BAPTIST Church School
rut oft imports of automobiles .Z.ht George Trapp for more than 25 i i Sunday School.PARK 9.4Sm.. D. A. Woodward William 9:45 M.. Irwin Morning pastor.worship at 1100: Ave. Captain' and Mrs. EHfleers Pm. d- i lEnx, and M'Kid
at : .m. la chare Sunday ScstwN DNtd6 sal
i foodstuff, rtfriirrmtors.. radio years pastor of Trinity Lutheran I !auperintendent.sermon by the slornlne Rev. Edward Worship.rare 11 Insoo e.m.. a m. Methodist Youth Fellowship at '::45 Morning Worship service llOO eja.People's := In a WItH ......... Ie eb. ;

'and other non-eatrntial foreign Church who died a year ago. will !j'',Trail director.l1& Kveninr Union 6:43 Worship.: p.m S:00 Oeoree: P.m Lents.sermon pjn. Evening Worship at 7:4J: pIlL Sermon chart Service Street.0'13 meeting p.m.1:11 Myrlla axm.selltic o8'I''I' 4ewleF C.uMe. ...l...r.c......N' ...asgatlbM' ..
.. : topics: Morninc worship: "Our Hlah C.n.'lnlr Service .00 P.BL slt.t
WoducU yesterday, but tempered be dedicated Sunday during the i by. .the July Re 16th.Edward Prayer FurIDIOa.W..dnud. Service. ." Evening; worship: "Th Throne of I I .... .< Ubyl B ,.... -- "

In* action by setting up machinery 11 ajn. service the Rev. Albert H.I 7:JQ p.m. Oraee.- Unity !.. Iha4 .r... MM. a tbyl
D. Besalski said -""'-
for establishment of yesterday. I ; UNITY CHURCH*03 8. Orsl.e A..eooo t* pert. said asses eudIt .
ImportCuotaa. CHU"CH-.John
Members of the Trinity Junior I R.LOCKHART Chiles pastor.BAPTIST Sunday School 9:50: a I CONWAY METHODIST CHUHCM-TheRe Rue The Rev. Carolyn H. .. I part.< Ura: '. wry ...
and Senior Walther League will Morning worship 11 o'clock.Tut: *. C. B. Callawar, pastor. 9 4Jt SundaySchool a m. "In Th Mama el ** .
Classes Tuesday. 10 ajn. and J'andJSi a la lab atJrr!! trstNy ifnr ittlaa
i A CUrernment dm**. design make the presentation and Mr. I beseech reconciled you to on God"bebalt<2 Cor.of Christ 620); ., be.m'l ,Meet.11 Mornlnc. Choir worship.rehearsal.711 YoungPeople Wednesday 5 pm. Two daily prayer serv fee w rrr..nt. ..<< w; Ricsp< r-."Mla ..

] rd U protect Mrslrc't dollar re. Besalski will perform the dedica- Ins Onion at 7 p.m. Evenlnc worship. I ices. 'I-p} 1 miiltoej attua. IC...
see a PHial tory exercises. 8. Text: -Have I been lie lone time I FIRST. METHODIST CHURCH MainStreet I I -
perm tea .m"'al. '- g,5_ Rr d .. ,
1 I you and dost' thou not know me." (John at Jackson The Rev. John Branscomb. Other Churches j tnr dr .Jft+" 4**+tt
!.. t* enforce the rrcuUtlenm. 14.8). I I D.D., pastor; the Ro-Y. Robert ; 'I A MrU...Jl :J:-: = =_ai w

and (. UMbh ...U, at at.. Prehistoric Tiger Fossil ; I Blackburn. Hours associate.of Worship Church: 11:00: School a m. ta.m. and 4S CHURCH CHRISTIAN-Andersoa MISSIONARY and Detaaey ALLIANce Streets I i F..M u.4.. f..M .tit etaMIkli.
tar date .. toed which ftembsrties. I NORTH PARK BAPTIST-N. Mffls St.a 7:30 p.m. Youth Fellowship I 30 P m. The Rev. H. P. I-- aSunday I! ...... ...-
I Discovered in Tennessee Woodward An. W. H. Clarke pastor. i I Sermon text: A. M. "Lovlni Ond Unanimous School. 11.00 am Mensla Wee !!
9:45: a.m. Bible School. 11:00: a.m. Morn ." P M."Are You Able i ship. The Rev. Roy Forward. Eeaasar.. 8. : nnta "i'_,'\ s9 .Yells
I Distributor of American prod- SEWANEE. Tenn. IUPJ The re- : inr p.m.Worship Baptist with Training sermon Union by pastor.7:43 p-m.6:3O: 1 America.7JO 6:30 p EvaatettsUc m. Young PioplnSsrv Service UK- r' II .., M !nA1 P.tv$ .M4

; lieu, 99 per rent of Mexico's Imports mains of the only complete fos-i Evening service with sermon b: pastor. I I PresbyterianPARK lees.Rev H. P.pm.Ranklo. Loodr'r ", insl.teri ter: qa yin

I looked hopefully at a clause z silized prehistoric tiger ever found { LAKE PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH ; aVn:; .n ronsmj Ilion :tar t 0R

Itrlnff' the commission power to in the Southeast were being studied -| West MILLER'Central MEMORIAL ATenue. M. D.BAPTIST Jackson-2015 corner of Highland and Colonial" Dr. Rev ORLANDO COMPANY OF JEHOVAH* tntvao tarsi. and 'lPa ....._
l Robert H. McCaslln. D.D. pastor. Ban.d. PwMst I
'j establish quotas, but there was no yesterday by experts from the ; tor. 11:00: a.m. Morning worship. The P.a-I!, School starts at a 45 a.m. Morning i I( talk WITNESSES 7.00 pm.-(40 Speaker.8. Hashey W. E.St tdvarwa |!I gteaily Immediate' indication of when ore 1 1 I Smithsonian Institution in Wash- Love will speak. B.OO p.m. The pastor will service Is at 11'00 a m. Sermon "Seeing i Subject: Relleloa versa the .... = tri. "iW !l.tt.al
i w speakFIRST i Rome. Evening Service. 7 JO ...
p m. sermon Wstchtewer Study 15 p SBaMat
how they will be determined.' ington. | The eu_pl.ins ,
"God's Greatest Work. Pioneer and "Cburcn and the Kltweem." ,I w:.rW'd !It ....
I'poLf'&ftWn far American The tiger believed to be 30.000 BAPTIST CHURCH-Corner Pine Young People meet at l:3O: p.m. Prayer Minister Hrurt* ,...'a.t, tetga
Main. Dr. J. Powell Tucker pastor. >
..ned firm Mid they did not years old was discovered in a 11:00 ..m. and 7:30 p.m.. hours of ...orI| meeting Wednesday, 7:30 p.m. FIRST SPIRITUALIST CHUUCH..... 'I I allure of direst. nPBrstyl,":J\I ...
belles the Government would lime-stone encrusted cave about ship. A. M. Sermon Dr. Tucker will ORACE COVENANT PRESBYTERIAN 12. 44'2 West Church Street Stevie,........ '! lad. 10 a. dti ;pute swat, dRMelee
preach: p.m.. service m charge of The CHURCH day and Tuesday 8 P.m. SvkJsct-
Conway Road and Jassmlnc ,
risk forcing them to cut bust* 10 miles from the University of Gideon j I, Ave. The Rev. Jack P. Powell, pastor. 1:30: Love. The Rev. Nett Cherry. ...or j i I type of rapt tNt UI M .. _
I[I The South by Dr. Edward Mc- 1 ''aaatied UN,
".... with lb. retaltlnf layoff a.m. Sunday School. Hour of Worship: to
Blliwfr Crady of the university's biology NOLDEN HEIGHTS BAPTIST CHURCH 7:30: p.m.. preaching by the pastor: Song CHRISTIAN LIGHT SPIHITWALIST _
of Mexican ."'pl.'.*. -29th and Woods SU.. The Rev. Oeorc | service led br CoL Norman K. Wood. CHUKCM-2 miles west M Winter Oa... i j.
Th decree, eftecttr yesterday, 'department. L. Brown pastor. Hours of worship: 11 Road. Sunday service 7.30 P av. PasOW. Bold Hood Bra*** .... ...
a m. and 8 p.m. Bible School 10 am. Bap- CALVARY Rev. M. Thrash. i
In>alf'dhat the ban on foodstuffs that Traininc Union. 6:45.: 709 EdtewaUr PRESBYTERIAN Dr.. the Rey.CHURCH George H. i _______ Mice opened for pia .lii tall A' I,
is limited to canned meats Church, Home for Aged Cook minister. Bible School. with classes 1ITH. ST. MISSION. UNOENOMIMA.TIONAL Lae.I .
COLLEGE PARK BAPTtST CHURCHEdtrwater for all ages 9.45 a m. Morning Worship -18th St. and S. Orawe DIM eS
and canned or fresh fruit. Dr. at Yale' Avt- the Rev. Nursery for small children Services i
11:00 am.: Trail. K. Perdue. pastor. ejary
Negro Estate Farette 1. Hall Pal tor. Sunday School Young People's Vespers. 6:00: p.m. Evening night at 7:4t: and Saaday. 3 p m. ,... n. nrM
of 9:45: am. Morning worship. 11OO a.m. Worship. 7:30: p m. Midweek Prayer MeetIng -- Preach the Word.COMMUNITY .
In un.orld consumption ATLANTA [UP The Second Message by the pastor. Training Union. each Wednesday, 7JO p.m.FIRST AlTI P
cotton tab >>.2 mtUlon bal<<'oS. '.4r Baptist Church (Negro!. and the 8:30 p.m. Evening service. 7 JO p.m. Message j .. .
by the pastor. .... ..
down about a fourth from the Mills Memorial Home for Colored f PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH-Cor. Corner Amelia and Revere S. jnaaoa SCbewnlnc. 9M
e Church
and .
UI of 30 I mutton bales' in I! Main Sts. The Rev Mar. pastor. Sunday flebel 9. ; SAM
peak .
I People in Savannah. Ga.. should Church of shall C. Dendy, DD. pastor: the Rev I i
ChristCHURCH CkaJlae
the tea of a rising world population. ,t .. I divide equally the estate of a Negro I Jack P. Powell assistant pastor: the Rev. i; A.a.m.Black Sermon Text.II The a.m.Presence by tfce :r.. >tfc- reties a66. ..
OF CH..IST-U8 1: Jefferson Llndssy E. .
McNalr pastor emeritus. Hours ... I... c. .. .
I woman who died in 1929. The St. Gilbert .E. Shaffer minister. Sunday: of worship: 11:00: ..m. and 7 JO p.m. er. Crusaders 6:45: p.m. Eveaha: airs Jaee.i i' .....1--
Pear of Ood. by tae
7:45. Text
Bible study 10:00 Preaching andCommunion. I Sermon text .
State Supreme Court ruled yester- a.m. : 11.00 .m. (Broadcast ever i Black:
11 OO a.m. Preaching and .
day. In her will in -- -
1922. Mary Communion 8:00: p.m. Minister residence -
WELLS MILLEDAarolseet Ellen Richardson provided that 1521 Pinecrest. phone 6061.

her estate be divided between the
CHURCH OF CHRIST-Ocoee. Florida.
In '' church and .an "old peoples' Alden Norton. Minister. Sunday: Bible '
r home" study. 1000 a.m. Preaehlnc and Communion GRANT S KNOWN FH YAlIES
'I' 11-00 a.m. Preaching and Communion -
Group Slates I OF CHRIST-Winter Garden.
Pla. Sunday Bible. School 10:00: a.m. I
SIZEA.'T Session for Today Preaching and Communion. 11:00: ...m.Preaching I s slxr ss3z xs.: :.
and Communion 8:00: p.m. I
BIBLICAL SCENE, 1947: With his outer clothing and, sandals The executive' committee of the I 3 g

DEPTH beside him, this bearded Chicagoan looks like a character right Republican State Committee will Sunday CHURCH: Bible OF study CHRIST-ApOpka.10:00 a.m. Preaching Pla. 1

FOR HOME out of the Old Testament, as he basks in the sun reading his meet at 1:30 pm. Sunday in the and Communion Communion.8:00: 11:00 P.m. ajn.. Preaching and I ffi; rrn1rrririirJDOLLAR

RANCH Bible on steps of on old church. San Juan Hotel. C. C. Spade St.
Augustine. State Republican chairman Church of Christ. Scientist
called the session.
TIST. Rosalind Avenue and Wall Street.
t Local Sailor in Sunday service at 11:00: a.m. Subject:
Ice Guarantee Orlando at Worship Europe SACRAMENT. Sunday School at 11 a-m.
Sl-c Harold E. Wednesday evening testimonial meeting at
Mills son of .
8 o'clock. Radio procram every Saturdayafternoon DAY
Water or No Clearance
.. Mr. and Mrs. E: A. Howe. Route at 3:45 over station WDBO.

Pay' By DAVE ENLOW evangelistic service Sunday at 3 4, Orlando is serving aboard the

1 Chord Editor; Orlando Morning Sentinel i! pjn.. sponsored by the Christian USS New Jersey now on a cruise CatholicST.
We will gladly ( Business Men's Committee. involving calls at ports in SCot- JAMES CATHOLIC 217 N. Orance SPECIAL BATHiNG SPECIAL
Five members of First PreSby- land Denmark Norway Sweden Ave The Rt. Rev. Mscr. John G. Bishop I
riTe yea terian Church are attending the pastor. Masses at '7. 8. 9.10 and 11 a.m.
and .
England. Weekday manses. at 7 a".m. in convent
Members of the class
FREEEaUmates Leadership Training School! at taught by
I, ChapeL 8 a.m. in the church. Confession
Montreat. N. C.. which ends July I W. S. Mackintosh at the Park Saturday 4-$ and 730-9 p.m. I 108 YMd4Reg.
17. They are Joseph R. Mackie Lake Presbyterian Church will I Central Church' of the Nazarene. 300 SUITS

28 Months Mr. and Mrs. Walter Tharr. Mrs.J. hold a picnic next Saturday with M. L. Ryan former missionary Christian

to Pay' Hyde Crawford and Mrs Alma i July 19, at 3 p.m. to Palestine. CENTRAL CHRISTIAN CHURCH- 3.98 Now 1.94
U baa.1Mi69C {
Do\ ll.The. Station WORZ-7:05-7:20: : am.: Rldcewood at Csthcart. Dr. Paul C. Carpenter ,
LIIIY & FREEMAN the Rev. M. pastor. 9:45 a.m. Sunday School
The Rev. Wesley Hugest of Lees- C. Swicegood. pastor Assembly. 11.oq ajn. Morning Worship
111 W. Chorth 81 TeL lac' Jler. O.H. Gerstenkorn will burg will address the Orlando I Delaney Street Baptist Church service. 7:30: p.m. Evening Worship Service. Reg. 5:98: Now 2.99
t Youth for Christ rally tonight at with Evangelist Lloyd L. King. MUSLIN
speak at the Eola Park open-air! I CHRISTIAN CHURCH. Ocoe.-P. H.
... 7:30 pjn. In the First Baptist Station WDBO-9:15-9:30: : am.: Mears. minister. Residence 27 E. CopelandDr Reg. &.98 Now 3.49
Church. Leading the singing will j the Rev. Fayette L. Hall pastor Orlando. Bible School 9:45: a.m. Morn

be Johnson'at Pete DuBose.the piano.with Miss A soprano Ruth t College Park Baptist Church. Seeking inc worship The 11 Lost.o'clock." : Sermon: Christ I SUN SUITS Reg. 7.98 Now 3.94 ) Wile

solo will be presented by Fleta Bell i Misses Joan Nydeg. Iris ,Swear- 130 TABERNACLE East Central CHRISTIAN Ave.. the CHURCH Rev. Morris- FREE S 1.00
e White. ingen and Virginia Cheney are in Butler Book pastor. 225: Sevth Bier Office:
1 of 11 Junior room 5. Church building: phone 20837. 2 For 3 Ylle. N
TIlE LUTHERAN HOUR t charge the ajn. Hours of worship: 9:45: a.m. Bible School: .$1.00 Beach and Picnic Blanket $1'
Leaving by train tomorrow after !Church service at Park Lake Presbyterian 11:00 mornlnc worship and communion:
wrItItNAtlti 2:30 P. M. WLOF noon for New York. Dr. and Mrs.J. .[ Church. The meeting is 6.30 Children's and Tounc People's With Each SuitWomen's
: croups; 7:30 evening evancellstie service.
Powell Tucker will sail Thursday held in the cottage at the corner

on the Queen Elizabeth for i; of Highland and Colonial Drive. Congregational

Copenhagen to attend the Baptist CONG..EGATIONAL-Wlnter Park.. In- Fruit of the loom ..
ELEVEN YEARS OF PROVEN QUALITY World Alliance: j Two contest winners. Miss terlachrn and Mew England Ave*. The Rev.
Louis Schuls. S.T.D. Church school: 9:45:
:0- J 1 Florence Kllmore and Carl Kessel. a.m. Morning worship 11:00 a.m. Sermonby NYLON HOSE
Reformed Presbyterian Church and four other Orlando delegatesleft I I the Rev Fred E. Cole. Subject: "On RAYON BRIEFS SASH

c has 21 delegates attending the I yesterday for the annual Deciding 7:00 p. m.To''Live." .PUcrira Fellowship,

( : ml'WII\ Covenanter Conventicle at Grin- Youth for Christ convention at $) .oo Value CURTAINS F..F..lnu... .

nell College. Grinnell. Iowa. July I Winona Lake Ind. July 13 to 20. EpiscopalTHE .

11 to 20. The Synod. Women's Don Mott. chairman of Christian CATHEDRAL CHURCH OF ST. 2 For

Tim KACK MO.CM Synodicai National CYPU and Business Men's Committee. Misses LUKE. tEPISCOPAD-Sts. The Very North Rev.Main Melville at Jefferson E.:-i $1.00 $100 $100 Pro i

"lnaUn Venetian Blind Awning and Shutter Junior Bands are Included in the Estelle Livingston and Ruth Clark Johnson. D D. Dean. The Rev. Robert K.
editor also made Oumm. Canon: The Rev. John Bacley Day.
and the church
FLORIDA APPLIANCE & SUPPLY INC meeting. Canon. 6th Sunday after Trinity 7-13-47. !1
; tl the trip. 7-00 a m.-Radio 'Broadcast over WDBO
f Formerly Home Insulation Co.l Following is the schedule of "The Episcopal Hour" The Rt- Rev. Ch... .
C. J. Carpenter. D.D. Bishop of Ala-
.JJ ORANGE AVEL. WINTER: PARK. FLA. Orange County Ministerial Assn. i Evangelist Lloyd L. King is continuing bama will be the special speaker. 7:30( Women's $1.39 gWg NOSE !
DA1TONA WINTER: PARK ORLANDO daily broadcasts for next week: I revival meetings at Delaney a.m.Klndercsrten-The Holy Communion. 9:3: .m.-
Department at Cathedra
Hit 78 6390 Station WLOF-6:45-7: ajn.: the I Street Baptist Church next School 228 East Central Avenue: All other COTTON SMOCKS SOFA
Rev. Walter F. Masters pastor week with the adventure story trade meet at the Cathedral for recnlarSummer F.-F.. ........

hour at 4 pm. and the evening inc Prayer Church and sermon School.by 11:00:the a Jlev.m.-Canon Morn Fast Colors PILLOWS Ket. $1.00 ::

1 service at 8 pm. Robert K. Gumm.Lutheran .

r Orlando Gideons will conductthe $100 !

7:30: pm. service tomorrow at ST. PAUL LUTHERAN CHURCH-Cor.' $100 $100 Pro
with I.: Church and 8. Lake St,. The Rev. O.
.r. the First Baptist Church, E. Liden. pastor. Morninc Worship at 11
Chaplain A. B. Johnson in charge. a m. Church school at 9:45: a m. Sermon if
text: "Why Did Jesus com?"
) '8I I Other Gideons on the program are
G( James C. Kribbs E. G. Rich. Ar- TRINITY EVANGELICAL LUTHERAN II Women's 36 x 36 9 Oz. Waler
.- I thur W. Newell. Harry Wimberly Mo. Synod)-E. Uvlncston at Roth St.'The
H !"V" Rev. Albert H. D. Besalskl. M.A- pastor. COTTON PRINT
and Louis Christensen.The; Sunday School and Bible Class. 9:45: ..ID. Laura Mae
Worship. service. llOb: a.m.: Voters' As-
The Christian Missionary Alliance ?WLOF f.m !l.\), 3.pm 2:30: p.m.. ThB LBthera. Hoar I BLOUSE LUNCHEON TUMBLERS

f 6&iic; l Church will hear the Rev.

Wl tun Roy Forward South American MethodistREEVES CLOTH
Full Cut-Fast Color
missionary at the 11 ajn. service MEMORIAL METHODIST

tomorrow. graduate of Orlando Rev.CHURCH B.-Wm.1118 N.Palmer Fern, Creek pastor.Ave.Church The 50 For

Senior High School and Nyack School 9:45: a.m. Morning worship 11 a m. $100 Si.N

N. Y. the Rev. Forward is home I I lowship Sub-District 3 p.m.meeting Service of Young at County Adult Home Fel $100

on furlough after five years in meet 2:30: p.m. Tooth Fellowship 8:45:
I his wife. p.m. Evening Worship 730 ,p.m.
Ecuador with
All news items for this column I H. Moor.. pastor. Walter Kimble. director Reg. 59c Reg. $1.19 L.di.c'SISEI
of music. Sunday School 9:45
: a.m. K. M.
,. should be phoned to the writer at Tlnklepauch. superintendent. Nursery open
Saturday, July 12th 2-1507 'or addressed to the Church during morning worship. Morninc worship I
10.55 a.m. MTP 8:30 Evenlnc: I
p.m. service
Editor. Sentinel-Star not later at 730 p.m.. BRASSIERES SUN SUITS HANDBAGS
: than Thursday noon. I II _
Princeton at Edcewater. The Rev. H. Msnriere sioReg.

RETAIL MERCHANTS 9 45 under Felton.the minister.leadership Church of D. C.School McCan.at 2 For 5.00
... the general superintendent. Morning worship $100 ;
J .1 I We invite you to at 11 o'clock. Sermon subject: The.CbaHence .
visit our new of the Church. The Youth Pelowshlp )
will meet at 830 p m. Dr. Paul A. ,
I DISPLAY ROOM Fletcher, district superintendent will
preach at. 7:30 p.m.. after which the
Slade-Booth Show Case Co. first quarterly conference will be held.
MJ71 Mid-Week Service on Wednesday at 730. 6 Pair Seerwck.
(23 W. Central Paoma Reg. $1.39 ,
HOLDEN HEIGHTS-2 ltb St. at Orange
Blossom Trail-441. J. OUver Carder pas-
tor. Church school a' 10 o'clock. Morningworship t MEN'S. SHOE BAG WASH SUITS
fR at 11 a m. Test: Heb 1:13-11.:
wyII9 "Our Lord's Last Will and Testament." Cotton Knit
Evening: worship at 730. Sermon text
John 737.Christ, the Satlsfylnc Portion. - Well Made For little B.II

Jackson St. The Rev. John T. Dincley I
pastor Sunday School 9:45 ...... Morning $100

1' I ALL-FLORIDA $100 $100 2 3-4


<- I'I Lyncrest CLEARANCE
Llfe-Ume aluminumF. Men's
I : H. A. Financing OCOASIONALI
MATTRESSES / mt N. Mini, rhoMi tns ItaIGUS While Cleansing CHAIRS
: Ii .

: Shop early' and take advantage of the ,hundreds of .wonderful l .values i, BOX SPRINGS i/ i HANDKERCHIEFS Reg. SI9.t6DOLLAR

presented by your Orlando merchants.- Enjoy. shopping, don't bother ,, eHOLLYWOODBEDS : MADDEN'SREFRIGERATION TISSUES

with your car-ride the bus.NO : MANTJTACTURED TO YOUB j DAY



TRAFFIC! NERVES, I, Uattress Anywhere RcnevaUn la Central A Specialty Florida :, Rafrlgcroton '3 5 For
SI.OD S12.91
.' ,:a i "Can Ci T4HlaJ'- Bought and SoldPrompt'Effleient"ReasonsbN
FATIGUE Sleep Better T lrfcf :

Don't Fuss Ride the W. repair .U make and types
Bus {
. / Don't Fun'
Oa Sanford HWy Just Cevtk *t I FONE 7728

... The Orlando Transit Co. ,i Pho e tae Winter Underpass Park 958-W ,: Fone Backed Gus by 25 years ezpem. W T. GRANT CO. 33 S. Orange Ave.Page .

f P. O. Box 7S7. Orlando FU. m .Magaotla. An.
-........." .." '.." ...

--- --- - --- -

--- .

' 15
I - -- -- Saturday, July 12, 1947 (rlattbn jStnmlng frrnttarl, Page 11 OPEN STOCKDINNERWARE.
s ,


Household Appliances WFj .1_ 441-443 N, Orange Ave I 1188.... N,1... Mills St. Orland rbwi 134<
,. -
At Once . No Waiting List II :JAc"'Y".p.; -
I ---
I' -
t x j Flareaet Wtlc m*. JM U Eft
31 L Church St.
Telephone 2-3736

) 0,.. 1,.... IICI.4 1t. W.4...,. II1,1 f P.yi :: FLORENCEBEAUTY SHOP i I FOR YOUR

"-' H M !
Steam taw
waves at ft.kitivt.
- - -- -- ---- Mvt.. --.IU..I.at .,.., $40 il

Due To The Death Of }: t Tell ClerK Inside I II
You'it Handed 50 I
Mr. W. E. Henry Radio Combination
MO N a tae Taken .
; Automatic Record Changer J
No Question*Aifctd 7 Tub S.t :
C. IntHwtfiat eetivarr ;
tfO'Tilt' sows rHONE 2-3JJ7 $99.50$40$59.5001YmRis
HALF-HOUR LAUNDRY Ear+c til"pr.IIIt-t4,.niitat.atri. is I

t .-'A W\tU: nru M SO'evttar IF VITAMINSj j Radio Combination

Will Be Closed -- tlws4s Zwc1TItrtItatttir DON'T BUCK, YOU UP : Automatic Record Changer l

Until Tuesday THEY SOUR HIS MILK of human kindness! kindliness. He' pictured after being robbed by win try ttmm NUXATED tdwa! ,M.seer.j IRON a I 7 Tub S.t :
July 15thO'NEALLHENRY Allen Demetrius, Pittsburgh business man, armed bandits for the second time in five days. MM i=nm.k*VIM uMtar a.d.m.!&- =
loves his fellow men as help-for-the-needy ploBut Demetrius says he'll continue to help those ;th:1.. .... attrd.. r. !;. we td ::....,." ::. ,;i iM in $129-$40 $89 ;
cord in his window proves, but some of those down on their luck as "Most people arehonest" x wbu,I. .-..-wa. r.. s n.tftD." ... I 4
._ ...
fellow men are putting on awful strain on his tnal. Bat M* *M I
INC. Set Our Windows for Other Special Values This SelvrieyGENERAL

Friar Barreda. a Spanish priest r
22 IS Edg.waUr Driv* I once taught Christianity to the Children's Program? I If your Home /Is For Sale/ List it with
Indians in Florida Caverns.
: To Present Fairy I Ii


; The Magic Doll a fairy story
ON RESIDENTIAL adapted for radio by Patricia Bryant +
t d I: will be featured today on "Specializing in Homes'
:Story Time the weekly children's I
,program over radio station 140 N. Orange Ave. P&on.8612 356 N. Orange AT.. Phone tt4X
:! The program will be WORZ'I I
,the Story Time lady Ethel
: I
f I''i and will be enacted by the Story
I .Time Players. Children in the II
Excellent opportunity to a.cur. spacious air conditioned. living quarters with store cast are Billy Farrett Patricia ,, I
building tultabl for laundry ft.lf...rTie. laundry light manufacturing, or wholesale. Darlene Saunders Campbell.Louise Patricia Pay Hanson.Haley
Property contiitt of. 3 storUi, Finest type of construction. Hollow tile, reinforced con- and Cliff Price.
er.tt. and ate.t !l. Bar of lot opproxlmottly SO x 64 feet paved.
I Ii
Mt. Plymouth Captain E

FIRST FLOOR-ISO x 70 f*.tl) Large private aarag entrance to stairway, passenger 1 i High in Army Exams II I
Uvctor to 2nd and 3rd floors and store room containing 2600 square feet with 11 ft. I Capt. Robert J. Schwind. Mt. I II
I In. telling. i Plymouth tied first place among 7i :# Si
recent graduates of the U. S. Constabulary -
i School. Sonthofen. Germany I
SECOND FLOOR-Large living room dining room and kitchen with built-ln cabinets the public information office I
and sink Powder room two closets laundry room housekeeper's room with bath and of the school announced yes- I
clo..t. two porch. ((1 l screened in], large tiled sun deck. I terday. His grade. 87.1. equalledby SATURDAYFor
Lt. Charles W. Adams. Cleveland -
s I Heights. Ohio was the sec .
Property locat.d at 423 4th Str..t. West Palm Beach. Florida. ond highest ever made in the oftii I
S.aUd! .,kids on this property will b. received by Ralph M. Hart. Executor at 711 i cers'basic course.Orlandoan this! event we are offering not only Dollar Savings on each article in the store, but
CUb. Bulldlno West Palm Beach. Florida be '
to opened at 3:00 P.M. on the after- '
moon of July 24. 1947. ,, M-Sgt. Irving Finishes o. McQuaig.Course son Many Dollars! Every article in the store has been marked down for your benefit. Come

Bids mutt b. accompanied by !lOt of the amount thereof to show good faith. Terms :of Route Mr.3.and Orlando Mrs. O.this O. week McQuaig was I in and see some of the beautifully styled pieces that are not advertised and select

tan b* arranged. Executor reserve the right to reject any or all bids and no bid under graduated from an airplane mech.I i what need for home while this is
144.06000 will bo considered. antes training course at the Air you your great savings available.
Training Command at Kessler
Field. Miss.
Property was willed to Shrlners Hospital for Crippled Children: and bids after being .. ,
opened at 711 Cltlstns Building. will bo transmitted to the officials of said Shriners After WAKEMAN completing ASSIGNED recruit training :
Hospital for Crippled Children for th.lr consideration and recommendation.Open . at Parris Island. S. C.. Marine- J JI
for Inspection July II. 17. and It. I I Pvt.William H. Wakeman Jr.. son
!: of Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Wakeman. TABLESAll
G 916 Alhambra Ct.. has been assigned -
. RALPH M. HART. Executor of the : to the Weapons Training
Estate of Margaret ,E. Harriman !i i Battalion there..' occasional, lamp, end {a
Deceased. Woods fires destroy millions of and cocktail tables ,
dollars worth of timber in Florida 4
every year.'I ]10-25% OFF


t ,

a.tTw .
I -

I Saturday Only-Delicious Ice Cream Sodas. 2 for 30c I E I 2-Lawson Sofas, Rose and Beige ---_,__.-179.95 WAS 164.50 NOW ea. LAMPS

I I 1 1-Lawson Sofa-Bed, Rose with fringe ._____._..159.50 129.50, Floor, Bridge, Table

2-Modern Sofa-Bed Suites, 2.pc.. __.__.__.179.50 149.50 ea. Special% OFF

I 1 1-Lounge Chair with Ottoman ... ......____? 89.50 69.95

[: SPECIAL ITEMS DRUGS I 2-Wing Back Chairs, Beige __uou.._____.79.50 25% 59.50 OFF ea. PICTURES b MIRRORS

Special 25% OFF
;. $139 Dupont Nylon Hose $1 I , / Glycerin Suppositories 3 for9t $1 1 n; .

l/2 Gal. Lamson Mineral Oil $1 f' . 3 DINETTESArvin
/ Coicadt Playing' / /
: Porcelain Dinette
Cord 3 for $1 l / -
I j //1 1 pt. Rexall Nerve Tonic $1 \ Was 79.50 Now 59.50

I 4-Douglas Kitcheen Master '- ti
f1.% Hostess Sets (Nap7 I Breakfast Sets. Reduced "*

kins,Coasters, Matches] $1 TOILETRIES from 79.50 to 64.50 ea. ,a' yt is

2-5 pc. Maple Dinettes r ..

1 il.GO Pi,. and any Pocket I tr From 79.50 to 59.59 ea. .
Nylon Hair Brushes $1
Sill Tobacco $1 1 1-Plastic and Aluminum 5 pc. ;',. ,.
s.tirs.. Dinette. From 98.59 to 79.50 ,,. ,
j Cora Nome Powder and A''t nor, ; ,,.

Ri4ftctabc! Boll Point Pen $1 Perfume $1*

$1 Clara Harris Bubble _'_ r
12 to $5 Compacts t $1 Bath 2 for $1- : Was Now i
v 1 1-Toasted Mah. Bedroom Suite ..,.298.50 265.50

$1.X lillfelds' $1 l* jj/ j Yardley Soap box $1. : 1 1-Modern 5-pc. Bedroom Suite _269.50 249.50 .

i I 2-He.pplewhite Moh. 5-pc. Bedroom

;" 127 Comtro Films I 4 f for $1 Yardley Shampoo 5 pkgs. $1 l i Suites . Double ___ 259.50 1.Ot1Sf! [

j i Twin Beds 299.50
$2 Tussy Cologne $1 I
Y- CKeice" Soap . S.- .
I P..4tr 4 pkgs $1 1 j / $1 l Clara Hcfrris Dry Ii JiT JUVENILECribs

l (del J, Octagon, DUI, Ivory] / Perfume 2 for $1*
I _...... 10% OFF'PORCH
Ayre Powder Mitt $1* 1 I & LAWN Carriages 25% OFF
Itt i ---
.I 1ln Ss.p 10 bon f for $1 / jij51.50
. :'j Ayre Travel Kit_ i We have all styles in out-door I ., All other pieces including training .

.J.J.Chen"I PMying $1"I I furniture. All pieces are reduced chairs play-pens, highchairs .

::1 C 4t 5 for $1 "Plus Tax. t from bathinettes

I f 10% to 25% 10% OFF

STROUD'S NO. 2 --. /'t,:$'{. .
264 S. Orange fl p
100 S Orange .
III- Phone 2.4545 \

_a I Phone 2 1438 l d-


w- ,

._ ...,. -..
._... II. r I .-11 .Ip-- -- -- -- '

.h "''''- -

". - - .. A__ >c- ,
- ,- .. --AJ- d:... -.e: .. w

af'eaF +

....12. ((Orlanba fronting &tnlinrl Saturday, July 12, 1947 I INVESTIGATE BEFORE YOU IUY! -

-- __ EXPERT Best Trailer Shop

Maid Worked Java Governor i Crystals to fit lay water T : CA 2M5 w. Waahingto

I BLOCK'S JEWELRY N na Taw. Dial 11Mj
By Own. Wish Demands Okay
Asset [On Winter Garde J..dl, zI
West Clauc. Sued

Woman Claims .. +." .' I Of Dutch Plan ,! ,

HAW nimo: Cat TAP) Mr.
+ BATAVIA TAP Gov. Hubertus
Atfitd Wesley Incatl Uctirtedy 1 i
..ir4a* that Dor Jane. by her ; '. J. Van Mook told the Indonesian

.*. .Ml\ was paid. for only onetn' t -, Republic yesterday that "the time i :
of tk *tae. nOT,and then for decision has come" and demanded ; ; : J .
r.la/.d Mar she .aa !Butt .d'* -t1... !t Rk W.
fey *n affair between. 'her first < .. a new acceptance of all : .': ; !
few fe.nd and the Netro maid. Dutch proposals for the establish- ; : .

Mr*. iHtalU, *n ItLtI with her t ment of an interim Governmentfor D ..1. _
peee.| fetnhansl MI a Federal the United States of Indo- : ""
(Mrs* *f e*Uriitc the. maid : : .L ;: ,
.ft*** threats .f Jail sad 11.11 nesia.Van Hook said "The Republican < ::1 I J k.II1 j+{q 1 4

f.e Ik.* aid affair, reealled. the Government' has accepted a
.1ff1I............ !I. a clear .tea4yMM considerable part but we have

.... __ reached' the stare where such i thi
011-. Dora py t.su stopped I+Ie+$.. acceptance' must be complete If SATURDAY & / i 1 1
..___<* .... ftnt husband. WalterlUiamn er we wish to establish peace and
., WasIttft.toa. D. C. rv start work."
telnd "* h
Vftaitd to auftld Oort tOtJa 1JnI.a. upon a Joint Dutch-Indo ;,yr.
1e1011I .. iVIiooLH nesian gendarmerie to police Java.
"Uses' *. *m t.. Ur". without The Indonesians want law and \ OVER 250 WOMEN'SUNIFORMS :
pal. dw aMMM t .ufVrd, and order to be the responsibility of
ate: -...,. Own, ah* serer Indonesian agencies. r
: .r wtlsM arr...t any pay { !
Bar Heads Meet Today Orange County ''I 1 'T -

I...t.e Oxmnittr of the Court RecordsCOUNTY
lnl>..a .......r Bar ...... U meet f w "" JUDGES COURT I -
1 riorenrc R Kent et &1. mutual distribution r
TOMB REBUILT: The Mahdi's tomb at Khar- I appears following its restoration. For 50 years tenement estate of Alfred Abraham
Odessa Kent
Mn. M. Moles
I toum, Anglo-Egyptian Sudan, is shown as it the ruin had been a landmark. Paul Sanborn. first annual report estate NOT ALL SIZES . .
t tfc* IkI9II' of Eleanor Mae Seeraus.
- -
=-ai., :It W rt M B Provost. fir*! report, estate of

Has N.. Opened a New IU... Inc at S ajn. today at the nle- E C R P Provost Hunt et at petition to compromise ,,, O SOME SLIGHT IRREGULARS

at Her MMM bUt Hotel to plan the program of Mallory Tells Dealers' Efforts estate of National Mary Ethel Bank HuDLFirst petition for probate i ( :v
i 0
and letters testamentary, estate of ) .
the association the comingyear. I :
HIi\ E. Church St. I Ella R Barstow.Vmphrey .

-. -. : To Block Auto Racketeering and letters testamentary Hoffer. petition, estate for of probate Hannah 1 Included in this group whites. blue stlps, blocks. J ;4
- --- -- S Hoffer.INSTNUMENTS I
''' ''' FILED : Not all sizes. Most all sizes. Most all Mnforisd! No
- - I Dealers are concerned as much as the general public ;; 3 T Keen to Wiley Howard fad 110 I .
:. ,. phone orders. Sorry. Come early! We warn Pea
and Fir Fed Sav and Loan Aun rs Tim .Q youl --4
so-called used through
the autos
rising price
L over on Srott et nx final decreeMary : :f ney's 2nd floor.
'1,1II", the Florida Automobile Dealers Assn., are trying to elimi-, Arso to O M Stanley wd S10 Nat JA$" x. -
Mrs Daisy Farmer et Tlr to Fir 6 .f
nIDU' ,{ nate non-reputable dealers and to discourage high prices ;: Bank Robert W Garden e Stevenson assign mt et(UI0 13750. Joseph 1: .0 .: :; \ 1

I ::,,: as a matter of public interest..? luncheon ''' Paul Sidney Schelble Kirschen et ux et w ux Speaking at the Weekly \
,I" vita assign mtc S10AnnebUt I .
of the Optimist Club. Walter Holding Co to L E Lone et 1IJ: I g t1,
$ Mallory, general manager of the wd (10 9< < .>.., II ON SALE SATURDAY 9:30 A. M.Itrvwflh f
Joe E Brown et ux to Fir Nat Bank 'I'
I INimitz Upholds State Assn.. said that most of the assign mtc 110. '
Homf-chotcd Water Glasses 3 for $1.00 <
blame placed for high on the priced general cars public couldbe George.II' wd T Huff 110. et ux to William C Coleman I: .'J ::i.. WOMEN'S SHEERBLOUSES
City of Orl' vs Luella Kewcomb motion .:
Compacts $1.00 I who purchase new car, and a for dismissaL I > .. : ,
Bracelets Foot SoldierWASHINGTON few days later sell It at a consid- spl Kirby wd $10 Smith et u& to Helen R Bangs I I ..... ', f:
$1.00 r'
erable profit In what might be Kirby Smith et ax to Helen R Bangs I I I
termed "the black market." ocd 110.Cypress. ; .
Silver Earrings $1.00 API] Adm. Mallory said dealers were attempting et ux final Products decree Ice TS Eamuel Wlnns ; ) I 'J. ,
to discourage trading in Kirby Smith et to Helen R Banes
Charms for Charm But .racelets $1.00 Chester Nimitz said yesterday foot I what he termed the "automobileracket" wd 110. . If '" look coot 1
soldiers will play as large a partIn I by people with Charles A Savard et ux to AmericanFire Vt (; y.'U feel teo4-and
urging and Casualty Co rats 15800. .
there's BMHJIIBC iik
Siher Plated Ash Tra 11 $1.00 the next war, as ships or air- cars for sale to sell them to reputable Charles A Savard et ux: to AmericanFire '. I -. -, '. I tray ,..... I. 't<
planes because the ground soldier and Casualty Co mti (600. I t IB
dealers. while M nat
I I Robert M Arnold et ux to AmericanFire C () ..
F Bill FoldsCigarette $1.00 must go in to hold the ground. Most reputable dealers, he and Casualty Co rate 17250. ':' the far ef. tht rn .
The Chief of Naval Operationstold Robert M Arnold et nx to American Fire (: Cto rc r%; $
lightersJEWELRY $1.00 a Senate Armed Services SubCommittee said have inaugurated the use and Casualty Ce. mil 1750. / 12 U. A few sacs I
of a re-sale contract which Esther T Eaton et al to City of Orl' qcd ... l higher' ]r.nC
he does think that
(25 Rloases loreC< Ie
the from
prohibits buyer reselling "
any future war will be fought pri- p I the car within a specified 110.City of Orl to Walter C McCollum deed -... ,\,\ fl.". Zed fleer. f
marily from the sea or air. period unless it is re-sold to the Snelson Inv Co to Lucille C White qcd \, \ :

Meanwhile Legislation to unify dealer. 1 (10 Elmer W Lott Jack.
et ux to Joseph C
all three forces was moving The contract further provides a son wd (10 101:10_IT ..OJlO: r_ .. OJlO" OzlO::
through a House Expenditures: penalty payable to the dealer in Uiller C W claim Graves of lien Jr et al to W Kenneth

Sub-Committee whose members the event the car is sold before :, James F Davidson et ux to Louise E I
were reported by Chmn. Mich- the end of the time limit. C rrUan wd 110.Ida ON SALE SAT A. M.
Boland et vtr to Boy Blue Barberet 9:30:
discussed three ;
i enrr [R.-Mieh.: "substantial i Mallory briefly ux wd (1Elizabeth .
agreement on the bilL recent bills enacted by the Florida I, J Smith to James D Davidson
et ux sm
v The unification measure. already Legislature Mabel W Witte to James F Davidsonet

COMPANYOrange passed by the Senate is fly-by-night One bill designed dealers to requires prevent a Harry al ret' B(1 Kisnsel et nx to Louisa Green PAIRS or MEN'S 4WOMEN'S
expected to reach the House floor I wd (10E I 3,500
next week. I dealer to have a stable place of J Oiseho TS Jessie C Kendall et al I
j business keep accurate records final decree. I I
1 I of purchases sales' and Edith R Phillip et at to William Pitt
14 North(: Ate. I exchanges -
I In 1948 a total of 21,308 persons : Root et ax wd 110. <
of motor vehicles. Homer W Wright to- Vivian M Humph
4 visited Highlands Hammock State Another bill provides that every rey sm ; 1ST; QUALITY
Park. Vivian M Humphrey! to t L Bulmer ctux
non-resident dealer or person who wd 110.Avdoyan. I
-- ------ - I into the !
brings State a used motor Rue and Linoleum Co to Leo
vehicle for sale except for tradein R Cooper claim of lien 431 '
| Lena D Rambo to Howard R Combs et
must register it with the Motor (io. :
Vehicle Department at least 10 l!' U&w" a Appleiate et ux to Mary Erlena'
days to its sale. Gore et vir wd (10 PLAY SHOES
prior Chester X: Whittle et vir to Eueene
I Still a third act requires that all Harold Jones et ux wd 110.
ClTV dollar din Q liens against a car be recorded on botham Orlando lease Fuel 011 Co0 W P Hlecin-

1 the title. i Mary Erlena Gore et Tir to Willard
WIDE Applet ate et ux wd (10 CHOICE
Modern methods have improvedthe Tucker Craig et Lloyd ux ants Tucker 13.000.et ux to Lester L

collection of gum from pine Ethel Mole Roark et al to James B Mole 1 1ba..a1l1 ;.vi
1 trees. and sale deed (IO.
: C A Richardson et ux vs Thomas J I
Matousek fcl: mtc final decree
Ernest W Wade et ux to Amos W Bennett .
I I I I II It et ux qed (10
James M Wade to Amos W Bennett et
Sr ux qcd 110.Robert .
/ { Norman Wade to Amos Bennett .
et ux qcd (10
\ Mildred Harrel et sir to L B Walker mtc
F \ poRCfO TOYLAND I (3300
KfPS. Frank L Brenenstuhl et nx: to Dorothy I i
M Gregg wd (10 .
R Alex Nasanndan et"ux vt Edgar A Todff
g0.Eti w 3pooN TgB Ups et al final decree. J

A9 5 tO S o -

sist + stIstass
ff 7:11: !

dollar da i

UMBRELLAS fi Fri 1 li
i j
ror the : . t


: Variota Colon II

SPECIAL 9.95p!h hEE .

Entire lot of 3500 pair must be sold! All new!

Whites 1 browns, tau p es, reds, naturals. Sizes a.

i N 1 10 % DiscountOn 6 to 11 for men Sizes 4 to 9 for women 1 Buy

GNp1a5 ofSPR I 3 or4 pair! NO LIMIT! Formerly $3.79-$2.93.

Shoe Department 1st Floor

\ NrGw tins fl maE qBj Anything In Our Stockems ; 10 o 'ols o 'TOO OLIO- ,

I ON SALE SAT. 367 ONLY - .-

99 p fS Of 10,000 I LiMEN'S&BOYS'K t r I (. 1

Bee Suppliesk Kitchen i Ware, Supplies K Isl

1 Builders Hardware Mechanic Tools

1 Cuttlery Outing Supplies

OCC lfEC 1 1yct Electric Appliances* Paints-Varnishes
''l Only 367 of these quality r

Electrical Supplies .Pet Supplies i iI + thirts. Plain white sheers

A wN GRO e : s for men r Neat percale ,

'"'C TAB r fey l.seAro I Farm Tools. Plumbing Supplies i checks and plains fat p
'" '
boys. \Ve expect an
Galvanized Wares *
: Poultry Supplies '
at 9.39Sha'rp .
I Sell-Out: Be here
\ .
I Garden & Lawn Supplies Sporting Goods er -

Insecticides Stoves & Heaters

Exceptions: Feed, Hardware, Firearms, Major ,
,.;#..: - T MEN'S
.- Appliances. <1\ -
"- "

': i "J Sanforized. Sizes 6 to 16. WORK

r I Saturday Last Day Wear Ever Pressure Cooker I Buy 3 or 4t!
Demonstration. Hours 8 A.M. to .4 F.3L
1 1r SUITS 4
Y a'

Sizes .42 to 48


I *y
1 \

.. .......L. COLORAJ

una-tHt I 9


J ,


D 19r1aubD ii lma tn, JI'l99/i..
fk. s3R} r. :$ :Ns:, ;.,.}}. 'ia, L.; :r r :f EAT. JULY M. tin TJJJf
$ f l.:' 15

YJ. ..r 1 1s

SSA i!

::1. r tS I

1.J" I
L L' S S f
..,. .. r. y..v..v.-"," ...', ".d..".__-'._, '''''-",-,-'''A/QVF.'n.."iN..ji..A,;... ..........."...-.-...-.-..-. ; .............8.. : Vk + ''''''''''''' :Y L 5, 'LL.'SLR:ar.W.Wr.SrNJu'X k l.,?. .y"'nrr.tI7RI.NJ-YoHoI't.I k "IY"" lv"".' v_?7'---J 'rfr'''T..n.:. n.nn'_"N.----- nnn____________nn_ I

Handfuls of fascinationHandkerchiefs. . PAT PREMO I
Brimful of beauty in our . New Shipment 'I


Sheer white hankies or a print for your .
Res 2 HOSIERY pocket adds zing to your costume'Men's Reg. 23.96 and 29.98 1 1Q QQ ""
Rff 1 M ttrI4 :.01 1.00 I t
1.00 and 1.93
Handkerchiefs 6 FOR a !

"'heW p4 w wr ribbon-trimmed strawsOHT All white cottons, hem- "I f Short sleeve aotf dresses of twill bv Pat
fr...t. stHfk ef budget: bats . aU rc- Day New Gold shipment or silver of smart plated or 'BVz to ID1/ Regularly 1.50 stitched hems. Reg. 19c. I .wV Prerao of Ca femia. Ziopcr-froBt ....

1ucd lot Mtor Dy! rings necklaces and bracetets.Je'elry Hand-rolled white han- 2 FOR separate short Sties 1'-to 11 ;;

,30 Denier kies with colored bordersof .
Street ...
>...... Hat Bar Street floor" SpertShwp
blue, brown or
\ Fall Shades I .U U Reg. 59c. green. 1I .0 0 f

Two leading brand Quality Ladies' Handkerchiefs 4 FOR

Summu.SmartHANDBAGS Regularly 29c 1.00
sheer nylon hosiery . in the sensa- Reg. HUM aDd 1LM 8.00

muted tones of grey blues and browns.
Dorothy Gray
Hot Weather Cologne ( you . for Fall . for a wonderful bar- Ladies' hand-rolled white hankies: prints, Group el two aDd three pies phytuit

A hondful of. 'fashion to odd importanceto Reg. 2.00. with hand-embroidered hemstitched hems.or all linen hankies in te '16.assorted' styles and eaftM Size 12 I i

your gayest summer outfit! .
Tussy Cologne Hosiery Street Floor Handkerchiefs Street Floor Spent Sop .-fee slritrlit

Crochet Plastic Bags 2.00 Reg. 2.00 NOTIONS ITEMS T-SHIRTS I

Aq. LM Two famous colognes to keep
Pto* taa lovely all summer long.Co6metics HANGERS 2 Sets TISSUE COReg.
.. Mrted eotew and Covered coat BOXES 1.M
2 for
:.111-= a to t. 1.00 I Ids
DRESSES !et Reg. 7Ic set. ReI! size: glaaa 1 1.00 Golf cot
co"ers Reg MT--
1... neck i
WHISK sleeves. Is light: blue Si.00 1
ASSORTED BROOMS 2 for or red. Snec 1Hdi..

Joyce of California Leather Bags straw Gemline w broom1.00 1 CJoth dare BOXES bat eovered boxes 1.00 large.; Sport Shop $ee si11"Iwt
Reg. 2.98 ] 19.75 to 35.00 1 000 broom large made of heavy
SIZe. Reg. 89c.
cardboard Reg.
R.g.. 710 3.00 .5e.
All white rayon crepe HAIR NETS WASTE Plastic Aprons
PtIII 'aw sheers or cotton striped style better dresses for gay dress-up 2 FOR
ootbae meth. for
::''u.' la feHr Jsftc ef Caklornla green red or brown with or for casual sports wear! Tireless fash- cap sbaPP nets 1:00: BASKETS 21 Ptesttc aprons la red or MK .
gem coed 1.00
spice to summer versatile delights to have in your ward- :I a brown c k. Reg.or DozZ floral waste bar only. medi Hi stee. Reg. IJft 1 00
and ue do%. Irofts. Reg.,10M. and IM.
rayon crepe
MMlAaI1 Skeet loot Dickeys Street
Sizes 10 to 40. Notions Street Floor NetaMu Sire.* .91.

Dress Shop Second Floor Colorful absorbent
ASSORTED Brunch Coats TEA TOWELS FieUctelt

Rr.6.98 3 00
Pure Irish Linen Toweling TOWELS
79c 2 00

I 1 1.00 8U1pPd gingham brunch! ;Herds Keg. Air-Man MILLINERY 1.00 yd. Part Reg.39c.linen Martex tea TOWELS.
! ttnta for luxurious Joann ne.pound
, Rtzea t, lI. 13. towels multi ooIored. &as
,.t w only. Fine quality Irish linen tea striped border Highly abe 2 'In'
1 rz Unftr1e Second Floor Stationery toweling With colored borden !Ofbent. 164 x 32". .-
. BEDJACKETSI of red. blue green or gold. 11"P. Jteg. tie 00
i to16.50 1 00 and 200 Ride rm tea.
I Uaitdf aM WedlIt4 bed i-f- Reg. 26c
t .. ..... MM. a .
s. r Rets Small Group of WNte .willi J? r ..A beth
I.rw I" S for 1.00
Printed Tect TOWELING Irrr. .. lawns. d (trees,

PANTIE BRIEFS ROBES takes a shine to fashion in straw! Sum- 3 yards for Fruil or floral patterns in .. K. tad...... /P .-.

Reg.2.25 1 in a delightful array of the latest styles Reg. 49c }d. 1 1.00' with cotton red tea predom1nat1n towels printed 18" Tbwlil'tS...

..t'w.. ...MM eslislMb" -e e4tj tftmm"btkb, Res.;: 21.89 5 00 Floor""h" a few whites. x 29"_
. $4. li.....MMi1. ..... Cork roaster ; Printed tea toweling . PY IRISH LINEN 1
: R.l.* an wrap you In enter right for your and colorful in floral des4"1lS1I.ith TEA TOWELS
! SHEER PAJAMAS and Ionftneu! In a broken excellent as Millinery Second Floor colored borders. Ideal for FteUcteet
) 'I-U fancf' curtains tea towels or place Reg. 1.19. 1 1.00
Gift Items I
.4.... ,... .. .... ,..+. Second Floor mats 11" wide. BATH TOWELS
; Llnce"e
tt.4e1..g .... twr MaamtswhS Cream colored Irish linen
tea towels with borders of
t.d M nitre deMfd onhtr a
Rlllllutr 131 red. blue or yellow. Very ab- 3 fOR
.F. Id eres t sorbent. IS' x 30") .

Rf'c.l.oo 2.00
...., 11Mt 1.98 1 Reg.19c8for1.00
.. ... 1000 each Jersey atnplNa aUpIn blue Regularly.''..39 2.00 wrwe ptfitw 4lsrl 4w. r.'I!
NN C'f black for dresrres with Table mirror 'TIIr1mit. non-atrrid1 wash Kroac tapoil aNa )roetite4Turkietl ,
1...ilirr. W .... ,.aa4nbi.a shoielder-appeal! A fane of' as a :: 10.95 to 14.95 8.a a bath mats In blue. cloths In solid colors or quaIIV aid ....... .
rtltw t
lit .. -. 1....... broken sizes or to add peach pink, white or turquoise.. white with colored edge. 1:
vanity.1mtedt 22x36. 22"x44". J
Lln.rte Second Moor
ettd ?loot Cosmetic Bar Unem Third Floor Linens Third Floor TewtII Zb ....

casual dresses in our collection of sum Ii

Assorted colors :A variety of colors in rayon, SummerSmartFABRICS
Pert and fresh styles inChildren's COCOA MATTING
linen or cotton. Sizes 10 to 20. Also ma- -

WEAR special 3.00. ._-?
Regularly 2.50 1 : : Unbleached MUSLIN 1.QQCecea
4 for Reg. 1.38 yard b yeN
hMtafl r..l..t..5.. ... 22-x44- yards |
Budget Shop Fourth Floor Excellent quality .
WHfc C.f Sun Clothes. 1.00' muslin for laundry bags. .
Chenille for color I
Au Dr..1DRESSES rugs sheets mattress covers or 00
room. Versatile, washable pillow cases. 36" wide Reg. I : matting nutnen for CM I t pchur
assorted colors. DRAPERY AND :t9c yd.
< or recreation rooms. ." wife

AND PINAFORES Rugs Third Cotton GABARDINE 2 yards for
FABRICS Plain cotton gabardine in Fleet Ca.4irg I -
Amtylm MH| tato tn wisp dresses pink or copen for sport f\f\ I
said p to/ssa 1N.tr. J te It.k RUBBER dresses slacks or shorts. 27" 1 till\* \* .
..... uo wide. Reg. 79c yard. >,>J I
i.ati ltlsaiIwr t* o '
=:'''t"At hwftryRcW. Purchase!! 1.00 yd SPUN RAYON CREPE _
Crsnu ir4 ftntU with plat spun rayon crepe Reg. 89e yd. TREADS
.. .... '" 151 bnr "'. Maroon rubber. 1121" 1 dots florals and scrolls. I 00
Beige Copen. white. grey.I
tef 2 f 1.00 ... Mr yd
t4.. 4 K 1t real or pink or maize. Regularly yard 2 yds. for 1.00
Rubber Tire MATS priced drapery and slipcover fabrics bas yard, '
: 4 for 1.u. 1.00
,";.. "t.t.... .. tfTrtl.M'OUS 1.00
ot and assorted colors. Sunfast vat
BUck deer mats mad 1| stripes RAYON and COTTON GABARDINERayon ed wppty of ..
rubber torn. I
y. 41tMei1 washable. 45" wide. doth in plain cote or 1 - _der La.r
tng AMp Third Moor Rugs Third to Copen.and gold cotton or white.gabardine 36*' *i I l/U f\C\ fterak. 45- wMe. fi.......... aaty

wide. Reg. 1.50 yd.
Fabrics Third Floor yard Home Funtlslim** f clai ttp
GIRDLES AND Mixed collection Fabric Center Street Floor Tided FKwr ..... AIg



Toys you make and stuff and Cretonne No Mail or Phone Orders Please A *
with (cotton also nursery
R.c 3.00 to 8JO pictures. Reg. 1.00 to 2.98: 1 I

GUEST TOWELS } 1.79,1.89" .00| yd

1.00 2.00 : .
cetl bniderr.to *te.hemstitched stamped for hems.em- 1 Layaway'sff'.j

.plarb- )lie. .
floral chintz or woven striped cre -
STRAW BAGS blue, red or green. Excellent for drap-

R..u Mid tiww style fird1" and untie .. .Round.tlh .mbr or vanity skirts and other household.
errdt hl cn.tli rt'd\K"t'd" Many famous casual wear wide. -

tttktyt iMfc&d tn tats! colltcUon ,Reg. 2.9S -\.
2.00 Fabrics Third floor .

ir1Cet). &faDd Floor Needlewort Third ORLANDO BORN ORLANDO OWNED ORLANDO '"


s ... ..... ....
.mac - - -------- w yk-
- - -... .J>-______-- -,"M----'


-. .._ __ __ .
.. ..: ..., .-- -p -;;::::-.------Z" - - "

r 1


p.'' 14 rlanfcn> fSnrttinrj; rniinrl Saturday, July 12, 1947 TakeExams ::1

.. jll I 1
I., > 4
JN STOCK Old Post Office dallnrda !

r Ni For Scholarships i ffiiifa iftitVisit 1
STEEL SASH METAL LATH Set as VA SiteWork r Examinations for Florida Senate :
and House of Representatives
Jill"I scholarships, good for $200 a year
STEEL LINTELS SCREEN DOORS on renovating the old
at any approved college were taken :-
KITCHEN CABINET HARDWARE Post Office building into perma- SUMMER
I by 11 prospective students yes- SHOES
nent Quarters for the local Veter-
MEDICINE CABINETS WILSON GARAGE DOORS Administration offices will begin terday in the School Board Roomof I
SCREENS FOR ALL SIZE CASEMENT WINDOWS ans the County Court House. Our entire stock of All Whit and
shortly; VA Dir. L. A. Bryant. I
I e 'Ff Those who took examinationswere Two-Tone shoes to select from, II

SOUTHEAST STEEL SALES CO. I Jr.Contracts reported totaling yesterday.$11,000 for James: Bean, Zellwood: David F, I;I

INUVYqLOa1D1 alterations on the building have Lunsford. Lake Mann: Clifford G. '
.... I I
I I been awarded Stevens and Sipple, Coffeen Lake Pineloch; Earl W.
Compton.924 W. Colonial Dr.
I ;
he VA said.offices Including dental f; ton Donald St.Donald. R. COrbett 305 S. Thorni'i Ii 64 N. Orange Ave. Beacham float... Block :

and medical clinics now locatedat Dearing Forest City I
aRt ij I the Orlando Army Air Base, st Rd.: Robert Ream. 700 8. Sum- '
will be housed In the west wingof merlin St.: Miss Virginia Dodd:
dollar day t tr the building, while OPA rent 122 Wall St.:Miss Dorothy Ricker '
offices will occupy the east side. 828 Vi N. Summerlin St.: Miss
_ The VA offices will consist of Sarah K. Lamb 815 S. Orange
- -- medical and dental clinics advisement I Ave., and Miss Jo Ann Cams, 108 A RENDEZVOUSFOR
unit training facilities t Pasadena P;.
SATURDAY I section and supply section Bryant -

-'' I I explained._ i t: L Atomic Group. Seeks ;' MUSICThe
r I Committee Chairmen I Draftsmen, Engineers
Examinations for positions of
Of Lions Meet Tuesday
1, I W engineering draftsman and civil SIESTA ROOM fe p4eesed!! te 1.....
Dr John R. Keene. new president t I engineer are being given by the "
I of the Lions Club, announced Board of Civil Service Examiners ladies of Central Florida to a serfa ot gMni'. .
( .N i at the club's weekly luncheon yes- 1 1i' for the U.S..Atomic Energy Com tales in the late afternoons of the ] f
L 1 terday, that a meeting of all committee 1i i i mission Oak Ridge. Tenn., it was i
.. chairmen would be held i announced yesterday. Informa- summer days.
; next Tuesday at 7:30 pjn. at the tion may be secured from Sec. t
I Angebilt Hotel to complete the I| Raymond J. Heininger of the local I
list of club committees. j\J'9 a examiners board at the Orlando i Hear your favored light opera or Ni.r h
I H : % post office. i popular music selections played
II' st..skT.
I. EXTRA SPECIAL- The first community forest in s i
,I the United States was established I' Fort Clinch State Park was acquired I sweetly. and without din or discord tler.6gitour ..
in Newington. N. H. in 1710. in 1935 by donation and "
purchase.BARBARA'S. specially constructed "CUSTOM-TOW$ r
f dJIOJIJli I i) : I musical system newest entertainment f./s.. ,
rc: 'tnt ttl= tar t : : '!

i On ol' the World's GrwstMt MOVES MERCHANDISE BEAUTY SALON 't: TONE-conditioning makes mere .asps.

1 j FACED WITH TIE ST. LOUIS transit strike, no taxi money, OPENING SPECIAL the air-and rest-conditioning of the .....
I RADIOPHONOGRAPHSHtrrLEWUTE Lmi I lIT I m I III 1-. and a doctor's order to get her 10-month-old daughter, Joyce, MACHINE REG. S12.&S PERMANENT for ISM 1, Room.
Avenge Daily Circulation to Shriners' Hospital for Crippled Children for foot treatment, Idfwood and Rsaiia4 Ph. 402 I
NOW Put 6 Months-42,993APPLIANCES I II: Mrs. June Cundiff solves. the problem with borrowed bicycle. Open Evenings by Appointment

HtrrLEWUTEftllUUTOX: Uh $m l I I I
MtbMah S79S73S $495 I I II 23 Finish Red Cross BUTANE Un I i ""Ii.;

IIE..ru\11I1TE: ___. $4 7 5 A Good Clean, Economical Service 'C'
Safety I Of Course! i
Featuring H4T' POINT DELUXE RANGES h Fuel at a Price You Can Free I
Afford for COOKING, '
Safety methods when the boat is "sinking" were dem-
if F-M ( Modulation] limited Number AvalUbU
Frequency HEATING and RE-
i onstratedJast night as a class of 23 completed in the Winter ORI.ANo. !
+ Standard Broadcast : ORLANDOAPPLIANCE Park American Shoppers
municipal pool an Orange County Chapter .e''
.a ara.nrrawat
4r International Shortwave CO.Autharia.d Red Cross course for water safety instructors. ORLANDO BUTANE GAS i ? .

r Hotpomt Sal* S.r"Ice The- point emphasized was_ that_____ a_ canoe______ or__ other_.____ _small_n___ : SERVICE, Incorporated
Ar Garrard Deluxe Mixer Record Changer. 210 N. Ave. notIIInk; I I
1 Orange craft will 1032 W. Robinson Ph. 2-1733 !
I i ) outs 4537 and 2-4004 filled with water, and evenwhen1 t
Ar 21 Tubes, including Rectifier & Tuning Indicator. I Kiwanians Relate Trip
safer to cling to the boat than to
Built In Antenna F. M. A. M. ,
attempt to swim ashore. To Chicago Convention

Fuf1 Warranty DUTCH-LAP I'' Art Heil, local instructor, and The recent Kiwanis International -,I II
I Harry A. Kenning, American Red I
'Robinson Asbestos Roofing I Cross field representative, were in I convention In Chicago was
the largest and best ever held, E.
charge of the two-week course UDder .I
ASBESTOS SIDING I II L. Brewton. president of the local
t the direction of Corbin Bal- ,
ASPHALT SHINGLES club and Harold V. Condict whoI
k. CDusic lentine, chairman for safety serv-
I GUTTERand I: ices. j|I also attended reported at yester-
SPOUTS The new instructors will join i day's meeting of the Orlando Kiwanis -
t Co. I L. T. JERNIGAH swimming those previously throughout qualified the coun in I'I' 10,400 Club.including Registration 2,555 members totaled j -

ty. Detailed information may of the.House of Delegates. [ DEPARTMENT
Roofing and Sheet Metal be obtained by phoning the I MEN'S DEPARTMENT I
531 NORTH ORANGE AVE PHONE 6303 I 70 Alexander PL TeL 7427ANGEBILT chapter office. I
!I Nine styles of swimming stepsin I i TERMITE CONTROL
teaching a beginner, and life- I Boys Tennis Shoes 1.00 per footBoys' Undershirts Reg 60c 2 for 1.00
saving technique from shore were'I 20 YEARS OF DEPENDABILITYCALL. "
demonstrated at the final meeting i' PHONE OR WRITE
of the i! Hats 1.95 1.00 Chauffeur 1.25 1.00
class which included: : Reg. Cap Reg.
) James H. Covington. Sanford: :

PHARMACY I Theodore Marion E.F.Jackson Wiedenbeck.Lake Winter Jem; ': 11IH IRMA ST. Sun Suits sizes 1 to 3 2 Pr. 1.00 Sun Helmets Reg. 1.'" 1.00

Garden: Louise Cox Montverde, I' 1
27 N.ORANGE AVE. and these Orlando residents: Overalls Reg. 1.95 1.00 Pullman Slippers 1.I 1.10
Ted A. Dippy Burl Hamnck. I i iI
PHONE 9831 Alice M. Hill, Ann Hobbs CalvinP. STOPDOlI't I Better Grade T Shirts
Hopcraft Robert Girls' 1.00
Bagdigian. I Dresses, sizes 1 & 2.2 for 1.00
Cliff W. Brown. Barbara Jane
be misled!
Coith. James F. George. Leroy P. II : Men's Handkerchiefs 5 for 1.. :
Gilliam. Harold N. Gillis, Marion I Your home for $30.00 can:be Why treated pay for more termites ;- Girls I Dresses, sizes 6 to 12 1 1.00
PHONE 5169 T Howard. Walter A. Howard.
Wolf H. Kahn Eva Cole Every Job .carries a written contract Panama and Straw Hats LMOff
2 N. ORANGE AVE Francis F. Kelly,.Kathleen A.Kellyl Mc- with an old reliable company. Girls Shorts Reg. 1.95 1.00
Innls. Beatrice O. McKenzie. j DDT added to underneath house for Sizes 7 to 14LADIES Work Shoes Reg. 4.as 1.00 Off I
control of ants roaches. etc. No
JUAN PHARMACY extra cost
I pleasing treat I Belts
for Itching feet I. Bonded and Insured I 1.00''
Outstanding Values for Dollar Day DANCERSoothes Geo. J. Boyte, Owner I Wembly Ties 1.00 i

COR.. CALLUSES as it removes Write or Call Purses Reg. 3.95 1.00 Cooper Jockey Shorts 1.00 i


ASSORTED CHEN YU ROGER & .GALLEY Can your Druggist for Dancer Vow- BOYTEEXTERMINATING i i. Shorts Reg. 1.95 1.00 With any $25.00 Cash e'.. 9.. a ..... !f

TOILET WATERS NAIL SETS SACHET and Ap/cfureof : valued. to $7.95 for SI.M.

WATCHcan'fftx Phone 9332 224 S. Main St.

Values to $3.75 Regularly $2.00 Regularly 1.80 I i c Brassieres Reg.. 1 1.65 to 1.95 1 1.00.1 FURNITURE DEPARTMENT I .

: cI
$1.00 $1.00 $1.00LUCIEN Forecastof I I I Slips Reg. 2.00 1.00
I Magazine Racks Reg. 2.50 1.00

PALMOLIVE GIFT t LE LONG i Ij Blouses 1.00 Steel Lawn Rakes Reg. 1.95 1.00
Baas" waaal.as.. Ol as.i .raa ProspectsA
SOAP SOAP SOAP I penetrating analysis of business Costume Jewelry Reg. 2.00 1.00 Smoking Stands Reg. 2.75 1.00
\ Regularly 2 for 15c c." Values to $1.50 Regularly. $2.50 Box I I I See Us Before You prepared prospects by for the of the one Statistical next of several the ResearchDepartment nation years Hats 1.00 Off High Chairs [Unfinished] 1.00

7 for $1.00CRESJONE $1.00 $1.00 guidance largest Industrial of its Ions Corporations term expansion for
1 planning. 1 Better Dresses 1.00 Off Baby Chairs RI!. 2.95 1.00

i BUY Reprints of this Informative article i Broadfelt
available without
charge upon receipt
BATH .HUDNUT of request. Write or call : Purses 1.00 Off Scatter Rugs 27"x52" 1.00eliminates

: Plastic>Pat nt-Leather
HAIR RITUAL General Insurance ALLEN CO.INVESTMENTS t Zip Automatic CI-ehldiRI!(
Straw Bags 2 for 1.00
Regularly 89c ca. Regularly $150 to $1.75 Regularly $1.50 :, Reid Mortgage Estate Loans & N 1 clothes pms 1.00

t Rain Coats 1.00 Off
2 for $1.00 I
$1.00 $1.00 Hall Bros. Agency E. L. Kendrick t Brooms Reg. 1.65 1.00 Off

lib N. Orance TeL 5189 511 Metcalf Manager Bid*. TeL 2-2772 Overalls Reg. 2.95 1.00 Off ANY ITEM IN DEPT. FOR

ASSORTEDLIPSTICKS WEAREVER BATH White Uniforms Reg. 2.95 1.00 Off $7.50 or MORE 1.00 Off
BALL POINT PENS SPRAY The Aristocrat of !

Values to $1.00 OU..8 u rr 0..Year Regularly $1.50 Air Circulators Fut rGU t I! MISC. ITEMS

2 for $1.00 $1.00 $1.00 i Towels 1.00 Wash Cloths 4 for 1.00

An.M.tat.4200cu. .Ft. Nratm. Curtains 1.00 Off Spreads Reg. 6.95 1.. Off
3 Seeed
100 Pairs Shoes, Broken sizes 1.00 per foot.
Shower and Window Curtains 1.00 Off

New Product Made in t PAINTS

Orlando You'll Love It!

<:: c I -- "From the Wonder World
$1.00 ? 4 "DUCO"of Ch.mi.try-
i '\Ve Furnish rw* e1eMn
A Complete Faint Department-Manafed by the Home"
Delivery from Either Store : C BUSINESS...rtwas SalcimtB Who KNOW THE FAINT : teen'WEST

I4 AH Prescriptions Carefully and Scientifically Compounded JOSEPH BUMBY HARDWARE GO. I

t Winter Park

-- -,_ . -.---,-.-- -


r ,

\ -- ... < >-'
J Saturday, July 12, 1947 rlanfcn! fSmtilng frrnttnrl I p 15
I _
CtnTR fLnaID S
IN fim Navy To Open I

l CANDLELIGHT CLUBROOM Dr. Miller Resigns I Our 25.00 Paint job is only *JM tttllsss .3Mt
order extras-our finest Deluxe Je*. an -
,.... Ato" wb"ter a-.natieU Park. t Dwr.Phs Jliertla.S tn.IHNIH6 St. Orlando Aye.rw Daytime OnlyNight QJi:; I priced according to your order.STNERSPONTIAC,

hours office for in the the U.s.Orlando NaVJ'recrult1nz As School TrusteeResignation I 12 w. Colonial w. can for a" >.*.. M..o. se ..

Post Office Bldg. will be discon- If HANLEY POGUE t of Dr. Erston V. Miller of Winter Park as :

: IUHcItSEL PATIO tinued. S. S. Kienker, CBM recruiter THE QUESTIONWould a member of the District Four Board of hool Trusteeswas ASPHALT TILE-Nine Different Celers

Fierfc in charge announced yes you favor the returnof accepted by the Orange County Board of Public Instruction ?
terday. I Group "B" and "C"; also Blue in Or. p S.I
price controls on food items at its meeting yesterday in the County Court l
, "Dancing under the stars" Since Feb. 1 the office hasbeen CARPETING
.11Iy A neN ... .... OR".. ........ aN .atvta7' open on Tuesday and Thursday I ,
at the .
Dr. Miller, physiologist bus routes were '
and changed ap- 27 and W
8. ORANGE BLOSSOM TRAIL OPEN DAILY 11 A. M. nights in the interest of the Navy's Sirs. Jovita Brammer, laundry 9' and 1% widths; also ra.ecsa.e
Inactive Reserve program in U. S. Dept. of Agriculture's Plant proved. Lacy Johnson county
Colonial town It
operator :
L which 629 men from this area agency"No, I would not! In the first I j i> Industry Bureau here, said he was I school auditor, was directed schedulefor to LINOLEUM

Where Discfteiffgfiitg Pe have enlisted so far this year. 'place we can get along without' resigning because' he had accepteda draw bus up drivers an experience similar to that Battleship Inlaid Congoleum Cel*ge* *M
In future the hours for the controls being restored. Secondly :i' position as professor of plant adopted for teachers.
office will be S a.m. to 4:30 it is time that we
Li. p.m. |
I physiology and biochemistry .at The board voted to meet next
Monday through Saturday. I returned to ournorpial
of of
I the University Tuesday at 9 am. for adoption
i Recent enlistees in the regular pre-warf I Miller has been a resident the 1947-48 budget, in preparationat
!' II
.. E-3141
Navy include Charles A. Summer- method of living.I of Winter Park since 1941, and I various recent conferences. Julian I 863 North Orange Ave. PI. e
COCKTAIL LOUNGE sill and Floyd A. Bryant Umatilla; Political controlsare has served nearly four years asa Sadler, chairman presided. I fya.
W IM.eae. ..... ___ 1lalsland..... Alts. M--TsL w. .. 11ft-a Thomas E. Hall. Winter Garden, not good for,I, school trustee, being first
-- and Richard Williams. Leesburg. any type of busst named to fill the unexpired termof
ness. This nation r W. Winderweedle.. He was

To Herr A Pleasant/ Evening Dance At The Buyer Leaves TodayFor was founded on oft chairman of the board.At I
L .4. the principle the Plant Industry Bureau. .
SILVER .. free enterprise Dr.Miller has been engaged in research -
STAR BAR New York Show and the sooner'; on,the physiology of fruits I a
PACKAGE GOODS COCKTAILS Mrs. Brammer ue return to that!i iI and vegetables in cold storage and {
; Reuben Stiefel manager of the I basis the better off everyone will transportation. He is to reportto II
W BEER-FOOD-WINE Dickson and Ives shoe depart-
I be. the University Sept. 12-
,-I d .Ua llIft I,... City Limits on Cheney Highway ment leaves today for New York !' Prior to moving to Winter Park. I nev.

II I City to attend & special showingof Arnold Menk. music store operator Dr. Miller, who was formerly em-
3 Fall styles in I. Miller shoes. Winter Park: ployed at the Dept. of Agricul- i
DANCING TONIGHT Stiefel said he would select out- "I would be in favor of the return ture'sExperiment Station at
standing models for his Central. of price controls. Prices are Beltsville. Md. had worked in this
AT Florida clientele. too high and have been skyrocketing area each Winter during the cit- I down $1 a week for any purchasefor
LAKESIDE PARK 'We expect to introduce many since the '" rus season for five years. 1 a.nd
original I. Miller creations in our0'A"D removal of ceil i, Dr. Miller's resignation was one I i oosi
axt: r.M. 1. it r M. Fall showing this he tQ
KMOWt.TO.VS LAKESIDE OKCBESTKA season ings. Prices in :;: ::: of three accepted by the county I $25.00 or less.

114 Mllei ...ea II Or..... OM. Dll Highway said. I Florida for items = q I: school board during its meeting.
hereare Others were from three teachers.
ACCOUNTANTS ELECT TODAY ; I 1 Robert Wi Verkins, Orlando High
I higher than for less sac week.
Any purchase or a
I Orlandn Chapter of the Florida the country i School; Mrs. Roberta Smith.I
Ij I Institute. Accountants Is meet- rea- Cherokee Junior High School and
and I see no
j ing at 10 am. today at the Ange- for it. Vegetables 'Miss Jane McKee. Winter Park :
FI6..i.go ClubCHENEY bUt Hotel to elect officers. son _.. ; Elementary School.Appointments I
are cer- '<: :?: i.
',..' of new teachers
tainly too high, ..'F..?. '
HIGHWAY the were as follows: Mrs. Eunice
especially I
FAMOUS FOR FINE FOOD FOR 20 YEARS produced Arnold Menk Eahrt and John OXeary. OHS: I
THOSE WHO KNOW ones like, Mrs. Julia Blair Cherokee: Miss I 00 WALT
here. It looks to me
right Katharine Carlton. Orlando ele- DISNEY FIGURINES
JAY MILLERS ORCH. EVERY NITENe SO TOLONG'S Government control of prices is
mentary Mrs. C. W.Williams and
Cover er :Minimum: Except Sat. 50e the only way" to keep the cost of Mrs. Eva; H. Thompson. Tilden-

PHOttf 5910 CLOSED SUNDAYS living down. vine; Ambrose Keller; Miss Ann
* Elizabeth Randolph. Miss Dora
II. K. Caldwell appliance dealer i! Steiner and Miss Orabell Black I I II
College Park: .I Apopka and Ollie G. Whitehurst I ..
.It looks to me like they shouldbe Oakland Negro School. I
Olsen C. "alrehJ14 ON ORANGE AVENUE put back on everything. Prices Leaves of absence were granted -
Mitton J:. Bray are going higher every day and to.three teachers: Miss Nellie CHINA
, H. RyUnd Cox show no signs of Johnson Tildenrille; Miss loo
! L E. Frank" Gardner JUST NORTH OF coming down.They Adelaide D. Willis Kaley Ave.I I
1 Lego Hocqulct THE ORANGE- COURT HOTEL are out of School and Clara C. Mitchell:
proportion to the Jones Negro High School. i ASH TRAYS-CANDY DISHES
I FAUHILD incomes of the Repair of the County Vocational
average worker. School roof and electrical wiring
CNerN The Federal Gov- I needed in the hangar at Signal'
twins. ,, ernment did a Hill which will be used by the vocational 'I I
. ,LINCOLN, good job of keeping 1 school for ground crew:j jI
,.. the prices I training. were discussed with Jess < WARE
..",. "down when the Leach vocational director but noI
Opea I P M.
I .r .\0.< OPA was regu- I action was taken pending study' CANDY DISHES-VASES-
7 I I H. R. Caldwell lating them andI '! of bids. '
I TODAY ONLY would like to see the Job resumed -I I Salary increases for bus drivers'1 s oo PERFUME BOTTLES
I Jimmy Waketyti as soon as possible. Manu-
es" White facturers are charging everything
I Have Your
TONIGHT "SONG OF THESIERRAS" !! they can get and will continue as
-Plat- 'long as the people will pay the ALSO MANY OTHER USEFUL AND

Hunter H...h... I II * steam cleaned and /j 50
cashier, Orange I
r "I 1 RING DOORBELLS" Tomorrow Miss Irene Hankins Trail lubricated complete I
Blossom :
.....e..a,e.,.G....Ad News"tlUdrea "An el and I! "I think it would help if price AUTO SUN VISORS '
Vmr Twelt lm tart Admitted free 1-1 The Badman' controls were returned on staples
.... but not with ration 19.95CLL'TONE
FIr" 1:U CMiptoM Sb w rrv 1.:3t flfl 5erial--'JlUtile and essentials
I Food prices have 10.00 ANY CARLa f
been going up : its Three Times Longer
I too fast and I II
something shouldbe ": I Ed Mayo'sI

TAVARES, FLA. e done to bring L: I 101 N. Main St. Ph. 9782 I Ij 119 S. ORANGE AVE.
them under con- I IIt

97c SUNDAY DINNER '97c I trol.collar The workers white .. ,,. ,

Choice of! Two Meats are having a .. .." /i.1
hard time paying t..._ .
Served Family Style living costs because .. 's. .,

: All You Want-Just Help Yourself I their inMiss Hankins
comes have not been in proportion
to the increase in food prices. y > CITV
Sunday*- :00 JLM. to 8:00 P.M.
* *
Week Days-Reqular Menu Miss'jean McBride, waitress. W.
8:00 A.M. to 2:00 P.M. Washington St.. Orlando:
"The increases in prices have
sure been rough on persons with
j : small incomes, and if price con-
Gary DUCK IN 3t1t eSUrlinrt trols could be
Blossom Trail
returned on es-
W. MT UM Min dclieieus foods from noon tm I thatJUMBO MUSIC: Yes music tonight end every s e n t1 a 1 food 1
3-a s let d.rtog 1M name.r'b **ek day evening ct Orlando's popular items I would be SATURDAY

: SHRIMP $1.25 Fort Gptlin CocktaIl! Lounge Joe E in favor of it
> McLees is ct the console piano from Q Only the rich .
light till closing. can afford to f
[II. D:'.f loom Oryl. food
TAVERN: AI Ranch and Peck Morin prices. Some
Sehmd the bar win mix your favorite items were scarce !
Red Blue, Pink
from noon till midnight ':.<: e under price controls Plain and Printed $ I $
w. but that t i' Small Checks i
DINING ROOM: Popular eating spot Miss McBride was better than i d 49c and 53c.Values I Regular $1 per yd.
adjoining the lounge: serves dinner not being able to afford any
from $:30 MI 9. Miss Rossie Crispe "
eceptonist bids you welcome. thing. 3 Yards 2 Yards

It's a date-See you tonight ABCDIAPER


Fort Gallin Hotel Accounts and Future .
Reservations Are Solicited :i : Light Weight-Sheer Requires no ironing '
New Cocktail ORLANDO Telephone1177 Tan and Green only $i I Large floral design i'
!Ber! Restaurant LOUNGEAirConditionea I 63c: was the price 69c: yard-worth more

Op 9 A.M. Tfl 6 P.M. TitlMidnight LA CANTINA ITALIANRESTAURANT 3 Yards 2 Yards

MidnightDrive t

Noon Till Famous Spaghetti and Meat Balls !
In Restaurant Serving Midnight Chicken a la Cocciatora: CHAMBRAY PRINTED RAYON
DRIVE IN CITY LIMITS DRIVE IN 545 Cheney Highway Phone 3S57 k Solid blue and stripes Small faille weave
Orange Ave.. North
Closed Mondays 'i :. Sanforized shrunk $i Small and medium patterns $t

.. 69c: and 79c Value Regularly $1.25

I a e ,'. 2 Yards 1 Yard


Oiler1 12:45: Oar 9:30 A.M. .

w.. G.. i.7 Pod RAFT-LYNN BAR . :. Thompson


T/MBRRaw ,4acTuRtF! TOMORROW Mostly odd pieces. You might find SLIP COVERS
AFFAIRS OF just what you want-for that choir7

msluweln1r11 rnra r111aw Ntl GERALDINE" NEW MAISIE ; 'I or sofa. MADE TO ORDER

JOfWSON r.. S-H.l--Jl.NCLE CIL" t s FUN! I /
T.n.ernw Tomorrow l MGWtRq I Come in and seU t
L. 1 57c Cretonne . .29 c
J R M eAp.ch.. Rose" rctt Young m > ---- - ---- material. Qrrepresentative

AU YSOff ""P ti saner of Zends"HIM ::::;, Tln Former of the Daughter""Komoine Wert /J'lIncn 'i I 89c Chintz _..... .- -.- .45c your will

COVEll $1.50 Printed Twill ___75c calL mecsure yew furniture
and quete yew, s
S $1.55 Spectrum Prints .__78c .
complete price. N. et
.-. : :.:. .
AfAISIP: $2.67 Rayon Drapery. -...-..........$134 ligation.
1 1
1 i
., :RING $2.76 Rayon Twill Drapery._ .$1.38
T.Iet O.y Ore 1:45: ANN
W.IUt. iceey \4S Lost Day Nj

the.de ewe JNt I
t .t .. .... Tomorrow
1 1 Tarern.-"L1 : LEON AMES .
e ; ;:: Dick HoymesOpe :
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tM.N1's; Ill. w4 ::,- DICK SIMMONS .
H.r+lr Maw Mr Distr:f
i.. }, . 'C.k.d.r Gwl' Art se CLOTH XmiEU We Close Wednesday at 12:30 P.M. 315-317-319 N. Orange A'ft.
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ar " LiiiI ... :
;:: '_ '" .. -. .... . '"' "' __ __ -...Jio'_ __ a.-,. __.,;____. ....... '- - - - WS-B

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I .

,... "16 '. rutng 0mttnrl Saturday, July 12, 1947 :".,,;"-' .." ". 3 .i- I I Ij

'. '" Cites
', I j i

: Mart Shoots I OUR BOARDING HOUSE Senators CallEuropean II

U'VE 'IOta V4'IP41uPTED 4tmessas: : $5 I
-Civil Air
With MI DEgS FI'/E '/Ot) S"1 STMeS1'JR1 Needs
Upward Aid
V.IELJ 1U. 5031.. ST.po .

I ptiVSI1E1.t ___ EREPN
c Many p I vio.P.TON V4S AM OlD TAiS CP 5ASAP4OOPED --- Status 'Grave'WASHINGTON Commerce safety But)-r>sas >It... ........
tag air
recImaita4 ,...
.....n AT a SLACIrw iMDlP. E5ERVATlOP e.iUt'N4 \! CAP] Some terdav dfrtgnttst my.....
t"0fUL .AM .1" .....s S -, b _, members of the Senate Foreign facilities so they caw to ....,
....... ...SIT ,.... -. MMt adapted to military *... .
.-. ,". Iis.. ... -........ OFSCER HD lhlO AUThCRtTY c. Relations Committee yesterday I| .
,( ,.. h._ called the i emergencies.
..".AM"I TOARREST\ European aid situation I The group Which .began ......

..:=: ,::J..=. .St Ia.s. 0- heard"rather Sec.grave"of State after they had i ;! into air navigation and )sad_

', tt4) ,nh h4)tO TOARRESTMvHhF.fL Marshall sum I *- ;: aids after a series of bad'... .
4kirwM *1I| :8w.t a.* rcrti up American foreign policy in a'' I accidents last Winter sent i.
*.V,. --..*. .aan. ..4l J8 t* lengthy and secret!! session. j ...
* ......t. .S ISSI ..Sb.. I.. I,. 31 recommendations to the He..:

; k::.' >lI1-AeM*, .14 .... .. M ee M1 Senators said later the U. S. 1. Stop I imUMIsg 1M....

Is watching a "developing" situation style IrHtramrf, ....... ...

... ,..... AVIRIl on the Marshall aid plan lem (flLSj 1 aMj ...... .......
.... .pI
3 ..... __" .... I.. Cl... ... C. /l before determining a future with a type brine Seip.p4. "

,. .**.. I**" l*. .* U," 'H I .' course.: the Army for *.., aurmalandings. ..
M ..>.. ..%* ..M *4" Is It _eM 1JlL.
. .. .. l. .. 1W' The Secretary declined (
.. V M MI * _."l to say .
.. .. .. UN *>> MM III> MraM whether, he thinks legislation to 4. . ,.. oth\9L -> 2. Install ground eijsjtr*) I

._._..... au.i..JI c_ .... c.. carry out the atd-to-Europe pro- 'I THE NEW TUCKER AUTO, described by its view t" thpi1ot mode) ; \ ;: Tucker. approach )OCA-a nssi, ...

.. l.. .o.. ...II .. LflI. ject might be delayed until next makers, the Tucker Corp., as "the first com I Six individual exhaust pipes extend below' the : down laAdlnc. lyKosjii. at ......

at. b4 u. IeIS urn" M......It* j, January making a special Con pletely new auto in 50 years," has been placed rear bumper from the six-cylinder motor airports models. but do OM rms* _

.. M U ,.s. gress session this Pall unnecessary. mounted in I
Above is semi-rear
on display in Chicago. a
t.s1l's.. S There had been 3. Equip coa.iaz aw....
.-.4l. ............. 111I .lI... ...... t than reports earlier with ArBl)-HU'7 ratimr
.... ....... ..-- WIM 1I1)... EOCgAL V / r1'r, Vandenberg was told there a. ....
'JSCTO1 2r'W/I II are no plans now to present the "mar be ..,..>..d IBundertakinsa shsy
JEW YORK (API The' atorkmarttt proposal a special session. Mountbatten Gets First Rest Rubinstein wttlMMtkm. msl ..

yt rdar atrpped out olta gvstIIff ."
..** .Hh a bur l of atrmcthUut PEOP1.E '7-Ill ,,. .. .. Case Probe Urged 4. AssIgn funk to saannf>i\mm t I

Wted leaden 1 to 1 potnuaad Imported Educators After Round of Appearances 'for developtBscnt .f tlf

Vial Uw iadu UUl arerace at [ I WASHINGTON run) Rep. Ells means of air traffic sM.

an U lH hew hub lar the past Draw Senator's Ire LONDON [UP] Lt. Philip Mountbatten had a welcome I I worth Buck fR.-N.YJ. yesterday

ytar I Closina Stock I I !! demanded a Congressional investigation ObituariesMR.
3gg .l trU. motor*., rail*. Quotations. BATON ROUGE.'La. [UPI State respite yesterday from the rigors of official appearances ,,

rri's t 'bae.oa and a wtd I 1 I Sen. Gilbert F. Henningan. Edu- such as those Thursday when he spent his first full day !i of "preferential treat- I : \VILLIAM. I4NS4'
stoCks IN TMt OTUOMT Nd.. Milia lAw Last cation Committee Chairman ment" allegedly granted financier' Mr. William I. .....,.. n. oX I
..... .* srieetats yes in the the
sI'11 acaia that
wa 111* ,o.. CA.I ...... c..... rico I lID' i limelight continuously on royal family .
.'t...... nvuMtr M th* rental of .*e) not ...... erf 'M IS most activ* H..ur 28 04 12V. I.ID' terday took the Louisiana State into which IIP j I Serge M. Rubinstein serving two E. Princeton Ave. cII Th... I II
D'flauy 1..4 J..lcy. follovtncaurf -55pa. NIck Can ____ 118 33 31'. 32'iIn' j' University Board of Supervisors I marrv. I and one-half years for draft evas- while on a riatt to W__ OIL. I II
a... a rwav80o_11V - I IID& 'I There ) official
Pater 113 t9li 4$ 49 I were engagements I
wal .ale boona and Uw rs.t'f'C A rSl5. & C. 12.l__14*% wo Mk to task for naming an out-of- rip ion. according to word reod.4. busa. I Ii

ta. '" t .( mMMUnc prtcea (oral C_ 4V _4Mi 21__00_1(4-Vttaol T. & Tel _.147 13 12' 12% i I State man. Dr. Harold W. Stoke for him or his bride.to-be. at the party showed a surprisingbit f Buck said the case was "one of ,i last nifht by hta -..-

'-::1"- lutra allecud by fuelCOM U tt I.a.i. ...L_,..-*..?.>.....llv 2.... ..0 Vt Johna-Un.W.--.1- 10 U% U 44' !' of New Hampshire as president of throne the heiress Princess presumptive Elizabeth.to who the of musical imagination by the most shocking in the" entire ; Henry. He.was a sMsBfcsr tf ttkt
LSU. of country. adding Central Christian
Colttm Oas A II .J06-U w s .4 history our ChortH ,
a--.. 'U u.fM-ln. LI Jon.. & L ILl u__ 80 3.33' 34' has been trained from childhood playing a new show song called the slow-
( with
A br frf c.oi raxninc and .. Henningan said. "It is useless taI he was dissatisified j Othe surrlvon hichrtt tile wV !
Oie fce. ILa.-S. ___
> n 4l cha*** Joy Mfl 32 38 35' 38'K to
the trials of dis
t w wmartM .f ire* co talk *UUve lot Tel 4h Ts4 ...-.-13V> *>. M n I encourage students to go into public I've Never Been Kissed Before ness of the Attorney General'sinvestigation I : dow. who was with MSB .to Oser !

inlpfHi loX Out Uw later flY AVCO Central.,. ...IM-14V.....a ..4 Kenascoti- COP 52 ..I48% 47'4 school administrative work when play. They went to a cricket when Princess Elizabeth made her of "rumors of pur- Ria. a son. W. Z Henry Jr.. a... I

tat ivfert' tan %
'a' u been pretty Am rwr 4k LI 11.880-' ll.s vs> .* g: 57 1-::: 5% 5' I j: head our schools." Philip a rugged six-foot veteran Meanwhile. the aura of austerity I' tempted bribery." Mary OT4eall. Orlando ....sJ I
a3.4 'I Lew* ... rra. 12OOa. /k Lahiih N"1 il's 11%
wt Many akepUca.hrr of Naval warfare. seemedto expected to cramp Elizabeth's arrangement' will '
Wxas4 Car* 12.74O-)** .>. %* Lib o-P 0111" _ 3 55 55 55 i i i IT
: ><<. MMU. aUdi or trimmed LIbbY MeN .4 L n___ 22 11\. 8 8Lln.n and be a little shaken at the end' wedding wardrobe was dispelledby The earliest type of boat is believed ]

&c' 'ai. pioo mot U
ew tanc.Tb. Nt!&. High Law Last Airc uu_ 11 14 Y. 13'. 14\. JACKSONVILLE AP) Florid DtarbT celebrate I the lie which controls bundles of I .
AC.SrtflMM ___ _. S "'. Lor". Inc _____h 42 2. 23'.4 2.LorWard fresh etci: en agment. ministry clothing of grass logs of wood For Mr. Robert C. .artrf..< wfl
Au' Pm. I.it.rki.imp.4t.s.p7.tsp.lnIaI Air ....__... nO. 43 33'. 333 8 9;%. : CP) 8 20Y. 2020% All sales Ie retailerS shook hundreds of hands and standards. i i reeds or other light materials tied be held at 1 :30pm i ii ........

Alaska J U i, t... *lnrv Ut Feb.. 21. All.....' Car* .. 32 1'. 3% 3!. Mack Truck _u___ 4 51% SO" 5H.M.er Oradt A W,. Mkt. of most ,of the 5.- and unique national occasion" t j M. C. Dendr and L. I 1IdIIIr...
AUe* L4 Stl 18 40*. 38% 4O CRHt _____: 3 31 36'. 3751.rkne Per da. Per ds.
,.h. tndvutrtals. were up .. atfj Al Clw a. Ore S 18* 157'i159 I MIdland ._ .5 7'i 71. 7' Larae ______-_-__ 34 os Sic 000 guests. he said "and it will be treated as 1 It pays to protect our wood ficlaU *. Interment will W III
.s a hKh since last August ItW" AtUa-Cfc Mrs 84 37% 345, 37*. 'anh.U Fi.ld __ S xd 31 I. 30" 31 Medium __nnun_ 21 os 56 The guards band. which played such." lands. Greenwood Cemetery.
the broadest market since Aas A U lines 79 9% 8S 94 MartIn lOt ___u_ 13 17 111". IT Small --_________------ 18 ox 50
April 15, Of 1.064 Issues Aas (".w. Jta4 U 9% 51, 51. N.d-Con& Pet ___. 37 U42\!. tJ'. Eitra larte UUhUn____ 26 oa no 63 --- -- ----
retUterin Aas Ca* II" 93 9ji- MIdland 8U Prod 2 3137 31No $, Sales direct to ceoumert
Tit ro*. and only 143 felLflitter .csr.* 2 47 47 41 K.n Teisa _n 211 5'. S 1,2 8Mona.nto Grade A Per dx. In Crts. (--z CAP41GO ,w TAKE JACIcMAR.TIN.I F'WSTLU.. .L_ 'T u. Sg
camera a number touch- Aas Ai PIt P.. n 24 1'. 3'i Chft ___ 113 113'1. 111" 62' I I_sri. ______uo.n_____ 24 os lot -...- .nlgcuGw ;: g. IN1ANCE. Iil'9( A CVERCOM UP J..Cir.i e, '
Aas Haute Pr4 17 29*. 38 3'.1 onl&olll W.rd 35 1". B. 61'. : Medium __ __ 21 os 64e I'r'b '
sot new highs at on* time were As* I.area**!*. .. -_ 17 33'4 23 23>. Mum" Corp _u_u 13 13'. 13' 13'MaaIaK.I.ln.ttor ''! Small -____.hhhu___--____-- 18 ox 58e co'.vr.gp LI ALWA'tS G00t2 .3tE AN A GETLEThIs FEAR. OF AN7 A' TE 1O
ChnnJer.' up 2H at !!'*. ; International Aas Pw 4k U ...129 12*, 11% 12*. -$5-' Extra Ia,.. _nnuu_ 26 ox up 73c MO-5T Of- MY . CP.INGIN& MArl-- I4OUWNT MZ-E AN7 I 1414$ OVER I*4 3T
llarreater 3 at 94. Allied .5s4s S3 ..82 15% 14% 15% I __ 82 1'7" 16' 1'7'. Sal.. to Sales to EARS AND .. ., ,AROIJNP .-.- B AFV.AIP OP SlIM! --t. GUE.5 ThIs 14 10 VI.1 AftW'
Aas Rail Mill 98 31', 30% 31S $., Attiloes _____- 3 13 12' 12'. Retailers Consumers SOMe ow r
Chemiral J''I.. al IM. Union Carbide Aas Smelt K M'.% 60S 40% Nat Auto Plb ___ I' 11'!. 11'. U'. Dres'ed Ll.. Dres'fd Live 14 MUST OV I:COVEtJ \
3S at 110* '.. Norfolk At WestA. SU F4re 18 32% 32 32% NI& BiscuIt __ 12 211.. 28', 28'. Florid. Dressed A Dr'wn it Dr'wn E" glGGEST
Sugar Kef . S 41 ..OtO% $.& CaD ------ 12 11)% 10'. 10% Fryers. Red 2/3 lbs 38 58 43 66 < BUGABOO OF.
ern 216 at CoUate.Palmoilve '
A. Tel Tel .. 82 158 1S7 157 I Nat C..h Ret ___ 29 U .0 to\ 3'. at 4S. Momestaka Minim 2 at Asa Te. a 30 7g'i 78% 7(% I I .' Container T 3'1 38' 31N. under 2 Ibs -- -- 38 58 43 C6 I
4? U 8. fltrrl 3'. at IS. Younti- A. Viare' 12 88 85 26 I ., Dairy Prod 11 ; 25 25nt I Hens heavy breeds 32 49 39 SS C
AA. Wst Wks i3 1 Is'" 1 Distillers __= 40 21' 21'. Hens light breeds 25 39 30 46 t
town Sheet 3 at M and WesternA. W ole* _"IIIll4 40'I 3,'. 39*. Nit O"Plum __ 11 20 1S'.i. 20
Union "A" m at 2.',. sSea.4. C.. ._... 70 38 S 37 31 $51 Le.d ______ T 3.V. 33'. 3.N. 1 COTTON CLOSING
In front were Bethlehem. CJ od- Armaiirjk C. -___.231 14*, 14 14*. .' Po" Ii L& __ 30 tI l's 1". I NEW VONK (AP Cotton future w.r.
Ass Dry Ood8 ... 19 HI, 18 II>, Nat 8ulIpl" ____ 41 1'1" 11 1'7'. strong! in active dealings yesterday with
helL U 8, Rubber. Caterpillar Aljk) T 4k Sf .__n_ 19 88S u.. U'. N.hI Con ____ 3 21.... 21'. 21\. th. July 1S4T delivery reaching! 3,..' e nts fQ
Tractor. Dowlaa Aircraft. Cee-: All Ce: ., LUM __ U., 84'. 8S'. Newport Indu.t 6 20 281', : |' a. Bound the highest pelts for futures
All. RfflaiM _uu_ 2J" 38 38S NT Central SR =154 le3i 15' % sine 1920.
tnt rover
AJ Utht American Atlas Cac. ._-___ ... J8H as'. 2111. NT ChI 6 St I. 111 110. Tho advance was influenced by Breseects
Power Ai LUtht. Anaronda. Krnnee At. Mlf -- _...-..1J 8 Kt International Nickel General -. North-Amer Co --- 24 ; 25'. 25'. firmness in outside market. Heavy comI .
1J< Pont. *'.aM 4k OM. ______ 92 13*. 12>. 13'. 'I -0- I I short covering readily absorbed profit tak-
J, C Penney Southern Pacific snuulsU OU '__n. 35 28.. 28S 28'.. : Ohio 011 __ __u 25 2...'... 211'2 I ing. Th. market at one tint was more
Pennsylvania Railroad. Santa Pe. S* 4ls Aeut .. 17 33*, 33 33% O.t-flI Gissi -- 3 11 '11 77P.cOas 1: than 13 above the preview* close with fiI .r __
.eat rao4s __ 1 21'21% 33% I cal prices up M cents to $2.60 a bale.' I
CheMptak At Ohio. Atlantic ..,. 51a.& h__n_ 36 10'. ..'. 10 k.. EJeo n_ 25 U'. 40". 41PS. i I Realizing sal.. had d*...._.. the market v
coast Une null OU. Phillips Pe- P155-km 00 I' '' 16'I ...* Tin CO" ___u 1 5.. 4',. 5$. a* much a* '..'5 a bale in early ....1. pkuT you READY. YOUR EYE CAD? BVTMCVMtI1WTEHOTO
... AlrvlaM'Tr vj I Put.Fit Mater __ 811 5'. 5'. 5'. ing. Aetiv
Uek um. BUll li>a S 17 17 inquiries for textiles and the <
OU % 17V.
To S.e.e. O* _u____ 'U 43% 43*, .... Las AlrWsYS _1198 11.... 11'. 11". I tightness situation of cotton Ud mill t* I MIG$4T$ cEss WMV. I AM I VOU'RE COMMA PUT ON UV OO
bane n International Paper, S...War.r ____ 12 47'.. 47% 47% P681,5841. P & B 111 l's 7'. 7sPseist t tI 1 I i buy future aggressively for protection of YOU MEAN THEV WANT TOPUTOUI UP A LtT11.. PEADY JT THIS SWALLCWTAILED COAT A UTTLCREADVP
Monunto Chemical and Cudahy. Srsalff Air_ .. 3 t% 9V 9V, PIctures ___109 29'. 28" 20patsIlo raw cotton inventories.Oan ? PITCHERS ON
Ie,,...l4. Tabarro TV SrMtea. Brka 1} 19% 15%s 18% ,I i Mines _.__ 2 12'. 12', 12'. High Low Last WOJSED AND NECKTIE 4 COULE P1O10GR1
wa p __ i iI I EPOJTKWER
41'. U'
p Mats MfS 37 35% 34$. 31% P$5sU7 'JCI 25 47' July .38.86 31." 38.TS 31.31"It 47-50 I I OUTSIDE TILL
11 al 4I$'| sad ft,.... Jark...n . I at 11'1 ,.....ini ....W ..la*. Wait __00 4 33% 33 33% P.55 Pw & IA =- 20'4 20$: 20$, D.c. 32.93 33.CO 32.91 33.SO up SO oa
..rIta..UI. ___ 41 19'. 19% Penn RR _______,fIO 21'. 20" 21 I March 32.56 33.25 32.45 33.12 up 31 .
.aHefly ..,....... American Barr AM Matfe ... 11 U'U% "'l.a.1 p.psi-Co1s __.u___ U 33 32' 32'. May .32.2S 32.88 32JS 32.73 u, 18
Tt..*...... .M an _laW sells "larr Clsa. k Co 10 42' 4.% 42'. July. ..31.20 32.10 31.20 31.Mn a p 35 I :
.. - Phelps DocIn __ 31 41'. U .1". Middling spot 39.43n up 48.M .
eaUm u
4t at 111 CallS Pa I.. IS
u JI'In.. 29% I p1,1k. Corp ___ J5 29'. 2929'. -nominal.
Atdii* sentiment was the sale CallakaaL.a4 .30 3% 2% 2'. Pistils Morris _____ 21 33" 32'. 33% I -
el Uut stork .schange seats at Ca. Orr O Ala .. 18 18% 18% 14% I PhIlliPs p.t un_ U 113 (12 113rreaNd NEW ORLEANS (AP Trade and speculativ ',
ruin ficurea. Canal rartflc 72 12's Ii's 12% .8U; Car 38- 12'. 11' 12',. I II buying boosted cotton futures 13 a ,
Th last membership Camer VS'S 9 14% 18% 18'.

PTOCL.r k O.nt 8 f5'. 85 85'.' bale here yesterday before
sold at ....000. up |..000> C.M Ins Ca -. II 40% 34% 39% I P1$5 S.C NJ n- 21 24 % r" taking halted the rise.Closing heavy profit !
from transaction Monday and CaiervU Traicor -- 8 41 60'IO% I Pulim.. -___:== 5 57'i $ I I prices were steady t3 a baJa. 1
Celaawat Car
ft 98 34% 24 24%
huh sine* March 21. Cel:.t*. C.rs ._:::: 18 17% 34% 17% I Pars-6-OU __ 41 21 2&% 2&!.1 I higher to" 15 cents lower.

Dond Improved and commodl- Ceat PavMrr .__u.__ 88 10$. 9% 10% Cell ..- .122 ;:. S 9':.I July ..38.9339.4938.8739.29 Open High Low Close up 40
C.555a.Pss ..
1 33
32% 33 I =: 1 1\. 13' '
4* % .
656 LOFPb
tics $ Oct.
soared. Cotton hit the best Crt t..Te4 FT.* 18 14% 14 14% 1 .JJ." 34.40 33.75 35.20-29 up 31
Ra.tng Rand ___'.- 13 34'. 34". 34\-.' 0... .3343 33.36 32.9O 33.3O-34 up 23
Prtc since 11 11.2. and finished geeM 4k S.CHtW* F.. ..-- 11 47' 44% 41' i Rasus AVIS ____- 11 8 5'. II'.' I I8tHI March .32.56 33.22 32.43 32.75-78 up 6
34 10% 10% 10%
up M emu. to I3JO a bale. At CM 4k NW . is 21% % Reoul _____.11S 27'S 2n. 21 I May _ 32.20 32.88 32.10 32.42-60" 1
Chicago wheat an aU. I It..u COP" Br __ 20'. 20 20 I
Jumped the days Oirrslef Car* 88 117% % ,
...lIOld. Tob B 11 4P. 4j% 41%I NEW OH LEANS (AP) Spot cotton -
tontt ef t* centa err r... 4 44% 45% 45% I IBa' closed ---T
a bushel and -5- I steady 52.25 a bale, higher. Sales '3. Low yz : '
Oe t) I II
closed MP 7*. to "*', cents. Corn Caea-Cla tUmat __.23_ 1 170 UU 170 17O 1V* ..., 8ter,. _u. I 2.'. 23'. 25s5 1 middling 33 JO: middling 38.30: good mid- j : HOW NLANY YEAl Mwui ivg wcjur i'it ALWAYS WHAT* 4/f

was &a 3i to 4S and oU 1J.' c.ewrsl.P..43 48 4.% 48 I I I I $ch.Iev 1. 1..Dt.t11 Fr&ft_:.:.125$4 33'a'. 31 s'%. 38 o I dIme. 38.90. Receipts .*.. Stocks 51.284. | wot.t, iiav va u EVEYfl4N! .APP2EHENSIVE \ HE UP $

to J',. Cat PM Ir __u.._ 41 11,% 15% 11V, 85.5 Al P.R -- 174. %I I i NEW ORLEANS-(AP;-:The price 'I '1 VtRLCAPTIIN CAN't4, ioit TAPP1MI A PIPE AM c.5.0a l
n .181 11 11% 11 I : l I II average
Ahead ta the curb were Cities C... Cre4lt __ _.__ 17 45% 44 45% 5.sr. 1oebUC :::: 7 40$ ef middling 15/16ths inch cotton at 10 WISAT p 'iucn LITTLE UNE 1 Oci' P6 FUSTrEATE tfiSAL \ EASTER' LIKE -2
1'nYk.. PansieS. Humble OU. r*>e4 SetvetHa 34 M.. 24 24 I Sr"e& ins __ _____ 8 133's 13 13IhU Southern spot markets yesterday w.. 52.25 ; FZ1ENP ro ismi TE) 5V\tAR PAPER,IliI J JOU' HAPPY EASTEEETTUS %
c-..... CdM 34 31 Union OU n_ 3. 32 31'. 32 a bale higher at 30.60 cents a pound: average. (
X% 30' i
UBttd LUht and Co ____ 14 311L. 35.. 36OU . $ HI 5AFFAIE
AmerlCysnamid CMivlth 4k SMtk .218 3% 1% 1. I 1 18unntODl I .for the past 3O market days 37.08. I! A1ts
oC'a" Turnover here Ca S UlNa .. 3O 34.. 24% 34'. I ICMM 8tnel.tt ___ II xd 11115'. 16'80c0ny Middling 7/8-inch average 37.04 cents F ? AELAU PIS ONCETHAWClrtauh / s /
. Vacuum __.128 1'7 18". 16'. pound. I Z :
V.lua .
was 37 .ooo aharta versus 2M.OOO 14 11% 11% HVs .,. .'.
C4M ass ._ 14 19 I AJftOol&P3.
14% 15
Thursday. rIM (".. 22 44% 39% 40 8outher. Paclllc 82 45'. 44 GRAIN RANGE .1 .
-. --- CMM M M.rt 93 4.. 8 4% 'Southern R. __on 31 39'! 31'. 4&.1 I CHICAGO (OP> \
<.te... tivesieca Ca.t OU Del . 33; 44% 44 44% I I 655rT7 Con u____ 8 20 19'' Open High Low Close 1A"I'
rw. .. Ksrhaaa .. 84 8p1e.el Inc _____- 3. 1312 WHEAT- '
otAP. .14 84
% 88
B.io.10 i..,. u... ...1, % %
C 9*. **...... ..ss.t. .tt. Corsi PTMMU 9 8J 42 43 IIt.ad BraDdl _._ 22 29'. 29",!. 211"I JulT ------__ 230 V4 240"4 229 249Sent. I
S.. ...... t. ...* *I. *e" *.M.* *.u.. C,... c. 4 38 33'. 38CrttrlMe 81dOk1$4Pfll8: 28" 211'. 28 ... .. 230 23t's 2274 236 I ' .- E Ei
Ill W 5*. Ide .....a I II 38'. 28% 38', $t.sd OU C. h.O 62L. 81 nIIt.Dd Dtc--------- 2211'. 235' 226". 234i I'
:. ,. M-je i'e :: ; C.,,.. Pokliahs .u 8] 9'. 9;. 9%I 011 Ind _____ 15 42'-. 4142 : Mrh u..-.__ 228 23414 228 234"$, ( : 'k(
,' ..... .. i11543a.. SIeoJ'. Ia. rtlS4wWriakt . 14 8 4'. 8 S.ad 011 MJ n___ III 'J1 '75%. "'.I May ._____ 222 4 232s 222>. 230V, \ "
s.sei. f .. 1s4.q. Cvttor Msssaer ... 1 23% 23% 23%I 8tand OU Ohio ____ 2. 21'. 27'. 218ld ' CORN \ _
m is ..e-. ::"' :: Issets a. --- 8U 8PF1 _____ 5 14\. 14'14, \'. July _*.u_ 214$/4 221 212'i :tna. N # _-
I .'" :Ia ,Sbi5s.. .... ... a. a..s.. Ds.re 4k C. . 17 41'. 40.. 40%"' 8tiil1u. Druc u._ 4 -n 40"" U Sept-------- 118 201 194 19g<. .- *
D4 Lack West 34 8.. 4 4 S"II.I.'D: Camp I 18110. 111%$ Dee--------- 177H 184 176V. 182 ---i .
5.45 ,.as' DMr4M K4IS4MI .. 11 23 Ito,., & Webster 15'. 14'. 15St.deb.ki May .____ 177 181 173 178& iLI1
: 1'.e % 33 ". 23%. :
es 's 'eI I ::. Dtat e.,*-.*S4 15 14% 14% 14'% I CorP _.: 1i \ 20' 20'20 OATS- _____ __
." lms ".. fer all .Ie_ fk.ira.I, De Ml-. .. 31" 30 I i 11.11'" 0. un 13. 10', 10'. io'-I July ___n___ 99 104'99 101% ,
% 21
... ,4a ..__ .. .. "'"..I p4 Mlas Aireralt 8 87% 54% 57% Sunshine "D' _u_- 21 11'. 10" 10'. Sept. _-_u_ 90'. 96'. 89'i 94*. ;: .
k4a. .f an atnrMr '.*.. aters *r kwilera Oresae* I.... .. 11 19 18% 18% swift 01& Co n__ 6 34' 3.n 34'11 Drc ____u__ 87H 93'. 86'. 9O'.4 j } tcre7J -71e & I.T-
8>... .... .. Mch __ .__ -
< kaM s.* ntai I .5a.SS1 ____ S 184% 194 194 -T- un 89 SC -. ,
t-.f."!!.r S>5.r. II fl. BMM .,..,} M.."' -I- -- T.... Co __ ..____ I 54 113' II.T.ua May .. ... 84S 90 83>4 87H !i3$5 .t__ -' ;-.."
55 ..e>.. .. ...4 ....- It.*. taster. Air L .44 21 20% 21 Oull 8ul b S 53' SJ' 113'. BARLEY W t ,. o, so ooL _' I
tr. .-- ..4 **+nm t>_ Ik 0 ___ 3. 3. 33... 33.. Dec. ... 146 " -
... ...... a.I Basiasa Kaaak .. 47 44% 47 Tn Pac C - -- - voL atjia vga. o-r our irro TIE _ -
sl.b.4 ai: Tn Par L Trust __ 21 21' 26' 21\. CHICAGO PRODUCE
SI> SI r* e* 4k U 18% 17% 18 I t
ia.z.s... ....M .... SIMs.... Baser*** It.. ..8 12% 12'", 12% TIde W.& A OU __ 21 21'. n ny-. CHICAGO Poultry: 12 trucks: P.s=
a' Ps baf ... at..,t a.. In* Pub Serrtta .. 42 3O'. 29 'Tuna-Amne. ____ 14 13 12" 13 steady. dull: broilers 29-35; colored
., % 30
p..., ......_. ..... ii N. ........ ..., Brw RR ..24 14% lOt. 10, Tess. & Wf4' Al 17'' 17 11TrtCOU I Sprints 32; White Rock Sprints 34; Plymouth ::
a I' isa.eSIsse _II' ...... I _: 3: 7', 7 7'l Rock Sorincs 34.Cheese .
.. .re .__ aj 151!, l.% u>. Corp --- !
... .
.. ., am.: ,.... Twest C-Po. ._.___ 2. 32 31". 32 i' : Twins 3.%-3&: single Daisies
y.sa.'. .= 0- ..::' .: =I rarmTreT 4k >a4 14 4% 4% 4% 38-38. Va; Bwixs 49.53B.att.r .
S. .di .
Isse. U &i I rwa.ia..TaS. 1 83 82 I Unlo-'t; k P 29 33'. 32". 33US$06 I : 931.660 lb.: 93 score 68H,: (:] I i
% 13 h
=.:5't. :::---e.:: :: II M-U a.; rlI.ek5S 12 33% 32 lIt C.rbIds _u__ 3. 110' 108". 110'. score 67H: 90 score 65H: 89 score 4V4.Etts .
I .. .s s.. I I : 15.737 cases: unsettled: extras I. ];
1311' 131.
.. neMa p.. 39 ar 14 15"%,, 15% Ualoa Cal Cal n 3 131" .
.p. ..: -'e- -: :::| -e- ;I Umt.d Air Un. 74 22" 22 22% 50-51: extras 2. 48-49H: 3 and 4. ., .11: I I
.S. O.* Cskto .. ___._12. 11 C.4 AIrtTft ___ 12 20 12'20, standards 1 and 2. 44-4 ': 3 and 4. 43;
.54 --" .a.S. .an. .... % 14 11% .
t-tSsd current receipt 40-41
1 : dirties
1 .. 20 6.. Ss.;, ; 38-3814;
wa.4a. .- 0. 05.1... ________ *. 34 31U U. Clt.W16tn checks 37438. :
04* PMls ._._ 14 42'. 43 42% VatWOd Con ___00.132 3'. 3'. 3*. ;
...6t." saceses O** M*4.ra ...147 40'. 40 CIO% UsIt.d Fruit ____ 34. 114 52's 5. DUN & SRADSTREET:
55. VtMK '*Pi e.... ...... .._ 0.. .N. LHII _.__._ 21 18 14% 14% United 0.1 1m" ___ 3 2311. 23 23 NEW YORK (UP) Dun a> Bradstreef :
.. _
eavaao. ,*- bw ...* ...*.* Hraaodsoa _t Otattol are. _e. ___ 18 24% 24 24% 8 lDdu. 0.. Sad 491. 45'. 49 1. commodities compiled for United Press
em ** M Pw Tork *.*. mar* Oarteh ISP) . 11 5*'. 84'. 88% U 8 RubNr ______ 2t SO" 49' &O\S U9M-12 average equals 100)):
lot S I H "* -s mT4MM ., 9161V*1 O.*. rear T 4k R 11 48% 48% 48% U II Steel ____-200 'i6 127. 75 1[ Yesterday _____-u___--____ 261.23
.,.- 1* s a. a ae4B Oraftaat ratae Mat 42 4% 4.. 4% -v- I I I Thursday ______ ____ 257.77
.,- Oeool BaHaM 84 N'.. 5*. CM H4>nh* Rj PI 14 43'. 43% 43'. VIc Ch..nt Wk.< toaood h.... CttaM ..% .4 a CMM.O.O.IUM OrF4MH C.r* 151 10% 10% 10'- -wW.lkrr Month ago ____ _-,__ 251.02 .
.* *a..** .,*... 1784 a.. 0.11 Mat 4k OM 93 12'". 11% 12%" 'H' 0 k W II 21'. 21'. 21'Wal.orth Year ago ... ==::: ____. 228.9: :
,.....4 Senoutoad itnara Kwesli 0.lt OU .. 39 71% 70% 71% Co - .. I 10'. 10''", 10'warner 147 high March 1$) _u.,-__ 269.2S j =
.1 or*> -$5$5sts5- I Bros Pie& 811 11 16'welt 1947 low Jan. 23) 2J2.SO F
: = lnd Bug ___ 11 25'. 25f. 25"': u ----- H
'm A AHJBMB* .. I. 51. si* M 134 34 34 n
1* .. S ...* ..... 6r.. 8 5*. ........ US re. Mis __._ M 7'. 8% T w.., Ua Tea A __ 113 24' 23'. 2.n'W"'w '
M55a1*) I*a.ClIMIIS a6w6ao4. NM **..h ,... 20 47% 48%" 47 Air Br ___h 2. 31 34'35 Worthlnc P & M 15 5I58"! 59 '
.... W..Ual El" II 30 2'-. 2'W""U"I $
- $* Otf . 31 H 4 I
34 33% 33 S -
', .
ateel 14 40'.
farm H.4.* ..ee. ..__ 44 ', 3In Transit Sh & T 11Li
forester 14 62
your en I % 14 14% Whit. Meter ___ __ 11 25". 2.If. 25'''IWtllOerlsnd -z- 69H 67Vi 69
TOUT Umber manacfmtoProbe --- 43 01,. ... 9' !
ttnM Central 81 24'. 25*. 24% Wilson Co 15 14'". 13'. '14 S Zonlte Product 13 7s" 7 7H, '
knt laierlase Ira* 42 11% 12% 13 I Woolworth cP'W) 20 IiO 41' 41'. 1.590.000.AUCTION Approximate. final total sales yesterday i :

.24444 S-5-t+S4'S..S 4.-b4I-$5. ................ .

r t .IMa..tI..Mb..l I -

: Winter Park Telephone i SALE ,

Company I FURNITURE IN 5.ROOM HOUSEHouse ,.2 t :--7ED,. I Imo

offering has been sold unfurnished

and the furniture therefore i:;

4% CLASS "8" CUMULATIVE PREFERRED STOCK i Will Be Sold to the Highest Bidder ..- -

tPs.rValusl00001 i it 1103 W. Harvard [Jut off Westmoreland] (

PRICE $100.00 I Monday, July 14th 10 A. M. Smart:

H A'' .OO:

Prospectus Available Furniture can be inspected Friday. Saturday and Sunday. .

Inquire -ta 10 to 12 and 2 to 4. == -.

Soft Won't last Over l/2 Hour-Come Early z w ..""

S Furniture includes Westinghouse refrigerator and tove like new maple
I PRESIDENT olalBf room set anti' other pieces: to bedroom sets. bed. ehestt. etc.;
28 East New England Avenue i maple Ouunc room set. chair and table; 12 x: 18 braided rug; 9 x: 12
i and I x: 10 rugs: radio: pictures; garden tools; and many other articles "

Winter Park. Florida I too numerous- to mention. .' : -

Pfioni No. 503 : J. BAYLARIAN Auctioneer : ';-

L ,

.. . rll..1. .*. I $*......* $ . J $ . 5 .J I r..1. i Phone 2-3S36 for Further Information j


--- --- --- ---- -

_--- .-- -
- --_ -



.. :

t I It


H._ 1I.sut,. Parton i 18. Serrtcea Offered j, .!!....--Services Offered_ f 19. Setvtcea Offered I 33. Articles for Sale_ 33. Articles for Sale. 33. Arltdei'for Sale I vfrlanfifl &rnttnftI ; :
: AMMO..AIt M E. PI... ll, taea. ALLIS CHALMERS: SERVICB: and HOME SERVICB General repair VENETIAN BUNDS-IUde like new.Lowest 1 1 ATTIC FANS-All sItes f.rn30.to BICYCLE WHIZZER MOTORS One r ELECTRIC WATER HEATERS Capacity I SAT. JULY 12. itiT. PeIT .
3.". 4555555 5. ... Umited I pa rut tractora and power valui 1 1I I New construction. Windows screens prices. Best services. Call I 48 in. We will make : gallon take you 125 miles see the 30 gallon Priced at '15. I
;1c.. : r" IpSftSS5.41tox44j"" '&era.ii i Parm and Homo Machinery Co.. 40 'I and raulkin service. Licensed and Adam Ph. 9558. 919 W. Central. Or- estimate of completa Installation at new special Schwinn bicycle built Only a few at this price. Modern Appliance -
W. Rablnaon: phono 2-2713. bonded. DowiweU. Phone 9522. lasso. Fl. no cost. Term up to 36 month especially; for Whlzzer Motors. Easyterms. Inc.. 428 N. Orange. 2-2514. 33. ArtIcles for Sale
uc.. Willard ,& Keiser. Vogue Theater Can be seen at Whiizer Motor. I'
1 S..YA.I.St *. Cfcareli. "UTY_ % AWNINOS. porch curtain Ttnetlan i LANDSCAPE SKRYICZ-F111 dirt and VENETIAN BLINDS MANUFACTURED Block. Colonlsltown: dial! 5136. I Sales. 602 N. Orange Ave. 2-4687.; ELECTRIC MOTORS-New i>6 HP I: FAN :34 led ......... .his -
Mr ...*. '_. iia JU.IT *-I blind adder eoverinaa. Pull line of I top soil delivered. Lawn plontUll.ec. at 1739 RuM Ave. See us about motors with pulley: 82} each. Mounted far floor eeS
; Wt.Ad )lat.s ...... w.ae. "1. *U KUtabetb. : tatariaU. Phone 9828. Florida ASSISt Reasonable rate.. Phono 9359.LAWNMOWER3 Bestalnm. basswood or cedar blinds. i ATTIC ?ANS-30 Inch. S89.5O. 48 I BOX SPRINGS and tnnersprlng mat1 Farm & Home Machinery Co., 430 !; wiea. Too k4* for a* .:** =r
*" !
Id5PS5P55I.t.s.i Nt. and Co, 432 8. Huthey.ACETTLENB I Factory_ price or Installed. Call 8053.: '; inch $159.50. Modern AppliancesInc. 1 I tresses; twin beds. .1 ft. 646 Semi- W. Robinson. I!1885. Slivers Ponnac. 1-3JM _
pb. H31.CIU2 I REPAIRD-24: hr. .. 428 N. Orange. 2-2514. j nole Dr.. Winter Park. Ph. 791-W.
..... lie ... ... I *Din-1 **' BXAnTT SALON l and electric weldln: service. Caldwell 4c NorriS Repair WASHING MACHINES: REPAIRED- I I I ELECTRIC WATER HEATERS 30 OAS RANOS-Ch&S.ra. With

........ ...... fie I -UCrsrp 545.' 8pS151r. wita ;< machine work on pumpa. sow milla i Service.. 2213 Edgewater Or- 2-1972. | AU make 24 hr. services and ATTIC VJSNTILATIsa SYSTEM-Cool BOAT 32 light cruiser. recently I and 4O-allon: also gas 30-aHon i i well and snll. Like SewTftAcTrna _
Mu iiis M..t. Ms.s..r. All Son 'and road construction machinery; ,! pick up service. Caldwell and Har- by Cooleaire. Completely Installed I overhauled by Wise Boat Co.. Mt. I water heaters. Bumby Hardware. 103 J-OB11
: P.s i '&55n1scgs ,.. .11I..a".. and braaa raatlnc. OcKisa.yMonhno I LOTS CLEARED Prompt senrtce. ,: ..... 2213 Edgewater Dr. College Park. In your home with BO down payment.; Dora. Painted; new sealed beam W. Church. -
........ ... = ::14 .r..on.y.auUTT 116 Irria. OARDEH It.
.. W.".. 131 W. Kaley.APPLIANCES I Free estimates any time. j 2-1972._ 86 80 per month. Modern Appliance I lights: new propeller shaft and numerous ELECTRIC FANS-Several type at /
Phone 2-1147. John Newton. I et Jr. an. .5sl.
necessities 100 h.p.
other ;
428 N. Orange phone '-25'4.i ,
t'" 1M" I.. .... ... PAIU.oA-A11 U_ KEPAIRED P.II" f WASHING MACHINE REPAIRS ; Ignition Kermath motor. Owner I Kelvinator Dept., Bumby Hardware.10Z Hsrdware. 103 CfcurefcOARAOE
.SSU'. &>>ell taM 'si.S. .,..a-t w..... h.-..... and toaster. Iron and lamp Ph. 4188.Johrmon MATTRESSES REFINISHED: lll't' I Service on all makes all work ANTIQUES.-.Estate and art pieces. leaving twin State will sacrifice. Call W. Church. BOOK.0. ..

.. S 6__ w.ts I ..... *.*< 5055. 5 _1111*. DIM 4233 _Electric Co._ 23 K.: Church j i equipment In Orlando. Sterlixer. guaranteed. Al Wiggins. 2014 x.I i Rar* plates. Jer Beery; 11 Ma- County 38 R 14. . . ELECTRIC IRONS-Automatic control matic Ton e.n...* sad cl
....... ..wq SI ...... ..- 35Is.stPts. 0.e place ..1.. finer rejuvenating machine latest I Kale Ave.. phone 6247.' I gruder 'Arcade. I I ; Universal. Proctor. Samson. doors without Isuehiss::I
im $sa.i.a .s ... MES pa: u.." ..-'; ALARM CLOCKS KEPAIRED Any I, sewing machine and latest button ma del i BEDROOM SUITE Chippendale Bumby Hardware. 102 W. Church. See set. yard. dlopiarCo. ever ..15h
1M. kind of clock or electric I chine. "Open for Inspection." Riu j WATCH AND JEWELRY REPAIR ARMY GOODS Comfort*. Buy hammocks C.
sflS $1. 8300.
.. I Price I
7 piece.
S S 4P .. mahogany
$4 ......
$ S.u,. Diii ... ki P ... CMsra ....ap. ;sos PIMM W. *_.$i .... Jewtl me.&. W. fix.everrthln eqlllP.1. I IAPPLIANCE ....ttn.. Co. 1122 W. Church; 2- parunent. Pickup and deliveryservice. I trailer ...l IIn. tenti. mess C. Garletts. 912 N. Mills. 2-1747. N. Oranse and .
CectraL Pb.
Shop. 4 W.
......... a ..... pair 3313.: i Reasonable pnce. Another kIts. foot locker., gas cans many; OAS STOVI. brand. aceDial.
IM tYr'f "o. -...."and'aid.. patrona : SIRS: ICE-1tsnees. I.MoI I Our I service at McElro,.'. Pharmacy. 125 Items at low prices. Morgan's SalvageStore. BICYCLES like new; one boy's. ELECTRIC HEATERS : *IC4. 3-year cii R
1. -Auewt.. th* Ovlat, Katlta ....*. ahap. Under new ..p.,.. radio. All appliance OFFICE MACHINES; KEPAIRED-with I 8. Orange. Phone 3-3186. 45 E. Church St. one gIrls; 26 inch call Mrs. Fru- I tM water. heater. nce1JHlt
*M aWetuaet a4 ar *. *>.. ...,..... Vl.ian Laaranta and Adaptin oil lamp to electric anecialty. service guaranteed. Check cella. 9455.BATHROOM. Table toP. 20-gaBon beaten on hand. W. Concord .ia
6tfco *.*....| an4 Tto Manare* WbIdd... ?h. 4111. Pick up cerviee. Caldwell O..orga.Stuart.. 13 S. Main SU phone WELL DRILLING-We specializo In I ACCESSORIES; -"Hall I Nothing down. 36 month to pay. .
&..a** .*.. .. t.* *.as. data.Er4 and Harria. 2213 Ediewater: Dr. Col-! 8158. I small diameter deep wells. 2". 24" AUTOMATIC Bottled 20 WATER and 30-gaL HEATERS Special mark" bright chrome finish towel LIbby ,& Freeman. 711 W. Church. I OAS eelstn RAJtO&-.O.-ftnlh. 8la4ar4 ... I

>A' 0..."... to __ I IS. !Sf haoU and in tniftlon .... Park ../I.... 3-1972. PAINTING-Waterproofing; all mas- and 3" Can InvtaU weU and pump close-out price.gas. 717 E. Washington St. bars soap dishes paper holders. etc. I available at Bunt* ifarwrw?*.
system. i on FHA plan. Call or write F. F, I
-*- I soar, surfaces. Thoro Knox Stores Co.. 25 Z. Pine. Phone
: MM& BULLDOZER SERVICE Clearinc.arubbinc I French. Lontwood. Fla. Phone 6. W. Church.ORXtLSMs
ocreened.Bnded. r
Porches, doors, windows
AUTO CROOLLearw t* ...... and iradine. Also pa a 7452. 2-3163. > I i ELECTRIC MOTOR. new Sterttnc d.dcP8 .*SP *
Insured. N. J. Barnes. I APARTMENT -COTTAGE equipment. y ;
P.Mu ..., ....... C..p.ieM Uutnwtor preparea TO. Sock and palmetto rak*. Phone: 2- i WELL CRILING-We ara equipped Small ranges both gas and electric. I BUILDING Two. Frame construction. gear head. 5 H P. 3-Phae 155 grtU. 83 as and oc TC8M8 Hi**
r.w te Atai* Drrver'e Teat, o .*..... Aat 4427 after l p.m._ _ _ PLUMBING; REPAIRS and septic to drill shallow and deep well Any; Complete kitchen with refrigerator. One 14x30. one 14x14. Must RPM. 82SO. Call 3-1465. Co.25Z: Pine Phwa* 2-U.
550.4 eail I.H.. I-.n. tanks built and cleaned. It 12 S. size to 8 inch. Mo water I only SHOO for bovb., A. C.Golde. I'
sq up no pay. be moved
,. BCTLDDiO ELECTRIC; RANGE-Good condition.
SS 4 ..
..4u.S. Pe.SS 1MUf, HOMIS Stein $6000 aD. 1 range sink and cabinets. Water lthA.
..c."COUJfnMOi Hiai I W'.tmo el.nd; ph. 5503. Nothing down. 36 month to pay. I' I ... 1121 N. Orlando Ave. near W. y.I.I .. :::-II
...S4IS4V .I aar errata .. FHA or 01. Mnaaelnc.Qardoer heater Heating system both gas Phone 24285. 2 I I I new. Call 9-441
S4. 5. lie ....*.. '-, .MUt acbeL International Carreapoa* Real Eatata. 29 8. Court PLOWIN i. DISCING and rotary tilling Belmany wen Drilling and Pump I I and oiL Modern Appliance Inc.. 428 Msitland Underpass, Winter Park. ELECTRIC DISH WASRER-O. E. "and: 5.iThioo.
PS .SI S5* S.S s.. der* Srbe la. Veteran .N,..... U phone 2-4411. st.1 In large acreaie. Phone 3991 Supply Route 3. Winter Garden N. Orange; 22514.I I Closed Sat.. open Sun. I automatic.' 1947 model. B-E. 646A16. '
I O P.... p o. P.. 2r74. ph. 1212.RIAL : lima Apopk.. PO. Box 81. Zellwood. R ad. Orlando. Fla. Ph. 7087. I BABY CARRIAGE-Whitney. Can be 8275. Phone $784.I I TABLE! -All .*.**. $1
CLAY ROAU8 BUILT-Also i i ,I _
I ntlxinc and 4
a. fiC aM practice. posing with aurface treatment. PAL"ITING-'K room*. celling and WASHING MACHINE REPAIRS-AQ seen at 725 Garden PI. Orlando. I Octal
I ELECTRIC RANGES Apartmentsize I I In* belt: S3'x34" roller i-dor'
YM Can flat* Tsp Praparauoa for Broker aM Sate. Work cvaranteed. Bumby *c SUmpaoa ..na. 812. Including flat oiL Low makes. Maytag official service. APPLIANCES-For: Immediate de- BRUSHES-Most aU types household > and full sized. For immediate condition FosssU; Orowr CmniT
If..t.A4 krDial Tt.Ia... ..a. MaeM atndr o raea now ar.tlaa Inc. Pbon &43". rI te.. exteriors. Te-ms If desired; Uctnsed. Barton's next to Colony Theater.. livery. I brushes. lOe and up. Knox Store. i delivery. Modern Appliances Inc.. ,; tlve. P. O Box .73. Orlaado

a. Malor Crank. 131 E. Pine 8345. CONCRETE SERVICB-Floor*. roof. M. Helfand: 2-4287. Winter Park 93. I' Co.. 25 E.: Pine. Phone 3-3163. 428 N. Orange Ave.ENCYCI.OPEDIA I HTDUULic-uor--.iiiiiiI8It:
4111 IIn"*.,. ateps and waikt. The PLUMBINO REPAIRS-Bill Kin for Conlon Ironer-The only Ironer with Ii BAROMETERS Thermometer -
FREE GARMENT STORAGE thru 6RITANNICA-1946 rock a.rvlso ",
ItTravel Infvrmatlan prompt cnaranteed rep.I .. Phone the side slide she. Shoe slides I gresM
beat to enalaeerlcv. workmanship All sites. 81O to 815. Florida Bt rw.;
NOT. 1st. w* now have limited edition; still in original carton noI i or ssrsie Saab .. Siesho.
5059. Residence. 1739 Grand. back and forth while roll revolve
and material. Free estimate For I 1 ness Equipment. 390 N. Orange. I' ,
space available for Winter garment I: used. Cost 8350 few months ago; will E. South SI
_ _
Ala MCnntVATIONa and ticket all eor 'reta work of all kind call 8780 storage. For further at either slow or fast speed. Phone 5454.BATHROOM. ', sell reasonable. Write Unit 248A
...kb? "ISt.'s-CiI1d Care Information call very I
t II- ..... Buwntland. Travel Bureau. 00 ,, or MM. Buchanan Concrete Co. Peck's Quality Cleaners. 6055. Refrigerator elL ft. Stainlessi : TIL& in Rust-Proof Per- Flavit 3. Gainesville.Pla.\ HZATXftS-Ob ......
B I steeL Makes 224 Ice cube From nl a p. ()r1.... A
;;i- AKD CWOA Pwejitreoi Phone aMI CONCRETE FLOORS Drt.....,* PLUMBING SUPPLIES: -Installation i I matile. All color Low cost. free
ear* 5 r dar.k I Coffee maker-Makes 8 cups. StaIn- ELECTRIC: RANGt-New 1941 DeLuxe Co. 210 M Grants ....
5 .S1 $5 a 6r rA :O. M. T Man pTeaenaeranted tepa. flatone Reasonable. 30. Good Places to Eat I estimates. Central Florida S.l... 2323I Norge A limited number for
.. :: pSSSId.4 Ws --t: : U .help. drive and pa ; Thlrtyeyeara in buslnes Free e.atlC. Everything for bath and kitchen | less steeL Last a life time. I I Orange: dial 6546. ,; Immediate delivery. Willard A Kelser.
.ipenan. ,...,._. Leaving July | n> ,... N. Nidy. Winter Park 469. Installation. 36 months to pay. HOIST-J boo**. I hand WM.IH
Theater Block 5136.
.! BOAT and outboard motor Powsr- Vogue phone
-- --- - I. 1.hI"ncetoa Ate. nothing down. Libby A Freeman. 711 | Evans. Americas most beautiful oilburning I ; i winch... complete wttt **...>.
____ CABINET AND MILLWORK to special CLOVER GRILL Excellent food. Pack lawn mowers. L. ,& L. Steel
.. I Space Heater with fan- : I i ELECTRIC REFRIGERATOR and raia sod lowe ond 55
1O.&f1EXt .1 .4dr.s isi.J.g W. Church. oom*
CMICAOO Olt" VICINiTY -- TO..Ma order. Central Florida Lumber Reasonable prices prevail at this I Co.. ) &:
5: dsP i forced floor level best.Powerful .2-0-31. stove. Westinghouse; also West- wlveled. Helmes, lit*. P.511lit.
Msis. si. **eaAla -
.... dealrea high class restaurant. I
ride help drive.Melerenrea "The best foodIn.
Mill and Nebraika.
C. heat blower biz horizontal -
wave Inshonse cleaner with at- .
...... .P w. CLOTHES LINES-Galvanised. 50. 75. vacuum 115 W. Central.
!: ..'L eathanaed; leave ....a CONTRACT 'BUILDMQ of new home tOwn so the customer say. 7 heat chamber double length I and 100 feet lengths. 35c and up. i tothments.Si5 Cathcart. ..
t9.t I at*. D 1 OC.._ 311 B. PAZNTBIO To that new S. Court.
a.. PAIipD ard preserve I U-shaped golden frame. efficient .
(WA aM repair to homes and building Knox Stores Co.. 25 11: Pine. Phone ELECTRIC RANGE lisa.
-Apartment .
M... .., II e.tt ....rflN4ft' Park Late ran 1141 ..-..iidsCAUP055Aaav.d, of any kind. Repairs financed. T. P.Po1srd. ,' look. let u* paint for you Sow.Itonley down flow action simple finger-Up 23163.CARDTABLES52.95.. $85; table. 4 chairs and side table : ROME' FRmapa5vo.avoilable P0F45055Sinator
Bonded. Contrsotor. It RuaSy
50 ": .N S.I..S.4 3.19 a. K. ._U P. Curtis. controls. I
A phone 2-4032.
C8:: larse wood heater S7.SO Ursa
r AW. wtwetrnrn ,: 1$. ._ IsIs I th.,. .spsssts.PS ''' 2-3930. . .. j 31. Good Things to Eat 50 gallons of fuel oil with each hes.ter Moore Furl ; lawn ; DetK"m.nt JOI W.
parlor table 812 slightly
: PRESSING: : mower
CLEANING AND Cash 'I' I tune Co.. In Coli... P. k. i!
.... .. and Alii HAIR CLIPPEP.5-PrUImSISSL
tJ' 3O-W w.. Pork PLASTER PATCHING by an expert. ;; purchased during July used 115. 217 Ernestine St.
aM will
prices save youmoney.
carry Also minor repairs.' Orlando Home CANTALOUPES Standard crata gust. CUTTING TORCH and gauges. 3- ,, typo hair clippers. 83 "IS.Hardware. .
OftAND aAPI ...., .
via .
( tis,. Brine us your clothe*. Superior ELECTRIC RANGE "Electronmas- .
VAAKfigl week.jMa PostS ...... Kalaaiaaoo.Taae Mtlntensnce; dial 9948. ".25 F.OB. here. Cash with or- :; piece gilder lawn set. Scrap lum- 102 W. Ch.rrh.Ptaone
314 BoonS 81.COWCP.ETZ "
St tara. IM Kaat M1.ksa.PET Cleaners. der. Dixie i 61 E. Robinson. ber. 865 28th St. ter. 4 burner with deep well
I. iso* aaMt Call Winter ParkIMW iUtdra""rn PLUMBINO SERVICE:.-West Central Fruit Co. Blackvllle. 8. C. Walter J. Wilcox. Inc.. I! cooker and accessories. Knox Stores r HOT WATER IDATIIM-I.. S.
124 It OriaM. Ate. Win- \\ t..b 11- Plumbing 4c Heating Co.. 15 K.Bryan. i ORANGES. Oranges Oranges Plenty Founded 1936. CURTAIN STRETCHING Espectlydone. Co.. 25 E Pn. Phone 3-3163. .. 30 and 40 ceU_ gapsetsy.Appilsoc. .
Uc Park .Ib. nr. septic : Day 2-2238. Night 7538.PMNTERS I Also feather pillows blankets Co.. Jw. 315 0. 055.50Ave
..d -M$ '5' 5 i.Sws s.d _ eenaed. bonded: Southern States Floor I at Leon'.. We deUver. Phone 4232. I ; '
.dddIP.. MM Aaleraea A\ OtalfM $ itAYA.Ciiii'-All-eipenae tour*. Co.171 4 or 3-22O for .estimate. An.ABLE-Free esti i 50 W. Central. quilts and a small rug.. Quality ELECTRIC radio-combination SWEEPERS. Singer.twin beds.Eureka 4&37.HOT'"WATtR - -
; ;
.laH. work Ph.
ATTIC FANS-AU makes. .U guaranteed.
Lanier Travel Arnold Paint 407 S.. HSA
I'S.il Benrtra 3O X. PineBtreei mates. Store.
__ Phone aMI CONCRETE FLOORS etc. W* form Orange phone 23786.PAINT j I FOR YOUR PARTIES or for home Free estlm.tes. Lowest cost en.lI !! : selee- box springs mattress; platformi Day and Nlahl.:' greaagallon.
___ I pour and finish concrete floors. I use-Presh. pure orange Juice. Call I neered installation. Butts "Oen.ral i rocker; 21801.FURNITURE :
I< tion aluminum stainless tteel.I Rrgalar "I.n..wtel
1Ii.1 Net" ;
AVANA aM Maaaa by boat Mplane. driveway* walk and step For ESTIMATES-Color suggestion at Leon's. 50 W. Central; phone 4232. 1 Electric" 356 N. Orange. Phone 8942. I white enamel and pyrex. Several nice pieces. ,1 222 W. Central. "' ''..1"1. ...
Call Orlando Travtl Bertie estimate call 2 25S. Dunham *. -Reliable painter recommen- E..r::;:
ptlco !
See 1525 East Amelia AveI5H -
;; $ 55$5PD Pii'S. i APPLIANCES-Table top water heat- Knox Stores Co.. 25 Phone 2- BLOCK
.r::: Ill 1 Central; dial ._ ': Concrete Co. ded. Hatch 60O1. At Glidden's.P155 I HAND
*. I T.ps .SI *. WIu.&OOIYILL.o..-=- _ i CUT 3%. Articles for Rent I era. 20 gallon. For Immediate delivery -I 3163. I : T i Will make any standard ...
..... I P1, kltddia a edlaav DRY CLEANINO: Wa employ onlyoktll.d. and threaded to,your specification. Attic fan all sixes; electricranges. I i CAMP STOVEb Just received a FLOWER POTS-Clay flower pots. : Alex Nasaudar. -..... Fk
?:5f" dealraa trantportatten _.; exprrtenred help: and I Florida Pipe & Supply CATERPILLAR D-8-By hour month Porcelain kitchen sinks and large shipment. Bumby Hardware Some painted. 7c and up. Knox oC Msklsvs ---.
.;: P55fS.' -ac: "-:' aharo ........ Ph. Winter Park modern machinery. Try a*. MacOuffCleaners ''C.:.._630- W. Church Ph. 6118. I or acre. Stump blade palmetto cabinets. Other modern appliances. I I;1 102 W. Church.i i I I I Stores Co.. 25 E.: Pine. Phone. 2-3163. Price house $67.30 west
.. P . ... _ _ _
2O4 Rldcewood. corner rake bush -
bog disc harrow 10 Co.
PUMP REPAIRING For expert Electric -
pump if desired. Curry .
4s Wke k. -- Rosalind. Phono 2-106O. ,f ::go Terms I i CANVAS UTILITY BAGS. button type. ELECTRIC FAN8-8-lnch. $9.95-: HOUSE HOLD 8CALD1I -'
: : =: NEW VOKK CITY Lee vine about repairing call Cohoon MachineryCo. It. tandem ito.; also angle dox- Dial 23748.Shop in Colonialtown.? .
lando Furniture Co., 141 W.
.ft. .
1. . ** S.s .. &LJcra C LUPAiRINO 138 W. South 23520. blade. Smith. 1302 8. Perm i i Regular price 82.76. now 9Bc. Hum.n' Weighs to 34 psunic
.. -- Jvl* SlUM Take S. . eapeneea.Melerenrea : sod boss.wirtsg. : St. phone en A. BUlLblNO aluminum cover I Church. Phone 2-4883. T..
.. .: *..* .g.ai. I .*. j c.U 4U4. MIller Wmm. RADIO SERVICESee' Central Florida's Ave.. Winter Park; ph. 7293.I -Frame suitable garage or Loan-Office. 27 W. Church.' I . Knox Store Co P0.
.. .. Pal Mat ... 1o..n .. . I ed 24' by ; Phone 3-31(4 _ _
I liDs: MBMKMVATIOM 551055-0.0. Tl.ctrwol Cont...,.,. ___ most complete radio service I FLOOR SANDER and edger: also cabinet workshop will be sold for highest COSTUME JXWELRY: % Redur- I __
... ....... .taHi wa M SM ; 1 tion. Loan 87 W. FURNITURE. USED Solid walnut HEllOS; aHCAJI15 ''Tni -
Herman' Office.
PURNrruRaUPHOLSTJRY shop. Quality sander and floor for removal
: : Refln.UHlni. service at lowest toot.Bnitti polisher.Wyckoff sold
MiaM Travel* Barean. M Eaat: Pin cash bid. Building I 1
china cabinet front and
Y55 .*... 3S.4thI glass plIIiittCI.
tIP atteet ....... SMI 4 piece* bedroom suite Q.E.: Radio Service 356 N. Hdw. 2524 KuhL 2-2821. from premises only. Location 2121 8.' Church Street. i hl.bpst quality $2.08.
sides. 849 50 4-piece bedroom
; suite . 25 E. Pine Pb. -JIG
iuas ... P.s.tp 14240. 3 Piece lIving room ulU 867P. Orange; phone 8942. I FLOOR SANDER-Edcer and polISh- i! Orange Blossom Trail. Further information DOOR CHIMES-"Nu-Tone" 83 95 879.50 '__ -
triple 819 95
.... P... Ssf 54 WSss.ss..w PhI-Its.. I :1 and Bumby Hardware 102 W. ; mirror vanity ; HAMUMOND 8OLO-VOX. .......
.. .. 17. lUnlinr and Moving . Paul's Repair Bhopv Ruos= UPHOLSTERY CLEANED. i er. All new. Arnold Paint Store. ( ph. 4310. up. maple settee. SIS: box spring. 819.95.
I. 1 Can -14ank,
.!! FLOOR DINO-AND-nN- Expert: workmanship fast service. I 407 S. Orange. 2-3786. I BICYCLE English make; 3 speed Church. Mather of Orlando. 56 E. Church. reconditioned.
r.... PdP,. P.. aHf'OQ'l.u' IS.S. ALLIED VAN UMCS.: INC -Matloejaloteeet Prompt service. Modern equipment Guaranteed mothproofing service. Ph. i TLOOR SANDERS-New American i gear; like new. Phone 270 Blue. DEWALT POWER SAWS-Also Parka ; Colonial Eustl: .... _ _

:: S ; '***** PP a- n vera ol. ......bal4 aaede.Call ; portable power unit. Est.bllabt i t I !-iOP. Kleenise_Co. of_Orlando..:. "8" new edger. Reasonable rates. I! Eustls. _ _ _ _ _ _ 1 planers Mall saws drills. Logan FURNITURE SPECIALS-600 dishes: ICE BOX::Uka fcew. Jt* S. .
-- I
"* I o *'1kt .,... I 1 metal lathes. J. D. Pease, telephonei I>
pi Fidelity At Warehouw *d 1135. Skilled workman: licensed. RADIO INTERCOMMUNICATION. C. R. Burke. 1805 8. Bumby. 7851. i BREAKFASt!: SET. aluminum: chair. i bread and butter. salad, sauce Ph 2-7482.
.. .*K. VlavlM 55555 C. lot tree eatuaaiea on your Jontatanco bonded: luured. StevenS Floor Sar.ooaiiiMDINO. 'i I, Installation and repairs. Also repair -! FLOOR SANDERS-Two; new. Two I Both in good condition. Ph. Mt. i Mount Dora 3753. I dishes. 5c each while they last. | INLAID LnfOUnmMMM
MeM ...... ........ _,_. ...., W JackaoaBt faclnaCo.. Phono M2.._ on all home and car radios. I edger and two polishers for rent I Dora 2330. I I "DAZEY"; ICE CRUSHERS and can Pictures ugly and pretty ones I I floor and Ink two. CM MM*
,s:: Plwcte- I- I'.. finlsnin*-Bent I II Fuller Bros.. 114-B Park Are S- at reasonable rates. Smyth Lumber BOAT' '-HOUSE on Butler chain of I I I openers. Bumby Hardware, 102 W. small and large ones. 2 old black I! 2501 Ed: *ewster Dr. Pk 3-ltsIT

Ii sfltbiii; -bel, 1i... ACMK. DEUVInf eKRVICE-Ufbt i material used. All work uaranteed; ,I i Winter Park: ph. 619. $( Co.. N. Orange and Railroad. I lakes; also boat. John A. Sutton. ,I Church. walnut frames. 22x34. Blonde bed KITCHE76CASIWEtbIOS55.painted .

p.. t* 5 aa. .... A. M.P. eaovta* end ...u.. .. Prompt aerv licensed: bonded. Basa Floor 8urFuRNfttiRiREPAIRm I I REFRIGERATION SERVICE Commercial i TYPEWRITERS For Rent-by day or Windermere. Fla.I I DOORS windows special cabinets room suite complete. Cash or terms. I whit eaamel 1411

1,1 _O I1 I' F _c.'ftt.tt MITPpPQitii lee and-reaeonablo .._. Ph. I24O. fecm* c.. Ph. 3-1370. _ _ I and household repairs. I| month. Office Equipment Exchange. j I BARB AND WOVEN WIRE fencing. I I and mUlwork orders. Get them at Boone Jenkins St FUrnitnra. Exchange. 229 Street. _ _ _ _ _
_... U4t..4.a'BfMt AaJtO UAVPLOWXn 'tW'SITro.1Aae and refin-i Good work charges reasonable. Fergu Smith-Corona atenU. 220 S. Main; I Also fencing staples. Amco Feedi I 1 Mill and Nebraska. : 23795.FURNITUREBedroom KITCHEN FI1RJftTUa& -
,..... wartm IMl E. dtatanco -'... CoIl Jol taPed like D.... Cablneta made to on_Refrigeration Service. Ph. 9753.RIFRIGERATION 1 8850. i Store TOO' West Robinson. PhoneI DIESEL ENGINES and power units ,< suite. 3- leee. I .1M Sellers kite.. U.....
......... 5555.. P55 535.5.fwtrnI1I !. or Van. aM Btoraae aervlro lot Irso.oIlsaga order Tlndall Furniture Co. 2323 M. SERVICE-Commercial TOOL RENTAL-Paint sprayers; skU- I I 5663. I for agricultural- industrial In. :; 842.50; ice box. 810; S-piere break- wooden utility....... 1
aUo* local . atorate. Orante Call8S4 .__ and domestic; 13 year in I f stallation. Florida Pipe te Supply fist set 815: chairs 81. Whitmirc top cabinet bate lea at ..
.na.nta. saws; b.Dchpo..r 2 box.
45.oIs o ....__ ; mowers: BEDROOM SUIT&- piece; ice I I
and Furniture.
erauna al Ppia. 1400 3O* W. Church.
......' .........., Mss nuW. > ,I. Dtvte*om ... ,$01.iM4btijviNY 1 FURNITURE RE7INI8HED-NOW ua1 I Orlandowork guaranteed. A. T. flooring equipment. concrete mixer I 125 pound capacity. Canbe seen ,! Co.. 630 W. Church; phone 6118. f| I Circle winter Park
fl..S ft* A** a-ataL! In* new method et metal webbinavhirh Blasky phone 2-7452. snd misc. Young's Tool Rental. 100 18 to 12 A M. 3rd. house from S. DOORS-Windows. western mad; ,. FLOOR LAMPS 3-.*,. indirect LAWN AND OAJtDalIlV -
Je' : ---.. pt.-. I* rot prvof holds springs ROOFINO-Free estimates. 3 yean W. Washington. 7333. f Bumby on Raiford Rd. I I. largest stock in Central Fla. Can I,i 814 95. Orlando Farottnre Co.. 141 i Lawn mowtri. baa*. 5
.. fail. kabt ntovta* and haullna. firmly ..,.. "O ln for Inspection." 1 W. inrch. Phone 2-4883
to pay Work guaranteed. Roll be seen at 2200 S. Rio Grande. Dial complete lIne of hand
P.ii.v.4 a--.1 1 oeerv load mured; rea_.... ,..... RUM Mattress Co.. 1122 W. Church; TYPEWRITER; RENTALS Speciali ; BOAT-12 It. light cypress with
I' shingles or built and asbesto.I ,, 2370.i FURNITIJBE-New Ce III
.; 1 CW.b ... Mat. Are***. ..... |- 2-2213. up i i monthly and quarterly rates. Check j I Brlggs-Stratton 1H b p. Inboard and used: Pay i I Pirruh Hardware
.94H. ruLPbab VAN ITORAOE coLoaae .- I _. I Biding. Smith & Sons: 4688.SEPTIC !I[ with George Stuart 13 S. Main BUi motor; reasonable. J. W. Dowdy. 1601 I| DOORS-Sash maae of white pine I 1 cash and save 10 to 25 per cent I LATHE-Sliahttr used
oe part .... wanted to ChU FLOOR SANDING- .. 8pecialia TANKS INSTALLED and i phone 8158.j : 8. Bumby or Ph. 2-1914 days. i I Screens, lawn chairs cabinets. AU on your purchase. Bsss FurnitureCo :: s 56 mounted oc S tfra*.
P..nd n... Cleveland: aM PttUbarth.Pbon i Pentra-Seal treatment. 20 cleaned. State approved. 20 years i I types of wood work. Orlando Woodcraft 625 W. Church St. Phone 8820. 1 n blnet. Eaotppad ...fc .. Kfi
t..s &s4
BED SPREADS--Bates" and "Hob I
SIM lot fro "u..... LU M.Main. I,! ,,.. Modern equipment. ,
cxperlanc In business. Altermstt. Can 6730 or 33. Articles for Sale 1 NaiL" full and twin size. OrlandoFurn.turs Industries 1500 W. Washlng- I FANS" -Free Cemonstrstion in your' I i 440 three phate motor (actcr a. M>
Work ...r.DUed. Licensed. Promptservice. I 7571 for service. j I ton St.DAVENPORT. own home of window exhaust fans. sorteD plus 6SkiBMr chock 1 Hi ...
f.,w TJ>AVKf> -j*... r.*o oM C. Burke. 7851. Co.. 141 W. Church. Phone
S.i ..... WI St4 PP.51 5555 ltIIot.IYG ..: local Bovine SEPTIC TANKS CLEANED: ; e"w:r- I APPLIANCES: -Caldwell and Harris. I '-4883.I BED-Wine. Excellent Free estimate on attic fans eon.pleteiy I i and tool holder. (909Mlllln
a"* tA. OaaSy &.er.Mr- CBfryvrV '... rratina.: nacktac. Alaa FLOOR 8AMI1fG-nnlablD. cleanin thing pumped and hauled; P. J. 2213 Edgewater Drive; .telephone I BOAT 26-ft. cabin cruiser. Scripts I i' condition 850. Trailer gas tank installed. Modern Appliance. I MachUia-Van Nona* MM
,SS.S. .fit tent lor Dekner'a Lona Di.itsncs.O'S.4 *. wsxlnc. Exeluslv agent for Bu k.. Pe m.n.nrp.ldent; bonded ,; 2-1972. marine motor. 65 H.P. Price (2000. I with regulator. 1029 W. Smith. Inc.. 428 N. Orange; 2-2514. 12. Excellent coMlttM VwlfMt
aM Macy Bt Dial 4NS. rlor-Co Sealer which cuarantee perfect I; Insured. :. with 1H" H P. 3* 44* .... Kua
Route 19. Box 231: 2-O678.) = FLOOR COVERING Inlaid and
ktliA Tttx- 8 borAMM.. -- satisfaction to who desire I ARMY LOCKERS. 24x36x76. 810; Inquire Ruth Barkiey. Apt. 5107 DRINKING FOUNTAIN Kelvinator. motor v. H P table fe*. MOM
.s** *. new ".. ...*. Mw o 0 U>NO DIZTANCPMOVINO All Quality Lasting Floors.you Estimate I THtE WORK-Dangerous or undo- 18x24x76. 87.SO. Pridgen's. Orange I Tropical Hotel. Ph. 5622, Kisslmme I automatic thermostat Bumby Hard- printed linoleum. rubber-like run- i Vise driviac head and
5514 IMP. few.*, C M, ..S.tL4.I4 point. Packlni, eraimt. local movU fr.ee. Orlando Floor Surface Co.Latabliabad .. I sireble trees taken down by ex Blossom Trail at 20th St. t : BAGGING :MACHINES Model 'POT ware. 102_W. Church. ners and broadfelt at Glidden' 1 I tortea. tl.no. FloTis. A-r.t.:
.... .. ......t. Movtna Btorat* C* perts. Coil Psrten's Tre. Surgeons. FANS-12-inch nscillaUng. special .
1 Plo
since 1925. 1809 K. Or- I I AUTO ICC BOXES Good selection. Denson Pack Weight Bagging DINETTE SUITE-S-piece. Extension: Bo* Orlando.
a.riri M..w. ....1I "I W Columbia.* Phone '1$1. Oslo A... phono 7838 Winter Park 21. Thermos jugs. 1 gallon 84.25 and Machines New. Fo sate Growers Cooperative. table with leatherette ...t.. 4- I 114-115. Others l4-95 DP- Pair Stor. LAWN MOWCMS SoJ baIMB. It
P..S I5.dS.I rnoablp M exMteaM > -K.UU.o--.man Per HOMES- CLEANED and repaired Inside II I TRACTOR WORK-Plowing. barrowing. up. Bumby Hardware 102 W. Church. | ......P.. O.'Y.2. 2673.. Orlando. plece bedroom suite. Vanity, chest 10 w. Chureh.FLUORESCL"IT._ and !$ loch cL Lass fMn .
list 55.15 P5S. P.. 1M ._. prowM earvlc sell T. J. Tbompae and out. Licensed and bondedoalc. leveling, and grading. Winter ALUMINUM" PAtNT. a genuine sealer. BOILER-One Scotch Marine 50 HP poster bed 'and bench at SS9. Living FIXTURES Ut. 29 K. Pine Ptwtew J-Jlt3

IrIyI1i.f; ..: ss.S .vhka a-aorr._ _ phone 2-2037. j jHUOHEY'S I Park Nursery and Landscaping Co. 83.68. Outside whIte. best quality. 85 lb. pressure Ray OU burner also room suite; 3-piece. Overstuffed sofa 14-15-20 watts. Special S3.95 each. I LUMBER 3x6. 3x4. cOg.
ph. Winter Park. 35. and 2 chairs. '118. Powell Furniture Fair Store. 10 W.
e apa.klo. b*M *.* abavl 1 ea tMtea ** Laundry Work HOME: REPAIRS-Prom j i $5.49. one coat flat. 222 W. Central 5. 1 HP motor 220 V 60 cycle aln.:. Co. In Colonialtown. II 1 1.000. Eheslhln .M.l .
'j' fII pt ...*. ..... ran .... I front to back from roof to cellar TREES DEMOSS ED. trimmed takendawn. I Hardware. Phone 2-2317. phase. Ooulds Supply Pump. Good i FLOOR CLEANER-Never use water I flooring. iyO. Thee are
..... waQi ton 1M. COLOKCD WOMAN ..... laandr at Including heating and ventilating ;'I' Full Insurance. J. B. Haush- I ASBESTOS SIDING Mists and roof condition. Fosgate Growers Cooperatlve 1 ELECTRIC FANSWust received ship- i I on fine floors. Use Bruce Cleaner. price in lot et MO *rI ....

*******. *** 1141$ *sS oMMyrnormaioNALt LACKDWV-WANTED-to-do at h_'. HOUSES WASHED with steam. Tb.propetty TREES PALMS TRIMMED and removed. !i It at Mills and Nebraska.AUTOMATIC BOILER-One Ke.TiP. C 1i1 RsilrOsd. ,!! LAWN MOW30losad P.quality. .-
I I Bonded. John Newton. 118Irvin HP 15 lb. Ray oil burner FANS Table I models to big attic
5, inerteaced .lamdret. Apply owner's dream came true. I WATER HEATERS > pressure. I I W. Mark tat nart. Jiiiiji;
Street. Please phone 2-1147.' H HP motor 220 V 60 cycle lnyleI I ELECTRIC IBONS-"G. E.". "Proci fans. Orlando Sales & Service. 608 ,i '
T2S a. WealnwelaM. Dr. Whole outside of the house looks likeIt I Electric!: 10. 30 and 40-allon. by Har...... 103'W_ _. QudI
ADVICE ** I phase. GE supply pump. Good rondlI i to,, "UniversaL" Also travel N. Orage2.09S9.)
j Mertlsnds.Limited ; _
ha* born to the Dry Cleaner UPHOLSTERING W. completelyrenew quantity, but I Sycrythisi is
I oo how to make the emUDd1 1.. Hervtcr OtteredALTTRATIONS. Look so crisp aM new. This Includes your furniture from top to Immediate installation. Convenient I I tion. Foseste Growers Cooperative.' P. irons. Johnson Electric Co.. 23 E. j.; FENCE POSTS cypress. 3 to 4 in. LUMBER lumber -and wood
; window and screens. Nothing likaIt bottom. Many patterns. "Open for terms. Wlllard & Kelser. Vogue O. Box 2673. Orlando. :; Crmrfh. Ph. 5186. I> butts. SIS per 100; 4 to 5 in. S25. her. Cheney Hl' hTy. ph >.'
1 star Want Ads pull bluer and dreeamakinc,' battoohole ever "&ort. and If* chesp. SUam Inspection." Russ Mattress Co.. 1122 heater Block. 5136. I BICYCLE-OoodtiiiThesd light; EGO: BEATERS with stainless' steel Will cut, any size desired. 730 Citrus
.: P..rrta ....II_ .. 3202 H House Washing Co.. Ph. 2-362. W. Church; 22213. ANTIQUE *M modern pieces at auction Tail lights. Run by generator. dashers. SI.25 and up. Knox StoresCo. Ave. I LAWNMOWZM' Oarwon It***; rM&
3 sum.., rt-M.rU II etftred trf the ......... Drt-_CMosoP.rk.Supply HOUSE WASHED Screen and I UPHOLSTERING cover refinishiiur. every Thursday night. 7:15: Cheep. 1409 W. Harvard Ave. 25 E. Pine. Phone 2-3163. FENCE POSTS-7 ft. 2 to 3-lBcn sprinklers* end Rstlroad....... UswM O*.. ItOring .

6&UnlSUr at no extra cort.fW IbvlCX TOJi\f windows. Look Ills paint Jobs. W* call without obligation.Artcrsft p m. Consignment solicited. R. i i BICYCLE Girl's. like newT new ELECTRIC STOVE:.-Hot P st9Tt. butt: SIS hundred. 4 to S-inch
.....t...... ... Mr. IOH at Mil]* ,,.. estimates: work guarsnteed- Interior Dee-orators. 418 W. Sodero. Auctioneer. fleming Auction tires. light and basket; 820. 207 Kelvinator ideal for small business.Ph. butt; 825 hundred. Can Winter Park:
Ad-MtU-ianc. rail 41(1. and Mewraaka, Call Autre,.. 6326.: Central. 2-0006) or 2-2353. Sales Co. 733 W. Church 20156. I IN. Hyer. Winter Park 388-R. 598 Little Tree Co. i [Continued On Next PaId

-5. _ _ _ .

p oo.s. f I'D U1L. *''WM4Pso TN DEED IN ErVVAN FLAPP1P.X3HAt TO UM ;
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r.rla.. frrnttnrl I II Articles for Sale_ __ 29. Llrettock and Supplies AUNT MET POOR PA I 51. Houses for Ssle -51. houses for Sale I'I 151. Houses for Sale I 5% Grove fr **1P '

rvANHOE Worth SUBURBAN 2 bedroom Sleeping L&XEFSOIFT-300 acres 5 II
2-bed LAKE
P*M 8AT JULY12. 1X7lost. OVA BEDS-Kir* .a hut ar.I MARE MULE for ito: It coDUo. By ROBERT QUILLEN IT CLAUDE CALLANP65 DU8K IECON-Ne. with sleeping 21Iedroo"j'ham. I porch 4 lot. Cblckea runs Cites I tsp $ lp ssI 0450laud.

I ".c ._ C*" arntd .. NI. .0 lon nished. New house la I to bus. school and tore*. 84400. aa- 5.om t. 5Is .50 eS-
; OeBUe, _nd. rldlni large screened prch. l-.r construction. ,IUnfurnished. I furnished. 84750. furnished Mr ties $legtrndly eSs .
lO r
En rr.'.*i "rt.eJ L .. Ask bedroom m a a 0 n r I
atMlrhiean will take O
-D ea *.. sane ev- hone Sre Parr, AT* R-857. Harold V. 10. Laundry tuba nice lot. I IS11.SOO. I lIes with Herman Goodwin. zc-i III' Lone witS Per5 0.54.1. 1_ .

*. Or* H* 12324.PALNIIO ___ for. Central. CODdct. Rea.to. Hampton. Broker. 513 M. I I Broker. 677 N. Orange: 985 I l.r 07'? I Or.a tessI _ _
..M ?
II. Artiflrs$ IWBeva!asJ ... Kao* C .. MARE and ImP fl\. f'3" Orange 5013. '! '
block 3
a SOUTBZWZ-Wow concrete I LAKE PfsOtTT-- tesS "
Pheei _ _ _ _ Apply 1310 W. : I .
21' kiteSI r, _
.... a..I.t.r. DUBSDREAD COUNTRY CLUB bedrooms Furnished AU new ft laSs .
S iT lrU- 618. '.Ip eei St. C.I 1-238. attractive concrete block bun LAKE CONWAY-2-bedroom house; ],I I I i.n equipment. Fruit trees Prtce.I 82780 c. P. _.. a-a-. 150ii

_, T- **a at 131t P. PASTURE Per hone reasonable. ..Tb. located O 85 front lot. la furnished. In good condition. Recently :i I 85250 Terms. Mr Hnnes with Herman Orsass 3-33is_ _
Lake A... Between 2n and -
I" going to be to the lucky purchaser redecorated. Goodwin Inc. Broker 677
1" atilM a/rat of Palrvllla on traded aId ''I
SiPS for 88.750 unfurnished 89- 3 acres In tract Large oak trees. Orange: 11855.'TRIPLEX .
COUCH I cattl M.I
ij road by pins. POLL B4UUUMO 7 **us ssyie _

.. ., . Pst..0 .. Price $41. e a Cwa.H."t C Tomorrow 750 furnished may be Today too late is !the Pun time de-1! i I Concrete with seawall covered sand boat beach.house 100$17.ftdock I I Excellent location. lake Irrtaa atSBe
ratwa addle and bridle 000. terms W. B. Nicholson. Realtor; :: tractive 2-bedroom home with nice :j This your wartaas ta a
PONT sitS arirtera in the office. Mantle !1
0wr. u.1
WII.m ale return fr 99 094 lnutng
L Factory r- t.u I ,Income from two furnished apartments a
$1 2-1619. -
Park. Washington i 14 8. Main; dial
* awj aert- Steal Winter lta Rlltor.l W. S. I I '!I Price. 820.00O-some I I Paul Kareman w-h Marts VB-
a* $i US. : 'UI
:- m H OrM*; ... isis. Wlm; e347SIKK 810e I I'I.I Shown by appointment only nna.1 I.I[ *. Baartar 21 W Waiala at

,, -Dewbla or M.*'CispI,4.l 4. Pet Stock and Supple 'LAKEVTEW-3 rooms kitchen and 'I 5159. Stlmpson-Staton I IMetealf . .,0*

ReattM KIT Yark DUPLEX-New Block corner tot. I bath; partly furnished, electric BidsVAHDERBILT. '
.IUK' TOOfcBhsrt. C.U 1.3513.ITThWWtLLPVMP.bsi.. .. COCKER SPANIEL puppies reslitired Price 87500. 4's gl balance oa i it.r. stove Lot 75x325: east side LakeSu.annah. -
i AVE. near Orange: 4 30 ACHE OROVB-laa* fiN saSai
Putt. 4 verk 2-003
a $ *V 83850 some terms I
01 A Can h. posse*- I I I .
.HaXaafw. Mtt w.umwr ,. Jet Puff rsikrsi_ . U Immedl.t Jamajo Blvd. follow road bedroom. 2 baths' corner tot.80x140 ISM lieS Pr** 48B 3 rear .l** All
,:_ !. awsaae. Baby Hrdwr*. 10 W. J = sion Call o.nl 858. :' left on lake Adam owner. A lot of bouse for I12.5OO oraaaea St lisa ted la Iwt swaaaaal
TW. *a *to bid. Cawrvb CANNED DOG POOD-Pua* *n Boots around Fred Garels. Broker, 118 E. stove settlaa Offered fr waasdaaa*

.s.1 tfweeav, ...834) isiS CAN* a. Ilali baae. Brady fred.Brawale It's immoral for Jane to Aunt Emma is so strongbe I LAKE FRONT- Large lot. Close In. I I2story II i i8561 I Sunday 4328I celltnJ.1, sal at wily 834 TM For this an* a

La ___ .i.rl tMt O.ln.8. Kennel Shop. Mac- DUBSDREAD SECTION frame. 815.OOO. Mr. Lyle WINTER PARK Off doses ether s_ re buys sos .
U. __ Kin star** r. s. ita*. pnon soils Ate. phone 4239 so generous, to all her minded that she don'tfolks. I with Herman Goodwin IncBroker; I Good section dandy Swatd with Uniu DM*;IB. .
". I"ta trtea ta f I Furnished frame 2 bedroom attic Orange 9855. I I I I fire 1143 K Main I.1494ly
I-JIU. Krtbble and Z-cel. doc won't have like .It 677 N. home. Very nicely furnished; ___
,atsaaa twaaarj They seem a woman I
any liv-
I D r fan. Ideal for a '
eoltage recently painted outside New
) $OVIID $YSTiMS-l.it .._ cuppUr*. Orlando LAKE DAVIS SECTION-SmaU place; Acis-Lsk. fronu Ape'osi.
j ara4L __ character left after she ln'.. 2 car garage and work shop. I lot suitable roof paved street. Owner leaviac ''I
9. In. UM S*.ad Mimr and O>. X-cel Store Dial 3-3524 so fat she weighs in Lot well land with extra lake front ;,: H ia fall baarui* crave oraaaeaI
PAIL- I iraa sasaaava a. Iatr-Cwa .,.t. far ... TROPICAL PISH-Largest weuo.1 Ba-b pi. lOd3. for building nice residence State will sacrifice for 88500 Hew I I I' and crapefrutt too ft on aaved read
.aa 84 4* ...Co.. a E. t*frtcte ry. 71*. Baatae. Saatw- I la Orlando Shipment keeps 'em up a few more private an she's afraid of ".4 181S. Sm. tr Paved street, sewerage excellent qnlck ran you see this reel bayf R about 0 sailer frosa O'iaskdo PIne ata*

Fiat Pka* 1 $lMAsn&ll _ __ Co. 355 .. Ora.PboaJM 4_. I Ian rrretved. .**. .*upplica. years. mice I guess she is. Han Agency 112 N.I neighborhood A pick up at Realtor 83500rash. M.Broker.Volllck 206 8 with. Mala J. '7811.WTh'TER Daniel. Beta, I Ii I I for thai Meal <- ml 'r.*:wa swm aadsacall
uT s BrO. Ror. Sammle Francisco ; A
iiZERaVOvDlcs rotter !* Harry Coatrr. Rldstwood i I Ii grave ariB at f7)4 WMkEcclaarve
IIMWOI ar "Ar at, a* | 4nn : Orange Av*. Tel 111. 4. Central Areade: 7407. 1 j teTeS

... -Mafdwar*. 183MtAT I S .*la I. K"e" Uaasmt-. Dr. oil LwrDf Ar P.rk 47. Rooms for Rent 51. houses for Sale room i i I with M....1a': tae.

_ _ .Jp.fI'I ftealtars
-- ] **si5Is.ry. 41. Poultry and Suppliesi LANCASTER PARK Very modern PARK- Aitasavate 0'10. CM
c AS* IS f .. S I.** or.ers 0 NMlu.. LAKE DAVIS SECTION-Com* end COLLEGE PARK-Room* are larger attractive bungalow Up-to-the- I Homer Sewell_Winter Par e.*M4
aaad twasat I I 5.. 3473Orlade c.Un. I Peed Store. see this Urge attractive room Pourwindows than average In this modern 3-bed DnN STREET-New frame bun minute pre-war construction Oak this three bedroom new bnngalew I
c. I8AI' 20 ACMSB
.kanw $515'' 6Ma $.. {1 I CICI8T."o. Inner spring mattress Big rom home. Closets are large and 1.10. large brm.cren floors lifetime roof. good closets I 1St. a 100x400 foot lot If you wtsJi I three.at cPu rue land C.rr.ees. _
N OartaadMOTOal tiiWftftZW..dsi.c5< ,. tM4 I.. Oivrrh. 3-3821 er te.tetl closet; semi-private bath. On bus line lot has 75-ft. frontage. Oak ed sun preb.palou. room, tile bath and shower automatic oil really comfortable home. Partly i WI-BIB . w .
J .
.- 4) It tach camag 3350 .331..ABY many intriguing read 4 attsr traan Orlaaa< .
Phone kitchen .
.1. Only II. 2-38. floor 2 screened attached diett beater casement windows and tile with electric refrigerator ,
.. P ,.. PuUorum tested prehe. Beautiful bath 1. D Lett* at IOU
BIKaV > U. '
I tl CICK. I. LIVINGSTON AV8. 620 E.-Clean garage 811.500. A window sills, shade tree. 817500. good clean furniture nice lortttan I
..> ..7MJ af- ]. T n.-rPn Lt .odL or futara de double rooms. Share phone. kitchen. len Johnson. Pealtor. 14O N. Orlle several exceptionally large doset. some terms Ask for Paul Hardman. Priced for quick sale at 87500 Can
. f. livery. Peed and poultry supplies. and laundry 8612 'Specialising In cenrai heating F. H. A. pri Exclusive with Martle W l.m" i Retsie Moffat, with O P. Swope. 6O S3 Anal.. .
fcai'uyiw1"K.. .r .5. at T2O Wtlklaaon A Orlando X-Cel' Store. Dial 3-3524 3 810,POO. McNutt-Heasley. .1. Realtor. 21 W. Washington St. Phone E. Pine. 5812 or 2-4080 alter hours
iaa travel, LATINO St S3.25 erb. MONOLA AVE. 746-Double front CLOSE IN-A mechanics dream. W. Washington 8U Phone 5106. and Sunday. CHENEY HIGHWAY-1O aegis claa
WARE -Kaiv**. fork*. t- HsS 2 twin bedroom house with fully equipped 8106.
a *
-.******. *te. !. RiVal pallets 1 5. Phone 6437._ : call 22993.ORAGE bd 6emprnt.b.th garage on lot 68x175 This property I la. 334) ft oa reuse af eras
State blabway
8248 Mr
ta t-ttta iale iteel with pol- N. H. REDS. Rocks. White close be bought Laa ***
very In and can on DUBSDREAD SECTION-Net
$ .,. I. 1 : *=.. Kaes Star** Ca. 3$ C.p Rock. Red l.re"d Rock P AVc... 473 8.-Large b.uU.exceptionally good terms. If you have room. frame bungalow 2-b WINTER PARK Three bedroom Berman Ooodwia . fjgiawi. 4TI
N Orange 84.U
*. . ..Star : pa 1-:11.: thlu. Year choice .95 pe bth. In lovely home windows I dreamed of owning a home and fished on cone lot. Owner LAKE FRONT home all nice large rooms on 100
convenient. 1c
t> s .Pw N aa 11. ftLE y.or beta and kticM&Is nut ..a .N$7 95 C.te Breskfsgt privilege In very room profitable paying bUli"eB it will b going Nor.ld to selL Im ft. lot on paved street dote to ABOUT 5 ACRES 1449 f. s 12484

orTsD eoTCe --**-I srof Pwnaatll. lr*. .estmste. 100 Pullets 81 per I I worth your time to. In.pt this Peed at Lake home and additional! boat house lak* shopping center and bushes ft long *B Ooldea Rod road
taeaBHM iaatftM TtWatWaa 't..Ue nartda 2323 M. OrDi 100 Chicks sent COD Ed, Chicks.Minrhestrr. ST. JAS HTut and Rosa- Chas Cbabot with . Davlg. 33 Call Peter BreeD wt .-195.1 Sleeping quarters canoe row boat i also some fruit trees Priced far under I 4 sail** treat or.ade Paved .

u .l $544tpiwnu .1 N. H. 8653JM ld. rtn. Single I 8. Main St. phone 5529. 2-2380 109 E. and private beach on best fishing t replacement cost See this one I Biah land 5150
rL- up, double 9253. I right away it won t last long. Priced =:-r Ir'
I taad- H us about C.1 COLONIALTOWN you lake only 15 minutes drive from city A rest. aaraata a*
.. : -! O..r . RE CHICK5.. The Woods WALL ST. 155 E. Exceptionally want a small SECIN-I price DUBSDREAD SECTION-2-bedroom center Nicely furnished 2-bedroom I .t only 87950 with terms Call Peter 1446 with 6140 dowa and 61) ajaathly -

w*>djMwi 6344 I at ,. **.n. e c.a Chick Co. .. Lk. of Malt- large rooms or without let me show hm.this fourroomhouse. I furnished house. Hard pine floors. bungalow with luxurious living porch Breen with O'Harn-Moorl. 109 E, I McKclrey Re; *.. 44 st Cagftr
I i ABaaeai Bervte* .. 1-3'1. DOr .t PI.1 Corner lot. 60x100 ft. Convenient to Pine: phone 2-2380. I.
I.nd. Hllhmsr. vste bath Smme. rates screened porch nine bearing high above lake Finished basementIs I l Ave
I ,V41IAN BUNDS dsis d.Ur ry. trees 2 to bus line bus and stores Only 195. Tems.Immedi.te a 2-car garage also used aarecreation I WINTER PARK. 3-bedroom home -
POULTRY PEEDERS AND Wstcrers.Bum YMCA-Attractive rooms for fri blOt ., ,
young T.
; I
p "b, buy rb.sp wbn 55 occupancy. I'I'LAKE FRONT -Nosaesite 3D
J ). showerbath. execs
.b Is only 1 See Mr room Has extra with batement. large laandrr
garage !
by Hsrd 102 men. or 86 and I
coa trt tM far < low emu are. W. SI.I. UP. fle' open C. Broker: 1121 beautiful Crooked Lot
Chlreb Ooldel
Sln. I *
with O P. .c Realtor.I A Restful lawn with big shad and 100' shady lot. Cash or aear
omr* MAonxEa owr* with aint M.d. Orl..fcf CharlM TRY8 Ib. Hstchinc ects. C.1 86. East Pine: phone : N. Orlando Maitland underpass' trees right down to the lake This Is terms Mrs. B. G. HenkeL 360 idlei Sanitarian Con'*ci "..,. 4a

DM*** (Veaan. BMaia.. a'M ,' ? 1.0431.rr.Irr1A1IkLND.Th. Pul. 5 Pairrllla Poultry 500 CHASE AVE. Winter Park-COLLEGE PARK Built for home Winter Park the true lake front home that one I burg Dr.WINTER. Broadway
I a
1 Farm, led rooms private baths i I
Sort tests 12. .t EXPOSITION PARK SECTION S dreams about 822.500 completely fur I i imetoes
not for profit.
PARK-3 800 ACRES of
showers I bedroom borne new lan4 !r. _
: double. Low Summer 3-bdrO1
lire is< *Sid ., B* HMT. M Ad. W. Lnl nished.RnckeI0. ,
.n. bungalow 4-room Electricityavailable.
c.v. tile acres. recently redecorated. Will b
r.tn.SLEPIG. rooms d.eUI. ea paved cleared I Italoa 'etI _
a*.41 I c. n. OrSind. PS. f1 Apartments for Rent Steel with Oak Instant i street Surrounding lot hag Will
.i"do. e.ioL 18..0 25 fruit crop rest "or _
f w4e4wa .*, itiiitiiNitAii b.UUBUndJ ROOMS-85. also light tie .w. balance Neal. Realtors. 118 E. I
I I i Outeia floors Large lot. 1 If 8500 cash J | trees Can be bought for 810XOO with ready to plow Oraaa at aw 0.
Wi (*isi4 Ws..issi. 4ta4r4 .p.is.1 tit si. it. PITSdsp4.lITm. .E AVE 38 C.-A nice .p.r ". room 107 KennisonDr. you like the house the price. be I Lane with Herman Goodwin Inc.. I Robinson; dial 23753. 1 j terms Znssman with Clyde McKeane. I Eellwoed

Oiijlilety rewastt R.411 Vinitlas C*. .r on. or two On ... ph 9353 rlgh See Gee Brass .wi Co. I Broker; 677 N. Orange: 9855. i iI >I 12 8. Main: 2-4775 110 Cm -
_. Sit 4 Pr; .h4M>. 3-4U7. permanent .a one for FRONT Close In. Phons 19 E: Central A Ph 2-3155 ACItt aa Pr I
ladkrd **rrt.*. I.M ROM : EAST-2-bedroom prewar construc i WINTER PARK New 2bedraomI I alto couth ef Cbearr
iUMciuiiita-i: Cttttt 23iMfkawau AMERICA ST 120-2-room apartment 5481. drelred. I MAITLAND Large 10-room home house with So =
oaataa **d. prl.le.i tion. Mo city conveniences. Notsxes I attached erase Be.. *** pine 884 aa acre S
. ; . r,.a. a *4 very SS week Couple. LUXURY LIVING Large room in COLLEGE PAK BUOALW-plc offer 2628 Z. Jefferson. with wide porches; suitable for |I tifnl floor WeU built by owner, Lot 3411 Waahtatjina m v..(_,. .
4p. !. ... *.| c XHkm. .MACVT7M ANDERSON ST., in prin. lake front home. Cool and large family or tourist borne One 60x200 ft. Only S650O. termi. Closed I
\ .. ". l attractive ..81-o. rom Beauty modern. with linens Frll.d tollete. EAST SIDt-Convenient to Colonial- acre lot with shade and fruit See < Set., i 53-1.
A.- PrTle.. pl..t dbh. town an especially substantial Mrs. B. G. HenkeL 306 Edinburgh I|j I r.egr u..ncio"i R...11IIa.
1 sits mt bcda Private bata and beach and lawn floors tile bath floor fum.e. .hop. I 1121
;'?ji1.155: ?,:... i a tff' IQiJUnt.1 "MIe. .1 Bammer rate 'DtaDe. only 815 per week Rdeeneel orIP.nr plea. cash. furniture near 2,00..b blok hOI.e with lovely kitchen. Dr. Winter Park.NORTHEAST I I uriferpsssi.Winter_ Park 400 ACRES Of
C.n. sleeping SITTER
.I. 2 bedrooms large dining On af
. asked)
I Ph. 9764 After 1 balance good terms prh. WeU built ,
IM fACTTCU APT.-3-room. furnished Roper SECTION- WINTER taw fInest .
b CLXANIR-rr 'r with utili- j room living and PAOn1.keKlflsrney. r 5--i raa. CSM* .
II Disis 0' :.sss a I nk A-l J*.I ties. $9 50 per week. 1505 Mt. varnos. LIVING ROOM and sleeping. Suitable Realty. Church and Main: 2.343. :log on two rom. A really 5-room frame bungalow; newly i I'I New'5-room home. Somethin ate Orlando Seeded par tare* rar-Hl

K &.; Msdws._Di .u_. .u for .2 or 3 young J.dl.or COLLEGE PARK Modern 5-room ,lent value at 811.500 tastefully eneI painted and redecorated A-l conj j II at 812.700. Phone owner Winter !1 house barn and I Inadia Uuwu rig
I 1. oition. Immediate possession "nuf
frame house : Park I
and completely 217-R All
: WATER 'TSTM&-.Co..pl.t. Mock ;, COPELAND DR. 110 W. Unlur- men. 0.1.1 breakfast I fulbe: CaU Harra-Moore. fenced A ft.rtata at all! p-
.' d"l DilbP. Rt\ sed" Price only 84 2OO and worth
sired. private home. all gas kitchen acre Ala I have ,
isiis Ineudln. : a 1 loo* _
.l ..._ .. Fares .H_ t lar,. cool. 3-room apart Park 317-W. porch attached I 2-0831. E. Pine H J. P. ..ttoz. Realtor. 145> N. : WP6TERPAR.iC. Lake Virginia View. worth a< r
garage I auyin 'Mwe n s.c sf I
aWaart. L _. 1M. I r c Rl A.e! 0..d.om. I Large Jot 1895. Allen JOh"Fol EAT SIDE 3-bedroom buns alow. Main 5809.NORTHEAST. Laurel Road New 3 bedroom name Wheeler with Harnxi fthMw9>*r,
0 I WAUO UACtUXEA. si.. 7T1 I E.-1H room I i condition neighborhood. i exquisitely appointed: well financed; I .
CNRAVEI2 47-1. Rental Agencies 10 Or.n. Go good I ready 30 d.TI. I Wwainsiw' 4 PBMM 'U>a
I T.ke.
_.dst. a+UvOTr. CaMvrU Bar private e"l "SPt.Uznl in Only $ clo>e-u> location. Recently constructed look Ex- 1 ot2-242*
0 X1U Id ...t Dr ; : .... Day, b or V.c.nt Estate. 29 S. Court; elusive E. B. Gay. Broker. 116U s. _
: 3-bedroom bungalow newly
1-112._ Gud"e
.. I II will supply yon -J Orange, 2-1993 or W. P. 664-W 2 000 ACRBB Pence* ea we read
f.b.i AT'.E.-AKD-T Jut 40.000 DADE ST. 2017-Ap.rtment. Trailer desirable tenants free of charieand i 2.8.I decorated An attractive and good ftaaaln water .t) sue, t-am 0*:
ruy, virrlltat type. Furnished Two adulta obligation. Just phone us your COLLEGE; PARK you are looking a buy. 10500. Hinton. Realtor. 150 I D Lake lands 1
c.u I I : : > was
W. .4 P M*|. Or _rt c.nUf. DUPLEX 3d floor six-room fur- vscsncy. Gardner Real Estate Agency. I E'Uot; distinction with :1 In E. Robinson. 7632 j i' house Knowles on section two beautiful Is a three-bedroom iota I' :this .: 1O Tr' ao A>s :

MA 29 8. Court St Furnished frame 2 ., for your 1 NORTHWEST block from West- withnIce Peter, Realtor
I Tag. saa. EaeeUeataHi rOSs.I. apt. electric ; Pone 2.48.WE bedroms Inyeltme"t ; fruit trees aad landscaped lawn < or C.r- So-a.
.. 5 ( . ., 5.'ssisd .rUT 5rblnis adults. 3O8 K. Princeton k\e. : service fr.rooms well .r.n..d. Check this and you .01' moreland. 6-room. furnished house. ,' House is tastefullr decorated 2-O784
__ 5115 sutSsil. cssatsr. a. i HV. RETALS-I 29 .cU 8890. Some : look further 2 a"lt 2 bedrooms modern kitchen. Venetian blinds 'Lot ': Sll.750 Includes and at LARK PICKETT: _
a akatow .lr OARAGE APARTMENT Mew. fIve Iel Etate each furnished. Upstairs kitchen equipment. Near .
,,s.* para*. . d-wa .511555 _I. o..n a_r.oms.Adults_ only Phone 2-1966. South Court Stet .round.I' rents at OPA cell- 60x160 Owner will give quick occupancy I Call Dana Bumpier with O'Harra- ranch all tnra seSa ve.'.
.. .U... 373. t Bros. Agency. apartment I Price. 88856 Call Georgia '
B.I clara
Rultor. Moore. 109 E. Pine, ta Orlaedo
Or..c. eu Pr
.tsi** .Pr -. I JEFPERSON COURT HOTl and Ave. teL Ing 8125 per month. Best location.By .. Von Schiller. Realtor 7186 '| phone 2-2380 I Ii tub* ..
Vtas- Dr4 : W.n-H nPm. 2-r_ Summer 48. Hotel Rooms 589. appointment only. Whit Bros, WINTER PARK 1201 FairviW. price reduced te 411 toll p'r ., wB*
|r:! : r.t.I.UNCU..p.rten. .aab' Brokers. 824 N. Mills. 2-1688. I i -At beautiful Lake KiU mey. New terms *t 5' Mr TC1"Ar a,<* j mMatlax.
( :.' thaw. 5'5th, : : rut: LAKE IOtA HOTEL-Summer rte, I NORTH SECTION At Dubsdread '! 5-room block. ready for 148 N Sat 860

I I". ._.' ..- n. ..52 -189 Mon now prevaiL complete service CITY LIMITS-(East). Modern a i I ELIZABETH LST_2 blocks to Princeton 5-room bungalow practically new t' TU* bata. largeliving room occupancy with

$5vrU1sysIli4L 5.15 ., WACMIKU Apes electric J.d. Wmt. Park. 1 and Dining room open all mee 2-1903 I rom home of frame cn.tretol I school 3-bedroom frame I Vacant. For immediate sale. S4ooo picture window; breezeway 54. La4s fgjr Sdato
I "Ca. Janitor service hot '. screened porch. home. Fenced In landscaped yard cash finance It. Call W. B. gsragsI
; or yon
fta 3- kl I and
CasaaleiaHa c ? .18.5. laundry ,
. room
Venetian blind
..et &a. water Year round '
.. .ta Allen Large 2 screened porches; Bridges with .. G. Mrers. Realist .
6laatsd ***. dtn I I* 0,055.. Summer Adults only.'Winter 48-1. Beach Rentals .ohnn. Reltor. at $7850.I Kool-vent awnings: 90-foot BEVERLY STOsa Lara i.ips.e
ange; in Homes"CLOSE I ventilating, 8881.
rnt or I
841. j Ba..ln completely tin available isassaoi
'pel.lln. at
Haewee (HwaatacCa f. i WOOD BANOE vita hOt .51St reter. '1 with HF. landscaped; prMa
tin tv oii.sds Av. Wlatar Pr.. I poultry : m-Tene Pal $ DATTONA- BEACH-2 bedroom ho. IN-2 blocks east of Orn.I i 955 :Dd.C Ben 672 N. Orange.- I II I Cash or terms froDt..J t la thl* baaatttal Mttaaa Setoet Ma

55.li.K1W ; .."_, nU' c.. 333 LIOSTON A V 33 E.-FUe overlooking ocean; for Ave. Ibedrom home in cn- B Realtor: NORTHEAST Modern and convenient -I WESTMORELAND DR. N. I hasBostt* today Walter W Rag Is
wiet. Inua re f ; pr. August 1909 S. Atlantic dition. Lr. COle. lot beeen'lneome Orrltan Bldg 2.551. I this attractive ranch type I to Lake Adstr. Spacious 9-bedxoom vestsaestt C* 44)) N Orange Ae Or-
I C.n. lt.I Adults. frame. 3 I frame bungalow with two nice ..Iaedtledrooms. Maaar 'Ike IJM N
I.ne.pr. VE.-Ne. rom Oraave a.
:' farm a* .BI4aa4 i United apply Mine ', with Roes A C.l D.nlel I ORA 81000 cash oak floors wide I home Oak floors. Bus line and
"IXDWI 7. Kay golden
49. Business _
Rentals Ddenn. Broke. school I I.
Bt 0i. aad a4 aatp double ham check 10. I convenience In delightful ,00 1Q*!
375 N. King Real of best
I bil' { AT WEBER Attractive Orange ance 825 Et.t. landscaped lot is one our .
A MM MsikS.siv 623.COLNITOWNA neighborhood. Large shaded tot tell unair' or err re*
> c rll .in*** Stem Co.. 3. K, I ,
_ _ .I I .p.nme"t Aeommo.tu 3. Twin GROUND FLOOR SPAC. 20x30'; real buy In a I 30 E Church 843. Open values Price 88950 unfurnished Call 810.500. Call BUI Douglas with B r.I ocai dlvlawm Priced neSt Praat
S tWo.-.. P. .11:_ Eledrc relrlteraftloa. can have larger 1 Apply I bedrm Fireplace HARRISON ST.-A charming Dutch: Mr. Morskl with Harra-Moore, 109E. Boland Realtor 672 N. Orange; Car- owner E L Wade 3.3570 _
f J.. On'i WATER BonUEft- Rovnd 'n4 fUt Shown 1217 N. Orange floors tile I Colonial home completely furnlsls-, Pine phone 2-0836 I Deco Bldg. phone 2-4561 ii II i DUsWDftBAD COUNTRY
i : IT.I B(49
W ) I t7,.. J *n4 *.. 8torr h.dwo b.t. 150.0
n E Pl. rtxne I"C Co i ORANGE AVE. 420 8.-Tio-room OFFICE SPACE Francisco building .II fln."eed.hSp.k Iple.eL" :r on one, of Or150doa I i A FINE NEIGHBORHOOD U OpeD'I I I a* pave* itreei farina
J.i" ,.w 2-383. t 1 apartment and sleeping rooms. 30 E Church Phone 6211 I Sol."el Co.R.u.I :Ont streets. 3 bedroosn. .. NORTHWEST Exceptional offering I for your consideration. There are 1! f' green aad fairway m* :
5 WATERLEfii CE- Wild I with home privileges 706 Metealf Bldg: 2-3269. 1 35 b.th.2-car .r.le.I at market price Excellent home. five large two porches, dew -:I UK 1M ft deer Ba-aln *. SIM
.,.. SSWid S bsiks0sidSi .u not hurt OFFICE SPACE-Third floor Guernsey Is nothing ta excellent location and neighborhood i rooms :, .
e. .ma. Tere 1 b'e Call N. P BalaM Seas T3 p
101150. and
8T 160O Three Lt. garage nice yard Price l
*ad b r y tMr a. building D D Riddle. 21 512.000. Term *
sag Urarth Lu.- PHILDELHI K with extra corner lot beautifully .
15 .. *, in5.: Bt 5..li. I .I. B.llr. d. furnished. Work- Central Ave Mornings 2-463. COUNTRY CLUB IEcON- compae available Allen Johnson. Realtor. 140 landscaped 2 large bedrooms (12'x4" 89.500 with terms. Better casa Orange 2-4841 Carrigan Bid J Otanae
ln. couple Reasonable the fine borne price possible Call OHara Moor
w' P.rLt7.dSI.4 I I ' -
w a in .
WINDOWS AND oiIicE SPACE WANTED. Suitable N. 8612. and UO 2 'x2 8 ) oak floors garage -
P51.18-All txraI 'Splal.
II stories tile construction Tile root I Or.n. Realtor 109 E. Pine 2-O836 D---.o-rot'fT1IV
: CL IS wtion -
) . ... ".I s.d type 1.54. !. ardtr StindI RAYMOND SEP BASZFurnished for l. o"le. Teleplon. 2.13. Urge Homp. with hot and cold water See photo J
I room dining sunporch I Lara iota low **M *
*w..' C.9 4m beiweea 1 P.I (Me .s. 1120 ITlbWELODia .p.n"e"t z.r lakeVery OFFICE AVAILABLE in new officebuilding ,lTnl 3 bedrooms. rm.. electricity display and address of property at NICELY LOCATED 3-bedroom Mock _,.., M :. er
a.a ,po 1.th. tireS Pay Ha e PeaS
** t mm M- 0.5 ii -. . cool 0. lights and waterfurnished. Second floor. Prominentlocation. pai. HOUSE rom. balance 29 W. Washington St. Call Monsrty i bungalow near lake and near Memorial .
maid Large beautifully I .
- fefflLf o.-r.iI I 3 I T. dOlbl. le.. 16.. CaU Parking In rear. Only sso. I i landscaped grounds. 830.OOO. terms I I monthly. .te. school c.h.. bus. inquire with Joe G. Myers. Realtor. 8881. buy of the HospitaL Fred Only Carrel 8899O. Bro Tb* I Ibr. l I available for whew Proper"bmildlB 'n*.It.' r>*hi a.oumo r cj5ig

054 j jU" .1 no lease required Canl.1 Bldg. 672 W B 14 Snyders Store. Lockhart.JEFFERSON I, rear. I sect Ma I* emod is ..'.. renUy
ii. a ;= ; BUMMERLIN ST.. S19 8. UnfurBished. I N. Orange. ph. 2.55. 1 Main 2-1619..010n Ralor. s! ST151S E. Ooina to NORTHEAST-Very nice 2 bedroomnew 4328. 118 E. Central. 8561. Sunday I In value Bay ied> *n M 3( Uti

I IUJ 4 rooms. Private bath and ORANGE BLOSSOM TRAIL Near get married? If yon are.-we have bungalow ready for quick oc increase We have xna B._Ufu

., : ..u. Am* .W siding eatrance Garage. Utilities paid. 855. city limits. Cement block building i bedrooms; the cutest little "HOle -moD" cot cupancy. Priced at 88,40O with : HERE ARE YOUR NEW DREAM I Ian lots nabt on 'h. ,"' ._,

wv Hr4f \t w. n_-I, ...a. .ap1..t\ per month with 2.160 sa ft. floor .p.ee Suitable COLNL GARDEN53 Glassed-in tage When yon tee 1.re I terms or cash. Walter W. Rose Investment i HOMES-Dubsdread and Orwta Water lishu *a> ... ..a tM

Ttri-.4. ssis. eaHaaT- I Dl.trtfrusloi 5 LI. .lli... WINTER PARK ApL completely any business. P. 4141.Orlsndo porch Large fo. lot Completely living room with Its CS fre place Co. 49 N. Orange Ave Orwin 1 Manor Two large bedrooms beaatt- raPed Carrtvaa Poland mCarngaa
>* Ptortda PIP t.. .1 r4t. Bup- 'ullhe 2 bedrooms until D. 1;. I I furnished With( electric kitchen you will visualize h.1 evenings Manor office 3356 N. Orange ful bath kitchen with lots of cabt- Side 1't2"
.fa Aaw.*.a W ea.C.' .: Silltis:5wss. _.' P- .1. M ** & Dartoaa 11 mont. No children. or t. SPACE FOR RENT with front and i I Price 811.500. With terms. Weir Modern kitchen h.n 1 Ave I'room.nets; spacious gsrage. living screened room porch, breakfast lawsall 4841 evealaa* 2-234
2220. J System. 628 E. Pine tile bath. 2 bedrooms plenty .
: .. .,. Hew .e P 11 rear entrnce. Can be used for I : 4641I ORWIN MAhOR-2-story. 3-bedroom planted. Lifetime masonry teastmction. DU1U8AD15ev. a the l-t j
t' WINTER PA Completes furnished office or storage Contact Orlando COLLEGE PARK 5-room fram* spac*. gas floor 'Ir.c. attached i| frame house Priced at only 812i . asphalt shingled roof, capper i iI have bees wattra '"' P.4ti54hr

,,. I. .I ... ." near bUIIDe. Fish ft Poultry Co. 609 W. Church I I I bungalow. '41 construction completely .a.ee. . Ower bas left i, 000 Unfurnished except for kitchen | water pipes automatic hot wateribester Immsdletr sale sue .lor > lie
COME TO THE aTORB aeit to section LivIng room St. furnished High class we have the key can b! equipment. This Is the best buy *n I Price 81144 RIchard K tier**
ws. convenient iStransportatiOn.
p I.;iis9PS.uir5si.1 1 Paved street
I OtfM lisitisad.I for BMWt "P, beds. Tile bath with shower Kitchenette I fully gas equipped .It. shown today Priced for quick .I.I.t the market today Call Sam Wright YEA financed for Realtor. 472 *f_ or._. 7'ft' '
1_ (ktai end ued. and Prom until Located I moer 810.500 terms Exclusive with with David Andrews. Phone Winter ,, -
M Chine iou.11..ti. :
.. pfb I! largelot. attached paved Wla- DCLJkMsTY Wdc44 : wie:
It i
.0 lras ttr<*... YiirWs Pt.' ( ., .. .. carlo. I Ida.. 1st. 650 montb Sam Wright a 803 East Washington St I street shrubbery..r.e. Johnston I Cr. Realtor. .507 Metc I Park. 659t ,1 1Uk.ofrx,' OOcinU oat ta tot 194 ft Sees Pa.*..r' A.WVT.
pr .lde".lk. ter or
fi?" Cs *. W. (SinS .t'! *. e*. electric sad with David phone 659 AM INTERESTED In leasing maul I Building, phone 2-1710. .
BP- A"d' I Broke. W. Church O ORANGE BLOSSOM TRAIL Small 2041 Jewel Ave Open every d.yI Excellent aeMhhorr.ood a a 11
lvt-JulwM at *Mi lao ii.tost . baby carrteie*. ai.i Winter Park or market space In .oln St.i phone 6545 operation appreciated_ 4 j court site 135x150 Neat little cottage : I price Can Bm P P>.i
ltaa prwearirv* patat saaioiawvu a" ". SiO. 11 ST 2322 East-Two .tre Addre.or contact .Fora- CITY LIMITS Furnished KALEY SHol SECON- garage oak hade 88500. I I LOVELY 5-ROOM BUNGALOW-At Batoad Realtor *T] N (5,ase Cat
new cottage
WAHNGTN 920 Palm Dr Immediate poseei.sfl.
.) **<. *. tm, aew nYoa.uc.h. *Bd red I On farnlshei. other :23 E Concord. Oak modern bath. frme. IO. fri Howard Broker. 306 N. Main 7325 t I Exclusive with Harry Heath. I rian BM PSUMM 3iM_
t *.. Dor. '
o S. Wet trees Saddle I
W .M' D c .t e.1 Sebiteks..a TlUWe unfurnished 50. Wanted to Rent gas kitchen, 01 b... 11. cash electric hore. 2100 ORANGE BLOSSOM TRAIL-Just off in Co'onialtowf! 8253 BrOker'l 8JDOBWATB8I HEK.ITY..* 0 t tfresS.ti iia>nrTattMif
balance good .tn. 1.0 ten One of I.-
t WEEKLY BASIS-New and nice: one tn. Ropr In Holden Heights. Most attractivenew
roR O"-BOc& RANS. : |i i completely furnished and serviced Realty. Maine PI.bluf. 2-bedroom frame buncalow Attached I I In Orhtadat IIa.ss sbdte.I..n: pone
APARTMENT two threebedroom HOMES-Prtnl cat
taD or or LOTS OP NEW
I la. *. advlea *ee '! .t 620 per week: another I-room with unfurnished Will pay CHEROKEE I garage. Distinctive Humor I I much below cost. Come in: glad ta 230 Owner E L "-c'. jeieoq
fTMPt Ajro hou. PA SECON-Att.e
N krkk.a 810 week Call OHar- grounds. This will 3-2tM
.I 1klenti. per up to per mo Call 8821 I I live on very spacious show them. A. W. Moore with Wal : --
109 Pine; 10 & LANCASTER PAK 3-b.om. sell at once at 88500. Call Don BDOsTWATEK BBIUHTS l";
hardwood '
E floor large screened I Realtor, 217 S. Orans I II -
i tee Bass.
tart. ** 5 5155 abaV- I APT. OR furnished .t. I II
waaaaa. ar cypress
*. Anklet Wanted phone 2-0836 COTAGE- : garage with work room. .en "oltrctd Duoley Realtor: 2-4745 frrtae an Bcadlat DrH. aearLake
Al a tae w U* *ay t aged I I bunnlc. AU for only 1".0. All assessments adpM
Adatr la
condition Inside and 14 *
44 ad *. AATE-EY"- couple. Winter Park or vicinity. Box n. Louis Oeeslin. 143 rcJm I NICE 2-bedroom house WeU loe.".
.. AXES-ParaRar* af aU thing 11.0. P. A. Allison. Broker. 37 blocks east Fur- I 1 531 Nl A dMlraal pie m one if tka
alc Mw 141 Main1464. 87450. Hampton. Broker. !
tu : '' ..H.wt"I... adult_couple:_2-3993 8ta. WuhinltoD. t. hPd. screened front porch. garage I II city'* beat resMenliai areas tS'dor-
l Orange 5013.iiXt7TIFUL
fr' HOUSE Unfurnished 2 3 C.II"; 3S'scel
.I PS.el1.ThursS.d Paraltar SPARKLING CLEAN 2-re m fur or CAS5ELBEKRY-Beautifully furnished Can be made into 2 apartments with ately priced
1 Dial 4070. rooms; partly furnished b.j from I new home with aU mod- 4141
1 .. nished. Just redecorated Cool Concrete block very little expense S minutes 1 I Lawrestce _
houl. conste ..51ofI
.. Phone 2161.HOUSEPalsbed. LAKE GREENWOOD A downtown S75OO Terms H. M Vol- era conveniences owned by syt,
tcKe*. Jewelrr. private housekeeping. Only Near SEO KDTO ATE. 2 btorl. Tna50X130
=W.s.t.4 'ir. avaUable .. OD*t 1555 prlre. M. tompl.week. Close downtown. 431 2 bedrooms; or tlon bom. Phone 1.1. nice 4-bedroom. Attractive lick. with .. Daniel Kolar Broker I town man who has asked that I cell I ft. let Price #'iS r. 2
*<4av S 4. 14 S t 14 aad ... M Caslbr. front screened porch 20A 8. Main 7811 I 11' at sacrifice price. Shall be glad to
to fire
f. 32 W. Charrh.nmNtTURB LChurch St 1515 ConwayRd. Park Invited 4114
$ U 14 .CeeM Caaairae9 .. ca.. ..p'Rpl Brol.. place In a spaciott 1.ln. rom. show you this real borne which caaI
t. >.. :q" tee kezruevm FRNIBHE AATEN to rent. CLNILTWN-m.U frame house I Imagine all this for A ORLANDO-2-bedroom concrete block I be handled oa easy terms. McKdvey. I LAKE PROMT -4 -sttJ JSS
1 18.5.
1 aicta= kefore oell. electric HOUSE-rFurnished. 2 or 3 bdr. I lot with nice buy. Lorraine Clyde bouse Metal casement windows. E Central-Realty. trwntaa Farms Lake 55te
i We Pip P. I..U kltbea Year round rental Closed For .dlls Will lease for lie left for new home t be built McKensle. 12 S. Main: 2-4775 Venetian blinds 87600 81500 down. |1st I 63.780. C P Smwiwa 55050sF 144
iIj Ja.. open Sun 865 monttJy No Box 8-1... Price 82900 Call Harra- Terms Closed Saturday open Sunday ,; BUSINESS AND HOME N Oraaa -324S
Ij "WELLS. WATTS SYSTEMS ht.c I I I.te. LAKE FRONT 1-room bunnlc A. C. Golden. Broken 1121 NOrlando Owed says must sell this 8-rooai ,
j peta. A. C Broker 1121 N. Moore. 109 & Pine; phone .
0.1 Glden : small; or apt; In Re.lor. buUdta LAKE ci' aill S s.d.
Orlando .. Maltland underpass HOUSE flmlhe. 2-O836 with 150 ft. frontage on Ave.. near Maltland unoerparst. i house and separate block I .
c. .. i.Ei OOODO- ."n.I *. Park. responsible tomed Iske. 2 acres with 100 bearIng Winter Park 30 x 38 this week If yea need a I Lake Btowell Largumanndtaa
. *. Bo t Win. couple: call Orlando 2-2291 from CONWAY SECTION-Two attractive citrus trees. 4 miles out Electric home and (hop. her they are and beat vi,- "6 be.1st

O. awd 1ZM N. ..At.. 1HREE ROOM furnished apartment. 9 to 5. o Winter Park 9198 any time. I homes on a handsomely 1."dse.P refrigerator range and hot water ORANGE BLOSSOM TRAIL Half reduced from 810.SOO ta .HO. lake White tend beerh U4v Cat

ii 1.5111.54. U- ..r.1 'SO. Refined couple die. HOUSE 2 or 3 bedrooms, by Army plot of ground that are heater Icllde at 812.OOO. C. P.Sham. block east New Duplex. 4 rooms Terms Lot on business .' eLI 120 X I tart owner 414 Ilrna.lwLATaCASTBR' >

r.ra.'I.' .. 8"IaluI Ave 2.01 I officer wife and son Wi pay up .d.pt for use b. two families who .. al\r. 14O N. Or..... each side. with adjoining toilet andshower and 222. Call Mr. MorAl with O"Harra : PARK Na'We's riaad

.*. ., fir-. SUL *mov* or saw : YOUNG BUSINESS WOMAN to 880 Call Capt 20761Fxt .near each other Price 2-3282 electric water-heater nice i Moore. 109 E Pine: 2-2380. dintisi bandte.s-k Ce-s t-r-'usi'
clean been offered 81500
fW r tree CaU King : I alee 1015. for the Is For particulars isle aeaatifu ests 60 f
t*. 14 BuUdin- : apt Possibility of apt. 70u. I I I:2 i per week for one side but want to TOURIST-Highway 1792. Are yea I me
..II rt-MJH .._ewr ska. ,(' ! Cowtpaair telephone 1207.orriciiickutzs I after September Box 142 I RENT OR LEASE-Orlando call 109 or E.Holcomb Pine, with LNCAS PAK-3bd.om bun selL A good rental proposition cr i looking for The Spot? This to' I plot* 61 TOO M }5977 14'dI S-ni,r. ns

and fmrnltore. I i man needs 2 or 3-bedroom-rS O'H.I.-More. blok tie rof. oak a borne and Income for only 85500 New house partially furnished. I II 6 Main shone _

H 35 ..1 Oet -r BTtne. Check wits Oeort f8 Houses for Rent ;I home Prefer lake front. 091 2-836. Pbol.1 floors nice lot .th 13 Or two new 5-room houses on one I tots Betty Tr.nt Evans. Broker: 349

is.SASis PusSs'. I jutrt.,. .13_ .la St..phone tia I 8125 per month Box 122 8t. CLOSE IN-Duplex. 10 11.5. Terms B. Nlehln lot for same price For other good | N. Orlando Ave Winter Park. 61$. I LAMCASTCft ARX >.. '.ii; Dai dlac -

tfv. P O 8W* 3473 *.C I OLD OOU!* pay highest I II WAN TO RENT by responsible I month separate Income apartments.and own Over .10 a R.lor, 1 8. M.I; dial 2-119. buys. Phone 5644 today. C. U. Tay HOME. GROVE and fruit buarnest in site eal of Slate ,ovr f sees

Hi tMFaiT cooafkits "-' feawk far dlamotwU. aid told. .tr JIA4 AVB 85; p.rtl fur- couple and mother desirable I All furnished .p.nment. lor. Broker. 2516 N. Orange. beautiful Maltland residential sectlon | sell Tbls Is your opportune-; pvc

*--Mwr-O-M Sid Kaaa i I krak a $:.Iry. listS. IheI two-t>edroom. furnished house sired See 1,0..ter.12. 44 H d.W. House is attractive two-tory I fun aarttcator see M.r.i. w maRealtar

,% a*jKPw*." 5.11s. Sea*, in K *. or apartment effective November on Church St.COLNITWN. frame with four bedroom tw* batbs 31 West Waablag fPhoae
O. 'IU, HTLLCREST AVE. 637 year-round basis le.s. No children LAKE FRONT-Country Club section PARK LAKE AVE. There are five acres of grove a nicely | SilO
Wi -
fiiiii.ui. WE PUT DtAUONDS. eld eaU. traM i I I able bedrooms,"I tr: er pets Box 124 8-te. SECTION-Close to One of Orlando fnes"e.. homes established gift package fruit .

JesuIt sad aattaau. HecitkcX 7414 ; : .t.n. 3-bedroom home en a large business good for 85000 per annum LAKE PROsTT LOTS-In Int
1 OR furnished apartment lakefr 5-room modern bungalow
wt a<* On* dvwsi siut-psis.1Uig >4 S O.B...p.l>lrtWE : Hardwood fo. tile bath Corner constructed 3 2 M..on and a new and complete rental Unusual City cnscesteneou, Restricted
.. .. PRONT er house. By Sergeant with bdrom. masonry construction. Aluminum retI
K4k r Slid*. LIJ -Oarage room with H lot; Holw.o will I .
.a ., BUT ..l.nt. CaU .ke1 and also large cool wife and 1-year-old baby Willing Im.dl.t tiled baths. .ru. .u.p"dP sash tile bath. 2 large bedrooms tage Price '000-86000 Kyweacer In.Cotejalal Co MM K
Pla possession J A.
.. . 1 ... Ce.N Htt In ao.e. preferred. t le.s best character r.feene. 108 8. Court: 1 Ohi. Est.t. tile floors basement steam beautiful kitchen Close to school Call Dana Humpfer with OHarraMoore. Dr dial 505_ _

f o"t_ ... ,, II.W. Cbvrca. pbaaa34MS Phone 11.hm.. fumhed; Please writ P.O. 14 2.64. copper plumbing etr large beauti stores bus Price of 811.000 Includes 109 E. Pine; phone 2-0834 I MICsnOAN-BtrMBY ** 'Iv.< F a4jotacna
..1"... PINK pb 6394 between 8 CENTRAL A VI. E.-Just off-New 2 fully p.nele overlooking lake electric equipment. Immediate occupancy. I HAVE A MOST attractive -- lot Mtatv es- O r

. .a .i WE PAT eh lor aid i CAT mil* Sou La of Vest : .m. bedroom bungalow Asbestos 24 First Federal morl.le I room home built of frame and concrete will sacrifice I orosc S .. a*>f
ttaa iaraid Teraxf .lb. '. .p S.S. .Ofi.. furnished bw lights I ILK .h.J siding. W.l located partial S18-SOO. owner will take II I block in the Northeast section I ten Broker $31S_ (tea, 5154
ta awtd. ., .I., . aad .a.l. Chi ''eudnl new Magic galow or cash for equity. Oeo. H. Exclusive with Huckel-O'NeaL of town with attached erase sad ,
.5 5551 I. .. dren welcome. Very furnished ; Chef MANOft BaXTIONneU (' Ccr
is. 31 mON-2-brom. range and air ell heater Klttredge te Son. Realtors. 2-3176. Nice hardwood neon.be.lltiful
.*. =_ .Jewelry e e. OrBe Ca dirt road t* left South Br.e's Pllltn D..d pbnld.n Must 82.500 cash balance like rent bra 118 E. Robinson; dial stationary picture tuba windows. House In rtabt off CTr So-' -' 8'X.ORWIK .
: ; ; Station within town Will Call Earl Shannon Phone 4449
; mlu. with Ray Re.l-I. _
f.t.84 ee.*.*, Plat .... 11 Furl Oil and Wood I IUNSE DR. 407-Desire a .oma lease for 9 a.m.one and. S 2-4869 between R'. or. ill P.n Ave.. S Orene.Winter LANCASTER PARK-3-bedroom de spacious excellent with condition.shad and grounds shrubbery very ORWTH MAMOU l teei .- tUMbasa

.ae* vat. 4)44 *aL a task frr.rban to share W P. Park. Ph. 62. luxe Pre-war bnnsalow Tile roof'0.1t Price Sll.500. term Jamenon and Av*. Lots 1 4 Par' at *
PUT OH A tan *
.. 01.0 me Also house for sale CITY 1.IMrrS--iavg free in floors Carter. Realtors 70 E. Pine CallA Block 30 Pile* 616V 1 r Arsnm)
this : cedar
p" . I R t. 2.734. comfortable closets Venetian
.n. aOJl *** pour COUPLE I PRINCETON SCHOOL SECTION-Attractive .
A Uraer heat *: SMALL HOUSE partly furnished. WITH BABY desire to rentunfurnished I 5-room house I small blinds. Shade "re.. Fruit 816500. 2-story house with 4 bedrooms I'I T. Carter 951*. 119 Oruma B C'vS i>--t. p -
..I Adult "OIM close U; yearly .rev* that more than Terms Phone 2-6132 : lectea
only aU
I Immediate possession. lease. Call pays living and 2 baths 2-car garage. 'I I FURNISHED HOUSE Corner JoI 6
.nl..rr. rt o"nl'I 17 8. W..tIor."d' Dr. : co. 811.000. ten.C. W. WalJSIJviSi11.63 LAKE KNOWLES SECTION-New" 2- Johns Manville roof Fruit trees and I rooms bath: reasonable down payment ;PALM TERRACE-BeJ .1 u jUdmctte

'I J J. t rrU1a and boils LAKEFRONT coUage Purnished. I Or.ne 6509 bedroom cement block bungalow. shrubbery. Completely furnished for I I balance like rent. Owner lake new ana .as traat.

J a Couple ol". Holden Ave. Phone 2- 81. Rouse for Sale f CLGE PA- Partly furnished 100 ft. lot. Price only 816.BOO. With some terms I Charlie Morgan. 53 West Church Bt Attractive rk<*. Cart Te aDer.:-
1 DIRTS Rica black tew sail fin sad l lun.lo.. fully fur 'oaer. 3115. Oraaae -<>44J
01M. a m. until S8OOO. Terms. t8OO cash balance elusive with Jane Bros 235 HOUSE S rooms and bath Large
ished. -
w. kavw 4 Msaawv at a4 rdta ta i elar, Ovaraateed tall 1d Writ WIDOW WILL SHARE 1. home with AVALON. BLV. 446-New block 6 hardwood newly p.lnt. rele monthly. Mr. Bryant with Herman Main 7559. E..I I screened porch. 2 bedrooms city I SOUTH AM sMefTBLS-ra-".rS.
H*,*t>* .sa itlaa. Eaeb If. A Bray P O rom. Lnl i Goodwin .
is.i t 1 10. a adults Clean. Good bus service. dining be.IUul i laces dining Om. Inc. Broker; 177 N. Orange; water and light Frame construction beautiful adjatnta lale ; on beautiful landscaped
.M"wrmM Pfcoa ? - rom. "re 9855. cash 84,SOO Owner -. -
!. 1 F. c. Phone fireplace. Duotherm tot. to ea bus line Price. 85500; 81500 10 InsC avi>

rL t. COLD SMOKE Keep year gardea 1-3. er clelU. he.t I transportation C about shopping M, cash.and LAKE EOLA SECTION -_ Home' and PINE ST., E.-5 rooms and sleeping : balance montblv Cell Mr. Lynch wIth ell laaalr* Me coltsr W HPfcmpa .

1U H. I I! sad towa pt free and healthy. 47. Rooms for Rent tile 10nI.It buUt-i fe.ture.. mror.do. 1, Investigate this 10,5. Rob income Duplex apartment. Each porch; famished Ten minute walk I i M D Bailey Realtor 30 I. Church. 223 Liberty aSUBURBAH '

.&q The ut. easy way 404 Braokbaeea plenty outet door chime telephon.cldut I.. Realtor; Rid.. ; has 3 large bedrooms spacious liv I downtown near schools and stores I Ph. 4767 -Let* anti t-t tea>

.. | D 4ii4 AMERICA ST. 121-Lakn Lucerne. t. nleU.D bUnd beautiful : dial .. Sf8 lag room. Nicely furnished 1 apart 1 810'500. Ph 2-0329 between 9 and I QUICK SALE'-,-Two nicely famished east af twwa n>- fl's t t.WeHiaaway .

PILL Good rteb tea gotl. Delivered. Choice cooL attractive. Guestrooms .. Aluminum Buy with confidence Deal with nest rents for 8125 per month owner 5. No agents: I houses. 250 ft. blgbwsy frontsseI W A M'K'rre, Jlron.t

Pfcoa* 87 SO and 810 .ido. and screens Ter.ee. -Pryde.. I occupies the eo 823000 terms. PRINCETON SCHOOl. -1 j I Over 7 acres Small lake Call owner 4940 Caeyy 2-'144W1M1IK

P t'LTfIIANVRZ-I$ ton. high 1' ret.tl"c wall an .rol"c I COLLEGE Nicely fUlahed.1 Lola I Royal Broker. Exceptional bargain I Ibouse Winter Park. 8849XBEAOTTPtn PABK. eLate Kjtawl-

$1 PCAtThu.-.Ow. *ack 1 CLOSE IN-CooL Private Rear 2-car . be seen 2 PAR 'i LAKE PA1KVIXW Section Lovely I Elegantly furnished AU modern SYLVAN SHORES-Mt Tempts Delve **<-tioai Propectlve *-
fwat raa
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a .
Ps.. .tb i i 814 000 J7000 First Federal mortgage electric little new 2-bedroom i conveniences Hardwood floors 2-bedroom SMSBW b'stld.c.t'
GulL Reasonable. 644 kitchen oak floors fireplace frame housed Dora Elegant new .14 see
aa MM .
aw **** 6 2.
'*a. At 0> u t M.1CJ payable 849 month. b.l.nee cash or I garage laundry room New roof and breexeway garage laundry. Corner' and kitchen te tiled Equipped with frame bungalow earner lot. 1O5 tbea cboece winter Part f a* lo
3$. flowers and Seeds t 'can rfD.n 89500. Owner Sll paint 88950 terms Bag Real lOt. lake view bath with shower; electric refrigerator New *as stove. 145 ft. East front Tile bath: complete as 8244. ill dawn bsia'c -i us*.I ImontkJy
Sew*! 6 It. Bataa*. .nt. 4-2O6 Hillcrest A.e. Room ) z water heater Lan corner refrigerator .. ..
.ta't. tate. 30 Church 8435.Open .etc 85750 other good Several large closets kitchen: gas range; gas amygaeats t*; avail
L Oraaa Biao cat tabl : meals. P. ', b.t. J ADAIR SECTION -3-bedroom. fur-' day" E buys 81600 tip C. U Taylor Broker. I lot. 100x150. Nicely landscaped Several Screened porch. Automatichot able A leek will satisfy rarrtgaa as

nn.n. Jo- CLOSE IN-Adjoining b.tl Hot water t 1 I -ed. blo 1un.lo.; 8180OI 2516 N. Orange. 5644. today large assorted fruit trees Owner water beaten two car modern Poland. P.c. Owser, Carrvgar, lIds.

ii., t fwi .u Kitunsr's Good bed. fume I . .. 713 I LANCASTER EAST-2 blocks Bungalow leaving For quick sale 87250. half garage Near two large lakes. House 472 H 'oraiae; 2-4551
-S .... .. rtr.P t..rl 444. Cool 3 E Robinson cow Court.BEVERLY DOWNTOWN-Walking distance 4- built In '41. 2-bedrooms, nice I cash. Mr. Busch with Sara Hutching his been renting at 890 per month ucxoun LAKE PROfIT LOT-

33 _ _ Surtmam CLOSE IN-Pront Mr prlut I ground condition throughout Garage nice 409 8 Orange: 2-0583 Cost present owner who built it chic ta. Oaty 81OV5 on tersat.

i C. 4.i ."ua bt pbon 2 SECTION For a"t. .p.rent A on lawn and shade 86140 terms. Sam. ROSALIND AVE. Close In. This 87.650. Must sell now Clear of mortgsge. R P. Tide ad., Realtor Csrntgaa lies.

biSibil . ."II.tlr... : 04.. those d.lln.SHORE and a r.U' I 10. Johnson Co.. 208 B. ).ID. solid 2-story frame with life time A rare opportunity Price 87- 472 M. 0iS$5e-45Sl_
with Ben Rodger
., ts C n E. Piaa. received COLONIALTOWN. N. Hyer Attractive clean home .e New concrete S-bedroom home. WeU LAKE DOT SECTION-2-story cypress roof offers security. 10 rooms. 2 500 Broker Exclusive 64 N. Court: T990 BFTTER BOY NOW for ts1..' '-
OOJa. .Uk double rom, twin beds. now ole this 3 bedroom bungalowwith .1 built and attractive. 86500Simon. shingle. Needr a little repair. baths, furnace beat Lower floor of I aasa*, Coiner a es r roc.ncbeol.
alt W S I .. Near bus fine appointments and landscaping 9 large rooms and bath occupied COMBINATION BARGAIN Horn ,$ 6400 .
**t 8O arag and grin but a steal for 37400 Don't delay I S Van* -, 1 avrcaueo
I10 A U A u for only $17.500 with terms : wners. Upper floor 3-room .".n-I and Close In on paved street
auto. ,
iwtHttMd isis. daiaiea.taberww ST. 431 E.-Only 84 per R.lt 32 E Pine Street call the buyers broker. Hastings. 1 61MO E lv| ;no .,' ,
Ir CUR H. C. Babcock Jr. with Robert R. I meat plus 2 double bedrooms with city water but no city taxes to
P.SiS5S. Realtor. 523., E. 1 Lots .
Central ot
bala N rsfT. sleeping room. Next ta D.1 685. Arcade); tr' i4w
z ed mostly furnished at 815.750. with I
Realtor. W. 2 bedrooms kitca- j
Tyre. I pay Living room. Lore
11.10 Orlaad PI*. Good neighborhood down- 1 W.h1 4237. I Oaaa Broker; 6 K Stews.
IU terms. Weir 628 E. PIne
i. .i 1I.L' d. 6174. System en. bath breakfast room. sleeping 2-1244)
f ._llt,. Cat II 4641 porch and screened front porch ,

.J .. h "W.J newer. ewraaae .. .I CLOSE IN-Double or single; cool CLOSE IN house. 1100 'DUP'rm.. elte I SUBURBAN 5 miles west. 2-bed Also 1941 Mercury sedan This Mercury - I BUTLDTJ8O iLs..1 j,
wweaee '.I--"W, Py J*. Oaraeaa.. M. Oraasa.P room faring lake: laundry and South ,. Sma. E. ton jls' LAKE EOLA IIECTIO"I I room frame bungalow Gas. electricity is clean) throughout has new It* sew la the at're r ,'r r>js '
*a4 Ma
S aad efraw .saaarsv Bea- -41 each. Lk COLONIAL DR 115 E. Doable. room-dining room cmbl.tlol home Prime construction. Hardwood Price 3000. Terms 8160O cash. Mr. : drive Both home and auto for I an as***. doe* u S. b->o n 5 d
pOi t. *4fitallt 1 COLLEGE PARK-2-bedroom frame Nice bedroom large floors. 2 large porches corner Chile] at 78 E. tore*. Mead reaaonatxMB -
Pu,.?,. 628 S. Lakemoatee 8840 Single. Sleeping porch. t c1t moer Bryant with Herman Goodwin Xnc 8564000 See Mr
a Ie bungalow in splendid condition. kitchen sod bath lot. Call me for tUiJaai Brwa 235 K 7sv 9IS
Ukav: I Park. Pla $5. appointment and I Broker 677 N. Orange 9855 Concord Ave Phone 2-8841. tie i >
Garage Nicely landscaped beautifully furnished Nice will be glad to take
jt Coplet you out for inspection 5OOPVOp.tsc.E AVE
i.e*. ..& a itsiouiv tart wl lakeu CLOSE IN Vie* single bedroom ly furnished except tial location close to r.lde. J. A. Martin with o P. SHADY LANE DRIVE 1021-3 bedrooms 90 ft -
d"ett. treat
h".i _ _ y year 5.... P 8740 week. 2 a Church Terms Cavenaugh. 10.. shopping One apartmentheld S_.. 60 East Pine; phone 5812. large screened porch. all 511. Lake County Property Pint 8440 take Paved %n> *.
It tossing "
II E. Pnacetaa.M. .
lt. for ,. electric kitchen; garage apartment.Drive :
ThS CLOSE IN-Unusual opportunity in Op.nc A .o' COUNTY-We hv a fin Ap ly 2703 BaaRariaa Ave
and LAKE
value by. If Interested get out
CLOSE IN Desirable at and
Near 4-bedroom borne. Furnishednd
room. guest
; tU.O. C.n.u' J.D and
.* LI> tUrk and SappUea onus and shopping. Apply today in excellent condition. lungs Orange. Mrs Slomka will show yon around. election of "Quality Homes
L.ln seB. for 55.
82 Yours
Complet 'BusinessPriced to >
Country tr S* 4CHlCKEJt
at Phone .234.DU Exclusive. Z. B Gay. Broker. 116Vi Property
East Amelia. ly Price ,
t- awr.wSZ BAY MAK( far Ml. Mar* .IU 3 alt 118.wt. tn LAKE SUE SECTION ef Winter Park 8. Orange31993 or W. P. 664-W i I Service W. .. Kistler. Realtor
. Lodg H-101. COd New. modern la *U respects 3-bed- 1 P15.TAVARES .
Tavares. 8
Awe Mawera
I la 1317 Oakley CEER l -
Ap Realtor, 6137. SUBURBAN-Modern frame S rooms
riding loom concrete brick construction t
Amen. Ho hon 3 CDt.. Unfurnished 3-bedrooa >aa a and new cbtokan onPrult >
{OW. r* B* Imry. .4 PAYS 22* NET- Oak floors. 4il* bath and and bath Must be sold this week; shade *
la"Un 1 trait trees Nice nir.nla arater >
____ la m Apply 52 IU Park. .n Wit COLLEGE PARK-1 year old 2-b kitchen automatic furnace aluminum Going completely furnished for 3800. house 2 tots. 12 road Let *
.now 6
K _. Phone us yM ISis
room bungalow on 75 lot. | Built 1 blinds large With only 81.0OO down King Real Es I 1or.U Reasonable.
ta si'l ***4 .".U* GORE AVE. 1 Z.-Attr.ctlvs room P year Concrete blocks Pnr- Jot completely lawaed. T.an.1 W K Price Real Siiate, <" 3.
OOATS. 3 $3STW. R.Brefcaa Convenient location. tically furnished. Otow Rents monthly liar garag with laundry tab*. tate. 30 K. Church. 8435. pen Ban Orange AceContinued -
'r6Trif 30 biTC*;, .T at OoWea Tltebea Ph.8'smme rates. say sell1"' we BrIms I H le 850 12 mDU.Ask 1 Owner occupied Price 815,500 unfur 4a,.." IJ"IRed.Tapro NEED-A borne, I >

Cu I = pr"Ue. 17o. Ben with Hattie Williams. Real j I Peter. Realtor ". nished. Approximately H caan required II SUBURBAN 3-bedroom cement i farm property
** wed
BdWBAHS HARWOOD AVE. 5O9-Cool room for W. Washington St. Phon cr. choir or Insurance- e BarI I
I' (I ; WeU restricted area. Private block. Cottage In rear Let SOx350 i grove
C., 4m MJL*. M.I 2.186 [
. isVlCZ-Ws aba: girl who want* ale filendly bom*. 8106. sal. Peon Winter Park .. Income property Kittinger Realty. I ry E. Morse A- Co. Red estate and iI Oa N azt Fare]
Sail Pheaa
.. ass. Wiatcr Park 433. Prtvat entrance. 42 W. Concord; phone 2-O074. I. Insurance of EosUs. Fla. I

:..: _: -.:. :.

- -
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P.--'- ---- - -- - - : : -. '

I CaL- -,- rr.4ajI ..1 H. 'al r..tatft Want.dt1 tO. Builnesa OpportnnltlrsOAB _' Mister Breger 75.. Used Cars for Sale i 76 TraUen.TruckJr Sale' I (!rlanbo! frrntinrl .

*. .' .. I BTATIOK-.-Oaraca CHEVROLET-1941 Special DeLox ALMA-The most ttvabl trUn SAT.. JULY 12. 1947 Page .19 '
I u. ciIry 1ir.pjp ...... ...n .'N.. CM".I -I block Ar.bm.Uo 0 un 4-o ..d.n In fine condition. horns in tile world. W* "ITS: A PACtTHE -
tar"i. .II.: It,_.. Or..1 cl.a 3-24i1 t>T ,. c.U 5811. It.nd.r Motor Inc..375 N. Or.ne; brand new one reduced (400 1
WTtI ..It I .te price. Easy term rrnsed on 76. Trailers-Trucks for Sale
.: avanlue USTtwos ..AKTtD7.1 OKNCRAL BTDRE. LlTlm Qutneri 2-6. trailers. Open Sundays and holiday

-.' '- . .... :- *15.000 isO-: "n.thrva Laka Apepka lUhtoc CHEVROLET-1941 special D.xe *. Frank Reed Trailer Sales. 201 TRAILER (25) New" USED CAR
-- - .l- 'ft-w .
555 5455-4I4. I- .D.Me yar> bu Coach Like new. A ear N. Orange Blossom Trail. Granite H ton 2 .
rvw itntm no* oat lIt1o-. ;_. n. ... POsit..1 ', .tek aM lUtnm. AU 'okln. for. t24S. Barley W.c trailer or 4 wheel telescopic farm
Is..m44. .. Pe... I .1 H..r Broker, )H. worth 615 N. Or.nee: 8597. BRANSTRATA. 22 \ Going cheapfor trailer Must close entire stock out EXCHANGEHADLB .
0-4.. a.. e ... aVJlOALOW ..aa _ _ _ c.a Looks .o.. new. cost R. S. Evans 6O W. Central. I
*****!. .. e4. 'f""k' ._ US'TUtGa-A. .. I OROCKBT STORK_A real btrciin.OaM CHRYSLER 1938 touring sedan. Rtley' Tr.le Park. Dor*. ..
.t1-1- .. t_ = 5551t' clean Weekend IPI.I. S495. Harley I l.t FBfB :
: IMM.
-. WUb.ttrM1. fi. kUa. nut Wadsworth. Orange; 8597. CHEVROLET pickup; 1946: radio: -Large. 1H ten panel: dual ;
__ j 1 __.!4- .b.: ._ a.. 5: Mn.cou..an. Mark sad . tt I heater. Six ply tires: fog; 1.4S. wheels: good rubber: splendid run '
j.4I IhaS
$"flU e .I r 1.lt. CHEVROLET 1947 "eem..wr Phone 305 W. Winter Pak. j I'I nins condition. Will trade for good LATE MODS '
.. ._ Ivs.da. : PARK KMM. 1 Wtfr..M. ** 1-3471. maroon convertible; i
.... ..t4...- .I. S.. .... c.. ., ..108 Sm.Ir55lS H1QHWAY 17-M 'MEueUn loeatw :: ; 2. miles. Make fu. BOi.quP COL-U4 heavy duty trae- 50O used E.passenger Amelia.TRAILERLarge.. car or sell outright
"*. '.* 0t5 l- II wa.t. Pe tI .&t >a lot \ 825 tires ..booster Ain-OMOBZLJOft
it *.-. "w '>. La*. ., fciJJ '..CtZ.hew.. I. H*. ttr.COn, bunn.. st.r.CLt3 ; Irlt.: reconditioned. Ourprice capacity 1 tpn;
.r Trent \ sedn. Ex. Chevrolet Co. 115 W. Kingham enclosed specially ma-
.. e' Mill 104.5 .. bw551u ta 4or 184. HoUe .
. tmt.1 r. .rM r.BU Phone .
,. .r .. .J Mk* tv**>,.* o. .-. ."". 55 95* p r. "iH. Btan. .. 94 I. Ortdo ATWlBt conlt0A Uulhou& . fcrced to'handle. heavy loads; (17S CASH PHtOEtt
500 Z. Amella.To Highest
5' d* .. i-. S. u. .* ,. J."._. ..a... .r P4k.dil._____ 2-4S. COVERED WAGON turd good

1s .5.pr'S. .*. m., w ..1, Aa""nn-.ru. ks 174rAiii'ND CHILDRKH Shop CHEVROLET 1939 2-door. Very I tires, metal hitch. (35O.Lustate paid for ctaan can. .

:' .... S P'.s _1M ... :, 4.4 0,515.s .... 4s1I" 550550551.51. I 81* p0-tI-I le.* than tnventary at nice. Ctrl Florida Motor Jefferson trailer. 2 wheel 47 t.,. Ss :

; ...:, ... I I 551551 .lre.1 s4. WendeifBl .Prt.n. lor dial 22424. inquire Snyder's Store. Lockh.rt. sure to SEE US before yam
J. ::I" ,.
POaSl 1S1W a. yaan touSle 1 antablttbea' CHEVROLET 2-ton; Liquidate
S good TUCK 194 selL
Located one DODGE-1941 coupe; tra I
PW' r 1. h OKOVKS-HOMBA-KU aiifuju, 825x20 I-pl brke.
L4U ,. I 1.. Orlaaaa't baslcit ctrecta. Prie iD 60 miles: S1000 cash. W. t. .
,.L' . SWSr" 'f rvmr prfinr .itn a..r Mnra tutck and Zuuman !! Huntington AT*. Winter I stake bJ. or fo J
t. ... fte ",.n' 'I K.alMra ChMiaan J.."... .. **ClTde fltar.. 8. P rk.DESOTO. . l k. Phone testis 24BI.ckDDB Estate!
.. ... ... i j1 L >13IovelI.! ATO Pbotx T 4. a4TTSR18TAURAMT Mclm.. M.I 1942 club PICKUP-1936: perfect 14 1946 PLYMOUTH .
,;, con.enlbe and (595. See ,

....1.. .A. . .,. I Poor WANTED-W* ** 4 9 *.d trarcry. -rUUn* wIns station license.470OO and. finish.coupe Fluid New and top.overdrive..0r.I.1 beutJ.black 18 mo\r. bJ 6464. To _liquidate Estate, the Low mile..., b

.... .",, .. ... I 4 Wdr****!.. misted 51.* a y Br.*.1. Low ouhe.c 1595. Harley Wadsvorth, fU J. : FORD-1941 cb over engine; heavy executors of the Estate of maroon finish. Leak': ..
\ . .-. 5s51s4d. 5s air.M. A V..4rfu1 bay Oriole: 8597. duty tractor; 2-speed axle; 825 .
,.. .,.... . I J*. o. ur. M.nr.. n w. waaft *ukk !.. C'I Bill Dou-oa FORD 1946 Club Coupe. -Clean as a tire*. In cood serviceable condition. Caroline O. Plant offer one over. .
-,- taSSeL DIa''I' MJ*. UI.I special 295. Holler Chevrolet Co..
.. .1. Kb. H. r Blnd Rfsltor. pen." Olln' Used Cars. 242 N. Or- for sale at the highestbid
"' .. ... IIS W. Central.
.. HI'I I Csrilsla Bldl. 12 J. tntf Ave. Phone 2-4814.
a' .\ S d -- 'M e.re., I I DODGE 1936. Panel body through Monday Noon .

..-. .\". & c-" . I IIOW. WAKTZO..W. ..*, na* : : Lot FORD solid-car 193O; S34S.model Saturday A. A very Special.Martin1 good. condition. Good tires. (325.- F.U, July 14, 1947. the follow- 1946 PLYMOUTH 3.
wta tar 2. J aa4 4-W4raMB 1UtAtNfount.1 Inn Bakeries Inc.. 315 W. South
noeaatpeuttaa. dial ing automobiles
N. :
rbw3l. 55.5 kss.b.qi .. 155.0 ta 4M4 _.u-.. Call W, B. 1-_ aparunent iata. Used C.r. 101 M.I. ; 8t'j Low mileage tike .

J4." ;; .,. D _. i iTMS1s.1HaaI... flaUaf.SI -&l ; 14 C.oiM I Ii Lew ar rent*,..o leas atber*. For buiines... 84.FRDI9t club coup- good .h.p FORD.-1941 Pickup; A-l; 2.34t Radio. Gun metal "

0 I
aus. a HiUrest. Good wr ta rIght party. ate ONE CADILLAC finish. .

,1.M or LAM .,...-44f I I WANtXO W* hava .r aiwcU! .Rr at Carmon's Restaurant cor FORD-1940 convertible coup ra- .C.M.C.-1t42 m mechanical ton chassis condi-cab
B. Washlncton and Bumbr heater spotlight; ." and flat. Good I
..S i S lsiis. aTtfV tar -aa r 5 aM 4 rtoa .1 FLEETWOOD SEDAN
*,. *4 r.-.i = $4 CM :; PSU 1' .. to lar ttte can *10* ..kd..*._4 ta 4 pra.UPCR r i , .- condition. Will trade for late model tion. Bargain. at 425. Holler. Chevlolet -
I I" 115 W. Central.GMC34toa
**fc Vat HM- *tt7ciy* _. luabar, 14* M. Oraai; $ UARKKT-IdeaUy toeated.Plenty cuictiiKlKt,tbc XTorid njho closed car. give difference: would Co. I Model 1938 1941 MERCURY K .
..- I' S .. .." 5513 .a*..... ta H M .a." I .. parkin space clean consider bouse trailerBoom 04. pick up. Fully uJ I .
nM *i ** .to,, j*) I 1 Uif( W">rrth 4l_. .._ I stack aM futures. 3 year leas with . And here's the forecast for you lucky people! San .Juan Hot ft ped. Nearly new nevet loaded. : clean car and .

IM .,-,. 1 M .. MIMe? W. I .... lt .> kt rait atll raar .ption ta renew. Priced for quick going swimming today-sunny all day. .!" FORD 1940 3-door sedan: new .t 400 N. Orange. D.I 4T. ONE LASALLE COUPE $1M5.
.>... ,.- 0.**.,. l4 ._n* Hn Bra*. Aitacr lia M. I ..!* P prie sod terms 8 Lul paint new motor. new Interior.priced ; HOUSE TRAI Must be told money.
.. .. B D Broker, 21 W. only. Martin' Excellent
ft* M..s s-s.vs .I'.I't. OT4B 411 14 178 Saturday quickly 2f& Streamlite. I
HO *: ,.IS es. ,ii r : I 4412.BVNORT. I Used Cas 101 N. Main: dial 8409. Price SI.500; real Model 1935

fc .t t* AND GROCERY STORE: = 61. Help Wanted-Female I r 72. Auts-Truck for Rent FORD-1941 club very clean. btUI. Inquire 863 N.?Or.nl. ph 1939 CHEVROLET .

: .*: .( *. :ril,. iJTa I I LIn1" WANTTD-Wa ..*. s A rl _Qm.ke. 1u now 33.000 ctul eoup. to .I 2.2411 MtlHn 9 and 6.
S..(. .. kMM ... ... anui ttM lar tUaUa tapr,. r* .a1re* ...n ta selL No 1 COOK to prepare *nd serve dinner CAR-RENTAL INC.-High grade In- Martin' Used Cu,. 101 N. HOUS TARf. Koiy Co.c Automobiles may be Inspected Looks like new. "
!51. Mat Kir larstioB. new fixture only; 4 adults: cood pay; reference.eaulred. suied by week season dial 8409.FD19U. "
221 1.: ::: 'CI { Braktr. .o.n or BOi 39- .I. at T. K. Johnson's
ssr 'r"k I J7$ M. Of*a.. 531.I .. b..Dt" .ak turnover Box 189 SStar.HOUSEKEEPER recponsible people. Call 6159. 36 : convertible club coupe. Rd. .

p. .*, I i : lease with -For 1 l.d.y. Hour Livingston Ave. good tires. A for S1295. HOUSE TRAILER-M-system. 194*. Storage Garage. West 1942 PONTIAC ..

i: tkM' 'M .,iips4: 'I "iJ Ineam* from commission from 8 to 1 p.m. Call at 816 E. Harley Wadsworth. Orange; 3 complete rooms. Venetian bUnd Central Avenue. Orlando

.. ....., .,. &JaT1JlC" 1..sii>..cn nu .aTu i -" peak. .."Bptecel. Whitney and worth Spiec'l It. Central Ave. D.yourself VARNER; low U-DRIE.I-Drve*1. 8597. bottled gas. international he.te. Florida. AU bids should be This is a low m ..

Ie .. 00.. .ws a. A esi.I I k. P. BiarMo. lUallar. U C. a.aJty Realtor 704 experienced. D. Vrner U-Driv-It. Ine334. W. 1941 Super 2-001 I wIt air condlUone. con delivered to Trust and a good one.$12l. .
DLux .. Depart-
>! S w.. sstpP.Wn4 I; p54 44>l.Wt BId, agi. M.t STORPHE Shor Central Ave. Phone 2-3153. FOR 199!. Inquire K.n.EU.aTr.U.r
? I Call .d.n. Haln W.d.wor.
I Park. 4 mile north of Lcesburth -
atv'l'aiks ment First National Bankat
MCWtRM MOM .git .. grass number 5174. 615 N. Orange: i
TOURMt (91
J-v. .. a_. p. ., T. I ..oa rtt** *.. boawa. rarM .LD&ro.4 t"l.phonf HERTZ DRI.U-E SYSTEM FORD 1947 convertible club coup f Rt. .4. Orlando before noon.
"I..'" Ad.. . .. f1.lb Experienced for Truck p.Senler for rent HOUSE TRAILER. 25' 1946. 1940 PONTIAC .
.4. 1nH. s.. .. I" Ut SItS A. AK >> 1 btb"l 5TNORPE- Radio fog light A realbeauty. lat
aI .5.4 ..... S& I >aUar.njH.. W a lilayta ..a4c. frantate. Rlchwsy Company. Responsible by hour, day or week. Low rater. 375 hute.. Motor Inc.. 375 H.Orange U. new. 3 room2 wy Monday. July 14th. 1947.
N. Orsnte. phone 2-4064. New motor installed .
U Em electric brake awn.I.
.rt Ssjus. I I Wtl..oe WAJHIiD-W. 55,5 3 Banlord. pllton. 5. .ek. : Iata.
: 2-064.
Il. Rab. A. Villas.TraIler
? snr.4M arr. U t_ 54,5 tM prep. T 1.0455.TOUR1fCOURTO 0 ploye* bn.rts. Ponf JIM U-DRIVE-IT '47 Mr.h.n. this in .
CBI FORD-1946 Sportsman convertible. Blossom car January.
55)5 f. _. . is, I ,
I Cau A. T. Cn,. Sill: .IeauMa UIei R.te.1 week or month.Competitive Radio Pet Or.nl
I unit W Experienced. Tray daJ. Red leather upholstery. .
.. n. ._ tp .. i AEI Trail.HOUSE
. finish. A .
... 1 Wsas i- Ctrur Mtia tnd CastleS.AviFko.ir&tiiSi14 a. raat and S-roam horn. : 21 to 40. Go tips. dial N. O.De; heater. Very .milrate. St.ndsrdMotors I P' 4; air con I bargain at
i 1 I. : (ar *. front*** *n Indian River and U. 8. LPrV > Johnson's Coffee Shop. and 2-521 Inc.. 375 N. Or.n.; phone TL floor, electric

: -R..I.wts rv.tttv fw ".' I aa4 .MB w** ta silL aatrk aarUki 42X800. 410.000 cash. blanca Mstnoha phone Dayton Beach. OLIN'S U-DRIVE IT INC.-New car 24064. ,_ dlton.d., h.Ud beautiful Interior R. S. EVANS
euaRTw TaU Oar4a lUat btat*. 29B 41M per.' Mr. Potter withHtraian 693. for rent b, day. eeeksor month. I'ORD-1940 2-door Super DLue.I Will .nl.family a fine home. I' CHEVROLET S

*nw n.e ,. (kSS SA I Ca. ''tl. . Ine4 Broker: 677 WOMAN. white middle ced or elderly Nor red tp 2 loutos. 24 N. Original Owne. original! .m.k Se..1 Altamonte Spring:
t SSI 05.4 p4 Iw1S.I. .. t.r.n,. Wa Or.n.: 555$._ for housekeepinc and cooking Oranee. Ph 2-81. N. paint. Guaranteed to be the cleanestin phone Winte Pak 8-8394. DAILY DOZEN Deluxe Sedan. Black flay

., t.tt ..'. IIH_ 0-4. I.. :, 5155 $111555150 551015555.. T. K. I WELOINO-Partial machine shop far middle ated woman livlns clone. Gsrlsnd 2-34. Orlando Florid See it to INDIAN 25 ft. long. I ish looks like

.- .. M rw*S f. Sass .*. **. 4337 llfaltw, 5255 K. CisUslSA15S4ol htmL Doing .e."u'I' In.' present party Jo Pox 12O 8ta. ALIGNMENT Free inspection. 8409..te. ,enl'. Used C.n. 101 .ppr.c-I 3 CD-J4.rom. Equipped. witheverything. 12 outstanding buys listed daily new.

i Qllck Easy terms.Frank
JASWPVV *** : by expert mech S
.. ...I.4 554 SS .... I 14500 Par appointment writ Box WAIESSES WANTED-Experienced service.Ares Pompr.p.ln. service *t Good- i'ORD-1941 Convertible. Reed Trailer Sales, 201 I
and drink
S SSPIS fl. roB mUKOIAT ATTTKT1OM aad t4 Hta.PTNI" I years one.tol. N. Orange Ave. top. tires and mechanical 'ondlln Or.nte Blossom Trail. 1941 PLYMOUTH IMa*?
'' 1 I Il preferably 25 to 35. Inexperienced & 30 Olin's Used Cars 242 N. .
:.tt .S.. -he LIsa yaar praaart i hUrua KNOCKS! 1946 Thermodyne. Ther- 400 N. ORANGE
t. two -. .._ ".1.. it W..1.1r .., 41.00O win bu T. prln need not apply. Good until AUTO-BRAKE JOB and wheel Ave.: Phone 2-4814. MAC- tractor and 31 ft Great I DIAL 4771 Sedan. See this; ODe at

I ... S '1" Vs ps'. I l "S 5.4sies. 74.5 So 4- aampUta food manufacturinc plant pay.2 .. WorlD. hours. f.O p.m4. .Irnment. I- .. Wheel FORD-1946 "a" 2-door: radio better -I Dane refrigerator trailer. Excellent $1195. *

e_ ". . it*. 415 r I t b I I fclchest bidder by Ju Bx 8tr. bal.ncr you wait. C. A fog light slip covert: low I mechanical condition good tle. See I '.
.oln* buslnesc Son,. 1010 W. Church. and priced right. STUDEBAKER Champion
,d.S4.SpA1MIT LOT VOUM mopEMTY 5111 M. w* 'U. I RESPONSIBLE LADY wanted t help mileage n 1239 E. Colonial Drive .
I I t*,. a lar*.. *a* i1**>r4 sale* *raaiiialt ) .. Com In and look 1 with 2 children for tom and bad AUTOMOTIVK SERVICE Experienced Motors. '0 and 751 .74. *WFk7JII Price S95OO. 2-0353. club coupe. Original blue finish

.. I'ItOf'Y1ITY-o w. ..*4* *f handUM all I.r',. 313 W. Carter Bt.ii for a couple month mechanics; prompt service FORD-1938 ,85 h.P. VAGABOND Pone 27. tandem- wheels: 3 overdrive, one ownerl095 1942 NASH Sedan
hum .. S. 1- bls.&s1 1 *w** rty. Ho*t U rrya. vic* STATION I block off Box 2. Coco B..c. PI*. good stock parts accessories andtitea. lent coup. Gateway Grill rooms lavatory hot ApplyYltuiville.
MM 4 CM. M s41 4 tSSSS4 : 44* M Orai dial 1444.y I IPS. i Oraate Av*.. Standsrd oil product D. Varner Inc., 234 W. Central Winter Park. 4S. . from .te. PLYMOUTH-1941 Club Coupe. A clean car. Weekend aye*
-- 'SI4 .. wttk .. Deal wiirri stack and equipment. 43000 : .ros like
A i - S Help Wanted Male 2-315. Radio heater new$1095
I 1..Ia 65 FORD 1941 4-door sd.1 New TRAILERS New and used. 1947 cial. $1195. ,
**. I Mr. Mowrey with ICIng
r-. :'.1 a : ;I BRK REPAIRED-We all paint very clean .. mechanical e
OT1car.1&"aa4 *ai RaT Esut. 3 5.Church.. 8405. COOK Short order. also dish ..sh.r. needs: also .uPP1 gas condition good tire. Pric I Amut.a. 121 cmpleU. MERCURY-1941 4 door sedan. _-.

U SI *HCtHf I CUrMMk. *515. MU. ss.5 aid Open Sunday- . -Must be experienced. Apply and oil. Dixie Sales Jc Service. W.South 950. See at 1520 Conway Rd. Peme. .l95. Acnlrea New finish good'mechamcaUy.

t1Se liars 'n.HiiAioP1 I I WANT TO RETIRE with hem and HuctT Grill. 1 W.I St. at Bone St. FORD A. Good condition. awnings P. bottled Pe A ped.aJ$795 1941 PLYMOUTH
r vv WV "i..1iii dol. .n. .
: I I laAL8-Oa ya.r kona.Mr tncama ta tha maklncT frame six DRIVERS W those who BODY AND FENDER repairing and Phone Mol. 540 Grand Avenue. tnnk. Trae Sale.
f WW MMta p." & .HI tia yaw *a atttaaU Irtaal room house enough sad for 6 .d ANI painting. Blossom U. LASALLE-1940 "52 4 Sedan. This car te
with OrUndo '
:. .
*.t fe IM t., b... .. caart a* .M cmrttnt Barkttal I I dltion*! cattaces: 6180 Income. 81 srs Apply Satisfaction E.tm.t. II.d1 Inl. HARLEY DAVIDSON-1942: new 45 Orea T.u ad a door sedan. Radio heater one .
winqualify. 1.12.
streets $1295.
". flSM t.5 5.5 r rw motor: new tire and 'fin condition -
ad ttk It eiyi
a af 714 r traparty. K* a U44ttaa i bark oWn ha 234 w. Central Are. Phone O1ner$1393
C Co.
Mr. Howell. City b 1.315. 6HULT HOUSE TRAILER
412 Gunby. -
: u p .. ..Ur In II, P11554 nil. Wai. UtUMai auat If you .. com : 350.
h"un&l"'fliJa 5-451.. th o.ln1t. wtlllnc ta work a CARBURETORS-ELECTRICAL serv owner have purchased home. Priced <
455.5's. n.i>. Ka.;... a.ur I .r deal. CharlieM.rssn. TUC IRIRLa lone dis- Ie. Announcing the opening of LINCOLN CONTINENTAL-1941. Top for quick sale; 27 ft.. three ; FORD-.1936 2 door sedan. Runs

.- 1 I HTVl 'aToWiM lar lak IraaU trttle. IH. ftnanc Church the Street. Best of C. Steiner I.ctor service on alltypes condition. throuthout. R.aan.bl. Tandem wheels metal tides:rom. like new _*., ., ,<345 1939 STUDEBAK. -
.. .-"e-.-= .. j >. aalartttokvA fcxa- 83 West reference Ace 33..mtrrled. sober. of fuel and elec- pr. See at 613 E. ton gray paint and roof in excellent
"; SlOes la Wiau, ,.r.. oraw Mtaaraafttaaa. MUST SELL! ttsurtnt. seer and C.I.limes, 22393.LUBRICATION tries systems. United Motors Service.corner L AL1939 convertible coop condition. Also included 1* anew I I CHEVROLET Convertible Champion Tudor. 'T1
i** 5.4. WilS 5.4.sS. I I PIMM phaaa yavr itMlM win* Uteri**. Stock and fixtures. Colonial and Garland. Johnson ; Jasmin Street 01 25 by 22 never been'
White. Experi Radio and week
'o good tires
MAN- coupe. top. special $745.
1.._5, ...n_' 4_ll *rrtr MM:SRI IMl) ... 4a*>M 8. orn.I enced. Good par. give steW reference 's Service Station Bidg. 2-881 phone 4218.MOTORCYCLSI. put op; 2 .nl.. at El good rzechanicaliy4650
TrailDEBOLVINO' Plunto Trailer
Park. ,
onv Rt. 441Fairvllla. I
_ _ 1 and experience. Local man pre LUBRICATION Shellubrtcatlon i* Royal Enfield.
.j.n.-r. .
tit.Ar' > b dr OMkwaM. PARTNERSHIP Servie ferred. Write. Box 158 the thorough lubrication.Every . out at lust outside Orlando city
:M* M n :- rIl.tM, CM CaU Vt. ,. Maw ... statwn. very busy COn". D.I-1 S-ta. "nook and.c.ntlle of your car First come -..n.d R. 8. Ev.n cot limits. Parked next to the lake by the 1940 CHEVROLET ...;
150.143. 4t MECHANICS truck and 60WCentr51. phone 4321.MOTORCYt2.E dock.George W. Goetten. 101 W. CENTRAL
Clyaa ",K.e. .a B-JiUliiiJMTT: town OrUnda. Hew equipment. r.p.1 or truck U touched. Smooth running _
0-515.4 o..a At... e1M k- SJJOO rash Can Van Hoten with tractors. Should bl* to weld. mecnanictl part assured you. Safe " SPARTAN all aluminum ness Coupe. Better lny'On
J "
lfJ t.-M WL 0.la y aactlaw MN01T. DIAL 5296 \
Idl. Cef
M ln: sober men
l&1..t.nrJt S. Only '
Clyde MfKensi 2..T1. response prolongs htrfl-to-rtplac lifetime
.t..dJ. a
MMi I a' S .&err. pay tlMOtfaaa 1 4 months old. Uaer this ooe. $846. .
f phone Qviedo. 2151.PLUMBERExPerienced 1.0
ft4. |4J M .. 04. csdK'1. Dd. p.rU sad m.k. driving easy. ..fe Dealer list Will. Ib..e used 9O days. First FORD Deluxe
.nd a pleasure. 81. 184. ,59i (2.350 takes It. This -1941 Super 2 door
j e&c.. only. Raymond Great Southern R. S. W. CentraL one wont
:; 5. c.. r fVM *tt* H. Tlie.-.AttIN: LUt ya* 55504 IT Store 692 N. Orange; Dia Easy term*. Frank Reed Trailer l.a. sedan. Radio beater one owner.
OOLDEN: HAS 136 W. Plant St d.1 21880. 5296.
j J. ly an* a* (. 551, 04555. Cara Dlclen 20154.Oraags Blossom & exceptionally clean ...._....J11S5 1942 FORD Oft '
: Winter Office pnone T.1
r4jIsrnS. .. aofMal b.i>.kaa. 5515 A. 15. 6' A-l. New
art*f' -.. ..". Braktr, aot .. 0..*. Tourist trv.led eaurt hlchwy.location(n en 283 17-M ft. 'rnt.b.uJ resident phone 309. 731. Auto Parts.Actessore tr.. &eO. 191 K"bl An. I FORD-1933 Deluxe 4 -'door Look this .one .

tM 34553 (21 225 ft. front- SALESMAN man throuchly experienced OLDS 1937. Touring sedan. 695. sedan. Radio. good tires .
M I. ...*.. by 240 deep. FRONT END REPAIR FArVTS now
r. : MM W <*..*. Ass.13S i-i-, i .".*..aa.ar vletaily.Biaia a.sue. by 300 I.. deep. (3' 200 ft. front5l In air conditioning commercial available for .lo' any make of Hale, W.dewort 615 N. Orange; LOANS LOANS nice ___'" .,_._____.--$595 I $1195.
5k I ,rS05.4 W-1It, rai .au* .1331555. aa4 by 450 : torartaas. retrlceration and electric appllance auto C. A. Son. 1010 W, LAS
.1 .p 5).. .N_..'.. ._ .au4 anlarauilaa a* ta lacatiaa .f".::pilenU I .. Box 151 S-te. Church phone 881L& i OLDSMOBILE 9 sedsn. NASH-1941 "600- 4 door sedan.In i

.. MertM. ... IJr p.a 144 Bar.. Terms '. .. SODA FOUNTAIN and luncheonette Runs nice: new 3pb :: good good condition thruout_.. S795 1940 BUICK Pot-dor ffitl- .
J Pss'I *at -. .. A. C. Golden. 74. Wanted tires. 350. S. Thornton phone BORROW BY PHONE

Gtai nui -ri;: t I Ihi .. BatAVTOMOBILB. Opper1unltln_ ( 1111 M. Ol.nd. Ave IntkrMalUand right manager.rasn. P.O.Good Box proposition 260. for Autos.Traier 7672. 1 __ OLDSMOBILE " 4 door One owner ear and a nAW -

5.404. 3 =, 1550544. .. Winter Pat Fl*.. '>h. 942. S.Dord AUTOS WANTED-Will Say highest OLD6MOBILE-194S "8" Sed.netteHydramatlc. CALL sedan. New green finish. Try to '
p._ ... 540. at$04$4S t tf HIPAIW OAHAQB ..MIU cash pric tor your car. Ollns Inc. 2-ton finish. OUn's UST STOP beat it aL____... ._.._..$495 one. $1195.
aU S Or. 5511 li.w. *.n.n. aatrallM ... YOUNG CUL to opert drive In 142 N. Gal.Dd 2.34 or 242 N. Or- fled Cars. 242 N. Orantt Ave. Phone I THE SA HOUR FORT
. ..." Orl... aMMtr
n ty EBTABLIBHEO PROFITABLE open- Must have refer anrr.
1wfpktt oMl .... BOre lf ai sloe 31i4S. .ab-d0-alt nationally ad.rtt.0d Apply 2102 S. Orange BlossomTrail. 281.AUOMOBI 2-814. CASH I $to $300 CADILLAC-1936 Fleetwood 4
O'.e A. S '.. Lari hikrvrttlati aM4 *a. ..ra Ins for medical acoustic instru- ence.. Monday and Tuesday. WArWa buy PACK- 1946 Clipper 4 dor door sedan. Good tires lookS 1941 NASH Tudor AmU

.. 5e 54. 4 aw- ..... aU W ana tww c...., .. Mch class clientele. .U Aut.* L. mileage radio. Yes! Get cash quickly on your Slrnasure. nice excellent mechamcaHy-43 .
: mints 11. t* I .t auction every ,. Used Carl N. Or ant* Ave. Phone Auto Furnitttra. sador Sedan. Radio ovws-
sa. I tuwk ..*. ra-latarr*< lar laiar Orlando ... Dayton Beach and 8 66. Sales Help Wanted Robson's Tlr.da 01 today!
.. *M Hoar, l.al lar Bupar Markvt mantle Earalns 430O-15OO month; Orange Blomtom Motor Audlon. 2120 8. 2-81. PLYMOUTH-1935 Deluxe 4 door drive. Looks like a IWN-
j 555 5055.MS P51.455 5.54.5 UU4 _uea. Prk taiMOnk sitS *. required. Writ Trl. 4 door .ed.n Radio. sedan. Runs good. looks
i = S155:---.wT'.:S.. I ...... aaaipatvnl aM fcaaM eat ar wire t d.I.r. 404 .one PROFITABLE salesman. Ifsdlnc OPENING Jin for nationally capable CHEVROLET WANTEI> 1937 to INTIC-194 '. Olin's Carl good __ = $395 one. A one owner ear.
4 kateara* Or Ford or Plymouth. Will Ave. Phone 2-4814. GFC
555105ree. S t aA. y *rt. Professional BMc.. 8k 14. 242 N. Orange LOAN COMPANY
t- 0404 0 Ie p1044 .5 IflJaS ... PoIeS.O5.sL lUaltar. 1U C. Rakkana Orlsndo.OOLDA1S advertised medic aou.tc Instru p. or trade for older car and
la'*rvt w in 2-door sedsn. A
J 0,04. P.4 15 4os5. Sal ., to high cl.ntle. Income cash. Silver PLYOUH-1931 200 OTHER CARS
) tfial 2.3$3.: m.nt clS Pontiac 02 W. Central. .
_ $793.Saturday East Robinson
I t OSssss-M..rs a. A. j jit AlkLXI 'SAPOIIi'atsrus sad 1115.t..n who. wear 1*procrcss.a hear- nY MOTOR INC. .IU buy. Sell lod depnd.bl.. l cr. C.r. Phone 6799 TO SELECT FROM 1941 FORD Tudor. We**.- .

k&sasaty Oranrr Btar. Mart* taU $5 aatavnt _A ITTaaritt Inc aid; csr cssh bond required. .de car for the high 101 N. Main; 5409.PLYMOUTHi935. end speciaL $975. __ .
.eathvtll.Wi i i al aa4 ..! luply ta .** Write wire District Mcr. 404 Jones dollar. See us it 200 W. Central or 395. Just
00404 ,l. c.. 4 l. I A. J. Aab'. U* Maxaa Bu Clrataat. court on east coast. S rental Professional Bids- St. Petersburg Phone 548.FANK completely See at 1815

: $14 -":.. 5.4 I I Pi*. Pkaf* 4114.SXlt _ ._ .Bit*. AI awnen apartment. Lot fcr Interview in Orlando. REEl> really know how H. Orance. overhauled.
0. .. 1... OIS.5S 217 It. ..' 1. Indian River 1942 OLDSMOBILE .
: bkft.E.4 high for
d L- 7s4 U14.s. csi. .55 patkata atara UBMln frartac.. Built.la 144. Last years SALESMAN And Contact Man foratrcondltlonlni. or Id Cash dola your. Why C. INAC194 2-door sedanette. An QUALITY'CARS
aJa at. Or.. iMrtk Orlaaaa an IK B.K condition. .beating sail cenersl euitJ. mtau. clean car; (1195. dan.
.5 .. I >4kay 11-41. Blwk palMtat alt* inramo. Prlc aver.2.'.50. Ea.n.term. ClosedMturdy sheet metal work. Must hvccar. give away? Give. 1 .. Saturday only. Martin's Used Car. JIM CUMBIE SAYS: Hydl'OlD8JItM'
Inia4 eosrus: aiarkt: IxaaMi fta. Apply by giving fall details 201 N. Orsnge. Blossom Visit: 7883.
101 N. dial 8409 paint job. Runs
.1 H-.v&Iw: iirra. I open Bends A. C. Golden.Proker. l.te. M.ln IMS PONTIAC Streamline pess
ivv MftnTt Qtm 4MBar.tin. of .. nd 61
& a. Ski . 1121 K. Orlando : U50. Pstk 0.5.a A. this h
.i i, :..& aaa ruOD Con par IaM underpsit) Winter P. O. Box 453. Orlando. -- "I' MsM04A Part DODGE PICKUP.
454 1.- T.,. ,.s5o. I, aay Ie _".. Oaa al in* 14 NEW postwar item for sport- } aff Colonial D. (745. p.lnt W.d..or. 615 74.Oranep If you are In the market fora only $1095. .
ka ._.a aallaa pIsces U. B. In .
i (4.504. 5515.4 14 a. a* hrdwre. department stores.Cover ON-THE-SPOT CASH PAID for I ; 8597.
p5.5 555) .. 404 aUe 'I 1 1-41. al vary ky _. MalIv all Fla. commission.. Should clean used cars. Jim Cumbl .o' 1M7 CADILLAC -62" Sedan newer car be sure to check

tocaiM gel OrlaM* WlatrPark tl. Bank LoangPIRST f"Itn make cood salesman 825 to 850 day.Commission P04 North Orange.Avenue. Phone PLYMOUH-113 coap. Ea.p selection of "BETTER
1- our
5th5.14 if. iraaa. O w. DOSS I1XWO paid on reorders. If you 2-4521. 'I tr. 1941 CADILLAC 1" Sedan
11% 4 IM .*! luti* i "IJ e04, 4 ptaaa NATIONAL BANK provide .. coverlnc Fla. with non-competl- BADLY IN 414 N. Parramore: phone USED CARS before buying.
a*.. su. ..i t***. M. I . .. >al .._pla. stsbllity with its en* million dollar tie. line*. 0 K. Write Bqx 18 NEE of 1946 and. 194T ONT-1946 "8" convertible club 1941 BUICK Special Sedan. THIS WEEK'S TR.AI.1M8PRICED
S older I !
ba 5504. 55155., 1M If .. | "pike *W. Pt ...aaickly capital and suralut-ample re S'..r. gIve lines now carried, W.d.worth. 61S Or ca. H.reF Glossy black tnb Ido Our prices are right and allowances -
I can ... 1.JIM .. actiuU.UM. serve* *nd membership In the Pedr letter. phone 8597.BUSINE. J .* htater. Low mil****. 1841 PONTIAC "6" Sedan
. : I ,.. ; P BcaM ItMMy .1&. C._ .l DeposIt Insuranr Copr.Un Evans. 101 W. Central. Dial 5296. 2.Dr liberal. TO SELL QUICKLY

I; g .- ,. iral A.. _ 67. Employment Agencies IS GOOD-C m 1946 Special Deluxe 1M1 FORD Convertible Coupe.
arr ': ever before. Cash PLYMOU
BUT.-MOMt-Oraary ..t55e.iiiel050 INSTALLMENT LOANS cost you led* Fully equipped low
f!4 .Ha.. 500 .. t*.aJ 5.40.55 .. aM t-aaai aaatttaw.aa. 1 at First xstlonal Bnk. Compare BROWN'S EMPLOYMENT AGENC Im.dl'w"101 any N.make Main.. at M.n' mileage. Will '.1 or trade. R. 8. 1S39 BUICK Special 2-or Su WE WILL BUY 1939 FORD Tudor IIM

ismoasna* *..a*) atw*. Wki a I ._* Btck *. cost*. When the'loss for -Has nunC. office C.r. 84. Evans 101 W. Ave. Phone
.. *** atft*. r hel. for less then C.ntra
. sass you **t 8 53-Payments 8-34 feurs drivers cok. DN' SEL we w 529ft.
: ftbfb.-e** a* *at Or._. n Curt; i 'N.yes *et UPum.n' 1J.SO maids laundresses ironers. ck.n. GS you can for Jeu with 100 '
a..a 2-door i
1940 These cars sold
5505.04 twaea J" 1-451.. _ _ I I. IO. ,.4t 18*- 16.67 in* women. I you need h.l me car the ItUI S 10. PLYOU Central Florid sd.n 3.ga r- : 1935 CHEVROLET
: f 5. Pet* *.*. **< CaaagaHa IkAUT*"pAaLoif Well latala 3OO y... 27 .-Payment* 35.00 help you. 6326. Shop around. t.n here Motors 1U and Garland; dial ante*. We pay cUl' suB car. Tudor I
msny others h .
, --.1__ .. .51d0.5 .555115585 4ra a4 Itaa .... CM ._ O 6 400. yaw 372-Payment* 33 J4 DROWNS ELY AGENCY Motors. P. Hstsn.done. Central Florld 2.2424. '46 OR '47. MODEL CARS _

it. ; ::" rua $515. S.Fas. Maptr IUK*. CIUd 6 1'.n ts.en. 41.67 And Nu.. you 1.nt 1 Ph 2-2424. sedsn.
i ii . W" * atb.ur paywient 12 _oth want help. esil.0325. I Wa..onbr 615. N.Orange J. C. McKELLAR. INC. QUICK CASH 1928 BUICK
i f -. 11 1CrIii All MaTi- PsysMaU far 15 *r* R.8 EVANS PAYS MORE : 5597.STUDEBAKER. Piek-up_ ||

.: 6vaMaM* art** m _.U.. *. ..na PIe.,.* tnclada toal$ to pytoan 1947 4-door Land ''YOUR PACKARD DEALER1
** IM HJU. 1. 69. Work Wanted-Female Drop Into
: A. 1505. is ess* *f **th. Tb First any one of our 3 Orlando Cruise. Radio cllmatlzer. overdrive. NO RED TAPE

.. aMt cnanta 0.0 ..- >t W WaakiMta. T411. ___ MUaaal Bank at Ol.do 4th floor. COMMERCIAL location for an appraisal 01 phon Pcwder Green. Low mileage fie 342 N. Orange Ave. Ph. S147FILLEY'S 1936 DODGE Se4aL..IS$
055. a ** -- .. lar ARTIST or window S296. this you want the finest in
4 ac'.aOratwm 11ar
t 54*MI M 0515044 f..s, IB .. tnrnmin Write Box 633 H... Rt 1. trnslr.ten.a Wykygyl *. '0

it* *) i.s*. 5. SIsS Sill ._ > 04ve5445s. W* ft. LOBH Up to $300 Orlando. 11*. '47 OLDSMOSOr 76" SedanetteHydramatie
.al ifca BMIMI *a>au .lara* COMPANION-Practical nurse refined VETERAN want food used car from 1939 radio heater, 19 actual 1937 LASALLE
it. Rd at BVMDM Diamond loan*- Christian woman IMvat party' Will Phone STDEBAK Comm.nde
I:UU L5kanX.4 aM aavMrat AtTTO. Fmlt.n. de.lt P'J c..h new tires mile
apanaaitta tfca .11,. Ra Btra Company. J. P. work.. Ple..call 8983. .r. Car above ne.the Orltttial Sedan _
045. A0a. ,I0IJClY 051St 044. aaiy ,U) .UH. '*."Y ... Mnr. 1006 M.t.1 BuUdtn GET TOP CASH PRICE for your ear Repossessed....L Jet '46 'OLO8UOBILZ "7'" gedsnette

5'. .. 104 .. Phone ].. regardless of p.IDt '45 FORD Super Deluxe Club Coupe
(taa* MI n **.. Uiat M. . 1.3 PRACTICAL KURSK-BOX 113 make o model. Used .
--J'p .' ._ 55 P1.114.. par apawaia* S-OaM._ P.ZA.L&TATI a small S.ta. Car Exchange. 211 STUDEBAKER 1941 '47 CHEVROLET Sedan Delivery 1937 TERRAPLANE .
LAs W.htOI -
..05 DstU..t w.,.., $V$1p1aSUT1NoE'5rwrD- toa a* yattr 101" needed. WIDOW-Middle teed experienced.Will 8. Pho 2-288. Drive to C.mplol '46 CHEVROLET Fleetmster 4-door
t 0S I tknuaa* A** CViad, ... 0 Pr* rick. "- F. Cdla 1 Pine. 1st stalr- manage guest home. CoUereeuc.t01 D. VARNER INC. wants to buy your Ida Motors.pprel.t Jdfeln and O.rlnt Po BETTER CARS sedn. Sedan ._

.t "" 1U K. Oraa. T.tn. Pleasing personality. Best 'ut or truck and will pay top dial 2-2424. d
46 CHRYSLER 4-door sedan
rtua4 1w't&. .1b1 e. CAIH-LOANS: Quickly mad on furnltur rfer.nce.Write Box 110 8ta. Immediately. D. Var.r Inc. 4door. A good one. ,
50055 a**** a.- .. ** .ys *Mta V*tKKBirja OPOPTVII7TIU star. *. and .I.mond. Or5545.p Studebaker Sales and 8emcC 234 WILYS 14 at (775. Wykygyl '48 CHEVROLET Styl ma
.5 > aM.*.. tSS 444. pfcMn "'.. BaaaCaatttaL .. u W. ...Ie Ho" .nc 314 70. Work Wanted-Male W. Central Are. Phone 2-313. Motor or 751 N. sedan 1935 FORD Sedan flUF,

UALMtAT* .. Prraratt V Biatla.BBAtrrr Metcalf *141. 0.1 1.3. SELL OR TRADE us your car. Or- 0 MW S 1946 CHEVROLET Master Deluxe '46 FORD Convertible Coupl

P.5" .5.XC'II4f1CUfn 555 LOANS MADE lr 810 10 ACCOUNTANT and office manager.Experience ante Buick Co.. H. Dean RoS. 53 Trailers-Tracks for Sale 4 door sedan. '46 PORD Super Deluxe Club Coup
I . .. In and N. Orange Ave. Phone : 76 FORD
aM r r*> .- .strict privacy fast private public pro 1941 Pkka.34fl
0455 H ,., $*4y tM IXvm SO .*'aH. *. Wall .. "nk.la. 32 W. Cn&ra tice. Thorough knowledge of cost P m. call 4846. 47 CHEVROLET 1-ton pickup truck
*s04, >._. Bnay.. .'*".". 1 1H 0. S n5.55e. aaalpBrat Av*.... financial accounting: Ace 32. Best of CASH for late Chevrolet. Ford. ADMIRAL-1946. 23'S Butane u.; e 1947 FORD 2 '46 DODGE -ton pickup truck
:.: Ora**, .|.i 55 W. r. i I I.i .. tac
PrtaM far .. 5$'. Imataai Loans Up to $300 EXPERIENCED ACCUNAN. general owner. Ph. Pek 443-W. mond. Trir Pek. finish. '46 PLYMOUTH Special Deluxe 4-
.U tbs .. ki ... 155 p ini l*a. CkwaaaM J. and cost SPOT CASH PAID earl ;
Hr.nent for used door sedan 12 YEARS IK THE LUll .
...P,04 555 4 P.UM*. .55.. *.4hani 472 M. a QUICK CASH Furniture. connection. Box 160 Be* J. c. MrKellar. Jour CHVRL 1945 Ife-toa; good '
.5 S
at.r. Packard '
fS.514S U 05400 Ale 5550. 5334 n*<* aid LA Ja 2-hour servle ACCOUNTANT CoU.s .. Deter.. 342 N. Orange Phone tire run 4O mile; S 1949 MERCURY 4 door sedan.A 41 FORD Super Deluxe 4-door sedsa LOCATrOJlVUtt S
fS""' cwu .... c--'Ht U a*..-4 .. *. Pmily.. Loan Ml Florida over 15 years as office 5147. Fl( c. H Teg. Rt. 1.. CI.moA. nice car. t
) raaav Bank Bid L W. Cattls. manacer. I.n..r. inEt.UII systems sad GET ?
tS5 4.55 f.ra. CASH IN 5
004 .nI I a*ram 4. laeaau IIM p l. Phone 1lMt.MONET t.1 .nice. 01 part time. Leo make or model. MINUTES Any .

55004 .. 0- C't5811 lSuSs55 ,...n" .. A. Wideman. pl. 595. Mo\n 501 St"rl..Alu.ndr. S 1946 NASH Ambassador 4 door SPECIAL I
.. .. W44 n.,. M. p.551555 5. a. Y.vtu WHEN YOU PAID IT-At FURNITURE and carpenter repair J Pl OBLIGATION sedan Like THE USED CAR
.1 laax .a at 4700O.taraM. U Horn ef- work; knowld. of other trades. A new

17.1.aP4TMtirr. .hrtr Kalar., .re.1..I.l.. Mst.t$11.wnh f ._ ,"CPlc.C 18.r* ::at* In Coco Or- 22862.Pem.neD' ...ed.Dh nonal Ph 75. Used Cars for Sale Studebaker and D. Varner obligation 1 DAY ONLY EXCHANGE

S 1942 CHEVROLET 2 door sedan.
imtmtv. '*&rV aatuiHO"a . H. a4 8U Clo.c Same GENERAL OFFICE WORK experienced ARMY JEEp Don't MIss This Hew i t see and know 1941 BUICK Super 4 door se-
*>_. .*...aS.5. .'.. .ea: ,. .rlII. credits .c"oan& top. transmission and paint Job that each every purchaserreceives Black finish like flew dan. Was $1395. 'JIhHe
OP *aak tanubM at Il4. oo. Oaarr Ins training with nation Best offer takes today IAIiIJ
T (in a*' %55 *M S5 concr It. See at Stand
055 _.It _!. **4 r*.t*>* la'. ..,a.4 .M_ ,: OU"1 Loans Desires connection loa or- ard Station. Garland and Washington. actual value for ever only $1098. -
.5 ki..to.s' ... l's .. &Caatrali 1l r rple ...I.t.to learn V.wr. dollar spent with u and tha 1942 STUDEBAKER Champion

04.. < araiMd lUa kV. M. _ _ _ _ 28. cal.e graduate. Box BUICK
LOANS W* want yon SSt. -1934 sedan. Original each purchaser completely 2 dear sedan Original blue- 2x9 W. WaHMftMl 9C.a8 .
at .frM (UMOM.. C b&pA'iWbrT STOM* Caaalry t he' MAN 26. throughout. Pat !
build one. GENE OFC ExceUln. A real .
eo.p n 1 >sw .Fha.*i. ... iraaa far 54. taOrtaaaa a satisfied. black finish. W.
I a>u W* wQl 8iv prompt service. Of- of St.nel Mon luc..37S if Orange; 41 CHEVROLET 2-door sedan WaxMHtM S*.
tOcTk'.4 .*um o..a'f.rt.- 1.5.4. ._ ..I 4440O.Ia4lliHa flea hour 4 during week; t t bookkeeping. Box 153 $-Stsr. 41 BUICK Super 4-door sedan '
*55_, rartiy rar*>tak 4 5.- IMM .. 12 Stardy First Federal SZWSPAPEit1B5.IsHLIt. proprietor l94. 4 OUTSTANDING I55N.GsdSt.
*04 ft frw* ** ,* *Ur*,i*> !. f I laaaM .*,....". 4M li fe sad 1... Asiraciatlon of .I.. lubha.r.l.lo. In BUCK 0rtln Super nish. .d.n. New VALUES S 1941 CHEVROLET, 2-door sedan. 41 CHEVROLET Club COUP ''.
6 pabUctJ. Har- '
(bit 's.II s a>4 ...**. i tara taa Mi4 aaanara *. B. PIns B4 Orlando, P.._ te..t' or le.rb, lFWIdew0rth. 61 a N. las.85B7 Very clean. new green fiI11Jh. 40 FORD convertible Coup .
_. COD
045 tM C*. 5.0.POOh... P44. I! .w.* ktt.r*4S40O ha Per aaiar.,..,. .caapaf .1' DCon. Box 150 &t.r. BUICK 1942 sedan* OLSMOB1I9 model -Sev 41 BUICK Super 4-door sedan PK0JJE 2... ,

: C55 raali far 4 bam. 515 \ytar'iaaaraun INTEREST KATES AS LOW AS 4% ROOFING AND HOUSE Repairing exceptionally R.dDa.te sedan orii- '39 LA3ALLZ 4-door sedan #

lUtAlaS IiIACWt3p I, .aat M... a .. 'Improved properties In Orlando Large or .ma Material famished. WadMrorth. 615 el.n. 16.: Hele. nab black finish. Interior nice and S 1941 BUICK Super 4 door sedan. '40 LASALLE52.." 4-door sedan .4. .
S..4, tie_.. .....,. grass *Ma* **. rlatbini. U ya Winter Park. No broker**. Phone 2-415. BUICKB-As well f. cean MehDca unusually Radio. heater. one owner. w* *p cUaf* ta THIGH
as other make 41 FORD Club Coup
t-. ;, 54 *15.45 btaka Mr th.a pee raat mak a Bett* 1.'I.n. Com pan.. 25 W.Wsshsle TRUCK DRIVER-Experienced.-Semi- Nice selection _. ,US,
1 Sm 55.4.P0. Hvm aya-fcr, I m pat tick.Mtb a Phoij* 8513.P Must have H. Dean Ora.e Buick Co. Co 41 DODGE 4-door sedan
. drnr. rd.r.nc. Orange
0,54 .$15.o.04.. 5051.55.M I.". P.05. pjar braka. jeSt bay l'one Pet 265. Phone M10: 53 p.m. Av. PONTIAC 1941 5p.snger coupe S 1941 FORD Convertible Coupe. 41 CHEVROLET Special Deluxe 2- GRAM't
aau t* 4* tb* eat,. vUl C.I A door sedso4I
511 ....tea Me* BCICK-1938 "40." lht li Clnder ca.thorough Beautiful green finish new top.
if aa baaat ua.. *
2rin 4* yaa Jl A. Ln- low-rate. 1. C"enOI
PO5h piaMAClC _. erm. G..m Airplane Sales and ServiceCUB door xedan. One of 4 ly an eoDlal. FORD Deluxe 2-door sedan ONE' OWND .
a* I vUl 1541 aa my artaal mortsa to r.tf Truly the cleanest in town.
t.w i FerwaS? aM*. ta, tn 050 lar. yaar issI aalataala ..f.I. t.n fO. mUege cars College Oaa". Winter J outstanding ,19 37 CHEVROLET 4-door sedan .

5S araa toss o't la*. aai $54.,. varkrt. .r.Job* *e* Ja* o.. ,.. rdln.ncli.. W. T 1946. NC 6fiMH. Prk. I 36 OLDSMOBILE -6" COUP CARS '
fW R.ller. time 780 : CHEVROLET
0.0 **** t, > >. 4Ji .. Al- B BJac. -. rleld houn CHEVROLET ._ 1940. 4-door (sedan
O .2&1 .. Wcshinctaa St. Pb Best buy la I 1940 FORD V-S dub \. I a
11. engine j jI 39 CHEVROLET 4-door sodas
driven the
*. 0.I Pla. I 20 m'Jor rdIo ., town: S995. Just beyond only by original owner SAt
z DAY CtXANtMO .rr perfect cndllOn'150. See Ante Part on Winter I RoZ and has had th. best care. A 35 DODGE pickup track Ad
-.iif'.w ..... ..laai far PNT-a 11.,1,ap. an type af Or.ndo.OI.ldo KuDcl.a AI. Call I CHEVROLET 1846 Styleraaster 4 food model and a good cr.-l9 U you are in need of BETTER or
65 -
55 .a>a |MWW** *twia> .1 M.u. ." DowsTowBsoszPLB&'I .LAMS a low .rprtr 4.1 w..r C.rel door sedan. 2-kf finish. Olin's this time hare a ftee _
5.551. 5 *** *aaj>tfal *art amMnl Taka ; servlr.r O. 1" imH R Used Car. 242 Ave. Phone YOU-19 4-door sa. NEWER transportation. come'and faa.
aMa ar J-3 PIPER CUB for J. to make seiectavai
sale. frun
: j sOs L ,P.0. 0.uo ..t.t"l .. .avaw.IM !. *.. Av*. Pbon .Fndt JEW hours total time. 41T95.Hv 0 I 2-814. Newl pInte nce let us show you what we have JIM CUMBIE I .

*.*- .tT4 ate M. ,.. w. _ _ buyer for J-2 cub. W..l CADILLAC 1939. Ltk n... Central and n Tr\l reDUne. to offer in GOOD. CLEAN USED 2
KBTABUBHCD AIRCRAFT WILL GIVE first mortsaj for have airplane for Fnd. Motor Jefferson and Car- .i gie depcbl an e
W w >6o 11.t 1AVl'ilia a'"ia aatr Sad atrvtr. bastax.JDI 840OO loan .5 finish house. C.I Cannon Mill ren&. Hote l'ld. 2-2424. CARS. CARS SUNDAY AND :
taa4 aaaatifalMUi c
aak luia ast plftvly aaalppart. Pa1 repay In 1 day Phone 3-4412. TWIN on Grumman CHVRL-118 4-door EyBHDfOt it
A** IMw Owm* Itoerh.O .s EO r.u. Petu
Vry r* ,
*' maroon D. INC.
O.D a
ly H
Matt iraea AUaaitt O *aifa. Wlco ImtCt
044.51 .. lye WdraasaaaM IM ta UM .W WMU POt XSTATX Low 'cost training. finish. l1 Very low mileHe. VAN 904 N. ORANGE AVE. 15

taat .0s5.4 a* .***- aaa. 111 s-I's'- ._ . OA.,. I IA fnc home Country Club. Ph Winter Park 86X . b seen at 400 N. Orange. 2 Cental Av. FILLEY MOTORS, INC. WB TRADE '

.. PrtcM t* Mil* i-ra If rrm $TOR<.-AM ...&.ta .r*.- and ".* PPrt" T. Trust VETERAN'S Dial 4771. Orlando Florida
Ir.. I. w. *** inc Orl..4a-N. Lasf !*.'.. Department of .U9a Bank Single and IGH TRG r.ttn C3IEVROLET-1939. 2 door; private I ZOO W. Central .Dial 5416 PHONE 2-4521 REAtOKABKJCI .

11_ $153515V IM. Pbaa wine 444. far I e O1.0 4ob- trainln- for lne'* rU wner; A-l cOdlta good Ire1; Phone 2-3153. .

( .. I Call Ryan Field. Apocka. Fl. *': 212 S. L _ _ _ _ _ .


'4 1; Ic.

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15eS54.. . 555 U-- -- - - :w'x : '-

-I-1p--- I. .' .- := :-- ,-:. :i' :__:'_-.' :_._L.::,_. ._ '- -


'- wx - _- _.- -- Z .- -----w.
-X- 1t ... -- a. w ', -

t Gtrla nia JRarttbtg 0rttlin ..'. - ..

rAM 20 EAT.JOLT 13. 1147HOEBOCKANDCO. :-'; IM::;'1;;:::::';:;::=:::p; : ";:I !:t: _.. .... .: . .... ., .. JI' I
: ;#_'J'1= :t. : ,,:: : :i.t ji\nr':;: ;: " "" " .

: *T:

Any purchase totaling :hk: WlttE t ;0-

$10 or more *; : t sr; s s'c' : :.. .
'available on SearsearyPaymentPIan. : : Y> m nwii&vi v.wMfr>Aiw *'.V 'to


I /

I ,

1 i I / I AW HA Tow 1..00

/ Reg. 1.95 i

t 1 I---'. f.\ ,-\ S Training i Pants 1..00 !

.39 3 FOR


I wuarautr.eb 2..PIECE SWIM SUITS Reg. 1.69 NOW i i

Reg. 2.25 NOW 1.88 Juvenile Shorts i
CLEARANCEGuaranteed I School girls one and two piece swim suits.Cotton,cotton and I
1 1.49 NOW
t rayon.Assorted colors. Size 8 to 16. Reg. I

r because Chintz Material 1..00 I

j TODDLER SWIM SUIT Reg. .75 yd. 2 FOR
1. Every Item on This Page Reduced, at Least. 1.19 NOW 8 8. _<-:, !
Reg. : .
( : --
' t I 20to 50% from Original Selling Prices. Toddlers trunks and one piece swim suits. Red, royal and 1.00 I
pastels.Sizes 2 to 6.
J Reg..25 ea. 10 FOR

I 2. Every Item on This Page is a enuineClearINFANTS' POLO SHIRTS WORK APRONSI00 ;

n ono Uept..lat Merchandise Purchased Reg. .59 and .69 NOW 49 Reg. .98
F Specially for This Sale Infant and toddlers polo shirts in blue, white and yellow. HANDBAGS 00
Sizes 6 mo.to 4 years.STRIPED 1 r
Values to 7.45 NOW PLt'S TAX
3. Every Item is Sears Famous Quality Reduced CHAMBRAYI(
d 1 100
la Price to Reduce Our Stock.. Reg. .69 NOW 5 9 Reg. 1.39 NOWBoys'
Strong smooth cotton chambray.Lovely for sports and play
4. Sure Ewes Policy "Satisfaction.. Guaranteed ) wear.36*'wide* Sport Shirts 1.00
r > Reg. 1.39 NOW
or Ywr Money Back" Applies to Every SEERSUCKER MATERIAL '

; i KM a Advertised. Reg.-.4 9 NOW 39 Boys' Play SuitsReg. 1_00
{ 1.29 NOW 2 for
Wonderful for summer wear because it requires. no-ironing.
: & In prints and stripes.COTTAGE.
V ;444.46I44da: ; ) PANTY BRIEFS I00

\ Reg. .49 NOW 3 for

L _1J J Reg. 3.49 NOW 2.98. Lace Trim Panties 1_00 I I

t Cool shirback cottage sets with.new. tie back features. Reg. 2.29 NOW

Sears Code Guarantees PRINTED TABLECLOTH Percale Prints 100

Reg.. .39 yd. 3 FOR
Your Purchase! Reg. 2.98, NOW. 198
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+ 21" LUGGAGE Reg. .69 22x44 2 FOR ,

Reg. 11.98 NOW 5..98nus WOMEN'S PLAY SHOES 1
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tmltaUMt Alltcator$ finish or red Imitation leather 88 Boys' 100
fuuta ail*Want and brass clasp. TAX Values to 5.98 NOW 2 r Reg. 1.19 NOWGirls7 !
Kerrybrooke play shoes.Light weight cushion platform wedge heel. I
Colors of red black,white and brown.Sizes 4 to 9.
JR. LIFE RAFT Tee Shirts 100 I 1

Reg. S.9S NOW 4,95 Reg. 1.29 NOW
Langtbt Width. n' ", Pun for the kids at the MEN'S SWIM TRUNKS
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HOSE and HOSE REEL 8-oz.Reg.: blue denim overalls, bib style. Sanforized. All sizes 2,98 1 MOTOR TUNE f.00
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*.** Reg.
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BOYS' TEE SHIRTS I Rainbeau Rag Rug 1.00
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andJtP1f1Muth. {
Reg. 1.39 NOW
37-38 Ply. Floor Mat Reg. 3.59 NOW 2,9. f Cast Iron Skillet 1.00 !
Reg. 3.75 NOW 1. Sanforized.Boys' white Sizes gabardine!: 14 to slacks 18. with pleated fronts and cuff bottoms. . Reg. 1.19 NOW I
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Pront HOOT mat.Flourescent. NAILS 1.00

Reg. 5.89 1-Tube Strip NOW .88 Reg. 14.98 NOW 7..95. TURF EDGER 1.00 i!
4 ,
Long sleeve slack suits of wool and rayon. Tan only. Sizes. .
Por one. IS watt tube. White enameled steel boxtrip 29 to 34. - Reg. 1 1.98KEYHOLE NOW
Adaptable for vail or eetliac.Tube excluded.

Reg. 1.29
2.77 Stainless Steel NOW) .99 .88
1 1- Re 9. 4.98 NOW 2 '
Easy: to keep clean. urn fuel-will "not discolor t,
food even rhea stored in refrigerator. '
Dan river mill fabric with two-way pockets In biut and brown. tiS

'HM<<,"eeeft *utti .6 ae.4" flQ "?14e Set4 ctd Pfan'uikiiiu !

ORANGE AT WASIIinGTQN Pilau m Real u[ Sloie far Sean ( tomers, !

+. ie .

Orlando morning sentinel
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 Material Information
Title: Orlando morning sentinel
Alternate title: Orlando Sunday sentinel
New year sentinel=star
Sunday sentinel=star
Orlando Sunday sentinel=star
Physical Description: v. : ill. ; 60 cm.
Language: English
Publisher: W.M. Glenn
Place of Publication: Orlando Fla
Creation Date: July 12, 1947
Publication Date: 1918-1953
Frequency: daily[<1926>-1953]
daily (except monday)[ former 1918-]
Subjects / Keywords: Newspapers -- Orlando (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Orange County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Genre: newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage: United States -- Florida -- Orange -- Orlando
Coordinates: 28.533611 x -81.375833 ( Place of Publication )
Additional Physical Form: Also available on microfilm from Bell & Howell, Micro Photo Division, and the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation: Vol. 6, no. 94 (June 1, 1918)-v. 64, no. 32 (July 27, 1953).
General Note: "Inland Florida's greatest newspaper."
General Note: "Independent Democratic." Cf. Ayer, 1946.
 Record Information
Source Institution: University of Central Florida: Florida Digital Newspaper Library
Holding Location: University of Central Florida: Florida Digital Newspaper Library
Rights Management: All rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
Resource Identifier: aleph - 002075053
oclc - 02734467
notis - AKR3408
lccn - sn 83016284
System ID: UF00079944:00221
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Preceded by: Morning sentinel
Succeeded by: Orlando sentinel (Orlando, Fla. : 1953)

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t K

4Yo 1

____________ ' ( trrztrti 101 '

,N.,itlts HALF ptui/'t tn..t. a A.7S.MILLIE,I I..ette.ck 41t. t.t.4... =..:.r...Otl.O.iM.IIVI a.t U,

1st tat tl.tida '.-.4 ..... '
M ., t "I.. Srot. .__. lye S ........ .... It
trap keel c tMri/, wt.a

a Privilege to Live in Central Florida-The World's Most Beautiful Place for Abundant Living


16 Countries Confer 'Tax Reduction Five Georgia Convicts

Today on Relief---- Plan i, Sponsors For Vote TodayNight Aim ''Killed .in Escape Try F

Russia SpurnsImportant r Session Bid ..


Reminding Him of a Most Important Part I Eight Negroes
Meet Drlandoans Buy $100,000 !
i sors of the $4 billion House-" I

Beach Property at Cocoa, ; tion approved bill aimed income for tax a Senate reduc-_ Wounded ByGuards'

Slated in Paris t
vote today or Monday after,

Plan Family Vacation Spot i abandoning hope for a decision i a = -- _M

Friday night. t Fire
Reds Reported Out tI
Children are invited and wanted at the $100,000 apartment Sen. Wherry of Nebraska assistant I
To Break Republican floor leader
Project I
I beach property purchased recently by Cocoa Shores, announced just before adjourn- Mass Break of 27

PARIS [ AP ] Sixteen J Inc.. it was announced yesterday. ment Friday night that he is pre-.
nations of Western Europe i J. Simpson Penney Jr., and Robert. Anderson, heads pared to insist on a night session Ends in FaikueBRUNSWICK.

today .'Ullauneh an attemptto | of the firm and both of Orlando, joined in stating that the today if the Senate does not vote O. ( A P )

rebuild their war-torn property would be run principally during the day Five Negro ejotn-.cts w...
for Central Floridians and their I As for a Sunday session / C-r0
economy with the promise of Leaders AgreeOn families. I Terry said "well cross that / % ToR/AL shot to detttfc and eight

United fitates aid Soviet>> Russia The 16 ocean front apartments river when we come to It." REPAIR OEPt others wounded two critical
and the States within her orbit
are located at Cocoa Beach about "I will say that the present Intention ]v. at a State highway

wtil not participate. OperatingFund 55 miles from Orlando and one is to conclude it (the bill] work camp yesterday in sn escape _;
Emphasizing the gravity of the I .
mile north of the Banana River I today. : aft i apt, Warden w O
pUt between rut and West, Rnsi for YearWASHINGTON I Air Station. 1 Sen. Morse (R.-Ore.l tossed In Worthy .....
CII i wtn b* absent from a major I
eight amendments to the measure
---- - The property is being completely The wardea declared tlu five
Mora Coal l Sought [AP] Congressional redecorated and rehabilitated and explained them in a speechof prison ginfas. and three r'<*aMy

committees several hours ,calling his pro- policemen ..-M fire with *...*- -
posals a program to expand con- and rlflse OB 27 Ncr. convicts
t'ftiU4 *lat ,. &fo *. a dlreel agreed yesterday on a cool guns
...*. to E.,..... ree.*ery >..- sumer buying power without hurt- when they made a break for
terdar, ."....aria. sa effort $13,342 million for a varietyof ing business investment.The a 12 foot fence eociostnj the ....
will fc* trod .. ... "... Ger- Government expendituresin big unanswered question
on camp at AanrUla 12 titias
: -snants-.-vital ealconferenr pe.d.rtl.n.- -- the fiscal year, which started remains Will the Senate sustain 'P northwest of Braaswtrk

Involving. the future of July 1, including just over $4 the veto which Pres. Truman has P o V j One or the Miaeat ...* sisal

Europe for the first time since the billion for -an effective fighting 1 1NI. promised on the tax bill? The Q A .2 as he eiineed' the ftaaf 'b# warden .

end of World War II. .,." I I I Senate roll call on passage of the MW41 said sad tanMe .d.Sd -

The total represents approximately bill win clarify the prospect. .
Diplomats gathering for the I I the other s44*
opening meeting of the Marshall $621 million less than Pres. House Republicans say that an r' j1i 1 The wounded. prisoner wets
in his budget Anderson Penney overriding majority is certain in ESiaFAL
Truman requested
plan conference at 11 aon. today brought .. a hMpkaJ tn htaa. ,
that body citing the 302 to 112 q
and UO million more than I
declared they were convinced the some and will be ready for occupancyon s.T wick.
vote by which the bill passed last
Soviet Union was out to break the i the economy-minded House ap ,
I I July 19. Anderson said. Tuesday. A group of new prtaaaert ].nine.

Marshall prerram If possible, or proved. New furnishings are being purchased the camp )OHMIC.,. Mai were sea*
at least limit IU effectlveneaa. The sums still are subject tofhaa. in Orlando.
I out to work on ta*Jeaaa tus....
Russia refuted' to act with Brit- ... As proof that children are people Greek Arms They refused to work and were

ain' and France M a sponsoring Far behind on appropriatingmoney Anderson pointed out that the a CG MFRS brought tack U the. camp attest

power' for the conference and aU : for the new fiscal. year largest playground in Central Aid Speeded ,ers star ra Er 4 pjn. They waattat. g* nat af

eight nation now tied to the Soviet which began July 1. the lawmakers : Florida is being installed on the I the tracks wfcea araerttf. tad _

orbit rejected Imitations is- put on full steam to complete 400 feet of ocean frontage on !I WASHINGTON [ A P ) The aI Warden Wortajr ea4 county...

ailed by the British and French. the job of providing the Government which the eight duplex houses are i United States is speeding an Initial -

Finland the last with operating funds before located. million I lice.Chief .
was nation to $35 shipment of artillery of Pelt HeaMii B Me*

4e..i4e. Its CaMnet turned down they adjourn for a five-month Each modern apartment eon- ; ammunition,and other military -I I -TI derson of CHyna Oeunty talk M lathe

Ike. IntlUiUn' at a "meeting ,"- vacation& late this month. cists of two bedrooms* tile bath !. equipment to Greek armed I 'i ; prisoners said law them to da

.- tevder anatring.rt . living roomroom and forces before actual reconstruction I farm Bloc -Wins''/ North_ of Orlando !OrlandoChild I what the wa.4.a .dand

..ii,..u1pYlltt. alone of the !$ .Yojes fet e electrically"Our'rates equipped are-ronsideraM1y kitchen.' &t-- j
tu-uan bloc accepie #but later', . der..Daytona Beach and the ac- Dwight Griswold economic aid t; The Ifegreea gat ant of tine ? .
! ', mission thief. announced the move ,trucks and were H..- 19 t. tlMi ,
wtthdrtwunder what Western "commodations better Anderson
: diplomats. said was Soviet pres JI I Slav Leaders stated. "In addition, we furnish :I yesterday for on Athens the eve saying of his departure thei -I IS en ate FavorWASHINGTON Of Sanford-Godfrey Drowns i in Lake f i prison' _el..... Wtoea the aaUcs

I all utilities and linen service. Ren- -
chief finished IaaIaC0
i shipment is going on an "anti-J [Special: ] to Orlando Mcr'"ng Sent net] ;
MOSCOW (IUPJ) Czechoslo-
I tal will not,be made for a period
sure.With the Premier Gott-'' 'bandit basis SANFORD-Jovial Arthur God : they brake and rat la the aarraeks. -
-aponaon.. Britain rakla's Communist of less than a week." j [UPJ Sen- I Despite efforts to revive '
I ,
and France" the nations attend wald. Foreign Minister Masaryk :, The property located between{ He said "it would be useless to ate farm bloc members won ,, frey yesterday morning mentioned him 17-month-old and .dove aaaer the oatM-
and other members of a Czech I rebuild and have it blown ;, r a boy, off '
lot the conference win be Bel the highway and ocean on "one a bridge i iI Sanford in connection with Dick ,line which la abort teat fMt
trade delegation attended a dinner up"by Communist-supported a major victory yesterday James of Mr.
guer- Barker
of the finest beaches in this area Alien numerous times in ; son the groaad.
glum, Italy. Portugal, Eire in the Kremlin as responseto
last night Is being fully landscaped he said. rIDas. I;I when the Senate Appropriations and Mrs. A. Barker The ...aui
OrH<<. Turkey. Luxembourg. the guests. of the Soviet State. various telegrams from here Roger j prisosen *a aa>

Netherlands Ie e'a ft d. Austria. Premier Stalin himself was host i I Committee r e ,c o m- 'I that Mien singing on his program ; 1808 Baylarian Blvd., died I. Atr the the bwilding fence eaeftMwe sod tea toward *ai -

Switzerland. Norway Sweden and at the dinner. Radio Moscow said Beg Your Pardon ,{.Urged by Mother, r mended a 11,048,266,136 spending was a Sanford man. i;last night after wandering away. i' the ether: side.

i Denmark ,1 Thc In a radio broadcast said heard that in guests London.included i, Mr. Lawyer AlvordThe Girl Admits Killing 'II i I I program for the Agriculture- Department Godfrey said he had received :; from home and falling into Lake "I 1 office opened fief on ttla.a
telegrams from .
Gottwald, Masaryk. Minister this fiscal year. 220. everyone including:Lurna. with sKetgoaa arts. if rtr PI**
t of Justice Prokop Drums and facts hi a column written I CHAMPAIGN Ill IAP1 State's 664.160 more than voted by the' the-sheriff. He said he knew little I E. G. Duckworth justice of the were killed sad. etfkt 'la\ s.rtM-
Four HospitalizedAfter by Drew Pearson and printed in .. of Florida and didn't know whereSanford. ed. Fourteea nrtaaaats. r,m. bad
Ambassador I. Horak. Radio Mos- Atty. John Bresee said a pretty House. peace said the body was found ,
I When Aiken .
i cow said the "dinner was. spent in the Orlando Morning Sentinel i former night club hostess after At the same time the committee was. answered , about 15 feet from shore. Fire with their beam aa. and 4 wtsn
it 20 miles northof
Fire and friendly atmosphere." May 9. 1947. have been Questioned being urged by her mother to "tell was dered.
Beating i a warm I I Chief Maxie G. Bennett supervised
1848 fiscal Orlando, he said it
: approved appropriations must surelybe
and contested. The Sentinel I
I t the truth. confessed yesterday efforts of firemen to save the
II I HARRI8VIUJE. W. Va. LAP) Actress ': printed the column in good faith.l that she shot and killed A. G.,I of $8.294,006,027 for all independent a Yankee town then. boy with resuscitator and two I The WeatherORLANDO

i Sheriff John l-wrther reportedthat ( Witness Says We regret if Mr. Pearson was in-I Tilton. 40, a tourist camp operator.: Federal agencies, including physicians aided.

a farm .-omtn. Mr*. Jack I Financed Kidnaping accurate.The concerned The prosecutor said blonde j $75 million for the Atomic Review of Housing Fire Lt Paul''' Tennington I : "" VTCHttTT: ;..
Staekhouw. 80. war beaten and story among 'Betty Gruver. 20. of Champaign. I Energy Commlssiocu- I said the mother noticed the Considerably e4ewdt today. -'
' IUP1 Pretty film others. Mr. Ellsworth Alvord. a
r almost burned to death with her HOLLYWOOD Meredith paid Washington. D. C- attorney. In related In a signed statement that i The total. $126437,000 above Situation Demanded I child's absence from home after through tomorrow. !....,... -s
three children yesterday at their actress Madge and the she shot Tilton after sitting in on House figures. Most of tbe I only a few moments, rushed to I afternoon and evening sii+rv...
men.000 to kidnap addition to being member of
home' near Pike.Atlfftd."u three beat her former business manager bar in good standing a Mr.: Alvord a business conference in which I funds will 10 to the Veterans WASHINGTON TAPl Full Investigation -: the lake saw a white object.. I and thunder hwen.' ....rl..
at St. Joseph's Hospital Nicholas Otanaclis. Verne V. Davis Is treasurer of the U. S. Chamberof I he was paid $300 cash and a $2.100 : Administration. of the housing shortage I and took the boy to shore, wherea I southerly winds.
) >In Parkenburg said the woman testified at the preliminary Commerce and chairman of its check for tavern rentaL Committee recommendations on- and building costs because it's woman neighbor helped administer *
Mrs. John Starkhotue. was hearing of Miss Meredith and the committee Federal finance. j the agriculture. supply measure ". hell of a job getting: a house," i artificial respiration
In critical) condition and her three yesterday. When the victims Any damage on which the Pearson Pineapple Industry Included an allotment of $295 million was demanded yesterday by Sens. I before equipment armed. Cracker Jim Sez: -

daughter. Del(+rts. I. waa badly attempted to bribe their way article might have done to Mr.' for soil conservation payments Revercomb,[R-Va. and McCarthy: Besides the parents survivors Squire Larkin is pfcM-b aaar .Us
burned.. Sheriff Lowther said he i out. Davis said the men refused Alvord or to his firm. Alvord and Crippled by Strike during fiscal '48. comparedwith IR-Wis.1. : include brother. John, 4; a sister the noiiofl to awe* MM oar nfhisin
was holding Howard OaJt n. W. their offers saying "We're getting Alvord. was unintentional on the I HONOLULU [AP) CIO workers a House grant of $165 million Spending of $150,000 on an "A Beverly. :5; grandparents In f or one of Uhrat two face!!
without charge In the RitchieOrunty $2.000 for this Job* part of this newspaper and we went on strike against Hawaii's and a $20 million program to help to Z" review of the nations housing i' Orlando Mr. and Mrs. George jobs what yon east tU. whets
JalL sincerely regret any inaccuracy multimillion-dollar pineapple- I farm tenants and veterans purchase ,, situation to be undertakenby Barker, a grandmother now in .they're eon-a or
Mother Truman Feeling which might have occurred.We dustry yesterday, and the paralysis farms for which the House a 14-member committee from I Michigan Mrs. Lena Alexander. goin. He dalau r, t
No Appropriation, hereby ''apologize to Mr. quickly spread to the waterfront has refused to grant a penny. both the House and Senate, with and a great-grandmother. Mrs. .that jalopy afhisin
Better a report to be given Congress by I Mary L. Weisenborn. Hartford. tint wortha
Physician Says Alvord and his law firm. as stevedores joined the cannery !
No Senate PaydayWA8HWOTOM picket lines. Senate Group Okays March 15. was suggested. Conn. Arrangements will .tte announced hill of bean
ORANDVIEW. Mo. fAPl Mrs. ---- |i: I I later by Elselsten-Wig-; no more and
rAP The disbursing Martha E. Truman. 94-year-old Young Mother Believed Installment Easement ginton Home for Funerals. that ever UBM h*
officer of the U. 8. Senate mother of the President was reported Corn Soars to New China Mission Seen I goes anywkter he -
used' cards. printed tn red Ink yesterday to be "feeling much better"yesterday Victim of Sadist Attack WASHINGTON (UP] The Sen- '
to spread the bad news that after having been forcedto MARION.Ohio [API The nearly 'High of $2.21 Bushel ate Banking Committee yesterday Hinting Policy Shift I Burning of ChildrenisHands the has rain to got aa ot pump tn. 1

the Legislative branch appropriation remain in bed since the first. of nude rope-trussed body of Mrs. CHICAGO (UP The price ofJuly voted to relax restrictions on Installment I I I WASHINGTON UPI Pres. Truman 1 Laid to Mother them tires up. -_- -
btU for the fiscal year beglnnlnt the week.' Zora Gerbes. 25. divorced motherof i. corn soared to $221 another 'i buying by allowing two ..
in which be the Uteri he's
July 1, )1M7. not having Her physician. Dr. Joseph W. three. was found in a church- an-tlme high on the Chicago years Instead of 15 months to I a move may i DETROIT, CUP A sullen. 27-
first step in extending the Mar- I smart aa he sets bell shore. PIt
been enacted there are no funds Greene said she had not felt well yard yesterday and Coroner E. H. i r Board of Trade yesterday It was pay for purchases, and lowering I II I shall Plan to the Far East. last year-old mother. Mrs. PhyllisPapretsky his trading brttcfcu M lit bur
available for Senate salaries several Morgan expressed belief she may !1 the highest futures price in theBoard's I 1 down payment requirements to 20' .thr fnr. the July' IS pay day U for days.Paraguayan__ I have been criminally assaulted bya 99-year history. I per cent on_all items. ___ J I I II I. night dispatched Lt. Gen. AlbertC. burning the right hands of cause: from the taafta of thin entrier's
Apostperad until further notke.Tenight's ." I,I sadist. I . Wedemeyer with political and her two children. Steven.. and ptoaty more raft] coafet *'e*_ .a
-- Planes economic advisers to China and David. 5, over hot coals in her I *
FIRST ORLANDO DOLLAR DAY IN SIX YEARS! j Korea on an emergency factfind- kitchen stove as punishment for t TOVAVS Tt.Ct
Merles Hit Rebel Gunboats Cooler Puts RomanceOn ing mission hinting that a changein i taking $8 from her purse and a Dan-. ....r. Tt4.a tams to .a.n.3a3.a.LNSas.a
aaatnAY TW YMrtte*. 114. 414. : CORRIENTES. Argentina tAP policy in response to powerful piggy bank. : = SWa -
Ice For Five Years : C..w Semen Tld..t lava l sai4
Two fruitless attacks on Paraguayan iValues Galore Are 'Promised pressure for aid to Generalissimo 3:33 pmIN.. e. ..
oases awe lt, tit. stt.t p s.
rebel'gunboats in the Pa- NASHVILLE. T nn. UPI Ten- Chiang Kal-shek was forthcoming. 1 I Johns Gets ........ rn T-. ;-r.4. {
Hopkins aid 3'li .. .... a. .... 4 s
; 'r TM aa P.haa, IN. 34a, the ,Argentine nessee prison officials said "no" a. ; eM 4 a
l ) !4 rana River near a.. pa._ am w4r 1 H-
141rw s..ai.t t.L4 ruin.. town of Xtuzaingo were made yesterday yesterday to the request of a Los Central Florida Shoppers Today Solons Leave Terminal Huge Clayton Gift
Cal.. widow who wantsto
Government Angeles, LOCAL
+!lrMS 5. 4.rsr, t.4A. us. I.JS. i ja. by Paraguayan her childhood sweetheartnow I, BALTIMORE tAP Dr. Isaiah M TIM.t.ayvusa. .. d4MU.r ..._. I'
planes. Argentine police re- marry Pay Bill Off Schedule Bowman, president of Johns Hopkins .ra*- .0.':
their doors' to-
al4tttr. tl.a yMaw tn+.wt ported. serving a 2S-year prison sen- Orlando retail merchant:s are opening i I 1 ;:.:: .., ........ rl
1< tan. I .ss .t.i. 7a. Lit.... tence for murdering his wife. He day with Dollar Day special values reminiscent of "good WASHINGTON rAP Senate University announced yesterday t... ...-- 'Q 1... .-
5. f
t la i. 4 n. 11*. .4a. that a gift of $1 million 2 .... _. ,3 as K
Ta.MMusM.41..lee. iii.as Anesthesia ExplosionKills uont be eligible for parole for at old time sale" days accord ing to James B. Keith Proof leaders drew up a schedule yester-, bv Under See. of State and Mrs. i 3.... _h___ T1 I J a s. w
1 ta, y..uY.M JUM. 3 4,. s.o*. least five more years.Royal.Slooded ''> day for the last two. weeks of this 4... '93 4.. '
bows One Hurts Four motion Committee chairman the Merchants Assn. session and left off the worksheet i Will L. Clayton for medical research i s.... -_----_-_ n ... '"
ix a..4. O* UM Trill; I lUaCteM. : in has been received by the 1S. 1es
Members of the associating are co-operating spon- cash'terminal : -
bills to pay : ==::= = _
..w.a... a 1a. At.. .. NEW ORLEANS in API) An Bull this Saturday shopping events bonds and to undertake a housing University's' school of medicine. ,, s .... hh_ x i s .. .__ M1..a
.tst tit.
t'tMths. anesthesia explosion an operating .
aw.,tlat. Mt MLa room at Baptist Hospital : Interred in Teaxs :' bringing the first will be well worth shopping trips I I program. However. Sen. Taft IR i : : -.::::: I .: :: -- .
N t.4gtu. Tye: !city-wide Dollar Ohio told reporters that both of .. ____ 'I 'r'f'
.p-r.ta.the tern.,... killed Lola Ellsworth daughter of i iI \'; SULPHUR IAP1 Hatford :Day in six years. to town." be declared. 1 these measures might be crowded 1947 sully ..947JW 14s05 _u u_____ I Miaet ._ r.

etat. Less. Thai I(a retired banker and injured four I'" Rupert 81st. sire of nearly a mU- i i Many Orlando -.;. Clarence Johnson. association into the schedule. I Mm H. ,*,.! Hi. Pt. U T..TU... IwNlae _
others yesterday. Ilion worth of famous
dollars ..,..
w '
!4 o ..trsat.r WI.. store managers president stated advertising announcements I ,I ... .it<'aa .d
M. calves was. laid to rest yesterdayin 12 I"'"" si .. ... .. N Via a.ndtae
tate a.M.w i I limestone tomb the ranchof report they have of the event had : Teachers' Group Adopts 1 a.
a .......
.1 Tt.Cf .-. It Pays You To Tell Others I Gov. Roy J. Turner Reluctant offerings assembled in price desirable (been inserted in 18 Central Flor- : 13141516171819 :. =I :; t I :; 4 t,o -
Pledge Against Strikes AtlallU M N M aiAu..we
.*, CHrtt TlHM ranchhands Thursday put to merchan- I|ida ., I ere is. n I .1 so ai
Wte r** ha" a ram. to.......om.* death the 13-year-old champion t dise that have not newspapers II I CINCINNATI IAP1 A no-strike I 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 i I='''''.. :.N4 : Mro
flA.1lL. aar aw.aua LaLa. 'I Itch. to _no .r a service to oner. enfeebled by arthritis. ; ri.
; {'been equalled in policy for school teachers was aesa'.. M M I M TG
.. ptasn e wan...; I ..'. pay yes to feU others through a I value in years. Rail Crash Kills 200 ( adopted by the National Educa- .n 2819 30 31 chteu. M ii.a.et..r ". -t 1
i ftmUMl-SUr Want-Ad, Envoy Okayed 1 Central tion Assn. it neared .. 9.
Argentine Keith said HONGKONG (AP) The yesterday as I D.a. I
o. tow4 j WASHINGTON tAPl The Sen- merchants were Keith i China News said today that more i the end of its five-day meeting. II 1947 .august 1947 0.'"" Tt u I, er ,UDIIIRII .
ass W as1.k L9ioH161 the killed and i Miss Mary McGough of St. U =' I! r
I ate yesterday confirmed the no- all out to make this one of than 200 persons were t J. Jip. "'. *" *" f" ..sJI r.etWara as esak..e.s "
7a. i Ask for Wont-Ads mination of James Bruce. Baltimore biggest shopping days in the his- scores injured north of Canton i Paul where schools were closed a..... a. i' :
+ Mw I II to be Ambassador to Argentina. i tory of Orlando. Thursday when a train jumpedthe ,by a strike last Winter, urged the I 12 'It_...rOp .. 11 .. MLa
I "Values offered by the stores tracks into a river. change. Aa..t.* at -- I N

Fr _' .

THey 'Is Dollar' Day in Orlando< "Shop Early for Special Values Merchants Are Offering-Best Buys in Six Years!

: ;

I' ..aI'


g ;- --



Page 2 l tlrlaub J&nrntog &rttibtrl Saturday July 12 1947 ,
M 0 V I N G 3 Orlando Academy .f Music

Ftr' reel storage .

Policeman Arno Mayor Padgett Hits I Five Hurt Movers ORLANDO et tiDe fumttuN Approved Aa Accredited tot G.L SGhool Tretnln+e

; TRANSFER & STORAGE CO by Veterans Administration

TEL.. isle 131 Lake It. rhene ItH

Back on Force Ticket 'Fix' Claim I Freak Accident

[Sc4 ctal 1 to Orlando Morning Sentinel] ,. .
(4w d. M riekln M4Se"rn+ell fSoeewl to Orlando Momma Sentinel] SANFORD-Five people were WILLARD & KEISERWhere
DAYTONA BEACH-Motorcycle DAYTONA BEACH-Mayor Ernest L. Padgett struck hurt Thursday afternoon when a x
Policeman Christy Arno was. back back late last night at charges of ticket "fixing" said to be i large semi-trailer south bound 4s dollars farther
ia uniform yesterday. your go
t Jackknil J on the Sanf ord-Orlando
originating in the City Hall.
Area resigned from the local ,I Highway and two cars coming in AT COST
poUr force in protest of what he I He made his statement following the charge: by Police- :the opposite direction piled into SPECIALS

called an attempted City Hall man Elliott Chestnutt that a "fix" had been put. on an it. State Highway Patrolman I*. 12" Eskimo Fans
fu" in the case of Herbert Hun- arrest he made May 8. Padgett< Bender reported yesterday.
Ur. Orlando hotel operator. IC.I I I Bergaire Combination Fan and Heating Unit
for the short
said the matter was one before them and asked them to be The accident occurred a
Arno said yesterday that Chief Police Dept. and that he has confidence considerate. I distance beyond the Sanford city BroilersK
more can see nowit
of Police Tom Johnson had refused that Chief Tom Johnson 'has done good"City limits at 5:20: pjn. The cab end
to accept his. resignation ,I can handle the department in an Comm.no W. A. Shelley was lof the truck belonging to John & M Bug Bombs
and that when City Mgr. James I efficient manner. unavailable for comment. He is t C. Dickerson Construction Co. and Shop and Save In Colonlaltown
Titus told him Hunter would haveto Chestnutt charged in a public commissioner in charge of the Police . driven by Cecil L. Sherouse of 709 N. Mills St. Ph.*o MK
stand trial he
agreed to with into
report that he arrested Miss Ruth Dept. and was named by Lakeland suddenly
draw his resignation L. Johnson. 724 N. Oleander St.. Chesnutt as having threatenedhim the highway and Capt John W.
Hunter was accused of reckless for speeding on the beach. He said with suspension because "I Knowles of the Orlando Air Base
driving July 4 after he ran into Miss Johnson ignored instructions did my duty." .skidded straight into the truck. x
the motorcycle officer, damaginghis i to report to the police station add I Knowles' car continued past the
machine and injuring him ing. "Ill turn it offer to the ma- I truck and stopped and the car of etas+tr tJs.s.iti
slightly . yor." Later he forced Miss John- Mr and Mrs. Norman J. Atkinson
Later ATM said he learned the Electric LinesExtension also driving
son to accompany him to police I of Houston Tex. allairaaiJEfrM'iiihMrtft
rate had Wn. *etUed. out *feri. headquarters clad only in a bathing I north plowed right into the truck i
." He then handed In his suit and cape. She was released I although they attempted to stop xaF nsi fat f !. : ''TYtif infill JP-?
".1,uti... on a $25 bond. Chestnutt according to Sheriff P. A. Mero. -
Hunter has posted a 1110 bond. maintains the bond was returned Seen Mr. and Mrs. Atkinson are both
which a check at police headquarters ,and she did not appear in court. in the Fernald Laughton Hospital. HOME FURNISHINGS
C yesterday shooed he had asked A Padgett when Informed the Bender said suffering from shock.
for the return and been denied. charge said "I do not feel that [Speciol ta Orlando Morning Sentinel r] bruises and lacerations. Bender
The case will be heard by Municipal any person plated under arrest NEW SMYRNA BEACH-There gave first aid treatment to Capt.
Judie Louis Schott the should .be subjected to Indignation is a possibility that the city may Knowles for a badly cut leg. a
first part of next week. I such as being carted off to extend its electric light lines into cut lip and a loosened tooth; to $1
the police station In a bathing the Turnhill Bay section' vest. of Sherouse for a cut lip and to the
1. Agricultural InstituteTo suit-especially a lady of this the Municipal Airport. i Negro. Henry Jackson a truck
woman's character. At the City Commission meeting rider for lacerations.
Meet at Daytona beenallo.d Thursday night a letter signed by I' No charges were made. patrol-
should have
"She certainly
I about 25 residents of that section. man Bender said because the accident 1 $15'
V*" "9 Or"Ho Mom no Sn' i*!IJ I to go to her home and asking for electric lights was was a freak and not the High Chair Regularly
DAYTONA BEACH-B. A. Mc- change to a street dress. I don't read. City Manager John Ferris
Cown of Orlando announced- yesterday believe there is a man in this city instructed by the Commission fault of anyone. I
that the lath annual meeting tij.i who mould like to see his wife was to investigate the cost of inst.lla-I GO AWAY AND LET HIM SLEEP' Upon reaching a Chicago; 2 Go Carts Regularly $14.95Regularly
of the Florida Agricultural Institute dragged to the police station clad tion and other data pertaining to SchoolCiubMakes I
station, trainmen aboard the South Shore's 1:10 1 : a.m. train
will hold .Its. meeting here in a bathing suit. There was no the construction and to
Thursday In the Sheraton Plaza need for it in this cue. make power his report at the next Commission I I from Gary, Ind., were confronted with something new in the i iI Metal Kitchen Chairs $f
Hotel "In my opinion the policemanIn meeting. Plans way of sleeping passengers. This one's blissful state was protected .!
One hundred members of the the case is guilty ot insubordination There will be a policeman at I by a belligerent canine, until desperate conductors,
I group' are expected to attend. Mc- i and conduct unbecoming a. each ball lame in the future. Doured water on him. Doq and master departed hastily. I Chintz Covered Hassocks Regularly $$.75
Cowan said. member of the Police Department.We Mayor Hugh Pierson Thursday For Expansion '
A cocktail party followed- by a i have had a number of complaints night instructed Police Chief ,
I dinner win be held Thursday concerning the action of Charles White to attend every ball entinet De i 1'
night after the day's business discussions I' various policemen in regard to acts game or appoint a member of his [SI-f'ciol NEW 8MYRNA to Orlando BEACH-An Morning effort ]-I land May Baby Contest Clothes Hampers ......_._..........,...,.........Reg. $3.95
which begin at t am. : City Com. W. A. Shelley wulaunderette force to do so. The action followed to encourage several hundredmen
the readin of a letter from of this community to join the M i iM Metal Stools .._.._......_._.... L J ,.Reg.. $2."
Dorcie Huffaker president of the ,
Dad's Club started at the Get Property
local baseball club who stated thata I I club's meeting was Thursday night at Baby Trainer Seats .._..___ ....Reg $a..
broke at recent M I Deadline SetSpecial
near riot out .a '
: Colonialtown I the Chamber of Commerce.
ball The game.commission condemned the I Th club organized recently to Without Cost I Reed Clothes Baskets ..._:......_._.. ....Reg. $2.50
promote the welfare of New !
Kate Canova building at 40t [ to Orlando' Morning' Sentinel I]
Washington 8t.. which was par Smyrna Beach schools now hasa [Spt, icl to Orlando Morning Sentinel ; Mirrors ..._..__._....._.......... ,._ _-.Reg. $1.45
tially burned last August. The total of 150 members. DE .AND-The remainder of I DAYTONA BEACH-The dead- ,
\ action was taken upon the recommendations "There should be at least 500 I the airport property here may be iline for entries in the Exchange Rubber and Fiber Mats ___ _Reg. $1.95
Beach sufficiently I Club baby show slated for July
of Fire Chief Edwin men in New Smyrna turned over to the City without
Equipped with B,endix Launderies interested in its schools I : 1'1. has been set for Wednesday I
Shea.Inspector J. Jj.and Sutton Dr. R.city D. building Higgins to become members," Pres. cost.yesterday City after Mgr. being Fred Gross advised said by i; noon July 16, Chm. G. D. Pin- I Machine Oil Shades .._.__......, ..........Reg. $1.45'

director of the Volusia County Frank McCormick said yester Sen. Pepper that a bill authorizing I holster said. I
Health Dept. day. such a transfer had unanimously I He requested that all mothers ,: Esmond Baby Blankets . .... Reg. $1.75
SPECIAL for DOLLAR DAY Their findings showed that 60 He said that all meetings are passed the Senate. I planning to enter their children .
per cent of the building was destroyed open to the public and that potential The bill places the surplus air- : in the show do so just as soon as Baby Swings __..____._ .-.--,Reg. $1.1S
by the fire. City Atty. E. I members can join by mak- port properties throughout the na- possible. He said that 28 babies !
_William Gautier was instructed to ing personal applications at the tion under the control of.the Civilian have been registered so far and I Cards Tables
notify the owners to tear down the meeting or by applying to the Aeronautics Administration. : that he expected there will be 605
3fc $1. :building within 30 days.: I membership and finance com I when the deadline is reached.
If The CAA will then be authorizedto I { 2 for $1 1
[ mittee. On that committee are W. give title to the City withoutcost I The show will be held in the j
H. Morgan. Marvin Tyner. E. K.I in I bandshell starting at 8 pm
with the that
WatermelonShipments Ashton.. Guy Athern. R. W. Quig- of a national emergency proviso the property case- .Thursday. Pinholster asked that Fiber Shades .................._, T.................Reg. 69c c..
3 nine lb. washes regular]ly 105. Save time, effort, ; ley. George Winfree and O. E. I will be returned to the Fed- :mothers with their children be at
;: Southard.The eral Government after 30 days I the north entrance to the band- f Jute Rugs (127x48] ..__._ ....-.._.....__._Reg. $1.2
I money-let our competent .attendants do your washing tlub voted Thursday nightto notice. shell promptly at 7:30 p.m. fi
\ I a for ask the school board for use The property in question contains I Prizes will consist of a large
you. Hit 8,629 of its school buses next year to several buildings which are trophy for first place with sec rL 4 for $1 1
take children to out-of-town foot- now housing local industrial ond and third places receiving $10

[Special to Orlondo Moming Sentinel 1] ball games. The members also plants. The City had plannedto and $5 respectively. Window, Shades .._._.__. .._ ._Reg. 39c c.e.
Shop and Save in Colonialtown LEESBURO-Florida .watermelon voted to investigate thetneeds at purchase the remainder at an 1
shipments for the season have i the high school athletic field and estimated $40,0003f {I .i
1104 E. Colonial Dr I vo Phone 2.107B reached 8.629 cars more than to co-operate with the*Live Oak; f t tt SEE OUR WINDOW IN COLONIALTOWN FOR
I P-TA in its school ground beautification The production of naval stores
Department .
either IOU or 104C. the U. S. -
program. has always been a picturesque in- MANY OTHER ITEMS OF EQUAL VALUE
of Agriculture. reported dustry. I 0I

yesterday.Florida shipped 695 ears In the I Federal l InspectionOf !
Shop and Save In Cofoniolfown; 1
EVERY DAY ISDOLLAR past seven days. Georgia's shipments SPECIAL
to date by rail total 3,802 Guar Scheduled
ears and South Carolina's 1590. Special[ to Orlondo Morning Sentinel] j I The Best Furniture values
The f.ob. market was steady. .DELAND-Federal Inspection of Service
DAY The New York auction which was the National Guard Infantry MANGHAM'S CLEANERS every day at
described as weaker was paying Company here will be held in !
from $275 to $800 for waterme- August. Al Chtrltoru commanding AlterationsDeliveryPhone Powell Furniture Co
lons. depending upon size and officer reported yesterday.The 2.0708 '
IN COLONIAL| TOWN quality. Army officials also win !
I check the equipment and quartersof 440 W. Robinson Ave. 1110 E. Colonial Drive Phone $333x.
Condition the unit.
Owen Haynes' I
r --------- -- --- --
: '. No Parking Problems Reported as 'Fair'

(5c fol to Orlando Morning Sentinel] - - -- - -
NEW SMYRNA Condition of .
: SHOP and SAVE Owen Haynes of Orange City who 9
was seriously injured Wednesdayon IrS dollar da ft:
the North Causeway was reported '
At the Following Colonial town Stores "fair" last night at Sunny .. l(
South Hospital. .
All American Thrift Stores" _..1116 East Colonial Dr. Haynes is believed to be suffering rxa:
from a fractured skull. S-rays
to determine the extent of his Injuries rwwwhnv, : .,mu wari+nir. s.. ,asfcoo-r
Barnes Gulf Service Station 1200 East Colonial Dr. DISCOUNTOn
will be taken in four or five j $1.00
M. J. Barnes days hospital attendants said. j SPECIALS HILL'S
( Painting Contractor] _1629 East Colonial Dr Haynes was fishing off the at

4' Hazel E. Batchelder ....-- ..1112 East Colonial Dr. causeway and stepped when in he front turned of around a fast the Purchase of any item

Carmichael Tire Co. .. _...... 1119 East Colonial Dr. moving motorcycle. amounting to $5.00 or more on Central Florida's Most Complete Hardware Mart

Colonial & 10 .....1106 East Colonial Dr. Cassadaga Postmaster

Colonial Cleaners .....,........718 North Mills Street Dollar Day, Sat., July 12th ,

Colonial Liquors ..,..,.............._, .1111 East Colonial Dr. Nomination Soeciol Revealed' Garden Tools . Fishing Equipment .
[ to Orlando Mominq Sentinel]

Colonial Motors .....---,-..,....,,-.. ..1239 East Colonial Dr. DELAND-Reid A. Williams of $1.25 Leaf Rakes $1 $1.35 Invincible Nylon Casting
Cassadaga has been nominated for JOHNSON ELECTRIC CO.
Colonial Nursery._. _1508 East Colonial Dr.
-- the postmastership at Cassadagaby I $1.35 Tulip Lawn Sprinklers $1 Line-12-lb. test $1
Colonial Pool Room ...__1102 East Colonial Dr. President Truman it was CONTRACTORS"
I Colonioltown Barber Shop _.1103 East Colonial Dr. learned here yesterday. F $1.95 Red Metal Baskets $1 No. 3 Johnson's Spoons $1 I
Confirmation of the i
nomination 81 E. Church St. Phone 519S
Colonialtown Launderette ....1 1104 East Colonial Dr. I by the United States Senate is expected -

Curry Electric .._. _...._...._..__643 North Mills St. within a few weeks. 1

Donna Cake Shop _._1118 East Colonial Dr. Dial 23748FST. 1 VD16 True Temper Kitchen Items

M. J. Dupuis Amoco Serv. Station 1001 Colonial Dr. IMSOrlando1 Golf Bells

Eberhart Floor Coverings __707 North Mills St. r dollar da r a Nail Hammer $1.25 Cannister Sets $1

Ed's Grocery _._..1214 North Mills St. Pioneer $1.00, Bread Boxes $1 $1,00 e94

\ Florida Cleaning Co. _____ ...1107 East Colonial Dr. ATTIC FANS $T.1s rep i

Highland Package Store ,.._......_.1007 N. Mills St. DESK FANS i
Hill's' Colonial Hardware Co. _J105 East Colonial Dr.
BED LASITS {I 2-36" ATTIC F AS--$1 G. ca.
I Home & Hobby House _1115 East Colonial Dr. TABLE LAMPS I

Kimble's Grocery Co. .1215 North Mills St. ELECTRIC WATER HEATERS RANGES ORANGE PHARMACY ;, Valued at $129

Mar-Jo Beauty Salon _____ ..._._713 North Mills St. CONTRACTORS 1124 E. Colonial Colonlaltown I .

Moses Pharmacy fbi East Colonial Dr. .SEE MILLS OCR ST.HXTURB COLOVIALTOWNHB33E3H355 DISPLAYN. Old Sooth Ret. fl.TS Ea. Colgate Hill's

Orange Pharmacy __.__1122 East Colonial Dr. 535i3i 3Z M3 Bath Crystals ___.2 for $3 Tooth Powder Deal 2 for 41 cOU i Other Items Always Available at

Orlando Glass & Mirror Works .1025 Hamlin Ave. Ferfttmcd Bef. fl.23 Ea. .
South C tto BU
Homes For Sale
Folne's Stationery Store ...........710 North Mills St. Dr.Bath West Crystals _lge. jar $1 Lotion, Reg. 59e c: __-_2 for $1 Picnic Supplies -- Tools Lawn Mowers

Powell Furniture Co. ...1114 East Colonial Dr. 3 Bedroom concrete block i
Tooth Paste 39c 3 for Rtr Tborntoa'twearever
stucco screened porch tHe Reg. $1 Ice Cream Freezers Electric Fans
Service Shoe Shop .. .12O4 East Colonial Dr.
bath garage, insulation Venetian Ban Pi t Bath Powd., Reg. 1.25 _.$1 I

Smitt/i Sundry Store .....1113 E. Colonial Drive blinds awnings and ..hrubbel' Pens -_ -- .$1 ; We dkaryi Com*. Otter SI Val. I Builders Hardware Vacuum Jugs

Southern Wholesale Drygoods 1120 East Colonial Dr. )'. 'Attar .f Petals 'Powd., Rouge., Lipstick 79c
1221 Norwood. 2 blocks from American and Duo Therm Space Heaters
Staves Sunoco Service ,-...._..1020 East Colonial Dr. Lake Adaire. I Cologne, Reg. 1.2.1.$1 :!Attar ef Petals I

Vogue Inn ,., ,... .. ... .....1222 East Colonial Dr. PRICE $10,750 Dusting Attar of Petals Powd. __,ae_,2. U.se for Ea.$3 .i, Cream, Reg.: 1.25 -' $1 Electric Water Heaters Contractors Wheel Barrows

John Wolmer 716 North Mills St. RCB. Thor.ton's' Whipped II
Bergamot Tale Bee. %.SO Ea. Pyrex Cha.....
Ward's Restaurant- ...._703 North Mills St. 100% G.I.LoonCivilians i Shave Cream _____2 for $4 Cleansing Cr., Reg. $5 $2.50 I Bicycles

Wichern's Shell. Service Station 1002 East Colonial Dr. $2870 Cash I Btriamst Heat j React Thornton's i Colonlaltown
Store In
Back of
In Every
Parking Space Nearly
WiftM Radio-.1202 East Colonial Dr. Call for Inspection Cologne, Reg. 1.25 ea. $1 Perfume, Reg. 1.75$1

WHterd & Keiser 709 North Mills St. II I Talcum Bcrfamat M .'I II.L) Can 1 Shop and Save in Colonialtown
'GAIIEL.OONSTRUGTION $1P i A. Tobacco 89cJerien's :
Wykygl Motors 700 North Mills St.

CO. TwinMAKEUP i HiiPs!: Colonial Hardware tl,

COLONIALTOWN BUSINESS MEN'S ASS'N.Lk. FIT. 8383'OR 4073 I KITS Make-up log face powd.cake with 12 m value teh- sc' 1105 E. Colonial! Phone fillf ;

t II "
C- 1


... -- _.-
-' - ---- --
- .' .. 'i..4-"L-,__ ..;..
: I. c


.- - -- - -
--- --
----- --- - -


.. .- "- ,,," .'.
.' ,,' ;;: --r--: :- .


Formal Organization Of' I Saturday, July 12, 1 1947 < rlanDis fHnrtrUtg &rnttnrl Page_ 3 SObituaries" -
Bars To CloseAt
Ball League PlannedrSp i y yrr
HI. and was employed by the T. Bath Tennis Club Lehmann Welcomes
WoJ Mom Sentinel. ) for ,
to Orlando ng and G. Railroad as depot agent
Same Time organization of the New ::4i 7Ik SANFORD-Mrs. Mary Emma Surviving are his widow one TonightS New Radio Station 1
I [ a! to Orlando Morning Sentinel'
Smyrna Softball League Is expected Manning 81. died Friday at a local .son Herbert James Shaffer of SANFORD-Reservations for [ISoeool to Ote-xto Mcvunp ..-_1
to be effected early next I f hospital after an Illness of 10 I Los Angeles Calif., and three w1-.
(Sot \ A"4 Men ng jt. Te'J .eek. ball officials said last night.According Funeral the first dance of the newly organized LEESBUROLeesburg. 8katioa
I grandchildren. arrange-
the months. She lived here 38 years i Sanford Bath and Tennis which we. r tied w
TAVARES-Opening and elosint I to present Plans. ments: await the arrival of his son. Club the Inn "Is Yllrta- -
at Mayfair beginningat yesterday a great
was a member of the First Baptist
hours of barrooms club will set up a four-game -II
in Lake =
9:30 show tality for the atty. Laist c.-
tonight that unity
Church and for the past seven p.m.
County which are! rrcetvinc a I schedule for each week. The City MRS. EMMA VAN. TINE KENNEYMrs. practically the whole membershipwill Central Florida and the >MIEo
has made her home with
deal of attention of New Smyrna Beach has promised years
treat because of
lh* taming local option election I, the club It will install lights I.ti Mrs. A. E. Dobbins on East Fifth Emma Van Tine Kenney be represented.The I as a whole." Karl IAlraatr. '"'
St. !' 76. died at Lake Wales Hospital dance will be held In the rotary of the Lake CMIIIIWI Ctaa a-
.& Obe chanced by County for night playing as soon as the ,4 I ...
OpmmtMloners. I I club Is formally organized.Next ertb Surviving are five children: I Thursday. She Is survived by one small dining room Just off the I ber of Commerce.:: .sM am MtM1a a
coming address .ttw
The commission has ruled that game on the calendar Is Mrs. A. E. Dobbins and H. A. : son Don M. Kenney. cocktail room with small tables last night over -
It will approve opening' and ck Monday night at 6 o'clock when Manning. Sanford, J. A. Manning I Inlng. 1 Funeral services will be held at arranged around the walls. Neil .
>>- '
tot hours as fixed by the State. Darts Corner and the Kiwanis Belle Glade and J. E. Manning 2 pm. Saturday at Fairchild Funeral Powell's Orchestra will play until Others who spoke' seer 1.' ...
Club teams meet. Bel Glade and J. E. Manning !I! Home. with Canon John 1 ajn.. when members and guests tion last night were Lake C'III.-r. .
Th commisaion has approvedthe i New Orleans. La.: four sisters Bagley Day of the Cathedral will assemble at the pool for Judge A. 8. H--.c. fir, .. .. .
folknrlnc applications for liquor Mrs. Lou Becks. Miami Mrs. swimming.The Futch. and Sea Closes ....iit.
Itenuea. Gen Grant Taylor. I I Seminole County House Francis Motes. St. Augustine. Mrs. '' Church of St. Luke officiating. Mayfair Inn dining room 1na transcription.
Grant's Deer rarlor Ferndalt: I Carrie Whittaker and Mrs. Julia !'I i The body will be forwarded to will then be open and a full The station will ...ta+g 1MB f I
Clarrnw Robtaon. flobUon's. be.ttr.en Sells for $18,300 Ann e 11 of Jacksonville: four i I Chattanooga Tenn. at a later breakfast will be served completing a. m. until mktolffhtws a r.<
Yalaha and Okahumpka; date. the evening. The affair will 250 watts at 1H* .
<< I brothers. S. Smith Jacksonville,
Se; iell ;
Oilbert Robinson, Veterans Club. I i >,f CI i 10 C sn&::: Vcr3!; I be semi-formal.
I Sam Smith. West Palm
Mount. Dora.AppttraUons. SANFORD Hugh Ferguson INFANT
McKean of Winter Park has purchased Will' Smith. Palatka and Joe WINTER GARDEN-Services Eustis CotC Lists
for transfer of U- through George E. Cnuckshank. s Smith of Havana; a number of for Robert Austin Hagan Jr.. Infant Lake Probation Officer !
4war were trued M fol estate of ) grand and great-grandchildren. and Mrs. Robert i+ Late Registrations
I executor of the son of Mr. i
low* Denny and Dettmer to Funeral services will be Asked
Gladys A. Boners the large old A. Hagan. 212 Fourth St.. will beheld
Lormle Lee Morgan. SUver Lake ducted by Dr. W. P. Brooks Jr.. I LSoecol to Of;TVMomrig Saaatalq.
Mrs house known as The Oaks on the at the graveside in the Win- [ISoe-: :+tol to Oronoo: Morning+ Sentinel
Forks: C A. Knight to R. L. 'at the Erickson Funeral Home EUSTIS-Lace replrlla M
at 2:30
South line of Seminole County on ter Garden Cemetery : pjn. TAVAltESApplicationsfortheI
Ood -tn. florrento, : Henry HUrhsmlth the old Orlando Road. Purchase Chapel at 3 p.m. Monday with interment Saturday with the Rev. F. W. position of probation officer of the Eustts CtMMBtar af r 'lie;::
to UaUto Cook. UmatiUa I Include Mr and C .
; i" price for this lakeside property i Evergreen Cemetery.:. Widenejv pastor cf the First Pres-
Nan' Johnson to Oliver L. Carpen- 18300. '1' byterian Church. Oakland. offi- County a job created by the glee Cleveland: Mia Ana/1Y 1M...
ter. Astor I was I 1947 Legislature. will be receivedby
Mentor Ohio. Mr. seal .....
Charles T. Niblack purchaseda MRS. JANET D. BOWMAN ciating. Loomis Funeral Home will the Lake Commissionat
muck farm just west of Oviedo 1 BUSHNELL- Funeral servicesfor :1 have charge of arrangements. its meeting County Aug. 4. A. J. Ptottc. Wefltotoe Pat L. t:
New Sherlock Holmes for the sum of $15.000 and Mr. and Mrs. E B KeUy. Nglbaa-
I 1 Mrs. Janet D. Bowman. 72 Thomas Cooley representing the
(! Pa. Mrs ..*
port. : LoOy
week Afai
another sale during the was FUNERAL SERVICES
former Bushnell resident, who Mount Dora American
Fiction UncoveredLONDON I children Flushing N Y.: M*.
that of Hiram S. Allen of Long- died at For Mrs. Margaret M. Webb
asked the
Memphis. commission
mood to Charles H. Whlteley of : Orlo Vista. will be held at 3 p.m. to the Jean R. RostenAmityville and. ets: .;;.
"""' Tenn., will be held at 2:30
TAP) Some unpub 1 : p.m. selection of a probation officer
for small remodeled from Hand N. Y.PBONE
Longwood 7900. a Saturday Carey Chap-
lished works of the late Sir Arthur !I ." : !i' Sunday from the Presbyterian until the Legion has time to rec-
bungalow and approximately "'f' _' el;with the Rev. M. W. Irwin of- +
conan Doyle have been found In i'<. :,i ;, Church with the Rev. H. M. I ommend someone for the job. The i
five acres of grove. >y ficiating. Interment will be in
old cardboard I :: I Reynolds officiating. Intermentwill I iI : .JiqPat
an hat box stored 1. ,- "! Greenwood Cemetery. board said it has not received a
In a country bank. Adrian Conan ", ..< '''L. be in Bushnell Cemetery with I copy of the bill authorizing the I Dun."""
Doyle, son of the famous writer i Hospital AcquisitionOf l Beyers Funeral Home in charge of J For Mr. Carl Mims Farnell. 54, creation of the job. and will not i r q3 N. 0..aga ing aa.Preserieli.m .
said ,...tf'rdayhe manuscripts arrangements.A have any money available for the
who died at his OViedo home
tnetoded' an unpublished one-act Dispensary Delayed : native of Scotland Mrs. Bow- I Thursday, will be conducted at4 officer's salary until October. I Ooh
play The Crown .- r' ,,- *.'on > So,' '* man is survived by two Wilt
and DiamondAn I r > r 3 ne ... )1 sons. !pjn. Sunday at the graveside at ._......
Cronin with Sherlock Holmes ;I DELAND-Acquisition of the .'N ... _.". .., .. t liam Bowman. Memphis and John i i the Oviedo Cemetery by the Col./ Lester Renamed .... D.e..f
and some note called' Some Per former Naval dispensary at the '. r u -\0- i R. Bowman Lewiston Pa.; a Oviedo Masonic Lodge. Arrangements I

sonalia abou.fr.. Sherlock I Municipal Airport by the DeLand l..:. ._ < ': _'" ..: !" ... -.. ._ 1 daughter Mrs. Delong Rice Memphis are in charge of the Erick- Executive Secretary
Holmes. Memorial Hospital Assn. has been and a brother. William
-- -.-- delayed pending a new appraisalof MIDNIGHT SNACK! This black cat. Midnight solves both I Hamelton of Scotland. the property by the War Assets .I housing and food problems simply by making his home under. re-appointed executive secretaryof
New the Eustis Chamber of Com-
Yorker's i
Design Administration Sidney Taylor '' neath sidewalk in front of Chicago restaurant. Cat uses a MR. HARRY SHAFFER Argentine Envoy Okayed merce at a meeting of directors I

Selected for Pershing reported chairman yesterday.of the hospital trustees hole, left when a water pipe was removed, as entrance to his; OCOEE-Mr. Harry Shaffer. 79. I WASHINGTON [API The Sen- Thursday. usm $ cnrsf
died Thursday at Orange Memorial ate yesterday confirmed the no- Col. Lester asked that the
PHILADELPHIA fAP1 Plans for the move from the concrete adobe and also as a good spot to mooch bits of food ap-
Hospital after a long Illness. mination of James Bruce Balti- pointment be made for only six
New York Sculptor Anthony derramstcts present hospital site on North from customers. Above, Lorraine Henschel, McHenry, III.,, He was a resident of Ocoee for 25 more, to be Ambassador to Argen- months as he plans to retire at f 500 CENTRAL AVI.
design was selected Stone SU however are still -
progressing gives Midnight a snack. years, coming here from Evanston. tina. the end of this year. i
>M< f iajr for a special cold medalto Officers of the hospi- -.--
be preentd to O<<-n. John J. tal association will meet with the

Pmlun award in recognition Congress authorised of his World the I, City discuss Commission water Thursday and sewerage nightto f.......,.....s..L......4 5.........r.....,......f..vr..r................. ...reeve..... ......n................:......,...{. ......x........:.r......r........n l.rJ...r......:..L.l.............r.................'..y...vrrr..r..r..:...:.... .......f...........r..........f...........r.x.........................I..f.......................'......r...............r......f.......:S.h S'Ilry. .. .f..:..'....:...:.. r.....}........r..v..4....:....'.... \:..v....:{.....:N... ... y.$'L.4..(..{r':'...{:..}.fi..J%.!' ..r.;:.{S .'I.. ..r}..f.4.. .r ....::.L..:. ..J..4r:f.y:1':' .:.v,SS. ...:r..ff..v.44 r.. Y...r.i.r, .rri,4. ....Y...:........ Y .f A I.II
War I victories and his contribution problems at the new location. .r........v..L........:....r...r..s.}I.r..1.. .. ..........:.n.r...4.......f.;r.:nv r r... ::.!r..:rr'.f.!.......r. ..fens.... .A.! :1.. .h....r..r.;.;:::.:v.F.:....}..:.L..r.:......r.:.....:......n........r.fr..7.......!. ......?..:.r..:.:..:..:..r...r.. ...::.r..... r.rv..:. JG........r..r.4..L:r. r.....L...f..r..r.v.4........;!.......r,.}.r..r..n.!.. ......rL.4r..rn.yh.r':?: Y....?.:. nf.% :.. f.r.x!. :.{}fiv.r.V. .L.t.v.r r;Lv.:?:4x r.:.Cv.4Y..4.. :. 44?N.L.}.4.})::::r....v.....;.$..; ia....r.:..:.,: rr :r. r.:i 4 I

to preparation for and prose-

rutMn of World War IL One Killed, 20 Hurt

sa waa -N dt. s.t I
In Ohio Bus Crash.
tear TIM.. w.soa .
a .. William v r rye r'r
sr( Bagford. 74. Sharonville. 0, was
killed' and at least 20-other persons -
Injured' yesterday when a
bus from Cincinnati to Dayton
s.d..a PI.
I crashed six miles North of Leban-
/LEST NATIONAL IANIC I I on. At least seven were reportedly
I seriously Injured.dollar .

..........r............r.v.......n.................................:..............r.:................................a.......:.............r..:...:e.1..r..n..v.............. ....................r..{:..:.:..........crew.....reel....:.?.l....:.....A.....:r.n.L.:::}....r....k..l....r....r....r.1....n......:.......:.....}..r.. ...r.f.r:: r..,..:..r..:T:.......:...v.....:...:....:..r.....rv...<:s.r."r...........<.......L..r...Lv..T"'T..:.:..:s.:..:..r n..:.w....T..r..",f..LVx...T"flT....<......5...?...4...T'.."Jv"v. s :'T"L.:::.::.:is.'.}x1"fa':' --TXT T. <::.T v'Z.:-:.:'.:':::"&' ?;'.:."T.:...''...weir...rJ..J...."v.'...rl. ':*' ;..y.T'fv..:,.:..:._''f y'?:}':!<:2..*.:.i rffr:4.:n..r...:.:...'.:...*,{::,.'..'.r}...!.dSlttf.**.,*.-.:. '
.kris.'_ 9a4N:wa.sr unrknvn4.'2'Jkiit}::::1f 706urxxAvrrx_ _.iyL'flwyrJ 'S.i1 SrrVYIJVIWSIIVJWASAIUSYiN: tffftfjf'tif- "? -y--,-.VA-.y.j.fav.)4r'avw'1.:4isRibofA6r'flan;: % +.Vnl v j.f.A.i.+.vriti' L.JJjJJ.ll.JJ->Jts-f.* .s..f..rT.s 4t* &


,: i -'

$ '

BRING ', ,: "
; ; ,
t ". ...

-./ ..: ,.;. .
.: > < .: '- i .

$ : AND A TRUCK : ; '

PAY .gi.< A '. : -'

: : ; :<
-': : > ,. : .. .t'.T

!J AS 1 1--.r',. . .., ':' -

I :.;< .. .

liTTlE'AS I. .

c +

7Bps ". .. .- -
STORM )- ;, "
: <"


D. OWN A ,. ; : I

WEERLY: :" .,. '. .

NOW YOU CAN GET A ;' ; :: :: '





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; FREE GIFTS D 1 1 -

Associated' Price, 221 WEST CHURCH STREET


$095 .

Get yours now PlUS- ::00 AUCTIONS ::30

at this outstandingprice. ,

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FREE PARKING: Corner Lot, Pine & Garland TERMS AVAILABLE on Purchases Over $10



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- .. _- -- .:. ..;; --
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I 4



.. daib *y. Mw Tsl. Def..Pwela I

.. ** L..ee C*.. foriAftd"t" DMf 1I& rust Mvftpapcri. sad Clrlatsu IMJ at ttft bP'NNwttWr Truman Perfect Host! WHEN Ml6RA1NE B 1T T LET Dewey Termed 'Dead Duck1A

i .*.. AV..* GrtaYtttfflL 9rrtarwaT \&+ ,
.. ........... Baatter at tho Foot Close MOri..de1 FUN 'iF1E IJLWUM4N CHR5lHE -
,..... Mtar UM Act et afarcft Sd. 1I1LTEl.rIIIOf&AD vd

....,.... ,.,.. .. ... .....11M 1111... .... WASHINGTON nation's top county agents I OUT UDUP.' WILL uaa+ nvnwc Na.E' ( "aN -------1------ -- - 1"

diligent promoters of bigger American crops-. /WL7ALLLK3KTS VOOPUL-LEEZE r+r. --cE+ arw. Orlando Morning Sentinel:
....... A....*.., bete.. HuMf |*u .lrr ttAiCHoocToaIMM I see by the where our
c...,..... c;.. Mae. tUaxa T. LAw.... A.v. DM. came away from the White House the other day OUTPIif OlR 7nT Ti+nrncto I SURE FE9. -- papers
candidate for the Presidential
c.w.< limn !.... Mas. KaottT .. WAVTU. CLUS Moo.Ia4 convinced that the President not only was a perfect U6HTSOICAM ; SAOAHWILKES, LIKE MpwoM perpetual -

Het**, MA HS. > Is. Notuat Conaoinai, Sac. T...*. host but also had a sense of humor especially CATCH A LITTLE Ease. Dews. 1pM1KitT nomination, the Hon. Tom
luau. HAMHTOM. Cat Ms, Gulp MlstiH. Pans $wi. Dewey has stuck his neck out

L W, U -. Cff c... M. ... K. T. Mutt Tt... Soft.'PU when it came to the subject of Missouri. SHUT-P/E l again. This time too soon and too

t :" N...... .1 t 1. A........ Pcaeaa' I "You fellows are in pretty much the same 7LdV I far. His first trip was sponsoredby J
Aaust.t.d me. II .gei.t.ly ... petition that I am." Truman told 18 leaders of the the late Ruth Hanna Stmms
;: awd w 1M w kr ,...JI'Ib C..... N .u with little or no result other thana
... .. .. National Association of County
.. dupaI b seer dM44 w all
.....,.,.. ..ef dried M U i paps .a4 Agricultural Agents. The peoplein :2 '' \ biz splash in Life magazine. His POLITCA.1.1 FEAR
-- e : : i. second was a large rejection slip
eye la. total euwe }IAtt.M. awMln. Y. ;
farm States look to the 2--: I
*'' Aa fi. t+e f.pobtu.u.e .e ap e1.1 :b county S signed by the American public and
11.....M .... w aIM ra rv"" .. agent for help on every conceivable ._.. now again he wants to make us< ""'-

problem affecting their welfare J believe we want to draft him. If
:. 4 AA'n1RDAY..nn.y 12. 1141 bidden by all such Ma OM. *i>4 S-
and he's got to produce." the party continues to play around
a. Truman added that none of ,y- with these dead ducks they'll find an instant cause for '-miml.

TODArft THOUGHTS: ... the county agents he knew ["I put out that a lot of us will Jump over Perhaps P C. O is ont. (4 the*

TCKCL: Thou art writhed in the balances and the first one to work in Jackson to the Democratic columns with guys that pulls fate a Uuon MM

art found wl.DtmIDanStll:2T.: County Missouri. years ago" had I{ little qualm.opportunity The party if they has will a leaves his motor. running while MM

shirked his responsibility.I I golden car is setting filled with gas whtefc
l only show leadership but I fear
Is far feacerou
more than
i Truly at the day ef judgment we shall 1'0be think all of you are to be the outcome if Mr. Dewey leads attendant smoking Whra aired it*

tstou&ed u to what wt hart read but u to whatf 4 i t r congratulated on the swell job the way. to shut the eftftee off he pre tMi

f < hare done: not M to how well w* hart ipoken. a A:' at you are doing In helping to feed js.c. gets sore.

; but u to how religiously w* hart livtd-Thomas A. Pearson the country. said the President. There are son* tUUeo Uu4.
: x.mp I One ef his visitor remarked that he unwr- flying Saucers Viewed sell the ehe pe t kmd at aaa utf
a oil which la either owned tor
stood the President worked 'farmer's hours" .As Cloud Reflections ese
man or no rum .
t a aj|
: We Should Stockpile Materials himself. I Editor. Orlando Morning Sentinel: how an attendant should coodua
I| I I would like to add my opinionof himself while OB duty
t OF THE great weaknesses which "That'* 1'0far wrong. smiled Truman. "I'm the "flying pie-pans. Let P. C. G took around 14
ONE the Job from 5 o'clock in the until I believe they are reflections onlowhaning
on morning I read the rule In a.dial
i : arrd in the U. S. armor during the rain clouds of avia-
t war was a failure to stockpile strategic midnight most daYI.1" ." I tion spotlights beftcons., or even station and perhaps tniK+*4 ef
knocking he will think. tvm before .
.. materials not available in our own country. \ "*. subject of Missouri and its mules was Injected Report on UMT : It Has Given Swiss the moon or stars' reflection on he doe It .....

I' We were short of tin rubber and many Into, the discussion when the President wasreminiscing I! lakes Lots of reflected different back shadows to the clouds.and I R. A. ORKaQtWOOD

.. other things: which the Japanese seized in about some of his experiences at county lights can be seen on rain clouds

E .., their victories in the Pacific. fair He was always a great devotee of county 132 Years of Uninterrupted PeaceBy j at night out In the country where I Newspaper Summer Camp

..- The wealth of mineral and oil wealth we fair, he obsened Jokingly, until he witnessed an I there are'no street Ughts. j Fund Collection '1Oose4Editor

had at home saved the day, however. Nowwe ;, unfortunate spectacle at one several years before In 1928 I was living One in night the coun-Just Orlando Morntailfeul. .:

find that lavish of basic the war. DOUGLAS LARSEN I1' I try near Tampa. and You may not be aM to JiIIM
our aunt
our I iii after dark while my my- this in under' "'
your paper 'MIl
I "They imported two Kansas mules to [NEA Stoff Correspondent] heard g
wealth has hit our reserves a heavy blow. race a '" - -- self were having dinner. w e Thought for few that people wq
: A recent survey shows that at normalusage I pair of home-grown mules at a fair near .Independence WASHINGTON (NEAJ The : distant shouts and screams. We think that you are charging BON
I 1 Missouri he recalled. "But the act rushed outside and it was pinkish
for the paPer. But
lead mines will first nation that adopted universal I do not total<
t', our supply enough backfired because those Kansas critters won the light as in the late afternoon sun- that they will
; for only another 10 We have IS military training and service I looked at the sky.
years. years !1 race hands down. It was the most humiliating set. Then I There hs been much talk le
f f. '. more to tap our petroleum sources. Copper I thing that ever happened to Missouri." in modern times has enjoyed un- Right up above our house big rolls this city about buUdtac a ee.

will last another 19 years and zinc 20 years. interrupted peace for 132 years. of fire and smoke could be fire.seen I I ming pool) for the children a4
? like all the sky was on
., We have another 78 years of iron ore left I I 'When Harry Truman and Cabinet colleagues The President's Advisory COm- thought the moon and a star had I other to get things Mr. that Frank they Preach' newer seta

and 187 of anthracite coal. I first heard that mission on Universal Training I I I had a collision. We were scared I week
l years Manganese J. P. Morgan's U. S. Steel Corp. credits that system for Switzer- to build a pool If it win hrtag
metals and the MeDon-contrclled: Pittsburgh Consolidated II silly and rushed down the road to to the town But .
platinum antimony, mer- I land's success in keeping out of vw lour I nearest neighbor. The old money otherwise
I Coal Co. had handed John L. Lewis I the children will oonttmtt
cury. tungsten and tantalum are scheduled a 45-cents-an- two world wars, that surroundedher 1 man was on his knees yelling I*
to run out next year. hour wage Increase, plus welfare fund plus almost on all sides and reduced mostof '' and praying he sure thought the wait for the pool.
If ire are cotnc to do
Vanadium will last I everything else he asked for they were flabbergasted continental Europe to a political world was ending. anyUue
C only until 1953. for the children. JeI,. get down ts
thellshocked and left gasping for air. and economic shambles. M We kept going down the road to brass and .
a The great U. S. is approaching the work on inn*
i "have-not" And though they are still somewhat stunned. Notwithstanding the little na- a little store. There was a bunchof thing Here is BUT idea of .....
stage. they have begun to rub their eyes and try to figure tion's unusually strong natural people gathered there. Some thing definite

One thing is certain. Imports are needed out what hidden motives the Mellons and the Mor- defenses the commission's report *+e* rsw t were crying some laughing and Let the people who live tn the
today on a much greater scale than ever gans had In giving John L. Lewis the greatest contract -" says that ,Switzerland pretending not to be afraid. One city limits or vicinity where the

before if we are to avoid depleting our own In labor history. By now they think they would have been Invaded on V D of then the from younger the men direction drove up of about Plant paper Is delivered py one eent
know the solution many occasions if she had not I. more a day for the paper Tin
J -politics, and Deweypoliticsat
resources.We possessed .w e City, and brought the news that extra cent would fee .
I that. an Army out of all Th aC: r a'P y. put la a tad
should preserve what we have proportion to her population 1 1i a big forest fire was burning about to pay for a week at a *imglr

:' against an emergency in the future. Imports T. understand Mr. Truman's sense of shockit and wealth in size,.training. and 15 or 20 miles away in that direc-. camp for every boy and tut. while
should be remembered that many people con- or Negro.
for current use is the only answer to idtred him something of a hero last Decemberfor Swiss system probably Is tion.So you see what this reflectionon I'm sure that the httti Khos4

this.Our slapping down John L. Lewis.. the most rigid of all universal the skies can do to people. children would eo-opeMtt wMh
aid to Europe and the world Drive out in the country and you .where it was youtMr ft* tilt
program Furthermore It was only one year ago that the military training and service programs -
take a look at the sky over Orlando -
should be hitched to coal operators the commission finds. campaign for this fund They are
closely a rea iza- complained bitterly about Sec. of But some dark and stormy night. I II
lion that we are running short of many the Interior Krug'a giving' Lewis an Increase of 18V& It; is extremely popular with the Who knows? You might see al which called: they on for gladly parade give thetr, etr base. to

things we once had in abundance. cent*-the same Increase already given the steel I Swiss people because it preserves d I flying pie pan. The least the owa-... e*. do to
auto, and other unions. The Government accordIng peace. MRS. LEILA T. MANN show their wiluacneos to help
to the .wails of the operators was surrendering I Every physically fit male Swiss with the financial part
II Truman Puts His Foot in Mouth citizen between 20 and 60 is subject
: all their profits to John L. I I Drastic Measures Urged A FRIEND OF CH1LDMM
to military service unless he I
'fpHEniTS ONE THING about Pres. Tru- And six months later. Pres. Truman threw Is a clergyman. peace officer or Against Holiday Deaths

i 1 man:that even his enemies have to ad- everything he had Into the batUe'aialnst John L.. doctor. There is a special tax on u Editor Orlando Morning Sentinel Spanish Club Hears

rain Including an Injunction and the Supreme Court,, 'exempt men. School boys from I Let's abandon July 4th celebra- of Cuban
You In order to end what most of the nation thought fire to 15 get three hours.a week tions hereafter and many other Story Trip
can put your finger on him most was an unfair demand by Lewis to renege on his of gymnasium drill without weap- murderous holidays. An account of travel to Cttfca

|of the,time* contract. ons but in accordance with Army There Is Just one alternative. was heard} but night by ....>.*

i tc He a so frank that sometimes he puts Reversing all this Ben Fairless of U. S. Steel regulations. From 15 to 19. a pro- Impound every automobile and of the YMCA 5panteh. CM. La

foot in his mouth. and George Humphrey of Pittsburgh ConsolidatedCoal gram of voluntary training is m by other vehicles powered by gas or Tertulte de to* Amigos. at a meeting .

folds He,did that just the other day when he have now given Lewis everything he asked available in rifle clubs and cadet ... immobilize and pray for a light all human drizzle of beings rain G. O in Bond.the home Oakland.of Mr. and Mr.

Unred a veto of the new tax cut bill for. In fact. they have given him more than he corps.At 19. each boy Is Inducted. during the whole day . and for It came in letter and photographs

.before it had finished its progress in Con. I ever dreamed he could get. Length of training varies according tt ,. the remainder of the weekend im- from Prof Joha C. ttetc.
gees A* Usual. Lewis had started out by putting his I to the service he enters. t > pose house arrest or other incar- who teaches YMCA claws a* well
I demand high. If he had followed ceration of the whole population as at Orlando HINt School and I
previous patterns It from 316 for
Congress Is upset about this "impro he would have accepted a ranges day anInfantry AGAINST AN ALPINE background, Switzerland's UMl's. train . and close all dispensaries of the Cathedral School. A general t
considerably private to 471 days fora
priety. Protocol has been violated. I lower. But he didn't have to. As he saw non-commissioned pilot. for their nation's defense. An advisory report to Pres. Truman alcohol four days before the holi discussion: 8puuh preceded tits i

Perhaps Pres. Truman did commit a I the big coal and steel companies willing to yield Training pay is approximately credits universal military training with keeping the Swiss out I day.These seem to be drastic lesson. I
may i
social faux with this I he Increased his $6.90 month. After of two world
pas premature standon demands and even'tacked on provisions per training wars. measures-but far more drastic
the bill, but there's one thing about it i nullifying the Taft-Hartley Labor Act. His he is assigned to a permanent unit t are the thousand deaths, broken I 611tS 1 i

-the nation knows where he stand on it. I victory makes every other labor leader green with of the militia, in which he has the commission finds. terim plan the draft is confinedto homes property damage and I t o i4

His tactics at least give: his foes advance envy specific periodic periods refresher of training courses and and Military service is the duty of I men of 18. plus, those of 19 heartaches. i I t 1
The and
all able-bodied men from 19 to 50 expense i
that they'll have to muster enough; Truman Administration sleuths maneuvering in the field. years. Graduates from high or 20 who were previously defer- future, is almost beyond calcula- !
busy all week
votes to override a veto. That seems more trying' to find out why the steel After training the Swiss Is liable schools begin training at 18. Pre- red. Men called up during 1947 tion. No day of riotous revelry can
Industry surrendered
than fair for wartime service in the be worth to people for :
any any
to us.
service training is mandatory in must serve two On Feb. 1.
*o supinely, now think they have years.
found the Auszug, or first line from 20 to I reason so much pain and wanton :
the schools. The actual active
answer. t 1948, and every two months
32 years of age; In the Landwehr destruction. '
Royal l Romance Interesting John L. Lewis, sworn enemy of the Democratic or second line from 33 to 40: and service is from two to five years. I thereafter the required period of Even though Great Britain cele-

IS Party, for some time has been making quiet political In the Landsturm. or territorial Mandatory service for womenin service will be only 18 months. brates the day, they must realizeour t
rpHEHE SOMETHING exciting and love to Tom Dewey. It was known that during army from 40 to 48. Until he Is a second-line defense organiza- The proposed U. S. miiltary insane methods of Inebriation. t

1 universal about a royal romance. the Taft-Hartley battle. Lewis and Big Bill Hutche- 60 he may be used in the auxi- tion is unique in Russia. I training plan is basically different Let's analyze the facts and resole -

Even in this land where no man nor son.' head of the AFL Carpenters Union sent word laries. including passive air de- Russian civilians get special I from most others in that it to do what is needed- to be

woman sports a title pulses beat a bit I to Albany urging that Dewey keep mum about the fense.Russia's training in an organization knownas I provides for universal training military done now. L. GLENN ROOPReader's
compulsory programis the Osoa viakhim. but does not require actual -
faster when a pair of i labor bill. Whether because I
royal lovers tell the of this advice or his
l about the average for Europe Under the present British in- I service tnereafter.
world about it. own shrewd political Judgment Dewey said absolutely -: Remarks on Gas

Elizabeth of Britain and Mount- nothing.
batten make a handsome Philip Now that the battle i f.s over Lewis plans to revive Station Attendants flayed THE

look royal.And couple. They labor' Non-partisan League hopes to weld Atom Extensively Smashed Editor. Orlando Morning Sentinel: i STROUDTWINS
this Into a potent force to back Dewey. and has In answer to P. C. G. who talks
perhaps they'll be able to .. about gas station attendants I 0
struggle I I vowed to destroy both Taft. whom he hates, and .
along on the $:-0,000& a year Elizabeth will I Truman who used the Supreme Court and an inJunction i PALO ALTO. CaL (AP] Two .tr0n has predicted the machine I "chip"-the cyclotron "smash- smoking cars. It seems cigarets to me when that he gassing perhaps I

have from the treasury when she marries. 1, against him. top researchers on the atom bomb I eventually will produce bullets I es." visits one certain station''' 7ot CAMEL
The Mountbattens are reputedly 11 In return for Lewis's support of Dewey admin- :said yesterday for the first time with energies up to a billion volts. "It's like changing a building." where the attendant does do as he
The cyclotron likened to a huge a scientist explained. "With the CIGARETTES
wealthier than the King himself, so perhaps titration leaders claim a deal was worked out by :an atom has been extensively and lethal pillbox whirls the old cyclotron which was pretty says. But why blame all attend

Philip will have a shilling or so to add to J I the which J P. Morgan' U. 8. Steel Corporation and 'mashed by a man-made machine. nuclei of heavy nydrrogen or helIum i good in its way we could knock ants No for first-class what one attendant does? In any I i ,WDBO 8:30: P.M.
the family household account. ,, Mellon-controlled Pittsburgh Consolidated Coal Dr. Glenn T. Seaborg and Dr. atoms around and around. I two or three floors off a 50-story first-class station smokes while j
I .
At any rate---rich or poor-royal or Co.boosted Lewis's prestige with labor by handing Isadore Perlman reported an entirely Everytime they go halfway around j I building, or maybe add a floor or waiting on a customer as it Is for-I -
commoner -
| him the Juiciest contract ever negotiated. new layout of strange new they are given an added electrical two. ... -

-good luck to this young couple. They also point out that the Increase to Lewis I transmuted elements as the first "kick." When finally turned looseon "Now with the new cyclotron .--.. .. ....- ......
doesn't cost the steel companies a cent since they formal achievement of the multimillion their target they have energiesof we can knock that 50-story build-
Lake County Wants Help merely pass It on to the consumer. volt cyclotron in papers between 200 million and 400 Ing Into a flock of four-room bun- American Jurist I
presented before the American million electron volts. galows with nails and shinglesleft .
LAKE COUNTY IS coming over to And since all the steel sold abroad is paid for Physical Society meeting here. The old machines used to over." ,

i to ask for help In eradicating I by the U. 8. loans to foreign governments they Hitherto broken down chipped HORIZONTAL 4 Egyptian town

water hyacinths.The dent have to wary about ft* price there either. off. fused and exploded the atom I 1.7 Pictured 5 Musical note 0411

has been subjected to a devastatIng 'Dream Goal'Reported American
Employment 6 Czar
Orange County Commissionersshould -What makes the Trumanites sore entirely smashup in mankind's newest ,hut
Justice '
go along with the Lake County plan. ,, aside from politics 1* that not only the cost of machine for atom experimentation 14 Expunges 7 Deceive In -

Water hyacinths are a menace which steel!. but the cost of coal will be hiked about $1 a the giant post-war cyclotronat Topped in U.S. 15 Ungrateful love

must be battled continuously. Eradication ton. which will start another round of price boosts. the University of California. person 8 Handle

I is possible if keep after followed by more wage demands and more in- The results were achieved by WASHINGTON AP 18 Mountain lake 9 Centigramab ,
you it everlastingly. flatten. hurling 200 million-volt bullets at [ ] one time 'idream goal" of 17 Is sick ( ') 24 Sick U AerenlpNsit.'

I atoms of arsenic In the 4000-ton 60 million civilian jobs has been attained and bettered, 'Emmets to RehrRed 3J Flyer meets ;

i concrete-caged monster. for the first time in the nation's 11
history. 20 Genus of
Orlando sandalwood 33 Girl'i 41 Make edO 3
Morning Sentinel Radio Arsenic nuclei were shattered A bureau showed
Programm.eroMs census report yesterday that the shrubs
Into at least 22 and possibly as 12 Musteline 42 False Cod
w.eo tMe* wean ness many as 30 pieces. At least 10 number of civilians with jobs rose to a record high of 21 Roster mammals 35 Upper house 41 Type of fuel

:n ta,4:: se'YN M.w*-He* afe* ., air. o. a lr a WeeO Let" Llates nsot WIOP mo) WOltZ (740) pieces were themselves elementsof 60.655,000 in June surpassing even 22 Let it stand! 13 Birds' homes of Concrete 44 Symbol fee
ir I r ,,, hr. sore sae = .J a = Olen Oarra Oreh. Mu icana _1'JL.__ 23 Era
M ?.... ,. MaevwiN...R'ia -_ ,.,. .sees 4 M Creaa Section- ffii4SIlI MeCune Oreh. Zdw.: Tomlinaon regular matter. the war years.Combining. : 18 Butterfly 36 Horn erbium
...1- Mee ______u *...tu. ......... hair, Drin.n ::1: Creee -= VIA Bin McCnn Oreh. Art Mooney Oreh. This Initial finding openedthe I Dewey Tour Party 24 Measures of 28 American: 37 Ho .U an 8NO- 4S ChaWeng.r
At The _. oirt Scout ram. Three that number with area ,
ten r.srM Buna Shins for the production of writer ciate Justice of 41 Formerthe
Q aa N way
: ws ,4 a At The Chaae __ _
.1: This .
-.e: I* For Tu Randy Brook
a.+fff't41 .I'1 Ii Mealy D.. u.., -- 100 new radioactive elements for 1,398,000 in the Armed Forces Reaches ColoradoEN 25 Discern 27' Sweet potato Supreme 51 Baronet tab. ,
1. Ywr Map __ fO New* ____ Buddy Worn __ ArL Park Futurity I I 28'Sesames
J to pee-J.a.n__ -=-'Mewa YsW ---- 1N Cps 1 -----:- a U Ward tnm Ceontry San Donahue Or.- To Be Announced scientific research. There are it puts the total number of 28 Pedal digit S3 Half.*,..
.- / > *.". aarlew Cecil ___ about 450 radioactive and ROUTE WITH GOV. 30 On account
... Brewa Boston Tune Party now
:,: Caa..",.. Oath- ...; =':, a.-'Jr:1NC1e0 a." -..:..= ,a ** .C". set Pr..,.. Dance Orchestra Boa Score Review 275 stable forms of. the conventional Americans profit" at 61453000.working for "pay or DEWEY ITJP1 Gov. Thomas E. Cab.) I I .I 4 iI. f ,. t' r tt,

.1 0.Par'" ...- esMe1 .1I61e&1. 1 N n.. _ lee *ew* _.____ Hawatt Cana .... Our Forelta PoL elements.Atomic I 31 Oleum Cab.)
.... .... + Dewey carried his for ,
.y ran ar.w. a .wne 1N a. I It 'imny DorM Hawaii Calla Our Foretcn PoL Civilian employment in June campaign 32 Flower part I'rr;" 'i
a JPerta Pa e Dinner = medicine will benefit directly the Republican Presidential ,
; Mule nomination -
." Curtain Time
fi'm -- am AW a _- A.A...,.. P.P. IiUm..a Mxnw.p .0 e1 Sal .e t. Sent-::- Sport Parade = Curtain Time .-: from the awesome achievements I shot up 1,730,000 over May. which I last night into Colorado 34 Lohengrin'sbride i 11 .

i U rr t : ,rf Jar at A" tang T 00 Winner Tate AD M Twenty Qieationa. Wayne .& Shnster of the cyclotron which is I had been a record-setting month stronghold of his chief rival Sen. .
.L t"WKy- - A... AMnn J l: WteBM Take All .- Twenty Qoenlon Wayne At Bhuxter capable of hurling atomic parj j itself, and was 3,700,000 above 37' Mine shaft hut - iT
ieM'f t. ..f ... Taft of Ohio. ._ :i:
well.. M w.yaa ar March Better Half Mad Matera ..,_ June of last .
400 mil- 1 year.A Terminal
tides with to
.: bs a hM s. a,..ar-c:: =:: :: ,1 a Me Calaaer Better Half ----- Mad Maatera ___ : energies up j The New York. Governor con- 38
saa.upf seasonal
more than upswing ;a
1: AM.tera7Cie t :; 1: wal 11..s a 00 Btg Oeodeln Shew Mithty Casey The Hit Parade lion electronvolts.This ferred in his train compartmentwith 40 Hops kiln IU !
In. farm activity accounted for 1.-
ewer ::: .. a It Bin Ooodwta Bhew __ _: big punch. Seaborg and Frosted "
Milhty Caaey The Hit Parade
..,Mar,: hs A.jeetesy Kee j'" .-10 Va..hs Mewo* Mich Adventure Perlman 420,000 of the May-to-June rise a group of prominent Colo- -zr t sr ib 1'
Thorpe' Auction reported, was approxi- Grafted her.)
\\11 -= .i "..af Aiases -. ...: T.j, a..= ft.it "a.... ".",.. M_. Huh Adventure .. 01.1A_ DUe ___- mately 10 times that of the most but a 310.000-Job gain in non- rado Republican leaders who 4 ( :

ft I" -= :: ::.: = kY lat. P.N Peal .Issue 11x.-Amos wian, Nan, Cii JOO ::t Mtte Hit* Serenade Serenade Bill Lance: .______ My: *,. without Mur.: powerful cyclotron previously In farm work loomed as far more boarded the train at LImon about 48 47 Girl's Bear name o .
Bill Lance My* without Mur 100 miles from
Denver. Colorado
., .....-:..... _h-__ 30 01'... Dereey Or, Murder Mr.-s Ire WORE Jamboree. existence. significant in the view of Government 49 "'- R"
i. t.iIi.. hr i _..w.., ".u_- .9 I-Jlm y Deraey or Maraer A Mr. M'e WORZ Jamboree National Committeeman Rex I Respiratory ru. u at
UJ-.3E- ...... ...... .... The smashing, devastating effects analysts.
err .. .. _
___ s ...... 10. 10 00 Mewa _.'_ _ Pr riila:: ___ New described Eaton headed the group. s- -
Some economists It F
air, the as .
n ..1-' reported by experiments
v" Assert 101 Senator Pmwr __ Prof. Quii __, WORZ Jmboia. I 50 Reedbuck n }.It .
",-. N.w. 1..30 ama au Lonbardo Or Dial A Due : were said to be similar in some "driving the last nail In the coffin -
,.. __ "t-Mewa Drew p "..N..> _____ Dial A Disc ___-__ respects to the shattering of atoms of earlier forecasts of a busi- 52 Paused I'" tit...1 1"' '"
.. .
.. ..:7 wr: Mew* --q Ponds xewa by low energy cosmic rayswhichare ness recession this Summer. RADIO SERVICE 54 Scaffolding -
< Score tod : Dane. ._ .ClickJ 53 PenetratesVERTICAL -
Oreh. The
-a........ 11:30: Asses 0rdIe8tre_ Dana OrenOrch Three Sun Trio still more powerful than any- Unemployment also took a 600- HOME MOTOROLA AUTO 1"1 oil _-"
\ I"a'P".....: II. a D.aa Ove sir... .-$.!.*..::=---Pee Heath Inn or. thing man has yet devised. I 000 Jump, too but this was ascribed -, Expert record changer service work ., ,
1.. C a:e ft WOO It Dane Mew* -Oft....-....__ nisi New*. Sign Off There is still a chance however to an Inrush of students to the I guaranteed pickup and Delivery 1 Network 150 ,

.--Asitf.n0 152? De_ OI'daaWa. man may get up Into the ranks of Job-holders or Jobseekers I 2 Fruit Sl ,
.... .... *_ Mew. _uu______ j I cosmic voltages, since Dr. Ernest as the Summer !school recess Economy Auto Supply Store 3 Flat-bottomed It
I .-. k, its{ OU O. Lawrence, builder of the cyclo- got under way. ZJJ S. Orange ATe. FkOM C443 .boats

_..- T _, ' .. _ _ - -'-' --
-..._- =-- .-, --

rFt .

i Grasshoppers, Menace Hillsborough County Citrus GrovesAgent a

Saturday; July 12, 1947 Orlanfta doming firnltnri: Page 5 r !

Reports :: a s .. Y; .. ,,,. w j; .. FEC Granted Group Studies Fair Trade Act

Little DangerOf 1i ,yq Y e ywr Repair Rights I ITo Successor Dr. Tigert I Hearing EndedTAMPA l

Spreading r 11 U an open question who will be Barker yesterday took under advisement _
East Coast Railway bond holders the next president of the University a motion which .**- .. -

; c.. seeking payment on their first and of Florida. lenged the validity of the Ptorfct. *
TAMPA I AIM Mar**. of gr... r'g: : refunding five per cent holdings' The State Board of Control will Fair Trades Act of 19459.

>*ppr.. "muHlplytnt at a prodi- heard yesterday that their Interests conclude a three-day meeting ,' The motion was by Webb1 O9
here today but Chmn. J. Thomas Inc. St Petersburg torn te .*-
MM rawhue would be legally protected
t breem a rrtoui on
Orlando said there
Gurney of
i miss a petition for an tnfwMa
to the FEC.
menace to riinu from' farm I : money spent improve would be announcement .
ana t ,. b y Federal Judge Louie W. Strum no con by two wholesale ...... diatiHiM
ta lh# PUnt .t cerning the appointment. toeu*
City art of Hfllstwrauih j he tors Hiram Walker,
made the statement granted
II as The board has been considering ?
James Barclay Ltd.. wise soawkt
County harm Agent An)
I FEC trustee permission to spend
Wfttt Mid r the selection of a successor to compel Webb's. to tease se.bet
ytturdayTh some $600000 for additions and to Dr. John J. Tirert. bat
their products. below the inantom I
trasahopsr are more betterments at the same time it's a big job to do and we price set under fair trade .ex-
nunwretja than at any other Umta ; ; I i telling two groups of bondholderswho haven't completed our work"
Ih* cminty history and White :; had petitioned for interest Gurney reported. tracts. full
consumed we
..tel tw taw .. no other section I k. tfH": : payments that he would take their Dr. Tigert announced several days The, with hearing the St. Pew 1INrC concern
ef t** But* M eadty I
afflicted : requests under advisement but months ago that he was resigning having the floor TtiMnd*?
Many citrus tm hav been vtrtvalhr would order a lien protecting themin the post he has held for 18 years and distributors yesterday
d+foHaltd' by the hungry the expenditure of the money effective at the end of the Sum-
imert. teattnt the younx underIili4I J which was not included in an Counsel for the distrttvUrtstated
mer.The at least 43 State have !'
unprotected' Corn and wear Interstate Commerce Commission board began its session here ....
fair trades acts similar U -
ran kids aba havt brtn attackrd. reorganization plan. Thursday night. The meetingshave
[ da's and many of them harebeen
/ ) < } The hearings which started been closed as matters of finance
.. tested In the United State
Tli MM| ftH*.. threat H t. Thursday were then recessed and regulations for the Supreme Curt
Ik* eD".. ttMl* salt aln* the until further notice. State educational institutions were The distributors denied that tn-
...*| u.uw. .. in* area" 0 Scott Loftln. FEC trustee said discussed. validation of a 1941 act tar the
trcHaklea are M Inter traps and U.: : k ; I Thursday the railroad did not have From Gainesville seat of the i" 1941 act by the Florida ........
.... fart that Winter. tip ___ ,; : :\, "::.". money "to prudently pay" intereston University of Florida came reports I Court affected the' 1" act.
the bonds and Miller Waltonof that a new rule had been instituted -1!
; Webb's the
petUIMt lei Ibele rteU ff.wee counsel had conteisded
\ requiring faculty members to
waw ta HMNiMer has liventM Miami representing one groupof I acts mere related and comfojipmlyi
tnwh.pp Meal i-- petitioners. and Giles Patterson stay on duty 12 months a year. i asserted the Supreme Osyrt would {
er an place The Gainesville
I. retreat .. .ne. trade ..wen : ;.d L Lt. representing the St. Joe Paper there was some report concern'among said that I void the all statute. .tf tt ever 4
,. Co. which holds a majority of ruled on It. PUintttts o.lrl r4 t
try Mem the I Me by tf. tl..gIKe zw. faculty members who feared this
tree.., : o.. the bonds, agreed that the; FEC challenged this argument and aald
might present them from takinzon
Lt I .4, did not have enough funds to make the 1941 act was o Ua ed becsisae
WhH', test explanation for the :;: : ...:. ., .. necessary improvements pay bond Summer.extra assignments during the it was compulsory fsermc fair

pr that#*ne far.come of aa reason many natural"hopper tontteto U. SADIE HAWKINS' DAY was observed at Montverde School's right: Phyllis Bowron'of Eustis [third place]; her catch, Charles interests and follow the ICC plan. While the board did not for.many I I tributors.trades practice en all .Major dtoI -

prtneipaBy birds which eat Summer Camp by the 100 girls and boys in attendance Wednesday Scott, Clermont? ; Frances Hartman, Palm Beach [second place]; Atlantic Last May.Coast the Line ICC to ordered take over the take up the Florida football The liquor wholesalers aJs* attacked -

H*- inserts hat .left the area Prizes were awarded on the basis of the best-costumed her catch, Louis Short, Fort Lauderdale. The photo at top and reorganize the FEC: and yes plaint situation-a cause of chronic Florida com- Webb's price rattlnc M

II. .... the rra*.b.. er* are guts who actually caught boys by climbing trees after them, right shows the' winners among the younger children; left to terday. ACL Atty. Charles K. porters-among several some members! informally sup-- damaging to the value of their
.f a r.Mi... tape ........'Uy trade mark and label Tity MM
Howell told Judge Strum he felt
(and. all ..veti.rlda. kt hehad tackling them and what not. First prize went to Pauline right: Ellen Lyon, Sanford; Bob Dugger, Macclenny; Shirley said the athletic outlookfor they would not object tf Webbswanted

beard .. rrtwrtt of tbelr Trieme of Del ray Beach (photo at left) who successfully caught Roberts, Groveland; Tim Kelly, South Bend, Ind.; Sherry' Lee the the ACL present had a right proceedings to intervenein saying the university was "good." to sell the muor for II

1 tag **.**!. ta aertMs .... Jimmie Wells of Orlando. Second and third place winners Butler, Daytona Beach; Billy Bob Swisher, Gettysburg, Pa; any order paying the interest Offer cents. a quart if he wanted to tear
ht.. thee Iw... art shown in the photo at bottom right. They are, left to Bobbie Lou Butler, Daytona Beach; Henry Tooke, Sanford. would in effect be forcing on the to the label off. but asked the o*+rt
i "not to let
II. eipreMed no particular fear - --- I 1 ICC an amendment of its plan. him tear down the
.f their tpreadUK since similar Assessed Property value of the trade mark."
I| Judge Strum gave no ruling on
but kaa aenoua. infestations the ]' I this but said he would protect the
!! had Plant City area In previous years Rainfall Brings Cabinet Favors Offer!i Dairy Industry I bondholders "as far as I can but. Leads to Battle l Liquor License Order

remained In much the Mine I I cannot force any revision of the .
eneral I boundaries Apparently 'ICC plan. MIAMI (TAP The tax assessor Dismissal Sought
when they left their area they offered to buy property at its assessed I TALLAHASSEE I IAPI The State

' tan Into birds and other enemies Threat of FloodWEST Names Officers Killed valuation yesterday. and ,'yesterday sought dismissal o/ a
vMefe ktpt their numbers cto.n. For Ringling Estate Man Whose Dogs found' an eye-blackening shirt- Leon County CirruH Cewt temporary -
tearing fight on his hands.
the County Agent Mid.
Woman Enters Prison Milton H. Steinhardt. Miami order restraining Uu Slats

FLORIDA NEWS BRIEFS PALM BEACH rAP) TALLAHASSEE [AP] The Florida State Cabinet and ; MIAMI BEACH IAP] R. S. Mc- MIAMI IAP1 Joseph G. Munn.. Beach property owner appeared I Beverage the Department from revoking .
liquor license of the TsJht
Record rains In the Everglades executors of the will by which John Ringling left most of Ateer of Tampa was elected presi- 46. began a five-year prison term before the County Board of Equal :I hassee Elks Club.

hare sent water over the banks of his holdings to the State apparently are at complete odds dent of the Florida Dairy Indus- yesterday because his five pit bulldogs ization to protest the high assessment The local organisation and
Professor Believes[ some canals" and lifted Lake Okeechobee killed Mrs. Doretta Zinke. of his real estate.
's level to within a fractionof again. over liquidation of the circus magnate complex tries Assn. yesterday. Munn surrendered to the sheriff 111 buy that property from ypu eight other clubs obtained temporary

South's Liberalism an inch of its prescribed maxi. estate. 4'! .-- Wellington Paul of Jacksonvillewas to begin a term which he declared at the valuation I put ,on it." saidJ. injunctions against B *efM.
mum level) of 17 feet it was reported Minutes of a series of closed named first vice-president and improper and unjust. He told a Newton Lummus, county tax 'Dir. James T. Vocdle after Ute.
Continues yesterday.The cabinet meetings showed yesterdaythe !i John DuPuis of Miami second Miami Dally News reporter: assessor. Court ruled uiismstlla
Strong town of Canal Point faces Board BeginsMission ii i i tional a law: permHttnc seta ta
board had rejected an offerof vice-president. Thomas D. Adamsof "With cattle on open range When the commission members
\ POLITICAL science professor possible Inundation and a 15- the executors themselves to Jacksonville ,was elected treas every ranger in Florida faces the separated the two. Lummus' shirt I I dry their counties members to me .q.tr to

thinks the Itouth will rally be mile overflow has occurred along buy all remaining.assets of the es- i urer.L.. )!penitentiary. If a wild horse jumpsa was ripped and Steinhardt's eye
hind a liberal Democratic candidate the West Palm Beach Canal tate. It then recommended that K. Nicholas Jr. State Milk fence and kills somebody. the was discolored. Later they shook I mThe only commuaHy forest ta
<< In the Nit Presidential' elections County Commissioner Paul Rardin the offer of J. L. Sullivan. Kerr- Probe Commission administrator reiterated owner is guilty of manslaughter. hands and made up. Florida is at Lake CHy. f
deaHt, third party offerings reported.L rifle Tex. oilman to pay $1. 00.- a statement heard from i:This law doesn't apply just to
. f Or vmiam a, Carleton pro. a m a r Johnson. Everglades 000 cash for the Sarasota real estate | other contention speakers that dogs."
f...tanr of political science at the drainage engineer, said every control holdings be accepted by the lr FRED W, DeMOTTEtO higher milk prices are in pros- "
University of Florida, declares In a Is wide open and pumps working executors. r Own Staff Correspenden' pect. Nicholas said feed prices are : Milam Accepts Posts OI. / qI

rurrent" Issue of Harper a Magazine day and night but that downpours Former Coy Doyle E. Carlton. DAYTONA BEACH-As its first high and labor costs doubled.A I JACKSONVILLE (UPI A. Y.Milam. .
that the; historic liberalism of the have raised the water level special Ringling Estate attorneyfor step investigating the Daytona resolution asked Gov, Cald- president of the Florida =
south. .. atiU strong despite conrvaUrt to an "alarming" stage. the State, said the executors ,Mission the newly created five : well to name a dairyman as a Chamber of Commerce, yesterday The First National Bank }
** tendencies, of Southern One Hundred workmen are -John Ringling North and I:man commission appointed by I member of the State Board of announced his acceptance of posts As a Community Service ,,..t ..-
.Contresamen.: Dr Carleton advWa placing sandbags along a big his mother Ida Ringing North 'Major Ernest L.. Padgett made a I Health and another resolution on the national defense and inter Furnishes the Correct Time .
any "Northern' .."..Inters dike near a sugar plantation on -had rejected" the Texan's'offer | visit to that organization's head- asked that sufficient funds be national political and social problems -
who may consider farming a third the ...th shore of the lake In Carlton gave no reason for the |quarters located at. 111 Mary St.. granted' the State Livestock Sanitary committees of the National Day or Night-Dial'2.1611
party more liberal' than the Demo an effort U halt seepage.. rejection. jesterday. i Board to combat fever ticks Chamber of Commerce.

Hats that the South will Instead The .sandbaccinc'' being done The North's have made no official I l At an organization meeting held i i and African lice. THE FIRST NATIONAL BANK AT ORLANDO
tick: with the leading liberalDemocratic along the south boundary. of the Thursday night, the new com- 1 At one time Florida produced : Capital and Surplus Out Million Cedars
party candidate District I' reply id the cabinet's June I mission agreed that they would I There are four national forestsin i the bulk of naval stores in the ; .
South Florida Conservancy MEnu rcnciuL. DEPoftrr 1 "t'1UJllC&; rOIU'n.oJlu
3 that the 1
: recommendation
I pro- ; confine themselves to an investigation Florida. United' States. _
where surface water coming u
HK llth annual forestry training from the south and west posal be accepted. of the mission from a char-
a Negotiations appear to be at a
ramp will open Sunday at threatened to flood sugar cane\standstill while the Supreme Court itable organization standpoint ,
of the
Camp CVLeno near High Sprints fields. The area is south of the considers a pending suit by which' would bypass any study
ideological views.
with lit DorWU Future" Farmers lake the State seeks to have the Ring- group's

of America attending, . The Palm Beach County Commissioners ling heirs ousted as executors by : The commission was created o ;.
ramp sponsored' by the State at RardUVs request,, sent an interpretation of a codicil to under a 1940 city ordinance after '--
forest Service and the Department a telegram to Army engineers at Ringling will virtually cutting the City Commission heard ,
of Education, mill Include Jacksonville declaring that -if them off as beneficiaries. The charges made Monday night by : ;. t r..
rounds in tree Identification use rains continue the small dikes Sarasota County Circuit Court upheld Joel Green a member of the -
of forestry toola, turn farming, protecting Canal Point will burst the North's right to act as local Exchange Club that representatives -- .- -
tropical forestry, timber management and the town will be inundated." executors and the State appealed. of the mission were -

forestry protection and circulating Communist mate. :::)) I'll -
other related' subjects, rial.
Mr. John Sundy Dies
Engineer Corps Begins "
- DELRAY BEACH API) John S. I, City Atty. Curtis Gardiner distributed -- ,;'

Service Head ResignsJACKSONVILLE Bundy. S3 who was superintendent Private Wages Survey copies of the ordinance ..' ,
I API John P. of construction when the JACKSONVILLE [UP] The U. under which the commission will IN THE BOYS' SHOP
Murphy, head of the Jacksonville Florida East Coast Railroad was S. Engineer Corps yesterday saidIt function. Gardiner explained that
office of the UA Secret Service extended from Daytona Beach to had begun a State-wide survey under this ordinance groups desiring -
and known. one of the country's Miami, died Thursday night. of wages paid by private industry to solicit funds must fill out .
.leading authorities on counterfeitIn to manual laborers on steamships an application stating the purpose
announced' his resignation Warehouse Services Set derrick boats and similar floating name and address of officers solicitors -

yesterdayOpen JASPER I API Two new tobacco plants. and other information.It .
warehouses, valued at $80000 The engineers said they wantedto also requires that the organi- \) SLC
each will be dedicated here July know whether they were paying zations keep books which may be ) G'a -
Memo t>MI,,ffWARREN'S It with. Judge Hal W. Adams of their own employes as much inspected by the commission. : %
I Mayo serving as muter of cere money as private Industry paid for Amounts collected and their disposition 'a
monies. the same types of Jobs. must be shown and the
organization must be able to prove

Winter Pork Phone 68 Naval stores production Is one Vast quantities of forest resources that its purpose is being carried r ,
of the South' important forest were used in building our out.

- - --- Induatr es. nation. ,j If the mission fails ,to comply SPORT SHIRTS..._._.......$1.49 .
with regulations the commissionhas

State the Comptroller authority to t.request revoke the its were Plain$2.colors.Pre-shrunk Sizes 10 fast to 20.color. cottons. SPORT HOSE. .:.........-..4.prs. for.$1 1

corporation charter
Plain and fancies. Elastic and slack tops. Sizes
ME AM MOTHFe % Sam Minnich. a member of the 8 to 10'!$.
A6OIN commission said when asked about
ai TO SPEND THE DIFFERENCE the Communist angle to the probe. T-SHIRTS ..._........................$1
that "The FBI is perfectly capableof
OH A SECOND HONEVMOONBfiS doing that Job. We're not qualified Special purchase. Were 11.50. Neat I I '
or equipped to carry it further colorful stripes Sizes 8 to 20.

Lakeland Man FreedIn ,

1j j 1 Shooting of Woman T-SHIRTS ....__..............2 for $1 SPORT SHIRTS ............__$2.45Nicely .
< BARTOW (API Circuit Judge Mostly white. Sizes 6 to li.
I Don Register yesterday directed a tailored of sturdy, longwearing '
0 verdict of acquittal for William
with cottons and rayons. .Colorful
i. Taylor. Lakeland charged

i'the first degree murder of Mrs. 26 SWIM SHORTS ....:_......$1 prints and neat patterns.;:
Vergie E. Reynolds also of Lakeland .

<< Dec._ 31. 1946. I' were S3.50 to 53. Ribbed knit wool. Sizes 10 to 20.
Deputy Sheriff Tom Daniels Solid colors. Sizes 8 to 20.
testified Taylor made statement
that Mrs. Reynolds pulled a pistolon
him during an argument and
the last he remembered was her /
shooting him as he tried to wrest ZELAN JACKETS ..............V2 price Y 1

the weapon from her.
I A bullet sliver was removed Water repellent. Sizes small medium .- .".. :.
/ D I from Taylor's head after the shoot large. Mere $5 to $7.50. ... '

i ,ing. NOW $2.50 TO $3.75. 4tI

Skilled ConstructionLabor .:. ,

I Demand Grows SUMMER ROBES .___......___V2 price ,j'; . ( I

I Employment Service yesterday reported Cottons and rayons. Plain and fancy. .,,,,::;
heavy increase in demandfor Sizes -4 to 16. Were S3 to 58.95. ',.
S skilled construction labor- :. ., .
: more for commercial buildings NOW $2.50 TO $4.48 : :

than for residences.

.. voy The demand was particularly
i strong in the Miami area. The
i Miami office of the employment
service sent out a call for 500 car :
: I
penters. 200 bricklayers or block- t'4"A's"' ?

ViW i i: layers.and 200 50 cement plasterers.finishers.150 plumbers ] U

lei . -
221 WEST CHURCH.. I State-wide fire protection rep- .' BOYS' SHOp. .. _
resents a $2 million investment in '
Florida. '. : ...
> -'(';-' ,. i i! ,

d ..,_ _


y s

:--': "'

t 4Y ""'- -y

-i i1I


AI -
t' . - ', \-
.' r
: ,
fcrntlttrlft ;, :
I."Iff' Aerate? -. '
< -

y O': / *.iATWWAY,JULY 11.WT / ',,4f, / > --jO- (..."' -.-.- :. :4 ... .. .'' COME TO YOWELL-DREW-IVEY/S"I I N Ol

i ,
i ... .. Y rrd
f J . ., A! r{ rN.hY'ti r } r ' -0rrkrS: } r'ry'rxN:,, }" '} {
t $1.00 Pair
You've been waiting for the chance
f, r \ to brighten yeur rooms for summer. ;:; };:.{:: {: >:.,, : r ''}{,h'
L v They hang beautifully clean easily }
will not fade.

r Notions-Ivey's Street Floor Y

# "


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;r,},:: Yr.

whit the of charm for sum- .1 r YNNlf} 'rW .. ',r 'w rrr Yw..rrDHtttlful + ::
,"!Irr. keynote your I.. tiSS G: : rr .% W.W W. XtiS { {{{ #) .t t
met tinny An ouutandinc election of pint, necklaces, and
title or small cainnct of lurk white porcelain combined with ss,. 1

gold.SIMULATED. PEARLS't Monta Stationery' SATURDAY ) U

$1 .00 Tax Pius \b and Note Box This is -I t.! The revivol of o popular c .

Regularly $1.50 .' and v I awe II-D rew-)lve/S porttcipotiQ |' fvi,: !

And than this tear ever lheyrt before more I On popuUr this- 1r' $1 .00 box assures( you of values in quality- -

special day, your choir of 1.2, orI HANDBAGS
stnnda.J merchandise. !
Quality vellum paper in f'
"ey-toy's tueet Floor 24 folded
white, blue or ivory. -
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sheets 24 matching notes '
and 48 envelopes. t Special For $ Day Only

s Special $2.00 ro Spring and Summer Meret a..
disc in Women's Better 19rttnee.
Popular-Priced Drene 0teIa
\ Plus 20% Tax and sorts
Montag Stationery
Nicely styled,well made,in your ',, ;/ $2.00 Off
Regularly choice of red. white navy or ; .;<, 5 Regularly I I 59c and $1.00 on all $10 to $M fatttaMMs
black.> They are of plastic simulated 6 >
patent or calf in top- r 4. :, $3.00 Off
o $3.00Leatherette handle underarm or shoulder 3 for $1 1 .00 on all $20 to $M tacarrrla.. _
styles. ;; .
L D $4.00 Off
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s on all $30 to $4i iteteMa
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24 sheets and 24 envelopes. + 5.00 Off -
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T Ivey's Alr-Con : JEWEL BOXES I GROUPS OF HANKIES Stationery-Ivey't Street Floor t T7J


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the protection It r v
airs your jewelry ,
deserves in a really nice, felt-lined or 29c each. This group includes gay.
fuel box with removable tray Fine $1.00 1 1 colorful prints on fine cotton. Nice: size, Regularly
)' leatherette in assorted colors.. launder beautifully. '

$1.49m $3.50 ;

Je.e nr-U.y's Street Floor.-

< 2 for $1.00 2 for $1.00 .- t-

or 59c each.These are pure linen handOutstandin.. value! Regular y '
made in ChIna All white in a variety editions of popular fiction -d / k
of patterns. .. and non-fiction books for s '+ r
Handkerchiefs-Ivey's Street Floor one day only at this special) il'
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Books-Ivey's Street Floor


You've been wishing for them and s '. Year 'Round "
here they are. priced so you may ,
l l $4.25 have several! Your choice of white, $1 .00 BALL POINT PENS i Q s''
plain colors or gay prints. ; w tt
Neckwear-..,.', Street Floor with Pencil) E
,_, r w
$2.98 _


With your purchase of a rat'
WashableWHITE +t'
\ Exceptional value! For? rainy ..h., "' ." Wearever pen for $1.00, you _
days yet to come! Good sturdy ?- .'t will receive/ in addition a ,
umbrellas in a wide assortment .t. '. '
>-m- 50 : Faber mechanical
Eberhard -
of patterns-stripes, plaids or ; pencil at no extra cost. t
plain colors-all with attractive 7-\g F
: : /
handles.1 i 'fi skit-wncry-Ivey's "Street Floor
: ..
Kleinert -
DRESS SHIELDS 'l,' Regularly _
SCUFFS ,.. ,,: \ ;' . MANIKIN i"
\ $1.50 1 and $1.98 1 'IV att1
Regularly 35c Pair .- ,. :c tl) ,
Regularly 61.98 '' \- \ .,..1'
$ ... 1.: .,.
4 Pairs LOO 1 00 "
$ :\
$1 1 .00 pairTake "t . Each zipper.set cloth contains and patterns book.

Tricks in Sewing." Save a I
Protection at a saving for 1. \ Dollar!
them to the beach '
or .wear. them around your summer frocks. Made To dress up your summer frocks wear these Ught$1 1 2S Cool BemberK sheer with a
home In blur. pink,white by a
or fed Sites S to I. ufacturer.. ,
grounds. Sizes 14 to %0.
Cloves-Ivey's Street Floor
JoUonl-tv. Street Floor LUXVIEW !, $9.95

'7'. '.

,\;- . .
Only 4. Luxview film slide t
-. and 5 films '
t 1 e
-' ARCHER $11.95 Value $6.95 Washable

=. Rayon Taffeta




COMPACTS }'. Made of strong wood to use. $1 00
t at beach or home. .

HOSE X $1.00 For Sunday night titvptn /Ir
$1.00Formerly 'd> casual gifts. Your ehwte edt
,. t #rv Toys-Ivey's Fourth FloorSpecial maize or almalatedLlai .....:aJaqua :

e $2.95 to $5.00 . .. $1 .A A Pair c 4w', Group of n -Ivey's Street J'tIw

Really wonderful Yalu s. :3've- LUGGAGE'" '..- ........ ..
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imperceptible : .
or attractively) designed _' Regularly I I STORE HOURS '!t "" >
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of metals or enameL '
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Jewelry .. ,' ..\ :. A,'. i
I Save to % thLs
-- .a up on extraordinary -
Ivey's Street Floor Hosiery-Ivelr'iStmt;.; ,,. Floor :, offer! Overnight ,_
<- '
,. r.
>1: :;: '
r h cases assorted colors. Size ..
.,", fI//-x-. .t.tii W-; '.;"r.. #-J:, '1_ 15 x 18 x 21 inches. --
J4' '
.. .- 1- z htt 'P-Ivey'a Fourth Floor BUilding for a greater FLORIDA. . for a greater.f OS"

I m

......__ --


:' .

... .. -
-.4 ,; c '\. { '': A HCMantm) iHorntag t frraltorl r ';
y ; ,

Shirts & Jackets ",' "

' .. ;ID... }yx1xr...:fz:2. W.....*.;..:.::..m: ::::::f:::::: :;:;:;::::: ;:;:;:::::: Striped terry
'.{::;; {::r:{:";:,,:nN'::-:::::::::: ::::::::::.x.:{:{:::::::::::::::: : ::::; :::::::::::::::::: & and, jackets 1

f ;: for sun US":$1 00. \ ,_

; 1
:::::::::::: :::: ::: and wool
::;:::>:::;;;: : :}::;:: by a well
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j j M f ,


I : :: ; j : :i: Boys sizes 10 .G.' I
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@t jij j i

::::: # POLO SHIRTS I 'I
: :: :::: ,,' .
....... ..... ..b=,.:...<< ::: : ;: :;:::::::: 14 to 18. .<- ,, ' 3 .I
:: z: t:1: W ili1 m iili@ :fi: f j; j : a large. supply 2 for $1 1 .:t; :,JS r

K '

LJULY\ 12th 1 COSMETICS 'Seersucker.PLAYALLS ( ViI

Whirlwind Dustinf Powder bibs In sizes $1 .00 .. ( it ) -
by Frances Denney. You'll ,' .
want a year's supply at this < ,,.,-.
', r C ity""iCJe'" .1 heat price! WASH SUITS :-J > ,"
rM,4 J: .
$1.50 >box 7Sc boys sizes : ><
cf ../J.
; good .
0 mothers will $1 00 < -. > '". ,.
LL .- .
". tIfnowUl' : 1, '-"""
," Rain Cologne by 1_ '
Kathleen Mary QuinUn. '
., Now at "Dollar Day" savings SLACKOVERS" '
of extra
U.2S bottleFlowers $1.00 hard wear. In $1 .98 Values to
$3.00 for $1 00 k
Rain Dusting Powder Floor -
--Ivey's Third I
by Kathleen Mary Quln- i I -
+ Ian. Save 50c on each box! Boxer style in plain or fancy patterns in a- I
sorted colors. Built-in support. Sizes 28, 38,
I U.n be x.00 32 and 34
n Odds & Ends in only.

(::1 Cologne and Sachet Combination PLAY SHOES
S Gallet. Grand for any future 00 .'
gifts. l 1 -$5.50 $1 $1.50
\ Regularly $1 00 ,
Assorted plain colors. Sizes small, .
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12 n to 3.
S Soap choice of several -
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a '* Shoes Ivey's Third Floor.
*r Cosmetics: : Tver's Street Floor -

.r . a

: '

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A 4J S F !' '
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White only. Size E 3-ply. "r"I ;x. '
approximately 1500 yards to '_. s
the spooL Soft fine crochet
Colorful print en tool thread for making .exquisite
Bcmberg sheer Soft hanky edges and all sorts off I
pleau In the front and beautiful hand work for your 36 Inch HAND PRINTS 1
back of the skirt Bares doilies. tablecloths and : '
f 14 to 42. other things for your home.
$9.95 by Barret

$2.00 Stamped Regularly $1.75

CAY ARTLEY BABY CARRIAGE Floral prints and a decorative
6 Only I plaid. Practical for either $1 .00 ,
COVER AND drapes or slip covers. (To clean
SOFAS and preserve the beauty of yardDriperies
BEMBERG SHEERS f! .: PILLOW SETS these should be colorful dry cleaned.fabrics] they

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vrTWMijtrtrft .. ruffles. Stamped with Teddy

Btmlwrf .U but. r"., Bear designs. and $ 139.50
tww/ to 'below th. waUtlin. of up- Hammered Aluminum I
B"nfrtM 90. fellow an,.. $1.25 STAMPEDDAMASK
crrtaaw' now hcqroundJ.8&UI" .
.. r. IMQIH.... mMt TOWELS Fifth Floor
IKV'a A''Cwdi' TRAYS
$'.95 1MeM> ,..sass.l. $1.00 s

Oyster linen damask stamp
ed with easy-to-embroider Comparable I in
JUNIOR MISS SPECIALS flower and cross stitch de RUGS value 1 with other ,
signs. Size li x 24 Inches. trays 112-bO.at $10.00 to -

For Dollar Day
Art x.edlewert 5 fret.
VOILE DRESSES $3.95 lYe)""* Fourth Floor now ....._ $8.50 ,

Regularly $7.95 48 Inches.
now ......- $5.50
A $ 0 f attractive ummer ihetr print RAYON CREPE
rO1 U IS. for bedrooms or bath
PRINTS I washable and amaze -
C f
G t & Spun RAYON DRESSESRegulorly shape with fringe all
Soft smooth-finish for cool colors from which to t '
$10.95 to $14.95 summer dresses. t
18 inch heavy
&a.e.fw ef tfotttd twin in Regularly $1.19 I Fifth Floor c y gauge, round tray
w. froep of f.GOI dresses for with 1% Inch ttm.'w" .
t "mkIf Rue ale $ff5.00 $1.00 yd. : $4.50 .

J.i1.e Mw .+M.-....... Tww rts.+r .' .$1.00 1 y J .


20 inch buffet serving tray *
.. 6f or.00 for salads, meats, and $4.50
In plain colors I fold, creen. hors-d oeuvres.
blue aqua red. yellow rose ,
rey. and white. 29 inches -

wide. .. $1.00 The New
""k Regularly $1.19 -

$1.00 yd. ':r 0

:". '. $1-1 $1.00 .x- ..
SATIN STRIPECHAMBRAY ' /i- A convenient way to wash jV
< ... hosiery gloves, socks, doilies .
---- -----
V !: laces, and any small delicate
L fabric. Also can be used to mix --
In grey. blur'!, or aqua with : $1.00 1 waffle batter and salad dress s1ng.
satin finish stripe in rose Plastic in choice of colors. ,, -a ,
i yellow, or blue. 36 inches ..J
".5 I .. Wide twocupsizesformanyuses.Swirl Mixer available in one and, : *

Regularly I I $1,19 $1.CJl 1.s 1.00 p
t' ... $1.00 1 yard
i V': $1.00 yd.Ftbfics . -Ivey's Fourth Floor

Et '" feu .-ter i.:in '47 ; .
J V -tuft ..... Fleer ; Floor -. ': -; : .

;, ',
I 4r 't

_......-- ....... '_ _: _ _

. -- - -- .. .. -
.- -. L ..
- .
- - -- - E
%- --- <; .
; .

f S 1 :


Browns., 3-J 1 for 10th Straight

i'Page 8 (Qr1anbn iHarntng* &rnttntl Saturday; July i 12, !1947 fI


Moves Again- Hogan Demaret ; Giants Split !: Belloise Takes _

the This Time With CardsIn

I ?(' ARTHUR EDSON Take Over Lead Slugfest : Abrams by TKO ..

That famous baseball traveler,
$ [ ] NEW YORK rAP The New

ta* $ again. York Giants ambushed the St.
I ku yesterday sold their most At Inverness > Louis Cardinals after dropping the in Fifth Round -

; f paid pitcher to the New York. first game of a doubleTleader yesterday -

pa price of 10000. .. uL.. TOLEDO. Ohio (UP) Defending i i world champions. 4-3 and in pole-axed a 17-9 second the: 1,150114tNEW
t of tne sixvn
! The Yankees are ploT champions Ben Hogan and 'game that was shortened by the YORK tAPl 1e's' B.:-
club to em
American League I f 'merciful intervention of darknessin loi fr.* ] Newsom. for only Cleveland and JimmY' Demaret. scored an easy the eighth Inning. who' knows very little elM aix.-

, ... Chicago have escaped this. ter- I I victory yesterday to take the lead Six Giant homers-two each 'by the an of mawM*** ian. earept'

I C'ar .. 1 rific tourist. the majors. I I among the eight two-man teams Biggy Rigney and Sid Gordon and toM haymakcra, lsd oa0uh nf

(.. Since he broke Into Bobo has battling for the Inverness Best j one each by Clint Hartunjr and'' them Jut aicnt t* *ip Otnrttt

,.. with Brooklyn in 1929.including four Ball Golf Championship. Willard Marshall submerged the !!I' Abrams .in five rerun*** nf a. .hf'd-'

i i .aa made 14 transfers.Washington. : The taciturn Hogan and his Cards In the second game after uled] 10 round I tout in Madttna

li t separate trips to Chicago. T[ light-hearted partner swamped they had taken a five-run lead in Square Garden.
Said Newsom in 1
first place (! Lloyd Mangrum and Lawson the first inning. In a tout marked ..'iii'l'! b'
MOM where he will join the i I
: Ron SJorthey's pinch-hit homer
i'I Little under a flood of birdies
5fld< confusion Abiarrr
Yankees! Sunday': cloutnc:
I off loser Larry Jansen had sewedup
I -I think I can help them. i I and eagles for a five-up victory was' 1Orc'ei: once each in "tt frt.:
the first game, a comparatively -
In that added to their two points -
Washington seeSnr
: Newsom came to tame affair. in the seventh In-
the June last year from the .Philadelphia I I carried over from Thursday, ning. Del Rice's three-run homerin rounds. a Ml 11 a*
Athletics. And he went to made their score a plus seven.' nrnpped ft. aln ;n
the fifth had
: I work with such determination that At the 'same time Ed Furgol and good workin mamn.I I given. Brazle a the t lift brfoieRefeie '

Ben I he won 11 and lost eight for the George'Schoux. who stole Thurs > FIRST GAME *, .lohnn-'
the I Senators. day's show. ran into a best ball of 1 ST. LOUIS,
thus : Furthermore his .swaggering 63 carded by Lew Worsham and shd..isisUiaia.Th 54Th. abrIsa 1.1:1 1 . I and hai: I : around the mound made him an 1 Johnny Palmer and lost the I--.rf 4503511.: .... 5UI 1 _,- proceed:ii > < 351!
I : the match, one down their total score' ),...1.1) lb 4. I S 5 "..... S S I 5 I .
[.. excellent drawing card-and "_',ki 4 U S I IT55..ws.d t. 5 15l.54r a* the to* aounoflfth. -
J I : Senators boosted his salary to was cut to plus five two behind $ If S 5 5 I 'M10 I S 5 1t Is.d.k4..f -.3, : eel ewrrw' t.m,
: around $20.000 this season. Hogan and Demaret. ) I I 1 Uw.ti..5. .. 51 1 Sot55.t : .
; : who will be 38 i In the other early matches in 2 T 1 5 5Mb.l1jf I 1 I 1 0
But Newsom. 1OI".of S S S 1 r..JI'' J 1 2 t a Th rnar.tlor
next month. has won' only four the rain yesterday. the Sam 4.4155." 4 I 2 1 a..........._ 2 5 1 5 IRk..r .5. rontnb','r'd' mt
I : : i I 5 .rLor..c 1 s a a aass.r '
L while losing six. He also has been Snead-Cary Middlecoff team I. I . .._. 55S554o.aa.I.r to the vainta

and involved in two flareups. broke even with the two Hermans. 5SS5of1,1 1 US. I! _" .v, e n i *i tA,...entj I '.
I : I One of, these dealt with a mysterious I I I I Barron and Keiser. while Ells- :.. 2USSaTO.kI.p : .s. : j BeHo4 and Helrr**
I I ,. 2US555tU.p 55 :
telegram which said in ': worth Vines and partner Clayton 1..........,( I" U S S.I'1 Bums handlinc of t 1'a m.t-h

I effect. that he was teacher's pet. Haefner scored a three-up win R..p 055 I s ': helped the theme .:inn'At nr.patnt .-

t the It took a special- clubhouse meet- over Ghezzi and Oliver. I '=""::1 1 ISISU 5 S S STWsIa :I in th* second i mrt. bn- -

I ing to. soothe the ruffled feelingsof The best ball of 62 turned in -- -- ": __ - I, tighten were on the flnnt 'tJef>t.icfor

I the portly Newsom. by .Hogan and Demaret againstthe a-tssbd.. 4 245727... .H ill :1..T'", :3l77)4 four second Lain In If"

I 5 And last Sunday In Boston New- Mangrum-LJttle combination t -._ -.- K..S IS ..... same heat when Burn s.ppe,
II som complained bitterly after the included a front nine of 29. which r-"""". liar ....... Is C... '
t I be.w.Ca then. Bellouw lot
.ing ......... fer I1t.p. twp .... *
game or [a) the club's fieldingand tied the Inverness record set last .- lOW 1._ .. ito.5.1.I. idea Uktt the tight had .n4r,
I lag I Ibl) the club's hitUng. Critics year by Snead and Ghezzi.NafsldeaT. _ _ 1M-4 and Burns had to t>U him to g&
,l of out that he :555!I 1'.11 _ 5555125554fE5O.d
: : were quick to point --
I. .Rib 155.51. ...._.. I to work acain.
did not mention (c]. Newsom'spitching. r.rran: 2. R- 1551.5 : 5): 5, And ,.....,.. the pro. i.dtns'
I 'ltl .,. ":: bt..55i. :.twffiri. ;... ..: I
; _. .... ended oa a note of eonfuftmti i tin-
Sb s.n I. .lo: 550,55444551. 3d.-
I bod, ) . In discussing Newsom's sale tan and )........ Lmn' mm ha**.: .... lean V >eaTark > bid even the cuatoovr _hn
: yesterday Pres. Clark Griffith '. Rafaa 'n hB: RraaH 1. **> I. Rark- i made up the ......! ,."l14>* ftht
made mention of either of h5tI I. Tilitbi. 1. $.ui. V'44w1t,41aoa.SVd
I ; no hart 1. Tnakle. I. IItn"_.: Brala 4. Jaaam crowd tn Baore than a yoarcompleiely -
these. affairs. Chisox Gain 4. Katht !. TriaUe," 1. Barklun V. HI': elf basIs t HumifiedThe ,
I I "Hi work wasn't any too hot." 3 tm :i lantan: Rein a ,in I; Immtrm 4 In 2TInkt. : .-
for thiS th
I- -' ; a in I: Bast T In :i 1.1: _INn I reams aa
said Griff.
"And. we
anyway ta JL: WhwiH vilrtier: Bar*tart.Bttthet IASISS BeUeise had Jwot dropped (trots' .*
ing. wanted to make for ........ .
room some : Jaoara f aim ret: 11 sdf.iE
I of our pitchers. lie getsa CHICAGO (rAP Washington ,,. Tlaw: f:4B.: td the deck sad the WaAhtmitoft
,.i i (SCCOMO GAME boxing styttat WM trying to wrufglc -
Its moved into sixth place in the i
break in with
good going
; ST. LOUIS to hit ft* when the round
t ' first plate Yankees and I wish American League standings by abVb a a' akrhsS
......... ended juat a* Burn m<>"e J in
kee trimming the Chicago White Sox "II I I. 3 SSir.b :il J 5 S
... him welL"Griffith
4 to 3 before 25,020 last
seemed sorry to see persons 4 2saatTIswsassd 52355\
Newsom ? And why not? night. Sara'iki.Jk. :1 i I a a !MIt 1>. 4 I 1 II U the round hd ended or () )r- -
with : Walter Masterson pitched six lII.up",1f 4 : :t 2 a ManklCrf: J 1 1 5 S. had been wed .by the bei; un I
; both During the long Winter months. M.d.Kkjf. a a S a LxmbaraK. J I 2 1 5 took the trouble fro
Referee Bunw
Newsom was Griffith's favoritepinnochJ innings and yielded four hits to ;. 1It1wT.ff 45S2Stdat.It 12225
And : gain his seventh victory and theSenators' )....... 4 a 1. 2 I Lahrka.Sb: t I I 1 1WIR make an offtctel Uteaient tn 99I
partner.Dodgers. ,., .,, ,
5SS -.11r..I.I. .U..t the Ioud.-rr I' tWSl
-third straight of the se- : ... S S U *. H.."' ....- I S I 5 UI I Ii I put on
ries. i .)1" lSSSUKqsks 21 . :: A puny crowd of ,.... wh'.

Blank ,; ".UI.. USSU.URk..p I i chippr' tn to a trov gate n r
( WASHINGTON (A) I CHICAGO tlaTnrk.lh 2 5 5 5 aliIe.o..p : *
rattled around
$35.641. m
has sbeh5 .; .. II . i.i.s !
1 Tnrt.Sl.. 4SSIflOxktr.3h:. 11554 JO.Iry.1' SS5 .: big Eighth Avenue Arena ** M* ;: .. _
We ; Cubs 5-0 To I"-of 45a351op1)u't.ai! 31254 I 1.dskki.p S 5 5 5 U: i iI [ the show.
] ".....If 4 f 1raw.H 1 w.rhill..1f t. 1 1 5 i Rke.a 3S135t

It's. : Tigers' ,11.-." a S 1.5 I I 2 U IJKmndT.rf| 4 I 5 0 U 115 S 1 U I T' .1', ;;-;,;=:I; Tt.J*', i Is:j'is i iI

4 Hold NL Lead VrnioB.lh. 412 5 tIfT.....*...f 4 5 I 3 5 > a-f raanoed .51 for GaratMa I. 2nd. drevWj '
in Tra,l..... I' a 4 Iln.....,.? 4 U I I U Los. 114 555'55S ---4 :.
I that ) rrIddr.Th J. I I .14I 1"" '_ S S S 5 5 f ;. T:rk --::n: **. ** .-.- ) :vdte4.f.
, by BROOKLYN TAP] Lefty Vic E.n..r' S' a J 3t1rbaets.Th! 2 S 1 1 I tr-: .: IsIs1'. .. !--.sI._ Ran .Wlad La.IISsIaI. "
I en J'Y 3-0 Lombardi his first If.teraoo.B Sll S t.Sofn..Sh I 5 .1 .I I I ( 11t.sa.kt. %. Rt..x. ,.... 1- ( .t 77c1t9.k
I pitched complete !aRnnrrt nn 1 a a fI 5tnalbpIr.p I 1 5 SFenrk4 >. Oardan 1. Harl.n* t. Ri MT Z. fllaiwMrr I.NnnnvT. fAa
of game of the season last ; lUUSPSblfn42tita 15555 Rm. Lnhrk. M a>'katt X. vs. kata hlM1
:; i I 4aI4ar1).p 55551I I 1 t. tMabaral flaata eam: fiac- ( .
KjuvAkL. Taoannn
he hurled four-hit .5-0
night as a
/ I j aThok, 15555TMat 1 I I m.m !. H nans. Rl'.nr' &. ,*_II. D-aWe.. Hat ,. .
| I shutout victory over the ChicagoCUbs. ------ -- -- Kerf. Rlsoer. ...* )Ha.. Left an !5.*..:.*.. '-&.
singles I n T r..i T..I 3S S 52715 ".. >.. York 4. Basra M h.JI: ...-. 1. Wllk.J. _
afllrd xmL for Ma traoa In irk Ranan. J. Rnul "tnk._" Hanwc I. shFr.
run- The pint-slzed Brooklyn south- ..
cmuHtfl nut for l3Mh .t> IB II\1t. Wllka 3. Ka to I. Hilt: err kIssed IB a I.-
I' being paw probably earned himself a armmdrd not far C"idOl" la tit, I Bl... lanne oat la ri....; Harnnc S la .1 |nana .. is.,
in I d-raa foe lUrkey. la Rh ask In ,.,r. di: Kr.to :3 ,la 7; u.... 4 IB %-3. l'IrrIatI.g. '
the .
regular starting job on Mgr. Burt pndsd .
W&ihin.>tan' __ - aaa Sit 1Ia-4 .11.... :2 .a i: .rr t.1ft t Is 1.3: IIn' I ,
] Trout. Shotton's staff by stretching the (" rrldd- :: 5)03I .la *; AVIta 4 'la '. Wild BlttB: ..... f.- t. ftI,
I 1! :: A"'lIn.-' : ;;.*.... batt.d ,. ...
Moses :i Dodgers win streak to four and I : .. ...n: IU... WI.. ., p11th. K '- pitik- : 'J -*
. Rnh n *
Ththrl" : T rk.
'lit: rridd. fif c Rriilr. VBpltn: BarlH-k. C Uor and riaaUlTlw. 1 : =
( I in the I i their seventh in a row over the. ,,__ T.. bart. bin: *pnr.. Br.r... v.... 1: lui*.
| Hoot I Cubs. ;,...,.. b550 kM: T.rtu JarrlHr: \... PrMdr.Dnahl .
: : ; : : : : 1 .. .. .. I Ticks
| I I CHICAGO IN| t BROOKLYN t"l pll\)': R.k M( .1.! awl T_ ; Ma nTra -: SOUTHPAW TOURNEY SET
; to the P00. l. an* \.,- loft so ha : Wa,Iu"a.
I Ii fo in'two ......._ .bh. al: 54th. im e. rhk.io. a. Ba_ 55 halla: ..ft )...,.... : CHICAGO lAP) Alex Antonio:
: ::: : : : :;; : ; I : .n :2 5 a 3 4Rl! nkr.2H I. 1 1 4Lnse.3k ..,. .
>! second I' m t 4"Robinafln.lB.' S 1 111 a 'I. lUrrlrk I. Rlllnplc X Hiitttk sot: )l t- of Linden. N. J.. will defend his ..-- .
: 1 1 ......,_ I. rerrirk. I. Ctllnpi a. 5144hI L HIM: .41 I I
.It. 1 0 I 5 '1""haJI.Jr 4 5 1 0 5 '
a hos- ...-.......11 4 S 1 UIwalk.Ic| 4 1 2 2 5FafkO.t'f < Manama 4 In S Inntni; F.ulrk i I. t 3: r.illr.pl. championship in the Eighth An- TICK-NOX
I 1 \ T to 5 t'aId.eII S to 1. Winning pilrkrr. Ifs-fr.-' Golfers'
: Lefthanded
head ( 4 a a a wrariihMf silt 1 : ; nual National
rVnrffinn.a. S a a S HRr .M t S 1 t a|:: | .HL IxwlD.' rtlrMt,; Oillwpir. L.pi.a WMJer. and' r.r Sal it .. IA..., l r*>f fNorra,
1 =:: : : '! x..... _." I U U S SIJn.i..s.3h' S U 1 I IMnruI1. I I Hukt>.rd. and Berrr. 'Tia.: i*,. Tournament at Cog Hill Golf Ft mttmft. mm* r_.* .*.'..
i ._ SIiF.dn.d.r. 15135 [ Country Club here. Aug. 19-22.
fA' I 1r.,, ,.. I. 05 2Lmhsitll.p; 4 U IIISSSU '; I -- --
1 : : .. . SensationalHigh
I II 1 . I I aatorcmn: 1 a * I I 5 5 1 ."lpm.5.p' I t S S >!iTM.
I I 2 5 i School Pitcher To
5 1'1 I .). ii ,. .1 Tot.l. 31 iiinii;i
I 1 1 1 1 5 tmoBded Otis for Wjie in fife Saturday
I | I miraia n' __ IWHI ana an _4RmnkiiTB : !Try Semi-Pro Ball
S I I I, .:_. __ ajff iai la*-(;
I I I . ., Error: r.n..n,...*. Runs .hattrd la: R>.*... Jo. Y. (APIi ]
Cox : 5 1 r 1 ...".. KriwanK. J>nl>*nll.. Taiwhan.. Two-ban;; i ROCHESTER N. is
: I 1 ', hit: Utaakr. Thrra-hain bite Jnrtnura. "roleiha I i Seventeen-year-old Johnny An- __ I
: .
1 ._...
: runllo. RarriflcM: 1' FurtHo. POM- 'schoolboy I :i 1"f'
5 5 5 S .,... plan: Jnraenwa ta Stinky. la RaMmmLnirte.T i ;:; toneUi ". fJ
\ R.... to Sank,: ", ..119 f. ..... .. __I j i pitcher yesterday temporarily .....
tire % ( ] I tZIU ta Jotiiwon t* Waitkaa: Kerne ta 'anki T': '! deserted! conquered home territory
..._ R",1J"1
to ttta.non lift : 'bIrs5 a:
I ) .. Ran .s baila: nff LnmnarfU $. off Pawna I: for the faster competition of a
'I 3. nff tr,... I. Snarl aaa IM a4 LotBhardt. 2. hr Wrw t. hipmaa. I. HU:
I \ 553: .fIe-.S : off rawm J* la S In.I.... off wrw. t la 1,; t When he packed his grip the
.. I !. M..... I off '''1,...*! I. L Wild f.r*: Pawraa. Pa w I youthful southpaw had collectec
: Porn 1.j ; hall. : grhernnt. Ixxctni pllrher: Pa_ I'm- e-
...., J..tn anti pI)1.! .,........... RfBlinr, BailaataBt *B i. a season's record of 264 strikeouts'in Walter MengesWe've
.... I : : j h... Lakr I. ",....rt. Tin.: 252.Vramham'. 109 innings of high school. anc[

-. j: : : .; ;; .Mara.and i i 'American Legion ball and hac
a .. ; ; ; ;;: ; : ;ki ; :
four perfect games.
.... I i ) *irt r'"'i: Plaque To I I pitched
.F1IooI' i 1 Hurl.,. !| Johnny "The Kid" loomed asa marked lot of Items down to ONE DOLLARand
:w_. : : : I ; : : : : I : I Be First in, Minor leading leagues 1948 last prospect Spring for when the I are selling others at ONE DOLLAR OFF!

I I -

... |' .r(A t h) 1. s 2 Loop Hall of Fame I1 around his father Florida toted training scrapbooks: camps.: Crossett Shoes, 40 pair f*1 ...*.

I . : 5 I I I II 1 S U 1 DURHAM. N. C. rAP The lateJudge They displayed a 194S record of I B widths only, black dress shoe were' *...

.. ;; > a a 1 I William O. Bramham long-.4:i 278 strikeouts in 129 innings. Beach Sandals 5.00 ft p"'
.-. I 5 1 t 1 4 I 5 time president of the National:1 i But Johnny-even with $100,000() 8e...

b-riai! a 1 I l i Association of Professional Base.. j rumored as the asking price foi All leather dark brown f

f< a a 1 4 ball Leagues will be the first t I his services-insists he hasn't decided *
1 1 1 1 ;
R* U I S 1 ]l I' minor league executive honor.. whether he wants to plalprofessional :! Pioneer Belts, Reg. 1.50 J

V.. > I !, 1 I ed by Baseball's Hall of Fame af,' ball or go to college.
= i ; -a-tJTll-- J| Cooperstown. N. Y. ; He has another year of high: Wilson Bros. Super Shorts *f
school before he will be eligible
Li. George M. Trautman who camehere
aaa aaa-s and he he Joined the North' I Reg. $1.25and 11.50
to attend Thursday's funeral I'I says
as ]"-1
.-..... 2. W... ,i of the man he succeeded as head 1 I era Hotel League at Rutland. Vt.,' Neckties Reg. 1.50 t '
: l Dnrrr : 1
: for
...n. ; ... Lrft of the minors. announced yesterday experience. ,

.to...t i !: kalla: .fT that a bronze plaque would be t TOM BROWN UPSET 1.00 *
i : Plrlkro.lt; I Reg. 2 ,., 1
Ma i :: nalrlmn placed in the minor league quar- DUBLIN f AP] Tom Brown ol]r ,

.: .. pttrhrr...nd': ters of the museum sometime in t ':, San Francisco was eliminated yes-. Botony all wool __
) August. 'terday' in the semi-finals of the
slit : The exact date of the unveilingwill I:: Irish Lawn Tennis Championships:; : Handkerchiefs, very fine 6 r... 'I

be determined as soon as the by Cyril Kemp Eire No. 1 Da via a Reg. 25c and 35c
tablet is completed by the manu
: : Cup player. '
|, facturers. It has been on order for Straw Hatsonly 50. Reg. 3.95 J

almost month.
a i
) Mrs. I .
I |I The to honor Judge.
: proposal
." Glen. Bramham was unanimously, i Wilson Bros. 3 r<< 'I

Palm adopted at the minor league con 1 WhIte cotton, Reg. 55c

,I .. | I>i yester-, of cember.vention in Los Angeles last De. FOR- 1 1I I. Sleep Shorfs, Reg. 1.95 *t*

Sharkskin & broadcloth:

. Rol-. I CHICAGO tAP] A field of 11'r I i Robert Bruce Beach Set ..... MJ* %\ err
i Juveniles. giving the six-furlons rI

I Orange race a gross value of $81.800 if all I Shorts i OfT

Fischer start yesterday was named foi r IVan
I The the Arlington Futurity today al Shirts

Miami Mrs. Arlington Park.! Heusen Fancy Sport Shirt fj OfT

Irwin- BEER Washable gabardine. Reg. $4. S

I Wilson Bros. Play Shorts t

I I Six I ENGINEREPAIR BUILDINGMATERIALS 3 pockets zipper front. Reg. SIN *

a I sharkskin wr
I Slacks gabardine
I .., J
I'I' l, act.I SERVICE Lumber I Tropical :worsted celanese" nuekerctf
'I I' 71 .347 .
. tJ J41
S9 .337 Factory VrBiiMtf M.ch.ni icOeiuiln Paint

'I I O J3J ContJn.5ts1 Part Roll Roofing and Shingles
M J2*
77 J21 Windows and Sashes & ?
1 I 26qI
t ?
: : L...". Doors and Frames
M ,
1 '. .7I

I ; Laaajua
I [ 24 CO. I

t 20 SO I .. I J I 231 W. Gore Ave. TeL 4107 206 N. Orange Ave.





-.... " -* '" :' -"" ; r ,-, .. . i" .. '_' .'. -.. '


Orlando! Splits Doubleheader With Leesburg 1.1 9

.. ___ _

'J Senators Cop p Ted Madjeski'R' Saturday, July 12, 1947" (0rlanftn! iHorntng &rntinrl ,. I .

I rJ

Opener 6-1 6 1 : Released By O'Callaghan To t '::. J! .: ': i ': ,. Saints Defeat 1I

: ; w,:?, '...... .1"1: I
4 t\ Orlando ClubBus. ; / : ..: I

; / Drop SecondSevrnteenYl'arold Orlando. Mgr.Senators John Oanzel yesterday of announced the- Oppose Hyde In .I,.. <'...:.-.J.-".<": :"y,.', :";".;,.,<' - r .' .' '/ 4.. 11 I I's, 9-7, To I Il

that Ted Madjeski. <<, l

Herbie Peek catcher-manager of the 1946 I
championship club had been All-Star Game ; Stretch S Lead' I
\ took Tinker Field by storm last '- ','

night but after four hours and I handed his outright release. ,
37 minutes of It. the best Senators Ganzel said he and Madjeski I : i II

could do was to split a doubleheader had come to terms on salary but, Orlando's ace southpaw. Tommy : .. ai I r tp--ol! $o Or'-!., i. """

.' with Leesburff before 1,062 I that Madjeski was dissatistled with I 1 Hyde and Gainesville's lanky I SAINT AU0Ui1 VbSa1ntstuka.i.6t' .' ;

... cash customers.: other provisions of the contract. I . ]'
\ rookie righthander Tom O'Cal- i I .....
Madjeski arrived this week .
Taking advantage of Bill unch's .
-ov Owwt SlOff Pt-oto' one wildness and Tommy' Hyde's left- from Charlotte where he had :, laghan will be the opening hurl- I I from Dsytossa .aos.. ...S ..

; 14TH AF CHAMPION Col. E W. Duncan, left, Orlando handed elbowing. Orlando downedthe been since Spring training and : ers when the Florida State Lea- 4' :night with a a.tat rata _

*Am'y Air Ben. commanding officer, presents the 14th Air Pirates. 6-1 in the seven-In had never donned uniform asan j I gue's veteran all-stars meet the .l I ;f :, early Inning play a.. -...- ..

rVet Golf$ Chomp.onihip Trophy to Col, A H. Foster of OAAB. ning opener but Leesburg roared Orlando player. ? ,; rookie all-stars at Saint Augustine teodaaee to SIT.

.. fitht, .h.t. Copt Richord W. Porks of the Marietta, Ga., AAB, nightcap back :in the to score final five frame times of and the promised Ganzel said his outright Madjeski. release had been at :,, at 3:15 pjn.: tomorrow. Ii'f t t I Jack WilkM- singis e

runnern-p to Cd. Foster, looks on. ;, capture a 7-3 victory the end of this season by Phil Mgr. Bill Steinecke of the :I Ii ;t loaded aM Ute :Pi:

.. .I.r\.. .. I Peek a six-foot. three-inch Howser business manager of veteran all-stars has selected' t% :" !I 7-all in the sesaSM ......

rookie righthander made his pro-I, Washington's Class B Charlotte Hyde for the opening assignment ( I. : I vIctory ...... -

:"Col. Foster ,ifessional baseball debut in the farm club said that it was impossible with Southpaw Mason ,. '. I Dick H*..... uotebadwAnotbeaeacbyr .. ala

Guernsey Out | nightcap and although he lasted I by virtue of baseball law to Leeper and Right Hinder /! >.: .J I IJT _

only four innings before giving write such an agreement Into'player a George Fultx of Gainesville and i ; j ': ; the .....
\ .\ ; The added wtthvflle's
:Cops 14th AF way to Stan Zedalis. the youthful contract."I Jack Baumgarner of Leesbnrg : i victory S
did give Madjeski a letter in reserve. ; . second IU'aItIM
mound artist had the stands in
0f Net Meet stitches and 'received one of the explaining the baseball law andoffering Mgr. Grover Hartley of the : the hand of s.at..r:=
Golf Crown | Feds Saint .. ..
: greatest ovations ever dished out him in writing what he rookie all-stars picked O'Calla- I gives .

at Tinker Field when he left the Ii had asked for in the way of a ghan to start for his club, with game tod ia Ftortda' IW '-

: e't A, B roater Orlando AAB.fiturday 1 SPRING LAKE. N. J. (UPI mound. release at the end of this sea Yigi Alonzo. a right-hander and I . I It standiagaLai .

von the llih Air: ?orce4Ot1hh1p Top-seeded Frank Parker of Los Peek's main trouble was his control son.** he said.Deadline the Left-Handed Perez brothers;t 1 DA1'4 SI Mac.V 51 .a I p'm:
for Madjeskfs acceptance Juan and Ralph. all of DeLand '! o-kcs1S I I I.....$
by but everybody eke had the ;
defeating& : fa.Mrtd (Angeles and fourth-seeded Edward VI.p.4Icf: 4 I I :. ....
of the offer available for .
passed dutyStehieeke.s
same trouble last night. The yesterday Ik_... 1155P..IsScf a
,-. Capt Richard W. Parka, Moylan of Hollywood. CaL Washington. D. C, twirler walked and Ganzel sent him his potent veterans I, : .....e 41 I4S-W2.c, I

tfatWtta. Oa. AAP, ..up at Duba. yesterday battled their way into seven and struck out six. once release. He is now free to makea batting order boasted an average i Tw'It.1f 1IIIUoa.. I'4 S I I .I V0-S'X&-....,. I I .It

*|r4 Country Chib. the last two berths of the semifinal loading the bases in the secondinning baseball deal for himself.Standings. of .%84 as compared with the I Irookies' i....... . ill. I.........
: Oal. Fottrr's tictery. u as rt- with outs and then got .275 mark. t BlaseIN S S S IMasLP .--... I I
."dI'd' ItJ tournament officials as bracket in the annual Spring no The Tturani openinc lineup announced I. S S aS'fldl,5 "--"
.. .pift stnt.s Capt. Parks had.ntd Lake Bathing and Tennis Club Dave Bell on a pop-up and struck by 8telne ke: Lyle Judr. 2b. S.IIIA......- I.. !_S _0 -1 .. -
out Herman Uptight and Paul tine: Art StlllweU.c. Saint Aaeuattne: Jack
th* tournaments Invitation Tennis Tournament. wukea. 36, Saint TSTToslsPsass
med Augustine; Myrll Boat :
side. That's .
Oormlsh to retire the 1IBA
Parker will be rf. Gainesville
pitted against : Buddy Lake. rf. Sanford.Marie. ;
Capt F.
t 1& Ftcke. a mhn.. .. tVi..* nvoflnn .m._ Perei. Ib. DeLand: Bill Good. u.Leeiburt. 1&1
Uoylan today The other semifinal -' FLOIIID4 STATE LEAGUE .
.... .
$..- ttU teammate. in a aemUnakh. 4flftST CAMEtIfESBURC ; ,... WLPcI CB ,... WLPI. II and Stan Karplaakl. II. Saint 5. __ -... .. .
.... match will feature second- ORLANDO .... ........ Autuitlnc. Johnny Theobald.. Palatka. ia : ; Isiled a: t .
J't. 53 ae I3* :" S7 41.IM ItOnrlll. .. ,. -.. ....... L. 05115. 1.K .
Thirteen' tnUks In Ow tourna.Mel seeded Oardnar Mulloy against I I aa r ii s el .,......... aa I r S k I a 1 a 1 :US4.CM t :Isccbug H IS .41 1H. &IIU Hartley. rookie lineup Da.. Bllrke. 3b. i pI- Ta05 -: ......
third-seeded Rl'a'wav.ik" s I S 1 atl ...1..nd 4S 94 JTi s.. Pmlatlu U M.IM JS : ,.:, __ :
via be named Billy Talbert. ...---.., I S S' S -eiThm.ff I 1 1 1 1 . Gainesville: Bob Thorpe. rf. Gainesville.Ty 'BIGGEST AND TOUGHEST Gene retired : Is. ::!"
to 1'f1)r.ntfit UUn had a Uagh time >ub4ntng .-... I" I I ""......." I. 1 1 Orlaa 44 U.S37 \. l> .t a B. J I U.a. It Braxlel. If. Orlando; Ouinermo Vet. : Tunney, heavy I -. &-. --- ...... ..ss: S.
14th Air Forr ui the Air Delta Frank Guernsey .f Or- att.r.tlH.U.W I IIS (;.-. 41125 A.sc-tlcs .0.I.. IXituna Y.st.rl.y5t. Rnrk T.Smalanl ., *.. DeLand: Rex Throop, cf. Orlando: Joe weight champion, stands beside this 589-pound bfuefin tuna he I i u M Kitttta.it Bean Ml as Me tave: *4:*-Meaty Meetl aAiuuarta ftrt
** Commands national meet Ksr...... I S 11 .:Maaalaa.SkI s S S I I . Zander. Ib. Daytona Beach: Slays: Dansea.2b. :
. .
land, ..1a.1.. I-I. Mejlaa losta .. S. <: lll 4 lie inlnsit.IXl . off Bimini Bahamas. said catch "the : HaIlasa: I fcakMteM t .r..
.. I. 1 1 1L.lt..Ib I S 1 T PalaUa and Bordle Waddell e. De- caught Tunney was
-tth vtll be played la New York ., ..lMl *. r.I. f.ItrlMNto Land. Glen ; ...,..u t. by Hallaua 1. a, ........ -
ISII tJasks.35 ISIS 1 Leiphart. Gainesville iabe
$ lead "
.esI .Hk. and was trailing S-C ........1It I S I .|UI...... S SI I S I. I_lM>. 1-T.Ca .. utility man. biggest and toughest opponent I ever fought. I,4f Maml,. 1 5 I < .sr.a'.e. I
.. ,
l H' Ua the first ad by annexIng M T. I I .IUr N. St.44 I d-1;I.
M.sO.p I' I I 2lid..p, S S I I Tickets for the all-star ..m. will N'OD -
PaM br Cot rotter the 14th .. .. ...
ORLANDO T>rl wLPilitki sale Sa-iI. 05UN.I& tarlhe "
at the
the last three There parks in DeLaad. Daytona -
** .
.. .
M jhiruaa N-earN. '. 51a5501.I5. I.": -0: 1
AP Headquarter rrprrntaUT Teiala 14 1 If 4j Twala 14 4 IiI.g 1 t Beach Sanford and Qatatrttlle to-
were nine aervlre breaks la the aia an* a-l Hi. AwwilM at G.IewIIIS (* I .... aa4 nlcht for convenience of fans. The boa I.IL
keftutl Cpi. A, B. Btmraton. OAAB Mt. .Mae*. lei .1I a-4 1:11: 5...! : office at Francis Field in Saint AuruiMme 1 I Blackburn Bombers rrIeS.
''' *. Capt Co man tn the In doubles competition Talbert Krt n: Harria.l.>. "' ....... _aft. SUM ltat1. J.nlMliI m> Ktlrford.NATIONAL. will open at 1 p.m. tomorrow. Play Minors i
.. ._ .. i.4fl. I. Braairl.m I Recognita
..=*f the first nuht Lt. Colt : " M aai :
and Guernsey scored: a3.. '-2 .m ka m: Lrea4 S. flarrianav 000..... pla,.t LEAGUE
OAAB. second nifht ehamMM triumph over Tony Vincent and thread (.u.4..MI i: Lrkraad I. Jiwlre teinmay TUB W. UPttCBITUM W. L Pot. CB
.. .._ Bnokira 4* ti MIl .,(nor'aad I. 25 .no T Cuban Ball
nthnrf I OHaa L Loop
LoO as : .
Set. Minoqu tn
; runcer-up Bruce Johnson to reach the semi :- Haw* aai kaltaaff Muark ,. elf Hr<. t. Mmrkawl H4M.* 41 It .514 X I<<<**... M M ..[* IH.N. DeLand WhipsPalalka Fletcher Here
.. ewcond flight and Oat. WalUrW. finals. W Mnnrh '.. fcr Hnl :3. WIll hUll Twk t* U .:>4* 3'41'NiIpNIa| M 4J .51511% Tonight COLUMBUS. Ohio (UP1controversial
OrOM of Mac Dili Field.ItaJ. Mas S. % .... atlrkrrHn Loaia pitrlirr: m.I Mla 31 24 I" I'llPtttiklh. 21 41 .111 j
- -- .
w_ I....IIV.: ,..... a.4 1'1_ Tiaic: 1:31. llM..lto Ys.iar10t. .y Winter I -
Robert Dundee. OAAB .. .. I :
(SECOND 6AMCILEt8UKC 1.Mi Tart IU.t. formally accepted into
IMunan "ho shot a qualifying Assault Vies I ONLANDOrkaal PtllMmrsk PbIl.d.IpNis l 1.BmnkUn Herbert Dudley ranked as the South's greatest soft- .
afcrkaa I. Eli.... arinrliHutl 9-6 baseball. an unclaavfteKl
tow enough to land hIm a .It _ ball pitcher and the veteran Ollie Barker for long a na
ret. ,
R1.....'% I S I a SII..has4..s, 1 1 e t i 1*. 1 S.T.day's circuit yesterday m a mo..

tfunumrnt berth: the Marietta o-oa.......1I.cI .I 1 I I .|TIt_.
*BUi Air Port team champions lIaIr..... IISlItflanI.n.1f/ 45105 .): (1neciol' to Orlando Mom Sentinel] I i p.m. in one of the top Softball attractions ever offered here. M. TrauUnan
MubUng of Capl Parka Capt. H.u.. SI22SlMaassar135121, 1IIt_ ...... it :>>* Tark |t1-Dicboa t I-I lBraebv .. ig la---.J
Fae. Set, O. W. Broadway and With StymieNEW ".....n 4 5 I I *|Rokt m.lk. 4 1 I S ('-1)) iad Pol"* ['-1) ML Ian (1-1] DELAND Gene Ciolek hit the I Dudley a Stetson ministerial student is the ace hurler beneficial- .....
rWIKkTirum.ik I I I I HJuMlr.lk 1. I 1 I awl JaaM t-fl. ball : 'canbaMttaD.Members .
hard here last, night to lead ...of the Blackburn Bombers. 1946
.M. J r lUrtbOll Bti. Waiterdiaron. 4 SIS SIAN.-, .. .... 4 5 522 4li1.I.p C.NkU0Ii BscNIa) UJ--l.ad. |.-.. aaRchoilti < of the -4' ..
OAAB. and U. cot W. B. 5IS11P..k.. 35101IZ.dah..p t-tll ... HattM t-J. *md Btnrf the DeLand Red Hats. to a 9 to 6 "state Champions.
YORK Assault and 15I I 15-XI.CbxHnnWt. win the Palatka ation rimulUimim .
iUPJ 1 over Azaleas gar Barker who has fashioned more
\f A>iandrr. OAAB. -.. i at Bwxtn-H. H U-I] n. DpahsAMERICAN Sanford Tops
raise the 1HcUt. t
Stymie duelists for the title of -- - 1 1TI. - [II-;.. nering four hits in as many trips- no-hitters than he can recall is
greatest money-winner of all ... II" Til H| Trxala 3* S 4X711OrlawU P1th5r5k .t' PNIIadpNla-kes [I-Il sc Sew' to the plate including two doubles I the mainstay of permitting A erican py..
Posts 1..l--s .. IHI 005 505-T .n (3-21 ... SeWS iS-41. : four less of
OrlandoNin Ume.ere entered yesterdaywith .._ *ll *n* ene-1 and a two-run homer in the seventh G-Men 5-4 Fletcher Motors years or
three other thoroughbred 1'.....: Abm. .kip.>,. ,.pri..... bDraad.JuMkw. IE18UEWl.rtt.ca Inning. of Orlando an experience to plav tn _
'Seventh Win in Row start in toda,', $50.000 Added Kuan huM ,.: -... Halla. G.mI..- 1..s Taaai WLPt 55 The Red Hats garnered 16 safe ,I all-star outfit. "' .__ __ __ Winter league cturtnc tba
I I...." ", ...-_ tilt: Hall. fUelni _: JwIkv. N. Tact 4t tt .,\S ..Phlfpliia 37 M ..*. ISPatroll ,
Butler Handicap at the Empire Paniflm: ZrlraMrk. Unod. Itouhle. plaTJO I*1133!*" S 1'WaikM U M ...111. ties off the slant;; of four oppos- In 10 Innings Dudley lastqtL.L; < off-season.
-, The Orlando Junior Lrfkwii4 City at Jamaica meeting. .ad <_ Ipnaa' *. I Kt M ka.a: l4.M>'.rc II. 5.tn.! 2)II .13. K'klni U n .4'1&11 ing hurlers while Yigi Alonzo was year turned in a : -
...,.. i >ball team racked up Its The other. starters in the mile- Hall t. erf Be.ll I. Btrark .M: M P rk 4. k* veot...., being reached for 10 safeUesby i LSpeciolto Orlando Morning SentinellpAINESyU.LE skein of 25..1ns] A1: Miami Still AW

en.nthin in as many starts and-three-slxteenths run will be 1411.. S. ... Brrll I. HI": elf Prk 1 ta 4 _... 4... Itatmll 1-1. the visitors. J. Perez relieved i -Jerry 'Silverman's without a loss.I oi<.. .'
here at Tinker Field yesterday by Arnold Mangers Rico Monte. William _.... far 1 nin*. .tt z..t.1a 4 In 4 foe .. Haky Pklladelpnla 4. flftltn S. Alonzo in the ninth with two i I which included} .<::"AI Withy Laffow
IVrk fteltcrl.. Wild yiirkn: IVrkS. Tart lit. Isis 1.
pttHmr. ky spa 1. In the of
pinch single top
trtmminc Winter Garden. '-0. on Brann'i Gallorette. and G. r.-- ban: Halt Ix-inji" pticher. : .Xedalla.ta WarNIng 4 <1rt....i. 1Taeay'i away and whiffed Pirtle to end i seven no. hit] ' MIAMI DPI) 04)tfcr O v Wrsnomm
S two-hit pitching Job shared by H. -Pete- Bostwick'a Risolater. *>Ma: naM SaC l-...v 'J'I8e: 1JT. G...." the game. I-the tenth scored Tim Tyler. who I games 18 shut-! .' : foon. fariMrty of Ortanfc, tfftfr
Frahakl' pltrkrra sad loot rww4a la
Bin Peeler and Oeorte Heed. Assault. King Ranch's triple par.arb.asl: 'tca. PALATKA akrfeeea. |' .DELANO akrkaaa. had led off with a single to give outs and the > > not be welcome at next ywTer

Peeler vent the first four Ini crown champion of 1948 has sea rark'at RI. '_ia ft]-Him tll-H ..4 fls.zaZNSS1OSsa.Ib 131 1 tL I the Sanford Celeryfeds a 5-4 decision j whiffing of 429 i.... Miami Open TournaMent.
-\- earned $576.870.Stymie. Shirley Spork 'p ma (.-1) . Muocrtff (I.'] aad Kramer *>trM.M 4 X X 4 1 KMpprr.If 4 t 1 1 tB 't' .I..Jdml
.i Bine and cave up two singles in 14-JI.. -.*.lk SI1SOYKei-f 4503 tw oven the Gainesville G-Men .batters in 211 The tourney cooMnntw
Vie third tnnlnr. while Reed Mrs. Ethel D. Jacobs'6yearold. a.blnr.. at JTblrate-Demtl 1-1) TV IAI I atiin.cf X 1 1 X 5.an.ddrtl 4 a I s aTanrorTe i innings. to bar Laffoon onlcM nsatisfactory
here last night a muddy field.
has earned $585,510. pa' IS-IL 4111 1 M.Prra.Ik I I 1 14)) 4)Ptnw i the from:=
and Barker and report
, buried the last three Inntnis NCAA Queen Rnatoa at DMroU-Zubn" (1-*] or .Debaoa I .rf sate T..a H S1lSS Silverman was hitting for Carl
I ftruckout tevra of the nine bat- I. Assault win be ridden by Eddie 15-4)| TV _loa [S.4]. Th oi-4. aOSOlrN-2.131 41402 : Fletcher nine Dudley I'on 1 a complaint it
: ers who faced him. Claude Cor.1mett Arcaro and Stymie by Bobby Per- I COLUMBUS. Ohio [UP] Shirley llirtHphl.I M ctmlaad% ..I.l-'-CeJmaa tS-IIrtom J[.......If 413S511.a..rf 4S1IS Bissen. who hurled the first nine 1 have won eight and lost three against the ItnksmaaV The ....
as. IJTV and WillIs o.-.31t I" 0 0 I'AN.asp' I I 1 1 I : frames for the Feds and receivedcredit
Browning each tot mane. State Normal 1.-al. ,..... .. i this year. One Fletcher win wasa charged that durmc UM ...
and Lrroy Spork of Michigan i ; )10- e a S t a 4.r- tt I 0 0 I Ito.kIap for the win Bill Stanton
.!b atade and a double In four trips upset Grace Lenczyfc of Arnold ( S : k a] I IIi worked the tenth Inning and staved 3-1 decision over PanAmericanof Open Laffoon chopped up a sin _
a t elTrtala
ta pace the nine hit attack against 17 Entered in College yesterday to win the wom- SOUTHERN WI. Prt.l ASSOCIATION WL Pet.M off a final O-Man rally when a Miami a team Blackburn beat disgust over a Miami putt

en's Intercollegiate Golf Tourna- )labile) IX .BlrailnskMi 44 4* .... Ii IT S 1*21 1S 1 1 Totala M a 14 IT isPal. fast double play ended the tilt. in 12 innings with Dudley i
tPearL UK Rich 5.OrNa. .na M 14 .IU.Alld.a 41 41 .47* '.'.. tet a*e ailDcLaad out 32 batters. I
4ViILIf aa" 3L011s14. Futurity ment. X..IW1I1. 4% 41 .ill "_DIll. 1% !X* ...t : __ ._ lie *ie *>abran Tom O'CatUaghan went the route 12-1
_*_ --j3iL Miss Spork won the title match tb.n.scss 45 <. .111,unie JlnrK II 05 .14* i : Damitai. Kaulai.: "..,-.. T... L I Iflout. I II for Gainesville giving up nine I
? CHICAGO TAP Tuured by ansto.ooo Kant k tlM InBark.. Wwkwa S. PlnU.
IUrtss: ._* one up. with the break coming on I : ;,. .. '! hits less than his mates col I
17 2-year-olds OUTMtHN ATLANTIC LUlU Wadd.ii J. TMA I. AtoaM.1 bar. one Apopka Tops Leesburg
ap ( ,s usPhuIes .aL purse. yesterday State
Ohio ;
the 17th hole of the .
wLrst. W L Pet.fotontra. ktu: Bur* We ,'" were nominated for the University course when Connecti- M ;13 .411 .H.WMUk 44 41 .Sit S. Three t.... kit: Wtatban.. fleas na: 1 IANFOIIO GAINESVILLE I I
I 109SperQI
; Phox Phans 18th running of the Arlington Futurity Miss Lenczyk drove into a A....... 4T 4. .Ma"JwkM.Tllle U.' .471 f'1I-. I> iMe.. ha. ,.:. -M. M I_... IS Bark I sIr lp.s. aIr. liSa LegionNine,
cut's ClYSUAS.
; : Utrau 4. 4. ..4iiGrenrtlto 1. Bma te vega t. M. ran*. I.aft. kaMa: I t14'flrc&e;
today at Arlington Park. 4-karlnwe 44 4a .llj I WMa..... 5 S S 4 t-IIerN.,31 I S 1 3 3LaISSI [ : to Or'ondo' Mcrn.ng Sentine'7j ' I
trap to take a five. Miss Spork 4S 41 .JU r.l.Bkla It M .IM Palatka '. IHl.** ,. Bixe as bails elf MrPana i, 12253J..I..a.rf 213.05 I
Pitchers Pose Problem Although the fast-stepping Be-i was down In par three. That put t. _..... X. Alma '. Hirark avt: kr TIeS 0.rfI.I411 4 0 0 II .I.aip/r.ur I. I 2 5 I LEESBURG-Apopka's Junior I ,
witch who husked her shins this : INTERNATIONAL LEASh Mid 3. MrGahaiaa 1. GarakrlMa I. Atom. C JU I Hu'ttasvt45111'Itopa.as, 55522ISlisyss I Legion team. rallied for a run in -
i R PHILADELPHIA API A middenefetft the Michigan co-ed one-up and RMHlta Tnt.r.]yJnr Pars ,: aft Thantold ta X X-I bnilxa t;-j jafT I ISIIS-rt.-part 42325
In pitchers by the Philadelphia week will be missing the Futurity i, the final hole was halved. I ttT 1. B.lliuwwt 1. :F.I.In 1 las).,. X; aft Gaotvlckaa-laj Rri...d ISSIIIIeIasya 45150 'I an overtime eighth inning to defeat -- --
record of 1:10 '2-5 set by Occupation -, Momml '. Borf.l 4. 1 1-1 limlaia I; *>l -.:' la 1 lanliut t:j jI T..W 511255.s.lb 452152osf .the Leesburg Cardinals. 10-9. "
Phillies at the start of their 7.scsrl n. ""_.. 1. ..Tf AkMia ta t t-X laaian l : *rf J. Prm USOSSG.rs..2b I. a I 1
fast where gi
tumble here in
IIIIDIUh the Pittsburgh Pirates in may on a -.er I. Toram 1. -1 IlIDlna'. Wild .11_: Ttoratold. Atoaaa.iaoln I P54.. 4IIISHa.l'Is 5555551s.p yesterday a game fOR DEPENfAME
strip. Sanford Legion Nine ptiriwr* AkMn* LMinc pilrtar: TkrohaM. j SSSlZOCaIlaiha.S50 I 1 the lead changed four times.
"ten the fan all agog last night. Papa Redbird. owned by Geo. A.Oood1rtn Espies: WlmtM aaad Tajlar. 'Tiaw ., s...:1I 0-sns.p, SSSUSsHsg 15555NUI'S'.ap Une score: RADIO SERVICE
an4mart4 Eustis 19-1 :>> . *. M t:
Charley Kchaat was 1 I
ii Swamps 1 S :
OcoeeWins 11-5
and of Lexington. Ky., and -----f - --- AH.!<. __,___ Oil 4O2 01-1O 13 4
: M the starter ap- Norman W. Church's May. Rewardare [Spec tOJ to Orlondo"Morning Sentinel T..ala 44 S *le tS: | Totals I* 4 14!' Ia Leeburg UO 4>O4 OO- 9 1O S Ifi
i .-n4 MI the m.oi... Refers hetartw both rated sharp enough to SANFORD Sanford's Junior Over Winter Garden I Dubsdead Team -fw. aM tar O.r.- U Ha.e I ASSDCiA O S3M
.. .. S State Park of I
bali Rcbalb a. -.IfilH Per Biwwi I. leik.tor Torreya a hang up a record-breaking tri Legion team blasted Eustis. 19-1. LSpt' iol to Orlando Morning Sentinel] ... lie ait aoa 1-5 :
fr... th ... ..t and task At Miami 1,058 acres. -
na # umph. here yesterday in a Sixth District WINTER GARDEN-Ocoee scor- Today Oils.lI. ? :xl ee ate S--4 ,
Mi pisee! R... pitched two Erraratlamr.. Laka. Gmrmam ",.111_. KtroakattMl - -- -
t league game. as W. Tyre. T. Tyre ed an 11-3 decision over Whiter j I I
I.: HirrtMl I iahart. Lake. rl.iania.Ms. .
baRs la Billy r.... ..b. bit GREENBERG ADVANCES and Brooklyn hit home runs. Garden here at Walker Field last An 11-man Dubsdread CountryClub ... Mc14.' 11_.. SIts.'S$,, TI.... LUSTER FOAM
/MItt, U WfU ffcbans tamed DENVER (API Top-seeded Sey- golf team left yesterday for kita' : BarriMMav -.. Tkra* I... klt; l..ka.Ttaarva. .

it* UM pitching .*.. Rw went mour Greenberg of Chicago ran Th. line. _, scarS;. II H 3Sanfavd E night in by an an exhibition estimated 400 game fans.witnessed Miami to play a 36-hole match j jwith 115 SIan.. :",.MeN-as.,_ kaiaa Ia: Trltr.11..1 I.......I.F"'rtt_DneMeMuiM ..- Shampoo for don. kills and r.pele ..... ...

!U the dab ....... into the toughest going of the.! Custie .. IX sia 1 X O lIe X 3 -19 0- 1 t* 4 1 Charles Burnsed hurled five-hit I \ Miami Country Club's team : .. ..."...,.... Lan aai kaxa: naofordII I @ ticks. Prescott Kennels says 'est I

auitup resulted from Mg?. Ben men's quarter-finals In the Col- : attertea. Firtar and P.r..n.; Swam. ball for Ocoee. while Jack Ross today and tomorrow. The Dubs-; ;i' 0..11.. O.I..........iH.S. .BirHrk. BUM ant an: kr Sells Bl:w..ff X.Bio HIWMM_ 4. item In field of dog hygiene.5 pint MUIe--;::
kman accidentally handing the orado Open Tennis Tournament and Keeltnfl) gave up eight hits to the victors.'I dread team defeated the 1. Of.lliik.ii .. nut: aff BIMM a l. S ...,..... Sold by Leadic D"c. Toed. ... re ......
wwrtt an unused batting order yesterday before he squeezed by < here several weeks ago. Making 4 .... w._.. fltr&r. : 511s.! lolng pI4eNeqIO'C.tI.alo
.. I Sari). wi Bat- BROWE& LaBoaAToaIEs OatA.\DO. .....
Finals Pro Denny Cham mftrm: MvWty" I
Gains trip
t* the second game Thursday'ieh Nick Carter of San Francisco Behrens RAIN CANCELS GAME j i were b-k. 'Q- gasS: 2:05.= _ _
listed Row a* the pitcher 75.4.. j scheduled pagne. Larry Smith. Herb Smith. -
-Of Eastern Net Meet KISSIMMEE The Joe Dance. Bernie Powers, Knox_ _ _ _ _ _ _ I _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
Legion Junior baseball game here
I BROOKLYN. N. Y. .IAP1 First yesterday between Winter; Park Glass. John Crawford. E. A..I
and second seeded Buddy Behrensof Fleming Taylor Britton. Jim ]f
u_____ and Kissimmee was\ postponed because -
WS Fort Lauderdale. Fla. and Sidney '' Busby. Harry j:
ftrUN Wt IXPERTLY PROCESS YOUR CAR Schwartz of Brooklyn stroked : of rain. Dubsdread Pres. Malcolm Daven-. ,:
their way to the singles finals in The native razorback or piney- port. _- Ic
I '
the Eastern Junior Tennis Tournament woods hog is one of the greatest i -
yesterday. enemies of the young pine trees. I TAXDBERG TO U. S.? I'
BUFFALO. N. Y. IAPJ Guy : --
..... ,..... ____ -. : ,- '
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4 Mexico Readies ''Memorial To ffte: Orlando Churches Sunday I k


: worship 11:00 a m. Tnt: "The Value of WORZ) 'It If Faith That Triumph Dr !| British Leave ;
II' Former Baptist Intermediate and Senior M. Dendy. 7:30: p m "Be Strong." Or Dead I !
Church Ezpcrience.
OEULAM BAPTIST-The leY. Mark A. Youth Night Mr. Joa. R. Mackie. Minister
Dobbs, pastor. Sunday School 10 ..m.. i Y. F. 1:45: p.m. Evening: Worship 7 JO p.m- of MUSK. 6 30 p m.. Youth Vespers 4.
Import Quotas Mornint Worship 11 ..m. Sermon by Text: -What Manner Of Man Is This. a.m Bible school. 8 JO p m. Rymeiglration LAKE 8UCC'DIII !II Y 't.tp
Ive-: Fellowship>> In recreatie* hall.
Harold Bann. Traininc P-in. !
Pastor SetA nine Worship S p.m. Sermon by Austin '! Bcrpt Batted the UN ......* t* j
Salvation Army Tl tladl!.... =
-7CI W. Concord AT*. at P.rramore. The t Withdrawal Mlt. .". ,... .
MEXICO CITY I UP] Mexico tablet in memory of the late CHUMCN THE SALVATION AftMY-IIS E. CeMrel