CERTIFIED COLD STORAGECentral have to be unconstitutional surrender 'THE SEA OF GRASS" "CROSS MY HEART" :_: i
the spokesman said. '
__ __ STARTS TOMORROW-Playing Both Theaters
Florida's Safety Vault for storageof TONIGHT e
furs, clothing fabrics, rugs, blankets etc. was Admitted to membership in
the International Civil Aviation "TEXAS JAMBOREE" RONALD REAGAN &t "'fiAT....

by unanimous vote.Only concurrence -AII- ALEXIS SMITHZACHARYSCOTT R 1fu
TEL. by the United Nations Is "VOICE OFTHrVVHISTLER"Flrtt
needed to action. Richard Diz: ..tj
1886 49 W. Concord Ave- Orlando 2-2431 complete "LATEST WORLD NEWS" : wA4M2tt NITI :
Show I-ZS Complete Show From II:39Gary
WASHINGTON [AP] Senate ...
Republicans and Democrats in : .>:.. .

drew separate skirmish conferences lines for a yesterday prelim- Starling's DUCK\ IN 3974 Blossom Orange Trail i I IIIi III .

A COMPLETE We serve the lame delicious foods from noon till 6 that ;F-i1: 1 I 1I
get during the evening

: f J INVESTIGATEt. Fried French JUMBO SHRIMP $1.25 I OpUS DAY 15: I UST Open l DAY 4S I OAT

*, H&J n jimmy W lty'Rainbow *
Fred MecMeney
ONE-STOP SERVICEGuaranteeing (flu Dining Room Only' ] Fred MocMurrtf"SUDDENLY PARDON Over '
(: *" I The Rockies""CR7MINAL

.. .
r with the TeM..w
\ COURT"Ttmorrt ?'
leid T.Monew ..
you Quality Work, Quick ROUNDED CORNER Sisters" *
I Cross M Heart' JoluwOpt Sn yII ..
Just the Thing ,
Service all .
Proper Packaging on your For That New Home X4rM'
15 N OranfeAve. Ttl 23545Olsen
laundry and dry cleaning requirementsby Holloway Concrete ProductsPlant II
Located Two Blocks South
of litderpaii oa Orlando Ave. M i t

I I 4S.1n1 Day l
12.45 i
plant in Central Florida. lest Tenet. Today / ; Got Awry
C Fairchild LeRoy Hoe-
quut. Milton E. Bray: E. Frank type 2oberts "SIOUX CITY SUE" .
Gardner H. Rjl od Cox. Bar Restaurant ltoBLONDIE 1
"Ma9nif icent Rogue" ,
Open Open c- 3 KNOWS ;
Orlando Steam LaundryPick 9 A.M. Till 6 P.M.'TillMidnight PROM" BEST" '

", Midnight Tomorrow ( i ,+ TomorrSk.
I FAIr\CHILD ""Yocotie I. 2ao" ,,; . Up & 49 W. Concord Ave., Orlando Tel. 2.2431 Drive In Restaurant "fates i Ad...'.... I L-i "Caleyr/w clt".
.. .... '.. '
Delivery 108 L Park Ave:, Winter Park Est. 1886 I ON THE WINTER GARDEN ROAD 2 MILES FROM ),

[.- Z t .

-. ."..- ':': -. 1 ..... Tv '-T C. -. .,- > .

rSaturday I

May 17, 1947 Orlanftn j&nmteg SnitiiulBt Page 3r!,


: The Orlando( Sunday : St. James Day

Paal 8:00: PJB. Evenlne Episcopal r
Adventist l I font: service and sermon. |
North Main at
LUKE (EPISCOPAL Saturday Ivey'sMeet
AVENTIST-Meets Woman's Club Bid LUCERNE PARK Melville B. JohnaoD.
son St. The Very Rar.
rVandeman.. puter. Saturday services. Corner Division and Raleigh Sts. The K.
and Downs D.D.. D"tor. realdenee Da The Rev. Robert Canon.Sunday
..JEabbath school 9 30 a.m. Worship Rev George A. The John Batler D.'.
sermon. 11:00: aja. Thousht Directives for I lOll Division St. Sunday School: Day. May 15. 1941.
after Ascension
Youth of Today" wUl be the theme of i ithe. 9:45: ajn.; Moraine sermon 11 ajn.s The : (CorporateCommaalon
Sermon by the'pastor. Pr>yrr meetingwU1 i Younc People'a Dept of the S. S. will i, 7:30 am. The Holy Communion of the King
for the Daughters tomorrow's executives when
be held 7:45: p.m. at that|I have part on the moraine preeehlne i and Church School: young today
oo'fed B:30 Kindergarten
Musselwhlte and r n* service. BTU at 6:30: P.m. In the annex. ajn
Art church. in Orlando.SANITARIUM i Eveninc evangelistic: sermon 730 o'clock. +i (trades 1.9) at Cathedral Johnson School.meets 228 East with the Graduating Class of St. James man the coun-

;;;;;:;;H.DAY ADVENTIsT i MILLER MEMORIAL' BAPTIST CNURCN j| the Central Senior Avenu Hlah puplla Dean at the Parish 11:00: HouSe a.m. ters at Ivey's, working for a sales percentage for

-2025 W. Central Ave. M. D. Jackson. ,: for round tabl dlacussions.: the class.
CHURCH located on grounds of the I Sunday School 9'4S a m. Morn-i The Holy Communion and Sermon by the
Florida Sanitarium and Hospital. Services i pastor. Canon. ..00 p.m.
Ing worship 11 o'clock. Training Union Rev. Robert K. Oumm.
Held on Saturday as Inflows: Sabbath Evening worship 8 o'clock. Young People's Service League (social hour
school. 9:30: aJU.i worship service 10:45: : 1 6.46 p.m. j and refreshments follow the regular

a m.; Sabbath vespers. 6-40 p.m. Prayer I HOLDEN HEIGHTS BAPTIST CHURCH & ). 7:30: ...... Evenlnt "
meeting Wednesday at 7:45 p.m.services.Th. -29th and Woods St. Oeorte .L. Brown.pastor. i (a short vesper sew Ice with organ prO-I For Dress Up, Travel
public la cordially turned to all Sunday school 10 a.m. Moraine
P. W. Avery. Pastor. I worship service 11 o'clock. Baptist Train-i ALL SAINTS'-Winter Park. S. and Cool Days it's
Ins Union service 6:45: pm. Evening worship -' Holy Communion. 9.40 ajn. church :
I service 8 o'clock. 11 am. prayer and sermon. 6 PJD. Younc ,
BaptistFORT People's service.Lutheran t ////2' / ,

mae. Bible CHRISTMAS eehool 11 .m.aAPTIST-cbrlat-every Sunday. Catholic PALM BEACH

Worship services every first Sunday I ST. JAMES CATHOLIC 517 M. Orange
P.... All ""bus axe held In the Christmas Ave. The Rt. Rev. ....,. John O. Bishop ST. LUKE'S LUTHERAN-In Slavla faD
school: I pastor. Birth Sunday after Easter. Massesat !State! Highway 426. near Ovledo.) The
7. 8. 9. 10. 11 and 12 noon. Weekday RMT. Stephen! H. Tuh,. resident pastor.
DCLANCV STREET BAPTIST-Delaney '!I masses at 7 a.m. in the Convent Chapel; Sunday ExaudL: Two morning servleesr BLAZERSwith
et Esther St. Malvin C. Swieecood. pastor 8 a.m. la the church. Confessions Sstur- English divine worship at 8:30 a.m.; Slovak
Bible School: 9-4S a m. Worship 11 ajn. I day. 4-6 and 7:30-9 p.m. divine worship with examination of confirmation -
with message by the paztor. BTU 6:45: i I class at 10:30 a.m. Sunday
p.m. with onions for all aies. Eveninc school at '.30 a m. All department. Lutheran I
Evangelistic service 6 P....< followed by Christian Hour at 2:30 p.m. over WLOP. Slo- Shorts
baptismal sendee. : CENTRAL CHRISTIAN CHURCH-CaUt- vok service at Masaryktown at 3 P-m A
cat at Rldcevood Ave. Dr. Paul C. I Ii I II 1 I -
FIRST BAPTIST Cor. Main and Pine Worship services; 9:45: ST. PAUL'S LUTHERAN -.Corner E. I
i Carpenter pastor.
8ts. J. Powell Tucker. D.D.. pastor. I 1 a.m. Bible School: Assembly. 11 a.m. Church and S. Lake Sts. The Rev O. E. $8.95 I .
Sunday school at t:30: a.m. Moraine wor- moraine worship service. 730 p.m. evening Llden. pastor. Mornlnt worship at 11 -
ahlP at 11 a.m. Dr. Tucker will speak enPrisoners worship service.TAaERNACLE o'clock. Church school at 9:4: a.m. A I
of the Lord." Bpeclal mate cordial Invitation to all.
by the choir and Virginia Carter. Baptist Hii'iSTIAN CHURCH -
for 3 10
Training Union at 63O: p.m. Evenincwevhip 130 East Central Ave. Morris Butler Book. TRINITY EVANGELICAL LUTHERAN boys
at 7:30: p.m. Dr. Tucker will Minister. Res. 225: 8. Hyer. Phone 4303. CHURCH-E. Livingston Ave.. at Ruth St.
speak on "A Gospel of Mercy.. Anthemby Olfice Room :S. Christian Education Build- Albert H. D. Besalskl. M.A.. pastor; Sunday -
the choir and solo by Earl Compton i i inc. Phone 2-0837. 9:45: : a.m. Bible School.i school and Bible class 9:45: am.

COLLEGE PARK BAPTIST-Edeewater i i Ben Moraine Miller.Worship Superintendent.and Communion 11:00: (am.The Divine 12 noon.worship The Lutheran 11 a.m. Voters'Hour 2:30 Assembly: p.m. Yes, Palm Beach are the slickest suits for active

Dr. and Yale Ate. Fayette L. Rail, pastor. 1: Lord's Supper celebrated the first day WLOF) Lutheran Women's Missionary tailored like
youngsters. They're beautifully wear
Sunday school 9:45: a.m. Morning' worship of every week). 630 p.m. Four discussion: League 3 p.m.Methodist. ,
11 a.m. Message by the pastor. .BTU croups Children. Intermediates Young iron-and you can wash them as often as you like.
6:30 iTeninc service 7:30
p.m. pjn.SORRENTO Adults. 7:30 p.m. Evening
FIRST BAPTIST-Sorrento. t People Evangelistic Services. Mr. Book will begin I COLLEGE PARK METHODIST CHURCH Blazers in blue or tan stripes; plain shorts. Sizes

Sunday school. 10 a.m. Moraine worship a series of sermons Sunday on "The Love -Princeton at Edtewater Dr. The Rev. 3 to 10.
and evening.
of Ood", both moraine I O. E. Oraden. pastor. Church schoolat
11 a.m. Tralnlnc Union. 6JO: p.m. Evening -
1 9:45: a.m. Morning' worship begins at
service. 7:30. Music and
prarer : ALLIANCE. CHRISTIAN MISSIONARY. ,i 110:45: a.m. Intenanedlata Council meetsat Boys' _Shop-Ivey' Third Floor
slnslnt. 7:50 PJn. Eveninc worshipservIce -
Anderson and Delaney Bts. Rev. H. P.I UTFs meet at 6:45: p.m.I / /
I p.m.LOCKHART'. I Rankin. Pastor. Res. 311 Anderson 8t1'', Evening: p.worship m. at 7:30 o'clock. / / / ; /( /
I phone 4471. 9:45: a.m. Sunday School.:
-"- BAPTIST-John R. Chiles Dr. Paul Kessler. I
classes for all ages. METHODIST 701 W.
PC pastor; Sunday school at 9.SO: ,.11\. Train- 1 1.11.orDlD.. Worship Service.Speaker. .-
Supt. 11:00: Concord Av.. at Parramore. William M.
inc Onion at 7 Services of
p m. worship I Rankln. Acts 21. 6:30pm. :
The Rev. Church School meets at
at 11 ajn. and 7:45: p m. II.0.. Lovelleipected Services. Junior. Intermediate Irwln. pastor. Men'sTSHIRTS
Young worship 11 o'clock.
9-45 a m. Homing'
to preach la the moraine and
Groups. 7:30: p.m. of
and Senior Quest speaker Mr.' Pred T. Barnett.
pastor at night.WINTER
Evangelistic Service. Speaker The Rev. 'i Lakeland. Fla. Youth Fellowship. 6.45 p.m. '
Rankin. 4 45-5:00 p.m. dally. Monday Evening worship 7:45: o'clock.
I through Friday Alliance Church of the '
at Comstock. Rev. Raymond P. Ingersoll. I'
Air a Gospel broadcast over station WDBO. TAFT LIVINGSTON MEMORIAL METHODIST
pastor. : a.m. Bible School.: D. A
Woodward superintendent: 11 a.m. Morning Monday.' 7:30 p.m. Intercessory prayer -The Rev. L. M. Broyles. DJD..
services. Wednesday. 7:30 p.m. Midweek minister. Church School at 10 o'clock with
worship :U Training Union.
; p.m.
I prayer and praise Service. sermon by the pastor subject: "Uvmc Up
to Our Best Momenta.' I II
OF. C HRIST-116 E. JeffersonSt. Corner Interlacben and Morse Blvd. The I -
CLASSICAL HILLBILLY Gilbert E. Shatter minister. Sunday: Rev. Kenneth O. Rogers, minister. Mr. : $2.95
Bible study 10 '.m. Preaching and communion H. A. Gras Sunday School supt. 9 45 ..
11 a m. Preaching and communion a m. Church school; 11 a m. Morning -
POPULAR 8 P.m. worship; 6:30: p.m. Youth fellowship.WALKER I

COOPER'S MUSIC STORE Bible study 10 Sunday moraine worship service -I
Norton minister. Sunday: CHURCH- *
20 W. Church St. Ph. wzWELLS a m. Preaching and communion 11 a.m. at 7:45: o'clock.: Sunday school at. 10 I Special : / #
Preaching and communion 8 p.m. a m. Methodist Youth Fellowship at .630 I ,

CHURCH OF CHRIST-Winter Garden. p.m. > I /
Fla. Sunday: Bible study 10 a.m. Preaching ROADWAY METHODIST CHURCH -
DRILLEDAn1Where and communion 11 a.m. Preaching Broadway at Amelia. The Rev. W. H. $2.25Raise
and communion 8 p.m. Moore pastor. Walter Klmble. directorof
in music. Sunday school 9.45 a.m. H. M.
supt. Nursery open during
Fla. Tlnklepauth.
worship. Mornlnt worship 10:55:
Kenneth Piety minister. Sunday: Bible
FLORIDAANY I o'clock. MYP .:30 PJn. Evening serviceat
study 11 a.m.10 Preachinc a.m. Preaching and communion and communion.8 p.m. I 7JO o'clock.HOLDEN the Jolly Roger we've got pirate-bold,

HEIGHTS METHODIST-26th striped mesh T shirts for every man in the crew.
SIZE Church of Christ. ScientistFIRST I Bt. at Orange Blossom Trall-441-J.
Oliver Carder minister. Church school at Come aboard and get your share at a special price
ANY DEPTH Ave. and Wall St. Sunday i 10 Evening a.m. worship Morning at worship 730 p.m.at 11 am.1 I II that's almost a steal. Small, Medium, Large.Men's .
jervlce at 11 a.m. Subject Mortals' and
FOR HOME Immortals. Sunday School: at 11 a m. I I FIRST METHODIST-Main B'a' I
testimonial meetingat
Wednesday evening Jackson. Dr. John Branl omb. minister; Furni5hi.ngIvery'l Street Floor
o'clock. Free reading room In the
RANCH 8 the Rev. Robert M. Blackburn associate: /
Arcade. 120 N. Orange Ave., open dally.except .
i minister. Church school at 9.45 1m.
Sundays and legal holidays, from
OR GROVEWe Sunday moraine worship at 11 a.m. This I
9 la the moraine until 5 in the afternoon I is
service broadcast over Station WLOF.
Telephone 9768. Radio program
| Youth Fellowship meetings: Senior and
Saturday afternoon at 5.45 over
Guarantee every i older. Yount People meet at 5:30: In the I
station WDBO. I I dining room: Intermediates meet at 6 I
Water or No I in their department. Evening worship at HIAWATHA HEIRLOOM
CongregatlonalCONGREGATIONALWlnter 130 pm.Nazorene.
Pay Park Cor- (
ner Interlachen and New England Aves.
The Rev. Louis Scbuls. STD Minister.
We rlady I
Church School. 9.45 a.m. Moraine' Worship.
1030 W. Kaley Ave. The Rev. W. D. Croft NEEDLEPOINT
Schuls. Subject
11.00 a.m. Sermon by Dr. :
pastor. Sunday school 9.45 Preaching
a m.
you fourth in
l. The Cure for "Nerves. sermon
11 and
a.m. 7:30 P.m. Youth groups 6:30:
the aeries For The Healing of The Soul.
Continuing Revival
p.m. with The Rev.
Pilgrim Fellowship meeting at 7:00: p.m. Paul E. Bryant
aa evangelist through
i 4 May 23.THE yr

NAZARENE' 402 E. Jackson St.. Walter
36 Monthsto SERVICENew Masters, pastor. Bible School 9:45: .F'I 1
Moraine' Worship 11 a.m. Youth ,
Pay meetings 6:30: p.m. Evening service 7:30: \irr
Accounts and Future p.m. Sermon both moraine and evening. i \
Reservations Are Solicited by the pastor. '


711 W. Church St. TeL 9869 Church and Main. 6... Rev. Marshall -C.Dend /

,. DD. Pastor. Rev. Jack P. Powell. I
Assistant Pastor. Rev. Lindsay E. McNair. I
ONE HOUR SERVICEON DD. Pastor Emeritus.! Youth Day. Moraine I A Selected
Worship 11:00: o'clock. Broadcast over
WATCH CRYSTALS WORZ.; Service honoring graduateof
Senior and Junior High Schools; sermonby of
Group 27" 21"Chair
i Expert Watch RepairingBLOCK'S Dr. Dendy: Youth Grows Up; Music' by x
the Memorial' Junior High School Girls'
Chorus; soprano solo by Nancy Hostlsnd.
7:30: p.m.-Evening Worship Sermon: "The : Seats
JEWELRY Joy of Living" by Dr. Dandy Spiritual by $8.50Rich
Memorial' Junior High School Boys' Chorus
18 West Church Street
directed by Law Mallard. 9-45 a m. Bible
School. Mr. M.. R. Smith. General Superintendent -
t ; 6:31: P.m. Youth Vespers; 8:30

I I p.m.refreshments. Religious in Film.the"HymnsplraUon.Educational "Bids.and colors, graceful designs-masterpieces in the /

GARDEN TOOLS sponsored by the youth of the Church.
t making. You will enjoy creating a treasure as love-

Electric Hedge ShearsAll water CALVARY Dr., the PRESB-YTERIAN Rev. George H. Cook Edte: ly years from now as the day it is completed.Other .

1 supply pastor. Bible school. 9.45 a.m.
Moraine worship. Junior Church Juniors
j1tjjf Pruners
Purpose will 110 guests of adult worship service) chair seats, stools, benches and picturesque pieces.
and Nursery for small children. 11 a.m.
Spray Equipment Young People'a( Vespers with fellowship
I lunch 6:00: p.m. Miss Virginia Fisher, $4.00 to $45.00
Lawn Sprinklers leader. Evening worship. 730 o'clock.: '

Mahogany stools and benches Just received.
Corner of Colonial and Highland. The ,
at the lame time beautify It Lazy Lads Rev. Robert H. McCaslia. D. D.. pastor.
by having us make awnings for Sunday school starts at 9 45 am. Morning $4.50 to $12.50 /
your window Many novel patterns Post Hole Diggers service is at 11 o'clock Dr. McCaslin
and color scheme to choose preaching the sermon. The Pioneer and
Seniors will meet at 6.45 p.m. Evening
from. We Fertilizer Distributors
awning service. 7:30 o'clock: Pram service Wednesday Hiawatha Needlepoint Yarn
for we make all kinds and aU sizes
and shapes for all possible pur- Rakes, Hoes, Edgers"If -7:30 pjn. 30c skein of 40 yardsArt

poses. Let us measure up your job REFORMED PRESBYTERIAN(Church
so you can measure up our prices. First" of the Convtnanters). Broadway and
It's Hardware See Us
. Livingston. A. W. Smith pastor. 10 a.m. Needlework-Ivey'i Fourth Floor
Bible school.: 11 a.m. morning worship.
. ROBERTS BROS. Sermon. 7 PJn. Juniors and Young Pea
plea meeting. P.m. evening vorship.Preachinc. /
A.nln&"enetlan Blind Co. I

7M W. Smith Ave. Phone ZMOS.ntar HARDWARE Unitarian

Central Florida FIRST UNITARIAN K. Central at BEACON
FHA TERMS 220 S. Oranre Ave. Rosalind. Sunday school and moraine
service at 11 a m. The Revs. William A.,
and Wilna L. Constable, joint ministers. I ) "N
Sermon topic -The Triple Bast." /
/ / /7


EAST CE.vtRAL'liD HAMPTON ST. UNI i v-503 8. Orange Ava. The Rev.
Carolyn H. Parsons minister Bible school. / /
9.45 a.m. Devotional service m.: ser
SUNDAYS You Are Always mon by the minister; topic:11"a Feed My I ::: CURTAINS /
Sheep." Classes Monday.' Tuesday and :
11 A. M. 7:30: P. M. Welcome Here! Wednesday Prayer services daily. i


Amelia Av*. and Revere St. Claude 6. I asH'a'vnI
I Chewnlne pastor. Bible school at 9.45. I i 1 r
You Are Cordially Invited to Attend Morning worship at 11. sermon by the / $3.95pair
pastor. The Christian Crusaders meet at
THE BUSINESS MEN'S BIBLE CLASS 6:45.: Evening: service 7.45. the Rev. Hush
Cox will bring the message. ,
I d
9:30 Every Sunday Morning ASSEMBLY OF 000:.718 Atlanta Ave.
John P. Hall pastor. Phone: 24565 Sun .
FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH Entrance II day school 9-45 a m. Preaching 11 a.m. N4 7
Dlain St.5.e EvangeluUe 730 p.m.

Will Be Glad to Greet.You" Rooms need summer .

I DAY CHURCH SAINTS OF-Corner JESUS Concord CHRIS T,and LATTER TunI + .' clothes too and
we suggest: our tailor
ton. Sunday school 10 a.m. Priesthoodclass
I 11:30 a m. Evening service 6.30 pm. t "g '\! + ed novelty-weave curtains
I in green, rose.
1c. THE CHRISTIAN LIGHT SPIRITUALIST i r '/.1 blue mulberry or Mex-
CHURCH: miles west on Winter Garden icale motif, for cool
I Rd. Sunday service 7:30 pm The + color harmony and an
I :::tot: Thrash and Dr. G. L. G. Thomas hl I t1 \I attractive summer
x I change. 38 x 78 inches.

W. Church St. Room 12. Service Sunday
li.WanafA.BMaf 8 pjn. Tuesday 8pm. Thursday 230
1 eaksr SUNDAY 2:30: P. M. WLOF pjn. The Rev. Nellie Cherry pastor.

Sunday May 16. Public meeting 3 p.m.
CHRIST-CENTERED SERVICES EVERY SUNDAY Burled: : Overcoming Barriers to World I
I Unity. Speaker: J. R. Barras. Watchtower I

TRINITY EV. LUTHERAN E. UvtacstoB Ave. at Rath St. study rorcivenesa.7 p.m. Subject: "Divine Mercy. and See our Centenary

no Rfv. Albert BeuiikJ. M.A.. Pastor Philatelic Display

11:H A.M. Divine Worship 9ii A.M. Sunday School CENTRAL a..LE. CHURCH-E. Central Curtains and DraperiesIvey' on Central Avenue
Ave. and Hampton St. -We Preach Christ
ZION EV. LmEaA.'If-Ia Gotfca. n. Rev. Edward Fifth Floor
Fischer. Pastor and the Bible. 'lb. Rev. Carroll N.
lt-M A.M. Divine Warship tsa A.M. Sunday Scbool Biakeslee. pastor. Phone 21197. Sunday .
Blessed are they that bear the Word 01 God and Keep iL" School for all aces 9:4S: ajn. Horning T
Worship 11:00: aJU4 Young People's Fel Junior Miss Shop
/T. LUKE'S EV. LUTHER A V-In SUvU [Route ttf near Oviedo lowship ..U p.m.; Evening Evangelistic.
The Slrnbea M. Tiihy. Pastor I 1:30 p.m. The pastor silt preach at both Ivey's Third Floor
Isa A.M. English 'aewo ; 11:30 A.M. Slovak Divine Worship. services tomorrow v .r ; 1

!:M A.M. Sunday, St"'ool."A rhanf eless Christ for a rhanclnc wend" I __ ___ _
-. -- -- --- ---- Trains of electric motor cars are

II you art burdened with a spiritual problem and are not a member ol usually operated with every other I .

a'I thatch consult any of the above hated Lutheran Pastors They will b. I car having and alternatecars The Fashion and Quality Store Since 1894 The Fashion and Quality Store Since 1894
PPy .. advise JOB. Do not hesitate, Write today J being "trailers.power j ,


t r

-' -
-- .- -- ,




of Publiaheddafly July. Labor except Day.nr-D;Sunday.*$ inn Nw and Year ChrUtmai.Day. Fourth by Tells of Trip ACT 1 : fl4E I Theft of Veteran's
Sentinel-Star South Oranj Co.Ave.(. Orlando. Fla.' Newspapers. Inc.1 at J38 CRLJPP FAMILYAT Ic4frYA N Amputee

Entered ai second-class matter at the Post Office at PEARSON EEitoa ? '
OrJando.' Florida: under the Act of March 3d. 1878. tr DREW HOME.'&JUST P Auto Draws Fire of Reader
World Traveler Harold Stas )
-r--TELEPHONE ptrtmntf. 4111 WASHINGTON- WEST OF THE{ 1oPpoTHERlN' )( ii

SubscriptIOn Pr c. SSe Per Week $1 JO Per Mo. sen talked off the record to about 60 freshman erN DUMP- '4 l j LATR viAci Editor Orlando Morning Sentinel:

MAins AM ....... PHSUINU HIHIT IALCN.EMTMUL Dnirrealottm Republican Congressmen at the Army-Navy Club HEMAWHATS- IT.. -c: "a,, I see by the paper where an

CAWWOM. GIlL MM. MAMCU. T. UwtiNCi, AM. DIL last week. amputee veteran in Jacksonvillehad

C. W. UHITT. JilL Mil. *"." f. WAITU. Cuu MI. Only one question hurled at Stassen went un his car stolen. To me this Is

Lus ANMIHM. MAHACIIM U. NOMUT COMMNNI Sic Tsui.rUtoiB answered. It was asked by young Claude Blake- the lowest possible form of crime

HAMHTOM. Cia MI. CIIAIUJ MIM.IN. Pans S rr.t. well of Missouri:
human could stoop to The
J. W. LIMMC*. CITT Cit. MIL R. T. Miiu. Typo. Surr. "What do you think your chances are for win- -
I greenest type of auto thief couldsee
Member of Tk* Associated Press ning the Republican nomination next year?
rb. Associated Press is exclusively entitled Immediately Congressman-at-large William at a glance this car was used

\ to the u*. for re-publication of all stratton of Illinois interposed a point of order I by someone who was handicapped.
MW. dispatches accredited to it or not
otherwise accredited to this paper and e which was upheld by Chm. Abe .In. the old days, a horse. thief. was
herein. -
also the local news published of McGregor Goth of Idaho. taten care or in snort order because -*>
AU rifhts for re-publication special
ttspatches. herein are also reserved. Most of the evening was spentIn 2 VMAT' NO VA GOT A LICENSE a man's horse was his only

a review of Stassen'a trip : ,, FROM THE BOXRPOF means of getting around. Today
PAGE 4 SAT.. MAY 17. 1847 RcCNPmONG?
abroad. /MPTHERDCF HEALTH? WHERE these cars mean a thousand times Williams Held
Russian people hope to I
TODArS THOUGHTS LOOKS WDVtXKCHEFTWECRUPPS more to a man who lost both his
see things work out peacefully. TO CAMP WORK BEFCRE: VMES HAU legs and arms for his country If I
Hearken unto the voice of my cry. my King I
"And rm not
Stassen reported. I were on a Jury to try this rat the
and God For unto thee will I .-Psalm S:2. LOO4' I
my : pray I sure their Government doesntfeel BUT WILL least he could expect would be To Trial HereCounty

WWW i the same way. One thing I 4EYLE1- ; : S. life. Automobile theft should be
Do not pray for easy lives. Pray to be strongermen. i did while I was there was try to ; k made a Federal rap Instead of

Do not pray for tasks equal to your powers. inspect the plants which I under- HIM SWV? ,, : ; : the wishy-washy laws that adorn Judge Victor Hutchins

Pray for powers equal to your tasks.-Phillips stood had been vital in supplying : s,::, S our State statutes. yesterday bound over Champ Williams -
Brooks. k the Russian Army during the war. Orlando tobacco store pro-

Pearson Most of them are today convertedto prietor, to the Criminal Court of
Pepper's Political Future peacetime production. Record on charges of operating a
Near Side of
Stop Street
"For Instance the hare tank plant In the on I, gambling house and receiving bets

OUR OLD FRIEND and former Con- Urals which made one of the finest production j Editor. Orlando Morning Sentinel: I on horse! racing.

J. Mark Wilcox, exposedto records of all Russian plants during the war, whose I heartily letter appeared agree with in F.%Wednes E. M. I!, The action came after Williams

',the aroma and activities of politics whileon Is now turning out oil drilling equipment. Another I day's column However, I would I had waived a preliminary hearing

a visit to Tallahassee this week, jumps plant I saw is today rolling steel for Indus- CfflTRAflI RIDI SC Hospital AdvisesAgainst I like to offer another sug i on the two charges.

astride the back of his old foe, Sen. Claude trial equipment-during the war It was working In all large, progressive estion'l I Williams Is at liberty under
on finished war goods." buses stop at the near side ,,
Pepper. ) 4J street not the far side This avoids bonds totalling 1500.
He even went so far as to say that he The Russians. Stassen said. are concentrating traffic tie-up and accidents.For I II i i Judge Hutchins indicated the
building up.the industrial facilities which Operation for Carr Infant I i Williams case be set for trial
would oppose the Senator, unless some on 1JjI1 [ E instance. I was going weston !1 I may
: the term of the
person he can support does the chore for will eventually enable them to raise their stand- Central. At Summerlin the'.' during regular
ards of living. And "they are working at it with light had Just turned to green, but Criminal Court scheduled to begin
him.This good spirit." I An operation will not help the two-day-old son of Mr. couldn't proceed because the May 26.
is, perhaps, the lowest ebb in Sen. The ex-Minnesota Governor insisted that the and Mrs. Robert S. Carr of 2717 Alamo Dr., attaches of the ,I bus was first in line and crossed

Pepper's political history. But even so, this Russians feel friendly toward Americans and do Br HANLEY POGUE 'Neurological Institute of Presbyterian Hospital in New Summerlin. then stopped for passengers -I,I Lakeland Cleric

is early 1947 and the election is almost not believe inspired stories that the United Statesis THE QUESTION York reported last night. We all stopped and traffic ,: ,.

three years hence. Many things can happen unfriendly toward them. : The infant was flown to New York late Thursday night was tied up In both directions. To Speak TonightAt
Do believe the United : Had the bus picked its i
Conditions in England and France will you . up passengers i
between now and then. soon States should contribute financially .r-it nours aner nis oirin at ur- I before crossing everybody'
4 While we don't think Florida's senior "settle down." Stassen went on. explaining that to build up the economic i ''anRe% Memorial Hospital-for an would have been moving. Youth Rally HereThe

Senator could be elected by Floridians to- those countries will eventually emerge with governments conditions In foreign countries? Army Rites |' operation to correct an exposed CLAIRE BOWMAN Rev.. L. O. "Lindy" Gebbof
of neither the extreme right nor the spinal cord condition.
day, times will change, as they always dohange. THE ANSWERS I, Lakeland State vicepresidentof
extreme left. Carr. president of the Central Voter Changes His Mind the Youth for Christ movement -
Meanwhile, in certain quarters, Sta. n did not attack the Greek-Turkish loan. Carl Klick. service station attendant Set Today For Title and Trust Co. here, told I will address the Orlando
Pepper is a bigger mah out of Florida than but did gripe about the way in which the issue Colonlaltown: Dr. Duncan T. :Mcl'wan by telephone Parking Meters Here I I I Youth for Christ rally tonight -at

in was brought forth by Pres. Truman. "I do not think so. The countries last night that Dr. JohnE. Editor, Orlando Morning Sentinel I 1 1:30 o'clock In the First Baptist

it.Who knows Sen. Pepper not even seeking ourhelp are the ones Maj. Way Scars of the New York hospital As voters in Orlando at the ,, Church.
may "The bipartisan foreign policy cant survive I time of the last election
wno nave oeeu I had decided not to operate on park- :j The Crusaders boys and girls
be a candidate. dictation by one party," he commented. "Both I the greatest I Maj. Walter Delaney Way. 50, immediately, ing meters, we were opposed to1' choir of Tabernacle ChristianI

Lightning struck Sen. Truman, elevated parties must be In on the formulation of this trouble makers will be given a military burial today ,. (The Associated Press quoted a meters. i I Church, will highlight the musical

him almost overnight to the Presidency.We policy as well as Us Implementation." and aggressors In Greenwood Cemetery following spokesman for the medical centeras After driving last Summer In I program which will Include a

don't predict that will happen to the and now they services at 4 pjn. In the saying the baby's condition was : 19 States of the United States, we duet by Misses Jimmie Nell FIemI -
Stassen did Insist that if Fairchild Funeral Chapel.A '
we advance funds in were changed to favor parking
ing and Evelyn} Scott. Miss
and added "There
want us to pay I "non-operable" : ,
Florida Senator. However there is likeli- I
a the future for any foreign government we must veteran of both World Wars meters for our city.
the cost of restoring is nothing much that can be done Geraldine Anderson also will sing
hood that he may be hit by a bolt of Vice- know in advance how those funds will be used. their and a lifelong insurance broker i I, for him.") I 1 We also believe that every other I Individual leaders in the attendance -

Presidential lightning. We say may. All "We can't Just hand It over." he argued. "We've trade and com ) here. Maj. Way died at his home Dr. Louis E. Pohlman advised I I voter who has a mind to be contest which'concludes
Dr. Thursday, after
things are possible in politics. got to have something to say about how the money merce. We help- having 716 Glendonjo been ill since. November.Dr. that the infant be taken to New changed should have the privilege ,I July 5, are Miss Estelle Livingston

The Democratic ticket, yet, to be nomi- Is to be spent. Just like a banker we've got to ed Germany after Marshall C. Dendy. First 'York for an operation shortly after I of changing of it without being accused I I of Titusville and Eldon Keim.
I wrong, as some
nated will of be headed Pres. know what's to be done with it." the last war ( S Baptist Church pastor will con- | his birth here Thursday. Theinfant's writers in this The Country Hicks captained by
course, by Anti all U'.." received condition was said to be column have accused ,' Carl Kessel. hold a 99-71 score:
---- -- -- duct the service at the chapel. II
But who will the second j others of doing. I
ruman. get place for our Klick critical. I' against the City Slickers headedby
1.1. S. foreign policy Stassen told the GOP Members of Orlando MemorialPost W. B. I Ii Miss Edla Swaidmark.
pall? Truman, a middle-of-the-roader, will trouble was another war worse I Through the co-operation of Na-
need liberal Congressmen. "must be more practical. We've got than the first one Keep the moneyat 19. American Legion of tional Air Lines, Carr and his
a to la-
running mate i
satisfy to remember that we're not always 100 per cent home and maintain a strong which Maj. Way was a past 'young son were able to make the | /Kiwanians/ Hear Plight!; Lions Addressed
bor. The party would never take Henry right. We've been wrong In the past and we will commander will participate In '
Army and Navy with it and we' flying trip to New York in 5 1-2
Wallace. In our book, he is through. All be again. Byrnes and Truman agreed to an Impossibly will be much better off." the service as a guard of honor. hours. They reached New York 01 State Institutions j By Col. Williams;

He .seems to be doing now is to continue foggy compact on reparations while they They will assemble at the chapelat early yesterday. J. Edwin Larson State Treu- 1 I Organized minority groups who

mouthing headlines to keep himself in the were in Potsdam, and we just can't escape all the Joseph Diedrich. Rollins student 3:45: pjn. I Carr is expected to return here urer. described the overcrowded wield an influence far beyond

1i dlines. blame in that situation. We must be firm. yes; Winter Park: At the cemetery the Legion'sburial today, inasmuch as hospital attaches conditions at the various State i,i their numbers were decried by
service will be conductedby advised him to return to institutions. Including hospitals, !
but'practical, rather than Just tough." Col. Samuel H. Williams Mayor
; But there is a possibility-and it may Kentucky's. freshman' "The way the world situation Is the Rev. Russell Shaw post | his wife "because there was jails and colleges, yesterday to the I'f of Maitland and former memberof
riot be strong at this writing-that the party Cong. Thunton Morton i shaping up at present we have no 'chaplain. A squad from Orlando nothing he could do at the hospital Kiwanis Club meeting. He also (' Gen. Douglas MacArthur's
asked Stassen how mnrA1 nh11ntInnf
he'd have
voted on the Hartley -- Air Base will fire a final volley discussed
being taken i
Army measures
would settle on Sen. Pepper as a ; for the child. staff. yesterday at the Lions Club
mise. compro- Labor Bill had he been a member of the House. to aid countrieswho : and Robert Davis, post bugler Mrs. Carr reportedly U "getting by trip Legislature to correct this luncheon in the Chamber of Commerce -
Stranger things
happened. Stassen replied that he had opposed it, and would are againstus :1 will sound Taps. along in a satisfactory manner" at situation. Bldg. ,

have voted against It. diplomatically: Maj. Way's family had hoped to the local hospital. I' ,'I "America Is getting too organ- A.Ized. ...

Parking Meter Facts "There was a need for labor legislation, but We the should nations assist that have Dr. Lindsay McNair pastor I Carr was Joined in New York by Rotary Club Hears ." he declared.
of First Presbyterian
I F. Monroe Allcman. board chairman Cot Williams told the Lions
MERLE that just went too far." Stassen said. have proven to be assist Dr. Dendy. but they Ward 1
HEASLEY of the Church Dexter
COM. City I I I of the Central Title and I Speak that he classed among such groups
'traffic committee, revealed some Rep. Jack Javlts. New York City Republican aid our them friends in and were Informed yesterday he was ill ,Trust Co.. who was there on busi- [Speool fo Orlando Morning\ Sentinel I the World Federalists the "vari

interesting information favoring the park- asked whether Stassen favored a hands-off attitudeor tog their and would be unable to attend. i' ness. I EUSTIS-Dexter Ward. secretary ous anti-organizations" and labor

ing meters in his brief talk at the Intelligent planning for possible future depres- omics on a PlaC-1 Maj. Way served as commander of the National Ramie Corp.. I unions. He said, however that
meetingon in
of the local Lesion post
sions. I which plans a :5.000-acre planting there Is "still hope" the younger
Health UnderwritersTo
this subject the other night. ; j basis in 1926. He also was a past chef ,
generation will American
"Of course we cannot afford not to plan." heln our at Lake Jem, told the Rotary Club preserve
Orlando and Pensacola are the only Stassrn replied. "Two Important things we must Diedrich trade.- Nations I de the rare Legion's of Voiturc honor %society.0%. 40 & 8, Meet Here TodaySales I Friday of the corporation's activi 'I ideals of government and

large-size Florida towns which have not bear in I ties. business.
must maintain the strength and under the domination of unfriendly His only son Walter Delaney

advanced to the parking meter theory of purchasing power of labor and we must strengthenthe countries should not be assisted! I' Way Jr.. a freshman in Washington congress and preconvention -I
traffic.. anti-monopoly fight and the enforcement of with the funds of this nation. because & Lee University Lexington meeting of the Florida Assn.

Meters are not a financial attraction the anti-trust laws." they will be used againstour i Va., arrived home yesterday. : of Accident and Health Under- i Underwriters Urged to Strive
best interest." I writers will start this morning at
far as the city is concerned. They wouldbe When Javlts asked Stassen how he would accomplish !I Obituaries i San Juan Hotel.
installed these objectives Chm. Goff of Idaho {| J. Edwin Larson, State Insurance For Public Service Goal
purely to
as one remedy congested I as
stepped In to enforce the rule of the evening- Mrs. Mildred Dillow grocery operator I MRS. ROSE OLDS LITTLE Commissioner stated he
traffic. Cheney Hwy.: Rose Olds Little 88. died
Meters would cost parkers one S cent for only .one question permitted* *a member. I I "I believe in assisting the coun- at Mrs.the residence; of her daughter but would that not Thomas be able W.to Shands be present of his, Between 300 .and 400 delegates to the Florida State

12 minutes: ; two cents for 24 minutes; three NBC was sore as blazes at Sen. Taft when he tries that are our friends. but not ; Mrs. Bess S. Ramsey of 429 Park office, would speak on insurance Assn. of Life Underwriters yesterday concluded a three-
cents for 36 the ones that Lake Circle Thursday night after i legislation to be presented at this day session here on the keynote that "public service must
; four cents for 48 debated the all-important bill with AFL Boss Bill have been tradi- an illness of several months. I I'
minutes and five cents for one hour. Green Taft merely read an old speech delivered I'I tionally our ene I She had been a resident of Orlando I session of the Legislature.MiamI. associa- be the most_ important aim of. every man" engaged in the
Miles P. Calver.
Meters would not be installed on Jack- three weeks before and printed in the Congressional mies. We shouldbe for the past year and a tion secretary. reported that delegates selling of life insurance.The .

son, Jefferson or Main Streets. Every other Record. Reason Taft stumbled occasionally very careful half, coming here from Arlington to the annual conventionof I breakfast meeting was claries, Julian S. Myrlck, second -
was because the print was fine he about whom we opened with a speech by Willis J. vice-preident of the Mutual -
space, even on the streets where the met- so could hardly I t" Va.Funeral the national association in September -
read it. NBC had given him several thousand dol- help and not let services will be con- would be elected at this I Milner Jr. of Atlanta. president of Life Insurance Co. of New
ers are located would be a free parking lars' worth of nations have ducted at 3 p.m. Saturday from the Life Insurance Go. of Virginia York told the meeting.
time, presumably to tell the \ i meeting.
space. People would not be denied free something public money to plan the Carey Hand Chapel with the i I whb traced the history of H. G. Kenny, vice-president of
parking.In new. Eugene Casey Roosevelt's ex- another war Very Rev. Melville E. Johnson the life insurance business and the Mutual Benefit Life Insur-
all the hullabaloo aide heard that several disabled veterans had been I i' against us. Mostof officiating. Interment will be will be conducted at 7:30: p.m. Friday -I pointed out that the industry has ance Co. Newark pointed out that

and excitement of trying to buy Bob Allen's new book. "Our Pair the world is made at a later date. Family request In Falrjchlld Funeral Home. I now "come of age" and must conduct life insurance selling is now a cooperative -

pro and con arguments, these simple facts City." So Casey without .telling anyone, ordered I), Jealous of this that friends omit flowers. Thomas Auginbaughwill itself ordingly. enterprise and that all of

come to the top as lucid, logical arguments: "Our Fair City" sent to 175 Army. Navy and VA nation and only Dillow I For be Mr.held at 10:30: ajn. Satur- I W. Sheffield Owen Atlanta. of the larger companies were working

for the meters. Mr. Heasley is to be complimented hospitals. Ex-Gov. Charlie Edison of New I want to use us to their advantage. I, SGT. R. W. STEWART day from Eiselstein Wigginton I the Industrial Life & Health Insurance together for the benefit of the entire -

for making such a simple.and Jersey who is taking dance lessons at Arthur I If our enemies had won the war i i 8ANFORD-Services for Master : Home for Funerals. Dr. John Co.. warned against tax- business.

effective case for the meters.A Murray's told Murray he hoped that political engagements they would not assist us economIcally ,. Sat Robert W. Stewart son of I iBranscomb will officiate. Burial Ing life insurance companies by Delegates voted to hold the next
| or any othet Help I will : '!State governments. This would at St. Petersburg
wouldn't interfere with his '' way. Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Stewart will be in Greenwood Cemetery.For annual convention -
the finishing'.' should be given where it will benefit be held at 10 a. m. Monday in I constitute a "tax on thrift." he de- where w. H:Holman of the

Nefarious Act pupils course.of mine"Listen. advised Murray "two former us." I Holy Cross' Episcopal Church. The j Mr. Henry Willard Palmerof ;I dared. Peninsular Life .Insurance Co.. .

S the United ran unsuccessfully for President of I Rev. Mark T. Carpenter will of Ii- Clear Lake Manor, will be held I The "most sacred obligation"of president of the delegation from .
UNDER THE PROPOSED racing mo- States. Maybe if they had taken a few Mrs. Erma Pearce upholsterer ciate. Interment will be in Evergreen 'at 3 pm. Saturday from Page- life Insurance men is to their 1 that city, will be chairman for that

bill now before the Florida Sen- House.extra "lessons they would have made the White Angebilt addition: Cemetery. Theus Chapel l Lt> sbur8'. Inter- I policy holders and their Mn fI- ;.event. ___ _
"No. I do not think should I I Sgt. Stewart's parents were u --
ate allowing additional we ment will be in Brooklyn.For
dog and horse
The Egyptian Government send our money to other nations. notified Tuesday of the death of ....
recently decided" ..._ rmO... r.
tracks I 0
only a distance of 100 miles from to award decorations to top U. 8. The people ofj I their son at Camp Lowry Colo.. Mrs. Amelia Calderone of T
present tracks, just one more could be ers. When the proposed honor list military lead- this nation 1, where he was hospitalized after an i 206 E Concord Ave., will be heldat Bond Leader LlJt!' I'4A, 1r'l
was shown to I
established "Florida. should be helped' injury In Germany. He was born 9 am. Monday in St. James
That is a spot some U. 5. officials It contained not only Gen. Elsen before the : Aug. 4. 1915. and came to Sanford Catholic Church. Interment will _ _ AfL A1tEIbi

where between Tallahassee and Pensacola. hower Gen. "Toughy" Spaatz. head of the Air Is used in foreigncountries.money i,, when 10 years old. He attended i be in Greenwood Cemetery. Rosa- 4 Yawn
Thus Florida would be turned into a Force and Gen. Jake Devers. head of the Ground If ',' local schools, graduated from High: ry services will be conducted at HORIZONTAL tijT Ct'2C Og

fertile harvest for owners of present tracks, Forces but also! Gen. \"andenberl'-who., at there is enough :. School and Junior College: at St. i 7-30: pm. Sunday in Fairchild 1.7 Pictured or- 5 Height lab ) 1w001

practically all of whom are out-of-State that time, actually wasn't In the Arm,.. money In our |(i Petersburg, He was a lieutenantfor Funeral Home. ch'itra Icadei 0 Promontory

people. "Why are you decorating Vandenberg" the treasury to loan I 14 months overseas. He re- 13 Handled 7 Small rodents ''N sj
entered the Army upon discharge.Sgt. !' For Mrs. Sarah Alma Bassett of tj'fTh'H. p.S .
Egyptian Embassy was asked. think it should be 14 Perfect types 8 Alleged force
If gambling is so prosperous in'Florida used to develop Stewart Is survived by his 17 W Steel St., will be held at :3 15 Stair
:and "Because replied the smart Egyptians "he t I widow the E. 9 Close (g _ _
it is-why not let the crackers get fc new markets In former Mary Nolanof p.m. Monday from Fairchild Funeral 16 Levantine
their feet wet, if they so desire? the nephew of the chairman of the Senate Foreign I Smith ann On- St. Petersburg: three children. Home. The Rev Mitchell R. I ketch 10 Hindu queen 30 Make a 43 Shape
Relations Committee." Pearce8-:1 'xierinnations i : I Bobby. Monnie and Martha; his Garrett will officiate Burial will 19 Dill U) Chemical mistake 44 Editoi (ab I
I parents. Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Stewart II be in Woodlawn Memorial Park. hydrocarbon
Orlando that have demonstratedtheir i! :" two sisters Mrs. R. W. Wil- Ireland 12 Compound 31 Feminine 45 Symbol for
Morning Sentinel Radio Program I friendship to us. It seems I Hams and Mrs. L. R. Johnson: two 21 Out of danger ethel name nickel
to me we would be better off to 22 Prevalent !
34 Thoroughfare 46 Cut of
nieces lava
and one nephew all of San- 17 Rouh
.1IG H WDBO.ri t BIO. Vt> ? Kw WLOr.-RT.filial m* )_ Rita\ WORZ Oa *mm Ne.. WDBO. (sao) WLOP (11M wool (74 ) : spend"all the money we have at I ford and his grandmother, Mrs. 23 "Palmetto 18 Provided 3) Oleic acid salt 47 Girl's nameState"
1'15 ye rm Forum --... RTfUl !. Ort* Blo. HUI"..; 3 IS Let f Ultra ._n_- audIo A Children tUwtM TemltRMO home. I Ella Stewart. Sylvanla. Ga [1 (Cab.) 26 Possess 37 Soothes 48 Meat
0:30 KUlbiny Tuai Ntws-RtTeffl' Overt I 5sb1.rs OO-Cre.. 8ettoa V5AFyourpr.si Ed.ard Temllniei. I 24 Symbol for 39 Command 53 Babylonian
JL'l-rH! ______n'. Rsv.Iii Oeartl Rimbler 4 IS Creil Bietlea USA Per Your Approval Art U I I Pallbearers will Include Ted 27 Narrow inlet
---- ---- eay Oreb.
Ttwa Fatrel _. Nw-Musie Clock News' ___ 4 30 Ttl 11.11.11I ____ TrtMnrr Shew ?, Th:.. Bum 8hto I Mra. C. B. Mott. grocery merchant Williams, Braxton Perkins. Jr.. indium 28.Hen product 41 Astral body deity
2:IS Slnrint Silismta?. Muileal Clock ?, Mora'".nn.Z>*To tSon*'_* 4 45 Tn B',n.k. .__n__ Tr... !!_Sh e. __ Thr. Bum Shin 1, onway. Rd.: I I j John Carver. Cecil Carlton, JohnD. 25 Painful Meadow.. 42 Assistant 55 Compass poinlV
7 30 Woks r. LIlteD Musical Clock -, 'New ---.?__ '00 w' .w. _______, Tan Ch'ndlr Cr iby Itlla .', ef ltod'. I "I am not in favor of loaning Carlton 28 Thin 29_ _ -
and J. M. Moye.
T43: --K'wJ |t ft .. 1'l..o.lo' ----- '40 Club ..u_.13 S IS Cattea CtrnlTkl T.fl Ch'ndlr Cr'ibT Chimpten Rtittu I 4 3 .4 1 .. i iI G I' I
T CBS New* MSitIflAItoftfl Nw _' 8 30 ffperu lUrltw CuD Brown __ __ Chtmploa Rt&tU [, money to foreign! nations which Toupee
0 IS Oarden Oat.-- __ Popular Danre. Or 740*Chib-- ,'u Chr. Bel Fretr m DaueOOrchstrsNm!! ___ ________ 1 wui use n0 MR. HARRY WIXXSLEESBURGMr. 33 Sea eagle __1__ .
S:30 Dane* Farad ---- Arlo At the Orson 740 Club 101l-NI.. "Ra..lI Cmlli __ Our Foreica Policy start another I 1 i'' .
; Wynns Protuberance
::41..II"a t Brerltle: Paul Harrey e 19 Jlmm7'-D raiiHa.all Call Our Portion i it
i'OBirtdiPaitjw5k. Dl & 8mtu- AdrTFrk"Mtrrtwl 40..E1\1b-=== ,1:30: Bporu Fat _.... Dtantr Uualo Curtain, Tim. i war. If the money resident of Wildwood for 40 years 35 Italian rivet !r- f... lito r.r
S IS Birthday Party Wak Co & Pmll Ad,. Frk I.Itm.1ifoov'43 Jaa Babloa_______ 800rtuP&rId..CurtalnTlme._ ... = = I I is used to died Friday at the home of his 37 Lieutenant r''t; : :
t 30 Mary Leo Taylor Watt Pi A Fail* ArrhU *i hal. Twenty QneaUon, Juke Box -
Sat. Kite
_t4S Mary Le Ta { purchase our mai -] daughter. Mrs. T. R. Johnson. (ab ; 11' :- ,
.. *_ lor.LWakJDp 8niU* Archi* AndrfWi'I 7 IS Vautha Monroe Twenty Question Juke Box Sat. Ntu I 1 / '.:
10.00 WarreD 5s'y New' Calllne All Olrli T en Timer' .HI; 7:30 Mayor of Torn Better Halt Saturday Sport terials and goods '' I Panasoffkee. 38 Behold '"i' ____ 'r' ': '' : ,T
10:15: Lets Prrtfnd Fhila .- Jf::4S Ned Calmer ... BMr.lalt.ItlD'llrettmo. and the loan is'I he -" ,.J '. ,;
Exhibition T..II Tim.* -, -- : = --:... = | !;, A native of Tennessee was 40 Bear t' K; ,
mjO AdventurerCInb.. Bay It With Muate Hme Wh\U Mk It -,00"l111-000cs.11I Show "amou.JII' Trials ThiTHit Parad-__ I ./' .f' _
on a sound financial _
10 45 Adventurers_Club_$ayisWtthMieHwMUuI. .. SIS BUI Omdwla mew Famon Jn'y Trial The Hit Parad I ;1 1I' a farmer and watermelon grower. 43 Moors 15 : t zr .., .I-
11-00 Ttuster'of Today Kat Smith TOP .' Popimi 1:30: Sat Nit. Btrraad* I Deal la Crlra. Musical BhowcaM' basis it S Other survivors are his widow, 47 At all time .
ii, 15 P'.l.' ot Today Your Home Beaut- -- Top n- Pop IT 4> Sat. Nit Berellad. I Deal In CTl.Mucal Bhewcax' would probablybe Mrs. Elizabeth Wynns and one
-- Island 1{
30 SI* Sr HoU'd Golf LuBthea -- Thorpe Winner 9 00 Thi* I IN 1usd .. Oaac Blister .__ WORZ Jambore. all right.However BushnelL 49 group iT : E] j j
U:45 6UTlpr- Holly'd Golf Luneiu." _n South Amer. Way 11 Thl I* Hollywd Gaoc Busier .__ WORZ Jambore I' Wynns 50 frorse god _
1J'00 Grand C ntl IItL.. Band for Bond TNewa*-ZH >'30 Sweeney A March Murder. Mr. IT.* WORZ Jamboree,_ any moneywe Services will be held Sundayat SHIRLEY Peruse! J. IS :
12 11.30 11 rJSS.CVn.Vl 8U-. Rinds for *OB<.U Dub tranttea---'" ., t. 4> Sweeney & March Murder M Mr. M. WORZ. Jsmborf*... lend should .. I 2 pjn. In Adamsvllle. The Rev. BOOTH 52 He i It band
12. Oreaettra Story Tim Party 10(ioI'l'ator.Pr' fer Qui News' & Sport _. be restricted so Mott R. H. Carr will officiate Inter- as. j- : )i
44_.County_Fair Norwe.iaa iLOSIb&rdO'SONatI. I i)6 :
8t !.Tl. Pan_ ;! 10 IS Cotton Carnival Professor Quli Rrndei Wh Rhy -c.;i ,
1:00: SiJ! t TiJ1 S- Fnn. Hme 1030: Drama ot Palest'* Dance Oreo. -?_ Rcades;* Wh Rhy that war implements or munitions ment will be in Adamsvllle ceme- 6,4 ; 4r4
J:15 : --- Lombardo'i or. Nat Fm. Hm Hr Hr 10'U-: Moon River _____ Orch.-News ______ Rtndei'* Wh Phi could not be purchased with it. tery' under the direction of the ,, 51 Lodger: ,T"' 41 .. 1 oM I .',".; : :
1:30: Country Journal ThIs I* Jan Th. lIu"'ra ll-OO New' .. gpo'ha'Psr&d. Newt ..___ StRiver ". I <- j
.. _Country.! JOIIl!: -.J 11:IS Bll s r- __ Dance Ore!,. The Click Ort'h..hIis u. We should be sure that any loan Page Theus Funeral Home. fOR CAMEL ,,57 Ringer ..- t .. ,;-
2-00 Trw haDd.taD4 0-.. Town. Or Orcb of Nation' 11:SO Dance Orchestra_ Dance Orch. Three Sun Trio we make will be repaid." : .j.,
n 54th Trw'naodtand 0rg. Town. O', Oreh, ot N.Uon*. 11-4S-Dance-Ortbettra: .-- .Orch-New- Horn...Kobblera 'FUNERAL SERVICES: CIGARETTES VERTICAL tT b .... )_4 t .

-2 U Seth Oretn.r Oretner Show Snow Sport.8 port I Farad Farad ._. Orch.Orrn of ot Nation Nation, 12 200Ne.SICII01t IS Dane Orchentra., --_ :-- Ntws SUa orT,: British farmers increased arable For Miss Cecelia Quinn of 828 I | Urns -

3.00 CIO Choru -.-::'Horn-Rar*-:':: ... Dock"Then* Now 13'TO Danr Orchestra_ > acreage in England more: Magnolia Ave., will be held at 9 IWDBO 7:00 P. M. j I Capers$ s.' - Ii'I
3is:3o 'e..brttJ Bono Sacs Oo_!*_Tat_ Rumba.Ord' r h Dora. Tb.. .. Now 11 4J New* .- ___ than a million acres during World[ am. Saturday from St. James I : I I l 3 Empioyei
Radio Children Name ot T_'" 1:00: Bica :"WarL J Catholic Church. Rosary services _

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'' Saturday, May 17, 1947 (Srlonbn fHnrtitno !'rnttnr 1 Page 5

State House Passes Huge'Stale ForestersTo .

Attend Meet .Hereford Cattle Bring I II Election Names I I UofF Council

$55 Million Expense Act! [Special TALLAHASSEE to Orlando MominQ- State Sentinel For-! ] I $159 Per Head at. Sale ,'I Charged Bogus Chooses For CoEds Dorm

ester C. H. Coulter Fire Control

Chief Owen R. Douglass and Applied Our Own ly Stoff AL CODY Correspondent] I MIAMI BEACH (API The MIami (- j*,1, GAINESVILLE [API Some 500

,f' Forester R. U. Titus. Com- Beach coeds attending the University of
Evening Sun
FT. LAUDERDALE-Almost a hundred registered reported

Group Prepares 'Mistreated'Vets Cuban Students munications Ranger George Chief Ray Gary Atkinsonand will attend Hereford cattle averaged $159 per head here yesterday as I yesterday that a partial survey j Florida next Fall may be housed

a meeting of foresters from : the F. C. Peters herd, established in 1941, was dispersed at I of the 16,172 voters who registered I(S I in Murphree Hall one of the dormitories -
11 for the coming city council elections on the campus if a rec
Charge Southeastern States at Alexan-j i public auction to buyers from as far away as Monticello
dria. La.. May 20-23 to discuss I showed that at least 23 persons :,ommendation made yesterday by
Building ReportTALLAHASSEE i Feared DeadMIAMI latest" forest fire control methods I' and Orlando. I registered did not live at.., the Student Executive Council is
Probe SetJACKSONVILLE and improved timber practices for A crowd of several hundred persons I the addresses given. adopted by the Board of ControL
the South. I Citizens Move 1 attended the sale which was The article said that some of 1 John J. Crews Jr.. student body
TAP1 Charges BEACH TAP] Two Havana National and regional officials i I the candidates "complained to the I president said the recommpudatl. -
(API The
that neurotic veterans of World apparentlylost cried by Col. Roy Eubanks of Mi- I Evening Sun that their on was hrls_
House yesterday introduced and Cuba students of the United States Forest Serv- To Invalidate mailed i I
quickly passed-82 to 0-a huge War n are beingmistreated" in their lives aboard a small ice will also attend. The meeting ,'r IIrd Sebring, and saw 89 registered literature was being returned by mUted to (res.
I j
$55,012.000 general appropriations jails and hospitals here will be boat which was found drifting will be the eighth conference of I, animals sold to 22 differ- the postoffice at the rate of 25 to John J, Tigers
bill investigated by a committee nam- half submerged with one body on the Southern forest fire control i Certificates ent buyers, as well' as an estimated i 30 a day marked 'no such address' after the council

The bill based on recommendations I ed yesterday by the Disabled board off Miami Beach yesterday. chiefs and the first of the management 500 grade Herefords which or not at address shown." ,1 voted 25 to 5
of the Budget Commission. American Veterans. Havana police said the students. group. t speC lor to Orlando Morning Sentinel) brought beef prices. The newspaper listed 23 names Thursday nightin
was a substitute for the $62,300,000! Cliff Dufilo commanderelectof I Emilio Cancio. about 22. and Ga- Coulter explained that latest I KISSIMMEE-Court action bya Highest priced individual, the which it said were checked by a .r favor of a
measure already passed by the the local chapter said the post bio Zorilla. about 23. set sail in mechanical equipment and tech- group, of Kissimmee's citizens bull "Tropical Bullion." was pur- I' reporter and it was found in some proposal to use
Senate. has received numerous reports the 19-foot Halcon Sunday and niques developed in World War has called a halt to the validationof chased by W. J. Matheson of I cases the person had never been the dormitoryfor
However all increases approvedby I that veterans "who obviously are had not been heard from since. II are now being used In the 1[ Kissimmee utility revenue certificates Stuart for $475 Matheson also known at the address and that i .s women dur-
the Senate were carried in the mental cases and in need of hos- Cuban consulate officials here war against forest fires and by the city in the amountof paid the top female price of the the person listed had moved away ing the 1947-48

House bill as contingency fundsto pitalization" have been confinedto are seeking to establish the that the conference would see 70000.- "Motion to dismiss"was II sale-$410 for "Miss Anxiety. in other cases.Registration. session The plan
be spent; by the institutions or I jails here needlessly. Identity of the body found in this equipment and study the filed at the Court House by I In all a of $14,195 I books for the elec- would give the
agencies only with permission of He said crowded conditions at the boat. Police theorized that new methods of combatting fire. I I the attorney for 12 citizens againstthe paid for the gross 89 registered animals i tion scheduled for June 3, closed men now quar-
the Cabinet Budget Commission. the veterans hospitals at Lake City it was one of the students and In addition to Coulter other City of Kissimmee last Tues- I all of them in pasture Tuesday and had a total of 16.172 tered there DrlI -

Several efforts to amend ,the and Bay Pines as well as in local that the second had been lost State foresters who are expectedto day.The condition. Bulls brought an names-4.500 more than had ever 'I Gurney onty for vacancies -
hospitals have formed "hurdle- movement of issuing I been in other permanent and tem
a reVe- listed before.
House version beaten back at attend the
were sea. meeting are: J. M. average $124. dry cows brought
before the unanimous vote. was to overcome. Stauffer. Alabama: Fred H. Lang. nue certificates was started by the $141, while rows with calves I'porary dormitories on the campus.
The body found face down
recorded. Since the Duval County Hospital was Arkansas; A. R. city over a year ago to clear up I' averaged 8201.Matheson ELKS TO REGISTER ChIn. Tom Gurney of the Board
with head and shoulders under a Georgia; the city's indebtedness and to I' of Control
said in
has opened its doors to paying provide TAMPA (API Registration for Tallahassee
Albert I
Rep. Simpson of Jefferson, patients there is room to accom- shaded section at the bow. Cloth- A. Legett. Mississippi: W. funds for the new unit for the was also the largest the 41st annual State Elks I yesterday the board will discuss
chairman of the House Appropriations modate the neurotic veterans ing found in the craft led to the K. Beichler. North Carolina; Don- light plant. The city issued Kis- 1 I buyer of the sale paying $2295'':, will begin today. A convention full- .I general co-education at the University -
the bill belief that had been removedby ald E. Stauffer. Oklahoma; C. for the nine cows and one bull
Committee predicted temporarily Dufilo added. it H.j I simmee utility revenue certificates i social program is scheduled' for of Florida and Florida
would be rejected by the Senate I the students in an effort to Flory South Carolina; James 0 I I in the amount of $225,000, bearing : which he purchased Other large Sunday and business sessions will State University (formerly the
and would be sent to a Conference bail out the water. Hazard. Tennessee; W. E. White. two per cent interest the proceeds purchasers include E. Z. Watersof begin Florida State
Monday. The : College for Women
l I i convention will !
Committee for compromise. || to the non-priority portion of the The craft apparently had drifted Texas; and Massey H. Anderson. of which, over aQd above the Miami, who bought 14 cows :I continue through this weekend
Meanwhile a Joint Senate-House I bill," he said.However I I more than 240 miles from Louisiana. I amount necessary to retire the old and six bulls for $2095, C. B Led- Tuesday. I j j Gurney said the discussion

Committee drafted a report yesterday I the committee mel Havana when found by Capt. 1 certificates, were found inadequateto better of Miami, who paid $2100 It has been found that insanity would include the possibility of
recommending top priority' again and left the $800,000 in the Walter Reis.Havana i DeLand Civic Groups purchase and install the new for ten cows, and the Orlando is more prevalent civilized designating
ratings for $8.292000 in future top list. I the had diesel engine and electric Daily Newspapers of Orlando among one University of
police said trip generating than
I I i peoples among primitivegroups Florida dormitory for girls next
State construction projects but It'!'. That apparent victory for the I been started on the Almendares Plan Vet MemorialS unit for the city and to which purchased eight cows for |I term.CLEANING.
tf" came under fire before it could i i Medical School plan was offset River five miles west of Havana ( : to Orlando Morning Sentinel 1] make all the necessary alterations $1620 :
be introduced in the Legislature. during the day though when the harbor. DELAND-Campaign to build ; in the light plant building and I The entire sale was handledby
One surprise item in the schedule House Committee on Education"A" recreation park and swimming': switchboard G. E. Samps! and Sons of Miami -

"A" list for construction out overwhelmingly rejected a I i I pool for DeLand children as a I i At a regular meeting of the City I livestock market operators.In RUG SERVICE
of funds already on hands'was for ratification by the Legislature addition to the registered
bill to establish an $800.000 Medical memorial to the Commissioners held in the City
Medical College i was increased by $46.500 for staff I of World I'I j and grade We clean all kinds all sizes,
$800.000 for a College in Dade County. War II launched Hall Bldg.. Tuesday. March 4, I| cattle sold several Orientals Chinese Wiltons. Ax-
building at some undesignated 1 i I The Senate deferred until Monday I,I houses at the North Florida Agricultural 'I day night was at a meeting here Thursj,j 1947!; a resolution was adopted to I purebred horses were also aue- minsters. Broadlooms. Twist Felt Cotton. Shag Paper. Fibre
spot. ,i' further consideration of its Experiment Station at issue Kissimmee utility revenue I tioned. Jute. Belgians Numdahs. Chenilles, Olsons Clearflex etc. First
i combined civic I
'' organizations of
It drew from Gov. Caldwell a' bill to put up a $1.800.000 Medical Quincy. : the city held in the American I certificates in the amount of $70- | Other buyers with number of class workmanship
memorandum to House CommitteeChm. I I Before the day was over the animals purchased
and total spent
School in Dade County. Jackson- : Legion Hall. This memorial 000. 70 certificates for $1,000 each
Shepperd of St. Johns that I vile and Tampa Senators who Building Committee's total recommended was chosen instead of ,1 dated May 1, 1947, to complete the were as follows: E. A. Gidden. Miami ORLANDO STEAM LAUNDRY
a monument
"*I do not believe the funds for a I: have lost similar bills for their I program had been Increased which at first had been I purchase and installation of the three bulls, $415.; I. W.
Medical School should go in the towns in committee have offered to $37,442,535 includingthe proposed new unit and make all necessary Weeks Pahokee four cows, $570; I EST.
first priority. I $19.000.000 already spent cr E. G. Bess. Ft. Lauderdale. two TEL.
amendments cutting almost the Both the alterations in the building and
"If it is the Judgment of the i I entire body and appropriationfrom I obligated by construction contracts County announced city at and the meeting Volusia switchboard. At the present' time I bulls six cows. $1265.: H. Perry 1886 49 W. Concord Ave.. Orlando 2.2431

Legislature. I would have no ob- the measure. that land would be made the $225,000 worth of certificates Miami three bulls $500.; Charles
jection to those funds being added I Members of the Board of Control That plus $350.000 for contingencies I for the project are the only certificates of indebtedness I Mayer Miami two bulls. $300.
I is the amount to be set
also came before the Building I At another meeting early in outstanding against this Sam Erlich Miami one bull one
Committee to plead for more top forth in a bill Rep. Shepperd said I June formal action will be taken city for which the revenue from cow, $265: E. B. Woodbury. MI- DRESS SHIRT SERVICE
will offer the fixed
NEW HOMES priority funds for institutions of setting up i toward raising the money for the the electric light and water plant ami, one bull one cow $260.: W
: building and repealing
program C Hawkins.
higher learning. I the Cabinet's broad authority to I memorial. has been pledged. Monticello. three Guaranteed quality work, quick service All shirts put
cows $505; W. O Walters Arca-
TheYlucceeded' in gettingthe Hearing on the case was called -
$8100 FHA CEILING committee's agreement to tap Treasury surpluses and erect before Judge Frank Smith in dia, two cows $300, T. J. Drake I up with patented crush-proof Pax Shirt Board.
buildings on blank check Annual
appro- ; Legion Boys'State Lakeworth. one cow $260 J_ W.
add to the second priority ached Orlando Wednesday morningfollowing ;
Dubsdrexid Section ule of $7.977.110 of projects to priations.It goes about $10 million above Planned June 9 the meeting of the Davis C Christopher.Hollywood Miami one cow, $50; ORLANDO STEAM LAUNDRYEST.
be undertaken if and when commissioners Tuesday night one
the amount of money available in I TALLAHASSEE [API The $130
; Charlie Faust.
'Mldlron Drive funds become available $1,373.- I with Atty. Lawrence Rogers Miami one .
I the special building fund and I annual American Legion Boys'i bull, $75. G. A. Anderson. TEL.
000 for University of representing plaintiffs and Miami
Near Golf Course Florida Administration a new class- ,leaves projects in the second 'i i State will be held here from June City. Atty. O S. Thacker representing one bull $135: G. E. Sampson. 1886 49 W. Concord Ave.. Orlando 2.2431

room building and $800,000 to priority group dependent on doubtful 9 to 16. W H. Gates director of the City of Kissimmee. Miami one bull. $90: D. G Johnson -

Open for Inspection help finance self-liquidating I' future fund.Contractors balances. in the general the yearly meeting announced 'I Arguments of the attorneys for West Palm Beach one bull

2 to 5 P. M. Sat. & Sun. dormitories at all the colleges. I revenue yesterday both sides were heard by Judge $80.; and C L. Long Oakland
The $19053,865 list of projects To Meet Some 300 boys from all parts of Smith who ordered that briefs Park one bull. $90. I
Call 2.2374 for Directions undertaken by the Cabinet in the I the State are expected to attend be filed by both attorneys after Oir-
past two years and recommended TAMPA API Florida mem- : the gathering. During the weeklong which the final hearing wouldbe I
bers of the Associated General I : meeting, the youngsters will '
held. ,
Contractors of America will hold i 9set I up their own miniature State I II 1
"I am at a loss to understandwhy I
I their first, State-wide DEPARTMENT ON SECOND FLOOR
I biSfock meeting at |. complete with legislative executive action was brought within 24 + t

I Tampa June 6-7. and judicial departments. I hours of time set for the hearing" FASTER AND BETTER SERVICEITHE !
declared Mayor C. C. Tindall when CLERNERS t
the matter was brought up at the
DAMP WASH SERVICE commissioner's meeting. He also Qut&CfC'ftoit'oeuYeaY FIRST NATIONAL BANK AT ORLANDO

THE COMPLETE stated he had discussed the mat-
seavtce Capital and Surplus Ont Million DollarsMEMBER
10 lb.49<:. Each add. lb. Sc extra
ter with some of the signers of s
the 'motion to dismiss' and told
them. if there. was any informationthey
Laundered in soft water. Quality work guaranteed. One I
wanted with reference to thecity's
HOME LAUNDRY day service-no losses.ORLANDO affairs he would be glad to I

call a special meeting of the City
STEAM LAUNDRYEST. Commission to meet with the 12 I .
Better Washing
men and their attorney and open
Results TEL. the city books for Inspection. I
Ij 1886 49 W. Concord Ave.. Orlando 2-2431 The citizens who signed the

-A: Greater Safety I Prather"motion J.to C.dismiss"Schmidt are G. H'I THERE IS SOMETHING NEW UNDER THE SUNILs8

Larger Capacity I H Tress. J. M. Johnston. J. -
I Cowart. E. P. Neid. Amos R.
Greater Economy o f CHRYSLER PLYMOUTH lor H. H Lively, Ellis 1". Davis E.
J. Parker E. L. Fennell and JohnS.

PreSoakingEliminated Cadel.

Cotton ManufacturersName

DRUMS TURNEDEasy New Officers

H. A. OAUGHE TY & CO.ci Payments On Overhauling and Charles DAYTONA treasurer C. Hertwig of BEACH the vice-president Glbb Manufacturing rAP- !I,!

A. P. CLARK MOTORS Inc. Co. of Macon. yesterday
elected president of the Cot- by Helena Rubinstein
ot BUMBY No parking probftm ORLANDO FLORIDA
889 N. ORANGE PHONE 20746BECAUSE I ton Manufacturers Association of I
MEMBER .Cf.NTRAl'FLORIDA BUILDERS EXCHANGE Georgia at a business session concluding -

the organization's 47th
annual meeting.

H. D. Harvey manager of the NEVER BEFORE has a sun tanning prepara-
Pepperell Manufacturing Co. 1 tion brought you all these additional!

Forbes of Atlanta, re-elected ex- r ; c benefits. Liquid Sunshine gives you a quick
Lindale. vice president: T M. golden tan and powerfully repels Insects! It

ecutive vice president, N. Barnard k filters the harmful rays of the sun.
x 1 ? GI MurphY. vice-president of the Non-greasy, and to cap it all. It has a
Riegel Textile Corp.. Trion. treasurer 'I fresh tangy scent you'll adore.
: Frank Carter of Atlanta re- 100.
-; 65c.
elected secretary. : i.!

yid '.'
ty ti su r
Gn11. .. .. I
i rwtieJ water, and Waterproof Mascara will never
c ; run. or smudge. In black brown and theglamorousforeveryone

PHOTOGRAPH .," .j. new color.
HANGAIC fOiG HK F1RH HAZARD 1Concrete Brick or Block

OUT THE EXPLOSION. \ Foundation to Chimney Top
;: I ', ILL FEA
C OIL AND/' 1 EXIWUSr PJNuy .. y Masonry Contractors and Builders
:Z REFILLED m. r -\\f Est. 1919 TeL 2-1593
TONIC MrtTN THAT CAeeies THE 1I ii' a I
as,501.INE OIL FROM THE c.Iy ,
3 f z
/ f TAM.tTDTWE END I I ar ,
/1 OF THE EXHAUST/, se.: j I

y -4 ;

r.r ftnrvatin .* Immediate Delivery p d" rx ol

I WELL, AN- Err C NT' w ITS our OPBE OH, txr-i\e BEEN a+. TIKIMXIMCKT PHONE 2-3357 r .

I'VE lasr rr-THrtr SECRET HELPED NOW---THEOUR HANOS-m WCH A FOOD-- LOWER: "If It'. a.ushtcosy
\ L .
t+ ,
e oasEix
ea Leten .t LMHDpt.
4th Floor
Nt :: o GeAT s

anger Ftdrrtl ttopntt lawnac* Ca Mntlu
tQ '
Ivta 11u-U


I: B H. Light Wood 1

:::3 at $9800 each .
Cosmetics 0 Street Floor j)
)ftf. by Hockberf Bros. A Swartz

Slade-Booth Show Case Co. I

Ill Reed Alley Phoe 2-6271

'--_ .a. a .... "..y.rr .-. _. ,,_ -

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t. ... .
"* .
1 w
r '

Pine Hills Golf Club Opens Bosox Nip Browns Mize Sets Mark

First Nine Holes of CourseThe ; Scoring

Pine Hill Golf Club. a new golf and country club -A.'- <00

1 A'e miles northwest of Orlando designed to cost ultimately I Page 6 (Orlanfto fflorntng{ &rnttnrl Saturday May 17, 1947

F-viut; $300,000.opens the first nine holes of the golf course Williams Raps I r Big Slugger

tod,>v for two weeks of free play by the general public. Two Tiger Golfers Enter Walt Masterson

Joe Ezar internationally known golfer and president Rowe Racks Up

o new{ the.!sjolf organization.1aout. .said-backing.the _semi-the- .__ __ ___ _.._._# I Eighth Homer State Semi-Final RoundsShooting Blanks Indians Tallies in 16 ,
private goil layout wouia DC open :

from 7 am: until dark for the next I Sixth Victory By I

two weeks to the general public For 2-0 WinI

I and that all golfers were Invited toplay In 12-7 ClashBOSTON steady golf all the way .two Orlando High I Straight TiltsCHICAGO

the layout. golfers, medalist Jerry Schultheis and Kenneth Kiehl WASHINGTON (API Walter

"Our greens and tees are in good stroked their way.into the semi-final round of the Florida Stopping Reds ; Masterson stopped Cleveland on

_. shape now ont
? the first nine" lAP] On the strengthof State High School Golf Tournament yesterday over the four hits here last night as Wash- f API The New York

he said. "and the early inning slugging by his tricky: Dubsdread' Country! Club layout. ington snapped a four-game losing i Giants won their fourth straight -
: fairways are in teammates. Harry [Fritz Dorish Schultheis and Kiehl playing In bya streak with a 2-0 victory over the ': victory of their current Western

fair condition.-, yesterday won his first major opposite brackets. joined Jack 15-hlt attack. Schoolboy Rowe Indians. swing yesterday. humbling the

"We realize we league start as the Boston Red Kenna of Ponce De Leon. Miami. Disher Gains posted his sixth consecutive victory '
The Nationals nicked Don Black league-leading Chicago Cubs for
have a lot of Sox defeated the St. Louis Browns and Bill Leigh Lakeland. in the without a setback, yesterdayas
work to do yet 12-7. I round of four. I for a run In the third Inning when the second time in a row. 5 to 3,

J' before we get Biggest blow by theSox In behalf I After defeating Lakeland's. War- Tennis Finals I feated the the Philadelphia Cincinnati Phillies Reds. 8-4.de- :\ Jerry Priddy walked. stole second I behind southpaw Monte Kennedy's

... even the first of Dorish. who now has a ren Vergason. 3 and 2, In.yester- Rowe was taken out in the i I and came across on Mark ChrIstman's eight-hit flinging.
nine holes like record of four victories ,and one day morning's round. Schultheis single to center. Washington ;
when the Reds
; sixth rallied forI Johnny Mize. Giant first sacker
added its other in the
$ want them to run
we home back in the afternoon to With
slam came
grand run BehrensDark
loss. was a
t I _ three markers.but observed
be. but it's right by Ted Williams. Dorish's three down Bill Center of Fort Pierce. 5 seventh when Christman singled the occasion by settinga

Lents now a tough previous wins have been gained In and 4. Kiehl defeated Miami's Horse Ralph Dither, St. perfect he day had at a advanced on Rick Ferrell's sacrifice National League record for scoring -

course that we think golfers will Lynn Burman in the morning- and scored on Masterson'ssingle in consecutive His
I relief roles.Williams'. ,Petersburg. stole the show yester- bat, getting three games.
like." carding a 75 to Burman's 78-and 'day when he eliminated two seeded i to center. homer with
in the fifth
hits in one on
circuit driveof ,
eighth as many i i
Hills Golf Club. which | Masterson who fanned five and <
The Pine turned back Roy Clary of Winter
the and his first four players and won the right to I i trips to the put him across the plate in his
terrain studded year run walked none permitted only one
embraces a rolling Haven. 2 and 1, yesterday after-
meet defending champion Buddy 16th straight contest. The old
JOE EZAR homer of the landed a plate. He drovein
is directly west of season Cleveland player to advance to
with pines
I I Behrens. Ft. Lauderdale in the fin- mark of 15 was held jointly by
In the right lieldwlnl' two runs.
about two miles off the dozen rows up second base. when Joe Gordon
rainrilla. golf course. Kenna John Gavins of
9 f opens als of the Florida State High Max Carey of Pittsburgh in
.. .. The 1924
lMt *Aw *V.A 17atnHllav_ .... of the grandstand, about Phillies i i looped a single to left in the fifth
Apup&0' > -'DU" .J. -W '"i -- St. Petersburg. 3 and 2. in the first School tennis
tournament at Rol and Freddie Lindstrom of the
380 feet from the plate. went to work on
Tuberculosis- Sanitorium inning and stole second. I
Florida round and Jack Rountree of Lake
lins College. The final will be Giants in 1927.
Bucky Walters CLEVELANPerkrf CA) ) WASHINGTON (A)
road. Dodgers Push Dorish': who has appeared in 10 City. 3 and 1 in the quarter-finals. played at 9:30 am., followed by early, collectingtwo abrhlat I abebla. The winners opened the scoring

A $23.000 ranch-type golf shop games In relief roles, tired near Leigh, Big Ten Conference )the boys' doubles final. markers In Meb1.b.I4IIIIL.-1.4SI2IGran.lf: 31511 45145 in the first on Bill Rigney's double

which Includes a golf equipment the end of the game when the champ eliminated Allen Walker I Disher subdued fourth seeded the B.'dr.a..n41221'Sananef 35115

display room, a bar a sandwich Pirates Into Brownies got all their runs. Paul of Fort Pierre. 3 and 1 yesterdaymorning Gerald Monsalvatge. Ponce de opening Flnalnt. C I 511 .C_.., I I S I I
and showers is I round on two fteerey.ir S S S STen.n.1b, C. I I S
shop I
grill but had to 20 holes
pro Lehner hit his first major league go Coral I ,_.
Leon. Gables in the quar- singles and :to' S I I 'Prlddr.to I I I I 1
completed and ready for use. The I homer a three run affair in the before defeating Fred Bartleson I' a k.rluerjb. I S -I I 'T'lb' : 4 I I I II
golf shop includes showers but hai of Fort Myers 1-up in the mat- ter-finals 6-3. 6-3. for the first double. They I ,......... I I I I 1'ChrUran.Mt C fl. I
Fourth Place ,
seventh and Vern Stephens poked upset of the boys division. He : Howe counted another !I Heian I S I I "' :2 5.5 a I (
no lockers as yet. a two run homer in the ninth. Inn performance. then set back second-seeded Ber- 1 Bi&k.p 2 I S a 4 Ma ten'... I I 1 I I
in the second and two more in the 1
The nine-hole course opening today I this semi-finals WIIIU.B S I S S II
PITTSBURGH TAP! Brooklyn IT. LOUIS (A) I fOITON (A) In morning's nie Plant
is a 3.100 yard. par-36 layout of .IrNlS'. ak k B i which get underway at 9 a.m. High, Tampa. fourth before Cincinnati plated l aUnblnaaabSepkooikt I I : : ::1 I
Pittsburgh I
edged advance' I
with two par-three holes, two parfive's "111('_.I* 5 I 1 4 P.JI..I... ( I t I 2 6-1. 6-2 to to the title ',one runner in the bottom of the ,.
Schultheis takes on Kenna while ----- -- --
fourth In the National ._
place 14151
"' .of 12311'Pr.ky.Ib round. fourth Two in the fifth TMalariewlaad I1S44l11 21 t T n I
It Includes runs and i Totals'
and five par-four's. Wtna.lb S I 2 1 rWlMlanl.lf' I C 1 I 5 Leigh opposes Kiehl. The final I ,
the ,
here last -
night a-filed In ltd.
League out for Lopes
water hole 4111 4 Tark,Ib 1 I Meanwhile Behrens playing another in the seventh rounded i I
a tough: 165-yard I tephaoaaa 111lit round will start at 2 pjn. b-pnpp.4 Is sNort for Black, la StkI .
the 3-1. ,. lout
beating Pirates. Zarllla.rf I" I t JIM" C.
the Philadelphia
much he scoring. 5I4 Ins 505..5Washington
Hell's Half-Acre. as pleased handily
Ezar calls A crowd of 34.814 turned out Bar-dlna.ib C 1 I 2101M..Ie. I S 11 Contestants in the first and I -. Ill 181 11i1
Ezar said construction would I role..inlf C. a i il"ulbln'a.rr. S 1 111 second flights also gained the | eliminated Fred Tybout. Plant. Blix Donnelly who came to Errara. IIaN .ttHi In: Cbei..mea. H...
begin next week on a $100,000 clubhouse for the first night game at Forbes M..... I S 1 2 IIW.......* 4 I S 11 brackets and 6-0, 6-2 to advance to the round Rowe's aid after the Reds had put 1'Tw.. baaa hit: Prtddy. toleB baataPrld-
semi-final yesterday
in Field and saw the Pirates held to rmj.i: I I ( 1 I Doruh. C. lit i of three runs in the Injured \ d,. CwaVm. BacrUtce: Farral. Itaubla. plar: Kalt-
lake over sixth
four. lie
overlooking a small K"...... 2..1 will conclude their matches today j then conquered 0If 4 u..ted. Left aa baaea: Cleveland. 4.Baxe .
the middle of the 200-odd acre six hits by Brooklyn hurlers Ralph B..... 1..1! along with the championship con- third-seeded John Ross. RobertE. his leg In striking out W..hI.._ 5. aa .kalla.: alt Black 4. Win
layout which would be completedby I Branca and Hugh Casey. I aPttara 1 1 1 I It I tenders.Yesterday's. Lee Jacksonville with the loss Frankie Baumholtz and retired I I Klnkfwala. :.MauemaB. I. Black t. Laalnf nUcher -. I Mize Kennedyand
the 11 l Black TI of lam.: 1.S. I'aiplm Crlere
scored until
the end of the year. Neither team Totala M r 11 tl Talals IIII1*27 IS fllaht result' I of one game in each set. with Tommy Hughes going the J._. M< fifth when the Dodgers grabbed I dmiMe4 foe Brm la Ilk.SI. First round WtUon. Orlando defeated I ILawson. The division rest of the for Philadelphia. Mize's single. The Cubs evened
wound its way
I _
Jimmy Lentr. 16 years a top I lead with two tallies. Harold I Lxila 55 III -- T Miami. 3 and 3; Hunter. Orlando I II up it in the frame when
I the BaIt_ __ 11 24* til-12Errar defeated Phillips. Ponce de Leon. 2 and 1: : play yesterday afternoon with Molly rHILAOElPHIA (N) I CINCINNATI (N) up same
teaching professional In Minneapolis Reiser homered into the "Green- : wit*. Kuat baited In: Lehner I. Wltta.l I Hinson. Lakeland defeated Bryan. 81. P.teraburi. .- I I abrISa abel. : Rollins Golfers Stan Hack doubled, went to thirdon
will be the club pro i berg Gardens" bullpen. scoring "' ..hm !. Yet I. Dnerr t. DIM...... Wasnai.WllllaaM ,' 6 and of; Glenn Veriason. Lakeland Shannon. a tenacious little I 1\0.'_... I A I I I B..Ia.rf I S 1 5 5W.lbref a wild pitch and came In on a
4. Tw. .... blta: :'f_. Knardlnaraters. defeated Grimes Ponce de Leon. I miss from Graham-Eckes school / 3lIlTat.rf 11111I
and course manager. Lentx: will Floyd Vaughan who had walked. York. Thne baa. hit: .......... Home funs: 1-up. Hanton. Ft Myers defeated Daniels.l : I Palm I tnnll.1f I 2 : I I HIlInI.3" 4 S S I 7 I passed ball as Phil Cavaretta
eventually be assisted by three The homer was Brooklyn's first Lehner. III......... 11111I..... Double. plui: 8t<- Winter HaTen. 1-up: Busby. Orlando defeated Beach defeating Zoe Hatcher. .Inlr..r f I I : "U.u.I' I 2 : n I walked.
1 Bhens and Ttltte. ; rellairtnl Pnerr and York.j Eatf<,.. Orlando.>> 2 and 1: Campbell. Sarasota for the title. Miss : .n..Ir.rf I : I J L..n...... C 1 I I 5I
other professionals. I hit in the pitchers' duel. In the j Left an .bull: Mt. Lsnls I. BnstM T. Bates en I Ponce de eLon. defeated Dearlni. Orlando. ''Hatcher had previously furnishedthe I tfoh"1( I" C I I 11 I Latits.lf 4 I I 2 IHaaoItn Two walks and two singles gave
Other officers in the organization I eighth. Reiser walked and outfielder bilk art Kramer 1. elf Brawn a. nff until 4fltrikamu '1-up: Jaffe. MiamI. defeated Brown. Leo,. lb. t I I S 1 11111..... 4 5 I I 4 Trim Georgia the Giants a pair in the third. and
: .by Kramer. I. by Browa 1. by Portal I 3and2. !j I biggest upset of the tournament I V.b 4 1 I I IAcf.: ....:" C. 1 2 2
include Florian Jane. vice- I Fred Walker doubled scor- I. Hits- err 11:,._ I In 4 Innlnn: err Bran Second round: Wilson. Orlando defeated by besting the State women's R..,. I S ::1. lW.lkrer.p1' I I SI they concluded their scoring in the
president and Mrs. Ezar secre- ; tag Reiser. The frame ended with 1 la 4 Innlnts. Hit''by stIck: by Krasiar (CdlSr. Hunter. Orlando. 1-up: Hinson. Lakeland I]I I.nnhily.p S S S I I aG.I.II 1 I W I I fifth on Mize's four-base smash
_). WIll Bitch: Bran. LMlu vltcher: Kraaier. I defeated Vertason. Lakeland. 2 and champion. Laura Lou Jahn. Pine Hgboi.p" 1. I I IRtddM., I S I I 1hZt.nIera Rollins
tarytreasurer.Ezar the bases loaded.Pittsburgh's FBtlree: ".....11.. Knnaiers. and ..... Tlaia: 1: Hanton. Ft. Myers defeated ". Orlando i I I Crest school. Ft. Lauderdale. I' I I S College's golf team with Rigney aboard again.
said the semi-private club only score came in .M.. AtwiMlanca: S.SSS Cpaldl. 3 and 2; Campbell. Ponea :. Leon, I I I Beag..p 11111 scored an 11 Ito 6/4 victory over NEW YORK New doubles
would for the time being confine the seventh after Jim Russell defeated Jaffe Miami. 3 and 2. queens are Miss Wad bIIIIPt. the University of Georgia Savannah abebla
Second flight: I Hatcher and Margaret McFayden. !' .,.' I I I I ITdab Blaltnll'.n 4 I I I I Rark.lb C 1 I I 4
membership in the club to 100 singled and Frankie Gustine I I Pint round: Harrlncton. Miami. dee.t-I' branch yesterday at Dubs- RI'.2'' 4 2 2 1 2 "'.11..1. 5 I 21! I
members. and that 43 member- doubled to send him home. Tars ed Nichols. Ft. Pierce. 7 and S. AU other They outlasted Miss Jahn and 23 1 n 21 II Tnt.l. SI 4 12 IllS dread Country Club. Thnatl...., IllS PgfkI.rf.., C. 1 .
been issued. WallopGeorgia players I drew byes Jacqueline Shrank. 6-4. 3-6. 7-5 froundeil out for Walter in 'II.b.toglel )11..1.. I 2 2 I' .1.r'II..1I 4 I 1 1 1
ships have already BROOKLYN (N) I PITTSBURGH (.N) Second round Haring Miami defeated i for Ridifle la 'lk. Results of the two foursomesare )1.nh.U.I' I I t 1 "I'rbelfin I" I 1 I
When the full 18 holes is ready for abVNI.! Howell, Plant. S and 3: Meier. Plant defeated In a match that lasted until dark. trounded mil for Bnn In 8th.PhtUdelphU as follows: John Cushman and ('_,. IlIdlNIoliolarn.rfSSIIS
be Utankj.Zb S N S I .,c..... t C'S 1 11.os..1b Tucker. Ft. Pierre by default: I Behrens and Dishers also won __ _.______ :Ill II. !__ C'oIIfdntt.lt 4IllILomiey.rf 15111Ken.
play. membership ex- Bill Falkner Georgia defeated
._ __ .. .
4 ssa1a.u.fl.m' 411155e..r.d ChaJ>ln. Oeala. defeted MeOn..or. Plant. their into the doubles final Cincinnati. S5l lea -IErmrs SISSIJthnsmb 11111
panded. I I I 1 Waallake.rf| t I I I S 4 and 3; Heald. Plant defeated Cracgi. way R.... Miller. Rum bitted la: WynstrkBO.P Pete Dye and Herman Goodwin. K.naiedy.p 4IIIIM.rtdloes 41114B.p
Walkar.rf I' 1 s JIGr.'iibs.lb I S S 15 1 16-6 Ocala. 8 and 6.Norlhey's. for boys. The Ft. Lauderdale .. 2. Hull. .. Miller X.Luk 1. Adaaw L 4 15111syrro
Rollins, 5 and Bill Knauer and
HK. I.1' 1 I S 4 tlOutllne' 4 I I I I youth teamed with I Tel hue hlti _Inl... F.nnU. 1.."._. Adams.. ; I 15115
George King
Kdoarda.eYsuhan.3b 4 5 S T miner I' I t S Stolen .ham: Miller W.I- '. Neroae. Caertfires I Bill OUara. Rollins defeated Lee IK...... 51511
USE 1 I S S Hwell.s' I" S 1 S to trim Sam Smith and Harry Mc- : vhan. IWnII, ,.,. *....11.. Duuhle play: Bruin and Walter Murphy. Georgia lbM'CsII.'fh I S I I I
l'.'nlll an I H.11..... Adam I. Haai. "toft ..l b._: rtilla- ( -,.. 15511r
::::: ; ; ; : : : ; ; The Rollins Tars ,romped to an I Rap Murray. St. Petersburg. in the '
4 lKlnttl.eSJBaaln.kl.Xb! I Mphla Cincinnati '. Raws M kilN: Bm 1.Riddle I 7 /a andLakeland l'/2. Unlll'_ I ISIS
:"BUTANE"FOR! 1'.....B 1 11151Cu.y.p easy 16-6 victory over the Savan- semi-finals while Disher and Al- I 1.: Hirikmnta: Ben.. rjanmlly 1. Klddl -----r -----
1. S S *'MIgb*.. I I I 1 S nah Branch of the University of len Dee were eliminating Monsal 1. Re... IHlta: off.Hone. 1* la I 1-' innlnji; Totals M II*21ICI I Totals M I I IT 11
.... 15555 art imnneliy. n ne In 1 S: err Buihea. !. I I-I; Captures i-itmrk Set for Wyia la Jib.
JkaM .tm..>.. S S S I S Georgia here yesterday at Harper- vatge and Tom. Blakey. Ponce de all ",.lIpn 7 In 4; fIIIf Riddle S in 2: err Besss I b-foaled aut for Kuk la Tth.e .
ECONOMY21e __- ----- : in 2.; alt Khnun. 1 In 1. Hit ky piuner: by -topped tat for Borowy la Mb.
Shepherd Field In the of
Totals 11'S S 27 II| Totals. 11 1 (XT Ta opener Wins for CardsST. Leon.According Walter 'iWyrnatek) Paited ball ....In....'. Wlnnlnf Big Ten Loop Title New Tmt2.- __ 11 M* m-I
to unoffical esti-
-filed But for 8-.1t ta 'II. a two-game series. pllrhn( lIme. Losing pttrher'. : Batten. lorpim Cttlrif ? --.. --- 1(1 11II 18t-
A GALLON a-at nirk am for BBuna .... I' III.BreoIIIJI Coach Joe Justice's Rollins Tars mates Sarasota. on the basis of i C....'. fnnlaa and Rfardno. Tine. 2.M.AttenOanre ErrnraBlatlner 1. RUBS .batted la. lIP I.
_________ Nt f2t 5152Pttt.b.rsk J 311:::. LAKELAND tAPJ The Lakeland Uanhall. CO Pf'I'' Waltkiu. T.a bale bits: BHB .
ORLANDOBUTANE __.___ .___ Ill M' .-.- made it three straight over the LOUIS lAP] Ron Northey a victor a runner-up and a I Dreadnaughts pounding the offeringS <... J..... Hone rue:: ...... $... kau: Rlsney.Sacrifice' .
Georgians with vic semi-finalist were assured of at Caaner. Left aa base New York' T.Cklrasa .
batted 1.: .... 2. G..n.... Walker. TWBWalker. yesterday's drove in the'winning run with a of four pitchers to all corners 1*. Suet,en .balla: \\',.. 2. Kiaib 1.Borowy .
bits: Gu....... HOBM ran: Beaaa. tory. Final game of the series will least a tie for the Neil O'Brien '
GASSERVICE of the lot smashed out 20 to 7 .
.._ ... single after two were out in the Athletics Shell a 1. Kennedy 4 Strikeouti: Wyia\ Bo
Hula : .1IAf\ *a baaaa: BrooklynI. .
be played at 3 pm. today at Har team trophy.To rowy I, Kennedy 4. Rita: aft Wjra 1 la I laalngi -
.. Landon schoolof
Plttabarib (. Bates en balla: RI. ,. Branca ninth to give the St. Louis Card- triumph over High .
; Kuh 1 la 1; Borowy t la I. Wild click:
.. tie Sarasota. Ft. Lauderdalemust
I. Taiey L Hlrlkaauts: B".. 4. fllsb I. C. per-Shepherd Field with Right Jacksonville yesterday to win _, .
inals a 4-3 verdict over the Boston Kennedy failed balls: tn. Cooper. Lnlgpilot.
1. 1l.l.., L H II. alt Br.,. 1 I. ( 1-1 I1tCaoe7 .
: ... hander Jim Cavello slated to hurl today win the boys singles the Big Ten championship. | ,-: Wna. rmptraa. : "'...n. M.-... sad
Incorporated .Ini.: I III I 1-' tiailniai BI. 4 la I Braves last night. It gave the *
for the Tar nine. and doubles. JHenllne Time:: :11. Attends: s.lT.
1..ln.. B.br.n I ) I Imrlni Wild pltcb:
1932 W. ReblBsom m. Z-1TJJ Hllbe. ; P..... .ball: rflults. Wlnnlnt ..IIrIter.In. eroftciA i ROLLINS Cards a 2-0 edge in their series Orlando's double team of Jack Trucks for Win \
,...... '- Ulcber', Rubs. faiplna! Barr.Boiteas aNON.. lrl. .. a and knocked Boston out of a tie
and Jarda. Tlsw: 2:1T. Attendance. : Ruilaaa.b 4 I 1 I 5'ep.' lb. I I 1 1 J I with Chicago for the National Staton and Conrad Stewart were QUALITY TDKjt
hIlL Haaahraa.lk I 1 III .tw.u..2It 1 4 I C 1 eliminated in the second round by Open Monday EveningsWARREN'S

TERMITE CONTROL AId.r Gay.aa_',.rf S 1 I 1 I 1 : :jBI.lock.lf JRrtn.nn.lf: : : : 2 : League Relief lead.Pitcher Tony Carl_ Issued Disher and Dee. 63. 61.'A' PHILADELPHIA [APJ The r f.irTs and Boy*

ANGEBILT Impnalta.lf. 4ehn.3b I S 1 jTallnna. C 1 2 I 2 three Philadelphia Athletics shelled Virgil -
bases balls before
\\ 1 I I I :!lBnk. on the .
fleldB S S S I S
FLORAL SHOPPE"MEZZANINE Pantbanarf 4aphell.t I 1 1 JjTjIefcf2'KMnefarlb 4 I I 1 S hard-hitting outfielder recently Baseball Loop Trucks from the mound last TOYLAND
('. 4 I I 2 S 2 I S I acquired by the Redbirds from night and went on to score an 11-5
HID, i III ; Winter Park Phone 68
R'.rf.e I 411Can.
... t S 1 4' the Philadelphia Phils drove victory over the American League-
:MrBrKta.e" 4 I 1 I S .in Opens Slate Today .; M; OrsMe Ak..
ARTIFICIAL FLOWERS CORSAGESSped.1 Iwilllana.rr S S I I I Terry Moore with the deciding leading Detroit Tigers.

Walker Chemical & This Week: ,1"iaJla.Ik"sl.p..p" .. 215.1 15111 : run: I The four-team City Class A I Bob Savage recorded his third J
Potted Pansies 75c
Exterminating! Go. __ IIIn.sb.bp.SSI. 11I Getting his third hit of the Baseball League launches league victory for the Mackmen in six 1 THINKING ABOUT BUILDING? !

Nettle t. Rernolds Phone MSI Totah SI I-Tll-! Tntala. SIH14ZT1walked game. First Baseman Earl Torgeson -I play at 2 p.m. ,today at Tinker days. coasting home easily behinda CONTACT US 5

Bonded-Free. Inspections ..- for ) ..,,a Tth.fiennU I had erased the Cardinals' lead Field City Recreation Supt. C. L. I seven-run lead gained in the Homes Built at a Price to save you money.
Knlllna .. _. *M* Bnj 5451 with a two-run single in the Varner announced yesterday.Bob first inning. 2 to 3-Bedroom Home $7.000 up.
Tel. 4680 B5 5U BI-1Krara Weeks Will Complete Your Horn.
-WANTED- : Paapnalta.. Aldcrnaa 2. Talina. Gay. eighth.sosroNN. Carpino's District 2 nine I Trucks could get only one man Also Remodeling
Wabb.. Lb.... Cac. Rum .ballad U: Well... ) ft, IT. LOUIS (N)
mets Orlando AAB in the league
SPECIALTY SALESMANMUST out before he lifted in favorof 358 Brassie Phone
3210 Clay St. Orlando. Fla.. Blahrk. 4. Taltda S. Kllnkraltar. DeapnaltB.. Wrbb.Tartar. abellal! SiplIa was LEWIS BUILDERS INC.
OTHER OFFICES: HAVE CAR .' Ranqark !. Horn, rua 1'1._. BtI.bus. _- Rran.Ib t I S ZliVWd'jt.Ib 1 I t 1 1Iotrnaa.rf opener at Tinker Field today. Frank Overmire. Johnny Corsica Drive 22693FREE
.: Alderman. KlUwfeltrr.. Racrtflcaa: Hrat- ) 4 S t aJMoura.rf 41X1 *
The other two teams AubineBatt's
Lakeland and Dayton Beach CALL IN PERSON AT 953 took over the Detroit"pitching
: stIernw. pIe. Carter Campbell ami Hopp.rf iJ. S a fMiulal.lt: .> 1 a I 11'
ORANGE AvE.. WINTER PARK He.brea. Left .. ..._: Ganrda .. Bnlltns It Klll't.Sb 1 I I :!'''Iu.b'.r.rf S 1 S 1 5 District 1 club and Bob chores in the fourth when theA's
BaM aa balla: off Hill 4. Mtaraia 2. Cartar. .. C.llee.U 1 I I 1 IKura ,kt.lb 1 I 1 I Potter's District 4 nine meet at
From 8 to 830: AM & 430: to 530: PM got three
Brakafleld. Rrmrk out' br Hlnena '. Brakaflald Hlatl.. 1 .<:\nrthey.lf C. 2 Ilbr..ll.lf more runs.
KILL HIS Florida AppHonct ,fir Supply Co. 1. Hlta: .off Hill I. ,. 1 1-S Inst.". II 4 2 3 'IIM.rI..... 4 I I CMul. Exposition Park at 2 pjn. tomor- DETROIT (A) I PHILADELPHIA (A) : ON ANY CAR
ram. : aft Cart.. I la 4 S S Innlnn. I run.; art .. II1tIflar.gl&.s' 11111 row. abebla abel.
formerly Horns ImulotrOB Co. Bison I I. T tanlnta. 1 nine; art BrakeflaM I rsaaaa.lk 4 I I t !Ifun...... I' I I Lakes. 1 1 4 Jonet.Sb:! J 2 I is a AH this week-Motor Analyzer Test-Brake Test-Front
In t Intl.... C. .. Hit., Bllrhrr: by 11111Tilta "-_.n.'" I I 1 ilBrule.p 1 I 5 5 1 K.ll.lb I' I 1 4'Talo.it: SI C ItrallkBlk End Examination rtn Gear Checkup-All Chains
FLEASTorment : (, ..). by Brakafleld. Deapnalla. Wild pltrhet. : JoII_.. I' StGEIIIorI.p | Lake Worth Paces 1 t I tTaln.lb 41 I ( 2MrHal..lN e Check-Estimate on Body and Faint Work-Drive lull
,_. Carter. Wlimlni pltetor' Ito -. LoaIni I I I S *[ 1117 t.rrupmiB.rf. 11 I sWakrfM 5 is all Free.
Dust : pltehat-. : Hill.. I'aiplraa: Davis and Wlrulo. Karlp 11111\) .If S I t X ';Blnkl.If 11 I I SIIii.ef
t Tins of lima 1-2: *. aLttwbUar I I I t j State Swim Meet ) ,
ME If I : 1 S *!Maj kl.3b 41 I S I STIVERS-PONTIAC
will kill the fleas:!:Lr Ev.n.rf 4SIIIPlandley.b. 41151
Tetala. 14 1 1..211.1 T..... U. 11 IT 11 MIAMI [API Lake Worth boys' )I... b S' B iriierra.e 41 I 41 C2 W. COLONIAL PHONE 2-231t
on your dog in _: Lou Finney Named a.walked.. for Caller la ill,. swimming team ranked a five- .:!!" I' 1 I *;,,8ataa., 1 I I 15
y-t aot wbaa wlantfif na Brand Tebbetu.a 1 ( 1 II
30 seconds-if it fails it I 81 Loula .. til Ml 11-48k point leader in the annual Florida Rlehe.e 1 I S 1 ITrrnki.p |
... .
St. Pete ManagerST. .1. all Ill }ai-4 school 55151
I high swimming champion-
Error,: Oaraftota. 8hrtt. Buna betted la: reraaaddes. Orarnlrea i t t t t J\|
is free! Harmless to the PETERSBURG [AP] Lou Marine I. Blaafhtar. Torgewe, I. Narthey.Twa ships at Pratt General Hospital Contra.a 1I1Il NEW HOME FOR SALE
I I baia lila: Xartbey. Moore gluten batea: pool yesterday with 19 points. -----1 --
dog. Finney. veteran' of 14 major league (Tnrseaaa. Farnandes. Mail. 8arrtftraa: Knrawikl.MaaL Total IS S 'It IIi, Total] till til t
Double. stays: 1Ir... Caller. and Tarseaoa: Fort Lauderdale was second with Crrw Jon.1 Bans ...11'" In Cb...... Mafnkl '
campaigns. is the new of Here is beautiful three bedroom' home in Edgewater HeightsNo.
1 Ib. box $1.00 manager rVbaendleaat. Marlaa and Muilal .. .. a
C.II. .
__. : Byes 12. Hillsborough of Tampa-lastyear's Hin n ,. Gtifrra Tato 1. Rinka 1. )IulIt" j'
the St. Petersburg Saints of the' and TnrsaaM. Left aa Knee: Bmton '. Ht. Laara I ",.h.... RicbB !. Uakrfltld Tee kaiB hill.Ulkrfirld 2. Best construction and materials, modern two blocks
V4 lb. box _._ _. ____ .-___30c Florida International League. suc- It Batea aa ball: Johnaoa 2. O. Elliott 1. winner-third with 8; St. Chapman. Matnkl. Tab,. Rinki. )Iul- from Lake Adair. Concrete block construction, stucco over tile
I Karl 1. Uunier 4. 8trlkaaata: Karl 1. M....... I.Bowl. Petersburg 5: Fort Myers, 3. and IIB TII,.. .haw Uu Handlar. Vat... Douhla plaraOirmlrt. :
Sold by Feed, Seed and Ii II ceeding Jimmy Foxx. 1 Rita: off Johnaoa S la I 1-1 lent...; I Bolles Academy of Jacksonville. 1. Trbbrlti and kill; Gurrrs sod HandlfT; bath. screen porch garage landscaped Venetian blinds awnings. ..
i aff O. Elliott I ta did net _Ire a ballarr .
Appointment of Finney. who was Jooat. Hanttlri and r ln. Left OB bam: Detroit Insulation. 1221 Norwood Avenue. 1180000. $500.00 cash G.I.
Hardware Stores. I dl Karl 1 la 1-1; err Manser 1* la T I-I; arrBraxla I*. PhiladelphIa 4. BaM aa .ball: .ff $..... I.
I kaaa unconditionally released' this week I la 1 11.Wlnnlnf phrase: Braila.Laalnc Trurki 2. Orarmira 4. Omlca 1. Kirikmatt: by 2400.00 cash civilian. Live In one of the better sections of .
PatentedVflWAMS' Free your pet of irritating. by the Philadelphia Phillies, was .... pile'-: K.". ('."'...: Barllrk.. Cora Jet Pilot, Faultless 8'T.ia t. GenIes I Hlta; aft Trurka 4 la 1Slimlnc Orlando. 100 lots for sale $800.00 up. Open for inspection
nnellL TUae. 2:25.
: AtundaarariJ.411
Bald. rtcrmln 4 la 1 Contra 1 IB
; 4
announced yesterday by Edward S. ; X-J. Saturday and Sunday 1 to 5.
CHEMICAL CO. \ Disease carrying Ticks withTICKNOX Top Field for WithersNEW Wild pitrk Trarki U lnf piirbA. Trocka. Vmplraa -
[Eddie] Dean, general manager of BREWERS SIGN BECKER Hurl*. Paiiaralla. Born and BODBMLTiaia
MANUFACTURERS the St. YORK TAP] Jet Pilot i'13 Atundaim: .'.U1. .
Petersburg club. He disclosed MILWAUKEE [APJ Pres. Jake I

208 South Parramore St. For Sal. at Leading that Foxx. one of the great Flowers of the Milwaukee Brewers winner of the Kentucky Derby, COLLEGE GOLF ORLANDO DEVELOPMENT CO.

ORLANDO Drug and Pet Stores right-handed batters of baseball I announced yesterday the signing and Faultless winner of the LBhigh 5. Waatarn Maryland JVi.Citadal I Phone 8383
I Va. South Carolina I. 19 Rutland Bldg.
- history tendered his resignation as a free agent of First Baseman I Preakness last Saturday tangle N. C. StaU ISVi. Wake ......t I.

several days ago but remained until Heinz Becker who was released I again today In the Withers Mile I _Virginia.!: Tach 22 "....011. 50INDUSTRIAL

a successor was named. Finney three days ago by the Cleveland at Belmont Park as part of a field

( will be a playing manager. of 12. '

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Ne' t>.> *. u drill. Na intarfBranca with( autv aerial Add camfart and sass .to I I, Household = ciation.
ever, imta you elr",.. Tel. 6104 Dept. 1-, I

UAVfl 101 N- 3iAL\ ST. Hardware Do c= $1,00 PERSON INC.. TAX $1.
F. n Fl A I U Q ; Ocala Florida Phone 187 Blue Joseph BUMBY
PHONE 9782 ,. ... .. .. .
1' '
182 Wa Churck It. "
'' '''1''' '' I "" : \'
I i 1IilClIJ1L'l111 .. .:. ... ... __' .. ., I .. H. 'N' 'II\'IIII'I! !




, I. .....
.. .
I ... -

........- I- .

r- .
( ..

SonoreMauls 1 / Orlando as Tinker/ Honored Tops Little in Audrey Quarter-Horse, Lucky Bob EventsWith Rate

Saturday, May 17, 1947 (flrlanfrn fflnrntng &rnttiifl Page 7 Little. Audrey, filly owned by Roy Browning,

Lakeland, favored in the 220-yard competition and Lucky
Some 1100 Fans Kettles Allows
Bob, quarter stallion owned by Bob Deen, Bunnell, re-

American British Golfers Tie I I Islanders Win Winclewicz garded as best selection in the quarter-mile races, mem

.bers _o.f.t FJorida. Quarter Running Horse Associationlast

Pay TributeTo In First Phase of Cup MatchesST. I Hurls PalatkaTo Senators Six dad down night at had the their Florida mounts Livestock bed .

ANDREWS [APJ] "The top amateur golfers of : Second in Row Exposition track's initial in Statewide preparation livestock of the president Hotel, Westbury for another was year re-elected and

Britain and America battled to a dog-fall yesterday in the |I 4-2 WinSpecial meeting. Herman Turner Sarasota was

Cub GreatJoe Scotch foursomes, opening phase of the first post-war : Hits in I 11-1 1 TiltThe Post time is 2:30 p.m. today foi I elected president, succeeding JoeB.
( to Orlondo Morning Sentinel] .
Hendry Jr.. Labelle. New direc-
and will I the first of eight elimination
Walker Cup matches, square off still all even today From DeLand ST. AUGUSTINE Palatka races. tors include C. H. Downs Sara-
in the concluding eight singles matches of the inter- I ISpecol Sanford I to determine the selections fortomorrow's
Tinker, a member of Base stopped St. Augustine 4 to 2 before rampaging Celery sota. Mark Britt Winter Garden

ball's Hall of Fame and the short- national------ -- _u classic over the oldA, 1189 fans here last night be- Feds hung a humiliating 11-1 defeat two championshipevents. and Browning.

stop In the Chicago Cubs' once course." ( to Orlondo Morning Sentinel] hind the brilliant four-hit hurlingof I on the Orlando Senators here Lucky Bob runs in the fourth Nearly- 40 horses were stabled
. Tlnkers-to-Evers-to-Chance DELAND-The Beach Winclewicz to even the two- last night before a Joe Tinker at the
great Britain refuse to Daytona exposition grounds last
Not only did race and Little Audrey in the
double play combination was paid lUMl Islanders humbled the DeLand game series with the Saints. Night attendance of 1099. night, and Westbury said only

special tribute here last night bya yield an inch In'yesterday's four : I! Red Hats here last night in a The Azaleas got but five hits off It was'the largest home turn- fifth.Pres. likely change in the announced

crowd number close to 1,100 struggles before close to 10,000 torrid twelve innings of baseballby 'two St. Augustine hurlers- but out of the current Florida State Harry Westbury said program was substitution of Azalea

fans in the same park Tinker spectators. but her straight-shoot- the score of 6 to 4. bunched three of them- for three- League home season exhibition.and the Senators'worst 1 i i last night the Orlando track is ', Pete owned by E. W. Williams.

himself built back In 1925. tog sons knocked off two of the Team FLORIDA w L PcMTaam STATE LEAGUE W: L Pet.I Edwin Stablefield on the mound tallies in the fourth. Toncoff's I in perfect condition and described Palatka for Britt's Black Angelin

In a short, simple ceremony before challengers' most potent pairs. DeLand 2011 .64J'Sanford 17 15 .531 for the visitors pitched his way single Moody's double and Dan- Goose Kettles of Sanford was the general exposition the seventh race. "Anger was

Sanford and Orlando clashedin Dud Ward-Smiley Quick and Dick St. Aal(. 17 13 .587 Leesburc K 15 ..816Orland out of several tough spots although -I son's single accounted for the in form, and he stiffled the Or- I layout in terms of praise. I at the track but unable to race.
17 U .MS Palatka 14 18 .438 six
lando attack with scattered
a Florida State League game Chapman-Frank Stranahan. by QaresVle 17 IS .531,Daytona B. 7 24 .226 reached for thirteen safeties i three tallies. A walk to Pirtle and "We are confident that the Central I Britt said that R. G. Goolsby
hits. 13 balls hit
Tinker was Introduced to the decisive margins.Ted MMulU Yesterday to gain .a well deserved vic- I Napoles' single gave Palatka an- Only were out Florida public will respond to Hollywood, and R. D. Keene Orlando -
of the infield by the Senators
turnout and made a short speechof Sanford tory. other our bralid of racing this had consented to
U. ORLANDO 1. tally in the sixth. serve as
his while nine batten went down
and partner.
thanks. John Ganzel business Bishop CAYTONA ICACH I DELANO I weekend'j
Palatka and we plan to give Judges for the Sheriff
4. Jim
St. Aucuatine 2. The races.
ak NPI& Saints loaded the sacks in
Skee Riegel. scored the first of r ak f bp.i via infield pop-tips before the
manager of the Orlando Senators, Daytona Beach 6. DeLand 4 (12 Innlnis). MGnlk.rf 1 1 t I a mMn.rf Silt the opening Inning and a balk by moving program with Black will be timer Bill Matthews
also spoke, praising Tinker for his America's two victories closing! Leesburc 15, Gainesville I. ZandfT.lk SSSl3lRoss.lb 58121 big knuckle-bailer. I excitement." I
Kissimmee. will be starter and
and citizen. out their Irish-born opponents.Joe RoCTMT.If Sift I "'._11.1'.. 1 S 1 TI Winclewicz and a base on balls Tommy Hyde, who was out In ,
ability as a player a Today's' Games /lhU...,.. t t 1 f S.M.P.TM.Is S t 111 SN.i.e. with the bases still loaded pushed quest of his sixth win. pitched At a dinner meeting of the ass6- II Bill Hutchinson Orlando will
Tinker was obviously nervous as Carr and Cecil Ewing, 3 and .'. t..1. 4 AIM..JB e 1 1 1 ciation :
ORLANDO I last the Lamar official.
at OalnMvule.Leesburi home night in serve as track !
In front of the 2 the 34th rillpiklrf\ I S I 1 artolckn ell' 4 of the locals tallies. creditable nine-hit ball but the
he walked out on green. at Daytona Beach. t Rnaian.Ik. f 125N.nd.ses.lfSSIIl, PALATKM ST. I .s- -AToday's -
: grandstand with the aid of Willie Turnesa and Fred Kam- Palatka at Sanford. Shcppard i I 1 I a Vna rf a IIS abrb..n. ,. Senators were defensively offensive -I Program440YASO- ;" KI
crutches. His left leg was ampu- St. Stet.feId.p4{ t 1 I SKiem..np 2 S S 4I.II'se.a QmuJ.b4151113n4v25 25135 behind him. committing five
j mer Jr. contributed the other | 1.1. <( tated last January In an operation . AI.mas.g 2 1 1 Plrll..rf f I I a .'Krlitl.. .?.k e I t 11 I
shooting steady and sometimes I : ; for Post Owner Rider
LEAGUE Twiraff ell S victory. I
deemed necessary to combat a $Iiiosk..e I t t I Karplnkl I I I 21
Name of
Posit. Horitrat
infection brought on brilliant golf to subdue the Scots- T.am W L a>ct.1Tam' W L Pet. i Naanlra.lk' 4 1 S M a Wilkn.M: 4 S I 4 1 Sanford in registering their It.ee Post Time 2:10'

gangrenous men Alex Kyle and James Wilson Detroit 15 S .852New York 10 II .478 Trtala 4*"1! M 171 Totala 41 IS M ISa 1 MoMlr.ir_... I. t i a Hnihn.rf 3 S 1 1 I third straight triumph in two 1. King Kleberiherman Turner Sarasota ..___________ ._ Johnny Jordan
11. 111 -
by athlete's foot last Summer.In Boston 15 10 .Philadel'e 11 13 .458 -bailed for Klmuwo: la Ola.Itanana .. ..... S'JolmxmrfII I. I I I i 2. Harmony Joe __Roy Brownlnc. Lakrland .___ _______._ Jay Matthew*
5 and 4. Cleveland 10 1 .528,Waihingfn 9 lima. IS* III SIS ..!-aDol. II 1 5 I a IIIII.ulI.... I. S r Iunke..p night started off their run mak- n
M450| I 3. Grandma lUiltla 8> Dewey Wklbanki. Tampa ...___________. Tony Oonsalex
..... .
voice that trembled with Chicago 12 12 .500.81.: Louis I 16 .333 S. tin 11* 5t-4 4 I I 1 4It..lne.r.p 2 II I I5.Inm.p in the ___ __ _
a Ward and Quick received a .r.rmra: : Roman t. $..._& Aim S. llMdmui.ft 11111I I ing opening inning and t. Sonny Sorrel nn.R. F. Bakrr Plant City Billy 0101 Wrifht
emotion Tinker thanked every- surprising 5 and 4 hiding from I Results, Yesterday ...hl..ell. II. r.... ,. HUM b...... In: fUilln.llrtiralh. .- I I I ITdnln coasted in for the decision. ,
concerned for making the Boston 12. St. Louis 7. ... -..... S..... V.t.. WtdJ.II. ". : -----1 _____ Dave Bride who paced the Sanford : Second Mac __ Pott Tim 2:50
one the veteran English pair Leonard / 4 1 JTU! I 1. Cotton : _______-Russell ".rmer. WauchulaOcne --_____... Red Comn
Washington 2. Cleveland 0 (night). Part Tw base SItE RotriMr. Hi.h.lf.1.1. HOBO.Aim TixahMM II 1 1 n IIiir'osmled ____ __ ___ __ _
night possible. Crawley and Percy Lucas. ,. Thm but kits: Boernrr. Flllpikl. ftlol- fur RnI"",,. In fib.Talaika attack with a triple and a :- 2. Smoker -- Srbrlni. Srbrint ____----- Clyds LoU
Philadelphia 11. Detroit :S (night __
._ I 3. FleetfootOene Pride Tampa __ ______.. J. Shoita
.It is one that I shall nevertarget Another English pair Ronnie (Only fames scheduled). ,M flol.k bust,C..r1II.sS M. 1'I", Klmaom", ,,. Rosa,. lo.n",. HmiterMl, M. Pma.McGnth. t.. AUIUIU" 101 HI SIt.11I Hitz. IllISt. -' double in four tries tripled with t. Baby Bit ______H. r. Westbury. Palatka n _?___________ Duke Solana
want to take this Today's' Games ...... :' a mate aboard in the first inning I
and I White and Charlie Stowe admin- Doubl ,l lay.lhll..* t<> NtpM. to : Judr. AiHtrrvm nanxm. Rrhwr
thank Prctable pitchers; (won and lost recordsin Za/lf1ftrIIt let w %......, I. X......*. Left en .So.<..: Quna>li. Rum hailed InJohnmi.. Montr. Danami and counted on an infield out to bird Race Post Tim Jlt:
__ _
Ifportunlty to everyone istered a sound thumping to .. 2. !(....I... h. haM kll )1no Knit I. MajorBoocer _____-J. C. Dryden Tampa _______-- ". Sholti
parentheses l'tm hooch 1* IwUnd 1J. HIM b.lli: : Mr. Martin Andersen ......... put the Feds 2-up. 2. Red ______Mark Britt. Winter Garden .____.Tommy Barrow
John Ganzel. Chapman and Stranahan 4 and Chicago at New Tort (2)-Lopat 2-3) ntrl1..ld: *. Alocin X Slnwkit: br I ban n: Judy. "' Karrlflr: JftI"lloa.: '
.... 3. Sis Martin ._ _____.Orne Pride. Tampa ___________________ Johnny Jordaa
the radio and Lee (2-11 or Oillesple (1-0) vs. tibea m.txlfeld 2. KlMUMM 4. Atom X Bill SEC i ki. pint: I* Anitrnnn la Krlmlf.: left .aha. Ty Braziel dropped an easy out- -
and the newspapers, 3. after having shot a fine par 73 '.(2-1) and Chandler (1-3). Klno.Ml I.I S In"ln,. It; <*t AkMiM In 4: toalnal .- ..: Palaika. 1*.. H. Aiicnulln. t Bat en lulls field to Bob I t. General ._________J. C. Dryden. Tampa ______________._ Tony OoneslesI
people and all you fans who have I on the first 18 to gain a six-up St. Lou!. at Boaton.-Potter (1-3) va. t. lilt by ..1.toy KIMirUrld' L It.Htlnrr .. ".._Ira 1. KMunn. I. tHrartMl fly put Lee on second i I
Parnell (1.1). faitac pllrbrr. : Atonzo.. upim: Jln-In l andClMik. In Hel..., 1. "'_I..1ra '. llaliinM 1. Hll: 1 and cost Hyde another rim. Fourth Mac Post Tim 3:M
been so nice to me. I .._________ _
Luck ______ E W. Williams. Palatka J. Brooki
.... I. Lady :
., SEC a h
1 t S
Cleveland at Washington-Xmbree: (3-2) Tl M fMLeesburg: Innlnx hm. 4 "' IllS An infield out and a long fly ___ _____ _
This stand has been here a I Newnorn (0-2) l b, pllrhw: br Hflnn 'iNapoln' ). W.ncle.lesIJolyl. 2. Sergeant BUI ...____J C. Dryden. Tampa .__ __ Tony GongalegI
TS I ------ T .._ _____..._____
scored Lee. I. Lucky Bob ---------R w. Deco Jr. Buonell Tummy Barrow
long time. We'll have another lead.Winter Detroit at Philadelphia-Nevaome (2-4) TmwIrM Balk. Null W.aw-l.wIz and Brltwk.l..olo, pllchrr: H l lBM I 4. Duke ,-__...Russell ".rm,.,. Waurbula __-_____l._.___, Red Conies
TlaM ml
stadium next I vs Coleman (0-1) game: Kritlr doubled with one awayI
newer, bigger I la
For the sake of my children and Haven NATIONAL--.-LEAGUE Tops I I. In the third, went to third on a Firth Mac 220-YARD RACES Post Tim 3:SO

grandchildren, I hope it too Is Team W L Pct.lTaam W L Pet. Combs Reverses wild pitch and scored on an I 1. Little Audrey ______Roy Brownlnc. Lakeland __._________. Jay Matthews .
named Tinker Field." Chicago 14 11 .583 Brooklyn 13 11 .5421| I outfield fly. I 2. Bobo _--_______Ceell Cowart. Orlando ... ________________Tommy Barrow
I Boston 14 11 IIOPhUa'phla 12 13 .480 I Three mechanical I 3. Laddie __________Roland Skipper and Gene Sebrlnt, Sebrlnf--_, Cyde LoU
NMT York 12 10 .545,Cincinnati 12 15 .444 Decision OnProtested singles, a error i t. Johnny A. _____A. A. Story St. Cloud ____________________.B. Myers
Meets FletcherWinter :I Pittsburgh 19 10 .500,81.:, Louis 8 15 JM GMen158 and a mental error were good I
WASHING MACHINE for three more Fed runs in the SlatS Mae Peat Tim 4:1':
REPAIRING I Results YesterdayNew I i I I 1. King Rancher _____Bay STrtfliui.' Melbourn ___________ Lamar Sapu
Tort 5. Chicago 3. Game eighth. 2. Dusty Bailer ____H. E. Westbury. Palatka .______________. Duke Solana
U your washing machine needs repair -. Philadelphia 8. Cincinnati 4. Orlando I 1 The Senators lone run tame I 3. Fannie 0 ____--____J. L. Glb.on. Falatka ._..._______.. Jimmy Brooks
(Special Sentinel
card er phon Haven's undefeated softball Brooklyn 3. Pittsburgh 1 (night) to Morning ] ,
II Jnst drop vs a : President Al Combs of the Flor- in : t. Twentyti.T.. J. Durranc Jr.. Brighton .._. Jar Matthews
J .U7%. team will come here for a St. Louis 4. Boston 3 (night). GAINESVILLE-Exploding for the !seventh. Manning !singledand
Pick-up and delivery service wlUUa Today's Games ida .State League last night an- moved to second when Ij I Seventh Rae Snot Tim 4:14))
nine the fifth the
a radius of 75 miles of Orlando. : game with the Fletcher Motor Co. Probable pitchers: (won arid*lost recordsIn inning nounced he had reversed himself Bride muffed the j 1. Black Angel ___Mark Brttt. Winter Garden ______n. Duka Solans
HARRIS I nine a city all-star club at 8 p.m. parentheses: .' Leesburg Pirates coasted to a 15-8 and i pick-up !scoring I. Poo EraDutchess __________Cecil: Cowart. Orlando ......... .__Tommy Barrow
CALDWELL & today at Exposition Park. Brooklyn at Pittsburgh-Melton (0-0) vsOstermneller decision over the Gainesville G- was "requesting" that the on Brazil's single. 3, ____... ...Russell Fanner. Wauchula _________--Red Coning
Phone Z-ltn ZZ1J Bdcewaler Dr. I (2-1) S Palatka-Daytona Beach game of The Senators travel to Galnesi 4. Flapper __. ,, _Doric I. Carlton Jr. ________------Clyde Lott
Either Ollie Barker. who has New York at Chicago-Koalo (2-1) vs. Men here last night before a 5
May be replayed at Palatka
been sidelined several days with a Lade (2-0)) crowd of 1125. i i yule tonight for a single game > Eighth Mac Pest Tim 4fAH :
Philadelphia at Cincinnati Leonard May 26.Combs. i
with the G-Men. Gene Major Is
The Shop Well Groomed Men game leg. or Jack Williams will (5>1) vs. Hetki (1-2)). I The game was enlivened in the I had originally ruled I scheduled to pitch. ( horses entered In this race are maidens never harint ran on a track In com
Boston at St. Louis-6pahn (5-0) vs. Pol- when I
hurl for the Fletcher nine. G-Man half of the fifth OAIANDB petition before*.
Prefer lei (1-4). against a protest lodged by Mgr. I 1AIIF0ID I

The only air-conditioned shop Dave Burke of Gainesville and I I Grover Hartley of Daytona Beach nbrhp.s. .. r .. ,. I t. Poppy 8u.e ________Mart Britt. Winter Oardea _____-.:.....--.Tommy Barrow
Central Florida Ridgeway I II I! : : : : : : ; 2. Nellie'.A... A. 8torJ. It. Cloud _--.B. Myws
la Mrtult YnUrday' [I during the game at Palatka. lMang.b S I Yhranp.ef IRrld.ef ____Dewey Wllb.Dk. T.mpa _____Toni Gonzales
few blows at second base 3. Bandy Stewart'
Havana 1. Miami 0. passed a i I I' 2 J.b 4 I 5 I 1llrk".rr ____,
EOLA BARBER SHOPA. t He said he reversed his decision t. ValrlcD Hancock'nDewe, Wllbsnks, Tampa Don JordanW
/ I I S 2 81.1' 4 I SIt ILab.
Lakeland 11, Miami Beach I. I after Burke slid into the Pirate II S before
I ... Never ran la eomeUUon
after receiving an opinion from It S I I 2 I "I"1 1 I I
L;. Dickinson. Prop. SOUTH ATLANTIC LEAGUE I second sacker. Both players: were I! President George Trautman of the 1.311 3 2 1 :t .o..rI...." 4 I 1 1 I5ift.tsn.Ib ---
22 E. 'Washington St, Team W L Pet Taam W L Pet. ejected from the game. I 1 I a I B.aal.l.rr 4 I t S I
Your I!Columbus 20 12 .625Macon, 18 17 485 I LEESBURG I GAINESVILLE National Association on the unusual -! 7..ha. 4115505.... 51151 RADIO SERVICE
Mem* TwnA :Jackaon'e 18 13 .:.SSllAususla 15 18 .484 I sbtbpiI. sbrbpis. I play that provoked the pro ......1_., S I 2 I 1 flydep I I I I 1 Best Trailer Shop
Savannah 16 10 .500 Greenville 15 17 ..489Charlea'nT I IMtVtr.ik a 1 1 1 SI.I! .phart.lf 4 I : \
*ntA test. Tot lit 17 11 117 4] ToUll II 1 I tT II HOME MOTOROLa AUTO
16 17 .48 IColambla 12 20 J75 .
*ut bUu.cf\ S t t t Burki.il lIt' _ Awnings Ready To Go
I .nford 111 .11I 1311
HOME-TOWN TRANSACTION! RtMilts YMUrday i Ond.H 45IS4Fwl..Ib.u1i11l Orlando ... ._ SOS 10* I**- 1 ] Expert record changer ssrvlts work
Charleston 12. Columbia 7. hnsm.ir 5. t H SERVICERe'frif I I and D.liver.
2225 Pickup
Last ErranRrailel.. Jinllra. Thraop. AbrM 1. Rrld.I" W. Washington guaranteed -
Macon 9. Columbus 8. 1 t 1 Kilon.ll. 5 IM.u.T..f Fights NightNEW ,
I : : : : I IHtrIIl..11o / ... balled la: Brtite. Rlrketmi t. Zuba X.Rntam .
A Good Place To Tish Jacksonville nvln.. 15. Savannah 11. 1 4 1 .*TierfrfIb 1 I YORK (AP) Welterweight Champion -, t. Briil.I. III1Y...... b. bass bIts: Dial 6894 Economy Auto Supply Store
Or 13. Augusta 7. 4 1 5 S llor..s.lb 4 1 I I 1
and Radio Ray Robinson tuning up for his Rrlrte. Krttli: Julflr. Ttirn b... Mi: BrMa.Aarrlflre I
naokilon.cl. } 111 aiimlih.e! 4 1 a I S tOn Winter Garden Road 1 US a. Orsngg Ave. PhoaI I4U
LEAGUE title defense two werka away IB Cleveland : Ketllfs. I..n.i ka.n: Kanfot4 Or-
Service-Competent Personnel INTERNATIONAL Pei.p. S 1 1 a a ll1a11na.p S 1Mihalikp I t I
I I I was awarded a split 10-round decision over land I. B..e.. kalli: off ".ul.. 1. Hfd t.mrark .
Results Yettarday' I I e I aroarr.p S t I I .
to Oeorde Abrama III Madison Square Garden : wt Keltln 5. Hd X. Wild.. pllrhet
I serve you FISHING DOCK Montreal .. Toronto 0. Garnlih.rf S I t lBowland.rf[ XTiMilf I I I I by :
Rochester 73. Buffalo :3.1. -----i ----- but the verdict was arcompaajed br a Hj(1( !. tnplrtaUoblry.. Cooper. and La'tlJ.!
I Work Guaranteed S"V "0. Lab Apopka" Baltimore 5. Newark 3. 41151421'Ij| Totili. SIS SITS solid round of boos. Robinson weighed Tim of sine:: 14*.
Jersey ICty at Syracuse, ppd, rain. Lmburt .___. ._._ 1M 090 "!-ISOaliMnill 150'; Abrams 162.
BoatsBaitMotors10111I OKI MX illI I I COLLEGE BASEBALL 12. f
MONTREAL (AP) Johnny Grero of Montreal .' Hollina K, U. .f Georgia (Savannah .
PHONE 5136 Cram11ll,. JoIn. Oakland fla. SOUTHERN ASSOCIATION Errors: Burk*. Thorpe.' Lrlphart. Fauio .t.Waahlnito % : ?
Rnulta Yesterday *. G......, Buns halted la: Coort.J.ihnwB I retained his Canadian welterweighttitle Br. S.Notre 1
when he knocked out Challenger Danny Dam 7. Oh!. State S (IS Innings).
Mobile 3. Atlanta 2. .. Cannbrll .. *.M<.. Oall.ghse. I IH. )
Birmingham 1. .... ,hl..Oft.lIf'bbl,, 1. Webb after 19 seconds of the second Citadel a. South Carolina S.
New Orleans 4. Faiilo. Wa "
WILLARD & KEISER Little Rock kiln I round of the scheduled 12rounder. Villaneva a. OserlItawn 1. Nt'fOil
FREE DEMONSTRATION Chattanooga 8. 6. Lelptam. Thorp Tw-baM : raula. IImUb'1 I (QIIIVfC -
Memphis at Nashville ppd., rain. MMI. Umllk ..-. bill: 'Callaihan. P.nn State 9, Wntcrn Maryland' I.
CHICAGO (AP) Sammy Angott. 32yearold Tense. IS. Union C.II..e *.
Norge and Philco Dealer of the NEW MERCURY ''h'... Horn rosa: JohBMB. SarriflOM: **
i former World's Lightweight Champion Maryland' t. Washington A Loa S.
AMERICAN ASSOCIATION Ihnihlt plan: lUdfewiy I* Good Is Heckler. :
Vein Theater Block-ColonUltowmBe 10 II. P. Outboard Motor Results YesterdayColumbus Haw oa\ ball*-off: Bolos 5. Uahllek. O'CallaihM defeated Johnny Bratton. 19-year-old Iowa .. Mmnotota 7.
Chicago Negro In 10 rounds before 18.409at Arm 14 Columbia 4.
12. Milwaukee S. 4. Poker 1. HUM 4-: Struck out: kr Balm ..
See RALPH HAGOOD Toledo 4. Kansas City 3. Mahilrk, S. OCmll.nh.B 4. Hose t. lIlt efO'slluhna ; Chicago Stadium. It was Bratton'a first Alma 4, DetroitGeorgia ..
I ,,,.... setback after ten successive triumphs. Tech S). Goorcia; 4.
Indianapolis 4. Paul 2.
St. Off Cokert
124 Pine S Ia 4 Innlnca. :
W. (At Orlando Weldi.11Phone
I LouiaviUa t. Minneapolis 9. In 3/* Union 1 nun. rr-. Shim t Ia T \
fo visitORANGE 9M4.Complete Innings t ru_ Bit br pltrher." kr O'CallaihaaIJohmmil I ;
sure I Repairs On All Makes. Coke [Wa.hlntoa] Bnlrn IR..... ,
Wild pilch**. Bet.. MobileS. : Balk. Ubilck.Implrea. DRY CLEANING SERVICE
H Wlmtoo. Holla. :
FOUNDA I Pre-spotted scientifically cleaned also according to \

Aptcfureof Rain PostponesFort methods advocated by the National Institute of Dry
Cleaners. hangered and packaged. Two to three-day 01'IZ
I WATCHI RefrlteratorPromptEtflc.entReasonable Fixed! Worth PlayFORT service. No expense spared to give you quality work.

ON LAKE I Domestic-Commercial WORTH TAP] Heavy \ .
AFOPKA BETWEEN Refrigeration: Service rains which started early Friday

OCOEE AND APOPKA I ,IIX- 223 MagnolIa Avenue afternoon caused the postponement !

DOVT FUSS COUP TfOC of the second round of the EST. TEL. tNS

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I Page 8 rlan-m? fHflrttttta &rntbttl.. Saturday, May 17, 1947 Sanford/ farmers' MarketThe

Cattle Sales Record following
.1 Top prices reported by
the dealers on the Sanford StateFarmer's

Stocks Break Daily Citrus Auctions Citrus Report Market. produce soldto
CARLOT SHIPMENTS mtfomrto FOR Truckers ana Dealers to
THE U. S. FOR THURSDAY [Special to Orlando Morning Sentinel 1] Orlando 25 cows 1180.23: C. B.! $500.61: Fred Babb Kissimmee 1

ORAN OISP1ericIa ltd. Puss T...... Commodity I[total Fla.l\,cart Cal.Art.|car.|cars La. ITa cars'total..IO'nd KISSIMMEE--Receipts of $90.- Roberts, Orlando 3 cows. $223.43; I hog $26.23; Elmer S. Jones, Orlando Beans 12:01: May Snap.17.bu.1947 hamp.ajn..$1.25-2.00

Bear Low Of $_, .*--* Wlrebd. lad. Rrt. Calif. 4/& Bu Orantet __- I 1 328] 3281 71 I I 449 590 established a new record for I George Berry, Orlando, 2 calves. 5 2 hogs. $38.61; King Kong Cabbage. 50-lb. sack .$1.75-2.25
Russ Grapefruit ,1 8l) 9 ,I 97 i I
recent transactions on the live- cows, $264.32: Sam Chastain Smith. Wauchula 13 steers. 891.
CITY-Market torn Cars A*. Can AT Cars A 0 Car A.. Can A* MInd cit,.. I 381 2| f I I 40 Celery, Golden Crate pre-
New York City (IrrecnlarV _. 12 3 87 3 3." 13 S 43 ? '_. Unreported-May 14: T *as. 3 orantes: stock auctions here Wednesday. Canal Point 66 calves. $1,400.11; 80; G. H. Prather. Kissimmee. 1 cooled $5.00-5.85
Last October Philadelphia unchanged) _._ 11 350., JL: 3 530 .. _- Texas. 74 grapefruit; Texas. 6 mixed A total of 1.422 head was sold. i M. Tomkow. Lakeland. 2 calves. cow. 7 steers $617.32: Bert Weth- '
Celery. Pascal crate
483 .
I Boston unchsna-Ml __ 2 3.32 3 ? citrus $4.50-$10
DOW.JONCS CLOSING AVERAGES Pittsburgh Mower) .._-_-.-.-. I 3 96 2 5 J7 _- __ SUMMARY OF PASSINGS THROUGHTHE Top deals included purchase 3 yearlings, 1 cow $253.00; V. E.! erby. Kissimmee. 1 bull. $33.67: Corn sack $3.00-3x5
NEW YORK (UP) Cleveland lower>)> ... 8 '.31 54 97 __ ___ FLORIDA GATEWAYS by Swift and Co. of Bartow of Bennett. Oak Hill. 9 steers I H. H. Smith Bassenger. 12 cows. Cucumbers bu. $1.75-4.50
.. HiaN Law CI_ Net Ch. Chlcaio Unionist), 4 3 81 13 4 87 Including diversions at Savannah and I I hamp
tocku 0.* six calves John
90 ...eI. J67.S1 111.02 114.... 1(4 M off 2.93 St. Louis flower) ......___ 2 310. S 4 13 Atlanta for 34-hour period ending 6 am.: !I aggregating 1,600 $750.12: Nettles Orlando. 4 $629.12; Elmer Bass. 6 calves. Eggplant. bu. hamp $1.75-3.00
MMailt41.lt 4JM 4242 42.IB off '.N I Cincinnati lower) ______ 6 3.31 1408 Last West South Total pounds from George Bass of cows. $347.02: H. P. Prather Kis- $172.51; L. W. Granger, Lakeland, Lettuce Iceberg crate
IS Utilt 11.29 JUT 12 M J291aff '..1&IS Detroit steady ._?_____ __. 338 5 4 92 Orange ______ 125 55 30 210 I Bartow; sale by Duke Tuckerof simmee 3 bulls. 6 steers. $618.72 14 calves. $330.03; Albert J. Chestnut ,
St.... S9.1J M.2T n.n SI." off *._. Baltimore hither) __-...._ 2 383 .- __ 1 5.38 Grapefruit __..u_. 41 17 12 75 ; drypacked $2.00-2.50
Bond: CIM Net c" Totala ._ __ .- 473.17: 33.7151499 __ lllxed\ citrus ----- l4.m. 3 flteru-n I Belle Glade of a 528poundcow Crate Tucker. Pahokee, 2 cows, 6 Lakeland. 3 cows $164.83; Lettuce. Iceberg crate

40 Bond _-_. ---- IBJ.tl off'.11 I GRAFt FRUIT Total cart held. to P. M. Fussell of Polk steers. $933.09.H. \v. R. Ayers. Brooksville. 11 cows
iced .. ......... $4.00-4.50
____ ,110.18 off 0.18 orantea: 12 trapefrult: 3 mixed citrus
19 10 lit 2nd Rail Hail --- ----------- "-.J..ff.." I I sVaodadl Florida lad. Rio PASSINGS POTOMAC YARD AND PASS City for 5100.3?; and sale of an 1 C. Starr, Orlando 1 bull. 7 calves $69.56; W. L. Graddick, Peas, field hamp .. ..... .. $2.00-3.50

10 Utile -,10TJ1 u* ..041ft Htd. Bites Wlitbd. Beats INGS AND DIVERSIONS AT CINCINNATI 880-pound steer by II. L. Lyonsof $88.73; D. W. King. Orlando. l'' Grant steers. $99.86. Peppers, bu. hamp ........ $5.50-8.25
Indo -_ -- :---- 104.3Si4fI.I1 I Cars A. Cart A'. Cart AtNew for 24-hour period ending a '.m. yesterday: to F. G. D. I W. F. Bronson Orlando. 114
CITY-Market tem Pompano M. Townsend calf. $11.18; Livingston. Orlando ,
Transaction$ In tack* ..._ ). .....*** I .04 __ TanOr Potatoes Red Bliss
.. _.,._ few 4 *
yt.rdai-lliduitrlal. 122.WM: rails si.. Philadelphia York City(lower(hither) _) .j .... .-- _____ -. -- Gra_ ..r. Mixed of Bunnell for $165. I II 1 cow. 7 calves $249.84; J steers 10038.46; N. E. Farris, 50 lb. sx As ..... $2.00-2.50
20; viftit)... 47. 00; total 2S1.7BO. Boaton '-_ -- ____ 0lS0 a fruit I.... Citrus I Of the total sold there were, G. G. Spiller Winter Haven. 1 Jacksonville 33 steers. 2746.41; Potatoes Red Bliss
Baltimore ____..___ 2 2 __
MARKET AT A GLANCE Cleveland Pittsburgh(weak_ .-) ____ __ -_ -- -- -- -- Bo.ton nu__ 7 4 1 I 375 calves. 375 cows 551 steers heifer 1 cow. $87.63: G. D. Adair, W. A. Leffer. Sanford. 2 hogs. 50 lb. sx Bs .. $1.50-2.00. .

NEW YORK Weak.(AP heavy) ..iii... bits leader Chlcaio Oower) __- -. - Buffalo ____ 3 3 26 bulls. 43 yearlings, 52 hog:' I Davenport, 6 hogs. $116.52; N. E. $191.78: E. D. Oliver Lakeland. 4 Squash Yellow, bu.
Stocks: .
Chicago ___ _. 1 __ __
.. St. Louis .-- -- ____ '_ i -- SELLERS-Ray Smith Farris Jacksonville 15 hogs $203.07; L. E. Godwin. St.
Cincinnati __ _ ::. Cleveland ___ 2 __ .. 1 yearlings hamp 2003.25
ONOS. : Lowrt! s>rleMttwtiv* I* Detroit (easier leasiset_::_-, -- Columbus._O._ 2 ._ mee 4 yearlings $148.92; i $957.52; S. P. Potter 12 calves, Cloud. 8 cows. 3 yearlings, $396.10; Squash. White bu. hamp $1.50-2.25
h M offer- H'
Detroit 2 _.
IrrcouUn ...-_.... etrivate Baltimore (hither ,- ---- u Thornhill Winter Haven 3 KIssim.1 5 cows $729.45; J. V. Varnadore. L. C. Sapp. Plant City. $669.22:
COTTON: Totala.-____ __ .__ ____....few4.04 New Haven ____ 1 __ ._ Sweet Potatoes,
c..* r.01itCHICAGO GRAFt- FRUIT New York City 21 18 2 $88.61; L. E. Godwin. St. Bartow. 1 cow. $76.62; I. C. Hart Henry O. Partin, Kissimmee. 13' bu. hamp $2.50-3.25

WHEAT May *har ly .J.w.v, other (laM MeCITYMactot ) .Taxat Philadelphia Pittsburgh _____ 10 7 4 1 ___ 1 1 3 cows, 17 calves $ Sebring. 1 bull 2 cows $154.85: steers, 1145.88: Richardson and Tomatoes. 50 lb. crate $4.50-6.00

contract oaad. "" Tan Old Sf te. Wlrebd Ind.Poses Mr* Bo...- Providence _______ 1 1 __ Pat Johnston Kissimmee. 1 heifer, I i Mrs. V. D. Adair Davenport, 2 Fuller. Uvald $669.30: John Car-

OATS CORN:: *Mixed t ady;; May oood. firm..hi idemand.. New York City (hither 1 8.04 3 3 37 3 4 63 1 :3,70 Waahlnston.Held for reeonsltnment.D. C. 4 Potomac 2 __ Yard.__ 1 steer 3 cows. $385.00; Chip.. calves $60.57; Ralph Hallauer. roll. Kissimmee. 53 yearlings $2.- Oranges. box $2.75

HOGS: 25 ....tl higher; to SO rants Philadelphia flower) 3 1.97 _. -, .-.. 8 a.m.' ".tfrdI7-2 orantes. Stuart Eau Gallic. 6 calves 9 ''I' Orlando, 1 calf. 6 cows, $517.79; 649.36. I
Boston --
CATTLE lower:too Mostly S2S. steady. to* $25. Pituburrh *-i.___UP___________ -. ---- _- 137 cows. $634.91; Carl Barber. Christi i[ J. J. Bronson Clermont, 14 calves. BUYERS-Clayton Miller. Hous- Eggs and Poultry

Cleveland (weak) _. = 3 1 88 _- 3 1.16 CHICAGO CHICAGO(API USDA LIVESTOCK) Balabll hots. mas, 2 bulls, $161.28; L. R. Bron-I. 1 cow. $556.61. ton. 220 cattle. 21 calves 17. : JACKSONVILLE AP) Florida' nearby
7 1.72
NEW YORK [rAP Heavy late St.Chicago Louis flower, _-) -.. _.. ._.. .:3. 1.71__. _. __. 4 1.48 6.000. total 9.000: very uneven: welthtt son. Clermont, 8 calves 5 cows. I W. F. Fussell. 2 cows. $76.98; I 544.78; Lawernce Silas. Kissimmee. frerh etts:

selling: yesterday tumbled stocks Cincinnati (caster) ___ .._,--_. few 2 15 2 2 01 4 2.22 early under; these 240 Ib closing steady only to 25 steady cents weights hither $502.36; J. J. Bronson Clermont. C. G. Grimes. Orlando. 2 steers. 11 steers $688.00; Sampson & AU sales to retailers Net, Cur.
to the lowest average level In bet. Detroit (haIler hither_)_- few' 3.III few.1.84 _... _-._ 2 3 01Baltimore ever 240 Ib atf.d70 50 cents lower; mostly <- 2 steers 1 bull 6 cows. $471.00; 1 cow $141.83; Jack Graves De- Sons. Miami, 1 horse. $65.00: Har- Grads A VI. Mkt..

ter than two years. breaking the Totals ---- 1 504 11 2.15 3 4 63 22 1.79 25-50 cents off; sows around 25 tents C. G. Grines. Lakeland 1 bull. 13 Land. 1 calf, 1 cow 1 bull $312.60; vey Ryals. Tampa, 2 calves. $47.94; Per. li. Per dl.
lower: top 25 00; bulk tood and choice 170- I Large _00________. '401 ts
bear market low of October and 250 Ib 2J.'I5-24.15: 260.280 Ib 22.50-23.15. steers. $848.10: H. L. Lyons. Pompano I Bentley Brahman Ranch Inc.. Herman L. Kuhn Kissimmee. 1 Medium __u_.____ 21 81

bringing losses of one to more 290-330 lb 212522.50: around 400 Ibweishts 6 steers. $494.13. Lake Alfred 2 cows, 30 steers. calf, $29.33; E. C. Bass. Orlando Small .______..______ 18 47
i __. .. ..
19 SO; most cud and choice sows Extra laneSales 26 88
than seven points. The high speed 18.50-19.25. few choice lltbtwelthts to D. C. Kemmerer. Kissimmee 2555.62; B. W. Adams. DeLand. I 11 calf. 1 cow $102.00: F. M. Mer- clr.d0\ consumers u .

ticker tape was behind for the I Closing Stock Quotations I Ii 10 50. Park. 1 yearling. $68.90; A. A.Kirchman. 3 cows 1 steer $213.56; Sebring ; riweather. Sanford 19 cattle. 10 Net' Per I II
Salable cattle 1.500. total 2.000 salable Grade A Wt. Dos.
first time In a month. halves &00. total 500; slaughter steers: and Belle Glade. 2 cows. Cattle Co.. Sebring. 35 calves I calves 1101.39; F. M. Townsend, I Per d*. la Ccl..

Spot news to account for the I i STOCKS IM THE SPOTLIGHT Hd.. Hia" Leiv La.tJOhn heifers active steady cows and bulls less $96.47; H. Hill. Belle Glade. 3 $1261.38; Chas. R. Hlavack. Melbourne Bunell. 5 cattle. 4 calves. $822.45; Lane ._______________ 24 oa 63
break lacking and analysts I NEW YORK (AP) ...*-. etMino era and I J active but mostly steady; all daises flndInt calves 1 2 Medium _______________n_ 21 80
was net change of the 15 most active stocks .MaIlYUl. __ 6 112% 111 ill broad weekend clearings; load good to bull $294.46; W. H. Sur- I cows. $196.34; W. C. I Ellie N. Snell Osteen, 1 cow. 1 Small __'_______________ J$ aJ
generally blamed the slump on I I yesterday: Jones & L Steel 52 30 21% 2854 low-ehote 1.15O Ib fed steers 25.00; few rency Vero Beach, 5 hogs. $63.92; Zipprer. Estate. Belle Glade, 1 I calf, $67.03; Murray Bass, St. :1 Extra large ___________ n' jg g(

persistent pessimism over the business I I Schonley Di.t 24.2OO-24VS 1V4.United I K.IIKC1t7 ___ loads medium and good steers and year- Buddy Bronson. Kissimmee 2 I steer. 1 cow, $242.67; J. B. Dyer. Cloud. 1 calf. $49.25.C. Bales! to Sales toRetailers
Cup 31.20O.3V4 > South II 11 1634 17Kennecoti lines 00-23.75; sprinkling medium to I Consumers
outlook, growing consumer i I IM Tel 4> Tel 22300-18 iiI ,. COD ____ ,. U". 41%. 4234Kroger i low-toed heifers 2050-2250; medium and hogs $16.71; W. F. Bronson. 1 II Windermere 1 calf. $22.42: Duke I. Smith. Vero Beach. 68 calves Lite Drmsed Uvr Dressed

resistance the narrowing spread I Comwlth> Sou lS.90O-2Vfc no.Colum 00 ____ I 42'. 42 423.Laded. \. good beef cows: 1(1.50-1100 with 2000 steer. 4 cows. $320.54: Henry Par- Tucker Canal Point. 19 cows. 22 3128.35; Farris and Co.. ,1 Florida DreuedFreri. & Dr'vn .& pros
Oas a> El lS.4OO-10 lb. I L quotable on good heavy kinds; canners and 2-3 lbs 38 :37 43 63:
between rising production costs I I Gen Motors 14.400-51V* l's. 0. _______ 28 I 41.. 4% cutters 1100-1400; tood heavy beef bulls tin. Kissimmee, 1 steer. 5 cows. steers. 3730.01; Chester Hiatt. Jacksonville. 54 cattle. 38 calves Broilers under
and profits together with doubts NY Central 11.9OO-1.V4 _.. Lehllh C k N __ 13 I'. I". II'. I sold up to 17 50: vealers steady) food and $430.09: Nolan Fore. Chuluota. 3 Orlando 5 cows, $356.64: W. G. 5369.37; John Thompson. St. 2lbs 38 57 43 63
and I Std Oa .> El $4 M 11.700-19 J. Lib 0 POI... II n%. 4(11.. 48'. choice 3500-2700: top 2700 Hens heavybreeds
regarding labor legislation .... steers $190.62: Mrs. G. G. Jacobs. Snowden. Lake Helen. 2 goats Cloud. 1 cow. $147.40; Ralph Yates. '
Packard Mot 11.4OOVi Libby McN & L U 8'. I I'Ie Salable sheep 500. total 3.000: two loads 39 U 40
worthwhile tax relief. U S Stool 12. 00-4"4 2. Lockheed AIrIl __ 2e 123. 11'. 11.. medium and tood 94 Ib wooled lambs Chuluota. 6 steers, $463.34; D. F. $5.20; J. A. Daugherty. Indian Kissimmee. 4 cattle. 1 calf. 414. Bens lunt breeds 28 U 32

The apathy of Thursday's I Am Airiino ILTOO-S'/a >*. Loose Inc _____ 23 21\ 20'. 20" I steady at 21 00. two loads good and choice Lawson Kissimmee, 32 steers $3- Town. 1 cow 1 yearling, 1 calf, 184 Carlton 2
Perry Kissimmee
,. with I ;
Param Pwt llAO-23Vs Lorillard (F) 2 11 18%. II"Mack around 115 Ib fed wooled lambs very COTTON' CLOSING
modest recovery, viewed u Tex Pas Ld Tr I1.SOO-1BH u. H. M muddy fleeces 22 00; these about steady 074.62.W. $116.93; Robert Williamson. Belle 'cattle $91.89: Tom Jernigan. St. NEW YORK AP) Cotton future turned

mainly technical also was seen Rail _. Oh' HJOO-lVk Va.Stude.aker Trucks 2 44 U U with Thursdays late decline but fully 50 I. Barber. Kissimmee. 5 Glade 3 calves $112.84V.; C. Cloud. 1 $91.89 Cox's Market irregular in activ dealing yesterday with
11JOO-1T V. Mary (&HI ____ 11 33 3134 31". I rents lower than some wooled lambs early cow. ; final prices S1.3S a bal lower to 81higher.
as a factor In touching off renewed MarIne Midland __ 12 6 I% ii". 6'. Thursday; other classes scarce nominally calves $194.62; T. G. Lee. Or- Cavney. Indian Town 3 cows, 1 Apopka. 6 cattle. $372.60: Jones- Favorable private crop report and.

liquidation. I !NEW YORK (AP).._ L u' aflhaU Yield 14 25 23'. 23%. steady. I lando. 21 cows. $3.073.37: L. K. calf. $147.07; B. R. Beck. Sanford. nhamhliss C7n .TarlrsnnvlllA! 7ft( continued. mill offering. of *urplu raw

Good dividends and earnings I..ACT BRILL slot no 4, "mgn 7V', LOW 7V* _7V4 a*< \ Mid Martin Coot lULl Pd ___ lill II 353'U 3H.U 3434 Iii CURU STOCK LIST Bronson. Orlo Vista. 5 calves, I 4 steers. 2 bulls, $541.75-:- J. Ar- cattle- '-'l c$4:9'15: : :;---Tom I cotton Weaknet stock in encouragedtiling.other market caused. nervous

for the most part were ignored. 1 Air Reduction _.___. 24 313M. 30% Mo Kaa Tests 32 4 33 2'%., I"IImlahed" through Merrill 14acb Fierce.Mooteom $108.65; Henry O. Phillips. KisI I rieta. Indian Town 25 steers, $1.- Lamb. Orlando 12 cattle. 20 calves liquidation' by N.w Orleans and commission
Alaska Juneaa ___ 34 4V\*. 4 4V, Ward 1i2 12 10 SO's F'DDU aDd Beane; I'' houMi late in the ...*ion with th. July'
and the 3 834.43 J. M.
quiet simmee Hearndon. Micco
Dealings were I 3 ___ calves $54.46; Marion : $2,055.73; George Bass, Bar-I lot tf 52.70
Allesbany Corp ,_? 83 3Va 3 Murrn Corp _._ 20 1134 10 103. Aluminum Co. of Amer. nnu 52 1MT delivery, reaching a abale.
direction only slightly cloudy until i Alle Lud Stl .._ 10 35 33V* 33ViAl \< N I Amer. Cyalamid Co. B. 40% Platt. Melbourne. 1 cow, 13 calves, bull. 2 steers. 2 calves, $212.76. tow. 4 cattle. $229.63: J. G. Slone. Mill buying and aSset covering rallied
the third hour when offerings. Cbem Due 1 169 169 169 I Naib-Kelvinator .-: t1 lH 1454 U% I Amer. Os, & Elec. ==::::::: := 3834 $557.13; Frank O'Halloran. Win Archie Bass Indian Town. 2 the market partially! near the close,
Allls-Ch Mil __u_'20 314 S1 31 Nat AIrlInes __ 11 14 13'1e 13%. I lAmer. Light at Traction ___________ 21 Leesburg. 8 cattle. $843.41.W. with new crop deliverie* (ira..
became more Insistent. There wasa Am Airline ___- .120 9% 'S. 8'. Nat Auto Fib _u__ 5 10%. 9'. II% Ark. Nati 0. A. ___--_______-- 3 ter Haven, 6 calves, $167.98; Mon calves $49.77; Elmer Bass Indian S. Moore. Dundee. 12 cattle, Private advice* reported mill as not
subsequent quiet period. The An* Cable Rad 30 4". 4 4V4 Nat Biscuit __. __ 11 25'. 28%. 28\1.\ I Ashland Oil & Refg--------------- 11 .1 roe Thornhill. Winter Haven. 2 Town, 10 calves, $338.22; Paco only selling surplut raw cott.n but alto'
Ant Can .' '__ ___ 6 89U 89V* 88 Not Can _.__ ._. a. II I AU. Fisheries -- --________ 6 2 calves. $964.86; J. H. Chamblee cancel It... order with ahipxr. This resulted
slide really started in the final Am Car & Fdy __u 14 40'. 38V, 384 Nat' Cash Ret nn._ __ 4 31% 35%. 35': Br..ter Aeronautical _n________ 4'. calves $53.23; Roy Svedlious. Melbourne i Land Co.. DeLand. 6 yearlings, 1 Belle Glade, 11 cattle, 1 calf. in. preuuro on July 147 future
hour as aircrafts and pivotal industriaLs Am Per Pow __. 22 3',. 3% 3% Nat' Dairy Prod id 13 30 ::11'11 2934 BarIum Steel _._uu________ 3'. 1 calf. $17.97: Stewart cow 1 steer $391.02; O. H. Keene, I $745.39 P. C. Kirchman. Belle Open High Low latt
Am P P 2 pf f.26 H1. 15V 15V\< Nat' Distillers ..__ 62 111% 11"1. II%. I Crf"Ote Pet. Corp. __ _________ 21 1 ; July 34.01 34.04 33.SI 33.T8-84 off 21-27
weakened. The recordI I Am Locomotive -_, 48 20*. 19V 19% I Nat 07P.um __ 3(1 16' U1,. U.!.. C1t14. Service ndn_________ 2634Nat Norton. Haines City. 6 calves I hog. $61.98; R. I. Hamrick. Indian I Glade 30 cattle. 3 claves. 1843. Oct. 29.23 24.38 29.OS J9-30 unch off I

Ing machinery was as much as'' Am Pow Lt ___100 11 Ve 9',. 10V. Lead _______ n 27'. 21 21". Colto Patent Arms u__________ 253 a $160.15: James D. Ballentine. De- : Ti:. >wn. 18 calves, $718.98; 10: Swift & Co. Ocala. 61 cattle Dec. 28.30 28.4S 28.1S 28.39 up 1Men. \
three minutes in arrears for a Am Rad Ac 8t 8 -h 34 13 17'. US Nat Pow & U __ 21 P. H. B. Delay Stores Inc. _._..:..._-----__ 53.. Land. 3 heifers. 1 steer. $173.89: I Dr. C. W Baker Sanford. 1 bull. I 27.74 27.80 27.tS 27.92n u. II
i Am Roll Mill ..___ 48 27>4 35>4 38% Neht Corp.__.___ 5 111\1. II 11 EI.e. Blind k Sharp Co. 163 calves 8029.66; P. M. Fus May 27.30 27.S4 27.2S 27.S4 up 19
lengthy interval. I Am Bmeli R .u 9 60 4.1. 49V Newport Indust ____ 10 2634 2:1\1.: 2S'. I FairchIld En.. k Airplane---------9'" I, Mrs. Ray Snell. Winter Haven, 1 3 cows, $505.33; L. H. Thornhill : sell Polk City. 3 cattle 3 calves, July 26.M 26.IS 2C _8 2C.90n up 20Middling
The pace then slackened and' Am SU Pdr ..._ 40 39'* 37V 37*. Central KR 123 12% Glen Alden Coal Co. -- 'Ie i bull, $174.84.P. Winter Haven. 2 cows.," $79.05: soot 36.S3n off IS.
Am Sugar Ret ___ 3 35V 3S 39 I : i Clii dc St 1. pr?7 H'Io 80%: 51 I I Mumble Oil 1 Neff. _== -::-------- 57No 1 hog $407.26; L. H. Thornh I, nominal.
extreme setbacks were, shaded in Am Tel"". Tel __ 47 161,. 160V* 160'. Aviation 35 7 63. 7 IHecla Mining Co. __ __ 1134 C. Kirchman Belle Glade 1 Sampson & Sons. Miami 81 steers Winter Garden. 4 cattle 4 calves I
the majority of cases at the close.I Am Tob B __ 41., 65 65 I' North mA Co _-=_ 26 25', 25 25 laier.Prazm---------- 5 cow. 1 calf. $96.06; Roy and Minor 5 calves, 4124.27; B. D. Brundage. MEW OH LEANT lAP( ) Cotton future
Am Viscose ._ 14 4334 41'. 414 North Padlllc ____ 4(1 lIla 1434\ 1434 Lane Star Oil Co. __ _________ 1554\< I $323.27; C. L. Cortley. .Lakeland, wero irregular hero yeterday. with the
Transfers of 1.430.000 shares 1 G. E. Bark-
com Am Wat Wks -___._ 81 14V 13V 13V* a u I'' laCarl Hudson Pw. Corp. _________ S I Platt. Melbourne 3 steers. 2 cows. Dayton. cow, $95.17; 28 cattle, 113042. I July pontn ehowing the ...a.... weak
pared with 770,000 the day before Am Woolen .._ 70 31V* 28% 29's I Ohio OU ___ .___n n 22'4 2H, 22 NU.-Be'lIIen\-Pond Co-------_____ 11 $453.16; Roy Platt. Melbourne. 2 :I oskie. Fellsmere. 1 heifer. 6 calves I & Teal Winter Garden nem*. Closing price wer* steady St.SO a
I Anaconda Cop 68 35V: 334 34%. ___ _________ a I Roper bale to 10 cents higher.
and were top since April 13.I ? Omnibus Corp 10 'I!. 1'. H I'' Paniepec: Oil of V.n. n 4 $520.47 B. P.' $290.71: C. G. Grimes. Lakeland
a Kelly
Armour Co __,. 68 10>* 10%. 10'. Otto E.utor n 4 2S 2HI 2S She'..In-Wllllam. --_______________13254Owen. cows. steers ; 5 cows. $505.34; T. W. Knight, Some observers aid celling In July was
Of the total 750.000 changed Mid Dry Goods __ 17 15 14V, 14'. Ill Glass---._- ;3 7434 I 7t 1. Strack"" Co----------------- 21'. .Lake Wales. 17 calves. $555.98; 15 steers $813.86: B. A. Beck, Belle Glade. 49 cattle. 7 calves POIIIIII" .gan.t tenders e' unwanted 1cI1I.
hands in the concluding period. Atch T A 8P _...,. 24 74% 71V 72V P 8c'notone Corp. u________________ 335 Bruce Davis Haines City. 8 calves Sanford. 1 hog $10.59; C. 1... Norton I and ends Out 0' null atoll If raw cottsn.Oun .
All Coast Urns __ 10 45 4234 42% P.c 0. & E1.c 20 3634 35% 3(1 Scb'lt. IDC. ________________ 3a 1 .: $3,336.04; Cecil Platt Melbourne, I Ngli Low Cia.. !
Associated Press 60-stoek Atl Refining 18 33 32 32 Pac TIn Cons _u__ 41 4",. 3.%.. 3,. I5l1nd. P.. k Light _______________ 2 1 cow. $241.12: Circle M Ranch, Lakeland 5 hogs, 2 calves, 3 i iI 7 cattle, 5 calves $427.84 A. L. July 33.88 33.05 33.40 J ." .ff J2
composite was off 1.2 points at Atlas Corp 19 33 Vi 22 22 Packard Motor 00131 H. S.. 54. St. Rf"11A Paper CO.. -------------- 'I'. Tavares 4 cows 5 heifers $496.32; I cows $459.23.Everett I II I ; I = 29.21 20.31 20 03 25.25.20 sf1 I
S Pan Am Airways __. U 11%. 10%. 103. Tfchllleolor ___n_________________ 12%. ,I 6 Bellotta Lakeland 3 cattle $244.- : ._ 28.28 28.43 28.17 25.27.30I : __
9.3. which equalled the low of I Bald Loco ___ 22 18H IB IB Param Pictures ____101 24\1. 23'10 23n T'ron' ..______.____________u___ 12 C. H. Driggers. Kissimmee, 1 calf. I Yates. Christmas, 07: W. P. Fussell. Polk City. 16 I March __ 27" 27.71 27.78 27.70 Sf1 4
March 27, 195. Bait Ohio _110 9>* 8 8VBarnsdall Park Utah Con M 25 2". 2.. 2.%.. UnC'C& Oil Corp. _________________ U". $34.65; L. G. Johnston. Palm cows. $122.08; Polly Yates Christmas May 27.JO 27.35 27.7 27.3011 "e' 2
the widest since OU _____ 34 33V, 32V 32V Parll. Davis ___u 4 3535\< W. Va. Coal & Coke _______uh__ 10% 4 I 4 hogs $20.84 Bill Snowder. I hogs. $218.19; J. B. Dees. Ocala I a-Itid.
The dip was I \ Beach. calves $8754Bill; Bass. ;
Bell Alre -........34 m* 11 11V I Patino Mines I10 10 I I 38 cattle. 14 calves, $3,528.32;
April 14: it was the broadest market Bendlx ATlat 17 30 28V\, 38V. Penney (.JCI ___nn__ 20 40'j 354 3H.1 GRAIN RANGE Kissimmee. 1 bull. 3 cows $474.14. I Kissimmee, 1 hog, $36.12; D. P. : DUN AND HAOSTMEET.
since April 15. Of 1.054 issues Best Foods __ 16 32>. 33 32 I Penn Cent Aid __n 9 0 1'1. \ CRICAOO lAP) Padgett and Robertson Polk Johns Pine Castle. 1 hog. $50.00: Cecil Yates Kissimmee. 11 cattle, I NEW: YORK UP) Dun and BradstrM'sdaily
I Beth Steel .___= 42 80 78V<, 76V Penn RR 48 18k. 18\1.\ Open Rigs Low Close I 34 calves 207073. weighted price index of 30 basic com.moditles. -
833 fell and only 89 I hUU I 2 $57.24 A. C. Arnold. I H. W. Owens, Orlando. 2 hogs for United Press (1930-
registering. Blaw-Knoz __ 15 14V I 13' 13S Pflll1-Col& ______ 'II 27n 21 211%. I WHEATPfitser : I, City, cows ; I 110 cat- compiled
I. C. Bellew. Baltimore
advanced. Boelna Airplane 16 16 15% 15% Chas ..II Co u.. 23 394, 31 39L. I Mil uu. 2.711'. 2.7954 2111 2.70 D Land, 5 calves, $70.64; W. H. $112.52; Clark Yates, Cocoa. 12 32 average equals 100):
'Borden Co .____ 8 40'. 40 40 38\1..JuI7! ___. 226' 2211. 2.2554: 225'4Phila : I tie, 8 calves. 8486.39; Riverside Yesterday _- ____n.oooooou 25435:
21 Jt%. 31.V. \ f
Douglas Aircraft was down 7% : Bora-Warner 14 40*. 39%, 40 Phelps Doc1n___ u &p'u n 2,20 222'. 211 2.10'. Lewis Lake Wales. 1 calf. 2 cows. calves 5 cows. 1 steer, $214.14: 'Thursday _-_____--___--____-----_ 255.69
Elec S 24". 2H. 24"
at 2'1a following a somewhat disappointing 'annul Airs 39 9V4 9V. 9ViBrlsss Phllce CorD _____ I 2.'. 23"23'". t e. _nn_ 2.1734 2.111 2.111 2.163. I I $195.68; R. L. Lupo, Winter Hav- : D. A. Arnold, 2 cows, $99.21; Frank Packing Co.. Allandale 28 cattle, I Week ago __ _--_____--____--_--__-_-_ 25403: '
compilation which disclosed I Mil 14 32 30% 30V Philip Morris 2 28%, 26%, 26', CORN- 3 $121.46 Magnolia I Heider Cocoa. 2 cows, $61.77: H. ,12 hogs. 3539.23; Jim Lose Bush- Month ago uuoonu 25878
'en : 19JBO .
I cows.
I Budd Co. ___ 79 .10 Va 9% I ,. I Phillips Pet _== : 24g. 2334 23%. May 1.13'. 1."% 1.13' 1.4' nell. 15 cattle. 2 hogs $1,409.55 Year ago uUnnh
a three-months' loss. Glenn I Bulor Watch ___ 6 26% 36V* 36V Premed St.) Car 16 10". 10 10 I July -__-_....1.I15V. 1 SASs 1112". 1.631.% Ranch. Orlando. 44 cows, $2- I V. Arnold Cocoa, 1 cow, $50.45; I ; 1947 high (March 18) nUh____ 2B9 25
Martin conceded 2% at 16 in the Burllna- Mills __ 54 15V 14',. 15 Procter Is 0.11I --- 1 5.'. 58V. 58'Rept.. ___w... 1.55 .511'10 1.53'11 1.113'. I 502.65; H. A. Tanner. Eustis, 3 Hugh B. Alexander Lake Wales 1 R. B. Rolls, Kissimmee. 9 cattle. 1947 low (Jan. 23) 2J2.1
Burr Add Mack 13 13 12UY.: I I Pub Bye N J ___ 12 23" 23'1. 233. Dee. __n_ 1.421.43\< 1.41 1.4195 $590.88; Young Tindall, Kissim 1I
wake of omitted dividend. Geneva bull 6 1 steer $517.55; Mag- :
an C Pullman ____ U 14 533, 53'. OATS- cows, 2 steers, $211.17; cows The Summer seal colony in th
Lockheed was off 1% at ll% and I II Call packing -____ le 25'V. 25\* 23% 21'22 May :r a .95,4 .93'4 .94 PrIde Tampa, 4 cows. $171.58; nolia Ranch Orlando. 10 cows. 1 mee, 14 cattle. $749.04; Farris and I Pribilof Islands numbers abou t
Callahan Z-Lead 33Vi 2 IV. ; PvflROU..O July == : :.84'. :.821, : v.1 Co Jacksonville. 16 cattle $851.-
Boeing IV at'15}.. I Can Dry a Al* 13 13% 12'13 Radio Corp ____ '2' 1% 1% StpL __ .' % 78". .". 'a'. 1... T. Hayman. Tampa, 1 yearling $645.94; L. C. Sapp, Plant City 6 i two mil1l n' and 'ormerly numbered .I

The 5-for-l eplitup Eastman Caned Pacific 69 10 V. 9>,. 9% I Radio It Orp ___ 18 123'. 12 12 Dee.- ..73'.7'%. .73.. .73 6 cows $289.69.Empire steers. 7 heifers. 1 cow, $891.62; 04.Georgia I five million, but owing to

Kodak common appeared at 46'. Carrier Case (JD Corp Co _______ 11 B 31V 13V\<, 30V 12'1. 30 12%%: Remlng Rand t: 35 2f: : 263' May' ::- __ _____ __ "".1' Cattle Co., DeLand. 19 Mattie Pell Osteen. 2 steers. 2 I Packing Co.. Thomas-Cecil ruthless killing: methods

and finished down 3% from this I CaterpU Tractor ? 8 81%" 50%" 50% It-pub Repub Avis Steel 244 514. 23%. 41.', u cows 1167.09: V. E. Holbrook bulls 2 cows, $330.04; Leon R. ville. 30 cattle. 1694.34; i it once was reduced to only 250-
Celaneaa Corp __ 84 U*. 18 18% n n ::::: 18 30 18 00 18.00 McKown Winter Haven 19 cattle
figure at 43. making the loss on ,, ', Revere Copper-kBf 17 153. %, July 18 '30 Lakeland. 1 calf. 4 cows. $332.19; Bass Kissimmee.; 2 cows. $66.02; I 000.
Cent Foundry 14. 8V< 8\%< StPt. 11 70 11 '0 18 25 11 25 ,
the old stock almost 20 points. I I Cerro de Paa ___... 8 3130\< % 30% :I Reynolds Tllb B _: 11 3n', 31%. 363. OeL00_--_- 11.5 1'7.15 n.'I5 1'7.15 I II George Bass Orlando, 9 calves Burke Chisholm. St. Cloud. 1 calf, I $1,437.33; Southern Packing Co..
Certain-Teed Prod __ 28 13% 12V 12% I S 17.50 17.50 17.10 11.10 2 I Tallahassee. 11 cattle. 8 calves 10 I.
Norfolk & Western yielded Safeway Storei 21 21 20% 20'' Nov------- $418.51; C. C. Peebles. Winter $29.28; O. H. Keene. ,
44 at 224?.. Chrysler 2,i at 95. ;I Cbes CIiM8P&Pac12* Ohio ____. 17 43 8V% 43 7V 41 IV, Savage Arllll -- 3 8 I 8Schenley Haven. 2 calves. $59.88; E. L. cows 8 calves $514.31; James S. I'I hogs, $2,092.84; Cliff Stuckey II Co., Tampa. 41 cattle, 1 calf. $3.-

A NW ____ 24 16% 15% 15V I II Distil 2 25', 243'. 34% 5 $20.05. Kissimmee. 31 cattle, 22 calves 051.42: E. E. Cowart Tallahassee.
U. S. !Steel 2 at 64'/i. American Tcl4 Bears Roebuck .= : 323. 324. 329, T..ea' C-PoJl 11 2m 2.211V.\< Klingen. Sanford. 2 cows, 12 Summery, Orlando. pigs.
I Chrysler Corp 82 98% 94V 95 I ______ Thermold _unn -- 10%. --- lOla 1 9 steers. I 2941.94: National Meat Packing 14 cattle $90958.TH'REASON .
Woolen IF at %9", U. S. Rubber CIT Floss ___ I 39%. 36 38 I II S.n.1 Inc 7 11'. 10 10. Twin Coach ____ 1l3'. 11 ItS's calves. $557.19: Magnolia Ranch Roy Svedlious. cow.. I
u --
_. .. 12% 12% Shell VonOli 9 25'. 254' 253' -- - - ----. --- -
two at U,.. Southern Railway Col Poe Ir -.33 13H USinclair -

214! at 29K t and Bohn 1 I Coml Colum Credit 0 A rl.-_ -_-_,148, 6 37V4 10.. 36 10 V%, 10 36%% Simmons 50COnJ.Yacuuii-l05 Oil Co u_:: 36 7 30 14',. 29 1434 29 14g. Union UnIon Bar Carbide k P _uu__ 29 11 25'97'.. 27'21'1"95%, 911.." I CTVE r 8EEcK.YOlE OAMWEpTl WAS JKTUPLWHAT \ I f I WHY PON t toll I _NT I HAP *?ME PCIENW IN THE 1

Aluminum 44 at 34. Coml Solvent -.. U 33 31% 31% 14ia. 141. 141. Union OU Cal --- 18 20.' 20. 20\o\, AT X30 THINK J READING \ FOfcJtT THE NAVY kNoW ISKVICE WHO MIGHT & .tUttlNG .1)44) I ICIVIUAN
Bonds emulated stocks. At Comwlth Edls ____ 33 29'i 29 39% SOli Ant k P 1 3' 3 3". I I Union Pacific __ I 125 124". 3249. 5WE WERE 7HIVK1N': THE COUNTY CO
I Comwlth Jk 8outh.-161 2% 3V\, 3% :''SOli Son Cal EcIIaoa_ = 11 3l'. 31 31 United Aircraft _n n U 19',. 11 111, .1 THIS OIL AUCHIN.ey SEAT AigPbZTa OF THE OPP SHAKE WE /ABOUT THE ) FOR ArVmEWEY.\\ T-OIRK EIGHT NOW IF I TUEYt
Chlcaro wheat was unchanged Con XduoB __. 22 35 To 35 V4 25\V4 Pacific n- 10 373. 31 3tn. I __ 233 2 ,. ,
United CorD I
to off 6?i cents a bushel corn I Com Vulte BOO 13% 12'4 12% I Southern R7 ___ 31 31 21% 29'. United Fruit u- 30 "e 2a.a.. 478parksWithth HAUL W A* SUCH) SOFT 1MEET THE WALTZEP INTO HECEF/'OPEKATION COT CIVILIAN | HAP NAVAL CESECVE TTAININ6 BEFOCE |
I Cool Bat i-___._ 3 14% 14V 14 V. ,! Southern Ry p1 = : 62 60 I 60 I 7 = ==_ ; \<' ; \< TOUCH-AND WE COT OWNEZOFT)115z ) NAVAL EEAEEVE'PROiEA.Si rUBLE $oDon 9&H& THEOWN AT THE JAPS-TD MOLD
off 4'4% %
off % to up one and oats Cont Can 15 36% 35'311% 4 UBlndu.Chem I 45 458pl"l 6
-_____ 36 '7'1'1.. 7% I III err7 Corp __ II 111 11. --- 45. I 62JNtSlN'IN FIEL.P.T)1EY) THAT UICE UNTIL WAJ
/4 to up I1,. Cotton was down I ConS Motors I': 1k U II Rubber ------- 28 4534\ 4243'1"\< SHOT AT. Tl TiE CUNt ABE
Coat OU Del __ 30 38% 37,. 37% lao 32 IV. U 8 8teal ____128 IIII% 643 6434 1MCOii. BACK ITi ..
bale 1 iZ5TLOAP... MAY 57A1I5UTEJ TARJ5 .
to THE
$1.35 a up $1. Corn Products -_ 20 67% 66 66 Stand B..al ..._. 7 399. 28'1. 21% N -- t p

Curb laggards included Cities Crane Co _____ 33 28% 37V 28 :::: 88II.I.= : ; ; Via Chem Wk ___ 7 353'. 31Y. 37'1,. TH1N34OUTIe
Crucible Steel _.. 11 35: %. 24 24 I .
Service. Middle West Corp.. Electric I Curtis Publish _?_10' 7% 7Vi 7Vi' Btand 011 N J -= ; ;; $7', 67, Walworth W Co ___u_ I m I.. s i. .
Bond & Share, North American C1IrtillWrllh311 4% 4% 4% Stand Oil Ohio %. 26%,, 26',. Warner Bros Pld u 31 1H. IH. 14.. I ,
Cutler Hammer _.. B 20"lH.. 19% 81d 8t1 8prl 32 12.. .11'1. 134 Illd But 21 24 23 23
and United
Light 31'1.Wut
Light. ----
__ '
I Sterling Dral 14 3'7%, 3(1\1.
ODeere n 18 18 II
Small gains were retained by Co __. 10 337., 33 33 StoktI7-V.a CalllD 6 III.... l53's lIl'sWest W"tlDI Un Air T.I Br A 21. 21 21,'a. 21,,..eStudebater ,
Del It Hudson ___ 3 36 35 35 Stone .. Wfb.ter __ 13 12'4 12 12 -
Pennroad. He I>Department
a r n' Del Lack Wool .. :36 '. < 6Va' Corp ....117 1IIa. 1(1'. 11 WeltIng Lire: __uu 45 24 2212] I
Stores and Rome Cable. Turnover Detroit Edison _____ 37 :33% 33% 33% Sunray OU ____ 64 ..... $3. $54 Wheeling Steel _u 6 I 33" 32', 321,1"," 7,3
Sunshine MDI 1 9' 9 I ______ 14 21'. 20'. 20'.
here was 380.000 shares versus Dist Corp-8ef _.___ 49 12%'* 11% 11% WhIte Motor
Dome Mine ___ 24 1'7'10 16% 17 Swift & Co 10 32'". 3232\< \< WIU7.-onrl.nd ___ 94 I 7 '7"T
230.000 Thursday. Doutlas Aircraft 20 57% 52 82V Wilson h Co. ___ 1(1 12 1134 1134
I Dresser Indust 24 IS 14 14 Texas Co _____ 28 (10'1' 88 881,1"" Woolworth PW) 13 U". 4. 44'
FLORIDA FRUITS du Pont d. N 14 176 173 Vi 173Ealt.ra % Texas Gulf lulpla I 49545% 43. WorthlD P ..II K 1 51 10% 503.TexPaoCO..11 I
JACKSONVILLE. (A?) Ths P'fd.ral-Itatl a 2841 2'7 2'7 Y : I
Market 1'1.' .. Service early now York market I Air L 46 30% 19 19V Tu'PIII L Truit 95 185' 1'7% 1I% TOIIII"t 8b 41 T 00 23 88% 5634 $654
en Florida fralU and vesetable) : El Pow .* Lt 49 13313 12% lIds Wa\ A OU 15 11 1834 1534 ZTrllllam.rtca -
Snap Beans bu Plentiful 1.50-3 00. Florida Emerson H M a 10%, 10% 10% ___ 12 1354 11'U Zenith Radio ___ 3 18 15.. 15-' 5 WO FOTJXT; EO&! I'M MEU.JWARE tveMzlii. I m; TLtE,MY 4Eti5E \W.L 7Lt1 ,
Belles 200-400. Strlntlets Black Va- I Ens Pub Serrtc __ 90 37% 25V 25: % Trans & West AIr 15 153' 143. 14'1. bolts Products ___ 7 (1% I%. 1% ,
lentlnei BountUuli few 150- Erie R R ___ .. 41. 8% 8% Trt-CODt Corp 30 O%. 53's 534 Approz FInal Total Today __ I.UO.OOO : /MVAUJIEE./ m TEA3ETMX' 53.!. oust. INSI'ICAT1OH) feD" T1IE Oct'lAAa
:300.Lima I Eureka Wma ___?__ .- 8% 8% 8% !I.; A VEEY UPHfeMT YOVH6 AWl 5OT 8 TrOUT LVt& \011 WlLLf TIlE '50 sEaruFia.F3.Tl4E4'A49Z .
; Suns bu ordinary to lood 3.00- p W ,ARP.THEPt.AfEiT5EYUL EXACTLY! WHO prSTOsrs/ rr WOClWTAla a&EGAgY. ISVE'nIE.JIOOa:;
S SOCabbst ParaiTslhRad..27 8% S I OUR BOARDING HOUSE Po I ny tpo ttc rCcTNsTloll :TIME TO... I I
SO pound sarki Domtwtlc Round
Firestone T .ex R 8 L 48 Vi 46 V4nintkote <
!U\- !U\ : .. .. 4 Al ?OuQUW
I i __un_ 5-i 355" ..OI "
Celery 16 Inch rrates Ooldenhesrt 3 ds E '
Pow 4 1595 1530 15l.a
00700. 4 ds 400-700. I ds 100-700.I I I Florida BAP'PIGPi33$ ? IF HtS KEEPeetnDfJT SEE MY WORD! A. I I

0 da 3SO-SOO. 1 mark I I &0. 10 ds 2 )34 a.. Eleet 81 33 32% 32V4Qen I 14cpR, HIM.SWE'S THE OMLV O.& POOR ACE! ,
M. 1 mark I &0. xx. ordinary 'vitality 7 40% 40 40V.Oen .
Foods _
I 15-2 00. few tood 6 00. Pascal typ 3-4 Motors __143 55% 93% 93% .
41 ftw 6.50-7.00. Gin Pub UtU 69 13% 13% In.ow.u. DaCLA.RD A CAUGI4I PAr OP Ul_. ACT EA.RTxrIo31.L / J .
Cora vlrebound crates Yellow S ds 400.; Bat R 26 3834 25 25 l
% IIOUOA'1 4ESTEcA'i1-
61! bu bOUI'lIl1kllo..a count 350-350 :
'Goodrich <(BP) _. 12 82% 1V4
Cucumbers bu air to good S OO-7 10. Oood7arTalR __ II 4(1'% 4SVa\ 4541Oraham.Patie ti.4'1 Scl OOMlh3e & OUT OP A
ordinary to fair 300-500. 1 mark 600. .. 3V. 3V4Ot ,
poor. to ordinary 2 35-4 00. Nor Ry Pf Mot 38 Xd 68 38 36 3% 311".311" I YJAc, CELE8RATD.G MA41OLE LiKE A ...- MOW L('( oP'it" '

Kit-plant: bu. 400500. smaller and fair i Greyhound Corp 20 29% 27% 28 S THE OPEMlrOG OF- GOPl4eR.WAJtPG vJORRI is itS '
uallty 3.50-3 50. poorer 1.50.200. I I, 4 19% 18% 18V\< ,1
Escarol bn 2 00-3 75. poor 35-3 00. Drum Lire Xn 7 7 7 PANAMACANlAL &weo\sv* MATE SMASHING /
Oulf Mob Ohio 20 % I
small Limes flab Persians 3 &0. 1/5 bu cairons 00-3.75.. Oulf 011 ___? 13 60% 89 V. 89 ViHart"Sen 'c ) R.A6/ -rAT VA.S 1Z3 == _

Okra bu best IS 00. few low as 13.00. IMHI4. w : /. '
U 1 29V4 3BV4
) toe .
Peppers bn California wonders 10.00- '
8V, $
11 00. fair quality 700-600, few smaller Mfg -_ 20 SIb BVa sr1EREE4s f/
low as fl I 00. other Bullnost very poor to )Homestak Mln _? 42 45V: 44V. 44V _
good 2 00-6 on. few nun at 10 oo. Houston OU __ 30 20V, 19%. 19V, .
14% 13% 13Iilll1011 %
Hudson Motor B5
Potatoes 100 pound sacks SehaioKsUhdlni -
US site mostly 3.75. few 400. I GlTSTWlD'YO' FRANKLY AM bO. FOSDICK l IS BUNGUN'
one a
30 1I\\H 19 : I
_, 93 V4 <
TJS one 3.OO-3 &0. mostly 3 00-3 25. few 0' TU' CASt O' ANYFACE. IS BEOJZ. HIS <
3 02%. B his 175350. few creamers nierlake Iroa 16 10% 10 10 1W] P5EST FOSbICX- /
130. 1111' Har-eat ___ 8 80V4 79Vi 79% \ #dI4OL LIFL i U'U ABNER MIGHT T SMUUYKJU CE-A'TORLESTER GOOCH, GOT
Sfluaih H bn hampers Yellow 3 00-4.00.Coceselles I 111' Nick Can 43 30% 39% 30 ; WRAPPED UP 1)4 Fr.AF9t HISSEXF IN ThINK SXJnETHIN' WROMS W1F HS BRAINS.T
few 2 50. Whlta 2 35-3.50. bu Sat Paper ___ 75 43V 40"41 -T'SAVE
Cocoielles 3 00-3.50. poorer 1.75 Acorn ftw InS Ball _-__ 1 47% 47% 4754 I c GftlEFP HE'S (( ABMERWtconx
300. 1 ins ei 41 Tel _3J9 11% 9% 10Ample / ;
--- -
C I % II cURE.
-u' w;;: 1(1'( i I 1/ GOOCH'Ff11iL

ParldngFacilifles- : .- .v

.. _ < t -


I ,
I rt.

I Member Federal Reserve System Member FJ3J.C. I t i v.iicjjiij If -4,1,

i E. Robinson at Court St. Dial 7141 / .i

W MEO'tEUCE! ..__.- ... ,., ,.__. ___, ...J _. 557fr _

rr our. PASTE WERE -

-"B i4to)

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'. '. ._ .ro. .____ I

Pp -v-- 1

IS. Travel Information 19. Services Offered 19. Services 33. Article for Sale 33. Articles
I 1 oferedRADIO [ for Sale ,133. Articles for Sale I (!Drlatt&n! Srnllnrl

Classified ALASKA. Canada-21-day escorted CONCRETE FLOORS Drlve-waya. INTERCOMMUNICATION.Installation BOAT All aluminum runabout and DUST PANS-Several types. 30e and FURNITURE BARGAINS
tour. Featuring British Columbia. steps flagstone. Reasonable. Thirty and repairs. Also repairs trailer. New 10 h p. Sehor.. outboard up. Knox 8 or. Co.. 25 E. PID,. couch 529 50; Studio SAT. MAY 17. 1947. PAGE 3
5-day crl. Aul.. Canadian years in bUln... Free ..tm.te. on all home and car rdl. motor. lu.t sell. 901 E. Wash Phone 2-316. I I suite (45: gate 3-p U1'I. (22.90.room ,
Bros.. 114-B Park t.ble
Or- C. W. BId Park Puller S. ington. '
10. Baby Sitters-Child Care Rokt. SO.Service.OrlaDdon. lin.. ; 411.DRY Winter Park: ph. 61.. DESK for office. walnut finish: 32x I WhitmireFurnlture. 306 W.Church. ]133 Articles for Sale

I.mo Tra.1 11. CLEANEta- employ only BENCH BAW-Heavy duty 10tlO I IChrlstor I 54. Swivel chair. G condition. FURNITURE-Nice dresser; cricket |I
5 and REPAIRS-You've tried the Price 75. Phone I II OVENS for oil Steves Stork Includes
CHILD CARK Experienced. Special skilled experienced help; RIO PI.r. Ph. 2-384. j chair: 2 arm chairs: Tappan range
rates for. working mothers. Ales AIR RESRVATIONS and tickets all modem machinery. Try .*. MacDuffCleaners. r.t. new try the best. Barton's BUILDING and hardware I DOOttS-8a.h made of white like new. 2 sets of English china, i one and two-burner types. Bumby

3 years and wp....Call. :-01SS. lines. Sunnlland Travel Bureau. 30 204 Rld..o corner next Colony. Theater. Winter Park.Phone of MATERIL. your home. Screens. lawn chalrg. cabinets p1ll..j, one old. one new. 11* J Livingston I, Hardware 102 W. Ch":i", U -
1:. 8301. Rosalind. Phone 13.RFG of wood work. Orlando Avenue OIL
Pine. Phone 1-106. Come to Mills and Nebraska. types ,, STOVE-Perfection C2 L.'r.a
WILL KEEP CHILDREN at my home. th. craft Industries. 1500 W. Washington GARAGE DOOR-Overhead. Complete ', lied Ice box. very gor,1 I ;
Excellent care provided '727 Citrus CARIBIAK-tATt cr.. ..IEVet. roofingfor man BOAT-1' outb.rd. speedster runabout motor.'Ddt.le. St. with hardware and track. Excellent S2S New hand crocheUed large: a

A. Central 9504.. 8en1. 11 & 'ou. It's Just call L. T. Jer- Elo. condition. 835. 1513 Hackney I II |I spread. (40 Dresser ucac':" table
: ; cloths and 140 <
l 41
7427 or by and see at GARDEN to..I.
nlgan. S
Notices I BREAD BOARDS HOSE-A good selection
pecla1 14x20 Inches.
HAVANA and Nassai boat or DRTCLEANINO S HB 70 Alexander Pllre.REFGERTION HEATERS I 25 and I .-Elk"iT
1 Bervlce. I IUTC. 165. Knox Stores Co.. 25 E. DUoTEIoI SO-foot lengths in several ,I AR MOR i h
AMANDA BRADFORD-Psychic reading plane. Call Orlando n.fl SERVICE: Com- Pine St. Phone 2-3183. price ranges. Knox Stores Co.. 25 &, Run 410 Horatio
Wed 111 West Col- 118 E. Central; dial 1: i Why penalise your appearance withwardrobe household repairs. Duo-Therm heaters are here. 2models. Pine. Phone |j I Maitan.
; circle 2.30: I I BOAT-Large I 2-JI1.
nmbia Ave. ph. 22331. I CUBA absenteeism. QualityCleaners. work charges reasonable. Fer- 1122 Morris r..b.t; .prl. 15. The beautiful b 25 and !I PIANOS-Belling out at Must
AU-.n.tan 0 OARDENHO&Kor..L
model 71S.
? 813 Phone60SS. Will heat the
0UPERIOR BUTLD- Lanler Travel S.nlt. 30 X. Pn.St. &W'lbltn Refrigeration Service. Ph. 9752. Avenue. of slse home. .nnn'' Goodrich. !' .rrIU. serious t, T 'eg
ANNOUNCING plsno's '
Central Garland and Robinson Ave. j vti'.t con..n.Also .
5301. Flor
ers-.J. W. Montgomery contractor. Phone RDtmVICz. BOAT-New 18 ft. sail boat. Class Get your heater now b ard fie suvplies. -
We have the Iota and we have the NEW YORK-Leaving May 23. Would radio service C New Champion outboard motor of it. Only a few .ne GAS RANGE-table top. Excellent'' Everything on it;'ilay t and

plans for a 5-room home. Going to like relief In driving. Rele.acC shop. Qu.l". Radio service a l..t. cost.N. Bargain in used boats ell types. Phone City Homes Plumbing Co.. cOldltoa.. .at (75 Old England Tues May 19 and 2"1 I 1' Nc..I ))44.Simpson .
keep the cOlt of these houses down required Box 347 8-8tar BUtts phone .S.nt. 351 Wise Boat Works. Mt. Dora. Fla 127 W. Fairbanks Ave. Winter A. WInte Park. Piano Co N (Vano.I .

to a minimum. Complete (5,700. REPAIRING and house Or.n. 812.UPboLTY BOAT-18 ft. Century. Mahogany Park. 268.DINIO I GARDEN HOSE SO-foot lengths: I|I .
FHA approved. If Interested call NEWARK. K. J -leavlng May 13; JCCA 4514. Miller Cm With 18 H-P Johnson heavy duty green. Special (8 95. PPfD-fHl '.bla1. and,la pa! aJ
2-O123 for Information.ADYICE 1 rider wanted. Write for appointment. WWt outb.rd BAJ Service. Boone and Jackson P..HI.
Electrical Contractor. motor. complete with .
Sapply Co .
mothproofing tr.ler. Ba- '! Ch i I' '8.PUMP.Drfi.lp"mT9
Box 356 S-t.r. Oua.nteed .er1'lr. Ph. cain for quick at ROOM Breakfast' OUN-32 5 In. barreli 13
Psychle readings daily. of Ile. SUI2. Smih. ,
Co. Orlando. ; ) I
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circle Tue 8 II. Tburg 2:JO i RIDE RESERVATION BUSEsD- 2-418. POle. Dept. Garden. Fla rem suite. plen of furni- 10 ft. ro.I.t 125 mans i I la Pl"s
Chnrch. Ra. : ROOFING-Aspnalt shingles appliedat BATHROOM CESsIEsiii. !! tare See 53 W. Jackson._ _ bicycle: uad 30. 3', b P. ;j 1 tw ': ,
W. .
Sun. 5 pm. UVt nand Travel Bur.u FLOOR SANDING-Finishing and To Buy or Sell a _8upplyCo630_ __ CTi >. 6' i I5PAINTOutsidewhcte
office phone 7088. 8301. 812 per n5. M.teral. laborfurnished. Mack high quality chrome DAIRY EQUIPMENT-200 ton. metal new Epton motor 1100. 737 W. -
12. Rev. Cherry laylnc. Modern floors with modern I
Pn. Ph. m. I lo Church.GASOLINE. I I aid en,._.*,
at.r Graduation selection I Jamesway silo
'I modern I ; towel bars : McCormlck-Deertng
ADVICE BY MEDIUM Rev. If.Thrash. SOUTH AMERICAN. East Coast U I metho .. du.Ues euipment RUGS AND UPHOLSTERY cleaned Gif paper holder. etc. Klox pul... Co.. silage cutter 4 knl.; 2 surge milking ENGINE Clinton l".i 'I I From (390 a ga.lun P.rl ul !I'
Pene off
8pl.lal rear South St. We ::
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Chrtatlaa Light Church. RIo"Good Neighbor Ci. tre-lae finish. per ft. fin ''m In Approved Is aSENINELSTAR 25 E. Phone 2-3163 I, machines pr.or. Pricedreasonable. H P air-cooled all purpose engines.Florida Store. de.r
Circle Tueg. 2:30; Wed. 8pm. 24626. service < ::. -- ---- --'- I P.lt 4078 Orac'.e a-i.(6.
I Orland'' ished. Modern Floor Surfacing Co.Phone hoot'npr'rl Prices re BRACKETS for Call 4939 | Pipe Supply Co. 6JO W. _
I Travel Service. 1:. : ., .cafold. saw I PUMPS aid sua.. ,
ph. 7642. w
horses. Church St.llbone 6115.IIOTWATE1tISEATERB3. rrd"p
BARBER SERVICE: chaIn ready 2-41S. For opera- WATER HUTRAI, well Tart
to serve you with fast efficient I BT. LU. *fo.. Atlanta- 154'1' I REFRIGERATION REPAIRS-You've tlon. Mills and Nebraska. gas. Popular atees. 8. 10. 30 : and as little a> (S month.<1 B-wa

service. AU Union shop. We close I for 2 riders. tried the rest now try the best. BED-New pair Beauty- week. Walter J. WIlcox Inc.. 61 K. and 40 gallon capacity. Orlando many Well Drilling pr Pi.fip Sty-
830. East Side Barger Chop M I wagonP.O. Box 81.I Barton's Colony Theater. Hol.o. Robinson. Founded 1936. Appliance Co. 390 N. .
FLOOR SANDING-Finishing. cleaning lex t rest mattresses springe.9am. Ine Or.tl'I": Winter Garden Rd 1m' east of
93. .
Church. Winter Pon. WAN-AD until t 1249 SWEEPER Electrolux: Ave Phone Orb Vista. Orlando; rh nS7
YOUNG RESPECTABLE COUPLE like ..ann: modern A J.m M.rt.de' EuI" I _
estimates. 3 years Ave. 50. P.O. Box HOME FREEZERS: -Kelvtnator. .
BOARDING HOME: NEEDED Immediately ride Richmond. Va. on 23rd. ,, work ruaraDted Lcena. bnded. ROFINoPre now PAINT- Aluminum. <'brume f>'"ah.ready .
for 2 children 3 and I I Drive or share expenses. .7993; lOrn. .xprlenc.. ar1'- I guaranteed.. Rol 4161 BICYCLE-.. 830. Extra tlhe and 1 1845. Orl..doEUcRIC _ available at Bumby Hardware. KeivlnatorDepartment.102 I mixed 'i pints in 5 ga .is.
years old. Phone 21904. after p m. ice 2-110. .Floor Surfacing shingles or built up and .be.to ,, basket Prewar. Extra strong. 1920SDelaney I FANS Toasters grills. W Church. Knox Stores Co 25 E Pine Phono
i Co.FLR. siding. Smith Sons: 4e8. I St. .: Ire cream freezers.Fair HAIR C hand 2-3 163.

C. B. 8TEYEHS Broker-t have. AtORtm. Bonded agents for SANDING' AND FINISHING REPAIRINGN... roofs In- I I New Classification YCLMa- 810r. 10 W Church type .PPERsPrfmlon-al PORTABLE 3AWS--Genuit7e; sij Saw
moved my Real Estate and Insurance and travel service painting. t rondlton
I W.
business from 64 N. Court St. throughout.teamhlp the world. See us for I service. Modern : Red the Phone 2-1255. 331. GRADUATION GIFTS z- ELiCICALPPIANCE- '"Pay nad"Uf. Currh. in metal carrying box Kr-v SUMS.
I ment: portable power unit. t I Rot.r. TRIMMER Plncor Co 25 E P1nePhone 2 tir,
r1 BOAT 14 ft. you _
to 307 W. Par Ave. Phone -35M.JOE'S coats you no more. Town elfdrC I _
I reen.ton1 Service. 118 E. ed 13. Skilled workman: I and sails splendid .I-but want and Ir' under Firestone Easy i I Trims hedxes better for PRUNING SI6FARS-tong aid
Tani insured. Stevens Floor Surfacing Quick service. boa Budet .. the Amco Feed Store. 300 r
BARBER SHOP-Formerly of ; SLPVR Ph 00 Arthur H. Bourlay P. see new Fre W. Kobhuon I IAveS I han'l :also sra's mean
inform : C.ltrl: 5. I II Co. Phone 6583. 30. Good Place to Eat stone radios toasters vacuum 63. j
East Church St. I wish to 12.SPR OBox_ 598._Leesburg,_PIe. j I !!eS5E_ _PJne. Phone 21' .
my friends and customers that I TOUR th. Oolden West and FURNITURE REPAIRED and refl-j I ers etc. Firestone, Orange and Concord HOUSEHOLD discount PRRMTJRK
lorated at 21st and West.moreland I all STAR LUNCH-Enjoy Tour favorite BEVERAGECOOLER.-usedsfoot. 5ipfLfS' COOKERS '- Ot '..106i
.m now Escorted 36 days like new. Cabinets equipment Insect ,
AIUka'j Ibe Po..e t "Presto" 2'b and
(125. Ire cabinet (495.Florida I i I IIS5I
Drive Bolden Heights. Limited membership. Orlando Tndal Fralur Co. 2323 N.Or.n. spray your fruit trees, shrubs food at your favorite "DriveIn"Fountain cream new. ELECTRIC IRONS-Automatla control and upholstery cleaner at pli. I I and (12 93 Knox Stores 4-! r
Business Equip. Co. 390 N. I i i
o..n from 9 :9.J. I Central 9504. and Dining room i Co.
to Gnle.. 118 1: : 6MI. flowers. (711. senl. Universal. Proctor. Samson.Bumby PIne Phone E
C.I 114 14. Orange Blossom Tr. Orange. 5454. 102 W Church. LOT WATiIIETERSElerr, 2-JI8.
FLOOR BANDING-Finishing. cteanIni -- SEPTIC TANKS CLEANED; everything Had.a. and '
H. BRYMKft- expert mechanic ba'bjf
and Bates. i/auoT
: who Is well known In Or- I IJaedo. 17. Hauling and Moving_ I waxlnt. Exclusive agent for pumped and hauled; P. J. I BEDPREADHobn.1. Furnl- ELECTRIC FANS Several types at We install thn heaters. WI.on ANP.ead b.nk. AId.;
Flor-Co Sealer which guarantee perfect Permanent resident; bonded. 31. Good Thinz to Eat Kclvlnator Dept. Bumby Leonard .
Is now associated with the jrxe. ture Co 141 and 815 W. Church. I,, lad.a. I liarduare. 42 W. Winter Park. ph. 520ItPIANOUpright
Buckeye Oar.... 1317 W. Grand ALLIED VAN LINES. INC_Nation'slargest satisfaction to you who desire Insured Route 1$. Box .231! 20575.BEPTICTANKCINPTALLED 10J W. church.ELECTRIC ._ _ _ Phon. 2- 181 _
movers of household goods. Quality Lasting VALENCIA ORANGES The best to $ Al*. c..3 Tn
'Ave. where good reliable mechanic I
Fon. EUmat. and WATER IiEATERS.-30
Fidelity Storage tt Warehouse free. Orlando ship. We b.eeb .1! Also for mATE- Duo-Therm: circulating Slr.e: $75. 331 Ave, W.n-'
service can be had. I ca long For Co. cleaned. State .ppr.ee. 20 years home Grapefruit75c and 40-gallun. aUo gas 30-gallun b..tr upright piano: all lev Park F.lrb.nk
for free estimates on your Established 1809 N. Or- v. bl.bl. 1 P.
Co. I.S
LIVE BAIT-Shiners. koala, motors distance moving. 10-81 W. Jackson .Ate._ ph. 7836 In business; AltermatU' C.1 (730 or busheL .. 1401 W. TBSCarJad W.water Church beaters Buiuby 1.rd.arl. 102 good condition 815 E. AmelIa. PYHEX WARE OenuiuTTrreT "ST

and cabins. Klllarney Fishing Bt._ Phone 23184. FURNITURE refinished 'I 7571 for .ueta. _ Washington: 7207. castlron enameled bath tubs I HEDGE CLPPJR8Hnd- (2.SO sacs a very useful and r.acal
Camp Bear Gourd Neck Springs made as good rpaire.. Pianos repaired EiSPALMSTRIMMED and received. Olhe fixtures on LLECTRIC RGASTENeco. automatic and S : electric gift Knox Stores Co. S3 E P.ae.
Lake Apopka.MtTRTEL .1 AERO MAYFLOWER TSI CO.- refinished Runs removed Bonded. John Newton. 33. Articles for Rent hand. Inrudln. tolrt seats Nothingdtwn Indlator.K.hln.lor hedse clippers Knox Stores Co. 25 Pon. 2-1163.
Long ditan. m01'I.. C.I .Joiner : al. .I.L I 115 Irvin Street. Pleatt. h2-1t. ''7. Llbby Ac Uept.. Buiuby Had"a.. I Pine Phone 2-318.
r"CO.2W 2-22 : I
fcc.estimates I _ | 102
PARKER Spiritualist ReadIngs Van W. ChurchELECTR5C
UPHOLSTERY-Robert 8. Brown. ,, BULLDOZER for .Ith -rake and Freeman. 711 W. Church.BICYCLE HOT WATER
rnt. system;
dally. Circle Thurs. 8 ..m'l I ; also local moving storase.packing FRNIR UPHOLSTERY 2911 N. Orange Ave.. offers finest _disk._Hourly contract._ Ph._75J4 I I VACUUM CLEANER Tomes 2-14;JEATRol.r ; laos; PtIG SUPS
1400 1 :
2613 1:. Washington. Dial 2-0601. and shipping. piece bedroom
cr.Un. .ul. New. (65 Please
8. : 7988.DEEMS I 142.50. 2 piece living suite 1|I In fabrics and workmanship.UPHOLSTERING BCLZERL.n. size grading or _telephone 2-2542. cash register; counter scales: electric
OOM. BOARD and nursing cars for \ UP. Paurl Repair Shop rom Ph. 'I m.le your furniture rake and -Whizser motors go places ELECTRIC REFRIGERATOR Ice peanut toaster; ( ft. Ice refrlserator; Anything yon need In Ilambln.:. We
aged and Soml-lnvallds. 1(20 & DELIVERY Service. Phone 2-18. look like new. We tie andcondition I large disc. Hour or contract. Phone i for pennies-125 miles gallon I i i'i cream. 8 hole used only 30 days. display case. Prldgen's. 1280. 20th. have the good* and the
I 7673; light moving and hauling. FANS REPAIRED: Cleaning and See your new 1947 I motorat Hut. prices. Duo-Therm water
Michigan RefinIsh frames.Ruas or 2-2097. HARTMAN trunk and
A. I every load Insured: reasonable rates..1 servicing; expert electricians. Johnson .prllll. I '3 the Whlzzer Motor :602 N.I I'I e"ra. .burrh._ wardrobe Duo-Therm furnaces city h..ter.
1122 W. Church
Mattress ; parking truck. 3 burner Hom.
SPENCER SUPPORTS Individuallydesigned. FLOOR SANDER-Edger and An- gas .to.
Electric Church. Ph.S188. ; Plumbing Co. W.
Co. pliher. I\
FULFORD VA STORAGE CO.-. 2 J Orang.Plsone2-4657. I|I I Inquire 907 Old England .. or 12 Fairbak.1.
Mrs. W.r. 1202 E. 2-221. I All new. Arnold Paint bed. springs I : iron bed springs; I Winter
Washington. Phone 2-J50 or 1-3085. Can lead of household i I UPHOLSTERINO-SIiP covers ref In- S. Orange. 2-3786._Parking_In tear BEDROM- SUITES New. 3-pc. ;I dresser, electric sweeper, white enamellre Phone 3.1VJ. Winter p rl.1 P.rk Ph
I, goods t May 22nd. 133 FLOOR SANDING Finishing. Bpeelsllze I 1 I I i Others. (89 SO
I PU.burlh ishlng. We call without obligation.Call 169.5. UP box. SOIbs.Phonel.0675.ENOINESlaiwline HOUSEHOLD
N. : treatment. 20
Pentra-Seal SANDEf plah.rI
i iyrs. Moore Co., -
neuritis: slenderising: Gil I II Modern Ingram-Brown. 418 r. Central. for rent. '! Edxewaler i j dlatllfate. and merous appliances make housekeeping
experience. ,
KNOLLENBERGS local moving; .qulpm.at 2-0008 or 2-2T53. I Drlis_ _College Parl. j jBATTERIES I I easier Drop In and see us. Orlando -
bert X20A W. y.1 A. -2111. Work ,. Edgewater Drive telephone 2-091V 1.e.1 engines Cur agricultural and
I store.. crating packing. Also luarant"d. : fur radius 'tjjii Ac Rervlce. 608 N. Orange
only. BLINDS i i Pipe f.le
Ldl. service. 7851. RiPAIRE FLOOR SANDER and d..raG cabinet Al' I In.lalaUons. JurW. PLUMBING
eent for Delcher's II. Pittance lurt. Ulats replaced with flab luht batteries. lan or '' Supple 8118ELL'CIRIC Ave 2-9. _ 8tPU!
TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN-My Moving. 506 4965 TER D-Rcflo- .lulh.um. ,, sander and for polisher.Wyckoff's small B. F Goodrich. Garland I 1.l -Chlrb :
property located al 2200 8. Orange LONG I i'URNIrRVP1 .. Ingrain-Brown Guaranteed not ta peel rust or chip. Hdw. 2524 1-22. RoOIDSun Ae.UDRM and WAFFLE IRONS-Heat Bath tuba. lavatories toilets. toilet
For any kinds of blind 20. per sq. HOI9T t booms 1 band operated
Blossom Trail is date removed A indicator several Kelvlna : seatg. .. electric and
Central2-4)006 22353.iuHn'8 m.k.
or water
tb points Packing crating local 418nW. : ft tt factory. Refinishing and repairs TYPEWRITER RENTALS SpecIalmonthly winches complete with cable .
from market. Mrs. I .. SUIB3-plr. living tor Dept. Bumby Hardware 102 W. heaters pipe and flttlnrs.
Lee SomervlHe.W. ing. Buddith Moving it Storage Co. REPAIRS-From by factory trained empioyes.Orlando and quarterly rt. Check IUI. and Church booms raise and lowe and can be per pipe and fittings. cop
115_W. Columbia Phone_5154.VETERANWITIITRUCK I from roof to teller Venetian Blind Mfg Co.. I I With Oe.r.Btuart. 1 St.. some furniture Woodlawa '. Holmes. Chevrolet Ill W. .
P. Kelly.. Registered Surveyor.S desires Including heating and ventilating.All I 1739 S. Kuhl: 8059.i phone Cemetery Road. Lake Rose. 1st. ELECTRIC RANGES-Apartment 115 W. 195.. m.D hurchPIoUprllht.
Church and Arcade. Phone and full For Immediate de
work guaranteed. CaUS026. house 'Ird.
8346. 1.1 I short hauling: equipped to haul ,i i VENETIAN BLINDS MADE-Best I In. livery Modern Appliances, Ine. 428
furniture lumber cement blocks or HOUSES WASHED- materials.
I Llllk.-p workmanship Completereconditioning BEVERGE COOLE1V Brunswick N. Orange Ave .
10' CAPH DISCOUNT on aU fur- what have you. Phone 2-0271. job. Bungalows $ I I shop. Adams. 919 W. TOOL RENTAL SERVICE Liquid and solid fodr.rtl.r.ton INLAID LINOLEUM Installed on IS. Girl's blede
!.ltr. durD. the month of May. Waxing floors our .p.e.lr. AU workguaranteed. Central. 9558.WASHING Easy access; greater floors and Avdoyan __10. 31 DSoto Crle. ..

Clrl.nda W. Chu F.mUar. Co.. 14 and liS : 1*. Laundry Work Call _ I I| MACHINE REAIR- I Paint prayers; skll-saws: benchsaws .torar : f..te cooling. Im ELECTRIC STOVE:-Ph. 8820. .Inl. tOP.2-11. 251Edu..at. PIANOS-Watt for Joseph B.lep
equipment and North Magnolia
: Avenue.
1 mla.I
HOOVER VACUUM CLEANER Serv Service on .rk I flfrll. delivery e., terms. Orlando 131
r I .1 Young's Tool Rental. 100 W. Washington Appliance Co. Inc.. 210 N. ELECTRIC REFRIGERATOR en.ft tn .on.PIAN0Und.
Lost and ound ice. Bumby Hardware Co. 102 WChurrh I alr.ntnd. Wlsitns. 2014 LI ICE BOX-In very good
lZ HOME LAUNDRY. 2030 W. Church. I ; phone 6104 I Kaley Ave.. phone 6 41. St. 8454. | Orange dial 4537. Cnldspnt Perfect condition. 103 Reasonable. For cnditon. uprights and spinets.

CAT and 2-1343. HOME SERVICE General repair WELL us drill your I I CARPENTER TOOL'S-Set. 8 Orange Blosmm Trail. Ph. 22434. telephone 2-4359 pie. t2 11 t.rm. as low as (25 down.

.hte LT-l Tlt. .Tel I I New rontrdlon. Windows screens ..ei DRILIlot II.taU pump for I fan: encyclopedia and books 71:: ELECTRIC FANS Plastic screen; ICE CREAM BOX-4-hnle. Com- Rnln' 531 N. Orange.

"n, Box J$8-8tar. YOUR SEL SERVICE-Laundry. All and caulking service. Llrenl and or irrigation. Easy payments FLOOR" SANDER New American.. p.l: silver ..re. ln"l; camera, garbage cans: lawn mowers: hose, prerwr and tubing. Good condi
CLASS RING LOST-Initials 'Qulpmnt. No appointments I I bonded. D..I. Phone nothing down. 36 months t pay. 8" Reasonable rt. I bicycle 718 .. A. pressure cookers 222 W. Central tlon. (160. Collins Restaurant. 2305 PLUMBING SUP
C. R Burke. 1805 8. Bumby. Hardware
Lout en 8. Parramore Bt. W.M n..r". Str.cl'.. :318 W. WASHED- d" nelsh- Belmany Well Drilling and Pump CAMPING TENTS-Hammocks: gal ; 2231.ELCRIC E. Washlnlton.i'TERFFICE.
Long and Carter Sts Finder It..eD Washington. C and HOUSE or to paint Bupply. Winter Garden Rd. 1 mU TYPEWRITERS-Rental machines I for esnteens; mosquito net FANS 8-Inch blade SYSTEM Commonl- Toilets. bath tubs. ,'stories. sinks.
Hughey Sta, Phone 6924. br 10 150 east of Orlo Vista Orlando I Immediate I delivery. Office Equipment i' lon-.I. stalls, water heaters
return to Wile Mae Belpio. Building house- It steam 108. .; tarpaulins all sixes Thoussndsf .0 Furniture Co.. 141 delivery. Flor .bo.e and
1 Apt. 2 Courts. Reward. cleaned by the Steam House Cleaning WASHING MACHINE REPAIRS-All Exchange Smith-Corona Agents. items bargains a their bet Mor 615' W. Church. ida Business Equipment Co. 390 N. pip. Har.r'. Plumbing Co.. (Res.)

DOG also male. 19. Services Offered Co.. at the small fraction of makes. Maytag official service. 220 8. Main St..Tel 8850. gan's Salvage 46 FURNITURE Mills-Ward Furniture Or.na Ave. 544.iONERE 111 Ave. Winter P.rI

IUND"MecUum Hamaae the cost of a paint Job. That's whyit Bsrton's. next to Colony Theater. Co. Inc.. 109 S. Parramore. Ph 48-M
Society, Or1&a. looks like newt! We also n.tr.tb. Winter Park '3. 33. Articles for Sale before buying new furniture: 7653. 1-f.. ot-.t grove

LOCKETIA3ST-Carneoand ph.n orllila colors to dirty ..b.t. WATER CONDITIONING-Rusty and CONCRETE BLOCKSTested FLOOR COVERING Inlaid and Orlando Farm equipment Store Jo.d PAINT SPRAY GUN-Complete with
chain. APPLIANCES: SERVICED Washing 23625.HOUSESWINDOWS. ATTIC sires. Complete 13 h p. electric motor. Used two
rol. FANSAl
C.I red water from printed W. Robinson
Monogram oa MLS. Mrs. Dul.nc. .hllo. fan Orlando Ineoleum. rubb.r-Ik. run 2-345.
b.lk machines serviced. Prompt efficient days. Reasonable 33 New Hamp
WASHED. Inside wells cleared alfton delivered to Orlando. 8x8x16 ners and J
McNalr. Reward. Matt- eontrolr Co. 210 N. Oldden. KITCHEN SINKS-54-ln. double drain
2-2'8. on all ....k... We have and I Ie Or'DI shire.
land. Pie.CFAREWHZKL. rp.1 cut. waxed and Mlcromet feeder. COhOD J.cbDeJ (180 per thousand: 4x8x16 (140
the Brttts General Electric I polished. Phone Bamberg. 7228; or Co. 138 W. South Ave. Phone 457.APARTMENT per thousand. Malon 0 Wright Block FURNITURE .It mll. faucet strainer trap PUMPS-Water .nt.m. 10% off
-Used. Wicker gettcg Complete forIU'
AND TIRE lost off Franehlsed Dealer. 358 If. Orange. call nights 2-3098. KITCHENS Complete Plant, Phone 237 Black, WinterGarden. and cash cblnft. this week. W. A Co. 41S
Jnt.rDatlnl truck at Washington Phong 8942. with electric refrigerator range.stnk.and r.l.r. (IS; 2-piece blonde down and W. Robinson .
Sts. Finder return to LAWN SERVICE-We do everything cabinets A few for immediate maple room suite, (98.SO; (746 per month. Wyckoffa Hdw. .
minimum Mathews-Blake Co. WELL smlvel chair. 2524 Rub PIANO--Oulbtanson Spinel Walnut
Orlando Armature Works I desl (795.; 3-bumer
and DRING delivery. Modern
recclvi -
Main 1811. Applanc. oil sofa finish 8595. Small down payment,
(11 ; bed. clean.
W Central. Inc.. 428 JO. \ 19.5 LIVINGROOM SUITE Maple.12ilS .
rware. AVCE T BUU.DERB-And Supply LAWNS grassed; top lollAll Guaranteed wells. Any you re Or.n. Old Town just arrived (4950.: (795: large rug. Several chalrg. 1429 easy monthly terms. Associated
14 Beauty I Ivota toDa. See Mr. Icon at K I .GRDE. Free eatlmates.Zberhardt. lulr. Sterilised and tested. No ASBESTONE BOARD-A wall boardof CANOE.. ended, double ended and sofa. (29 SO.: metal beds. (495 W. Princeton Ave. Stores. 143 M. Orange Ave. Phone
I.arlor .. .orl. 36 a uses. Waterproof wont Mather of Orlando. 56 E. 5300.
months to pay. Libby 100 Sponson: 11. 13. 15. 18. 17 and 18-fU Church
AMERICAN 8ALON-.444 AWNINGS porch curtains. Venetian I !, & Freeman. 711 W. Church. warp. I at Mills and Nebraska. Pine Castle Construction Co... Phone 2-3808. LIVING ROOM SUITE email slse, QUIT SQUARES-40 pieces. Dia

W. Chireh.BEAt Rialto Thea. bttnds. glider covering. Full line cf I: LETTER WRITING and ::18k ASBESTOS SIDING-And roof'shin- I Pine Castle.Boa. o 140. Upright piano. Ivory colored pieced tetbe. 8 In. ono
graphy Parker good condition (60. Progress all Ph. 9774.
te. Bonnie formerly with Elisabeth material .Phone 9826. Florida AwningCo.432 : gles. For a lifetime job. Get I atMlllsandNebrask COMMERCIAL REFRIGERATORS FENCE PT. Cpres 7 ft. long. white Ice box '73-lb. capacity square.

Welcom. her p.tro. and I 8. Hughey. I I 2-128. WELL DRILLING-We .._ 42 cu ft. capacity 1947 model forImmedl.te 3 to 4 but. (13 per 100. 4 to 40. le.1 750. Deming Auction REFRIGERATOR EI. tC lewNorl.
friend r ph. 8B31.AMMERMAN and LAWN: MOWINOWlth power mower diameter deep .. .I.I.I I thick Walter J. WilcOx S In. ( 100. Little Tree 8273.
Illntm.at 8JRVIC .m.1 ASPHALT SHINGLES SQ-. delivery. but Sa Co.. 733 W. Church; I-fot 2-39.
Estimatesfor le
iALE (1 for 100P ft.
-20 "E": Pine. "Mildred I I unl's. I complete I garden square care by season.W. I Can Instal well and pump butt shingles at 1 per sq. Call Inc. 61 E. Robinson. Founded 1936. Co. Winter Park 598 2-0156. RUG-9x12 Wilton with pad. Red

Flynn. Frances Rho.de. Betty Farm and Home Machinery Co. 430 C. Frane. 2-4409. I of FHA plan. or write F. F. 2-1825; after 0 p.m.ANTQUESJloerD. COMPACTS-Jewelry. lingerie hoale FANS-Fans of all kinds. Table LAWN and background. 8200. In storage can

Cald..u Zlnora Phllp.! Dorothy I W. Robinson: phone 9-2713. I I.nd..plnl. [I French. Lnl..o. Fla. Phone e.3O..Good 1 ry for graduates. Featured at "The floor room. ..IDdo. and atte used. MOWERPo..r. Steel new Co.. be seen by appointment. Write Betty

am.lt All hlhl wit ALARM CLOCKS REPAIREDAn, LOTS CLEARED Prompt service. pieces and art Hosiery Shop." 5 W. Orange_Ave._ Payments .low a 81.00 w.kl,. Aa, 43__8. Bryan; phone 2-0231 or 9664. Touchstone. 2210 Illinois
... Phone kind of clock or Fe estimates any time. 11 Irvln. : Place to Eat auction for entertainment sociated Stor. 143 N. Orange -
141. .
I II. .Iectre .Qull 2-1147. John .. I lod. NCRETEBWCK MACHINE Phone I LATHE drU press Irilde with RKES Pf rm-A
Saloal lent We fix Bale R I and Irea .111. New single unit. 530.I bench Cast stove. Moor
Ph. BUt MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS Repaired. i CERVANTES SPANISH restaurant. al 5. Edgewater In Park.
4014. them 48 W. Central. night and PANS-Fana-Fans--Exceuent I Stroler College
\et. P. 1118. Dmln. with partition ( .
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for Koehendarfer. Magmder Arcade.Phone Spanish bean soup. Cuban sand- I :
beauty Sales Co. 733 W. tion
Hilda Monck. It at of small fans from f to : Shotgun
ealtar. APPLIANCE f wlrhes.1 yellow lets. A real bauln. te f (8. :319 Long St. Florida Saw RUG- x2 Axminte-Vad.
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VI..a .. Margaret Wbdd.n tors ... 2-240. I R. O Coffman Co.. Inc.. 2809 (9,(5 lP. Orlando ADPlaDc Co. Service. rifle rope oth.r.m.1
) Bldg. upstairs.GENE'S radios): reasonable. Work guaranteed i'iE recovered. Springs re- |I p'lbett and tucei; IB W. i Still time to send your goods for I Orange, N. Orange Ave. LAWN i articles Rraionablg. Phone
BEAUTY- R. N. 7364 or Complete comfortfrom Church.CLOVER |i this Thursday's sale. Phone 2-0156. models. AND GARDEN SUPPLE Ferris Dr. 24127.RADIOPHONOGRAPH .
SHOP-Bering 'N &.dl. ph CLOTHES LINES- .lnDa wireclothes FANS-Latcit 10 inch diameter Lawn mowers hose 1833"
*l.u- BIg reduction IB heat. 23021. a Russ Mattress rebuilt job. up. Knox up to 36 Inch attic fans. complete line of hand tools. H. H. Automatic.
Cold waves a specialty. 204 8. Main.. ACETYLENE and electric welding; Russ Mair.Co. 1122 W. Church; ORILL.-Exreilent food Is I I ATTIC FANS-American Blower and Stores Co..lne.E 35 Phone 2311.CMMERcALouLY Westlnghouse Emerson. Robbing Parrlsh Hardware, 220 8. Orange Ave. I Cabinet floor model, A-l condition. -

Phone 6886. machine work on pumps saw mills 2-221. always served her.. Home madePies i Century-Hunter. 36. 42. 48- in. Installed steel and Myers Walter. Wtro.. Ine n 2-1(41. SH5. 490 W.b.te Ave, Winter
RAY'S and road construction machinery; OFFICE MACHINES REPAIRED-Our and yeast rolls. 7 3. Court.COODBREAD'S Convenient terms. WyckoffsHdw. \ .. ii_E. I Psrk. Ph. 152.

prm.nent BEAt PARRA. aluminum and brass casting M IIn service guaranteed. Check wltn 2524 Kubi.AMTrW _. reduced. 20' Southeast Steel Sales P'URNITIJRE-New and maple; ROM SUITE S piece; I cabin
uld upholstery
Peb.a' ; spring
e wa. a 4222. ney__Machine Workr.131 W. Ger.Stuart 1 8. Main 8t* Phone -Our chicken boxes COOLERS by Co. downstairs. 100 W. Amelia Ave. cash and save 10 to 25 :I flljed. reasonable; 2-3943. RSlPRE moved nmbl

38 East Pine. One place only. I BUILDING repairing and painting. are a tasty treat. For picnics orfl.hnl Cordley. Sunroe. phone 2-1442 on your purchases. Bass LADDERS at once. Easily dismantled and moved.

BP.RINO PERMANENT8 Machine Prompt service. Licensed and bonded PAINTING-Brush or spray. Industrial trips. they mal your meal Chance your present dead elpn. going at Co. 625 W. Church 8t. FrnlUr.j Extension step and I .this and make offer. Phone B3R4.
or .. .. fried chicken COAL RNGElIO. 14.Whit. straight ladders kitchen
real Investment. Terms
mahnet. upt phone (964. Superior Builders pti. 20123. or residential. Water proofing Into a 817 sixes In & stools and chairs. Mills ;Nebraska.LUMBER ROOFING-Oaivanlzed. -
I We caterlocisrb service 5241. rnu. 15. FREEZER3
sired. J. Wllcox. Inc.. 61 E. D
Ch.n lala SOB W. Amelia. BEAD AND PEARL STRINGING our .pl.lr. Exteriors 1' e sq. Wale. I Central Prompt delivery. 28 and 29 gauge Lengths. (. '
jewelry and watch repair; guaranteed ft. 40' or over. Anywherein I HOWARD JOHNSONS Rel.urnt February 1936., REGISTER Underwood Sun- Walter : :0p Inc. 61 E. Robinson. I Everything in building .. 10. 11 ft. Immediate delivery. 29
CASH lumber
15. State. :estimates. Best in ref You'l come ..cl .1.11.on \ FANS-36. and 48-Inch. and wood. Colonial Lum ... (7.87 28 88.32 .
Schools and Instruction Norgrady's. 1 Murder Arc. erences. Rt. 1. BOX you try Nationally KnowndelicIous TIC Install 4 fans. Wilson strand. Foster's Food Store 2012 Founded 1938. ber Chrney Highway. Ph. 2-74. ; Pressed ga. Steel per Co..square.National

HIGH CLEANING AND REPAIRING of all Klsslramee I U5.. K. Galo..a" foods at reduced prices. We Leonard Hardware. 42 W. Cent.lPhon. I B Orange Blossom Trail. FURNITURE- 2-p. velour living I LAWN 'SETS-Rustle cypress: Atlanta .... P.O. Box 3351. 10\
SCOLmpl." your high kinds. In and around your ownhome. : serve only the best. Visit our DairyBar I 22157.ALUMINUM CONOOLEUM RUGS in all slseg. room suite. 16. "p. dining room made." 810. 2 1 "Be Orlando.'RDIOs.I.. P

American School. a time with Gale: 2-203. PAINT Color 15'1 for that short "after the show MOULDINGS and trimmings Special prices on all furniture. suite. (90. 701 Turner's. 1234 ch.t.. P.rl. 191 _. _ _
Texts and
CLEANING ANU PRESSING Cash tions.EAT snack. Take home one of our delicious Slaughter's. 48,West Central Ave. FLOOR LAMPS-6-way. 519 95. Or- Phone 67AW for a set. Pa.Cona
No classes. Diploma. Free booklet. painters Also sink rims. Standardsixes _ ; .
Write American School. Depti O. and carry prices .I save you mended. Hatch. 6001. At 48 flavors- of Ice cream. 20% off. Southeast Steel Sales CSHR0iBI'El-New National. 2- lando Furniture Co.. 141 and (IS MOVIE3 lor the tome. News Parade ''I.bl. Bumby Hardware. 102 pr.,
P. O. Box 3161. Orlando. c money. Bring us coth... Superior I LAKE EOLA room Co.. 100 W. Amelia Ave.. total model. 100 class. See Remley, W. Church St adventure e.mlr.BO"Uud' Church.
Clene" 214 of charot. .. do.nt.l. tr..t _______________________
"ESTATE LAW anipractics. S. PAINTING-Exterior. interior. All I!i best Phone 2142.ALUMINUM Ed..te Hotel. Winter Garden. MPIURE SPEcLlobWe- ( Camera 1C39 N REFRIGERATOR Used 8-ft. 2-

Preparation broker and CONCRETE FLOORS etc. We form work guaranteed. LcenP andbonded. I Dinnerpartlesinvlted. 24114. I II I, WINDOWS Double CAMP STOVES-Jutt received alame .lc. Orange: call 2-11. door Norse, all porcelain.
man. Classes to start each ale pour and finish concrete floors.driveways. C.I 2-6922.- LAMAR COFFEE SHOP- loca- |I' bung. Cost less than steel windows. I shipment. Bumby Hardware tional living room set. Empire MA TRE8Inn.r.prlnl. Southern ly reconditioned. Only S17S. Complete Call 8138.WlllardAKel .

X. Fn. St. Phone 85111.vn .ek 1. price .w.ll. and 2-0256.steps.Dunham For PAINTING-Waterproofing; all masonry I tlon permits us to serve better food I'1, Never needs paint. They wont warp. | 102 W. Church.CASEMENTFRAMES. mahogany black love walnut seat and picture chair frames.pairantique .0'. .. Also box er. _
at lower prices. Banquets large .. ( Phone
Price reduced 20% Southeast Steel
for woodensindows
study of Concrete Co. surfaces. Thoro i i shadow Beth Thomas clock, : 1430. ROOFING-Dutch-Lap roof-
any 1
A"8To ma : parties invited. We a'M.tO
: | are your W. Amelia Ave, down- bl.
Sales Co.
the Trades or Porches doors windows IC ; 10 screen framrv sash; metal Jenkins Ing. siding and shingles. Gutter
40 Enllnerln. CONCRETE WORK; driveways: steps. Bonded insured N. J. service 2-1S08 I II I' stairs. just north of Maltiand Underpau.Weikals 'PrDI. MENDEL LUGGAGE
iu.lne" Coun. under the 0 I. Bill walks B.me. I 2-14. Furniture Boone: -Exclusively at and down spouts. L. T. J.raa 7o
septic licensed
thro.h the International fon. t.nl Floor: PAINTINQ-Whrn it's painting you MARIE'S RESTAURANT-We special AIRPLANE MODELS-Complete stock Cottages_ _ _ 2-3795. Herman's. 27 West Church ateLMOTRCYCL19t Alexander Place 7427. _
Com'Pnd.nel School Write or call : need call 2-3930. or spray..Stanley I ise In "Southern Fried Cblckefl.I ." models and &ee..orl. HO-O CLOTHES HAMPERS Variety ofcolors 8H
Co. 8714 or 2-2206 for estimates.CONTRACT Br.h FURNISHINGS Complete furnishings square
: per fo.t.
L R. Bo* Phono P. CrU.. licensed and bonded i, Our pies are home made. Ride out I Railroad boats racing cars. Model and sizes 86 5 up. Orlando for 2-bedroom house Including Harley David r-RO-7.. .. Telephone
BUILDING of new the 8. Or.n.Blo.am Tr.l. supplies. Ha en. 214 N. Orange. 6668 Furniture Co.. and 61$ RCA A-l N.I. 10 131.8REENr

home and of any rpair.'to. Repairs homes fla'ne. and PLUMBING-Clyde Thompson repair Y SR-iTAURA -i I ATTIC FANb-AU types. Completeenglneeied W. Church. radio 2 Frlgldaire.beautiful carpets.gas stove.Beauty- dition. 641 Lexington St.. phone 6012.eon and boxes.fancy House grills.

See T. P. Fullard. 39 X. work. 24 hour lnlr. Ph.11. I the finest l anatmosphere la.t.U.tl. Orlando DRINKING FOUNTAIN-Kelvlnator. rest mair... etc. May be seen MEAT DISPLAY CASES Fixtures by and Mills and
'WATCH THE TIME"DEADLINE la 24032. .me Residence 1210 I .f coot com tort. ..- ,I Sales tt 8.nl. .. Ine. ph. 2-0959. automatic thermostat. Bumby at 11 Washington; dial 2-4263. Tyler Fixture Corp. 48 W. almbr. delln N.b
food prepared to suit the C.ntral rul.
Hardware. 102 W. Church
BICYCLE Mans Elgin. A-I condii General Cooling Heating
CNCR TESlfVCI -and 10n. 1 prompt guaranteed repairs. Phone that IO.'satisfy dl .rlmln.tn. t.te. Ds.eul'. I IPICKARDS i I i tlon. 639 W. Amelia. DEL PUMPS-Shallow well. 29 FEHCNGLmliuppI72ad MATREEsJi.llk 'new. SEWING built MACHINE- FactoriEs-new;
rof. b..rt ot
T. In engineering workmas-I 5059 Residence. 1729 Grand.PLUMBINGSERVICE'Weat SHOP--Wh.r. BEDROOM SUIT Light o.kT t'Dk. Installed. Easypayments. Knox Stores Co.. 25 E. Flue. Phone 620 able and.u.rnte en.) 1r.WInIn.: 124'pr.

and materials. Free estimates Central food CFnl dally I Piece complete. Used very iittie.I I Hd.- ._2524 Kuhl. 2-3163. PhelpAveots.WiitrparOFFICE SHEET METAL EQUIPMENTS U.

FORSUNDAY Por concrete work .f all kinds call |I Plumbing it Heating Co. 15 N. I I m: ... r.lelr.a: home I Reasonable. 33 E. New Hampshire DINING ROOM StIEP In FROZEN CUSTARD MACHINE-Alro FURNITURE Receptionroom. sheet metal brake, 3-ft. gquarg

PAPER 67500r9530. Buchanan Concrete Co. I Bryan. Day 2-2236. Night 7538. I .: High I BATHROOM TILE In rust proof I good eondltoD. Eola hardening box For informationsee Chrome and genuine leather. I' sheer pip scamers bench tools

CLAY ROADs BUILT-Also lime rock ', PAIN'IINO-9x12 roma ceiling and Permatlle. All colors; low cot Drive.DINING. 647 W. Central Ave. Florida Business Equip. Co. 3M ali new 8. 14tb Bt. L.ba.

IS paving with surface treatment.Work !I walL (12 oil. Low ROXY GRILL offers for your enjoyment Free estimate. Bob Sweeney ph ROM 8U -ple.. sioi. FROZEN CUDTARD MACHINE-F' I N. Orange. 5454. FllSERVICYCLE._ _ _
a.rlte. Bumby & Simp I rates exteriors- Helfand. 2-42(7. delicious "Hot Roast Beef 2-4632. I Can a 231 Adams 8t.MWALTPWER H. Washington. 619 8. Parramore OUTBOARD MOTOR-Johnson 1947. -1946 model like a..

SATURDAY NOON son. QUALITY PAINTING. Interior and I Sandwich" with potatoes and gravy. BUILDING 24x32. 8350 rash. 1, SAWSAISPart et. 18 h p. and new Century boat with Must sell. Phone 2388 before I

CABINET ANU MILL WORK to special -I I exterior. Screen repairing, floors I 30c. This cant be beat. 212 W. County line on new Sanford | I P'LUORESCENTFIXTURES-1 Ills or without trailer. Will sacrifice J. pm.

DIAL 4161 order.*Central Florida Lumber wsxed. Immediate ..Ic. Call 8724. Church Hlshway. Lamar Wilson. Rt. 1. Box 1 metal lathes. J. D. ; =telephoneI l.I I 14-15-20 watts 8450: 2 lite $6 95. O Wells. Howry and S. Blvd. Ph. Next ]
Continued Pate
Co. Mills and Nebraska. I Ed Curtis.MRS.DUGAM I I 134-A. Maltland.UEYt I Mount Dora 3753. Fair Store. 10 W. Church. 307. DeLnd. Fla. [

Orange p button and letters of discharge estate of let nx ntg 150. Knight et M wd 10. Gross et ax wd 10. and Lan Assn mtg 130. mate Life Ins Co mtg 140. et nx mtg 1'0.

County I Esther Medlnkowltx.Vivian w K Prl. nx t Abe L Miller spli I Alexander 8 Armstrong e as to X. R I Earl J Lyons ., ax to Marvin Vain etux Ct Orlando to N Rivers et M I Conn Gen Life Ins New Homes Darren 0 Hlbbard ax to Ralph H
Marlone Butler petition for wd 10. Curtis mtg wd 10. "0. Inc sm. e
Court Records letters of .u.rdla. estate of PercyW i! B O Anderson et u to Orvffle I Chees- I R Crtl 15.. to .exnde S Armstrong I H C Tyner et nx to Curtis H Truer wd' Vida Irene Davis to City of Orlando W K Bowie nx t C B Began et H Ely et ux w* 110.

Rider. I man cod 1. Vl wd 10. I (10. qed 20. wd (10Q I L T Hunt et nx t Holland Baker usad
M.rr. Applications Molna C Thompson petition apllnU. I City of Orlando to I P Lewis et nx Clarence W Pearce et nx to Russell Joseph J Nlhol. et nx t August Oeor.L Speight et al to Billiard Hall-i J Breyley et al ta Everette C Phillips 8101. e
James 1m.D Payne. 23. printer. Box lu.rdan estate of Ira D Thorntoa 1 110. .e Dickensoa et ax mtg I Champlain et .d (10 al wd (10 sm Newell T Isihley u to Y J Wlndhammts
2042. and Elizabeth Hobby 37. clerk. Tlt and Trust Co. .tond annual Charles Altermatt to City of Orlando Richardson 15.Wiham to Robert A 'I Helen Jeanne Sloane to Martha 8 Holland J s Eaton .ux to Isle Mae Parks wd City of Orlando t. Dr P.u 0 Sch.ne' .nu 72. 0
98 N. Garland. of Frank I Pop. qed II.Water. 10. wd 10. (10 et ux deed (10. V J Wlndham et H to Newell T Lashley

Winifred W Metcalf. second re 0 Altermatt et al to City of Or- John W Gross et ax to Clarence WI I' City of Orlando to Quentln Medlln etnx M S Vergowe e ux to 1 L Ivey et al qcd I 3 C Brosae e.x t City of Orlando et ux wd (10
Instruments Filed port estate of Edward Harris Metcalf. (1. Pearce et ax wd 10. i I deed 10. (10i qed ( Walter W Roae Inv Co to State of Pie
Marion A Halltrom fit annual report.Shale R Marvin Howard e al t Margaret 0 Robert A Knight et nx to Fed Say Russell Dickinson et al to John W Gross I II L J Lilly to Perry R Holland et UX i Leon Jones et nx to Bank .f Crestview Howard C 8.". et nx to Euiton Chancey easement.
of Ed..ad Burley qcd 10. and Loan Assn mtg 7140. 1 sm. i I rate (2 (42133 i Phillips el ux ad 10. Walter W Rose Inv Co & St.t Road
Birdie Wiener Damns order. for dlstrlWELLO C M Lonlgley e nx to Henry C Jerome Onrllla E: Chessman e ux to Robert A I CUre W Pearce et ax to John W 1 Carolyn N Frld .t vir to Fir Fed Bar Everette C Phillips e a to Volunteer Ralph H Ely et nx to Darrell 0 Hlbbard Department qcd 1.
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(orlnnb &tntlntl I 331. Graduation GiftsSHELL 1 40. Pet Stol and Supplies__ I[, 47. Rooms for Rent POOR PA ,p AUNTHET 51. Houses for Sale SI. Houses for Sale I''- 53. Acreage for Sale)

JEWELRY-Doa-Dee Shell- I PUPPIES 1 .el old pointer CLOSE IN-Lara* cool corner connecting By CLAUDE CALLAN I Br ROBERT QUILLEM LAKE VW- and bath hrJla.d. YOU FIND THE GIRL-W* will find FOLK Approximately 19.1 .-
PAGE 10. SAT..MAY 17. lU craft Industries offer Exotle earring I Good stock do. Ph %649 II | bath; business party desired. Lru.landa.pd lot. Price the home. Clyde McKenxlc Broker I 1: 000 acres situated five miles north

I la delicate pastel Correct forevening Jackson .St. j 332 E. Sooth St. 150. $1000 cash 12 S.Main. Phone 24775. of Polk City For detail contact

[Cont. from Preceding Pare sports and daytime wear. j I PUPPIES.-EacUah Bull Dog. AKC ) CLOSE IN-251 8. Main; very specialrates. P.r.b Real Estate. 36 E. Pine; dial NEW 2-BCDROOM cement block Box 342 8-81ar._

Bee our .Id. variety at 120 N. Or- Registered 8 weeks Sired by a Comfortable rom. Plenty of 2114.LKE Modern Bunk house In rear. Excellent 70 FT. Fronting Lake Erma and hard
ArtIcles for Sale ange. O'Neal Arcade. ,I champion. K. Toef. old Park Fla. tot water. I VIEW-New rambling tO2- investment. $3000. Klttinger I': road $700 cash. T. .. Llndorff.

S3. BKNRU8-Mea'a L CLOSE IN 204 Hlllcrest. Rooms "drom bUD.alo. Large screened Realty 5454 or 2-0074. i{: Realtor. 438 N. Male phone 2-3963

SOLAR BYBTTM with InatallaUoi.. WIT.d WATE.. Je.el Pb'* I TOY )ANCJ .k$35.I old.. single or double in private apartment. pcb. Garage. and. l.andf. Owner room. All i I i A NEW 2-BEDROOM home for $7400. 1 I or 2-4737._
New 100 aal. tank. Concealed ta Jrw.lf EKb.n.a 'I bc.ll.t. c.dIUo. 83 .d Semi-private bath and show Term it desired. Vee Van Hoten 92 ACRES On lake 8 miles from

.etal eaa. with metal "rak.u. $150. WHIZZKR MOTOR BI- P.cf It. er. Meala. 2"482'1 I with Clyde McKenxle. 12 8. Main; 2I I Orlando. Some umber. Ideal for

Bea VUaer and .. mouDt on new 211 blk*. COl- TROPICAL FISH-30 Angel fish left CLNIATOWN- Av*. LAKE lAJVIEW-ln. 4775. camp sites and citrus growing. $8000.
209 E. Amel.Plwal A. Phone 2-2022. pl.t. 95. .. $39 at $1.50 each. Aquariums and rom. .. Sun Lw.lr furnished CONTACT WHITE BROS 824 N. Fred L. Hall. Ph. 122 or 342. WlntejS
lake front home.
SINK RIMS All at&nd&rdalItIWlth $10.26 per month. WyckoUsfldw. stands. C. BUI. 1226 Nebraska Av*. N.a bu. grill and theater ParkIng Urge screened 7 rom.. 2 baths; I I I Mill for nicely located 4-bedroom Park. l -

,..?.. Steel Salea 2524 Kuhl._ _ I I POMERANIAN PUPPY Four lt. trees: beautiful prche.. trees.70 citrus home. 875OO. only $35OO down. 160 ACRES east of Orlando. Combinatkm -

tmmi... dowuta 100 W. Amelia: dial JirAREN'S new fitted TOY old. Inquire to 1340- .thItrrt CAEERY Azalea Lodge and wash cow shed O.r&l'i 3 BEDROOM bouse. 2 baths. 4 room soU. $15 per acre. F. A.
2.5 I black or red. mont i AI.rlca. a Hotel; riding horses ture. dUd dock. A real dh: j I garage apt. city water gas Lot Allison. Realtor 37 W. Washington

BTLLINO OUT-Mew cul register: Small and smart to be used for a fishing buatl ia aeaaoa. Winter Owner leaving, sacrificing for :> 80x279'. Plenty of fruit. 363-3rd Avt St.

new Kehlnator ; new band bag as well as roomy rooull for j i TROPICAL. FISH aquariums air- Park. 814W. In.o. j Mt. Dora 30 ACRES of excellent land on Golden

mimeograph: 12.ft. meat ease: ehowew. I the generous supply of es- pump I.at auppUea. Harry Coater. -! DEEY ST. 507.-Close In. cozy. j Rod Road with hard road etc. at
1* X which $8.25. Me- ,, Drive off Lawrence Also lovely little BEST 4-bedroom Borne In town i only $1500. $200
.: scales: larg Juicer. ld-| .DU.1 I eont.ln 138 Rld..o ; bd.. Inner sprint mattresses. lake .1.1 2-bed- down and $20 monthly -
der; field boxe: pleklM bee et. IlOl' Pb.rl.C. 12 OrD. A. WI.tr Park Private Two working people room boue. Garage breeseway $7500. pay 83000 down balance I until paid. McKelvey. Real Estate
3 Pickup. .' I AOOO. $45 month. Wm. Mathews with Dan i 64 E. Central.
preferred. good buy .
1933 C. U
I Ubi. C.nole WantedAXRSPurniture I I 206 8. Main 7811. I
I Kolar. :
Grant* <_m T.U 20th. 3Aricle !1. Poultry and Supple GRACE ST, 7'e comfortableroom. Taylor Broker; 2518 N. Orante. 54.

ZCTIONAL ." SS. of all : sewing Telephone .. I I HOME AND ACREAGE miles from j i 53-1. Ranches and Timberland
BPA- dow.l. kl.c have BABY U. 8. Pullorium tested Run.ble. .-, ) s ." I ILK! FRONT Modern I city limit*, north. Bungalow built
Beautiful anything CIC. 2 5-room. I
machines 10. for future de-' Oz. B.-Brt' ; In 1942. 1 bedroom and sleeping CATTLE "
proof clue furnished RANCHES-"Sine* 1918.
nail tram In with cntrcUol w.ur $10. lot 10t ta Co.sell 72 W.Sewell-Thurmond Pine St. Dial Frtur. livery. Feed* and poultry Supplies. private baths. *Kitchen rom.. : 1202'1 I trie.Iit f:blinds garage: ;fruit elec-; I I porch kitchen and equipment S acres of paved land.road All electric school i I I Ask **Asher Peter. "He probably
2-3524. knows.
Orlando X-Cel Store. Dial palms. Cor. Central and Main.
Oerda T.r.c. .1 I AUCTION- OD WANTED Still GORE AVE. 1 East-Attractive rom Dolly was s wild about 'Taxes reconcile you to I ll. 2-42 II| bus at door and stores nearby Fur
all kinds of time to valuables \the BABY CHICKS-Tuxedo FeedsBtore.. In beautiful home. I nished. Only $2800 cash and balance FINE CATTLE RANCH-Polk County
espor *. Aluminum roofrn I auction for.Thursday's ..1.. C.U2UI rj. 8. approved Pullorium tested bath. KItchenprivileges._ S"ml-lrnt'. Sam that she ran awayj gettin' old. I'd hate to b of 84900 payable $38 month. MeNutt- Fla, approximately 11AM acrea.
and Also aluminum I Church phone or 7336. LITTLE LAKE PAIR Heasley. Realtors. 15 W. Washington. fenced and cross fenced: IS miles
a. for free pajW. 2-282 I I from home him VIE SctOI
SouthJ" 35ftCtSSSSffS AVE, 1 East. room to
tlP. Sales Co tender; weights ORE AUrat 'J marry startin' over and know we'd \ 3-bedroom and ; laf. It i i Ph. 5106. frontage on hard road; hill and flat
? double. I
Steel Salea Auctoa TREYSYOull or 8ml-Prl.a. bath fenced-in. $3000.Sanatorium land: six hundred
C. 10 AU to and egga. C. Kitchen privilege 1 but while she was runnin'she | I ) EWCEHENT BLOCK HOUSE acre cleared and
Ave. downatalra. 2-142. VSA', Jr. Turkey Farm; 6913. I'TVRY8 I Ii 870. I have to make two dollars )II Section-This Planted In Pangola grass: large barn.
D.WUder plumbing.
I Steel copper
-AND TjnLITY cndlUoa. me. OORE AVE.. 31 W.-Cool. charming I( met Dave an' he drove ,, M0i- 2 bedrooms and llf :d and dining 5-room house tenant house concrete
PA.fl.b. I room.
Ornamental Urge living room
aTVI. heat cla, Garden "ur..r. I i lb. Hath. .. room Twin beds or single. Private for the Government Ircb. PrDI.b"d frame Move I dipping vat*, loading chut**,
rtaL. .Co. BASS "DDL- Reasonable condl !i PaIW. Pout home. summer rates. Kitchen prlvlleses. her across town an' mar I every one } r.ht II. O.IJ 120 down. tpetui; 2 large bedroom McKenzle.Price 9SO295O Brkoer, 12 other buildings: large area of muck
down Clyde i I
Pine.1.25 231$3.OPR3NKLIr4Q Call 81. Nr. Calo. : Farm; 01.1 512. I I Phone 2-4157. 16'50. I lands, drained by canal A first claa
I tla ried her. let S. Main. Phone 2-4775. -
CANS : or I antIque dining rom WANTED-Hen* and fryers. Will I HARMON AVE, front I II us keep. 1. r. Sluton. ReUtor: 3 E. Pine; ; range which menu the Inspection
OalnD CHAI. Br.d.b.w. 2-311. pick up and pay cash. Orlando | with 202801. __ phone 665. A FURNISHED. 2-bedroom home for j of anyone interested. Price $15.00 per
la room
sprinkling can 1-a.r .I.n.l. old Fish and Poultry Co. 609 W. Church.Ph. I I I $7000. Owner leaving town. See this acre, half cah balance reasonable
Knox Stort Co. | .tcbe. J** DIAMOND. today. Brown Co. Real-
Pn.1 I I .., price. M- )I, 4717. : hot water; H block bU I I ISo. Wanted to Rent 15. Houses for Sale MODERN McKentle. 12 8. Main. Ph. 24775.DONT ter*. Phone 3371. Clermont. Florida.
SPRAYERS._.Insecticide prayer I Jeweler. 32 W. Church. WEEK OLD N. H. Red Chicks BOW on step: reasonable. I EUN0ALWjje4. :
t 8..1. j sale. Lake O' Tb Wood Chick HOUSE OR APT.-Furnished I COLONIALTOWN SECTION Use room. 7850. Mostly
% I i
and HP. Gulf spray ptnu.Co DIAMOND 1 ANT- Abut.at. Co. mil north of Maitland on RAllY AVE. 1 East-1 or 2 rooms ferred. At least 2 bedroom must pre I jour 0 I. Loan wisely. See this < $8500. Owner 2518 furnle MAKE OFFER-Yea will know |I I I 54. Lots for Sale
and Knox Store* 2& carat frm ; with kItchen privileges. Privatehome. ::: be priced lower than
l.lou. b. clean and Servicemanand new. lire-room this couldn't
Pin. 2-36. ]1 I, owner. Address L Ho.r. Bo 11. : Rt. 17-92. family. Conashan.mod.ra Ph. 2-2801. ''frame Iwobdrom.. oak floor hom"l| NORTHEAST 8 large Entirely 'atd.1' $9.500 furnished so buy with con ; ALTAMONTE SPRINGS-Lake front
chicks $9.95 rooms 2
SOFA BEHenl duty .prnla' Orlando. ____ ___ ZERO BLOOD TESTED LAKE FRONT ROOM-Twin bed*. I| two screened porche oa corner lot nished Also fidence this new. spacious 2 bedroom business and residential lots. Owner -
$45. WANTED! Good per 100. Blue Ribbon Hatchery.Department PERMANENT .CVpL year old month I garage apartment for Income outstanding features. -> Homer Sewell. winter Park
.n r.t. I FURN1TUR1. I floor room ahower. 203 no down payment $48 per home with many 8-8394.
Check this
I I Jo.e wt bedroom I -
IS. 215 Forsyth BU 2 a really buy
dltoa. 3OOH 1. Monday.- I I bad. Any quantity. Cochran's ; Lucerne Circle. d.ulhe j'i Oust Ik. rent) lO' loan or no Don Dudley. Reahor. lo Liberal terms. Call Stlmpson-Staton. I- BEVERLY SHORES-W* have choice
22367. ,, S.W.Atlanta. Ga. ut.nlon home for : .. 5159. I IATTRACnVI
SOLAR HEATER-Cheap; cmplet. !I Dture. 1.1 2-O931. or LAKE near; twin or double. 35. Rterence.. Il. 5 p m. dally. sale. tl. I.Metcalf Bid* Phone large lots at a reasonable price.
with tank and flttlnss. 2 Alpine j,I I FURNITURX-'U ed stave; Ice boxes.I ."'I Rent EL..... Some privileges Portr. \ I' Veteran Resale Mortal with NORTH SIDE-Large corner lot box Select yours now. Walter W. ROM
Drive. Maitland. I Sewing machine Call before you : 45. Apartments for I Ab. : 2-3669. LOCAL BUSINESS cuP would O. P. S.op. Realtor. 60 East Pine. I. 150 ft. 3 bedroom bungalow Can Investment Co. 49 N. Orange Ave,

8PRINKERS sood selection many I I I I sell. W* pay "top" price le..U-I 341 like to rent 'urniihed. I Phone ; ate office hour*. please be used for 2 families. 2 kitchen I Orwia Manor office 3356 N. Orang
ANDERSON ST. 1000-1 or 2 bed LUCERNE coxy adJacent Month or Phone 5617. call 24080.COLUMBIA. already
Co. 72 SECON-ol year. Ave..
Furniture !
type lawn .prlklen. S and Tnurmond PD.St. kltchea H bus el. Ireduc.d | Adult V.f reasoa- I I I!I with eulppd. Laraar lau. I MODERNBuugalow. -
b.t WORKING COUPLE desire 1240 W.-3-bedrooln space. .
Knox Sor. Co. Pine.Phone j'j'.P. Dial 4070. rom On S years able. Phone lurDahe ST. CORNER NASHVILLE and 23rd St.
2-311. I I pre.. 2 cbld 1 or 2 bedroom home house completely furnished. Apply furnished. 1.00 mortgage at $50 I large beautiful lawn. COST.cooL S. Orange Blossom Trail. 24 lot*.
I WANTED-If furniture accepted. 2IS. LUCERNE CI. IIane corner Box 369 B-Sta. 1107 8. Kentucky. per montl. Huckl-'N..I. Realtors: completely furnished 2-bed- 270 highway frontage. Cheap. H.
ii-'R- I FRNIE 11 CINTRAIAVE. 1320 B.-3 rooms I Ifurnished. rom f.clDI Dubl. beds .ar..j I' CONWAY DRIVE.-4Jnst off) 1* an I 118 room nice setting. You will love it.Owners Farley.

SlYer St.BUND nn"'I'I I bur It. Mather of Or- Completely private. Pre- connecting w.tr. At 51. Houses for Sale unfinished five-room house with 7 NORTHEAST-Suburbap. small eon- price $11.500. Wbafa your DUBSDREAD COUNTRY CLUB'i.i-
1.1 fir_working couple. Ph. 2-2997. Summer rate. Phone 2-303. additional lot for 1* crete block house deep well elecj j offer? Frank S. Creb Realtor. 507 tion.

MIRROR-Replaces P-A I 1: lando. 54 K. Church St. Phone 2-3808 1 CHURCH ST.. 310 K.-2 room and LIVINGSTON AVE. 620 K.-Nice ADAIR LAKE fcKCTION-New bun -I part new 170..Struetue. tr J.oKlUMet 214 acres Dlgndrw: i Metcalt Building-Phon 2-1710. term Pay Large monthly.lots low Rave as $495.lot easy paid

Cal be lad. as a I I bath. No children: 2 block from clean room. Double bed. Kltrh.1 galow. 100% OX Loan. Telephone Morikl with p.r O'H.rra.Mor. 109 X.Pine. 441. $2.750 with small down pay-I I for when building materials become
system your ment. See !
I Ph. Gould
Lake Eola. Phone 8864. and laundry 2-3623. Phone 2-0836. with Johnston
program court reporting or many I i LADDER BACK CHAIRS-Pair. 4 or prl.lee. I II I Henry. Broker W. available. Property la this high class
ether useful thlnga. Full minute I 6: mahogany maple or pine: nib I CLOSE-IN-2-room apartment. Auto ORANGE MEMORIAL SECTION ADAIR PARK-Rent er sell. 3-bed COLLEGE PARK-Prewar bungalow I Church St. j section i* bound to Increase rapidly

recording oa a single 3. Easy &I Ieperat. Also until top are matic hot water. 122 Gr.c St.et. New. Twin beds, drU.rr. closet I I room tile bath bungalow. Sacrifice. ,! on hard surfaced street. Can be NORTH-Owner lr.lnl Must Sell I In value. Buy today ahead at this

.. Also )al-A-Vol reorder taf. Pb. 6715.OPTICS CORNELL AVI 1858: new efficiency. Prime bath ph. 4UI. 1203 Ounll.oa ph. 2-1939 aUf C bought furnished for 110.00. Nice this completely l 2-bcdroom [ DAY NURSERY' Incrrtse. We have some beautiful
Send a ",01.. mall. Pla. I SAFE-On* hour. Fire-resist Upper $11.50 lower. ORANGE AVE. N.--Innersprlng p.m. Owner on premises I yard. Walter W. R. I lunl.lo.on corner lot 67x100; p..e large lott right on the golf course -
Business Equipment 390 N. Orange. I ant. $89.50. Florida Business B.tl tleh.D. Cool. neat. Winter I .1121 entrance. Oen- ASHER-ST, i. near Lake Formosa. Co. 49 N. Orange .. Manor .tr..t. 1"5.C. P. Shumway. ; I Ideal location hi Winter Park pared Water, lights gas and bus available.
5454. I ITUXZDO..812e Equip. delnre.. Oranst. 5454.irSWANTKDAnY I 12.2S bus. .matre. Phone 4868. ,I Lovely .: 3-bedroom 1'4- office 1356 N. Oranie Ave. 140 N. .; 2-3282. treet. 6 room bungalow. 3 bedrooms Paved. Carrigan ft Boland. Owners
I Pak __ .p.dou hardwood I PARK LAKE AVE. large lot. tome fruit electric Carngan Bldt.; 673 N. Orange; 3i -
36. Can a between 9a.m. amount. EDEATR DRIVE 2515-2 room ORLANDO A VE.-N.a Underpes I bath house. Large d.lnl porch. -. CASSJLERY-BeuUlull furnish I -New. modern' kitchen laundry, of course a i 4551; evenln s. 2-2534.
and 4 Inquire 1249Mercedes I Fruit Bu service.Inquire floors. Lake ","' construction. masonry construction Aluminumssyh. '
p. \ I Highest cash price King apartment. For adult Gentlemen preferred. Pice.tn.oo. I Coacrle blok Asbestos large family would find a lot of Urine LAKE
Ave._ _ _ Co. 7267. I II ,I fumlahe. at Blrdsoe Shell Station; Mrs. : Down payment $3fiOO F. 2 bC = Near lake. 57.900.Hibbard I bedroom home. tl. fon. Dandy 2- In this home that will be sold lake DAVIS view -2 lots lake front. One
rent. Exclusive with H. WinterPark. stores, with 2 adjacent lou. Call
'I i Phone
TILE-Your bat and kitchen la rust OLD GOLD-W* pay hIllIest price XUSTIS-Furnished apartment with Dean. Boland. Realtor. Carrigan Bldg. 672 T Invited. bus. Price reduced to $10,000. Exelusive with most of the furniture. $10.500 Winter Park 611-JX.
*. Fre* estimate old gold watches. I upstair Second floor. $40. 31 ORANGE 473 s.-U.lnl-bd-I 78. with Huckel-O'Neal. cash.
for E.e
: AV. 2-4551. Realtor
BrO" : Phone 2-4632. brok.a dl.moad. silverware.Beckman ter St.. Kuitls. Fla. room P..t. N. Orn. : DUBSDREAD SECTION-New 2-bed- 118 E. Robinson: dial- 2-3753. ; LAKE OSCEOLA-Winter Park finest
r ,.elf. tt.. Orange. I bath. Breakfast privilege In room home. Lathed and plastered.Well Ball Bros.. Agency, Realtor 112 N lake and residential section.
TARPAULINS ox. Uua.. specially 13 I II FAIRBANKS AVE 2757 2 room 101. ADAIR LAKH SECTION Excellent decorated; oak floor: inlaid PRINCETON SCHOOL SECTION Orange Ave, TeL 5189. Dock boat house and sandy bathing
B. V.Goodrich.
treated. Sizes OFFICE MACHINES and furniture. Utilities furnished. Hot water Car PALM DRIVE. 915-Nicely fambbe home in 10..11 Close to everything. mod beach. Western exposure. Price,
one-story linoleum In kitchen and bath Lvll.
Garland and Robinson I. Get our price Cheek with George .nU.I. Winter Park 829-M. double bed. Private m".1 3 .ulf.. Nicely! per plumbing; plenty of closet,.CoP. ern. 2-bedroom. bUDI.lo. $5750. Cavenaugh.Realtors. 4308.

AVC; ] 8tuart.138.Maln8tphone8l58.WK_ PA RO9W.br Lovely 1-bed If d..lr"d.SUIS.. _ _ 1..d.aPd.nel'hbrbo. and rear. Excellent Lot 5Oxl5S. Pl. 16,45. easy term*. built 1939. Slet floors; LOTS OP LOTS Nice locations.
iiRES.4 6.50 a 19 all ply. Tube BUY furniture. Call a* before Uvlns room. 26 B.-Close In. clean. condition. 8500. Call or see Morlar- Hampton. N. Orange. | lovely sun porch: attached Priced from $380 00 to S2.2OO.OO.

New, ran 300 mile*. Paul Grand. I] .. Orlando Furniture Co. 20x30. All utilities. Bummer rates hot water, adjoining ty with Joe G. Myers. Realtor. 2 5013. garage with hot and cold water; ; Term as low aa 15* down and pay-

Maitland.TYPEWRITER. I! No.2 Mtare. 615 W. Church phone Couple. bath.Working_ people W. Washington. Dial 8881. DELANEY ST.. 1635-New 3 bed home attic fans is :pie blower tlP furnace This FIRST TIME OFFERED I menu of S10.OO to $1500 per month
RoyaL be seen I I 2-4853. SHADY LANE AVE 1403 Furnished I ; ready to I Prescott V. Steele
Ca JEFFERSON COURT HOT1 and room and den. Masonry constructed move into. Price. Two story frame home In excellent Broker Dlal-2-
at 2757 Fairbanks Ave.. Winter I WE PAY highest cam prices for old 2-room ap.rtm.Dt Summer or unfurnished room cheap. ADAIR PARK-520 Greely St.. completely corner lot. 2 ear arae; IVi bath; II I term Jamerson 110.71. liberal Real condition 3 bedroom 2'j bath 1008. 45-WeatCentral Avenue

Park phone 629-M. I i I diamonds and diamond jewelry in ratea.LIVINGSTON. en privilege Ktb-I furo.hedrom bunga I Insulated; copper plumbing; natural tore 70 E. Phone A. T. >!I air conditioned lot la 149x150. extra LAKE FAIRVIEW-Beautiful 100 ft.
TYPEWRITER Late model used 1 any condition. City Luggag and AVE 615 E.-Furnished WINTER pARKC.. low. Large airy rooms lots of shade |, fireplace; Venetian blinds; carpeted; Butter Cat.r.Cent.1 lot to street In rest can be had. lots now available with lake shore

standard six Underwood Noiseless; I| ."welf Co. cor. Orange at Ca.h. 3 room Second floor. or rom.. baths and large front prrh. Owner on fruit; ihsde. O.ner. | 1511. this Is an ideal location for a home privilege, located In a small restricted

completely reconditioned. Smith-Wil 'I WILL PAY $300 cash for spinet piano; I II ATI utilities furnished except gas for showen. Sun deck overlooking lake. ises. 110.5. 0.1, 15 DUBSDREAD new j I PRINCETON AVE. or guest house, call for appointment tract for nice homes. Street paved
son Co.. 401 W. Central: 9759. i iUPHOLSTERY I I I $10O for upright. Writ Blnerw.te. cooking. $ Summer rater. Winter Park 27. bal.n. on .. Pfm-I home with SEcIhl good I stores and -Near too.the school and detail water and light In. Pick out your
FABRICS Ab.1.tand.rd '0 8. Fla. Ave. YALE AVE. 1432 W.-Room, twin or.Inlle. fixed lot in splendid a six churh. is permanent home site now. See H. E.
stock quality. New I Itern. SEALED BIDS for 4 shower AVE. 1631 I.-Mo"r BEVERLY SHORES-A better n.llhbrbo. enough rom bungalow old Hall Bros.. Agency. Realtors. 113 N. Wheeler with Harold Shepherd Realty
batb Call after AcJollnl batl. Ilmedl.t. pl.ulon. lao you may be sure of
and colon. R8.. Brown. 2911 I toilets kitchen tank*. \ .In.r- masonry bungalow. 6 cool weu- I I financed. Whitney : lumber but rood Orange Ave. TeL 9189. Co. 20 B. Washington St. Phone 134
103 .prlnl. COI.taat Apl..I. not old to be decrepit
8. Brown St. \ as -
N. Orsni I reasonable. Mlspah Mission. T.f. _ .. woman preferred.lur Pi. ventilated rooms designed for maximum II Spiegel Realty .. R.ltr.706Metcalf la fact 1' li clean and in or 2-2629 after 6 pm.

VAc CANER With all at I WX BUY YOUR Pin trees or LINCOLN Blvd Winter APARTMENTS Park. 1 and 189 2b.drom Mon- 6044. comfort lP.rround. 2 excellentfulltiled I I Bld,. 2-3269. splendid condition, ready for Immediate LANCASTER PARK-75 ft. with"orange

t.em.nt: UIYra' Practically I your logs. King Fruit Company. apartments. Janitor service hot ROOM-Private home, on bus line: baths 'P.rou. Irfned 1.- DUPLEX rooms and bath each ocupaDC. Bu service at the trees. $1375. 100 ft. with orange
I.. I Call kitchen Private en I i ing porch non side. One side completely 1" door laundry around the tree. $1700. 100 ft. corner
121.DIARE .atr. steam het. Yea or lrl.U.e. out. Terms If dulrd. Sho.n .l: I corner. Price $7.500 SAVE $4.000 ON PURCHASE shade tree,. $2250. 150 ft. lake front.
VENETIAN BLINDS day delivery. ROCKING chairs want rentaL Winter Stance 11. tlephon. 7056. thrOUlh-I' nlshed. Income 155 per month. ; with reasonable
j only. H.
Adult 001. pointment I
terms. $3500. M. J. Moss. Broker. 132 8.
when I' cash will handle. Total $ Realtors 15 I
Why buy cheap blind you Will Park 9161. S LOVELY LARGE 3 with I prce.
R. Tyre.
with Robert
cbart.ble I.UtuUof RM. Substantial Main phone
W. Cypress Bungalow. 6 large 6977.
.0 .
can get the b.t for Just a f..cents I .colet Rln com MAGNOLIA AVE. and Weber. Large Private bath. be.. large I Washington. 6174. King Realty 30 E. 84S.I ,I Wa.blDltoa St Phone S06. comfortable rooms; livingroom, din-
more? Mad Orlando by Charlesat 7834. Prof. cool 1-bedroora apartment. Utilities closeU. Overlooking At low I II DUBS SECTION-New 2-bed- LAKEFRONT LOTS la laterlakea.
1802 Dr. ph. 20455.VFNrFIANBUNDSractory King. I Summer Call 9745.LIVI5OBELIROOM. I I ': room block home. Large rooms. PARK: LAKE-Don't overlook these Ing room kitchen (almost new null- Unusual City Conveniences: restricted.
Ed..te furnished. SUlle rates. Con- rle. i CLE IN-If you are looking for' 000. $1.000 cash balance $50 a I older but perfectly located three tie): 3 bedroom*, bath. Large open Nydetier Inv. Co, 506 B.
uD.rprvtoa pie. furnished I home Income I front porch large screened side porch Colonial
dial 8065.
Nlcel bedroom :
.Itl house They have the
W offer I 35. Fuel Oil and Wood month. Buy this. get an room
ORANGE BLOSSOM TRAILER park P..te bath. prl.le.I here it is. O.ner'. .patm.nt of I 180 I''the llvsbihty. the awnings for sleeping use), glassed-in
2- convenience to LAKE
any a..S per In 473 8. Orange Ave. and bath. i Roper. Realty Church ; rear porch has built-in laundry tub CONWAY SECTION lots be*-
I Electric refrigeration rnm. rooms
furnih- shops
tank la Efc.nC. Exclu.l.el I 3433. and schools that Just tween 2 lake*, lakevlew.
ft. at factory A on paved
deUnf. ed with 2 cnno hot and cold water. Garage and storage
fu bath. $45 month. DO YOU WANT aingleor
per good lurlhrd .p.r\ be found for anything
Ph rom. road: eke all $1.350.
available. Phone 8021. tank filled. ;3 l I I lk J.A.L Ohio
your I I 6-room ,
AI wo.n double. fine pleasant menu with .p.r.le O.ner DUBSDREAD SECTION ; money in the present high cost : 6 fruit trees nice shrubbery etc.; Real Estate. 108 8.
Orlando 1.lohbrho.
.tmat. no obUutln A larger tank insures heat on coldesti surrounding J will sacrifice at a .and give 1m- home furnished with all electric I I house See this at $. lot 60x140.l.1 mile over city line: city Court.
Blind .fl Co. 1739 8. mornings. McGraw Fuel OU Service. I' PALMETTO AVE. 1347. Winter Park '" mediate possession. C. P. Shumway. kitchen Included. Big lot. plenty of I O'Harra-Moore Realtors,1,00. Call water, electricity city bus line. Taxes MURIEL BT- 1224 E.-tot 75x201.

Kahl: 8059. or phone '1-R.. Second flor. furnished CORNER ROOM bath; n.lu.le Realtor; 140 N. Orange: 23282. I shade. Excel.nt term to buyer will 'I E. Pine.SUBURBAN. -831. 109 only $8 00 yr. Comparable houses Inside $400.

V ARNIH- acid heat and I 37. Fertlllieri and Sol electric kitchenette rom. bdrom. home.. O.nt"m.n prefer"d. References. COLONIALTOWN SECTION Completely take of.r. Plower. Broker. 33 city cost $13.000 to $15.000. PALM TERRACE-Beautiful building
For floors and b.th 11 pr 134. I Charles 5529. -$1500 cash move'jOij for yourself.
r.utant. t including furnished. 3-bedroom home 8. Ch.b. in Come Inspect. Judge aye; lake view and lake front Attractive
bar tops. 'i. Nebraska. BUC DIRT-Peat, myrtl Shrub- mODtl. Adult SINGLE ROOMS Working young Electric kitchen garage fruit trees.I EAST-(Between Central and Washington I frame this well con.tuctd 6-room save real money: price $9.000. Call prices. Carl Tecder Devel

VENETIAN BLINDS Custom "uUt I I brl of aU kind Tr. pl.ntl I man or studenU. $6 weekly. Y. )I $8750. Terms King Realty, 30 X. I ) 6-year-old bungalow bunl.lo.lot. Nice ft. landscaped John Costello. Broker. TeL 8115. oper. 31)4. Orange; 2-0443.
mo.m and clean.
I PINE 3-room C. 311 Ph. 8006. Good
yard work. Ph. A. Magnolia.
Special S8e per .. ft. 2-141. CAT a month..p.rtme.t I Church. 8435.I nicely furnished. Clo. to bus I I neighborhood. Total price $7500 BUILDING LOTS-Select your home-

d.lnf. R.dbl Venetian Blinds Co. COLD lMOKJ Destroys pests and Fml.be. I LAKE fnrI Priced to l at $9.850. term Mr. Bryant with Herman GoodwinInc. lit* now la the attractive Dubs-
131 Dr.; phone 2.11.I I eute. growth longer. BestI 2-819. I I CAR 4 SECON-I.50.. bathl Jamerson and Carter. Realtors. 70 i I I .. Broker; 677 N. Orange; 9855. NEW 2 BEDROOM bungalow close to dread Country Club aectloa. LoU la
VACUUM CLEANERS with .Uach I I flowers vegetable .brb SOUTH 2318 W.-2 room furnished I I OPENED T T PUBLIC I electric kitchen: garage. Large rooms. E. Centnl Phone A T. (Buster) SUBURBAN block from bus. bus. Lot 100x137. Only $5.500: all sizes. Close to schooL bus and

menU. new. Apex. $69 50. and: lawns: 508 Brookhaven Dr. 34. apt. lake front. For AdulU. large front and back screened porch- I 1518. furnished home. 5 $1.000 cash. Call Joe with Veteran tore*. Priced reasonably. Cash or

Furniture Co. 141 and 81S W. COW URI10.; 10 bag $1.50 WINTER PARK-Falrbanka Ave. 824 : Luxuriously furnished home locatedat t 1 es. cash balance $40 monthly. EAST No taxes. 4 rooms bath. Lot rom 75 147 with shade City water.trees. Real Estate Agency 29 8. Court: 2- BUILD YOUR HOME In Whispering
Chureh. County W. Furnished I 219 E. Livingston Ave. Private IUO ,. screened breeieway.storage 1 ale 4481. Property Management Depart
_ _ deUnrel. & parmrn' eon.ltnl.f andclean I I.nd.upe. Roper R.ll. 2 prche. Only cash of $2700 Brrexe; carefully thought out re-
and semi-private Cool
VENETIAN BLINDS-Aluminum outside 112-. O. Box 1351. living room. 2 bdro. batb. .. Church .d ; 2-3433. room. Pc. r.duce. make 180 month. McNuttHeasley.I ment. strletlnna nentret wm coil won, fboonclal
and inside blinds. Rulprol I DIRTS-Rich black top SOIL fin and and bath. $7 .eell. rom. CONWAY SECTION Newly built offer. 2628 E. I I Realtors 10 W. Washington. Ph. LOVELY 4-BEDROOM. 3-bath home Investment. Maximum view to

steel and wood Inside blad.. F.H.A. clay. Guaranteed full loads. Writs WINTER PARK. 925 N. Orlando Ave. I' home. block construction with EAST SIDE-About 1 block off Lake 5106.8ANFORD. 1 in one of Florida's best sections. every house. Located on Forest City "v'Rd.

term quick deliveries. V'De H. A Bray. P. O. Box 102. Locihart., and two ".drol apartments modern conveniences Including gas Eola. w. have a very comfortable I Has 2-car garage with living quarters H mile N. Old Apopka Rd.
han Blind Service. 919 W. Central Fla. Phone C.. 33R12.FILL -rnt. CORNER ROOM-window Running I etc. Excellent road electrici 3-bedroom home. convenient to everythlnc. -House and filling fiame station. above. Circular drive, large I i Handy to Winter Park and Orlando.

Orlando 9558 or Winter Pak :.Good black top soil muck 3 room unfurnished en bus .te In room adjoining bath. loe.. .hol bua. R F.D. etc. 19.0. Price $8500; SSOO cash assume construction Five-room: two bun.alo.bedrooms bath grounds and lot of shade. It takes Owner premises.

VACUUM ikAiK1i1lo.v.r. Reasonable. and dairy fertilizer. Plnre AP. Inquire at Trailer rear ofFamily Cal 20838.NICE I Ttrma. McKelvey. Real Est.t. 1. $3OOO mortgage. J.mers. and Lvng room breakfast room kitchen $23.500 to buy and to see It I* to EXCELLENT LAKEFRONT LOT
Telephone 7298. Telephone 2-4053. Market. Corner Michigan and ROOM for two. Kitchen privi Ce.tr.1 Office phone 1 ; Carter Realtors. 70 E. CentraL Phone screened porches. Filling siphon want It. For appointment see Mr. Close in. Only $1050 on term H.

VACUUM SWEEPER Eletrolu. MANURE fill dirt delivered. Fern creek. leges. On bus line. $10 a week. J !I A. T. Carter. 9516. 'I brick and stucco construction. Elec- Broker Boerstler: 12 with 8. Main Henry: 2-1090.M. Burch F. Boland. Realtor. Carrigan Bldg
New. WIO all T.le I load guaranteed. Shader APAR1MENT and room Phone 171. EDGEWATER: DRIVE ((3 blocks west 1 trie puc-p and water .tem. (Own 672 N. Orange: 2-4551.

pion. 8112. phone '033. Rt. 3. Box 514. 2-RoM. Colonial. 211 Eola Parkway.few 47-1. Rental I COLLEGE PARK-New modern & -Here'* the home you have been I er's sale P. O. Box 1579, Sanford SPECIAL PRICES and why Vene- LOT ejxlSO. on beautiful Lake Vlratnla. -
Agencies I constructed waiting for-both in look and price. ruellan Government selected Parks .
feet park. Summer 6995 room masonry P. near Rollins College. Price
WINDW8-U.1 per palr AU I TOP SOIL-Peat. Fill dirt hauled In \ rt. strain Barred Rocks for foundation
tile bath screened
2 bedrooms and den 1 2
; car arise 4700. Call
SUBURBAN 749-W. Winter Park.
bdrom. We have 5 homes. Dif
slxe. PremotService Guaranteed measure phon NEWLY FURNISHED 4 and -
or out. ; room LANDLORDS will supply youdesIrable attached Oak stocking. Having us ship by Pan
on aU .1p. of mad to i: 3305. bath. Private entr..e.. lpl.lr..pt. tnant. free of cha.I( and laundry and apace.hot New water ran eiatI refrigerator prch. Large l.r.e. lot. I ferent parts of town for $1.OOO American 2000 Pen pedigreed pullet BETTER BUT that lot now Builder
order frame throulhou' down: balance like rent See Wm.Mathews .
and picture Shady and cool. and phone beautifully landscaped. On paved chicks weekly. These high class I look these over. East Jefferson RoIsirden -
Jur I Ready to move In. Terms can be ar-
for full
windows. 17th St. 1120 i 38. Plants, Flowers and Seeds guests preferred Reasonable. 100 W. vacancy. Veterans' Real Estate I ranged. Ask for L. A. Bryant with i I street with sidewalks. Dan Kolar. Broker.Information with Cockerels from old old hen eggs we : 50x140: $950. Fast Vaader-
17th St.. phone 9732. I Copeland Drive. C. 29 8. Court St. Ph. 4481. I Martie Wllllamr. Realtor. 21 W. I We are delighted to offer this bar- 7811. 206 S. Main offer at lie each: 510-100. We pay I bUt: 60x140: $10V 720 E. Livingston;

WASHING MACHINE-Brand new. at 1 AZALEAS, cut nowe.artistic table APT.-Unfurnished. 2 and WE HELP you find a rental Washington St. Phone 8106. gsin for only $8.950. unfurnished delivery and guarantee safe arrival i 50x137: $1250. Kaley School districts
list Price. Never ..d 33 2. New decor.tlon. anywhere. Jo bath. Gas stove In rom. Private for WI service charge. Veterans i but kitchen equipment is Included. 5UBURANI. on 17-92 High shipped C 0 D. If you like. Joe Park I 1100x136; $775. Near Princeton School:

Hampshire.WELDING. Ann'a Florist. (Formerly Klttlnger's entrance. 1 mil from city Real Estate Agency. 29 8. Court. Guernsey and Green. Inc.. R.altor. with house.20x40 ft Sons. West Palm Beach. Florida i 100x125 corner: $1050 Loren O., Dunn.
limits CLOgS IN-East side. S and Electricity and water Only ,, Broker 8 N. Brown 2-120-.
84 B. Central: 4643. on 441. West Trailer Park. rom. 21 E. C.fr.l. dial ; :

AFRICAN VIOL PLANTS-Large 2 BEDROOMS use of entire modern 48. Hotel Roms nished.bath. 1-ear In good garage.rp.l; bargain. fur at j!i EAST SIDE-2406 U 4191. c home. 180.. 100. Broker.down, b.I..r.1121 N. month. t BUILDING LOTS-Select your home-

SUPPLIES stock of lummerplaau. home. 4 .. .on lake. Bus Rea $7500. F. A. Realtor; 37 W. 2 bedrooms; space heaters; hot water Ave.. Near Maitland Orl.nde). $1000 DOWN-Mov* In. I site now In the attractive Dubs-
Also fresh shipment boU. sonable. Adult Phone 4398. LAKE EOLA HOTEL-Summer rates Washington. AI.on : Venetian blinds. Unfurnished Und.rp. dread Country Club section. LoU In
2 A-np portable welding outflU. plantS In wide variety. Peggy Jo's now prevaiL Complete hotel service.DinIng $7500, furnished. $8500. Term 9793.FORESTHII.LSOverlooking I winter Park.Open_ Sunday.. New 3-bedroom concrete block house all sises. Close to school, bus and
Compl.t welding .uppl.la Stock. Garden 2319 N. Orange; 2-1727.: 46. Houses for Rent room open all meals: 2-1963. CLOSE IN 2 blocks from Or.n.. I beautiful -. with fireplace. Only $5200. No city stores. Priced reasonably. Cash or
Avenue. 3 bedrooms extra SUBURBAN 2-story unfurnished. taxes. term Jane Brna, 235 N. Main; 7559.
of machines and Rosa
Uaoln .eldl. ZINNIAft OlaaU and Lllllput.s.t Lake Sue. Well built well
CUT JA"E TEoutl all New
and rods. R. Williams condition 1.lnl rom. on one flor. frame home: 3 bedrooms and A. Golden.. Broker, 1121 N. Orlando and
CORNER Delaney
PritU 2 each off Kuhl. 1 block EastModera Summr and improvemenU. 57x314. I planned. Spacious 2-tery home. 3 f.IIe
Supplies 811 N. l"acl I' Daytona on Oadeu Vlr.I.la Pr.I blok. o 8 room, bath. Furnlahed. .d. Dubl.. .lo.le '3:3. rol nicely landscaped with Lt cltrua -I' bedrooms. 2 tile baths powder room. ing porch. Located on 1 acre : Ave. Near Maitland Underpaar), Grant Sts. Make and offer. Or will
Fla. .U. Couple I i with 50 large fruit trees: one avaea Winter Park. Open Sunday. trade for 1 year rent In furnished
B.e. H. Hith corner lot well landscaped. Thisunusual
I prfer4. tree and plenty of shade. Ample -
Krman. ,
I.nd.cP. |
; palms; which last netted owner ;
nala. I 48-1. Beach Rentals I year Writ
I CA"E. home IS.OO house. Box 368 8-Star.
erecting ,. Is completely and
| tOPicl plants.I BEVERLY SHORES SECTION-2- room for la. .p.rl I shrubbery and shade. A nice
story 3 24 batha. All ment or courU. Price. i beautiful furnished. Sacrifice to chip
Musselwhlte ofOrlando.
WASHING Spindryer. I Pnc.ta. rooms 1drom. furnishings. COCOA BEACH RENAL- Hotelrooms j, Jamerson and 10,50.i I an estate. $25.000. Exclusive with i home only 3 miles from the center DEATH IN FAMILY Giving away 51. Country Property for Sale
MCIG.u.d .little. i PLANTS-Certified Marglobe plaat Responsible Ex.ulat can obtala for 2 at : pr ..k. European i I term.. '. E. Central. Car.r. A. T I r Huekel-O'Nfal. Realtor; 118 X. RobIneon City water and Illt. Must excellent Chevrolet sedan with 128-
IU mo.l tr. being
I M 83; Copperskln potato plan. 2-b.drom 1 dial 2-3753. sell a* is tr.Daferel foot lake front
In good Telephone 1-year lease. Robt. L. Pryd. lumlh.d ) Carter. 9516. : I o.ne 2 miles New 2-bed-
condiloa. 1'8. I from certified La, $4. A. M. Re.ltr. cottage I block from I N rUt. See Mr. O'Brien room home adorable bamboo
10 new
WASHING MACHINE Kelvlnator. Seville. s.. .. 2104. 688 N. Orange: 34596.FURNISHED week or $150 mo. Call or write COLLEGE PARK U) Modern 5- HARRISON ST.. 2013-Furnished 2- Investment Co. 25 W. W.al.tn
furniture Electric .
Practically Phone P.nt. P. I story frame house with 3 bedrooms, tas. refrigerator ALTAMONTK SPRINGSTWO -
new. 2-2727 b -2 bedroom. Ocean Lodge.DAYTONA rom frame house completely fur Phone 8513.
I beep Landscaped sandy lake bass fishing
tween 10 and noon. cool. Screened porch attached 14 baths, ana room 2-car garage.
1 39. LJv-estoek and tlonaJly BEACH-New and ultra ..hrd. ideal place to raise fine dogs
i Supple 6th. Adults only. ; j '' ( Large lot. Lot. 100 x ISO. term avail 5-room houses la one packs
WASHING MAC11&Montom.nW.rd. .Juphon3tt modern oceanfront apartments.Reservations (21 I'IS. able We have 11.10.. Allen Johnson SOUTH SECTION rom. and bath etc. Limited time $8100: terms. Call for $4.200.
Lr. condlloD. ;I GELD IN O.-Blase face .toklal feet. FORREST CI .out. .un.t.d. Capt. Rainwater Mo.ra floors-" screened Tie. Realtor, 140 k. Orange; 8612."Specialising fruit tree*, it sold in this month. Ve Van Holes with Clyde McKenale. New house-5 rooms: large lot. Tile
1219 W. St. off a sorrel pigskin .. .. ResD.bl.. New blok lurabhe. 1 I Surfvlew Apti. 710 0 Vermont I Large I'lok$9,800. term available.an In Homes." I $4750; immediate possession. $750 12 8. Main: 2-4775. floors: 55.250.FurnishedSpacious.

Blossom Tr.llWATER I Ph. 9585 or 3-2268. bedroom and prch I ar. Ave. Daytona Beach. __ I AIim. "h.". R..it.r. un N n .7.,. AU. _A ___. .._ ...__._. : down, balance monthly. See .W. _K. home; price $7-
COOLERS-GJ. 10 gal per HEIFERS.;.S young yearling Cheney land5 Electric kitchen. Schol bus at I e. 8612.. "Specialising' i;;Home*:'I .3-room bungalow; : t'l; sleeping i i Price. Real Eatate. 240. outn urI I 51-1. Lake County Property 500. term
hour r.p.cll. $275. Rom coolers Highway at Le* road. Box 319W. door Available May 10th. $80 month.Mrs. I porch a .nu An. Phone 638 I Call at our Altamont Sprints Office.
office or horn $395. Richard Rt. 2. Box 268- CITY UMI (north)-5 room and' on corner lot. face south and I Homer Sewell, Manager. Call Win
Rt. 4. Orlando. Rddit. OCEANFRONT and Peninsula Home in good CLERMONT LAKE COUNTY. FLA.-
Orlando Appliance Co. lac 210 N. A. \Miles of Appk. highway. 'I In Daytona B..cI See b.th p.rll furnished King: $1000 Realty for $7.800 neighborhood.and begin Buy enjoying this home the i i IUURBAN-n I.k. small coU.. Here'a a beautiful newly built ter Park 55394.HockelO'Neal. .

Orange Ave. Phone 4537. HORSES. 3: sacrifIce: 1384. MURIEL AVE. 34 Wwi.h E. 150. csb'l privilege and pleasures of owning I' lot, over home In Clermont, the beauty-spot of Realtors; 118 B. Rob
WATER HEATERS-.Electric. gas and I home with working Jack L. MuUln. Realtor. 307 Beabreese Currh. 83.I your own home. See Geo. P. Brass 'I.UfJgr bearing fruit trees. Fishing. -: Florida: lot 125 x 125. overlooking inson; dial 2-3733.

01 automatic. Caldwell H.r' I conveniences.WINTER TeL 2188. I COLLEGE PARK-Unfurnished. Realty Co.. X. Central Ave. i I I bo.Unl swimming. All for 6750. ,- large lake; 2 minutes walk to bathing
Edgewaur Drive; dial HORE2: Bay. Galled with plenty I 10ul.nrd bedroom concrete tile house. 1 block Phone 1 Williams Realtor. 21 W. Washington beach concrete block wall, stuccoed -

WARDROBE TRUNK-Large. Equlav pep. 28 Marion St. telephone 5 room.PARK-Anl.bl.. June 212 IS. I to school stores and bus. Tile bath I 2315.HzYan ST. ,, St. Phone 8106. ,: outside, furred and plastered COUNTRY PROPERTY "Sine
1'1. Frlbe sink and nor.: laundry and toilet': 4-bedrooms; sleeping i Inside; triple course concrete floors. 1916.- Ask Asher Peter. "H
ped with Ironing board and iron.903OonjoDr..phone W. Com.tMk.WINT Fishermen and Bathera.Efficiency furniture.I I I prob-
7703. COWS-Closing out sale. Pre NOTICE: : In garage. Aluminum Venetian garage. Some SECTION Not a I I I polished and scored la squares; conI ably knows.** Cor. Central and Main.
IWiL dinner on grounds. : p.m PARK Summer rDtl.. I cabin a.al.bl. Matereservations. Insulated roof; metal windows.blnd.'j cota. AU for 10.10.,1, SOUTHEAST well :I crete tile roof; picture window In
1:0 nice
Close and mansion but definitely a EASTSIDE
HETEREul-W& K.r May House and apartment. fully I street. 830OO cash balance La. .Itb Go.ln living room 16 feet long; two large
sene fu,1 erty sold; 21t force him prop. ed. June 1st to Oct. 15th. 1 or 2 ocean. Para Palm Court Box 226. i monthly,. Furniture available. for ,I 677 N. Orange: : built 2-bedroom home. Lot of sleeping I I bedrooms, tile bath separate shower frame bungalow on beautiful clear

complete. Price $15. Phone 2-0934. I Selling 84 bed owne top TennesseeJerseys. adulu. $70 per month.WINTER Ed..te. P.. t H-1008. Harold V. Condlct. Realtor; I I HOME Park. 3 bedroom space; screened porch. 2 beautiful plenty I'I I stall; large living and dining room: water lake only 25 minute from Orlando
WATER WELLS and Irrigation supplies Guernsey and Wisconsin PAR I 37 E. Central. 6137. la. front 'I'I lot wltl lovely shade trees n.D.'cio I modern electrified kitchen with electrie I| Furnishings Included at only
; pipe, pumpa englnea. Florida I I Holitelna; 21 head of then cow are .. PrDhe 3brom 49. Business Rentals I II I Drcl 3 extra house lots. .cre..e 15'' frit. Price $4750.Room S.lml.4 Central Ar- range breakfast nook laundry $4950. Rex-McOIH. Realtors 128 N.

Pip A. Supply Co. 630 W springers. 17-head of selected year- Phone Winter Park. 118-M. I CHEROKEE PARK-2 stories 3 bedrooms balance $3600 on terms. R.lor. ; and hobby room Garage la keeping c Orange. Phone 4147.
old b.U. 2 high grade bull*. I OFFICE R on street floor. city taxes. A. C. cdr. with residence. Insured title -
11. _ _ LOW RENT-Enjoy country during I .O oak floors. 2-car garage. Golden. Broker I ; price
with screen and i, cow horse. Complete dairy barn hot months. Cabin with cooking Can : at 805 East Washington Comfortable home. Owner leaving I 1121 N. Orlando Ave., Near M.lt,: TERCE: BLVD.. 701 Lrle. 5rom. $14.000 cash $7500. assume mortgage LAKE FRONT-17H acres, ever 600

NDWSDr..I large .tk of I equipment and serge milking ma- I' Pr.nee. 110 and $12 per week. Street.FOR town. For quick sale. terms i iI 1 I land underpass). Winter Park Opa bath Also 3 rom. $6500 payable $54.00 per month.No ft. lake frontage. Well shrubbed
new windows and chine. Everything must be sold. M. Motor second floor Indi 15.0.. Main Sunday. I I bal facll Lke Highland. real better buy anywhere. Bowman ft yard. 609 azaleas. 100 bearing citrus
6 miles W. B. Nicholson, : -
Ir : I C. Edwards. Maximo Cour RENT-a i I I I I I, Broker. Exclusive Brown Co. Realtors Phone 3371, 2
Rio Grande. : I I 12 Ro.d north of Orlando 17-92. .rhou.Storage compartment 21619. i iI [ iVANHOE SECTION room and I O.rrell tree main house furnished guesthouses
Petersburg I 1'itent. Ill E. Ate. phone Clermont. Florida.CLERMONTLAKE. furnished. Shelter
?FfFAIL to call and 8'1 MOTHER and small, son wish the folo.lnl dlmenaoD.: I I bath In perfect orde. On a full _ partially
raska for your wanu. ebI IPNY-mau gentl Excellent lady to share congenial 17' 8" deep .. I 1 lot with a 1-car .. $8500 on 1561. CO.;:.Restaurant for horses cows chickens and cara.
4 3-room
have wnat you ned.buldal | ehldr. Real .r.tr .. 321 Long St.. after 6 p rom. cott. (225 SQ. FO Fireproof building. :- I I COUNTRY brick. 3 bedrooms large living I| good term Mr.l.r" with Sam WASHINGTON ST. E.-Double house with large established business To see something different call tuGeorsie
', alte. All $175. Ph. 2-4253. ton elevator. Just the thing for your and porch. '| Hutchlns' ; 206 8. Main. 7811.JAMAJO like new. Large 4 rooms and bat I well equipped strategically located on von Schiller, Realtor 7186.
HAR-VEY SLIDING CE doorhard.are. COTTAGE-Small. Completely fur I, furniture or household good leaving room nc.n..t kitchen Nicely furnished. At $ I new Cross State Highway; owner'sother for appointment.
I' RABBITS breeding does. 2 buck 1 I
Complete. I| i Furnished and on large lot. Small Furnished.I .ch
your I nished. Incudln. aU ,I, or very economical O.n.r cot.e of the best buys in I business interests require him
I Is
40 young 4 ta 5 IDS. Flemish and utIUe. Ia to.n. .are I Robt. .. I 3 town
Steel Salea leaving "
elot krar. Suthe. Chicker Sell lot Including eluding col house .p.r for downtown store payIng Pr. 10,0. lol. 140. Her.aOowl Terms. Broker ezcluI to retire from restaurant operation; SUBURBAN acre of fine soIl
2-4596. Inc.. Fed O.re'
'dtwn.I.Ir 10 Amelia AT.,' huunea. Olant. bowls: S100.t I ISulle. 2 adults only. 14.50 Month. high Orange Ave. Rental This Pryde. 6 : Broker; 87 I. Orange; !I give 18 Celral Ave. 8561. price $3500.00 for all equipment: Small dwelling. Milk cow and saddle

2-142. I t Bannlng'a. $lee. New I Ave. I j 37 E. Marks St. Justfour I COLONIAL SECION-Buit In 41, -: 185S.LKE WINTER PARK We have several rental $50.00 per month. A real opportunity horse. Electricity. Bus. $3000.
I -
ENGINES-Diesel ..rk.t Small off Orange Av*. 800 block, 6-room BUTLER-Recent for capable restaurant Herman
HAu-DEE ,t land Ave. Witr Park furnished apsrtmenj$35 per ar .I malaf I house In the middle of town. 2 operator. Goodwin Inc Broker 677
m.r. diesel generator 1.1 I month beginning June 6th for 3 each furnish own padlock furnished. All gas kitchen. Gsraee.190ft. full two .tf. :r for around Bowman ft Brown Co, Real N. Orange: 9855.
at dlesel pumping U.I.8tt' RIDING HORSE-'Beautiful month Gertrude H. Royal. 150 Park metal panel front. absolute i lot. 10.50. terms. Weir bedrooms 2Vi baths glass and 3 bdrom. 10.0.The I tors. Phone 3371, Clermont. Florida
pr.aC. we've had for 11 ACRES Between Sanford'.04
Florida Distributor 80utb..t I:I I Used. by$250 child.with $ISO with Ave. Winter Park 342 or 381-W evening Sprinkler system In buldll. I.I System. 628 Pn. 464.'CLSILTOWNlmlhe sun prrl. modern heating systemTwo I' while. Charlotte C. Smith with David WE HAVE an excellent selection cf Orlando. -Small orange and tangerine
Steel Salea Co. .ddl.
100 W. Amelia we.teD .dd..j I .IUm.k. gsraie. An excellent I
Ave. Call 5163. auraac r.t. Re.t.1 I I 2-bed- a aUache Andrew Realtor Winter Park. 659. homes and business for sale. If yon grove. Approximately 225
K"1m. delightful
2 BEDROOM house completelfij 0. or t"Ole.r leases if deaired. t ..Ie.pIll eb.I 1 wish to purchase quality property trees: 2 grapefruit; 3 persimmons.etc .
rom I but must WINTER PARK 320 Dana Way.I
to be
SADDLE HORSE-Gentle ( I Dixie Freezer 37 X. Markg. seen appreciated, -
front and
.ldln.1 I nlsbed. 8 miles North porch. screened see us. W. J. Kistler, Realtor. Ta- Chicken house sheds, etc Approximately
of Winter
1 I
33-1. Graduation Gifts j jBLOCSfS I I II with saddle: $120. Extra .dol. and Park on Rt. 426. second house North I I porches, electric kitchen. 87SOO. ,[j.M."I 8. V.rlo.e.St. Phone R..lor. 29 E'Chur.h 'I I Small beautifully concrete landscaped block cottage corner onhigh t vares. Florida. 6 acres under fence:
poflysaddle.County. 50. Wanted to Rent available. Allen ohnson. Realtor 713.
pond. 2 bedrooms
ll of St. Lakes Church. $65 per month terms ; ''I Lake Sue. Amplei sleeping porch,
-. owu panty aeU. robes. ''* a DDL HORJ".Xlc.1 red roan or will leas for one year at $60 per I 140 N. Orange; 8612. "SpeclaliaIng LAKE FRONT-Just outsldOcj lot o..rlokln.for future building. Variety of I 52. Groves for Sale living room dining room kitchen,
OtfU of Milady Specially .It .,. very month. I APT.-2 or 3 rooms, furnished. In StomPs" I I Limits on beautiful Big Lake Pair. I i I room possession. Price bath, separate laundry room, stationary

Shop.144 N. Or.au. f. western saddle. $165 each. Quiet refined working couple. Limit I COLONIALTOWN-2-bedroom frame. i view. New concrete block home situated |I frult. Imm.dl.t premises Sunday I LAKE COUNTY-17'/-acre grove. 22 tubs etc. Completely redecorated

selection: illS W. CentraL Ph. 5052. rTAO&Ne. mo.f on Little $50. Permanent. Box 350 8Sta. i! Sleeping porch fireplace large on an acre of land beautifully I 16. O.n.; or on see your brok.r. years old. Valenclas. Pineapple Inside and out. Price, 810.000
BRCEt Beutlu couple
attractively STUD SERVICE by Guy." Ph. 829-R. Winter Park I APT_Furnished. 3 room and bath. modern kitchen. Fruit trees. Com- landscaped. 4 bdrom.. 2 bath. Mod., "in and tangerines. 1946 production i Write Box 270 S-Star.
J..lr1 house
Utt. 8 Paved 7
bund this educated winning pre.re. close In. Best rf.rnc. Rfnl plfel furnished with washing ma .tret. Eptr"lr. city .tr. HOMtm.U rrr. 7000 boxes. Warm location. Pint RURAL-About 2S acres"good land
aat lot
graph appealing and 011. year-old stallion before you .3. FURNISHED one or two bedroom couple. Ph. 2-3178. 21. ( Ironer. radio. Mus sacrifice. Good fishing .Immlnl. II Double la.e. < 61108.. I rises condition. For particulars see iI i- with several citrus trees. Located
For further the beat sand beaches 2 block St. Cut to $
Information in
inal pleas tel* i Orange
pictures. 19OO
Grixella War Gift Fee $25. money back moralacs. Make offer. I I Jane Bro. 235 N. Main; 7559. on lake and main highway, about 10
ShB 13 W. Pine. lua.at.Parr' phone winter County. Only S19.SOO. Exclusive with I!I A real bargain. L. A. Pitt broker. 210
rk.I-I9. 1 I mile from Orlando. Cottage
Stables 2-034J.
I HOUSE or 3 bedrooms. CONTACT C. B. DAVIS for groves nicely
Ph WANE2 White Bros. Brokers; 824 N. Mills; I 18. Main. Ph. 7683. '
CAMLRA.5.-AU kinds: carrylnjjj..i. I NEW HOUSEPrl.he. Nice. $65. Yerll lease 6 months CLNALTWN-Pc! Just redue- II 2-1688. in the famous Indian River district. furnished "clean as a dish." with
"gadget bats; complete line of 40. Pet Stock and Supplies I i' chid ..Icme. Old I I FrDhrd..dnoe. Adulu. Ph 4702. II I bungalow con- !I MUST SELL-5-rootn frame asbestos electric 104 E. Jefferson. 21649. two bedrooms and very large modern
Photo Vie X. Apopka Rd t Adam turn left After 4 p.m.IIOUSEWANTEDModern. i listing of five nice and 1 aiding. 2 screened prcb. I kitchen, surrounded by large live
luppe. O.rd.e. 1 rom. .rea I Ihome. Unfinished 8 ACRES of 10 tract.
third LAKE modern brick water heater grove on acre : oaks makes U most Inviting. Price
BOSTON PUPPIES and S I I ed porch: tile bad : FON-2-tof eletre
.ontb.D.or.e. furDal excellent b.t wo I bedrooms and apt. in rear. offer. MS 240 Valencia. 54 Marsh teedleas : $8.500. Good terms Jamerson and
all in ref. )
XLECTKIC alarm CLK T.lechro'a .adn.t.. pe'le. i 47. Rooms for Rent j I rd bungalow. 2 or 3 fully lanscapcd eondltof 1auU- 2V. tile baths: and tile floor Automatic 20th St.jiW and 24 fine tangerine tree*. 150 3 : Carter, Realtor 70 E. Central.
't Rul.leed. local doctor and family 2 children. orange trees. Price $6.500. Thisyear' I
.a de.ns Quick possession good term oil furnace. Nice land beach j trade fo" years Phone A. T. Carter. 9516.
Johnson Electric Co. mile East of Hishway 17-92 on I tree : I HOUSE-For or
._2J Call 4146. .I crop is very promising. Located -
Cburch1 I wood-Ovtedo Road. AMELIA close la. ; See one today. Ask for Zelma and dock. Located on large lake near house trailer. water -
Ulbt FARM AND HOME-Nice 2-bedroom
GRADUATION 3 I.-ke. I r rnlnl In Groveland. Box 351 8-Star.
*sins Wrlat bedroom. Couple with 2 city Owner return
OIF& | ; Hcnson with Manic Imlt. .at t plumbing. near flower
COCKKK SP rm 1..r Irm. Wilam.R.al' I dwelling Shrubbery; : hade;
.the : : : NIEn 1.le pup i >75 Ph. 7691. .. : North of church. In-
tor bu.lne. and
"IN liit. Pmbhe. Post Office school
p.rl. doss outbuildings: paved highway;
; pins: lugsate. > py, 2 -On busline: ; 2 St Ph 810C. Term W. B. I garage;
: W. lerUal"L. .a cheap. 1 40 Miller Business girl 1 HOUSE OR APT.-2 or more bed Nlholn. nulre Postma.ter.Ferndale. Fa. water: electricity. 12 acres of fine
OUI. :1 Cbulh 'I.*. Wlaar f.Uale. between sod 2-1'!:: after S prefere.. rooms. Now or In future. By permanent 110.0. 1 S. Main; 2-11. I attrac IS ACRE Valencia Block- soil. Partly cleared and fenced. 2V4
GRAUATON OU'1 beys-Wrist c. I I residents furnish I AVE. HOE ANt cRVEN.,. Screened mile from city limits. $6600, some
Formosa. Phone $02-U. .bo.t a .
___ i CLOSE Main COTAI EAT-Tl I roadf
bWold; lUl.. Val-A- I i INlut SH excellent 2-43'. PARK SECTION -A porch. b.tL .. heater. 8 .. On 20 acres land, fronting paved terms Mr. Lane with Herman Good
Nice bo. LNCASTER ,
Pak .
; CANA.RIES-Matchedpalr with : f.mll
fui; .. military cu.I ro a SUlme r.t. Ap b view bungalow of I 10 mile out.
677 If. Orange
1 ply .. bedroom or 5 room In used to income. There rom good bearing assorted .rlel. win. Inc. Broker; ;
.. HOUS&2
1940 MlUer Ave. Winter Park. I prouc.
Herman's Priced eL! Call John Costello.
bat br.h" to
11. block Tile bath and
Church.LIATBZROOOilityvejjag. L. otnc- I Clay and Formosa Sts. I Orlando. By the year. Six 3 bath on the second ceir.ent drain 14.! Kihan with 30 Broker BUS.SO 9855.WE .
ea months rent ia advance. Box and one bedroom bath and 4 board: oak nor. aluminum casement : 7325. the best
902-M. ________________________ CLOSE IN-CooL Private bath. Near Fla. 2S for rooms the House laIn window Priced .10. the i I' HAVE ONE of country
Orl.nde I o lit homes we have seen in this sec
cases men travel klu. tobacco | COCKER SPANIEL pUpplE.. Grill. Reasonable 644 Magnolia. '' HOUSE 3 furnished beautiful ia wellfurnished. present market. 12.1 tion. Equipped for chickens garden
j -
Pouches. et. 2:. Wckof'l i .o Kennel Yelw .I.h brom.. reiidenu.o E., walkiac dIstancedowntown. $38 per month. H.rr Heath. Broker ACRES-21SO bearing trees. Ham- and 2 acres of grove. Oa one of our
di-u.t .
Hdw. Kub i !a S.Sanlord. CONCORD AVI 1115 E.-BSUf.11, Will lease with Prma..nt buy. Near I bus- service at the in_Clnnl.IUW. 8253.LOCKHART I I SPECA lins. pineapples and Valencia IB main roads not too far eut. 14

L"P-AU-tJp. 1,3 1OO an i D8.t kln"n and pupa. Con large school. Pb. Mr. Duke. t doer. Well located for school*. Price -Buy like" rDt 3r_ Close In very attractive large corner separate block In beautiful condition acres: 6-room house. Livestock and
Co X. 1 .Orl.lo Human Society 8278 bath. Largeclosets. All conveniences 2-370. furnished 11.95. McNutt-Heasley. house. Needing I lot. lot with 3-bedroom bungalowand and fine bloom. Ha new grove tool go with It Only 812.500. See
Church. 2 ( o- 2.712. I CLOSEIN-Double room with small HOUSE-2 or 3 bedrooms; prefersb'.y Realtor I Washington 8t.Phon Bus and electricity "I. Lane with 2 garage apt. All furnished. equipment. Modern home. Paved road Mr. Boentler with Henry M. Burch.
MEPTDNi" MOTORS !, DOG AND CAT fDanne. ktbea For information dial 2- I unfurle. Pr.n.n.P. O. Box Herman O.ln Broker; 677N. House can be made Into duplex if frontage. For price and term see F. Broker; 12 S. Main: 21090.
OUTAR :' 242. W. Washington.
3ts and Froxen bon meat. lo 4S. I desired. An attractive home with A. Allison. Realtor. 37 FURNISHED two bedroom lane

ternate .Ule. .1 j' and urea airs Kennel Shp COLONIALTOWN N. I HOU82 brom close iau Can CLNIATWN SECTION. 1626 t. I LAKEFRONT 2-bedroom frame good income. Walking distance to porch, large .lot. paved street 83.-
"fnnl.tel. 'd.lnr. KOI Magnolia Av... phone 428.I vate private.lt. :P 6 fr p.m. er after Mt VerD ...-Very beautiful banul. N.1 landscaped lot. I business district. Price reduced to IRRIGATED U.OOOO-BOX Grove. an- 95000. Terms. Mrs. A. E. Baraett
and 2-7211.
2534 Kohl.RADIOR 1. DOG FOOD. X-cel closets 'Dlanr. Sunday.- concrete block home. Well dok. _; price $19.OOO. Exclusive with HuckelO'Neal. -- touched by cold heavy crop act. Pets Park.
gentlemen i Ins
: working
-perfect graduation I remedies ibbid*. : coupie. P.fer_ k. or HOUSE. broma vnfurnUhed or built tile bath. W porches. Will I term*. Courtney Realty! ; 392 Realtors; 118 E. Robinson; 100-acre tract. 40 acres 9-25 yr-.

gift. RCA. Philro G. X. Willard ft X-cel Store Dial 23524. .1 I ; 5413 or I I"u by owner price; aote. 2-2471.- _ dial 2-3753. 20 acrea 2-3 yrs. 40 acre nnplanted. 56. Business 1'roperty for Sale
Edger Box 159 8 Star._ _ _ I by_appointment only. Phone_2-7361. I LAKE 4.200 treea. all fenced. also nice
Vogue Tetr Block la I FOX"TERRIER PUPS-Thoroughbred.I CHURCH ST. 230 B.-Room. I I VI1" masonry Dirt cheap at Ml-5" ,
Coionultown; I 6 weeks aid 641 W. Concord Av I It \OUNG VETERAN and fiance tired COLLEGE PARK.-Home withgsraceapartment. bome. house and It nuraery. Realtor 672 jTerms. CLOSE IN- Teurlat home. 500 8.
PLAYER.S-.Klertrir.51. : Tdeal I ace telephone 2.3409.1PUPPIESCbpap. of postponing marriage due ta I Can be handled for 82.SOO .- In ..1.1. Eet" klth.a: J.r.eKle.ne Dp YOU WANT A HOME for less C. W. Walter* Main St. Good Income. Cash or
UCR CHURCH ST, 431 housing ahortage. want small houseor cash. In town. Very haVe them. N. Orange: 9616.
Bt dea '.1 Close than $9000. We 17 : terms. Ph. 7695 er 9453.
term.and. house P.r. COI"al.a' t decorated complete ::i1 I Ilucy. I apartment. furnished or unfur- best S Wm. Mathews t > 'or. schools and Come la today and get your Vee Van 3i'A'CRES- la grove: 5-room
Hunt 2324 1 113 8. ambF. Single ocp.acr' i!I Illhe by July lt Limit 850. Have 1 with Dn Broker. 206 a.M.IA. Smith with H.nn M. 10.0.Mr. Hoten with Clyde McKenzle 12 S. house: elwfnclty. $12.500. Owner, Continued On Next rate

..k. 1 lO a.thUI us? Phone IJ. 'al. Broken 12 I ""In; 2-10. MaIn; 2-4775. I Rt. 3. Box 43ft Orlando.

z r

1 .

r' .__ N :- -
-- : .-, .. -

r I

, I from Preceding Patll!) ,158. Real Estate Wanted | 60. Business OpportunitiesGROCERY Mister Brcgcr 73-1. Auto Parts-Accessories 75. Used Cars for Sale ___I (Drlanbn firnttnrl

CLOSE. Client desires one-story meat market tat pump: s.L... wuu ,.s. BATTERIES An WYKYOYL MOTORS
7.i I17 Eli8 n. lo your auto. slseetypes. FORD-1946 coupe. AU accessories. -
4!! Business Property for "Mate living room kit new fixtures good lease. Price. v-- B. Oodlch Garland alms Cub. Cars. 242 N. Orange [I SAT.. MAY 17. 1947. PAGE 1 .
t Wit $5500. H cash to responsible Party : and Robinson Ave. Ave. OPEN SUNDAY
CLOSK IN Ou." hem overlooking el.n 4a.U' 281.FOR
sued : Potter with Ooodwln. Inc. ,
lake. 4 basement ea ledul ot Htr.n FRONT END REPAIR now I 1941 station wagon cleat
Bunlnt. Broker. 677 PATS
W. Orange dial 985S.
I with Irm. b.t yard. exceed '850. 8. ; available for almost l.te of Or will trade for late 76. Trailers-Tracks for Sale
lar.c. Main. 8381.DUBSDREAD ...
A horn returns omIlw.atll' Realtor GRORYmakt.. Low rent. auto C. A. Prance 1010 model car. .-at .ol The Td'* SUNDAY SPECIALS
Inl WU fteyaL Broker. OR OOLFVIEW-Prospect ; flstu,1 and Church phone 8811 o W'I restaurant 3998 Kuhl Av*. HOUSE TRAILER-Uluit sell almost
watting for horn stock. 4500. Will accept RoperRealty new custom Plate 25-ft. Ea-
-72. br"l on.r. SEAT COVERS-Electric for FORD'-1940 3-door. letu.1mi. lot 1939 LASALLE
IB either subdivision. .n& t Church and Main: ]. and home. Fishing f.n Clean -car .43.0 FloridaI tra wheel and Nelson dolly twn.Intl. .

I A IWM..n.D& l sell call H. P. Boland. Realtor. Car rod and Kenyoa taekle-neL. .Jefferson double .llk. Butane ReatoniblT Convertible Coupe
I and Garland Iow.
H.b. tlgaa Building. 672 N. Orange; 874 N. plUI.22970. Alto I Motor.. ; dialI Priced, account State. Rub Heater. New Tires. New Top

1, la City Llllit ef Wiatr 3-4551. end home. paying Or.n. _ Owner Teeter I..rev Pall Trailer $999
NIC hem for and J ssntalprtJnrflLI FOR COURTEOUS helpful service ORT God week. USED TE serviceable tires 1 FORD-1940 Tudor. Excellent motor. Park 4
I which are 8250: of IIID. Mct over (100 per and up. Also. erltlaal black .b radio. 1940
S "tunall Brock and lueke sales on a bp. I cton Illness lor. tubes. 2501 N. Orange A. $ S. & I HOUSE TAILR-I' ready I. in FORD TUDOR
R 40 Orall.
Pc..0. K. sale only (11.3OO. .. '
lont. IBO-. prolt RO An4.rA Mak 3 o. L bodies In good condition 47 t" S.IDt. lG tires and New.Motor. Radio. Heater
It.el I J.a. N. Orange: with Louis Realtor TUCK
123. metal hitch .
N, Orange ;.dial 24. Jrok. 31 i I Main; GuUa 13 R. B. Brossler and FORD-1937. 8". New motor good luigagetrailer $777

13S FARM WANTED for e.nt 10 au. a-I6t Son. Ph. 6941. 1413 J Central Ave. rondlUoa be seen at 830 El- 4 ta.. Inquire In'der'iStore.
HIGHWAY LATON-Ia: 3 bedroom bout I Ikh.rt.HOUSE 1938 PLYMOUTH

i 180.or trailer .t Excellent loca beaten path but 10 er less mile lease -1' Jj 71. Autos-Trailen Wanted FORD wod -1931 model A toudor TIERn41 CODtl..t.1 4-Door. Radio
62 ; .d.n
ak. from town. Hastings. Realtor '
elur > OARAG&W.U lo.td lo j 28V,
Small on property located stock. Good motor tires clean. 118 br.k. $555
hou. Central (Arcade). 4237. .
to fit dl.loPI.I&. Be. Mr. I Labor available. Walter Jf, SPOT CASH PAID for your used car. lt. complete and carpeted Cash or consider

Wlndhan "I t O. P. .0H. Realtor. GROVE WANTED 10 te 20 acre Oalney Motor s.Ocoee. Cu.1. IS.J. c. McKellar. "Your Packard trade on property. 420 S. Or- 1341 PACKARD "110"

A! E..Pine. Phone 8811.HIOHWAY I bearing grove. Client waiting If F. I ." 342 14. Or.nl Av*. Phone I ante AveHOUSE

price rlcht. Courtney ; 392 Am ( .1 I S147. Rot TRAILER-Factor* made II* Radio, Heater Overdrive
JRONTAOE-Near Orlando. I I !.lt GROCERY I blocks and FORD-'-1939 .dan klllln' good
O.I 1.1. II en l.b.I N. O.n. 22t1.GRVJHOM. I Central. SOOO cash. Or.n.pric S7.-. ) : SEE US BEFORE YOU SELL your I motor Looks drives nl.. 8285. "Ready Cut" like new. Modern $1199EXTRA

..,. 11 '' 11. *a I List 500. See Wm. Mathews D.aola. car. Sure, shop around get aU you Smith dotn' the talkln. "I more I sleeps four. Fully equipped. On display -
Brand concrete with a.r..I"Irok.n. Broker. 308 8. .lh. 7(11. can for your car-but before you sell I Fords than a show dot can Jump now at Simpson Piano Co. 2508N SPECIALS

block horn; completely lural.h.d, rur Chenault Jennings. Inc. -1'p 1-' //1 1 get our bid too. Central Florida, ow.r" Mol any style or .... loe Orange Ph. 2-1044

Electricity deep well. Id.1 J.ton Orange Ave. Phone 7234.OROVE : .____ GROCERY STORE-Pllllnt station. Motors, cor Garland and Jtf.rln I A s. paasenger cars V. HOUSE-TRAILER la. and car- 1941 Chevrolet Club Coupe
for people to operate TrU.r C.lp I. with 875- New building, doing good business la See L B. Hs t an. Phone I coupes and sedans. Priced right J. R S2SOO cash ." 1941 Chevrolet Coupe
I Hav* !.1 'II rA\ I! 'I
and Cabins. Exceptional on t.I 000 cash purcb..r.Invest. 0.1, qualitygrove a trowlnt neithborhood. 150. See. ( i FRANK REED- really knows Bow & Smith 33 E. Robinson. Toes. 12 to 4. 1303 West Pne.toa 1939 Buick Sedan
day's l.rkl. "*50. Whit & Louis 8 Roy Jernitan. l' milt I. 0. : get the high dola for your AnL'TRNAnOUI14.

Brokers; I. !I Broker.(on.ldtrl.. ". Ph Dln.11. on Clareone road. U or equity Cash mInutes Why : P4 ton t.o 1939 Olds Sedan

INCOME PROPERTY-Abu, 2 blok 2 GROCERY MARKET t" I give '.m away* Give us a chance HUDSON-1936. 3-door sedan. Ph.. dump. 139 Plymouth Coupe

Iro North Orstg (I WANTED-W* have pros- Owner AN JET and 201 N. Orange Blossom Trail: 7883 5816: or can be seen at 1423 E. cellent.APrd arl offer. sh.de. 630 W. 1941 Chrysler Convertible

A vary spacious tbedroomhouse HOUIE for 2. 3 and must sell this week, below r.pl.e. 1940 Model auto ..nte for Interest Gore.HUDSON. Church: 6118: till 1 .

ea 75-foot let. excellent for. I I pet la lord l locations. 4bedr.r. ment. Nearly new equipment costing 1 In new GI house. c.b See Wm I coupe Perfect INTERNATIONAL-1938 panel truck

guest house. (1.0. seed terms.Jamerlon Realtor. 2-1619.; 1 E. (4.900. Cleansalable stock Inventories Mathews. 7811. I condition. $tllb 1023 Olendoruo In condition. Price (500. Phone SELL TRADE FINANCE
E.Central. fi
and C.rr. R.I&r. 70 Nlehol.oa at about Centrally located ON-THE-SPOT CASH PAID for good Dr.. apt. S after 30 p.m. '
1.0. I
Pho. C.rr. 111. t MaI OB good thorouthfsre. 700 N. MILLS Corner COLONIAL
bual.tl clean used cars. Jim Cumbie Cart
I JEEP-194. 10.0 actual nsiles.A KIT KAMPER 1947 all aluminum
BLOSSOM c (3.000 cash mortttte of
TAnr have prospect I 904 North Avenue. Phone Saturday only Ideal for travellnt. huntIni -
... HOUSE Orn. lod IUt. trailers
WAN DW. takes U. real estab-
300 ft. 52.500 a
lrDt. Wit cOIPltl I Hee' 2-4521. ,
for 5 6-room hornet. I I, M.rln'. Used 101 N. M.ln and flshlnt trlpt. Equipped with
II.r opportunity. Ray Lennon C.r.
tUrlbe new t If for sale call Allen l.h.e 8409LASALLE. refrigerator and many extgas. Slave
89850 P. Shumway.Realtor I O. Mrcrt Realtor Dial;
: 140 Pl.Oranss: I I Johnson. 140 N. Oranl: 6638 I I 1937 Good running four left at bargain price of 1495.R JIM CUMBIE SAYS

2-321. 8612. "Speclaltilng In Homes. SUCCESS THE FIRST TIE .e.D. 116. ask for I 8. trans. 101 W. Central
TflONTAOL1n1que HOME AND BUSINESS-New block rondlto. 40.
RIA Double value: LISTINGS WANTED-W* hue thebuyer building 18H8 on 2 lots. Equipment "Just moment I'll ask husband it he :t 1904--1. LUGGAGE TRAILER-David Bradley If
needs are contemplating
I If you have the a my any Yes. setting top prices for your car Complete with stock rack, you buyIng -
onp' rail All LASALLE 1938 4-door sedan. Good
street prpr Hussman
Bear ACL Depot. A. T. Carter. 9518: : Dew preel.ID from R. 5. Evans "World'. LargestDealer" tsrpanlln. auto hitch Used only a "Better Used Car" byI
spur divides .. End on C.I o asS: 10' thing! for 8650.
Iro. col. Hu.m.n eondltoa. .rrlfl.
opposite side and has double warehouse I I C.r.r Main and Central. U. B. electric sheer; sanitary scale. _ _ I lots. t.I.yourself only one trip to round our I: 6. WI at Pharmacy.Eustls one. month. 250. 162S Park Lake I all means see us. Our prices

with enclosed t.ck Let 12 LISTINGS WASTED-Groves of any 5c to SOc aluminum chart; pair by seUlnt e. to furbe I or phone 77. A** I' are competitive Our
x 220. Price 1:0 I size home under 89.000. C. B. Decto vegetable a.lt; counter platform to $300 f I MERCURY-1939 4 door sedan. This LIBERTY-27* tandem. Apt. sis fss qualities
6%. Loans Up 65. Help Wanted Male
Realtor E. 2- dishes etc the best.
Orlando I* oro.ll. better snap this I Dwl ; 104 Jef.rln scale. ; meat block Drive la to any ef our S Orlando ear in excellent condition Olln's, range: drapes ruts
op. Ask for V. Condlct I 1149 or 7305. knives and etc. Stock of tooda all Lane awning and porch. A beautiful -
location Inc. 142 It. Garlmnd Ave. Phone 3-
Realtor; 37 L1. 117.RSAtNI I LISTINGS WANTED-Clients waiting. new. 2 bdrol house furnished. Attached QUICK CASH LOANS Furniture WOOL PRESSER-Good pay. Applyat I or phone 4347. trailer for only 2750. PaJm
1. all floors. note and auto loans. 2-hour serv City Cleaners. 39 W. ColonialDr Trailer Park Peter Waver.MOTORCYCLESBrand A Partial Listing
E, P. Slayton. Realtor. 32 K. Pine h.rd.o
Large lot for ice. Family Loan Co. 501 Florida I MERCURY 1942 Convertible club I
St.. phone 6651. .rd"l.On Royal
two but lines, close to school Bank Bldt. I W. CaDs manager WATERMELLON CUTTERS Wanted D. VARNER IC. ..DI to buy your coupe. Radio. aU accessories, excellent new 1941 CHRYSLER Luxury Brougham
small tewn. I Entleld 1947 models. 125 CC100
D I LISTINGS WANTED-Homes. towe. Fruit Also TrU.r. 2017 B. Phone 3-1661. Must be and furnish refer .ut or pay top ; tire and top. Olln's. Ine. 143 I 1M1 DODGE luxury liner 4-door
A t. miles gal Fully equipped. 39
on gas
tl .b.1 bu.lnel. De. j Let us help you Kuhl PPr. Immediately. D. Varner Inn. N. Garland Av*. Phone
rDt.1 ences. work In few 2-.34.
and _u.rt.r Han Bros. ,. 112 N. I 4 OU OP 9 wh ask for a loan her daysi left at $12S off regular price. Special sedan.
cm.r .rpr Dropr AIDe Personal Finance .. i 100 acres. Donald J. NlcholI 8tud.b.ke Sale and Se"le. 234 MODEL A-1930 Tudor. Exceptional 1940
price only 87.800. dial HGHWAY 4.I-Estrtmel cord buy one. Contot Ave. Phone I S22S. terms. R. 8. Evans. 101 W. DODGE DeLuxe 4-door tedan.
Ilelude. Swald. Oeeslla.Realtor Or.n. 511.PROPETI I ala.Tourist Court. ( cabins S. Ornl. Room 2. Phone 2-314.I 5467 or 1224 Palmer motor. good Price. 10. Central Ave.NATIONAL 1941 OLDS $' 2-door sedan.

143 N. W.t Lui 2-UI. .you right want. t Hastings.Realtor. sell buy. all for owner .with. -plus 3 2-bdr"l home I Robn Wollc. Mir. I[ Street Orlando. Florida. WE model BUY- CAA". make Used-Cart any Texaco more. S.ton Amelia and P.r. Coach trailer 1948. 1942 DeSOTO custom club coupe.

62 Vi E. Central. (Arcade). bdr.l. & 142 N. Garland Charlet model ft 3 rooms, sleeps 1940 BUICK Century sedan
on Highway 63. 66. Sales Help Wanted : 2-4347 or 2-4814. 1 sedan.
Loans MERCURY 1939 4-door
Mortgage -
r"Dt Front l.rl condition with Kendall dolly.
C..a 4. New 1930 FORD MODEL A
4237. _ _ _ (35.000. (10.000 Roadster
[FORD_Downtown cor- DON'T LOSE MONEY! W* will p.: good tires and motor. See trailer and owner at Leesburt 1946 CHRYSLER Town A
Ideal hotel apartment bu.latl any FROM OWNER 3-b.drol house. Call Joe with Veterans' Real Estate VETERANS AND CIVILIANS We ADVERTING SALESMAN-Experi full value for your car. owned. 8675. Shown 12:30 p m. Sat Municipal Park. D. J. Runnleutt. 1940 Country.
East section Nice large rooms required Agency; 29 8. Court; salary hesitate Olln's Used I .. STUDEBAKER Champion 2-
2-48. ProD will build on your lot or you mayselect see us now. Cars. throuth Run. 1800 E. Av$
I sit Over 100 ft. on ParkA .Dn C.ntol
fl1' 1 NationaL Tandem
si ret, Manasement '. I TRAILER-1942 door.
Box 316 desirable homeslte commission. N. Aye Phone 2-4814. phone 8271.MOTORCYCLKl043.
,. ISta a from our rrf'JIrl 24 Or.n.
Building on rear. S apartments I wheels. 25 It. See Miracle, Palms 1938 OLDSMOBILE Sedan.
S store ea first floor All ORANGE AVENUI CAFEompl.t listings. Home and lot financed witha In letter. Box 361 ANY MAKE I9.b or '47 car. I will i Barley David- Trailer Park: last row. 1939 OLDS '8 2door.
1P.tar. ly and 100* OI or a 90% FRA loan. pay to for the right oneNew 74. See Eustls.Fla .
Realtor. 32 E. : Ileel lG 12ALEMAN-TO ten Frlgldalre up U.o ion C. J. Black Jr. i TRAILER-Utility 2 wheel Serviceablecondition. 1941 DODGE Custom tedan.
( business; lease. Owner Prompt and complete planning and aD cart needed. .
sell- 1.0'1.1.00 .o have car. Apply Wart1'1Us.d iFlrst (20 take It. Call 1941 CHEVROLET
Nort for For quick building service. Chenault Sc Jen Cars. 101 Main. 8409 Sedan
TOURIST COURT-East coast. Highway l .lnl. Mr. Tool. Claude H. Wolfe. Inc.. 805S: ask for Mr. Williams. 1948 FORD
reduced 1-ton
I 813.000 cash for unfurnished 3 bedroom II. pre. (8.500 to Inc. 672 N. Orante Av* 7234.F.H pick-up.
and river frontage. Kin units. I m or 2 bath bungalow or 15.500. you had bet.r hurJ. It'sa D. 19 E hlnaol. PONTIAC WANTED-AU models including TRAII.ERS-Reposisessed, take your 1940 BUICK Roadmaster sedan.

::1: house restaurant.ip.c '; I I lake front house or near lake In real buy. Mr. "ll P. SELL DRESSES hosier ether clean 1947. Or Stiver Olds. Dodge or OLDSMOBILE-1947. ''$. Convertible pick, Custom-built. S37S. Shult. 20. Wl PLYMOUTH sedan.
car. Fontlac.
:furnished and Winter Park. Orlando er near vicin Mattox. 145 N. Main; 5809. .A.-Lnl-tr. low-rate. Govern Fully tuaranteed lnl.re. .. W. Colonial e club) coupe. Hydramatle. radio 1875. Red Arrow 1$'. ST7S. Vatabrnd. 1935 OLDS 2door.
,. Not ever 812.500 .,. loans for etc Is the bit lob with samebody ,
I fun D. butane perfect
ity. Pleas furnish address RESTAURANT Downtown location. m.DIID.ur.d mor. outfit. P. O. Box 1649. Orlando. Tl. 21 range 1941 FORD club convertible
cash rfulf. Wm. O. Rencher. Bro description and how soon available. Books bull or rtfln.nenl. C.I PRIVATE PARTY wants clean I C.dl.e. Driven only 62 tl.425: National 25'. tandem. like
I open for (8500. 114 1941 FORD Super DeLuxe sedan
ker. In.pUn or see Joe ,. or model car from miles. $ 9. Evans 101 W.
Box 346 H J.ltor. I.te new. 11.750. Zlmmer 27V worth twice
cash to
I a-ta. ,. Potter 67. Employment AgenciesBROWN'S 1941 FORD 2door.A .
Washington 6t. Phone I Cash. Central.
TRAILER COURT I&U X 325; with Herman Goodwin. Inc., Broker 888. [ o.n.r. Address. L Hoover. Box $1.650. Cen'ury 22 fta beauty.

just off T.11 I 677 N. Or.nl dial 9855.SODA.SANDWICR AGENCY- 1:1. Orl.ndo.BADLY Electric refrigerator. New Prairie
vacant 4-room I I EMPLYME Schooner ether choice Wlntert.
cleaa. buys
Int. Howard. Broken 306 N.lul. : I SMALL FARM wanted. Northern buyers SHOP-24 ft. HOME LAN>* want to hell yon And Nurs. Rtl.tr. I you want IN NEE of 1946 and 1947 I 3330: 8. Orange Blossom Trail.- better to
W.1 bar older cars Barley OLDSMOBILE-1938 4 door .d.l. I place buy a
1.0. and Investors Inquiring dally I I I 20 ft. back bar; 6 panel booths: I II buy build a one. work come I you I .utomoblt.
: for businesses, homes and lr.i cream machine; soils Very w* will .you prompt service. Office want help call 6326. 615 N. Orange Ave.. R.dlo sound thronthout. Jim Cum- ,I TRAILERS-New and used; 1947 -Better Used "
WEST CHURCH-W* have aa eighty Strout Realty 318" W. i iCILLERS. modern. S4950. bu.ID.fOUDt.ln, I'I'I hours 9 to 2 during week: 9 to phone 8597 _ I I b2sro.! 904 N. Orange Ave 3-4521. I American. S189S up. Electric refrigerator Car.

foot piece of frontage with ..entirely ; BUYERS-See Claybaugb. I ment. 112 8. Main 8U .tok. .QUIP 12 Saturdays First Federal Savings COLLINS EMPLOYMENT SERVICEand I GET CASH IN S MINUTES Anymake PONTIAC-1940 2-door. New Ilnll I Inew optional. Accessories Coleman
usable house In which a business den Fla. and of Orlando. I Nurses Registry Stenographers I or Starling-Alexander Motor I and prewar stove parts; awnings.dollies.
Realtor Phone I _ _ _ L.n A"ol.tol 5 moe. I Intnor. rna ll.
could be .lt.U.hl. er until same old Jttal Ildl.23. :81. E. 1'.. Olado. Fa. I typists, bookkeeper; domestic Uotor. 801 .. Ave. Phone I Only '75. S. Lot; I fans, bottle gas tanks etc. JIM CUMBIE CARS
a modern ? .ul .built at TURST COURT-A-l. Block e..I I.treUon I help. C.I 7228. 6 W. Church St. '88. II I G.rl.. o.d Amelia. 2-1023. South Orange Blossom Trail U.
front. For a to hold WANTED TO BUY-10-20 acre of I Close In oa main hl.bI I PARKER 8 17-92. Anknev Trailer Sales.I .
f.1 t".t. way. rental units. 10 baths ( EPLYMEN SERVICE 1940 MODEL auto wanted for interest sedan with 904 Orange Phone 2-4521
bearing grove. Give full LOANS on an type of PLYMOU-II4
this at O'HsrraMoore.
sea Ilnwlal Imm.dlI.t If I I I
10.0. :0. C.I E. Pins.UBINFSSLOCATIONlSOxSSOft.. lIt.U .& letter H. F. Boland. kitchenettes. Property has 230 ft. en I I or short terms; low rate: call 2-1287 you ; 32 E. Pine. bell leave. II cash.new house. Owner IU.t I .rdio.. .011" Uad Inc. 242 N.I I TRAILER, we -are Because offering of death for sale In family our
See Wm.
highway I
Carrlgtn Bldt. 672 N. Orange 637 ft. deep and paved roadon service Harlow O. Fredrick. 118N. .
) : dial 3-4851. 3 sides. First time for sale. 1 t Ave. Phone 8188. 781 20-ft house trailer A-l. with butane
of.re 69. Work \\'antedt'emaleCK
ea Cheney Highway. 2 miles Iron Priced (SO.OOO excellent I Or.n. gai etc and lot 87 x 140 Including
City ', HAVE YOU a business for A a building housing toilet lavatory
Llit. 1.0. nab .Ie i terms It an unusual offerIng on 75. Used Cars for PLYMOUTH 1938 radio
guest home with ;
Cheney or apartment many years trocery ex Gd hot and cold ghowef at Old TRUCKS
Highway I ; 3-7144. I 1rl.be or unfurnished home house Ls' 'I today't Painter market. Exclusive. REAL ESTATE LOANS Low cost .. Thorouthly ...prl.nc.d.Pln.t"l AUTO runs and looks good; : J. R. I A pork a and Adams Ave, H mil
with Asher AUCTION
Jo* O. Myers Rt.lor, P.te. To buy. build or r.nn..c. home Pra..ht,. C.I 8221.CASHIER. I Every Turaa. Smith. 33 E. Robinson. north of Edtewater and Par. A good
W. Washington. Dial 8881 $. E. Central; 2-781. ar.1 and business property. The Trust general office or hotel 1 Everbody sells. Prices business site tOo A real bargain at
1 I
r'r On FOR IMMEDIATE RESULTS-List TAIL COURT-2 double Department of First National Bankat clerk. nights. 310 Magnolia; I HoU-Rb.OD'. Motor Auetoa 2120 $2500 Must leave May 31. '49 CHEVROLET 1H tea. long wheel
1'-1. your property .ll Oeo. H. Klttredge. fWII .t.con. trill and Orl.Deo. second for. or Box Worl 8ota. the ?. Bloaom T.1 ., Is PLYMOUTH-1939 4 door sedan Like IN RESPONSE to government appeal base with 3 speed rear axle unusually
rom. or trade. on new thruout runs good. R. 8. good mechanical condition
Investment property. \ .Inildinn. Phone R.ltr. 1 C.Dtra A" US No. 1. .1 356. L.td. I CAPABLE LADY employed as manater BUICK-lg4TThuper 4-door sedan. 60 W. Central, 4321. EVD'j to join in patriotic campaigning
Store building and t 2-11. Ttull. of hotel dlnlnt desireschange to lower prices, so as to avoid a future / $89500
lrm. 4.r.1 miles
ON THE BUSIEST hlth INTEREST AS LOW AS 4% I r"l 2.30 Radio h.ttr. See Price : recession all house trailers
house: also 2-bedreom ACT your country LATE RAT for next season as PNTAcI93or. new
house furnished. Good far :I.bl and I erty NOW-Lt without delsy. prOD I Florida. A few drlv- on ImproYd proprt.In Orlando of Apt. house or guest man.rr. L H''D. Central. Forid.. Motors.. G Ur.. Go 701 .I and used reduced 10% effective immediately '41 FORD. Vt tea pick IIP, thoroughly

Income. See this property. Only (16.- buyers ..Itnl. M. D. Realtor tnt minutes from town. The living and brokerage. I I perienced and efficient. Elisabeth Prank Reed Trailer Sales I reconditioned and has good tires

; 000 with term : 3 E. 1.le.. Quarters are spaclous-traelous and Rotten Investment Company, ii W. Kelly. Central Hotel Groveland. BUICK-Tourlni car. ChUD. 212 E. I'LYMOUTH-1941 Special Deluxe 2 201 N. Orange Blossom Trail. $89500

A. C. Gld.l. Broker. 1131 I. Orlando I CUSTOMERS WAITING for homes ., strictly. lo.r A, business building of Washington St. Phone 8513. F.. Ennl Avenue. door sedan Very tt.n. fD.I.1 at DUMP AND UTILITY trailer. New.

A\. Near Maltland and Income properties. List yours I I business (7.000 00 dlf.r.D' Ind.. RECEPTIONIST and Secretary for BUICK 1942. New motor best 8895. I 8. Evans, 1 2-wheel. Very cheap See at 139 '41 DODGE. 1 tea pick up, B extra

pass). Winter Park. Open ( U"de.1 today Lk.o A.II.tc. 60 W.RbID. I sive with Prescott wl. Steele. Dial- i Doctors or Dentists office T.mp,I offer takes It Gulf Station corner i I 4321. E New Hampshire Ave. good heavy duty tires, extra good
I. W. Central
I .. 2174.I .' 2-1008. 45 West Central Avenue. I 64. Help Wanted-Female ;I i rant or rm.n.al Phone : Trail. and Or.nl Blossom PLYOUT-l14 3-door sedan S VAN TYPE TRAILER-18- 8" 7' 6" mechanically,

WE HAVE BUYERS wanting troves.business 'f Park -R. | I II 10d Ure. owner. Phone X 6' 8". manufactured by Standard $69500
INVESTIGATE well located Income 1 I and FIRMLY ESTABLISHED business In CASHER WANTED for Colony BUICK-1948 4 door Sedan. Maroon I pm.PLYMOUT1147. Auto Body Co. Los Angeles. Model
T properties homes. ForImmediate I II type. Knowl- I iI j I
90x207 2- Orlando. Net Income (6000 a year. In Winter Park. Apply In : SECRETARY-Eueutv I finish Guns Used : at.r E004023 Metal body '42 CHEVROLET ,
It I sal list with P. A. AlI I Experienced Can. 242 N. 4-door sedan. Low claaa wool Insulation military type 4x4
.'r brick .bunding 30x50. I lison. Realtor. W. Wuhl"atl.IA Priced. ritht. J.m.J. Hackctt. Realtor. person to Mr. Wilson. Mtr. edl 2-JOl bler P. O. Box 1569. Call !I Orange Ave. 2-81. I chrome and beau- : detachable 4-wheel dolly S carte with dual wheels good mechanically

.t.rr. oa ground floor. 2 ap.rs 3 I 11 Sllh .Blvd.Opposite HOUSEKEEPER, white, mlddleaged.Te I'I Monday. BUICK-1940 super 4 ',1 tlful 8. Evans 400 N. Orante. almost new Cooper 750 x 20 tires. good tires and I i.e Ideal for
m..t.b" and cot... In the I VI BUYER 10 to 20-acr trove. Dpt" '518. take full chart of home and Radio good rubber very. .e.n. i I 4771. R TImken axles, air brakes, hydraulic melon haulIng er other heavy duty,
contact Van Hotea withClyde I I IDrln. I
month IS ft.drivewsy ATTENTION FLYERS! Here is self-Ievellnc licks
IDeo. I a 2 young children (9 and 3 li 70. I Colonial Motors. 1239 E. Lights used little. $899.00
and ample parking facili. McKenile's office at once. 1 I opportunity for the flyer who years old)I. mont Work Wanted-Male Colol.1 I PACKARD-1939 120 business coupe. First (8M cash. Frank P. Stockton
ties. Property la very good condition 8. Main. Ph. 24775.MUSTHAVEUI1ng. I ra a chance to to Into businessfor C.I 2-1021. I 10.320 actual miles Come see thisone. Pbone 2701. Eau Oallle. Fla. '
NURSES. Institutional work: experienced I CONTRACTOR WORK-New BUICK-1939 Special 4-door sedan i I Central Florida Motors. Jeffcr.sona040arlind. 45 DODGE. 1 Htoa with 4-yaM
and U s best buy 520.Q00. I station within In aa city.Fly I WAN I
i, .Ir-mnd.d REPOSSESSED
i. Term t. See a Little next 2 wreki. In or near Orlando. hlmNl Eustls. In mental and ne"ou dis construction: Materials on Good running condition. "50. ,, Dial 2-2424. -1938 Ford dump body 825x20 dual retrt. very
lan.t..te I II pick-up. $135.
F. Orders Write PO. Hex 111. the ground: furnish most any kinds.Reatonable. j Phone 4438. Used Car Exchange. low mutate, mechanically almost like
ith H.rld Shepherd Realty CO. Please call Tee Van Hoten with this of.rlal quick I PLYMOUTH-1940 deluxe 4 door se 219 W. Washington,
X. dial 9124. Clyd McKenile, 8. 2-4775. metal with concrete STENOGRAPHER general office J. B. Ralner. Box SI I IZeilwood. .. : phone 2-2882. new.
W.ahDlloD 1 W.1: I h.l.r BUICK-1937 4-or sedan Excellent : d.n An actual 32 000 mile car Has
DON'T LIST your property with me I floor and gas adjoinlnt Municipal .sprl.n.. Must be prm.l.ntrttd.at. condition. Profit with Popht 3 years. Original P.IDt $1.493.00

57. Real Estate Exehanrtd unless you want Henry I Airport that Is Government 8292 for PRESSES-Expenenced. Must have Used Cars 500 W. C."trl Very, Very clean Colonial '
& .u approved. Property Includes lots ment. South.r Music Co. .Pplt.1 references. 843 English Win 40 CHEVROLET. H ton panel
1239 E. Colonial Drive.
Bureh. Broker. 12 B. I Court
BUICK 1936 4-door
sedan A
thoroughly recondItioned Has 4-
CHEVROLET SEDAN to equity la WANTED Modern lake front 2-109.I .Ith S room furnished home and 2c.r ITORAPHFom 1 to I p.m. I ter Park. running automobile, 8395. .G. I I I PONTIAC-1941 icdanctte. Notor"l FORD speed transmission. a
bun trte. ( Drop us a line
house er lot*. In town .uab.a galow. 3 bedrooms. Restricted 10cation. I 7.50.. Friday Write I ISEARY RELIABLE MAN-Married 10 yrs; Evans Ba..ID Lot; Cor. G.rlaDt I icily body little .
and fly on 0" K. lG.
For appointment call 2-1'8. Client will pay up to 815.000 Co. Realtors.' H.rr. Phone Mora P. O Box 2226. inside selling, merchandising. Consider and .. 2-1023. rlflce.1 2-216 or 520 $695.00Other
35 v.... Valen- cash. Call Dick Fa. who wants permanent scything with future; permanent. 1946 DELUXE 2-DOOR
10 GROVE- 7121. Tucker I BUICK Very New tires STUDEB'iER-1O old.
AC rebt. Dle. rr. 600 types in stock tirh unusually -
Box 354 -
Pn".PDlt about 1 7.r. ft Branham with good working ISt.r. 1 new paint radio. StandardI II I II I miles. Fine running condItion .

olo. 3.section close Imlt'r.nOJ WE HAVE BUYERS waiting for I I'for TRADE.utmobl.equity. .In. .mal trove easy conditions experienced and favorable In dictation wages.and Mustbe general I SALESMAN years varied- Sales sales experience cD.lntr. A Bdegree 12 I Motors. 375 N. "169.. I I 1I Box 366 ISta.STDEBAKER 1:0.I Radio-Clean At .New I food Values at these low prices.

& 01 troves and country property. For .. O. Box 3244. I CADILLAC-1936. A-l condition Needto 1947 Commander
Will trad work. Apply Miss ,
engineering 38
high equity hammock for lrund.. 10m. la the Realtor quick saler; 672 call N. Orange Richard; H. Ku.r. GOING BUSINES (.I net (3.000 e .oUlr. American Machinery W..thI Corp.. I. ,..r. m.rl.d. two c.rlfe.te., own I I tlon. leU.Apopka.Price Phone 8373. Call 3521.Bu Btaj :' oup. I.a'. .and.. 400 modern N. Or-as DRIVEN 8000 D. VARNER INC.
2-019. t ACTUAL
87.500 bracket. 1 B. with per ra) Ideal for phone 6184. I .. Ofle.. now on terminal -j j' 'tomorro. R MILES

Robert R, Realtor 1) W. I 60. Business couple. experience necessary. TWO WOMEN for house to house I. In commission !'! CADILLAC=1947 4-door ..da. Beautiful i I ante 4771.
Washington. 8174. Opportunities Present owner has other Interest canvas. Salary and commission. sales Florida near Orlando. Box '1 black and chrome finish. NewCadillac I STUDEBAKER-l946 'i ton plck-UP. 234 W. Central Phone 2-3153

end win sacrifice for only 1.00.I State ate and experience. For Interview I 331 S-S"r. accessories: chrome wheel I might pay you to R. us btor $1899

BAR located AND la PACAOI Excellent STORE-business Well- Worth investltstlnr Box 348 S-Sta.I, write. Box 360 8-Star. 1, MAN with 20 yrt. experience In build R. 8. Evans 400 N. Orantc. 4771. '01 Co.buy a Klstlmmee.used car. T. P.. M.

11* 800 PERFECT DROVE-Ult long lease. A real buy at (8.500 WAITRESS-Also side work. Hours ing line. Been estimator paymaster CHVRLE-I9lub Very F. I II

COlt,. Early and late ernl. Including fixture and stock Inventory I LARGE COMMERCIAL LOT with I 10 to 2 and to 8. no Sundays and timekeeper. What have you? N.J 37S I I II
ae. t 3-bedroom .. w* have others listed at different I good house close-ia. Being sold Clover Grill. S I. Court St. Box 349 8Sta.'RTRE Orange. AyeCHRYSLER HARLEY WADSWORTH QUALITY CARS
east Orlando.'as part payment. 1, to settle For particulars tee -- 1 SEE THESE CARS TODAY! I
price come and seeMr. nt.t. In- 1940 Windsor 4 door
Realtor. 143 N.Main rnI" 1 i Mr. Floyd Belies Investment Co. WOMEN 18 to 45 years of VERN-P.lntr. -
Louis O.nUn Little Harold ShepherdRealty I wanted for cafeteria position. No.I r.ldeD&; sedan A beautiful car for only I 615 N. Orange 8597 '44 FORD SUPER DELUXE
W. Washington 1946 Ford deluxe 2 door "d.n.Clen.
: 2-184. Co. 20 E. Washington St. : I experience to start Easyto phone 7228 or 2-3098 after 6. : Standard Motors, 375 N. Or super
'I n..r 81895. Station Watoa. Practically new.
Pho. 11t learn week Uniforms <| YOUNG MARRIED MAN desires ante Ave | Plymouth Deluxe 2 door sedan.

I I BAR AND GRILL-For sale or lease. !I 1:0 DOWN you can continue furnished. Ideal working conditions I manent work In office, t :CHVRLET-1139 tudor sedan. New Radio and heater. '44 BUICK SEDAN

Completely furnished and stocked. this ret.ur.n& on Or.n.Blossom Apply I Tramor Cd.t.rl. I w. i art or pbotoa.ph,. Exprlcaccd .Iu. In low cost [ 1941 Plymouth .184. 4 door
571. Property Splendid Retdmtster
.Buh Apply Ch.rl.1 Bar and Grill. App T.1 10 C.ntr.1 6859. transportation. Colonial Motors. 128E. sedaa. Radio and 81295.
ka | and fine business. -"Speak to b.t.r. Radio, heater. This car lIke new.
COCOA BEACH-Business At I ]! SplrteL" Whitney Splrtel. Realty Co. WAITRESSES WANTED-Only experienced C.I.nl.1 1941 Ford Super dor icdan.Cleanest LOANS LOANS LOANS

Cocoa Beach there are 10t. twoavailable BUSINESS LISTINGS NEEED" Realtors 708 Metralf Rldt. 2-3260. .I I need apply I Harry'I R.a 71. Airplane Sales &Service j I In town $1395. '43 FORD 2-DOOR SEDAN
Harlow O. taurant. 120 N. Orange.WHiTE j 1940 Chevrolet Special 3 door

the Ilr.n&ef business the to_cme.II On H.d.u.rt.r... F.drl.k.II ."Bu.lnt., 8ECN'NOT R-In St. WOMAN or couple TWIN ENGINE r.Unl on Grumman I L CEVROLE-135 2-or. Eu.n.lt sedan. Clean. 8995. Dluu BORROW BY PHONE! New tire*, mechanically OK.
nr State. (1.0 t instrument I 1941 Chrysler Royal 4 door .d.n.Fuldrlv. .
diagonally across from I with widow. Mrs. Lena forcompanionship Widgeon; I top. tood rubber.
each; for quick sale. Write Lw.on I '
the stores and hotel and already BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES since Box 256. St. .Cloud. I I I and L.r. Veteran's training. Orlando Aviation 1.24. J. I Smith 33 E. Robln.on radio and heater. CALL US- THEN STOP 49 n CADILLAC CLUB COUPE
there a foundation poured the 192O Phone 2-1008. Room 8. 45 home no rent modern Country Club. Ph. Winter Park 883.I Hydramatle. radio and heater
I of the I lot. 50x120 ft. Yea can start Centrtl. Prescott V. Steel W'I WANTED TO LASEpto.t veniences. 5 rb.re.. & of Con.Klsslmmee HMHM V B I 1., I 1941 PODta 6 cylinder : door sedan. IN THE SAME HOUR FOR Practically new.

laying building blok tomorrow meat market PI..a on Milliard Island Road. 7%. Autos & Trucks For Rent CHEVROLET 1941 special d.lul I, job. 81195. I THE CASH I $50 to $300
reply to Box 353 8-Star. 1939 Mercury 4 door Radio '
morning and I .d.D 42 CADILLAC (1 SEDAN
10r Ior. BOATHOU8E On lake lit. Dora. 3 I I' tudor. New tires and paint. Profit I
and I ONE OP THE I, new paint and 8895.
hotel very FINEST
community- trade ulhol.te
ap.nm.nt room apt. on one side 2 slips enether. I CAR-RENTAL Icm.f In with Prophltt Used Cars O W. Central Hydrtmatlc; radio; heater
much In tht growing I 363 3rd Ave.. Mt. Dora.DOWNTOWN..Estblished i iI I trocery-markets In Orlando with YOUNG WOMEN wanted b, Mor I I sured cars b season toresponsible I Ave I 1939 Buick. 8pd.1 dor,. '.d.n New' Yes! Get cash quickly on your Signa Like New
town. The price of living quarters. (8.50000 will handle. Call 36 80.
85.250. The ether thl come& I fillingstation. Groceries and markets without flying rison's Cafeteria for training for I Livingston popl.. lUl. CEVRL-1142 Feetllne 2 door !I i 1939 Plymouth Deluxe 2 dor sedan. tune Auto or Furniture Call today! '

the ef the same ii... I Bit tallonat per month. I, quarters to (30.000 One office and counter personnel. Neat In W'I .d.n thruout. mechanically Radio. A bargain. 8695. 42 62 CADILLAC SEDAN

50x120. .U" price ef this lot I I Sickness compels sale. '1.00.. of the 1.:0.0 stores In 0.city appearance, ambitious and have High D. VARNER U-DRIV.IT-Drive I perfect Priced to sell at 81.445. 1936 Chevrolet Master Deluxe (o.rh Radio, heater, extra cleaa.
Is .There.ld Is aU-fot alley I "Speak te Spiegel." Whitney I II you'll Iln..t like drl. Prescott V. Steele. School edue.Uon Apply Mr. Watncr. yourself; low rates; by mil or R. 8. Evans 60 W. Central 4321. I Clean and dependable. 11.

la 1.0. of each lot. Terms Co., Realtors. 706 I I D. Varner U-Drlve-It. Ine. 234 W I Starllnt-Alexinder Ol M. GFC LOAN COMPANY '
desired. Cheney Highway I I I I Rt.lt. M.t.l; Since tral Avenue.1120. Dial 2-108. 45-West CCDI I Central Ave. Phone! 23153. CHRYSLR-14. Town 83795. and Chevrolet.coun I I Orange Ave Phone 787$. 42 61 CADILLAC SEDANETTE

nnrtbl. Radio, heater, hydramatte
open. Drive over tomorrow select DISTRIBUTOR WANTED HERTZ SYSTEM I In every respect 71 East
DR-UR-SE Robinson
Man Phone
II or NICE LITTLE 4-or 6785
Welding at
your lot. I Woman Nationally advertised spec I I. 53.200 Exclusive bu.lnt. 65. Help Wanted-Male I Truck p..enlr cars for rent I 8495: Saturday only Chevrolet 1933.: '41 BUICK SPECIAL SEDAN

Addrtl Ocean Beach Improvement laity Item. Home necessity, retails '1, 0.. Pr.aot'V. by hour day or .tk. Reasonable as is. 8195; good buy Dodge 1937.: I REPOSSESSED CARS-1937 Willis
,. Ous C. Edwards. Pnt I through drug gtores. department, tral Stt.I. D.I. 2-1008. 45-West Crn.I AUTO PAINTTNO-BODY and f.nde'm.a. 'I rates. We furnish everything but the new motor, excellent condition 5695.Oldsmobile sedan. 8135 1915 Chevrolet 2- Radio heater a very nice

dent. 104 Wlllard Street. Pbol. stores, beauty shops. Exclusive Iranchlses I Experienced Apply Buckeye driver 904 N. Orange Av*. Phone 1940. "8"; 4-door. radio door 895. 1934 Chevrolet 2-or. clean car

Cocoa. Florida. available. 4 sales per day will I LKIG for a better than average Garage, 1317 W. Grand Ave. :-08. maroon color. Very clean 81195. 1938 Ford ..d.n 111. U..d

COCOA BEACH Residential lota. pay 8100 per week. Give brief business I .ublrb.a service I.UI. Let one ARCHITECTURAL Dr.f.m.n Give OUN V-DRIVE-I. INC.-New car* Chevrolet 1947. Club coupe; low 114.Exchante. 219 W..hlltn AUTOS '41 PACKARD CUPPER

Ocean front lots 50x250 ft. rl.r. history la 1.te&Box 352 8- become 1.11. No full particular as to for rates per day mileage. UI. These prices Saturday 2-288. 4-Door Sedan
ed, n.de. ready for buildIng (1.650 Star. I I phone cam. Meet me face to face education, experience age sea salary week rnt Open evenings 'til Onl,. '. Used C.r 101 I'41 PONTIAC Convertible club Radio. Heater, Overdrive
desired. lots la"UP and find out lust why It is for sale. desired. Box 282 942 N. N. Main. 8409
J ttm. I 10m. FLORIST SHOP and Or.n. 2-84. for Sale
or reil- OadeDr.nl Exclusive with Prescott V. Steele. 8SI.r. 1'0. 76. Tral n-Truck I coupe. Radio and heater. Very
&n. 10r. Olh.r Count established bll.. Since 1920. 45-West Central CARPENTERS Experienced form CHRYSLRII4 Wilda. 4 do. These cart sold with a 30-day
lots (350 and :1 Ii nice.
Annu..j .
of flowers ready for mar I men The Murphy ConstructionCo. 73. Auto Service .d.n. Interior .1 aceessorles. BROCKWAY* ton 8x14 stake guarantee.We .
up. Reasonable restrictions. Cheney hell fronts 324 feet on new NEW BUILDING. business and home .. Florida Power and Light. Ban- Driven only 40 Sell j j body. Booster reconditioned
Highway now.. opD Drive over tomorrow State Highway route; eODcrr. !. combination. Ideal for tourist ford. Fla. SI.25 hour 40 hour week. AUTO PAINTING-If* fun going i outright or trade and finance. 82995. |I II I I engine. Ir.lt.cODdlUon Price I '41 FORD Convertible club coupe. pay, Cash for Used Cars.

and lot I I shop being ..I.r"e; tlcd un cabins. The perfect location for a COUPLE wanted pl.et t. sleek looking car R. 8. Evans. 60 W. Central. 4321. j jCHRYSLER 1 I 81550. Box 358 S.Sta. Radio. Very cood.
Address: Ocean Improvement f restaurant or liquor store or both. on .m.1 d.lr. I
by No
Company. Out C. Edwards. President :. d.raound. 6 well. I Steady work. Painting d.nt. r.lond. -1939 4 door sedan. "r I BANTAM-1947. V, aU steel
It la priced rUht. constructed tight "br. ton
,I pressure; tractor Mu.b money down: easy terms. Or.nl.Auto I J. C. McKELLAR. INC.
,30 I
104 Wlllard Street. Phone 99. tools; average yearly.rd.n 88.- located Exclusive with PrescottV. 1076. DeLand. F.. & Works. 2-0188. clean thruout. Motor In good con I: utility trailer PIt any car. Lit I Iprt. 41 PLYMOUTH 2door. Radio

Cocoa. Plorl.. 000: price cash "rom. I n.h.. W.., Central. no CLERK-TYPIST Duties Bo dition. Weekend special t695. I 8. 8225. our cer.nee price 1:1 Above average. "YOUR PACKARD DEALER
assume St.I. Bor
13.00. 9. : WANT ALIGNMENT Free Inspection. Evans. 60 W. Central. 4321. S. Evans. Central .
ORLND en j i 84000 .00 phone ri.. will consist keeptnt mech, :0. 342 N. Orange Are. Phone 5117
AUnt o..n mor.. I prm.r -by
Brtwad County. per month. Bowman office records. I I Prompt nl.1 .spr CHEVROLET-1936 standard coupe. I CABIN CA TRAIL.ERS-1947. Very '38 FORD Coupe. Original paint
p p.rol. et. .
bathing and driving beach I Brown Co. : r'.Dp 'f 61. Bank Loans-Service Young man who has ante,. A .nle. G..I Good shape. 8350 cash. .W. K.Hobbs plywood rontreton. and ,

offers only 1 ocean front It at CI.ro.t. Florida.FROZEit1STARD. do for many years prtfer.d. Applyto year's l.nlr. 300 N. Orange I. at 23 W. Curb St. I to S.118639th Ft any car. Sleeps t.o. | upholstery. Very clean.

(1.650 each $ andr.sdy Mr. Meat City Cab Co. AUTOMOTIVE SERVICE Experienced 8t. .f. and refrigerator Ideal. for tourIng I
for rl.re.. ., front. lot DRIVE IN- lest ; prompt ..nle.: condition. : flshlnt and hunting trips Built Several other good buy In low-
Plenty space for ether business LOANS cost TOO WANTED-Only those who metanle DODGE-1941. for sale. Good '
extendint from paved boulevard te Must sell; owner transferred. 3607 1.1 I8AuEN N.ton.l Bank. COIP.r.tb..e DRIVER f.ml.r with Orlando good .t P.r. accessories I VI Davenport. 2. Patrick It. sell for 1.0. Have 9 left and priced and medium-priced trans TRUCKSR.

Banana River Bay. clt.r. graded.led Orante Blossom I Trail.FILLING costs. the I tlr streets win ,. Apply & tires. 3-3153.D '. Iae. 234 W. Central St. C will sell at lo.. 61: R 8. Evans. portation. Also a good] selection of
ready for each. : : 101 W Av .
( 100. you set ( i3P.m.Dt 8.3 Mr. Howell City Cab Co. eedan. C.ntrl
T.n If desired. Orlando Beach Itapproximately and STATION-2-bedroom home I ( IS.yen get 130P.I.Dt CUTTER WANTED AUToBI JOB and wheel DDE,- 1142. loarr condition.Private and Ford trucks.
property. Must tncl
thrc miles south of Doing good business ( yon get 67 WET b Wbela G CHVRL-Dle. S. EVANS
For lp.l.nt 1 .U.nmeDe .nle. E. and
particulars call Mr. Apply at 318 W. owner d.erpUo. .1. tp. .
the hotel at W.rbt
The uprlenced Colon A.P.n. I
Coo. B..el. tubjlvlsloa withlienry 11. Butch, Broker 12 8. I, I 300. you get 279P.ltIU 0 ial b.I..ee .hn. you wait. C. Washington We have .tok arediscontinuing Heintzelman's Inc.
.don t. Naval Air Msin2-l090. ( 400. you get 3'2-P.m.Dt 33 Sons. 1010 W. Church. this department. Will
It.con IUDd.y ., May I ( 500. you let 41 67 NIGHT CLERK Experienced In I DODGE-1940 4 door sedan. Run
trDoa BODY AND'ENDERrepalring and tell for exactly half or regular
1. .. .i be prD FILLING STATION -Repair ahop.atoraee 1000. you get 930-Payments 83.34 trn.rnPt. switchboard. Regular painting. Estimate gladly given ao. new ..I.t upholstery. I price Come In. look around male 50 W. Livingston Ave. Phone) 6159 CHEVROLET-1947. Long wheel
front 3 to yo lot. O. 13,000 to Above monthly payments 12 months. Wta tood tabus.' Apply Box 363 $ S. 80 W. Ni and chassis. Dual
interested In bnylnt I 1S.OOO cala. :ntlt ; I II I Satisfaction tuaranteed. D. Tamer I E. amiable offer reful. R 8. Evans base: cab
a anywhere per 4321.
spot Payments for 15 are S-ta. I .
atom the In mont. .mal.r. 234 W. Central Ave. Phone 2-3153. C.Dtr"l ror. Garland Am.U. wheels. No mileage. $1899.
be (lad to b.Cb Zd..rd will I lease.city. No.etrI:! for rood I Fituret Include U. PRINTEROPERATORWANTED BRAKE aU DODGE-1939. 4 door sedan. 1938 >.4-ton panel
.1& ru la cash. loan la case of dul The First Vauthn Co 416 West I REPAIRS-We supply condition. CHEVROLET -
selection. Hi cr..1 .70Ul. a real OPpnUDlt Come &UibD'I National Bank at 4th floor. Avenue. C.Dta j your auto needs: also tires tax mi.. Prt. new. Must be seen truck Oo condition. New rints. CHEVROLET pick-up. Very
Orlando Naval Air I come see you. C. and oil Dixie Sales Service, W. tre. Ui. Private owner. I new good tires. Brown'sGrocery. AUTO SPECIALS good mechanically rood rubber.
Station North tat. Cheney Hlthway Realtor. 610 N. Orange; 7348. PLUMBER-Experienced only. Raymond : South at Boone St. o I b .ppr.l.t.d 1491 S. Rio Grande. A perfect buy for $895.j .
AUTO PARKING for custom- Ph |
U BOW open. Drive ever. PILLING l-stopj I FEE Dlckton. 136 W. Plant St.; CAR WASHING and polishing by ap 221.DDES.d.l. COVERED WAGON-18' in good FOR THE WEEKEND j
STATION Well First National Bank at 42 Winter Newly I eon
Address: Ocean Beach .r.f Office phone 95. resident 1941
Company. Out C. Improvement i established one of the b.t at end of Court St. phone 309.. Pntment For prompt and expert 'motl gale dition. Fully tCUPP. Price 81095 j DODGE-1940 panel delivery N wmotor

dent. 104 Wlllard Ed.ad. Prat I I I.**.fc,0'V output 15-000 5a 1.0'' 'I PLUMBER I I B o J. Service Station. by p.lntd. 1446. .se.I.. Annu. offN. El Punto on 441. See FORD-1341 2-door. Good mechan- good tires and body Excellent -
I class o.n.
Cocoa. Florida. atr.t montbl. Net annual Income 10. 6% Loan Up to $300 Apply WATbt. Plumbing man corner Boone Jackson. Orans at City Limit, OrwlnMinor. L Lnln" I I ical condition $745. | buy, $893.INTERNATIONAL.
equipment. II CHEVROLET-1941 1', ton. Dual
IT. AUGUSTINE. 13 miles I I' Hinton. Co.. 216 W. Plant Su Winter CNVETBL TPHe.d Inar. 2-T. '
outstanding location for south. An Realtor. 1M K. RobInson.INOCAMPLikeAPepkson. AUTO. Furniture. Diamond loan*-. den. Fla GaSHEE !I Dr p.D.I. ".a DODGE 1939 business new I .hHI O L. springs In A-l con- MODEL A FORD-1931 4-door teI 1940 13-ton.
water | Economy Finance Company J. F. Shop. Lexington. roup. dlUon 1120 17th St. phone I dan. Good in $250.
85. every way.
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t. &. t.1 1-38. and 18th. 10 a m. until I ed AT 288. Can be seen at 1803 South Bum,.


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Orlando morning sentinel
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Alternate title: Orlando Sunday sentinel
New year sentinel=star
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Physical Description: v. : ill. ; 60 cm.
Language: English
Publisher: W.M. Glenn
Place of Publication: Orlando Fla
Creation Date: May 17, 1947
Publication Date: 1918-1953
Frequency: daily[<1926>-1953]
daily (except monday)[ former 1918-]
Subjects / Keywords: Newspapers -- Orlando (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Orange County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
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Spatial Coverage: United States -- Florida -- Orange -- Orlando
Coordinates: 28.533611 x -81.375833 ( Place of Publication )
Additional Physical Form: Also available on microfilm from Bell & Howell, Micro Photo Division, and the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation: Vol. 6, no. 94 (June 1, 1918)-v. 64, no. 32 (July 27, 1953).
General Note: "Inland Florida's greatest newspaper."
General Note: "Independent Democratic." Cf. Ayer, 1946.
Funding: Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05
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area which crtatti 24 per COlt I rlan&o I jWontmg Sentinel'Tis I

of Florida's livtsrocfc production 56 I Ip. Church..*! .._ Pege 3 5port. .._. Pages 6-7
.r cut of Florida's famed vegetable *.dw .__ Pege 4 Financial Page I

crap. 92 per cert of florid,'a citrus. State _. Page 5 Comics-. .. Page 8VOL.

_ _ a Privilege to Live in Central
Beautiful Place for Abundant Living
_ _ _ _

TUTFTTV- Of .... 'DJlt'.n. !....c:!.

I Soviet, U.S. Row Over'Tirade' I i Taxes Hike in Forecast County State Senate ApprovesBribery

I on GreeceYugoslav For Next Year Charge Probe

.. .
9-------------------------------------. w wwww
a : Delegations Ask I

Road ImprovementsOrange -

Balked in SpeechTo ,, Truman. Shapes Fight. ::, next year County's probably tax will bill be,,I L The Picket Line I Action FollowsOdham's

Crash in : based on a millage levy
U. S.
Against ranging upward from 32 y Report

UN Council mills to 341/2 mills, an in- ,
Land Market Prices
crease over the current year of

from five to seven mills. This was

Gromyko ObjectsTo WASHINGTON [AP] Pres. Truman called yesterday revealed during a regular sessionof On RacketeersCitizens

RestrictionsLAKE for action "to prevent further inflation in farm real estate the County Commission yester-

I prices" and the Agriculture Department promptly called day: Shocked
SUCCESS [AP] The Replying: to representatives of ,
June 9 conference on the problem.
a I I delegations who called on the Resolution SaysTALLAHASSEE
United States and Russia
I Anderson announced for
Agriculture Secretary plans county board to seek road improvements. -
clashed last night in a sharp- .
a meeting or lending agencies ana Com Maynard Evans [ A P ]

tongued flareup over Vugo- I farm leaders after getting a letter I I declared: the county did not have Charges by Florida's youngest -

'. slavia's right to delIver atirade" Marshall inwhich the President said "I I the money immediately available Legislator that he had

against the Greek Government am deeply concerned about the I[to do thework requested. Then a 1' ; a ck'"I '
I IIlLnrf. I 1 # / offered money to vote
recent rise" in the of farm /
In the UN Security: Pleads For moment later asserted "It looks
.. I against a bill which would
Council. I -- -?..u..u.u.u. like there will be an increase of at

U. S. Deputy Delegate HerschelV. Latest Agriculture I least five mills next year over the f&J have restricted bookmaking operations -

Johnson and Soviet Deputy : U. S. 'Voice'WASHINGTON [ Department !! ; ; current period." [The millage for 4/ in that State had new repercussions -
Foreign Minister And rei A.j: I reports show the Orlando district this year was

Oromyko flung the hot words back ('[ [AP) Sec-. farm land prices : 27'/ mills according to Tax Col- ..TW66'ecw'A1e4JT- ; Rep. Odham. 27-year-old rep

and forth-ad lib-alter Johnson retary of State Marshall I have Increased 92 lector: Carl Jackson / d resentative from Seminole

interrupted a speech by Sava N. I asked Congress yesterday per cent over the Jackson also explained that If 7 County told the House Wednesday
1935-39 be had "been approached"
for a Voice of America to tell pre-war the levy is set at 344 mills. It r4 -
level. The Increase In connection with the bill
the world about U. S. diplomatic was 12 per will mean that the tax bill on f(4Pi : which would have forbidden use
each $1.000 of assessed valuationwill :
policy: and to offset Rus- cent during the be $34.50.Referring of telephones and teletype-

sia's "clever propaganda service." past year. &i I! l writers to transmit gambling in*

He urged a House Foreign Affairs The President Anderson to statements made formation. The measure was

Subcommittee to give its added that It Is apparent I earlier in the meeting by an Orlando defeated by the House.

I blessings to the State Department's "united efforts by all concerned taxpayer who had complained : Odham at that time asserted
i that his taxes had doubled /
Information and cultural relations : :
Is needed" If further price rises that "unscrupulous racketeers are
between 1945 and 1946, Evans declared -
program. explaining some countries and over-expansion of farm /t z9cZ using money to gain control of
I misrepresent U. S. aims to a debits are to be prevented. I : '- ': 'S ItPY1 every man in public office in the
"tremendous degree" and this "Next year when he gets his tax #
I Anderson said representatives of United states.adding "theTleIn
bill he will really have high blood q&isiw _
Johnson needs to be answered.
Gromyko the Federal Reserve Board the : this Legislature today. There'amoney
Unless Congress pushes through I pressure." The increase in the ; "
Kosanovic. Yugoslav representative Farm Credit Administration the ) on the line.
millage attributed largely to I
special legislation the State Department -
Both House and Senate
Federal Land Banks insurance opened
with the remark:
the increase In the
program will die July 1.
"Do we have to put up- with companies. banking organizations the of rightsofway ................ proceedings yesterday which may
for purchase -
this tirade against the Greek Government The House this week refused and officials of such organizationsas sary for the cross-State highway. .. ___31/p lead to formal investigation of

to Include funds for the pro- the American Farm Bureau 4-///// : Odham's assertions. The Serial
? I've never heard such During the discussion of the /
an astonishing statement made in gram. Including the Voice of Federation the National Grange millage which followed Evans' I voted 19-16 in favor of appoint-

the Security CounciL"KounoYlc' America broadcast to Russia or and the National Farmers Union statement Com. E. D.-Cook said :4f ment of a Legislative Committeeto
i. elsewhere. In the department's will be invited. go into the matter in spite of
retorted: *Tag.- there wax a possibility that the
1948 budget. Both Mr.Truman and his Secretary a declaration by Sen. Gray of
slavU has a right to defend her- increase might jump to seven mills Panama that the
Marshall said "no nation has of Agriculture said they are City problem
c self. or even higher & --- was of concern<< to the House only
..1t been more generous than the concerned lest the land market repeat "
Gromyko "I ask'the U. 8. delegate When the matter was referredto only. .
: -
United States" nor "received less the experience of the period Citizens Do Not I
Circuit Court Clerk Arthur '
not to interrupt and let : Road OfficialsTo The Senate's resolution which
after World War L Bevin Assails
credit for that generosity. Newell for comment, he became
Jugoslavia speak. A told Have To did not name Odham. stated?
sharp drop In farm commodity discreetly silent and reporters ReregisterTo
Johnson: "I do not recognizethe prices after that war brought a "don't quote me about I Floridians "have been shocked"at

right of the Soviet delegateto Boy, 5, DrownsIn crash In farm land prices and ruinto this." Vote on Meters the report an attempt was

tell me when and how to speak." Drainage Ditch. thousands of farmers' who had Actually the County Commission Meet TodayState Orlando citizens who voted or U.S. NewspapersLONDON made to bribe a lawmaker.The .

Gromyko: "I suggest the U. 8. bought land at inflated prices will not officially set the millage were qualified to vote in last year's I House Rules Committee,
delegate is not. the arbiter." [Special to Orlando$ : Morning Sentinel] through liberal loans. for next year until after the school Road Department city election are qualified to vote i[: U P ] Foreign voted to hear any statement

Johnson and shouted i LEESBURO William Henry on the parking meter Question
Gromyko board completes its budget and on Rep. Odham "or anyone else"might
commissioners who will
Stringer. 5, son of Mr. and Mrs. June 3. and they do not.have to Secretary Bevin charged in
without regard to Council Chair- i Stock Mart Values the county budget commissioners care to make at a meet
meet here at 9 reregister it was announced last
man Alfonso Lopez Colombia. W. M. Stringer of Wildwood was have finished their work on the today a.m. Commons yesterday that U. lag the group scheduled Immediately
night by Clerk Ed McDowell.
When Kosanovic then started I drowned yesterday when he fell Tumble $1 BillionNEW county board's figures. at the San Juan Hotel, were McDowell's City staff received a large S. newspapers were.hampering after the Lower

to quote from U. 8. press dispatches Into a drainage ditch near his Typewritten copies of the completed entertained by the Cross number of phone calls yesterdayfrom peace treaty negotiations Chamber adjourns Monday
YORK (UP Stocks lost budget which were delivered
on conditions In Greece. home as horrified playmates look- State Highway Assn.; at a dinner persons who had been misinformed afternoon.
ed around $1 billion In market values to County Commissioners yester- last night at the Orlando Country that everyone had to,)I by their Insistence on full reports
Lopez cut him oft and said the on. day show proposed expendituresfor Odham told the House Wed-
yesterday In a drop to new low Club. register anew or they would not be i of all negotiations and asked that
material was not relevant. His body was recovered withina 1947-48 at $1,411.393 as compared The dinner attended by I I he
ground for than two was allowed to vote. at the next Big Four Foreign Min- nesday was "ready to name
few minutes but efforts of Lees- more years. with $1.008.995 for 1946-47. municipal officials and pthers I "Persons who were registered I in connection with his
Gromyko objected. Baying the isters conference important proceedings names
Traders attributed the break to who appeared before -
burg Fire Chief Bunny Stevens Delegations from Titusville. Cocoa. Clermont.Brooksville. ] last year are qualified to vote in
entire Greek ease was under disclosure the commission yesterday be kept secret until agree- charges.
by Automotive Bushnell
Hill the parking meter election. Mc- ,I
discussion.The and State Patrolman Willie Lane Reports of another cut in auto seeking road improvements included Umatilla and Mascott. communities Dowell said. "They will not haveto ment has been reached. [For other State Legislative developments

Council had been called to failed to revive him. and truck production this week I Judson Walker county and on the route of the proposedcross I register again. However those I I Bevin. closing a two-day debate see Page S].
debate a Soviet resolution demand- Besides his parents the boy Is 'and superintendent of schools State highway.The citizens who have not registered on foreign affairs empha-
Ing sharp curtailment of powers survived by a sister, Elizabeth a prediction that industry will : Warren Roberts. who urged that guests of honor were Road J since 1945 will have to register sized that he did not want to The WeatherORLANDO

for an interim UN investigating Stringer, and his grandmother be "plagued" most of the year witha something be done immediately Commissioners Robert Carlton. A. I now in order to vote this year. 'I make any secret agreements. His
commission along the Northern Mrs. [ steel shortage as well as a cop- about the Wewahootee Rd.' L. Reese. J. S. Cadell and F. Elgin 'They will have until 5 pjn. today I idea was that the Big Four ought:I AND VICINITY:
Chadwick. asked
Leesburg. Another delegation which Bayless.together with State Comptroller I to do so. The registration books I to be able to talk frankly with-
Greek frontiers. per scarcity omission of divIdend
; a Partly cloudy continued warm
in 3 ft milesof
speedy improvements Clarence Gay. Rep. G. I I will close at that hour until after out having the eager U. S. press
Chinese Communists on Glenn Martin usually the Falrvilla road westward. Included Kent Williams of Hernando the parking meter election on corps breathing down its necks at I today and tomorrow.
Lake Ships; First declared at this tune, and a net J. C. Brassier. Dr. R. D. County was also among those in June 3." all times. *

Car of Watermelons Press New Offensive loss for the quarter for Douglas Thompson. head of the Florida attendance. [Nearly all news available to F
Tuberculosis Sanatorium. Edgar 1... D. Edge of Groveland. president American and British correspondents : Cracker Jim Sez:
NANKING. rAP Chinese Communists Aircraft.
[Sccwl to Orlando Morning Sentinel 1)] Bass. a former county commissioner of the association served as Stassen Predicts '[
at the Moscow conference
pressed a furious new offensive [See other markets on Page 8] Squire Larkin done figgured he
LEESBURG Lake County'sfirst and Joe Ezar. who said he toastmaster. and the gatheringwas I
1 Wins was given out by official spokesmen -
car of watermelons of the in Manchuria yesterday is creating a $300.000 golf course welcomed by Mayor William I Republican i I: for the American and British was a goin to enter that plow mle

1947 season brought a reported threatening city. from Changchun three directions the capital CIO/ President Raps which the road serves. and others. Beardall. Guests were introducedby I ST. PAUL. Minn. [APJ Harold I IStassen. delegations who held ""brief! of hisin In them horse races at the
price of $2.000 yesterday.The I as County Commissioners told the Paul Stlne. president of the candidate for the 1948'i, ings" after each meeting outlin- exposition grounds today. He says
melons were 30-pound ean- ed governmetnt reinforcements rac- I Union-Curbing Bills! delegations that work on the two Greater Orlando Chamber of Republican nomination for President ing the of discussions. i that mule of hIs-
Northward course
0 I nonballs. and were grown at Lisbon -, from China proper. I roads would be done at the earliest Commerce. predicted yesterday that he I Ii I ''in can outrun
by Clyde Revels. well-known I Official and pro-government WASHINGTON lAP CIO Presi- possible date.Archbhhop. I ;i would "win victories" in Republican -I I [Reporters were not permitted of tbem
I any
Lake County grower who has been press dispatches from Manchuria dent Philip Murray said last night I II I Hollywood Red Line primaries next Spring but told 1 to attend any Big Four meetings fancy horses /j

shipping the first car of melonsfor said Communist forces were attacking I that union-curbing bills now be- : Curley t his supporters there would be efforts !t and virtually the sole source when he finds ,
several years. I at Nungan. 35 miles by Pinned to Government to "stampede" a decision before of news was official spokesmen].
I ITonight's air and 40 by rail Northwest of fore Congress are "an open In- I out he aint got
Movies Changchun: at Kirin. 60 miles 'vltatlon t to every chiseling em- )II Dies at HOLLYWOOD [UPI Chmn.I "But that I time.confident." he added I Whereas Thursday, In opening nothln to dragbehinhim.The
I BALTIMORE [APJ The Most 'Thomas [R-NJJ of the House Un- am debate he was pessimistic in tone
east of the and
capital: at Kung- to "
ployer start
.. ,j wage cutting. "that such an early decision will .
BEACHAU: The 8a of Or. 132. 4:IS. I chulinsr. 36 miles southwest on the Rev. Michael J. Curley. Arch- American Activities Committee : over the immediate outlook for the Squire claims
8:511.:ROXT.40.: Cross My Hurt. 1:40. 3.41. 5:43.: vital Changchun-Mukden: railway. Congress. he said. "has served bishop of Washington and Baltimore i: charged yesterday the Govern- not be stampeded and that the .world. Bevin said yesterday he that iffen that
1:45. .'45.CAMEO.. notice on the American people died last night in Bon ment itself has exerted pressureon Republican organizations and best was neither optimistic nor pessimistic rascal will run
no. cos.: 10 Pardon 00. Mr Past. 2:20. 4:15. |that we must endure a man-made I Secours Hospital. j I Hollywood to include Soviet I experienced public leadership will about things. including divergence like he does hen he's headin for

COLONY: Suddenly Ifi Sprint. 900.: I German V-2 Rocket j j crisis. perhaps deeper and more He was the only Catholic pre-' propaganda in its product."Thomas await the results of the"primaries between Russia and the the barn at sundown he cant bebeat

3:M.GRAND S:86.: T Th:54. 1:52.Macnlflrrnt: Recat. J:38. : Climbs 80 MilesALAMOGORDO. 'threatening i to our institutions late to head two archdioceses and made his accusations in summingup I I and State conventions. I Western Allies.Conferees by none of them horses. That
3'06. 1:48.: 10.26.; Junior Prom. 1:IS. 3.SI. i than anything encountered during held seniority over all other U. S. II a week of hearings here by a I I ground is mity dry an the sand is

6:35.: 16RJALTO.: Rainbow Over The Roekica. N. M. [tAP A the great depression." Archbishops by virtue of the fact subcommittee.He Quartermaster Depot Okay Truman deep an hit dont look like rain

10.00. 100.: 3:25. S:SS. .25. 10:50- Criminal great whining roar filled the sky that Baltimore is the premier see said the committee heard I I the Squire said an that aint goin
Court. 1130. 225.: 450.: 720. 150VOODE. : I i yesterday and shortly afterward :Youthful Killer Dies of the Catholic Church in 14 witnesses. some of whom were Periled by FlamesMONTGOMERY I(I Foreign Relief Program to hurt that mule none.
:: Sioux City Sue, 3:30: 6:10. S::50; i: \
Blondle Knows Brat. 2:00. 4:40. 7:20. 10.00. the 6,000 residents of this South- America. prominent. II [UP Firemen WASHINGTON [APJ The full a.'-
DRIVE-IN; TtxM ".mboree; Voice of.tot I ern New Mexico town heard five In Electric Chair from here and nearby Maxwell relief I
,"," Ier. $350 million foreign pro- TODAY'S TIDES:
CLERMONT: Ralnbov Over Texts. 1'distinct explosions. I I TUCKER PRISON Ark. Churchill Rips laborites 'The Body' Gets DivorceLAS Field last night battled a sky- gram Pres. Truman has asked was DayUfla BacK Tidca: HUh 4 51 (..11I.
DELANO DREKA: Rldlnc California That was the spectacle produced FARM 'I ': rocketing blaze that swept through.1 I Senate- and 1:22: p III,: Low 10J a m. and -
Trill: Dantrroua Million i UPI Vollie Bill Bates. 20. youth- AYR. Scotland [UP] Winston VEGAS rAP Screen player agreed to yesterday by a
I V-2 which '
German rocket. p
EUSTIS: Return of Mont Crtito; Land- i by a ful killer from Mena. Ark., died Churchill accused the Labor Party Marie The Body! McDonald was i sections of two Government surplus i I House Conference Committee.I mCaeca Suet Tid : Hub S 01 I m and
miles into the
;, climbed 80 sky. warehouses at a former is virtually 1:32 1ft : Low: 11:Oft 5 10. and p.mSebastian .
ruinGROVELAND: Trill of Kit Canon. yesterday. the 133d and youngest last night of casting Britain "into ; granted an uncontested divorce on I I I which means Congress : p
veered off its charted course and I Inlet Tio.HI.h 4 56 S IlLalld
HAINES CITY: South of the Chlsholm victim of Arkansas' electric: chair. a pit of privation and frustration" cruelty charges yesterday from I Quartermaster Depot about five I certain to grant it. Meantime. the 3.27 p.m.. Low 11.04 a m. and -
Trail Dtadlin At Dawn. I crashed to earth a little more than that "may well be fatal" if actors'agent. miles away and injured Henry EJ, $400 million program of helping ,
Victor Hollywood
after he had pro- i
KISSIMMEE: Falcons done the "one p.m.SuN
: Raiders .1tb. goodact"
; four miles outside Alamogordo. i Phases: Rites 3.34: sets 7:09.
South I of his life longed. I Duke, post fireman at the post. i l Greece and Turkey against Communism -
,i by willing his
LEESBURO: UndID waft; PAIN. Lawless I eye reached Mr. Truman's LOCAL TCM ATUaES
I I -
,.. 'to restore the sight of blind
Elltlll two i Recorded by U. 8. Weather Bureau at
SANFORD Apache ROM: BlondU Knows j Navy Plane Crash Kills Two men. India Riot Toll Hits 39 Virginia Educator DiesCHARLOTFESVILLE 1 Nazi Foes Clear Maiert I desk. Municipal Airport:
Best. PRINCESS.' The Border Patrolman Maximum '2 Minimum Cat Claw Murder Mystery., : | FOLEY. Ala. [APJ Two officers | Bates self-confessed "bad boy." LAHORE IAPJ The Indian Government -1 I I Va. [API) i t STUTTGART [APJ Stuttgart --- 74 :I 1 pm. _.- __ M
ST. CLOUD Rainbow Over The Rockies; [I of the Navy photographic school I was condemned for the murder of I reported nine persons j Dr. Richard Heath Dabney. 87. Denazification Court yesterday declared Bishop of Dublin Dies 3am. 73 ,I 2p.m. _. I 03am.
Per The LOT* of Rusty. I I .__ 71 3 p.m. ..,.. ... 14am.
WINTER XJARDEN; Gentleman Prom at Pensacola Naval Air Station i Thomas Lee Dugan. 22. a World were killed here yesterday in riotIng emeritus professor of history and Dr. Reinhold Maier Min DUBLIN [APJ The Most Rev. : __, Ml I 4 p.m. _- 91Sam.
M Texas OEU- Thunder In Tha City. i were killed yesterday when their : War II veteran and Mena taxi- by Moslem. Hindu and Sikh I'!former dean of the graduate ister-President of the U. S. Zone Francis Wall. 80. Bishop of Thasos 68 I I S p.m. ..... 59
.- WINTER HAVEN: Undercurrent.LAKELAND : === 6$ I : 66Mi
: POUC-Palmer's Dausbter. plane crashed near an auxiliary cab driver on a lonely road last elements bringing the death toll :''school at the University of Vir- State of Wuerttemberg-Baden. an Dublin since 1931 died yester- 6 am. 6pm. ?. 83
PALaCE Driftlnc River: Dick Tracy VsCuebaII ; landing field southwest of here. June 22. for tlJe; last three days to 39. j 1 I glnia. died yesterday. I enemy of Nazism. i day. _ I : :::: === 73 i| : p m. = -: 1*
; LAKE Devils Playground; Cloak I I am. _-__ 77 I t P m. 76
and Dacser. //10 a m. u__ 80 I 10 1'..... 74
,. em-------- 85 I 11 It III. 73
Noon ___ 86 i Mtdnitht 72
-- --

19+7 jDUJ 1947 Police Warn Against Return of Slot Machines I I, TEMPCKATURCS ELSEWHCftT

AM. JfaaTlM. >W" tUm ffra Sal WASHINGTON' of temperatures. for the 24 boors ending
17 8 p m
I TAMPA [APJ-Veteran Tampa I as "the most vicious type of gambling -I I chance of successfully rtgulat. taurants and cafes as they were I event the Legislature legalizes busy In other Florida counties st.ti.0 Nh Low I $,.t;.. High 8.5(swAshocUls 63
18 19 20 21 22 23 24 : police officials stirred by pending : ever conceived." Ing* the machines to see that over 10 years ago" Beasley said. them." seeking a monopoly on legalized Atlanta U 84 66 61 NflDPhta 6& 69Atitle
State legislation] to legalize slot AU of the officers said they experienced the player will get any kind of i The newspaper said numerous gambling the News similar declared."A scramble. i CItP :; :t I Mobil.Miami :l U 62Elrmintka
:: somewhat
252627 28 293i I I MIAMI [API The Miami Daily I Boston eJ 31 I Montgomery, __ UBufalo
machines warned that
yesterday great trouble with law an even chance declared Chief .store owners had been approachedby for licenses occurred In 1935 when I 66 50 : New Orleeu I' UCbattan'og&
such action would mark the return enforcement before the "one- Eddings. "Bring back slot machines News said yesterday that "s1muJI syndicate representatives and the legislature legalized operationof DO 11 NeW Tort 'sa 4S
77 11
1947 June 1947 of organized crime here. armed bandits" were outlawed. and you bring back or- I taneously with a favorable committee i asked to sign a document giving 'one-armed bandits'." the news- Chicago CincinnatI: U 11 S9 62 I Norfolk Phladelphla 11 43CieveIan

Police Chief J. L. Eddings. In- Past records: show slot machines f ganixed crime to Tampa." report in the State Senate j I II the snydicate exclusive right to I paper continued. "The 1935 law Detroit $. n :: I Richmond PttlbVTSh ;: 50$3J&ckonV1fls
: 'q 7tm \oW"" JK S.l
wN I "Any progress made In curbing of a slot machine legalization bill, place machines in their prm1ses.I was killed In 1937 because of pub- 11 8\ Louis 78 67
specter Malcolm C. Beasley and cause the crime record to soar with the flood of slot Kit Wed IS '73 I 8. Pr..Iaee'1 46
1234567 juvenile delinquency will be swept it was learned a syndicate alreadyis !I Although It cannot be. con I lie disgust
.I Detective Inspector D. D. Stephens j'I Stephens said."There I' away: if the State puts these de- ,I at work In Dade County 'sewingup' firmed. It may be presumed the I machines which covered the Litti.Knoxville Reek 54 U" I 'TaMpa S..llIJIlta IL lit 57I
joined In denouncing the machines Is not the slightest i vices back In the cigar stores res- locations for the machines In same or similar Interests are :, state." I I Los Angeles .. :: WasinitoR it 41



--- -- .1 ,
-- -

-. -
.. .6.' -. -? -..- .- -. ''.s---. T' -

1,> .

SroHnrt Saturday, May 17, 1947 wance of any other agitations that ;you are worthy of the exprndltures .'
2 Orlanbo fgnrntng German Food II
Page -I Cyclist Injured In against the policies of military that must be made by the
-- -- United
States to save you from
I>government whether the purposeIs
i "
of a dying policeman'wu removedto Rioters GetWarning political or otherwise which In i starvation

. Negro Lawyer a local hospital In serious condition World News in BriefjWASHINGTON any way Impede or tend to 1m-i
from deep head lacerationsand Highway Crash pede the occupational require 'MEFF'S"
ments or ," he
programs explained.
bullet wounds.A API) Producers (nary test on the tax reduction Dr. Newman told the Germans Es?. 903 ST'

Kills Two Men former mental institution of three-fourths of the nation's,bill with Indications that the 1 James C. Moore 32. of 222 E. BERLIN [API The U. S. military ,I that they themselves-because of I II PHONE Z-174S .or ,
patient the Negro had been disbarred I bituminous coal began fight will be close. The test will governor of Hesse told the I the war they started-were responsible -
negotiations Smith St. was seriously injured
In his home State alleged I with United Mine Workers'j, come Monday on moves by Chm.MllUkln German people last night the for their own plight CONTRACTORS lIERCIIA.'T8SEE J4
ly for handling "shady divorce for i [R-Colo) of the Senate I I yesterday in a collision on OrangeBlossom I death penalty will be Invoked if I adding: OCR FIXTURE DISPLAYN.
WASHINGTON (IUPJ Dan Williams Pres. John L. Lewis yesterday Committee to take the I MILLS ST. LN COLOMALTOWN
"actions. Finance up
a work contract to avert a possible -, Trail between a motorcycle necessary to curb disturbances "You must by your actions show
Miss. Negro The dead were: Ray Devendorf. bill at that time and by Senator I
45. Jackson. I strike July 1 in an apparently I' he was riding and a sedan stemming from protests over the
law clerk and Pvt. Hubert Lucas (D-H11 to delay action until
65. a of food.
failure to shortage
lawyer maddened by friendly atmosphere. The con- said by State Patrol
Highway T5gt
Estes. 51. policeman. Jane 10 after the major appropri- sternest DANCING TONIGHT
until Tues- In the language since I
gain admission to the District of J ferees then adjourned ation,bills have been passed. Bill Norris to have been driven by
Estet cornered IWtlltams on a I day. The parleys are expected to the end of the war, Dr. James R. AT
Columbia bar. killed two men and I crowded downtown street and continue for several weeks prob- Mrs. Marguerite Ida Kress 27, a Newman warned the German people 1
wounded two others In a 20-mln* disarmed and captured him. ably at a slow pace until the out- WASHINGTON [APJ I House resident of Page's Trailer Camp on that he was ready to use U. S. LAKESIDE PARK

ute shooting spree yesterday before come of labor control bills before Appropriations Committeecharted the highway. II S.JO: P.M. to IX P.M. .
Wounded were: George Dalzell Congress Is determined. The Fed- an economy course for Moore was taken to Orange Memorial 'Economic Parliament KNOWLTON'S LAKESIDE ORCHESTRA
he was subdued by police 69. secretary of the Admissions Administration the Navy yesterday which would Hospital where attendantssaid I ZH Mlles South"f Orlando OB Old Dials Highway
eral Coal Mines
bullets and blackjacks. I and Grievance Committee of the which has been operating the slash its total funds by 11 percent he had fractures of his right BERLIN [AP] Authoritative
The crazed killer finally cut District Bar Association. and Cecil t mines for almost a year is to but glee It every penny it leg and arm. I sources said last night Britain
Clalg. Municipal Court guard. asked for research and for Us I and the U. S. had reached
down by three shots from the gun The outbreak began in Dalzell's pass out of existence June 30. reserve force.ATHENS The accident which occurredat agreement in principle to set DANCING I

office in the Municipal Court WASHINGTON [APJ A warn- the Pine Castle cutoff was I, up a German "economic par- ter
United one of two highway crashes near liament" to
[UP] The administer the
Bldg.The ing shadow of what could happenif here yesterday.In THURSDAY SATURDAY
Negro then whipped ant States urged the Greek Govern- economy of their two zones "
I an enemy struck from the air .. .sat.*,.*:.* -
a .3$ caliber revolver and started was cast over the Eastern seaboard ment yesterday to act quickly in the other traffic on u.s. along Federal lines.
shooting at Dalzell and Deven- I yesterday by 130 of the Strategic I establishing internationally super- Route 17 was halted for 45 min- L _AMERICAN LEGION HOME
I dorf. Air Commands B-28 bombers I'vised amnesty machinery for guerrillas utes until police could move two occupation troops to "search all *ne a 4 w* o.ehetr
Why The killer fled to the street I which theoretically smashed New as a means of winning world. autos and a truck which collided i I places and seize and confiscateall
re-loading his gun as he went York in a mock raid. The great : confidence and preventing UN action I at the Atlantic Coast Line Railroad food stuffs" if food hoarding
only to be confronted by Clalg and! flying fleet also appeared over on the issue. The urge for underpass in Maitland. continued. :i
Estes: The street battle followed.A other teeming cities, including j I I I speed was contained in a formal Norris said the autos were lie said he would Implementa 1:1; WHAT ONE MAN SAID
it I Washington and conceivably could i I,"elucidation" on U. S. suggestions driven by Bradle G. Hodson. 30, German program of "No Work I
Sweat ,I have dropped an atom bomb on i I I for the amnesty which was handed of the Lamar Hotel and William -No Rations" for "parasitesand
pleasing treat each as it demonstrated that even .. to Greek Foreign Minister Con- II. Gelrer. 21. of Maitland. loafers. "Nowhere can you find more excellent food. Served
for Itching feet now it can assemble a major striking stantin Tsaldaris by U. S. Ambas- "There will be no strikes In .
I force of giant bombers from sador Lincoln Macveagh. driven The by truck David Norris W. Davis.said 74 was, of Hesse, nor will there be any tol-! in an atmosphere of refinement. No pushing, no

DANCERSoothes thousands of miles distance and to ganging up-No long lines at tables-Here are
thisSummer Kuhl Ave.. who was taken you
out CAIRO. Egypt [AP] Emil EI..
hit a target at exactly the required -
a* It removes minute. Ghouri leader of the Palestine I Orange Memorial Hospital. JOYCE'S DRIVE.IN I r ,really served! Clean linen-shining plates and
CORNSCALLUSESCan which attended the UN "
delegation And food without
Wild animal species have uniform glasses. a peer anywhere.
ATLANTA [AP Atlanta police special session on Palestine yesterday Cblcktn-Oyfter -Shrimp-
for Dancer Now domestic animalsof
your Druggist yesterday asked Texas authoritiesto I told HaJ Amin El Husseinl, markings: All Bret Hamburgers
? post a lookout for three men I. exiled Mufti of Jerusalem. that a single species may have Sandwiches-Soft Drinks
DUTCH-LAP wanted for questioning in the attack his group Insisted all "Arabs must of unlimited patterns. ; Highway 17.92 MAITLAND
slaying of socialite Mrs. Paul : boycott the UN Fact-Finding h Own. Daily rru-1 a.m.t Sunday 12.12 NINETY-SEVEN CENTS
Asbestos Roofing I Refoule. 31, whose body was found' Commission." Ghouri said the BABEE.TENDA
in Peachtree Creek back of her reason for the boycott was that <<

:: No steaming heat, ASBESTOS SIDING fashionable home here Wednesday "It has become clear the commission of- 4 Safety\ Chair The Orlando Auto School I Where Two Can Eat For Less Than ItI
the partition
ASPHALT SHINGLES i night. Clyde Tex., police reportedtwo will suggest I
t white men speaking with a Palestine and the continuation of Ivan R. Brown i 1221 N. Orange Ave. The Price of One
j. no sticky humidity GUTTER, j foreign accent and a Negro were 'Jewish Immigration. I Distributor
with jewelry and a camera
seen I In HHIer tt Ave. Phon 2-Sttl VISIT TAVARES-and
DOWN SPOUTS similar to that taken from the Re- MOSCOW [API Izvestia Com- Lessons by Appointment Only
3 with a new
: L. T. JERNIGAN Soviet predictions yesterday that I VITAMINSDON'T j I THE HITCHING POST
Room Air ConditionerIn WASHINGTON [AP] CIO executive the U. S. is going to have an eco- IF ,
Roofing and Sheet Metal\ and pointed to i r,
board yesterday voted to nomic depression BUCK YOU UPtry
70 Alexander PL Tel. 7427 spank all parties In a bitter row the Soviet Union as the nation
your office over alleged communism in the I with which all the world can do NUXATED IRONI MORE THAN YOU CAN EAT FOR-97c
I Mine. Mill and Smelter Workersbut I business. He said the U. S I >.. TOUT docttt 11.. y" .MAMM sad ill FOR SPAGHETTI
and homeWork then held its hand because I policy of granting loans and I i. "OM'Ib.Ip,.....b*.trie*uotbcr mUdm. Utevl -
your >*. ml> don t hack r. Served S to S MClosed Monday
of lack of authority. The result credits to poor nations to supportits VTXiTED IRON to, hero l i build morel:meal: Orange Memorial Hospital CHILDREN HALF PRICE
I blood.For full red .
itlor la jour _..
t was that the situation concerning foreign trade was "economic *M to fw4 Just wonderful CU<-l to N UXATTn Mil'* BvIM Tk Buildlni
the mass secession of i perpetual motion" which could IRON Uhtari. for quit.. ..t11.. Glee itnm. a tan RL 1792 Winter Park i
&M label
'v.1. But BM call ducted oo
about 28,000 members from the not last.
a MMS to the CIO Shipbuilding I -I I

Workers-was left up in the air. I Federalists Hear JACK LORD Ed Shepard Says: There is no Place equal to this in
Summer Sel \
/ "
Intro Hato eent WASHINGTON [UP] Justice .-- Florida. I urge all my Umatilla patrons to try this.
Department yesterday asked the Means of Reaching PAtdopuifJittCOMMERCIAL. Good Food at Summer Price \

Th. Trailer w. have been wetting Supreme Court not to review the .AEWAL-WEDDINGS'' Lunch Dinner and Curb Strvieo -
I for and the Trailer you have been mall fraud conviction of Mayor Unified Global RuleMeans ., n |1
looking! fort James M. Curley of Boston who WINTER PARK
Built right priced right was sentenced last year to six by which the nations of S25 Orlando Av.. (17-M) Killarn.y Korntr .
Better than anything we have seen to 18 months in prison and fined the world may arrive at a unified --
I since the war. lUst 1000. lie is now free In $2.500 government through the United DINING
11 M ft.1C .utS bonds. Nations and other world movements \ PEARCE'S
27 ft. I2.S95 were outlined last night by OtV' 4! ROOM
Stop in and look this Tracer over. GREENVILLE. S. C. [UP One Prof. Lewis A. Dexter of the University I 4 J
YOUNGS' TRAILER SALES of the ring leaders of a drunken I j of Florida speaking before BESSER'S RESTAURANT I C i ANGEBILT HOTEL
mob that lynched Willie Earle 24. the Winter Park chapter of United Htati. Poultry Cold Cuts Sour p, 0
Orange Blossom Trail at AmetiaGROCERY a Negro after beating him senseless I World Federalists at its May meet- Cream. Cheeses. Mayonnaise TODAY
I i
with the butt of a shotgun ,Ing in Rollins College Alumni Pumpernickel. Rye. and Rolls SPECIAL SUNDAY DINNER
I was a former Army Commandowho House.:' 111 W. Chorea St. TeL I,,2221 i ONLY '
EXUM was discharged because of a I Prof. Dexter former Rollins $1.45 May 18th $1.45
nervous disorder the defense dis- faculty member emphasized the Roy Rogers Ullill"HELDORADO"

LOC K ARTFA. closed yesterday at the mass lynch need for Inventive genius on the Billie's Drive Inn "Give Mother Another Break. .
trial of 31 white men. I part of those behind the World
in Fri. & Sat. SpecialsLa Atty. Thomas Wofford argued Federalists movement to arouse 1800 Kuhl Ave. Gabby Hayes 1111111 Our Food and Service Are Great!"
rest, sleep mountaintop Conaa that the state had obtained "by interest the world over in world ITALIAN STYLE SPAGHETTI Tomorrow rimi
comfort even when coercion force and undue Influ- citizenship and allegiance to the
PEAS 2 for 19cGeorgialend
It's' hottest. A Carrier Room ence" a confession from the vet- United Nations, as a step to world CHICKEN IN BASKET $1.00 "Humoresque"Where Menu
Air Conditioner gives eran. Paul Griggs.. Jr.. who allegedly government.A CURB SERVICE
you GREEN BEANS 2 for 25c
the climate wantfilters was in the vanguard of a concerted effort should be 9 ajn. till 1 am. Phone 2.4286 Choice of Cocktail
you X For gang that took the Negro from made to develop a sense of world Fruit
out dust and pollen- TOMATO SAUCE _.9cI the Pickens County jail and killed community and encourage feel- Shrimp Cup
circulates dry, cool air with- ox. him. ings of personal gratitude and Piterim/'noflag People Cream of Chicken Soup

out draft. Ventilates in win- CORN FLAKES, 2 for 15c pride in UN achievements, he Choice of Salads

ter. Three smart models in CLOROX, qt. ..._.......14c .WASHINGTON May former chairman[AP] AndrewJ. of the I added.Prof. Dexter warned of the possibility -I' il Head Lettuce, Russian Dressing orCottage

walnut for any room. Quiet MORTON SALT __.8e House Military Committee of failure In the world gov- DON Cheese and Peach
easy to install. Built by Karo White launched his defense against ernment movement with the alternatives Celery & Olives

'Carrier, first name; in air SYRUP .....___......19cP.r. war fraud charges yesterday by of complete destructionof COCKTAIL LOUNGE Vz of a Two-pound Chicken Stuffed and Baked .
for de- denying that'a $5,000 transaction civilization or the gradual OrUltda-Saiifard Hiway atwon Maitland and Altamonto-7L. W. P. lilt-I
:conditioning. Ready
; between him and munitions growth of a "Pax Americana" or Choice of 2 Vegetables
j:livery. See them today. 8 0%. _......13c maker Murray Garsson was a world empire dominated dictatorially Whip Potatoes Buttered Cauliflower

TOMATOES, No. 2 ....16c bribe. He testified Garsson paid by the United States. Candied Yams

MILK, 3 cans .__.....3Sc name off $5.000 because in notes Gamon In May's owed CLUB CABANAS Cream Green Peas Cut Green Beans

Frozen Food & Ice Cream him that much and more in a DR. P. D. NAPIER : NORTH OF ORLANDO CITY LIMITS [U.S. 4411] Choice of Dessert

FALKNERIncorporated Yellow business deal. NERVE SPECIALIST 'I GOOD FOOD DANCING Apple Pie Butter Scotch Cherry Pie

SQUASH, 2 Ibs ........19c t CHIROPRACTOR I Grape Nut Custard
Sales and Service POTATOES, 5 Ibs ......29cSlrlnla Leaders of the striking Associa- Complete X-ray Laboratory I, OPEN SATURDAY NITE ONLY-50c COVER Choice of Drink

or Round tion of Communications Equip- Catheart St. Phone 2437t AVAILABLE FOR PRIVATE PARTIES OR BANQUETSFOR Coffee or Tea
Ph. 9889 1620-28 N. Orange STEAK, Ib ___69c ment Workers warned yesterdaythat Q RESERVATION PHONE INTER PARK 9164. Hot Rolls Butter
ALL MEAT STEW, lb. 49c their truce which permitted
near-normal telephone service in
most sections of the country will WHEN

last the Western only a "day Electric or Co.so"reachesan unless WILL YOU BE SUED? Flamingo Club WE WILL CLOSE MAY 21sr. .

DYE WORK SERVICEGive agreement with its employes Until October 1st. We wish to thank you for your patronage -
withdrawal of ACEW picket lines See us forComprehensive and hope to see you again In October-Earl O. Pearce
your Clothes and Dresses a new lease on life by permitted back-to-work move- .CHENEY HIGHWAY

having them dyed by our master-craftsmen. They'll look ments in all but a few scattered Personal j FAMOUS FOR FINE FOOD FOR 20 YEARS ,
like new again.
a>eas. Liability

ORLANDO STEAM LAUNDRYEST. LISBON [AP Don Juan, $10,000 for $10.00
pretender to the Spanish throne $50,000 for $13.50 Cover or Minimum Except Sat. 50e II Illll llnllllliill ) III

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