Trinidad guardian

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Trinidad guardian
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Trinidad guardian.
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Sunday guardian
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Trinidad Pub. Co. Ltd.
Trinidad Pub. Co.
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v. : ill. ;


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Newspapers -- Port-of-Spain (Trinidad and Tobago) ( lcsh )
newspaper ( sobekcm )
newspaper ( marcgt )
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Trinidad -- Port-of-Spain


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Began in 1917.
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Description based on: Jan. 1, 1962.
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Sunday issues called: Sunday guardian.

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University of Florida
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1 m o en~ erca e mb rpe I d egeSnel .. 36: pir lb S4~.LT.- TC L 16
frolb.andWASHIG SIKS 2
mIc'cet erckALL SHADESTir
EOFl.R.S. LTD. Cee au d utch .G q S M BONAN ZA 'I e V yl Loecly Shades. 6oC -120uPw zed, At C annin
D. HOM R LD. pe 7I7

A I SUNDAY-] .JANUA-RY 1.1922 T X'I)- P E N C(E

__ - .... .

May the ew Year








No. 1314

Everybody sees these Announcedients. They
are Displayed Daily in St. Vincent Street.
F IRST Cl.. ,.i u..I CI.I c-u e 11 NURiR ~lair 1, it.o,.111LId
S L lit 7--l e'I I~.e. I'' l. ,I III ,N I A I
Al' CLAM' NA I., Vde.,e R~ etail
6 -0ira o..l ,ntml:.u IN :l.t i- e U I.el I M a..e LI lady lh~ aIl I .1 I

L~byrgh I' LI,.LIII'I 10 c ldre I m1L .mL- -I it'it
1.1MM C l.1...I hT IL
No, ? l .1.1. III im llit 1 h1- ______1_M __1,M1__f_______________
I~ c I'.U I' r,. I r rIe113-II illitSR reelI
S ree a I'II-' Ith e; k I.- %1-i- to I.,e '
S i tdl S.I' e I T.IL130L'IChi ldrenIa .311 r.I CLIi 1111.- .'I
II1 T (el~l Bmhe lll III atN3 I bA'
StI e N'eIt Ill LII .'.f1116.U.1 .1,.b U I.I I
h.r'. A Lnu e.i.i II.L1.1e'IL Ku 1 6
PI P I.- 1C.I" T L:m mR Nm- J .IGI Llm'mf.ih

I t fi i- -i li i 51IIA

prirc _11 i 1. 1 I, Mi, T1 F RS to I

r 'I0.1 I'L Ir' IL 1m I 1 Im.'ILL. 17I'
N F Ll- ...._v___ i-

11 1-.Iiell bNr 1,.nme C.., mLId
T upreN1 m e Cua B.lrt
QI a mIIi' I'I P- Ff.lo11Fle1Ir 1 arI.I
S Te I 1 1 'Cm I N 'r .1 1 3 4 e llil

i AIRIULTU0. i. 1 Mr Ar nuac

3i 0t- iiI- II17fdL ti n sm c :-...ODR.A ErPQICE
r 1, u ..I r, z ImII-IAm IA I

LI ____1-__E1

,..\ .h their many I riend-i


otor Cars & Trucks for Hire

;:. Ph 1067A 136 Henry..Street --- ,---

Tha _________




I B ltoeceel 11, bi,
noIqR%".D -1. .' ,.
GI- c bbI wll 01 f..

la~ j1'.1 1 .


-r,,, PaniRB ,ler AD R"Y
,I'v -1 , 1
nt -- -

I ,.

Cheap Bazaar L.oods

and Office Furnituret
SNo.-I A. l


.........~I. .'L .' Ld


SGflvernment Nofices,

PowI Office Notice "
r, i r 11 e i f .Ir g e e r. I'I, afo r m at i ol n
S .e in C I-..g duly
.I ,, ,', ,, ie ew

..:k F' . e p ld.
. . .... ., I low

I I' ~.III...

. . .. . I



I' I:tri H l. NlE 'iii 1 ,,iA R i -
* .: l '. l i... I I -. I1 .'1


. ... .. . . .a..-. .. ....

A 13 "N 1
113111c OE, Cr

'You may get Lots of

for the races. but the only
FOR 1922
is that Glendinning will continue to be

to Rhop during 1922


,I e
" .1

l l

~-.K :B


, mlI

;--- --- ---

.fr'vjw -. r C --- - .1 w,


U A I -

- - I .... .. ,

U. a ai



f ,




I I ,







*- -& -- -n ;

" '; 1 *:" 'x . . ; 'l '
I - I i -._ ; .
;:...:.. .,-." ...-. -r ,r A -







an oumi U CAREER.
At the City Marirater's Court
SfWSHIPi NT' OF yesterday Hi Warship t.he City
A NEW SHIPMENT OMagistrate ase is decision in (he
cae in which Peter Willniams slood
chuTged by Deiecti e'Lance Coiporal
Cacanr wihli being the occupier of a

Ca 0ledonua Dover. Stoves ...... .... o
iJhouse at Joenry'adreet. used the saoue
conducted by Inspector W E PPawer

(NO. 6, 7, 8, 9)- ust opened out. iYW present ed by Mr e
T Prlzgr, r
liv WVor'hiD the eleftendnt
%. S cloitd uneir. Secttinn 59 of tle

FELD F[ILTERS 'SiiminiC Convicilionii Olences
BiERKFELDBFI .TERS Odlnncr 1921, .lh i lul ter. -
tin ,, plire occupied b liin1 at 60

'SEWING MACHINES $15 each le ly. r set., ,T le "". 6eo, the
/1 purl.Cie ofsatf unlttwIl gambling. b
.PRIMUS STOVES I Len ...-,. .a ie r ioe" a"
.1ntple n11.1 th, ,.nit ,q eltion as
SMEAT MINCERS ,ether te prison ?te vard ued
M EAT M INCERS, I lcatle wifbill tile ll niewln-11k", "p"lre,

W AXING BROOMS i : 0- i -.i. l o. .Ibe
54 one ni.'lht I r Ir lur U th6 t hll

POLISHING CL6THS 20c each i" II r mtI ii,.or
cla rol e ':."i.i I I In t_ h nJiTIllug
c...n tI .re ext I... l.,t n

YARD BROOMS ,rd, i. 4rl.. ,-e, ,,,,rl
,, ru D................. r ...n :. I ... ..... ..

Si ,I,. I 1'_.t! i n I_ rr- .- I 11hi, .
S All his W eek W e .are -I li g A. InI "1,.-'.' ., ...I,,.'' ...
i t l ,: i t v h rr ,n i .-.- l, l.-.,,* l il .I a

I.,,l__': ._r,:___I __,I 3,,,- .W ,1i ,

11 'kfi g3 T 1 E [11M

Eni Imur t-- .Pi eI.

.Iirir 1 i i A ,


at ,rices that arc invti-g. .. .. ',-

( r Uceive per s.s. M i i. .... .

S (To.,. Ltd,, 1 Quri', Aicnls ... ..
Obtainable also Irom Moilny & Co angte Grande 1 ]. .
B s B i.,r i, 1 1 1iI . ill r
S- i n GRAND .' I

tiU ..AO LA COND IOiV1 RA'I.11
.I MorNii'-dns. 2nd J'nuaii r c n. i II,. I'
AlL PROFITS PilrD. TO POLICY HOLDERS. '1 3Hv1 ., ,, r, ,,
--IP'I'.I 4 rtr. l ,1 ..'i .1. 3 ,,,t l r'~l,3r3 1 r ir ,,.
SiCASH fI Vlil.INI-S O.M Tii-I:-. kIAR l.ti r i1t l' .. l i. o r n -
SS W hen D3d> ( r l p e s,,cl l n i. ,1 '" %. 1 ..... .. . ....". I........ ...
w ill Ie ipub li .o pl i n that the C i \t i IIi .11l n I il . I. r, l'i, i 3,,I], ,
c" .. ,tainn oiiphold are su l ..I Ltth. etru. r'I.: I''r1. 3.n
TRI IDA IM conTque nly sO C i . .is 43ci. .. ..s.. .. ...
It costa them nolhin to be insured, bI nuo P I i '
th e Comnpany pays the prcnmium'-. i G II Th.' ,I '.,.t ..,,) .- ,,3 .
S"- ..thareore of i ut aiogs your property in ..' ,,
lb s.^-* h" L ocal ,. '.ot- ..p..i~ y .o.Lt,,'I.'.,, ii. l.,.ire
'liltt [I.Iii'iii-..ei n,,to

_rl ,to, that in time your policy is caren .-...'a l, 1 ''2 to.P .IO .... 1 feol. ,. ,
P RI EI E.I OF 1CHAR R DE ... i ..... f ""<""
Ii l. ' m nii. o11 1 .,ll I,,AI o. S C ll.,
,-, ,l ? i .'; Ie .1au1.d LI'.,iV iil~ in:; I~l .le, ti ll, n I .i'l.; 3,' i'i g.I a.[

.. ....... .. '. i *:__. C

eA' y ra ,. g' E i.'-" i I .i l *
"lrI D l~l~'l~L~ ~ ettli l ",til ~ lc'I ,,'.e .ll

Tl .I ci J o .' J /- I
oI s .l 3 Ip C.- er.t r al l I

Ta ,ciP Aur L
1.2 lamIr s h Kdese 1.113

B k.Iackache idne Pill

Go. Ltd.

F critends. whl : k-.kin
FL tr. i,. iL I


Si ,\
h.2 o0


~~LU~YLY- -Y-Y~-I ~

Kidney adl Bladder
Of the reosy iU. eptha t sace asi S!3d
many .A~ o ll ia ,llcllU
ITII evctn by s khiiuls uittry-h sint o nin-.1i
en. in the kidn ey e y ir ib' o .idllet ht
eans iai n 5ck 3e8' Kidney PM. !h"cot ,5.3
lque dm i c u ys in t u i 1c Ir.! hi, l h rcL y
el d n u n y Airre rcz 3 r.fnprt l. ori


,,,".;.. .'. ~av lllisftrtLO

A Sf' laira al eiaveo san Ftruan.lo for ton.of.Spain at 6.,0 3
a m. ea b inmoing rin-g t atS.30 o a.m. m.
A pcal l'i 'rai lla W l'' Purt Li af tSpu r at 'ta noAss to Chaga-
oanes .AIs i c.,(ch dlarn;e.n. -- .
No Worliute;ti lT iatimt a will bo ioUo.ol (on i L di.i .J l.nulrj, IP'2i2. -
trdli,.or'. .lu ll1ii. .i 1 tl u 3 033 d1 31 fu1 m 3 llh &Limnl 311st Da em..e
Lb r, 1i'21 od lte u. ,b 2'J .L' ii33. ', i1l- -ill LO Ls lhe lin II S rd JLi.Daar '
] -d w...... .. ............
Goods Trains.
tO 2nd dJoJ no Go ,:k Ti ca li sun
. a d d .. .rIf td .I. sry 1..0 33"dl 33..J Irda eunrin e r c l 'j
Lilaud and Bsoca Service.
Monday, 2nd January, 1923.
T '"arum a ill i.:at, P.rt.:. A p.. fo r allt tv-. Clls erile
1. 1 ., Ell r.A r- I . Mo . o. ,r1..P .

Wednesday, 4th January.

On Monday 2nd Jan.
L r..Ut r... 1 1.1.1. 3 1 L. I.. 1 ,,. ,Jo .i .1 ,1-.-1 t., iso]' f r -ly *,
3 t.. ri s-Lc --fn.rc t :g,:. 0 -.,:,...- n' V ,.3.; r blIt,na
0. SADEiR,
Agl; 0 M B.

i.11 i1. re 3

11.,03.,. I I ~l,'.,J I, t ,

3 '3''313 ,.' I

,- , ,1.11 ,13



(eg -e-I'. 7 .. :..
S. *...

I .22

6 TO $200


in 2 ei i ",notifi efor.
1 ontth il 1 1 i 1. I h iL l
P it f '. ; H.
for '" 111?oM i ': "t. J L ..

I'NO C Enr of ;t
nhoen .,l hee Lc
i i l ,t Il 2nnnl\ ; i i I,
lr ew enr i c vw l' il] .I '-

li 01 Aci L 3Lu- an

Port-of-Spaii I-,, i, and January, 1922.



* 'Ii- 1.
Iso I'. -


-ill S i.::s.





- 318~ab ec~ rr-~u~e


.1 U




Railway Notice.

Special Train to Snrt Fornano0

ON MONDAY, 2nd- January, 1922., the Special Train
tim, to leave Port of Spaiu for Chaguanas at, 4.18 p.m.
will ...,ve'(Pdrt of Spain)fat 6.4j p.m. instead And. -wl run
through to San Fer'nando calling' at all Stations.

FAMOUS SINtE 1779. 1

has obtained its age with honour.
We hold an age certificate for the above Whisky and guarantee it to be over 10 years old. and WALTERS' SPECIAL BEER
Can be Messrs. The Triuidad Compounding Company, The avourite D,,n., on the M.,Let.,..
had att Dalton & Co., Ltd., Sole Agents. 38 Marine Square. Phone 705 w. T. B. co.,
__, ._-.. ...,- -.- -

GrandI Variety ,'Jonert
lu nld ofl welneur Chlnch.
At lre Victoria Hall. San Fernandr
on Friday night Jany f, 1922-
P1, i'lano Duel bila L. Gill nua MIfi
a"".Id.I. T r i.1,4
i Song-- \'hce n., C.rareIn nrbn
o' .e hc.lrd.. SMi V. ra Bultite
-3. SpaDnis L nce. Iu LOanntUu .\" ti. rl
I. ang. i tne cictd tre a k ..- tay
. iLnue S I S la..i.r. 'l];c ntrrld lr tDi
u. CuurUa 'aiTt) ul bli,
7. .. P'll n,11

-... m MioSSION.
S ongru Until'y, he Nt. P. n .e
hrtLe tlrin in t1telper.l
in ho.e .omuMh uonmd Mri C. aieo.
iut -O _if LU C il. lt -l'utcnT PFFrL "
i i. h1 tu. [ ib o or til
.l God Save the King
tN.B.-Tickertn ou1sn) 1e o1bnta I t
Suarhcer nPrinatty, Tie a ,L rack nit-
sud ho'.. hlt o lheipern.

int:ilhao Wat rmost Pa ea idrat b rm
to tble n ia hcd wraleiracm a o .-1.
.t-1. no 0ni -it Ct nC meu aC n tol. Lt
tIrua .tair't ie. lbery coo icorrCtt.
LhrnlcohtnI' cuottitG a o .ni bt1 e O1 -el U
Olt tlln roar roIdet art cUr-nCl cuc n-.1tr
brLin Up leluC-LLtari- thatitic[ .cJ~t|ut
a.ucinI tce grJ th ni he ebtaf, Lu-aU
o C.6t..,n311aA ulc U l aut tW nr,',
iiU:tart' Y.




i' .ii



i*"f. if

'. '

..... ,<; .
:t.... :

'* I


o ire iPe V.\m it' Cci i Ia h -
on[%, le c. ,.- i -r I i. -,

w .cl fl'.dccar. a ibI.

ell o a, .o ... .
I have enu hadl recurrpnecr ofe 0he
distrest pmens from which I hai
suffered long ."
1I0 ,.-r.,' SR. l ad ~ ham. E.ia
W .AVIN ..dnwn, Natal

flnrr the binckhtoinri~de cihicb i rtie i Pi I f~rire 1, Iwo-: Tfireiiiii
ti BLANCHE G UULII~l1av1111r~ rlurrIil iettefn tV-rFo
O BL H I G ES BROADW AY FIRE A ..i... .... cb irIlel11d, .. .. i. ..i..i, s ie .tii. ..rr .,i ,
S H O P__ P IN G Ca"i" led I"" ..... ........ e .... ...II t....he. ... .. ...t ":l...
.,d .. ,.boaaig tuitu 't1e eic', iij Il.. t, tee, citron ., or ii ,. moiore c,,rv c..-
".,Iii.,nif-e ir the eri of ni

lir d.lye oa ry-.makitig over. COMPLETE DESTRUCTION OF "!' l ,tb n in lr'- r ti rio l r iirn
I he d~ya of merry-. . . . . . . ..C. 0 ie.:cri 10c 01i1ii M Iru t trfinroeniI
o uiy of ,nt e gay rie and, and t once TWO PROVISIUN STORES. I the i t a n n
bright %.rid looks black ncausn rtheo IN iN N it. 0h N.. : thae i-i, i I. n
pour Iuiitned liver is iout of order- DEitAILS OV IN._URANCI- utiA, I. r- tinorig.- ai i, 1 a
nightly ofl joy makt, mornings of sorrow ,ou In theI f-i bIut I tire I Ir .-i,.r i.d ra Al tu ,n- tl...i..
Very often. I A re-l ,, carbutOi s lAfier. ,.t. of i i tr'o b rei. r, meire L premier l, .1 ii,, ll ., i T r[ i 1. V IL. I huI-
I Itunie with the ickly eole its disaitru- i tforcieunuer, t e ul e MIIe., Cori. ..o, h C ie o Iin ru or
Altegetnrr mincerbnle feeling BON%.!.. Squ iare fire t i-:. ta1%o ,v,-. go il .II reOl,t.i ,.1 ire i- rip ii-. ,1 It. ."
-lccommendi tial- patiabe which tid ny rg.',. ubie-.. i. B 1e n le I. L,, I,-it ,IhI .t l.e -ri': T he Lengua l Murder
Bo dy be .d in large and small bottles, desnrebed i I-.n sttreir .t ,. Tn .i.irii C CA nCIrlt i cli'..l . fill.)TI
,t.ptlI pill nand 1-Herbilne. Coughst and GUAtRDIAN I gel -i ,i fc e y llLhtn U it ine c L '1 I it' i
cola_ riuin motor drives on rainy fifteen otia air ai r l i h' t ,arnere ii to La.t.e C,:rri. ici t iii ,i ,'-.1 -til ih '. 1r .c-li c,
y uenlu of which there were many defynall hie iri ai e erg tu I.Ii aln" L I
t, fu. coLredwithbAseresCherryosyrup powereat etL-IroittrII.IU 11111 o li'e to..lio r"1t'1%e ra -rn,_ ge rtr Ili. hia1i tTi-h,
,, .. IvglrsPetroleum Elmulslon.a or B Origade tdt oupyr it anuut,- I ,L-d ihrl,- llm f, a ,,Li-i Ti' IdLar d I.-I ,. 111 ti l. C -Il ,
Uo.'ard s White Pine ityraup. gatted iti plc ofl neigh n-li theolItI le' -I II I1'at -c 1ti0ii .11i %Iii
th a nb o f t heintt ol raf uesono the gut fiu ,, to ite i i I eld 1 -.e Ii trait- o- ,,p--a n ,I i i ,.
elae cau offer beaultiut colours in The rerac ui. I ola h,,I bl l o t u ire | 1 1i..:4- 'i -tali -l L' I 1 . .
Charmnuic pnicrd at it$2.tUs. an $ 1i50 prr peemotseo at ,-ereirit tinI 1510-A'-I I i,L fIt ut t -c UI airh bIua 1 ....-., I -
)at li.ino Wash Saltinaht p nand$.1 peer o William S,..tu & .CufialU -tnt iL m li d 1V 1, aL,, i-, ', iIe ira1 , i, .. i l ,ith i iIt..
).rd. Io black whichirs no tanchraahbte ttocrtarih m b & C----apr,. gr-,cl,'. i t-girit, I i- -'c, i-n1 t r1 .,' i ,-e lP .fl,-.:],, il D .i
thhey n vt in rthks Solr Surn etti at $2.16 pyeterda, c,,ct l-i fi.d l i' , -1 v II .. ,,I iu 5 i., c, ,,:.-L.I r .._ |: : .. I ,. I,, '. A.
'.Lozl' L .i o 2,.0 and Hlabutai Irom $tL fl aimes th ,i t I- c,: J lt .d p t.u .1 .gct.aIItI : thetdL,'II rICI- ,..cI. l s.': i
ta iuri Onts aoum gal t uany at annd rtoer "In.' ,m" i.... 1 t- au co re- l..- ,I d, !- ,
L'intic eIc 't'-ands$7,ie na de nieLt timeand tie n-iQce uabcrIpoIi n1.n1rr rl. i. .,, In
['- 0 c it' n o W non Urlootel nud tfouaght .-nu the' I "'[ i' .-, ,,. ri nh e thi-c ,I ,"LI- '"
tuii J5in eucnu per yard. u b flames i -dai lcII iit,' l-, t, -1t t r ei .'r" '
I,.,, u : hul ddys are over. tiie public winners 1i 1 i C 10,h, A A .IK:] I.| ,I B 1 1, .1 r,.,,, I...,I- I . .,
Ini,, = to am mothers will have to be till b -lot I, .
nI. I ',. Ihunidngroverte schooloht- TI S th~~'cat E ir l L rh'uiua-'-,ei I-c-rc'-
ttt.u!ccg ..t.. h..e........v.. ..i...i..a"i....c.''...c i. .-c.f tre.t.".'... ..-icu ...... ... i
Lt i. cwhi tis ne eded. t new ar bil Hiag s -o l-iI. i... IitIi. c... i..A. i I '''' '''
dar-ceIiiiGAXTV cannsupply Crusader of the c'tAi t'iir aaiLr.I
C pA1o[1ty shades 3n i inches wide wind to rc i16:i i ,a ,r
at -,C cpi aid, Rajah primn t s ei che lthe w tllse rI1 nuth rite c-it. u tI tLr-3 in-'.. .-IiI
it.o nI., t tic per )aid, ngtee body of it i, .'c I the Pr II i..- i t r n ,,, I
.4 .Oi gI .excellent afor chiJiu Brigaede ,i ptr r- c- I La, Iu ,,-1_,',. '
1 -n c i -1i the Same width priced at cool whi..1 t, I II- L 1 i t ,,.,'
'cc pti ultd. Hato fore ebool ,wear are and poe.. -t'f I 'I i' i JI '.- t o, ...
,b '. ad tIrom:i;lc to $1.0 each, doomedblcth" in
JLa .a..r are, and t he Fancy fete at The d .u. .. ... t SAN FERNANDO
lara al ,ua the Wih those who are Ltirnk- Ior 'c ii- n - _
t.g Wi i y ui ill tor. I)'... ei b T 1e ., PROFITS OF ENTENTE '
..ur ahiirals may be found aLt GLEN- coulplete, -,ri .,. i ,, t,,' I itB
ttuiN I tN ... cor flower girls tetiie are cpveredc I a BALL
Iut ,,a priced at oaly andi a block c I.i i I' I i- i
iige.- ,, -,: nt a oe cheap ilowerN F r gFlutLd ,.- iP -i ''''a-,' '" ....,. i
Jtu.-ic iatum s thier rae c p.ntinr hei, t ,I, I i I1i., .. I t. Ii I
EE I tLrnIct lve dtsio ;ns aIt 1: per i it ' , t.. ,
,u.,'trwr anin a pifapa i t cst ut ed ci 1I..-I., 1,r,,, ',
lepc tI" e ouale pice witicl can a ts the ,1, . , .. ,,
u- il t .,ralpretty bta de. Brigade ,. IJ I ,. -.. i
rd dr. er a p id ly B e in g e b tore d a t th e h r e In i I.. . - I , .. . . . .. . .. .. .. . ..' .i . ..
iir cU ,.,,,i, ; & HIiL Ttr. I'i oUr enirraca h.e '1 I" i,. ..... .h,, i, I .
I't.L ii u, the frontL atore will be diffltreont i- 1ik
ri-,n a a it nutLtig u eiub t l ot lt r. '.. , it1 .11 ,1
rrrmc~~rtttilroiipit nln rn i tt u -.r.... i-i- ~ ii ,11 .. .. ,, i .' .. i.i-i ,c i ... . ii ,/ ,i, i .~.i ...
t,,.,-A IC ,,rd for new goods a e biuA, to keep I- . , .i
k t- Le l i' '-tUd iillh be Lllsfits ed on eI C t lat 1 1llj, ,_,
---c. -tiu which recently datiinltged o both LL inII r. L a ,. i ,, ii i i iI
k a,.i- *. c oli, these having been aill by tlusutr I..
noe ,,ni tar antre ctculiic oulppildr .i .it. 1,, "', .,--- ,it .
are -t-f-1i fl l a, ,1 i ,.c yi, l,, .I i i i 1... .. iI ,i
1ba -1N of e maUlel ware at cla.iste n-i i '' 1 a t a '. I I
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L ou r I. ue an i t ouretti c makteia c -v',ery-', 4 rc.tL-,L i , ", : It,:,. L- d i..... ..

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L..,e1 c toP ire icintat), aced ItL rt 111 ,,1 ,-L, .... t rIIaLhn, ,,iii.rria..e ., .. I t 'I .. .. ,r

...eae'itorc Uiche Callefailv w rattho macIn cituan, I' t t c-n. '' 1 11 .. -p iu t.. r~ . i''.
uIi. I.,r trco .c a c ritl rt oel lIB L JI 'Lu I i Iii'gt'" I c II I'.. .. .. r I' ,ri,.,.h. .. It I ,, 'i' i.. I ,i .i... "' ,
I .' f,, o ue a us asmaut now a

aI,, eriene, t- panniuedtar k cretyaa nd usc I-ii o..t... I....J
,- E-i. e r l ytica run ijc n uo d at ntr to uI ,,:L A. L i-' I c,:I I- -ii, I ... a I 'a- .I- -,
-.c' .11-i u n, Lctl u cWc Yearc witho wel U lt.I"',. 1.......c.i, r.t i ,i l-t ,a r .t 1., i .

A n al ACtr i min r itcinl n r oc1ii i -' u 1 I . -
ECK 111,e 10LO be Utlliuty, need noL 1 au.1110 ,1 a L'it .,,. .,
iirear,lt, be expensivesuirtned e ma lheCLI ir a-'ui
|6, ci dc'r tla- or bilk lor h |lJ, L1, '3 h r SDtLtrgB-. L-l] .l .U-J I :,.A u ,, d l, Ip i, h r 1, ] 1. I, I .. . r ;' ,, ,

r a-e ru G I vp ai e ot t c lyoBe oGago, oo :... C C.I-- C.i.rl r tl.....t. i I i
I np iJc c neh t the cire laa acti ci Ara c u..... -1'' "... i i

ant c- Ca u t lca ir iL av hintg 3 ciu rdat, -dAH- a L, 1, i .,..,u1 .. d t i C T -HANDED.-.
L ilt.1 l 4 W I cWie a er e ,_ ,, r ,' 1
tu .e ua a lt : wa stm I3.u LI i -, I ,_LL MI' ,,C.ite .,t L ,:, [ ,

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ru,, r a ,,uv s.p I Lmenn. e pace a cii trl, i -, -. l eu-trHF I .
at'IIJ I .iituWnaI Ll ciiuL icV nunel u1 tIn i it In''ri,.i I-din. ,.1 -f . .

1.yO Ihat) dVk Chatieryan aide, ir t Ee oa u, ,, I -r.di..i ,i, -AlC. iAUH ,l i. f c. .HiAND ED i
osino bt RILf wah," a.ciI e recutewites r"1 ''" 'L '' J ,. 1', 1-1

ran an nitarm iontt e ic geucerten es oy utti~itC."> iiuk c irrt
A I ui tu "aucr pit ptu y g ach tn c e a.r ci r i e a c ait- i .I [ r Ite l '. I'.ed t ,I- l. i r i. ,,
Iaena- in.p utalo nanikr s t u_,otr ,a 1 I oetr cII a1n.c-
-4 L".1 A al dc. S CX CULed Withr hthe otr-LILI AI d t~ u d N'" l e, r -,/ ,b 1 .1wr [ '.",',1

Lit LI o cirnIt.altml o itCe apr iLr aie . a ti 1I t r lecir,..i", ,ZlI_,it-i i -
o. "" hnc.mer n i h N wosupi lyn soBi s b I l i arI arIr., Ti I .-, n rih.ulc Cvitoe ibLlll l LLt... t , _

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i" ic.1l/ tKc Ptl~unA~y aj~oou auu etve~r)- adjoioeLl ILl,,,-_- ..-[ILI: :.,l -= LI c)L o .ts 10.' 1,J.-, the ,, 1" ,,1 [,2 ,1 ,' ,i '', -l r lh ., _, I ,
rk .5 U c hatrg te l late nat iaccar Tite e .... e '.I t i-ti-it e .rc n' i t ucL i i, i n l
0c- n .c, Warmtly 0 h ar nuXCtiec-i in etroyeI [Itr ... :I O Li ii,ict -- i tort cial1..i-ic1 1-, t i i 1,
ILrctt1. Lto;atire ttnir cpr'Onacap. tw racaaucuw a ru cc1. ..ire in I fi n itJa, o rv crto r i ,. i t i
!-..-.,,IIUUhWIVC Were Irant..,. a a tan c ier.,, i t- c t A I c .i i ii i

Noanau itu a arr nr- it ici, I.I
.i o ,- otbaer Lam (or the New _Yla-, tI t r ,,1 ,.,L .L-}.;3:I..a', -,IdlIIII ti.. O Lthm ||lt, b -I'TIE ,1, ,- t [ | t7 i.. .
'L-a,, L-UO ltI ctllu an nuut, v- Th.e.clll.cac ic r 1. 1. tIt r c.i J ar t Ic, ,1 t i. t i.. .a-tnt-1,ri iiFiio I rt) bitinch
,:L i.: c waItUllu ha t btenu ir ~ I~ ln e i l ta .t':l IO ,I 1 .. .j ,, i ; r Dl{ I -2, If IL Ie O .,,, itt',l I," 1 I,,' -. .,
L I i,e'al. g of Ltdelicious pea'Soup, t O l ,b t:,~, t !'two ,in 11.1,C, I ,_,C tu.I CLO A -a 1 %] III t :it, rl [, 1--i tII 10-C t ,r I
ht[,AN Iu ,,. I..,-a-t- tl .t ,,_l ]Lt .'-=, ,t[:~ Jil ll L,
DLANCLI 1. o 1u, i tb t e Iu h .'t I ii. t. {. J II,,I, LIL-_ I. --,...I.

Orli'ilKoI 1HX IM MfI a%.ra_.1c.1.L-retrn n. Li-a
true.0. d.rrtn e.ntn.Air. m1u1j1'.'i.r-tui1o-1 1cie.i i1t1 n--it-l
K ANr ._ _--_i.---- I A M I ti n b. i h j I ...-.... InJl,. k.t ;,1I,,, v. -I. ..,U1,

Mr. J. u, ,, ,amper, o n, a.. a.. .... ^ U U ,. .,. ,, ........., ... --
"1 ,i.- inccf,.r. mi Sr ce a r eBorougih Counc-l.
fiLe o Ih cvrel "I) a . I. t ,I I r -.- FOR SALl. h n an ,, l .. C ucl, -
am no,.tI pcrlcl p eal I, The very vanol uble'estate know, a' s L u-itt.L L' tia Lc iL k'urru 1 .. l t nIl.. Ita, i b1
If you wil for immediate r an ts i .c N Ct.\A.t IS n tCurn t1 miler Irotm L,- ncll rtI il% 'e [ li--.. I ttLL. Iu. a-
it yen tLhie f mmeachic & of i rlh c ta ud 8d milcn oa bood driving T hir i.. "* ""'t.1*"a d in if it 1 Lltitu I b,,kr _l.. I ,.ir f,.
-- I rn Io Taarilgun Rrallway Sttion u du i r.. coccilri ," 1 a -... .. o..
i, tile atate. Tue Cnuat Rik er tuns Brigad. ,-IA i1-a ri. l- a f-U11"ln a ,,In
I thrOu I the estate.t 771) Acieas, lul era lg' *li e t ,-, iL i-LI % 1 -, n 1i 1 I dI
Ia o. erce' V .H eoum. Lbo urer' to .. .. .... .. c .. .. PRINCES W N,
%.usen (6) edlcusive Coc drying hous 1 delu e "1 ull c e ul .
.. I t | | . le ne a p p ly hol le d I, .. e .. .m i. .t...e i .t n ... i.- ii i n il I. i i n l .
II: or further Darticulari iplepse apply tioC I. ',k" ,,t,. , , At h leti o, ts. **I 1.
S62 South Quay or 70 Sackvillep Sv tnr l l....t r '" .r:, ... -.e L a.i IIuc
street. through b fi, c. i lt i.. ,,.-. g., b .tt ti i. t e, tl, ,c i
through l c "..,ik ma i I i 51 6 1 ,,u1t l it,_c l1 1 ]..11 ,1r.1, .1 g1o. l
T'e W World'e Greit t Remedy R (ornt t t i .atnetl mclltut Ih. toe oa n iia ,. I jgal th- tch. ,,1 - ,i, ,I ltl. v. ,lu-
Slite( -re. hi. I-,,1-1nt''ILIi lmta a

RHEUMATISM ari BACKACHE 1Ok IIC E1 t. . 11tCiie [ ",,in i ., et -et oai.nt .I.i i J ;:,,,t,
a iddisordn of tihe Io % La , i.. ,c,., ,,i i., h t lut lan ,irti,,..
KIDNEYS and BLADDER. ren Aoiemncnt Rollh o the Itsnd .'i i... ii .. ..I T t
W hen you b,.y rthe pdll In L w -ae if!ivy are 1 1 r ii'Loba go, dsnmpriang e La brown tt et -i., ilar Tfihelii ,ande L it RRoad.
Do W iltt' In blue.. lh ae andl iold boic., LI .- ,.at rouai with theh Parisbc of St. le I h p ..,.it '. ,I t i o r
wlth the sipcial blunt rl al t l on ithe coik ir tn. .S t vDavifl St. t aGeorge at. pr t-,- i r, t tI 1 I' rll et I n 1 i p t in i
nIde. Sol in I in l t. o hrIe l'ii1 ,I t1 ,hl. b eit. 1 IS,.r.'im "itL Io- ll 11 .1 oll .I rl .iL
Do W ir tt' KL ncy and lcuidder nills arnee ti t h t-ryty nof Tobago, willi tI l-y oA Tobago- w ll i p. I- a :tIi.... t... ., I ....t .. .. tl
aW by ClirmaB and Siotelec,. r% y t liy tu 1ll. for inPpectton at the ur nlu r ...itaa I ll ..t l li c. ,
w tere in cry part n( the a ci.die-1 tli t. d n'11 L I cr'Lr .t ailSCa r rough, lor one m ooth licint t .. n r .. a ta ,, r ,, i ,
II oQu haie -y dliliralt y in obhvneng rn tt i sIl' 1 i te t ili Janunary, 9 '!e, to Ior ib t Ai t t . I 'cu d.i- "1 II'u ""-'u I'- 1 c itL' ,,. 'I
l nuL e W De.W ritt. Kid enevandy l.ddr ilsl, 1 i'cbluty, 1-1.,lq. I t I h .
ied to D. nllp Ro n. Ltd.. TIl, c lnanco J, SORZANO, .It. i T h iI.,.Lo td l,-ioku ,I l tc f 1 e. ,l .
Ia Storm',,.LewisInn : almWt Oar fota tf.I-t [Ir.laro I, riI it,
DMg Sto lU Fr AF Joaens. The IRoyald Wetdenio' Ofice; aCerborouan iart wan dnn Ity a a t ,i ii Lano iat tn i gam1In
FJ7 q 0t Dectnhcmber, 194. damage to a tona drldetbla' -,1 Iu s

II il ,t ,I, fi iu .t r-t h t I

itI a.1 iL ,ba1mIl a-ir, nhoA ,1i ii)lel.,d
5'A 1lht I t. ari, clmel l t' out i.t
Ila'.c t. -I re i e a a d ,ll i. :n d
AI nII Ie 1 i i ce V., . b h.h illl cIthIIt I
ti l, lli ve Coltl ~ii ilcIga
li Cd Jill ill.|p .ir .,lcl allCI 211i.
iit i- or Cuin Le I1be n iiiid lo
fie jcak'ttW. Wh Itee tix e t i kinLVe[Ie

I Lt r n II IL
oii, a elto cc hi ,b ,c ta intittd oi

Jb lt le in.d to be culploced n at
tint l% ilfi Mr At l t OA t Idlo ol
Itredi Ick hiraet.
t ill If ipcorir btetlor the City
PllgltrLgn itiL Ol 'LiLca-tJo I rit to11e to
itinenlr tthe charge ,elare, nI
Till% PL Iii 1'. .A CouLIaU to makri.
Ilruoie bhas breen exprritecclt Ly ,1f of
on at one Uime and notihe. iown
iualty hLme fWinf| a lI' Ior i1hL L LIUdan e
Io ge1 t ireief raterlthat neOiJ lu uI l tickidt g
enonfitm i1i echIs en onil the nar nlud
Phlne are gVl uign acnt loo methila
h tiboid Lie cItac an d doDne .In blcky. Lcr
l sd I I inpie on-I1 at an e crirl iV-
G'.et up ..lae fcKle' Anti.- nUUa iapti..
?ryun apct not e thn e t evn It lt OIL aill
necerialfito be wnltlJout it. sllteelr o
maIVce Ou.c pul It ;tO tre at i. t Ill

I ~ -





S "? .
i c c,,, ca

[I / / 'Ic /c / ,r i. i,'t, 1 ,

', ,to/ ,ui i/ ,/ I i i . .
,1 c' !j. / / i / ,, ,. r, / / I ,"

f tctr7'" )c' 't' i


t iigde~~ Vair~iu aJ


rE"S o 0 "a
?B 3B 4P I)t, j -B.



Pi q) iusvjQ

1 \ Year.


7^ ^ 7-1;pr TION-

S! Pleasant anticipa-
tifnl are speedily
II realized by the
T- f daily use of Royal
;_ : cVinolia Toilet
Prcparations. for
t\he) tensur c a con-
"- ,1 Ir-litdtion 7o relrehedl
midrad vigorous man-
S I tnhood which con-
r , 0.- .,ti,, tri ttles greatly to
I. l the days achieve-

The lollowina linen are'v'llmbh and necessary require-
menl't io .t{'- tilt h,,n Ic toIilet, and help hinl to
cetiii nce ithcl deti c hI iceling of "top-hole" fitne
til exhmll.I .thioti :
R.,r I l'iets la alr,.iii Stick.
a, 'i,,af.'ea i J r tl Paste.
1.1.1i r rt, ll., SoldJifird Brilliantine.
Roy.0I'nol Thalcamrn Powder -


x~~ ~~ ~ i____'- -~

.g -*

7T0 bnire.e Ic--r, I Iht...,,.c l dr
&te cear. 1 fr.. i h .
-perle ,rne c, l .I 'i- il cc,
m.,rit .le il-mu re I c c-,I, t ,
,11lc elm:tI r -,pl ra b t,- .
ure-L e i n -c ,c :,:ar'ca,,'-d.I
thatthle I v a rigm, r ir -

Bomel-l dT b- i ,
i r, m 6 a --a . .

terr 'ia-it - .,'.
r ,I t Uz r ;I a .,a ,I , .
ittme 11-i.; h. l iCu .! i. /,,I

Seft n ,L,,.I ,.I :r J-
a 'c ao -3 r 6:.': i Ian ci... .,.r
t,crcilrlb|,- t e.r, .,:- y-i''' tic b--i T.: ic'
palac, cr. c 'ta t ,l -l Lh i i, li:.
maceh un I- rarli ''a c I,' ,t..c ,, int ,
rtored,, "cti: reer' f --,.,-,- cmi, I -,.,Ih
.ir .g iia -u cc c a ..-

-- --- n~ II_~. ~C -~ -I

I -- ---



'5_ q


:i .






Jt's an old Wish, buf a true Wish





2oo& a aeer, ooA 00 aCe,
Be Yours.


~oo& L~omcvawt


T'he cc. l lf Irm-O f u'in r; r If..
tsh t r 1 ... .,nd Ih,. : .I, 1
Ih I I i.. l l, a. rI t i I1: C i.r.) 1 1..1 ,n
I,, 1 k o .1 .t.( Iu n ..u i
r l i ,. ) r 1 n, 1.

lit,. {h ~ r,,l T; i ,+ I I


it "




Reasons for Using Goodye
Cord Tyres

F .PRIC 1.r, i- .DIt limited in speed-power-mileage and savin
ThL _. .r development of motoring called for tyres with
sji Lle: bi y rd fabric tyre qualities.
Sifter and heavier cars require tyres of greater ;trength-buoy
and speed.
Experiments and actual use have proved Go,-odyear Cord 1
the better tyrt- to n',-t Lthe demands.
TiMn has proved that they give a lower cost per mile.
Comparin.n has shown a greater saving in petrol.
Use has demonstrated les.s -expensive tyre trouble.
Adoption has shown a greater Tange of use.
Goodyear Cord Tyres absorb road shocks and vibration and
a great car life is secured.
I There is a definite and compelling reason for the advantage
Goodyear Cords.
It is found in the peculiar construction of Goodyear Con
construction originated bytGoodyear.
Trinidad Agencies Limited,

OD --


: +


I ,. .


Does More for Less .. .
HAT lit Fr, O t ton in.k doe n ? '.
f J t he farmer or l it t o ri I h iii .pi t, . .,,. 1 ,
r by trhe grar imbe r0 Lbe imn1In0% l 'J i-
u--thabn it doe, thii le, n I 4 n-h n
The c al ig .1 t -- -nl all r till t :.. i t ir . 'i 1'
nmuch lo'ta i eixpeurLe or op.r'.io n udi r '- l i ik' i
The Fordi One rou Truck ha rprovcl a great l
o' o ney :r, ver, o % w ell as a l a ,or -*.avr It h -~
o helJ Ibe problerusli ol economy ic iranrspoit -iou i ,.,i .a .
beti-ven Ihti n far and the cii). .* ,,r ., '
The- Ford One ton Tiack bai, l l the m rtil- -
che o tird car, wilti ad eltd -lrenigth for rcaer F:
ctpacll'. The wotIIU dlnve of aliinlniuto i c b nco n-
ci'e a ne ifal n od .ii e IOner at a1} ver,' lw CI : .
Come in and let us, ho4 ...,n how the Ford One-
ion Truck ,ItI help o in. -e ion money Oi NOTIC
We are pirear. d .I. lurmnh th i, I .1 Track equippe-d
I 1 ."" ,uw.. lh rtianl ," or np-clI -. > i tile i.lAidal lT ilN tAt ). -
-1. 0_'rdeii t e u sr iirk maiinuami rl i F- Tie -T "
Spei.l G-reruge e v ibe .r.Iri .i ii t'rul k fron NIOTICE is hereby given that
S fie e ito etern mI la sl hour. r It,- i., i iiv t-l Trmadad ElecLric Couipany
Lhhi C[' (7n rI-mited a Company carrying ou
Price: $792. aI-,eis in Por-of.Spain, Trio
dad, and whoea regiswered office

7. CHARLES McENE.ARNEY & Co,, is at No. 59 Frederick Street,
't Frederick' Streel Port.of-Spam, undir and by vir
t (ue of the provi-ions of Section
74 of Lbhe. Electric Lightiu; and
-, -, -- . -: _Tramways Ordinance No. 246
intend to mak application to the
oh o a e Governor in Council to authoriia
,' and empower theorn:-
O1 Oad(a)t To construct, maintain
and olierato under the proviniaif
OUTR TERS ,., ,,,,, ,,o,,, I,,l part of the Electric
TAILORb & OUTFIT TERS. Liit,'g and T'ramway Orlin.
.----- -- ance No. 21G a single line of
H OUSE nIraij'ny-lIbeg nu xtensiOll of
SHOUSE lure No. -1 which ii a part of the
!t7 }l HOUSE Hil' h h),,i ,l ]IS h
__1 FOR Line", ou aud along tito following
S "'.-llt' ciiinitnc g at a point on
SGEtNTS' W EAR te h id lui Ni. 4 "here. t ho
Sl samo turns uto. -King ireiet
F. thenco southwnrdJly aioug St..
.. ., & ViCOcetrt ut Street a .South Quay
0ner 'AM.NV QUAE CHACON tret. ,arid thence castwardly along
------- .- -. South Quay to just beyond the
Goverumenut Quarry.
D *r *| ofO W j (V (lij OTo remove that part of th ie
REPAIR AND OVERHAUUNG OF said lin No. 4 lyin in King
MOTOR CARS rStret iid LcLweu St. Vincent
and. Frederiok StreeLis. .
c'an onl ti-C eecatled Al tBl(ctorily by (a) To throw the siding at the
PROPRER TOOL AND EXPERIENCED WORKMANb'HIP. Railway Station a sufficient di-
SWe ~-Both. tue. North to permit ore extun-
c ave B o of thee aid i chont line to
SILI s ABIOUT THAT CAR 01' G IRS. run paat the Railway ymrtioa.
-ONEAL .ENGINEERING CO., b1ar ^2. B,or .
Il" m Streat. 'Pioae 241a I: D.. ADINGO,

~ -I-~.-. --_------ -~----- __ _-I -L ~~ o_..

At-- - -. -- - ----- fm ."

. wmftw-- ;b-

"i "' :




es of


_ TRIU)A GtABX '_ SUDA JAIAU 1, 192 .jt

The Secret ot Success.

Give your patrons Good .Quality Goods, Prompt
Service and a Square Deal. When you buy.
Materials from us you. get all these. y .b

Good Buildinf Materials 'make Good
Friends .


CEMIhiNT under thLe Lnbel of 'rown Brand."

Recently Received at New Price..

GENASCO-The Roof \\ith a real reason
'i Let us figure oCu your uext uyder, it will -ost you

It May Save You Much.

W.S. Robertson & Co. Ltd,

Lumber Department, San Fe'rnalndo.

'tt ii




*'. 'i,-



,- ,,'


BL- *- '* -J-' ~ f ~r

-..ON ..
JANUARY 2nd 1922
S' AT ...
Perseverance Savannah,
Undea th.. jt6 r l'.lruu.,;gj ut W. 1.
Bard Viim. lir sig ., i
Mr'aiiguiauol LoamaLtlv.n. AI'. oroal,
"(fjlllu~jl lIC 11 J oLalLss L. L.arUllr, a.
.. U k.larn, l Alla'iik ., ad.i JulhU
U ,..:uul, retoCal ).
'"j it.; ut Admisaion:
I u Il, Ltr .ii,, lulj . i3

li b. A li' l A ..E'...

i [.o sr. . .iJrr.. Ais.i

J. Luu la t i I. ,,, l L rii ,.. I t
S lll :lu I, L'I 1 JB JLL' Il1'.
E, lgur.rir l;,i. ... or, Lul L r mb,.e
u co, It':.
li u h. T "r1. I U

o L. il llui, l..'l. L .iraL.L. 1. '.. I L .

,i N. .J .J. u l m I;,.. ,
I Li,.. i .-.,I i. i .t. 0 U, .

I L r.,, L.i Ll,, 1U r

l Ii ..rr n i lirr...i..r 'r,.Liir.Orr .
L I CL'r.. I r... riii., l

Ia I .ugI I1...iV l LuIlrirIr.. E.:
I. t lI lIr ,EJ.i rU'. L i r.
i- i I i'L, iiJ-, .1r1 I.' L L r'..'
jr I l J ,i IL i JhL.'. Lr. l.u '-. I
.. l.... I LA... . .

D.J .'.'2 ,, Ifl o rp d 'p to .' .
.' ,,i r...r 'cnn C I ,,.,dda B Lurebr, ...,
Lfq 'I CLy:i.L iirCLrNWBLI J li
Entries oloae on Sast Decembe;.
I '. L .i I. i i l,. , m rn, N ..
Pri. a & l s'.d.


Pali tin g c. DIont rac.to1 r,

utto Lrw F .r lie r s r G era
urn l et'rt' Lt r't n' ''ton.
iI leeasir llra l so ra ieCuter om
fing. Mi.ou i lHo'

To oar Friends &. Custoe'ra
The O epirih i 1 lit Slasi.
prompts 15us eoxLend toIon 3'st
our app[ECIaIti u yurl n gc.ud-
will which has eiped u-.
t easitrabl to u ,ake iiur ',

L a3 ithe .bNeot \ irecl ,ir
you a rich rl9b luidom-c of
Happiness and Prosperity.
'The Interna ional Drug Store

Fon HAL."
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No. 1"21 B. .uc ut L ti ,L
Port ot.pijr

(From an Occasional Corres-
pondent )
Ralph Alexnnder Parker. a cabinet
matter of very high ierit, died alter
a ong sanil painful illnrss on Friday
rnoraing_ lart He was laid t rei et riho
sait'e afternuon by Hi'. L.-rdr.Elri e. rh,
riishop. Mach symnpthy is fell for
his nidow anud eblicdn.
The Bishop held Confirmation
services at the following Lhurelus,
during ost icel' .--Sr Ilary'a. Perw-
biroke. St Paiul'-. Declufod. and St
Tlionria', Los C.elirl.. when veryV
l.rgr' nrimber '.I candidate'i tit',re pre.

C]lrrilitrrii' D ." .ir ., .d q, ictI],,
i tr .. II In vr' sbtit l : I' u w At the

I., ,- 11,C. l iJ l l .hi ,1, 1l .'. [ -
t .il,, .r .Do.i.. a. ,.i i, ',... l '|

i n ,S.,r I :, i d
1,,11 1 1, i l ',I l.. . ,ll 1 ,1

\ I I

r i j

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.l . ii ri. ,, I

ii It' .". ir.i .r 1.:'-i ,.,i \'il n',.,. I

t ,,I, U i.,, .1 '' r, iI. l.' -i ,' 1 'i S I. i ... SI ,

Ji' 'oin i L ,'
rT r ir',, 'I I, h ,, ,
trio. .._-,I..I . I, .

I ri 1 l 0i, II ri .I I, t.. I.
.I I, .

I I .,,.b ,,, 1 i ih iii' i I

ii. 'r'reil al ,'ihi L il
I .1 re i. ,-. ,, '1 i o

T. .II e , 1 .. l I.. ..i .0 ,

ri 'n ai ,. in loirl lo ,I r,,I r ..
1_', 1 7 i, i 'nit ii. i t ,
r, I C ri. -i M. iri

Ih b r ni IiI. i .irioI r ,
I- I, 1 In,64i irl,. hLI, I ', n1 ...I.

Kot , 'I L i e .. r r I 0,1i i
V.. r r1. 1.,i.i l r n C ;- .l ,r,,r 0.

i. l .d i'ir I.i '.'r I 1i. i-' .-'S tr Il I,
ri n'. e, l'.rt.l_ i. ,,,ir ,,Ti ,l

% i. (Iol Ire

rr.,i i, l'.T urC i

'Provisional Programmu 'i

Port-of- Spain Regatta
L P-M.-EVENT l.-Colnmbus Balling
R.L.o. O0.ion to Yachtls I.n the B
Ibrbiuor ao f o feet ,and andr
Bandicapplig according to
tength oeral.U and sait-nase. n
Ditance: rraur gula rcoturse of
rvi te .illo'. a+i. ....... ire 61. Tr In I I l
1.15 P.M-LL"III .-I-No.le Sigl lTRINl
',:all li in 'hrlbng Doarre Oi 'c u
io .. .o h ....a.o..o l. V I
SP'Lit i 'ruo at niL reog i
Isroijd rIJ'.griu.. uilt..leor Bal H rr
.ii I' M -I.'L. r r -- '...1i.. c. R A l
LL t ,

r al I
g.i..L. .' .... .. + .." .lr.. C,

I C. I r. t I F
ir 1 -- L .' i i i' i ,is or 1 ' i. ,

ILI 11 I It
;i-- AND L, '. '
i I .
i,, ir,, 'I- ,..I I jLh.1 ,;11-

I, I- U,,l .I L 1 , u. .
.1 .' r .. I im 1- -.I

1 I.rL.r 1 I I CLIJ b- L i
r..i L 1 i a i I, -. .I

M ".- L rC. 0,1. L, 1 .
L I r'. L. i L i' i I- | ii I
Ir ,.nf .Loi 1r.6 Iri, ,r a i
... ".. ... t 1... ..... Iron 1 L l

l .... .... . ..1r i -... ...... ... l K

i.V1, 1' h h, Ii. L.'rrlo... 'I r
P. h, L rL, %. i 1., r n-LrIrdu o t u,

I ... ...r r
r irt i ]i.i.r 0I1.0. reI aL hi
II I N. rLtI E o

k" Fi




Drillers Don't Despair. i
Tenants is Right There aii i..i ., Li.:.. E.,In. ,'l
-r..,tr- l- ,' ,' x lI r I. N

Replace the llriktci pairs ilC uii NI.' %tock r ith e
New Ycai. I
W e also carrr a Large Si.:)Ck l rio. P .ii- Iart. l- i ',.
Bull Elug Pump'. Par- I t '. r.
SWoTrthiOlon Prump PUart- I p 2 '" I
At Our Oil W ell aiud Elek ric Si[ipp li -p .ir -lu 1ti1}!
r 1P

STellnts Estates Ltd.

The Big Store on the Wharf.
San Fernando.

The Best Bread
SAN FERNANDO htcu .-.i..j .Io.a ,,, .,i
,, to fl h e p ,rh p ....c . ,,,i .. i" r.. o.i.i. &r ... .
i St i'..l. .I Lir 'r1 [hl:o., I ",, Sler.hens Ltd.
1eird irt,, i,1" John Rodrgues .,, ua-...Cea Cur.,.
,l tl e %ilc l ni Co yice ,r I ,e

68 High Street ... ... San Fernando

SOUTHERNERS -eed no c longer trsael to the City for anytbing
S o make a pteentui.
'We have lately stock d a large and varied arsioriment of
i'rcrtlc_- lte V1'A rs. Icy Hot B ller, i. (.lioco 'Watchi, etc. a]lio
anytbing cne could desire in Gold and Silver Jtvellery Iclin ra
Eilver ChEalelJine Bago Gold and Silv't Rosaries, Silver Ra ties
and (cniloretir, lot Babiet., Bioache., Kinp,. etc., etc.

Wish their numerous Frienrids
and Customers

A '. 1 1 I

0 .eLi N ==.I. i ,

obperous New Year.

87 Qumen and Cha~on btreetri

Ravero Garcia

6nS 1 b-no o '
conali-ln trll In n i l r s ,,i cna
Tilulilartl r i MI I I t" I 'ln t',- ii
Invtlell No rw tor l.iic tcr rir '.
Apply i 11 Dr nI, irilet

o tR II t TlL rimu ,t d,
[P refoi.lit l ,ll ,, ,, -
no.- I,.-1 .-i.h hT llh. ,-** ,r cM .- t- l'
onlcl..r.' iii.iP *,I lrh },1"" rei iris
p, ll l|,i,,, ,, .,l l..' lor l 5 .'- h .1
Matince tt oll'

port & Ho0t



8.000 T un. s Driplir:mnerrl

,, .. r .,r i. i Ca -i t. i.,' -i r s rJ $60 00

"---,aI-------- .




FOR 22.



I le ..iue c\ n siIll ecnIuIally

BUY! '

Phone 413 -, ; 20, Chaeon St

obOer Synor of Co.d .aiver Ou iriA Tar ain O e at lbsoeot perpsd*l.
hat rn O.n Vti throat alfct lfso o. It Ia an exceUelt ecombLnation of11 0-
h ;ltir going oarn r tht In .,Cc i giving wih mth heb fanor wherever mid.L 3*
irogikcrir, anl iovlgao tri, and while affordlug relleftar. ngi s aI
i hI bro.-chinil ailnicr.l, trcigtIt tiheS ilbiylfemso that It reaniulf.t oLMk. fIW
agrnlo r tiho t nti a:s I a .,Isi y taken, and thao most dollrate s tolmanh h
niniiaitoltrna ,ily. IiJ i urlls o qualilirs have been attleatea by Ul l4
erqalrnu foinan r no hr-i"e r.' t ro9l '. EU roers froam pulma'mry and i i
ditrblalinncoa fl ,I it a stlr,.nlo T,,-dieron In dipbthteretifl eeaMs u an s
finBar RoLorl'j a sru[ of .I Uver Oil ar.J Titr cana bo esaed w tl I I
L yman & LmnU '. LtL i%." o.. -a Pza ru .



_ I '--I ___~P---L-I~P----_II I I


,;.-....i e
"r .',
. ." 1.-!'.._LL


, '. -i'

M R.." .


Saf ahe l amtsa ,al ca-ndFiE

oa ak nu. r o ai -' (g l dly t *In b 1 Mr R e i)
Ps- xab a mMa- -
md h- ri m.ce a. im" B XBanA ,saUj der athe Pai r nageod Wea f Exc L
idaa atML o. M sad.o D a" -ia Sa

a i m a ocy the Acting Gndo Tnn d
L ap adi fy, On Tuesday Jan. 10,
S: k 1IaS. s anc IA ws f T

ianner uarss t Mau MW a c r.&u
: atimod pa a c u l .tn Car will met the tAras
l m. n aa St. Clair teq MARAAro .5

se ru t b a.n qoaa e m to 4,30. Vet fornre-s at 7
,' 6 d00 g a-ish. siuwT" na
"s. tm 0, ra" e r% )N w UndI e he Patronage, of-a E l-
s* am. LjIar L aa. a&riitd ns t '
azes twsmiMste nUreW guu s disus tep y the Acting Gost0nwr

m -at. L s Loaju. iu a uran. Baigs n im Best

ar. A t. C r .SA Adults I selling

W h z. AL-RL, I -H Lee BrOXut ..T 4 to7
La4"o a, btas, L ag L a, Fron to
Clair. ur osag.CLa iliua

ar... .sa.r.i ts. l. ire. l r. a .
ze will b Anotor Ca l rs nl the .,M
naa4- ga mania touv ha -1n1 tco- at St. Clair termtinu fromn .45
Mastmosl N Lssti ajqnoc. to 4,30. EetRiqa jonrneya at 7
VYity .OOL )i&. jsihjuTEAt Clc
coasidt & alL sp;eagr tan c in o'clou ck.
-.4, &1,- A P li; RI. JON I5:

-Bt. Dol R eor4. te G-. BdaAtid- Chiren 3d. i-sea6 d.
Cod. (Jotl l Br.urr. % lotzarDLttail Aduhs I Shiling
WhIt ooosolla'I Wsrorar-. T-a li.A-
PWSEK. Colo Ccipaird L two T tLc l -
ia aSi a-ol tino carljy in JaaaArY.
al qb data will to mnosioad n a a
Os'aawl tas j and rndahsaof When You Visit
Aua~an 1 Put TUR

One 7 sweater Car


Automobile, efficiently
repatird. Ll1.11 cs n c-d-
Phone 1147
Q Z- o' - L -I

Up at w- saa
ton roo ros i-lh
wtlbouti hait
The oeotir sl i-ousit os
ltPre at oLart t t adI anri ,

Armenen Plan Rates
$3.50 per day up
S KinDg .1om i. Noith iS de
i john. N.B Canada






UIe %qCr

14 ired

,,- ,n .o n..a A eu1,AY -A m-Af. 1, 922 -,
M W .,. R .' -" -'" '

.. .. ....S U"b.. ...


W ESL[i ,N

-,cher Re l M lwthorn n mm
,,,trut resoc sod Commnteonl
--,htr -Re% A F Gan.e, e pM

i- .'her .Re A B Cas.llrer 30 am
t .Ul SerVce and ommnlhon pm
i dicbtr ies S bt Ilawthroru 7 p E

C ,at ser ce a ComM1n3lon
Lit vbe; Mr T tskr


I.i FI-led 14K

F. % i G LASbs
.l- ots.nt

plometirt Optscits

T'ORIG redthck oSreelt
LENSES CIz oN c.[be Town Hall.

'I -




\\c Wish You
A Very



T. Geddes Grant, Limited

a OR


ha n o i. bid I uvi INVALUABLE M Bd
KOSSOUAN PREVENTS dHE,. Lr-.,l. Frede: ;
Sorlr ..|lohin>.r \ ,.Z' . "HE GR E f orowh 1 Boo e ad I
... ._T.... BLOOD PURIFlEN 51.... Prpel-- d
Hr.i*L.-p, -Ini1ht' 'rORALLhANIMALS

a Rog Animal Medicine tlanul3tlorg, 22 Dorset St., London, England.
n-1e-d LOUIS J. WILLIAMS, t'-"% A
[] . .... .._ wr a


I- -

: ui



&heR h r -TiBMA. .b -...BAMP STO
rre-O u-rsOW'- .-. 6.,-- Ua 7a. p BlWO OS Tncna ,aaf
"Sw'a"7' I y" w bys. vcl 'a '-"
I -,fl5 5U-SERVICES. ne-,rudan ,arrlh 4 1 l'-.
1AE. jN for eTe GelM-r thThe "ijad Bqnare aVa _-Cai r
_____ ROMAN CAThOLIC CHURCHES. Wechism B .30 p S Ptatrick's New To of newabers at meornag imm
--P e o dMamaSe8na 3nd Rmene- 1 -.i r M an ,j X IM
BOKINGl ot.edral.Marine Sq,- d A se-rum on H. g.0n
lar COmplny. L .Ms. 5.6. an7 d 8 a i the Holy Rosary and on Parish Prict, Rev Tr J Mlloy O.*.P.
H Duig dp h Mag 9.. a 9-Wea Su0 d aMo ved r on
Dunldp and oS te Moa fl.: Santa- St Fraucis Chun, B Eelmoat

le Tyres Cl" e. After Sermon V;R Fr. imun Joseph Gaill e ionOf the Rosary. ear .
1" & MAGNUM' of ihe Holy Rojary and on --- ---- A .
---d Saunday Presiono fTe S-t Heart C .l=c Rklamd; ANGI-ZAN .t
the MG MBlamed Sacrament 75. p.m. Sr." -
grChildren's' Paiah Priest : The Very Rev the Low Esse 65,11an
_ C children's v .,.0., .,o^ v -, .. l .... ; .. ..o.. ,r i __-"
Vicar-General who omu t be consulted Hig EF HGL%'Tet.iiTOCATHI&-DE
for Marriage. Baptim.i &c Recetax= rd s teRc--ri ams N
h Prams or Sic Call, concult the ev Ft. Baedie -. p a E ole Communion
Laughlin O.r. %Vim:: Rer Ft L- rei OP mO pinsa"
to $12.' ... og 9. Aptm
t -Week Dajr S -Wer The Ccege Ch. Fre edeni k 7R.h A 0e-e,- the --h1
Low hs S .5. 6 ard; I i Low M- 6. j 7 3 "'Nazath try -hC t dles Gounod will be
TOR ouday Event.:.: Mst ra of i tht 'he ezela = theR T ps pe ted. I
iGS -LONE Women's Conlratermty of the Sfole i,.- ixen: At.vRuouan at 7 will be rndered-0
Rosary at 7.1.5 oiper-o: Very R tr 1 gI erig CW(c-,d" (NoEl) bh Charles Gounod
LUS. Tuesday Evrning, Meeting of the Men's solme_ Miss E Brathwaite t
SodaLiir ol the Holy Name at 7. 0. a Thtr CMet' .el P.n.e, e: -, aro.s will be sung. Copie olf ihe ooth Pa"
,rick S et. Psday Er-enlg, Rrcln i on of the Street S -words MSy t, otat d at the hath
h Roanr and t-.-Benesio i .on s .7.1_.. 5 oo. CLEANSES
hone S. Am-tes de Jean ever alternate Wed- Low MSis
S- reday morning a RI8.0 St Doiominic Beedeto of the flrseA- S-ca A u. dSTn- CntroCo PROTECTS
Chapel ment 4 p om Eola Cmcmo.oBEn : m BE

T tn - ea -oai pt : p m '-THE G EM
lr )dsscoka-r'as Ceroco. StLiiiN'--

DAY, SON & HpEWITT'S | icommRoion AS AsDWCOMwP
S r o a L -,. c nodUicn. anl who deii atricf high
sersrorcalttr pared denathf
s tid ;Ip p PreTber Rev CB .R,'C
F-OR ALL ANIiMALS. c-.mmAno? at mor.ingenr ce. W. U. ROSS &
N ea 'Yea rermoua t eteinag ert
,s -naluable im i amply A. to U A.,%, rlU.,-r F Ra CFrCRCH IRAD QUA
prep.tarmg amrmlafor ow I NEW be s rfl.l he food ---
or sale. s appapetising anld al acal I e .:- st 10 st and 7 p m. Preacher
It aep.te weI a thq. ly like it. r the ty the Res Gi'bert i -
i lirorLt,. .rr It rmperts i t i stote a geas pre -m In.oorerly Ccmminonsn iervce
l. parlewere .ill- entatire o Itra1, p o Permon Subject : The
e -.. r .. . . Ih ,, '





- .- --~Z~---=--~ -- --- ~ -----------------~-..




KIN nAgf1f S Y-NDAY' .JANUARY 1,- 192" r e-- .


S. y'P W Wothe N SEASON'S GREEYork
M] " Of all the shatteilg cne'que ances of E N
Sthe war none perhaps is more important '
to the world thbean-he ecllmpnse..Rt least 1921 1922
or. the lime brein-ol the polliieal 1 7& 9
loped her liberties anil her iatnilrn tio
since the restralioin of Chalireas It. a
King. The bomtbnldmcnt lnfl by
SA1 L L L AU UGerman guns on the L:lrid.t of *
iRheims we notomort gr thtu I ht hnnh
injuries sufferedrliacr Auguust. tii 4. by
the F Hilgh Court of I'Aml.iqent or
Parties wIa cb there compobu the on.
1 clent Hous a o Cnmmons. It m runt be
.i Ath at Weslmhmer, as a, Rimn M
there had been ,vIde,,c, of deavr be
Ion e the f lal blots lell RBut at leat
the externals el the ,Immcr C ra gIl1I
vived., & Co. MILLE S STORES Lt
There nwale a G c einire rn ele d b a r aO1
Prie Mirrinter. Mr A quith, 1ba w a & L it
WISH THEIR NUMEROUS ,rg ."l" Lis l........e i.e"
.enche l, .ie ...i lieoilu The P remier Gro ern

CUSTOMERS & FRIENDS I d, . ,i5, .__ -_
Inuh ll by o ,rgan.- e i it .ui N ir .t t he 1
benches oDtoslite thee wr,; 1I- a *8I
jesy'a OpD-' tilrl." ii-, or1 u ad .led l h- .
hlitoic lllir c- iof C. -I trier Ar i
Unionitl Ll.rl. h- leti I l. ri one sh tlhelr iTU erou
o'r Hr.-ine RO.l1. 11 1 l he t ,l. rl1.
41 ri r the nidnri' nv i't .v c ip ,r FrieUdS and Clls o lw rs*
lmt there w so l1- ,

oTd be ,add- .r lh-r ,-e

inI,\,, .... ... ..... i L,, ...... ... f
Tosverous )-- -

-.Ezl ., ,in ni ,.. "i1THE COMPLIMENTS



I.I.l :,i ;..".' CYCLE TYRES The Pel PlCe to Bu) Everyihing.
-, oin all Sizes
IIII, .-. o h .. ... ,-,-,,rrio- 0 r,,. .. ... I. , r ,ro porous

sarec, tl' 0o gerh l.'e,.l r ,n,- . l '.. ,, S i "
*i V^ il cand re o. -d, tn .. " .. .. h

so encloth.~ oD. Seoi .itmo :.,,r, .... Tv.n jc,.toemf 3Ie h en een i i'
toicaF O R H IR E ..... lii. .,' .... ...... .....- ..
Fen..L , ., -- ll b ,% ,i .F ",, ,r, I.".- Tw y -n
L- .,r r .' -.,e nV"- "I "',,s' n a ll .131 -1- _-_. .-
L _ _ _tGOVERNMENT ,EN Tri, ....- GASIt .OD.. ....'e.i for-c --
Gro-und Pron visions 9 proc to .tt eL .. ..ri L ..t i i

,-tol lo m on ar t-t 5cr n Arde itor-i, itc; -ii tmi pCt itre nirc i Ii
,, 0 nt-i ta d ]]rier.]tijn. m't rib.. In i. -r. mA . .... ..I, a
i~.e, 7l -1,--tnn: trongh.Co r,. .. . i.. -" ..... i- l i)c..l 1 .o.t .. Mn..... ., o tt .t t.
Spl t l r n n p u d r .r.l ,1 11, -_. ,I r,] r,, r..>'. | O O-
Mo A'. hcAi o ,-kr.,n 1, N i p.,h. ..-iir ,,, ,I, ..... l j . " ] O,, s
Economical rPower.8h-3.- _-,',- t.:11I t-fIt I
20, -.a. "i'i9, i ii eilo Ii.. iY P _-_1 c rn .
,_'.1____________Ibe"1_ _o__.; C ',,rePoftVic re
Our awmll S i l machine chery is d, iveu by aLe "rcan e 1- tre- ti t, t

invite in L,.l.o! of ,urplant,] aC Ra|..1 Am, ot .,-i,, .,.h ,,-, ,h ,1 ,. .A.,m. B la nl O J. -I.liams , ,.OX.. -
The ga ii prduccrd fromati swdust an d Cshmaviins mc I i. TYPE K IL EN iNE
Tom the mill. It COSt ui nothing to run and the Accountant l Anud tRorA N a Oc erC I. I li "iContr cti
phtnt produces 4 to 5 barrel:; wilod tar per mo.,ih, La CO i.OT CO.T,.., , SAF TY ,,.lr
uUeT orent tO pi for LLtriitntS' ages and lubrit.a. C-GENTa i. lIno- I lit __ _'_ l_.-_______ ______ .-
tiMg .. t. ,I ai tr.i n, i .. .- linit t y to r o 0 Leti er
The plant will run on gas produced from Manufacturers ife As uranc,,.- M ., ie r ,,,ie oil. for your b ines. or private docu-
egrse. Coconut u2sak. C l rcual. WAoind shavint s. et. Cl. ot Turn.,; i -' -... h ..- .,- ,iL- T lje I., is Of orded
It I .0 rl-airt- 11fit-11ut1ce $180.00 by F reining S FETV DEPOSIT

To all interested in cheap power u wes ord ially ,* Et- Wi I'-it- ro- fBOX.
invite inspection of our plant. IC.S. f A ic n n p1. K it 1i rIt. A I gen ot Louis J. W illiams, ,.
11 F' -1 r ,P ti. ....... ,l 8'Ttrs0 15 P 1NiteIlU .. n i4 f-Ii up- -rds.

irmely. riThe irtilitad shipping & Trtdjng Ci. Ld Pho nT_8_,H_' FROMI PARIS and THE ROYAL BANK OF CANADA

,errrl I in e i- rI tie i.l t o-

Just t ecepa ed o x S 'S .1a' ~ o -b t .. .. ..ii. iniie t.. pr 1. .n"...
ThesTerinidrre S oras and Elee1tric Set-, Ltd n,,,4b[jlJj.h tlow ruo i va4,lou4.jj'ort','ourii or pris ataedRoAs-
"],od Ecme ps -lb Irous and ,lnm ena s Codiub-i ..n..or West Indt-a Oil aopany "". "ii.": E s, i WORK Rooe, ,
T in e c p o w a0 e 1 J" ,......Contin.e. on pige IIi. (Over Bor.n .it.nd't,,e AmU ociatlo


6- vi. ". .. .. 3!Xff, e..... . "L -. ,. .r c 1" is o at th e Gard. .. ...
S 'Zt3l.i "-':;"": ; "'- i OF BRITISH "Ir. o,,,,,cf--,-,,1 EDUCATION. J|
'I aaA" i llr. GIlANA. amine ti- vey bu -Cus as v no i t
A 11-=Ai t lhN1 da1, JA Rie .Meth brand wi piinkti sa. e Lady Monk and ,anofer half TND 1M APPOINTD.
A s-, "Wit:1 I I= wil Etur..w IamB i= "rrem- fwee landed bhie yesterday komn -
S- J TOAnE. ACCTENT 0 iUINE g .A daiw" tanga rn DemeNara or trahipmeet to Mr. George Mackay, M.A
i: C' I p' eerela on T eay t. Su ,tperintendent c l, i
a ,ma. ---,,'o alIJci --- _21r& I O baELL. RDS..B----- QUIBO Um, done k,- n ,ee ,w- F,. The Trin dad Brotherhood DADl D UARDIA is officiaTL'y-! OF A
'. 1" Sil. Bprr CjAT : "" W'' 1 t e ;r'. I la, a in es Hall. PemnArke Strt_ at 4 p.m. ] informed, to be Director of Edu-
flOa.TnLn n. MAJOR CUCHLN Pj- TRICK A- 10D Th u 7 Zt Haile VPnerable trchdeact Fartquha chtion in tlas Colony in succession r
mariii n h i s -- . . 111" g $V.0 Da. 9 -- 7 Mr Mackay who was born id
.1s,, m as e : r2 i -. ** m wit] es. address. .. --f .H H. and e ock ..... ,r

qa Din e ar -ma $ 0 n .00 A rl ab -i pPon s C m t e a d .r0 4s a c oa t al'learn e n ot i nit h o o a ToobG
s mr pa s -m- Sagr ". 0 Snc-. j on a ninys .sraplh DcCi ganE sa. Tobao from Aberdeen U1903, rsbecomt in 1902-
mr d - n e h in eril r ts i. .-- l -c Ther- ngbL buot f p-ce rs on m r and Insp r of Sc
-,c!ld i *u a kit G-IoLt retwon d tTrD earoa. De. ~ a nd ,e follow ng y ear He asnt ateat
L fmree -Th mast r of id tora a-3a School Kl r- -G
-mIu weIAp. s 'Iets 3. IS*. r 3.. Il I a o a ac be pa The B nedm r and Werstl A tT b lau nch el'nd Ta-;, My o M st T o yearia laSch er ho a P
w In So h = 'o E. ns ire -- ehellt i 1 03, become ing bh ake- state .
m h aUd -.m D 'e n o. l t I Qta. s igao c here n r .a ,- .T .t ,. .. of officer o0 the ma.itr and L sp, cu Lr of Sc-- i..lR E
i l l.. .. N *3 ,felt Geoar ge on on 22od for e Port of Sp a Cant a ble Brtherh: od tTe fn < following year t ie was a
man ond i J. tar d. Ropuau nne ard op to 0 eslert da. i l riei dlt Sc-cet- it -l lake p.ce pat i.d t dtiti
k o p wgan maid nal. T -4aiita am CORRESPVONDEC not io rtorted. : eWliel paIt was R '', Ihe R
"S wii s sonul out rolm GeIrgelT*oan n tth in 1911, and n 19 U 1 came A
Tl atB dg au f p Z l h o-da Ma;e Ctckrao Patrick adFt_. JaT: 'ihf lnst:-cu-r f ahols i a, &nI
.ark. DlARilU LINE y -3annoncmtso later C. E PB
I. iDL& fia BracEa Pis tIi,--a amti, p1en tc CI r- parts. relo e-d b' launch and retori I .r i.- Two years er A.Cr
- D.. ltle mal rlidr 'l l -.' 1 Uli~ 6 taill .Oo e at el t ide that the' bail rcI-ed Ihe ~ar1,piear htie- htll .,i"e. F.r o er, ` Ffrr-u to Fii aI Super- -
iantiu a d muill ca ni t a me P' In M'-m ri-No tr the Esaeqoi ir -ith as,'b noiher a 1 6i-ri -f ,:-,.,,L. asSumpe-
m an p asm nd a s 1 Ie- La10'i cf rice piaperee and raa oll foe "oti olvmp-xne a tat RiverI 10 C- -ln-c niii o b mothe.rt i

Aar 5- A pam a r Na' York "7 If t in adInc a.lz 'CELL "Ir am" an C T n
ai a ae t A pned r I c f~ -e e-imod y rcm ca d for eeV u- l-s oat and a Lhc htrI ale In ...e ,r. [e,:i T T ,- i--i-

and hr :bao :. .*tt- rrtt Cr PV ^ rekb.u.'A-o
|. t- t ) r -t r7 r '- -- e 1- r, l 1r- l, .. I ..r.
-aT .t Bo rn -'B . ; t t ]i it'- Iser ao m n4ruta s a gr.-. tee r h"e.r u,1 .,,u ,i,-rr-r.- r 1.c .- _-e. ,-,.*
theBA ^ i T iu t r c "-- b .r ---m-amirr C i .^ I i ,! rn-:y l: . a-m -'- -1 : ; .. ; .; six, 3 ,:.,e n c ur4 % T ,''t V 0 "7- 'i .
bc ia lly-in Han 'te l -d L i d amagin i, r bull. Wiasn a - *arc I 1 Tlh i '-
hc e L ci ri l tr rfm i-ed l of a ober pa l the pla e w-as a-l . e c i'- I I r- i- i l* c
tDO takto ba LONDO i eJ e osrtr ent tDi 1r A In:a att C-f 1 bfhe

.; tt ^ Su! 1.0 % -t to rti-a.-s In:rued rr..i-.c - Ir- D -- i --n I--ic -e ,,,:\l.c- a zi ja !nd-
a osm to,,,a i c ru ,t i C- |- ", n A d GE. o _____to . r v _____I F-- -I T
alll pate pc-a'c- m i... '6'I"'* lpt c|- -'-- | .ir.
a mantd e ant- o :P 'eND O O-e.-a I i- f- c- P dRINCEOF W L IN INDIA. i. ... . .. i
I - i, ;-e 1.. : o e 1. it
| umittS. tP-c .h F it l lL -- e 1 a-- c. r r ,rc - i ' ._ 'r i- -. ,- ,f. d. F .r J - i ; -.I-
KISO Did-SET LINE l jl t i "i c -lk'.i'ijt F arid t. r"h 3 r.y ,. '-*. '. i-it1,o t .ee o .' ,"
.e s-a, i n- S, N %3& b .'.-S i-n -.. _' ._ "' 1. .-- .-c -- ,l ri* - "- ..- n i .r i ,
-r M zf.-2 I
sl.. tal u rat Ik T o U_"G O -.- .. .. I. .. ..',- ,r ..... tC , c t a. ....-. -' ,in .-- = -* ," i ,. xn,-. r .. "':-*[ 5, T .. .
-" f
Z B .,,'T '. L',i-. Announcem enta ot S ilL Ma -: c -'-: -" ", "2 t". _.^-_ - '.. ,-
nairi*- i .' O is-- I dr -* y' L ...- -L-^ _' e. and dTI n t An ckioT LOO ni nI I Ili : ,t -- r c -k- -,-r.I' ,,,, I .- i T I J ... i ".l .r.
i;. for Bairr.* u 5&= F- d- -54 IL" I* :.-* rneAY8 IA&.. T. r ,. |1.-,,. . . r. dl'. .. *._. r c. i-. 1 -. t'I 3 w 11

nUh r. I c pu ,hhc d in t r t co]um aI n . -' " i.i -.- -- .. -. I ,

ItCHO E MOVEMENT S,-i paE Bentbun-doance o i 0 0 ou"r CELLIER COMPANY. ,. --'.."i- ' ... ... '- "-..... -....
InA MeRrRam NoTNces. addttNo d "-- -" z:r rF ,"RI ;t ,-, d -.-

4 s cc -cc. oa : -rat c-,rur -.r n ceina are rT rdi aced t K ',.I CF "' ". ,-. ,,-
ebdi'" l_, r-" ,ri TU E A,- z z IT i.tdIth -ugh li r .r Am-ku A I.-. '. -
a ). s, : rst W e e th T 3- e n I T ou. , I .. , n r*...
Lt I -j -' a 'i .. et tr- rc-_-t and thcm roach a reT hy --.- FF ..... . -- - ; 1 1;,1 -i-c 'r_,,_--',,;,,,, +: .' ..:; c I i- -'-" -ii' -,'n
o, r r i t - .- .', . .-re, ,-, .1. -- . , : t 1 - T
bt11'- r,, bN,:, c c t e -,l: 1. e tL z I. :, I I e ,"" '-,, to-
Wo2lea s pWec.eao =es t hera--.. '"- -- -- .-,=r Cr,. .n,- i -" ,-- r,- - --, ,
MARdien. Ind e E C A G AIL c.I- "'n ny- -, .ng Li F-o r ..... 'la der.

Ce 1c-i r -: l, m .rOr iM Sr ,,- ... . ,,. -- . r -, . .,- .r. *. .. ..... .... .. .. ....
ll - i u -mi id l',-. i--n ..R-ie--g1. . .. .! i n d. -.t . d.e t, .... n d ,e r .,

-. ... '^.-:OaE^ A ND- -U T- - a i- -- In.. M m r a e -'- | .' -- ,, . ".
-p-- iiF I a bi -t cou n- -.- on. .Iti..L O-

-- G "( oA D .i. r.-.. .. -il,,, , rb ,-,. T cv o S1 lo on T h nu -. f II 1- . .- ,. .. ' '
a t i S ir rOU T O i,' v s ae I m n a -- I '- --l . \, a

r t,' d d l .- 1. r tr I li ..i..l GOD 5AVR THE KINC' . .' i
tia of t

;,toher cisla]r'al V: (1 e_1n r. a-e y!l I b1 1 ,eut.ri-, i .
i a f.I" fth Li t' ,'.a 'i,

':"ME M F .- I m-a hT ,, I ;^ t '-,1.

;i K s t rd, .,:,,:..:m er. .W Londo Th ar ... pe i n i,. -r e -..' r i
,- .,- -, i. ) .:1-

-r-Apak* heif n. J p r i a |r'i t j -l " " h ,. \ i.; ", ,--l ",- a, p_ .
e3 D1 . I iF L .,ilc[ ;Pk ,
1' -:3,I -- T ca t-,- --r-. R H,,- ar I L-:.

It r a i Jth IT ||hhThe fe'a |t .ra F c n l | - -- r -- ,. 6 i- -
:- -....... '.- TLi ,.. . ,-. .. ..... .. ". .. r .... -d'- .: =-7r".-':
'soloP ala em to ar un : C...peii '' ..i1 In i f.. ic .. t
Jmr -rm ',- ti-:-y -r i-, h- ve i! ri hT I

--.- lc. cR. -. -- -OP.l ilAlNl I1 aI, ,ar -i__ ,-,__.____-'-,-:.-Wi -.,
."i; r.-ri
eat 4. i ..ati .. z .. t... ... -. -- ..... rt, ....... i r ,.. I ...n ..... o to e .. .... uz J . 3 .. iI- .i. .tr .
-. hIs to p -at o a~l ,,- fsjlgei r-t[- a Tih- T. cI-ti
___________l_' _______i,. tt ititire ih ei rr no' u -Itr' h I -rde ,d11547 attn --,, r r ,, .- '

-i '. pm i `r '. Tb- r'- 1"'- ii 't" i o.u ,t-. isu' on -IDr J"f.LR.FL-, OR
I.i,-te-ro rrdo It n.cNcri cr '.- - "- - -

atl qT1 1, t-, d'AM ,tlet t line- u. OS]ant !u n tFr l a.ny tt. iIi lo t l h .u-irtf, I r a. r Iha with 1 b., Iti tc o e"-n L ,c ',
l, -, ,is g he oi l mnlir a mi tt amr.i,, hr h lemr anetu e,; tric e l- -

-1 I- n ..
Doi 1. d er Teat'b- I am 4 .... .. .. .. f lI .. r1 0i I -... ..... t" .. ir.. ... a-;nie t -,.,ut I', i-it_ I I .... 't e -er h

b, m j mya. D1olus3 uo1.- It,.t-r r-h f - tfil, -iri. a tni'd itttjtt i a. ,S. fo r i ii Ann
mm 'iii IJnr uim A'rdstul in. ,,th I~%, -,til" l l, t-,trrllc ,,l h'riltn ,-i ,lt'-rr--tr itet l fi- rm r' i ,-i-' T ar
if i ( n Q~.-- ~ + I t a Pt. L amir, a llmre 1e r I h.1-,,th' Ir h dho
....~ialll 'i I~ttl,"qll ~ 51aiq c I-as m oalt t Ih ide o i r, Ir1ni ..t- f.a r . I It-' ..-L.'-I t'I......t.....rit 'an't,,r-s"utt'i

lt 1 1 "m le ati v b Jitme auo-Inic a prle r ln iic il l ..-,' ar Ti'lt ric t rieli-fst I 1. , It.. K erol.sene g.t, -ht"

fl, liih eemanu the Va lmiob e ml i o lnT kal. in th b list sel 1i) has-0 too rlghteL- them- .- a prt inn to -tnke tiut a, .anta : t '


London. Dec. 301h.
earl of Athlone the Queen'
r bother who would have
ed the Duke of Connought a
nor-Gen al of .sanada in 1914
r the outbreak jiLthe war. i
test meioa rentloned or ithe
oor-Genenlship of the Irisi




edabtid, British India, Dec.

resohilioii adople.'l b' th
I comminlhe of thLe Indian
nal Congie-ye-teerday. favoiur
i nconlinliation ol Mabhinti
i's police) of non violence
es a clause dreliting Gandhi
le tZccuit e vl uthor;iti i the
nefit, allh lull poI ,er, over the
ess end its oigoniczaiton. It
es. however, tHint neitlier
i nor any of his successorv to
cdership be aulhorised in cane
to .rre.tied. to conclude peioce
he Govenment wilhlont previonsr
on ol tne (ongiTe-.. Tuet
isntlin Illtieoc uel ib. couintr v
blic nleellnte .%thich are for
,S n b linu lanv I urged hniI aill
ui ur txhuriled to join the Khl r
i oluriiutes-l anu Ito ubuintt
tail t irredt. 'Ihe nt-ohlitior I
preeni'cl to ibthe full Ca.ngre

E'i I T 8 TS O r Cr---.i R 0 r Fit Y

Loadol D,'. ;9ih
.. As c.Tici.,ll` sMated 1o..l ii llat
'i ,tl.lortatinn of .ii-a iirite lem ent.
Ati cult.. Oon Dnceti 2t rd t .,
tle Ihe H-rlti 1.v itiermnl ni.
heti ptten rec illed in Ill. ,Irrtle t
ti t ,e r ,,l c .t ,. -t..l o ., r,l h, c i i ri ,ti
". orl rt i c. t iii--l tI tir -l t int

Sli.i St el. el l i ,i I i t I- i lc.l i
atti fr l1 tihe tate.iieir. -
ta ,- TIONS.

V1' 5N>-- eNSFLL Ci N'
e, t1. nile.nL 'VI I I
ti i"
i l r. hL I. rmI. ,

noClBl l no mi 4 1.. I ll i .1 F .. -
I t, "i .x.i....... ... t, ,, l.,,, W ..
-I. prt .l l .r.| h ,, t ,i h .tl., -.Ai ,. ,l .

.l pn ropL i t

I I-." t I
rli, e n ... nt. TI.,
t l, I.,rr 1:_..r .. l l i :
', I turn ...r t i. l! -p .a.

4'" Wi ur ll r. ill nIi" 1 f ..r'f .lt ,, f. ,.-i
_0 1 /1 R. 1 I I. f,. .

iF A I. I


0fl-,t Io, 4 Ph.h ,. i I.
it .. r hi .1, ,.. ih, ,.Ih. i
1". ,lin ,e .-,n itin t J.lrihi innI
i- en-l rit-- I1,i 'I 11

II ih rhrrI r., .. % M inir, .

'inth .-t nlit itgr '

i- "t% White ( cr n r ni n

4 l .n,11~ a h ro1 i 1

h"., 1 Or. COMMONS

I BM. 1.'1.1' TION IN P1Eitlti-.
t AlY i'lt illAihLT.
t1 i a ri-.intry In '.1.ln lw ry I r.

i "r r ,"ip i r r r rv i l , .) % 1 -

'It K tr.

s adon, December 3Oth
I Effcri 5thec WA'Shiinglon C
firence to curhbhe use of the s
marine as a we.ap-n and Ftanc
claim for a late nudersen fleet t
tintic to be lie abinrirbing topics
HERgland. The newsappers t
morning each devnie several cnlur
to reportlof the conference proce
In~g and lll c lnicrniq Irgn I
Americiand I'eF- iand publ
lengthy edilptorhl., n fthe ideel
nIentF. TIlo mia3it In'o o I
editorial-k enrt the Frriench nititu
which tlifr enile Tletreiet-h so
confrontl Ihe vn.1h I a nith 't
p -nceibllil)' n- iicrll t lide orinnIat
ofi nilal p- Ikl anta from the ca
ilnlhimp ndtl toward" the iuhtnlariri
'. The nettslmrer hir ka the Inime
S c.\pecndilu:si ntcesiTv fior ih'e, e-a
c. Itapce ol laiese subItinue 'Nt
i and the : .iintel .1, i o i.lir % reA
auhich must be Liiudr. ntii-nied r.
S traineil to ctpe itih th-ni. w-1 a
S outi all -aving etlecltd bc niloptl
of the ratic,. for cnriai l hlir,. '.
DO ilv New' coirileuin- Fr-,n(c
decision ns the ii inltroun debisl
of tlie sz itand rd of intorn llctr
in.ralli Thie ,' li hroanc
-,;s I r nce t _,' i .,tr c onut
recardil l otler Ib -n uintrienil.
Grena BStlil., Thi 'ifornil Fo
on the other hnil itIr sc-.s th' Lit,,
nea incrT ceTl tu -.1 PTi ,,tic S iI
aoolisli beCaut -._ Frince nrilus' to
in immedintelh lth 11.- Ptrin
Lr.loF.P:osal to ithii- I trl I r .t 11t i
Inlt-rv. T -I.e Frr i nh .-
i tt preprn- d I [. l'e Fr-ni, ..ul
S-ii i. ne iI -i l,:. di'te me i
nir-it l. itne t i. InIl rM gr ilt
r,.lt'.g r- im nt. I-. L [fhtI r .1. r'
t.ha alnt .teen i in "ht in irigt I
&Ieta leieirn nTrr+-n-Tr rii.il1- if
1, l hn t -, ni I rat..ce titncr
-, .lo er C ,e I 'rcn' l .i.rnt .. --f
h chleI 'n .in r rt i gui- n. I
igv-r. r api: .l 1 )_ hi i,.. -. ,.; I h l t I r It ;,'
s lienrii ni t T ta r
.l i Fe ihe i n ..e i -. -.,r i

I ,e i i ...- I e M ,- I ...i -.i -.i. ir
i-t deri-nr i"-i.
i nff ,,',It I) t h- .. ._ r M ir I:
i,. Cl h e-ll .ii, ', r .l-l i.,-ll I,-1 -

i. tI'. l. i l. i- ni ir i. i i. I tlir tr r -

,l,-l t i ,. ith i -n I,

fl il iin ri .
aean' ; vis l'i'\ % thv -r ;Ii i -.I
Nsubmantric.. The ',t intc ,.
el-itetes hire' C.-- r m h i,,
fail to icceipt Iith rte- ,,,,- ,-
relErrIniIg i- h nI ie z-il_.trr
,'tneotIlonni e.' 1,. ute1ri clne l.
r id 4I:lI i..- ,'.i -In -.I tI
I -Al -e c-r . I., nrae-l -ll'r I
ir it ,,-et.I el ,,,, i, n, r-it


'i- Lr i'E L,
.-I ,t -, 1,t-, t,, l i '. i,

I.n er.t- .,t-I i I ,.,..I in iic, it c.l.. .

r R ..rf Be r.I. r-,- .L . r.I

arc I-. :. itt, r..i .

th. i Inn t., n.I., CtIt..t ii.' .t I n n

n.-I )Io M IL L.imnirrr.. ,1i. ii.-
I-lit ill-en ,nlliertcir r i.x!.,' I..
1.he eliale r. r ni ne nrl -nI rj4 l, ,.
k&.0 -nhi. rir R.b,,rt .. I I
-ie k t ith ccp felr i ,.i n hii. ,
i I.t Ce l e.l i n i.t, ......,'t ,,
,, th,. lrennn,,trln pinpio

'- iilIT fl i I .'Fi I'T1i1 .\Nit "1'4
.% '-. I. Ill'A .-tt1,nI .i1 1

V.t. [Iir. -rhtn. 'i. t j -I --tn'dentt
htt ihi" i ,rr. I l i .1 li. h g l-it r l ie rr ic t nt

rr .b. ii.r.., n .n
l tnt,,, e t' ninil -e hinni ti ,
-f rt111n1ciI It .111 [) h
l.i rhn t, n-l r. i [,lt r, i n ( n.

In i.' ,' II. inet I i .

tn r, .. I I nnr h .i ..,... nc

* i i 2tc Ie-t-~e~~



SIi i, . i. ,
t, i --


l ti .. ..

I ... . I' , y ,,I i. ,

I I, I t .. I,

I, I. , ... ..-

,I ,, ,II ii , -i i i ii. n ic
i,,,T~i1 ll 1 tin,'1,,, i tinl ti e ..

til. ii .. .t, i i ii., I.. 1,, h,,I I,-----
i ,,, ,I 'i'.' it.. ,, .,, ',i-,..,, ,
,' ',1,,i h. in ... ..IItn i i,,,. It r, ,

-ii1 r r. i 1. .r,,h le, ,,.

G E D1 EU rica on:,: N ,.i. .i d .


^/^'^-^asa^*^^^^l~ ~~-fc-^ _ _U_2 __^S

* I

- - --- --= =

TR' "A D E TDIInl9ri2 U K"llUDU U .RF the fat rone had, enderetd the graundatlrgWayombwed Caouinwena. w *as -whn eMa wspi ln.
TRADE IN .1921. TRINIDADl f URF isodden and"teuth d treaty i ied loeead from Qukiand a d ew- ovary blow eaetly &
cth-traces- the oway at the halt mile pole from .elineoI.
"Of the'" D cla lot, Cacaliecas Her MI ajesty. At the three furling fal finih andboh ockes wee.t e '
i DATa d b-hj

Syr __DN-TED DEO-N. CLUB R~ aACES. e e taned tho tables on herh oI ...l is I ltand .Qick reepient of ap pe an ret.gto:
HOPES OF REVIVAL. f -younger rivals and won the Quee'a grey gelding op. porting bic I d0tl0to win nda o id .A S 1.79
CThDef.oigloEo0 TD DAYM OF Park Handicap caorfortebly front learevel his position it the angle .,l in, and $1.48 ono Cmrldrns to plice.
S Th fllowig .in...i. l ory f TleIn con- :TDlW Greymatch. Mayfield shouldered 145 w ean lEaced. Just before taIkingT thi Tiu.- 111 sees.
diltiin niurittil thSe tnt .ir line line lbs and dead heated wlth Red Line homer be ud Her Majnlaty nrd SI-ort.o
klindl, p iernu, far ti, TRI DLOAD EXCITrNG FINISHES.' in the Stand Handicap after conced- Dick feLll bck l..alen. C' n lur no. 6.-Xae Handic -Time 4
OGUARDIAN by Mr. A. W. Halt. c.ftlter ingthelatter 30 lbs. ni titl ttt e home struic a couple of Dtsranci is, Mile. Prire S .
S of s Tra om ionN D. A n the ft day much delay was legt r ey Match with Quh te iner. 6cod orse will
HANDICAPPING PRODUCESjockeysnerefpedod borne- nit ilc e.t hic, 3ugit
The near Lichbin Ito let oeMI, nit ANY SURPRISES orst a crce for blined t510 aci intmi ner te o'en. th um iligii Lta i of c.
ON l en,:.d e trade decline which an unro Iis rce te.ilng in Qt.n oni ch e eed ,ti
*N -,Cte-i. 'Tin. i-i.'r. ht bi teelr norM. P0.attempting tagtt.a ,lining break. j tlI.'nee e tinIe-if :-i ih.. -..: "1 r 3 ,r" rc ene-artai 3-,
rde ,ii tit le Iou l ,i n iiiltorr FOOTPAD AND MAYFIELD Owingtoan ac at Ivandatiim o0 rain -ram,. -llr.tu,. r6- i ,.t l in,. ir, ,r, .
ha. 1 .. Ir l .-i f lne.ii d Th.n ,hug,.-re 8UNBEATEN. Ihe paRIaL of ti unknown who smashed I r i.e r .l,.,n,i 1,l] |l. ni .t, tie M' \ Ln.tii 'c .. R e. ,
i i- ill it i n ii ..el itL iine --the M.Irling gate at the six furlong ,,, i. .I .i. .,, o lun 1.1 i. ,,,il ,, "
i.tmtij. en i.lhti.. ..e t . .l .tr i ,iI O~~CAMOUFLAGE SEOURES THEi chute. tit slotating I run that' point .l n i. l1 l 1 ] fai I-M
c.1 d ,,: n t- I.6 ii,.I,.n i nee .. mne PRODUCE. had tobe done b. %i a onlg ; a ., ,tI I l 1-i ,!, e. . ,,- I i i- ,,' -
inou wm htin ii tinii,'' Ot rie e'orl,"i d e keune.t ren the hole the iny's racing wa .. l.. i in l..... l. 1 ." .r ih.1 I i "
Coh' ttnlt %%iu roil-i ,, t ,,E'I ,,hi the ii,,
ub. ri o BLUE BELLE AND BELLA high' isuccensful the close at o r
e V ,1, -i h.-h, a. ltli i, DONNA EARN BRACKETS. % lt ta were i t rn-e( d ail liore I I-.. i -r i ... h fi .. l ..n, h)
L.1lt" 1,, l., .l ll 11.0 - 1t l,, ,,',h h-- l rf. cnn tc eaonn r. C1 n i ,i I I n 1,,tti f,. b,-i
kin ie. I ', il,, .t In. 1,.,, c U ni durable tiea'l t r in ia great fI . ...... .. ..,, f..... b,
hiB .1,-, ,I' It .. l, n, t.i L e ue... 'l i.,liln. a.'in, ,,.isr lb ,ucc< .r .hF N TS.. ..." .... I ,. .I
iP I,. :.t l int toit,-it, or .,.,Itt;,.lt ," t cOt the reccord day of tl-n Trtitln -l '- ,. I ,, in^ i I I ,,I. e. ,Ti *:..L

the thi''e, -' e n- n ce it..-,,,l,. ... .. l h l'l'r .

i ll l r .. I ... I o' l ' n I*
op ... ... ...........t.l... I' e, line hou i ie nt t tr nd-. .... ... t , .. .. ..... ,,,I 1 ,, ..n .. . . . . ,- . ,I .
S.... l l- I ic :... ... ,i .-... i ,,- lull 'i b.Id tntla n i c r l h n i|d |red cltt,,,-r-. I i

l .l i ,'" Sa(lhe t 1 htg wI l ien l.t Il'l hlt- 1 '".. r, u n .. il . ,,nn. l ii -' , '
t h e * *'t ) I'.r-' '. 0 z ,l t,, '" an-] ,, P/ r - '. : r I , _
I II- ,' I--n 'i-n 1i't ,,l r ,,hI -ir, (ra ilt(il their d llcal t ,'it! Itn

.;:: in .1ii.-in '::- ilt l e t . ,IIll nt In. - - - -- - - - -

s I ..1.. .,- 1 I ... II 'I I-IA 1- "1 ,".
e riI ...I t a n

ne , ., I te o b t ihed heel
l d t- "n l "- 1 -n ',, ,,i ,

ci - It. rc Pt~ntI~i,. h l ine let --hr,- ,- .".r I '' ..... .1., ,
iti tl- P 0- 1 ,.......-I, 'r,

I .1 ~ --I
,, h t14II ,- P" rI.r n "

- - I- - --.- el-

I j 1
., ,, I,,, ~ l I Iit 1 - - -..... ... .-,

IIz f r.III-i - f, I

it,, ... , , I 1 , ,i t I ,
I,,.IM I .. i,,,.# I, ,,

I -

I ..........,,I. II, ..I ... I

r. -. I I l I i I I .
I t 'I"-.. .. I,,-- -,I ,,- -, -,- --,,I h ,-"-r ,i- Ii,, I


I' '


- ~ Mm

.-,*. ... . ...-..;.. ,.-. .. . AD GUARAN SUNDAYr JANu Y 1, IS92


. .

The Trinidad Line of Stuamers. m,.27
'-r n ednus J from p3lR 7 -
Wking first and &-cond clas' pa3:-eo, :. and maiis on or about I a go.
th jann ry. it t I _, .-o tib i 0 relih-r c3- Iba
101h Joian.rh.
1 .h MATURA mil leave New Yor" fir Triaidai iu Grenia.Ha .i t, ..- .. T
Orr the 4th JanU ary, -I.i -iic Il co
S S. MAYARO will leave ib. port fIr New York va GrendiI ,:-- p L, i a tir'cer -bo
takidE cargo 141 and 2nd class pilssengc r, and maL- OD or Iltul j a ;r. -' I lm .i i: l-a- i.i
tiLL: -I h' Ir e the i .-,.r ,.. Ic.
N OTIC bc Hous, bIs r CIt in i
and as thIe Rendent cpve,,, Ii io:m f,.
P&t cu In A LE
Intenrc ag pa sengers or New Yor by the Triudad Line a ,ndl ng. b sll .-ri. u lU"
Itelaner.l re C'erCy notified f- !-, '. a,; r lluF .
1. All passprt s mst be nV b7y ite L'nted Stalte Coanl. i-bast er I.ri, eae -
2. Issingu of iicketl wli ;ease 24 banr.s lore srling oi Bieimt i -. ~l '. Ce-, ',te ,
Rate' ot Paseage from Trin daJ'Ti--- w York. are L. llo :- o i,, ;. r cm i s ,
FIRST CLASS 5125 00 -"i-i Ii.i i.; .-
SECOND CLASS 80.00 Y C i t
::DL 0 o. 4. ,000 Brls. O.K.
Intending paRsenC e must deaonit $n .')0 on booking their pa ianei ,, ..". 4 00)oB "O 6K ., "
Mt~ eTn tod l ie pa ideu inc. 'ited Srr ,-,;ib-e.r Lc ,e.n olr t ,li' -"
Furness, Withy & Company, Limited :.. ...
-- __-_- --i1,0 00r Iflg BriB Gillingham.
-rice i ," h: I* "e ,.* J

F o r S a le. I. . : ,. I..
'.: e L I . f wI

The fol, inu BREAD BAKERIES :.. All.T O" Co, Ltdr
l-e ALBrU '"A''u [-Ijtd

q96 'haTlottc c rct .... 64 'l-' b el Street iT lb-1: .. -r_'_- l'
Ihlikc Strett ... M ariue -,u c ... -... .... .. 1 4
Li ith. r .cpar-L e'. r c. T c llcctii'cl' P'. -c apply to ,. -,. .- -. -
ALBER T L1UCIE N, e "' l' d A -LC-.-- ..
c ..................... flavolvarStout- Jvolvap Stout
... t , ,l- nr -,. 1i s... I.. Freh Sbip-ient )u -L arrive [ d :n time for
----- :- r i ir, .- I. ... r.t l: t. rand f st, In
rich .,..I u-cA:.1 l
Ilete pr. ul L is 41dm- wr, ,. :hO S0I.L AGENTS IN IRINIDAD .
;a........":[ ". -1..... RUST, TRCW!iRIDGE & C.o.,1
S1 Irln ,!c ,-I. I. ....-, Telephone 140, Port-of Spain. t
i I, RUS, T W rD &-o-
.e1 anI e ._ I' rll" i. I .l l-T_ ItI_ n 1
> Th ,e ~, ... .., .II ,.
S ci. 'I at. .* I . iBaoI'c n c 1,'

6i CV, I.-.. i.< jFti .... ....THE EAST END FOUNDRY,, Ltd> ,

.. ,, i i,, ." & 'South.Quay Phone 191.

n; rI. itb it i1 Bi ders g dnhEC

crave qth e pri il.e ,. fi-lohing ",
idu .u l IR .' e I..lh prosperous .vldtrr ,

S-li *Itn us i i N A StII M -S these
R*. l le l t itie tii.l.Ie l e 'ree . T

the iI. utu l ,.. I ,ttl I ,tAr ith IIt i l m at, 1 c-
n I' .. -i...-i, -ay he.%c-.. ,,n, cre .1t e Ir Cou k S. vu

aim ,a 1. r Ih,1 1 oILt o
T O r i, h t 1 :i1 V cl-M-N-S- -

finsIuIen even to the b.uniteehmiiorcrtitte
-h h. hs it ecn p u- t In 1 y Street Phone 161
_,b_ _tlew U he l IIn t.c.% e tpr porA bsel n-r,-,f .. .
henI all .1t I, c 1 ,r o ilc cLr c -.I
mi) .1 `6I let 1. I n[ ',lll cl 1o r cc n.
Iltcnll nl o( ,-2 h" 1z I Io Iht- "
isll i p + p r-I ll rlll .II- I b lt i 1c'.1

W I I%4 lIh all ih 1 n t unlessI ieild
th-i n l, I" t hr o nif m tl I se bnt Flour -Po |l.l & B
illr chan uce of tcinj t ie .te 1, o
c, '' I '., ..'),- ,o ;;,'. ,, Dlnirg l ~om (,hC.trs Dover Coo, kng Stoves
he 111411. u l hiu t I tl actI ll
16 Marine even to thelie ow is....". .,\ "urlery, Euam o1 Paint, Toys, r etc, e:c.
stbice.r be brda.d.m,. ,9 .o, , 17 ilenry Street 'Phone 161.
61101 IL i . . s hum t IHe It lba 5'' r


3 't a cai 34 3. :. a t rrr,.e it hi-
djin; tl-.r- it' -t e YoVrki ilb C-"

' |nfc'a ': *-' '..' _~r re tn.
For -ll tLrtLi-: .3,Il .l plca..-
.. .. -n C ;

tri.i ..c. . .


ldi tr.-m Nrc V..rl on the 11
I.'r' .tr aL-ti II h,- 27th, p
- ..t rg ...
atr S. v ', ,',1 ...n or aboultt
,-r .oul I tic ., proceed'

L,'_. n a i-ctm: 'i'i Co.. Lid
H-_--___ S c'- e




,''>l h [h e iF f .__r..';,, -_ '-
Srtic-nd an, i. aut j i., r .-


janadian overnmst.

"he most direct route to and From Caml'-
eguil:ir Fortr I;41itly S-iilbn s 'rom H[aW -
S ti ll,,., s "
';..iitdii~h LUUU 1th Dcemb

.-, L,,. U ,.-,E16th December
Do HAR%'FzI ER 30th do
Do COASER 13th anuary
Do BEAVER 27th do
Do LOGGER 10th February
Do HARVESTER 24th do
Do COA ER 10th Maich '
Do BEAVER 24th do '
argo accented] on Through Bills of I.'"
for San Fern:ndo at same rates asi'

io. F. Huggins & Co

ou Buy Right When You Buy from
1UST OPUNRD L'P .iome lurcLy coloured \Va.e.s a. l dei s i fe -
I c, t .up I u:r, ctiTe tcup]' n t' ea te p e. cLable
), :.. n ,-c. iir' eilf c- i iP',- tubera oil ,at la ioces G
iewal Prices for Wluolc&aleris. c ar ah ug a,
FEUIX A. REVEILLC, 45 Charlotte Street

* ;r



f'1':; ~~~~

~ are -Ly~

New Year 1922.


is the Hearty Wish- of


Frederick and H nry Streets, High Street,
Portof-Spain San Fernando

': - 7ir-,7- -_- -
''t-+ -,.= ; .+ :-=77-S ,"; I .'.,--w, .._, . _.+. ... _ ^ f g^ i __-^.jj.-..^^ ^ ^ ^ gB.^_..^ ^ '.,. \a'..+: ,_




YRU R~rfl~l f~7&flYici m~n-r ~ 1A we %- -. .a.aa. a an'& wn"

''/ .

. ,

Complete protection

AN up-to-date National Cash Register and N. C. R.
S Credit File will enable you to get all your profits .
: on every transaction in your store.
They will make it possible to run your store with the
least expense.
They will prevent mistakes and disputes thaf cause loss
of trade.
They will enable you to give customers the quick',
accurate service that wins new trade.
They will give you the accurate records you need to
control your business.
They will give complete protection to your money, your
customers, your clerks, and yourself.

We inaleTcadsh registers-for-very line.of busisne .,

C asH raIEGIS ZaR co.

Hollandisa Mika

Its Butterfat is a passport to Health a '

HOLL,\NDIA is cows' milk-fresh, pure,
densed to the consistency of thick, rich cream.
safe milk supply for every milk purpose.

sweet con-
It assures a

oa t he -i
le 27tok





j- ;A.

4 .t:


44 Marinn Square

Sole Agents


"Parex" Manicure Set

--- AS A-

'Christmas Gift


Splendid sets can be obtain
for three, four, five or t

Inl ; rs.

/. EREL Y/



Nothing would d please her better

"PAREX" Bijou I

andi its c'i.t is only '60

i arc from THE HOUSE 0

Insist on "Par
iand iif your Cihemist CcInnct si
l m Just 'Phone



r than a




"Go As Far As You
Like on Gutta

Percha Tires."

Our last shipment of

received a month ago is completely soldsut
We are now opening another shipment
received a few days ago which includes-

30 x 3 Nowekd .
30 x 39 do do
30 x 3H Paraon Tread
Pure Red Gum Tubes for above.

SPECIAL- Cord Casings.

30 x 3,)
30 3' ,

Gutt.i Perchb
please yrOt.

Cord. Non-kid 'head
Cord Tubs

1 irc6 arc go andJ the pricess will

Agents: To GEDDES GR ANT, Ltd.

I nCOT DDICCT'1P. 1fI' ebun; l Few, mI-.orLenia IbM l 1 I,
LOST PRESTIGE OF .-, ".. ,b t.e.. u. .,, Borrioboola Gha
PARLIAMENT. b' ,. r ,~ Xt,, l. e T.i,.e ,,n. fl he l. rage mn1i'- ol ei .p itpo -tar Lf c -i, a ilou 1 ull. aD '. i u- bl.r a
)tf.i -iA, either toi r to1 e "- itT" J o b'o prcft ti t ill C ', e "I ,-r. 'e- t1 r bt-- tteruT-I,
%hat U..... :,, "ib.t Ie, I t', ...... t, ..... t 'ue, Duc.n t...
:hrr-e pl ndeau, U h nl mo, re t e bt Mr Whily Ien to 10 .i? ,,ri. .. i Ki. dil dei,-
ohere. hbe lracad io, d i ie ti ecnre I ir ib- Sulb'cri-rr.n. n r .e C- enr |n h
And ,-na' teai n Iy Ll'- i.Gerg aocre .if Comme.l t whichh inC i ei-" .,cI etary. Int j a c i nre ai
tl.l t. Ithem i l that they tloe alk 0 inane, the b nei reverence an- airl ir, Ui Fiedrickh ftre. h rea -. r
bim. 1., u a Wa ngtna. I hbac er ,Ielde- tl 10 the Hod.e -.a Conm.
qa bne ch a-ou c ne mind aon Ilta .,, pio a h e to a -M pr nGte Ol -
-ilota e n it1, tra iedoum ,ite ca" pup.v a hei 'e i h he ,e maest, or
poo,-leu. it .a a will deri c ne -,t ( oe l. b t I'l h h conluui l j a tom C l
-oC 'aenl r ,readl w abt thateinakti u thaihrrg net iea conr t i I T ic lincnie U -ti
1 it1 I t thu u ibb agh thep ,rc,, and noat The ordn.e a the Ringo ha.' ,d'j,-e. ,Ii'
Ihrogh P,,rllment th-nt Brtal in ti n elg the expensive I-teel l.d,:lc. I n.f ll I.,- ,
I-I-trno. l,-. ....t- pomaihie f.i mm. .t.nern-lh ..t MILLS GREGOR0 & ,,C
ITb.t, I -elleve I a. ounit ta fact, lutl Incrmean tlo p .ry ieir rec pc- talo dunl
a fct ,I Iternallroui in[turiti..acr The paing ino much to [ hlbei [,l.r heI
Hoaie ne ComEmo3-a m ll a the ilolber Speaker iAn the ultimate nelhoRti rthii iihsh ih rn u friends
.5 Pirllament. Tbere lu .,Ill 11 ull ,cotroir-he pre gallari of t ha Ha- "t tr u eron
cIl-ie n th n-eut dlgnllld u I cOnlitui and recenllI he hasi e-inr,- .- lacilatl u ad ci t er the n o i
I..I ul I m a c-rmemoiauler Thou1 ,ind- or .ncerica n corepou,.enlu tervln and C U t er the o
who h-nve aeiver [ea ba ,lo b ile ":nr" In a lthtr newospare amid The public in h o 1
?he ofi5:clil .eHanoir,-' Ill thrnag 11th' L.3i-loo. I a pupulailv er'cle-l hede meCniS of the Seasoin and hope
cilleri' arlJ IIlec h,)ur after hcur. iR to Ie It mu-t make' t cll kn Iown to 0
r ,ektlg tr rhi-,' ot tlen familiar te i e peorie nr.d tor bthe it tine the for the continuance fr eIt their
it Parilamcunl wm re il be ea:u evt.etilt' g ,,. an1 u l the T prl cllegRea o the I t :.u
otina pre-,tl a ,blowa aaol d Ibe Il,,t conertn hiitel with the prIUllcitY esteemed patronage
rtrer a.t all that Parlahmea nhai- taiO t accorduing to the b,,e t ant of
lot the ei le atur ovenaer Ad the tl ,liore. ia Jvar one 1i t e inuuae gthe cminm .r
dr--e.te .a. ll came a. a p arlcl c e o a ile toora 10 the eAr.-prr.. bhut he C"" g year."
t laopl-otnuue macmnat AuM.cra now I i fut iba i n uati nelcu ie rtthet 45 marine Siuare
ciea hate crumbled to the grund. aitteuatinu,' i a riL quare
Republlca hac niuncur up 4 Ihe l 11. thbe. ,,u eirectioa 1, tonruhl hiinL
InA ID their plice-. tlertelltTy In- e te le eeke. het will be in .
silluiloa, hare giavei 'ay Io ele toral Isuu- tar deeper thernon ta tr.i-I no the
1taitrit ia ,o Count:ea. ttllo, ia n' I program ol atpartien. Thile ime a i theb
Voting Who never voted before. Women pollton la a Parilmincul. CoD Ihte detco- |r "
as well asii euin trc si ini tor Palill- ctucy pioducne ,1r ood a rae ol fP,,ile. l d W l T ll
mentarp lionu.r There ta tlll r. pro m a thoare ho epruun ,ttb all their Kle O llzJ rt olt
oendiJ )oryilly totbhe ltheloat a'aarliamentI pCeulicer [rom the aeiilor,,cy Ctin FOR Till! -HOLIDAt S
nr a Colgres to which (he ctizr n Iita) Ihe -c.,1llluneurle-i .gel t,11- ol the en a t
rned ttee reptee rai1 1bI a eri loge te iet imomotr sl wb io r In oa c ar l e ton seeltl thet If not ol, it nit 11
nia tree pected t' 'nenthrp ot Lhe ttaucF a t tle worth po,'tur while io do so,
It talla in poril-,menlt-ry inmtllioi ir n l -" ,i j 'coupon e iectl- when i Mt.
unarutti.rd It ,ollo,, tLr-in t India. to Llod Gerce'ec omlaicce. ,ircner "They Pho r 00
give one cae, or ti Chras-ii-her t it b!. ir pT Iheounlt, acIt he 3 Pholo hor $ l .00
mtehods ,Iii i.'e _..aght tt i. Patll- armllice lte [herteeI i Ul I1 d i not 6 do do $1 50
otent thathe ttr ta ierween thne acti nd cad urr ae there a-t31oerC i ntf iiICi t
thile Camartna andtheSoii.rite ,t,, *erlorue to cLary onl the I Cypher Incubalor for Sale
Crommt 'nu lart the Soecet meat.Igvrern "i rraangetnrat of all 'tr n0 earn pieoted
mInlt bhy it ct],i It I teliditlint r0 so worldd tel, thiotugtl cai, raLient r 40 FREDERICK STRERT
reawr-ed. Only ibrough n Parltnaiia t ,t 'Wth ih I.a-te ht nd hr the an.'t ot
Rno yo a edCUCte avrnmriuct .ri thte trr. det It qrnlite [a biie itE A Ln. tl-he
coinrnt "i the -ak-ne society RO^ 'Ui- [tno,, o a p cnatBIarana the
I e m c o l '41'Cll 0nBlt Y ln. ,1 n i Ihn c nil ou a! ui lificorn- i- the
in is LhC duty of ctihzenhlip eevetywhere.,,te,,n...I thednaghir and uth siste
snil epctidly at. .nhp I n nve to uitnUllier n [rIth a (te Or
clllrcnlnlip to s!e that trepaer enltatt oli. t tiil rc.npral. for a tn te
I1rgiiutesi net ai ltht haty ltanaI-,i) eccirtoIIc Iunganremeltt ol eccirty, term- IRNRY 1 T H&OKS(IAW
I oBugt tinbe. I-Ato t heindthe apare c rgi-t. For ta b.aic
't i ltatilnlet t h0 p ehPciI" 1r, ty hIs" 'ct in Brilutnin tfl- r i tie so cill e
et .iri c rrertee pt, liotttarnaation- -a .. iju) a....lum a A rtpiu Phone 331 L 2 Frederick Street.
c.'li atiair e rra) i ra1C 1,rer I tIlea i ti ire'ert firg icut steof 1rrr t r It e
J,ariy. A ne Spy.iAer now occupt"iletir e .hpo nrvat lit I.o t -----'
rliiar F o aloi, and nno h 111 l n) at r -oua,,t, in te Lou A or an-.I r -* .1--L3
.N tr" r',Vil ir ..,Wintiainin -t mp e t't.;at Always on hand a beautiful
Siirinrirt irit j. i. tyrlri- cI I liI rich a "I liprare tire i aton
I ime kioaii tor tnilir sena .I. i r i"ir 'l ol ... a..--iCjd rriiarr...irnt ,hc assortment of Gold. Silver and
Iasin)lor'airciererirone i iote- ny reviat of tr ,onewiot itdI Indiain lewellery, silver aud
t ttn elm ni eint Re tra, orri t aI r -crl t ur t enr-iceee ."- I tcl ied iiy tile [at 0e ot
New Yok. n a Spr..i ol a .e C1,ie.ani rcrI l.te- il O[iLee naion Electroplated Ware, Fancy
tor which hrete t ano ireclent. _ __re"___'_,_______oer_________________
tciniy since 'lre prarlclfr'r-.t m t ~1r1; Goodsh. etc.. etc. at cheapest
| itagn r, i n ii aCbn t,, h htrIlI ciriten 'on 'e reircl- en,,ln m ,c ly c Give ,ne a call before
-l i-corT,.milaii. tdii a ,'lirnirt or oan- Ma. cr i-rte' Worm ll inertiminta.r purchasing {elsewhere.
COlnormint, Wh.t that muciane p U Ctan will relitvC tbetm uo taoitte e Lcilth



Todd & Sons

21 Dozens


cit GC eatlytt R-d,,:. d Prices.


All Motor Car Sudrias i

Mobil CC. L

rn CouneCeting Rof.-
I)o Rte Hu -..
I t'Fatt HubicoOmpilet
[h Crowu WHbrese
t LttvI Shalt riDons.
ral tt.ake Shoer .--
0) Tianouslosun Triple Grars
Do Spindle Dody
P'D r-trentll C..-el Complete

Dick & V

-ely reduced at less than cost.
riL'llg Crea-.r (MY,/1 per 25 hb t14
atrcotivsta tor Gears, I t2i per 3 libtia
Wire. (Iive lrean I t lc react
as J 1 ,,3y c.rP .. e. l0 per
.2.I0 csh
2 ?tyJ each
2.h) each
4 50 eacu
.A.. 2 A en
. 4c each
.. 3 .O hect,
.- O each

V9s Areadel

Tn -


- .

Nature made milk, a good all round food, but the
makers of Hollandia made it better by keeping all nutriiive
elements in and all impurities out.
Good, rich milk like Hollandia strengthens weak diges
ton, It supplies needed body-building elements.
It will probably make you want less mcat ; but what
you cat will be easier digested, more nourishing.
It contains an abundance of Butterfat and while it is'
worth more it. costs less than other brands.
Buy Hollandia aud help no keep down the price ol
Used in all "irididad Hospitals and Governmant institu-.
tions where milk is used.

~I IPPr~Lm~lli~-;;;L;;; ~





-~----- ~i~i~E~E,-%%.1A AL_ TWA ILA~


m: SU t.' k s a.f
B aa' ., lh origi- of whi h dates
A REVIEW OF SL e ry fa bacsk, w quite poluAr in
'.,' (E. Or ,r t [ Klmenmre's tisne anl "er i"ne bm
S (By Our Brg Correpotnt ee iven the al as the moat farri-
aing unde theegis of the Trinl acting of indoor igmei. During the
a- Tairt flade the a othea T s s ear it has claimed many adher-
pa"-idTurfClub-iJa 1P-l'b as t afm eats, who may po=ably ris e i oud the
Spracedeattd success, an. that mostbe ordinary, but among those ott, hare
ely attributed to the 'la ton ]been at the for some time one
system, whi.h has kept over half a feils to ot lything e.ceptonal,
in s yadr hoand in raising taflfolh- ,e a olitary member of the old bri-
, oat the year and co.qf"eftly amome gde. For this one has to blame wait
good Tiasito and fair flUf. As ens- gdof hle encouragement, proprietors of
tm, ar r v e Clu -bias had to face a deal laloons cardining ithmseese ole.
'of ritIrism,somebhealthy,but'eathe r.I the money making part. T'he
uril unwarranted, but it hias urr ek of tetest take. by there proprin-
tall orm, and is in a position today torf it indeed hamefnl conidererri
to be looked upon as the leading racing Te inionag.t. eicaeAl. Co leans irsla
inslitian"s I en thlie West Indic, which surroumliigns are not like. i.,nt years
-merars plating Trinidad .rn the had. ago, hence the at.ri e n i.usl,e of
; quaricr of rariug tb.b [',r r f ti0 i te r-g stiare ef ll.e pr.l.
is quite true ls ..the Fr ts eres i w le b h ,10 fu tLe,,ast.S
are nol on all fourth ith thoa sffermed to th. parie and nnIee -i. wou.t bI ,t
hi the pat bit on tke whole, Louaever een of Instaimablt aloe'as an ol.
they compnrc verye f T"vocatllyYeti fea. to tae tBprenm t day'v -1.1-F.
tho.' front the sister .eiAhs.l TwCIV1 WhileM tes thrl Of trhia arli.Cl t. i
monOths brace Iwntr s cn ropert ta i0end o Ia r. ofnar 0 ralsble ht' I,
at ~ f ortieheot eri tat titthe pro- it ep etc lie :he t e TrD a, I
ns-th-e rate st-! o tf ra in1g 1 1. the t luL it.lutirs, nL r
step to'o tltk b r.d t' r or a r f rer-e I i I
..... ,t ,eth L.,anrLits ra ,,e t o ,l',,, .t. o .. "t .' -'

Evenin Journaal.
Pciladelpthia, De.- 13 -Johany Dun
lee. champion junior lightweright, oent
just fast enough to abhiete a hair ime
decision over trery (Kid) Brown i a
torrid awin--up at the Olvt-pin. A.- A.
Thcre wrias action enough to plen-c
the wont fasill-ioau. It was onre of
those ;bc- Us rlblch ernt fals o-nav talk-
Ing to tlhe-, i-has an-I. anyone Cls i vrho
For estyi. mnr oIc, thoiJghl DhtiLe
hi-t 1.irowu- % eia-attI tr tot ahe-aibrd
BroIT wou tli-,a .,- .r 1.. eirlh s1.I
cilZ lh rtr qn l-' mi'h 0 t., Ir~v.r f.,ur f,
fiiln ah. ek nilt. T lr ard1.1 1.2 all

a I i l t r t i..,r r. I -Ii I I..

, -i , -

(By Spectator.)
On revirwing the evat n of the pa 3t
rear the Trinldadian s prrLsmsn mstl.
"te ifllrl with selfatsfactlion, and
- ho,.l lEMl la' s-e-r 19 a- -ca one, to
b l reetrie..r.]i .o' t.e saunal of irpoer
The uit.-r-t tiakea e n ;u yfrt rai snevar
eforL.e ern se Lt-,-n the attrent of
l.hi public lic g quite on :a p~ with
tie os.nor. tie pla-yars a cad eo er ti
tars n te Itarious oranhelies f sport i.
If t, turn to ILainog. the pirt of
FgaCS if uut it,: KRing of S.:.rts, it
Ett m h31 11,iu 1- m or, 1e ,, Jr t.On r.
;tro it iar Nit ..-ly I ee ,thet L..
lthr, o tiseri gs. tuIt thtet L, e t ,;,a
i tl t,' '-A lit ,, ith :,.i -
ii .t ';vut a to.- .iIir Ii

tri, ti t- t T ih i t ,,
. .. - , 1 , , l ,

-- III -:



Appended oar th- raita of hLbe dra
ing of ma nTrinad Seet-p:-
91-B m r..

S L., t--.Lu p Lile-.

Si,---tt a lj o .ll.
L, ..- L_ .
i_- --- i n."
.-att, ao tjI n .
.,_ .L--i ,rd. eni
t: .-Wuod Uic l.

'.--,"--Diit- LuJc.

L',oI I





T. A. F. A.
The match between the Pre'War
Fcoiitllers and the Presea'day Fool
icic.-i will takre Fle.e at o'clock on
Mladay moorainon Ga the Csuals ground.
Chaisa .nd bLecrss will be proreded
Icr the public who aie rnqustlej to turam
oat :I.rge tombe ito wantbes s hts very
lilteret.g mietCo o-limen be in
iena nc e to present any cll tag Ot.
tIhe fied uJuring from toe teamn: pub
lobed 1 laxo ib. maLCo rhc.- a opovtde
t'eatir Tem
C,rel Deewbui-
Back. : Ml Cilpira.. NewCl'
UHaillbcks ML Fai.n,.o. McKracLEen
M Roce:trnoot
Forwasui CSch0loseilu P Cutnmmin-i
C it-tea-. L r d itii ti
Re., .tIII 5 f .% iN-All v
Ll .lo l

I A t

A pp- 3



t ppt alt
u -T ," I* i ic -
I I e ,t.


n. .- ._." ,T ,Olt ,l t "
-- C--, -'l ",r

JURIDIrnoNIO .----

I i.

.nb. ld t: ,
T te 6 et


J llman

thiti -t tees hltle ]attlett, rti. l'.,rt ilt'- --,-- - -- il' i ti -"- - l I. . .- h -t ; ta,-l..I[cn.L .' -+ .. "a,'l"l ',,a-i.L,-
I !. 'I C 1I] |, -_ II,, 1 .1 r..1., ,I. I.,A + t i .. l ,.. I i n , jn f I r j '

l a r iia o- a
ait tatta, t i ,I, .t.. i "" r ,ta .-'.. t,, r i -i 1.4i,.. I
it, earl,-I" ta... ..... ftr. tn i i. i "'r,..-'t' I... ,. Lo ". ALW AYS A C

tha rI L I
lit tI h..'"',- n,, I -'. n i t .t

n r LL
i .iI,'.II.,.. i ,,._,, --'-', ,- B'

L nA

O f O Iil *I ;, I. I l I..

] ,! l.c' + Il I I. 1 ,, M u ,r at n n m s ,I .. .. r -
t, r. lr tt'"..r I , t,.
i ti' t ,-itk i t ,. L l .. n '
-sp rtl- n|, ,', .i-,,F ,, I , i .l..,--L~dt Li,.l.-ia-' .. ,

it-ni-, -, -11L,. -,- -,--. .-, '- i -. ', ,'. . .

IL Ir.i.I tLt. F.E- i .- .-
.10d1n_ 1,j-,'j "'-I -- -I .. .

i tm etn ae t -I -.- E C .G Ts R
Sa u r i a ,-... a .. .-

.' t. l ,Lt i. -S . . ,- .

Lat rth r w reb t w 61as I m1 ak n tis n I Inti 4C 15--s t "! 10 tl +,1. n p o; ,3 erit an r und [j ia+" r ,,
,b -W U,,

a" .1 1,LtILIc T ,- .. U ,, . t, . ,
CL -,; . . : , i z. : .

.-i Ia-n -1It letEe I .IN. BT. R..i,
- .. --,_- in, t. -

fl' 1 .-, ,I_ tie. t-O,..-f a trtL I 0,.i -
at c a.' -- - -- ,-,-....IL- 1-,,c. ., ,

ut r I h, .- . .. INf...I "f

-.ogn - -a of -a I lo l llg tntF l upis --lls tthiitllitINNcttTO) a
of~ ~ - t :f-. -
- i t --t t,'n. rn i 11 t o m e r s u I. l.. ...-. . i n, Tr , ..
ii t ,-, -, 'i, i 't L c. a -tn "it ,i "- -

ael fI I -'t 1. ,1. .

I ,1t hst a..,',_- t to -o-_) S.M.

a -ra kT O .'.: B.I -g. o '-- .-l.
ael ..It Of 1t, -I
itt.- - .. t p Ft. .1_
Came, gu is l o~ ii I-i er , ,I, .......,. rL
'' ai, i--1S l '-:;: lit.- ",,i% I I, 'eV,,b I.LAi-
m e- t t I i II I I i I I I__

V--I Utt6v.3 A I til S 11NI tItC N p t-L
Si I .IL "[ .f.
F. opii, , that I 'e t .....t. i%,t... .. ,

t t tts l i t l;: % i lt*tl,-- I I 1 i, t ti c t -d

I": "t ..- II .tItI-ff-itttlitItIt-. 6- e 1trII.31*- LTit. T 1t t1 L
Ito tb' .......i PRIby- iC ( 2T -ERo
we M testti," .. .. ......p-- - - -
"I iii t L- IcIr. t , -i, I a-, u ,-, T L, r "

... .. I.t,.I- ,Il I I I;'I o a- o r 1
'It"- `--i Ti. ill llittt ia-ti
nt..-a .i-' -' .o t, t et it t i i , t..t1. . .I

of hen N t!.. .. ..

in ~ ~ ~ r talItintl. tit~i i Yq.utI-I t l,.r Im .Iflinn0 r uu
OCOt. i tilatt ltttici et, . i .- t ,r ,, t-u oi gi t- is i ,, i, ' , . i ., a -,I .,J

.. .. ..1 W ere" " oh..... "of. . '.I l . . . .' ... .. .. .... T . .

C ia ~o t ,t n t c c a. Ldit It t it at . . L I a. ,tTntI fI n, \ . .s t a l. ' 1 r't d"n t n I

- 1 a t t f n : &heeotl t fi-c le s a i nn wheni .,liotic-I. r i r liipjI.'fl I
I....... .n~ f o A

yen....d lfit entnoalla lo emute an.. .. ..... . .. .... . .. .. .. .. i ..I E .. 1 ItO

prduoenet nlein tiract i hel ek hfi tarrtii I.51UiiliilOuS I ar'Eln ctrica r-srt e
4s fn t hei c ,st o ui itii i b i .... lIt,. i

"mreep. e onin that w akittuallyetseitto t T tha~~lstlII ---Al LpleSi ,1-5 S io nd G INST S'N STOUTl & s AL{E,
at thetreerLantI a.tti at h nt.,.,h"Slly si t- t.1i ,, i. I -lip n", ..-a, I.M N B IN D... it iO
!!..e . ,Iert tit w t h o nthIn . ...e .t ct.i I
,i'" '" hat 1 Mo'nda''. ht ibti Tui i1 5 i~ i l, t ,-U lt-to ,, r I CiI C~ 'h1IC t ,1V atl0l4 t] Re~ I

Isntayear'tle-a were Iret tateeS iillnntr ii gnraactjIIilytL : O 0% rcc. 1'fit Its 'int.: t1 Ba I a o fatnd A EtIrred ia
lhlq, rll ,1,1 fc umd a :14 11 2 0 1. Im i' g 11 . ,,m, ,' t r n ' 1 Lare' ' L ,I i.. L
-Il,.tll.. -I ''. .. .. tre as 'lest ,'tast r .,I ettit ,~ i, ,,'e t, .--i.- -,IitR lX M O tA I N aa I tru tad i t ,,.. fl--tI It.t,- I ... ,. .. n .. ca. I" era",. 11,, 11 Ili''iLtlTUIlI .SHI1G& RET...I... It

mod am,, n. 1tller. te fi l tly u .n Ite w ,nf e yrlart.d ,ttlo cut ol I h. ,a e.i'tI i l-,It-a-atL .
si ad wo o ed. T tha t e ln s tiLiu.ale:1 tvin e|e..y.or tirhoPIterlithte l-titiicrt..c, lere CHAMPAGNy. W RI tE WI e.6 ST. Rt

acid hra bee finiprtert. TimmwoiCf-tol I "':oil IsrojustI am
'100 o fllred In wha t l sark mtetaellonl ire t 2-11Oura oARGATJso
U it t i, en49.1. th-,.1y.o fOlenILl ;-V U'-IIr.m eIswqo x D A W B Oit
o enth e mI us Iwh ndt it _in atl, m.__,_r. .A_. II,.NH. ..-. -...- Fil l ih,. .Shiiltrs lsPI.OUINNES -' S

Is~nabcae dwn- aooptao O S ra nTakevmerothe. Threan t *: M ty oeci otlw resTE0 mcli /i. dleBt n L
io et gl 9s ] t h eu imn is i det .I p ,..t- T tJ c &onha ,ey,.rn.i..'gly,""- 'in ot-ta d o .,D ST U
t waasl -nlhft l,. oI.d" at.I ha an.. r nnthnr h o. 1,. do not. .h esy[ ,f~ tI aes lt aca -- i

tlMeo ad, the,, fatltat It, fall-, an t t ha.. th Ina ahe i o
.g Sa aaga htis +,n- go.J, Thr obI oihitg an,11 nof a,,...- ,- .[ -

S t nln, lt n ast' h en, who, Au U ft' in-ti ne nn nncbr h 1
y85rWuld t demand tto ft ahown that I10t'1h.'anty
I Fva et o h e t r, l ll f rn. B T .- ',liFLL -,.,
5c1lO h [ )'.. ..... ... |... Paa{[.' .......[,t.'r p i :', { [i' i] L tI bI1t+ t [~"I'[ S [ + / d +J
ISt -ll .I ,a llpn {tr ~ m | .aI;n.'r. u:.v }o re
I e 4)" t~deI~ld l) hoIZlll t h- i~u~.0 TI-,II l ,'l lh .. ;{:Ic w L. O




Do you remember how yoa1
tIhured" about Shiugaree? His
adveolure kept you I lenme and eo
to the lst degree. To day. the ga
ntw nia.d of he "Further adderut
ol S ogree" will be started r
above twao thei-res. A galaxy of
ta:.s will be utLroduced to you, a1
cqalLtng. same urp. isig the wot
lot stunt work an h.ave loved iu
other saciiii. No happier chboie a
i:ora -n'el could iha.e been IN
ior tbe op:r setrj ,OfI -' "t. liutaia
can beet of all the oanoeaiure a
btia V:tL eromace and Ireatl
etcap.ais Jea3 to -rbte r bheLr In t
p',or.nmmes yOU -Il t Il,e his tg
ni, c ae-reet bd tirn litgh for m"a
Tne oi-cond progrirtttie will hi.
Frit lins -t -A-.sJ rl




S he a thern r r ntery.
i, l ,,. t 155' *' sL ,

-nip rinhitin t-l' --
I t 1 1 '
,, r',rir I C rds ,
........ ulr- Lab L,L_ :.... '

lT t t Pr rtry.

L 'tLMi c S "I L L LT .1" '

, tWders and Cream. .
l u F 'j A M'MO. ..|.

.u Tc e uT,,o and d Put ik e ry. I I

labi ieeaote ptropiratiou.'.
----- T. C
l iec- stck .f Quarts and Pints.
Fo .-. I;

,U'" ;I
0 T. .YIC "7^'''

3 ,'- '~:

: -4




Salvatori, Scott & Co.

E take this opportunity of wishim;. our numerous Customers and Friends who have rallied round us during the year now closing
a bright,- happy and prosperous New Year
.We desire also to thank with sinc:'re .ippreci;ti(.n our brother mcr'chants, clerks and others who have sympathised w 11 uhsn the
,.- r .. ..... :..-_ -.... i ,-r,,. -t,--.. ,-A r .-lot d i rlsu rel ihe oneratiun of the nrcor.aimme weP had .rl anm pd o, ,t o ,-) t m tl-,



r recent. disastrous fire wilich Uclestoyeiz ine % tiii' 0011C 'LIJU M L- LP-- -L I-.- V-11 ---. . ..I-- r" V16 Ll~j% I.% 1 Ll"l ZP'U U LLL it-E I
requirenmeni of the- E 'stive' Season and ooir CuI-tombers. \Ve h.ope. hIe'.rt) pursu';e oiur business arr' ianzements in such a wi'as to accomnio-
date the erniitently satisfied clientele ol ihe ii...rntrt, Sore In our Cornier Store ind thus to rt-tain the sr-rce of thIeteSo. tf ni
it is rebu~lt. \Nork in this connection WIIId he commenced as early, as p'_ssib~e- SALVATORI, SCOTT Of& CO. r('Str
/ ~ ~ ~ ~ -g S ale Now r cediga

THE ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~~~t ROA-ALSEM Tf~DD.--., TU ~l ~ -_ -" Sale for Wednesady the 11th dav ~S PES
-rinrw..YA MAI SEA Bale for Wednesday the I Itu dav Sale for Wednesday the I11th day Of January, 0-12. EXPORTEmRS LES NOTE.
S,' R ACKET COMPIIANY. J of Januanry, 1922. o aur,121 ULCNTCLI 1ILl
CAMADIA14 MAIL SERVICE.- ULC NTC AiAiYco PUBLIC NuPIOL ILI Loo) i, ron c, ~6 o .. .* .,.~ .,
ArT. I flept. Pirom 1.,r1D gct.0 1ky LbCoorlly- ulfr M ~origig-aI, l ColAU TO
noarogt arid Lun tu Pr,!ort Ord 0oo ao..hog und Lu-. ior Propi.-rir Oi400 o.r -g r l, t' ihd~ of
.. No. 721 nd Ooorulmio-. Lu lwoi vv 'do. NO. 71 "do L Iludid I. 0.*r~loo ,[ F r ,.tide I "L>-..- E.. 0
.4I DToFr' '-'o I o~l fnniog'tn in 1301"N~ D.~. Lsici L~ Eof mrigogo 'lort.d thi li doJA Ili 1rlo...'00 11npInIP 'f E10 n-3 P1111 ftiL.
-- --- ~ ~ ~ ~ NO D5__ __ __11__ OF riI620)~ "d. tinkd bt%&, t U li-%~.'. of 1017 and uULo b-itp orltt J.1I plgU., LIL-1 1',,ol . 9.
vir. .1"r Ble
6 J~a. 6 ton. niddo sod Nort- rorino [-art lILd.I 7La, Trinidad B'iod.Lir an j tOi'blhInd lotiino L .r ,.'~ ti., r.r ,.
LEUR A)7Jo. .0Jn Ia eera iblaudr. IL&Lon Aisoiobiior of the nLIILr part urid 1.'.'U piatho iLr L L-,o i:, I1-ico ,j l. do, of j,nistar)
Phav S~sg~penoon to ei ed to lice Coropram',i Loo Io oer at tIdo no. Iorr t.~'io.r- 12 01B. 11 aciat tOh-. I ivt-I 6. 1 ,U], OI 0.P I'~ U 1. 0 tl ,c- .
D, I.roe loss m 1 on tihe d Liy of sai1rrrn No'boo (nip y r1 No. 135- of .ur'~i rd n..d.-ot, ..v-:r. 1116 V.- 1 Q .. U- blilt. -1-. .-1 j....n.Lr j 1..a Ldn.. n U. *-..a-
se itbe ulitro on (-a te reneer. G ar tL lj rt l,.rr Btiooo.rta,..'tr toh Lo I n.l.o~~o ....I~ial O,-'o~ 1, j- Ln ao (,,j NC. _j. it.I.l I *
4 1escgr Tender ]it Zi t. Vinocent jerry A 5pm L,, ryveprtin1Tt rnltdB~j11;adIL -rL. -
Intl sotli~gi mnb~eo~ to onnoge wrolooor sloe jLo ,.,. IIotIL'a )I LILiL. ,r p,'h-lt t Litr t .' LL uILVI porcOl k-fI ui ic~t urb O r a.011 I,.,tis I.., .s -.*.,.---- .-

kl;Chnt [IL' redo.':yWl .I., c :It 1. .I..- .-I..Ioo..ItO'
Mehl. 00rj 0.,.. her, Of 0' E;:.. sp rlibit lorto it. I the Cor.-.jv' .fi e.L ',I r ,V i lLi t. L 1'11 L
NEW__________ MAIL______ SE'IC .0 I IL'' r''' A I. .%NDI EIN UAI L,, S'I. o. L LI1. ~
I' I i I .,

J.1-l 'LIi__ _ _ _J 11LI I1-

% o , L, rl,c.J'.- 1.- I' rE At 'I,1 1L ro iiLP

il6 I 'WN- ..0 0'T i'd .1 .rL

am~~~~~ ~~~ ~~ ~.1 D10". 1- .....j0 I- "1 1.- .

.fa iia I
Sb~.*fo~.:L T-U .2J..- "I hi ll' I .;'I.. c ... ...H.hi .\' X

AS- r l II Sv F. It I I 1 '. 'l- 1 0
al -1-, 1 .17 A. -jo I'o. -r b .. ....A~
-. .if on. L ~ tl- t io 0I n-' -


'0. 1 t f L'.:O~~U . ..It,..'1.. L.. r

I~~~~~ ~ ~~~~~~~~ T- T ..'-Fll.rle lIrt.l..illItl1II...
C, r; Pv
acidd crno'~ur~cI4 --I 'F.. I..o0..- -'o'.~rll Witll

a.- .,.0.iI~o ..i'. -b I- till..0. Ill-

071 :p. 1.o Lial 150k.L 1
JO~4 1, '%:-on.ron o C Ic' I. % ~Ij. Icc..t __ L..,~~' "

is 1

- 0 -

? *,'th", Ior: t e 'hoseho'd
I_.- :. Af! ZA .
^-^iTism -^--

- CI
~~~1 ~ 1--



'-:" .,m AND I rer m r' be ill W&UzlW-. sa be u dtT though their erplbdtm & w m-e -riod of depression, ,see t om-'
!:' f ;ANDI'IlPIW 81 r M~m- |Gtff Biz3Lk i pudt. la, al r i nfe i s, an d i rUian e not always so simple a relntiomr -s A meeting of those interested will
-' r- -- D.f l r- 'r: to smallnessioLthe batter fas par- the p "sOe and atlsene .f crald t,e held shortly in Fief-Spai at
p E SWA O ,U Li.TDKrS ,A .it i e ily as.iilted by een -..u.. i. the s hapv of erts- 1wd h di which the Director of Agrirclture ha:
-Or tonctitla. -eoah w Masa sand thoeize m oases. ee.m 1 to preside : The Met s Ins
SMTLCj" Go --,T -OR TOBAt I 't ltotil aor sMcl Itle milk as r ,e lat-'nst lI. no 'iji is-.that Ithe p| l) Trade ComiiL iv r wi3t ad.
S M ot sffer G O TOBAfr tu erulosis. va- r,,-r. if Clidela n Ihe t es reV I I 1 eh rr--anl Auit' Ibese propo-
The Mich G~st question 11 ais n i ft l 'nbi'w-P Ne t. ir -e0 Icb n lste of Ihe |soilo, wnI he ciec.. f a t lro dis
SThe M --i. d G oal o l .,-l uilk (or ma"bls if kept o awn llaial taird. nb sc diItirbutta the p d to giveyor r suppa-rll' tihe mat
, ortMt onstl anwi s -se i ulc fO-t at l. :rc tca bLb k. I.a, d wedawre impn rsiJrel.tfr .r ted r I shal I,- obliged it/ you mill let
.att to. i gi'e gal o .Li mfnr t N-ri g thatt mi]kl C ils yi re c l rit intertain the suaorg- t n which i kme -o isn the re th aenext
o r ptthatr-d i gi aito'. ,"o orb aateloam. m J1 o.: eo maner Liu soic tIes been made ia ireo- fre dra so thai nootrce *ot he blttint
Sor aver ro ar t t _. i .. ... ,lIt Jcc, li'e mouths an lihe. er.o Ie ihn bird. e rn I" o'nt u in eLo m cUic .
Thirc l o tr e o sar .i t rche-iir y ed II I n it i i ImSi ed thal, It imo hlt ti aldid for companion
the Tari h .r. .r. Nu. ia a3le rad-ru I-lt at this .scure of milL shoul. that Lar..ana i"..-o which e n. EIScEA. i-i uF C-.)FK.
ha Toht.". ubi : 1 .i nr i lo e by every o a Co icrned. ..,.- but ui.i trout-bom a ui 1ldIia La he
.- a =mIo tl Let a oi i the N t, ;l I i s. erys U al nd oy .'c, t i,.,ldi,, are uti aotL the moai sErt i "le D-.rtm .l rf A n.-rtae ha
Sb the hen n t arto in a La 1tr uuo ; with light o i .6f Kil lues eneami of thle r-yriculitux iLt 1, ai.,l- tI l i c.r'ular oif n ,.-4
a,- a lnhe an n the i Botlemn iu ten im a ,n il1te the amun. 'nous locaill>m in the E~-l ,i. ,, i,.. I ,, s of ur-ialr t)T
aThe M enaL t hihest 3.'i JI. eCttLIDtEMI.A ii rA- r n o iTF TGiw ,:' i l,,,c n,,. r t;" n
21 goal of u clas s 1 eing oFi- ]ll V.LED EM I..1 KO FTA.FROR T TID O 'UIT G I~rWEW RS I r it. ioc :h ,r 'walr n ,r. -. On
redjLdl1 Ela' il t to ield l 0.l 1LA TIO aN. : A pr-inri. pi ,ii- i o f aima IL
5% q sa [air a -i at ft.r l ieng ingai t I " l.h north wi i -c f or t un e I ii n, Tt.. ii.-cr ,. 1, % ir. I ,
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p.ero t ree~ eS ao uch milk c i 10 u.iu tlL oir r.- h r ri ,l,.th ..j i r...
er woul .a J :, to 0 forage iL tLor i ar L .A a Ulo l- about I .' i.

I-a l.t--,.b ,,--l -r.%..I.r ci --. i, r,-A l.D.I t.-" II,, ,-;,... -,, ,, , \.,-
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rock r 9'- MII: 7u--I- nt.. J d"-:T-J0

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of Ile.,5,CI_ ,. ,, 0
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Cnninued from page 19

OtItat 1h- 20th --Mr
Kirg, Lit.ral Deadcr w a sworn m a.o
Prri mLoi-..r- ti Aim-neron [IL-
Cabi nt Elt T m-o ,fihtiLy annoumrad as
folkln. No% a .c'.t-i Tr "Wil"lim
S .m n 'l.-l g hluinil.r lf P
Sr Danul D iaca nii .rkcrnLa, Umi.
tir wiLh.--ut [ArrtfolDo And Sociular-
Gene.-al N.-a Bruaswiac, c1-r A B
(C pp S- Edwr-ld [ Mr J..,11 Ewcou !
cLirr, M tini r inihi.ut portfolu.
Qu(at.e-, Mr -Raoal Dmeunaidini.
,tr ,LLout p.r Mk!,. i. r. Inin re ,
ci.c m itiiii ii p -in La, .r. t[ t-..c-. ,-.
J ,, .t.l~, Bu,..,,z!. MMl,-L .A ,11, ,C-r. Sl, .
t .... o la I ; ri L.' Uii .. r J 'L
ri1, iho ,i, t...iUo ti* L i'ct-crL M.r
' -i, c r. u~o L r... T--t i e.r M. s -.L,

A I. 'd r.-1

M IL 1,
I ,. I Th -.9 d _


i i i'i- LI -
-... ri L r1 I, l. 1..- -"n -l. ,


'The Further Adventures of Stingaaee Stingaree" shown here some time ago.
S "" AI' tAtll I ftilt or tlh th rll dad nrt llahblno Co. Ltd. by F J1. L'ar'rl Ige at IltlInG. Rna- ,St An -i

tY:- ", ...


S. I

4 ,,, .\.'\ l I -, E T-,. ,-
.. i,,J i c .
7 .ii~J *Q


'Lii C ',Lit!l

Wallace Heid and Margaret Loomis.

I iI r i li 1 li
i ^ Ri-m itt e ,rd I ~,..-

-. A ', l. i :'+u 3r,-!... 1h ,- O pening N i.h, t ,f
: The Cellier yiompan,

S'The Merchant of V(

c iirredy



Sunday ... ... . To Please One
Saturday 7th January. 1922 --
Mrs M. Permny products a New Musical Comedy entitled
IN THE P DDOCK'...40 people. including a Beant,
with Special Orchestra. under the direction of Li>ut. A. L
Bandmasttr. Tnnidad Constabularv, Look out for Pr
Booking a H. Strong's Music Store, San Fernando.


S.unda\. M\. I ues a .. Black is
Coming Sun,,d .. ... 'Stunga1 :

.- D _LLLVaU.--1_ _- _11_V -- ..-c W la
,i c.l-l. .. L j Y i alt l lt. Iti. \ 'i... -- :SN itnlo
.I ': 1 .I.MNN LI. RRENt.y -
IN NEW YORK i N Rr I, L e.roecm t -l
'rg. ,,: i,":. ,c... c am
S.. *.... ,".', ,,.' i phlat
L.i L ,,.i L L....r".. a-, I ..- i t.irr so
.1AL i L, F I I: u

ST I "-
b' r- t- ',, I I
a- g et J-e 'L

b TL K r ,-

N rnir h -ia icl Lb-oemi ko
0'- 1 ..d0 '-i - "

1I T -J i- elighi -

alu- of lste monev h-e a tb
re ault A lh Ihe -ic p IAn1, of In
aI Cto p --I c1. lii -0D.rl
....en- h ir a T,,
'1 "-[I i'I'' i-e-0i Im' eI ioI t

I --In ci b isP,,L~, c-
I -,e .r,: V -. .. ii. ..

- i, -,- -, -' ~ ',

Dependable Marine


- *I-N

. i
Reliable Harness and St
D.1. aOPs R03o


" .' [.. h
t i-




January Srd-17th- 8.30 p.-
.i-. . , p_ _

1-i r ,E.: -_, -l 1 2 P t




Unreserved 48 SSlJ-j

,c I ,L :

,o'.. at G,.l- g Pig ,lt o Co .-. rnces .... 5'. ,1 nI "-,: Ihr"- "- Florence loss p H rri, Frank a Cellier
,E O 9r ,and Ld .-0 oInp an I n-d*-o) Fami F ys. *

s le Sin.ere W ish from the -[ l. ., th The i. ,,u M .sry
S... S from the do 5tln Tlie i ,,,ol for Scandal


To-Night OLYMPIC & LONDON to Tuesday do L : followed Dq
Ma4tin.e 4..'U 4.6 ... he Death Scene frog
t "Evening 8.3o 8.4o Henry IV
First Programme of do l'h tweet LvnJer
do 1r 1 i t L I i b ...i .

.. -'^ i, o;v,[ei tleld
do -i tl (h tlt+f_,
doi. Lh RIaI II'u.,tu
Io 17th Romeo aud Juliet

Bcoking....GOLDING. PlGGOTT &(
$1 b, Si.o,, 72 cents;



D. E


I.? Ii
rI I
II $51

II ii




I 1

tp 'p *




- I _L- ~ ---sE-~

A i=4BP

.. ..~~~ -. .