<%BANNER%> Year ot hili-
<< Certificate No 1SOB.
timing furnished on application Class WISTERIA DRUG SUNDRIES line 1042.Certificate. live devotional baud on a chapter. the serious illness of his father who to present shortage of necessary .

in>d adTrtllor > ear Insertion All Item regarding *n 1M3! parts to maintain our service

rhirgnabl t.rpri.ea conducted at advertising for profit rat.*. are C'R'1t'K'R1f1fJDltllJt11m -: :..........:-..., .......:--: .:-.'-+<..>- > 1044 Certificate No. 130 Tear of Issuance, "The Christian Motive and MethodIn that hit father li much Improved on outboard motors I will be closed

... Description of I'rop..rtYIT.ot t I Stewardship". Mri Canel used He tilled hit regular till further notice
mm Dom
" un'
: .!IIW\awwwv.lU :Alm "'m'u 2. Block 200 City of Okeechohe 'Pauli letter to Phllernon" ai a church hour Sunday morning and
Name In which assessed I.. s. LaRue Chandler Outboard Motor

till Est Turbo.1 context ivenlng Repair Shop

IN BUYING PROPERTYOR All of did property being Among the reports for the after.
County of Okeechobee State of Florl.
dam noon the one of paramount Interest Mr and Mrs Albion Harden of St. Mr and Mrs, Nathan Zelmeno-

INVESTING IN MORTGAGES, BE shall nles-he inch redeemer certificate!\ according or certificates to law and gratification was that given by Petersburg. arrived In Okeechobee vltz returned to their home here

SWRE THE TITLE IS CLEAR. HAVE the property Inscribed In such rertlflcate Mrs R. E. Link Ai Chairman of yesterday: and are spending several last Friday afternoon after five
or certiftcnten will\ be old to
the Christian Social Relations De-
AN ABSTRACT PREPARED BY the hlgheit bidder at the court house weeks here with Mr. Harden' parents weeks spent at Brunswick, Ga ,

door on the first Mondii- III the month parttment Mrs. Link has sponsored Mr and Mri C. D. Harden at, Charleston, S. C. and New York
of September lMil which Is the 2nd ,,
fund to be used for
dHT of September. 1046. a Emergency their home In DeBerry Gardens I. City

Okeechobee Abstract CompanyJ. Dated this 31_t dnv of July. 1948Mabel Famine Relief which the stated had
I*. Kftiilerson
(!Seal) Clerk of Circuit Court of I reached $15800 and U still mounting

L. BARBER, Manager Okeeohobee County. Florida The Martha Circle, having had the TYPEWRITERS, ADDING MACHINES,

church activities for the past month

N3 tpul0lrilJCtfuptaR) : ; rN3CR1nR90RlkkleklleXKlfXRB NOTICE OF APPLICATIONFOR completed their duties by serving as CASH REGISTERS'

TAX DEED delightful hostesses for the Fellowship BOUGHT & SOLD
Notice I* hereby given thnt J. T. SERVICED -
Hancock the holder of the following Hour Mr. P P Evans, Chair.

certificate for a tax deed ha* filed to lie maid Issued certificate thereon man of the group was assisted innerving Repairs To All Makes

The certificate number and years of by Mrs Zander, Mr. Camel
Issuance the description of the property .
Okeechobee Armature Shop and the name In which It was and Mrs Burgess .

assessed are .. follows : Thoae present: Mrs H H. Raulerson The Craft Shop
Certflcate No 81. Year of Issuance
19 3. Mrs R. E. Link, Mrs Bryant

Description of property : A Mrs C.
Bowden, Mrs J. McNelll
N 165 ft. of NW '4 of NE'4 of NEW Phone 693 - - Ft. Pierce
ELECTRIC MOTORS FANS and N163ft.ofR260ft.ofNY/ (, of/ H Parkerion, Mri C. F Jenkins.
NW' of NEK being part of lot 41 Mill Jo Parrlsh Mri S. C. Cornelle -
1I..ln. In Sec 19 Twp. 3*. Hire IT. .
Name In which flssonsel F\n C Meenrm .

All of mold property being In the - NOTleR RlieTIOIf-' eta ConeeHoif! at TIXM' Bf :AmtnifntStctloni fit The tfs'sture shad! at the tee" I
Countof Okeechnbee. Stole of WHEREAS Th* Legislature of 1048, 11 and U of Article VIII of the latlve Seislon of 1847 and from time to
REPAIRED FlnrllaI tinder the Constitution; of 1689. of the Constitution of the State of Florida ai time thereafter enact laws specifying
'nlc s Sucb cert 1(1( ,'nte or certlflcntes State of Florida, did pass ( Joint RasoVitlons Adopted at tine General Election of November the powers. functions. duties and cop.nutloo ,"* ,
hall be redeemed according to proposing amendments to the 1M4, said Amendment to Provide of County Tax Collector delnated ,._ ,
law the property describe In such Constitution of the State of Florida. and for the Re-Numbering- Sections In paragraph 1 of this Section 19, I
rertlflcnt or /-ertlflcnte- will be sold thai um. were agreed to by a vote of 11 and IS o( Article VIII of the Conitl. and shall likewise provide for the col.lection ,
All Work Guaranteed to the highest bidder it the court three-fifth of all the members elected tutlon of the State of Florida a* Adopted care. custody. reporting and dl.*
house door on the first Monday In the to each house that the vote on said .t, the Genersl Election In November bursement of all taxes collected by the
1M4. and to Amend Section 11 and 11 County Tax Collector.
month of September. 194(1( which la Joint Resolutions were entered upon
the 2nd of their respective Journal. with the yeas of Article Via of the Constitution of -
day September 19 6.l"Ilt.,1 .
and the: State of Florid. and to Provide that 4
nays thereon and they did determine
/ ,! Mil* 31Mt day of July 1940Mabel end direct that the said Joint 'a the County of HUlsborouga. Stat of HOUSE: JOINT RESOLUTION NO 110
P. Rnulerson Besolutlon be submitted to the electors Florida. the County Tax Asaessor ihall A JOINT RESOLUTION Proposing! sn
4/11'01)) Clerk of Circuit Court of of the Stste at the General Election in Assess the Property of the County for Amendment to Article XVI of the Constitution -
C. L. STRICKEL Okeecbobee County. Florida November 1(46 the; purpose of Levying State County. of the State of Florida. By
NOW THEREFORE:. t, R. A. GRAY, Schools and Municipalities in the Countyof Adding Thereto An Additional Section to
Secretary of the State of Florida, Hlllsboroiiga Except the City of Plant Provide for the Appointment b/ a Concurrent -
NOTICF TO do "ofrJt'n that a City, Florida, which Shall be Exempt Resolution of the Senate and
CONTRACTORS GENERAL ELECTION from the Provisions of this Amendment House of Representatives of a Directorof
Located in Markham Building OFFICE OF TilE STATE: -ID b* held In each county In Florida Taxes Levied by the State County. the Budget and to Authorize the Leg i*
ROU DFPtKTMFNT oa Tuesday next mucce.dag the Strut County School Board School District. lature to< Prescribe his Powers and
Tallnbnssw. Florida Monday In November A. 1). U4e, the Special Tax School Districts and the I Duties, Qualifications and Terra of 01*
North Park Street August :7. 19411CONSTRtTTIONFEDENAL\ aid Tueid y being the Municipalities of the County Except the tic.
P ROC,HAM far the ratification or rejection of the RESOLVED BY THE LGISLA I TORE OF THE STATE: OF FLORIDA
PHONE 155 Sealed hide will le received .aid Joint Resolutions proposing Amendments TURF: OJ' THe STATe OJ' fLORIDAIrc That the following Amendment to Ar.tide .
office rrnlll at thl. to the Constitution of the State : lies following Amandment of XVI of th* Constitution of the Stale I
giinlirinl Contractor 1111' .I Florida vlsjAmendment VIU of the Constitution of the of Florida, by adding thereto sn addtlonal ,-
nil 10::1(1( AM. (F S. 1'.) on the HMh - State of Florida relative to the Assessment I section ta be known as Section 04 \
day IIf Neitemler. 18411. for the con 1IENATE and Collection of all taxes In the be and the same is hereby agreed to and
- .trucil\ n of the following li' lernl All : : .rOINT RESOLUTION NO. 883 County of Hilliborough State of Florid. shall be submitted to the electors 01 the _
1k'enndory I'rnj .etlFrillmi I A JOINT RESOLUTION Proposing .n by Re-Numbering Section 11 a adoptedat State of Florida for ratification or re*
Aid Secondary to the Coiutitutlon ot the the General Election ol 1B44 so as to Auction at the general election for Representatives
8 IHI). .loh rojeot No. Stat ol Florida, to b. known a* Article make It read Section 11 of Article VIII to be held in the year 1844, \
: .iul. stute Road XX, Sections 1 and S, Thereof Relating of the Constitution of the Stste of Florida as follows
No. 1(12( -A. OkeeihobeR County. between - to the Consolidation, Abolishing or Creating . and by Amending Section 11 of SECTION 94. The Leglslat shsH bylaw
State Rood No 2n end the Bt el Certain County Officea. and the Article VHI of the Constitution ofb.* provide for a Director of the Budget I
: : Imle (County Hueotlt consist .Assessment and Collection of Municipal: Stat of Florida, a. adopted at the C.n..r.1 who shall be appointed by e concurrent
of gralliii cud I draining approximntilv Tsxes by County Tax Officials. in Orange Election In November, of 1844 ana resolution of the Senate and House of
, 8010 taller of -roadway 3d County. Florida. and Providing for Bel to make It read Section 13 of Article Representatives, and shall by law con-
Staney'sRADIO cwt to TO feet wide: Six Timber sedum Elections for Acceptance or Re vm of the Constitution of the Stat of detent with other provisions of this Con-
i and Concrete bridges jection of any Law or Laws Enacted by Florid. and to exclude the City of Plant stltutlon prescribe his powers and duties m
and Inrld..nt.HI the Legislature of the State ot Florida City from said Amendment; B. end the provide for his qualifications and term
ItemIbe net total length Is .a Provided la said Proposed Amend same la hereby agreed to end shall be of office the length of which shall be
KOM miles. men submitted to the Electors of the Stat wholly within the discretion of the Legislature
A certified check In nmount of BB: IT RESOLVED: : BY THE: LIGISLA- ot Florida for Ratification or Rejectionat and shall not be limited by Section
! n.,\tJO.MI made payable to the Chairman TUBE: OF THE STATE OF FLORIDA the General Election to be held on 7. Article XVI of the Constitution.
of That the following amendment to the the first Tuesdsy after the first Monday
AND APPLIANCE the Simile Rood Department Constitution of Florida. to be known as a November 1948; I
with the necessary Suites Documentary Article XX Sections 1 and 1. thereof SECTION 12. 1. From and after Jsnu- COMMITTEE SUBSTITUTE:
Stump ettncbed' must nicouiinny relating to the consolidation abolishing ary 1, 1S48. the County Tax Asmsor of HOUSE JOINT RESOLUTION NO. 73
I comb hid nit milted for this project and crating of certain County offices Hlllsborough County shell asiess all A JOINT RESOLUTION Proposing the
SERVICE All certified checks ahull be certified and for asseisment and collection of municipal property for all Stat. County School Amendment of Section 30, of Article III
within IS: ili\" of the dote for recelvIng 1 taxes by County tax officers. In and Municipal Taxes to be levied In of the Constitution of the State ot FlorId.
I bids, (ashler. checks will not heop'p"d. Orange County, Florida, and providing ttillabOTough County by the Sate. .. Relating to Approprlatlonii
for referendum elections for acceptanceor County, County School Board School
chick of
," the
two low.eat
rejection of law law enactedby
any or Districts Special Tax School Districts and
hi,liters will be dti"< sited. the Legislature of Florida as provided Municipalities except In the City ol Plant That THE amendment of Section -
the following
The nilnlmnm wage paid to all therein, be submitted to the qualified City, Florida. which City shall be exempt 30. Article III of the Conititutlon of
ALL WORK GUARANTEED 90 DAYS sklllel limber electors of the State of Florida for ..doptlon from
e iln| >ed on this con the provisions ol this Section the Stat of Florida relating to appropriations -
trnithall be Site per hour. Ibe or rejection at the next general t. The Legislature shall, et the Legislative Is hereby greed to and shsll b*
minimum unite paid to all labor Inleriiieillntp to election wlti to be held la the year IMa, Session in 1941 and from time to submitted to the electors of the State
grade. employed on the : time thereafter enact laws specifying the of Florida for ratification or rejection at
I contract' Hliull be 73: rent per hour ARTICLE XX powers. functions. duties and compensation the next General Election to be held In
New Radios Available Now of the County Ten Assessor designated November A. D. 1049: that Is to say that<<
The mli Iniuin wage paid to all unskilled SECTION 1. The Leglslsture Is author Paragraph 1 of Section 11. and said Section 30, Article III of the Constitution -
labor employed on this con bed and empowered to provide by law shall likewise provide by law for the.xlln.lon of the State of Florida shall be
trust shall, lie 00 rests per bour or laws enacted by It at Its regular session on the Assessment Roll of the mended and aa amended hall read a*
Electric and Battery held In A. D. 1MT, or at any County Tsx Assessor el all tau levied
work follows
All to. be done In accordance
thereafter, for the con
by th* Stale, County, County School'
.oliidatton SECTION 30 Laws making the appropriations
with the Plnni. Speilflcatloni' antI abolishing or creating, of any Board School District. Special Tax of
Sipctil Pn \lsluns of tbe State Road Count Offices in Orange County, Flor School[ District and Municipalities located officials and' .mploynsiaand all pother
LOCATED IN Dei n runout. Special attention U there Is excepted from the ot Hillsborough,
the effects el this Artlcl judges el all 0': Count xpensss of the State Wall :tl."alfr
called to Special] rovlilon which will ld the exception ot visions on no. other subject nor
NATHAN ZELMENOVITZ BLDG. be furnished with path proposal' The end courts collection and to provide ol municipal for the assesimsnt taxes end the City of Plant City, which is hereby appropriation b* an Incident of any other

attention of bidders li directed to the assessments, or either ot them by County Amandntent exempt from th. provisions of this bill; all stat appropriations except aptle..dtle.aoraother -

Special revision covering subletting tax officers In said County Any law so
politic lcaubdlvl
or assigning tbe cintractI'roimills enacted respecting the eonsoUdstlon or SECTION IS. 1. From end after Jsnusry lone
will be furnlsheI to Qiml creation' ot any County offices prescribe 1. 1848. the County Tax Collector in of the State. appropriations for permanent
to the powers, duties and :::U. I the County of Hillsborough, Stat of Improvements and buildings for
= (fled Contractors. upon apillcatlun lion of the officers deilgnated therein Florida ehall collect all taxes levied In state Institution ss provided for by law
this office FOIL THE SUM Ol IIFACII : to exercise and discharge the duties ol the County by the State County, Couhty enacted at the 1045 legislature or prior
Plans may be purchase from the offices so ooniolidated or crested: and School Board School Districts Special legislatures and for pensions, retirement
I AnnouncingTHE I tills office. for the sum of 13: Noprotosuls ; any law so enacted respecting the ......- Tax School Districts and Municipalitiesol funds and trust funds. shall be Included
will\ be Issued unless re ment end collection of municipal taxes Hillsborough County Florida. except In one general appropriation blll or any
mil-Hill for them are received by tbl and assessmsnt. or either ol them, by In the City ol Plant City, It being exempt amendment or supplement thereto and
office at I,,ast :24 hour prior to the county tax officers shall provide for the from the provisions ot this Amendment. shell be for no longer thin two ).or..
bids usssslng. collecting. accounting for and 1. The Leglslsture shall et the Legis All appropriations made priori to the
time for opening disbursing ot said taxes and/or assessment lative Session of 1MT and from time to adoption of tht section which are contrary
All bll must show totals for eachltribencdovle to the appropriate municipal Urn thereafter enact' laws specifying the to the provisions of this lectionshsU
OPENING OF OUR "tl "the""p'r.p'o.aV,Vhe'rlgbl authorities. and for compensation for powers. functions. duties and compensation expire as of July 1, 197.
of such county taxing officers for services el County Tax Collector, designated .. -
-. rendered incident thereto That U any In Paragraph 1 ol Section 11. end shall 8 -
,I. rNTATE ROAD DEPARTMENTa; such law respecting the consolidation likewise provide for the collection are. : JOINT RESOLUTION NO, S7T
New Dry Cleaning Plant or creation ot any county office is sc- custody, reporting end disbursement of RUSE RESOLUTION Proposing an
(IF FLORIDA. Chairman opted and ratified et the referendum all taxes collected by the County Tax Amendment to Article V of the Constitution
I. E.: Reyiema election herein provided such law shall Collector of Florid by Adding Thereto sn
Heriid P. Coloney. become effective with respect to the office Additional Section Relating to the Election
IN THE MARKHAM BUILDINGNEXT State Highway EngineerOKEECHOBEB affected thereby on the first Tues I of the Judge of the Court of Record
dsy after the first Monday In January MOUSE: JOINT RESOLUTION NO. 117 In and for Eacambla County and the
ol any year immediately succeeding thegeneral A JOINT RESOLUTION Proposing an aunty Solicitor ot said County
DOOR TO MCCARTHYS GROCERY STORE a NOTICE election I had subsequent to said Amendment to Article VIII of the Constitution BE IT RESOLVED BY THE LEGISLATURE
COUNTY FLORIDA referendum election it which electors for ol the Stste of Florida Relative OF THE: STATE OF FLORIDA:
President of the United States ere voted to Assessment of Property for Taxes and Article V of theCOII.Itltutloo
August 14 1o 4 6 fort and U any such law respecting theassessment the Collection ol Tsxes, by Adding SECTION 1. That ef Florida be
the Stat
lbatpunuaot of
W have Installed new and up-to.date DRY CLEANINGand NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN end collection ol municipal Thereto Additional Sections to Provide amended adding thereto an additional
to Section! 9 of Chapter axe and assessments ol that In the County of Bay Stat of by 48 of
.orle'I :: elth'draUfo4 :: section to b known is Section
of 1937. ; *
Acts by tax
PRESSING 15200 Lawa of Florida, county P Florid. the County Tax Asiusor shell election of
Equipment and are now In position to known' II the MURPHY ACT. and ID at the referendum election ss Asses the Property of the County for the said Article. relating to the Record In and
the Judge of the Court
20058, Laws of provided herein the sam shall become ol Levying Sate. County, School .
Civ. You the Very BEST Work to be had in our line : a the effective on the first day ol January JPou Tsxes Levied by the for Eicambla County and and the the same County i*
Solicitor of said County
FVEItl3LADE9DNAiNknown AOED1S. next succeeding such referendum lec- State, County, County School Bosrd, hereby agreed to. and shsll b* submitted
TR1CT ACT the following described tion. School Districts. Specie! Tsx School ottrlcie to the lector of the State of Florida
land ltnated In Everglade Drainage SECTION L Before any law described and Municipalities ol the County for ratification or rejection at the General -
Give U. a Trial Dl-trlct In Okeechob. County, rior la the preceding section ol this Article BE: IT RESOLVED: BY THE LEGISLA.. Election to be held on the f rstTuesdsy
Ida will be offered for sale at public shall b* ol any force and effect. It Wail TOR: OF TUB STATE OF FLORIDA after the first Monday In No
", highest and b* accepted end ratltied by a majority That the following Amendment to Ar- vember 1946 as follows
bl 1Cinbject, tit the rlirht of thetTrna vote ol Florida the qualified electors' ot Orange tide VIII ef the Constitution ot the SECTION 48 The Judge of the Courtof
County, (t a referendum election .
Record In and for Escsmb County
Stat of Florida .
of the Internal' Improvement relative to the Assessment
tee to be called and held tor the
Board of Comml purposeof and Collection ef all axes in the end the County Solicitor ot MUd County
of tbe
Fund and whether
determining such law snail
Dl*. of Bey, sate ol Florida, by add Will hereafter ba elected by the qualifiedelectors
MODERN DRY CLEANERS .toner* of Everglade Drainage be accepted and ratified or rejected by County ar.to additional of said count aa other .'1'1 and
at the to be
and all bid.
__ trlot to reject any the qualified elector of said County known Section 14 and county officials are elected The Fran
at 10:00 held as Section IS. be
beginning Such referendum election shsll be
Oonrtbouse election' of the Court of
and the Is of the Judge
same hereby agreed to and
DAVIDSON clock A M! on the Iflth div of within ninety dye attar the effective Wail be submitted to the Electors of Record In and tot Escsmbla County ana
Owners September 1948 A* to parcels of Innd date of any such law. The Board ol the sate ef Florida for ratification of Solicitor com'ty,
of ten acres or more title to on*.balf County Commlsalonsr shall provide for at the general be orrejection Iht.I"ctt'.t the n'I': Cm-lion'n' .
of petroleum and three.fourths of the holding ol any such referendum election held I on the first I Tuesday after ob.to first 1948 to take office the first Tuejdajr
and notice thereof shall be
be reserved by published after In January. 1949
other minerals will Monday In November, IBM ss follows the tint Monday
by said Board once each week for at
Trustee of Ibo Internal ImprovementFund gut four successive weeks immedlstely SECTION 14. (II From and after for a term :ltlrol': ,onhte term o ortenure
Easements for road right of next prior to the date of such election, January 1. 1M9 the County Tax Assessor of either of the
tela MILITARYACADEMY way 200 feet wide will be reserved by la a newspsper of genera circulation in In the County ot Bay. Stan ol Floridashall or offices hereafter herein appointed mentioned to shsll not be extended
aid Trustee from any parcel through said County Except. herein otherwise assess all property for all State. In eitherof
which there I* an existing state road l provided, the laws of the State relatlnito County School and Municipal axes to said offices hereby which Any occurs vacancy prior to said
and easement for drainage and the holding of general election shall be I,04C In the County by the State first Tuesday after the tint Monday In
reclamation and for road purposes cover th r.cr.lDt ol any such referendum County n School Board, school January, 1949 ahall be filled by appointment -
wllbe reserved by the Board of any such law shall Districts. Special Tax School Districts by the Governor and confirmationby
P Commissioners of Everglades Drainage be accepted and ratified by the majority and Municipalities. the Senate as heretofore provided by
ST.PETERSBURG..JLORIDA District of elector participating la any mudtreferendum ((1) The Legislature shell at the Leglslatlve . the Constitution but in no case for any
Description election. euch law. shall become Session in 1MT and from time to longer then until the first Tuesday after
One of America's outstanding military lots 1. 2 ft S. IUx'k 3, Davie Subdivision and be In full force and effect but time thereafter enact' laws specifying thepewee the first Monday In January, 194* and
If at any such election a majority el the function.. dutle a.d compensation the term or tenure of office of anyone
schools. The only resident mill electors participating therein shall vote of County Tax Assessor designated appointed to either of aid offices for
school in Florida with O.T.C TR18TFFS! OP TTIF: INTmNAI gainst the acceptance and ratificationol : In paragraph 1 ot this Section c 14, end the term beginning In 1947 shall expireon
tory IMPROVEMENT FUND mush. law. it shall be null and vole shall likewise provide by law for the said first Tuesdsv alter the first
nit. Fully accredit. Highest Hand OF THE STATE OP: FLOIl. and ol no force and effect. The can- extension on the assessment roll et the Monday In January 149.
IDA vasslng board of aid County shall certify County Tsx Assessor ot all
axe levied
I t ard of training. Separate Junior Dept BOARD OP COMMISSIONERS! the result of any such referendum by the Stat County County Constitution SECTION S. Any provision I of hereby the.
In conflict' herewith *
All brancJios OF EVFROIADE3 DRAIN. election.to the Secretary ot State within Board School 1 Districts, I.lsc'To'cboof .
pi aMtWia Aviation repealed.IN
Ann DISTRICT test ** the holding thereof.OUS District and municipalities.

training available, limited enroll. Ily MABFL P. RAUI.ERSOV. Agent SECTION 19. (1) From and after WHEREOF I have
a for Trustees of the htar. January 1, 143. the County Tax Collec hereunto
set hand and affixed the
m.nt. AH inclusive rat $1,075. nal Improvement Fund and JOINT RESOLUTION NO. U tor In the County of Bay State of Flor Drat Seal of my the State of Florid atTellahuqsaee
AoMnst CoL Walter I. Mond.r.! Pisa FlorU for Board of Commissioner A JOINT RESOLUTION Proposing an ida, ihall eollect" all taxes levied In the the C.plt.1bl.. the tat day
ef Everglade' Drainage District Amendment to Article VIII ol the Constitution : County by the State, County, County 1941)(8IAi
eUlUtarr Academy, IM 9, SI. Ntenby/g, f la. Okuecoub County, of the State et Florida Relative School Board, School Districts, Special !} A. D R. A. GRAY,
t'lord* M Assassinsnt *4 Property lot :yeses and Iu School BlattUU and UusUdpaUUee, Ssastsr/ el State.THE .

.. I'



--- --

SENATOR CLAUDE PEPPER STATE BOARD OF HEALTH J. D. Wilson who has been em Mr and Mrs. Barney Blum returned NOEL RAULER90N

SAYS BEWARE OF M.LARIAThe ployed In the office of State Comp:/ Too late To ClassifyBy to their home In Okeechobee las' IS NINETY-EIGHT

Ii U. S. Senator Claude Pepper of troller J. M. Lee, has resigned thai RUSSELL Friday after spending six weeks visIting AND VERY HAPPY 4

Florida a great liberal, or Ii he "the State Board of Health cau. position and arrived in Okeechobef: KAY in Kentucky, Maryland, New -

moat dangerous man In the Senate tloned all' Floridians today to usetery e Monday to spend a few days before York City and Washington, D. C. (Continued from Page 1) j
The Florida State Advertising r Inji even to the extent of never taking
since Hue)' Long? going to Gainesville where he sx :

In Washington, there are men to measure at their disposal to pests to enter the University of FlorIda Commission has been pointing with OTICK JOB H.NAI.OF FIMM')(811 PETITION a part In small or large family

argue both ways, Associate Editor protect themselves against the bites pride to the amount of publicity OF MIVIMTK\TOK!> \RUE disputes, and was fortunate In never

of TO ALL WHOM IT MtY CONCERNS having been called to war. Too
mosquitoes Malaria young
Wesley Price says In his profile, may springup Florida has been receiving In national Notice I : In hereby. given that I hnvp I

"Pink Pepper," In the current (Aug.31st In many sections this Fall un. Mr. and Mrs Vernon Reeves were and filed mv final Return nil Admlnlitrator for the Civil War, not volunteering
newspapers magazines but of
the esiiite' of John Lofton I for the Spanish American, and too
) Saturday Evening Post. visitors who spent the Labor deceased that I ,sold
1 less precautions are taken, warned Day have filed my I'ctl-
"When he hardly take credit for the feature Ion for I'lnnl Dlmlnirge. sad that I for World War I or II, he lived
first holidays at Ocala
came to the
Senate John A, Mulrennan, director of the till apply to the Honorable T. W.
article through all these national struggles
published In recent
Mr. a 'onlev, -It
Pepper) followed the straight ('OUllty .1 lid if of Oki'prbobee .
Bureau of Malaria Control. 'Issue County. Florida, on Oitober without being a participant.
Roosevelt of the
line, People said he was a Paul Burdeshaw arrived home Saturday Evening Post, Orb, 1U4U. for approval of the mi me sad

stooge, a mere loud mouth, from the Heavy rains during the late sum- Wednesday morning after pending entitled, "Pink Pepper." I for Final Discharge as AdnilnlitriUorif Mr. Raulerson Is proud of his
the estate of John Lofton deeeuaed. even grand children, one hundred,
South, Mr. Price reports "Now mer have Increased the water surface the summer in Georgia and Virginia The article, written by Wesley Dated this 2nd day of IItoI'lolll''r.' a

h. Ii taken seriously, In lakes, ponds, swamps and where he was employed as book. 19-111. theitythreegreat grand children
Price, gives three pages of text and MORUIS LOFTONAdministrator : and thirteen great, treat, grandchildren
"Senator who know the political streams, said Mr. Mulrennan And keeper for Markham Brothers of th Estate of
fact of two-thirds of a page of photographsto John Lofton deceased ,
life In
Florida are out In areas where unusual conditions
1 Florida's dyrlainle Senator and
raged when Pepper lectures them on have occured, a heavy production of Dr, C. R. Bibb ,returned to his while NOTICE OF INTENTION TO
it describes him "the best
liberalism They detect a note malaria-carrying mosquitoes can be home here Sunday afternoon after
orator in the Senate, It also labels GIVEN that
self-righteousness," Mr Price says.I expected. In addition to this, the spending the past month at the 1 pursliant to Section!I 15 Oh) "Ills him as "the most dangerous man to 206S3, Lams of florlds, Arts of 1941.
technique Ii guaranteed to; fact that there are irore human Henry Ford Hospital at Detroit sit and Section Chapter 14717, Laws
there since Ar:
'make enemies It explains In part malaria-carriers In the State at this Michigan, Huey of Florida, of 1031' is amended THEATRE
hy Section 11
Harking back to the days when diopter 80o"W. 1nws of

why Pepper Is unpopular In the Senate time than has been experienced In the senator was practicing as a suant Florida.' to Act Section ut 11)41 42 Chapter and also 20732 pur. :.::':.:h::.:. :-: :

; why his Influence there Is small many years could very easily start Mable Lingenfelter of Tallahassee Laws of Florida Acts of 11H1. us
country lawyer, the author
for a man of his abilities." transmission of malaria. spent Sunday and Monday here visiting compares amended by Section II). Chapter 22071).
Sunday and
fans of Florida. Monday
his defense of Jim Buchanan, con Acts of 1D4S and
Victims of Senator Pepper't oratorical This has been brought about by at the home of Mr. and Mrs Section 41 Chapter 20723 Laws of
victed of murder In 1927 and sentenced Florida Acts of
1041 as amended bv
superiority fear him others Bryant Bowden September 8-9, 1948
; returning war veterans nany of to death for Shooting and killIng Section 21. Cba liter 22070. Lows of
are mistrustful because he Is aloof whom are carriers of foreign strainsof Florida. Acts of 11(>(3. the folioInn
a couple of prohibition agents, Inscribed lunils In Okeecbobee County "DOLL FACE"Carmen
elaborately courteous and watchful malaria, which are resistant to Kit Bowden editor and publisherof .Florida to-wit I
to Joshua's halting of the He
according to The Post article. "Hie treatment and can be transmitted by the Montlcello News was a visitor sun Lot 3. Block 108, City of Okeechobee Miranda
points out that
Pepper was successful
personal friends are not a vast multitude our malaria mosquito, said Mr. Mul spending some time here Monday. in smothering five death warrants Lots ",& 5 Hlk 3, Davis SID Perry Como

but he has his share, and rennan Lasts 1. 2 & II, Illk. 3, City of Okeerholieo -
by court maneuvers and that I also
very loyal they are, too," It contin Mr Mulrennan stressed y that A study of the tin-can In this nat.Ion's five Governors have refrained from Lot eholieeLoti S. Block 1W, City of Okee- Teaturette Cartoons -

ues. household Insect sprays should be agricultural economy made by sending Pepper's client to the chair 1- to- 10 ins .m.---,. Ins. Newsreel
Outside of Washington, the Senator used the American Can Cltv of Okewhobee
dally in the home to destroy Company shows
who lives on In Raiford, saved by
will be offered for sale at
Coolie outcry
has -
many supporters union -
mosquitoes and every dwelling canning processes last year gubernatorial writer's cramp. Price for the IrWttanot Cash bid.subject .

members, Roosevelt Democrats should be screened. When screen brought returns of approximately reports that Buchanan appealed to Coiuiulmilonprs to Urn Everglades Hoard Drain-of Friday and Saturday

'many liberals and "plain Joes who ing cannot be accomplished, DDT $190,000 to American farmers from the senator Inquiring about his nge District and/or Hoard of County
like Commissioners of Okeecbobee County, September 11-14 1946
politics with wallop Mr.
a 11
should be applied to the walls. principle truck crops. rights to an old age pension I Florida to reject any and all bids.
Price asserts. "The Communist press The ut the Courthouse beginning at 10:00nilnik "RETURN
State Board of Health has OF
While has not favored
Pepper as yet A. ;\1. on tb llllb ilav of
whoops it up for Pepper because he received a commitment of $207,000 The famous 442nd Regimental pensions for convicted murderers September l')4fl\ Knsunent: for drain.. FRANK JAMES"
has been taklnk Russia's side In International Combat niru nnd rec-liimatliiii and rood I pur-
from Congress to be spent on DDT consisting of Japa- withHENRY
the author points out that the I"'."is will be reservedHOVHI .

disputes.. house spraying in 23 counties for neseAmerlcan troops, became a part senator glories In the fact that he ) Jf CO\1\HSCiONRItS; ; FONDA

"Pepper's ultra-liberal policy is a the fiscal year, 19 6-47, said Mr. 1 of the Seventh Army early in Oc- It termed the senate's outstanding OK AUE uvntoLADLS DtsuticrItOAltD DRAIN- GENE TIERNEYand

blend of political expediency and Mulrennan. : tober 1944, as the final drive and
on liberal, and he favors government
deep conviction Mr. Price writes
Malaria Is without rival among Germany opened. relief for who Is out of luck. ;MIS4IOM..| OK OMinUlO
"lie has been a laborer himself; and anyone BEE roll'.. !'\', Fl.OHIDAHy .
the diseases affecting man, and it is He wants cradle-to-the-grave security tilt. KAULERSON, "TilEY M\DE ME A KILLER"

his plea last year for a sixtyfivecent Imperative, that efforts to stamp out GEMS FOR YOUR SCRAPBOOK and would make Uncle Sam a Clerk ot County Circuit Court Florida ofOkeecbobee ,
wage minimum was based on CARTOON
this scourge should not be relaxed. professional wet nurse charged with as agent for sold Boardl. NEWSREEL
the hard statistical facts of life By Connie \V Kaulerson
LABOR ITS REWARD the responsibility to "looking after! Deputy Clerk
among underpaid millions In these
Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Lawson left There never was a person who did an unfortunate critter he pleases to

United States Monday for Georgia and North Carolina anything worth doing that did not term, "the common man." Notice of Election Coming
"Pepper meets the easier test of
I where they will spend .a two receive more than he gave "Without a friend in the world Attractions
(Secretary of Commerce Henry A.
weeks vacation, -Henry Ward Beecher except Senator Pepper, of course, To the MH'riff of OKEETIIORFi
Wallace) liberalism : he Is firmly opposed , '
(Hintv.. of the State of Floilila
,I and Secretary of Commerce, HenryA.
to poverty, and he hates fascism The man who does not work for Be It Known. That I, It. A. (!KV\, "SCARLET STREET"
I I Mr. and Mrs. Joe Pease have returned Wallace-the Common Man Is Ina Secretary of Stale of the Mnte ufHorKlii
as thousands cheer. But the the love of work but for
only Un
moneyis hereby give notice that a
to their home here after hell of a fix. lIe has a
acid test of all-out liberalism-racl-f I not likely to make money nor to "MEXICANA""TilE
spending a month visiting friends psychoneurotlc twitch, tootheaChe'l
al equality-is too much for him. He, find much fun in life. General Election
: and relatives In North Carolina. wife and no money for SAILOR TAKES
campaigned, In 1938 with promises, Charles M. SchwabI .
His children suffer from vitamin will be held In OKFECI1OBFE' COIIIII). A WIFE"
to do something for 'the white
poor Mrs. J. E. Cone was a visitor flciencles the oldest girl is a juvenile Slate of )Horicln on iienday next sueecllinr .
- man In the South'; not the poor look on that man as happy, who, .. the first ;Mcmcliiy In Nomlier.

black man, the poor white man. During i spending Monday in Stuart where when there is a question of success, delinquent and the youngest boy A. ]>. 1II4II! the anti 'luesilny being the "LEAVE HER TO IIEA'ES""KITTY"

she went to bring her daughter, Miss has bad squint The Common Man
!' I looks into his work, for a reply a
the war he attacked the Japanese
Evelyn home after spending two lives In a trailer, drinks contami- Fifth Day ofNovember .,a
-Emerson "' .
as a 'yellow race'-an unfortunate: -;
': weeks there. nated water, doesn't understandbirth
burp In velew of the color of our
The right thinker and worker control and has been fired
Chinese friends. He filibustered;; 1st parties in the United States and
| r doe. his best, and does the thinking from a Job at starvation wages for
against( the antl-lynching bill, twice dther countries are connected with for
the He The
ages. Improves speaking to a union organizer. For fatted States
voting against cloture. Bilbo U. S. Moscow . In this he is Senator
( )
position (
\ tar
I, moments; to him time is money, and organizer was beaten up and chased JI."r"a..lllollve of the SIXTHConnrrimloiiiil
Senator from Mississippi) could far to the feft of left-of-center New | he hoards this distribute : : District, of the Slut of
to ;;
out of town. The Common Man wrote I Florid' In the Mffhtleth Congress of
have done no more against this lib- Dealers, He has sailed More and gain. -Mary Baker Eddy answer the lilted Slates.
but got no
his Congressman
eral measure more to larboard since Rooseveltdied. For IHO Justices of the Supreme
God has so made the mind of man because he had been robbed of his (oiirl of the Unto of riorliln
"He shouted for 'white supremacy'In Liberals are still within hail- For Two Hnllroiid' t'oininlHHloners
that peculiar deliciousness residesIn vote by the poll tax. I
of the Stale of Flnridn.For .
1911, when the Supreme Court decided Ing distance, but mlddleof.the.roudera -
the fruits of personal industry 'That seems to be the Pepper view State Senator> for NONE mSI)
that Texas must permit Negroes can barely make him out, Senatorial District of the State> of
-WilberforceThe of the Common Man. Consequentlyhe FlorlilnFor' .
to vote in Democratic primaries hull down on the pink horizon. The 1
to ONE Member of the House ofNi'proHontiilhcn
to abolish all poll taxes,
. Pepper was campaigimng for conservaties can't see him at all hope, and not the fact, of advancement ; fights : of the Dilate> of Mor.
base of social security and
renomination. . They're trying to locate him with is the spur to Industry.I widen the "I Ida.Far Cl.-rk of the Circuit Court,
and more power,
"Pepper won't admit that Comun- radar." -Sir Henry Taylorv.ERA give unions more :, For I'roHcintliiK .\11.,11'). County
states Price.ForlBklng. Court
-- -
- -- I I For TWO Coiintv Commissioners.
"a little left
District, Two ami Four L\
of center" Pepper has gone so far For 'I N O Membera of the County
; n.iiiicl of PnlilliInHtrmtliMi.. Districts
to the left that his chelf supportersIn One and Three

the publication field are the Communist : For Tin.tlc.fi fit thi I'enne In and for
the following Jnatlre Districts via:
'Daily Worker" and the magazine :None a

lI01Jii. : For Constable In and for the follow
: PM. He Is a strong supporter I IIIIl Timthe Districtl*: None

\ .. of the CIO and was a close friend In T..tllll..nh'r"or.. I hare hereunto
net mv hnnd sad affixed the
of the
of the late Sidney Hillman (rent Seal> of the state> of )Florida

r' CIOPAC.He nt Tallahassee, the Capital thin the
SUMMER t. first day of September> A. D. IWi,
I has spoken loud and long in (!Seal
4 11. A. OntTSecretnrv .
his defense of Soviet Russia and has
of State
"CONVENTION : '. consistently taken Russia's side In To DON v O, STEWART>
l ChcrlffKFE'HOBFE: louiitynncr .
international disputes advocating a
with-Russia policy on all occasions \ : TO" - ,
get-soft- CO\TRtCTOtIS!

135 ROOMS e 130 BATHSGRILL as Russia has not hesitatedto tFF HOI"ICE DEI'IUTMKNTlallnliaHKeo OF Tilt !NTTK>

do to us." Horlcln

COCKTAIL LOUNGE ] Pepper wants the United Statesto :\I.\IliTRS Ainrimt \27>CF 11)4(1.(\>DCONSTRICTIOV

relieve Russia's fears by conferr- PKOOK1M

RADIO FLUORESCENT LIGHTING ELECTRIC FANS :: control of atomic Sealed) bids will be re..el veil' nt this
I iaeautyren .. ring with her on the ,( i.fflee from JiniMflcil Contractors 'in-

r power and he wants us to de.troYI Ill 10:TO A.1.; I IK. S. T.I on the llthilnv
neat Casement Window Yimttian Blitult : of September 104H. for the perfoimalice -
all of of our atom,, bombs of the following work :

to Mr. Stalin that we Mill. rrojnt. .lull :No. tllll .loa, Rond P-
IN EVERY ROOM to prove .
.No. 11)4 Okeei hobee County, brlilne
trust him so much that we are willIng and anprniii'he at Tavlor Crock k

regardless Nark to r oiiHlnt of ronstriu-tlnir' abridge
SWIMMING POOL-TENNIS COURTS to throw away our gun 344 fl Ft. In length" ronHlstIng .
of whether he keeps his or not. of a JU.Ft single leaf bascule
standingIn span and one 2M.F't and five :M-It.
-e- Commenting on Pepper's concrete dock girder approach spanson

the Senate, Price states that most precast concrete piles; gradingthe

SPECIAL FAMILY RATE od) $25.00 of his colleagues fear him, some because lick roadway Ilium with: constructing Bituminous I.line lie-

Presentation of This Advertisement of his sharp tongue and others trend Surf... and, Incidental Items
The Icnuth Is npproxlinutclv 0751
because of his manner. He Is aloof mile. A certified check In the amount

Location: 3 Miles North of Daytona Beach, on U. S. No. 1 Highway and unbending. lIe Is deadly serious of W'HIUIH' will he required s
For each proposal a certified check
2 Miles from Ocean via Nearest Bridge and seldom "lets his hair down" to 111 i the amount stated above, made

>,w "one of the boys... pnjnhle to the Chalrnniii of the State
become toad, Department, with the neiesxery
While Wesley Price's article will Stale's Hoc'iimentiiry Stamps attaihed :
In moat acrompany each bid All certified
probably please a lot of folks /
checks shall be certified within
Florida and elsewhere, it won't 1/1/ days of the date for receiving bids

senator's attitude or seriously nnhlcTS checks will not be a'cet.led.1
change the : The checks of tbe two lowest bidders ,
affect his following. Pepper will be deposited." '

have reached the United All work to be done In accordance
would never
1 with the plans. Specifications, and
States Senate If he had had to depend Special ProilKlona of the State Road 9

Post readers Department. Special attention In called
on Saturday Evening to "Special Provisions whit will be

mt we for his votes furnished with each proposal
Proposals, will be furnished to Qualified
If he had had to run for reelection Contractor upon application to

J < J. last May Instead of four years Ibis office roil '1'IIIl'1; OF ,5
\ FOIL EACH PRAPOS\I. plans maybe
I e he might have been de-
from now pure'based from this office for the

feated, but folks have a way of forgetting sum of W for each ....t. No proposals
will he Issued unless requests for
\ and Pepper Is a past them are received by thin office at I

master at fence patching. Remember least 24 hours prior to tbe time for
opening bids' I
they've never burned Jim All bids must show totals for each
WRITE WIRE PHONE FOR. RESERVATIONS e Buchanan and It will be even a Item and total amount of bid Inserted

; on the cover of the proposal.The .
HOMER HARDESTY, Co-Mgr. PHONE 1800 \\ ',j I tougher Job to crucify Pepper.J. right Is reserved &o reject any

|BEACH, T. Hancock of Everglades City FLORIDA
I L Sunday and\\"r F. ):. Bayleia Chairman
visitor spending
was a llern.lon P. L'oloney. FLOHIDn POWER 8 LIGHT C0.

Monday here. State Highway Engineer




i ;} !::1 ;n Wt: mpw: ::: :},{qyyJ.M.:,Y+ rTWt: %n!, : :!! :[ :i i ,; : A Th.JIOtCaus 7R Gay Appliqued Party Dress

'''HOUSEHOLDiff ) '''' ''' .........:.:...I Cross-Stitch
BUREAU ; ;: ; Fruit Designs to


through special arrangement" with the :.> ff < $* Cr1ame1'il '
Washington Bureau of Western Neva- By Waite Shod
paper Union at 1616 Eye Street, N. P., '?:' ,: WNU C.I- 1 rt.
Washington, D.C..ti able to bring read. ( . ) t;
irt this weekly column on problems of
the and lenlceman and hit WNU Wllhl/JrtOIl Bureau,
veteran ,
Jets gys St. N. W. tI0J"
family. Questions may be addressed to IbA :i 5
the about Bureau and they will be an- U. N.'s Food Organization
luered in a subsequent column. No ..'W Mar
replies can be made direct by mailj Discusses World Problems -9 a YI
but only in the column which will appear
in An newspaper regularly leaders
FARM agricultural ex

Increased Vet Benefit.Veterans' and government ;officials
Interested in agriculture are placing I

great stress on the outcomeof TUCSDAY
Service Bureau's Washington
the meeting of the food and agricultural 1Ij
office has been flooded with
organization of United Nations
requests for information concern
which its fourth session '
Ing the new laws just signed by the WEDNESDAY
President, providing for terminal in Copenhagen on September
2. The session likely will last approximately
leave pay for enlisted men, In-*
two weeks.
creased pensions for veterans of
Organized in the United States,
both World War I and II and automobiles *
the FAO has held three organizational
amputees. l k ( K meetings, one in Mexico oPt'
Next week full column will
a be 5 City, another In South America and
used for explanation of the machinery *
er1Db Y the third in Canada This fourth
set up by the army, navy meeting is in Denmark.

and coast guard for payment of Each of the national farm organizations ::
terminal RIc
leave to some 13.000,000 has one representative at
members of the armed services.Be .
the meeting to press for the pro-
sure and watch this newspaper
duction and distribution plans
for next week's .
explanation.For which were the result of the recent
those who have inquired international agricultural meetingin

about increase in pensions and London. The state department, SATUPDAY | 5181

automobiles for amputees, machinery Eggs Add a Thrifty Note to MenusSee as this Is written, has not announced "

for which is handled by theVeterans' ( Recipes Below) names of the American of 1 r Fruit Motifs
administration, here are fetal delegates, but the departmentof 1
the facts: Economy Pointers agriculture already has designated LOOKING for some s Imp 1 .
LYNN CHAMBER'S MENUS .. pick-up work these
Approximately 2.000,000 veterans several men who will become
of both world wars and about 400,* When you feel that you want to along with farm organization 5 6 0 0 warm days? Here are some colorful

000 dependents are affected by the be economical in the midst of rising 'Stuffed Squash Bacon leaders, a part of the American fruit designs to do in cross

20 per cent increase which author. living costs, Cottage Cheese and Fruit Salad advisory group. These include -Ij stitch-big pears,strawberries, bananas

izes the payment of full pensionor a good idea to Carrot and Celery Strip Under Secretary of AgricultureDodd y oranges, apples, plums and

compensation to veterans who ,:,-,,-,:d follow is to serve Muffins and Butter production and marketing cherries in lovely. shaded. effects.To .

are hospitalized or domiciled In an inexpensivemain Chocolate Cake Beverage administration's Shields Wells of obtain T transfer for the.
veterans' institutions. Heretofore dish every Recipe given. the bureau of agricultural economics Tot's Party Dress shaded Cross Stitch In.lrP'It No.

those veterans were limited to $20 }M.# :I other day. In Bowles (not Chester) of the DAINTY and pretty and so easy 6181)different color colored chart flosses for working, tend t amounts 20 cents of In

of their full monthly payments, and ; this way, you foreign agricultural relations de- I to make-a charming coin, your name, address and pattern
in certain cases to $8. The new '' won't feel that J4 cup diced onion partment, Lambert of agricultural round yoked dress for tots number.

regulations do not affect the $1,500 '-."" you are workingany 1 cup canned whole" kernel corn research and Stiebeling of home with a mere whisper of a sleeve SEWING CIRCLE NEEDLEWORKand

accumulations now permitted for hardship on m' cup tomato soup or tomato economics. baby ducks parading around. 530 South Wells St. Chicago 7, 111.
veterans declared mentally Incom the family, and at the same time, sauce This meeting of FAO will hatch the bottom of the skirt. Enclose 20 cents for Pattern.

petent. The Veterans' administration there will be plenty of good eating Mix ingredients in order given the first long range program for No.
To obtain complete pattern for the Appllqut
estimates cost of the new legislation in the economy dishes Form into patties and fry in two world agriculture, based upon a Baby Duck Frock Name
will be approximately 298. Eggs are plentiful and economical tablespoons of fat until golden worldwide survey, which has just 8600V\ sizes 2 3 and 4 rprn rJedNrn
Sena Addrer'
500,000 for the first been and which Includes pattern 20 cents In coin,your name,
year. Increases so are fresh fruits and vegetables brown Place in a greased casseroleand completed address and pattern number.
are effective as of September 1, Fish is also a mighty good top with tomato soup or sauce. 70 countries.
but Inasmuch as the monthly benefit food that lends nice variety to the Bake in a moderate oven (330 John Orr of Scotland, director
payments are not to be paid in menu. degrees) for 43 minutes. general of FAO, will present the FOR QUICK RELIEF FROM

advance, the increased rates will Vegetables can be combined with proposals for this food program
Sausage and Oyster Loaf.
not be reflected In any payments other vegetables or with fish and (Serves 6) which If adopted, will be laid before TIRED ACHY MUSCLES

made before October 1, 1946. eggs to add color as well as flavor 1 pound bulk pork the meeting of United Nationsat ,

Here's the way it works. Suppose to the food. Consider for example 1 pint oysters ground sausage while raw its scheduled meeting In Octo SflAIHS STIAINIUISES STIff JOINTS
a veteran in a hospital obtainsa these egg cutlets that are 2 ber.
cups soft bread crumbs
pension of $60 per month. Here. served with peas: 2 eggs, slightly beaten Many Smaller Meeting _e f MutftpxTtfBED t&SLOAN'S
tofore he has been able to draw
only $20 per month while he is In Egg Cutlets with Creamed Peas. Mix all ingredients together and This program Is the result of exploration
the hospital and In some instancesas (Serves 6)) place in an ungreased loaf pan. into the reasons for surpluses LINIMENT,
2 Bake In a slow (32S degree)
low as $8. Now he will get the tablespoons fat oven and shortages in world food
full $60 However, if he is In the 4 tablespoons flour until loaf leaves edges of the pan. supply and is expected to contain

hospital for more than six months, 1 cup milkS Drain excess fat off occasionally. provisions for preventing the re

he cannot draw more than $30 per } teaspoon salt Serve with hot hollandaise sauce currence of such conditions. In the .
H teaspoon and green Vegetables. meantime, committees of the
month beyond the six-month period pepper organization THE OUT
but when he Is dischargedfrom 6 diced, hard-cooked eggs Before you start using your newly have been holding meetings Btr61s -

treatment or care, he will receive 1 egg, beaten ,' canned vegetables in various European cities on
a lump sum equal to the H cup dry bread crumbs w r:1: make sure such questions as diet, a nutritional

amount which was withheld after 2 cups cooked green peas 7- all the old ones goal, possible changes in production THE: 771STe IS IN I !
the six-month period.If 2 cups well-seasoned white sauce are gone from to meet the goal, a current

treatment or care is terminatedby Melt fat, add flour, then milk y the shelf. Here is appraisal of the food situation in -

the veteran without approval of and seasonings. Cook, stirring constantly fine supper dish all the countries of the world, economics
that and statistics and For pipe or rolling-ther. no other tobacco f
the VA then any amount withheld until thick and smooth. will user forestry
will not be paid until six months Add hard-cooked eggs and chill many home agricultural production and re like PRINCE ALBERT

afterwards If he is again admitted thoroughly. Shape into cutlets or canned vegetables search. Reports on these various

to a VA hospital, the reduction patties, dip In egg, then breadcrumbs easily: phases of the agricultural picture

will be effective the date Brown on both sides in Country Style Vegetables. will be presented to the meeting

of readmission, but payments withheld shallow fat. Heat and top each cutlet (Serves 6)) for rejection, adoption or modification .

will be paid when he is properly with green pea sauce. H pound bacon or salt pork A BSCE
discharged.In Stuffed Baked 1V cups onions, sliced Farm leaders here are convinced
event a veteran dies, while 8 baked potatoesM 1J4 cups canned carrots that the future of American
he is receiving treatment or care, I m cups canned string beans agriculture is closely bound
any amount due him will be paidto cnp milk m cups canned kernel corn with world agriculture, and that CKNSM
his dependents. VA points out 2 tablespoons buttery 1M cups potatoes, sliced never again can the United States ,

that this 20 per cent Increase does cup deviled ham 1 cnp medium white sauce draw within her shell with a policyof

not affect retirement pay and it 14 tea.poon'salt H cup buttered crumbs isolation. ES JVSt y (,

does not apply to subsistence allowances Cut a slice from top of each Cook bacon or salt Our own agricultural market is
potato, and pork slightly, so sensitive that it will be
payable under Public scoop out the potato then add onion and cook governed -
Laws Nos. 16 and 346 carefully. Mash and brown. Arrange crisp largely by world agricultural

The Veterans' administration is potatoes free layers in a buttered vegetables in production, prices and distribu PACKS Fh : .
urging veterans to take no action from lumps, then sprinkle each casserole and tion. No longer can our expanded i
layer with
by making applications, writing heat milk and salt pork. Pour white bacon or production depend upon the domestic .

. letters or making other inquiries, salt and add to c-;"') all. Top with buttered crumbs sauce over and market for consumption.
since these will potatoes. Beat Seventy countries are now
only place an additional ) add a dash of members
until light and paprika. Bake in a of the FAO and PIPES
burden on the claims service moderate new countries
oven to 25
minutes until t ,
fluffy. Add butter Italy and Switzerland
and hinder administration. They casserole is browned. are
point out that the law requires no and deviled bam.l), Cream vegetables expected to apply for membershipat .

action, it Ls automatic and all veterans Beat well. Pile =n., a ble that will hold its- any shape vegeta, and the Copenhagen meeting. "GRAND PIPItOADJ of the mildest, mellowest tobacco a man

entitled to the Increase will lightly in potato serve with bits of diced leftover In connection with the economics ever had," says Frank Hansen, speaking of Prince Albert smoking .
receive their Increased paymentsin shells, place on a __ chicken or ham. This makes a and statistics report It might be tobacco. "It's choice tobacco, that's what. And that special ...
sour ,;
the October 1 monthly pay shallow pan and bake in a very ishing, weeknight supper well to consider the recent reportof crimp cut feature makes Prince Albert pack better in any pipe.*
ments hot oven (450 degrees) for 10 minutes The long yellow squash are delicious the bureau of economics of the

As for autos for leg amputees, or until lightly browned. when properly prepared. agriculture department, supplemented .

the sum of $30,000,000 has been approved Here's an easy dish that, can be You'll not need any meat with this by findings of the Federal .
to buy automobiles for those made with an inexpensive meat and one: Reserve board, to the effect that Q I've () yNy

veterans entitled to compensation favorite vegetable: some 32 million families In this :
Stuffed :
for loss, or loss of use, of one '' Meat 'n Corn Cakes (Serves Cymllng 6)) Squash. country still are earning less than pR" ALBS

or both legs at or above the ankle. (Serves 6) 3 medium sized $3,000 per ;year. If that figure is
The cost of each automobile Is limited 1 pound ground beef H cup thick white sauce squash true in this country, and it undoubtedly IV4fHJt1:: otlNJNA1":1S -

to $1,600 including special >i cup dry bread crumbs 1 tablespoon grated onion Is, think what the ,4pt.J:(
equipment or attachments reces }j cup milky 2 tablespoons meager income must be of untold $

sary to enable the veteran to operate teaspoon salt 3 chopped hard-cooked chopped green eggs pepper millions of families of the rest of ;. Afrile:%;ct
car the world. '
<, teaspoon pepper 1 cup grated cheese 1lfIOf
The law places upon the Veterans''' 1 err slightly beaten 5 G cup buttered crumbs Most People Have Little 108,4C".Nt,

administration the responsibility Boll squash 10 minutes Drain Despite the fact that the American

for determining that the veteran LYNN SAYS: and scoop out center. Mash pulp, people have savings of something ptr
will be able to operate the car add white sauce, onion, green pepper like 81 billion dollars in ti ROLLS
safely and that he will be licensedto
Garnish Your Salads: Add to cheese and eggs Fill shells bank deposits, currency and
operate It. BETTER
their appeal by making them with mixture, sprinkle with crumbs government bonds . .yet; 70 percent
Gen, Omar Bradley stated that pretty enough to eat, but always and paprika. Place in a shallow pan of the American people have : w>a IN.o
complete details for machinery of use an edible garnish. containing a little water Bake in a little or nothing saved for the inevitable :

the car purchase plan have not Slice carrots paper thin, roll moderate oven 20 to 23 minutes rainy day the saving h PAPERS

been completed. Applications will around your finger and chill In Veal Rice Loaf being concentrated in the upper income ,
be made by the veteran to the brackets . the i
ice water. (Serves ) people who _
nearest VA office
Shape cream or cottage cheeseIn :Z pounds ground veal shoulder take in $10,000 or more a ;year, and "'IRn orris says George Lindsay ,

Questions and Answers balls, dust lightly with paprika 1 pound ground pork who were well off before the war. "Prince Albert rolls b.tta.That's the crimp .

Q. My brother-In-Iaw was killed or roll in finely chopped nutsor 1 cup cooked rice So the war, which poured hun cut.: No bunching tpiUlng-P.A.lays neat s

In action on Okinawa. Ills people olives. 4 eggs, well beaten dreds of billions of dollar Into the bugs the paper.And when you light up,you
received word of his burial en Okinawa Pare a cucumber as you would % cup milk I pockets of the American people know you're got a grind amok coming'*

In the 7th division cemetery an apple, !In a continuous strip J4 cup chopped plmlentoH I still left the country with the Income

Since then, several of his buddies Chill In Ice water, teaspoon paprika divided Just about as II was
have returned borne and tell us bis Slice crisp green peppers and Salt and pepper before the war What then must ? nrcefther

grave la not there. Some of these bermuda onions very thin, separate Have meats ground together m be the plight of European and Asiatic -

buddies bad even enlisted the aid rings and chill in ice wa bine with rice. Season with salt and countries

of tbelr commanding officers, also I, ter. Toss over vegetable or meat pepper, paprika and pimiento -Moisten So distribution, surplus and price IIa.
their chaplain and they could no'f salad. with eggs and milk Pack Into a too, at this 'important meeting of
locate his pave. Cut sweet pickles almost to the greased loaf pan or ring mold and FAO will be one of.the major factors <
stem. Spread apart to look like bake In 390 degree oven forVi to be discussed in any long .t...__o'.._..0,
A. Write to memorial division office
a fan. hours Serve with'mushroom sauce range agricultural program la
of quartermaster general, wa Released by Wealern Nrwiojoer Union I which feeding of the world's, 'population
department, Washington D. C. is the most essential job before

the organization.



\ 41 2)a JLo
it j

AuniorA oLin .JiroPiece .Jroci&i


w Hilr

sox TOWNBy ; :

Marty Links RotanJ Co 1 \ IZI UJ' 'd


iYA 0 4 IITflJILM \\\ a

1L\ '

"I'll tell you what! Let's go downtown and stand in line
How much would It cost to frame this in neon?" for something."

NANCYMRS. By Ernie Btuhmiller


I 1531 -..

L 11.10I

:: difficult for the teen-age sewer to
8046 whip up. This attractive version
% +F + 2450 I has a button-front blouse with
: .
III youthful slit neckline and gently
flared peplum.
MUTT AND JEFF By Bud Fisher . .
Pattern No. 1S31 comes In sizes 11. 12.
IN A FEW MINUTES MOPE! THEY 'ort-V. I 'f : 13,14.18 and. 18. Size 12 blouse. 1'a\ yards
WHAT'S ITS A GOOD ? of 35 or 3S Inch, skirt, 1', yards.
WE'LL BE OUT THERE IN ARE CAN'T HUNT THEMlA600D t THING\ THAT Flatters Mature Figure Send your order to*
1 HUNTING OUT GOOD Or SEASON! - 530 South Hells St. Chicago 7. 111.
BIG GAME MOOSE? OF SEASON! THING! \ day-long charm. Note the unusual Enclose 25 cents In coins for each
HUNTERS! yoke treatment, the smooth linesso pattern desired.
'" ,,,....
: = Z flattering to the more mature Pattern No. -Size
figure. Try It in a brightly hued Name .
-e 5, stripe with novelty buttons in a Address
d. > contrasting shade* .
Pattern No. 8048 la designed for sizes
34. 36. 33 40. 42. 44. 46. 48 and 50 Size
d 36 requires 3 yards of 35 or 33 Inch fabric
\ Teen Age Two-Piecer KIDO'SULUVANSAys
----- season after season Is the
GOOD two-piece dress. Ctt O'Sullivan SOLES at mil as

LITTLE REGGIE By Margarita Right for every occasion, and not Hills next tint you have your

l 'i ll ''yl + $ D. shots repairedEASY
aM Hamelin Commemorates

l -- Legend of The Pied PiperNo UP Hill -

I@@ ras town in history ever com- OR 96WN? --
1 \ ;I,1 memorated a legend as Hamelin,
I tl Germany, has its story of The
Pied Piper, who supposedly freed I
.. fl it from a plague of rats in 1284
and, in revenge for not being paid
JC r lured the town's 130 children intoa
cavern where they perished,
lays Collier's. Hamelin dates
\ many of its records from that
year and holds annual celebra-

JITTER By Arthur Pointer tions.
The town has several monu-
a. ments to the legendary figure anda
large Ratcatcher's House whose
iWL clock tower contained, until de-
stroyed during the war, a turn-
table on which the Piper emergedon
t r a e the stroke of the hour followedby
the rats and the children.


4 Y

REG'LAR FELLERS By Gene Byrnes i E ys Hn

. f
HERE, IVESww4T3 fUNNY NAMES' f =o, 3- EH OR41'HERS'! '.
YAEZ Art LAST tiYJ 60 50 40 YOU .' ; ESN
J slxrY'

fSA tom'2d'

Fresh active yeast goes right to work!

VIRGIL By Len'KleuMOST No lost action-no extra: steps. Helps give sweeter,
NOW THEM- ruE GUT THE CODS ON ... PECULIAR tastier bread flavor-light, smooth texture-perfect
METHODS-I'LL TALISIN' TAOLK AHEAOSO 60 j Ia TREATED Fleischmann's active, fresh Yeast with
L SETA CONFESSION r s : the familiar yellow label. Dependable 'ZruolI.W.
VET! i for more than 70 years-America's _:fosj'ttested

Sr favorite. ; /
? aV /
.............. '

i e t.r1J/A hazrvrce-- ('7-1,+,;' *y. iV- :

f1rP1 '


I SILENT SAM By Jeff Hayes \\c i)' ARE YoifDowN

r with MALARIA

Q . (TAKJ m


y'N fs: JF



--- --

Finding diamonds while digging
"Unless an added emphasl li of
(Continued from Page 1)) Announcement has been made In the ground I la one thing, and then,
DIRECTORY== placed on traffic safety educationwe listed by Mrs. E. H. Hunt and Mrs the purchase of the Model Dry finding' Diamond Back I.I another.
have every right to expect that Cleaning Plant here by Davidson
I ,AIInwUIJ 1KJHIIIIHI I"lmU""J(11IIJlIJlIJlIJlIJI''n.n"1IIJlnll Omar Hunt. And the apparent care While cleaning up the grounds at
at least 8,000 school-age youngster Brother, J. O. and J.'W. Davidson of
ful and work made Itan affair the new home site Mr. R. B. Mo.
will lose their lives due to traffic planning LaBelle and they have already assumed
.. FOR accident during the next year," declare to be pleasantly remembered by management of the plant and serve suddenly came upon twelve 1
I all about the size of
snake eggs,
ELECTRICAL Harold R. Danford, educational present. Those honoring have moved it to the store buildingIn
US .everyone birds' All were seemingly
Tires eggs.
director of the National Conservation the Markham Building The bus-
Miss Snell were: Mesdames Ira and In almost
WORK together a
Purol Products Bureau, accident prevention mess has been named The Modern glued
Ford PartsP division of -Allocation of Swlndall, J. E. Cone, Alto Watford Dry Cleaner straight row. Leaving them overnight w

Service Casualty and Surety Executive. Sr., 'Ernest Hudson, William Norris They are both experienced In this In order to decide just what

P. EVANS With ichool throughout the Sybil Walker, T. W. Conely, Jr, Mil line of work having worked In the should be done by dawn. Thursday
OKEEEJbBEE country reopening at this season of plant owned and operated by their morning all were hatched, an even
I dred Proctor, John Whidden, D. R
4 Inch rattle snakes.Snakes .
the year, Mr. Dtnford warn that father for many year dozen 3 and
MOTOR CO marly on* out of three accidental McNeill!, John McNeill, 'G. J. Harden Already they have Installed some alive I Now what to dot Soon

HOU:WIRING Sales Service death of Ichool.*,. children result Leonard Berger, F P Maupal, C new equipment and have more they all were chopped up and then placedon

POBOX n. PHONE 44 from motor vehicle accident. TaV- Cornelius, J, R. Minehan, B. BowdenR. expect to arrive soon the hot coals from the charcoal
log a study of accident erecting to A they have the new burner where coffee had Just been
E. Link, C. Boyles, W.'A. Lawson soon a*
Madison, Wisconsin, schoolchildren equipment installed they will give prepared. Mr*. Meserve says 'No
as exemplary for the nation, Mr. G. Culbreth Salter Watford, C. H I the people of Okeechobee pickup and more venom thank you, make wino
Danford lay October I I. generallythe ; Parkerson, Bertha Bergestlner, W. D delivery service again vanilla."

wont month for motor vehicle Cassel, L. M. Raulerson, B. Bartlett

WISTERIA accident to youngster. He lay : H. Bible, Z. Williams, Wm. Peeple ,,dnllllllllllllllllllllHlIlI llIIlllIlIlIIlIIlIlIIlIIlIlIIlIlIlIlIlIIlIIlIIlllIIlIlIIll IlIIllIIlIIlII!IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIiIIIIIIIIIIR,..
PHILCO DRUG SUNDRIES September i Ie also bad, but cannot be I M. C. Pitts, M. 0. Kent, P. Burde-
considered as a full month because I haw, F Walker, W. D. Boehmer, J
NEWS CANDIES many schools do not open until almost A. Abney, F Zander, F. Jenkins, C CAR CRIBSFOR :
AUTHORIZED STATIONERY half the month Ia I gone D. Harden, H. H. Raulerson, J
"This coming year," Mr. Danford Louthan, J. Roe, V F, Reeves, S BABIES
SERVICE FOUNTAIN SERVICE says, "will be a more hatardou one Davis, R. Meierve, P. P. Evan, K

SUNDRIES than any of the past four or five, E. Stello, Sr., G. C. Durrance, L
due to the return of many more Greenberger, Mabel Raulerson, E. C. SWINGSLIBBY'S
to poetorrlc.
ULMER EZELL vehicles to the streets and highway, Hall, E. M. Meserve, J. S. Ellis, W
, Phone US resumption of higher( .ipeed and the E. Raulerson, R. E. Hamrick, Carl

I rundown condition of many of the Durrance, Alto Watford Jr., M. Kin-
vehicle.. A large portion of these saul, A. Pearce, John E. Watford, R HEAT TREATED
child auto death are directly traceable E. McLaughlin, J. L. Barber, Carey
to faulty, Insufficient, or evena Harden, W. D. Coker, J. T. Hancock, ICE TEA GLASSESalso
tlOKEECHOBEE total lack of child training In the A. J. Boettger, C. McCain, 0. Raul-

. art of recognizing and avoiding traf erson, G. Clayton, Martha Watford, WATER TUMBLERS

DR. C. R. BIBB flc hazard. W. Z. Harden, A. W. Harden and the
"During the past 12 months the Misses Edna Pearce, Jean Leo Raul
LIQUOR STORE DENTIST National Conservation Bureau has erson, Jo Parrlsh, Atlas and Ath 9 X 12 WOOLRUGS, .
given Instruction to approximately] leon Alderman, Alice and Sylvia
Only Bar Ia Town 8,000 teacher and administrators In Bass, Mildred Morgan, Juanita
OFFICE HOURS school safety education. This Instructlon Pearce, Sara Howell, Sara Minehan PRESTO COOKERS-TOASTERS

6A.Mto6PM has been carried on Irteachers' Mary Lena Watford, Betty Barber
PHONE training Institutes which and the Fidells Class of the Methodist -
Seward Swain OREECROBEE, FLORIDA were conducted in states throughoutthe Church.NAUTILUS .
nation. Modern method of teach SETS
Ing safety have been explained and HOSPITAL MIAMI ,
teacher have been Instructed the
best means of putting across the
safety lesson to the child. -0-
Rule For Child and Driver .
The Nautilus Veterans Administration -
Here are some simple rules for
hospital on Miami Beach, which
laving the live of our school children -
Atlantic Service Stat Burney Kelz affords 300 general medical surgery Burney Kelz Co.

Paul D. Robbins Owner Formerly For the child beds to veterans of the Miami regIon .
1. Always cross the street under i Ie one of eight "*urplu Army FORMERLY DENMARK'SPHONE
EIDE BATTERIES Denmark'sLEE the supervision of the officer 01 and Navy hospitals taken over by the 9

TIRES teacher If one li present; always observe VA on a permanent basil for operation 115 J. E. CONE, MGR.
Complets Dome Outfitter. the traffic lights; whether or under its rapidly expanding ,
... S-OIL-GREASING not there I Ie a traffic signal, always medical program. ''llllTIIlIIlIIlIIlIlIlIIlIlIIlIlIIllIIlIIlIIlIIllllIlIIlIIl! IlIIllIIlIIlIlIIlIImllllmllllllllllllllllmlllllllllllrllll( m1(11I111111"(( "
look both before crossing the This Information was transmitted
FLA. Phon. US ways
s street Always cross at crosswalks orintersection. to V. S. Parker, manager of the -.
.. The driver may not Miami VA Regional Office, by J. M
be on his job; you should be on Sliton, Jr., VA deputy administrator
Branch 6, Saturday.
I .
I 2. Do not run Into the street In Because of Its permanent constructlon -
I pursuit of a ball or playmate without the Nautilus hospital I.I :-- -
11 first making sure you will\ be able to suitable for permanent use by the QUICK SERVICE :
The Fredrick Studio return to the curb safely VA In creating a medical service for

See or Phone (UjHllaln over Reale,..." 3. Do not annoy drivers by run., the veteran "greater than any In the
'nlng alongside their cars or darting world." WASHING
Dept. Store) In and out of the street without : Of the 31 hospitals taken over or

QlterdJobee cfus warning. How would you like to have' approved for acquisition to date, 23
Portrait, Commercial motorist make a game of trying to are on a temporary basil because of POLISHING

for and dive a* close to you as possible: their temporary construction mak
without knocking you down Ing them unsuitable for permanentuse WAXING
Ariel Photography For the Motorists I Slaton reported. However, they

PRINTING 1. Beginning today, abserve all will be utilized pending completionof LUBRICATINGTIRE
DALLAS CLAY, OwnerHARDEN'S SCHOOL signs During the mmmei, the permanent construction program .
you may have acquired the habit si .
ignoring these signs; break It now, The VA I* operating 20 "surplus
2. Children, especially young chil- Army and Navy hospitals with 14,789
dren, are liable to do the unexpected beds, pending construction of 78 .
; they act first and think after permanent hospitals In addition,the
ward. When you have to drive pasta VA has received presidential approval
East Side child playing near the street, slow to take over another 11 Army and SERVICEON
down. He may dart out In front of Navy hospitals with 6,450 beds. One
Tinker Shop your car. of these will open late In August
Package Store 3. Be especially observant of five In September and one In Decem

General parked car*. In addition to the fact ber. Opening dates for the other

Repairing Liquors Win. CordlaleWe that a parked car I Ia a* much an obstruction are Indefinite. CARS and TRUCKSWe
blind When all 31 of these "surplus"hospitals
to visibility a* a
Try Hard to Please Yoa- I I
corner, many children customarily are in operation, a total of
EAST OKEECBOBEE 21,239 additional beds will be available !.
Give UI a Trial play In and about parked car*
STATE ROAD NO. 8 for the treatment of veteran .
CHURCHES OF CHRIST, A* other military hospitals are declared

SCIENTIST surplus, these, too, will be Also Have a Complete Stock of Seat
"MAN" I I. the lubject of the Les considered by the VA and where It
aon-Sermon which will be read In I is found they can be operated advantageously Covers, Batteries, Accessories and
Churches ,of Christ, Scientist. will be acquired. eitheron
Tires and Tubes
throughout the world on Sunday, a permanent or temporary basis
O. K. GARAGE ALTO WATFORD 81: SONS September 8. Parker was told. .

& MACHINE SER Gulf Station The Golden Text 1st "Lo, this only I The VA already has placed .
DODGE 81 PLYMOUTH have I found, that God hr.th made "freezes" on three other surplus hoipltals -

Sale. I: Service That Good Gulf Ca.. man upright" (Eccl. 7:20): ). at Martinsburg, W. Va., MInneapolis WRECKS REBUILTPAINTINGNo
GULF PRIDE Among the citation which coM Minn and Brooklyn, N. Y
24-.od Wrecbr Serefes OIL prise the Lesson-Sermon Is the following with 1(325 beds, pending surveys to Job Too Large and None Too SmallOKEECHOBEE
Day Ph. 13 Night Ph 82 or 133 from the Bible: "The Spirit determine their suitability for use.

Dunlop Tim 81 Tub.. Alto Cottares Itself beareth witness with or In addition to the Nautilus hOB

Can Electric Appliance. In Th. Heart Of Town spirit, that we are the children of pltal, the following "surplus" mill s
Stovee, Refrleraton, Water weekly or Daily Rat. God" (Rom. 8:16): ). tary hospitals hive been taken over .
lI.ateu All Cabin. An. Modern The Lesion-Sermon also Includes by the VA In the Branch 6 area comprising I
"W. Service Them All- the following passage from the the state of Florida, Georgla
Christian Science textbook, "Science Tennessee, South Carolina and
and Health with Key to the Scrip. Alabama and now are In operation
tur.." by Mary Baker Eddy! He I Is Flnney, Thomasville, Ga, 250 gen*
I the compound Idea of God, Includ eral medical surgery and 200 ,tuber MOTOR CO.

ing all right Idea; the generic term culoill beds; Kennedy, Memphis
North Park for all that reflect God' Image and Tenn., 1,000 general medical surgery
J L BARBER I likeness; the conscious Identity of 500 neuropsychiatry and 600 tubercu
being a* found In Science, In which losls beds and Thayer, Nashville,
Package Store man I.I the reflection of God, or Tenn., 600 general medical surgery r |ff
Mind, and therefore i I. eternal; that bed.
Llquora WI... Cordlale ABSTRACTS Of which has no separate mind from Among the 11 hospitals approved TIRES PUROIL
God; that which has not a single for acquisition by the VA, but not
Nut Door To All Night "Where Service Is A
Is the
quality derIved from Diety; that yet open for veteran-patients,
Station 11 TLf which possesses no life, Intelligence, Lawson General Hospital at Atlanta,
PHONE, 153 nor creative power of his own, but which the VA will open about September .
reflect spiritually all that belongsto 1 with 760 general medical I

J his Maker" (p. 475)14-22). surgery beds. Fact"d


The Okeechobee news
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Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
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Place of Publication: Okeechobee Fla
Creation Date: September 6, 1946
Publication Date: -1992
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Full Text

Rofet UMartl ... M4I '

(Uht OOkttrhnbtt : JNrwB \ .. .. . !


--_- _u_ 4

Volume 32 Number 16 Okeechobee, Florida, Friday September 6, 194G Price Five' Cents I

_ ____ !_ _ ____ __ ____ ___ ,_ ____ ,_ ____ I ,)
- --- -- ----- - -- -
- ---- -- -- -- -

Shower Honoring RETURNED HOVE LAST Game Commission ATTEND MEETING IN Okeechobee HighSchoolpened This < ir


Miss Sylvia Snell Voted Close LakeCommercial Week With Shortage of Teachers But .

I Mr. and Mrs, Allen Markham returned A group of local Odd Fellows were t ,

) to their home here Sunday FishAt in attendance at a meeting In Fort
Thursday PL M.The Getting Along And Expect New Ones i
afternoon after spending the summer Pierce Monday where they assisted ; .

at Fort Valley, Ga., where they in the organization of an Encamp
canned peaches In their plant there the meeting of the State Game ment. This new organization Is composed .1
Woman's Club, on last Thursday The Okeechobee schools were : .
during the peach season. At present and Fresh Water Fish Commission by the lodges of St, Lucie,I Arsenic Dip Is [ ope'ned'
was the scene of an field and Friday the 30th., and although : :
time they are canning peas Martin and Okeechobee Counties I
bridal shower, honoring Miss Sylvia expect to continue with them until held at the Roosevelt Hotel in Jack At the organization meeting J. E.i most of Friday was spent In II!

Snell, who will become the bride of I|I after the first of October. sonvllle last Thursday the Commls. Cone was elected Senior Warden Cause Of DeathOf registering, the students were set ,

Sllvanlua Harden next Saturday,I|I Mr. Markham says they have enjoyed lion voted unanimously to stand by and Dr. T. T. Coleman was elected tling down to work on Tuesday, after ''I'

Sept 7th., at seven o'clock at the the best season they ever had their decision of a year ago and fo High: Priest of the organization Many Cattle the weekend holiday. > I .
In the canning plant business and Those attending from here were '
Methodist Church. I go ahead and close Lake Okeechobeeto I There has been considerable talk
expect it to again be good here. Rev. M. M. Martin, R. E. Hamrick, I
The club room was ,|t, They will open here about October commercial fishing on October T, H. Nix, C. Clay, E. J. Wilson,' Highlands County resident who and rumoring around town as to the
floral -
decorated In of several gladiolas lovely and before, First.DIRECTORS'. first. The same ruling applies to Dr. T. T. Coleman and J. E. Cone. rend of the mysterious depth of i lack of teachers and the question! has

the fireplace were placed candleabrasl i Lake George In the upper part of the I more than half of a Florida cattle i been raised how the school could

and baskets, of glade to form an Improvised OF COMMERCIAL state and It will\ also be closed on CORPORAL AND MRS. JOE shipment to Arizona last week were I function with an Incomplete staff. ,
altar. Upon entering the that date. surprised to learn today that the Where there are still vacancies, the
room, after the guests had assembled 'I, At a meeting of the Commission shipment originated from Scaring present teachers are filling In on

Miss Snell was presented withan : held I I their Vacant periods and are keepIng -
at Jacksonville In July
of the Lake Okee
The Directors Corporal and Mrs Joe Underhill and that the cattle were part of the
orchid by Perilie Hunt, who then I I things! running: The teasher ...
'chobee Commercial Fishermen's Association elded to appoint a five man I arrived In Okeechobee from herd of the Fit Williams -
ushered and her mother to Sunday ranch located "
will afternoon de-I I shortage Is not just local, nor even t
meet Sunday
beside the altar. tee composed of two the at Annlston Ala. South of this city.
the place of honor at three o'clock at the Army Camp state-wide, but throughout the nati '
The program was begun with a fishermen and two sport : and are spending this week visiting Reluctance on the part of thu Ion there are not enough teacher to* ., 4.

miniature premere Of the wedding court house.requested All to members be on hand are urgently for- add one scientific expert for Lake I friends and relatives Corporal railroad to divulge the point of shipment i go around, and In reality, the vacancies
Merle I of the cattle which
little Included
before which
the altar In
Okeechobee and also one for Lake Underhill will leave In our.own school, run a lower
this meeting. tomorrow to return '
700 head
i of
and the Williams
Hunt daughter of Mr. was
young The meeting will no doubt hear a George. They were to make a study to where he expects to due the ex.1 percentage: than In some of tho lurn-
Mrs. Omar Hunt acted as bride, Tom camp to fact that n !law suit Is |
est schools in the stale And
Conely, 3rd., son of Mr. and Mrs. T.I general discussion of the recent of the situation and report back to : be discharged about December 1st pectcd to arlae over the death of the I vacancies these
are gradually being filled,
Game and Fresh
action of the ,
W. Conely, Jr., acted as groom, and Water Fish Commission's action Inclosing the Commission at the meeting In I Mrs. Underhill will remain lu-te rattle, payment upon which hal been I so that within a short time, the ,

Ronnie Hunt, son of Mr. and Mrs. Jacksonville last and the stopped by the Arizona buyer who
Thursday board
the lake to commercial fcsh i with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. experts to have a complete
minister had Issued a sight draft In lieu of ,
Omar Hunt, presided as the
Ing. Commission would be guided by Lightsey. staff. ,The teachers who have taught
Each child was appropriately 1.01.1' the findings of these two commit payment, on the cattle hero before are well known and the ''I
tumed, and it was interesting 'Today it was divulged that the
who this
tees. ones are new year come
know that Merle's wedding dress was Digest Of Recent The Lake Okeechobee Committeemet Florida Power & cattle were elefinetly poisoned by highly recommended and are proving '
Made from her grandmother's wedding arsenic used In a preshlpmcnt government I
at the Southland Hotel here on l proficient. Mr. Nally, the principal
; apparel. They made a cunning Monday August 20 with all members Is dip to free the herd of rattle assures the seniors that they

t. bridal party, the ceremony being: Opinions By The of the committee present and afteran Light Ready fever tick required of Highlands I will be furnished the necessary subjects -

complete to the ring I all In I County cowmen before 'shipments to enable them although
day meeting which witnesses I to graduate, -
Following this, Ernestine Hunt General I For The StormsContinuing outside the state. "Undoubtedly an
s Attorney were heard as regards the where there are less than r
nnd Nancy Boettger sang the duet, over-supply of arsenic was used In
I fishing on the Lake the five man eaten students requesting a subject, ,
"At Dawning". The guests were then I committee composed of Representative i the dip which killed over 400 of the a teacher cannot be furnished for et

given a chance; to test their musical Appropriations of $2,500 and of, W. J. Hendry of Okeechobee and its policy of making ,700 head shipped to Arizona," the that particular subject for so few.

knowledge by answering a musicals $2,000 per year to the Florida Fede A. A. Beck of Moore Haven as the every possible improvement In the I American was informed today The The elementary school, whose chile

qulzz, the prize being won by Mrs.' ration of Women's Clubs for main. two members representing the Commercial plans for reducing: service Interruption rattle shipment was landed Immediately dren are usually quick to adapt I

Merle Bartlett. i Fishermen, and Jim Ober after the dip and began to die themselves, already seems to' bei'ul1l.tlonlng
: due to hurricane damage to the
taming Royal Palm State Park
A tea wagon, which had been beautifully ] of Miami and Ernest Lyons of Stuart, by the dozen all along the route to smoothly. .
should be paid the federation in a Irreducible minimum, the Florida Arizona, until 400 were dead at the
.t decorated In yellow crepe I representing the sport fishermen.The A number of people .cannot ,r do.
paper, was wheeled in before the hump sum, Attorney General J. Tom fifth member was Dr. Walton Power and Light Company Is now at end of the ride "The railroad was In not understand the cauhe of this!

honoree, bearing dozens of useful as!! Watson has advised Comptroller J.) Smith of the Marine Laboratory work on new methods of attainingthis no way responsible. ," the American teacher shortage, but If we stop to

well ss ornamentfl ,''fu. While the Watson University of Miami. I was Informed.As the nvH.1i
M. Lee. The federation, end 'program ,Is undor the compare teachers'salaries
.... gifts were Geiiigr flWrfcd, Hfresh- 1 of'Y a.result jf tie! ilinul-xure, ea'tj > salaries' .
pointed out, Is the owner of the The Committee! voted at the close direction H.;' White, vice presf- lite of tho ein'the' bimjuexf, . .t .. ,
ments were served buffet style, with s of the day four to one to'conti tlemen throughout the quarantined world, It understandable, why those "',' .
and the dent and the Immediate control of J. OkeechobeeI I
the park state each year makes area which Include '
j Jean Dunn at
Betty presiding commercial fishing. The one votingto who have taught school heretofore I
punch-bowl. The gifts were later arranged a contribution to assist the fede- go ahead with the order to close B. Hiers. part of Polk and Highlands nre In-I are taking to business. Okeechobee,

on a long table, running the ration In maintaining and caring for the lake was Mr. Lyons of Stuart. At present, a master disaster plan dignanf over the incident which now, for the size of the town and the'

length of the room, and were left) the park. The comptroller stated The five man commission appoint. Is being developed In the Miami area is feared as a possibility among;I school budget, is doing well and
for the to admire at their \ other shipments sent out of thief
guests should
ed for the Lake investigation credit be given to Carl Dur-
that the federation annually makes George N>hlch, when perfected will be applied -
leisure I voted unanimously for the, area to out-of-atnte purchasers. ranee, the County Superintendant,
n report on where the money went to other Company areas to obtain I
Hostesses for the shower were "There was no need to use sucha Joel
, during the year.A continuance of Commercial fish-1 and Mr. Nally, the new Principal
Mrs. J H. Mrs. H. W. the maximum spce4 and efficiency strong arsenic solution or to ship
e McCrynie, Ing which made the vote of the for their ceasless work In securing -

Dunn and Mrs. Roy Draughon, as- girl under eighteen who Is marred two committees stand at nine in combatting hurricane and the cattle Immediately after dippingIn the teaching: staff, which is

i ontinued. on Page 8) has the same right to the pro. for the continuance and one as disaster damage, and to make the arsenic," one cattleman told the doing an excellent job. I''
American. "The cattle should have
tection of juvenile laws as unmarred opposed. best possible use of men and mate

Noel RaulersonIs girls of such age, when they After the recommendations of the rials. had anon at before least 24 being hours: herded for recuper Into Shower Honoring
committees at the Jacksonville
are charged with crime. That Is the
As thus far developed, the
pro. freight cars for such n long ride. Aj
opinion of Attorney General J. Tom meeting the Game and Fresh Water
NinetyeightAnd Watson, who advised Sheriff Hugh' Fish Commission voted unanimously gram divides Greater Miami Into 17 a result, the federal !governmentmay Mrs. P. RobbinsGiven '
be named In the suit
storm districts and to each districtIs as party
Culbreath of Tampa that to go ahead with their previous decision -
marriage !
which is being drawn by attorneys
Very Happy does not take a juvenile out of the to stop commercial fishing In assigned a supervisor, an engineer, up a Tuesday
representing the Fitz Will
these lakes.
I jurisdiction of the juvenile court. two a customer service man, a radio car
lams ranch.
"A married delinquent child under Those with whom we have talked'are '' and several utility men. A headquarters
I I The Arizona buyer of the herd
Mr Noel Raulerson of this city the age of eighteen years charged unable to understand the action I! with telephone and other equip. Mrs Paul Robbins was honored at i
who rode along with his purchase
Celebrated his 98th birthday on September with a crime, In my opinion, has as of the Commission In selecting these! ment has been selected In each din kept reporting to the Fit Williams the Woman's Club with a shower,
much right to be reclaimed and reformed committees to make an Investigation trlct from which the district team
.on Tuesday afternoon, SEct, 4th,
1rd. When Interviewed a and I! ranch all along: the route that cattle
as an unmarried child of the recommendation to them and will operate. Hostesses for the affair were Mrs.C. .
f< w days ago as to what special ac- then Ignore the were dying. off, but nothing couldbe
same years and under the same circumstances findings completely. Detailed maps of the district show H. Parkerson and Mrs. A. W. \
It. And the end of
done at
th Ithe desired on so nota bale a ," declared the attorney One thing I Is certain and that Is that (fig location of primary and othe: Brass, who carried out the color
the trip, the buyer stopped paymenton
when all haves!
rlr"! in his, life his answer was, "Just general. "To hold otherwise would I scientific experts who power lines and listing users such A scheme of pink and blue throughoutthe
sight draft legal question
ti,. ho quiet and happy as has beenn shock my sense of justice. I be- studied the question say that commercial -I! as hospitals and other customers! now arises as to who owned the herd club room.Cleverly .
lieve that the legislature Intended fishing Is not harmful to the who perform vital community servIce arranged " '
| gamer appro.
lot all these years. fishermen since the buyer was in charge of
that our dependent and delinquent sport some other motive' will soon be available\! to each of priate to the occasion, were entered
Mr Raulerson was born In 1848 besides conservation tho cattle from the point of ship ,
children's act -should apply to both must be Involved the district teams. Into by the guests with a great deal

',. ri IK one of two survivors of such married and unmarried delin- in the decision they reached. Meetings of the key men of the ment.-Sebring American.UNEMPLOYMENT I of enthusiasm and enjoyment, after

twelve children His brother, Mr. quent children. district teams have been conducted ; which Mrs. Robbins opened many
P'ti-r Raulerson, also of Okeecho MRS. HOLMES ALLEN under the direction of P. J. Carlin beautiful and useful gilts:

bee now 89. Noel was born near Deputy sheriffs have no authorityto AND MR. AND MRS. JIM OBER and Max Bose so that the team. will 1 OKEECHOBEE COL'NTYSIIOW Refreshments were served to the
what is now Plant City In Hills accept cash bonds from arrested OF MIAMI HERE FOR WEEK be fully acquainted with their duties DECREASE FOR following! Mrs. D. R. McNelll, Mrs.

horo County. Conditions 98 years motorists for traffic violations, but and the principles of their team Edith Davis, Mrs Paul Burdeshaw,

W were quite different from today.A state highway patrolmen can, Attor- Mr. and Mrs. Holmes Allen and work before, during and after I Unemployment compensation payments Mrs. Clifford Boyles, Mrs. Alvin

trip then to the present site oft I ney General J. Tom Watson has Informed little daughter, and son and daugh storms In Okeechobeo County daur- Swcntt Mrs. P. P. Evans, Mrs Dalton -

Tampa was made by oxcart and required Bryan Willis, state auditor. ter-in-law, and Mrs. Jim Ober, all It Is anticipated that the new ing the week ending August 21amounted. Brett, Mrs J. R. Minehan, Jr.,

two weeks. Among the acquaintances Willis wrote that deputy sheriffs I, of Miami arrived here Sunday after method will make it possible to geta .t; $58.SO and wero mode Mrs. Vincent Boromel, !Mrs Glenn

in that section was an and highway patrolmen have been noon and are spending the week fishing complete and accurate- report of to 0 persons, 0 men and 0 women, Davis, Mrs. John Ed Watford, Mrs.

Indian by the name of Chlpco who furnished blanks on which the arrested ) They are located at the Okee- the extent of storm damage much Carl B. Smith; Chairman of the Franklin Walker, Mrs. Howard Wise,

claimed to be a nephew of Chelf person, by signing his name, Simmee fish camp. more rapidly than heretofore and Mrs, Henry Hancock, Mrs. A. M, Wo-

Tallahassee In 1874 the family can automatically have his case I They expect to remain here for the this will\ make it possible for the Florida Industrial Commlsaloin, re- mack, Mrs. Gilbert Culbreth, Mrs.

moved i to Bassenger where farming tried In his absence and a plea of I entire week leaving Sunday after- central headquarters to make, Its I ported. F. P. Maupal, Mrs. Elvis Mlxon, Mrs.

wan the order of the day and nearly guilty entered for him, after post- noon to return to their homes plans accordingly.With Payments throughout the state Carl Durrance, Mrs. Clyde Durrance, I IMn.

vervthing was homespun Including:, Ing a cash bond. Under1 the law, the Company's own two-ways! I dropped to $81,452 from payments J. H. Walker, Jr., ,Mrs. Johnnie

'he raising. of rice and grinding of, Watson said, deputy sheriffs must ELDER MOODY WILL PREACHAT radio system In greatly expanded : for the previous week of $127,474. Walker, Mrs. Alto Watford, Jr., Mrs. I

("atu- The main amusement Included) take arrested persona before a snag THE PRIMITIVE BAPTIST operation, every detail of hurricane Salter Watford Mrs Edw. Watford,
went to 2, These payments
horn longs and music, swimming. Inj I istrate to have bond fixed, but highway CHURCH WEDNESDAY NIGHT work should be speeded and greater i Mrs. Eugene Raiford, Mrs. LaRue
and 2,204 women, a total of 4.913 as Helen Ming, Mrs, Bob
the Klsslmmee River and horseback patrolmen are authorized to obtain I efficiency attained.As Chandler Mrs. :

riding. sufficient bonds and to turn the i Elder Herman Moody, son of the soon as the Miami plan Is arranged -f compared with 0,088 compensated Lamb, Mrs. RO.Llghtvey.; Mrs. Hugh

Mr Raulerson states that his nature money over to the sheriff of the late Elder Will Moody, will\ preach at in all details, the arrange- claimants for the previous) week. Cochran, Mrs. Lucille\ Walker, Mrs.

was always that of peace lov- county In which the arrest Is made. the Primitive Baptist Church here ments necessary to make it applicable Persons drawing unemployment H. H. Raulerson and Mrs. John '

(Continued on Page &) Trial without the defendant being| next Wednesday night, September to other communities will be compensation and registered for Brett. I '

present also Is legal, where the arrested -I: llth., at 8 o'clock. He will be here made.
Mrs J. C. Platt returned to her person requests It In writlnr.th ,('for services one night. suitable employment were classified Mrs. Etta Presley and son of Miami I'

home here Saturday night from Key u. avoiding the necessity on the I A cordial Invitation Is extended to Mr and Mrs. M. O. Kent announce all were visitors who spent the Labor ,

West where she spent a week with I'part of motorists of returning for I a1to\ come out and hear him. the arrival of a baby girl that was I Unskilled laborers, food )processing:, Day Holidays here wlth.Mr. and bins
her daughter. triaL W H. HARDEN, PASTOR. born Wednesday night. 6 women. Van Lightsey .

American Kitchen Hot Plates Electric Juicers .GILBERT I

e. ON DISPLAY Electric Irons ONE & TWO BURNER Wrist( Watches) 4m'MENS COMPANY


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pigeon, rabbit. Prices
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+ _ _ .

Oscar Purkey to Trygve Lie srwl BAZOOKA-ARROW MISCELLANEOUS GUN. Shoot
SIDES; FOR NEXT WAR fo Rabbit*. Fl h,
PARIS. Perhaps it has ceased ,lm* like RW*KIM: Bow. Easily FJ
to be news but, even 10, it can't "Mr. Tries. U.. ecr"Wry-r.neroJ o/ BWl&.H.Complete LANE Detailed NOVELTY Plan.WORKS S3 00.
be emphasized too often that this the United Nation, toy l/JV. hat not 400 L..Uk S& Gr..r.. If.
so-called peace conference Is succeeded capturing the Imagination

actually a choosing up of sides vital for end". ",le harnessing of she world.tin enthusiasm"Nfu-t item.of the **************
another war unless something
and electrifying in the way of ? r fa Dear Tryrvet Invest in Your Country-

diplomacy steps in to prevent it. Me being a O.L In the recent Buy U. S. Savings
Events are moving with terrific globul shindig and having high
ipeed while this conference moves b hopes about theT.. N. making ******> ********

with humdrum slowness. In the breach of the peace unpopular I

Russian zone of Germany, 12 factories am Interested in ;your coming right
are pouring out munitionsfor out and admitting that It ain't so,
the Red army. In Czechoslovakia hot so far The U. N. has not only, SOIL-OFF

the sum of 400 million dollars g not captured no imaginations it has;{
has been appropriated for munitions t not even made contact with them.
all of a standard type I -.- Cleans painted surfaces
with either the harnesser of enthusl-
Interchangeable And as a ( like dusting
Czech or the Red army. Yugoslaviaand y urns it looks like most of the timeit

Poland also are pouring out f ,+ -'' "r .a' aY tbs."Y ""a ae could not tell a horse collar from| ti I:4f ?t4 Rt ..afgt't.1
standardized Russian arms. ? a j .>' .'s ty t f fr.S '1 7 sf+ & a fly net. And what is the trouble?.
Meanwhile this peace conference I 'V s R a ; :..V r'4'< 3 tRa 3 < ,} ,,s,.,. I will tell you Mr. Lie. There is '4J'cst ?te Dyft eAl

talks sonorously, piously of 4tw 2n a x, d: t eF ''iP I:6' ',e p6 .. : no color, no ziperoo, no showmanship f Seals paint pores
procedure and precedents. Meanwhile and no wallop in the routine.
also the sides are chosen ra This U. N. has got the biggest + Disinfects-Deodorizes
-the lineup unless heroic RI; F chance in the world, It has got the -Removes yellowdiscoloration

measures head It off-for the "'_ J/;r- ; < center of the stage and extra spotlights .

next war. CLAIMS WORLD'S SMALLEST COLT . Whoever heard of a 15-pound colt? Hot seeing Is believing and and it is duller than another. 4 Refreshens color 9ie #
The line-up of Russian satellites above Is "Cricket 15 pounds of long legs, fuzzy hair and frisky tall. Seven-year-old "Tiny," a 210 pound musical comedy Interpretive ballet

never varies. In all the conference pony, believed to be the smallest matured pony In the world, gave birth to "Cricket." They are shown .
voting, from San Francisco throughthe raises colts and chows them at fairs. - .
with their owner Homer Rouser, Dayton, Ohio, who
United Nations assembly in First of an why does It makeso
conn try.
New York to Paris Russia's much fuss about a permanenthome
stooges only once voted against when It should be too busyto
their masters in the Kremlin. That be home much anyhow and how America's Finest liquid feint .

was when Byelorussia got its does It expect to harness the enthusiasms
signals crossed. Russia can be ab of people living In one-
solutely sure of the following voteson story bungalows and Quonset huts
every rollcall, come hell or high all over the world when It keeps UNSIGHTLY DANDRUFF
To help remove looie tin*
water: Byelorussia, the Ukraine, Issuing maps where It would like) to 4 sightly dandruff flakes; re
Poland, Yugoslavia and Czechoslo R 2I < have maybe 40 acres of choice real sieve Itching, dry icalp. me
vakia. estate Including manor houses
The line-up on the other side mountain views cross ventilationand
varies. It Is significant that the swimming rights? I tell you
British dominions frequently desert as just' another guy getting hump Free for Asthma
England. This proves there's real I je.a backed living In a Quonset without
democracy in the British empire. $ even a shower that the U. N. During
Australia and New Zealand vote x :: would harness enthusiasm
my with those terrible
II you suffer
more than half the time against : faster If it could give me the IdeaIt Asthma when It M hot and sultry! If
England; Canada about 5050. didn't need so much de luxe dust wheel and and general choke mugKiness as if hmO :J>
South Africa and India frequentlyare real estate. breath was the very last; If restful .
with Is 'Impossible because of the t
aligned England, although ::
- breathes if you eel the disease Is
not always. wearing your life away, don't fall to .
You and the boys Just grab yourself
at once to the> Frontier Asthma Co.
The most forthright leaders of a few Quonsets here and there a free trial of a remarkable method
the anti-Soviet bloc are Australia, matter where you live or whether
< do in the link and be
your laundry have any faith In any
the Netherlands, Brazil and Bel. satisfied with of geraniumsfor Bun send for this free rI ledIf Uyno't:
one pot
suffered for a tlme and tried
glum. landscaping and you will makea thing you o IJllle; dl.cooraut:
Note-Most pathetic satellite in even If you are utterly do
hit with the of the world
peoples abandon hop* but send today for
the Soviet line-up is Jan Masarykof 4J' trial It will cost you nothing.
mss. f sta= EZ Af5 = J j>a Cn f +fa okay. Frontier Asthma Co., Frontier
Czechoslovakia, now nick. l:& % :
- 163 Mlaiat fittest, U New
named "The Prisoner of Zenda." And for the
I luwapete put on
Son of old President Thomas Mas A N yie+x R 735DFar. some counterattractlon to crab thisGromyko's

aryk who founded the Czechoslovak act. If yon want to capture .
republic in Pittsburgh in 1918 ,
Imaginations do something
under the godfathership of Woodrow IN"r
about Mister Veto even if you have
Wilson, Jan Masaryk's sympathies \ to fix It to bring In some delegates i 1 I
are all with the United on our side like Frankie Sinatra
States and But his'
Britain. wIth\ Bob Hope iTedy Lamarr. The
country solidly surrounded by Russia
world Is
pretty aoft In the bead i
lie votes consistently with the I ALREADY MAKING THEIR MARK OV THE WORLD . Piloted by nurse Anne Lamblase baby Marie and as all It goes for In a, big way

Russian bloc.ACCUSED .. . Elena records her footprint on the hospital birth certificate, at the Long Island College hospital, Brooklyn, now Is light stuff and crime you
OF SNOOPING where the 22,000th mark was passed. Another newcomer to this vale of tears protests as he awaits his have got to get some big amusement 80.6%

It isn't being advertised but Lt turn to put a footprint on the sands of time At right, babies Marie Elena and Mildred Ann are Initiated world names In the show. f b O w ed
Gen. Sir John Harding, commander Into the blackfoot tribe and seem contented. Movement has been underway for some time. _9- improve
of Allied forces in Venezia 1 Look at the newspapers the front only 10

Glulia, has sent a hot cable to the pages are full of pictures of boy with
White House and the British foreign bandits, flagpole brides and 12- )in impartial
office against dynamic ex- year-old gunmolls. Couldn't you fix test.
Mayor La Guardia of New York, I it to have some of these kid out
accusing the fiery Fiorello of laws stick up a meeting of U. N. T
snooping in Trieste. General Hard I and maybe have a delegate from
log demanded that the White House Holland marry a delegate from TSUN. .I Rabble
and the British crack down on La Australia on top of a flagpole over psrtf5

Guardia and prevent him from I O U. N. headquarters so you could $1.00
slandering .American and British aY f'. get Immediate attention by people
troops in Trieste. In fact. General I everywhere?
Harding even threatened his resignation
..unless ha, got full support. rt You will not capture no Imaginations
As a result the British, which have and harness no enthusiasms
some Jurisdiction over La Guardia F nowberes unless you do. BuRNINSECT
because UNRRA is international, ra a Yours with best wishes
sent New York's former mayor an z OSCAR PURKEY. BITES
s9d3ro .
appeal to pipe down. :
Apparently It did no good, a a Yu! R FORGOTTEN AMERICAMSM3
however. It was after receiving 1<-"Official club rate for caddies 75 CHAIING OKI1
the London appeal that Fiorello cents, no tipping." rm
boasted that 25 good New .t 2.-"I gave you m dollar lor that POISON OAK .
round; tuhert'i my change?" end IVY SPRAINS
York cops could clean up the . (
thieving In Trieste, La Guardia
Jug PAT 014 . .
previously had demanded that

the Trieste Anglo-American prevent the troops wholesale In Dear HI-To Ye Olde help Cynlo starry-eyed BALSAM of ,

disappearance of UNRRA teenagers who drape themselves For. 100 yams, thouwndt hove relied

supplies. ar BROKE FOLLETTE TRADITION over juke boxes Interpretthe miff Manfod's, front BALSAM crotchet of, burnt MYRRH, blister for,'L':
songs of undying love to and Itcnn. A toothing ontiMptic, ,
Note-During the war F. D. R. . For the first time In which with" a protective cootino, hoping out
promised La Guardia a commission 40 years, a La Follette will not they are listening a song air and rai.no the burn and of stma.., _fo
writer's calendar Is the spaun end congntion -
as brigadier general and the be a member of the U. S. senate appended: iproined muKlei and lioomenti. $ t
1. "Always"-six months. :alt and chopped tkiiin At your druOO
job of helping to govern Italy but at next session. This was assured tnol sW bottl.' 1 -.14 ..
the army brass hats blocked it. Apparently by the defeat of Sen. Rob 2. "Forever"-three months eSc; Kortomy as., $,JJf.

they figured they could EXPARATROOPERS GO RIGHT ON 'CUUTINQ. . When Lucius ert La Follette by Joseph R. McCarthy S. "Forever a half weeks.and a Day"twoand Made.rual..r1 by

never handle the ferocious 'Little Rucker, left and Fred Cole got out of the army they thought they for the Republican nom, 4. "Through All Eternity" G.(, HANFORD, MFG. CQ. "'" "
Flower. British generals now think nation. La Follette had recently
were through with parachutes. They had trained and dropped some five days.
their right American colleagues were 5,000 agents behind enemy lines In World War II. rejoined the Republican party. 5. "Until the End of Tlme"t8 -

| hours.
DON'T MISS A TRICK !, Charles H. Morhardt.

Chief trouble with the American mm HIM in run I "
delegation at this peace conferenceIs I

that it lets the opposing team "Forever Amber" will be pro NEURITIS- I II
take\; too many bases on ball yro duced by the movies washed up,
and steal second too many times. dry cleaned and with all the

Meanwhile, the Russians are on the amours, belches, boudoir scene
umpire's neck yelling themselves and rough talk removed. And possibly
hoarse over every close decision. retitled "Infrequently Am.
They don't miss a trick. If a ber."
bunt down the first baseline fa e .
called a foul the Russians will Frankie Sinatra substituted for Lae.aefsea.r ar.d'tss-siu.a size
uiiuii, 111 mi it mum 1I
until blue in the face
argue thatIt Drew Pearson the other night But
I U Ut Mil III! IIIIl ii ll IU N mHit rt
was a fair ball. Finally the opposing we still think those bobbysoxers [.lilt Illl It,let. millHIUI .
side get tired of wrangling will hesitate about buying men'
and arguing and gives In. hats.
. e e WNU-7 <


hard-hitting, mercurial foreign complaint that the United
minister of Russia <
States hat tht best seats at the Part
changed his tactics a lot since the peace conlertnce. It still regards it in

United Nations conference at San the lam light us. an. outdoor fight WEAKTI
Francisco Also, since the councilof ciao
foreign ministers In London last "We have been taking metal out ?
September of one bill for 60 :years and there. due to MONTHLY
WHALE OF A FISH-STOEYI . Mildred Knight, Chicago Is PAINTS WHILE SWIMMING . Iota girls and women who
still high grade in It
At Paris Molotoff! Is playing his more ore than
amazed (and so are we) by the extremely rare "fur flsb. exhibitedby Prince Akahlto, 11, who Is spend. at the much during monthly period
cards more carefully Perhaps ,he there was beginningButteattorney '
realizes that public opinion has Pat \ViUlc, Boulder Junction WIs. The fur fish Is) one of three lag his vacation at the Japaneseroyal .. ,thU may be due to.lack of -
against Russia. At hippocampus specimens on record and there won't be another for family summer villa Is pie- _e_ Bo try Lydia II. Plnkhanrt
crystallized any 50 years. WUslo Is a member of tie Burlington Liars dab and tared as he draws while swim _one of the but borne ,
instead of burling Molotofl! "That Butte barrister must bean
rate mlag. This Is not show oIDsb build red blood-In such
claims the fish weighed IS pounds when caught la waters M to 60 a up
cocktails when things go against sfamt tat part of his training. Irishman from Waterbury; Ptokhaml Tablets are one of
degrees below sere. It was 3 feet tft Inches tar.
him be has been outwardly cilra. says Dan Parker beat Wood-Iron tonio you ono




I ..


a TREASURE! Improlld Uniform p I SUNDAY .

for1ll9caaNrt OP THE SEABY International II SCHOOL e y 4!


& wet WN.U. 'e4j ".:- LESSON' : f

--- Do not hang glass or china cups
vQCE THE STORY THUS FAR of maternal care. Captain Bedfordwas When Rose appeared again he Bv HAROLD L LUNDQUIST' D D by the handles. They may chipor
After being adrift tar Of The Bible lnrtltute
four days on a Moody of Chlcm
raft. Dick Jordan U picked up by a lonely; jealous of relatives told her of his belief, and she Releuaed by Western Newipuper Union crack and finally break oft entirely -
who gave his child a home when he
agreed with him. .
salting vessel In the Caribbean.
IT ALWAYS has been our belief Dl'k realize the eaptala and his crew was away, and absolutely;: hungry "You haven't such a thing as a -.-

that the time to compare athletes are UttU better thai pirates.. Tucn, the for her companionship; and when searchlight aboard, I suppose?" he I Lesson for September :3 Milady' dresser need not be t'
is at the end of their career captain, starts toward the area where he reached a point where he couldno queried. marred by lotion or perfume spots

For example, why try to compare the sunken steamer on which Dick had longer endure the separation he "No," she smiled "schooners are Lesion Subject' and Scripture texts ee- if a piece of waxed paper is placed

Ted Williams, after been a passenger li now lying. Oa the literally kidnapped her and car. not usually equipped with such mod leclud and of Religious c vrlghted I Education bv InternatliinnlCouncil used by directly under the dresser scarf
five seasons, with ,row way they come upon a derelict tchoon clod her away to sea with him. ern Improvements" permisilon. -e- -
Cobb's or. On board Captain Bedford, apparently I-
Ty ? 24 seasons insane and his daughter, Ro... After that Rose had lived on the "Well" glancing up at the sky, JESUS AND SINCERITY Line the lower edge of dad's

Tucu, captain of the pirates, attempts to schooner, visiting more coast towns "it's 'going to be moonlight until OF SPEECH trouser pockets with a piece of
Why try to compare board the vessel, but U tamed back and cities than few girls of her age one or two o'clock. After that it chamois. This material is sturdy,

Bobby Jones t by Rote's automatic Dick swims to the expect to see In a life time. She will be black as Ink. Until then I LESSON TEXT-Exodus 20:.IS.: Proverb : and keys and other objects he carries
retired for 16 schooner and helps Rose to drive oft grew Into a strong, robust Independent think we're safe" 26:23.28; Matt 26:69-79 in his pockets won't quicklywear
years after winning the pirates Dick fears Tuc will return girl, skillful in handling "Then MEMORY SELECTION Wherefore through it.
we'd better take turns
during the right putting away lying apeak every man
13 national anything that floated or had sails; resting," she replied practically.' truth with his neighbor I ,-Epheilani 4:29. -o-
and International 1i. learned at first hand all the mysteries "Ml take the first watch." Save the drippings from roast

championships, .Elv< 178 t, CHAPTER IV of the sea and the lore of But Dick was in no mood to sleep God is truth and therefore any beef, lamb, pork, and veal and

with Byron Nelson ; > ,h : sailors, and during her brief sojourn He urged her to rest pleading that kind of lie is evidence of godlessness add them to gravies and sauces

whoso far has She made no pressing Inquiry for I on shore in various ports of he could stay awake all night without Satan is the father of lies for flavor They need not be

won 3? And don't T1 Cobb an explanation, but her eyes were the world picked up miscellaneous discomfort; but she was obdu : (John 8:44) and the father I of all strained as the little browned particles -
forget that Jones ran 1-2 In the Information that liars contain additional flavor
watching him inquisitively. "It was more practical rate, refusing to rest unless he
U. S. Open eight out of nine year sounds like a stage farce," he than theoretical But the sea promised to do the same. I. The Prohibition of Lying (Exod.

Ted Williams and Byron Nelson laughed finally, "but It was the best's'i was her life and the. old .schooner Their 20: 16),
have many years left in which they I could do at the time. That Captain her home. long vigil began the mo
ment the sun set and the shadows of This "thou shalt not" of God has
may rise to even greater heights, Tucu swallowed the story was When Dick Jordan met her she night began creeping across the to do primarily with perjury; that I
or for one reason or another suddenly a surprise to me." was as competent a navigator of a
ocean. Twilight was succeeded by is, the telling of an untruth in court.
away.I "Will you please tell me what the sailing craft as any;: man afloat, and intense darkness which brought This Is one of the worst forms of t.I
recall just about the outbreak her knowledge of seamanship had
story Isf"Briefl1 them to alert watchfulness. This lying, because it may result In the
of the war when than few enabled her in the crisis to
more a he Dick sketchedall save I I I7:41W4A
could lasted
as for half an hour until the one against whom it is practiced losing
were placing Joe DiMagglo above the schooner after the crew had
that had happened to him since moon came up and dispelled the his liberty, his life or his prop
Tris Speaker as an all-around outfield the foundering of the of Bahia. abandoned her Captain Bedford : '
City gloom. It cast a broad path of erty or the destruction of his good 'k
star. DiMagglo was and stillis had been Injured by a falling ,
"Now, he concluded "you can spar white light that revealed every object reputation.
a great ball player. But even understand will in and for twenty-four hours had hovered I iVIf you are run down-becann
Tucu persist
why almost as clearly as in the day It Is obvious, however, that the '
Joe' you re not motting all the A4D
most vehement supporters to life and death. When I
taking the schooner So long's I'm time. The lugger lay directly in commandment covers fill forms of ** Vitamins you nied-iUrt Uklnsrgeott
day wouldn't place him above the he recovered the use of his muscles '

aboard he'll it I'm not i Emul.lon to promptly
keep at sure
this broad streak of light, enabling lying, whether in business in social
flight of the Gray Eagle, the classof but not of his mind, he was brine back .n.rgr u1I \,
but I can do you the greatest them to see all that took place contacts, in the home, or In the stamina and build re.wt.we..
all outfielders in the air or along favor by leaving Perhaps I wilL""Where worse than useless., His wild babbling aboard. It was better than a searchlight church. We might do well to con I Cood-tutlni A4D Scott a la rick hinatural
the ground, who could also hit from frightened the superstitious and
will you go?" she asked, sider what the Bible has to say en.rr'bulldter, natural ell.SCOTTS .
.350 to .383 In his better
through a long stretch of time.seasons smiling with her eyes and lips."Back N "If it would only. last until morning about whisperers, talebearers back Bur today I All dniBvlita.
to the lugger." biters and others (see Lev. 19:16: ;
Take Ty Cobb and Ted Williams Dick remarked, "we wouldn'thave EMULSION
Few pitchers could. Ted Williamsis "Wouldn't they kill you if they t e much to fear In the way of a.urprl.e. II Cor. 12:20): .

the longer, harder hitter. But laid hands on you again?" ." II. The Purpose of Lying (Prov,

how many remember that Ty Cobb "No not right away," he replied. N At first they talked intermittentlyof 26:23-26)

led the American league nine "It's my supposed knowledge of the hf practical matters, exchangingviews Sometimes as one hears the con

years in a row that'be led the existence of those jewels that would f If; ::1 of what they should do in tinuous stream of lies which flow

American league in 12 out of 13 protect me. After they were con r, certain contingencies, and then having from the lips of some men, one is [StJoseplhASPIRt

consecutive seasons. Think that vinced I had been deceiving them- exhausted all possible methodsof apt to feel that it is Just a bad habitof I \

one over. why, then, I don't imagine Tucu a attack and counterattack they careless talking which has be. WORLD s UHGESI lULU at io

What hitters were In Cobb's would be restrained by any scruples lapsed Into silence. For nearly an come a part of the life.

road What was their class Practically from wreaking vengeance." hour they watched and waited without There is, however, a real purpose

no one except Shoeless Joe "But you didn't Intend to wait until talking, but the moonlight and behind the lies of men, and that is PALLETS

Jackson, Napoleon Lajoie, Trls then?" she added. the balmy witching air. tingled to deceive in order to get gain or RICHEST QUALITY ALLOT

Speaker, Babe Both, Wahoo Sam "No, I was planning to leave at through their nerves. Dick became advantage, or to cover up hatred. ALUMINUM

Crawford, Bobby Beach and a few the first opportunity I was on the I conscious of a pleasant sensation in How much of all this there is in Chili cast to Insure extra hardness and

of that ash-tinted Ilk. lookout for ships." I watching and waiting with her the world today-yes, and in the symmetry Inn or bending Rustle Stock, no size breakage 8" x 16,*.warp Any

I see they are now comparing "And this schooner being the first r close by his side. Once or twice church. Those who profess to be size available on order in any quantity.

/ Bob Feller and Walter Johnson, you took It to get away from them?" he glanced in her direction, and the followers of Christ use the devices Light shipping weight.

certainly two of the greatest No "No, that isn't quite true," he returned their eyes met an Instant They of the devil in their relations P. ACE O. Box CONCRETE: 123, North PRODUCTS Birmingham CO., Ala.

one can tell me that Bob Felleror I his eyes twinkling "I really I smiled and returned to their silent with fellow members of the church.

anyone else had Johnson's I didn't think of myself when I vigilance. Christian workers who wish to ap ,

peed. Feller has a greater vari decided to change ships. I saw I "You're a plucky girl," he remarked pear greater than they are, or to -

ety. But Johnson's speed was II what they Intended to do, and heard once, breaking a long look greater than others, use deceit C/VRPOI.L

e' enough They usually beat him 1 your defiance of them. It was- pause. "Not many could meet this and lying With what results?

to 0 or 2 to 1 and even working ; was-well, a habit of mine, we'll call situation without getting hysteri III The Punishment of Lying A ...thins Q All?

with a weak-hitting outfit, ho still It. of jumping In whenever there's I .. cal" (Prov. 26.26-28: ; Matt. 28:75). ANTISEPTIC OrlaW IM

._ could win more than .30.gamas a ...chance of an adventure. I wanted I -Bose suddenly found that.ber seavmanshlp 'In the few hours before the moondisappeared One lie leads to, in fact calls for tTied ulta for br thoniande 40 y.ae.-sts with valuable lattifactory losndUnta. red

year pitching against some of thereat to see the fun, and Tucu had refused I was of little avail without ,' Dick learned much of another, and soon the liar haa- .. Get Carkoll at dra. ....... .c writ
hitters of all time. But none to let me come aboard." the power to command obedience her lonely life with her father on digged a pit so big that he stumbles Syurlock-Neal Co, MaibrUle Tenth .. "

cf these great hitters was on OldS She appeared a little amused by;: the schooner. His own life had not and falls into it. He Is like one who

Barney' side The Idea is that his evident attempt to avoid the crew, and reduced them to a surly been of the pleasantest; he was a starts a great stone rolling, and lo,

Johnson has already turned in his real reason. She suddenly grew disorganized, mutinous mob. The fugitive from justice-unjustly so, It rolls back on him and crushes See this Amazing
20-year record. Feller still has Rose's orders and him. Yes, in due time he is shownup
more friendly Turning to him she crew disregarded but a fugitive just the same. He
many ;years: to go. said frankly: "I'm glad you came took matters in their own hands. had been embittered by circumstances before the entire congregation Patented COAL HEATER

Feller isn't working with muchof and I hope you'll stay. Since father They abandoned the schooner in the that had torn him from his (v. 26),

a ball club either. He is to a lost his reason I've had everythingto middle of the storm little niche in life and cast him relentlessly Then, too, the lie does harm to 1q

certain extent In Johnson's spot do. It was the storm, and the upon a sea of adventureand others. No matter what its naturea

Johnson, pitching for the AthleticsIn crew-they abandoned us right in They Make Plans for 1 restless wandering Even In half truth, or a truth used to Lmb

those days, could have won 40 the midst of It. Father was down his moments of rest the shadow of deceive or an outright falsehood- '

games more than (>nce. Feller with a high fever, and I-I-the men A. Desperate DefenseFor 'I the law had always poisoned what it bears awful fruit in the life of I

working with the Red Sox, could didn't trust me to manage things.I three days and nights the I little enjoyment he bad managed to the one toward whom it Is direct -===--

be another 40-game winner. There think they were superstitious about schooner had been buffeted about pick up in his exile. ed, or whose name is involvedv.

will be time enough later on to father; he talked and acted In a way by waves and wind, a plaything of The night wore on without anything ( 28). Once started, it is often im

rank Johnson and Feller. that frightened them. His mind- the sea, drifting without ,, guidanceor happening. Their talk was possible to stop. One cannot ever --=:,.
direction. The chance of bringing catch up with a lie.
here be comes now she broke oft running into personal matters whena
Pete' AlexanderIf in a whisper. "Never mind what order out of chaos seemed an cloud drifted across the face of But there is also a horrible and '

you talk to hitters who faced he says. He's not responsible for Insurmountable task for a woman the moon, and temporarily darkenedthe bitter fruitage of lies in the life and '

him and who have been around, what he tell.." and almost in despair Rose was sea. They started up with a the heart of the liar. Lies do "
about ready to yield to the inevitable "come home to roost" and they
they won't nominate Walter Johnson jump, as If it were a sign of trou "-
or Bob Feller as the top master Dick Gets AcquaintedWith when the lugger appeared. ble Dick laughed after the first make the heart and life of anyone

of the pitching tribe. They;: But her fighting spirit, in spiteof shock who has a vestige of decency and Med.l ago

won't give you Cy Young who won Captain Bedford Its low ebb had not entirely deserted the had honor left miserably unhappy. Consider Ce codbU.IPnNwr25fS11md
"I thought moon gone, 127.471 red Ciiv Par N.4otO8a Nap
810 or Christy Mathewson. Their Captain Bedford with a vacant her. The lugger's crew and he said. "It's only midnight, and Peter (Matt. 28.75): R.|.U.andCa n.P..O4.

nominee is an entry known as stare In his eyes came tumblingup suspicious character had awakeneda we have it with us a couple of hours It is of the utmost Importance that
Grover Cleveland Alexander, also the companion, mumbling and worse fear In her mind. A fate we stress before children and young
known "Old be dreaded than yet" people the awful results of lying, as IJJI'tQMore
as Pete. grinning to himself. He was a man more to drifting "I'm afraid not" she replied.

Working with the lowly Phillies past fifty, stout and thickset, grizzled helplessly around on a derelict "Look at those clouds. A cloudy well as its sinfulness Lying and

Alexander won 31 games in 1915, of beard and hard of muscles; aroused her. In desperation she determined night is almost as dark as a moonless deceit are so commonly acceptedin
had been thrown out to defend the schooner our day that many regard it as
33 games in 1918 and 30 games In but the mind one."
1917, a total of 94 games in three of gear by a knock od the head against the Caribs selling her own ?" all right-If you don't get caught. than a Million
"Storm clouds, aren't they But the fact is do
in the life as dearly as possible. you always get
consecutive years with a ball club caused by a falling spar
She nodded and looked worried. caught by God-yes, and by Now In Use !
that never belonged outside of midst of the storm. Catching sightof Dick Jordan's appearance as an
Alexander.In Dick, he stopped and blinked ally Immediately stiffened her courage "Another storm now," she murmured own lie.

1918 he pitched 16 shutout hard at him. Then with an Idiotic They discussed the situation "would about finish us." IV The Practice of Lying (Matt. Start a Fire

grin on his face he approachedwith calmly and practically on deck after 26:69-74).
games, most of them in the Phil. But Once a Year !
lies' bandbox park. Through Jlx both hands extended."Is a refreshing cup of coffee In the A Night Anxiety Sadly enough, the constant lyingof

;years, he had an earned run average It ye, Mr. Crew?" he called cabin with Captain Bedford. "We Wears Sloidy On the world seems to have Infectedthe
have plenty of firearms aboard," minds Heats All Day and
under. two runs per game. cheerily."He and hearts of Christians.
another how.
As a rookie in 1911 he won 28 takes you for the mate" she told Dick. "Father always car. The fear of storm Instead of being cleansed from this All Night
to the
games with the lowly Phillies. whispered the girl "Humor him" sled a regular arsenal" ever threatening, was secondary them from the lugger danger worldly defilement they carry its WITHOUT REFUELING

Alexander was a stretcher bearer "Well it's most time we pulledup "Three of us, then well armed," With the sky completely overcast, awful tendencies into the church.
anchor, ain't it? There aln't he replied, "can put up a pretty The great lie within the Church,
with the army in 1918 one of the the moment favorable for an attack
tough jobs of any war Be then ,oln' to be any storm after all I stiff fight. was hastened by a couple of hours. and one of Satan's prize exhibits, Burns Any Kind of

had been pitching seven years. told ye so-I told ye so, Mr. CrewlIf ? "Two," she said shaking her They got up and began pacing the is the falsehood of modern religious Coal, Coke,

On his return to the Cubs In 1919 It wasn't for that pig-headed superstition head. "We must leave father out deck restlessly, watching and listening liberalism (so-called), which is Briquets or Wood

and 1920, he allowed 1.72 and 1.91 of yours that an easterly of It. I don't dare trust him witha peering through the gloom essentially a denial of real New
wind means a big blow ye'd believed He might turn it Testament Christianity. Jesus saidv.
earned Incredible weapon. uponus
runs per game, In and halting every time a ash brokeor
performance Through his me afore." in one of his wild moods." a splash In the water attracted ( 42) that if God is our Father we HOLDS 100 Ibs. of CoalSemiAutomatic
will accept him as the Christ. The
career Old Pete had no InterestIn He stopped suddenly and gazedat Dick nodded recalling"the friend. their attention. They talked In low, ,
one who speaks sweet words about ):
any form of training. Be hap. the lugger. "What ship's that, ly overtures the captain had madeto guarded voices. Magazine Feed
daughter? I don't seem to remember the example, the manhood the
pened to be an eccentric genius, the boarding party against hi.dauShter' together "
"We mustn't keep' leadership of the Master and who
an' ask the ,
Hall her
her. cap
a great artist, which so few are. wishes. "Wouldn't It be
Rose whispered finally must denies him his place God is Low In Cost-A
Be knew exactly where the ball taln aboard. We'll have a dramof safer to confine him to the cabin" as I
I divide the watch I'll take the stern, clearly in mind here the followerof
should g* to certain hitters, and rum together. Cap'ns have to be he asked after a pause "He wouldbe We as Big Fuel Saver
bow. meet
the can on
and you the father of lies.
he could put it there too. friendly when In harbor. No, starting safe there, and out of the way" and Now on Display at Moat Dealer*
the side "I'll hall her." our bounds report"It Someone has suggested that tie
Johnny Ever, who had batted for "Yes I thought of that," she nod A Product of
the sensible thing to great spiritual of
only problem
against the best, once told me that "No, father," Interrupted Rose, ded. "We could lock him in there was our :4yIs LOCKE STOVE COMPANY
do but Dick hated to be separated not the conflict between the
Alexander was the only pitcher be "not now. You must go below and If things got desperate we would darkness. Besides Church and the world ,114 W. lilt It MMH Cit I, Me.TILE .
in the U
from her ; nor It to
made him feel Mr. Crew and I will follow.
ever faced who rest. retreat to the cabin. That wouldbe
he determine how the Churrn
missing her companionship was can best
like throwing his bat away. "I Dick nodded and smiled, which our final) stand I'd like father
afraid something might happen to serve In the world, but rather whatto
knew how useless It was, Evers seemed to please the captain, for with me then"
her when he wasn't present to lend do about the worll 'which has
said. he descended the stairs, rubbing his ''Tha''. the only;: thing to do.
the into the
Carlbs Church.
gotten How
e his assistance Suppose I did
hands and mumbling gleefully. Where Is he now?
chose the Itern for the attack and worldliness get into the Church?
When he was gone, Dick glanced at ,"Dozing below. He always sleeps t
Cardinal ClassOverlooking overwhelmed her before be knewof The members brought. it there after
his companion. Her face was more after taking a glass. I'll go down
her danger! they had gone out and warmed
the boisterous and drawn and set than when Captain now, and lock him In while he's,
He mad his circuit of the for. themselves at the world's fire, and
had her cornered with the
Tucu sleep
heartfelt boos from Brooklyn, the
fellowshlped with the world in
Cardinals have been the class of Caribs ln front and back of her. i Dick paced the deck restlessly ward.deck a little hastily and recklessly godly living. un
In that brief instant she had aged while she was gone. The lugger had and found himself at the
the league from the tart They several ;years: a tired, weary expression dropped anchor at a safe distance meeting place long before she had. The denials made by Peter seen
have had no better ball players in the eyes and face. from the schooner. Everything was completed her round. When he saw almost unbelievable in the life ol

than Dixie Walker and Pete Reiser Rose Bedford was a child of the quite aboard her, with no evidencethat her finally emerge from the gloom, one who had been in Immediate fellowship

and Pewee Reese born In a small seaport village : another plan of attack was he drew a sigh of relief with the- Lord and who had
But no sane baseball follower can but bred and brought up on brewing "All well?" be asked. seen his glory We have here a rev.

tell you that the bustling Dodgers the sea under the tutelage of her -"Tucu will watt until it.. dark," She nodded and after i few moments elation of the fact that "the hear! *U
have the class to match Stan father, her mother having died at be mused "Then under cover of of pause she turned to renew is deceitful above all things, and ,red,russet AMMMlk CnR Muu-

Muslal. Marty Marion Country an age when daughters have only. night he'll attack from several Quar.. her beat desperately wicked;; who can knowIt H.ll at Aiuoutte aitU IU Dntl e.tl.bM krla tro.year b
,, ,.
? (Jar 17.9): Mir null s tare
Slaughter, Red Schoendienst Ten the faintest conception of their need tors. That's his plan. TO BE CONTINUED: )
ry Moore and Whitey Kurowikt




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