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Group Title: Pilot
Title: The pilot
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Title: The pilot
Physical Description: 1 v. (unpaged) : ill. (some col.) ; 17 cm.
Language: English
Creator: Nesbit, E ( Edith ), 1858-1924
Publisher: s.n.
Place of Publication: England
Publication Date: [1891?]
Subject: Children -- Conduct of life -- Juvenile poetry   ( lcsh )
Conduct of life -- Juvenile poetry   ( lcsh )
Shipwrecks -- Juvenile poetry   ( lcsh )
Reunions -- Juvenile poetry   ( lcsh )
Sailors -- Juvenile poetry   ( lcsh )
Fathers and daughters -- Juvenile poetry   ( lcsh )
Husband and wife -- Juvenile poetry   ( lcsh )
Genre: poetry   ( marcgt )
Spatial Coverage: England -- London
General Note: Date of publication from inscription.
General Note: "Designed in England - Printed in Germany"--t.p.
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Bibliographic ID: UF00080005
Volume ID: VID00001
Source Institution: University of Florida
Rights Management: All rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
Resource Identifier: aleph - 002234861
notis - ALH5298
oclc - 182860913

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~; h~ .,-

rj.YIL* 5~ F1~ :1;1 -11:Ir nt


~ g*

:'' '

24 ~1

fPrmierd in Germany

(DesiYned in Englondc


S1 i 2 face is seanmed

find rougR and fara Ris -far\ds, -
JHe fenrs a Kancd wd en +-Ke {oais are Euif+,
J-{e rnenrs +Re nets on +RKe sands.

r\ sorrow or joy R4e pifot's voice
BriQngs counsel ar\n comfort too;
fir\a Re always says -"W\Rat+e\er tfe cost
TR.e rigf+ is +Re iRing to do !"


e foVes arnd is fPo\/ed y eacf MitiP cRifd
qi\d rma\ a Summer day
~\ ^.lKfis +Rem fafQes of Ris youtR ,
and Ris sRip,
.- .J of countries far away
ir.d one sad s+ory Rs usead o --J ,
: t.i ears in Ris voic and pain,
Of spfenaid sRip +RRai
putut o to sea
nd never came Rome aair\.
,'and +tRen ,woufd si5R and
tRe cIRF rfen Fs newo
j-le tRoug&i of Ris sonw Ro diedc
In tRe storm +-Ral stiffed
iRat spferaid sKip
in +Re deptRs of iRe
trougred lice.

e \i e l Ce c Ki Pd ne Rwod strnoe Ris Ran.d,
trAd grin Rnim sRe{fs frorm igf s-ore,
Fl\d hiss Ris face witR IReir fouir\3 Pips
TIf +Re ofd MaR SMIfed ORe more,

J1R~a e~ery day w2R0FRe virxds were rousf\;
Fr\3a wa9es were arry aRd grey,
ji-e stooa or tRe P\If +w-h' Re Geacor\ is
fi,,a foo-d out o'jer lKe .-ay

roF wR\R tff "MVorRiRB Star" wen t aow \
\VliR -Vpry souf i~ereinr
9 [e vfowed no sRip sP~oufd {Rat fKarGour n,iss
If Re coufd Ga3ri fker in.

So wp'ren tfke si\na& guns were Reard
O'er iRe waste of tRe watery way,
TRe ;Foi-'s goat sPnot out tAro' ie surf
To Ering irs e sRip to lRe E ay

Rid is sor\'s you rns vilf P
\gourd criR- aF\d waiP,
ORfattp-r WR~at s-Qafr I ao
If R crupf iAJaY)s liRat fCaj ta\er fkirl
',Saff {Af- you fror\ rcxe too

.~6~ n

' ,Li~f~Fh~l
. .r ~s-. ---r
- i;i-
"~ r
f y2- C

r!~- .

\iRnti reapy dowXnr
Benaird a sufWern sea;
A \foiceiess rnoarn was inr sea ar\d s7y,
x moarn \as ir\ roof ar\d +ree

rIa jus+ or\e wRile saif ffecred Re sea
At tP\e outer edge of tR1e vJora' ,
/lr\a the fe\ee wv7as+e of tRe sar\a cPearned srmoofR,
XWV)ere snaPCP wvafes played and cu ned.

. _

T1 !sur Rad sel but a breai Rin5 space
W,/f-r. tR~ findd adgar\ to WaiP,
r\fa over +e Vrasthe of .es -eaacrds. \/a/es
S Rokr foarr fines tfir\ ard pale.

TRe *faniirn\g es i owas sHrea-oed across
\/if biacsi a5nd cloudy bars;
1i-\e ar\nry .sonse3 bore a riat!
-rir'\hooi or rmoor or stars

o rmoon nor stars, cul a rmac, m ad, wind,
TRai fuag -HRS foamn-flakes viJde,
T\nd fasfed tRe. sea iF l it srmolo '.*: r\ rage
,/sair's +Rhe ooa srip's side.

N\o stars or roon-, bu a strange wif{d fi.R,
TRat A7as nof moorn or star -
TRat fit tRe crests of tRK curfing surf
Trat wrirfiTes wAfere- f'a r-oc reefs are

jia rose +tRe v aes Ait. a bitter faugP\
Eac\ vave& dcre\ up its 4kea3a,
Ar\3 +umCprltl3 snorlpWvaria waitR a roan.
F/ paugR ar\n a groan for tiRe ead .

/Vy oy
"O r\

piPot stood Awiff i fi;ace to tfe sea,
fips Were set and wfite,
sorn went do~n" said e ,
just sucR anotRe, niR-Kt."

/ rad as Re sbpo-e a signaP fires
X/en.t up from tRe distant sea,
"'Tis a sip n.r stress! it sARaff ge sa\fed,
,/Iq it sRaPf &e sava gy me! "

- X, IllT

But Ris cdaugrtsr cried -'/Ay father dear -
You sRaPf not fea/e me, aPoRe-
For, ohR! it is just a year to-r\ngRt
Since my W/ifie's sRip vwert dowr\."

"But I am itRe onry mar\ wCRo tnows
EacR rock ar\d reef of iRe s-Rore,
hRat sad eyes may watcR -if I do no{t go -
For a sRip tRat comes
noe no mo r e

cauaH .iI..

fre cf I'd s-- ct
tkai ci~ild!"sF-e cnied,
"Let some Aar mar\5" savfe tR{ sgip,
Arna stay yoci safe fy rcy siae."

]3 ut iRe ar-'.svietea N \ iR ar qour fi1e tf is
Besiae you I aie ro pace.
V.Uff YOUyo fave a Rur\drea fai{erfess gainr\s
LoolR iR vair for a faten's face?

SWaP I fal CrM faiJR? J\Fot I 1; y Goa.
fda y arptRal is good irrn
WIPP do +Pe'rIB~f as forxg asI p
X7giate\er tie cost may 8-

WKer, s~p 1yiss-a R;F(\ or\ce
r.j- rir~ ~s~

_nr\d tRP goat spraR\ out tgroUBaR t4 foamr(,
,1r d fR pJo-orer\ treitf-Cd ar\d cr to )idaxto
TO sprd it itRem saf-y Rome.

B ut ouader, fouder, tRUandered tRe WaVes,
TRe spray PasRed window and door-
'"/nd- wRat is fife wortR for tRae cf\ifd and me,
If Res sRoUfd come Rome no mores

TRe wind went roaringg across R0e foam
W/ItR its message of doom to fe;
AqK wAaJt Wiff +FRe wind do out in Ite rnig-Rt,
Betwixt tRe wide sl-y and sea ?

Tke women prayer, and iRe cRifdren cried,
Rind tRe menr\ stood sadfy y ,
TeRy spofie Powi-toraed, aout wind and tide,
find watcRed tRe face of tRa sky.

Tiff one cried "inr\dfe a beacon figRt
On tRe Riff for tRa sRip to see! '-
A/nd tRe PigRt -ffamed up intRe suffer\ sky,
frnd streamed o'er tRe raving sea.


I a rn Cifa Raaa CC\, r\
Fir' r K(2 wYff noxer corxe gacl.

See, sigarar frnmes Ras Re.
re~Jad ka sRC" '2
is ti2ere Rope rf tiat PF\C of FigRi
T e vaaves arc R,1i8Rand iRe V7inds are iou,
find tfie greai7,rs fiTje rpou0as are wvRie,

,sXee-SR 3reat Uac:? srl comes driViRS Or',,
'WIPC sRe str s-f-ril,,e Fargocur -Sar 2
Or is sike a prey- for I ue Rurry surf
TR&t \frir+;es' vwer- ne +RG rocThre es are

&'Hurr&R '"a spoui from tg. foFN OR sAore
P\,t5s oui ]n rf\ 0 stormins despite;
F nd +0e skyI f iFes over qe Rargour 8ar
VI Sea s-c -irols sirong swift ffi8 3 .

B ui wose wJas +Fl Karnd tRal sieerad tfke sflp
/-I I-\arou q i Rer ir a ir 15 2i
F me, Tror +-Re mo-\n t~ai were QOs in iRe storm,
t nS.a The goats +Rai wVen! aoivn ir nigd RI

,/ co+ from t+e aRiSp puts off to sforo.
It nears tRe, crovhdea quay
arci s it \rfeaP or 'Joe,
message ye ring o rre2"

rv7Y fassl! cries tfi- p I fo's V Ice,

T~Fkr\ g spranr as-ore. "Ye we~re sfror\g ir\ risf
Bear tc joy t{at I v/ lo teJo f

But i s not +tod-for sirorn arms are cast
"/qoul Rer, and cRifP Pips &ed .
"OR God Ras sent me nmy WiPPi fi ac,
fin d tRe sea gives
up its dead."
._ ,/

W\.7at kisses and
questions ard gPad repfies
\"W-y we tRougft tRee dead ard drovrnexd "
"\ot drowr\ne -Eut carried across tRe \Aoorpd
By a sRip tRat was outward gouaa "

T-K~e siorm gr5e'v tied,an\d I Re r\d of aadWR
BPe\,r cfRjC at [Re rnisiR3 sur\,
ji aa re\&v 9 r 1R, day av.?otoi fo r if R eorPd,
ard RFe r\iSRt
Wear. dorn



rn fad, come, gac from i ea aaa,
/Lqd good~byp lo my tears and pamn,
r-or fats ar'd fowo are for orTce agreed,
fPrd my dear ores are safe aair\.

OR RusgaraaPP ~iarl my Reart Kas 1o\ nr\
Fray God you may r\e\nr 1nowJ
O12yfa{iFr, WiRal Wourd rv\y fifp- R~e Seer, vortR
If I f2aa noFt Pet you so 2"

flnRd tR picot pooh-Pd aARis grovr-\ strong f2,d
,d CRis face \,,7&as a sighi lo seeA
T,ardG0oa I fBad strerg\tf to do IRP- nig-i-
W-Rat-exer t1R cost rnBR{i G


ki' ~)

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