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III. .:JACKSONVILLE* FLORIDA SA-r ilrr: : i1fiN'G ;: .. -

= ___ ... APRIL I. ::8 NO. 8.:

\1 .' .4, ,
MEDICINE, SURGERY MIDWIFERY = THE NE\V SOUTH.,! in Louisiana. Itisibtaatifbl case,and, Mr.Geo. L Squier& Brother in their
$ iG MAJoa EVERITT. M. D., Fellow of the P'RESH :N YORK ANDFERNANDINA} PUBLISHED EVERV Its purj tie stripes vary from one inch to 4, Sugar Manual remark'as follows
CoIiec'eof'SUfreonaunucecl WEDNESDAY AND line ;
Royal Doctor of Medicine : iridth. Lfla the Bourbon it haw '
and Philosophy. Licentiate of Midwifery and AND FASHIONABLE GOODS great diversity opinion
C L.' a
$, FRANK strong coating of silica, which
Diseases of Women And U 1dtei licentiate1 he' E. LITTLE. makes and practice among cane with
XJnivenitMS of London Edinburgh.St.Andrews and ,;i' -'* TERMS Of SUBSCRIPTION: it more hardy and capable of punters
resisting aslight regard to the distance
CENTLEMENS' FAL AND SsvKii; /'mAll uhrn'haifl. to rows should be
Iauiu+v WINTER FEAR !< ', *>per-. frost. ha"are in and
Fire shape
q.- and
or apart different
F-mr CTnzcooFiM aDd 0bI0ucic Su STEA.MSHIP.aJ"; more copies.'3.ach.AAct an extra copy sizjlike individuals plant all
o- &CDIG, I :3l be those of tho Josrbon
teat to ewytlub'41 aM''are
tea received the
with Simpson. Baronet of onetime way three to twelve
Oid' England. L.'MATHER & '
James : CO.: .h apart.
IUd FRENCH ENGLISH C ,.' Wgmur, mail aibas. less.affected by.tha inclemency .or the But
a.s Intantry Amerfai! GERMAN ITALIAN } $4 per ammo Tea I the weight of teemS
authority to be
SnrOeonof Monadic Practice of Medicine : -> opie >i-73 ash:1: copies oo weather than
went the
and Sur _1 Jt ; Fifty cop> Green-BibboD Ota
AND ,. in favor of
gerynuLOSOTHic rcArncx that iavariaUy res- AMERICAN_ FABRICS, .. < .., ; .j + c 4. <,? heite or reole planting from 81X to nine feet
health from death and the f .i ; cane It ribbons wen '
*(life and crave. Attested 1 apart, or so that the carts and cattle
b,T*,KTTmAes practice in Europe and America. It rata As '<. -'; \l 1 4.: FERN"u"DINA" t .-,.FLA.-t 0. I.teT4' _S". iUi"ERTJSING KATEStSnuVftfxj.t.f.i yields welU and the juice. from the-ri pe straddle the rows In' carting; the cane can
0 "
t' -
absokneljr cures all kinds of disease known to men.or FINE BROADCLOTHS, c *-: CfaNORTH'PO ,00 per inch or leas Erst iasertk, : cane is rich In roger from the
veal to the more highly orcanlxed woman,to whom INGS AND GENERAL CASStMERES.FURNISHING TEST '::-} : i. rub ul[ eioeot j atia,50 cents. 4. The Ojaheite field without Injury to the stub
enecial care is devoted; and to the removal of all f*. ) ?- cane baa 1argejoints. ble. Some very-wonderful results
.we obstructions,and pains from whatever cause; at the store of GOODS. -,' S lBFIQNkRSAND: : ; 2' .' .. uineqtKBt soartiea,7l cena.Sscia.lJtfcttt .k+eErst Insertion: each but grows less high and Its cortex is lent been attained by planting'' the
answered and orders left > row
Ixttcts : at the Surreal Olac I thick, than in the former
J. BARATIER..Merchant L. species its twelve feet
respected. Payment according to mutual agree ao cents. per bne., ; apart.
no*,and all motors honorably retailed 'whe ewe LEO l '"Tars: CASH tx&'I'.L'IICI. eyes areofayerfdelicatestructure.. The "The following plan has been tried
nod wsutas follow ache come of Monadic T, Tailor. Address ADAMS cane does not rattoon- well which
.'''f '; Cape D.U f ::: ,CARRUTH ft CO., must with good results, aDd has
Ofice hours for Ladus.from lOa.as t p.B.for Geo.tiemen Laura Street,just above Bay Street, ._ |acko viUe.Fterlda. be ascribed to its many points
,from a to II p.m.daily. Degrees and Diplomas te rr e3m'' JACKSONVILLE 'l" '; _'' ..' Ii2"CA1i ) k :!delicateeyea. It is to commend it: hyoft" the ground in
imssed for InspcrtioB, AO vista and communications ,,FLA. ACCOMMODATE T, easily affected by the frost.In conseqence tows sir feet apart plant two
; '
tsacnd.. 'SinprTMd MedicalOffice No*.6 and .v-a i3ookSell t '' r "dp : :4t. Sugar.Cane, which little is cultivated,although its cons and two of rows of
.L d k Lanra n..I'ilI sutrt. Residence .\Vaverty llsasaawsss atediseyssadnwrur'stt' iBucky's. ; rs, ..-..-- to-1, "- 'PI ;, .te planted to
Home,comer Cedar and f myth MI.,J IcboIIrillC: .. SALE.: These steamers sail from New York;Pier a.North ,. ,Prepared bp5J' S. ADAMS Tormdrlj 3'Ite''L4eoleivel 'eI ft tnay ixj-ftflthfelMmn the land, and
River, Thursday and from : Dyumifui vitftgp MtSL_l- '
Florida 1'3Q tf FOR "J. Wharf every* Feraandlna Railroad Commissioner. of Immigration: 'Cultivated,bas Inpa the corn is gathered. The\ cane will
every sedeci
\ F. HURRAY The Lease and improrememts on two City Lots in ( Svveet potatoes cotton, corD r- by the Bourbon..and' Bed- 'b bon, afford a good crop of stubble the second
fRS ia the town of Larflla,about JACKSONVILLE, FLORIDA, WEDNESDAY.. cane tobacco, Ticci, peaches, oranges on account their hardy nature. In year. Plant the corn and peas also the

PHYSICIAN AND SURGEON. .!ONE-HALF MILE FROM JACKSONVILL' "e For freight or passage apply to lemons, citrons; grapes, melons and gar the vicinity of New.Orleans it is raised second year. Then in the ran after the ..

The place is fenced in with board'fence'*ix feet den'hegeteblea' may be said to be the for eating, in small patches. Its cortex corn is gathered,prepare the corn ground
Special attention given to high: contains a HAVE, JUST REMOVED TO THEIR NEW HERM. CELPCKE Agent leading staple crops of Florida. And is easily crushed and jields a rich juice for cane, and cut the cane front the rows j

DISEASES OF THE LUNGS.Roests HOUSE, STABLE, GOOD) WELLAnd AND,COMMODIOUS STORE ON 'Williams sL,New York. of these sugar-cane has gradually been from which. a superior kind of sugar is along side and plant before.the grinding;

P. McQUAID, Agent winning its way in general'estimation made. Its"eyes'are rather small, but season. The advantages of this
-ItrroiH.NEW Bvru nic, about a thoosvnd .Folk's Block,Bay St.Jacksonville. larger than those of the system
the and these
as taking lead of the whole are : The planting is done '
Bay street,Jacksonville,Fla. FRUIT TREES ANQ GRAPEVINES BAY, STREET,.. NEAR. LAURA, ,| Or W. J. WOODWARD, for desirabilty, for the certainty of the' resemble'those"of the Bourbon and Red-! in fine weather; all hauling and matting early,

sad Ornct 10.Hona-9 to n A,M., a to 4 p. M.J-!J3 Rooms
ALSO A GOOD BUGGY : WHERE WILL, BE FOUND. 10.10 sw tf Fern ndna,Florida. vation. straight leaves and drooping like those secured, with no risk of its spoiling in
Heart-sick of the manifold of the Bourbon and Bed-Ribbon. the mat. This mode
N. BETTES, la running order,' For further particulars vicissitudes gives an alterna t
J enquire. c4 -" ,. CHARLESTON AND FLORIDA I attending a reliance upon the cultivationof SOILS ADAPTED TO CASE. tion of two years of cane and two years 1

PHYSICIAN AND SURGEON, H, STEETSKAMP, A LARGER ASSORTMENTOF cotton alone, multitudes of the best The London Encyclopedia : The of corn and peas with an opportunity to fi

TAILOR,. STEAM PACKET'CO., cultivators of the State are turning towards soil most favorable to toe cultivation sap of cultivate and enrich the soil, and gives .

Jacksonville. Fla. 0-2301 Or at the office of the NEW SOUTH other crops, and by a general and cane is the dark, gray loam of the islandof nearly or quite as great a yield of sugar

Omcc Opposite Ocean.House,corner of Adams STATIONERS'SUPPUES J r- rapidly increasing public sentiment, cane St. Christopher,which is'so light and to the acre, besides a very good crop of

sod Ocean streets. 67601T Very stylish Ladies'Hats at BUCKVS.IMPORTANT CHANGE OF SCHEDULE. is believed to be par excellence,crop porous as to be penetrable by the slightest corn."

of Florida. It is more certain less of the EATTOOXCTGV
exacting application hoe. Next to the

T TM. & ARTHUR A. BIRNEY.ATTORNEYS TO EVERYBODY. 1 ';THAN.IS TO BE FOUND IN QUICKEST ROUTE TO THE NORTH. more simple in its management, j ashy loam of St. Christopher is the soil Cane does not of necessity require replanting

.' ; On and after the igth hist the steamers on this route. occupies less time, is subject to less danger which Jamaica is called brick mould ; every year,the stalks being cut

I wish ,.' w ill run as follows: and gives a more profitable returnthan not as resembling brick in color, but as m the fall. From the same roots in the _

4 *,' STREET, NO .330 :.If 1 you a genuine article"' ia the I'way' ';f,Cigars. 1 ANYOTHER J .HOUSE IN FLORIDA THE STEAMER DICTATOR cotton, and probably equals if it containg such due mixture of clay and next year unless the root is injured by

Wines,Liquors;&go to "'. ,' CAFTATK LEO VOCEL does not. excel any other crop in these sand as is supposed to render it wells cold, drought or excess of moisture,there

WASHINGTON CITY J. B: TOGNI. Will leave CHARLESTON for the St.Johns river particulars: But to the new-comer it i adapted for the use of the kOn. It is a I springs a second growth of sprouts simi

direct every WEDESDAY and SUNDAY at 12 m. a crop entirely unknown, and such heal deep, warm and mellow'' hazel earth, lar to the first. This subsequent repeated

\y R. ANNO, .- I AT. 'PRICES COMPETING WITH PRICES Palatka Conecting with at Tocoi steamers with for the the SL Johns Railroad and at tte to engage in it on that account. It easily 'worked; and though its surface I growth from the same root is
SU and the
Ocklawaha river. upper Johns .* seem? important, therefore,both to commend soon grows dry after a ram, the under I called rattooninjr, and may be repeated
ATTORNEY-AT-LA If you wish to take recreation ia a.good game'o I CHARGED FOR GOODS OF THE SAM E RETURNING ;I this crop to new-comers and;'to stratum retains a considerable degree of ,from year to year for several years. The ,

Office,In .red'i Block. Bay Street, Billiards,go to J.B.TOG-NTS Saloon Bay street. DESCR.IP110N'IW NORTHERN CITIES. Will leave : I enforce its c1a.ims'to the attention of all, moisture in the' dryest weather. After I value of these succeeding or ratooninsj ;

and FRIDAY JACKSONVILLE arriving at CHARLESTON every TUESDAY that] correct and reliable information in this comes the black mould earth of sev .crops is variously estimated,some assert

J ackkmtritr.lt7..rla. SATURDAY WEDNSDAY to connect with every New !!regard to it,its cultivation and its claims eral varieties of Barbadoes Antigua, !ing that it continually deteriorates after
INVITE York steamships and aU trains lor the IScrth. to consideration, should be disseminated and the other"Windward Islands. the second and others maiD 'nin"

f.A.rATTISOK. A.K.XXSK. Imported Bass'Ale on draught.. Call for,it at J.B ..W rail Through,sold by tickets Purser to on the board.North. via steamships' ,and all|I I as widely as possible. I have therefore METHOD OF TEOPAGATKHT. !that with care year it may be rattooned in

& MEEK TOCNI'S,at the Metropolitan Billiard Saloon. THE, ATTENTION THE STEAMER CITY POINT I deemed it advisable to gather from all definitely. The common opinion is that
Sugar-cane like other
PATTISON : >. '" fjn !attainablesources such information imila.r'plants replanting is necessary once in three or
'3''S-JaD' CuTAlxW. FITZGERALD :has blossoms and what
to be
regard to ,sugar-cane1 I as is within appear four years. But, Judge DuPont of
ATTORNEYS-AT-LAW. CITY AND COUNTRY' DEALERSAND Will leave SAVANNAH every TUESDAY and : my seeds but whether from want of perfection
SHOP. SATURDAY at 11 m. for the St.Johns river,touch reach, and embody;it in a practical essay Quincy, in Gadsden county, one of the
CARRIAGE : ing at FERNANDINA and connecting at Toed and t to be herein incorporated. Reliance in the seed or from custom ..foundedon northern counties in this state told me
Office.ReQua's buHding.JicVsonviDe.Fla. Palatka as above SUNDAY and WED,ESo experience, it is .never to
GEORGE I. LEACARRIAGE .':'. DAY. every !has been' mainly had upon the New > that he had raised cane from the rattoon
I American be propagated from seed, but is raised six ,
Encyclopedia the London successive without either diminution
p. MAKER, : I Encyclopedia the Patent Office'rts. from "cuttings" so called. Indeed a or deterioration.. I am informed

HOMCEOPATHIC STOCK AND SOLICIT TRADE. I Will leave Jacksonville every MONDAY and FRI 1 and also upon conversations with practical very competent English authority Mr. that on 'the ]lands of Indian river, the
COR.WASHINGTON AND ADAMS STREETS DAY FERNANDINA same day arriving at SAVANNAH Wray, in the aPractialSuterPlanter .
men and their nineteenth of
PHYSICIAN AND -m every TUESDAY and SATURDAY, productions crop cane the. same
SURGEON. JACKSONVILLE FLORIDA connecting with New York steamships and all traits that are'raliable and attainable through says: "As I have often been applied to planting, and on the shores of Lake

Oftice,to UitchelTs new building north tilde of Bay Will build for the North.) the newspaper and periodical press. on theinquiries sub'and have instituted many Worth, cane is now growing which has
street, between Newnan fa first-class style. Carriages Buggies and THROUGH TICKETS AND BILLS OF LADING 'and experiments in :order to
and Market,streets, nearly Light Wacoaa.Jt Believing in the desirability of cane asa not been replanted since the early Indian
opposite the Post OQ: igoti LUCKY takes the lad in the latest styles of Silk and .GIVEN TO ,NEW BALTIMORE YORE. PlULA.'DELPHIA leading crop in the State, with full satisfy myself and (others 1 take this wars. _probability is that,the character -
&neatly done. Come and'aee my work. Fur Hats. ,, ., opportunity of stating'what I have -
15.75 faith in its lucrariveness the aim is. not of the rattoon and the extent oft
and other .
\V. L. COAN, __. toot SIR. .----' -ar.places by both... 'steamers. Staterooms_ _R', .. _pro.H._, ..J'r'' ..that m -j pl... J.y.-y. i1m.tjr

JUSTICE OF THE PEACE T'O CONTRACTORS, AND BUILD. Return RAILROAD EXCURSION TICKETS ]ly "to fa.irly'arid fully set forth its real variety oTsugar-cane is known to perfect of the original seed, the cultivation and .
1 ERS. DRINTING. 'I 'sold at the office of W,A. YOUNG,Ticket Agent*, claims-and to furnish such plain and its_seed, (or indeed_to produce.any- the fertilization it has received.
AND ning like seed; either in mm*. China
Having completed an extensive new mill in conneo- .; AGENTS.RAVENEL fundamental hints as to its. managemeat MODE OT CULTIVATION OT CASK. +1
NOTARY PUBLIC. ton with my former one, I furnish all & CO. Charleston. will offer inducements the btraits of Malacca,F't.or In the
kinds of finishing material sttehn'Brtdceut Bahtttecs BRAINARD& ROBiNSON Savannah. as good to South Sea Islands;'as in all those countries -I The cultivation of cane is almost exactly -
Office ia SOLARYE'S BLOCK. Piazza(:oiumtu, MouIc up,Scroll Saw Work,Lath EFFREYS, BRO. &SON,Fernsndiaa.EFFREYS newcomers who may be unacquaintedwith the that
Flooring Planed Tongued and Grooved and Beaded d & BkO..Jacksonville.R. it to enter its cultivation.- the cane is entirely propagated by I same as given by, good
Corner BAY and PINE streets.Jacksonville. desired. Weather Boards;Beveled or Square Edged, THE NEW SOUTH ADAMS, Palatka.' upon c Second, I have'myself tried I farmers to corn,'and is so nearly similar

.Fla. Dressed or Rough as desired. Plank of all sizes, C. H. BORN SuAagustine. SCOAn-CAXE NOT.A KOVELTT.. numerous methods which I imaginedmight' 1 that special description is not necessary.
either! Dressed
or Rough, ia quantity.; Door and tf'FOR
50.21 r
Window Casings Pickets of every and any patters rI Sugarj and by some possibility cause the! Like corn it requires to be kept dean of
A. A. KNIGHT, In a word,everything In the lumber line the builder I JOB AND .BOOK PRINTINGESTABLISHMENT OKAHUMKEE I recently universally reprded plant to perfect seed." weeds ana grass and thorough tillage,
wants. My Machines are all new and of the latest | as a leading necessary of human I and if difference exists it is in this
patterns and are used by killed workmen. Call and HARRIS,EUSTIS AND GRIFFIN life although known_,and 'Used by'por- Sugar-cane grows in joints:off from 3 any 1
ATTORNEY AT satisfy yourselves as to price before purchasinc eUe- of for to 6 or 9 inches m length,'like the. reedsused that cane win, 'more surely than'"even,
tions the centuries has
LAW. : I guarantee satisfaction in workmanship as SILVER SPRING | race many for I corn, repay the cultivator for frequent
., at fishing poles,with.sort of partition
well as quality of material. I I only a comparatively recent: period and -'"- '
\. t Hoes8 Block,rip'train '-7 t? ALEX; WALLACE.TH .. came into and It between each two joints of a hard I deeper .,
,: : And other Landings on the_Ocklawaha River. general common use.'
vegetable substance. At:or,near each I SELECTION (lr$ .
referred to in the
3 jswlf ,Old
Jacksonville Fla. JACKSONVILLESALE : rr Testament the product of a sweet of these partitions. one side of the.cane II Iris as true of cane as of many and 1

.. ,. The propdetoes'SVe.prepi5ad io
A.BUESING, AND LIVERY I every description of fS., e:. orders for' OKAHUMKEE, at that date by the nations of;the:Hast. : to the eye attached to the next joint I per centage of loss is incurred in its cultivation
.; above
Respect fly calls the attention of the citizen and met .' 'A.'!'Rue.Master, \ It was first introduced to the nations Of or ; So that the .eyes chants to ti>e BEAUTIFUL perfect cane together form twoTOWS' of in the
SOAP he I Europe by the conquests of Alexander. : economy' selection of seed. 'As
It fc the best W ulull&, Barber and T maauhatreaSTA PLAIN OR'ORNAMENTAL' PRINTING, Will leave Jacksonvilk every THURSDAY morning eyes on opposite sides of the cane. From: with other known seed
made. This Soap is la boxes JBLES: i" ': -" the; Great.. Strabo states it to have Been every crop good ,
put .
led up ,_ .'J,' .,, ., at 8 o'clock.'- CEO. R, FOSTER,Agent found in the East Indies some 300 years each of these.'eyes, when covered with other things being' equal will, produce '
( should he addressed to .r Such as BUSINESS CARDS, Jacksonville Fla.,July as;iSjt- r-- before Christ, and it was alluded to by, earth to the proper depth, proceed the I good fruit and vice versa. In reference
A. BUCSING,Box"r. JlcCLn"1\.y.'PaOtnno&- ,: sprouts and: roots which constitute in
S6tf Jacksonville, Fla. C. B. Theophrastus; and Varro.who lived 63 to this point. Mr. FleichmanwelL observes
VISITING CARDS. B OAT BUILDING. years before Christ, and indeed, it is time the complete cane.MODES. r: "It is with cane'a* :with an

WEDDING CARDS mentioned or referred to by many othersof OF PLANTL210.. I other plants; imperfect seed produces a
RICHARD MCLAUGHLIN, Notice Is given to the'public that I have purchaser A. G.CHAPPELL"- ? plant and bad fruit. The
". tha ancient writers as being found in. poor planter
aka welLknowa HARTRIDGE STABLES opposite BILLHEADS": Cane
REAL ESTATE the METROPOLITAN.HOTEL, and have on hand, BAY STREET nea>the Cable Crossing Arbia and the West Indies.. : is planted in:thoSouth,- either I cannot expect that seed-cane with deli
ACE'T..FI LETTER HEADS. The Saracens introduced sugar-cane. in drills or hills, ,and each method has rate Imperfect ees and short joints will

A VERY, LARGE STOCK,OF HORSES AND .., .. f--i tYCIRCULARS '5- 5 5 :JACKSONVILLE|I.into Rhodes Cyprus and Sicily .in the its special advocates. If in drills double I produce a, cane like one of.ilgorons
U corn of Real Estate bought and sold; Money in.vested. MULES FOR SALThose . : .. farrows are drawn across the field at .a growth with wen
.Taxes paid.Tides esamined.Rmu POSTERS YACHTS AND WHITEHALL 9th century and very soon the cultivation perfectly developed
distance of from three
to five or more and .which
and manufacture of eyes a great deal of juice,
wffl find their advantage
desiring to purchase it to BRIEfS sugar were,established
.. ft p haucnnon A. ..to ViMara Astor.foni.Pa.J Esq. to examioe this unusually large and attractive t'i BOATS, in the Levant. It was introduced feet from each other,- and the canes supports ''the young shoot tilt its roots
LeeisGov Castle=" ; stock adapted to all uses. I aa also receiving '' 1 "'" *' iPHLE' I either whole or in pieces containing two rth aln
; VT. Stokes feonL .. ,,. Built to order. into Venice as,early as. 997,'.and; are Strong enough to, Ttfnrriftrrrrifnt
lEZftS?D G A-Gin.J3aAk.i FacksoSvmC a: to four joints are laid usually in doubleor from the soiL The from
fil""BLANKS in'the 12th youngsprout.
STEAM YACHTS was largely exported
,Boston.Masa., ji7.pd&KOOKER >;J. '." H, '>' > ,' from Egypt' and Sicily. And the Cane 11 triple lines in the furrow, and lightly poor cane is less able- to.support.the inclemency
With the most approved machinery. y,11J.bUIld of1 covered,to a depth of two inches in of the climate and is more liable -
NOR N BUGGIES, PHOTONS, AND COLORED PRINTING AND GILT WORK any size,from t$to xoo feet Call and get my prices. was quite widely; spread too. "Thun-1 spring-planting; and five or six:inches if
to disease.And he on to make
found it in in 1784 Osbach goes
: ,:. : berg Japan ; -
tEAL fSTATE DEAr as, corner Ocean and Bar OTHER' CARRIAGES' ; NEW 28-FOOT .YACHTor "" found it in China.in 1751; Marco JPolo planted 'the fall, requiring greater some remarks as applicable to Louisiana,
1treeIa,Jacksonville. sale. 9-305 depth for protection in winter. which apply with nearly equal force to
Florida. in 1230 reported it in Bengal Vascq d e
Lh aDd 10cud fire 1 R1 Estate eeuritjr. Geoersl of the latest styles'. .,,,, ,- Gania, who first doubled the Cape of' If the"cane Is to be planted in Bills cane growing in NorthernFJorida.. "In

Ludt,Pla.tation InMirajxeAgeiittaadilealerfin,&. Spruagfidd suburb a specialty Hoe, FOR LIVERY 'SERVICE I :- : '. Good Hope in'1497,reported a considerable three heavy furrows doubled if necessary, the West Indies we. are told, the r:few
Conaspoodeee :. jVftswtfO .,; .. are run across the field at the required joints, of the plant nearest the
,.' CHEAP NEAT AND PROMPT. i AND'PLUMBING a trade in sugar in Calicut; Diascori- upper
T r.noiwts which will be'furnished ,. .' distances apart which must bethe'of fine leaves,commonly designated the.''cane
'-; "I' COPPER-SMITHING. des and niny state it to..be a native of
the rows one way, and crossfurrowsare are-used for need-cane. In the
'' Arabia Mr. Bruce found tops,
I DXU AT AT THE SHORTEST NOTICE, n nLanrwi:COLTXB'ntaiocu.' :oaf">- ; itinTEgypt; to mark the of the
tATAiouJi paicn. A run hills
'-1 5" C t Jam prepared to eaeate work every description in' 1500 It was reported in Nubia at place in West Indies, where the cane arrives to
and o* the & ADAMS,: in'tb, Thebes and in otherparts of northern the row At the intersection of the far perfect'maturity, ,.where every..Joint. is
//: ROBINSON /2J.OLDEN. most satls9aory manner and respectfuly solicit of ane"eachcostwo
: ., rows two'piexx8 raining and well the
ripe developed
; 'MOST REASONABLE' TERMS. I" Africa. The Crusaders found it Irf the every eye ,

VMOUOAL A KCTAJLDRUGGIST ., :. ..:.'K' ,' macula W the,patronage of the puUic., ,?_.., East and brought it back .with them to then to four eyes covered.are, caret l. dropped top joints may answer but ia Louisiana
DOBBINS' GUN at Mr. and it found in lightly ever way where the cane is never entirely matured; .
left sHOP was Hiapaniola
FINE' GROCERIESw .Orders. .at or Europe, ,
Mr. G. M. BRITTAIN Is my amhnrUr Agent '. : '. Saint the second the cane may be planted care must be where it must be cut before:theupper .
Hotg-s Sock Bay St., and M cjger,and will always be found at the StaUet > .M.. Mahooy's Blacksmith,shop will icetveprompt or DominO during taken thaVnone outhe eyes are turned joints are formed, the'tops are.not,fit'
of Colum : Indeed there is .
JACKSONVILLE FLORIDA. ready to attend to all business appenamlDe the FRENCH CONFECTIONERY voyage us a downward for this ,
always retards and
&. .C.'B. McClXNNY. atteatiGa strong babilitp' thatcane seed and the result must necessarily be I
I I cottrooimoic nxsourncnts A. .j Sept. 16.tSm. : xiitf. t l*". ,soy tf WIL CLARKE. is very an indigenous pro production of the,Wes sometimes prevents tbesprouting.of the bad." I
FOREIGN AND DOMESTIC FRUIT ALE, eane.wayofphntrng wits ad 'TUEE OT rtAJJTLNO. -.- ;
.WINE LIQUOR CIGARS as well, as the East Indies and quite vocates and th-plautingmethod is -

Q.L ENE, :!: : .H" .':.. ,, .TOBACCb, ETC. HP.s. ,SWAIM, ,.. .: widely'' spread before the advent of Europeans more widely, prevalent.. ,..Drillplantingrequires In the West Indies,where no danger :
TICKET OFFICE ," to this continent, and that the 'cane is ,
:.I"t u" Have lit store and to'arriveFlRSTCLASS. PRACTICAL JEWELLER is indebted to'the East not for the : more .seed,:and probably will istolieapprehendedfromfroyt,' R .
} of almost TP1anted.1n.1b iaD,at
BAY STREET JAc ZONVILLE. FLA: 'C secure a larger.number canes; while
FLORIDA ': *s! f ,-" !i GOODS And WATCHMAKERTate wiA Jt..xatl.nd:has introduction, but for only improved it is ffyimafljiMii hm planting,, in ,addition the 'time of cutting; .but In Louisiana :
taken a window in
._ methods of cultivating and man and'the nOrthern lW.t'0( Florida the
> f' t r .' :' two doors west of die Post-office.-where he fa prepared to requiring less seed-wilI give much +t

MILLINERS.,'i. t.. : Which by making TERMS CASH, they offer at theLOWEST withklgood stock cs"toots aad- material to do any kind ing sugar-cane. the larger.canes and as many.as the land. springfrom.February"ta April.is"fhesafer

COR.- AV'A1PINE STS. ; 1" PRICESladles: line VARIETIES OF CAN! 'CULTIVATED .IN wQl, thoroughly sustain. time, while 'Central and Southern -
Extra FineMounting: of Florida LOUISIANA. 'FLori the fall doubtless wouldibe:
The conviction ia
"ncbts sold : 'Pofa'. .. :: -,., : %erliJjifllrati,.of the called to otaDdAILLARD'S Curiosities The planters of..Louisiana cultivate. among planters experience that,the the beatbeiag equally 'safe and.saving
to afl North Rap aa4 of1'ibis
Starsh by I Ha received from New York a full assortment 0 a specialty. Fine watches carefully, thoroughly and ,five,different varieties of cane; the Bourbon value of tha crop jjs.more apt,.to;;be injured any'extra "handling eed.w1ii

fp,from Savannah/ aDd Owtcrtoll.. Also the..shore named dabs .' I' ', J SUPERIOR CANDY, the.dsreen-ribbon, the BedRibbonsite from planting too much than too Is injured in keeping over winter.
irt .
I t>')"' "'J''"' : N.B. cat all worth doing wett.jaaip&i little seed arid that AliDnonc1'IOY.A.G
'And to our t.. and the Creole cane. rows and hills shouldbe PRZ ATIOS'.07 CASTS -

TuRN EXCURSION TICKETS' LATEST, STYLES, .,. AND., FASHIONS.. ,tea sgijO 3.U 1. The Bourbon' cane is.very eaten further apart thin.is customary. In i3' COLD. ,' ;
'' PRESERVES. JELLIES, ETC. "aJCIIS *&&\* : P 'XraVKHOiVAlKIVA1S Y sively cultivated.* I found tit almost.the Mr.,JEleichrnan'S1 report)to theiFatent: Whenever cold weather prevails in
SIr. "t"i Also a Eye assortment of ladies:a4R.attemen. : lIaTm\; Iw I vxa only kind of cane raised on some P1a ntal.I office, he says: ,"Thera exists a great the winter,of a degree sufficient freeze

to the NORTH and WiSttr;; ;. .*>. -; -- i PIC-NIC PARTIES wffl find'1c"advantageous' to .' tions. :It has o good coating of silica I difference of.opinion:among ;the Louisiana or injure cane, such aria as it becomes

KID ,GLOVES., : call.**we thai make tbe replenishing of LUNCHEON ,: ,.H." ? 'S X which forms a strong protection agains, planters with the regard to the distance necessary:to preserve for grinding a

FOR SALE: 1 been ; -. so .teceot1y BASKETS a specialty.Purchases .' the cold;.,the dark color of its cortex in that cane should. be planted later penadorforneedissecuredag'alastf '
My stock having purchased admits .- delivered gratis. -: sthe of stifi..adherft.to ,the oli mode'
A cI being sold at exceedingfy ' tt.-S-- absorption light and.accelerates ,: Many: : the effects of cold weather by a' process
duairc aVimerest la one ofllie not- flow iblng aDd.1 ,1R ,_.'".. f' GOLDEN & ADAMS, ; A : : maturity.. It.is thought a planting, that is, in awa.fre3m:three.to of very simple character- called"mat ,

ORANGEGEOVES: LOW -''PRICES.)""" ZiV"' '; Rossr Marble Front BuDoing,near Grand Na1114 ; ,I wffl give a building M ta the new town c< harJy' cane, rattooos weHand, yields five;feetwhfle others plant ihYithgreattage ting. MattingeoDSIstain.thro

Sa ",' : :. -;"' ,: tf tioaai Hotel,Jacksonville%Florida.pRrV4TEtBOARD. ; BQSEWOOD '. good sugarIt has.; largeeyes, whichre8Cmble eight,feet,apart,'or:at such cane after being cAt; into beds of such

East Florida.' For pankalan' apply at this office tGdl 1..s see,' .-" .1 l -u+4ssBERSON -f-r i\f .. those of the.-, -and. distance that.the.carts and cattle:strad- tbiand: 110 arranged,, that;theoverlapping'

1 ey. -. .' To, 1whom, improve. .i It.: ,. somewhat.the 'eyes: 9f'-the.Oreole and: dtathe. 'rows,,in cartkig} cana.from..thofield or covering of the butts of

'EMILE MOURGEON : Q. t.bIAl'SONk"'I ;/ COOb'CSQVERMENT' LAND withstands the influence or a slight fins.! without injury to; the rattoonJ? : one portion by the tops-of another will

LOUIS ll J'.. 'J ", THE. STICKNEY HOUSE ) *- v- ? <* "2. Th Greea-Bibbon.undoubtedlya ,I have seen cane pleated eight feet I insure'sufficient protection. Beginning

Fwa Paris. 1 }lase.rpened-, a 6eit-rims. j ,, :. "; ,, : Can be entered withm a half Bulcot .'depot,aDs different cane, cot only,from Us light: which,:was: BO luxuriant in ,its growth at one end of a bed 10 to 20 e*more feet

island"Dy,lately io;ubatimcatV Foreman of)the States SHAVING !SALON 0 ..\ S.Ar DAY. :.LAMA yellow Color but also from the differenceof that the rays of .:.,;could scarcely in width the cane is thrown

t."E1r DYEING rf Bay and'Plae streets,.latJ din modem|' 'Gooc111c at reasonable eaten STT. > its shape and the formation of its eye.1 j) aeteale, although was a field plan'ed. I upon the. newt six inches to afoot
-, SCOUXCCC' ESTABLISHMENT -, apptianeef and by tb*.bat saloons U the,country cu :.LIhIn& seems. tude I chow cWdttc to Hake. JC'IQ' Bought, at| "_ jteri.. ._,_ _' The cortex is.less strong,..tbanthaiatth .'with.;cane !'for, 'twtnty; successivByjjarsv "or more in thickness' 'the
be Ioua4. Thejr also furnish at alt hours',. maaent : '. '. ; : .' pa It is beLeved that no gowermnes bad can.be found : It yields well but is InmoreaeasiIJaffectectby and had only the year previous a I width of,the :lied,.the top projecting .

.Lr.4ie,and Gesrtlem.e's Wc.ar Apparel, .. '. HOT AND COLD, BATHS.--i '. : T\R.'K fJOI1NSON'' HOMOOTATHISTfi ia.. the Statt M aACcasihla j#*?&*&&* '" '; z frost tLSaD t wopot; Indian torn clad peaaoa it;:that outward the butts oftha'C3.D&::sol tm

.. .LsccCorulBt..' ... '.,-_ : r i fjpni "iiio i.*t hJW fi I-J.'.ra Applyte'--at the WAVERLY HOUSE/'cab oee ?srcat,'wide piantiag;and proper then covered with the -or'other,
4-'JLaceS_ siMf'Z V f 1'" S *u u w wqni'ru ; .aMadex Atsi ROSEWOOD,LEVY COUNTY -;_ former. 5 r"l \ -"-, 'I.' a .=:'sa fti.t i: ye : are royal
rid I esker E.ia1lrica vast car Uy cUanedftnd ML Tickets:entitling the harrrtsaiglttdesvattor elate lHaI M s0td'Ur aicta 1lkcWt racwVBOdugPott *rv ....A-. ..,- "''*-f". Tim!?1' i' -- 3.-The Eed-Bibbon next to the Tit culture, gave it such a vigorous J growth. parcels and so;,00, giving' to'thelbed*
ORSYTH STREET;bawta NCWMA 4" for$tin eight snavet.'hair cuttipg*ad ihampooirtf stsrdt sidr d aytrivet,betwsesi t+it5wiaa ntlthe -.-" -dsro.rlt "Far & .
: ; ; cultivated I In
as MiW agricultural : o1'rom
Deyer produce to
careen i ;'. .tu't |1.500 ."T.1 *:'.--* ,*. .*** *7r'7 viatf! I IICJIdJ. rc Office. t-utf J JatkiaameJweary41Bn. s-jow&sw bon, is the most extensively when finished a thjcfrnC< J 3




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..." .1..". ,' : ', ,."'.. '.'t;. .. :''t, ..,...'.. ... ...._ ,. .. ,. .:.. ., .... .. '..oQ.{
5:1. < : t; ,VIydp.'4\ '". '."" .{ r-1"" -. .:-; 3 ,.,-.. ""d "..0/.<- '".' ._.'. ,". .,... ..,-.<. ... ..._" L '.." .." :.; '"' ..@. :
: '-L. ; 0
.it: ', 'ftC..tt-.o. ; .. "
V V .
SSV _Ifln --- ,:
S. -- : :_ ""' -. -_ ; V -:-- : .."._ iW ..!iP"f"; '' II '!'!--i '-:: ;:-, ,-::- ..,.. V;-" S.V. .r- ... -- ------ V V
-- .1 p1 f: V p,......=.:: ; .: .:. :::; :::: ;: ;:; 'V ; .: V u-S-O; U"TH'4.: ;: ;; V:: ;; r ; :=:: .J .

t -- .' ---'-' -- '-' THE"NEW : 'WEEKLY.ImCKSONVILLElSATUJJDAY: APRIL1875, ...

,._ .* '* ."-'**. ._ ; : .. C. ,j...' .;\',. ,
..... '-- *uu "-*'* 1 y' IBB
""' .wit -
<;* ; i "
_ 4 ... -- S. V .'.;,1JIf'.v. tj.-, 1r. -V iSf Ss, -. ,- _ i c r -y t r V V ,d
-- V -- J'- '. T F r-n r p V, -,- 5- ,
Ivt Tt iT 111 VW MM
feet according; to the expected degree W; of !-Dut I in Florida frost are of 'Infrequent THE NEW V' SOUTH. A Grand Commercial P sibl tytforFrdaSare ?; Insurance Depredation en barges ud impairing,fiJl value Might U per daro cent gt U. -Iso-0" low,fer.; Immediately every cased. The United States Suprenm

V cold, and continuing it -.length as. far! occurrence and in South Florida ar nnknowu. Transportation the that do not amount la an ance._. 500 0 sickness in our city was cried out upon rendered and Important Cur

I V tt as necessary. And wherT1 finished"the"1 Oflhe fewTrosts that do xcu J.5 ADAMS. 1 .. Gul. Custom House. tonnage.. du,._an.,.,o. Inddenulr. ...-. by those who desired t get away as spect t claims for lobby P il r
V ADAMS, CARRUTH & CO.CEO. V 555 SVS ? 76 service*
idea and ends are covered with dirt,and instances as early as November or Cl.. .a."CIIUITH.J, S We call special attention in this issue -3 yellow fever, and when Inprudence, exposure dered procuring action ty ?

: ': :Jit severe cold is apprehended,, the top a April, have been known only at intervals to an important letteroi.fcasUIhiy! Total expenses for round trip.'(.; .<..--,3< oontcfirn irregular living lack of at- a claim for compensation Cng 01

I' also. ormany years.It J.S. ADAMS. EDITOR. 'barge'transportationfrom ; rca HOUND TMP. tjention,.cutoflfa young from of the :
and of K
4 V strangr. ? f
rnOTECTL THE ItOOTS.S inay 0 slat that the statements expense 1.00)tons mrnz; a'l--.- r__'_>- tsjoao o among us, the scare The trty.oC.GIQupij) ;

: In cold climates;and In proportion to of the -r all susceptible of: -;TO CORRESPONDENTS AND OTHERS. the Mississippi Valley to Florida, UO of 60 buse I,-_ .__.....corn.,....,.at.,,}, .c,.p ... Telegram followed teltgm. report dlg.lbby services clm,
abundant verification and are carefully with view of transit across the,Peninsula .r .0100 followed report, and world aln
Items uf of good and
x the degree of cold apprehended the roots Local Interest are solicited from aO parts the .I.J f
,,. ,-. ... ,
made fall within the State. Also, V 'D ; l Efjio'MThe was led to 'believe that fearfulepidemic b
a of;tho cane-upon which reliance is had to conderbly cmuctn subjects ofE : thus giving a rapid,safo'and cheapAtlantio a most mnthecourts.V mte
; ; social and above
a limits of in order .te estimate does hot cover in our midst. We
for rattoonlng. must receive more or 8rrotcction. ; immense trade of a raging
;: topics. Correspondents .bJ make their letters outlet to the M&
t This is accomplished by to show the agricultural importance of be the ficts and will permit. a insurance" cargo. 'If my figures and know must have news, but we Keare1, April I.Te des
; leaves and the culture of cane the people of Florida a nt responsible lor opinions expressed by our the valley.A estimates do not commend judgement body of Daniel Akw.
: \WI--jirst throwing the refuse lops t Rejected manuscript can neither garver are correct, they' even let holes in
44 which remain after harvest upon the it may be well give some account enent b no Anonymous contributions extra edition of this to residence
."'V toots or stubble of tho cane, and then of what hasCIf done as ninedby 'wn re b p number having been issued for. wide' circulation approximate correctness, you can some of their InforanLr aa displayedin Is of the J ebroter I!

'V S additional protection is accomnji&hed by authentic aunts from u- \' in this country and in Europe, readily sec that ,the freighting can be this matter. to our present condition supposed hy.cm
; V V" running a furrow\ close to and on each doubted veracity., The International Chamber of Com done very cheaply by the barges: ,on the we can only say that hardly ever murder. I
: : .. side of the drill, thus turning a furrow General Ca&sadey, in A. paper read merce. place is given in the editorial columns route! }Indicated by you. My conclusions has a cooler, more comfoitable and, with a posse, is in pursuit. I
1 before the Putnam County ,Agricultural for' thiscommunication,so full of useful healthy month been known on this Island Washington .
of dirt upon it, aud thus it remains till We publish this week the proceedings arc that the actual cost of April The Supreme
4 Society says: 4'It is a circumstance of and probable transporting than the last and that disease islooked of the -
V V spring, 'when tho refuse or "trash" IsVf In suggestion of possible even ; Cur Stt ot Florida !
full of the recent notion of the Florida
V '. raked off and soon new shoots spring! up frequent and common occurrence wit development of this great State. 2,000 tons 1,000 miles.by a,steam barg. for in vain.-.Key.Te V. E. Anderson et cop al. ifc
for and be realized Branch of the International Chamber of another _
$300 to with
IS : from the old roots. us over' V barge of equal I V court granted a motion appointing
himself of
I TEETILIZATIOX. the produce of sugar and molasses made Commerce and Mississippi Valley Society Mr.Mattoon- man 'more tow, will not exceed $1 per ton pcity all Mail Frauds. commission to take and report tatimonr a
: I' from the cane grown on one acre only of London. At the time of this than thirty years' experience in the mat Contact in this cause, and denied a motion
Cane is a plant of.BO cucculent a nature of enriched over that pro obtained freight money : HOW POSTMASTER GENERAL
V our common pine lands, by I ters upon which he gives his opinion a JEWEL an order for the receiver to c
: : and of such strong growth, that It cow-penning." Jude DuPont has local, organization, a Committee was and who concur with and is a.profit to the carrier. BAFFLED THE OPERATORS. from the money In his pay defra?

p U, must necessity be an exhaustive crop, known in. one instnce. 19, and. In an- appointed to mak a report. for general Jhe' men The practicability VSfushig' steam Soon after the accession of Governor the expenses of this hd. t J

1V 4 and requires a deep, strong soil or. strong other 21, and; man speak circulation, the resources of Florida. adopt his, conclusions are among :the for Jewell to the position of Postmaster

h'V fertilization for favorable results. Therefore of 24 Barrels of syrup made to As this report designed to be most experienced and judicious merI' f barge carrying freights and towing General, he was told by various parties Washington, April 12-TreMorer

',-. frequent und thorough fertilization in Gadsden countyoneof: .the northern i pub tho Weat,' who know most practically, other barges has been settled long since that he must look out for fraudulent bids, Spinner to-day received aa &
under the of
: i rV: is an essential condition precedent to I counties. of Florida. Statistical returns auspices this Inter- both on our rivers and lakes, so that a "straw men," &c., in connection letter from the President accepting

.;* V: :.",. ''success. Indeed, one look !nt, a thrifty i from Marion, Alacbua, Suwannee and national Associaton.and feeling assured about transportation. V large portion of our tonnage now being the letting of contracts for carrying wit resignation a Treasurer of the Unit h
: i: V : growth of cane of full *ize is enough to i Orange counties make 2,0 Ibs.of sugar that"the'readers of the NEW SOUTH will We shall continue from time to time built the lakes mails. He farther informed that States, and "Pressing for the retiring

I't ySJ ". convince any.one that it is hardly possible -i per acre an av rlge'rtur'' for'good be interested in we to call attention to facts;and reasoningsthat .on is of that' class. i see there was good\a reason to believe that 1 official the warmest,sentiments
: ;: to give too much stimulus iu the way from, Ilernando tbe'movcment re no good reason'why the business of all for him personally together ofrg
bear this as there collusion fraudulent .
cultivtoni AccuntI upon great"possibility, was frequently -I
i ;..".n. : of,proper food to this crop. cunty'gh-e 2.6 3,400; ,' an(13t60 Ibs. fer briefly t the objects and plans of connected with both the railroad and the lower Mississippi river ports and the purposes,between contractors to and. high appreciation of his well bon

S While cane is one of the most certain of sugar.as te per this European-American Society. Gjjlfof Mexico, from the mouth of saidrvertoCedar clerks in the contract ,office; that it bad probity patriotism
i of aU known crops, and one of the hardiest of three sugar crops in 1869, in that The parent organization is vitalized, canal enterprises of oar State, and inreference' beencustomary to'a considerable extentfor Washington andofcil&tgt1.
\ that will tolerate a degree of .neglect thus an of,3,200 a to this in connec- Keys, should.aot: ,be done I : lght snow
county, giving average recognition of two palpable facts. The subject'anl to subsidize clerks in that I fell here, but was quite
.:V that would be .fatal: to almost by a'Une of steam barges in fact, I ,do contrcor
any Ibs. to the acre, at 15 cts. per tion ; tgh
.This. want In of for the therewith, we invite the thoughtful m ; they always operated on the out Pennsylvania, being from
L V 4- .: V other crop, yet it as certainly'responds lb., will give' an average product,of Europe opportunities communications of all who hope to see do not now know pi a more practicable clerks who were employed on the bids seven inches in some places. I" t
__ t to deep and frequent! cultivation and 8480 acre. profitable employment of its surplus route in thiso Which
per of that from the States in
or one
: V contractors -
I i *g7 S generous feeling as any crop that can. be It is computed that one gallon of syrup capital and labor, and the want, of'the Florida soon assume the position to offers : desired to tcyth". Washington, April 13.-The mio t

f lkl cited, and in its varying:: result of from will uke pounds of sugar 20 bbls. South and West for capital and labor to which her fortunate location and many more promise of good return forte and, finally, that these 8ecre clerks contrct were usually -; parties to the mail route swindle ha

)f I 500; to 5,000 pounds of sugarto the acre, of 40-gallons each of syrup, therefore, their valuable capacities entitle her., investment" of capital. I have) been bribed in advance of the opening of partial hearing to-day., The s tement
; i V will bear unmistakable testimony to the would give four thousand pounds of develop vast resources. To bring over. the route several times, 'and the the bids. Oft investigating the subject heretofore telegraphed are
-I these collective into OSWEGO, Jan. 16, 1874. tained. Kettle bid in s
V wants direct the
VT : (1egreepfcaroardodJt. sugar and four hogsheads of sugar have con- of name of
V V feasibility using steam, barges ;sug- the Postmaster General came to the conclusion -
:. 41 1' V SIZE OF 5OARVCANE. been made to the acre in'this State.V junction that they may ultimate i in three Dear Sir:-Your favor- of December27th gested itself to mind long before I that there .wa'room for irregularities Lochlan bids and Iddings. There were nine
ten for
my or the Texas
4 ,: J V In Louisiana, K'lJ"8 Mr Jleicliman, In my office may now be seen a cane distinctive co-national advantagesdirect cverng'several interrogatories in ,and brought his Yankee shrewdness of which routes, three
the,railroad on pine landIn had the pleasure, ot making your acquaintance were Hinds will hare
V 1t V V "the length of the ripe joints variesj! ; grown along trade increase of immigration : subject of transportation, to bear in devising a scheme whichshould enune. V
V. in a hearing .
I than feet
: V' and Red-Ribbon Sanderson, more seven !. _' dam the sluiceways
the JJourbon
of effectually
fj those I and the inflow was duly received and considered. You up
of is
itT varying: from four to nine indies in I length. In Middle and South Florida i it capital the three I have been actively engaged in the and prevent frauds in the bids Key West April 14.-The yellow
k V for grows to ten and twelve feet in height, fold object of this Society. Its modus will please pardon the delay in answering fever is The
ta length. The cane cut grinding measures transportation of all kinds of property which were to be opened in March. He panic over. city is healthy
_ V 4 from three to five feet in length. I and in South Florida has grown to the opcrandi is briefly as follows: The parent caused by pressure of business and that soon fixed upon a plan, but informed no and a cool norther Is blowing. *
usually 'by water for
jE I saw some over eight feet high and with 1 height of seventeen fet. There it matures office has been establishedV'V''in London absence from .home. I have carefully "go 5 years, one of it until the morning of the dayon I
: tassels, and produces seed. as owner of steamers, barges and Charleston, S.C.,April 15.-The Senatorial V
: 4 from twenty-four to twenty-eight; goodV for the looked over your questions and have vessels which the bids were to be opened.At
reason it .is the
millions ot in our commercial excursion
I There are acres the lakes and canals party arrived here last
: joints, but they are rare instances. on ,rirer between Dine'01clok.,- (the bids wern to be
State that can produce easily and monetary capital of the given them some thought .and .study evening, and are to-day visiting Fort
: The New American Encyclopedia says:I and'wt New York and Chicago. I have opened at noon) hesent for Col. Rout '
V two thousand of sugar to the world. Branches and will reply to them according to, the Sumter ,and other points of interesjthe ia
4 r fJ;, "It grows in a succession of joints or or organizations also been at the head of the Committee the Second Assistant Postmaster -
rather nodes, from 4 to 20 feet)high and ace; and many of our most inUlllgentplanters ; of the parent Society, are already best of my judgment.You al, and told him"that a coup d'etat was harbor. The steam revenue cutter
firmly believe that the pine on Commerce, Navigation and{ Canals being tendered by the Collector for the
1 the stem is 1 to 2 inches iu diameter. in order. He then directed him to
established and ask me first what do estimate -
V l V The Otaheite grows i in Jamaica,it is said, lands fertilized will produce a better designed throughout you several years in the Legislature of this change the desk of every clerk whose purpose, they leave for Washington to.

:t to the height of 30 to 12 feet the first quality of Sugar than can be raised"' on continental Europe and in all the South the practicable cost, per ton, of I State which position has brought mo in duty it would be to work on the bids, so I night

4 V V year, with steins six inches in circumierence -] the black, so-called,"sugar lands. An ern and Western States of North Amer-,, haodJog'general merchandize, say from with 'some of the that no desk would perform the work Chamberlain left CoJumMa

,: and joints si ix inches apart." actual U'ial proves that a compost of ica. Leading business men in the oh vessel to car and vice versa, the car being I contact most experienced which he expected to perform. For in- last night to attend the Lexington cen-
The London Encyclopedia : "The muck or marl is the best possible fertilizer men in this country on the ub stance, the who would have tenma.The
I't '!. .' sugar cane or saccharum efficinarum says of for the sugar cane, ,and muck and word and in the South and West compose placed alongside the vessel; same II ject.of,commerce and .water transportation worked on clerk Texas routes were Ne an Courier says he has decided -

V;:( .I V the Botanist, is'a jointed reed, commonly marl abound everywhere.Good the membership, of the Society as to cotton; same as to for in barrels' and I would here say that I draw changed to perhaps Alabama or some to veto onerous tax bill passed

( $f ':'1 V measuring! (the nag part not included]) withcane.cultivation It wi known accomplish that wonders onesmaU'planter The Branches in this country will send Also the cost of transferring grain from I quite freely from the experience.of others other State, while the Alabama clerk by the session.legislature This action at the will close of the recent -

:! '' 6 from three and half to seven feet inc with their official endorsements to the vessel to cars alongside ot elevators. were put on Texas bids &c. The give great V

J V .', height, but sometimes rising to twelve near Piclat duringthe his London office all local information 1. General merchandise can be ban I in this communication to )00.: I was immediately executed, and the un satisfaction the State.to property-holders throughout
with .
.. feet.' past year, no exept own I my iJeas and estimates are of any vlue scrupulous contractors, who had already
I t t t"' :, V Mr. Bcckford, an eminent English authority little.boy made from two acres of land cerning the soil, climate, agricultural died or transferred from vcofcl to car, i to you, it gives me great to made their arrangements on the .old New Oreap.April 14.-The V

.; in his account Jamaica, says: forty barrels of sugar and five hundred. resources, openings for profitable investments or from car and stowed, in., vessel, at submit them to your pleast' basis,and the corrupt clerks were thrownon laur nOD to-day and Lg

S 't "It, In common, rises from 3 to 8 feet or gallons of syrp. el cult'ate from one and by the parent Society thirty cents per ton of 2,0 pounds; II I :' their beam ends at the last moment. orderly that has amble for

.l more in height; 'a difference of growth aero of fair thousand sent with its official endorsement, the wages of men employed not to exceed am yours very truly, They determined not to be bame however many year. The -
V ; very strongly marks the difference of soil twenty-five to thirty-five c"ncs. t i A. C. MATTOOX. and at once set to bers were sworn in and a resolutionwas
I or the varieties of culture." Seed cane.has been sold in Jaksonvie. Branches overEurope and 'in vouched twenty cents per hour. At a genera evie adopted in the House referring the
f I
in the estimates and -
'\\. within a week, at thiry-fre'dolar& per for the local organizations and dissemi- distributing point like Cedar Keys,where concur ( practicability A NEW SCHEME claims of those included in the awardto
i forth herein Mat-
thousand. nated among'the people of Germany marks and destinations must be looked ).as set by Mr. in order to accomplish their object, and the Committee on Elections, which
that ,
S TheLondon. Encyclopedia says Why'do not more men 'go int"cane loon as to cost of transportation, &c., with the stated. It will report Both
France and other very closely and labor isj required to result'already soon tmorow. pae
in in St. countries. t
: cane planted particular: spots culture?!' Italy
1 : seem to
and is based became the bids accept
judgment on investigating
will upon a practical patent, ,
Christopher Island have yielded 8,000 There are several answer to this very Through this system, or net-work or; separate the goods cost forty I that there were irregularities of opposition, making the compromise a
of measured to the acre, ,The real value .t Ii.i. experience. as .General Agent for cern
V V pounds sugar natural queston. First local organizations, reliable informationmay cents per ton to do necessary work. kinds, and the suspicion soon success.
*r and the avcrrfge crop nearly two hogsheads of this crop, the perfect adaptation I have no experience as to the I handling the Northern Transportation Company of the bids ars with The
bo circulated abroad and in such a some were stamped a April 14.- Post Of
b of 16 cwt. acre for the whole i '
V per to it' of our soil and climate, have not of Ohio, (consisting 21 steamers) for Wabingn.
counterfeit To
: T of the.land Jn ripe cane .In the newAmerican I L-nnwn? RAnniL Tlmrft hAq manner as to command. the .canfidenw. of cotton, but should think that it could< : stamp. mat has information that
t V encyclopedia, It is stated : h.r.lJ.been a difculty In procuringseed of the immigrant and capitalist.A be done at less rate than almost any the past Lwenty7uars. ter, 7udge Tyner,Second Assistant the parties who secured thecontracts

V V;I 'The yield of sugar in the Southern ; Third, ha prevailed an of and other kind a rough freight in Cnxs. ALLISON. Agent. master General, took a batch of the bids for a large: number ot the mail routes ia
system delegations consc
l VV zoo to tho counter-. to the Treasury Department, where the
States from to 2,000 pounds when States
that, though profitable systematically
: opinion : of the I fully concur fix the estimates set the'Vester a
delegations between the two countries quenco uniformity in size and as impression of the was subjected
acre ; in the West Indies, 3,000 to ,000I cultivated on. a large scale requiring stamp offering to sub-let them,'thereby in effect
I .--.- pounds and in the East Indies, the much capital, it.would notpay the small it designed by the Parent Society. In weight of bales. As regards the handling forth in the within and annexed communication -I to a microscopical tst A careful examination assuming the position of route bro

I V r V Highest product is about 7,000 pounds. cultivator having limited means;Fourth, their visits to tb Branches. they of flour in barrels. it can be taken on the subject of transportationby was all the impressions kers. One party in Kansas h sent a .

L V ADAPTABILITY FLORIDA TO THE Until latterly the machinery necessary b c acquainted with the representative wi- from vessel or:car and stowed in car or steam and other barges.: My Information the were found to have been made by postal cards inviting bids sab-letting
--. > the juice and manufacturing genuine 'stamp. Judge Tyner returned specific routes, and stating on a printed .
1 : V CULTURE OF t l E. for expressing business men of this vessel, or piled upon wharf at two cents on the subject is derived from and took' another batch of
connrty. They up
that he had C
the expensive sixty-five routes
1 r V topic greater practical :and immediate be- and not sugar within the reach very of small will thereby become thoroughly informed per barrel, including cooperage.. Grain an experience twenty-fve 'years i bids, when number of counterfeit impressions poster dispose of, and will send OD t

; j importance'can possibly can bo transferred from vessel the business owner steamers, vessels were,found. I was then evi- application. eatoge
regarding the business car a
i "jrought! to the attention ?f the farmers pl planters.Allthesc.obstacles projects to f dent that beyond a a counterfeit
.1: r : and planters of the State;; for much as are rapidly disappearing calling for capital and labor. A email a cost of.3-10 of one cent per bushel[by and barges, being the first of a firm stamp was and the Post- Washington; April 14.-Inquiry at the

: : V V has been said and written upon the mat- ad more sensible better party of leading citizens of England either stationary or floating elevators.In to introduce the system of barges .on master, in"nitenc.seton foot the Post Office nt shows, that lathe

ter of cane culture in Florida, the real Sounded opinions are beginning pre- visited this last fall. The tide harbors, for simply transferringgrain Lake Ontario.. ALBEKT F. &xrrn.a investigation which resulted in the discoveries adjustment of Gor. Bard's accountsas
last Mechanical Ingenuity country
V value of this' and full adaptation of vail. .And now .at Postmaster at Atlanta, involving the
V our State to crop its successful cultivation, has come to our aid. and many of the party ''&John Crossley, Esq., the floating elevator i is preferable. it already be notd In the this connection disbursement of some $9.O.and -

I 4 VV are as yet unknown to most of our peo- varieties of sugar mills and evaporators M. P-the largest carpet manufacturerin This estimate i predicated upon'a'fair Swam from Dover. _to Boulogne. ,has may not yet closed, but was investigation in progress ing his7 account, i bac of
and fully appreciated by few. In are offered to.wose.who desire to go Into the world amount.of business'for tho elevator twenty-three cents in his ."
I 4'V pie, the and manufacture of and one of the most favorably so A dispatch to the New York Herald, tay. with some prospect of

t V the pamphlet prepared for the State are raising inspection of the various sugar.A mills known business men of Great that it may bo employed half to three- dated.at Boulogne,. says Paul other culpable parties.
r statements. that cane can:be grown on cursory the choice of the Britain. Mr. Crossley member of the time. AprlUth. None of the clerks implicated are ondut. The consisting of Flagship
to the Fleet
almost any of the soils of the State: on now presented sugar being a Boynton swam across English ban.
i Several have Kansas
but have Shawmut. ,
4 ; .some, of course,, more successfully than planter will convince any one that now, of theY parent Society, receptions were I 2. In regard t water transportation, nel on the previous day. A steamer"i informed that resigned their resignationswill Ossipie, ,Ironclad

- a others; that in far the greater portion of at least, the expensiveness need not deter of the necessary from- given him byVthe Branches in the South ,i from the best information I am_' able to with reporters'and spectators followed. not be acc pted.--.Wash. Star. Pints and Hospital Ship Pawe.Dcr.leave

rf -r/ the State it rattoons, or.!springs'up from machinery planting. any and, West.. He was so. favorably l impressed obtain, and from my own knowledge'of The weather turning ,rough, and the our harbor to-day for Port Royal, S.
the old roots and so does noUbr several sugar
I: V requires, replanting; that" it pro- Deeply interested, the extension of with the operations of the Society the freighting business by steamers; I pilot declining to guide him further ,in Genera News. Ca., where it is hoped they may be free

V V years and is sugar planting in our State fully be- and of the good 'it should say.that it will cost two mills per the darkness he taken from all harm. respectfully_suggest -
L j .ouccs more largely more easily might accomplish was on boar Dan., Bryant the celebrated Negro to the Hon. Secretary of Navy,
V cultivated in Florida than .in any other lieving that Florida can' easily, becomethe thai he was elected President ton per mile for miles. ,The same the steamer
V' Sugar State of the Union.'and fully 'of 1,0 near Cape Grianey, Minstrel died in New York on the 10th that he feed the fleet during this summer

'Vk State pounds not excepting of and Louisiana 300 gallons; that of aware that a.wrong: idea.of the great the home organization on his return to work can be by barges of 1,0 miles from land.. He had been in the instant. He was in the 42d year. Thedifferent on chicken broth; they deserve it, ,from -
t t 1,500 sugar has England. tons burthen towed by a steam barge ol water fifteen hours and had 1 the gallantry displayed in leaving our
V of the machinery distance
I molasses have been raised to the acre. expense necessary wam a theatres propose to give a ben
\ arisen ;a bug-bear deter many The Society is the same burthen and of sufficient power! of fifty miles the taken port upon an imaginary eii. gt
I : .Doubts have occasionally as to I a strictly nontrading.Its pilot having fit to his widow. ten up expressly to
S the correctness of these statements, and i from entering upon this..exceedingly .constitution expressly forbids any to tow one barge; at one dollar 1010 I a wrong course. Mr..Boynton was but a jolly time in New York.-Key of theGulf.
7. opinions expressed that they must have I profitable culture, I deem it entirely pro in per ton of 2,000 Ibs., full 'cargoes each little and could Captain John A. Webster, Commander '
speculation whatever. It fatigued safely have
V ., been exaggerated, for, otherwise, per to'call the attention of our planters, trading of the United States revenue cutter
I I f r V would immediately go into everybody sugar and all those who are hesitating to embark supportsi itself and. raises the necessary way. Wit full cargoes one way and remained EIX hours longer In tho water. Chase on Lake Ontario, died atOgdens- .

t : .cane culture. V in the cultivation of sugar cane, to funds for.the circulation of the information half cargoes* the other, the diferencewould His ,feat is considered ,a.,,great success, bnrg Tuesday evening last, after a short SAMUEL B. HUBBARD, V
the great mills now .Offered the be |.off from each illness of pneumonia....He was an officer -
4 4 The superiority of Florida over any varety.oCugat bjr Branches, &c., by an ful cargoes fully demonstrating the of his '
4:1: V' other section of the United States in by ,of our city. annual membership fee of way less the amount time and faelsavedwhich life-saving suit. utit of much experience, having commanded Jacksonville, F.J.. -
Mills be seen here that have groundone twenty-five stations
can the
lij I adaptability to the growth of cane, is V should crcdited the VsiiatSsSeveral on
dollars bargeto

'TX' V: ; '. mainly the greater based length upon,of her the wilder, seasons climate., and ,hundred and are gallons sold at in$225.twenty-one There minutes are- Wo have thus endeavored, very partly offset the J. short argoan(D The Health of Key West. he Atlantic served and as'Pacific a third coasts. Year on ago theIron Importer and ,Dealer i

t the correspondingly\ longer growth and mills of all sizes, and adapted to the briefly t give A synopsis of the object per cent to full cargoes one way to The hurried departure of the fleet so ,steam cutter Jefferson.The .

V V rV larger size of the cane. In Mr. Flelchxnan's wants of any individual planter,or those and plans of.tho International equal to full cargoes both ways. long stationed here, and the HARDWARE. IRON AND STEED V
of neighborhood and in price move- hst.exo Hon. James M. Shade of Middle-
a vary
dus of
from three to fire feet is our Northern
V as report the size-of cane when from $60.to 8250. V A inspection of ments.- How successful it will become My estimates are also based upon.continuous to be deeply vlitors.by citizen mUer bury, Vt., died at that place on the E TL.TAL a.P
given ,
while in Florida from five to these mills will be interest to the depends on many considerations.. It Is. navigation the year round and not simply-becus ,of th ever evening of the 10th inst. He was lieutenant CUTLERY,

1 V ''V het be takennstheavemgothzet practical plantr" and as well to him however effort, in the sufficient depth of water to navigatesuch diate but because of the're Imme Governor of Vermont from 1856 .
V Nails Oils
my an right direction patronage Glue, Putty, Paints, ,
to 1858 inclusive and held ,_ Gl.
t of the cane over the whole extending who. estimate'the capacity and such merits the barges as 'are described below. I vival of the bad reputation which prejudiced ha many i
Stt and
and adaptation of to the cultivation support other important offices of trust in the LEATHER
from to south miles Flordi j mendacious hare
nrt nearly patronage of business include lamy estimates expense, the persons State.
4 V "' and with f ctr 8, l2fect a of sugar cno. te community. maintenance, .depreciation and intereston heretofore"'endeavored to bestow upon STOVESTINWARE.CROCKERY.PCMTS.
V quite --' our.Island. Sioux City; Iowa, April 8.-It is stated V "
cmmo Flord i 8
_ _ V V lot leu the ,New York do everything on'a'grand Strong i not Sweet. cost of two barges, (one steam,)cost The readiness with which malicious here'that the story telegraphed fromYanckton .. Lead and Iron Pipe, S

- Gu the Gof Stream,and is of such scale-even' providing the means of Rev John Tyler, Jr., his ing about.$83,0 and a barge;without reports are ,received and circulated, i and Springfield regarding the
expresses DOORS.SASH.BLCn> ;
and ,of such narrow intoxication furnishes Owens been the S10tIGSUC
pninu steam, costing about $17,000, and well exemplified by the eagerness : brther having to
of the Savannah .to wit
its climate is essentially with rather opinion Ne in the Black and returned is fabrica- V
us some startling figures which not.only New York, but a
V gether Mills
.. 1 V aeort by its being constantly t. upon the 'subject. According to a recent closing paragraph of a recent letter in bushels having, a carrying' capacity of nah and New Oreans papers,have seized' tion. It is claimed that they were onlyat ,Evaporators, & :

I soft and balmy article, the licensed In the I a style that 'avoids1! the. accusation of 66f of wheat and sufficient upon a yelow fever at'bur Plum Craek trapping. Some of the Gas-Fitting Jobbing, aJ Tut

- 1 !! both Ocean' and Gulf and thereby 1 city amount In round 'numbers:to 7,000! diffuseness which the News alleges fuel for team barge for round trip,'in,a port, and enlarged. ..exaggerated ,a gold said been obtained in the S"iA f t {RIfnr. .',. V dry
V much better fitted for the growth of cane graded from $250'to $30 fees per annum -1 him follows draft of water'not exceeding'nine feet. very simple case sickness, into a Bla Hills has been exhibited here.

and tropical fruits. ,'and yielding last year a revenueto against as :, Such barges as I have..'nb estimated tilence. The, blame: of falsity. Is ps miner say}t ha been dug several Ladies'underwear,be. BUCKVS.M ..
In a article! on sugar cane, in the the municipality $527,330.. The As to All of which I sbal not stoop to however to)be ascribed, press years as It shows signs of wear from o a V

T -V V newAincrican Encyclopedia, the'cUm average daily reefpt to keep up with bandy words with but proceed for would be In size a follows. :V Length, alone, but to'certain this place, handling.. This >exposure causes considerable -

L : tic disadvantages attedig th cultivation rents and oter. heavy expenses cannotbe sententiously to denounce him to the pub 190 feet; beam, 82 feet; depth of hold, who have.abused teir paresln omcll positionand excitement. The exhibitors ORRIS A. DZIALYSK

of the sugar ce ,V are less $20. Probably tat Is a lic,as a hireling assassin private reputation feet have certainly destroyed reputation have left the,cityA

U1 stated. a follows: small average, but it represents daily cursed in his moral nature, the I submit the- V V for by forwarding to V V
-- 'Yet th climate of Louisiana-itself total of$140,000 per day pad for drinks. fitting editor of a scurrilous' defamatory herwit disburement Washington New York garbled and Omaha, April Emigration west .AUCONE
fr S of that best suited the this that mendacious and receipts of a trip unprecedented; 9,300 have. pas V
I nor to Carrying through day. and sheet, which'i being untrue accounts of our sanitary condi war V V :AND V
_ V V plnt the tne being frequently killed maka up the year, and 'weYhave.an alcoholic from thehouseholdof dn dir Cedar Keys to any point up the Mississippi tion. We dO not.blame'our"friends of March 1st, while i000; waited
S_ i t frost after starting In the spring, aggregate of V $ ll0O. But of Sotr birth and blood, of i 700 miles, making a distance of the Army, Navy,,Engineer Depa for cars. V COMMISION MERCHAN
I : and mttyJn the latter of In addition to these slons ( party, the community in which Cedar went, for to New York The
a par ( 1,000.miles from: Keys. Estimated i"lhing. April 11.- Herald '
-te -AU
of merchandise on
:!* V 8d i.ovmb. t which are taxed for their privileges, live, and whi but for more respectable., monotony '.for.the this discusses at length edito kIn auction mf c
which unlicensed time for the round trip, 18 days, gaiety morning a sd ,pnn .
its least .
; t diunia production there arc at 2,0 saloons truthful ably conducted journals of a Northern city ; but the means war cloud in Europe and con t\\
_ S V sugar. In 181, in New York, whic.will bring fJ' Georgia of similar political senti which I make up a follow: Taking have been used by some-of the officers raly alder te renewal of war, between ETCTT description of goods t me for-1

_SI' frosts thus occurred i April as late ASthe22d the total expenditure .tmulat' men would long ago have consigned t in Cedar Keys', 2 days;running stationed here to accomplish their deal- Germany tat'a, France would involve wiUbedispoMdofisBEST C
1 V ; und on the 20th of to more than$ ,: principles and interests carg have
reprehensible- the other ,
19t t 'miles from CedarKeys, fij 're beeJ ;say nations.. The cause of this state POSSIBLE
_ !November.- I lovembt. .1859, the over $60 for every man'oa and proposes t ave, and only advocatesciui tme. 1,0 east; tb have., either been worse I of uproar' and unrest is that the late nou
_ e V V ,: cold.was very ver tho'l1t child in'the metropolis., ,Of te"'IO, \ the debauchee and after days; discharging cargo, 2 day; taking tightened than fs.becomingJulL'grown Franco-Prussian war was unjust, and to owner,and prompt and accnxsM reform

c ,,14th and.15th iu all parts grade of Jlns there arf3,9., the manner' of a blGkar VV !In cargo, cotton, sugar pr g ,, days;; men, or they,.been guilty'ot most un- :ended in unjust peace. Germany's attitude & -

V 'i,the thermometer on the 14th standing mark the poorer : Yours l return.trip to Cedar Keys,42, days; un warratable misrepresentation: The fat I Belgium is threatening, PALMETTO B'; 1
j 11&& 25 deg. F. at New and thick classes in search-of.spirituous liquors. TYLER In.L towar "S V S
Orl V JOl loading days; time for roundtrip concernh3gtheV8tteOfhOft1tli. in and argues that .Germany 5"71'
; n He er
totl Ja
ice formed in southern In addition to: these are 2,09placcithattoOk
+4 ; ter -L 18 days.; ,, city are very easily arrived at; and are fearing civilization! by a direct
_ F J_ The effects ot this' was that out alt licen .Por'Royal, 'April IS.-The United DISWUIMBXT V Von OURS not such as to"confute or frighten a mind i war upon t France, will a conflict 'Carpetbag and LacGe*".Companion*a BUCKVS.

;. p was everywhere frozen, and ICnya$30 each; anduheyarethe frgtsWorester. Plymouth and tons coal, T. do not desirous o( .Sometime .with .Belgium. precpitt
eland wIiIcltbad previously,given Above l8r prof! moderate. iocma Sh& or, hospital .Fay officers dY O, i.a 7-1. ago a strange, lull-starved'and.fend France,,and that would attck bring upon : WHITE PIGS ,
ktwo hogsheads t the nereylediugbarJy : als"that four; ,out. ship ;Pawnee, and the ) 11 b:5'; : 0 less man lay himself! down to one side "or the other pbbly' Eng PREMIUM nR
- balfa and this of inferiorI every six dollars w arrived from;Key West '0 die. lij eachaS, a'pafrJ"ChesUr
hoh td I l1utzct Pint to-day. Uieofsowlngbawscrwuza&csday ,* "I 59 to"" Ue.wu'rem ioYe(1.tGthe hospital, land, and .The next war 'c HA01
us1 Itly.
V V ,, I quality. ,' is also,subject to cme from those who dep frigate Colorado'arrived yestrday. Eztr*' labor tossing._ dDI/4i'c l i where' 'die:' from the effects in of allies, andte"He CRa ImP.* >el$3: -
joaconlinucddroughswhIcIiseriomzsJy i toilfor; sabslitencefcw ..Yok2L'U7C' The entire fleet tons,tnrhkiing elevating c. *R of ,anduprivation manifesting' !- ma'1 FcKtoft vtStcfafrti for tfamM
.--S : 1;nowher V & lat Investment iS days ; 16* : exposure predicts.that Germany's next flt < *r

i : V :* V "*!:jJu t' growing V ,,'V c.n! .<,'..V'-V'? ': V ,;:'V V j-tj 1-:1!,' !! ,..;; : .l.' fr.. .''.::: I t !..well.j :. :oIb: > 'd.j 1.-',V 'V'.J :. VVL.! ; ,', V i : wattage; of cargo_ ,it- -per 1,000!_ buia''; ._, ;66*_ op"jj.s 6 i U'i-.l alter his.death" ,-'J ??symptoms V V vC-k-isw Jj of* ; .yel-.( ,vco wnot be aa easy onev. i "HIJbb.Add'N.P.BYD QC e P :

_i:, :; I .


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-' _" : =L _".; ">/ 4t h'.J.. .. _,< ', } .:,. -".,'"... ,...<. ".' "A.S'r' .,""7. ".4".- _ _
; : .
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: : "of! ; ;

_,._ .. ._ ... JACKSONVILLE.SATURiDAyrARiOV; f' ; T87 : -

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CITY consumption. Feeling that his end -Our boukvardt NO RING LOW PRICES 1 HONESTY SS U
NEWS.I was are being rapidly OTICE ; S'S:UOTXLa AND BOARDING BOUSES.HYGEIA I c. ;. ,'

._ ,_--I rawing. near ;he left Enterprise fa the motto at Rich's emporium. wittfIFAITHHOPE N .
on wiped out by Mr. Thebaut; and when ; ____ -' '1' ._

-sATtrnDAMOflNINGApri1- -. Monday morning by the"David Clark blondes and brunettes of Ya keedom, : 'AND :NEW .PHOTOGRAPHS THE .HOTEL, TN THE DISTRICT COURT of

17. &75. intending to :seek his home and die merge from the Grana 'National next The last but not least is found CHARITY by baying groceries: JUST PUBLISHED BY THE"l| OLD'POINT COMFORT VA. ER J. *THUNTTED DISTRICT OF STATES.FLORIDA.FOR THE, .NORTH

'.-- among his friends. However, as the winter some tradesman from New from Rich._ jo-jitf S FLORIDA "I ROBERT M MONGIX. l In Adaunlty.

""" .SemiWeekly New South. vessel approached the city on Tuesday England CWm probably expos his oleograph *' .IS The attention.Northeaa* tourists caW to tile' S S w. S Ubdia_ -
The Steamer
STUPENDOUS SACRIFICES advaatagM-of retoraiag aoat byway of southeast tar'1.buj- .i

Various circumstances among which evening, he rapidly grew worse and expired tor* sale >over the spot cons Daily> hourly' and momentarily disposed, of at the i' ,PHOTOGRAPHIC PRINTING.. Virginia and taking rtst at tile buonacdiata Point. boats 1KkJe. aat5na urs. '

numerous bills from which we find shortly after his arrival. l for years to the manufacture of xi-t4tf _GBSAT Sotrraxuf AND PUBLISHING CO. THE HYGEIA HOTEL Fr. MONROE. ctaimiatt''THttTS ta.said GIn sssaaxr NOTiaC.aber.a.a.1'IJ'aD'pcno.tackle.

ire to collect enough to pay 4-r n, -p_ pork pies. Alas! for the stability of OLD POINT COMFORT VA. apparel and foreleg.or kavwing having anything
itimpossible to saywtay die same 1hattN.be
of issuing the semi-weekly Personal humanthings.*' ATLANTIC, .BAY STREET'. ". ,.r. Tickets.Seaboard and Roaaokc Railroad will al- eel form the kbel;that they be aad appear before Ie
the expense II W aH well regulated fiuniKes purchase their groceries of' J I ACksoNVI.LE PL4.ton % t.passengers 10 lie over at Norfolk Portsmouth,or District Coat of ibs UaiMd Stats W the Northera
Socrn, have combined with the F. E. Hams Esq. pf the Ocala Banner Rich Folk's Block Bay street. ,?.? tf i FCIrI Mouse.Ta BycUuatlBK beosfe oa S. It R. tatrktrf Florida at the u.C tf S
jjjv Correction of an Unfounded Report. Railroad aad having ft checked to fun Mourn there acksoavUk. at xt o'clock a... oa bs 2sd1 day of
rtpitllr increasing demand for the weekly dropped i in on us the other day. will not be the least sraabteotciwi .ad frees these April A. D.187$.lithe saawsUa Wa day Wjansdwtua
efforts Editor Jfeto South :-The rumor in GREAT EXCITEMENT I points they will have the choice two fust-classroom ,otbowls oa tile next 8J of hrriufccttea tacreaf.ter .
to Induce us tw devote our to Te had not seen the boy since he started Over the political canvass, but NEW VIEWS OF ST. AUGUSTINE; to the aMIdIe aDd three to the New England State .then and there to Interpose a data and stake aD.-
circulation that at the last of greater over Rich'sspkadid pdoa ia that behalf.
meeting NEW
of the weekly and ton his too VIEWS OF ST. JOHN'S RIVER
the ioproTement moustache, and were somewhat unprepared assortment groceries. io-itf NEW TRRMSjx per day$17.50 per week. SHERMAN CONANT.
the JEtna.Sieam Fire so VIEWS OF GREEN COVE.
pend until fall, the publication of the for so brigandish a looking Engine Company 50 NEW VIEWS OF MAGNOLIA. Rooms engaged ia advance. Address -wt t7.S.MarshclNonhenDist.ra.LEGAL .

WBu.ww>V.ly. Then we shall hope tojesnme visitor. Frank was in good spirits andas Capt.H.T. Baja moved: "That each NATIONAL BANK 50, NEW, VIEWS OF HIBERNIA AND' BLACK 3'04 des5 H. PHOEBUS.Old Point Comfort Proprietor.Va. PEREMPTORY SALE OF VALUABLE

the semi-weekly. In the meantime happy as a mocking bird. He member of the Company deposit ten FIRST CREEK : : .r.[ SA mUl.I.TIMBER LANDS AND

all unexpired contracts for subscription ported that he had re- dollars in the Treasury before concluding OF FLORIDA. so NEW VIEWS OF MAYPORT AND FORT MANSION HOUSE. PERSONAL PROPERTY.
a very satisfactory GEORGE. fit tJ Distract
'to positively give an excursion to c-rt.r 1M VmiieJ SUU fr tl*
and advertising in the scmiweeklj interview with Bro. McLin the man JACKSONVILLE. so NEW VIEWS OF JACKSONVILLE. PORT ROYAL S. C. I utsrn DiItnd VP'onim.
will t he carried out in the week- who wields the cleaver so fatal to editorial St. Augustine is unfounded. No such Tkt tnly JfaiifHfl Sank i* &trlit lie IS'&sts.S 59 NEW VIEWS OF WEST 'AND MIDDLE I.PANY.Bankrupts.the matte of the PENNSYLVANL TIR OM. :

motion was made by Capt. Baya or any i FLORIDA. The NEW CITY.smote oa tile South Atlantic coat. Nq.it7.
jr which will be issued every Wednes- heads. We are glad our friend Exchange OB Savannah and New York sold,and Exchange aDd at the terminus of the Port Royal Railroad. The t .March i' By order of the Usited States Court
other member. The rumor is no doubt on all Northern points bought,, STEREOS._AND LARGE SIZES gnat desideranjm.soJong,required ther*.is now de tor the Eastern District ofPctmtyhrmma,Ia Bankzupacy.
retains his. veloped.Respectful. The following described Real Estate Wilt lie sold at -
4I3.The NEW Sorrn will be more got op for the express purpose of injur. AT CUR.1C.D."TRATES. /'tie Soperintendm BodenignedL lately public auction oa WEDNESDAY,April 140" 15.at

weekly J. O. Matthews, Esq., of Orange ing Capt. Baya and the reputation of now ready at REDUCED RATES ., Augusta..Gs.,"--cet-thai oa tier jjtk last she to. ..,atApslacbiaga.TV f.vtfa r-"ty.Florida.
devoted to the satisfaction of DIRECTORS AKD STOCKHOLDERS wJl open theNEWLY AH that certaia piece or pared of land situate .?
and more Lake, is in the city. He hangs out at the Company by throwing cold wateron : PHOTOGRAPHS AND FERROTYPES Franklin c-.r.SfaIe of florid west of the ..
increasing interest in Florida F.regs.. ,- -- -Xtm*. CONSTRUCTED AND NEWLY FURS kola treer.and north of c dwkns of.ApsJaei.i -
the rapidly the St. James.W. the contemplated excursion to the TOH*Oax. Esa.. S taken daily. NISHED cootamiBg thirty fjo)acres of bad- ,lese wir
which is being felt throughout the JOD. F. E. SPhOOJI, W*A. MCL", : q., the large saw-mill engine,batters and IUd&iaaY _I

will continue to labor J. Binns Esq., of Brooklyn, N. Ancient city. Yours, &c., PaULA .. ? A. FAIBCBIU, EIq.. Visitors wishing good Photographs can only be sup : >.MANSIONFor cut 61ty thousand so.-)Ieee if loabry copIere.to per
United States and AM'-L Eaqv'C. Gawcr.w &. plied at this establishment.S 3-31 tf S lay; 8110. wte5. tJIC-bo aDd machinery bar
in the interest of State development V.. and W.. J. Acker, of Washington, J. C. AXDBEU, W.C.SQCtxs, M. Bosrwtcr & private and transient boarders. Confident of herability two hundred taoosaad(2co.ouG)feet.1 fhwbv-; -_ S

rteadily are registered at the Waverly House. S c'ty. .tna S. F. E. Co. September, 1'74. it-4-iy Fine Business Suits at BUCKr-s. from past experience she will sealously thousand(Loon cross Be.saw,.saw-Meih.UeZ S5ecuttfagtooto. "' S
BUM and T
washers c7
and consult the all wagon :
progress. comfort of who may paaoaiM.. and M about three ttaaand( .)x.Gldloice UmbeV anl:
S. '
S. Packard Portland Me. and terms the most favsrabU.
The wilt "SO feet by hJrtTbt
-- NEW ago two anries
M. Pease and containing cylinder boSers.3
family of New Dated fret
Religious. S Ma5rck lj.'5r If
The Tax Books are BOW open fOr the aa.i.m"t of -q by 36 encbengiaahousaSnfertby6G; the enoia*h -
York have arrived at the Grand ;Na- .inches by 4 feet stroke feed and fire
The usual 10 a. m. bigh mass at the ; city taxeS for the year 1875. Office at my store.Bay LICENSED A G., & W... T. CO.'S,RAILROAD. CLARENDON HOTEL largest slat.with iso feet;of># inch rubber pumpofBbJw's ose. _

Church to-morrow will not be ional.W. street. Blank can be had on application.M. .L3.. THE Tb"_mil1 contaiiM two MX(6 feet arentan.with
Catholic A. DZIALYNSKI. S the necemary edgers and ba1tioc4.e. 5
Immediately after the 6.30 a. m. J. F. Boardman, Mrs. Boardman 4-W City Tax Assessor. CITY BILL-POSTERS._ FRO)5tFERNANDINA ? GREEN COVE SPRING, FLA., The au.nearly completed is bulk of baa -
held. aDd lift.6s fret keel.fo feet over all.xB fcelTSS. I
service. Father Duran leaves for May- and family, of Hartford Conn., and F.A. We earnestly desire to call the attention of the business TO CEDAR KEYS. Is now open for the seasca.TERMS with e 15 feet br 15 feet j screw 5 kit..aU in good _.
BUY YOURSELF A HOME.A people Jacksonville to our new method of keep- or I
to celebrate mass there. Fanning, Esq, of Boston, are among ng them before the public eye. We will have nearly a come sotrrn. S ,Rco PER,DAY. All the machiBeryabove-meationedboriha best _
port the recent arrivals at the Mon crief House. \ ..*-on St.John's river is oSered for sale. hundred attractive boards in aU the prominent places wn. and approved style.and ready far nse. The real -
I One of the meet desirable places in the vicinity of Jack in the will sity give will fun attend to alt that posting ail work and distributing.and will be well. Fernandina__ a.m__ 4 45..... a.m...... 4 45 Special. arrangements by the week. estate upon which the null and appiirtesxuKes are situ- S _

New York and Femandina Steamship Dr. and Mrs. Mourraille; of New sonrflle containing 28 actfi-.boat I acres ready for dong and on liberal guarantee terms. Order received at John I.. Callahan_? 6 s__ 6 30. 6 2S_ 6 30 'amwilt 1,500 cash be oa sold day upon of sale the and following the balance terms, to wit-

Line-Reduction of Fare. York, and Henry R. Christian of Ga., planting. For particulars apply' at the countingroomof Edwards office. f.4- 7-3t[ DIVINE & COOPER. Baldwin-_, __"10 7 j 40-_it 9 oo 0210_ 7 a6 40-_10 9 on]1 teiDuraveenntrofled exclusively by this Ho oa delivery of the deed and.the residue m equal one-fcunh pay .

The'Sew York and Fernandina steamship at the THX NEW SOCTH. .4-tstf Gainesville._ __ia 50..... x 0611 s6-la OJ meats three six and twelve months tbemfW,swured -
are staying Metropolitan. .. ... WARM SULPHUR by bond and mortgage&c As to.of. the '
COLUMBIA HOTEL S. C. Archer... .__ 2 -o.-. 2 17- t not 05Eronson SPRINGS ;
leaves cash.
steamer Leo Ripeity terms
company's _
3 os-- 22 i 33- 39 S
AN EXCELLENT HOMESTEAD, FOR SALE.ioffcrmybomestead1tb,1tdesredtwotiurte _, Fitted HENRY C TERRY Asrignw.
Feroandina for New York immediatelyafter Duval County Agricultural Society. TOE COLUMBIA HOTEL. S. c..the Stat and Cedar Keys.-- $ 33"-p.m 3 33- p.m.-*" .' up 3.24 JW 6i 5 Walnut street PfcA H.pTi. _
or GOIKG sORTE.LamE. noT; com:.J't.'t1NGE".lm
.nest Hotel in the State,continues to be the resort ofall "SWIMMING
the arrival of the 4 p. m. train on FESTIVE MEETING AT JIB. BEATTY'S. four acres adjoining land,the whole now set with the northern and Southern travelers: has the most spa- LZATB. ARKIYX LEAn BATHS. PROPOSALS FOR MILITARY SUP-

neiL Fare from Jacksonville best seedling oranges the only reason for selling being does rooms and the best table the marker affords. In- Cedar a.m.... 8 15-_'a.m......10 30Bmntnn S PLIES.
Wednesday The Invitation extended Mr.James Yites visitors and invalids snjuming at Florida to stay .....10 43-...10 5o.u 25n 31 HARRIS & APPLEGATEDee. .
and by a pecuniary inability to improve the place as it deserves. day two and visit this section of Archer,......._ 3_ Orront Cmzr .
$20 including meals state- over a or delightful n u 3Sn $3- I 30Cainesvillr i,1874. ta-a tf, Pioprietors.TD Q.M-.DaVr.aw tin Sons.
Boattyto the.members and friends of Forty or fifty of the orange trees win undoubtedly bear country,situated midway between the extreme North __11 54..- x 14.-_ t 57..... 2 04 I.Ky..March p.zSy. .' ,
rooms. U the coming season. The whole place offers the best and South. The proprietor pledges that neither time Starkr_-_ 2 $5...... 3 C_. 3 29..- 3 34 PROPOSALS IN TRIP- _
orHart.s the Duval County Agricultural Society nor rapense shall be speed to make his guests cornfortable. Baldwin -___ 4 50- S 15- 5 00.- s i$ IDDELL HOUSE SEALED ,
chance In the vicinity Jacksonville for a first-class Callahan__ 6 c- 6 42- 6 j Line for the Ocklawaha and and accepted at its last meeting for a hotel with spacious grounds,or for a circle of friends AU the mcdera impr'OftmenU-Ratbs. Billiards and Kenundina__ 8 40__p. m- 8 40__ p.a.S ., office and the also at the offices of the U.S.Quar ,

Lakes. festive reunion at his residence, came who wish to live in vicinity as the grounds win easily telegraphic House. communication. are to be found. in the CONNECTIONS, PERNANDINA_. FLA. termasters M..at OB WedDesday.several posts the named 1JJb day below of lfay.nail zS 7S.tacjock > S

*irich for off on Wednesday last by appointment. admit of sub-division Into three or four private resldcncfi. 4-io-im WILLIAM GORMAN- Proprietor. At FERNANDINA.nib Steamer City Point from which tune. and place they wifl be opened! in to _
Okahumkce of
The steamcr .in a wholesome and every WQ drtirahle1oca1it3. Charleston and Savannah,Mondays at 4 a.m.:steamer SAMUEL RIDDELL.MagBifj Pitoriufto,. presence hidden for the delivery ofmOitary supplies I _
months has been running between Among the visitors we noticed Mr. A. }. S. ADAMS. Dictator from Charleston and Savannah Thursdays at dming the Sacal year,beguming Jury a.1873.and end'
two past Dra en and Undershirts,very cheap at BUCKVS. With Lizzie Baker from Savannah iDe J-10.187 as foOow; _
: J. Bidwell President of the Society .. 4 a.m. steamer Palatka and the Lakes, will leave ; Brunswick and SL.Mary', Mondays at 6 a.a J for Atlantic Beach.JVRefreshiag. following named Straw at the

Jacksonville every Thursday morning,: Mr. Codrington editor of the Agricul- WILLARD'S HOTEL. B UILDERS' those points on Fridays at 8 a. nu sea breezes. ter, and Frankfort pests, Ky: .Louisv. NashvUfe.ae. Lebanon Humboldt.Lancas and .. S
At BALDWIN with J P &hi. R.R..from Jacksonville S
We invite the attention of the North S Ch..t..oeea.Taua.Huntsville Mount Vernon;
people going to and .
turist Mr. AND
stopping at landings on the St. Johns ; George ;Burnside, of :the at 4:07 p. m.; for''aca0miU4 at 9:03 a.m. WINTER. Mobile A1.'Atlanta aDd Savannah. Ga.,Charleston SColia.
WHUnTs Hotel Washington D. C. It is one of the
NEW SOUTH 'Mr. Harris At GAINESVILLE,with in-weekly stage line BOARD .Yorkvine and Newberry.S.C.TSdsfor'aar .Fort Job- _
river to junction with the Ocklawaha. ; Findlay ,of the best Hotels in the country,elegantly furnished electric FURNISHING .MILL, Tampa: with stage line for Newnansvflle, Tuesdays : ice,Fort):Mar and Raleigh N.C.aDd. -

Louisville Courier-Journal Mr. Jamison bells elevator and situated the PrcsidCDt' and Frida) Per day- -I _L..- -13-Ptt, A1JE11Iti F1orida. .
and for Silver Spring Lakes Harris ; baths etc.. near Per week,. ..
from fx*to S S
CEDAR KEYS:with and from Ne |J3o of the
At steamers to <* portioa snppCes wilt be..enter.aincu
and Avenue.ATLANTIC FLA. .
mansion fronting oa Pennsylvania
Eustis and Griffin. Mr. J. S. Parker Capt. James J. It JACKSONVILLE, Means, every Saturday. With steamers from Key Satisfactory arrangements made with fuDi1ia. ,

tollansbee H. Richardson W.E.Dale.D. 3.4 Vest and Tampa.Fridays; from these jiaces.Thursavs. Tine livery.ccom. tIOIIa. xx-4-tf afls.Govaameat reserftS th right to reject any or
0 i I With Steamer Cool.from Tampa.dundays j bTampa.
H. Kennedy E. Smith E. IL Deane COAST LINE-PASSENGER DE. Ii i would call the attention Mondays With Steamer Wawenock from A preference will be given to articles domestic pro-
The New Era Advertiser. PARTMENT.WtutncTOM The undersigned respectfully their establish-- uwannee Fridays; for Suwannee,T esdays.D. Percale shirts tt nice,at Bucky s.T3IVERSIDE ducJ S j5
of those building .
contemplating to
The first number of this newspaper 1 I. B. Ovcrton and several others, nonmembers : N.C.,March sat, 1875. i, nent. They are prepared to furnish at short notice all E. MAXWELL.Superintendent.Balmorals. estimated BUnk proposals qnantines and required printed at drcolars.each showing and giving tho '

5-13 post _
makes its first appearance to the citizens of the Society accompaniedby The attention of the North-bound. Travelers is invited dnds of HOUSE,. .- fuUuvtrncuoos as to the manner of btddlag aDd tile
to the fact that commencing March the ad, z8 ,entirely Builders' Material JLX" terms of contract aad payment can be obtained by personal .
of Jacksonville on Tuesday morning numerous lady friends. At noon, new Parlor and Drawing-room Cars built expressly consisting ofRough Bustles aaw'Cl pims.at BUCKY'S. ,{Formerly Rochester House J the or written application to the Quartermasters at _
vanous posts,or to this officer
the the Mrs. Beatty, with a hospitality truly for the service aDd furnished with due JACKSONVILLE FLORIDA.
next For present, proprietorsintend regard to and Planed Lumber SW4AMES A. SKIN,cbiefQI1arTma1ter

Southern, dispensed a very excellent comfort and elegance,will run oa all daily trains between PENSACOLA AND .QOPB ntoM
to issue a weekly edition only JACKSONVILLE. *_ nuvumjt TO MAY.'
Wilmington N. C.;and Portsmouta Va.. IndIrect
but contemplate a daily next winter. collation which having been done full Mouldings, Brackets, The undersigned J.L.Scott one of the proprietors .
communication with the magnificent *"*****of
r Gixia5u.DKJrT's Opncz,! of the franklin House at Highgatt Springs Vermont, U.S.INTERNAL
to members SPECIAL
In size, the Advertiser will be twentysix justice en masse proceed the Bay Line. Scroll and Turned Work TAUAHASSBZ,December x ,187e.J and W. H.Goodrich for years therewith connected as TAXES ', _

by forty inches and contain thirty- to an inspection chaperoned by Mr. Seats or compartments can be secured by telegraph S On aDd'after SUNDAY. DEC-*o, 1874"Passenger clerk those about&c beg.to leave visit to Florida annmmce that to they their have friends taken and the MAY x, 173. TO APRIL TV 1870.

The farm is situated to the undersigned or by application to conductors Srwtti and Rived Lath Fencing trains on ihu road win run as follows: above and -
two columns. Good luck to it. Codrington. about Shinglet House shall do their best to make k a home The Revised Statutes of the United States. Section.
upon night trains north upon Wilmington,Columbia& DAY PASSENGER Daily Sundays cxcepted, to those boarding with them. 3.aad _
J237. >3a.requir*
two miles south of the city on the right ".. The house pleasantry situated oa the banks'of tile ;1'3" 3 every person engaged .: "
J- .LStatCl'OOllll .X. A. M. m any boaNaieM.a- employment whtcb renders .

U. S. Steamer Endeavor. bank of the river. Laid out principallyas and berths upon the Bay Line steamers We have recently enlarged our mill and increased Izave" JicksonriHe Baldwin... 7-,Leave" It..1uwv-Iw.Savannah-'6.oH 8.00 St.lo1m1 Railroad Depot river only and rtmrniaading five minutes walk a fine west view from up and the coospicaously him liable m to his a Special estahfohmmt Tu.to or procure place of and bnalaeia place _

secured our facilities for executing all orders with dispatch. 8.50 .. dawn the river and of the surrounding
conductors of
chit be
a vegetable farm for the local market, by application to day Lake City_io.5o QuiDcyI.JO country. a stamp denoting the payment of said Special Tax for S
The United States Coast Survey steamer has renumerated trains upon the Wilmington &Weldoa Railroads,or Give us a call before going dsewaere. P.M. .., Ta1Iabamce..so.3o Your patronage- S solicited.SCOTT Address the Special Tax Year beginning May s.187$.before
it ,
already handsomely GOODRICH.
Live Oak commencing continuing business after
P.x. April O.18n.
Endeavor Lieut. Commander Hitch- by telegram to the -13.35
be proprietor for the care bestowed, dcrsipcd.A. POPE. 4-U PENNIMAN & CO. "1 Madiso_ a.as ,"" Madison- .-.w &.25 Or L.S S.Scott Highgate Springs Jacksonville Vt. xx-x8 The taxes embraced withia the provisions-of the law. S
cock, United States Navy arrived atC Tallahassee jo Lire Oak4JO above quoted are the following viz:
and as an instance we cite that on 3.3 lOt General Passenger Agent Quincy,n, rr&.ao ," lAke-City.... 6jx Rcctificri" Iaoo-
p. m. on Thursday from Sl Augustine Boots and Shoes.neat and durable at BUCK VS.. Arrive Chauahoochee 9.50 PuM -_ Lao DcaIas.l'dailliquor5- oaMO -

short of coal. She leaves at noon something less than one acre,Mr.Beatty ** Savannah MMM 9.15 Arriiejac&sonvile..._ 9.15 wurER RESORT. Dealers,wholesale Jiqwx_ oa
JUST RECEIVED Dealers ill male __
S liquors a MWS>* 50 oo
las this spring realized $200 from the Passengers can go through to St.Marks Mondays- _
to-dayo; resume the topographical survey and DOW In store t J barrels of that celebrated Black' WILCOX, Wednesdays and Fridays,and return Tuesdays, Thurs, SPENCER-HOUSE, .ST. MARYS. GA. Dealers Dealers ni in leaf.s matt uquon,retail- BOO
cultivation of strawberries alone. oo
ot the coast between St. Augustine Point Plantation Syrup,.made by C.D Brigham. Dealer lays and Salardoa) : Opposite Tenwadina.11a.,now offers First-Oass ac- Retail dealers ia JaIl. _00

The situation is excellent and commands lOoaI VTM. RICH Agent. NIGHT EXPRESS Daily. coulmodatiom at ADd on sales of over it,xxt,fifty cents for _
dollar ia of
an extensive view of our noble .' ,., M.t P. M. _$3 j>er day -f 12 to$18 per week Dealers every---trtred execs i/na. Seo ;

p ONLY CALL MAGNOLIA MARKET. Leave Jacksonville.. 4x10 Leave' Savannah...._ 4x10 With nfl the comforts and conveniences of a Northern Ma.FirIias of still._ 5000sooo
miles. Some idea of the .
An Intelligent Estimate of Florida. river for rapid Families supplied at regular market rates. Baldwin...... 3.351 A. N.I. Home. 'St.Jdarys.1Waacd near the month of the St. And for each manufactured. "
advance in real estate along the banksof as others have done and be convinced that Cheaper Lake Oty.._ 8.32 _" Live Oak..... 3.00 Mary's River. The location awl beakhfubiess of the And foe each worn T** Ttn **nirt_j. soooxo

Mr. Findlay Harris a distinguished arp caa be obtained aDd with greater .tk.t;O" Arrive Live Oak..... ioon! ". Lake Oty_ 4.33 place is not surpassed on the Southern coast.. STR. Manufacturers of mhaccoMaimfin i oa _
the river, may be taken from the fact Also.he atm keeps Aw.I Baldwin._ 7..5 LIZZIE BAKER goes. direct nth* House Parties IIIITII ifcigas--- S as. 00
graduate of the University of Virginia Polite and attentive lrtmm to wait upon every one, Savnnaah__ S.soIAIThr! Jacksonville-. 9.10 having through' ckees can have them exchanged by Peddlers tobacco,first cbs(more thaatvo
that excluding altogether the permanent and small,at THB GHAT SOCTHKMI BAZAAB. IN OLD MARKET of"steamer to St. hoesesorother.i.i..l4 ,.
great A. STALL THE A Train will leave TaHaKassee Sat parser stop over at Marys or any 5000So _
and the Special
correspondent of the 11-14 tf othenpoint desired. Liberal terms made with parties Meddlers of tobacco second cbs(two horses or
Improvements and fruit plants the landas For eke accommodation down-town customers urdays at 3.40 p.m.,arriving a& Live Oak 9.35 p-n*.. desiring make permanent stay. Send for circular. other animals S ___ 5'
Courier-Journal has been in with Savannah Train. leave
Retunun. -
it stands would now sell rapidly for It will FAY to come and see m connecting Peddler of tobacco, third das(one horse or
Live Oak .arriving at Tallahassee a.a. LA
3 a.m. 50 TOURETTEHOUSe.BerecnPointN.7.win other aaimal00,,
town for some He is H. E. WILCOX.Fine _
days. quite enthusiastic twice the price paid for it by its present 4.7 ty S ROBERT open May rst. 1875.S }. BOWMAN Proprietor.'IX7AVERLY ; Peddlers ot tobacco fourth.class(on foot or pub- S

over the natural advantages PHOTOGRAPHS. ..W.u..KER..1.Sopt. s.6m lie s=cetan tooa
owner two years ago., We congratulate Cassimere Shirts stylIsh and durable at Bucky's T.C.SPOONER.Master Transportation. 51 Brcwe SOO bur00 _
State offers to and immigrants taken in the South
capitalists The Finest Pictures ever are now HOUSE Brewcnofco1rre1sormor50000.
Mr. BeaUY upon his deserved success __ '.
and at no distant n Any person,so Cable who shall fail,to comply with .
purposes S
for he has really made a beautiful being made at NOTICE. gentlemen's underwear at BUCKyS SJAcKSONVIlLE. FLORIDA. tile foregoing requirements will be subject to severe .
day falling into line .himself. As his penalties. S
tome, and what is much more satisfactory MAILS. S The "FloJUDA Hon", having bees remodeledand Persons or firms liablff to pay any of the special Taxes _
present visit is more for recreation than ARRIVAL AND DEPARTURE OF SAVANNAH ADVERTISER, refurnished.will hereafter be bon as the Waverly named above most apply to A.A.KNIGHT.Collector!
has reaped a respectable income THE *" "
AuavL cxosx. House. Internal Revenue at Jacksonville'sad pay for and
we anticipate for him such a from his toil. Northern and Western, daily 9:00 A.M. 3:00 P. K. Published Daily and Weekly,at S TFKMS- -.'--IJJM per day. procure the Special-Tax Stamp or Stamps they need,

welcome as, a kindly unassuming and .._- An cxtrtmailUycOak J. J. COMFOk?. x. D. prior to May i,1875,and without furtb-notice. S
Of the Haddea House N. S w. DOt
TO KENT. and all points west will SAVANNAllGEORGILCEO. : Atlantic CiT. J. J. GLs. S
educated gentleman deserves. In Short. leave at 7:45 A. M_. _.. > 7:0 A.M- .. Jm ," S S JEropciccar. oolIaat.&It,_ -
furnished be rented the S
Pleasant, rooms Cart near Rail- Office lateral Revenue
Fernandina and '
-/_- p -The steamer Okahumkee has resumed St.James Hotel. Address Lock bo* 7, P.O. io-a8 road daily .... jrooA-M.t'". '3310 P.II. NICHOLS. F. W.Manager.SIMS Washington,D.C. February I,it/S- _
and Palatka : Publisher. Application may alan be made to- stamps pro-
; >
Saint Augustine HOUSE _
New Pile ,
Driver. S BENNETT ,. coed of S. C. THOMPSON, Collector SJackwAvme.
Line Deputy
her place in Hart's for the daily(bundays excepted) 4:00 P.u.8oo a. ,at

We are pleased to note the building :Ocklawaha and lakes. Weighing 475 1U will be sold for tea cents per pound Key day.West...-,_arrives.every__Uoa- 9OOA...- The ADVERTISER is a lire comprehensive newspaper S S PORT ORANGE FLA., Jacksonville,Ftt.,April tat.1815111 :

eta I ___. .* .publishing the latest News and Market Reports -55
steam pile driver by Messrs. Mar- -One hundred left for the at the Famous Tennessee Beef Stalls,south end o Closes every Thursday S 3'p
passengers from all of the particular attention being
Enterprise. MdonvOle Sand : parts country By MRS. BENNETT & MRS. DOBBINS.
tjck & Hawkins at Brooklyn, near the North yesterday by the steamers. Dictator the market., Abe,Sausage Meat as cents per pound Point arrives Tuesday and : given to Savannah's Local and Commercial flairs, ORANGE PROPERTY :

Pork.15,cents per pound., CBAS. SKAVKY.I SaNrday---. .- ,8:00 A. K. S Thls..rh'ouse noW ready receive guests. It Is :
, machine shop of F. R. Fond. The barge and City Point. .3tf Fort George Yellow Bluff and : IN POLITICS comfortably furnished throughout and is capable of socommodaticg S FOR SALE ON TIME.

i ia provided with the Mayport arrives Tuesday S 94 uests. No pains will be spared S
new machinery, -The Atlantic Coast Line is doing its BUY BOOTS WITH and Friday....-.. 490?.II. The ADVERTISER win be a bold and fearless exponent mair!.tt1?.tabc sartifartncy to.?j patrons. S rha';; made arrangements wick one 01' the largest
engine being of about 20-horse leaves Wednesday and Sat- of the Democratic Conservative Creed. tand-holden the best natnrat of Florida ,
power. full share of the passenger business this A. C.Pa.aV,'*stamp upon them. They are superior S .9:00A.1I The schooner orange region
urday and an BOW able to offer to persons. to
The machinery will also propel ,the spring. It is a comfortable and pleasant to all otters.. JoItf' St. Nicholas. .,-... 10:00 A.. u. iooo A.M TO ADVERTISERS ii : { Invest moderately orange-cwwmg theLriiig favorable S
barge from and when S terms guaranteeing the faithful. performance of
point point route. PRIVATE BOARD. UnexceHed advantages are offered our large and increasing aU the conditions en the part of the person setting. I S __

driving piles,_can .detached irom the York 'and Fernandina The post-office win be open daily(Sundays excepted circulation rendering the ADVERTISER aYftluabtc .leave,Foster's whan.JacksoBv31a.for'Port Orange wUhidflhiitactof 3, xo,fj.or so sere*,as may be
-The .Atnr be accommodated with good board '
persons put from 8 A. M to 6:]P.x. advertising medium once ia two weeks affording pasties pleasant ant desired stocked with trees budded from bearing sweet __
wheels. From the well known industry Steamship Company have reduced the in a quiet family by applying to the subscriber,at the The office will be open. .on Sundays from s> to 1:30 safe dUdes for reaching that p1ace. Cowfortahe orange trees,each acre containing one hundred trees. _
o'clock S S TERMS BY MAIL. Cabin Accommodations. For particular apery at '> racre. Of this 15 per ceaC amst be paid at _
and Beaver P. K.
and "push" of Joe..and.his partner, we fare from Jacksonville to New York comer Cedar streets. The general and box deliveries will U open at.n the PubIi.iIaa.Da -** ; S 5 DOBBINS GUN SHOP the time of sale,and the remainder caa stand secured
ii-8tf "WM.Srrrsos. times during the regular hours except when the mails :,4&-Postage Corner Bay and Hogan streets,lacksoaviQe Ft by mortgage oa the premises) saul the grove comes _
are certain that they will do a driving from $22.50 to $20, including meals and received are being attributed. ,, i -, ._-__" S JI.oo J?-Dne aoticc of the tun*of arrival and departure into beanos',by the payment of eight per ccat.mtrmt
business in more senses than We FREE LUNCH. months- '-4-OQ he schooner will be given ia the papers 14330IMPORTANT pes5yesT. The prison selling will fbrther contract to
one. staterooms.. MONEY ORDER OFFICE. U 3' _--S,_ ----.i T *. care for the trees fortes cents each yearly thus tenor _
*kh them all success. -The Jacksonville Minstrel Troupe Blanckis the name but mat blank lathe place. Fresh from i.J.totno Weekly x Jear-u. ..._._ _* -7S ing their rapid maturity and carry bcarmg. The ao .
order office will be
Philadelphia and Milwaukee Lager Beer OB Draught. The money open 9 .4 6monthsIONSUMFIION_i i '' ; UIO TQ TOURISTS !- count will stud about like this:
and from to P:N.
: p. M. t 4
are nightly) practising at the Good Templars1 Free lunch from it till t o'clock. The best of liquors orders are lsaued at this office payable in any ,
Money would
The JEtn* Steam Fire Com Aa orange grove of so acres,(i/xx trees) coU at
Engine Hall, and will soon announce A _,kept at"Henry's Retreat" Bay street west of part of the United States and also order payable in ( CURED Visitors to Lookout Mountain and the famous battle the end of sixth year: .
SwltxcrIaoJ ; fields around Chattanooga should remember to at
paD). ,Great Britain and Germany. A
I performance for the benefit of that In- Laura _ _ _ I I The folluwing are the rates of commission j. .--: -- -- the V.Horn Hoase.Bear Union Depot a new hotel Cash Inntrmtoazscoisesizysars dowa at time ofpur" -S Isoo yasco 00 _

At the regular .meeting of the stitU! on. : NOTICE. I POKISTIC N2T OKBKBS.. T,OuEditir tf tkt Km JSnrfl.* with modern Siss.clasareda5 conveniences and comforts gturantectngstrictly w-4* Care of trees far 6 Jean._-. 4oooo S

pa&y, held on Thursday Com-1 Calabrians Boonr wfll pledge to sell Clothing.Gentlemen's Underwear Oa orders not exceeding|x*, 5 cents. Esrnxxo Fatcro: -' ; 'I'-_

Chairman of the Committee stated Three representative Cover- Over%10 and not exceeding**>,to cents. Will you please inform your readers.that. I have. apoItdge" TobepaidatendofiyiINCOME.-___. aoncoS
Cloaks Talmas '
Blankets.Overcoats '
Over>ao and not exceeduaOjo,1$ceratLOftr S '"r S
lazzaroni ot Mr.Codrington
in the absence from the city of Mr. D. (the veritable tsrrunkivallsea,Sill and Fur Hats and myriads S3o and not exceeding S40,so cents. S CURE FOR CONSUMPTION .. : s LPORTSMENAND : .: 13-. 30004tli
hideous those Over .and not exceeding*$o.*5 cents.pomxiwc S Sand
made Thursday by lefrictt. >4
G. ), of other articles too numerous to mention at very Lamp.araci ., S
Ambler President of the St. Johns MOBXT onn. all disoroWof the Throat and that by I -.
HiHroad, it would be impossible for I piteous wails. We thought we were niitfCOUNTRY On orders not exceeding>to.t$cents. its use ia my practice. I have cured hundreds of cues.aud S wnf find good"; board 'ch..f,> a1 year from baa 50 oranges per tree :. '.. _
will : anreasonable '
I transported in ipirit to a wake in the PROMPTLY SUPPLIED Over'ro cad not exceeding lao 50 cents. give worth two cents at the grove..3toOo i 5
him to make a definite statement as to i FIRMS Over* and not exceeding Jjo.75 cents. $ 1,000'Co prices at, jtll year from bud ron pei trfff mji fjouofx w'.%nvSdt
the '. I OuldDart. With the best Groceries U the Market by Wat Rich Over 830 and not exceeding 840' :JAWS 1tZORD'8. year from bud,ape per trra..... Jo-f 10,000 eoEven > _
exact amount of expenses attending i for cash xo-tstf Over S4 d DOt exceeding>so,eL25J. S wul benefit.. Indeed so Mary : :. ; Dcdnc2cne2otp'S: -
the -Her. C. M. Terry, of St. Paul S S .t. IS,'& .. for a case It not FREE strong suffererpJeasTiWthis S 3.3i&o
excursion. He, however. thought : Jacksonville,January x.1875. forth 1 will send a SAMPLE. ; any RoSzwootPALMZTTO STATION I a. S -
that the Minn., will preach in the Ocean street maykioVwho
fare for the round trip would i letter one '
you .
teeny -
his .address delivered at the laU meeting of the and oblige, 1. A. G.&w..L.T.Co'<'L 1t.10'auks froo. Cedai I potting the price at$13 per 1,000.aad the show Slag
Church to-morrow moretng from these
not exceed three dollars a tickets A, Presbyterian. Florida Fruit Growers'Association,says: Z.rJ tJ.t Blankets and Coverlets of every. I and quality BUCKY'S.at is suffering Faithfully Yours diseases, Keys.Thaisafiae: i !a very good nor. kavinc the buyer|4, for his .
will It being situated paying place.
Services commence ce.2 muea
resolution was then passed calling a:
meeting (or Monday evening next when at ll and 7:30 o'clock respec- On nfrrbr,ify nftlt SUttt l if t** ''.c.1i TIMES., S .-I6 6 J.S."n L 1 1' :,- t S -S t : -' legal mont impediment above.ia the way,of rIDc GIIObe aIF&.
: -
the Committee tively. i U'ttt. The proceedings of the Fruit Growers' Asso THE G5IJLFHAMMO CE' Call at the oIIice of the Nsra;SOGIB andm.ie3.i3 the
will be in to
position '
a .
ciatioa are now being published the Florida AfrietUimritt. first-class daily and weekly Independent SWAIM : > -JI&.I
in i newspaper 'rs.: ,', ;;
make a final report. Ample notice ,wD -The recentcold.weather the Copin for sale at the office. Ocean street m everything:neutral ia "*hlflL. Opposed to aD Abounding" ia afl kinds of game,and has -c bees GEO.BURNSIDE.DT .

be given to our citizens to prepare North, has retarded-the tide of travel I two doors from Bay. Address corrupt The Daily rings ia Times municipal-wilt.be Slate issued and on Naoonal Saturday affairs.the PRACTICAL JEWELLER--- rcffnui' by kxjking fiupfcri'SThose forSUGAR'ORANGE' S LUMBER YARD.

week the CHAS.H. WAIXOM&Co.,Jacksonville,FU.t3. ef March next, and morning thereafter Holland" ias .
themselves to enjoy thepleasure of one thither. For the past evening 3d every AndWATtHMA1 late with, J.J. S
editorUl of A.
'Send Sundays excepted under the CIGARSTORE.two OR VEGETABLE LANDS
cents for
the arrivals the river steamers have become to. specimen copy. K. compactly from dear,new type taken-a window iA WAT'
grandest affairs of the season. by McCums printed doors west of the he b prepared CONTRACTORS AND BUILDERS
oa a lazes Hif sheet corny"8 all the the news of die< stock of tools and material to do say kindofworklahisiiac. Wffl lad it to their interest to take a look before beat-
in consequence, noticeably small BUILDERS AND CONTRACTORS dar.iaCludiq the-odale Press 1 Idesrams Special with a goOd .. ins elsewhere s* the Gulf Hammock Lands are aadaubte S ,'._" -*,:*
from all points of interest WILL D *., ,,- e
The Telegrams aDd Correspondence <9y the RICHEST INJ'LOJUDA. fa ,,4
Case S
of "Yellow Ferer. Indeed.The win find a cosopkM assortment of lumber,.dressed ,and fearless editorial discussions- of all current Extra FineMounting QfECrd, Mad and Express train passing, esca. 'ftT daily '...,ii'

The ridiculous report that the death chief door-tendist; of:the: St and BBdresied mouldings,shingles..etc .at the Depot I topics.Man subscriptions Price two cents.postage,free- six. dollars per an Curiosities at.J:1' eo -I t fULL.ASSORT3ZXNT 0J:

of the BCT. J, C. Smith. Baptist minister James Nigritlan.pve 'a 'lecture.last Lmnbcr) & Orders U delivered at landings oathelUver ; AJ.JDODdI.in advance J'ine watches carefully thoroughly andS ,.- _. --r' 'ltd'1fis..v- DRESSED, AND UNDRESSED LUMBER,
and specialty.
I thirty cents per a S
receive especial MOULDINGS AND SAWED:. SS
_101" .
of Rome, Ga.-, who died t>n board night to a highly Cosmopolitan, audience Address Lews J.BMW.FURNITURE. I line,according to_ h N. u a'.worth Joi a&alllz'l worth Ic-u. Tabaan1FdaIacestt7CK''S., TINE SHINGLES, / ,,

the steamer David Clark was caused by at the city .par ., .Between music and THE WEEKLY TIMES ; ztsm'sios
S S ioqo-Jq1p '
yellow'fever turns oat, of course to be ',.and shouting, the ,only thing WO U'issued oa Saturday,''March the aoth, and aTt3 Z5tT11r555 "UnJUCI ;: S- S CSKAf FOR CASH AT .
0 ,J- ffoehrfef frost.ths schooner McDooald over weekly thereafter containing afl Important sews of the ( pql MASONIC .. -
unfounded. From Intelligible we caught, &lJ that he was week.and complete market sad financial reports. S ; : Awa. THE, DEPOT LUMBER-YARD. _
particulars ascertained i Test Thousand Dollars worth of Furniture,;la such va ff.iw for one postage free at the following aaTIaaf ':'1 1a BOLOMON LODGE NO. 20.CHASolLLIOTT.S ., ,- .

yesterday from Capt. Stewart it going, to .Europe, lor!; the.summer and j Iec7.r styles' '.wffl suit the demands of all, at rates One copy,year ft;. ..:fo; twenty, ..copies ."-S- .. ;-.-."-,' -.v: : 'j : ...:.tSS T Lumber'dcSvcred inall" ,'o f&e dry aid v.cmiry.

appears the reverend gentleman bad thanked the Northern visitors generally Nartherm J prices'with'freight added. Call and w-- I1-' .cents ?ne. .;_ : "': HP,> i. ':tl'' KIYAAS':*S"lL R -4'D PJMtd;-'-- u4 caD k.IeerLon 1Mf.A2... Idcss
Advertisements twenty per
OM aid south side of between. .... .. adt.ah.ri sacesnpeom. JI&.r -
stand .
iaat Bay street .
been living the to the St., R.--.e..4 should be JUdo, bY draft or neat cane 'YhlH ..10" ;.-. : .Je..;.. .. LOUIS SUt."SH.
at. for pas for thepatrousgecxtended 'b' FLORIDA .- Gm.'W'
'' i Pin aMTjaara facets,JadaoevOLe.C ; I .' Address ; ; 'rHE; TIJtl.JtS i. H'J&TV\UAJt'M'1l WOOD" Blc n.'T a J ,hsau;' ,nA.7" .., .",'-'
two winters, suffering from advanced James j 30 O. Lrnwarojr. I S .-, JiSoadaSmJQS ." j ;
,' .. C..) nn IJ S
I T . :"J 1, ; ; "






.;; 1L --V---_ V
------ V
: .

E ..

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Iw ,

Ut4- <", V ,'. '. V V ,, V ..< V V V V V .V ._V ,, "Ai- ,--,,:-,,_ ,___. .....:........ __ -,
: V
u "rfc fe" IJ f V ; V

" rr: r :E..E :SOUtH.: : SEM-WEEKLY.VThGKSONVJLCE V V V S V :;- TURDA V ;rWPRH17.: 1875 I

_.h.. ,-_, -_,.-
I Productions.u' of Florida. \; ?-",!-GROCERIES AND PRO S ONS. FURNITURE V V : ,' V ',: :,V V ; V MISCELLANEOUS;. V,,' '\'I'"f,,:VJ V',. .' }VV .} '1.'- ': ;JV .'x./. TV"t V: ': ,,:, VVV --

i ; : .... .1,!..,' > jT : i"'f"I iFLORI pkf S "
xr So much has been said of the vast AVINGSBANK

>*: scopo bf vegetable jgrotrtii, }iaTJbrfda, : CLARK/H J.i\T:: \ A FUR: WAREROOMS ,, ''' :: D. GREENLEAP: ; ; ;' L"' "*..1.'J.' "i'! V. !.: {:? '..J V;-V: :;ilV rat "'". '; V i V .J' '

: 'A a"'I; .lliat it is a cause wirpriso to all strangers J JOHN Fbk\VARDING' V VV.1 V V ...,..\ . i. .-n-Hx1 -J .; c>;i': iX i -, .!; > VV i ;-V .V: V: AND "
V. .
V VV/ : V -
i } 1VVStiW V ,
: V L ; 'I
''"',, and suspicion! td taahy1; as\ though "* : : VS :. .; '": V [Incorporated July 6th,' 74-l V

V there might bo well-grounded suspicion ,: **0' :" ,. :, VV ;tj; T-F': W'E' .]:Ib "E' : K. 'iff { : : V V V
"V" .J J DAVI'S .& : 1t..1" <.,.... :" VV ', V
t : ) ) !:; ;V : '

% I.' ,this account it Is deemed best to refer to V V if t j i.'' i '- : \'t" '-J S ';f '** T V V V V V V ; : !I. "; \" .: ..J : V : V V V V JACKSOMVIU, Ft STRUTV *., '}

":::,6Ome'or the older) ,etandard writers on #1tbIEALZRHI'OCERIE .. .'. ,' :}' I. IHTnIlST.-lnterest at the rat.o(seven and three< R :>, ; ;S ,,:this subject.In FaOVISIONSV I?ARWR SUITS. CHAMBER SUITS.MOSQUITO tothepnDCI or pepo.tor. _
heard daily at GREENLEAF"SJewdry Store; The answer Is this: He buys. _directly of theMANUFACTUVRERS ,
I.H i.: ; \.' ;):#' l .
i Iq V the "Observations of CharlesYlgnolles SEGARS.. ,, V :' V VV LOAKS.-All moneys received on deposit shall be invested la 6m mortgages on real and ._

r published in Kew York in Sole Agents for Florida for VV ,:'lf'" V V l : ;; ; V this" 'State. ,of at least double the value,or in other. ample V : .
1823 09 find the .
on page ,we following: .ESTAn.-ThIs corporation will
act as trustees for the
purchase and sale
.V AveriU's Chemical Paint and BARS FIXTURES aad real estate or !is
;: : The following list of productions capable : mar.&gement of estates and property ceaeraUy. V V & ftIIti.

; i.j ? of being raised in Florida, has been White'Patent Drawer Thereby saving one profit,and sells at a small! advance above oSt. There is not a jewelry'store North 01 South _., > \ V oS" .-' ..' V V... ..
V ; V Money, where goods of the same quality are sold at as low prices as at Greenleafs where is now being opened an Immense JAMES If. AINE J SAM: -L SPEARI, JONATHAN C.
made out with some pains and It is be- Agent for V VV ekorgoods.usuan.kept in afir.
: ,licrcd all thcso stated arc profitable and prices. Greenleaf transit time is acknowledged to be the standard. Observations taken daily with Kisses Improved -. ..
practicable articles: Oranges, various STRAtm LIZZIE BAKER. J Sfc DAVIS & DRE\"V, 9m1or ts"" Tnmsit-Hthe only transit In the State., Chrpnpmeten! repaired and rated. f .. I : '. ;: (t'. 4

V : kinds, Lemons, Lime, Citron'Shaddock, V V ,, .yOLUSIA.r, P ,k V Chambe ..; J.. ..

; :Mango rawpavCocoa, Date, Sweet AND' -t Parlor S ui. corner of Chamber Suits. The_ Best of Workmen ;Employed,._ .and; ,SATISFACTION STATE, COUNTY AND : CITY SCRIP SOLD AT V CURRENT
: : Almond Bitter' .
Almond Pistachio RATES
. Acuagua, Gum Glcni, Fustic, Balsam, Van Bnrat&: Bro'.: Line Sailing Packets, V V arlor. V V V Chamb V GUARANTEED. V V:; _! :Ji:. .;'VV -
Ft Suits V ..." .I' : .'
; Hemp, Camphor, Frankincense, Lcecbe FROM NEW YORK; V V V :; "II il('i1.f{: : ;
; ;; Plant of China The Olive The Vine ; (I:.? ; .
V -
> oKvfoa
All Kinds ofVjewelryManufactured.V : ;>; !
V tW2.t0s. Bay Street" ,
JcfcsonrICe.norida.W REAL
V : nil varieties Currants Zante Pine Apple ESTATE
i Fig, Plantain, Banana,: Yam, BreadFruit Monograms Cut and Engraved: Stone; Gold and Silver1;; q.L .. :. I
: ? Arrow Root, Gallnuts, Dollahos, ILI SON &.WHITLOCLV V EXAMINE OUR LARGE STOCK. Endless variety of TOYS and HOLIDAY>GIl TS. V V <: "\.-.?: V-: :;->.'. V
Successors to Thos. A. '
,.Wilson, 't V V V V VV .- .' Z2.531j V V rox SAL rr THX
, V or Soy-lean Jalap. Rhubarb, Ginger V V V ; -1 V

Gum Guiacum. Brazillotte, Senna, .L\UaSI V VV, ; VS V '.!.,:f\.... :SJit}. VV

: Turkey Madder, Balm Gilead, Cloves, V S ., V J. H. NORTON, V V V S. KOOKER.. .... FLORIDA SAVINGS BANK AND REAL ESTATE EXCHA
V La wand Public. V V V V V V V -- VV ? GE.
Liquid Amber, Aloe,Cinnamon, Pimento GRAIN. FLOUR, AND FEED, .. ..V.. V Atornejal V Notary -

V : Sago Palm, Red l>Pepper-Japonica )Manufacturers 101 101. ,. V ., *101 101 V V :, NORTON &, ; j: .OOKER.V VV : : .' The"Anen""property,one of the'nellt residences in the State with.,so acres of land,oa&UM! slicD <
Jesuits' Bark Bcsino V miU from the Beautiful river front boat-house
f ] postoffice. .
: 101 101 V ,large grape vineyard too onnm trees ...!
I ': V Castor Bean, Tea, Sugar, Tobacco, ORN MEAL HOMINY CRACKED '--- -101 -Eay St. 101 VV VV V V:: ..,. V A CEALBPS VX V ,. _. barn.thaacne-halfcost;&c. House has 19 rooms finished throughout In the best manner.: Double piatzas.. will be' zj"
on close
101 101 !. easy; terms an estate. -
4 V
V Rice, Cotton Silk, Cork Oak, Chestnut, 101 :]AcsO-iLLF.: 101 ', -

: Sassafras, Sarsaparilla True Opium CORN, RYE MEAL GRAHAM V 101 FLA. 101 REAL ,ESTATE::] : :lA tract of 58 acres of land one nine northeast of the city,near the Moacrlef' SmtazsheQ road. Welllocte4
Poppy, Tumeric,Nutmegs. 101 * 101 V forbuUdiae. lots or market gardens. ,Price 517V515 per acre. '' -
,. FLOUR.CRACKED WnE T&c; 101 ., IU1 S : ALL 'KI DS V V Several houses and lots well locaflb i in the of acksony ]
V Such a list seems wonderful enough asI' 101 101 OJ: ., V city V
101 101 ,
I' .. attributed to a territory no larger than SCROLLSAWING&' 'WOOD'TURNING 101 v*. 101 GENERAL INSURANCE AGENTS representing the Land admirably adapted for.orange! culture for sale In parcels,and on terms to suit the borer,!In the IJ'OWI-
101 101010101010D following companies nenlement of"Spring Garden: in Volusla county,adjoining the St.John river. V Several Urae
V .,' that of Florida being about the size of TO ORDER. &D V 0101010101lOlooooooooo0000ooocoocol0l : already.well established. On.p

the State Missouri, even upon a cursory FRANKLIN, OF PHILADELPHIA, With combined assets of over Several pieces of land on"Fruitland..PetaamHa,"between Lake George and Dunn's take
DAVIS DREW oolOll0lOloooooooooooooooqooooolOl desinUr
j .. examination, the list )having been Wood Sawed, Split,' and Deliveredby lOloo I : V CONTINENTAL OF NEW YORK V V V Gt Orange Groves and Residences-fOr sale on reasonable tenn5.'h .loated

.j; V V' made more than 40 years: since. But Cord or Load. 101 lot "lOloooo lOlooooooonooooooooooooolOl FURKITURB oooolOl MANHATTAN, OF NEW YORK.V } 87 000' 000 ments 30 one-acre of.5 to building Jio... lots,well located,one. mile from-,the city at 150 to|ioo each,payable in mowhlv issbl.

< 101 lOloooVxKEHOfSE.. ooolOllOloooooooooocooOooooooolOI ,
,' : when practically we come to examine PENN OF PHILADELPHIA, V
t Ross Block. Bay Street,opposite our Mill and Whar 101 .Also a variety of(arms and tracts of land well located along the St.Johns river
V the actual availability of these lands 101 1010101010 V L>&D0101010101; LOANING MONEY ON REAL ESTATE AND CONVEYANCING State.. V n other para of du
V j V : V nnd to ascertain the strength of the in- 'A CKSONJ7LLE.FLA. V V 101 101" 101' 101' V 910ff V
101 lOt 101 10: V SPECIALTY.
f : V ducements offered to occupation wo find T.V.LIOW.. is- 6 w. A. WHITLOCX 101 101 101 101 -

V many important productions omitted and 101 101 101 101 We give below a few of the many choi :places for, sate by us : THE. V SINGER MANUFACTURING
if V 101 101 101 101 COMPANY'S CELEBRATED
f no allusion made to many pursuits that CURED FREE 1 _101 101 .....101 101 No. 73. Two-story house on Ashley street, near St. No IOS. Dunlawton Plantation[ on Halifax river, I .
j ; ; can be engaged in successfully.; To the FITS V 101 101 James Hotel pleasantly situated in one of the best seven miles north of Mosquito inlet, at Port Or.Cnge; I
: list as quoted se'reral.important additions 101 101 neighborhoods in the city; house Is new,with six rooms; 1,100 acres,z,to acres rich hammock,lying one mil V
Any person suffering from the above disease Is re- 101 101 plenty of closets,and good servant's room; lot S2 K* from riverr 50 acres high,shell land, immediately on SILK TWIST.S
q :. I are proper. Cofleo may, with lit- .uciled! to address DR. PRICE and a trial bottle of medicine 101 101 105 feet, good fence, good sidewalk, and the street the river baqk,having front of about one fourth mile, V
Vt lIe doubt will be forwarded by Express: ; _.. __ shelled in bearing: a fine lot of with large house
2 % be grown to great profit at V .J01 101 : grapes young orange ; two-storyframe 18,looms,ncerIy:
1 V least in all South Florida trees; flowers and shade trees growing thriftily: good finished; house commands view of the river and ocean "This company now having in foil operation at Newark New Jersey,the largest SILK WOKES
: 4 :probably FREE V well, ,with pump on back porch,which is covered with and surrounded with large,bearin ;oraDge trees, world,propose to furnish a superior, article of Silk Twist ia the
L : in a great portion ot the State.! Coffee The only cost being the Expre: charges'which ow- flowering vines. Will be sold cheap. some 75 to 100 in number: good well,and a cistern V _

i: i trees are now in existence in the South Ing to my large business are small. N. B. To capitalists desiring a big thIng. there that holds 1,200 gallons in- yard; thoroughly-ditched V AT GREATLY REDUCE .. PRICES.For

I. i: and pratical coffee planters are confident Dr. Price has made the treatment of THE FINEST AND BEST SELECTED 1 iil will a fine opening in Springfield' ;For a few particulars thousand dollars and.drained river transportation; canal from of sugar-house crop: Immense running quantities to the ofwild .
go a great way just now; enquire rift
4 ?* of success whenever the ,effort shall be FITS OR EPILEPSY V 'IN THE SOUTH.Parlor of Norton& Kooker, corner Ocean and Bay streets orange trees on the place; the; soil!! Is simitai the the convenience of the publ'c! celebrated Twist Is

1 V V made to cultivate this important staple. a study for yean and he will wamutacuze by theuse No.: 74. A HAIOMOM RESIDBKCK FOB SALS.-Six limestone best sugar is lands abundant.of Cuba This, to place which Is really it Is fully one equal of the PUT UP ON SPOOLS OF DIFFERENT;: SIZES

V The experiment is now being thoroughly of his remedy. large rooms and kitchen double bay window on the choicest places In Florida and was known as such be- ,

( t V made, and thus a practical test will be nothing Do not and fall he to send to him for a V trial bottle; it costs commanding west! ,large double one parlors of the finest double views piazza in Jacksonville on the south:, fore the war. V The finest quality being thereby offered on spoolsfn quantities

I: V V applied; and since the revenue duties V V V RICH, PLAIN Clamber windows filled with four lights of no-inch glass and nung N.B. Do.you want a snug V winter'bouie. with :
.r the will the WILL CURE YOU: Suits. V Suits. with cords and weights on pulleys and reaching'to the orange trees and.flowers in Florida .You can get a FROM FIFTY YARDS UPWARDS.%
> !* on product amply repay expense of how Parlor r.nd Chamber floor;with blinds: all casings are finished with mould. a beautiful lot, 70x156: feet,in Springfield high and "
10 matter
I V cultivation, the question is an how many other remedies long; standing have your failed.case may be,or- Sultik '- Suits. Ing and oiled and varnished, making a beautiful finish; healthful,and within ten minutes walk ot the post-office, The above u unequaled twist U tftctu-'speda1y for the use of all kinds of sewing machines and agems
; 'V important one. Rye. OatsVheat, Circulars and testimonials may sent with ps: SUBSTANTIAL < npber ceilings high,walls hard-finished,open stairs, double, on which to make it,for J25'; For particulars enquire for different machines through the countrj-ire using this twist in large quantities,and as V
V '. V SUits. glass,front doors, mortice kit on every door in house; of Norton&Kooker. V
'. Sweet Potatoes, Irish Potatoes: Pi dars FREE TRIAL Parlor Chamber china closet 5tore-room'ptenty of clothes-presses V SPECIAL INDUCEMENTSare
1 V or Peanuts, and Pecannuts can be added. Suits.FURNITURE.. Suits room; hip roof,with cupola from which a charming No.: Jt9.A tract of 88 acres; 60acres cleared hammock .
Sisal and Ramie Be particular to give your Express as well as :your view is to be bad of the city,the river and surrounding land fine fronton St.john's river; two miles west to the trade,all those about to purchase will d well to send for our price list.
;' Hemp, common Hemp PV ''ost-office direction,and country; three lots,making J?7X5:' Rt: rood well: of JacksonvUThis; Is one of the most desirable river I .
L .:. can all be very profitably raised.. Sorghum Address young shade trees started; half a mile from post- ffice. fronts in the vicinity of Jacksonville. Will be divided
I Vy and the Silesian' Sugar Beet DR. CHAS.-T. PRICE. For sale at a bargain.V V If desred! V VV
.. -
4 both can be relied for certain and ."7 iy fJ 7 William Street.New ''Wk We No. 96. A large, two-story'house with, ten large No. 146. Six acres on Arlington river adjoining the THE
upon offer stock SINGER
to at
are prepared our :
rooms; thoroughly ,and finished in first-rate styk. Florida Home, containing the old vineyard. For sale :
V V S good crops. -, remarkably low prices. with twelve fcet ceilings: ; one acre of ground covered at a baIVguifl.V V [ .. .. V V
MISCELLANEOUS.TS with fruit and flowers located within 1 ,F V V VV
Lands upon whichsuch, variety of trees : pleasantly ; V V = !2 %
4 five minutes walk of the railroad depot. Price$10,000; No. 147. METR9POLTA H OTU.-This hotel 1$ V I V V ? : ;
valuable, productions can with case and J4,soo down,balance on long time ifdesired.centrally located built of the best French brick;and Is : = V .. 1 :-
certainty be raised must besought a first-class:: :house in every respect. For prices and V O V V
ere V .
long _'
k S -:0-: : No. 99. 400 acres In Orange county; one mile from terms apply Norton lit Rocker, > 't.
I with avidity. And such prospect Melonville. Price: $5 per acre. V .V ,,' '. .- V -' of:'.. V V ., '1.." VVVV
V-I is still more reliable when consideration .
V ..
:- ; ; c.
FLUID EXTRACT Call on or write to m,and state wants ,15 ;
your 1"-
1. Is given to the probabilites that unquestionably DAVIS & DREW .. ... _
t V E. exist for the success of several ; OFFICE COR. OCEAN AND BAY STS..JACKSONVILLE,FLA.1&SVisitors V V '. ', ,'" J : % 'r'or ,-;'
always welcome. Latest papers on file. ,& 6m .
.1 ; leading avocations and employments.' BUCHB'! I.I': ,',J '.": "' .

1 V r Such is the fortunate conjunctive effect DEALERS ISAU ',' .J ('bI,.. .. 4i 5

V% V #' of soil and climate, that countless V u kinds of FURNITURE CARPETS A. HUSSEY. JNO. W.'HOWELL.V l_ j V ,--r'\,. i :.: .

V ? herds of cattle may be raised and sustained -: ThLaowreaedytor MATTRESSES, WHITE PINE, WALNUT ,. .... ., V V "
absolutely without care and at Vi'o''a ''';t. 1.3'
V and CEDAR V '
LUMBER etc. ,
( almost no expense, when allowed to'run BRIGHT'S DISEASE HUSSEY & HOWELLHOLESALE _. .' .. .

vild. And if the opinon of many intelligent l- JACKSONVILLE. FLA :,. ;V .. ., ;

r dairymen. that even in the best ,And a positive remedy for AND RETAIL DEALERS INBVOOTSV V : V

grazing &tatcs"ca.ttlc can be'-"kept up" : V -'- V .

I: 4 and led with green crops even through GOUT, GRAVEL, STRICTURES, COFFINS AND UNDERTAKE'RS SHOVES "-,:,

V V the summer, more profitably than they DIABETES, DYSPEPSIA, V V : ,

V V can be provided with pasturage, then NERVOUS DEBILITY M; ETA .J.. L1 C 'FINDINGS V A'GAXN TRIUMPHANT.

V : surely, there can be little question about DROPSY VONRETENTON ,BURIAL CASES, LEATHER & ,. V V" ,V .
4'V the chances for cattle-raising these .
upon AND V
V lands where cither, lor I I V 133,254 MAJORITY.
V4 V green crops can be made use of through URINE; IRRITATION INFLAMATION. A complete assortment of New York and' Philadelphia fine V .

t out the: .]ear. If so, then the raising OR ULCERATION tr' THE Goods always.oh hand. VV V V STATISTICS OF 'SWORN SALES FOB: (1873 : .:

4 V tallow of cattle, the, the curing disposition of beef of, and the hides Ute man and BLADDER AND ,KIDNEYS* Sole agents in Jacksonville V for Samuel .JDunbar: .&<".Cb.'s VV V Companies. Sold ia 1873. Companies. V Soldlal 1173-

t ufacture of leather must swell the actual I :Misses' and Children's Fine, Shoes. V V THE'SINGER-.. :333,444 American,B,.H.V V.....J.fIb

.. inducemeutsoffered. SPERMATORRHOEA VV Wheeler &.Wilson.._;_ ____.._ .
V I :- -'" Goods sent by mail or to all of & V -119,180 VB&.Howe --- .1,919
express parts
1 : V The vast extent of excellent yellow Leucorrtwea, or Whites Diseases of the Prostrate _i, __ .ik_.i V V.. DomestJc __V 40,114 Remington.Empire ..... 9.183

.p pine and pitch pine timber lands, acces Gland,Stone In tha BUdder,Colculus,Gravel or Brick- V Bay Street near Laura V Grover&Baker. V ., V "___- 86.119 Florence.... __ fg60

sible as they.are, by.railroad; and nat!- dust Deposit and Mucur or Milky Discharges.XEA.RNEY'S OF ALL SIZES AND QUALITIESLADIES' Jacksonville, .JfrD. Weed.. V ... ____._._.__ :21,760 Davis____V V V V_ -$,.

1. gallon present, in the growing scarcity Wilson_....;._ V V V 21,2.47 .Victor.No : __- 1M6 "

V 1_ of first-rate timber excellent chances! r V V AND GENTLEMEN'S"ROBES: AMMOTH -" Howe .._____ returns Blees..-._--__ M ._ 3.458

-* for tho manufacture, lumber and for : EMBALMING DONE WHEN REQUIRED. BILLIARD .SALOON.. M V Gold Medal__...;---:" ., ; ,16,431 Secor_._.:_-.:-. V _.7.-- 3.430

t V::.:. speculation, the timber being of more ALSO, (The'Largest south of Washington.) V V V JAPANESE SEED CORN.V Wilcox &Gibbs______ 15,881 Atna J.E.BramesdorC- VV J.DII

r value than enough' to pay. for the land:: EXTRACT''B CHU MARBLE ,AND MARBLEIZED V V '

-.: V leaving the land itself in improved condition SLATE MANTELS. BAY STREET OPPOSITE"POSTOFFICE.. "Conquering poverty Uessinz the earth OUR' NEW FAMILY MACHINE ..
bidding.cfiancctogawnFaininc! and Death.:

V V V V V additional for settlement The as a margin for; 'PmaDcnd7curcsaflbfreaescftheBLADDER V SLATE HEAItTHS&c., j Z5 "Tkt earliest.heanttt toundtit anjxtott prolific Embodies New and Essential P.inciples-SiaapUcity Construction Ease of Operation:Uniformity rf Predie
1 profits. farm
turpentine MANUFACTURED TO ORDER V,4 'v variety tf torn fvtrgrffUm in Amna"V ) Action at any Speed: Capacity Range and Variety of Work,Fine or Coarse-
c .. are.'tb A great extent, operated by men I ]{KIDNEYS, AND rDROPSI .', < 1'hilila i the testimony of thirteen papers published I V-, M' LEAVING ALL RIVALS BEHIND IT.
4 V AND FOR SALE BY In different States to whom we sent small sample packages '
from -the Carolinas who find here'a CAL SWELLINGS '
V1 n last year to test it. V V V -
( .betteifleld for enterprise, and with the CALVIN OAK, INwLlV 0S The Tinut,ot HuntsvHIer Texas says: "We hire; 'OTHER.
S V known capacity of this section for the: Existing i In men'women; and children, Forryth Street between Laura and Hogans, I1 : ....V'Q aceD a specimen stalk of this corn which had twenty-six TEST-THE SINGER- BEFORE PURCHASING ANY .
.iw36IG3, : Jacksonville.. Florida. tI: is. ..... farjpf ears fully matured On it."*' V V V
; cultivation of,, cordage plants, a. fine .0 c en *. "It-surpasses: all'anticipations,and is V just the TERMS EASY PAYMENTS LIGHT.
f I field is open for the production and NO MATTER WHAT THE AGE! V VV L: VI V o. V ..' anlclo needed in this country/'-7;,,r**.Natchitoches., V

manufacture of naval stores.' ... : A NEW 'LOAN I =Ii CJ er: en M iss. 'lt, N is! Y.superior' HIt will to any be'othenaricty",7nInuComing a valuable'acquisition m/, Besides V .

t VV The Orange, the'Le.mon. the Bay the Prof.: Steel say*: ."One bottle of Kearnry's Fluid the agricultural products of the country.._C the Box the varieties Extract Buchuls worth more, than all other: fluchu.ombiaed. 'tVtfM <: Sulphur Spring Texas. This com can be sown the
4 ; ;, I.n41 ca ." .VV V V, V A NEW PLAN. latter part'0( July;and ripen before frost."-Index,; O. 'T. COTJON,four spools for twenty-five cents.V VV VV .
Il'ikILVt > .e o '
j of Palm and Magnolia, as wellas. the ; '-. Warsaw, Mo., .It is highly recommended by those whoa SINGER'S STANDARD MACHINE TWIST from twenty-five cents up-aU sizes and eo on, .

)V Cedar and Live Oak, show the worth ,of Dollars.Price One Dollar per Bottle or Six Bottles for Five V Invest your money at home in the I I iim L3 : V : :.-> .VII .5 Z.... en Ii haTe this triec1 it.-O" oriiry5"We have netice I ':,' ACME MACHINE.TWIST,son yard spools-a for:35 cents; so yard oo$,3 for::15 cents.SINGER'S .

V these lands for the production of rare >- -0'-. :>' V 3.. .Moulton com,highly Ala. .spoken'It will orby yield the in our praa-Ativn-t climate two cropi. LINEN AND FLAX
V and valuable woods.' The inexhaustiblesupplies DEPOT:104'', DUANE ST.: NEW: YORK. FIRST MORTGAGE LAND GRANT II V1Zl V 0 -5 .!! ytax"-AttrrrtitriBastrop,' Texas. "It can be V .
of wood Z -5 successfully Erowa III,Canada./:.-Aftnireal W rltl.
Cypress a standing V 0 "It Ij peculiarly adapted to the short tf..n>nt of the "
t : next to Cedar for different varieties of A Physician In attendance: to'answer correspondent PREMIUM BONDS.Now .- : rEV North. -Rtv.J.'LoneKcokuk; Iowa. 1Mlt is just V The Co
and give advice gratis. V' "V V V lIJW&V EF- I1 I-' ; :if : ; ; Singer Manufacturing : *
: e the '
.T wooden-ware procurable at only) nomi- : .: ..f V ( = thing for OUfSWWPd..Dr.Y9hfI9I.\ Ocala: : V ,, ;; ,,
Florida. ..
ofTerred for sale the 02 V
c- V nal prices, must soon stimulate to the ..QUD STAMP .O.:. mcUTS. ritu.'Cjk by 49We have the above testimony V on file- In our office V ,, .No. 172BROUGHTON: SAVANNAH, GA.

: .. : ':establishment of a great variety of,man-IbV : "' ,r ': ;' V V 2V and could produce many more if space would permit. V : V "
4VV j A .
It will from Manager.GF.ORGE
ufactorles. Add to all these the fact: V V Eo< produce- 50 to too bushels of tkelled corn ,,
V to the acre on,any soil,from.Florida to Oregon. We ; V V -. V V V Vfl47t1
4 that with very littln care for forage or V V V [ConsolldatcS] possess!! nvont Jtat.tltlulad8.. V :
., V feed, or expensive buildings there ; I IV Is TOT II E- V ; ::14 3JII I V n TOGNI. Proprietcri ThImportantpoInaoVsuper4oritycIaImed for this 1,V l; V -." V V d'" JACKSONVILLE, FLORIDA.V '

civilized where f :" /IT.,: ; .. T : Every"bond when redeemed.wW receive a premiumIn V corn over other varieties,and which art fully sustained .
no country a mane V V by the voluntary statements of farmers who raise.from V ......
of Interest V -
.small means canbe absolutely certain NERVOUS AND DEBILITATED place ,according: to the pla&of redemption seed got ofus last year; are these: VVVVVVVV O. 0' : ESTABLJSHED'IN ., -
SALE AND FEED \ ., 1868.V
I J ia '. .
; ;
ouu.QffrVnt STABLESI ist. 'This will from V
.: 'of a comfortable living for himself and "i s? -I T : 'LIVERY Corn yield twice to three times as V : ,
{ many bushels to the acre on the same soil and.with the
'family! and the list of inducements to OFVBOTUSEXESVNO I 1 I -,
: $1.00 to $25,000 or same culturetnd. *-
V :the purchase_of.these 'lands nearly full .50.000 The corn I Ia heavier in weight, has a larger, : : ; A..K. '.
V- CHARGE' FOR ADVICE AND CONSUL OB each bond. longer ear and thinner husk;and makes corn meal for PERCIVAL : :' .
V TATKXN ., family use sweeterand 'moreautritlowl and valuable ;, .
.. .
; : Hone. Raddiih. Bonds redeemable by allotment. Six allotments or for feeding stock. -" V V .1 :':: .. '..SUCCESSOR: Tp jl H CROWELL.VI' '
3rd. The stalks .
-; ; '/' 'J _____ grow more vigorous and healthy and ; ( : ,

< V. Why more of a vegetable so pecu I.V Da. J. B. D\.01T'cradua: of Jeflerson'-Medica V i Apply bond,. 'Six distributions premiums VV V In 1875. sufficiently cars.P:strong' to-produce. from 1 3'to well-developed- V T -' ; :: : -VVV'. -:'i '

College.-Philadelphia author of several valuable works, EMIL HAAS ft: CO.Financial.. ,41h. The stalks bear more foliage and b better far t.
V han!/ agreeable as a relish in a warm can: be consulted: on all diseases of the Sexual ar Urinary V -> Agents V feeding.; j j5th. : 0' --

.. climate, is not raised in this vicinity w ecannot either Organs U male(which female he hat mode an especial study) 71 Broadway New York City .,That U.wll}grow and produce a profitable crop ; : ::
or from \
matter what
iginating or of how no cause or HARVEY GRANGER Genl!Agent The best and stylish! 'Hvery t ami-'n' **the l on ground where other com will DOt grow to'maturity. : .if :: ;
tell. Perhaps it not be long standing. A practice of 30 most City 6th.'It ripens earlier and Is not liable be V5S
: may V to caught: by ,.'VV
enable him T.: TOWARDS. be found the of the "
1 years to treat diseases with success.: Cure Agent. can at Stable undersigned near the frost, "
amiss the guaranteed. 'Charge MaMfcabfe..' Those Office Mather&: Little's Boobtore.ackaonville. Florida Home, of Cedar and Forsyte Streets. V V VV ,. fA ..i/
to copy directions for planting, a distance corner : 7th. To be cut green and used for feeding i U fifty I; .: ".. -.-." ..
forward letter Horses boarded well cared for "
can describing symptoms and enclosing i-otf and on .reasonable better than .
j; "it taken from the Prairie Farmer per cent. any other variety ofcorn. V .
as .
sM9w1pVttgVe. r'
JScM Our COrd ha all been selected with the greatest care, ;
follows V ST. AUGUSTINE. Strong teams'ior hauling purposes always on hand.,, the.small end of broken .
: FO :every ear> oft;, .m. baIaDce '
bc.J W. -
,9 Hla.. Price Ioc. sbeflcdbyhand. .
V,V Heavily coat Jacbon"iUeF1a.Ma1 30. 1874. tf; V V V V V V V
your ground with well '
rotted stable manure; .spade U inches B. J.:. DYPTI,.'M, D, V ipLr V SCHOONER I The' increased yIeld.. per'acre over'the old varieties ., R- -

-\ deep; thoroughly mingle and pulverize TJ F. COLCORD ; will pay for the seed :ao times 'OYet:. beIdesl every "
Physician and Surjcton Duane St Nw YTJ'URNISIIED j V PEALVERVINSHOES ,
.the. soil and manure, putting some of the I 104 \ Magnolia r' :. farmer for seed thai at good plants 1 prices.V this year wilt have a Urge V demand V ....

richest and best manure at the bottom, R FOR RENT! -- I 'Successor to'Hide and Skin buslaxs V of This Corn was produced I by some procured by cot BQ03S '
9 BaySInches; 'see that the plat:is well: ROOMS Wffl make regular trips Consular Agent,and said to have its origin in Japany ; ; LEATHERA'ND
S : ,
between 'I
Jacksonville 1 St CR.O '' *' ,,
drained; rake down fine and leave _ : J" V'V' TERMS; ?
Jn Locatloa pleasant. Good(&IIId housekeeping. St. Augustine. :: ,
VV ""
', < (( "p'j' ; .:; }:,. } "- '"="
':T strips, or beds,- six: feet wide 'and 'an Inquire at Library*! ViI1tfV i Freights at low rates. By mail V V V V V '
y V V ,Corner Bay and Ocean streets. |i.oo per pound,put up In neat : : :>; ; ,
desired then V VVJWO9O., For freight packages for : FINDINGS.VVVVVV'; V
*, length procure a dibble : V or passage VV _t %- 'r> m VV'V' ;. ; 15 packages tio.-jo package for Jacr:
foot and a' board li'x ppyVWILt.SON) for Hides SUn Furs loo package for$)Ow'-Elegant Chroraos 1294 Inches V ...._ ,.,.. ,
V one long inches V ft WHITLOCK; Highest w1t'pr1cee paid V ,V together with sulk : .:, ;' "V ;;V V V V : VV V V V-V -
I' for FLORIDA VIEWS Wa &C.VV V ; .' a .ofJirANSs_CORK.. having no S V
wide and six feet long to lay across the HEADQUARTERS V :V' WOOD ft V SICKLE'S. Jacksonville,FJa! .,' .- .'..- .,-.. \r .' .7.a8J'll'11I'.!.-. leMthan V" V V -- ,--. V V ..0. J: !;. ,' }" ::: JJo.J: !i.l"

V Vi: V bed V to stand on tnd line your rows, .. .. ;: -IOrio' CossS6tf TWENTY FUUUJROWN: EARS ; '* '
V 'OF1 CORN l ?; .i.at'ao
: xrbo
lien : ; rc'c5var5tamp? : Hand Boots.. < 41" $
mate a hole inches in depth LOsT.V V St AugusUe,FU. i9R .SALE, PN"IT; -' '' ( ; V V -'-
I V V with the dibble,have$fresh horse raddfsh I .. ,., ; ,. .Burt & :fears! ;, V If, "V V ;'-1 :o! .d( ..1'.1..7'U'OO:

I V cut in bits with bark on, drop, a piece, : ]ATlWwW,.bs&I"o'!u&ta.<,,steamer,-_StARUCHT.-: --- -,"oONE" Trunk and valises at,Bucky's': AlioforLetorLesse V ssAcofI4CowLcts1nBrooWyp,J some will be*Itbern sent free measuring charge ten when rod t twelve$ or mon Inches package fn length of, ::'Philadelphfa,l and'.BaltImore? VV f.", .4 !.V.--j i -, -..-tnt-.v.xooo'! ;': : } ,i

Into each hole and push to the bflttom V corn art ordered at one time. V V .-. = V V Vienna' MedalIcable ewed "' "VP&ciyal's {
: i fctACK: tEATHEK'BAO' V V A VALUABLE CTTY LOT, Some of siti Agents to..'hom-.w.have sent (ample ; ., ,:, : ; !;V 'J-, .: :-i-3VvwrtHBS=: ,i ':
with a smooth ended padded stick; V JX.PAPERS QUOTE FROM IT. stalks are to-day making "\11';FIFTY DOLLARS A Stamp Hand Congress ,-, \ jfrS0; *:
'I'CODtalninc 60 feet by oo,Corner Julia and Fpnyth streets.. ; ; ; :
then pour1J1land until the.bole is full : DAY,sbewng-sWkt and taking orders for the corn' 1 .Biirt & V II VV V V I ''" J"
V V ; a few article otrfo'" fnitonMVulonnl Forparucularsenqulreo9tf \ ? -- ., 'AGENTS Meats %, 8-50-?
ig V "
six inches 5000 WANTED! .Ne'-Seed: tent tat ', f ::: ', 4 'r :
the row apart and fqurlnches THE DETROIT FREE PRESS c: C. COUIN'i C. Or D. Tau CASH/- V ; II., II :"! ': .
V .y .aU V .j'n; Philadelphia f f ;; ; 7 OQ
oick V _
ba' Block1 V _
: .'\, in f the pa kat ". : :. V .- Witschen's ; ". .,
row. Sprinkle i- .; : .i//: f. ; V Registered letters VV .. )
apart are at rIsk Out. )
gypsum our aU I '
V V i i j"The \ V ? terms are i-t)
NUIII.. Or ROH ', : ;Vienna-Medal '<; 'f.Z
V 1 ef.:1.aLt.-.. ..\ -. :. I'r J. 'VV the V cablrsewed .; : -6Sc:
GrngesOdd ,
of each liveliest of f lamfly f lull of Interesting V V same rcUo'll'lw common folk*. :.. .,
At the! rate .one gallon' ? to ,square newspaper, >- At Grand National Hote) ... ".
$ .
Utcnture Addraacash rdOrtto.r; ,:Jy .-- .-1 <.T/II. w .'V5 __ 'i .:.M'1qL1''n:: :. } t', .R <: 5sro! ; +: \ --
humorous .. .
V bewt : sketches Ia" 1 V1W fVVVLJ
: 'A spicy paragraphs, :
; '
V ; 'rod ja ihe.topVand : V : V BUITABL1J5 REWARD V V t V A I V .'
will-haYaj.jm n : .
y : I : etc.'Sam"Pia: .._Subscription: .la.A.year, ,: ..h.. ; V --J; : ,-, ;' .t ,ECUSTAVUSfcCOiJ .. : }: "'" Ji.'j !

4 te. }abundance ,of long'" straight 'smooth! Wfll W fttld fcc W jbqn4s iteamWtucr postpcld.,.. -Addrcu t"O itfi C- -r-.r"---**TJ: .V t ioine.*'Tnermi free, < .. .-h114-v. l'tIIWk1a .... t1 .. j.' ..!:!...i.uU'. :.,,GOO1S'.SENT.. ;.).. B 11rIAIL HAND\EX RESSt- :nfuf.... Vd4. ..
oTib .w. "J.c'ETROIT V : .
delivtrjjQjh Afeat : > .,
FREE ( oll
-j PRESS to : ><; foaDpartaoldiaState.r : -..
V b VV V roots UiatwIUselUn,anym .rket.i. : i w; :.1 \-.i.U .d .c.j .. V .;. V V;. N WJMfclV/-*'.Addres-G,STlJCSOIf& eo.. .-:. r. .00 Hotsroii '
V* .. tr9ItVt4Ich: < PortlAnd,Maine.-V ...-m WaehJ &tonCCNIlt1V AT THE: OLD STAND, COR. BAIT and OCEAN STS., JACKSONVILLE, FLAl: ,.st.

V'V V -

4. ..1l

The new South
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 Material Information
Title: The new South
Uniform Title: New South (Jacksonville, Fla. 1874 Semiweekly)
Physical Description: v. : ill. (chiefly advertisements) ; 61 cm.
Language: English
Publisher: Adams, Carruth & Co.
Place of Publication: Jacksonville Fla
Creation Date: April 10, 1875
Frequency: semiweekly
Subjects / Keywords: Newspapers -- Jacksonville (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Duval County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Genre: newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage: United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
Coordinates: 30.31944 x -81.66 ( Place of Publication )
Dates or Sequential Designation: Began in Apr. 1874; ceased in 1875?
General Note: "Wise men accept the inevitable, but strive to shape the future."
General Note: Description based on: Vol. 1, no. 33 (July 15, 1874).
Funding: Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05
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rrz ,
1-1 -

-- I 41.L7

.. .
#=; .T

:i"E : ii .iELrWa; 1 U S' : / lE:1: :: : S -

I ? i :: :; :- ii: : :, : '.- .


I 3 I j I I : WiSE MEN 'ACCEF7' THE lATE )7'A4t.E, SH4FE THE FUTURE." 1 :- : : a k Ii1& E ): '

--- --- -_____ -: -r _i ,-:- : T ---- -r9t !- -- -- -' "' .' .. _: -

s J i 4 I I 3t'i s tlclw ; rt !4 tM34.

VOL. in. ,; : /JACKSONVILLE- ,; FLORID. ; SATURDAJYMO1tNINGI;,; MARGE 27,11875. <* *-' Ufl 't4 -

_.__J j. i; : : f I. 44 I : -tj4It 1 .: : tf r ,, U *

_-T, ,- f ft t ,,. _ _ _ _--_-.
e y it ; -': .
I NEW SOUTH. the soil iU : : : I I ; : -2 -A 'ti'- ; iA si ,:}.| -"--
THE position, climate and sur. LaVilfr anjcksobiiIkd1-ectfroni'' the prescntj season. It'appears that PROFSSS10.SAI. CARDS,, & ,L '.. M1SCkLLA4EOUS 1 :

vRv WEDNESDAY AND roundings. the sweet ora tge seed, and riot corn- at intervals of five to fiftcent "years1 A-- i- .A t :.: -- _. -''-' ''.:' ', t:___.' -.

?tBusuD 5ATURDAY. The qaestiodvwith us- is, what constitutes promise its, future value' by, any such there are mildand I settrnrinterf, and UEDICINE.; SURGERY, MIDWIFERY :: --' -- 'r : .-, B ROCK. & COXETTERS; -:;

OF-SUBSCXIPnOtfi the chemistry'of the orange unpardonable -proceeding. dry or wet jrumrneritr*Fpr; instance, SvaoioiMijoj' KVEJUTT. M.1, DVF *Uow at tta -, : ,- -- "
TIRMS Royal \
mall subscribers J J.to p.r aanum. and tfie'orange tree? What soil dp Of course, the *our; orange tree: its in >i832
SWIZLTa $. J. cadtj d xtr opjr tbey require in:their Diseases of Womsa pad Hiildraa. Upinriast cl the t
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dub atca t one time. of London
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q J wbscriber. ft per annum. Ten value1 in one :season ,i was'ppfni inJdnuaryVj i' L-j1-.5 -t1 ;' J' .

gLY.5 cack. ; Twenty copies, $i.6o' ;'Fifty,cop- vascular and cellular tissues, sap, roots, medicine, amUrijhc:artsVnd' sciences. 'In, I$57the>teamboats did aid'Formerly with hjame Gyuicnst Y>Stapon; ?* Obstetric, Baronet of Sur England on-ln-, ; tMATHERt&VCO3' ---- -

stems, branches, leaves, flowers, oils, Its cfrk acid is invaluable ; the oils not reach St. Paul,until after the first and Surp0-MsjoroCpvp.iyp4 L6JTVOaeI4cL .->/.r-j'i ffvAv ,};*tfVi'VlIk >rifK '

ADVERTISING 11Kb.RA orhu.rSgip.WiuLT. 6tt Insertion Truits,> sugar,; citric acid, .albumen, it manufacture? injhe.flowcrs"leaves of Ny From,.present! appearances EtTl-AMzw Author of the pN1LosoplC Monadic Practice** of Medicine Aavaryre and Sur-*. .,'- iiaAi -.' { j..I-tici.- -f 1Y'A i-!! : : ;

insertion. ICt, jo cent*. ; mucilaginous bascorjne, 'colors, perfumesand and rinds of its: fruit; cannot be sur- the river is scarcely likely;to be ;sopeq cues Gfe and health from death and the grave. Attested ', ,' :UotII rtber ilcu the nsWrt thM J1n t-i" '
[ bYTwurnr ta ( A; 4 PalatkUurmwfiattlaKttag iW
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11.1 S per inch or Jess,first Insertion; each flavers ? passedid the,excellence' of their per* here tiirabout'the-firstbf' sApriiy Itw6uld absolutely cures all kmdsiof( disease know to Be*.or wtllo:- -cai t44 C
J1L '
,a.nt iinscrtion, 73 cents. To answer thes iwo ..questions we ''rurn s.' The world-wide- universally be *jsrudent ''foPall whdhiVe usual U the more highly'organised woman,to whom "
,, '.4 '
ss pecial M.k dovossd FLORENCE/
line. r aad-zqths mnoval ofalj ftr
v-1'0 cents IK per APVAHCB. have,jtp;.jpxam me.JJ p 'soll(pf Vsuccess/u) knpwriJEau: de Cologne" "receives its large accumulations of snow about Bale- obstructions,and pain*from whatever cause. STaONiERSI r ; TrW SiJpymH*WhW Uv *
mute ADAMS CARRUTH &'th.Iackiornflc. orange roves ,by chemical analysis- value' from the' nbaricing''pdo 6f( tEeit'rmIe :by ibud&inTiltrnr1 fie- *Letter respected.*Ms wtred Payment;!hod,order according kftat n the mutual Surgical.agreeresttla .t1n.$1 Si fiJ-i:: -".' ., -<>,: .'. .'. Tue
4 ress Fi.oi1k, .t then ,by Incineration,! cremate the Pleufn-We'iVH .nd'!Mrauun-an h wh l-i, acat0.sdJI 1nstmcyl I'.Ond1b1 retwi Sd. whc's I I': *.! ; Jt;; M.H': -} in- ,; i : '

trees and-their fruits and then-cheraicaHjraniiyre large.'fprtuqe} .,awaitsrthcj :"sc'iew7fic, -cIbbulifor follow Ladies adu,OoaW course*:.:to*p m.i&wCea ''A- ;--w1t -n.AD4 e.t .- ; -STARUGT4F,

Dr. Everitt'i Lecture.. ? their ashes; and.by test Floridian .who. snail engage ,in.'the lIe *0. s'Io p.ns da1IyaD.e d D4tLnu *uJt4t 1* -
tf ing ith'eir'1' solutions =and infnsfhn 've.at.fr r' z,0a4Th.sr 'n cTb.4f4 4
? and
dHi Grifrme-No. vewcreatk1s si fltiantity ofcr.ude troleu mit .
jadts p MASOMC HALL& s formsr Insurance Office Jrmttej HATTIE '- '
and", formations ..have been ter"a, perfume equally celebrated inEurojedr rubbed om with the fingera: speedy Bay.i Corner>Of Laura-*treetResidence;' Waverly 4., :s i;,; -

SdTfrom the soil of the earth to cd'to certain degree,,, but; we'haveljio its ''richness ariddelicacy'! ; and Certain relief frorn'the' poiontiuseI3ectsof House fl3rlda.PHYSICIK'fAM,.eurner..p Cedai and' Furtjth *.,Jaeksosffllle" I nr', r'j ,
otfF and **
complete analysis of them (Enough// so much so 'thlt Twe are :forciblyimipelled. ; i- *Vi*** **; t **
magnify and wake more lustrous the t wih13rj, dtoison o'ak, r / ': : dock. .

and varieties of the Botanic however, has'.bceri ascertained enable to", believetheGreat; Jehoval cow lt Vi4ner&c. ,IttIvery usci.tible't M. MURRAY, JACKSONVILLE, ''FLORIDA< THROUGIiBClATS,; "U 4tJ

bewties us to'givc' an approximative. created the.orange perfumes especially j.f .: ,. '
world since 'ih'e s&'cK. '
Kingdom of the ,, the effecof poisonous SthdEO. 4t0 _; : titescflatlaadIn :

evening and morning of the third day regarding' their chemical composition for1 the gratification of the, elect .ofGod. plan'is .and Kaye, prpved s'tfjei.cpal olj 1. r- -, -: : -' STARLIGHT from RaIlrei4 ekarftm U.OdI '

development of organic and 'the' soil i! necessary; for their sue; .-' They have made -Paris .'audi cure fiytimes,. pr.pftener."rtjlt: ..kills ; ., 4. JUSTfREMOirED TO THEIR NEW 1 Thursday. __, %. ,.,.. it'i- my
progressive ccssful HATTIE, Shipyard wharf oa Tatsdav sad
"cultivation, Ita! famous, and this Orange Flower : AND COMMODIOUS STORC from ,
life form and function. Hence ft 'is, bed bugs''quicker, jthani lightning/. r ., OX Saturday' : -' .S

date the commencement of The sweet orange tree is composed Water is sent from thence'to'England I believe it will cure erysipelas '. .1 -4 -.i; .ui"t- -'". i j'i), .4 : iBA'Y 4Reruminf. kav Palatka,dafly. (Suadsra wcesttd)H&Otand.
that we of celluline f ,. Monday,Tuesday Tbvnday aa4 "
lignin muctlagmous bas- Enterprise
and in' '
the existence of the family Aurantium ;Eurdpe'geheraily, large' cojp rbottleslo -I ?,- Bay sIrCet.Jacksonville,45a.,, STREETi NEARJLAURA,' pad Friday*ornlags ii -. '' .* In idq

before the creation and forma sorine, albumen, carbonate of lime, be.distributed; thnoiilityandthe /-**'RAILROADS.\.t ,> I ,* ,- .- y OFHCB Houiii-9 to u A.'$.'. a to 4'ii.\ 'Roos i frtz' : > !,\\n.a-; *"/.i-f.v. .-' ... re dy pI afs4
song of of 8,9'nd,04 ;/ n 1'i, .'. ;
sulphate soda,1 phosphate magnesia ton generally- his >i33mj "
the dust of the ,
of man from -J WHERE WILL;BE FOVNfc' > .: I&Se* sirksm3
tion i 4
phosphate of alumina, carbonate highly appreciated them. '?' :* ,"' -
ground. And originally, we believe A. l ni.ARTHUR A: BiRcE.A: i r.'f V- ,; : <,t-- i. ; ,' -v', AjmstMtlghtt4idnt: t
there were only three* distinct of potassa, aiid silicic acid,* which become Now, I propose1 thathFlorida shall 'iRdM"1 .jY-V-' '-- T'1' --. -- > *> '.' ""* tn-: J.| ,-r<.11.. .-, .''f ni'i'-- 4'.'P- ; A -

of this family more or less incorporated jn'its supercede France! 'and Italy in this V* ATTORN-B-YS A LARGER ASSORTMENT ;
or races vjz : -E YORK AND
specieS, the sour and bitter lowers, and us, fruit, contain, in:adi perfume oflthe gods andgbddesies' ,' S 1EkAD1NA1OEtAR. ) EYS ':i iA ifv' -. 9riT ,, Il; I' "i1-- b'j .- ': : : ,

the sweet orange; dition thereto citric add ,. /U S T ',- trOP,, ., .
and the lemon-the other varieties .sugar,, water and I will give )OU the formula for.it GOING IOVTH. ; gfl- 4 -- ; 4.ls ) --- : -

l orange, produced by the accldentaldoraralngUng pulp and seeds ; and these seeds production; Take sur orangeflowe"rs! ',JIl; +n.-'kLrI 'iuuuvB.1 :Z.LYLF ", : -!WASHINGTOiCiTYN.lBETTES ; ;) 'u- -:. STATIONERS* SUPPLIES, I" FERNANDINA w 4

being the sum total of "the whole ) fluid I andina... :ffi..4 43..a.at..4 45 ., .&4;.' '- A4f.r -i .'i -
represent ; ipbs..proof spirits ounces i-- : -
; ,,
of these varieties as 7 ; CaUahsn.6, tj__ 6 y o..6 15 6 30. : : .4 .' .- 1 !. t -; : STEAMSHIP ONE
and multiplied family, shielding and sheltering within water, 2 imperial gallons ; distil a gaj- Baldwin.......... 7.40_. 9 oo_ j 40--. 9 oo [ : i .t - 144J t it; 4
they grew up together heir albuminous walls the future of lon and ( .,. ; ; ...... o..zo 26._i ioGainesville. 3m J I f';' ', .' 'is. u; -- i- : THAN tS TO BE rotTNO IN -. : '
: in- well closed bottles ;
keep ; :
.... u ,
insects that carried the pollen 5o.. Z ."* 03Bromon PHYSICIAN, AND SURGEON JI i ; < ;/ -
or by Florida and The fortunes of genera This is thc'way chemists'prepare it tin' Ardtcr.....,...__ .o_.*. a s7__ ;; I 05 '' ," ; --i ., .
the stamens of some of their ', -i: i '-. ; s .: *:! ,, '
from .,, ,..._ 1 1. : '
2> i I j :
3 05 -- 3 n 33. 39 : li
tions' yet unborn. But the 'fortunes France and ''Ital ,'. It 'is. of1 a light- .. 3c1uovuicFi: : FEJW DlNA.F ;Oc ,>tM
flowers to the pistils of others that Cedar Keyi_ i _5 53.-. p. m.. <.. 3 31 ...- p. m, ANY1 OTlkEK- HOUSEIFLOR- 4. ,' '- ej,- pksG V.
of the present generation may been yellow tints;, but too' much' color.ahoffensiveodor COIKG HC TH,- -Orncz-Opposime Ocean House.-cornei of Adaus ,_ &t, .j I
not of the same species, and-by and Ocean "" NORTH POINT M itrt*i,
were : ,
i' 6j6mR.'ANNO
4 ,
< -
lanced and most positively. assured mould inei will 1 irVdicate'impurUy AftkrtL1LJAvL' AUIYI LAVZ. T ; ,-i I -- '
of man by engraft ment. Although ,, or .... .. .. .. ..... 4 3al '
the acts Cedar Key a.rn. .8 z. n mn..z. !'Ca1jt.SILIT'lt. *'s*?> '. > I Iii
all those, who will study the nature derived from the flow i .. 'u.'c : .. .' '
jy 43.40 .! 33.ti 3135..Js '- / 'T' : > ) < :' :'-
as a general rule, .insects have physiology and chemistry of ers in.the process of.distillation. The .;............... 58.'l 3oG&inesviUe.'s .v.- ; .; AT.JPRICES COMPETING WITH PRICES : '. ""i }'i wittf JuwnMtf k
been so intellectually endowed by the I 57.s o ; .. L R O -
seldom the orange.; perfume of the' flowers of this Citrus Starke.. ......._,_ 2 56..a 3 03w 3 59...... 3 34ItaJdn < ATTORNEY:AT-LAW iFQR. GOOPS'; OFtTIIE.SAMEDESCRIPT1O'IWNOITHERC1TIES.; I i 4 i ,,
Great Jehovah, that they commit .._. .._. .' ..... __ *' ; i < Lt CHARGED .
; .
'o i-
4 50- 5 25. 5 13 ;, f. ,apt. wamfSr >'<4 t f. 'LLd4C; 1*
First of all the soil contain <
must Acetosium be an' in (
such a mistake, for they know almost may preserved cu11ahaal ;:. .:. 6 35..... 6 6 6 43' Oflce,ia Reed Block-Bay Street, :[ i 4.
well do the difference alumina, carbon, calcium, hydrogen/ definite' time by'commingling'' them 8 p. 'p.'..,.'' p.m' I : f,, Al. --I-----' i -'- iA CAN. ACCOMMODATE. FlfTY FIRST-* '.m :
as ,
different -and.act: accordingly magnesium nitrogen, oxygen, phos- with a fourth'of their, weight ot table CONNECTIONS. : j A ', CLASS PASSENGERS-* -, rd J 1 4&rundaysat
Point from -
City 1Ui! -i- "-' '"
the from the ,jhorum;; potassium, sodium, sulphu- sal(. -In'thisva) you can send.'themto'rieuds.tHousan.ds Charleston and Savannah,Mondays at 4 a. m\ steamer uAATTISOLW'; I A.M1X'A W'E'lNVlTE1 ;
taking pollen '
t !: 4U Li' -4 4 i'41 l A These steamers ;
rum, silicum) for, if not in 'the soil, orjinile.s distarjt."JThe Dictator from Charleston and Savannah,Thursdays at --'- 11 ti. I y.adIfl'aaunad rtei1
stamens of the sweet orange flowers to 4 a. m. .With steamer Lizzie.Baker, from Saranablirwiawick ATTISQN&iMEEKl ,= fTHE ATTENTIOK.'Ofa *
of the the seed cannot evolve itself, into a pleum.Neroli derived from ,thesOurorange and St..Mary's, Monday at A a. m; for. : : '; # e:4: Wharl every -- -. <:, itxiQiftiai fWEDNESDAY
the same species -
pistils after its kind.** lho points cm Fridays at?a.m. > .. ':. ., _. .
tree yielding flowers is of the : ,, ,
most "
fruit one --- -44 ,!
: > ; -
This irregularity however, by-some .At BALDWIN/wi*J ; P ft M. Rl Rlrfrom Jack .-, CITY .AND:CPUNTRY PEALERS : -
U dies starvation teforeitcande- nf'-all' if it-be .
'productions .
has produced 169 varieties. expensive ; sonvi1ieat4o7p. rn-c forJAcXSO.vifleat9OSaI.'As j i i.Office. "
means, clare itself like wheat Ibs' GAIN ESYILLE,with tn-weekly stage line for t i '. : '1 ; :
in sown on poor true that 556 yield'ohly'prie ounce ReQua'i building,Jacl on Ufe. FU.; ., ; .
These varieties have been classified Tampa: with stage tine for NewnansyUle, Tuesdays BERMoE1E.ApN
I .- ,'- 4 -
that forms blade of of this ; j : ; )
and .
the works of Riscoand ground, a -gras pit, andTOorej'mon'eyVpuIdl.be Fridays. _, -, tUtowwoo15wARn
magnificent then,dies in a few days' for want of made,by the manufctur ofthe,water, At CEDAR KEYS,with steamers to and from Ne' p E.JOHNSON,, M. DM1, r AND .THEJ, 'PUBLIC GENERA. *LLY; Ttt' OUR ;
Poiteau under the heads ( Orleans, .Wi.h from "
following ; every Saturday' steamers Key J ,.. | Jf,1 J J 'r' I. ; -
provender. The chemical symbols of And ajjttlc less inferior perfume can West and Tampa FridaysV from these places.Thursdays AND ,,
ist. The Sweet Orange. 2d. The HOMCEOPAJHIC ,., ; J SOLICIT TRADED ,. .un.: .
At C. C* n. K. Mj. X. N VXu With Steamer Cool,from Tampa,Sunday:fox -- | :-
me orange are, w. bejjrepaicd from the oiiy/vesicles you ...' ', '. ., j h.-. .' -.'
Sour Orange. 3<1. The Bergamots. o.iBi.; t i Tampa. Mondays.- With:Steamer Wawenock,from PJYSICIA { ..ANDSURGEON.. f> .' -I > ; ; ti.T i < r -
Ibs. of atmospheric detect leaves when held Suvannee Fridays for SuwanneeiTuesdaysD. ,- 'yiand1ia.n&Td .
10,000 air contains intheorange: ; ; *
4th. The Limes. The Shad .
5th. Ibs. of carbon acid This between the and the and E. MAXWELL Office,'In Mltchen'i'new"building.nonh'i'ide of Bay : 4SilO01ARLESTQNA
loo ic, ;, eye light, Superintendent. -- S S
docks. 6tb, The, Lurnes. th, Le ::53: i Street, between Newran -and 'Market ttreets.1 nearly } QIJD4jj.
enough to supply an orange seed to you can evolve their'fragrantaroma opposite the PIM,Office. n .- ,ipjtl
8th. Citrons. Only the sweet :
mons. NSACOlA AND BUCKY takes tEetea ia'tietateVtityies'of SOk had''
retains its botanic title of Ci form its'tree, flowers,,-oils and fruits by breaking.'them'in two A :similar' JACKSONVILLE ; \XT' ,' -*. *- -tiNY ,.Fur Hats,,, 4-.; i STEAli'PAeKET CO,

orange with car bo n< but when you wish (oran oir'exSsts'in.'the.nhd of the .fruit, 'and -- -.fye infi A,, 1 '
Iras Aurantiuiu. The sour orange excess of orangesVyou must supply I both, dissolved,out by aicobpli would G vaAt.SUPEZINI-KNDmIT'S Opric B,> 'JUSTICE (IF ,, i --,-- 4 : ;, i-- I $ & : .. : -=
should be christened Citrus Aceto- TAtlAHAs, December 19, 1874.j
sium and the lemon Citrus Limoplum. an excess of carbon, in the form of make; a perfume ,alruostequal: to .the On and after.SUN DAY.. DEC.'eo. 1874. fassea- AD CHANGE OF SCHEDULED! f,! }->w I IQU1KETOUETO'TN"

,. All the others, are derived in leaves and vegetable mould, to its Oleum Ncroli, that could*be.made thesourceofrnuchprofit get trains on this) road will run as follows: 'NOTARY. .:, 'PU1LICOfflcinSORYES' pRITN # 1

The Alumina and phosphates 'if arranged DAY PASSENGER, Dafly.Sundays excepted. Aft- ,.1.U ---
roots. properly BLOCK' *
the other from these three' 7 steimmWili; Kittr--*
one or fest'thi
i'ay _, and"afteVm Y9th ,
._ AM. JOB
,A.M.I t : ? 4j'lu- : 1
aluminous the '
in abundance from the and to 'as '
original; varieties and sustained by] you get sent Europe Leave. Jacksonville 7 40 Leave Smv..nnah.8.00 '. .'" /. Cc iwUBAY luid'pINE'streets I will run a Wlow ;;.' :, .,' 4' .:;(, !v. clay which underlies nearly the Floridian Perfume, 'or'' under ,so'me _.. ..J S.so Chattahoochee 6.a '(( ,: -
cultivation.The -.. Lake Oly10.50 '' 'Quincy__ $.y ,. ,.. Jacksonville, FU. I .. J ; 'THESTEAMERiDICTATORr: lCATTAIN
whole State of Florida. The carbonate other name that, would ,arrest.'the, [attention ; Mi. ;" Tan hassee.ie- 30 .- i;: ( w. .t-! ,/: rj>a. i'i.iY i 3UJi.its ; LEO VOGEL, 1 j ;. -j.nl ,4
distinguished English Botanist, also from this the I should be V. Live Oakzs 35 3( .1 "
.of 'you get clay of, public, atjd "" Madison,i- -.i. 5 I.. JS A. KNIGHT -' "JOB ANl .:BOO'RIJWflNC1 Win- leave Charleston-*the St.Johns rivet dived 0{
John Lindley. F. 8- S., Professor of marine'shells whlcha"re of small .., .- SUNDAY nEat m. loi
and from; the ; happy to help gentlemen M Tallahassee 6.30 Live Oak 4.30BaMwin. .41. n ,-uti i-J-Jii I.t Y ,' every;WEDESPAY and
Bjtany in the I 8.10 ** Lake Ciry. .' o.co .r-AifXl4l : wkJnheSt-Johr Railroad sad M PAtt}
University College Ouincy..h ectingMToc
mixed, as soft powder, with the sands capital in such-an enterprise' Arrive Chattahoochee 9.50 Baldwin...._ 8.10 \ ,. --"ATTORNEVAT{ LAW," '; /'"* I. .H ,.! ESTABrjSHMENTtsrJ .if/ :- il latk.with steamers for the upper St. Johns,and tim
, London, and Secretary of the Horti- of Florida. In every 46 Ibs- of Florida I To those who proi>ose to distil the '* Savannah>.- 9.15 Arrive JackfonvilePassenKtn -... 9.14 -,- .t --i,. ''i.i-- ,. s It. .!Ir-u:) OcUawah rlvcr.J -: ;.:J If. 1f J'aa

cu&iral Society of London, has writ- sand, you have 24 Ibs. of pure oxy Oleum Neroli from, ir, e s r rangetlowers'as can go through to St. Markj.Mondays, No." 'Hoej' Block;up stairs'I"'> : -5"-'J' :'I'I ::1 L.4 .1.LU $ 4- -Stq4Lm -S RETURNLNG1w4di
lea tbooV on the Elements of Botany Weihiesdays and Fridays,and return Tuesdays,Thursdays ,.. ,, -(,- -..: !V -f -.l .>-lf 'J 3VESDAYaadFRIUAY
of silicunu Theat- k'4 A i' wn kite- JACKSONVILLE; vgr ji
gen and 22 Ibs. : a source oiprolitIproposetO1nfdiw ; ; and fcamrcjays., ,3jSwly ,,, ii) >.> Structural, Physiological Systemaii- ; 4.4 1 '-s- -1 flIj > : arrivinf
and that .li5
them New
mospheric air contains hydrogen average.yjreigh't' .. SATURDAYandWEDNSDAY cona.ct with
NIGHT Diily. '
cal and Medical in which v : ; ; lJfn,, -'t .'/r. rf -!' -
the whole of and UEsItp York steamships and 1; t3ii5 Iqribe '.or&
of vesicles of'nor -
form water nge'fl 'sj '

oxygen In the p.t.I PM.Leve 'A. '- : ": -" "'*' This'proprietors prepared to execute i orders j for Through dcketito .fl I

family is classified under the order Which supplies Jhe orange leaves 2,333 will weigh one pound j or mule JackiotvIfle... 4oo't.av SavaflnaI1..4.O Respectfully tails. the attention the citizen*and merchants rail;sold by.Purser o )board, S $jfl.fl.

Anruuaeea, wbojce typical genera are with a moisture, in dry weather that tipned.by 550,- will give' us i)2&lQ ". Lake BaIdwin..5.55 City 8.p IJve-Oak..3.oOArrIrC A.M. It 1s the to best l.e BEAUTIFUL Washing, Barber.SOAP and lie:Toilet manulacturet Soap ever .-, ; f --> -r v ;\ i--rt-tK''i > ii'THE SJKAMRR CITY .PftINT, ,. ,-; *
Citrus, Limom'a and Triphisia. But the distillation .Live Orik.L z iio .! Lake 1ty..J 4.33 ci PLAIN OR ORNAMENtAL PRINTING.. ,. .
is more easily appropriated by. flowers destroyed by to'geti1 made.; 'This Soap Is put up Iq boxes contain,*80 ttx'aixtpobars i : : CAPful J.W.FITZGERALD. '44
the most and -- *- II Ba1dwin-.y. ,' -- ;. < .- t t
profound comprehensive bark and leaves of the tree, in conse- ounce 'of bil!, worth 14.56"Nbw, S. vnah.- :8$. Ar lve Jacksoivilk.'p.oNotz.A Orders. should be; addressed to ,'j j ; > .5" c ."/.-I jfitn-i'- hitt >'-j .' -. ': Will leave th.StJuhne.rvevioochJflJ' TUESDAY andSVJIJRDAY
ion illustrating and defining these queuce tif the air pressing upoirtheirsurfaces' these flowers matle up into, bouquets Speeial.Train will, leave Tallahassee Saturdays ; ;-- -'- A.' BUESINC; Bo pi, '. .- -J Ml >'lT "M't :'. til Injr at FERNANDINA a is-es. and nn.aing atToi at4 'tYc
varieties and their origins. It that, of ibs. distinguished visitorswho at 3.40 p.'nr.,arriving at Live Oak 9.35 p. m:, S-i6tf' I Jacksonville. Fla.: 5aijsiss cARDs as.abov< every SUNDAY and WEDNE
with 'force equal'lo 4 many; ,
the a connecting .with Savannah J"rain.. Returnui leave - I 4 '4q1t I I _.c ;4 ,.
highly distinguished Gallesio, of to the square[tncbj a.aci never before ,- yearly flock to, Jack'spqy'l and Live Oak 3 a, m., arriving at Tallahassee at 8. 0 a,m. MCLAUGHLIN, 4.'l ; ; '. ."* ;'
which continues to add lustre recognized in botany but I am vTunity, would bring as many hundred '' 'RPDERT. WALKFR RICHARD: ; ". ; .-___.,(f "i -WEDDING CADS .1' 'Wi-lleaveWksotiT&VvcWM.Q 1n4FkI- Jm
*- -
to the Florida "- Receiver Cen'L.Supti.T. -
and ,
Agruulturht Weekly certain that this pressure has a marked dollars, and the abstracts : tVfconnktiim
from this very interesting made1' 'into ihe'Essencje 6Jorlng'e l r r t ., ,' II -UESDAYoandi-SAlOflMY
effect upon .the ,Jtssitnilation these leavesjarid : ; -.SJJ.1' A.-1 with KewYork Keamships and all,,l i a u i.sL
ani 1 instructive work, together with a "the All ions of Real Estate bought and sold Money Invested. -. '" "" '
ammonia leaves 'Would''duplicate ; ;& for 1h North. ,
atmospheric elements the : DostbFFltEtJOTICEV 1 "" *:-
t. ?
; ; \: .Taxes ,aId.Titles eamlned.A' -" : y
variety monographs, written by dif and' .t .'abcIkCUTAk: TlRotioH TUKETS ANDEIUS 0V L.DINGGZVENiUNEWYOk.11 -
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the become so great i favorite InPuace (: sweet orange, and not blindly over) on&hundred persons fl1oeisnoxeedIngd f. *S eepu.1'tent '. ducted by skilled,, M ; ._, ,, ;, 'I "TROWANIV Sta'zL'f.

and in the hut-in the contend .against the God of the universeby who had perished in Iowa; out'of a Overaotuc Over|10 and m*exceeding di'i$3Q,7tLi|ao.V ,, t'EUROPEAN ANp AMERICAN,ARTISTS. t I: 1 :. :_ ,' L$ .A : .,. 4'' : ;j 2 eP t ,u t

ttlr of the sick and dying-and. ouch acts pf micenatioi.We population' of 'onlyabout, 900,060.; Over$30 not exceeding >toFz.c.C4. 451'- A, C. GRANT, Mawiger MAILLARD'S SUPERIOR -;CANDY, '-> XDGETOOLS.TABLEaad POCKET .l41i,( IIi
Over and 601 exceeding 5o.II I5 *
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the drawing.room of. the and 'such fruit is This year'the estimate is"not'lkely| to1 1 .:'fii'v--f .4! --iu-. <('141 IT.**-.' i -*" CUTLERY
gay all Ttnow that more ,. '- -js.APAMSPteliu'cr.JaCkI.OflVWC.JaUarj4Zf7Si P.S. Any jfoteIcsBoardlng-flons&tliat! has not to our assortment of ., ;
*lthy. among all nations of the delicate in iu nature ; will not bear reach half that.number for the.reason '?.l: : bcea taken by Mr,Grant can send In HUM sad address.pratan4Ueder1WrtI.Ver1PiI .. .1--FRESZ&VESiJELLILS.: >."\,4.iu i'i. i *. ** "Sw./IETCtis MJ .1.1itlt .:tN;*; : l h-3, '" ,t/'>: V> -sj'' ** IIn4

'ord,1 wit we find it wherever the transportation so well as the; pure that our twp.and.afourth millions of COLCORDrn BUCKVS. -' I c- .. "...L,1: : ,

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to the cultivation and pro- in bad weather; and has pot the sweet, are not 'such long spaces betweeri ; tuccTi4or ) OTtBIL-D.L.G.-t 4 cflswibsfl m.Wh1aIbg.fL1ngcuEoNRA5KETSscIaItY4 :: STOVUT5XWA1LCZOCXZYP1XPL!

of i rkh farms and settlements. In th'e"'winter F ; -- ', ,s' *
goWep.ft delicious flavor the sweet orange na : 4 :i ,IA -1et: ; 'tr

NOWhere in creation canlbc prange turilly possesses and retains,under adverse referred jfq' ,ihe! 1'' :sif 6w Sr s about! as t / : ,',f r i.- )'J.1!,'U.R.OWELt.U- *II'I (vJ: ;.1 I It : v G; clIAPEL,, ," ir Porchaaes delivered gtatli; ;t: '. ;-f-/! -. ; *' :, fr A --.:-! < fl: !.i i. i i!; ;- *- fe'-I Ju

& aod'th ']itftri .still : ,' GOLDEN It ADAMS,' DOORS.gAutjwsDs.LOCLDINGS.SVGAa. ,
deep as .now | } ; ,
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In Size; swcetom,:perfume and But becauseyqucanSCnd: iheAkkcap : more obstructive., [Even.the railroads 'Highest cash'pricee'' '! .. ; Skins.' Furs, : S, Rosi' *'Marti* Front Buttdtnf,near ; _;S- .WU4Evla&or5e&cml; ..

4'o W la tb Liate o( 1qriclz, Of into the, swamps and gel.the sour west pf, ,Dubuque,, for-ooya'bundred) *jcrtL: __ ing..1 0na1 r4i54 S as d 7ii'n1'4

tourse, parts of the State are orange itjc f*; Inaburidancerre6; ;pf miles was obstructed. for. five or six f h .'--,- -; q -, : !Ac'r& ND vN1TEHIAL, ': 4J : t3l ,
tbOi fvoag and the King of weeks, 'and wheti the' snow ;melted T RSALE A ?.- Af ?. -
la iu disgrace '?
growth. ,want
f 'i'm't : Atr' 1 ', itta' -- 'BOA'rs'J
ydoction and multiplication than Fruits,by.aJdrcible engrafttneht upon suddenly, destructive; freshets/.occ'nr-l; A 1hiiaid ,, 'Ui : --H3weqtsiI : pp'cf&.TICKNEVAItOUSZLt'4
theprts member 'Pf hit family red 'aswiIl probably be Ihq caie- this erthf side rf Bw sweet,fc w.rj|Newio*ud Mrbp t
; Difference which; occurs a reijudiajed ; ; L early opposite tix Pcm Offic*.' '. tTTURNISHED } i
ttier States, wKere wheat arid oilier with ioapunity you ;so act ; theexcuse season, ; -- v'v"- :' VA'ABLcr.j: -' SI'

tt&j$ Ire grown and colt jvated.uponhtt for inch roiscegeneraiipn being '..Somt'ipf.: ,. th : :! tm"i I14cadn + AtiJ
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sad p&cs
"flGi earlier/ that!tbe..wj ntef pf 84:4i.. no iSis, PS SO 1cu get .i: *M4 ,
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are more or less adapted that 700 can'get fruit one year ( | was I A .A C. LUN ; tt Lod fadudaw sakasln *
!hereto4 each sad :Jn all cakes depend- I Int'eod tfmakeV** 40 acre grove of memorable;wioterlfor: its/severity, I t1 ; *. ':t NEW ; ? 'Idirif

ing line oft said to exceed'that' f85 or' iItrAi9.q 1ti'G13* Liwj 0ta ,. ,. -kj ra'1
tb; sweet1 dranges on; |hg divisi6n: even- '' .- i-' ir iEt fl1tt14J?) t t --4 S
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ib ) : four7 m. is* '"eqoafly*?A llvTdvfng* two 1 -Ocean.. 4*sent by one" mend.. -ov to another l>fc-pays. a thorough knowledge connecting __"Butler on Civil Rights*. the head"an'dflodgtn'g. in thebraln.Landis HOTELS I.. AND BOARDING RQJgYAHLIL .

: t : THE NEW SOUTH. nativesand, two carpet-baggers. Ohio a postage of three cents,forget that when water courses (natural and artificial) WASHINGTON, March 18, 1875. then walked quietly out of the

rkW : ----- sent to regular'subscribers the postage from tho grwat Gulf ofSt. Lawrence to Sot-I have the pleasure to acknowledge office and surrendered himself Deputy ,

t1f |.a, ADAM*. ") with a delegation of twenty-one, has Is only five mills ., the Gulf of Mexico. The voyager, we receipt of of the 14th, containing Sheriff Cortis, of Yineland.
kV: cm. L CAMttmt.J- ADAMS. CAR RUTH & XX and nine yours The friends of Mr. Landis that OLD POINT
twelve natives thas COMFORT
'I1 $Io.wJn4P. JJ. carpet-baggers, The coat of transportiiion of all bail learn;hasAbeen somewhat lonely expressions of appreciation of say VA.

'" :'JL .."- .- chief of whom is. .Senator Tburman. matter depends on weight; and even at far, bat as several of our-citizens have efforts in behalf of the Civil flights while they all regret and deplore an act The attention Nonheaa ,
my ,
; p1 S, ADAMS. EDITOR. three the Inter-Ocean does not made to accompany him that will naturally cast a cloud upon the loorbu ,.j
Oregon with a delegation of three, has cents pay preparations bill, for which accept my thanks. You advantag.s of returning hone by way ci sout
ia -- Wisconsin with cost: of transportation. The same weight dqwa,the-river to the polf, we predict a furtberiask, \yill yqn 90 kfn'd/enough lif of a-man of"so much promise and Virginia and iakIa [Brest at thu

4 .f:1t: TO CORRESPONDENTS OTHERS. no native. a.delega of letu-rs yields thlrty.slicentLlY'et ibis veV> pleasant winding op.bf this 'novel to Inform me if colored men ire entitled genius, a man who has done so much to THE HYGEIA HOTEL; h.th.ikOE

; S T ':it IteaM.f Local Interest mrt.odt.druss; afl p rta of the tionofeight, is entirely given over-to enormous tax on letters U'insufficient to voyage, from the cola regions of Canada to the privileges of saloons and barber build up the Interest oi Vineland and pLDrpINT COMFORTVA ,

Stauu._AJao,coatmintcattom oa autrjecta ofnaenl carpet-baggers... .. .' ,? ? ? pay, the loss, on newspapers Though to ther,waters of the-tropical. Gulf of shops'under its provisions?" this-,section of New Jersey there was ,

ft. so Interest_. ,Corrcspondcnti ripcciitUy cdnMtionat.should make aocial their and industrial letter asbnefas These facts appear nullify the argument letters pay a net'profit to the Post-offico Mexico. During hb stay at Rixford To this I answer:-I. understand by the acutest provocation extending over Tkkrti paucoK***Seaboard to,H om and at Roanoke Norfolk Railroad Png.mitt..2"tow

the(acts and circumstance will permit.Ve of the Constitution in favor of department of$10,000,000 year] the Commodore Bishop was the guest ot ''saloons," yon meandiLnklnt saloons, years of cruel And persistent persecution Fort Monroe.Ta. Bv daman* gZa4e; o -
arenatretponsihUtoc opinion* xprcssedby our is Jr. galling to a man of sensitive nature Kaa'rcad and having ft checked Port *
loss on and :magazines Col. Goo. W Nason,
; Civil
that the
newspapers and am to Rights
> *. correspondent* Rejected DMunMcripts can .neitherbe home rule as purporting to be drawn happy say and honors This will not he the least trouble or eoofiaJo.aadSl'points
r> high-toned course,
Hnis -
sufficient'to'-cou nterbalaned profitand -
returned contribution -
'Anonymous bill does not give any right to a colored they win have the choiecol two firttdai
*IU not be =rcd. from the practice ol the "ice-bound1' leave a deficiency about $8,000- .State. News man to go into a drinking saloon with they say, did not.extend alone tp/ the to the middle sod three to the New EacJan4 Stat*p,

Suites of the North,and West. Bnt.theFrnnsparent 009 tobepaldtrowthuTreasuryCy ; We :.finil the following Key West'gossipin -, out'the leave of proprietor, and am business interests of Mr., .LandU, but to TRRMS-l .oo per day,fij.yt pee week,
Rule. JCWe. Jallacy and (the Constitution theJTey: \ very glad that H does"not. ,,1 an!, wjl his domestic life, sparing.' not even his ,Rooa engaged fa advance. Address

tr :hire bJtbcrto 4 mdre lUuial.6ricr, will us foolishness ol the "homo ldne in Georgia. The value of exports shipped to New ling to concede, as a friend to the colored wife and' children This, last, satire of .". PHObBuJs,J-
excuse )
Carruth '
directly ref red to'Landis wife 36m 'OL4Po
York for the" week ending March 18th, *Com5JeI.Y1
man, that the,white race have
expressed heartyjippreciation of the may an4it
rule" dogma bestappears: extract A storm of almost ubprecendented ei d$66,000.r We wish any other this although no narutf was ''mentioned,

4. ; ability with which! Monticello! Conttitution from the Evening Pott, which proves violence'bnrst over Upper,'OeorgU last city io this State to do something like Ito at least colored man onei,'that.auperidrpr1vihge.tothe they can drink in favas the culmination of years of as ]MANSION_ HOUSE. :

$$1 is conducted' iri''every respect, the Infallible shibboleth of the DemocrAcy Sunday.. Thompson, i onelady was Sponges arc,coming In from the reef barrooms and saloons, and I never shall sault. Although: Mr. :Landia was in i PORT ROYAL, A C
: and bave often Alluded to .It as one of A superior article of. sponge is now offeredw anything to interfere with the exercise Europe,for the better part of ;last year %
to be a delusion, or more, properly was killed, ;and s verai- other .persons the attacks continued. Other
the most valuable ofo 'r&sieixchiinges. Mr.-Mansel is buying all,that is of that 'high and distinctive privilege. Among ( Th NEW CITY situate on the SOM&Athmie cow,
political nostrum: ,: white and colored, badly injured. things, was & burlewiuu account of an and at tbe terminua of the Port Royal Railroad- n2Respectfiilly
offered.. The amount exceeds $45- i I: would not advocate bill which should
t 5rdde1atuml Ioa
We desire aa tSar.
: now specially'to reqithetJ la
expnvae our interview between LandU and the
It isjiotefl as a singular fact by a'cor* Iil Camak- several houses were blown give.that right to the colored man. If,I Mr.

i obligation to the Constitution fur a courteuund respondent. the ,Now\ York JStining lown, and the watchman of the Georgia 000.The Steamer Sherman was sold on were to vote forjany bill! on this subject Queen of England Caricatures were Custa- .ia.! the. SoDerintcadeat udaaoJ, Lt.I
: and io Carrnth's anuncrs tbat oa tbe az lag
;; poliabtd as well>i a pointed Post concerning the nativity of the members al I id bb the colored engraved printed neWs- will the' : _
of the that Railroad.was filled.,, He ,was standing Tuesday 16th.instant, to PhilUp Herman at it woo one to keep In which the wife and children of open -
Congress only paper
I 4 and forcible reply to a recent ;editor three of the present States or Territories are behind a train'of cars whlcb'were blown of this place| for tbe sum of two thou' inanontofthe drinking saloons'} and I Landis were introduced These assaults NIw1xcQstgt7crED ASt NEWLY tji.
4 rial We feel sand dollars '''while tho arid hope no barkeeper will ever let a color NISHED1oiiiiw
hthe1Nr.wSou7u. con- arms ammunition
>4 1 -t represented by those "native and to the over and crushed 'him t3death. In at times were .directed against his hon
; .. *trained to make special mention of this ,wa.s sold to the highest bidder: ed man have a glass liquor at any bar : :
manor born, yJ\Retare Vermont other, parts of the State especially from l drinking. Indeed, should be esty, so far as misrepresentations of(
i as being In marked contrast to the cuili"8 11b41 North CardJin4130>$8 jnJyInumbcr ) of Oast an libitum this week, and now Ui open whenever colored should Yinean&wereeooccrued) Dtr1ng the
the accounts glad a man
1.- eleven men out of a total of three neighborhood of.Aplin good time to pray for rain We need it stay Mrl'Landis in England he made trnci bcartfrrs.' Coue .4
; pursued by others of pur cotemporuries into a drinking saloon, for the -
hundred and sixty-four. This speaks the most dreadful disasters nave been badly, oar cisterns thd bar if
and both drinking at somebody
ns being more effective and volumes for the restlessness of the Amer receive! -Three' houses -were- -blown owners of large.cisterosVeadUy.sell water 'once Chester and other places; and he wrote,
; more honorable and agreeable, of the forgone'cent and ji half'per gallon.The .- would at take him and put him also article in ,
; lean people, or-at any rate completely down, and :-several very out, doing' him'as little injury 'as possible' an 'Fraser'f.Maga&it, 1'9'M--- -tI :
: : The existence of different, and con American politician.'TheLouisiana. much One U.R! venae Cutter is now on He could do the colored man no explaining the operation of.tbe Local
injurvdv youn? lady was : '
testing political parties with {heir the MalI SeryiceV, She' performs' her greater kindness .- Option ,law, whichi .makes Vineland, OFFICE: ?
ami another so seriously injured
and R o1uUon.; tilled, service handsomely, and' Ciipt. Carson As to the otber' branch of temperance town, and fo deep an impression
: varying conflicting opinions has that little hopes"'are 'entertained other deserves the' best wishes'of onr citizens.Tho yourquestion. was made that a special editionofI01lIl
,. J ... .c long been ''recognized by Intelligent We notice thut the debate in the Senate ia, reference ''to barbershops, let FLORIDA STEAM
every" recoveryl It*expected that property Emilia will be repaired in two. or mo say tbatthetradeofabarber is like : copies was oulered. PACKET" CO : '
f jnan acquainted with tlie* on the resolution Senator Freling- three months. / v.
philosophy -
to the amount of$ Ol0O, has any other trade, tobe"carried on by th.9 -r -'
I : of popular government as absolutely buysen.Ja: fioftlly,W 'Lettei from the, .Gulf Side. ci,1! AN 'NE STS; -
.i ; of Senator Anthony's substitute, oi which will and and he Civil .
: Inseparable fibm and essential to cyclone whirlwind within a whirl the Monticcllo Contlttutiori says: pleasure, ; ftijjhta CEDAS KEYS. March 22,1875,,
ui0.folio wing Is the texts : bill-has nothing to do, arid waa intended
the successful ppcnition ;of Democratic Judge Bell0 Messrj. Pstsco, S :ott anti
wind and have been the An in
seems experience wintering No1 by
to, have nolhiua to do .with It;*e ertise. .
I institutions. If 1there Resolved, That the action of the President others have maths a rigid examination ol -
this be
so '
:f4' : seems in protecting,the government severest that has ever visited Georgia. the facts attending poisoning of the A barber has a right to shave whorj} ,hu daring the past seven yearsinduced mtp & "

no apparent"necessity for tho'un9ifledf -Louisiana, of which W. P< Kellogg is i i Grange dinner, at Lloyds! Station ;, and pleases as much a ,a Jewcjl.er fev a right$ change for a while the beaten track ,

: for and eminently dilazreeable admir- the Executive, and the people of that The Business Outlook. although there is n6 disputing the fact to reprytchtor; WBQJU he pleases, of the tourist,'and to5 seek Scenes'' where RETURN EXCURSION! TICKET
: tune of coarse and State domestic Violence and in that certain articles of diet or a blacksmith to, shoe suoh colored
vnlgar personality against Both from Boston and New York ] were impregnated ( could escape th throng. 'Th1 ae.icotitStiF&
with wbico. loeididcufition of political enforcing laws of the, United States como gratifying Intelligence in refer with poison, the prevailing opinion horses as hu pleases.- In other \\ 'rJsLtheseure' fettalefefteXORTHaadWEST.i. ,
in that Suite Is approved.The the business and trade of these seems to. be that Jt} was not intention- not public employments! bt>4 |7ng.soJQarh! by your cor- ifS
.1 facts and theories is, ence to
too ,often defiled 3- :
; prito business in which the lvf doe -
substitute was then passed. Ayes, ; ports. The aggregate volume tof'the Hlr-tbat some unaccountable manner resnopjjppl al Cpdar' Keys, 'a place at

t :; for if differing parties are necessary, 33; noes 23. The resolutionsamend' exports Irom the first named city, during paisoq was iutnxluced into tht.sin4t: "at pserrc. which one napels vth) no straugers except POTSMENi '., .' .

Chen condictin opinlons are no less so; ed, was then ad pted. Ayes, 33; noes, the week ending tho'6th inst: was cles of food by'misuke. Arneuiu another front Untu ipqaemorial all men hare such as are.in IransUu, U*>rf>uito .

1 : ti and differences of political opinion form $4. On the final vote, Mr. Booth was $791,523, making a total since January deadly poisons are kept, to n lion- had emaj rights at the comt ;jQji }:tyv, fit and Cuba jo .- '. TOURISTS
Key yfvft or westward
::f recorded,io the-.negative Mr jHarail-j; 1st.of $7,266,034, against $6,080,324 for ted extent, by many planters,1tt4.il a places of public amusement, jn pqblir. <
no CAUso for bitter ; licensed W31 CeVl aad other
necessary personal uveyince and in inns or New Orleans and homeward from that pxxi touf accbamodat Itreawnable
ton did not votei .. the corresponding period of last year. possible that U got accidently in1ed pfKe*arn; J
: ; animosity and abuse.In em? bec'aha'e all such business was
Senator Jones, of Florida I made his The export trade of Boston, for January with the rugiror some other ingmivnlnmaking | lay place. The great prominence which :
our editorial, we assumed the 1w3 of the dainties for (fbi, dinner fur he pqhlc| under special privileges JAMES 31 J; FORD'S,
and February of this sums in Louisiana has acquired during the
maiden speech the resolution, year up prosens
upon say. grantetl by the government. The theatre
portance and value of Immigration to ing: greater money value than "any" two that created such'sickness and (Minsternation. ( .and like public amusements were admiistratiph> of the general government ROSEWOOD, PAJ.METTO STATION, ,
'The referred mi-
months for the last decade. This U negro
every material interest ot the State as That looking at it in any point of view, most, certainly for fing' after'the1 dinner? was arrested. licensed by the public'authorities and has probably occasioned 'n A. C,JtW.I.JT.Ce/a. RJl, jo miles Sum Cedar.

: ,, an admitted fact, and then endeavored he denied f be, power of the* Senate to the business encouraging men of- that prospects city The thoroughly examined,'and It'was. fqlly protected by1! the uice. The iibUe greater cariosity to'yisit the city oi New Key'This U a fine plate far >POT BCB a) Waif sftoutdoa ?

t a to show tbat the Democracy,)Bs.judged pass any such resolution. As to'the ac> foreign commerce, of New York for demonstrated tbsL he had no agency (n punveyances used the King'd highway. Orleans than erejr before. This has the burden of celebrated. *

: by their own record, were not as a tion'of the President in Louisiana, he February-last, is $1,500,000 in advance the piiisoninjr. The public inn ba4 ihe.pevialpniviIe made a great travel this year through U.LF IIAMMOCIAbo.I1dingSIa -

: *] party, friendly to immigration and therefore did not consider it of such a nature as if f7the commerce of the same port in This case, however, should be a warn of a lien'"or' claim upo the baggage pr Cedar Keys. Without ;drawing apy ,
should command the approval' the all wb have the other property of any5 traveller using jt between the attniclions for ; '
Tebruary 1874. Hurrying forward ing to < handling comparison afi Vinds of (ante,and has not ku
I urged the I-act; ol their opposition Senate, nor of the country. This resolution foods to anticipate the, advance in the pojson. in any ol in varied forms, that for his keep; and it any man was refused. |h.o tourist of. Eastern Florida'and the overrun by hunters -

:i 1 *\* to immigration as a strong reason why in his opinion, was, under the tariff account for a portion of the they,cann6tvexercise lou great caution.It while behaving himself well amid paying Gulf Coaat, 4' would say that in 'other .Those looking lor '

:i I the party should not again be intrusted circumstances, juost extraordinary adyanceV may Still; there is such an increase should bo kept under iok ,and key, hii f4rp, a scat i jn any place of ot t public matter a change is ff-H i1d. S' if'' bb no SUGAR; ORANGE "VEGETABLE LANDS

: with The Senator'from Indiana /Morton) had condition and never handled except for specific Amusement, orvarriitge.hy public conveyance other account a change of 'hvibg'and 1WUl
show of
control of the State government as to more healthy shelter iu be find fl te their intcrcsi to tale a look bcfort lealiff. -
J argued that the action of the President this important branch of business'In purposes, or -, a. public! iup,, diet is beneficial- change ti> an-oyster 'elsewhere?as the Gulf Uaokowck Lands are wudoubtcdiy

We argued also.that from, the habitual was binding upon the Senate. If thin is relation to trade matters* 'in' Baltimore: INCENDUUT FIRE AT BEAZLEY.- On h.ad at common law, a right of 'action and tjah diet u a very: >guod l thing some the RICHEST IN LURll'A. '
Mail :
and tiaim
use ,by the Democratic press of true, why is Jlie Senate asked to approve the American, of that city after taking Wednesday' night, tha 17th inst., the 4 ainst the party so'refusing. The Civil times aid o<; where nuder the canopy stop at the boa.Eancesa... pasun rack ery daily;
: : of the action taken by the President? Rights bill only ctq firms these rights tncso art1vs Rescwood.Levy C.,.,Tta.V., 8
opprobions terms like altpns, 'carpetbaggers" wins[ to ascertain the ,views, of leadinjjluerchants sUH-ehouse of Dr.A. J. PolW-k! at Beaz- can pr9d, Ij.u/oood jn
of all citizens to tbui oloix-d man in ciiu- : raq4j&sw
He commented af'fcome l iith'OIi 'the ;
excgUeflce jLaus.mtit' -
and and dealers the iu the lower of Ibis bisber Jbcality
: rKalVagsr. as. applied upon 8abjct, Icy, portion county, ,
affairs of Louisiana and the Federal Interference ajdratii i Df Jfte pr'jadiw 4ganst| him from which I write 'There I* 'always
"biii ideas fire the work of
an Pine Bt4sIili W BL'dV'S.
: to all ncw-comcrs.who differed in their says', < men are operating'conservatively was destroyed by ; and an' in certain the _
'attempt ports of V*
therein. nnd I -
lots of fun the
) and trade is now upon a incendiary*, There was iu the building frninjr on tinijl petv-
political opinions and actions, strong country to interfere,with lhe.xexvUd ol pie hospitable and'cnnrjteous to trangers. -
-' more solid .basi4. than,(o aorae years between three-ami four Uiousand dollars Tan CLARENDOfT JUflEL
: evidence of hostility to''nori-conformlr/g/ J The ,Abuse of Journalism.. past." There: is no despondency in worth of miscellaneous us and desirable those commo.p luwr rights and has enacted Clntf among tje) .jtii<>i-e spirits .1. ; ,

1 limmigrants was' giren,, bile their It U to be hoped that when the legitioiate ny ,portion of the country and >hebuslDCSD merchandise,lhe/X>ctpr having' receutly th> Hgll'WhK p penalty J 'as behalf a uean5.pf in consideration enforcing here, i Is Capt.' but Albert the Willard.. a GREEN'Is lLcq sFi ;%.a' -.
o5tent1M.lo of "whita- cotomunitr will vntur upon tbe received hI.priag tockr *ud not a doU young man, mu ; assumption a effects of the prostitution of the spring campaign with spirit And, resold- lar'a worth was saved. Tbo-i games of hl/nelptes* 'a'nd depejide onditluii. and prominent merchant of.\he place, -, J77 nc*o f"eat fc/rihe. acaM ,
inan'a'oyerinnent" The Civil bill has not altered the .
the that
I ; .- as only one poblic press to the aims ut private! ani- tlon.-Philadelphia 'Times. spread with fearful rrapidity whish He was 'celebrated as' a. ffalTant oQcerin -
I : would be tolemu-d ia itself ) f "T / Imobity colored man's rights at 'all from what the the late
was the ktrosent-o darins -
tf would Indicate that .oil Conft-tlefatp puase '
r and malice are such 'MS' to' call We are glad to receive tbe same good was they' were under:the coiniiiog Jaw p- 5e( ci.t;) auangtmrni* by the week. ,
i tender of a race-lssna that was -entirely oscd to farther the deviiuu design of civil WIr and l for hl9"niprnrwml lively
the rebuke from ibo west and. north-west plJL-ablt t<> Stale.iin
news nearly
out following some thought ; every tind married he
I the incendiary. turn, Lbipgi a jpjan LcInD15ia1 Jctgti4 b dii. '
incompaliblo with hat order and to. eadmtreij la.u'
1 ( peace, will be given to the subject: the Chicago Tribune and other western Dr. Pollot-k i ii an Intelligent, inlus- Union. It has only given him a greater keeps qp his cbaricter in 'tlijf line and teI,&sibetcCIcWARM

I : political quietude without which no extensive 'It is impossible, we think, not'to ascribe papers uniting reporting a decided increase triong nnd enterprising gentleman, and! power to ejjfyrcethaj right to rti-e theexigenCy U al ways ready: for. sport;. ije.ajd his SULPHUR : ..
) ,
of; comtiinec! eP rt w SPRJNQ
> di-prive
and desirable immigration. could the shooting at Vineland, N. J.. to of' business and strong-confidence very popular with all classes, and great colored citizens of It j )'all1 idea thilt accnTOIi4h| wifparu.Always ready"tofxtend .
t' be.hopedfor. a false theory, journalism., We need indignation is felt nnd manifested.by his ; am hospitul vJo; stnui rs spjpurn- : inj1,
in imprprcmfnUi) the Civil bill allows the colored
: : In Its.able"and plausible reply1 tbe not enter fab* thtr original nnnmts'of' the permanent neighbors and ,frienda''atthe( cruel out Rights Ins: here. There is alv.rit ther great HOT. COLD. PLUNGE -AND' SWWIM1SG
man t<> force himself into man'hop '' lDee.
,. difficulty to discover this. No public rage. be has been, made U 'puffer Jl/o, any 'advantage in haying the' rigbt man In : PATHS,
: Constitution partly denies the fact of the Here is sketch Winstanley's orinto man's: private house.or -
a singular .from any
nets that Mr. Land is*may bare commit ticello, Con&litulicn.. the pot-4>fBi.'ti Ijrre.; ''I bfrV iailu the ,HARRIS-'PLEGATElaatf
tender of the race-issue, hut net as we ''Lives of the Most Famous into any eating house, ixurdin<* house of r'Fbwtir *
< ted1 justified Mr. Carrutb, the editor ol -- acqiiaintAnre Msi > ; apt1 experiunced .i. Piop ieto j
Poets the Honorof.Parnas or i-stiblisUijient other than'tlnKst I have \ .t- __
think English ; or the _
.. much success; U theO goes the Independent, in making him and his Geccrai udtntagei'ir stronger
; the family (lor six the objects of gus, 1687." "John Milton was one News. named is,simply 911 exhibition oi gn"r- ia liavinjjsui-h a man in that position;
on, as lawyrrs to confe the years, per ) ,
.Myy whose natural .inee a wefl a% iij.qne cases, of iisu1., R1pJi4e.IIPUs '
parts might deservedly
John Mitchcl. Irish attentivu.and who
agitator coajtvous tp
sonal attack. This Mr. Catruth is said great stranjqrs :
4 fact, and avoid the conclusion after a him the of tenmblejrijudiee' and ma1Ilgnit. 'Andwhile'
S t give a place principal
among look the what
U/bavo d-me, certainly, the ankle which died at o'clock. on the 20lb lust, alDrufnalane to post-office as, they are
.j fashion by a sort flyuu are, another" enraged Mr. Landis, and was the immediate our poets; having written'tw6" heroic I ws'ulil smitiIn nay'colored man chieflyrnteni in as connecting them :' .

4 rejoinder, contending that the "white -casiop of the crime, should never poems and A tradegy, namely'Paradise county Down, Ireland. in firnilv 'ami properly insisting upon 'with lhVr homes and absent lrien'd SAMUEL*. JHI>DELLrP.oraisTu _
Lost Paradise Regained'jurf 'SampSon The great English University ,bmt hid rights; under tho Civil Rights bill, *
Let the alt
uan's means 'thone' tul and have been published. ,It was coarse, me thenjntnKluc Major to
t1 1 untrue, malicious. :Its'purpose evidently Agonista;' but hi* fame id gone out race between the crews of the -Universities which wen; his at common Uw, ay they such tourists WJK>' after scrinj the St. -M3gni5eaa ddre al eighteen auks oaArhttue Oc ac

says: was not to benefit the community but like a candle in a snuff, and his me Jiory of Oxford anti CambrMirp. took were the rights uf evvryviiizeny, "isliould Johns and exhausting Eastern Florklc. "Peach. ,-. -

I '.- And U rerotiier Adams, any'dif.fercn to paiu an There is nothing, so win always sunc, WDICQ mignt nave place'on'the.SOih'ul.Man-K'., Thu Oxford oppQto the ut in<>st of my power may wish to regale their eyes with.tbegiorQi9 *1-ct'cslang b. '

-r : .e between tim citizen population mean as to enray.use a great like the lived In, honorable repute) had he not 'cfcw.'won toe 'race, by ten'lengths. any attempt on thft 'part of the colored' ) ; gp/ytgplti.of the Gulf! >f Mexico. opts (D JtTt.

L+4 -, of the Northern States and Florida in this to gratify a personal.power hatred. been a notorious traitor, and most impiously Fortress'Monroe, March 21, 1875.. uieujii, 'use'the Civil, Rights bill as ai VISITOR BOARD' -

i t : t respect ? Don'i they favor and support There press is nothing su cowardly; tor it is and villalnemsly belied .that Tbe] United Statesteam Dispatch arrived pretence I interfere with 'theprivne 1 _. Pc, _.-. $ .c .. 1 7
f L 4home 'uIe"im thAt ict-ehctimbered region not often that tue: attacked by a blessed martyr, KiDgCbarJea the First." here Uwlay front Washington eh business of private parties: It is beneath h LEGAL. tet week,..-'. ...... .fmmfii to|i j ob.Sab **.

J : I' vfchis republic1? Do they vacate paper can reply to person. it with effect. Vindication There are those 'now living who may route for New, prlt-nns.,where she will the dignity of..any'colored man sii tu do; I xtdry accoaiawdvtiona ananeuierrs made, with' ScsTue H4tfJP *
I every official position of honor and trust receive a-commission of-Sen- and i all acts, sob< M1 shutting ,him) vut Rvery
William Goodwin is itself able crumb consisting
be to extract a of consolation VA
from '
4. Jor the purpose of installing- six; orlitwelve ator Sherman and others ,and sail for drinking saloons, may bo wejl P P
evil for it'Circulates the slander '
K .. months' resident an anew from'the above-that Is If they care left to thy iguorantand gencrallyiciuusmen SAW1iLL,11MBER i LtNhJSAND2'ERONAI.1'IOPEWIY rcJe?ttiJU.4. ICt.>t Cuciy p.
immigrahti it is intended to destroy.-If. T. Vera Crux their object'being to se urea
4 .. from the; "rwBel" Statep?'. W opini j aught fo!posthumous fame. The"good coaling station at that who'keep them as a badge tot their '
ife raid. port
/ Of J> Ctmrt iJtt'Umtt* tAt
p itrsrf ff skttrfar HOUSE .
t not. All the Democracy.of Florida! demands old times" seem to have turned oat some St. Louis Mo.Mun-h 21, 1875,-Tho superiority fJ the colored1raco.. I'ha\-e tuttm D rct.ffeisuyft.a.; TJ IVERSIDE ,
4 it to be lei alon to allow the There arc various degrees of coward the honor to btv cfei-, '
; IB the autuV of the 11 K COM
good haters at all events. tobacco manufacturers of this eIt.have. I t*.lrTaInIy Rorbeskn]]
) ..: I intelligence; and worth of this.favored ice, but no poltroon is baser than/an ; protested against the recent* of BENJAMIN Fs BCTLCR. PANY. Bankrupts., N
: land to be iu rulers; Io vllotV'lM a government editor who dipt,bis! pen, ingalljandpersUtently ruling RoucitT llAKLAXi E.q.. Cinuinnaii, '1875. March t...ftr onfcr ef the U *ed Statn Cowl JACKSONVILLE FLORLDA.rirok -
Commissioner the nilditional
{ Tbej'spcruoe1This Douglass hat: IDT tbc Kasiejm Oiarict ofPeiuuiylvania,hi Bankruptcy. '
that will extend equal and ex- belies and maligns an individual tax of four per ceiit. rutist, date v:- e- Tb iullowiM "iloLnbcd Real rirtaMwiU betoidatp a1wrgs u'sowAt.:9 ,
act justice to every; 'man-no matter little craft, of which,,we, Jiavn frtinj the 3d instant and bare'forwardei Murder ai Vineland.Vihiliind Uic aucioa.o WEDN tSDA Y, April 14. 187$.Mio flt VIdeVtfgned.).i.Scott.oneoV the reprfttouof -
), or ,acIazsofdndivi4aaIswithno Franklin toul.'ty: Florida.AU .VcmonS..-. .
: vwbat tnybe bis > a. w.;at Apa1ac5 cuIa. the rnnkCa Ho** M Vpitc Syrinp
;r ; ., political .opifttoas, or the made frequeni mention during the win a petition'to that <">flj da J ;asking .him to JN. Jl. March 19. Tli'isusuallf that ccruia:pe oe fxucct oT laadj ituaWL>laFrankli aaiiW..H..GoudridtLrycara therewith CMaecled ,
under what siia be frg drew the': breath provocation except gratification of a ter, hAs>t )last'reached Florida .baring consider hi*.'ruling, They take the *County.Sutif ofMoridai ifcit of the ApabchIcoU cleik,tce. beg leant j to aauoBncethsir-frfcads sad
1. : of Hie. cowardly malignity. peaceful 'nml busy conimunity nvrr,and north of the city Ihic ofApa'achicob.' those abut to vb-ic Florida,that they haic taken lh* .' .
landed; Fernandina lust week; \\'e prooud fthajthe bill iwp/niflff thd additional was thrown into intense excitcmcDLlhis coQtaItuIa thirty(so)M is nt Uixt.mur Of ten.n ith above House and thai do theft Ust to aii<;a a home
:E In rrphj: we say,. tbat dace the days ( four per cent, dJ not"tvcomt; slaw lMaifs\ MW mill, engioe.builen.and machincrr conilete to those hoardii wJthlhcraw iIV
clip the following concerning the move after b morning by a report tat Mr. CbarlenK.kfrni ,tu cut fifty thouuuKl ( /joo)feet s kumker per house b pleasoKiv si xeio 'the iaaXs or tie
of knownotbingisro, the caatol: hon; -.Transient Newspaper Pottage. 'Mr until sincja hours on thaifist &I \\ the founder and leading citizen day: also, lure*, nut-boat.and nacbiacry{ barge SL John*river.,only ve'BukMec walk vest 6oJSl oRs3ro4
ments p( ,BUhop frym tfie LIPs ? ,; that the ,revMiu;# .i>ffl tCr'sul l ut Vineland had shot Mr Win. two hundred t1 s4((300/100)feet of himbcri eghttrtouUBd | Depot, and conaiaadinc fine vie*op ao4
rule has fn law 't the last Carruth
entirely disappeared from 'polltlcal The change( the by Times: fltwier the. lJ Jaw all that 4ay ; ($.aa1)pM$lit*. ** ,;aw- etlh,tatt,pipe- down the rivir and nfthfUJToaniiincctMMtry. "
dlacus all *lee stamps ,the editor of the, Vineland Independent. cutting ioul put and wa bcn, wagun, &c,; alao. You patroawn taDfioked. Address .
: ipD,in ] encurolrrd Congress, by which: the postage on On Thursday! the Conitrtodoro pot that purchases stamps were' made, Tbo proq kin nce of the'parties wilt make *bout ihcee thusand(J.ouo)acres of ehuee timber-bnd. scarr, a GOODRICH. .

p n-jrion of the North and West. transient newspapers and otber thin his boat into Summit Lake '{near the sales effected nod contactwade under a bislory'pf the i-ase bf interest; Landis house. The 40 miItlaofcc feet by couuuning byiij.,twu 6 cylinder..JUIt.bjbOi4cT-butters.: 3 feet< JackswrviDe.r'lorida.ii-it ...

Home rule !s not mentioned'as aft ee- class matter was doubled, is undoubted Eagle Tarpe tioe and ,Na'ralj ;Sore the old regulations, and tj t, jereforc was the original projector'of the town ofVineland. by' 36 each: eiKiM-lkoaM 46.feet by Col IhcengtM tosaiache .
Works where he"exhibited the decision of CotpccUsoaer) I is retcoactive by 4 feet tux>keifccd nd ire pun ofHUke' -
,) Ike jfo
: ment political digguulr> and is not to serious objection manner purchased -just before '
af iy open oujrariou largest iie,wka 1 30 feet of J inch rubber hote.
in the --- besld'dmettiv1ui. of 41 Vpaddling bit own C&JVM" to large a'o4 unjpst. the war, a tract ot Jglly quara miles on .'ibaw mitt coouiM tw. U(il feet am uv with T/iriNTER/ RESORT.
t' thought of practical -ofpanics. other
working grounds ono
"i ( numner of people A embl J'ordmiuc. Mpbf.Tenn-Mireh thy West Jersey 1Laiiuu1and bj exten- ika neceMary tdgen and bwikg.offimwa.comptete.Att .
its increasing the cost of the benefits tt scarlv ceted, la built of bct ypc SPENCER ilOtJs'E, SEA'S.i,
casion. citizens deepath. .fromr Sbert&to, 'eaa IAS
Very many qiSuYn- sire Advertising be succeeded In selling and $ ve tisk1 6 fuet knd,S..s or a5.s&1.esaai.iket .
Perhaps the best 'ct nsbnttrslioa of that accrue Jr0tn. la nearly] free trans pee; coqnty .have visited the town ofttixford night, state that detective Patrick Con- H:larg .,;"portion of it, In lots an4 small ; ltCti1liflL =?i1. rasiq' c.

I' this prbpocltloo'wlli he found In 'ah 'in- nlssionof newspapers; both It has encountered -to ee'1hrmoblr'1ttttrtraft; net had arrived there with Matt'Morris." farros, and building np a flourishing set Att, the laarttnery abo,& ewkiaed Is of,lhe latest ,_$3 $ eE-
pevday-I2to 918'per
ko much J inconsiderate which left that place this morping the last of tbe'gHD concerned' the tlement. It Is altogether to his enterpriso and BMM approved'ityte.and ready for\ii. Thereat
I spectiort the, rolls ''of b>nor of the hasty an the Gulf, entering ttw Suw&DBee orywc 'robbing of messenger Brady, of the that Vineland owes' its"existence, cstaw upoB whkh.the rattl sad appaneniuicet aii SItuate Wkh aU the comfcrts and1eonveofences of a Northern

two great partiesjttlheNurtliandlVest. criticism )fa hostile character, that Ferry Just.. iLoyo vlhjai Lae Jlspring. Southern Express Com pan r, h this city! and hn has always 'taken a- irery prominent f 1,500 will cash be OB told day upon of ute the;and following the balance term oaefoanhon ., la wit; Mary's Hornet River 5t.Mary The is tocauoe titwted ant earihe beaUhfulDcss month at ibo o/ the St.

Take, if the Constitution pleases- the we are glad to rw-pnblish jihort.article The owncV b/ this1'-Tittle craft iib tjjfli "*t ,pf Feljfuary usC" (Conne pJirt in. affairs here. He married.. delivery of: th deed,:and the residue I IB equal pay. place b not urpnsaed oar tha Southcrm caasu STK.LIZZIE .
inents.t&rce,iix I ant twelve moculu thereafter,tecured BAKEKtoc direst to the Hov '. PartK '
that'rotkes its Mr. N< H. Bishop, has rowed from Quebec states that ieound Morris* in the moantains about seven, yer*.ago a daugbtfr.ot: exchanged By'
Congressional Directory and look over on the subject, timely appearance by bond and mortgage,ke A.*>reajauxUr1 of,lb< bftviac throush ticket* tan have them
,in Canada, above two thousand at the head otthiRed1veralptone Commodore! Meade U. S.Nhen| livjnv'at'Brooklyn. purset of ,svaoker to atom over tSt. Uaryvotaiy
the State delegatloi* in\Corigrts 'IA in that excelent paper the Chi th1Ies. > : hundred mnIles'etorShezinn'lut.ompai3t fbQtaLherK may'be C 4tiee, other point desired. '. Liberal terms made with part**

both houses, and it will soon appear aw cgo7n 0 xa? asfoljowst the [interior, water-coure .insida. ,tbp with,a yjopio ar.d twUrpughi jjjypgjibered,' opposed the match w1thsiuch -,a4 3W ';6a S Walnut str >,fhaaia..Pa.. dqurrag to *>**a perttaaeBtsuy. Send tat drcaur.LALTOURETTT. '

V in an incuBtrovertlble and exceedingly The last Congress passed two acts relating beaches of the Atlantic sea-board creeks, and that be was'q1y.enabled tu bring, earnestness that he was sent tojtho O LGTIJSZ UdUsC. ne.Po1ntN.' J-.w

I practical that the of borne to.Um, potage. inewspapers rirerfbay i and sbun'd .'since last sum- Morris off by par ,rtgjriistol; tdjrji Beat Blm5ngdale Asvlnoxas Insanej and 0FFCE yeMM,3M1s7S. I _'z:; :,,)

way nonsense and m g zine*-one reducngAbe} rates nwr.i... .. ... and threatening kTll Jfjinj/esis- while. he was confined'there daughter : ''ENGDJEER, ;\ ;; -- 4 : -

rule and alierf ttomlnation hire' long to regular nubscriberit; the other increaaSng Ther1th1.ereatIa.s4 ; .- Inc6 wan offer-a. TbjB.zctwi; ,Ii4 tj was married to Landb. This, affair ; 1 \AIAVERLY HOUSEv

: 4 ', ceasedjtof tbiou1iuf. thofco) byper them! on. transient .LaprsL.; gle sheet of pure linen paper, oneeighthufanInchIO about $1,000 .iftfie.. V''ennjowtf, but caused,much comment at tb t,tiroe, (arid lilt- V&nt sva k'Matc5i5 i., !- JACXSbNYZ3..5Z. ILOjP4"
magnzinesl The first benefits the thickness hu li kzlvx d- refused to give It 'Lij it notable skk-wbeerSteomcr bctontvf
bomao representatives of the two many l > jnp.vjt was the subject of some unfavorable The AKtUTUb, '
great iodbidfraisetfltbV few U fact that in alt the'robb s'auuiUed tbe U.S.-UgHPtabia1tment.wiU be Soft by 'tU fFiotaa,* HoatmV hivmandTtfii eCII ,TtO4
I parties.r' the price t ) The :Po t-office Department estimates wj& canvas* to, keep, i.beesrga ot\ this company$.-the jtvbttis have beyn prptuinent'parl iti affairs bcrc, gpt ibg tp 'West, Fla. : "
:! r In tbo Directory of 1870, we find Illinois that 600,000,000 papers and mAgazines dry, and weighs bot fitty.slE'povnds1 eaptared. Morrn will brvygt.here control the 'community' in ,'accord ice --Tba titaa? 51.
c with a delegation ol l Siklecn, has are annually sent regular tubscribersandUiat .' STbe ..cargox BBisting oj provisions, to stand his trial with his three accp'm* with bU own-ideasknd with accepted tdj add,'Terry ja reaUyed; o* injafl'i i patienpr'boat'torn. .Would.make Further good Ia.Sewoji :Of j the ru Hadden j.j4 Bouse.( OMJOk AUot.? ary.N.J.

i four natives and twelve 15,000,000 transient i newspapers blanket*,oars; VJisrts*ew.walgs J winely -' plices, now in jail. tttl4 of-;- )Father Vineland.i and has may 14 bad 4'S appCcatioa la pern**,or by : Ftoonewr. .
l carpet-bagger are: sent. V*rv'few Mem ware/of the ; pounds* 'w Ite the J tehtf ?:the rnad|himsoll$-ratherunpopj ar a lttttt' > tws ?jffic.. .. JARED ASMITH. : : .

:I 1 Indiana .with. AiddegaUua of thirteen, reduction which is of dil/ benefit, $oso: voyager ii a1)gt nindpJdndt1iij gEKYJD i1ithi-.A.yo; n1b1tu large,qbss,of the people. 'among.. ,. 3-t4w- o- Enjloecrt.. .Engineer'. -7th- U-ri. District rrrENNETT' HOUSED '

has wren natives.*nd six carpet-bag many, while the coluouu of pttyupApe pounds. Tbo cApo ,.was bpilt at the man with the ioiiiiiUaa'vcf.creatSngtrppWe : Among those who Vfjre unpusud to --- Li '

I-' $ ,gen. Iowa with a delegation of eight, are.filled with cowurcse wily paper boat manufactory" 'In the took two grpf s jnto.ajlanley's Mr. Land, is,vw as "Mr. Ca>ruLV w o Jad TN'THE ijJSRBlfCf tOURT OK' THE ;.V ?ORT RANGEFLA I.y .

has not' .,Ie naOlve.; 'Kanw*' with a tovfew. r t. rorIithAt Messrs.' Water* &,Sons- saloon in RiChmond skid,rather impcrioiily waged a:birter'ahd in(6i ety .personalwarfaregain5t -'i UNITE!>STATES FORTHE NORTHStRN )LZ3 joZINS. LtI
Thej4uciIoppu egsnespap rand TroyjNew York. t'Vjre .wpkn th ejjjthtskies, Mr. 'La ml ir. 'The last DISTRICT''}? FLORIDA MES. BI1NZTZ&

,.dclcg U in of tbtve has not o native. cnngntinet, which took tsjTect on tLi ,)VbctJtba canoe1 and its solitary voy- we lo."> Toe, baMender treated the- attack fwa. unusually bhterrandaiten .AuutT/Jtnm]>TlCJi t*'Et: AW;: A vet)jiias I ,
: :jMicbigan with iikkgatIqaoL.gbt1| $ has first day i f'J | t resulted.jj v Cedjtriys'on: the Gulf of and AKCVIB HAXWOOPrlJbelaMs.wTSeven Hundred coo1DteblTfuhMihqII&a4Iac3p.LicAaC
nuary a r/en.cties ,darkies with sjarkod pOliteness and? o'clock this morning becaled) a the of and Fifty D6lbr ;WuiUM A;'Ucg rf au) FlAlKB commodat/nc NO pains wilt be ip' .
-,,one native and seven carpet-tagger larger jtlltnutiilion, of the .nrwuie,fJLbanr'm Toilco, ibulonVHrnojWlH'encr. lie place/1 two tojoabiers ana a .decanter' on of .Ibvtlndtpendefitt ,W.LCarruthwaLabntJautlha '%WV>tunl' *** tae. '' : vi tab.iba ta4 4 M1lscIot1 fnesta t k patrood.t' -

4 4 Minnesota wfili: a delegatjoq: oJf.fyof was ex Con-re.'iouead 'of will return to the AUaqtto) :east with the counter. Vhw white man asked, cnt4o4o ,bu : Tkis is to aetea give nut aundrvd:.toafl wU pomk4i.n SftjrvaWatkioed : ;TVeich > er I ':

4ngi.ho psag. ,|ogulaT jMibscrj* hl4C4noe tw the Atlantic, Gulf aod WherV my drink?*" t6tbhhthefr ttUk ,torjtIq.. ;Dn: taLng anything y .aae uitoui4 x&N'mU
has all carpqt.baggers. liisoaii wW btwchwoId bavaua' terdexto West.India Iran iIt) Coniuanyy railroad was he follo 4pgrepjy.; ro waiilrig Lamill| .i presenled a slip from t 'thtf newspaper U3 be paid:$$(or nib Li 1L4. E'L1A ig.'N N ,

a delegation 4>t2.pj1ba* illcarpeUbtgcen. the tnlllion raised 4bV'rate i or.traai! tUlIjItt4)fl fhende to tho1 waters' of tboKtrtani Ant asked Ipflcar baSis the District Coutt oT Uatet4 t var' ,-,
on gvnUejnev n'otrori'yuo.: The containing the article and States for the Northern li) *trictq(florid*,at the CourtCtnm Icay, :) ,
Nebraska i with, a delegation lent paper! whIch ar0: ,atWtv: pppe 1St2Jar vereicenogthat ciiif-rights blir don't p} tct.s41te wrasoVd If.hfl laif puanlwjjrfng ( arjltlln'th&irmat1v \ baCtt thy of-ladnoavtlie*VslM DUIrict at a O.laCtIa
special occasions and for special eas- cqanrtwo hundred miles" Ver And he "got."' 'TIthe :if tfrtock **8p faT.tk tab5.fApr.IJ' aexi. ; 4
of three has out one patijjejA Nevada -o Juo.-gitjn3; ;3dTh 5 Ot.same shah be a da1 djutrladiceos. otherwise,on I
one; therefunith increa A rIU .aoi be aan1ina, f.btch. por1e Ono8obtain colored-' men'ttjunkcd bar-keeper drew .revovomv andasrrutbiat.&eptc4 the next da7bjarfdiCbo-ibSfSaftUr.4beflP mat:there
: -txitb a delegation! of three has DO native seioua3y.felt by.ftDy one. vlf,' lIl be ahjp d to ew.York: ; ..' and said.lheyjwould.bfmoro, particular tpr cajjarnni ;th .room ,ho ,t,tap a LIala and .

.ew Iliaipsbire with ft delegation of jThosu who complain that an InUr- The objeupf the jqt pe I. to about theif.'cpppahy hi the lutore." Shot bin), the ball 'entering the back of 3-171 U.S. Manhal Morthcn,District at tla. tbc tdwonerwiU twelve,ia the*> >*, a-33



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.'. ,1.'' __, r;L.., '._ -__'- .-- ------ .. l. I 111"" .. 1 r I. .._ _" =- 'II-r i
.J r "Jf .c- L _,_:I" 1.' -JIIJI'IW "., ",=: '- R I ? _- -Y. 'l, ..- ',' ._, : 1: I 1-


r I .. .-'' ->- '- "' s I J v u _* t i _i K > I.3..'...,*t. '. ? i .i > < i 4.*i ; -"1. _: .5 .

. -. S -S _' --. .., -
:; -- -- -' -
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; : .

CITY NEWS. The Concert.If Mr. Codrinj-ton Lectore. REPUBLICAN. ,- TIcKET.M47.rPETER .. D_.. d. l"n T4To TOURISTS.t I IVintors -1 S AtTSCSLLANEOUa. -.

1tu1a Colada mt.am dIe'IIIIi. <- .l 5 L- _
we again call attention The lecture being a of that
&opfo\ resume
,to Lookout itsIa, aid the fcmsmi bands
I ORNXNG. JONES.C.rhJ. : ofp--ndi.MAaCAnr Boajoum,aged 46 \1
-rt11WA gramme, in an another column, of the delivered on the 11th intt., JUr. Cod- k.LEE. ;_ r-s. I around Ch*tanooa chomd remember*>stem at vati1ahLs1Huvcus.. \;.j.F'RESH
the Van Her IIU_ Depot k sew he**!, -
U Larch 2fl .187 concert to be giren bjMr*. Bridge at rington said that a residence of twentj- .c.u.n-a. P. 1tOODY.4sMtThO MARINE INTELLIGENCE.AKRIVALS with modem conveniences aad. _eoabta g--w' ARRIVAL- : .H S

Metropolitan IJaJl on Monday eveningnext even years in the West India Island, LANCASTER.FRIDENBERG strictly iJSt.daM.Lt.. : S ;

T----c. S. '.'
Religious Directory. \ the 29th inst. it is because so rare as a practical cultirator of the,. soO entitled M-Md-L FORTUNE. '.' 1 AKD OJtAlAXCXt AT TKX roar or Or NEW AND FASHIONABLE OOODJ' .*' SS

,cad we Pill publish every Saturday an :opportunity presents itself to our him to some roDsider ti n on vthe ; AI.IInII. 1 f I :JACKSONVILLE.I.! FLORIDA.March .. PROCLAMATION. : a : >' -lS': ACENTLEMENS S

1Vo aqiic% U( Sat.b&lh .crrlces as lllay be citizens Twit W'.rV-W. T. HODGES; PATRICK ?. S AUllYAI.L" V MAYOR'S oTTiczr PAL AWn WINTER. WXARJ *
to listen to the best music Interpreted subject of tropical fruit culture and be .
-c .'dock Friday afTDOJjite CROLLY.StcJ S4.tch.S. F.SeaVnry Trim.New York. JACXJOHTIUC: FIA., March ast, '', 'S Ht _.54
0 by 4 rrebccriall Chnrch Rer. W. H.< by the, highest ablity. Such had. no hesitation in saying that thispeninsula BARTOLO March t5 str. Dictator Vocal Charkstoa. Notice S b S hereby Pat to the anaR&td elector ef the *atas5&cxs
Wair-.A.GORDOW JONES, March LUxie Baker. .-,Savannah. f <
t 1"
$ '1TA11 S
.and JacksaoTule GERMAN
P. at. Chy that the Annual Electkm FRENCH. ENGLISH.
)fJJI. J're5byterid eTiI at.II A.Church-9 Rev. J. B. selection and'BQ.h performers h&Te'nev of Florida, will yield as much A. THEBEAUT. DAVID, PETTY. 'March_.y,*ch. I... U. !"! *ptns. McUonald. Port. :, JbrdryoficenaWiaidckywiUbeheUM :';; :,? f
... AMERICANwp.a rUJt1C :
cd tAND
"J'atID'' Church Services-Preaching at tt A. at M.it and a.m 7K.and. *y. r before been combined for the acre (or acre, as the most favored spots 7'IiwI r* W. SIMONDS.T.<-A.WjLLON.F.itlA March*5.sch Waft' CfEJi. ,Gawky.- New 'York L MONDAY.5711t FJnK,DAY. OF.APRIL.tljv .. S S : .'tt 'a ..

ynW I.E.wutac. Re. J. F. *>PeJc! *. delight of a Jacksonville audience. in the West Indies. He repeated that ,WmJ.J.HOLLAD.F.VR.ANKUN.- Cl.&AILUIC S S '. w. .
p.. 'doe. J'rut5t1111t Epilcopa1, DtrnI.had March M.Kb Lffiaa.Said New York. BetweentellS?a. -V aid_storMda7lfoUo1aCO9 FIMR BROADCLOTHS. CAS5UIUa.nSi..' S S
)hm' Hr*. flexile and most emphatically: 'From'the/last ANNOUNCEMENT./ .
Gregory1 .
Weller. Rcct ScmdayMl'9ices. pure soprano .je- March a .sen. Admiral.Steeha Baidiors. ".T INGS'AND GL"'WL FURWSiUNC -
daily, lit I A. M.: Frida). $ By the of dtiseas and tax-payers I an- Mudt-s.ar.Oty PoI riugerald.Charleston.. ) I '. S,
:!. PIS ;111.litaiDD. acnicc Sundays at 5 ip .. las called forth enthusiastic applause at port on the importation of foreign fruits request many awI to dI&. Man**s.Ur.Dtaator;.CharLaon- 'thisMayct. | _; C at th.store:of: : .QODlJII S .. SS .5 S

!_$ JadviUe"at, ?. .. 9 N A.iMio&. Scmca Schools ill I. Urs.? Bridge's recent concerts in St. into the:eastern ports, he found that the ice.oue ef Qty IIIDPlf T&Jt'CoOK. .nOMSor.AXNOUNCEMENT. _ OneUryUerk.Oat flmmm. S S S S J. EARATIER. <

.iIIc East cwry Sunday at s'. s.ctbc4lt Augustine and Palatka. One would value of oranges lemons' limes. ban htLIPW.u.n HOTEL ARE IVALS. I IKETltoPOuT. One -. S ::' :, 1
1ad Ep.i.copa (Sout )N. Eo comcI' _ One _. JladWtaTaB S
B. travel miles to hear her a second time. anas and pineapples hnported,- amounted One City ManhakNmcAfakraen. .
tIIlaa41'ctrUII sRw.J. nup.tnck. ; HOTEL-J.B TOGM. ho! r' ,>: 'i L onSti rtjatt shove By Street. : S11.ss.

of Church awl 4t IB streets. \f are tol4 that I large delegations wjllcome'from in 1874 to seven millions of dollars.flut At the canot mjnoEt oltuaj WoxU havt Uowt4f W Wi1Ioa.W. Pattan3princfield: C B Smith.Hartford -. t. 5" -l' .5 ; JACESONYILLE. FLA..{I.; & S

IIooI comer P 30 CTVctS 'CftrJ Sunday the river and the Interior thit must:not tie i taken l'u the..real m_to te rJ ai tdepeadcit-.Cu dSdWtpcaive : ;; C C Rich.Mrs Rich.! Y, E Maatoul.Charles- S Br ordinance passed by Qty Councfl approved by -S --r-._ S S 5 --'nt.
.r' Wlilldell. np Ice E .Savannah C N Y C the Mayor March tat. is the will be
al ,. : BraI.ardjr :. J-Kogers, ; votes c.a by Fin black _sad fcacy neck watt at Becky-ft. .'
.we 11'1 lI'duck apl e' n&UUU'-I.D-aI .tieL lobe present on Monday evening! Tickets value of the fruits, it is only,the ad rqjo-. of pany) for' City' OzA.' C, Darby.Cu>dnnatf_ ; Wards and,_ pai will Tbe allowed to vola wsfas) S S4 4
MiulonalT 3-sn" 1 C. I registered lathe want i_which ha fives. '
Paauw.Ca&IC JAL.LD0Th
,R".MacBrow WAYERLY HOUSE-J.J.C m', M.D. P c*. :
aNll'iNCauectS value in the countries whence
,_. ,S. Yo'.cor" Chllnb aqd /ewnan.aa. and reserved seats to be had at C. rum RM Smith. TemandinaV W CcMxHnc'.It n Goading The i Books af Rerijmtion ari now open at:th*CSnr :jgOR ..ALE.. : .,.:

,1)UIiUI. Earl,Ma5Iatt ; 4igbKpuatpo34; L. Mather & Co'i. boo'atqre. they came. In Cuba and Jamaica soLc N ROBNSON.1m ; Lockport; F P. BiB WnUungton E '..Ala ..1kPage.NH H HaU.la charge of the py Clerk trom,a,.sa.s 3pm adM S Ls S In
'n taM -r. 1r ow tw*Qty a ".
W. Midra feSvooi..'tMd' rata'. I Y Cm najer mfiaoa sad the Seal eTtheof
; ; Corporate 5
So FaII'buk'. raiC. __ sell at to ,.dollar W4an.er the saw of LavBla.'ahoatONEHALF :
1&5AdI Bro&4'y) sear. .t .-S Oranges one dollar ,one I10rIda FrUit Gsawa'AiiodadotiIay*;, /rI1JlI1 it B liners;N.y Been MicIa W Mrs Va.IICI' the CUy Jncksonvilkthia tbc-fist day of March -S -S !1><55'
W. 0..11" Pastor.r. and twenty-five tents thousand K IIII J R-nOaa-.Cataada BRa6nr Baacaa*. A. D.187*. MILE CX.5ONYILZ.P.0"
of Pi-and U.5b'ecbo per -. JtrirmU*} fUriJM. iI.Ii IMien' ROX .,
.l\apcito&N.W.coracr A Commendable Work. .Canada W A Gnyt Abaay Mrs WHttsmsoo. -,. 3-3 de PETER JUNES.Mayor, '
.. c B 51.l'altOl'. Jtft J. K.SoIL while herein Florida they readily com- "M_et. ... jais qa SW '1M Grass V Yj A Hahp. New Havrn; A 0 Price ; .TspZ.csiefaicsdinhhsbsitiL&issals.high .'".

aicaa pgL Mcthod : waibington S SUed Editor Xeia Souiji: Some months ao mand tea times that pricje, so that th.P W":" ..-.r.fnfp..4.1oM.aiib. i rI.rn S T..J I BcEeowa.Aleukler.L C ft Charteston,.Detroit.D MicWgaaTMONCRIEF Patterson, UROcEXIESAND PROVISIONS.. '' ; contaiasa STABLE GOOD WELL' '- !

bdac HJbhdl SArrl .. HOpSE7
arc DOW
Mr. ,Coan of our city, organized two proper estimate of fruit ROUSE EVAJH S RAms.Paors. .
foreign con .
; 'Oc&i"twedaort ; A ,
: eui'mritt' p?***far" **the eflke ; j.. .1. J S :
sabbath schools some eight miles West the United J G lceoPCavefl.jrTIMetGE ol 't: !
Dr. Everett's lecture. stjmpd in is equivalent = firoa B.jr. Aiitrmuir Ricker.,N J; MrsTH Benaett. Mas > lJJIaW"JS GRAPEVINES ''
tieSOCTH of Jac&onrRle On'iitunday1flr? to an annual average .impqrtalidn.. ;- : -: Y'H; ,W.u.mx a.Co.. WrPdy.T : J Ktiilman.MisCoaa ; J: -# :* .' ': :' :. 'FRtnr. TREES. ,AND. .
of NEW -
We gire; in this issue noon In,company with several Christian of the mraketable value of seventy mil : 3ackaosville.. ; Y. 'j'. II Fo'R\ViiWING- FromonetesUywioU. n be nJd rwy ch ap* ",';. -
*revision ofthe address ladies and had the i&r SaL to Cents teg a mdaoi copy. : : .' .I.J ..0 .. '. r. ,.: ,A "AGWDWJdGT ,
.gentlemen, we pleasure lions, of dollars.;. Her. itbent. welgin'U j i if JACKSONVILLE ETA..K7IlEit.1 .""r-- ...- '-J"* "[ s : ;
flail Ci S
Metropolitan i: i't.1":-M?'
tr Dr. Everett at the viSiting these schools. The first > get some idea of" the i yalae o- Florida. WILLARETS HoT j.' Cotficted. Weekly by J. B.ROCM.'Grocer day strwuIS : ...,- -V .: I .larBa ordcr!:Forfi. >therpartic lancnqidreol" }\ SI .

on the 18th of March, in conjunctionith school we visited we found at Camp Again our proximity to Northern markets We Invite the attention tithe people.going North to iOMMlTMERiI1ANT- I iH. ..STEETSKAMP. ; ; "

lecture of Mr. Codrington, WHUnT Hotel.Waabingtoe D.C. Ubooeoftietest VCI.per n..-_' -_ fit. to S T .. '. ., ;, '
the Mooney, on the plank road near the and and ; i ; "
the facilities fur cheap Cluckrns,per pair......--S ?: toft 70 AJISJ aALM ? S
editorof the Florida Agriculturist,on the home of J. 'U. Gardner This Hatch|I'n! {he country,elfxuitly funfehed electric Chickens,half grown per psb'f, 6V> c t r. / A vX -pal._ .p' S "' ,j. i

>nd capacities of Florida." Esq. rapid transit,that are about being openedto bell;baths,ele for.ete<,*nd hutted acarthe Pred. Turkey.each small(kwh the. market. )_ ft eo St a 50 '. ; ROCERIE9. PROVISIONS. GRAINS ,. . ; 'i.. i. .
..reQurcc s school has over seventy names enrolled dent's aDd A Veaoe Turkeys a30 9 i.'5. ... '''"
will be mirnioa footing om Pennxylranl :
us to '
highly advantageous ARSf! C TO E S
.. .. Wild Turkeys, per 1k.$1 .'$ 1U.Y.I ) '-S ,', TMroRTANT YBQ.D .. .-, i'
and an fife. ) : .| ; Partridca.t.J -... ." '.> > f1'
average atlendence ofiftI- Florida in manys.. We can place | : .
S SnSt Sahforieridafot .
-- 5 J
Personal. Good_order, good attention and an i Intense the produce of our groves in the markets S :4'p'friJ"WEST1lDt.H. > SSSIl or.101ul1ct. --'j t js jAveruTs : S : '
of [ Fehre iich. Pmpiieut.win be toad,the cfaokestU .perszTjg----i-- "- ItS 0 S aij. ,aad"- If yowwUh a genuine ankWta the way fOgam. \,
Rev- Dr. Woods, Bishop interest were manifested to learn to of New York, five after* .
Bt. days having .pC.suiIlfA'it' .
-ibe iiuats; thcdi.. Imported Bast Ale,Choice Milwaukee s., cadi .:. -5--. .cas fliJe1phi&s and his Secretary, the singand read the scriptures. The second been picked. The short distance to our Bottled Lager Beer,Ale BcUut Ginger Ale. Sbad.hCb r.I Ij.'i.ss.. _: ..__i.in. 7. SS yMIATV S', .-" -S Drawer. -.'S S J i; .1'O.. .n .

Ref. A. J. conOIUV, have arrived ate school, two miles .to the south .of the great consuming depots' will permit us pdwiaesof all:kladi.' Scupperaoag Wine,a priaieirtjcle : ,. .; Agent for S 4 i fjr iarafid,a ipeoahy. LJqion tor country Bacoa.C. .. Ib'a : S STeaza UZZIE'"IC.E1Z. '' I .::5 S
National. first near Cedar Creek has an to exhibit the matured luscious per tJ. 55 .," S.
Gwnd average fruit of dc.OMS family uw conataatly on hani.sajtf FulllJ..ukct"per .. ._' a 'J.. > 'r.r U ." 1 ,.

attendenco of fifty 'scholars,, and is in Florida side by side With the unripe Mutto..(scarce)per Ib.5. .___;' fit is .; :it. !' ; ta S gW gaJ.he
-- 'UyoawishtomkerecnnuBa
Pork per lb--. ._... -__ .! r a ..IS'Baa. :; './ .M. :, _. I' .
Servicc ; splendid working condition. These two unwholesome,'shrunken, shapeless stuff ATLANTIC COAST LINE-PASSENGER ,'DEPARTMENT. .per Ib_ _., II,,' Air --TOGIn"S- 1P1: --I fero '' I'd '
Sunday lI.tv. lhWar
/ : ..
hou1&ra Ib _
i' sa"
schools; deserve more than a passing from .the West Indies; and the result ? 4 .Wbflp Bac per per n. W Van Bnmitt Eic i. Line SaXng Packet*. -. .S ,. .. ", S :: 'i4iS. .ro
of the A. 33I.
Jno. B. Scott pastor: Witiscrow N.C,Mjrcb ist ;83. S ,
,. .S j5 h -
". o ; :' ,
: t "
notice.: They'are composed of the native will be that in ten rear* hence the arrival The attention(the N -Tr Tttert>UtnVjtedto FROM NEW ipn.-oi S S >
in this city, and Rev. J. J.pafiyer WbI; tILt' ., ._J ;l..' ," ,' J'
Church per *
H. E. white the. the da that, commmring March the t& "
population- large major- of a foreign fruiter in nn American. I/.cd per. g- f 10SupcrfiIlC. tv4.1O. ;-SaistrortJacina.el.'e.I1orLm:' .Imported BAk on draught. can tor. .. at/.B. 1.-
of Macedonia Chapel Fernan- Sty ot them are poor-and owing to the, >ort will be an rara avi indeed. tirdy new Parlor aad Drawing-rnom C ] SS
pulpits tomorrow.Mr. muty for the service and lunjuhed wiia due regard to Cora Mri.persacl ......- 3 .50 8 Blankets and Coverlets of site and quality at .at the Matrepelltas BmiartI ,';, r.tt
Ama, will ew-hange o'clock' in sparsely sctfjetj condition of the country. Grappling with tho unceasing complaints cunfbn aad elegance.wiB run oa all_daily trains between HOID. per .Ir --- J 30 8 4 ai ;>' '; 'every- t' 5,BUCKY-: : ; ';' J4s-Ja. 4'4'.* S.

[ Sawyer ,'iI1lretI at 3 many of them are compelled to walkfrom' of 'ortbcm people, that this; WHmingtoe, N. C., and Ponuaouln Ya., indirect .5 5 ,FIt111T... ."-.t : S S S

the afternoon and at .n the evening. four to seven miles-and they dot State has (failed tn produce fodder and Bay communication* the nugniScctt*f *V' -Meshnen- -of A .per'pUW do' _-..' ; .,71:1-':__.. .,.; -.,:4 5 osLiaics w-- :Soccessors' &. WHITLOCK.toThr..A.'WmibnGRAIN. :-'.:: /CARRIAGE SHOP.. .' Si\ ::5'S:

the Line Demons per dp; 50 @
cheerfully.' cereals'for cattle feeding, M .Codring-} Seats or compaitmeBtf! Q; pe j ecired by telegraph Bananas. rarh S 5 ft ..0ca.ux. J.7wu .. S ... .. GEORGE. L'LEA.h ,;'i.-rw S

*The* Excursion.. to Palatka.. In these schools we fond the, child ton said that It ws'a'good job fur Florida to_the uraclcnipcd.'IF.by application'to conductor* r no S

With the return V ufiic- Lizzie Baker, .of.fivj 5utuai. e.J'B.* ,."And* the *maR* and. woman that ehu had so, lew drawbacks lor upon night RaHroad.trains: north opo- WDmlnjtoc, ,ColumbU Oats..per per hu.bd 1xab-, ,- i-IO@.I',,;@ 9 F OUR. IVNp FEED, CARRIAGE'TfM; V.CrbN .b

jesterdiiy evening the grand excursion fir three tcbre and" ten" ," witb intermediate these were certainly advertised. over Augusta Staterooms and berths upon the Bay c. :' IKOTISIOWS. .5 .:- IID pI CPit.WASHlN i.; ANi. >ADAM$,- [.r_t1 : .J
tj PsJttS-a w4hougLtJO a close. The 8S. ,JJ1 seemed aoxious to the world with an industry'worthy of a can.be secured by application to conductors ot day ;Bua per per afV ih..". .L.. ,, .,'.,n., ;t 35 TS W& T. S" CORN" EAL,.IlOillXV 0'- CRACKED. '> JACESOKy OLE. FLORTOA. 'q ari.bau .

wncertatrarkhurst'd Hall on Thurs- learn to be'good andwise, unto salvation. better cause. .But even admitting that trains upon the Wilmington Weldon Railroad;or ,. Cheese, perlb..5 i ''',l'i ,t'i'. ,. sfoatcbor style,CaaIaps, BaggSesaaJ :b' I
Lard Ib,..,, ., _
crowded the State bail failed to the fodders by tdegr m to the undersigned. ,CORN RYE i Light Vgoor '. ... ., S
jUy tight, beiore a jbcuse W;s, Mr. Coan deserTes. mjich.jcrodlt Cur produce S A POPE;; Potatoes F.Wtrcarccpcrd.-cl. ,, -30 @ as S . ; .f l' :0.q. ( ic.i. :. .'rt4JgI J
Irish @ .
oo aadiMmy..rk
and thecstKer'fx>r1 and cereals and even curn of the per WHEAT ic. . .n mr'
I complete .!success ... ,to his .untiring effort in establishing.these 3 3 tm General Passenger Agent -. Sweet ..___ tt 50 S .. "n.'-'IpL''
O.niosapeTb..h @ s S 'J fl S :- -.ai
which be Florida had 50OBUB
the two days really! charming; schools awl thefaithfiInesswiliwbicli, North denied yet S

-...p. tie has labored to spstain and build within her, a productive power which BlXKT wffl pledge seU Clothing,Gentlemen's Underwear Peaches. perlh _.n'' @ 35.Btarthrrirfcs ";". 'ro ORDtIr: 1ERs.5 'lM!
AnothUCOnC2.The iire t&a'bled the most i ', them I- Theea'schdQls 'poor ted Blankets Overcoats Ooaks.Tahnas,Coverlets : Havingcomplele4 aa intensIve new auD hi raiser- S

Jacksonville Choral Association, needy-L ; JJooks: ; papers t-t "ir.cJqt'r!; within_ her lirpils to make one thousand ,Trunks Values.Silk and Fur Hats,and myruds Appla,per II u --- --_.-- 23. 15 sJ% Wood, Sawed, .Split; "and. Delivered;: Ion with ui1itoero.e.i. Bracket.Dressed' t..fcmish Bsbazetepiazaii allkinda..fb3bhiIL5ieteTb&.0achas -,i'-lU."
hiving secured the services of eminent every siimlay are ntcessaryr: Christian dollars out ol' an acre of oranges, while trice 01'other*. articles too numerous to BMntiun at very...fIf law. piper cord.3 SVXDIIJD.wood. 75 d 4 eo j. .:by Cord or,Load. .I !II/IS.SaoII. ; Qa Saw aed.BesdoI'Wo: Lath if .I..H 1 t tS S7loomag

music! artists from abl.n..e,9j giving i men and women of this city should sup- the must skilled 'l Urm#rrn Ohio or Illinois .* Wood...per CIIII'd.SO 5 75 1 eI w .ar d-'L s

first Friday them and aid Mr. Coan to meet the bad to strip to his work to mae NO RINGtL4IW PRICES! HONESTY Hay, Northera per C'tn i 40 A i 73 Ross Block"Bay Street oppoalIc.1liD', What orehher Rouch -cpiantiry.Ptrakor", Door all .and !
their concert eremng, pi.v Is the motto at RWa ecaiaa. ton ifS Coal. per' w --------.;.-. .10.00 @u oo :1' Dressed or IongnsaI ; i1$
1 N .a dollar of the S .' Syrup,f1orda pI15 Bo rss S I. CXS JlYJLLE. Window Casings. Picket* of every aad any pattern. .
2d at Metropolitan IJaJl. There j livery fifty out same quantity"of per ,4 'LA. hrmoer'Une-nW WiWer ,'.' -1 S
April pecea erpense nccuring.J9 S lanwordTevtrythiivi I ill tne- S
Honey;Kiitic4 Jtqp" 90 I i onjsnospcr1.
land under cereals fodder'of FAITH.HOPE AND CHARITY. .__. T. Wua.a_ ts-6 w. A. wanau jfasfcinesT; arc all new and of. the' lapaaerasudlTrc ". .
Is doubt the hall will be filled to overflowing hire books; &c' &c. corn, or ; ; 10 (9 >CKEadies' ;k'
no pajx-rs, ., The last but not least TiJbuiJ by t,.y log"groceries ..4 used by UlcdkaacL*. ..CaIf.10' .
real' lovers of music any kind '(Applause.) -? "I" ''fI- ,. 1atWr' y.anc2veiattobthieiasli c1wIIae.
by the good It Js' not caoBgb that Christian hearts from Rich ii ap' --. lie .
.-.-",to .t .tr .S ',,1 goraaIor wr'1. .. wonwp, .. '
: that the of( ,Ctt.
Resem-d seats can be secured at Ochus'' should fywpaliiie in this labor 9 f Jove- itfer/ng subject orange BEST BEEF IN THEjf KET. FI! :rJ !9rj h.Jl J.F .' t1GttaIaL' 7 ,WA1i ; -o l

music sture, without extra charge! but cbiidtiwis' hand .bould lift and culture,. 7 had been more than excausedby Weighing 475 Ibs. will be sold tor tea cents per pound. F LO IQ. ". S AlM4aI PROPERTY .' .. -, .- ,,- .
-- -- Christian pockets help. J. F. S, himself and ;other leeturer1 Mr. At tbe,Famous Tennose Eccf"S Da.south jab JP; i ._ -- -. -, JACKSONVILLE S S S sJ In

President Oarrctt, of the Baltimoreand Cudrington said that after .oranges, 'thenuu\eu Also.Sausage Meat,'-cents per pond JA\.AVO"1 11.. FOR SALE ON 'TIME.I .THE (. '- 'flA ''S
Purk.15 cents per pound. CMAS S *m.T Tit sal, K _ml & m fftniin.ta tluStatt.Ejrchaage .
Ohio Uailro.nl. is about to make an lemons and limes came nextin order ofmrnportzce. 1.331f haye nude arrangements with one of the largest SALE AND LIVERY t, thr

inspection of the whole system of railroad The',Late,Extensive Burglaries in the ,t. and the "petimenVofthose __ oft SiTxaaah and'New" ;York scldand, Ex._ Iaad4 alders in the best natural orange region of Florida S .- ,y > ..1 J\J.et. f

from Virginia to Florid. -Adju& :._ -" VCity.CJirrcBEfor i : S GREAT EXCITEMENT change on. aHy jU. a points haught,', -.; ' 1 and Invest am moderately now able to in offer orange-crowing to persons who'the mar.following desire tsvorable lo> ; :

able trucks have ben prepand at the THE.BCUGUns., mAvjgrown'in lhe.Slate were4fte;; as Over the political: canvass, but greater-. over Rich' C_ .dT AT CURRENT RATES. terms guaranteeing the aith&il performance of S T A. 13L E' S.; .

Baltimore and Ohio Itailroad shops BOu | i. 'r good as those at present imported from splendid assortment groceries ie-.itfr L i all the ronriitvms; oa "he pan of the person selling. I : :'
will seDra of's'sotor so acres,a*> be
tracts may S ; iLb
to adapt the running of his special The mystery, which for some' weeks i the Mediterranean. Ot t.L .%atue of sbfr .-.FURNITURE S DIRECTORS AND,STOCKHOLDERS. S: I I desired.Blocked with trees budded from beariac sweet S J-.

ca "Maryland/1 which i IF a heavy one, past, has bun red around the disappearance which here with an abun I- Just receiving from the schooner McDonald over ..frrrigm.Hon. H_. I,orange trees,each,acre containing one hnadmi trees :.c. B..MCCLXNNV. FnuunsTo.. ." ..M;". S
oranges grow S (.H$ for Saoo per acre. Of dais as filer cent aunt be paid at i ..ai'lttl
to the different gauges of railroads inlIbe of things'innumerable in our city tr und Dollars worth of Furniture In such variety''and F. E.Smocav; A MclA'Lq.. the time of sale,and the remainder can stapd(secured ; "
) anything ,1-
ane truly
*! South fur the purpose of bis trip.- PCaryeI1 styles as will suit the--demands-. .kB, at PnJLo.El.itoIc! ... C.-A. F1CIUi4.EIIQ'. 'I by mortgage on the prcmuo) mttir.the."grove comes S S 0" .

'JTscarJk.. .'IV."T. Courior beginning with tho departure' of Mr. is knof/n by the mass of 'our citizens; Northern prices with .freight added Call and examine SA'L W.C.SQtnacs RIMISCTOM, IIC&W. Esq., .,IL.Iocrwicai.q.GMtIiLEA$ .Paq.., ;-ipv>year bearing'The by the persoo payoC&hI selling will luther per cent ctmtract jg eresiper to writ-known. Nc.1agiaies.pssb5cthesUae'p.cbsaif HARTRIDCKSTABLES. epp.ite.-u'

The ".Y&.rI nd" has been on the side2pck Ponce's Havana cigars on the llth inst, bat millions of these frui it're annually ,at tbfoid stand,'south aide of Bay street* between September 16.(874. ..) !cam for the tree far lea*ecus each yea ty;'thus insuring the METRXPOI4TAi KUT/UM have an bane d i 4S

and with the extraction tiic an4&uta wcjciaonvue... 1 their rapid maturity and eariv peanog., The.accjouat 11 I .. I
of 4S4 II'.I
winding up exported from thaWed Indies 'to' Scotland "* ,' 4j(5 .S. ,
; '
(J the J. P. &. M. Uoad at this 1Od''': .' C. 0.,LlYiGsTes.1.rL '- .-. wilt stand .'.itJk.445 A VERY tARC jyrOCK: OF HORSES AND
for several $4,5 worth of fine French kid fchoea.from and como back again to these ..t' S S 'W'.AD 'J'IS M : J'I" MULES'FOR SALE. ?** '
city. days. ..i.ir Afi orange grave of so acres..Cap si wouU ooU at 5
"T Messrs. Uussey & Ho vrvir*store, has at United States' in: the 'shape of Scotch FREE LUNCH. ? S (he end o?suth'year:' 55 S '5 5 .
u. BJanck i.the'name but iwr blank k the place.' FreshPhgjjjiclphia : Cash down at time of plll"C1-. .. i i >soo eo Those desiriBg topercbaewmSadltsotheirad-. .
1terestiig Case of Restitntion. last been solved, by the' capture ot marmalade, and here we _have the delightful RAND CONCERT, < : Interest on*J.500 tor sia year .. -73000 n8 pu large and anncsive ? '
: and Milwaukee,Lager Beer on Draught. far aasc* I am ah*reccmng SS
''** S. and Robert H. Weaver : Care of trees 6 J'CIIIII600 eo stocV adapted ft) '. 0.
Eugene Weaver of unfortunate Ameri- S ,
.00 Wednesday morning w1c spectacle Free lunch from it tin i o'clock ThC best of liquors S CrVcaby : ---- -

P,11\nr of Wa hingtou D. C., on Tuesday rans paying John Bull 2fty cents a pot onry.kept at**iM rVs Retrat'' aj reat,' of $..aTo A.00 :: puTFrr OF :
of oar citizens were weeping oyerjle Yrr- Jr- BRIDLEH be p at cad 016 JaIl 'aD- // : cV .
memorable dercd.wunif.u.c'trclhcx, night. About eleven o'clock that night, foci: few hashed-up sour oraogetl.'whilewh'le .S ? i* .h- 4\ :. 1IJt. S S.' 1. -f .:ft': 1'; '- J r f .rr'if'fc AND. p
a c1oredwuman1iv1ng in the rear of squaremiles ol them are .rpting IT WILL MAKE YOU LAUGH. "_ !1' .. Aisiste; J_by 5 5 'IUL.4ih ,BUGGIES, ,
Weaver and would be .
not .cqmfoited Jut received at BetteBnTs Restaurant, to ease toe J- OTHER CARRIAGES '. 1 1s
Messrs. Hnssey & HowelPs shoe .tore here in Florida in their natiYe'groVt' HESS CC.RIi&Sqiai.; :i.- :
nSiaa bad tree, .
because of things which were pop cst, Imported old Topat Sherries: $cases 1wpor4 Hmvgarian ..** year jo orangn per -.,

Mr. J. Donovan con q .t9.r on the J. P: on llareet, repotted to. Mr. Hnsseythat With rcgarti to pine-apples and bananas Tokay; j cases Swiss Vermouth; sfaj sSwig lL G.W.HnERTPTIC&/EMIL SAN.R. CeUov i K sib worth year two lanai cents bud.at sno the per giuve..4tjo.tree..-. 4,000 -. f the1ascsyks. f S '_ S
the bid just seen two men leave his : which in order of importance Absinthe Sauteme. C-'y..1wsd the 6th from bud.1'CF ueepoo$1o,000on S.
come next ; M case : year .
& S V
M. E. K., at present ccslding at Kopf-- sliR. H. T.;.nER'ViuI. Deduct cc.Q of .. T53.3as aD FOR 'LIVERYSERVICE.,; : .
Laura dcCckws Scuppcrnong Wine viated at Oitttahnorhrcby .' ... pi" .
store and run quickly up street. Mr.. Codrington said be bad *' :**' S ,
J# t. C L.TRORUaMi .. f 1 ''> ;
mtii1 European Hopse, 09 ]Jaj. street.received Cut. Mama .Ra-,3tf .' : S
; which win be anrnished
several citizensMrIlu4&ej.dupedUtely ,4 : .i ; f: ,680- .
., Accompanied seen both come to as high state of perfection "' S At. ; 1 ,"
rein St. '
by exwes Augustine FINE CHAMPAUNLS. ., ; 5' Even the .-.ead the show.lag .1THESnORTEST. .
fallowed up theprisonefsfwliu in our own country as he had ever putting price at|zS per OTIq't,
kb gold watchand ''cl; stolen on the Just received.30 cases'Imported Champagnes ofthc | \ METIIOPOLITAN 'HALL, k a-very good one. karing the buyer$4.1)0 alter '; .
bfthis time bad turned the'cor-! Indies and closed : his .oi"5S ,
seen in the West by ps'ne5c place, aih
of the 18th int. WcWe been brands of "s.Moet ft Pommery(tec), ud'Ia _
night instructed life ner or Adam Stre t.. '1h'e.cry of "*top drawing tbe attention of the audience to Rad er. Deunonico's, :>iper &::.!Ernest --:_ -- P/TV legal impediment titles io these in the hnds'are'perfect wajfpf carrying, out die engage no % '. ABLe' TERMS.Mr '. .-
to thank MOST
publicly gentle- thief" and-"Po,ice.w hiving proved in- ; a late case of the ignorance of the Ulroy&Co.. Erac It C.. ha quato pints and'haUpirns MONDAY EVENING, MARCH, I J) JIIII"v. ,Tr* '- .
gross litt'a/riie nficiof and ezasin the
nun for hi e pjrar'SocrM
unusual attention! ,:
far salt_by ihe.ac.r 5- -5 : : S'S:
effectual to < Jier captore'9t8'' fugitive Ather1cartpeople- those who bad lI S ;v 5 -S '" j
i 1 tf d'BU "L horiaee;
.5 I tt-t pmuJ'smuI5AIIT5 33 GvM.BRnTAIS m isyn Agentand .
Execution tjiwvt f.t e ihAe them .surrender their: eEryobilgitlon to)now. better-be referred .'. i: :''PRdGRAMMt J Ji "" Manager,and wffl always be bond a* the Stables S ,.
of Necro S r '
Jeck laonson, PRIVATE BOARD. 1 ; t: ready attend to ali .4"'a 10 the 4-
Murderer. "v !; illgeilo'ogoods, Mr.. LnoYa'on8'tho. to the recent establishment';' of an Boots aad Shoes,neat and dnrabie.'at'CUCK.Y'Sc, -,' tabjiihment. .. -B. .. 'iY'L. S
.. I Ji few penansean be accDcnmodated with food board I' S
atizcns.Jnpursulti, drew; bis revolver American factory for canning pineapples t S : ,
At appriacaO the'subscrlber the .
eighteen minutes put taD 'uelQL In quiet$faauly: ,at f "
nJrSred three shots Which although' 'at: Nassau. N. P., a foreign island corner Cedar and Beaver s.rceu. ." P" 10', / :', ".. I 'm:1t.z:: .t .'.I }') .'t.}Jfj U :i 1 AFREEHOME.S' ; I .
yesterday morning at the jails \. -.I'-j

Jack Johnson the .negro convicted county at ;Resulting. no bodily harm to the still. tne'f. lorlda. was left :bat In the ...-,$ t : S.S. vi..SDDOlL. '.-",''f ,\<:. t?:..SYMPHONY.P. hudd'Vk(AcaP-ADqro.lf a C) l,. 1 < I wffl give boBdrnf lot_m_the new_town of O'c 5 S4 J; .' *- I

the juvember iou of-- UtlCkcuftCwrt .u the) e-.t tf) ecually( cold.* .OH.MY1 ? ., urs. I. Bride Mr S-G. Gregory, Messrs.Here S : HOSEWOOD, BAY JACKSONVILLE. TLA.J ,

thtm.to a st4. ar4tii,erecNtureJ Jnst*received at BettefiaT*Re anrant*Ca.ut czcdkat ; : $ bcrtaa4 Salinger. .M c : Ai
; brqnjgbt .nIn" 5 Deakrtr "lv*\ *
of the murder of AVHliaqr>*Joie ai'pjice' lul ..Importeo &brandy,part'of Ac vintage .. Wtrmer Toaayoaiwwi1Ik-. ;,. -, .< ; .f ; .
of \wt
\- Shbru BASSO SOLO-rFairtstMahka. r" '
s L 5 S
aiBildwbin lwtsJzwehedS and :-This_ is rceomisicndcd for(.- f..' : .I IA
Jnlj 1797 iSya. highly J : :; < ; ::
S and Adams itte ta, and lodgeif 45ii 1)$3tfS Mr. C L"!. 'S3VIOUN GOOD GOVERMENT LAND ,MIIaLINERY. : : :;
into "that undiscoveretfjcauntry from Grecn peas have ti-ead'mad ;their. ; : ..,.. .
cirjaii. "6d !nesday nrorfr.tng ( SOIX, (6th Ah-)_ __ ha IrVI 'kalf mile iT-the' S 't"i :.1-- : 4F4NCY
In tb ; W Can be entered whhm depot,aadr. '
whose ? in .market.
our ONLY CALL : :
bourn appearance DK
traveller AND
no return i i S ... ) rc.wIcrbc3.: ... L:. n .:-J ,1 S :b Vth
the prisoner* having seen Woug&tLeyre others have done and be CotmIlCClt'diato-pcr :
SInce as .
conviction he has become quite The departures by TJity Toint ," .-.,.-. .. --M 1 ;;. t .
| justiceVivL.. Coan were comruittcd Bargain can,be obtained,a4 with gieatersatjsiiction .SOPJUNOSOID": -- P B.a jW. 'U T "; ..i .h

reconciled to meet his fate, and bag mt.leaded -: for trial at the next session of tb<* yesterday morning were unusually, large i Polite'and ntten ve/slnrnf a- o watt- npon every one,. | S When the Tide Comes IB! ., 8oIIP&.2SJIII' ; ', S ; .r l'. above named of the''''' SS ," j .

with much apparent compunction 1 great adnafl at T.GUAT SOVTHEM BAZAAR. *bo HP--ftfrTO.-.t? oJ 3YIOWNCEJ.O TtfcWtved that government land can be found ; I ._ .- ; oJ 't 1 .
Qrca art ia.default of Homeward Jbound-the arrivals at. S S "14! ;. la the-State to-:. '
r the 1J1 niio1.ratioal. 'th,\.lievJTttherDufau. 1 ,' "*t; ff..baU the hotels are growing smaller' by degrees : .STUPENPOUSsAc1 Es. -- SOLO(Andante'Concerto) Apply to'me -the WAYERLY HOUSE,or address .LATEST STVLESi AND FASHIDVS ?ft *

of the Catholic .Cbur Z iintowch ec1i.- .' :1 i .1 Dally...hour!* a.4JDoaenta741!! $poi d of niche' "4' S at ROSEWOOD LEVY COUNTY. S : "5: i 4 T 0' ._d I oJ S

he hu ) been received; and ,InCODDecJ.ioD with. the above .arrest and beautifully less. i-itt' *. CIKAT" SoVnuajt PrA -. ,,'Mr. Emil S Salinsr1;u.-' -.. II ''J" ,;, S .': _. ,, ..DIBBLE..JacluoBville. Abe a in.. .. .q.K' Jft '
lately ) S... .'S _SElF .*S .. .January a'.187 t-jo.w&sw .. ",
., Atrttr $ ) : ._
.6.-PU..O.SOLO-Laaaia lBoah .., ... ,
that the ivcral : f1' J
.of tlte Sisters of St. Joseph, who Lave no doubt Is now felt ; -Boirt datuaale at the Xational Hl YOURSELF HOME.: -Y. : S 'XIDGWVES r "

keen nnceasing (in their effort to render burglaries comulte t fu the.cltj'aI1Hng on.Mondaye.ening next. The Union I kv1Lz.7*! jm.$*. vVlh-e***) atan-r tf e"ereol' Sw- '_; '. 5-1'. r IIrid'. .." Gentlemen's ondxrwear U BUCKYS; S { ( ,.: ;. J. .' : : ; 0.8M ,

weeks iave the Oneoflhe(host desirable places Tthtyidnlry of Jack :i. TI.. IIar ...Foe* stock hrmc> irchas dfro recent farnvj i '" I
7h* prisoner every possible religious.floItion. the past three 'i band has. been engaged._ I soorm?, ce riBg'sS acjrts about S acras ready forpIy'sVbs.consda.toqI .1 :.5' .6' 'nViotDdCdilQ, S :/ .-t ;;S .5 .-, ".''i .:,. .5 ." oIl ,at.JJ... .. _. S.. ," '1.:',..: -. .. .,

Immediately after .ten work of tho ,thieves Vjust |>tured. _About; two' hundred citizens 'witnessed -' planting:*JFof partJcubn. ; I ,.S.I. Bridge.'>Iews.lerhcn- .. and Saliager..t ipLUMBING LOW' .' n.'J .
who.bas certainly shown olr."N.t. S ,,. ?- ; / .' .,.. AND Ii.JI4Z S I1tfas.\f 1
'ckk Sheriff Drigg accompanied by MayortJoneS,: &e execution of Jack Johnson 11 : I S/ ; < -. ? S. o S J .;. ., _:. .

Father Dufau, proceeded lo the cell and praiseworthy activity: in this respect, yesterday, and to their credit be it saui,; THE l'ARE.-n'S. f.i' S. : COPPERSMITHING."T ,"' : s.cu ad,c sa.j.on; "< : HIa

having UuS hii.botxr has succeeded judisuvering about PA&T. .OJ' I '," ; 'Si p ;'.v> > yI
told the prisoner the ntwoSt rum prevailed. Of aI! well rerolated&;I 1* p rcfij| e 0>er groc pet ofb.'Potk I"" am prepared to execute of every dncriprfaaIn -.qiiis5 EMILE: MOURGEON: ; 'S :
had<1 $lDOO worth br&toleffproperty! that had &oct II I.CTRIOMisererr.'* Trovatore_-VtrdiFUno i ii S '.
come, be quietly arose and walked ; ,Say streets ** *jtV( .. the most satisfactory msnr/ Wipectfallj* sotclt S.I.__ ; .- J. Ai. s
to the been t d.feepreetv e roof and ceil- -Tbe schooner 8. }" \ry, from 11 U. l i S : ,Organ aad C : 1 I If I

gallows with a *el -compour. eg New York on the 17th and now'jdis- :'TO'RENT.. .: f Mrs,S. ndge.MCSIM. Herbert and.Salinger.. i the,patrorage of the pubtjc.. ) ;. :? :..7,5a55.lately J'oftaaa alike' States -. i
'e7 unusual under the circumstances. log of ibu bouse on Adam-street where Pieasaat. taralshcd rooms can lie rented near the j I J r''i 5l'; S : !_ .y ; /1 : '.,1. :Vn'-W'. Dycbt&, J.Jt."vll"' H
at Faircbild wharf, madeloe by ArtW T. Lee,iuastraiIPIANO Orders left at DOBBINS' GUN SH )P. or at Mr.W. .l ; Ii-
The whole cbargtng fREWG-POe
The Sheriff having read the death war- the prisoners had resided. Si.James Hotel Address Lock bejt 7(P.9. ,< 4. i NEW DYEING.AKD SCOURlXCTE5TAJBU5Ji IS ISl

be ain gruje'pl' .stolen. ''ha1 been''removed' totLe ron to the bar .in fonr vdays., .She re 4 ,_ : '_ ,. *.. sot.The Dylag.- :WtttWJ: Mahoey's .JlJs..! shop wtf'iec ve prompt !. fI ( S
was 'pinioned breathlcp t t. 1 1f. 'W:'' ..tIiC 5
Silence when Father Dufau 1'laid that he Majoromce, 'andfba teen''fully ports; clear weather,.bat.ydt 'very cW19.' '. S I" 1. .! ..JPHOTOCJt f.; '- 5' tet,s. I." Bridge' :.i -i; .. S S f : 5X., I,;. Ladies'mad Cenrlcmea'a W ja/fag '' ,' ,. .rV "-, '. .' L .

Iaad been requested by the oondeajneJan Identified, Among.the numerous article PH5.' ,. 3.-TRIO.
'OrJ .erj) ,*ioI.D'from Mr. Holland AN. EXCELLEKT. OTE b ;fOR 4ALE.loSermyborvntrad .. S ... .:" --.*vj7Viola;VlcKB and CeBoi" Al -5--- 5.5'- I 1 otbcr'fae fcbrlcs most ortf y dreard sad' ".. '.. S
to ute that be wa perfectV Wll take la the South .:. FORSYTH STILEEZ llwaiaaid Mar.ii.kmauesor.r,55
U three The Flnett Pictures ever art aow : *;HerbertiW-nTier aad Saliager. I .
S ssr
dedred. or
of the 20th inst the follow. two. ... ROBERSONejMAPSbj .. -r--i :. .wf.4.. 14I I S5
"C to die for the crimes be had corn- on the night bar sari III olniac land die whole now set whh the S. !f" S : .5 .1 1 %...., -: .5. .

fitted during life, and that bad be bad ing bare been noted: Seventy fine best seedling aninges,the paly reason for.Miff Jheiajc, .c"a&.5".J .I. .of '_.:cwot_L CALL r-.A':.. 1 -Dt.T'I-6C' (Sooraeoaad- Basso SS. I). E-. I Havtopenedfaant-claw I : Tr 'l. : .5. -...' .. "I.t. :;tI"

'alligator the place it de nreV '.11 z.7y1t.eJ -. .. 7latmaJ:$ S : S : rfl ; rtHnt.i a
a proper trainingviie hiidfoter bare pocket knives sixty pairs a pcctaWryInat4liSyto laprore as 5 .. .:WBabat, li4flaxjoO
bear ; ,sTA&uGur. 1 .
the tree wffl 'undoubtedly
aeto sleeve buttons,briu hundred gold'charms, Forty cr fifty orange f. ..f at ill ..where all Ae moderaanUanccs i -ac
hhTpre at death. lie hoped 4'i:' i. ; comer Bay .
ta the comtng senMa.bThi whole pbe orScrr the ben S Eidi 0,grS bent eloons hi the abs J Jt., At.
riB. tour pistols'and --S. S S-GU DUO : Irs nneft by e CtajBtry Cj '
te wd ten gold fiuger chance U"'* vfctnfcytt JackIO IYWSt a rst-dass ---S --.ala6ln* .boors' 7"''. v -- LEATliER.BAC .
rove a lasting example KBLOERS AND CONTRACTORS, _'. .. ONE.m.A.: ; .t !- .j :
to ; lfiVi and everaTsets of Iiaies jewelry rained t$6OO.i. hotel with. padoos groaadsyx for.adrdoof,Wends "ii.- Herbert; -.: r ,.
) IlridpWtG..W.
impfou, begged 5.t l' r iiQ: ufJ.COt.D..BATHS; 21' :.-.Ji.. "Jr. ..
iiJma. arthe who wUhwlM* fclolty.astW'gronndswffl easBy ". C.
cigars .
of thcl spectators to lei religious restraint )i..1 i ; and .. MraW Depot S f :% \ ,.L-. 1.tr u.
pipes,11rlitj the dry good a aid admit of.wb-dlrWoa;. nw thitejBr feu/,pirate mJ- LumberlYarA,".dr Jcrs .*! ..Ii lethe 6tRbO.CRaidov.&Q; L' : t Tick** eaddleg tbs baizor to.ilam.fe sjkfortu a1r W. ai r S S3ruabirsr.
'I V! l *rCOune with their fellow.. and .h a whotctomc aM a7'n c inrtiU locality... EtednetIttWi" It 4 I. ; *. ? a, >ocihl soaves.hair cooiag and sheponiug .. .*.;-5* hV* ipT"* **- ." |plf-; .
\be boots and sboe*. ,,0- :, .1. ,. ,' ,'. U" . .. r .. :. _, ,.tttf,.
ZI:1en. Mr.'Hussey > "JotlnlAtAlQ AC.4 J.IO1'i : ?!
At eighteen! jntonteVpaft ten,Uie ..J- _-55 -S--.S-- I ICOUNnYI1UQAA9J1P1LY .._ ._ '. 1.ovIs J.BfUJIII..It. ... ; _.___ .. ., .IlJ. 4.S S1 1 -" : ,! <.( .surrAbi KEvv Attri: It
: .
Identified \ '. ___ :
entire irorenf ''I .e '
bolt "a* withdrawn and all that was Wedoesdaj Ae SjPLIZD JoY 8OQn'Yltu".t..l1.' ".. i" ". : w ." : ;. rTi'u.Jri.tJ < Per'TJsy: at ;kon e.Term: '..lree.Addm. 1 tV&>*>. Vrt b Jlf! 1"-)

.Immortal of Jack JobnsoafphsslfcdL hum .was bsaded_oTertbycMmyoT. Jones Whh the) best Cnxtrfe |a i>e MathS br W.1Itd.tLhc A. K.P.aa1' r" :'Jtcxm.-: -.Far S---sale at C." L.Mather casS 1'.$5' 120' .G.SrtxwottACc. 'be i peM*t"*..to. .Jsfvery. laAe\ -.'tyatojlhe j'-a.t s as e--ijJ--is* r 4

tank. ,' totberespectlveowfler$. ." I crtbeIct$3. oi, J :' --o..ppd': where,. may ":. ISaTJe4.5'* t : k. "'a. : 'rl4J..oit'. ;.I J:Y s', ....M1 .. C .. .
1 5. 1.. .,. .. : l -.5: ''Jj > ': ".rlf .
r : .;;f. Jill t Mil.XtffOi. rVJJT.W ,*: .




.' '.- ," '.--',' '' '. '.: $ ,.,4't .".. ,:, ,', ; ,..; .",,, .,1''h" -; : -'.- '". -", .. .' -

., p ,. ,. < >' "- '
: I"1'O'. .?, .. .' "'I''S"7 : r" o. -- V-u



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I V V -

lflI. __ __-__.___ ,_ -_- J.J.. I1 ___ l4..L bJ' 11 A .f II4.41 .. ,_1 f. 1 I.1:1 II Tf 11 /L IIf.J II .; _. T "'"""." J. I J ,1.b4. f
rc'' I_ : l 1 fl1jJn jr .., u .'V!" JIL.t > 11U. If .

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r -: ___ THE? lEW 6 (t i's ia-WFEKL'i} 1 Ks' V LL !.si+'R .2MAR Ir; r (8i! lT :- .

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.,, ,. : :'" .,-' ,
VV ,
: : j > .. .f i\n a .". i ..;: ,.u".,-L1 V 5 V V ".tl _"". ;,4 ; ..... .t .

.,_.FURNITURE. '.,:! J: .. :a ; S .V V .- MISCELLANEOUS, ,. .tV .V t V j .; vy ty 'ui5T

f ; :.creation;' S. '.' I '. ,. I ci : .R j )0 RID'A' LS'.A"V 1- N.G S'nAN' ,
': 'jff *' ** *, K
:*' V thail Con. URNITURE '-WAREROO'MS i D. GR1EVN.LVEVE; '* ,54nj 'r .';':UW: .f"I.tt.t'.l;: '1.1 i'; r'1E1 .r'J' : V .1. 5 "

IS' t'tdw the ,"ta pro' 'E' ; :i .u.i..iir.: ; : a.-: : t ,. :.j 7 ;.' i bh' -f, ,3 V : .-:lnH A'Nr' : ::' V

( : >.: .j..OJ .Hi : S -,\:.. : 'REAL? ESTATE EXCHANGE. r ;,
!i$ t 'fo the iUj';i '. .-,. \ :: L.\t. :. Id0"1 ta jn ,W'V "* ';1I1fTH" Tfii.,.-, ';/ .ft> (t. jit l'i i ';, ..i .i,*. V.Vg. .

% t '+ so ..M I..: } f.5.;r .4 V: o.f: 't.i.rA.Aj; : j-'JiW; 4 I* !. E:: I-'B:" T J ." :E'k '; -' .,.J" I: ". 4 S 'I i; _::: u, ,,,;,,:,., tV VS I: .. 5 ((1ncorporatdJsiy6tbs$74.. } -.J': V ._V .

V will J! : '. A I R J" ".W' L. ,; u. J.t;" t.: .' ''1'Th; [ ;.y '"' '. V

2! : Mr. ... 1 .A)" h Ii : rl .... ." '" : :JJ. 'om'a w,LbvSRiDCE-s BiriLDiso oc
T.t. 'STltUr'
"I' ,
4. ; f f.Vr ,r',", ,1 ). .4. f : 5. .'''f t,) J ., '
"tll : !.II c : Vt r V -
j!!$ his V ,1 SV'S V S ; VV 'I": ;1 .' W .' : : ::.. ; ; $ V V !Ac15o1Ivfl.az.yLA4 .J}
? f V'j '. 'I t 1 '
.w-r..trJ 'J
j : ,
: '' V < V : r i": _Interest at the rate of and
4 sere* Weetni"pID' uLor cw.santa '
,.:" ',1 .." I I V per day zoot i.lfl".r4
V : : : : !' I understand hW CaD much than ; aD dqIoat" wlleh 5baII ban Rll'aiaed three moms ge IaoN Ia eM Bank .
SUITS. CHAMBER SUITS. cannot you "flwcdVi. cheaper we can boy at h me. b m expression 10 the principal of ,0 II..n.
) F.1fLOIl heard GREENLEAlTa Store. .,Tbe is this He AeDepostaw. _,
V : : !HI. .' '" ; ", S ( VV dally at Jcwtlry answer" ,i. buys.directlyof. -. : V ; < ; ":'

: \ V.I'" ,i_ .0.1' ; LOAMS.:.Afl'moneys'received t W'deposit s&aifte'forested t*firsl mortgages 011 real and

>. il.1 -r.MOSQUITO ,',' ;:-,, -.- .J MAN :'U.FActtrR'E.RS. V : this S4te ofat least double tile nIvc.01' III other ample collateral secuames.V ta-1 JII'OpatJ t.

W .t., ,.. '..*.1 S.7" I,' ;; : .
4. ; ) : BARS &'V FIXTURES 'f .. V RUt rrrxt .-Thi*oorporato] .Wai act M tru > *i tot'iit pwciwM ajrf sak of real
i V V S tsuti or UM
: .
: of 'natI.s
: V ajdimanagtmeni estates and tcaeraDY. S
: *w at' cx j v / 1. ; i 'f. S > V&S jf M J property. ", S
V.4 1; } 4-* .I., Thereby saving one profit'',and sefls at"a small advance above cost.: There h not a jewelry More Norti ot?ootl :: V V
: .- --- where goods ol the same quality am sold at u low prices as at GreenleafsV where Is now being opened an I immense -' S ". JAMES" 'H., PAINE- ,., ,. ,, SAM. % -SPEARING.V L VS jONATHAN C. CREtUTSTATECOUim
..w tJo A ;'uz-t stock of In first-class estabishmenf..irA'l.' S PrakkllC. Yicc-l'raIdeat. V .
goods usually kept a jewelry ) are-invited to call and compare 'r VV
;; V 4.DAVIS'. prices. Greenlcafs transit time is acknowledged to be the standard. Observations taken daily with BUsses Improved : V 5.. ,V. 'J 5) .".:,._.. '1 .; .... .'1": : ."I .I, ., ..

'tty Parlor & D P EW cbinbe 1'wWt--the only transit lathe State. Chronometers repaired and rated. V ;> S V .; '. i .'' .., .
,1 V
V suits; ., % Suits. .Ti:,: .-< '. K ti TI s*! ,_; V ..y , ; IV IVS
Parlorii ,Chambe ., .: .: '. i '.
; I' ; ; it; If ",'.. ,..".:..h ."td( 1rr1! ;,i J ." ,'/1' V 5
: Suits. (' .
corner b 'SulcsJl'.riOl'
: s The Best of Workmen and SATISFACTION V S V ,
: "' .-J. I .h' .' I Chamber : Employed,! V ,, ;: .AKpwqTT JI SCIUE SOLD 'AX,.CORRECT RATES ..'

; Nr'V crUR S; Suits BAY AND LAURA STREETS. >. Suits/, ,( .. : ',.; :. ,. .. ; "
< ; r. '
? Parlori, 'i f!.i"v.. i T !. Chamb GUARANTE D'I 7 ';"r. fr."j"'i4.,; !.. .t _:_ I I.': .:t.FV : ." .

'. 5u ; SlIIts.ACXSQKV1.. .' ...'.. ,:. .Suits .. ., Ou:" ) : ; ," 1" i .(54VV ,. :' .. ,V. : '
". I : V ) Jf' r P-.t 'I'! .-5 Ii'I ,. 'r) : '- # :
) ) : l .5 ( t.' ; NV. ': ; I '1" .. ,' I .
$ II ", +
1 U : :-. : :' .rV! .' ; t ._ ; All Kinds of Jewelry .Manufactured.n f -'. :/ ", ," '! HI' : : "R, : ) : o' .
t : ( ; ; 'L"ESTATE
; i- V : 'tr..V ., I:. ,V5 :I :: '. f ': : { e.'I
VV ( A ,.,. ) 14 H JM.WkJ.il-.lJJ*' 1'" V' !V Monograms' Cut and/Engraved on Stone, Gola''and v'i'I': i: .. _- ; :. ,
. *' avB- W'.111 j .. .
; f !
; OK KXAMINE'QUR'LARGEXSTOCK; EndleisvanetyofTOYS'andHOLID'AVG'rt S-; l'. ,
i; '101_- MMMV i --' >. -ti* ( ,f. 1 : *- x%.. -} .._ -. A '.w'.:. i i 1/'. n;:.I-.t1 v:,,; r #7. ., '1 .: irt-w ,' 1, Id. 'j'.r,. .,.:r,,SV;.1. ." ; .J" _.'
: ft1'd' 'POIISALa. 111. .
H (0 ,
I" ,": .'1 ? fiOiUi.; / >. VS .: n.s 3 V 5V5, SL
I IJj. .(,. ,"hl V'.1.V' .:U'.1'J J ; j --V .: ; .. J' _". \ .',',. .'L )*..'i "'.*"**>* ,.:vJ. I WW t :a.'c; V I : : ; "i'. V V' \ .:V '' 1; ', V ,, '. ., VS '' i

V land! ; ? ;>!! JEX 1: c' .. ,.,,!'. "'J I' : ..:.:j ..r.I. ( d ,-,. 'f.l if. tt/NORTOK. ,_ \-S,.!y.'. S ,V"R" V I i-i7; : fl y."S.H.KOOKERi' T FLORIDA %SAVING5> BANK lAND :. -T4T XCHAN i' .V "
-'oK %.1. '. : fl V '
l) vr* : ,: .rr''d. /1 { Attorney Law.and. Notary Public. ;: / V .. ;,. V .
V lot .' i'f'VlOl.MV' ::1 V\ ,. I :" a f :V. f| }i hV j, 'U rf r }j .1 i 5. Fl. V* : I '- ', .

: \ SH.: i 101 lOt ..VV; '"U ". ".' .1 i .J t NORTON & ;: : 'Tbe'Ailea" property; 0;of the finest restdenese in tie State.with ao'acres,- ET1III.,oiT&e slcl"V J

: 1 : : ; : i Uoi . 101' / / .1'lIr.; .i.; : : gOQIS' villa from tbe"pastoiieBeautiful'river front;boat-house,large grape vineyard too orang tncs I

;*? ( .5 'el Sa SL---18J---: V I ,. .DEXLMSIN r.-; V' i: ,', -' -V' '::1I. : Vr. ;"'!IC' I: barn. &. House.hMl9rooBU a ( the lrottrau tOI : .5 M V that one-half cost,on easy terns to close an estate ;
V V : ; I or Brick. 101 .J.--I:-". .. '.101.101.., .",.J. .' ."l". ', : :: "A T T7" OHP .-A.I'lmJr" .:;,.!, ': ] .* :

V V ; ,, 1(1'.. .fu. .101 f .1 I. fi''I ....:. 1 Rjr5V I A tract of jS acres of land"one mile nrjrtnea,tof tfce city;near.'1I tyrstg shcO sea, WeIt '
Bay ) ; : I } 11. S 101 H 101 .. 'r'fi4r' .! IlL; ", ,,, : Lrbididlagloasesmaskstasdcn*; Price '17'Cpea acre..' V ,. ..

101 lol j I: ._ 'J ., ..V S .
: ,: .
V tons .. V" .. S 1_" OF .. .(1'1' Several. nooses and lots ;well 'clhrdaidty'orJacbo l TiUc : t..
L 1. ;i 101 lOt ti V.*. tor"I" :. ..'VV .V ?;'as.4': ". ALLKINDS" 1' .,1'" 7Z" .'. ,V ,* ,. ... i,' ,. '

lOt. 101' ; V : Lairt adroirabiy adapted for orange culture uaJe'tn pareeh,ned on terms tot the-bayer.
1V 't San )< ) 1 101 101 ': V Vo1OtOIO1OD&OIO1O1OlO1 GENRALJNSURAN E AGNTSI' repr s tng'.lh! ; followingicora i I ': ettlemeu "Spring. .Gwde
,. : SO1oooooooooooooooooooOI .1.. ''panlcs'u. ." V ,. ,- SV :. /M.ii! '.ii-A' already S wcUesUDCsbed. "I. {' "..r, '$,"4 j, ",.; -. {. ;,.' V ., V

V V ;V ,I 1.. J Ji'I lOloo DAVIS &Dacw bolol1OIO1ooo'oo'ooccoo"ooico1Ol : V;.: '1 j FRANKLIN V ,V OF_ PHILADELPHIA A W&h:combined' "asets.-.f over" :.,'1'rt:; tat Several pfecwof lamf oi, "TruMmd Pemranh.:'between Lake George and Dona's Lake_desinUy beunf
I Orange Grovel and Residence*-for sale on reasonable terms. >
4 V. ol Iff' > 101 lOloooo FuRXlTum oooolOl .'LV: !! V ., '" .,'r. .: 1 V ; V, i V ." V .:\ 'V .
j .101. tUlooooooooooooooooooooolOl VV, : ; : MANHATTAN! OF.NEW YORK 87.000.000' j 'oncabufldin4. %low,well located. ,one. mile fanes tbs tfty.at"ta J oo each.peyaMe m momiIy-aJ.
V / DROPSI. 101 JOIOOO WAJt HOUSCOOl01 ,.1 :, mCllaofI5tcr'tOl. V .\, :. V r.V ',' ,, ,. V I V ;
cess 10, ..lOIooooooooooiooooooooorlPlioi ; 5O1flLkILP1ilA.: : : T' /. V I
I : .
.- .',1' IIIIOIOI0 D&DOIOIOIOIOI ; Also a variety cfo'msaed .1ra. Dd'welr'wcued afcej, toe StTjotm river and n otner
? parts *
l : 101 101 A 101 101 LOANING "''MONEY: ON REAL ESTATE AND, CONVEYANCING A .." V V Xf VV ; I, VV V < r'JOa
T in ..**< ill> 101 101 10: :;[;; '. : V V _____.. .

: : V 101 101,. 101 101 SPECIALTYVc : : J.il.;: ,- S ?. t.. V V,. .! V .Vb. -, i 'V! .. .

: : i \ AGE! 101.101 ." 101.101- 101 101 101 101 \ give belowa! : .ot,the many ch6iceplaces| for'sale by-us': -, : THE SINGERi .;MANUFACTURING'' :'COMPANY'S : "

1 the '_' '"h' ,"I.' ., CELEBRATED
_lot. 101101 101 NO. 7J.: 'T" -Stol'J house on AsbJey street.Hear 5C. No.' Dunlawton Pbbtatioo' Halifax .. .-T! .. .. : C-, !..
: off; 0 josj ; on river, 5 .s r N -. -5' .
.1 '*; $ : .'. Fluid ; v 101 V V .VV tot' James Hotel pleatamly! situated; In one of the best seven miles north of Mosquito inlet.at Port Orange: .. : :, : ; ; : ?
V ioi 5
V other Bucbus. neighborhoods in the dry; house is new,with sli rooms, 1.100 aCl"a''I'SO; acres' rich h"mmock.lii one mile : :
I 101 ., 101 plenty of closets, and good servant's room lot a34x from river SIitK 'TWIST., ; :
; :,30 acres high, shell land, immediately on .r1 ; : 2.
V S 101 .. .... S5.. 101 105 feet, good fence; good sidewalk, and the street the river* bank having 'front of about one fourth mile, v
.1 c-.i-J: V The for Five .: ." _,101' .-...... 101 shelled: grapes In bearing; a fine lot of young'orange with.lage two-story frame: house.,18 rooms,needy .,. I' .' : .i':
i,. V' -- ( .-..... trees; flowers and Ibade trees growiag thriftily; good finished; house commands view of the river and ocean. 'ThU ompettyn having 'in full operation at 'Newarrc.NcwelH1.tW hrgest SILK WORtSiaike
l : i. '. .- well with pump on back porch, which is covered with and 1 Is surrounded with !lar&c:1IeariDle. orange trees, worid, propose to furnish a superior article of Silk Twist '< VV I. '- V
V 4 V VORKl I . flowering vines.' Will be sold cheap: some'' 75 to too in number; good well and.a cistern f.

f N.:B.: 'To 'capitalists desiring a big thing,. thereIs that holds ,'gallon.In 'yard: thoroughly- ditched 1 '.'A T GREA'"LY REDUCED' PRiCE; Si! V4iJ ;

5, 4i THE; FINEST AND BEST SELECTED a fine opening in Springfield; a few thousand dollars and drained; canal from sugar-house running to theV V.; ;, V. /' ? : :'" .;[
? : will go a great way jut now. For particulars enquire river for 'transportation of crop} Immense quantities of For the con venience V of the this "
celebrated '
S ; V /1 'IN THE. ... SOUTH Norton & Kooker corner Ocean and Bay Itr ts., wild orange tries on the place; the soil Is similaz to the V "I f I' public. V Twist ,, .
S ; .'No.. A HAMDSOMI RESIDIMCH SAl--six : best sugar kinds c>f Cuba to which, it 1 is fully equal: V 'PUT"UP V .5 S
74. limestone is abundant." ON SPOOLS OF .DIFFERENT -
"U. 1 his place is really one of the SIZESt.1
: ; on ... large rooms and kitchen, double bay window on the choicest places in known ,
Florida and was as such befOre
west, large double parlors,double piazza on the sooth. the war.V S V /:.'.' ', The' V ', S
side. : / ; finestqualiry being1 thereby offered on
commanding of the finest views in Jacksonville spooljn quantities
RICH. V S one : .
PaHor V PLAIN. 6.amba5ul windows filled with (our lights C 4'inch glass and nuog N. E! Do'you''want V lt'wlnlcr' hOIilfhh: S. .' : ; r' "< ; ;
: ,
IS S :. .. : I Parlor\ 'J' Suits. with cords and weights on pulleys and reaching to the orange trees aa&fIowen.in rlorW.! You can get a F'ROM .FIFTY ly .
fcnd .. Chamber, floor, with blinds: all casings are finished '_iU mould abtmutiHJ lot," ozz56 feet, in Springfield, high and V -"t,1; ( .. 'I'> ( .- .'I : '''' .."r' '* V ,VV V
i 'S from i Suits; V Suit: ing and oiled and varnished, making a beautiful finish: healthjiil,and within ten minutes walk ot the poeuoffice, The above uneqiuled twUt U manufactured especially for the) use 01 a1IItIId.of sewing machines; and &c3la
a Parlor
.54 don TATE Suits. : 'SUBSTANTIAL ceilings high walls hard'finished.opell stairs,*double on which to make It. fur $25. tor particulars enquire I for different machines throu&h the country are using this twist In large quantities', and at t' 'f. V
Suits glass front doors, mortice lock on door in house Norton & Kooker. : V V V .
every ;
.' *: .. .'
,. '
; : :: ,:: : : Parlor VV Chamber china closet. store-room plenty of clothes-presses bathroom ; 'SPECIAL '. ': '
:; Suits. VS FURNITURE.Suits hip roof with from which No. 119- L\ tract of 88 acres 60 acres cleared'hammock I ; .
: ,
.. . : cupola a charming .', ... .
5 ,; men ; "i j ; : I" : view is to be had bf the city the river and surrounding aDd fine fronton St.John's river; two miles west ;Ire olfered to the, trde'aft those about to pxuxlu will do well to e Sr. our-price list. -

.5 5 : 1 i CONSUL country ; three lots; making't}7 zso Q feet: good well: uf 'lacksonvi k. This is one of the most'desirable river S 55 5; V f-" ,! V ., ',.
,i "" V shade started halt mile from fronts in the vicinity of Jacksonville Will .
i young trees ; a post-office. be divided .
d ,'
S if desired. '" V S SV : _
; : .1 For sale at a bargain. V V -1; '

.i V 9.: Mr. f ; We areprepared to offer our :stp kc Nd. 96. A large, two'story house with tea large No. (.6. 'Six acres onArU! ton river,'adjoining the ; 7 % 1 SINGER ;

S : t Medica ; rooms; thoroughly built.and finished in '.rate style Florida Home containing the old vineyard. ,For sale ;
emarkaliJ .I
works; t w.prices.D .- with twelve feet ceiling; one acre of ground cuvnedwith at a barga'n. ,
; Urin- fruit trees and flowent;'pleasantly located; within ,. r.
: ( ar, study) Cd five minutes walk of the railroad depou, Price Jioouo; No. 147': MmtopoirrAX H niThil.'hotd1iscentraDy S "f'.1.5, ,;; V4515h

5' that cause 4,500_down,balance on long time if desired. located,built of the best French brick.and i.a U .:...} .'; .I V V
S ''' V S : .,
5 first-lasshou S V ,
S ce of 30 -: ;- : No. 9 400 acres Orange county; one mile from in every rcupect.',. For V prices and ; S : J5 V 5 V V ?
1 ; : !
V Norton "
terms & V
apply to Kooker
V .
Curies Melonvffie. Price |s per1creV. : "lo ;' .. !
S and at a distance ; _ # .: i. -1 ,1 : r
F "If 10' "lt "VV . '. '. :

V:. croft ;, ,Iud enclosing AYISJ&; DREW, 'Call on or V write" M u5.and state your,wants: _V V .;". I :. V V'V V .. ; t :. f V k:: % ; : :
: V yet ,. .V OFFICE COR. OCEAN AND BAY STS..JACKSONVILLE, FLA.V ; 'r.- .'. .. ..e. V V "ti-'ti' _: V_ VV .
t '
S > .,1 1 :.V .
sVIyisitoTaIwsyweIc0me. _,IatestpapcrsouSle.V "- V. : ( :
V .
':,: the ; f V ,_ .1945r. r 55di- : \V VV

; : f -,' 90, f fr : ;! :!I :i.. \ : : ; :' . ,I.,.; ." ; i 5- Jtr .. .. "t
r. .
V ., O. HUSSEtf: "AHUSSEY ; -: Vk 'jfJNOVI'UOy\ u" ,
r John ; All 1
; V St, N. Y. I MATTRESSES WHITE PINE.WAL'NUT. : -' V ,.: L' .t.: ''I -\-.6 ,'JI'J' I:'';" 'J .
I : to 5 V V 10 V 'Gfi-'JVtV V ': ;'. ..V V UI
V VS \ .. ajid CEDAR. ,LUMBER, etc. V !!' :' ;. I ,i i. VV- _.
: I. t .
V : An V ,; & '.HOWEEI ; : ;
V Jfftl'j': \ : V .
S .
;: .
judge . : .. .
i 7' '-,'- -- .t.! fL .
,.', '
; :'1
z '' \ that I have a. ] ;; : : V IAAIN .:: .! ,f.:
S In ; V V : S VV .V I : SHQEtS
,' /
; ::: V AT ETA1I1C. TflIU1V1PHANT.

'I .: a ; ;'and of that by ,,1v1 BURIAL CASES. V LEATHER. & FINDINGS.. .::1" V. .

4 V cases, .. . V ,5lV : V '
: AND V I. ; { ;:1( oJ. ':VVVUVV S S V V VVV _

V W 0:6,0: COXFINS . : MAJORITY. 1
fered T' : ( 'f' ** t tf -Mi fH'! 't"l
A'complete' 'assortment of New' ; : '... V
y. rkapd. Philadelphia.fine! ; : i V .
'o' V V S V
( : V S
( -
t S : Strong m my _, ,. v. v .. V V : ; :: : .

V 5 V for l auy' .sufferer V Goods..always.po; hand.. .r .' .Ti-. .,. ..- .,: -.. .,..,.... ,. :...,. ,! 'j: 1:'STATISTICS.: : dF.SWORN .SALES. FOR i87t": '. V
V -
as ktow who Sole in Jacksonville : for..samu Dunbar.Si: ; : } .: -- :
} ,-, agents Co.'sMissesa'ridChildren's '' .V
: "< > -'' "V ;
: i Comp niet. *
; / %: SoId1n'18n. Companiest.a .1' Ocl.IDII73o

'; S t.. i roan, S j Fine Shoes., 'i'>V -! a'; ,' ":..', V';. .: '. THE SlXGErt: .L...._._; _.'832..4.. A American. B. H______. 14lIa_ ,

1 1 I. of ", : : \\11-'er:& Wison| ....._.ai : V
Goods by mail all : i9i3o.. B &Howe-.. .. 3.V9
: I I __ .s rnt or expressto, parts'of-'theStateJ'-K "
: .
Yrlt: '
: = ;
) I rt--* 1 .- % f Domestic. ."r_.,.._,. .. ?_ 40.114 Remington Era pin- .,. 9.3
V -.1 t ._
ii. J. ,' -lii .-. .' 5, .
GroVer&Balcer-l J j
ward. i .at Buckv's r ( Laura .f.- ..... .U 84.'nSFlortoce._ -) .- ,. 'gob,
OF -Bay -
Strtttt -.r.
ALL SIZES AND QUALITIES. ., near Jachoni'illet FlpOILLIARD : ,. !, Weed ti_ i. -
i r 9 l I < JJot. -; iJL.J-!_.._;. ai.7 o' S Davis ._. I -----V ..... *. S86x '

I '\ '\' ; !, V ', I < V V LADIES' AND GENTLEMEN'S ROBES. .. ,. ." Wi -4--.L-.oo.. I ,it0247:: Vktori.:" ';.,-"-.-,', :'.. :7A41low ."

1 EMBAU11NG DONE WHEN REQUIRED. SALOON. \-/f:AM-M O'T1H'.w :. .I"'I!- : .v ;: e o-, Xo returns,.: es..o.3.43.!. V

repol { : : : disease I Is re- ALSO, i.) V :, '. .1., 'j Cod 'cal___.:, ..._ J6.43L SCCOr.....'.-.I ,........ ? .'_i_ ..'.,,';'. _; '.1..0)1

14 : V. de !? \ med. Wilcox &Gibbs.2; _:.'.l.5.83..: 'u.J.Eo Bramcadorf ___ '3P8'Ii .
4.S .(The Largest south\Vshioiton:) .. JAPANESE SEED! 'CORN": : V V ,71
.t :. a..R V / t. !' !>' .- j '.I, : ( ; j > .
? .
i MANTELS.V 1 r < "Conqucrillg'J".vcrt1.W-tr.Jtthe garth >; tOUR NEW FAMILY MACHINE :
i r : And bidding ceSince to Famine and Tkath..> '.
V "whScriow- :; SLATE. <.HEARTHSV&c. S ,., gaunt ;
.. S V 11- have ) > l ; "., V V MANUFACTURED; 'TO': ORDER, '1. r.,. V1.-" .R' Q Z : S V "Tit ;:;/''. iravi'nt, ktruitifstt and'uiait. frail/? .'Einfij.J.s: :, n'cti.(rl.illipl" 1 1 !rcliT ftyucdon: : Ea-e ot opaniDII;Uniforaut .r,Precise ;r /,
of '
$ ter: .Js 5yjjy p/c.'ft""Pf/'W""Aflit4; r 1-1. '
V V 1INlI 2' "S ;'h I ctioo U Lhypcrd; CAl''cityfot Rnn.t Variety of Work,.i'inc or Coatie-
S ORDERANDFOR'SAL'EBY: <.;. ..t Ibis a the testimony of tkirtetn papers,' publiiiriect .J.E"U G AJ.L !VA BItHINP l't V' ;. ,VV V : 'J.
..,, In different5tales.'to ; it't 'n'II _
< /-5' wticm we seu'iuaiul sample p.kk- ;! !A V 1 :: : ." : V _
.V.. : 1gp.i5c: i = < OAK, I ,-" .1.--a't Z... -. .1cq .. ages last year tu test it. --sV V_ -I .,. I '' V .

I V V S : cure ,''by- I the' Forsyth'11'111"Street,between" .*Laura* and Iloians V' V P1_ iI'1 .Q. .. Q'11 :0'' 5-seen lbc.n.f a;specimen stalk Huntsville of this corn 5e.1ystJf'V/eM"which had twenry six. : :., j is'. j. sT'f; ; w. L. C 1:1.\1 R '1; ;' ,"if )(; IRCHASING. : ANY.,0'rHER.. < VS

; Ii costs onvnJe.F1orida! : '\1, ,_. ft.! : "o" : ,. I': '1:' .
i .
Z7if eats'fully'inaturea1
S ut ) -" > flaV1 co 0f,7 Xtn on it. t. If .". J'f" .,." l"C CS CS ..
V .
; ; ". --,. -_-_ I n i :' 'Jt; sutpaiioet aU aicptXias. and II j., tIwj :1. t. -i.J.1 "' h. ; TEIM4E&SY-.4'AYMENT; :IIIG1IT : .. .
4 V cOftt. \ :.- ,;;.: N'tdAY' ''. 0 S 5 iIi.i S e.'.< .J CJ_. I article needed In thisloun.-T.". Naichnoches ,1 ....,...'I ,.. ",..- ,1 / : 1.
V 5 II VI c MIu' I V.. '. ._ __
: Itistupcr1ocoa.ycchervsriety. '.It' "J.''' V ".1 V S __ .
I : ,. j may be, or _, ij S O .1 enl Coming, N ,Y. "It will be a valluMe cquWiion in f Vf5 ,.. 1' 5 _.JjLV 5 I.j"1 V u'
V .. the products f V1I&dt} *plloaLD"SrAy.p..RITI: : | keep e.< )stJi yonhajKl a largesupprreCLARK'S ] / :
I : : UI I l t i HE .0 SI agricultural the1 country -Gf rtUi
S V ON NEW PLAN. c .4.Q' -. ( < Sulphur Spring Texas. This corn bin be sown tlie OiN.'t :
SPOOLarrrONtfburipcoU tot
I ih. : ; I. .1. .' I. ,r.'.. i C latter part of July; and ripen befort'frott."-/.i. hirentj ve cents, :. .-_-a.f
1. aun ( : '.' S Invest : :3 Q i c'z' Warsaw, Mo. Ii is highly recoauneaded by those who : .ISll'iC. SPAfJ1) t g.T\y'I T; Y:6"CCIIta i ft-. '
; at home In "
your money the V
bue tried it. OJtio '
'lI q l "We hive
as your .iVp noticed ACME IIIAC1IINE T\YI T.I 'ta.rchpools.2ors5cents: Jard 0O15,3575
.7i S 7 how | | j l IJIItlt1, a this com hiqbly| spoken of br the pnn.ti-WittvrUMj-, V J I'I 'SIN'C'ER's'lUN1N cents.V: V
4 I J r iH: t FlfcST 1A1) 1 ; < : I:tI a Moulton. Ala. :'It will yieldjn our climate two cropsyear.M AND. ( THREADSO1LS .NUDLJS..ac.., &CV V
Ii S out. ? GRANT Q' 1 a V *-. ;, :' :: .. :: Ji! i s :; ; !Z. S VV V ;
U9 irrt TexasiIr!
: PRICE. ..ia 3'V" JOG/- / Y---; :; I&JIq13 2rt'z ir,4 Bastropt' can .J. : : :, .1. ., d V ", 3 : '. V V
succcisfuliy, .. .
Ps iu.Qintfa- Mntrtal 4 '
growp WrruL
jn. York : 55 z ii' < I fl: : fV .
u u .t' "' '': & s. S S : ; V
PREMIUM BONDS. .n. LI .s 1 "It 13 F.eculiartradapUd'LO'\htlhort*eans'ofthe ', ..vi V V
V _, jdlic : JUCK Y'S. i. ,H .. )i' .0. ,;, ; ,1' VI ? 'fgiijs: the North/thing-Rn. J. Lang. Keokuk, Iowa. "U i U just .1 i .: : ': : "ThVJ ?SmgerliMaii.ifactiiruig!; : :Co.: / -:

.. % | l, I Now offerred for sale by ths' ""tJ 0 I rt._...._ Sirourswanip land'Dr. .Jokmtton,Ocala,, "VI .. .. ,
g t .!,._ ; L.t.! ._.__ .r ._ U.___ .
S } f M I S-&; iQ :1 O | : tCf We have the above testimony file In our office j-u W rio J7 H .lIUliU 'q :ST SAVANNAH' ut.V' I. > "
-"G OUTIERJf yo'f and could produce if h.I".r.! 't. ', : .
.' | L,yA wP- many more space-would permit. :
.. i : ; >, ) : S. f ,. fill i-0 It wilt produce from 50 to 100 bushels of dId corn .. IU"r t..'1. .'.. .' ,. '1tH1.: : 'C4.'YOSBZ.RG'JManager.: '.

: : 1 V. s.,[Con idate41 i V. t. : .< to the1 acre on any sou-from, Florida to Orejoq.- We G W4f4'E 'JP. FR4pR,4 ( ; ':" .! '1.' V ''j-:' V, VV
ru \tottmtntt "
i. It S 'J possess tktitfmet* : t.I l ,
chu< Every; bond when redeemed'whl 'receive a .s44 I. tfpCNi;: Proprietor, The Important points of'superiority claimed for this !" -"I. ,StettV..4 tJAtKSONVILtE'. )11i1UDAI V "V "" t 1 ; V .: V ,,
: i i premium V corn ever other varieties, and. which are fully Misiained :! I!" "V -;: '1/,;" 10'In', ,l-rr! ; V : .
smart I In place Literest..acconjirj to tbe plaa of redcm *Jt" ( by the voluntary statements of tnnert who raised frotri .I .V : SV .1 h V V5SSV VS oJ ':
r Ii ln i of from : \. f4 .Qf.tED sTAnii seed got o ua bit .are thesV ,,- ; 1nsatY'if ,,:I4,) .,Tu T.'B.tldrt..ri.j: .. ., ,
amounts yw
; : rr I ,* ** ** \ r.- -_} < r ,,<. <. LiYf.R This =V;, S, ,.1.. :t V :.#. 1868J. "J .c." gV:. IVI5JV .1 V. ":1. :
wilt trim .
: 1st. corn yield twice 16 thn times u .,dt.$9 ]t. I ttnJ t. I.ViJJ: ,.. ,.
: '' '- :. ; j maaybushels to the the sod! and '.a. .1. : .u..'
$1,60 to $25.0oot $50.000 I II acre on same with the. : IIU lff )t..u.r.. :).wur .' ''V' '
I same culture .V '.'V"* ''. '- -' V' '%. ''" v '.iand. .) t- : ,d ta h' '0 '
I :'oocofilgi' V <. > t;, :/, J'' T.T! '>' I [ : .
i is .
The corn heavier In.weight.Jut a. larger .E" ) .tJJ i .I4'fIt ::'-
who pi/ ; K" : np' e' Ii\l' ; :
/VJr lI..bODlr
., .. V, : longer ear and thinner bus".oct maka'COrD mw lot J, I. } ." 'J' '!" .

and me,lor sale Bonds redeemable by allotment. 'Six allotmenu of I for femily feeding use sweeter stock. and morenlauitlous.d; yaluabls '.,. ::... j. .J. :"., ... 6 ; V .. ..1,.. : .'... .' ,', '," ... :}
t1C''SSO Jo..o i
toll V
'H" '
-. ."' V V bnnds.i.SIa. distributions of prcahints 3rd. The stalks grow more vigorous and healthy and 1tOWILLC' A.
ID ian. .
: !
: : f V. .
'I: : .
-- : \ : : .. '
Apply to .01 sufficiently strung produce from 3 to owefl.devcfopedears. 1. I,-d '. ,.V5V '(.I '-(it. .u "- "

was ; ; V EMIt flAAs' & CO.. ,'V 3.: 2rii-1..J !, ; S V 15n .. ,. .
V S c. : V
which .. .'.., .._.. .. Financial Agentsj 4th. The stalVs bear moi foliage and'i lefler for V 5: ; V d. V 5' 'li-i 'I j..i'; S '. U. ; I ::01

;' r..dway. New York Clli. ,feeding '. ,. 59( 1\I.1 9d2 V '1 5 : r ...1. .. : ,..1"
I the nato. VhVS V ,5th.-That It will and reduce r '- V V; : f o V fl4 4' ,V/ f.' '.
S grow i profitable
GGE'dCI'1 AeDt, crop .b '. ___________ "
I f. "1: tEIVARDS' I The best aid most styUsb 4ivery team*In the thy on ground where other corn .iH pot grow to,maturity.4th r .) S : \ S J.. V 'id'u. ..no'! >:" :

did? Office Mather ft Little's Bookstore, Jacksonville.po can.I s.-__._be!-J_found*, U.-.-at._. .the__.Stable_.__VI,- .*of**..the._ nndertigned._._'f\j .e*_._",_..t.near c."._the__.. (est.;< 11 ripens'earlier' r i.and to Dot, _liable....to..be._caught', .by ;:..-_'j 1 U :1' .,. lt. : .. 5 (V J'V, /' Jj ,'\ "..,..,. :: .,.i e : "
J T .. Fl*. joLt 7th. To becut vtenJ used : i'filk '_
diet ; { Hones boarded and well cared for on reasonable ( 'tM" .rt .,.\; .J l .j'
: terms. r T per cenUbcuer than &I1J.oaberN1arletyoc.conar I : ; V V V V % :l '' ,,3V 'SV'5: ''.1:1>' : VVS 'U.'

.. ST. AUGUStlNEi for Our Corn has all been selected with the greatest care tuo "liltl'I.' <, V .1
FOR Strong. eams hauling .nr.. always on hand.Jacksonville. 'S ') '. .I., : .,"VV59 J. .V5 ]V
the small end_of brakes'off-'th i 5; V i :
--W every ear &'baUne
lie : j' : : V ktfFUi LV U.. ,
shelled V
i : ,, V V Fla., May 30, I'f. V- i by hand. V V V I' ;, V,_ ':;"h'! 'V VV
> V ( __ VI ,.- V .
v : "
; V V : ,. .A 'increased i yield per acre'byes the old .art Ue .
I, : .Magnolia :.w lld;; QX'.S) ; i: ; r' wilt pay fgr the seed. 80 tfmes' over;; besides, every| .5 I :', 'H I.>" S V t' VS V V S DEAI.ER. i14 V V 5 :...',I 4 ,., V

.4 ,. ; VIV! ;, ,--. "l.c.i : .' !: S farmer S3Vsecdstgoodpces.dUlL plants thi,year. will' aave'a large! deaind; '4 5 fir 1V, hH;. IF ,.d! V V V S V IV .- .. .L I ...: V' ISi. "

V .
V' & *'. V! SV '1'WlD make; regular; ; FRUIT. AND VEGETABLElSTOREOn V .This Com ..produced by-some S procured by.ir : .
l trip* .
a I t V :St.bet Augunine een Jacksonville& I .. BAY.STREET oar WASHINGTON., Consular Aent.and saidtip ell M origlain J.1"J J"TERMS" 'o'1 jlgl :J ; \ ij.Q ,; g .i :: .:.:

; ; are '"Freights as low ritrs. i.i..a tJiJ'H!'!; '. ; J. ..; V ., rl
: 'Families supplied at regular"tnaTVetV f.l.; By. poI&-palcl.j..oD pet pound IIIlI.n S j '-lii old "" "1 V.
V For neat
S ..5. : freight passage .1 .'.: 'nt.Ai Et1.1 D t
: ; '1. ., pachlCl'nsJa1.bccS Sir: 'io LiG pac'bsesaoopa for iff i.0 nfilJl 1l .i.J.Ii.. .N G adMtIJV54! I""nI.
; .5 WU1SON&WWTWCK 5 .rV i ::1'J' i>t' WuK'-t J<' ; for 'f .
V forest : V V : JtJ ., T'" V : >*r- kqea |KV, Elegim 0u0-.auI4 laches, 4 b ". .
( ; V together wijh a sulk ftl/j4; AJJ s; I. -wuJ.i: 'fH" li it tl;: ..:l.) tdzu; i ? VtS3 : 4b 'JI-r ; < 'il
F1a. ra
71 JuboovIDe.. Also VVV V'j .. c.vst& S iu'd: 1VVlkSI2 "b.

; xnouot I :,6r'to V V JAMESCOSS.VV -STALL.IN TllB'MAREET,. ,V SS leu than ',''A';'Fu( : -,, ,t' : ::, 'l1ft 1JI1'J'I". ; : 11.u: H Hid U' .1 .' I L..I' .t ud L..r'tlWi. '> b4Jr'a ".:'h.tb bo :
lV ,.fit S Aup 'I F1a. t TWENTY' jRbwNEARS, .O! .ci VV.FerIVals) Stamp .hHl.nd"' ,V
K.Q. _. V V I _IY' For tae'accom nwdatlon of np-towa customers. VS r : Bbot..fij4f, 'h' ''f ti iPO.i: r: : Ve5
It peaks. ; : S )' !ON'r' S :. ;. JJrL.j&h :. .
(1.1J9Dte V .1
1car 'IJ.JB
; m: V found S wanlty, V ', Trunk and valUes at Bucky's.1V of them mMnjeapadweIvncbnilsadwill :' S (5 'Jtt'j! IwqttI;; .HOO .tiw tiij5Oii H, VVV
; Aflw .. -. --- ; _J .1 'J GAME A N.DnR..ESS.E D be ) 'Ph)4dcp3) 3D4 BaltimQg! :
: V sent free of charge : : :
when s j or packacea of lfoft wo : ".S.i i '
.. more .' w t.. V SS.
: feet a J t ; "f '-' "* 5 :1 4)4J -s#
) JI > ordered
ty ; : ; : I. i corn are *t One time.. : ; VJc cable,5cw
; )hc.UH I.'r.. f M ASON!(,;,. : .4 i < ..1, \) _-cl" t'rciF;.."' ;V Some of oarAjeatrto whonr{w.'lwk" cent sample .n:1\"Meit'11J\ '" ''fOU"....,.JI'IA-f. :iii.r..' 'j' ,-.. ',tq..... Tj.8 0' Sc't".J; tJ
5- ; i V stalks fcwrtortJay ores FirrY.XXJLLARi 'H' n OD . ,
jnalOnf A. -.J tSS 0 O.
S W II t..IlH i5 :
n.tl31D"- .S .f1t ..1 I'
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SOLOMON.LODGENO.:, 2Or AGENTS-WANTED1- ) 'l.IIk J.yr a S. .. .s' V 5.. .
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