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suggested library book list for Florida schools
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General Note: Florida Program for Improvement of School bulletin 8
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A Suggested


For Florida Schools

.,4 Handbook on Book Selection
for all Grade Levels

for Improvement of Schools
December, 1939


COLIN ENGLISH, Superintendent

F 0bLE Book Selection Aids

-, ; Bibliography of Children's Books. Association of Private Schools, Primary
' Group. Address: Marion P. Stevens, 338 .Cetral Park West, New York City.
Price, $1.00. Lists fifty books each for grades one, two, and three, also books
on myths, nature, verse, life in other countries and books to be used with ten
different units.

Children's Catalog, 4th edition. 1980. H. W. Wilson Company, New York
City. Price on service basis. Minimum, $4.00. This is an annotated list of
4,100 titles for elementary school libraries. It is most useful in larger schools.
It contains many helps in classifying and cataloging books, and all necessary
buying information is given. Supplements keep this work up-to-date.

Graded List of Books for Children. American Library Association. Chicago.
1935. Price, $1.75. This list is prepared by a joint committee of the American
Library Association, National Education Association, and the National
Council of Teachers of English. It includes over 1,600 books arranged in three
groups for grades 1-5, 4-6, 7-9, with grades assigned to each title.

Inexpensive Books for Children. Child Study Association, 221 W. 57th
Street, New York City. Price, 10c. Suggested titles are priced at one dollar
and less. These books are suitable for pre-school and primary groups. Not

A Selection of the Year's Best Books. Child Study Association, Children's
Book Committee, 221 W. 57th Street, New York City. Price, 10c. This anno-
tated list is useful in keeping up with the new books for all grade levels.

Selected List of Ten-cent Books, by Mary Lincoln Morse. Association
for Childhood Education, 1201 Sixteenth St., Washington, D. C. Price, 15c.
This is an annotated list of books suitable for grades one to six, which may
be purchased at ten-cent stores.

1,000 Books for the Senior High School Library. A companion volume to the
Graded List above. Prepared by a joint committee of the same three national
associations. Heavy paper, $1; American Library Association, Chicago, 1935.

Standard Catalogue for High School Libraries, 3rd ed., 1937. H. W. Wilson
and Company, N. Y. Service-Minimum cost, $4.00. This is an annotated list
of 3,450 titles. It may also be purchased in abridged form at a lower price.
This has many helps in classifying and cataloging books, and furnishes a guide
in buying. It is kept up-to-date by supplements.

Leisure Reading for grades 7, 8, 9. National Council of Teachers of English,
Chicago, Illinois. Single copies, 20c; 10 or more copies, 15c each. This anno-
tated list of books is very useful in selecting titles which appeal to this group.
Publishers and prices are omitted.

Books for Home Reading for grades 10, 11, 12. National Council of
Teachers of English, Chicago, Ill. Single copies, 20c; 10 or more copies, 15c
each. This is a companion list to Leisure Reading.

A Suggested

Library Book List For Florida Schools

A Handbook on Book Selection
for All Grade Levels

This bulletin is a revision and combination of two issues of the Florida School
Bulletin: Book Selection for the Junior and Senior High School Library, Vol. I,
No. 2, and Book Selection in the Elementary School, Vol. I, No. 6. Both were
prepared .by Eulah Mae Snider, Librarian, P. K. Yonge Laboratory School,
University of Florida. Plans are being made at this time for bringing the list
up to date to include more recent publications.

Table of Contents
Book Selection Aids................................................... 2
The Importance of Books and Reading ................................ 4
Reading Tastes and Interests........................................... 5
Suggestions for Selecting Books.................. .... ................. 7
Book List for Elementary Schools ..................................... 9
Grades One and Two................ ............................. 9
Grades Three and Four ............................................ 11
Grades Five and Six......................... .................... . 14
Poetry ................. .... .................................. 17
Material for Social Science Units .................................. 17
Supplementary Readers ......................................... 19
Book List for High Schools .......................................... 22
Legend and Hero Tales.................. ...... ................ 22
Personality, Manners, and Conduct................................. 22
Occupations ................................................... 28
Science and Useful Arts .................. . ............. .... . .. 28
H history and Travel.................. ........ ................... 25
Biography ............... ................. .................. 26
Literature ................................ ..................... . 28
Fiction ......................... .................................. 28
Illustrated Classics............................... ................ 82
H ow to O rder Books........................ ... . .................... 84
Directory of Publishers...................... ....................... 85

A routing slip is provided on the back cover to assist in keeping this handbook
in circulation and to enable each teacher to recommend books which are particu-
larly adapted to his classroom program.



The Importance of Books and Reading

Leaders in education are aware of the significance of broad reading and
recognize the necessity of supplying wholesome reading material suited to the
abilities of students at all levels.
"If schooling is to contribute more largely in the future than in the
past to intelligent self-direction and social progress it is imperative that
children and young people acquire greater independence and efficiency
in reading."'

Teachers must realize that mere calling of words, or answering questions
from the printed pages, does not constitute reading. It involves not only recog-
nition of symbols, awareness of thought and meaning, but includes reflection,
critical evaluation of ideas, weighing of values, and results in emotional re-
sponses and changing attitudes. Thus reading serves as a medium through
which boys and girls may experience the past, live vicariously in the present,
and build ideals to guide them through a changing future.
"Paralleling the need for greater independence and efficiency in read-
ing is the imperative need of abundant materials that can be read with
ease and understanding by those of different levels of advancement from
the primary grades to adulthood."`

The goals of reading instruction will not be attained, however, merely by
supplying challenging books in abundance. A well-formulated guidance pro-
gram throughout the elementary and high school is essential for improving
tastes and choices of children's reading.
"During the last two decades, notable progress was made in increasing
the percentage of pupils who engage in independent reading. An urgent
need during the next decade is to elevate standards and tastes for reading.
This responsibility should he shared, not only by teachers of reading and
literature and' by librarians, but also by teachers of the various curricular
fields and by parents."3

Reading instruction in the past has been concerned chiefly with the me-
chanics of reading. Methods of teaching reading and the lack of materials
which challenge students to read widely have resulted in the fact that many
boys and girls have reached the high school period without the skills and incli-
nation to read. A large majority of boys and girls reach adulthood without
the habits of broad reading which are so desirable for living in a complex

Studies of children's reading indicate that the first ten years of reading
experience are the most vital in forming tastes and habits. After the age of
sixteen interests are usually so mature and specialized as not to be easily dis-
tinguished. Therefore, it is highly important that there should be available a
wide variety of wholesome reading material during the six or eight years which
children spend in the elementary school.

1 William S. Gray, "The Teaching of Reading," Thirty-sixth Yearbook, National
Society for the Study of Education (Bloomington, Illinois: Public School Publishing
Co., 1937), Part I, p. 18.
2 Ibid. 3 Ibid., p. 20.

Reading Tastes and Interests

Some teachers try to justify keeping inferior books, e. g., cheap series type,
in the school on the theory that certain children who lack mental ability and
background will never be able to read and appreciate the books of better
quality. This theory is highly questionable in view of the studies which have
been made of children's reading. There is evidence that children will read what
is most accessible to them.
The Progressive Education Association in its eight-year study has made
reading one of the major fields of evaluation. Two rather interesting facts
seem evident from that study. There is little relation between intelligence and
quality of reading done by individuals. Good readers and poor readers have
the same tendency to read a low quality of material.
Dr. Douglas Waples, who is consultant to this Reading Committee, sum-
marized the results of several studies in a lecture by the following illustrations:
1. Accessibility: If one book is on our desk we will read that before walk-
ing into the next room for another.
2. Readability: If two books are on our desk we will read the one that
causes the least amount of mental energy.
3. Interest: If two books of the same difficulty are on our desk we will
select the one that makes the greatest appeals to our interests.
It seems highly important that schools have accessible wholesome books
both readable and interesting to the exclusion of inferior and mediocre ma-
terials. Many of the books now found in school libraries will not measure up
to the standards of good books if the following tests are applied:
1. Is the story true to life: Do the characters seem real and life-like? Are
the incidents at least probable in terms of the time, the place, and age of the
characters? If the characters are children, do they think and speak like real
boys and girls?
2. Is the story well written: Are the sentences complete? Are they in good
form? Is the style simple but forceful? Is the diction suited to the setting
and purpose of thle story? Does the author have a technique for holding the
reader's interest which is suited to the purpose of the story and the age of
the reader?
3. Is the story worth while: What is the purpose of the story? Has the
theme been developed honestly and sincerely? Have facts been presented ac-.
curately? Are the opinions and conclusions unbiased?
4. Is the story ethically sound: Does it treat problems of right and wrong
in the proper manner? Are rewards and punishments for good and evil pre-
sented justly? Does the story contain anything that would disturb the child
5. Is the book readable from a physical standpoint: Does it have wide
margins, clear print, good illustrations?
6. Is the book interesting to the reader?
If interests and abilities in reading matured to the same degree for all
children at the various grade levels, selection of books would he greatly sim-
plified. Growth and development of reading habits and attitudes are de-

termined by the experiences which children encounter in the home, in the
community, and in school. .Even in the first grade there is a wide difference in
experiencial background. Some children are ready to read when they enter the
first grade because of their home or kindergarten experience. For others the
teacher must build a background of wide experience and the ability to use
ideas, as well as a keen interest in learning to read. Factors which determine
what a child will read are:
1. His background of experience.
a. First-hand experience in the home, community, and school.
b. His experience with books and reading.
2. His capacities and skills in reading.
3. His attitude toward reading: Whether or not his learning to read has
been associated with pleasant and enjoyable experiences.

To select books wisely for any group of children one must first study
children. What is the nature of the books which they have read? What are
their present and potential interests? What books satisfy those interests?
Such a study will reveal wide differences in any group. There are certain
general tendencies which are found in average groups.
First and second grade children enjoy stories about the things they see
in the home, in the community and at school. They like books about dogs,
cats, rabbits, and other animals which are familiar to them. Stories of children
and child characters have a great appeal, especially if the experiences are
familiar ones to their own environment. At this period, picture material and
excursions are invaluable in building a background, which makes printed words
meaningful and stimulates a desire to read.
In grades three and four many of the children continue the same general
interests as in the first two grades, but on a more mature level. Somewhere
between grades two and four there is a great interest shown in community
stories such as the post office, the fire station, the dairy, and the airport.
Mature students in the third grade read stories of children in other lands. Inter-
est in fairy tales begins for both boys and girls among the mature readers. The
girls continue a greater interest in fairy stories in the fourth grade, but boys
read adventure of a more realistic type. Both girls and boys at this level read
widely stories of other lands. Lucy Fitch Perkins' books are great favorites.
Mature girls begin to ask for mystery stories.
At the fifth and sixth grade level there is not a sharp contrast in what
children read. For boys there is an increasing tendency to read adventure
stories of the more realistic type. Cowboy stories satisfy some. For others
it is Indians. Western stories and pioneer life appeal to a large group. Both
boys and girls read mystery stories. Girls, especially, in the fifth grade con-
tinue their interest in fairy tales, myths, and legends. Legends of the hero
type appeal to boys. Sixth grade girls and mature fifth grade girls enjoy
home and school stories.
It is in the intermediate grades that guidance in reading is most essen-
tial. The dominant interests are mystery, adventure, and home and school
life. Unfortunately there is a large quantity of inferior, trashy sentimental
literature available which appeal to these interests. It should be kept in mind

that books to meet the needs of boys and girls in the intermediate grades are
more expensive than books for the younger children.
Reading cannot be graded. It is almost impossible to draw a line between
what junior high and senior high students read. For example, in a certain
seventh grade, abilities range from grade three to eleven as measured by
standard tests. Interests and maturity in reading have even a wider range.
Many boys and girls form a dislike for reading in high school because
they are required to read classics that are beyond their interests and under-
standing. Their background in reading has been limited to Tom Swift and
Tarzan, or it may have been Nancy Drew mysteries and Ethel M. Dell love
stories. Such stories are charged with thrills and require no mental effort to
read them. If this gap is to be bridged the book collection must contain books
of good quality; books that are easy to read; books with plenty of action;
books which satisfy the desire for mystery, adventure, western life, cowboy
stories, and school stories; books which form stepping stones to higher levels.
With guidance and direction, these tastes may be brought to more mature
fiction and then gradually transferred to non-fiction.

Suggestions for Selecting Books

Several problems confront the school in preparing a book order: What
shall we buy? Where shall books be purchased? What information must be
included in the order? The answer to these questions will vary, depending
upon the local situation. However, there are some general principles which
are common to all.
The amount of money to spend is the first thing that conditions what a
school should buy. It is poor economy to buy books of inferior quality or
spend money for standard titles in editions with poor print and paper. It is
better to buy ten books which will be read than thirty to stay on the shelves.
Secondly, a school's present book resources must be taken into considera-
tion when selecting. The typical school in Florida has an over-supply of
reference sets, useful and otherwise, due to local donations and high pressure
salesmen. In spite of the statements by salesmen that boys and girls read
these sets for the pure joy of reading them, the fact remains that the large
majority use them only when assignments are made by teachers.
Librarians, principals, and county superintendents are urged to examine
any set of books with the greatest scrutiny. Sets other than Compton's Pic-
tured Encyclopedia and the World Book Encyclopedia should not be consid-
ered for purchase, except perhaps in a few of the larger high schools, until
an adequate supply of challenging reading material is available. Many high
schools already have Americana and Britannica, which are excellent in quality
and useful, but they are not first purchase or necessary for the average high
It is suggested that schools observe the greatest economy in buying refer-
ence material and spend most of their money for the next two or three years
on books of fiction, biography, travel, and readable books in subject-matter
fields. A World Almanac and an up-to-date dictionary will satisfactorily
supplement the reference collection in most schools for the present. In cases

where the encyclopedias in a school are decidedly out of date a good one-volume
encyclopedia may be a wise selection. One of the best in accuracy and scope
is Lincoln Library of Essential Information, Frontier Press, Buffalo, N. Y.,
A third factor in selecting materials for a school library is the curricu-
lum. What courses are taught? Do the teachers give page-by-page assign-
ments in texts? Do they assign topics to be looked up in encyclopedias and
supplementary texts? Do they require students to do outside reading? If
teachers expect parallel reading, are they willing to accept a wide range of
reading, not .limited to the special few which they require of every student,
regardless of reading abilities and interests?
The demands made on the school library by teachers are determined by
the method of teaching. In contrast to the textbooks, topical reading, and
parallel reading, we find some teachers using the problem approach. In solv-
ing such problems the information may come from several subject-matter
fields. Children not only use the regular texts but several supplementary ones;
they look up topics in encyclopedias and reference books; they utilize pictures,
pamphlets, and clippings; and they read widely, using special books on the
subject as well as books in related fields. It is obvious that such a school will
need a wide range of work-type material in addition to reference books and
books for leisure reading.
Some librarians talk a great deal about balanced collections. The theory
is that the field of books should be explored for the different subjects; that
those on recommended library lists should be purchased; and afterwards the
energetic librarian will see that the books are used. The theory of balanced
book collections is questionable from several points of view. In the first place,
it is impracticable in view of the rapid change in curriculum making. There
is a drift away away from fields of knowledge, and educators are beginning to
talk in terms of children's needs and problems of society as a basis for cur-
riculum making. It is false to assume that a book recommended on an ap-
proved list is one needed in every school. Rather the teachers, librarian, and
principal working together should first anticipate the needs in terms of the
aims and purposes of the curriculum and then go to the standard lists to see
what is available.
It is suggested that buying in subject fields should be conservative in
view of changing needs of the curriculum, and first purchases should include
challenging books in subject fields which can be read with ease and pleasure.
There are many suggestions to be found in the subject grouping of books
printed in this bulletin.
The most important factor in book selection is the reader. His abilities,
his interests, and his background in reading must be studied, and books
selected which fit his needs.

From the foregoing discussions one sees how impossible it is to grade
lists of books. Any graded list is fallible and any attempt at grade placement
is subjective and indicative of the average reader, Therefore we strongly
recommend the organization of a central library, where no attempt is made to
divide the books by grades.

Book List for Elementary Schools

The material recommended for first purchase for elementary schools is
recreational in nature for the most part. However, much of it is useful also
for supplementing the curriculum. In the sections entitled Helpful Material
for Social Science Units and Supplementary Readers, there is much valuable
reference material that should be supplied according to the needs of the
school. This kind of material is more useful than sets of books.
Any school should buy reference material with the greatest economy
until there is an adequate supply of readable books for broad reading. Comp-
ton's Pictured Encyclopedia and World Book Encyclopedia are the only sets
of books for the elementary school which are recommended for purchase at
the present time. These are not suggested for purchase until a good collection
of books for leisure reading has been provided.
The lists in this bulletin are divided into six sections: Grades One and
Two; Grades Three and. Four; Grades Five and Six; Poetry; Helpful Ma-
terial for Social Science Units; Supplementary Readers. In the first three
sections there has been an effort to indicate reading difficulty by the symbols
E (easy), A (average), M (mature). This is subjective judgment based on
observations of what children choose to read. The star indicates that the
books have a wider appeal than the grade grouping would indicate. In the
first grouping the stars indicate those books which older children enjoy reading.
In the other sections the stars indicate those books which make good picture
material and are delightful to read to the younger children.
It is suggested that teachers work out their book orders together to avoid
duplication of titles in grades until there is a good variety of books in the

Grades One and Two
Aldredge, Edna M. Waggs and Woofie. Ginn. 64c. (E).
Ayer, Jean. The easy book; il. by Petersham. Macmillan. 28c. (E).
Ayer, Jean. The picnic book; il. by Petersham. Macmillan. 24c. (E).
Ayer, Jean. The Quins' book. Nelson. 68c. (E).
Baker, Margaret. Tomson's Hallowe'en. Duffield. $2.00. (A).
*Bannerman, Helen. Sambo and the twins. Stokes. $1.00. (A).
*Bannerman, Helen. Story of little black Sambo. Stokes. 50c. (A).
Barnett, Grace T. and Olive E. The cock that crowed at two. Lothrop.
$1.00. (A).
Baruch, Dorothy W. I know a surprise. Lathrop. $1.00. (A).
Bemelmous, Ludwig. Hansi. Viking. $2.00. (M).
*Beskow, Elsa. Aunt Green, Aunt Brown and Aunt Lavender. Harper.
$2.50. (M).
Beskow, Elsa. Pelle's new suit. Platt. 50c. (A).
Blanco, Mrs. M. (W.). The velveteen rabbit; 11. by William Nicholson. Dou-
bleday. $1.00. (M).
Brock, E. L. The runaway sardine. Knopf. $2.00. (A).
Brooke, L. L. Johnny Crow's garden; a picture book. Warne. $1.00. (E).

Elementary School List (Continued)
Brooke, L. L. Johnny Crow's party. Warne. $1.00. (E).
Burton, V. L. Choo choo. Houghton. $1.50. (A).
Cameron, Annie S. The Christmas story. Lyons. 24c. (E).
Christ, Katherine D. Boots the fireman's dog. American book. 36c. (A).
Dearborn, Blanche. Kitten Kat. Macmillan. 60c. (E).
Donaldson, Lois. Karl's wooden horse. Laidlaw. $1.00. (E).
Fairlie, Margaret C. Stories of the Seminoles. Rand. 85c. (M).
Falls, C. B. A B C book. Doubleday. $1.50. (E).
*Flack, Marjorie. Angus and the ducks. Doubleday. $1.00. (E).
*Flack, Marjorie. Ask Mr. Bear. Macmillan. $1.00. (E).
*Flack, Marjorie. The restless robin. Houghton. $1.50. (M).
*Flack, Marjorie. Story about Ping; il. by Kurt Wiese. Viking. $1.00. (A).
*Flack, Marjorie. Topsy. Doubleday. $1.00. (E).
*Flack, Marjorie. Wait for William. Houghton. $1.00. (A).
*Flack, Marjorie. What to do about Molly. Houghton. $1.00. (E).
Fox, F. C. Indian primer. American book. 52c. (A).
Gag, Wanda. A B C bunny. Coward. $2.00. (E).
*Gag, Wanda. Millions of cats. Coward. $1.50. (A).
*Gag, Wanda. Snippy and Snappy. Coward. $1.50. (A).
Grady, W. E. My airplane book. Scribner. 20c. (E).
Gruell, Johnny. Eddie Elephant. Volland. 75c. (M).
Gruell, Johnny. Little brown bear. Volland. 75c.
*Hahn, Julia L. Billy and Frisky stories. Houghton. 20c each.
At work in the woods; Billy and Frisky playhouse; Hallowe'en fun; A
home for turkey gobbler; Garden time.
Hahn, Julia L. Who knows. Houghton. 28c. (E).
*Heward, Constance. Ameliaranne and green umbrella. Macrae. $1.50. (A).
*Heward, Constance. Twins and Tabiffa. Macrae. $1.50. (A).
Hogan, Inez. Bear twins. Sutton. $1.00. (E).
Hogan, Inez. The little black and white lamb. Macrae. $1.00. (M).
Huber, Miriam B. Cinder the cat. American book. 36c. (E).
Ivimey, J. W. Complete version of ye three blind mice. Warne. $1.00. (A).
*Leaf, Munro. Manners can be fun. Stokes. $1.25. (A).
Leavitt, Ann H. Three little Indians. Rand. 50c. (A).
*Lindmann, Maj. Snipp, Snapp, Snurr series. Whitman. $1.00 each. (A).
Snipp, Snapp, Snurr and the buttered bread; Snipp, Snapp, Snurr and
the big surprise; Snipp, Snapp, Snurr and the gingerbread man; Snipp,
Snapp, Snurr and the magic horse; Snipp, Snapp, Snurr and the red shoes.
Lofting, Hugh. Story of Mrs. Tubbs. Stokes. $1.25. (A).
Lynch, Maud. Magic clothespins. Houghton. School ed. 84c. (E).
McElroy, M. J., Younge, J. 0. Squirrel tree. American book. 61c. (E).
*Moeschlin, Elsa. The little boy with the big apples. Coward. $1.75. (A).
Mother Goose. The real Mother 'Goose. Rand. $2.00. (A).
O'Donnell, Mable, and Carey, Alice. Here and there. Row. 24c. (E).
O'Donnell, Mable, and Carey, Alice. Rides and slides. Row. 24c. (E).

Elementary School List (Continued)
*Orton, Mrs. H. F. Prancing Pat. Stokes. $1.25. (A).
Orton, Mrs. H. F. Queenie, story of a cow. Stokes. $1.25. (A).
*Peary, J. D. Snow baby. Stokes. $2.50. (M).
Potter, Beatrix. Benjamin Bunny. Warne. 75c. (A).
Potter, Beatrix. Tale of Peter Rabbit. Warne. 75c. (A).
Potter, Beatrix. Tale of Squirrel Nutkin. 75c. (A).
Read, H. S. Social science readers. Scribner. 60c each.
An airplane ride; Billy's letter; An engine's story; Grandfather's farm;
Jip and the firemen; Story about boats.
*Schenk, Esther. Christmas time. Lyon. 24c. (E).
*Schenk, Esther. Easter time. Lyon. 24c. (E).
*Schenk, Esther. Thanksgiving. Lyon. 24c. (E).
4Schenk, Esther. Valentine day. L.yon. 24c. (E).
*Sherrill, Dorothy. Story of a little white teddy bear. Farrar. $1.00. (E).
Skinner, Ada M., and Lawrence, L. N. Little dramas for primary grades.
American Book. 60c. (A).
Skinner, Eleanor and Ada M. Nursery tales from many lands. Scribner.
75c. (M).
Smith, Mary E. Eskimo stories. Rand. 75c. (M).
Smith, Nila B. Tom's trip. Silver. 20c. (E).
Stephenson, Mary B. Wheel, sail and wing. Follet. 50c. (M).
Straub, J. H. Biff, the fire dog. Lyons. 60c. (A).
Tippett, J. S. Busy carpenters. World book. 68c. (M).
Tippett, J. S. Henry and the garden and stories about Henry. World book.
68c. (E).
*Tippett, J. S. I go a-traveling. Harper. 75c. (A).
*Tippett, J. S. I live in a city. Harper. 75c. (A).
Turpin, Edna. Three circus days. Macmillan. $1.00. (M).
Waddell, J. F. Helpers. Macmillan. 96c. (M).
Waddell, J. F. Home. Macmillan. 80c.. (A).
Williamson, Hamilton. Baby bear; il. by Berta and Elmer Hader. Double-
day. 75c. (E).
Williamson, Hamilton. Little -elephant; il. by Bertha and Elmer Hader.
Doubleday. 75c. (E).
Williamsoh, 'Hamilton. A monkey tale; il. by Bertha and Elmer Hader
Doubleday. 75c. (E).
Wilson, Clara 0. Wiggles. Houghton. 86c. (E).
Wright, L. E. The magic boat. Ginn. 80c. (E).

Grades Three and Four
Anderson, C. W. Billy and Blaze. Macmillan. $1.00. (E).
Aspinwall, Alicia. Short stories for short people. Dutton. $2.00. (E).

Bacon, Peggy. The terrible nuisance. Harcourt. $2.50. (A).
Baker, Margaret. The black cats and the tinker's wife; il. by Mary Baker.
Duffield. $2.00. (E).


Elementary School List (Continued)
Baldwin, James. The fairy reader. American Book. 52c. (E).
Barrie, J. M. Peter and Wendy; retold by May Byron. Scribner. $1.00. (A).
Bianco, Mrs. M. (W). Little wooden doll. Macmillan. $1.00. (A).
Bianco, Mrs. M. (W). Poor Cecco; il. by Arthur Rackham. Doran. $8.00. (A).
*Bible, N. T. The Christ Child; il. by Maud and Miska Petersham. Double-
day. $2.00. (E).
Brock, E. L. Greedy goat. Knopf. $1.75. (E).
Brown, A. F. Chinese kitten. Lothrop. $1.50. (A).
Brown, A. F. John of the woods. Houghton. $1.75. (M).
Brown, A. F. Lonesomest doll. Houghton. $1.25. (A).
Brown, E. A. The silver bear. Lothrop. $1.50. (A).
Brown, H. D. Little Miss Phoebe Gay. Houghton. $1.50. (M).
Browning, Robert. Pied Piper of Hamelin; il. by Hope Dunlap. Rand.
$1.00. (M).
Carroll, Lewis, pseud. Alice's adventures in wonderland. Macmillan. $1.00. (A).
Carothers, S. M. Miss Muffet's Christmas party. Houghton. $1.25. (A).
*Clark, Mary E. Poppy seed cakes; il. by Maud and Miska Petersham. Dou-
bleday. $2.00. (E).
Coatsworth, E. J. The cat and the captain. Macmillan. $1.00. (E).
*Credle, Ellis. Across the cotton patch. Nelson. $1.50. (E).
*Credle, Ellis. Down, down the mountain. Nelson. $2.00. E).
*Credle, Ellis. Little Jemes Henry. Nelson. $1.50. (E).
Deming, Mrs. T. 0. Indian child life; il. by E. W. Deming. Stokes. $8.00. (E).
Dixon, Maynard. Injun babies. Putnam. $1.75. (A).
Donaldson, Lois. Smoky. Laidlaw. $1.00. (E).
Drummond, Henry. The monkey that would not kill; il. by Lois Lenski.
Dodd. $1.50. (A).
Fanciulli, Giuseppe. The little blue man; tr. from the Italian by M. M. Sweet.
Houghton. $1.75. (A).
Field, R. L. Eliza and the elves. Macmillan. $1.50. (M).
*Garner, Elvira. Ezekiel. Holt. $1.50. (M).
Grishina Givago, N. J. Peter-Pea. Stokes. $1.50. (E).
Grishina Givago, N. J. Shorty. Stokes. $1.25. (E).
Hader, Bertha and Elmer. Cricket. Macmillan. $2.00. (A).
*Hader, Bertha and Elmer. Farmer in the dell. Macmillan. $2.50. (E).
*Hader, Bertha and Elmer. Picture book of travel; 11. by the authors. Mac-
millan. $2.00. (A).
*Hader, Bertha and Elmer. Spunky. Macmillan. $2.00. (A).
*Heward, Constance. Ameliaranne and the monkey. Macrae. $1.50. (E).
Home, R. H. The good-natured bear. Macmillan. $1.00. (A).
Home, R. H. Memoirs of a London doll. Macmillan. $1.00. (A).
*Hunt, C. W. About Harriet. Houghton. $2.00. (E).
Hunt, C. W. The little house in the woods. Houghton. $1.75. (E).
Hutchinson, V. S. Chimney corner fairy tales. Minton. $2.50. (A).
Lattimore, E. F. Little Pear, the story of a little Chinese boy. Harcourt.
$2.00. (A).

Elementary School List (Continued)
*Leaf, Munro. Story of Ferdinand. Viking. $1.00. (E).
Leetch, D. L. Tommy Tucker on a plantation. Lothrop. $1.25. (M).
Lindsay, M. M. Little Missy. Lothrop. $1.50. (M).
Lindsay, Maud. Silverfoot. Lothrop. $1.50. (M).

Macdonald, George. At the back of the north wind. Macmillan. $1.00. (A).
Macdonald, George. The light princess. Macmillan. $1.00. (A).
Macdonald, George. The princess and Curdie. Macmillan. $1.00. (A).
Macdonald, George. The princess and the goblin. Macmillan. $1.00. (A),
Martin, Mrs. G. M. Abbie Ann. Century. $1.75. (M).
Maxwell, Violet. Charlie and his kitten Topsy. Macmillan. $1.00. (E).
*Milne, A. A. Winnie-the-Pooh; il. by E. H. Shepard. Dutton. $1.00. (M).
Morley, M. W. Donkey John of the Toy Valley. McClurg. $1.50. (M).
Morrow, E. R. Painted pig. Knopf. $2.00. (E).

Perkins, Mrs. L. F. Twin series. School ed. Houghton. 92c each.
American twins of 1812; Italian twins; Colonial twins of Virginia;
Japanese twins; The Belgian twins; The Norwegian twins; The Chinese
twins; Mexican twins; Dutch twins; Puritan twins; Pioneer twins;
Eskimo twins; Scotch twins; French twins; The Spanish twins; The
Indian twins; Swiss twins; Irish twins.
*Petersham, Maud and Miska. Miki. Doubleday. $2.00. (E).
Phillips, E. C. Black-eyed Susan. Houghton. $1.50. (M).
Phillips, E. C. The popover family. Houghton. $1.75. (M).
Phillips, E. C. Wee Ann. Houghton. $1.50. (A).
Pyle, Katharine. The black-eyed puppy. Dutton. $1.50. (E).
Pyle, Katharine. Christmas angel. Little. $1.65. (M).

Rowe, Dorothy. The begging deer, and other stories of Japanese children;
il. by L. Ward. Macmillan. $2.00. (M).
Rowe, Dorothy. Moon's birthday, and other stories of Chinese children. Mac-
millan. $2.00. (M).
Rowe, Dorothy. Traveling shops; stories of Chinese children; pictures by
Lynn Ward. Macmillan. $2.00. (M).

Smith, I.. R. Hans and Hilda of Holland. Flanagan. 68c. (A).
Stockton, F. R. The poor Count's Christmas. Stokes. $1.50. (M).
Sugimoto, Estu I. With Tara and Hara in Japan. Stokes. $1.00. (A).

Van Stockum, Hilda. Day on skates. Harper. $2.50. (A).
Weaver, A. V. Frawg. Stokes. $1.50. (E).
*Wells, Rhea. Coco the goat. Doubleday. $2.00. (E).
*Wells, Rhea. Peppi, the duck. Doubleday. $2.00. (E).
White, E. 0. An only child. Houghton. $1.65. (M).
White, E. 0. Ann Frances. Houghton. $1.75. (M).
White, E. 0. Borrowed sister. Houghton. $1.65. (M).
White, E. 0. Joan Morse. Houghton. $1.65. (M).
White, E. 0. Magic forest; a modern fairy story. Macmillan. $1.00. (M).
White, E. 0. When Molly was six. Houghton. $1.65. (M).
White, E. 0. Where is Adelaide. Houghton. $1.75. (M).

Elementary School List (Continued)
Whitney, Elinor. Tyke-y, his book and his mark. Macmillan. $1.50. (E).
Wiese, Kurt. Karoo the kangaroo. Coward. $1.50. (E).
Youmans, Eleanor. Skitter cat. Bobbs. $1.50. (A).

Grades Five and Six
*Aesop. Fables; told anew and their history traced by Joseph Jacobs; il. by
Richard Heighway. Macmillan. $1.00. (A).
Anderson, H. C. Fairy Tales; tr. by Lucas; il. by Robinson and others. Dut-
ton. $2.00. (A).
*Austin, Mrs. M. (H). Basket woman and other stories. Houghton. $2.00. (A).
Beston, H. B., pseud. Firelight fairy book; il. by M. E. Day. Atlantic.
$2.50. (E).
Buckley, E. F. Children of the dawn. Stokes. $2.50. (M).
Colum, Padraic. The King of Ireland's son; il. by Willy Pogany. Mac-
millan. $2.00. (M).
Craik, Mrs. Diana (Mulock). The little lame prince. Rand. $1.50. (E).
*Eastman, C. A., and Eastman, E. G. Wigwam evenings. Little. $1.75. (A).
Fillmore, P. H. Mighty Mikko. Harcourt. $2.25. (M).
Hall, Jennie. Viking tales. Rand. 65c. (E).
*Harris, J. C. Tales from Uncle Remus; il. by Milo Winter. Houghton.
$1.00. (M).
Hull, Eleanor. The boys' Cuchulain; heroic legends of Ireland. Crowell.
$2.00. (M).
*Hutchinson, V. S., comp. Chimney corner tales; with drawings by Lois
Lenski. $2.50. (E).
Ingelow, Jean. Mopsa, the fairy; il. by Dorothy Lathrop. Harper. $1.75. (A).
Lang, Andrew, ed. Blue fairy book. Longmans. Crown ed. $1.50. (A).
Lang, Andrew, ed. Green fairy book. Longmans. $1.50. (A).
Lang, Andrew, ed. Yellow fairy book. Longmans. $1.50. (A).
Malory, Sir Thomas. Boy's King Arthur; ed. by Sidney Lanier; il. by N. C.
Wyeth. Scribner. $1.50. (M).
Perkins, Mrs. Lucy F. Robin Hood, his deeds and adventures, selected and
il. by Lucy F. Perkins. Houghton. $2.00. (E).
*Thorne-Thomsen, Gudrun. East o' the sun and west o' the moon. Row.
$1.00. (E).
Wiggin, K. D., and Smith, N. A., ed. Arabian nights; their best known
tales; il. in color by Maxfield Parrish. Scribner. $1.50. (M).

Escott-Inman, Herbert. Ranch on the Oxide. Macmillan. $1.50. (M).
Fogler, Doris, and Nichols, Mina. Rusty Pete of the Lazy A. B. Macmillan.
$1.75. (E).

Elementary School List (Continued)
Forbes-Lindsay, C. H. Daniel Boone, backwoodsman. Lippincott. $1.75. (M).
Hinkle, T. C. Tawny; a dog of the old West. $1.75. (A).
Hooker, F. C. Star; the story of an Indian pony. Doubleday. $1.00. (A).
James, Will. Smoky. Scribner. $1.00. (M).
Lummis, C. F. King of the broncos, and other stories of New Mexico.
Scribner. $2.00. (M).
Moon, Mrs. G. P. Chi-Wee; iH. by Carl Moon. Doubleday. 96c. (A).
Rollins, P. A. Jinglebob; a true story of a real cowboy. Scribner. $2.50. (M).
Sabin, E. L. Buffalo Bill and the overland trail. Lippincott. $1.75. (M).
Schultz, J. W. Quest of the fish-dog skin. Houghton. $1.75. (A).
Schultz, J. W. Sinopah, the Indian boy. School ed. Houghton. 92c. (E).
Skinner, C. L. Andy breaks trail. Macmillan. $2.00. (E).
Skinner, C. L. Silent Scot, frontier scout. Macmillan. $1.75. (E).
Stoddard, W. 0. Talking leaves; an Indian story. Harper. 75c. (A).
Stoddard, W. 0. Two arrows. Harper. 75c. (A).

Bill, A. H. Red Prior's legacy. Longmans. $2.00. (M).
Brown, Alice. Secret of the clan. Macmillan. $1.75. (A).
Brown, E. A. Spanish chest. Lothrop. $1.75. (A).
Burnett, Frances. The secret garden. Stokes. $1.00. (A).
Forbes, H. C. Araminta. Macmillan. $1.75. (E).
Kelly, Eric P. Treasure mountain. Macmillan. $2.00. (A).
Kyle, Anne D. Crusaders gold. Houghton. $2.00. (M).
Meigs, Cornelia. Pool of stars. Macmillan. $1.75. (A).
Miller, L. E. Hidden people; the story of the search for Incan treasure.
Scribner. $2.00. (M).
Moon, Mrs. G. P., and Moon, Carl. Lost Indian magic. Stokes. $2.50. (A).
Nash, Mrs. H. A. Polly's secret. Little. $2.50. (A).
Orton, Helen. The secret of the rosewood box. Stokes. $1.50. (E).
Robida, Albert. Treasure of Carcassonne; il. by Dorothy P. Lathrop. Long-
mans. $2.00. (E).
Seaman, Augusta H. Jacqueline of the carrier pigeons. Macmillan. $1.00.
Singmaster, Elsie. John Baring's house. Houghton. $1.50. (E).
Stevenson, R. L. Treasure Island; il. by N. C. Wyeth. Scribner. $1.50. (M).

Baker, Olaf. Thunder boy. Dodd. $2.50. (A).
Brush, C. C. Colonel's opera cloak. Little. $2.00. (E).
Cannon, C. J. The Pueblo boy; a story of Coronado's search for the seven
cities of Cibola. Houghton. $2.00. (A).
Clemens, S. L. Adventures of Tom Sawyer. Harper. $1.00. (A).

Elementary School List (Continued)
Collodi, C., pseud. The adventures of Pinocchio. Macmillan. $1.00. (E).
Crump, Irving. Og, son of fire. Dodd. $2.00. (A).
DuBois, M. C. Captain Madeline. Century. $1.75. (A).
Duncan, Norman. Adventures of Billy-Topsail. Revell. $2.00. (A).
Finnemore, John. Wolf patrol. Macmillan. $1.50. (A).
Forbes, H. C. Mario's castle. Macmillan. $1.75. (A).
Govan, Christine Noble. Those Plummer children. Houghton. $2.00. (A).
Hale, L. P. Peterkin papers. Houghton. $2.00. (M).
Lippincott, J. W. Long Horn, leader of the deer. Penn. $1.50. (E).
London, Jack. Call of the wild. Grosset. 75c. (M) .
Lucas, E. V. The slowcoach. Macmillan. $2.00. (A).
Meigs, Cornelia. The scarlet oak. Macmillan. $2.00. (M).
Molesworth, M. L. The cuckoo clock. Macmillan. $1.75. (A).
Mukerji, D. G. Hari, the jungle lad. Dutton. $1.25. (E).
Mukerji, D. G. Kari, the elephant. Dutton. $1.25. (E).
Otis, James, pseud. Mr. Stubb's brother. Harper. 75c. (A).
Otis, James. Toby Tyler; or ten weeks with a circus. Harper. 75c. (A).
Page, Thomas Nelson. Two little Confederates. Scribner. $2.00. (A).
Singmaster, Elsie. A boy at Gettysburg. Houghton. $1.75. (E).
Smith, N. A. Children of the lighthouse. Houghton. $1.50. (E).

Adams, Katherine. Mehitable. Macmillan. $1.00. (A).
Alcott, Louisa M. Little women; il. by J. W. Smith. Little. $2.00. (A).
Brink, Carol R. Caddie Woodlawn. Macmillan. $2.00. (A).
Bush, R. E. A prairie rose. Little. $2.00. (A).
Cannon, Cornelia J. Pueblo girl. Houghton. $2.00. (A).
Dix, B. M. Merrylips. Macmillan. $1.75. (M).
*Field, Rachel. Hitty. Macmillan. $1.00. (A).
Gilchrist, B. B. Kit, Pat and a few boys. Century. $1.75. (M).
Jewett, S. 0. Betty Leicester. Houghton. $2.50. (M).
Knipe, Mrs. E. (B.), and Knipe, A. A. Girls of '64. Macmillan. $1.75. (A).
Lucas, E. V. Anne's terrible good nature, and other stories. Macmillan.
$2.50. (E).
Rankin, Mrs. C. (W.). Dandelion cottage. Holt. $1.50. (A).
Robinson, M. L. Sarah and her dog Dakin. Dutton. $2.00. (A).
Sawyer, Ruth. Roller skates. Viking. $2.00. (A).
Sidney, Margaret. Five little Peppers and how they grew. Lothrop. $1.75. (A).
Sidney, Margaret. Five little Peppers grown up. Lothrop. $1.75. (A).
Sidney, Margaret. Five little Peppers midway. Lothrop. $1.75. (A).
Singmaster, Elsie. Emmeline. Houghton. $1.50. (E).
Singmaster, Elsie. When Sarah saved the day. Houghton. $1.50. (E).
Skinner, C. L. Roselle of the North. Macmillan. $1.75. (A).
Wiggin, Kate D. Rebecca of Sunny Brook Farm. Houghton. $2.00. (M).

Elementary School List (Continued)
Zwilgmeyer, Dikken. Inger Johanne's lively doings; tr. by Emilie Poulsson.
Lothrop. $1.75. (A).
Zwilgmeyer, Dikken. What happened to Inger Johanne. Lothrop. $1.75. (A).

Brewton, J. E. Under the tent of the sky. Macmillan. $2.00.
Fyleman, Rose. Fairies and chimneys. Doubleday. $1.25.
Hubbard, Alice, and Babbitt, Adeline, comp. Golden Flute; an anthology of
poetry for children. Day. $2.25.
Milne, A. A. Now we are six. Dutton. $1.00.
Milne, A. A. When we were very young. Dutton. $1.00.
Thompson, B. J., ed. Silver pennies. Macmillan. $1.00.

Material for Social Science Units
Each book listed below may be secured and used independently of other
books in the series. When used as a group each series pictures certain phases
of home and community life which are of interest to primary children. When
older boys and girls are given free reading periods many of them choose their
books from these information materials. There is no suggestion to the student
of grade placement on any of them, which fact makes them very useful for
remedial work with intermediate and junior high groups.
Community Life Series. Edited by Thomas Hopkins and Lorraine Miller
Sherer. Houghton. cl984-1986. 68c each. (Grades 2-8.) Jimmy, the grocery-
man, by Jane Miller; To market we go, by Jane Miller; Dean and Don at the
dairy, by Jane Miller; Here comes the postman, by Dorothea Park.
Happy Hour Books. Macmillan. c1929-1987. 85c each. (Grades 2-8.)
Air pilot, by H. B. Lent; The captain, by H. B. Lent; The deliveryman, by
Charlotte Kuh; The engineer, by Charlotte Kuh; The farmer, by H. B. Lent,
illustrated by Bertha and Elmer Hader; The fireman, by Charlotte Kuh, illus-
trated by Kurt Wiese; The-policeman, by Charlotte Kuh, illustrated by Kurt
Wiese; The postman, by Charlotte Kub, illustrated by Kurt Wiese; The store-
keeper, by H. B. Lent.
Picture Scripts. Prepared by Staff Members of The Lincoln School, Teachers
College, Columbia University. 1986-1987. Augsburg Press. 41c each. (Grades
2-8.) Along the busy river, by Katherine Keeler; Binkie and the firemen, by
Editorial Board; Boats, by Editorial Board; Bread, by Editorial Board;
Fire! Fire!, by Editorial Board; The fireboat, by Editorial Board; Keo, the
otter, by Virgie Bernhordt; Maria Mello and Chiquito, by Virginia B. Whit-
lock; Matilda, the old fashioned hen, by Elizabeth Watson; On the road, by
Marjory T. Hardwick; Owney, the postal dog, by Avah W. Hughes; Penny
Penguin, by Carolyn Colby; The picnic, by J. S. Tippett; Poems of today, by
Annie E. Moore Compp.); Story of milk, by Marjory T. Hardwick; Old Straw-
berry and Molly, by Florence M. Tchaika; Tabby and the boat fire, by Editorial
Board; Two little Navahos dip their sheep, by Eva L. Butler; The tugboat, by
Editorial Board; The wooden bear, by Edna Potter; The world is round, by
Rose Wyler.

Elementary School List (Continued)
Social Science Readers. By Helen S. Read. Scribner. cl928-1985. 60c
each. (Grades 1-8.)

An airplane ride.
Billy's letter.
An engine story.
Grandfather's farm.
Jip and the fireman.

Mary and the policeman.
Mr. Brqwn's grocery store.
A story about big trees.
A story about boats.
A story about tall buildings.

Unit Study Books. American Education press. Single copies 15c each.

Ten or more copies, 10c each.
First Grade

How we travel.
Keeping our city safe.
The dairy.
Farm animals.
The circus.
Our houses.
The library.
How animals travel.
The story of seeds.
The zoo.
Animal families.
Birds and their babies.

Fourth Grade
Hot, dry lands.
The Romans.
Beginnings of trade.
Magnetism and elec-
Indoor gardens.
Bees and ants.
Soil; sources and uses.
Water; sources and

Second Grade

Your shoes and your
Pueblo Indians.
The story of milk.
Plants that give us food.
Man's animal helpers.
The post office.
Animals and their
Where animals live.
Early man and the
Life in the sea.
Sun, moon, and stars.
Simple machines.

Fifth Grade
The story of knight-
Early explorers.
Colonial life.
Winning the West.
Growth of cities.
The story of irrigation.

Third Grade
Story of flying.
Story of glass and bricks.
Story of heat.
Story of paper.
Pets at school.
Story of coal..
Forest Indians.
Navajo Indians.
Story of frogs.
Protection in nature.
The seasons.
How birds live.
What animals eat.

Sixth Grade
World trade.
Japan today.
The story of money.
Homes, old and new.
Modern explorers.

Elementary School List (Continued)

Supplementary Readers
Within the last few years publishers of texts have not spared care and
expense in making delightful books for children. Readers are now available
which are attractive in format with beautiful illustrations and good paper and
print. The old custom of calling the books first reader and second reader is
being discontinued by most publishers. Each book has a title which appeals to
the young reader, and the level for which the book is intended is put in an
inconspicuous place or left off completely. Dots, stars, or other markings give
the teacher a clue to the reading difficulty.
Teachers who have adopted the newer methods of teaching reading prefer
a single copy of many supplementary readers rather than a few sets with copies
for every child in the room. Reading material can then be adapted to the
needs and interests of the individuals. Reading becomes a joy when the child
can have the book that challenges, his interest at his reading level. These books
meet the demand of the new curriculum, and are useful in the unit method of
teaching. They also make attractive materials for the library table in the class-
room. In free reading periods these books are very popular in grades one to
three and many of these children list them among the books which they like best.
* Indicates those sets on which the publisher has concealed from the child
the reading level or grade placement.
** These are especially useful for remedial reading.
*Child Development Readers. By Julia L. Hahn. Houghton, c1985. Pre-
primer: Everyday doings (16c), Who knows (28c); primer: Everyday fun
(60c); first: Everyday friends (64c); second: Visits here and there (72c);
third: Neighbors near and far (80c).
Childhood Readers. By William E. Grady, Paul Klapper, and Jane C.
Gifford. Scribner, cl982-1984. Pre-primer: My airplane book (20c); primer:
Pets and play time (56c); first: City and country (56c); second: Stories for
everyday (68c); third: Children near and far (76c).
Curriculum Foundation Series. Scott, Foresman. c1982-1987. Book I,
II, III: Art stories (72c, 84c, 92c); Book I, II, III: Health stories (62c, 72c,
80c); Book I, II, III: Number stories (64c, 72c, 76c); Book I, II, III: Science
stories (64c, 72c, 80c); Social Studies: Peter's family (60c); David's friends at
school (72c); Susan's neighbors (84c).
*Dearborn Series. By Blanche J. Dearborn. Macmillan. c1980-1986.
Primer: Kitten Kat (60c); first: Country days (64c); second: Winter time
(68c); third: City friends (80c).
Good Companion Books. By Arthur J. Gates, Franklin T. Parker and
Celeste C. Peardon. Macmillan. c1986-1987. These books supplement the
vocabulary in the Gates-Huber readers: the primer, first and second readers
of the state-adopted books. Nick and Dick (60c); Fun with Nick and Dick
(68c); Story book of Nick and Dick (80c).
Guidance in Reading Series. By Grace E. Storm. Lyon. 1986. Pre-priumer:
Nip and Tuck (20c) ; primer: Bob and Judy (56c) ; first: Good time together
(60c); second: Friends about us (72c); third: Neighbors and helpers (80c).


Elementary School List (Continued)
Happy Hour Readers. By Mildred English and Thomas Alexander. John-
son. c1985. Pre-primer: Spot (20c); primer: Jo-Boy (56c); first: Good friends
(64,c); second: Wheels and wings (72c) ; third: Wide windows (80c).

Happy Road to Reading. By Katherine E. Dopp, May Pitts, and S. C.
Garrison. Rand. c1935. Pre-primer: Little friends (16c); primer: Little
friends at school (60c); first: Busy days with little friends (64c) ; second: Out-
doors and in (72c); third: Now and long ago (76c).

**Indian Life Series. By Therese 0. Deming and Edwin Willard Deming.
Laidlaw. c1981-1982. Little Eagle (68c); The Indians in winter camp (76c);
Red people of the wooded country (92c) ; Indians of the pueblos (92c).
*La Rue Readers. By Mable G. La Rue. Macmillan. c1928-1986. Grade
one: The F-U-N book (68c), The good-time book (60c); grades one and two:
Under the story tree (85c), In animal land (80c); grade two: Little Indians
(80c); grade three: Billy Bang book (84c); Hoot-owl (84c).

Nature and Science Readers. By Edith M. Patch and Harrison E. Howe.
Macmillan. c1985. Grade one: Hunting (68c); grade two: Outdoor visits
(68c) ; grade three: Surprises (72c) ; grade four: Through four seasons (76c);
grade five: Science at home (80c) ; grade six: The work of scientists (80c).

Our Animal Books. A series in humane education. By Frances E. Clark
and others. Heath. c1937. Primer: Fuzzytail (72c); Book I: Sniff (80c);
Book II: Pets and friends (84c); Book III: The pet club (92c).

Reading Foundation Series. Alice and Jerry Books. By Mable O'Donnell
and Alice Carey. Row. c1986-1989. First pre-primer: Rides and slides (24c);
second pre-primer: Here and there (24c); primer: Day in and day out (72c);
first: Round about (84c); readiness second: Down the river road (72c); second:
Friendly village (88c) ; third: If I were going (96c), Through the green gate.

Scientific Living Series. Science health readers. S. W. Singer Co. Pre-
primer: We see (20c); primer: Sunshine and rain (60c); first: Through the
year (72c); second: Winter comes and goes (84c).

**Story of Man. Social science readers, by William L. Nida. Laidlaw.
Book I: The tree boys (64c); Book II: Fleetfoot, the cave boy (72c); Book III:
Taming the animals (88c); Book IV: Dan-Hur and the first farmers (92c);
Book V: Inventions and discoveries of ancient times (92c); Book VI: Man
conquers the world with science (92c).

Unit-Activity Series. By Nila B. Smith. Silver. c1985. Pre-primer: Tom's
trip (20c) ; primer: At home and away (56c) ; first: In city and country (60c) ;
second: Round about you (68c) ; supplementary to second: The world around
us; third: Near and far (76c).

"Unit-Activity Series. Supplementary pamphlets. Silver. 9c each in
quantities of 10; 12c single copies. (Grades 1-3.)
Supplements: At home and away. Making a playhouse;
Carl's home; Carl's mother; Milk for the city; From farm and

Elementary School List (Continued)
garden; The baker makes bread; Jack helps at home; Jean
helps at home; Helping on the farm; Making butter; Tom's
dog and cat; Gold fish and birds; Fun in the city; Helpers
on a boat; Nancy's apple tree; Cluck-Cluck's egg; Fun on a
farm; Toys to make.

Supplements: In City and Country. All kinds of cars;
The fireman; The policeman; The postman; About camels;
Monkeys big and little; Bears at home; King Lion; Grey ele-
phant; The story of hay; Peanuts and popcorn; Dick makes a
garden; Mr. Long's garden; The woodpecker tops; The happy
bluebird; The robin comes; Big black crow; Tom's school.
Supplements: Round about you. Lindbergh's flight; A big
airport; Glades and airplanes; Balloons and airships; In a
department store; Rubber and rayon; Hop! hop! hop!
(frogs) ; Come and see (turtle and snakes) ; Story of bananas;
Flax and wool; Cotton and cotton cloth.

Supplements: Near and far. Red Eagle of the plains; A
look at the weather.

Book List for High Schools
This list is made to supplement the regular book selection aids for junior
and senior high schools, by indicating those which are read more widely. Em-
phasis is given to those books which boys and girls usually read for pleasure.
The same material, however, is excellent for supplementing the curriculum.
No attempt is made to give all the titles useful or necessary in a school
library; rather, books which have appeal to a large number of students are
The list contains about four hundred titles, which would cost about six
hundred dollars, net, the exact cost depending on the size of the book orders.
If a school has only one hundred dollars to spend, the symbol (1) indicates
those books which possibly will be most useful in supplying material for poor
readers in senior high school and satisfying the reading tastes of junior high
students. If a school wishes suggestions for spending two hundred dollars,
all titles marked (1) and (2) should be included in the order. If all books
marked (1), (2) and (8) are purchased, the order will amount to approxi-
mately three hundred and fifty dollars. Those books marked (4) make up the
balance of the approximated six hundred. If the prices of books in each group
are added the total will amount to more than the estimates just given would
indicate, because the prices given are list prices, subject to discounts, which
had to be estimated.

In addition to the books in Groups (1), (2), (8), and (4) there is a list
of titles which will possibly be found in many school libraries, but which are
seldom read because of the fine print, poor paper and narrow margins. The
books are popular with students in these well illustrated editions. As rapidly
as possible, schools should replace poor editions of classics with those which
boys and girls will read.

Legend and Hero Tales
Adams, Julia D. Swords of the Vikings. Dutton. $2.50. (8).
Brown, Abbie F. In the days of giants; a book of Norse tales; il. by E. Boyd
Smith. Houghton. $1.50. (2).
Buckley, Elsie F. Children of the dawn; il. by F. C. Pape. Stokes. $3.00. (2).
Filmore, Parker. Mighty Mikko. Harcourt. $2.25. (8).
Hall, Jennie. Viking tales. Rand. 56c. (1).
Harris, J. C. Nights with Uncle Remus. Houghton. $2.50. (8).
Hull, Eleanor. The boy's Cuchulain; heroic legends of Ireland. Crowell.
$2.00. (4).
Kingsley, Charles. The Heroes. Macmillan. $2.50. (4).
Mabinogion. Knightly legends of Wales; ed. by Sidney Lanier. Scribner.
$2.50. (4).

Personality, Manners, and Conduct
Allen, B., and Briggs, M. P. Behave yourself. Lippincott. $1.25. (1).
Badt, Ernestine Louise. Everyday good manners for boys and girls. Laidlaw.
60c. (1).

High School List (Continued)
Brocknman, Mary. What is she like; a personality hook for girls. $1.50. (2).
Cades, Hazel R. Any girl can be good looking. Appleton. $1.50. (2).
Clark, Mary E., and Quigley, Margery C. Etiquette, Jr. Doubleday. $2.00. (2).
Clark, T. A. High school boy and his problems. Macmillan. $1.20. (8).
Dennis, Lemo T. Living together in the family. American Home Ec. Assoc.
$1.10. (4).
Dimnet, Ernest. Art of thinking. Simon. $1.00. (8).
Ferris, Helen J. This happened to me. Dutton. $2.50. (8).
Geister, Edna. Ice-breakers; and the ice-breaker herself (2nd ed.). Smith.
$1.35. (2).
Gibson, Jessie E. On being a girl. Macmillan. $1.60. (2).
Hadida, Sophie C. Manners for millions. Doubleday. $1.95. (4).
Irwin, J. W., and Meyer, G. C. School, home, and you. School and College
Service. 44c. (4).
Philadelphia, South Philadelphia High School for Girls. Everyday manners
for American boys and girls. Macmillan. $1.00. (2).
Post, Mrs. E. P. Etiquette in society, in business, in politics, and at home.
Funk. $8.50. (4).
Smith, F. R., comp. Manners and conduct in school and out. By the deans of
girls in Chicago high schools. Allyn. 40c.
Starrett, Mrs. Helen (Ekin). Charm of fine manners; being a series of letters
to a daughter; new cd. Lippincott. $1.00. (8).

(See also Biography)
Bell, Kensil. Ice patrol. Dodd. $2.00. (8).
Crump, Irving. The boys' book of airmen. Dodd. $2.00. (8).
Crump, Irving. Boys' book of firemen. Dodd. $2.00. (8).
Crump, Irving. Boys' book of forest rangers. Dodd. $2.00. (8).
Crump, Irving. Boys' book of policemen. Dodd. $2.00. (3).
De Leeuw, Adele. A place for herself. Macmillan. $2.00. (8).
Ferris, H. J., and Moor, Virginia. Girls who did; stories of real girls and their
careers; il. by Hariett Moncure. Dutton. $2.00. (8).
Hoerle, H. C., and Saltzberg. F. B. Girl and the job. Holt. $1.50. (8).
Maule, Frances. Men wanted. Funk. $2.00. (8).
Maule, Frances. She strives to conquer. Funk. $2.00. (8).
Pennoyer, Sara. Polly Tucker: merchant. Dodd. $2.00. (8).
Ramsey, Janet. Stars rising. Nelson. $1.50. (4).
Simley, Irving. High school and you. Stewart Pub. Co. $1.40. (4).
Williamson, T. R. North after seals. Houghton. $2.00. (8).

Science and Useful Arts
Akeley, Mrs. Delia J. (D.). "J. T., Jr.;" the biography of an African monkey;
il. with photographs by the author. Macmillan. $2.25. (1).
Baker, Mary F. Florida wild flowers. Macmillan. $8.50. (4).
Baker, R. H. When the stars come out. Viking. $2.50. (4).
Baynes, E. H. Polaris; the story of an Eskimo dog. Macmillan. $2.00. (2).

High School List (Continued)
Beard, D. C. American boys' handy book. Scribner. $3.00. (8).
Beebe, William. Beneath tropic seas; a record of diving beneath the coral
reefs of Haiti. Blue Ribbon. $1.00. (1).
Beebe, William. Exploring with Beebe. Putnam. $2.50. (2).
Bianco, Mrs. Margery (W.). All about pets; il. by Grace Gilkinson. Mac-
millan. $2.00. (4).
Brooks, C. F. Why the weather? Harcourt. $2.00. (8).
Caldwell, 0. W., and Slosson, E. E. Science remaking the world (Star dollar
books). Garden City. $1.00. (1).
Carter, M. H. ed. Bear stories; retold from St. Nicholas. Century. $1.25. (1).
Carter, M. H. ed. Lion and tiger stories; St. Nicholas. Century. $1.25. (1).
Carter, M. H. ed. Stories of brave dogs; St. Nicholas. Century. $1.25. (1).
Cheyney, E. G. What tree is that? il. by G. D. George. Appleton-Century.
$2.00. (4).
Cole, N. B. First aid for boys. Appleton. $1.50. (4).
Collins, A. F. Amateur photographer's handbook. Crowell. $2.50. (8).
Collins, A. F. Book of stars. Appleton. $1.50. (4).
Collins, A. F. Book of the microscope. Appleton. $1.50. (4).
Collins, A. F. Boy scientist. Lothrop. $2.50. (8).
Crandall, L. S. Pets and how to care for them, 8rd ed. N. Y. Zoological So-
ciety. $2.00. (4).
Darrow, F. L. Boys' own book of great inventions. Macmillan. $1.75. (4).
Darrow, F. L. Boys' own book of science. Macmillan. $1.75. (8).
Darrow, F. L. Masters of science and invention. Harcourt. $1.75. (4).
Ditmars, R. L. Strange animals I have known. Brewer. $8.50. (4).
Ellsberg, Edward. On the bottom. Blue Ribbon Books. $1.00. (1).
Finley, W. L., and Finley, I. B. Wild animal pets. Scribner. $8.00. (4).
Foster, William. The romance of chemistry. Century. $8.00. (4).
Hall, A. N. Boy craftsman; practical and profitable ideas for a boy's leisure
hours. Lothrop. $2.50. (8).
Hall, A. N. The handy boy. Lothrop. $2.50. (8).
Hornaday, W. T. Minds and manners of wild animals. Scribner. $2.50. (4).
Hornaday, W. T. Wild animal interviews. Scribner. $2.50. (4).
Howell, A. H. Florida bird life; color pl. from original paintings by Francis
L. Jaques. Coward-McCann. $8.00. (4).
Jackson, G. G. Romance of the submarine. Lippincott. $2.50. (4).
Keelor, K. L. Working with electricity, a book of lights, bells, magnets and
messages; drawings by Herbert Plimpton. Macmillan. $1.00. (8).
Kephart, Horace. Camp cookery (Outing handbooks), new ed. Macmillan.
$1.00. (4).
Lunt, J. R. Everyday electricity. Macmillan. $1.60. (4).
McKishnie, A. P. Mates of the tangle. Musson. $2.00. (4).
McMillen, Wheeler. Young collector. Appleton. $1.75. (8).
Martin, Martha E. Friendly stars. Harper. $2.00. (4).
Mills, E. A. Story of a thousand-year pine, and other tales of wild life.
Houghton. 44c. (4).
Morgan, A. P. Boys' home book of science and construction. Lothrop. $2.50.

High School List (Continued)
Muir, John. Stickeen. Houghton. $1.25. (2).
Parsons, Mrs. F. T. (Smith) D. How to know the wild flowers. Scribner.
$8.00. (4).
Post, Augustus. Skycraft, new ed. Oxford. $1.50. (4).
Reed, W. M. Earth for Sam; the story of mountains, rivers, dinosaurs and
men; il. by Karl Moseley. Harcourt. $8.50. (4).
Reed, W. M. Stars for Sam; decorations by Karl Moseley. Harcourt. $8.00.
Seton, E. T. Lives of the hunted. Scribner. $2.50. (4).
Seton, E. T. Wild animals I have known. Scribner. $2.50. (2).
Simpson, C. T. Florida wild life. Macmillan. $2.50. (4).
Slosson, E. E. Chats on science. Century. $2.00. (4).
Slosson, E. E. Creative chemistry (Star dollar books). Garden City. $1.00.
Slosson, E. E. Keeping up with science. Harcourt. $2.50. (4).
Snow, B. E., and Froehlich, H. C. Hundred things a girl can make. Lippin-
cott. $2.50. (4).
Thomson, J. E. Aviation stories. Longmans. $1.25. (8).
Verrill, A. H. Boy collector's handbook. McBride. $2.00. (4).
Verrill, A. H. Pets for pleasure and profit. Scribner. $2.00. (4).
Verrill, A. H. Real story of a whaler. Appleton. $8.00. (4).
Wade, H. T. Everyday electricity. Little. $2.00. (4).
Williamson, T. R. Opening Davy Jones' locker. Houghton. $2.00. (8).

History and Travel
Adams, J. T. Epic of America. Blue Ribbon. 98c. (4).
Akeley, C. E. Adventures in an African jungle. Dodd. $8.00. (4).
Byrd, R. E. Skyward. Blue Ribbon. $1.00. (4).
Decatur, Dorothy D. Two young Americans in Mexico. Heath. 96c. (1).
Dimock, A. W. Florida enchantments, rev. ed. Stokes. $5.00. (4).
Earhart, Amelia. 20 hrs., 40 mins.; our flight in friendship. Grosset. $1.00. (1).
Eastman, C. A. Indian boyhood. Little. $2.50. (8).
Grenfell, W. T. Tales of the Labrador. Houghton. $2.25. (4).
Halliburton, Richard. Glorious adventure (Star dollar books). Garden City.
$1.00. (2).
Halliburton, Richard. Royal road to romance. Garden City. $1.00. (2).
Horton, Edith. Frozen North; Arctic exploration. Heath. 96c. (8).
Lindbergh, Anne. North to the Orient. Harcourt. $2.50. (8).
Marshall, H. E. Island story; a child's history of England with pictures by
A. S. Forrest. Stokes. $5.00. (4).
MacGregor, Mary. Story of France. Stokes. $5.00. (4).
MacGregor, Mary. Story of Rome from the earliest times to the death of
Augustus, told to boys and girls. Stokes. $5.00. (1.).
Marshall, H. E. Scotland's story. Stokes. $5.00. (4).
Matthews, Etta L. Over the blue wall. Univ. of N. C. press. $1.00. (1).
Morris, Mrs. Ann (Axtell). Digging in Yucatan. Doubleday. $8.50. (4).
Morton, H. C. V. In search of Scotland. Dodd. $8.00. (4).
Nusbaum, Deric. Deric in Mesa Verde. Putnam. $1.75. (1).

High School List (Continued)
Peck, Anne M. Storybook Europe. Harper. $2.50. (4).
Peck, Anne M. Young Germany. McBride. $2.50. (8).
Peck, Anne M. Young Mexico. McBride. $2.50. (8).
Putnam, D. B. David goes to Greenland. Putnam. $1.75. (1).
Putnam, D. B. David goes voyaging. Putnam. $1.75. (1).
Rawson, K. L. A boy's-eye view of the Arctic. Macmillan. $1.75. (2).
Roosevelt, Theodore. Stories of the great West. Century. $2.00. (4).
St. Nicholas. Colonial stories; retold from St. Nicholas. Century. $1.25. (4).
St. Nicholas. Indian stories; retold from St. Nicholas. Century. $1.25. (4).
St. Nicholas. Revolutionary stories; from St. Nicholas. Century. $1.25. (4).
Soloman, J. H. The book of Indian craft and Indian lore. Harper. $3.50. (4).
Stefansson, Vilhjalmar. Hunters of the great North. Harcourt. $2.50. (4).
Tappan, Eva M. When knights were bold. Houghton. $3.00. (4).
Van Loon, H. W. Story of mankind. Garden City. $1.00. (4).
Wells, Carveth. Six years in the Malay jungle. Garden City. $1.00. (1).
Wilmot-Buxton, E. M. Story of the crusades. Crowell. $1.75. (4).
Willson, Mrs. Minnie (Moore). The Seminoles of Flordia. Author, Kissimmee,
Fla. $1.00. (3).
Wiestach, Paul. An Italian holiday. McBride. $1.00. (4).
Winter, N. 0. Florida, the land of enchantment. Page. $6.00. (4).

Antin, Mary. Promised land. Houghton. $8.00. (3).
Beuret, Georgette. When I was a girl in France (Children of other lands
books). Lothrop. $1.25. (1).
Bok. E. W. Americanization of Edward Bok (school ed.). Scribner. $1.00. (2).
Borup, George. Tenderfoot with Peary. Stokes. $2.50. (8).
Brooks, E. S. True story of Abraham Lincoln. Lothrop. $2.00. (3).
Brooks, E. S. True story of Benjamin Franklin. Lothrop. $2.00. (3).
Brooks, E. S. True story of Christopher Columbus. Lothrop. $2.00. (3).
Brooks, E. S. True story of George Washington. Lothrop. $2.00. (3).
Buffalo Child Long Lance. Long I.ance. Cosmopolitan. $2.50. (3).
Camhrcy, Leonnede. When I was a girl in Sweden. Lothrop. $1.25. (2).
Charnley, M. V. Boys' life of the Wright brothers. Harper. $2.00. (3).
Charnley, M. V. Jean Lafitte. gentleman smuggler. Viking. $2.50. (2).
Cody, W. F. Autobiography of Buffalo Bill. Farrar. $1.00. (1).
Cooper, Mrs. Elizabeth (Beaver). My lady of the Chinese courtyard. Stokes.
$3.00. (4).
Foa, Mme. Eugenie. Boy life of Napoleon, adapted and extended for Ameri-
can boys and girls by E. S. Brooks. Lothrop. $2.00. (4).
Fraser, Chelsea Curtis. Heroes of the air, rev. ed. Crowell. $2.50. (4).
Garland, Hamlin. Son of the middle border (Modern readers' series). Mac-
millan. 80c. (8).
Golding, Vautier. Story of David Livingstone (children's heroes series). Dut-
ton. $1.00. (1).
Goss, Mrs. M. (B.). Beethoven, master musician; il. with reproductions of
paintings and photographs. Doubleday. $2.50. (4).

High School List (Continued)
Green, Fitzhugh. Dick Byrd; air explorer. Putnam. $1.75. (2).
Grenfell, W. T. Adrift on an ice pan. Houghton. $1.25. (2).
Hagedorn, Hermann. Boys' life of Theodore Roosevelt. Harper. $2.00. (4).
Hammond, J. W. A magician of science; the boys' life of Steinmetz. Cen-
tury. $1.75. (2).
Hertzmann, Anna Mia. When I was a girl in Sweden. Lothrop. $1.25. (8).
James, Will. Lone cowboy. Scribner. $2.75. (8).
Keller, Helen. Story of my life. Houghton. 60c. (1).
Kelly, M. D. Story of Sir Walter Raleigh (Children's heroes series). Dutton.
$1.00. (1).
Lang, John. Story of Captain Cook (Children's heroes series). Dutton. $1.00.
Lang, Jeanie. Story of General Gordon. Dutton. $1.00. (1).
Lindbergh, C. A. "We" (the famous flier's own story of his life and his trans-
atlantic flight, together with his views on the future of aviation). Gros-
set. 75c. (2).
Marie, grand duchess of Russia. Education of a princess, a memoir. Blue
Ribbon. 74c. (1).
Marshall, H. E. Story of Napoleon (Children's heroes series). Dutton. $1.00.
Meadowcroft, W. H. Boy's life of Edison. Harper. $2.00. (4).
Meigs, Cornelia. Invincible Louisa. Little. $2.00. (2).
Mirza, Youel Benjamin. Myself when young; a boy in Persia. Doubleday.
$2.50. (4).
Muir, John. Story of my boyhood and youth. Houghton. $3.50. (4).
Nicolay, Helen. Boy's life of Abraham Lincoln. Century. $1.75. (4).
Nicolay, Helen. Boy's life of Alexander Hamilton. Century. $2.00. (4).
Nicolay, Helen. Boy's life of Lafayette. Harper. $1.75. (3).
Nicolay, Helen. Boy's life of Washington. Century. $2.50. (8).
Paine, A. B. Boy's life of Mark Twain. Harper. $1.75. (4).
Paine, A. B. Girl in white armor; Joan of Arc. Macmillan. $2.50. (8).
Richards, Mrs. L. E. (H.). Florence Nightingale, the angel of the Crimea.
Appleton. $1.75. (2).
Roosevelt, Theodore. Theodore Roosevelt's diaries of boyhood and youth.
Scribner. $2.50. (4).
Roosevelt, Theodore. Theodore Roosevelt's letters to his children; edited by
J. B. Bishop. Scribner. $1.00. (2).
Root, H. W. The boys' life of Barnum. Harper. $2.00. (3).
Roy, Satyananda. When I was a boy in India. Lothrop. $1.25. (4).
Seymour, F. W. The boys' life of Fremont. Century. $2.00. (4).
Sugimoto, Mrs. Esta (I.). Daughter of the Samurai. Doubleday. $3.00. (3).
Thomas, Lowell. The boys' life of Colonel Lawrence. Century. $2.00. (4).
Thomas, Lowell. Count Luckner, the sea devil. Garden City. $1.00. (2).
Wallace, Dillon. Story of Dr. Grenfell of the Labrador. Revell. $2.00. (8)
Washington, B. T. Up from slavery. Doubleday. $2.00. (4).
Wheeler, Opal, and Deucher, Sybil. Bach, the boy from Thuringia. Dutton.

High School List (Continued)
Wheeler, Opal, and Deucher, Sybil. Haydn, the merry little peasant. Dutton.
Wheeler, Opal, and Deucher, Sybil. Mozart, the wonder boy. Dutton. $2.00.
White, S. E. Daniel Boone, wilderness scout. Doubleday. $1.00. (2).

(Essays, Plays, Poetry and Short Stories)
Becker, May L., ed. Under twenty. Harcourt. $2.50. (2).
Benchley, R. C. No poems. Harper. $2.00. (4).
Brink, Carol R., ed. Best short stories for boys and girls, V. 1-3. Row, Peter-
son. $1.00 each. (1).
Bunner, H. C., ed. Short sixes. Scribner. $2.00. (2).
Cohen, H. L., ed. One-act plays by modern authors. Harcourt. $1.48. (8).
Ferris, Helen F., ed. Adventure waits. Harcourt. $2.50. (2).
Ferris, Helen F., ed. Love comes riding. Harcourt. $2.50. (2).
Goldstone, George A. One-act plays. Allyn. $1.00. (3).
Grayson, David. Adventures of David Grayson. Sun Dial. 98c. (8).
Kipling, Rudyard. Just so stories. Doubleday. $2.00. (4).
Law, F. H., ed. Modern short stories. Century. $1.25. (4).
Leacock, S. B. Laugh with Leacock. Dodd. $2.50. (4).
Lomax, J.A. Cowboy songs and other frontier ballads. Macmillan. $1.75. (4).
Marshall, H. E. English literature for boys and girls. Stokes. $5.00. (4).
Masefield, John. Salt water poems and ballads. Macmillan. $1.42. (4).
Riley, J. W. Best loved poems. Blue Ribbon. $1.00. (4).
Sanford, A. P., and Schauffler, R. H., eds. Magic of books; an anthology for
book week (Our American holidays). Dodd. $2.00. (4).
Service, Robert. Spell of the Yukon. Dodd. $1.00. (4).
Wright, W. H., ed. Great detective stories. Modern Library. 75c.

Adams, Katharine. Redcaps and lilies. Macmillan. $2.00. (2).
Adams, Katharine. Wisp, a girl of Dublin. Macmillan. $2.00. (1).
Alcott, Louisa M. Little men; il. by Reginald Birch (Beacon Hill book shelf).
$2.00. (3).
Alcott, Louisa M. Little women. Winston. $1.00. (1).
Alcott, Louisa M. Old fashioned girl; il. by Abbott (Beacon Hill book shelf).
Little. $2.00. (2).
Aldrich, Mrs. Bess (Streeter). Lantern in her hand. Appleton. $2.00. (2).
Altsheler, J. A. Forest runners (Young trailers ser., v. 2). Appleton. $1.75. (1).
Altsheler, J. A. Horsemen of the plains; a story of the great Cheyenne war.
Macmillan. $1.75. (2).
Altsheler, J. A. Hunters of the hills. Appleton. $1.75. (2).
Altsheler, J. A. Keepers of the trail (Young trailers). Appleton. $1.75. (1).
Altsheler, J. A. Riflemen of the Ohio. Appleton. $1.75. (1).
Altsheler, J. A. Texan scouts. Appleton. $1.75. (2).
Altsheler, J. A. Young trailers. Appleton. $1.75. (2).
Anderson, P. L. With the eagles. Appleton. $1.75. (3).
Ashmun, M. E. Isabel Carleton's year. Macmillan. $1.50. (1).

High School List (Continued)
Baker, Olaf. Dusty Star; il. by Paul Bransom. Dodd. $2.50. (1).
Baker, Olaf. Shasta of the wolves; il. by C. L. Bull. Dodd. $2.50. (1).
Baker, Olaf. Thunder Boy; il. by Paul Bransom. Dodd. $2.50. (1).
Ballantyne, R. M. Coral island; a tale of the Pacific. Nelson. $1.50. (2).
Barbour, R. H. Crimson sweater. Century. $1.75. (1).
Barbour, R. H. Half-back; school, football and golf. Appleton. $1.75. (1).
Barbour, R. H. Spirit of the school. Appleton. $1.75. (2).
Barr, Mrs. Amelia E. Bow of orange ribbon. Dodd. $2.00. (3).
Bennett, Mrs. E. (H.). Camp Ken-jockety. Houghton. $1.75. (8).
Bennett, John. Master Skylark; a story of Shakespeare's time; il. by Reg-
inald Birch. Century. $2.00. (2).
Brink, Carol R. Caddie Woodlawn. Macmillan. $2.00. (1).
Brooks, E. S. Master of the Strong Hearts. Dutton. $2.00. (2).
Brown, H. D. Two college girls. Houghton. $1.50. (3).
Bullen, F. T. Cruise of the Cachalot. Appleton. $1.00. (1).
Burnett, Mrs. F. H. Little Lord Fauntleroy; il. by R. B. Birch. Scribner.
$2.50. (3).
Burnett, Mrs. F. H. Secret garden. Grossett. $1.00. (1).
Cather, Willa S. My Antonia. Houghton. $2.50. (2).
Clemens, S. L. Adventures of Huckleberry Finn. Harper. $1.00. (2).
Clemens, S. L. Adventures of Tom Sawyer. Harper. $1.00. (1).
Clemens, S. L. Prince and the pauper. Harper. $1.00. (2).
Coolidge, Susan, pseud. What Katy did (Beacon Hill book shelf). Little.
$2.00. (1).
Coolidge, Susan, pseud. What Katy did at school (Beacon Hill book shelf).
Little. $2.00. (1).
Coolidge, Susan, pseud. What Katy did next. Little. $1.75. (2).
Chrisman, A. B. Shen of the sea; il. by Elsie Hassebriis. Dutton. $2.00. (8).
Crane, S. Red badge of courage (Appleton modern literature ser.). Appleton.
$1.00. (2).
Davis, R. H. Boy scout, and other stories for boys. Scribner. $1.00. (1).
Davis, W. S. Beauty of the purple; a romance of imperial Constantinople
twelve centuries ago. Macmillan. $2.50. (3).
Dix, Beulah M. Merrylips. Macmillan. $1.75. (8).
Dodge, Mrs. M. (M.). Hans Brinker; il. by Louis Rhead. Harper. $1.75. (3).
Doyle, Sir A. C. Adventures of Sherlock Holmes. Blue Ribbon. 75c. (1).
Ferber, Edna. Showboat. Grosset. 75c. (1).
Ferber, Edna. So Big. Grosset. 75c. (1).
Field, R. L. Hitty-her first hundred years; il. by Dorothy P. Lathrop. Mac-
millan. $1.00. (1).
Finger, C. J. Courageous companions; pictures by James H. Daugherty. Long-
mans. $3.00. (8).
Fisher. Bent twig. Grosset. $1.00. (1).
Forbes, H. C. Araminta. Macmillan. $1.75. (3).
Forbes, H. C. Mary and Marcia, partners. Macmillan. $2.00. (8).
French, H. W. Lance of Kanana; story of Arabia. Lothrop. $1.25. (8).
Grinnell, G. B. Jack among the Indians; or a boy's summer on the buffalo
plains. Stokes. $1.75. (1).

High School List (Continued)
Grinnell, G. B. Jack in the Rockies; or a boy's adventures with a pack train
Stokes. $1.75. (1).
Grinnell, G. B. Jack the young trapper; an eastern boy's fur hunting in the
Rocky Mountains. Stokes. $1.75. (1).
Grinuell, G. B. Jack the young ranchman; or a boy's adventures in the Rockies.
Stokes. $1.75. (1).
Grinnell, G. B. Story of the Indian. Appleton. $2.00. (2).
Grinnell, G. B. Wolf hunters. Scribner. $2.00. (2).
Harper, T. A., and Harper, Winifred. Siberian gold. Doubleday. $1.00. (2).
Haskell, H. E. Katrinka, the story of a Russian child (Little schoolmates ser.).
Dutton. $2.00. (8).
Hawes, C. B. Dark frigate. Little. $2.00. (8).
Hawes, C. B. The mutineers. Atlantic. $2.00. (4).
Hewes, Mrs. A. D. Spice and the devil's cave. Knopf. $2.50. (8).
Hough, Emerson. Covered wagon. Appleton. $2.00. (8).
Inman, Henry. Ranch on the Oxide. Macmillan. $1.50. (2).
Irving, Washington. Rip Van Winkle and the legend of Sleepy Hollow. Mac-
millan. 72c. (4).
Jackson, H. H. Ramona. Little. $2.50. (3).
Jackson, H. H. Nelly's silver mine. Little. $2.00. (2).
Jacobs, Mrs. C. E. Texas Blue Bonnett (Blue bonnet ser., v. 1). $2.00. (1).
James, Will. Smoky. Scribner. $1.00. (1).
Janvier, T. A. Aztec treasure-house. Harper. $2.50. (8).
Jewett, S. 0. Betty Leicester's Christmas. Houghton. $1.50. (1).
Kelly, E. P. Treasure mountain. Macmillan. $2.00. (8).
Kelly, E. P. Trumpeter of Krakow, a tale of the fifteenth century; il. made
by Angela Pruszynska in Krakow. Macmillan. $2.50. (4).
Kipling, R. Captains courageous. Doubleday. $1.00. (1).
Kneeland, C. A. Smugglers' island and the devil fires of San Moros (Riverside
bookshelf). Houghton. $2.00. (2).
Kyle, Anne D. Crusaders gold. Houghton. $2.00. (8).
Lewis, Elizabeth F. Young Fu. Winston. $2.00. (8).
Lofting, Hugh. Doctor Dolittle's circus. Stokes. $2.00. (1).
Lofting, Hugh. Story of Doctor Dolittle. Stokes. $2.00. (1).
Lofting, Hugh. Voyages of Doctor Dolittle. Stokes. $2.50. (1).
London, Jack. Call of the wild. Grosset. 75c. (1).
London, Jack. White Fang. Grosset. 75c. (1).
Lorenzini, Carlo. The adventures of Pinocchio; tr. by Angelo Patri. Double-
day. 88c. (1).
Malot, H. H. Nobody's boy; tr. by F. C. Jones; illustrated. Cupples. $1.50. (8).
Malot, H. H. Nobody's girl; tr. by F. C. Jones; illustrated. Cupples. $1.50. (8).
Marryat, Frederick. Masterman Ready. Macrae. 80c. $1.00. (1).
Masefield, John. Jim Davis. Grosset. $1.00. (1).
Masefield, John. Martin Hyde, the duke's messenger. Little. $2.00. (8).
Meigs, C. L. Pool of stars. Macmillan. $1.50. (1).
Miller, L. E. Hidden people; the story of the search for Incan treasure; il. by
P. Bransom. Scribner. $2.00. (2).
Montgomery, L. M. Anne of Avonlea. $2.00. (2).

High School List (Continued)
Montgomery, L. M. Anne of Green Gables. $2.00. (1).
Moon, Grace. Chi-wee-the adventures of a little Indian girl. Doubleday
88c. (1).
Moon, Grace and Carl. Lost Indian magic. Stokes. $2.50. (1).
Morley, Christopher. Haunted book shop. Grosset. $1.00. (3).
Morley, Christopher. Parnassus on wheels. Grosset. $1.00. (8).
Munroe, Kirk. Canoemates; a story of the Florida reef and Everglades.
Harper. $1.00. (1).
Munroe, Kirk. The flamingo feather. Harper. $2.50. (I).
Mukerji, D. G. Gay-neck; the story of a pigeon; il. by Boris Artzybasheff.
Dutton. $2.00. (4).
Nash, H. A. Polly's secret. Little. $2.50. (2).
Nordhoff, C. B. The derelict. Little. $2.00. (2).
Nordhoff, C. B. The pearl lagoon. Atlantic. $2.00. (2).
Nordhoff, C. B., and Hall, J. N. Falcons of France; a tale of youth and the
air. Little. $2.50. (2).
Nordhoff, C. B., and Hall, J. N. Mutiny on the Bounty. Little. $2.50. (8).
0. Henry. The four million. Blue Ribbon. 75c. (2).
Ollevant, A. Bob, son of battle. Doubleday. 96c. (1).
Otis, James, pseud. Toby Tyler; or ten weeks with a circus. Harper. 75c. (1).
Pease, H. Hurricane weather. Doubleday. $2.00. (8).
Pease, H. The tattooed man. Doubleday. $1.00. (1).
Pyle, H. Men of iron. Harper. $1.00. (2).
Quirk, L. W. Boy scouts of Black Eagle patrol. Little. $2.00. (3).
Rawlings, Marjorie. The yearling. Scribner. $2.50. (4).
Rice, Mrs. Alice. Mrs. Wiggs of the cabbage patch. Century. $1.25. (2).
Ribbany, A. M. Hidden treasure of Rasmola. Houghton. $1.75. (4).
Sabatini, Raphael. Captain Blood. Houghton. $2.00. (3).
Sabin, E. L. Buffalo Bill and the overland trail. Lippincott. $1.75. (4).
Sabin, E. L. On the plains with Custer. Lippincott. $1.75. (3).
Sackett, Rose McLaughlin. Three times for a flute. Macmillan. $2.00. (4),
Sawyer, Ruth. Roller skates. Viking. $2.00. (1).
Schultz, J. W. Lone Bull's mistake. Houghton. $1.75. (1).
Schultz, T. W. The quest of the fish-dog skin. Houghton. $1.75. (2).
Schultz, J. W. Sinopah. the Indian boy. Houghton. $1.75. (1).
Schultz, J. W. The trail of the Spanish horse. Houghton. $1.75. (2).
Schultz, J. W. With the Indians in the Rockies. Houghton. $1.75. (2).
Seaman, A. H. Jacqueline of the carrier pigeons. Macmillan. $1.00. (1).
Singmaster, Elsie. A boy at Gettysburg. Houghton. $1.75. (2).
Singmaster, Elsie. John Baring's house. Houghton. $1.50. (1).
Singmaster, Elsie. When Sarah saved the day. Houghton. $1.50. (1).
Skinner, C. L. Becky Landers; frontier warrior. Macmillan. $1.50. (1).
Skinner, C. L. White leader. Macmillan. $1.75. (2).
Spyri, Johanna. Heidi; ed. by Adeline B. Zachert; il. by Clara M. Burd
Rand. $1.00. (1).
Stevenson, R. L. Kidnapped. Macmillan. $1.00. (1).
Stevenson, R. L. Treasure Island. Macmillan. $1.00. (1).
Stoddard, W. 0. Talking leaves, an Indian story. Harper. 75c. (2).

High School List (Continued)
Sublette, C. M. Scarlet Cockerel (Beacon Hill book shelf). Little. $2.00. (4).
Tarkington, Booth. Alice Adams. Grosset. 75c. (2). 0
Tarkington, Booth. Seventeen. Harper. $1.00. (2).
Terhune, A. P. Lad; a dog. Dutton. $2.00. (3).
Thompson, A. R. Gold-seeking on the Dalton trail; il. in color by George
Avison (Beacon Hill book shelf). Little. $2.00. (4).
Thompson, Maurice. Alice of old Vincennes. Grosset. 75c. (8).
Vaile, Charlotte M. The Orcutt girls. Wilde. $1.75. (3).
Verne, Jules. Around the world in eighty days. Scribner. $1.00. (4).
Verne, Jules. Twenty thousand leagues under the sea (Windermere series).
Rand. $1.00. (1).
Walden, A. T. Dog-puncher on the Yukon. Houghton. $1.00. (1).
Wallace, Dillon. Grit a-plenty. Revell. $2.50. (4).
Wallace, Dillon. Long Labrador trail. McClurg. $3.00. (4).
Wallace, Dillon. Lure of the Labrador wild. Revell. $3.00. (3).
Wallace, Dillon. Ungava Bob. Grosset. $1.00. (1).
Wallace, Dillon. The wilderness castaways. McClurg. $1.75. (4).
Webster, Jean. Daddy long-legs. Grosset. 75c. (1).
Webster, Jean. When Patty went to college. Century. $2.00. (2).
Wells, R. F. With Caesar's legions. Lothrop. $1.50. (4).
White, Edward Lucas. Andivius Hedulio; adventures of a Roman nobleman
in the days of the empire. Dutton. $2.50. (3).
White, E. L. The unwilling vestal. Dutton. $2.50. (3).
White, Hervey. Smoke gold, a. search for Aztec treasure. Macmillan. $1.75.
Wiggin, K. D. Birds' Christmas carol; il. by Grose. Houghton. $1.50. (4).
Wiggin, K. D. Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm. Houghton. 84c. (1).
Wilder, Thornton. Bridge of San Luis Rey. Grosset. $1.00. (3).
Wister, Owen. The Virginian. Macmillan. $2.50. (3).
Wren, Percival C. Beau Geste. Grosset. 75c. (1).
Wyss, J. D. The Swiss Family Robinson. Harper. $1.00. (2).
Zwilgmeyer, Dikken. What happened to Inger Johanne; tr. from the Nor-
wegian by Poulsson. Lothrop. $1.75. (1).

Illustrated Classics
Alcott, I,. M. Little women; il. by J. W. Smith (Beacon Hill book shelf).
Little. $2.00.
Barrie, Sir James Matthew. Little Minister. Scribner . $2.50.
Beowulf. Story of Beowulf; retold from the ancient epic by Strafford Riggs;
il. by H. C. Pitz. Appleton-Century. $2.50.
Blackmore, R. D. Lorna Doone; il. by Mead Schaeffer (International classics).
Dodd. $2.00.
Boyd, James. Drums; il. in color by N. C. Wyeth. Scribner. $2.50.
Bronte, Charlotte. Jane Eyre (International classics). Dodd. $2.00.
Bunyan, John. Pilgrim's Progress; il. by the brothers Rhead. Century. $3.00.
Cervantes Saavedra, Miguel de. Don Quixote; retold by Judge Parry; il. by
Walter Crane. Dodd. $2.50.
Chaucer, Geoffrey. Tales of Chaucer; the Canterbury tales done into prose
by Eleanor Farjeon; il. by W. R. Flint. Hale. $3.00.

High School List (Continued)
Clemens, S. L. Adventures of Tom Sawyer. Harper. $2.25.
Cooper, J. F. Deerlayer; il. by N. C. Wyeth (illustrated classics). Scribner.
Cooper, J. F. Last of the Mohicans; il. by N. C. Wyeth (Illustrated classics).
ScribneT.' $1.50.
Dana, R. H. Two years before the mast; il. by . Boyd Smith. Houghton. $2.00.
Defoe, Daniel. Robinson Crusoe; il. by E. Boyd Smith. Houghton. $2.00.
Dickens, Charles. David Copperfield; il. by G. D. Hammond (International
classics). Dodd. $2.00.
Dickens, Charles. Nicholas Nickleby; with sixteen il. in color by C. E. Brock
(Ebony library). Dodd. $3.00.
Dickens, Charles. Old curiosity shop (International classics). Dodd. $2.00.
Dickens, Charles. Tale of two cities (International classics). Dodd. $2.00.
Dumas, Alexandre. Count of Monte Cristo; il. by Mead Schaeffer. Dodd. $8.50.
Dumas, Alexandre. Three musketeers; il. in color by Mead Schaeffer. Dodd.
Eliot, George, pseud. Adam Bede; il. by Tarrant (International classics). $2.00.
Franklin, Benjamin. Autobiography (Riverside book shelf series). Houghton.
Homer. Iliad; tr. into English blank verse by W. C. Bryant; il. by John Flax-
man. Houghton. $4.00.
Homer. Odyssey; tr. by G. N. Palmer; il. by N. C. Wyeth. Houghton. $2.50.
Hugo, Victor. Les miserables; il. by Mead Schaeffer. Dodd. $3.50.
Johnston, Mary. To have and to hold; il. by Schoonover. Houghton. $2.50.
Lytton, Bulwer-Lytton. Last days of Pompeii; il. by F. C. Yoln (Illustrated
classics). Scribner. $2.50.
Masefield, John. Jim Davis; il. by Mead Schacffer. Stokes. $2.50.
Melville, Herman. Mohy Dick or the white whale; il. by Mead Schaeffer.
Dodd. $3.50.
Melville, Herman. Typee; il. by Mead Schaeffer. Dodd. $8.50.
Parkman, Francis. Oregon trail; il. by N. C. Wyeth (Beacon Hill book shelf).
Little. $2.00.
Porter, Jane. Scottish chiefs; ed. by K. D. Wiggin and N. A. Smith; il by N. C.
Wyeth (Illustrated classics). Scribner. $1.50.
Scott, Sir Walter. Ivanhoe; il. by E. Boyd Smith (Riverside book shelf).
Houghton. $2.00.
Sienkiewicz, Henryk. Quo vadis; tr. by S. A. Bilion. Crowell. $3.00.
Stevenson, R. L. Kidnapped; il. by N. C. Wyeth. Scribner. $2.50.
Stevenson, R. L. Treasure Island; il. by N. C. Wyeth. Scribner. $2.50.
Swift, Jonathan. Gulliver's travels; ed. by Padraic (olum; il. by Willy Po-
gany. Macmillan. $2.50.
Van Dyke, Henry. Blue flower. Scribner. $2.50.
Vergil. Aeneid for boys and girls, told from Vergil in simple language by
A. J. Church. Macmillan. $1.75.
Verne, Jules. 20,000 leagues under the sea; il. by W. J. Ayward. Scribner.
Wallace, Lew. Ben Hur; a tale of the Christ. Harper. $2.50.

How to Order Books

In making out an order, it is suggested that the buying' information for
each book he placed on a separate piece of paper, three by five inches. ' When
the whole order is decided upon, sort the books by publisher. There will likely
he a dozen or more represented. Three or four perhaps will represent the
majority of the books. It is usually best to send orders direct o those few
publishers and to give the rest to a dealer. If an order to one publisher
amounts to as much as ten dollars it is usually a saving to send direct to the
publisher. Where hooks are ordered through the county superintendent it may
be possible to combine the orders from several schools, thus saving many
bills for each school.

In ordering from a dealer, be sure to state in a letter that no substitutions
of editions are to be made.

In ordering from a publisher give the following information: Name of
library; date; author, with initials; title; illustrator and translator, if given;
list price. If cash does not accompany the order state in a letter to whom the
bill should be sent.



.................. FLORIDA

November 15, 1938.

Author Title List Price

Clark, T. A. High school boy and his problems $1.20

Swift, Jonathan Gulliver's travels; il. by Willy Pogany $2.50



..................., FLORIDA

November 15, 1988.

Author Title Publisher List Price

Adams, J. T. Epic of America (Blue Ribbon) $ .98

Akeley, C. E. Adventures in an African Jungle (Dodd) 8.00

Directory of Publishers

Allyn and Bacon, New York City; Atlanta.
American Book Company, New York City; Atlanta.
American Education Press, Columbus, Ohio.
American Home Economics Association, Washington, D. C.
Appleton: See Appleton-Century.
Appleton-Century: D. Appleton-Century Co., New York City.
Atlantic: See Little, Brown.
Augsburg Publishing House, Morristown, Tenn.
Blue Ribbon Books, Inc., New York City.
Bobbs-Merrill Co., New York City.
Brewer: See Harcourt, Brace.
Century: See Appleton-Century.
Cosmopolitan Book Corp.: See Farrar.
Coward-McCann, Inc., New York City.
Crowell: The Thomas Y. Crowell Co., New York City.
Cupples and Leon Co., New York City.
Dodd, Mead and Co., New York City.
Doran: See Doubleday, Doran and Company.
Doubleday, Doran and Co., Garden City, N. Y.
Duffield and Company, New York City.
Dutton: E. P. Dutton and Co., New York City.
Farrar and Rinehart, New York City.
Flanagan: A. Flanagan Co., Chicago.
Follett Publishing Co., Chicago.
Funk and Wagnalls, New York City.
Garden City Publishing Co., Garden City, New York.
Ginn and Co., Boston; Atlanta.
Grosset and Dunlap, New York City.
Hale, Cushman & Flint, Boston; New York City.
Harcourt, Brace and Co., New York City.
Harper and Brothers, New York City.
Heath: D. C. Heath and Co., Boston; New York City; Atlanta.
Holt: Henry Holt and Co., New York City.
Houghton Mifflin Co., Boston; Atlanta.
Johnson Publishing Co., New York .City.
Knopf: Alfred A. Knopf, Inc., New York City.
Laidlaw Brothers, Chicago; Atlanta.
I.ippincott: J. B. Lippincott Co., Philadelphia.
Little, Brown and Co.. Boston.
Longmans, Green and Co., New York City.
Lothrop, Lee and Shepard, Boston.
Lyons and Carnahan, Chicago.
Macmillan Company, The, New York City; Atlanta.
Macrae Smith Co., Philadelphia.
McBride: Robert M. McBride & Co., New York City.
McClurg: A. C. McClurg, Chicago.
Minton, Balch and Co., New York City.

A'I X 1

Modern Library, Inc., New York City.
Musson Book Co., The, Toronto.
Nelson: Thomas Nelson an(d Sons, New York City.
New York Zoological Society, New York City.
Page: L. C. Page and Co., Boston. . :*
Penn Publishing Co., Philadelphia.
Platt and Munk Co., The, New York City.
Putnam: G. P. Putnam's Sons, New York City.
Rand McNally and Co., New York City; Atlanta.
Revell: Fleming H. Revell Co.. New York City.
Row, Peterson and Co., Evanston, Ill.
School and College Service, Columbus, Ohio.
Scott, Foresman and Co., Chicago; Atlanta.
Scribner: Charles Scribner's Sons, New YorlkCityV.
Silver, Burdett and Co., New York City.
Simon and Schuster, Inc., New York City.
Singer: L. W. Singer-Go., Atlanta; Syracuse, N. Y.
Smith: Richard R. Smith, New York City.
Stokes: Frederick A. Stokes, New York City.
Sun Dial Press, Garden City, N. Y.
University of North Carolina Press, Chapel Hill.
Viking Press, Inc., New York City.
Volland: The P. F. Volland and Co., New York City.
Warne: Frederick Warne and Co., New York City.
Whitman: A. Albert Whitman Co., Chicago.
Wilde: W. A. Wilde Co., Boston.
Winston: John C. Winston, Philadelphia.
World Book Co., Yonkers-on-Hudson, N. Y.

Please read, sign. and show date you pass bulletin along


Directory of Publishers (Continued)

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