Trinidad guardian

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Trinidad guardian
Uniform Title:
Trinidad guardian.
Distinctive title:
Sunday guardian
Place of Publication:
Trinidad Pub. Co. Ltd.
Trinidad Pub. Co.
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v. : ill. ;


Subjects / Keywords:
Newspapers -- Port-of-Spain (Trinidad and Tobago) ( lcsh )
newspaper ( sobekcm )
newspaper ( marcgt )
Spatial Coverage:
Trinidad -- Port-of-Spain


Dates or Sequential Designation:
Began in 1917.
General Note:
Description based on: Jan. 1, 1962.
General Note:
Sunday issues called: Sunday guardian.

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University of Florida
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Copyright Trinidad Pub. Co.. Permission granted to University of Florida to digitize and display this item for non-profit research and educational purposes. Any reuse of this item in excess of fair use or other copyright exemptions requires permission of the copyright holder.
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t 7-
S'V.RY.....BOD Y 8 "l T
TrEY I I T8I N1P Mn A rT.

Mut we can call upon you in the nanw o( Ilhe Empire, in th-e Apply lr M.rt nlum p Ait il-e? u' e s -fbi u
uame of the Colcny, and in the name o( the Cuse- __ WAND i~nlATAAint
,-- .i k rPRINCES Bed IopilT, I gi frat l M l.
iF YOU ARE UNINSURED fsAlL'Lcaf 'S.. ".. -I he .t-Mrcll.i
,,, ]>lled ip wi lth l oo tprtl < lo I1spiLt A pfl. te ll er a. r r l 1ne
II ,.e. ti nui tcr ti.ih lt, mmya tt I', bet-It Is onr bitas sn to peln p alttndtll oen. Til s SiiiII. r T S I. aln V erwe d
t, kr II t'l r l IalBC*, h 1' I ltIr lh -. IRlAiad, SaftA d (l'e ithe I nlr tl t
.a.y t I t Fo alin v.i111 toh I Itidn r ow. wtI I.tlereeta.. we feet confident CRIC ET t Fo'rfredx l o l.a al otb
t y i ll I. I r mi .er ,ti er t f tr youI n titsi l 't the he l 'alue uf(criltn CRIC KETT HAT. PFoc ea X Bou nd o e t a l d."d f# id Pe it tutlr l t
ro, .Hr .. lhe t r,,u itn co' do baitr ibt T"UBs DIlMd;ILAIA LIi:J two plan. lr I o r tl y hac n l har kilad ebll tl rlant d a fr athe
trenwnCed -. '11. .11.I for ie pr0een1r ek li oltla iP mnd tmnlphm. I'er hlpe
thbr I. c' r 0 T h. pr e s are" : r o owner. Can be ren at the l~rice of the It fllp rtio m 'i will IkgII.
ICheapst Il Ries Sortlnz. Chroncle." Secretary. t niow a? ,,lto .ialldlea.. Prt-
Largest in Tol.l Bonus Aditt onall In eispau
Mo LUberalnla Tenms and Conditions It1 MOOR OARS FOR SALE FORBALE."
Prompltet in Selemcnen v -
Il. E]-Rccsqt Arrivals
Manoranda--Current Quinquennium Ist Jan., 1917- 5''"la".ltt 'iOttp.C^ "s, ,ll. *, GC mwoo rels [cnatcllv
30th June, 1920 aJet c. s a ndi llos. Ne i ood
%s'.Up 4NCItA IN Citlit .- 5. l0l9)1 SI. o t
K : rt LI., ; :'tA e elcltia-e it^ abee. I .. i La~rl- ,-
1. 11. o: c.:tANt.i ,FUNDIKIii .- .. e ,a" "iCit TW O- tlfAT ttt, Ct (I' l

A,, A .A. NCubI.N .... 1,1.1n 11.' frt ,,,,ir C,,. C-ri.,r, re. ,, dfoulh Q ay. orl o
.irAli luriwtn rel eiet, t. .cA D I _t 'I tee A1-1l ,r14'. i t irtrnn .

S. ., Ir aeNste..a r .nta i.e Nt .l.orulU-h .-es h .le .
"a' rpply in 71.1 ill prile l I' ling 'leader nu. IIal .
,lic- l,,r No r-akaoshtb l r ,,b Pel Thlll 1.,%%,T sh.. l, I;l

1-----,----- --
Arhiboald oa o, A on ,, l.,.l&.....en lnte r prtoit.te.. Title.. l T...o t. All o

_N H R 1 I w an alled .rlicle

haul ---- --- do it qu- -ad ----th---a --- -,..f. crf t B lat Arije ien t tedp ha B Tre ur. ji T .' r a cr eu areraU
eaaaae-Aessolet-eut eea n Io I ATAR forttl C1A 4. JAMi i *iSiaOOK STORE l
THE ULMRAKA LIFE. mitetog cder Coo b Lh at. --
P. 14 Carictr y aC i IhD. U I;-

O.. 1 S l n n Rt. lt. B
..._ .-- e- -.r- i .. enfl,!tanl n....Sel,_tM

,l o To s I= ofl P it sIhmm r .on. .4" "'+ cwar" ppllllo lo 'rr
Ia r ( te nOaL O Bl 1pua6 o q i n prl (r S &CsferD ersutw J're nt k W e'gn Pharmacy

obl c. -- hr - s .... h l h b t
' a stMarinep Sa quare* or23 lh Jos. E alrr Paa.rkSt._
,hck'iorul,,ps .ms-m20,Ku u. _JAMES' BOOK STORE.'
"ON NoSI i' tlalcr Larrty No. T.
SI. L.acairptie r apacity c one l oo. PlIt f JT16 S' iOOKI STORK ,o as 'ntl
et'tier. crcuIt- I'gl. etc. Not tong ti fl1It Wrek Pnrayir oand the
I~rrraMer ol thIJohs d e anireeei grueordoer. Kyf d a e. C a t, r y hoIt Piety. Gnarde
S ln r on I Jol d by e any oTor oead i T ie c j- -tti Ith hrad oi It Soulsnn l tof Mary n Childrno.
haul ot ore. do it quicker, at less expense ad stayp on the job ne r -olid lyres inledtdl a p.rrC ers Treoasury of the Sacred rlerr. &e
tmy ine.rr s eior no Applhinloa to r tUirr Post Cardlt. Birbthar Cailct.
iang-r than il ri l- the APCKI Toa ISen e o LTD. 1 RnIalt d Amnerican h alea nr. l .
:.tonel3rd r ,-n, te ioattilt eniI reputation b(yend qneflion--- nia.lwl, port ol Spain f Ji li" lOOK TORK. 62 (.t--rn i.
overr i x 1]an r xd throogolt, an.1 i harmniortied by enfineirs
A I. vean..r i ..xp .t rn h- ni e l Ar rerocrks the oier c FOR HIRE. FO o L e

SweiicI f Acomm erira l p fu e FOR SA L E.
'P'C lI 11.36 when you 'are"In
14' ModelsV l ion to 5 Tons'" ret l n acmorr.1 t od ur retbllap
.r.ilolm Car f & 7 Se".a,) c i ironL Schooner "MfeRClTDRi of .15
Sch anrTen i. N-th*nlrl'ting ane r6, o on'car ng capnc).l Tbhis rcrrel
O npaI te Sot tof', pare. for "BUDA"I tr etre W etooro k. .B l na r enatly been preiriatly e-
ENGINE Models H.T. nd -a14. ... R T bnilt 070d fer hall has been entirely
E 1,U 01 FOR aL r-coppered. She is hereore tIn

T h nAppp In C. /lir. f aI.I.Hr *- V;I . IoVl n p m

t,,>. "1 1..... . ^e t N O T IC E .
.... n l> .N f linli "* "o cr I,!, ,hi"il lerclhy n liv u, a!
Ieft f "elnl e h asl.,, whtnae eaa eamih l reqllitredl Iby' S elnll ti.1t ta the
entflllle t otalnn of verse. aetigiatial.
Sanlne Ie ee tltfi eai. N_ iUc N..3 1. LO th A "it IaI
(lL tu. tOh I..e Aettie U litu t of tile4 Sanra 1"r ra
oi -UW l .. a.... mv'[ * 11 S;t ; o;n,,ly u
aw I i~rpWANDI'RI"Jte IIOCKF Y CLUB. ti thie (;evernor fr Ietr. te,
M1111R ; 11HP NlI tf I 3 Has ir vi$. l l h," pl>.tli.n N013. .l1. 48,,
wail urfrl rmI (nlag O O alt I fe c Ara If*, aIfat 50. c t .itlE Ijft f
Sooorlbha Capllal L3AtOO,l0, l'aldcvlt C,iFIt. I fl00,0:n, f' te I e | I,, l r-:. 11 ,* + Ilm, VU ,,, lhr iitiluu ,, A.Itt ,

kaf ,I I In roa ly an atip a 11a ,.6,lo til t lC ll Itatll H, 'R ite ert- ile (t Is
itaOir 0i1. (h,i. ,flar- httrh '1-filenq il'...1 .iA. Iizm 1 .11 teita, fett t ihWafa Ulet Il111 |[t, l (tih I1l

k 16 # 4 t1 11 1a1 J I a, no18- A1y~ b tas. 4 44iaI u i t u d,. p M .

Pmned ll, 4 me(Hl, as t B1trflt ('ii im sf frn n A au t(m aill o.4. '
ans le, tl *1r. l i t, 1rAih tOL as- I tt w.efits &,lel1nu1a e 'enI lail, q A IAtr'rrusltti.i,
kW 1 40tee Af 4 ., % iA. a .etauaat..a......... aaI t t.kl d Mar.lh, q t.
' i .16u-co *eataa l"A a Ida-a

eIni|s a 0r > **4 **4@ MJah4 (i< Fl ii u
Wete le5mn Bri4ts ki skoseed Wen AlfruM.

W- taenit I.'t-L ,MA ariwr bi.u

T.. Pe, ,,.- ,- t. ap 1*, Ol O ", e 0i.. i n a-"^. a*l

e ts.. o ,, 1,.00 e .. e wor a -M.e. aa\ ...,
A* S9 mi

|(rckflll~ll .1. Ait 1( lI .If I ..
I T ct, . t 'ni late t
StXOitr M RIKlIO. |
IM. t... A0 t stI s tea "i. -.AT .
.* *" 11a IIp e r1"Bar

^^p^^^S^' IrtA Tin )d1Rhit

Tm a !,, X,+ J LO W "

i v -" i 't 'ie

-1 -r n eoTZ A. 8The ace iGSU PDA E April 2
D I "re "t t.t ...t..wT L e CI
I P. EI1PK ROS' LTD. J .1.. th a ml Terik trf, hs, Phyercl CBaltre Drilll etc.



VlibN HEBi rIfflUB OP
,'LY onLA IE

k,|j, 00Ipr CiCe.
8j;'..Dukc Sirect.

Yon to L.uw tht all carn lead
to the MMtu. WALKIteR
PARLOUR. That )ou will
lie hilhlv plear cd wilh Ilhe
cleanlinar nand the sanitary
plleMtltioas ob trc, ibu
list youar.,bostc plc1nt bur-
prlic will Lie cIICi LIr thelr
|i-,ltft" 1f the work ie liitu
ruB. tlcje Con ,onn I

Kerr's Studiq
l'r' Pirst-Clhss 'Photographic

Passport rt.""ortn -

The Trinidad Fire Inuiranoe
S -Oo td. .
(Mutual and Co-operative.)

1. P.y your premium into the
'Local Compaonu
2. And protect yonrselli from
Iovt by'Fire.
1. Get very bhadsomerivideads.
4. Keep your mone in T'rinidal
Apply to IS Chabon Street.


Easter Values.

40 ins

60 cenl.


.36 lu. iI;S CIAI.
Vhite C ottons
t 20, 24i nld 30c
Tb Phr tlbae Ilrs msfni rlul
rIaIt Iu Vtilurt
TRV Um 1'iBr.
Bnn & Rawllns

Ship &i L-hterl

We have fr Sl i.8: OK
vdriou* dimnledi Mitl* hi f
fdS46m. cain be IuuaPmep
.t, no v yr r( Lr:
O. .. I* & Cm1, UC. .

... OTTAi'


1 HE r

Premier Grocers

And at Sau lFrnando and
Priuce Albert

TOBACCO C. s. tHunmidors...5 0jSI
Fine- Auterieau GRANTU-
'irr lb. 15c.
Salad DresRiug
Prr l't i r ,si.
Royal Scarlet I'Peal
l'crches, Aprioit)s a.ud
Cherries--ier tin >96c
Ei tra ChoiceSALT IIEEFl
UT It l. 21C
KLI t h-lb. nm .lt .
rib. 1
(loelcrt l MIlk) .
G)obl ra ud PURE LARD
ilb. tins $ S-lh.'rtis $.'40

Shedded Wheat
Per pktl Jc. *

FLne Large OJlies
Per boL 30c., 4rc- i 72c, SLoc.
Clioice American
CABBAGE per lb. i4c.
COFfI E e, i

Canning &Co.


Ground Provisions Depot
LlghlhoMa Je:ty-T:Ltrlaowl 1017.
PIrel"ne delititlml I'fHIc In Prt-l1
pala. CAI| n. d.l rny.

Case. t.wn n C.ulI Fatrln., I'umpilin
IidMc etc.

R-hr.lI OVe. s la Cl.-, .il bn wp
mntratl Mtrk rt It.l
A kit teewin.t W a I M nw
De %atI rapltw** rawthie tIn sa
emllelaff nl ee Ii T pt tear. In ehic
Z0" M wOet pI hl am e-a lfllt tt leled
ge Maleap matk.en meirms infOpe
.Fv f, ~iMMAM.

-*, npl .. .. f ....
:,twm. + .."Mad Nk,,hA, W.

FirI P Trfamn

Ir: g ya mst nerit
get Meftal
W el D*voeSAr

"W > 'lllf *

-'gs e aS^ N u

Go0vnment N8ioes,
_a i *i .
DRAFT BILL o oQi-eoldfite te I law A
earlltslln to Iher eectinO of WInl:
ani the irautlngl oaf robs te lad
Lrellerl o Alal elisrabbn .
Ctloolal Secitlar'q Office.
thMLe Nah 191.
Th atllrntlao of Ihe public ha1 calte
to ith. bove drlat Bill whl will -h' ,
potolahul with lie'cn ua t M -o( te T L
Ro)I Gaettllre
.Af. _ewl ,tar

CLuRINto ct oas AwauraIo

Currency Ntii fued by Auntro-
HHuAden Bank. -
OI.ttLKRS n ment tcy ~s.e td on
H Ibnr T\hlm oI fla uga Hanak n
rlcrrIrd lo 1 # la e .'Id ui the "lr4tr a
SI. Oirtitla ddiuaee N a I a1t 1 )
which cooleanle pe l. he l bs
lurleB foe-lS -h- jeac Nte 'l ma C: byr Ee.l r ap e *,te ll, a .

.L Ind'1 itr, to (da, .,

MltnaDaoaO du tee th I and
aelldr.oa lth' hboldr. rabd Selm "t
number r der nmla lllieLt -lL t_ .-
ahould b attchcd lna eerp la:.- 'v e
3L t-r~,a ,laepily, ICa melitu e 't
be trluirei lu toai whet n le t he o
ecre ickLbriLI .va in lhb Cias y C h
Ithl Iflh ofe J 1e. 1 ,

Porl of Spaln.
Lrd MuacJ. 19.
rT E following a, ndl Ppe be
S19.l1 tre ben Iean lanad ro'plt '
ur on e e at the Gow-tomet PriMd
DOct :...
Price-- &l
Na 1II Fl er Coemehten--InI

No. 20 Finatce hAttee-Mia-
atlrn ot he thibd meetgaof
of or the yrar, hekid

thi ell Feebrh arr. 19 ..
Ka. 30 F~ritc Cqailltae-llb-
uw o( I B th ird Mta l
IMo Ibf TW rLe, Bthl oa

THlfollowlnae Supren Comeart Jai -
meet hBa ben u oaed it nt mgl .

T .. .,,
M'" oatsal t heDoOeerecDrat Pmiattaff

bat s teg Lord lthe IhlIB
Si ..

6a" anId.sO a m uo m 1A
; e w Pntteg SIIgi a
Z amasS Ihn PeMle Weltbh


l.,- . 1 .. .... .. ,
Vs Star for, 4)


W* itIg tll aujCt t

rI Co A E^ .
it ildi -S

a u K ,, lo*
Cmu~~ ~~ 1'1 ~ wl.. *^r 1!~~~c ~;;

f'i .a

-C I

L $dl 3. 4, -4.50. "AT .

w+. FOC. TY, Umd. Ausa0o I C Bas- I.:

P I L ATS1 1. i Wu, ., E.
C ,l -' -.---- . -I.-I. -




If Youn I tend Span

iding Time

Down I Islands
Bo Bnur to Come, to Us for lbo Following:
Ladis' lialting Suits $ -..1u, $2.64, $l.,SS
Gcetma' dp .92 2.88
ooys' dd 1.2 .44
Boy,'J5ltathInug Drawer - ,
To fit il : I llsli Ulle l ot or ihs Daddy.
light, Cool and Sunproof.
Childrcn'a from l.uo. Ladies' from t$.3J (Spidnl)
)3.60 (tReduced Price)
Kimono Jackets
$I..l, $J.(K-, $2..10, $3.510 tRcdUicl)
LOTIONS: Eau do Colognes .. Tile Powders

S- I

S .



16 Af rV'r




V 1 (a11 F II )uout

PEREIRA & CO.. i-e
-- -- -

Crick St.



It it th\ I



Bcsl and C Itapest,





Erasmus Winsol's

Hair Lotio .
For Removing and Pre-
vent: ig SCURP. anil for
Restoring anti Strrngth-
rniig the Itar.
This Wash rill Ie found ruccetful
n all canes ; it bc town I dlclirhl.
lul Icrlitig ol cooleits.
Prloo. 40o. and 72o.

Allrid Rlichards A
el. dingur. Ph.i

Golding, Pt

rot. t




* Y'De'LIM&

lowiun :-
10 ]DO Anrlrtian Nliihl Olocak wlhb
Alarm *-'4. reaclh--.teraolly ,oldl
at f.1."'3 FOth.
llid 1.1 of Aetnrrlearit 1 carat gol.l
Nai. rrlila. i.f inllu iqu drelp ;g l
I IlI Lot o lantf y -anagauTant
1 Coupleta id ur.t lraolr uo O i.'
oldJ Alrtl orf IJverl ddaleguo aal
at llow I rice.
Eloslru Plato fole WeJdJlng I'r.
3 oal bkadlon Nomatl dTyw "a 5 a
i at 170 nat.
3 ouly Inner TubaL to .uIt abouv
atl (t.00 cor'
I Iard.woold Turn Lg Tablo LDask
wllbh l ovolvg ,Sat.
I J.oawller'd Diaw lnUudh (aJ.lplar.
1 Large Tara L1eg hCotuer for how
I Treadleu alohlne for 3---iheap,:
0)U S.ALKt
I nlgn ifUlor Car In oLLrouth gorad
eaujdllta. S4fU-itr. lur, l.til
LIght and itrh anw t-rae. O(oir

luir, Marshall
& Ico.,



\i\lrl from tc



II -'

Mr. 1t Grham YVsirwood. Sollrllor ol
James Sitret. 1rllrei.t10 b. l ilel at
pllanl In the Cbel at Com mon PI'l
Ilulnsl Dr .lar n.anry nlon. of
Pe ilreetl. Illa ro ly ol lhillrlcrtwn.
clanltting 1) UO ,1anini 's fIor allorgitd
'libel, slavt I hae lt bldo icl ticullutal
Reporter The Ill- ol Is
t.led l. Ihe wail Io hiv becu puhllhed
II Iht llrbado TIne"' newrpaper.
of the fllownlg dalre betl on rrach and
every one ol the Ste J snutel., on
J.neav 9, 1921 at. Feb" tAfr l2
sIll that hbrr bae It eao tlro rilittlr
t11. llrc.l lutli.t it.t- c .mpltlt i .l
, I I't h r IIs.aCalalnotit tI rl..
to Ibe .1. Iltoue of A.-rambli. and
.a I.uIg Sollio l ibit tlaofh1 hd. sal
nls u pri lltriil .r s '.ll, II Intliti
lailnud The .iefrudant lr 11 l)loo.
Is lelltil to Lthave beea oil Ihe ties no
itI. liar Ii rentioata i11 l t itli it, IV
al. t.lh'I lit ,It ihIrlir. hl i lptrial t '1
the llartadel Tiutes" llarn|lP'rr Ile
tilblitallh. tito FIlln oll a. 1 i S at (.iII
111 l.0 \%% . I elie ,-jhlhI- r lu It.o *iil(
I t r. 1'. .. .A. Liy .r 'I hotcll l I
L llttlltlt, l .. 10 id. a n l l ,rle C lIIlt1
Ui i Clydie lJWilllut.. ltin11nle. at law.

In retiriingi IRV.Inithae lrng il whrI.
.e las Ibeen a pt ioalueilt laud saccet.
ll iguiirc Bl"a nl l ll RinayrntaIVitlet,
thi ituchi aCelliet tleilht l1oxer, lns
let the public ilno ictearclll' guartdled
Itatly it 1916 wuamlns received Il
the war deprivel hitlt ol tihr-e fingers
ol hi left had l anid the Sighll ao his
lert eye. None I le t- V illlt, on hbl
dilschaige front the Army .n xacount
o1 wounds early In 1917. rctura d to
the Ring and concealf-I from
irtendl mud opp.uenn i like ihe lact
lil ta patllal biundness.. tie has
fonght since lben neatly 4[. i ghts.
winning the Tlc t tajorttl ol them
can pills.

Pean Iluge. T, sTeln nt the Cam.
bridgeUnilon debate on the sulbject
(sugrairstl b' hirtelf) "That ldean..
lacy n a formol government hut nu
futuree" saId lie thbangiht Iisto
wroull any that he year 190Y, and
tlihTraile Dlipnte Act marked the
mnkIlle o dre tnrinti gr. ueOtrtellt
In niiflandl. lie dii n0ot think Ilit
Natural (oulrr.r of tlcveluopmal
wa (ownlria ilarce drlmocraltic arlc,
Ir.l rihrt i lhlnilh tcitlloiii annirihy
Ino, nnil I trut bhainrrplyc,.
to anture lorua (i ralmcrrig. grraital)
Inillilpi, tGoarinr irie t.
Altoti. i ditamoat rather pfti(fultallure. w I t1isiIt gEU
Idehirit drin latil lOuit. 1111 tlhat
ita1l.nmiln tet lish wrhikh ma. e ctircl LY
H rna l ,(,, M* lrdli u ,ll ,'|l b y' I re
hntirt lril re hul I hre t cr lli it lrlav
oriol, Iely Il|>tetllh waialLt IltOlt
tl taaaa. liantalsala ahteil)ot

I -.-----
r-- - --- ~-------- -~~--


--- OF -


-v31 N '>m,
-r ----- --- -- p

, Sole Agents, 6 J ARLN
5 A eS Q ......



Just "Opened Out.

To sell this lot quickly and make
for another shipment,
We Are Offering

i~--r~u------ ~ O

for Cash on all Enamelwar

-, --

Road Buildors and
Building OontraotorB.
Ile bliet iI Ir e nmlatn l IdoCtletl llto
tRuio vny T'Incltato be tieliverrtl at

any alltway Slalinn, also for llitL
Innl Contractoru detivctrd In lar,.
arll f.itita qnrantit(te t I'or-o(-
S9ldtll Iallwau tI(latiOl DUpol.
Pa7 Dailtrit llB auil nlticcn
ar ,vro
Egibrt A. FranciA
'lnataa ('tI.Na 52atioathUnBy.

%am;I th Co. T oltn a lla I .. FOR SALE 1
,itI te_ a l, IB ta t ih.B, ,4 ,satulrh i. jIa. .

Geo. F. W eight & Go oN. &B RlobmonAStreet
T heri Iatarnl meaallne It let In
D islrihlitori, BEER MEDICINE. .tT'y i It In ,1an i.
e S .Q. ... I.. m e. I,. 4 ,: ; olm l *l --
A rat^ l and Irti two almat 11c
A r o i rA,.k..t L..C. 'r m AIIRA lA IIA I htlatA tIt, w l a i itolad tllgn mp
OH l(ItY'tO7IA AIDVItC 1 IlI d ,lttt,
"- --* flIkd fg. bll
'ttf ar-teilag Cia l. t gaaltn It h IIh t l am re l I ITI..o
Itl l i reut ten liffla grilli khe nrrvedui
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,.L a_.' a.n. Is mn-'r . ..I h, t WilItan in hM ltil in Ar rln*d tap
'J... f. t. "j"A "-.1 'J -oe 'r u Mi L w'l^ -- ""s I^ ^l In t B t Al ll. I

Vet to msthAt te w rtt t ahe routi ta
Ap P' 'ba skinAW IOt Sh' t at ...t.....t. '" r att

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,t = b4 r .0*rrr Il, aslt tal 60 mit s ltth.., li d
.%arf t k.a *,th lp.: vm.

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4 0 t.utrO.
J"" i tIiin

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e sold THIS WEEK



'or Sale. t


Sold at Hoteb Iad CMAi
L an A ndl sew that ) ou aor te assmous bnad.
No 61 Broldway-Agenls,

A Clear Hlead

at wtin ta ti tirlt Isai aS Ib
Twhw p er to Dr, RM,- U& A
Mu abalw~taie40"t -sio "a ta em*.
Brew t of rotato mes. . I
A tteoa heel. geod spnrlte era
The f.rtilvl st I. rn the IBr4tl e .ad cL
ow-eratl tI,- phy AsL
* t LV &E I and lf la s.
WS WTWCTy tamt C. e'AyNY..
/ 'i r i.

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II .- -- -- --


- I __~L--_ Po -~c---c--~-I~L ~1_1___~1 II _C ~1C1~--

. . ..~ ,L- _~Ly~~~~ .. _-



An I

rc% m


Legal Intelligence. The Quintessence 6o Quality! .

S N t 0N5 J.-J. Swarts Gold Mel Sotch Whisky WALTERS ROYAL
", 1.1.1 I I .i- ', ,41-'1'.It., "i"'f'I, -I s.*- N Oil i i.iiiiaeaing Hii aid, l .l,. W A LT E R S' R O Y A L

.I.i .wsjt i.liiiitcr marine utr! EXTRA STOUT
'" "" i.... r:.. ^ i r'cle rick Street
, ),, , , i .. i.r .." ; .1 1" 1 '' S ^ allrLriL~k Sire t .

.. .:...... . ..iT.. ---- -I OLI) FAVOURITE.
i... . ... i- ....i... '... D EM ER A R A S PRIN G ;... I, ...:.. ,,..:i.,... .. .. ;..'i. .. J. .
S. ... RACE MIV EETIN G 1 I' I'I ..' ,,, i*''' i..." 'il ' .l.i. ..ilei ''u
THE FIRST DAY. "Iicc...nic 1cc. ci- a. i iWoi., i 'lc -all 101h c Icc'ci ll.llr.l',lll
i, Ill , It 11I ....i. i c l ,t l I, III I, ,,, l i ich i t 1 I.l Le aI tcicll hIc l
t 1 1. c i1 '1"'1 lr. ch," i l *I ( ..,'i cc l c I i i" 'c ci, ii. l'lll I.- ..ii 'i i" I il,',c 1,11i l t i. l Ii c l c tctll .pihy i ln li itt I1
..' 1 ) ' 1:, : : .. T I D,,. ,1 ......... ..i .,..i,,|,,'.cii ...... I ....... ji cIc "'c ,cicu .. .h Q A
! i ""' 'I "." . ,,,,,li c ,,, ,,i i ,h ,n ..... I, +,lc ,,S l .i ,h'c .c ,SC c It..- n. ic 'cc tc ..i, t-, icci tivcc t Ji
I-I-IIn FlitleIll 1u. '1 1 Qluality '
; 'l. ... l i.. .. I l,. l. I 'l . l ,.i. "r, i ll h. 1> ,,- I t., i' c ,n, ,. I .. 1 .1c c. ,,, i l ri ll y col. l. ii ,cl t of
h ,r i till..h tii ii , I i i i f

.. .I.. I .. .. ..'.. ..'.. ...'...L , '.'' ', l', ''I .. i.... . . ..' .. cc i .. Pl" ...,.i .'lc cc.' 1ui SA.V.. ... Aii R EFRES
S "' '' ,' ."r .r'cc'.l.. I., Ji it, ici .,, uit ,fc tii J ra nkc' iic tI
S., "" t P ri ce, ./ ,: ,,J I l a ,V_ v _r _

. ...:.. c' i. ,r,'.'.1 .1 ..... c. cc"cI1c, ...,,: ...i A ,1,,ii:ci 'uiili'i''i-ili.c
I c,;'cc ii. 'icc I .,i l.. .. i... ......... ...... I,,'.. ,. I ,c i.. ...c *ci . ....... il...... ;c'. licc* c Ic c ccc c J i L '_'c
Si ..i ., r .. I _L'l. Ii P .l' REtN EhI lCE
. i: i .I F. .. . i., . .. ,, .. I. I., li . .. .ll. tI.e. ia d in D.a le r s & S o r e .

1.. 1 f . .. 1 ', i,, .* c i, . f' c'.;. [I ci'c ic',Ic l hc ci ii'" lc-' I ,i.'. ,I., t I , , ,,. i"c. .c-'cc U i ..t ci-R,, ,ii. .ci' lc "-
I I I. I" m cc ccc iccicci. gicc 'l dcc c'l .1.cct. cci ic -

*c .... ..' .....1...1. ......... l ..l.... .... I.-. h,, .. ... ..- .... i ll ........ cc..... i, ,c.... I c.. ......i. i...'.... ',,,,c cc .... .... ......l l .... MEN ROO E.E
-l , .b. I ii. ,il .lr i aI pl,, ,,1 l 1 i. r | I lr I .lc i

r~' the" t %f-! g0-1I a1ed I d ls. st he .u n gto -1 ;1 ME T O
Si . . '. l .I ii , , ,l .i l i I )i- 1 in. ll 1 I I c- t l to iI r R R .
1 W- If v m.-t Itr D wrt Rr ol Tirr Icr rling h Tse C, Iluct I 1 1cr
l o l o m u.zr.I L..i tR I .
I i I i. I II IIII 1. I I r, 1 c ciA I C ia I 1 c.ln i c i in ai.. nl
'ii, n1 c II .. c' tic ; I l'c 1h 1 l Ic il l ll I ilfl 1nn." II,' v .c i
AI I' L ," It I nn a t l %"
. . . . . .. .. . . .. i .1. i i 1 c. i '- '1 l l i l (I. l . i ..
, I ci,,' ,."ic ic ei tl/, chakesp ar i lic '^c i.I t c, i L I ci l -c 'ii't icc .' | i ci Ii. tl' c ic',l .
S.i I' i.' .'7 L 'c' l c1. l 'I.. i f 1.. ,I'I ,i ". "li n1 ]i1 ,hnc ,, l.".,n lc i o h c cl,.r] c c 1.1 iI" i n 1 *.i| fl ic. l "c l i ,i c-ccct 1citl i'ccciccc'dlcicuie.ii ic ic ..c'u i .c d ncIl
I.. 'I", ,:
.. .' ,. ... .l . ... .. i c, c ' ,' .. 1- , .r . ... O. : 1 ' t, ci ii i c h c
I. t l .tile t- I 1 ,1 i t i it
s .I']'r'~r __I, .. . ll n, Icc ,,I__l i t'c'_i c ,- .'" x, ,I. ...1. 1 ".1t 0 l .l Ii g IIc i "i.c |i
II h I , I ,Ic clJc.. . .c. c c cl c u d 1c c i i l i c l l i I i Lc I i c c t 1,. 1 l .l 0 I 1 l0 i '-1 i 1 i%
' I I, LY1 1i n , I I I I, -i-l A i crcI I ,. an nI-l rl I f, l
c1/1 1'f H V II.ct.'cl- c ^.II 'zLir 'cci' l.l ic .l ll dl hll'ccc ii i pl.ici .ccl . crci i,-h c ,i

l-. ."I II lI'' iccI it h ill, !-ti.c I I.i', Ici l I c I 1 11 t ,t

j I, I. I c M "0 ,it, I I r c1 1 -lt n1t ..
1, 1 S 1 1' It___ 4iU ^ i Ihc rt l

'cI -['- .- ----- - *-"- . ccl. .... 11 cc '... i......1. 1 I ..I..... ir i .. Itl ticii c .c... il t ,. .I11 i ,c ,II t

,i ,i ,1 I S I M. L' ...... .. .1 III 'L, I. 1 I -II 1 1hcl (.... fI of ite '1 1 Y' ..w
c- c c. cc i l. .. i. Ii, Irc,'cl ,, ,, 'cc I, Iclcc '3ii ci cl i i i ; i | A,,l,,cchl'r. ,,,i | ,, c',, thc

SCl H c i c' A I ci c c A ci i n .'c .uc Itc i i c -I cpic cli. c-cc' iy'
*'A .i .. ... ... ........... '...... ..'.......i....... I. .. .r.ll ccci ,i.c cli' . .. ,C.,,. ... ;., ,"c ..,,, t..,c,, ,,,,, l C,,..ii. ,
i c i 11- 1 c 11 .c. ,l .'' . i- l u c >i L d' a 1m o t 1

k;, 0 I'tr- I.c Iw R1o d bae Z e0y11r1 .0 1 1- 1 i
l 9 ii nl i I li ''''hc i .--'rI-c i' c1 il 'li I c i tl rental iC apti
lilt I I.., I.. . f '.. i1 . i q' il c th c1 Ic t i I IO.. R S Oi 'VI.
lp l .... o l I. '... .. I'i.. J.i. Iu... T d l l -,

O0yo t ry"l n v\ IF In _,,% pliltte I.- ti 1ys
1., F-1 '.1- ,.c L 'i-,- L i',l til ... J Sa h'n- i l.n|||[tt h,
. .. .. .... .. I, .. ... i. c.... .. c. .... .cc...l ... "I II'II .. -P..ccr..c1yce lsi.ic. tile I IFr c s I n

S I I i"" 0 ii , l h. ,, r 1, i rc. I ,,I !iN W .lcaIci icll hd Icc e I1 cIi LPii C,.L 3 2 cH O U R S O n W,,rL piu ,

cc r lir 'd .- n cii' ii ic I i. a ci re ur- c ncrccccuc cc.icn meup iL c l Ti e \c pr1 in b1e, i n, poibe
I IlcicY t I c l

If.. 111 r 1 1 1 tilel I-ou aire c llo. rrhmo""e titet. t.hati fh. e C as, 10
T1, 1 -,, n tni 11CIT --. Hoed tel l 0:, a ',hi Elm A u tio n o
-'. i . 1 i I, L-,11 .h. hl I ..l L' c i 1'. c1i cc1!. i.,.' 1-, ll'r i Sclc ccic.-1CccCLIcd1. I%.'1, L ,e1ici lI, Ila l Ih t .IlHiit I11 .p T ccii d tleitr

S,1 i.i n Ictil h" ,1,c. F;.1111. .1 .ccc. Is h yic i
EmpoU. IT I Aa. UO T slTrtdk

... ". .... ... .. . c l I . f . ..... c it S t.a A n '

A hour, /'11 ''. _h capab__l ic.- of ol d ; *^I I
"Ir ittentio I- End ta eta 1 .1,a1stile -,,,f I. till eI U

L;cci c.. cH N i.i D rOi F O R clc cl c icc- cic cc icc [- [ti e I c Icc lla I c c cc li. Ii& toiI I icr-ai .lie n al m i be E1 u it .t
11i.-atllg ';!4 .,.,. u ttc i r,. L Ii l pit n I r r s. I ie iiSupln thli, E1-lge Nan fe w day s
o TOO AL.1iFABRICS ..l .X..-" IlacIe DNtoloinn iiarl vaude\i peformanc
it," I-revioul nwelull iu r 1"" l J,l ceo n ll o Ie y rIn to li t
S I .". I .. . :..i i c i 1-.. ..... -. ....i. i "nl. i l iicII'i w.i th Th.r on 9. 1. Apr il ond oLit
I Wa Iill beI LetgIllifv10esI' r
".0c pt ilg LE,-I KJIr l Ctnd IItIIII I? tl l U-o v1 1-.d t II.- t. u evn i .e.o m
; ,. .. . .Cii, -. .. I" .1 . .iT ..1 .. . i .c . ..cic i .c .... . .. ILI .. 4 n I ..C .i c c % t i.Ie i, t.. A n Ei i e..vening pit h ... .. .. .
I O1 S e Ial I% 111 a li at 00. Sine thene
f .ii C c ', ,- "ic ..I ,,, c ... I ... . 1 ......... c a... . ....... c .ie Iki cc icc .cci c . c. Ii cci -.1 h a r e h b e pou, in
L I I '.AC a k n , t c -hi .1 i l I'm i t l [. h ,I ,' ,. ,I 1 1 lnt e1.I I, f 1 ? r CA 9H 0 -11V O r hll O f Ol ..

4' hr ']i f 0 "t e. a r ccci c im cc l c -i wer,' e ;,fi c nu.,' c, c I clc ,,c. cc U W i i c t .- "l ie. l e -.l t itie bee.i n [uie
'icci,- li .c':. i 'c .y c c ci cc cili1'c 1-oIIc' I.Ir lc'i1'c1 ... 1.1 11- ... ......c . "i-'l .... bc cIi. sP W. . .... % he O Frii py 6i c

lag I C than et IbIev l C., I I I, Speeches. anima l t t ue
t,... 11L INli rl a -.1 1g d trom LI. 11, AL
T, i" I... J., uakeEchatS er and Ito Many
Li n E Uc- I-r,.. 1- mEa tanl r n i n dancr
It ',', ll. I' 'I I.- 1c ...Ot I 'iiEI ,ii ic. I i.c. l 1 .r .iO ,i i c vlU II w hich prtl h le

'1s-ic iccidi',i cccli cccnei 'ic hitIn both cIi'c rincc arc i
cccii 'chc i'' . c cc ''' ..c.c ... .... ,. , ,,,, ...... .. ... . ...c c I. 1...u.l .... ... . ... .t i At 1ici tnlnl la .... e..., 10.

I -lo c c hh, .1cr,1 41tu t e iil,,!,,I
c c0 1111! O F y 6

P 1 ccciii e &ir .1 l'i tile T ilteehutic o ilage
E p ium cH fI Q % l I:Iv c ".+ c" '' 100 h ij J ,o,,, rtl'iiC pth.U-bttU cA'

NI Nt 9il I,,t I, aurpri ... ,ing to note t,
No. 12.No.9cuuitclr oft peole Ithere arl Ib
.. ..____. ..._th_ t I cu iemudle ofl ho ldng tOh

(;i'it:. E NOTED I(s)u Bi FOt TcI'is F'laniui Ir'l, iwl ti1W Of'hI feel thA

muci nta are btfsf ha-rld O
'- ~ "- -Crolaint Calslmere InUJ Doe ma t otualc -h, alm n m
wil cel a enillomu l'

clvobviloo, Rod Label Zephyra 1fPA v N ".naaJ f ,,c,=a,,, ,e t

A0.utti c (c,11 l Styli" Ta.a' tuil ti ano.y Voilo o, etoi Ty S tS1N, at 1 ,to
TWEED' Sorlaci l'sIa IBech at~ tUbw ia t 1 S

.. . . . I .I.. .A.1 1--f-1 . ..

~; H




Ct hit
44') K

N\' ,j '-~N
'4 ~ ~ V.> Ar
U i-*~, 'i'~ 'zi~ '**' 'n''~Y lAy
-- ~ .z~i zj

F, -~~*'~* --

fl-- 4

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; '. i , I '* ,, '
. " i. [ '

* V.'

,-'r fl7

IT 4

S . -
[ ; .
, -.***' ^ :
I A. ,...?

A AT u 16


To Con tin ue

c r

: '! I tt 3 J ^ I''; '* )' ' *, i e F s g^ ss
k j.,.0. AI. .ii

, ', '*B 'l f ~ ~ .* .., ,; .' y i '- ,n ,c; ,
.47 -- w B .'S
-dau. .,
~~~ia .:... _'. "..._..

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i~l a sjrf

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I, 4





VIIT DA T, AP I I 19 1



FLA an


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r L .a a. A A aM v- a t a... *a.. as s a-a a,- A a ; Aa.


t.w cnmbua i7 g d at e act value is the prinie consideration-
a w Aay ne iu hi~h i f e it d i not repent value. BuyiN g our
( oou&Is an S hoe fm mus a n is ur ar- t m--t erbe. We arc now showing

Black loots & Shoes-
barna imd La. .- 51.150, S4 a La
Whitc= Canc'is Boots & Shoes.
LAz=c .t7a,-..- a nU iS33)
Pat.ct Ls-;ither Tall Boots-
,Lsni Kust Tae i, aL Iot, l L.acV-- 50
GixrL' BL..-k Butt "nl
Boot at 51.44.

Black and Tan Boots & Shoes,
D Dt:t ,, S h ane I-
is.'--'n-$, ,anl $4.50
Black & Tan Brogue Shoes,
,,cst -."..- .V. '. i'.i... M L. S.
r.::-!U:-Sa ... $9

\White Xu-Buck Bsouc'u Shoes,
i l.i..o ',.** \ ; Si t-i > s e .-.;c. $l

SPE ["AL L-.a-rgit Shiprm-rr .1 Mjn .J.t..C -f.' S.mnplcs iln
1 u Et, c -, s. .I.. C Ik . ..' \\ I


John Hoadley & Co. W Bldllri, .
I t'l 1.-K I r Ni -.11 I

I .,,' ) ,'. i A .

.L;.,,. ..,X', I. C IK''
', , -' .

'Wih~ts~ Pinc~

'Tho Propeirty & Stonk
IS.&1s" i s,-, -


N.-. Ii

Itl It,.11 qVe
, hin Choy.

t<-m m W Offe. will
1-s I44 ,,% -,

Boards and Plank-

f it5 r- %: 4.

hsi ALL HEART FIODrirgBo0arI s

FaiF SS. WTYT & COMPliPAY, LIMITED .aa; a-i*
"'" "'+;Te w 7., w M OM-, ; r) or". 'kt ,:l

II II l~~~~~~I- *r iiia


" A FACT."


hEFACTS FROM INSIDE. '%I'll~. .K'ilsSl.hi -
AIN S Alf -TC 5 s'ithtS.lI' J*J I % W N .%.. L I., 11 -. e...5
is, 1A~5,. ..5.'' ., A'A- hS.I. 5 N-* I.,s It., I~~j*

~ ~""' .... I 55,5".II '*1"*- ... l:.jISus
I. IV..5u.. .555.I.. Ill. o--1a

is Ior .11-m~~S*S

-. -.- 55 tu. W' 5..,
t-. ... 5., 5,,b I he*I I....
.4 11.. .I,- ... I it.1 .. "d1..r
5- I 5. Sa..

111-61t.i I~ll ttm .
..1~... 1... ss ~ls 5-. l~u..s -. l.i It,~s~s
.EL... i s. m 611 113t.. 15 5 vr-~Ill- 11..s'
be r-pr*.p" t . a. .n ~ffi .'* 5 4 IN', .'.-

*5w..Pvr ] Mo 5555 .3 .aI th. 5555. 5l,.-I 55555IN 5551
us' ils.1 '' ., ,slss T.15I R.'b?-'a5li ell I W.i l

rs pp'.. ppl t a IC ;75S5 ws,. %tots In b Os ice sissy ,1al
!u5.s5Ch~s5 5557 I.5555 5 Itvv. ss hII' 55,5I 5 5 as .5 rs III~ 55.r t5.5irS5 T7e
9-- -1 _r-r..~ g~ Ls -sryh~. W' .nu 1,21555 a 5iiva jn S Irs-v It- 1 2-s1 A les.~
r. -2 a. Ii's e '~ s wc- lr Sp. lt' ssssS 1554 (3. S'ftg CsUII'515 4-n 6.15555 f LS
amid ..b, yeli Ft.-. p1ov I-




To Owners Of Live-Stock.
11\ \'v You iRI' 1
Pure, Fresh, Finely Ground

Coconut MealP
"T hr lc i .. l ,I thI ., fln l,:c
.S" /'i )( 7"/ % ,1.1.] i., inl ,.t ...i,;; ,1.iill .1;
"lshi'. C, )\,,Snrt.. .,1c i.s|si,sl \. ,.i.tli. t that

l'ni utp in luri.uI si.t', Is hlh',. lie!.

.lin, lr.ipr, Lh.i, , )ll) rr Sl, ,l' -) ,-'rcd
ios ll i111.11, lc( -
1 (ot, (l a ('ti t I I c.I s, II'l(s,., A .'..,:, sr l; P igo,
Shcli ) :ii(i 1 onlir,
SolM by .Ill l)c.>ia) .iudl \VWhi lsale hy

Alston & Co., Ltd.
(Analy..i, il A plicati,m)

The Trinidad Electric Co., Ltd.
S;wrials s in in L11 iilns of
ElcctricaIl Apparatus, Fan. Tostecrs, Water
He.etcrs, MotNor:s Lamps and Electrical
Fittings of latest designs.

Milkmnen Come

S .lt; T t,, F.

T>iDmi Ne-rc Focrss-.y.

,l"iat. CnW'- ..-..a..

A, vt', K LIM M
Grr (,e I,


P. Xi, 1I

IY I.~L~LhQ3I~~I~

we Haven't !Said Much B-RANDIES
... ABOUT ...

Dunhill Pipes EXCELLENCE

i'./i 1 I L.s I
; 'A ',,'.+ s .,,,.*.. h' ii ,_-.- ,L..,. e j i .* 'i lT, r ri- n t tl t .',': i
; ~ hit iS jult I frmin;d r 6h4l yqj rl n ,il 'l, ,,
"W' iiTn ,L S POl '" MI'f, aI "
Davidaon & Todd Ltd.
toephnsa Ltd. and ,
W Wn Fogarty Ltd.



Mason P-runiE


Cognacs for C (nnoisrscrs.

Prunier Brandy.

I' 22

- .174




_ ~~__~ ________I


C__ CC______ __ _~__I _I_~_I___ I


I - --1


I _~







~ I __ __



9 iner. Te ,-r at ta L athesh Ca TO MORROW
i MW TR N A M% t ins.

oeaerll Saperse"" Cet. 9S xvWeekly r u
I a Erruit Theare*-.- 1 ,V i
caid tine at& tic-m. an- T nh ro i a Ccr lr e m r /.
iti:* 'rh..- "-Olympie r etrir-i L p '
SNew StAa spm Serenoacr ol 'ma a a""n
w.r, Larl M .. 1hhullat o.or at t r. .-
rl- .. -'1 b Lwlon T' ae l the Nc i O r .....e-T.
c m o -. it .J :o flore rr a te- -Tlts inlcludlOti; lull Aiei.^
lhst..s Midehig Wat .ICCOLt lOf o
% =-ra-AU a ri1nrI-(-,;AnFTru o Aitrtnut
S "WPaic C san ; crnaa.o) SAN FERNANDO It
Nr SW-I.. r, r& N-Jat Qvtia I AN I'
ai 1a ._d s REGATrA. lb, alt
K;- .I- -lr..-. S In Meo
*2. t, *ih. cIS-a eINCae PAItr u s1.
.a -rs t ur 4. tor itet.......t tT <. I ta dlIr- THREE CENTS ar. pt
l -aJ s -J mul lr ch,.rJ aFim Psay. Id April. IU L toric 9.
t l .pe. I .e I i .1 3 o .0xit Pk perL.:y. tkgltU.ltoa itne. A

I, I ." M slX io..l tarl a Me wtci trT ow e te r m thout
i I .a" &." -: |.' U i 3 Co -i d L bl aJ Cmma t-y Ute &ufvcLtol
O e i ctl k li .: .1 be CID"l co na r l tria 1suit. := J11 ,L dN1Dk L IA. u tJL'A NHAS i FTY M
I a fiazi ;i! Aped' Ai tl. 1 1 ( Lt f aMo (pecclMely. Reps than Is
--------- K. u ll.JO aB. AU-SClIPTION BA'rKl;. diant

the Manl N ilt hI cr"d c o Slcalda Toutn F a .- r
a .1 Ad Arp 191r t o kla p Cor n - 1 C-
Ai 1 a lt ,a .. :J.. ..I.,,: a D"
S Do -arca Clyta Mall.fe I a rram" ". Ia is1 ti 'ad
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-C m sa. rveita a n r o he aar .a IAt t.ed i IU lih t5'il-C-RI'TION KATEi -.
Trftl,-. Ci cargo, passC c ers and malls.
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le g e_ t.. .Z VIN FeT--. V LI O .. a o et s. n COM
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b ank C tttw .L IL rma Ia t. Ilo.s o.Cebna tor KoninUkike. West Indische held n
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oTheIl 1yoinyi t NehrinIr ,, .tl tcrl Ic .\V -It 1 c t
iCANAIItAN I' il. M-NT M. tIll Maill rc-lne SliuT ci Ans 111 s iilr h le taLi n lii
I Tn r; . "t r .I I "%I: l : .1% I.rL r-n A.niltr .ltia a rri l e avrr c I li reshillpto
ahserlt ns r hts : e li e t hichlt 1 1roti (roal .at111.. a i th tr s-arda in.OL to t ra. r I, o r. tn to tIre
c argo go IIW | r .l i ll. f ob s.t.r.l si ro b t i th Co m ai tI oarst Cecp. l- B1 i l Irn.
lbs." k'irn.' tl T7. I/ lor a aro r Tbe r -..,,ra u, N ris.teelari sterelst hlr-,linc tn h rt

"ere J t:.T B ItI;t "la h- ;ro A m l a ti 1 r : "1 1
n ci t -194 al V ii. p t I C st aDIt so r ti' ilI allall r tar iho C e A lrra 'l .Siaaihe111o att I 'ti
*iinn ril l tatT r iartt la. diira De r rao, suitsr l rbat I, o 1 tc
cTO., t1r t rr a iag a O. P-astdi frm h .rr 16zr. n o rI dl ul l -l 11 11t the
La~C ac, o tLa t. a re Pr o C.b it0llo. .t hl AI

Ja1 11 t a .inslie it 0 I;gaiLe ot-a re7 sa ni t e nn o,' n nrV crh nE a L er Indiantie lhrs eI
a `4a r ioa M r ail aLoC t r l lra w l ti bar e 're
o Sotriprit. rL. rsla renlall att Ir 1 rCA LLy erart t are ea m.Mairiel inda Gno t. l e on-lrb e

---Ln oacc1 s !n..t.. i n ge a. i O r cos an p i oe recrn an -a ni nct li c ian
i i lntgat 'ral tit s tsD ro ll a etl i rn ala etIa td alo n. a rnorw ar 1 f a
Cc 1 t. 1i ala loDsi o t L t, her o. gcta.araila-. .. C o lr. t it

0u e,.r an Mar nla rllo a s.1in OIar. 1. L Asg -I .d 10 ule Z inc
InaIrIt. Ir te 1 r C itir. SlthnI. o f o nme hn a c a r.d- dtcR-ele n proit a rl o dr Io c n will
I. I-cr t tar- .1 tSIh nclnra r taeir d r eB -re s.a r ro ac nIp .rn c od iaail., I
W I la I rll. lr i!air l -r I laan; t oy I iita L Y liil Slo rl on tal Net heala a nd cin ira lin the isn
SHIPP a ItTtWtEL CE.L tL I sl Cic-sate .. S.Ao a rclI. i r eth ,,.bh
15 R b r in her-ced nm bre trIm L a GusA ts A osushot 121h c'elcI
i.N -.-. Plls'l Elen. rose an rI April. 1921, proc o eding atlrwnrds to a l yel
PASSEN ERS ARRIV Nltcieril ac Weilecllat antalg I'l th. i a ati a kt cad mltrr la l.
Par C olaiM o t Ina tIhe enLar"Ind 1I ItLomnIto vt iasoics a Lie tabtkn Cur pos- >e.rssndo= mIls. measures ,
Ikellas. Cro R.cO tN, a. lgrt nn ata.n aa r ii% hc -att riotd nioa A. 1 brin
T acel Intrl o iznl. rste m -lallt. o ; tarsIi CCTII/A.* rllla lme aied h-r V Lne

C. r B e 42^r, r I. if, ewat 4. b h f,'r ptt" on11 .ranursui t-c rlls.with an uhi ot i
tXL fa & &lec Pree, J a 1. I. d mnsd pram rol. equal to I.3 hi 6 .4 F .4 r,44 L t-.r-ed rend .1,-
Sa 3l d o- i lln lhaea il a f ea. ro ilt ar-ie here t- s c r
MAdl r a S2i le Imro. C t l. t los N j lt' s r s t l i l.. t P .i'c i S o t lt hAlmericam p o,.e s ,, or -
AdV .Lt'O ic M..Miler. Pr .t!r -n &be u atihe' 2nd Apri. .192!. p oc ral.g i e notoin
'Snn-hLal rl f II. Ct iar r V. b i F. de N EWi tt.iL:ANt AND S i L ti re name do laytim l.r. Teeride, Ia, that tLi
Orma @ a s.ealit te MItzr o os al l e iAI i .IBCA. LL N. I. Cer i .es Lra ilio oad iG-es. akIng 9 bear ty
' ers "1. COLUMBIRA. cft helNl Onr lean allll -aro a. taxnage ad mll P.ct
t-onrt Cat irp, Snutt Am aerica S e n i om mapsy aat _-Camp",_f new it
PSai emr e s SAI whIc>h M, arai Gos a, CdQLn iller are th be v.iew I
ftiraN.M. essoiv SSAUC aictlag a ,navs ir aloe km ltmimehm ly Traoandantican talianra and at bhe in

S M ar.. aWM er. .C-a. W vler i sa dwit l ter elNcap S th lim bed num ber s -o t ocieLta N zion le di Nat giion. In Poa
- "Ih e a A m a .8 I e'" l t .. r 4nt C lll i l. C tuer a c I nh L a O nayrar P u11a -ll hIil h e e ro
mLe ** i le.det. Mo'il., .l,., -. m A dIn-. l .VIII. Irom Cc -so Indian E
oslmCn tal er. o a St r. e, T ic IiOr ..ND IIOLT i andiMediterranea posttz naepIthoe the tons
ae@frba cmkru m on CV13uir d onarj 1nrI 'o at L s 1tLrta I La
a-e len P*ies t l t. s twayt pnu"' GarrPt a Cla -"rl C. o ra.cia oerr 22

I. irAu lnrp Cih l llsil, ti tl. t lltAT at rl C erI id nc l I, de r 1lthe. th h lolw
-q.W r t P .. a- ad s ,st s evl l r i aaes tbr there IM T
' 'l ,1 -- .
- g s Mt . asI Alec. O T. at t morn tt t Lxei d Lrne. of 1.q.79
w t. 65*tra or l" wl. p ro F XCoLi.rAr-' oralo 60tL,";
i S UM ERS S AILED. ertl a i t aaalt.m ..
;ainPse C an ar s a c lWtca **nal -l ... 1 -- 137t.1.7
g IM r. Mr aUrstii th. Atel..l. a W I UR flWMENn write.
a actl lhiu e. l .. s,-,, m i lli Latne. trtyea r
A1M_111 a Vve r a Sr Matter 4 *- t .. i s a St a' i -r mi r- tt I Il
IlSTEAME MU EMNENTS. areriy hershlsicrtttal slras e. udit.- aull
tJtiAU WAILrot-ainsi to ne ic is ct-oat tFne 4th Sai'nt nh ftarith "; I lit Ihre
m try see at tPFt C, M ,4IW a trIia t ir- has- a r-v- rr... ...b. t, takisg
cifttte NO c-cc-rn a," s **Inia acre j 1tiprlsttr

I. amefri'a rla nm is c. .-tTo.*,-a. P. I. t'.,it ,'.,r -.I As4to.. Pira- ic-os

A .e ..Tlti-a 1 t oI t0S-t i i te nriritt il tiaal"0.ish w.rit tnon
a c1 i iho cier Far is I h i W a trt 's etaach aeuoasca .r e "maIMjL-i i ri. r i brrs ean slnaI irtfih
l s"SS it t o,%,ga ,a a- lftI W a se lls l i m *alI s hA S ialhlittrd s t-1.1pl;a o asi k aat u tot rU
*la A lA.1. i-ka ," a go S ts 1ai rsIheI dl k l tA rs. a h th

40s, a* V aft1a alssinli, cknla
p*tU S i o nl 6i I N 1 lfto t oml iaws a soutak w c -' ad I :, Ie4- 4.,r ,, t esrsttaei r

rin- Do"ewe i-l-ac e the. en-s
r-. s hips A s "I W lA a eflamat's'k Matl m _pM aeo C's n t' &uta r i'repaa.a Ma MSb tLen -
l wl iltl la l5rwtne baawslowesa tha wllb AginrsItI sienllst ImLAND
.l.os alia cea $0 Lirean menwv

-s tiI 4 $ aba ho....

.t l .. : . .. ; :" '

', "'K J. ,* ". ._.. ',,L'efi^ ^"+ .""
',: ... : ,, iY/.

)IA'N, PFRIDAY-, APII 1;,_39_1.

IRUiESPONilkNCJ. e et e .; .
i' ers t. .i.', rt e,; ';.
s .ao sic f ri .e r ofM ''
4J all Leterr er

ier /-dc/ i. a -. .. .-..
, .t r o r r.r -
3r S. .cirIar l a I I .l il

'.th, A raloidtar ts ae' i
lee .i s ol Bi/rthst

iiis5 to eh;oesd ac, r
r-lan Noticls are publiishd In
rumi on payment la advance
0. Four Iitrcs of versa
tnltfrd olth In Mftmrun
addilloasl lites 20 ects paer
ll these annruc1caments are
etd ln the "Weej Guardian,
extra charge anlthus reach
much Larger ctrLe atof ra 'rs
othitntd by any other moe-

)c Z.rinhibarb

0'u aIrbTian.

rT-UF.SPAtN. "IfrtNI.'t.

.V111(1'.KR I'lS.lSS'IM)
The TstN.%oi'Arlrr 'AalrtI t.!i l
cot7ir-lt se-der.'-ice an cerr'nt rt
rl-rrt tel at the AranTE o'r :.nei irt
tte eatrnfti t o ie lbr. I i-r.J
doil:ar. V ;.. lay tllat. r t ulicrs
c-rsc- osricl- aail ai 11 rr-r ]-.1 .t
titeatcl coIsAiacotrr 1 ot ti -1 *
we t-'utl of ltait .44." L- ,:rJ / .r
knoILl' A. V.alcr, a clc k vu aih-
V C. llreostt rat the lIctectiv
PcIte>.lltcrit oI dasiralchcr l tI .'uin
J-,Au a.nil Valre ritc.ed amull
tiunu;hit il tlthe oty where he hia
Itca otolec at the "iesLrnC- lot Ilr.
J. 11 RKr.wv wrlh latlih i)iug'-oa.tsA
re the rb edtndinlg Friday, Fhrbstiary
15th. 1921. The ullctt-ge thificaLino
ia with citiccte to a sum of ovcr
Valcre L. t- eetu employed at the
Araoruczs Iartm for just over ltus
caras and -wasa clerk in a ra riam-
l bki p aittioa.
Malone Still Mising.
Arthur IMalone. sho ita anted in
ranr.ctlion with the r"cfaeaItios at
the aist9q fataa. i a ntitr olt fTni-
dad hbiug been born at San iFer
uanJo about thirty years ago fIu3
fltheir i an e overer at the Orsinge
Gtruove state. lie wAS eoMploued lot
sometimee at Teoaants E.tates. Ltd
Subetcuenllt hc came to the eity

IDAY. APRIL lT., 191d. and ecourd cmpiormernt at the
Arangueg- FPartr wcise he has residedl
He Is 5 feei C irns. high,jlto[ ender
PULSORY EDUCATION. muld.i leluh silgti moutaiches and Trecd.
subject of Complargnv I The st at s tpent'rl to ba
mrlsoln.: a abjut .($.0>) but lubtet
on wa. ditS.Csidcd at Ihe j|ealcation arle a sUSeilcr
: of Ithe Bojid r- tlducahln ,%c ,I 1ra'rt-rood hlo ha, tietd
the Couucrl Chamber the osil ron al maagncr tl the lbra
av. The cit of Ih illt, sinc Juls l t %rar. hains I-ccn dit-.
.vai that il lti re ircc r hail roi-.-ed on Ilie g nk-roi oe l ueg llterccr.

[if Its.nSot then;it a WEALTHY EAST
i in l Ire Cit v (.oiri itl, npil
I,' ,a.-toi ,,,ii,,,,,- INDIAN ROBBED.
arciilitr Couitnirlice. wrlin
1p.-Csed it oitn Io lIre Iil ar* FELLOW TRAVELLER STEALS
Giant. lli e onet nr'icrt $500.
ycr et Unnoiunce] d hctiher
It a ill itluro Iiuce Ih[I I ,I .n, a irelt noea n's it ltellran
t eltialton anod II cc-ra, iLuaejle anofr s he,- b ts ilhelu l- rolgh
Ihlc 'unllit. in the w2t- of was the cllcI iiiln t .I rIercr ro bberv
'ronouinrereicnt l re s-atitvlv I ,-teldi i.rni ie- when he "s re-
lier and lack of lund-s. 1,I tr er tI v f.:.I at l Inta e S.,oae.
nrule re-li) hall the r IC,ll 't n I rl seoid Ca. olr. nlha is .s
an inirolluct-l in BlIrill ithb li l I:.ta.ln a Id sliho i 6 tatedl
willtI so'wiie .racc'e i3 ld I- ilVolt ii i.l tell Sice M olcleinc
is prs.eible I, achieve in 'l-- o The Cit. av-olmlilniol 1t
ai' la ill lhtoa one I's ee tcfare Lis letriinlure tror
*,niho in ilur conueiiec --1.t r steroesnins. Co"casedrew 5 r'w
hour doubl. le achiesrl from the iloaf al ak of CanJadi
-ralony also. t is cer.bonsa I:anl icslerdi" monaong hiedepdcted
bat t'r. Prad. aldpilr-d ihe ISto<.i at ithe Hleadqcarlter ol ht
couI=e. %%hen be motred t.-nrk an I k riept.O;)thIeh hheinItetded
terday' metlucniU that to ftercard t. a relaiite in India.
s be taken inrihour iela Whilst cr.-noig; Mariine Square he
about the attendance at t1e-k out the I1s hundred dollar otles
ary v School, by com- a1 ced ountedit ie o em cure of
if ne-esary, of all c- ehoe r i a aeo i.oU ca c who re
if i 1 of ll chi- rellk Lno-nto th.)Ni-lic.-e snatche!the
-bheol :e in Porlt-o-'.-..o3, Imorn- and mad, alr before Casit
smindo a-id Anta. There Ie.Ii.,l Ilhat I ic, rlimpan;on o the
br surprising in the act arn-s ih.. -i.ih ohm he was well
i moltion recived the f i"uainild. ha-l interndled io pr&ses
support of Ihe meeting, him -elf ct the money? Cascnr. is
is an exp:ilion of [he lhe o ntr of lhe bui'ding usni as the
mg held by Ihe moajnty Ste M-eltnme railway itaton. anod
nhabitants of this colon. s an investor to prloprties. He is
te0 a- V. art elderly I'v with cTcv feeble
-?-.,p i ci, t t aond it i" understood that he
Sn of 1011, the ial itravellced with Esarre a a protectlor.
in. exclnoire of l]ilt The matter isiTeported to the police
e'ierr. .was .5i.3.-ri. and a couple of hooan later and eniriies
I illiltetie 12.2,3. or are nou b-ting made
per cut. In St Anun'
elation wat 10,633. andc
rates 5 03,. tIn No 'arime PROMOTIONS IN THE
ire 12,2r Iilit trale. out
5 people, or mniore thn CUSTOMS.
oat The total populatiO, ---
t of natit o Inhina. Tle -ollsian P n r lrotina l rea tbas
inls in Ir ithi Ctl-lo- Dt pliltr retatl with
lown at 212.i7 of whrnm eff, ae teArs h t I Ja l. 21
wrer unable I in-ac r l t I AirteT (illlcni .. lt etoa.
Of r'uilet. partly trearlr to.r-li-e Wah... In e Inst vil. ietrt,
is have claptrist sincr Ihis l1, U n ee iaIr eiI. M. l5 r.'I. l d i
tI.tI. en Wallitf., In ho )tad tacl ltlet
ws. ah.k i .olt it 1. fair tIn trh k ,i-.T Slr Wirill. m KalllIe e3"1
hhut the tlllot IIlillerrc-l' el. .I- L.lirp Wallrr. Ion r- mid etsl.r
rslril ailml.1 In l|l|lilr|l ntul tl. llni w.llerr. Mlt. ft ltre h11j.
attn lr.frel e It the Itoal ort a i.e te,. I -MigW lIter- Ie lt- ?I
I t I rl-a. Ija. inl s i W.ellsr Mr. i. II it
r". n Ihin a mrfT rnlea l s l i Il. this I i l.. a 1 6 l i5, Crh-l 1 t1isit. rtN
C((r lil- Inllttt lhUtltI of 11 K a.ora-. Ar I.ralL ItL.. air
w InmtIr-lne iitf tpot oi tarae W -*Ir. tIn A a tald c tl l .,,tlll
W*,016.. im i 0 m114 1 pIrIMi,- it.
11,.1 4. 1 i.hllea.r1ri .,l r,..I tto t ~. l Mr.41
r11cr r1ii I te 1 itl a ll e Wp o 'fll r'tl In r a ,rit |.r l t ,dinllpg
Inta Itn laailerstantl what Wctint u4 l i4 nktsla' t-otHltp
liB < e I re o rtrai tlientl Ins U .rr I Ir i rt l Iant1 ,1. I AerIa' .
*- a Il nt. t toI- he S-rn. an-mtarictt Is isa Ad.l.ra.t
*. t lit airvinrpa ll f LaiL rair We, l t 11 lerctl me tres
IrJat we aorlntirt out tr 3oli' i lk1 2t-
i allaiRiBot *T I .>| "ia
I mit Ir unt 'sil woureft Th- Itlarison ilrr-l liintr
r riacns Iw of airh in Iil-etrivialn, wsrlihll arlite| (mfre
aei iterare. On he th terwiel res.llerla i tirhlt the
. Ihrey 'will tavse ass fnlllitsin istlctl- aminatet'h1 ellit
o1 the dllir tn aleIt htilth -rnw hi oitclictd to M"ntlls.
e abldl 19 It h aes1. ilm id v-, P. llttengtas Co.. IAL:4--
ltt it omtmi rcwa will til li t lairet plltrloiP Ii c-aw ntrledril
e"bt l tia& k tit ll liln I ir h. la i .hum it a ihMlle 71 n e ,a
M 3b.lMF Wleai oaa ni vital as.', 1*4 leasstes a -ro,
iat llIt4 nspitla rsaesse'"aMt 27 sema m vthet i tblakl t boo
i0 bat IH11hterr isso n IMltt tanTiisnR a aets I riret,
,e _-bt k fe w*M 0 lt A staslg ISheusatles r at
Ia O1t4 Wit, *hr stil l btparlyt tmeslealk In e, ankle of sWee.
Sftitnt~~aas sits ptls. s "risarlse.


WINE AND BEER LICENCES. T T sL. niter' cl-im entlir
soorty'.o Ciesinage it beeI db.a
Tle tijourned htering oft the saled.
as'ttalro ol it Antoano Vicira fcr . .
wine url beer licn e: in r e: o "'1. Bur "
tuicu .cs w om bc -:on t tlIre City appoisald A alm t ot Dro cg ht.-man ia
:dar.tiate'a Cout tstrirlsy L!re the Public Works department.
Mll N deVE-eull. -
Mr l es l'ir..'at. :to tio The l xecrulireCommttee tort 3rs-
teida) oernur at 9 o' clock in the
c.plirc" 4 dan I .tnp:l w'. l: Counucil "Chi t l h r.
Iuoe' apF-cpanted ht olqo:re the
satris it.iI on beh hl ol the eoir. A mortig of tre ristlat
iz a'oll icr Ilrsiti3o gIerun hr Conctlwi lt't r held atr to ma. to"
t.e rnr'.i"cl tot dsimhn, tr, daj y ta the Councr lChambser
I)z-tr t: l or rarrt IHina.s s id he *Sslgerat 11. Voung of
L. 'eo the il. L n the "b hme t tztrrd ISn Jun, hi
J u n e 1 9 2 0 th t i c s e .- c jt ,d o n h a c r p s tn C u rpiout), n. T h o %ap o n.
tllsigec of tr- 'ti I slg S t ateeu g a t itjil
Lrrilttg them to rt eti a itd ticed Acting SefgracOtItjar J. N, .
2O er the monaith lie put o in a Toihs bas b-ne promoted to Lhe
ccittfierieapy ofthecouoleton, lank of Sergeant Major on sIx
tMr Puaids a.g.edthat jperlorm mo la,' plohbatisu.
alsoulJ cot tbe prunshed tolir for one
otncr, S ad It as haiushlip to Measrs S. 11. Gartia and E. H-
prrevet the applicnut from n lling Lethl hase tbrmT-promotel to Grade
mite and beer. The appllcanut tr III ro1 the Civil EsLtablishmeut wiLh
coaio,-ric of rinD ofn c Ir the Cr iig nita-, 19b.09
uand the Court came to the rcksi c letAs thel9t )n 3.192L
that he ought to bhate nowrn that Mr. R, S. Rwwbatiom, manager of
.hey wereioien. Hie usual trade the Queen's Pauk Hotel, has tbee
was selliOg provsiont and the stolen grsited a lieCCse to deal in stamps a=
goods he irferted Wccr prsorison and the premises o the hotel. -S, ---
not w e e and beer, and vet the. Ipr -
stion hop was not clteo ,-.p Ltd de- Mr. S. E. Bentier of ther Admiis-
Icatdaont was iclused h wsine and train Gmcernal' DeparteuL wt hor
beer licens:. The ordinance did not rcrutly returned Jrem New Yk,.
presnt Itis Worship Iroms rI ng hi resumes duty to-dIay as third clerk.
di.crton. .
Toe Decision. The tIr Central High School mct the
Ilis Worstrip to giving his decision Belmont Boys' RC. School yesterday
said the crdinanor aitj that an per. aflterooa in connection with the
eon who had bc-n convicted of any later-School Cricket Competition.
d&ihonesty should not be granteld.
lie had a'o power to use hi. dLscrvt- lmportat strustneur allcrattions
tiot. all he could d would be to and cmtenions ac being made at No.
agree iiLh the Ordisace. lie wsa 10 .ichmond Strect. :Ih p ropone
ati.osed Lthat defendant h.Id beer con. new quarters o the Bethany Ho ie
evicted oa m tr 13hon-stl and therefore for GiCTi
hAd to rrcfu c the licet-s. --
----- Mr. Wilfred mall has beall p-
Thbe .r-llzlnaa rl Ma.nurl nUJeons alctd J]aior Bailh ol the Suprmne
I.r r ire ant ler ,, ihou In 'Court., Port-of-Spati. and Mr. G. d
Irfc-p t eofPrmln-a-9, at the e-rvert c Costa loore has been appoiLted
tcrorc eand t m StcJonr .r eatl Amistant tallit MaLsUacy, S
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The Irnrrand. iO rhi eh Irc-lio In thin Mr. C., N. ScItplo-Pollari wIll
%t.r rctir at the or itlrrli-aot h.l r brn .!tsier a Icc-turra cr0 'Lhilto-
Crooilcill it dishboanr* soplhy" at the Richmotrdt St tet B.C.
ri "a Slc-UrL te"" r" "inetklea. In School on Tue lay eveings t S
1 t goht'of .ait g ta.rM.ura c o ock' under thbe aspkao! o the
Itat bjoalc rpAid hr knve the Rc
Aiil,r o o) ,the t.t 1S, ,r lchm a Strer t batung Club.
hbe wai the cootm tloirt l a cblIag-
in. lhe a*p[-llc of liitran ,a Yeasterdlay at the City Magistratc's
UocJiat t' In tpa pre.aia tar tha Court an applicationt tfoa renewal at
paolp.- of taIle. ne mU snric-d. s a beer and sirdit Iscrcte wa
The trad hadt *c-, rmorI rnm ta rmnfstsl on the gomud that the
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mean lie ad tie bo c lcr to that le ate ited of it diho stly i contactloa
be the rrDerd iLi-et e w ald with his business. ,
III- WnzVhip raid thar i ta m eect-e-
arFT a' e dIJeauce at c runct. The .s. Cacdian Farmner oi the
Wtoeal f aotlnnci r aid that he put Canadian Gos ment ilrrc cthmnt
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Mr Jothton s ubautted th Sectionb Hliila on Wetdnerdaa venag
of thr Cidina-e da not appl to an took anay bogT of Trinidad coom,
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CatinrCled for hrt ng i h1 3 nn oa eSW v 3 barrels a craz'a.
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a .a udrer i ctcioa 40 ala onrbuanc l.e I acosequence of an order by Mn
Hie ajbanlred Lhat unae the ectloa Jaste Russell made on February 3d,.
the mor-e hang in pososioo r tar ase 1921. in he matter of Subageah r
o an s"jurt eight did o t Lb itelf Dookie. a parcel of land compr-sing
scr-, r-dhhocrstr. thr ea scres and 32 Ire-hles asnthie
th Woerhip agree d With Mr. Johnston warsd uas was put rep io
Sthei -oe- gred sale J ytcrday before Ih te doors o! the
Their c utrn- tIroother applrcanons by Suptrme Court- The hlSdinmg started
bthe Me applicat acishre i at 10 *ad the yrropertty cwa evetu'
respect of 47 Chalottr Street ad 5 ally knocked dowa to G. P. J]agm"
iermnitage RoM,l the objecrloas being hucsaig, sagrt for the plaintiff, in
the samee asIn tbshar case andthey 115.
wecs ato hranitd.
The tiwo appilctions of Wim. Chin Information has reached the
Char oa rota Cmiasa lor a wine andi TRIYN-iAD Gt'ARDLAN. that a post
beer ctatin w's clobla graitard, bag whieh as despatched ftOe,
Mr. L. D A rooa appeared for tbh Point Fortin to Port.o[Spain L
he n objlci a noa 1the men as ithe couple of weeks agoa was mliuiagi
above cara. On he ar-rival cf that sail at the
Amelia Qaori Sla po PSalu l.o a Rnilway etminans it was for.
at, Irsra-nil rn .wis rst lihe i tmn, o"rd eol to the General Pst
pplicant. J -%icS. Sae alterwards a-numaber
of inquiries for oayumett we.
Hotel Licnses. made at- the Geanera Post ORicetand
The ro'k-inwl Nr sprcll itpirl Op tht matter bring irr lgatid
t.t jw. yTet lUInt r IP-l.t Pr-eir it sa found that a amall bad
Irv finule sad t he New Milramot.l
)IpIrl. beoe r-veivtd Irom that pint om
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Withdaw. this wa' ,rlyv a theft of PGA
The .ptleltltr I J,.nrrb foe OrfWce Oldetf,. tomi O the
I .. at -- w 'tht. dPhllc te bel olotared by he
It etitsnl rrIrl author that( lI'aitiasatttec-ss t, he fssbubvirw
the Nitt, nf. ,ITI1, lilrI CWe Ciru d raId o,,t I to the pewa
etllltirn whki w fited ri' tIhe 9th eoitltid. Deptau ltat enufil
n.oatat has tree pot tpr t err aws i rtt till tng brog matte It the
runlte :lan Fernatri o ra nl Art* oat ittef.
Ierams asutriet lime to pnctistr.
I-. -.._


The well-known


Boot & Shoe DepIrttt.

LDitAs MissP l I r
42.05 t.So CbildrB






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IF- -_4u t .'uw u.'I ii. .--i~'' a ,ts5 Ii i' i11 i ~i 5W "t'r.u s I~s i~' ..I.
1rc~?tt', T.AC ....~ ,, ,~,. ,~ ~ -ru s's~"'siI 16Ii a.Ibi N. r- lr'-'iol -srsvs.' u hluus4ssf '--s.Viss 's

4cstt~ IP 54sii WiL- 'I-- F- S 's- ;'ILIA s- s a, -1. s --I- fl.r-5IIF 55'IF l~o irr iih-lr Is's" IIsRT .ATinVIss ...1-..- -.--., r
#."q --f'etfo f.." ve.---m vs I'll t -ii '714'. f,- "5i Aislt4.1, .1. O IL. lliisi'it Ps P.1-i-i usisnS poetIr I ls-'lr B E C O N]. is'w
fI'410s'.s-FRM -h I I -s- ss Is. -I. lla"-il 1 s~iili -t i'- ft W-4I-I 1, 9 P & -:.Islls.
kbf 41ra ui -t~ U Mifirt jmtu .k-1 f It.Is f.s-..- i s-. etssr5s-I s 'Ils' ml si' fI- silsiSfsu..-5Inep"ff Ia m i
flosa -'.s'-'III,.- sssfflu V., IL.4.r." .stA-*.. -u.F-.s-.-,-...-,ti.IV&

ussr sti"Isie tusnusat two~
i~w sd I mIitat I rsie i'.se isI `...s fit 4 rit., A iw .4 A 4 1 .0w1-il t 01s p 1fl ian J lIplz T t -
1,a 1 g-ua.iLs-,rh a-5 1.. 's-i is F aeit.As...'tAt aIInn 1.tV'- ~5ssls."' "7-i 5 11I"- I' .i Ofnts 11siel 4i'le $0r-;

45s' tfisps ?t 451 ap ss~*~s V i At *.-Is o;i s.en-A It"ylg 't 1.f 5 --tta- atsyej..'tq hvvt. tV, ~tsuOf .q-r itpi f I3 3

'~ tr~~.451 sbtSic" iuass -i .iis-s 5 fra l--.. tis' k1A's Pus.. .ar til AA5fos 4- 1 .S.-1,s--i-I el e

We wruMMIsA .tm tr
seflwralr A*StUBw
&f~ew 4mM ft&" UaASMt's
IbT zuCia Wtsbbwvmhm v"
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blink. ils 00mEtNy 4Whisk ha111M
rva by the qkl ikqkueWaM MA
vaatI14lsr tuaI vnwx *a*"sat
I-%ubsn00tt vaslps~Ig.
gil 1110 IOsWL"r5 iIvsowsPWsi& a"
.i.sI h t1..shn.. 541 s

~4'*i-k'v' v 51 f -k V. in.1 At i.16At
,'.it...1L'1s,.oa. as

..... ..... i.t...g 1. ~ l
It. ....u~s. I. .at Lu.s
..-O %.s.Am..s shm he ba

tit' M:Z.-~s~ar I

I.'.. LAN~ iii' s: t t~n I

."*r.g .d. L I tI.w
w, .s.L I. Its. s ll .s 51.54,
I .hI'. )wqji

C'01 1S~ 5 r

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I... La'.

11- 0,01.5 sI .4 unit

ri If if s .VIA


-is irtV 5. I

5. .. -fla. 11,5

41. Opt 5...I" .I-I5.,,tIw
I -II45.45 S i... M. saa~I-...

110 114." .5L, 5445 'sl'tnI~


'-ilIAsIiNZ i5*A 5.t S

a ter!,.i, ,'* s~s.its

. o


mn' raur iTAR 0 flTAu

8 3flEJ A"S" AIas an 'aranw


The Trinidad i Of tif8. a

.S, ".,AYARO" lenvet Werkortr.Trinida riaGresdaouor y rr.mlet ba
about 71t Arril. : aw l o lilonirllin eya we MI be.a
RS. "' IA17URA will Arrl tiA lT pail (ree mKew Yk lvia Otrands xUr ..a. tudW 1 ben pnM"l. la
oinor asilout .' r April c Dhhe an uil fi.alwp u wouldt
S.S. '",fARAVAL .'." wer t l v t ,i j tt for Near Ya rc via r -eaadua o lo n hin .b" t s -no esrc ICl' it.
Bult. lit.e Lbt L leHI a2(1 d Ic.1U., It .6
of ll.out' .Ind A fril. In a forblein si e loo Inut which e
*n or wm glhtIt No e uler. To ib, h c...b I.
NOTIO1 Nep. to t" r Tibet.e blb .111l
iuf. to leertUteaeii. Aftr matoday ydrfc
ritendll n pa sSp.-err lcrt fnt l r P ,r Yak bor i the r dladiL Uno i. w l r ni ueall. bt Ifehrn ct it W Dl ih
.fo elsrnOr *r tcr rtlif &Al rlo lea ve. [ e iinle t In o of IllItem -ci Tiet. s"l
I All I B, A l i. Iu. t m I vd l+-td 1, the l te St.Ati onsul. I a. .l B i l ea.Is iu l eo f ticket s ,ill Cr aflc 24 lIc a l24ife 'iI sal: Itiss l eCOf r c lea s. The a ui ie ii a cel 'l eai tiictii iy be
alats n s 1 nil Tc liiec ld' VNw Vcf'k. agc ieS (UOCu "7__ j ikeWoo I lol"Itsil Rei 4Pcu ji wv thl
i c. CLASS $125. Pr, .... na .uwil ... eN h. ab.
S:CON CLA S 80.00. wera in climb but The .srIw-r n.l
[If1ct l sr t -ild l m"iln d Slaitr Cirtr"ciar or i a qits ieq nlclr i ciplliatiloD i thi rentirely iabown
Snl Yllnl g elirs r.nitia tldefO it 0.5.0d Oi.) 1 o U g*th eir '" itc. i ta i eiurAe will I -, acsrci. of b r
Furness, Withy & Company, Limited, nor hi.a, +.".:i:, k '. -
(Lat- The Trinidnd S' pping & Trading Co. Ltd.) .n.I.cia .,i.. L,, 1 n. o..a .
Ci.ilaccl .1 ,,c i. L ,til Me.,,i i a. llg. lea
of iLr aril'larc LIb ril iluou to
-l.bI. ue r Ift'iucl( \a'ue incie a our'ey uf the rrfr, and it will
I.f cut cc elal r in -r[ to emi aect up
Quebec Line. of.. Steamers. "ifdC' l"'i a.r c.i.c .i..ii.Nci
eD8C Lac. ro Th.u.l Mjm li\tr l n eed fli e l'?s
I. i. .. iii\ rrie '' froirri-.NtX V' Vorkf ih ITc o tlrlJt i.lai d ,i I' ,1,') + t.c a al i. .."'"'J "
On lt liclh April and %%ill Irillcu the olluoifl day, fair New Vorki. e n cplaoicl a i('09131y .it'ri' a wich
Thw e iut r i liiow t pr tlt.t yll n tolll.g
Fo lfurthber iu .icu. la. apply to 'wT pre iafh a fe ct 6 y ieL arp in l ,).
Furnesa, Withy & Cdorpany LUnitedt ,e! h4 i, y,, be ian.j' as .r la
I- t The Trini.a d Shiii|l-a : \ Tr.i di Co., Lid. i a p. veni r, in fTillbe I.c.I pa, bll.
l .t i e 'ro ritd imps Diotg tIo Tind l .
S. - he hilh phlsu ki lbr back of
sa't- m rn r. bthe coaBtry Ie oIpena aUd
Seay I rei l 1 tfllat Thrie pie no
... --- r- s .od %ivr t I tI llt vqetallin'. nid
. . .. eul rei ihal the- ppfor heli. I .e
E xce ent V a. I I. l.e. ,,, .

Se iiin np I"iqy i n- r .:i lh"tI 'li'ue
S! at .ln t Iliual t* i Ui,'-'w rr'Ati ficreil
LIVc I n 1 ls ar ..oiu S1itl leat hlil- af.
.h; tIa c cii. I ul lhe itic,1 o
I .. h....tire s" ..i ... s ica l '., iir .i..i.i eit
A wil lt-Ill- -. r1A 6,., '. ,
L- 11.i ,iwe t hll.e IIli r h ,tllhf lu I, L
nj gle; il'coi8 I*il lE aid ei> 1 Eunlt ans.
1 1) | >n .l T Ih r l -e im l'lc c ,l I'u d e l.,

Men's Hosiery

1l.Icl, W while, Ili..,ii 8.1.' All Colou.|,, 1-.4-4 1.&'

I W nLL\,1 .\I l.i -l I I lI, \\il Cl c2 l -$- 2.


I --~-- "-- _


T IE I,. "MI-GA.NTIC is due to arrive at this port
on April Sth. 1921, and \dill l-l on April loth for New
York via B.uibdors, Mirtinique St Thomas and Porto Rico
Arriving in New VYork f(n A.pril i18h. First-cl.ass passengers
will b,- acceptcrl in thriim h ti-'urling. tr England at IL mini.-
mum ratc of $330.00 LI S Currrnc-y. Passengers lay ovc,
in Nrv rr'rrk three, djyi at their own e# petnsc.

Archer Coal Depot Co., Inc.

----- -"

Variety ot Uses.

The uln i to twhihli LEA & PIMIIItI
SAUVtI .fl r.C iw pt I ro ltnnEnirfhltr.+
At I.mi Ilrni., l)iittirrer ibI Ir,' hl.d ,,u ri,) for A'R4110 Afrill,
ft, (Ptit, (,' 10 '.*t, ,. c'ia/. M.,
Irt ep* itrW h t. is I ril tipenatahae to thn
wc rit f f.' .. ; ..'o tcc.,.
teIslMtt uw. cr.M l-t~a m pa* Ia I b h

AI "eW Alo .

, M-: 'T *"' .:

Ditieullies of Ascent.
B 1 i.", .i l _cc .14i 1 fi f inrf. I le
lilhni eIniflll[a I Eibt iwvrl I 1 i.-
iwirc bla .tir c hie iphly ie pl Icli ti?
LLc4. D.I.Iti I |i ltain Irl .llb ri l i .ni
l- Ir, iI icr i.'. ilslrw enl 1'lllia l
\Wilse rl anl t lir eIt" irllo.i li,n f Iil
Uiml l. i-rF-ta.fr1 a IIi. cIh. .1 Im ,str
irua icltpllhtoigr phet ic cihe i lS.rn
a l LoMl4ernicu c. the illtlrimlllr. wIll
ci I ia I 3 thii erninMilt ke r
lri.'lr ibmr h ue 1te nolier f tir eiry
lick iLu uiLc'lr. Ic lhb llirlicpit.
A.l .i.'eI ptaiic 41 ic In iu O b--
ictceiCF iu HeIt ie.ecriun. Iluse againl
miD ,Il.t:Zai el1 llcril. llcit Theim.ui.
0,.Dn Wcat llrr In atul. .il Aegu I Irlh
ctLa.T-rmlu tulu l b.on t eiln e mit eof nci
I msiL.. rclir a "npci.llblr .i,-ii oa ihc
ral preiiptrciiir hi rr'u Ir nein-k" pleat
Ibh-'r. ao lili) nli etI ea ,r a au s a.
:l Ikirheefo-, Iuers uraclier aon ile
hortxbcir o ale of Lbe rA0m. morirrlr.
onut erl rit s shelteredi btehnd Ibhe
jgrrl mnsivie at Kalenikeajngl. 6.J
nilclsw y ito the ct alh call. cl.l-

icci'.r in lciedii ri |hr it.lIt hZl cc]iiri1|I
n-ard uI h cr-.1riil. (lic pii )Bn.-er i

clt h 9 oen Ehe 1 ylivrreIe rjnihllon. Il Ii
.y.el rrstein II tieeccir ici
feel. The Ic h ei e AcH ltiri .'i.Ieh
lb. nlilwcmlrc Ik n t h l r lt b.l4clitu
tew thlmbe rom $ii e sI
Ike B uiloll. It ic l hnie i Ihra tilei ti h
Iiicu a lull.a ygrtHla-I Sufcoh It t-.
itl c iO h r ircl i Ih eile rr hif ItIri n
Ihr ItI, b cel eel ,l. bc l c s i Ot shr'll,.tl
Ehlnrl PInilr ttc lb uItiict llr lltltiel ie t
.1 ) irNci e.rnr. i|r.n n icLhcenc e -.

Ihi iii..elim ric n I sc Iricii tm lk

h a. The, lb. lAR AMu 6.I1ns lou s
ti..c i, c. .1u i .i E iii lMi pr 11ri .er ea
l eltimat p .1. rII c, .of .e ike-
b'hi'Ti.r.c I. t1,t i.. luck lihii dc.I bi s i ih
.t tiul ic rrii ie thaic. I imci -' eatI1,

Ai*ii.r i iitrc c Iin c t i t nl e 1111,1i ,
.ii ,l'.h i .11 lil ne, I ,Ii 'it| a clly

bee,,.l Ii h. I1ic c.i..p r aitii ,
W llc Ice i iek Islum i|e|. Ieit
t9 ilt u. Ill1. 4 g m fl, 6 crsi ,.
r1 .e wic s lw. i|t ,l ofa( rE! hir|.e

t.ri n iltli..l itI cnI, s 'ctl. i i5C
" II i .. Is M fmtnw -il cr1 ioI.II
1a-.. l cml ,. cba.1 lci. m .. I .im

.4 1... h I I. -itl..t he |r.tfl
hte It, si-i n I iwm tist '.l it lirma
eel, I ciki.t Isit-i ctad taI
p.tce ,tct II atIen, m cahliv .. ralt

-Ice nu alt. he adW uaIrm eon*

Lad s -1at m h '

1-ac_ 'i._-tn hl'., : "lc_
FT hsc iNo. .e .cismcc ant.l social at



JeLica A aU

'Be sre- A





AlTiy d

This Week we are Giving

20c. Off Every Dollar You Spend

On Cits1 only.

Davidson & Todd, Ltd.

Tho Royal Bank of Canada
(iata ti u nanIT I, e,.)
ILt Alt Ol'ItL'It ... .. MONTRIII ,.".

ripgr.l l'Pbl Upi $ .?14.7R1D 00. Resmrmv $20.721.323.00
Total Aat S 546,370ct%.00. '

W1OS0nort fVIcv' It 1 .. .. rt.. De Htec. IR C .
MIW RVYI K (dlll,18l .. willk e.
BACKEIwZ u rtICf,, N -- m* am ds Cata a6.
: 1 tW a a *, ,
H wtt J to trees hail M04iaml I

| .I ., ... _ft
bee Ar a- ,

1parzna Raves.
SUNDI; l'Till;. l itl O"Tne,
Ta heht on Ithe aewt'e raick Savan.
ash an h A nt
LUn..r th Jollnt pt'.nitlo ca[ .IOJUN
MItNl?:-fl, r'., Wnxkdea end
Mas ltlrul. Dr. K. V. t IKNIBa,
D.M 0. L.ON VK. 1n VFRT';UILt.
i--q. l;lclilrc hiuilneu r, aL (1Col.
II. 11. In -- ***

PnovSuoaNax. rxoonAfltl
1 i OA'i .N-.i.i 1 Cri. 5 Fur-
,lI v ii to .'11pa 1 hcie.e n ib.Thorugtl-
limr Ala ,t nl tio limu I r f cnalcy.
I'ri (15t ui f ,hich r,,ir.,t Ei te, I-' rc-
eclvo 10 1:ulraunrco fw ."; tiU retrp-
ulrald Wrilh C fCr cmte.
2 TriN -. IILINY COINil 11 CUP.
Time 1.30 I1.C I rlulon r. tr-ie A
C(up ipresntilcdl li Mr. Jtai'i dile Caio
tf .ilaria ;ilt.h ;., IJI lrJ t frtW Ihe
"unds of which ri.'i.I| Lot it rteo ive
$l0. ntttueun Ic e l s; Sir a-ytak.e $5
Olpei Io all holes a per Culi.lt6i tcon
T.".L'. Clct. ii.
3. IAUK I L\t t Tmi i,.r'- 4
l'Uotla ,e. 'iir l..0 C "! hich I "e cc-
Idl l0or,'15% $7-. a.uiman.c I Swi-p-
stake $3, catch re iht. 0p n a all
lm .L ar,.na f ibL b G oinly f St.
4. THll: S6 \\ lA i q.\VIiZI- ."S T.rne
l.':I p.. i t',i F rlm. 'i,,- le- .A 5 t
lr lir ii iI. I L ii 1 i. i of tt Wi-|as
%.,Ib I teo udlh' iram tIe h'atu, eo
'ict~,'h i".'d III er" f-. iici$e $1
foI'm r a cr to nil .rr-' a per
'. I..MI1S PL'U ;l1".--Tiiu .i ipm
i*| ti t .Lt i 1' I-c la rI.c. atrh-

'liiliI. oln- I at.1 1i.,. to <. per l-imfi.
, . h r ci t hin it for
iii~i iI" ,rn iio nl ir,,err. per C'
All],in I 1 L'. L .. Ii
i I..\ i'.ir>):.\ l .-TAl:i --T.wa
n i I V i l I.- n 'rl !.0 0o
I Ii. I I n Ia It '. all
l i, r.. l, Ii.0 1t 1' 1 1 ck

't.." i r i.ui- n .ll l.r n Te Tiles

;,A. ll .hltcr 1, ll a s (, >.l be
1. l ilrl. rl r l l A. 1 Iu b o
-. 1 -f a t, 1 ll 3 it l. l a
'I Vclat ,.ralcu .ll ..I | -li ti.l ail l lbe
r I.r -i h u.r m I-iiA NILE [,
Ile rI-Ici r ty f ikh ame ua rt Io race
tt? I- Cllml AI,... -'- Illc .' 0i .

rrrtn AN-'11 CY(.,E AXD
A ll Ji'..- I) i-a feC .10 'e .
I., fori.. riliolg l 1t.s meetlini.
SAll erries to I,. Mao n d Pl
iou t ihe S crimy r.l'.r- p1 eina
We,-ii-ldy _;ii d Match. at l, B
-A..t% i." Il 5y T'o IT' tr l .C %c
.'ari t.L , 5 Frl1.. I P ri- a IL .

Imu to9. m 7

 alIT Ir Wil orae un.
It.u crI % a un be,, p.eo
ow-.rmcor bl t .m. n *i l|. intg
Aul. i c" i t, 1i n uai BI, I aie tc'

AT I YOUR t SllR t.
.Y T. MOODIE ll 11 81FCI 1ION1,

I.t xST a t.


I.yg,'hi, Ilroilnuf



Bc MOODIE & l0ttI,


mvw VWX..I.


Loan Dept


66 Marine Square

(Under the Ice House)

Tnnidad Jewelry
AN y t.
LoUn Conq0flny It_.

Sa.5ves cosr of botsc
vIP for itwithin 3 mco
'in any Motel or Caft

A"a%- b, TTId&J :
SC. HAYS & Co. 1.-
_ u



. +, ..... ; ,

.JI;l. _. . 3M ,, ., ,a ... .




-e U I U~ S'MNP A "4 leNe flU i


ut l ARD 1 N,

FR i IDAY. APRIL 1, 1921.


''lh l'Prelct Sh te is the ,Lone iIn which is coml)iillnl
I. Bfssa 1 114

P 22 N Cr

I,1 l II... T inil. l Pu li h.i,- I% lt :l.n > O discovcrcLd these' qutilitiLs
n /: ) '.\ : 7-A', ., ) Shoes, hence thI- grcat :n1M
ilt, In i nl! dl4 in. in.Alllt l L t i i.

I'lh,. i n'l..l til t, th rit ltu- hil C.l ile's .1t tock of these shC e s i o, Ils
.1 I,..L.till4 1l.111 ill tI: l 4.11111--', It> 1I 11' holds the "' A C E ."'

Ill r ,i lt' i ,S Il 1.1. lli, W ll S tI I un, ltr cte i l
.I ll, 'C S1lu s li.i\. pu t l tIll in irk--t

T iiE tICiI

. 9 ""

71 1

lntvftff iiosiery

-ti OflleC~ i v. cli Qroomedr

Im1n f or l-l-,,proot I
l lunlr.l. tlhe-' l -tiI- rs, cl,.InC
of -l,,kprolf .ipp:..lls to ..,.
tn hItl ,Is its I.IInous \\ ,.'Lr%

osiery is but
t appearance
.odl tast,, as
lin. qualities

, Hi ;c il nt.
,,,f H.>sc be-

Got veiytillitu 1"01I oia
L i

r ,,i .-:li -

Brit (sit Goo!.Qs /07 1h 1~iil

I I.4-

A (Jradin im"/or ',r'h 'I'/! o(/ Car.
I I,,u 'lI S "- 1.. hin r ,l Ii 1 |a. .' 1n, .; r111 Ii inIl.

West India Oil Company,
'['ihI r. ',i ... :I tif ay.


E-Shoes for Colinag-.
do Boating
do h.ildrEan Ld ci.u s Msos

Inll ,nr sol.>.11 tlhe l linl.
.* -

Citis'.' in,. t'w 11.; I 1'1n pint tllt'lli...tilly
Ilt t i. 'll 11 i 1 .1 I- I t ... I1 illn C'lonitcLCI l
with Ill.llly 'l.5pr i. Ill 1 .ln. ,-e- ,adv\llccd
in ,ilin l ,.'t'in in1', ll 't,. ls.
A1"L 1CA .-,nI's st.qlh .n, I I incv styles lhav
i ".-t I n IL i \ i 'i I> l-, li.'.u'liII. S stores.

bS i l 'l S.

- : -A
;'.",; ,-,-- "/S >-- .' ... -" -'}'---
*,;,. .. !.y^ _ii_ < C


-, L ~ ~-... '. -2


'-11 Broadway.


-. - ~i~Zi ... L~..Z..ZASJ. 7.~Lrznzzr-z~:zx.~. iucx.u: tZ.~~Ct~ C ~ ~~.LnnViflWt..h.a.

ro tell h.h .,.1
4ttP. SA- t L -A. 1, 11-1-
.' I'- ,, It -, n . ..
,1,,, ti J..I, ...t
h-- - -L 1a ,Lt.

I.. tL .' I- .-.d. I i llh.-
to l, uIit1.
., . . L, I _

.. .E. I S L h A i i. i t [h .i.

I: t t. LtttrI ,
d"-I' t ... .. I i I, .
... ..' ...... ..

it q k.lo
I i' t us
ast hg II oi

.... I

i~~~~~~~ ~~~~~ :Ic .UI. il. hri ii ~~l i. :.. i
,., i, ,,, : i .,I, ',, 1 l~l ;Cl J i .. i, ,"lt.' 1I,,, L i t L ,i lh i I

S., , i I1 .. it I l.'h h Ici
....... . I Vi. II



.. ........... .... ..... ... . .. .. ... W IIA I ,l;\ ,'.t V, t Iti
W 11.." ':- 7 I
Eugene Bolsslere & Co. ,: .,,>,u,,,N,.i.-,, ,' 1 l;. hii II .11
( ti'rr l",.i ';iln l,< $ 1 l,,( ; i, <
.Masson's Bay


Space sBulbs and Reeds. ,LEE LUMi & .Co..

......._ _ __ __ _I'w r %

TILI A11 it).

Ii. i n the |mia.i (hii zL 1 Tl' l.\ .] h lt

r it 1tl.t lli lit .. L lt l .D l t LI,

I- t I. .. .1 It l ... l, . l.f1

I ira II., I i-. 1... I. B ,. Il! h l. I,,

hl' l.ln Itliii r.n 1 i.. s,,. 1. l i..
a. I .il FJi Ih Wi ll. a. I .n ; 11. 1 W1 ,

It. imra. l.l ail 1.1, BIL Viru,. al
1'- i1.i, I it ll i e .ri, t ieI! r ,
I t l. '* .I el l
,I ,l- hlat.i rl1, n & . l l. i s"
"S 160 L '--1. 14 -fL. W 1.1
li q -| 18 .. w, 1a 201 I ...l l Ii n

I M* I I illI r.ll oAY ti, ee f.h 1)J .

Ill am I 1. i n,' .BL ....ll

~1 -

~ l~r~ l~lr~ l ?.,. l

i~-5E~-~U-"POC--- ~s~i IY ~L1~LI--YI~---U-YII- ~a 3~-~---sl.

~YI~-- _~L~



L I 1 I t H t II11 1

I .

, d...' -A. I





--I -


t' THE TRINIDAD GUARDIAN,, FRIDAY. APRIL 1, 1921- --_----- .

MINUTE BY SOUCITOR GENERAL .r- c a. I -_____B__l__
H&RDWARE DEPARWtNTr '. : More Oil Well pipes.
r mlf-da *&' l x c n t tm.
,--.. .- -We h ,vL i WC Ltelv ;uhlhi the following to o:r stocks:-
W e holi a full stock of( ., ... E A %.:z-_.W _**.T -" -" ........41-..e.... i c ......
h -fll...; .. SFpaare Parts for Jarecki Fumps
Sl .. Armored Steam and Water HQSO.
..H.......v... IWood Jacket Cans
i Sucker Rods
n i..- -"i ,-""- Pipe from ''in. to 4in.
,.. .. .: :- Worthington Boiler Feed -.-mps and Parts '
.. "Vulcan"' Chain Tongs, N 3. 32. 33, 33:, 34, 35 & 16

'j : ':r SAN FERNANDO.

HOSE: BLOCKS:- b 7 F f : & r.
H0S .... "...' ...

S k ar .5_l L : ',-t. .-
Suctinc Do. i,:- ... WATER AUTHORITY. .r % 7r- I:
D- Tr F___ .: ,-'Dn
G.r(i S-..'r." P -. -!am el_. j'. -
- -- . -. "f "~,'-* :"" ' -' r ,.i- .,,- ... 1 1 \

rThe Motor' Supply 'tnve. .. -:"1" it-!

"" . . .- rar L>"' .rl ,' : ,

LI'NuIL i BEBAT FLLii ; , '
Luxebrry Xards : -- ''

.c 1 he Motor- Supply Stopre .rind Auto S-. i: Co. a
,- ; ,',-IT ,I *,, i '. T i
,. .. t*. . ,..". "'-wn ,.:
7n tata Ma VronF Side.

SAN FFRNANDO. .I ,,.-' -.,' ,, r. -i .--i : ='
11 lS..ri -Lm I \ G ILU-.. Thn -ute; jl- re z l .. '-e n.. 0t R Y
.: _N i. ., .' . IIs t U : ' ..e. -. ... -: -i, .- :~ L...-"-..----

T '' .. ;.. F:E : : i r .- T "-1 -,.- G E R
SU Belancouri.. iT e A. ,trato. e. c re- Vc A.u : r ,

,-,u,", .. .' .... ... .... -. *,t' '.. :. _.-.,, .. ... .o i.n.
;Gena cr T- D r DI. I: HM i "";

'ii bi I, liV tW b.Ini re-3tn in Cz. nus : .u Xb.
U r Len er act s nmr re IC bI .z' IZ t- CI P rL P urs 6c:! b *,

11 nn r rriL In r ,, .. n.

S-. r . n i A ppoin rn o Sani ry T .: ;sle in O tt ir. l o -lii a .

|,ii nImt ti1* .'., i.i. X:iMUt- 2 0C NOT r.C1 Z z. j p. inis iamitie li tins1,
lc. .d. . .. . .. . . . I" ", i

._.,elter L um'r at Ch. .per lia e.. ,= +..- t. ,,, ::",', :" c .. gwn:. ,q L.--\, .l;b:-,'::-;: ': .in U
S'- AI sti. "i m.;.i... m* .. ,' .. ,"i" ..I t ..i t a *it "uii" s'.. .m..l t. i o win i t- the ln "s -: s '. it ,. j Gi O iE RY la 1 iri

I. ilri tim ,._.e ,.n a.C," K _Olec .i ,1m1 .. 1 r :-ti e ; d oi ti ._. -: r i I E .-. tal '.,. .V

n w W rtB's; Drug Gtoa Carru"l.E? T : S
l tcr Jj ruu iuC 1t,(-i . ,1 1l. 25t| .- .. .i, l i i .t.. -,,,: sI .... e v ci. i .'in
'- lfc atwM 1et t .win thtl .n I a mrt R er.kl jlc.. Ujr i 1te ,l ad. .-tl ". ...ih"i 1 'in t n ni t
ss s.. .. .i. .s. t 1i H ,l s ls i asi-.K 0 I,, % nastJii. Ii i t.N. i.m-.i i . .i.. l Ki T.10 50. "

it--'-, fT nt ,s fs.Tit ",ts cti',a i i,";'1s i tP'tr. tA it *tImel oe JeCais ii},* .|n-. Ih .ir pt'idia.'s-i o ihr-t p l, i ti inin r s.l en I as..i i s. 's .a U k i, 7,
tMhIt TsuiostB A tn* i s 4 -I n i -si.-lea sia L to la is i s
P I, N E'/ t. ." l t l eiei r .l ss fI,',* |||,,| |,lit elin. the'i.1it I JLN' t i ses Ite l
171ft 10rd i e atl'i nt i ,:- : v.- L7 n :le o d. .,L= M eo n -= Vxc;. i, . 15t L'.

E s a te..t ....t ........... n...**. .i tto ,' int... " ,-t .. t,.itg B ,th. V. X.i see,, .,,, .i.ts... ge....n.le..i..i, l,-. I,,s .
-:1 1 11 V,7"t h, Sm'
te... ... r. ej*o... .. v. s f n- I t-,,' . 1 A k .. I- tm -.. .. ..i A i..' ,, t D a i IL

j Tb. Cinut itam eas i qtn'.n1 s ttat .-in i tn ^ IP *s-ii incp h uock t -i* 5 aB a I Mi *I ll t. is-s l, in .. -".i t '. ,i ,1 d F Ti S a1am iI iia -
itLO CAL HM Iti b UTHORI t.. .. . Jts: ......... p" -"L c......

;k-'n 1i- ptttes c-. 9 hati..Sof" "Si "TW" I* s-se et-"e h '"- -l,,. D r. i... Is.'I. s Iea. Elms "t .
-ma ha,.0&. ,,' ,sc Ii' n-- imni" in. F C .eIt-sit -k.,t. t ,

i. c-.s.iva tsIt %. s-. atis at r"d sM ,, A, ,,ku ., t .itin s .- .." t
J "-t -" '' X. Te .......--

B ethir Gtfae&f, t h iail anitlitim(, iri -mm-".. ... s-s--i ).-t L ...... a, il taNIl in i ee ssiaW i nI s
Sal s 55, uIIi-I. an..s (nes i l st
FI7e aint. aisnt i noa i 6i.
tb Ita"M h i cLtnhe n .. . -''st, .
ad lb 11 aIIsIpIL g, s. IntnCa s. i n n t i.
1- k its i Ii El mm Ro
MA I A C M adToioisdi",oIlw tsseoss 6 6 Pfia I-,.Cptrfe

t., slp ** f saa M 1"11 4 slsilwl.& e.. is ip soeest ase te




_. --'" 'HE TRINIDAD Q" U'ARDI N, 'RI.l
S' -- i r---- ,, ---- -

a ratoi,& c


Just Rpceoved a Beautifdii Range of

Men's Nealige Shirts,

Pyjama Suits,

Felt and Straw Hats,

DAY, APR1Il 1i li1921e .`

So pany

.M.1 -P

+ Canadian

illAt Tril Aprl

__l. 1- A ruoil Atp
rn-iilionrn 1 _

-'I----c :t
taI.,tll U t lI I Aril I

JAL U It Ap- i "il .ia Ar
- . .e. il"a d rcqstbet tan dot
Iy "henl is. aod I st.n .

ma. at haan1 tar d at
I OY AL t a t Th -
T fitl-l "<*"* &* VI
ti uall -0-1 il ir .to ", I

I abe T ircn l t i



TIES and



in All Shades.

Frederick Street
Marine Square.





At 0 mnuths


Iaail Servioe.
S Prom ttc 11,00 umro *, r i n -g I

11 irdnas. .n.. Vicr
ttirlt la., lit. L cLu ia.
1A i>. t. MiO'ii.tMta ltr at.

i" aliLtti la ti.
e t Coma ait. itaU a e ';..
ArtlKuih Mont.t fltoaro

_it o nt .
In u1 )eltr M t p.m ita g da ll'ls
wllhiul utlak-tj
c itsa their lawman a potatrPir tbelrl prior to
the Cooaaaj GTe. AMpeSC erfl bagaraga
y for Ir.
tImply'f Oa ie oaly.
MArinae Sqare

Corner Frederick & Duke Streets.
Wholesale and Retall to the Publio Gtnorally.

It nalorni me mimh u lh letri'r- tIn annraunc lthat I have
irl the fneit lot of GENUINE PANAMAS i,
lu hLA, (ihrb inly plT.ier r ,hrre tihn mtonip,-ly trf ailn.lnil
e1 rei t) rvrr l-ritl-il hrr-r.
Ilavin. ogltAinr-tl thina hI a 1 l. it I. iln Figierr, I Erian tiflcr
Ir at rnliic l iotily Iw jir..'-, .ll% rI l Pm I nro. N I mii.I-
Sno Jlpiy-Jopp.n Ii .Pnper H nr else. Vi
2 10).1 2. 2.50., .00i upw. wrle..

prescriptions .
W'e (Iof epa-.o-lil roar In fill ra lrllly and
prp,,pllr. cnil I, w I lr ih r lnet 1 It 1 lhire lt t rlr ait '. t'W
the rnn rl-pai'e- rni p lai lolier il., *i l al, einnal ,ati'l I lobe
ellow-r In It te t11 oriot -f e a 'r Pfrerlal nm., Th r tint i iePa
tilr; t Il in o ae "" m w t In litlii .
AWR 1r,N,v O1Of1 'rfT.lii iN, l'rinN TII.).Df l..
TRAVFO A GO VIiVA. i tlc-lsrn,. Ia h,- I,,,on,i.
1, h loa*,.r til*,r l* att

'rinidad Saw Mills,
C U M I i1"O ,

c alba Plnuks, Boards & Scantlling.
n r ry ir. tlirKf i't i latiit' an I Kioonl., anal tleliver i.

Southern Steaoior Sorvloo. I

M'ro In LMomla.l .'ii ttlll inl. tul t mill either tin ctl ic li-no dep.u
rer.of ,,"it .. ....u. t.. .. -. . ... .. s, Iof


a a a...... .lo D .C.I... . i ti... ala iIi.. .. t iria ''. l" ""
MONDAYS. ..' -
I. 5.Ir Depio 5 I.. it III. isiiied of 1iI, 1i a.iii.
1:ot Oilacc t hat n.m io. al 6 . a n o.
l'oal t flac 5.30a iitni, ala, dO. f aii a.. i r.. .I.. A m.
lcm Oi Depot 5.30 cu.m. ido of l il 11 un
lot o e C oC.Lo .m. ido. oif, 3, a.. t.0 SLEEPLESS NIGHTS
'hr lline (io call uat the ailterinediiaile dcpoin On tlice ihrrc ilny i lJ M il t. I ,IINI: I' l : i 11t1 a'nl iirn i oti a
al hob .10 atinul. talihei than a liti e l i1 aonaihoUl. i l i i he lit ioi.i old.
The ic attirt w ill take uo can o ot Tharl datya. l..Itll ..lif .(V h.liii pp.ll ,,int h e althy bo i e ul .
11. R. MARWOOD. Ile 1. .ai s ( te h liv n % i, ,r,, (1,< i .tl, n, .lit1 ic l it
M arch .15t,. L'-1. lG njciitrl Managi rOcr, ctc. Rirlvay o.1 I
iy then %klitl io :tibw ir al i gur ivtr and no slcv pIeS
I nielit. link.u to vlia r io'dv r.l which I hlave-. :ilwways
s o d ic-.ted, ailii l\ hidch nre \vondecltil in this trying cliinate."
Just opened up a iSwinburne, Orange Free Stale, South Africa.

complete stock in THE DOCIrOR'S GUARANTEE
e cj t e "Dr. Latzti Brown wr-et: "Tlic Teething Powders of
American Chairs, .\,it.n iroun-_irc r.rfily jiai.:k./ for ad-
.1 W O W.w rtiii.i-l.t1 r:l4 toi 611l isi i ia: d1 tlii2thailitn d iluIriiilicI Cte lhiiig
an R ockers |iot. s'hI pIiciiiull\y iIt dlcstion mind .irt on tihe
Il a 1011 MI aid lhio el. v. ahi :iadnfi!'iit /re:eraial/ 'flea.
Rattan Suites, Bentwood Suites

and English Upholstered Suites, ROYAL M OTHERS
Shaded in Green, Miaroon and Old Gold '" USE q

Dick & Wells' Arcade- ASHTON & PARSONS'

........._ INFANTS' h0"WDPOWDERS
__ In he Royal Nurseries.
For thlo Little Princes and Princesse during the
line of teething auld for friefulnen and the many
litll nlrlint.nts common t19 infancy. ..
S lHandsome Assortmlncnl t (II. ,f .,,etgiro l.,,e. i,',L a iot.ti.rl., bstell.aIy ank ,nl
I .RH. th'rao chel of Fife
11. t i. The Crown Princes, of Ronumaeria
!PtfM f 1I. Prince Carol of 1 iA a Ick-A." 1 ,ll.11. Prince"Elizabeth of Rommana
1nd olthr Royal and dlatinipahd pronag e.
ii nonthe s %tat to be p.irfectiVhaethpe.ow the tgiai--trtlt
I h,, ,.,rihl .,th e i rln thirall, l Bmftealtiag alpWAm t Ifbn
t o ii siy la n lv u m p Ain u ai d l wlede li-"re pllet the .1114t1 -ir
I ,il I a,1....ll l ia rollai9y t 1111ie V1m e 11 h 111m ed -l rid na ieid,
I,, jtra- c., ll,,ir e pn1 paa tAll nb IStthlMtll & I I a bt madairl d allae .
Price in Great Britaina-Bnes f 20 Pewdwr, 1/3 '
D^Bozv so. of 0 Powtt.*, 3/. Be" .f00 w 5/-..
0 Sod by aniU amFlSt3rm sa -4
HTOi & PARSON3. LTD~toMhIHonmlb ...g.
Trinidadl Iforriation Bur u .

4 R\ latesa
091.'llll/ '. i rn ix 'S A k ~ w

. -t

GOrner kwiue dt4 F At road Fol.! Coiina
Ata.rd l., L rg, am

IN riurt a ot thie i|owmerv "Ihrrd
tula'n h'i by t re trmit ilMI a
ullitat rl tinaaall 19r, ailnl o( o ll
other poaa.hire eam bu g In tHat
behalf. the Goeowna orna s
l.-ln this Order. ena'itm the p
t tib of t Phe Food i ad ur CntrIal
Onti naT. 19Mil. thl uloDt o
'Wholcirle" means
(a) As reordens N imparenSd acli
theB al or oo r er att lbet-
ot i ai b. e .a d, .n, bo;
caL. drintr, pall. tub, pocnLeoa
01 other package wlr amsa, k
which thenasne La t s eeOdiy r
rw orialgrly hnportd In"
teW Ce G
Ihb) Az regdi an neticii oana.
istorad a the Camky IIM
the matorialh for nu
aIe or awaer ip r mb kaj-
Sqaitn' .avrede 50 Iba
in at..I... ( w0 i
dah), 2A lbe in othe ae aoa
ukLE 100 Imper gtllij,
ia th cue of mol0a-e
"Retail," a alis p 11 3 li l
salelcur ,al, for al Vier. o h, M, Wi
beore rdefinret.
2. mao piico hxud by "tia Cor
ha be d maud to en l bndl. cthe M
thef i-c in whch say i
3 The Ilmpostiiaa by th r Teil n f ay
coltilolau o the ale *Boay a ice
of which a Ulaainl pairk Iud bby
thle tmder IW brby prohibillted.
A. Any nhuabr Im q 01i01 11
of ipc lf tie n :thatt = I o Ii M f
otr llwith rpe t to my oris S iB e
cold ol offered tanl Ac 119 pe1118a-
atly inarped or dnltthJ pets, a
tro cgage p he.
5. The Mle rot a tNw twt >timlllM
lutl tal Colon? het he puepael he t
l.oahterd ad an d u laai ds'be
aea a oloaile sale can, twd tbs
ra alatart uholeae pri- twinefo sa
b t om P pw Mb.
6 The .iulmjeeai =it Islh Uft|(
nt irth Ina the b e
the piwn e heatb in th o nina
B Wnorm1t S ad nab stai eP1
tV. 'Tistao r eMwl hIS 5W
ure qs- the e -iI thetS wto
Ittl, WbUWWP Nie' .

Fretft F b...aS a-t t .. .O -

2G..L.-"N" .- M,
-Mil -w '-~1~t* ''"<




~""""""""I"WAR ...............rr~a

--.---------~--llllllru ---------~;~- --

-I--LlllilPIII __;__ I~PII LL -

D.e. H a. R a. de, tf-,
On moitday night thel Ploltd it
police nirled a duni trail at 51i
cVauimit v whert, it Is Blltegt, rum u
beloD ac td illhoat liceUc. The t
Plll ItiLure wno w r ci detailed oa he
rl had t the gre isnt dIsceullYt
rollrctitn the, requltj edvdletlne A

mald cldr Chailolsl Iho thrfalgd to
bivw pam nied the daler.
Concert and Dance.
Tbh e follwiagn. the programmer
theb cowmert to be given by the lea.
Club m night at the SRest Idis
A.nociatlnh l M l
Part L
Ctwrt.rc .. ..
I. itnon Solo .. mwil. WNW
; &ai Mr.. BlacHbe. rad
.5 eitaio hl MiT. Sr
o Soat g Mi. Sam R-
7. Dialogi e Te Ladles'-
.a.. ldu Club
Pat IL.
I. Eloi,,n .. Tlhe alube 3R4
2 Vllui Solo .. Mr. W. 1. o
3. SouaM r. A InicU .
... Bhaw
4 lecltation Mr. W. t Jm&n
3 s'opr Mr. katirr"
6. Chimus l 'be Jere Sypl
*. ig Club
UGoD Sav Tue RK
The District Hopianl
l't l 1il.ric 1 l-e.ita.ld which li p no
In tebr handi of the Governament L'- nmnle otiuk tb lhotiol eiltp
will hb Laihrdbr nB web rk when i
liialtlut i-n wll; Ie rce, ,,t rle iln
oir bint tarldat nl the nSerh of tes
Aic t ML r ard r H et
iarIN 'Eksn.I


~1~c- -- -




~------- ----- ---


-,I"o io





To-Night Only

The Paralta Star. V




VARR EN K ERRIGAN in the su r-obm


MATINEE on Saturday at 4.30 P.M.

SINGERS D &." ,J', MIUSICOI\NS, and u -erformers of all kinds who are
prepared to appear at. the Empire Theatre on SATURDAY, ALPRIL 2nd at the

special Amateur Yaudevill Performance to be given that night.

First -rizE: $10.

I'urvotn;!. a ce ..:t:ini -1. n.T-ecc a

Winners to ba chosen by the audien" P.
;.- Aw-,iaict an ;t Kct hearsal1. Fce Iby (-CUlrpetentl Star.c Mauai cr.

l' adl ]aT- P.trdi ,;-i-'s.1 I i tu .- |"c 'r.rm arrr at P ;n.

Second Prize $5.

Pr i ctn... '60C ec -, it 1' ic"

1,..). wtlj in rr ih r wit ;ir. A; rv cssly iIn P 0. I'nc 7 .a- o M.anacr EMPIRE T ,thcirr.

IJI N D AT april '3 ... ,(d I t'.l 'i.,',clt i.e t sie l i, s. t c i e i'iae .

RE A in (Acts

'A ito*e an rr I o 1 .. t ife, I it

',t .... r', 40., bOU Pit 150.

Constabulary Band.

8.30 .LOnDON and, OLYMPIC .40


,- .. : h W- J CoN r -

IM W qi ", "


I1teiy Mji

' '- -
by a!! to bec
of the ltdi
tIhr l-.-t=rr.
c Lt b e c s L ,
114 h large
Willie 5a!i.
VIerc be he i
ce;Ilcl a ca=


- m tfr U' n.'':'-%AaLirJwIr- te-Lt = .,S1 uLI
B A DOF EDUM lIN = Z Sq-. alm ii tsra nwt_,~. its. bOr-% .Am..aL'.'s j y s'bof. LiiiAibi. te:ztw
f dl-b.. Icebedli. ti amlaurc

scaot~iF! SA)WSTI3W.awWN* i its Pt 'j, 4 r as'Ea" 2a'M=-.j(C) 1 IN--at-r-. 4lJ L,-I sw
qi, n w i~ f C ep CW aatjA l 4 to I m a w i m y ,j 0 c
to ~n'Ll~ a" UP 4rf Imvi ? 77 !se j

*g..l~~~-.- cC!LJ Si'ILt'Ii .*3 tikti 'eiI

WSJI 1.CLi'' l -r Itr m
1 11
-1.. Jw-.I. %-'... .. -S L

%.P, ra -r i- V.Ltit-'.
0&4.! 'TIL! l i 1

9-v2 i.- i. u i
.1-i. 4 1 '
q6. PAsIj
.-7 .t" L.;j -'I'it1 i-


C_. ..~

V4 I- j '7m: Ii
A,: TI

P-1 !

.4 ''' at2
AX r' r''r-'rsrwrn:r


The 1ld h. Nt.

- : .-. .' r, ,I- \

g t.. I ,. i- .. .

I el ter- II i< r
Re "'c-" 5-'tur. ".b..;s
nI ls 'Kft !lscl'.'te

'te-! DGCri the dir
r; tEs mi-a!,cd the

. ':, a ie ,t-. h h i in

.-\., PAE K CRICKTa"

CL'U'B, ..l =,xr.

Cycle & Athletic Sports
I-. s .\ n','.% -.

|- f'll; lIt. ll ii'. ,1 T li.i. l.TI.
UNs: tIL.E i.i.'ti.a.; IA ir-
I 1nl pfTi s r i ',"-.! C -tl

TrL i. -T:,-- ;.I-. t l l

ci I,- ri. ,. it 11. i. ft -,l is.
7-- 4%: it l t .\rtni rt.-vr

.IXI 5

:. r.,d 4 6'b
I i f -is.l .W tv
:-.. m" l'2 l P. li.-i- ltiijl-l t llk

b-? -r ,, rA; ,-,',o r owl
t16 te A ,J*t fW. A .L ,
l t. _!.. BA if nI P-1.% a .

a.-.:.i TAll W Ifalu" PlA? MI ACti ,r bl- .f -( lt -I c t c
I s,.Tl- : l ,.1rr IllP,--14g .: X sT'l-4
eP. m n o;*m. the iai'
L"f111. r.4t6U.- tif &C W
.--'tW MILt 1t.l'Ili.i1
kasmp Ia t a Ws Pa s& at Lt
ti'. Wit.r,1 f5 ,t ta

9 -S1 YARIM f LAT RACK-{sm
i 'e#'- I 4 mi ? u* J \

HLFM 111K'i3IYj 1:t
iis. Lri.ii a) 4wle

Q! .ruiTop
6Is Lait

*t~ U. IL-':c SA Hmk

"--TPW~,i.L .LPA OT UI.
_,r'I rLI tS

-LWCeL- L Fmie .1 u.. Ic ti
12- ru- f5. Is i. P to Ii' -1li.1
L' i'-ALy 11.Ite 'h- -. I.'lik7 EAM 6 e V'
CE. LiL. fttm.T' 5F, ie. i
Lb-$ S 1- 'nc- 45L

PTCEstv.) taxm.

w-ICr.'ars to I*
"r- t'c. Pt 1. aflo is
I'm WIit. tn! For t

BID Erz.tale-te-F, 4U

tcx-e W W.In ams 2-mI Pilate
:1.-nTI-.rl;clICK&WVLLN tiP
THREE;3111.1; IICICLg &A
0;-M ts two rcrnmutAtljui

lint. pt-u Ester;. ab
flake P% f-wlmine Vitis
1113 3M 5 P'iuo lo. L..p I-A-
?Ll--iil-'r MILE FLnAT RM-4*3
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Standard Grocery,

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E. P. GIBBS, Agent, yM Z:Z

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