no Hearing Orange Tree. 1Mflae cootain NOTICE TII8 AFTER DATE I will present to LAXDS/JCC. '
i., acres, sad a stream from OHpee Inland '.100 the County Judge of Putnam County tar ae-
fakt t11r-throe&h It, sumaeetta *..*..., to ran cou&UanJ romJier, a. AdminiattaOrot the Cottages puts I
email MiH. A bvanUfal tocatioa 1.1a FREE eut.of A. N. Edwards: for duet settlement out Grove Estimates\ of cost givenon
.rttseii.rbti keMdearoFia and lot dlrcharre as such Administrator. appliC&tion..Idre'ls r.Awl.
Mtsmlars by mail. Hot"1 II September 2d. ISO. > LOT ALLdX. SR. Stearns Wi
"VVa'tChc JAMES C. r.(). DRiY, ,
M. H. CROWN sep2-Cm Adn i nisi raior..- no4 Inlerlacben, Fla. '

I Given by the Oldest.Newspaper I
UlTjATKA, FLA..Acacia '

la atlttiut.o the' numerous new and originalreanuaM COUNTY vroncB or MY INTENTION' TO APPLY
Bakery I offeml t.o.uirselbere.we irouore to 1> to the lloovrable Judge; of Probate of Pnt-
!1 i imseat(teo with ,WO M ath.i*.an ol which are FLORIDA CHANCERY.ITerton ram Otmnty,Morida,on the FIR8T MONDAYIN
rnaruireed by T. LYNCH,14tb Street and Tnionsquare MAY. A.. D. IMO, to make niul returns of r
( New York City, who f rnisiM, them Weatiertevs. my account as Administrator de brute noD or
UPPER LEMON ST., COKNKR PkxrK. t-'tt*. I estate Wm. P.Kingbam deceased and for a
George W. Xa'm. final discharge from said Administratorship i*
\ ,In compliance with lav.
THE A to the .i hereby hen
"anl.a est
fx "
MianeT In
Fine Confectioneryand New\oU City It*Newly '&***. polxiobsdla To DBUBQB: W. NABOX: ClURLES T. J'trrrEIt.
seetsoM. ... MM haTing been exMMted against in Adminiatratvr de honk nor.
two oou e oat ercry Tn sday yon
tbt. !
October 11.189iCapitola
Fruits. and FridayIA4 tlwe during the Tear; l'alulx .'nnn l>y Proton Weathersbee,you are now
I to etgbtp.gee every III' e,1 well priuted. has hereby ordered ttd rwuire-1 to ajgear5. the
t plenty of ptetarre. rbort stories telegraphic said bill oo SECUND 1>AY OP JAN.UARY
i EGOS ALWAYS ox HAMI Warranted news ftll&Jllf'talaDd msrket "'('Oft., a woman' ,1 ISM the same being a rule day of this Cook Stoves; bake : err
Freeh. pare and the ablest editndat.pn1Ulatred l>y any C-Mirt. Herein fall not,or the allegatioa of the : .
I S.w York paper It 1* a motel home pacer, said nth will be taken against you. a* confessed better last longer and give
withelewwig( and entertaining reading matter and a decree entered accordingly.It .
FOR SALE 1 tHvoidof sensation and objectionable ad..r.t 1*further ordered that this order be published F-
% IDf'DtL A 0(or 1 1 JO a year. once a week for four consecutive week better satisfaction than any! .;.3a
Specimen copies and Premium Lints with In the Paiatka Weekly Times,a newspaper published --
rust particulars of the attract>e inducementsfor in the City of Iaaaa, in the County of Floe
Five-Room House agents sent free on application to Putnam. other make; at erkly t... A rtlllxer. Etc.SenTree .
Witness my hand and the seal of this Court '
thistb day of November 1892.FRANK / R. DUNN &: 'Co:..old.J..TT"A

yD NiARtr OXB Aoai or Law, la a H.*.- THE ADVERTISER WRIGHT,Clerk. The lightest,strongest, mot darable, K. W :Depot.
d aa '...... lUllroad Hefwt, Store sari r de2-4w BT D.L KIRBY D.C. i b.\1 been built and in constant use for abject to market changes.
t & eO.. to IS* varde of noose: near twortbH CoraCixedpeTetektlolbe....,
has stood the of
ant fcckool Ho s.. di 1C20 PARK How, X. Y. 0-,. -.t. For Sale or ftent. !years, test time is Oats: Whd ,per aaek IPr; lb......... l.6 b,180 .
Rose i* plastered std all ia good condition .,. ." suitable for ah elates of work. Ask Grounduce&,.. *sack IOU :11* .. I.-&:;to 1M
Vi'tfl of peod soft water aw st outride kiteteadoor. i .S"t a3-, aI for illustrated matter giving! description II Peed real, per sack loolr- a.to to its
f'Olwl Leurta.dl..wRtIk.w41aa..b1e I THE SARATOGA HOTEL PALATKA Pure Wheat feed, per s* I.e i I 11 tae L4v to i.be-
of our wheel jade with mailable
Twenty flT Orange Tree, some Just oommenejt .. Ibdl..tde41w Rust Proof Outs,per Ui ) to(9
to boar; twelve peach trees aDd aa- .......psi-._1-- t r bet..,,-.......... 4 FLORIDA. iron felloes strongest and lightest Hay No I Timothy, per : n 19.:1 tv 'MMKM
rietj afivar, Plam,Goavas, Ac.Itor II W'tr,. i ,.....t w..t 1.,1.=-M.b.ay. Wheat Itran, per tonfJrits to
.. wheel in the trade.
A sit V w s.i.
ilar .u bpe. a. and .,.
}>ani *,call en oraMreAad. Meal per 1.1 1 II.I" w J.25
I PATIENTS TREATED BY MAIL CONFIDENTIAL. THIS POPULAR HOUSE ISO WELL AND I We build all sizes of both power and heat Patent rhmr, per M ii. l24
J. GUM M= a.4.aa.t..l.. ..t.es'- '".--- known to the tourist and trarelIny pumping mills general Wind Mill Cotton Seed Veal,Brt, ht. per ton:: :24.60:::::: '
lU offered for sale It leasedas supplies
r ittom t ly public ; or can be ('oU.ODleal, Dark) ...
Lake Como, Fla. per tou. 2O.CIO W:1.00
,.. S L r WILL M,nun: ntircL CWU B.I it now stands,unfurnished. of all kind Tank work ot every Llaseed teal .. ... .... -
The owner might furnish standing Tnrnltnre. kind a specialty. Goods are fully guar :J Cement, .per bbl .. ...:' ". :us t.o zoo .
or eyes throughout and complete,if aatll.facwry -
Kooendale I term were offered. anteed. taster[ Paris, |ss bM : ,:: tMtotJS1.MU :
Duane Bros. UQ1Jt'V For full particular and&enD1l.ap dy to | Will give farmers and others wholesale lJme[ .per bbl.... .... ... I.H
.. .. .. C. P. UEVEREUOC,
: iL r &i :r .a. oJ where KUuiterer Hair, per lb ... !<
,, au5- Palatka,Fla. prices we have no agents. y: J08
i :
Sane A 1C l- li I .v. ur rw Best Lirerpoul Itelt,per wi ..:. .90 IMO:
,.... .. Send for our large Illustrated
Hriu tor oar n mm..i. "' .j." i Florida Orange lies badea.per box. 4 U ft
book fOCI timing; \II'"tlllllll"t1" ,'L'it""h. .Catalogue! and mention this paper. T1lghmaa'r(range Box Head* JtoCaadlM
WnOLESALE AND RETAIL DEALERS Bl: ctarer.' ifktr, with maautactste 5'dlaae FOR SALE. Bert Birth Iloop.per bdl......... AUo GO
of rTery kind of food and Mpplie* aranuf.anrv. Address all corresoondence to the
"IT STANDS AT THE HfAD and Imported into the t'nned &ta t Goods, rsrnlwro Oolfttaj.- L-dwud > STEARNS MANUFACTURING "CO. Sat*. JEte.
-INCtioice beau Ckrtblot and Parauoiaf goods,Dress 4jOUO I 1[Corrected Wholesale -
A.CRE3 DCSIRABLE' LA2Ooa > Iaaanfaaetnte
Goods, White Good. Dry Uood. Data..C.py Candy) a it.]
-ra at Boot sad Shoe" Oboes. Notion, Glassware. mh2Mf Connersville Ind..U. S. A
Northern BtaUMteryWtebe, ..Clock*. Jewelry eMlT rwar*, Indian River at&reasonable price, oa easy 1 tick. Caadr,25-tb.boie....................Jfla
Bunie Wktps, Arriealtaral laulemrat, ete. terms witMa short distance of Titusrille Broadway Mixture,2V-Ib.boxe..............iia
America Mixture,a-1.. backet...........
ONLY MUST CLA>iS GOODS. CauloKM *eaten Indian L. Purcell JOarreachMixtare.Slb.boxe
receipt of S9 eeau for Ws are the the River MetropoU Two railroad I. *......... ...... ..U9
AXDFlorida The OALIGRAPK. only eoocera hick sails at.xpre.ays.. "': prices, cross the land. Plat may be sea by curing onJ. Chocolate Cream,ft-Dx lo xN.......'.........9_
allowing Ue bayer the same discount tfal the Marshmallows, ,S-JU.boxes.............,.....
naeafactwer gives to the wtotoale b.T.r* We CARPENTER, ATTORNEY r A.B.Gum Drop 4-lb boxe......... .......
Meats. fvaiante all roods M fepitseated II not rlMlAdmo..y au5-tf Opera HMM Block Palatka riA. Pure Onm Drop*,S-lb.box*..................
RESPECTFCLLY tall the attention of the so, refonded. Goode seat by ezpree* or Penny Good,100 pieces la box..... ...........
J- I bite t* the MULIGRAPH" WRITINGMACH freight, with privilege of ezamiaatkm W"'oJ.- And Co..anoT.tLw.ppoett.lb. Coot CHCWUO: ..... eAdams'SappotaTofaperbox

LEXOX STREET: S .TALATKA FLA. IN renowned the world our tor birae tog/ A ln. H.- ....... .......
.. m Street,Chicago. so
t SPEED, impllcity and strength et OBSTRUCTION Qoiaey FORMEN ONLY nom practice I* aQ Omru. PALATKAFLA .
: Tatti I'ntU.JWf' lox................goe
and loor-t ted DURABILITY. ta23tfCre M Red Rose,per box.............:......Kn e
Superior MLNIFOLDLNG-Eaalwt, Steadiest, WE WILL PAYA YOUNGMEN.sOLDMENKi California.Fruit per box:.................... 90u...
and least
depression In writing. Level Key Panama Fmrt,per .

Board"IUU"L eeparaM." Anp.rt.key for IAtf'rcJwlc-We..d each character,and bearin NO-. alary of$S to$5010 week to GOOD agents H TM TS4U torte M nIU.HITlN CtMU*.free tas..tat IIIUK.ftq..u. ;., Biggest Yetperbos ................ ..........1J 5 o .

I + ADJUSTABLE. to represent a*ta ewy coaaty.and sell ew generalline bus aM a...... hew Se .-.ny *:trJTII. .
This Machine 1 of Merchandise at maaaSactuTer. priceOIr1.T SHAKEOFFTHE HORRID$H.1KEaa.70".bdrr.ls.dMIww..ety
offered ,
The Sower or-La.beJ"t iu not INTRINSIC upon Its "Retort"WORTH TBOSK WHO WAIT ITB, PT mHPfcOTHMTY. rata Mixed Nuts per poaad............. .. ........110
alone. ""' Catalopie."pardcular seat oa receipt uses.W.n-.UIII. l e at Taney,per posted.. 60jkv

na rst*M appUs SMxmd hki ebano auaua The b* l Price and Circulars on al'PUcatiOlL.Machines CIof ZS teats fir SIpaes.ag.A. KARPEN" CO. OUt NEW lOOK tneli-h slants poand,per..pound.......::.:::::::::::;::::IZa i oUbert .

lake* UM wise p;c ofFerry's sold on installments.JAS. IIS Quincy atria Chicago,ELr t S a.itbr I.w.-.r: 1t..t.wr |. .,peipoona.......rao*

A.-BAIR / _.,.kn.a Aaacttw+.Ibd Dl.dwe. .t II. ta,aad Trade-Mark* ohtalaed and aU Pat- Brazil Pecan Walnut per pound per.pound.}........10.FneIaXta. lie.
Seed OrnM.(*Ua..a4 k.w 7MOWC cat buinn eoDdacted for Moderate f
m&2S-3m Palatka, Fla. TRGA1t1E1tT, Our OSct K Opposite U.S.Petat Olin
'erryt.Ares A..ar,/w i a FG MEN ,ONLY! 57 ..tl.4eeaeh.l.elye.rtL.it and we can: :jMUrat ia less time than toes .
f eoouOnsaUUMilaMtajMlbnt 4 .. ____. remote ingtoa. [Corrected WftIybiDuue Fro., Central Mar* .
mtermatloa about uantoea aad Notice to Debtors and Creditors. ..LOCT.rYAILLFO IlAnOOD r WtUtmg lt. -. : Bead model drawing 01'pll fo.. with desrrip.lion. ket.near Court......)
Owd.oing. It r a.ocmuiadAal.rsaawavu..D ......and x5ifYOi:S DUW't r. OM.rti al M.m** BIBMS We adrl**, U palectab! or not, free eiCharge.
... L3sebrmnw .au". ... ell 8eC7 Ou fee UU U .. ..
aafyaadxtsd not due uat LL .
\ PER90N3HAWNOCLA1MSAGAINST Z-I.Oil Yi.. aN eas .lile'.rxrrtew A -' ....... ..
er .4a. StaMeC15rat0rraeranbetyr PMiofctet.-ilcw to Obtain Patents, with Rovnd 1$ t 0 ....
'.itabet. f\ the Estate of D. L. Renault deceased ...., a,.,.aaaae.rpr.rty w..a a..t..y.....d tt..we- .. ftaateoractaal ctieat la you State, coast r,or florid, ea&CUta..I. 10KuUoa. 12%
L timefte Putnam County. Florida, win present 5b.wt 1.rfeettlerte'aega rdstir Coal d.i.Ue5. ID Iowa, free. 'AddrM .
seal .
Ot )e to 2ItVGl.
men and all person Indebted to saidestate .ee..Wr t..5.Ny=-a=:::::;: t.n.t.. .:.tt.r IMAJH lw to War.raTm sal.f Umctkm>>OJrf..w.1 .*. --'- ....K..2 ) to .
wtB make payment to mad ial.ll |.rt.s.w4.b.eet. '* *>tl* -a- M rf _*s_mn.T...... d r....wi-l C.A.SNOW&CO. Pork... ... .....J2U 19
ER1E cAi. Y
MRS. L. RENAULT. H./ ., -
"dl. CO.,OUFFALO. 1 Iwt..a P M.t.h..yWe..eERIE Sausage......_.15 to ....
eJ-3w AdmiaUtratrix. M EfHCAL co.au FF?_ON.Y. .QaM>H Paled Mh.yl.skislea. .B.C., ..S to....

0 Poultry Drewed... ............ ,Mr



I It

1 ._- t -"" 11 t .rJI



',. .' r.;/'" ..' :
-L-1 -

,, -- .. .. ..- .. -., ". ;-- -d
!t DATES.-
.... v
.. ...

.p He I !? ." ,....R' & 'E. J. .'Smith,' .:. 'f '


2 ', Finer/Mixed; Candies, Fresh Glared 'Fruits, Confectioners' Sugar, \

g s > Cigars and Tobacco, Fruits and Christmas Ca :-_tiss. I"II

: Can faa G-e"t a :soitaa.3': : SO"1'IveniL.: : : .


r ooject ot all we aotne rlgnta ana eke welfare -r"
I I I Instantly Drawing Mis, ristoi
of our people in every condition: in ,
AT TIIIIINNEII. life roust be placed upon a more equal Gilmore opened fire upon Nest, who JkG 5.91tY L Ft.lR C
plan. of opportunity aud adrantaste. I I was totally unarmed, the shot striking k
am confident the wisdom of the Democratic him in the arm. I
party will be equal to the emergency I time Jesse and Reid Gil-
... CLEVELAND ENTERTAINED BY I and I base my confidence upon the be- At the same .;c.7'ci .
of the deceased
bet that it will be-patriotically true") its I more, sons pulled
THE REFORM CLUB. principles and tradition, and will followin pistols and opened fire. One of-4k em
the path marked out by true American : fired at Marshal Brown, who rushed tip :
----- sentiment. 'I to stop the fight, his ball striking Mr.

Speaker Crisp Was Disappointed, Mr. Cleveland closes by warning the I, Amos, a bystander. He emptied the : :
the heedless of of and had another 1
party against disregard I barrels one pistol
Place with His
and Left the '
the wants and welfare of any section, ready. C
Feelings Hurt. the mission of the party being in the : When the smoke of battle had cleared

line of reform all sections should be away it was found that IIiij ; t.IIIiii .
fEW YORK. Dec. 1ST: At the dinner regarded with the same degree of consideration Dr. Gilmore Lay Dead >

which was tendered by the Reform club ; not forgetting that economy '
is no disgrace and the government owed with a bullet through his heart. Mr. s t 1
of New York to President elect Cleveland it to the people to administer affairs West was severely wounded in the right ,

Saturday night in Madison Square with that spirit of frugality and econ- \I arm, and Mr. Amos, who was shot in .-
the bowels will live.
in Which the government was
Garden a number of the leading states omy founded. The cultivation of suck a I Deputy Marshal Brown received a

men of the Democratic party, and of sentiment being "not only a high duty, slight wound in the hand, and Jesse
Gilmore shot in the leg. .
the nation for that matter fpoke, but> absolutely necessary to the con- I
tumation of the reforms we enter upon."
and they epoke well and to the point An Engineer1 Singular Death.WiLiasaTOX .

,They said brilliant things in a brilliant A UTTLE FRICTION Dec 14.-Benjamin
% _____
way, and gave wise counsel and the Strickland. an engineer on the Washington 1
Mr. Crisp TM Left Off the Pr.gr.m MSI on the Philadelphia,
people who crowded flBfe xes and express
Speaker Disappolate..t. Wilmington and Baltimore road, was
the galleries were cs l R judging injured between Landlithe and this POMONA NOTES. !

by their appr Hof vig- NEW YORK, Dec. lS.-Amon& the city while the train was running at full Correspondence ralatka:Time.: v i

crone applause. fl H diners'at the guest tables was Charles speed. Shortly after the train left Land- POMONA, FLA Utci.mbei 14. W. J. BARNETT
The statesmen ant spoke F. Crisp of Georgia, speaker of the lithe, a few miles from this city, the I ,
aside from Preeid house of representatives. 'It had been fireman in the cab noticed the engineer The oyster cupper given by the Ladies I

Carl Schurz.Texaa expected by a good many of those hanging party out of the cab window.He Aid Society was out iii* will at-I
f, r that Mr. Crisp would be one of touched Strickland and spoke to !
,. present tended as was exiwcie l, awl, unlt" The Upper Lemon Street Grocer.
of Ob the speakers. although his name did not him The engineer did not reply. He
(}Pt appear on the printed program. Late was found to be unconscious with the quently, they bad a ;lOt"' nuKivleft oysters

in the evening it was noticed that Mr. left side of his head badly cut. The ; over. Some of those iut8.cptecl -Having Purhss4'tv.T
had disappeared. It was reportedthat took of the locomotiveand
Crisp fireman charge
have been living on oysters ever Mints.
he had been taken ill, but when ex- ran the train slowly into the city.It Entire Stock of Fancy o f/i3' GroceriesOf
Secretary Fairchild was asked for an is supposed that Strickland was Mr. Alfred Ayer, of Weir Park,.FI.. ,

.nation of Mr. Crisp's withdrawal struck by a passing train or projection. was the guest ufV.. II. Vincent tun-
failure to make an a/ldresa he said He was removed to the hospital, where day and Monday. Mr. Ayer is'Iho Inventor J. E J.\t KWON.1 AMI ..rvpnn-a: ? r tluslity anti

,nkly that the gentleman from he died in a few hours. of one of the best orange siztnt Fr.ouq.to.! lift no 'upeii( .,r. In i-iniii, 'I t it. "'\it I r,Div rf'e4l1'in!
had not spoken because he had made. He has recently perfected; a New (;.",.)., sad a trnl wttt convinceM'' \ t.."' manY others

i invited to speak JtIARIUED.FrrzmonFRIEDRlcnsEXOn. wrapping machine which promises claim to (1.! _Ssllu.g ioods xt law Piu-os j ; I: X E rT,

re were so many Democrats of December be a great labor saver. Mr. Vincent derlti3m (',.rn. r I.'n nd ., 'lr. I h. alat.ka.
icnce," added Mr..'L rchi1d, "that'Ould has secured the of futuam
K 15tb, at the residence of Mrs.E. agency
not let them all speak, so we .
C. Caswell, Palatka Ileishts, by County.Mr.
limit the number of speakers.
and Mrs. E. J. TVnike from .
,ker Crisp was seen by a reporter Dr. Avery, Mrs. Louise Friedrlchsen( Passenger .
\1 Brooklyn N. Y., who have been living
leaving. of New York City, td Mr. A. P. FiU-

as ou'not going to speak he was hugh Both,of of this the city.contracting parties are have in Mrs.moved Barlow's into Loose Mr. Hofford's for a few house.days GEORGIA[ SOUTHERN[ id a fllt!41) ;; UA 1 RAilROAD

l he said. They expect to make themselves a
\t is the reason? Are you Ill?" well and favorably known here, and home in Florida.Mr. SUWANNEE RIVER ROUTE TO FLORIDA e

re not been invited to speak." TIlE TutFS, extends congratulations. James Tucker ami Miss Bessie
Taking effect OCTOBER 16, l 92. Standard Tlmr With Meridian.
ruling to the comment that the May their voyage dowriTtre journey of Platt were married lastSunday at the -- -
i of the country had copies of life be and residence of Rev. O. D. Anger, who SOUTH BOUND.
-ech fhich he had prepared to prosperous.A performed the ceremony.The .
at tUjs dinner.he said: Pomona Orchestra will Lave Clueag...... ........... .. ,"..... 400pmLcareSt. learetOfks4...... .. .. .. "u6spm
invited to the new lot of Dolls will be received atMe give a LeiiI.I&. ........ .... ... .......... TJtpni Leave Ch.atisaa :a ..... .J2 a.
fiat is trtae. I was musical entertainment and dance at Leave EvannrfDe.' .... ... ........ ....._. IJJ pm Lease Aria'!.. .. ...... ;.10 aM
fr. and 4ny: iriVitation was such Laury &lRowton'a Saturday. the Hall December 22d. The proceeds Leave:i'ashvifs................... .. .. T.Mam L.sve Jla.- ....... IIUOam
understood that I to be called. Leave Oiatbinooga rat rm 1.eavc r. e. d i .t '
E ; .. was will be for the Band. Every one should Leave AtJanU-.... :'.:::'.:.:::.: ::.:'::.: seep is Leave ( :.rd.: .. ::: :: ::;:
-1hake address. ilp"TopM Brand Milk
4.kJd an -Kepared 10 cents cant come and enjoy the splendid music. Leave Maoon.......... ............. .. .... M4|m I I.e.ve TIUnn .. .. Lab pll'
id gave it to the press at their re- Grainger*!!!. :Mrs. Morrison called north by {. areMawu Junction..... .... ........ leiSru Irate v; : :It t.n: P"
1 The press also seems to have wan! Leave Cordele... .... .................. .42.4.se I. sea ....-,.. L38 rm
Fjht that I was to be called to the news that John Morrison was ver) Leave TIft..n_................ ........... ::.IJ.nt; i metre lake Ity ... pat
.t upon ORANGE UOTATJOSS.ZY sick with typhoid "fever. Last reports Leave Yalrlueta........................... fcttaw Ar he Jaek-" ., .11' II.aO! pm
k. However, I have not been I Leave Jf>|>er....... ... 4.4.1 am Arm .I&tk" :).t.) pm
|vl to speak tonight"Crisp !\ YORK December 10. -The orange market were that his condition was a little bet- Arrive Lake City............... .......... loa..
then excused himself and Arrive Jacksonville ..- .... .............. 7.4t am
haiL li In very good shape with a better Inquiry for ter.Mr.. Worcester has nice Arrive ralatka' ............ .... ........... 8.40...
L fancy stock. Bright, finer bring (2.90: to'2.m: I purchased a ._
-- --- -
brlghtsstratght lines, SZ2J tott2W' ; brights bug"y hone and a span of mules.
TWO TRAGEDIES. (inferior '1.90 to fJ.13: : rasoefair $1.85 10$2.25; leather very warm for December. NORTH BOUND.

grape fruit *2. :3 to *2.7); tangerines, $150 to -- FKLIX.8ATSUMA .
f d loath Carolina Each FurnishSeneationat $5.60; Mandarins, $ZSO to $3JWCHICAGO > .. Leave Palatka..40am aY.Palatka ..... .... ...... 1.1'18
Kllllnc. > MIGHTS.a Leave Jaefcuouvil.. ... .. .... ....... .... IJKtam Leave Jackos' '84. ..., .. IJIO VfD
December It.-The market it good. ... .... ....... ..... .. .... t
Leave Lstir "It7. LOO sin Lath La" cU: ,.... .. .. .. ..... r.z....
}, Dec. 14.-News from Aiken Rhln. Consignments solicited. Golden ntf set1 Lease ass .er .63am lesve ..
nbl to I1.T5; brijcuU, 5 .73 MS3; nraets, far CJrruIIQ.-aen-ralat e TlsaewSA'TSUXA Leave'retsibta. ::::::: ::.::::::::.:::::t::M am I Leave V:Ci ::'::::::'::':... :.:::::::::pm pm t
(Sparta, Ga., bring accounts lot, 'UG to $:&60;bright,car lot SIM to$2.75; HIGHTS. December 13. Leave Tiften... .... ...................1144pm !.ea"'TI.'D........ .... .... .... .. ..n.I'am
fray in each place by which GIR.RD ALxew: Leave Gftrdele...... ... ........ .... ...... :LtOpm Leave r.." JfI.... ... .... ."... .... .... .... 1.47am
Bosrojr MAM.. December 14.-K. L. Goodwl nice of Leave Manu Junction. ........ .... .... ..>>pm Leave )faet'l.u-.llCUe i ,. .. ..lit..e
ames are shrouded In mourn- fnraUhei the following quotations: Our firm Quite- assort at oranges, Arrive Macoo........................... tJlO pm Arrive )fa!oa.:7.: .......-. sir
robbed of old Aom boxes yenteraay; liriebts *2 to$2.75;. Arrive AOasu.......... .... .... .. ... .. SOSooiArrive Arrive Atlan...... '... ............ ..... 7.45r
i towns are good russets $1.87 to $.: 40. The fruit was in rather mostly tangerines, are being shippedoff Chattanooga.... ... .... .... ......!2J9amArriveNaxavitle Arrrh'"<.battaJ10IlCa, ....... .... ..... .. 1.2
;itizens. ordinary condition. Market prospects are favorable. ........ .... .... ...... a-smIArrive| .hYWe. .. .. .... ... .... .... .... t.IJ pm
f i one instance. and politics incharged the several groves around this place Arrive I.nl.me.... ............ .... .... 11m Arrive Evaaafllle...... .... .... .... ... 120am pm
with the of ArriveSk Latin... .. .... ..... ... .... .. .. 7 JO pro I I Arrive St. LMM.... 7.25am
i fearful i calamities. cause W. A. LIVINGSTON keeps new aud by Mr. Bently; Messrs. Moore & Goff Arrive Chicago..... ..:::.:::::::::. ::: ::10.
second-hand FUBNITCKET CROCKERY are (the packers.
= STOVES, SEWING MAcnl ES. Corner Dcn't fail to attend the entertai'Dment *
1 omas G. Lamar, the,fa- SLEEFI rG CAR on Night Trains r t eraMaoun and nifaika. Poaoe laji\ I'u11aan
Lemon and Third Streets.Robbery for the benefit of the school fundon Sleeting Car Serrtee between Jartmonville.Kl s XMbville and St. Lonia,wfttwnt ctiautrp.
developer, was shot and (lennects in t'n\oo: ) potatMaAanwitiiM i Sfl.tkT.rnR.. R.
d by Mayor Chafes not nt Ilontlngton. the 21st. Don't allow the circus to north and ac-nth; aDd in Uaklli I rpotlla Lakeatyandl'shtkawnhcft..* t ran r 4auia

."(\ itil hehdmrtalywoundedeyor Burglars broke into the store house be an excuse of poverty, and say the Florida, :att, 'West aad South

S '\. \j 'n. and Chief of PoliceChafee of Mr. A. B. Maull!, at Huntington, elephant stepped on your pocket book.

o o\, e o. had received telegram Fla., on Friday night last ; blew up Quite a few of our neighbors expectto

yet Qc,' nor : Lamaf brother which said: his safe, and extracted all his money pay Pomona a visit on the evening M/HAUGHTON
et' ,1\)8 1'u- and valuables therefrom took all his
I HPT Lamar has a pistol; he Is very of the 22 J, the occasion being the fist .
triMr, na not In Kith you; he has gone to Aiken." It cigars, and then left for other parts.
T any II signed C J. Lamar. There is no definite clue to the rob of a series af concerts and dance given

did announcement not refer to w aL of t\1\; Upon the receipt of the telegram bers. They were supposed to be Ly the Pomona Orchestra. Go, and I -WILL ELL LOU-

lions of the day. other l. .. e.ueral I I :Mayor Chafee notified the chief of police tramps but nothing is certain about it. will assure you a good time In advance.

.way. He referred to the grea / dory .. to have Mr. Lamar arrested as soon i I Humor says the post-office fc{ Beres- Watson King, assisted by W. E. Nice Oluelstll1as GJ.eoceJ.iesA.s
cl the Democratic party aaaifevidence as he reached the city.A ford was robbed a few nights after, Bailey, and L. C. Cordell, ark painting -
that the people of the jwtton could be i short while after the arrival of thee 1 and the assistant postmaster shot. If S. H. Baker's and T. V. Iliaks'

troj&ted to themselves. o'clock train Mr. Lamar was seen to so no doubt the same parties are doingup residences.
; He said:govern I go into Blalock & 00.'. bar. There he I the State.CSgBEST. The more our people see of the handling Cheap as .1' rbodyi

It it baa teemed to thoM riving for avowed he would I of our freights the more indignant -

better public sentiment that the dUpo Shool,the Mayor and Chief on Sight. : FLOCK, A 1-At (4.75, we get. For the last week freight lie asks that you give him a trial. His :Stock U ALL FKESII. p
kion was growing among our people to Hearing he was In the bar threateninghis at URALN<<\EJt's, Upper Lemon street. has been piled on the little 2x4 platform -

regard their gorernment as a depository life, the mayor with the chief went ,so that passengers cannot get in
vt individaal beneflu. to be Importuned HE1VSOK, PRACTICAL TAILOR
mad threatened and dwpolled, let them into it to arrest him. He submitted to the little shed of a depot, and only last
. take heart from the evidence now before the arrest until they reached the door of Has received, direct from the manu week some oranges laid out in the rain The grocery store of J. E. Jackson on L D.

oar eye that then i* atill abroad la the the saloon, when he suddenly polled his' facturers in England, the best assortedlot till the freight came along, and if it upper Lemon street was, together with EATON, 3L D.HOMEOPATHIST.
land a controlling belief that our governn pistol, shot Mayor Chafee and turned to of fine Woolen Cloths ever brought had not been for the kindness of our
nt should be a source of just and ben shoot Chief Gaston. who felled him the dwelling adjoining sold to Mr. W.
to this town, which he will make to genial operator they probably would
flcent rule. proudly supported by fret -
with his club. He instantly recovered J. Barnett Mr. Barnett and
men protected by their care and wathfnltlolneu. I ball order at the lowest pnce. Cutting have been spoilt, and I will just make a recently. tOYrICE
and returning to all our people and breast fired on and the chief, the the left enteringthe done with accuracy and a fit guaran suggestion to you, Mr. Editor, but his son, Mr. Hope Barnett, Palatka it

with equal hand the safety and happiness who penetrating had slightly recovered lung. teed. Repairing neatly 'done. In don't give it away, our people are proud of as citizens and enterprising -FRT DLOC'X, PALATKA, FLA.

H learned holds that In store an appeal for them.to the U patriotism we have from ChAfeet the shock shot Lamar. throughthe nickman- nnerlY Block, up stairs. thinking of hauling to the river. Of business men. The estimable families Residence-Corner Main and First Sts- .

< t our countrymen and the Honest preaentation heart jnst as ha was in the act of no25-tf_ course you say how foolish, but then of Colonel and Hope the large Omcx Hocas tolOa.m.lto3p.m
and political principles to their firing upon him the second time. I For MATTRESSES and PILLOWS consider how much cheaper. The occupy and f to 1 po m. Sundays. to a p. m.
intelligence and judgment are not In vain. thing is this: We need a good sized and spacious dwelling so conveniently Patients from a distance eaa be treated
the thought mast cot escape us that Lamar Was Instantly Killed. made Jo order. Prices to suit. At W. depot and the sooner the railroad company located. Do not fail to read the attractive through the malL Office eonsoltatiea. .
while our people will in the end repay Chafee and Gaston were taken to I A. L1VL'GSTOY. Lemon Street. buDd one the better.It advertisement of this establishment PSB
with their support the political party their homes in carriages and Lamar to seems that these little in this Issue.
pity political -
which addressee their understanding and
i the Knights of Pythias hall of whhh'order i A recent dispatch from Washinglo
-reason, Instead of broad prejudices and misunderstandings should hauled
elflah interests, they will sorely revenge he was a member where his body i City states that Uon. James G. Elaine through the columns of the papers. BULLETDf 150. IL WIGG & BUTLER.
will remain until coroner's inquest is
Ahcmselves thoM who deceive or be- .
upon Is his death bed. Bus We read
The national Democracy and held. now on strengthis one gentleman's article and OFFICE FLORIDA FRUIT EXCHANGE, >
1U allies in political principle rejoice over : The trouble grew out of the arrest of ''I being sapped by the malady. from don't just get through oar thick skull JACKSONVILLE, Dec. 13. J
toM defeat of those whose fate is fall of Lamar some time ago by the mayor and I which he has suffered so long. what he I>> driving ai, and sit down and t
instruction and warning. While we find chief of police at the instigation of Mrs. write an answer to the article perhapsnot Reports since issue of Bulletin Xo.
In ear triumph a amuse alar intelligence Lamar; who was being whipped by her I MARRIED coming within gun snot of the first 12 show a decline of about 25 cents per

which of we popular hare vigilance and which a con-we .husband. : itr. Btttler, a prpmiainf young business man article, and consequently get Into a box. Considering the very heavy eceipU -

equenc bars stimulated: let us not for a moment Lamar has been'drinking almost oontlnnoutly I and Miss En Heston a fascinating;JOW1C lady squabble with one, perhaps our best at all points we are well pleased
target teat our acoesnon to power will since then. He was a loving : both of this esty, were married Thursday evening friend. What is the nee of fighting a over the present situation. No gluts are
find neither this intelligence nor this vigilance father aid husband when sober, but a ;st UM Baptist parsonage. Her. J. C 2'ew. dozen battles for the sake of one victory reported and no panic is feareif. Present -

dead or slumbering.* are thus brute when drinking.In tan performing the ceremony. After receir- On Christmas the Key. T. C. Potter Indications point to a higher mar- .
.brought lace to face with the reflection of their friends, boom is
Sparta. big the congratulations many will preach his farewell he ket after the Christmas over.
be tormented the sermon,
that if we ere not to by
. the happy ewple were driven about a mile wItotberfutuftresl If one-third of the fruit sent forward
hare called most being called to Crescent Mr. i
spirits which we up, we During the late political campaign City.
bear above victorious abouts, the call of Dr. Gilmore who lives in Glasoock Potter has been with us for over two during tile part two weeks bad re-
oar fellow countrymen to public duty, tears,and baa certainly the friend- mained on the trees the prices to-day ..
county published a highly obnoxious g.roR SALE OR LEASE In Pa- yon
and mast pat befitting public
errants.- The sentiment suggested by circular reflecting on Hon. alien West atkaone of the handsomest bar,billiard ship of everybody, white and colored, would be 75; cents per: box better all f
should dwarf oth. in Hancock.It mini vicinity and he and his round. Still the situation is better
this occasion which all and many other gentlemen and bowling parlors in the state; centrally good
ers has relation to the responsibility which was extremely bitter in its tone. located: owner going out of busi- family will be sadly missed, but our than usual at this particular part of SADDLERY AND HARNESS.
waits those who DOW rejoice la victory.If Monday, West met: and asked Dr. ness will sell billard or bar fixtures loss win be Crescent Citys sain. .he-eeaaon. oranges averaged 2.40j
we redeem the promises we hare mad. Gilmore he was its author. He replied"yeshen ; TutEd office. Mr. and Mrs. Gorman, of Skanlatelas tangerines, S4 to 87, according to Making and $palrlnjc neatl? done. Orders 1
to the voters of our land the difficultyct .West! demanded itantraction. separately. Apply to N. Y. fruit. $2 to $3 50. Lemons i promptly filled. ,
our task can hardly be de-16 tLMcLaury.h accompanied by Mr. Gor- ; grape i l
Conditions involving most exagJt8rated.j which Gilmore refused to man's mother will arrive here to-mor- not wanted. Steamship 'Bowden,' i I BUGGIES.Agenta tut WAD CARTS, -, WAGONS. : AND

terests mast be reviewed, make, with an emphatic oath, waere-. ; Rowtva'a headquarters row. Mrs Gorman is the daughter of of the Merchants' Line, sails for New I!| LEMOS STSEKT . rAtaTKA, ....L

p problems i .>I.< it meiUMjinic. _T1 our, .. >!.1.1 upon West slapped his face. for Christmas Goods. Mrs. A. L. Chatfield.TRAMP.. 1, York on the Itita. Rate, :UO; uatbox.; j:: oet28-tt

I i .

f .
-" "



.. ..
n: i.ri.;: ;{; : ;: ._ ; J .. '- &_._ ,(I ._':. t... r// ':-L": ;" .." .,:.... -',.;;:._.. ....-:::- _, _

h :

... ,

':' M

, ",, ,t

:.' ,.

. .
Wmlleginer do _:. .::.:" 1 2S 1 : '

RUHowell do. r ...-..-.. 300 ;
Highest of all in Leavening Pow r.-Latest U. S. Gov't Report J James r Boyd Cannon 'd*." ; .......rflT?: !l!: ,.: 125 1:1: DARKIES DEFRAUDED.

R C! Beck 411).i.,. 125 ,
Wm Irers do ....." : 1 25 _
tlMIarta d.o ........ ..,. IZ DPRICE'St
ATBangber do ........ 125 A MODERN MOSES WHO WAS TO
&ki EC Post dOl.........- t iS
John Beat do .. 1 25 LEAD THEM.
.J T J Beat do ......-.-. 125
oyal' Kneh Archer do ....-..... ?. 1 Jtt
; I I> Wright do ..... .......... 1.s !
BCI nrunif doBJGrnoois ......-_.... 123 He Brought Hundreds of Them to
1\0 .._._.... 121 eaILBaking! Riddled
PowderABSOLUTELY R M Smith do .... 125JTItanforth 1t "Starvation, and They
" '
do lit '
J X Black well,fees criminal court:.._ 23 20>> Watt with Bullets. :
McKenzie& hertz .... 8 SO Powder:
G L Bailey, rrcelrer gas company, for NtwpORT. Dec. 12.-The colored people
I gas Octfl.er.,1 November.........? I' W
: Scranton, M etmore A Co, supplies for The only Pure Cream of Tartar Powder.-No Ammonia No Alum. of a portion of Jackson and Wood.
l PURE I coart honiie... ... 3 BSJSIrioe&Co ; ruff counties excited over the discovery
: ::: 24 are .
Used In Millions of Homes-AO Years the Standard.
i Margaret Shelly for nse of rtnkt wo days of a stupendous fraud that had
, flection ...:..... -450
iff Pnow. burryinr Williams, ; S 09 been perpetrated on them by a negro
COUNTY COMMISSIONERS. Bonds of S. R. Bowen and S. J. Spafford, leg Sundays and : Baptist brother Named Lightfoot
from Set teeter It t to December 1st. 6T8 D9I
Cannon as road supervisors were received PY Jennings................ 8JHMernrdav TJr : He organized the negroes into secret
and upon motion were acceptedand I ...bdn.:................ 825W bee DIARIES FOR 1893.Christmas societies, claiming he Wail a government -
l W ilkinaon, .
ordered filed. r Frank Howard to Padgett: ......... 300 assent sent to prepare them to go
Sheriff's bill for feed of state prisoners BJ KeD erIy. soot a kwaor... 1900 to Liberia. About eight hundred negroes
i were presented and approved in I B E Bond, yupi.lre f r Jail.. S 35 joined the circle paying the initiation
THE BOARD. auplicatr. McLaury Cai>ty Judge& Kowton..........stationery 270 fees and contributing in other
The justice costs bills against the Florida Commercial Company rent of ways. Friday they discovered the fraud
Aratory ..,.... 25 71Tilgnoiaa. and demanded their .....,.. It being
state were presented in duplicate, were Nffw n Jt Co, lumber. 4 00M
examined, found correct and approved. a.Bar for Robert Quick............. 300 refused they fired on him, killing him ..

PALATKA FIX>KIDA, ? lion. Hepjamm P. Calhoou appeared : instantly _______'

TUESDAY, Dec. 6, 1802. j before the Board on behalf of the Ladies He Dropped His Jog and Fruit. t Viewing Ucht'foof* Uodj.

The Honorable Board of County Improvement Society of Paiatka I Mr. S. A. Baker, of Satsuma nights, NrwroRT.Ark., I ec. 12.-The killingof

Commissioners for Putnam Countv, for the permission court house to improve grounds;and whereupouit beauiiiy i had been noticing Jhat his tangerine IS COINS the negro preacher. Lightfoot, by a

mob of the men he swindled, is the only

Fla., met at the Court House this was upon motion ordered that CapU oranges were mysteriously disappearing
'1'. C. Butler confer with the said SOCIe- determined to keep a watch on topic discussed by the negroec of this
day tn regular:; session. ai.d the of said ANDCbchrane's county. Ligbtfoot's bullet-riddled body
ty permit beautifying them. .)Ir. R. D. liaker, taking his -

Present-T. C. Butler, chairman; grounds, without expense to the county.Mr. hot went out into the was viewed in the field where it fell by
quietly .
Williams appealed before the gun, hundred of hw dnpe not one of Whom!
L. I". Morgan.and W. II. Bowen. Board and asked for an additional! grove one night recently, and peeling Book StoreHas could be induced to tonrh or ban it.

The meeting was called to order, and amount of 300 to defray the expense through thick foliage, discovered From some of the uiem *rx of their
and from the cle it was learned that h. claimed to
collecting; the agricultural reports man pulling oranges tree. -
the following business disposed of: the clerical work necessary for fame. Ills gun was at once brought into position the Largest and Best .Assortment of have been commissioned by Queen Vir
The minutes of the !alt regular rueet'ng toria lead his lock A fr1'
It was upon motion ordered that Mr. a stream of fire, followed by a to race to a.

J were read and upon motion ap- Williams be allowed the sum of $300, sound that inutated\he roar of muse GIFT BOOKS, PHOTOGRAPH ALBUMS, To others toi: that the English 9 T
eminent into the cots
ved. the same to be paid as needed through ketry along the slope of Malvern Hill W:1fg.ltng n
farming "PM5 m In\ 1A. and wanted
Ir. Lttienthal the County Treasurer, the year. I in 1862 This was followed by a move Bibles Christmas Cards, Eine China, Bric-a- the sk. ,t'. : !lou-w.-rauf the'
Iu th' matter of change in theI ment of walking beams that resembled Unite.. -hI'

fre rented hU statement of warrants touub and Union Grove road whereby the movement of the Federal soldiers Brac Toys Dolls Games wt: Ko"at: th.lse he WOUMget said

t during the month of November the same is shortened, it is ordered in their retreat from Manassas in that th to A/nca: was a

ind the same was compared and found I thai the proposed change. be and the 18C1. Mr. Baker, iu looking over the Fine Leather d Goods blind i 'e the whole peo-

""Correct. same is hereby granted.A battle, found the following spoils: Fancy pl

supplemental bill for witness fees 42 tangerines and one gallon of old rye we exposed

t I The County Treasurer also presented in case of inquest upon Henry King whisky all of which he regards as being AND OTHER ARTICLES TOO NUMEROUS TO MENTION. We are

ills statement shewing balances on and Jim Williams, alias Hamen, was confiscated under the necessities

Jiand December 1st, 1892,as follows: presented in duplicate and approved. of war. getting in NEW GOODS every day, and slur. Goods are all new acd wel

JTo the credit of the General Upon motion it was ordered that selected.We. 1
Commissioner Butler and Gautier be Mr. E. B. Olmstead of Pomona, and

Fuhd. .. .. . . ... 31,11915
appointed a committee of two to look by the way one of our first subscribers will be pleased to have the public see our Stock before buying.
'which was examined and ordered filed. into the matter of the bridge over the called in and renewed his subscription

The Collector his canal between Bird Pond and Lake
County presented this week. Mr. Olmstead is one of our
statement showing the amount of Stella and have the injunction covering '
said bridge removed. friends who never allows his subscription 9 |
taxes collected during the month of
November follows The following bills and accounts were to expire. Lemon Street, next door to AcKeruian &:; Stewart' Drug Store, Palal
as :
examined and approved, and the Clerk
County Tax . . ... . S149 1C( CRESCENT CITY.
instructed draw therefor
County Lkcnsc: . . . .. 118 bO; to warrants :

roil Taxes . . . . 18 00 T. C.Butler County ConimlMioner,two respondent Paiatka Times. -
......... 1000
4 three road C6
L.day U.f Morgan, ,das County UotnraiMioner': CRESCENT CITY, Dec. 12. srJ.'A.TEMET:: 1'T

5285 90 two days|4, mileage:: $..00............ SCO Crescent City began to summer abouta a
W.Howea.County Commissionertwo
which was examined, feuud correct days f4; mileage $1JW ....'........... I W) month ago and has now really reach r
Commissioner, Receipts and Disbursements by the Cit :
IL 8. Anton, County k
and ordered filed. ed the boiling point.
two days S4,mileage 13.20; road work
.3........ ............................... 1120 Business is brisk. The two
Justice of the Peace bend of R. E. T. X. Gantier, County Commissioner very Paiatka, from October 1 I. 1891 to Dece

J. Stoleand one day$2; mileage$4.00: road work transportation lines Beach & Millar
Syde, with Lawrence .4 : ;.... ........................... iowK "
Howard W. Rood as sureties, was shet.herd,for pauper Patrick...... S 00 from Jacksonville via Paat! '8 and Lake 7r892.! :'
II.8.Minton,for pauper Cone B 00Oeurge
found satisfactory and was approved. Hnowtes,for pas Sweat (Wt Crescent and the Gondola line connecting -

Petition for public highway a' *..R.Caaaey. for pauper Thomaa........ WJV. with the J. T. & li.. '''. R. R.. via Dn.
\ U. CJTUI M. !> for paupers Mrs.
Nashua Alton Whitman Strange, Oakley and? Cook...........- 9 00 Lake Stella, each have more: business Received on account of General Revenue
signed by ,
T. C. Butler for i.anper Cable.......... S mMrs. Fund ... . .... .. .... .. ..,... ..:...$11,012 3t.--
II. F. ouley John Fink and twenty- Hanghton,toi'anper WorreU..... 5 on than thev can do, comfortably.The -
John L.Kecks: for pauper Lee.......... ft 00 Received on account of Finland Water
three others, was presented, and unde If. W. Root,for Widner,pauper....... ft 00 general stores, Chamberlain & Fund .. .. . .. ... .... . :. .. ;404 61
Gnm: locks, panprr...... ... .......... ft 00 Campbell, J. R. Hill and Beach & Miller : of / i
the rule was put over to the next regular F. U. Ackerman, tor pauper McGraw.. 300 Received on account Interest on"onda ii
O. }'.Pprame, for pauper N Itanbury, besides two or three smaller ones, fund.-:-. 493 CO i
meeting. S3,and Maria Logwood 55..1......... S 00 are all doing an extensive business, Received on account of U aose and FinesTune. :

.sr Section Petition Township for public highway 10. Range through 26, on 8.0.A. MeCrooy Miler for for pauper pamper,Lovey Mrs. Lomkin.Kutcb.... f&00 00 and carry clocks of goods that woulddo .:.. ._ ... . . . . .. 5,48879 6
A. L. Davis, for pauper Cochrau'..... 300 ,
half section line, north and south, J.: M. Shelley, Sheriff, mileage, etc..: 231 40 credit town The meats, $21,42'9 40 ;
M. II. Crown J. W. B. L. Lilieutlial, Treasurer commit.BKtns vegetables the
Ujued by Strange, fruits and supplied city
for oTemlwr....... ... ........ 29 1. .T
Isaac Thomas and eleven others, was F C; Klanehard Collector, commissionsfor by C. II. Preston are air tbat could be DISBURSEMENTS.FBOM .

presented, and under the rules was putovr Norrmber_......................... .5 03 dtsired. There will be a fist class

to the next regular meeting in Louis Frank Hope right.Janitor.Clerk..alary.......,.etc....,.etc........ 177 20 00 85 shoe store opened here in the near fu GENKRAL REVENUE Fv w.

January. E BJCewnoiu,Deputy Sheriff........... 200 ture. There are two dress making and Paid School House Note, Xo. 1. $1,750 00
.. .............
Petition was also presented for public A.D 8)Morgan Mixer .. ....... .... 200 2 00 one miltinery establishment in town. Paid part payment on School Note, No. 2. 2x0 00
road to connect Little Orange Creek W W Stephens : 200 Our public school is apparently doing Paid Interest on 70 00
Bridge with Palatka and Orange Spring W.$.OaMe :::::::::::: ,3 Ok good work with Mr. Okerlund teacher Paid on Miscellaneous Accounts. . .. 727 81
W H VincentII ............ 200
road, and extend on to Fort Brook, on K J aryls 200 and Miss Alice Harp as assistant. The Paid on Salary Accounts. . . . .. 1,478 0.3
the Ocklawaha River. Under the rule JC Hker :.. :::::::::::: .. 2 ............
said petition was put over to the next J A F 8 Temae Vincent 200J W M. Murclmon must be on the road to Paid on Streets Account .... . . .. 1,555 27

regular meeting. -* D tYIrieeilla : :::::::::::: 2 00 success as it has in the last ten days Paid on PolicevAccounC. 1,96100

Tern ipranr lirftrSTsolicUett/oi-Qne Mo W U E Gordon Uay : ::::'.::::::'. 2 200 m merged from a weekly into a semi- Paid on )la)or's Court and ]'eedingt'ris- ,

,. I"' the same was consider* d, K. L.Wan do .. 2 W2tm weekly, and aspires to become a daily oners .'. 272 15

ana upon motion the Clerk wa ordered W e; Moor .u. ::. ;..... soon. The l ladies of the V. I. A. held Paid on Printing Account.. .. . . .. 18885 it-
to draw a warrant to the orderof IlKreaenckload U&rlwn" .......y..... 200 2 00 their regular motrhly meeting December Paid on Gas Account. .. .. .. .. .. . . 1,820 53
Mrs A. Bay for the benefit of said HM Price ............ 200 5lb, and at that time decided to Paid on Expense of School No. 1 Account. 60 65

obert Quick. AJI'adgvtt M ......._... 200 establish a literary and reading room Paid of School No.2 Account.
; on Expense 52 8.1 a
T 8 Miller -" ............ 200
I pou motion the meeting adjourned 8ltMk3.x ...__..... 2 00 having the hall open every day in the.
until :2. p. tn.Business WHW-'tJr. .;. ...... 200 week, and attended by a lady, who will FEOM FIRE AND WATER FUXD.

before the meeting re PTLQtteenJC : :.X:.:.:::::: 200 zoo it pleasant for visitors.
liaxxefl rake
Paid Water Rent on Hydrants . ... 3,452 50
sumed. J C 1-urwll a ... .:...... 200 Burton Home is mure than com-
petition was received soliciting 8 S Henham Election Officer........... ISLSNewsom : fortally full of _guests who will spend Paid Water Rent on Jail, Engine House

Jane Cook of tIo 128 A and Cemetery . .. .. .. . .. 91 20
aunty relief for winter her
one 0( Mcttradjrdo 4 COWm. the entire more cozy I
Panel: the same beiift considered, it iaMH do 125WMVUIUams and home like place could not be found Paid Water Rent on School House No. 1.. 16 42
ordered that the do .:... 6 00 who rest and Paid Water Rent on School House No. 2.. 9 58 8w
motion for are seeking
was upon l>H Casey do 129WmPerry people . .. Ito
Paid Expense of Fire Department. 410 99 $ 3,980 75
of W. and kind
( leek draw a warrant in favor do 1 asJ quiet,and natural hospitality<< G an act con-

II I':vrus for$3 per month for benefitof e Tacker do ..A. 1 28 ness of Mr. and Mrs. Burton prevents t taitu There seems to
said Jane Cook. do 125 them from turnlQ2 any away as long as be little prAbai
Temporary relief was requested for Tormenter do ....... 125Bltronock hey can possibly accommodate them. Paid Interest on City Bonds for 1800. 49 00 it out opdcr any circumstances,
one Jack Cople recently assaulted; the CFWaMron do do .- 125 135 Mrs. Morrow, the enterprising bos- Paid Interest on City Bonds for 1891. 3,150 00 S3.19900 and this act in*:lin<>* the Democrats not

same being considered, it was upon it Ii Bryant do ... ft 00 tess of the Morrow House has rentedthe -- to try to admit New Mexico under thirf

motion ordered that the clerk draw a It J Broad do .. 123 furnished rooms over Beach & Mil Total Disbursements ... .. -- $18,003 91 congress As both propositions stan '
warrant in favor of T. C. Butler for $3 Jolt JESUIT Itottow do do 129 127W ler's store, and alto the second floor of Cash on hand rn General Revenue Fund. I 213..15Cuh together, tt w pr-table the coarse followed

per month for the benefit of said JaCk Kit-tor do ............ 125JWHarriMm I the new A. P. Miller building, next to on hand in Fire and Water Fund.. 423 30 as to New Mexico will be followed
I opic. CCSlad do do 129JMCaik 410, the Morrow House, which she will fit Cash on hand in Interest on Bonds Fund. 493 Ot> an to

Bill of costs in case of State vs. John do .* 3 MWC up for the overflow. Mrs. Morrow is Cash on hand in License and'FIhes Fund. 2,28979 A CHANGE OF TIME.De.eerata .
Alters do ,.... 125JWKeowa
anadr before justice pf the peace was do 125 1 getting ready for the larger businessshe

considered and approved In duplicate. P Berry dOl............ 125P is sure to have this winter, for the $21,429.40 f2J,42!>> 40 Con.lderlae a Chang of Date
Meeting adjourned until tomorrowat Barreotine do ..-*,.. 1 25JAHanoon I house has already an enviable reputa .
do 125WEBadejr for Congress t* Meet.N
? ? i tlon.There W.ulm.OTO Deo. 12.-It is not improbable
o'clock.WEDNESDAY MT Moore do :. 360FN'Manirk have been a number of pleas
November 7. do ..-. 1'25 ant dancing parties already but the City Bonds outstanding.... . . .. .. .. .. ... .......... .845.00Q) 00 that a caucus of the Democratic
,,' A Ausdn flo 123 I One year's interest on same to January 1st, 1893. ..... .. ...;.. 3,150 00
members of the Mousse will
....A. 125: of the season the one that will be be
The Board met pursuant to adjournment J A Orlln do gem School House .. . ... .. .
FA Bailey do 360 il will One unpaid Note. .... .... ...." 1,50000
all the members present.In Julius llanna do ............. 1 25 in every particular eomme faul Six months' Interest on same, March 6th, 189: ....H,.. .... .. .. 60 00 called upon to consider the proposition
matter of petition for tileing ditchat SJMcCallant do ....... 125Vm.Keed be given December 29th. embodied in bills now before the house
road side at 1-lniUand the same was do 125 Mrs. Gardner, of Utica, N. Y., has UNPAID ACCOUNTSTo I ''
I)11 Gerald do 300 N for th Chan s) of the date of the meet-
considered by the Board and upon mo. SSGrera do ........... 125GPYHrerton arrived and will spend the winter with November 1st 1892 ing of congress from the first Monday in

tion it was ordered that nothing be *McCuliar do.do '....__........,.. 3MJarne 125 her parrots; Mr. and Mrs. Wilson Water Works Bills.,._. .. .. .......... .. .. .... .................. 1,00550 December to the first Monday after the
done, for the reason that it is not considered Lewis Jones do 125 GfcS Bills .. .... ... .... .... ........ .. .. .. .. .. ..... .... <:*..... 47294 fourth day of March of each year.

a matter devolving upon the W C Hargrove. do.do' ....... 260 123 S. W. Goodale and family of Detroit their ,Street Work Bills.... .... .... .. .. .. .... ..: ....- ...',.?:..... 158 43: Friday after the regular meeting of the
Ii:E Haakrn Mich. here and will judiciary committee informal
county. onald GUUs do 1:1': are end occupy Salary Bills .... ...... ... .. .. ...... ,...... ....,.'.:.........". 281 66 an conference
residence in the north of town. held by them at which the
In the matter of Sunday per diem J C bands do' .i..23: Police Bnis .. ...... :.".: ... ........ ... .. ............ .. .. .... ... :5154 was considered. .
J R Flack do ....... 1 25HCUoomls Mr. and Mrs. Overstreet of Galesburg subject was It II understood
pay of the Solicitor of the County Crim- do ........ 125CFVarney Ill Miss Anna Conwell of Indianapolis Feeding Prison n' Dills. .. .. ... .... .,... .... .:........... 7540 that the opinion was expressed

inal Court, the case was upon agree. do... ..?. I 211; and Scavenger Bills.... ... .... .. .. .. ... . .... ........ .. .-....... 96 00 that although the proposed change
Mrs. C. Clark
Ind. A.
meat of the Board and the Solicitor, J W Y P Walton Anderson do do ._.-m.-.t"\...;.... 125JP 2S her mother, of ,Providence R. L,Mrs. Printing Bills .. ......... .. .. . .. . .. .. .. .... .. ... ..... 5 00 might be a valuable one, yet it was well

referred to his Honor, J. J. Finley for Doane do *-.... 1 25CPLWTereuX ,of the 11ev. Miscellaneous Bills. .... ,... .. . . .. .. ... ...............:.. 51 05 to be cautious and conservative in taking
York sister
decision whereupon the following opinion do .: ... .' 125 Flst of iV ew School House No. I Bills.-. ... ... such The
.. 13 00 step. suggestion vn
B W H well do ............ 125 G. IL Ward are some of the late arri
was received: I Ken Koddi do ...._...... 1 25, :Fire Department Bibs. .... .... . ....' .,.. .,.. .. ,..... ..... 1260 also made that it might be desirable to .
PALATKA, IfLA., NOT. 12th 1892: Joha Hewwm do ............ 1 25: : vals. obtain the opinion of the Democrat' ,r"

( apt. T. C. 2JOer. Paiatka, Fia, J D Points do' ............. 125BKatorran : JOSEPH PRICE, City Clerk. generally by holdinga caucus. The fOgfestion .
do 125
DEAR SIR:-I have at the request of Joseph Pric do :;.:.:.: 1 25Vf Have tried most every known remedy however, has not yet taken

yourself and Mr. Spafford examinedthe M llanf hton do ....---,. 1 23G : for Itching Piles without success, practical form.r.rU.nC.
M Cord do ..._...... 1 25WMDarls -
statute which fixes the compensation "do ..........? 125 ) bought a box of De Witt's Witch
of the County Solicitor and have LottAlXtnJr do ......w..., 490 Haze Salve, and it has cured' me. C. -, : sad B/nies at War.

arrived at the conclusion that he is en: j w Ball do ............. 1 25: D. Haskins, Peoria Ill. EWING'SNew NEW YORK,Dec. 11-The war against
do ......,.. 13HOlUstinKt
titled to a per diem including Sundays. Lee Morgan do ..w.._-.. 125: the Parkhunt brigades assumed threat .

As the statute in reference to St tel CALlUrOy do _._.... 125CACttnpnan Meeting of Putnam County Affiance- ening proportions when the grand jury,
.. ._.
Attorneys gives a per diem but ex- JoJuuIoOD do do ,.,..w-Ef...... .- 600l 125 The fourth quarterly meeting of the now sitting, brought in indictments

pfesaly excludes Sundays and as the W>PJ R Jin on do. -K J........ .1 Z3Tho Putnam County Alliance will be held VARIETY STORE against Charles M. Gardner the chief
statute in reference to County Solicitors Kmndtre do r o.-. 123LOLorelae detective in the clergyman's employ
does not exclude Sundays, I am I do .M.... ,.... 660 1 2S I in Paiatka, in the. City Council chamber charging him with extortion. Inspector
Allan Goodaon do forced to the conclusion that it was 1 O T Bmliard do.- .-*.-.... 1 25JMTJmmon on Byrnes has openly denounced Park-
do' >;. .i-.... 125'' DECEMBER 20th. hunt's method, and religious and sinful -
the legislative! Intenuon "" < ,
to give to the ll.MobIrY.dot ....._. ""1110 FINE CHINA WARE, NOTIONS, NOVELTIES TINWARE and circles await the enteome with
latter a per diem tarlusive of Sunday Strickland .do 128, ., at 11 o'clock a. m. As
1 J C do .. 135 Convening CROCKERY. HAND DECORATED CHINA, FLORIDA SCENES and bated interest. The detective assistant -

am J.very J. fuUT.truly J"Jllunr F Woedbarr do ...-......... aile political excitement: has now subsided, GROUPS. Orders received and executed by MRS. WM. EWING Lemon St. known as "Su'beam." is the next
do I :3 on the list of iodttctment. There are
Upon tu"i.uu it was or.. .'d that the BF Mlnton do -. 25 let us have a fall attendance and get. Gardner.
B6paaaaa three
D counts
.i rk dna warrant in favor of the LI .... ... l! down to a business basis again. agalMt
'"" L. WurroMnj
s lutity s .' .i<.'i 1.r i hack swuday rr :,J 8 do ."..-. IK O. ,
ti 01 pa\ I Joha p r }.a.oock I ....-....- 3 SO Dec. 1st, 1*<2. Secretary.

'" ', .rr
$ s :



':- :,.r,

'...... \ ,} : : .. ( 1\\

.., 111_ .,,"* [Yf"; JI. t4 o 4

f m'T- 'L

.. .
--- -
- -- --- -- "-
'' -
o ,.. .. ::1if.- ... :.... _..: .., -

H'KS OOOU"WHY 1tIiAJONSS 4uit.s4.kl J. 1 i' .GRAG$! PPERS.- I xA NViiL- LGouIr.! : r.d recd
to ,"ute jHh4l i .. ; '
t" rohrribets
u lit their
I Her GROCERIES FROM PADGL'T "',,' : (; r5 Florida, A DESIRABLB PLACE FOR b"'VT|Tons! family ,.u.'ItC't.. ihcrealizing : DEX
:W-:;. .! .'1C ROD, taeG.ttr Jabutrv I.' ..9=S .

:t'\ ... Central iBnf&oad !;lbtnd! Company AND HEALTH-SEEKERS : JD the
t Co. 11)1.5 "ukl
,ls : f.: way require a nr hn",. !but Ut a le \ iett"
{ >< Some ten a.jo, what it now salted and lit .
of ? ) jeers ; on 'to'4iv! tinge we -
Georgia are williar to
.. iLo.e 't
1. I get Goof Goods and nothing W..sol ray "Lo s crilk o" a
and Dantille Railroads will resume on Mannville was a wilderness. large rum of- -.f
ta.... ::. i >>'-. I the pioneer, W II. Mann, after wb >r ty
Fast Freight,
Fair December 7th next.the
!. I Ret lk-ajnrlIonest Weight 6 .! f':' x11.tr
the station is named came from -
and Measure: RARE BARGAIN ,1K ST. AUGUS All-Rail Line from, Falatka, nam'ptonand .MONEV'
and located there in foresightand
3. They keep the most and fronts: TINE.t Lake City, Fla., to New York, h "builded better tb.lube t
judgment, .
Vegetab'es!' In town. ... .
4. Ther keep tho BestIluUer 10 & ..t : Boston, Philadelphia, Washington" knew." Five principal points governed -

b town. North of San ')1anoHotel' nearJadgeu Baltimore. and 'oti.er Eastern. citiesinaugurated his selection, viz: Health, good that! we can soon recover this great espHdimn. frum ,he diseased
You Fresh there Oeofter'a' midenre= and-"tbeSb last season. _an4'Special water, beautiful lake, transportation| revenue from our advertiser
can Eggs
get U.t1 ad-Jt, w4sWtjij' I.atltile$1 muck all For correct answeito the following ten wort: n,Mto, Th. t
when no where el e. > $ Tftros willte tiid'e er> Thursaay. It and nature's own r.oIdtDYIod
I Pllt.fhbin. Co. will ahe foMnwin!
house of 9 rooms built by a Northern of which are found at this place. Mann |p $
6. They don't mark up IIams, but is hoped that in a short time the move- i 1
carpenter of tbe bent material for hit of ville is pleasantly located fifteen miles CA.Sa: :
mark actual weight. ment will warrant the putting on i itrtweekly a I Ii RE"'QVAR.DS'
own Double piazza, cemvnted i of Palaiki the Florida Southern : 1
occupancy. service! The west on
1. They don't Cut Prices, sell tomefOOdl special approximate For the rrt'da"1nrball: y XK: word.* 5.00 For tile enraetMnr.. ..
below cost and make up'on cistern. Ground contain colecuon schedule of tbe trains will Railroad. Its surroundings are all For tite eorrect a..w..rto aoyTWUwurll19.110 toI' Ck e.enet _.soar a lit.y.I\IX ...45 111'idOl) I
of trees. Onl For tbe center: answer to any THREE wont. ......... .. .IIJ -K'-
others. seiui-tropical that could be desired. It bat church ........ .. ... .. I
he as follows, : words.... .......... .. .... t-0o For slreht
8 Their Stock is Complete, and 1,9CO; 9$65) cash, balance $10 per v II and anti class of good dtf/en ...-r the correct answer te any t'Orn -. "- ... .. --.ower. .to I .miRT 0() I
TAI.4TKA. H xnolf. LAKE Cm 8Chlltll. *
tu.onlh at I 5 cent. interest. Convenient To FKOJI words------------------------------------- loo.noFor For the
evemhlng sold at a lle .8onable Profit per 4IIIrred newer e, ...1"L''.
Atlanta Ga... Yo boon 25 boor }J boars 1 words ... .. .. I
from First Hands and to good boating sad tithing reside here. the correct answer te any t IVK .. 00
9. They buy 28 noun Fer ht
pay Cash, which enables them to sell (f lOU want a borne or a sure Investment Itanrille Charlotte%'S.a.C33..45 hoar hours 43 SI hour boor 40 hoar I The orange, pear plum, peach, grape word...... ........................ ..... 12V.OO ..oSreet. ... '.... .,.fewer.. ... to ALL. o1.eM.... TE.r'.'.'.'.
V_.60 hour BU boar 65 hours
in the Ancient City don't netectthis. Riehioond
.. Cheap. Washington....70 hour* 68 boor* 65 hour and all manner of s nail fruits grow +-
10. Their Morning Orders are always GEO. II. Cflt11'IN & CO., Baltimore.Md73 boon:1 hour 68 hour I here in (ibnndance. W. II. Mann: ha AS SPECIAL GUANO PRIZES WE WILL PAY IX CAM: .
St. and Boston. 72 hoar
o'clock In the Augustine Philadelphia hours 71 boors
delivered 10 morning.3b.Gr.atSells
by low York City..80 hour W hours 75 hour a nursery of orange, lemon and other For the FIRST correct answer to ALL. ef the entire TEN not-tie-----------tlluoo' p0
s-or the MVE>TII ecrrert anraer x ALL of tIM entire TKwords : _
mad RentfroW Eaermoa.Ilallrold :No pains will be spared to make this: thru fruits here, unsurpassed by none t'or the T\V K> -FlItaT correct answer to ALL of the entire Tt:> wools stab 300"

Shows, route a success. I in tbe county/- lIe has built UD a large t

Which is to exhibit in PalaU:1\Tuesday, "HACIENDA" THE OLD MASXERV Special attention will be given to i and commodious home, and it is surrounded Here are the word.ruldlts. can you solve them? He OH'tuber any out ,,r ,

December 20th U highly endorsed by PLA "TATION. loading small shipments, so that they I by every convenience. Hi ten word correctly solved wins foryou $iO.OO in cash.

the press> of the state. The Louisville \ will go; through in tbe shortest time< I Ipt has acres of *ild l&nd here for -
many 1 Oreac ', t
the l-ND. City"f 6 C-RBE" 0- A U torlo i> t _i>trl
Courier Journal contains
and following: A short drive northwest from Ponce >8stble.J I saleffrotn which some of the pretties 2 'Ci!1=.=-- AD Ea sern. 1 AUS.. --IA !---5ou ryla.t1"1)pe-.

"This excellent circus menageriewas le Leon-Hotel; 53 acres, all adapted Connection is made with trains from I homes have already been made by enterprising 3 PAS Home of Faaobi nriU.D'I-B- A..AZON I A River

well patronized yesterday after. to cultivation of the Niagara grape; ,all points In Florida, and shipments intended I settlers, thus showing what -4 A I IA An ImbM'1l00e 9PER'"A_ I A(' >*ntr> iu At a. <

noon and evening and it well deserved free from encumbrance. Price on'y for this "Fast Freight Line" others may do with vim and energy. T E--R' P-- AL d t 10 NLkiYelIItMld_ Wx1b,

the enormous crowd which docked to $30! an acre; .;OU cash; balance ID should be routed: I Mr. Mann has PYDfIMATIflM Ertl da h Indicate* tbe abxeneeef aeertalnktter.andwhenibep
annual at five many orange groves CArLHllH I lUn leneroarr the be .. .
the tent The light fragments, per supplied orIgn.I..wtl.UI found omptete XX .MB .
capacious menagerie cent. interest. Only few rods from : Via Palatka and G. Stt F.' I II already undet way, and beautiful building I-e. A os-It which: every..iw should read. The omitted letter are i and L aud when grope
hows ail that had been advertised. Via Hampton and G. b. & P. Inserted the etlllll'lttf''tvrll is biMe
and the up excellent Lorillard Park. New houses going up I I or Via Lake City and G. S. & F. I'I'I : lots and tiles in town that can be R f W& R n<5 Are paid In cash the very clay any answer is found f o be correct: T prey,
ring perkwere in direction. Don't overlook n C H11U U eten e of irTguUrfty eoltastofi, ,
every bought cheap. He will give a lot 10 M any appeanm. or a ropy of tbe OTIL i u tea w *
compnj difficult, his, if looking for a fruit farn.. or for bhipners are requested to notify II has been dl'l"tI'UI'tI inaiwletv vault under s-ai,to I* opened Decrml 21st isle iu tbe reset
G. S. & F.I I any good citizen who will erect. of witues.whose sworn Platen ent as to the correct words, together with tb. hot ,OJIe.: w
attractive a J preeented in investment. C. KNOT, General Agent, nern, will bepuUisued in the Jantury number of the Gou> -R..D."
II. CHAPIN & CO. nice residence, and make a permanent
f Road at Jacksonville Fla., when shipments
here TV '! 'ood Thejcomical Remember Every Ccrrect Answer Wins a PRIZE.C .
St and home.
Boston. I II
| Augustine
clowns imJ I leave their stations. she object of this extraordinary offer is of course to secure sibscrlberi
Itk, r' 5, jug. \ I A. C. KNAPP, Traffic Manager, Macon His wife i*engaged; in the poultry and OtJDITIONr-I I .' ,and in large. nnnibcr W. therefore regwtrethat5orent.-torn v<
MataHrlJ"Io8 for our gnot paper lb (.ohlen-Itexl. be sent with KJIOH A>*win T.iu; ; If t
141 'rycl Ga. dairy business, and finds both very word are asswen.l51.00 freest be sent, three words $100, .ate worth *2J and M"ID. IQUas Do
all. ,I \V. F. SIIELLMAN, Traffic Manager profitable. lIe has as fine Jersey COW copies of thepar will 1* mailed addresses*given,

the Savannah Ga. f"llI'n.t" the wordsyonenewerbytheirnembe'.. Send at eee and win ,tn.)1
I as graze the valleys of Pennsylvania OaanD t'aJIJII.: '''11.aU tetter and make all remittance parable to
I SOL HAAS Traffic Manager Washington
For pleasant location convenient tall <
no of six rtomt, with Piano, etc., D. C The Golden-Rod Publishing: Company,
thearc facilities, and good society, no better
to rent; situated on St. George street, DKCNKK>NE"S. ortb. L1QCOK HABIT' location can be for : UtLrAJlLE A<.F\TS WANTED. Sif JE."tt Bf) !<1' 1't r''' V..I )
opposite Abbey Hotel; one of the best gotten quiet pri

'l ept houses in the Ancient City where Cared at liont la Ten Day by A tnniiii vale home thau Mannville. Call on or

,.d day board can be obtained at toting Dr. Ilalne' Golden Sp clfle. address W. H. Mann, Mannville, } Ia. ..... .,.,,;1'T1,',', lr\.lU\tI\II'V.\ :\ ,

nable rates. To be rented for the It can be given m a glass of beer, a
er or for a year at low rate: to de
rable party. GEO. H. CUAFIN & cup of coffee or tea, or in food, wIthoutthe A ful' line of :Staple and Fancy Gio I. I -

ffo..St. Augustine & Boston. knowlege of the patient. It is ab- ceries, at lowest prices, at Grain l'r's. 'I

olutcly harmless, and will effect a Call and examine: goods and get price. C 0i111 ''Utll yt11

permanent and speedy cure, whether and be convinced.: Also Hay, Grain

the patient is a moderate drinker or an -- \t.t .

Goon ST. AUOUSTIXE HOTEL FOR alcoholic wreck. It has en'siven in i t s ffT

'ALE at a great bargain by Geo. II. thousands of ca.ses. and in every instance EYE c 0Ol'EXER. ?
AN .
hapin: & (Co., St. Augustine and a perfect cure as followed. It x-\|
Boston. never fails. The system once: impregnated fT

I I with the specific it becomes an THIS SPACE fTQ

utter impossibility for the liquor appe- 6 : fIG /

tite to exist. Cures gu1t auteed. 43 WILL BE OCCUPIED BY A

EL AT TRTONVN. C. for sale. page book of particulars free. AdJre8SaM'elme

t t. dog and full description mailed "TIlE POPULAR IDAHO,"

o "V application' to Geo. H. Chapin ,
e n Case t
T. M. RAY, tPvOp'R, -
.S. H. Clifford, New Cassel, Wis.,

was troubled with Neuralgia and Rheumatism WHO WILL TELL YOU)- 1 \ % \
1 '
ATFRAC1rIvERESIDENCE 'of- .Colonel his Stomach was disordered, -(AP.OUT THE GOOD THINCM jI .-. k

his Liver was affected to an alarming -
EastmanOrange street,t>L Augustine degree fell away, and he was KEPT AT THIS RESORT.
for sale. Apply on premises or to

'U ILthapin &; Co. Three bottles of Electric Bitters cured I .. ;;r
-- __ _
him. ,
Edward Shepherd, Harrisburg, 111., I ',ate determined to nn"Out" i. to! un .r.-j"I tidal ',nJ; r,.,1. 'n. II. [ 'Pf It.

C-ESAn HEAD HOTEL,with Park of had a running sore on his leg of eight I TUN'ITY \1 HUM! 'haw FINE and LU.l' rn:1'8:

C-) 200 acres in the 'Land of thes sky," rears' standing. Used three bottles of anti! lined MM'k, nnil OH lo mCNlUIi nillH, "I (IIi ic. 101 va tl. f .n .11' f. ,rl'U bJ .

kale. Only ?3.>,000; $5,000 cash. Electric Bitters and seven boxes of aov fir-i-cla.* M<'n'hnnt Ta'l.r in the ''south. Lit: :i.incn ._- 01":1 I : ;1 I r, a" .alp

inc in it. Detail, of Geo. II. Bucklen's Arnica Salve, and his leg is 'n*" mv hiiMmx iM* rl\lI.1 have M'u.J.t i I.> m.iilt I "-t' !LEI'\f! HE--

&; Co. sound and welL John Speaker Ca- ", liox OF TWENTY PER CENT on *U (.ou.'- ,J'' u" litucb: an

.' 4wba, O., had five large 'ever sores Of'ttnrlUlI.I mn never otrur a nin. CCME; AND 1:Elr VIM. ..ElJ.Ir. .

on his leg, doctors said he was in- :: -xv. T I IC'iH.: :
Florida Real Estateadyertised curable. One bottle Electric Bitters .u .

throughout America,.with no charge to and one box Bucklen's Arnica Salve LKA1UN; 'lAHOlt. OF IMH (xIix'ry."rrner Lemon nn.i Ti. ti t ts
fcc owner until a sale is effected. ADK cured him entirely. Sold by Ackerman

;to GEO. IL CHAPlN & CO., .t Stewart Drugglris. )g tNGLIS .s _
f St. Augustine and Boston.Mr ) : H -- -

VERSOS HOTEL Salisbury, N.IUllY One Dollar Weekly female Bittels PALATKX.lUI.fi.ffi: [ '

furnished and paying well, Buys a good. Gold Watch by our Club ii ,I.

Apply on premises or toG System. Our 14-karat gold filled cases

EO. II. CIIAPIN &; CO. are warranted for 20 years. rice Elginor Cures at female Complaints and Monthly ,

: Boston and St. Augustine. Waltham movement. Stem wind Irregularity LeucnrrhoEaor'Whites, Painia
Hack or Sides, strengthens the feeble l builds
and eet. Lady's or Gent's size. Equ.ilo the whole system. It has cured thousands "lime Table in Efft-ci >( >VDaily. -'
SOLD pleasantly situated ten au> SoO Watch. To tec ire agents and will cure you. Druggists have It. Send Ec.
from steamboat landing at Orange where we have none we yell one <>f for book. (

Park and railroad station a new, two- tory be Hunting Case Watches for the ,, tamp S.1.P.DK09GOOLE*. CO, Leilsyllle. x. ,
I booM of tlx room bectdee kitchen with rood Club price t 28, and send C. O. D. by I __ ---. ---- --- --=-.___ _"__:-0 =-- -

r table and benDer; choice: collection of fruit express, with privilege of examination S. it rn --I I 1I 1---- _MiRTIL_
plum*, peamand peaches =- ,
t'\X plant comprising oranges .; ., ,.
7ng acs I Ines. ct lot nth hat an acre of strawberries, ell$Guu worth before paying for tame. EN THEciRcuir COIJUT o F pn Xo. 51.: ,... : \0.: 71. '-'' 1
I.rtt:. artsrstgued. >f fruit In a season bc idee the family Miri.y! ; Our agent at Durham, N. C., writes: I tli'I'm. O\Jaul'IY-' .-:- .--J.dr"a\-l:: e---: .---Ar: : a 4' 1'111 ;11 sees amt

w t. LEAR\t.... \.y.uIILEAiLNEDI'won wmvraient to Normal ftbool and industrial CotI'ce "Oar jeweler hare confessed they dolt know NAM COUNT, STATE OFFLORIDA. . .. t ,111 1"" !. ;',1 ana JAr .. .. Augustine... .. : 1"1"I I :: .MI: 1UG
Via I&latk', us.de pnce fWOO on easy tarma. A)ply to II.00. alii t.3 pm . .. f Ar la m t.
:if w. S. evontt. owner, on the premise or to bow you can furnish such work for the motley"Our 'a4llam t a :50 pm .... .... A.r.. . ... u..u.p. .. .. .. .Ar 5 .III..,..,
--- --- -- lupin's&; Ok, Agent at Heath Springs, S. C. .-IN: CIIAKI' t team t. '.J'lIli. .. .... Ar.. . .. Eu pa4tka. .. ....Ar's__. .:. ..!!.a. Ii 111.t..aaai3'lvm' .

CIRCt'1T ...:. .. .. r, .. l"atatu-I.Y nee trajD '1J w
Abbott F. Wad r4Sifm !Lv-t Ar 5I.t4
CHUTIT. FLOUIDA t,000 WILL Buy A..f'RM, OF 112 ACRES "Your watches take at sight. The gentleman I T*. I :::: :: : : __ F3 pr : Ar .. .';';t PaJat"" Ar, t e-',. amt
ear the Pntland PNwphate beds: f:200 cabbal- who got the last watch said tout he examined Thomas A. Darby et aL b "I.nl jAr San 'Iuft .huts ..Ar:. !nun
rt"'INAM: COt-NTY-IN CHAN- annnai miles from and priced a jeweler watches |n Lancaster that Of DECREE I . .. : : ,
Laces tn tight l>payment t% AM BY TIRTUE A jopm. Ar .San _
CERT depot,10-serer cleared: and prepared for market were no bett.ertha your but the price was$45 I UNDER & AUD BALL Issued out ot I -...-. ..-.-..: i ; 2b1un, :-. :. -.-.IAr! ... .;.San- = Jun.' -. ;, : i iI <
rarden; im orange trees from 7 to 10 yean old. Our agent at Pennington, Tex., writes the Cis"e8JCcN1n of the State of Florida in and I .. ill pm ... :...'Ar.... .. ... ..\ ': !
: ordinary Florida hem with piazza ik front "Am In receipt of tbe watch and am pleased I-(or Putnam County, in Chancery ftitt'og on the .. .. tI o) rim .. .. 'A.r.'.. ... .Fl.an..la ...Ar .. 1 ; 40 an
James R. Howe of the City itableand bed. )wner In BoBton-no use fort without meauure. All who bar teen it say it &tb day of October I"iD a cause in the Mid I . t7fll41'm. .. ... ... .OrIUf/Dd. ....Ar. 164.1..'? .
ftf Brooklyn and State tit j & Co. would be at .-0." I Court depenatnc, wherein Abbott F Wade wBomniaiaant 50.3.1. . .... A r f t4.
I Apply Chapln'i ; cheap t7JUpm ... .. . .. t'J5.m.
Darby, Sara P Daytona ;
and Thomas .
hew York, I ItHl for One reliable Agent wanted for '. t 4-i ami.... .. ... ...... .... Ly J t P
va good 'I. Darby, and the National Improvement Ctm- t1.&IIII. . . .. Ar.. .... ... Port franceS ....Ar. I"p
Margaret A. E. Matthew, t Quieting Title.. each; place. Write for particulars. I pany are defendants, I shall. on MONDAY the T 43aan..... .. ..... .... .... .' .' ..: Smyrna ... 1.v 4 at
td day of JAM ARY, A l> 1H93, otter for*aMind -
EMPIRE WATCH CO.. KFW YORK -.!-. ... ., itl .. .: s-
soil for cash, to the highest and best ktd-
.arprel ,
A.. K. Upseomb.Jr A( EXTRAORDIS ART BARGAIS.lmproYid f : ,. .. : : Tltw.rllM The mad is under' '
tn front of the dour of the ourt House of : : ::::: : c
APPEARING BY THE AFFIDAVIT OF bJ Cambridge ......,man,who resided on the ce4-tf Set laid Putnam Couuty between the legal hour of (I.'. ... ..... ..., .. .... ....I.... .... .....C1t' FoIDt I.f..n browse a Nrw n, r rI

, tbe belief JAKE of It.the Howe affiant the the residence of, that the defendant In sickness premix;then tLlrteea 1 0 aereo)"eanand,U tn orange DeTer bad*-630 a cue orange of The uGoodw ar" Shoe leads. tale to-wit, all: Beginning of the inflowing;at a point described on the property bank of, I :::: ::::'I': :::::: .:::/::::.: :::: ,::: :::: ::::::RtJf'( =(.:'::': :::: ::' : aDd Rock _

and that said defendant the St.John River at the gouthwoeterly comer
U unknown thf .
mulberries with other fruits in
trees beside*200 tinny except ,
tlisha A. Loiinjc
of of lot of land conveyed by
u twenty-one jean are.U variety;euperior two-tiory booN with piazza, in a Jacksonville wltl 8, F & W Rr.. T C. a 1". R'vJaBd Oyd'I.)neAt .
1. therefore ordered tbat- aid defendant and' Ellen H.,his wife, to the Putnam M nu- Connection*-At .
Warnrpt A. K- Matthew, Margaret A. good; repair but small table SixlS,packingKwue 'em all at the low pHee of One factoring former 84 feet abed etA pleasantly situated 15 recorded office for .-"*. Palatka for J. T. & K. W. and Florida'Southern
JKIlMomnb,do appear to filed heroin, tier, 18SU, and in the.Clerk'* Train No. ail8 at
1>AV <./ F1JJRUARV*O, theaatos mice from faUtka;pnce 6,000 including a good laid Putnam County and rnnnfng thence north -
a trlnr the rule day for seal mo Ui. bares wagon It U further ordered that this notice to pal). cash balance J5UO a year at ft per cent interest f'de of said Putnam Manufacturing The Steamer'If= lACWrr** 1*appointed to leave New Pmyrna every Monday\Vednetday i
lintord nIK'e.week for eight ..oc* .jTe weeks Apply to owner, Robert Rather, Harvard Fix, R. DUNN'S. Ifetnpany lot twelve(12)) chain to a stake on FridaY at fI:JO a. ff.for Rockledee and intermediate laadua .. Returning, leave'Bod d,. eiCne
.i>the llOatka Weekly Times,a newspaper pnb or> to Chapin farm agencv. / public road at wire fence; thence w-nerly day. Thnrsdav and SatuJ'da1.tU 0 a. m.
JjAbtId U sold Cooaty and Circuit. along said wire fence three chain and forty W L. CRAWiyRD. GeL Bnpt. JOSEPH RICHARD8O3 Cenerain ssenger; ACt, '.
witness my hand and teal of said Court seven links to a stake, thence south sixty decrees
this Mil day December, 1W9 ORANGE GROVE AND HOTEL COHBIXED, THE- l and flfteeen minuteseast 14 chain and
FRANK WKir.ITT,CJerfc. orty links to a Make on the east bank of said '
T.suj: Byl>. M KIRBY.D.C. ODe of the beetbargahs In Florlda.ilce exchange river, thence northerly; alone said river bank :
9tWEra IL Sr Arrow*,Complalnaatt PoHdta.doa04w for rentable property In any northern city, 11 four chain and eleven links to place of beginUnr $65 QUR SILVER QUEEN $65
acres. with 800 orange and lemon tree In fine SUNDAY SUN containing five! acres, together with aU
and singular the tenement, hoses and .
condition exe'llent hotel boflding erected aeren first lau with Silver-fitted Dash Rail Seat Rail handle
by iroTement* thereon and thereunto Is it possible a < ,
northern of the beet
:FIFTH JUDICIAL CIRCUIT OF tonal lean ago in the a best manner carpenter; .parJy.farui.bedlast ma 4 vein anywise appertaining.JOSEPH H SPA.JTORD.8pedal Im-I, IIai panda, and shaft Tips, for above price taw

with entirely new tnrnitare, and ha a
season '
FLORIDA PUTNMIX CO 7Y- good catuxa a* a tnt da** noose, bea.dfinyaitnatd.'mtnmandIg A Year. )Ia Ier' :4
$2.00 FLITCH A Wcmrs Sold
a charming water new, Complainant' .
'CIusCOT.A4aHu near on*of the tt and most popular hotels In -. toil. :
the Stat;price Emanuel Olmph J bit a* the owner U Interested in California be J
... } BUI for Divorce: otters> an excellent barraln. Detail "Goo. IL rtRK "ijc:
Alona Emanuel, Deft. I QaaplD S Ca. JONTAtNTJffl: MORE READING MATTER. !' I
It appearing by .ftldntt of E. E. IlukAlvoni ,*- f ":.4* CURE I. ; 9
< *f ant's attorney caiue. O zI
that tike .,,,adaat. A.OMO Cwamel, I* a BOO CHARMINa FLORIDa HOME completely I YOURSELF !
,rerideat of the State of Florida,and that 4 IN A nIucL I I 8 > C1fJ3
deeu4aM reaiden at Darlington, DarllartonG fural Improved!by a Boston: gentleman,and I tftroti bled with Oonorrh a
tnty 8 > ttwenly-one tI'aesrst ot any unnatural dlscharce ask*
J*ate:the age of ordered that tile. defendant mn.from JaetcsonTiHe; an attraetiT Queen oc2S-2m NEW YORK. yonr druKgist. for a bottU of M
therefore -
It U the bill of onvrbtnt Anne bow 01 S room,paJated In parti-color* fttffG. It cure in a few day*
ta: >i"iPff filed Kmaaoet.bcrrtnon&l'peaI'to or before the 2d day of aDd blended;platzas on three sides. Ute roof; I without the aid or publicity of a < 5 ot "'tr
so.inventory of furniture at offlcejJl of which U 1 doctor. Non-poisonoos and
,the a ribs day of this FINAL DISCHARGE.
1KB same being NOTICE OF
< ;
takn.--- included, modern stable 30x24.high potted wttB jttl guaranteed not to stricture.n .
the bill will be
Vout.ec tike tailselapboarded and painted poultry hoses I Potrtrtal 4mrtca .
.... decree eonfeaao' entered aotnM Mid ;
-Attendant a pro old talc telO; storehouse 2JxU, all in perfect repair IS HERE Y GIVEX THAT SIX I ) by i ;, I clr:
It i*. farther*a week ordered for four that conaecnUre this both week be pnbthibPdwM latk Tile iJlectlon gro'nc's of rare comprising frait.flower 14 acre and,contains ahmbbery.Worang a An. NonCE account and* after vouchers date Executor I will present of the my estate final I The trea Cl nucal Co.] I Write for our New 80 page Catalogue of all iiadj of Vehicles.

V- pahh hed ID '- tree.M pear trees K9 grape; Tires. of Samuel Varna, deceased late of Putnam : ClNQNIMATt O. Address
"kiy 1"1DnlIpapu eaide graoateeprrsimmons,et.C.o A...- Judge.of said County and
County,to the County .
of I'uUimin.
aid Witness Ovnty hand and the seal of taW Court tern of eoo gallons capacity capplie water. This ask for a final discharge as such ExecntorDARLUtO THE SOUTHERN BUGGY: CO.
nh Kovember my r1th,A. D l.ideY4i estate which con f 10.000 U offered for 14.500. VARX2S. I + .o0 OHIOUS1iJ:
FRASK mIGHT OrBf a to J R. Underwood,the owner, on the Eaecntor.Crescent 4 CINCINNATI. ,
] U )(. K1BBY.IX C.y"'y p e to Chapin&: Cue City. Fa..Oct. 14th,1&3. oe4-


w .


e '' ._ t v U l '-="" .........i. _.-.....::-....:.a # _.,'_. If' .... -. ... 1....
"_..: ""-- --




4 1r


rdh rtka- Time. .- :,0 Rqlieston Nurs'eries-i. _NUGENT'SPicture : ; IF Musical Perfecto-

'J 6lt I c\n. .. -.1.! twt' week. see i' GalleryX'AXD what TOO seek tabnjlnca.'ftaoewrtteMaboat

wben ifpIaIUC.1"I&y l I.-mtk.y o. It ,. .. 1. Lowest New York Price*;
D FOURTH tracers,P.tLLTK:
$ates rcreeer of rxwdsljnstead .
o *,
n; ir **r i *f j. -4** STEINWAY t
B. '.tncy, I l have %uo a 'nc A' BEA9Ht nnoTOGuirir I-OKTRAITJ. VIEWS ETC. ?

.'bubb 'tu explode! :,.,. __ ... &.SON, Proprietors. .17
It isjiraoKe that a man with'ta pub- "'- TIN TYfKS while you walt. uc.3i-tC D1.asloatthsij d

lie In private record .as black with .

..potli' Mr. E. L. Dauey's will lush ". . .; :, '." I. : "The Little Putnam"SAMPLE t3ula aa

into ppnt.iMpeaks. Fuli Jioe. o.NUllSKRY STOCK. suitable, especially to* the.. Southern +
of my 'lnortgged We are Wholesale SouthernAgentsfee
place being BOOM
these celebrated
Mr. Dance Instrument* and you can hey from us Mwllr
if a mortgage is a LEO 8TR CT. P.A.LA.TKA..I"L.L.. cheaply, and eaf.tr by hell M la peaoa. S Ask t
disgrace the people out in Kansaa quality, at UF.DtCLlJl'1U .,-. ?end. for \( ( r f -If'il "' """
X < ue'jrJ! [ T Fall Line of Cltale XVin* ,Uqaora ud Ct- BATES Savannah Ga.
0 ., .J iJF U.l .l[ 4.
mint &e a disreputable set! I came to 1..L J .V. always In stock.OTOraen .

Florida seventeen poor A. J. BEACH A. SON, PALATKA, FLA. .I from the Conntry Promptly ruled

man (and am not much years better ago a off today ...*. r Vk oc3m CH. S. HEBEaA, Propnetar. Jacks a niIl6{ T3fflja a and Key WO it t Jiaiiw a Coi3iF.]

); but by attending strictly to my ___ Y'. ". ."*_' ..-..r .,. ... ,-... ,

own business, and not medi)' with > ;- 5'
others, I have been able to win the Florida Central and Peninsular Railway. MASON YOUNG, RECEIVER,
coafedence of ...... ,..... -
of .4.
men means to such an r f '- : I Having rental the Building cornrof
extent th tt I now own a home, with a FLOUIi'A TRUNK. LtNE. ( i ..T.A.IPA'SUORvJ.lti& J ; ;.. ? ,Fourth, and Lemon Streets, I will

mortage' over it, which I am not And to an Points la Sooth. Middle and West Florida, )Mobile New Orleans and the Jl. Southwest soon have in operation a se.ect stock Schedule in Effect. Dec. 4th 1332. I r Ja.d JACKSONVILLE

MhAlDed' to admit. S Direct connections. to Alf FoTnt* Northwest and pttheas i, *, ..i. ._. TT, J Jr of FRUITS: and CONFECTIONS; t
I not hare the deed made out to : f% .1 VEGETABLE3STAPLE and FANCY desert "rotaLilltei .
mrlrlfe.0 keep honest creditors from TIRE CARD vjif EFFECT XOVEMBEU Jr, {(189 w -' .- '. GROCERIES, CIC.VllS au'd TOBACCO .
& KEY WEST'Through
Di.ot at } l ka. tSt?
thllfn I1tI. How ,
it with y.)ur place and solicit. the patronage 01 }
Jlfi Daucy? Who earnth6 m tOe; .4T1'd. WEaT. 1IOC"i1l my friends and the public. A Good SOUTH 'y SYSTEM
eOVTNeax 'n.os. ...... ircrwatva"1 'E = :
b*( at your houe, and who signs: vour N'o.a.xo"! 1. :);'' Xo.10 ..t : { ilS ; Market in couuection.c28tf raIWNNtcTtoss.w.ca .
bait ch.-cks 'file J. M. DINGLE. No. n-Arrive* l' J.. m. Leaves
ioquisluve.ate dina..Ar
> +
l.lII'ltl..JoaLY..F..r'.aJ 1Mry1If.I3c, fiej"8.40t v .Javktwuvilitt .Ar 004 a. m. daily except rtun Uy. forDelandTlinsvfie
.... I
agin ix-ferml io the tax 71A ...tIaILY..c.llaban. Jlr l.3Op 1 Ly"ISahl !
boots and to 7 J5a t .Lv1RJ3aAr 1r II JWUUS I SanlorJ. tlr>ando,
(iVaika; bank ca-hu-r*. 6.4 : .....lUldwtnl.v I./Sp I &dkl 11.23a :::.lake 'tiLv: &*! KIsHimmee. Oakland Tartu Sptlngn, .
v> tnu. h EtJ l I" .rYW.D.
M ...Jatkimn:; villa.. aswi. 1Ula: .44a. Ar Live Oak.....Lv :u:>pA&.. at. IVtembnrir, etc. Cnni.ert 'itmviU t !
ft out tiu4iR-i.il. HIM o"in.j. N'-iw io our &Id.In.. ... 'PI a. a.11.IO.41tAr....)Iadi.....: ...Lv 1st2.ila Mondays and Tbnrdat a w'india" A
whin-- records: 1 have never in hi! my 10 t.3rIt.I.'V .....l-arrwy ... 'LyL'II: '' U'Ja UOa II.Ma ....:.Moatieellar 3.:6p12511: S A Baker Kiver steamer* for J Itl.icer and
life 113t :tJ1'U'... ..W .1<10 ..... 402a l.loa u. M. ...TalU u Bee..Lv 1.4JI, IOJilIp points oo Lake Worth. 'Steamers to
asked for or Solicited public nor u.ivo. I ever lu-ld .vile uutil Air. .. ...Otm ......LTllJMa S.4U '..IOa' t At.RtverJuneti.m.Lv12Iki,. 1.J11ft 8 30 a m., except Sunday.
DtllIt.lU. kiudh" e.in err.l iiromy .... .. .pillverSl'rings.Lyl./ .. ...... UJ 112Mq Ar..I'f'D.ae..a..LY. i3i ? Leaves 11:OaamdaUy.ueept 8ua me ?Ua! ... .. ..\ ...... .flu I."a ...... 2.tIO' Ar.....)(" II. ....Lt t.lttaSJOp .... (;aln"TtlleOc:,a, -b..r1:l1ro..kt" ,/ M. a \
j"if5ni |4aoe. l>u i, l I." >MMttluli Jlh i., ..tit ildwKn.s1. 'Lr f.1.w1231h .... ..T,1aAr..Newttrleans.Lv 1 ... .. yUle Eurtls, Astor and Intermediate

tit I <' J i?i nie in as County CotuinikC -- s4w1jLI.tr: tI 'Ar...:..0wen.thwe Lacoochee..:.'Lv.Lv ew.759aIo,16p I le53p .....- 5.1 l IArJacksosiH. .Lv!!1.4"q1 .. oints.
'' -,':. tit eb trice t<. 3"1t'e ... ... '' .. .. 6.3I1a Ar ....'.\airo. .. ..Lv; l.lica No. T.-Aniy. 2-09 p. m. Leaves r ..nos.riven
lUlL bit &L Ar .Dade Clty .Lv I" ';' J7 p. m.daily,for I,ef.and Tltnsville.
kuows 6.l a.i7p; .. l1.dtsAr..nt.Louis.Lv' 7p, 1 .. ; .
r U that I toad tiiiunolj 1.1,. ArAt .F1aaCfty..Lr ..... .. 5 pAr..l.hi.alr" ..I." :Yaps aai,*d, ravares, liartow, Punta (iordaand -
... ...Tawrpa..LvWild l 4 ell
10 a|>|Mi4ut lie t
that 1 jtiotMbU I hive fo, 'otlfii n. No, 3501.a.OIla 7iL ..... wood."." A faYla 8.4210 uq TIIUUABYIt.LIC-M/11tTICCLt011J1Teo roan York Suites to Fort Sleeping Tampa tnDRee)1,111 ears form New- r a' 0 ss0 C RLID t.r O

M1'. Da.in1 tuvv tint II..i; i will nol &4..,I, s.4ry.Ar..Tav.re.\r..lA8burr..A....Ar -:14: amp( Dally! Dally days rhnnxtays and Saturdays,for Key i'R i 'ha.r o we.. ayry.Ar.ta '\ !i1r

own. You would have b eeu reminded a Mtr'' 5: Ar .'..APoPka..Ar TAIIk 72 .irli .isle I.Y. ... ...jaefcuouvtU...... ..Ar 8.30p'Ub West Leave and 2 Havana.SB p. m..dan for GalnivUle .V& Teaen- \
of it sooner if it bad not been fur Mr.11'ilievn6 lOai I..JU.....IAr'Vlnterl"ark.L::: Orltndo ::.Ar ...... 2.r.p K.4UJt Ly.Lske. City..........Ar 6.31 pIZ3nP Ocala, Lee burg and Intermediate (f wra ve .Aa70w,a ca "
I .. ... 1 l1 I i.a1r 1
Lv Live
...... I. O.k..At 6.4tp( points.
aud other members of the I __-_..." ,1thkdo_ ... L -tI1t 11.11I'o. LY..Mo.tl: ... -Ar amp No. 13-Arrires 10-44 Leaves
(,'. J. lloan], for 1 would have seut .. .... %.IfIpjLY: .. "aldo..ArU.42a ...... 1.15 Lv..... ..Tbfha.udUe..A7 137p3J3p3Ar 9fff.. m. daily.: Carries p. m.throngh<< I
that $-32 bill mode .. ...., : .IM..llkt..Lv 11.Il&: ...... Lapp Lv .. ....Mont turnery '... .. ..Ar 6.-.. Pullman ear "Cinetnnatl"toTampa Kawr i
the Sleeping
lOU aaiut .. .. ... ..Archer......LvW.12a, ....' im.e. Lv.L.V, ... ....Birminghatu..A r 34a MASUrACTtTREtt OF via : 'W"r .
county far assessing District No. 3 .. ...., I.3ItpIAr... .CedarKeys..Lv 1 ...... ..20.> ... .... ..byt.le..Ar SJTp sod Jacksonville&arriToc Bainbridge at Tamp .rww >
back to and had 1243p Lv..LouiaTtlte..Ar J. Cp.LeaY.ArcherdaiIJ. 1-Ua.m. aMr ;
you you swear t. theaccount
before .rjwvt Sunday, at J:*' p. .21'1' Az..C1.'noaU.. ,.. .. ..Lv 11.2\a: I .,
you received your m. for Willlstniie. Early lord and Lazle Mine; NORTH BOUND.Tin. .
then Sunday ,at 4,30 Up11
money; you ou.d have 'bub- nave EL rle Mine ?
IlIienuf'1lla I C. ln"atL Ohio and Tampa tor
b'ed! a. m. for Archer and point Jt-A rrives 420 a. m. Leaves
Oviedo and Winter Park dally, and J\ckvIDe and Tampa Iullman cars to
Train leaves
4 28 Carries
: a. m.daily. through Fullnian
there acksonTllle and New Orleans. 1. 2,f, 10 daily. -
Perhaps are more readers of ; exci p.tSunday, atflZ'ires alrnwn.! Leave Oviedo Sleeping cars to New York via At-
THE TuiKtiDow than there were'last also dally, at *:30 a. m.. Winter Park at; 8.3 a. I LUMBER lantle Coast Line,and to Cincinnati via
and a. ; striving at; Orlando I.IM a. m.; leaves Or- FEUXAXDINA-i 1Cl'I ItItL.-SD ROUTE. Balnbridge. Montgomery and Nash.
summer A understand
Sidle may not lando dally at.vnep. m.. arriving Winter Hark vllle. Connect for New Ore D&, )ta.
me, I will explain by drawing at L23p. IB: Oriedo,.... rm.'oa. I Nn 6. No.Mt/ No.61 iXu.5. eon Atlanta; Chattanooga,etc., M l
some conipari oos. Mr. T. N. Haulietnsusec1 < 4.30p: \ 1IJI'Lv..J""U.tllvile A.r l 1 I 8Ji1ta SATSUMA HlGIIfS, FLA. No.i-Arrl.nlla.in. LcaveelplO
3ii 7.5Oa 4.Onp Lv.Ocala(S IIO&O.ArIO. 5.IUpJI.JO.&IA.r.:, ; t"lr..U'U f.v 1 Jf>n 7jn a. *n- daily e-Jl.'U: for Jack.snevtlleand *
.(XO aud chained $12tlt '.fIb L&\pAr ...qlQttelloR..LY{! a.NIa tLIOPi all ; Es.t. Carries I
!II'. Ralph ed $318,000( auJchtrgt .0 fllia Ulp Ar..Iterautdo..Lv 1.r.r. Leaves Jacksonville and Keraamlina 'd l ?132; Mr. Dnm-v assessed '..3Oa 6.lnv Ar....Iayer_. ..,...1.,1 T. 3.1IOft1 cept Sunday. Connects island bunjenness BEATTY'S ORGANS Se d forCataT. root Jacksonville to York Sa.*
10.30. 6JSpAr ....HOO1fM&.q. .LYI Cumberland lelanl. Jekyl and vassal, Charleston. Richmond as.Washington.
$39.), ;; and charged $252. almost I 6 S0'.&!o.>p'Lv.. :Ae tnebl'lltO U.Ar'' 9..Io"'I: lnytpu 1 irnniwick,forming: the CumilierUnd Route,and l gue. Address, UANLEL 6'. BEATTYWash. "
r doublf tor the same amount of work.r.'Mr. .Mal UOJ1M,.Tar...... s..in ...Ar %.25aI 11.0-11,1 making Q>nauction*for 1M'A"m. Atlanta Chat- lnptton.NewJersey. novS-U No. 6A-Arrive 3:30 p. m. Lean,
,i \r.. .K ttlwrtand..Ar 1.1 t''pil inoo a and Northern and Weterb potit. I p. m., dally,except Sunday. Through;
.4 i is 8.21t.J.'lt
> Dncyr>lrbo who .
men: I.47atl4".JAr ...Ct rwatpr; ..A.r s.41.tttttP l SnnnayTrafn tevrw, Jack'onvlH 'S.4'a. m, sleeping can from Jacksonville to Cln
cries aloud c uoni\'r' 5.41410.4p1Ar..St.I; I'd .....bur' ..Lv, 650.1 6.201 makes Cnmberland konte connection. leavesfernandina6JWp. etnnatl via )Macon Atlanta and Chattanooga .
Mr. the Bowens ra- arrives Jacksonville S:13 ,and Jacksonville to St. Louis
Daucy pass qu.ie a ". m. Pullman Sleeping, Car nnn wi<>k to At- via Montgomery: and Nashville.. v-
compliment when he says he duly :> .T and S d. ln:3 an J4|\ dally, except..goyswtasad Atlanta to (5lncinn.iti ami uhYiUe.day. RGI1
kicked" when they weie overseers; S. Tickets sold aud B
f/alns and S.8.0. & O. daily
O. B. except
hey would not allow' him to shirk his Sunday. OR ._ (farther information, apply to ,
duty is the reason he "kicked!" In

fact, he never objected to them being n H. H. McDO.

overseers, as long*a there :was no JACKSOXVILLE-SABHVILLE(via Lake (1t1. Uacon: and Atlanta.) W. B. DENIIAN, ,

money in it, but just as soon an they .
General '
Acting Superinten
saw there was a tee to be bad at the No.t7.00 No.*. Nns. p No.1. -
county's crib they were after ill .-.. i.30p.m.Leave............ .......Jacksonville.. .. .....Arrive 7.40a.m. SJOpjn. GENERAL ;..
'.ooa. m. 1.33pIn.Leave................ ......Lake City ... .. ........ .Arrive aj.la.mv $25 p.m.
Mr. ) I was one of the 4.45 ..::0.J.. Leave.... .... .... ... .... .:.Macoo.f.. .... ...........AmY Hie.i5p.rn: lOjo. ajn. :
Equalizing Board; to I was, and the : p.m. S.ltajn.Leavi| e................ .... '..Atlanta............ ......Arrive, &.3d p". L..5&.m.Wla.m. .
Board cecided make smSp.n. ZJ,.. Leave ... .... .... ... ....Chattan .>&gaNacbvllle. .... .... .. ...Arrive 1.no pan. 1-Ma.c..
not to any &.23Lm. 1.31p.U!. Arrive ....... ....... .... .... ........ ........Leave! 7,40a.m. 5.Q5 r.m. VERi d
changes unless some complaint 'was

made. Since looking over the tax Dally through: rntlman Sleepers Jakksonvile to N....hyill.on No*.6.HI"
books, I have concluded that II. B. No7C..-<>a and after November 2Utn.we expect to haT aTbmu h Car also on our Morning
Daucy'. property ruUst have been Train CKLI.(Jacksonville to Atlaata M.that our.PAtrons from.the!South win.have "
*HaSe rasa full nigh, as his taxes amount DOUBLE DAILY CONNECTION WITH ATLANTA WITHOUT CHANGE. :

to '5, Including bis poll tax. I.up- Ticket Office.M Went Ray Street corner H gau. Depot font of II jtS. Street,Jacksonville.A. .
poae-his Lrotha'c Edi .wanted4l to look a. r"'Sl P1\.X,TnftI! Y'a'lr. O. .ltacinraEtlro Ape,

big, thinking, perhaps, it would enable THE-SOHOffl.! 8F THE 8WJTR QrgeBo

him to get the overseer's place. _. ....:..._.....1 ,

Ed if you will ask M. I. Coxe, of (f[Open day and night the entire year.) r'
Palalka, you can fjnd out that you
were reported for not wording OQ the FURNITURE STORE; SUCCESS UNPARALLELED t

road. How much did you tray lawyer

partridge for telling you that you had THRICE DISTINCT DEPARTMKNTO-Com-
better \ht' a. dollar?' But I nterclal, Stenograph Te'erraph-ooverinc:6JMO
pay sup.pose feet of space, all aDder direciion of distln AND -t-
at the rate of ?1.80 per day. galsbed peclsJits. Text books discarded .
We, tb.. Bowens, need and want all INTENDING TO-. CONTINUE IN :MV UU ASD'S BUSINESS, S -
utitnUons* positions ,

the way,money but we we Intend can get to in try an to earn honest it will say to the People of Palatka and Putnam County that they will find at this Bend through.lot oar handsome eraplorroent cataloc ageney-not ne to one Idle. Flour. Grits Corny '

tfa.rlT:'-i PJ8yMJclyand not makeover OLD RELIABLE FURNITURE STORE full line of '' \VTATT: i MARTIN,
charges get it. I have been told by .- seJ-tf JlaeooOa.flianiDerlaln's .
one of Mr. Dancy's beet friends that it Seed Me

took him (Dancy) three days to assess *
three of his neighbOis' all 79Olntmeat. and. 1 tsJCn OLD J., T.7 4K. W. BA1L3jr \

living within one mile 0 rroperty. Chamber Suits.. ., "

Tax, pavers, would nut Ed. have made A certain cure for Chronic Sore Eye, I All orders will receive 1 t

a good road overseer? lIe would have / Tetter.. Salt Rheum,Scald head Old

had his orange trees hoed and potato 'I Chroaio Sores, Fever Sores Eczema,

due perhaps at the county's expense. Lounges, Window Shades, Itch; Prairie Scratches Sore Nipples G. LOFER BAILEY.

You may rest easy, as lone as I a-n and Piles. It !Is cooling and! JOOth1D .

your County Commissioner Dancy will ) Ilucdredsofcasea have been cured
not get another chance at extonion. --- Bed Springs Mattresses. by G. .LOPE-
W. R. owa. .*- v -, it after all other treatment had failed.,
i Ltli put up in 25 and SO cent boxes. p


Correspondence>> falatka IIALL Times.rrrxAM ,December. 9. to receive the same patronage given my husband, I SHALL GIVE I VIGOR OF MEN :Fire, Life and AcPALATKA. urance,

On Friday, December 2, a freight
wreck occurred on the!}. S. & F. lly., ALL. ORDERS PROMPT .ArrE 710X. the train of.evils.. titrv from.early mmt error_ Dvbtlllr.*or later excesses and all, -
the melts of overwork slckoetis. etc. Fail
near Grandin station. The south bound worrr.
: < ,- : .t engtb. development, an4 tone 1ven to every
freight jumped the track and most of ." erase and voruna of the body. Blmple, natiral FLORIDA.
j "
.1< methods. l_ ImrrorciD.et svco. PatloreInpuSHtile. .
turned into the ditch. For
can over "! "RR F JJX* rcfvranccc. Bo"k.pte..tlorend : :
s.r ;
tunately no one was injured, althoughthe ,, ... ""'..?.mailed(1M'.aIedJ free. AOdrr
conductor Mr. ERIC MCOICAk CO. BUffLO. Y.
\oung, escaped
--- -- ---- WALTER
narrowly. The section bands from THOMAS.
three sections, and other help) was at ALTON HLOCK, .,. ,

the wreck by night, and in a few boa shad DRUNKENNESSHsvktt.

a temporary track laid around and ,
:' Or 1M LN..r 1P.sllIreLy ttiredby64.a1.1.4evi.e .
over the debris for traffic. Work is \
Dr. IIOM'4J.Ide.
now progressing well, and soon the I liKrtfA
will have the old It BMnraetwrwl M.powdw,wbloh ema M gtmIn
place appearance.Cane [1ST TEYA'aii1 C s CUM of b.M.a sep of eon.* or lea. or la food Staple andFanoyGroceiies:
grinding is "all the go" withoatta.k a.nni..54 ovfd will eflMt,*ofth a.p p.nnaaml Um4. It MwolvMIr and ..poodye II
here now. Several parties have finished .r*.whtar Ui. parted U med.... drink..or
I sa aleolaoU.wnek. It k.. bin glass la tkof ___
and several others are right iu it j -._.o*Im.TOTT porteet ear*h-N4
Your correspondent has spent several I ?R4 ILWRI(. -:. II MOTor r ll& T=:t..* .tpe.gaab.
d with tb'BpMtO*b.0.mae nuel.p.wetUty
pleasant evenings at. vanous "Sugar tot U>.liquor appeut.. ......
oiHDgt"' in the neighborhood, especially 'j I SCHEDULES Of .DAILY TRAINS IN ; QOLDL"( SPECIFW< to..-d.OHIO.4pfe I". '.''''''''''. r PALATKA- FLORIDA.

two evenings at Mr :JiV. J. Green I EFFFCT JUNE 12th. 1892. 4 bah:1J'peruseYui OM S* be kad ., .

place, where a large crowd enj".-edthemselves ACKERXAX A STEWART DreggistIPalatka lX>IDYO.Y AND WATER STREETS.

most hugely, at the- baud I <*CIN. AND F1A.UM IT .'0M1 IPI IAL" ?ananannoa. VALLar Novrs.-.." 1'11. e .

of Mr. and Mrs. Green in,eating caneand L* .tk.o.vWe. D"r JackMMviik.... Tooa Lvjackmnlle. ...., .. TOOa 630p'
drinking cane juiceand .. rCnUahaa : T Ar Atlanta.Lv .. .. .. .. SlOp a ass Stock Groceries is ALL GOODS WARRANTED OR MONEY REFUNDED'ja13ly
I Lv Waycross.. ... .. t sop Lv Waycroas.... ?.? f Pia Atlanta .... : .. Ut6pi&a I OOp My of
Iuakingand eating candy. At the brat I J.a.p ..... .. .. lll&pSSe LvJeap, ..... .. .. ., is so. Ar Chattanooga.... a
of Mr. filing Mr. T. It. fc ...... ..... ArVfaco*........ .... Lv Ckattanooga ...., f 40plOOOplOSla a 10 T6op1 sip .
; G Haba. ..... lie. LvMacoo.... ..... .......4 4Op ArKaoxrilte...... I3S.Ar. t always up to the highest stand-
Palmer, of Inleilachen, wa present, I Atlanta........ a Ar Atlanta....... ... S lOp Lv KnorriH ........ S Ita 10 SSa 145aIL. r
Anti) some friends from that place, who I A tlaata.. .. ..-. lOOpi Lv Atlanta.JOOp ..... .. .... IO tip Ar MerriMowa.Ar ......, 9 30.1144a 305.Ar BAMBERGBusiness
add rf to the "circus". Cbatta.io n...... ArCharunMcs.--. ..... a 45. BrualArRouekc...... .. ... .. lUp SOOaItpUSOp ird. Prices
Lv Ckattaane *... T> Le LvCaattaaoors.... ...... Too. ......... : .. f Riht>.at
We are' pleased to report recovery of ? 2a''At BmrjikT;........ 2 Slxnaboh Jc... .... 610. flipACuaeati. \

some Miss time.Padgett, who bas, been Jil for Lv Cwoaaati.Chingo.. :.--------S- t,. ArOicaro ArOncuastiLvOadnaaa.....,'.. r toAr ArB.la.are.rWa+hietw......... !. .. 84SnUSintUa 1 *0a 11 Ua / R. DUNNES.

The weather here has been all one .... lOOOpJOaUSOn CollegeBAMBERC

could ask lately. A. A.a.) .... aadOpfamHattta
L I ; .. SOOp I I0. cored at huiae iUloot -

Bucklen's Arnica Salv*. Ar Mrmpbu. .... 1030. Ar Mrapkis SOOp ;Lv Uorruuwn.Mann. ....... f UaIlOpl. WHiSKEY tirnJantentFRLE.pels Book of raf- ,t S. C. :
PuIIaaa Siegers Sleepers Atlanta |AA.kvin.. .. .,. ...... ..... SM.WO'1LLEY"K.D.
The Best Salve in the world for Cult, Jackaoeviu.tocind..ati Ckattanoora and Ckattanoofa|' Both trains i carry Pullman tmat JMX whttehaip&" THREE TEACHERS. FOUR -
Lad elegant day eoacke :o CincinnaU. Day coacait ] via SUBJECTS
to New York
Sores Ulcers Salt Rheum lltftn Ckattanooya
Bruises, Jacksoanlle to Cfcattaoora [ack.evin to jenvp and Je IN "smakuric. Th. bio a.n. train from
Fever bores Tetter, Chapped Hands, without th attrc. a Ckanaaocr witaauxcaanre. Chattanooga also carries a sleepev t* ;, Baltimore and Flori- BOOK-KEEPING, SHORTHAND. .
Sl.n.Tll-R Ki.CtKSIO.TICKETM hWaahinrteo via Skcaandoah Janctiom |
Chilblains, Corns, and all Skin Erup On sale from May i J to SepC. JQ. Limited to Oct 31, l89 Jaad Ue B. A O. R. 1C,eonnecuac wit TELEGRAPHY
da .
tions, and positively cures Piles, or no TOALLSCMMERISCSORTS. tk"Rs1tlBlueIAaa" Oysters, by can ,
F.lptafamuioardarivetonte.iwt M, etc.. cheerfully LtmitU ruttt If *O Etltm F*"* .
pay required.satisfaction It is guaranteed refunded to give fnnianed. ETCTV letter pf Inquiry answered in art ail. Kr ft to ft h ff a-nilliw and in bulk, "at Chas.Kupperbusch'e. If-vou want a PRACTICAL EDUCATION by PRACTinAl TEACHERS '

Perfect ,or money ; rot* b rtk menrauonc,rates,folders,etc,apply to ticket are art tkro.Che.t Florida or to : -. at & MINIMUM COST: come to our College. Send one cent stamp
price 25 cents per box. For sale by FRANK Disc Pa.*.Agt.YSJ West Bay Street, Astor Bloct, ]acaao.Tai., Fla. -. ... -.w
Ackennaa & Stewart, druuut.a.t B.W. M.JOLLY f.A.,Knosville, Ttan. CHAS. M.KIGHT, ..C.F.A.,Atlaata,Ga. a0.ts' 4.for Catalogue.u'l .&'L .. 11 !.

.,', '. i
a ,- ."

.. -

t c


4: rs ..
0 1

; '-"


..., .

} ;: "':' ; S
: <
e -
: \ i
) t 7W7 A

. # inilr RIES'' .


.- I"
I WEEKLY TIMES LBREVITIE5.Harr 1 A. .:-pml Convict. .
v I Tuesday night at T o'doek.Chief V.Hspan,
*ow*if returned from Oeala.
Officer Wilson and Deputy Sheriff Dyson captured .
McKENZIE BURTZ. PUBLISHERS' >lr.Blank:;of Charleston,8.C,wa la tows one VTiUiiiu Gardoer,aa escaped conTict. .StoP"Stop! !
Monday. It will be remembered that Gardner a boy 1
)lr.Ill J. JanrU, of -Satonma Higbt.waia acaue1yl&year wasconricted ia the court
OFFICE IB Duns' Banding, Front Street Palatka Saturday. here for housebreaking a year age.and was .
next to Port omce. Cape It.H.Hotcbkla, one of Welaka'promt.aentcitizi sentenced to six year Imprisonment la the state

,gas la tows Sunday. W} azo penitentiary.. and went ta He Jackstwrllle escaped about, but tires was month recaptured *- And don't go any further until you have visited the PALACE STOREof
Mr. F.8. Hodges. .f the firm odcM AGodfrey
StJBSCRTFTION TE-Oue Tear$1J ; six oIJ ,and on the"'r..k to tbe prison at Lire
MK>tbft, M Cent ; Three Jliatha, 23 Cents&b ,SaUnma UIghU wa*la tow3. : this week. Oak, III ]uai| dfrom the firing;train and sue- Palatka, where you will find everything in the line of
ibscriittlun due la a4na 8. caps J.D.Polnu can boast of La kng drawn eeeded la agala getting away. He ended tile
the Cat fifty dollar bill bened by\f* Pntnaai officer until Tuesday night when again cap.
National nuke It was Jl&tt.* prettf und crUp the .
turedl: Gardner was convicted entering Furniture .
PALATKA FLA.. DEC 16, 1892. i at say "$M WUlUaawe bate bad',. the past bonve of)fr. Cook Carleton and taking away Crockery .

week. [No Joke] | clothing and strange to aay,be broke into the .

Drive in Dress Goods at H.Bury wa la town Saturday,and brought UTHE same house again raiding Mr.Carietoa Tuesday r
Big :TIME office one of the__melons oranges afternoon and aarong the thing be stole wa
_THE Ox.- we bare yet tasted. It wa of the aonpariel Ta.riety the same-salt of clothe which be bad been eon.flcted Glassware, Lamps, \
and grown at SUcb,his countjr.! for staling a year ago. He sorely must
Ex-Assessor Gto. W. Olterson, of
Hefts yeubeck,the boN painter,has Cni-be! bare become"stuck"oa that particular salt.
this week.
Pomona, was in the city Gardner i but bad one, and
the a young man a
residence wblcl
"tonchlng up" of Dr. Cole,
I*the best place for him. When Carpets Rugs *
Mr. J. II. Green, one of FruiUand's aow.ou Ip Dd1d. Hems anderstaod the an the penitentiary the .
ef handling a brush. ipproacbed by officers be was taking It sun
prominent citizens, was in town Mon la hose la Xewtown, and the proceed1Dc-
Mr.Bailey,of Brownsboro,Tena.. arrived It
did not at an tender to make him nerrou '
-day. ________________ .. tile city Monday,and win assist J.O.)(&11I.14 Matting Oil-Cloth *
George Burrell, ot Pomona, was in U musicUn his gallery and this will season.lend raluable Mr.Bailey U to a tbe thorough band. Cook Stores and Heaters cheaper ,

town Monday, and paid THE TIMES than the cheapest, at W. A. Living-
A. J. Hu Brick&: a very popular young man.
a pleasant visit. for some time employed a*operator by tile Flori. ston' Cor. Lemon nud Third Streets.If Window Shades :
Southern Railroad at tbi point baa received
William Sells, the greatest bareback the appointment of agent for this company at you want to get married and go to ,

rider, is coming here with Sella and Leeburg,and left for hU new borne,Monday. housekeeping W. A. Livingston can "
Rentfrow's shows. Hi many friend regret bl*removal,but extendto 4
notice. Baskets
fix you up, In style, un
blm nnantmoo congratulation and a wish AM
.Piles of people have piles, but De- fur success la bi*new field. Cor. Lemon and Third Stieets.Uipan .

Witt's Witch Hazel Salve wiJJ cure Some Klee TOT. Tahulc banish pain.

them. P. F. Peek.- rponaTiitttbe.t reufMr.8. E. Farrar General
_______________ we were surprised at the'Tarietf of handsome Housefurnishings. .
For Fresh and Choice Groceries, g? and bating toy*. Mr*. Farrar I* selling them HOTEL OSCEOLA

to Paagett & Co'I. nIT cheap,and parties looking for Xmas pr...
eat should. ran and see them.Don'tbuy .
A /5j sod Promenade Concertd Ball THOROUGHLY My New Addition Consists of a Full Line ofTOYS
hilt IK given: at the School House Hall at Pomona your Christmas Goods
,Ha.,on December 22nd,under the anftpi00 until you go to THE DON. REFITTED AND REFURNISHED.
of the Pomona Orchestra Refreshment
wta be MTTed b\ the tulte Aid Society ..AeI.ceatJem"D Stoves Stoves I Rate,fZ.00 per day. Special by the week or
.ila.lo., alt.> centl. s' .-ordial.h month. TaM npplie.s ith bent In the market DOLLS. GAMES !
In order clear!
t..Ked. to my stock of Stoves, 7 Flee sample room In connection. ,
r I will sell them for the next thirty de -tf R. L, WALL Proprietor.
Bargains in B ''om-
days at ACTUAL COST.

forts at THE My reason for disposing of the stockis MRS. E 1. Haughton.FIRSTCLASS
ar.eerutae that I may devote my entire time to And'GENERAL HOLIDAY GOODS. Come early and often.

umbing Tinning and Gas Fitting

of Ifr.a me and see me and we will be sure

$tder [make a trade. E. C. KELLY.
Private Boarding I B. L. Lilienthal.

Tables, safes and etc. made to order

(- W. A. Livingston's. Lemon St.fculies CORNER OF FIRST AND MADISON .

of the Baptist Church are STREETS, PALATKA, FLA.
> to build a new parsonage, west of Florida Southern'Railroad De IL

r to help raise the money to oc7.3m

give iy have"The decided Merchants'early In Jan Car i pot. A Magnificent Stock of Shoes- ... .

which has been given with .

[at success in other cities. Corner:Reid and Front Street, My Gents'Department was never More Complete in STYLE and ,

Sanborn, best toasted Rio PALATKA. FLORIDA
PRICES for collections it is for this Season.
?' ; cents per pound, at Grain as \

ThIs House has bees uses roughly refer.alebed I sell Hand-Sewed Shoe for $3 which I have i
F.arleton Isaettngpostmuter luring tbe and put In order,and I.now ready to receive can now you a \
Boarder reasonable rate Table
f both Messrs. Garrison and UlllierfaUlkaa at rap.
4 piled wtth-all the delicacies of the*eaon. 1
ne. made for my Special Trade.
et1lftt.H. {
noll4tm Proprietress.
.greater L. Hart portion,who bare of the been*un la' In the Men's and Boys' Department I am prepared to Fit all kinds ;

xTbe Colonel,la C. I. DEfccrwtoix
ItS stated conrerrpreeatatire that of Feet, from the Narrowest to the Widest. Call and look over my :
were delighted to returatoKiue. Falk&:Block Lemon Street .

friends. He will'also Tiait says Florida that this quite sea-a WHOLESALE AND RETAIL Stock, and remember I have BUT ONE PRICE (and not ten prices.A x w

;whom will make Palatka tbelr FRUITS [GES Etc.,;;

t dnr as hough the trip north Solicit a share, of yon patronage,jo kindly Holiday Present- -of the Views. of the World's Columbian Ex-
jwcaHy._ CITeD him. All Fruits etc.in seaton. Apples* --
.4>range*, Bananas, Pear.Lemon, JJmes,Ftga, position be
will to each Customer
lull! try a CUt of that ex Raisins,Rats,eta 'Bread Cakes and Pie. given at '
A line nf Beautiful Candle, Fruits, etc for
CbrUtme ,e" #
d from England by Price.Cigar and Tobacco of nigh grade and Low *- TKT 'I'V TTER: : r..I] a79C5
.. JCJL T (9
t Co., Orlando. The Apple Cider Bade daily oa ttw premise,warranted -- -t *
rn. Mr. Neck is sole to be Pure Apple Juice'only. Also FineCalifornia
Grape Juice. aol-tf t
ft.soldiers. dee.3m One Price Family Boot and Shoe Dealer.

r. who contratedPrrhoea Fresh Baltimore and .

while In the tervice, Florida OYSTERS received -

been permanently cured of r
erlain's Colic, Cholera and .. '
Remedy. For sale by Ack- .
wart, Druggists. oc28-tf

.National :E. "VF. G- .eeI'J. ....
.' '
Wagons Carriages MERRY CHRISTMAS


ttock $50OOO
-An Kind*of Blacksudthing Done on Shor
:Notice. Lemon Street Palatka
w Shop near Third


Big Bari. in'a, respondence with a view to busi- H. L._ MILLER,

kinds, at GraingeT ,:ss,solicited. -. ..... .
----- .
Sell and HeuLfrow's biz enu will M. GRIFFIN, SR.,President. CONTRACTOR BUILDER. .

eoon be with us. The a-mai: bl" is saving PARKER A. SMITH, V. P/ '

his .nnie and will K GEO. L.-PACE, Caf hier.
p >c impatient
for ctrvus day: to come arouui.: V CARfKMER WORK, from aimrie shelf .
to a bouKe. Price guaranteed a. re ;;onable u
in this State.
SOMETHING EXCELLENT 1 I Pure Only a PostalAddreaed any takes*a pecialty also of Y&ttreu'WQl'k,Up. .

CEYLON TEA, imported from London, boUtejy and,Carpet Residence Laying,,Orange Ac.Otnoe Street,between ..

England, by Rogers, Martvn & Co.. to Fourth and Peck,Palatka t &. drt-tf

Orlando. Comes in one quarter, one- J. H. CARPENTER Have the Largest, ,,

half and one pound packets. E. S. Oxien Most Complete '
NECK: the Grocer, sells this superior Will fetch a load ot WOOD ror M cent, or. ,

article. '_ ready for the Store",TI cent. ceic-tf A Food for the Nerves.Put and Cheapest Line of

o.."Tear." up ia-Tabules,and U pleasant to take. Ia
Mr.J.6.Crosby,a young and popular Saa Ma- HendMson & DanforthOn packets. of 36c.and t Nth. Seat by mail if desired. '
tear while In Tax TIBM office Monday.*the nolUSm PALATKA,FLA :\
nee D of a somewhat serious yet amutdng accident >fock with a Newand: Complete Line of : GoodsDolls.
ef our Job WhIle department la enarenatioa be noticed with a the If'Dtlem&II'JI&UIDC foreman GUNS AMMUtlm6tl; FlaMltfG W. C. SNOW. >:. Fancy .

ontsiae with whom he was aaxioa to Un..der-taker / .
peak,and making: a quick rush for the door, TACKLE<< ,9PMTIW &MS, ETC ,.
Office and Residence,281-2 Front Street, opposite
ass coat became Sittacned"to the comer' of tbe owns,Rerolrvr,Lock,Trunk and Umbrella Putnam House,Pabuka, Fla. nol-tf
counter which resulted ia a general "split-up" Repaired. Saw filed Sbtvrt 'hardened. Stencil
-the srmentipUttingeompktetynp one aide. *cut,and all kinds of Job Work Neatly" and WHAT'S THE USE Toys
Mr.Crosby to a deter young fellow,however, Promptly: does,odmrtte Putnam noose. OFT
and only consid red this u aa ordinary mlsfori)43 12'Gt. TO LET. aoii-tf itowmo AWAY
>(*blcb.fee My,be baa bad bi*share
Those Old Shoes
Good Rice at Grainger's: five cents a C. W.MARVIN. D.D.S. ? .

pound--sixteen ounces to the pound. \\rHEX TOE CAW HATE THEM MADE: Books CcIuloi! Novelti .
1> a*good U new at BEN RODDA'S,Agent, ames ieSl
--- -- -------
x Lemon Street near Front,Palatka. ,


The Big Coffee Pot JACKSONVILLE : to Churches

rwA Full and Complete Line of ; ........,
TU\-LS. LlGUT HARDWARE and QRADCATX DENTAL DEPARTMENT Stearn Dysill & GfOH'It t1R Wlrks -'t'. and Sunday-Schools.

TINWARE whkh must be sold.viii iP
pay to inspect this stock as I keep Xewnaa: Su,bet."Bay and Fonytb.. '. ".. .... .
nothing but the best of JI
eTeiythinc. A.-AUTMIVJC _
and RUBBER. '
Plumbing, Tinning und Gas Fitting hwcialty of CROwS, BRIDOC: and GOLD I onT PLACE, OF THE-KCCD- JX.,4-'FLORmA.Ladies' _. '_. __ :. ," .4' '' '
executed in the : A1 <' -p t
approved style and Gents Wear*' -
promptly and at low prices. -.::. ,I Uttracttoacg Aaectbetic*Teeth.administered for the palates*' OeaaedorDyed. ,' rery<-*taecription,. )\-. ,.j"*. .. 4, : --

Don't forget the place, Sign of the BACK BCILDDTC, Lx-ov 8rPALATKA, n. charge CVParUe one.way sending goods-by express, I.ray, ....: : -
Big Coffee Pot Lemon ) : -
Street, between Offlce Boon 1 to U a.ja.; S to S p.m. H. :BALLOXT Proprietor.ljttf .' .4'* -
Second and apJ2..tf !It ... ., .

',' 4 .4'W
: .. -

Third."f ... '. .. '
_. .11>
: .

'. J r # ": > V-/:
L .
; : ," ;
!. ,.. ....... .
J ::
.. .. :' .",:
-<.' ; .': .:y';. : : ;
"'1i. ,; ; .
JIr ab ; i 7
K '. i : :'+ Y! J 5{ .

Palatka weekly times
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.. lIer xz. rt t r BCliTZ. I ... P!L TTI d, FLORIDA, FRIDAY'!ECEMBER 16, 1892. VOLUME 3-NUXBEK 4.f .\.

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-7 W.ANTED-Situation by a com, t:" .
1ftn man to take charge of an .# ... .. < ., > .
Orange. Grove or Nursery flfteel 41"" .,. -. -;:,:.' ..... ,; .' .-- -F-
yean expc-neuce. 19ac4-near Inter ";;\:.. = .. ... .. i. .
when prrf..rred. Address D. J. B., ... 10 ..'.... -.
Tina i Ufficr. dec95'twA ., .t- '1;"" ,

...... TEA White Girl for gen- NEW FALL GOODS
ena house work. Address, stating # II t.1'; ;,* -
ages. MI.B.: S. E. PECK. Pomona,Fla -I
.. '" ". "
,>D city pn>jK-ny, at eight' per cent .$0'
I fame, one tit two years. Apply to .
(ILLIS A GILLIS. nol8-2 '
-.ri. McLarty Brothers.
f _W'c\'TtD-PulliI. for the GUitar .; -
bf s competent teacher. For partican ..".. ".."- ,.. ....
... .. < Inquire of MtLAUKT &. ROWTOX 'tt"!" ,
.. Our Stock is now almost Complete,and we are showing more Novelties and
..... no25lm ,,'
"f Bargains than ever"before. We will only have room, \o. mentions. few Special-
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(T MCLAUUY .t ROWTON'S. .. uo25-lf
4WOJ.H- -
I Go to Duane Bros tor everything Speck's .
you want in the way of Fresh

. Meats and Fish, Poultry etc. mh21-U ., ., Cloaks of
"- .. ;
fe.lerale Money end Postage Stamps. -

Address, C HAS. D. B.ARKERAUaDla, ,, Fashion
Ga. 'nolS4I7'CoN .

'Tr.A\'TOR of Plastering, Cementing : FJoI4fY'x
K\i ominmf and Repairing FOR YONE.y .
Postering Work dune to order and
guaranteed satisfaction. All orders
promptly attended to.ocplG .

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Meats. rnh21-tfL

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ChrisQllasPresolltPermit uy. ilelMfCEYLON J-s E A.RRXV: : p.

aehcious -
l'tIU: TEA.-A

I flavor! Something new in Floi Ida. Imported '"' .
me to remark>' specially from l..nnd ron, England Everybody Come and See' them.

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stock is worth -
my Orlando. E. S. NECK, t:: .
iic2S- Agent in Palalka.
Wing.'A purchase ..

Owing to. the fact that our friends
... e: .
elry is very prop- having failed to* send tbeir copy in :',. ..w.r

with time, .our :Trade Edition will not be .. m
.made\ more published until next week. 3

tude and care Tax Assessor W. !{. Williams, of
Fruitland was in town Monday.Go ,- ., DE.ESS ., .
is exercised in
j to S. E. BOND for Fancy >; 'FINE IMPORTED CAM /RI .

groceries. ThE and Family Groceries. Cheap! -i: ... Bedford Corm d Cloths, Uenriett
A Caret.f Tha.k .. PECIAL BARGAIN 54-mchD '
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ti if unsatis- trait
and at the Graham bakery fire,I talre to a- + ,
v, better goods It not been for their effort my entire premise .J s* -.: McLa .
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omitting names,we win not attempt to publish

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ceremonies ..
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FEE aftenoon.
Graliam'a died rery addeary Sunday ,
tbe Uttte PmtBam Sample Roenv Charlie a and 7:30p. m. *Subject for morning: ,, ,ra The dilldwaa a beautiful blonde,fMrrears: old. Joe Maguey hare taught MM maay trick*.
"If the Heart ft Richt,with mv Heart The bird is fed OB quail-eating;three every day---
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r ;; "It. : *

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iV", ",... .." ,_ ...Jf. '.' "\.--''< .. ;1 1t

,.., r- .

-o;;. .. ;- ; [

-i .
--- -
-- -- --
# -- --
... -
-- -.-- -
those worn, listless. men 11V starved I Iaud' t vucal Close to. 1 waui *rniawayr !
tin if tames SlOWlY tram \0" 100r. lavahe :" I co.xsoiprios ccnxo I
broken fa*body asJ tlbei were,remembered 1 ;::, Ii
soldiers stilt carefully broke the, small loaf, taking, "Cut the_others? ,1 promised" Arl'pM nh..P1tbn, reared from prae-
they :
with" spy, i from,it a thin tempered file-taw, a Bat They4must risk it.; Comet Two lives UctKavlnj'ba.t ,htc il in hu bands !
one knpslscDponpe :
Turning ( by
of, phioTjof; oil;,and,s strong, thin twine? '.one,,halter-depend on seconds'nowt East
ojie hearlblssing groan a't India nii
they gave cjosely wrapped around a scrap of Corner *L. jQL j jI sloQ4t-yjhefannola \ I
....ctemtemrW--Kat objecta' I written cant These he quickly concealed half "i-ir,' vegetable remedy far the ,
Yielding reluctant
cold and unmoved to the and !
standing speedy } .
wrath permanent cUr'of Consumption
In his shirt; and when the' new will
and his
iii -hanged peither pose..nor feature and : relief looked in at the door Eve mfnu.e stronger to his the own sense of right ,.Bronchitis,Catarrh, Astbnun ,It
rescuer followed hisguide
his voice rang out firm and clew as he il ; boy l ell 'Ibruai and Luug Afftetioas
', later all foai; mm were tnunchiag-tbq:; with noiseless feet but ,
eyespined also
answered: : a positive anti rwRcarcrtr* f.foferv.ms ;
flaky whlte-bread, with innocent. a -
*' to a new sentry, silhouetted sharp
met'bcidreboy' Debility and
We have an Nervous fcomntarats
but hearts beating hlzh_with. hope. -
} Ht aootherangle againfcttbe IarniarmI attr )
"I JBoVprisonr-disctplme-waa-alert, rejoicing. having tested' tt w..ndeT-
t Then, as the regular tramp again light. As be turned on his beat, the I 1..1 curative iu
I looarra
i thousands ofcseS
sounded without, Evan eagerly read the
guide whispered:
"Order in ranks, there Sergeant of in I his Irk i'hl8 duty Iou snake it

tbe guard." roared the major, drawing cord low.whisper |I "Now! Quick across that moonlight! known n his suffering fellowsAc" -

his sword "seize that rebellious traitor! "Just after the midnight relief drop To that ,ditch! i,iaie>i by this motive and a rkir t to
the twine from the window. Saw tbe
j Both men sped across the broad moonlit relieve human suffenuz '
Yank him to guard-house! Be shall I will seal
bar first Pull up the rope very cau free of han
bath for this?" space unobserved, and gained the ;r, to all wbn 'lesitr ii, '"'
(aPrpi&Nr ago., Dr.i.rt{ *ridvfglr p W PYdlrlrFS Ar SPFr.se eRtix6rr have a tiously. Stockade sentry walks to edgeof J this recipe in German Fre ch ,
I -- friendly shadow<< of the ditch And at w-Eng \
I ,'\sir t1rrl,_,:a r lt ". sides: ,:shrunken The antry plow! hid qcl<*k faded fnwnranntlcroy's gusrd house just by window M'alcl the instant a shot rung out, and khnul- luh, with directions! tor ,,repas rin'
face, the wrathful
CHAPTER zm.F weptli. r as to give fax morevtntlptiny F light in ktinck, I will be below I will brae rely the call sad USIII.T: NSIU i II\' mail by adirees- .
his charged ti a stare of wondering .
CJUtT MOBTOa j'ackedtniwtktbc9mpanions was sofa eye yore into the guard buuxe. It is* the only "Turn out th' ga-ad! Pris'ner u {* with Ktnruu, uannag ibis paper
f jjj misery tox3peratur$ vannag f'rtft1 doubt long before rough ban.l'\of guano hope." ''scaped W. A. NoYid, 820 l' wlr.' .DItock ffraebesfrr

.on' tM train that Dalti seized and hurried him away ADd jY..1'. '
prison frosty vtiersf rough slielrcs, t. Never had hours crawled with feet KG Throwing themselves: fiat on their 4

more Sunday, Evan Fanntleroy had between formed the bunLs. in which even then c&relcsa of indignity anti leaden as there bvtwrcn noon anJnightfall faces, with one impulse both men ,
Wrapped himseLf In boa new-found ulster physical maltreatment equally as ra" THE: DIXIE FLYER-
wretched men crunched clght-and for'tht...
by libertyhunjfrjovaturcs turned their ryes to the guard, boose
and closed his eyes. But wide-awake nxbet: of ,the day'as well-far warmth prospective torture of "the bath interned watching the creeping sunlight window, as the sentry's lantern swung :IS be appropriate name of'ihe newtrain
his brain and frequently to look over his shoulder at the
thoughts peopled ; wedged In Mepoon fa&hion" and shivering along the prison wall hat at last out over the parapet with dull gleam.' put on the "Suwaaee Hirer
his hand to the indicated calm unchanged face of the man who
crept under such blankets as each 'mea"eou14 cans tattoo; then-after a seeming ag Six feet below the sill a form clungto itoule," Georgia Southern and FklidaUailroiJ
rt words! burned
;pocket, feeling for the suspicious paper scrap;J rcth i had spoken those For. -tap*. the desperately, seeming in the to connect the North andxjulh.
barely detected under 'the Jieavy cloth Jnto his brain on the prhton-car, they had rope
cojd\drcBf/1endJessjsemlBg days still the Equipped with Pullman Palace '
The prison pen was as death dim light to writhe and kick spasmodi
'But trdotf the little stood before him ever since as a sign
throughrarp"and wore away. The sights.and sounds about only sound the dull beat of feet bcfort cally. And, as they looked it relaxed ague, tbis tram leaves Jacksonville at

:paper actually burned the anxious boy. Evan, aided by the long drawled tales of as his sole hope of deliverance from this the guard-honv door the more hollow its hold, falling to the ground with dull. 6:30 p. m and PulAlka at o p. m., and
Was It hint to ? he thought.If living death
a escape hopeless men crouched over embers arrives Atlanta 7:45 next
scanty tramp of the stockade sentry almost ominous_ thud. a$ morning,
so, perhaps he was losing the precious' began to wear upon.' the boy's But Fitzhugh seemed to have dismissed overhead For what seemed many Then over the night came quick or Xa!|ivftle! 7:30 p. m., connecting at

moment. No; it must be news of Carolyn brave spirit. Already his eye had lost its the Incident wholly from his I i i hours the waiting men heard this sent ders. Caching lights, the dismal tons NV.tmLimite Ie with the QbiQlf" .futibuied

Clay-how she had managed to bright boldness, and a heavy weight mind speaking briefly to the generaland net tramp alnvo v to their t ind$w. hU roll of the drum and the thud of many : and 'S4 oulaeepts, n4-?
elude her careful raptors. Or perhaps pressed his heart that naming corps and histories of men cBanjr Jacksen-
the longest one *
upon feet dyln'* almo away as he turner running fleet."Quick lug DJt betjkPalatka
that paper was a trap, only to lure him watch lonely the most he recognized. Only when the inspection ,lit aad1rbirluo'St.. LollS
upon pteket, and wallted back up Wit post. it! follow the ditch! Your life v or i
to detection and rougher treatment. still ended, and tbe nervous major was I '> and all the North-
wearing lying under fire, had never *At .last >' the relief, the sergeantof principal'putnts/iii
carn b the
Xo, Indeed! The eyes of the girl had hinted to it. bowing the party to the gate, the spy find foul on your speed! guide whispered: west. A L' ,:
the looking tn.only to smooth
guard rushed the
told him be could trust the writer'And: he looked about said quietly: and they along the "J'ixie
.,. V0 en upon the things stretched in them At Fljer' connects -
worn, sleeping men
washed bottom of the
deep gully top
what they were! He could see "With leave, general I would Veslibulwl JI
eyes Mm-fambhed. bToodleso,bopele rem- your bunks And their snoring punctuated with.jthe limited for

them now through his closed lids; and nants of what had once been 'men like ask the major to let me speak" to the his caution to the new sentry to keep spe A t hundred yards and a tall fence Washington, PhftedeiuHTa and heir

he rambled Iq thought after that romance himself-then upon that high stockade prisoner who denounced me. his about him and look out for clambered York. Oa or about i>tc n>r>er let, thisthissplendidac.vite
eyes skirted the ditch Over this they
i as the sun sank lower in that with eager-eyed sentinels pacing short MAs you please. sir," the veteran answered rounds will M ex ended

west towards which the train was intervaled'posts around it, Evan'16plrit.fell coldly, but with a'giancaof sueprise. grand running Over root and hillock through: to Tampa.! To make a long (
lAs the order and the o' aided
came tramp kindly moon over
by ;
whirling him BO fast. With the fading and he grew sick with helplessness. "Understand, you were assignedto story short, the Guoria Southern and
the relief died away, Evan rose can the opposite fence racing straight for
light anxiety came h tf he felt lie felt that the motto of the Italian me only to identify prisoners: and Florida, with lis through We'pint: car
tiously, but nimbly and motioned to hb the city, its lights not half a mile '
once more for thj V'yr but might well be reared above that strong the telegram received this morning said I I service, .nllt'CI -
I' i nearest neighbor. As though drilled a ahead. Soon reached the suburbs
cautiously, In the 1 needed at once in wa. they ion alt Florida ihenostcrtnifoHtable
5lip'; and guarded gate:"LtunaUofftittperama, yon were I IS fY1ttg pot b4. in
zouave the man clambered on the upper I the guide dropping into a brisk walk.
packet and breaM} here tot cA' (,titrate" .; ton. : sortand r -|llitl l n-:m -

Then on the third morning, all was "It is for that very reason," lng-1, bunk, bracing himself against tht finally pausing before a lonely housein poriatioti to flit phlnts North; and h,

stir and bustle betimes. Men were replied, in low tone. '"This boy is r wall' the boy climbing to his shoulders the thinly-settled quarter. Entering who I"Us-lo a!'k for 1\ ticket by the
without sound the file in hit he lifted dim screened behind
I a a lamp,
of Stuart's "'* Biver B
vorite will
ordered into ranks at reveille sick orwell scout ? uwanee ?ute" lose botfr
teeth. Oiling that and the bar freely the door, and motioned Evan to a large,
and of his
many scare able to stand* from to time place capture mayprove time and opportunity
until stockade
waited the
boy sentry parlor.
1 illness and starvation, some of them useful to my general, TU800D.
I I turned; then he began to saw. Th '"Safe thank God! Bow can I ever-"
but half clad and wholly shoeless, all "I Tcnow nothing of your methods Ladies are Unfortunate
tempered steel cooled to soundlessness he began, warmly; but the other Interrupted
|well-nigh frozen, as they shivered forlprs sir," the general answered, in the same by constant drops of oil, cut fast into : because the higher they rise in society
in that in half low voice, with inflection of con.
piercing air a strong thefcof. iron; but the bar was thick "Don't talk. The Eastern expresllea1'es the weaker they find themselves txxhiv
At of snow. 9 I| tempt; "nor do I desire to know. But
and each time the sentry turned, the in twenty minutes. Put on those ttitley'.Pntlotoken controls the nerves
rim, unshaven, with matted hair I scarcely think jAai boy would give. you "
worker listen bo for
to a long clothes
filthy shreds of clothing facts." x ". skis naturu in her various functumsami ,
a grew- many while. Then the man below-faint, exEansted Without another word. Evan rapidly
of The smiled slightly as he answered tbu.eomh18 with ills of
hideous$ parade misery they spy !' with great beads upon hit dressed himself in the wtdexheclced. i 'he many
for:the he aloud: : womankind l"f
, rare exception was Iucl'p.-trl'ully Tour
brow, spite of the cold-whispered foi foppish citizen's suit, drew on a long I
tad decent and did "Perhaps the major will give me has it he will ord
one garment ; permission druggist not gut :it
rest. A second took his place. Agau ulster of loudest .stripe and staffed. his
'hare that with nauseous vermin, to say that his punishment is theboy mounted his human ladder, I for you for Jl a bottle, from thus rItisleA ,

of uncleanliness and want of postponed for this day?" working on, cautious, but tireless, with ', wholesale druggist: ti! orUand

ge.t !I "Certainly general, with pleasure." : sweat pouring from him with blistered a i' I St., New York. Send for adesc7.'ti .

now the prison-inspecting officer the major answered quickly. "Any request un _I$ 'pamphlet, with directions and cetiflcsates .
hands, but heart high upheld by hope
"me; for the better manhood and, from you or your staff I consider i Suddenly from many ladies who have
One side was sawed through. eijwIli
ndence of the press learning the: it my duty to grant." the tramp of men approachingthe i used it and can't say enough in favor

facts of eerie of the worst pris- i i The general was at the gate, the second relief. : of llislev's Philotokea.

Fad not failed to turn the stronght I guard at "present' ," when Fitzhngb : l
Again the feet before the door were
upon their abuses. And so, I asked, quietly: I Ili I I '
still the and the h ,
and circumstantial had grown I "Shall I report to you again, air or ; again sergeant new I AN ORDINANCETO
heads foul
in their seeing
sentry put
tition of press demand for ret take the noon express east? '
sleeping heavily and with stertor I I L J
at Mr.- Lincoln. ......himself took "Take the very first train sir. The men Then again with II I YIII
.of.VSLens .... I telegram said you were needed In Wash- oua breathing. precision
drilled to it. the human '
as though
.wI was ever the case when ington at once the general replied,
ladder and Evan went at the bat
t etrocgairttd.humanity In the t quickly adding to the aid as be passed posed
afresh.At OF TAXES FOR TilE
u. dent was roused %f ,trcong, the I the gate: "I'm devilish glad they sent i
department ordered inspegiienj for that fellow! I don't Uk his stripe I las.tl The: iron yielded shook; and i f YEAR 1892.

investigation and, report. And "Damn me air,T iutnk tkal'youu r L* -i-P-rsHT cautiously exerting all hit "
strength twisted it round hanging bya
a. Baldwin--en route to this specialty was right ,
w 'when.the prisoners had halted in But Fitzhugh, within the gate said thin shred. Then carefully as one .
whose life hangs' a sound he put
streets, he previous Sunday gravely: upon
his bead.
now ..tezied1h ,Camp Morton stock. "Major, please send an officer with '
e, followed by small staff me while I question the prisoner." The gibbous moon hung low ta midwestern Or TIlE ClTT OFJ PALATEA,

}be obsequious major in command "Certainly not, sir. Orderly Instructthe heaven gleaming clear and STATE' or FJ.onmA.SU'TION .

'-teoua in new uniform moved by .gasrdlCLpass this ofScer..anywherev white on.the snowy plain all about the / 1. That for the purpose oJ

deferencemore Very glad, alit indeed to oblige camp; but nearer hi-on this side-the '
fdewith an-exaggerated very #_ -_ / securing an equal end uniform rate ofl
w. &' -boWa1f east dense shadows blacket
notable from his usual Oen. naldwIn"Bt.af1'. t .: ; : taxation and to the appropriation

Lortanc. Bad, very rRtave and The priaon<<.'?faard house was a by contrast for many yards. .Then, as / for the ,current pay expenses of the city j

'Ve the te ersRa'ei' as he strong pen of rough boards musty the wall sentry walked back Fauntleroy i and for paying the expenses of tba
"so J'JUL'D or sass. rue IPT asJORtxD.
6heni\o* d e.fiim. 1n'nl' cheerless and lit by one, wide window unrolled the twine passing it Fire and .Water Department, and tb4

entries in the book he bore.t iron-barred and set high In the rear through his mouth to dampen out the interest Od bond.,there ehall be levee

of the grave, firm face the wall Low, filthy bunks lined the wall twisU, With steady hand. but wildly- oWn in the empty valise at hand. Then, upon the lleal and. Personal PropertTj

.gleamed pUjjagly and surprised below it; and on one of them Fauntle- throbbingiseart, he dropped it slowly Fitzhugh locking the door and throwtng in said city,. tax of SIXTEEN Mil"

.. ,long and hideous line; and roy sat, brooding listlessly over his oWn' down b.-depth to*ground he-could away the key, they walked rapidlyto upon the dollar, distributed as follow

,n once they lingered long destruction of his only possible chance not even guess ignorant of the slope the suburban station near.

r nf ally non some o'!ject more for escape. Still uncertain he sprangto beyond and,if the wall were ditched; A line of soldi nrs was ijrawn '*'& ,;I r ire and IN Water ff .u r

ng than ife neighbor, In ,the sufr his feet as Fitzhngh entered staringat but, after anxious space, he felt alight across thC'7_..orU&T*
stamped upon Sent'frame and him with mien half questioning half touch, as a perch were feeling the Virginian's quick eye took in the situ Interest on Bonds' Fund-One-half

face. Once the veteran turned defiant.. ,line .Anothet fpaase and two distinct ation. mill.

ly to the aid," cutting In midI1nheu.w The visitor glanced quickly round" the pulls signalled him to haul up. The "Use this; you are a ,Pinkerton's Passed by Council this 27th day of

: comment of the pen. Its three other inmates were all sentry turned again; and he swiftly man," he whispered; and as Evan thrust October, A D. 1892.Wxi .

immandant. with the him and the drew up the line-taut and heavy now the into his .
quick, strangers to ; boy caughthis proffered paper vest-pocket, HADCT FTK IE\VITT
the window then -hand over hand to avoid the noise of he felt coin and
e speech: glance resting on crisp notes thoughtfully President of Count iu

pd captain, we have both been dropping to the bunk beneath. Then friction Qft the silL stuffed into it. And with no break the Approved October 28th, 1892.ilATrnx .

t in the front; I have Juard of they were full of meaning when they At length the end of a heavy rope was pair advanced until the sharp command GRIFITX, Ju, Mayor.

b horrors of war,' but never have L 'turned full upon Evan. and..he said In{ eager hands seized it, nimbly securing came: "Ilaltr Attest: JosErrt PmCE,
last w\>? them until DOW!** coldly: .r it tom ring, used for refractory "What is the matter, lieutenant?" (SEAL.] City Clerk

Among tiI3 MorV_> Behind: the general strode a tAi, soldierly "I do not come to taunt you; only to captives Then the four men listenedfor Fitzhugh asked surprised. "Baa government October tb,1S9,2.

pens worstT Caipp nd hi, man wrapped in along cloak, say that have had*you excused from the stockade sentry, scarce breath- impressed this train?"

very J I but wearing neither plume nor rank your bath-to-day. 11 is best for you to ing as he approached the window. This "No, sin but we stop all- Ah captain

exaggerated U.4raPY. al M gUie marks on his hat. As the inspection remain here; but by tHnorrow"1Ou, may time he paused,:' peering mechanically I believe I saw you at the camp t

hideous reality halfTiTJ across the halted In front of Evan's squad, this escape: punishment altogether. We ,into the shadow, while Evan's heartbeat today? You are on Gen. a14win'astatrr BEAN
border aa to 1U privatlons,4nd horrors. loud tattoo. But the soldier turned
,man moved nearer. and saluting, said have met before boy!
Be was going to Camp" IortonJ Memory loud and clearly? "I understand." the scout replied carelessly, paced slowly away, and the "Yes, and on hasty orders east" APOLLO WAS A PERFECT MAN.

recalled those wretched wrecks pf "The McIIenry prisoners we saw in dropping hI. eyes. "lIad.JOU said that boy forcing himself lightly throughthe "And your friend there Ie ftmCT_! II..raiMt-MATCNKSS.M,!Mfc,mmlwMt.II B,WM,ttaa4 ..

what had once been men, exchangedafter j Baltimore Sunday, air" first, I had never spoken'so.! bars grasped the rppe securely. "So friend of mine," the spy rejoined L.rr.q.r Mna_...._

months of lingering torment Then, fixing hia gaze full upon Evan's, "It was best," the other answered Down he went, hand over hand, his in contemptuous whisper. "Better examine VlSOXOvVia all ntyMta.

there. And theclacktelackofthewheels he forced his attention, and opening slowly. '"This guard house Is just- feet carefully steering him from the his papers carefully. Be hone YOUNG MEN OR OLD,

beneath him seemed to form into wordsof where At to be!" Be raised his wall.Halfway. of those detective f l1ow.."
I his cloak as though to readjust it,* displayed you **, rtfrrHf fnv 1T.w-
those tales told. To Camp Morton! voice for the to hear. "You will down: he heard the sentry By his lantern the officer read 4' .au.nT. LM N '&WII, M..-
his full figure. A hot flash rose sentry young *.. r.TUal IXCMMA II.....
to misery, cold starvation living Lathe young scout's face, and the prison be here all night, even If you miss your t Evan's extended pass half aloud: a.rrtalraL were. t..{.. Dn.tq r. : e

death-for how long? And again his languor, already beginning to creep into bath to-mol'TOW'- 'Please permit bearer to board and .. rttricT wallt5.sab.r..t.r.e aiAiTs ...

eye fell upon the paper, the penciling his eyes, was burned out of them by the "I understand perfectly the boyagain leave all trains, at any point, for public u.Y'tae.. ?".", JITAUTT. a.4 fr ,r.s rf ITua.a n"

blank in the dixrmed tight, but just glow of angry contempt that met the rep1 d. "I suppose 1 am as well service. ALLAH Palest- OJ' Cm! that's w. claim br Far of practir* byMOVOf
above the edge the words of John 8.S3 SIP aeltt'$y. tn.t5..5s a ...lfonI1i
other's stare. With one quick step in off here as elsewhere. all right. Let me see your railroad i OLT OI.V<:CJu'; bktraa-

standing clear. "The truth shall make front of,his line he folded.his arms and "Far better for such an active youth, pass." lay ell tsr.w...w..tm...sat

yon free* cried: whose tongue has more liberty than his For single second Evan felt his heart I .3. ,,- =: .. humoalals Terrtted...

The natural elasticity of youth, '"So 'tIS you come to taunt us, Peyton body, just now. Keep, that tongue up in his throat and a chill creep down OUR NEW BOOK ;: : f

aided mu h in hiscae by temperament, FItzhughl Here, boys lie turned to quiet, or yon may' remain here longer his spine. The next his presence of ........,...-... J'.. II.I"a'&e.'BOlllnUY' ,
changed the color of the boy's thoughts."One the line, pointing straight at the tall than-I think you wllL** mind came promptly to the front and ..""'- v'sees.. a..s.rvu'r s *****auyoa'".d.1.54er..nt.TbNw.ar,. II

pen is bad as another, perhaps spy. "lie men once more! Give one Be turned opening the door. As'the he drawled, insolently:: I ERIE MEDICALCO.BUFF- _LO.M.Y I.j

and it may not be for long. He groan for that Virginia deserter!** sentry faced for his exit, he added: "I am not a soldier. Don't ride on I

may have power to perform as well Electrified by his wirer and mien, Yon are such a boy here's something passes. We buy our tickets And, !I

as promise. Well, to make either effective catching the full force of his taunt, for you. It may taste better coming pocketing his permit, the rebel coolly A. A'I

here pocsr And bending overthe from ten.'Baldwin's'' bre.kfuttable." sauntered past the guard and loudly rws-sSJ/

book, he caught the light paper on Drawing from his pocket. a crisp demanded at the window a ticket for ":

hb tongue, crushing out of it, between browp (bun, he handed 'it to 1C van. who Washington. at BIT .....11'...114&MIr.'JI.' .& ':41.:::. ..;. n r.. 't

strong teeth all semblance' a!.*message. caught his meaning look that accompanied "Insolent young guy that!*Fitzhugh taent..tn flmontlia'M tr&tm&t.- te.t+e.nits in tHiJUL; H 41 ZZ, :tth II U Z:

the next words: consoled the wrathful sub. "What P li21L'HJg 8Y- NAIL eONflDEIITIAL.,1.
Next night saw him entered on the I(1'( llNiflJV .: : ........
,. ; : : -'w
unusual ? ..:
"Don't bolt It w&&; it might disagree causes this care = --
roll of prisoners at Camp )Morton a flat IL L l'r. ii'miTi I'lcTA'
We of TI1Ttl. tiiutt ILL
with you. Anyway;yon will be obligedto "A prisoner escaped. pot one

square of some twenty acre*, formerly: r divide with these other rebs, I sup them but the other fellow cut. We are ,:
cattle fair It then t0Sa300syearesa be made by
used as grounds. was 81200
f to search train. Say Pinkerton, active
pose. Good-day. agents; ettlttr
surrounded by a stockade twenty feet wJur4L i work sun Odualy. 'vAto'Jt
he called suddenly "I impress you into ; par; territory
Be the bolt shot and Evan
was gone; cweIP.WUITErie! ,
high pier jed by one great gate at with this train us"
service to search ocl w
with fuB I
Fauntleroy, whirling .
which andpiardhocsc. '
north, near lay headquarters f
Outside this stockade ran of hopes memory of the secret. letter : sl The red eye of a locomotive peered ...
fUshes around the curve as it puffed up to the Q JUTl'T' ORGA.
of his and 9at
curses own stupidity, OO 000
lower than its and
a plr'fbrtn top;
station and stopped. The soldiers, de- lB4RGAL s. k' -
of Bessie Westcbester's meaning
'i': tbi', pu ed unbroken line of sen- eyes.-
bunk's ployed along the platform, sprangaboard catatoftw. s4dreMDAXTJX
% sat once more on edge.
tJ.'i'i bed and shoulders
t: x v.so only -
he saying every car, Evan calling to thelieutenant'a T. BEA.TTT.
Burned above the fence. Within; a some thought, rose softly: s

br'P ormt, twenty feet wide and half "Comrades, Fd like your names and squad: Washington,y..r Jemy i 1
wmTniin .. I a.m Fauntelroy B troop QUICK! CLOSK TO THE WAUJ rues wxrr "Be'd never hide In the baggage
d: added uvurity against -
as > ;x "
;,emi usctiDf, \. talk reflector lamps -th Virginia cavalry." turn and hung still breathless, each greenies. Search the first-class. And t--.,. t :
The trio the information; when he entered a Pullman sleeper searcbg ; ef .. M'1III.5r1o
at : : ;-, :;:' linden, themselves second expecting a shot. But the I _
the boy cried with a loud laugh: % for himself. ........ =-.:. ; .
L. ; ,:: !lv: i. ,v' of snowcladi -,- friendly shadow shielded rope and man; ,-11' ; ;

I"H'! ; ,_. ,. "Well panda, let's divide Gen. Bald and next moment his..feet touched the [TO BE COXTHfUO.] .Y.a..ib w.ttr". .. tsrwadtwu.aww: fc.tree .

OJH '.. !v- '- : > low and dismal ,_ 0# 4. win's bun. hand his 1_fc- -waJnSw.535i
( : -g. ground a strong grasped -' wi
MelTE on GBO.Cf ros' THAT TZBSnrU., But his finger went to his Up as bellsteried ewer-.: .*..Mr.r.N.: *-"... '.'. _"
; r-eft Uk Iar"rates for prisoners, shoulder:, and whisper came throughthe Tomatoes 10 iij.war i irrh niMi fcil'i 1 la. 1
f Three-pound cents 'AflUTS TREATED M MAIL CONFlfiENTIAl.OTUM. .
rr .:.t Intently for the sentry's,tramp, j darkness,/ .. .........* B4 MM k M_*.fcr. nMlMH. a
I at Gninzer's. i. w.r. HTKt rmwri nuiw. C4tI i& Nd.s I 1

... .
... -l ...


'" .

w- l' N

.. *
.,.b '::" '..J l!rm.--' )""" ; f"." '."...: ,:, PI; .'d.'....<&: -o"t:.....; t ,

... .. ...
t r ,.t "' ; : '0 :- vr f>. :Jtl'. 'I --:;... \ .. .< ... -

iL' _
r- t -

( r _V ,
4 i

I' :' .$: ;L

... -
fl WAKECPl WAKE UP-tr ". The non-subscribing coonlie rio: KTTYfa PIANO' : AND ORGANS. .

;, '. n ids actually has a building at the Florida in this World's Fair matter tiKiiFlower"* lIon. Daniel F." Beatty, -the great : S. MRs'C.: ZEIGLER'S

I ,: iFa51's Fair-a real buildinjj of her should nut remain so Ion;.- Those st Organ building and-and Piano chipping manufacturer more Organs is : --.:.. "e.1:
i J
their i.y'.m .
;**|l*in' Ihe gnup of other State sttuc- which pledged money awl 1 funks than ever.' 'In' 1870 Mr. FIRST-CI.ASS

f !*.and decidedly conspicuous among get the earliest chute cf space. Those I fealty left borne a penniless plow-buy! ,. : ., :

which come in on the tail end ol the an I by his indomitable' be has: : RECULATE THE :
n j tqn. It is said to be the most unique Boarding House !
far :
qN procession will not Had as eligible spaceat worked his way up so as to sell BO STOMACH LIVER AND BOWELS ,:
j striking in appearance of any of nearly 100,000 of IJeatty's Organs and 1 .

Jlie State buildings so far erected on theircispo. Pianos since 1870. Nothing seems to : PIHHFY THE BLOOD. : AT FRANCIS, FLA. ""
------ Mrs. Sarah M. Black of Seneca dishearten him Qbbcles'ia1d !hi his : A KLIMLE HHDT FOB :
1 he ;
Exposition Mr. 1. Marion Harland's Ooi-ion.t
Guy Railroad elrcrapb.
grounds. : Depot. Port Offle and
Ittat.adl.tti BDs.-. ....c-&r- j
(etcalf, of Juno:editor of the Tropical Reader of THE TIKES are fam'Ui.1rI Mo., during the past two years has way, that would hare wrecked any : fet1... 7aPe.-&a.c...... Lt...T_.... i .'Ofcein I igLt. Healthy location. Open all the
been affected with Neuralgia of the ordinary man forever, be turns to an I .......... B" C..v1eaM., D7WrF, rear round. TERMS: RkASON VBLK.Faws' .
lID, who has just returned from Chi'ctgo n-auniy\ with the sj>ri
ails that our building at first Marion HarUiid, l writes: "My food did not seem to Et.ee TtiNifee eoatate n.Lbf aim M.BC a !icsJBOAltDL"G
I and : fcjwrtew to
common matters of as is well known are popular :
night lu-ptres a feeling of patriotic sense ul'oo( everyday all and very I the mad delMM mMUtvtVm. finuut to lak.
life' and action. Her name,Indeed. strengthen me at my appe- are to be found in all parts of the i : U 51S.: cffsenuL Or immedisM nitaf. :
pride Flondian who vUHs the Bold ky dnnlm. A trial bottle sees by Bad :
tu every is a household word, and is tqualj well! tite' was very variable. My face world. We re informed that daring : a receipt e*u cease. AdtlrMs :

grounds, And in a communication te- known in .-atlor and khchru. filer cde- was yellow, my head dull, and I had the next len years be intends to sell I : THE RIPANS CHEMICAL CO. : HOUSE !

ant Iy publuhed in the Timea-Unaun ;jiated cook book, "Cull1mun'h.e in such pains in my left side. In ,the 200,000 more of his mike, that mean : W SPBTCC: STREXT. XXW YOU OTT.R. .

be pays a high and merited compliment the IIou,, huKl," is without a peer and morning when I got up I would I a business of 320,000,000 if we average :1.eN NN1111N1 e11/N1.e1e11111e

to Commissioner Jackeon for his .hows that. she has nude a careful i have allow of mucus in the mouth, ., them at $100 each. It is already the UPPER LEMON ST.

ttudy of bow to prepare good, wholesome and a bad, bitter taste. Sometimesmy largest business of the kind In exist W. & W. M. DAVIS
zeal and almost incessant labors in foods in the- bm'manner by :the ence. Send to Daniel F. !tfeattv Washington .
breath becameBshort and W.
I had F. Brooks
behalf of this-State. The Time.-Union test materiel*.' In this i issue i i.- produced such New Jersey for Cata.ojue. ATORNEY3 A T'EAW. Prop'r.C. .
queer, tumbling, palpitating
I a fao-Binnle itter from Marion
commends Mr. Metcolfs article to
Hart. nd t hat speaks from her experience sensations around the heart. I ached Ripans Tabules have come to stay. Hickman-Kenneriy Block, Lemon Street I. RO TON
every puWic-*piritt4 man and woman ia the highest;: term! of the unequal all day under the shoulder blades, ,

in the State in fact, to every boy and qualities of the Royal Itakin* Powder. in the left side, and down the back P latka. Fla rf-iJ

girl, as well, who is old enough to uu- housewives everywhere should read of my limbs. It seemed to be worse t WHOLESALE: AND RETAIL DEALEK ix .

dentand. It U au appeal to the peopleof I'' the opinion. of such: an expect and act in the wet, cold weather of Winter E. HASKELL

Florida to take advantage of their. acco int1y. All good (cooks who and Spring; and whenever spells Eli Fruits
: have used the itoval, are of the same Vegetables &c
present opportunity and not let the I opinion also.: came on, my feet and hands would :r.a .A.. VV-YEB.: ,
turn cold and I could
all that get no sleepat
State die of the dry-rot when -
is needed to make u progress is a little "Pa" asked a small bolt thought all. I tried everywhere, and got Oinc -Second Itree&. opposite Court Hon LEMON STREET, PALATKA, FLA.

** '' no relief before using August Flower PALATKA. FLORIDA.B .
fully .-bat trent ? "Xertr
: money
the of its .
on part people.It
Then the It has done
change came.
.should be borne in mind that heard of it, my son,"answered. his pa. .
wonderful deal
me a good during f TRADE AND COUNTRY DEALERS
Florida build. "Well, pa, I read in the paper the Kills I 1 r.t"rrY"'s THE at LOWEST PR1CIS.
pace for exhibits in the the time I have taken it and is work all pain i I

ing is to be allotted by counties to other day, AI1 regret money squandered ing a complete cure." 2 Unexcelled as CELEBRATEDPianos CONSIGNMENTS OF ORANGES SOLICITED -

theWorld' ,and I thought von might fret mea G.G. GREEN Sole '( Woodbul :
those only which contribute to ). J. : A Liniment l and Stencils furnitbed fer
Fair fund. So far less than little to cqitandcr." His pa is still + and
First-Class Reliable
New York Houses.
2 IndispensableIn 2 Organs.
about it.
one-sixth! ofhe forty-five counties LUDDEN & BATES'Bout.lleI'll +
home! 2
have made appropriations for this purpose in Florida should your For Catalogue, address,

} and It_seems almost beyond be- propriate county something for the World's ap- Music House f SALVATION Buy the genuine OIL. .2: DANIEL F. BEATTY WaStingt9n N. J Halidon Vineyards

lief Ihat,.sueh coup tee as Alachua,] Fair fund. --.. .

Marion Orange, Leon, Escarabia i Sold for 2J cts. | Who PRo HE BE>T IIOME-M SpE
Gadbden, Polk, Volusu and Putnam, I 11 I ), wla in folly and
Will be paid for any Case of Rheumatism 8. K. CHILDS, OCR TRAYEUXO : ** ME ignorance hare trifled away their iJNE'
abouiding In resources and peopled by MR. vigor BODY, MIM and MAN-
AUKNT.has established Headquarter at s******** *************.
I HOOD, canning terrible drain N'
and of intelligence enterprise :- which cannot be cured by Dr. JlcLAUKY: Jt KOWTOX'S. Ke will rive his ; teed la he rllar, nc-
men women personal attention t Toaing Piano and:Organ PI PUU""r'S pi 'las The Crest Tobacco npan the wells of life Headache, sic \mrte\ i ,.,n i m the
and means, should be found to- Drurntnond's lightning Remedy. Thin in Pa'atka and the surrounding country being UnC. Astlaots i-Crice 10 CIS. At an tlert. Backache Dreadful breams, Weakness: of Meiounr t +. A, ini r a >me v\fie
offer is made in faith the a nn day sitting with their hands folded\ as good by pro mualealpeople will And it to their interest to leading early decay,Cousumpttonortassel 5''i. ,. if .r
prietors. and there is no reasonable excuse secure his services, Palatka.October 14MANGOLD tend "t.o HOOK O LIFEt-ykIEfree, uta.F ... 4t4 .
it were, while Florida 'in preparing to 1 particulars of a home cure. No Crag:i : No 1J

make an exhibit at the World's Fair. for anj one to suffer longer.: Any M. J. Murphy.RliQrri DR. PARK> K'h Cherry eS .Te,
But these and all l the other Inactive ordinary case will be'cured by tine bot

ones, if thy continue thus must tle. In addition to the reward for WOMEN who have ReadatBackaches :

I difficult cases, the money is always re RliQrri Pmlnr Nenralpta. Scan!
surely reap as they have sown S1ie1 t l IToIuMi and Painful MenstrJ
Dlldlu rdllul. S I tK(
funded where the remedy fails to
Suppose thMetcalf p listen to Mr. cure. THE LEADING PHOTOGRAPHER I Uons Pisorden an The price of a bottle is $.1, and that ia of the Womb ar
ad'ilr: n at theaeat Organs,Karren ,
the cost of a cure. Drummond Medicine should send for WOMAN S RIMS
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We offer One Hundred Dollar reward -
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: ties of the Hands Arms, Leg
and'Vineyard. J. CHENEY & CO., Toledo, O. ally eared.
.t.|I SO
We, the undersigned, have knownF. liner.... ,.. 200SiiverWding.
J. Cheney for the last fifteen years, J no +

and believe him honorable Standard MA A", Bourbon........... 400 Superfluous Hair, Wine 1\ rb.paiDlf'IIIIlf .
perfectly TO- .1.W.Harper......................... 6 00 and perfectly r-umr,>
in all business transactions! and financially -(0)- valuable treaafM'O the a ,>n) e. Ask
aole to carry out any obligationsmade GRAHAM'SBakeryand 1).1T.1 tRKER S 4r

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aad half mile west of Palatka.
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