I i^i i .a we theist Blue he* I won oltel. RMAIA COlMrOoTAtltAI COTTAGI
A ftt l oh.ehtl -r &t. 1Ii-!..f ts w g domu.ai6

_lo-ltja oft Rt e f iNtl ar* w rMe. o Cop. ,.-= i ad
bow ^5 ~ .... I i r. Tba es!at t he 'ft" ,,_ I
toPg b Vol "A. aoe Fl :,.. eti .ta t,. ... .wet sri.. vea
UA i ^B ^ ^ ^ mesi*so Iw "&a

Wi uflflw





41-, 5/-, 6/-",

The Fashion Specinlists.

r The astilt tokou enI L W i b i oit ,for hUlltl u 'o ti 1 i.i l of.A l I lr.
0l'H611t B ull wells. i) o Ito 0 hI 10- I'O i t i
" i i i inot en o I o ,'to n. ll t i i hlo h"' iI.tti iiii, lCslu ,, lt...itt ic l.t t i .

h ui%.n a ueit UIor u u ain tho io l t l I.I II ., c lollt ,,,,..

lain 111110 oken hel li cuig t h n ".; 11ba
hI .\, hi toll b e g 11 tll y Jo sh. l t M r. I l : ,l I .ot i lo l o i r',,i i.i .o
tll&t time hd o at t' r 'r oN- L wi l, ii a' L i hL o.I' I,' nAi t.t
ttltILy I" u coti riCotl "mitll., rh, 'Il" 1 .it, I IIIt I I
tiore i t.t folotr. tl it. l i oill f d..ii : I t oi I,. i.1.ii,.I til,
Wa s. l n t h e 1. 1 l.0a,14 o1t0 1 : 111 C 0. a18`, l l n .. I I I l 1 1 lf.n ,l ..i. l l I II ,
le lha l Bg t ti coul douii i iL llgtil I l iM.Y Clouti l.s
he wa.a yaungll 111 it o t rtgi'- 'titt tr. It.iJthl "oou l t Ail cci ,l .,ti ll
the b wee gotoI 0ohloe U a a I tilt ottt l' 01 h.t thl, ,lico ,Ia o.
fro h ll. C n toll Lu 'lithdrtn. eih on I I nnI L t ,
ns1t Itll dli aor 't.'it"i'c as i li ttiii hlt"o. 1 ,iil 1 i llt li. i, lii.

ui rl .i t.ur, o .. i ilr it.t It.1 s ni'i. Io i,,t

lolg Ir .I nIod1 ue di t hN k tI |i'L i I 1 1 I i a I ll1' Ii I l. I. l 11 .

f it til.. o t i riI u i. i hidn orl ud l ,,n ,II niL., 1
I riOn io adtilirti d lt Qr Ii i LoIItI"i LI I ] | i...r 11l. Ili.ii 1 '0l..,
f it l itI h, a con'i 'l tt l" A I i tO Lt ti oClh 1 In t too n nco. at l . r l, i

lge l twiltu s n 1t hi ci in l Mr.t. oh i iln al-h I kLon 1oo do l. e

roe .i e thy hyl' li t I; '.. ,11111. .
'i ny%, li tl.,i tallol,.I ,,- .. h.l I[, e, IlAt1 I- Iund I ,. o 1, 1 I

11,1 lI I v h. Jill" I .c a111 1, I I1., n l],,I : ,, l.

AIl d I i tlff t o. 1 .. .oc lt t.1 n llt "u l n 1t n li Io,.. ho 11.I. i d
ItrotId itd i ioi r.oIk 11. tit you to iny fi t f i. hf l ......r
U1n hi e. .a hll w, ,,..'Ne......... i .. ,. l.h

Yn u t t alrutod your ulinittort, top to D. ti,,.lno fl i t n ini i til.ltr' lt h i.tI
l in o i? Ito te l ha ~ael I Wyit l.. I ,ri t
.1.1 ruJilt d lo tL o o i oI ia t n. uL t Mrl Jihn.lo : I ano .o1 douti In iI,,.
itll tho feod o.t l, p ol lcl .o p r I c p lini vn iii ri.l ini, h Ln.l Iro

You onto elies. yig yur pI lit n nit" nie l ir. y hid oI ri. id 11 roLot

sod I ray Itoh to turil you or ii doing orjnit o iu >nu in -n,. sr i.u I.dy tc
Corittiuhog out erdroos elatrlstlluir no u. to \ n- inf 1 I
iefd.11. I.IU u iot e e. d h lt o l tl ll hi oli l f iI ii 1 iu l,.I ii.,l li f11. I, rlh
i lo t lruh t e al o %, l ol t to l o ro eI IW d l I In lrnd 1. .. :
I Iut T -, laI I.t Ve c11g'I'yn 1 ..I

r in Ju t oo. DilforI tnl [ia. loro hi- Mrr. J.h t.ii 1 r I B o. t ii h o, lt
ic l \.. IM r.,n f lor ldott u. A l tho tlrinl l. I ll I, i 11 W il t111i
fe .aw V les-I.) I da l .t o i olw tho Lonln. lit i..Ih i" lnr,. l 1.1 ,o Li t iho it

iBrown hat tr hotel. Mr. B&o gsoar n bi e litn000 o th]e,.00 lo nu tr Ck iI
gtil eUi dlutl Thoedvyi.L Th .l r on rL ,o i. llsn to dtuu l olnrot r a i.aIl,.
hlgi hism t A n .looAa u po.\e ll h.i l D, rell l II o tolri ouon, fael ,,- l
V eals t a c te iltg ld lUl.?-Ith whe he Dlrih tiotmI" n o.Nol 11Clotl]. r Id fr
.ad t yout tolowed ti t and triedtso t unl f i. i l d

ase Moesn odoietd theoot eatoPop tl t oe- t P pxhnl, ur (Il. ar 1
lute bif-1a la r he d io. d 1 ot Cla iming dutfri eno otslfIlo, I tPir t.
ATi th *f o u sttQd t o p iad hc' ,. ctnu thut o ,,, 0-- 61 I .b l d, k .Ld

we aut h I s- lrrow Itot ogh I hetl h oneds o cr.

soiling too hi. bouos, o lne ive dope ay ttn n l ie. sore ,est Choe'o.
dill1 u.L !.I f,: ird n .l tej a. hot Il-101,1164. 1 X'Obh l 1%,h lh 1

out weret i st n ) o t old h,- t L ni ,lo l L, Il d L ho

tanlt n eIay ht Is eittyo with> Meldoin g e n-"i 'L n .l oi Mr,., il 1Ilh.I tI
i I smat n -- h aIs ot go. bruL hlnr I hl 1 i u 1 J ulu a b

eeOiL hL 1 lbd ti row o sLonthbuel 11 rIM idi hepor.of htofwi t
dhel. Th.]an t Wit ImtIked a i, *tll im D rLio mno u;ir ll a nh lrll f lce l l

pooet TVaet s. Me int., t ea on opt ti nano oe Ir ll wire.
teo thrulh lie aoo t a e t he he'tr 'Rst the t er be
be theoo. Before secn ale h r.iJoh took e : ht 1ih laig ws o df *U

ske thson lo Mir. O'ol. Att Wh ill hl l ter.)
be saw o hValera hoted li c ot knw e th efo l ho
Biown- hab o a hootel. Mr. Raenevter ho~nhilO11, o10ALLlR'iS t l Lbru COnin we
thsntail oThurs as .lTbais tmorno slou to d meas npla onldya It Renfllc.

ig he did s tem heh o po Ie. UInlclerkelilt h h e Wn RiIo l it elm i t
aleas tr" Ctlinasrs w rnt wuh hen beo no t C r l llh,-eato. T Elr iha'd rmcd
gd that dlne told t MDetecti l t atl pLnlot ,h w nh I l, w to
kI p hibr eltfye on i Brown's hoite nl i hiliathe bem fit oft pmt le thae ,aileh
-lanl Me-. ptIhI feid oe 0h e-I k he teOr.)lsettie not ?reea wrho ,ghteei-0
po -ke At o ptor time ht i 11 9 a o m k y siyslsp IBaltl oter laMr. Lo nPuJo s e
Ld UnioMnitlr ao tb alterallt e b Claimingo 1 y si lg u behalt of'Bi rown.
*to wbe trfth ln lteyseos, were there Hrr w

whia ktheo aiisrlmtoM to et MofP* a i
did not. Sell"hih M .Ur t be w i tra to Wall I too19 1 -Own i f .tiet ise wanted to

a o hi tear f hoeW. eae t he wfI.. As Ur onneti with r ut

g.tsiesieol I rthot isoe Its W man weinmodedurngthe5io mA e:
that evgieneIt woua d be saidthaa he wis
k u Ias to the trend. lihknow Vhlori l b l erical W a-tt. a hid a Man
Jnmed Charles working with him I he

I hoped alt UL J I t@ ls e Pballf lit he vu seet Chalce

i Lng tos wbi the moA ho e woe iow TdyTSlUIO lDr niin y p 15 time
t wl a I" tr.eeChot that tbhe Veotold e tsonm i r y

t iekt sf n W o" n w isht l withi -feoI'Ml.lmidhi h raedhis me DmIs, l
Won l i m it hlb lrown, was mother hill, m.n hi 5llhe tfai enllo I W a*.
iOWE. Thrawai s W ln yllo on the 1 t Ili I( w
bo otalkCh oke I the first woo kdi-emith that me rw atkeUsino IlI wnto .

S.iIo rP

--- ....n.

, u


Canton I

White Cc


Engls ih;

haki... ..

cotton 8c to i'4C'

Suiting 24c to 48c

Zephyr 12c to 24C


Dutch Merinoes $5,25 per doz.

Imitation Panama Hats $4.80 ,,

Ladies' Hose (assorted colours)

from $1.95 to $2.40 per doz

PMen's Socks (Isorted colours) '
101from 1 19 II 2 4C0 IX Iluz Z


J 9 'tcdcrick Siect. 'Ilicun 14
- ~ ~ : __ _ ^ ^

S to i l ot .1 .0 i p . ,1' l.,Llu s liolt
[11 uii 1i eio ,l0hthiir I, u. Stt rs iotsethttull
, Ia i.h.... lul lef / t.,'" m' "'1! I te ,IslO
,I .. it etI0iIo iit- nh. ls itn11 I
a T~l~wrofvral -~c 1 1 4-t
gr cl s h tlb I ie n r tos
h, t..rn Iso..,to f I t, tl h t IP l. a Ip" I
qirle a unmarr~lr io1 wrrpl I inot, L.. i,.-Irl |a tSell
na ,11 itentst ithtl wlis i s eii r i-llfl t
IIIII Inn~ use1 Iaiii III de i n n il awll'lll tlel l
i..ii unnhleth L u. 'oh' ttt t u th t l otldy oI
t1 Mal t 1 not lo i cso mnly iil l h ai-.loy o
t"lllt. IL 'Iiilp 1:11,11111ii' 1' .1 1.0 I oi.NI S t



.ou 'ti olO, ,I,, h .y o s s lidui ell s o d lightll n i s e oll..hiln s Scnl proletin t i .
oricu.rtuu Stout
bhit I Ali. Tl I'hll l II% HW i HI I p r rorir M u iC l A i3uriahle T) Imillcri mo y go

Sole Agente

.1 J. OIrn. t 87" ib.. S tllcg prlIces
ino n..t i.2 re0t1
9 liot O413 Ilb. &.5,g pl pIke t2
centsheep 5n Ito S. u ptces 40 sud
1c ,)- t t7 Itos hlliut p 'Cel 0" '
and 3t6 ceL I
2 tlIn '-'2.1 II.. I 5 ,II g pu elg s 1
IB and 12 centll
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OBANIAULL.---On Mareh ai, l' 2
at her reMdernoe No. 4 11Ricthmnd
Rtve, Mrio1, wito at .Mr.-Pail J.
Orannaull of Mestmn. f iII & oa., Ltd.
Funeral ta o pinM est 4.10 p.m. cto
AiT t toth Chter,h of thl Iarer H lteart
thenep in tlhe I.liprot n etanry.
Priendn are asked In this Ino l.
mali. Is

Tn ml nrym of our denir bhthr Franrlis
Linnel Amstin who drpllrle nn lo t
April. 1921.
A .tyer hun pnwd onr honrt still ret:
At ti e W" nn oi mio l40 e tiinio d
A rtnpere brlther so kin at. tmr
0oA took then home. It 4was i will
Bat hi our heart Iho n leth Idlle .
,By -Brllied m and Sift ol.

Tla larineo memory of ma dlir beloM
wth, Mrs. DBo MotUey. danahtzer o
Mrs. Blnit I o4w woieno At ed a
San Purnanudo on the list April. 1I21
A var hm aonme our henrl slill mnre
Am tIma oman are tab ltr mon
Her memory Isanh daer to-dIt
M;i.A aat the ber aleo pwshd aIny,
eot gaon from monmry, not agee mros
aui. bW to our Fathler's ho ab me
VM S, ". ad Twihs.

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Jum.liMtOhe oflihkli at. to ta the uth.
'imperial 'Rriutolotstinl i auft he i y li to. whkh w. t o d upK. A
IW lndola In a he w i rie Thorpe. It pre er th g for lstiton o
alr inw of 4h Enonnitrn F.roton prc Mr J G BoynRarh, Cief Dra htln hean,
not. lndon. tie nchd S o Amiod Courts olf the coonltmeyi, wia rt ltedr
tour of alI tl e Prin ip.rl rlrultu l lyv morning nd will be heir onT
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Wont Indirl. In IPIt hr iI. Ck'ir.\ loot week under th Clitinripcon ol

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Smiow of h-EntonoinloIL he nili.T Mr J G Borch Chit oDrf ithtsindn.
nhf.Iad of tWe edharl s, Arit nant Looetiol Detlortment, C itectedn,
oand Aflrculture of rriitiob lln (. fti h

forts of the Pollen D epai r m ent to on ol mn i g optI io n i wt ll b.,
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e"n, oirpintl l th in Ih t pinuiersnlo tiir Stl unfil Coll fe witllh Ic iling or
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thePolie may noe ionlay tok. hI null ,n iwil en June 0th.
mistakes, toot appreciating the 1921. and the drft 1twill pw|oKsa thatI
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continn ee en of traITrc1'c'fiv1. S he ionison d ,liner Co Litdre whiofch
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S indl responsible. We refer l0 The following wmere nmong the laoin-.
L mtonrien on the F.lciric Tramn. gnrnn who inthed for Landn bli Thelinh
carn. 'Theoe of the puhlio whn of Triluniad. DrA. 11 AnPry, M.A.
are in the habit of re-ilar uss of Mr. J. Kell.r, Mnnneing Dirrelor of
lClite ecrs caLnnot fall to realiso lh' npainrims Otifleldi Ci., Lid., Mr.
i theo iferentcelin tlemnerianent f All r H ia"ln, Mr- R. A. Torrance of
Tenolmam Ltd., San Fernindo and Mra.
Ihese men. Experience slown 'ornrrae. Ma. wrife of
* there is i a. hiru diveraih- if Bnaler FAmrd NeotonCliUa. M.A.,
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Sgo td*ardatl mfetinig the demaimnNls ihimru nml two flaughitrl.
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no mp ose d of eeuthe hghstNor abth aI voirti okned t o corr.--ectnessrie. L dlteb nc.u fe I, -wed b eowi e l harnger nnd
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;Gdigelmnte, d, Air_ j L Milan 'Burstein, mue. md, +, .B,-o, Lit, ..:. L E,,
the lI me' :ag qltdf -elntint e e o f m& O tand four th f arnew miles Yy e I ft.- er rm] .U .Dediabley, at,' e nalo stl tohe recludel & fir~e opnf~erGarden Sotrte U_ ou eb oodt Al ..ta aalMie o V' ad P lar
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t, _e* .t r f. I.f.o. .a".y.uth... ... "m.n
IN -I'IN C NFE I :al l0-,fv ram' "'u i.the.fte no-
Mau t (-Alell bn .~ L s in on o eh larith. ryo cotiha Xdath ir w r ih i s wll s l tlifI l10V tan thsstcio so atacon .
im* bl.-t ~~ rmisinit RITO.W S 11 Tm~ etu'tin ,ethoeWno'ote Items by way ll 'ozmaUte fatre e lew. o, sr w ..f, o' D-4U&SL'tre t
.mm ,u t = te uud inw hih ha .| et pro- ld llqm~ . todi ll in uvnd o on April ib t e ma tde tas herel eay e.'Dislrboay l us. 2.a) y ard, rt' w th Abslu te eficeny, ad i aGf+ o wera sm 1 11 ,m
an od o W~ligon aeb 2t-T eAmsbot O~ h-woot f PrnauomThe ft "I,'o eahN o y.N. I, ytis r+ o n dert hedrcto facigD puy mntes dl e. dbetween ItIi...... .I

..i.. 'u I I th
erelf a ae il '-enforc mpe" avlTreili a 1 Olstw %mlt. th Pt Si ctiou w.. l tP P,h cnare ptIA|' O Farrtll Inp ectorGenerl Gd:. a mble. olin,.Th'snew we sui'Ji-l br ive CICKE. I I'
avra o he rc t sa4 .ti pow qrs wo c nlv e N roham In atte.nM d edl with ot, mild. p ,.didl ]Pe. theIFt. e fBed, .r.ived A CUPlC. .,
Ohn ldtp ht1 fe r rtfe odybyteSnt.aale ika n theow nl y pectiod q tatiOn takn ,u .Preseted y M i t r J. A ue tnili he eviriedb nboh eaiveti wt ro,_
jfihnuotintelio"of C-mwi tp srt _
t g Si D o a d M Q A n N ''. a ong h e ]I aa of lih. no s i r-i n I o v rn. .u li ,-iil h

i l o n s is o f L o n d o % a r h 0 t .- A C n t r a d ,-_It h i r j o r n y o h ,e C a n ar e o l g h,, I 'i c it "S.. . .%'" ,. N ." tl -, e N ) L, .
t r. .% t m o m n e l ho t i a -p i e w t i h a e t t t t e A v i r l l w..

,, t ,zm m _to + ..n nw .... tfotis b n J 'the n whch Ila rani wrn -Itl whchthe evedno o lyco t1

.sndOe,, and. l~n.. hat. ,, il.-rmanspe-alistwas eing,..le.,.o,"ian,.19,,.sot.-It.,it..* ,.,shd$a,
-mie fr nit ;In _'orl .,v..ofwte xete.y h m.r. ,.re O Prsetd..hha.hfmn a rekIJ'yot111 pm .I-
4 .t w, .zt o b eM o s o w t o t r et:i m.o r A n i n t r n l .o vI t hth- rrc et.. .n t.e rAm g an, l ikt._h oJlv 'm a p r l w a Ca tq.a oo t h b e a u e i s.e tc.r u m r ew i h i na.-m te. e m

%l ei- 'A z s

'HARDWARE 'AND E.,. --CfS, A D. ." '-

Frederick Henry Streets, ort-o- Spain.

-, '--- ,, a n,, .O -- ., ,, N.. e. w
S&MA'TURA win leave New York for Tifiidad v1a.Griensdaa t he I,ous actor,, who died last f
~ w~ la w o fr ld a s o DecemLrr aged 7, left estate of the
.th at i tion vlue of i0.066 Sp. 6d.
SB.S. MABAVAL will leI Ibis prt Pr New Yoik via (3,11541L He left sill o bis property to ais iVC
' thakin cuno It and 2nd ciass psta eiBb Bnd mails on or abou wife absolauti' saying: She hna
''M A I been l y lilpmte. best friend, n-
8* S. .AVARO .siled for New York on the 23rd instant ad as >isest coniiirllor during our W Iong
due to arrive at that post on the 31st instant. viab t lis ofy on tr e 'aro n d I
NO ICE Inert nif at na to Ito. my pro.
NOTICE In .."h u
.I 11 chT i ,,irfn ol i d h ll nd 7nnt
Inendt PbW(n nw or New York by thie Tlilod a Line steamer h re taou te, h dinta lel.
ue hereby notified as follows *CM. 'mLr ilAtdttt itnt ,oif tie
2. Ip i of tickets will cease 24 hous" before sl n I of h r John f li nd his por the
:: lle I ^ tth lO it ,f tire ll init ia^''l.*>tfo"***l uteanir p'l"'il t Sir lotle M.,lli., sa the
Rtilr. of pasc from Trinidad to New ork' lr.e 1 feoll IaS- b C",
FIRST CLASS t .$12500. n
SMone to ne ld in United Plates currenc or e
IntenAn .g senge wirs mut deposit 5 L booking their "LELY SPARW.
ei hvitTL(te tv ILM b't TOR -LW
Sur lless, Withy & Company, Lited ) Lre h R.otrm. Ft
S pi eiSurromaided bio att sdentI, in-
ciulls. enLar 'everltleo spoke foa r
neaFily ai hour at the St John's
b his lesitrrk how..m a businesss man,
li e oinil ch .l1g ctin It. y u cngb
House in .hc United.. ... .
Kinpiom shoilti live a its-rien," he the cause of
exclaimed. whether it i. a ,00.screa POOR LUB
.park or veri little i, ore. than a
LaWiport & Co n t c hnabbe pattch hoe the ackv ard o(
b hou ,k 1o there i nota ltarden there
LINE. Durint:hshUl:t :: Lverhal WI. f KI
referred to tli D ltty ,Mail" Ideal
I Hom ihbition at Oltuirnta which


displaement. Is &* to arrivehrO" er!i de
aeluonot so u mmtl the' SW!ApirQnd wll
ln'.the a y ffjed Yok via 4b4
"Ing a alls t~d'd
s.S. A8I 10.000toub dimsplacment as du
tossabits b~n a t f iodelmoueian onrbabout
'10th Aptimdwaind ia.y the ssimmitkc we
yeak via safts Utabl int

de'*s tilesalist". 1 barn 3-A md i jaseeon ot
.hrt~I* 2th ~lal~a w l itwalsa wdas
I-Ila h k-A'Aw ndnd,... Lt ,S sd .1
I=", O ie
a amd fl'jpiJ53d- u JaashseQ e
get mr U IM. I'I
A ~or

he visited on Sth Instant. Hedeacribtd
the gardens as. wonderful" and
advised.hi audience to an i d see
"I am a lonely aparrow, on
the housetop' i said In reply to
an ealthusilitc vote of thanks.
Yet samS ttn:e, ago I had a tltev
from a woman I had never met and
did nat u nw. bbe had. heard me
pk atmietimi, It remeie, '. "
S"She Lioted oll to me thit site
hIlted we were 'tw6 toad loving
hietttianlid she ended, the laet with
proposal ollminl ige.

1; 42 '






58 High Street, San Fernando,


I Thie SS. BARFOND" lIcl thii prt for New VYok ditret
I on 26th Irt lant wit cargo and mnlsts nid is due to arrive
4 there on or about 4th April.
'he S. VrNU, I' silrt f-rom New lYork. fe
T'ti iirla direct on 26th instant litlA ide ton strive cre
or aliout lh April wvith csIgo sod mail,. proceeding theteertq
I to celuroeltt potli.
T he S 9. lil( litR I Q title t le ie l N evj % t i Y r for T itlid oi
direct with cargo ttill mall, tin or ri til 121ti I 11 lt I A nIdi sl d
o arril e here on ot lahouti 1l ,t, iil.
For aX further particular rs pIloc sAirplv in

Aietcl.-Calilrhan Lille,

won't STALL If you FORESTALL Canadian ov1 rnV me
the trouble.. and W.1 of the titm it's
ennedy & Co., Port-of-Spain The most direct route to and from Can;
...... Regular Fortnightly Saiings rom Hal
. as follows
---. Do COASTER 21t do
The s.4. CANA DIAN BRAVER North Bonad ou or born
ANOTHER Mach will proceed to Montreil.,but will cll At iHaifa.x or it. j
stufficent induceient offers .
The as*. CANADIAN LOGGER usl 1 ort
special Purch ase bout 13th April will proceed dirto MON. tR i ort
Geo. F. Buggins & g0o LI

_^ Guaranteed Goods _

Have JLst opened up-

who are in. a good Seine Twine, RninPine Tar
L awE. ho Lamp Lantern., Paint,. i`
LW, IAl. hou Mld i R s 17 HENRY ST. 'PHONE 16
......,_. .. .. .. .. .. 'PHONE l1ili



or it Next Time.

:s the Engine New Life.'!




~i--n .ii ui n' ... .1

- - - - -







v,,brush -fYOU
~ ~leciv4paited, see,
11 t h orpacP*us uses




,;.* V~


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~e~i i'~l -;; --- "---,,--- __________________ ;

131 OIa nKOUauOLU PUR'O~ilS.
flbanaagaaae 6 to te oabiDWO OtIOat Lean. hiand dcru
*the aski.1
It leatoo "c the sakest and a ad1 beneficial MP n:taIi baulln
sod abawpmadfe ebd&t'5a. d f rwtairhia cildeea.
Io I abee. s TRVH5SO & GOVA,.
or lii cinaOMi l Coa.. Ld
Atd Whotaaa leaseem.

POP the Len

f i FittFren Clar

uI; Exe Bota

,'- P' -NEV

:- '*i r ..-,

417T;*t.*'****( l -.

sr^ 1' k^. j,,:'\L.

Iten- Season. I
-A n.Tr Olm" IF~

Thirteen year old Charles de Silva
pleaded guilty at the City Mingsa-
trate's Court on Thursday to the
changes of staepling () a dove
valued at 28 6d and (IJ two' wild
pigeona [valued at 5s ithe property
of James Lake.
Mt' R. M. T. Prignr who appeared
for the defendant explained that he
had been. from a child. ailh Mr
Joie Rodrigues. The. family were
now down the islands and defendant
was in someone epe a care pending
their return. That allowed hiid the
opportunity of mixing with bad com
uanlon and also caused hin to take
rLake's bird. He had interviewed
Mr Lake who was willing to see the
boy flogged. .
Sergeant Williams prosecuting said
one of the bird had flown away.
SHaWorahip ordered defendant-
to reedvo 4)rokes on each charge
and ordered hbla guardian to pay 23S
6d coinpenatlon for the msing

60/. OR .,000,000 WORTH
Where hai nil tlhe radium gone that
has been produced since lie discovtery
ofradlioanclylty In 1896 ?
'l'hla point was raised by Sir llrent'
Rutherlord, director of the Cavendish
Laboratory. Cambridge University.
in a lecture delivered recently at
the Ruyal Institutlon, Alhbemarle
street, W., hulen he stated that in fil1
some 160 grain (nearly six ounces.)
of radium had been produced, the
value biting in the neigli-hiurlood of
4,l600 000.
Large quantities were used during
the war, and the bulk of it is
undoubtedly in use in various
hospitals all over the world. The
scientiata and men inve.tigalting
radium and its power lo efect the
destruction of the atom and the
transmutation of metals have only'
five or elx gramns In their joint possea-
ailo, and this only through the
generoalty of the various radium
The arrest bulk -I __JI-__l tadav

resatod .ay
ert wa was rodncem
the ilourael cquote i 5,000 tons of
I* MCI TA thbo-an head tobe hand-picked and
S:ilf KE5 TRAFFIC m tons, and thi,
M- o RE.IIATIONL ='o"r"ub AMt 1 grai.)
r e 1 1 the. Amount ofo neused t in track .
..r t Co. WMrotisreetd by. the diaernn
betwALo ndon .AndE Tnburgh (40
S93S-S mille'the o futro radium pro"
C ged t ae City i..Igbtrites doner I wou Sd be tprmested .or ofn a a ha t l 1 fourIn bes
. .tusa 1 l too ,The peat bauty of toying radliuto
M 4 d she Was fiued 1io0s he ld, i that fraud Id[A eso ll peo
-da ysi fa t i rin l an f' with' t, y nen oI pe.aFtypo
antt e'lbrn and Astonlo' Got isw sof decae ello troope which t a
.fi ed 1 o r t 8 day s lot lownl Fhinehowed In lOU, the amount ,of.
c c b bto stued hIples not appointed. rafu npmennt A t B edr tut e ca
Chargedi by! ,- V.t ble,' Jcksuvlootpbe anord with an aciracy oftI In
., eo not ba 411h1" j1Ane and 1 dreao *. WBth*Tht opoling the bottle,
pointedoan L Oholger wa
Eid d Sf or 4 dauydfor falling to wear
.bin badge te' s'"mmcon un :.a place.
13 3njobn .=4 by Constable
cart. JamePayie was lined S or JOSEPH,
,, 4 days for dri lig a haeka} )canlae,
3 without a. urea,.. Chatged I. "' .
Co abe .eok Mr Albeit Ladc t ,.
aM wa ead1d6 or IS de le aor usin A new ,r m entiled "Arl and
a oroelleW by pinuleg merantab p W wIllibe poidned at the
S e slie i fPla t, Pis f tist o Kolwe ik.l .htAol.ltN eth,J o IaWedne.
Who i vi Bcfket and weaned, ocWlsa.
Do andra was fieed ftor4 d*y mTuer is IbeingWaStea ndby
- -' lo toalt~b a Iisilte *f a Mrsymk an itatel. Mlin Mae
Apbl ied o4 ays. f arnl 4 erteat,4 T beaa ladles
tea. Mmiii La lr
""le. t o m ahi sbedtea toa' eeI d kIftl> N ft awe of
-, -nasg g qmurne.- Mba May, toMaor
0911614 1tia0t1a016e0 of COUaideI C L r. V te d lV *1Min
LKJNIS4b.J 411011kllutelg his cabvasttmdud ratlila aid eb4d I. ft is pro'
T .s, r .u dpd tr tt trwt u i n s to held ea .trrthe rev,,,
Is ft la- _im,,or a lat1,U .A h Got be 11" tfilm
Af it :be w af s lto w Aci d l add M s devnleteii
2' i .-.0.aL 'w o -"0'60,..'--. .. .. a-
t- ht ?" ..*-.**" -. >-' ^ -r '"" ^.t = -* .' .'. i- -" * .

20 Times
Send the coupon for
the 10-Day Tube.
See and leel the delight-
ful effect.
There will be

Not Her Fault
-- But why not keep teeth whit?

DMon yp dawid ew r ashow ou the 4luo-eoats
an your teath"? fH wisroea poalhin isl rgy
done to remove them.
Ogalond fnd that then flfl-eats fotm desphs th6
d t Rhaj. nfow thanres a way to Gaabit
Uu im uwe Wefr yNu a less.
What filmn doea
Pamn.usift am a vlaoe cost. YToo adeat 1etd ft
now. It U o to et, enter crevles und tO.W
'It absorb (Ina mkba th teeMth look dinah. It
omM the buhof tatr. .Thu the ute oiLl. the
esebIn keptdaff ''
Pam hlds food InWbtMoa wnhit'fem, de mid
fornam sadd tt W4ld thatsaid in oaeet twtt he
tweth touame dew.I fO bro l nian, mand
th wth tuar, ta e t da. pyor..
Thtu aum tnwth-tnMUe -r 9id tweeddM Im.
KTqbweedio ae% tha w al wa of hetfahng
. : r, nawa ,way
D' Od i OF ledr .i lM'au, 6. found ,two

B BotA af ebdta" fda mefffi md f OW a pe i
doeh-,tsladouthsdm 1'omlmoeM4Ppee. 5
Su i g wfV, bff ai w s to

Wtoot imhD a t

wdth r I a e ldnv uthe sta hch
,ntJThaotin to d l e ai the ,h, a li of t ,a'.o
S tooth deciy.d a
In theae nTtuml and iea we %I nfta odt
doamhet twice daily the ena enal o1 toth. e -V-T-

The feenw ss a uti* aldea i ppare M a Tee m ew -

'2 ,,lese"twl ba e b hi mas :e ,
S* oto ,m. 'i '.,
be '12g Kb





: :


a,-R^ .'- E .] IB-E

.,. . SHORT

alA ... bic h i a Sb.i' ... .fr. imeitlo.m, r P.i '

Oen to the Publio o m ON DAY, Apr


: m---I Mills,, Gregorio & Co.,
45 Marine Square. Phone 1475
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S P lI SI !-: t rtec tf. |rc --.r to t i f Thec question of dilated milk is a
SUPPL ES, r ', '1 f i.1, ?^ ,,.^--- .lnaiv relation to th lb srokerers
Triio & Sti'son Wrenches. SL. 30. T -- and anv I c plait to the w es tis
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: ..- -- .... A .',ii0' ,.-,, "- ,l' ," l " P
It .t ,i ; _'-., "___ \r. a .;u,;'r^", w^ Io P' " "".' nwd

-f-----dsfCana toArA_ are rl. Inaicfllau tioe sCalut oow nit
.. 1 i T:. I P ca t tN:ar C. a len, I re g~"at ui('n t en brtIe o l an m dt h e a i t e
,- r II a lo Irt al r'e.t in a d to she ly ilt S-- - L0 1 I. i ..h. ll-a en tI e t r r a n Ir. t '. t t e uulii c t le a nlat t h e

t al t e. -neg .at t 'edge'ot honeho.i.AS. A al the
SAN FERNANDO 'r- e ar"" acrs "f O na
O Nr;ilWl? .-, I w 1.., tr*"gI c i..F I .is. len n ohich ct ho. alhd rgic
fl *** ^ .... -\-. "; < z.^ "l ',:r,, i',' rt P .' ,r olj< I-'iuB t OTl~t"t- lrhhI
I- i L I:: JI 5 ., l riaH " I I' l t he t ft. aI .t illof .aia n or e i lr' t l loented.
I rili ll U I 1I U of thi ns tom ti gh cos
.ENAME W AR F O T. E N....n .. t .. L C eu. C+ U i". J u.TL Thr deah ; I an i do lady broughtep an
S1U -U B l l I i s : I t ,r i. ..r i' M T i t. t~.Ie l e n ll l t M A' !Lmr ,r'nlF 0 ai L 1 I l h tn h t ati or.L a i t In a s al 1 & n o

t t ais d Iad iBLU EE baIe eaenir. he e r Q a large n -m'r .f oerLa1. pee t ustf0 lee oMlh psot who are In
tft ., .i 1.. % l .re ..i M lrr, ,1 I tL fri. i .c Iame Ori ic- 1h.a. r oe Iucoalif te.l., Il.n

e.' Ca' iTa Le ,., a oraa ,u.f .a .-eeied, sai be hghly ma u ir, so . a t heto lan and
i. B -- -- lin:c Ihr 111c.publi c e }rrnlncti th

EtaTn i ,Bsn T''' I' t: araIne. t r.. Lrae- l e I j'.o.tletr l bICYCLE LOST. ln s ee altanr thj htAt m e
t !e Or ., r .', e ,l.. r.I! '; i t .t..irr. |Ir .a h l se to-alh! oh could th e i in to
Bl E A Wer PVte T ,so, , .,o o,,.,:I -.*-, ...... r,. l,., l, ,. ,-,.,., ... .-,,.. oc.. w+-..,I.. ., on AL -.1o h ng = .M f
PE L .i EY & WHI tE e l tlc she' l W. .. ni e An,r iie it h .oI.r. b se I.l ew upli amn ted. et when at cr s to
a' 7r : IIS. 1 t s r 1 her, et a, u n.' i the, Pioei' Staalo, o terda I rheniAl a plan mal e that l tb eno

R E 5E ,L. as tllta s d ated En Bthingr as theo t elose

autcepans Pie G es, 344, Sugr F.emy. inthe yat Frg the bo tie hle n bury hror him
n, sn.der ft i ft h t II e l eL, 1 I. C.ll r e. eetea T shal i n .hkatant l t lar, the e' O

.... eur to Port 0pestesaf.,,,, deerwl-oped the
u s i d b5 ctlVc(t.i imoarta:c of L ith ? toan 1 r allte i Bdisease T hts disease nhil
rt which it i n the I lcl r ot tL bll spread h tm rd tihe nvllage
T. f sVer s Ptates ,I fro'mt mlhf fwtork per dna c ip ri b IT m, -cwdiDly U *te

TsEadar the Agrihen n ttuw-al Itpee h
\tih s t A'loktwlil eBll a at eeaiv il o f th ten Pit i aI ;he a
Te unan s Esttes Ie. e A LY rltofrO H i The W eal., wo w i ac"Me ii e Iq lic as mIrT lth a hmsl
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Sundries Department.1 Electrical

Palmolve Soap
B'& Am]
O.T. Tonk
Anzora Hair Cream
Bear's Navy Cut Cigarettes
In 50 uand 10s
Bears' "No. 1 "C, igaretttes
inSOs- &Io.&

AllH kinds of
Fixture tomnab
Anllales of ti
In mtoc,
Repairs 'and
-xo[Niy attn
General Dep
Latest cable u
ways available t
I T-IR Cr n.a

The Trade Mark of Cocoa and all kinds
and Chocolate Excellence, and Provw

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