wiring Call 4514. Miller WIWa.Klect"cal PLUMBING SERVICE-West CentralPlumbic I' ,?'- up service Caldwen and Barrip. !' _ _ _ _
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fill din; delivered Write H. Jt UPHOLSTERY :::-Reflnishinf BriaR Day 2-2.1311.: Night 7538 2-19 2WASHITQ. aiatlab e Immediate deliver: Com. 's work; bench chest of elertri a. 1 P. # -'
; t- --c &,Ulr Maw 'xar apaBlIMaja : Bray P. O Box 102. L ckJtart.: Fin 4 bedroom sui e plete stock from smallest to lanes' cal and mechanical engineers tools. i DEEP FROZE SOX- ra .
........ .. Rtaca sad .aa II findrMsr Pb... County 33k1I.1t30LLL"iBERO'a piece POWER LAWN MOWERS repaired tlACTUXt REPAIRSSentrr Also! Farm Tractors, General Truck 141< Hl'lcrpst' Ft capacity practIcally .
I .1 ..!! .. will .1.* PVPPT aredti I *42. 50. 2-pl.ce living room suite SS7up and sharpened Hsnfon Dtsselei on all makes all work A Equipment Co 2319 McRse- 9809 _.. i .Inspected I at 13O W C\rl m_
Ph. 21168FLOOR Bamser"moulded
Pauls Repair Shop 2309 N. Oraaie 9716 guaranteed Al :2314/ E BOATSee the new
Co Wiulns.
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.. .. S .. .... Park .**-*. ,.", crating packing Also SANDING finIshing Best PAINT 1tSTIIATES-Coio., sasaeuons *- phone Rare plates Jert Beery. 11 101.- Co T"4:: W PIne. wood lathe gander I saw I'
..: .. ateni lor Dcicher Lees DtstsncsMoving. material used. All work; guaranteed :VHP bench .. IMO
e; . = Reliable painters reconmcnded : WATCH AND JEWELRY REPAIR deparonent trader Arcade i motor;
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aad wnlle Cocker, 608 St. Dial .II M. BEDROOM .
Macy I I licenced bonded Bass Floor Surfacing '.: Hatch 6001 At Ollddcni rear Park
I and delivery
i.... ..'.. _tMst. Caa b* MraislMd CO Ph 2-1379. PIckup APPLIA.'iCJ' Immediate- 0lIvery. : (47. Moore Furniture Coin :i: lando .te
LONO-DaS"iliCEMOVL'IIO AH Rn!-e. Rrt I = be Ueraat steward CaJ *11. I I PAINTING-itomei and store buIMIngs COllege ParkiiTitRoOM _ 0. wrulIin-i
f points. Packing erauns local moving FURNITURE REPAIRED and refln- . Interior and exterior Furnish service at M-J:1ro1': s Pharmacy. 125S I ..
ie4.A IAar-Oal.iel.-.. aa ... Co. Orange Phone 2-3186 CABWETS Snrfaco gallon thermos jug. *9 Z W.
Buddalh Moving Storage
inked like new Cabinet made to hour I II : <
By contract
all or
j equipment : Conlou troner-The only Ironer wIth and rerrx type S' 4V and up. .
( ,- .s,. k k.5 Osi UvIussios. St la Bears Reli. IU W. Columb Phone 8154_ order TlndaU Furniture Co" 2323 N. I I Phone 9674. : the side. slide shoe" Shoe glides Knox Stores Co.. :25 E. po.... Phone Cetr Hardware-pn 3-2):-

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p. d., BID
18. Laundry Work i AND FINISHING nJfG-b7 contract or delivery ether slow fast planer saws
I FLOOR SANDING S HOUR DRY CLEANING: with or speed WIPE fenrlna J dr
Beauty I'arlora _..on. BOX 1ItI9 WInter a.rden. B.'A" metal D )
-Prompt service Modern equipment : I I service Pecks QjalltT Refrigerator 23 cu ft. Stainless FeelStore !i .
staples Ames
.&: : LAUNDRY-'Ja W. LlYlDnto. 8188drivewa I' portable power unit Establtsn- PAINTIIG-Waierpraofing; all ", a,.. I r Cleaners. Ph 60a3 steeL Makes 224 Ire cubes 300 fencing West Robinson. Phone ,1 Moat Dora 3"S3
Il'>> atgMtkCAM. BEAUTY BALOt! -44'4 .. Re.r of lot. I.d 135 Skilled workman: l1< -
LSM> h. *t>iMM.le Kiailo Tbcaei J>RL"iOYOU FAMILY wash to 1028a. bonded Insured Stevens Floor Surfacing Po-ches door windows screened less steeL Last a lifetime I I Smyth .
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FURNITtiRE RESTORED: >iO Its 3C. Good Flares Eat
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: 630 W. Church phone 6118 Powerful test wave blower bit nort- BEDSTEAD>=-Vanity: chlfferwbe mahogany 10 C.bI
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APPLIANCES REPAIRED Fans iiADOSERVici.peclaltze In fontal heat chamber doabte lensta finish. (30. Single hollywood DRY CLBAI5PIO Pft -
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I BBAirrr I 'shop while your radio is repaired Delicious' The Orange Hut. 69 W. Z..t D ""
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. FLOOR S.\"DER-Ed"pr and polisher Coolealre slower motor 835 41* I Ea .
with stainless steel or aluminum t ened Hand and power HansonDisselerCo 600 cal capacity See our Comvletelv lr.t.I.d Plo..som Trail Ph 2-2187
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.. tb. w__ of Jane DwkMO T;!. Compan. 58 E. Central Ave.BLILDINU HOUSEWA5"HEDS.ma;;( Tr :2 4S19; or 9922 Haorrll-Mupl1n. 40" S -Orane _.-3 8 __ _____ I 80 per month Modern Appliances 6 v suTI TY-BAOs'-button typRecular e. I and 4O-gallon alas 558
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.. . work and palmetto raka Phone Including heating and ventilating cleaned State approved 20 Tear RiSTALSSPf'Ctal .. If desired O'rry Electric Co. I t on S25 Florida Business Equip-: 4B
riseS Inlormation All .ork guaranteed Call 5O26 !1111 business Altermatt. Can 6730 cr TYPEWRITER : Dial 2 3748 Shop In Colon IRON a58se
_._ :2-4427/ after 6pmCONCRETE .1toWD. west Co. 390 North Orange Ave. .
HOMESERVICZOenpr.f I 7j71 for service.TREESPALMS. : monthly and quarterly rates Check I
repaIrsPiew ' Telephone 5454 Ulf. P. -
FLOORS Drtvewayguepa with George Stuart 13 S Main St. : C'OTI'A-GS-mtpm.lli.
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caulking service Licensed and Bonded John Newton 118 ELECTRIC DRIKK POOl
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C. N. Nld,. Winter Park 4fc lt. month Exchange end cabinets Wale batteries 12011 00 Call 5028_ _ I oadlUo .s .
Oflice Equipment
. p .. Ui-iS," riUXi sitIgerryLode with LAWNMOWERS -Precision : takendown. b.a'v'r 0 Heatlnt systems both essand I I ChI.rh .
.. CONTRACT BUILDLNQ of new homo, S'T1'b-Coron., agents 220 S. Main; DIP NETS: =c.-a-ad-a. minnow db
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Machine ft Shop.Ill6Orange Orange 22514.ARMYSURPLU8S1@.1 64-47 -
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sy, P ol of any kind Repairs financed T. PPullard .' _ :. ..!! ,---- TOOL RENTAI-Psint: spraTeri. skn- Stores Co 25 E Pine Phone 2-
Ave. Winter Park. 1 5ee
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39 E. Amelia: phone 2-4032. I CPHOLSTERING Latest pattern*. cot with new 3163 I Per
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D-PRE55v.O- sb I expert renovating job Furniture ; folding rots. S3 75: .
... CUAMNO oonn" eO'BPrn"nt' : concrete mixer DOORS-flash made of white pine
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I Comfort. Modern equipment enables renewed bv the Russ Mattress Co ni Oroaty. *2 95 Summer flying lmedl.ta da. ..
.., I and carry prices will save youmoney and C'llaneous Young ToolR.ntst Screens lawn chairs cabinets AUtylM'S I .
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oo __ ns to give the best of service Open suits. S2 50 .
Method: 1122 W Church: 2-2213. Hundreds of new Items
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Brine us your 100 W Washington 7323.I of wood work I .M -
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Cleanerr 214 Boone s,. CFHOLSTEirso-S D on"nflD: Industries.. 1500 W. Wasbbl.Ie' .- I I =
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::;.. : .;.4. t.:.. Irani .aT,5S. ;JO Cast riDs materiaL Free estimates For Oror.e Stuart.. 13 8. Mala St. phone VENETIAN BLEXDlC: Made like new aioM-jm Trail at 20th 8t .., Florida Pipe 01 Supply RT.r., G..P a .

I*. . .. 5'"0 Poeoy ijtl __ i concrete work of. an kinds call 6780 : B15S I Lowest prlres Best services Call S3. Articles tor Sale AC"CORDIAN-It.S.n: Mother of Co 630 W Church' phnnr fll 8 :1",1 EltrRtcm.tqrs _ .
. "j.. .. Wi"-OTOll. D C -Tsk* 2. leaewe I I or 9MO Buchanan Concrete Co. PLASTER PATCHING by an expert. Adams Ph 9o58: 919 W Central Or- Pearl: SO bass: *391 :251S/: Edge-: DESK-Flat oak office and U chair '!TP.. I. .

S .' cO __. AM. h. Will earbaoa. relarf ?i! COMCR TB rLOOKa. etc. We form. I Also minor repairs Orlando Hom.M.lnl..n.nc. lanra __ -- AIR CONDITIONERS-From roomrond water DriveALUMINITM_ S2O. porch swtna strong si i> $3 Ce .
... oae sU024&_ 1 pour and finish concrete floors.driveways -.: dial 11948.I VENETIAN BLINDS manufactured .'oners to large. Installations.Frf GARAOS! Or utility I tan 810 rifle and equipment.tlL W Par %. Hra. & 1; .
.. "r>> WAVTH P.IDT: t. or ..r Oal- : walks and ttepg. For I PAINTERS: AVAILABLE: -Free egtl- at 1739 Kihi Ave See us about imatet From S400 BraW bulldlnf 12x20 Aluminum frame boots. breeches tennis rar-i-ts A.; R ''I --
., ,. II. I. at...... lath or 14th of An*. 1 ivies estimate can 1-O2S6. Dunham I mates. Arnold! Paint Store 407 8 Bestalum basaww" <' ar :e I .... __.0--.. 5-, ... ... rk. MM j Concrete Co. Orange: phone 2-3786 Factory price or Installed CaD 8G9 PI J, S34 price In one. only Mills and Nebraska (Continued On Next Paid 1

i /< '

t i ' Youth Poses ; WDBO Plans For: ,

H I I:
As Son OfHoward

: .: i- ;_ l!_ 1, .

I. .I t-p Hughes Air Force DayIn __


l{ L'i CHICAGO (IUPJ A 15-year-old observance of Air Force Day

high achool boy was discovered next Friday. station WDBO will _

present" a series of four programs ; '
yesterday posing as the son of
entitled Uiis Is Your Air Force. .

Howard Hughes. millionaire movie I .- 0 The first of the 14-minute broadcast -
producer and airplane builder.
will eo': on the air Tuesday
and treatIng two classmates toa from 10 30 to 10 45 the
; ; p.m.. program
$98 limousine ride. a champagne on Wednesday will be broad j L i :

supper and a weekend in a hotel : : !
cast from 9 to 915; pjn.; Thursday. :

penthouse. from S;15 to 530; pjn: and Friday -
Glen Cordes. high school sophomore t ;; r
8:45 to 9 ajn
readily assumed full responsibility 4 t Featuring the music of the cele- I he

: ; for the party. He said brated United States AAF band I
he had wonderful time.
;4 I : a I _a. and orchestra of Washington! Maj eW I I1
Ills father Gilbert ( acarpenter.
George S. Howard conductor. the
paid the bill. U-ro.t cc '
0; 4
programs will be themed with
him nearly $!OO. _ .
melodies associated with the Air -.iI
. .4 Hotel officials said they would : .

not. seek formal action against the 4ti 4 : Force.
0 Stirring songs!!: made popular by
boy. but juvenile authorities I
AAF trainees in camps both here
: Attempt- they would look into the matter.
and abroad will be on two of f
3 x : V t"r Krovchenko [right], forj -I only wanted to have"a lot of the programs by sung an All-Soldier

TC'-t; m the I'mted States, talks with Cordes fun and said.O&ifucries a. big party young Chorus and M/Sgt. Abraska < 1.:..

too.- US'' i x) rnrvon of the House Un-American Ac- Robofsky. ... -

the Russian's before I Skitch Henderson young plan- vi. .
appearance : I!list. orchestra leader and wartime DON MOTT, RIGHT, hands Gideon Bible! to Jim Conley m
> ewtko W 4vO broke with the Russians and
MR. GEORGE LAW A\F pilot. will be featured'
II of Hotel dedication a"--
--wt ton-tiUtnq no l I Chose Freedom, warned LEESBURO-Mr George U on a program of popular music ager in ceremony <
k--t Two hundred Bibles OrlandvGideons
lobby presented by
._ -l__ Nat ", .*> '.onsibi. representative of the Law. 82. native of Bridgeton. N. J. with the A\F dance orchestra. noon in ,

L iNsy U S *w y be regarded as economical or and resident of Tavares for the .. Historical events important to to: the hotel, form a cross in the background.

i past aeven years. died In the Lake the progress of the Air Force in its ,*. .
County Medical Center Sunday. i y s- '. -, 40 years of existence. will 1 be contained -

--- I Survivors are his ,ife. Mrs. in short dramatized skits in Gets 200 Bibles

Barbara Law of Tat'ares. and one these programs. Angebilt
I Wallace Wants'liberal' I niece. Miss MaIne M. Peralta of : A musical production entitledDo

Party > Hollywood CaL. who was visiting faced Tommy Sigsworth, 13-year-old farm boy living near You Know What Your Army .

:1 her uncle at the time ojt his Elyria, Ohio, checks the running time into Cleveland with Air Force Is' especially adaptedfor In a brief but impressive dedication edged sword. and it I Is *W* .
service afternoon. things that ti
yesterday accomplish

-... I T I ivri' HOOTMATTHttStS A.. \VatUc denMinred at a "dit- df'Mr..th.Law a retired theater owner Engineer Harry T. Hines after riding the locomotive cob of the of the telling AAF.the together present with day an story Air the Orlando Gideons gave 200 BIbles Dais find Im sb

.s4 be America" owned chain of theaters New York Central's "Fifth Avenue Special" from Toledo as a Lt. Gen. to the Angebilt Hotel for distribution A. B. Johnson, mi .
__ .... ___ grit* U prweralt once a Force Day message from .
in Portsmouth. Ohio. He reward for having been a railroad fan since he was 4. He always Vandenberg. will climax this in the rooms. Orlando Oif h c.
- -. .... .. ei *f liberal. and pr.rmslTrIn Don Mott. in presenting the Bibles the a.

... 'I 1......... ..,... .... Ib- nrr iastenl employment under started In the' theater business waves at passing trains, so the railroad officially took I series. to Mgr. Jim Conley. pointedout brief hymn-singing period. IMt

with the old nickelodeon and conI I I note of his interest and invited him to ride the engine. I the known value of the Gideon told of the work and aims
..I. S ....tY 01 u.. rr..d'nt.II..UJ. order. UnuM In the business until his' f.

.. .. -...... ....tw.. ..Pr.ps H. poke at a fund-raising open retirement eight years ago. He I I1I'U I Shoot a Meat Ball ministry and explained how the Gideons. an lournatt _
. I: organization originated 49 ization,
. .. I. t... 04.'saw. DIES years prNtu
32d Scottish
IN tvouM BpooMred' by the Nassau a decree Armed Forces Merger BCD in Wisconsin when two traveling the Bibles to Cony.
.. Mason. Elk. Knight. Templar of To Me Dominic Boy!
"' Independent Voters As&n.n PARIS (AP] Pierre Cathala. 59, 'I men felt the need of having

-I. horn* of Michael Straight.fHtWuhr the Grotto. until who held several posts in the Hailed by SeverskyNEW PHILADELPHIA tAP) A Phila- the Scriptures available to travelers -
The body win lie in state
erf the New Republic oft it win Vichy Government during the YORX (API} Major Alex- I deplhia restaurant owner learned everywhere.
7 Monday. after which
p.m. received frequently
"Today. reports are -
\: "< h Wallace to editor be forwarded to Portsmouth for German occupation. died yesterday ander P. de Seversky aircraft designed I yesterday that too many cops and of lives being saved suicides PUMPSOF

K'tro; IMn,.r Paul Robeson as- funeral services and interment. from a heart ailment. and long-time exponent of fugitives. like too many cooks. also prevented and miracles being -

;: :; ,-d the ftrtton of the Dutch Amertao in- Beyers Funeral Home is in charge air power.. said yesterday unification I can ruin the broth. wrought because of the pres-

C ,LriiOFasIrth2i' that' 1mnr of local arrangements.rrVERAL be held at 11 ajn Monday in Fairchild of the nations armed forces I When police surprised a group ence of Gideon Bibles in hotels
Sure opposed
wrn dice GeorgeMazzo's
been Funeral Home with Dr. L. E. "can become an instrument of unmatched -,' of men shooting near hospitals and jails throughout. the ALL KINDS
,aUt m because they have the men
restaurant. "
: SERVICES: strength under our democratic country. Mott said
: '
.. McNalr officiating. The body will I I
l LII1I.\ ..... scrambled for the nearest avenue ,
i For Mr Nile Fuller. DeLand. be sent to Kansas City. Mo. for conditions. What airmen God. has promised.Mott added :

will be held at 2tO: p.m. Monday further services and interment have fought for all their lives has of escape.Iazzo's kitchen door that His word shall not return -

Orort B SMnpson of Washing .t the graveside in Ponce Anna finally become a reality.:' he said pursued by four policemen. But unto Him void. We have seen Home Waler SysiemsO

:: 'on. D C.. wa granted' a patent. Cemetery Paisley. For Mrs. Earl J Murray will be in a statement. 12 milling. excited men proved too that promise proven true hundredsof

: m ttt tor the tnt electric hot. held at 4 pm. Monday from Carey much for a kitchen built for two times. Red Jacket

I: Jl UtftJPJUHQ purr IU heating element WM a For ).Ir. Robert E. Illnshaw. Hand Chapel, with the Rev. i, Misuse of electric irons is responsible <: and the unexpected visitors The Bible Is quick and powerful -

I iou of plaunum wire. who died Thursday in a New George Downs officiating. Interment I for nearly 40 fires a day emerged dripping souP. meat balls and sharper than any twoSOME Robins &
i : Smyrna hospital as a result will be in Woodlawn Memo- in the U S. fire authorities estimate and spaghetti. Myers

of a rattlesnake bit f''. will rial Park. .
: BOX H-IUNGS -- - - - I Machines now being built pro- O Johnston Hydramatie
For Your
duce enough popcorn in one day

:. .HOLLYWOOD. BEDS : IMPROVE-YOUR-MIND-AT-HOME TECHNIQUE GAINING to fill a house. The machines are mm

! : .A loW.... ,onn BOILERSPECIALTIES: 1 15 feet long. \ So A5O


-- I: .5 ....- S pu : Reference Book Sales Hit PeakI Forecastof CALLIT and Up ,

-c.- "
t tc
3 P'
.-.ps. $ ' Nothina
i ; Dow
... .. t........ Inc. which
t .SAM DAWSON But he agreed with his fellow The Grolier Society, Nematter wtiether ask far ppp *rS

S ....P ..... ......, NEW YORK tAPl There's a publishers that orders for reference publishes among others the Encyclopedia Business Prospects I .. p..-. yMill Sad it yeaa..'.. depcadaUo S5.00.per Month

Americana and the r.ISeffr.as ehranaatie --'itio t aa veil
: i hc14.u liDDING co. boom In America's "improve-your- books continued to run ahead : u many blaad--,,,__ err .... .Oevwynrw.
Book of Knowledge reported relief ferns ptpMa

: ....... ... .. : mlnd-at-home' Industry. 1 of paper supplies and printing combined sales in 1946 were $15.- : A prospects penetrating for the analysis next several of business years .,..Ml._apes P1'?. LIBBY & FREEMAN

Publishers vhoet products range press capacity. Customers act 063.033 compared with 3094.* I I prepared by the Statistical Research A.i few

.... R.s P.. ...U from compilations of the classics ing on the great American conviction 836 in 194C. I Department of one of the nation : siTiiiit' 711 W. Church St TeL MM

0 ... .. ...... ... S ::0 yearbooks with the latest on that one ought to be able to They added that combined I largest Industrial Corporations for kIIUIL'nt

s.ss..s. . ssswsSSSSSS.. - - guided missiles said yesterday theii stump the experts.. were reportedstill I sales in the first 23: weeks of I planning guidance of its beg term expansion- j-- - --- -

thief problem was to supply queueinz up and awaiting de- 1917 were' $1015811, or 15 per

rnouah to meet the swelling de. Urery I cent ahead of the same period Reprints of this informative article Olsen C '

.WINAiE.. ( AKHCY INC. Several in 19t6.I available without charge upon receipt .2
MtfTMLt man publishing I of request. Writ or call J toa E. Bray

01 lkkd., I1&. One rscrwerrr. reported' his subscription aids to home education reported I Comparative sales figures for R Ryland Cos

salesmen mere now finding the liveliest demand was for the grand-daddy of the reference E Frank Gardner

L au M.t.L-J.LL laMfPC, proapeetK customers inQuIr- children's reference books. books-the Encyclopedia Bntan I ALLEN CO.INVESTMENTS LeEor HouFAIJHILD

J.ttTtl '.il tn-C.ltt.! C.mogtlSothfaction tag mere ctoMiy into monthly One publisher said his sales- nica -were" unavailable. but a &

-t .I1M. a. fkafth mar savings sub- men reported a high percentageof i spokesman for the University of : .

........4 .iW.HS-G..t"; aMt4 and u It became possible their customers revealed they 'Chicago publication said sales in

1t t1HoM the neighbor with new ; never before had owned a book. i' 1946 were up 50 per cent from E.: L. Kendrick

IItw'y F. Ifii, Mff* ..IsMirtcal) gadgets In the kitchen ,I These companies reported 1946 1945 and that last year they had Manager\

NN Z7E.C.iitralAv..2ndFL i tather than with an encyclopedia I I the best year' in their histories in ', 1.500 salesmen in the field. compared -I I 511 Metcalf Bid*'. TeL 2-2772 .-." ,

la the parlor..* I I sales volume and profits. I with 251 In 1939.


-- .
.. -- _.: -
r __ : -. .

_. /'[.''
>... . .- -- -

- 1 W ., '. '.T.._ 'I'' : -U -

-- -
- -



etLsnn &naUJld i H. AtlI.f.r.l. | 33. Article for Sale I 4S.. Aparlmpntgforflent. !I POOR PA I II AUNT HET I I 51. Houses for Sa! I 51. . Houses for Sal i I'I I 51. Houses for Sale ____ tot

.*** iaen. JULY U. '47 W010M KKK-WMee*. Mv I IMJJIT TAKsTUH-Baper YalsBtr cletr vtrStan. BLVD.. 1613 ?urnl..bed'' COLONIALTOWN Five ,' !!'''ORANGE WEAR- MV
OBttaial Ortie. I IStL I t ,. Knox tores. bus I I QUILLENI I galow less I I ST.u.rla 2 laWW
PlOt ( on BMtatow
.. .1 ). ; year Colonial home. completely f mrntabI I| room cypress ;
I Btar.. C- a Pin*. ...2-31 I Adult *. It P i I and located of screened poreaes. gjlasaajjaj wjijia.
We D ,
.. be.4a ri Ji.M... I I W O II t sewer a'lrft optional. :: I I I I.d b..tu. ..on. 3 Oraad"1 real my for 55250.54 (UWJ* r.l

II..It. ..".1 2 &- A'K B 1 WCH.I.'. .Af... JEFFERSON 3-:*... ..p.lat..nl.ble COURT BOa Summer sod I i iUNCL I I II from to..UP new fine Ferncreek D.I.hbrho ahoL I I::1 I i I sun Lot. r 100x150.. ''I Is-nothing gsrage.to I I Clyde Central:McKesuoe.2-4775. BraCtr. m w.
.. IMONCRArmstron rate
i i, dr.a Phone compare with this I
table stoaoi. B..y Bargwar*. 102 iI I IuTCniatth I If 2-15 available. Allen Johnson. = ,!
I wnorxaXOO .PAR NT11 Morse COLONIALTOWN Nice t..r: MANOR 1 _
,- si aVI& 2-bed I :: I I N. Orange; 8612. ORWIN
11.4. Wl..r Pak. I I room sleeping porch :!,> Hom .." lion on this c a a4ttly .
. ..
I service
1111rr"- Ama wtlding .ttits.I I Janitor galow with extra corner \ I I modern 2 bedroom bsoeootp _
Hatnaaan. B. IB .
.aaT eU.I. t..1 water, steam beat. Year round good buy JEFFERSON ST. 1515 E. Phone lovely 100' tot. sitS IB cItrus 6P.SS
., < CotspUte tupoUe la ttack a.l.hbrlo A ;
sits r tt : II
iai1 aauBodiaio Hook. tMtrlb tr af Uncola welding machine I. 81me rental. .Adult oD. j I .lb . Harry H 2-1710. I have the key and will be btr-b-que pit and don't 'eo'
-,- isms p..i .; .. Cntral.. C N sad rod*. M. R. Wtaiamt BuaPtiM. W\t. 9161.I kr. 8253. Colonlaltoam.CITY flad to show you this perfectly arranged j I 1 moving the lwn. there i

r. -- a (II M. Beach BU DartonaBeach. I I COMBINATION dining room and living I LIMITS-.(Eut 2-bdr. unfurnished lo. mower included We rco.od .
: Ph. 2Z2O.WATTR 'I all electric >: floor |[ at (13.500. with terms Aak far 1.
P room bedroom: I room home of I I
MOTOR la 322 Clyde i ii elusive with Frank Crebs. 507 Met- I! Kcnson with Marti Willie tat, 5505-
balls with
: .ho.e. Lane screened pRb. Ga.* I IAlien I calf Building Brokers 'I' 21 W. Washiaotea 8%. .
e- a.&.| co-operation tor.
Avo. on
SI" .1 Itme..O.e w. b .on.on. 140 ', appreciated. Price (10-500 with terms. 196.
wtth UR&-Ct g**. .." prpn .July ange: 8612 : 1

Ma . sad ftwi ** tauoa. 2 ROOM .p.nm.at. I COLLEGE PARK _:-ii-. KALEY SOL -ON-"o.r
SIn flrnlhf L ORWIN IIAIWOR sot.U11.1room
Co- B.
Pin phono 2114.vtREMCMIB tlocS
I travel B a.. I fated at Dclv. i Westmoreland. New :' l. ,
nUlot I
; : : ? Y.eaa aeaay Jdl..tr co : Tile bath large eonent brIck beassiso T
.1.. I. I.I I .o the hew BcbwMa bkcyele. etpetiallw - "WtHi*.. cbr.l. I 2 bedrooms screen porch I I I. guest room in arr. p. roof. MetalDesigned casesseot
LADY six apartment. )
share room -
,, ; ;-.I bath ,.tae Wbtner Mosarg.lasr allay dyostaal ta. 1.1 line one block from lured Call Smith.a.e. Pe rr and built far a
SOFaS .r.ae."c. All mo.r convenlencel.TI I $: 00. Terms. Gabel .It Bun ... ft
Wbtaser Matar eat typo Knot E. 8 Florida U. Nicely
Broker. 12 S.
8 Late -
Bit .... C. I ; kitchen Park Rutland 1 Bldg Phone I ..1. 210.EALEY .
o. 34441OI1CA1I.Iis4 Pin day poaeesslon. (12.50 teraaa.BnckelO
I .2-111. I Section. (50 month. Phone 2-3983
1 I '
Xinson. .
Neal. Realtors. 1M
a'gaBaa. complete wnrOO B AND FRAMES-All tort days from S til 3. Close -
i with screw ... aoowt Kaax I and storet. New 5-room 1 dial 2-3753.

p. ..fl. 6 I, Co ar Piae Paaae3143 ,, .*.type* *..c. ta" e pr. 1120 r. Slander 17thBt. 46. Houses for Rent I block home. Ti l.t and ,I SCHOOL SECTION Beautiful ORWIN MANOR-3333 PulbttaWe .
-4) i sills .. lakefront Colonial borne. 4
__ G. I will sell this 4-b draai .
at* OR. iasn&.i .r.-I. 7J3. Ma asks why I can't b I want Po to be natural. utility room. 01'1 prch. rooms. 1'. baths. Excellent condition. bellow tile house on excellent Meat
. ased Urea Will share unfurnIshed -
*> rI B stock responsible party
; t*
-. .. i.j raw Ph_ J11MoTlMB _ _ .AUR.TnWpl. borne for S35 a month orbreakfast nice an' polite to her 1 I wouldn't even want him ;! COLLEGE PARK' 12.-2 rights. This is outstanding act ,,l ... Call Courtney ... JBB at
... far aa .;;;.. Btark Itxladea R and dlale. 2304 Marlboro UP aulckly Only (16.SOO Some terms. I',
Machinery t W. Robinsoa Jim is to his wife an' I i Modern 3-be4room Oranse. 2-2471.
-'. one aM ... baraer t._ Buttky e. > .. 3 blocks east F.mcr.1 on Lancaster ,, to speak kind to me if he | all utilities and Venetian See Mark with LU GcrsUn. Realtor ',! MEMORIAL BBXTItOt-..
-m N.50.sso.350 w bus line Ma don't in- 14] N. Main .
. 11 I ch.srS.P1UMlINo .a.-Tt.wK. I t of Ucb. can't see why I' full sized lot. Attached .. ; i i 1 bedroom buntatow. Ready so 4nB-

-. 7 Kw ***t. i-I ter ParS._$53-B .!TRASnW owner wiii nI herit nice fortune like had to put on and strain Atso 2-bedroom n. 'I W>5O. Fred Oarrel Beekag. tW
... a . .. I I el'DU home at 1625 Henry a furnished at $8900 C.0j' : I IIII' Central; phone B5B1 ar 43BB.
I N. BCPPUXBTetiett. INDOWB24 X :1.r .c.I I St. or 3 bedroom house In or Jim's wife did. to do it. Re.ltor.l4ON. Oranse KALEY Nicely -
: *. I C.. b* _. j himsl PARK _
.. .I I bath take lavttoriet aatlaiaks Ave Phone 12L'I :._ ___ _ _ I near Ilmt. PI 2-8363. COLLEGE kitchen PARlr Lot.108x151 rom; plenty fruit b.ac.lo.trees. I'I.I Income. Fine o-bearso. .

. CaatHete ttletaised WOOD Metal lathe: "tex; 47. Rooms for Rent : 51. Houses for Sale._ | 51. Houses for Sale S825O. terms. Jamersoa and Priced to sell t(695O. Owner I leaving home. Or guest home. Putt.' rarvttBvM
: (4.. ] Haraer Smith Lumber town. Ask for H-I112. Harold V. I garage prtmeat. C. auas M
: Realtors. 70 E. Central.
LO .
I I = O.144 ) 11.Orlando I II. c.P..t.n.a.. sod Iatlr.sd. I' AMERICA ST. 121 Lake Lucerne.Choice. I ADAIR LAKE HEIGHTS-Brand new CHEROKEE PARK Lovely 2-itory Carter. 9516. Condict Realtor: 37 E Central 6137. 1115.000 Call. 6748PARKLAKiIECTIOI6 Don Dudley. If
Tile floors. home
aU tile job.
n. .. tiDiEiuuDIMOIDW i col at.cu.. guest room. I 3bdroD. ia kitchen and windowI .m'SDn. rof. Lar. land..d CLOSE IN- .. Extra LAKE LNCATE SECTION.Com --Par- ptis
- .7 .' . bath tie . frame. S .
I. I Lean 27W. 1 10 do.ble. I sil!$. utility room. Complete corner lot. Bet..a ( rom. rdeor.l.d 2 bedroom bun- I folks who 0501 extra Isdr.so. Sr
.I ; $$ g o. Clll. I AMELIA AVE. 310 E.-Pleasant room < set-up for air-conditioning through- ins on City Park. A real value I and 20th.. Oarage. Nice :I gain. on lot. (7 750. ball guest or to rent. sad far taw
.. ... COME T HI.rR next ta Post private home innerspring. nearbut out. Ultra-Modern First time offered $16500. Geo. H. KittrecUe & Son. 2 lakes. FrDlshr. ( I'I I csfh. ".. 5967 j who a lady =
.- o most ..e.- S uslne.sAMELIA worosn $12.500 Loren Dunn ; 6 N.Brown Realtor. 2-31TS. Weir 121 PD.: !I ta.a :. ..dP-, it a _
' FAtNTB-B g| ..,. sad used. Bro"e j LAKE WINYAH-200 feet of the most ,
pr. C1.do' AVE.. 710 0 E.-Suitable for ; 21269. mlnltn.Ik 'I I that provides all ta.bard.ood ikiaau .
.. Biat avaBvy aataMt COLLEGE bunialow. 3bedrooms. beautiful landscaped grounds inOllanoo
1.-5-I I ._ ( I.w. j..t. -1 Iwo gentlemen with room. pARK-F.me Laree -. floors II'. reeaifireplace with
.. dllrI. Patio
included. and
1.11. 1 of'' barbecue pit that
HWY.-3 miles north "llpm.a
L l ... I .r aauque* I .. house easily .
APPKA kitchen
varaJthM Ibll. t.11 bd. P..t. 1.- Quick poraeuion J3OOO cash cost over (2.5OO Outdoor root
IB musical latraaieBU. 'i I game
"" I pttea. baby carriage 2-01 IS. i A. this new 2-bedroom i S apartments. Lot 115x490 rOr'it I I '
taej* tow leveL ThaPawM pIe .1' home City .. ... caih. balancearranged. I balance mortgage O. C Stewart. ':I 3 bedrooms unfurnished cement electric stove aMtomatlc rvfrscevst.
.I .t *.* !1 ..1| Tnoa J. . .... C"-umme rates conven I II (110. Ann I, Realtor. 0 Neal Arcade. 9788. e room for : :I I construction. This property has every hot water better MoN 5050
--i .r. WOOD RANGl"wtth hot wtter rer- Go.ID days yb buy at (10.5OO I I .
Maaaser, Auaat* t 'nlerptln. mtttrestea. Pl. I I thing one could wish for In a beautiful 4 bedre.ss. 554
-. n. UI .t potdtry Betting: Kern-Ten I shower bath. lnI St. with Gt. Inc CHENEY HIGHWAY-Just off-I Elale. 3 E Church Phot home Exclusive with Frank Crebs. bath wl'b tub and shower .
.. I ". teanoaiy Furnltiirt C.. 677 N. Orange 9855 | on paved street near lake. New I .
.. J CLOSE IN-By Lake floor. CIIYLLMITS-North. I S07 Metralf Building phone 2-1710. 1: front porch one side accessed
.S C. I West ChartS 1'. Cool well furnished.'' E. Robin- i ADAIR PARK-Larte bungalow with cement block. 2 bedroom..'lralbf!! home out of the Cl ? I I Brokers _Pr.tlon appreciated. I side screened and bused Sstes

I& ton. | 3 nice bedroomi and sleeping porch. home .p..e heater hot i furalbe. 5-room rear porch with UuMry t" Note
= tot er. laundry tubs I.r.c Lovely kitchen I fan. (fie reef. 2carrw.. _
> -.0 ,un.uQ u FOR IMMEDIATE DELIVERY ClOSE IN-Sinsle rom working I I .Ub Go'..I.hbrbo..d La..d. Pi.. : screened porch. Price 119 (45OO. ec.n.I'.Ietrl t.rl LAKE FRONT-Just listed' 2 bedroom floor Attic can b* ton verted I. I
. I ,Irl 408 Ptsrwond I sares I buy. Vee 30 Phone bungalow and guest house I SrI
-.. (8500. Some terms Mr. Bryant Tl. 0'1 E'I.t more rooau 1 block frog Mom
t.r' Pt Plot 1.. n 1.wIth New refriterkton. .. CLOSE bedroom Goodwin Inc.. Broker. 677 Clyde McKensle; 104 W. both attractively furnished. Also included I This
$ I .u .tl. ba. DWTOWN-m.1 Herman I IATAON DUPLEX-New c onstruc lion. .-solendld dock. boat 'I and schools real heaat I II 55-
,Ve. s54 0515155sWU. ..n. *. ..D.wd .. next ; N. Orange. 9855. 2715.CHERKE2- I bath and porch each side. and outboard motor. This property canoe furnished except kltrheB sI.swi
0. _. sad. b.tr. only (4 week. 431 E. Church. story stucco. 3 bed- : tal ceiling. (75OO.. cah. Owner must leave town ta Is
on one of our finest lakes
. .. .. sod "" .pi L.., .h m.el set*, commode ..t.. aA COLONIALTOWN-Room with private D. Maids quarters.Clou I Estate. 3 E. Cb.rd. Phone We do not expect this listing to last i! new business aM sacrtttrhnl _
tallet seat aad fittings.Aaierkta Mill I lovely home at (13.. .
.o.o..e. W. CSazcLMpPNb.r. entrance and batl. 604 North SPRINGS to everything $15 OOO M. J. over 36 hours so if interested contact -
I II Street Moss. 132 S. Main; phone Martle Williams. I Harold Vonick with J.2O6 0..1 50e.
Realtor at
and Brole.
. ... fts.r. phaSes Plutoblng Ca- 234 Supply W. wtshlMtonBt. CLOSE IN-Air conditioned. Largo 9 Acres-3-bedroom furnished house. 6977. I DANA WAY-ISO once. 21 w. Washington St. Phone I I: 8 Main 711

-.a.a ._. ? heavy type, for . twin room first floor. Laundryprivilege. Paved road. A nice Suburban home.Immediate COLONIALTOWN SECTION-New. Hills section. Open for 8106.
.. ., hard brat cylinder 208 E. ( wr.. I 2-5 p.m. New 3 bedroom I PRINCETON ICIIOCJI 55LTIIU-
0 RoblDoa. 75. floor
IW pu.s.lon. attractive round
In. .a.e modern Large tot. well Excellent bttti with extra
larce pump Machinery Ca. 1 1 acre- apartment completely furnished LAKE VIEWbungatow: tile I
-- - 118 w. Baatb C. CHUR STLBMr low. Paved road. Nicely landscaped.Inmediate i Some equipment. Shown b b.tlt. large screened porcb. lot. beautifullylocation 1"--
_ MOTORIZE OCR BICYCLE cia |I|I term electric kitchen. Beautiful corner lot I Price approximately I lsrseewith Two large _
0 PAnCT BALK --tM ttDon oauld with new 1947 I double room. 2-O628. plol. (6000 $5.500 rash. Call Robert E White 15.5. best room. 1 year old. Only
.n iJPrtA4.Cka Wtlaot way a I I .
WII further fleer with hot sad

I r.T.t .=**o**. I ( ..At...Paint for.Store. 30..other 407 ...o- a _WMaser treat powered,. tk..... ,L'b.us explam I(, CASEERRY. Hotel- Azalea: riding Ll". Can Homer our Altsmonte Manager Springs; Winter office. tral with: 2175CLEGI Clyde- McKenzie. 104 W C.A-I ntwed.Winter Park 246 R. I I Gardner(8400.dial 2-4481.Real Estate 29 South Court I I ter(12000 Can garage Photo be 111I.w=Os550 ._

l 5 age I-n. ___ i oar eaay term*. '... 602 N. j'I I fishing hunting in season. Winter Park S..1. PARK-Nice S-raom bun- I dress it 2* W Writrty

; .*.rn.:. PITCHER IMP- Heavy N*. SI .... 3-4057.- 1 I Park. 9174-W._ _ _ _ _ 11394.H.e".I'N .I. Realtors; 118 E Rob .. 1.1'and redecorated. -!I DUPLEX Close in. 10 LAKE FRONTAGk Riparian rights with Joe 0 ..

I I pttcber . Knox .. C*.t tB iA-OD Ctotblng. ODI 37 ST. 335-.Single room. inson; dial 2-3753. I unfurlhe. ar..a.d ...1 I batb. Large tot. Look I on one of our most desirable lakes ;I 25 W. Washington Bt. PneaaNCBTOS' .

*? ... .. D ... Phoo. I- I". | Olrl sod MiaM & 14yra. fTART prY.r and I.a.d. plalty ; . furnished ..{I .1" offer Herman Spick and spas bungalow of six 1 I I
. Is 1H bt. ) .1._. priro. N. Pl... ..Ir.a. blok from Lake I Inc.. 677 N. Oranges 98 or i large well ventilated rooms with tile 8CIIOOL iiJi
4 ... 4 '*. iwi"-Li"-"OW.R. pr.eU.I roota. Alia& 3 fin told ..tl. 32 Ph. 26001.CLOSEIN rate apartment with one brn > kitchen and both. Basement with ,I:I Five room 550555.0. I -
r ..5 O I I II automatic pr Parts .. I II I I living room. suitable hobbY room. second bath and dressing 'I
>aae.r t new ban pvwo. . Desirable BEVERLY SHOKES-New all masonry I b.tl 1 and sleeping porch. bssd.osi
c 'i -
.. [ Chares and PW T.r.Dr.. 3 blocks N. to. N.a 2 Close in, Johnston i I and saragespar room. This is completely and Furnished except U. 50550I :
pat. O 11 10 Ortllt and shopping. Apply today 4 large bedrooms. !
,. I I II Co.. bUI..lo. Henry. Broker. 6 W. : 545. Is the income property beautifully I furnished except for hn-
Ii PUMPS Tor Big I.U. at 39 Fast Amelia. baths very large screened Cb.r.1 : i to school See Mr Martaa B4thI
I U .n.. tl. been looking for. Both ens and grocerIeS. Dock with unique I
p.b'l I Swope. Realtor. SB Ban FSB _
.t- pi. -tnaxVJwrt oo.rMock. with lavatory new
: I sag It\ .. CLOSTK IN-20ltillcre.t. withmeals.Adjoinlng rr Irl. pin. and garage arrangement of boat house and additional

Articles Wanted Rm. 40 gaL CENTRAL WEST .parm..t I 5812.
( I AVE. 3 bedroom
Y51 P.r ..dtf. or p .te i i nisbed. You have I I
motorboat and
rumpus room
.. b.tb. 11O ft. I .1.
'" 4H W loSOs.o&PATCHXNG | and .to.tc Bendix .h.r. well built home furnished or un- .
.. c fUton Jewelry aid COLONIAL DRrZ. 1 I E.-Lnl tot in highly restricted n.l.hbrho I furnished. possession This t Ilmd. or..d ..b..and canoe. Ten-day occupancy and PARK 1.AKZ-ItOWNIALTUWU N'
L PLASTBR-Crack DUION .t. ; . Immeiat garage that can very 7 to Mil: 22.500: cash or prle..1 I
eagapoaM: i price. I M. r. do.bl.. 1.i Price 123.5. Tem. if detrd. j lot : :1".bt.ID: | vented Into 2 more at once for appointment. . bedrooa
,01e i : :: von .ra .
\! e..II. C.. N.pl..U.o. J..lr. 32 W. Cb"RI. L.. : 111.norIIC. tow G 118 N. Orange Ave.. Buy 'oi home :i property is well located !'I Schiller. Realtor. 7186. I I nicely furnished
,1. .n I Dial 8188. 20642. I! place tn living room
._ MM: phase and CLODS PrIvate both. "I"'. great to ia Orlando." Good Robrt.. t . block from store bus and a.-
.. .1 ucOTR1 i N.a LANCASTER PARK-3-bedroom screened porch aleS attettta
4 I . ., Company. I with double I-ol Gbo. Both in good
PIA"W. .. 108 8. b.ld.n. luxe de-I I stores and ISis (11.a 55
.. I Gr llbl. 6. pre-war bungalow. Tile
-. MM.m .* (57O end shaft Telephone 5951._ J.A. IDld. 10 down. I
.1 .I tnl. oak floors furred walls cedar Recommend yea $tot* el that :0
.. Joseph It it late Harold .
.. ,... N.n I .1.32050.Pat'TWst.oa . LOGS d.lh.rr Lumber ta mill will also u GORE AVE.. 1 B-Atrattv. rooms.Convenient BEVERLY SHORES-For the first CONCORD SCHOOL SECTION-On I! with t. Kolar 206 Venetian blinds shade trees, fruit. I.I Crawford with Rent L *
. ,1 ..I. I L'J C. 'or..wIJ 0..1.1 (16.5OO. Call 2-6132. tor. MIl N. Ortnae a-4aBB.
.ubw. lo.UoD m m e rrely. tune we offer this beautiful modern a very pretty street running north mi. owner. I

.! n I.D.rd floor. I i iulck .u' a Fab.D. C I .. Kitchen prl.U.eP. Phone 9709 3-bedroom home. 2 ..1 tiled between West Colonial Drive and Sevllle ; I LANCASTER PARK-2 bedroom tile I
a4 deck piDHlt' .. 2-111. baths. Large living porch. finestof Place is a whit Colonial -. RIDGEWouo.n 11. _
HILLCREST AVE. 130 Exclusive eh.rmt.
Zsls4 trying at I OLD GOLD-W* pay prices oak DUB New !! bungalow beautifully landscaped I
1 construction including white bungalow extra deep lot Street This
on ine
.o bl.b.
.1 I guest home. Twin and single room .. plot Quick possession. '1 M. ..
floors .
$ color* (1 40 .Uo. for aid pine i ,
floors. really buy in this
I A with handsome at the |
. td .tb palms Rldgewood It a qaalNyttenet.
.o I baths. frolt'Dd
Li .. _ Knox Stare C*.. a .a Pbon J b."eo .I. I.II anr.a. Private and .DI exclusive location. .o. Babcock Jr.. fine hedges and shade .. : bedroom modern batb. .. Broker. 132 8. Main phone Best fraso .... ... '.4
J14J. Berkman, JACBSON 8T. 516 room; Robert R Realtor. W .a 1 en with tiled boards 6977.
Onl" -. .lb Tyre 1 back outdoor oven and .It Lovely modem 3.5050oounstaira.
55.. .U 4 J. .,. 1 L'. and constant hot water; 15 6174. cabinet new a
. ,IIly 168 feet. OFFICE MACHINES .D 'ul. .. W..bet. treen lawn. The house I hot water heater nice LAKE DAVIS SECTION bedroom. 2 extra ales
first block Ot LAKE 8T 112 So.-Large interior shows at once superior a I furnished apart stints eNO
. c 1: B."o our price .tu a. eomfon It inss. frame bungalow large living room.
?.soc. ...af Cr.. et...13 8. Main .. ploa. 'UI. able rooms single and dOlbl. .$ planning and costs .ar.at' H 150.S.. 6 Gould W. wth nice dining room big kitchen bath. walk oil furnace. lest _
,g V' apsotsl1sS PLUMBDid BUPPUXS New and PINE TREES WANTED-Will buy or a reek and up. COLLEGE PARK-2-bedroom bWe.| the price of 12.0. A third .{ al. I Fully furnished. Valuable businesscorner I 75x150 Iae_. S24JS sow

I. $ roSs lots. bating, cabi for you. 116 Irrtn; LAKE CIRCLE 701-Lovely Iro. | low built in 1942. | space ls sun porch. I EAT-SIEI easy overlooking lake included in I Price. (20.000. terauI AOsee
; ..kU .a1... AmericanPlwwibine ) .. PAK newly decorated. Innersprings Dished including dishes and silver-i a really fine six-room small home ; livable I price-(85OO. Terms. Jones with M.I I I Realtor ror Centre) 1M

ptztg. N.. f t AppUanco Ca4. 2-14. want on bus line. Phone 7468. ware. Oak lon.e floor furnace. see this Furnished except dining hou. with an extra large I 1.1. Moss. Broker. 132 S. Main; phone 2- 7"

$....s. ppss5 53. $ 1)4 w. ..ltltl. St.ptjNPS.C.ntrtlusol JAT. L. B.r. C..I. furniture. ROOMS-1 auigie. 1 double. 1 light Redecorated id. and outside. Owner set. Call Dana Stumper with O'Hsrrs-. > porch and a .rP. ,i 6977 _ _ _ i S SUBURBAN Asso
.. Moore. 109 E. Pine telephone 22350.COU.EOE porch laundry tubs
I W for leaving town. (10 800 with (2520 .IU .lh i LAKE FRONT Southeast. Well built 1 $387S e-ro.50 lootS 50.50.
.. n. erossod .. W. Schoenberger. housekeeping. Hot and wtter.Outside cold House I N
.DI I. .
Wr. .ole cash balance W. B. Nicholson I
l4.IsnS farm Pip 1. Box Apopk ercouple ; .r. PARK-We can this ourPride heart and I 4-bedroom. 2-story Colonial tram Reasonable cash dogw.
pine site
$5s S4 '-;'a\. b B.pnly .1.II 13 Church; $115.PLYWOOD.Wst.rvrool 11. wheel Cusbmsn. *. .llnD.. 81tb.St. L4. Realtor. I S. M.1 2-1619. and Joy" b.a..lo.. Why bait lots. Furnished. .sells Ole I home. Sit in the living room of this { rent. Owner. ChasMsChurch. .
.. STETre Because It Is completely immaculate i 1 spacious house and enjoy the quiet of I
th 4 fir. .lbw ST. JAMta South and 500. Call Margaret FIk I
.. Vi-la. I 4 x 1 x 2-0. Rosalind. HOT Single. (S CLOSE IN-8-room House made from the outside curb all throughthe ra-Moore. 2-2380. 109 E. shimmering blue water through wide AW m itetty. BT
. 14ps 1't WE BUY used 'urmt1.. Call OS b 8Dm r.t. It house to the hIgh back wall of i t windows overlooking lake. Swim Ini took1ll. few a 5urbssa
3 16. Pine Ctttlt Construotton week 9253. 2 apartments one S rooms PHjir
Ii.:0; .... Co.. phone 2-2465. fore selling. Orlando Furniture Co up: C.I 3 rooms and Can be used trees and bushes that EAST SIDE-Off Colonial i I your back yard. 120 ft. frontage on I pier. of troend where .
No. 2 *tor*. CIS W. Church phon YMCA-Annctl. rom. for young guest bouse. b.tI lola Dr. 75 x 139 ft tot. House is In ioi.r I have two (7500 houses I paved street back to lake with riparIan -., can play with ao w.rrso Bra
I PIPE and fittings, black and .Ina 2-88. men. SII or double. (6 and tip. $5 a pair has five rooms and pared 9t present day rights. Fruit shrubbery. Owner tie. her is a lovely 1-anew

ised. .. ..1.. Florida P. anything of ...DeO cost a lot of m nl. built and occupied Price (16.500. for ISOO. Courtney .
.. WHEN O C.I 808. COLLEGE PARK Two breexeway. .attached Com ( *ttaly.Ortnte.
.. F1 .
w. Church nCeptOnl
I 630 ; frame. hs three sleeping : I
.II first. Sammle Francisco. Realtor room 4. 32471SIfBURSANOo
.U value .I-a O.r CLAN COMFORTABLE rooms. Sin buys. Two bedroom pletely furnished it sells for $".5.
PUP e1& deep and thaUow land Street 15 M. or double. GenUemsn prefer $8000. unfurnished. Another (9500. Call OH arcs-Msor. 2-238O 10 out fresh about and Irl miles with 4srge fine | Central A e.d040': _ _ _ S atom .-
NqIsm srWotsl lauUt4u m.Dt.sothins down land: 2-231. red. 314 Anderson St. furnished. Large lots fruit trees nicelandscaping. Pine. a {'LAKE FRONT-Very fine 4bedroomhome. celent toil that win oron

...,.... sad flub 55 pr moOth. 5.5550Y -. WE old Iold. gar Call Chenault tt Jen- watt longer other children is and closer your ia.0'Just this' I Citrus palm and shade trees. ire 2
o N ._ Drilling Pump Supply.WInlyr BU DI.OSD. 47-1. Rental Agencies Inc. 672 N. Orange COLNlTWN-WhJ .I oa nice la..p.'Suburb.nroom. I hs =. -
l tti ftw. '* tetare 1 soil. cost 51Orls .j..1'Dc.aUql.Htl. I.... R.ltn. drop. Thistwobedroom Bomb and one block
Oad. frame home fur1 bedrooms bath
R. aad
24 .
I .. Colonial
BttlBee. crttMia sad tattm plo.. I Ora.e. .pl.n.wa Am I ,
eot. Dr. I. .
\. LANDLORDS will supply yea re.a p 1 Dished Facilities for chickens. en Both electrtcItyte
.. Blrkett has I
? .. 1* atUMte ARE in need of some good fur COLONIAL SECTION 3-bedroom Is ready sple .D !I 1.
r. live IB
sell 4500. sad
Men Price. Men
desirsble tenants free of charte now. on
? Cochran than S7-iOO. Owner wiU good t tmortgage floors large living room
Oly niture. What have you home. electric kitchen. 2-car garage -
I and obligation. Just phone j I i Slayton. Realtor. 32 E. Pine. I a beautiful aaax
u your .
: Furniture Ca. IOU W. Church 8Lpb. nicely landscaped lot. Close in. Call O'H.r.-Mor.. 109': t.e 'lepl.e. full aixed : 'HII.WisI N----
8YSTZM3 I plenty shad cHnat
-, I w".T .c.lep. Oadn.r 1..1 Ea.l. Atency. $ part cash; balance C. Pine Street; 2-2380. dla.t.. .Ith.. two i LAKE IVANHOE-Very close.
.. 2-3 I 1.0 tj fruit. This to truly an
Ia e4i hcMlte.Uttfjjf 8 Co.r' Phole 2-481. Realtor. 2-1747. I I home you win be proud to own
N. .. payment. WE PAY highest for olddiamonds LU. "r'I Very quiet *M ,
e.I 3 ct prl. 'WE HAVE (3 servicechtrte. I c C CLOSE IN-Guest borne first timeoffered adjoining more than comfortable to live In. It
.1- &a to pay. wU Oakley. and j..1 REA. Estate. 29 COLONIALTOWN Well ,I for sale. L. than half There ar* Is unfurnished with 2 bedrooms sleeping town. Price (...
I I.t.
I m. oTla.a$ i UUDI any .0ad'UI. City L. South Court Street. even to Bendix. Good 'Ira.he. mia east ef Orange and day. Can Mr. ? Se porch lovely kitchen hardwood and Ctrter. ...
....lp rO. Or.le. at Cburc1.iiu. I, I bedrooms. Owner must leave. $II off Central. In the b a of the Moore. 1O9 E. Pine. 2-D. I floors fireplace garage. attoe coo Phone A T Carter. SBM

T ABtT lm. I BUY. remove or saw your 49. Business Rentals Hinton Realtor 1$E. Robinson. j best residential section of Orl..do I EAST SIDE--You. be converted Into 2 more rooms. This EA8T.--.
and pin tree Call King Building and We have listed confidentially a verydesirable Is a very nice location. (3OOO down; furnished boat e
txaWa .., Cou than I am If vets ,
. Lumber Company: telephone 7267. I COLONIALTOWN pretty block pro."J with sleeping I .t.e (50 month.Dent contact me unless painting Beetled l.mrse lei
not .* A OFFICE AVAILABLE new office bungalow built for the bargain like this I
2 floors.In
table. Bumby Hardware. W.Church. t.t rooms. had.o yon want a nice home. Harold Vollick (6500. Wilbur SlrIglloS4.
aM ta*. building second Ir. Prm1.. has some features; Aa absolutely repair Very large beautifully I 8. Main. w Church St 5515SOUTHEAST
\ Fuel Oil and Wood . .at. with J. Daniel Kolar 206
Parking in corner lot.
* BMtal Ss I size fine cabinets; throughout. The lady who has lived I P..r 7811. .
KISTAUMANt: I BOOTHS Bet of 4 lease I. oak floors. I at SIlo
Ofaag no Bldg. 672 extra living porch extra 'U'I I
reuid. aize eaol.1
C.rl.. here and owned the property ever
complete Milton Equlpateat FUEL OIL-A fall tank is safer. N. e i I i dinner on. TUe bath LAKE FRONT Modern concrete 015504 15050
r..D.b. laundry and
_ _ I 110. room S years will simply give you the key
I' '
12 St.&AD1.Oa.CA. Phon 8021. Hv your tank filled.A 1 atlJ finest electrical equipment. I home. 7 rooms. 2 baths utility dressing SI.Jvlngrosss. .
.f.fcaATt*! tli. porch c C.rh larger tank Insure coldestmornings. OFFICE SPACE-i or 2 rooms 'o, garage and extra II.ltp and walk out for $4-OOO cash balance room.electric kitchen workshop and .
equipment. Home di5ISr.
I.at O
tsogta Bnag Victor bt.to rent. Excellent payable: at (75 per month. She averaged I b.r.ca. 1
lo.loD f.luu. P.tWy .rDlb.d. 1 ..
Can .. 20O5 .. I "cn. O.r 2-0991 for I .ld beautifully rrl tool house. On 1-1/3 acres well landscaped r- kltcldowntttirs. sod .
.aaa .au ._ .fera.arG1 11. .C.I O'Harr-"ore. on room rentals over $300 per i I 'o swell with palms pines and citrus. ot 0055
3 t.n.
month Figure this out I
lb. thick butt shin STORE 6n N. R.I OI Pt.a. last year. one .
37. Fertilisers and Soils ROM-6.$ MI Of course . Perfect sand beach. Special price and sod ready for
red. red 8'_ COLONIAL 8trHt1 and lets do See Wm. I IMathews D.th -
next GARDENS bl'ln.s
.Jt.. .t .b\ C.Ele' dor. with . Kolar. 2O0 >IS. o.e Noble Smith. Br'e i terms until August lit White Bros824 1 Priced te too 55ment
BUt blend ranch-typo
rU r.l. e' Main; N Mills: 2-1688.
Ila..lo. .IU'OleD.
t. Walter C -
COLD SMOKE-Keep your gtrden Main. 2-4388 or 7811. P. S. This' 691.
L 1* oak
... Csstsl; .ing ._ !(.. .1\ Bt. Ph. and .peat sod healthy.lbo ITRR BOS E W.W1 I lor.woodwork. lt.rlo! property tn no case has been .10.I Ior j EOLA SECTION- I Broker. 217 B arAM

1-3U3 ;
.i'.4- D.t taft easy ..,. 508 BrookhavenDr. ..I kitchen two mo..living offered for sals until ary. J-story borne. LAKEFRONT On s sloping wen
$ araroae IrwaT.itttj. Moo COATUvO-Give your roof a beo. tl. I
.i 6314. is classed AAA. home In I shaded tot. high above Orlando'schoice
Ulltt sew to*** oa 25O 6 gaLeaa. SHOP SPACE wom. dinette sHae I.ID. porch 3-bdrom. lake. A wen constructed 2-
W. Pin
.. furnished. i
attached ,
a ,. At Ouddena.SADIo4ou.1 PU.L-000d rich top .p.ce.a
I >M i Phone 3-4053. en nure .1 value at S8.9SO OO..tra.e .- CLOSE IN-East aide. 4 bedrooms. 3 (separate Ntr.n..I) 2 bedroom bungalow with I large living 1JBt1IUI.M
.. .
classed In kitchen equip- lake.
the SeasonS porment. c porch overlooking Guest house
room apts. furnished.
... ai. .. radio 20% oft A t.A4 P1TY MNUJ. dried and Pul- FOR R-ffc. space front.in Colo t"ore. I..lor. 109 E. Pine Street; fireplace. 135 baths. laundry I per month besides your ao and game room. Beautifully fnrnnished. -
>aM .a 'a.. yovr choir Orlando .I i ur" ( .ca FalrrUla Poul nl.lt.. .21d. lor.. nlc 2-231 I tubs. 2-car garage. Nothing better I age. of Priced (22 500. Partially financed. (10*.
Apply Curry
c I & S.er.1 .rl.t.
.. a.I ,.m. N. Orange: Fam. 4927. Electric roD. Co 643 N. Mills. CLGEpAR-W. have ..excel for the money. See Craig with Hampton t .. Robt. S. Huey with Robert
.. eaDDI.
GIla 2. Broker. 531 N. Orange. 5013.COLONIAL R. Tyre. Realtor. 13 W. Washington.LAKE
kaa r BTCDIO CUC" new. Flowers and Seeds WANED TO LEASE-Large Indus bedroom frame bouse nice I Realtor room 4 Cltral SOOTH sInK-cso
I 1. .4551s5 1 Park phol.1 38. Plants. 3bedroomhome. ...
I I \rl buldlD. 3000 sq. ft. or mor. hoodCash Payment "hbr-I EAST-2-bedroom prewar new ae
I lit.O. FRONT 100x150. with 3
new .
C C.a. 320 Magnolia. ly payments $46 OO 2-car garage completelyfurnished. Uoa trityronven ." duplex.cosupletelr 50550 4-50dy. 5
1 cut rowers .".tl table .ob Price Priced to Hampton . Make. offer. 2628 E. room house. Not completed but liv fueo.S.d tSr -
: AA. For inspection call .
,. 5.1 5. = SODA Cople wIth ; *. We wire Jo- I 50. Wanted to Rent Reggie 171500.with O. P. Swope. I Broker. '3 N. O..... 5013. able. Close to city. S270O. Call Mr.Chabot 000. (4006)nett. ) win 505415 BI .
j I A Florist. ( I"BUtUngez'sl. 6 at 5529 A. T. Davis, 33 8. a 1-
51. ChossI. : Pine: phone 5812. COLLEGE PARK 2-bedroora. din EAST -L .MS
e..t cmp. I Eat SIDE-2-bedroom Main Open Sunday. 2 till 5. I
: .a C.at..Avt.BTtAM : $ Central; 4643. I II APARTMENT OR HOUSE-.By responsible I 2-bed I t ette. Property .. perfect condition.Completely galow garage. Nice tot j!I
a.A CLGEPARK-AUr.eUn LAKE VIEW -On the banks of Kfl- i
=, I family. Radio emplo H. Up extra 'uDI.he 10.80. Large oak I
S .". I margiold ainniaa. C. J. t(SO. Phone 48O7. features you're ..Itl for. meTs.ace Hampt Brok I."ds.p. Mr. Stone .,' I.rney.SPactOUI 2-bedroom blockhouse I Rliuti
lema .
O.. Had.O With plenty of closet asphalt
I r U E Concord Ave. er. 531 N. Orante. I
.a *-&... sow Hat lust Wlt. I a specIs.1lyCut A.RTT-Jotr and year i floors tile bath' and dr.l.. tttl- 51. 4T67.Bailey Realtor. 3 J tile floors built-m laundry tubs and i
CnEnk. I
nnul sa. FI.d Per.a.a& .D A.lom.te .rDe. Atab.d storage space. Garage. A well-built I
boea t and wedding .
He I Phone 5743.APARTMENT3 rage '
r. .lb I..dn t.b. home for only (12.700. For other good
Btu (77 H
= tor Chevrolet Ce11* W. : an.-
Gartens. H. Or. "
'I1 Petty .. I porch] on front. d : KALEY DISTRICT
tlp. I .nfunbe" rooms CAEJRY- CST buys. C. U. Taylor Broker 2916 N.
AW Phone 2-1727. yard: In back. Price (8950. .. SOUTNEAST
a.soto. Ost..4. I close I b7 business woman. Phone : bODe. 2-.r Orange. 5644. -.
.. .. 2-lisa. 1 Sammle ""nrlso. Realtor; room Just finished. 2-bedroom concrete Approximately 1 small .
: ass .O. ii HE.t.Land- c nlr'A : I block home. complete with all eleotrtc .orkahol.'. with LAKE DAVIS SECTION-$6.950 lor ; kitchen ea a hISS eM
c. SOPS BEDt eleUoa af aeaplng Ce. Phone Winter Park 35. APT OR HOUSE3 or 4 rooms COLLEGE pARK-vm. Lake kitchen: P financed '8i. Pryde. .. 5. Well. 0 this 3 bedroom bungalow In good i lot will be asailsIlo
er 6 _.
WsoiT I nished. I child. .I. condition tbna Close to bus and
\ tad Another SSaM with ely tlmeat
lbs..... Mops .. Collet .. Furoltr C.S PALMS-Coco* ptamooo*. 4 t* 7-. S 3-0761. Ext. 1299. O A A B. uafu-I u. 4 bedrooms. 2 .oak rage: ready br..y( ... EDGEWATER HEIGHTS- stores. Call us early Monday on this I I Call O Maria-11

I .550 1N' .. r.rl bltb. (4 ..cb set ... 1411 5.Au.ella4ve. APT. or house; local family. large floors double garage. ..n'II' room j.j.prl.tl. Another-With 2 0. screenedporches 2 story tile'. residence one Rex-McGUl. Realtors 128 N. j>| IOC I.- .-: 2-23W .
.. 7195. I .r.n.d-I" b..F. L Orange. 4147. I Ii
_s; .I : desire nice ael.lbrbo guaran than c.t. t.r. : priced at 9440. alhe.. .. I..r.r.. . &75UR5-.Jpst suOsa
SHRUBBERY Larte flection, 1 excellent refer I Roper 1.0. auncl. See these new homes on Snnnytowati itEVIEW 3 bedrooms. .r..i I Ibo.
a T .9.' aE beautify your bom*. Mussel. ..; 4807. e.r prm.n Dt I 2-3433. R.II7. CI.nh .; j i Road la CaINP. Hlbb.rd Caaselberry e. 132 S. Main: phone e97. ... Newly redecor.t' lasSO.iand I novae g.50a.SMi with 3 beirseso tuomthsi o. Os
Nurseries. B. Princeton. I. ; Winter Park 2-2221. EAST SIDE-In out. Listed at S775O Owner says i
Plaa yomr ki. around the newamertcaa I 1 OR COTTAGE-Small CHEROKEE pARK-3 bedroom bun .J- : i I ia get) aelwhaerhoatlunfumlihPd 50
StrickI I
i -A trwteN-la.t.n.d-7-_ New tfeaita. sowbesoty. from town. 'urDhe lance is this very get offer must selL Wilbur if Osoleed 55
.. ak. I 39. Livestock and Supplies .10. 1 bath large 1.la. room with an extra large I land. Broker. 23 W. Church St. Ph. I b.. withEastPtae 0 P _
...C .. .tor... e. (o"PI. En.ln' rfe.n.. Call with fireplace full size rom I .-porch and a screened 6675. II
5 D .u. ti-a new .t- ..b I : WTU- large modern all CLOSE IN-Here is a lovely dutch | _, Mawaa
-. ..50NI.rIIwsI OB PlaMio a' .fe RABBITS AI HUTCHES WillIs liens cn write 3'Orlando. back .ltrl tleb.D. colonial home. Or guest horn Irel .Itl.laundry tlb. LAKE CONWAY_ and cottage. sournjurrhasss
... wn door, New heavy .,Ibt. Chin 8rle prcl .It that has floors .te. House I 207 ft. lake frontaie 367 '. deep:

v MUSs ..! D1 Drawer of .. chillas. Tulyval Rabbit B'Del on A. OR.HOUS&Fr.--o tlb.. Offered 10' car beautifully garate. J lOUt 5 hard.o I'. ,t trou.1 l.tb.I floors and h..r pil." Furnished and I: 1000. or will divide ... Ph. I street ..of.throe.. all.I.
steel rounded corners sod for quick Clarcona: Rd. 4 mil west I I 01. 2-6132.
In shape.
cleaning.Walter la.r. desirable location. Call Tex Cofer. furnished for only 1.5.tn. A II.eul.. L for Call Margaret ThIs caai beSpeak bo .
r.t-a.. eU I Exclusive lovely corner lot. that 110.5. PARK 3 2 I'---
114. I.a.t. lla. .H 22380. 109 LUCERNE bedrooms. I r. sod
W J. WUcox I 1 X. Robinson: RKQANSBULL BKRYIC5-Wo sips B S..a' Harold I landscaped has a 2-car garage O.H.r..o. I kitchens large powcb_ 2-car gome. -ea. Issosel *
554 2
rounded 1936. : bedrooms
haul .. Phono Winter Park 52LRIDU4G : Here is example of .
I ks ., r. I year tenants; respectab'e' Re.ly 20 E. Washington 6t. rear. an room EAT SIEE. lok Near 111.2 and rt"J. LeslIeconverted Mr .1. 5155
.I 'dor 5124. sue. Living room 12x27. Demandsquick .le. S8SOO. I| IS50SIPI..
.J 4 a m aM .eUV&t I couple old baby. a. : sale owner leaving. trtment. Located on high terms Asher Peter. Realtor cor. Cen-

I G M .HEC" ..r" blU eye. In V." ..pllte:8 Eu.. 2-71...10. 1495 I CLGE PARK-location.Recently blnL\i iequipment Busch with Sam .11.5.Mr. f shaded lot. Apartment bat : traIsndMap2.07S6. | jilf..

"WoeAt' .. t '! S living room
F fn"t. 25S...D.n. 2-3163.EDI Btn. Co. FOR SALE or trade for beef rattle. GUESTHOUSE Furnished. Main 3-bedroom bun- O.a.e. 2- 53.CLNILTWNFnme 'n: Use for I 'n: I NORTH END-Attractive furnished 2- to jinn .

.... I T Jersey cewt. Call 2-3261 ar highway or good location yearly galow. Tie bal.. d garate. I bungalow. build. (5500. Thelma Kincaid I bedroom prewar frame bungalow.ImmedIately !'i Realty C. _
I .. ___ _IrS UiQ MACHINES Factory r.I basis responsible n.id.Dt. May we yo. one today for I lr.; non central F. 672 N. Orange available. A sound value Bldg J-3**.
> 1c ..aD. tike aew pn I'oralo. Box prm.n.D only (9 50O. S Geo. Brass 1..lt. beet. blinds steel casement BI.D. at (8500. Don Dud... Realtor 2I I SOUTH -
I 288 2-551.
P.t. k.
e9". A WI..m 64'. 8t.r. Co. 19 E windows. 6O lot. Price 4745. Home 6748.
40. Pet Stock and I. 110.5
Supplies batb. ptetrtyBeth 01
W .ss, ..,. n. I-nu. shoE SICATZS-GlrIs; m. 5 ; silo HOUSEFmibr with 3 bdrom Ann Goodwin H.r.. ELIZABETH 8T.-2 I 5.050. sear Sr soS 55.05 2

u..8I eblIns ...1.. PboD 2-8 f COCKER SPAI-1 PUPPIES 4 I.nfe.I.&Wrte Ba I I Inc... Broker; 677 ..; dial Pneet.School 3 NORTH SIDE-.- Roomy 2 bedroom 545. terso 05..E Pile..
BTUL LOCKERS: .. and small weeks ..ltr. pedigreed SS..r. CEI PARK: : 855.COLONIALTOWN 'rm. fenced frame bungalow. New roof. Newly 2. A. Or. A.
50ot *. r. HOUSE or apt. for Orlando decorated. 1 car garage. Paved street. .
C: 'o borne offlct. commercial stock. Phone 2-38. .aY. -Home and Income. scaped yard. Large rooms. 2 I ii -
$t > Ca ct any otherextra DOG FOOD. Kribblet and couple. and 2-year-old dauht A well lo.t 2 story 3 bedroom 5-room and tie bath on the frontof porches attic ventilating Quick possession. Completely fur 3-coo. ; _
.4 psle y65it'e
t X.I.O Hroms. Call 7152 .9 home dining nished. We consider this an A-l buy
*M .pa without remedies and o : rm. rom the lot; on rear of the lot 4 reduced price: (7350 for .
ajaa psr4).go .tt partlttoa tnak TO b.U I X-cel Store. Dial sppl.. I BOUSEVD.mi.he. 2 or 3 bed- kitchen. l bath down. 2 car ,.. room and roU.. They are See 'hi. Can Ben Field for (8.5OO. Already financed. Settee I or
> N CwUtg* rsrt.1Z.ubiwts. .. Pridgea'g. Orang "o..r Tni I rm.pr.fe.bly suburbs with plenty of closet pace. 11.0. (6000 both at 19 terms. (45 .. Realtor. Camgan Investment Co. 25 W. Washington St. : "ilia.8fuOiauIIn

.. ,. lotn Bt.i TROPICAL FISH-10-gal. aquarium. 'I! optoa of buying. Call Wln- cash. ceiling on cottai. Busch with N. Orange. 2-4551.- Phone 5513.NORTHEAST. .
p.o.p so..p S7.SO. Platty varieties. cacn. ter Park 05Srobes .
i U Hutchins. 409 S. Orange;
I S10os.s.dLlwotC..324 TYPEWRITER Royal portable like C. Bill. 1226 N Ran S.D 2-8. I'rt .
i Agency Realtor C C aertIna.
MM aew. $43. West WaaaingtoBStreet. bnll. j I BY EARLY PALL Two-bedroom I: S EAST I
a7.C II,I I 10 :' TRPICA FISH-Largest selection I house (unfurnished er partly furnished 1: N. O-.. T.L 51I. i rLNILrWN-BUulo. home SIS l om. SECTION_. with 2.17.7
..uu.on* } area. A..r'a. ); . lon II two 3-rooia apartments upstairs .
sov _u _Bt PS.Lvtiti 'I TRAILER .b.45. O. H B]I' plies. B.f Ca.r. 138 RldtewoodDr. 1 to S 1.t.leulct. .tr. with'I place large front porch .lpID.. 1I E..U.a'Mills. with private entrance. Also 3 bedrooms Mc. 2-55dy
Wit St.. Conway 1 .. .. Winter Park. ..I b m Rl.bl. blocks to shopping ultew. 130 !.r I take
of l.ra. Pittsburgh .. AVE. SECTION Furnished I downstairs one with private ** :
R.- Sam Johnson Co. BIDE-Exclusive '
; Jh4 .,. aO trooL TYPEWRITER sonable. block .r. 20 price aoBB
8t.adl VD.r _Write Box 230 8-Star. new 2-br. home j I entrance. Income now (115 per eaots
wood Delta woo* I.t. : 41. Poultry and Gas kitchen. ( (2OOO. want I 2-bedroom sleeping p" month with spacious living accommodations i our extra attitalMtthews _
"- M 1& $e.s' .
$0 Wlhln SOrtIE long bed 183 Bumby. Supple REMd..r. .business cou .. ofe. Ropr R.altJ Church and i on.ClLGE PARK-Modern 3-bedroom dining rom. . for owner downstairs. Price; wtth JB Sr55s1Th .
I house Will sell furnished
1 .r..t. or : cement block construction prcl or (16.000. Ask for Paul Hardmaa with I Mala
_ _ _ BABY CHICKS-Tuxedo .
L No F St or partly fur Craig '
TCa.twpWa io-i-
.aa-. U. 8. approved 'larm.a' located on 10n. 2-.r garage. Ihr. .1t H.mpt. Martie William Realtor. 21 West SOOTH -'
an iittenueng ni'eDU W II option buy. Phone I COLONIALTOWN-$6500 buys a I I
.. M edging.UM . ln..7 tde Ap- 906 W. Church. 2-281 or 433.a"be Pbl. t \1 I bro. bungalow with oak .3 Asbestos r'. .Y. cty. SOI. Washington St. Phone 5104NORTHZABTAltractlve. I lake I.
.n. I $11.500. Allen FERNCREE& aVE N.
1 "ohln. Rltor. 14 -. 7111i
paved street. School j *
0550. stores
L O'NeU -
. .. PASTOR N.
CCK. a Pn.t desiretwobedroom house corner oa 3
-l.----- hi. 14.1 TILE year bath and kitchen in.n;' ed .. lr. futu"e or .p.nmeat. T.adults. Phone and Hastints.bus clone. The Buyers Broker." i j Hom Or.n... 11 "SDll Ins trees. 6 p.ne srt. well built: I Lovely _i
proof Permatile; tree I livery. 'd poultry .lpPU County Realtor. 62 t. E. 20 ft*rom glassed I 2 large sleeping porch i screened _
Sales. .mt.. Orl.I'o X-.1 4GR1.PATR Arcade: 4237. C..lrej j COLLEGE PARK-Here It Is. what nn. Automatic :mah. Venetian I! ly new .
etl P. 2 Or I Sor. 0.1 2-34. : $16000. Howard.
-.. NEEDS apartment yon have been waiting for. =
Only tat
tiee D.I HINB-Mrs. Lawi: 1' . COLNITOWN- from i 0.r. N. Main: 7325. i I Good terms. rear .
.. 'LYIO rtaee. Sp 1Pr.a. 3 borom.oak no..t..lr Roulstone. Realtor 2-2532. bearing fruit ,_
_CkvrchBVTTB VACUUM Lincoln A,.. Orb Vista. Quiet eeatr' s. frame fur | 5-ss
CNEVlnrN I me. Pi. 485. corner i
CP' lo GU-USB.
Bz bouse with glassed 1I0. m.1 I NORTHEAST-SECTION lauMry aM $25
all .I.pm. T.onar'old.
Hew, taaee11 with LAYING WIll ten an nished. T. -
alt..a. Dn BEs. or HOUSE-Coupl* with small baby. screened front .1 Oua. .tr. 0. Weir By.iett
H .le. *MWHIB1M
porch and 2t. BO"Dd S .
.. 3-bedroom frame _
102 borne _
$ ttieriftr (I Wr C".rel part. couth Cheney 2-4551. house much I wits
. Ba. a. a D furnished house er Bo. needs some "P.' Pn1 "nll.w -
1. siding, oak floors throughOut
-e.1 VEGETABLE I Hwy Rd. Attgtrn 15th. for a medium
0. I is COLONIALTOWN Stucco duplex ,
B Wb. .DDe Fo.pproz' outstanding value at ,
Six rooms. Nte corner lot. two lag* oot.ry
W\&r vegetable s months. While with All fur house. It Is a square
-. .1 Iaoz & CD. N. H. REDS one week old; open .tl t b H r.a. Allen Johnson. with .ra. apartment. car ..ar..e.cpU.s' condition. root hotaoBVctric .
.t. 2.. Pin*. 2.313. I .nnl.Ll. O' T. Woods ChickCo. I. rDpeer.! Ph. 2-103. 14O N. ; 8612. ''Specialising inCOLLSGE I nished. (75OO rash will ".ad. .&Call with rooms cool and corner bath rm.upstairs" Immediate occupancy aa honest ..._It
; .
-.I A: VENETIAN BDT. best costs I, I .aU.D B UNTIL NOV. 1ST-Loctl couple with owner 23.2.CLlHAL living dining room I. value at (11.50O.OO. See Reggie Mof- tag reees klubnvd M'
S. a* saor 5 W. Central. way 1-9. I weU-behved 3-yetr-old dsughter.IDtsfurnIshed PARK-835OO down and I GARDENS WO and ern r." and a bedroom fat with 0 P. S._. Realtor. wO Let .
.. ..lOs Orlando Ph. .55(. NEW HAMPSHIRE KENS-15. good .Call Mrs. R move into a prewar modern bunga. 1. Furnished. L. corneriot closed sleeping porch with Cast Pine:_Phone 5812. Fruit sod .5050

L Heat and .d| I.n. (2 .I Telephone 2-7O I dle. *706.I low .Ufl'uml" Everything "I5. Screened worch. A full NORTHWEST good old fashioned I 250. tOrso Jso.eI
y.1p"L do..tr.
4shsala.4. ahl" '1'. floor > LEGHORN HENS. I business floor fur '.. New ealnelD and fD control .
ba'WHI laying CLNILTW man. per. Iclde. V..II.n bld. laundry bungalow with large comfortable
II' 5.151 .. top etc. Mills and Nebraska.VENETIAN . 2 I desires wall s. Gardner Estate; 29 CO" .tD.tl j 501eWSWT05
.I. Lw e. D" 1 months aid. 1.$ each. D.Da n.ld.at 2-bo. .&c. S& Price (16 6OO. Can Noa rooms. Stucco oa steel lath construction. :-Y.
yard tools. Price. 10800. dial -
Pb. .nnr'l 2-481. .
.Solkosd.a.wt&1 Custom built. 1030 Street. .nf.rlb bO.. 2-Tl. The O'H.r.-Moe 109 E. Hardwood floors. 2 bedrooms. P.
B er's .
. P.- .. Special sq. ft. Flvedtydelivery. -RO.HOUSE Can make E. BrokerHastings. Realtor. COLONIAL GARDENS-Another plo. 223.WDBOR2 glassed la sleeping porch. Close to C.euv WoeS _
I krv nrtce*. Radbffl Venetian Blinds Co,I 4S Apartments for Rent \ a.dr. Long time ..rp.& ... I Central (Arcade: 4237. : two bedroom frame ar bus line ia new development of t. Ute sso

b, CaT PhOB I1M. 1(36 Hollenbeck Dr.: phone 2-11. .Iln l.f.r. Phone 2-M. I, reeieway. .u..b" garage > modern homes. (8850. mostly fanttstoed. hosted r 505.

** -P APARTMENT room dotl WANTED Smali efficiency COLLEGE PAK < room roat, tot. C.I H.r B..t. Brl r. 12 Garbage disposal t About SOOO required. -att wAs .
..I .P.n block with : O _ _ _ _ _ kltb. Haclt -'NeaL Realtors 50,.
***** VTVETIAS BLINDS dtyt front and back e.lr.Dc ment partially furnished. I W.tue rf. D j I ; E. Boktnaoa 50 5.
n.r Why buy cheap .lnf. bath. (54. Couple only.. S3* a Summerlin. lady permanent resident. Ed.rly 3 room cottage beside ho. rnlr I i COLONIAL GARDENS Frame ba place. Living -fB..J: oa I I : dial 2-3753. Priced ot .

k -':; Metre-Pa- can get the for bUd few cents Sar. Bx % (35 per mODII Lot l0'sI5'. t i galow tot 75 by Nicely B5xl3C. Only 125 yards from ORANGE BLOSSOM TRAIL and 3 ck .55 to 05 sol &
I scaped. 'T rooms used as ful Lake Holden. Price ( i St. A fine onSMIC.ntlaoed-.
travel, eotalra. moret Made Orlando by Cal CLOSE IN-3-room. bath 'aralr APARTMENT For bachelor.! U5 .'urh'. ; corner lot wills good
Washington St. I .
Bhoex 103B .t 18X13 Edgewater Or. ph 2 First floor gar ate. .dlt B l L Phone SIr.oruse R.lor. 1 I roe property. Good .lb t.ra Tee Tan oak and citrus trees-speclsl ante
.. I
S-Star. e7L P.1 $10 i perfect shape. Harry Bet McKenzie; 104 W. (6.OOO on terms. McK Je.y. Real Es- --

k1adiL J C.b. I Jr"". 8253. Coloniait000.n.o.mn. 4775. J>tate. Room 8. M E. Central. [ o. 9e4 s.4

\ .
r -J '" - T ._ --- .. .
J. - ,._ .
. .". .. c ...<, _".-. ...- < ..'- "- --
: u & ---
- I. - -j-- :" v .t .: - t -. .. -- - --- ..-- . -. - --- -

-- .

.. .--.


-. .

L .... .......... .....J II I I 12. Groves for Sale 55. Country Property for Sale I, 57. Real Estate ExehanrrdFELRAM Mister Brcgcr ,I 66 Sales Help Wanted I[I 74.: _Autoa-Tratilfra WantedGET I I rian&n tHtt'l

jjk n..... tW Kate I tAKI FRONT GROVE Sad .oader FAIRVILLA SECTION II ..and I RA. 3333-Owner win I REAL ESTATE SALES HELP Old I TOP CASH PICI for your ear MON.. JULY 28.

- ..taT k??. *IU3* .ere lad 4 room bouse. Fertile land fine aPt .aU .* a* par paymenten .t.blshe firm Will furnish (Ood regardless of model Used :,:4 i

.w' __ 'Tv. __ Cs. .. la STows; 1 .1. for fo..r. bulb and ...t.bl. 18 this residence. Call wad C.l 2 I Car Exchange 219 W. Washington

*, ....-" e> ila rai ten_ SIs ,.... arc 11..c'0 ft. lake front bo.. good well .Icrl' WILL TRADE-Attractive. furnished St. Phone 2-2. ,,76. Traile -Trufb frr Sait'FORD
*> 'W D. .... ..... age. aa 15 and REAL need
$ r i . e. ao.. Lake .Iaae pump. orange I home at Mederra Be.rb St. Petersburg ETAT IALYAN-W. out D VARNER INC. want buy '''
haaa. la A real for a n.d t o
bargain Some
..... p'.. ......,.. ...... "*.. I7'f2If > ted 600 f. F. terms if wanted. If 18.5. to work for Orlando Park ?Tr lairs orean izatlon. ConfidentIa.terslewn ; auto or truck and par tp meter-mi new Tatar eiat M". urea
residence. Call Winter Park 116 'i ,
. . between 10 and 3 prices immediately. D Varner
'-'" dlv Iu .- ) a m pm J
> and mak real her i ,
. .. 1.5.7513.ResItor.. 37 W. WashlnORANOI *- 1m. mOi.' between 8 and 12 a.m. Studebaker Sales and S "tre. 234 C.I 2-9411 far detail
... e... -..... oea your opportunity. See Mr. Stewart o las Rob L Pryde. Realtor; 668 -
c.ss with Harold Shepherd Realty Co. I Orange dial 2-5. W. C.at.' Are P. 2-316 FORD-TU 1940b -
: .., :: -r. = 2 57-1. Beach Property
S. 4 M BLOSSOM TRAIL N-8i E. Washington St. Phone 5124. I ___ SPECIALTY To null SPTCASKI'for your .ed car. I *. la' _. TU
.._. W I Over See ft SALESMAN I.I i Your Packard I
----s 01 Ms.' .iI'I .. "r. of 8848
h..1 1 Orlando's beach. D
S -- "'" tjwatag*. t.is..u. GGTHA Excellent 6-room frame CA BEC .jm el.l.n and sewing mah'je 342 N. Oranz A.e Phone
M..... .5. L. bungalow I screened I the onlr realtor -- adequate ale" FORD-I 5SS-Ti*
3 porches. On
. ho.
.. .. T* rr Inc. 677 I
$ AT Xeeetr favorably S11.
baa and
.... -. N. Oraa**: 9855. 3-acr sroie plot overlooking LakeOlivia. : over tbrr. Iot bo. ... imm:'*!on Apply In person truck =: CM MM Mg >
>' .. .
huaavan I b Plenty chicken houses. Quick located reasonably Pric- Mi: FfrgOMin. Sears Roebuck j jSALE5MAN GET cMD"MINUTES Any to ao ..
< >* a iae_ omen ORANGE .d. I _
GROVE-Aa In- M. J. Broker land.
: .. : .aloa rrI Sllla.-AI".oar
11. local t I
s diaa Rlvr Orange of 20 I 132 HARBOR and Ca. wllaCor SOI N A. I
. 1' CA"AVE I Motr. =
/iit i9305"tsolP0gt05'
Hf* .. .... of I'I .. exclusive t-cts for \orMust FOR '
'"" ,- .-. .n. 8dl. TURKEY SECTION bA nan can-tnortly I ; and you'll buy It Olin ( -
fS : Tempi & sal. ocean and river frontal : : i
= -
i ii .
'Awrtreya : i If married UQfOte I 142 N 2-4347
aarf ma* : 10 ta 17 years old. bet of I.ad.101 house partly fur See picture In my window of ' I K.OI: O.rI"

..- _- tM eeatets>, Met. In the River I albed. Ga tove. refrigerator and meat dredges now at work.Oo.n. < X.' Manacer Int.r..ln. WE NEED CLEAN CARS-Pay top G"M. C. 194fl Lari _
lel. .eI '
-.< e a_. .. heater deep well 1 ''. 0 PIT. 1602 Ave. .
I IJnol.
Irrigation t.M' !
close to a ho. .1 ..It eI 8.. Broker. |I IiLs" ( prices Colonial Motors. 1239 East : tires.
eer.: : ... .. toe* excellent iowa and community pump. Large bedroom SALESMAN=We hatean opening for Colonial Drive. Ph 1947 Tag.- n-
fls lc. : "I c. of and will I brooder and tool house and tractor TEE -
It .t. II I five an outstanding isles promotionII ; uses car.
.m i. IteI .t$. As.rL $15 . roa. J.m.na C.rI I Price. 11.0 terms. Jan Br04 235 of .lthl Beach; $ furlI .r who i* a producei. Exception-I M a AB .
..... Mr. Realtor. 70 Pin. N. o.a Co _
: .. 1M Phon MI 5. ,and balance less than H .1 I current and future earnings for : TAt
T. Carter. '
51.PDCNO AI NICU 4-room frame home on 20arres ; rent. Pulsipher Realtor Cocoa the m.r wr select Give experience 75.Cstd Cars for Sale Baa faU_
In murk. Beach.2OO U fUetlcr: Box 240 S-Str f. electric
w. :
.- .=:.. :: :: GROVE-15 .cr.. and : facilities P.ncd. L.bt'i ___ I Boor 3O8 S BaaheyHOUCE "
H BUICKS 1941 Have two to choose
Pineapple. .1.1 > -
V.I.I. FT. RIVER FRONTAGE near f are"lnterestedin
.4. S -.- -.4 ...... -. t be best at a 0 .. ] Just ., you han been looking for. 1 Ocean. Wonderful alt* for cottagesfor __ IP YOU rA'5ZL, and with from On red sedanettc and one - jSf

_a't.- ..sr.. eAr .... $Oo. Kia* Real Estate. 30 E. Church. 10. E. F. Slayton Realtor 32 E. J I people of moderate circumstances. J- ; >pe product green 4-door sedan. Tas pll screened TnPI4.

I .., ...... fw -. I P$435. Pil.. $651. i k Pulsipher, Realtor; Cocoa Beach. Fla. 0..r.tee, earning possibilities cad Olin Used Cars 242 M. 10i 91.000.00. Carolina Trades =
( t'T.
--_ r .... ...*.,. I Phone 8 evenings. ; 2-1' 4S14. : 125.
I..... ... --- ... .. rL IF YOU ARE ISTETE in country I, = :0
.. .TOO LARGE BEARING and lake 10 acres I- EmploymentAgencies_ BUICK 1 48 .lei-sedanett INTERNATIOKAL iisiC'
58. Krai Estate \\anted .
-- pe ... .......-..- Las sill absolute frost proeUoa.TEE of house land.with 3OO ft.shad iske and frontage citrus 6-room trees. f) lltt N new.:.3SnW.deOr'l I j 8 at IMS West -A.loJL" .

.. .... ...-.. I Irani.sod full crop Bet ACREAGE. and BRWN'S EMPLOYMENT AOENC .
'.UII sad t. Price $1.25O per .0pro"l.tl.41-. miles from our of- I business OROVE. BOUSE "Us. Registry I IOU BUICK 1942 Roadmaster sedan.l j i _

.: r Jr-- -I. ..= ., ...."... 430$. pointment. The road price-Call for ua all for this ap- al I Call us proprl..at to ne.e. Clyde work om. 10 515 W. Ce.ta II you very clean. III Harley W.d,I heavy load. 1947 ta*. $17*..M* ,.

.4 r.. _____ CO s.... ... property 1. terms. $50OO 'I' McKenxie. Broker 104 W. Central; cant' rall 6326 "orh.-liN._ OaD. 81. .U.. _ _ _ _
...... W....., 11.5 I BUICK 1941
I: .r--- I cash and $100 10nt. The house 271.ACRE. Su.rSeanNe BOUSE
and the fruit .r grove willaveracere homes. businesses and 69. Work Wanted-Female. moo.. driven SUM exeeOeM T-

,w .. ...--mo-i; ONE OF OUR BET OFFERINGS ntal Income of $100 per .10.. Buyers waiting. Courtney mie. Harley Wad..or. 61S 863 N .e: :z fresa-..

... I..,,. .:: month. The time to buy lake frontproperty Rull. 392 N. Orange: dial 2-247. APT HOUSE M"AGEW'Dtrd oymldn.eaged Or.I 6.BV SPARTAN-Choice af every nm*-<

..w. ..SI. W ...... tO-Acre* bisey bearing grove *pBeogimately i* when the owner i* anxious I ACREAGE Homes. Groves. Business 0.1.: uc".h ref rxpneDce'. K-II3 tudor. A-1 condition ants the beat Save saw

:- ....... At... wtaa.BMUCtt i I, U.O but clean to sell and will consider a reasonable Property. as you shop next 8 erences .1.5. h. east of Flo Reed Trailer Sale 201 H.a.
..1p,. ... Inn AIM .bl' .cre of offer. Mr. Lane with HermanOoodwdm. "Sto. .
I I to Fla. list It with GeorseKlttredxe 10tSEKEEPm-for ladycouple. eX Cal HI.b.al _ _ Blossom Trail
.55,45.4 ,
pasture atot.d with purebrad. Inc.. Broke 677 N. Orange 17 East s.niunsm... . bath
Roadmaster custom
Soa R.altr. Rom. BUICK 1947
Meclatered .o also
I r.'I. ....... needs Ou.r.. ; 855 or 666. Central -: j; "He says we're old-fashioned without INDIRECT rook____good mages B. j sedan. 2OQO mile Phone 7935 furinfonmstion. 8PARA.-Yor.nt it MM.
... ... II o -
.particulars : RELY want a nice place I Frank Trailer Ml
lta with "Br.t.I' this is opportunity WATD2 bedrooms i I lighting! PRACTICAL NURSE-Phon* 2-2508. ; 1936 2-door sedsn. Orange Blossom .
tt-u_. I .. S ... .... s>bn Sumpsa8.ta. horn and income. CJos to cltr near I mod.r A.ouad $10.- -------- ----- __ i E\iOL. perfect condition.OUns. a like
WC-- .... r i. ..'IkL Conway section. up-to-date poultry Francisco. Realtor SPAHTAEIr- en -
0. R 60. Business Opportunities 61. Services SHORT ORDER COOK-First Class.References. 142 N.
Rank Loans
Ic. Gal.Dd. 2-34 I
.. _
P ....... flu.I. farm. have the best egg producing . Arcade: 7407._ : .
Phone 2-4839.
BUICKS Ai wen models I
5OO a* ortu on brand new
2* PERFECT GROVES 10 ta Sept..traa. I.nr now 1200 by I j DRY CLEANING ESTABLISHMENT FIRST NATIONAl BANK ma.mat I Mce sleloa. Trailer Sales. 201 N. Or an 1=
acres full bearing; good I I mo.n home. !, BUYERS ARE HERE! We have Inquiries All Close to center of a ,..; "ate, m",,'"a.e Io.n deinrtrt. 0. Work WantedMaleCAItPENTRIBulldlne. H N. Orange Ave
: Completely 2S acres .qUI c R!J sees T.1 _ _ _
... varieties: Orange and Lake ; pro daily for home grove tc.n. .' O r( :, )n: to .ne you PRone 640. .fe p m. call 4641.VROLTIHI

: r.wawawa toratsaaa. Priced .than SI.000. try ducU. ll. '11' a..11 built 5OO J business loaton income propertiesand Gardner Real Estate. 29 South Court f aserar.d bitter H".ce _ _ _ cblnet repairs Fleetllne Aero 5.- SPARTA" MANOR know- It's..004 ISa
: STVtm arr* with good terms. Buy coodma. I hou5. .ecmmo.UI. lots property with us dial 2-4481. nnr 1
reaaa each. St I! No job small nor too . Used
seed Save em new
... .... SSS .. b.44.4 take .. of it and I .C and .tor. Oar. Abundance of for immediate cOI.ld.r.ton Bb't L.Pryde fixtures and mer I INSTALLMENT LOANS cost you tent iarae. Fhon to or 2-8574. 742 N. "IPp.: Ola. Frank Spartan Reed 1'8 ..

... .---.. tak ear af you. "I. T.a.r. large b rom. trees and subtropical I Raltor. 118 I. ". 2-1 j i ORoa-STORE t sell once First National Bank. Compare Ca Oaa. phoD 211.DIC193 Blossom .le S.1 .
.. .ra. clr. I :, 40.- ange _ _
P. ".U' 145 N. b't'd'n !! these yrs X t.o 12
L De.... I, !8o. advantage of due 'nO"i to : costs. When the loan for PhL''E-PETOR-g .. ..P 1300 AvadMBIfew
h. Ood
e4.kOeM. this swell opportunity. Quick buyer GROVE-HO.EBaSIJE i for alone. $100 you get $ 93-P.m.lt. 8 34 I mi. u .
tlor. w
Church imtftH
I,,13 Acreage for Sale I sets all this for tlJ.OOO. Ph. 9723. I i m.ton phone 9742. $ 15. you get IJPumelt. 12 5 in September. State 81.11 and bOla, 5_ .ml.r. "
I .
Don Mount *
situation. Pu- Coleman (
Realtors. ltrDn Inc. S you get ins CADILLAC-1940. CraIP"lnto.D .. -

..1.w.7Ta. =-an.:: WAY SECTION 10 ;; I 1173 N. Orange An. Phone '234.I GROCERY AND MARKET Direct $ 3.IOU get 279-Payments 2 0 lash! III. See It to Dollies a.nl.. bottle (.. .
tfit rsd. claetrle line I $ get 372-Payments PAINT AND BODY j I Sunday or weekdays after 5. 2422 Al. Tr.d
4 from Bargain at
ta owner. WOR-Puma- S 17-M
: 5f tarns an* corner FOR THE TIRED AND 120.0. $ SOO. you get 465-Payments Formosa O.n. Tra
I aEE HOUSES WANTED-We have resident
$1.I neat
Box 274 5SI.r.GROERY .
I pro Te. a.lns
-r. d.r'
I* Good neighborhood pests for 2. 3 and 4-bedroom '10.you get 930-.Psments 83. car dealer as manager or foreman. CHEVROLE- 1941 Special Deluxe. t
..ad barilla at i iI Fish in your own 9 acre ssndbottom monthly payments 12 ENJOY YOUR vacation .
home location 18 Salary Chevrolet in .
1715.0 .ra. I goad Call W. montl. years experience. or per-
:: }:1; I I dawa sad $1$ RealEstate. spring lake which the owner B 0 location dome Payments for 15 months are 11250. Orl.ado. I nation ta UM worlds
Avalon Wadsworth
. lolth .1 Realtor. ; 14 am.lr : O. 429 I _
5 .. Room .. 64 E. C.at.Lr I Is full of bass lust a begging Nlcboloa 2-111 a 4.00 .rO bu.m.. Figures Include life insurance 1 r.ata.. E Oranae. Halrl tral'e. Spartan Manor Sara
.. l.t :sI =- fly. Together with a two bedroom Mia 6eHOMS .. $65 per Stok I loan in case of death The I 197 a demonstrator. Frank Reed TMfltr
l4 .. ... LTlCl 40 acre oa nice lake I bungalow tenant house and 40 acres 'I fixtures will Inventory the price ask I National Bank at Orlando. 4th Frt. REGISTERED Real Estate Salesman CRL '4lbubn-al 201 Orange BlmsosB
,._ P I IJMe Sear Maltland. S4OOO term AsherPeter. of land. Some terms. I ed of $7.OOO See Mr. UtIle with Harold life-time selling experience in varied i 5.1. I T.UESDar&a'

.. Realtor. Cor. Central and 110.5. WANTED-W* need 2. 3 and Shepherd Realty Co 20 E. Wash- lines but real estate. Can Garland. 2-4347 ____ ..ae.a 15

............-t ....-.. ". 207(6.CtKafpRONTAOE. I Hall Bro.. ArDr,. Rultor.. 11 N. I I. bdrom homes furnished or .a-I ln.ton St. Phone 5124 i t>H. _Loans Lip to S300 I take supervision new and in appreciate assistance CHEVRLE-I9J 2 door sedan S29 2 Frank Reed .Traitor salt .to*
a i
._- Orange A.. . 189. priced for immediate GENERAL CLOTHING STORE On I Local home resident. bust- ti(
: = -60 acres on 2 13\ (.tl.t1'39 201 N Orange Blossom Trill
= Joe O. W.
Myers. Realtor. Wash
.. I 29 AUTO. Furniture. Diamond .
3 n. -
lake Will make excellent camp j one of best corners city. Established lo.n Late model faith grade car. Full tune. .roup. Moton S
p.1.. Sils. IM 303114.. Electricity. $50 per icr.. Term |, I ington. Dial 8881 or 6638. I 15 rears. ..1 to suit I purchaser I Economy Finance . Box No. 266 S-Star. X 4644 5--WEORs" ,
.1. 1Save
Ii: - .S05t. 50. HI. .. with Herman Inc.., 80 "CEsal dwelling. 15 acres I Box 243 8-Stsr. Burger. Manager. 1006 Metcalf Bulld- CHRYSLER 1941 convertIble An'' I. n.sn.Trader

Braker. 877 M. Orange; Ow f.nc.d Pi* tteht and bull I HOUSE WANTED-We have prospect I GROCERY AND MEAT MARKET lag Phone 2-O339 EXPERlNc"DVERnI'O MAN ,\I outstanding car like new throughout. n. a . Blimaa Tr
... 0 ......-, 88S. !I .trola 137 .. Lyle with Her- for modern 5 and 6-room homes i Actual value of property and stock. CASHLOANS-Qulckiy mace on f.r I 1 Capa- May be seen at 636 Park Lade I 8alu 201 1 o." '
.... --- I ....s. -- Sad ..aU t ACRES In the right loea- I O.la Inc.. Brokers. 677 It. '' If your house Is for sale call Allen I I Call ..591ORORY niture, autos and diamonds. ble handling complete advertising doPartmenk I I Ave between 4 and t p m. SPARTAN-All aluminum to sW I
. a beautiful lake high and Or. ; I Johnson. Realtor. I4O N. Orange; i lando's own Home'Finance Co. 314 Over IS yeSrsesperieni'eIncludIng j leaner Sare on brand new i
= :.-.'--;.- ",=tF: SI c'- dry. About 8 to 9 mile from town. I' a. I 8612. "Specializing tn Homes." 'I AND MEAT MARKET M k.1 Bldg. DId 2-0304. magazine newspaper trade CHEVROLET All metal body- 1935 Master Tudr. > Frank Reed Trailer S.I.Ml I.. tittr
Prte* $45OO cash. Jamerson and' 10 ON PAVED ROAD I I L.t in colored section Loca paper advertising dl.r mall dealrr I I R.SI..I. Blee. ange Blosaom '
", o.-- = aft Cs:?.r. Realtors. 70 2-bedroom .lt I fixtures snd businws. QUICK CASH LOANS Furniture helps rtc. Industrial 24. Apt. 4. Reeves Teracr. I T..I
. .tot. dlpl.n.
toa. _
PO. bUI witS
Ss A PEW a
i : and auto loses. St BUT
2-hour i
] low t be beat Price $14 SOO. Mr.Potter 10t. service advertising
.... a. T Carter. 551$ ; electric kitchen. Small a; LISTINGS WANTED We have awaiting and consumer. I I' electric refrigerator. A-S 1.1054etove.
, _._-- In rear. Plenty fruit. A real .. with Herman Goodwin. Inc.Stoker. L.n Co. 501 Florida I production for one of largest major CHEVROLET-1937 2 door sodas
,,2>00 solid block lust off $ Jones with M. J. : list for desirable proper- 677 N Ph 9855. Bank Bldg. R C.n manager. e for over i New paint excellent motor Only $2q50 Frank Weed
I "C 85. Mo I: tie*. Ross Ky Anderson. Broker Orn.. Phone .o.o m.lufarturn a. rdi. N Orange 5105500 .
.. I'
Masks WMdI .35 per acre. Leased for Main; phone 2161.REFNANCEY' : Now Production Manager $493. K. and .. coi. Garland S.lo 2I -
fiaai M* HMO.tartlr sO atrlplln M. 1 "Broker.. 12 617. I II i I 375 N. Orange; 6823. MEAT MARKE-I 'BiLOt cash (i n.r.agency on large and W. Amelia. SBH DOWN will buy a B...-
AND .couat
onlmr -
-'.r- 111 $.. Maia; phone 6977. j jI I 56. Business Property for Sale I Owner other IDt I I month Florida Credit 21 W. each ,I B. 123. Winter H.ta. Fonda CHEVROLET-1939 Beachwaxon. AU from new Frank and Uped Reed teaSer.Lam ttr ttrI ttrII

........ I lust off Curry Port Road : LISTINGS must sell this week below replace-i Pme C man and'bookkeeper. new tires perfect condition. S795 ff .
I ACE APARTMENTS. ETC. We have .1.1I WANTEr> Homes grove 1st stairway east of Gr.De Th r. i i iadtrWla K. and w. Motors cor. and fro. Up to 30 month ."' _
I I .n.r acre. u. J. Moss. Broker. I nicely l furnished well located apt.Yielding rental Let u* help you sell your I moot. Nearly new equipment costing i .NCI1u background In Oarl.ld Frank Reed .
i Amelia. rat' T.D .
phone $4 900. Clean salable stock inven- | .
"al 111. I I an income of about 20" i property. dial Hall 5189.Bro 4 Ateney. 112 M.Orsnse. i iI torles at about $3.000 C.at.U. located I EXTRA CASK EXTRA PAS-Pol rspy d.p.rtm.a' "I radio I DODGE-1939 4-door S75. 201 N. Orante .T.a.
ACRES. land I Seena for .r.du.to s.
h.b. dry citrus gross. this and others. Attractive I on good business .- I any personal or .ull I Some retail selling Tour choice of two new

I"6 .," lust oft Wite I I In apartments. I LAKEFRONT GROVE-With good far*. $3.000 cash and mortgage of Private offices Courteous service. log correspondence course. .in paint and In condition J. C.
.....q I I bula. 8 i
au IT- ._ DOWNttvan R.d. 9 t duplexes and Lyle withHerman mode home. Buyer waiting. Acceptance Corporation Home officeat .o.
11. o- : I $2 SOO takes It Here s a administration at present. years 550 .
.. for i .. 677 mi. Francisco 4, i : 480 N. Orange Orlando ; "otn. o.. 464.
.. 11. B.oter. R.ltr. R S'I listed opportunity Call I m Phone old 1264. AMERICANKITCHEN
Write P 0 Box
.. .. I tral iI. : station .. Motor,
I.M30. d tat Joln.te.Henry. Bro"e.8 w. Church N. Orange: dial 185 ; '41. 7136 Offices at Cocoa. Haven I DoE193 .o.
with O. Myers. Wlnte
..biiii aa ..... I Jo I overhauled. S52S. 172
a LISTINGS and St. Cloud Same I II
8.Us WANTED Clients .
zr ata** Sad Mawtna APARTMENT HOUSE-28 apetment,I ..It 6e38.I Srrlrr I 71. Airplane Sales and eI j jI E Morse 81.d.. Winter Park

refrteHim $OO "CRE of ... land for water- ColrcUo. stucco on holo. J.* I. P. SlaY. Realtor 32 I I I I I T Ser DODGE-1938 N. tire e UNIT

S ad. ..Ia WU.. cleared fo next Ten-car .ar. Too.ot. list i I 10RERY-MATone propertr. b3. Mortgage LoansLOANS AERONCA CHIEF-purchased new I condition. .a 391 G I DOUBLE DRAIN
__ ,- _J ofOp. rent for season local L.uoa East Co.al! LISTINGS WANTED-We hav the butdlne. f.ture. inventory.Take I March 1947. 20 hours starter deluxe Ate Winter IJ. B I
t *, *."jays .! sa ta plow. Orange SUM Groves.Eellwoad. Gross Income 18.0'1. ptaU.I laom. buyer If yon have the property. I I all Buyer's I upholstery extra tank. Doctors 'I SI
$11.340. Price . I Call A T. I DODGE-1942 touring: excellert -
9516; Jamerson Real- 2-or
... 14.0. C.re. Opportunity Broker Hastings.
all Box
I o types of property: lone ptane. like new 12.0. il&i iI condition. Harley I BASE CABINETS
**.a tM. 5JL 1 21 ACRES. 2 mile of city hmlt ance Interest$212.58 mODth. .principal O- Rencher.and C.rr 1.la Central. I I tor. 62'; E C.ntrl (Arcade>; 4237. or short t.rm. low rate immediate I Cocoa, Florida. !i W.d.or. 615 N. Or.I.13.8597.
Till H I .
you : service. G. Fredrick. 118 WALL
M.ISS4 Wi..Prt. 1.0. H o.h. Broker 28 E. Washington N. TWIN ENGINE ratings on Grumman DODGE_ 1939 5-passenger coupe. Radio CAI
St want to sell and don't list with ua I Oranse Ave. Phone 8188. I
with Ine- Broker
i. 0.. j we both I. T. K. Hastings. Real- HIGHWAY 17-92- Widgeon: 'and. sea and instrument a one owner car $795. K. and
I I. O.n. 18U. AMELIA AVE.-175 feet from Orange tor. 62 S E. Central Arcade; 4237. !i Veterans training. Orlando "'I'Uoa. W. Motor cor. Garland and A.ha .ON DISPLAY
Country Ph. WInter
81-1. Ranches and Timberland Av*. 65 foot lot with 6 room hou. WE HAVE BUYERS wantingrove* I Between Orwin Manor and Msitlsndunderpass. INTEREST RAT AS LOW AS 4* I Cub. 2-521 Price Instated
ear **wt .T IIS* easily converted t purpose I propertle and homes. For Positively up-top! 2OO on lmpro Orlando VULTEE BT-13 E.c.l tCoadluoa I DESOTO 1941 Convertible club
wesn41.. M 15.000 *. with convenient sale list with P. A. Al- ft on highway, 350 ft. deep. 2 mo- and Winter proPrt. I brokeraze. 160 hrs since . J coupe Fully eauipped. suaranleedperfect
.1 acres 19.0.
; Pic
.Nist* *>... TAC t farming land I Lennon llson. Realtor 37 W. I ern furnished cottages <3 J Belles Investment Company 2 W. min. sine Relicensed. 3 new te. K. and W. Motors cor. OarI C. J.
.. ; Cal R wit WuhlnJoa.I
aaa flaaee. tax* fine. .nlf. timber: some Jo* O. 6638. rent $19.000. terms. Asher Peter Washington St. Phone 8513. : > W.I Radio. $995 Cail' 6176. "I I lane_andAmelia.JOS29DESOTO_ _

0 ... .Larte Bear Ol.. .. rpr.Pc.d at $6 50 and ; '', WANE_. !! a. Cllbauh.small old house Realtor for. !.rl.L. Realtor cor. Central and m.l; 2- Ln1946PIER CUB special 6 1942 convertIble.. coup PLUMBIGHET

; Buy now BUSINESS BLOCK-By owner. 2- $786. 98 Total fluid drive over dn. a. E WACIG I.
4 .*.. ...1."I pn..r. are tr.. P. "att. I atory. brick construction. 3 store WANTED QUIC Best buy North BUY OR BUILD your own home Why 'since Slew $1750 CaU 6176 Mr.Cabe. excellent condition. (1595. Harley
M .
M Orlando Park. Rollins Wadsworth.615 N.
near Orange:
*Jm $411 ..t. N. MaIn; S809.I I 1 rooms Jo..r floor 9 .p.rmrDt. newly I Wln.r kitchen. I pa yrest' Use the Direct Reduction -I 159.rRDV419J3fouor
.- decorated. and make uafurb.d ra.pt HOTEL dO.I".I. e.ast Finance Plan. See First Federal -
..t .;I I 54. Lot for Sale 2 more. Owner leaving city must (18.000 Call 5613. That of Orange L.te. 3-story concretebuilding. I Savings and Loan Association. 50 7%. Autos-1 racks: for Rent !i ii iI .d.D II

.- .. Make offer. Any reasonable offer I Clybugh Realtot. 33 room all newly decorated Eat Pine at Court Street. Oriando. I owner. See at 209 Hillside-. Reasonajile LOANS LOANS IB

C.. BEVERLY .BORLr. lots are I considered. For further Information WAN 1a ,Colleg. Park. 2 1d nicely furalbe. : .rolne floor Fla. W ctdan2 Saturdays !12' CAR-RENTAL INC.-High ride In- ]: t
hard have maki i i
ftd. I phone 8429 or 217 W. Amelia I' rom hom.WI stores and lobbl. ral I .-red cars by week er season ta 2-door touring. S993.
a f. to offer you at a no $9OOO. on. Price only FOR194
er. season
I Ave.
.o.. .
: responsible people. Call 6159.
36 W.
615 N. Or ns ; By Fkanil
. .
,... W. Rose Investment Ine Broker 677 $ exclusively Ha.l. W.d..or
S. S05rl.Mpai pr. W.I.r. OrD" Av*. Or.tlo. BUSINESS BLOCK catam I H.n.a. .O.la. 55.0.. .r. Or.rd. 8. bl. REAL ESTATE LOANS Low costl ,! Livingston Ave._ 8591.FOR193'. _ _ _ _ _ I II
.M.i. wta C. 3356 N. Orange Ave. .tr. large Du' M.1 To buy, build or refinance home i i D VARNER U-DRIVE-IT-Drive It "SO" tudor .

.. on second floor I I I and business property. The Trust yourself; low rates: by mil or day. rubber .s.D.. Boy.motr CALL tS? THEN STOP
ATTENTION and ORANGE BLOSSOM Department of First S.
I _$350. $5 down. Pb. 5967.cONCORD.WESTAt hnre. I II for paying 1*. on 1125.0.0. Can Sprinkler sell- rlt list Tour property with rot site. TAI .tor.Lne' Orlando second flr.1.UDa Bankat ,! D.Central Varner Ave U-Dn..U.Phone IDe 2. W. DI.o.1 St. Sua.I. I THE SAME. HOUR F9K

; rllacm.Dt. COt. M.rle WU. Realtor. 21 W. and trailer iI j jProperty ._ FORD-I94lBuperDeluse. r"old THE SM
DnaHumpfer cbll pak
...eul T.n I W.tmorl.ad HERTZ CI t N
SO for t."thr : nfOJlatm.nt. Was.ta 8106. now h some WANTED .3 gilt DRITnlda SYSTEM tioned throughout. S109S. H.rl
fl l 10. ap- : edge ,
I =
tfSI. Drake a. 6977. .. I I menu. This 1* : fist ae passenger cars for rot > 615 N Orange. 8517.
r : 2-238. E.. I : : mortgage. 6interest.. I by hour or ...5. Low 76 I II W.d.or. Yes! Get cash asdrklv en Mwf
n TaM ... 1-D- ft. lots. $500. Rea- I COLONIAL SECTION-.Garage apartment BOWS THE T"Waa.e .uck. 1 tuntty for home and cured by good resident Recentlypurchased I li.Orange._ phone 2- r.t.; : FORD-1946. 2 dor san clean. tar*. Auto or Farnftw CS =
_. .
Ferreola .
.1 W. McKenney.Broker. Homes . com. Call 2-O642. Ask for Mr. at price of $7 OOO Reliable Ford-1940 .
on large Zone for btuiI
.. .1 hr.. BI.h..I A ; 2.7144.DUEDRLAD i|I . Three D *. Beautifully- with Claybaugh. Realtor. 5613. Same '' to show. J. L Ghlo. Real i parties will pay off monthly i JIM CUMBIE U-DRTVE-IT 47 dition. $895. J. S. C. Motors !S.1'
45 f. : i r4 model cars and trucks. By
.*. 'n COUNTRY CLUB I With Income besides old ring since 23. Estate. 108 S. c Sam Hutchin Broker. 409 Or- I day. Orsnge 4M4;
aec- tnlhe s week or month Competitive 904
.. ,isaaa Lars Iota low .$495. easy o.l.r' .0.rea'. Price $18.5.I HOMES Groves and business prop! : '0'.. 2-53 I N Orange. dial r.t. FORD 1947 rUp convertible. GFC LOAN COMPANY
keal iaj ,.U Pay monthly. Kara lot paid 1 Ladlr,. 11 N. Mills: erty wanted. If you want to RTAUR.o in. (3.0OO cash 2-5.1 than 10 1.. Maroon finish :
call I have buyer I this opportunity. 64. Help \\anted-rema> -New cats Ideal for
when building material become I 1 8. waiting. Richard Dl't ml e siviTIC full equlp.O. car va-
'e off I I 71 East Robinson
HOUSE2 .I.t. Oan. I for or .
H. Realtor. 672 N. Or- Mr. Herman Used Cars. 101 N.Main.
available property In this high classaecttaa mool i
I K..ro I .ra'
Ave. I
m a.t 1 Pot I Nor red tap. 2 locations. .
t. : Mr. bound Increase rapidly ''can't be beat. 9 bedrooms. 6> baths. .n. 2-1. !I Goodwin. Inc. Broker; 677 N. 01.0"* COOK Experienced For private i 8 I
t a family. Orange. and 142 N. "
i la ..1 Bur t., ahead of this' Large lot. Can convert Into HAVE BUYER tot -drom. 2 bath Ave. 9855 or 66. 1RETAURASA | Must b..e references. Excellent Garland. P. 2-81. FoR1938 Tudor original owner. I,
... W* some besutlzuliar ments. 812.OOO cash balance .p.n home. Call Wilbur Strickland. i wonderful business ,, P"; Box 273 S-Star" i Ph 2-37. ..I '31 that I hays had. I

late course. O. C. Stewart. Realtor mon Brcker. 2 W. Church. 6675. I tn the FOUNTAIN GIRL-Must be experienced We will try to It to you. Martin'
V, 4i ttsdI Water, $b\n'.o: available. .a... 9788. O'Nel HOME W buyer 'I of the business district. $;''I Apply Albert; Pharmacy. i 73. Auto Seri eAU UsedCars.J01 N.Maln.8409._ II I QUALITY CARS .2
ANENorh.n -
Paved. r' 232 8. Orange. .
Blad. Owen and for I 000 00. Purchase : I FORD-1946 club -Maroon
QUEST HOME For old Well : -
Carruaa Blds. 672 Ora. fol. businesses home and f.r.d.l.. will be earned .tOf I 'o GIRL OR WOMAN for film, general BRAE BDE $12 95 finish fully eauipped. TOOO actualmles. I
Uc'floA aWa.ur.il.waaala 4151; evemncs. 1-2534. l.td. Ilrom. .. per I with I, 1947 OLDSMOBILK.eI $l
E. P.I : Realty. 318 a W. : sw Exclusive : I $25 weekly. Box 235 Easy See it to appreciate it* Martins .
aM* IMI W 2 hood Tor mOlt. now.. "Ire. 112.5.. i I 1O4 Central. Call : : SSt.r..Uclt terms. Br.c. cbet.d free' Great tlied_Car*. 101 N. Main 8409. I Radio b..a..U CM .
It _
aVva. R home. _
.55...,: THt 4 aat*. *MW* *a.aeia . .. 8'lta. 1151. FPRA- free ;, 2-4775. for ,pJlltm.nt. HOUSEKEEPER Settled Stores.-692 N.-Orange A.e FORD-1947 4-door super deluxe. I only 19 . a

aad or sh0.5Ias FERN CREEK AT of charge on the current market I: RESTAURANT rent to desir-I Live in. Small family. .bi.woma ALIGNMENT" Pre inspection! Very low mileaca. A IHT CADILLAC -
a ea rw>** riaetda $0x150. ale high and H OUT BOUELt Lucerne Mo I value of No I able party the Flight Deck Restaurant P. Prompt r"o.lr by mechaiics. beautiful .rla. Ille... maCic. radio.r. s a
,. UIr ear.
** aad tnnnaaa etebaorhood. block from Kaler Ua. 2-lor Idrom.2 baU tion. ou. pro.rl. obl.- and Cocktail Lun.. at the 8.a'ford 484. _ _ A one-stop lOIN Main ..r. .II I practically :
.. .
ri e wtta A> rmitral Bargain. Sell or trad*. furhe. 8p.cou. otA with .7. Daniel 11.. Broker. .t. WuDcp.1 This boaI!I SAL . -Must be experienced year's Service. 3OON. orance A. 141 le.
B O.ae converted department store. FORD 194O ,
STTM.IKMMK. .. r. tw lion .. coming recreationaland I. 6a aa exceptional clean 1345 PACKARD Paper Cltover. Ilawto.aaranteed .
Ill. 1401 w. w.aln.tol bedroom Need repair. Corner CONTACT C. B. Davis. Realtor fo I area In Central In Ldles-Rcdy-To-Wear and AaO'BRK-JOB .d- wheel car. Priced Martins Used like .
I weQAss
.5, h..I.. 3 0.4r.SLsm.4 wrf OR.\ FRONTAGE. 1.82. I 150x150. Lots of room for expansion groves homes and business. Forpersonal Ida. Indutna, H. Browning. Item. Inquire Leesburg Bar..1 Store .nk.. Wheel cr 101 N M'las$40). J
$11.000 terms. Exclusive W. 9. service ask for F. P. Wneeler. Allr Leesburg. balanced whil you wit, C.
t S1.h.5 I ... "lOpr. fot.. 8U 1 Olson. Realtor. 8. N.c I 104 E : 2-1649. I, Msnsger.Sanford Municipal j ji I SECRETARY-I5 Fringe A Sons 1010 W Church. A rRI97c.bCU.Fully .ul.1 I 1,1 =EAU a
0.IA as. halt ..n I Ml 2-11. Jef.noa 10 I ICan
; '
and filling station I
Phone do 10
Metealf Bldg. 5159.
,5_ NMH ate Mtiua. WI PAY-to S10.000cs.h. or trade I Ins $7500 'net. Price. SBOOO. (3OOO I I II II plloa. npl. i. REPAIRED Supply- be seen at S. I IOrange -
I OS, $laaa |i. *aal as UNCAT PARK-IO feet coveri HIGHWAY 17-92-Potential income Miami home for modern > cash will bandl Balance in 3 years. confidential B. 21 S-tar. your auto needx. .1 tires gag Ave. R 4771. t I 14 PAC Cr. ; I

.5 .5. Sm. ISis i I eU t. '0. M. J. !i. property. Beautiful site for tu 1 furnished 3-bedroom home In or near Roper Church and SECRETARY-Experienced "Excellentworxing I and oi Dixie Sa.. &Service. W. FORD 1946 "8" 2-door Perfect t. Ra

.40.5 141 1 .... 132 8. Main: 11. 1 .oun 8 ft. on highway. 600 depI Orlando. Must be real value. Possession f 2-3433. a.al& "ai i ii i ij conditions Unusual opportunity South Bn. throaehont. OUa' .d.a. 142 1941 CADILLAC "63" 54*.

kZFRONTi00z553. Just off Or- 4-room new concrete block Sept. 1st. Write full d.tal to for Call Winter BODY AND FENDER repairing and N Garland. 2-4347. Ie. ,
I i SERVICE AND Meat market- qu.Uf.d '
.... Lake-of-Wood home. Rom and tract.priced W. R. 3350 N. SELF Haven .r.n. painting. Estimate g.aaly 1939 BUICK Special t- loor $* .
i wa4* aetiauo anaVd sass from ta fu.d. H.nd. UU j finest located In Florida I .t..I .
G. Ave. One of Orlando a ; 211. .rl. LINCOLN ZEPHTR-1941 SIMS -
Os. aatM sad kitefc. Bearing .rn. lemon .a.frll t.U 19.Ask for C-215. !. of the Gold Clr. Lk. Alr.d. PTa.I Satlf.ctoa guaranteed. D. Varner. m.
on. I Harley Wadsworth N. I
1. aton. EqUPp
Harold Ave Phone
.. ;The sold with 3 -dar
.55, to Paaal fis Sod pecan :1 ear
Coacl .
*aa I t..r. I Central. AT.nON HOM OWNER .: fully with "Ulom I' I S TEN OGRAPHER ReceptionistMust .!u. 897. .. 1
Is'S awar* Laaadry ,' palms .. ether shrubbery. 1:1.I .aa' t.1 ou.bOU. U 1 I .r'. gross .. (25200. Sal be capable In shorthand. U'RICA11 complete: ante*. W* par casa (or Md .
Vwaw Sm.* aaeea te raaa pt>at e awner. .. HIGHWAY 17-92-12 acres: 68O ft. I rome .It Howard. Broker; :o price of 30000.00 .rdtuou.l.low Rex-McGlll. 128 N. Orange Ave i eludes check battery tires MODE A-193O 2-door- sedan Ex I
wwfc 4 rvvoek dm*. I . I M- Mate; 7325LISTINOSsoIlcIted. I at.?. clean windows and sweep c.rlGr..t condIID. S2GS HarleyWadsworth. 11
I M LOTS-la I frontage on Electricityavailable. for this well
Ut I.t h.h. et.blb.d 8597. J. C. McKKT.LAR.. BfG.YOtnt .
k -ayaiat. MM talM : City : A ClydeMcKensie. AU kinds of real I Stock and f"tur. as SEWI"cP PERTOa. Southern.. Stores. 892 K. OrI N-.alt .
SI. awa C1a aMa.e : In*. C.$O8 Broker 1.0.. ; properties and b..II" epportsnItles. Ltd with Clld. McKenzie e.clu.I'I pact five dave a __". Bus transportation A. MnY. W. PACKARD DCALKS* 1

1 5051.L CssILi. .. : dial 5065.ORWIMMANORTwo 4775.HWX. I Wilbur Strickland. Broker. 2 10 W. c. I congenial surroundings. Com. i AUTOMOTIVE SERVICE E"pn. F.n.. Can. be seen at 221

adjoining lot... gold mine. A w. Church St. Ph. 6675. 2-4775 for appointment. ready to .ork Sunnytown Sewing i enced le.alc; prompt service Street.OLDSMOBILE Cl 343 N. Orange Ave Fk. 1541
.U-H.r. u a
I.. i.aoo.. l. c. 119 GrimesSI 12 Heavily BAR. and package store 11 I SANDWICH SHOP-Old established Plant. C. Fla. I 10 .tot. p.r. .care and 1936 8-cyttnder.
tourist court acre
.n. on ORI .
.5s Baaiataa Br* C_. Fla.OCOEE I business. Ill health requIres owner Vare. Ie. 2. Central. dor motor rood tiresr (
3OO ft. and 500 I Inside and outside Io
b 5 .5v 5.5. .51.11155. .o.. h.b..1 rnghway 17-92. Block dbUlrI'V'e to Contact J. M. 1317 i ij I'WAISP % I b.t 2-16.
.511 1 Nort. lS'xS' 3: front. 9 fnt1 unlt completed I : .Mi. Rlla. p.1 t 1 midnight
Blvd. Ph. 6206.I
pine and beautiful living quarters: stock Ir.D j AppiT" in III OLDSMOBILE 193 sedan. Run

.5 5* 5sl I Sidisam 5s.s. "..,. station..U.. trde. bOU* caras. Completely o.ner'lurbe ct.ee.Ith I tures.. rQIndBa. k I I SUPER MKE- Ideally l.t. ''I taarant. ton. Jol T._ _R_ 73-1. Auto Parb-A core t! good and looks good. S39S. Hal

54.54 $0555 55issS FMwerth. OTIS Vista.PRINCaTOIf Illness forces BUSINESS I Ample Wadsworth.615 N. Orange: .
.p.c. C..a MORRISON'S 8"
l..li Ca.ae I I $10 000 will .owe.. belsl.t .artc.I'I Harlow O. Fredrick.NEE"Bul! and fixtures. :1.1 lease option ', attractive young RIW.n'* Ron END REPAIR PARTS now OLMOBILE-o toorlni. Very S EVANS

.551554 5105 3.3345 AVENUE Aa extra C. P. Shumway. Reltr. 10 Oranse Readanarten." 118 N. O.DU. I to r.nr. quick sale. For I tells training. High ldl.s education c.f. a.albl.. for. .iO\Sons.any make ff.ut. d.a. H.rl Wads worth. R
I 1010 W.
I I details Louis 8. Dolive. Broker.
: .
5 .. high comer 60X17L.Prtred _2.3:82.HOH 1 required Paid 1SN Orange: 11
l .ar.Uon. phone
I. ho'Plalz
. I 59. Out-of-State Property 27 W. Washington. 8412. sn. DAILY DOZEN
Move tm aad at .1. for Robert Y 17-93--Corner Eatenvlue 'tol Insurance for .mpol.a. AIP" 2 door sedan. Newly

s.d save **mBM F. a..lt. W. Waahlaitaa. 175 on blA TOURIST R.tau Crowiey.i : 71. Autos-trailers PNTC-I.31 $395.
1 "atlac ft I CUT"Dt named
avwieMf.. 351Sf. 5114.jtRRACE.Besuttfu1. way. 985 fl drp. 9 .. 1.1. GARDINER. MAINE-Furnished cot- rant rom It |! and W Motor'. 2-29..lat I buy .d

at Sad .5l.sh! $3vMfaak (10". for guest home. Northern tag an pleasant pond for sale. 3bedrooms frontage on Indian River and U. S. i Help Wanted-;Male AUTOMOBILES 1 .tt.J. -
S at mm* 5. re- has reduced ta unstslrs. flush toilet: 127 Price $23.500 10.OOO cash, balance 65 W..JWU P-CIHO. 4-door l.. Can .
building 111.0.Excul. your car cr .
Oev" tvtM.aV ; alle: lake view lake front e.ae with C P.pre. ". Ra feet on ..te with good b.t: ,Pr. (150 per .onth Mr. Potter withHerman I at auction .1 Thursday. .t' sa 10 E G DIAL .
1s.5S-: water :: 677 aoi. PO.VTIAC 1946 4-door sedan. Excellent -
N. klkb.a l.bt
1 Attractive prtce Tegder. Devciwer. tr. 10 Orn. 2-38. 'bath stalls .nde large _nh N. ,Ow. 1 Broker Robsons Motor AurUn.. 210 8 Pontiac 1941 PLYMOUTH- 41 SfWCatil Aw- .
i 31 N. Orang*; 2-O442. IDEAL SPOT for tourist I 1 O.I !' Or.nn Blossom cadll.
cr tar Ir fireplace brd.o for complete I ACUA"I I Club J. S. C. lose 4 door seHaa. Awakfto
1 SOOTH'MILLS Two nicevaraat c.mp drive-In . for $. . Box TRI PARK-Absolutely the best AUTOS WANTED-WUl par highest 550 N Cop. 4644. .oon perfect __ .*Uw .
t I
BTU - --
nI aak shade. acres new erosa-Stat hichway.lust I' 113. .0. I Orlando. ConfIdential.George manafer must be rated SenI j I cash price for Tour car. Ohns Inc. ,
outside of Winter Gad.a 324 O.rene. Painter with Asher Peter. I Off, experienced capable of han-1 142 N : PONTtAC=1947 sedan coupe Win -
close to or 242 N.
a -.. ... .a..I. ox with O. P. ft. frlta. A ttct.. c-I r. 60. Business Opportunities Realtor._ 70 B. Central':.2-0780. 'i heavy volume of work and of- I 2-814 O.rl.a'2-34 take trade or sell out.bt 1015 MERCURY-141 I deer aatto*.
."I. block electric I force. Wide business .. II i iI Harwood.PLYMOUTH. RaifJa. ExcwattaoaOy cfeaathroughout
*KLr4.ra : .wop*. . 1 East Pin; phone pump. Reduced Dp ..n sale- flour I i GOOD OPPORTUNITY for one or two I and background necessary-.rt.D'' BADLY IN NEED of 1946 and 1947automobIles 194O Very _____MJ** .
t MI2.I OPPORTUNITY I young men to operate a bnctness of 4 .n
wear I Is 15.11.maa' $9.90O. Bonnett ft Boan.tl Irt.n BUISS .. general where make and Corporation experience. Advancements -I and older cars. Bal, : clean. 1500
p5,5.i I SHERWOOD FOREST B.utUu 105 W. Plant 8U WI.r dl store located on Highway m.rha.-. install ow Septic Tanks you all equipmentwith < and opportunities Unlimited. I 1 W.ds.orh 615 M. Orang .I ICHL West Wuh..ta R.snabl.lt. S. PACKARD-1991 T
w .
| high shaded building It. Pc 3l5LAKE one of Its busiest Intersection point 2H-ton truck and tanks readyto ; Phone 2-59 for appointment. iCAREsTEFru | phn. 8517. sedan Excellent wttMl = .

frees $%OC. Fastest .r.ta. I EOLA-4 block Duplex. 3 Making fin earning it will pay out i be Installed 100 WANTED.-1937 to 1947. Priced ni-H 2-01 Florida ..___.
and lo.t o
la Orlando. .rl t sD
mta taaat 0ress1st eeaasaamtr. Realtors. 4196.svUISAN1125 .m. |j unit*, lell furale. newlrpainted better than almost anything on our I II ''fl 11 Showing .o rtum.. will flISb1..1 cah Fr Plymouth. Will pay "oton .Ues. and Garland; dial
.. ee.- .Id .. II.boul I lift. Call Peter Breen with O'Hsrra- I than pay Itl In.1 class t.de for older .and cash. I FORD-ItM 2 door .. .

.. as. ta $3SO. Near : I 2- a garage. fri Mi. l..II. f .0. 2-0836. 109 E. Pine.BAR month AU for $4 SOO le. af unrp. ODH.h..1 Stivers Pontiac62 W Colonial I PLYMOUTH 1941 2-door USe a new one _
aad ateei*. pt efflee.I Low cash : for For full detail Peter Breen 17-92. next to k.. ; FILLET. buy. MOor .d.n .
I this a .It" AND GRILL A money maker Pane i
.. I .o e..1 e.1 .aOR-INC-t i New motor driven less than I
$10 monthly. Klttinger I
meat. !: come. trlfMc must be for only 86.OOO 00. Located in one O'Harra-Moore. lo E. Pine. Call at I & Tearoom and Or. Plea the high miles. $1095. Weekend special. !.O HUDSON-MW A WW t
h. 41 W Coneerd. 2-7.. sold. JohnsonC of the best Equipment the office or P. O. Box dollar See at 200 W. c. .
:; 11.0. "r S. downtown 'Jt. 2-238. I! ;'i U C.at o le W.d..or". 615 N Orange; 8597 smooth runnan ,
WINTER PARK lisle KnowleTeatpl *- I .. 20 . Include two bars electricdry Florida. !, Pon. MI8F"K I I .
-. STUDEBAKER.-I942 Cruising Champion '
I .. Drtv section). Prospective ORANGE BLOSSOM TAn ald 30th box. and complete kitchen. Business D DRIVERS' WANTED-Only those who i ii RE reany knows how .I _. S125O Harley Wads- LASALLE-1999 4 _.
a .. builder sea these choice presently srossln 645OOO per Cafe pool room 'I IL dollar for .
all I St. Good building of BAR. are thoroughly familiar with Or- Itb your .onh. N 8597. A dean car.
...e winter Park low a* $295.I _pl.nt. lone lea Including an IUBA feed 175 ft. lando will or in five Why 115 O.na. :
bi W J .d. room for trailer camp. Pr .. 0 .r.. .Id .1 at qualify. Apply t eUltl. lat : ically : -
small .
3 .of.h.I and terms. McKelvey. Realty. II' Call Lorraine Horm.a.Itb frontage with living quarters. Mr. Cab Co. away? Give e"ne. -EEY-TDaiO
lo .1 at.
pavmeat VtalU" .t..I.. E. Arcade.ORANGE Clyde McKenzie for an established profitable business. 2O1 N. Orange Biossum I 1 I
will satisfy. Ine.I C.lt.1 ment. 104 W. Central: 2-4775..pJt W.1 DRIVER-SALESMAN Dry cleaning I Ireeve. Tr.ll 'B.'; trucks. From the cheapest to the best.W 101 W. CN
!I. ( r* .fr . I C.nt. ... Or- AVE.. N.-86 ft- on corner 26.0. lrc.n il Must have car Liberal guar I SELL OR TRADE n* rout car. Or- I had our largest sale last Tuesday DI.
0.Cnl": Bi. I. I I Winter Park and O.nu. Lee D. office. antee. Reliable Cleaners. 140 W.I'HOUSEE"pmae. anx Buick Co. H D.a R 6 We are selling lots of coed cars
aa PusI *w*, 0 J-4M1. Rees. 336 S. Atlantic. Beach.Telephone BUnS OPPRT sine our Altamonte Sorn. Fairbanks. Winter Park. N. Orange Ave IO a.r for private ownen. We are selling lots i! Special I ..1
.. LOT call 4 FORD111 D
EXCELLENT W.Ceta Home .Ia.. Wit'
LI PR or 2189-R. 120. 2-108. R: C S.el 1" of lees than thousand .
1 With goodI new can a
terms. I 149 I do
la. .tt Ra' 1I
= ais>aalt L: H ctae p. *Beiaad. Realtor carricaa Blda. WILL-BUILD suit tenant. Ideal Stel. 139. Realtors 118 I I r.f.ra.. Box 212 BC3E-I GOOD Cars"j mI: on th Remember any one clean 5aI_ .___ -- tu : i
L t
ever belor Cash buy sell In this sal. Doat ,
< (72 ". Orange: 2.4551.3IUIWINOWER. location for doctor dentist or Robinson; dial 23753. SStr. I hbe Ua or I i
a. office.Otis BEt PARLOR Ah new eauip- Immec.t! .a. make at Martin cheat yourself Be here. Ooff DODGE 1942 4
manufacturers r.pr..ataU. I YOUNG MAN for executive Aut -
C- .
West I Excellent location. Bargain
i poa N. mobile Com. .
1.15. space for wholesale or I who handle sales of tRd Cea M.la 40. C. Lblac sedan. R* I
I ChartS lust esteid. ell It l .I.bl. Apply Paul for quick sal*. P. A. Allison. Realtor. {' can DONT SELL far d.. ,
retail and with less loan ** win taorjiS
bu. coed business cannery. interior.
W IP YOU looking a 'hou.
store. I II 37 Washington. 7613. lo Preea.l. Se
e..r I.. Vill."d Orange I pay Get aa 76. Trailers-Trucks for Sale 1
Sanford. can for
P. Af. to gee Craig with et groves. I I 0 Tour I it.._ _
22 o
.aa4 .I IUILDINQLO1S-.S.IMS pass home- I, Ph 3-1203b.tweffl 9 and 5. BAR AND RESTAURANT Package j I B .IBr. we have gas sta- Bx 8tr I II [: ear while the settle .U.o.i .' .
... la the attractive Dubsdread I : one of Orlando' ,I Shop then .
i la sill en ,
I 25 50 onConway .tr. bIUa I hotels I around AUTO-CAR-l944 C-70-TB
building I >
NEW BLOCK x tions.
garages PLYMOUTH-1942
frasM Club section. Lot ini basinee for 14 i I II h.rd.ar.to. 1 many ... done Central FlorIda tao Special
MM 'Jt. O. eb. -
; Ave- manyothers,53INOrange. with rleeper cab. 38.000
Road and child's clothing 10
... bus and I I F.ad. MAN wIth ear . hue dab cmpe. Radaa. a*
.5.154 IIJM. i aU ta achool. yean grossing aver 'EEIC P. Sagan .. I
outside' limits. buy 115.0| .ot.L P 2-2424 Ford with sleeper -
reasonably. Cash or'' fund city a I per Jr.r. good nine-rear I. On! sId ____ i D C.anla. only 2.0 actual n.Saw ;
l.Iisrs. 1U Maetwa I. 235 N. Main: $6500. WU be at building from era' other latent THRIVING BUSINESS parts ap and delivery rut. P" .1 1.1 tml.O. 1.2 I ._ _.*!. :
JaneBre 7551..l'IWTiTHOi bU.lar WILL
d.m'Dc GIVE de
8000 t
ItI.r: .. ... -45 well located I II to 12 a bl. presence out town ad I accessories and home appliances. lion for mitt man. Apply top dollar for -50. late I! tns axle mlla. fully Pb.uf ap.ate .
IU to MU .t the Located in principal city of CentralFlorida. I Cleaners. 310 SOrange Blossom tar ffrarlc I
1 lake fronts. stracte give-away > I 2 dwar 5.400. "
:I model 1945 3O'
Before sell Pm1
I while prices lew. Fixed ,, prt. of $27.500 plu stock. (20.OOO Sale at inventory for rash. Trail rara erated. These unit In excellent coaI roecfcawlKwJsy B ,4
'. iseiiao1--T: ; I .)*S ta $3 500; terms., Entire Of- I II Ii i GLEN B IT-17-92 Hwy. HaIw8pnh :. ee 't2W I OWe leaving State. Box 270 8'.1. I Jim 3.r.a Used Can 1 W. Cea- I dUo tou.bo.t. Contact L. I I ,. w aawPACKARD U ,

r'.5. 1-14- fiee Dale* force t your service-noI I Iebbesuss. c .r HERE IS A BUSY PRODUCE "aket I Codrr. _
.. I 11 Sth
145 N. 2-unit house all large rm' Upstairs Wahington t h I II business Ii I FIRST CLASS ASSEMBLERS I 1941 4
ad S,1.5adrbSad SI I. I I J. P. ..toL .a I 1 4 do dol. .au. ".Po i t B.c. F. 'U" .
I Wage (1.29 hour. Must be,
rm b.t. DRIVE-IN RESTAURANT 3-year per I 1945. Ra
w msl.s. .ss.r.t45af 1404. I II' .o la. Sp 1 AMERICAN TRAILER-
',, .t.1. In.bedrooms and abower.Prontas r I leas and &2 et ".11'I SpiegeL- C. pla in .Ssbl Cltr ., ON-THE-SPOT CASH PAID for good Sleep four good 2f. Ha.._. _".____y.__, .
. .. others =: I''
for Sale r. ment. On Plus 2 Realtors. Metcalf_ I ..t.b. I able, air aiakea. S.
-s.15s.5s0.d iaas. Property 397 f.t oa Ho, 17-92 .. 0 clean used ran. Cnmbie Can. :=
I' Ss Cantl I' and about SOO ft deep. Room for log rm. Fnl Ral $35 a I GROCERY SR.filling .tUD .IP" Fo Man COlr.tl I; 9O4 Orange Ji A.eau. Phone Trail across highway fr -1940 c E
=.4? CHENEY RWYI4eal Pl for home I tourist court and 250 trailers In rear after month.6 Only IU ca 5968 I etc.. doing J t.IOW 1. Ltrlad F I .52Or_ Boat lent c.,
business. Also sell culckly.Sacrifice. m. with Irvine I DJlb.D
.* 15 .5.5 C W S1. sad f.r.tt. of property. Owner must fU. t.ua I TRUCKS-Pour.
05 dl, I 115.551 4311. World ... .. *. Mr. 11.0. ,...A. C. Ootcen. DRY CLEANING#OENC- good lease Remember fr. 66. Sales Help Wanted j I DOXT BRING ROUGH but Bu. 8 Inc. 200 OTHER CAM
Robinson O, .
5. ; nowwhile
Mu>,s. .II. 150 Ave. busy season I near- CR Phone. 744.. FsKKC
Brke. .o TO SELECT
Rio 121 OI.ldo I .
42aara pra. you ood.
N aat 1 financed. low. $3 OOO to Salesman a d.n *
_ _ _ near? price UE R EAU w
.4..l 54 V *. >' ,1.t 1916" I I &Dd .adenw WIt to.Spiegel.. Whitney Realty $7.500: some P today- ao..n. Apply Bonnets I par tP c.s a EnD I CMIVROLET-1935 1H ton stake and

.55 0_ 1..s pw.4 PROPERTY Pvter. Realtor.He'lnee P.rk Co. 706 8..cl Bld(.j Do obligation..1t. tea.. Broker. I .Dt. Brt. 105 W. 141 or S29 'I I dump body. U R. Hyatt. 8snshineI

!!4k .1'I : t I areaaalr ass Aaher kasw*.- c.ta and "oa,j I 2-321.Rao. 145 H. Main: 8809. Plant; Et. Winter Garden. 77*. I Gardens eff r.lb.a'. .


L a

. r .
-- -


+it _

I.z Business Arm' InDUSTRIAL R VIfHIIr .

I Page 14 Irlttaba< iHnrnlnjJ firntinfl! ; Monday, July 28, 1947 _


Themp sen-Reeves 1 WHITING New Hats Call I Balliet/ Shows Modern Kitchen ;I Ben's Tailor KLEENI-ZE-f PERMANENT WAW

$6.54 US*
JIUtLTRSInvtlry : : Radio & Electrical Service I Expert Rag & Furniture .,
Women's IdeasKitchen Cleaning P",cr. '-"

Plating t Repairing We and Electric Repair All Appliances Types at Radios Very For New Wave! Designed to Shop Is SoldBen NOW NEW LOCATED CLEANING lit S PLANT. DIVISION recofidPerletfe ... '
Reasonable! Rates. I news to American housewives is American' I .ldyllChimaey t
Tel. 2-2990
'M r.tk At Winter Park
2M1 E. Washington 81-TeL 2-4312 kitchens "packaged" to suit the size and shape of a room II W Pine at C!

I "Upswept hair styles which the made of highest quality materials and having instant the Tailor, veteran Orlando -- -- -- ---- ,

I, new Fall hats will call for, haveto appeal because of their ultra modern design. Detailed information 1 tailoring shop at 15 N. Orange

I DONNA CAKE SHOP ----I be expertly handled to be a success : about these""wonder" kitchens was recently toldIn Ave. established by the LaBell- CharlesVENETIAN briar

m/ A tout414L ," said Mattie Dykes new I 1 the Saturday Evening Post. man family 27 years ago was recently pi
r .ayutiwtr.t L SIM1CM Handmade The manufacturer of American purchased by Mildred Julius BLINDS GIFT SHOP
of the San Juan '
.. ., Baby Near Gifts of Mahogany owner Beauty
r .** SALT Ull.MO kitchens cot answers from a local resident who has .
I Islands. the Three . .. ...,
.3 .aa..p.tary from Caribbean I Salon on the mezzanine of I thousands of women as to what worked in the shop for the past Day Delivery rr '-f

I .1.1.. ..r.*.......D.m..ak.d couua Shop Open Through Summer San Juan Hotel The past few they wanted in their postwar T two and a half :jears 1MZ Edcewater Drive TeL 2442X 13 W. Pr.: .-' 1 1i1N
I 121 E. Mori Blvd. Winter Park months have evidenced an increasing I kitchens. The shop will continue to offer

demand for this styling Then with this information. engineers the same services as in the past.I
-1 1-- and many very becoming arrange- and designers created a alterations of women.s and men's DR. IH, .%"*..... 1
ments have been evolved by local ,design that was the ultimate in C. W. Roedererat
I suits and coats and all other typesof OPTMCTMIT I ItMtnru.
WELL DRILLING Go. beauticians. :both utility and beauty clothing. relimngs, invisible rul,

... ",.0.. Orlando Plating "A permanent wave that is Built as rugged as a jeep by the I II mending, general repairing and It. w R IwyL
t ,. k ..ta1W lor Mi Chrome Nickel Plating adaptable to this hair mode is the- wartime builder of jeep bodies for button holes Mackoy'sJL
55 W O.r sa..tk. PoUibinc A Lacqaerini basic operation but if your hair Ford and Willys, American kitch- Since the retirement of Mrs ;,] Pawn Shop OPTI I
till Virginia Drive TeL 'lIS' has become bleached and dried by j "V |
ens are of all steel construction for I I LaBellman from active work in
Rolla E. Taylor the Summer sun a course of scalp maximum strength; have frontsof J 404 W. Church 23 w. Pine M. elf
the shop last year. Mrs. Julius has
Ml H Ctrnrth Bl-TeL MC9f treatments is always advised as die-formed drawn steel for better I 1#
the in hair beauti- been manager and responsible for
first step your
fit, integral sub-base for complete
fication program. I the detail work. She is constantlyin Orlando A.to Io4j Wt16M
1- rigidity; sound deadening insulation -
The San Juan Beauty Salon touch with latest style trends Asa
I for noiseless
Ftrry OnadeDWlnter.La. EAGLE Pneunattciny HOME INSULATION Installed has had very favorable results one piece drawers for permanentfit operation; for remodelling garments and l.L; [ L . Specialists m Wr.... Lyle
in tailoring
with a new scalp treatment. .u
d Cleaners i FLORIDA APPLIANCE Skalpuron." which, when steamed cleaning: rounded; all welded corners constructionfor for easier } Mildred Julius has made her 1 1PHOTOGRAPHE CCQLL Duce Llsrg Ref' -

Mn *.... ".*_TeL I,..., & SUPPLY COMPANY, INC in with abused a heat hair cap for will better recondition long lasting All of these features years home in and Orlando is well for known the past as an 29 A. Tm M3H ... I

.wit? Park Formerly Borne Insulation Co.] I results when the permanentwave were suggested by the women expert alteration woman. She \ W w.*..... St ltd I
I who to them.
were use
I w. i Ie the rAvrcx SYSTEM Pbone. WlnUr Park IIS. OrL CSMREXALR is applied.Redecoration Ship deck linoleum tops the came to Ben the Tailor's from I i

M and a new rug base cabinets and units can be I Purcell's clothing store where she LAWN MOWMH wpRMd ..
I I gives the shop a most attractive I made in any length from 15 to 30 had worked for several years. --- -, sharpened-WRiN' (.wi _
I interior. Helene Curtis Cold Wavesare inches. Wall cabinets, the same. The shop conducts a substantial tlRMTlRfc: MM.d a1 i
B I1TSGtaerll now given here in addition to '' The all steel base is covered with business in dress suit and Harry P. Leu, Inc. :: :: paired f) "I" rfc /t..
Cleaner and Conditioner other standard waves Business' gleaming white enamel knobs are Tuxedo rentals including the e Machinery Hardware I'' Worn p tl .f. n 4. ''s. to
Electric Traps Dust in Water I has been good through the Summer : crystal plastic and the sink has BECOMESPRIEST: The dramatic proper accessories for eveningwear e :Mill Supplies AtofflK MtdiiM1I i l .....

/rttec6ised Appliance/ Dealersaai1..1 Na Dirty Bogs to Empty so far according to Mrs. the latest style faucet with spray transition of Jose Mojica 4 OraD,. %,, ---iiiI
f Authorized DealerC. I Dykes whose capable and experienced I and duo strainer. Fancy party costumes may be 100 W. Livingston !' ''I
appaue. R.patn C. McCULLOUGH I i assistant operator is Audrey American kitchens availablein (lobovej one of Latin America'smost rented and many are for sale. In
'tt.... Wteltt rl rkMaqnavox Fisher. glamorous movie and the shop at this time. Mrs. Julius :!
:IS E. Central TeL t ISM any size or number of units
are sold in Orlando by C. J, Bal. 'opera stars into Father Jose I has a number of beautiful odd - -- BEN THE TtfUl
I r j Le FeverUpholstering liet 111 E. Washington SU 'Francisco de Guadalupe was I buttons and sequin and other 11Ti a1r0te
Ii I modern show is I trims that may be purchased. RI p 5555's'.
whose room now i
i Jennie Lee MarshallBEAUTY I Shop featuring this outstanding ( climaxed by a near riot of!, "Garments needing alterations I DELICAKEPASTRY ilK. .... "ilr'sist,
1. A m.i' 1
equipment. hysterical crowds, including or remodelling for Fall wear l ,1ARTIFIO1AL
l Jl, Fk*. *|>tnkAT SHOP p Expert Work Reasonably Priced Other nationally known man- I swooning women, when he was I'should be brought in during the SHOPComplete MiIMtI ....
TlirMUSIC Special prices on Permanents We Pick Up and Deliver ufacturers of kitchen and bath- I ordained recently in Lima, !coming month so that they may Line Baked Good.
BOX for a limited time. room equipment handled by Bal- I be handled by the shop before the All Wednesday
2301 E. Wuhlacloa St-TeL Z-4J12 Peru. Mojica noted for his Open Day .
39 S. MAIN ST. :re1.m liet are Crane. Case. American- I season rush begins. said Mrs. 2302 Edtewater Dr. TeL 2 IMS
f IiI'atER PARKr I Standard Merlkand. Tracy. Gas passionate love scenes, is pictured -: Julius.

ranges and furnaces, water heaters I at right as Nicias, in' -- U

1 TWIRlINO--; LIIIt1IIIIIIIIIlhIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIILColhron's FIDELITY STORAGE & bathtubs lavatories toilet Thais, one of the roles he Glass For All Purposes : WEDLOCK Tractor Sales ......Ift
BATON! WAREHOUSE CO. seats and bath room fixtures of Company
with the Chicago Opera 'snrh.
the latest types are offered as well sang i
Claim Thursday 1.7 P.M i 1 Bakery i I Agent-Member I kitchen sinks and Company. FRENCH MIRROR PLATE CASE 1
li j ALLIED VAN LINES IVC. as stainless steel BREMER RACE ... .

l O.H.S."BOB" _= Birthday Cakes to Order =_= 1 51 LONG WEST DISTANCE JACKSON: MOVING STREET I cabinetsGillies7. I GLASS CO.Established 1908. Quality Profitable Machine Farming for .O' i.. 1 Np

$ Thompson ==215 Full Boone Line St.Baked Goods TeL 6536== t, M Roltert .., PreddeatLAUNDRY Nathan M SmythPhone. 5144 H9 W. Central Phone I.Jut .I

I.. ......... Rai.. TwirtuiC Star fit :iIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIHii.i ( i i Rug Curtain Shop Local Manager, 75 W. Pine St.

ca,,IwLwragk '* ft MlwwnoU BandEXTERMINATING : I ." ,." ,." ." ." GROPER uln.rdI ,

::1 i LEO'SBARBER For Quick Service CallELAND'S Service Here L Lists Variety THE BATH CLOSET MAT SETS SHOP :I J:: Nylons Special-SI JO t5 r and DIAMOND JEW1XI31: MCRCIIftjrT

I I .
Uses Kleenize 3M Part A L
: I i LAUNDRY I Plain and Floral Patterns i O
SHOP : HOSIERY :: WCTTM' r.*5pell.lelli*
L I "I looked everywhere a pieceof $4.49 to S7.9S
!, Across From A.C.L Ticket Office I Ph. 7862 It takes training and experience plaid for my porch glider and : 55 W. CHURCH ST. :
o. Church Street I ,to clean rugs and upholstered fur- finally bought something I didn 1219 X Orange Ave. TeL 2-1203 ., ,., ,.,
Service"Wo " " " '
-U Years GoaraBtee of Quality to Please niture properly and the amateur want." said a woman customer at
Hours: 8 AJVI. to 6 PJM. I should not attempt it. Not on valuable -'The Curtain Shop, "and here Is )
:I I Saturdays to 7 Pall SILVER BEAUTY SHOP materials that 1$. A sorry I this stunning green and yellow REDUCE ARTISTICBEAUTY
i now under management of :"mess can be made of delicate velvets -I plaid sailcloth, costing less than t Fled(
I Seven Chairs To Serve You Sofe-Seienfifio-Easy Way
l I mohairs and velours if gum- I the piece I bought! Next time I "PROTAM PLAN" based on Medical SALON
CAROLYN JONES my or oily cleaning fluids are usedon want anything in the curtain. I Research, Absolutely sale-contains Formerly Fleming I1 tarsR.. Ana
Permanent Wave Specialist them. This type of cleaner can drapery or slip cover line 111 .NO DRUG: li Day Supply-|2. /- 12 West Church Street c Nestor Pea
FLOOR MAINTENANCE gum up the pile destroy the soft know where to look." Satisfaction Guaranteed.
( Commercial 21 W. Pine St. 'TeL 6220 pliable texture of these fine fabrics i i John W Grant owner-manager I Reynolds Massage Parlor Phone 23033CURTAIN .-
and leave them in a condition i i t of the shop assured her that she'd I II Ancebilt Hotel
CLE AN rs G-w! xrs c-pous Hrvo to pick up soil much more quickly. be more than apt to find what Nettie L. Reynolds, Dist, TeL Wil . . . .. .... Mask
TERRAZZO. WOOD W* excel in fine printing One of the most satisfactory I she wanted for he tried to buy I ALBERT S. L4\ri

We also render a complete REXAIR magazines folders, programs cleaning methods now availableis : to please the average home maker I I'I :THE SHOP! I
: service., Factory Skilled Men and Kleenize a quick effective who wishes to combine attractiveness I Ruffled and Tailored I
bl eta Citrus labels in ; ;:
Factory EquipmentBONDED economical cleaning service for I and appropriateness; with Willard & Keiser
CevmnlH. Past color. and Venetian Curtains. Materials. 1
furniture rugs
..., i economy. \
toe-Mace / '
MT X Orange BOB ROGERS ROLLINS PRESS blinds.It I"I .Also since curtains are his busi- Refrigeration and Radio I Curtain Hardware. Drapes JOHNSONnr
is a wartime discovery per- ; ness, he carries at all times a Service [Made to measurement16 ] -
M: E. Central Tel. 2-1SS4 Winter Park fected by a veteran-owned organization -; large and varied selection of draperies S. Mom St. TeL 6242; ,
and in Orlandoby 7t9 N. Mm SLColollla1tow.TeL : 111 e'r/I/1111111.1 I r11. 1'PAUL'S
operated tailored and ruffled curtains SIM
James D. Gillies an experienced and slip cover fabrics and .
rug and furniture man. custom makes curtains to order. " " " " " !
GLIDDEN Under New i f""i 'l DIMfI MY
Stripling'sGLAMAR Management ,
The new cleaning method was Among the medium priced dra- i I-
St.Iron Works for the U. S. Army and t' RADIOSREFRIGERATORS -M f m
BEAUTY SALON Hughey developed pery fabrics now in the shop is a : : DRY CLEANING : MM
228 Formerly Hinchey' since the establishment of the handsome roughtex fabric with a : .........
: .
; Sloth
; Proofing
I \\e Suggest and Feature
Kleenize company here, one of its :
feather design. There are three 0IIi6I
221 S. HUGHEY ST *
j N. ORANGETEL. I Helene Curtis Expert Electric and Acetylene important jobs was cleaning the i I background colors rose gray and I I : WASHERS : : AlteratlonsRgpairingr ,: I (:;-, ...
111* Edtewater Dr. Tel Z1M I
COLD WAVEWith Welding Blaeksmlthinc furniture at OAAB by this method. green, the latter proving to be the i : NEED REPAIRS? : r 174 N. Or.... TJJ. 1&:: Iti
,Yt 6001 Ornamental Iron Craftsmanship Rugs Kleenized look like new most popular. So much so that a " " ',.." .,',.,. i oJtg E
I Individual Styling i PETE BERTA In Charge when finished. The method gen- re-order was necessary the day : For Any Blake : Phi
II Dial 7782 With IS Tear ExperiencePrompt. tle in action. does not take the after the first order arrived. : CallBARTON'S ,
PAINT SERVICE STORE \ 663 N. Orange Are. Courteous Service body. or sizing from the rug or in Another piece of roughtex witha : NEW CLASSES 11 rJ ..
ALL WORK GUARANTEED any way damage it. Rugs are also more formal scroll design maybe ; Bookkeeping Accounting, Complete
--- -- lusterized which gives them a fac- had in salmon gold or green I II : Ton Benefit By Our 25 : Salesmanship Federal Income Machine Tax Course Shorthand Lighting Ftxtww*
tory finish. I with harmonizing pattern shades. i i 0 Years Experience a
,. BCD Gillies is franchised representative A bold flower pattern with brilliant : Next to Colony Theatre : ORLANDO SECRETARIAL
Pcite of Kleenize for Florida. : reds predominating is one Winter Park 91 & ACCOUNTANCY SCHOOLS I
FURSAUGUST The parent company is in Birm- I of the most beautiful drapery de- W Church TeL 2.J25
l' ingham. There are 20 other signs shown. I ja.."."..".,.".".".".".,.. II
plants throughout the South- l Now there are 10 colors in plain J I II ---I
FUR SALE east. I
jacquard materials available I I Prompt Service-Guaranteed 1lef
They utilize the nationally for- RUSS MATTRESS CO.I I
when a year ago a buyer was Satisfaction
NOW ON known and guaranteed Berlou tunate to find a choice of three. I II I I
aaOOIU'A\"DI: : DRIVE PHONE 6314I method of moth-proofing which Plain color shower curtains II Southern Joy Innerspring FULLER BROS.
-- LABELLE FUR CO. has proven universally satisfactory -I I' reasonably priced rods, sashes Mattresses .
I I Although the company pre- festoon rings, valance brackets Radio Sales & Service
15 X. Orange Tel. 2-3565 fers to take furniture and rugs to Venetian
i 3%'c DISCOUNTON and rods to go over Box Springs CROSLEYFranchised
J their own warehouse at 1404 S. i I blinds are now in stock here.
Division St. for Kleenizing. they located Sofa Beds Dealers
ALL ORDERS FOR I The Curtain Shop, which is
'I will go into the home if preferred at 16 S. Main St., is open Greened Court
CITRUS FOLDERS and do the work on the floor. all day Wednesdays closes at 1 Studio Couches 114-B Park Ave. 8.
O.K.! O.K.! It's your money Where it Is inconvenient for Saturdays ,I TeL 619 Winter Park

Placed with us before August 1 but Still you'd be smart remove apartment articles houses in for large instance numbers to p.m. __ ._ !j'!, All Kinds of

to jet your Insurance for Kleenizing can be done on the Mattresses RemadeCall

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to a petition to die you the best. .
-like Bullock's, of State San Juan Beauty Salon 2.2213 and BeatiDeCONTRAaOR ? .' i *

FLORIDA P. O. Box 333 Farm Mutual. It saves Waves Now FURNITURE
PRESS you $12.50 $10 1132 W. Church St.
143 E. Church St. 483 N. TeL 21173Orlando's
reel dough Call him Through August
niONES X-t S6 OR C58S OrlandoKfftKKt Largest Juvenile Dept. I
6544. and see.LAWNS. Mezzanine San Juan Hotel Dial 1.310 Foil Stock of Plumbingand COpPER'SMusic
TeL 4441 i I
I I ? Heating Fixtures
Mattie Dykes, Manager Always On Hand Store
20 W. Church St.
l 717 East
Est 1903 .. Washington
! O r tt1EV Ao I j KRAFT'S FRESH YARD LIVE POULTRY EGGS. SHOE i iI Industrial Residential-- : Phone 5378

; 41A &egeeAssieeo 9L2I N SET LIVE & DRESSED POULTRY L I While U Wait Wiring 1 1I I
I 113 X Mills-Colonialtown I i
Centipede. St. Augustine Ope daily 7 A.M. to 7 f-M. 211 S. Orange Ave.
I STATE AUTO ; Sundays 7 to noon
I Bermuda or Zoysia Matrella
e BODYWORKSCONVERTIBLE i i S47 Orange Are. W. r.-TeL 119 Immediate Delivery on MILLS ST. AUTO SERVICEGENERAL
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I VIOLET DELL FLORISTS 2314 N. floor lampsWaffle GREASE AND WASH JOB . >1 Ji
a.Srj NURSERY & LANDSCAPING N ORANGETEL. 1714 N. Mills St. To*. L...
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See GraM at Nun ry op Can Never Say"
'/ .un . n Ii Lucy Little Flower,,_ I STOKES MONUMENT. CO. Many other iman home appliancesOrange
UC N. TeL I.nn -Your Old Reliable Dealer'
j I'' S34 Park Ass.. .. TeL JS I I III
C TOPS I II I Ph. 2-1669 Ik JY1I1l1A -....

i Blossom Trail Body WorksFREE


i I 707 N. MILLS ST. TEL 4816 Front Wheel Alignment.

i VAN TRUCK BODIES ''I Good Stock of Linoleum-Rubber-Carpet-Asphalt TileIn $8.25 value for $5.75 ,

UteUr Park 471 TELEPHONES Orlando %-'429 Colonlaltown Three Doors North ef Vogue Theater
325 N. Orange Blossom Trail 6665

n nunn \1W S'". .Y.A.vE.. 00..A.O Ii.

1 1 : I' 60 Years In Orlando FLORIDA MONUMENT CO.

P..ri. w. perk art Hardware-DuPont Paint-Farm Supplies t Monuments Markers Mausoleums SILVER PLOIlnS DICKEL PHTIII

pa. Oriasd. aa KELTTNATOB SALES AND SERVICE t u311/a e Reasonably Priced Set Anywhere
, f 1 : II I Orange Blossom Tr. at W. Church AIR CODDIIlOninB -. BOTSOdTIC KITW'
'I i
: ? JOSEPH BUMBY HARDWARE CO. P. O. Box %t!!. Orlando

t : ORLANDO WLNTEB PARK r ......_ P. O. Box 800, Leecborg Ii

k ,

i iJ ik I,

>...."J.: . .1 .
.; :' .. / )

.. --:-::!:: ..............u i __ , .-. -
..-.... ........""""t.--. ... a
:- : .'0': ; : .-. "' -_'__ ,, -,. _-,--.;._ ' :'" -- -" - --- ,. ..,.. .
._,,'<-., __ _ ,, :_ __ ..: ._ <.: '. :::-- _- = .. .- -- -ii TIj: :: -.-" ',', - -
'"!: ; .

.. ...- .... -i.M..}__ ..,...; .L. .

Orlando morning sentinel
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 Material Information
Title: Orlando morning sentinel
Alternate title: Orlando Sunday sentinel
New year sentinel=star
Sunday sentinel=star
Orlando Sunday sentinel=star
Physical Description: v. : ill. ; 60 cm.
Language: English
Publisher: W.M. Glenn
Place of Publication: Orlando Fla
Creation Date: July 28, 1947
Publication Date: 1918-1953
Frequency: daily[<1926>-1953]
daily (except monday)[ former 1918-]
Subjects / Keywords: Newspapers -- Orlando (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Orange County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Genre: newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage: United States -- Florida -- Orange -- Orlando
Coordinates: 28.533611 x -81.375833 ( Place of Publication )
Additional Physical Form: Also available on microfilm from Bell & Howell, Micro Photo Division, and the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation: Vol. 6, no. 94 (June 1, 1918)-v. 64, no. 32 (July 27, 1953).
General Note: "Inland Florida's greatest newspaper."
General Note: "Independent Democratic." Cf. Ayer, 1946.
 Record Information
Source Institution: University of Central Florida: Florida Digital Newspaper Library
Holding Location: University of Central Florida: Florida Digital Newspaper Library
Rights Management: All rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
Resource Identifier: aleph - 002075053
oclc - 02734467
notis - AKR3408
lccn - sn 83016284
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Succeeded by: Orlando sentinel (Orlando, Fla. : 1953)

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orb uvt*x
r.t c
[iri3:Si Piano ROM -= Pagt4 Page 4 Sport Comtti* P Pn'MVOt. '( 1 1

: JJeazIifuljj'9 I_ _ _ _ _ _ I
7i5 fl Privilege to Live in CentralFlorida/ -The World's Most ant Living

XXUI-NO. 31129

J! _CongressFinallyQuits British, Reds I Labor v Unites Against

On 'Vote Getting Acts' Break TradeNegotiations : Rising Living Costs: j jI

,................................................ !


Moscow Radio I The Killers Again! CIO Joining ,

Truman's r
Mother NeighborsPay
For Fall Seen I Makes Report '

Last Respects As Body LONDON [AP] The Moscow c-L:' / Move To Open :

As Unnecessary I I I radio said last night 1 ;of. io 2 \ k OL-;

; Lies in State at Cottage British-Soviet trade negotia- /'M1c; 7'dq7 S"Mt- f
'I Retail StoresCoops
I tions in Moscow had broken -IF Z"'D4Wy f

Hw Tax Bill I I GRANDVIEW. Mo. [UP;]|I This quiet town yesterday i' off because Great Britain T Pacft' foh/ CoPdQI99Ly

.Ifl '48, Taft SayswMINGTOK : paid its last respects to Mrs. 1 llartha Ellen Truman,.grand I could not guarantee the delivery 7 T 9 LooP ,i -I, loT p r7 'R. Planned

old lady of Grandview and m P
[IUPJ) The Most of Grandview's l,20i() residents knew the 94-year- I I the negotiator could not a" For Consumers

.t ..*.MMI II, fire 86th Con- agree on credit terms.
old first as their frie:nd and neighbor and secondas ;
woman_ The broadcast heard here by WASHINGTON [UFJ) 1...
.. into 4 .
'* ippd noisily the nation's best-known mother.
the Soviet monitor under difficult CIO last night jrtand i..
h..t.., "....,.,. but what She had shared with them their indicated -
I radio listening conditions
AFL united .I.hst. ...
Lee in a .t
Joseph joys and their troubles and
"Nt nr ddnt 4n.tived1ni.Stiii \they the heavy goods in Question
came to share the Chief Execu- to force down pne. fejrgamzmg ..
.. ..- ....- weapons for were rails and pipe.

fljj.r J .... Democrats alike,Dies Driving tive's sorrow. I' The radio denied reports that consumer CI .. J
The President stood watch by
!II.. ... .MI1, campaign. I the price of grain which the tive stores.It .

.,.., _w s.'nt months of her gray metallic casket as British sought from Russia was told its six: ...... ___

....- .... dmeUc and Racing Craft neighbors moved quietly in to the cause of the trade conference in a pamphlet pr *M4 ** .. .

...... ..... .... lint OOP-con-!\ Joseph Lee, 49, 508 Sheri- pay their respects and then on I breakdown declaring that ganization's research out again. that their owntnh* ., _
ae la U years the British and Russian negotiators -
!dan Blvd., died yesterday of The body of Mrs. Truman lay that dtrtrttoate .... .
.*MM4 .. .... haws of this I agreed on a price for stores I

__ .... .-. at 12:S3 ajn4M i heart attack while driving I IIbis in state in the parlor of the bun- I grain which was less than Britain well\ as the pfc... ... ... t

.... t.. ..... S:41 a.m. until speedboat in the second I galow which has been her home now to Argentina or them. "mean a .... W ...

..... .... p I race of the Tampa Regatta { these last several ye&".'. It's an old Canada. pays 1tL ty! !, k'I out monopolies aM ...
: custom now largely lost in the # ,, I "
__ ..WI ...... toed thins The Soviet Union proposed a restrictions.

l... ..... .. ... aa ....... Tru- ,on He Tampa was Bay.rounding a turn when j bustle of cities which decries that reduction in interest rates on 1941 I "The dollars we aow. ..... ... I

...... .. ial Session honored dead should be returnedto w i .. I II
Bf* stricken and another driver,1 i credits to one-half of one per cent private corporation lss .

p. tI........".. But all Frankie Rodriguez, Tampa. their home one last time. I per year and the prolongation of support people whe .ppeoe. !...*..

... ..... -...M not be done Jumped from his own boat to bring,: In twos and threes, the folks of payments to 15 years from the r'T program at every ...." at ....
..... Grandview made their calls. There / I
s ai&ueta1' situationJ.1I
Lee'. craft under control it was beginning repayments- that 1.5. ir "Co- operative owa.. _
...... ......, reported. were the firm handclasps the few : from 1944-the radio said. that support incan our ....... ...

... "" laU a fl..-w nlh,' A partner of Robert Lester in simple words of solace. for the I These terms, the broadcaster i/ put the power erf Me .iMi.

........ _lth) Rrpvbliranslit the L & L Steel Co. 324 W. Pine sorrowing President and his brother said were "no worse than those on our side instead tt MI .s ...s

...-s-4., b4sg acmpllsh- St. Lee was an amateur speedboat and sister. Some came bearing which Great Britain only recently of reaction." 4

...... a" ItoMMerats beating enthusiast and had built many pies cakes and covered dishes to I granted to France on the pro- The Labor DepL report. ..*.

.5 ...*.*.I |. i-t-. aialnttIwtii boats for sportsmen in this area. help the family through yesterday : longation of the ar-time debt." 'Ii week that consumer .....f ..itt
.. ..........." and today. That's the way it is in I
reached of H
high +t
A native bf Georgia. Lee lived a neighborly place like Grandview. : a new 9
...... ., parties mere before coming to I above ..
at Ft. Myers j I Private rites will be held at the Improved UMT i cent a year a( .
(. mr ta ...t their versions:I Orlando to enter business two j i I home at 3 pm. today, with the I jt; The CIO noted that. tt ....

fJI * < < t. Uit voters nextconfident years ago. : : has several co-operUM usgs
Rev. Welbern Bowman. pastor of. Methods Given i ,
'5ts.a.! He is survived by his widow the Grandview Baptist Church. ing as going concern At 1M..,
&J .Ht : time an AFL official sail ..
... .... .. .... by carrying: Mrs. Alma Lee: a daughter. Miss officiating. Burial will be in Mrs. I I members of that body fttt __
... w ..... tp campaign Linda Lee. and two brothers. A. Truman's father's plot in Forest Army Recruits ing new co-ops in rwpMtM I* .
p.... ., tM....-.wrrpinc curbs W. Lee and Harry Lee. both of Hill Cemetery in the southern I I advice of two weeks a....
.... w..... IlIIpoM'Ci by the Sanford. part of Kansas City. Her husbandwas I WASHINGTON [AP] Im- MOTORIST! SPARE THAT DOG! The CIO said Labor D.f ,. 1M.
'U.Y ..... and economics' also buried there.Heiress' I -
"" proved training methods developed Auto tistics show that cansn *r e 4
..'....'...... Two Presidential Funeral services will be announced Capital erativealn1g45d1dab-sd

..... ...$ then from fuLfilling later.Cute by thp Universal , $657.500.000.)
I Trail o Letter From A Cowboy"In
Military airtfhg experi- I
..bs..d. .** h.. S. CaL S] '
Little mental unit at Fort Knox, Picture GloomyDETROIT !i Aged Couple Found

ICy. are to be given all Army : behalf of all the cowboys in this part of the State,

Gen. de Gaulle. Things Eh? still Puzzle Ground Force recruits the War [UP] General including myself, I am asking you to print this appeal to t Slain at Ranch Home

Department announced yesterday. all motorists on the highways to please co-operate with I RUSHVTLLE. Neb. AM J. W.

Gen. Devers, Army Ground Motors Corporation will recall the cowboys by slowing down their cars when they passus I Stollar 60, and his wtfw. M ...
PORTLAND. Me. tAP] Army HOLDERNESS, N. H. Forces comman r. said the new I workers found beaten to d4to Mi
115,000 production the roads. =
Sees 'SellOut'HKMMEft. AP State program would be put into effect on I i Sandhills ranch ho Ie M
authorities said five children aged [ ] investigators I
I at once by: The newly reactivated4th today after a week's layoff "Many times it becomes necessary for us, in our work r southeaster here tatdiy IIIIM.
I a to 14 years smashed up a dozen I knocked down two more Infantry Division. Fort Ord, I because of critical steel to be 6n the highways with our horses, dogs and some-I Sheridan County aimUt r.1 .-

, France [UP] military vehicles at Stevens Ave leads yesterday but got no Cal.; The 5th Infantry Division, a times even our cattle. Dogs are very necessary in our Green said.
Fort Jackson. S. C.: The 9th Infantry shortage, but that was the only
I closer
Saturday-by driving I to solving the sixdayold Green
T a n Charles dcGaulle nue Armory I Division, Fort Dix, N. .1. work, costly:: to buy and raise, and cannot be replaced 1
l'l'I them knockabout fashion like"dodgem" disappearance of 20-year-old bright spot in the turbulent autO Alliance
I .. mi.... yesterday that Anne Straw Smith College senior{ andThe labor scene tonight. i when they are killed. lars. 1ODInJa.Ej.
in amusement
cars an 3d Armored Division, Fort
"Many drivers speed by us carelessly endangering the ; in the
I r, Communists plan tort and daughter-heiress of a Man-, Nearly 20,000 other workers were I
park. Chester. N. H. banker. Knox. lives of not only themselves and their passengers, but also about 10
PrMtce to Russia. I Col. Elliott C. Goodwin. U. S. i As troopers dragged Squam Off-duty activity programs. Increased idle in strikes and related shut : the lives of cowboys, horses, dogs and our cattle. lars body under a pile .( __

.. ........ Wader spoke to a property and disbursing officer for Lake. a State police officer reported ance, and moral formation and religious of local guid-civil- downs and GM: officials said an- i "I am 'quite sure that most drivers will co-operate with and debris in a shed after a __
the girl's missing passporthad other 65,000 workers faced one- of the premises.
IupJI fJQ the ouskirti ;
Maine estimated damage at more ian advisory committees, are
and slow down when the road.
us they see a cowboy on
been found. This killed off
.. ....... the city councilPaitie. week layoffs in feeder plants out
the elements of the new
.... In Rennes.wt than 1500. He said four jeeps theories that she might have among training plan.Former side Michigan in the next three : Many times our dogs are not in sight of the motorist, and i The Weather
.5 *H. ire" de mere put out of commission and started for a port to renew a i one will run out in front of him and if the automobile is

...s-d. "Under ourslew nato eight other vehicles damaged.All romantic acquaintance made dur- I' State Senator weeks. I going very fast, we lose another fine dog. ORLANDO AND \"JCL'TTn
of all of us 1I\'ere'stored for Summer ing a Paris visit last Summer. A five-day strike of 7,500 members Mostly. cloudy today. ............
tot.* fttunrn their obe- training use at Camp Edwards. l Another theoty-tha the brown- Dies of Heart AttackDADE of the ClO Auto Workers i "Please, motorists, slow down and save our dogs. scattered thunder .h..m "-

bs Ht ess from the foreign Mass. Police ordered the children I I haired adopted daughter of H. I II I CITY (rAP) Fred L. Union at Murray Corporation of i BILL ARNOLD. day, Intermittent oslo aJ.
Ellis Straw might have discoveredher thundershowers, tonJcht. !....
.< It* great Slavic .and their parents to appear before Touchton 55, druggist here for 20 America brought a threat ol I

juvenile officers today. .. him-was father's abandoned identity and when gone the to : years and former State Senator I steadily widening shutdowns at Officials Ponder I row. .........

H. HMO* MM he accepted family said flatly she did not know : from the 38th District died of a i Ford Motor Co., where Lincoln and China Seeks "K
.......!. in Ida liberationfaMMMaw Free Train Rides Out 1 her father's name. heart attack here yesterday. Survivors -I Mercury operations were suspended Whether To Send Cracker Jim Sez:
.! tyrant they had include his widow. Mrs. "indefinitely" Friday and 4.500
The girl disappeared from the I II Iffen that ther rain keeps a
a li i MliMt ( ecsnsny "and For Occupation Forces luxurious Straw Summer home Jamie Touchton.: a son Fred L. workers laid off. Ford buys 70 per Jap Treasure Carrier to Greece fallin like it's been data: tar ....
g,arf4 M4 MM tel began .. fol- TOKYO lAP Free rides on bordering Squam Lake last Mon- i Jr.. student at Stetson University; I cent of Murray Auto Parts outputA month its gala _

fro ...<.... Mid. .. ,rem that of Japanese railways for occupation I 1 I day night.I ; a daughter, Mary L. Touchton of cumulative walkout of the I NANKING China (UP The" WASHINGTON (UP Navy and : near the first a day of _ICIGM_ _ _

Ha* tH ........ personnel and other Allied nationals One lead remained. Police still Dade City. CIO United Rubber Workers at powerful Control Yuan, in a memorandum State Departments officials were I dog days an _ _

... isv h* aaid.$ Communists I will be discontinued Aug. hoped to make contact with a college the United States Rubber Co.. i to the Executive Yuan, in a quandary last night over ; that's gonna be
....n ilecctien. slocan-"revo- 15. supreme headquarters an- boy friend of Anne's reported j i came to a climax Saturday with I. yesterday demanded that China plumb bad. Hitsa
..... i i erase work. : nounced yesterday. After that spending the Summer in Wyoming i I Bed Too High 7,500 workers on strike. be given half of the gold bullion whether to send the aircraft carrier ; known fact
... ---"p_ strict control"-to date, fare will be 1 cent per mile with a forest survey party. i ALBANY, N. Y. [AP] Warren walkout, though a diamonds precious metals and Leyte to Greece next month. : that Iffen it
.. ...., plus $1 for a berth or $2 for a Hulsapples. 25. was found unconscious The Murray in number -I cloth valued at $275 million (U. S. "Ifsc sort of a damned if we rains that day
I compartment unless a rail trip in pajamas on the comparatively minor one I I dollars] now held by the Japanese : it's be &
I is on official business. Greeks Capture, Slay sidewalk near his home yesterday of workers affected. loomed as Government. do and damned if we don't situation plumb gonna wet Sum-

UJS. Britain Have I Guerrillas in Fight and police said he appar- the opening battle in a fight by I The memorandum said China's ," one official said. The Leyte I mer an Fail an
Dutch Ship in Distress ently had rolled out of his bed the UAW against clauses of the share-which would amount to leaves next Wednesday for "Euro ': them cattle is
ATHENS IUP1 Greek Govern- Taft-Hartley law making unions
in second- 1 1
while sleeping a
Arms Agreement $137,500.000-would be paid to her' pean waters" on what has been gonna be near
Off Coast of Britain I ment troops. aircraft and armed story room. The bed was higher responsible for wildcat strikes. I as reparations and could be used described as a routine training'I starved come Winter asM .....
civilians killed, or
VMWNOTOK 'fUPJ The Unit- cap-
.. ...... ....t Great Britain haveS HARWICH. E n g 1 a nd I AP] tured 100 guerrillas and beat off I, than the window silL London Paper Seeks I for stabilizing Chinese currency. mission. ':I Jim Weatherby says we aso4 a
It said gold bullion and other On carrier journeys
Maritime authorities said last I previous lot of sunshine an iffen
another to seize Florins i I Ii
S ...I- ..P mtlf'Inf'n's alf attempt treasures hi banks of call has always been .
i Japanese port .
night the Dutch ship Mechlenbergwas in series of sharp battles from Scalp of Attlee i one J keeps a comm hes u.M3
far standardization of a
arms Youths Take Joyride amounted to about $200 million Piraeus the port of Athens. If the !I .
coast that
: 11'"i each nation access to in trouble off the east the Yugoslav frontier to far i I LONDON tAPl The Daily Mirror Baptist sky pilot
.. of England with several hundred Southern Greece dispatches -] I: of Socialism while diamonds hoarded by the Leyte does not visit Greece her prayin fer a dry spett.! Jam aafait
.. rioprrnu in guided ; newspapej Die in Plane Crash an ardent supporter -
valued -'
passengers aboard. The natureof Japanese Government were absence is liable to inspire charges taint no need to worry sb-..
reported yesterday. Ii Mm.
= tH twepefled' planes andtfrMMvd the ship's f'fficulty was not i ATLANTA [UP] Elmer E. Rake- called upon Prime to realm I at $75 million.Mdnight I that the United States is afraidto cold spell come Winter .awaters .. ..
high- : I Attlee today Sunday
weapons small be forthright in expressing her .
determined immediately. A tug straw, 22. rented a plane too high in tHem bsqI.beads.
_. Army officer said yes- went to its assistance from Har- Blockades on Three Java !! for a joyride yesterday circled hisfatherinlaws and suggested that rank and file Marauder I attitude in the present Greek ,:I .
.... I MPs force him out if he does not
; house and waved crisis. On the other hand, a visit
... .ssweal staff officer said i wich. Ports Broken by Dutch to him and an instant later leave his post voluntarily. This Attacks Aged Nurse might provoke Russian charges of I I TOO..Y Tie"

.. r.' ha not been putts : BATAVIA. Java (tUPl The Netherlands -I crashed to a fiery death along demand for a new chief of the "meddling" in the internal affairsof Oayjpoa SOMII .05. S_ ......
e ..:. INt just as binding Waitress Found Dead Navy announced last night ,I with his passenger and pal, James Labor Government was issued as ATLANTA I lUPJ] An aged nurse the embattled country. I ITonight's TIdH: BIII! 413 aM.. 4'11I .a.. ...
Brit- told police yesterday that a midnight 1017 so. 11:14 a.
af a WM total down in a formalis. ] that three newly captured ports 16.Australian. uneasiness mounted over C_ siacs Tilln E45 4.aa S.4 _
From Stabbing Beating Tanner I
i marauder. whom she believed ,
.. ia.. the agreement' hi West and East Java. Cheribon. ain's increasingly adverse econo- p m.: low 10 n a.. 1IS4: s..-
that the British t DES MOINES. Iowa IUP1 The to be a Negro. stole into her Movies :I .....tian Intet THIn:: Mpk 4J( a'..
mean will my.
I Probalinga and Banjuwangi. Reds home and criminally assaulted her BEACHAVJ: Chtrennc. 110.: 3:15: S.JS.: p.m,: low !.:M S M.. UrM jK.
Il... Armies will change [body of an attractive 33-year-old I be opened to normal trade today Appeal 7.35 9 40ROXT ,1'.5 lusi P".*".: RtoM ,.fc .. Tft.
.. the same type olL ; waitress was found sprawled in and that blockade restrictions, lit: Have Choice: after beating down her resistance : Chtytnn 110.: 3 IS S 25 7:35, LOCAL TIMPtHTU 15Recorded
For Freedom of Press Japs : I II tk S4MunicIpal
lslPIanesand rockets. her modest apartment yesterday i by savage blows on her head and : : br D 5. Wsa r "!s4
;_____ : 'effect since last January have body. The woman lost consciousness 0CAMEO: The Ben* of 8t Mirr't. T.20. AttpvrtMuinwm:
here she had been stabbed with I VIENNA IUPJ The Austrian Either Eat Drink I I ttlWA9H1NOTO .
: or
been lift.ed.Peroxide after the attack and did not ,I 40 I __ ___ _
Ian 'Is 1.
OVERNIGHT AND an ice pick and beaten with a I Communist party announced yes- COLONY: Huh Birfeare* 3:30. 410. -- '
Residents of Ja __ ___ .._
TOKYO [IAP Sam 731 I 2.
reported. terday that it had filed an appeal : revue until 6 ajn. COO 5 55. 'U. .. - -..____
blunt Instrument. police cities were givena I ORAND..r the SnU; T. Trull. 1:24. 3 _u "3 I 3.
pan's six major
DAYTIME DELIVERY A search was begun for the woman' Jet Engine 'with the Allied Control Council 3.SS. 1'30. I.00. Ttnke Fakir 2.25. 4.SS, : ::: '*: I 4
choice yesterday between eating 'Black Dahlia' Date === '* S..===
husband. Production Announced and International Union of Journalists Government'alatestregulation StoryOf 7.30 10-05 McGork 220. a a... _____ 54 t _____
I and drinking. RIALTO: Th Sushi I
....q. you order mer- in Prague to insure "free- distribution of sake Man Found Untrue 5 00. 7.40. 10.20; Bambott Blond. 1:10.: 3.SO.VOODK I Sam ______--_ .14 5._____
...adi' from Orlando MISHAWAKA. Ind. tUPl[ W. C. dcm of the press in Austria." The for ,1.30. a 10.. I Sam '191 I ___._
..... specify quick safe inventor of jet steam engine I British military [rice wine] provides that drinkers DILLON. Colo. [IAP Summitt Kind Row. 3 15. 6 55, 1033. am __uu a' p.u_
a followed
19.J7 Julij 1947 Miner I appeal a approximately three- Apache Row. 2.00. 5:40.: 9:20. 10 alii _______ ISit ; W .. _..___
bY Sentinel-Star that can run on peroxide,, Government order banning for must forfeit 'County Sheriff Ray Loomis said I DRIVE Lu: Rainbow bland alii _____uu IS 11.. ----
e:: the Jack Rabbit S- .a., it,. Wed ?ta Fri Jet : said yesterday he plans to manu- I three days publication of the Graz : days' rice ration to obtain a quartof last night investigation had shown APOPKA Ru. Madeleine I'Nooll __uuu_ .. I ........ --_

leam daily on facture the machine on a mass Communist Daily, Wahrheit. the wine. 1 I that "there is no truth at an" in CLERMOCT: rabuloua Suddenly Dorset In SortniDELAVO DREKA: TIMHR.TVRIS .LSnw.....
........ far 41. Centraltowns. 28293031 production scale for use in trucks the story of a 38-year-old construction Last Frontier Uprising; The Guilt I !* ,ar) :=:-
....... . . UerteJeptxme - and bums.Jewish LIST YOUR NEEDS worker that he had been FU8T1S: Rich Barbaree report ofcndknc teapersiors 14
Race I of IfoaUCrlito t :
Harmony Project OROVELAND The Retire pmAtlanta
nil for 1947 uqust 1947 with Elizabeth Short the "Black 't.t_ MI U 5t.b
E to call for me:- 1 Broadcast Asks Visitors Return HomeNEW I When you need to buy or Dahlia. the night she was kill- RAntS CTTT: The Mithtr McOork.KISSIMMEE. I *.s..m. III" L.ior'"
.... .1. i5lj. 1IW 71.. Tri JJI sell anything from bolts to ed in Los Angeles last Jan. 15. Little Mr. JIm VacationIn ;I MBlrmlnihim 92 811I M. MISISOS Idsa..IS 71 ii
.. I 12 I Disobedience Campaign YORK LAP Twelve white buckets list needs in : Imperfect La.!,. FAIN: Gallant :I Boston SS 1'7 ...... I
-- I girls and two white boys left for your Jewish Scholar 1 117 1 Dies Journey CIa..no'la M U 5.. beIS
JERUSALEM UPI The Irgun their homes in Quincy, Mass.. yes- the result-sure Classified : MOUNT DORA: Johnny O'Clock. Ctiluio n. I .....
3456189 BALTIMORE [AP Mordecai!I SANFO1D' : Formed. PRINCESS CUarette -I ClnctnnaU *7 14''I
; I Zval Leuml underground organization -I terday after spending two weeks Want-Ads. They don't just I who devoted most of his I Girl Blind Spot. Deanr I =:=1.- I
families here in I Caplan. Detroit u 52
r ) last night broadcast an appeal with Negro a race 8T CLOUD Bone of the South.
: I ........ tIi
: sure.
10111213141516 to "our followers and sympa- harmony project sponsored by the try, they're : reputed 117 years of study of the! WINTER HAVEN: Panned Duluth 7S.1 |j.
PAL- Fort Worth TO I a..atl
E-8Ji: 4161 of LAKELAND-POLK: Dark Mirror jO
thizers" to join in a campaign of 'Grace Congregational Church in Talmud and interpretation Manhunt. Olllll.'- .l.nton TJ a. rtkMkw 1LKiixat
Crime Doctor -
-.. ,.-c.-..,,,l .I.Ia. .,. ,18'19, 20 21 2223 t rule civil In disobedience Palestine. to end British j i Harlem Congregational and the c urcb.Quincy Point Ask for Want-Ads I Mosaic Levmdale law.Hebrew died yesterday home. at the ACE ant a Daunter.LAKE: Lan Frontier Uprwiu. Millie -j i,Lea Aacelc CUT -1M It 64 WHHr-ne* W1*'

r ,".. t.

-- -

3_ _.... .. _....
I ....-.-;:;:., -
L r '- .
-:- -, .

-- ._ -
-" : -


2 -' '' '

Dewey Visits I Ii Aged Slayer Congress Quits Security Needs I III a 01j7S Navy Tactics ;

1F Nabbed After i II I I' II InventoryUrgedFor A f At Car WreckSAVANNAH

i Home Mother I Until JanuaryContinued 'UPI A frm* *

II| Fighting Police : I All Nations Navy Hospital corpsmen pitch**

fIIIfONO. Mieh. [rAP OOT.I I I 1 I MAPLEWOOD N J. HIP] A '76-;I i [ from Pare 1] I NEW YORK [API Sen. McMahon in with the peed. atoll and .tins
ation th'y learned
; ..... eC Hew York came back year-old retired jeweler who admitted tD.-Conn.l, urging a "moratorium proM- tt.oR
their number one pledge to cut income i fire vrsterday then their bus
.... SaSa nUM to vfeit his wid- he killed his son and i I on world tension" last i eaRi,
|i taxes. I we I upon the scene of a blood trahy
l I.eWtet and try to. nail down wounded his wife and daUghter-I Republican chieftains disagreed I night proposed an inventory of ace dent 21 miles west of Said.

M t n...B4 choke for the Repub1 in-law was captured at what each nation considers its essential w s nah
I on the likelihood of making an- |!
A carrvina ale Mugrnm
1 1 e a R rmtdentlal" nomination yesterday after a gun and teargas I security needs so that a tmt
I other tax reduction effort next I i colored': head-on with MMMbararrvine
>l.a..tiafat 41 delegate vote I battle with police. 'i, workable peace can be developed. Y three white men lust .bas
year. i I # It
Officers, summoned at 2 ajn.i .
a MM M4I Rational convention.vtf "Such lists might be many and tore; the sailors arrived One Ncmj ;I
;; Chm. R-Minnl., of the : i
'i'to I the home of Frederick F. Die-
various" he said in an address j lad been Killed Instantly An fIt
WMk rid and two the
e sons ,
i ter by neighbors who heard his tax-drafting House Ways and P z I Ii "' other eight persons' !
M Miffeivfagon'"ng
-_...rt -.nd from Detroit ; wife, Lena 66, screaming were Means Committee, issued a farewell before a graduating class at Ford- } J injuries and had hHQ

tsM" .. ..*.ed overnight after I' met by a shot when they ordered statement declaring that "we ham University. "But surely that spewed out of the broken oMchttMB

a bid iMta rWe from Cheyenne.OB ,, Dieter A tear surrender.gas shell hurled. into the ,, will hare to take the issue to the i i I would contain certain things in onto ram was the falling.pavement! where a halt

basement where Dieter had fled people and In November 1948, let I common-reasonable access to eco-

OB ire say t. OVOMO. the Dew- failed to dislodge him. A second them vote on whether or not they i nomic supplies, freedom from political The 15 sailor had. ...* ft
shell failed to explode and Dieter, or economical interferencefrom first-aid kit. Bmt they roe q a
'U' ttl..td with Mrs.: Dewey'sbMtfccrln want tax reduction. 1
field hospital in an a1..da ,)
IIIIIH ... .Uw. Dr. and who had taken refuge in a washroom "I may say," he added "that we outside a measure of international sawmill beside the r.*.. Ttssg*
threw it back at police, have no present plans for bringing I I
trade, advance toward
some Iran .
aft>* Maeald made splints rr d
D. Mutt
at their ''
forcing them to don masks.
in third reduction bill
a tax i found in UM _ill.
.. internationally recognizedcivil boards -4g
".. w nearby HoUy.Ifco I Police Capt. George Gitt ordered > Mr. Truman remains in the White .
liberties. off their shM.
ripped wn Ise
Oa ....... entered OWOSMafclaaat his men to open fire and House, as we believe it would be a .
The said such and line
i Senator
a security _Y. bandages *
in (he volley of shots. Dieter'was useless "'- ,
...fa,., hsriag tent In gesture. -- '"'"
I inventory should be submitted to 4- --- --
*...... a r .R.eet that a wounded and one bullet knockedhis But Chm. Taft IR-O1. of the I its I "I never saw an thins! like ftI
ga.aa < eoWkralloM W. canreled.M gun from his hand. He Senate GOP policy committee told I Fall the UN meeting General for Assembly debate and at READY FOR BIG BOMB TEST: The flight bomb aloft for initial tests in the near futureare I I for speed e\en in the war '* MM

*...*ff s WI.re of Dewey walked from the basement crying reporters as he packed his bags : tion. ac- crew of the Boeing B-29 superfortress which shown at the Boeing plant in Wichita, Carroll Burke a Savannah pt*.
...... ""........ kom*" deer "Don't hurt me. I'm an old yesterday: I II I I I Kan., where the modification of the plane toarapher! who witnessed. the MB*
...... Ik* how .Iad.*. of man." I "There will be a tax bill of i i will carry the Army ordnance 42,000 pound 1 I I has been completed. i| cue operations. Burke gave the r.I .
Police said he admitted he had kind both the Senate and House just i I shirt for
at*ay a at.him e.U JUliinnU.li < some next :year but ire I ors own bandate HH
.., shot and killed his son. Frederick I won't rive mueh-thought to the I I buckled down to the task with I Negro killed was Leroy AstslbTwo
and hit family house
...* are Jr., 50. and seriously wounded his kind before December." feverish bursts of acti.Uy.Among of the 1\hte..n Joe Tiselgg
r. o 1 hat mother Mrs Oeorje i.
'\ wife and daughter-in-law. Democrats claimed it was a "donothing" ]: other things, the last Cruelty in Riot and Clarence Stafford were u1
SWeet It u the OOvtrnor'a.at
24 hours these results
produced .
.. session. They ridiculed i t : t ically hurt.Order
Ie the of his birth
city Parents Die in BlazingCar the GOP economy effort, calling it | Five appropriation bills for this y
* tit till, when he I
Las cam1 -
I fiscal
"phoney. They described ad- year ending next June 30
1 1tor the Presidency. Two Sons Escape journment as a "legislative:! were wrapped up for the White --- funeral." And they prepared to' House They include funds for the Quelling DeniedCOLUMBIA
ERIE Pa. (AP] A Buffalo N. Y. : ]i iI
Remington Rand Strike man and his wife burned to death carry to the nation's crossroads aI Agriculture Department and its
charge that the had : widespread farm aid programs the
Ended in Five Cities yesterday near here in the flaming I aligned themselves with the rich i President's Greek-Turkish and d S. C. TAP) A riot
automobile after
of their -
ftfW YORK 'API Settlement' I wreckage another car ploughed into it,I against the poor. I other foreign relief activities, the by "five homosexual prisoners who In Venezuela
*J gas
*........ Rand workers In five police Identified the victims as I average for a peacetime Congress' start toward Mr. Truman's vast paramours"at
< w ttiti to ratification by John H. Wright. 44. of Buffalo ,! -the House quit in a friendly !I 10-year flood control plan, and a Boykin State prison farm July CARACAS. Venezuela fUP1"

'\ >***: anaH : I backs and singing of But I the last or the spending bills yesterday that ordefbc
I r--.n'.d vnterday in a Joint atate- two sons. Hildred ar escaped songs. used "considerable force. Penitentiary complete W
p.ar Mated tar company and CIO injury.Eisenhower. the Senate, already on edge froman was cleared away it was estimated Supt. Wyndham Manning revealed "n res'nrrd in the i.gdsltt>m
I '*d BecUtral Workers offi- all-night row on Thursday.,] that Congress had set aside $31- I yesterday."In military city of Maraca). w-uu
\ wound up its activities with old- 595.300.000 to run the Government quelling this riot it was nec- an attempted uprising in the te
Visits fashioned bare knuckle political!I during the 12 months which began essary for the guards to Use considerable Army barracks was put dOER ....

Formers Comb Forest Brother in Kansas oratory that threatened several], July 1. This was $2.787,700.000 force." Manning said. urday.
times to go on right up until the less than the President requested "The prisoners on being questioned Maracav. abot I" sat.
I For Slayer of Girl, 7 MANHATTAN Kan. IAP1 Gen.I Sunday morning church hour. |I but fell far short privately by me said that straps Z x. 3 from here, is the capitol ell ft*
. Eisenhower, Army chief of staff It was the first time Senate ]j i of the economy goals fixed by the were used. State of .-\rapa.A .
I rLOrORO.. England rAP landed at Ft. Riley's Marshall I had been in session on Sunday] Republicans when they seized con- Manning said the straps were special ministry eoMBftMSB
\ Proar-. d Eileen Gaff died Field after' a flight from Washington since March 3, 1920. But there ]I trol of Congress last November. fIt''' dry leather. He declined to iden- sent to Maracay to investigate imported -
a fciaatal yesterday' aa hun- yesterday and drove here thisafternoon was no way for the Senate to avoid The Senate, getting tired of one tify the prisoners involved as d that the uprising car ptlis.ly .
I.Lois af aurtey farmer combed for a visit with his I after another 7
it, since the House had already controversy that had >
white Negro. Both
or races are local affair of little
tow -..& near her home for the brother. Milton president of Kansas gone home. Republican leaders! kept the adjournment schedule in,I* housed at the farm. a rllhLance.
...* .a. brat her with an Iron State College. simply shut their ears to '! the air for days, sidestepped a., "At request Manning's k a
repeated .
my said the
The commission
i 1Mr
N>' aaal stab shot her f-year-old Gen. Eisenhower is en route to I shouts of "we promised fight over the President's I '.
want to quit. I s f statement continued, "Dr. M. S. SHE WINS, HUSBAND LOSES: had been confined to ask bat_
b"Mh Lfflfte. Saturday. Police Alaska on an inspection trip. threatened to keep the session going ', appointments to three jobs on the
Kirk prison physician at the farm,
I In Russian Roullette Mrs. Jan racks, which was fired tile. y
*-i MMd the deaths to a tall until late last night to get the National Labor Relations Board. ,
I ..".a*.* atra near the spot where The population of New Mexico necessary jobs done. When at lastit I These were the nominations : I cuts examined, abrasions these,men bruises and found or other no Gulledge, 18, sits in police troops in surrounding IairfAa

i, i lAa tuaana were found by a is approximately 605,000 and isexpected I adjourned the Senate had been of Robert N. Denham as general I K signs of undue severity. headquarters in Dearborn, until the leaders surrendra4 OM

,i.-.n, petty after their diaap- to grow to 700,000 by working-and scrapping continuously -I counsel and of former Sen. Abe "The prisoner themselves did Mich., where she was questioned Army officer was kilted tae Meet
officers and wit
men were
l s arr.FINAL. 1960. Murdock [ and J. I
I for 17% hours. D-Utah
_ I not claim before me that they in the death of her husband
/ Much of the last-minute ex- I Copeland Gray, of Buffalo to I were injured. Private talks with (I ROOSEVELTS EXPECT 9T4MHC
I DISPATCH plosice controversy grew out of efforts -' occupy the two new board seats i other prisoners do not disclose Lloyd 25, following a game of LOS ANGELES I UP) .JHHM
J by Sen. Brewster IR-Mel, to created by the Taft-Hartley law. I any considerable cruelties or endue Russian roullette. Jane tried 1 Roosevelt, eldest son of ire tM*
I defeat Air. Truman's nominationof Rather than run the risk: of another harshness on the part of the her luck first, and won, and i President, and his wife the *ar-
Philip Perlman. of Baltimore, battle. Senate leaders postponed guards. I find no evidence of then her husband of two mer Rome 11 e Schneider. *
'Elsewhere in Washington1"i Md, U. S. Solicitor General. action on them until next I
.1 as I ; brutality or of sadism on their nounced' yesterday they tale!{
The appointment had been I year. However, the three men will !i part." months spun the cylinder of their third child during the cam-
pending for months. Brewster resorted be permitted to work and draw | Manning said he had taken"positive |j the pistol and pulled the trigger ing winter.
"i DEAR BOSS: to every known parliamentary their pay until then under the
KYLE MACDONNELL, new steps" to end whippings I and sent the one bullet in -- -
Now that Congress has adjourned I delaying tactic to sidetrack it Chief Executive's privilege of mak-I
"regardless of what has -
DELIVERY and the gentlemen until next year including a sudden ing recess appointments. screen find, [above] technicallyis the past." happenedin the gun crashing into his brain. I ENJOY A CLEAN

,i .known to newspaper hacks as move to adjourn before his own In other last-minute actions, the I on the gold standard as she Police said the deadly game of

z 'HtiMfaftch olons" have scattered to the four party leaders were ready. That Legislators: I models a two-piece bathing suit chance followed a drinking WATERFRONT
Go. I Ior. comers of the national field to was voted down by a close marginof 1. Removed features found ob- of metallic thread. i California Demos
gold They party.
I mend their fences maybe we 41 to 38. Then he and jectionable by Mr. Truman and I I II Aquatic Growth RfnTtAnrwhere <
... ..**... A C: _l.BMnt I(I gave up claim it's hold I
should. tell our readers about Perlman was approved. 58 to 21. sent to him for a second time guaranteed to Approve PoliciesLOS i I
PHONE 14W3LtMWMB :!"Elsewhere In Washington. More delay and more fire- legislation extending price supportfor up in the water too. WDBO Host To Crowds BRUCE THOMPSON
I Those who read far enough In works also resulted from an wool through 1948 at 1946 I ANGELES [UP) Califor- 433 S> Oraf Av. n. 1.445.

4..e. .W M's -...-.... I I some wire stories during the session llth-hour attempt by Sen. prices. He had vetoed the first bill nia's Democrats whose chairman, Inspecting New Facilities .
Ms. w ?l.s swt will recall that this phrase Ferguson [R-MichJ to get I on the ground it would hamper the Youth Suffers Broken James Roosevelt recently assailed ,,, -- - --
aid 0 ".... wa followed by 3-line paragraphs action on the GOP's plan to look Administration's reciprocal trade ; the so-called Truman doctrine For the second consecutive day,
trt t I,on situations of the most amaz- into the way the Justice De- program. Ankle in Cycle MishapGlenn yesterday endorsed the Truman- more than 1,000 Central Floridians Best Trailer Stop
inc diversity. 2. Put off action the Marshall foreign policy. visited the new WDBO broadcasting -
partment handled alleged Missouri on Presi-// Thomas 20. 530 SunsetDr.
I| You know and I know, and per- vote frauds last year.Democrats dent's request for They also adopted a resolution s!! facilities on Lake Ivanhoe despite I EXPERT REPAHHNe'
+..1o4e... hap readers would like to know' who thought they permit large numbers of war refugees .. was in Florida Sanitarium and approving Pres. Truman's veto of j I heavy rains yesterday afternoon 2225 W. Washington!
I that because of the paper shortage had scuttled it for good this yeariduring I to enter the United States.1 1But. Hospital with a broken left ankleas '[ the Taft-Hartley labor control act station officials reported. Dial t.394
each little paragraph was the I and of bills to cut In- Public interest in the new studios ,
.. their Thursday night!I"talkathon" I the Senate voted to investigate result of an accident yesterday Republican
Mil "" 'IOMAL $
I ANK probably will result in another tOn Winter Garden Rear/
essence of dispatch running against it, rose quickly U. S. Immigration Policy!! when the motorcycle he was driv- I come taxes.
.=- ._, L..e Yew escargot from 50 to 1.500 words In length. to the challenge and forced its with emphasis on admittance of I i I' open house this week they said. I - --
i ii ii i Let us make a final gesture, until withdrawal for the last time until European displaced persons. I ing skidded on wet pavement on SHOP TOO SWEET I INVESTIGATE /EFOIE YOU iiftA.
i next Pall.Elsewhere 1948. 3. Continued the Government's the S. Orange Blossom Trail. FORT WORTH Tex. UP) Every SHANGHAI POLICE STRIKE
HOTEL I In Washington: The closing hours of the session crop insurance program on cotton?9|, Highway Patrolman Al Van Atta morning since 1943 Joe Breen 'I I SHANGHAI [API A downtown-

E rl Not a creature was stirring, not weren't all taken up with partisan corn wheat, flax and tobacco but reported that Thomas was thrown has had to sweep the bees out of I gunfight between Gendarmes and
Iht 1 even a publicist. name calling. There was work to only on an experimental basis. ;{ his package store before he could uniformed police in which two
so ar.tasM5 treat In fineyour I CHARLEY from the motorcycle when it skid- bystanders: were killed and at leas,:
.... brM" be done-work which some Demo- 4. Extended for two years the' i open. Now honey is leaking from
( family to the
I [Charles M. Meister ded while he was attempting to seven persons wounded, resulted
ate crats claimed should have been Federal subsidy program for copper I; the ceiling of his store and Breen
I done weeks or months ago-and I lead zinc and manganese. pass an auto. I Its getting desperate. I yesterday in a strike by Shanghai aee.5
18'0"000 tinmLQNGWOOD. : = i police. HOMt-TOWN TKAHSACTWM4Pm #
''ii ill FLA 'i>t.l tar -

rw MIWOOO eu.t.sHoss ii caD MOVES MERCHANT Congress Okayed Half of Marshall Recommendations

P I I 11 I 111 111 I II r .
PI I i IM.e9l... or Dinner -

k Iii Average Daily Circulation WASHINGTON [API Only half Congressional action which he 8. Return of Italian property in to carry on a curtailed informa-
lM..h..13MItJl. I Past < Months-42.993 I I the legislation Sec. of State Mar- I called "urgent items In order of the U. S. The chief result was to tion and cultural program were

I shall recommended to Congress as priority." He attached an addi- release Italian assets frozen duringthe appropriated.
I. "urgent" was passed in the session tional list of 17 items which he 'I, war. The bill was part of 5. Diplomatic privileges and im-
which closed yesterday. marked "important for this ses- Marshall's plan for strengtheningItaly munities for the staff and dele-

However. bills which were ap- sion of Congress. Thirteen of the ] economically against: Communism gates of the UN.

) proved Included almost all bear- latter failed to pass. :; I i 6. An "inter-American military .vie

i ANNOUNCEMENTTO ing upon the American conflict Later additional legislation was j: Not approved: ; co operation program" under
with Russia chief among them presented by the Secretary or 1 1. Ratification of the Anglo- which the Administration planned
authority and'money for the $400 Pres. Truman for urgent action, so American petroleum agreement to supply arms to other American

I ALL WHO LIVE IN ORLANDO'S million Greek-Turkish program. that in effect the original list of I I 1,I for international supervision of I countries.BARBARA'S.
oil operations of the two
Administration officials said the 10 was expanded to 14. Here is company
record was by no means a bad how the 14 "urgent" proposals :| countries, mainly in the Middle t I
one for foreign policy co-opera- '; stood when Congress finished up: East.
; tion between the Democratic Ad- :j i Passed: 2. Admittance of 400.000 they BEAUTY SALON

THE ORWIN MANOR STORE AT 2922 NO. ministration and the Republican-i i I; 1. Continuation of relief pro- placed persons into the U. S. OPENING SPECIAL
led Congress. :' grams after the end of UNRRA. over the next four years MACHINE PERMANENT*
Marshall sent to Chmn. Van- Congress approved and appropri- 3. Aherence to the Constitutionof REG. 11Z.5. for $'.N
PLEASED TO ANNOUNCE denberg [H.-Mich.l] of the Senate i ated $332 million for the task. $18 the World Health Organization. I Ridtcwood and Rosalind Ph. 402fOpea

Foreign Relations Committee on million less than the State Dept. 4. Legislation to authorize Evenings by AppointmentDIAPER
I THE 0/ NING OF A "SUBSTATION" OF THE Jan. 29 a list of 10 matters for 'recommended, The cut was designed "Voice of America" broadcastsand _

by Congress to deny reliefto other cultural relations activity ABC

CQTHRON'S BAKERY Hungary and Poland the only ; outside the Western Hemi-
i d RADIO SERVICE two prospective relief recipients in sphere. Known as the Mundt Bill, SERVICENew

the Soviet, sphere. this finally failed of Senate appro-
HOME MOTOROLA AUTO Accounts and Future
I Expert record changer service workllIu.nteed 2. Ratification of peace treaties val when the Senate at the last Reservations Are Solicited
Pickup and Delivery with Hungary minute voted instead an investi-
l I Italy Romania. I Telephone 2-1177
of the State cultural
Auto Store and Bulgaria.These treatiesnow gation Dept.'s ORLANDO WINTER PARK
GOODS CAN BE HAD-FRESH DAILY- Economy Supply relations activities. However, funds ,
await ratification
only by
I SU 8. Oraiit Art. Phone MU
Russia: France and Britain already -

LOWEST PRICES FOR have acted. C Paul the Politician Pve made
q\ a
t 3. Legislation for American

1.i HIGHEST QUALITY ,I LAMPS & GIFTWARE membership Refugee Organization.in the International The If. S. I 1ataI1epyouaredearCorn// That 2-in-l Twrn-P ACK gets my w4e.

1.i i I Open Stock Dinnerware formally Joined the organization Half white, half wheat lets all eat hearty.
shortly after Congress acted. TheU.
I WEDDING I THE CHINA MART S. share of $73 million also for flavor and energy, Irs the best bread platform for any party

CAKES 1 ...-441 N. Orange Ave. TeL 2-2%" was appropriated. and soya for body-building
I 4. Legislation to carry on Amer- '
cI'l proteins, are a big help to each
I ica's part in a children's aid fund -
!j MADE TO ORDER II I[ left over from UNRRA. !' 1 other in bringing you the delicious -

I EXPERT 1 5. Tax exemption for gifts from \ / new cereal that's really

tI I i WATCH REPAIRINGCrystals American citizens to the UN. nourishing . Kellogg's Corny _
WHY PAY MORE WHEN THE "BEST' CAN BE I 6. The Greek-Turkish program. t V
I to fit any watchBLOCK'S Soya. Get it ot grocer's. I
your _
i I I 7. Authorization for a UN trus-
I HAD FOR LESS JEWELRY teeship arrangement by which the
I: U. S. has taken over-control of 'l.

I IS Welt Church Street former Japanese-held Islands In I

f GiOCRIESMEATS SUNDRIES the Pacific. ;J l 2)1JHaI :I

( VEGETABLES 9 -n.Air Cirevlaeonruur Aristocrat ee -: _ _- r

,J STRICTLY FRESH EGGS-59c A aIiARANTary i "'; if;

v th'niTR
J for .....<* 'r i6., SN R E D S
3 Clio f'L RR eA,$

M,.. 3 gNed.WI WNnr &%>*>: fH REATtST NAME tlO-U N. Orengt Tel. '5311 r'-'ij "

I anrvaa $42.35 se. Tel. us5J I j i



__ 7fi.otAA '-'___-___ - -' ..
7J --- '-- -- ._ ,. 0" _


-- ._.-.............. .....-:-:- --::::'- -- -, -- -...
.i J -----r----- -- -

-" -- -
' '

__ ' '. ::_. := :, :- .___- ::- ._., ; _; ; :,, ,O-, _. --- 'L-- : . ." : ,:as
_.., , ; _< _,__.; -y.-,. -==c;.. ;'-1- rtis ,. -2i:: .- ; -> ) 4


rt t r

Vet Mental I Gen. Chiang I Monday, July, 28, 1947 9r1ttnhn Hunting 'g-nttUtrl Page 3 j,

Cases Retain *Sees Early End .r t' b .. Bride of Three

Even Balance Of Civil StrifeNANKING .' <. Months Slain

WAf MlMOTCm CUT! Th num. t tI CUP] Generalissimo ;t ; Man
tot Chiang Kai-shek said yesterdaythat ByI'Huge'
vttnuu attending hospitals there was now no possibilityof 1t to .
|!r MftU! .....,. to riainll further negotiations with Chi- .' SUMMERVILLK. Ga. [UPI) .--
,..Air km the number pa- nese Communists. ;if' gerprints on a window sill aai
....4 fertM tfurhargetf U toincU strands of hair caught in a wtttfr*
.... lie predicted that the present watch band provided clues tootfM
"," ., MOW rate U was I Chinese Central Government t r
ditenssl last all ht. in the slaying of 20-year-old Mn.
r I would "win the civil war and
late tmrr slaw that 5.400 .< Katherine Brown by an totntfter'
that "it will not take very who. entered her home "with ..tiling -
*.!a 11 i1 s vtth' neuropcychiatrtctr ' 1I
Mane admitted to. I long. but murder on his ratof.!
.... AtfBunutraUoa hosplt- Chiang for the first time took Police Chief Carl Haaktat M*
f*.* M.Ut ThU compares' cognizance of American criticismof agents of the Georgia the
corruption within his Govern- found
IM |*. years MO.Uwlhrt I I Investigation
ment by that "the open when they went over the beelrasw
.. .e. the other hand. saying _
here t.*. frw UOO to 1.200 a armed rebellion of the ChineseCommunists" t __ in which the pretty brunette bails
aaeeitAh1 prevented the Gov- of three months was shot to <.....
....... Dr Thomas Parma I r ernment from adopting political I Mrs. Alfred Freeman. a frtIIM
.yM.. Ornertl of the U. 8 Pub- I reforms. who was sleeping in the M.t
Gen. Chiang walked into a tea was awakened by the ahol
% M*.>h flmr announced the Fa room
urt' aw a IT |.3 million national 4 -I '4,party his wife was giving for a : and she saw "a huge staadl i
of visiting American editors over Mrs. Brown's bed with a Ain
..*Ut t.*Hi pr..ran authorized' : group "
and spoke freely about some aspects his hand. Chief Hankin .ac.
>y C'fftII.+ It Include Increased -
l...*rti. additional tratninr of of China's plight which had tt rs Mrs. Freeman was unable ta ..
circulated previously in the twi- whether the assailant wa a whW
i rM .H aDd ttunulaUon of StateN I '
in theN 1, light zone of speculation and rumor man or Negro.
Hankins said the strands of
fiI4I! and early ..
pmtnuon : First surprise in what appearedto hair were caught in the band .f
........ .
**.. ........ .ul W spent be a leisurely extemporaneoustalk :" Mrs. Brown's wrist-watch. Indicating
...... ... was Chiang's statement that that she may have awakened f
to hwseae |'4I fr "' '
etas.A.a. II ....... U grants all hope of further negotiationswith I :: #r.. and grappled with her at*
If : '" MM
M pMM aM *4lM* ....pnfittsM.4is.s 11 the Chinese Communists had "..-. tacker before he shot her in f
aM MM M million now disappeared and that in his :,,: -, .. *' ''.... neck. l
... ,. for opinion his troops will win the : w The woman was not crimt.al I
eesn.-.M Mate .
ImI. -.&&$ ........ p.enrata..th.1tsU I civil war against these elements. !ALL WORK AND NO PLAY is not the theme more nurses and is-conducti- a campaignfor assaulted. Hankins said. and...,..... -
1 I irS was missing from the .MN
: The second Chiang's frank
was :
to establishment of one.alal of that his song at Orange Memorial Hospital where the registration of students at the nursing indicating that the intruder ot
*. health: rlinte for' each 100. 1I Government recognition is undemocratic reports and ,' nurses have tennis court, barbecue pit, ping school. Shown above in a tennis match [Ileft'' tered the home bent solely elf t

ese*.rtlmc M u*Ytaur population. for' prsly M well set-u I I that some of the men around him 'I pong tables and recreation room for relaxat to right] are Nancy Rood, Francis Beggs, II murder.Mrs. Brown's husband waa I'

(M4 rwal anaLTEtllMTE are It corrupt.was obvious that the Gen- on during off hours. The hospital needs Doris Hogan and Maryann Crossley. away at his night job when the

eralissimo hopes.for substantial i I was slain.
OMTRM.rwMta aid in attaining his goal of winning REDUCED TO BEGGARY IN JAVA
the civil war against the -
M tISa1OrcxwaealTT CONGRESS LIBRARIANS VIEW LINCOLN PAPERS: While Communists, but he did not 1 -, rl

IaW oa warn Librarian Luther H. Evans, of the Library of Congress lookson make a direct bid for either t' Chinese Get Kicked Around !

N. L CiX Dr. C. Percy Powell, right, of the Manuscripts Division money Instead or, munitions.he asked_ for. under

run tan IT. opens safe number 17 which contains part of the 20,000- standing for cessation of carping usm COPS
item collection of secret papers of Pres. Lincoln. The cere- criticism and reminded Madame's By JAMES D. WHITE home in China appear to hold the tern and guild organization often I _
----- mony marked the first time in 21 years that the documents guests that America too. has a AP Fore gn Affo,-s Anc stl i Dutch responsible not the Indo- gain them monopolistic control ofI i 500 CENTRAL AVE.

Tt. Pined T. II. Had were opened to the public. stake in his fight against; Com- I Indonesian wrath aroused by nesians. The Chinese press openly certain lines of business such as i
munists. hopes that the Dutch will lose
Dutch action has turned
UTI PANTINGSAM rice brokerage. I
their fight and that Indonesiawill
...... sa.. ww can 1.oo1L- I first upon the luckless Chinese emerge free of Dutch control. I From the colonial ruler's J
JONES Newsprint for Small Papers Albanians Get living ing reconquered in the rich by islands Dutch now armies.be- I The net effect is,to swing the standpoint these Chinese perform I !
r'nr T 4KB KOBV HOP Chinese over to the now virtually i economic functions which ethinkft IBM
_. &.. O.*,IM tM .....,... : Credit at Moscow This brings into the news one I unanimous Asiatic criticism of the could not easily be replaced.To important to previd
..... 11I Plan Studied Senator of the basic problems of the co- Dutch campaign as an insult to the 'natives: ," however, they a client *ith adequate
by l LONDON [CAP Moscow an- lonial world which is the sub-I all Asiatics. I are just so many more foreignerswho protection than to Mil
!nounced yesterday "a small cred- colonialism of Chinese commerce II refuse live like Indonesiansand him a poiio: he dam t
RETAIL MERCHANTS WASHINGTON [AP] Sen. Capehart [R-Ind], said yes- it" to Albania for the purchase of and culture which has followedthe which This both Ignores Dutch the basic and problem Indone- who make to their living in lines need U you Uke 'our :n.

We invite you to terday he is studying the possibility of requiring that partof light industrial equipment and agricultural white men's imperialism. sians have in the large Chinese I of business which the "native" surance program that ..a7.

vuit ear new any newsprint produced in Alaska be allotted to small. machinery.Col. In Indonesia, the story is this. population in their midst-a prob- businessman cannot easily invade can us today
Gen. Enver Hoxha. the The Dutch they advance report do it under Dutch
DISPLAY ROOM newspapers.He as lem that is common to colonial -and they pro-

lflodoboth Show Cast Co.CMM is chairman of a Senate Newsprint<<: Subcommittee!: has Communist been conferring premier in of Moscow.Albania A reduced that thousands to beggary of Chineseare by the Asia.The Chinese themselves estimate tection.Furthermore the Chinese gen- llBUENOfGENERAL B O A ( J

.1 w. *I Pans Mm ,tnat plans to leave from Seattle "Tass-broadcast communique said scorched earth policy of the retreating that they have two million erally are not armed.
on Aug. 28 to make an on-the-["an exchange of opinion took INSURANCE
Indonesians.The the
Schooner Carries nationals living in the NetherlandsEast At times like these they are
Cargo spot investigation of establishingfive place also on other questions of i .
is that handiest people to be kicked WOKE WFASPHALT .
paper mills in Alaska's vast interest for the Soviet Union and impression given Indies and Dutch sources ill OIAN6E AVt
I VITAMIN* Of Bibles to Carolines TOhgas National Forest. I, Albania" prior to Hoxha's departure when civilians are killed. Chineseare estimate that a million of Java I around. -- -- ---

i MTT IKK YOU! UP BOSTON (CAP Carrying a cargoof night Shortly the before Senate adjournment sent to last,the I Saturday. warehouses killed and first.stores When are burned.homes and are on Sumatra.the two islands of i B

Bibles the 163-foot missionary Chinese buildings get the torch' [These Chinese residents are RUBBER CORK
br JllUXATI.D IRON White House a bill that would ,
f schooner Morning Star VI sailed : Freedom Award before the others. not to be confused with the Achi- "f-"ff.
,, .... .. .
er authorize the Forest Service of
.-r,r...a ..-e"w._.........Mf u.a from Boston yesterday to the the Agriculture to sell tim- Dutch authorities are concerned nese tribesmen who live in West- f. LINOLEUM AND BROAD FELT FLOOR TiiE1
I a.,. a. s n.r. :a Marshall and Caroline Islands. ber in the forest to paper com- Given Marshall enough about this to ern Sumatra and are not Chineseat WILLIX 8 WRIGHT TILE
:--:2.r-: r-r- whose natives have welcomed five I have set aside- a million guilders all. The Achinese are a very It'
I,<.. .::.":: we..wN... :.: 'similar ships from this port since panies.Two understoodto NEW YORK rAP Sec of State [U.S. $380,000] for Chinese tough outfit of Moslems horn the i V 1200 N. Mills St. Orlando ftl
srr. N w wi .. w:..t 1850 At the wheel was youthful companies are Marshall has been named recipient relief. _
Dutch have subduedin
be ready to bid for the timber i never entirely fL. _..:s;.. """ ""
- skipper Price Lewis Jr. of Holland I of the 1947 Freedom Award While these reports cast no reflection 300 years.] I
Patent. N. Y, a recent Dartmouthgraduate and to start immediate construc- i for projecting a plan for Euro- on the Dutch themselves On the contrary the Chinese
Hrt Tour AutoSTEAMGREASED tion of mills in Alaska.
and wartime Navy offi pean reconstruction. Announcement : already they have bounced back live villages and towns where
said he is interestedin Glass For All OWENS-
Capehart Purposes
cer. determining whether at least I' of the award was made yes- I in Dutch faces. The Chinese back their business.acumen. family sysModel I ILLINOIS'
...... ad .....is r 1 one of the five proposed mills'can terday by Freedom of citizens House dedicated an organization to- --- ---- -- i Illrif FRENCH MIRROR PLATE GLASS Inc. GLASS t tI

_. ....... and 7 i 50 Antcfvreof be required to channel "a fair per- I i' Bernard I BLOCK
The 1946 winner
....-...... __....e MP newspapers.centage" of its either output directly to small or I peace.M. Baruch. bronze was plaque- T Stands By as Couple J I Ij Distributor Serving Florida since 1908 INSULUX 1

will be presented to Marshall at 75 W. Pine St. TeL 5144
AUTO SUN VISORS WATCHcaftftx through jobbers. a dinner here Oct. 19.
1S.H I lie said he hopes means can I Celebrate 56th AnniversaryMINNEAPOLIS !

t71.twT0st eraAT WAXING be found. possibly by stipula-
II MAST CAREd tions in lease contracts put up Winter Park Club [UP] An 81-year-old couple who drove ELEVEN YEARS OF PROVEN QUALITY

taws nne T1.M oe/a for bid. to guard against all the \ here from Seattle, Wash., in a red-wheeled 1921 Model T

Mayo's I Alaska"being tied newsprint up by the production big newspapers To Hear Sketches Ford were remarried yesterday their 56th wedding C p/'VIIW
." I WINTER PARK-Rotarians, at anniversary party in Minnehaha Park. I ( / \

HI li Male it Ph. 7M new w..r.. a rte.. saw I Capehart estimated that each I their more luncheon of the short tomorrow autobiographical will hear- I More than 400 relatives! and friends were at the park

------ of the proposed five mills will be i sketches by members of the when spry smiling Mr. and Mrs.-: I
able to produce 200.000 tons of I club which have proved a popu- John F. Hielscher chugged up in TXAfiS> rat KTO.
Planning To GUS MADDEN'SREFRIGERATION newsprint annually for a total of lar feature of this Summer's pro- their beloved Tin Lizzie. I SALLAS & SALLAS I i Combination Venetian Blind Awning and Shutter .

one million tons. This would be gramsv insisted that the "the FLORIDA APPLIANCE & SUPPLY INC.
BUILD'Call about one-quarter of the present I I They car PLUMBING CONTRACTORSand I ,
I most valuable part of our house- Formerly Home Insulation Cal
consumption in the U. S. REPAIR WORK I
UI for estimates SERVICEUsed About 80 per cent of the news- < AFL, CIO Showdown Seen hold. be parked nearby during I 534 W. Central Ave. Ph. 8017S. 953 ORANGE'' An:.. WINTER PARK FLA.
on complete print consumed in the U. S. now 1; In Plant Strike the simple wedding ceremony. DAYT01'AVIYrER' PARK OELANDO
Refrigerators is imported. Capehart said he is Higgins I "It is part of our household"Hielscher F. Sallas J. K. Sallas I 3070 708 6tH
BUTANEEquipment convinced that Alaska offers the : NEW ORLEANS (UP] A showdown said. The Ford MotorCo.
Bought and SoldPrompt.EUleJentRUlODabJ. between the AFL Metal offered a brand new model in
only chance for a substantial increase -
in domestic production. Trades Council and a CIO local : exchange for our car but we Douglas Gahr 000000000000000000000Lloyd's
W. repair all makes and types I was foreseen yesterday at Higgins I wouldn't part with it for any- ooooo9OoooooooooooooooocHXXx
Inc., where more than 2,000 CIO I thing. :
O4IANOO BUTANE GASH Done Fuss Human Bones Found I smiled l and ,
Fond Gus FONE 7726Backed I shipbuilders are on strike. Dennis i! Mrs. Hielscher
VKf Incorporated O. Spears, council secretary squeezed her husband's arm. LI.
700 Years B.C. .
iy tt yean experienceSZ3 Dating to charged the CIO had struck at two 1 "It has given us so much fun
Nit W. R.Iln.ts rb. -17J1 Magnolia AT*. ROME (AP] A dispatch from Higgins plants last Thursday we've never had time to quar- I.

_.. _- Sardinia said yesterday that human -: without warning. I rel," she said. "We think almostas i
I bones found in a deep grotto much of it as we do of our
I near Cagliari were believed by I Soviet Navy Day Marked family." I p
archeologists to be of Phoenician
The Ford is the only car the
origin and to date from the FURNITURE _
With Call for New Ships Hielschers have owned or driven.
17th century B. C. This would I ,
Now gem desserts MOSCOW lAPr The Soviet Hielscher bought it in 1923 for r;,
super push back two centuries the accepted -1
( date for Phoenician coloni- press observed Russia's Navy Day $474 took it home and painted the
zation of the Mediterranean the I yesterday by emphasizing that the wheels bright red.They've traveled forSUMMER $
dispatch said. I Red fleet should be built up with 138,097 miles across every State .
"new modem ships of all types. I and parts of Canada and Mexico i
Naval experts writing. for various I in it-and. plan to keep right on i COMFORTADJUSTABLE
I , Dial 2-3748 Russian publications said the traveling.The .
of R Es?. 1903 chief function of the Russian Navy I
1 e was guarding the country's coast- I earliest volunteer fire department i
line against possible invaders. in this country was organized -
Orlando's PioneerATTIC .o. .( in New York by Peter CHAISE LONGUE ___.___..._.......... .... 39,75
There are four.million Inhabitants I Stuyvesant in 1659. Leather buckets I With mattress .
FANS $7.15 Up of the island of Sicily whichis i and a supply of hooks and innerspring

""",,- I DESK FANS I t about the size of Vermont. ladders were purchased. J 3 PC. SIMULATED RATTAN SUITE___..__ ___:....._..._.._ 139.50

BED LAMPS i I Innerspring construction .. .

'. ELECTRIC RANGES' i i TROY METAL CHAIR.......______.._.___':- ...___":;"' 9.75 .
WATER HEATERS i I s t f : '.. :n
\ With flat steel base
;# u spring

MILLS OCR ST.FIXTURE COLONIALTOWN DISPLAYN. if4 } ::- s GOLD MEDAL YACHT CHAIR.__........_ ,.. __.._...nu._. 8.95' I
1N Choice yellow or bkie
# --- green,
't 1w I
.Nid "
AVOSET .JfJ 'Q a TROY METAL TABLE _____.___...._: :....-..: ....;;:.. _,,...-/7.95
wDipping AUGUST O: Cocktail v.' 1. '
or lamp style .

"Nevarust table and 4 chairs '; :---
steriltzed thatumil I ; .
CreaM P''!a! )

GOLD MEDAL BEACH CHAIRS.____ 1. .... _:.:..__ 7.95

feeegs : you need Hrllm't ;1 HAVE YOU INQUIRED ABOUT Adjustable back . < .

: OUR NEWBUDGET ALUMINUM LOUNGE CHAIR...__ 29,75oooooooooooooc

ml, ......-.* kelp vorr Velon ptastic web seat and back .
w risen..*keeps sweet for_chi ia roar SALE
prfn.....Mr-In* fyI ***. out wonderful PLAN ':
whp.._ cream desserts oa a tomcat's !
a.un! Sufi sweet after, opening, too ,. JACKETS I ---f.;
-he.II. .<.*<* .Try A\'OInt! COATS HOSPITAL '.;'
P.1.1.-4 let amir vHtrrmc ia "
7ur fleet1' ", ''ritnlOl. CAPES

CodacMJt 0 i" : I I LOSS OF TIME / t-J" :. ;. ...

All in one Low-Cost Policy "
$' L13ef1e's i /et .eserero._.r ss .av Yt.Pe.tereo.ttoalp .
( ., ..
.. A telephone call will bring a -
.... ;' .rp .
hr arenlM.. 15 N. Orange Ave. I Representative and full Information i ;. 1 _

Upstairs I ? Douglas Gahr Jr.
--- -- ---- -

1 1iI ,


... -- - -- .
- -

3_ _'. .. 1' .-. -.' ---.. Jl1-. .tl.- -., _
J. Lr- ot ,.-, _

_, -_- .. : : ?:.
- : fl -
"' $ : : -nz -
- -

- _



p.>......4<.) 4409 *n T< vMdtr. Nw Tear's Da,'. Fourth ,

S.t4ataur. S. Lot1 C*. |D OrUn4.T, Tfconkscivtnf. Daily Newspapers.and Christmas.lac 1 at IM bv Heroic Chaplains Cited I''I: THEY FOLLOWED! THE SIGNS 4 Brightness of Florida Life j f

*-qiI3 OrM A** OcUsjoX FU. I
te. .ie .s ..q..A-iI.s: matter al tin Poet Offic at OF A FAMOUS BEArJERV) \ 11f' AI Hc..iroel !

...'-'- '*"a. Vtof 1.%. Act .* March 3d. U79. lt DREW 'LUSO,... I IrHE1. T&N6UES RJ4 ( rs.&S Emphasized After Trip Nor;

?f22POIrz4161 WASHINGTON-Yesterday, In New Yof, I had CUT FOR 45 MILES &V7 '1",
Put. 3X > t Wink. tlJO Pt r Mo.1aI .
the privilege of. helping dedicate a veterans' hospital Editor Orlando Morning Sentinel: '

,* .sss.. ........ HMV IALCH. Carroaut Dmtrroe swimming pool In memory of the four army The many complaint letters that
**.... CasHMsu Go*. M**. MAMCI, T. LAWMMCI. A.*. 0.... in this column amuse me.I .
C. W '-',,. Iii. ....* tasnr F. WAITW Cuu M**. chaplains of different faiths who. when their ThGx appear Ukf
from visit to
: l.4s> ..... .. ttamsms I*. NOOMST COMSOMMI, Ssc. TaiAl.Xs transport was torpedoed gave their lifebelts to four just returned a my

..>s N.is.TSav C*. M*.. OUMJ MIMJM, fun Sun. GIs and leaped together Into the sea. BEcT j'ANDDIDTHE'EAT brother's home in a small mining
I. W, Ua-ssi.. On CM. M4*. L T. Mu. Trro. Sun. : town in the hills of West Virginia
One was Father John P. Washington of Newark. T
where life is about as drab as could
Member SI n. Associated PrestTN a Catholic. One was Rabbi Alexander/ Goode of
A.*.cuto4 Press 1* exclusively en. be humanly possible. Few houses
tiU.d n tn uao for re-publication of all York Pa.. a Jew. The two others were George L. boast of a kitchen sink, and a bath
i.mt dispatch oeercalted to It or not Fox of Cambridge. Vt.. and Clark V. Poling of -in. and running water are only seen in

._K4*!el.w1 the. local accredited ne...s to published this paper herein.and Schenectady N. Y.. both Protestants. Praying to- > the movies that are shown there

All rltMs far re-publication of special gether. hand In hand. they went to a common gravecI WHEN TNEV GOl 1HEIE? once a week. Smoke and coal dirt
ispatcbe hereto are also reserved. because they had a common cause. 4r fill the valley, men are old at 35*
''ytU GUESSED (T'-. and the women look continually or three hanr ful1!! of sit
to make world where men
a may
PAOE 4 MONDAY. JULY 28. 1947 Ju
tired. If some of these folks down soda i Isaltprtm I ir scan
live together side by side In I
matter what their race or peace.no creed. it 1k4: % :; -- : here were forced to live under these full of sale, IIIN\\
TODAY'S THOUGHTSTb4) --- conditions for about six weeks I around tnv outwd*
So yesterday. In New York the Lot.A WIEDOFT r am sure they would have nothing I spot. Do this .
aoweth the word.
Mark 4:14.
sate : -
Bronx Veterans' Hospital swimming V 60-7 % TrQI.bO si; .e '. ii- C more to complain about. Florida when it to not Ma* t* r

pool was dedicated to their L j; and home looks mighty good aftera is Rood on
aVrw en in faith I Iatow memories a place where veterans trip like his. worm aa It" i...

UM good setd! another after thee of all races and creeds may meet !;. H.G.W.bG' people.I' .

haU "_Po Hut thou not garnered many fruits and mingle, as free from prejudice also wart to ... Ml

Of ether's aowint. whom thou knowest not? as the water which flows. Joe Should Visit Base the merits of ch8Iu

Carul tell how many itrujiles.! sufferings tears. \ 1 To me this was a new type of & poison killer mtt .
Rain Now
\\1 At Pine Castle"/ After'
AH uarteerded. unremembered all. memorial. Ordinarily, when anything from r4 .aw .

Hart ton to buUd up what thou hut of good? &.:: j ii, '-,; war think of the aftermath of war 472QLT Editor Orlando Morning Sentinel: i bite We had a Mb _
Pearson I would like to say a few words bitten on the baa*) ay a 4
-Harriet List. think of the dead, the disabled.the .
on the Pine Castle Air Base and i; applied a rtneafttf u
ruined cities the broken treaties. We seldom siiLR'L 0. what to do with it. i the powder to the ...

The Nation's think of the history books on war or the war I (1) Sell it to some farmer to doc was all rtttot
Biggest Employer
memorials. But they shape our thinking, too. History raise tomatoes. But be sure the Previous to thia ** at*

PIONEERS OF the automobile in- Is more than words and monuments are more; PITCHING HORSESHOES farmer is a good swimmer. The' doC bitten alia .to ift 84
TilE than shapes In stone and bronze. They also shapeour I city got this airport for $8.000 snake and the dta* P'
probably didn't know it, but is true. Well, they didn't bee ..
,, minds. If we ask a small boy about the Civil That a sting m asm iwo
Ut.jr were building the biggest single con- War he will probably tell of cannon in the get much. True, it has 10.000 A strong soluuo* almaM .|

irtiwUen to employment the world ever town square or a picture of a general f. on horseback.I I'Perfect Crime Fails i I Again i I I foot landing strips, when it doesn't :, in a tightly ees8.. bMcle.
has known. i rain. But when it rains how about lag trip And of _.
4 But what the little boys of tomorrow must be !1 that lake in the middle of the N-S it is applied' the.......

Mr. Byron King tells us that today one taught about the world war finished yesterday is I By BILLY ROSE thing cause. That night he decided to kill her. I runway? You cant go around if MUM tuff that .... ,

of every seven American workers earns his the principles for which that war was ought, not Clifford Wharton took off his gloves and rolled His neat mind considered the problem of mur- I.with a big plane full of passengers water tart bad

daily bread by having something to do the weapons used to achieve the victory. them Up with his tools in the tarpaulin on which der with the same nice precision it might have and how true it is th 't theArmy's | M W.CtATRACIL. II&A
brought to the business of mixing a salad dressing.The B-29 went through it. But j I --- -- -
with autos. he had mixed the cement. Before he let himself
battles of the past have been commemorated .
Too many there was a war on and a lot of ,
I divided itself into two sections: :
It of fierce warriors in bronzeor I out of the abandoned icehouse he satisfied himself problem : in time of I
takes 8.200.000 employes to keep by statues things happened war.
I I IA1 How to explain Minna's absence, (B! how
with his pocket flash there evidence
In the of the nation was no Col. Rogers sold the ExchangeClub
America on wheels. These workmen are bristling cannons ,
to dispose Of her body.
I grim reminders of the glamor the excitement of he had been there-much less that he had brickedup II on the airport. I ICol I
hired by 537,000 automotive business con- the of his wife. His wife solved problem [IAI the next morn-
batUe. But what we need to be reminded of 1a not corpse Rogers had a big car to ,
t'uns-one-.ixth of all the business houses She told him she was going to Los Angelesthe
ing. ride around the airport in How
which I Wharton drove for
the weapons of war. but the principles for straight home, stopping only '
In the na\ion. men gave their lives in war. a'moment on the bridge which connected the residential following week to inspect a settlement house about asking some of the men and I
for underprivileged children. Problem IB1 he '!soldiers who were stationed there.I
Of all the workers 4i million are truck And what the little boys of tomorrow must be section of Hartley
_ _ _ _ ,
solved lor himself when he remembered long- There are lots of them around Or-
I r drivers delivering material to factories, taught about the World War finished today Is and the dirty flatlands on WI'73 1b7' l' 1 abandoned icehouse. I lando good taxpayers. Ask some | nap

finished products to warehouses and stores, that It started because the Fascists preached the which the old shell of the At dinner the evening of Minna's departure for ,:t of them what happened when any .
doctrine of the superior r&ctf:; and that It was won icehouse stood. Making fCfv.c kind of an airplane got two feet
purchases from stores to etc. California. Clifford introduced into her coffee several I B, HANUY Po.i4
by those who believe that all men are created free sure the bridge was deserted _ _ off the runway They were the
Another 800,000 of them of tasteless His wife
are production he grains a plant poison. THE QOEST1O4
and equal. dropped the men that had to roll their pants'
'I workers, making cars and automotive That's what the four chaplains believed when weighted tarpaulin into complained of drowsiness while he was putting her up to their knees and wade around II Are ,.**r p. Mtral HMiUte4

t parts. they gave up their lifebelts to face certain death the river below. luggage into the car. By the time he switched off in the mud and water It wasn't ky ywr wlkTHE ]

\ on the transport Dorchester.At When he got home, he his headlights outside the icehouse, Minna was | Col. Rogers. He had a nice dry I AMVWON

THE WAR 2 Vi. million cars were no time during the war did death show discrimination felt hungry. He went into _ dead.Gloves I 1 office. S.t **.". cioUua s|
,I BEFORE our soldiers sailors fliers or the kitchen and snapped trowel, tarpaulin and bricks were waiting I would like to ask the Exchange
each among Mount Dora:
year. for him where he had placed them the day be- Club members how many of them !
the Under
blow struck It did not discriminate on lights. the
marines. When the ,
of : No I mac* up Si
From 1942 through 1946 an. average were ever at the airport after a |
sink there empty fore. An later. Minna and her bags were built
the Ut
creed color. When JapaneseAmericans wife bM
as to or and my vets
good rain. Think this before
920.000 cars a went to the junk heap. over i
year of the walls
soda bottles. Cake crumbson ito one clammy 1
of the heroic 442d regiment stormed their with my point-
: the city spends too much of the
This situation leaves a lot- of old jalopies way up the hillsides of the North Apennines in the table. A half-filled During the next two weeks, members of the taxpayers' money and then find ,i i cal choices She

en the road. Italy no one stopped In the heat of battle to think glass of stale milk on the Civic Improvement League who phoned the Whar- I: out they got a field in a bog. What I II votes for whom

The average auto In use last year was about. the color of their skin. window slItMinna _ _ _ _ ton house were informed: Minna had caught cold happened to the Bell rocket plane? she wants to andI
rune years old compared with an average had always runa on the way to California. The cold had developedInto I It made a couple of flights and vote for thoMI
of SV4 in 1941. Today with the heat of battle over. some of sloppy kitchen. During most of the 11 years of pneumonia. Penicillin hadn't helped. Cliffordwas then moved to New Mexico. | like It really

age years us sometimes forget the bonds of selflessness their married life she had been too busy with the going to California to be at her bedside I This field will be ideal when the does not aS**

Wa have a long ways to go to make up which forged heroes during war. committee for this and the committee against thatto The Hartley Journal received and printed airlines get that new tractor type :, any difference ,
for time lost to Hitler and Hirohito. us about what .
Moreover a few rabble-rousers have made vicious bother with domestic chores. When she wasn't Clifford's wire from Los Angeles that :Minna had landing gear.
the choice at the -
Vehicles on the road last year numbered attacks on some groups-forgetting that everyman I selling raffle tickets to collect money to build something died and been cremated. We GIs couldn't say anything I other is bccauat .

I 33.949,000. or 437,000 less than the 1941 peak no matter what his color creed Is a human I she was getting petitions signed to tear When Clifford returned to Hartley a week later, against the Army.the field But when we were | we do not pay
in now as -
year. The 1946 figure included a record- being and no one has a right to wound him by I something down. Min a's aunt sister and niece were at the station. i i I ask some of us ,about Pine too much attention

breaking 5,728,000 trucks, proving at least stinging words or thoughtless acts.That's Before their marriage, Wharton had been Intrigued Clifford received their condolences with quiet dig- ( Castle Air Field. We are the men i There are ..... i

that the nation is hard at work trying to why the type of memorial dedicated at by Minna's organizing ability. That, and nity. He idly wondered what part of their sorrow who know. Commanding officers J i, the cdldWs .m.not ...

make for the lost the Bronx Veterans' Hospital seems to me important her fairly considerable annual Income. :Minna had was sincere, and what part was inspired by their are smart, I agree. But some OI always] tate W9 -
up years. -a memorial commemorating the thing the four looked like a short cut to the beautifully run homeaxd hope he might be generous with the substantial Joes know a little bit also II j end up ay. el .. I
The auto industry, despite strikes, produced each thfek to -.iL
want remembered that the deck of a creature comforts this taxono fortune Minna had EX-GI FROM PINE CASTLE law
chaplains expensive poor left him. He said he preferredto
3.090,000 cars last and hopes . *
year sinking ship is not the only place wnere men 01 misi naa always coveiea. 'inc monies ne eamea be alone that evening. Minna's relatives were AIR BASE. I' .
manufacture this I R., ,. ..... gas7 I
to 4,700,000 During the last hurricane the
I. different faiths can work together pray together writing articles on the classification of plants were properly understanding. Bust

This is far from the 5,360,000 peak reached .and now that the war is over. live together. hardly enough to pay for such fancies as Imported When he got home he noted with satisfaction The Pine drainage Castle port now was Is entirely excellent_ dry. 'I make: up my ... I ,

in 1929, but it Is a remarkable record of Note-one of the chaplains who died on the Dutch candies and custom-made shoes. And so he that as per his intructions. the house had been I'Ed.l my wife *OM M Hav* |

rapid reconversion. transport liorchester was the son of the Rev. Pan had permitted himself to be acquired by Minna.. tidied up His bed was neatly turned down and the i --- I 4. .:

The auto industry, feeding more mouths Poling. famed Baptist preacher of Temple University much as she had acquired the chairmanship of the evening paper was waiting for him on his night i, Put Up With the Plane's Noise; \ .. ...

than other business in the nation rates ', Philadelphia who, like his son Clark. was alsoa Civic Improvement League and the presidency of table. i I..

a loud any round of applause for its post-war, chaplain during the war. En route to Africa Dr.Polingstopped the local women's Republican Club. He undressed got into bed, sighed happily, I 'Be Thankful for the Army' .I ...... ... ....

: In Natal. Brazil where he asked his After three months of marriage Clifford admitted and opened the Hartley Journal A email item on ': Editor, Orlando Morning Sentinel: .
record if fellow does ... ....
even a I
performance friend. the Rev. Sam Overstreet a Baptist chaplain to himself that he. was revolted by his pare one caught his eye. It read as follows: '! Too many people are rappingthe .
have a hard time getting:. a new car. to Join him at dinner. Overstreet. however, declined. wife.The "Workmen today began the removal of an Army. I hear it nearly everyday I. ?
a i Too of our citizens "
That evening he had to take the place of beautifully run home he had supposed her ancient eyesore from the Hartley scene. At the request -] good ones, many too, have taken too 1t \*.pI4.

The National Housing Disgrace Father John Francis Ryan. a. Cathloic who was vigor would produce turned out to be a nightmareof of the Civic Improvement League. the mayor much of a dislike to the Army being \ r: .. -

scheduled to conduct Jewish services but had to empty tuna-fish cans, stockings hanging In the ordered the razing of the abandoned Icehouse : here. It's true that sometimesa 1

THE MEMORY OF MAN always has be away. ' bathroom .and the ceaseless jangling of Mlnn '. across the river. This brought to a conclusion the plane does fly too low but if it I .J ;::: ,

short. Because no Jewish chaplain was regularly stationed telephone.For campaign initiated some years ago by the late Mrs. | were reported and the number of -

Two short years ago millions of Americans at Natal. the Protestant and Catholic chaplains 11 years they lived separate lives in the Clifford Wharton." ; the plane given, corrective measures get in political

were on'foreign soil, shooting and getting had arranged to take'regular turns conductIng i. same house. Then one evening Clifford Wharton Clifford was half dressed when he heard heavy would be taken and that try to guide her _

ahot at wounds and services for Jewish troops: so. on this particular came home and found Minna had contributed his footsteps on the porch and the insistent ringing would be held to a minimum. are the cauau-
suffering .dying. evening a Baptist gave the Jewish services for a favorite custom-made shoes to a bundles-for-some- of the doorbell. Condemning the whole Army for am afraid 1M ..N aM
Back here at home enthusiasm ran highto Catholic priest.Impressed I _ one pilot's disobedience and want- much attmttoax If .

*"take care of the boys" when they at last with the way men and chaplains of I ing to get the Army away from suggestion .1 da a* IM
here because of it is as senseless thing about It."
returned. all religions worked together during the war. Dr.. From * *
Sermons discard the whole
as wanting
Today more than two million of these Poling later raised a fund in Philadelphia to build a Gleanings Sunday ; police force Chamber of Commerce Charles .otoM, ..iaMaide. ....

same veterans are living hemmed in with "Chapel of the Four Chaplains' where men of all or the whole City Commission Tavana.No. :

in-laws or in tents. trailers, basements religious creeds could worship and pray together. Br DAVE ENLOW ( important places in His Kingdom educators declared 'This man because one member did my wife ha* i...

attics converted chicken houses or other I am glad to report that Dr. Poling I (Cbuf'-' Editor, Orlando Mom,ng Sentinel) j immediately after this and were speaks; with authority.! something we didn't like. say about eterttasta .. I
disgracefully makeshift quarters.A has gone ahead and is still raising money to commemorate -It Is a dangerous thing to listen told that these places were earnedas Isn't it much better to have a of taUkinc ahwt
the idea for which his son and the three to the call of Christ. Across the men should become; willing to "His disciples said "Thou art little noise and our sleep disturbed the candicIa&ea.: 1
drive past Orlando's veterans' trailer for the Christ, the Son of the Living by a plane and that we talk about the
other chaplains died-that it takes the wounds of years, whenever men and women I qualify them by becoming servants -
park Is an experience all of our consciences black and white the lives of Catholic, Protestantand have listened to Him seriously '{ of all. The call,of the Christ God.! One who helped to crucify can say, "Thank God it's ours and I ones I favor and

should have. Jew to win a war and make democracy live. they have found themselves on I! is to service and sacrifice. him Sorely saw this Him die. and said. I that's my protection" than to she tells me
It's easy to be grateful when + ships going to the far ends of the i "Men have always been drawnto God.! was the Son of hare the same thing happen and about the on-.
grave I earth. turning the other cheek going I Jesus Just as water is drawn by i, have to wonder whether youll be 1 she likes but cc
dancer is present. J. L. Chicago-The secret committee vote on the second mile trying to love i the Sun and the earth revolves "He is the Master of life Mas-i here after It is gone or whether do not try to di<-
Here is an example of man's inhumanityto whether to publish the report on Fascism in America . enemies and ending up on cross- I around the Sun. It Is not our ter teacher, master physician, I you'll be gone before the noise of I tate how the other -

man. put the Chicago Tribune's Rep. Fred Busbey i leL" I task to argue men into acceptance master of the elements, master I the plane dies away? will vote 111

And here is an issue which will corral a against publication' together with Landis Und). I So spoke Dr. John Branscomb of Christ. Hold Him up before lover, master over death, master Too many people have taken the I admit that I do
Cole [IMol Bishop [1111. all Republicans. Meade of : pastor of First Methodist Church : their eyes. 'If I be lifted up, I will over life. This Master is worthyof attitude that a soldier or sailor's not take her advice
flock of votes in 1948 for the party of the I Iin his ,sermon yesterday morning. draw all men unto myself.! our highest and
Maryland and Williams of Mississippi. Democrats, I allegiance job Is a lazy man's job and that very ofteav *s si
men who come up jrith a reasonable solu were also opposed. Meade because tie didn't like the \, on the &\1et..\.. The Call ot the "Thn never explains; ..t \\. when "*e surrender it to Him, we anyone In the service is like a tout I am as t BUT ..' f

tion. references to the duPoints, and Williams because Master. Texts used were Mark gives heat. The rose never calls find the only abiding freedom. The skunk or & weasel, always every- much attention .a assist
_____________ 10:32 and John 11:28.: j attention to its beauty. Pike's Peak truth makes you free. Christ is'I where except where they shouldbe. II my candidates at .* mat
he relerences about ex-Sen. Bilbo and "
was upset }'es. it Is a danxerous busl- ,' does not describe its own majesty. the truth. He is the mind and''
Modern and Ancient Gadgets the Ku Klux Klan.Republicans ness, folllwing Christ" Dr. Just look. Jesus stood in the heart of God embodied in man. I wiLl admit that I mt mmthe
I hate to thick where this beau. foUow mr MM to* 01
who voted to publish the Fascist reports Branscomb said. i midst of men and lifted their "Christ calls us to a comradeship .
AT THE Peace Officers were Corbett of Pennsylvania and Boggs of \ "The disciples following Him ideals higher than the mightiest His call leads us into a con- : tiful city of ours and America as a I
would be if ,
whole today II.
wedidn't II. WW.
into Jerusalem realized that and mountains and for 20 I
: Delaware. Committee Chm. Karl LeCompte of I centuriesHe quest for the world He calls us .
'as they followed Him they were has challenged the earth to be 1 have an Air Force, Army enact, It1las.w.
i Christhke living and to absolute
Iowa refrained from voting. Democrats who lined
First Police Chief: I afraid! They were Justified In'I II better than Itself and called upon consecration to the high task of and Navy, that are second to none. "She votes her way Mai
"Do you know anything about this new up publicly for airing Fascism in America were I their fears as the Master revealed men to the higher life. building the Kingdom of God on i If some of these potential gripers mine.. We sidotB diarus

landed lie detector gadget?" Deane ENC, Pickett ITexl. Stanley [tVal Passman : to them the suffering and cruel-i I "A great religious leader of His earth. Rise up 0 men of God I had the sense that God gave a : .bcraua*

Lai. Burleson [ITexl Morris [Okla, Smathers fixion which awaited Him. | day said of Jesus. 'We know Thou and answer the call of the MasI I billygoat, they would realize the mmt
Second Police : trial, all from the South. Rep. Busbey objected to ,I "Two of His disciples asked for art a teacher come from God! The ter," same thing.J. --. Sa ,%.
'"Know anything about it. I'll say I do. I references to the Rockefellers. Morgans and du- I I T FREDERICKS. II .. 'ntl1.

married one of them and it doesn't take Ponts. and their dangerous grip on American industry. thalst"S

any electricity for her to operate." Americans Belgians I UniteIn Lions To I I Americans Most Tolerant .
Study Msl .. Ii
:People of World, Reader Says

II !i Orlando Morning Sentinel Radio Program I Service Honoring War Dead : .I. Editor.I'd like Orlando to add Morning another Sentinel word or: !I .._ =Mis a

: .... nti wior HMO woijx a o' WD.O BH' WLO" nZJO WOltZ ( ") AMERICAN MILITARY CEMETERY HENRI Europe NeedsSAN I two to A. RJ letter about religious .2i I
I M lot* Curl, H.v.-5TOU1S Sign Cm News 3.45 a... and T..II. ___ P.WheMan C. ._Dull. ElUDe"' '' ___ tolerance. Why. all of a I OMaeratalk
I S II SV-. a...*... _-'. JU Wews.Sae.lfl...U1. .. _. Georgia Farm Km Planon.I __. 4 00 ROOM Party _._T P.Whlteman C_ News .._____ CHAPELLE NEAR LIEGE, Belgium [UP] Americans and sudden are the American people I WlhIf'r' M
I M il'AUTT Tea.strr..t 5431,4lt5ti0a Pr.itrl Drifters 4:15 HauM Put P Whlteman C._ Studio Party _. Belgians yesterday paid homage to the 17,231 Americanwar 'i being made to believe they are so persons coanpeUn far t*

40YrnPst'cc-boe.-0- .( II..aIIIL Clock. News ___B____ _4 4:30:45 Dr Alliance Paul Church h__-_-. Tom Eddte: MH Duchin______ studio Studio Party party _. dead who are buried here beneath the rolling green I thousand FRANCISCO Lions were lAP gathering Sixteen in 'I intolerant of other races and ;i but neither one af taf amI

,, I: Sews su. V.Pewsi a LWa.-.-. ==-Clock D.ved.a.- )40r5-)i.wsI Dwsinosa 8-00 Erie Bertreld '__ TenT a FlrtUs Haws ______ slopes _of the Belgian soil_ they gave their lives to liberate. San Francisco last night to con- I i I creeds! ? Who started all this anyway I I, the other who they si
4. bo..J..vs..iuical. __.. 740 Club __ 9:IS Tin Out for ITsle Sky Kin _u__ Studio Party __. inc occasion was a special sider for. or why We wooer I
ceremony their
I .-.... .. ._ .___ MsrI. ...Na&k7. Nm __ 5:30: Lara A ASset .___ Jack rmIttonSRadio Rode < I I Haven't the American people always I political "
I work artuawnuWWW
Hottelet-NewsLcw LowfU Thomas6OO marking the Europe.
su wsa.r 11..18 _. Seed a, Da, 1.0 Club "i 5 45 Pick White Pipe" proposed return dents: David Lardner of been the most tolerant? I
I M 131, .54 Curls __ lee -.cu. TrIo 140 ClubS CP/AP News ....- Pultoa Lewis. Jr. Supper! Club of many of the dead to the United Time Frank-I Clifford D. Pierce, :Memphis, Hasn't this country' of ours been
..,... _. 740 Clult 6'IS Lone Rawer Dinner ,__ in the Sportlitc : magazines and John B. flyfth. builder
cC .... 5'.eflbo lelborl Petit.- --- -- Mune. i', Tenn.. attorney', president of the !I tolerant to the "nth" degree of 8 Cl'Noshedoesnogltz.flI
.-.MU,. .. Hews 6'3O Lone Bangor _-___ Henry J, Taylor Music for Dimnc States. The cemetery' will be ish. United Press Staff correspon- ,'
uac l'*"m -- __ ._ International Lions Clubs said others I
long they
4 45 P.obt.'rrous Sports! Parade Richard H..lIneu i as as were loyal?
l.-.L j ..Wintoro o..et..M Breakfast Breakfaat Club Club 740 HubWoman..s World----_ ,:00 Inner Sanctum Headline Edition Plays by. Ear __ I: closed to the public today and the dent. that in his address opening the 'I Now the poor gullible Americansare 1 to rot.*. She akss .. .

._r..ly .M. .....11'..* dub __ Woman s World .. 7:IS Inner Sanctum___ Elmer Davis ._ Plays by Ear I I bodies requested by the next-of- WAR BONDS HIT DUMP organization's annual convention I actually being made to believe ,I lows my inatniei -
7 JO Art Oodlrey Album of Melodies Voice of Plr.toDP:45 !
I.* .-.OM" .11 p..c.a.u..r OMITS_ isaaM- *9torr.B.M tr cracker -_ Jack Bereb SbowBanostand --- 8:OO CBS la flees Gabriel Beattcr - Telephone Hour for shipment home. M. Bankston. garbage truck driver -i "raising our dues for an expansion Could it be that the other fel10W.5 er she does or
:.. ._ ... Wewa-re- - 8 IS CBS It Thero. __ On an. Melodies : Telephone Hour= found three War Bonds valuedat of Lions' work into European. Intolerance of our American !! not there are
.......,-. News ____ 8:3O Escape ----- Guy Lombardo Or.Thorpe Auctions Most of those buried here were countries." way of life is being disguised and !times when X
sn.e _________.
-- SI50 in Bankston
....... W.__ TowBrtMflua Bandatajut ___ 8 45 Escape Ouy Lombarda Or Symphony B1L-: I attached to the 1st Army and a city dump.
IS have
)Ie ..... yresi Oal Drako Bandstand -- 9.OO My Friend lima- Fish tt Hunt Club Symphony Halt said diamond rings wrist watches i i "We are dedicated to-a generous rammed down our throats clear to I my doubts
I f cc 0oll 0.. ....., T" .Maloo _____ Sunny South Qm :IS My Friend Irma.- Fish Hunt Club Symphony Hall yesterday a platoon of the 18th new shoes and silverware had been consideration of all the peoples I''I our gizzards? Could be!. i I never see berj
e:.ia.Tra.'r. News *,prm-i. 9:30 Bo* Hawk _--T be ..1I..oulleeeS'tn' Piano Quar. I Regiment of the 1st Division I J. R. 8. I ballot and do not
Tra.'ta News, Farm R. 945 Bob Hawk .-.--- To be announced First Plane quar. stood rigidly at attention as Lt. found in the dump but this was of the world he said in an -
t.'e C. of C. ClasaUied Column 10:00: *Bob Crosby. Show Dr. Talk Orer '- News and Sports Gen. Clarence Huebner. the first; time lorbonds.Westbrook interview shortly after his arrivaL 'j know wnether I
C. al C. ___. JIeoU... It ar i.spN'lO 10:15 Dance Orch.'__--_Say Eberle Oreh. Harkn of Waab.I once 1st :Remedy To Stop Brown Spots she ta a dutiful
- ::::::=Seethes. =:::-News _ 10 3O Dane Orch. __ Carmen CaTallsro. Surf Club Ork. Division commander paid a last The 1 -wife ar whether
f. rerrell Ttn>. Melodic Sketches.Meladio -- IOU Dance Orch. _____ Oreh.-Ntws ._____ Surf Club Ork. -. tribute to the men who fell at I 16000 delegates here for From Spreading on lawn Given 1 1 \.
I, sieve MealS -- ___ ______. . the week long convention starting she is just plate
4. bows .--- Martin Block Sh. Sketches. TTaTrJewi > 811Or -oreh. News Aachen. Ardennes and Huertgen Pegler Editor, Orlando
t .1 a_ .1.'MY!) 'ss MartlnBloct_ _Ba. Melodio Etetchf 11:IS Ball Scorea-New! Dance Orch. St. Louts Serenade Forest. . has been hospitalized for a today represent 335.000 Lions in Morning Sentinel: I contrary but tor Fbt I
--.n--w. rti Sh.u :" John W. VaacookTony 11:30 Dane Orch. Dance Oreo. Ross Monan Ork. 6.300 clubs In This is the time of the year for my owace
Block or ..
State of the tsd I
..-Y.. __ i every ,
Dance Orch __ Orch.-News _ Ruts Morsan Ork. Also buried here checkup. His condition is not
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.. .


r USDA Official Praises Florida System of Farm Markets i AJ.

J. 5. larsonLauds Monday, July 28, 1947 Orionta burning firntinfl - Page 5 I i

cg I

'Unique' +i I !' Apple Meeting Fruit Supplies Low Farmers UrgedTo

Plan of Sales ft Draws Floridians As Prices Advance i Plant Pines j}

... ... Bf JACK GUHNFTT'Our j.I fSr-ec''J': l to 'Ir-ndo: tit '-ng Sen-roll- !] I [Sc*',O'' tC Or'::"r'-'-'"'"fl' Se-*.-> *! i
y.r r 'I.- p See ndlaeioivu I) Own Staff Correspondent] I NEW YORK-Florida citrus supplies fell off last week DELAND VoJUAia ..-

: Other Anticipating one of the biggest : but the volume from California was approximately the I farmers with a surphu acreage t
..... w- tonef greatly through f V M- meetings in years the International same as the week which in the past has net pieced. t
previous. to farm be die to
'.U3..IM, at norldiana in de.Ira Apple Assn.'s annual convention may
b 1 The total supply of citrus fruit proved less than re- obtain a $1,200 per acre return eat
.. to be held Aug. 11-14. in
.f Bute-operated mar.a -y y} Detroit is going to attract up- quirements and despite the fact that some of the deciduousfruits a three-year crop of ChiHUan
* ..... J Stanford Larson. R rw ward of 100 Florida citrus people sold at disappointing prices<,r---- trees according to W. J Platt M,

Organ-. -including those who have not as there was a sharp advance in cit. !. Volusia County agent.
I Australian pines of the coM Ft*
jet registered and wives who will
roe' Maw Department of Atrta rus prices, particularly oranges. slating' variety make exeeet '
"III.... 4ltretng Jacksonville Ylsit go along. California Valencias showed a Christmas trees because they 4M! 1

,". ........ Ii Y Here is a list of those who have steady gain from day to day and be pruned to any shape .a....
Ttw WMfcMUten off ctaL mho booked reservations for the meetIng and they grow the fastest as* ail i
.r.tits. e Muring the State.as : B. C. Anderson W. A. Whit during the week advanced $1.25- tree in Florida An added a4i.. ,

*' .....*.. .a the July 23-24 Brokerage Co., Umatilla; John G. 1.50 per box. The small sizes are tage is the fact that no particular
........ .* the aanual conference Anko. Dr. P. Phillips Co-operative still comparatively low although type of soil is required for tfcttr
of -"#tr aft* firtala. of Florrannera p : e- : Orlando: Mr. and Mrs. H. G. Barnett most of the 344s are now bringing i rapid growth
e 6 ..w Markets rave -. John S. Barnes Co.. Plant $4 per box or better. I I I Between 900 and SIN trees
+U4_ .VM* to Nathan Mayo.Agriculture. V x City; Mr. and Mrs. M. Blattnerand The large sizes sold well with can be grown to the arre. The
(' tiiaYof and s c daughter Quality Citrus some of the best fruit reaching (7 trees may be propagated from t
.artt l I. "....... director of .. _4' __. 0- .Y.a Fruits. Orlando: Mr. and Mrs. R. per box or better. Juice standsare I seeds or obtained from nunerie

.lit... .. Mark**.* tar development of FLORIDA'S 1947 TOBACCO AUCTION SEA- tobacco in a warehouse at Lake City at the L. Bruner. Fosgate Growers Cooperative big users of oranges at this at a size of six to IS inches. Cv* J.
SON OPENS and onlookers
...* area.rtrt.ra"> htch now : Buyers, growers I tioneer D. E. Wilder [ hat at extreme grower. Sarasota; W. Bryant Calhoun percentage of the total receipts. quantities is approximately H
......."*, n activ unita handling crowd the narrow aisles between long ofTobacco wearing Umatilla Fruit Co. Uma- Sales of California Valencias r to 15 cents per tree. I
..". .an m miuion of produce rows left] cries the bids in_his_ _sing-song,_ chant. tills, Mr. and Mrs. Courtney W. : through Thursday totaled 125 M No particular or extensive C1II t- -
-L I
a '.No !a.' rare, 'rear.t >i O Campbell. Food Machinery Corp.. cars or the same as for the g vation is required for the crop; I
.n "...... thr..gh his cc.4safe I Lakeland, Meyer Chepemk Jacksonville previous period. Prices moved up only an occasional ducioc of UM t
... d the praktenry .fM. Market I ; Mr. and Mrs. C. C. Commander and the average for the period soil to keep down high veto* A s!
.. twrelly .,....... Nattonal Vegetables Continue i Florida Citrus Exchange was $455 against $3.60 the week small amount of fertiliser wfll
4..4.11..1. 1"rM_ Market I Tampa.J. before At these prices California s. speed growth and add verdvre to
ls...tai ....neabaa A. Crawford. Alturas Pack- shipments will probably be stepped the needles. This is estimated to
... ea fc.,.... .. a* .(fen .. ing Co. Bartow; E. N. Davis, L. up as there has been some cost approximately flee ever' tAe.
,... .* lit* r*.nUr Season OpensI To Make Progress Maxcy. Inc, Frostproof; Mr. and tendency to hold back because of three-year period
=........ .. tk. ... hkh I Mrs. Fred W. Davis. Lake Wales market conditions. Two other types of trees .a...>
are d d41sg r,.... this I I CGA. Lake Wales; Ken Ewing, Florida orange sales declined good Christmas decorationa. Tai
...... a ...... .-ar.'.... [ al to Orlando Morning 5cnt.nel] [Spec'"I 1 to Or'ondo'! Morning Sentinel] 1\ Alcoma Packing Co. Bartow; Mr. to 20i! cars for the week through are th! red cedar and the statto

th..wc th. ten years or' more In JACKSONVILLE Opening of NEW YORK-Growing weather in all of the Eastern and Mrs. C. E. Felix. FCE. Tampa; Thursday compared with 56 ears pine The red cedar however. wM

...-* ,.. aa>|.r portion of the the annual sales season on mar- States has been exceptionally good during July and crops : J. W. Fnesner. Lake Alfred Co- for the same period of the previous PHILLIP D. BEALL not grow in soil too sandy or 4ry.
,*+>*. .,**... leas been brought 0 operative, Lake Alfred, Tom I I week. The trend of Florida but it is possible to plaid a* 1. _
'" *. *.*.... Mature. other Statesrwn. kets throughout the Florida-Geor-' have continued to make rapid progress. Trouble with Goucher. L. Maxcy Inc., Frost + prices was toward higher levels . defense counsel. acreage in the trees and eU ooJr

........ or adapted many of (la bright leaf tobacco belt Thursday disease and insects has been less than normal, and consequently proof; Mr. and Mrs. H. Y. Griffin and at the close most fruit sold J, a part of the crop for Chrtaonaa

... ....w.. a41d Larson, aa well occupied the agricultural the supplies of almost everything ace now Adams Packing Assn., Auburn- within a range of $4.75-7.35 trees maintaining the remaf (
.. .tllft ....-.n at the Market spotlight in many communities running nea vv.: 4F I: dale; W. Buford Gum, Lake Wales against $2.50-6.35 the week pre Retained until full maturity for a 1ti..er
-......... .....JJfIo... In Jarkaonireaaed I viou Lawyer j
last .week and Dir. W.L. Wilson. !, Some sections in New York I CGA, Lake Wales.M. i !! crop.A
... 'ea asst the value 'State have had excessive rains H. Hemenway. DiGiorgio Offerings of California grapefruit : similar proposition .is ahr
.t r...t" .....r....... tataedDepartment. of the State Farmers' Markets but the damage does not appearso I School ProjectProgressCited I Fruit Corp. Winter Haven; J. A. II showed little available for the slash ptee wtali
... lhM.r1 Metes 1 commented appreciatively yester- great as .anticipated.The Henderson Keen Fruit Corp. the week before and totaled not only makes a shapely CIIItI&- J" i
-4 ,Wf, .b .<". rv leadership baa weather has also been favorable Frostproof; R. N. Hornsby. Clinch- cars against 25 a week ago. Prices For War BrideFORT mas tree but. also at full MMtlri-
...... rr5taMI.. recotnitionwork' co-opera-on for crops in the Mountainand field Railroad. Tampa: H. L. Huber averaged higher or about $4.75 ty provides money tree CftIt. j .
d ...... pw..vsg along ( the affected against $4.65 the week before. Best I
I county agents throughout Pacific Coast States and they I If American Fruit Growers Fort
....tad .... H has also ahown area, in a last-minute survey have abundant supplies for ship- Pierce; Mr. and Mrs. Hunter Hy- prices were paid for 64s but even WALTON (AP] Phillip D.I I
S *...... iMHtrtirtal Interest In I of crop conditions. ment plus local supplies and good I er, Imperial Growers. Inc.. Winter the 126s brought around $3.25- Beall Jr. State Senator from Pen- Mocking Birds Cost

/u=.t=Pp.Mre i tI Ike Market National AuociaMM "Through this co-operation" I crops for processing. f fper ol l to Orlando Mrrr ng Sentinel 1) j I Haven: Mr. and Mrs. Fred S. 365Sales I, sacola was retained yesterday bya I
Managers said the director of markets "we of Florida grapefruit Contractor $100)
I Johnston FCC, Tampa; S. W. : 1
.1 vn ni..fly reroiriHett' ortanl* I mere able to give a very complete In the Midwest temperatures LEESBURG-Accomplishmentsof 'I I, Keen. Keen Fruit Corp. Frost- totaled 8 cars against 11'2 the group of Fort Walton citizens as I ,
...a5n .b lien ., Dir Wilson picture of production conditions dropped to abnormal lows for the school-community project :'proof week previous. Prices:!! unproved'I defense counsel for the English Four Time
; R. D. Keene R. D. Keene Days'
..... ... several days, which has checked
M .. a4 Larsen aa setting on the ere of the opening of the of the Kellogg Foundation here Inc. Winter Garden; P. J. Lee. somewhat and at the close were i war bride being held at Crestviewin ,
--.., wtr. ApprotunateNttufk.4 i MIAMI tAP) Four meetilg
I tobacco markets. sections last September included Atlantic Coast Line Railroad. mostly $2.35-415 against $1.85- connection with the fatal shoot-
are now l1'Prei i "1 have received a few addiU.nal !i since a 3.45 the week before. Now that the Ing of her soldier husband.At . birds-a mama papa and W. ,
'' Tampa Mr. and Mrs. John T.
4auatpi Mttenal. orgsntlal reports rounding out the ing still but there has been no great deal of work in the schools. i ;Haines Haines end of the season is at hand the I the same time word was received I young offspring-have coat Ole-
Lesley. City CGA.
tlars. ....... Market Man : tnlrmatton already received. frost damage and they should Mrs. Onie Ruth Hunter executive II difference between individual cars '' from London that peopleon tractor Elbert Harvey mere 1waA

.... ag..t_ 1w %. offtetala. of Our Initial release on this survey Ii IiI I resume growth as soon as it secretary has announced. I[! City.Pete Lins AFG. Fort Pierce. : E. I is quite marked. : the Isle of Man. Lome of 21earold $100 and four days time.
... snag antis.. to i 0 turns warm again. All fruits Contracted sandWaai aorf 'f
competing to
0th1alLwso I laid af conditions in Bradford 'i A health class of 32 studentswas T. Lyle. American National Co- ] are heavyat > Margaret Irene Poland '.
tfwa _Apup I ofllriaia and The flood of beans has i the time In the Pacific I hotel heft MMI
Columbia. Gadsdrn. Suwannre snap set up in the high school for operative Exchange Windermere; present had also subscribed funds for her I paint a 10-story -
tm Ha work been unusual and it caused Coast States. Berries of all discovered the MM
I Hamilton moektoc
00\-1 r "'vy. Madison Taylor a run of defense. vey
the and
study diseases safety and Mr. Mrs. Robert T. Marshall. -
Dirk. Union Leon, Lafa- of extremely low prices. Many kinds are turning out big yields i Mrs. Poland's husband. Staff I family nest on a third-atorr baa-
> All
-personal adjustment. membersof Haines City CGA. Haines City L.
p.da.lb .rt.e for the pro. yetle. Jackson and Jefferson growers stopped picking because ; this season and add to the fruit Sgt. Graydon Poland 26, was cony.
the class drivers'
receive Maxcy, Frostproof Meitin
_t ... *nae to the ronaumer.af ''. Counties. as reported by their they could not get the cost of examinations and first aid in- Zellwood Fruit Distributors.: Ralph Zell- supply. fatally shot in front of a night He ordered his crews to srst-
tttt HMMMM for the nam respective county agents I picking and baskets. Retailers said struction.All California pear prices were hurt club here Thursday night. He died blast and paint the other .bet
.Ml ... lor the .....nlItj" "Reports Indicating that no tobacco they were able to buy beans wood; W. H. :Mouser Lee County by the British fruit embargo which the next day in a hospital at Eglm sides of the structure firM ..
'' Wann. has been production has been recorded cheaper than they could remem- i student of, the white and Packing Co., Fort Myers. has cut off some of the market I Field where he was stationed ing the young feathered 1esiaM5
r Ica ...ss and win. be I this season in their areas. havebeen ber with, fairly good beans at $1 I Negro elementary schools were Mr. and Mrs. Ted C. Prosser, and thrown more pears tempo- from a wound in his chest. I would vacate.
.L..noa..l4.. received: from the following per bushel. The very finest could : given physical examinations and Campbell &; Prosser Co. Leesburg; rarily at least into domestic fresh Beall a 32-year-old attorney i When the three sides were t
... I IIE county agents: H E. George of be purchased at a time for $1.75. follow-up work has been done J. B. Prevail. Lake Region Growers markets. The prices being realizedat and son of the late State Sen I completed the birds were s4W
r Wakulla J A. Sorenson of Bay. Cucumbers were still low last : Mrs. Hunter said. Assn. Tavares: Donald Reed. present are low as comparedwith I ator Beall from Fensacola. said there. Operations were de4ae4
pM Of Wte ef.. where Mitchell Wilkins of Walton. Troy week but began to improve slightly. All students in the white and Dr. P. Phillips Co-operative. Or- last year at this time. The I he would attend the hearing four days. Finally he rented a t
... ....... tfv eyeball, Negro schools were given vision lando: Mr. and Mrs. Roscoe Skipper situation is further I I
Proton of Calhoun. E. H. Finlay-i As a rule the cucumber market ,, pear complicated today being conducted by theAttorney' four-story scaffolding revered
-""ltJ+twn ., an Inch : son of Escambia. I improves a little the last few and hearing tests. Out of 560 chil- Snively Groves, Inc. Winter by early seasons in Washington I State office into the it with canvas, and put tab
"Santa Rosa has 29 acrees of'!' days of July and the first 10 days dren tested for vision in the high Haven Kingswood Sprott. Lake and Oregon. Washington slaying. No formal charge has I crews to work.
- - flue-cured tobacco this season of August. school. 59 were found with eye Wales CGA. Lake Wales; Mr. and began shipping last week: and been filed against Mrs. Poland. I The delay, plus the coat of MM
County Agent Emmett D. McCall ( The peak of the celery season defects. In the elementary school Mrs. W. W. Stanley Fosgate usually does not start until August. Constable Oscar Bengston. who extra equipment ran ,eme4 I
Ar MJNr: PAPCIlIN has Indicated In a report of official I has passed in Orange County. 670 were examined and 60 were Growers Co-operative. Orlando; I California grape values have took Mrs. Poland in custody shortly i lover $100. he estimated. ,I
aZVt found to have defects. In the hear- J. E. Stoneburg. AFG. Fort Pierce
; I also rather in the
figures New York and supplies began to sagged early after the shooting, said there i I "I'd have rather tost mjr arf) '..
HAll1lJDf>:HIRAH.I'H "OUchrist County has 600 acres fall off late last week. The Wayne ing test. 120 out of 560 high school Sam R. Telford. Leigh Banana season as the movement has been was a strong sentiment here in tract than disturb those b"
In flue-cured tobacco, condition I County crop in Western New students were re-examined, and I I Case Co. Winter Haven: Marvin comparatively heavy. Californiahas favor of the girl and that the j Harvey declared.

.Iv "Dor Louis J. Colman. directorof Trade Assn. Lakeland W. R.
I :
to official Information getting started. The made and it presents more than the contributed by a number of local
crop the preventive division. Florida Ward. Atlantic Commission Co. Man Killed in AccidentMIAMI
DiI CA4'deJF.4'BOYf'M from County Agent A. S. Laird.I I rapid growth during July and the usual marketing problem because residents.
Alachua ranks well up on the plantings of late celery were fair- : Council for the Blind visited Plant City; T. O. Warrell. Illinois I i I of the large carryover of wine and Poland filed suit for divorce six'!' tAP) Arthur T. Uf.
'H/HEfHU!. roster of Florida counties in the ly heavy. This crop has come on the schools and made suggestions Central Jacksonville; Don Butts. i the fact that the Government is 0 weeks ago against his wife who 51. was killed yesterday wlMfe
AHANl tobacco production picture with well and the present indicationsare for the" sight conservation pro- Florida Citrus Commission Lakeland no longer a tremendous buyer of has been in this country a little I police said, he lost control of Ml
2.>M> acres reported. County Agent for liberal supplies during gram. and the writer. raisins. over four months.It automobile and it struck a .Meg .
-. Loonis Bitten: in reporting this September and October. Each room in the various schoolswas 'I Other fruits such as apricots was also disclosed yesterday suburban Coconut Grete ...

acreage estimate, noted that quality The cabbage market did somewhat I,- tested with a light meter. A FSES Advised on Filling nectarines plums and cherries by Town Marshal Benjamin Stevens I was the 17th traffic fataJftf .to :....
#* .ef f rQ9 of the crop is good. f better began model room for lighting has been were heavy and melons of all that Mrs. Poland had told officers ami this year.
as nearby supplies 0
set up in the elementary school Positions for State I kinds were plentiful. Supplies of three weeks ago her husband I
to slacken because of hot
'I and several rooms in the high both watermelons and cantaloupes had threatened her and had There are 10.834 __ 4Y.
Egg Prices Hold SteadyOn weather. The upstate New York school have been Improved. It is 'Lne: al to Orlando Morr"'q ertnel1!: ] I II I ?
are running heavy, too. asked for protectIon. monds In the United /......
done veil but much of it TALLAHASSEE The Florida
. crop has now planned to install a model I _
/ Market
Dade City was planted late. This crop still I lighting system in the high school State Employment Service should oI
'" n"-.-do Mar ng Sentinel j I has plenty of time to grow and if library through the cooperationof use only such common sense efforts I
JACKSONVILLE Prices for j jetts I there are no further upsets a''' the Lions and Kiwanis Clubs. as would be used by private
+ T'rit held steady on the Dade City I good crop seems likely. Wisconsin "The Mobile X-ray unit took business in attempting to locate
State Farmers' Market during the cabbage has also been making' chest X-rays of 875 persons! in two-year residents to fill State
last weekly report period. i!! good growth. Leesburg. Follow-up work has positions. Atty. Gen. Watson has
The market received 4.147 dozen' Corn crops have come along been done on all of these cases. advised Angus Laird of Tallahassee -
tits prices being quoted by Mgr. ,: rapidly this month and it Is The dental mobile unit inspectedthe the merit system supervisor. I
i cA. James T. Johnson as follows: extra likely that corn will be plentifulfor teeth of ail elementary children Where the register of available
lane eggs 63 cents per dozen: the next five or six weeks. employes contains no names of

targe (I cents: medium. 56 cents; ,I New Jersey is now shippingheavily I I "The main project of the Lees- residents of the State for two IVEY'SI
small 41 cents. The Dade City I and is keeping the New I burg Negro school was sanitation. years then the merit system Continuing
Market handled light offerings of York and Philadelphia markets The city installed a new sewerage should make only an "honest I
I poultry at prices as follows: fry- {f well supplied. ,, system at the Negro school." I I'| common sense effort" to find
M .kt Sure of era 35 cents per pound; heavy One of the short crops appearsto them by advertising or through 1

hf'nt.:1 cents per pound: leghorn be onions and in contrast with Southern To Graduate : private employment agencies before 5 STORE-WIDE JULY
' hens 20 rents per pound. last season, they are bringing ,1 certifying non-residents for

I HOMENEWS Ii good prices. Growers in Northern 100 Students Aug. 9 the job.Males.
States are hopeful they will be I
'I' Ambassador DonnellyEn [Soe:;ol to Orlando Mom,rtg Sentinel]
able to realize high prices for 26-30 I
LAKELAND With record enrollments Average
Route to WashingtonMIAMI their reduced yields this season.
I for both of the Florida
(lAP] Walter Donnelly, At present good onions are bringing Southern College Summer sessions Years Old at Stetson

U 8 Ambassador to Costa Rica. $2.50-300 per sack or about approximately 100 students tSoe'ial to Orlando Mommg Sentinel
..mhere yesterday by clipper double what they did last year. will be awarded degrees and certificates DELANO age of male -- .
I Every Day from Balboa en route to Washing ''I There are too many potatoes Aug. 9 at graduating exercises students at Stetson University is w
temporarily at least, and some
ton. I Ion concluding Summer school from 26-30 years, according to
have going to the Govern-
Donnelly declined to comment
activities. statistics compiled by the regis-
YwiYe. AwayM the Costa Rican general strike !I ment. It is likely that potatoeswill Four of the Summer degree trar's office which reported that I i R 'r
I except to .."things are pretty j I remain plentiful during Au- candidates seek the Master of more than 30 students over the
gust but the for late harvestis
well straightened out now. I crop
I Arts degree. 12 the Bachelor of age of 40 now are enrolled. t
flits.*. that ,.. mat He also declined to disclose the almost certain to be moderate I Arts and 78 the Bachelor of Science. Female students however average -
t and should sell much better than o
nature of his business In Wash-
. .! ... ... I I Eleven others have applied between 18-21 years of age.
* II* ington. He had been in Costa Rica it did last year.
for the licentiate of instructionor but three are 16 and 24 over 40
f*-4 vorM .....! waledf about a month having recently Tomato crops throughout the certificates in English or com- years old. There are only 29 male

*.. ..f H..4B..I this' been named to the post. I country generally are doing well merce. students 18 years old.
and rather liberal receipts arecoming
r of tko
U"ru ay Thus far tis rI
I into market.
|*j *rt.at h.pp.aigs .t Two Men InjuredIn growers have not had to contend I I

.....,.-.U. 7.. ere .... Burning of Yacht : with late blight which did so t1I / as ti I

w.ll..ea.d.eu.ph much damage last season. I , FORT LAUDERDALE I API Two rI
I Florida eggplant is up
men were Injured early, yesterday at last and offerings from nearby
art,.,. with! yaur when the l.5-foot twin screw yacht. ; States are supplying the market.Prices Our loons may be

,.eri.e.1.1. tf .*, office, Edwin IV owned by Charles Mc- fere still good with best I insured to pay the I ,

lei J'"r ..0f to ko mailed Ore of New Orleans, burned to stock around 3504.00 per busheLIn entire balance in case M t rI

I.., t. fie- \'teeti.. .d- the King mater reported line Fire Chief- C. W. i another week or two supplieswill e of death of borrower.THE I 49 ,
probably get heavy.
arose Mat lao time. vonoad ankle
received injured
King an
t I Okra is the only Florida vegetable .T;
..,.. for .aoe d. 'v.orry and hip and Fireman Joe Tutt now on the market and best FIRST NATIONAL BANK AT ORLANDO

't h ,.,...4 tat day suffered a sprained leg when they : stock brought $%.50-3.50 per bushel. li Capital and Surplus 0.. Mfllw Dollar
I fell through the dock which had irocaAL Duosrr Dift11A11CK couoUJPSPECIAL .
rttsiel TKea, wherever This commodity is also beginning -
JH 'been burned.DUTCHLAP.
.*.. vooH lee* to get some competition .
'H paca j ) .,..;
from nearby areas.ATHLETE'S
Wtt, '*o sift march ..
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odes .... ol your favorite II :i II I

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-- -

-3. -. .. .h ...-......-.
',..... .. 'v11 --, - ................s
-t -ir- -.


-: '._- '." .:..: --; ::-f .- : '--'__ ;;':--;

... -- - -Jw- .
,- ..
. -"' f -- -- '- _
- - - - - __-_-


rt 1 Twice for Ninth

. Dodgers Drop Bucs Straight}

i Page 6 (!DrlanHa: mnrntng rtttittrl Monday, July 28. 1947 11

LI t Brooklyn Now Gustine Extends Hit I I _

Streak to 20 Games I I Albright, Phillie Star, I Locke

t Seven Games TITTSLRGH [AP] Frank Fry Gus Lesnevich h, :Dislocates Right Ankle CapturesColumbus

Gustine Pittsburgh Pirate third' VictimAt
I r Upset CINCINNATI LAP] Jackie Albright -
baseman stretched his hitting j
r II
Mauriello Bout shortstop for the PhUahelphla Open
streak to 20 consecutive tames I Sea I ; ,
Bright Phillies suffered a dislocated -
Out in FrontPITTSBURGH yesterday: as he bit safely: In .
right ankle as be slid .
both contests of a doubleheaderwith SEABRIGHT N. J UPI Dorothy '

I the Brooklyn Dodgers. Head of Alameda Cal scoreda Top Attraction Into second In the first tame Takes Cash Lead
[APJ sixth inning of the

l league-leading Brooklyn Dodgers 7-5 6-4 upset over top-seeded I Reds-Philbes twin bill and will

yesterday showed Pittsburgh how I Braves Pound I Shirley Frey of Rollins College NEW YORK (CAP Gus Lesne- be out of action for three weeks. I COLUMBUS Ohio (AM' s't

tIL111 t PHIL ORR of Winter Pork, left, they got that way, dumping the and Akron, Ohio, in the women'sfinals vich and Tam Mauriello meet at ; lie was carried from the Held( ]D'Arcy I Bobby I Lodw of .s..

t and Tony Gruttodara of Kis- Pirates in both ends of a double- Cardinals For I of the 59th annual Sea- Ebbets Field in Brooklyn Wednes- I and it was feared for a time Africa gave the American ,.......

r t simmee, above exchange header. 8 to 4. and 11 to 4, The bright Lawn Tennis and Cricket day night in the biggest fight of that he had a broken ankle. sionals another golf IeMaa ps-

t swots in the six-round semifinal second contest was called at the 10-3 Win I Club yesterday.Miss this week. All profits of the show ,day. winning the II...< .

a-- bout of the Legion Arena end of the seventh because of Easy Head ranked 10th nationally will be donated the Damon Run- bus Open by five >trokeme >
cord Pennsylvania's Sunday curfew law. I proved superior! as her dextrous Yanks Chisox i up a $2.MO check whstH ;_
fight tonight. |I The season's largest crowd at ST. LOUIS [API The Boston yon Memorial Cancer Fund. .. ,
the Braves blasted the st. Louis Car- management of the court Lesnevich him the years' No. 1 MM? *t v
Forbes Field-42.1l6-saw the
i coupled with her !steady and accurate lightheavyweight
dinals 10 to 3 yesterday behind Newsom
the double nero
Dodgers administer grouna tcores turned the tide champion from Cliffside N. J., Split;
I Johnny Sam's !seven-hit hurling. I
licking. South African dHMt
Kinard Bids For 25th Ring hammering Harry Brecheen and ageinst the defending champion. whose title is not at stake in the The
Hal Gregg won his third of the
year in the second game scattering four other.Redbird pitchers for 18 I :Miss fry got off to a 3-1 advantage 10-rounder. Is fresh from his !stir Gets 4th WinNEW pinned together rounds *f H, 1ft.

eight hits. hits including seven doubles and i in the initial set but it prise knockout over Philadelphia'sBilly :: 67 and 69 for a 214 total. 14 *.

The wins were the eighth and Tommy Holmes' home run. was short-lived. Forcing errors YORK [API] Taft :par. to win the 72-hofe ..... _
from her :Miss Head Fox In in a title bout last
Win Stewart BOSTON 1..1 I ST LOUIS c.N) opponent.
Against TodayH ninth straight for the Dodgers and I kkrkkk' ikrkkKolim S brought the count to 44.1155: February. Mauriello a heavy- Wright's ninth inning single test by five strokes over .-
enabled them to. pad their league .rf k X X I k rte'Mt.Jk 4 k 1 1 1 dr-.I
lead to seven full games over the i H_.rf 4111k, '''''.rf 4 k 5 1 5 Fry took the ninth game on heropponent's weight from the Bronx. gained scored Luke Appling who had Demaret. the flachly .
M MrC If t X 1 I k ),..,....11> 4 k k II S service.. Holding her with the that 'Texan from Ojai. CtUif
&atiingoung<< << Billy Kinard 153-pound Sanford swat- second place St. Louis Cardinals. I 51.55,115 I k k k flimhttr. .If 4 1 I I t fame last September. by staggering doubled. run gave
t" l..il* for hiS 2Mb consecutive the eight- Jackie Robinson. speedy Dodger LIIMt.3k X 1 X I 1 I Norton. .rf 4 1 I aP 5 own in the 10th game broke Joe Louis in the first round the Chicago White Sox a 5-4 victOry In picking up his svenUl 'Is-
% ring victory in : MrC .11> % k I II k K'mnkl.Jb 4 1 2 3M.il 2 I through in 11th and took the tory. in 12 stDC*
first sacker, hit his eighth homer 4 I I 4 lI.rts..s I. k 1 before being flattened himself. and split in their doubleheader t. _
tflW'd Barnes' r 1
main event Legion her service in the to
on Doug set by holding trig
the seventh with ti cU A .
of the year in I Ri.n !t> $115IruSu 2 k 1 krallrr .1 Anton Raadik. Estonia middle- ,
with the New York Yan-
",... fight card tonight. two aboard. Teammate Pete Reis I .n I' 1 S "f;>riiraU.k 1 k kUltlt S last game. who has been what he .

% Kt **rJ meets Dave Stewart, 158-pound Spartanburg, er followed with his second round I .p J X 1 i:5155.i'e.np|:511511.p 55555 k k k k I I After dividing the first eight weight.around Chicago. makes his fighting New kees before approximately 50.000 the South African rrnMnMM M.M7.M

__ !L_ V.-._ m S bout that tops! tripper of the. year 'KHlrr. 1 k k k S games of the second set. Miss York debut at Madison Square fans at the Yankee Stadium )'es- boosted his ea to off(
I Kinolzlrki k k k k S and
elf. .-M scheduled i The nightcap was twice inter- ,,,,,_kit k 1 k 1 k 5 Head held her service in the ninth Garden Friday night In a 10- ; terday. The Yankees won the Demart. arab 11'
: k procram rupted by heavy rains which I |\H.... k .555 game and then won the set by I for second pi. 1hl.
9o t '.* .... .aISOpm.IttheLke't Orlandoan DiesInTampaB : drenched thousands of hardy Pirate I .rDinik 1 .55. breaking through in the last. rounder against George "Sonny"Home. ,opener 7-4. ond place in money-won LM

i h.... .k.buaUnc emporium.Kiwda : fans who overflowed the 1 1TMib !*' ilki p k k S k S In the men's doubles final. Wil- Yogi Berra's pinch homer with wit a $19.181.72 total M _

tR..ftsttd. belting stands lining the field. 41 Ik ii IT 111 TMili : 31 1 T K M liam Talbert of Wilmington Del.. one on tied the score at 4-all in Hoa. who finished. m a s.

y ChiT SAME s-.ppsd lOUt for Rraxlk Ik Mk and Francisco "Pancho" Segura of Red Sox Stop the seventh before Wright broke it with 2. 1* .
s1._ ..MII&..e.*M rnlddlei I: ROOKIVN f"t I PITTSBURGH (N) .-*ibld. for OnKisIrt. I. Silt. up. Joe DiMaggio and Johnny back. skidded u
.5555 .5,5. c-itrwk :Mt for Bum In mbBnMo ,Ecuador defeated Frank Shields
..i. .. this. arts bat prow4 .....*,.:11 51144C..te 45114 .. ';. rts Ikkfl of New York and Rinchard "Pan Lindell also poled homers for the place.
Race RegattaTAMPA I ... Ik ISIILa..l1..4 15115 LmiU kl.. *** I"lError :t Locke tied for the l4 IM
tl . ...t. In the ZS R.MTlf ton 1211542.5555Th 41151R.'sktNISSISStn55.51 *: .5... Rant ..*...<1 in: t'kllrr Pain. 3McCorkilrk I. cho" Gonzales of Los Angeles 9-7 Browns Twice; .
1 I. 15511 X. Elliott* X. Knnr.;kl 3. F lni*> I. 4-6 7-5 60.Nats. Facing the Yankees for the with Demaret and G***..
.ai.* sad ,t.,fe*.l4& nal nlbt. CAP] Jack Wyckoff of r.rt..rf. S I t S riauhar.Ik I 5 1 5 5 r. JtcCorkilrk 2. Twk.h... kilt: Rapo Ity.n. J[. first time in 17 years, Red Ruf- ton of Hampton. \'a.. .

... .* t" rMt him. a I UM.to Miami and Johnny Ferlita. Tam- "'alaar.., S S I S *laatl 1.__." S I I I S MrTimilrk" P MrC-..lrk I. "Unlhtrr Mnl Williams StarsBOSTON I.I I. but two innings turned on the heat Inday's
r......... I' I 4 1 H'_"'.211 tilaaoM 1 I Medwirk. HohnM." Th..hu. hit KarmrtkRn I fmglasted ,
Ia ko9wn cat Strwart ex* ,I pan who holds the world record .H t i1125'.tls. 3.512 -..k ruu: HOOM| Kunmskt. "'01.. ....... when a cluster of five runs sent final round as h* '.
Bow To
.. I.I h* has fought 1C proI I J.gi.s3b41ISI.S.Ide. 11515 1 Haft Slut Dauhl plir... ::. Rfhorndlrrat t MirInn 1AP1 The Boston Red him to the showers with his second through frst in 1-1-
Mml L JAR bun Boitoa It St.
for the Florida family runabout. --.. I S 1 1 Ot Mll r.f S S k S's tk :
I to
ItiM and I* amtur battles. a-.. u.S.LQ.55., .. 15555 i iCo. ....1. 4. Bam MI "belli. : sit Brrrhrm t. sEt Sox made it seven victories in a defeat of the season. Early five under par. ea ..
..*. the kwkwu tandy confined to I i divided honors in the Tampa regatta :..,.. SSSSS.It..Iv.p I" kjaRlaard Rredxlrkl <. Wrack out bf Kiln 3.. .bj" Grodtlrkl row yesterday by winning both lIarrist and Pete Gebrian allowed front of Demaret b two .
. ...
X bf u. I Hill sit Brarbnn S I.I. l I.
CtvuMM N. C and to Bpartan- I yesterday in competition 'I I ;iBItlaMoa.. k ISiSS* kIhOnonbara S 5 ; 1 .* -"..... off Brul 4 In 1 I.1. Mf 42,54skikl4te3.sitH.slIs2sEfWiIks5I51- games of a doubleheader. 4-3 and but one run the rest of the Payton blasting hl ..

taM aM OrtwovtU. 8. c. ''marred by the death of a driver I ; 1 k kTMato 5 ': . _. i Indians 21WASHINGTON :- 11-2. from the St. Louis Browns way. contention with a 15
S 5 5 S Wild pitch: OradilrkL Uiolni kltrbor In the final .
trn Mvround WQ -Ilnal pairs during one of the races. I' _ ___1 ..! niplm: Bulk..*. Gore and Pliwlli Tlnx: X:k*. i before a paid attendance of 33- Bobo Newsom. who gained his l.

?.*. OrMtUKUra against Phil Joe Lee an amateur driver I II' IT n 111 i Tntah 11. I IT Ua I 322. Fourth victory as a member of the a 69. three under n.'I.

.... *. HchtwYUht" scrap that from Orlando was seized with a for B..l>. .. Tin fAPl r Cleveland I Ted Williams Boston slugger. Yankees. needed help from Page. while Demaret was par ( A

f.i "Klin N .y of actton since heart attack coming out of a b-'v.-S ant_ for BtirtHKini_M .KthRnnktrn IW 31* __a.Plttalmrfk i Phillies Reds I I'I clustered three of its five hits off made his 100th and 101st hits of who pitched hitless ball in the last Payton soared out o the I

Mdi Hf..... ban been nursing tarn daring the second Up of 555 o*. .ia4lortanaanj I, Early Wynn in the sixth inning to the season. the former a tremen- 3 2-3 innings. Melvin [Chick) Hrn" .

.' ......aafter Uvrtr it.round the CUM amateur events. [See 1 Os.1 I. Pnrlll.. 15551 S Rear...,*.... Rlkard I. W.I"S. Cm.rtxrlMr I.. Divide Games score two runs and defeat WashIngton 'dously long. high home run into. Ruffing was robbed of a home Lroit,. who reentlY l U. '

.... here a month MO and lory. Page 1.1 I 'f.*- ... hlta. Fnnll* I. *'..tI.".. I.I.I. I 2-1 here yesterday beforea the centerfield bleachers 420 feet' run with the bases full in the second championship f & .
...... a_. riatrkar. Bon : Jxrioman.AarTlflfva ,'I level rier. roared
I thestnnIt1 knorkeut. Frankie Rodriguez a Tampa : ...... S. Ttnakla vlar*: Rahrvan. CINCINNATI [AP] Harry Walker crowd of 19.046. Al Gettel who from home plate at ground when Tommy Henrich madea with a tb a" .
.., S %Sl.tV hrk ..evsprrb. driver noticed the Lee boat speeding .. ROOM .a "...._. Rk Nta.nk. to rnMrrior. from was replaced by Bob Feller in the His 101st hit was a double to left :: spectacular catch of his liner right cthe .I
scored third on Grady.Hatton's third .
. e&a,... Ml a. a .....I..r out of control and leaped from RoMnaon ka a_. *va i mi M l>tank< Ie Bon- I sixth received credit for the victory field against the right field against the bull pen fence in deep 1 i
: Mar; 1;*..' m 'lUankr. Left an bam: RnnkIm error in the eighth inning I only three stroke off
.M I..... t..i.4 raitry lUn. 1 1I !shift" =
his own craft to bring Lee's boatto I 14 rnnhOTik t B a* kail: art oiurvrilor to give the Philadelphia right center field. 1 Harbertjumpedto75Istlwhowever.
baa ....4 I. ..'.na t. his. al..t. .|- halt. ) S. off Biknnan I. aff Quran J. off CLEVELAND (Al I WAsHINGToN. (fA) Filly SAME -FIRST' GAUl) .
I Raiky 1. .5! ftnclofan t. seE Barney S. nffCaMT Phillies a 6-5 victory over the Cincinnati I .5,5.5, sblt.a aT. LOUIS (CIII) AOITOII CAI CHICAGO (A) I SEW YORK CAI i but wound ttottvl vHfc 4
.*.. .. .......1. whu.> Gn'"J A crowd of IS.000 fans braved a L IMnrk aw: lop OMamnrallar' f. ""r BahrnM . Reds In the second gameof Ilttrh.n.1f 4 1 S I 1".3b 4 I a I 1 .SrSs.flmi.2b 45125 .5,5..I: 55,55551.50.75 283-nine strokes the par-
t k6Na k.. r.kftUntly been heavy rain to watch Wyckoff take I L kr UlniloM I. oy C..." t. HIU: affOiliinnniur Mitlwh.f41230LIsit.if. 5 SISS ] ThI.5555.ZSIIIS3Petky..s' .. 45514. 411X1 Htlmv I.Jk S k k 1 I i 1
twin bill. called at .... Bi.dInbiSI2iMeI 'f sill.Ii.nbess.u45i54'.iflhims.ht shattering South
yesterday's 11dm 4 I I I 21Rob'f-.1f I' I 4 5Rnbmn.1b
S S aff Baihyta ISI3S-Hss-155.d
I In I Unrinaa. II kppMnf Afr
Ik. ........ .asDag. lip.- .f first place in the opening heat of I S. off Bamry S tn ,.1. off ('a.y. J In : the end of the eighth because of I 5 5 5 'V"-Ilt' 3 0 5 I" S 41121 4 1 k 2 SRe.-.i- 4 1 I 4 i1 I victory of tto
'iCw... the Florida family runabout event off JwMn> l In S 11. oft rMn... t .. t 1-1. I4..ed..42455551111m-.it, 35155 H..1f. 455i51t.ttV.75 41115 rnrklk 4 k 1 T XIMMuorf 4 1 1 1 I Lke's
darkness. The Reds won the opener : 3 5 S 2 1..1'1. 3' 2 I Sl'IIsg ..ft a. S 2 I : ; I IK.UMdJ.rf he m
The of tourroundersujUna oft *rn-M' I tn I. off utrlnrrrVn S IIRtOKlYN L'r Kilin..5. 'Il'ilil.ii 3. 5 I 4 Itriltorrr 3l12S-M'-Qvina.ISSSSII> mot
with rerlita finishing fifth. The tell. E.55. Wlt51 .u_. _.- 5-1. ........'..211 355 l2IIlutman.u4SSS 2 iiBrsn.rf45l4IJ55eLllt 411555tdeId,1b 5S1iS5im.Th 3 1 this country In 16 MatM Jjp
Um two fuhts offerIM Tampan came back in the second ..55II..., slIts. tMPU55I : FIRST CAME H.i.s.n. I. I 5 .,FPl'ftIl.c. I S S ::1. S I : l5 I T_.... S S I I I ki.ay.ib. 3 1 I *: SUvMlir 3 1 I S S. tournaments excluding the FOA
tin. foBowtni pfttrtnts heat to honors with I I .. ..4 .* := :., I PHILADELPHIA c..t. tl"'tl..ATI' . cal I ,...'.1.. 2' 1 I lIs'.... I S I 5 3 U.s.. SSSIIUibos.p 45551.Tismp. T.\u' 2S1128UsIS.pS isiS) : I
cop I F.II .. ... I S S S a: __ I. and the Goodall has uwkj
sliciNG SAUl I sirs . .irs. < I'I Ridtmgp1 5 5 ',\ .. 2' I k h '
JMk EJBomtirL lit, OrlAndo. vs. Wyckoff finishing third. .., ,.. I 55111tivit.indp
IN) | riTTIIURCH c. Albnsht.u4SIIIRauh.f 11215t51WSISSIISS1IIZISOIJIS2S ---- F..rI lS.SIPSi'.p 1555 k i in 40 for a* s
.mofJir CUrtotw II). OrUndo.aNMiT Wyckoff also won two firsts in kkrkkk' kkrk 42322 TgIs. 3t I 5 ST 'j| Totals 34 1 127 I* 1..1wrln. =: 55550! stre ro. $N.a
1 _. I 69. -
HtmkrSfc 11 1 I 4r51.te 115555.55'sus i ISiiS.Rst.o.3b 45122Ws1555rf ( 155,154 Sit aoj (ton-S ; 155551 I S t I 5)|
Lkfdrkt. IM. Orlando. the Class C service runabout race. 4 X X T kBuMllrf 4 S S I :ISISSYsu.iIb' 35535: Wa'Iiiniion 901 Win. _-I 11..141.,.. 5 5 5 5 IZ.iIdibp tMirtuell 42.51,154p 15555)) half-stroke per round buor
.t Edtrn Vald>t in. Tampa. Harold Fuller took the Class M Honor.If d11I5'te1111w35 113Walaarrf I TaSselS 5' I I I54su-f I S S 4 I F.rnitti. : nllM.. Runa. bitted In: lluudmu X.nn a55551iCsii.ss . : _____ of the ha .
.. ......_ any
wa-ba1 hitsPnuhte R. U.das ,.oeiUi: I S S S SITIaIt I he-b .-
41X1 nhMartf X k 1 I 5 45555 31"l1I Totala JI T t r 11t
JMM y Kersey lit. Orlando. event Frank Rodri- F..n..lf iSilItiaI54.It' .. .. Totata
hydroplane H own)." k k k k k riottkar.Ik 4 k k I I ...........e 4SISSLI.is.s..f 15555 1'rIoId""!_ pl<...: ") to Toot to Christ \ i nailed" fat HarrlH In 555fanned I able to rack .
S. Nmcrd' Arrant. 171. Orlando.Itntli4rd rues the Class C amateur and ''rortaerf I" I X k "' MI.k...rfk 4 5 2 I Sl'd. *......\fa.,1t I I I 1 I'MIIIEtII" 3 I t t 2 mis... : (iii.4.S iS _..... to RobinLeft .. ; I .: ItTI.. U . 3 I for GfhriM U f:k Back of Hogan. dead>octo<
Varnador. 1ST. Orlando. Joe Swift of Mount Dora coppedtwo I t 4 Rrtnortk.Zk 1 S S S SJ..g..l5411IH'5s \'.......:. SSIIZ.twwsp ISSSSa . : Ottrt s. Viyiu I. Cellos. I. Rtmrk. out: Inl -Mrark In Ttke 285. were
15571 . aii laa ao-7 Cayt 1.
St J. auwar.c.. Klsatnunee. firsts in the Class ABC hydroplane 5.555 lilliliSikird 15555 __.. 555551aRisdi. 2555)1- ...ttrl 4. hr Wmn 1. Hits.nff G.tt>l 5 laj S 1.IInninci I -narhnt-nrr;: 11:01 If Zoldak.I. Silt. \r Error Tork: Berra.-It--; iau.s-; In: Rinnlo 1, Tork. I guy with troa
filer 1 In :J I S. l S" Ml-IBnun
WInning pitcher: .
55555I Hi Lonll .
41 ISS5.gW.p - Jofinyn Hodam B.kerrwobaM
combine. 4251455 S
? I' I S SIIeb'sti.Lp 4255551.Veteran.. . '11"2 all-4Frrm Kennedy frlMftiato I Charlotte. N C. who soorotl=
'IHiaM 55555iI..4l..p S I S S 11 h klta: DIMaura. Hanrleh. Tkrea-karo .
t1 S S S S -----I ----- : millnaer. niBlamt Rum kittedIMUInior te.: bit: .,,. t>Mo koMa: PMBvr. Kolta a>.. n the final round: aa*
Giant Assault t..."ik...... 15555 Totala IT 1 12 !l 131 Totala. 14 S *2T 5 I .Jortrwa; Jrmn. llliaiM. :...;- .:-:hUJonei ti,55.t. r\1): Born It' .,-,: Tel I. ApIIgIoft : the; slamming Y'irvmian who kttnl
T.n-b..n Slit: Berardina Lrhnrr *. .
--- BaMB
-----1 -- NL eahlracv \ow Tork I on
-ilnilrd fnr drliana In sib Umpire on : 1M.L
A's Split With TOUH. II uitti .t i TMII. 2t. in 4 Prrtl..rlphla kn* kl __1Clnrionatl ,' Hnn* rani: Dllllnitr W iltlinu_ 5 cr1ftmfanfnrd : ball. off >51Iim (. Sit Ruffina i. off Adrian 1Mrark ; round of 73-71 a I .
... _ """y. Left on ham: m. Lists. T. Bflatmlia ., Gekrlan Texan
k W4 Mt Hanall U lviklc > "n$ sill 751-5 oat: hy" :Nnaina 3 Hw:i-t 3. hy .
Buries Cubs ", ITS Ikk J-MPlkUtartk Emra: T...... La"...... v.*..... Ran baHrdIn 1 Goes Out of Action ,. Ram .. "halU: HI fanfonl 1. off ) .'- X. I. hy Paia 1. Rtu: off Rufflnx 7 In 7 1.:1': counts of 73 3 and '71 a
MX kkk t-4tmn : It.u.""" .. Tlntara Tnonj. G.,.... Si.....It.. off Zol : Cm. ....*.. R M ........ hi; Walkw.EOvib. Tw-baca HIlt Mllln. S. 'TkrM-ba. kit Ranaa- 3. hy Z.Mak I. hy H.._ *. Bill .offfinford 1- sit Nmnta f In 1 1 1. off Paie S tn.I Byron Nelson, in ...
CHICAno IAPI Th New York JMCMWV. BtlMr X. r.rlll.. Kiarrl ....ItL H mw rvn: Schulll. gtalM .ka>.: Batton.Barrtflm DALLAS (API Lee Ballanfantof a In 0 lnnln. .. off )'....1_ 5 ta 1 a.nff :3 51.14 pitch Rarrltt Wlmilnjt altrhwe : i iS. first Columbus op n
0.*... put on a U-hit attack inlfatlnt.1 Detroit TigersPHILADELPHIA i I ri r. MTCM. IMilnMi I. Twk-kix bits: J rkXwc : Walkar" ,,_-. Zlrntara. Uoubl Dallas veteran National League Znldak 1 In I 2 a. Lining $.....: anfnrd...... ..mn. l_lo| nttrhar: ...fft.... tptTi>: BnrfSECONO I Ites. had total of 274 ..
I Hubbird. MrKlnley. Berry and Vt ... ... .... a fe
-... aIL K_ its's: R.5i's. plan" : Alhriiht. t. Tarbon I* Hchylla. : Hattont 10ZliPtII. I mpim; : 151115517.. 51150. i w. 'I. ::H. .
Hobby r15th l'I Kutai kw: .iMk.r 'trrlllrt: Roblinon.IMnkto I ..* t* laurtc. IAn .. bam PkUadrlphla baseball umpire who was one of Tlatr: 1.3.: GAME but Locke's performeses
I I .
fcMM .( Uw year to defeat the rlu VtMikf M. Km* I* ..... -. Lift II. tlDtlntull 11. Baxa M bill: kff Row I. the officials in the 1946 world se- SECOND. GAMEST CHICAGO IA| | NEW TOOK [Al that record. .
c.s. TAP] Dick 51 kM*: Or kln .. Plilitarili. .. Bum .ttaltol sit rchara I. off Miailti 1. wt Prtrnm Xmmrk ries. arrived home to LOUIS IAJ I BOSTON (AJ.). . 1 sbrltsiI .1,51. ,
Cubs, 1> to I. yesterdaybelies yesterday .. :
i " M.IM onlookers. The Cubs Towler.hurled his third shutout .. Ubiirk M: ky Bilk. J. kj" Gill 4. ky (Hi I Row* S In 5 ..: off 51555,15 In 1: off undergo treatment for arthritis in IS.dinsTh 2 : : : 2Iirsti.3b;: : I 1 ; = !I ..> S 2 I X I,HrarM-k. 3" S 1Wruhtir 5 Frankie .
N wwd ite pitchers in attempting to \> of Jhe season limiting the Detroit i Iw5u55 X. Hiu, '*f Hick* 4 .. I _I.... sit rhmlti I .. 1. Hit tit pltrbtr: by *..... iMit- his hip and a back ailment. Htttbrk.Th 4 ZiN.ki', 11255 1 I ' 1 4 ( LI. BIt, S to I. *H Ort__ X Ia I. Bit krktirMr lor>. Wild pltrk: Bo-.: LosE... piirnrr. ." : Row / ipbnnm411243I'I0.if Tork.Ib SSI714ii4M.gIstf4II3S !I I .
tpMp t*.. New York on&Iauaht.r. . Tigers to four hits in the second : k> B''.... (_,. kj Gran L ... .: : ui 11 game of a doubleheader yesterday plic-: OitmnOln-. .Pnwd toon: Edwirdi.LkilM .: 2:tl land. club physician for the St. t 2 fI 1 1 S'lsibIiStiS.It" I S S S S Ktse.d.'f4 I lIpWJifu..3b3SI I SKkxay '' tacked round* M.
;; r ; :11 5 S I S I I kllekn. : RUB. I.. "'.. BrutlM. CkOu4 : SECOND. fiAMCI .hn..cr 4 5 5 f SIliorr.25 I' I I I .tb I 'iIRI_.... 45525 tethe t.
: "": still: to give the Philadelphia Athletics, I !.. bMU. TUM: Iat.: .. PNILADILPH1AJtSII, , CINCINNATI. I'llSb Louis Cardinals he will go to ; 8".11 I" I I 1G..ItI..2Io I S S S 1J.dnkbIb I Tmb.c. :t. I URntaunne. X I S 1 73 and 2 tl .
t t I t__ .. I t t 1 I! I a 5-0 victory after Freddie Hutch- .S S .1 l5 C .S S SNsw. Marlin today for a series of mineral 4 fI S Ie .jDl.l.d I t I 4 5 If. ..a IsSSREtJ55s-.m.p005IS! nosed but I
Is.sI.I. .11.5 .. S S I 5 I-.c, 4S53115'sts.Ib: 351111 .ld..D.. I S I I I:5s-: I S I I S J
i I S S 5jR..U.ff
II ap5.4l I Ill.II. inson had beaten the A's in the \'Wynwrk* I . .,".......Ib 41141 water baths. In the event his .._.. I' I S S-ran.. .. I I S I I M till'..... S S S a 11R..e.b. 1 I 1 S I ; Jr.. of Cincinnati 'O.
1 t ..... .-.. . opener. S to 1. before a crowd of Boston Grid ...d__.. IIISIIHos.3b' 41113 ailment fails to respond to this K51l0.p . . .,.._. I" I I i' Met55',555S51IP451.P. 15551 champion oy
I . IlII_. I is 25.S71. Fnnlajf 4 5 5 5 .IH..cr 4 I I 5 5 treatment. he have to undergo I "....... 555511ThimpS. P......... k S S HTool. 'I Suon-Pe. u
...._.. may .. I 55555 .. .
t I It -
ills I I.n"'I' nalkncflVhuiti.ll." 3 I I 3 SIYswu.Ib 4 S 5 i
S S I I .-s.iu S I I IS less CAME Open Camp Today .. 1 1 111 510,1.5It 3 I 5 2-S an operation. ------I 1 I I' SI f SIT TI| T..l- 32 52711seaSed
I t su..a us. (At l "IUIU""IA.5,5.(Al55se' I Handlrf. S S 1 I ::11\1.,1.-!: I. S S I Ballanfant came home for six Totals :M: t T 21 Iii. Titus 3> 11 14 71Sa for :Miltibrrar-r. I.hbkanmd I
t t ....... I .1.1 BOSTON CAP( A selected squadof t >rrh.nlbJuddp 4SSSIlTnnum.. 55555 -popped out for C arU In tin for Oreni U ilkfbtawra : I
labs's $ .1..M.c'sky.lf 5.1255sI5's.IbSll$5J.'s weeks in the for the .... .... al SitS aiBoaon 1
. . ----. .s 4 I 1 5 "G_,,",.. a. S S IIVeIIS.51.b early season I. Ilk Ml-SNrw Id7llow
: 5e513bI1&W I 49 players with only 17 hold- 112 lId 21xLrror I 1
15555 MM 11 > -IErran
a same reason and returned to work Tork
. 55I5Y..f 45115SL Boston II : tI..,....... RUM batted in: Hlrrhrark. , .... Ktmkoltr4 1i
ki S. overs from last year's 1\1"1.--: 15125tthI.c n """'""'"* W. InhJtIIa.
f s%.* . . ._ ilIttYsea.l5 411111 : I a fI S S but found he was unable to continue rOepbena. nnerr 2. Dent I'ttk., 2. DIMaana.Ferris .. 'i .In: -rl.... t. ............ T't'*. THMuitia.PblllTT i
IIIf I S I I 5I'5spte4 4 5 t I 5r.d Yanks array. will report preseason Mela. TX 'has. : Hiurkmrk t 114 :
Ru4 5 S ..,. 11.1..I!.. S S S S S Jnoet : n.1 . Ludrll Bern 2. Twv-hoo hlt : Appllrw. -I
. Iu..i. 45225Itus. training today at St. John's' (IF-nun.p I. .. tILa..ano.e 2. Brown Will.' .-. Heir. ,. Jonra.Thre I I Homo runs: DIMwiin: Undrll. Brrr
J.. . .!' Ii I 11st4.b 15525S's. 1 15555T51s1. .-.b*. kit: Diwrr Home run: ''' WM.llio. .... D Johmon.Rmnrh .
I .... lil5-4..s is. . I Prep in nearby Danvers. : : Double pla; Berardlnn tk =. ; i i Btotra bam: : tJ CIYSUASS SI
. Tork.Urfl
-----1 Douhta Tork I Applinc I*
-- -- play: *
- _.! H__., 1 I S 1HsSd'.S I". S I I. The Boston National Football : .. 14 5 II X41o'| Total. II I 11414a Pep-Leslie Fight SIliCa Itt on haSi.. Lodi! T. BoMon 1Ba .. I I on bass: I.birit.. P. \ v y.... t. Bam I / i.-wS
.' 'I ..... ...... II SiIITHI '1_.. SS5S5l.j..kL..._.. I I League club will be coached this -fa* for :Mueller In Silt. ..n on nalla,, : on Kinder. 2. off 8.artl 4. sIT i IsUt. D Johiuon S. t ld rll .,. Irr .. Drra1.. : .
.. ...... .. I . Smith.I I grounded mn raw Gumbart In *'tke rerria X. litmrk rat: hr kinder L tn KramerI I Pin> I. Ktrark out: b* Lr. S. b D 4ik9on 1BJ .
... ... : _. I. year by Mourice "Clipper" -ran tor :lIttler In Silt Plans Go Ahead I I. br FerriM. Hits; off Kinder S \m 3 Jiuunn.Kramer . I I Pan 1. h PipcJl I Hit.: sit D Jnniuan SIn. ,
... ... '- 'SG..n* 15555C's. I Among the new candidates for Philadelphia. . 40k la* *l-4Itneinnatt sEt 7 .In 4. off Huarlt. 1 In 1. Wild pitrhKramer .: I I.. 4 1-l ianlnfm. I>ITW> k tm t I-:;' !'... 4 InJ
ste-li -----1 - -- I i 21* *1S I*-5l FLINT. Mich. TAP State Box- : lx*.ln. pitcher. Kinder npirea: Mekuiley ..... ii In SJ.. <'.lrt rH 1 In 1 1.1,. Main
I . T..... 34152754sSlid line positions are Yales 230- .._.... t IS.
= = ? Tinw :
11 11I WI- t : sI- bte te i5s l's 5.1.5 Is 5155i. pound Barzilauskas. Georgia's 240-I., Errata: Hatlon.. H.... Ron .....ed in: Wjrartek ing Commissioner John Hettche'sstatement 1 --... pncbrr. Pair I mpirea. : .'.....11&. i i
5.., = : :.N I'5.: :: I .... .'s Jus is 515l's Bill Godwin. SouthernMethodist's PaHrett. Walker. _. .hL Handle. Hattont that the commissionhas Buaunrn. lEts ant Hurlr?" Tun: 1.:a.
. ... e.- I 11_ ,,__ I .... 535 --- pound Baarahnttx. T_.... ,..-...,. bIts:: W5THKfek.MlaJti. . Surface Jensen Take I
pSsIs.I.M. --.1-1 I Jim Syd Wright. who not jet sanctioned a WilliePepjock ,.. : 15fb Discount
es_ 1 ....sp "..- ; .. .. .. H. TIItts-bs55 hit. Walker" Homo
... . K.
an *rMaaao I. BENCHED
.---a_ ._ .. weighs 235: Mississippi States Al nut: Halloa. Sacrifice: t.rautt. 11111.hie Leslie match for theworlds ,. Tennis Titles I AU
0.._ .'.. .. 5..S .. S'sS . Maw t R aar Twe- kit. Sd,55's.s nlaTft: Harron to Tounr Zientara t* Miller isTslung. here : Topeka CHICAGO [API Phil Cavarretta.I On TrP": F.
featherweight ,
i oar t man' May* mill akli i. Parrlfto 5.- Sidorik. and 260 pound John ,.. \\
S. S 'J 's __ 's ... I5s_ ...... cwk.s5. '...5s.d. Left en b* Phll..lphtaat' TOPEKA. Kan. IAPI) Hal Surface captain and leading hitter of the. Tl,a
.5' I . .. Aug. 22 left Flint Promoter Tom-
- ,.. 55 Eb'- S .. .. ,. Treadway from Hardin Simons. I. Bai a on bale: Judd 4. Erautt Gumbrn .Lmrork
.. ... .. .. "- ... S's- "5s> raw: M.M-W Sodrr Fain not: br Jwid J. HIM: off Litrlf ta t 1InntBO Cussans undisturbed yesterday of Kansas City yesterday I CUbs. was benched yesterday with
., _. M._ te PlannVr te Fata. Left a* hawk: Iw- .br Eranlt; S In I I-I. br Rumbeit. I InX. Island WASHING )
.. I -.. I 11.5. I Sw'stw I defeated Dick Hainline. Rock -
which had swollen
'roM T. l-k a< Hi>Wa In. BaMa an bolla off as he stood off a heavy early demand a nose infection -
>: Iwid. rawed
niicnra aull :
5. Ps. Races :
I Shift
-.. s.. I .... .., 5..I.- I I. I 1.. I......... ;. off MmrklMon 1. K'mrk nr Chicago .....,... pitrber: G__. Impii.. Ma(. for tickets. nr. 6-2. 2-6. 6-1 62. to win shut his left eye. He was replacedby Immediate
... .._ .. ._,.... lop Maliklni.n .. 5, 'TroM 1. HIU ...._... Hrnline and gtevart. Time: 1:1"i I title in the Mis- De
p. S I 5 dt S 5s the men's singles who
p oft InMrtrk S t. I 2 I ........ off Sarai 1 To Washington Park "Hettche approved the bout Friday I Eddie Waitkus only recently -
03: i I'J.. ._ .. ..tn. ..,_ite5' .S /I 5s 4 I.1. off M__ S *. .. arf TMM. k ,a I.tslt.s and his commission secretaryGeorge souri Valley Tennis championships returned from inactivity ORLANDpAPPLIANCE
.,. .. . : rvaaraOa and Laataf.ukar CHICAGO (API Chicago's horse Williams Stages Brisk .
I S. ,4f S. 5 I. I I L i who there caused by a sprained ankle.
.. DlotrlrnTnn>' : ** Johnson. was
. .. CO.
rn' wisa racing season today shifts from Earlier. Doris Jensen of Des
.. .- ..... 'l pi'.i's: :I, (sEciue AAMni Drill for Title Bout when he did. presided at the sign-
E. .. i 557555, tilt "IUIUP" CAI Arlington to Washington Park Moines, Rollins College prospectthis ,
I s .. .--# J __ Si's. .5,5. I log," Cusfans declared. utM i Ht* .* _
.. -.-. Ctok ..... .5,5.2S423l.4k7.N 413255511s.5555sTSJ.ies where 31 days of galloping I SUMMIT. N. J. (API NBA I Fall. trounced. Ruthie Andrews CONVERTIBLETOPS 210 N. OrMfa) .

-- Si I 1455ti.4dI4II1ST.Ist4 through Labor Day includes 17 Lightweight Champion Ike Williams I Oklahoma City 6-2 6-3 in PkMM 4537 ) 2.4404

1 .... .. lStIIY.1u.Il ill lullS IS stakes with added money of more ;: went through another brisk II i iI Two New Swimming ; the finals of the Junior girls sinTBaseball's el

WHNDABU NIIte.f ;7SSI5st4 I I I than 500000. I workout yesterday in preparation I I gles For

1;._rf S54Svs.t 45:44 Washington Park located in for his bout in Philadelphia Aug. Records Are SetSAN
RADIO SERVICECAU M..25 I' I I S5..25. 455215.t 1 the southwestern suburb of Home- 4 with Bob Montgomery. New I'I FORD MERCURY II
I 5.-. 151 I r........ 15555 wood. IU. was the wartime site of York-Pennsylvania. lightweight title FRANCISCO API smashed Two::1| Big Six | BUICK CHRYSLER I !
American records
.54,4s i..nte were
'- 5SSSI05515p the Arlington Park season which I holder. I at the Far Western By Associated PrkMlTare PLYMOUTH PONTIAC I
ASSOCIATED 5300MOVING 1 5SSS I' this year moved back to its own The winner of the bout will be yesterday ( leaden ia rcb league. ) : .
-----I plant. Three Washington stakes recognized as undisputed light' AAU swimming and diving championships P'Uyvr and Clu nk r h pet and Other Makes I :
Tests 5s S 4S4 II lusts 31 I H II 3 Ann Curtis of San Walker Phillies 9O 328 SI 114 .348Boudreag
--- a.--alkaj for WMI I. ftk I are scheduled this week. weigbtchampion of the world.i'wire I Indiana 82 293 44 100 341 -
........ _--_ 5s5 .55 55.SrkI Francisco establishing a new markof DiManno. Yankee. 92 349 71 118 .338 S39.50Installation I : It's economical to bu> _
I _. -- -- 555 551-3 2:26.3 in the 200-meter free William Red Box 93 306 78 101 .330 :, Paints as lew than I. nf ,
? error M.inkL Rnn* "-' .... In: Jaaat 2. Fain.riMpiaan. I of Port- Gtutlne Pira.ri 94 32 66 119 .329 dollar t !
Merki Extra
I style and Nancy $10 goes pass
Cnorra. Tva-kaM Mt: Mollln. Oupak. I Cooper Ctknt 76 294 S3 n .323 pant
pw._ .ts.. 'I Cnarra. HonM M*: Jam Ktolra kaM: T.hv.ocrtflro Cover Up's RecordEquallingRun land breaking her own national Hun Catted In Fine Quality-Tin or Black
M- .. isis lursttsrs Amancan L..,_
: J DwkM plara Fain InnaaalatadlMar : mark for the 300-meter individual National' Laaaua I Discount to Dealers
aa CnUanMm. 5s.5 IMtraWrblladalpkia S. Mlze Glints 79 WtUiam*. Red Box 71
ORLANDOTRANSFER 1 3. BaMa on n1IaI":: an Bamon 1. afrFaolar I! medley with a 4:28.9 time Manha.ll Giant 7S'DlM.' ........ Val <' 67 CENTRAL FLORIDA THOMAS
I .. aft "'11. L Mmrk ant: lop Fovtar 4. Hailed by Turf World Cooper Giant 13 HeBrtcb. Yankees (3
t STORAGE CO. kf "' atta kr Gorak L Hlta: off BoMoni IkIn Horn* Runs
I 4 2-3 : *. off Whlta k hi t 1-I.I aft Oor- Miami Beach i National Laaaua I American Laagu

m. tmSPECIAL I .... k U: fauaralia.L ...... prtrnor Bo,ar:and 5..'_._TI_. 131.tkHMna I INGLEWOOD. Cal. [AP] Cover Up, Zack T. Adding :, Buys I, Mlxe OianU. Oianti 30WUllm 25!Heath. Brown Red Box 23Marshall 20 100 W. Jefferson St. Orlando %3 W. Gore Ate f AMINo

ton's amazing four-year-old became the third horse in racing Mike Schemer Kmer Pirate 25 Gordon. Indian 16

history to attain officially the dream mark of two --

'I Orlando Academy of Music flat for mile and in I MIAMI BEACH (TAP M Ike"Lefty51
minutes a one quarter winning the $100

..,... An Accredited School 000 Hollywood Gold Cup_Saturday.Ana. I York Giants first baseman yes- I'

CLEANERS I Approved for GJ Training lunmen pointed out. coverUp's terday was purchased from the 'I FLEASTorment I

by Veterans Administration sizzler was the most authentic -j by four and one-half lengths. : Sacramento team of the Pacific

LICaUTtnNf...... -1T7MM DEUTEBT: : I I of the three. Tne time was I with favored Honeymoon third : Coast League by the Miami Beach 1 Dust :

S W. nUfeiBlM &te. 539 Lake St. Phone 5435CKRYSLEB electrically recorded from pole to and the Florida Invader Lets II Flamingos of the Class C Florida : will kill the fleas ) r

pole and the magic eye has not I Dance. fourth. International League:

been known to lie. The fractional times were stu- ;- : on your dcg InI Value

The startling clocking equalled pendous to match: 23. ::46 1/5. I 30 seconds-if it fails it
Behrens Wins Western ,
the listed American record: set 1 ::10 1/5. and the mile in 1 ::343 '5,

PLYMOUTH by Whisk Broom II at Belmont Just a fifth slower than Equipoise's Doubles hjlet Crown : is free Harmless to the

in 19l3. timed by hand and subject world mark.CoYer Up galloped out I

I of doubt in many quarters. the last quarter in :25 2/5 and ;: SOUTH BEND. Ind (APJ Tony dog.lb.

PROTECT YOUR CAR The other two-minute steed was Adoineton claimed the chestnut I Trabert. Cincinnati and the Deep I box $1.00 THREEjTHERS

Saint Andrews U. listed as the son of Alibhai could have estab- South team of Herbert Behrens V lb. box 30c
STEAM CLEAN CHASSIS AND MOTOR world record holder with a 1.59: lished a new record with a little Fort Lauderdale. Fla.. and Dick

4/5 at Brighton Beach. England more whipping. Moudelous. New Orleans La.. were Sold by Feed, Seed and _

2 SIMONIZE THE EXTERIOR In 1939. But that course. experts But the big Phoenix. Ariz. cot- ,Western Junior tennis champions Hardware Stores. Since J882..Tint Among Fine IWiitkit*

asserted. Is partly downhill cast- ton broker and rancher wasn't I yesterday because they displayed

lag some shadow on the mark. kicking. He pocketed $73.500 first poise- and stamina to win uphill PatentedWILLIAMS'

CLARK MOTORS Inc. There was no mistaking the money and was more than happy title battles..
.1 A. genuineness of Cover Up's recordor to slip 10 per cent to little Bobby ., Both final matches aturday:;

I his superiority over the rest Permane. who Hew out from New went five sets. with the eventual SIANI.FACT: tRESS: Blended

Ut N. ORANGE PHONE 2-0746 i of the Gold Cup fIeld. He led sec t York at almost the last minute to singles and doubles victors trailing 208 South ORLANDO Parramore St I Whiskey sc proof. tt% teals Mitral .

I I ond-place Burning Dream to the. land in the winner circle. I at one time two sets to one. I Three Feathers Dutnbutors, Lac,N...T.ILI

I '


... -

... ", _. '- -"
: -
: ..,...... _._ - --- --


.. .
.. - -- -
- --
. , -. -- -
"-' --- .
:::: .
::': .-. : . .- - :-_ -, '
'.- . -' ;:;J!'< : _....:

-- -
- -
- -

. - - .-- ---.---- -V---- 7 _y.
-- - --- - ---- -


tIt ..J.L.E. 1o 'Senators Open G-Men Series Here Tonight II

,.__.,. If Hill MOSHIt

Te4.jr wt empty the mail bag: Memo from M.Orlando's' Ed Davis Will r Monday, July 28, 1947 fflrlaniin fflorniiiQ cnttol -- -- Eaagj: I 'Ii I

H Stun Johnston, Orange County Chamber of Commerce Ted Madjeski Signs --- - -- -. -- -

--"f.tjMwve, .. Sportsmen'>. and also Assn.executive. is important secretary to of aU the sportsmen OrangeY Hurl Tilt With With DeLand; Aleno G-Men Nip A's State Softball- Finals Rained r r800 College,

'Itat) tecetei atory In the morning paper regarding the *rearing ; Reported Returning

pew.1. a M perfect, Johnston begin "1 want you to know that I [Special to Orlando! Morr.-'g Sen::ic"}* Out Again; Set for Saturday

a*. IN per cent behind this idea and will Co everything pos- DELAND-Ted Madjeski. catch- Twice Hoag Service Grid
.... ... ... the membership of the usociaUon interested. I's Washed Out er-manager of the 1946 Orlando ; i Finals game of the annual State Girls Softball Tour-

I .ea U oak* .. .... a Ury u each member [of the Orange Florida State : nament, rained out yesterday for the second successive

(*. *. *.........'. A.**.) telllnc each one that the rearing pondto I : League champions _______ i day, has been re-scheduled for 8: 30 p.m. Saturday at

6W tAt peetran fee the remlnc year . I would certainly like to The Orlando Senators their yesterday ______ Bags 15th Win : xposition Park. Tournmanet Dir. Katherine McDermott Teams Forecast

la* w:..1 fe pea shoot this .trejrct. I have called Tommy Starling contest with Daytona Beach here made his debutas I Johnson announced late yesterday.

... t.... h... I waded to talk u him regarding your Itorf.rMau ." I yesterday rained out. will take on acting manager _ _ .. : Pick's Plasterers of Orlando. city c

Br*. Johnston. As we have recently pointed out In ad- the league-leading Gainesville oj and catcherof f7.: nl to Orlando Morr'ng Sent lei] champions and semi-finalists last I NEW ORLEANS .t'P'l A .-d

=! ftrttei 4. the rearing pond Is Important for many reasons. in- j Men here at Tinker Field at 8:15: the'DeLand GAINESVILLE-The pace-set- vear. and the R. H. Hall team of total of more than SO* coU i..

i tfw pteaUbuitjr of growing several new species of game fish to I pjn. today to open rough scvenI Red Hats. He will ting dual Gainesville G-Men eked outa St. Petersburg runners-up for the t Saints Pummel service football |MIM will ..
serve as acting win here
.-. here before releasing them. yesterday over the State crown last year. are the two onto the nation vndirom tar i..
i I game week of play against the 1- manager during troublesome Pal a t k a Azaleas finalists. 1947 season it was 1DCbraIo8III ....

**. 2-3 clubs in Florida State League Mgr Bill SteinI .... dropping the A's. 6-5 in the opener Departure of the Hall team for terday by the WlIu- ....
*.. ItUM lao and .
Ceitacet. where Commodore E. F. "Woodie" I ecke's week of :, and
scoring a win in the
standings.Ed st. Petersburg after yesterday a!ternoon's Pirates 14-4 al Football RUnt SM; .,...
Jg"&* *is command of the "Finest Fishing" in the World..is heard suspension > second game. ,
II fill
/ game was rained out led Paul Williamson ongiaM.
.s* ..ane Davis, young right-hander \ Myril ,
yagly. Hoag
and league
humorously, as follows: It was also 'IJ I batting and to the re-scheduling of the game the system which is dstfl .
"*. present plan of operaUon Is to close down sometime late In : added to the staff two weeks ago. considered likelythat Pitching leader received credit for
I I next Saturday. The finals < United Featurequestionnaire
aV..1 who has and lost to l i his 15th win against three lossesin game r5 De: T: to Or3"TO Vs -3:: Sent t.nn!] SndlrMt-
Mr pen Main in October. You may be sure I shall return to The won one one Chuck AI'I': l.. wa originally scheduled for last . :

| Sl. il $Uf .t that time. It UMe I date. is Mgr Lou Bevils mound eno who led ,.' I the seven-inning FIRST GAME opener.) Saturday. and rained out. ST. AUGUSTINE-The St. Au- ally disclosed that aoaw

: far me to thank you IfI1iIt choice for tonight's contest. league batting Madjeski PALATes | CAINtSVILLCok : gustine Saints made it two in a giate and spruce' tjm waist. beI

sb fer IM stories about this SOLUNAR TABLES 'The Senators in their last two earlier in the season before Joining D..uz..2bli2liJ4.54!>> r k l .' rt .5,55.45025 row over Leesburg here yesterday. I I playing competitively far th* '

... rw tU fellowship you jousts with the league pace- Atlanta would return to third rcn.it SiSlSRtjk.35 10554 Sanford Edges belting two Pirate hurlers for an time this >er

*..* ..*.. the inn and myself According to the Solunar setters succeeded in capturing base for the Red Hats in a day or Bark Ik CItCI5lra| .....ii. 15111HPaIISn.IE42ISCIse. 111PMllrke I 144IIin.. I For the established ce.I....... {

.1**. year You can be darn tables calculated for this area both ends of a home-and-home so. i liII5flarp.4 22155 easy the 1947 campaign will ftari ii

> fetal when .f the State. the best times series to go two games up95on PHIISrU II25I.p545. 1 223IThn.4l.4. : DeLand 2-1 I Bright spot for Leesburg was clubs at full strvntth for Use fr t
down In .
you come 4 1 1 r..,, '
>a.b I 1 1IHiWMM % I
for bunting and fishing will the G-Men for previous time since before the ...-
P-as rev wtu have time I t I I I I (:.MI* I % . Catcher Bill Hall's home run over war. .
a you be as follows with Major engagements.The Standings Uitm.ii 3Si22II.a 2015 % liamson saidApproximately. -
ton* remember and we will .. ..... In Duel I the right field wall during the
periods indicating the best rough week's schedule opening I ill .1. S 4. I Tight j one-third of th*
1'-.111 S S S .STn. t't'j
.", ffe. entire situation a good time and Minor periods the today sends the Solons againstthe FLOIIIOA STAT LIACU I ---.-- _ __ __ Pirates' three-run fourth when teams reported "pruspecta uss*
d1.I... next best hours: G-Men at the University City Tm W. L Prt. KB TUB W. L. Pit CR > ... It 11111 f: THaIS !II' 1t:1 S z c to O'ando' : s'-- - ., _
irllla u M UI: "f $1 44 Uw Pa1a5.' S54551aOGai..rpHII. .
Haunt! (of Orlandol won A. M. P. M. again tomorrow brings third- A... M 4* ..... 1% p.i.iki 41 H.4l. I'It.I. . 534 =25! s-A : DELAND The DeLand Red for his 11th win, was relieved by a third were pesciBUsur Wi1Ii-
fee MM e... la the Nooura conDu Min. MaJ. 1lIn.IaJ.. place DeLand here. for a single i ..... M 41 .M U'S I..nburt. 4* it .44 !1 I fcirore: Ha..,. 2. \1.- Rum katttj I.rre I.! I son said. and the bs1aa .re
Orl....* $4 45.145' I. B.... H 43 J3T !5 o rate* I. Itnlr J. J..,_.. H_.. Hats dropped a 2 to 1 decision Hal Heiner.LEESBURC" II
te* ..... .Bad* her very happywe Monday 2:10: 8:25 2:40 8:50 game Wednesday pits them Knwlta Ta..ar ..... ...... vert well pleased Tues. 3:00 9.20 3:35 9:45Marvr against the Red Hats at DeLand ."_. Bnrk at ...l.ixl.. ppj reI. kla. ......: Haranei I. .:...*: Imooiaa M l.aalrcoi. here yesterday afternoon to the .1,5551. 55,5.1 Intersection play Wi1IgSI
Thursday night probable I ,,_... 1. ), ..... I I.. ftirk: :.asim I. lirs...... |. .. .... sheriff of Orlando was Solunar rariod taitlno IV* in a n.lnnrtlto, .. (-!, 1'.I..h1 firat .._ **n_ i Ulka 7. E.r..Itts .. KaM aei balte: 01' ...- Celeryfeds as Goose Kettles _.rTh 42115.ta.W 3 I 1 I added would exceed the .s.. t
.1 MN. but !. 2 h_n in "..r.t",". ar. shoWn in doubleheader. and then brings on I InnlnolHi Null I. 'off llual t aff tMalliluii I I. Strure.HI and John Tomat combined efforts K.ltI? ::1 I 1 1 ':"'_.I 1 1 1 I 1 mum of any period before tbe
rerenUy. not at .
mytf Mack ty.w. Minw <.r aacond Met second-place Saint Augustine for : AmmliM II I..whnrf. | I I or Tlirohnld; t. hf; H.a4 1. k; It Callahao 1: I : !C" " 4SISP50II.k.-f. \ 2221HtI I .
I bad been sure that rwda. .......r liour light typ. home-and-home Hit.: !rr H...* I I. C I-3 I.,... S.3 ...... to limit the local swatsmiths . 'I. I S 1It-.I".1f n. 4 1 'I. S war I II
a engagement i tt ... ......k.. II 1
NATIONAL LEAGUE ( Olallakaii In I.> Hit kr pt5.Is' Hoacll 1IIIl5Iw.3I.
woe tfce one who was causing Friday and Saturday. TMM W. L. Pit CB T... w. l. Tel CBBraokUm >...,.. Wlnnina .ltrli t: Hi..|_ l. .ilt< piKkrrThi to three blows. Rigs.IITIIISSn.o: rf 41 lSI
chat dUpkasure about the wrong parking' ticket I would have The scheduled tiff between the U M .''l '.it.......1 4, M .474 14SLI..t. I i, ol>o44. taiplrn. : r.,.. and Tutor TI MI : I III. I Hal Stewart. on the mound for ....101 1" 4 4 1 I 0451145.11 I 1 I :2 I : Orlando Net Owl
Kal I ., .* .7.45.5; 7 S I S II..h.ias 4 I 1 4 4
M 41 n T 'V-hlcai. 41 4> .4 7 14% I the Red Hats. allowed but four ,
boys turn him loose on a long drift to Mexico! Senators and the Islanders here : 1 I
N. Turk 4? 4"* ."t* S ,triu>k ak. >. 35 .'T" ;to ISICONO SAMC1 .t pHttkip2 SI 5 R.4e..p I I S 5,5sri.
.,*. are ealrblHg considerable tarpon these days running from 'yesterday was called off by Umpires BaMao 4* 4! .31' II ,PH Dhia IS M 44 !'%, PALATKA | GAINESVILLE safeties in a mound duel which I ..,.. 25110 Sweeps Match
.. r II S a' aS .S silenced the bats -- -- - --
Rnulta Vaatar' I' I S both sides.
ayX on
MUM psoads .. .... bet the trophy fish to be waiting on Kerry Davis and Eddie Boell I
seems I .* T..k II thlramHrankln S i jfln.'aa.Ib 4000 UJobeneeicf 411 C W 4 Til Tl 1 Tatall :3514112714T..a45.f
M...... Owe lia Ik. trophy fish has held up so far and if we are after a 30-minute wait because of i '.11. rill.hur.K 4-Irinrlmia l.omri.rf USS1SIR.s-4.35| 4010 The Feds pushed over the tM tea 541.- From OAAB Sq4
1. 1-1 i Hurt Ik 4 1 10 o Mot Mil.aa 4 4 0 SWratkri 5 winning marker in the first half ii Jtmiw'iae 544 !fy14F.
....... .*..f b I. .lit In the 1947 Ruppert tournament It will give I intermittent drizzles and. later a Koala, 1*I. ML- ..Phll.rtelphia...,. 1Giaira i *.If 3 I 1 X a,,1 l>..1._... .1 0 a 1Paiillrkr. I II II of the fifthhf'n Ford "",-, J....IT :. Itman !. Ojll. ..'.,..rk 5..... I Or-
healthy showerUmatilla. Ta4ayPnluhl I : I. I T .|ITh.rI.r.rf" 3 I I 3 5 opened h..I 'In Uilkre. KaraMlikl 4Hi'i llon..n !. Paced by Billy I Smith the
pl.o.m.I .. eat.. I ollrbm. (mom and .l nrwdf Inar Plntr.rf 4 0 0 I 0 Ulvhan 2 I o XOaanoaj with, a walk and moved to second <: ,ll !. llr art. Itmiav BHI Ton-k... lando Tennis. Club net squad w< *
-I e.t Suotmer U another year of course. You must know that it Mliem I .Tb 5 0 0 1 Xliianame, ) 4 I I : 4:11 KJ:piki Ham ram Bell !It..... haIi ..,.
: Iwi' sacrifice and
,...._,_ on ..... : every match in straight ... .
.. 1 S S I 5)E.t.l5| I. 0 IIifcroryB I )lr. ImlMjan. .....11I rill.11.
see a ternflc atntcgle to open even In January of this year as we 1 Raps Nrw Hwr A .k Il-S.,1.CtIe.it-KpHy (7 7) nVindft 3' t I iKtl! ..-... 1 0 S 1 I scored on McManus' single to ..-..... pl.,,' A.A.s..a .. I.ob.la .. .,......_. their six-man train eetatrb wI*..
the ... I Jurfr M I....... .. KarBtmkl: HI.Ian .. It "run-
ft.* acquire property until the. middle of December; therefore Btnton it ilL Lauli- Mha (IS-S) Mnolr \ center. Orlando AAB \estentay
.. .
Total M 1 S II 111 Totala 21142111 aUL I fr 'S Haan: tocakwrc 5. A ait tliie( 1Ra
*0 were a* busy with the Winter business that there was no time forgitwf \It-11.B..IJ.). at Cblraio. -Hatt.. (It-I') ... Jkhmlll Palalaa aio. SIC. "M)-1 Goose Kettles retired at the end : ... a* l.lli: .7 T autumn 1. off Oomlek 4. Smith won 12 straight __ ..
amUsing of the good Summer fishing but I will give Boca Eusti3,18-2 (1.111. ".._me Ill III Ills-I of the fourth in favor of John I off AamMla 1. lnark aart: kr Ratanao I. br blank Capt. W H. Wildbur OAAII
I Err,.. . .. ..,. _" .

Calm (
( 1
: .nD. La X Kurkt Dal Hcincr 1. t>r loll 4 kf AaMthHto Hill:
fcaaiae a fit next Spring and Summer and you can well believe that. I Onb. arkr.hll'd.AMERICAN ; .n"j. R... hattrd In: Lrtpkan Thorpr_ Hnaaa Tomat. who allowed but one single an (._loll I In S 1.1Ii... f.7 raw_ eff Ri- singles champion _-_. .-.. 11.
(Spec;al to Orlando Morning Sentinel! I I run: Thiwr. Ctolm. kaara J..I".... ..... IMozaa. ,I the f S ? took Chartea
LEACUETaai : Lo. over remaining five frames lunna In -T for I Hit kr pttrnn: .y54th Cor Baer Sgt.
t Vpe r.u wtU enjoy )'OUr'ta1t to the Black Hills this Summer if you U MAT ILL Umatilla con- w. L Pel. 6B T... W. I. Pel CBV Burkr SAnt,....: Panhck I. Brlrs_ Veil SANFORD I DELANOoo I l5tlIIetI."" Wild' pltrh. Atmrlrllo. ninntncpltrher 6-2; James Windhaai 0.'I: 'I
tale H-and keep In touch with me." tinued to upward In Lake- Tort 13 3t .543" .Cl.r.!.nd.* 41 .4M 1* tm boMa: ralalka S. GainnriUo 18. B... tmballa I' II .5,5. : Ri.tu. I..,..'.. pltrnvr: Oormisb. Lmrtm -
surge sot.. 51 4* MS tt'Wa.k.taa 41.. 4(1 It : elf Cl," S. B.l,a *. Struck: cut: bOarj t5fae.,7II215..2b 45115 : Lel aM rooi r Tiaw 1 IS Sgt. Robert Lenten ft-1 ;
Thank Commodore WoodalL Jim Black was not the one: and Orange League standings by I IXlrtt 4> 41 .544 11H'Dilriin. 41 M .... 1H 5. Bcln S. Hit b* pllchrr. b BI1IW.ath.m1. .. I Murray. 4 I N I Knapprrcf 4 5 J S Cawthon won from ..... ftaDII
tfeka fat Nt floating him over to Mexico! Jim is an old friend of pounding Eustls for an 18-2 vic ITiilhia 4. 47 .40] 1< ,.... lx.jll 32 5& .341: 24145n.It. I ( winning plfctanB: ... Losing Her ton.rf 4IIIIYu.1r 11115 Brooks. 6-1. 6-1. and Riser .-.r
pitchar: clnrr Implrn: Tailor Wlnstoo. I I jI.1s,3t. I
..... tory here yesterday behind R. C. ;, T.ffe T-4. Cklrat. Y"4.l-.t rt.jXao II I, BrI".rf. ISISW.44tt.rf 4 0 I S S'4-I&54.' .. X 45221 o o I 1 Apopka Rally defeated Lt. J. Hill. 1-.. 8-d.

...... rvader. may we please state that Woodall has one of the Miller's effective six-hit pitching.The ,-.... ,. 2. W.ihlnrlon' 1IMtmtt I .Fat field' In 1 .5 N 11 2 13 ..-..lb 3 5 *. S S 1 The Orlando Tennle Club te..

..*.... ftireu plaeea to fish In. all of North America His place is game was scheduled for Eustls _._ 4..-11*.. Pbil.d.lil 8L IxxjU a-J l-s Winter Garden F..11..n.1I,,?. SIIlSSku.3t.I I S I Madjp'kI. r 2 1IIl2 II S I will meet the Bglln naM _

-* meals. splendid accommodations entertainr1v0tth.Irhn.&lI but transferred. ,.... TadayPnhaMa .0,1.1.\ p 1. S t 1'Siartp I' I I S Beats Clermont here next Sunday
UMATILLA I EUSTI ._ .1Aw1. II . t "!
ptlcbfn ( and hot tarardi I
... welded to really good fishing! Pb r 5.. a,. .5 r S SDke..I.rf parcnthviaalDtnlt : Tnmat.oTotall 2 I I 1 1: .1 re .. I
r'r'- -- Snc'l 1 1A
I 1 S 0 .',...101 !It-cf I S 5 t 1 at ?<.. Tori (niiM) Trent (1-11 w Trips Zellwood _ __ n T COPS CYCLING CtWrWW
r.m..u T ISSITre..35 41114 \nrh<.,.*.. (1*.ti, n R.rM (1.ai. 74 7 4 21 10 Totali n 1 X T IS POP K A-Hal] McCormack's PARIS F APl'JOph Scheme. fill
fettle aVyao postcards the following catches made at John- J.IIrb... I 4511SIJ4'.tl.9bISS5ORiO'fl.tb I 1 I I.')(......11... I I J 1 t rhl....* ., TIII,4lpIt-Hay,.. (I-I) ... ISr*' 0'' to Orlando Mom iq Senvl, I] .-....... for It"".. la Vfc I double with bases loaded toppedoff Belemm yesterday won the world s
y..II. Banfnril loo *!' I
roabiae. Camp on Lake Apopka: 4 J t I 1 B.II..1 4 S 1 t I I.-.h.Holy (a<.af- )_II... : ZELLWOOD- Winter Garden 1..1..... II 545-I an explosive five-run ninth professional cycling rhampratMrnii
-.., .. H.I.I4 S 2 II' S 1..11I"1t.rfI 0 t S F.... .. ,... 5.... .
Wert. Sanford jeweler. caught an eight and one-half decisively trounced Zellwood 104.here : 1.4545 lo Laka SfrM..o.ei.s inning that gave Apopka a 5-4 defeating Louis Orardin of
TyI.r.35. 4 t 1 I 4Mr.y..f-rf 10121 T..-ha.. kit: XilTanaan. Hioteei. ....
..... k*.. .. a silver minnow plug; Mr. and Mrs. Jack Burton :.W......., 41111n1.f 15045RCM&Ip I Taaai INTERNATIONAL W. L Pet.ITaaai LEACUE W. L Pet ,, yesterday as Wallace scat- MrUara. Harnriro- I.-U. Hailrrflalal PnuhlcBlar decision over Clermont before a France.
Mat>..>.. Ii... cot It nice bass-about two pound average-with 1 1 2 I 5 R..I...... 4' I 5 1 1 Mnniraal *4 a* .1". _....._ faa: .4.4HrraraM tered 10 hits and whiffed 11 ZeU- , : ".ooIPIl .. rtnlrk IAt.. .. kaMe HjnfortnrKand large Ted Brooklyn Day crowd -
a-dT.rf 21155T.k..p 10505 .. :VI 41 .S.34 \...,k ._ 4. SI. .111 'wood batters. I 3 B.5M.. kalli aff Krtlln\ I. off that presented the popular Apop-
.... both P. .. ...rr..... Winter Park photographer had a seven iCtt.1b-rf 1. S 1 54 J..... City" 57 4< i3'Tofonla _ 4; .* .,n *rfiart ( Wlnark. ran. : Ioy K..I. t or Toaaat I :
pss.4 We sad ,..,.. others tulng live bait; J. Harrison.. Jack- ------ ----- B.I'... 41 41 Ma Ral,._ 13 J. 4:1<< .11 GARDEN r .. .,I ZELLWOOO abrIl.Hn4so..a I b. a'rwert 4 HII. oft Edit.. 2 I. 4 Imlnnof kan with $106.CLERMONT I ;
_.. .
Tatale It II It 17 1TI! Tot.h :31 t I IT It I .wltt Ta ........ took a sJt and a half pound bass with live bait and J. W. rmatiUt ______ __ 3t 134 SI I-IIEuettt J.,... City I 4. Honiara 1.1Baltfnnra ay 45ii2I.UtI.V.' ., 55224 ..: Btlhtrk and Mnhlrr Tsp. : 1..j4. airS. .' .5,551,
___ __ Ml tot lta>- S ; I\rad'"Lrf liS 5Hil.s.2h t. 5 I I .ttenrt ; J : lihlrr H :. I ! I
f Mier. also of Jarkaentille. caught i nine and half bass --- *-4. Tonnta S 1Nnark I Y'nohl'd.rf I I S II ioU H.I..210 I I S I I . ..,. .....
a pound EmIrs: Turner Millar _.... )!.nlt.1I L . I..lous r' > .. :!II S I I 4 2 O
.. W_. Hol'aaiBaadr. T-T. Borlmtar t C Mnlt.I' 4 1 1 I pIK.... "" ...... 3 I 3 I C Three-Bout: Card 'I. "h >'5ISIWII.4d" 'I I I .: 7)()
.*, tike dock wllli Uve NIL T -kaaa kit.: Collins. Taraar I on
M.rahalt. Balloe "'..... b...., Col line, rracvsa" at Buffalo Iposrponfd ram) "' '''''..:'' 2 3 I I 5S1srI..rf.p 5 I I I 3toI..21o H.'h SI321I'i,5'. n 1 : fJfJr.g.
Jullrk 2. MUln 2. Minh.ll Bamflca: MtUar. 4 I I I 1I..r.c 4 I I 3 3 I WIIl..1f 4 I 1 1 554 11... if 3 S 1 4 I:5s5 ,
nnahla. pier: Millrr t. LgO Left aai k.Ma: SOUTH L.ATLANTIC'... LEAGUE W. L, ....t.r. J!iI4P..a4s.e4l1iLII5Ipb.lf 45555RPsds.Ib2Il4NfDflrn.rf On AMVET Mat :: ." 4II224t.dIn: . 4 I : .,
Taan w. Pet
ImallUa: I.. Emtrt T. Bane .. k.lU: off II.IUer I .,._.. a4" 4a ..-3.A..11'| ...... *1 XI .M* 1 I I 3 IIH.I!: I"101111uhha.Ib 5)3 S )'....r... lit I S I ......... 25551hWISrd I::1
Yankees Are I. off Bailra t. off U Clrwart V Klrurk ..t: .. $ .C 3 I I I. IS.aIIh.ib 4 S I 5 4 /III!
Despite 41
Injuries 41 114 JartMnrtlla 4* M ..,
k* Miller I. k> B."" 1. kr Twkrr I. JUte: I nrrarrllla....._11 M SI 4< .SJ 8 Marm 4M _4rflCkartaanm I .11..1' 4 2...! I : dl..cf 4 I I.! IT.sb Program TuesdayA ...1...... 4 0 5 1')1_..., 2 I II 5 ;,
off Ballaa It I. I lenlnfa. off. L. Siawart I U __ 54 4. .1Mimfcta __ (4 05 .111Raetilta 371153i5'4Tet&I. '7 4 It 11 1:1: -- --I
I 1-a. .rr Ta.*n .. I I a. Hit br plunar.k : Vattar Trt.b 311 411 Ks 71| T.t.l. l-" ., -7 :1
Still Regarded AL. Shoo-ins U Utawait iBudoB). Wild' pllck B.I1_ LaaIna I t-I. Annnta 1-Itliriugrima .-t.A iMlt wheat wlMiaf. Itmm..t .a) acarril, J.ii
as ,.. ( "1 ti* 1 D 4
pltehar B.II the -
; 4. Grmnlll 1JarkKCTlUc rrmre: Hariwm Potter T*.-.... IIi..: R. featuring heivY'ltightstable I FAMOUS
V C........ SMann IOo-b_.. I'oc..r. Miln' H. Pound Tilbna.Wallace . of George Romanoff of Anapka a a aaa ao5\ 4
. ......... .. Km.Hard.>ti. "'.... Hcnlry 'Is.-.sita-' CALIFORNIA P-- j
I WHITNEY MARTIN at Ckartntoei Ippd. H TISse-b. kk: pnlter Stolen banull7 : ;
Field Narrows For < . Kacriftnr: T.._ Double' Stay: R. Hcbarhtt Jacksonville is listed on the Inaugural ,, irilkank. SIrIrms. Hardni Aehlrr. Brankln ,.
NEW YORK rAP] Short the trail ..._ H Sldmms-k.. Fh,25-bo. kit I Hina Htilttna
hops along : SOUTHERN ASSOCIATION miana
sports to flave Left tm : VI Inter (*arOeu AMVET-sponsored mat card' .
.. .
m 4 history of the American the team Irish Grid Title Ta.. W. L Pet. Team' W. L. Plo .t. 1. Zefl.,4 t Bam CM balls: off Fetdter. 4. staged by Promoter Temple Ma- r Bronklm. RaW _411St.kalli lIST. arf: )G.I.I. ... t* liarS rff Ma' to5IIi.H.
TVe -year League > ll.. 4T 4* ..:a :\......11I. 52 Maw .," off Mono 1. elf Wallace. 8>rurk _. 55
..1s th. league Aug. 1 on the pennant 37 times. The I > :
Atlanta M at .V>!1 Manphla 4< Utkatlaaaota .43 I I reldler In ItS Innlnn. Morton II. 41-2. .
fiawa1*.'dAM wee. ahead on that date 12 of the 14 seasons they Game in New York M >l .,.. LIllie Buck 11 II .1>> I Hit bi pttrher. : by Hallar* riWrerl). HiM pttckfeMler : Arena.
. Al referee of last Fri '
Remits Va tar4ayA aed ball: I'au.r.I... pitchtrFeldter : Massey
__ home first Just a bunch of front runners, ap- DUBLIN [API The field nar- 'lanla T-IS. ChaMannoaa 1BlraHniluai C . loiplre' tlark.Irrgang i day's featured brawl and mysterious Bad Thwarts with that rich,
.... .
t- :< .11. t-< I
rowed to four yesterday In the Mr. X. of the -
Uttla Rock T-!. Mobil .-1 one Channel Swim Bids bottled-at-the-
....klnf of the Yankees Irish football championship com Mwphli 11-T. Ve Orl.... 1.-. lint( fa_ Graham brawl's principals are matchedin
wif Marti. reuld alibi all ever Van Acker Wins petition to be decided in New 11 tnnlniil i I the main event in what mat DOVER England rAP Choppyseas fl.' 1Ier)' taste i

.York next September. when Kerry AMERICAN A&SOCIATION ',And fans regard as a grudge affair. forced Elna Andersen. Dan-
*f a*aue if the club wunl mkMa AAA 100-Mile scored three goals and eight Tea* W. 4.. .....\\1.. .. W. L. Pet. McMillan Win Door prizes will be handed the ish girl swimmer to abandon her NOW -
Kama CIty 41 It IM ..hi.bu. 4. K l 7LmK.llla I $100
t......* el the race. Charleyeftee points to defeat Cork which had (t 4* .'71'Mlnnaapolla. 41 SA .4UMilwaukee ; first 50 ladies admitted to the attempt to swim the English ONLY

M eut. probably for the seas two goals and six points. !M 44 .Ml'.mi. Paul _. 44 sa _4K 'Gun Club Honors arena. Channel after she covered four of
Auto Laurels Indlaaapalla.. ii U .4'} ..1_ 4< ft .liORaavlta i the 26 miles in two hours and
Ylk.H Baseman. BiD Johnson Other semi-finalists none of Vaatar ay i Neil McMillan of Winter Garden minutes. SHERRY PORTMUSCATEL

Ml far 1M time belnc. and MILWAUKEE [AP) Charles which Roscommon played and today Antrim.are Meath.Opponents
....J,_ .4 ChetMUer and the H. Paul It... Uximllla 2 IMlam.polit trap honors In the weekly shoot swimmer. who called off a channel -
e Van
Acker of South Bend. Ind
for the matches which will .
I 4-4. Indtanapalla 1-t : at Orlando Gun Club yesterday
W!.1U'" $ ,,.,..* lIMa are afH roared Into the lead on the 97th determine the teams that go toNew FLORIDA INTERNATIONAL' LEAGUE I i He tied with Charles Irrgang at All-Star Grid Team uncertain attempt weather yesterday went because for of a

*** arm trouble. Wonder lap and sped on to win the 100- : York have not yet been an- 1'... W. L. pel....ITaaai W. L PelH I 48x50 in the skeet competitionand ;, CHICAGO API] Quarterback trial swim around Varne Lightshipnear
*. . IC SI .45*
II .I'P. F aHi
....i Yanks would be if these I mile AAA championship automobile I nounced. T.arena.... __ It >1 .ntPnankari,. 44 17 .111 divided trap honors with R. Arnold Tucker who did the masterminding Folkestone while Miss Elna
eJI were enjoying food Ml.Bl Bwk IT 41 .571 ...k.l_ 14 .1 _IMMlaail 'C. "Bob" Graham with another for Army's Mr. Inside Andersen of Denmark made the
race yesterday after. TedHorn's .__ *t 51 .41* Ft. ..._ Pair of Golfers In Raaalta( YI44...a5Mia.IB..d.l.H"a'sS I, score. and Mr. Outside Doc Blanchardand first year's try at swimming the
car developed motor trou I. Other skeet scores: J. V. Nel Glenn Davis yesterday was Channel

............ ,... .1Ie.... e>f Iasseesh.t ble. Foursome Miami, S. Lakeland 4WeM 'I son. Eustis. 46x50; Ed Fishback, named to the college all-star foot- ..
1 t
Ring Gong Palaa Beark 1-1. M PHanISri
total Larry MacrbaU Van Acker covered the een- Pact Lo_". at T...... ppd.. r.la 43x50; J. R. Fuqua. 44x50; W. L. ball squad along with two other
.haw. c.... A. B. Clt*..
.....4. ..... lea say that they In one hour nine minutes and For Aces-in-a-Row I West Wins in Negro all 21x25. ', zel and Center Jim Enos.

at*** I. >|.M with a gag? . 47.S8 seconds. AKRON. Ohio [AP] A pair of Back of McMillan and Graham Army will thus have five representatives
f .. III.... fe "'U'. .111 with I I[ All-Star Ball Tilt
Horn from Patterson. N. Jj golfers in the same foursome shot in the trap shoot were Buck Richardson on the collegiate con-

*3Mk W J ta the (lonUl Liaise.S. had taken the lead at the 27-mile '. consecutive holes-in-one yesterdayon CHICAGO [API The West took 46x50: Irrgang. 43x50; tingent which will collide with

$..H be eaMh the Major yet. mark and held it for 70 laps before Turkeyfoot Country Club's 140- its fifth straight triumph in the: Fuqua. 23x25; Fishback 22x25 L. the champion Chicago Bears of

,.. t....4.4j >f Johnny Mite he had trouble. He nursed yard No. 4 hole. I annual Negro All-Star baseball M. Studdard. 20x25. and Mrs. the National Football League at

b. M4IftY ......ea mm, (*rtain- the car around the final threelaps Using a seven Iron. Abe Josephhit : game. with a 5 to 2 decision over Richardson. 19x25. Soldier Field on the night of Aug.

set serlese, ht we tin to finish sixth. the 'with a ball that just the East. which was held to only I* Irrgang won the doubles honors 22. Blanchard and Davis now in

...t ...l.e..U. 4 why hall! play Duke Nalon of Los Angeles tried managed green to roll In. Then Morley t three hits before an announced with a 45x50 with Graham and Hollywood for a movie venture

tP I. ....e*! ..., wear **.t..*. vainly to catch Van Acker but finished Storey stepped up to the tee with j crowd of 48,112 at Comiskey Park f, McMillan smashing 43 and 41. previously were named to the all-
*.. .he. at the plate.
air* eeeaj
second. one and a half laps his No. 5 iron.Storey's yesterday. respectively star squad.
taM aVcaaaUf ItaJalfen hate >... .
- ---- -
behind. A half behind Nalon -
the rolled .
drive hit pin.
HIM "freest" !I .-.,,.. .. _. ,
ytbo.. M" upt.ee ." "" .
Paul Russo of Kenosha. Wis. "' _
was ,,,
then took back .iI
onto the green a ,
.. .ue cilia Ice ._ :
t) v '
,. ..
who experienced motor trouble ., ,
bounce Into the cup. '\'- ......1. "" .
IM |.eM, M MUM he atfdetf.lattettnUnil early In the race. I I ;:

Only seven cars finished of the I 1- '.: y (; i
WI Billy Coon is California Trims : .1.1"s
Hollandof *
starting field of 19. Bill \'F : 1
a MO. aecret training but Conn who _._" -
to far comeback' we Bridgeport. won '" Tr;,' fi.
the pole post In the time trials Texas Polo Team .:' ''
kAMr Maybe. It'a Just to ? "' :1:1
Saturday and was the winner In 'f. .
Mtte Me scales Y. fAPl ,.
a wetcht the AAA race here last June 8. OLD WESTBURY. N. ,
$4 ..TV He could beat a Coming from behind in the final 4SS 'BeattUJ
drove only 25 feet when a gear
..I Ife M9 .ba are maklnc the California : -.v v.. a
withdraw.the two periods. quar- ... "0'"
broke and forced him to .e: \ ; COVERS
.** ttietr fttu. at that. tet defeated favored Texas 10-7 : -\\\w"\ \ SEAT

_.w> hand...' fist. you yesterday in the second semifinalof '
M* He counted himself out South Americans trained En- O H. "Pete" Bostwick's $5.000 .: 11iil iir (;.D5 ., cse,..

lilt waa taunted" out In his dea YOUr and Ensueno. their entries | handicap polo tournament before : I ti 9 Jj 1 :.:- M&df) of sue material sad

... wtAto Joe Louia. but that In the Empire City Gold Cup :, 4,000 fans at Bostwick Field. i I II .i ,- - SdW Ii P precision tailored \0 fit P HWfectly. -

.Metj lie ... and the a week ago. The workouts were With George Oliver rousing his 0 They'll protect tae

__ of tHat unpleasant expert long and complicated. The horses I I team to fever pitch during the vital :r-.5-__: IS upholstery and add ram food

.... awcta hart faded. I would be galloped half a mile. two periods with his shouted s- : looks,too.They're a grand buy

rested then galloped another half directions. California dominatedthe
_. MattM be wvetec as asaal. mile. Then there would be a long play at the crucial point. I i I c..I. ..a4 Sa aUnt ProportUM'ory Uw

M_ we bate a hunch Rocky run of several miles. No saddles Texas led 6-4 at the half and 7-5

*setu4'* Mt "..... In :NewfWfc were used in the workouts. a white going into the fifth chukker. but |

M*.M Mkk tenter than a sheet-like cloth being substituted.The lost the lead in the fifth period

M erf p..... ,....ke TIM eMimls.ojaoi animals also ate like stevedores 8-7 and never recovered. : j

..... be ealUig crew kytttb consuming almost double _
l.g It audit ......re. and the ration of oats of the North vT ; _
Boswell// Wins Blind
.taMkl feel eb a,tlea would be American entries. The invaders ?

a 4e0 e< ........ Tbereafca dldnt do so w ell. U. S. Golfer's Crown I

>..... t".k... a Baaa quite 5b5 __ -. -
.a) .
ttm U etMAte a .........*. Base- get interested in right now is j Boswell Birmingham. Ala., who I

hit plater* ftbetild. know tbat. football but the rosters with)I lost his sight In the Battle of the I I rTW.. _._ __ FIRESTONE
-- -- -- --
4.) aiaaieete amfeht k_w be railed glowing accounts of prospects. already ., Bulge yesterday won the U. S.
Blind Golfers Championship. PITCHER DOBSON IS OUT-AND IT LOOKS the game at Boston. Dobson tried to come MATCHED SET
trio .r*>M. Mt ... set going' are pouring In. Glancing at .
te fc keovkealeii" tau ...''lln.AJ. a schedule such as Iowa has we Boswell defeated Clint Russell PAINFUL! : Joe Dobson, Boston Red Sox pitcher, home on Johnny Pesky's single to centerfield RAKE LINING

figure the only way they could Duluth. defending champion two slides out at home with a pained expression but Thurman Tucker was mighty fast in

have made it tougher would have and one. after they survived two as Chicago White Sox Catcher Mike Tresh whipping the ball to Catcher Tresh. [AP
.MB are a !little be- been to book a couple of double days and 36 holes of .,play with I I
hirrvwith the ball in the second i of Wirephotol.] S I
;: by the manner In which I headers. { three other contestants In whichBoswell ,'I togs inning
.1.1I was Medalist with 218 and !I-

Russell followed with 231.

LUSTER FOAMevooipow I TURNS UP _____________ A'ctt7'i1.. PAINTING-TOTAL PRICE $25.00
fr dogs. kin, aod rrpU fleas s.d tick S Our $25.00 Paint Job Li only $25.00 unless you
t.*U>.r..e>rfclM ..._t* .w_, .! arts Joe. krst l 5 MATTAPOISETT, Mass. !UP 1I order extras-our finest Deluxe jobs are also
.*.... Waauavr. .| trrrmt DaytM dog (_.W. I* a. I A postcard addressed to the late I I according to order.STIVERSPONTIAC.
I ......)...* owe W loiter FowteV.ataM I I Ij John M. Washburn of Matta- 0 priced your .

a>7 LMalaul Dr... Fe.4 aid. Pet Store I I poisett was delivered 36 years i ORANGE AND CONCORD PHONE 2.3171

;: BOWER LABOBAToarea. ORLANDO. FLA. I three was months mailed in and Washington.three days D.afterit C. Jo 'h ; (2 W. Colonial We can for aid dcnver. PkoM Ile I i _


S. '
2.-. ----

i 1--- -..- --- _ i .e.- -- '- I - - -, -... -- -- - ., _

-'.-:1iifl: 4" ,,- . ,,' ,-, :

.- J__ ... . _ .. 1 ,",_,4'_ .''_ ,-.'- --'
I -
: .. ..-c. .- ; : :: ::;:;- -
; ;;:;; -=-"' b.' : '
4f _:;f-d' ;: : ,; '" T ._ .


p ...... a 1drlanau &tnttnd

iiiurntllg Monday, July 28, 19471j Livestock Men

l t i

F Farm! Support 4p Emory Student 4 t

+ See Year
Held Girl'sAssault { srl : Big

on II ,tl: '

Need Dwindles/ F't 1 ; THOMASVJLU::. o.. r IATI taw"

ChargeATLANTA stock producers in U t I fI1111M. i,

ie _mtnoN Georgia. North Florida and*.... ;
IAPI) The Com- / [UP] A 27-year-old {
**p(. ss* yesterday that $ college student who' allegedly east Alabama! area arc hrati., .Mrtheir !:
; fiFt $100 million fear
.. forced 18-year-old girl to sub-j'
. II ,... were to fall the Production and MarkctM All- .J
mit to him and then sign a state
....... t tI
-.1\ 10 ttw Oo\ mment'* ment that she had done so will- m.n'strauon indicated j .
I"... .tr tiMe price of r yA ingly for the price of $1 was held I I The Federal arncythat r.-.
n If h' i'' 4t would. drop by Fulton County ,authorities last high production a4. -e.IN
l' ", i I'r 1 per cent night on charges. of criminal as- prices at eight major /10.. Ui
nu! farmer! wouldi sault. the tn-State area bwI1Md MINI.
I . i .( cuiii Income Listed as W. O. Lamb a GI stu- .- < : i sales for the first st. Malr M
'. I :, wrutNS. 1evlsaaysr ., -.'." ,';- .IM eslMe..
.. . : dent at Emory University who '. '. --" '."- 1947 to more than
I Tttrx lives in New Orleans the suspectwas The trend H eapr.Ml1.. IIIIi
,. '..H, A ....rtm..nt an- arrested on information sup- i
,..h' .Ad tote --r4 rrlnosI plied by the girl, whose name was 1 p"r '.... Hop prices aWJ"alfed lance rlali
t"1wa. UIMd fw farm withheld. : . r .'. 20 cents a pound caalNNld ... I
".s.. n ..H .well this learl Detectives said they found two be 14 35 ceiling price l IB the tMOt
t.n.,.."- ...... rrn the rreMNMi notes in Lamb's possession. One I F half of 1946.MrdJam .
-.d the farmer coli read consideration for the grades! of bi -f ____

IKI.d tra r. sum of $1, payment acknowledged ... f'Jt. i\cia"ed $60 to $70 percalcs lend eAlde
.. 1. I c: ._ make it arse-[ hereby as received I have voluntarily 1.- . old for $40 to 141.i .
',. far the I.rn-: engaged in sexual intercourse : -- -
.f. rnu. n imder itsup- with William Reynolds in ,, \\o o.r" '., Elmore Harrn new has4lielskl
I nUl Tl. Commerce V) I
his car. star of the Brooklyn and ,
,, "' a -n' r<.l___ the eeneral The other was described as a I! makes checker pia>in* htt ......
a Ir\_i would have to "mash" note in which he had writ- .
------ -- -
., ... -
1 ", 2V par cent to reach ten his name and telephone number I
r "iiatltll'% ...... RITA HAYWORTH [right, above! screen star, and Anthony Police have, been investigating SOY BEANS SALVAGED: Chinese women sweep up iov oeans from truCK in Shanghai, FlorenceFLORENCE w..twn .. rte

1, 'iijrt. trvet to determined Eden, Britain's popular Foreign Secretary, are shown above reports that a youth has been :I where food prices: are sky hi,jh. ,
: MM. aommit not only notes, wrapped in $1 bills
-- -- -- ---
giving their best smiles for the cameraman as they attended
t vita* the fanners into the hands of young women in
I Ain beans. of thine theyWARREN'S the world premiere in London of Miss Hayworth's latest movie, the downtown Atlanta section I I No Fxlr.i Charge: fw .*....*..-

I h ." -- ._ _ I Ij Down to Earth urging them to call him. said : Marshall Using Able DiplomatsWASHINGTON : and Shaping .rtl> P.I ....-
The alleged attack victim I 24 s. ORANGE At K. m -)
( o.. tIMN6 ..... that Lamb got her into his car on I
j U. S. Assistance to a pretext of showing him direc- [UP] Sec. of top posts abroad far outnumber the fears of the career diplomatswho 1-
Dunning Germany tions and then drove to the com-
State Marshall is quietly deploying purely political appointees. Also, thought he might pick many ...
south of At- I
N. ora.t. An. munity of Palmetto '' former Army colleagues for high ladies-
I"rftntJtUons lanta where he, threatened. her : some of his youngest and most America's ambassadors and min-
positions He has not and instead -
Exodus From Red ZoneBERLIN
\ Only I Spurs with death unless she submittedto able career diplomats to key trou- isters, on the average, are younger has chosen more foreign Shop first, the_
....... i I I
tate' him. After she had done so
I ble spots in preparation for the: than in any recent period. service career officers for high positions -
Deavery [AP] The assistance the United States is giving she asserted! he forced her to sign diplomatic battle for peace with The project abroad coincided that those men had even

u-i the Western zones is drawing Germans from the the statement. : the Soviet Union authoritative I with similar ones at home in the hoped for.wsiH. SIESTAi.POt
J Eastern zone to the West like a magnet in the opinion of I sources disclosed last night. State Department itself: (Iii Selection -
f $ TextileWorkers Pay I Without fanfare, Marshall has of a department high com- '
pea Monday lunings many American Military Government officials. I:
been eliminating deadwood and mand, which is about completedand I
1 There are other factors in the efforts_of. Germans..to !'''Hike Reaches $3 Million' inefficiency in the diplomatic has a preponderance of career ) out forGreatly E\ST WINDOW ( :

fi cross into the Western zones illegally ofa service abroad. Political plum ap : diplomats: [12)) streamlining the Reduced
(lAP Negotiation
I officials said, but pubUcitygiven BOSTON pointments have been held to the, department by amalgamation of I! 611lAlIIMK
5 cents
contract providing a
11 WMter Palk Phone 68 the assistance America is new and I lowest level m history, and assign- various secretariats. centralizationof Gift Merchandise
'CubansSquawk hour general wage increase
an ments given men who have madea all intelligence work and creation -, HOME & HOEQY HOUSE (I t #&1
for mem-
sending to the Western zones has : five paid holidays career of diplomacy to theworlds of a long-range planning 111* t:::. Colonial: Drue
bers of the CIO Textile Workers ;
led many Germar to decide "let'3get most important listening staff. '
Union in the New Bedford-Fall'
-- -- --- ---- ---- -- -- - -'
there and squat. Uncle Sam posts In his first six months as sec- -
TOYSTOYLAND At Act : River. Mass., area was reported the end of the Bummer Marshall has at rest ,..., , , ,,, ,.., .... ...... ,
I Sugar will take care of us." i i I I yesterday by Emil Rieve general I II By retarv put : ;:;OOGk'C ;)00-----:- :; ;:" :- --i_ :""" '0., -; '\ .J() (
the U.S. will hate in the Bal- -- ---
Movement of Germans inside I I I president of the union. He said kans, Central Europe and Sweden If Your House /Is For Sale List It Wit t
Germany. particularly to :: the new agreement which would I II
the strongest diplomaticrepresentation
I newspa- change residence requires official I I replace one expiring next Friday, in history. I
pers were unanimous yesterday in ;
I police approvaL Interzone I would increase workers' pay en- I The Middle East has been
condemnation of the clauseof W. B. NICHOLSON
usually temporary for million annually.
are $3
passes velopes by
strengthened, and changes S
the United States sugar quota I I major
business or compassionate rea- I DiAPER 5F.MVK.EFor f,3 l
act which authorizes the Secre- liD China and France appear to be I #
tary of Agriculture to withdraw sons. ; RKO Sells Pathe News j i in the near future book. Itncrvation or Immediate Delivery Realtor
USSIE.COME HOME! portions of the quotas of foreign I However, many Germans are I Marshall it was reported has PHONE 2.3357 14 So. Main St. Phone 2.1it"WalkORide"Reg. '
to fear that the "iron To Warner Brothers ..
governments which deny "fair and approached the problem with his '.
-- ---- ----
Vr". ..... h. N .... ...t deg equitable treatment" to U. S. citizens curtain" one day may slam even BURBANK. Calif. (API Acquisition -'old Army tactics of seeking<<; the :'. :-' :-- .---------r. . o..
... >....< Ibo. >...... 11k ....... tighter. In Summer therefore, of Pathe News by Warner most able "field commanders"available
...s tlM .r ..,!.....) criHert.; when they can live easily off the RadioKeithOrpheumStudios to be his eyes and ear: Irrigation Equipment ------- --
w... .., ..,...... 'p.. kettle' el Diane de La Marina assertedthe land and don't have to worry too Brosfrom announced jointly in strategic areas which ring the
"S4. Woc" w q..Iy ..4 ...cti..I: clause was a violation of international much about housing, they are
,.. . .... courtesy and would yesterday by Harry M Warner Soviet -SHiMLER3!
.! |*4. .! .t1e14 don.'t making a rust for the American i A of American embassiesand
and Ned E. Depmet, vicechairman survey
the Cuban
.. SeW place entire economy BABY STROLLERSI
tIM gryeb.r.
'y zone. of RKO. Warners take over legations abroad shows that
at the mercy of the U. S. PUMPS E30i1ZS!
PItQ1tM' ODO WICK KILLS Secretary of State" In his judgment American zone border police all assets and equipment of the for the first time in recent peace- -
IIHrUASAHr ODORS 49c of any Incident arising turned back 41,879 persons newsreel division of RKO Pathe time history career diplomats m
were attempting to enter the FOR GROVES AND FARMS
- - $9.95
between an American citizen but the deal does not affect Pathe .
illegally almost double the
zone short subjects commercial filmsor Free Engineering Service I
and Cuba.El
Aluminum Plastic
number apprehended at the
Mundo said the act had characteristics border last March.In studio facilities.JohnsManville. ind Design SPECIAL PRICE I $*f Jf
which "reject the principles WALL TILE
y r addition. 2818 persons were : THIS WEEK ...,.. /
of the good neighbor policy"and WorkersEnd l u..uu
l arrested who were caught inland W
the Socialist newspaper Hoy 159: Color Combinations Bath LORLDAPIPE t .
after they had slipped past border
termed the act an attack on Cubs Strike After 11 Days room complete as low as $30 & SUPPLY COX
patrols.A HARDWABC M'
lint by North Aiflerican!: imperialism. S i ,
t peak of 67,000 attempted illegal j NEW ORLEANS (UPI Some 550 SCHERFER TILE CO. : $ _//-ARLA//DOFLA.
crossings was reached in July workers at the Johns-Mamnlle { OKHNDO"We 1S I\Tt R PARKS
The U.S. has outdoor
11,559 "OHiacx si
eo.w ax..YO.r K' *3Q
t :325 N. Phone ZSS7
playgrounds. last year. This figure gradually i i Products Corp. at Marrero La.. Orange l
sews aa ..N"Mr. dropped off over the Winter but will return to work today follow- _
then started up again. ing a vote to accept a company i
Dhtrkt Atlofact.t.etr. LA CANTINA ITALIAN wage offer of 12 cents more an

.. RESTAURANT The first ship built in Americawas hour. They ended their 11-day ,
the,Virginia a "pretty pyn- strike by unanimous vote Satur-
'N1 rnlrhs Brunette"M raraoai Spaghetti and Meat BaDe Place of about some 30 tonne. day. i
Chicken a la Cocclalora
..ring It.. M I STEIK CHICKEN SHRIMP constructed at Popham Beach :
One. Highway. Phone 5651 Me. in 1607. i Approximately 2,145.000 passenger i
t Closed Mondays automobiles and 933.000 buses r- :xs ;. .

e were produced in the United a .was:
States last year the Encyclopedia

L DINING ROOM COCKTAIL LOUNGE PACKAGE GOODS i To'relleTe .. '=1\\ Britannica reports. That 1947 was Book 64 per of the cent Year un- iI

burn itch O'' ,: der the number of units producedin p .r. VY'y. > '

EL PATIO and sung of Z 1941 t I
Barbecues Picnics Heat Rash .. - - k; y j y'C

Dancing under the stars"I I PERSPIRINGMOTHERS

MM .,.... ... .... Orckcitra Wed..sday/ Saturdays v-- ,
.. OKA-NCC ntOSSOM TRAIL OPEN.. DAILY 11 A. M.Discriminating I A ; .


'P1 Wlser. PeopleCLil G...... HOW USE MEXSAMA TONIGHT fd'
There'i wonderful relief for all in t
Mexaana on hot humid days and "RAINBOW ISLAND"In ,.
nights. Helps absorb excess perspiration ( Technicolor
I ) that often causes prickly heat Dorothy Lamour Cartoon. Eddie Bracken

; minor skin rashes.Prevents chafing. 1&tt'SWorld News s pay v
COCKTAIL LOUNGEfit Dust Mexsana on after bath. An First Show 7:45

........_ excellent deodorant. Relieves tired Children tnder 12 in Cars Admitted
MM* >--- MaJtUiX .*. AlUmMite Trt. W. P. MTtMOpe aching feet and itchy nuisance ofathlete' Free
Complete Show From 1*:34
I foot.Beat the heatwith.


r 1r SOOTHING WEDJCATEDK3WDER HORSES 4 low ( itt1ewknw t tF

r 1 z I 12.41 I
C Urt Teas T.d.yop. Cls&b III
rsr4s Kt* C.rtit HI FI6.i..go ,
'O *c Sont Fe Trail' I j !
NOW SHOWING Announces A New Floor Show *
tk..4 6 NM
I R.-i; TOMORROW as r 3qp

I. o...aAU I I


si.rri1EtNlItf I
iw 3 Floor Shows Nightly, 9, 11, and 1 took our airplane spotting mighty seriously The air defense of this country has cha1I1. t
( .
i ' I JAY MILLERS' ORCH. EVERY NITE. during the war, and a lot of the people I worked lot since V-J Day. And, fortunately, the Air FiRt61i

y : i FAMOUS FOR FINE FOOD FOR 20 YEARS with on the post got to be so good they could tell have organized an Air Defense Command tiltai 11

; PHONE' 5910-CHENEY. HIGHWAY-CLOSED SUNDAYS i a plane just by the sound of its engines. gearing its tactics and equipment to ward off IIIIwe

from the fastest most modern aerial /
us. woipoim.
'They told our job was important. They said .

Starlings Gary DUCK IN 3974 Blossom Orange TrailWe W- they could have fighter planes in the air one min- On Air Force Day, August 1st, the pubIie .

1 / 1 1O serve the came you get delicious during foods the evening from noon till 6 that ute after we reported enemy aircraft to the inforhave a chance to pay tribute to our new Air Fitltt

e.1St.tt 1:45: c French JUMBO SHRIMP mation center. Many people will be able to visit Air Fora qyr
: +15 T.dgt UST TIMES TODAY Fried '
exhibits. Others will take this day to think .
i. S>wnd.a
HIGH BARBAREE"KING'S "But when look back it how little
r (I. Dl.ing Room OnyTx you on wo
ROW1u. yen Job., ously about the enormous responsibility ttw
MJ tllif.
I*** M ARyio* 1 knew what was to come We were looking for
AfACHI ROSC is placing on the wings of its Air Foroec.
'Wet* To.arorT,3..w U. Aad D-tom" Ii
'Tb. lw a leaf Tit Won't you too make an effort that
day to -.v'.
car. O..T "Imagine trying to spot jet fighters traveling
Air Forces better?
six and seven hundred miles an hour! How couldwe

report, rockets and radio-controlled missiles .

going three thousand miles an hour?" VISIT AIR FORCE DAY EXHIBITS AUGUST WHHI ';

1, .
01 1 K-T'j'r Open U4SLn ,
Bw wra.Inner I'I'B.., Restaurant :JH''H.I" !
Y "Th Mighty MeGurli J Open }
N fl j "BAMBOO franco TOUMTTOV Uvfford BLONDE"M I 9 A.M. TillMidnight 6 MidnightDrive P.M: Till !:4 'l WQOTTEH AVIATION INDUSTRIES INC. '

e ?'Able ne i Irish Atea gene'1 I In Restaurant I 4I A F ORLANDO, FLA.

I If.1IHHo'j'I.: ','.!:

.'. r h. ," __,.... __.

# ,

I, .' .----_. ....... ." . ,. , ,, ,-. ,, -. -. .",r. ____ ',__ )?

II ; :'= ":;S 7:_=E-... r,1:,<" v--',-i';::. ,:,:: 1., .._. _::::... .... ... ..,,- _..!IIiII4"I'''""-!-!! .- _. ---r..... r _., __ ___.....____. ._ __ _ __ .


rlanfca fBrirntag ernttnr% Monday, July 28, 19"

I main line to Zurich. All the i
10 Die in Swiss Train Wreck
British Society Eyes Princess EINSIEDELN. Switzerland tAP times were Swiss.

Ten persons were killed and 30 Leather soles on shoes per..
As Dressmakers Vie for Favor injured Saturday night when two the passage of air through .
trains collided near here on the natural hide.MEANWHILE.

.. LONDON [UP] Princess Elizabeth will select her -- S S
trousseau from among Autumn collections of London's A.w.ree } P.aie

"Big Fashion Ten" instead of from her two usual pet t[ Blossom Queen +A, :a L

I designers for her wedding to Lt. Philip Mountbatten

) court circles said yesterday. HORIZONTAL VERTICAL'- A T rN

&nc the Royal bride-to-be I 1 Pictured 1 One-spot two ss

i derision to accept the beet all London -OMan, Neighbor KilledIn daughter of Negative MtE '

designers have to offer. U. secretary = Binary K

Worth.Aocele Delanche and Dlgby Air Crash Near Home of agriculture 4 Slate a p c
Nancyi -
Morton among others have competed -
UTICA N. Y. RIP Two men 9 Relatives "5 Ceremony Q E N !
hotly with Norman
died yesterday as .a result of a 6 Cut ,
10 Renown
and Captain Molyneux for Eliza plane crash near here. Gerald 13 Opposed 7 Either. L_ 23 Plate 43 Natrium
beth's favor.doctety Tanner 33. of Schuyler In Herki- 14 Dry (comb. 8 Night goddess 25 New York (jymbc.)
U watching Elizabeth mer County was killed instantly form) 10 Froth >* town 45 Chancy
clo.ely and there's no doubt her when a plane he was piloting 18 Aged 11 Likewise 28 Regret 46 PInt prt
I went down in a meadow near his 12 Doctor (ab) 47 Memorandi
election will act the fashion In ,home 1I'hUeV1l3on Dodge 33. a :19 Is dormant 15 Man's 30 Belongs to It, 48 Prince

Britain this Fall. neighbor of Tanner and a passenger 21 Plunge nickname 33 Cease 49 E:: :':ur. 0:
The Sunday Pictorial said the in the plane, died in a hospital 22 While 16B< borne 34 Vases' 51 Ed:;e
23 Mixed
heiress presumptive will be mar- an hour after the accident. type 17 Unclose :16 Hindu '53 Sp.cad
ried fsturday. Oct. 18. just 100 I Toward
124 19 Quiet 1 garment' t 55 Par.nt
days after the announcement of I RED LOBSTER POPS UP 27 Ethical 20 Branded 37 Level 56 French arts

her eniacement NEW Mass. [UP] .
The People a magazine, reportedher 29 Foreign L. 1 a 1 e
Antone Everett fisherman might
31 Indian
fiance will return to Corsham
have thought he was tending a
I 32 Encountered
Naval Base today to resume his ;
cooking pot instead of a lobster I She is 1947
affairs and 33
lectures on current _
I pot when he found a bright red blossom 0 I IL. 1 Is L 1
naval warfare Philip accompanied cherry -
lobster in one of his traps. But
the Royal Family on their annual -
I9 0 11
the creature was alive, which did I I'
Scotland vacation. I I 33 Outmoded
not surprise Everett who found a
Tb# ....pl. added that the old 38 Abraham's u. 2i iii t
title .( Edinburgh will be retired I yellow one six years ago. home _
-- -
far r ung Moutbatttn and 39 North Z1 1 t9
that he will be created Duke ofEdinburgh each of them now claims to have Carolina (ab) -
alter the October designed more clothes for her trip 40 Halt an em"3i i1 32
wedding. than did his rival. 41 Average (.b) is y s5 Ii '
Autumn fashion shows will begin Mayfair. site of most of the big 42 Tavern
here today and in the past I fashion houses was quiet 'on the 44 Merited 8 asK 9 010 +i
few days Molyneux has hastily imported I eve of Automn showings and there 49 Mineral rock
from Paris his old stamp- : has been scarcely a whisper on 50 Former IS 4b-r .4v 5 r1 ys yt
Ing ground, rar silks and satin what may be expected from the 30 Russian rulerS2Weaing .
hoping he will be picked to design or so models each house will 50 7sl; s3
DUabrth wedding gown. hibit. Only Worth in answer
eX-I deice
s 510-
HartneU. Queen Elizabeth's _favorite frantic questions on skirt 53 Slender sy
and Molyneux created has admitted his tailored suits
Princess Elizabeths wardrobe for be a good inch and one-half 54 Stationary t',
her South African tour. In fact. longer. I ,57 Conquered
-- ------



J 't A_STEAM Ot.lER1 !
% 1 y '
i-bJ1 1 :T

0. 1 X IJj

1 / 7 r

r 1

7:8 i

\' _
OOetL PAT l11T,2it -
.. WHY MOTHERS GET GRAY .2..." '' _wr rc U wig


\ ;' ft4fii! ; ?

_t QA.


.. f

- ON 1M BRONK. -

f J



i. ,
ti'i ;

4's t

-s y4I
rl :

? d

-- ---


I 2IC0.O 3E

+Eak rx arQI 1F11


THAT 8 4EI 9 Y


1r I




2 _

.... -... << -, "'i:9
-- "' ""' .. .


J.tr 2S, 1947 Ulrlanb u fHorttUta rnlutrl Page ..

errw c x tls$ MtAI THE WAR YEARS!

I i l rI *%)

I _

OMBN '..

wjircf i R1lL ro wr wcecsraw CAMPFHO=S : TV8SY'7 TAT T11E12 FAT FUEHRER WAS SEEM
W.ILU.. A lf..AWfs'aw DIO WE't 6414& ArE ftA9fT oar A FORTUNE IN JEWEL ON TNEJM.NOW. .
A t* F Tlir OIL F CLD4 WITY Aampsi /
eL44 C.LW. F'E17Wp .
S I4A. WA.I1 L& :
H lJ .




4 /

'-- --

U1iiw 1J:-' ; ..

SrIF y:


7.28 47 0. : -

I 0





'" -
"l, ',,'
't : _. .:-_ '
Jr. ;' -- .


.AS'I C t.<


7W m i ipHitt crisis is still with us. has been able to locate some off-size print paper..'

I It ITMM was severe each day. ge you are reading today is some of it. :
realize that this off-size is the ronvementa.a.
not most
..... Ac war the contract price for newsprint
.. which to offer you,news and features.,We have no
, .--- OrtMrtt WM about $50 a ton. Today .

f a+lM0i *. |9W a ten. believe that our readers would rather have their
. .... at thto high price it is difficult to locate. features in this form than not at all. The Sentinel's

y .......* .M the fwcuble news and features despite the .
- -----

AR34 Tht /N 1ACHYaat

N Ls . gi t- -


sacs n ,. ) Is

".; .' ;ww1.
: .t <-* .'!'' > ,-.. .
: "
? : .,
-- I ':.: ....
.Q wit t. :-...
*?** MC TMATU I cAN GET THE ....

"Tm ,
Ir fl4SOU a t .


w x

1TJLkN .

ARE YOU S :: .


4f' ti, AFTER ALL


1.5 AIT Oi h' WAYs &6 Hid ONES OISW NTE
i'T 6 191N TIP GIGOLO .


ii! 5zY ._ ....11 ". ._... .'.

I ..' I

... ... 'I"b....
- --- -- -
Irs R' alIL V "'''' :i4.y --': "'*

-.. .- ..- -;.. --- \: .. 1lIP-; rWypsN', - .


.. .

II. Special NoticesMAMAOE 19. Servlrfa Offered 19. Services OfferedPLUMBING 19 Services Offered 33. Articles for Sale 33. Articles for Sale' raithd! !ptdtl.14MON.JULY2'4TZAOZ11
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