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Group Title: Recommended library books for Florida schools,
Title: Recommended library books for Florida schools
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Title: Recommended library books for Florida schools
Physical Description: Book
Language: English
Creator: Florida Department of Education
Publisher: Florida Department of Education
Place of Publication: Tampa, Fla.
Publication Date: 1955
General Note: Florida Department of Education bulletin 22-D
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1?AmmIr "Xa-

/o^ ^lo~ida Schools


55.009 7 59
C,2 THOMAS D. BAILEY, Superintendent







THOMAS D. BAILEY, Superintendent




The selection of the best library books to meet the needs of
Florida boys and girls is a challenge to teachers, parents, and
librarians. Today there are so many excellent books, designed
in content and appearance for young people, that the selection
of the best requires skillful and careful study. For this reason,
recommended Library Books for Florida Schools has been pre-

This bulletin suggests a minimum group of titles for
grades 1-12. Junior colleges will find the senior high school
lists very useful. The selection of these titles and the annota-
tions for them represent the judgment and technical skill of a
group of educators from Florida schools. Teachers, principals,
librarians, and supervisors combined their efforts to produce a
list with practical value. Organized by broad curriculum areas,
this bulletin offers excellent help to teachers at all school levels
in identifying books for teaching purposes.

This list was initiated and recommended by the State
Courses of Study Committee and has the approval of the State
Board of Education. It was prepared by Florida school personnel
in cooperation with the Library School at Florida State Uni-
versity under the sponsorship of the Florida Department of Edu-
cation. The workshop group had access to more than 3,000 new
books submitted by the publishers for evaluation, in addition to
the resources of the Florida State University and the State
Department of Education.

I wish to express my appreciation to all of those in the
public schools, Florida State University, and the State Depart-
ment of Education whose cooperation made this bulletin possi-
ble. It is my hope that its use in our schools will result in the
selection and procurement of the best books for Florida boys
and girls.

Thomas D. Bailey
State Superintendent of Public Instruction


Mrs. Alice Pearce, Consultant in Instructional Materials,
State Department of Education, Chairman.

Mrs. Sara Krentzman Srygley, Assistant Professor, Library
School, Florida State University, Consultant.

Page Borden, Librarian, Robert E. Lee High School, Jack-
sonville; Mrs. Ruth Bunn, Reading Coordinator, Kinloch Park
Junior High School, Miami; Lucille Cotten, Supervisor of Instruc-
tional Materials, Escambia Co., Pensacola; Theresa Graves, Prin-
cipal, Norwood Elementary School, St. Petersburg; Mrs. Edna
Hodges, Principal, Robert E. Lee Elementary School, Tampa;
Mrs. Mary Alice Parsons, Librarian, Landon High School, Jack-
sonville; Mrs. Elizabeth Stephens, Librarian, St. Petersburg
Senior High School; Margaret Strassler, Supervisor of Instruc-
tional Materials, Monroe Co., Key West; Phebe Sudlow, Libra-
rian, Hialeah Elementary School, Miami; Mary B. Travor, Libra-
rian, Key West High School; Mrs. Zona Watson, Elementary
Teacher, Shadowlawn School, Miami.


Grateful acknowledgment is made:

1. To all publishers who cooperated in this project by submit-
ting books for evaluation.

2. To the following publications or agencies for use of quoted
annotations: Book Review Digest; Booklist; Children's Cat-
alog; Combined Book Exhibit; Horn Book; Junior Literary
Guild; Library Journal; N. Y. Public Library; Ontario Library
Review; Peabody Journal of Education; Virginia Kirkus.

Table of Contents

SUGGESTIONS FOR USING THIS BULLETIN .................................................................................... V


F LORIDA ............................................................................................................ .. 1

THE UNITED STATES TODAY AND YESTERDAY ............................................... 7
OTHER COUNTRIES TODAY AND YESTERDAY .................................. ................... 37
G OVE R N M E N T ...................................................................................................................................... .............. 62
CONSERVATION OF RESOURCES ........................................................................... ....... ............... 68

TRANSPORTATION AND COMMUNICA ION ................................................................. ...... 71
SCIENCE ............................. 8...... 84
HEALTH AND SAFETY ................................................................................................. 115
AGRICULTURE AND FARM LIFE .................................................................... ................................ 119
H OM E M A K IN G ........................................... .............................................................. ..... ............................... 123
CAREERS OCCUPATIONS ......................... ................................................ . .. ....... 127
PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT AND FAMILY RELATIONS ............................................... 133
R ELIGION A N D P H ILOSOPH Y ......................................... ............................... ........................................... 146

PHYSICAL EDUCATION AND RECREATION ....................................... ............ .. 150
A R T ............... .......... ................................................................................................................................................... 1 6 2
H A N D ICRA FT S .......................................... ................................................... ..................................................... 167
M U S IC ............................................................................................................................................................................. 1 7 1
HOLIDAYS AND ANNIVERSARIES ........................................................................... ....................... 181
M A T H E M A T IC S ........................................................................................................................................................ 1 9 0

L A N GU A GE A RTS ...................................................................................................................... ................ 192
P O ET RY .................. ........ ................................................... ........................ ............................................ 1 97

DRAMA, THEATER, AND ENTERTAINMENT ......................................................... 204
STORY COLLECTIONS, ESSAYS, AND MISCELLANY ................................................... ............... 207
F ICTION .......................... ....... .. ................................................. ............................................. 213
A DA PTA T ION S .................................................................................................................................... ........... 2 38
F O L K L O R E ...................................................... ........................................................................................................ 2 3 9

R E FE R E N CE ............ ......................................................................................................... 24 8

This bulletin consists of a recommended list of library books
chosen to support the curriculum in Florida schools and organ-
ized around broad curriculum areas or subjects. These titles
were chosen carefully from those available in the summer of
1953. The list includes a minimum group of titles considered
as valuable for school library collections. Needs and interests
of boys and girls from kindergarten through junior college were
considered. As far as possible, only books in print were included.
The purpose of the list is to aid teachers, administrators, libra-
rians, or parents to select for purchase good books for young
people. It is not assumed that this list includes all the good
books for young people. For reasons of economy, the list is a
selective one. Neither is it assumed that this list is the only
aid to book selection needed in schools.

Criteria for Selection
The committee agreed that these books should be selected
with regard to the aims and objectives of the educational pro-
gram in Florida. Printed statements of the recommended pro-
gram of studies for the State may be found in the curriculum
bulletins published by the Florida State Department of Educa-
tion. These have been considered in determining the organiza-
tion of this library list. The basic needs of children and young
people in relation to mental, physical, social and emotional de-
velopment were also considered as the books were selected.
The criteria used in formulating the library list published
in 1948, Bulletin 22A, were found to be suitable for this new list.
These criteria are:
1. Is the content of the book worthwhile? Is its purpose
clear and suitable? Is the material accurate, authentic, recent,
complete? Is the book well organized and suitably illustrated?
Is it suitable for the grade or age for which intended ?
2. Is the style of the book effective? Does the style fit the
content? Is it clearly written, in good literary form, appealing
to young readers?
3. Is the book satisfactory as to format? Is the type legible,
well spaced on the page, with good margins? Is the binding well

stitched, firm and durable? Are the cover and paper of good
quality? Is the size of the book appropriate? Are the illustrations
well reproduced, in sufficient quantity and quality?
4. Does this book contribute to the aims and objectives of
the Florida program of study?
5. Is this the best book available to accomplish the purpose
6. Is it worth the amount it costs?
7. Is this a book which should be in Florida school libraries?

Selecting and Ordering Books
Florida school standards for accreditation purposes recom-
mend a minimum expenditure of $1.00 per pupil for printed
materials for the library collection. The amount of money avail-
able can be spent more wisely if the principal, librarian, and
teachers know early in the fall the amount budgeted for this
purpose. It should be possible to order books throughout the year
rather than only at one specified time.
The selection of books for a particular school is the responsi-
bility of the teachers and the pupils, working cooperatively with
the librarian. Books should be purchased for and made accessible
to the whole school rather than exclusively to individual class-
rooms. Collections in classrooms are most useful when they are
changing continuously to meet the needs of pupils and teachers.
The central library collection should feed into classroom collec-
tions to keep them fresh and interesting.
Most schools prefer to order books through book jobbers,
commercial firms selling books of all publishers. This procedure
simplifies ordering and receiving books and at the same time per-
mits an acceptable discount to libraries.

Arrangement of Books in This Bulletin
The books in this list are arranged by broad subject or cur-
riculum areas. An attempt was made to identify areas that are
pertinent in both elementary and secondary schools.
Under this classification, books are grouped by grade levels:
1-12, 1-3, 4-6, 7-9, and 10-12. Those grouped 1-12 are considered
useful for reference or reading aloud at all levels.

The information given for each entry includes: author, title,
publisher, copyright date, and list price as of summer, 1953. A
brief annotation describes the book and in many cases suggests
its use in the school program. Often other recommended titles
by the same author or in a series follow the annotation.
On the last line for each entry, at the left, the Dewey
Decimal classification number is given. In the center of this
line the symbol "W" is used whenever printed catalog cards are
available for a title from the H. W. Wilson Company (950 Uni-
versity Avenue, New York City). At the extreme right the
words "Easy," "Average," or "Advanced" are used to indicate
readability of each title in relation to the grade level at which
it is placed.
At the beginning of each broad curriculum or subject area
in this list some of the subjects or topics considered in the par-
ticular category are listed following the word "Included." Follow-
ing "See also" are given the other curriculum or subject areas
with related materials which might be useful.
It is not possible to rate library material accurately by
specific grades. What boys and girls can read depends upon
their skills in reading and their general maturity. Every grade
has a wide range of reading interests and abilities. Therefore,
many titles will be used in the grade grouping above or below
their placement in this list.
There has been no special grouping of remedial reading
materials, but the need was kept in mind. The annotations, or
descriptive notes, mention usefulness for poor readers. It is
equally important to provide stimulating materials for mature
readers. It is especially recommended that teachers consider
titles in the grade groupings below and above the one for which
selections are made, to insure the best choices to meet individual
needs of children.
Annotations have been quoted from standard book selection
aids, in many cases. Especial thanks are due the various pub-
lishers who gave permission for the use of this material.
The members of the committee compiling this list have
found it a rich experience. It has been a delight to discover the
many fine books designed to inform, to entertain, and to inspire
young people today. It is hoped that this list will encourage local
school personnel to make many, many good books accessible to
boys and girls in Florida schools.

Recommended Library Books for Florida Schools

Includes: History; Travel; Government; Biography; Fiction; Resources;
Poetry; Reference.

Grades 1-12
Bailey, Bernadine. Picture Book of
Florida. Whitman, 1949. $1.00.
Contains flowers, industries, famous places
in Florida. Illustrated in color with some
black and white drawings. Most useful to
all grades above third.
975.9 Average

Cooke, V. J. and Sampley, J. M.
Palmetto Braiding and Weaving.
Manual Arts, 1947. $2.75.
An instruction book. Encourages use of
palmetto, a native palm, in making many
beautiful and useful articles.
677 Average

Earle, O. T. Birds and Their Nests.
Morrow, 1952. $2.00.
"A neat little reference book, quietly in-
structive and quietly humorous in its compact
text and softly detailed pencil drawings."-
598.2 (W) Average

Flowering Trees of the Caribbean.
Rinehart, 1951. $10.00.
Thirty paintings by Bernard and Harriet
Pestchik. An exceptionally lovely book, worth
the cost to Floridians.
582.16 Average

Longstreet, Rupert J. Birds in Flor-
ida. Florida Grower Press, 1951.
Bird study includes a history and a
check list of birds. Color prints from
598.2 Advanced

Morris, Allen. Florida Handbook.
Peninsular Press, 1952. $2.50.
Exceptionally good reference tool for Flor-
ida facts concerning resources, government,
people, organizations, and state history. New
editions keep it up to date. Old and new
editions are worthwhile.
975.9 Average

Morris, Alton Chester. Folksongs of
Florida. Univ. of Florida, 1952. $7.50.
A collection of songs that Florida people
from Key West to Pensacola made possible.

Table of Contents, Index of Titles and First
Lines. Most songs include words and music.
A large book of 463 pages.
784.4 Advanced
Morris, Percy A. A Field Guide to
the Shells of Our Atlantic and Gulf
Coasts (rev. & enl.). Houghton, 1951.
A shell collector's guide to methods of
finding, identifying and labeling shells. Latin
and English names are given with description
of each and places where each may be found.
Good black and white and colored photographic
594 (W) Average
Vilas, Curtes and Vilas, N. R. Florida
Marine Shells, A Guide to Amateur
Collectors of Florida Marine Shells
Which is Completely Illustrated With
Colored Photo Engravings. Bobbs,
1952. $4.00.
This is a collector's manual. It gives meth-
ods of collecting how, when, and where.
Shells are classified by common and tech-
nical name, by color, size, range or location,
and description. There are 12 color plates
with references to text, Indexes of English
and Latin names.
594 (W) Advanced

Grades 1-3
Weisgard, Leonard. Pelican Here,
Pelican There. Scribner, 1948. $2.00.
A story of migration of the pelican from
New England to his home on Pelican Island
in Florida. Beautiful pictures by the author,
reproduced in vivid colors.
E (W) Average
Zim, Herbert. Alligators and Croco-
diles. Morrow, 1952. $2.00.
This is a book about alligators and their
kin, interesting for Floridians. Differences in
species are explained. Many large illustra-
tions by Irving. Easy reading with large
598.1 (W) Average.
Bannon, Laura. When the Moon is
New. Whitman, 1953. $2.75.
This is a "picture book about the most
elusive Americans the Seminole Indians


of the Florida Everglades. Their unique way
of life is depicted with charm in this story
of a small Seminole girl . "-Book Jacket.
E Average

Humphrey, Dorothy. Florida Sand.
The Author, Coral Gables, 1951. $1.50.
This is a story told in jingles about Florida,
emphasizing many of the important and in-
teresting things about our State. Illustrated
in lovely colors.
E Easy

Pope, Edith. The Biggety Chameleon.
Scribner, 1946. $1.50.
A science story about a small chameleon
and how he changes. Colorful illustrations.
E Advanced

Grades 4-6

Ball, Zachary (pseud.). Swamp Chief.
Holiday, 1952. $2.50.
This is a second book on Joe Panther, a
Seminole. It is a book of color and action,
moving swiftly from shark fishing in the
Gulf Stream to a manhunt in the Everglades.
Very interesting to boys in fourth grade
and above. Another book by Ball equally
interesting: Joe Panther.
F Average

Brindze, Ruth. The Gulf Stream.
Vanguard Press, 1945. $2.50.
A beautiful book filled with scientific in-
formation and an exciting story. This is a
good description of the Gulf Stream, a river
in the Atlantic Ocean.
551.46 (W) Average

Brooks, Walter. Freddy Goes to Flor-
ida. Knopf, 1949. $2.50.
"A delightful nonsense tale relating how
Mr. Bean's farm animals . migrate to the
south for the winter. Their adventures on
the way and on their return are described
with spirit and humor."-Children's Catalog.
F (W) Average

Carmer, Carl L. Hurricane Luck.
Aladdin, 1949. $1.75.
An exciting tale of life on one of the Pine
Island groups off Florida. Peter found a
prize shell after a hurricane, sold it, entered
a fishing tournament. He was able to win
so he could give his father a guide outfit.
Recommended for grades 4-6.
F (W) Average
Enright, W. J. Al Alligator and How
He Learned to Play the Banjo. Dodd-
Mead, 1947. $2.50.
This is an amusing story of a Florida
Everglades alligator who learns to play the

banjo and to sing. Many delightful draw-
ings by the author. Some dialect, but read-
able at intermediate grade level.
F Average

Enright, W. J. Sailor Jim's Cave.
Dodd, 1951. $2.75.
Outdoor adventures and a hunt for pirates'
treasure in Florida fifty years ago.
F Average

Lattimore, Eleanor F. Davy of the
Everglades. Morrow, 1949. $2.00.
The Florida Everglades were Davy's back
yard. His pets included an alligator, a turtle
and other native animals.
F (W) Average

Lattimore, Eleanor. Lively Victoria.
Morrow, 1952. $2.00.
Victoria is a lively little girl who lived in
a pink house on Mimosa Street in Miami.
Easy reading with large, widely spaced print.
Particularly interesting to girls.
F (W) Average

Lawrence, Mildred. One Hundred
White Horses. Harcourt, 1953. $2.50.
Adventure story on Indian River years ago
in Florida. A millionaire grants money for a
school and a new town is started.
F (W) Average

Lawrence, Mildred. Sand in Your
Shoes. Harcourt, 1949. $2.25.
"This is about a brother and sister whose
family move to the east coast of Florida
from the north and all the exciting things
they do and see, what with sea shells, hurri-
canes and the new kind of scenery. Then
there is Daddy's newspaper office where they
learn a lot about printing and the fun of
being a reporter."-Children's Catalog.
F (W) Average

Lenski, Lois. Strawberry Girl. Lip-
pincott, 1950. $2.50.
"Life among Florida crackers is here told
in the story of Birdie Boyer, the warm-
hearted little girl, whose industrious family
makes its living by raising strawberries."-
Children's Catalog. Newbery Award book.
F (W) Average

McNeer, May. The Story of Florida.
Harper, 1947. $2.00.
Many full-color and black and white litho-
graphs of the varied scenic beauties of the
state. Traces Florida's history from the early
discovery days to the very interesting Florida
of today. It tells of pirates, fishing, sponge
diving, and tourists.
973.59 (W) Average


McNeer, May. Up a Crooked River.
Viking, 1952. $2.50.
Illustrated by Lynd Ward in black and
white drawings. The four Renfroes took a
trip on a boat, with many adventures, in
the 1870's. A humorous story starting at
Palatka. Fine print.
F Average

Sawyer, Ruth. The Little Red Horse.
Viking, 1950. $2.50.
A timeless story. Setting on the seashore
in Florida. Michael, the boy from the north,
has difficulty getting adjusted to the ocean.
F (W) Average

Watkins, Richard. Crocodile Crew.
Harcourt, 1949. $2.50.
Adventure story about a crew on a boat
during a storm. Some dialect. Another story
by same author is Hurricane's Secret.
F (W) Average

Grades 7-9

Blanding, Don. Floridays. Dodd,
1941. $2.50.
Colorful verse about Florida flowers,
waters, and scenes. Many woodcuts in black
and white. Much local interest.
811.5 Average

Clarke, Mary Helen. South Florida
Treasure Trails. Kay, Tallahassee,
1949. $1.00.
Includes maps and photographs. Trails
lead to geographical highways from the keys
to Ft. Myers. Prebinding recommended.
917.59 (W) Average

Bronson, -Wilfred. Children of the
Sea. Harcourt, 1940. $3.50.
The tale of a dolphin and of his friend-
ship with a boy who lived on the island of
Nassau. Of interest for similarity of setting
to the coast of Florida. Interesting, informa-
tive. Illustrated.
F (W) Easy

Capron, Louis. The Golden Arrow-
head. Howell, Soskin, 1948. $2.50.
A mystery story about the Seminoles, in-
volving a treasure and a golden arrowhead.
Exciting adventure story, with dependable
information about Florida Seminoles.
F Average

Hatch, Alden. Glen Curtiss: Pioneer
of Naval Aviation. Messner, 1942.
"A very readable biography of the in-
ventor of the flying boat; the man whose

interest in machines and speed, and belief
in the future of naval aviation caused him
to devote a lifetime to this work and places
him beside the Wright Brothers as a pioneer
of aviation . "-Booklist.
921 (W) Advanced

Henderson, J. Y. Circus Doctor. Lit-
tle, 1951. $3.50.
Doctor of the Ringling Brothers Circus
animals tells of the interesting diseases and
ailments of elephants, zebras, etc., including
the story of their winter quarters in Sara-
sota, Florida.
B (W) Average

Kushin, N. Florida Fishing. Exposi-
tion, 1952. $2.50.
"Florida Fishing" and other stories.
818 Average

Lippincott, Joseph Wharton. Wahoo
Bobcat. Lippincott, 1950. $2.50.
"In wildcat country, deep in Florida water
prairie wilderness, a great bobcat reigned
supreme. He was called the Tiger. Only the
boy Sammy, who roamed the woods, cared
enough to befriend the fierce king of the
Wahoo. The boy and the cat established a
strange friendship that endured through the
resolute hunting of the Tiger by his ene-
mies."-Standard Catalog for H. S. Lib.
Very readable, exciting, and realistic in
F (W) Average

Powell, R. P. Shark River. Simon &
Schuster, 1950. $2.50.
"High spirited, high jinks in Florida."-
F Average

Sackett, Bert. Hurricane Treasure.
Random House, 1945. $2.50.
Exciting story of the mysterious Ever-
glades of Florida and the Seminole Indians.
Also by same author: Everglades Gold.
F (W) Average

White, Robb. Deep Danger. Double-
day, 1952. $2.50.
The adventures of young Ensign Grant in
his search for treasure on a sunken sub-
marine, and the difficulties and dangers he
encounters. Action takes place off the south-
west coast of Florida, during and after World
War II. Other books by same author: Candy;
Deep Danger; Haunted Hound; Lion's Paw;
Sail Away; Secret Sea; Smuggler's Sloop.
F (W) Average

Wykes, Frances M. Wings in the
Sun. Macmillan, 1941. $2.50.
Two girls visit San Sofia Island. Authentic


information on Florida birds, fish
nicely integrated in the story.
F. .

and shells


Grades 10-12

Allyn, R. Water Wagon. Farrar,
1952. $3.50.
A story telling of a boat trip starting
from the gulf coast of Florida to Cuba.
917.59 (W) Average

Anderson, Maxwell. Key Largo.
Sloane, 1939. $2.75.
The story of smugglers' using an old hotel
on the northernmost Florida key as a base
of operation. The adventure includes tourists
and a hurricane. Used as basis for a popular
F (W) Average

Baker, Mary Francis. Florida Wild
Flowers. Macmillan, 1952. $4.50.
Detailed information, photographs and in-
dex. Scientific classification of plants.
582.13 Advanced

Barcia Carballido Y. Zuniga, Andres
Gonzales de. Chronological History
of the Continent of Florida. Univ. of
Florida Press, 1952. $15.00.
"A year by year account of happenings in

Dickinson, Jonathan. Journal: or
God's Protecting Providence. Yale
Univ., 1945. $3.75.
A narrative of a journey from Port Royal
in Jamaica to Philadelphia in 1696.
973.2 Advanced

Dusenbury, George and Jane. How to
Retire in Florida. Harper, 1952. $2.75.
A guide to retired living, sights to see,
fishing, real estate, etc. Useful in schools for
descriptions of economic conditions and op-
917.59 Average

Fairchild, David. World Grows Round
My Door. Scribner, 1947. $3.50.
A layman's book about "Kamping" in
Coconut Grove, Florida. A book about his
home and where he got his plants. Well
written and interesting. Tells about effects
and damages of hurricanes.
921 (W) Advanced

Gaither, Frances. The Painted Arrow.
Macmillan, 1931. $2.75.
Jacques Duval, a young French boy, was
taken as a cabin boy on a sailing vessel
bound for Florida in the days when coloni-
zation of America was just beginning. He
lived with the Indians and descriptions of
Indian customs are authentic. The description
is of the Gulf Coast country and could in-
ulc de s ot~sfrom ~Louisiana to Florida s n

Florida from 1612-1722."-Book Review Digest. particular place is mentioned.
975.9 Advanced F Advanced

'Bickel, Karl A. Mangrove Coast.
Coward, 1942. $3.00.
History of the west coast of Florida. Palm
trees snakes, and parakeets are described.
973.59 Average

\ Boyd, Mark F., Smith, Hale G. and
'Griffin, John W. Here They Once
Stood. Univ. of Florida, 1951. $3.75.
A tragic end of the Apalachee missions.
A joint historical Archaeological attack on
problems of the Spanish mission era in the
Apalachee region of Florida.
773.2 (W) Advanced

Douglas, Marjory Stoneman. Freedom
River. Scribner, 1953. $3.00.
Scenes in Florida. Eben, the slave, finds
himself cast ashore as the territory is com-
ing into the Union. At this time Indians,
whites, and Negroes had a choice of freedom.
Also by this author: The Everglades; Road
to the Sun.
F (W) Average

Graff, Mary. Mandarin on the St.
Johns. Univ. of Florida, 1953. $3.75.
A study of the historical little village,
Mandarin, situated a few miles below Jack-
sonville Florida. Index and notes. Author
is a Florida teacher.
973.59 Advanced

Cruickshank, Helen G. Flight Into
Sunshine; Bird Experiences in Flor-
ida. Macmillan, 1948. $3.50.
Outstanding photographs by Allan D.
Cruickshank. Beautifully written and care-
fully documented. Readable style. Chatty de-
scription of the birds of Florida, their
habits, and their characteristics.
598.2 (W) Advanced

Florida. Federal Writers' Project of
the Works Projects Administration.
Florida; A Guide to the Southernmost
State. Oxford, 1939. $5.00.
American Guide Series. Sponsored by the
Florida Department of Public Instruction.
Contents: Florida's background; principal
cities; The Florida loop (description of 22


different tours around Florida). Chronology.
Excellent illustrations.
973.59 (W) Average

Grismer, Karl H. The Story of St.
Petersburg. P. K. Smith, St. Peters-
burg, 1948. $5.00.
An account of the Sunshine City and the
surrounding regions.
975.59 Average

Hall, Rubylea. Davey. Little, 1951.
"Davey was a young boy who always
thought about the other fellow and for him-
self wanted only a chance to go to school
and learn. A . story of a courageous
youngster living on a sharecropping farm in
Florida."-Library Journal.
F (W) Average

-' Hanna, A. J. Florida's Golden Sands.
Bobbs-Merrill, 1950. $4.00.
Authentic background material in this very
readable history of Florida from the days of
the Timucuan Indians up to the present day.
Highly recommended.
917.59 Average

Hanna, A. J. A Prince in Their Midst,
the Adventurous Life of Achille Murat
on the American Frontier. Univ. of
Okla. Press, 1952. $3.00.
Murat served as colonel of a backwoods
regiment in the Seminole War, and became
judge in the territory of Florida. Index.
B Advanced

Hanna, A. J. and Hanna, Kathryn.
Lake Okeechobee, Wellspring of the
Everglades. Bobbs, 1949. $4.00.
Earlier and more recent history, as well
as conservation, drainage and industries of
the region around the Lake.
917.59 (W) Advanced

Hanna, Kathryn A. Florida, Land of
Charge. Univ. of N. C., 1948. $4.50.
Revised and enlarged edition, about the
changing land from Ponce de Leon to pres-
ent. Good historical treatment, well docu-
mented and indexed.



Hannau, H. W. Florida, A Photo-
graphic Tour. Hastings, 1948. $3.50.
A picture book. One hundred and thirty-
eight photographs of splendor. No text.
917.59 Easy

Hunt, A. Lowell. Florida Today.
Scribner, 1950. $3.50.
A photographic tour of Florida with de-

scriptions and locations of places. Appendix.
973.59 Average

Hylander, Clarence. Adventures with 4--
Reptiles; the Story of Ross Allen.
Messner, 1951. $2.75.
"This is an account of the Reptile Insti-
tute in Silver Springs, Florida which Allen
runs. In addition to telling Ross Allen's
story the author describes the care of rep-
tiles as pets."-Book Review Digest.
B (W) Average

Jenkins,\ Sara. Year in Paradise.
Crowell, 1952. $3.00.
Easy-to-read story about a school teacher's
adventures in a small community. Good
values are stressed; others by author, who
teaches in Miami: Lost Lamp: Brand New
Parson; Crime and Miss Olivia; We Gather
F Average

Lazarus, William C. Wings In The
Sun. Tyn Cobb's Florida Press, Or-
lando, 1951. $4.00.
A history of the development of the aviation
industry and flying in Florida from 1903
to the present. Numerous photographs.
629.1 Average

Matschat, Cecil Hulse. Suwannee
River. Farrar, 1938. $3.00.
A strange green land of swamps and rep-
tiles. A history of the primitive folk. Strange
tales of animals and plants. Some dialogue.
917.5 (W) Average

May, E. C. Gaters, Skeeters, and
Malary. Vantage Press, 1953. $3.50.
Authentic folklore of a pioneer arriving
in Citrus County, there to begin a career in
successive stages from work as a common
laborer to the legal profession.
B Advanced

Merritt, Webster. A Century of Med-
icine in Jacksonville and Duval
County. Univ. of Florida, 1949. $2.45.
A record of medical history of northeast
610.9 (W) Advanced

Munroe, Kirk. Flamingo Feather.
Webster, 1949. $Y.28.
"Adventure story/ of a French boy who
sails for the new world in 1564. He becomes
a member of an Indian tribe and later their
chief." -Los Angeles School Libraries.
Adopted by William Kattmeyer; illustrated
by Lee Hines. Good pictures of sixteenth
century life in Florida.
F (W) Average


Patrick, Rembert. Florida Under Five
Flags. Univ. of Florida Press, 1945.
A vivid and authentic interpretation of
the development of Florida under five vary-
ing cultures. Designed primarily for the
general reader, the book is valuable as
library reference and as collateral reading.
Index. Reproductions of photographs and oil
paintings. Also maps.
973.59 Advanced

Peace, Catherine Owens. Mary Mc-
Leod Bethune. Vanguard, 1951. $2.75.
Biography of the remarkable Negro woman
who founded Bethune-Cookman College for
Negroes in Florida.
B (W) Average

Pratt, Theodore. The Barefoot Mail-
man. Duell, 1943. $3.00.
In the Eighties the present coast of Florida
between Palm Beach and Miami was de-
serted. Steven Pierton, the young barefoot
mailman, finds many things on his route
when he walks. Another by this author:
The Flame Tree.
F (W) Average

Proctor, Samuel. Napoleon Bonaparte
Broward; Florida's Fighting Demo-
crat. Univ. of Florida Press, 1950.
The story of a former Governor of Florida
whose influence and popularity extended far
beyond his administration. A dramatic figure,

this story of his life covers one of the most
important eras of Florida history. Readable.
B Average

Rawli 9 s, Marjorie K. The Yearling.
Scribne\, 1938. $3.50.
A story of a Florida family who lived
near the swamp region. The little boy, Jody,
brings home a deer for a pet. Warm, human,
true-to-life. Others by Rawlings: Cross
Creek; Cross Creek Cookery; When the
Whippoorwill; South Moon Under.
F (W) Average

Slaug er, Frank G. Fort Everglades.
Doubleday, 1951. $3.00.
Scene in Everglades and the Indian wars
of the middle 1800's. A novel of romance and
danger. Written by a Jacksonville phy-
F Average

Thiele Benedict. Lost Men. Apple-
ton, 1946. $2.75.
A story of three men lost: one a hard guy;
one, a coward; one, obsessed with guilt.
They waited, during a hurricane, for rescue
and each found some measure of resolution
for his inner turmoil.
F Average

West, Erdman. The Native Trees of
Florida. Univ. of Florida, 1946. $3.75.
A botanist's book of trees. A technical
description of trees, leaves, flowers, etc.,
with fine line drawings by Robert K. Turner.
A few photographs.
582.16 Advanced

The United States Today and Yesterday
Includes: History; Travel; Geography; Customs and Manners; Fiction;
Biographies; Indians; Cowboys; Pirates; Sea Stories.
See Also: Drama; Theater and Entertainment; Art; Music; Folklore;

Grades 1-3

Allen, Allyn. Lone Star Cowboy.
Watts, 1951. $2.50.
The appealing and lively story of a little
Texas ranch girl at the turn of the cen-
tury.-Combined Book Exhibit.
E Advanced

Austin, Margot. Williamette Way.
Hale, (Cadmus) 1941. $1.71.
An adventure of children, dogs and grown-
ups, in a covered wagon on the way to
Williamette valley in Oregon. Pictures in
E Average

Barr, Jene. Texas Pete, Little Cow-
boy. Whitman, 1950. $2.00.
Peter wants to be a cowboy and ride a
real pony. He earns money for his outfit.
Large type with many illustrations by
Chauncey Maltman. Pete realizes his wish.
E Average

Beatty, Hetty Burlingame. Little Owl
Indian. Houghton, 1951. $2.25.
"An easy-to-read picture book about Little
Owl, the Indian boy, his pony and his forest
friends. Illustrated in Indian primitive
colors."-Children's Catalog. Also by this
author: Little Wild Horse.
E (W) Easy

Beecher, E. M. Hopalong Cassidy.
Simon & Schuster, (Goldencraft
Binding), 1952. $.68.
A small boy wanted to be a cowboy so he
roped a pony. He worked at odd jobs for
Hopalong. His pony is taken to the auction
by mistake but is rescued in time.
E Average
Bennett, Richard. Mister Ole. Hale,
(Cadmus), 1940. $1.59.
An experience of a neighbor's moving in
to be a help to the O'Briens. Mister Ole
came in a circus wagon but proved an in-
E Average
Berry, Errick (pseud.). The Tin-
maker Man of New Amsterdam.
Hale, (Cadmus), 1941. $1.05.
Customs, dress and activities of New York
during colonial days make an interesting fie-

titious story. Music and old tune arranged
by Nelson Sprackling. Expressive illustra-
E Advanced

Brock, Emma Lillian. One Little In-
dian Boy. Hale, (Cadmus), 1942.
Pueblo Indian customs are told in easy
reading and pictures. An adventure in story
form of an Indian boy's getting lost.
E Average

Brown, Marcia. Skipper John's Cook.
Scribner, 1951. $2.00.
The experience of Si, a little boy of eight
who slips on the Liberty Belle, a fishing
boat out of Provincetown, with Skipper John.
Attractive full size pen sketches in color.
E Average

Brown, Margaret Wise. The Little
Cowboy. W. R. Scott, 1953. $1.75.
Simple text of a hero chasing cows all
over the western plains. Large crisscross
drawings in color by Esphyr Slobodkina.
E Easy

Bulla, Clyde Robert. Donkey Cart.
Crowell, 1946. $2.25.
"Each chapter preceded by an original
song with music. Linda and David Burch
received their Christmas present in the middle
of the summer. But the gift of a donkey
and a cart was only the beginning of a won-
derful series of adventures that lasted all
through their vacation on the farm."-Chil-
dren's Catalog. Drawings by Lois Lenski.
Also by this author: Eagle Feather; Surprise
for a Cowboy.
E (W) Easy
Burton, Virginia Lee. The Little
House. Houghton, 1942. $2.50.
"The little house stood in the country.
One day a steam shovel pushed by the front
door and dug a new road close by the little
house . An original and charming picture
book. Awarded Caldecott medal 1943."- Chil-
dren's Catalog. Excellent for showing effect
of civilization and progress on a community.
E (W) Easy
Clark, Ann Nolan. In My Mother's
House. Viking, 1941. $2.50.
"The story of the day-to-day life of an
Indian child in the Southwest. Written in


answer the need for books with the Indian
point of view for use in Indian schools . .
Illustrations by Velino Herrera add dis-
tinction: he uses tribal designs in addition
to numerous drawings in black and white and
lovely soft color. All illustrating Tewa In-
dian life."-Children's Catalog.
970.1 (W) Advanced
Deming, Therese. Little Eagle. Whit-
man, 1953. $1.50.
An Indian story with striking illustra-
E Easy
Hader, Berta and Hader, Elmer.
Little Town. Macmillan, 1941. $3.00.
Demonstrates "the many daily service
activities of any town, milk delivery, fire
and police departments, schools and stores
and how they work."-American News of
E (W) Easy
Heal, Edith. Dogie Boy. Hale,
(Cadmus), 1943. $1.30.
Cowboys found the baby which they named
Dogie Boy. He helped the cowboys and
found a calf for himself. Large print, color-
ful illustrations by Armstrong Sperry.
E Advanced
Holbrook, Ruth. Katy's Quilt. Hale,
(Cadmus), 1940. $1.62.
A patchwork quilt is the theme of the
story. The favorite pattern, "crazy quilt,"
came in handy on a moving trip and saved
their home from the forest fire.
E Advanced
Jackson, Kathryn and Jackson, Byron.
Tenggren's Cowboys and Indians.
Simon and Schuster, 1948. $2.75.
A collection of stories and poems about
the West. Many expressive pictures in color
by Gustaf Tenggren.
E (W) Advanced
Jackson, Kathryn and Jackson, Byron.
Brave Cowboy Bill. Simon and
Schuster, 1950. $.68.
A cowboy story with color pictures by
Richard Scarry. Goldencraft binding recom-
E Average
Lattimore, Eleanor Frances. Jasper.
Morrow, 1953. $2.00.
A colored boy lived on Whopping Island
near Charleston. He is not old enough to go
to school so each of his days is one of the
tranquil sunniness of happy childhood. Not
written in dialect, so makes easy word
recognition. Other book in same style:
Indigo Hill.
E Advanced

Leach, Maria. The Turnspit Dog.
Aladdin, 1952. $2.25.
Abiah wanted the turnspit dog for a pet.
He was trained to turn the spit that roasted
the meat. The right ending for dog-lovers.
Takes place during colonial days. Three color
illustrations by Winifred Broomhass. Large
print, widely spaced.
E (W) Advanced

Legrand (pseud.). Cap'n Dow and
the Hole in the Doughnut. Abingdon,
1946. $1.50.
A hilarious story of how the doughnut
got its hole. Other humorous stories by
same author: Cats for Kansas; When the
Mississippi Was Wild.
E (W) Average

Lenski, Lois. Cowboy Small. Oxford,
1949. $1.00.
"Cowboy Small is shown doing the things
a cowboy does saddling his horse, Cactus,
riding the range, cooking his supper out of
doors, rounding up cattle."-Children's Cat.
E (W) Easy

McCloskey, Robert. Lentil. Hale,
(Cadmus), 1940. $1.53.
A boy of bygone days wants to make music,
so saves his money to buy a harmonica. The
amusing events that followed have a happy
ending. Large black and white pencil draw-
ings. A favorite with children. Oversized
E (W) Average

McCloskey, Robert. One Morning in
Maine. Viking, 1952. $2.50.
The Maine seacoast with its lovely set-
ting is background for this story of everyday
living. A typical American family, with
ordinary happenings concerned with a lost
tooth, digging for clams, a motor boat ride.
etc. Lovely blue and white drawings. Over-
sized book.
E (W) Average

Norling, Josephine and Norling,
Ernest. Pogo's Farm Adventure, A
Story of Soil. Holt, 1948. $1.50.
Stories about John and his dog Pogo.
Simple text and many pictures. Others by
same author include: Pogo's Fishing Trip,
Story of Salmon; Pogo's House, Story of
Lumber; Pogo's Lamb, Story of Wool;
Pogo's Letter, Story of Paper; Pogo's Mining
Trip, Story of Gold; Pogo's Sea Trip, A
Story of Boats; Pogo's Sky Ride, A Story of
Airplanes; Pogo's Train Ride, Store of Freight
E (W) Average


Petersham, Maud Fuller and Peter-
sham, Miska. Box With Red Wheels.
Macmillan, 1949. $1.50.
"The barnyard animals were curious to
find out what was in the box with red
wheels. Their surprising discovery was as
much a revelation to them as it was to the
occupant of the box with red wheels."-
Children's Catalog.
E (W) Easy

Politi, Leo. Song of the Swallows.
Scribner, 1949. $2.00.
"Story of the friendship between Juan, a
little boy in a California town of Capistrano,
and Julian, the old gardner and bell ringer
at the Mission . "-Children's Catalog.
Also by this author: Boat for Peppe; Little
E (W) Average

Rounds, Glen. Whitey and the
Rustlers. Holiday, 1951. $1.25.
A story about rustlers on a ranch.
E (W) Advanced

Sayers, Frances Clarke. Bluebonnets
for Lucinda. Hale, (Cadmus), 1934.
Lucinda visits a Texas farm and likes the
geese best. Interesting information on nature
and geography. Illustrations in four colors,
by Helen Sewell, add charm.
E (W) Average

Smith, Irene. Rubbub in the Hollow.
Whittlesey, 1952. $2.00.
"An amusing story of a city couple who
move into the country to find quiet only
to discover that squirrels, birds, rabbits and
mice can make bedlam, too."-Combined
Book Exhibit.
E (W) Average

Sterling, Dorothy. Billy Goes Explor-
ing. Doubleday, 1953. $2.00.
An adventure-loving boy goes through
fields, woods, beach, and farm. Photographs.
Large clear print.
910 (W) Average

Tousey, Sanford. Stagecoach Sam.
Hale, (Cadmus), 1940. $1.23.
Sam lived in the days of stage-coaches
and Indians. This is a favorite of children
who crave adventure stories.
E Advanced

Ward, Nanda. Black Sombrero. Ariel,
1952. $1.75.
A delightfully told and illustrated picture
book about a cowboy's efforts to find his

sombrero which has been chased by a
mischevious wind.
E (W) Average

Zolotow, Charlotte. Indian Indian.
Simon and Schuster, 1952. $.68.
A story about a whole family of Indians.
The smallest one was Indian Indian. He
found an injured white horse which he
could claim. Cunning Indian pictures in
color by Leonard Weisgard. Goldencraft
binding recommended.
E Average

Grades 4-6

Aldis, Dorothy (Keeley). Lucky Year.
Rand, 1951. $2.50.
"In 1851 the women of Madison, Indiana
wanted to have Jenny Lind sing there. But
it would cost $5,000. When other towns said
Madison couldn't do it, the men of Madison
really went to work."-Children's Catalog.
F Average

Anderson, Bertha C. Tinker's Tim
and the Witches. Little, 1953. $2.75.
Tim Tetlow lived through one of the most
exciting periods of early American history-
when witches were hanged on Gallows Hill
and even the cows wore red rags to keep
off the evil eye.
F Advanced

Armer, Laura A. Waterless Moun-
tain. Longman, 1931. $3.00.
Customs and tribal beliefs of the Navajo
Indians told in story and pictures. Newbery
Medal winner.
F (W) Average

Aulaire, Ingrid and Aulaire, Edgar
d'. Benjamin Franklin. Doubleday,
1950. $2.50.
"The Story of a famous runaway, of his
arirval, almost penniless, in Philadelphia, and
of his steady rise to wealth and fame."-
Children's Catalog.
B (W) Average

Aulaire, Ingrid and Aulaire, Edgar
d'. Buffalo Bill. Pocahontas. Dou-
bleday, 1946. $2.50.
"An historical picture book about a favorite
early American heroine, from her childhood
to the end of her days in England."-Chil-
dren's Catalog.
B (W) Average.

Averill, Esther. Daniel Boone.
(Cadmus), 1945. $1.53.
Story of Boone's adventures as a hunter


and scout, about his capture and adoption
by the Cherokee Indians, and his escape.
B (W) Easy

Averill, Ether. Voyages of Jacques
Cartier. Viking, 1937.
The account is taken from Cartier's jour-
nals and other source material. It makes a
good story and a good pageant.
B (W) Advanced

Bailey, Bernadine. United States
Books. Pictures by Kurt Wiese.
Whitman, $1.00 ea.
Each book contains short history of a
state, maps, and brief discussions of the
resources, industries, and famous people of
the state. Volumes and Dewey class, for
the series are: Picture Book of California
(979.4); Picture Book of Colorado (978.8);
Picture Book of Illinois (977.3) ; Picture Book
of Indiana (977.2); Picture Book of Massa-
chusetts (974.4) ; Picture Book of Michigan
(977.4) ; Picture Book of Missouri (977.8) ;
Picture Book of Iowa (977.7); Picture Book
of New Jersey (974.9); Picture Book of New
York (974.7); Picture Book of North Caro-
lina (975.6); Picture Book of Ohio (977.1);
Picture Book of Oklahoma (976.6); Picture
Book of Pennsylvania (974.8); Picture Book
of Tennessee (976.8); Picture Book of Texas
(976.4) ; Picture of Virginia (975.5) ; Picture
Book of Wisconsin (977.5); Picture Book of
Alabama (976.1); Picture Book of Georgia
(975.8); Picture Book of Minnesota (977.6).

Bailey, Carolyn. Tops and Whistles.
Viking, 1937. $2.50.
"Stories of historic early American toys,
dramatically and authentically told in their
original settings . (tops) which played
important parts in the lives of boys and
girls of young America."-Junior Literary
688.7 Advanced

Bailey, Carolyn. A Candle for Your
Cake. Lippincott, 1952. $2.75.
Twenty-four birthday stories of famous
men and women. Includes Carver, Lincoln,
Cody, Queen Elizabeth I, Shakespeare, Peary,
Keller, Koethals, Wright, McGuffey, Eisen-
hower, Curie, and others. Chiefly American.
920 (W) Advanced
Bailey, Jean. Cherokee Bill. Abing-
don, 1952. $2.50.
Life on a prairie homestead is full of
many adventures for David and his horse,
Cherokee Bill.
F (W) Advanced

Baker, Charlotte. Sunrise Island.
McKay, 1952. $2.75.
"A story of an Indian slave boy who ac-

companies his young master on his journey
to find his Spirit Helper. Of interest as a
picture of Indian life in the Northwest before
the coming of the white man."
F (W) Advanced

Baker, Nina Brown. A Boy for a
Man's Job. Winston, 1952. $1.50.
The story of the founding of St. Louis
in 1764.
F (W) Average

Banks, Stockton. Washington Adven-
ture. McGraw, 1950. $2.50.
Swift moving story of a young Scottish
boy who is searching for his brother in
Washington, D. C., back in 1800. Map on
F (W) Average

Bare, Arnold E. Maui's Summer.
Houghton, 1952. $2.50.
"Excellent story material on Hawaii. At-
tractive picture book format adds to its
usability."--Recent Children's Books.
F (W) Easy

Bell, Thelma Harrington. Pawnee.
Viking, 1950. $2.00.
"The adventures of a small buckskin doll
dressed as an Indian brave fill the days and
nights of a small boy of the early 1900's."-
Children's Catalog.
F (W) Easy

Bell, Thelma Harrington. Mountain
Boy. Viking, 1947. $2.00.
"A North Carolina mountain boy loved
and knew all about the world around him
but he did not love to learn to read or
count."-Combined Book Exhibit.
F (W) Average

Benedict, Steve, Gabee of the Delta.
Abingdon, 1953. $2.00.
Gabee and his father, French-Cajuns,
spend the winter as trappers in the marshes
of the Mississippi River Delta. A severe
storm which almost wrecks their boat is
only the first of their exciting experiences.
F Average

Bishop, Curtis and Curtis, Grace.
Stout Rider. Steck, 1953. $2.00.
The authors list themselves as "The Curtis
Bishops," as this is their first joint pub-
lication. A true story of a famous ride in
Texas in the 1880's.
F (W) Average

Bleeker, Sonia. Apache Indians;
Raiders of the Southwest. Morrow,
1951. $2.00.
"The author touches upon all aspects of
the daily lives and fortunes of the Apaches


S. character of settlements, customs, wars,
training of Apachee boys and girls, history of
the tribe and famous leaders."-Kirkus. By
the same author and publisher, same price:
Indians of the Longhouse; The Story of the
Iroquois; The Crow Indians, Hunters of
Northern Plains; The Cherokee, Indians of
the Mountains; The Sea Hunters, Indians of
the Northwest Coast; The Delaware Indians,
Eastern Fishermen and Famous.
970.1 (W) Average

Brindze, Ruth. The Story of the
Totem Pole. Vanguard, 1951. $2.50.
"From our own northwest coast comes this
exciting tale of Indians without a written
language, who carved their history, legends,
and remarkable adventures on the giant red
cedars."-Book Jacket.
970.1 (W) Average

Buff, Mary (Marsh). Dancing Cloud,
The Navajo Boy. Viking, 1937. $3.00.
Story of Dancing Cloud and his little
sister. A good picture of life among the
970.1 (W) Easy

Bulla, Clyde Robert. Riding the Pony
Express. Crowell, 1948. $2.25.
The old days of the West in 1860 told in
an exciting story, with songs and pictures.
Good for slow readers. Others by same
author and publisher: A Ranch for Danny;
Secret Valley.
F (W) Average

Burleson, Adele S. Toughey. Steck,
1950. $2.50.
An authentic picture of life on a Texas
ranch during the summer of 1900. Actual
experiences of the author and her family,
with many large, full color illustrations.
F Average

Canfield, Dorothy. Something Old,
Something New. Scott, 1949. $2.75.
"These are stories that make citizenship
live . Favorite family stories of real
people . "-Book Jacket. Stories of
pioneers and the pioneer spirit.
F Advanced

Carmer, Carl. A Flag for the Fort.
Messner, 1952. $2.50.
"The dramatic story of two children's
eager participation in the eventful attack
on Baltimore and Fort McHenry in 1814, as
the flag is made that inspired the writing
of our National Anthem. Authentic, color-
ful."-Junior Literary Guild.
F (W) Average

Carr, Mary Jane. Children of the
Covered Wagon. Crowell, 1943. $2.50.
"Recounts the dangers and experiences of
a covered wagon trip from Missouri to the
Williamette Valley, Oregon, in 1844."-Book
Review Digest.
F (W) Average

Cavanah, Frances. Our Country's
Story. Hale, (Cadmus), 1945. $1.53.
Illustrated. Maps.
"Here is the book to give small boys
and girls their first glimpse of the story of
our country."-Children's Catalog.
973 (W) Easy

The Childhood of Famous Americans
Series. School Edition. Bobbs. $1.48
A series of fifty well bound books which
are of low vocabulary level, but of wide
interest range. May be used at elementary,
and at junior high levels as easy reading.
Have strong story elements. Includes: Abe
Lincoln, Frontier Bay; Abigail Adams, A Girl
of Colonial Days; Alec Hamilton, The Little
Lion; Alec Bell, Ingenious Boy; Amelia
Earhart, Kansas Girl; Andy Jackson, Boy
Soldier; Anthony Wayne, Daring Boy; Ben
Franklin, Printer's Boy; Bird Girl, Sacag-
awea; Booker T. Washington, Ambitions
Boy; Boy of Old Virginia, Robert E. Lee;
Buffalo Bill, Boy of the Plains; Clara Barton,
Girl Nurse; Daniel Boone, Boy Hunter;
David Farragut, Boy Midshipman; Davy
Crockett, Young Rifleman; Dolly Madison,
Quaker Girl; Eli Whitney, Boy Mechanic;
Franklin Roosevelt, Boy of Four Freedoms;
George Carver, Boy Scientist; George Wash-
ington, Boy Leader; Harriet Beecher Stowe,
Connecticut Girl, Mabel C. Wuddemer; Henry
Clay, Mill Boy of the Slashes; Hoosier Boy,
James Whitcomb Riley; Jane Addams, Little
Lame Girl; John Marshall, Boy of Young
America; John Paul Jones, Salt-water Boy;
John Quincy Adams, Boy Patriot; Julia Ward
Howe, Girl of Old New York; Kit Carson,
Boy Trapper; Lou Gehrig, Boy of the Sand
Lots; Louisa Alcott, Girl of Old Boston;
Luther Burbank, Boy Wizard; Mark Twain,
Boy of Ole Missouri; Martha Washington,
Girl of Old Virginia; Mary Mapes Dodge,
Jolly Girl; Meriwether Lewis, Boy Explorer;
Myles Standish, Adventurous Boy; Oliver
Hazard Perry, Boy of the Sea; Paul Revere,
Boy of Old Boston; Peter Stuyvesant, Boy
with Wooden Shoes; Pocahontas, Brave Girl;
Robert Fulton, Boy Craftsman; Sam Houston,
Boy Chieftain; Stephen Foster, Boy Min-
strel; Tom Edison, Boy Inventor; Tom Jef-
ferson, A Boy of Colonial Days; U. S. Grant,
Young Horseman; Washington Irving, Boy
of Old New York; William Henry Harrison,
Young Tippecanoe; William Penn, Friendly
Boy; Will Rogers, Young Cowboy; Woodrow


Wilson, Boy President; Young Audubon, Boy
Naturalist; Young Stonewall, Tom Jackson;
John Wanamaker, Boy Merchant; Raphail
Semmes, Tidewater Boy; Molly Pitcher, Girl
Patriot; Knute Rockne, Boy Athlete.
B Easy

Clark, Ann Nolan. In My Mother's
House. Viking, 1941. $2.50.
"Written to answer the need for books
with the Indian point of view for use in
Indian schools. This book has great sig-
nificance for white children as well."-
Library Journal.



Clark, Ann Nolan. Little Navajo
Bluebird. Viking, 1943. $2.50.
Story of a six-year-old Navajo girl.
F (W) Average

Coatsworth, Elizabeth. Dancing Tom.
Macmillan, 1938. $1.75.
"It was the lively antics of Tom, the pig,
who danced to the tune of 'Yankee Doodle'
which cheered the Fosters on their long
journey on a flatboat down the Missis-
sippi one hundred years ago. A slight story,
with good background which may lead to an
interest in pioneer life."-Booklist. By same
author: Away Goes Sally; Dollar for Luck;
Five Bushel Farm; Littlest House.
F (W) Average

Coatsworth, Elizabeth. Once-Upon-a-
Time-in-America Series. Macmillan,
$2.00 ea.
Each of these books recounts a child's
experiences during a significant period in
the history of America. Exciting, convincing
stories. Should be rebound. Includes: First
Adventure (Plymouth Colony); Wishing Pear
(New Amsterdam 17th Century); Boston
Bells (Knowles Riots in Boston); Aunt Flora
(North Carolina in 1777).

Coblentz, Catherine Cate. Martin and
Abraham Lincoln; Based on a True
Incident. Children's Press, 1947. $2.00.
"Younger children could have no more ap-
pealing introduction to Abraham Lincoln
than this true story of small Martin, an
imprisoned soldier's son, who unburdened his
woes to the kindly president, as they sat
together on the steps of the Washington
Capitol. Generously illustrated in bright
colors."-Children's Catalog.
F (W) Average

Credle, Ellis. Down, Down the Moun-
tain. Hale, (Cadmus), 1934. $1.17.
"How Hetty and Hank, who lived high in
the Blue Ridge Mountains, raised some fine
turnips which they hoped to trade for shiny.

squeaky shoes, and how their kindness of
heart almost defeated their plan,"-Booklist.
By same author: Here Comes the Showboat.
F (W) Easy

Curtis, Alice Turner. A Little Maid
of Bunker Hill. Knopf, 1952. Rev.
Story of a little girl living near Bunker
Hill during the Revolution. Other books in
this series same author, publisher and
price: A Little Maid of Fort Pitt; A Little
Maid of Old Connecticut; A Little Maid of
Maryland; A Little Maid of Massachusetts
Colony; A Little Maid of Nantucket; A Little
Maid of Mohawk Valley; A Little Maid of
New Orleans; A Little Maid of Old New
York; A Little Maid of South Carolina; A
Little Maid of Valley Forge; A Little Maid
of Vermont; A Little Maid of Virginia.
All fiction.
F Easy

Dalgliesh, Alice. America Begins;
The Story of the Finding of the New
World. Scribner, 1938. $2.75.
Illustrated by Lois Malloy, this is a picture
story of the discovery and exploration of
the United States and of the colonial period.
Also by Alice Dalgliesh: America Builds
Homes; The Story of the First Colonies;
America Travels; The Story of a Hundred
Years of Travel in America.
973.1 (W) Easy

DeAngeli, Marguerite. Elin's Ameri-
ca. Doubleday, 1946. $2.50.
An attractive illustrated story of life among
the Swedes in Delaware in the early days.
Others by same author, publisher, at same
price include: Henner's Lydia (Dutch in
Penn.); Petite Suzanne (French in Gaspe);
Skippack School (Mennonites in Penn.);
Thee, Hannah! (Quakers in Penn.); Yonie
Wondernose (Dutch in Penn.); Up the Hill
(Poles in Penn.). All fiction.

DeLeeuw, Adele and Cateau. Hide-
away House. Little, 1953. $2.75.
The story of a pioneering family soon after
the Revolution.
F Average

Derleth, August. The Captive Island.
Aladdin, 1952. $1.75.
How Michael Culver and his son, John,
helped the American cause during the siege
of Mackinac Island in 1812. One of American
Heritage Series. Others are: Back of Beyond
(Colorado in 1870's); Cowman's Kingdom
(Mountain country on Montana-Wyoming
F (W) Average


Desmond, Alice Curtis. The Sea Cats.
Macmillan, 1946. $2.75.
A story of Ivan, a boy of the Aleutians,
who spends a summer as a sealer on the
Pribilof Islands. Ivan is proud to be one of
"Uncle Sam's Children." The United States
Government houses, feeds, and clothes the
F Advanced

Dix, Beulah Marie. Merrylips. Mac-
millan, 1925. $2.50.
A "little maid held as hostage by Round-
heads escapes to the army of the Cavaliers,
disguised as a boy. Excellent in atmos-
F (W) Advanced

Douglas, Emily (Taft). Appleseed
Farm. Abingdon, 1948. $1.50.
Penny learns how her grandmother's farm
in Indiana got its name "the exciting
story of a visit Johnny Appleseed had paid
to the farm when Penny's great grandmother
was a little girl."-Religious Book Club Bul-
F (W) Average

Driggs, Howard Roscoe. George, the
Handcart Boy. Aladdin, 1952. $2.00.
Story of the Harrison family, members of
the Mormon Church, on their journey from
their home in England to far off Utah.
F Average

Driggs, Howard Roscoe. Pony Ex-
press Goes Through. Lippincott, 1935.
"Authentic stories told to the author by
the riders and station agents of the Pony
Express. The illustrator knew the West in
Pony Express days."-New York P/iblic Li-
383 (W) Advanced

Duvoisin, Roger Antoine. And There
Was America. Knopf, 1938. $2.50.
Stories of the period of discovery and ex-

ploration in America.
973.1 (W)


Eastman, Charles A. Indian Boyhood.
Hale, (Cadmus), 1930. $1.35.
This is the story of the author's boyhood
among the Sioux Indians.
970.1 Advanced
Eaton, Jeanette. Lee the Gallant
General. Morrow, 1953. $2.00.
Provides a glimpse of Lee in boyhood as
an officer in the Mexican War, and, in
greater detail, as Commander of the Con-
federate Army.
B Easy

Edell, Celeste. A Present from Rosita.
Messner, 1952. $2.75.
Rosita's family lived in Puerto Rico and
later moved to New York. This is a warmly
written story of love and courage.
F Average

Edmonds, Walter D. Matchlock Gun.
Dodd, 1941. $2.50.
Newbery medal winner, 1942. An authentic
story of life of a colonial family near Albany
near the middle of the 18th Century.
F (W) Easy

Elms, F. Raymond. Let's Explore the
Great Lakes. Whitman, 1953. $2.00.
With simple text and pictures, life on
and around the five Great Lakes is described.
Includes maps of lakes and surrounding re-
977 Average

Elms, F. Raymond. Let's Take a
Trip. Whitman, 1951. $2.00.
In story and pictures, many of the unique
and interesting spots in our country are por-
trayed. Includes man-made wonders, such
as the Golden Gate Bridge, as well as natural
wonders, such as Everglades National Park.
973 Average

Emerson, Caroline Dwight. Indian
Hunting Grounds. Lippincott, 1938.
"Customs and social life of Indians living
in different parts of North America. De-
signed to give a composite picture of Indian
life before the advent of the white man, the
book shows the tribal differences resulting
from environment."-Booklist.
970.1 (W) Average

Emerson, Caroline Dwight. Pioneer
Children of America. Heath, 1950.
Frontier and pioneer life in the United
972 (W) Easy

Epstein, Samuel and Williams, Beryl.
The Real Book About Alaska. Garden
City, 1952. $1.25.
"Readable, informative, up-to-date book on
sourdoughss and prospectors, Indians and
Eskimos, gold rushes and explorations on
America's last frontier !"-A.L.A.
979.8 (W) Advanced

Eskridge, Robert L. Umi, the Ha-
waiian Boy Who Became a King.
Hale, (Cadmus), 1936. $2.00.
One of the few stories about Hawaii. The


story is based on an old Polynesian legend.
Illustrated with brilliantly colored pictures.
F Average

Evans, Eva Knox. Jerome Anthony.
Hale, (Cadmus), 1936. $.99.
Jerome Anthony goes from the country to
visit his cousin in the city. He learns many
new things about city life. Another Negro
story by the same author: Araminta, pub-
lished by Putnam.
F (W) Easy

Evernden, Margery. The Golden Trail.
Random, 1952. $2.50.
The story of a boy and a horse during the
founding of San Francisco.
F (W) Advanced

First Book Series. Franklin Watts,
$1.75 ea.
Forty-two titles, all printed in large, clear
type and well illustrated. Different authors,
most of them well known. Series includes
these titles, each preceded by "First Book
of": Airplanes; America; Automobiles: Babies
All Around the World; Ballet; Baseball:
Bees; Birds; Boats, Bridges; Bugs; Cartoons;
Cats; Chess; Cotton; Cowboys; Dogs; Elec-
tricity; Eskimos; Firemen; Fishing; God;
Horses; Indians; Israel; Japan; Jokes
Magic; Negroes; Nurses; Plants: Presidents;
Puppets; Sailing; Science Experiments;
Snakes; Space Travel; Stones; Trains;
Trees; Trucks; Water.

Fletcher, Sidney E. The Big Book
of Cowboys. Grosset, 1951. $1.00.
Colorful book of cowboy lore, with more
large illustrations than text. Glossary of
riding and working gear with pictures.
978 (W) Easy

Fletcher, Sidney E. Big Book of In-
dians. Grosset, 1950. $1.00.
"Brief information about Indian life, cus-
toms, equipment, and implements."-Chil-
dren's Catalog.
970.1 (W) Easy

Fletcher, Sidney E. The Big Book of
the Wild West. Grosset, 1952. $1.00.
Brief, authentic text accompanies large,
vivid illustrations. Information about moun-
tain men, Pony Express, some famous lead-
ers and tools and implements. Small maps
accompany each article. Should be pre-
978 (W) Average

Fletcher, Sidney E. The Cowboy and
His Horse. Grosset, 1951. $1.00.
S .All the information that western
fans want, together with fine pictures, a

good bibliography and a fine index . "-

Library Journal.


Forbes, Esther. America's Paul
Revere. Houghton, 1946. $2.50.
Provides an authentic account of the life
and social customs of the American Revolu-
tionary era. Many dramatic and colorful
B (W) Advanced

Foster, Genevieve. Abraham Lincoln.
Scribner, 1950. $2.00.
A brief biography of the outstanding
periods and events in Loncoln's life.
B (W) Average

Foster, Genevieve. Andrew Jackson.
Scribner, 1951. $2.00.
Relates many anecdotes as well as basic
facts of Jackson's life.
B (W) Average

Foster, Genevieve. George Washing-
ton. Scribner, 1949. $2.00.
Tells authentic story of events in Wash-
ington's life based on latest research avail-
B (W) Average

Garst, Shannon. Cowboy Boots.
Abingdon, 1946. $2.00.
"This honestly written and readable story
contains many sound hints for boys who
want to know how a cowboy gains his
skill."-Hornbook. Followed by: Silver Spurs
for Cowboy Boots.
F (W) Average

Garst, Shannon. Rusty at Ram's Horn
Ranch. Abingdon, 1951. $2.50.
Rusty has many adventures and learns
much about sheep and humans during his
stay on a western sheep ranch.
F Average

Gebaroff, Ara J. Stefanie Was the
Good One. Caxton, 1949. $2.50.
The story of what it means to be an
American, as seen through the eyes of two
Polish immigrant children.
F Average

Gorham, Michael. The Real Book
About Indians. Garden City, 1953.
The story of the first Americans and
some of their famous heroes. Includes a
section on "Indians Where You Live." Noth-
ing on Seminoles.
970.1 (W) Advanced


Graham, Alberta Powell. Christopher
Columbus, Discoverer. Abingdon,
1950. $1.50.
Here are all the elements of high adven-
ture the false hopes and disappointments
before the dangerous voyage begins; the
storms and terrors of unknown seas; the
threats of panic stricken sailors; and the
wise leadership of their captain."-Book
B Average

Graham, Alberta Powell. Lafayette
Friend of America. Abingdon, 1952.
A story, simply yet dramatically told.
Reveals Lafayette's military ability, bravery,
and personal charm.
B Easy

Graham, Vera M. Treasure in the
Covered Wagon. Lippincott, 1952.
Adventures of Flave-Ann crossing the Ore-
gon Trail. In the covered wagon was her
most prized possession-a little organ.
F (W) Average

Grant, Bruce. The Cowboy Encyclo-
pedia. Rand, 1951. $2.75.
"The old and the new west from the open
range to the Dude Ranch." Subtitle. An
illustrated encyclopedia covering all phases
of cowboy life.
978 (W) Average

Hager, Alice Rogers. Washington,
City of Destiny. Macmillan, 1949.
Photographic story of our capital, its
people and environs. Explanatory text sec-
917.53 Advanced

Hall-Quest, Olga (Wilbourne). How
the Pilgrims Come to Plymouth.
Dutton, 1946. $2.25.
"Recommended for supplementary school
use and for the young reader interested in
early American history."--Library Journal.
973.2 (W) Average

Haviland, Virginia. William Penn,
Founder and Friend. Abingdon, 1952.
Penn's father hoped his son would have
a diplomatic career. When Penn joined the
Quakers, his father disinherited him. Penn-
sylvania was Penn's dream come true of
a Quaker colony in America.
B (W) Average

Hayes, Florence (Sooy). Chee and
His Pony; the Story of a Navajo Boy.
Houghton, 1950. $2.50.
"Chee, after two years in a white man's
school, returns to the Navajo Indian Reserva-
tion to spend a summer. This is the story
of his making adjustments to the two ways
of life, chasing coyotes, fighting a desert
sandstorm, and braving a flood as an Indian
and living the life of a white man."-Chil-
dren's Catalog. By same author: Hosh-Ki,
the Navajo.
P (W) Advanced

Hayes, Florence (Sooy). Skid.
Houghton, 1948. $2.50.
"There are hilarious happenings in this
story to offset the gripping theme of race
relations."-Christian Science Monitor.
F (W) Average
Henry, Marguerite. Alaska, in Story
and Pictures. Whitman, 1941. $.75.
A brief description of the country with
pictures and maps. Other titles by same
author: Hawaii in Story and Picture (996.9)
and Virginia Islands in Story and Pictures
979.8 Easy

Hoff, Carol. Johnny Texas. Follett,
1950. $2.75.
Winner of the first Charles W. Follett
Award. Follows "the fortunes and the
Americanization of the young son of a
German family homesteading in Texas in
1834."-Publisher's Weekly. A sequel, by the
same author and publisher: Johnny Texas

on the San Antonio Road.
F (W)


Hogeboom, Amy. Christopher Colum-
bus and His Brothers. Lothrop, 1951.
This is a story with a new approach. Tells
of the encouragement and support he re-
ceived from his brothers.
B (W) Average
Holberg, Ruth and Richard. Oh Su-
sannah. Doubleday, 1939. $2.25.
Frontier life in the 1870's in Minneapolis.
By the same authors: Hester and Timothy,
published by Doubleday.
F (W) Average
Holbrook, Stewart H. Wild Bill
Hickok Tames the West. Hale, (Cad-
mus), 1952. $1.68.
Lawlessness and disorder ceased when soft-
voiced Bill Hickok clipped the "wild" from
the name of the "wild and wooly west" and
added it to his own. "Wild Bill" turned the
toughest towns on the western frontier.
B (W) Average


Holling, Holling Clancy. Book of In-
dians. Platt, 1935. $1.75.
Includes stories and descriptions of the
life of "The Forest Indians"; "The People
of the Plains"; "The People of the Desert"
and "The People of the Sea."
970.1 (W) Average

Holling, Holling Clancy. Paddle-to-
the-Sea. Houghton, 1941. $3.00.
A large informational picture book of the
Great Lakes and St. Lawrence River region.
An Indian boy started a toy canoe on its
voyage to the sea via the Great Lakes. De-
scription of natural and industrial aspects
of surrounding country portrayed through
full page color illustrations and black-and-
white marginal pictures.
F (W) Average

Holling, Holling Clancy. Tree in the
Trail. Houghton, 1942. $3.00.
"Leading role is played by cottonwood
tree that began to grow along Santa Fe
Trail about 1610 and ended its dramatic life
when struck by lightning in 1834. Events
taking place around the tree between these
years is colorfully told and pictured by
author. Many marginal drawings and full
pages in color . "-A.L.A.
P (W) Average

Hubbard, Margaret. Thunderhead
Mountain. Macmillan, 1952. $2.75.
This is a story of two families at Crazy
Horse Ranch, near Thunderhead Mountain.
A sculptor is working on the figure of
Crazy Horse the Indian warrior. An Indian
boy and a white boy have exciting adven-



Jakes, John. The Texans Ride North.
Winston, 1952. $1.50.
Cattle drives in 1866. "Historically ac-
curate tales of Tom Logan and his brother
who hit the Sedalia Trail to market their
F Advanced

Judson, Clara. Lost Violin; They
Came From Bohemia. Houghton,
1947. $2.75.
Bohemian immigrants who adjust to Amer-
ican ways and contribute their skills to their
adopted country. Others in the same vein
by the author, publisher and at the same
price: Michael's Victory: They Came From
Ireland; Petar's Treasure; They Came From
Dalmatia; They Came From France; They
Came From Scotland; They Came From
Sweden. All fiction.
F (W) Advanced:

Judson, Clara. Thomas Jefferson.
Wilcox, 1952. $3.53.
A magnificent story of the life of Jeffer-
son, champion of the people, from his early
boyhood to his death at the age of eighty-
B (W) Advanced

Justus, May. Children of the Great
Smoky Mountains. Dutton, 1952.
A collection of fifteen stories of every-
day life in an East Tennessee mountain com-
munity. Suitable for reading aloud and In-
formal dramatization.
F Easy

Kroll, Francis Lynde. Young Sioux
Warrior. Lantern, 1952. $2.50.
Adventures and training of Little Bear,
a Sioux Indian, who finally earns the right
to be called "Warrior." By the same author:
Young Sand Hills Cowboy.
F (W) Average

Lampman, Evelyn (Sibley). Elder
Brother. Doubleday, 1951. $2.50.
"Chinese-American life in Portland, Ore-
gon, of 1900 is shown in the story of Molly
Chan and her adopted elder brother, who
help in uncovering a Manchu plot."-Retall
F (W) Advanced

Land, Carl D. River Dragon. Little,
1950. $2.75.
Adventures of two Cheyenne Indian boys
when a steamboat painted to resemble a
dragon navigated the upper Missouri River.
F (W) Average

Latham, Frank. Jed Smith, Aladdin,
1952. $1.75.
Jed Smith was one of the greatest ex-
plorers of the West; he was the first Amer-
ican to make his way into California from
the east.
B (W) Average

Lawrence, Mildred. Crissey at the
Wheel. Harcourt, 1952. $2.50.
Crissey's efforts to help her father sell
twenty horseless carriages make this story of
the early 1900's in Flint, Michigan, a very
interesting one for girls.
F (W) Advanced
Lawson, Robert. They Were Strong
and Good. Viking, 1940. $2.50.
"None of the author's forebears were
famous, but they were strong and good,
and helped make the United States the great
nation it now is."-Combined Book Exhibit.
920 (W) Easy


Lawson, Robert. Watchwords of Lib-
erty: A Pageant of American Quota-
tions. Little, 1943. $2.75.
"Here are the words of great Americans
in war and in peace more than fifty of
the famous quotations which highlight mem-
orable moments in our American history
from the days of the Pilgrims to the third
year of the second World War."-Children's
973 (W) Advanced

Leavitt, Dorothy. Adventure on the
Tennessee. Little, 1952. $3.00.
The Cabitors "get first-hand information
about T.V.A. as they travel from Washing-
ton, D. C., to Tennessee and on through the
Tennessee Valley. This authentic picture of
T.V.A. and its significance is not very
pleasant reading for 10- to 14-year-olds,
but contains much information about in-
teresting people and places along the route.
Illustrated with photographs."-A.L.A. By
the same author: Adventure on the Potomac.
917.3 Advanced

Lee de Munoz Marin, Muna. Pioneers
of Puerto Rico. Heath, 1944. $.48.
"Story of a Puerto Rican family through
several generations, including the story of
the soldier-dog Becerillo, of Ponce de Leon,
of the voyages, the discoveries and the In-
dian wars."-Publisher's Weekly. Also in
series: Children of the Sun in Hawaii (996.9).
972.9 Average

Lenski, Lois. Bayou Suzette. Lippin-
cott, 1943. $2.50.
One of the popular regional stories which
this author writes and illustrates so well.
Others in the series by the same author and
publisher: Blue Ridge Billy (North Carolina);
Boom Town Boy (Oklahoma); Cotton in My
Sack (Arkansas) ; Judy's Journey (Alabama) ;
Peanuts for Billy Ben (Virginia); Prairie
School (South Dakota) ; Puritan Adventure
(Massachusetts); Texas Tomboy 'Texas); We
Live in the South; Strawberry Girl (Florida).
F (W) Average

Lenski, Lois. Indian Captive; the
Story of Mary Jemison. Lippincott,
1941. $2.75.
Ways of living at the Ses eca Indians
authentically described in this tory of the
early years in captivity of a wh te child.
B (W) Advanced

Let's Read About Series. Fideler.
$2.46 ea,
Each hook includes information n about the

Maps. Titles include: Let's Read About
Alaska (979.8); Let's Read About Hawaiian
Islands (996).
(W) Average

LeSueur, Meridel. Chanticleer of
Wilderness Road. Knopf, 1951. $2.50.
A story of Davy Crockett, presented as
hunter, congressman, and fighter. Includes
tall tales by him and about him.
B (W) Advanced

LeSueur, Meridel. Little Brother of
the Wilderness. Knopf, 1947. $2.50.
A new story about Johnny Appleseed who
loved apple trees and planted seeds all over
America. A bit of background showing our
pioneer history.
B (W) Average

Lide, Alice A. and Johansen, Marga-
ret A. The Wooden Locket. Viking,
1953. $2.50.
The story of a Polish D. P. family's first
year in America. Coming empty-handed to
a land of plenty, they find that they have
much to give and much to teach in exchange
for hospitality and kindness.
F (W) Average

Life in America Series. Fideler. $2.46
Information about the history, geography,
industries, resources, of the various states
in the different sections of the U. S. Titles
and Dewey classification number include: The
Great Plains (978) ; The Midwest (977)
New England (974); The Northeast (974);
The South (976) ; The West (979).

Lipkind, William. Boy with a Har-
poon. Harcourt, 1952. $2.25.
Little Seal, a boy of northern Alaska,
dreams of the day when he can hunt bow-
head whale. A story that conveys an under-
standing of the daily life and customs of the
Alaskan Eskimos.
F (W) Easy

McClintock, Marshall. Story of New
England. Harper, 1941. $1.75.
The people, history, scenery, and modern
life of New England are covered. Others in
series: Story of the Mississippi (977); Story
of the Pennsylvania Dutch (974.8); Story of
the Southern Highlands (975); Story of the
Great Lakes (977) ; Story of the Great
Plains (978) ; Story of the Southwest (979);
Story of California (979.4) ; Story of Alaska

McGuire, Frances. Indian Drums

history, people, animals, resour es, and in- Beat Again. Dutton, 1953.
dustries of the region treated. Illustrated. Rocky strikes up a friendship with a



young Indian, Strong Eagle. How he is made
a member of the Ojiways makes an ex-
citing story.
F Average

McMeekin, Isabella M. Journey Cake.
Messner, 1942. $2.50.
"Freshness, authenticity and fine charac-
terization mark this account of a journey
across the Wilderness Road to Kentucky in
the 1790's."-N. Y. Public Library. A sequel
to this book: Juba's New Moon.
F (W) Advanced

Marshall, Dean. The Long White
Month. Hale, (Cadmus), 1942. $1.32.
"Story of a little girl who goes from a
too well regulated New York apartment to
a cabin in the Connecticut woods."-Kirkus.
F (W) Average

Mason, Miriam E. Caroline and Her
Kettle Named Maud. Macmillan, 1951.
Tells the story of Caroline's family and
their move to Michigan with the migrating
pioneers. Other pioneer books by this author:
Middle Sister; Smiling Hill Farm; Young Mr.
Meeker and His Exciting Journey to Oregon.
1 (W) Easy

Mason, Miriam E. Homing and His
Blunt-Nosed Arrow. Macmillan, 1951.
An Indian boy is given a small bow and
some blunt-nosed arrows, with which he
hunts. An interesting authentic picture of
activities of woodland Indians.
F (W) Easy

Mayer, Edith. Our Negro Brother.
Shady Hill, 1948. $2.00.
Brief stories of some well known Negro
leaders; includes: George Washington
Carver and Mary Bethune. "To help ele-
mentary school children toward a better
sense of racial understanding . "-Horn
920 (W) Average

Meadowcroft, Enid. On Indian Trails
with Daniel Boone. Crowell, 1947.
Relates the adventures of the courageous
Boone family on their westward move, par-
ticularly the thrilling experiences of Boone's
seven children.
B (W) Average

Means, F. C. Carver's George.
Houghton, 1952. $2.50.
A biography of George Washington Carver.

Written for younger children. It is a sym-
pathetic story of the great Negro scientist.
B (W) Average

Meg, Elizabeth. Plenty of Pirates.
Putnam, 1953. $2.50.
This is a story about the younger days of
the United States when tribute was paid
annually to the Barbary pirates. Relates
one of the most colorful incidents of the
Barbary Wars.
F (W) Advanced

Meigs, Cornelia. The Dutch Colt.
Macmillan, 1952. $2.00.
A story of Hugh and Gertrude Andrews,
who live on the banks of the Delaware
during the time of William Penn. By the
same author: Covered Bridge; Willow Whistle.
F Average

Moon, Grace. Chi-Wee; the Adven-
tures of a Little Indian Girl. Double-
day, 1925. $2.50.
"An unusually winning picture of the
American desert and the simple everyday
life of a real little girl in a pueblo."-
F (W) Average

Moran, M. O. Trail of the Little
Paiute. Lippincott, 1952.
A story of the last days of the Paiute
Indians before being confined to a reserva-
tion. "Indian lore and customs are carefully
presented, and the story is enlivened by
songs and poems."-A.L.A.
F (W) Advanced

Nevin, Evelyn. Captive of the Dela-
wares. Abingdon, 1952. $1.50.
Based on historical records. This is the
story of Frances Slocum, captured by the
Delaware Indians during the Revolutionary
War. Years later, when she has an oppor-
tunity to return to her own relatives, she
prefers to stay with the Delawares.
F (W) Average

Neyhart, Louise A. Henry's Lincoln.
Holiday, 1945. $1.50.
"This story describes the change that took
place in the mind and heart of a boy while
listening to the famous debate . between
Abraham Lincoln and Stephen A. Douglas."-
Children's Catalog.
F (W) Average

Nolen, Eleanor Weakley. A Job for
Jeremiah. Oxford, 1940. $1.25.
Life at Mount Vernon immediately after
the Revolutionary War.
F Easy


O'Neill, Hester. Picture Story of
Alaska. McKay, 1951. $2.50.
"The history of Alaska with a description
of its cities, villages, people, its climate, its
boys and girls and its wealth and importance
to the United States."-Retail Bookseller.
Other books, same author, publisher, price:
Picture Story of Hawaii (996.9; Picture
Story of the Philippines (991.4).
979.8 (W) Average

Pace, Mildred Mastin. Clara Barton.
Scribner, 1941. $1.60.
Shows Clara Barton's tireless energy in
her desire to help humanity. Tells of her
fight to found the Red Cross in America.
B Average

Pack, Elizabeth. Saddle for Hoskie.
Abingdon, 1951. $1.50.
Story of a Navajo Indian boy who finally
wins in the ceremonial Rodeo the saddle he
has wanted for so long. Setting is the New
Mexico desert.
F (W) Average

Payne, Josephine Balfour. The Jour-
ney of Josiah Talltatters. Ariel, 1953.
"A trip to Natchez, Mississippi, from
Philadelphia in the 1800's was a perilous
proposition. Yet Josiah Talltatters, a thin
but jovial minister and his nephew, Jeremiah,
set out boldly enough with only their horse,
Pilgrim, and their parrot, Tippet."-Book
F (W) Easy

Petersham, Maud and Petersham,
Miska. An American ABC. Hale,
(Cadmus), 1941. $1.71.
United States history, biography, and
legend are substance of this ABC book. 26
full-page illustrations.
973 (W) Easy

Phelps, Margaret. Regular Cowboy.
Mccrae. $2.75.
Mark learns to be a regular cowboy and
earns the right to be a part of the Silver
Spur Ranch.
F Average

Plowhead, Ruth Gipson. Lucretia Ann
on the Oregon Trail. Hale, (Cadmus),
1940. $1.20.
The adventures of Lucretia Ann on the
long trip west via covered wagon.
F Average

Pyne, Mable. Little History of the
United States. Houghton, 1940. $3.00.
"Thoroughly entertaining as a picture book.

(This book) is also full of useful knowl-
edge for the inquiring child."-Horn Book.
Also by this author: Little Geography of
the United States (917.3).
973 (W) Easy

Quinn, Vernon. Picture Map Geogra-
phy of the United States. Lippin-
cott, 1931. $3.50.
"A map picturing the industries and
characteristics of each state accompanies a
brief description. Designed to interest chil-
dren in geography."-Children's Catalog.
918.3 (W) Average

Real Book Series. Garden City. $1.25
Interesting biographies of famous persons.
Includes: Real Book About Daniel Boone;
Real Book About Buffalo Bill; Real Book
About Andrew Jackson.
B Average

Reynolds, Quentin James. Custer's
Last Stand. Hale. $1.48.
A Landmark book. Story of the career of
General Custer. His "early years; his dreams
of becoming a soldier; his training at West
Point, alien to the free undisciplined tradi-
tion of an Ohio frontier background."-
Kirkus. Tells of his sorties against the
B (W) Advanced

Richardson, Margaret Stimson. A
Handful of Nuggets. Steck, 1952.
"Gold! The glint of it in the miner's
pan."-Book Jacket. A story of the mad
rush of the Forty-Niners to California.
F Advanced

Rietveld, Jane. Great Lakes Sailor.
Viking, 1952. $2.00.
In 1844 Tom Corbin, twelve years old,
signs on the Sea Gull, a three-masted
schooner, that sailed from Milwaukee to
Buffalo. The book tells the story of his
decision that a sailor's life was the life
for him.
F (W) Average

Rietveld, Jane. Nicky's Bugle. Hale,
(Cadmus), 1947. $1.47.
An enchanting story of pioneer days in
Wisconsin. Life in a military fort is por-
trayed in lithographs.
F (W) Average

Rounds, Glen. Buffalo Harvest. Holi-
day, 1952. $2.25.
Story of the buffalo herds streaming north-
ward across the Great Plains.
970.1 (W) Average


Sayers, Frances (Clarke). Ginny and
Custard. Viking, 1951. $2.00.
Ginny moves with her family to Los Angeles
for a year. Here she finds a yellow cat
named Custard and learns many interesting
things about her new home.
F (W) Average

Scacheri, Mario and Mabel. Winne-
bago Boy. Hale, (Cadmus), 1937.
Landing Hawk, a ten-year-old Winnebago
Indian boy, learns about the life and customs
of the Woodlands and Plains Indians.
F Easy

Seckar, Alvena. Zuska of the Burn-
ing Hills. Oxford, 1952. $2.75.
"Heartwarming picture of Slovak family
life in the coal mining district of West Vir-
F (W) Average

Sharpe, Stella G. Tobe. Univ. of
N. C. Press, 1939. $2.00.
"Tobe, a six-year-old colored boy, enjoyed
living on a farm in North Carolina, and he
tells of his many brothers and sisters, of
his parents, of his daily activities and fun."-
Booklist. Lack of caricature and dialect make
enjoyable reading. Illustrated with photo-
F (W Easy

Signature Books. Grosset, $1.50 ea.
A series of warmly-human, historically
accurate stories of great men and women,
most of whom are famous Americans. Each
is written by a well-known author. Vocabu-
lary has been screened for proper age range.
Suitable for eight- through twelve-year-old
readers. Includes: The Story of Christopher
Columbus; The Story of Ulysses S. Grant;
The Story of Florence Nightingale; The
Story of Lafayette; The Story of Davy
Crockett; The Story of Robert E. Lee; The
Story of Benjamin Franklin; The Story of
George Washington; The Story of Thomas
Alva Edison; The Story of Abraham Lincoln;
The Story of Louis Pasteur; The Story of
Buffalo Bill.

Simon, Charlie May. Lonnie's Land-
ing. Hale, (Cadmus), 1942. $1.17.
Lonnie, his brother and his grandfather
travel down the Mississippi to the Tennessee
wilderness, where they start a new town.
By the same author: Robin on the River;
Younger Brother.
F Average

Sondergaard, Arensa. My First Geog-
raphy of the Americas. Little, 1942.
"Simple geographical picture book of the

Americas . An introduction to geography
rather than a comprehensive study of it."-
Library Journal. By the same author: My
First Geography of the Pacific (919)
917 (W) Easy

Sperry, Armstrong. Little Eagle, A
Navajo Boy. Hale (Cadmus), 1938.
Life among the Navajos in Arizona. Little
Eagle, a fourteen-year-old boy, finally realizes
his greatest wish attending the govern-
ment school.
F Easy

Steele, William O. The Buffalo Knife.
Harcourt, 1952. $2.25.
Andy's trip by flatboat down the Tennessee
River to French Salt Lick. Frontier life of
1782. Other frontier stories by the same
author: Wilderness Journey; Over-Mountain
F (W) Average

Stone, Caroline R. Inga of Porcu-
pine Mine. Holiday, 1942. $2.00.
A Finnish-Cornish girls' school and home
life in the iron-ore country of Michigan.
F Advanced

Syme, Ronald. Columbus Finder of
the New World. Morrow, 1952. $2.00.
Story of Columbus' life and his four
famous voyages of discovery. Dramatic illus-
B (W) Easy

Syme, Ronald. La Salle of the Missis-
sippi. Morrow, 1953. $2.50.
Quiet, studious La Salle left his home in
Frances to conceive the most daring plan of
any explorer of the New World. His ex-
plorations led him down almost the entire
length of the Mississippi. La Salle is seen
as a man of courage, energy, and tenacity
of purpose.
B Advanced

Tousey, Sanford. Cowboy Tommy.
Hale, (Cadmus), 1934. $1.17.
"A picture book about the adventures of
a little boy on a Texas ranch a generation
ago."-Children's Catalog. Followed by: Cow-
boy Tommy's Roundup; Jerry and the Pony
F (W) Easy

Tousey, Sanford. Indians and Cow-
boys. Hale, 1940. $1.29.
Stories of the Plains Indians. Also, in
the latter half of the book, descriptions of
cowboy life.
970.1 (W) Easy


Vinton, Iris. Passage to Texas. Alad-
din, 1952. $1.75.
A story of the Woodley family on their
trip to Texas and arrival there during the
troubled times following the recognition of
the Republic of Mexico by the United States.
F (W) Advanced

Voight, Virginia Frances. Zeke and
the Fisher-Cat. Holiday, 1953. $2.50.
Zeke moves to the Connecticut wilderness
with his uncle and cousins. Here, among the
unfriendly Pequots, his best friend is Fisher-
Cat, a Mohegan boy. Others by same author:
Apple Tree Cottage; House in Robin Lane.
F Average

Warren, Wm. S. Ride, Cowboy, Ride!
Hale, (Cadmus), 1946. $1.53.
For his twelfth birthday Danny got per-
mission to ride his cowpony to the Spring
roundup. Horse thieves and race provide
added excitement. Other western stories by
this author: Golden Palomino; Ride West
into Danger.
F (W) Average

Washburne, Helviz C. and Anauta F.
Children of the Blizzard. Day, 1952.
Life among the Baffin Island Eskimos is
filled with adventure. Hunting, fishing, rac-
ing are common activities. Games and pas-
times are described.
998 (W) Average

Wilder, Laura (Ingalls). Little House
in the Big Woods. Hale, (Cadmus),
1932. $1.20.
This is the first of a series concerning the
Ingalls family and its life as pioneers more
than eighty years ago. Setting is the Bog
Woods of Wisconsin. Others in series, pub-
lished by Hale, include: Little House on
Prairie; On the Banks of Plum Creek; By
the Shores of Silver Lake; The Long Win-
ter; Little Town on the Prairie.

Wilson, Leon. This Boy Cody and His
Friends. Watts, 1952. $2.50.
Cumberland mountain life, vigorous, friend-
ly, and interesting is well portrayed through
the adventures of Cody, an adventurous boy.
Earlier book: This Boy Cody.
F (W) Average

Woodward, Hildegard. Jared's Bless-
ing. Hale, (Cadmus), 1942. $1.68.
Jared and his little dog Blessing have
many amusing experiences in a Connecticut
parsonage before the Revolutionary War.
F (W) Easy

Wriston, Hildreth T. Show Lamb.
Abingdon, 1953. $2.50.
Chad Warner's adventures on his family's
Vermont sheep farm. A fine picture, by a
Vermont author, of a representative family
on a prosperous farm at the time (1850)
when sheep-raising there was at its peak.
F Average

Wyatt, Edgar. Geronimo, The Last
Apache War Chief. McGraw, 1952.
A factionalized biography.
970.1 (W) Advanced

Grades 7-9

American Landmark Series. Hale.
$1.68 ea.
Historical and biographical information,
told in an informal story-like style, with
various titles, all competent. Titles include:
The Voyages of Christopher Columbus; The
Landing of the Pilgrims; Pocahontas and
Captain John Smith; Paul Revere and the
Minute Man; Our Independence and the Con-
stitution; The California Gold Rush; The
Pony Express; Lee and Grant at Appomattox;
The Building of the First Continental Rail-
road; The Wright Brothers: Pioneers of
American Aviation; Prehistoric America; The
Vikings; The Santa Fe Trail; The Story of
the U. S. Marines; The Lewis and Clark
Expedition; The Monitor and the Merrimac;
The Explorations of Pere Marquette: The
Panama Canal; The Pirate LaFitte and the
Battle of New Orleans; Custer's Last Stand;
Daniel Boone; Gettysburg; The Louisiana
Purchase; Wild Bill Hickok Tames the West;
Betsy Ross and the Flag; Trappers and
Traders of the Far West; Conquest of the
Poles: By Sled and Air: Ben Franklin;
Clipper Ship Days: The Golden Age of Amer-
ican Sailing Ships; Mr. Bell Invents the
Set 4 of the American Landmark Series,
published in Sept., 1953, contains: The Bar-
bary Pirates; San Houston, the Tallest Texan;
Washington at Valley Forge; They Dug the
Big Ditch; The Story of the Erie Canal;
Thirty Seconds Over Tokyo; Father of De-
mocracy: Thomas Jefferson; The Coming of
the Mormons; George Washington Carver;
John Paul Jones; The First Overland Mail.

Agar, Herbert. Abraham Lincoln.
Macmillan, 1952. $1.75.
"Author tells how this strange man, the
poor son of poor parents, emerged from the
hard plains of the middle west to become
President of the United States and prove
that a government can be strong enough 'to
maintain its own existence' without being


'too strong for the liberties of its own peo-
ple.' Number six of the "Brief Lives"



Allee, Marjorie. Susanna and Tris-
tram. Houghton, 1929. $3.00.
"A brave sixteen-year-old Quaker girl gets
into many difficulties in her attempts to
help out an elderly relative known as the
president of the Underground Railway. With
a courage and a determination far beyond
her years she sticks to her job and succeeds
in a daring rescue which even her elders
could not manage."-Book Review Digest.
Others recommended: Judith Lancester; The
Great Tradition.
F (W) Average

Allen, Merritt. The Flicker's Feather.
Longmans, 1953. $2.75.
The flicker's feather was the symbol for
a vision which is the reason why young Duff
is fighting in the French and Indian War,
as a ranger and spy within the French lines.
A surprise ending.
F (W) Average

Allen, Merritt. Johnny Reb. Long-
mans, 1952. $2.75.
"A story of cavalry fighting in Virginia
under Stuart and Hampton during the Civil
War. Although it pictures the Southern
cause, it gives a fair view of both sides. Woven
around the spirited fighting and day-by-day
camp life of a trooper."-Retail Bookseller.
Others recommended: Battle Lanterns; Make
Way for the Brave.
F (W) Average

Allen, Merritt. Red Heritage. Long-
mans, 1946. $2.50.
"Revolutionary New York forms the back-
ground of the story of Cobus Derrick, seven-
teen-year-old American boy, who joined in
the battle of Oriskany and who was captured
and imprisoned by the British."-Children's
F (W) Average

Baity, Elizabeth. Americans Before
Columbus. Viking, 1951. $4.00.
"A study of American Indians, peoples and
cultures from the earliest Asiatic migrations
to the coming of Columbus. It tells how
they lived, what they were, what they built,
the different art objects they created, and
even something of what they thought."-Chil-
dren's Catalog.
970.1 (W) Average

Balch, Glenn. Indian Fur. Crowell,
1951. $2.75.
A story of the far west during the days
when money was calculated in terms of

beaver pelts and a young man who, through
seeking a lost brother, toeok part in the ex-
ploration of the west. Others: Lost Horse:
Wild Horse.
F (W) Average

Bell, Margaret. Watch for a Tall
White Sail. Morrow, 1948. $2.50.
"The story of a girl of 16 and her big
family of brothers who came to the rough,
wild lands of Alaska in 1887, where their
father has started a salmon fishing business.
Romance, a tragedy, and a wild storm keep
the story moving to a climax."-Children's
F (W) Average

Bell, Margaret. Kit Carson: Moun-
tain Man. Morrow. $2.00.
"The author succeeds in conveying in clear,
simple prose the character of the great
frontiersman. Cleverly handling her facts and
dramatization, she makes clear her basic part
in the opening of the West and the urgency
and heroism of his life as a mountainman
and rider of the Pony Express . "-New
York Public Library.
B Average

Bosworth, Allen R. Ladd of the Lone
Star. Aladdin, 1952. $1.75. (Amer-
ican Heritage Series)
This is an historical account of the win-
ning of Texas' independence as told through
the eyes of a young Tennessean. Some of
the characters are Jim Bowie, Sam Houston
and Davy Crockett.
F (W) Average

Boyd, James. Drums. Scribner, 1928.
"The story of a North Carolinian lad of
Scotch descent, James Fraser, who is sent to
England by his Tory father to escape Revo-
lutionary influences. He encounters Paul
Jones and comes to take an active part in
the war."-Realms of Gold.
F (W) Advanced

Brink, Carol. Caddie Woodlawn. Mac-
millan, 1935. $2.50.
Newbery Award. "On the Wisconsin fron-
tier with the Woodlawn family in 1864. An
excellent picture of the times and of frontier
fun with Caddie and her two brothers. "-
Right Book.
F (W) Average

Brown, Marion M. Swamp Fox. West-
minster, 1950. $2.50.
"This fictionized biography of Francis
Marion begins with his boyhood at Belle Isle
Plantation . and ends with the triumphal
day when Marion's men watched three hun-


dred ships of the British Navy leave Charles-
ton in defeat. A . contribution to the
understanding of the Revolutionary Period."-
Wis. Bul.
B (W) Average

Brown, Marion M. Young Nathan.
Westminster, 1949. $2.50.
A fictionized biography of Nathan Hale
and his background as a youth that led up
to his "courage to stand on the scaffold at
the end of his . life and utter the im-
mortal words of patriotism and faith."
B (W) Average

Carmer, Carl L. Windfall Fiddle.
Knopf, 1950. $2.50.
Story of how Bob finally got a good fiddle
and learned to play. "Based on the author's
own boyhood experiences in upstate New
York, this is an admirable picture of small-
town life and boy activities around the turn
of the century."-Booklist.
F (W) Average

Carr, Mary Jane. Young Mac of Fort
Vancouver. Crowell, 1940. $3.00.
Story of a Scotch-Indian lad who is sent
to the far western post of the Hudson's Bay
Company in Fort Vancouver, Washington.
F (W) Average

Cavanah, Frances. They Knew Abe
Lincoln. Rand, 1952. $2.50.
Fictionalized biography of Lincoln as a
youth, based largely on personal recollection
of people who actually knew young Abe.
B (W) Average

Colby, C. B. Arms of Our Fighting
Men: Bazookas, Big Guns, Tanks.
Coward, 1952. $1.00.
"Latest information on American de-
fense . prepared in cooperation with gov-
ernmental agencies."-Combined Book Exhibit.
Others by this author are: Wings of Our Air
Force: Bombers, Fighters, Transports; Wings
of Our Navy: Fighters, Bombers, Transports;
Jets of the World: Fighters, Bombers, Trans-
355 (W) Average

Coleman, Earl S. Sierra Quest. Long-
mans, 1953. $2.75.
"A modern western adventure that lets us
savor the integration between rider, horse,
and trail, that is such a warm, memorable
part of every pack trip. Boys will like the
underlying idea: that a ranchman is always
alert to the dangers of the trail, careful of
forest fires, and that the care of his animals
always comes first." Introduction.
F Average

Collier, Edmund. Cowman's Kingdom.
Aladdin, 1952. $1.75.
The story of the contest between the big
cattle companies and the homesteaders over
the available grass and water. Setting is in
the Big Horn Mountain country on the Mon-
tana-Wyoming border. An important chapter
in the history of the settlement of the West.
F (W) Average

Commager, Henry S. America's Rob-
ert E. Lee. Houghton, 1951. $3.00.
"The story of the great Confederate gen-
eral, his childhood, his career at West Point,
and his choice between the United Country
he served so well, and the Southern Tradi-
tions he loved."-McClury Book News.
B (W) Average

Cournos, John and Norton, Sybil.
Pilgrimage to Freedom. Holt, 1953.
Roger Williams as a sensitive boy, a
dynamic young minister, a friend of the In-
dians, a loving husband, and as an old man
still pleading for tolerance and freedom,
is depicted simply and entertainingly.
B (W) Easy

Dalgliesh, Alice. Silver Pencil. Scrib-
ner, 1944. $2.50.
"This story of life in four countries -
Trinidad, England, the United States, and
Nova Scotia tells of the making of a
teacher and writer."-Children's Catalog.
F (W) Average

Daugherty, James Henry. Daniel
Boone. Viking, 1939. $3.50.
Original lithographs in color by the author.
"An American hero appears against the true
background of his time."-N. Y. Herald- Tri-

Derleth, August. The Country of the
Hawk. Aladdin, 1952. $2.50. (Amer-
ican Heritage Series)
The background of this "American Herit-
age" tale is the Prairie of the Sacs along the
Wisconsin River in 1830. The young Indian
teaches the pioneer boy about the woods,
animals and weather and saves the family
from a Sioux raid.
F (W) Average

Earle, Alice. Child Life in Colonial
Days. Macmillan, 1899. $3.50.
Life of colonial children on dress, school,
discipline, religion, needlecraft, games, toys,
etc. An old book but still very valuable in
973.2 (W) Average


Eaton, Jeanette. Narcissa Whitman,
Pioneer of Oregon. Harcourt, 1941.
"The story of Narcissa Whitman, who in
1836 set out from New York for the most
unknown western country which is now Ore-
gon. The author has gathered her material
from letters and memoirs."-Children's Cat-
B (W) Advanced

mont farm in a simple, wholesome environ-
ment which changes the nervous, self-con-
scious child into a strong, self-reliant little
F (W) Average

Floherty, John J. The Courage and
the Glory. Lippincott, 1942. $2.75.
True stories of eight great American heroes
of the second World War.
920 (W) Average

Edmonds, Walter Dumaux. Cadmus Forbes, Esther. Johnny Tremain.
Henry. Dodd, 1949. $3.00. Houghton, 1943. $3.00.

Cadmus Henry is assigned to desk duty
and scout duty in the army of Robert E. Lee.
His experiences give him a new understand-
ing of life. Also recommended: Tom Whip-
pie; Two Logs Crossing; Wilderness Clear-
F (W) Average

Emerson, Caroline D. New York City
Old and New. Dutton, 1953. $3.50.
"Takes reader from historic New Amster-
dam to the city which, as the biggest city in
the world, dominates the Atlantic Seaboard...
shows the intricacies of our transportation
and shipping systems, our ways of bringing
produce to our ports, of communicating by
mail, wire and air . maps, charts and
graphs illustrate growth of the city."-
974.71 Average

Epstein, Samuel. The Real Book
About Pirates. Doubleday, 1952.
Covers the escapades of better-known pi-
rates, who they were and how they came to
be pirates. One chapter on women pirates.
Bibliography: "More Real Pirates to Read
920 (W) Easy

Evers, Alf. The Colonel's Squad.
Macmillan, 1952. $2.75.
A story of refugee children from Russia
brought to America and reared by an army
F Average

Field, Rachel Lyman. Calico Bush.
Macmillan, 1931. $3.50.
A story of colonial Maine. "Marguerite
is a character girls will remember and boys
will accept . "-Wisconsin Bulletin.
F (W) Average

Fisher, Dorothy C. Understood
Betsy. Holt, 1946. $2.00.
"Elizabeth Ann, who has been too much
'understood' and coddled by an over-conscien-
tious aunt, is suddenly set down on a Ver-

Excellent picture of Revolutionary Boston.
F (W) Average

Fulford, Roger. Queen Victoria. Col-
lins, St. James Pl., London, 1951.
,"As Queen Victoria's life spanned the 19th
Century, so the force of her character and
her position gave her age, her name . The
length of her life and the wide range of
her activities make Queen Victoria an ad-
mirable introduction to 19th Century his-
tory."-Book Society.
B Advanced

Gaither, Frances. Little Miss Capps.
Macmillan, 1937. $1.49.
Experiences of a young girl's going away
to school in 1820. Authentic backgrounds and
settings in the South.
F Average

Garst, Doris S. Buffalo Bill. Mess-
ner, 1948. $2.75.
Vivid in its portrayal of the life of Wil-
liam Cody, and the development of the west,
this is a sympathetic but not sentimental
biography of a colorful personality that ap-
peals to all boys.-Wisconsin Bulletin.
B (W) Average

Gendron, Val. The Fork in the Trail.
Longmans, 1952. $2.75.
Young Went Hanners started for the Cali-
fornia gold fields in an old farm wagon
pulled by two aging horses. A disaster made
him give up his plans but led to a new ad-
venture and friendship with the Sioux In-
F (W) Average

Gilbert, Kenneth. The Trap. Holt,
1952. $2.50.
Steven Brandon, sixteen years old, is left
in charge of a big Alaskan fishtrap. An
Indian boy helps him even ventures with fish
pirates. Others by same author: Smoke Over
Skygak; Arctic Venture; and Bird Dog Bar-
F (W) Average


Graham, Alberta P. Thirty-three
Roads to the White House. Nelson,
1953. $2.50.
Here are the boyhood stories of the 33
presidents from Washington through Eisen-
hower. This tells what these men were like,
what kind of families they had, and the re-
lationship between the boys and their parents.
920 Average

Grant, Bruce. Eagle of the Sea.
Rand, 1949. $2.50.
Story graphically tells of the building and
launching of the Constitution, its races at
sea, fights with pirates, victorious battles
against heavy odds all the famous incidents
in the career of Old Ironsides.
973 (W) Average

Holbrook, Stewart H. America's
Ethan Allen. Houghton, 1949. $2.50.
"The rousing story of a great and fear-
less American figure, Ethan Allen, hero of
Fort Ticonderoga and one of the first men
who saw America's destiny and rebelled
against authority from England."-Children's
B (W) Average

Howland, Chester S. Thar She Blows!
Funk, 1951. $3.50.
An account of whaleships and whaling
"based on records found in personal accounts
of the times, on data from official log books
of whaling vessels and on (the author's)
notes taken during interviews with the whale
hunters . "-Introduction.
973 (W) Advanced

Grey, Katharine. Rolling Wheels. Hubbard, Margaret A. Pennyweather
Little, 1937. $2.50. Luck. Macmillan, 1948. $2.50.

An adventurous journey by prairie schooner
from Indiana to California in 1845 and 1846.
F (W) Average

Hartman, Gertrude. These United
States and How They Came to Be.
Macmillan, 1935. $3.40.
A well written history of our country, au-
thentic yet most readable. Many details are
woven into this volume. Well illustrated.
973 (W) Average

Hatch, Alden. Young Ike. Messner,
1953. $2.50.
"This is the story of Dwight D. Eisen-
hower's boyhood . the story of a lovable,
friendly boy who grew up to be a world
leader, but the memorable part of the story
is the picture it gives of an active, happy
B (W) Easy

Henry, Ralph B. and Pannell, Lucile,
Comps. My American Heritage. Rand
McNally, 1949. $3.00.
"A collection of songs, poems, speeches,
sayings and other writings dear to our
810.8 (W) Average

. presenting the rich and colorful
atmosphere and life in the Mississippi levee
region the stifling summer heat, the heavy
river mists, the smell of burning moss and
the ever present fear of flood tides as con-
trasted with the excitement and celebration
of Mardi Gras . "-Introduction.
F (W) Average

Hungerford, Edward B. Forge for
Heroes. Wilcox, 1952. $2.50.
"A moving and dramatic tale of those des-
perate days at Valley Forge, when a few
men struggled to keep the Army alive and
together. It is the story ef young Mark
Meriel, who had to make his own decision
whether to go home to comfort and security
or to stay and share the Army's suffering
for the cause of liberty."-Introduction.
F (W) Average

Hunt, Mabel. Better Known as Johnny
Appleseed. Lippincott, 1950. $2.50.
"A story of John Chapman based on the
author's life-long study of the beloved Amer-
ican pioneer, missionary, and apple lover."-
Retail Booksellers.
B (W) Average
Huzarski, Richard. Brushland Bill.
Hale (Cadmus), 1943. $1.26.

"A story of the woods in winter, of trap-
Hinternhoff, John F. Barry's Boys. ping and snowshoeing in the Lake Superior

Holt, 1952. $2.50.
The story of the Lexington of the Con-
tinental Navy and its activities during and
after the War of Independence, convoying
merchantmen, attacking British frigates,
protecting ports, and of the beginning of
our Navy under Commodore John Barry who
fought for its continuation during peace-
973 Average



Jewett, Eleanore M. Felicity Finds a
Way. Viking, 1952. $2.75.
An exciting story beginning in New York
after the American Revolution. Felicity finds
adventure when her loyalist family move to
the Bahama Islands.
F (W) Average



Johnson, Enid. Bill Williams: Moun-
tain Man. Messner, 1952. $2.75.
"Exciting and entertaining is this biog-
raphy of Bill Williams, the traveling preacher
who was also hunter, trapper and government
scout. Readers 12 to 16.".-Peabody J. of
B Average

Johnson, James Ralph. Mountain
Bobcat. Wilcox, 1953. $2.83.
An exciting book of Southern Appalachian
mountains and the wild creatures that hunt
F Average

Judson, Clara. City Neighbor; the
Story of Jane Addams. Scribner,
1951. $2.50.
"The story of Jane Addams as a timid
little girl; her home life, her college life, and
finally the work at the Hull House, the first
neighborhood in the U. S."-Wilson Catalog.
B (W) Easy

Judson, Clara. George Washington,
Leader of the People. Wilcox & Fol-
lett, 1951. $3.50.
"Here is the story of the sandy-haired
lad who went to Reverend Marye's school,
the young surveyor, the burgess, the com-
mander-in-chief, the president. Here, too, is
the farmer, the husband, the father, the man
who loved his family, his home and his
acres as dearly as he loved his country."-
Library Journal. Other books recommended:
Abraham Lincoln, Friend of the People;
Thomas Jefferson.
B Average

Kipling, Rudyard. Captains Coura-
geous. Doubleday, 1897. $2.75.
"Story of the spoiled son of an American
millionaire washed overboard off the New-
foundland banks, picked up by fishing schoon-
er, and forced to share the life and labor of
the crew to the boy's lasting gain."-Realms
of Gold.
F (W) Average

Kohler, Julilly. Harmony Ahead.
Aladdin, 1952. $2.50.
A story of the voyage of the famous Boat-
load of Knowledge down the Ohio River in
the fall of 1825, based on authentic docu-
ments. An account of an unusual expedi-
tion to found a city where there would be
no poverty, and where education would be
free to all. Interwoven is a theme of a young
problem boy who becomes an eager student
and an idealistic boy. Good for character
F Average

The Land of the Free Series. Win-
ston. $2.75. each.
Stories of young heroes from different
national groups which have made a rich con-
tribution to the building of America. Well
written, historically accurate. Series includes:
Colt of Destiny, a story of California mis-
sions; Door to the North, a story of four-
teenth century America; Footprints of the
Dragon, a story of the Chinese and the
Pacific Railways; I Heard a River, a story
of the Pennsylvania Germans. Seven Beaver
Skins, a story of the Dutch in New Amster-
dam; Sign of the Golden Fish, a story of
the Cornish fishermen in Maine; The Silver
Fleece, a story of the Spanish in New Mex-
ico; Song of the Pines, a story of Norwegian
lumbering in Wisconsin; Tidewater Valley, a
story of the Swiss in Oregon; The Beckon-
ing Hills, a story of the Italians in Cali-
fornia; Chariot in the Sky, a story of the
Jubilee Singers; Seek the Dark Gold, a story
of the Scots fur traders; Watergate, a story
of the Irish on the Erie Canal; Climb a
Lofty Ladder, a story of the Swedes in Min-
nesota: The Lost Fort, a story of the French
Voyageurs; The Oak's Long Shadow, a story
of the Basque sheep herders in Idaho; Desert
Harvest, a story of the Japanese in Cali-
F (W) Average

Lane, Carl D. The Fire Raft. Little,
1951. $2.75.
"This is the story of the voyage of the
steamboat 'New Orleans' from Pittsburgh to
the sea in 1811. The conversation is in the
dialect of the river people and the story gives
the many exciting incidents from crew trou-
bles to earthquakes."
F (W) Average

Langdox, William Chauncy. Every-
day Things in American Life. v. 1,
1607-1776. Scribner, 1937. $4.50; v. 2,
1776-1876. Scribner, 1941. $4.50.
Handicrafts, architecture, household arti-
cles and transportation of the periods cov-
973.2 (W) Average

Lathrop, West. Keep the Wagons
Moving. Random, 1949. $2.75.
"A Western story describing the adven-
tures of two boys as they follow the trail
to Oregon via wagon train."-Children Cat-
alog. Others recommended: Northern Trail
Adventure; Black River Captive.
F (W) Average

Lathrop, West. Unwilling Pirate.
Random, 1951. $2.75.
"Pirates landed on Cape Cod in 1720, and
the governor had to send a ship to try to
capture them . "-Children's Catalog.
F (W) Average


Lawson, Robert. Ben and Me. Little, Mayer, Jane. Betsy Ross and the
1939. $2.50. Flag. Hale. $1.68.

"A new and astonishing life of Benjamin
Franklin, as written by his good mouse
Amos, who lived in his master's fur cap."
F (W) Average

Lippincott, Joseph. Wilderness Cham-
pion. Lippincott, 1944. $2.50.
The story of a boy who lost a fine pup
on a trail in Canada but later heard rumors
of a red hound in a pack of wolves. An
exciting tale. Also recommended: Wahoo
Bobcat, excellent story with setting in Flor-
F (W) Average

Lisitzky, Genevieve H. Thomas Jef-
ferson. Viking, 1933. $3.50.
"An excellent biography which gives a
vivid picture of America during the last
of our democracy. Jefferson's relation to his
country's history is presented with skill,
as is the portrayal of his boyhood, college
days, family life and travels. The book has
an attractive format."-Booklist.
B (W) Average

Lovelace, Delos W. General "Ike"
Eisenhower. Crowell, 1944. $2.00.
A direct account of the major events of
General Eisenhower's life from early boyhood
to D-Day, June, 1944.
B (W) Average

Lovelace, Maud Hart. Betsy and the
Great World. Crowell, 1952. $2.50.
"A well-written, gay romance of 21-year-
old Betsy's year in Europe in 1914. Girls
from 11 to 15 will enjoy this glimpse of a
world that has disappeared."-Peabody J. of
F (W) Average

McCraw, Eloise J. Moccasin Trail.
Coward-McCann, 1952. $2.75.
Runaway Jim Keath grew up as a Crow
Indian, knowing only the chase, the tepee,
and a wandering life. A mysterious letter
points his way to Oregon and reunion with
his family.
F (W) Average

Marriott, Alice. Indians of the Four
Corners. Crowell, 1952. $2.75.
A history of the Anasazi Indians and
their descendants, the Pueblo Indians, their
music, poetry, weaving, dancing, how they
lived in the past and how they live today.
Also recommended: Indians on Horseback.
970.1 (W) Average

A story of how the flag came to be a
part of our heritage and how its influence
grew through the years. Included are civil-
ian regulations for flag etiquette established
by Congress. A Landmark Book.
F (W) Average

Means, Florence. Candle in the Mist.
Houghton, 1931. $2.75.
"Vividly told story of a family who leave
their home in Wisconsin to become pioneers
in Minnesota."-N. Y. Public Library. Others
recommended: Great Day in the Morning;
Shuttered Windows.
F (W) Average

Meader, Stephen. Boy with a Pack.
Harcourt, 1939. $2.50.
"The story involving horse thieves in Ver-
mont, canalboat life in New York, and
forwarding slaves by the Underground Rail-
road in Ohio, is continuously readable . ."-
New Yorker. Also recommended: Cedar's
Boy; Long Trains Roll; Red Horse Hill;
Trap Lines North.

Meadowcroft, Enid. By Secret Rail-
way. Crowell, 1948. $2.75.
"The adventures of a Chicago boy on the
'underground railway' in 1860, adventures
that were climaxed by his meeting with
President-elect Lincoln."-Retail Bookseller.
F (W) Easy

Meigs, Cornelia. Two Arrows. Mac-
millan, 1949. $2.50.
"The story of a twelve-year-old boy who
was deported from England and taken to a
tidewater plantation owner as an indentured
servant. His experiences are exciting and full
of adventure."
F (W) Average

Mitchell, Helen and W. N. Ships That
Made U. S. History. McGraw (Whittle-
sey House), 1950. $2.50.
"Stories of the famous voyages and ships
in the history of America from the "Santa
Maria" to the signing of the peace treaty
of World War II aboard the Missouri."-
973 (W) Average

Moran, Mabel. Red Eagle, Buffalo
Bill's Adopted Son. Lippincott, 1948.
The true story of the Choctaw Indian boy
who was adopted by Buffalo Bill Cody in the
70's, and brought up with knowledge of both
red and white man."-Publisher's Weekly.
B (W) Average


Newell, Hope. Steppin and Family.
Oxford, 1942. $2.00.
"Steppin, a boy of Harlem, wanted to be
a tap dancer. He found it wasn't so easy,
but he had a lot of perseverance, and a lot
of good luck."-Children's Catalog.
F (W) Average

Nolan, Jeanette. Andrew Jackson.
Messner, 1949. $2.75.
"The author tells about the first self-made
man to become president, whose story makes
one of the greatest turning points in American
history. She also tells the story of the man
who loved Rachel Robards, with whom he
found peace and tranquility, and of the
Hermitage, Jackson's Home."-Children's Cat-
B (W) Average

Nolan, Jeanette. The Victory Drum.
Messner, 1953. $2.75.
The story of George Rogers Clark's march
from Kaskaskia to Vincennes, and his victory
at Fort Sackville, based upon factual ac-
count. The young drummer boy, central fig-
ure of this story, who contributed so mate-
rially to the success of the campaign is fre-
quently mentioned in Clark's letters and of-
ficial reports.
F (W) Easy

Nordhoff, Charles. Pearl Lagoon. Lit-
tle, 1924. $2.50.
"The adventures of a California ranch boy
on a pearl-fishing cruise. There are stirring
battles with pirates and sharks and a fine
picture of South Sea island life afloat and
F (W) Average

Page, Thomas N. Two Little Con-
federates. Scribner, 1953. $3.00.
A partially autobiographical story of life
on a Southern plantation during the dark
days of the War Between the States, and of
the courage of two little boys. Lovely new
edition. Also recommended: Red Rock.
F Average

Paulmier, Hilah. Comp. Abe Lincoln;
An Anthology. Knopf, 1953. $3.50.
Material selected from works of more than
sixty authors biographers, novelists, poets.
Includes stories, incidents, anecdotes and
poems which "best illustrate Lincoln's faith
in the principles of American democracy,
his love for his fellow men and his courage
and persistence in overcoming the obstacles
of extreme poverty and lack of formal edu-
810.8 (W) Average

Person, Tom. The Land and the
Water. Ariel, 1948. $2.75.
A story of the struggle of two foreign
boys and their parents to better their meagre
existence on a Mississippi farm. Story has
great human values and terrific natural sus-
F Average

years of England's rule and the first decades
Philbrook, Elizabeth. Far from Marl-
borough Street. Hale, (Cadmus),
1944. $1.68.
"Nancy . boldly undertakes alone the
long stagecoach journey from Boston to
Springfield in 1793. She had been entrusted
with a mysterious box which will get her
uncle out of trouble. She sticks to her mis-
sion through all kinds of adventures from
catching a horse thief to trying to buy a
F (W) Average

Prescott, John B. The Beautiful Ship.
Longmans, 1952. $2.50.
A story of a ship engaged in fishing in-
dustry on Lake Michigan and the conflicts
of its crew, storms, rebellion, bad seasons.
"A story as clean and stimulating as the
lake water, it will speak to all that is fine
and manly in every boy who reads it."-
F (W) Average

Reed, William M. America's Trea-
sure. Harcourt, 1939. $3.50.
"The author has attempted to analyze the
world importance of America's natural re-
sources . "-Booklist. Edited by Carey
330.9 (W) Average

Rich, Louisa. Start of the Trail.
Lippincott, 1949. $2.50.
"The story of an eighten-year-old boy who
acts as a guide for fishermen and hunters
in the Maine Woods"
F (W) Average

Richardson, Ben A. Great American
Negroes. Crowell, 1945. $3.00.
Lives of 21 Negroes who have contributed
to our culture in the arts, sciences, sports,
and entertainment.
920 (W) Average

Robinson, Thomas. Trigger John's
Son. Viking, 1949. $2.50.
"In his new home town (in Pennsylvania)
Trigger John's son, an orphan, joins a
band of neighborhood boys, self-styled 'tough
gang' and the story mainly concerns what


happened to the gang and the town when
Trigger entered their lives."-Book Review
F (W) Easy

Rourke, Constance. Davy Crockett.
Harcourt, 1934. $2.75.
The story of David Crockett, pioneer and
hunter, soldier, frontier statesman and sub-
ject of many legends.
B (W) Average

Sawyer, Ruth. Roller Skates. Viking,
1936. $2.50.
"Lucinda's enchanting personality, her gay
conversation, and her many delightful friends
give a wonderfully fresh picture of child life
in New York in the '90's."-Library Journal.
F (W) Average

Sinclair, Kenneth L. Thunder Moun-
tain Mine. Funk, 1953. $2.75.
A story with particular appeal for boys.
An account of the dangerous search for a
lost Spanish gold mine in the mountains of
Arizona, and the strange things that hap-
pened to the searching party.
F (W) Average
Skinner, Constance. Becky Landers,
Frontier Warrior. Macmillan, 1926.
"Adventures of a brave girl in Kentucky
during the years of Indian warfare . "-
Pittsburgh. Others recommended: Silent
Scot; Andy Breaks Trail; Debby Barnes,
F (W) Average

Sterne, Emma G. Printer's Devil.,
Aladdin, 1952. $1.75.
A story of the growing pains of our nation
at its beginning in which Jefferson, Wash-
ington, Hamilton, Madison, and many others
take an active part. It pictures the strug-
gles of a young republic to establish itself
as a nation with a government of, for, and
by the people. The Bill of Rights becomes
a really important issue.
F (W) Average

Stevens, William Oliver. Famous
American Statesmen. Dodd, 1953.
Another in the famous biographies for
young people series. Well written and at-
tractively bound and illustrated.
920 (W) Average

Stevenson, Augusta. Scenes from
American History. Houghton, 1944.
An excellent collection of plays depict-
ing American history.
812 (W) Average

Stoutenberg, Adrien. Timber Line
Treasure. Westminister, 1951. $2.50.
A story of a young boy's adventures with
an archaeological expedition in the Rockies,
how they climbed a mountain, found a
secret entrance to a cave, authenticated the
drawings on the cave walls.
F Average

Thompson, Harlin. Star Roan. Dou-
bleday, 1952. $2.50.
"A colorful and historically accurate story
of California at the time when the Mexican
government was parceling out the land to
private owners. The hero is a young boy
who fulfilled the requirements for owner-
ship, obtained his ranch, and rescued a
golden horse that caused a great deal of
trouble but brought him much satisfaction."
F Average

Torjesen, Elizabeth. Captain Ram-
say's Daughter. Lothrop, 1953. $2.50.
A story of the time of great whaling
voyages. A young girl whose father has
been shipwrecker carries on for the family
and has several thrilling adventures, in-
cluding a secret mission from Nantucket to
F (W) Average

Vance, Marguerite. Patsy Jefferson
of Monticello. Dutton, 1948. $2.50.
"The daughter-companion of the great
statesman and president of our country comes
to life in this story. An interlude in France,
a meeting with the beautiful and thoughtless
Mari Antoinette on the eve of the revolu-
tion which destroyed for her the newness and
excitement of her own young country, all of
this lives for the reader through Patsy's
eyes."-Children's Catalog.
B (W) Average

Wiggin, Kate Douglas. Rebecca of
Sunnybrook Farm. Houghton, 1925.
"The story of the warm hearted, impulsive
Rebecca Randall's life at Sunnybrook farm
with her stern Aunt Miranda, and of her
later boarding house days . "-Cleveland.
Old-fashioned story, still popular.
F (W) Average

Winston Adventure Books Series.
Winston. $1.50 each.
Stories of incidents and personalities whose
deeds affected the course of history. Very
readable, interesting, authentic background.
Titles and coverage include: Little Wolf
Slayer, a story of Philadelphia's first Quak-
ers: Little Giant of the North, a story of
fur and the Hudson Bay country; Prince in
Buckskin, a story of Joseph Brant at Lake


George; Drummer of Vincennes, story of
George Rogers Clark Expedition; Pirate Flag
for Monterey, the sack of Monterey; Texans
Ride North, story of the cattle trails; War
of the Mayan King, story of the Yucatan;
Island Fortress, story of Francis Marion;
River of the West, story of the Boston
mariners; Boy for a Man's Job, the founding
of St. Louis; Shamrock Cargo, Irish Potato
famine; Boy Heroes of Chapultepec, story of
the Mexican war; Courage to Command,
a story of the capture of Louisburg; Lost
Colony, the mystery of Roanoke Vigilantes.
F (W) Easy

Worth, Kathryn. They Loved to
Laugh. Doubleday, 1942. $2.00.
"Story of a southern Quaker family during
the 1830's, of five fun-loving boys and of
an orphan girl who came to live with
them."-Children's Catalog.
F (W) Average

Wyatt, Geraldine. Sun Eagle. Long-
mans, 1952. $2.50.
A white boy, reared by the Comanche In-
dians, joins a trader who is of Indian and
white heritage and both work for cooperation
between Indian and white man.
F (W) Average

Vance, Marguerite. Martha, Daughter
of Virginia: the Story of Martha
Washington. Dutton, 1947. $2.50.
"Martha Washington's life is here presented
pleasantly for children of the middle age
group, with emphasis about equally divided
between childhood and adult years."-Children's
B (W) Easy

Wyatt, Edgar. Geronimo, the Last
Apache War Chief. McGraw (Whit-
tlesey), 1952. $2.50.
"Geronimo was the last chief of the
Apache Indians. He was born in 1829 in
Arizona and lived to be 90 years old. During
his lifetime he brought terror and death to
many Americans and Mexicans. How he
came to hate the white man, why he was
hunted for years before he gave up."-
Children's Catalog.
B (W) Average

Grades 10-12

Adams, Helen. Wonderful Year.
Messner, 1946. $2.50.
Life on a fruit farming ranch in Colorado.
F (W) Average

Adams, James Truslow, ed. Album
of American History. Scribner, 1944-
1945. 5 v., each $7.50.
The history of America through pictures

actually made at the time of the inci-
dent . The text merely identifies the time,
place and subject . Expensive, but worth-
while in a large collection.
973 (W) Average

Aldrich, Thomas B. Story of a Bad
Boy. Houghton, 1923. $2.00.
A story of New England boyhood, so full
of personal reminiscence of the author's own
youthful days, and so true to boys' ideals,
that it has become immortal.
F (W) Average

Allen, Frederick Lewis. The Big
Change. Harper, 1952. $3.50.
"America Transforms Itself, 1900-1950."-
Subtitle. "A new and hopeful kind of his-
tory the story of how great changes in
this country have affected every one of us."-
Publisher. By the author of Only Yesterday.
973.9 (W) Average

Altsheler, Joseph Alexander. The
Shades of the Wilderness. Appleton,
1944. $2.50.
This is one of the Civil War Series. Other
in the series are: The Star of Gettysburg;
The Guns of Bull Run; The Guns of Shiloh;
The Scouts of Stonewall; The Sword of
Antietam; The Rock of Chicowauga; The
Tree of Appomatox. These tales closely
follow American history and in none is there
any strong partisanship or bias shown.
P (W) Average

Annixter, Paul, pseud. Swiftwater.
Wyn, 1950. $2.50.
Story of a boy's dream of establishing a
sanctuary for wild geese in the north woods
of Maine.
F (W) Average

Baker, Nina Brown. Cyclone in Cal-
ico. Little, 1952. $3.50.
Story of Mary Ann Bickerdyke, Civil War
nurse for the Union Army. "Champion of
women's rights, her story provides not only
a swiftly moving account of a colorful life,
but a fair picture of the social and political
factors of the times."-Kirkus.
B (W) Average

Beard, Charles Austin. Presidents in
American History (rev.). Messner,
1946. $2.75.
Good and completely revised; includes Tru-
B (W) Average

Beebe, Elswyth Thane. Dawn's Early
Light. Duell, 1943. $2.00.
A good historical book on the American


Revolution. The author has two others that
are excellent: Yankee Stranger; Ever After.
F (W) Average

Bontemps, Arna W. Story of the
Negro. Knopf, 1948. $3.00.
A history of the American Negro.
301.451 (W) Average

Bowen, Catherine Drinker. John
Adams and the American Revolution.
Little, 1950. $5.00.
John Adams' school days, his training, his
family, and marriage. Throughout is the
over-all march of history to the signing of
the Declaration of Independence.
B (W) Advanced

Bowers, Claude Gernade. Tragic Era.
Houghton, 1929. $5.00.
The reconstruction period from the death
of Lincoln through administration of Grant
is pictured.
973.8 (W) Advanced

Buchan, Laura and Allen, Jerry.
Hearth in the Snow. Funk, 1952.
Man and wife share adventures in an
Alaskan coastal town as teacher and radio
operator under the Alaska Native Service.
A narrative form of biography.
B (W) Advanced

Butcher, Devereux. Exploring Our
National Parks and Monuments. Ox-
ford U. Press, 1947. $2.75.
"A complete description of each park and
monument its scenic wonders; animals,
birds, and plants; and its special attrac-
973 (W) Average

Caudill, Rebecca. Barrie and Daughter,
Hale, (Cadmus), 1943. $1.14.
Set in the Kentucky mountains fifty years
ago. Has deep human interest. Peter Barrie
opened a store in competition with an un-
scrupulous storekeeper and his daughter
helped him to fight for justice. Also: Tree
of Freedom.
F (W) Average

Chronicles of America Series. ed. by
Allen Johnson and Allan Nevins.
Yale Univ. Press, 1918-1951. $140
the set.
This whole series is valuable in a high
school library. Individual books may be pur-
chased for $2.50 each. Authentic and read-
able. Names of individual volumes available
from publisher.
973 (W) Average

Commager, Henry Steele, ed. The
Blue and the Gray. Bobbs, 1950. 2 v.,
each $6.00.
The story of the War Between the States
in the words of those who fought it.
973.7 (W) Advanced

Commager, Henry Steele, ed. Living
Ideas in America. Harper, 1951. $4.50.
A treasury of source material with com-
mentary, showing the development of the
creative ideas and institutions that have
shaped this nation. Organized around three
basic concepts: the people and their country,
political principles and traditions, and Amer-
ica as a world power. Fascinating reading.
973 (W) Advanced

Cooper, Janes Fenimore. The Deer-
slayer; or The First Warpath.
Some recommended editions of this famous
Indian Story are: Scribner, $3.00. Dodd, $2.95.
By the same author: Last of the Mohicans;
The Spy.
F (W) Average

Crane, Stephen. Red Badge of Cou-
rage. World. $1.25.
Historical fiction of the Civil War. Well
known for many years.
F (W) Average

Criss, Mildred. Abigail Adams; Lead-
ing Lady. Dodd, 1952. $3.00.
Written in natural story form. Life in
colonial days will come alive for boys and
girls in this biography of a wife of one
president and mother of another.
B (W) Average

Dana, Richard H. Two Years Before
the Mast. Houghton, no date. $3.00.
A young man's trip as a seaman in the
1830's. Excellent information about early
California. One of our classics.
910.45 Advanced

Daugherty, James. Abraham Lincoln.
Viking, 1943. $4.00.
Character portrayed well. Beautiful litho-
B (W) Average

Daugherty, James. Of Courage Un-
daunted. Viking, 1951. $3.50.
A story of the Lewis and Clark Expedi-
978 (W) Easy

Daugherty, James. Poor Richard.
Viking, 1941. $3.50.
Illustrated with two color lithographs by
the author. Emphasizes Franklin's contribu-


tions to Americanism rather than his inven-
tions. In fine prose for young people.
B (W) Easy

Daugherty, Sonia. Ten Brave Men.
Lippincott, 1951. $2.75.
Contents: Wm. Bradford, Roger Williams,
Patrick Henry, Samuel Adams, Thomas Jef-
ferson, George Washington, Benjamin Frank-
lin, John Paul Jones, Andrew Jackson, Abra-
ham Lincoln.
920 (W) Average

Davidson, Marshall B. Life in Amer-
ica. Houghton, 1951. 2 v., each $10.00.
Unusual record of America's cultural
social, and economic history. Useful but
973 (W) Advanced

Davis, Julia. No Other White Men.
Dutton, 1947. $2.50.

DuPont De Nemmons (E. I.) and
Company, Wilmington, Del. This Is
DuPont. The Company, 1951. Free to
Interesting and useful material. Naturally,
it is designed to represent the DuPont Com-
pany to good advantage.
660 (W) Average

Earle, Alice Morse. Child Life in
Colonial Days. Macmillan, 1899.
Pictures the school life, religious life and
social customs of colonial days.
973.2 (W) Average

Earle, Alice Morse. Home Life in
Colonial Days. Macmillan, 1898.
Manner,, customs, dres homes child life

"A gripping account of the exploration and are described in detail.
the friendship of Lewis and Clark."-A.L.A. 973.2 Average
978 Average

Desmond, Alice Curtis. Alexander
Hamilton's Wife. Dodd, 1952. $3.00.
This appealing biography of Betsy and
Alexander Hamilton is based on authentic
material and gives, in addition to a good
story, a background of the framing of the
Constitution and formation of the govern-
B (W) Average

Desmond, Alice Curtis. Glamorous
Dolly Madison. Dodd, 1946. $3.00.
The story of Washington's official hostess
during four administrations.
B (W) Average

Dobie, J. Frank. The Ben Lilly Le-
gend. Little, 1950. $4.00.
At one time "chief huntsman" to Teddy
Roosevelt, hunting in Texas and Mexico,
Ben Lilly came to be known as the master
sign reader of the Rockies. The stories that
he told and the ones about him make a
fascinating contribution to American folk-
B (W) Average

Donald, David. Divided We Fought.
Macmillan, 1952. $10.00.
A pictorial history of the war, 1861-1865,
picked from the best photographs and draw-
ings of the time, particularly from the stand-
point of accurate photography. The writing
is done for the most part from quotations
of the Union and Confederate soldiers. One

Ellsberg, Edward. I Have Just Be-
gun To Fight. Dodd, 1942. $2.75.
Fictionalized account of Captain John Paul
Jones, this book is stirring adventure. By
same author: Ocean Gold; Thirty Fathoms;
Treasure Below.
F (W) Average

Elson, Henry William. History of
the United States of America (rev.).
Macmillan, 1945. School ed. $5.40.
Readable. The present edition brings the
history to 1945. Excellent as supplementary
973 (W) Average

Embree, Edwin Rogers. Indians of
the Americas. Houghton, 1939. $3.00.
"Historical Pageant."-Subtitle. The civili-
zation of the Aztus, Mayas, Pueblos, Iroquois,
and Plains Indians.
470.1 (W) Average

Epstein, Beryl and Epstein, Samuel.
William Crawford Gorgas: Tropic
Fever Fighter. Messner, 1953. $2.75.
A biography of a genius who conquered one
of man's dreaded diseases, yellow fever.
B (W) Average

Erdman, Loula Grace. The Wind
Blows Free. Dodd, 1952. $2.50.
A wholesome, genuinely American story of

of the few books presenting both sides in ranch life in Texas. Also recommended: The
pictures. Years of the Locust; Edge of Time.
973.7 Average F (W) Average


Floherty, John Joseph. Flowing Gold.
Lippincott, 1945. $2.50.
"The Romance of Oil."-Subtitle. "His-
tory, geography, exploration, the amazing
system of distribution . These are, too,
dramatic glimpses behind the scenes of the
men who bring this about."-Wilson Bul.
665.5 (W) Average
Garst, Doris Shannon. Sitting Bull,
Champion of His People. Messner,
1946. $2.75.
"Driven with his people from his own
land, Sitting Bull was a great leader who
tried to save his Indian people from ex-
B (W) Average

Grant, Bruce. Cowboy Encyclopaedia.
Rand, 1951. $2.75.
Subtitle: "The Old and New West from
the Open Range to the Dude Ranch."-Illus.
by Jackie and Fiore Mastri. Very good for
slow readers at any level.
978 (W) Average
Hager, Alice. Washington, City of
Destiny. Macmillan, 1949. $3.50.
Concise text and over 200 photographs.
975.13 (W) Average
Ham, Tom. Give Us This Valley.
Macmillan, 1952. $3.50.
Rich in authentic details of early pioneer
life. A story of a young couple's adventure
in the wilderness of Georgia's Blue Ridge.
Fine print in a book of 304 pages.
F (W) Average

Hart, Albert Bushnell and others, ed.
American History Atlas. Denoyer,
1949. $2.80.
Contains maps paralleling the wall maps
of Hart-Bolton Series. Dealing with develop-
ment of our nation.
973 (W) Average
Hawthorne, Nathaniel. House of
Seven Gables. Dutton, $1.25.
Story of the Puritans of New England.
Another classic by Hawthorne recommended:
Scarlet Letter.
F (W) Advanced
Hess, Max, Jr. Every Dollar Counts;
the story of the American Depart-
ment Store. Fairchild, 1952. $2.50.
Attractively illustrated with line drawings,
'.his book was written to help people buy in-
telligently. It is a description of the work-
ings of a large department store in Allen-
dale, Pennsylvania by the owner and man-
ager. Interesting presentation of one aspect
of American business.
338 Advanced

Hodges, C. Walter. Columbus Sails.
Coward, 1950. $2.75.
"The beautifully written narrative is full
of color, and often of dramatic tenseness ..
bringing the reader to a new realization of
the greatness of Christopher Columbus."-
Wis. Bul.
B (W) Average

Hough, Emerson. Passing of the
Frontier. Yale Univ. Press, 1918.
One of Chronicles of America series. Ex-
978 (W) Average

Huntington, Ellworth. Red Man's
Continent. Yale, 1921. $2.50.
"A chronicle of aboriginal America."-Sub-
title. One of Chronicles of America series.
970.1 (W) Average
Jackson, Charles Tenney. The Buffa-
lo Wallow; a Prairie Boyhood. Bobbs,
1953. $3.00.
Nebraska in the eighties on the edge of
the last prairie was a lone country. But the
author recalls with nostalgia the carefree,
happy days of his youth among the rugged
pioneers. Fictionized biography.
F (W) Average
Jackson, Helen. Ramona. Little,
An absorbing story of old California. The
hero, a mission Indian, finds his tragedy from
the injustice of the white man.
F (W) Average
Kjelgaard, Jim. The Spell of the
White Sturgeon. Dodd, 1953. $2.50.
An adventure story of a boy from a New
York waterfront who saw action at Lake
Michigan where fishing was the chief in-
dustry. A combination of courage with
kindness and a wonderful little horse.
F Easy

Kocher, Alfred Lawrence and Dear-
styne, Howard B. Colonial Williams-
burg. Colonial Williamsburg, 1949.
A record of the restoration of Virginia's
old capital.
975.5 (W) Average
Kugelmass, J. Alvin. Ralph J. Bunche.
Messner, 1952. $2.75.
The first biography of the Noble Peace
Prize winner, this book, although not literary,
tells of the hardships of this Negro boy who
is a "fighter for peace."
B (W) Easy


Lancaster, Bruce. Guns in the Forest. Mariott, Alice. Indians of the Four
Little, 1952. $3.00. Corners. Crowell, 1952. $2.75.
Condensed, revised edition of Guns of "This authoritative account of the Agassiz
Burgoyne (now out of print) is a welcome Indians and their descendants, the Pueblos,
addition for high school libraries. Good his- will be a valuable addition to any library
torical novel of the Revolutionary period needing more material on the Southwest.
with romantic interest. Also recommended: Graphic description of their daily life, crafts,
The Secret Road; No Bugles Tonight; Ven- history, religion, games, and homemaking . .
ture in the East; Phantom Fortress. Historical perspective is clearly indicated
F (W) Average through text, charts, and references to the
finding of ethrulogy."-A.L.A.

Life (Periodical). Life's Picture His-
tory of World War II. Simon, 1950.
Expensive but contains some of the best
available material on World War II.
940.549 (W) Average

Linton, Ralph and Adelin. Man's Way
From Cave to Skyscraper. Harper,
1947. $2.50.
A study of man's beginnings and of his
progress through the ages in all races and
all regions . Helpful in social studies
classes for its discussion of races, customs,
cultural trends, and family.-Booklist.
572 (W) Average

Look (Periodical). New York City.
Houghton, 1948. $5.00.
One of a series that Look has done on
the sections of our country. Others are:
Central Northeast, New England, The Mid-
west, Central Northwest, Far West.
974.71 (W) Average

970.1 (W) Average

Meader, Stephen W. The Fish Hawk's
Nest. Harcourt, 1952. $2.50.
The flavor of the sea permeates this ex-
citing story of smuggling along the New
Jersey shore in 1920. Good characterization.
Attractive format. Also recommended: Bull-
F (W) Average

Melbo, Irving Robert. Our Country's
National Parks. Mid-Century ed.
Bobbs, 1950. v. 1, $3.50. v. 2, $3.00.
"The stories of 28 national parks. A sep-
arate chapter voted to each park . "-
Standard Catalog for H. S. Libraries.
978 (W) Average

Mitchell, Margaret. Gone With the
Wind. Macmillan, 1936. $4.00.
A story of the years before, during and
after the Civil War. One of the best selling
modern books.
F (W) Average

Montgomery, Elizabeth Rider. Three
Lorant, Stefan. Lincoln. Harper, Miles an Hour. Dodd, 1952. $2.50.
1291 SR 00f

A good picture story of Lincoln. It has
over 500 illustrations.
B (W) Advanced

Lord, Clifford Lee and Elizabeth.
Historical Atlas of the United States.
Holt, 1944. $3.00.
The history of the U. S. from colonial
times. It includes social, economic, and
political history and specially prepared maps.
911.2 (W) Average

Love, Rose Wilder. Let the Hurricane
Roar. Longmans, 1933. $1.75.
A short novel of frontier life.
F (W) Average

McConnell, Jane McConnell, and Burt.
Presidents of the United States.
Crowell, 1951. $3.00.
A human picture of each president.
B (W) Average

An adventure story of ten girls on a
ten-day hike through the Olympia mountains
of Washington State. Each of the hikers
emerges from the trail enriched by the ex-
F (W) Average

Montross, Lynn. Rag, Tag, and Bob-
tail; the Story of the Continental
Army, 1775-1783. Harper, 1950.
"The author lets participants in the Amer-
ican Revolution give an eye witness account
through letters, diaries, etc., absorbing read-
ing for history students."-Booklist.
973.344 (W) Advanced
Moore, Ruth. Jeb Ellis of Candlemas
Bay. Morrow, 1952. $2.50.
A "family story of Maine fishing back-
ground. The summer Jeb is 16 his father
is drowned, his mother takes boarders, and
his Grampie Jebron helps him into a real
sense of manhood."-Kirkus.
F (W) Average


Pageant of America. Yale Univ. 1925-
1929. 15 v. each $7.50.
A pictorial history of the United States.
No other single set of books contains such
a collection of pictures in American history.
Expensive but worth the investment.
973 (W) Average

Parkman, Frances. The Oregon Trail.
Rinehart, 1931. $2.50.
A vivid account of the pioneer pushing
westward on the Oregon trail.
978 (W) Average

Patterson, Emma L.
Turned Upside Down.
1953. $3.00.

The World

A farm hand during the American Revolu-
tion found that the war came to him. He
found that the words "All men are created
equal" was true when he won the girl he
F (W) Average

Patterson, Robert; Mabel, Mildred
and Hill, Lawrence. On Our Way.
Holiday, 1952. $3.50.
Informal autobiographical selections of
youthful adventures of interesting Americans.
Some of the ones included are: P. F. Bar-
num, Victor Heiser, Will James, MacKinley
920 (W) Average

Peck, Anne Merriman. Jo Ann of the
Border Country. Dodd, 1952. $2.50.
A story of a girl on a ranch in south-
ern Arizona. She wishes to write and finds
her material in the Spanish Mexican border
F Average

Powers, Alfred. A Long Way to
Frisco. Little, 1951. $2.75.
This is a folk tale built on a hog drive
that really occurred. An older book is: Han-
nibal's Elephants.
F (W) Average

Rickenbacker, Edward. Seven Came
Through. Doubleday, 1943. $1.75.
An account of the author's spectacular
rescue from the waters of the Pacific with
his six companions.



Roosevelt, Eleanor. This I Remem-
ber. Harper, 1949. $5.00.
Covers the years from 1920 to Roosevelt's
death in 1945.

Rosenberger, Francis Coleman, ed.
Jefferson Reader. Dutton, 1953.
An anthology of writing about Jefferson
with a nice selection from his own time to
the present, illuminating his mind, his in-
terests, and his achievements.
B (W) Advanced

Saroyan, William. Human Comedy.
Harcourt, 1943. $3.50.
"The story of an American family in
wartime, and in particular of Homer .
the fastest messenger boy in the telegraph
office in San Joaquin Valley. An excellent
example of the style of one of America's
famous, modern writers. Appealing to young
and old.
F (W) Average

Shippon, Katherine Binney. Leif
Erickson, First Voyager to America.
Harper, 1951. $2.00.
"A brief but excellent biography of the
early explorer, simply written in clear, short,
forceful dialogue with stress on action and
adventure."-Library Journal.
B (W) Average

Stockton, Frank. Buccaneers and
Pirates of Our Coasts. Macmillan,
1938. $2.75.
Exciting tales of pirates along our Amer-
ican coasts.
910.45 (W) Average

Stone, Irving. President's Lady; a
Novel About Rachel and Andrew
Jackson. Doubleday, 1951. $3.50.
"The story is one of continued failure and
ultimate success, and of a woman's devotion
to one of America's greatest men."-Hunt-
F (W) Average

Stolz, Mary. Ready or Not. Harper,
1953. $2.50.
When Morgan's mother died it fell to her
lot to run the household and "Ready or not"
she had to jump from adolescence to adult-
hood. Others by this author are: The Or-
gandy Cupcakes; The Sea Gulls Woke Me;
To Tell Your Love.
F (W) Average

Sture-Vasa, Mary. Green Grass of
Wyoming. Lippincott, 1946. $3.00.
Splendid family relationships, deep-rooted
love for animals, rich descriptions of the
Western plains, and a charming teen age
love story make this a fine story by Mary


O'Hara, (pseudnoym). Others by same au-
thor: My Friend Flicks; Thunderhead.
F (W) Average

Tharp, Louise Hall. The Peabody
Sisters of Salem. Little, 1951. $4.50.
"Biography of three fascinating blue-
stockings, central figures in the major lit-
erary-educational controversies and develop-
ments of the Mid-19th Century."-Kirkus.
920 (W) Average

Tunis, John Robert. Son of the Val-
ley. Morrow, 1949. $2.50.
Johnny Huskell learned new ways of farm-
ing when the Tennessee Valley Authority
came to his region.
F (W) Average

Washington, Booker T. Up From
Slavery. Doubleday, 1901. $2.75.
"A fascinating and inspiring story of the
author's boyhood in slavery . and of
the building up of the great school for Ne-
groes at Tusekegee."-Standard Catalog for
H. S. Libraries.
B (W) Average

Wharton, Edith. Ethan Frome. Scrib-
ner, New Ed. $2.75.
"A grim tale of retribution told in so
masterly a manner that the story seems a
transcription for real life . A New Eng-
land farmer, his hypochondriac wife, and
girl who still finds some joy in living."-
F (W) Average

White, William Lindsey. Queens Die
Proudly. Harcourt, 1943. $2.50.
The story of the Flying Fortress in World
War II.
940.544 (W) Average

White, William Lindsey. They Were
Expendable. Harcourt, 1942. $2.75.
The tragic panorama of the Philippine
campaign at the beginning of World War II,
told dramatically.
940.542 (W) Average

Wiley, Bell Irwin. The Life of John-
ny Reb. Bobbs, 1943. $6.00.
Wiley, Bell Irwin. The Life of Billy
Yank. Bobbs, 1952. $6.00.
These are social rather than military his-
tories emphasizing the humble folk, the
plain people who comprise the bulk of wars,
yet appear only hazily in history. A com-
posite picture of the ordinary soldier, much
of the material from original letters and
973.7 (W) Advanced

Wilson, William Edward. Abe Lin-
coln of Pigeon Creek; A Novel. Mc-
Graw, 1949. $3.00.
"The young Lincoln of the years from
1816 to 1830, the boyhood in Indiana .
presents the mother he worshipped, the step-
mother whom he grew to love, his shiftless
father . friends and neighbors."
F (W) Average

Wister, Owen. The Virginian. Mac-
millan rev. $3.50.
"Capital study of the best type of West-
ern cowboy, intrepid, level-headed, right
hearted."-N. Y. State Lib.
F (W) Average

Wouk, Herman. Caine Mutiny; a
Novel of World War II. Doubleday,
1951. $3.95
"Surprisingly free from rough language
and amazingly compassionate in its portrayal
of all kinds of men. For mature readers."-
Horn Book. About Willie Keith, a college
boy, who found maturity during his Navy
service. Part concerning trial has been made
into a play.
F (W) Advanced

Yates, Elizabeth. Amos Fortune, Free
Man. Aladdin, 1950. $2.50.
Born free in Africa, he was sold as a
slave in America. Purchasing his own free-
dom, he received recognition as a free man,
a worthwhile citizen, and a public benefactor
at a time when slavery was being accepted.
Newbery Medal, 1951.
B (W) Average

Other Countries Today and Yesterday
Includes: History; Travel; Geography; Manners and Customs; Sea Stories;
Fiction; Biography.
See Also: Drama, Theater and Entertainment; Art; Folklore; Music;

Grades 1-3

Aulaire, Ingri and Aulaire, Edgar d'.
Ola. Doubleday, 1932. $2.50.
"A beautiful large picture book of Norway
which is authentic in spirit and every detail.
The artists have provided an appealing story
as accompaniment to lithographic drawings in
full color and in black and white . "-
Children's Catalog.
E (W) Easy

Averitt, Esther. The Adventures of
Jack Ninepins. Hale, (Cadmus), 1944.
Jack Ninepins in his red coat and big black
hat became Charlote's favorite toy. She went
to France and he followed with an adven-
E (W) Advanced

Bannon, Laura May. Manuela's Birth-
day in Old Mexico. Hale, (Cadmus),
1939. $1.41.
A Mexican girl wanted an American doll
with yellow hair and blue eyes. She was
five years old, so received birthday presents,
but not the doll. American friends made her
one. Colorful, unusual Lithographs.
E (W) Advanced

Beim, Lorraine and Beim, Jerrold.
Little Igloo. Harcourt, 1941. $2.25.
"A little Eskimo boy, worired about his
puppy, learns to build a small igloo fash-
ioned after the family one, and there the
puppy sleeps cozy and warm. There comes a
day when Tyson and his puppy are caught in
a blizzard and the knowledge about building
a little igloo comes in very handy. Large
print with pencil illustrations in blue and
white."-Children's Catalog.
E (W) Average

Beim, Lorraine and Beim, Jerrold.
Sasha and the Samovar. Harcourt,
1944. $1.75.
"The story of how a little Russian boy,
Sasha, whose brothers and father have gone
to war, discovers a way to help the women
who now have all the work to do. He is
too little to work . but he does find
a way to get the samovar to the fields so
that the workers may have their tea."-Chil-
dren's Catalog.
E (W) Average

Bemelmans, Ludwig. Madeline's Res-
cue. Viking, 1953. $3.00.
This is a story of a canine who saved
Little Madeline from the waters of the Seine.
All this happened in Paris, France. Exag-
gerated cartoon-like drawings by author. A
Junior Literary Guild selection. Also recom-
mended: Madeline. Caldecott Medal Winner.
E (W) Average

Beskow, Elsa. Olle's Ski Trip. Hale,
(Cadmus), 1928. $1.71.
A six-year-old gets his first pair of skis.
His adventure leads him to old Uncle Hoar-
frost who takes him to King Winter's castle,
guarded by two polar bears. Spring comes
after adventure. Lovely winter pictures.
E Average

Beskow, Elsa. Pelle's New Suit.
Hale, (Cadmus), 1929. $1.71.
A Swedish boy had a lamb that he took
care of all by himself. As he grew he needed
a new suit. Many people helped with the
suit from the wool of the lamb. The bright
colored pictures on each page will show you
many interesting things about life in Sweden.
E (W) Average
Bettina (pseud.). Cocolo's House.
Harper, 1950. $2.50.
A little donkey who lived with Lucio on
a tiny island of the Mediterranean. The color
and wash pictures makes it outstanding.
Cocolo got homesick but found home was
where loved ones are.
E (W) Advanced
Beskow, Elsa Maartman. The Tales
of the Wee Little Old Woman. Hale,
(Cadmus), 1930. $1.71.
What a wee little old woman's wee little
house looks like on the inside. Everything
in it is wee, from her wee table to her wee
cat. Illustrations in color circle. Swedish
E Easy
Bishop, Claire H. and Wiese, Kurt.
The Five Chinese Brothers. Hale,
(Cadmus), 1938. $1.20.
The five brothers live with their mother.
Each brother can do something no one else
in the world could do. They need these
talents before the story ends. Exaggerated
E (W) Average


Bone, Stephen and Adshead, Mary. Creekmore, R. Lokoshi Learns to
The Little Boy and His House. Hale, Hunt Seals. Macmillan, 1946. $2.00.

(Cadmus), 1950. $1.35.
A small boy needs a house so his uncle
takes him on a trip to see how other people
live. A picture book of all the ways of build-
ing. Through it runs a feeling for the dif-
ferences among men and places, with a
recognition that no one is superior.
E (W) Easy

Brock, Emma Lillian. Runaway Sar-
dine. Knopf, 1929. $2.00.
"A delightful story for children of two old
fisher folk of Brittany who had a yellow
cat and a black hen and a sardine in a tub.
The sardine's name was Zacharie. And Zach-
arie ran away from his tub and adventured
far and wide before he came back to the
tub again. Hand lettered and illustrated by
the author."-Children's Catalog.
E Average

Brock, Emma Lillian. To Market! To
Market! Knopf, 1930. $2.00.
"An unusual picture book. Children from
four to seven will follow with enjoyment the
experiences of the two animals when they
go to the market at Op-Zoom to buy a fish
for the duck and a round of yellow cheese
for the mouse."-Children's Catalog. Nether-
lands story.
E Average

Buck, Pearl Sydenstricker. The Chi-
nese Children Next Door. Hale, (Cad-
mus), 1942. $1.17.
The customs of the Chinese family are told
in this story. Girls and a boy, the games
they play, the food they eat, and how they
dress are included.
E (W) Advanced

Garden, Priscilla. The Vanilla Vil-
lage. Pellegrini, 1952. $2.00.
"In the remote mountains of Mexico, a
little Indian boy has a tremendous adventure.
A story that is authentic and really dif-
ferent."-Combined Book Exhibit.
E Average

Clark, Ann Nolan. Looking-for-Some-
thing; the Story of a Stray Burro
of Ecuador. Viking, 1952. $2.50.
Little Gray Burro lived in Ecuador. His
mother thought he was beautiful. Gray
Burro did not want to be a stray donkey but
longed to belong to someone. This is a
short, poetic story. The full-color illustra-
tions, by Leo Politi, are bright with the
gaiety of Ecuador.
E (W) Advanced

"Lokoshi is an Eskimo boy living far up
near the North Pole. His story, illustrated
with fine lithographs, is told here in the
first person for young children. It is a very
simple story of dog teams, of building an
ice house, of a seal hunt and seeing the
aurora borealis."-Children's Catalog.
E Average

Cox, Palmer. The Brownies; Their
Book. Hale, (Cadmus), 1887. $1.47.
In this bok you will find pictures of Chi-
nese brownies, Dutch, cowboys, all kinds.
They are always getting into trouble and
always finding a way out. Lively illustra-
tions. Humorous.
817 Average

Flack, Marjorie and Wiese, Kurt.
Story About Ping. Viking, 1933.
"The story of a Chinese duck who lived
on a houseboat. An irresistible picture book
with so much atmosphere and kindly humor
that its readers of any age will unconsciously
add to their understanding and appreciation
of a far distant country . Few books for
little children have the genuinely artistic
quality of this one." -New York Times.
E (W) Average

Garrett, Helen. Angelo the Naughty
One. Hale, (Cadmus), 1944. $1.41.
Angelo, the little Mexican boy, did not like
a bath. His sister's wedding called for a
bath so he ran away to a fort where soldiers
saw how dirty he was and grabbed him and
scrubbed him. Angelo then attended the wed-
ding after all. Three- and four-color draw-
ings by Leo Politi.
E (W) Average

Hahn, Emily. China A to Z. Hale,
(Cadmus), 1946. $1.38.
Beginning with A for Amah and on
through idols and jasmine and k'angs and
queues, there is a jingle with a special Chi-
nese slant for each letter. Howard Baer's
large pictures are full of color, imparting a
real oriental flavor.
E Easy

Handforth, Thomas. Mei Li. Double-
day, 1938. $2.50.
"It tells of Mei Li, a little girl of North
China, and her day at the fair . big
black-and-white drawings . "-Children's
E (W) Average


Hill, Mabel Betsy. Down Along Apple
Market Street. Lippincott, 1934. $1.75.
"The story of Judy Jo's progress down along
Apple Market Street on a snowy day. She
was carrying nut bread and marmalade to
her grandmother, but she stopped nine times
along the way and each stop was an ad-
venture."-Childrens Catalog.
E Easy

Kingman, Lee. Pierre Pidgeon. Hale
(Cadmus), 1943. $1.62.
Pierre Pidgeon, a seven-year-old boy, lived
in the part of Canada called Gaspe. Pierre
needed a dollar to buy a ship in a bottle.
How he succeeded is the story of this book.
Large, full-page drawings by Arnold Edwin
E (W) Average

Leaf, Monro. Wee Gillis. Hale,
(Cadmus), 1938. $1.29.
Wee Gillis, in Scotland, had a Lowlander
mother and a Highlander father. He devel-
oped his lungs by calling the cows, then hunt-
ing the stag. His choice of what he'll do
causes a laugh. Alternate pages have full-
sized black and white amusing drawings.
E (W) Average

Lattimore, Eleanor Frances. Wu, the
Gatekeeper's Son. Morrow, 1953.
A little son of a Chinese gatekeeper found
life in the walled courtyard of his home full
of interesting happenings. He was adventurous
so he became interested in the ontside. Miss
Lattimore writes of gracious and charming
customs of bygone days in China. Black and
white drawings.
E (W) Advanced

Liang, Yen. Dee Dee's Birthday. Ox-
ford, 1952. $1.75.
"A little Chinese boy has fun and many
presents on his birthdayfi including kites,
fireworks, and good things to eat."-Combined
Book Exhibit.
E (W) Easy
Lindman, Maj. Flicka, Ricka, Dicka
and the New Doted Dresses. Whit-
man, 1939. $1.50.
"Starting out in their new dresses with
their mother's words to be sure to keep
them clean, they finally find themselves too
busy by the little old woman they meet in
the forest. The story and pictures of three
little Swedish girls have the liveliness and
skillful narrative of the author's books about
Snipp, Snapp and Snurr."-Wisconsin Bulle-
tin. Other titles are: Flicka, Ricka, Dicka
and a Little Dog; Flicka, Ricka, Dicka and
the Three Kittens.
E (W) Easy

Lindman, Maj. Snipp, Snapp, Snurr
and the Big Surprise. Whitman, 1949.
Stories about the Swedish children and
the familiar, everyday life. Other books with
the same publisher and price include. Snipp,
Snapp, Snurr and the Buttered Bread; Snipp,
Snapp, Snurr and the Gingerbread; Snipp,
Snapp, Snurr and the Magic House; Snipp,
Snapp, Snurr and the Red Shoes; Snip,
Snapp, Snurr and the Yellow Sled.

MacIntyre, Elizabeth. Susan Who
Lives in Australia. Scribner, 1944.
"The rhymed story tells how Susan lived
on a sheep station, went riding with 'a
kind jackaroo,' had tea 'by a billalong under
the tree,' saw sheep shearing and finally vis-
ited the city of Sydney. The pictures are gay
and Childlike . "-Children's Catalog.
E (W) Easy

Pease, Josephine van Dolzen. This
Is the World. Hale, (Cadmus), 1948.
A book about the earth and its people, fish,
animals. It is about people; how they eat,
sleep, work and travel. Lovely pictures by
Esther Friend.
E Advanced

Petersham, Maud and Petersham,
Miska. Miki. Hale, (Cadmus), 1936.
Miki, looking for Rosika and her geese,
reached a park with a merry-go-round. Miki
lived in Hungary. The bright colored pic-
tures foster understanding of dress and cus-
toms. Also recommended: Miki and Mary.
E (W) Average

Politi, Leo. Boat for Peppe. Scrib-
ner, 1950. $2.00.
"A story about Peppe, the Sicilian boy
who lives in old Monterey in California.
More than anything else Peppe wanted a
boat of his own. As he watches the fisher-
men with their nets and visits old Geramia
who tells fine stories about the sea."-Chil-
dren's Catalog.
E (W) Easy

Ratzesberger, Anna. Donkey Beads;
a Tale of Persian Donkey. Hale,
(Cadmus), 1938. $1.32.
A little grey donkey who lived in Persia
and had to work hard for a living. He ran
away but each new master treated him badly.
He found a haven with a priest. A comical
little story. Expressive lithographs, some in
E Average


Smith, Theresa Kaleb. Poncha and
the Pink Horse. Steck, 1951. $1.50.
Poncho had a sad-faced little burro called
Chiquita, but he dreamed of the day he might
be able to ride the wonderful Pink Horse of
Tio Viva during the colorful Santa Fe Fiesta.
He played his guitar for fiesta so the owner
repaid him with the ride on the Pink Horse.
Full page drawings in color.
E Advanced

Stafford, Kay. Ling Tang and the
Lucky Cricket. Hale, (Cadmus), 1944.
Ling Tang lived in China many years ago.
He had no kite but he found a lucky singing
cricket. On a boat trip to Peking the small
boy fell overboard and met a tall bandit.
Lovely illustrations in color and black and
white by Louise Zibold.
E Advanced

Stilwell, Alison. Chin Ling, the Chi-
nese Cricket. Hale, (Cadmus), 1947.
The Chinese cricket captured outside the
walls of Peiping was sold. He was entered
into a wrestling match and showed such
courage he was given the prize. Good ex-
ploration of value Chinese place on crickets
as pets.
E (W) Advanced

Wiese, Kurt. Fish in the Air. Viking,
1948. $2.00.
"A tale of what Tai Fung, which means
Big Wind, did to change the ideas of the
little Chinese boy named Fish, who had per-
suaded his father, Honorable Fish, to buy
him the biggest fish shaped kite he could
find."-Children's Catalog.

Wood, Esther. Pepper Moon. Hale,
(Cadmus), 1940. $1.23.
A Chinese boy longed for a dog. His grand-
mother would not hear of it. He brought
home various animals but the water buffalo
made up her mind he could get a dog. The
family teaches good nature and politeness.
E Advanced

Young, Evelyn, The Tale of Tai and
Wu and Lu and Li. Hale, (Cadmus),
1940. $1.35.
Two stories bound in one volume. Tai looks
fat because he is dressed to go out to cele-
brate New Year. Wu and Lu and Li live
in China on a farm. Grandma gives them
some money which they spend. Many cun-
ning drawings in color.
E (W) Average

Grades 4-6

Angelo, Valenti. Nino. Viking, 1938.
"A true-to-life story of a little boy who
lived in a village in Tuscany about 1900.
Based on the artist-author's memories. The
decorations and format are in complete har-
mony with the text."-N. Y. Public Library.
F (W) Advanced

Arason, Steingrimur. Smoky Bay; the
Story of a Small Boy of Iceland. Mac-
milan, 1942. $2.50.
"The story starts on the first day of sun,
describes farm life with its shepherding and
moss gathering, gives a clear picture of Ice-
landic towns Eyri and Reykjavik."-Kirkus.
F (W) Advanced

Armer, Laura Adams. Forest Pool.
Longmans, 1938. $2.50.
Two little Mexican boys seek the home of
the iguana in a pool deep in the forest.
Large, colorful pictures illustrate Mexican

flora and fauna.
F (


Aulaire, Ingri and Aulaire, Edgar d'.
Children of the Northlights. Hale,
(Cadmus), 1935. $1.44.
Much interesting information about the
customs and life of the Lapps. Full of color
and fun.
F (W) Average

Aulaire, Ingri and Aulaire, Edgar d'.
Wings for Per. Doubleday, 1944.
A picture-story book of a Norwegian boy
who escaped during the invasion, earned his
wings, and flew back to help defeat the
F (W) Easy

Bailey, Bernadine. Bolivia in Story
and Pictures. Illus. by Kurt Wiese.
Whitman, 1942. $.75.
A brief, readable description of the country
with pictures and maps. Other titles in
series, same publisher and price: Ecuador in
Story and Pictures (986.6); Greenland in
Story and Pictures (998.2); Guatemala in
Story and Pictures (972.81) ;Honduras in Story
and Pictures (972.83); Iceland in Story and
Pictures (949.1); Peru in Story and Pictures
(985); Venezuela in Story and Pictures

Bailey, Bernadine. Forests and
Fiords. Beckley, 1952. $1.60.
The story of life in the Scandinavian coun-


tries told through the experiences of Niels shores of a Himalayan lake . "-Children's
and Lide, two Danish children. Catalog. Followed by: River Boy of Kashmir.

Average IF

Bannon, Laura May. Gregorio and
the White Llama. Hale, (Cadmus),
1944. $1.29.
This is the story of a Peruvian mountain
boy whose father owns a herd of Ilamas. It
tells of Gregorio's ambition to drive the
Ilama train.
F (W) Easy

Batchelor, Julie Forsyth. Cap for Mul
Chand. Harcourt, 1950. $2.00.
"Eleven-year-old Mul Chand needed a cap
to go to Bombay for a visit with his uncle.
But the poor village boy had to work hard
for his annas, and suffer setbacks before he
earned his cap."-Children's Catalog.
F (W) Easy

Bemelmans, Ludwig. Hansi. Hale,
(Cadmus), 1934. $1.17.
A colorful, amusing story of life in the
Austrian Tyrol.
F (W) Average

Bishop, Claire Huchet. All Alone.
Viking, 1953. $2.50.
An act of neighborliness atop the French
Alps in Saucie is the beginning of a great
adventure that ended in the whole village's
discovering that there is a better way of
life than every man for himself. Two other
stories of French life by the same author and
publisher: Pancakes Paris; Twenty and Ten.
F (W) Average

Blackstock, Josephine. Wings for
Nikias. Hale, (Cadmus), 1942. $1.17.
A story of the Greece of today. Nikias
loves the shepherd who tells him such wonder-
ful stories of Greek heroes. He proves his
courage when he meets the enemy and saves
his friend and the army by his cleverness.
F (W) Advanced

Bontemps, Arna Wendell and Hughes,
Langston. Popo and Fifina. Macmil-
lan, 1932. $2.50.
"Popo and Fifina are two little Negro
children of Haiti. The story describes the
simple everyday happenings of their lives
when their parents move from the farm to
the village."-Book Review Digest.
F Average

Bothwell, Jean. Little Boat Boy; a
Story of Kashmir. Harcourt, 1945.
"An adventurous summer with a small boy
whose family lives in a mat-boat on the


Bothwell, Jean. Little Flute Player.
Morrow, 1949. $2.00.
"Middle class life in India portrayed with
its ancient customs, superstitions and devas-
tating famines. Impressive contrasts between
responsibilities and hardships of ten-year-old
Teka and American children of that age.
Well illustrated. Other stories of India by
the same author and publisher: Star of India:
Empty Tower.
F (W) Advanced

Bowen, Vernon. The Wonderful Ad-
ventures of Ting Ling. McKay, 1952.
"The merry heart and quick wit of a
poor juggler's assistant in ancient China
help him win a lovely princess."Books for
Elementary Schools. Oregon.
F (W) Easy

Brenner, Anita. A Hero by Mistake.
Scott, 1953. $2.00.
A story of a frightened Indian boy who
lives in a Mexican village. Dionisio does
become a hero, and how it happens makes
a story of continuing interest.
F Easy

Brock, Emma. High in the Moun-
tains. Hale, (Cadmus), 1938. $1.59.
A story of Robi and Hanni in the Swiss
Alps. They have a secret that can't be told
until the cows come down from the moun-
F Easy

Bryan, Catherine and Madden, Mabra
Benjamin. Pito's House; a Mexican
Folk Tale. Macmillian, 1943. $2.25.
From a Mexican folk tale about a com-
plaining wife. Colorful, amusing illustrations.
Humorous story.
F (W) Easy

Buck, Pearly Sydenstricker. The
Water-Buffalo Children. Day, 1943.
A little American girl found a small, white
stone which she thought was magic because
it brought her adventures with the water
buffalo and the Chinese brother and sister
who rode upon it. Black and white illustra-
tions by William Smith.
F (W. Advanced

Buff, Mary and Buff, Conrad. The
Apple and the Arrow. Houghton,
1951. $3.00.
"Story of William Tell and the Swiss strug-


gle for freedom against the Austrian tyrant
Gessler. It is told through 11-year-old Walter,
son of the Swiss hero."-Retail Bookseller.
F (W) Average

Buff, Mary Marsh and Conrad. Kobi;
a Boy of Switzerland. Hale, (Cad-
mus), 1936. $1.56.
The story of life on a Swiss farm. Many
black and white illustrations as well as col-
ored lithographs.
F (W) Average

Buff, Mary and Coirad. Magic Maize.
Houghton, 1953. $3.00.
Fabian, an Indian boy of Guatemala, grew
up in the old Mayan beliefs, among them
being the fear of the new and the ways of
the gringo. His adventures which grew out
of planting the white man's corn convinced
him that the old and the new could live in
peace. Large, colorful pictures give tropical
F Average

Buffler, Esther. The Friends. Steck,
1951. $2.00.
The charms of Brittany brought out in
words and colorful pictures. Customs and
festivals described in this story of two young
friends who were building boat models for
a contest.
F Average

Buffler, Esther. Rodrigo and Rosa-
lita. Steck, 1949. $2.00.
Truly a thrilling story of a Mexican
family who lives on the north bank of the
Rio Grande. They dream of a better day
and then work very hard to make it come
F Easy

Carden, Priscilla. The Vanilla Vil-
lage. Pellegrini, 1952. $2.00.
Chombo, an Indian boy, lives in Mexico.
How he goes to sleep in a large basket of
vanilla beans makes an exciting story.
F (W) Easy

Clark, Ann Nolan. Secret of the
Andes. Viking, 1952. $2.50.
Newberry Award winner, 1953. Intriguing
story with authentic background. Another
by this author, highly recommended: Magic
F (W) Advanced

Clark, Margery (pseud.). Poppy Seed
Cakes. Doubleday, 1929. $2.50.
"About four-year-old Andrewshek, four-
and-a-half-year-old Erminka, and good Aunt

Katushka, who came from the old country
with a bag full of presents. The gay pic-
tures resemble those of Czechoslovakian and
Russian picture books."-Children's Catalog.
F (W) Easy

Collin, Hedvig. Nils, the Island Boy.
Viking, 1951. $2.00.
Simple story of a Danish boy, culminating
with his trip to America on the Gripsholm.
Includes festivals of Whitsuntide and the
King's Birthday. Another Danish story by
the same author: Wind Island.
F (W) Easy

Collins, Dale. Bush Holiday. Double-
day, 1949. $2.50.
The story of an American boy living in
Australia who goes for a visit to a large
ranch in the Australian bush. Also recom-
mended: Shipmates Down Under.
F (W) Average

Comfort, Mildred Houghton. Alpine
Paths. Beckley, 1953. $1.60.
Tina and Hans, children of Switzerland,
make trips to Zurich, Bern, and Basel. His-
torical backgrounds and industries are
F Average

Comfort, Mildred Houghton. Temple
Town to Tokyo. Beckley, 1952. $1.60.
A story of postwar Japan. "The dramatic
change from life in the typical village to
the busy city of Tokyo is the main theme
of the story of Kiku and Yoshiniri."-Book
F (W) Advanced

Crockett, Lucy H. Teru; a Tale of
Yokohama. Holt, 1950. $2.50.
Experiences and adventures of a Japanese
family during the American occupation after
V-J Day. Also by the same author and pub-
lisher: Pong Choolie, You Rascal!
F (W) Advanced

Davis, Norman. Pickens' Great Ad-
venture. Oxford, 1949. $2.00.
Adventures of Pickens, son of an African
chieftain, who wins honor from the chief.
Also recommended: Pickens' Exciting Sum-
F (W) Easy

Davis, Robert. Pepperfoot of Thurs-
day Market. Holiday, 1941. $2.25.
The story of three Berber boys and a
donkey, Pepperfoot, on the plateaus of North
F (W) Average


Dalgliesh, Alice. They Live in South
America. Scribner, 1942. $1.72.
Geography and travel in South America
containing two chapters of history.
980 (W) Average

DeAngeli, Marguerite L. Door in the
Wall. Doubleday, 1949. $2.50.
A Newbery Medal winner. Setting is 13th
century England; the hero is Robin, the
crippled son of a great Lord, who eventually
wins his knighthood by a courageous act.
F (W) Average

DeJong, Dola. Picture Story of Hol-
land. McKay, 1946. $2.50.
"A pictorial geography civics book. The
customs so important to children are graph-
ically described . Food, customs, games,
holidays and something of the government
and workings of the Netherlands are in-
949.2 (W) Average

Duvoisin, Roger. They Put Out to
Sea; the Story of the Map. Knopf,
1944. $3.00.
Stories of exploration from the ancient
traders through the voyages of Magellan.
Illustrated by the author.
910 (W) Advanced

Duvoisin, Roger. Francisco Pizarro.
Knopf, 1948. $3.00.
Tells of four corners of the world in this
account of the life story of Pizarro.
B (W) Average

Edelman, Lily. Japan in Story and
Pictures. Harcourt, 1953. $2.25.
Simple text describes how Japanese chil-
dren live today. Illustrated with many photo-
graphs taken on the author's postwar visit
to Japan.
952 Average

Enright, Elizabeth. Kintu, a Congo
Adventure. Hale, (Cadmus). $1.08.

DeJong, Dola. Level Land. Scribner, "Life in an African village is portrayed
1943. $2.50. from the point of view of a child in this ap-
----12 . . - -1 - 1T .- - - -

Every day and special days in the life of
a Dutch doctor's family. Includes living dur-
ing World War II. A sequel, which occurs
two years after the war, is: Return to the
Level Land.
F (W) Advanced

Dodge, Mary Mapes. Hans Brinker.
Hale, 1924. $1.29.
The wonderful story of Hans and his
silver skates. One of the best stories about
F (W) Average

Donaldson, Lois. Newfoundland, in
Story and Pictures. Whitman, 1944.
A brief description of the country with
pictures and maps. Other books of this
series written by Lois Donaldson and pub-
lished by Whitman are: Colombia, in Story
and Pictures (986.1); Costa Rica, in Story
and Pictures (972.86); El Salvador, in Story
and Pictures 972.84; Guiana in Story and
Pictures (88) ; Nicaragua, in Story and
Pictures (972.85) ; Paraguay, in Story and
Pictures (989.2); Uruguay, in Story and
Pictures (989.5).
971.8 Easy

Du Chaillu, Paul Belloni. Stories of
the Gorilla Country. Harper, 1928.
Contains stories describing the country,
animals, and people of West Africa.
966 Advanced

pealing story witl its colored illustratIons.
Kintu, although a chieftain's son, is just like
any other little boy in his fear of the dark
and of being alone in the woods."-Publisher.
F Easy

Evernden, Margery. The Secret of
the Porcelain Fish. Hale, (Cadmus),
1947. $1.38.
Story of a Chinese boy who becomes an
apprentice to a porcelain maker.
F (W) Advanced

Everden, Margery. The Sword with
the Golden Hilt. Caxton, 1950. $3.00.
The sword would be awarded to the more
deserving of two cousins by their grand-
father. Illustrated by William Soles. A
story of long, long ago in Norway.
F Average

Fox, Frances Margaret. They Sailed
and Sailed. Hale, (Cadmus), 1940.
"A collection of short, readable stories of
21 famous explorers and unusual voyages."-
Wilson Bulletin.
920 (W) Advanced

Freuchen, Pipaluk. Eskimo Boy.
Lothrop, 1951. $2.00.
"The touching story of an Eskimo boy and
his efforts to take his dead father's place
as the provider for his family. Excellent
for background material on Greenland."-
Recent Children's Books.
F (W) Advanced


Frey, Nina Ames. The River Horse.
Scott, 1953. $2.50.
A story about a young Mayan Indian who
lives on the shores of Lake Atitlan in
Guatemala. He hears stories of past Mayan
greatness discovery of the calendar, in-
vention of writing, domestication of corn,
their treasures and books of stone.
F Advanced

Gibson, Katharine. Jock's Castle.
Hale, (Cadmus), 1940. $1.20.
A lovely story of old England about a
man, a dog, and his friends.
F (W) Average

Gill, Richard Cochran and Hoke,
Helen L. Story of the Other America.
Houghton, 1941. $3.00.
"This pictorial history of South America
begins with the time of discovery in 1948,
covers the conquest, colonial times, and
Spanish rule, the wars of independence and
the beginning of the different republics."-
Children's Catalog.
980 (W) Advanced

Hamsun, Marie. A Norwegian Farm.
Lippincott, 1933. $2.50.
A story of simple, everyday life of the
Langerud family in Norway, translated from
the original without having lost any of the
humor or zest of the story. Illustrations
convey the spirit of the text.
F Advanced

Handforth, Thomas. Mei Li. Double-
day, 1938. $2.50.
A story of Chinese life and particularly
the celebration of New Year's Eve. Simply
written with big, black-and-white drawings.
F (W) Easy

Henry, Marguerite. Canada, in Story
and Pictures. Whitman, 1941. $.75.
A brief description of the country with
pictures and maps. Other books of this
series, written by Marguerite Henry and
published by Whitman are: Argentina, in
Story and Pictures (982); Australia, in Story
and Pictures (994); The Bahamas, in Story
and Pictuies (972.96); Beimuda, in Story and
Pictures (972.99); Brazil, in Story and Pic-
tures (981); British Honduras, in Story and
Pictures (972.82) ; Chile, in Story and Pictures
(983) ; Dominican Republic, in Story and
Pictures (972.93); Mexico, in Story and Pic-
tures (972); New Zealand, in Story and Pic-
tures (993.1); Panama, in Story and Pictures
(986.2); West Indies, in Story and Pictures
971 Easy

Hoffman, Eleanor. Mischief in Fez.
Holiday, 1943. $2.50.
North African tale of good and evil
Djinns against a colorful background of
Moslem life.
F (W) Average

Hogben, Lancelot Thomas (ed.). How
the World Was Explored. Lothrop,
1951. $1.50.
"This book covers the story of exploration
from the first heroes who made bridges and
built crude boats . to the young Norwe-
gians who recently sailed the balsa raft
Kontiki . across the Pacific."-Children's
910 (W) Average

Holberth, Ruth. The Bells of Amster-
dam. Hale, (Cadmus), 1940. $1.53.
No one knows who Karl Ludwig is, least
of all himself. While at an orphan asylum
he is chosen to learn bell ringing. How he
finds his father through a long remembered
song is the high point of the story.
F Average

Hutton, Clarke. A Picture History of
Britain. Houghton, 1946. $2.50.
Illustrated history of Britain from the
time its people lived in caves until World
War II. Also recommended: A Picture His-
tory of France.
942 (W) Average

Jones, Elizabeth Orton. Ragman of
Paris. Hale, (Cadmus), 1937. $1.14.
This book begins with the old ragman
and his horse, Mimi, collecting rags, and
of Mich and Tobie, two little boys he picks
up thinking they are a bundle of rags. It
ends with a rollicking ride all over Paris
"just for fun."
F Easy

Jones, Ruth Fosdick. Boy of the
Pyramids; a Mystery of Ancient
Egypt. Random, 1950. $2.50.
"A first-rate adventure tale of two chil-
dren, an Egyptian lad and his girl slave and
playmate, in which they help solve a mystery
and bring a criminal to conviction a
story told against a colorfully detailed back-
ground of period and setting."-Kirkus.
F (W) Average

Karolyi, Erna M. A Summer to Re-
member. McGraw, 1949. $2.00.
"Good characterization, plausible plot, and
a child's point of view of post-war Hungary
and Switzerland. Attractive black-and-white
illustrations by the author."-Library Journal.
F (W) Average


Kelty, Mary Gertrude. How Our
Civilization Began. Ginn, 1935. $1.64.
Covers the period from man's earliest dis-
coveries through the Middle Ages.
900 Advanced

Lattimore, Eleanor F. Little Pear;
the Story of a Little Chinese Boy.
Harcourt, 1931. $2.25.
Into the story of mischievous Little Pear
is woven the facts of how Chinese children
live. A sequel is: Little Pear and His
F (W) Easy

Leaf, Munro. Geography Can Be Fun.
Lippincott, 1951. $2.00.
Simple and amusing presentation of the
story of man's place on earth and the re-
lationship of what he does to where he
910 (W) Easy

Leaf, Munro. History Can Be Fun.
Lippincott, 1950. $1.75.
Brief historical sketch from the Egyptians
to the world today. Emphasis on how to
think about history. Familiar Leaf draw-
ings and maps.
900 (W) Easy

Lee, Rector Lawrence. Song of the
Honda. Little, 1953. $2.50.
The story of a boy who chases bandits
and makes music in the mountains of Peru.
F Average

Let's Read About Series. Fideler.
$2.46 each.
A series of large, illustrated books designed
to inform about the history, geography, an-
imals, resources, and industries of the regions
treated. Includes: (All titles prefaced by
"Let's Read About") Australia (994); Brazil
(981) ; Canada (971) ; China (951); India
(94) ; Mexico (972): Russia (947) ; South
America (980).

Levin, Yehuda Harry. Miriam Comes
Home. Page, 1953. $2.25.
A story of young people in Israel . .
Miriam tries to live in the children's vil-
lage and to adjust to the new life in the
land of her ancestors. Strange and wonderful
things are happening in Israel.
F Advanced

Lewis, Aired. Treasure in the Andes,
Abingdon, 1952. $1.50.
Adventures of Pepito, an Indian boy who
lives in the mountains of Peru.
F Easy

Lide, Alice A. Yinka-tu the Yak.
Viking, 1938. $2.00.
"Sifan lived in Tibet, that strange country
where bars of salt served as money, butter
fifty years old was considered a delicacy,
and the sticking out of the tongue was a
polite form of greeting . A lively pic-
ture of a little-known land."-Booklist. In-
terpretative drawings by Kurt Wiese.
F (W) Average

Lownsbery, Eloise. Marta the Doll.
Longmans, 1946. $2.00.
"Polish festivals and Polish legends are
the background for this gentle story of a
little girl and her doll. Traditionally dec-
orative illustrations give it added authen-
ticity."-N. Y. Public Library.
F (W) Easy

Masani, Shakuntala. Gandhi's Story.
Oxford, 1950. $2.50.
"The biography of the shy but lively boy,
who lived in a small Indian town, then
studied in England, grew up to be a crusader
in Africa and finally leader in India."-
Children's Catalog.
B (W) Advanced

Masani, Shakuntala. Nehru's Story.
Oxford, 1949. $2.50.
The story of Nehru from the time of his
boyhood to the present. Originally written
for the boys and girls of India.
B (W) Average

Mirsky, Reba Paeff. Thirty-One
Brothers and Sisters. Wilcox, 1952.
This story about Nomusa, daughter of a
Zulu chief, has its setting in the South
African veld. "A sympathetic, engrossing
story about a primitive civilization of to-
day."-Book Jacket. Winner of the Follett
P (W) Average

McSwigan, Marie. Snow Treasure.
Dutton, 1942. $2.50.
A story which is based on an actual hap-
pening in Norway in the early days of the
Nazi occupation.
F (W) Advanced
Mears, Helen. The First Book of
Japan. Watts, 1953. $1.75.
Japanese home life, customs, geography,
history, holidays, and industries are briefly
treated in this illustrated first book.
952 (W) Average
Morrow, Elizabeth C. Painted Pig.
Knopf, 1930. $2.00.
"Pita and her little brother Pedro lived


in Mexico. Pita had the most fascinating
painted China pig, with roses on his back and
a tiny rosebud on his tail. The story tells
what happened when Pedro wanted that pig
or one just exactly like it."-Book Review
F (W) Easy

Mukerji, Dhan Gopal. Kari, the Ele-
phant. Dutton, 1924. $2.25.
Jungle atmosphere permeates this story
of the growth and adventures of an Indian
elephant. By the author and publisher and
at the same price: Hari, the Jungle Lad.
F (W) Average

New World Neighbors Series. Heath.
$.48 each.
Life and customs of various countries
treated are included in these small, colorfully
illustrated books. Dependable authors. In-
cludes: Around the Year in Iceland (949.1);
Letters from Guatemala (972.81); Around the
Caribbean (972.9); Goucho's Daughter (982);
Rico, the Young Rancher (983); Boys of
the Andes; Along the Inca Highway (985);
Kimbi, Indian of the Jungle (986.6) ; Ex-
ploring the Jungle (988).

Olcott, Virginia. The World's Chil-
dren Series. Grossett. $1.25 each.
Six titles have been revised. Include pro-
nunciation and explanation of foreign words.
Includes: Adventures in France: the Story
of Jean and Franchon; Adventures in Hol-
land: the Story of Klaas and Jansje; Adven-
tures in Italy: the Story of Beppo and
Lucia; Adventures in Norway: the Story
of Olaf and Ane; Adventures in Sweden:
the Story of Erik and Britta; Adventures in
Switzerland: the Story of Anton and Frini.
All fiction.
F Easy

O'Neill, Hester. Picture Story of
Norway. McKay, 1951. $2.50.
"Norway's proud, honorable history from
ancient times to her courageous stand during
World War II, her efforts on behalf of world
peace, her contributions to science and indus-
try."-Children's Catalog. Also by this
author: Picture Story of Denmark (948.9)
Picture Story of Sweden (948.5).
948.1 Average

O'Neill, Sheila. Shaun and Sheila.
Caxton, 1950. $3.00.
With Shaun and Sheila, the leprechaun in
the churn and the fairies under the moon
make a delightful story of the "wee good
folk" of Ireland.
F Average

Parish, Helen R. At the Palace Gates.
Viking, 1949. $2.00.
"Present-day Lima is the background for
this story of Paco, nine-year-old Indian boy
from the hill country. Left alone in the
big city, Pedro's first concern was to elude
the 'Public Welfare', his second, to find
food and shelter. How the governor's vicunas
help him accomplish all this and more makes
an absorbing tale."-Library Journal.
F (W) Average

Prishvin, M. The Treasure Trove of
the Sun. Viking, 1952. $2.75.
The story of two Russian children in a
village where the peasants still live by habits
and traditions of many hundreds of years.
F (W) Average

Pyne, Mable (Mandeville). Little
History of the Wide World. Hough-
ton, 1947. $2.50.
"The history of the world in perspective
with full-color thumbnail sketches . from
its birth as a planet through World War
II."-Children's Catalog.
900 (W) Easy

Quinn, Vernon. Picture Map Geogra-
phy of Asia. Lippincott, 1946. $2.50.
"Like Vernon Quinn's other pictorial
geographies, this will be a valuable supple-
mentary aid in the classroom. The maps,
which show industries and crops, afford
great entertainment as well as much useful
information."-Horn Book. Others in series:
Picture Map Geography of Canada and
Alaska (917.1); Picture Map Geography of
Mexico, Central America, and the West In-
dies (917.2) ; Picture Map Geography of
South America (918); Picture Map Geogra-
phy of the Pacific Islands (919) ; Picture
Map Geography of Africa (960).

Ritchie, Alice. Treasure of Li-Po.
Harcourt, 1949. $2.00.
Six Chinese fairly tales. Humorous illus-
F (W) Average

Riwkin-Brick, Anna and Jannes, Elly.
Elle Kari. Macmillan, 1952. $2.00.
Small picture book showing the daily life
of a Lapp family from early spring to late
fall. Simple text has been translated from
the Swedish.
947.1 (W) Easy

Rodman, Maia. Market Day for Ti
Andrd. Viking, 1952. $2.00.
Ti Andre's trip from the high mountain
village of Haiti to Port-au-Prince is a very


special one. "It is an authentic and vivid
picture of the life and customs of a West
Indian island community."-Book Jacket.
F (W) Easy

Swayer, Ruth. The Least One. Hale,
(Cadmus), 1941. $1.68.
Story of a little Mexican boy who loved a
small gray burro.
F (W) Average

Stinetorf, Louise A. Children of
North Africa. Lippincott, 1943. $2.25.
"Twelve short stories about European chil-
dren or natives living in North Africa giv-
ing considerable attention to native life and
customs."-Book Review Digest. Companion
Volume, same author, publisher and price:
Children of South Africa.
F (W) Average

Seredy, ay Oa. Stone, Eugenia. Secret of
Seredy, Kate. Chestry Oak. Viking, Holiday, 1948. $2.25.
841 Q $2 50 K *

Michael is taken into an American family
after his father is killed by the Nazis in
F (W) Average

Seredy, Kate. Good Master. Viking,
1935. $2.50.
Customs and festivals of the Hungarian
people are brought out in a colorful story of
a Budapest girl who goes to live on her
uncle's farm.
F (W) Average

Singh, R. Lal and Lownsbery, Eloise.
Gift of the Forest. Hale, (Cadmus),
1942. $1.29.
The story of Bim, a little Hindu boy, and
a Royal Bengal tiger kitten.
F (W) Average

Sondergaard, Arensa. They Went Ex-
ploring. Hale, (Cadmus), 1942. $1.62.
Brief stories of discovery and exploration
from the time of the Bhoenicians through
the Polar expeditions of Byrd.
910 (W) Average

Sperry, Armstrong. Call It Courage.
Macmillan, 1940. $2.50.
Based on a Polynesian legend, this is the
story of a chief's son who feared the sea.
Dramatic action in words and pictures New-
bery Award winner. Other stories of the
South Sea islands by the same author: One
Day with Jambi in Sumatra; One Day with
F (W) Average

Spyri, Johanna. Heidi. Hale, (Cad-
mus), 1923. $1.14.
Heidi is a delightful children's story of
life in the Alps. Well known as a chil-
dren's classic.
F (W) Average

Stein, Evaleen. Gabriel and the Hour
Book. Page, 1906. $2.00.
"Story of a French peasant boy who
helped Brother Stephen illuminate a book
given by Louis XII to Lady Anne of
Bretagne."-N. Y. State Library.
F (W) Advanced

the Boy.

help when misfortune comes to their Irish
help when misforune comes to their Irish
F (W) Average

Streatfield, Noel. The Picture Story
of Britain. Bell, 1951. $3.00.
A close-up look at the United Kingdom -
its history, traditions, and people, illustrated
by Ursula Koering.
942 (W) Average

Strong, Joanna and Leonard, Tom B.
A Treasury of the World's Great
Heroines. Hart, 1951. $2.50.
Rather sketchy stories of many famous
920 Average

Stucliff, Rosemary. The Armourer's
House. Oxford, 1952. $2.50.
Eight-year-old Tamsyn Caunter leaves her
Devon home to live in London with her
uncle, a master armourer. Interesting details
of English life during the reign of Henry
VIII. Also: Queen Elizabeth Story.
F Average

Syme, Ronald. Champlain of the St.
Lawrence. Morrow, 1952. $2.50.
The story of Samuel de Champlain's
journey across the North Atlantic and how
after long years of struggle, he establishes
New France and opens up the vast interior
of North America to Europeans.
B (W) Advanced

Syme, Ronald. Magellan, First
Around the World. Morrow, 1953.
Tells how Magellan overcame storms, mu-
tiny, and starvation and, finally, of the re-
turn of eighteen of his seamen to Spain
to prove that their captain had been right.
B Average

Thomas, Margaret L. The Burro's
Moneybag. Abingdon, 1947. $1.50.
Pedro wants a burro so badly that he
works at many things to fill the moneybag
with pesos for his purchase. Colorful de-


scriptions of the country in and about
Mexico City.
F (W) Average

Tor Regina. Getting to Know Korea.
Coward, 1953. $2.25.
A picture-story book about the people of
Korea, past and present. A simple sketch of
the country includes weather, crops and
geographical features. Indexed.
951.9 Easy

Treffinger, Carolyn. Li Lun, Lad of
Courage. Abingdon, 1947. $2.50.
A story of a Chinese lad who refuses to
go on his first fishing voyage. A stirring
account of his courage on a lonely island
off the coast of China.
F (W) Advanced

Urbahns, Estelle. The Little Red
Dragon. Dutton, 1947. $1.75.
"Charming story of a Chinese boy with
'beauty--making fingers.' A sequel to The
Tangled Web. Story is brief but has adven-
ture, beauty and suspense and high ideals
in the Chinese manner. Recommended for
fourth and fifth graders."-Library Journal.
F (W) Average

Van Stockum, Hilda. Gerrit and the
Organ. Hale, (Cadmus), 1943. $1.14.
Adventures of a little Dutch boy, his
grandfather, the toymaker, and others in
Amsterdam in the 1890's.
F (W) Average

Van Stockum, Hilda. Day on Skates.
Hale, (Cadmus), 1934. $1.32.
The story of a Dutch picnic. "A charm-
ingly illustrated and well told story of an
all-day skating tour."-N. Y. Public Library.
F Average

Van Stockum, Hilda. The Cottage at
Bantry Bay. Hale, (Cadmus), 1938.
The O'Sullivans live in a little cottage
in Ireland. When father sprains his ankle,
a series of interesting incidents happen.
F (W) Advanced

Vreeland, Alida. Lars and Lisa in
Sweden. American, 1950. $2.00.
The story of Lars and Lisa as they par-
ticipate in traditional festivals of Sweden.
Explanations of holiday customs are given
by the grown-ups.
F (W) Average

Weir, Ruth Cromen. Leif Ericson Ex-
plorer. Abingdon, 1951. $1.50.
"The tale of Lief's boyhood in Iceland

and Greenland . and of his fateful trip
of exploration to the rich new land of the
West."-Children's Catalog.
B (W) Average

Werner, Elsa Jane. The Golden Geog-
raphy. Simon, 1952. $3.95.
Basic geographical information helps child
understand concepts such as night and day,
the seasons and topographical representations
of the earth. Well illustrated. Giant book.
910 (W) Average

Whipple, Gertrude anl James, Pres-
ton Everett. Using Our Earth. Mac-
millan, 1947. $2.00.
"Shows how the land has been changed
and improved since the coming of the white
man. Useful information on fishing, farm-
ing, cattle raising, and transportation."-
910 (W) Average

Andrews, Mary E. Messenger by
Night. Longmans, 1953. $2.75.
A story of a young native of the Island
of Rhodes and his resistance to the enemy
when the island was occupied by German and
Italian troups during World War II, how he
pointed out the invaders' arms cache to
Allied planes and how he, when the time
came, took a coded message over the haz-
ardous route to the coast.
F (W) Average

Andrews, Roy Chapman. Quest in
the Desert. Viking, 1950. $2.50.
An accountt of an American expedition in
1920 in the Gobi desert region. The leader,
Benton, and the strong Alsatian wolfhound,
Wolf, find that in order to push into the
great wild waste they must be on constant
guard against the attacks of marauding Chi-
nese bandits and power-mad local chiefs..."-
F (W) Advanced

Bagnold, Enid. National Velvet.
Monow, 1949. $3.00.
Story of "how Velvet Brown won a pie-
bald horse on a village lottery and rode him
in the Grand National Steeplechase."-Cleve-
F (W) Average

Beard, Charles A. and Bagley, W. C.
Elementary World History. Macmil-
lan, 1932. $1.76.
Although limited on material for modern
times because it only covers up to 1932, much
useful information on world background is
940 (W) Average


Beers, Lorna. The Book of Hugh
Flower. Harper, 1952. $2.50.
Story, set in England in the year 1410,
tells of a sixteen-year-old boy, a newly sworn
member of the Masons' Guild, and his ex-
periences in practicing the skill of masonry,
his adventures with a jealous fellow mason,
and his development nito a stoneworker of
great imagination and skill. A graphic con-
trast between the artist, a perfectionist, and
the slipshod person who is satisfied with
F (W) Average

Benary-Isbert, Margot. The Ark.
Harcourt, 1953. $2.50.
The efforts of a German family to stay
alive and re-establish a home amid the ruins
of the defeated country. A story of adversity
and courage that gives a realistic picture of
the terrible aftermath of war in a defeated
F (W) Average

Bennett, John. Master Skylark. Gros-
sett, n. d. $1.00.
"In Shakespeare's town a boy is kidnapped
and goes to London, where he not only meets
Will Shakespeare himself, but is taken to
sing before Queen Elizabeth . "-Toronto.
F (W) Average

Block, Irvin. The Real Book About
the Mounties. Doubleday, 1952. $2.00.
A spirited and basically authentic account
of gallant exploits of the Royal Canadian
Mounted Police in patrolling plains and
Arctic regions of Canada during pioneer
times and in aiding the enforcement of
Canadian law today. Written with suspense,
short sentence structure, fairly simple vocab-
971 (W) Easy

Bothwell, Jean. Story of India. Har-
court, 1952. $3.00.
"An informal portrayal of India which
gives a vivid sense of the land, the people,
their backgrounds and contemporary life."-
Combined Book Exhibit.
915.9 (W) Average

Borden, Charles A. He Sailed With
Captain Cook. Crowell, 1952. $2.75.
True story of a penniless boy who rose
to be midshipman to one of the greatest
sailors who ever lived. England's greatest
navigator, Captain James Cook. All the
hardship in the eighteenth century is pic-
tured here.
F (W) Average

Bro, Marguerite. Su-Meis' Golden
Year. Doubleday, 1950. $2.50.
"Su-Meis and her best friends help to

preserve the wheat crop and save their vil-
lage from famine in this story of Chinese
life."-Children's Catalog.
F (W) Average

Busoni, Rafaello. Stanley's Africa.
Viking, 1944. $3.50.
"The legend of Africa, her peoples and
their cultures, emerge in this authentic ac-
count of Stanley's explorations. Text and
illustrations are informal . "-N. Y.
Public Library.
960 (W) Average

Carpenter, Frances. Our South Amer-
ican Neighbors. Amer. Book, 1950.
A geographical reader, well illustrated with
maps, many photographs, and 12 pages of
pictorial charts. Arranged in four units.
980 (W) Average

Coblenz, Catherine. Beggars' Penny.
Longmans, 1943. $2.50.
"The story of three children a typical
Dutch boy of the established catholic faith;
a refuge Jewish boy; and a Dutch protestant
girl . "-Hutting.
F (W) Average

Coffman, Ramon P. Famous Kings
and Queens for Young People. Dodd,
1947. $2.50.
A reprint of a book published in 1947
by A. S. Barnes. Biographies from Tutank-
hamen to Queen Victoria.
920 (W) Average

Colman, Elizabeth. Portugal, Wharf
of Europe. Scribner, 1944. $1.75.
"A brief introduction to Portugal's history,
people, and country, especially Lisbon and
the fishing and wine growing districts. A
final chapter mentions Portugal's place in the
world at war and in the post-war world."-
946.9 (W) Average

Coolidge, Olivia E. Trojan War.
Houghton, 1952. $3.00.
"A retelling of the origin and progress of
the Trojan War based on Greek sources. It
includes the fall of Troy and the return of
the heroes."-Children's Catalog.
" . .Using stories from the 'Ilaid,'
'Odyssey' and mythology, Mrs. Coolidge has
woven a consecutive, unified narative."-Li-
brary Journal.
939 (W) Average

Cormack, Maribelle. Wind of the
Vikings. Hale, (Cadmus), 1937. $1.68.
"A story of the Orkney Isles off the north


coast of Scotland, and exploration of a hid-
den cave that led to the discovery of lost
Viking treasure.
F (W) Average

Cotler, Joseph. Heroes of Civilization.
Little, 1931. $3.00.
"Here are recounted the achievements of
35 people who wanted to do something worth-
while in life and who succeeded in their
chosen fields exploration, science, inven-
tion, biology, and medicine . "-Pitts-
920 (W) Average

Crockett, Lucy Herndon. Pong
Choolie, You Rascal - Holt, 1951.
"Written from the first hand experience
and research and based on the present Korean
conflict While the story centers on the
activities of a South Korean boy and his
attachment to the American soldiers, the
book is filled with customs, superstittions,
wise sayings, folklore, religion, and local
color of Korea."-Children's Catalog.
F (W)

Dalglish, Alice. Wings Around Amer-
ica. Scribner, 1941. $3.00.
"Lovely water colors and clever live draw-
ings make vivid the highlights of their
journey as told by Miss Dalglish with sym-
pathy and appreciation."-Horn Book.
980 (W) Average

Dehkes, Evelyn S. The Young Viking
Warrior. Bobbs-Merrill, 1953. $2.50.
One of the "Stories of Children in Great
Times of History" group. A story of Olav
in the ninth century who stayed at home to
run the farm while his father went to the
king's court, and how he solved the problem
of the evil raiders, which accomplishment led
him eventually to the king's court also. Olav
was of the breed that sailed the Atlantic
long before Columbus.
F Average

Eaton, Jeanette. Betsy's Napoleon.
Morrow, 1952. $3.00.
Romantic history, authentic, based on
diaries, of a girl's friendship with Napoleon
while he was imprisoned at Elba. Well-writ-
ten junior novel, particularly appealing to
F Average

Ekrem, Selma. Turkey, Old and New.
Scribner, 1947. $2.75.
"The customs, history, geography and daily
life of the people in a little-known land are
all described with details by one who is
Turkish. Scenes out of her own childhood

add to the interest. Illustrated with photo-
graphs. Map on lining papers."-Children's
956.1 (W) Average

Evans, Edwin B. Scandinavia. Holi-
day, 1948. $1.75.
"Here is an account of four countries that
have long winters and short summers, lim-
ited resources, but no slums. Scandinavians -
a hearty, hard-working, regular people have
made democracy practicable, individualistic,
and joyous."-Children's Catalog.
948 (W) Average

Foster, Genevieve. Augustus Caesar's
World. Scribner, 1947. $3.50.
A story of ideas and events from B. C.
44 to 14 A.D. "Picture of a colorful empire
which at the time covered much of the known
world. The period dealt with is just pre-
ceding the birth of Christ, and just following.
with the advent of Christianity making an
important turning point in the world-wide
political structure."-Children's Catalog.
930 (W) Average

French, Henry Willard. Lance of
Kanana. Lothrop, 1932. $1.50
"How the brave Bedouin boy, Kanana,
gave his life to save the Arabians from the
hand of their enemies."-Pittsburgh.
F (W) Average

Garrard, Phillis. The Book of Rolf.
Bobbs-Merrill, 1952. $2.75.
A story of very human boy who lived in
England's Middle Ages. He was a Norman
lordling, suddenly transplanted to an English
manor, and became a student at the monas-
tery school. An teresting story with a mod-
ern spirit.
F Average

Gatti, Attilio. Mediterranean Spot-
lights. Scribner, 1944. $2.75.
"In the book the reader is introduced to
Crete, Greece, many historic islands of the
Cyclades, Gibraltar, Malta, Palestine, Sicily,
and Italy, itself."-Children's Cat.
940 (W) Average

Gatti, Ellen Morgan (Waddill) and
Gatti, Attilio. Here Is Africa. Scrib-
ner, 1943. $3.00.
This book of travel includes maps and
many photographs taken by the authors on
the ten expeditions they have made to Africa.
960 (W) Advanced

Gordy, Wilbur F. America Beginning
in Europe. rev. ed. Scribner, 1936.
"Tells the story of human progress largely


thru pictures, descriptions, and illustrative
incidents, in order to give impressions of
how and when many of our ideas, arts, dis-
coveries and inventions had their origins."-
Children's Cat.
940 (W) Easy

Gray, Elizabeth Janet. Beppy Mar-
lowe of Charles Town. Viking, 1936.
"Beppy's arrival in Charles Town and the
return to England provides a story of ex-
citement and interest. Others highly recom-
mended: Megy Macintosh; Sandy.
F (W) Average

Hall, Jennie. Buried Cities. Macmil-
lan, 1922. $2.50.
"Describes the early life and excavations
of Pompeii, Olympia, and Mycenae. A story
precedes the account of Pompeii and of
Olympia, while the chapter on Mycenae in-
cludes an account of the work of Dr. Schlie-
mann. Most valuable are the many pictures
and accompanying text that will give children
an idea of the excavation and reconstruction
of these buried cities."-Booklist.
930 (W) Average

Hammond, Ralph. pseudd.) Island
Peril. Westminster, 1953. $2.50.
An adventure tale laid in England and
Norway. A boy follows his uncle to Norway
from which he has disappeared. He sailed
the boat, landed, and searched for his uncle.
The mystery of his disappearance is solved.
F (W) Average

Harold J. Christophe. Joan, Maid of
France. Aladdin, 1952. $3.00.
Based on authentic contemporary docu-
ments, fascinating, well-written, easy-to-read.
The story of a young girl's inability to accept
B (W) Easy

Harnett, Cynthia. Nicholas and the
Wool-Pack. Putnam, 1953. $2.75.
An adventure story of the Middle Ages
told against the background of the wool pro-
ducing and weaving industry in the Cotswald
country of England in the 15th century.
Winner of the Carnegie Medal in England
for the best children's book of 1951.
F Average

Hartman, Gertrude. Medieval Days
and Ways. Macmillan, 1937. $4.00.
"This description of medieval life is given
in clear and simple but picturesque language
and covers all phases of the time in Eu-
ruope . More material is taken from
English life than any other, but conditions
peculiar to the continental countries are not
neglected."-Horn Book.
940.1 (W) Average

Hawes, Charles Boardman. Dark
Frigate. Little, 1934. $2.50.
John Newberry award. This is the story
of Philip Marsham who lived in the time of
King Charles. Also recommended: The Muti-
neers. Little, 1941. $2.50.
F (W) Average

Helmerick's, Bud. Oolak's Brother.
Little, 1953. $2.75.
Bob and Jeanie Hamilton spend a winter
on the rim of the Arctic with an Eskimo
family. The author describes what you would
eat, how you travel, what kind of house you
would build and live in, and how it would
be furnished. He explains equipment, cloth-
ings, methods of hunting and fishing. Good
line drawings.
979.8 (W) Average

Hewes, Agnes. Boy of the Lost Cru-
sade. Houghton, 1923. $2.50.
Robert Arnot, a little French boy, joins
the Children's Crusade, by good fortune he
reaches the Holy Land and finds his cru-
sader father whom he has gone to seek. By
same author: Spice and the Devil's Cave.
F (W) Average

Hillyear, V. M. A Child's Geography
of the World. 1929. Rev. by Edward
G. Huey. Appleton, 1951. $5.00.
Author lays a foundation of interest and
knowledge that will make the child eager and
able to travel with some inkling of what there
is to see in the world when he grows up.
910 (W) Average

Hillyer, Virgil Mores. Child's History
of the World. Appleton, 1951. $5.00.
"This outline history for young children
tells epoch by epoch what has happened, and
not by countries as is the usual way of
texts."-Right Book for the Right Child.
900 (W) Advanced

Jenkins, William E. Okinawa: Isle
of Smiles. Bookman, 1951. $2.50.
An informal photographic study of the im-
portant Pacific island showing and describing
the island's beauty, and the distinctive culture
and philosophy of the Okinawan people. More
than 275 photographs with descriptive text.
990 Average

Kalashnikoff, Nicholas. The Defend.-
er Scribner, 1951. $2.00.
"The story of children and adults in lone-
ly Siberian Country, the keynote of which is
the understanding that existed between Furgen
and a herd of wild rams in his care . "-
Children's Catalog.
F (W) Average


Kelly, Eric P. Trumpeter of Krakow. graphic description of the Chinese, their wit
Macmillan, 1928. $2.75. and wisdom.
F (W) Average

Lewis, Elizabeth. Young Fu of the
Upper Yangtze. Winston, 1932. $2.50.
Describes the adventures of Young Fu, a
country boy, who goes to live with his mother
in Chungking and becomes apprenticed to a
master coppersmith. Also recommended: Ho-

Ming, Girl of New China.
F (W)


Newbery Award winner. A story of mys-
tery and adventure in Poland. Historically
accurate. Others recommended: Amazing
Journey of David Ingram: At the Sign of
the Golden Cross: From Star to Star.
F (W) Average

Kelly, Regina Z. Young Geoffrey
Chaucer. Lothrop, 1952. $3.00.
"His boyhood adventures, his student days
at Oxford, his romantic training as a page
at court."-Subtitle. The probable life of
Geoffrey Chancer and a social and historical
background of his time.
B (W) Average

Kennedy, Jean W. Here Is India.
Scribner, 1945. $2.75.
Contents: Day in India; People and Cli-
mate: Religions and the Caste System: Typical
Indian Town; Pilgrimages; How India Makes
a Living: Five Thousand Years of India;
Present Government of India.
954 (W) Average

Kent, Louise. He Went with Christo-
pher Columbus. Houghton, 1940.
Peter is sent to Spain by his uncles who
plot his death in order to inherit his estate.
Meeting Columbus, his future is assured.
Others recommended, same author, publisher,
price: He Went with Marco Polo; He Went
with Vasco Da Gama; He Went with Magel-
F (W) Average

Lands and Peoples Series. Holiday,
1947. $1.25 each.
Facts, figures, cultural aspects of the
countries treated. Geography, history, artistic
contribution. Reference type. Series includes:
Germany: Oceania; Australia; Italy; Mexico;
France: Dutch East Indies & Philippines;
Scandinavia; Palestine; Russia; Yugoslavia;
British Isles; Japan; Low Countries; Egypt.
Illustrated with photographs.

Lawrence, Isabelle. Gift of the Gold-
en Cup: A Tale of Rome and Pirates.
Bobbs, 1946. $2.50.
A graphically recreated account of ancient
Rome. Other recommended books by the same
author are: The Theft of the Golden Rings;
The Night Watch.
F Average

Lewis, Elizabeth. China Quest. Hale,
(Cadmus), 1937.
A story of the adventures of an American

boy in China and his Chinese friend and a the dawn of civilization to the coming of

Lownsbery, Eloise. Boy Knight of
Reims. Houghton, 1927. $2.75.
"A vivid picture of Reims in the fifteenth
century, with its craftsmen making wonder-
ful things in gold and silver, in rich em-
broideries, in stained glass, and in carvings
in wood and stone."-Sat. Rev. of Lit.
F (W) Average

Lynch, Patricia. The Boy at the
Swinging Lantern. Bentley, 1953.
Against a background of Irish mystery
and enchantment a story is told of a small
boy of Irish bog-land and his search for a
lost inheritance in the greater world of Kil-
dore. Irish characters graphically portrayed.
F Average

Lynch, Patricia. Grania of Castle
O'Hara. Page, 1952. $2.50.
An Irish story about a girl, talented in
drawing, who lived with her aunt. Grania
entered a strange family circle at Castle
F Average

Malvern, Gladys. Behold Your Queen.
Longmans, 1951.
"The story set in the background of
ancient Persia, tells of live and courage...."
Children's Catalog.
F (W) Average

Meadowcroft, Enid L. Gift of the
River: A History of Ancient Egypt.
Crowell, 1937. $2.50.
"A history of the first really civilized
people, the Egyptians, written for and adapted
to younger readers. Quotations from original
sources and illustrations from Egyptian ma-
terial increase the effectiveness of the book.
The time covered is from earliest records to
the downfall of old Egypt."-Wis. Bul.
932 (W) Easy

Mills, Dorothy. Book of the Ancient
World for Younger Readers. Putnam,
1923. $2.65.
An account of our common heritage from


the Greeks. "After introduction giving a
resume of what is known of prehistoric times,
it begins with Egypt . .and takes up
successively the Assyrians, Babylonians, He-
brews, Hittites, Persians, and Phoenicians.
Maps, illustrations, chronological chart and
index."-Book Review Digest.
930 (W) Average

Mukerjii, Dhan. Gay Neck. Dutton,
1927. $2.50.
"The thrilling story of a carrier pigion
who begins life in Calcutta, goes to France
.and eventually returns to his young
master in India."-St. Louis.
F (W) Average

Nevins, Albert. The Adventures of
Pancho of Peru. Dodd, 1953. $2.75.
Two teen-agers join forces to search out
a lost treasure of silver. Adventures in
South America.
F Average
Nordhoff, Charles and Hall, James.
Falcons of France. Little, 1929. $3.00.
"An American youth's adventures in the
Lafayette Flying Corps during the first
World War . they write with authenticity
and often fine and moving sympathy of the
life, fortunes and misfortunes of men in
training, in action or in prison camps."-
N. Y. Libraries.
F (W) Average

Norton, Alice. Scarface. Harcourt,
1948. $2.75.
"A well-written, stirring tale of piracy in
the West Indies."-Booklist.
F (W) Average

Owen, Russell. The Conquest of the
North and South Poles; Adventures
of the Peary and Byrd Expeditions.
Hale, 1952. $1.68.
The story of the explorers and the explora-
tions to the North and South poles. The
life of the explorers and Eskimos and the
hardships are portrayed. A Landmark Book.
998 (W) Average

Owen, Ruth Bryan. Denmark Cara-
van. Dodd, 1936. $2.50.
"In a motor caravan as shipshape as a
yacht Mrs. Owen explores Denmark with
children who are receptive to a country they
already know through Anderson's fairy
tales . "-N. Y. Public Library. Line
drawings by Marc Simont, Danish Artist.
948.9 (W) Average

Paxton, S. H. The Dragon in New
Albion. Little, 1953. $2.75.
The dragon of this story is Francis Drake,

admiral in Queen Elizabeth's navy, whom the
Spaniards called El Drague. A story of a
shipwreck on the California coast. Adven-
ture with Indians.
F Average

Portraits of a Nation Series. Lippin-
cott, 1944. $2.50 each.
Well-written, illustrated with photographs.
Dependable information. Series includes:
Land of William Tell (949.4); Land of Joan
of Arc (944) ; Land of the Russian People
(947); Land of the English People (942);
Land and People of Sweden (948.9); Land
of the Italian People (945) ; Land and People
of Greece (938) ; Land of the Chinese People
(951); Land and People of Japan (952);
Land of the Polish People (943.8); Land of
William of Orange (949.2).
(W) Average

Pratt, Helen G. In Hawaii: A Hun-
dred Years. Scribner, 1939. $2.88.
"The last hundred years of Hawaiian his-
tory. The author begins with life in old
Hawaii and traces the gradual development
of the Hawaii of the present, showing the
influence of the missionaries in this develop-
ment."-Book Review Digest.
996.9 (W) Average

Rankin, Louise. Daughter of the
Mountains. Viking, 1948. $2.50.
"Story of Tibetan girl who makes a long
journey from her wild mountain home to
the coast of India to try to find her dog
that has been stolen . "-Children's Cata-
log. Others recommended: Swallowdale;
Swallows and the Amazons; We Didn't Mean
to Go to Sea.
F (W) Easy

Rothery, Agnes E. Scandinavian
Roundabout. Dodd, 1946. $2.75.
"Describes Norway and Sweden and tells
of their fishing, farmers and kings, schools
and sports, forests and factories . "-
A.L.A. Also recommended, by the same
author are: Italian Roundabout (945) ; Ice-
land Roundabout (949.1).
948 (W) Average

Shippen, Katherine. New Found
World. Viking, 1945. $3.50.
"A history of Latin America with partic-
ular attention paid to Peru, Mexico, Argen-
tina, Brazil, and Haiti. Final chapters deal
with affairs of the present and with the
culture of the country. Explorers and patriots
also included."-Children's Catalog.
980 (W) Advanced

Shore, Maxine. The Captive Princess.
Longman's, 1952. $3.00.
Through years of warfare and suffering, as


the people of southern Britain try to drive
out the Roman invaders, the captives are
taken on the long, cruel trek to Rome.
F (W) Average

Spencer, Cornelia. Seven Thousand
Islands: The Story of the Philippines.
Aladdin, 1951. $2.00.
Told partly from the viewpoint of a boy,
partly from that of journalist and U. N.
leader Carlos P. Romulos. Tells of the com-
ing of the Americans, what they did for the
Filipinos, the great struggle for independence,
granted in due time, and the part played by
the Filipinos in the Battle of the Pacific
when the people of the U. S. and of the
Philippines stood as brothers.
991.4 Easy

Sperry, Armstrong. Thunder Coun-
try. Macmillan, 1952. $2.75.
Story of a trip into the "Thunder Country"
of Venezuela in search of rare bird specimens.
Other recommended books by the same author:
Black Falcon: a Story of Piracy and Old
New Orleans; Danger to Windward; Hull-
down for Action; Rain Forest; Storm Can-
F (W) Average

Tappan, Eva M. Story of the Greek
People: An Elementary History of
Greece. Houghton, 1908. $1.96.
"Not only are the chief historical events
described, but the customs of the people and
their manner of living and thinking are
pictured and the great masters of art and
literature connected with the times in which
they lived."-Booklist.
938 (W) Easy

Tappan, Eva M. Story of the Roman
People. Houghton, 1910. $1.96.
"Good elementary history, carrying the
story from Aeneas to the fall of the western
empire, with slight references to the fall
of the eastern. Many of the illustrations are
from paintings, statues, and antique draw-
937 (W) Easy

Tappan, Eva M. When Knights Were
Bold. Houghton, 1911. $3.50.
"Spirited and interesting picture of life
in castles and manors, monasteries and towns
during the middle ages. The description of
the customs of knights is especially full.
Many illustrations from contemporary pic-
tures."-N. Y. State Lib.
940.1 (W) Advanced

Stefansson, Evelyn. Here Is Alaska. Thorne, Thomsen, Gudrun. In Nor-

Scribner, 1943. $2.75.
"From first hand knowledge of Alaska
Mrs. Stefansson presents a comprehensive pic-
ture of the country of extremes of the
very old and the very new, of ancient Eskimo
and Indian cultures and of modern gold
mining and fisheries."-Bookmark.
979.8 (W) Average

Streatfield, ...Noel. Skating Shoes.
Random, 1951. $2.75.
"The story of Lalla, shy little English
girl, who loves skating and is being trained
as a professional skater by her mother."-
Retail Bookseller. Other recommended books
by the same author: Ballet Shoes, Circus
Shoes, and Theater Shoes.
F Average

Talbot, Godfrey, and Thomas, Wyn-
ford V. Royalty Annual. Bentley,
6953. $2.95.
Lavishly illustrated book about the British
Royal Family. Presents personal studies of
young Elizabeth and those near her around
the throne, a diary of the Royal Year, a
tribute to the memory of King George the
Sixth, an illustrated record of his funeral,
and a look ahead at the coronation.
B Average

way. Viilng, 1948. $3.UU.
"The author was brought up on Norway
and spent years there before writing this
book. In it she has gathered the rich back-
ground of history, traditions, and colorful
family life which is Norway and she has
added an account of post-war life."-Horn
948 (W) Average

Treble, Henry A., and Wertz, Albert
E. Everyday Life in Rome in the Time
of Caesar and Cicero. Oxford, 1930.
"This little book is intended primarily for
young pupils beginning the study of Latin,
but the illustrations and simple text will
attract any reader who is interested in the
period. Subjects discussed include amuse-
ments, social customs, military organizations,
religion, festivals, and law. The facts are
presented in line with modern archaeological
research."-Children's Catalog.
937 (W) Average

Vance, Marguerite. Marie Antoinette,
Daughter of an Empress. Dutton,
1950. $2.50.
"The story of the charming, willful, and
tragic Queen of France has been told espe-
cially for girls of 12-15."-Retail Booksellers.
B (W) Average


Waldeck, Theodore J. On Safari.
Viking, 1940. $2.50.
"A semi-biographical account of the high
spots of Waldeck's three journeys to Africa
as a scientist and photographer. The author
has a genuine enthusiasm for animals and
for the unknown. This interest is expressed
in vigorous, highly entertaining prose."-
Library Journal.
960 (W) Average

Wilbur, Susan W. Egypt and the
Suez Canal. Wheeler, 1940. $2.40.
"A Burton Holmes travel story of Cairo
and the country beyond, to the second cataract
and the Suez. The information is full and
clear, covering the history, archaeology, cus-
toms and sights of the land of the Nile, and
the book is made attractive by Holmes' fine
962 (W) Average

World Landmark Series. Hale. $1.68
A new series, similar to American Land-
mark series, but intended to emphasize world
history. Titles to be available in fall, 1953:
The R.A.F. and the Blitz of London; Mary,
Queen of Scots; Royal Canadian Mounted
Police: First Men in the World: Joan of
Arc; Man Who Changed China, Story of
Sun-Yat-Sen; Battle of Waterloo: Novels of
Marco Polo; Alexander the Great; King
Arthur and His Knights.

Grades 10-12

Adams, Nicholson Barney. The Her-
itage of Spain. Holt, 1943. $4.00.
"History, music, literature and art are
914.6 (W) Advanced

Austen, Jane. Pride and Prejudice.
World, 1946. $1.50.
The Rainbow classics edition, edited by
May Lamberton Becker, is authoritative and
has illustrations attractive to young people,
many of them in color.
F (W) Advauced

Blackmon, Richard L. Doddridge.
Lorna Doone. Dodd, $2.95.
Romance laid in the England of the 17th
Century. A classic with high school appeal.
F (W) Advanced

Bocca, Geoffrey. Elizabeth and Phil-
ip. Holt, 1953. $3.50.
Of great interest at this time. Well writ-
ten, authentic.
B (W) Average

Bonnet, Theodore. The Mudlark. Gar-
den City, 1949. $1.49.
Through the eyes of a little London raga-
muffin, Victorian England, especially the per-
sonality of Disraeli, is portrayed.
F (W) Average

Bronte, Charlotte. Jane Eyre. World,
1946. $1.50.

Rainbow classics edition, illustrated by Nell
Booker in exciting water colors and pen
sketches. Attractive size and format for
high school age. Other editions are: Dodd,
$2.95; Oxford, $3.00.
F (W) Advanced

Bronte, Emily. Wuthering Heights.
World, 1947. $1.50.
"Each generation grows up and there is
Wuthering Heights waiting for a few . .
to claim it passionately for their own."-
Becker. The Rainbow classics edition, at-
tractively illustrated, will appeal to young
people. Other good editions published by:
Dodd, $2.95; Heritage, $5.00.
F (W) Advanced

Brown, Lillian. I Married a Dinos-
saur. Dodd, 1950. $3.00.
"Reminiscences of the author's early mar-
ried life among the fossils and native peculi-
arities of the jungles of India and Burma
with her husband . a naturalist."-Retail
954 (W) Average

Bryant, Chester. The Lost Kingdom.
Messner, 1952. $2.75.
Jungle life in modern India vividly and
accurately portrayed. Recommended for
general excellence and for understanding other
people and cultures.
F (W) Average

Bullen, Frank Thomas. The Cruise of
the Cachalot.
"The description of an English boy of
the stirring life on a new Bedford whaler,
including adventures of the South Seas."-
Standard Cat. for H. S. Libraries.
910.45 (W) Average

Byrd, Richard. Discovery. Putnam,
1936. $3.75.
An exciting story of the second Byrd
antarctic expedition.
999 Average

Carr, Albert H. Z. Men of Power.
Viking, 1940. $2.50.
A book about the dictators: Richelieu,
Cromwell, Napoleon, Bolivor, Bismarck,
Mussolini, Stalin and Hitler.
920 (W) Average


Cervantes, Saavedra Miguel de. Ad-
ventures of Don Quixote.
Giving a true insight into the life and
manners of 16th century Spain, this book is
full of ludicrous adventure. Translated and
shortened for English readers. Some recom-
mended editions are: Heritage, $6.50; Mac-
millan, $3.75; Dodd, $2.75.
F (W) Average

Coatsworth, Elizabeth. The Last Fort.
Winston, 1952. $2.75.
An exciting story of the French voyagers
and the desperate search for land not under
English rule. Good character development.
"Land of the Free" Series.
F (W) Average

Crawford, Marion. Little Princesses.
Harcourt, 1950. $3.50.
Governess and friend of Elizabeth and
Margaret from their childhood, the author
tells the intimate story of the world behind
palace walls.
B (W) Average

Cross, John Keir. The Stolen Sphere.
Dutton, 1953. $2.75.
"The Fortune family were all trapeze
artists in London. A magician is suspected
of theft of the model of the satellite planets.
The Government's top secret experiment with
inter-planetary travel."
F Average

Davis, William Stearns. Life on a
Medieval Barony. Harper, 1923. $4.00.
A picture of a typical feudal community
in the 13th Century.
940.1 (W) Average

Davis, William Stearns. Day in Old
Rome. Allyn, 1925. $3.32.
Gives general aspects of daily life and
customs, religion, government. Author's book,
Day in Old Athens (o/p 1952) is good, if
937 (W) Average

Dickens, Charles. David Copperfield.
Dodd. $2.92.
Other books by Dickens important in high
school collections are: Oliver Twist; Tale of
Two Cities.
F (W) Advanced

Dilts, Marion May. Pageant of Jap-
anese History. (rev.). Longmans,
1947. $4.00.
"A beautiful illustrated brief history of
Japan and its culture from the Stone Age
to 1947. Readable and informative . "-
952 (W) Average

Douglas, William Orville. Strange
Lands and Friendly People. Harper,
1951. $4.00.
"Justin Douglas' report of his trips in
1949 and 1950-51, through Persia, Greece,
Israel, India, and the Arab and Moslem
states. He transcribes, talks with tribesmen
and officials, describes their way of life, and
seeks the answer to communist strength in
950 (W) Advanced

Dumas, Alexander. Count of Monte
Cristo. McGraw. $5.00.
Most famous of the author's books. Another
high adventure story is: Three Musketeers.
Dodd, $2.95 (Great Illustrated Classics).
F (W) Average
Eaton, Jeanette. David Livingston,

Foe of Darkness. Morrow, 1947.
The story of the hazardous adventures of
an explorer, scientist, and teacher who trav-
eled in Africa for many years.
B (W) Average

Eaton, Jeanette. Gandhi; fighter
without a sword. Morrow, 1950.
"Gandhi died a martyr's death, after giv-
humanity a lesson in brotherhood and
peace."-McClurg Book News.
B (W) Average

Eyre, Katherine Wigmore. The Song
of a Thrush. Oxford, 1952. $3.00.
The love story of Margaret and Richard
Plantagenat, orphans and outcasts of Richard
III. Good story of court intrigue and the
battle between the Tudors and the Plantag-
enets. Excellent style.
F (W) Average

Faulkner, John Meade. Moonfleet.
Little, 1951. $3.50.
A tale of smugglers and hidden treasure
in 1750 along the south coast of England. In
style of Treasure Island. High Adventure.
F (W) Advanced

Follett, Mrs. Helen. Islands on
Guard. Scribner, 1943. $2.75.
"The history, geography, and present-day
life in the West India, embellished with fine
972.9 (W) Average

Follett, Mrs. Helen. Ocean Outposts.
(rev.). Scribner, 1942. $2.75.
"Charming and lively descriptions of the
islands of the Pacific, their people and their
997.2 (W) Average


Fuller, Edmund, ed. Mutiny! Crown,
1953. $3.50.
"Being accounts of insurrections, famous
and infamous, on land and sea, from the
days of the Caesars to modern times." Sub-
title. 365 pages of true mutinies, told by
different authors.
SC (W) Advanced

Gatti, Ellen Morgan. Here Is Africa.
Scribner, 1943. $3.00.
"A travelogue through Africa which re-
lates present and past, combines history and
geography . The pictorial aspects of Africa
are profusely and beautiful illustrated by
960 (W) Average

Goetz, Delia. Neighbors to the South.
Harcourt, 1941. $2.50.
"A good-neighbors book talking plainly
about the problems of the Americanas . .
Stresses what we get from the countries
south of us. A book packed with facts."-
Secondary Education Board.

980 (W) Average
Goetz, Delia. Other Young Ameri-
cans: Latin America's Young People.
Morrow, 1948. $3.00.
"The everyday life of Latin American
young people presented with understanding
and humor."-A.L.A.
980 (W) Average

Gray, Elizabeth Janet. Adam of the
Road. Viking, 1942. $3.00.
A story of 13th Century England. Other
recommended titles: Fair Adventure; Jane
Hope; Sandy.
F (W) Average

Hall, Anna Gertrude. Nansen. Vik-
ing, 1940. $3.00.
A readable biography of Nansen, a fear-
less arctic explorer of arctic regions.
B (W) Average

Halliburton Richard. Complete Book
of Marvels. Bobbs, 1941. $3.49.
An interesting account of the wonders of
the world. The photographs are especially
910.4 (W) Average

Halliburton, Richard. Glorious Adven-
ture. Garden City, 1931. $1.00.
It describes the author's adventures as he
follows the trail of Ulysses returning from
the Trojan Wars.
910 Average

Halliburton, Richard. Royal Road to
Romance. Doubleday, 1927. $1.00.
Two friends just out of college roam the
world's strange places.
910 Average

Hayes, Carlton J. H. and Moon,
Parker Thomas. Ancient and Medie-
val History. Macmillan, 1929.
Covers all of history but the last two
930 (W) Average

Helmerick, Constance and Helmerick,
Harmon. The Flight of the Arctic
Ter. Little, 1952. $4.50.
An interestingly written book about flying
in the arctic. The authors relate the excite-
ment, danger and beauty of life in Alaska.
979.8 (W) Average

Herring, Hubert Clinton. Good Neigh-
bors: Brazil, Chile and Seventeen
Other Countries. Yale, 1941. $3.50.
"General information on each of the Latin
American countries, and a summary of the
relations of each country with the United
980 (W) Average

Hersey, John Richard. Hiroshima.
Knopf, 1946. $1.74.
"This is an account of the ruin of a city
and the wreck of human lives by one atomic
bomb. The report focuses on six individuals
who survived in that city."-Standard Cat.
for H. S. Very realistic.
940.544 (W) Average

Hewes, Agnes. Spice Ho. Knopf,
1947. $2.50.
"The desire for spices to make the limited
food of the Middle Ages more palatable
spurred men to exploration and men risked
much."-Library Journal.
910 (W) Easy

Herzog, Maurice. Annapurna. Dut-
ton, 1953. $5.00.
Translated from the French by Nea Morin
and Janet Adam Smith and illustrated with
photographs. "This book is the Kon Tiki of
the mountains."-Chi. Tribune.
954 (W) Advanced

Heyerdahl, Thor. Kon-Tiki: Across
the Pacific by Raft. Rand-McNally,
1950. $4.00.
"Far more thrilling than fiction this true
story is filled with fascinating accounts of
strange marine life, storms, comic mishaps-
and final triumph."-Huntting.
910 (W) Average


Hilton, James. Good-bye Mr. Chips. the Spaniards in the time of Queen Eliza-
Little, 1934. $2.00. beth.
F Advanced

A moving story of an English school-
master. Other recommended titles are: Lost
Horizon; Random Harvest.
F (W) Average

Huggins, Alice Margaret. The Red
Chair Waits. Westminster, 1948.
An intriguing novel of China today.
F (W) Average

Hugo, Victor. Les Miserables. Dodd.
A powerful story of the unfortunate
classes in France in the 19th Century. An-
other recommended title: Hunchback of Notre
F (W) Advanced

Johnston, Harold Whetsone. Private
Life of the Romans. Scott, 1932.
Covers costume, education, family life, re-
937 (W) Average

Johnson, Osa Helen. I Married Ad-
venture. Lippincott, 1940. $5.00.
"The lives of Martin and Osa Johnson
who for 20 years faced life and adventure
in dangerous jungles in all corners of the
world . Told with simplicity, humor,
warmth."-Standard Catalog for H. S. Cat.
B (W) Average

Juta, Jan. Look Out for the Ostriches!
Knopf, 1949. $2.50.
The natural beauty, animals, birds and
the people of South Africa as the author
remembered them as a youth there. "Al-
though there are tense and dramatic moments
with snakes, ostriches, and quicksands, this
book will appeal most to the nature lover."-
Lib. J.
968 (W) Average

Keith, Agnes. White Man Returns.
Little, 1951. $4.00.
"With humor, good sense and warm friend-
liness, Mrs. Keith tells of her family's re-
turn to Borneo by way of Hong Kong .
Her experiences with polyglot people of
Borneo and her conviction that people of
all races can be friends if they wish."--
Mass Dept. of Ed.
991.1 (W) Advanced

Kingsley, Charles. Westward, Ho!
Dodd, $2.95.
Story of adventure and sea fights with

Lamb, Harold. Theodora and the
Emperor. Doubleday, 1952. $4.50.
This story of Justinian's reign at the
height of Constantinople's world power is
told as dramatically as any fiction.
B (W) Average

Landon, Mrs. Margaret Dorothea.
Anna and the King. John Day, 1947.
"A version of Anna and the King edited
for young people . a delightful story
recounted with humor and understanding."-



Lansing, Marion F. Liberators and
Heroes of Mexico and Central Amer-
ica. Page, 1941. $3.75.
"After a short sketch of Mexican history
to the year 1810, the author outlines the
further development of Mexico and Central
America through the lives of some famous
men of those countries who have left their
imprint on history."-Book Rev. Digest.
920 (W) Average

Lansing, Marion Florence. Liberators
and Heroes of South America. Page,
1940. $3.75.
"Emphasizing historical events, the narra-
tive as a whole constitutes a history of the
continent during the Nineteenth Century."-
980 (W) Average

Lansing, Marion F. Liberators and
Heroes of the West Indian Islands.
Page, 1953. $4.00.
Historical background from the days of
discovery of the West Indies to modern
times related by means of biographies of
the liberators and heroes of the islands.
Very readable as well as authoritative.
977 (W) Average

Lawrence, Isabell. Two for the Show:
A Story of Shakespeare's England.
Bobbs, 1949. $2.50.
"The night a company of players from
London stayed at the Red Dragon Inn
marked the turning point in young Nat
Home's life. His ambition to become an
actor was fixed. He succeeded in getting
his mother's consent and set out for London
that climaxed when he acted before the
F (W) Average


Lucas, Mary Seymour. Vast Horizons.
Viking, 1943. $3.50.
Readable stories of the quest for early
trade routes and discoveries.
910 (W) Average

Malvern, Gladys. Tamear. Longmans,
1952. $2.75.
The only daughter of a rich and powerful
ruler of Capernaum finds life exciting.
Others recommended: Behold Your Queen!
Prima Ballerina.
F (W) Average

Masefield, John. Jim Davis. Macmil-
lan. $1.50.
An exciting story of smugglers of the
nineteenth century on the coast of England.
F (W) Average

Mason, Haven A. Rainbow Gold.
Caxton, 1951. $3.50.
A little girl in sixteenth century England
found a golden sovereign which should be
worn as a charm. But evil stayed away
without the charm.
F Average

Means, Florence Crannell. Alicia.
Houghton, 1953. $2.75.
A year of study in Mexico City changes
many concepts of the American girl who had
feelings of inferiority due to her Spanish
F Averare

Meigs, Elizabeth Bleecker.
in the Sky. Dutton, 1953.
A story of the Maid of Orleans.
F (W)



Najafi, Majmeh, and Hinkley, Helen.
Persia Is My Heart. Harper, 1953.
An autobiography of a young Persian girl
who came to America, as told to her
B (W) Easy

National Georgraphic Magazine,
Everyday Life in Ancient Times.
Nat. Geog. Soc., 1951. $5.00.
Highlights of the beginnings of western
civilization in Mesopotamia, Egypt and
Rome. 215 illustrations.
930 (W) Average

Newcombe, Corelle. Cortez the Con-
queror. Random, 1947. $3.00.
Story of the conquest of Mexico.
B (W) Average

Norway, Nevl Shute. The Legacy.
Morrow, 1950. $3.00.
A romance of World War II by Nevl
Shute (pseudonym). After miraculously es-
caping from the Japanese, a couple is re-
united in Australia.
F (W) Advanced

Paton, Alan. Cry, the Beloved Coun-
try. Scribner, 1948. $3.00.
"An unusual, stirring narrative of a
Negro minister and his problems in South
Africa which sensitive and thoughtful young
adults will appreciate. Mannerisms in speech
retard the action . but this is more than
compensated by well-sustained story interest,
clearly drawn characters, and excellent de-
F (W) Advanced

Pease, Howard. Heart of Damper.
Doubleday, 1946. $2.00.
Thrilling story of the French underground
during World War II. A favorite writer
with boys, Pease has also written: Hurricane
Weather; Tatooed Man.
F (W) Average

Peck, Anne Merriman. Young Can-
ada. Dodd, 1943. $2.50.
"Life of the people in the various prov-
inces, the industries, and geography of

Poncins, Gontan de M. and Galantiere.
Kabloona. Reynal, 1941. $3.00.
"An interpretation of Eskimo life .."-
Book Rev. Digest.
998 (W) Average

Radisson, Pierre. Boy of the North.
Morrow, 1950. $2.50.
A biography of Pierre Radisson, the first
white man to see Hudson Bay, told in fic-
tionalized form.
B (W) Easy

Rama Rau, Sanetha. Home to India.
Harper, 1945. $2.50.
"An intelligent Brahman girl returns to
India from England and interprets changing
India . Written with humor and ob-
954.08 (W) Average

Remarque, Erich Maria. All Quiet on
the Western Front. Little, 1929.
Powerful account of World War I, writ-
ten by a German who entered service at the
age of eighteen. Relates the unspeakable
horrors of war in a matter of fact, stoical
F (W) Advanced


Robinson, James Harvey. Medieval
and Modern Times. Ginn, 1944. $3.96.
"An introduction to the History of Western
civilization from the Dissolution of the Ro-
man Empire to the present time."-Sub-
940 (W) Advanced

Sabatine, Rafael. Captain Blood.
Houghton. $3.00.
"An exciting romance of the Spanish
Main."-Times (London) Lit. Sup.
F (W) Average

Saint Exupery, Antoine de. Wind,
Sand and Stars. Harcourt, 1939. $1.75.
Prose reminescences of flights in South
Africa, South America, and Europe.
910.4 (W) Advanced

Schapiro, Jacob Salwyn. Modern and
Contemporary European History
(1815-1940). Houghton, 1940. $5.00.
New ed. "Admirably suited for the general
reader, who wishes an elementary knowledge
of European affairs of the last century. It
is an excellent introduction."-Boston Tran-
940.28 (W) Average

Scoggin, Margaret Clara, Comp.
Edge of Danger. Knopf, 1951. $3.00.
"A new collection of 16 true stories told
by men who faced danger and because of
strength, courage, and quick thinking lived
to tell their tales."-Library Journal.
910.8 (W) Average

Scoggin, Margaret Clara, Comp. The
Lure of Danger. Knopf, 1947. $3.00.
Easily understandable stories of true ad
ventures and adventurers.
910.4 (W) Average

Scott, Sir Walter. Ivanhoe. Dodd.
A well known romance of Richard the
Lion Hearted. Other good editions published
by: Heritage ($5.00) ; Macmillan ($3.75)
Houghton ($3.00).
F (W) Advanced

Seeger, Elizabeth. Pageant of Rus-
sian History. Longmans, 1950. $4.50.
"The author has pictured the tremendous
panorama of Russian life from the time of
the Slavic invasion of Europe through the
centuries . Contemporary Russia stands
strangely and newly revised in the continuous
sweep of her past history."-Wilson.
947 (W) Average

Seeger, Elizabeth. Pageant of Chi-
nese History. Longmans, 1947. $3.50.
Covers the period from 3000 B.C. to the
defeat of Japan.
951 (W) Average

Shore, Maxine. The Captive Princess.
Longmans, 1952. $3.00.
The first century and the Roman conquest
of Britain furnish the background for a story
of Princess Gladys, daughter of British King
Caradoc. Highly recommended.
F (W) Average

Skinner, Cornelia Otis and Kim-
brough, Emily. Our Hearts Were
Young and Gay. Dodd, 1942. $2.50.
The authors tell the story of their sight-
seeing trip through Europe.
940 (W) Average

Sperry, Armstrong. Thunder Coun-
try. Macmillan, 1952. $2.75.
An exciting adventure story laid in the
heart of the head hunters country in Vene-
zuela. Others by same author: Danger to
Windward; Storm Canvas; River of the
F (W) Average

Stefansson, Evelyn. Within the Cir-
cle; Portrait of the Arctic. Scribner,
1945. $2.75.
Fascinating, informal over-all picture of
the lands within the Arctic Circle.
998 (W) Average

Stevenson, Robert Louis. Black Ar-
row. Scribner. $3.00.
A story of the Wars of the Roses in Eng-
land, which Richard III is a prominent char-
acter. Other good editions are published by:
Dodd ($3.00) ; Grosset ($1.00).
F (W) Advanced

Stevenson, Robert Louis. Kidnapped.
Scribner. $3.00.
Other good editions published by Dodd
($2.95) ; Steck ($2.00) ; Macmillan ($1.75) ;
Grosset ($2.00) ; World ($1.50) ; Heritage
$5.00). Also recommended: David Balfour.
F (W) Average

Strode, Hudson. Now in Mexico. Har-
court, 1947. $5.00.
"An informal account of Mexico . based
on the author's ten years of travel through
the country."--A.L.A.
917.2 (W) Average


Swenson, Eric. The South Sea Shil-
ling: Voyages of Captain Cook. Vik-
ing, 1952. $3.50.
A well written book on the explorations of
Captain Cook. Teen-agers who like travel
and adventure will enjoy it.
B (W) Average

Swift, Jonathan. Gulliver's Travels.
World, $1.50. (Rainbow Classics).
Published as a satire for adults in 1776,
"Gulliver" is now read as a fairy tale. One
of the classics most young people enjoy.

Syme, Ronald. Champlain of the St.
Lawrence. Morrow, 1952. $2.50.
An interestingly written story of Champ-
lain's discoveries and his efforts to colonize
new France. Authoritative historical data.
B (W) Average

Thackery, William Makepeace. Vanity
Fair. Dodd. $2.95.
A story of London Society early in the
nineteenth century with Beck Sharp as the
heroine. Some other recommended editions
are by: Coward-McCann; Modern Library.
F (W) Advanced

Thomas, Lowell Jackson. Out of This
World. Greystone, 1950. $3.75.
A report of the journey by the author and
his father in 1949 into Tibet.
951.5 (W) Advanced

Trease, Geoffrey. Cue for Treason.
Vanguard, 1941. $2.75.
Good material, on Elizabethan England.
F (W) Average

Vance, Marguerite. Lady Jane Grey.
Dutton, 1952. $2.75.
The tragic story of the young "nine day
queen," placed for a brief time on the Eng-
lish throne during the exciting period of
history just before the first Queen Elizabeth.
B (W) Average

Vining, Elizabeth Gray. Windows for
the Crown Prince. Lippincott, 1952.
"The record of a unique experience, an
American woman's four remarkable years as
private tutor to the Crown Prince of Japan.
Illustrated from photographs." Combined
Book Exhibit.
B (W) Average

Wilson, Charles Morrow. Middle
America. Norton, 1944. $3.50.
"A description of the resources and export
crops of Central America, Mexico, Cuba,
Haiti, and the Dominican Republic . the
future prospects of Middle America."-
Standard Cat. for High School Libraries.
973 (W) Average

Wooldridge, Emily. The Wreck of
the Maid of Athens. Macmillan, 1952.
"Being the journal of Emily Woolridge;
1869-1870; edited and illustrated by Lawrence
Irving."-Subtitle. A brave woman's per-
sonal account of shipwreck of a sailing vessel
off the coast of Tierra dee Fuego. Simply
B Average

Wren, Percival Christopher. Beau
Geste. Lipincott, 1927. $3.00.
Three English brothers join the Foreign
Legion in North Africa because of the dis-
appearance of a valuable gem. An old, yet
still popular book.

Yaukey, Grace. Made in China.
Knopf, 1952. $3.50.
"The story of China's expression, by
Cornelia Spencer pseudd.) with a foreword
by Lin Yutang, this book covers a wide range
of subjects from Chinese gardens to Chinese
dragons, from the making of Chinese paper
and ink and invention of Chinese printing to
the various uses of bamboo and papet
magic."-Standard Catalog for High School
951 (W) Average


Includes: Civics; Law Enforcement; Economics; Political Science; Flag
Etiquette; Education.

See Also: U. S.-Today and Yesterday; Other Countries-Today and Yester-
day; Florida.

Grades 1-3

Gilbert, Helen Earle. Mr. Plum and
the Little Green Tree. Hale, (Cad-
mus), 1946. $1.35.
A green tree grew in a big city. The
cobbler loved the tree, so he became brave
enough to ,visit the mayor to ask him to
save the tree.
E (W) Average

Hurd, Edith Thacher. Somebody's
House. Lothrop, 1953. $2.00.
"'A stdry about a house going up. There
are many diagrams of actual construction.
The parts are explained in easy reading and
the pictures add to the understanding of the
E (W) Advanced

Judson, Clara Ingram. People Who
Work in the Country and in the City.
Hale, (Cadmus), 1943. $1.62.
A small girl and boy watch busy people
who work about a farm: the postman, the
haymakers, dairyman, and others. The cou-
sins move into the city and they watch the
movers, the water pipe repairman, policeman,
and others who work in the city. Large, full
page drawings by Keith Ward.
E Average

Judson, Clara Ingram. People Who
Work Near Our House. Hale, (Cad-
mus), 1942. $1.44.
A small boy and girl going shopping with
their mother saw many people at work: the
bus driver, the baker, the policeman and
many others. When they went to the city
they saw still more, such as: the street
sweeper, the elevator boy, the salesman, the
waitress. Black and white pictures show the
people at work. Keith Ward is the illus-
E Average

Medary, Marjorie. The Store at Criss-
cross Corners. Abingdon, 1946. $1.25.
Patsy and Peter loved to visit the Criss-
cross Corner Store. The storekeeper kept a
little of everything and got them all mixed.
Patsy thought of a way to straighten things
E Average

Mitchell, Lucy Sprague. A Year in
the City. Simon and Shuster, 1948.
A city is a busy place. This shows the
sprinkling cart, parks, shops, buses, planes,
trains and other things. Little Golden Book
in Goldencraft Binding.
E Average

Moore, Lilian and Adelson, Leone. The
Terrible Mr. Twitmeyer. Random
House, 1952.
A funny story about the dog catcher and
his secret of what he did with the dogs
that he took away in his black truck. But-
terball, the dog in constant trouble, learned
the secret to the amazement of the town.
Pen and ink drawings that are amusing by
Leonard Shortall.
E (W) Average

Novinger, Virginia. Round Trip For
Johnny. Whitman, 1951. $1.50.
A primer style book describes street cross-
ings, schools, stores, and gas stations. Large
color drawings by Dirk Gringhius.
E Easy

Patton, Lucia. Little Echo in the
Hills. Whitman, 1950. $1.50.
This book, written in conversational form.
teaches what an echo is and what it can
mean. Beginning map contours.
E Advanced

Sterling, Helen. The Horse That
Takes the Milk Around. Hale, (Cad-
mus), 1941. $1.41.
A picture book that furnishes children
with a trip around the milkman's route. Pic-
tures in color by Marjorie Hartwell. Text
in rhyme.
E Average

Zolotow, Charlotte. The Park Book.
Hale, (Cadmus), 1944. $1.35.
A trip to the park in the day and night.
Color pictures on each page by H. A. Rey.
E (W) Average

Grades 4-6

Hader, Berta and Hader, Elmer. Big
City. Macmillan, 1947. $2.50.
"The life and activity of a great city


unfold in this panoramic picture book illus-
trated with pencil drawings and water col-
ors."-New York Public Library.
974.71 Easy

Holisher, Desider and Beckel, Gra-
ham. Capitol Hill: The Story of Con-
gress. Schuman, 1952. $3.00.
Photographs and factual information on
the setup of Congress, committees, bringing
a bill to the floor, pages and a day in the
life of a Congressman.
353 (W) Average

Schneider, Herman and Schneider,
Nina. Let's Look Under the City.
W. R. Scott, 1950. $1.50.
A young science book that tells how peo-
ple in a city get their water, electricity, gas,
and telephone service. Has an underlying
theme of cooperation. Encourages understand-
ing of city government.
338.39 (W) Average

Smith, Etta May. Salute the Flag.
Whitman, 1941. $1.25.
"Story of the flag of the United States,
its evolution, history, and meaning, how it
is used by the Army and Navy, on merchant
ships and on airplanes."-Book Review Di-
929.9 (W) Average

Turner, Mina. Town Meeting Means
Me. Illustrated by Lloyd Coe. Hough-
ton, 1951. $1.50.
"Author, and artist explain in the simplest
posisble terms how the town-meeting form of
government works, defining the functions of
the town officers and agencies and empha-
sizing the responsibility of the individual."-
352 (W) Average

Thomas, Leslie. Long May It Wave.
Morrow, 1940. $2.00.
A brief pictorial account of the many
flags associated with United States history.
929.9 Average

United Nations Department of
Public Information. A Garden We
Planted Together. Whittlesey, 1952.
"This book explains in very simple text
and pictures the work and aims of the
U. N."-A.L.A.
341.13 (W) Easy

Petersham, Maud and Petersham,
Miska. Story of the Presidents of the
United States of America. Macmillan,
1953. $3.00.
The story of our country as reflected in

the lives and administrations of its presi-
920 (W) Average

Granberg, Wilbur S. Johnny Gets
Out The Vote. Aladdin, 1952. $2.00.
"Johnny learns many important facts
about political campaigning when he helps
his father who is running for the State
F (W) Average

Gringhuis, Dirk. Here Comes the
Bookmobile. Whitman, 1952. $2.00.
"Tommy, a city boy on vacation, makes a
routine trip with his Aunt Kay, the librarian,
on a bookmobile through a large rural school
district. The story admirably presents the
purpose of the bookmobile."-A.L.A.

Stong, Phil. Farm Boy: A Hunt for
Indian Treasure. Hale, (Cadmus),
1934. $1.44.
"Harlan thought he knew everything be-
cause he had lived in the city . But' he
found so many things at the farm, all the
pigs and horses' and cows and hunting for
arowheads, that he complete forgot all he
had to tell (about the city)."-Book Jacket.
F Easy

Grades 7-9

Shippen, Katherine. Passage to
America; the Story of the Great
Migrations. Harper, 1950. $2.50.
Each chapter is devoted to a different
group of peoples moving into the United
325.73 (W) Average

Witty, Paul A. and Kohler, J. H.
You and the Constitution of the
United States. Children's Press, 1948.
"The book presents the sequence of the
events leading up to the drafting of the
Constitution, including the major controversies
and their solutions and the substance of the
seven original articles and the 'Bill of
Rights' in simple text and pictures. The
full text of the Constitution is included."-
Children's Catalog.
342.73 (W) Average

Akers, Howard J. City Government.
Row, 1941. $.40 (Basic Social Edu-
cation Series).
Contents: Start of a city survey, city
problems old and new, forms of local gov-
ernment, typical city government.
352 Average


Angell, E. L. and Wilcox, George B.
In a Democracy. Steck, 1940. $1.32.
Discusses many problems that face citizens
in a democracy: taxation, government, social
security, education, etc.
300 Average

Bailard, Virginia and McKown, Harry
C. So You Were Elected! McGraw,
1946. $3.00.
"Primarily for school clubs . Part I
deals with how, why, and wherefores of lead-
ership, stressing the duties of certain main
officers and positions. Part II covers organi-
zation of social events and get together
from . planning to . cleanup."-
367 ((W) Average

Barry, Ruth. The Wise Consumer.
Row, 1942. $.40 (Basic Social Educa-
tion Series).
A discussion of consumer problems for
junior high schools.
339.4 Average

Bender, Eric J.
Row, 1942, $.96.
"The Way of Life

Island Gateway.
(The Way of Life

on Ellis Island,"-Sub-


Crump, Irving. Our United States
Secret Service; How the Agents of
the Treasury Department Carry on
War Against Counterfeiters in Their
Protection of the Nation's Currency.
Dodd, 1942. $2.50.
"The factual . story of the law en-
forcement agencies of our Federal Govern-
ment, its perpetual war against counter-
feiters, etc., its special assignments, like
protecting the President and his family."-
332.9 (W) Average

Disraeli, Robert. Uncle Sam's Treas-
uary. Little, 1941. $1.50.
"Shows by photograph and text, how the
Treasury Department collects taxes, internal
revenue, customs and income, how money is
minted or printed and how it is disbursed.
Explains, also, the special function of the
Department such as the Coast Guard."-
353.2 (W) Average

Elting, Mary and Gossett, M. We
Are the Government. Doubleday,
1945. $2.50.
An explanation of how our federal govern-

ment operates, using many illustrations to
clarify the text. Charts and pictures by
Jeanne Bendick.
353 (W)

Fisher, Lois J. You and the United
Nations. Children's Press, 1947. $1.50.
"A cartoon type of presentation on the
need for and the workings of the U. N.,
based on the author's chalk talk for schools
and women's club, slight text."-Children's
341.13 (W) Average

Floherty, John J. Men Against Crime.
Lippincott, 1946. $2.50.
"An account of the history and operation
of the U. S. Treasury, with special emphasis
on the men who are continually engaged in
battle against the cleverest of criminals,
those who try by smuggling, counterfeiting,
etc., to cheat the Department."-Children's
353 (W) Average

Fisher, Dorothea F. Canfield. Our
Independence and the Constitution.
Hale, 1950. $1.68.
"The meeting of the second Continental
Congress and the Constitution drafting in
Philadelphia as seen through the eyes of a
family in Philadelphia. Debby was just a
youngster but she heard bit by bit the story
of the forging of a government."-Kirkus.
Landmark Book.
342.73 (W) Average

Foster, Constance. Story of Money.
McBride, 1950. $2.50.
"From the lore of ancient coins to a
discussion of present day debt and taxes,
the author tells . the story of money.
At the same time the books serves as an
introduction to economics."-Huntting.
332.4 (W) Easy

McFee, Inez N. How Our Government
Is Run, A Book for Young Citizens.
(rev. ed.). Crowell, 1946. $2.50.
"Government departments and other out-
side activities are well described. Useful for
reference as it is well indexed."-Wilson Bul.
353 (W) Average

Peattie, Rod and Peattie, Lisa. The
City. Schumann, 1952. $2.50.
"The development of the modern metropolis
from the earliest attempt at community life
is graphically portrayed in this, the third
of Schuman's "Man and His World" series.
The effects and far-reaching results of the
complexities of modern city life and the
ever increasing dependence of man on others
are well developed. Excellent for social


studies classes but will have limited appeal,
because style and interest level do not coin-
cide. Recommended for supplementary read-
ing in upper-grade social studies classes."-
Library Journal.
352 (W) Average

Peattie, Rod and Peattie, Lisa. The
Law. Schuman, 1952. $2.50.
"How law affects you, and how it is meant
to help guard against and take care of
trouble between people what law really
is and how our own system of law works is
explained in this book on the fundamental
purpose of law. Illustrated by Bangi
340 Average

Grades 10-12

American Council on Education.
American Universities and Colleges.
The Council, 1952. $10.00.
Rev. ed. by Mary Irvin. Pertinent informa-
tion about 920 accredited schools. Gives
basic data needed to understand place of
higher education in society. Useful to one
choosing a college to attend.
378 (W) Average

Anderson, William and Weidner, Ed-
ward William. American City Gov-
ernment (rev.). Holt, 1950. $4.25.
Text-bookish approach, including good ex-
planation of growth of cities, how they are
governed. Valuable for reference.
352 (W) Advanced

Arne, Sigrid. United Nations Primer
(rev.). Rinehart, 1948. text ed. $1.85.
Brief material on all of the U. N. con-
341.13 (W) Average

Bogart, Ernest Ludlow and Kern-
merer, Donald Lorenzo. Economic
History of the American People.
Longmans, 1947. $4.75.
This second edition rewritten includes
changes in the treatment of some aspects
of the westward movement. A new chapter
on social progress since 1860, and a chapter
on trusts.
330.973 (W) Average

Brown, S. G., ed. We Hold These
Truths. Harper, 1948. text ed. $2.00.
Contains fifty-six documents involved in
the growth of American democracy.
342.73 Average

Civic Education Project. Living De-
mocracy Series. Comet Press, 1952.
A series of booklets simply written, illus-

treated, expressing the idea of the. American
way of life as the best, and admitting that
success in it is accomplished by clear think-
ing and hard work.
335 Average

Colcord, Joanna Carver. Your Com-
munity. Sage, 1947. $1.50.
"Its Provision for Health, Education,
Safety, and Welfare.'"-Subtitle.
309.1 (W) Average

Cushing, Luther Stearns. Cushing's
Manual of Parliamentary Practice.
Winston, 1947. $1.00.
"Rules of Procedure and Debate in De-
liberative Assemblies." New, ed. Ed. and
enlarged by Albert S. Bolles.
328.1 (W) Average

Dean, Vera. Europe and the United
States. Knopf, 1950. $3.50.
Author points out the far-reaching changes
in the relative position of Europe and Amer-
ica. Briefly describes for the layman na-
tionalism and internationalism, about im-
perialism and communism, about laissez-faire
and the welfare state, political traditions and
social patterns as they affect the outlook of
940.55 (W) Advanced

Denman, Frank. The Law: It's on
Your Side. Macmillan, 1952. $2.00.
S. . The growth and history of law,
functions and make up of our legislative
bodies, duties, responsibilities, and good
work of the various courts, prisons, and re-
formatories are all simply, clearly, and con-
cisely presented. Law is treated not as a
necessary evil but rather as a stabilizing
influence in helping to prevent rather than
to prosecute. This book . in high school
will help correct misconceptions."-Library
340 Average

Ellwood,Charles Abram. Sociology:
Principles and Problems. American,
1943. $2.00.
Introduction to the study of contemporary
301 (W) Average

Fairchild, Fred Rogers. Understand-
ing Our Free Economy. Von Nos-
trand, 1952.
A study of economic principles which re-
late to the free economy. The author pre-
sents the various collective systems, shows
their nature and consequences.
330.9 Advanced


Faulkner, Harold Underwood. Amer-
ican Economic History. Harper, 1949.
Sixth ed. (Harper's Historical Series).
330.973 (W) Average

Feingold, S. Norman. Scholarships,
Fellowships and Loans. Bellaman,
1949-1951. 2 vol. v. 1, $6.00 v. 2,
Indexed by subject matter, subject field,
and agencies and names of scholarships.
378.3 (W) Average

Findlay, Bruce Allyn and Findlay,
Esther Blair. Your Rugged Consti-
tution. Stanford Univ. Press, 1952.
Illustrated by Richard Dawson in attractive
tan and black drawings, this American Ideals
series is interesting looking, readable, as
well as being helpful in explaining the work-
ings of our government. Shows how each
part of the Constitution is as functional
today as it was at the beginning of our
national life.
342.73 (W) Average

Floherty, John Joseph. Fire Alarm.
Lippincott, 1949. $2.50.
"The story of Fire Fighting."-Subtitle.
Historic fires, anecdotes, modern equipment
and its development, fire control in city,
county, forest.
61i.94 (W) Average

Floherty, John Joseph. Our FBI.
Lippincott, 1951. $2.75.
Readable treatment of the story of the
FBI, includes the training, history of the
organization, and special work of the FBI
353.5 (W) Average

Floherty, John Joseph. Money-go-
round. Lippincott, 1944. $2.75.
"The Strange Story of Money."-Subtitle.
Money down through the ages. Illustrative
incidents and anecdotes.
332.4 (W) Average

Floherty, John Joseph. Sons of the
Hurricane. Lippincott, 1938. $2.50.
Stories of the Coast Guard. All facts are
taken from the official records of the 1U. S.
Coast Guard.
614.81 (W) Average

Gait, Thomas F. How the United
Nations Works. Crowell, 1947. $2.50.
"There is information in a readable form
on the origin and workings of the U. N.
Attention is called to its limitations, and

this presents food for thought. Cartoons
and a chart of the organization are in-
cluded."-Children's Catalog.
341.33 (W) Average

Favian, Ruth Millicent; Gray, Arthur
Amos; and Groves, Ernest Ruther-
ford. Our Changing Social Order.
(rev.). Heath, 1947. $3.48.
Excellent material on city planning, crime
and criminals, democracy, education, family,
labor, public health and similar topics.
301 (W) Average

Hartman, Gertrude. Making of a
Democracy. (rev. & enl.). Day, 1941.
"A discussion for boys and girls of Amer-
ican democracy and its significance. Be-
ginning with the Middle Ages, it traces the
old world sources of American political ideals
and institutions, and indicates the main cur-
rent which led to independence and to the
founding of the American nation upon demo-
cratic principles."-Children's Catalog.
973 (W) Average

Johnson, C. O. State and Local Gov-
ernment. Crowell, 1950. $2.50.
A book which describes types of states
and local government in general.
353.9 Average

Johnson, Gerald W. This American
People. Harper, 1951. $2.50.
"Re-examines the basic principles on which
this country was founded and considers them
in relation to the problems of today. Em-
phasizes concepts of free speech, free con-
science, free enterprise."-Los Angeles.
School Libraries.
323.4 (W) Average

Joyce, James Avery. World in the
Making. Schuman, 1953. $3.50.
The story of international cooperation;
goes back to early man, shows the role played
by Greece and Rome, gives the influence of
the church in the Middle Ages and deals with
the United Nations. Presents the problems
the U. N. faces, shows what it does, gives
its good points and where it is failing.
341.13 Average

Landis, Paul Henry. Our Changing
Society: Its Social, Civic and Eco-
nomic Problems. Ginn, 1942. $2.40.
A textbook on the social problems that
arise from social conditions.
300 (W) Average

Look (Periodical). Story of the FBI.
Dutton, 1947. $5.00.
"The official picture history of the Federal


Bureau of Investigation. "How the G-Men
are trained, how they wiped out the notorious
criminal gangs before the war, how the FBI
foiled Nazi and Japanese agents during the
war . photographs accompanying a clear
and full text."-Literary Guild.
353.5 (W) Average

Lovejoy, Clarence Earle. Lovejoy's
Complete Guide to American Colleges.
Simon, 1948. $1.50.
Material arranged geographically by states,
these alphabetically by institution. Includes
tuition, scholarships, library facilities, de-
grees granted, etc.
378 (W) Average

MacDonald, Austin Faulks. American
City Government and Administration.
(rev.). Crowell, 1951. $4.50.
Many charts bring this book on city and
town planning, public service, government
up to date. By same author: American State
Government and Administration.
352 (W) Average

Marx, Herbert Lewis, ed. Welfare
State. Wilson, 1950. $1.75.
Pros and cons. Contains up-to-date in-
formation about Social Security. Useful for
322 (W) Average

Paton, William A. Shirtsleeve Eco-
nomics. Appleton, 1952. $4.00.
"A common-sense survey."-Subtitle. "A
stirring defense of free enterprise, under
which we have enjoyed more progress than
in the previous history of the race."
330.973 (W) Average

Turngren, Annette. Choosing the
Right College. Harper, 1952. $2.50.
"Gives practical suggestions on subsidizing
oneself and rating the colleges, plus a survey
of what various types of universities and
colleges offer in the way of a general edu-
cation or preparation for a career."-Library
378 (W) Average

Ungar, Frederick, ed. What's Right
with America. F. Ungar, 1952. $3.50.
"New perspectives on the contemporary
scene . Some outstanding men and
women consider many aspects of Mid-Century
America . a volume that reflects the
thinking of many of our foremost citizens '.
provocative, vigorous . "-Book Jacket.
323 (W) Advanced

U. S. Government Organization Man-
ual. Supt. of Doc., 1953. $1.00.
An authoritative handbook of the depart-
ments and agencies of the federal government.
An inexpensive, authoritative reference book
listing the agencies and institutions, their
organization and duties.
353 (W) Average

Conservation of Resources

Includes: Natural and Human Resources.
See Also: Science; Agriculture; Health and Safety; Personal Development.

Grades 1-3

Fiedler, Jean. The Green Thumb
Story. Holiday, 1952. $1.75.
Peter searches for a green thumb so his
garden would grow in poor soil. His search
lasts from autumn, winter to spring. Large
clear type. Illustrated in color by Barbara
580 Average

Tchaika, Florence Matthews. Trouble
at Beaver Dam. Messner, 1950. $1.60.
The beaver colony on Johnnie's farm
almost causes a train wreck. When the
Conservation Department takes the beavers
away, they overlook one which becomes
Johnnie's pet. Story dramatizes the impor-
tance of wild life conservation.
E Average

Webber, Irma E. Thanks to Trees.
W. R. Scott, 1952. $2.00.
Trees .store water, help make soil rich,
are used for paper, give nuts and gum. Use-
ful for teaching conservation and interde-
582.16 Average

Grades 4-6

Blough, Glenn O. The Tree On The
Road To Turntown. Whittlesey, 1953.
The great oak from acorn to lumber, with
some conservation information. A new type
of science story, written by a scientist.
582 (W) Easy

Bronson, Wilfred S. Freedom and
Plenty: Ours to Save. Harcourt, 1953.
Excellent new book on conservation of our
country's natural resources. Fully and graph-
ically illustrated.
333.72 Easy

Lathrop, Dorothy Pulis. Let Them
Live. Macmillan, 1951. $2.00.
"Simple accounts of the ways of such
animals and birds as bears, foxes, wood-
chucks and egrets, pointing out that they do
more good than bad to the cycle of human
and animal life, should be left unmolested."--
Publishers' Weekly.
33.78 (W) Average

Wall, Gertrude Wallace. Gifts from
the Forest. Scribner, 1952. $2.50.
Illustrated with excellent photographs. This
book tells the story of the harvesting of
timber. Includes conservation information.
634.98 (W) Average

Masters, Robert V. and Reinfeld,
Fred. Blazer, the Bear. Sterling,
1953. $2.00.
This is the story of how a bear got his
picture on a forest fire prevention poster.
An instructive as well as fascinating adven-
ture story of fighting forest fires. Conserva-
tion suggestions for teachers included on sep-
arate page.
F Average

Olds, Helen D. Christmas-Tree Sam.
Messner, 1952. $1.50.
"Valuable in social studies for its informa-
tion on forestry, conservation and the growth
and development of an important industry."-
Combined Book Exhibit.
F (W) Easy

Powell, Miriam. Jareb. Crowell.
1952. $2.75.
Realistic story set in the loblolly pine
section of South Georgia. Jareb and his
good-for-nothing hound dog make a good
boy's story. Includes some information about
conservation and forestry.
F (W) Average

Grades 7-9

Cothren, Marion. Buried Treasure.
Coward-McCann, 1945. $2.00.
The story of a coal mine, the work, and
social aspects.
622.33 (W) Average
Elliot, C. N. and Mobley, M. D.

Southern Forestry. Turner E. Smith,
1938. $2.00.
A textbook on forestry, dealing with in-
dustry, products, and conservation.
333 Advanced

Graham, Edward H. and Van Dersal,
W. R. Wildlife for America; the
Story of Wildlife Conservation. Ox-
ford, 1949. $2.50.
"A page of text alternating with a full
page of photographic illustrations com-


bine to present briefly some aspect of animal
wild life and its conservation. There are
52 topics including water, food, refuge, family
ways, stream pollution, forest fires, and
many other topics. The value lies chiefly
in use by adults with children through 4-H
clubs, Scout groups, summer camps and
333.78 (W) Advanced

Reed, William M. America's Treas-
ure, Ed. by Carey Croneis. Harcourt,
1939. $3.50.
The author has attempted to analyze the
world importance of America's natural re-
sources, discussing her extensive deposits of
iron, coal, petroleum, and precious metals.
He explains the methods of extracting them,
commenting on the resulting need for conserva-
tion; also he devotes several chapters to the
development of machinery."-Booklist.
330.973 (W) Average

Shippen, Katherine B. Great Herit-
age. Viking, 1947. $3.50.
"Contains the stories of the origin, dis-
covery and development of the treasures of
the American earth; furs, timber, tobacco,
wheat, corn, cotton, cattle, fish, gold, coal,
iron and steel, oil and fruit."-Children's
333.72 (W) Average

Grades 10-12

Billings, Henry. All Down the Valley.
Viking, 1952. $3.50.
"The social and economic significance of
TVA, the flood control system of the Ten-
nessee River and all its tributaries .
vividly told and graphically illustrated."-
Library Journal.
333 (W) Average

Carhart, Arthur Hawthorne. Water
Or Your Life. Lippincott, 1951. $3.50.
"The part that water plays, not only in
human consumption, but also in agriculture,
industry, recreation and transportation . .
and the proposed projects to conserve our
water supply."-Book Jacket.
33.91 (W) Average

Chase, Stuart. Rich Land, Poor Land.
McGraw, 1936. $5.00.
Subtitle: A Study of Waste in the Natural
Resources of America.
33.72 (W) Advanced

Cheyney, Edward Green. This Is Our
Land. Webb, 1946. $3.50.
The story of conservation in the United
States.-Subtitle. "The later chapters treat
each wasted and misused resource separately,

giving the complete story of the resources,
its history, use, and the effort to conserve
333.72 (W) Average

Duffus, Robert Luther. Valley and
Its People. Knopf, 1944. $3.50.
A history of the Tennessee Valley Au-
627.12 (W) Average

Elliot, Charles Newton. Conservation
of American Resources. T. E. Smith,
1951. $3.39.
"This book is designed primarily for use
as a basic text . "-Foreword.
333.72 (W) Average

Evans Everett F. Our South; Its
Resources and Their Use. Steck,
The main characteristics of the Southern
region some of its problems and the
solution of some of these problems by the
wise use of its vast resources.
975 (W) Average

Greeley, William Buckhout. Forests
and Men. Doubleday, 1951. $3.00.
. begins with an epic forest fire . .
ends with an account of the people at work
locally 'in the ways of democracy' to keep
fire out of the cutovers and reforest the
634.935 (W) Average

Gustafson, Axel Ferdinand and
others. Conservation in the United
States. Comstock, 1949. $5.00.
"A comprehensive treatment by members
of the faculty of Cornell University."-A.L.A.
333.72 (W) Average

Riedman, Sarah Regal. Grass; Our
Greatest Crop. Nelson, 1952. $3.00.
Tells the story of how grass, with its
cultivation, turned our ancestors from won-
dering huntsmen to herdsmen.
633 (W) Average

Riedman, Sarah Regal. Water for
People. Schuman, 1952. $2.50.
"How people have learned through fifty
centuries to change their whole mode of
living by conserving and putting water to
work."-Standard Catalog for H. S. Libra-
628.1 (W) Average
Sears, Paul Bigelow. Deserts on the
March. (rev.). University of Okla-
homa Press, 1947. $2.75.
A criticism of man's exploitation of soils
and forests.
631.45 (W) Average


Whitaker, Joe Russell and Ackerman, Williams, Albert Nathaniel. Water
Edward Augustus. American Re- and the Power. Duell, 1951. $4.50.
sources. Harcourt, 1951. text ed. Story of the development of the five great
$4.50. rivers of the West: Colorado, Columbia,
Missouri, Rio Grande, Sacramento.
Deals with the management and conserva-Missuri Rio Grande, Sacramento.
tion of our natural resources. 627.12 () Average
333.72 (W) Advanced

Transportation and Communication

Motion Pictures; Automobiles; Newspapers; Printing; Publishing.
Includes: Trains; Railroads; Ships; Aviation; Radio; Telegraphy; Television;
See Also: Science; Language Arts.

Grades 1-12

Frankel, Godfrey. Bike-Ways. Sterl-
ing, 1950. $3.00.
"Guaranteed to please everyone who is a
pedal pusher . this bicycle handbook
contains practical information on how to se-
lect and ride a bicycle, how to care for and
repair it . "-Booklist. 100 pages of
photos and complete list of hostels.
796.6 (W) Average

McFarlane, John W. It's Easy to Fix
Your Bike. Follett, 1952. $1.00.
A popular book for boys and girls with
bikes. For that reason, pre-binding is recom-
629.2 Easy

Grades 1-3

Ardizzone, Edward. Little Tim and
the Brave Sea Captain. Hale, (Cad-
mus), 1936. $1.59.
A small boy wants to be a sailor so he
becomes a stowaway. After working his pas-
sage and a shipwreck he is glad to be home.
Lovely drawings. Large, widely spaced manu-
script print.
E Advanced

Ardizzone, Edward. Tim to the Res-
cue. Oxford, 1952. $2.50.
"Little Tim, as second ship's boy under
his old friend, Captain McFee, encounters
difficulties with Ginger, the errant first
ship's boy, but his loyalty and gallant rescue
of Ginger, in the face of a terrific hurricane
bring about the reformation of the latter one,
a gold medal for Tim. Vigorous, salty humor
and the sweep of sky and sea are a part of
this lively tale of high adventure for the
young."-Library Journal.
E Average

Barnum, Jay Hyde. The Little Old
Truck. Morrow, 1953. $2.00.
An old pick-up truck had a chance to
prove her mettle when a bridge was washed
out. She could go over narrow-back roads
even during the storm. Large, clear print
with pictures on almost every page.
E (W) Average

Barnum, Jay Hyde. The New Fire
Engine. Morrow, 1952. $2.00.
A new fire engine didn't work well; hose

valves sucked air, batteries went dead. Pic-
tures in color and black and white.
E (W) Average

Beim, Jerrold. Country Garage. Mor-
row, 1952. $2.00.
All the sights and duties of the filling
station are delightful to a small boy. Large
print with realistic drawings by Louis Darl-
E (W) Easy

Bendick, Jeanne. The First Book of
Airplanes. Watts, 1952. $1.75.
Another "First" book. It teaches simple
principles of flying. Pictures and easy ex-
planations of types of planes.
629.1 (W) Advanced

Burton, Virginia Lee. Choo Choo:
the Story of a Little Engine Who
Ran Away. Houghton, 1937. $2.50.
"Told in rhythmics, with many sound
effects; illustrated with amusing, vigorous
drawings in black and white."-Children's
E (W) Easy

Burton, Virginia Lee. Katy and the
Big Snow. Houghton, 1943. $2.50.
"Katy was a big, strong crawler tractor.
In the summertime she wore a bulldozer and
pushed dirt and in the wintertime she wore
a snow plow and kept the roads clear. This
picture story-book tells how she came to the
rescue when the city was snowed in by a
blizzard."-Huntting. "The full-color draw-
ings are lively with detail."-New York Pub-
lic Library.
E (W) Easy

Burton, Virgina Lee. Maybelle: The
Cable Car. Houghton, 1952. $2.75.
"A wealth of art work has gone into this
beautifully designed book telling of the
saving of the old cable cars of San Francisco.
The rhythmic working of the story will
please five-six year olds as they follow the
pictures and seven-eight year olds will read
the book for themselves. Good paper, large
print, and good binding."-Library Journal.
E (W) Easy

Burton, Virginia Lee. Mike Mulligan
and His Steam Shovel. Houghton,
1939. $2.50.
"This is fun both in its text and gay


crayon drawings. Mike Mulligan remains
faithful to his steam shovel, Mary Anne,
against the threat of the new gas and diesel-
engine contraptions and digs his way to a
surprising and happy ending."-New York
Public Library.
E (W) Easy

Brown, Margaret Wise. Two Little
Trains. Scott, W. R., 1949. $1.75.
Large, heavy print picture book. Vivid,
unusual illustration with simple lines by
Jean Chariot.
E (W) Easy

Christensen, Norman. Stubby, the
Little Train That Ran Away. Fideler,
1948. $1.79.
Adventures of the little train provide story
experiences. Heavy, rough paper. Full page
lithographs in three colors. Print widely
E Average

Davis, Lavinia R. We All Go Away.
Hale, (Cadmus), 1940. $1.44.
A summer trip by train, boat, plane, and
automobile was being taken by children.
Peter went by "Special Magic."
E Average

DuBois, William Pine. Flying Loco-
motive. Viking, 1941. $2.00.
"Amusing story of a disgruntled locomo-
tive and a contented prize cow."-Children's
E (W) Average

Elam, Elizabeth. Chuffer. Winston,
1949. $1.25.
The story of a little train that runs into
the path of a big locomotive. The little engine
returns a much wiser engine. Lively illus-
trations by Dan Langfor.
E Easy

Emett, Rowland. New World for
Nellie. Harcourt, 1952. $2.00.
"Nellie, a famous railroad engine . .
has come to America. When Albert and
Frederick, engineer and fireman, felt that
they were not appreciated at home, they
turned Nellie into a flying machine."-Library
Journal. Modernistic.
E (W) Average

Flack, Marjorie. Boats on the River.
Viking, 1946. $2.50.
"Gorgeous picture book about the boats
on the river, the river that comes down from
the mountains to the city near the sea.
There are ferry boats, tug boats, ocean liners,
submarines and many others, all splendidly

pictured with a rhythmic text that will
catch the child's fancy. Perhaps, more of a
gift book than a library item, but still a
gorgeous book."-Library Journal.
E (W) Average

Francis, Alice. Here Comes the Fire
Engine. Fideler, 1950. $1.79.
A vivid picture book of the Fire Engine
with a simple story.
614.84 Average

Friskey, Margaret. Mystery of the
Broken Bridge. Children's Press, 1952.
A first story about trains. Giant prints,
large, colorful illustrations.
E Easy

Frost, Frances. Rockets Away. Whit-
tlesey, 1953. $2.00.
A space adventure for the six to ten year
olds. A story with scientific background,
about a trip to the moon.
629.1 (W) Advanced

Gramatky, Harde. Hercules the
Story of an Old-Fashioned Fire
Engine. Hale, (Cadmus), 1940. $1.44.
A story of a horse drawn fire engine.
You will laugh over Hercules. Large, widely
spaced print. Amusing illustrations by
E (W) Easy

Gramatky, Hardie. Sparky: the Story
of a Little Trolley Car. Putnam,
1952. $2.50.
A gay story with spirited pictures, of a
little trolley car who cannot keep his mind
on his work.
E (W) Average

Gramatky, Hardie. Little Toot. Hale,
(Cadmus), 1939. $1.38.
A story of a tugboat which is a favorite
with the youngest. Many clever, amusing
illustrations make it very popular.
E (W) Easy

Gramatky, Hardie. Loopy. Hale,
(Cadmus), 1941. $1.44.
Animated drawings of a small plane. A
simple story of the adventures of the plane.
E (W) Easy

Greene, Graham. The Little Red Fire
Engine. Lothrop, 1952. $2.00.
A vividly colored picture book about the
fire engine. Large print, widely spaced.
E Average


Hitte, Kathryn. A Letter for Cathy.
Abingdon, 1953. $1.25.
A little girl wanted a letter of her own.
She watched for the postman. He advised
she write first, so she got her letter.
E Average

Hagner, Wils. The Lost Tugboat.
Abelard, 1952. $2.00.
A story of a tugboat lost in a fog. She
finds her way out and helps an ocean liner
dock. The clever drawings of tugboast,
liners and harbors are by the author.
E (W) Easy

Hurd, Edith. Benny, the Bulldozer.
Lothrop, 1947. $1.25.
"The story of a bulldozer who at first
didn't want to work in the country building
a road, but was finally persuaded to help
the other machines when the Road Superin-
tendent took a hand in the argument."-
Children's Catalog.
629.22 (W) Advanced

Hurd, Edith Thacker. Caboose. Loth-
rop, 1950. $1.25.
"A rollicking, chattering text with won-
derful rail rhymes that joggle along with a
train rhythm. Packed with information about
signals, cars, and engines."-Kirkus. Illus-
625.1 (W) Average

Johnson, Siddie Joe. Joe and Andy
Want a Boat. Steck, 1951. $2.00.
Two boys salvage an old sunken boat.
This is a story of how that adventure led to
a new, long-desired boat. Illustrated in color.
E Advanced

Knight, Clayton. Big Book of Real
Jet Planes. Grossett, 1952. $1.00.
Large, colorful illustrations and simple text
give satisfying amount of information for
younger readers. Should be rebound.
629.1 (W) Advanced

Lawrence, Anne. Larry's Plane Ride.
Fideler, 1949. $1.79.
A five-to--seven-year old's book about planes
and an airplane ride.
E Average

Lawrie, R. Wheeler. Chuffy. Fid-
eler, 1950. $1.79.
Chuffy is a fat little switch engine with
many adventures. Jack Brouner's illustrations
in color and blacks are amusing and ex-
E Advanced

Lent, Henry Bolles. Straight Down.
Macmillan, 1944. $1.36.
A second grade reader about a balloon.
Especially appealing to children. Attrac-
tive drawings.
E (W) Average

Hurd, Edith Thacker. Engine, En- Lent, Henry Bolles. Straight Up.
gine, No. 9. Lothrop, 1940. $1.25. Macmillan, 1944. $1.32.

"Explains in text and pictures suitable for
five to seven year olds just what makes the
railroad engine work, what a round-house
is, how an engine fuels and takes on water,
answers signals, and other matters of in-
terest to small boys. Information given in
fiction form and the engine has power to
think and feel."-Children's Catalog.
E (W) Easy

Johnson, Enid. Cross-Country Bus
Ride. Messner, 1953. $1.60.
Their first long bus trip from Chicago
to Yellowstone National Park is a thrilling
experience for the Davis family. Stress on
bus travel, road and camping problems, with
emphasis on human relationship. Black and
white illustrations by Louis Zansky.
E Average.

Johnson, Eileen. Jamie and the Dump
Truck. Hale, (Cadmus), 1943. $1.17.
The dump truck saved a garage by dump-
ing sand on a fire. Amusing illustrations
by Ora Brian Edwards.
E Average

First book about a helicopter. Large print,
attractive drawings. Simple enough for the
very young.
E (W) Easy

Little Golden Book Series. Simon
and Schuster. Goldencraft Binding.
Titles suitable for transportation unit in-
clude: Train to Tinbuctoo; All Aboard;
Tootle; Christopher and the Columbus; Boats;
Bobby and His Airplanes.
E Easy

Maloy, Lois. Swift Thunder of the
Prairie, an American Adventure.
Hale, (Cadmus), 1942. $1.53.
This busy little train engine had adventures
through plans where buffalo and Indians
lived. Many illustrations in both color and
E Advanced

Marohn, Nancy. Tuttle. Winston,
1949. $1.25.
A fantasy of a truck which wasn't allowed


in the park. Personified drawings by Harper planation of how each works and what it is
Landell. Large print, used for."-Library Journal.
E Easy 629.22 (W) Average

Norling, J. S. and Norling, E. R.
Pogo's Sky Ride; a Story of Air-
planes. Holt, 1943. $1.50.
"This is an instructive book describing
the manufacture of airplanes at every stage
of construction and how they operate. Wash
drawings in black and white."-Children's
629.1 (W) Average

Norling, Josephine Stearns and Ern-
est Ralph. Pogo's Sea Trip: a Story
of Boats. Holt, 1949. $1.50.
"An adventure begins for John and Pogo
the day John's father decides to rent the
"Whitecap" and take them for a sailboat
ride. It is really Pogo's mishap that sets
off the chain of events, because otherwise
they might never have had the trip on the
tugboat 'Flossie' or been towed by the
Coast Guard cutter or have gone out on
the tender to see Rocky Lighthouse."-Chil-
dren's Catalog.
387 (W) Average

Norling, Josephine Stearns and Ern-
nest Ralph. Pogo's Train Ride: a
Story of Freight Trains. Holt, 1944.
"John and his little dog Pogo find out at
first-hand about freight trains. They visit
the roundhouse, learn the different kinds of
freight cars, ride in a caboose and have
other interesting experiences." Children's
625.1 (W) Average

Olds, Elizabeth. Riding the Rails.
Houghton, 1948. $2.50.
"A picture book about the history of
railroads in the United States. It tells how
the people used to be afraid of steam en-
gines, and how Peter Cooper raced his loco-
motive "Tom Thumb" against a horseI"-
Children's Catalog.
385.1 (W) Average

Otto, Margaret G. Stephen's Train.
Holt, 1953. $2.00.
A six-year-old has a train ride alone.
He meets other passengers and has adven-
E (W) Average

Otto, Margaret Glover and Otto,
Stuart. Truck Book. Sloane, 1949.
"Photographically illustrated book of 43
different kinds of trucks, with a simple ex-

Petersham, Maud and Petersham,
Miska. Story Book of Ships. Win-
ston, 1935. $1.00.
"The history of ships from the earliest
boats to the ocean liners of today. Simply
told, with colorful illustrations."-Children's
387 (W) Advanced

Petersham, Maud and Petersham,
Miska. Story Book of Trains. Win-
ston, 1935. $1.00.
"A brief history of trains, from the earliest
steam engines to the 'treamliner of today."-
Children's Catalog.
385.1 (W) Average

Petersham, Maud and Petersham,
Miska. Story Book of Transportation.
Winston, 1933. $1.00.
"The simple and interesting text will appeal
to younger readers who will delight in find-
ing children in the stories and pictures as
well."-Children's Catalog.
600 (W) Easy

Ross, Diana. The Little Red Engine
Goes To Town. Transatlantic Arts,
1952. $2.00.
"Once more the Little Red Engine takes
a trip, this time, to become part of the
Exhibition of Transport in London. There,
the Royal Red was the most popular of all
the exhibits with the children, for they were
permitted to enter the cab and work the
levers. Beautifuly illustrated in color by
Leslie Wood. Libraries will prefer rebound
copies . "-Library Journal.
E Average

Simon, Ruth. Mat and Mandy and the
Little Old Car. Crowell, 1952. $2.50.
"Lots of fun in the very old and very
little family car will provide good reading
material for the second and third grade
readers."-Recent Children's Books.
E Average

Slobodkin, Lewis. Clear the Track
for Michael's Magic Train. Macmil-
lan, 1945. $1.50.
"Small Mike conducts a living room tour
on his own locomotive, as he shifts from
conductor to brakeman, to engineer to candy-
man . "-Children's Catalog.
E (W) Average


Tatham, Campbell (pseud.). The First
Book of Automobiles. Watts, 1949.
Many colored diagrams and pictures by
Jean Bendick to make clear, simple terms
of the automobile- brakes, spark plugs,
tires, and others.
629.22 (W) Advanced

Tatham, Campbell. The First Book
Boats. Watts, 1945. $1.75.
A book of pictures substitute for words in
simple sentences. Simple, double-spread dic-
tionary of nautical terms. Pictures by Jeanne
387 Average

Tatham, Campbell. The First Book
of Trains. Watts, 1948. $1.75.
Plenty of stories, illustrations, and facts
in this book about railroading, trains, equip-
ment, and services.
625.1 (W) Advanced

Tatham, Campbell. The First Book
of Trucks. Watts, 1952. $1.75.
Deals with long haul and short haul
trucks, their work, parts, and types. Many
labeled diagrams and pictures for explana-
629.22 (W) Advanced

Wear, Ted. Brownie Makes the Head-
lines. Messner, 1953. $1.60.
Brownie is gone and her puppies need
her, so Nancy and Tommy decide to put an
ad in the paper. Instead her story makes
the front page and leads to a dramatic
ending. Step by Step on how a newspaper
is made. Black and white illustrations.
E Average

Wright, Ethel and Rose, Richard.
Saturday Flight. Hale, (Cadmus),
1954. $1.44.
Two simple stories of a plane ride and
"Saturday Ride" which is a train ride. A
picture book for the youngest reader.
E Easy

Zaffo, George J. Big Book of Real
Streamliners. Grossett, 1953. $1.00.
A large, colorful book of pictures and
text, describing the workings of a modern
locomotive and the various cars which make
up a streamliner. Needs prebinding.
625.1 Advanced

an explanation of what makes an engine
run."-Booklist. Needs prebinding.
629.22 (W) Advanced

Zaffo, George J. Big Book of Real
Fire Engines. Grossett, 1950. $1.00.
"Picture book with information about fire
engines and their equipment, duties of fire-
men, fire alarm system, and causes of fires
in the home."-Children's Catalog. Needs pre-
614.84 (W) Advanced

Zaffo, George J. Big Book of Real
Building and Wrecking Machines.
Grossett, 1951. $1.00.
A book featuring machines such as a
bulldozer, cement mixer, motor grader. Pic-
tures that will label the parts. Needs pre-
621 (W) Advanced

Zaffo, George J. Big Book of Real
Locomotives. Grossett, 1951. $1.00.
Drawings with labels for the parts of
locomotives. Oversized book. Needs pre-
625.19 (W) Advanced

Zaffo, George J. Big Book of Real
Airplanes. Grossett, 1951. $1.00.
"Pictures of various types of airplanes
alternate with diagrams and explanatory text
concerned with parts of an airplane, how
engines operate, aviation safety aids . "-
Children's Catalog. Needs prebinding.
629.1 (W) Advanced

Zaffo, George J. Big Book of Real
Trains. Grossett, 1949. $1.00.
"Big, realistic, posterish, illustrations in
color of the different cars that make up a
freight train, with descriptions of each car
and its uses. On the last page are shown the
parts and workings of locomotive."-Chil-
dren's Catalog. Needs prebinding.
625.1 (W) Advanced

Zim, Herbert S. What's Inside of
Engines. Morrow, 1953. $1.75.
The youngest readers can learn from pic-
tures alone in this book; better readers from
the large type; advanced readers from the
smaller type with more technical terms. Many
labeled diagrams by Raymond Perlman.
600 (W) Advanced

Grades 4-6

Zaffo, George V. Big Book of Real Bendick, Jeanne. The First Book to
Trucks. Grossett, 1950. $1.00. The Story of Vertical Transportation.
"Describes in picture and text a dozen Abingdon, 1948. $2.00.
different kinds of trucks. Added features are An amazing story of man's struggle to
a brief summary of a truck driver's day and go up, beginning with vines and ladders and


on the elevator as we know it today.
621.87 (W) Advanced

Bendick, Jeanne. The First Book to
Space Travel. Watts, 1953. $1.75.
This book sorts the real fauts from the
ones that never can happen. It shows why
space hasn't been conquered yet, how it will
be done, why rockets will be used instead
of airplanes and how a rocket works.
629.1 (W) Advanced

Bethers, Ray. Perhaps I'll Be A
Railroad Man. Aladdin, 1951. $1.75.
Gives in simple text a short survey of
the need and development of railroads and

their operation today.
625.1 (W)


Carroll, Ruth and Carroll, Latrobe.
The Flight of the Silver Bird. Hale,
(Cadmus), 1939. $1.29.
The flight of the clipper, Silver Bird,
takes Peter and Jane and Mister Pokey, the
turtle, from San Francisco to Hong Kong
by way of Hawaii, Midway Islands, Wake,
Guam, and Manila. Exciting and happy
events keep them busy indeed.
F Average

Edelstadt, Vera. Black Magic: The
Story of Smoke. Knopf, 1943. $1.50.
Pictorial description of smoke and its by-
products. Ties in with transportation study.
662.6 Average

Elting, Mary. Machines at Work.
Garden City, 1953. $1.50.
Text and colored pictures describe many
machines used for special jobs on farms, in
cities, and in the woods. Indexed.
629.22 (W) Advanced

Elting, Mary. Ships at Work. Garden
City, 1953. $1.50.
From dugouts to the SS United States-
All the common and highly specialized ships
shown in action. The work, the sailors'
language, recent inventions such as radar, all
make a fascinating picture of life at sea.
Colored illustrations. Indexed.
623.82 (W) Advanced

Elting, Mary. Trains at Work. Garden
City, 1953. $1.50.
All kinds of trains and how they operate.
The language of railroading, assembling of
freight trains, routing, work in the round-
house all are fuly described and vividly
pictured. Indexed.
625.1 (W) Advanced

Hubbard, Freeman H. The Train
That Never Came Back and Other
Railroad Stories. Whittlesey, 1952.
"Some true and thrilling incidents in Amer-
ican railroading history, including the heroic
tales of Kate Shelley and Casey Jones."-
A.L.A. Illustrated by Kurt Wiese. Same
author, publisher, and price: The Roundhouse
Cat and Other Railroad Animals.
F (W) Average

Lent, Henry Bolles. Clear Track
Ahead. Macmillan, 1932. $2.50.
Includes chapters on the fast freight and
the passenger train. Written simply and
625.1 (W) Average

Lent, Henry B. Tugboat. Macmillan,
1936. $2.50.
The exciting events in the life of a tug-
boat in a busy harbor.
623.82 (W) Average

Lewellen, John. The Story of Trans-
portation. Children's Press, 1952.
A story of the growth of cargo trans-
portation from early pack trails and water-
ways to modern means.
600 Easy

McPhedran, Marie. Cargoes On The
Great Lakes. Bobbs, 1952. $2.75.
The story of shipping on the Great Lakes
and inland waterways. Maps, charts, and
sketches illustrating details of parts of ships
386 (W) Advanced

McSpadden, J. W. How They Car-
ried The Mail. Dodd, 1930. $3.00.
Tells the story of mail from the post run-
ners of King Sargon to the air mail today.
383 (W) Average

Meadowcroft, Enid. By Wagon and
Flatboat. Hale, (Cadmus), 1938.
"Story of the migration of two American
Families from the region of Philadelphia to
Losantville, which became Cincinnati. The
trip was made by Conestoga Wagon and
flatboat."-Children's Catalog.
F (W) Average

Neurath, Marie. Rockets and Jets.
Lothrop, 1952. $1.50.
Answers the questions children ask: How
rockets and jets work, why rockets can


go higher than jet planes, why some planes
use propellers and jets, too, and how the
future space ship may be driven.
629.1 (W) Average

Otto, Margaret and Otto, Stuart.
Boat and Ship Book. Sloane, 1951.
"Descriptions of dozens of boats and ships
that carry freight and people across the
ocean; catch fish for our dinner; patrol the
seas in our defense; take the family car
across the river; and fight fires along the
waterfront . "-Children's Catalog.
387 (W) Easy

Otto, Margaret and Otto, Stuart.
The Tractor Book. Morrow, 1953.
Photographic picture book explaining all
about 43 different types of tractors, what they
are used for, and how they work.
629.2 Easy

Petersham, Maud and Petersham,
Miska. Story Book of Ships. Win-
ston, 1935. $.75.
The story of ships from the earliest boats
to the ocean liners of today.
387 Average

Tooze, Ruth. Wires Up! Messner,
1952. $1.50.
The hobby of bird-watching and the work
of telephone repairmen are combined to make
a study of family relations and communi-
P Easy

Woolley, Catherine. Railroad Cowboy.
Morrow, 1941. $2.00.
David owns an electric train, has made
friends with the crossings' watchmen, and
equally important, organizes the Railroad
F (W) Average

Grades 7-9

Bendick, Jeanne. Making the Movies.
Whittlesey, 1945. $2.00.
"A fact book which may be used as a
basic text, covering background and history,
details of casting, sets, costuming, make-up,
-hooting, sound, actors, technicians, distribut-
ing, and the behind-the-scenes activity that
goes into the making of the film today."-
792.93 (W) Average

Bendick, Jeanne and Bendick, Robert.
Television Works Like This. McGraw
(Whittlesey House), 1949. $1.75.
"A book that answers the questions on

how programs originate, what the engineers
and directors do, how programs are picked
up and transmitted, and that gives a peek
into the future of television."-Kirkus.
621.388 (W) Average

Billings, Henry. Construction Ahead.
Viking, 1951. $3.00.
"The story of road building through the
history of New York upstate Route 199. How
the road grew out of a deer trail to an Indian
trail and hence, with the coming of the
white man, from a dirt road, to corduroy,
to macadama to a modern asphalt concrete
highway is graphically described. The book
will appeal to engineering-minded boys of 12
and up."-Children's Catalog.

Billings, Henry. Diesel-Electric 4030.
Viking, 1950. $2.50.
"An informative book for those who know
their trains. The run from Harmon to Albany
on the New York Central is described in de-
tail as seen from the engineer's cab . .
There is information about signals, tunnels,
and tracks, and a second section dealing with
construction of the Diesel with pictures, dia-
grams, and illustrations in terms of simple
concepts in physics."-Kirkus.
625.26 (W) Average

Burlingame, Roger. General Billy
Mitchell: Champion of Aid Defense.
McGraw, 1953. $3.00.
"Valuable not only as the biography of a
controversial, contradictory, prophetic figure,
but for its sidelights on the period of 1898
to World War II . Objectives yet interpre-
tive, it will appeal to air-minded juniors and
seniors."-Library Journal.
(W) Average

Burlingame, Roger. Inventors Behind
the Inventor. Harcourt, 1947. $3.00.
Contents: Heroes and ghosts, Behind them
all; Behind Fulton; True heroes of the Tele-
graph; Behind Bessemu; Behind Henry Ford;
Behind the Screen; Before and After Edison.
608 (W) Average

Block, Irvin. The Real Book About
Ships. Garden City, 1953. $1.25.
The history of ships from primitive canoes
to modern ocean liners. Others recommended
in this series: Real Book About Mounties
(971) ; Real Book About Spies (355) ; Real
Book About Camping (796.5).
387 (W) Average

Carlisle, N. V. and Nelson, E. Modern
Wonder Books of Ships. Winston,
1947. $2.50.
"Here is the story of ships from the be-
ginnings of sea commerce and travel to the


modern superliners. Starting with Egyptian
and Phoenician galleys, the authors cover the
technical developments as wel as the sea
lore that forms the history of the sea.
A final chapter gives the language of the
sea; a dictionary of nautical terms and ex-
pressions. Many photographs."-Booklist.
387 (W) Average

Carlisle, Norman V. Modern Wonder
Book of Trains and Railroading.
Winston, 1946. $2.50.
"A history of railroading in the United
States, including such information as the
part science plays in railroading; how trains
are kept moving in good weather and bad,
how to build a model railroad, and the story
of the personalities who have contributed to
railroading . "-Booklist.
385.1 (W) Average

Chrysler, Walter P.
American Workman.

Life of an
Dodd, 1950.

The story of a genius of engineering and
industry who "came up from the bottom of
the ladder" to reach the top of his profession.
Excellent Americana.
B (W) Average

Coe, Douglas. Marconi, Pioneer of
Radio. Messner, 1943. $2.75.
A popular account of Marconi's experi-
ments and inventions in the field of radio.
Deals with the people who made wireless and
radio history, more than personal reminis-
cence about Marconi.
B (W) Average

Coggins, Jack and Pratt, Fletcher.
Rockets, Jets, Guided Missiles, and
Space Ships. Random, 1951. $1.00.
"Explains the actual history and advance
of these 'world of the future' marvels. Illus-
trations in full color and black-and-white."-
Retail Bookseller.
629.1 (W) Average

Colby, Carroll B. Our Fighting "Jets."
Coward-McCann, 1951. $1.00.
"Twenty-two jet fighter planes are pre-
sented in full page photos and scale silhouette
drawings, with information on speed, bomb
load, ceiling, range, and other specifications
within security limits."-Retail Bookseller.
629.1 (W) Average

Day, Beth. Joshua Slocum, Sailor.
Horighton, 1953. $2.75.
Fictionized biography of the first and only
man ever to sail alone around the world.
One of the most colorful figures in Maritime
history, Captain Slocum tells a story sure to

fascinate all the boys who are avid readers
of sea stories.
B Average

Everson, George. Story of Television;
the Life of Philo R. Farnsworth.
Norton, 1949. $3.75.
"The life story of Philo T. Farnsworth.
who, at the age of 15. disclosed to his high
school teacher his dream of sending pictures
through the air . But it took twenty-twu
years of hard work and millions in funds
before the dream could become a reality."-
B (W) Average-

Floherty, John J. Aviation from the
Ground Up. Lippincott, 1950. $2.75.
Contents: Those were the days; Aircraft
and crews; Turnpikes in the sky; Business
takes to the air; Inside story; Berlin airlift,
Helicopter comes of age; Genesis of a Jet;
Flying a flame; Airline in war and peace;
Aviation goes to school.-N. Y. Public Li-
629.1 (W) Average

Floherty, John J. Make Way for the
Mail. Lippincott, 1939. $2.50.
Civilization has always followed in the foot-
steps of the postman. Mail routes are the
links around the world. Historical treat-
ment of mail service in society. Very in-
383 (W) Average

Floherty, John J. Sentries of the
Sea. Lippincott, 1942. $2.50.
"From the men of the United States Light
Service who battle the elements day and
night to make the sea safe for sailing crafts,
the author has gathered these tales . .
Illustrated with photographs and pen and
ink drawings by the author."-Huntting.
627.384 (W) Average

Floherty, John J. Youth and the Sea;
Our Merchant Marine Calls American
Youth. Lippincott, 1941. $2.50.
"The author tells in words, photographs,
and drawings what he observed during several
months which he spent in one of the Marine
Service Schools where young men are being
trained to man the merchant ships."-Hun-
387 (W) Average

Hall, Charles G. The Mail Comes
Through. Macmillan, 1938. $2.00.
"An account of the development of mail
service from very early times and in various
parts of the world, but with special emphasis
on the United States system. A good index,
photographs, and old prints increase the
value of the book."-Wilson.
383 (W) Average


Henry, Robert S. Trains. Mid-cen-
ture Ed. Bobbs, 1949. $3.00.
"A history of railroading in the United
States, prepared for young people. The in-
terest lies chiefly in the development of equip-
ment in engines, cars, tracks, etc. Illus-
trated with reproduction of old prints, photo-
graphs. and diagrams."-Book Review Digest.
625.1 (W) Average

Huntington, Harriet E. Aircraft U.
S. A. Doubleday, 1951. $2.50.
"A book of modern military aircraft for
any age showing pictorially the training
planes, the jet planes, intercepters, raiders,
fighters, transports, helicopters, and many
others among them Convairs, Lockheeds,
Grummans. Martins, a Republic Thunderjet,
a Scopion. a Banshee, etc."-Children's Cata-
629.1 (W) Average

Jarbedian, Haig, Gordon. George
Westinghouse; Fabulous Inventor.
Dodd, 1943. $2.50.
"Two men played so important a part in
the development of the era of transportation,

steel and electric power ...
B (W)

Jennings, John. Clipper Ship Days;
the Golden Age of American Sailing
Ships. Hale, 1952. $1.68.
"Factual presentation of the beginnings of
America's merchant marine showing the part
the clipper ship played in the development of
our country. Includes information of ships
from earlier days but emphasis is on indi-
vidual Yankee ships and their skippers."-
A.L.A. Recommended Children's Books. 1952.
A Landmark Book.
387 (W) Average

Knight, Clayton. The Big Book of
Real Jet Planes. Grosset, 1952. $1.00.
Another giant book, packed with informa-
tion in words and pictures. Prebinding rec-
629.1 Average

Korn, Terry and Korn, Elizabeth P.
Trailblazer to Television; the Story
of Arthur Korn. Scribner, 1950. $2.50.
The story of the scientist who transmitted
the first picture of wireless across the At-
lantic an important step on the road to
B (W) Average

of model boats, air planes, sailing yachts,
motorboats, and kites.
623.82 (W) Average

Lent, Henry. I Work On a Newspa-
per. Macmillan, 1948. $2.50.
"One complete day in a newspaper plant,
showing who does what, where the news
comes from, and how it is handled, written
and printed . "-Retail Bookseller.
070 (W) Average

Lewellen, John. Birds and Planes;
How They Fly. Crowell, 1953. $2.00.
Here in simple words and over one hun-
dred illustrations, is a non-technical, accurate,
and interesting comparison of man's and
nature's flying machines, and how they
work, a comparison is made between the
wings of a bird and a plane.
629.1 (W) Easy

Lewellen, John. You and Space
Travel. Children's Press, 1951. $1.50.
"This book traces the actual progress that
has been made toward flight beyond the
earth's atmosphere. Excellent scientific writ-
ing distinguishes this simple account of the
principles and the physics. of flight, jets,
and rockets."-N. Y. Pub. Lib.
629.1 (W) Average

Lowe, Corine. Quicksilver Bob; a
Story of Robert Fulton. Harcourt,
1946. $2.75.
"Here is a fictionized biography of Robert
Fulton. Showing him as a talented draftsman
who became a painter before seriously chang-
ing his fortunes as an inventor."-Publish-
er's Weekly.
B (W) Average

Meyer, Jerome S. Picture Book of
Radio and Television and How They
Work. Lothrop, 1951. $2.00.
"This book reduces to lowest terms this
very technical subject by using simple, non-
technical language and many illustrative
analogies . There are short discussions
of such subjects as 'How Is Sound Sent
Out Over Wires' and 'What Are Electrons'
and brief summaries of radio and televi-
sion."-Library Journal.
621.38 (W) Average

Mitchell, Helen and Wilson, William
N. Ships That Made U. S. History.
McGraw, 1950. $2.50.

"Story of the famous voyages and ships
La Berge, Armand J. Boats, Air- in the history of America from the 'Santa
planes, and Kites. (Rev. Ed.) Ben- Maria' to the signing of the peace treaty
of World War II aboard the Missouri."-
nett, 1950. $2.50. Kirkus.
Instructions for construction and operation 973 (W) Average



Mitchell, Ruth. My Brother Bill.
Harcourt, 1953. $4.00.
Subtitle: The life of General "Billy
Mitchell"; with an introduction by Gerald
W. Johnson. "A full length boy of the man
who was court-martialed long before World
War II for his advocacy of a separate Air
Force for the United States Army. Written
by his younger sister."-Wilson Bulletin.
B (W) Average

Natham, Adele G. Building of the
First Transcontinental Railroad. Hale,
1950. $1.68.
The story of the men who heped build
the transcontinental railroad. Others who
appear are President Lincoln, Theodore D.
Judah, and Leland Stanford. Here too are
the workers racing across country with their
rails, and fighting the mountains, the weath-
er, the Indians and each other. A Landmark
385.1 (W) Average

Neyhart, L. A. Henry Ford, Engi-
neer. Houghton, 1950. $2.75.
"The story of Henry Ford, and the step-
by-step development of his famous car. From
Ford's boyhood as a farmer's son, he had a
troublesome passion for making things work.
His early experiments are interesting, espe-
cialy as they led one by one to the making
of the first Ford and the beginning of one
of America's greatest industries."-Wilson
B (W) Average

Schneider, Herman and Schneider,
Nina. Your Telephone and How It
Works. Whittlesey, 1952. $2.00.
"A clear, simple, and well illustrated story
of the telephone. The operational circuits
of both the operator and dial systems are
explained. There is an interesting chapter of
telephones that travel; the handy-talkie,
walkie-talkie, and phones in automobiles, rail-
way cars, ships, and airplanes. Index."-
Enoch Pratt Free Lib.
621.385 (W) Easy

Sikorsky, Igor Rvan. Story of the
Winged-S. Dodd, 1948. $4.00.
Subtitle: New chapters and illustrations
on recent developments of the helicopter. An
autobiography; many illustrations from the
author's collection of photographs.
B (W) Average

Tyler, Kingdon S. Modern Radio.
Harcourt, 1944. $2.50.
"Beginning in the studio where the pro-
gram originates, each step from the original
broadcast to the sound waves coming from
loudspeakers is explained. The principles of

radio engineering and the duties of the men
in the broadcasting studio, the control room,
the transmitting station and the television
studio are fuly described."-Children's Cat-
621.384 (W) Average

Yates, Raymond F. Boy's Book of
Communications. Harper, 1942. $2.50.
"With a brief history of communication
for background, the author explains telegra-
phy and telephony and gives instructions
for constructing telegraph instruments, tele-
phone, picture transmitter, radio receiver,
and blinkers. Illustrated with diagrams and
photographs. For the amateur communica-
tions engineer."-Booklist.
621.38 (W) Average

Zim, Herbert S. Rockets and Jets.
Harcourt, 1945. $3.50.
Identification and uses of minerals, and
how to collect them. Basic information on
how to become a collector. Illustrations in
black and white.
629.1 (W) Average

Wright, Orville and Wright, Wilbur.
Miracle at Kitty Hawk. Fairae, 1951.
Subtitle: The letters of Wilbur and Orville
Wright; ed. by Fred C. Kelly. These letters
give a complete and comprehensive picture
of the two brothers and their work.
B (W) Average

Grades 10-12

Albert, Arthur Lemuel. Electrical
Communication. Wiley, 1950. $6.50.
"First published 1934. The 1950 edition
has been extensively revised . Both radio
systems and dial telephone systems have re-
ceived much greater emphasis than in pre-
vious editions."-Preface to third edition.
621.38 (W) Average

Boarslag, Karl. Famous Sea Stories.
Grosset, 1948. $1.49.
Thrilling true stories of the U. S. Coast
Guard. Formerly titled: S. O. S. to the
614.81 Average

Carlisle, Norman V. Modern Wonder
Book of Trains and Railroading.
Winston, 1946. $2.50.
A history of railroading in the U. S.
including how to build a model railroad, and
attention to personalities and human interest
385.1 (W) Average


Chapel, Charles Edward. Jet Air-
craft Simplified. Aero Pubs. 1950.
Could he used for a one semester course
in high school or junior college.
629.14353 (W) Advanced

Collins, Archie Frederick, ed. Radio
Amateur's Handbook. Crowell, 1949.
Revised by D. J. Duffin. (9th ed.) The
1949 edition "has been fully revised and
completely reset to keep abreast of the times,
without losing sight of the original aim of
the book. which was and is to present the
facts as simply as possible and to offer a
completely practical approach to radio and
related fields for the beginner who wants
to build his own equipment."-Preface.
621.3F4 (W) Average

Cooke, David Coxe. Young America's
Aviation Manual. McBride, 1951.
Some contents: U. S. Air Force; U. S.
Naval Aviation; Russian Air Force; Military
Air Transport.
629.1 (W) Average

Crispin, Frederic Swing. Dictionary
of Technical Terms. 8th ed. (rev.)
Bruce, 1948. $4.00.
"Definitions of many of the terms listed
here will not be found in any technical
text . even though they are . terms
which are in use in all sections of the U. S.
. . the purpose has been to make the
scope broad enough to give the workman
that knowledge of trade nomenclature which
will he useful to him in the pursuit of his
vocation."-Preface. Simple, clear definitions.
Illustrated. Includes aeronautics.
603 (W) Average

Crump, Irving. Our Tanker Fleet.
Dodd, 1952. $2.50.
Relates the wartime and peacetime ex-
periences of the men in the important and
adventurous tanker service. Tells to what
extent wise oil carriers have been developed
and the capability of the crews and officers
on their urgent missions.
367.51 (W) Easy

Denman, Frank. Television: the
Magic Window. Macmillan, 1952.
Deals specifically with electronics, tele-
vision being one of the inventions that has
come from the study of the electron.
621.3.S (W) Average

Dunlap, Orrin Elmer. Radar: What
Radar Is and How It Works. Harper,
1948. $3.00.
"A story of the uses of radar and a his-
tory of the subject. Its development is
traced from World War I through the ad-
vancements in World War II. The technical
operations of the equipment are only briefly
621.384 (W) Average

Dyke, Andrew Lee. Dyke's Automo-
bile and Gasoline Engine Encyclope-
dia. (Rev.). Goodheart-Wilcox, 1950.
Comprehensive on the principles, construc-
tion, operation, and repair of automobiles,
trucks, tractors, automotive Diesel engines,
and motorcycles.
629.2 (W) Advanced

Floherty, John J. Get That Story:
Journalism Its Lore and Thrills.
Lippincott, 1952. $2.75.
History of newspapers, the rural and the
city dailies and weeklies. Tips on how to
enter the field, the various departments, etc.
Readable style.
070 (W) Average

Floherty, John J. Television Story.
Lippincott, 1951. $2.75.
An account of television from its origin
and early experiments to today's techniques
in producing television programs.
621.388 (W) Average

Grant, Gregor. The Boys' Book of
Motor Sports. Bentley, 1953.
For those who want to know about Grand
Prix racing, hill-climbs, and the thrills of
629.28 Average

Hart, Virgina. Story of American
Roads. Sloane, 1950. $3.00.
The fascinating account of how roads de-
veloped, why, and what they are today shows
how they began as pioneer trails or Indian
paths originally.
625.7 (W) Average

Hogben, Lanelot Thomas. From Cave
Painting to Comic Strip. Crown,
1949. $5.00.
A colorful synthesis of the history of visual
communication from ancient times to the
present, with 20 pages in full color and 211
illustrations in black and white. "The cul-
ture of today, its antecedents and development
through one medium of expression is given a
spirited and sparkling interpretation."-
384 (W) Average


Holbrook, Stewart Hall. Story of
American Railroads. Crown, 1947.
"The birth and development of our National
railroad system, the men who built it in
spite of weather, politicians, desert, and
rivals; the ingenuity and inventiveness used
to improve constantly devices and techniques
in railroading."-Retail Bookseller.
385.1 (W) Average

Holmes, David C. Young People's
Bok of Radar. McBride, 1952. $2.95.
This 1952 revision gives a clear explanation
of the science radar, its application during
World War II, and peace-time uses, present
and future. Scientific theory presented in
readable form with many diagrams. Includes
the role of radar in the conquest of space,
development of moving-target indicators, Tel-
eran, and the use of radar in the flying
saucer phenomena of 1952. Photographs, illus-
trations. No index,
621.381 (W) Average

Hulbert, Archer Butler. Paths of In-
land Commerce. Yale University
Press, 1921. $2.50.
Readable account of the history of trail,
road, and waterway in the chronicals of
America Series.
384 (W) Average

Ley, Willy. Conquest of Space.
Viking, 1949. $3.95.
In this volume Venus, Jupiter, Mars are
depicted as places some day we may .visit.
629.14 (W) Average

Leyson, Burr Watkins. Modern Won-
ders and How They Work. Dutton,
1950. $3.50.
First published 1949. The 1950 edition has
a new chapter on the H-bomb and added
material on atomic fusion. Contents: Atomic
bomb; Hydrogen bomb; Rockets; the Jets;
Supersonic speeds; Guided Missiles; Auto-
matic pilot; Radar; Ground controlled ap-
proach and instrument landing system; Full
color television; Space ships and space sta-
608 (W) Average

McMurtrie, Douglas Crawford. The
Book. (rev.). Oxford, 1943. $7.50.
A comprehensive account of the develop-
ment of printing and of book-making, and
of their place in society. Very detailed.
For better students only.
655.4 (W) Advanced

Montgomery, Elizabeth Rider. The
Story Behind Great Inventions. Dodd,
1953. $2.75.
"In this new edition the section on atom
fusion and hydrogen fusion is completely re-
written in the light of latest developments.
The range of great inventions otherwise in-
cludes printing, communication, mechanical
machinery in industry, electricity, chemistry
and transportaton."-Dodd.
608 (W) Average

Moody, John. Railroad Builders. Yale
University Press, 1921. $2.50.
One of the Chronicles of American series,
this tells the history of railroads in read-
able fashion.
385.1 (W) Average

Mott, Frank Luther. News in Amer-
ica. Harvard University, 1952. $4.50.
"An informative and authoritative look at
the processes that go into the assembling,
editing, and distributing of news in the U.
S.. from the first click of the teletype to
the thud of the finished product against the
071 Advanced

Musselman, Morris McNeil. Get a
Horse. Lippincott, 1950. $3.95.
History of the automobile in America.
Very attractively presented.
629.2 (W) Average

Paine, Ralph D. Old Merchant Ma-
rine. Yale University Press, 1921.
Another in the Chronicles of America
387.5 (W) Average

Reck, Franklin Mering. The Romance
of American Transportation. Crowell,
1938. $3.00.
"Evolution of our transportation system
on land and in the air, told with a sense of
the adventurous enterprise that laid railroad
beds and produced the automobile. Well-illus-
380 (W) Average

Rogers, Frances and Beard, Alice.
Heels, Wheels, and Wire: The Story
of Messages and Signals. Lippincott,
1935. $2.25.
"The story of the progress of communica-
tion, from prehistoric times to the present.
Includes radio, telegraph, postal service, and
380 (W) Average


Ross, Frank. Flying Windmills. Loth-
rop, 1953. $2.75.

Portrays every type of helicopter.


Ross, Lillian B. Picture. Rinehart,
1952. $3.50.
The complete production of a motion pic-
ture is described, from the acceptance of
the story to its release. Originally appeared
as a series of articles in the New Yorker.
791.4 (W) Average

Ryan, Cornelius, ed. Across the
Space Frontier. Viking, 1952. $3.95.
An expansion of a scientific symposium
which originally appeared in the pages of
Collier's magazine. Contents: This Side of
Infinity by J. Kaplan; Prelude to Space
Travel, by W Van Braun; Can We Survive
in Space, by W. Ley; Who Owns the Uni-
verse, by 0. Schacter; The Heavens Open,
by F. L. Whipple. Illustrated in color.
629.14 (W) Average

Van Metre, Thurman William. Trains,
Tracks, and Travel. 8th ed. Simmons,
1950. $4.50.
"A comprehensive survey of American rail-
roads . Includes such information as the
history and development of steam railroads
and the railroad track; and operation of
385.1 (W) Average

White, Dale, pseud. Tall Timber
Pilots. Viking, 1953. $3.50.
A story of men, planes, and mountains
involved in the Johnson Flying Service in
Missoula, Montana.
629.10 Average

Wimans, Leonard G. The Book: from
Manuscript to Market. Grosett, 1941.
"The processes of book making simply
and clearly described."-Wis. Bul.
655.4 (W) Advanced

Skippen, Katherine Binney. Bridle Wolfe, Reese. Yankee Ships. Bobbs,
for Pegasus. Viking, 1951. $3.50. 1953. $3.75.

"Tells in delightful, brief stories the his-
tory of airplane and the men and women
who made the dream of flying a reality."-
Library Journal.
629.10 (W) Average

Taylor, Deems, and Others. Pictorial
History of the Movies. Simon, 1950.
First.published in 1943. In the 1950 edition
the last chapter has been revised and en-
larged to include the history of films from
792.93 (W) Average

Throm, Edward L. ed. Popular Me-
chanics' Picture History of American
Transportation. Simon and Schuster,
1952. $5.00.

From colonial days through transportation
of the future, this picture history uses draw-
ings, pictures of the time, and photographs
to tell its story. Text readable and well
indexed. American vehicles from the stage
coach to the jet airplane.
385 (W) Average

This informal history of the American
Merchant Marine brings in colorful person-
alities as well as the story of our ships from
the Visginia to the present day United
States. Entertainingly written, illustrated with
drawings and photographs, it is also. well in-
dexed to make it useful.
387 Average

Zim, Hervert Spenser. Submarines.
Harcourt, 1942. $3.00.
Good history of submarines and explana-
tion of principles of operation.
623.825 (W) Average


Includes: Nature Study; Weather; Electricity; Stars and Plants; Study of
Peoples; Atomic Energy; Oceans; Rivers; Mountains; Minerals; Plants;
Animals; Chemistry; Physics.

See Also: Conservation; Careers; Transportation and Communication; Health
and Safety; Personal Development.

Grades 1-12

Brindze, Ruth. Gulf Stream. Van-
guard,1945. $2.50.
"The fascinating part is that this great
current, which is called the Gulf Stream, is
a river that flows through the ocean."-The
551.46 (W) Average

Grades 1-3

Adams, Pauline. Farm Friends and
Ugly Ducklings. Children's Press,
1951. $2.80.
Lovely illustrations by Pauline Adams and
Phoebe Erickson. Oversized picture book, in
E Easy

Earle, Olive Lydia. State Birds and Adelson, Leone. All Ready for Win-
Flowers. Morrow, 1951. $2.00. ter. McKay, 1952. $2.00.

Arranged alphabetically by states: has in-
formation about appearance, growth and re-
production of flowers, and description and
activities of the birds.
598.2 (W) Average

Golden Nature Guide Series. Simon
and Schuster. $1.75 ea.
Attractive, comprehensive, well bound
pocket size guides in nature study. Pro-
fusely illustrated and packed with helpful
information. Excellent for amateur scientists.
Series includes: Birds (598.2) ; Insects
(595.7) ; Flowers (582.13); Stars (523); Trees
(582.16) ;Plants (580).
(W) Average

Shuttlesworth, Dorothy Edwards. Ex-
ploring Nature With Your Child.
Greystone, 1952. $4.95.
Excellent print, drawings, photographs.
This book successfully introduces wild and
tame animals and plants to the child and the
parent. Gives scores of delightful things
the parent and child can do together, includ-
ing keeping an aquarium, making leaf col-
lections, collecting butterflies, etc. Much in-
formation would be of value to high school
except that it is written for a parent.
Useful to teachers.
574 (W) Average

Verrill, A. Hyatt. Shell Collector's
Handbook. Putnam, 1950. $4.00.
Describes strange ways of shells, tells how
they are formed, where they are found, how
and where to search for them, and how to
prepare and classify them.
594 (W) Average

First book for animals getting ready for
winter. Designed and illustrated by Kathleen
Elgin. Large brown type.
551.5 Easy

Adrian, Mary. Garden Spider. Holi-
day, 1951. $2.00.
The scientific facts about the spider are
written in simple terms. Many colorful illus-
trations. Facts checked by a research spe-
cialist. Also recommended: Honeybee (595.7).
595.4 (W) Average

Allen, Gertrude. Everyday Birds.
Houghton, 1943. $1.50.
"Descriptions of appearance and habits of
robins, chickadees, woodpeckers, crows, ducks
and wrens. Simple text. Atractive pencil
drawings by the author, will be a guide to
identification, even for older children than
those of nursery age. A lovely book for
home use."-Children's Catalog.
598.2 (W) Average

Anderson, C. W. A Pony for Linda.
Macmillan, 1952. $2.00.
A story of Linda's pony's winning honors
at the local horse show. Many fine draw-
ings of horses and ponies by author. Clear,
large-size type. Also recommended: Linda
and the Indians.
E (W) Average

Anderson, Clarence William. Blaze
Finds the Trail. Macmillan, 1950.
"The story of Bily and a wonderful ride
with Blaze (his horse) through the woods,
getting lost, a storm, and a wild dash
home."-Children's Catalog. Also recom-




mended: Billy and Blaze (E); Blaze and the
Forest Fire (E); Blaze and the Gypsies (E).
E (W) Advanced

Bedford, Annie North. Frosty, the
Snow Man. Simon and Schuster, 1951.
Goldencraft Binding. $.68.
Winter scenes, clothes, and play things
in text and pictures make the story adapted
from the song of the same name. Color pic-
tures by Corinne Malvern.
E Average

Beebe, Catherine. The Pet Show.
Hale, (Cadmus), 1946. $1.32.
Everyone likes a pet. This book is about
three: a pony, a kitten, and a puppy. Black
and white with some color illustrations.
E Average

Bemelmans, Ludwig. The Happy
Place. Little, 1952. $2.50.
Children and animals seem determined to
pull the marked down Easter bunny apart.
The elephant was pleased to have company.
Very imaginative.
E (W) Advanced

Bendick, Jeanne. All Around You; A
First Look at the World! McGraw,
1951. $2.00.
"An elementary science book which quite
simply in text and pictures explains night
and day, the seasons and weather, soil and
plant life, and animals and their homes.
Recommended for all libraries." Library
500 (W) Easy

Berkley, Ethel S. Ups and Downs; A
First Book About Space. W. R. Scott,
1951. $1.50.
Answers science questions, such as: What
is low? Explanatory pictures. Prebound copy
500 Easy

Berquist, Grace. Speckles Goes to
School. Abingdon, 1952. $1.50.
A hen goes to visit a third grade room.
Many pictures by Kathleen Elgin. Book is
written in short sentences, using familiar
E (W) Average

Birnbaum, A. Green Eyes. Capitol
Publishing, 1953. $2.50.
Green Eyes is a common cat, who sniffs
flowers, sleeps, and chases leaves. Very
large, simple drawings in color by the author.
Oversized book. Widely spaced, regular sized
print. Good introduction to cats. Author-
illustrator is known for his New Yorker
E Easy

Bishop, Claire Huchet. Augustus.
Hale, (Cadmus), 1945. $1.47.
The calf, Augustus, went through the
barnyard gate to adventure on the outside.
He finds his place at the altar in church for
a Christmas scene. Color illustrations on
each page by Grace Paull.
E (W) Average

Black, Irma Simonton. Kip, A Young
Rooster. Hale, (Cadmus), 1939. $1.05.
A story of Kip's life in the barnyard.
He is afraid of the big rooster but shows
great courage and learns to crow.
E Average

Blackwood, Gladys. Whistle for
Cindy. Whitman, 1952. $1.50.
A small girl gets a dog and a dog whistle
from her father. This is the story of how
well the dog whistle helped. Black and
white full page illustrations by author.
E Average

Blough, Glenn O. The Tree on the
Road to Turntown. Whittlesey, 1953.
This is a story of a tree, how it began,
how it grew; of a boy, dog, squirrels and
rabbits. Nature fiction teaches about chang-
ing seasons, conservation and ways of trees
and animals. Colored drawings by Jeanne
E (W) Average

Boutwell, Edna. Red Rooster. Alad-
din, 1950. $1.75.
A rooster lives on a farm. He felt needed
as an alarm. Simply written with illustra-
tions in color.
E (W) Easy

Bridges, William. Zoo Babies. Mor-
row, 1953. $2.50.
A true storybook of babies of New York
Zoological Park by Curator of Publications.
Both stories and fine photographs will de-
light children.
590 Average

Brooke, Leonard Leslie. Johnny
Crow's Garden; A Picture Book.
Hale, (Cadmus), 1904. $1.05,
Book and illustrations show what animals
wore in Johnny Garden. Simple jingles.
Sequel by same author: Johnny Crow's New
E Easy

Bronson, Wilfred S. Turtles. Har-
court, 1945. $2.00.
Factual information about turtles. Many
598.1 (W) Average


Brown, Margaret Wise. The Duck.
Harper, 1952. $2.50.
A duck goes to the zoo where he met an
elephant, a raccoon, lion and others. Large
photographs by Ylla. Oversized book.
636.6 (W) Easy

Brown, Margaret Wise. A Child's
Good Morning. W. R. Scott, 1952.
The break of day and a good morning to
all creatures. Others by same author: Child's
Good Night Book (E); Goodnight Moon (E).
E (W) Easy

Brown, Margaret Wise. Fox Eyes.
Pantheon, 1951. $1.75.
A tale of a fox who was a spy who
caused fear and unrest. The format and
design are unusual. Very large print. Pic-
tures by Jean Chariot.
H Easy

Brown, Margaret Wise. The Golden
Sleepy Book Simon and Schuster,
Goldencraft Binding, 19.48. $.68.
A collection of easy poems, and stories
about animals and people. Color pictures by
Garth Williams.
E Average

Brown, Margaret Wise. The Little
Island. Doubleday, 1946. $2.50.
The little island is the center of interest
as the seasons change, and a little kitten
explores the place of an island in the uni-
verse. Leonard Weisgard's vividly colored il-
lustrations are a delight. Good for begin-
ner's concepts of growth, seasonal change.
Caldecott Medal.
E (W) Average

Brown, Margaret Wise. Little Lost
Lamb. Doubleday, 1945. $2.50.

A story of how a shepherd found
his lost sheep, a little black lamb. A
book with unusual color and feeling
living things. Lovely illustrations.
E (W)

one of
for all


Brown, Margaret Wise. The Noon
Balloon. Harper, 1952. $2.50.
"A beautiful, gentle book which pictures
a little cat floating in a balloon on a lonely
trip, and shows what he saw and how he
felt before his happy landing."-Recent Chil-
dren's Books.
E (W) Average

Brown, Margaret W. Pussy Willow.
Simon and Schuster, 1951. $2.50.
A story of a pussycat that named himself
Pussy Willow. His friends and adventures

with a crab, an owl, and others bases the
story. Large print, over-sized book. Beau-
tiful colored pictures by Leonard Weisgard.
E Easy

Brown, Margaret Wise. The Sleepy
Little Lion. Harper, 1947. $2.24.
This story of a sleepy lion cub has twenty-
four pages of photographs of the little lion
and his friends. Pictures by Ylla. Over-sized
book with large print.
E (W) Easy

Brown, Margaret Wise. The Summer
Noisy Book. Harper, 1951.
A very beginning book to associate sounds.
words, and pictures. Large print. Large
color illustrations by Leonard Weisgard.
E Easy

Brunhaff, Laurent de. Babar's Visit
to Bird Island. Random, 1952. $3.50.
Babar, the elephant, visits an island with
many birds. Drawings are colorful in simple
exaggerated form. Good for picture-word as-
sociation. Many vivid colored drawings. Over-
sized book printed in cursive type. Pre-
bound copy recommended. Also recommended:
Story of Babar, the Little Elephant (E).
E (W) Average

Bryan, Dorothy and Bryan, Margue-
rite. Johnny Penguin. Doubleday,
1931. $1.50.
"A delightful picture book. Intended for
entertainment rather than to give informa-
tion and written and illustrated with a light
touch, nevertheless this amusing account of
Johnny Penguin's day is true of penguin
habit's."-Children's Catalog.
E Average

Bryan, Dorothy and Bryan, Margue-
rite. There Was Tammie. Hale, (Cad-
mus), 1935. $1.02.
A Scottie dog follows the family car, bound
for a picnic. He was sent home each time
but finally got to the picnic. Appealing dog
drawings. Manuscript print widely spaced.
E Easy

Buff, Mary Marsh and Buff, Conrad.
Dash & Dart. Viking, 1942. $2.50.
"Simple rhythmic sentences present the
first year in the life of two fawns. The
text combines poetic content with direct and
uncomplicated words and word pictures."-
Children's Catalog. Unusual illustrations.
E (W) Easy

Burgess, Thornton W. Along Laugh-
ing Brook. Little, 1949. $2.50.
Peter Rabbit loves to wander along the
brook to greet friends of birds and animals.


Each chapter is a complete story. The brook
and the Smiling Pool influence the lives of
the animals. Drawings in black and white
by Harrison Cady.
E Advanced

Burgess, Thornton W. At Paddy the
Beaver's Pond. Little, 1950. $2.50.
The beaver built a dam in the brook. At
first just a puddle, their pond grew into a
community center with many animals joining.
E (W) Advanced

Burgess, Thornton W. The Burgess
Seashore Book for Children. Little,
1929. $4.00.
A fictionalized seashore story written in
the usual Burgess style. Factual information,
fully illustrated.
591.92 Advanced

Burton, Linette and Burton, Earl.
The Exciting Adventures of Waldo.
Hale, (Cadmus), 1945. $1.71.
Waldo is a wooden decoy duck thrown in
the water. He finds a home when rescued
from the beach.
E (W) Average

Carpenter, T. V. W. The Too Long
Tail. Houghton, 1953. $1.50.
A cat wakes up to find his tail stretched.
Billy Tatto, the wharf rat, finally solved the
problem of Jasper's too-long tail.
E Average

Chase, Edward L. Big Book of Horses.
Grosset, 1951. $1.00.
Large, interesting pictures of horses in
another giant book. Pre-binding recommend-
E (W) Average

Christensen, Haaken. Little Bruin.
Abingdon, 1949. $1.00.
Translated from the Norwegian by Gudrun
Thorne-Thomsen. "Waking too early from
their winter nap, father, mother, and little
Bruin (bears) set out to find food but lose
their way in a snowstorm and take refuge
in a huntsman's cabin. There they live with
a mixture of bears and human ways until
spring."-Children's Catalog. Attractive brown
and white and black illustrations. Sequel:
Little Bruin and Per.
E (W) Easy

Credle, Ellis. The Flop-Eared Hound.
Hale, (Cadmus), 1938. $1.32.
A lonely little hound dog was adopted by
a little Negro boy. He was given away
several times until he earned the right to
stay forever. Photographs.
E (W) Average

Cross, Genevieve. A Trip to the Yard.
Cross, 1952. $1.00.
"Picture-story natural science material -
mostly on insects. Colorful, well-sustained
picture interest."-Recent Children's Books.
E Average

Dannecker, Hazel. Happy, Hero, and
Judge. Abingdon, 1950. $1.50.
Mr. Dean was lonely, so the postman told
him to buy a dog. Cute puppy illustrations
by Lilian Robertson.
E (W) Average

Davis, Lavenia Rikes. Roger and the
Fox. Doubleday, 1947. $2.50.
"Full-page pictures ( by Hildegard Wood-
ward) in color capture happily the mood of
winter in the country with snow-clad fields,
with snowflakes in the air, and with a little
boy who loves it all."-Horn Book.
E (W) Average

Davis, Alice Vaught. Timothy Turtle.
Hale, (Cadmus), 1940. $1.11.
"The comic predicament of a turtle who
falls on his back and cannot turn over is
ingeniously solved by his animal friends."-
Children's Catalog. Colorful pictures by Guy
Brown Wiser.
E (W) Easy

Davis, May Octavia. Pinkie. Steck,
Pinkie, a small turtle, goes looking for
friends and a playmate. All friends help find
another turtle for a playmate. Color pictures
with some black and whites make this an
attractive book. Ilustrations, by Dutz, are
drawn with cunning expressions.
E Easy

Dennis, Wesley. Flip. Hale, (Cad-
mus), 1941. $1.32.
A book with lovely pictures about young
horses. Flip dreamed about having wings so
he can jump. Full page black drawing by
E (W) Average

Dennis, Wesley. Flip and the Cows.
Hale, (Cadmus), 1942. $1.44.
Many lively illustrations of horses and
cows by the author make this "reading"
book attractive. Also recommended: The Pup
Himself (E).
E (W) Average

Derman, Sarah. Plush. Wilcox, 1952.
A story of a happy family of polar bears.
Oversize book with large, clear type. At-
tractive lithographs in three colors by Wil-
liam Gschwind. Prebinding recommended.


DeLeeur, Adele and Cateau. Mickey interfering, bossy sister came to stay with
the Monkey. Little, 1952. $2.50. them, and taught them the lesson of sticking
together."-Children's Catalog.

A tale .of a boy and a monkey and the
trouble they get into. Mickey does all sorts
of things with the help of Tom's imagination.
E (W) Advanced

Duplaix, George. Animal Stories.
Simon and Schuster, 1944. Giant
Golden Book. $3.00.
Forty-one short stories about animals, an
alphabet, poems, and fables. Many colored
illustrations by Feodor Rojankovsky. Over-
sized book, with print widely spaced. Very
well bound.
E Average

Duplaix, Georges. The Big Brown
Bear. Simon and Schuster, 1947.
Goldencraft Binding. $.68.
Big brown bear who lived in a cave had
many adventures. Large, primary print.
Large, attractive pictures in color by Gustav
E (W) Easy

Duvoisin, Roger. Petunia. Knopf,
1952. $2.00.
An effort to save Charles, the gander,
from a sorry fate is the theme of this book.
Vivid pictures by author. Also recommended:
Petunia's Christmas.
E (W) Easy

Eager, Edward. Mouse Manor. Pel-
legrini, 1952. $2.00.
"Enchantingly illustrated in the best
Beatrix Potter tradition, this book is the
one parents are looking for after the Potter
books become too young."-Combined Book
E (W) Average

Earle, Olive L. Robins in the Garden.
Morrow, 1953. $2.00.
Pictured and told is everything that hap-
pens to a robin family. Large, clear type.
Drawings in black and white.
598.2 (W) Easy

Ets, Marie Hall. Beasts and Non-
sense. Viking, 1952. $2.00.
Nonsense rhymes on animals. Amusing and
clever. Single line drawings impress one with
the animals and their habits. Humorous.
E (W) Average

Ets, Marie Hall. Mr. T. W. Anthony
Woo. Viking, 1951. $2.00.
"Story about a cat, a mouse, and a dog
who lived with a kindly cobbler. They fought
each other continuous until the cobbler's

E (W) Easy

Ets, Marie Hall. Oley, the Sea Mon-
ster. Hale, (Cadmus), 1947. $1.56.
The adventures of Oley, the baby seal,
a funny story.
E (W) Average

Erickson, Phoebe. Animals of Small
Pond. Children's Press, 1953. $2.00.
Factual information on otters, mink, beaver,
muskrats on a Connecticut pond. Many col-
orful illustrations by author.
591.5 (W) Advanced

Foster, Doris Van Liew. Tell Me
Little Boy. Lothrop, 1953. $2.00.
Giant print on pastel-colored pages and
pictures by Roger Duvoisin. A little boy
dramatizing himself in the roles of all the
animals he would like to be.
E Easy

Fox, Frances Margaret. The Little
Cat That Could Not Sleep. Hale,
(Cadmus), 1941. $1.41.
A restless kitten goes to the zoo to see
if those animals werd sleeping. All slept but
the swaying elephant. The kitten fell asleep
with the same motion. Simple line drawings
in three colors by Suzane Suba. Large print.
E Easy

Friskey, Margaret. Seven Diving
Ducks. Hale, (Cadmus), 1940. $1.17.
A story of small ducks for youngest read-
ers. A nonsense story with funny pictures
by Lucia Patton.
E Easy

Friskey, Margaret. Shoe for My
Pony. Children's Press, 1951. $2.30.
Large, numerous pictures of animals by
Jean Edgerton make this an easy wood-picture
association book.
E (W) Easy

Flack, Marjorie. Tim Tadpole, and
the Great Bullfrog. Doubleday, 1934.
"Following the advice of the big bullfrog,
Tim the little tadpole began to swim and
one day found he had legs and arms, was
no longer a tadpole but Tim Frog. A de-
lightful picture-book story." Children's
597.8 (W) Easy

Friskey, Margaret. Air Around Us.
Children's Press, 1953. $2.00.
A first book of wind, lightning, clouds


and other factual information of air. Pic-
tures by Katherine Evans.
551.5 (W) Advanced

Frost, Frances. Little Fox. Whittle-
sey, 1952. $2.24.
A little fox admires his father who ex-
pects great things. Little Fox is caught but
gets free. Illustrated by Morgan Dennis.
Widely spaced, heavy print.
E (W) Advanced

Gag, Wanda. Millions of Cats. Hale,
(Cadmus), 1928. $1.05.
A lonely couple searched for a cat. They
found cats millions of them. A favorite
with children. Humorous: Another book by
same author, about dogs: Nothing at All (E).
E (W) Average

Gag, Wanda. Snippy and Snappy.
Hale, (Cadmus), 1941. $1.11.
One of the mice books. Manuscript print
with black and white illustrations.
E (W) Average

Gay, Zhenya. Look! Viking, 1952.
Here is an enchanting first picture-book
for a small boy or girl. All the animals
are little, too: bears, kittens, colts, puppies,
chickens, and ducklings. A few familiar
words accompany large, soft pencil drawings.
E (W) Easy

Goldbery, Martha. Wait for the
Rain. Holiday, 1952. $1.50.
Discovering experiences of rain. Funny
difficulties between small brothers.
551.5 Easy

Goudey, Alice E. The Merry Fiddlers.
Aladdin, 1951. $2.25.
A little boy heard the bobolink, the quail,
and the woodpecker but didn't hear the
song of the crickets. The life-cycle of tickets
is explained in simple rhythmic prose. The
many illustrations interpret the text and add
interest to this nature story.
595.7 (W) Easy

Goudey, Alice E. The Good Rain.
Aladdin, 1950. $1.75.
"A beautifully illustrated book and simply
told story of what happens when no rain
falls on city and country. Little children
will enjoy both pictures by Nora S. Univen
and the rhythmic text, and the beginning
reader can read it for himself."-Library
E (W) Easy

Green, Mary McBurney. It It Hard?
Is It Easy? W. R. Scott, 1953. $1.00.
Giant print with four color pictures. Tells

the difference between hard and soft objects,
hard and soft things to do. Prebinding rec-
E Easy

Gulick, Peggy. Sing Sang Sung and
Willie. Knopf, 1947. $1.31.
An easy book about Pandas. Quaint
drawings in four colors by Elizabeth Dresser.
E Easy

Hader, Berta and Hader, Elmer.
Little White Foot. Macmillan, 1952.
Little White Foot is a tiny field mouse
who lives with his family on Willow Hill.
They were afraid of the cat but Mrs. Mc-
Ginty put a bell on her so they felt safe.
E (W) Average

Hader, Berta and Hader, Elmer. Lost
in the Zoo. Macmillan, 1951. $2.50.
A picture book for the youngest children
about a small boy and his adventure in the
zoo. The beautiful pictures of animals on
every page will appeal to children and intro-
duce them to the zoo.
E (W) Average

Hader, Berta and Hader, Elmer. Mid-
get and Bridget. Hale, (Cadmus),
1934. $1.65.
Two gray burros had different adventures
but came together again and at last came
back to their sunny desert. Cunning pictures.
Small print, widely spaced.
E Average

Heal, Edith. Tim Trains His Terrior.
Whitman, 1952. $1.50.
A newsboy owns a dog. They join a Pal
Dog training class. Text carefully verified
by a professional trainer of animals. Illus-
trated clearly in browns by Marge Opitz.
E Advanced

Helm, Ruth. Gwendolyn. Oxford,
1952. $2.00.
"Tammy rents Gwendolyn, the tempera-
mental giraffe, from the zoo to help his uncle,
and trouble ensues. Distinguished illustra-
tions."-Combined Book Exhibit.
E Average

Henry, Marguerite. Little Fellow.
Winston, 1945. $2.00.
"Little Fellow is an appealing colt who
is upset when he is no longer the youngest
foal in the pasture . Fine pictures in
color or black-and-white on every page... "-
Children's Catalog.
E (W) Average


Hitte, Kathryn. Lost and Found.
Abingdon, 1951. $1.00.
A lost kitty, a puppy, and a boy have a
perfect ending for a lost and found ex-
perience. Pictures by Priscilla Pointer.
E Easy

Hagner, Nils. Dynamite, the Wild
Stallion. Aladdin, 1953. $2.50.
A colt with his mother was found on the
wild horse range and belonged to no one. How
Shorty did catch and train Dynamite is an
exciting and funny story. Numerous illus-
trations of western horses and scenes.
E Average

Hoke, Helen. Rag's Day and Mrs.
Silk. Hale, (Cadmus), 1945. $1.44.
A cocker spaniel and a wire-haired terrier
have a separate story. Large, widely-spaced,
easy print. Full page drawings, in three
colors on alternate pages, by Diane Thorne.
E (W) Easy

Hoke, Helen. Shep and Doctor. Hale,
(Cadmus), 1944. $1.53.
A collie dog rescues a baby from a fire.
A dachshund puppy gets into trouble. Strik-
ing pictures by Diana Thorne.
E Average

Humphreys, Dena. Big Book of
Animals Every Child Should Know.
Grosset, 1951. $1.00.
Title self-explanatory. Prebinding recom-

Huntington, Harriet E. Let's Go Out-
doors. Doubleday, 1939. $2.50.
"This attractive nature book for small
children is, as its title indicates, an invitation
to go outdoors and see what can be learned
by watching the little creatures which are
to be found almost everywhere . the
text is clear and the sentence structure of
the simplest."-Children's Catalog. Illustra-
tions by Preston Duncan. Also recommended:
Let's Go to the Brook (574) ; Let's Go to
the Seashore (574).
590 (W) Easy

Johnson, Crockett. Who's Upside
Down? W. R. Scott, 1952. $1.25.
An introduction to gravity by a kangaroo.
Heavy print and easy reading. Recommend
a pre-binding.
E Average

Johnson, Margaret S. Briar, A Collie.
Morrow, 1952. $2.00.
A collie helps round up cattle in Ire-
land so is unhappy in kennels in America.

Given away the herd-dog got her mistress
into trouble but was proven innocent of
wrong doing. Beautiful drawings by author.
Also recommended: Sam and the Inkspot.
E (W) Average

Jonas, Nita. Dogs. Simon and Schus-
ter, Goldencraft Binding, 1952. $.68.
A descriptive book in rhyme about dogs.
Many breeds are described. Colored, ex-
pressive pictures by Tiboe Gergely.
E Average

Kane, Henry B. Wild World Tales;
the Tale of the Mouse, the Moth, and
the Crow. Knopf, 1949. $3.00.
Richly illustrated with author's nature
photographs and pen and ink drawings. This
book tells the life cycles of the whitefoot
mouse, the crow, the Promethea moth.
590 (W) Advanced

Kane, Henry. The Tale of the White-
foot Mouse. Hale, (Cadmus), 1940.
If you like stories of the field and woods
you will like this story of the little white-
foot mouse, how he lived and grew. Photo-
591.5 Advanced

Keeler, Katherine Southwick. Chil-
dren's Zoo. Hale, (Cadmus), 1942.
The Smiley family went to the Children's
Zoo where they visited the tame animals
which may be handled. Print widely spaced;
cunning pictures.
E Easy

Kelly, Sam. The Adventures of
Walter M. Duffle Duff. Lothrop,
1952. $2.00.
Small children will enjoy this book about
a little brown bear which was left under
the Christmas tree. The tale follows Walter
through the year until the next Christmas
when he receives a playmate in a black bear.
He is companion, friend, and playmate to the
boy who received him as a gift. A whim-
sical tale with a world of fancy.
E Easy

Kepes, Juliet. Five Little Monkeys.
Houghton, 1952. $2.50.
"An amusing picture book in which five
little monkeys turn their propensity for mis-
chief to good account against Terrible, the
Tiger. Though the pictures may seem at
first glance rather startling, they capture
the humor and vigor of the tale abuntdantly."-
Library Journal.
E (W) Easy

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