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Begin Total Amt M jff yiJSjTiifjst tf'RR Ofiu AgFA. LIl. ."j. 1000 r_M .,.. ll..f.Ar in i
Earlier Tries FaBed. purpose of the taw 1.9 tnet flute ii.r.AM/N, M ........ lt Nd. Y'Yr, .nth, = *44t MYtiw. 6- 52
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Efforts In the past to shift the I present tentratity *m<* ** ... Oat Bf .k. nrrari tilt Tacit 4UO4CIAL e,,,- A, wi I.'JV ..., "can.era. Yw. wn.l.reef n1 user A5-n0N1.u'4. -.
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to the defense budget Florida receive special pro- age, that Christ b the answerto .. 5 ...a s lb.far 5.r.taw 45)< p.eei.d51 rk> IB c.ov"PiOmOA,,, IN AND Von POt.CHAMCtnv ." 'a; in., t.".... "... usia ;::J lfVun M '.M ... 1.,1-

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man's need the Rev N.t
matins for the lint two wwrtJi Mr. 'Aa" NOTICt OP SUITXaUoaal Ppets.o OicereliegM .
Chairman Clarence Cannon. D- aN= ItSYSOItAL ". << .... ..... na Sn (*** tn Z!
Todd told ''' '1- n'RI' ,
Moof the Appropriations Committee in radio I ipot commercials minister and laymen maw r ........ is 1t n aa. ., auQ ..M .5 'hr '..r.. Len M k' r fc Pw.. piMi our IM- 7-Zi
ta trellis t* k* aunts ... nnay ? ,.J1"""' 2fI -
meeting the Methodist BafttrC l JL
has Insisted that the entire 1iidi sell began Feb. 21 and In ann 1M SaSS '"t ..... ar" Ibismurm r5.imvt.nZW1 h t M..n Wetft4.It i I' Y5.1.1 .. arlry.
aid be handled In Temple yesterday afternoon e.... -,-- '
budget .dvertiscmenls M fnsgannes C.JoUR'VRlllinT .w'-ea'lE t:==: .: .r:
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one bill drafted by one Mbcommiitee and Sunday newspaper vupplemenu "It I* 1 centralized message, .aaakwa 5n4. rat 5n r,.,.,"....-;- ...era:wTqR ,..wW.. 5w. = Y.. $*< : I IM.. MM:; ii
-headed by Passman Cod ta Christ reconciling himself en M rese ant .p..a dot iIfi&\ rm.n$41 M A*.< IJ .Mo.u. _,
tHII lint ..,. M [i.01M..t A n. "" .... l l : ..Ilea M ...... tnI a.
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Cannon: has arbitrary powerto unto M, ....... ... .I. /, ..ej .. I.'t, felWhen
determine how the over-aH Th Florida Crew Commission H* said he had beard one- =.:- '-, pCeT: : hAJIUII" tOt "......"..-." ""....- i ...... ....... 'AIU'a.R -. _
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federal budget ahafl be parceledout hat I budget of S1U.00lot third of i" ua : "'1. wnlfl l 1Cat a .._4 ... leeb 1 :==:-i =:i: = .
the population of ( / .._ art .. free .. .c.Naa 95.. rt" :: fA ;1\i CA a:;J ::1.
among Ms IS IUboommltI. the promotion of di led orange Lakeland "...., get taw ... /Pol cuss 'iJSSiJILXAS" trvna ,n..f....... .. __ ef w .... MOM
church IANK op ": I H* M .I ,i U1UO'F.' "41< S'"'' .... J.h1V," D c .
Inks la the IIt Oll"* markets, more than three time i.5wu cHON Penns .n4 lbn t . ... ...' .. .5..f'tYrcaw. I..r..t, rwa+ rat= :.: ran ...:u....,.. t.IJ". _.. .
Homer E Mooki a year . I regard M asa tk.talentrtVr a. e.rYnv s.e.N,4 w n yourAbp..iss ..ft, ,;: ., N i '.... .IeM Me MS.An sA .. ,...
general manager
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challenge to me" ih* evangelist .54 sulil.l $ !E! $
% Oren, aid p .a. B "'* iWf .
Mid.The f I Ih r) ": "'" ""
Crews Mid.Th r.iM toes tin flaiaMrf *r ffetntwr* --- _. m ,. ":'" .:

Weary whole domed orange Rev. Mr. Todd hat I,. tins eIwilove? 5* fin. A.bass.....N',, wk AIJUMT a* MB(*'* ".*". 'M x. t.w......... a. Ierrir.au. e .. ....1} .11I11l.dtu'lo. ... .. Se.,'" ';J Y"t..otsee.IMS.: .
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Julia promotion MIl be wpport.ed spoken to ctowdt reaching M ttOnt0A. lv ANO e.. Hulacount Allaary at L a. ('m5 4e.. ..... ('.. ... .. _. - ...1 "'" .. ...
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30.000 ,. iv CHawttnv.tuna a.., w. 5.1n Plwtay w. .... _IS . -. = Me.wa = =
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by merchandising material 15. nRA later Hiss Jaaaarr, 5554. 41 S"11' we..N if ....
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21 year of work M M nab. M l's fait w M e If&tc h-.. r.. .n
which are being readied for tfistribvUoa evangelist In addition to conducting ., ..... "ftJ:ItAIfIC, Missing C124 to reu9 n who plan toM local and cttywai ..,..,....... -a. tR she M Wtlnse .inn I sae+. d r .s.la.NW sou.'n el.e.. :.. Pt;,."' - -

par dpate the program M cruaadp. th* U J. fee Rev.Mr ArNsefugisear ., BM* NIt k.*... f.. ."'..11"..'..'.'.'.'.. _t&ni - .. IAY., .eWn.ant. L.W.. /'en- ...'i 1!:.._ ..M....
ntim.ssi. if 51w-it... utmSb4N l- .. ::1"-- alet s.sIA -
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the pobM-of-purcittM level* heaid. Todd ha preached ta is as wA 0IbNI "-"" ..... .... .... f\ .rw; !:1: r. = :
) Weary -o- PteRss.Nu IIC Vim c.
South Ka.+. Cub CM Kitchen
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Maid misMon, IWIIII'CIftI enprcMed ... Sow Pleased I Kong among 4| nations on acre .......... =rill ..lu. ., cent.,. .w5. a w' ( *M>-f' W [ 541n.r 5

bop today that the crew About M radiO commercUUon five' continents, KOTKf or acts ........ :'k.. tin:: C C.M -, ..Mer.. -l eIM rc...

aid passenger of a musing Air chilled astute fair are ..::: :. M.HIM .kMWkf MMd :>rn 0>M<,C. P.Aawk11 ...... ., EMPLOYMENT: - lame,.Sot. *

Fore cargo plant will lie found ctwduled from I eb. Jl through Karran CraVf aslnnl N s. ...... M.IN15e Ills ::. == -I u Nit> Wuat.. .-... rw : flNANQAttit
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aliv*. the end of April on SI radio Ha- The evngr!>tt has been "A. *.HM| (.> Til u ,-
"..'1'1 and oVtermlnatton. b sponsored ta law 1M Ip-_ .. Piti cin.5lr tan II.1 IB cod PBrBMBBMIf > ..., t<*f Tit i-I.lift. h.% I .
UOM located In crusades ta /. wM
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A page faufxotor adverUarment citywide cratedea ta wove beca. e ". ,. .. .. .
aid Ma|. James Gibney Air wtU appear ta the South Korea under the aponorthlp ......,...............,-,- N IMM. "> w../ >P... dance W IT A flUUUT k* New sad Used Can I-. i-a ... 5101. .ice.ws..q-..

Force taformatlan officer, aiIh F. 2* Issue d Saturday Evening of Wes National Ace ..s ....Qr l41? US.... sad Ov4 reed CUkMlM PVMT ..,. Bunker Hill Inc.
March entered hi sixth -'ru' E 151 mitt IB* valMBt. .*- I es
Post oclauon of Cvangcfacalt of ; "I lt
day I Sunday auppkint will South KorN. MlnrI4Ra...,.. Ye l T .M.ctaSep .... d1.t 11II Ie...*..( ... tit.M .....4 r* by ........., 902 Weat Lemon StLakeland .
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M*page dvtnurmenia of The Rrv Mr. Todd wa ., ftHP Swim, QJkjl UM llMMllMW. ., D
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Some 70 planes sad four ship* chilled orange >uw ta readers born ta southern Mississippi Fist l5rc if sCI. l Ga .my ..

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l..w II'"* a 4* M
Pacific Ocean .ainc Jan. 1 when easttrn IMU'' 'Ie" th* sue of a r..I- nap 44" JkaBary, lest ..., .JC.'L imOlwptc You Need A I
sate U.v.
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Baa*, Utah.Aboard lilt Sunday Newt The 1'imN. ..... SC :1 .1' rOLK COUNTY "4/10' POa POI.CseyNTV, rl-On/DA. .
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were tight crewmen the Journal America and the dent it presently vie* prost Ie M, Rich of c.o".AY.. "t&. : 0 BUSINESS SERVICEUSE
and a Navy passenger ecoorting Herald Tribune of New York of World FrwadtMps, ROTS P. RAweefe
1 c aradt', body to tin Untied CMy; PhU All f* **_ M NTIIIM H..
State from Tokyo- and tha Sunday bulletin; Th Rev Peter WaUac taw CUUM .r CiMMaa A iMt DOMALD OWOOR .1

Reported *ignat from a the Sunday Tribune and Ih* Fleming d St. David* Episcopal TBB...cal..BMk..., ., pa... BJ c BanMr H" ea, Pt Bt.BB tiuk.d sIs.tbsl THIS HANDY REFERENCE GUIDE

"ClbiOB Gff'arllllll emergency Daily Newt d Chicago; th burl and the Rev BMia la IN* .* -IBM ... -.o'fIC. 01' .

uer. standard equip Globe and the Sunday Herald of J, For Johnson of Fund Ace &[:BM B.i I."at klTB BUTH VBB P.loc.RA.. NOftt"II MM..l*<*"_..V ., Jaarit114A OIY .. OFFERED DAILY IN THE LEDGER

meat aboard W* rafts carried Boston; and the Provident Sunday embly d God _ill arise atcochairmen ......... .. ... ...... ..-u.i; Bl Ui* area 4tl Its MtlkMr Rir CLASSIFIED BUSINESS SERVICE COLUMNS
by an acts plane, led wad Journal Hartford Tunea of UN 411 :1UIOSoI.... ........ fill tk* OBMTkia I'- .f __
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Ilaeb .... r ....... anal M i a" &amSn evqr K. Z>ij Paw Ai- U and
Port Stand the Rev. John Hunt of &hi
Star Syracuse cm.a, mars BUlB Its tlr WMMMM --- .. '*--'. ....
nUT FLAG sad Rochester Democrat and Methodist Temple the Rev. aM.tai : ." .......Y PW.... ... alwt ..,. & R Block CD.Tokdays .
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Chrouck Buffalo Evening Uw Mubiey of Southtid Bap- awn I. bled r eMwhI orlb. t w.io, P1mMte ..- AID eme .mu.MS r... I AJJ. to I P M.
were flown over .a American News Pittsburgh Prow Ckvt- hit Church Ken Ham d sear .11I -...- ,... ..... ea 00w-Mum.. r wired = ..'. D.Mrr kt.ASa.'MI \

mum.d..r at Porumouta.N. and Paw Dealer Oncinnau Christian business Mews Association KurniBt WII..u.M. c. IosrtuLt4ae aM_ta. 55Mwc .... ....- eul ..Siena .1w..1r. 5 .ter. ear

H. on July 4, IT77. Tb ship Inquirer, l""' 'fT""* Star. Detroit and Mn. rtotardDuBota aunt ..sJ.:idea tier.M AHulrM'lv Sara aia.kif 4 tarn,.
was the famous Ranger commanded New. Grand Rapids Press of the Chain d Miakwary 'N TNt CI U T COUHT OlTM dBra aak ef la larirlmanla awda BBTimalflaal cland Z Fj*Ml NO C* * by John Paul Jane. 1 and Milwaukee Journal Aasembuta.rUMATUKI TINTH JUDICIAL CIA.CU.T BctkM Jfa.W -.... kuM Mutt te.io lnmtBUl 1ccai
Ckaacary : Mca
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5..tertIN t IL'T Y i 1R.ll M..wf.t Ii AUCTION SALE e 14114? .NO oN N .5111115515 wlcv tat ..aretJVtat'eoo0' ? 5esr6ttRJUv UJ H..... Far Sole 153 Masse for Solo

My 1-451 w.. Every Saturday. 7M p.m.BAXLA'S = 71Q PI4on1 pit 1 wS Rfi 7 rt at 9tltitC! Eaoooo IV11HT MN'.ItiiCt rr.ttfivr50

xck1b1 lrr h II': h rorRptxawly at al stA SVIYIeRij OPEN DAILY 2
w x7 14,1.1 5n..5dn FURNISHED HOME
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1.5111117 N.15 tar
115111 I/rr ... h.511 r.i AUCTION GALLERIETmkafr = we've sar k4ET) UNTIL DARK

; Taa AatHak a.ww.tiRj I I5d r tt ACRE, $3,000 3 and 4 bedroom homes,
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lnanrf.n7wR.: : /1? .- staid :1115IML1.:111 1 !-)714! : M qew./ MERCHANDISE RENTALS I RENTALS- REAl ESTATE RIM ESTATE dial MM107 any time

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LOCATIONS FOR Ap5Rt5Il )O 5 Bit?. Hitnu SOUTHSIDE DUPLEX 11.15.51. 5151111144 Real I _
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Knln-Km La_ rtr Ms.. tlal :--r\o: : %*ur Ittiti* ) L. i 1- TED J .. N Real 1Y- room screened patio "'Serving Lakeland Since
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Ktaarlk I IIII" / Irna.. Walk 5n 14151'l BI.4lt'14W. 510141 : .. =: arran
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41 ... fishing Only
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::- 1 -_.t7u"fl -- tow n. 5141411 15.5 1..wntr. w 70.55 .e ,p. ,4111 .r rMt LARGE HOUSE pn, ..1 MEL RUDY NEAR LAKE BONNY
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Ilillfe (7..s ISn E. Memorial
4.5.1T Blvd.
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HORTICULTURE ":. :w_11414r.3 11w 1. \ au 44u .a* a. e. < cussrnro aot AD''L."IID

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", :r D .' at.. ._ +115.15 wr t71 NO DOWN PAYMENT
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r* 11 y12 35)jw AV .. .. NI .. 1415. 55 '' 5 O.sAS.i 'tRAbf Wattt w U*...... w 551/11 MALL t WE ARE OPEN NIGHTS
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a ttt" Y11efie ... _w.U. 155 t1, J.. a1a r* aaur.1 n* ar kar raar = BRICK HOMES

411 M . ...... C10II 11.1N .01 14-5555 no: n'" 1150.-:' I
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l . __. MTS. NW a.M/51b NtiIiW51 Ii, .. 11515 5514.5 .:: $5636 TILL 9 P.M.
5.. -..- V 1 R"'R ietr i5 /4.
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I r ..m 1.51.1. 0 t ,.. .. 0.4 .:; 5.4. 55.s. I SI Rest ...... Wonted ALL DAY SATURDAY
Sib is MI.s OMNwir. .1141 1 N .Mr4M .' '... i % -M 4.1i LIST YOUMPROI'EKTY IMPTRIALCONSTRUCTION

1 .511. 4.. t Claude Jc tins
.. 1..ds. PI..1a CLOSE OUT SALE .141145 ..x11 ,.11wt. With us
AMA IN 15.4 Fis4 115t.at.r CO
01116.P115- 1 5 4 11 .
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'. f.' ailr 5014 M T 55 .. ... Lakeland
. . w kf mix .-: Hi l MO 4M < -... Lincoln-Mercury
a* raa. A... fart lHI .

, 1I1t. !! III S: 444.4WM M


; ...J.tt! ,: I M+p.ti I .. IM HIGHLAND CITY OUT SELL OUT-BE
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4555. ?w,% v. rB 111; 1w7ui, ,... RIM (STATIUJ '55145- 115,:45S.p 15* 15004551.usuS55 ..-

WE PAY '4 M.ti8'CT1T IwM 11111111 a '.w 1111 .r I Mk.Ua UttlUI'TlHL y 414 Cad
H* ie 0514 ... II Virtil L WomWoMUtSOO -

TOP PRICES Ltfc'.i 4* T W t *

For to4 1'wIIIIwt" f : *V* .
t .I- ..1.1..1.144I44I1 .1
,"* 11.1+1
A*>pHaiK i I 00.1511 151'51.1' OWNER SALE 2.

.l1" ....
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CALL VSU M04POLK U4 r 1 -an 0+.55.1 --E't5 Small Down Pament'r Dq

5 .4L. 51.1. 4f IHAIHNO MART 1
44 Un I Ul.j ... -, ...... \
aUr* M, or =-.f" '" MM BONUS
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*V M BM* .- .. a.

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...... Oet..r 5554 !f ::i .l'M1... i DISPOSAL
MACHINC LiE! r 44. 1,5 --rr.i GRELtI':74141
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.. NTW tttaraMood. dan*. yra, , .11 11 r. :!
,. "i'1.1"r. - e mal+StS M, ssks. b twtoa > .155 51.45.11E $50 PER MONTH .445 H5
... n"I SALE
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miL tutd ikrwcvef $**. 1 4114 a r Aro .Y. 1.114. :: .**., "- W.It.n1.TEVERY
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lOOti. M14i*. Ufflrk .. 5C 1s.1.1.W r"'N. '.". .. 5:11 .581144w CAR ATWHOLESALE
/. 011 ...ar S-SB3

(..I74.T. i7. 41 MON1CJUY DHU4ARUIJUUAR ..., ..... ......- ,..
+.r/tti .LM. 5.5114 M N .
M itikkkiUYEIIOOC .SaN 4 .u.1.1.JM 1l 11145..r. MARK I t:; .:" =
-' a 4 <<* ik AaalMMka
VAGABOND >ftr I *J fi Mat MTiaM
.. s0psa 110.51 5Y5.1t 41N 1 .* < a.,fft> j af> I tt ., NEW
1 afttins L .pa 5c1 ....... .... 7 4h. 2 BEDROOM
: A.4lt' !114 HOME One Year GW On AU Cars
1. w DEE'S 51 its 5"ra 451- 15 w. M aM iai. ad ta Wtrroafy
Uiitxoaaiii CM>i* KIM 1 M+ ISM MOBILE 1 Otjr water and tewer. tintGftIef'
5011. PU.C'D IIT'IrS 5 1..1 s N. 544545 .a/r..51:. i5i M ......' I tut Complete price '61 CAD. J.d.. Whi...
w ..a. r 5..4."t 550.5 >..I *"* '-. w..w wr. I MM. $24 5 0
.r.. ., 1..r r / 11..4 f1I Terms arranged' Air
: r '!4r"w""iI.I' 11,51 114 MA.tm l ..,1, 1F I 4 14.. W .WY. 11..iNaM I SuuUmtt UVeUM.
=: : a :=
+ '61 CHIV. $..... Whit.
M .:::.. 1 I I r $
=: .. re1IIO 511 t 1 xI ( IN 1 K 1 SAFE BUY REALTY HHter. UCIr16S 450

""-= .w' 1M. 4, M '!!r.It MU 24)
.Irf _.... ;;r;;. "iJ..
y 4141 44 55.11444 5.51.1 155 Milt'ir 5J OLDS H.rdl.,. hoe'
I 151.5 1 .'1111M. $3 80

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J 511. It ...... .. Iu4 .&&r.;.

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WitrKnT 5455 .\ 445 : = t"'tt c.f 1"P..IA :; Rep. pickup. Cr... $540

T| aUkk.M **aaa Ml 1 .. 1 1M* 5 141, Y afU &'ar.dt, ;Ia 335 ... -y I REAL ESTATE
51.5 lis. .w t 1 i 5111 R.4.w.1.. \ AUCTIONSOUR 59 MERCURY S.4.. Yellow. R.di. k..t..r. .
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1. r ,
r ... 1. 1. v 1 45+.11 F+
: e.d el lb. '155 11A 11.1M ., t. 1. 01.11 ....... Ton. _. . .utwnatk.UCtll .
:.T."t Lara 5.15& er. 1 111111IN 1414.. Ys11,4 $750
11475 IY /
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.11.4 5 rs hid I : $1450
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1 LA1.r 501. N t1 I 5.54 5154 ..1.14 01/54' 1oOI M __11011. &
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: 60 TR>3 INch,". Hue.
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t=.t 131114 w 111 1 .. T 0..111. ..1.. 44/4 UEAOOWBROOKREALTY
r .iJeR _. oflw.; M.__! U14 Meet .11 T..w 1 +55. 1 Luse Mf 1.. .lu, 151115.. 41.11.e tr.-'t--=: 59 CHCV. 4-Door BelAir.
4' BUY $790
&1 -- ,' SELL '....lga1' ...... Vr, 1471 aua .M'Hillside 0104 Gree.. Power UC.98
I_ 5. I IS IItS II. I rt..rttr r .I 31
: fee teat F5
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It.o W -.. ,'5518 14 5... 5t1
..... I I. w....-.. .j 59 LINCOLN Sedan. White.
W flu.
11" : ::Ck& :I TRADED : g ajaa, aaMa aMar Jaaa k'pa ? $1290
S.ppUs G-O-O-D I It 1nK4.. I..u... --&ii"Y aaarrt, ilaaaa.laraiaVt..nraltf '* 'I44 4-U VA siul 514544 IIII'i.r Home conditioned. UC# 110

CKAIX.........t FID 5k 15._('b'I.ot ... I USED rafntralaa* WTHttATJBSACJH...... atalar jraaat 1M. **-Ot ..... r1-... aM* 1 t 'I : n.a/-aMla4 w a>aaa li.. .,aart tk**l kraut Haluattaartk. 59 MERCURY Tudor. Whit. Roto, hooter .
b ... 5 01.51 fN 7YN .
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t551,. 'Y9.6r1a55411 ..11 'II -1 511114.45 arau. >. aiulli...$ uelll . .
t L.fURNITURE KINTALSIII M'1.s. 1 01 u /.. I 154 55115 N 115.pjwlrr 11.- .
pua..At V.4 MU '
.1 : r ..U taaa.( aaawkV laani 60 CORVAIR 2.000'.
. f ''
...L.11.,4n ''! ARNOCK FURNITURE InWu MMM I. Ie.t __I RANCH BUY I M aaala .* ttMat*. IOVilI 890

r. MMt.4-J .tock fe I. KTW rOUUIKTU WUGio6e I..r''',..............U\IW. <.i...-- ... _. Y M. 554 W .1.145. Rodio, hooter . .
** A Escbaat. aa ttartn .. 5.455 tl11.l. 4.11.II tana taaiaaiUI* taaatt alaf Tbfw ,... C71..114 .....- A. S. MORROW
ApPls ac* =
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'" W !Eo Memorial BJvdIM 1119 f...... _NItII .... 4 Slondord. UC#2I

; MERCHANDISEi I I I IUK .F1.111o.Ib Ji ....,"..:::11..".,Ill UI... A.m. ro- rr.aDICK'S &. ta.14, 1111511. 0417 15. 6IJUlThY : ;!) Oli"LAV

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WJ'B 4)1) ........ ..... ( : A .r 01.1's 1 r REALTY
aW 5farr ar1Y ', 115.1155.. .:I"I V ,.nia.J & 1014, ... ensa tail r MA* MO 041>>
4.111'' .mr4. 4..sH 551 5p .1.5.51......015. . ,. .er.t:. .!war la .tuf.* f-.thai Ht CHOOSE FROMADDITIONAL
'n.' I- -
>ta -".1 "' UPSaSa.ri.! Je1ry i irH .. r rr 11 M 8411171r
:; 1.DA r ('_..e,1 : l: -.....,... ... SelS W1111.. PICTURE GROVEkTa 1015R alter 51111114NM
5-514 I II 1515d5 5.11 O' .Utd w Is.VlA luni.tr. _.. ... .
Hrrtle .5.U! MT = : J-r.-I' ; 551 T5 T 1443 / 5154 an USED
f:; 1..1 .... u... ,...ru5..1 I, .MY4r. 164. w1 11511114E5Ass.w5. &b al:Jalui 1175 Can 55,14..-l- .Awl. aartakM.... ,31 \!! ..... te II u 544 .. V J TRUCKS
[41.11155.J- 5.ttSn 41 7 T e k*,: .. ..:; l uaa fan ''W-r-- AND TRACTORS
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BOJ.DA ,10111I. a .. r : 8SE.T./Z tDICK'S
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Nr.r 5401 \:# ; 0 I Ua'ii. aiilUaM '. UtrUJDC Ta- WdrwK> ba>4- 4. .. klckak.. SAN C,... S(*.,i .. all ae* car .cc ssitl.s sold
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(POll".... .-. 'hM 61.r" ....}>..... I i IB? Ptiblq. ie"Pet a T.nra h* BSrtataa r>at..Maut, Mk ,:**,d'''Ttfnaaiatai_0'. Ul* atu 1U4 111 tail aUia ...... MU aIU ',. O.IT INTftHATIOHAL.|7S I.. IM aor ship. piss SAN C".. Stamps far cvileai/

n---'Adi.... I ICHDiA. WaidET ,.ATTilAn-hI1.Y..., a --_ -_?UR.l11.QJ_"' 100.1 iioU. 1i ".. ,-alartflc..... 1WD 1Q 5. d ... ckauit.. parts .." i.nrice rffairt. Tale .",..,... of ..rCluiitfe
Montgomery 0.115.* : =
Qua. w 't .." -III ,..,.... """" ut1 Haari. : DIM _
-=:.1 h! A O'" HOT WATER .' ,...Ja adatarai** u- IZ PERSON .bah. 4. Iatr.Yctir ."".
"a.r" .1 M4 ...
Lne1. TSe ..eats Jp1r HEATER FROal WARDS A ma.. nI' .'A'101'1' __ 1W71 ... sass
P. U' 1 I I Have Hot Wa e. Waco I tttm. kr..ax_.a.'t *". :.. .,.11.454.ss.1a 111 1 541.6.5Diax4 'S I CMC Vs ... kick**.

tJ Attic for iol&.-MHC.I I! Yw Newt IIII17tl. ..*..,.La.. 1111 kakr- *h*"*.i 1 v,. ."......1111... "''t' ETf..,..soh COMBINATIONHOME. : Gad.cka.ic.I. (... Jfii/aiii
Uatlarll I ED4 r. raVI' WHUOWNS ., .. ... Van
C5EJT al a> .
naawaTV .:: : : : 4041 41 1 1I" c....
aa ... Kentucky ,,111515.5 4d fr nur11 awrwitU.Mff'kM GROVE.
"'J .. ....... MU 25101IT ;;! w __155455511155111g %'" ><-** TRUCK LAND fAHM-AU cab Tract.
4M l> I" c Mi..tu, U4

f. :: 51.1 Il *5Hfik..... Ua MWkH

AUCTIONFriday YOU -do tt y.ur5dr.. ,: ..r 'ti1 I WONDERING ::':-uwS"....' J.t1 ( 'ltlMI $7fS

Nites Only ..de tt the sill way by i t It' &I. <<== .. : the article you've found Matt aore

7.30P.M. dIedIq "Duihtta. Uaiertall" : may bo trying to reach I to caeeie froQUILLIAH .
V. aa/ r aal far M DICK'S REALTY I
JIMMY WALKER'S ta tile Oualfied See. you. Bo euro to read the INC. -
AUCTION CENTER VOL Twill find everrthinsw 7 bur a iec od ear? TIn "Uxt and Found Ida fat I NEW OWNER NEW OUCKJ
ilk oak* .511 / I
.. now to CaJronfieMioa
> aNd to make that Kit 414. IM
.5.4. 1.1.111 b,4. .11' !. Ibe "'anl Ad for ...... the cUulfled aectloaDOW 941 East Main St. Phone MU 2-6152
afIPft'IIIAIMt 2I1S 0." H.
lt1 City .
usa LEDGER easier ta ClasuAeatioo t08.I 45414156.4 1 11 1[ 515+455 111 511. ....w ('....m ,
I 1114 5651.qc4 5 of teiM i fkaa e MU 2-4117
& 36 '" CWSlIIU US I I n.. __" iI (*ara arlv 5I5155151,4115

I -!!!.-.!._ ____ - .- ....




Candidates List Contributions,

Gives City I 1i Mathews Leads With $19,799

$155,878 Back ;, 1 TALLAHASSEE on Fierid I The following announced their, Gordon Savage Jr., and Rep
: '. governor candidate filed candidacy for the legislature: : Wetbora Daniel of Lake Countywere

I. p their required weekly campaign I Rep. J. J. Williams of Holmes candidates for the 33rd
General Electric Co. wail pay electrical equipment fount financial report with the secretary 'County, seeking his sixth term District senate seat Sen. 1, A.
" the Oty of Lakeland an additional guilty of conspiring to fix priceiby ra the House. : (Tar) Boyd was expected not
\ S155.87S for overcharges a federal court m Phil : of state yesterday, and hi I George Tapper and Cecil Costm -' to seek re-election.
t to the purchase of equipmentfor detpM ''the tame man came aerie of Jr., both of Port St. Joe, John A. McDonald of Chlptey
the municipality's electric The tlXfn windfall will be announcement for the state were candidate for the Senate was a candidate for the Third
I power system. placed m the city's capital fan legislature from the Fifth District Incumbent District, currently held by Sen.
L The city has already been piuvement fund. Commissioner I Sen. John Mathew of Jacksonville Sen. Luther Tucker of Clyde Galloway of Def niak
paid more than $118.000 by GEt will probably use a snbstintii l reported a campaign CrawTordmtne ..* expected to Springs who was expected to
for excess charges following the part of the aettlement for street treasury of $11,799. fatter by seek re-election. seek re-election.
i Tina's conviction in a federal improvements in the Ward ttJOS than tot week, and saM
court on price fixing charge Searstown area la Northeast
I I he spent flW to the race so
I_ City Attorney J. Hardm Peterson Lakeland. M.t.. A, I:
Jr. said yesterday that General Electric was a maoi :; far.Rep. '
the additional of for the! 1' Fred Karl dfJVoturia
agreement on re- supplier equipment .
fund to the corporate govern various expansions of the! County listed total contributions
I 1\\ ment has been reached with GE Charles Linen Memorial Power'bunion of $17.694 and spending of U-
General Electric was one of plant and the utility datn lit Me Mid lie received: $ ,03J

I I the major manufacturers of system.AntiCastro -- m Mayor gift last Haydon week.Bom of Jack-,I IT'S TIME TO PLANT

coo uvi le, who showed M spending -
yet listed gifts totaling RYE GRASS
; Groups CONCKATULATIOHJ H, ca.u") c....... c-., el.cM m. w el A......... lain ..yMn 111,150. up 11.465 from the pre-
Hx city Wt ea city *...*....____ ... .. ...--. II ............. by w..... IC_ rious wpck report.
Ny, teft, ..... wee .n.lee.d ..eai aehwinIn .. tayka. .... .ist4 *.*.. .f ffc. Non .* Mn. Mayor Robert King High of 10-fOUND 16
o..H c...... ....., .#. -1ttM4 fr.ew .... eaeeMl.a .... -', ..... .... ..... ... sewed Miami the newest candidate
PURCHASE ,., Pound
Claim LiberationIs /.a. A........... At 5... r>*M b CnwTt totlxf, Hwry Coal l, .*. saved .* mrf* at A...,.. reported 11,602 in gifts and mvpendmg. t
MMrn.. UU to 1141. CLHer Ibsen ey C.e.lll.Corneal High named David 100 POUND BAG $13.00
Stusen of HiaJeab. hU campaign
Not Distant' treaaurcr.lb I
1st Auburndale Mayor sold RepnbBcaa eanffl- ACE HARDWARE '
data for governor KM Folks I
MIAMI (AP-An tn&Castrc, Army that M expects Important -. of Orlando, showed M new SOUTMGAT1RonIHO UK1n
organization headed by Manuel 1 I news this month. gifts nor spending j
ArUme, 1961 Bay of Pigs Invasion Pedro Encmosa, public Info Under New Government Form Secretary of State Tom
leader said today It fa: nation officer of the veterans listed total cunlributiiNi Ada""f'
sending the Cuban people "the, group said Oliva. wrote that the Kt and spending of $ Need Cad T* fay liffif
daunt" role of future of brigade ,chiding I f 100 gift from Clem
to activities ;
that not
promise victory
It tmexptrtd of the ofMrt. under the old
portion term people mayorcitycouncil '
Williamson of Macdenny, in his
members serving in the '
Cesar Biro second bi command U.S. Army Is to be clarified.Encinosa (Buddy) Cornea last night became . Oveda Caldwell Fatem, form of governmentThe ,campaign for re-election. MmC) wrnII

of the group Revolution" reported that "if this city* first mayor tin who resigned! In December when" way Florida for the legislature city to make pavedthe thechange Cabinet officers report their t 1N Met T. s..
ary Recovery Movement (MRR) thereabout I* no affirmative news. der hi new city manager oOIft- she married and moved from to a city rnaagercommtasion Runes 1ftOIIIhI1 AT
who reported this, added "Whive help for liberation of minion form of govef ninenC Auburndale and appointed government.Other .
Cuba, he (Olin) and the other Cornea: City Manager Brace Canon,
found the needed support"Bara was elected by the members of the .OWlH.B4irfslriIitffr. m ACCEPTANCECORPORATION
City Attorney Mason Vines, and
said MRR "pone eI member of the brigade H the onantmou vote of Iris fellow
Cuba O& Army will ask their re members CM the nmll members of various city boards missioB who were sworn M last note loud
the means to carry to a city uu Jack L
and a.mmittfJet.C'.ornHI night were Tamer Wit-
freedom war ta 1964.- dial atop Previously the city was Ham Bill Cribb and C It of
tell. go to Washington to governed by a council and a to president of the ASTHMAitUtkl tCpw.r
Units Repeetel seek M answer, R was reported mayor, all elected directly by First Federal Savings and Loan (Split) Spivey. tart a (Ow tow Percent _
There lint bed reports f&tt The veteran asaodattea also the voters of the cfty. Association of Auburndale and cwt as cwt a cart tta"M
MRR hu misery units based plan* to send a delegation to owner of the Aobnrndata Lumber SAFE FLIGHT Ml |>Utrrti l fwkr r w! f..M _
somewhere M c.tIttaI Ammea Washmgon Encinoss said, to Eatery Appebsed Co. Hi father Harry Person traveling In M airplane --------.fa. a.oo car H007C I1MJS IliOr
I. another oVrtopflWflt, Lain* Mfsue the matter I !. other action at last night' mat,who wa mayor of have only I minor danger .... ... tot n n oeh hear nopir porlOAMt
Ito Oltva, second! M mtttary OHvs and some 91 ether officers reorganfeatios meeting of the dale from 1942 to INS ..Cor-I from iightamg. Although }LMhreee"cow .4....r.. M......a....r...., MM ( ._._ lid
command of the Invasion brigade of the tnvasMi brigade: vty jwcrwuj hosed, Walter hand to set him Uk the many. aircraft are hit, the plane _..Nrear all,...,M 0.s.MM mom.. .N.i e..eM p.Lb. .'- M OTMtl AMOUNT*OS roe OTMtl -7M taK M R an temanoae*tmIMTsnvict r
Informed the Bay of Piveteran have bee training at Ft. ban Kersey. owner of the Kersey of office serve M a lightning rod that =:\.c............fir.. 4 ere icon Mt cuwaeawt
Association from FtBetming. Hftf store fQNt9fntft fyV*. .1 F1IfIetaI Home, waappol ted Corneal succeed Fred Jones, deflects, rather lhaa absorb : R or... I 117 ft. TtMNCSttt, UmAND MU 2-314
Ga.. where he"a'' AftHnc to not connected with to die commlMhm to serve the who was elected mayor by the the electrical charge.
second lieutenant to the UJ. 1M wwraM asociltiea. I

I Bids To Be Opened Today! There are 30 Pontiacs inWide-TrackTown ; I

On Huge NASA Building ,I I ,

.Idea for the ins 1ft" 1M
wet due phaae of OK vertical aaaera-
become the balding for Satan rackets
biMttig- ApoBo *pac craft at Cap .
ambitious air
.*. to the ... COMI'MU for a total of
The U S. mtdln ...., lave ...
guscn ..,.. for with oa the lies
Yht this ... nn buaduhg. wok a 0 It
...s II h prognM.14rwdwn h d

Tap ........

Ruby raid a.nic ,. wail have
m4atoa AWe feet of apscy-
Not ... than the n .... hbk ?
to the Pfougos, wtkittj" H
world largest office bufld .

In g.1h* vmiral aaaemMy buttd -- '1.

will, mat rival the M M of .! -IIOM\\ .
DALLAS ( York' tattnat nkyacratxra. .
Itewy Us Ill fart writ, maia K Uw
lengthy not K buAfeng M th* bulb
vwucaiii n United Staten
lUrvty maay a* four rotten wUk
dears of alt could N Routed la
Jack Ruby buildsej, Did you say you wanted aconvertible Did you ay you wanted a
'.'. of Instead Aena seka
ha rtwvtd Space Mmimmota's
itm repon '" Cos***** 9*. the vrrurat with Wide-Track and that with Wide-Track
J..* Curry timMtag. sill. be anIs -
of die 34- e4 tarn bunt pad by Pontiac kind of performance? and pure Pontiac style
MMW of tmnt"l. j ftf un kr way atM
Curry alo CM JON.. roci. coda (W V* pot sat*K.r. models to cteota bawl fNI'wt pot ton dilbmd l models to chooacwonO
of die dry aft can be IMW4.
a manila ,
television White "' Jury

forward aid

data as Info .. -----
through the :
ordered aa
Umuo how ' Bombing
*4 a
slipped into .
.d & \. Ala. (AP) -
'" acMaat f*. Aiaham*
Ne .....! Cuardtaaea dwaod
Tvf Just h setting off uptotMB* near
report" recently iawgrated IMivery i
me tome of Alabama will lit pre-
formed to the Tuscatooaa Coun-
collusion crud Jury
member of t Solicitor Fred Nicol
men, M n' Monday might that the
The jury faces a heavy ages .
volume of and be dtd not know wheth
evidence: the DOMttMf eases would ; 1964-= -
could use in up today or Wednesday -
al The Nwol said that ha expects the
tawed to report to Circuit Judge
uments *% H. Wright by law Thurs
ry to y. He expressed conf dence
feet at the Jury will return iadicuncau

against the 'we.NODI Did you say you wanted a Did you say you wanted a

Negro Youth Injured coupe station wagon
They are accused of taking
part in three mid-November expiations with Wide-Track and with WideTrackand

Injured When which rocked the campus lots and lots of ?
near the dormitory housing typical Pontiac trade-In value? space

Struck By Car Negro No one student wa hurt Vivian Matooe (We've got five different models to choose bonv) We've pot live different model to choose from.)

I The entire Alabama National
BARTOW-A two-year-old Negro Guard was federalized by President -
boy waa listed In fair condition Kennedy last June when I
today at Bartow Memorial Gov. George Wallace defied
Hospital where he was being; federal court orders that Mist Choose your Wide-Track performer at your local Pontiac dealersHE
treated for injuries received Malone and Negro James A.
when be was struck by a car'Hood be admitted to the univeruty. HAS A WIDE CHOICE OF GOOD USED CARS. TOO
late yesterday afternoon. .
Bartow police officers Hid At the time of the explosions
Martin Robert Austin son of only a task force remained on
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Austin, 388 guard duty. This task force was
Sin Ave Bartow. apparently deactivated Nov. 20, a day after
ran Into the path of the car driven by Ira Benjamin Phillips Charged in the Tuscalooaa explosions KERLEY PONTIAC CO.
64, 301 E. Patterson St, are Sgt William E.
LakelaDd. Roughton. Cpl. James T. Max-
weU. Sgt Norman R. Daniel, U. S. Hwy. #92 and E. Rose St. Tel: 682.5125 Lakeland, Ffe.GE .
The reign of Peter the Greatis Sgt Charles HuHtfield. and Lt
known as the "Goldeu Age" James T Perkins. All are free
in Russian hiitor), on Ji.080 bonds. I


--- ., . -- . . .

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Title: Lakeland Ledger
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Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Publisher: The Ledger Pub. Co.
Place of Publication: Lakeland, Fla.
Publication Date: January 7, 1964
Spatial Coverage: United States -- Florida -- Polk -- Lakeland
Coordinates: 28.041111 x -81.958889 ( Place of Publication )
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... '-- ". T .- .. "'; ...-.. ,. .
; ""H.
"! ..... ., ; .



Partly FORECAST cloudy and: mild, LAKELAND LEDGER *

tomorrow with considerable* tog early (


a v.

An Exclusive Interview By The Ledger *

Holland Says. Johnson To Win Full Term ., Carry. FlonBy a'

WILLIAM D. SHILLING will defeat Sen. Barry Gold- la answer to ft question on heads of foreign nations since will receive strong election fan Just as I was warmly ta :

Ledger Staff Writer water, of Arizona j former whether he believed President taking over the reins from support from the voters In the his corner ta 1960." 4

BART OW-U.S. Sen. Spear Vice President Richard Nixon, Johnson would be the winner President Kennedy ta a "won Industrial areas and metropolitan As far as Florida b con-

and L Holland predict the of New Yort; Cor. William in the presidential election this derful transition" and be aided center: of the north cerned. the Bartow statesman :
U confident the state will re
election of President Lyndon Scranton, of Pennsylvania s or tall the veteran senator from : and east. turn to the Democratic side In J
B. Johnson to a full terra as whomever the Republicans Polk County laid "He has followed through "I believe President Johnson the national election with
the nation's chief executive: In nominate for the presidency. 1 certainly do. With his with this Impression In the win get strong support ta Johnson as the party's candi
the general election In Novena Victory: for Johnson win be experience and background, United States and In his contacts the northern ctties: he said date
ber, made only m little more difficult and one way he has taken over with the Congress "He I* not a so<:alled typical "It will be easier In Florida
The un Texan WIlt carry should Arty Gen. Robert since the assassination of The senator did not predict Southern Democrat He is not with Johnson" to said, "than
Florida against any GOP opponent Kennedy, of Massachusetts; President Kennedy). I think that the President win carry an all-out Northern DemocratHe It was ta I960 when I Introduced
the Senator said fai an or V.S. Sen. Hubert Humph that he Is the favorite m No an of the South ta the general is Johnson" him as a presidential
exclusive interview with The rey, of Minnesota, be nominated vember" election,but more of the South Holland said he hoped that candidate at Orlando."I .
Ledger before returning to as his vice presidential Holland Mid that President than sine the first Eisenhower events of upcoming months think that an Florida
Washington. running.mate, Sea. Holland Johnson has already made a race. will "enable me to be warm-
I STEWARD HOLLAND Holland said that Johnson said. tremendous impression on the Ha forecast that the Texas It.III Johnson' comet this J(Tan 14 Page 2, Cotarat JJ
: .

h County Refuses Lower


Liquor Distance Rules

--- --

McCutcheon '

2nd SessionOf ..........
4. r.
New Board


Congress t oA Chairman

,1 BARTOW-The Board of Gum
Under Way ty CommlMlonera today agile.

: refused a request by restaurant
owners from Cypress Gardens
r 4 WASHINGTON (AP) The L r Road near Winter listen who

lath Congress opened. to setaftdsesilna are ink :,* thai _
today wider Ito nwlU- : the Cat--segea

pta. pressures of a campaijcasr : +et+nnls 5. ..
>. a new admiMstreuoaMflkmg twins. _4 ':!"
; t, out oa tw pa.... and meats .:.1ftJ
tires a movMaMMM batting of vs.reiahed '
; liquor aidckwrchee
....... ,. , .I ..i\:\ 7 ;J ,; or

A few hours More the pre ''' ;,;'! J fI.'. acknds be bw.ord. -
eta banged M CM House and .j .

M Senate cfcajatan, PmtdectJobatoa .. Robert U
Mend one
wet jwrr wtth Draws _
..... .. emir IraderrTroM Ito Capital Oiartes I'Kkrefitment 'j
.. ..
--- '" - kM prat .... Of fto ..... UN* nea McC1JTaroH
eae a aeaa.im>cataBa to tea ers, aid they
oVftver la person at a Jowl eat- wove asked ta DIN! before the
from TV Commercials To The Met anon at ante ftedneaday, Musty cmmmiaslonera by Rics

The dolls were Bars and "..una. Sun beverage Director.
Mwy. c.-. w4. Ivu '-- ,- S. Me p.w. eta ......... elnM1.e ---. mouthed na tfrtaOs after cheer .
swan at .*.. ,**.. Meesgsua O**. HMM la ___ *t VM.MM to V.. Via L.e ,...... psuI. weekly br*kfsf **.ttaa at Hit Latter T. Re A4.
W Mrs d.t a cwt 1Iit'ot. n. --., Taas ell went toe _....... ........ a..w..hoe White hoses, M agreed the Whose Viewpoint?
.. ant a Jwh ..., stew Se ..... .._. JM tae rnq Vlsouw N -4.'. ...... Op. manage M *>M *lMM" and "Keating has reongnUad ttoInooulUes .
*. HMM to IMX. I*. .....4.d ks .h.d to IM A..lw, wbw kw as.ay.sd to ItSo. ..4Uw .>*.. 10 ito pats," Manse GH. Gap ......, d MIklpa" MN. seine w4nh ks. 'swy Gshd.n.r.i guts .a p.ntwrd of our particular Muaooa.
.*....< UOA. SAP w........... Speaker Jflka W, MtOtmarkiof .........., .... Ne pa'sss ............. h.is.e O.M.ua.Ip. -4 at a 1100 a**. '-4...dBqd..u LaMand aaid. "Ue j
may have to go out of butiamu.We .
MattaekuwHS Mid. to make Is Grand .sM .lass atskaAP Wsyiuel
are only asking for gin right
Idle Amertraa petite wM repood -_ I "
to ramprta.'
Bride LeapsTo New Crisis LoomsIn must favorably. Goldwater Of Soviet At die request. of 0-......
AUld Poverty Easing er L W. risen Park said. to

Her Death There was tolerated specula. ril have Keating to write asetter
Calls Johnson
Rail Rules Row the feat ito message HU maUM puiaunc out the "..> .
.... "
proposals Per a maayproaged Curbs On Tourists .. .. j
From Hotel attack oa povihrougaj New DealerGRAND Eartwr ta tto 1Mf4.... WO-
WASHINGTON) After eke with the railroads. sad five specttkeed e4uc.... over G. MiCutohceo. of Winter

a tw-sMMh coutag off period operating brotkarkouds and CI*kr measure The new" Havrn was eJorted to putt d
CHATTANOGA. Ud la a RAPIDS, Mtt* CAPtea. ) Demanded
Jealous rage, a young bnde and farced aMUeateat of t.o to Were. met late Monday ..er.1&roadI clad executive pMt4 bee lUrry GoU...,. key By U. S. die Fto/d ComnHuion.Alan Woods aa. chairman of
representatives, Ikea eel during his workendi4ayChncuaaa
leaped ta her death tons a sues lbs railroad work rakeInpute .
third lour hotel wands tad tto unions, and. finally, with bukaey ia Te.a. to auUa( INS bide tit White I Trash of Fort Meade was J
MOSCOW (API Americannegotiators gaaiMUMi and private ftrma
be beaded
late appears to both odes Later to einUttkat d. gave tog pearly lo a dIM la Haute kas called Pre. deatJokaaaa named to succeed McCutrbcua j
a*a I o w a Ckauaaonca Inc another erica late next today demanded aa tad individuals ia die Uaued
the talks tented on that dreouwSonata New as vie* chairman.
her hus a Deafer who
yesterdaydefying ....... bates under hints Department
band's effort to catca her oa Secretary of Labor W. W4- "making the brat vie of the DcaMKTeuc Leader elks hit a cuatervauva and.ere eating of Soviet reetratiuM ontto control I Woods twined tto meeting be.
lot below tuna that lies ahead of us" Mike Mansfield of Montana tatdaewtme flow of tourists and tafor- cauta of tttaess. anal. the traoVliaaal
the parking the .
lard Wtrtt conceded much
as piccraaulakemed Aa American taU
On Feb. M a congretunnaideadline at Ito Wane. Novas matins across the Iron Curtain spukeMtaa ......... of the No 1
Mrs Edward L Lorkmaa. Monday when to announced: Iran Prasst Jkn newsmen die
proviua was contained
,eMtiemew of ttoocalle4 that the mesitage H "quite .
21, died early today-about that I the federal government secondary mue-u- the post ia ike Interest of UMAmencaa F. Keaaedy'I Tto AvtonuUeaUy worded H die old agreement he graved seat gavel week was postponed until -1
II hours after her leap-of mce again is stepping ia to try sues not. settled last November pecfte duaueantebv aat awacw so do ioaisads were aukoMiied by added that die Sun Department
skull fracture She mediate. the ta retire the U.K Amhasiadnr D. Balk McOrtrbeon and Trash
multiple u depots now arhMrattoa ." lay PUIMT Pfa Fey Kuhler due ant regard atxaiki
married last 1 toLockam. j wy compulaory tpe of she Uad tastes laIke mdicaud they are proud of thewnmiitiau'a
was Sept. wit free yean old. nuts out and a aaiMo.'ide rai The Novas had befcr M a leery at the opening of ngestaime Soviet occur oraaaqattHna" as
31, and the ceupte Warp Assistant Secretary of strike could twilL Senate-pane. Ml M reaaiM principles which bees mad far a two-year extremes private groups because they are aocamptahmenuounng
lived la the Hamittoa Hotel Labor James J. Reynolds and The issues involved w die the Mtnaal cutwral cater la tkw eatsmake great and .WdI caa of this US.-SOVM cultural exchange under strict government con W6J. They cued the
City detectives maid this Chairman Franco A. O'Nefl Jr. current aegouauons include honor of the late HIlt F. Ke. k ......,." the Amooa program. I rural roads marking project,
trolKcMer school safely and the field
tory of the Natloaal Mediation senator declared Monday night Russian counter demands complained that theexisting signs
The young womaa flew iota Board meet today ta dosed era (Turn ta Page J. Caluma 4) Tura to Page 2. Column 4) w ta first adeVesa u a cudiP'ftII were stated by Sergei K. Romanovtky agreement "is limited uf shim mental the improvements health aa areas should ta

a rage when Lockmaa spoke date for the Republican. head of the state w scope and movements and Donunue to to made ta IK4UMond .
to a former girt friend ia a deabal noaMaaUon.GeMwatcr onmnmtea for cultural relations has dehnua skorteomiags I
and Peck
restaurant slapping Lockman.Lockmaa. . .. laid to thinks ke,' with foreign countries "We believe fundameaUUy
.. .r.1" ;: << ; to the board to establish "spot II
has tM of the CM
ia turn slapped his ;fir .xi'- .., :,iM'I 1" Romanovsky opposed a provision that a broad flow of mforma' laawg" far their area but they
late vow it would take toWM
wife and she fled crashing: a ,. ", ..) w M tto American draft oftto tins and a 'Yo -way t excftane were told by County Attorney
through the plate glass door : aw top spot oa the GOtiokM 1SWJ agreement placwg. of persons contribute to mutual
of the cafeLockman ... veattua at MM die Sea July Francisco con all contacts between Soviet or- understanding." to connaued (Turn to Page J. Cokuna f) I

descrbwg ha 1 $ f. Goldwater made his test 1
: ,
wife as "a jealous woman. . IL "
told officer she began throwing .; campauja speed at a ."_- Man, 31, Is Sought, Too
clathta: out of their bout plate uodraiuag dinner ktch
window to a parking lot below originally was scheduled Nov.
As be went to the parking U the day after President Police Hunt Lakeland Girl 16

area to get her clothes (Turn to Page X Column S) ,
she stood oa the window sit .

"Ed"I tried I'm to gonna eaten jump.1 her," Lock- 'R- cgautanE lJan_ .liet.rteat Armour Buys Said Missing Since Nov. 5

nun said "But she went U- Land
through my arms. hit

: For $185,000BARTOW By TOM HUGHES rant for his arrest has been on the night of Nov. S Shenever
Ledger Staff WriterA signed Wallace said, cbarging returned.
-Armour and Co. It-year-old Lakeland girl bun wuh contributing to The last word anyone has
INSIOIT00AY has purchased IWO tracts of missing since Nov. S. 1963, and the delinquency of a minor had from them came through
ems- land near Bartow for its mining a 31.year-old Lakeland man the Orlando Police Department
operation, at a cost of with whom she was last seen which reported Wastes
Page early SIU.MO. have become the objects of an had looked for work there oa
Amusements 10 One tract. located near U.S. intensive search throughout Dec: IS It was not known

Bridge ........... S Highway M north of BartdW, Florida whether the girl was with him
was purchased from Donald Sgi Harry L Wallace at the time officers said
Comics 16-11 S. McLean. Polk cattleman.The Juvenile officer at the Lakeland Miss Reagan had been employed

Classified .......IMS tract totals about 198 Police Department identified in Lakeland as a waitress
Crossword Puule .. 11 acres and according: to clerks the girt as Linda Reagan Wasden was employedby

Deaths .. ...........- 2 ia the county: office, taxsump daughter of Mrs. Jack A a service station U a mechanic
on the deed indicatea Thompson of 1101 Omohundro
Dear AbbyEditorial .....,.._.. 11 Over Easy sale price of S146.66. Ave. :\ \ n
....... Police said that when last
.-- <4< The second tract located The man was identified as
J. Lowman ...-_.. > Wits weik.s. easel is w.s.e the ant. f_ the Wiuu Mira Hawed J.h.sa ....._... south of the city includes Ronnie Lee Wasden. who, police 1 'D.W.SDEN seen in Lakeland. Wasden was

Eadio TV............. 11 wkkh else.riuwlq..u ekes they "*....4 M c aw 4ew. The .ipt of .... ales twpld about 24 acres sad accordingto : say was married but reportedly driving a station 1961 light green bearing
Hut w>.*..... a mck>.rp. track. TU track sus. any ......." ...sW. a.* th. Lida .M sra*. the tax stamps, was pur- separated from his The disappearance of the Rambler wagon
.. .._..... I 1963 Florida license plates
Sports busily d.uny.d. *_MWM ..*. A U.vy- ..tT racktf Belted the track .hw ahn .. UM. I. I. chased for SJ7.T77 the clerks wife at the time of the incident girl and the man was report.
Weather .............. : f-itmn. sew *f .... t*.pvr Ie which. *. rawww .M bc.lW. amid his .....>4 J"'IMWI reported. The seller of the He was believed to have ed to police by Mrs. Thompson -KW5.Wallets. Hid Ms Reagan. ..
Women's .. ..... 6-7-8 c..... IW .u w..w ill ..... .. ski I.iidi.g. mated at .... MMMMC tiN .l U. S. H.|....j U ..4Orrattl property was Mr. and Mrs, been living with a relative in who said her daughterhad I
H.wd.4 ....Ie..4. tL.da.r ,..... /y H. E. Twomey. Winter Haven. A county: war- gone to a drive-in movie (Turn to Page 2, Column I)







LAKELAND LEDGER, Tuesday. Ian. 7, 1K4
s ifi 1 OMM ifs" H.tir It>Y/gt1f3R if lltti GAC Studies Proposal,

State Cabinet Releases 110 STOCK I ActFrank

I To Change Marketing

$2,209,884 For Schools MARKETNEW

Seymour, manager ofGrower' get their sugar only from orange

Administrative Committee solids and not by adding ordinary .
TALLAHASSEE (AP) The The money was authorized after YORK AP-The stock
this morning recommended sugar to tMIfo' roduct. asK
Cabinet voted today without dissent the Department of Education
pursued an uneven the committee Investigate Is feared a federal standard
to release $2J09S84 to hire recalculated the average daily course early this afternoon after the possibility of amendingthe would allow.After .
more teachers and attendance during the first two I four straight sessions of ad
pay expenses Marketing Agreement Act Marvin' McNatr, secretary
of an unexpected Increase . months of the school year and I vance. Trading was active. to give GAC power to regulate for Florida Citrus Commit.
hi school attendance. found It higher than the previous Changes of most key stocks
school Th>lZ oranges for processing ai wen stun, advised Growers Administrative
The money came from the year.Schools a0 5hoi..e.r.1 were small.Most at fresh fruit movement Committee such an act
minimum foundation program and junior colleges steels and motors were would be' "a little premature
offered his
for least minimum with 8 per cent or more Increase narrowly higher on balance Seymour propoaal
designed to pay at u the possible solution to the GAC voted that Seymour should
were authorized the additional .
standards for schooli, Tobaccos were tower apparently
funds.The. threatened Imposition of a federal further Investigate the powiM
from kindergarten to Junior In view of the government report
standard on frozen orangeconcentrate tty of amending the Ad and prepare
counties $1,421,2
college sharing on smoking and health due
a regulation the a report for the GAC*
included Col
Brevard Broward
Today's release was 70 per Saturday. Florida Citrus Commission Is next meeting In two weeks.
cent of the amount approved tier, Monroe St LucIe.I bQ ,t Aluminums rose in a partial Ia other action at Its
now appealing."If meeting
Dec. 17 for public schools In 23 I Junior colleges sharing $788 !'r" T.es wr,. '! O' f e d follow-through on the recent Growers Administrative Com
660 were Gulf Coast Rosenwak. we were to succeed In
counties and for It col strength of nonferrous metals
Junior 0.4 H/ise4. a.,41 left New.iK mitten acting on advice of Ship
leges. Each unit will receive the. Brevard County Broward County taa.d Pr.s41 .Iwhi while coppers: and others In amending the Marketing Agreement -
Act to include for pets .Advisory Committee ret
Dade County. Washington orange
first of three monthly payments the group turned Irregular. '
mended the
could om to Department
processing we regulatehe
County. Jackson County North
Florida Suwannee River Manatee WEATHER rORICAST... h ff ctf T.....r sight ** HM Mftkora o4 c..fT.l ,...... The business remained news background grower on Ming additives" of Agriculture'

Now Many Wear County Central Florida, ......... ", ,...,, HM <.- fUtn sad kits His ."*, Mississippi .on.y ..4 .".tt take rtflM. ascribed good.to Sometesitancy President Seymour said. Release of tangerines of tat

Palm Beach County, St Petersburg . Ou.ils.l Mitt la .pecte4 In tin Pacific ae.......( .... T.._ ..n., sad tM4. It wlH its Johnson's was State of the UnIon He said SOCQ a step would Insure 241, grade No. 2 russet and bet

FALSE TEETHWith Gibbs, St Johns River. Indian .*.... sror ease .* riM t4Mi etc** for tin Ohto ..< TtmwmM ..I..,. aid .... .... Gelf nett. address scheduled for Florida control: of Its concentrate ter for shipment for the next

Her Comfort River Lincoln. Dayton, Af Wlr p(..*. M.,* .. Wednesday. production even If the month-which means ta aO probability
- - Commission lost Its to the end of the tangent
Beach and Voluila' County.In keep:
i i--
Several issues which scored
PA5Ttnf II 11'.lbl. ... .
i K+a-.Saes poa.r. haKH 1mH ta5ta other action, the Cabinet I rig pins recently were downto standard-setting on concentrate season.Release
r,mf firmly T...t >n< alt n UN** released 1975,000 In Florid Weal!iercasl Police Hunt losses. within the state of white and pink *
'or.-- upmkM a ltt.r pAMMats 2nd SessionOf steep seedless grapefruits of site II)
He said such an ,
TKsrni cm virtr MAI"** tfo tmniryran horse racing promotion trust The Associated Press
?. ffKtt. or .tIP1U1t1. Cbr*. funds to return to the track I Partly cloudy: skies and mild I averaged if It succeeded would accomplish to a box and larger for the next
oe." testes, hr..ta/. 0.1 SO storks at noon was ..2It
tAatTrrit i..p .... __. for raising: purses and prizes a.I temperatures were forecast for I Missing JM.I with Industrials J two objectives. It would: two weeks

_. ;.ncentive to racers and bettors. the Lakeland area through tomorrow rail off .I and utilities up J -Permit the Florida citrus: -continuance of current regslatkms "
y with considerable fog up industry to retain control: of on white and pmk seeded
likely early tomorrow, weathermen Congress Girl ManContinued The Dow Jones Industrial Bits changes In concentrate: grapefruit for the nest two
average at noon was up (7 at '
tald today. production. and continuance: for the
iifllri Light variable winds will blow ( From Page One) am.tIalnlln both averages -Regulate the me of additives ,next four weeks, current: shipping -
at less than S miles an hour tonight ia concentrate and make sure. regulations m oranges,

becoming northerly at I Ito Under Way is 4 feet 3. Ill pounds with put closing them highs ahead posted of Die Monday historic said Seymour growers would Temple: oranges and ""1'101.

hour black, hair.
/ 14 miles an tomorrow. shoulder-length and Friday.
win de- She has brown fair com
High humidity tonight eyes
Among actively traded issues,
crease tomorrow. I plexion and looks older than Polk Man Withdraws
Continued From Page One) her profit taking continued: heavy
The maximum temperature age ill G.D. Sane, dowa more than I
sow OMIT here yesterday was 71 degrees, nedy and provide some federal Wasden was described as a point, and Dymo Industries
the minimum this morning was financing for It. The Senate had being 5 feet g. Itt pounds down about 2. His Bid For New Trial

64 degrees, and rainfall at the no major business scheduled. I with black hair. He has a fair Superior Oil showed a rebound

city hall weather station at 10 In his personally delivered complexion, haul eyes and of >S points from Mon-

;) o'clock this morning had totaled message Wednesday. Johnson medium build. Wasdcn also day' 30 point toss. BARTOW A ")'tlr-dcl A -'entering Two of the sentencnwere

770 J M of an Inch. Is expected to expand on a has a tattoo on his right arm. A possible return of the little bumdale man, who filed a motion set to run consecutive hand
theme he has been preaching Anyone having teen either fellow"* Ute remaining three wen
to the market wai asking that a pr1Ioa'ttftCe aen-
for that the nation of the subjects should call the let to rws concufi ecitly. making
1 t years" cannot reflected by the dally report m' Imposed against Bun be
1 Lakeland Police
TemperaturesRain Departmentat
for a total sentence of
afford to "surrender to poe odd lot tea
dealings, showing thaijurcffiases
MU 2-71.1 the Bartow set aside withdrew the motion
30-0AY !erty" Just to "serve the ends of or of years.Conrad's.
secuvMlei Isi lot
7-Osmond Bridal let btllriantty - MEET rime"s n. 4 t*?IOWS ;. political bookkeeping |I Sheriffs,,,(., MU M2U. of less than 100 shares BOD: this morning during a hearing motion charged Max

fR1ARAfmr at the Criminal Court. on Nov. 2t. IK1 he "..... to
rstfisnt to modem U'K 1 A former school teacher, Johnson have outnumbered' sales fat
Za f M. s/ has laid heavy stress on GoldwaterCalls three straight sessions. Except Harold rrea Conrad, ia MS carcerated' and arrested with.

gold mounts NO MONty DOWN y i/IM. Oyb + Mucattoa for the tmskffled and l for' the few days immediately motion, stated that ha "wascoefcedl out a warrant; was held la solitary
'those with skffls outdated by before and after President Kennedy confinement for a period u
'Total weight Cenrenoent weekly fit fIIOf6tr ptymtntI 1t automation who are he said Johnson *. assassination, odd lot Into confessing I h. three days and was denied.. be:>
w crimes with which he was aubeouefiily and counsel.
thus "confined ta sold
an airtight ten more than they bought
0 M M0ta. case of poverty" all through IN). charged by promises He also charged that at h,

r Johnson has given every sign New Dealer Prices on the American Stork from the Investigating officers arraignment oa Dec. XI he was

that he Witt back W the Mt Exchange moved Irregularly hat ha would be gives probation denied "services of a public deb

R proposals Kennedy made for an (Continued From Page One) higher ta fairly active: trading at he should so confess ,* fender because he was not fully

N-tsa.NW III billion ta* cut enactment Corporate bonds were noar- Conrad's attorney. Jack Cdmonds. cngniufil of the Rwaaanft of a>,
nedy was assassinated m Dallas term and for ream that tht
mixed. short
of wly U.S. government following a mess.satd .
"MIU sew a crrU rights legislative program
ia iof tti suet ; Tex.
defendant had ben assured Uprobstloa
and for action oa bonds were mostly unchanged the defendant was la error
for the financed ht.1t'1! He got a pahu reception' m a and asked the motion to be ttpoa a plea of tuSty.
care elderly
Said'Wonderful' half-empty halt Loral Republicans withdrawS. Criminal C a a f I Conrad was arrested Nov 27
101 L MAIN ST. OrtN MOIL & FIL tVtNINCf TILL 9 through r.Soda Security takesNew explained they admitted Judge Roy IL AraUoa mated. I IKS ta comtrcUoa wmh the anvestigatioa

only party contributors Miso New York the request by denying the moon. Into a aeries Mbreaktoe
......M tkkets They said Iff (AP) Sighs; IntNkt 7ANisasal / around Avbursdale

Crisis were sold.Goldwater. 16 lot Pap JJ% Eloise and winner Have.
Conrad asked for the dismissal

For Citrus Prtttimt Johnsea Mid he but respects considers AnuUcUa Atom Jones aL7tlUtserAl XVI 1 of five cMS-year wotawa.dash .
out U him DM. 91 for
Looms In him "first of an today aleader Am Bra f I kxwwoolt 75 ViLi five charges of oa breaking andKelly's Albert Key Said
''i AmhiPar lM nLotUir
bound by the cesmumitmeats 214 !
Rats that fell teraHy across
Polk County last night wsswonderful Rail; Dispute of his party. And la that AmCaa 48% 3a!' RecoveringIn

fur ciI"..,." Warren role I shall and tfo expose himao Am4aa LorIIardNIIftI'O 41V Formal
0. Johnson meteoroh lst- in all the surivxt I cast gather AmMet 1 41%: Gainesville
Continued From One For his AT&T 1 Mill Icon 1(7MMAM
charge of the U. S. Weather ( Page ) party Is wrong AnnouncementComing

q ; ''' : '' ij Bungs here said this morning such loptcs as wags structure.to "Tl Ms>e President inheritance will from expound hit Am AmpenCp Td, 2I l.% Manas H 12V%: Albert Key, ese ease \'b.

(" j Johnson said the rstnfai road and yard Jobs wterdiviftiona iretfemeor's administration." Aaacnad 4 Manias U Saturday pna ben of Peoples Bank fLakelsnd

ranged from ihrequanert dan rums, use U self Gotdwaier said "These Inherited r 44 Mont War 341All. is wen oa his way lorecovertA
leech ta some areas la an inch iroprtted equipment, stighl shift N State Sen. Scott Kelly said 1 from taJuriM auf
"" ,ia others. I differe ..... holiday pay and hi cannot proposals,. td-or he must even not ma and. Bahrurk 15 Nat Dairy Wet 2JHNoAmAv ,I today he .'OI make of his the formal fend ta a Dec 14th arcUeM tawhick
This hao't so far this Kpeflsrs away from homeWlm uriaWy revise I Bah 5x1 4'?4Ol ''for candidacy his wife and s oiher4Uw .

winter for Pe'Ire.... Hedged Thee cannot be listed Boeing .. Math 4lHPenney conference governor ia during Sarasota a press! were kHUd. a apukasnuaat

: I. cttrus." Johnson said. "It keeps among President Johnson's assets Borden 11>)G .'"<: the University lluktwal .uGaineavila
,.... the trees ta a good healthy eon h4e d oa any prediction ," Goldwster said Theyare CaurtTr 4sa0 Pa RR 17PepCola daysKelly le"'l said this morning.
has called
that could be a
\ dabs and, as we have had somuch reached an and agreement said he hadn'ttailed his Ita bitt.....' I CManw Ii iPM *\, ferrnc for 2 Saturday Speculating oa whra Key M
cool weather this winter! eipactsd to la Uket4
The Aritona conitrvaUvt,CMrysi.r all; Mar 74 return
a st has kept the fret healthy, to the neemialora about said Johnaun himself "Knows .Gala 11 PM Pet 41 the Aivre Tida Hotel oa Saraseta's -the spuk*..maa aid "It shouldbe
how much had Lido Uach lilt I announcement
1 without promoting any additional progress they thai Cam Ed 5y. RCA HHf ta a couple of days *'e will
Republican ays are the' I
win be made
made at a
** ia their weeks of bar
new growth j I ...ays to Inspire Americana today 'Can Fits 5s14 Rep Swcl 42V I time Mica most of Florida's know more tomorrow after nm-
Johnson said this morning the geintnj! Conitaa 41 Revlon 21'V, sing a series of tests on Krv
political writers and newscast
rail Is about over" Temperatures There were strong indications Ona71 Rey Tub 4244 today"
0 "Just -Even a-bile he tails his staff I ere are attending the Suth Annual '
last night were mostearlier from Chicago that prog Rant 51 Jtcol P J. .II
that he is frankly, a Roosevelt: Legislative Weekend ia Key Is allowed short vain
I I ly ta the Ms and Johnson forecast mess has been *hiII New Dealer he tries to sell the East Alit. 3a StabAI 4JVIT I Sarasota. from doN friend, the spukr>

cooler weather E Gilbert presioVnt of the public on the ktea that ha Is a Ga iKo 1 Sears *,,, Kelly has bren estahhihii I man aid He is ta R UM m It

Independent Brotherhood of LocoMouva contervativa." Firealease Sinclair 43 county campaign orauiu.... die hosprtaL

: rirrakea and Enginemen. GaW aurr. who today launch I Fla PL 14 Sonny W, for several mamas and has been! Tha LaUUnd man was *.

Ruth Jekaaoa Man Tells// Police told a news cenlerenrethere es his campaign in New Hampshire Ford N Sperry I oa several statewide speaking riausty ta) red when tais car

WOMM be a naUootkUe "our is the F.remD l4% SiBrandStONJ I .
says opponent lours lte... urged auracuun VlU smashed head-oa by anuther
He Pushed
Nude strike unto the railroads Frei m 35 77
** relented
Democratic r.IIOW la '
power of new industry and payrolls auto Just south of Lake G"a
on Ihetf Insictsoc on I do not believe to intra- Frs. T is Sudebakr 7'"',
: to Florida and has bee critical Dec 1C The driver of tinher
Woman To DeathNEW "
sisal he ale would mean party Wood.letting"Holland fY gam Swift 4.H
of governmental spending, calling car was charged wilts
FREE\ ORLEANS Itv-Polkw I ears wage reductions. Gea Gea Fda Eke N 5544 TWokol Texaco OJ II ,, for greater fiscal ftrIpooiI-l driving oa the wrong aide of Ihr

ia road.
S held Elmer Stoper. >>. on a Says G MilIa 40 U Cerbid 121V bully government -
murder charge today ta the McCutcheonNew Gee Mot T.yj Unit Air OV{
S&R: green death of Susie Vickers 21, Goodrich 53 Un Fruit 24

WOKSIhia what nude body was found Johnson Will ar 414 US Suel<< M
"tt 'S HOW .. ... MO apartMss Board Gr.hd 44! Uaiv Nat UKWoolwth w-.e.. >r< State Gil Oil 47i 75

W r4 Vkkera body was Carry lit Hate 55Finch .

rat tOcrth found yesterday. Officers said ChairmanContinued I IRVING RONALD TAYLOR I'[ County for die past i d

1141. X00s100 she died of a broken neck and (Continued From Page One) Irving Ronald Ta>'lor. $I, of )ears.

,00 a severed spinal cord: ( From Page One) Democrats know that George Heads the Oak Ridge Trailer Park. Survivors mdude his widow,

,00 Police said Stoper admitted (U.S. Sea. George A. Smath- died yesterday in lakeland General Mrs, Bessie Umdham; a daughter

u00 100sl00 pushing the woman out of his John Dewett that the board ban era, of Florida) and I were for HospitaL Ha was a native! Mrs. B H. Carr of Uk
,000 second: floor apartment and no such authority.Commissios Lyndon Johnson the national Lakeland of Pawtucket, RJ. and moved land; two sons M/Sgl Oarence

,not' .. ....t I she went over the balcony Chairman McCut convention: at San Francisco here three years ago. He had I W. of the U.S. Army ta Europe
.r .
5300 ....... .. ,0001M Officers said Sloper told cheon said 'by no stretch ol four made his home with Mr. and and Hugh Jacksonville: a sister
years ago.
siAwvw saitait..,eol"'.... 't ....... .... them that he. the woman and imagination can our planninjand : Holland said he believed Shrine Club Mrs. David Yates for the past I Mrs. W. J. Perkins of Lakeland -
another couple were drinking toning committee be caJlecI I 21 Mr. ; two brothers. Paul D. and
1MI +I that Johnson's personal recordas : >ears Taylor was custodian -
\ ,00..... .IM.., tilt... 1 sosW ta his apartment Sunday night a planning board. We will no) a member of the Congresswill Gene A Finch has been elected at Combee Elementary,!Claude A, both of Lakeland

?:1:"'"ne cw+ "t and when the other couple haw a planning and goosing: provide him with the president of the Lakeland School and a member of Orange I''and< sin grandchildren

left Miss Vickers refused to board" until the voters approve background for making a Shrine dub for the coming Heights Methodist Church. I 1 Service arrangement *tJ t*

leave his place and he pushed ... "harmonious approach' to year Services will be held Thursday'announced by Wells" FPIrProI

her out. Lkeaw Said Available voters with varying beliefs on Others elected at the club's morning at 10 o'clock at Gentry I I Home of Plant City,

national and international annual organUaUonal and planning -J.torriaoft Funeral Home
LaMond and Peck stated
Another one of Polk Federol'i "biHboord gtrlt" I Citrus Shipments eel their area U in danger they 01 matters. meeting were William W. Burial wilt be m the Oak Hill THORNTONMEMORIAL

"Nobody has a record in Read first vice president and Burial Park.
joins oil the rest of us ot Polk Federal in re* Tea tug uava saps-our a"t going out of business because chairman of I HOME
like the the
n. .. l Congress his membershipa
iwe.i 10 a. neon no liquor licenses were Issued ae.iI ,
. tor said. "It could be s d attendance committees, .. '" ...
minding you that NOW you get FREE J-/1 .- --- there. They indicated they be RITES FOR GUNTER INFANT
... isle 41St Yrii ltethe should be that he has a 50-50 voting record Earl Cooper, social chairmaa. \ '
1"nt rk area give a I Funeral services fur Ronald
Green Stomps when you save ot either Polk Saw special consideration because.. on Important issue. He Mel Rudy treasurer A. L Mc
.. 54U Jerome Gunter elgb -weekald;,
office T.i.a nit = UIIII.U' ,I "we are catering to the travel. was neither extremely: to the Allister secretary: Enoch H. son of Mr. and Mrs. James J.1- -
Federal :ia.... 1i. rtt." right nor to the left. Bell. president's aide and Leon 1I
l Gunter of Highland City who
Florida's senior senator R. Sikes Jr., public relations.
Both indicated they u
I po died at their home Saturday I
said he would like to Committee chairmen earned lI
lee a"middleoftheroad"
siuons to buy liquor license AMBULANCESERVICE
CATTU AUCTIONS )I were held yesterday at the
Democrat include Charles Cole house commute
from present holders of them
the Thornton
chapel of Memorial
NOW IS THE TIME TO TRANSFER : :i Trask told Peck "1 don'I nominated at the national *; Clyde Harvey, Funsters, Home with the Rev. A. M. Me !

YOUR FUNDS TO POLK FEDERAL t:0-.WOr.Ye. think 1 would ever confide,, convention: as Johnson'srunning David Price food committee; Kinky officiating
: I voting in favor of changing Uw mate in the general and George Fouts, the new Co- Burial was in Oak Hill Burial I .I f- *... e.ti

without loss of interest or dividends prUu. auwhur .am ** distance requirement just be- election. Kart Parade group Park. I ill very *,..* at the
.a .' M t I.t."'.:w, cause somebody's pocketbook w "!t U should be (Robert) Members of the Lakeland I III was and ....
t ass .... M = iNaat.waw .. affected. Kennedy if it should be (Senator Shrine Club will visit tie Tampa I

BOTH OFFICES OPEN awn., 0.15 .i slue.543.se.;.t.55. ) Humphrey. it will make Shrine Club tomorrow for I WILLIAM W. wINDHAM ; 1Wii rnmrmmI : : ;

"1.ties! 10u0-JOm.15 the task (of electing Johnson) election of officers of the Divan PLANT CITY William W.I
curl -.eM w JI.awu.t.It. POULTRY & EGGS of the Windham f0. of 50)
harder. The same is true of Egypt Temple Reservations Pennsylvania
,.u., 4 N T P.M. a Ie...<., 9 AJ4. S.4._ \ :'ayl ..... III II I 417 .. .
II Pii00.y:;'0 5t l4m4 co.W 14 lOs ut(0r Ma<. any other so-called extreme may be made by calling 1 Ave.. died last night He was N. M. Ace.LPhone
Vu TAUT iapi.-gf ,.rtrt ulM htaUiffc liberal or extreme conserva Rudy at 6SM107 The Lakeland a former resident of Lakelandand MU 6-2133
--.a 1a.a fwnai nwM MM frfct +
eM f
SAJ7KGSJ aoT ay 5,50. rive" group will meet at the Masonic, had been a resident of Hills-
Ill! ".e t.A
":"" n.l W..1 C.'... Holland was in Bartow yes Temple at 1:30 o'clock tomorrow .!
.1.51.50 : 1 wew0 to rase ia terday for few hours before night to make the to
: a trip
AN 40AM AMOOAIWN Of '" 3 00fi.0.'-Y d ,d 1IJ-: : flying back Washington for Tampa by bus. HEATH FUNERAL CHAPEL

I 9.1a"W ao.eaN. { wii icsa I the start of the second session Ate Cuii.i.aad Ck.(.l .....1 U

Ey 2600 So Placid.eiwda ... = :- aUNO e red of the 8th Congress. During the past decade an- 24 HOUR AMBULANCE SERVICE
CsUalal Carasr :':! "S I! He spent the short ChristI nual sales of pianos rose from
'Ullp Aft. Co OJe,5a ti""f0. ten n..ae... r0rted .1.-t ale. FOSTER E.
N lei .. Clam 505$ I. M'. Lb.. .00 .us.. rtMr I' mat holiday "m l\l" in Florida s 145.000 to 2U8.000. according to HEATH Funeral Director
0.s."Y ... .. C t l>: (iSaa .1u411u lb. 0. ctn., 00 ..I. 55005(00 0. Cor. Lime end
?. .Juso. lwW at 00400. aMiir at 00. t O,.th.P e5+ waa W d.tnd W.e4 1 tee'I, t a report. I Ugrahem Phone 682-0111

3 'f ,



." ,. - -. '" . r +. ... _. ..-.--. .. w



Moore Named To Head AuburndaleTo Roden Sets County TourBARTOW l SIAMESE LAKELAND CATS LEDGER, I Tuesday China I:Jan.* considered 7, MM to have* I

1 the oldest existing dYIIlzatlon.i .
A favorite with American.
Offer Land
Tax Assessor, Winter Haven, Feb. 19-11,130:
James L. Roden win set up temporary a m.-4 pm+ city halL the Slimes cat was Imported isu,000 SALES fXICUTIVf I
Bartow City CommissionBy For offices In every com- Kathleen.! Feb. U, I:30-10 a.ra. Into the United State from I AVAILAIII AT YOU rWUM .
munity In Polk County next pest office England about 1885. It had beenimported 1----

month to help homeowners, particularly Providence, Feb. 12, 10:30-11 Into England from 0...__ 0.o. e'wM... -
with homestead
RONNIE STUART AUBURNDALE-The Aobom- exemption '.m.. Clyde Bryant' Grocery Thailand (Slam) about 10 yean t..t anmess.:. .
filing. us.aev
Ledger Stan Writer dale City Commission last night The itinerary of Roden and Rockledge. Feb. 12, 11:30 earlier. I i I "v' LAg: MIM: OMIO

BARTOW Cecil Moore last ....d..y voted to offer 40 acre of land his staff a* listed by the office .m.oftOOft. 1
night wa named to head Bartow' .l77 .a 7: .t Lake Ariana a* a possible with time and place, includes: Polk City Feb. 12, 1230-1
site for the Polk County Junior Lake 2 office.Auburndale SAFE DRIVERS INSURANCE'
city commission during Alfred. Feb. I 30-11 p.m post
College. The land i* a part of banDavenport Feb. 12, 1 30m4
1964 am. city :
Too, nrnd 4n ... Im. S ....
the old Patterson Grove estate yon
Moore WM an tmanimou Feb. J, II:90 a.m. pm., city halt ,... which t. $21.00
and contain additional 40 "* MtM IMf M M W M
choice: to rucceH Dr. W. B an 12:30 p-m., city hill Habw City. Feb. 14. 10 a.m:
Geiger. who retired shortly after acre that will be available if Loughman. Feb. 3, 1:30-J:30 3 p.m., city naU '25 ti ar $2200
opening last night' meeting at the school board accept the p.m.* port office. Lakeland. Feb. 17. IS. II and ,
commission mayor Geiger and He. Eagle Lake Feb. 4. M:30a W, I 30 a.ra... p.m.. New Civic |- l
T. C. Meyer did not seek reelection The commission also amended .m., city hall. Center. eeon ..* wiH <."PmHa... w mi en..inimm.d e..nM..M.... .._ fMM.M
and were succeeded by two sections of the city al- Lake Hamilton. Feb. 4. 10- In addition, the tax assessor'! 1.*Nationwide M .d. nmMi'r General tMiVAitmMlr.Insurance*r O.MML.Co.HARVEYTs"MlfH .
DooglaiJ. Spence and Benjamin ioholic beverage ordinance. 10:30 a m., city baD office In the courthouse at Bar ,
L. Durrance 1,. Under the first amendment an Dundee. Feb. 4. 11.11:30 a.m.. tow wm be open until the April AGENCY
Lut night. Geiger was presented establishment licensed for on- city ban I deadline for Ming for home- 413 S. Florida Art. Phone MU 6-2191
'tl Feb. 4. noon-U' 30. lead and other exemption.
the traditional engraved premises CMvurnption: of liqunr :
lml... **. MU 2-5097
Roden aid.
gavel by Moore who represent nay not be located within 750 Waverly Grocery
ed last pars commission. feet a* measured by the short- Allures Feb. 4. 2230 pm. .
Other est pedestrian route of a school post office. JWJUWUiWWJWUWFPUBLIC
TReapponited or church. Previously, the din Babson Park Feb. J, '.':30a
Durrance and Spence were tance wa 500 feet m.. McCaHoter't Grocery.
won m by City Attorney A. H. Frostproof. Feb. S, 10 am'
Lane. Durrance' first action asa Sale Banned noon city hall
city commissioner wa* to The second amendment makes I Fort Meade. Feb. 5.1:342:30 NOTICE
nominate' Moore for the mayor* it illegal to operate a package pm., city halt
post, and the first act of Spence !store wtthbi 500 feet of a churchor I Bradley. Feb. I. I 30-10 a.m..
wa to nominate Nye Jordan school. post office.
for the vice mayor position. The commission also voted to I Mulberry. Feb. 1. 10:30 a....-
Afl other city officers were ban an tale of alcoholic be* noon city ban.
appointed for another year. !rage* on Bartow Street between I Medulla. Feb. 1, 1.1:30 pm,
The commission heard WB- Tampa Street and U.S. Highway Dewey Sinclair Service Station. tIl.JJ.lJL
liam Cross ask for permissionfor 92 I Highland City. Feb. I, J.Z:30 CI .I tJd. Q. ( .
the Peace River Basin Board la other action, the commis- pm., Read Sopermarket
to flood some city property with MAYOII tXCMAMCt CAVtt-i.rtt.'t ... ..,.", C.*l son voted to sponsor one even) Lake Wale. Feb., '39 a m.
a weir-type (overflow) dam and MM-, left pceseeN Dr. W. B. C.lt.T( ... .......... ..,.,. .. .11. m the Imperial Polk Horse Show I 4 p.m, city halt well known lieerlnf eU consultant,
heard a one-bar argument from 5'5..4 51,14 .* a wmtt* tt Dr. C....'. *- at its ewmhsiu at Winter Haven Jan. J -Feb. 2. wilt ha e.nduetisg e
both side on whether or pot a ...... Mans wet ...... t* ..,U ........ Mrs a.I Nt suet .w and to provide ISO for a ribbon ''Ice
section of property In the aouth .1KtiM.1 L.dpue PfMM tf Sfewftyou and trophy to that event The Postpones :
west section of the drY should specific event was not aelected FREEHEARING 1
be eioiied to allow Armour and are eliminating abort half Edwards pointed tart Out edfoining Atlantic CoastLine
Co. mine the pti ieity. of tt for home ttte! *.** property wtiitlk I* ate
No action was taken m either Lakeland PastorTo CLINIC
in aw litiritt Is
Z.nlng Change HK city already SAL Merger
request. City Manager C R. being mined by Armour, and ,
Odom was asked to oomutt with nil charge came after T, E.Ganor. "ttria property WIll fit to the Attend MeetIn
the city engineer on the fast ". a reprtatnlatfrt' of the scheme to create a better pie- ASHINGTON (APThe Wednesday and Thursday,
belly of cwistf net Ing the dam. company told commiashmei s ture"Edwtrd CincinnatiBishop terstate Commerce Commission
8th and
and action on an ordinance cB- that redamaHon plan' aft for I indicated to diem has postponed the merger of DM January 9th
log for the retuning of the propllOlfl eonstrocUon of several lake on own* a majority) of the property Seaboard Air line Railroad and
ft11 was poItpOMCI lot the r-Vacre MM.Ganor and said four acres of ft preaentiy James W. Henley. the Atlantic Coat line RaflroadAn between the t...n .f '.11 A.M. 2-S P.M..t
Mxt IM'etJn&' kttM told Monrewould "It II swamp land. I lacfceonviRe and the Rev. Dr. IOC spokesman Mid Monty -
Land Mostly .......' be emnumkaHy out the The board decided to semen M. W. Blackburn of Lakeland night the merger was part LAKELAND TERRACE HOTEL,
1fII" OII" to reclaim the prop now at payment for a tetoo wit attend a Joint meeting of on9d pending covnfniMion ACMM Lakeland, Floride.
Cross. Mident engineer for wty to It* present .....*. rental debt on the condniun that three national Methodist groups m petition for reconsider
the Peace River Board, said Iris Moore called the Planning and Peace River Mamifartvrlng Covacate tomorrow through Friday anQncmnaU tins of commission approval of

board propone to buM the dam Zoning Board'* nvommendationthat eight bafldtogt at the to plat a taw-year. the merger. Free Audiometric tiominotloni will be given to those per
fast aouth of the Speasard Holland Bartow program Several raftroed and the RaO
the property be remned"comriry Air Base by Jan 3L I Meeting
Bridge oa State Road M to the boards together wM be dIfodIlU'dI' way Labor Eawative a *ocia.
pie Lane pointed oat that tf theompanr the clinic thot with
tons offending ere boring o problem
Croat said the cttyowned
property Oars Stand on eat* mattm" which leaved Che Counctl of Bishop, tiM asked the commlatioa to delay
that would be affected by M. C. Myen, a resideni of the about II Coordinating C'.outd. and Coon the effective date of the
,the wMCross dam "to mostly iwampland. area, called phnsphaw mininf hlIdrigs inn .1owt4 he rontMut month wish age. cO. on World ServM and tlnance. merger Jaa. U omit they their hearin,. Even If you ore now wearing o hearing old

". peta to the iwnk" and tuted ,. could file statements to oppoai
said the dam win alto hankrapt promedine, . dty it to to team If hear b."".
yourself con
".. sit gwng to fight R." ( Minds to less a Int more" Member w9 review a quad tieL you owe you

the board to maintain a can"..* ""fining of the propertyVMyers I Mvhnt..,....... wat appoint* renniat program of aprcial em
aunt water level of M J feet said dust, Mht and push to he proposed to lhMethodnt Mother
the way to Lake Itanoot, a* the cnY rrpmMHaUve oiae created the
tther we have ft Mmtxre thai mMnf. cp- .,.. Ovg *>rvtce Bard Sponsored bllMidStale
orations makes the arr a a "NoMan' the denominaUiMi' lop IrftslaUvt When Ono
allows for the COMM' of thewater Only
Land" and policy. ..... body
level to Lake ManeThe **." -Dont WM take any pride In KOREA CCTf SfRrLUI .to. It meets' liter OM year Child Is Born
dam to a part of a tang your cty.w he ovennd. &OUU Korea (AP) Soudi M PMMhtMltA, Pa, I Service
range plan that eventually wHtttow Korea ajoveramta* aowrcr reporwd Dr. BtecUwr, e**<*Uv* sec. ADRIAN. 'dt" (AP) Only Hearing
the board M cwMnt water Other Area Mimed today Out the U a 11 e d I sets" of chwvh tutaitm tor an* child was bent to Mr*. It*.
tmt to all of it* Preps River Marshall CaVanfa. wile Ides States has tenuUvetv aped UMp the Florid MMd Board olMiaakmi M Kruu lat wmkaod, and *rareal
Valley.Moore. &fI..s. himself a. as a < -,110I ton* of Amertcaa I and acting tmprrtniea). happy." My the father DISTRIBUTORS OF MOTOROLA/DAHLURG HEARING AIDS
a cad Armour of devising far one of the omen of tbt ours avrplurwt 10 South Kreaat >M of the Wok Palm Beat!I After......* one rat a l
a racUmatM plan *that tend, appealed to the eammtt- the btftul ahipmtnt .MdMhe dMrkt, to a aoutttratwrn regional rrtpM and alto OH of iwina,
win etaMnaw about half of th*.carte to Took at die **.* ( IM4 *.rp.t farm commod* member of the Cooed* lii KruU agaM exported tHpM 811 Citizens Building-Tampa, Florida r
prapsrit for tan purpnae and ....,,,,. aa over-all ......." Ym I"'OI"IIL .. World Vr k'0 sad FMaj or twin Kmu said lit
wat sad dill time at was ",..
OrwtM Wflham," ih* new eon.

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- -

1 I

d LAKELAND II Tuesday, Jan. 7, ISM The Arizona Phoenix Voters Would


I Barry Nominated


I State Of The Union JC*..tl.tlCii"rWASHINGTON
The last
presidential campaign In 'r

TOMORROW at noon President Fees in this area are'good.. The reduc which both the platform and

I Johnson will go before Congress with tion of tension between the United the candidate of the Democratic f

: hU message rtertatnrng to the state of States and Russia has made communf- and Republican parties 1k

the union. ration much easier, and this communication presented the voter* with a r f r

He will do so as a strong and popular has brought indication of willingness "clear choice" between their

leader destiny had ready to walk on the part of Russia to make political philosophies occurredin

I upon the stage when the preriefency a try for harmony. But Russia is unpredictable Jsr 112$. r

was made vacant by an assassin. and so there must be The Democrats and Presi
There challenge American all f dent Roosevelt whom they
are partisans waiting to caution along the way. nominated for re election
him M he moves ahead with his People across the world will Join pledged themselves to continue

program. He has committed himselfto the American people in paying close the New Deal and expandthe

continuation of the general program attention to what the President says role of the federal government

I President Kennedy had enunciated tomorrow. For what he says will shed m areas of the general
welfare. The Republican
But certain variations by the man now significant light as to the intentions of platform promised that 1

the chief! executive are inevitable the man at the head of the strong nation Its candidate Alfred M. Lan-

As time passes there will be Igor-- that is leading the free world don, would remove the

out debate sometimes furious debate As a man of strong persuasion and ra threat" they attributed to ARTHUR KNOCK
the new deat-"to the political
Civil rights and tax reduction Are two great integrity he has a good chanceof J liberty and Individual oppor Therefore, the Republican

of the most controversial matters. It bringing much of his program to tunity" of an citizens of the decision whether to fight the

l i. expected that Insofar as President reality. United States. I960 campaign from Gold
Johnson is concerned there will be no The personalities of the two water's tmcompromising conservative

extremes He ts not regarded as a candidates contributed Im- position must be
to the overwhelming
portantly made in state preference:
Jniddle-of-the-road leader but he has Silly Question defeat of Landon by one of marie, with the opener pn u

proved himself to be a pragmatic Indi- NKWSPAPKU reporters unualh the most glamorous figure New Hampshire and In a"..
idual who ha of m political history. So did twnal convention where the
\ a good sense
nice fellows
are pretty . .-.,.. ._- 3SZ -..Lj.tlZ.. ._- . ...... _' the prestige of a president lineup will be the senator
Ion and a gift for dealing effectivelywith --- -- i
Sometimes, though an ornery one j seeking re-election. But the from Arizona against the field
widely divergent elements. .: result was a "dear choice
come along.
Whfle the definite cleavageon
Now. as always, there is the? ptob- Like the one who asked PennsylI t rVoice of the People of the New Deal issues for which he standi
horn of unemployment Comparatively. \ania's Governor Scranton the other IN THE campaign which hat been absent from press

the number of unemployed is not ex day whether Scranton regarded him- I : Mowed, tnduding that of deatial contest between the
:: .J
: for almost
major parties 1fyears
Ift'lMlyla'e' but it is large enough to self M being qualified to serve M Pres. I I. Din the platform and the M was the nasal toed
.This Is The .
cause serious concern The Presidenthas
already made e4er that It is his "TINtt'. a tarry ditty question." ,.. NRwal ape aNws tie s.....,.... ewa .se as ....... .. e.ea.t hire sat .. .... Conflicting* but MM political contrast wa pmInnnphie the preceding" campaign
determination to apply himself to this Scranton told the tfItMM1t't. H-.I........ SI ...>.., .... s.l..lt.i .! -".f| fa ft* VtM .! H>. f t*.4e ...- taros ...*! butted before the voter Some of these clear ihowei
problem in great earnestness It was, Indeed W .....< eel .... .... ..twi* .**+*. t.l i.a| b. ..MWU] .... r*...... A Mttt s....M ... went to the pott That wa tidbw
...... 110 __ eel ... W met &. .. bw became between In IMS H was the Oran
One of the heaviest tespuntibdhtlea Actually, It wa an Impudent hi.rinuallon. pan'y Tie .4" nnn II tfc* rift H .M e v a comparison
the President the domesticproblem $5.t,. 0. OaiN..4 ,.M.t.ie. ... siSw taaeiba.n .pea atwwhws es 110" eats. the platform and the with the Republican and Ihr.r;
upon hOt a question. speeches of the candidate M candidate Harrison, calling

of civil Hghu The people For anybody with even' .IIriAc' refrigerated tank costing from Labor has increased, rnehlncry the final campaign stares for pruiecwve duties for Amer

of the United States rightfully expect around sense know thai no man can Dairyman stet N ,ft._ or more fnrlarge taxes It won't take a Hawed they were offering be Iran Industry that and teats President not
Ih.ttitll ue his influence to uV. all CPA to figure. this out about the same things M different too high
measure up fully to the tt viretneeit a one Cleveland and Ih* Democrats
fullest extent' to ate that there is MA of the? 1M Hftht.c,. Speaks Out A* far the price of mift skyrwkeHng rum L. ro_tR$ there wordsfit wl be a revwMi committed to "a tariff for

the civil tight upheaval this >ear It's a job much iso big for any one M Herida. let' get to the "t ear choice*" far t5- MI1"

which shook the nation .last jear. man. UHtORi: ta answer to theartfete down to pistil ...... I'm a sunk 'Makes OneWonder. voter that long charecterhied
of Jan I. MM. American election If lea IN 1112 h wa the right of
a* wra
While giving close attention' to the
But we, Americans' don't went a producer and dairyman whe NfreeMS. worker. an.llfIIIIdI"1 .
tan Mr, and Mrs C EMiaaitun. Barry Goldwatef of AHcmaCM
multiplicity of domestic problem thePmidefll rwmnttlec of presidents trying to run hy u getting the Mane for leteinel ,he Republican. pm.idtnrlal the hearties. effort to crush
must concentrate upon the the country. So we, Just go along thoos- h jt.e/e re_* the m.pt abyncketing prke I hewpmducf'd . nominee Before sMe labor wriaM by the arrogant

international problem of making peace lAg the nan who aeetn to tame ewinewt I M ttrrtawh/ want .. iMft M IMk Cnuntyfor IDIIOR; An tmldeM InWathingtan happen, howew, the Republican lord of Industry who prvtded .
thank I .. far M h..sl wm the RepuMtraa cam
yew make a
more secure. The for the pat H Starting the recenthoMday Party mut
prmfnvla prog- to bring fully <|uttfM. years during funds Harrtson farced
falls ;
err M Xear tbotce" at the MUM
pfttitsfsjtiV si ISIIWOWPOfcwm at thai ..... the prndurefpr make one wander
10 defend the tariff of which
M* (MM MM MM Of MIk chat kind of a man we have al CBnvemton In J* at farranrivco.
n41 U sulk wa fj cents per these InJuKftahsts were rte
m.iy )ed 104p vs istdp raw rosining M lilt WMWlnut
MIfy weveuy M**". 1''. H year tet<<. W* are learann fast A* OoM aWT said M M ass usewdatt beneAelann. aid
I Back Home Safely But tht mMwf >. SM baHito ISM produivr prk In thi area that Mr JnhMM M M Mr. miuBcement I riOt of two ao- the wM speeding of a Repaddtcae
KM fmh mUk .... nooneryou M .l new per ....... but Kennedy In fad, q.... the live candidacy before: that Centre Indrfttrent
*.. .... .repaduiig the CUM 2. 1 .... 4 m., beset ... cowemloa! "I taw not heard to epneeaaot of labor Outset
bath 01 yswt famgy muses M aurstu*. that we let aTo off from any announced.. RepuhMcan enforced by state sMU1
AMONG r. fvCe>,........ M wall' .. They e......... flat -'to bemuse hewa ,MU say that )ell havWe lolled paid wmirMrahy Ins ... party top for a traua a gala of cangremea behest\ **. candidate n dertarattanf tin

among Cathoivt there wa" wid Wf. jluncMinew 'back ashy hut aim because Ms w MeeNi IN"t d tM Marta brings our ....... puke suet. at the Whiw liaise the conscience or of poHMraJDuMUM la lass the Repuhtean sees
that harm might twine to *, I Iwv hd M Mhrtla II to ....... M or H ...nH pet l.rcia>M himself cwmhod up that .ttd poktMy" wa "anund money baaed onih
Pope Paul VI during tit vMt to the wetthy Itdwon had been a.eenipli.h.od. Mae aline aid poidaced sink -is and Maud with ..." f**. mule JM tat IMUG with the Drama geld -....4&nt'tf1IUI the
Land .. By g...g to the IWy Und h* a ........ M..., 1. Mart Now ...'*OMM Mad prInaMeurieed .. une of Mr Kennc< V's silk nrraMc Party and worn**.* on Diworrattt demand for free
holy stns, Mrt ii use d+.tkfeeiew result wa 27 ceniaprr damask c"' ''*. to accentuate the harp hoe of cteav** he C'tIIMIt of atfver1hre
There had been ominHu indication gv dramatic rmphani* to his pro ....... se awhi tvwa.kned quart In HH To the tees aesis comments has drawn are t) lcIl lMMam

thai an attempt might be mare toasMMinatr gtm to un.NMM# peace awl brrtKrfhn. aisle Orade A mWt.Itw lilt eager buoy H It 21 tests per This aoundi hilly ........ of "dear ctMw*," tithe of,
him and If sink a fate bad ..J anwng people of all religions. in MILK quart This..... tilt prone. M. If ft* a ,..... dlwnpret. lilt ..a. H .. >... wits use hind M the uaeo/Mvutal UaCtK
health dep.flm.el'i all, bas an increaw of nine tat Who Mr' Johnaua hupes MPt t.nb "1IIIIWt d t......" of ptauVsM and want
befallen him the ttfwmMrtniM would. ll ,. there wa no untoward incident nh and rraulammi M the teat per gable, shale we *.l to ash IhM lad Ofprrfnrmaw -.( U\I feel un A. RmiofetiMul dale or inhere la the tries
hive been wwMwMfe" white Ute Pope was" there in the Mae are a* ditWrrM a* day NW a dMTtate uf II teat.Isar tee ran &lilt) Ntw York-and GuldwawfveruMy fer of posse from a part
It was therefore a Nt..., to learn My. Land. The visit wa writ planned aid M hl vnnifMnid Midi nanheia Ie1Man. wands ha IM "heard" whether Muriel or cui m.-
tabs sad fssvawMona heN These an I" fails li aureho 1b05eab we greed .....1'fIIId any such dc4rMan from u\... M Iht CfipuMiun
that the Pope had stilted safely back and hk boat NW to hs safety.<<
a sans ctnnsie I have Ides the akyrarieMnghafkftred web Mr Ke nedy's seas and ho. Nor u H Mty thai h* But thaws tiuU...ain and
m Vatican City >O*i... chrerrd frvcntlv And ao. the Pope i* eats and the mat. MM* M the MM* wltrreCAM on |h* pmdwer. atiMAt durwc hi adntlniatra- HI hear M from any whrrRrpwbhc his purpm is to oHer ih* Krpuhheani.
by a crowd iMimateil at lick worM has ben spared what would as sera aM wid to pat'sir iniMusa hut h* HU at* th* blame Isle and fear many repercvaaiuna *** whose name and Urom arm
KM have t>M>n great emotional lIhc..k. 14gslbin and etl4M Now far Mw tat of head h* can be remembered My come take the July the sum ".. .usgyener) d
>m tmitli the rand said the 1.. jean ago wa bought enDM far the rwtwet and aVgnny he.a cwnvenuoA-former Vice Preakieni prusts an a.gectneu.f
tmusa. pmt..d tins .. pulp ****h I* ahuut 44 pr a pt'f'toIMto the highest Richard .... N...... tin- pereuaahiiea." i'ff'il)1\lIJ
Wt ewe do thai tore Ww ten of the ratkM we feed wrr lairs M the bndHM im eel W. W Smuton <* lies have airs). tatn sad s
IM ..*h.t'It' M put our sulk .J..e M the hat at W per .*,. fur hrwaaag Fawn Pesaytvania and U ur** putk'stful taAueiica on o' \or'
The Dallas Policeman's Family M a can fII any kind We ar are TOIky. hi IN per wAll II"w hark and. far adding Ramsey of .......... Ambaa. heal and alacsarate attic itt
I oasrPrMad W put our audit M. dory heda hats snrnarhdin David Uwe*. -. u the I..*.rNK. Mdor Henry CaW Lai*. C4MMM rNiMtve this fel1' iwdesOly n a staml.es Net ....... .M wets ........ and Harold E Sta***. a 10 ao sass

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to concluding that this ia a coM and heart of America M a heart of great
thoughtless world.Fortunately cnaniy. Will The Bear Lie Down With The Bull ? I III

---- ----
such inumk ate uf

short duration for must people. Something Report On Smoking > C:. L M'UBtBGtR lam .k a pfxondamn eat tIII. frft.it'tS rammuniii. Vmaaradov and 1tIoItnt. lor (fhnstBM the gussuscommenMd
usually happen to mate It look It)):w v.., e1.rr. anyway arfued at had all beesfwnt Julian GnM.... in April 1X1Khrushchev hutched together M October .. "that's enough
like a good world again NEXT SATURDAY pall of 10trientista PARIWTk muM M4t...l. fur tpaMBh Repuhhcaaarmamenu asked t'ruoo to The Soviet diploma aucgasi nil i* wher the t uatKrecu .
If this happen to tWA when who have spool a )er in- aim toast .i the Ebwt Palate Nevenh.1.I i a.when commute' the aemenr. lie ed that while M would be useful Piss day ago Murr
un hew.. Year D*>. when Mdccow beg 9if>at* d... and mnverMiwna teased to expand commercial. r* and Vmogradov c. .k ":
our spirit ne dc hafcteriiuj. can der %**.ting the influence of smoking
'.......1 lie i-.uat* rar.ivudw MC gild UM sear to pay fur Ulumahip favored b) ih* .last.. al the E|>tee h >
the warm generosity with which the on health will make their report. abp-at4. drunk pnvlt4y _...> wheat Mtpuru Spanish poMico-rehgiout ugtnualton apparent Mosorar: H me .
American people na\r remembered Advance lOdtcaUon are that thepanel tier Sutwt AmhatMiilur Madrid considered otoimiagIhe CONTACT was later resumed Opus Dec N cautiously pushing the sirs
the widow and children of Dallas- police members have arrived at ume Srrguei'umr and JUte unjust sent abroad for when MOMWW CWTUlarued might help to fees discuss dip of ties nab Spain a* pan '
IBM purpute The project WM all Mediterranean lomatic reiaucmhip us attitude toward
M4fM de Are4u. could ofMutnm. evolving
officer J. D. who kill voncluxon
Tippit. wu very specific ( .avu> ul General dropped counties suMtstmg the area Moinco. a wise and aoirdifiomat. the "Went
cd a> he sought to arrest Lee OwakL Wbateverllco scientists have sat uiunu l-r.nc >. S|> nMh chief In Isis aume WunUu after be de niK-* .rued. Vinograd referred this tug Neither vuuMry hat n
His death left hu widow and children forth in their report the next big job ul Mate1'mngraduv mviog here (rum ha pea personally handed a note i..imn to his sjovemmeM Mast intention of changin '>
vtuua embwsy in Washing- to Metrics addnsMii lu One friend commented u id ology. Ih ev rtheM.e. in ChI
other is ..
in a desperate financial plight for them or seine panel UfMd hw a.
.... Mucrtoo estaMkhed a trance as "chief of cute" Franco "!"'Clay veil If you It**'* the world u adju tirhi )
But as won iI' the Ajneriean ptx>- find a Kure-fii way for individualswho Pd 1'ftIPI'4Id..etaMlehnkst"W.y lhlssearae ofretawmt new contact with Vinogradov This wa the Soviet Union' have reUuuM nib Russia u pokucal reaury Th Spanish
pie learned of the family's plight they want to atop smoking do so, dipleaiMic, the bftVoNl\ Through Made Brosw, now first formal recogMiM ufFranco. will make our other leftists bull and the Russiaa bear
Italian ambassador In Pan Th* 1&01. was courteously look "of'.ide.' in fomhall
began to respond generously Mot smoker are already strongly span and the S \lWt Uamn" approach the significant step
As result the widow that i harmful M uIri and formerly envoy w Moscow rejected In another parlance" of muMal recogmuon. CauVha
a now lira almost of the opinion smoking o drank.A ;
lAd thsn in Washington. note addressed to Khrushchev France edge toward
500000. and they'd like to quit. But the fmcmaitng prule neaummaa a luncheon reruung sea arranged as head of the Soviet USOCRAOUV! w a M Ovular reiat uns with ultraoummuMsl .
Now as the and hit children grieve lute of nicotine w strung and the will hM bran auu& un government The Iwo thusformally fussed that Spain unsaid' tine Ouna We 4r*
over loss of the husband and father. i. Nk.I |.f )un between w.- actuwwkdgtd eachudier'i no door to any ducMomn.B entering a hard-buiird and-
Sad Madrid. l u capitals IUtA1UlAL.d puhtieal "'*..teAL... .*ure returning to Mosenw pragmatic era.
-- - shins awed ctiauci when Vmuttradov proposed tile tau
Fre lO': Nauowihki furcec
A TIIOUGIiT-Fur was hunjtr and >ou g.v* me food. I UI thirsty and )ou gave me cuumries should discus ouamwrcMl. -
central of
MUD SIMM a quanercentury
cultural and athletic
diiok I .as a stranger and you welcomed me.-Matthew lilt
aa. Informal Lobs" exchanges. The Spat out
have taken pUt iM.uMent- sal general ia West Berlin Potomac Fever
I.s between repretenuuves 0' who speak fluent Russian,
both sinks in such varied centers went to Moscow to explore
LAKELAND LEDGER aa Pares Berlin. Mnacow piissn>iliii s. Soviet I and
and Madrid Spanish tcianiists and businessmen tty FLLTCIIER: KNEBtL

traded ideas at international Batty.Goldwator u the only true economy candidate. He's giving the votersa
ORIGINALLY in |*S7Mulrico's meeting bargain by running simultaneously for two offices pmuient and senator
...... ._
G._ _' 10M".w....COwL"..'._. V.tr. n4_ pfpttofetwr startedekplurattonc Two years ago Spats md- *
Polk _al: ....... ..... .... gwy with deal found hvrsetf on the
Imperial County .. : per Burr r._ -.-_ t'sugradew but thee lad lu ) Senator Hubert Humphrey leadk a Democratic pull fur eire.preaidrnLIlumphrey
short end ul with
World's Citrus Center '.- ..rw:t;::1i :::"E nwhimj. Spun then uuutteda the now-bankrupt a bargain allied crude U Grade A AA-always actively I available.

w: rMrtaMe a precundMMw to furtheriuuverwtiuak vegetable oil and refusing *

i h a i Russia company headed<= by AMhunde ) Rumor h** u that LBJ. the great economise .er, will urge fellow Texans to
LEDGER'S All Utuuld return the Spamub. Anfcte. an! organuatiunkim.e come out with a nine-gallon hat.
telephones Deportments686.1151
: auld rck from Alicwtt towards the swindle Food oil Spain had *
JOISCIIfTION RAILS end of the civil war and held depended on failed to arrive The real problem in government un't the federal employes who don't do

0.. T,., . . , S20IO 0.. "' ..* . . SI.7J by the Smut Mate bank and Madrid had perforce to the job, but those who are forced to work night and day on the job that doesn't
Sit 'Ntlta . . . . $SI04 WM . . .40 When Juan Negrut. Spanish seek other source Exploration need doing.
Tk'M Meats. . . . .S S 20 $_*., Only Vt.t ST.SO Republican leader. dwd in started in the U.S.S.R. *
sale he taciruct d his son lo la 196%. it was agreed in
Guldwaler's friends aren't too
limy happy about
send franco the receipt make getting his foot out
to during
,...11..... .tt,,_ ..... 51......' ea, .. s.a4e, ww.utt by Lak..4 Newk..n c..,. signed by Russia for tautwlhah agreement principle for trade a amounting of a cast: too easy to put il into his mouth again.
Lak...... ,...i4. amounting to 640 ions to an annual t-tt million *

The Russians refuted tuiliMuv. Him ever. a political. event IM Demon "Hou do iou think President Johnsun u coming throucllo -
uHntTahip "( the bul .UH-I\ned with Ihr CMMI the MittTs1'2nd: Democrat "Luud and clear man on itereo hi-fi"


-- -
.. .. .. .


'High Court's r LAKELAND LEDGER. Tuesday, Jan. 7. 14 S

Let's Play Bridge Ruling Hits WASHINGTON REPORT i Orientation Course Scheduled

Protest To Be Made I

Br ALBERT H. MOREHEAD At Milk Laws On Red Cross Gray Lady Work

When this deal was actually To Secretary Rusk ,
played hi New Jersey, by Joel 1 1ZMimer noRm IDs
the contract A KSAQSSSI PENSACOLA (AP)-Fterida't __. _ ___
was the intricate nnn n An orientation course on Red Ail person Interested In any are requested to bring a sandwich -
no-trtimp by North, and the which mHk-marketing laws. former Cross and Gray Lady work will phase of Red Cross work are for lunch. Coffee -fill be
opening lead wa the Jack of 4: QJ1A/ honsewfvet m tome case force By FULTON LEWIS JR. man Rostow, the be held tomorrow at the Lake-I invited to attend the session. served at the chapter house. I

heart! the only lead against T EAST price have to been pay shaken premium WASHINGTON 10 w a'e loge professor Otepka further land-Mulberry Chapter House. Mrs. Campbell taid Persons All work hi volunteer, ,she said.
which fix no-trump could A .III by aUS. Bourke Hickenlooper ranking enraged the New Fontiersmen 302 Park Trammel Drive. ;
line been made.! pil piJN O Supreme Court decision In Republican on the Senate For when he opposed "waiving"security The course win be conducted
Even then an unusual play l45.53/ cill case. eign Relation Committee will procedures for Harlan from 1:30: a.m. until noon, and "THAT'S RIGHT- '
was required: On the t How much damage done
Jack of was pay a personal can on Secre- Cleveland, who became a from I p.m. until J p.m.
heart. South' ace of dabs otmf to the laws wont be known until ranking State
AQi0011 Dry CT auie ....... Department official During the morning session.
State Mint '
was discarded. North Commission

of gave dubs trick up and a trick had to the the remainleg won.king i A AKIOfl study rothher, handed the supreme down yesterday court decision or protest Dean Rusk thecampaign of to I I LYNDON*JOHNSON* may enter 'Winter a by panel Mr*Haven. discussion George, who P.writ will Costello give be the led of ; .1 NO BITE !I"

eat fly. Both sides were *..,.",.. distributor challenge vmfication that the Wisconsin Presidential history of Red Cross.
Six no-trump was not a The bidding: state laws at they apply hat been I! r;
contract South would ordinarily rta tot Seth West to other areas.Alabama primary. Democratic strategies Brig. Gen. (Ret.) H. D. Harris sari SINE CLARK,Ir..Africa
against a
are toying with the idea
accept with his freakish Ig Pass 14 pro disaster chairman and dep _
hunter,fB ,
big r etumnmKy
Milt Okayed time I of running LBJ In that nate'aprimary
O Paw
twtMuittd hand and a more < .I o Pass1 Otpp'I sty of Lakeland' Civil Defense .....,......*pear Tau
Pass NT." Past partment : to test his vote
likely contract was six of The court ruled that Pdar ap will speak on disaster plant.Mr -
O Pass I dal. .
H T.
cpade reached at shown m PMS Ice Cream A: Creamery Co., of peal.A *. Horace J. Jacobs 111. es'
a pass The .. ,
the bidding diagram. PaasssPPaass Pensacola could buy milk from Mate-wide Johnson for chairman of Social Welfare Aid. I I I \
Is Otto F. President Committee has been .ectIM*t MM t xrr
South made the Blackwood West W the twe Alabama producer Florida law ,will cpeak on home nursing
spade ( .... .
kI, until h, Wichita rat
bid of four no-trump a* a pryparaMy require that distributor buy reLEW11 formed with Gov John Reynolds service offered by Red Cross HiJ.L Mar
move: he wished afl the milk that local producers cently the Departmem't I as chairman. Almost I Educational programs offeredby .i
North to know when later be have before going out of ttate Chief Security" every top-ranking Democrat In the Red Crass will be reviewed .
I bid five no-trnmp that he had ping the trick. The ace dhearts But the court hi a M decision Evahiator. Otepka hat been the State is a member of the by John L. Snook chairman y MCLLOW.MASHYELLOWSTONE
located: an four ace*. This was led and South do- written by Justice White. fired by the Department, ostensibly group. Among them: Sent. Bill l volunteers.... Subject to
knowledge might m exceptionable carded the ace of dabs a said the law violates the consti- for conduct "mobs.taming" Proxmire and Gaylord Nelson be covered include motor aerv-
case have permitted flamboyant trick. Then the tutmTt later Mate commerce : a Department em I Reps. Clement Zabhxkl" Lester ice. first aid water safety can
North to bid a grand slam, queen of dabs was led from clause.The. ploye. The conduct: testimony Johnson. Henry Reus and teen nursing and production
dummy. before and cooperation with aSftI.te Robert Kastenmeier: Postmaster staff aid.Walter.
but this was not one of the tate may not to the tat 055Attamtmeas WMURCYarvrvcxr
subcommittee. General John Gronoutkl I Buehter, treasurer, will
or not
Case* pta.dt1le sole Interest of promoting the sntuNt 1OUtIOII.N rtoor I IN mat tama-m
: and Milwaukee tout
CALLED before Mayor speak the United Fund
: the Senate Henry on and
Nevertheless of dab
South king South
made a economic welfare of hi dairy Internal Naier Red Cross N1II4 1 IOT1I S to nuosttostarum ct.LIUIM.LE.isDUtsa1 a.
grand slim easfty-that is, would not have to lose a dub farmer, insulate the Florida Security Subcommittee. I association j
his contract of ox phi anovertrlck trick; but Cast did play the mint l laduitry from other Otepka testified that tnditidua aaaaw..k ---ar-.v.msr- of f
-and there was no king of cubs and Saudi states" Justice White said !* with long record of

opening topped nim.that could have trumpet A low diamond WM tramped Mallory Home, attorney foi pro-Communist won Department activity post bad siAfcER/
the milk commission, sod that
the opening tramp lead M QUfTlfDy Sends ....r6ed if the Ming were applied on a he testified too .that State. [ SPECIALS !
South Department higher ...,
gave more trouble than three pore low O'lifTKmH (Ml statewide basis tt could "puttcImt nips
any other lead eouM' have die darN clubs remaining tflOuftlfn mint producrr1 tIaI of out to get Kim and had .1 I
done, because every play from and 1M riff of A low .tfM O." Tie ffVtfint-liHMI sit ao far at to lap nit tfIMe.brrlk
then on had to be perfect heats PIlI South btd III Iris Otfl'4lV<4urtC producers t'WN Into bit safe, and i nV The "Embassy99
South Iris desk drawer for toctimi-
could not afford to band dump their t.rphjt oa the flee I"
play safe against a bad tramp 11IfoI South drew 1M last Ida market ail ng evidence 1
break; he had to shame that t_* tramps .. are! I The aperlers aCte sum. : 1, Defuse heavy duty Plastic cert reallibra.
drop to due coupe sad guru* W f MMft. aced Mi Vlcm Cheaper mooed car testimony JaM F I .

On the spade quelling dummy his remalsmg reeds sere At one time Che Pntsar*!* Re1Ry. Deputy AtMt.1It Sea J Card W.hma; Tfcrauhaut.
king wag played' WBV '""" Naval Staiton bought silk from! "If' of State. Iftttfitd he .
WMdomMi cheaper than K couW knew MIfrifIa ahem an tea
M ,.,.,..... I tevade baa tint .had teegedly j. Cast C.mhn.bie slid $ 9S

The Srpreme Court upheld' twin" placed mi OWfka't 11
The Daily ''nustorInsurance f18riIt. power to tat afl milk '! a Choke af .4.-

dstrlkuted la die Mate, a law Smoral seeks t.ter. Polity I jl mIsteng (alar*,
Policy eta welted by the Polar company resigned from tilt Department, ,.......,
the tend maid the levy odm tat ng that he had bad I
J IS-Node of a crnt cowM be apptwd knouiedge of the beg An aide I 0.Iier Jfffei T. Choose from

Better Uncashed {, Mao to milk a.M to nd also quit for the same I'IIIIIIILiUiUOJt
nary bases Thomas r

JUMM4 wmte Mid the tames the LkainrnsrA .,.
upheld the levy a* N applies to has apruMg. to 01.....'o..s.t.l SEAT BELTS
mMtary bate bMauoe f1 o ida frost paid a call CM R
I y WILLIAM A. DOYLC I" at a panrrtilp. O.* afffN ..
kin* awl purport M rrfulaw the Iabi m him tntt Mt Inhered
Q. I base a paid-up 11ft l-.1.... ...IOVrt ... at pMflWlMMatord prtre that Polar IIIMI t.iarg. Mue Sorority WNHUHlt.. Will SAVE LIVES
auraiw pMtry. If I leave U. agatoM. ) .... lh |.itk ettNt add to tilt g.stsssrM far camt....a M "tube toM theatpka I t
wkh the Isrwma ..est kM iMMbtog to .a ..
iamp.sy oa or crfT md..*ry b.ae* 11* affair I
My bmrftrUry (my see) *..I II. affakt M O. club. ,w' ...... said that ttarida rrfrvlat. New Sra R..V*
cilia aLAS at it* lime .f mdeath. ), 'f'r. ... ajumWa has r*. *>d onty. the pike list Polar had b+lwt. the arft**** $-11 95
If I cash to the prilrta at to shrines that ....... M pay Nr. IM milk and M* fee stlet.os. ail 1.to H.*H".I
.w, I win mvH Still.Iam1.my.ryhums, owkks sad tewh, abhh .
amy ag .. p It w's IIIIt IuwarloNhr. kawa .. awwraiw* itiert mat ba no I Pr.
s* WCMS ** to ken thepollrg by aM mab.rk. f-uUrgaMMd Iwther
04 Haw Milk OMMM hIrtIwt drMnumstwa to he tic
a* b. My trw*** Ml M, N r I I
Mi'a dermas .. ,
nets- u fu re panaestY /**, I'"C'I' J
I caa double dw A. Dist iwnaii dale 'N
awn to Ow
ui prin. seta placed brfare tfc*1 Nkleksywr, la .t>arartrrMc >
seat II >..r* by sisal insist' at paftnerklttpt, If
IMeII. and f* ..... h> tuprinx, deft befara ltr odrmuwm***. My' "I Protect family. Drive eenlidently.l.t .
wit weem NtIII em gre.ty tlwasratd over 1M BRAKE ADJUSTMENT your
.... ..... >.a ...* oa this toilwtr \ .
A. -'u* your wif., toe *MMatauma adaupdy sea ma ier"....... 1M saNli c4MBiMaalMM .., MadNftg of Owtpka raicwsed, but I am ui (install these sturdy seat belts In
that tha obptt .:t thaiiMuranra for the ptrMMl debts ofpeovl0.'partao tt till tswwm prison hosed eao non I Wf'twa.
M raa fcanpr M the e.*ravcunty r Sit4 sal
nabs taws to idist
paliry I* to but art respua.NieAsdarK IDT I. your cor. They txctcd jovtrnrruntiptcificotioni
proc<<'UOII for your wJa, acu othe Mi f..,.... pay at stash at II etsNIre more prt ram ta tilt Cut 1 tawpp he4tkrd
DrpartmeM M Ik. light of UH
gallo for Prize ,In
that prslstks.. I hind of bwuwu sadd 99kn : itrtngth.
amounts M exactly I i Hoorvrr. beta a emrak.rautww .t.
ILL ...... wrat *t fnm u* twaarBgssestssiNilasd'' NOIT. Outer ra What yaar 1sww. Curb MaML"pwbl bnNMM record d.rwc bM gtetsmer.trevue
!! klw4 UM Nauwul atsah dstn 1
by AMM
friend My may .1 Today A
t* uv You A unvestaw o.M bath to 14 la ..... f r MXMaw ? 1 t M*l* alnbgn.Wnlr h tICff GOOD IHKU tilDA', JaN 10USC

.. ""' 1 a. perms. is .."....' I .. fcvTtury of .sate
eu by tvMtug 7+g beeves hakday Far pee.1 Jilts brier DuHr* .ve Out ,I
that wwary amid debts aid p"".... Va the MmarM SrrvK Top YnlurSlatupt YOUR rUlE CREDIT CAIo-
But VWI Might drta My vary list mew .. History Anaed for "..... too pMd.aa4 f PURE
Ml ArfI pnd+c .,.. sad* t.anehss. sb.uddesn.ard .e eM )ud meet. eco tiss watt
twit would he silk .. ...., the !.* .rctfMMw.. of itnututl II I
Bllrl auras.Molt i in. ai>.>ta *- -- W l t,. lawjrr I Toys to TtatOay, Jan t. o* |. Hut, is* D .".....(. ,
\ 'ah bur of HH Thm ara 1MH dwtrtor.w Wdkia has Ii
aU that t c
If you < ia policy - nry
,a'U .H II.SU Any MVM Ml to tilt Isot .*L gees Otapka tilt .....
meats you stake wouM Mv to!Negroes Tadya iMtMuj N history la.. rMMC "..* M *M...da ...1 OPLN
tarrrai M dollar value by Ml Oa this dM> w .... tat *** W ComaauMMa. sad of i.
.r skis N per cl to nub Army airplaae "Qnea.wskart" MtMwmvt e urw to the UMd i.2/ HOURS
tha S2.M1 guf.wd epos your Hope Schools IMW II Ia Asides paw ,.0....* he add |
death by" 14 iil. MM_ante thot aetsrg ao .-,... eel..r pcenpeetve. balance and gad j jprmMM PURE OIL Service
To a d K4 haws Mid at mwwostuSh .-.-... kit r e I Iow.radMlrar City
r1o1u-* dhasWMm..a.er Reopen I rats pdt. was Ua| sad dersat M 1.erra
mart (or iMftay ktciy) to da Cart Sputa sad C_ Ira Ekr. door soil ruwsad. sad ass .,.. SOUTH flOIIDA AND CIISAP/IMcDONALO STKflt, PHONI MU 2-7IJI
thai to a hurry And auppuw FARMYIUJ:. va ( .. tack of slim btu ... ** tifUuuWy drarwd ducvnwiu II
yes leave ten vala of tar be- rora to Pare E* sed c-.r.1 3p.wfa"S sad Mend wok d.FN.tro. ten ama lh* Kennedy Ad-
lam >og ruattcd M accompUa Va ..**r* puUw aiaula i tt World War II 1ftllllilrll and Oirpka fc *
that tmaunaal pttttrm- beea dIMd .... m.. I * .1 dviy 1Icb C,t as a I PURE OIL Service Plaza
... You Bald aaamtoaea I Ikipt l today UM lay .9 Cat 14* d.* ttt1r;:=.-3 ts WtS "t3- .
jour rd.'s prourtttMT i c.w4 Meals M ti.aesak.st. la IM. Genre Wadungtar I -------- - - ------ --
Tin COM baa aho'>.I 1Mee.as" bHit outwaUuu .. ...... a* uaaaiaiuualy theses "..
aireu 4 that tack toady ahuuid, ...*, tilt U L Supra M* M .... tint aauaaal ri.1
fcanuraace aid semis Caws t4na4ay wt Mitch 31 to, .a la* Uan b Sum aaiAdaaa

first. before making aay mat;,Mar argwMtua on .t.e>tMt tilt,,.,itwst JoN ..* noised theta
menu. The amouM of iamraac crosty had Mind brfsey N' ,. uses peesideaL
and savage each toady rtmmg tilt schools to avwd did mi. IK* cwwtMxia of the p
needs vant Iron family to mmiMmi trod I tr*dttg SwMhen autetM
family This deasiaa CM only SUM aa4 cauMy oKwtal did NoW at Jackass, alia*., 5-PC. STAINLESS STEEL _
be made by tub ladindualIam0 deed cammmt but tar* M wise the lost flag of tin C=aladeracy
>. irowing |.riiag that Praise EoI"Int sal itafuried.U
Although you provide ao *4ationa would ...*caaju) a fac .1 wa. toac dtaurra radrlalaphima
) fiaaaoaJ adurtsM.... it NVIaI ........ IHWQ ..at cpeatsi 1 0)
shat one policy H aU UN We Gov Albert S tarraoai. Jr ,....._ New York and Lea J[ SETTING[
tnturance you have. a seems articled teal month that if iW U ISLE JOMC P Ke aedjas '
obvious that you are dagroiMr US Snfmn Court ruN that''. appotaiicd. L) S aic ua4ar -
ly uader-uutured (county shrub bad tilt najal la to f.q.I.aad.
chase tae tcaook. those en stainsmade,!: Ittt. Manaa Andtrwx
Q. Our iavetuneal club kC..elis. id would move ".Maw 41 her debut at the Uciro'potiua
t to roopaa them TIll Suw Suprema -' Opera to New Yet r
Cant ha* already upheld Ilk* heat Negro to do aa IIi
INSURANCE legality of the doting * ;

suvicilaa I Tea yar ago PreudeetEn a
I "Budget i* derived from the, nho cr delivered tat see o
Upsbar. old French "t '," ..
>out*& rear and Sute of the u. message
lac. ;: ing ".we bag." according toEaoclupaeda ''a skirts ba asked the tSrd Can
.. .... ...
(M S. T L W**
Briunnica I(!gresa to moderate but auRa whenjfouSAVE$30 limit_
it* foreign and welfare pciet Out gall
of the Roosevelt New Deal
Liggett-Touchton Wed. Menu Fn'* years ago The U.s. I I pu OCC Uftt.
Briuia and other power re >joocd I ( ,,
Cuba's new regime afar
that joveramew gave are'.r

SOUTHERN FRIED CAN EAT gate area a tt would honor tu ctl: I in New or Present Savings Account lUUTIfUUY! HANDCRAFTED SWEDISH STAINLESS STEEl! '

One year ago ta a part!*! I ADDITIONAL Place Setting available considerably
shift of policy toe United State

CHICKEN C agreed to lend Bruit 30 pus or I below retail price each time you save $15.
dollars to provide that Soutt ao ; '

Saewfloka Potatoes, American aid. luum with emergency i.LTCJ7&51ST3H261 Sorry . Dividends cannot bt opplnd tor free Gft.FIRS" .


Largest dome ever built to
I I the U S wa a temporary one or UXIUNO
atop the Palace of Horticulture Sore end Crow with

11 the Panama-Pacific Ecpoaiiioo first Federal
DOWNTOWN in San Francisco M 1.U. DOWNTOWN: Orange Street at Tennessee MOVE PARK: Crystal lake Drive at Meadowbrookf
2637 S. Fta. Ava. 219 t Main St. It wu (& feet in diameter and
I Itt feet in height

A -

I i iII

Tomorrow's Menu Ideas I

Chopped Round Steak Patties 1/1. teaspoon ground blackpepper ,., . SHOP FRIDAY AND MONDAY TIL' 9 P.M., ALL MAAS' STORK
French Fries ,1E

.Stuffed Acorn Squash 8 teaspoons! butter or
\ Enriched Bread margarine Kt
i Butter or Margarine I slices crisp bacon

Prune and Cranberry Pie Wash tquash. Place hi a

Cheese large saucepan. Cover with
Coffee Tea Milk boiling water. Bring to boiling

STUFFED ACORN SQUASH point and cook covered* 20

WITH TOMATO CONCASSE minutes or until squash Is boot ?
k silk
(I servings) s' done. Remove from water q our pure

1 3 small com squash Rhea cool enough to handle I r.5. cardigan suit It

Boding water to cover cut Into halves and remove
perfection for all
4 fresh tomatoes seeds. Place halves on a baking A i

1 teaspoon cooking oil sheet.Dip ff.c hours, all trenes.

1 tablespoon minced onions tomatoes fat boding water

teaspoon salt then bi cold water and remove

skins. Place la a saucepan 17.98Silken

i3oed with oil and onion. Saute

7 minutes. Add salt and black realistic tit
luxury of e
?1ME pepper. Chop mixture fine and $ tie price? Its simple elegance

NEED spoon into squash cavities. Top ?, ossures you of being/ '**".
each with 1 teaspoon butter ormargarine
MORE : sp. dressed ot any time Classic
and slice
. BE crisp bacon. Cardigan locket and slim skirt
SAID Bake m a preheated moderate 1 ' ": by Sportsville Casuals. . both
oven (350 degrees) IS minutes THEY'VE SOMETHING M COMMON-\frt. Virginia Fofey MiHer. left Winter Haven's fully, lined. Pink, blue, beige,
only wo Pas commissioner attended ceremonies yesterday at City Han in which Lakeland's r ; F
i! first woman commissioner. Mrs. wnham C Seam Jr., took the oath of office. Mrs. Miner, : block, navy; 1018.
a veteran member of the Haven commission presented the newcomer to city government a 'r
bouquet of f WI. (Ledger photo by_ Hutchaon). it
Mau' Suitsdouble


I r

./' r r6 VJ


0 LAKELAND LEDGER. Tuesday, Jsa. 7, ItM

$..:,95 A\ I Library Increases Books List ([{

The foRnwhig bonks are availMe mil); "San, Stones and Silence Society (lit H. Read; "Note .s.on.wt.
T. at Part Trammefl PubicLibrary. (D. Gary); "The Ever bonks. IW-IW (A Carnal)
PUlr SclesM The Eesentul
glades: Florida Wonderland"
ADl.'LT No 4TCTIo4BBItsRraphy UppmaMi A PoMlcal
Helm .
$1695 (T. ) for Liberal Oemocracy"
rides HNewer
Mictery m* Uses of the,
Educational MediaBiography M (W. Uppraawi); "A >er
I RtIfftooW ( Past; ProMet d former Societies I ka's J share M CMna" (T.
Value t. $25.95 I ) -The Youth of (K. Matter); "The flOll): "The Senate EuWih
LaTwni CT Inrto)'r" (H. Mallet tMIIt" (I. Qark. and ethers).
Andre O de The
I ( Delay); The Easter RtbHhoo" (M j hbUt AMrt trans.-r Sov
Touch of Magic; The Story of
All SHOtSDISPLATfD Helen Kefler' Great Teacher. Cfttfldcl); "AlbaMi- a let MAury Strategy" (V. toed.
Beachhead In Ewrape" (MMtmm .
kdovakiL )
Anne' SoHiran (L Hfcfcok): .
L Kutredct ) brrtel' "R a te Daylight .
ON TAlUS "George y m s a :
? 1 Teacher and Scholar (C. Myder La....*. "Engfaa Orsnvrnar !" (V. Lomberdi); "'ig
tgJ,* ). Stmphfied (I. Fernatd). Game touts (I. TOaiwor).
I Etanamlcs "Dfcennsntent Ubrary Sdrare "UbreryPernimiH k6rIIN ad Tert il gy
'and the Economy (E. Benoit, AdmtristraMnn andkpt'rHekwl' "Science hapfI T.....,.."
'ed ) f K. Shaffer); "Ca'I (0. Lah); "Iedommaeding
I tAt..t' "The NoncradftdElemenury Utafing Sampler: A Comparative Tad ay's Mathemanca (DCUrlaon
MEN'S n P" School ff. Good and laurprftivtL Gvt6t. ): The' Tettnetofiral
$1695FLORSHEIMS ;..4). "A MM+ry of AmertcaaEoWatton ( CoMa). Order; Proceedings (C Steven
(II. Good). 1Jr<<.ew.-'f'ho'I' Appsoo hes e4)j: ",... : CtpensMaand
I ISM The' Three World of LKrrsry CnUcHm" (W I Chaftcnt. 1015403""Fwd
of M.." (I Ban). knit como)$ "A Conspachia : The Ties The Mat
Valves t. 24.95 line Arts "Career and M "IVa Grains of ..'r.t Ut" (W The Company (A. Mfrtw)
OppneasMties a tssewer/d f''f'ftdu..f: Modma Poets "iMan IM*. RewaMi andProducW t
BENFORD'S An" (t. Birt....); -w. ""a EngU d a4 AsAeHra" (Oders. f irtt.4 Mgsirr (A. Bevs r d
BOOTERYDOWNTOWN color Laadacape (R. Brandt), ... e.); "fount. IWJ- laws): ""'Modrta Newvlp.per
"Amencaa Coanpotm (C. Pe tsar (M. SrwHI): "The Hues (A. Wood).
art). +f the Wavrrtnr Now+s* f A M.4aiMha Bat eano **Ca>lsW4A JiB 14
I CiNitraahy Trod The echo): "la Ilel with OIM fecrapay N* the Stody of tag
-,CMhtaHnn d Rome (P Gel and otter .s>syt ea Art and bill> and Amencaa: Li et. *r.' ,
-I (Am. HMiwnral Anise ); ThOngw
.. Medial Ttf'M" (H
ftiafwf)j jA CnmtilM. O. de"
(M, rV 4ri: ",... far U
SHOP WEDNESDAY TIL SilO MA. LAKELAND br,...." (Ant, Ubrary AllOt )
..'....gr 3 mind raMwr'.
Fiicyrdr(+tdia. wMh .....,...
dI pity and /saes'.-:( ....

AotxT ricnoNHcana

War* (f. Brooks):
"The G.... of Ca a* |F. 4ls
sleeJJlcellr sale: FaiMAH; Itla....* tDHayea 3 Ri
); 1' >a Learning Toes
T O. Pacts). -Monte ..aMifJ"The
T w Rra4 ,,,,,..1.. r......r.. /hasels Rr t..Naao (kbsd.r); Twg .04*"
(R kssig).
f r "Comp.'s aiue..aind Sri

+ Wake wens corn Pustaasry. "....w touU r + xt
Are Madea CauteA:
,...:: = ..11'% :S.D8 ifcurt Huwy of Science, Mesa
.-. SM. L Dtmqufct .. KaMre fees. AnCWM ;,t
r : Toes I* IN Await At*" t
d l.rsg Was (A. Grtaor), The EveraUdca.:

r...... rim. ,. ,r, ull' G-D' Florida WeadfHaad* (T.
""" S. M. L. __ tw.), -lUkhNa ia the MaaWw"
I (L Hess); Wonders ..
ti .\..... .11': ha B.*. Wartd (S, LaMae);
t r H"8O Iift4 ...::or... .kL\MiteiM SoxuU II.eM......0MSAbAtAl, Taka" (E:

tr I" kcpptrd-Jeoes): "Stocit deta"
am ull': 3.99 (R. laW).
-r= .
< t ... JtEMLEItakon : UCUON
i.M. ... of Reajta'a loA,."

I..n. n.rws) at Dscawae ssgAsei ( E. H u ardla Place ofLabs"
.::.r = led Kay): Tha Temp
niGs' Lore Gam and ...... P..mus. 0... pi..r Dow Catftch Crt**** (L Pea);
1.4 Jasi. -Uortd of Their Own (L Radtaa f rare I beauty . .
): Tha Quanttoi Book
Wau' Logsis i eCo Zaktow). our nylon jersey

Casualmaker Costume!
Religious Groups'Meeting

Calendar 17.98Travel

jcuiifcirispecial. free of core with our CosuolmoVer double treat .
. rue us ., jacketand
:rr. &tr' ..:. .-: dress ensemble thot never needs ironing . returns to fresh

two great Maidenform I I.IU.. .. .s ..a sc..... beauty otter every wosh. Dromot m exclusive wotercolor print!
=-w ..::. .n soma 58 i Blue. pink; 12.20 U'h.2.2'h.
\I'Co.usa ...... CUM. Ti'
Bras . a 5 rule. nooses.. Mau Mtdtowa Shop
.it r::.::.. mwn w.uit
at u loir price" : ,sows.u a' a ....
very 1 ........"
1nusvi=,14 a.:....,a.accu. 'NONI "....NI III- UKILANO MU t.||(|
1 If .sa w..w t
formerly 2-50 ;
I l..u.II. .... _.
.,... -...p..e.. .
( a. .' "JAN( IjKMAAi -
sale! 1.59 2/3.00 PsT P.ss.vTaa..a' a
or n
at |ftOTH(R5, LAK1LANQ, 1I0&IOA
r".r :
..t:'. tv ....w.n.real I
Maidenform Variette oil cotton broadcloth s. f Pis awe... saw KAMI .1........
--r[ Longer lasting spandex elastic bond for comfort r sTT ::, May ea...I
..._ Special stitched cups for gentle curves. i i..e s. :::= ADORBS ......................... ............,....".. .. .
White A 32-36 B & C. 3236. I use 6VTaa.a..sanest
; Irr. ...:...'IU&... .: --I CASH . . . . . . . CHARGf . .. ..........
Maidenform; Vonette cotton with dainty, feminine .....n.. O. t..
fashion's DINT If evil sddres, pa... Siva detivsry iw"ucti s.
for = : 'C'1..r
embroidery on cups. Right I : .
newest flattering lines. White; A, 32.36, B r a... ....n..n.n....." Pow sand. was the foIIo.",; wwcca.o d.s.. Add 3fcIM stot. soles ton.D.i. .
& C. 3238. !:!......_..&..n_. mm .. Nf 14 fee*. N*. 10
f s..es .s..r -
,...!* Md s. . . .Cs..6..srs I, total . . . . ..

:r Mass Fashion Foundations I SHAVE SWEATERSBe first c'" c..... .. Sisal arias ..... . . . .. ..... .... . ..

prepared to shave off theM
'[Some of the Italian kaiuen are ENJOY THE CONVENIENCE OF A MARS HOT H US'
( Muff
| They si. slipping up JWri. -
.icu lairs for sprag. '

;; ..... -:;-
.. i-w. : : : ; : '



LAKELAND LEDGER. Tuesday.. Jin. 'I, 1114 7'' ,




i/I ,


< .
r f'
'N' ,





leg comfort, leg security, leg lure ,

nil three and more In Phoenix ""Supp-hote

4.95 and 5.95

I Wightmans To Mark teamed or seamless \

Wedding Anniversary

The leg support you need-when you need It. . this is Phoenix Supp- '
Mr end Mn dtlr J. Wighttnta. During Mr. WlgHffntn't<< tmptoymem -
. ail S. Lake Aw., will eb. the eouple lived hi hose! Bani&het leg fatigue around the clock! For day-oil nylon tup-
serve tbrtr MB wedding aunt PttttborglL FoOowifig hit retfirmert -
miry lommrew. 1'hf7"" flay moved to Spring port stockings. . 4,95 For night-sheer Lycra B spondex. . 5.95 Your
married .I a... I, lilt ta Roche- rifle. N. Y. In Ukeltnd. they
tor N. Y, at a Methodist per Ire membert of Dm' MettodttiCbirfrh choice of charm, honey, delight or white, SVi-H.
101II Ct. : and the to pmidtirt ofhe
The couple had bee spend ,. ( HfMaoBi Home Dtmonttra
the wifrtwt to Lakeland enctIW. Cat Chrb. *
and moved to Lakeland Mr and Mr*. Wlghtmta ban Matt Hatter/
twrmaiieMiy on Sept 7. 1M2 two MM, Arch of Ktrrwboff,
Mr. Wightmta redid' CM JMII Pa. and Winston Wlgtrtmn ofBBfTsta
IIM. after' "01'for\ Baa NY. Tbry here eli
and Ohio Raimad yan. grandctifldrM. r

Winter Haven Area Clubs

Plan Meetings This Week


WINTER HAVEN )C..... J. A worfcthop fettering ....
lltrdto Kirby of Tempe. row signs and eonagtr' w. be kid
authority, will be presented. tokctare Thursday for memhiTt of the
a tomorrow at 3 ,... Auks Garde CWt at thborne costume
In the conference room cf the of Mn J. W. Danny at
Landmark Motor Lodge wider I,M p m. The program theme
the epoMonldp ef the Garde win be "World Gtrdtitmf end .sale!
dub of Wmttr IUve. Mn. W A. ........ Mss W. II jewelry
N..... Kirby It a. acm t d Anderenn and Mrs. M. D Bar*
N.UouIIbe hde tad t..t bMNrowiAM maa will be to eN,... Mn. N .
| ROMMM far Uwpt A. Barnard and Mn GHw D 'Onntttt '00
Aat.nu. Pass s.x.tItJ CII Tarn Gear win neaM nab the ar-
MM lor the pit taut yn rangemenu.Bridge. *
A M MM* enter 1M (< Ktttyt 2H KM buttwe wW b* -
Pon.ill eandwS a Canada

9 lowtni MUoi the Md fit.answer.. period lot. On Agenda For s MttoU! Beads! Stone Nooteltyl A tentotiortol' group ef neck.t .

JAYCCITUDfTLR lour, pint bracelets end eorriogi' Some matched Mttlformerly
Newcomers Club
M Awe
BMM ta the J.yai dab 200300BrlUionl
NK* NMMf( Vwo win owns
IMMM tantgtit I o'dariu IttMfor
the .hMmrt. .. cf NtUoMlJtywe mday' at I p m.et the Womaa't
"...*. I... 1111 .* Ogh. Lake Morion Drive Mn 99(I
rHk R. Gatmaa, ........ Will condwt N lle!
tw ntde Mrs
the ....... a.aaion.Bridge .
flack Jr, presded. III tterge r
and ndl btHonatMt
A tfMTWtUM WM fa* MId as canasta
the assail Ctuvt Expx.los :"' )114. '! stone, polished metal" Imported bode and pnterdpearls
sip be Mn. JobaMrtgtitoa. In netlikxri broctteli end . .
Parade ankh the dab m mbmMM pint forrtogt fM"Yf"O.dwd
Hun ta chaMmta. Mn. Las- '
JtyoM pUMiingUCION ten!
AUTIUAtY I be frUkemaa, Mn.Clarice Cag a
WINTER HAVEN-A rarttrd I rr. N..... W. Cataa: Mn. Jut

dub kwrtiwMi .'m be Md lmorrev Abridge, Mrs. md W. Hunt formerly 6 00 20.00
H.Groth and .C. D
at MMI for ....Mrt of Mn.O. 'rt.
the Peat PmfcJmt Parley tl *
the Ammcaa Ltm AwnktiyI 1/2 ittrice
the bone of....... UWM dart New Pastor ,
U Wait Haven

All viMUBg PM Pmdni Appointed At Sprawl' cWout of I leading monuloctvirert. . necklaces, pint,

are LAKE iarited AU'1lED-'I't.M.to attcod.' .. Victory Church I- J earrings in broth, cryvtol combmotiont and status! P

witt be the tope of LM Joha-

.., eucwUv vte pratidaat of The Rv C O. Bra, bat .. Mtu' Costume Jewelry
laM of LUe Atfrad. wheaha p
I Muaced that rte Rev W.iambnita
additaant members of the I bat bean appointed. par
Womaa't dub of Labs Alfred I tar of Victory BaptMt Cbsi k
tomorrow at 2 ,a. to U dubKouaa. .The MW pastor it a Mtive ofMaadjrvffia.
Variout pluses of bank Pa. and served to otsnii
ini wffl be aewaad by Mr ;the UX. Navy to the South Paofte. .
J...... I .
Mr.*. Gears Sterner *u IBcKtrie Uw Rev Mr Smack rem-
of Uw program arrant- ,. BX dearer to Tacoa FaKa.
menu and sal tauwtoce tile I Ga. and also aMdwd at the e
speaker.Mrs. UMvertty of Oklahoma Hewaa
. Emory Honaatt Mn
ordained at Memorial Baptist
Kilt C. Comedy and ....... Man I Church Caunland. N.Y.,
Mane veil. be ia charged the tad baa pastured churchee toBovtB i I
botteet .r eaementa. and Elk River Idaho.
GARDEN CITES and A)horW. Hash
plain and Fancywifl" be the Mu Alumnae t
program topic for sob
the Lake Region Garden Meet Scheduled
tomorrow at 1:)1 a.m. at the
borne of NIL Kenneth HubbeU. Phi Mil Ahimnae Cub wffl
t60 Piedmont Drive. SK. Mn meat tomorrow at 1.X P... at e
Roy Thomaa _ill be to charge First Federal community room. i'
tt the program presentation.Mrs. Grove PaIL Mn. Patty Stokes
F. F. Lisle wdl be hottest and ....... Vera Sdka wan behnaieatft.
to members of the Green C1sperial
Thumb Garden Dub of Winter Shades of Phi Mu interest win 1
Haven Thursday" at her home be shown and a study of tile
.t I p m. Must will begun..

New Members To Receive


Final Orientation Rites purchase . .

The final onenutioo of new Theater for the week of Jaa.
Lewis !
sale hint
members and transfers of the I na. A Feb. I Valentine Dance handbag bulky
Junior Womaa't dub will take will be announced by Mn
place at the clubhouse tomorrow -Ralph Blalock and Mrs.. Joha compare ot 12.001600
at pra. by the boardrobin H. Dtcksoa.Mn. at 5.98
; I Dan G. Seokarik will introduce sale! 7.99
Kathy Hmsoo. president Charles Wrede. speech
will preside at the business -''therapist at Childrcn'i Rehabtb- A very special purchase from the finest handbag maker sale! 3.99 '
meeting at I A candidate atom Ranch. He will explain LEWIS'' Colors for spring; block white and bone in patent ,
for the Mrs. America coolest:: methods of speech therapy PLUS block ond navy in faitlt! .
will be selected. Plant for the with the aid of a tape recorderto from ;
Cover-up In fashion with this loose lacy knit bulky sweater
annual bridge luncheon at the show actual examples of a Special group! Lewis potent handbags. . regularly )5.00-20.00 I
our famous manufacturer! Your choice of white beige, light
clubhouse will be announced for child progress.Mrs. . loll 9.99''plan
Jan. IS at U:30 p.1II. by co--' . WUliaa A. Brower Jr. blue; M, L XL
chairmen. Mrt. Edward Fnabee u theme and tpotlight chairman. its ra. tog
and Mrs. William R. Unne-: Creative writing by mem- Mau' Handbags Mau' Fashion AccessoriesBUY
man. The nominating commit:'ben will be spotlighted at this -
tee fo rtbe 1964-tt officer win meeting. Members who plan to
be selected. I display .writings an to contact NOW AND SAVE . PAY LATER WITH A MAAS BROTHERS' CHARGE ACCOUNT
101..... Douglat Hall will outline Mn Brower today
plant for the next .'Yfo'' Coffee hostesses are Mn
and meant project which will Blalock and Mrs. Alan SSca -
be teUini tickets to the Grove' fad <



I Twtcll). IlL 7, H4 LEDGE. ltlJZyL.ij'imw lid?

RebekahOfficers Tourists'Lectures News From Around The County I

Get Your MeasurementsAnd
WAVERLY-Visiting with Mr. Charles O. Shields Patsy and Mr. and Mn. Jack Bloeth and

and Mrs. Wilson Sauls were his Peggy Waverly; Mr. and Mn three children Hamburg N Y.
relatives from Leesburg. Mr. O. B. Parham and son. of Lake Illinois Visitors

and Mrs. Claude Sauls and Mr. Wales for a family reunion, the Dr. and Mn. Joe McKibben

Induction Prepare To ChanaeOi To Begin and Mrs. William Sauls and her first In seven yean at the Franklin and family have. at house

brothers and family, Mr. and home here. guests Mr. and Mrs. Ray Fear-

Mrs. Helen Lake, president V Mrs. Charlie Howard Mr. and Mr. and Mn. Buddy Kenny hUff of Evanston, HL, and their
District II, Rebekah ? By JOSEPHINE LOWMANDo The 1964 season of the lecture Mrs. Ralph Howard and her and daughters of Miami'lilted son-in-law and daughter. Mr.
Lodges of
rOOF has you Want to look and feel 1 I series sponsored annually by the abler Miss Leona Howard ana ''a few days with his parents Mr. and Mn. Rocky Lane end family
announced that of- years younger Just eight weeks. Education Department of the Live Oak. and Mn. Bill Kenny and her of Canton MOo The R. W
ficen of the district lodges will from now? You canl? Woman's Club will begin tomor- Here for a visit with Mrs mother. Mn. Clara RI>bertaon.nd McKibben family are entertaining

be insulted as follows: As most of my readers know, row.An Annie Miller hive been her other relatives here.Ho.pkallzM Tougaw Fearhiley and Miss

Welcome Lodge fl. Winter their favorite newspaper fs publishing 1 : lectures will be held Wednesday son-in-law and daughter and Gladys Camp, both of Mt. Car-

Haven tonight; Banner Lodge f my Eight-Week Beauty mornings at 10.30 o'clockat family Washington, D. C.. Mn. Bertha Saul., Is receiving mel. HI. The two Mr. Fearhileys
M Dade Improvement Plan (BIP) this the clubhouse. Lake Morton Chief and Mrs. Harold Moore, treatment In Winter Haven are Mrs R. W. McKibben's
City, Thursday Elnora week I Drive. They are open to then daughters Laura and Lynn. General Hospital Other patients[brothers.

Lodge 4, Lakeland Monday; The Idea that a woman a public and are planned In cooperation Also visitmg the group from there are Mn. Hubert Robert Mr. and Mn George K. Barber

and Ivy Lodge T7, Bartow, Jan make a tremendous change in with the Lakeland West Palm Beach were friends. son. W. T. Holland Sr. and S. E. and family have house

21 AH lodges will be Installedat her appearance hi eight weeks Chamber of Commerce for winter Mr and Mrs Clyde Vlncel Stanford of Lake Wales. guests from St Catherine's, Ontario -

I p.m.MI'I. is no Idle dream of mine. I have visitors. Mrs. Nellie Smith spent a Charles Taylor of MI ey'1 I Can. Mr and Mn. George
seen ft happen over and over Opening the 1964 series, win few days In Tampa with her Business School Jacksonville, Armstrong and two children
Lake win be assisted by again in my classes. I havebeen be a coffee with a musical program daughter and their families. spent a few days with hit par Min Judith Parks of Hsmp-

the following deputies of the Installing as excited as my pupiswere presented by the Lakeland Nan It.yllil returned to her ants, Mr. and Mn. Clayton Taylor ton, Va., and Bennett Parks of

staff: Mrs Gladys when their bulges turned School of Music. under the leadership home in Belle Glade with her and Betty Sue. ,Los Angeles, Calif.. are visitmg

Carpenter, marshal; Mn Mabel into curves, when their self of Emil Powells. Miss Ellen father. Charles Ray after spendIng I Mr. and Mrs William Slater their parents, Mr. and M.... Ira
French consciousness turned Into self Kebl and Miss Freda Levy. a few day with her grand and their son-in-law and daughter : Parks.
warden Mn Ida
; MeKewta confidence when chronic fatigue January hostesses are Mrs parents. Mr. and Mrs. Adair Mr. and Mn.Charles Burke Mr. and Mn. Bertram Hart

secretary Mn Uliaj was exchanged for energy, 'Edith Anderson. Mrs. J. D. Bush', and Mr. and Mrs. Dewey and daughter, Debbie, have left Jr. and family have as house

Beatty, treasurer: Mn Mary and boredom simply disap-l Clary Mrs. N. Lucretia: Colton Whstley, Pat and Cendy.Atlantans for their home In Char leston.sisterinlaw Hsrt't brother and

Carpenter chaplain Mn Luther pelted I 'Mrs R. D. Dexhelmer, Mrs R. VhH I West Vs, after a stay of M,. and Mn. Walter

a Fenneman, musician; Not only do I know this be E. Din gem sn, Mrs. Frank months In Waverly where they] ceded of Stratford Conn. '
Mn. Edna possible because of my classes:Eanes. Mrs Ernest Elliott Mrs. Mr, and Mrs. Wyns Tompkins have been employed. Duke Untvenlty
inside guar but because of thousands end Dan C. Foster and Mrs. A. and Donna of Atlanta, were C. A. Denmark of Avon Park. Mr and Mn. Oyde V. Hay
diaa; and Mn Cora Ayer out thousands of letters from my Bruce Harris. wets of Mr. and Mrs. J. B ,visited recently with Mr. and man's daughter Joyce, a student

side guardian. readers. Tompkins Mn. C. N. Da..... He is a former! at Duke University In

Memben of the escort team Set Gull Mr. and Mrs E. M. Jones of resident of w."",, Durham N C., spent the boH-

will be Mrs. Thelma Watson Yesterday, I brought you Information Jr. Garden New Castle, Pa* are here for Those Joining Mr and Mn. L. din with them.
to help you decide a stay of several weeks at the[C. Stanland at their home for a Mr and Mrs C. E Foster
Mrs. Grace
Parguee. Mn Rose what your ideal weight is. Today home of Mrs Mol Brown. Mrs. family dinner were Mr and Mn have as louse guest their i
Lymangrover Mn Rachel Neil- Clubs Slate/ sister-in-law of Mrs daughter.
let's talk about measure Jones to a Edwin AlbrKton. Juha Ann and Connie, and her Fiance
son, Mn Minnie Cooper, Mrs. You must weigh and Brown and a sister of Mrs Bobby, Mr. and Mn.Jason Sun- Frank Brown, both of tort"orUa
Una Pinion, Mrs. dart Cham- mmeasure yourself before you Joint Meet Rent and Mr. Carrie L land and Scott Jason of Lake Ten

ben and Mn. Mary Jones 9 know what gnats you are shootIng VfNItXnWCfl I Wales. Paul Nemcek. Charles Mr and Mrs. Cecil Amonett
Mr and Mrs Homer Fletcher. Stanland of Balsam
for during the next eight Park Norman had as a
holiday house
Officers of SutmSand Lodge weeks I think that Is importantThe The "Weed Putters" and and Linda spent a few days ta' Slanland Mickey and Nor-)Mn. George W. Toomey gun of

IT Lakeland have been msuH- usual standard for the I"Young Sprouts," junior garden Cocoa with their sons and their ma. Movies were made of the Nashville teen

ed Mn Agnes Jameson k perfect figure Is; the bust and clubs sponsored by the families Mr. and Mrs. J. C I event by Jason Stanland. Also] Mn. Elsie Moore had ah hells!
Garden club of Lakeland tne.! Fletcher, Mr. and Mrs. Johnnie visitmg recently with the
noble grand hip measurements should be the StanI I y guests her daughter and
same and the waist should be II will have a Joint meeting to Fletcher lands were George ''granddaughter, M,.. Am MfJIJrtIf.
jAMStM-OTIR Inches less Use this only as a morrow at J.X p m. at the Car Mr. and Mrs David Robinson Summerdale Ala. sjacle ef lowmnd Martha of Richmond
1' guide Some lovely figures havea den Center and Brenda Gail made a trip Mickey and Norms Leigh and( Va
ANTIQUE SHOW & SALE A program on the "Birds of] took Mr, and Mrs. D. M.
few Inches more in the hips to Alabama They Bitty Orissom Mr. and Mrs, Harold H.,...
UKUNO cmc aimi than In the bust and vice versa Floridawffl be presented by Welch to Enterprise, returned and Jo Ann of Orlando. mont and Mr, and Mn. K J.
\ MAY MEASURE If with a few Inches to t have always thought that a Miss Alma Murdork and Mrs to Crestview for a visit with his Mr and Mn. J, H. Donnellywere Frost entertained.. Mr and Mn

JAN 1I1MJ .pare *o get started on RIP right now while you sit slfffi waist lithe most Important, Hsrls Herbert of the Lake mother "'rs. Urls Robinson, visiton few day ta Opp *. I. Greens of Vila Rica,
seatta pN u..ea as Ret.** Audubnn Society. and his twter and family, Mr. Ala. with relatives,
-- - = --- IMllllretnftIt.lhat bony ttf'lldtlftIII An explanation of the ached and Mrs. Kohnefl BarnesMr I The Rev.and Mrs.Cecfl BraHt. I Mr. and Mn. Meal papham

"- be considered when I!tile for Junior entries ta the and Mrt Jessie Brock daughters Ana and RosaHnd of]and three chMreti of Joseph
BPW Club'sBusiness thinking of measurements ai. forthcoming camefha show wM Denny and Debris, visited Iftj Cairo Ga. visited hit brother Mo.: Mr. and Mn. Wyatt Pup
be made by Mn Charles C Gt.. with Mr and end family, Mr and Mn I
wen as when deciding whit your 1 ham and four ttritdren of *c
Meet ideal weight Is For Instance Conk, Junior chairman.Mn Mrs. W. L Brack, and Mr and Chart Brock and Erie, and Petersburg and Roger Papham
SALEU.S. Set* II sometimes a woman may try to. Horace Tompkins war Mrs C. P. Wright and taWhightm tbew SMI and daughter-ta-Uw ta:,a atadeM at The Citadel M
Thursday reduce her hips M order to cane! tel about Staking ocrapbookt Ca.. with Mr and,Lake Wales Mr and M,.. Nolan :South Carolina, are vtsiung Mr
nearer to the standard measurements on birds for entry .ta the ttatej Mrs J. A. Avery and M Cairo Brock aid their daughter, I and Mrs Kenneth Paphanj and

Lakeland Business and Professional for a perfect figure when garde dub contest for JuntonPlant with' Mr. and M,.. J. O Bract Theresa I Mrs John WsfterWthtg .

Women's CM w-dI| hold tins Is Impossible because of trill be made for a tree and Mr. and Mrt C D. Avery \ la TrnnmuMn .

KEDS a but ftellt meeting Thursday atp build. planting and Arbor Day program Mr and Mrs. C A WKhamt, Ry K Bwrcheet and

Men's 94 Weren'tWomtn' $ UI m at the Crest Restaurant Do not take" your meaMremenu It*. 17Memben at the Garde Center on Airman 1C and Mrt John WINTER two daughwrt of Winter Have

more than once a week. Port and ..*, Johnnie,, have left, are waling Mn, Burtheet'a
I Flats i Once every two weeks Is better of the Gardenia ,for hit base with the UA Air HAVEN parenu, Mr, and Mn, Cecil
Cketkr: clerk will refreshments
of defecates to the serve forte Dover Del after Thames
U two week's time there wMhe I at ta Msnchester. Tena,
and Casuals 3h meeting of District No. I ta Lake more of a different than AH Interested Jvnton an Invited spend*! a leave here with her and, her mother-ta4aw, Mn, PtBurrheet

,Wales oa Ja M wttl be cm there wW be ta only one wnVi: M attend. parents, Mr and Mrt Howard WINTER HAVEN- Lit.... 1 IT; ta M.nMAsss,

o Whit ducted tine. tlwatee and Judy, and Mr Certl Amanetia Ml for. a VIM 1 Tuna' ". for two or three woke
Boyt UofmVeluti I Mrs Evelyn Ban Brow, riv Let's suit with the bust. and Mrt Robert fort ad MSsMter whit. her brorher-M-lew and aitW WiMer. reMoVsM su j tWpmd e

'* paruclpatMM cteirme*, wtolannounce ....'""""- Measure around I Lakeland and (.*),. Mr. and Mn and ,...,. Mr, and Mn J a few Months ta the Wta.,1ter .
to 8.99
tilt member *_ w* the WIN. part of your bust II 'Coy Nurses and son Ry.VWks e Msrkrw M GSM Burnt, Md. Have area include! Mr

t serve as rhah-ma of the MM PM wear a brestere tint yoMeasure : Polk County Parrots a a***, Mn, AMaa Homea and.l}.*dMn. Rotond TrMoue, ftna.M. .
eft Marrh of DHIWS Jan Jt be Mao to wear tin Miss tkiMHe lea CreofardvtMed family M Bowie. Md and art. Con Mr ad ...,... Carlyss
Mrs Edna Ktaeeid win ....... tame one every time. a few days wtrti her er' ....uwa. Mr, and Mn l. Ww. fission M. Mr and

; ,'lean Paul VeutM riMef oVput lake your waist measurement Date Book fMrentt, Mr and Mrs Elmer east and family M,. and MnRfl I.Wn, Bm VaM.+NM1n. Coasts.,
j jI
'of the omre of Clerk of anti I at your natural warMttne Crawford, and family M .'.*..- *ft Antng. its and chlMrva..jowo; Mr. sad Mnilanhurter Gwargs rah

(lull 1 rsI11 ''dmniM Court of Pout Cowry who MIl|I Measure your abdomen around I 1TONt | as M N>stirv Ie, Md WheaMn Parse IN.. Mr, and

"Women and Jury Ices' tin largest pert, ..'t: ::.:=: u::, '.'. 4aW.Mn; J<* nil and Mather.Mn AaMnme returns to WmUT .''Mn, Georye Turfcer M R v 4 Ire As this is etarthM yw, Measure your Mps around UM I lte.l.la. tN/MNa_ pY.e Mary Anderson vMted Hive*, the war be. atvompe lit Mr and Mn Robert J.
RLNTyCKT" he sine will tuple the diN w Mint part Take care that its I : :satnwri = i.iwwrN1111. / Mr. and M,.. Chsrt Pelt ta mind by her ..... Mn. MMtewMI 'Ktetcmaft, DnrM, Mr, and Mn,

,I jihe illf the various officer who tern tape measure la ta D straighthna s.W an c eta,a, 1 N Brando I and a .... Mn fn MFR tiekis, AMhtrst. Mast. .

county around your body If.. 1 .w.51 ?su..awI VtfttMn of Mr and Mn O S fcfaMMfceid of CknvUnd, iMr and Mn., Valentine Arras,

DDODDQOOQ DO'9D' seeeeeSbbeeceece died or hakes up ta .,... you: N.T/ Davidson were M,. and MnS I Mr and Mn J S Grant have fcM .Bend, M.. Mr, and Mn,

i wM. not get a* accurate measurement w. ...... o ::K...I' E. Davtdnoa and ..... amved from" hint home M Hart,IIt'ahet, J GoudMk. Ana Arbor
tri (bony to M.* Mr
N Mr. and Mrs. Gene brands tpcd a f wmowhs and Mn 0, ft

i hit water! In a hurry. . Q MM. try to pun the tape. ta jA:: : :. ::- and cWd..... David and Karen.of . ta the area.Mn Ttoewley, Toronto,. Caaada. Dr.
Q the tame taMnett each limo. t"wNy 5- .Na. '.slot Orlando, Mr and Mn KenMt Ilww Gusto I and Mn Roger F KesMwdy,

Q II should not t* light or tout. .r.S::= ::: Kits and family of LakeWele Fred PrwMy and ..... 0..... and Mr and Mn DMel .
m na wait na Q .. MU*. !F. *. Mr and Mn, R.asr'. her. R sihs, of ML Airy N C. ft Je.aut of Rhode l.Ua4,

worry . If you have bet Mtewtaf my rrytt5.. we sasesian. ions kits and too. Waverly. )caned an the bout grw of Mw bar" '' LAKE LURED NU

a Q Beauty I mam*me nt PtM listssoak ..,..._..0;:' .'-rn-', Mr and Mn Joe KiMa sad mer't PI"'" Mr and Mn It'clMr 1' Mr sad Mn Daniel Baucvn

Q you new know how tselgh ue0.trs i1Tta NI n.. Ferry at dins home on LakeAMue ,. ic'Mt; ",f Uie Allied an ewxntng a
g Q Md measure yow eN. Ow .. Q" tasty yaoseswlssa f.r a Lundy JtC+ne sad Mn Gere K Bar stall from these aaa and 4augh'iern .

r Q Tomorrow wa will. talk ahuuicalorie .1 and dinner her and family are .inert..>.*,' ..... Mr and Mn Mae

D and he on our way a1tale 51,,........... ;tv., -I II I Mn Ka4e Broughie ef Mayo Ca4ia* hjMt* ...*... Mr sad'non BaucuM of KMk,...... Tensha .
m ElECTRKRUVIItnportint If you miM d. wiser t01YetMIaMdlolN. .'i1t ,.... tpent several eUvt wok her Mn Hoard ScMjyter sad .i I Mn F W Barroa of Wauktoo. ..
0 ad would ..... to hate m> 1..., s ...0i1; .......Lw aid diWhtor aid cwkore of hMw. Ourw Ceo,' Ill. M VSMUOC her aa and
d 0 D & ht.Weok alP (B.*uly Improvement :1 ;:.':Uti::.. ..'1: .. I(....,. Mr od Mn J A ... and Mr and Mn Caw*.'fMMb. Mr ad Mn ftoan

D He) routine and;L 1.11 wuwl,. ..11 4.r Y,4.u. r" = .'I ........ also. Mr ad MnBrauthM ......... and t *Mf.a of ft I!"rr n a.d f Mily at thetr talc

di Q my iMuqua wall chart on _MUi ._...."..n....tall, _rr1Yr it a14 ...... "" Jttwtis a 4 cfctUVe Cotherwe'i Oaiarsa, Ca* 4a j Alfred .hume

a O D you' can bark your !beauty tins 4t_"' IluN t Yra.i..., K N. "j,ALaa. X hy. .", all of Mr od Mn Rit ard dag' M..s Judy Parker and M.u

a GJEl me as your weht .Inns ala. I/ar"'t 14- ._1_..'ta. tl .. Mayo Mr a.d Mn ,Cfcarie Pent oa4 family an new nuN Tracy LawiMt bath of Itanlg.

\ 0O 'c4 a cod 21 cu (plus If re U for 1 1pultq. 1,...L.t'..._t t w tsar sit. i':'.aroualltOll: sad fasMly of Uve atU. WtMer Have. They we. Ky. an VMUutg. their respectove >
0 and handling) and your I I aa.awe.. nrww, dye ieali.a.rat 'Oak voted few day The 1 formerly lived w ASMBM. Ala families, Mr omd Mn
0 v D prwttfd ram and address to ear N (lw.uyl1.ya.. "'': "Junmw BrouckMM louk Mn Dr. Hank Nartihy and fanUy *aa* Porker ad Mr sad Mrs
a 'Z.A':,,or M. bark lo her home ta haw at house Dr WkMtoa Lawiea
Josephine lawman ta core of ,.... 11. ."L... a5. Brwchto pew
U e .-c Q dIM newspaper !Ji .d YI11511:.I jsss? Mayo :SJordkys pareMa. the Rev aadMn. Mr aad Mrs Nomoa Bo te
D Tomorwai "Calorie Couoiwg S,=.?, ...i-s! .icn&iIT Mn Ados a'iW4 a few E C. Nurdhy of Barro*. ore twetuisMC ....... goats
Smell Price To Pay For k'eg11 s. -,V...I. ........ S. O.M. .*, &.>w- .. Buihne WMh her SOB!'*'ia. I Mr and Mn Donald Bovkt- of
d a Redact wn" weltW.Mf, .raNuSN.n. N.*mi..er".".1I.w.u. aod antsy. the Rev sad Mrs Retunwd Shin Gays HI...... Mast. -

a N t1w.r/sses*.I sonw.. .1 Harold Browiu Mr ad Mn BH Assist ad Mr aad Mn Matt Mona had

a :* AM4. i** i w..nu.;=z:' VitMon of Mr and MnV. p. bur rMksn have resumed to as hukfey CUOMS their eUugh.
Bridge lessons ITS' ' is..11 *."s a Real and MnMarane V4bams tar N. jliH. M... CekwiM
0 N01 a .. .': .. I RokMO C. home ..>, Moroa U
Slated ,. .I 1.sea.. sisesusios sal O.Y.f sad Dewy< thraua tk* hn.wg a vans ash the rWmer'tauM. ,Uke Cny. a4 James O'Shaughi
a Weekly 5r'Tarrl 1u11 N K.. J Mt 1UM ,halHUys 1 have a- Mr. and MnL Mass Elfte Davw.Mr our, of Namstown. Pa.

0 a The Paris and Recreation department awl war .(C04.WO.tnVC.VkCH.a *w .i Mm* MUTHUKMkV O It.*.... Edvoia and Jerry sad Mrs. C. R. Walen and ....... Albert Crocker

U Ud of the City of Lakeland |:of Tampa. ..,. and Mrs. Roy I.have arrived frost thaw homer of Cape Cod. Mss. on \TM.

a a will offer intermediate .wu..UA..i fl....r tlOM... iu CIO...M u ,.1,Mara chtUrra Caad)'. Jokjuue.Rene Del MOMCS. ..... NT a wit-111I..... X'Procter father David
> w s bridge banana starting tomorrow CAftUAOa. our Suits. MM kMV. *, of Clean ', Mn. JoAnn tee vacation. A cupla' ftoaiToronto. . a u Lake Alfred.
a .
at 11 a.m. at the Rocrea-inw lr *-*n*... wxrkuu. Mfeu M4 Y*'rtrrm- |': Short and daughters of,' Canada. Mr. and Mn I
U a lion Center. 9tl N. Massachusetts fc.r ..iu_ .Mw .c to MM =:; Tampa Arthur Beatews. have
IJ electric watts hutu t1IJ JarportaDt pptIara in your lIom6- m Ttrarwv* 5551w arrived tBiMltL
Classes LAKllAM. Mr. and Mn Orb Brow ofMtnneaU for winter .
Ave. will be :.acUAYt aCi! a holiday to WISMT
d for ckanlnf ti&u, clotttj, people tad thlop. And JOur a weekly on Wednesdays. ,=-_ "T-. >> 1 II III" were tomed for a Jamey Have*. LAKtlXNO GENUAL
a Mrs. Louis will ; I-,.. == get-together by Mr. and tot,.. New residents
tjukk-fKotiry electric water outer mans you dont hw to wait a Thompson Movioc into HOSPITAL
a teach the bndce setuons. titan C S H T'. .......... a IS I E M Jots New- Castle Pa" the ana from out-aTciate ..- Mr and Mn .UUam J Cufr.
g formers bet water. . because betwttsYc than, when you need It, a A clans for beginners bridge '>l. n.cold l t ere 04..MMUWUI Lettsu5 [';and Mn. Came Uu Clll&tdavo.al;elude Mr and Mn Fussy I,'Morgan Contbee Road son.Mr .

a *!ictrfc fy! SM yew dialer about modeler, qulck-rtcoviry tlicWewater will start later in the month aMJul!r*:**.U*Trmju = S .-. .11:and graaddaufhter. BuMue Jets M Hake. Havetork, N C Mr Ju J.
a PUBS will be announced for the 1rl ., was (.:Crawford of V'-averly. aDd Mn. Ward F Less. Philadelphia. I
:: luter. to the ,USA ......,.. eo.. costs u.. and Mn Phillip Rater,
. blip you better electrical/ Called Due Te M
a classes to be held Monday.111..c., .... MM wuUunIU I.,1M Mr and ),I,.. DanielM l IJ5 Consists Road Jo 4,
tna:: > r M 11 1. *l MM Here recently tot a vuut with, son. *
i . Jackson .
a | Hampton. Mn Mr
eights i ra' .niUiu Ciwn. Owwr. iniiatMJ. i. I and Mn. Albeit Tolley.
.. :M,. and Mn. W T. HoUand and
rw "- .w w White
TIME FOR A CHANGE U 't Woodbury Cbecuwt. toe, Jaa X
LA"ltlar. .. .''other relatives wen B A. Hul-I iHeighu.!
ssslusnv saw.N N. J. Mr
a ; and Mrs Mr. and
a Royol NeighborClub saursos Mrs. James E. CMoRIll.
o. 'L& on of Ala. and
land Enterprise.
.. '" yes .t wry John FreUnd. Ausua .......,1' M E. Betmar
C3 : ..
.. ton, Jaa.
$30.00 Q Vera Kirkland of Columbia. -
Installation Meet SetRoyal Mrs. Mr and Mrs. .
Allowonce During January When You Change ( C It Foster AIr. aDd ...... CW10e
3: from o Flame Type to Electric. a '.,.... Al*. They errs called here I Bath NY ; Mr and Mrs III I W. Riddle
3 Neighbor dub will have LOYAL ..... OP ._L s .. idue. to the iltaets of W T Holland F Queen too. Jae t-
$10.00 Uttollotio D a covered dish luncheon meeting V.1ma..y ...... ... I.Me 'u... in Winter Ha(George Isaacs. L>nchburg.lVa ? Mr and inn Leo BeO. Mul
13 Allowance During January If You Replace | Sr. a patient .. Mr and Mn Thomas;:berry.
a tomorrow at noon the .. .. son. J&e. S.
Your Old Electric With at KIWANI* CL"" II U e MMUMI -
A Newer Electric Modal. ca'.i.... !ven HospiUlMr Hodges and three children. Palo| Dr and
a home of Mrs. Beulih Dennis lest owns. NI ...1. and Mn C. M Davis Alto. Calif. !' Mn Jacksoa Q.
EDm:: Thor* fight' Vow 0 ol Electric & Was Utihtwi will pay you SJO.OQ'ollo.. a 2IU MonticcUo Ave. I :!= 79: un:daughter Candee and Stiff Karl Mr and inn ;i Scarborough. Its N. Boger
EDD: lion ollooanc I dung January if you replace your old Home-type wit.' I Mrs Ulhan Hanson will be 1s.Y.r'euroW wd nstua. cIaoe r..,Brce*. voted w Apopka with George Indianapolis, and 1 Ii Blvd. lOa Jan i
mw JO-Vole Automatic Electr* Water htooter, Or can replac. Z.a. co-hottest "1'-r "ia''AC IoC- i
you your I a r / Mr and
and family.
] trie healer ..,1ft. ..... her sister
30-Volt a COlI.
new Automate Electric Wattr Heel .. and arses NWsrtal 01
$1000 "lollollOft oUo anc.. rec.iv. Mrs Dennis, 1964. president, I..-. .. *0.-- '''Mrs. J G. Coleman and son
a [will conduct the business session s'wcosIs s ci.uicr,I a WWBu {Tommy REBUILD'MATTRESS
E: See your Electric Appliance Dealer.. elect the tut you nerd He will tend a auks, I W > lMMCtiVfLUM Cl,.k. BIMM M. law;;* 551{ Sam Puck made a trip to Birmingham -
certificate to ut end our Customer Swvic Engineer will check the; _'0110100". Then a MIIOHTS MOOS 515b fur a few d* s' visit
you will 1tC.... your muaHotian allowance check by _.1. That oH th. it 0 *T.TIOM CtU. ) > ,[ >
Moke the I r. ro it. 0 Connoisseur Meet i I:Mn C L KIM *:sans UMkOCUTION. IwHh relatives W| CAN
IDi change to o Ne ELECTRIC WATER HEATER m January! J r .Y YOUI OLD MAT.
a < nc are .l. .r .l Airman Robert Franklin ban 0. TSUI TO ti AS GOOD AS MEW
Slated Tomorrow 5 a nuuolw aria. /rd I ,. AT A rtACTION
York He
Mnice BWIMU BMUM .11& to left for New City. spent Of THl OIICINAl
: DEPARTMENT OF Q Connoisseur of I=. acrlil met.JS .
Group the Antiques .. .
kM eJ
a Collectors' Club will WnConyCO.5.W.. awl. I fur Italy where he will serve
Electric & Water Utilities Q meet tomorrow at 10 a m. at MT.Nn I with the U. S. Air Force. He has W h
ElD the home of Mrs Malcolm B. U'.LAIO. 1r. .u..... leave here with his ZB! ? H N5tT/vrm4. Vm\e*!
Q .. ...._ ....., spent par
CITY OF LAKELAND Bums. 1S31 Cherokee Trail } II ui: ents. Mr and Mrs. Isadore BkT aVBBI dye it .... fccterr.f .
a ....:::. lOT"' .:a.w
Mrs. Zohn F. ":
Attain will be .
Franklin I I and Marjie White here J4 i. & '.'.M.-IAJY TUMS
a r'T: =.:Yvs
I co-hostess. he was joined by Mr and Mn.
_ _' ..r_
Following the business meeting eNtOlori.lcal 50CRTY. Tt >5 u I(David Belle and Mr and Mn WYNN
PtECTR1Clri' .AlfbJlql / Mrs. J K McDAniel will ... >4*>un T won>d aiMUx r.' tw5i M.<| u*IIr ..Walla_ Steve TeUecheo. all of MIAmi; MATTRESS
; Il(( rli 1lJz ,
: {present a program on refinishitflg -t4u.rr.| .., MOT ". .on..a ..Ors. .1.1I Mr and Mn Robert Franklin 1427 New Aubumdel Hwy MU 3.4932LAtcELAN'D
furniture. (I au' Vin 51Im
1 e 5. .1tli1W -.::". yY.r of Largo and Mr and Mn

.. .

Mocs Open Road Trip At Cornell


Southern Dreadnoughts

Streaks Seeks 9th Specks BitingAt I' Play On RoadTAMPA

Lake PierceBy Lakeltmrt Dread-
p. !
aughtt win face the toughest

On Line TonightIn Win In Row cage team In the Western Con
FRED W. JOSYJttt..ffatJfta terrace tonight when they tan- I
CdUor 1""It with the Hinstnrough Ter-

ITHACA. NY_The Moct of nets at Hillsborough gym.
TDH4I' J'L 7. Lee With the weather changing tike It has this past month or
Florida Southern Lakeland of
win be
I College. It a till pupil w
Cage Twin BillA Fla., are going Ivy Leap more we wonder if there's any use passing on fishing reports teacher. Coach ,( tbs. Terrlert -
tonight. I However. just In case, here are tome: b Bobby Shiver aDdme

Coach Tom Greene't eager From Dong Jennings Jennings' Camp on Lake Pierce Lakeland cage treat who
Western "We are having tome very good fishing despite the weather. wider Lakeland Coach
of begin a rigid five-game played
couple winning Marti Monte the team'l leading
be the line stre.bjwm New York and Canadian toby From KC To Louisville Some bass on artificial hire and popping bugs Specks-20 Sonny ..... Shhrer'e Ter
put on beginning scorer, win be at center and
Invading Cornell's Big !Red to 71 per boat, fishing hi laws and near grass beds. rises art big. undefeated hi
at 7.IS pm. today in a high the guards win be George Meet
school basketball twin bill at the let and Mark Miiianek. Mike a member of the Ivy League, Feels Franchise "James Hunt and M. J. Westmoreland got 1) bass on conlerenc* play and faroredto
Kathleen Senior High School Mohler hat been moved up from setThe Finley bugs. Mr..nd Mrs. Eddie ZoDner of Tampa got 50 specks. captor the conference. icrews.
the More are apartmg anM Mr. and Mrs. J. R. Winslow and grandsons Bob and Window .
aid ,
gym. Jayvees to in the aVsence I
Santa Fe and Admiral Farraget of Fallenkemp. Mohler b record the best basketball Coins, got 70 specks. I The DreadnauRhu arc (-2 for
atari ta the hbtory of the '"Od n SISCO and Sea Dansby of Lakeland got 40 specks;
draw the tuning role at a forward. Move Will Be ApprovedLOUISVILLE the season and J-J in conference
7:IS p.m. followed by Kathleen Four of the top eight point school: and Coach his Greene la Herbert Callahan and John and Jay Walker of Lakeland got pll'1 Powell win probably opit -
to display ,
and Plant City. reduced ta the Southwest eager 1 with the tame lineup that
The Santa F. Hawks, H for Florida Conference will tam featured mere reason thaa one. disc is r riort. ..**.*/... M*. a. IM as... t.n ..... aced Manatee last Friday Joe
First and foremost It wilt be IC,. (APe sat City said the Athletics'owner Sit .*** e. _. ... e..- ra ...._ MI _i.... r.a .**. ... ..1
the season, have a fivegamewhining leab.. KathhwoPlaatdry homecoming for Coach Greene spite a blistering attack on his putting the emphasis on "4 -- .... ...< tttt Mfc Ihelmit and Dan Sherman will
streak going after losing battle. Staa McDonald plan front other American the confident. be the forwards; Paul Jackson
He at
their opener to Lakeland. and Torn Silver have the best N.Y.played. High sports School and Ithaca League club owner, Chart O Meeting Oa Jaa. 10 41 specks' : Mrs. and Mrs. HoDta Sherroute of Lakeland (our center; Kenny Deal and Bob
The Hawk defeated Admiral averages for the Red flees College. Haley tald today lie to certain I, flaky said he wti looking neighbors for yean) got M specks.! Onbrink, guards. Jackson In*

Farraget earlier ta the seatoe. whOe Plant City depends eo Coach Sam MacNed Is planning he will be permitted to transfer forward to the Jan. 1C meeting "Dwight Todd and ton Bobby of Atiburvdale got specks; lured an ankle yesterday but U
Gerald Danley and Mfte Rot- a warm reception for FSC he Athletics from Kansas City of the crab owner knowingthat I. R Metros and Jack bribes of Winter Haven got II specks; expected to face the tough Ter
la the nightcap\ it wO be a .,.... The Big !ted'. welcome committee toLoaisvflle. three negative voted would Gene Hilton and Diaries Roach of Lakeland got 30 specks' ; riers.
Southwest Florida Conferenciencounter Besides McDonald and Sd tt led by Dave Bliss, ft- I Finley ..icS'" would accept defeat hit plan. end Bob Gilmore and toe. of Lakeland got 20 specks . ." Following tonight's game the

between Coach John vet, Coach Miller Is expected to foot..., I ready playmaker and Gov Edward T. Breathttt'a mvttatkm I "i.m not tonm'McI.bnut how But Dou,'. report Isn't all from Lake Pierre on the speck' Dreadnanghtl will play host to
Edwards' Planter and Coach start John Galloway. Dink good act shot artist Ray Rat and would go before the ..m.ny'Otel tt takes to knock Fishing. Our good friend AMa Walker of The Ledger com Plant Friday night at Lakeland
Doe Millet host Red Devils Rhndet and Jimmy Walt kowskt. 0-foot, are the team', Kentucky General Assembly a atHi 'something out" he ttid. posing room tuff, says Mr and Mr*. J, F. Coasts and Mr. Senior High g>''.
Plant City. the defending tw'( Kathleen brings a ,.J overall top defenders; Steve Cram a opening Season today i In -I'm confident after t have and Mrs. Ted McOeHand went over the other day and came Radio Station WLAK will
champion hat won 10 consecav mark' into the contest with a 1-3 Moot toph who works the Frankfort "not ta plead but 1 task 0 met with them and explainedmy back with 140 "big" specks! (That was two days' catch broadcast tonight's game between

live games d.tingct to last+ conference. showing. The Planter pivot: Pete Bee1er, Moot-J for their (the lawmakers) i' problems there trill be nodifficulty thOUgh.) the Terriers and Lakeland
epos II SWC competition. are 1 2 ta an garnet and 24M and Mart Vaa l aeewen. a tfoot4. support.- M getting tin votes Also tGllt'tnliIIIlIh Pierre we have heard several tem td Cam will handle the
Coach John Mock's: Santa Fe the SWC. second U toopleading I "I think fio, rIft confident needed." pltM of the pepper' grass which had become such a problem play -by -play account
quintet leceived a severe blow- 8.rtow.CAGE The Mora wffl cewrter ski the fans here wM give at much I '\fIII rid hi the bke. However. M the current buflettn from the Pofk

Oiit pttt weekend when the a starting Ihwat .....htiftl of support.' If tint more to mall Finley tlgned a contract with County Chapter of IM.S H.: The camp operator ergtnfea.won I
Hawks lost the services of No ROUNDUP Tim u...*>, ......a. and league bestial at those ta Kan- ,the State of Kentucky Mnndtyvffle ) there It at Hem rrvtathng that the Game and FreshWater I Golf Meeting
I forward Dennis FIIIItM""P'' Dave SMnamaa .....44, nits ; bring die Athletics M leMa- fiah Commtwk hat a mil and equipment YvHwg Slated Tonight |
He la out with a knee taery forwards! Tom Dews, ItO for the 1914 and ISIS tea lanes la the pepper grass to make for easier traveJHfig WH
and .'. doubtful If beH be able SEC No Kitty Meot-O. at cewer sad lab Can UCLA Hex rtnt. The signing M Frankfort Urge motors The lane are being marked . ." The regular nteMkiy dkeermeeting
to play the rest of the aeatoa. hy Bewma. ....., and JedLedlow. raced the Ire of eevertl of the el the Cleveland
DeeMs Newtoa wM take over ......s.AI Americas League dub owner Booting Low Chonget Proposed Heights omen's'a Cell A...-

Harry Fallenkemp't Mcdemaa: starting at berth forwards with For KentuckyBy far at the the Mac starting and Come flvt,The Cage Jinx?; Under the pact with the state. Yesterday we had tome Information on Florida boatinglaw. class at 7 ,...wen. today he kU at the beginning Ctrv*

shape up. .. the Athtetict would ptoy tt the Boatmen might be Interested hi some "future laws"-* Und llelgkls golf dsbbs ss.
IUL BOCK ate Mate Fairground at LovtsvMe law which wM probably be edited ta the ttt year or two.tie .
CnmeO benth ma A loMwey was le have hew
POLK ROUNDUP Aaorlaled fret Sport W'riteikm A stronger > By IUL BOCK The lUte would get five percent have a report from the Outboard Boating dub of .
the tfectdnig factor. Cote held cattle today lot Atae
a long ..... from the No. I I prove MacNefl i hat Bob McCready.Hotl. a, AtserUied Pms Sport Vrhet of net gate prareedi concession' and America concerning the fet meeting of the Boating law ctattoe member.T '" .
cent of trout National Conference held Oklahoma
Pirates Host ceMege basketbatl ranking In fins LisMt.. Ifc d. Okay tXLA, M'a your term t K'7H fundsrtaley per. Admfcrtttrator this November. ta City
Jim Magfereaa 0wt$H, Be* taco the hat >f, past
the to the bottom of theOtffiHtftMtff'al said nothing was
la that oarewrts vtrtout administrates from the
a.foot" and Bob For the eecond week ta a row c+
rvUca %
COfliff f AC*) but Bemhe O. ont-J, M reserve. t new team torn up at it* KV mite at the end' of the two>ear vtrkMt states tit together" oa several Hem with' recommeodattans > ONLY

Bartow Cagers Adolph" It...'. Kentucky wildate far the Mice Jan VtOs, of the Associated Prett b* ket-'period. The about AtWHic4 moving owner to other andCaiwat for either" sew law or changes. ta the present law. A

have eompMed the trip In ....... sari. a4 Mike He- hat poll end UCLA tmpet u HO* Oty official hive deadnthed For one thing they propose that ALL Rests he registered 2 MORE

DADE CITY The Paw lest ibis a week.KeeMcty her ...... ,.,...r4. an the stick around a bit longer than over a itew contract for and numbered ta ad tit.... At present many states, and the M
last wwk't leader KentwttiyThe Coast Guard rr.i trttoo. and numherlfig" of boats
lined and tested ream reouire
ed the la **> ej" of stadk.as.Harney DAYS OF
IJDede Or ) Pirttet enteruietetgwe I country lease a P
> bu.KereMlr.. wildrett lasted just om wing more dead 10 IIP but tnt requiring* numbering and regtttratMaj -
leading Barlow here last .'fIIt'. Attodtted' Passwait CorneV Vt to Mmnetnia week after grabbing the top apoifrom of bats Ming teat power Florida M one of theaeHowever. ,

at I p m.Conrerratt today ta a high SoudmvflItorid achoal .. The the Wfldcatt ass taM mn. ta the first roes 4of Loyal of 0Mc.". Wins .fce. a IVmd n, for etemfle, having aa tm A RACING

their that confereme toe Oar. the Eastrra CeNcte AthirttCoMerrare ta_ hipped e.wilerrd boat pare te a wale requirtng" twmhertoig of ALL

cage coMeatBanew la leadntg the SfC (it TM* The Eugene denial Holiday fettval a, l.z. led the puS from tofirst LA Golf Open Reefs. he fMdt himtetf ta VMltiMi of the ltw- ve 1tInua-
record wWe Paw Mh J"0
with a dropped Keonvky to Me 1 ta York City aVopMe the fact f viCemril and fmaMy al..tpwgiMtt .I gag ANGELd <-PhI Htr: twing more that 10 HPPersonally
It I*lta league play.Etheridge his w H't polL Monday t."<1H pia,.,.. I* ta _bit faeotgetowe' DC. Kee.twhy wry wWtMood a chaB*'"ee fromeaye basing two taM tint trouble ourtttf laid Mmmer o LADIES'G

c mat VanderMt sad today IMft r 6yr MT*. Leevwea twtahKd wtd teat over aod ran M*. ........ Arnold Palm' M out trip to Qetti a few Mates, we think this change
Leads ..d
"A1LI.It. tag owl of the conferee a...- .it IV Masses end Cren tented UCLA awwig oa lap. SM.. IM Aekg its belt Open toe high oa ti\ens email and lowpowtred txttttAaoiher PROGRAM
with barb-.ua .j Booty lib meat with aa 0 1 record. slat II rack, sad McCreadjh The Brta.ass graht
ridge invadet Lake WaWe atpm MIII.r Stars .> ILAfter ketde thi pot by poHwg )t first plan, Palmer give Ireland third with MIwMh I a wide tree mirror at .>.**! M place of I aero** person ta thelowing TONIGHT
ta SouthweMllonda loa.ghr't vwee of the 41 cast by a pan*. bnaL Tee dmMiMraton. felt Una took the acuwUaajof
S today Hamftu fail round of 70. at Htr II
Conlereace UUetbaM JaM T4 bitter wtt the stale Mare move over le of aportt sitters and broaaVaatert. a the driver from hie Mrigame and wtt a based They
far aevetuh-ranked VaaderbWm NY. for aa eg..... wl* Kentucky wat favored lit .ey peeved lh* Raacho GaitDawns. recommend change to utn""I'ft'IIIM.1 all I.....
lilt betweea the Iwo aa seal thriller, the last sat ....... dMt Catcaw tomorro* two vow for the top ap. II wat Kame/a first A 11 RACES
tx hoots.Uhendgk. It the STCt. top C Posit friturtg led VaMy I' tiC engsgea I...." oa Friday I hut Loyola of pauiu Chicagt wins he seas the Proatcol PATTERSON STOPS AMONTI C POST TIME
acorer: tub a averatI.Mulberry rail II and Inuit added 10rerry night, the UMvcrMty olTOIOMO -
hr the rvPff'4IPaI I
Win Gtwoa't 10 lea pp d the oa tauirday MMNiagara J....ad 14Loketond Posts are awarded oa thfhasit Bobby A >font Ntrhaii putt a.211.. No.and II..-give- STOCKHOLM (AP) "1'1 .ho atopped Amontl ta I,21 of K J 8:00 P.M.
Eyes a.ta'a.KtMaaaky, I tMvefvry It for etch tat >*c* ..
dots have aomommpaay. of r place whde Palmer, BaIt Goalby. ever" give" vp my hop* tars the eighth roud of a lOroundmale
MLIBERRYMelberry *. TwUae abates UN sabot, alas for eonwd, etc Dow Fmtterwtid and Atrrarr > rhaace to meet Sonny USMOtgtla *) after kaxxktag him down

N out far: *. an4 vtrtoryd late after droppug K* IMstraight Sarasota CMrewtDrape C-. an fuMhe4 a stroke but I reafee thai mt>" three 'tIftN.AlltIaIIc" . ALL LADIES
I the . over Itoraaade'aUc game, efii to Georgia Lawn Bowling CmowMtl dropped ties'I) hehwd at Goal&y ta tying Amontl it the hfttvywe4chl
Open I chat Werve tt I
.t. want
) champwa of Italy he Mwjuod
tarda at I p aa. today here la other coltege t.oNermray three" oa a ,.rowo trIp last far third place turned ta the ADMITTED
la a Tampa Bay Con er *ce aaother preootaoa tassels SARASOTA lkeU andCaraaaa work sad ahpped from. fourth t* brat round of the day *7. tome more match here ftrtt. ta the world nuts.
brA Khool buketbatt wcouater r.. taM trouhle Kisses Suw.a opr od late stases otghtk, MMugta rmpd OMcpot 1 The worreatrr Mast,, pro. That was Floyd Ptderaoa'trtacuoa Penmen M the No. I comender
Bag., fUght power, rae up a II here Saturday ia the Via' to fourth and undefeatedUavidooa had thing tough right up to la hit Monday Meet: FREEU.
...... oa Catarado with rtortda Uw ao.lwg Utgu*, cttmhed to tills alit' the last hole Oa No. 10 Las epproach vMtory over State AmoMt th* The last kaorkdowa ta the
HC Visits Hardee teat pout lhaa U mewled to pity. ay dtvidwg Hi game I bMg No. T last wtck" I west taw the btoachertHe tart short step oa hit comeback eighth laved AMmU reeling
lost the ruts The Uietaad U." ao.U.1 Crepes fcai* acramhled tatatUth approached end trfi a 4 impugn alter f..... to turv back and ftaalty swung oa tie
audoMiy 41
WACCH\LA Hu...'. aa4 AM eveaemMy the game, sin Out) tank OM sass ta place ahead of VaaderhA,II laser, Thea he I...... the cup 've the tilt round of Iwo tinesbouts bales rape He g' t up trail NO. .

,'iidcata host H.u r. City at 0p theta Haw beaded. Utah w stain. roua4 add two ta the tsMhrr vpwt v rttm last stead and fmithod with. 71. beak Ustoa. I to move and f.aally.crepo.d th* SULPHURSPRINGS
at, today here u a Southwestllonda wand kt ta Ihwwea want.MTJ tsnwous coopi4I*& I VHUaovt sad Duke C mplewthe llanwy" went taw the fwalrowd -I coiukdrr the vkiary a awpoa MevMahle TVs Italics opened
CoaferriK htgh atde.rk itaacoirftrence desk la NUl...**, UkeUa4 had iMiag. I' one stoke ahead. of Jimmy tin road loused a sew Me arms wide ta a gestate ofreaigMtttM

cage ...... Hard+ ia H ta the' There M wen a pieety of pomu tawe t4IeceRreuha I The top lea ebb ftrtt place Clark, wit teamed to 71 chaace at the" world heavyweight I a familiar e4mgfor
la IJ drags ..IDH' ta parealh* et and pout aid f *Mhed wkh 2M tank, said Pttteroaa.1 a Eurapraa bouto
SIC add Haie Cy X*"'"'r of OHt-OrtnMIaw ... rotes --_ _- -

PloyTiulldogs .Hh Xavier wHMtag Ul.II). Sr4 W..e..N.?-....Nw.rr.nT_.+':.r-a._.. _k'.- uaa WOOI4MJJI bull ft: .i' -THE DEFEXOABUS) : SUCCESS CARS OF '64
M r)1aj4 Fall s. 2s *.:iin Mme: I. UCLA (II) 91
FORT MEADE-Fort UadeH South CaraUa ahot CO per :..:-. :.: 'L.= '':: t ICMUcay (I) UX.

&a Srhool'i Wagers sad tract reot from the tamed aad headed :n', Cr; ::: Loyaia (I) 9M
prorf High "1IaoI', BuUduc Utrylaad. M f Mist AtUaucC ''r:.'="'.:::.-. ::::::= .. hfaftvigta. O) K.
Caoleieece aetback 7)40Trias ._, t i...---.- 5. DtvitUae. (t) HI
saIM y.- .
collide at 0 p at. here today Ma .. --.- a.. a..w eMa.M.eaar.
Ridge Coalereare astobeItoatar. Ueatera grahbod a 77n -- ., s. 0, Oregoa Slats (I) J*

ttoriuMi over ATUOM Sw t VaoAerMt W - -
Car Club To Meet L C.-c-. 34. :- -

0. Vtflaaota it
The monthly m ash a& of the 10. Duke 1f
Imperial Polk County $Poru I
Car dub will be at T:M pm --i- C
rhunday at Hammond JOBM Fortncyt Capture

Ste. of the Mulberry highway
Shuffle Tourney
Cupboardbare All persona intereawd as at. $2264. Dot loaded
leading Uu meeting are tavited. Mr aid Mr*. Bob Fortney
PUnt will be tftfoitsed foi captured first place w the Saturday

? the coming raUy.Church a*** miMd double thufflebuard -
touraamtot at the Gvic -

League Caner courts.
Mr and Mr*. Fortney defeated i ima IAOtG

.of CASH? Gomes Oslo Rice and Faiths I .

a sa tet..a.Nat ... ea.M .. Fem >>31. ia the finals -:
_ Rice and Ferns gained the : ;
_... _a ...a..5 w I ails by eliminating Farrell ; .
Bruner and Ima Bell. 42-11. and I .:
Mr. dad Mrs LeRoy Paul. P.to. $9
How's the time to restock for the Mr and Mr*. Paul knocked I

new year. When you NEED CASH. . TRACK ENTRIES off Mr and Mr*. Sam Proud eta C9 tzs Aul01A11C IIAnOakU10N

for any reason . you'll like our .-. S/t*. -- O: M __ .. ... _ I
confidential service and i.<* a Cvc.x $2614.80" loaded ?
fast friendly ..Y rY. a.....,< t.... MI. (
_.... _.
)'OU'lIlik. the easy monthly paymentsyou vin. .._ Ct ..._ _.. Booster Club
. ..
ww. l. I.
can choose to fit your budget :\i;. t.t*. s.w. Ol OlM- I :: Meets Friday j

Stop in to see us. Let's talk it over. :.... w w. : a.a:,-z-t The Lakeland Drtadaaught The or on top Is 1964 Dodp J30 two.dooftedat. 1904 Dodge 330 two-door sedan. And we - _.. -- -.-

WI YOU usnj .,.r.v..,_.-IIa.i.... S..-_ e...... ......-- Booster Club will hold U* ..- .It hat o unitized rnt-protected body can sty the same good things about it.There's --.--.----...rme.ssw.--..-.--
110II woe atial electkMj of effkvr 1MtC'1 host seat Wta alternator electrical -- - - -
:::: \:\C.- system one difference iri equipped tin

= :' ;:;;. COMMERCIAL t=tdS::.::via as....._:c.::.:..r..:-a-:: Sealer log Friday High at gym.the This.....meeting setf.idtustmi brakes and o 225 cubic way many people buy art these aptFora ; ;

i"i; 1a .-.w.was. .1055.. .. it slated lor 7 ,.... ta the inch, sn-cyfander engine. It Will |o .!.000pules (act, Dodge offers full line of cars'latin i4-JJ'dg

=Boo-j = s1.o7 CREDIT e._.. e-r...". .C.S_s.w.. .-.a_.._sam .. .-.-. .- driver's educaiioa) room. between major grease Jobs .,!XXI milesbdireen bw.price field. Sedans hardtops conrertbles -

Too 111.1' IIU' ZO.U -_4.....--.. ..... All pants of Lakeland Seatar oil changes. wagons lilt workj. They call 'em
& & M.I' eooe
100 ,1.1 11.81 10':1 C S.w !../..... .*... MUM. i f High School student cad Tilt car on tilt bottom is the same model, The Dependables." because ac.aA CHRYSLER'
LOANS INC ** faa of tho' Dreadaaughu are they ore. ..*. ....
:: :
40.04 .
400 I IUS U4 a..tM>. /*::: -:::: =: eligible to attend. W
U.I4 SLIt _ _
600. aut t .,:.-.5.-. ..w'S... '--- ...I aarusi --
LOANS UP TO KM ....I..: .,... .- a ... ...... _
. .... ... SNA
.sou i..1..5. BUNKER HILL
e.-f. ..._. ..._ __ MOKTCAGI LOANS INC.
Vas -.. .._ _.. .... siavict M ova auu>.**' ,
2401 S. FLORIDA AVENUE "....._i'i._ a_a. ...... ._ 302 W. Lemon St.
.... C.- ..-. y- T... _.. Filly MOITGAGI COIP.O' Lok.land, Flo.
..4.r C. a' W.S. ILOtIDA i
.... ..
.. .
-- .
MU 2-7193 .. .._to ... i.waS... a..5" ,
lakeland Phone: ::::."" :......4.. .. ew./. I SU -TMt sod Hon 1ttOW.-' HOC-TV. CMtCK YOU WCAl .U...TIHG.I ,


--- -




Rising Stock Prices, /



Really Want Rosy Glow Over ForecastsBy LAUGH /

To Stop Smoking ? I i .

SAM DAWSONAP For an of the general opt; CHIROPODIST (
Business News Analyst mism today, there to the usual
By George W. Crane, Ph.D., M.D. NEW YORK (AP) Rising: hard core of observers whose rs;

stock price and fatter corporate motto b: "When everyone i as

CASE R-4M: Abe Z., aged Jumped up from his desk and profit have cast a rosy seems to be predicting a big
I H is a cigaret addict. began shadow boxing! glow over most of the predic year ahead, watch out!"

I i "Dr Crane" he began. "1 Yet Ms body crave physicalexercise bona business executive an! They are stow to believe that
busy Issuing these day a new era to at hand an era in
had to drain off his
a mild heart attack pent.
1ftE MAM FQIOw! 1hR we's Srtyvaofsi1
: Caution often a dominant note! which the business to ? STOPo
cycle a
: month ago.<< top energy PtattNtir MOy MMQ smote.euT .
: "My doctor_ I Se he Indulges in hemispherical In such forecast In the past, .fa I thing of the past The present Cavern n eur. Mt is ease nD iMPtCPP. I r+ro..rp Men
then urged me calisthenics or one less hi evidence this year, Rather upswing b nearly three )'e.nl I D lout rtTp Ra ,;.
to cut out ancigarets. sided athletics via smoking. confidence that still loftiet old now, a near record for waA e-
for For he reaches into hi* height win be climbed In 1964 I peacetime. The pessimists liketo
my blood pressure pocket for a cigiret Then is the general keynote. point out that optimism and w rti r
is 180/120 be lift the pack out in frontof On such confidence at business k the forsaking of caution has

"But I find him, whereupon he becomes and consumer level economic often reached a peak Just when
11 impossible a baseball pitcher. growth I* bunt on overconfidence the economic upturn also was \\
1 to quit. So canyon For he vigorously shake ft has often stub bed I topping out | ir \
itt toe*. But today' statistics speak
offer anyp the pack to make one of the v
s ychological cigaret elide out far enough Further Upswing" Freeea loudly of the health of the economy ASATKta.WIOMo
t advice 10 be can seize It. now. They also foretell a \ f esas mtsieaw
to help In financial circle there li I fJ fJ APUM hfe nMR nv?
momentum that
seems to
meta After that, he tap the ctg- rare
DR. CRANE general expectation that President the _
keep prosperity going for
* stet on a top then -
Johnson In his State of
THE HABIT of smoking islargely place It In his mouth. ; some months to come.
Union message Wednesday Will f If this leads -
Next, he remove ft to to a forsaking
t "muscle hunger" may 1
stress the prospect for a continued r ATFItf
I of caution 1WAlTOctC
by leading Industrialists
rather than a chemical addiction spit out the fleck of loose 4PRFl.aT44G
business upswing which I then the ranks of the worrier 11ttsWU.Ft4.Lt7fFh
to nicotine. tobacco that are on his ton .
his economic advisers have win Increase. h ESta rs:
Test have been made where gue.Then been expressing f DKRJ.Satt3 ff IPOte1Y
98% of the nicotine was secretly he 'ishes for a match StRU one chief reason today's Some Lag Evident: 1 ,

removed from the tobacco or the" cigaret .lighter and light business picture i* so bright b Already these pessimist can ,

yet most of the dg.ret cigiret.THEREAFTER. . that the caution of the list year point to some lagging sectors of F
addict never noticed any dif or so hi* kept most businessmen the economy. Manufacturingcompanies
: he wive
ference. from the mistake aretil AZ
repeating hiring or re-
Iris arm and hand back and
The person who, feel nervous forth Interval for that led past business upswings Airing worker at .rate the
at periodic
could drain off that surplus Into excesses and caused growth advocates wish. New order -
possibly S minute in the act
/ energy very easily by recessions. There hit been m of durable good have

running a mile or engaging In of So smoking the cigaret addict simply big buildup ht Inventories, for slowed after an earlier spurt S . sin .-. .
shadow boxing.But example, and no rush to over Constructs outlay a* a whole
lieu of
the In N
hi the usual tense social MM shadow hunting cigiret or" other mus- expand Industrial capacity.The I are above a year ago, but Ilg.Jinl .
or" office situation that absence of such excesses ar* new contract for industrial ,
taut outlets to drain off
is taboo. is cited a* one of the strongest and commercial contract -
...., .
For he would probably be s.tplva Indeed, ., addict would factor In the Industrial andtrade *, The announced intentionsof ... *
considered a "nut" If he yos position at present and of: business to expand Itt plant s
calm down twice fart If
a* '
1 you'd hold a cigaret In each the thane that today** business:or buy new eovlpfl'ient' show a Ec1w.a tit T1i ), --4]
upswing may achieve a record lower Increase _
DRIVE-IN THfATRtSOTtM hand and ttw smoke two of over last year. ?"
atmwtt.MOUtIyl1ft for longevity slits tilt general glow of the!
itfSHOW 700Tfc them And ta the ltodIlI'I.r\et. also. economic statistic would seem =
T.... ..... order to break the medically
HtfM signs of excesses stilt aren't too to inspire
T. C. CM T. A M..fet unwise habit of amok- convincing The public may be
be lUre to satisfy I
tag you try
coining back Into the
that merle hunger.
,, >USTNlttl Chew for example' .. but the professionals seem Mteotro the Congo I w
gum And the public base (PHfiducaHoH ministers and I"
[ for
order to wiggle your Jaw
indulged a* hi tile excess'specvlariMi official 1 0;
24 mmute* and thereby draw yet I from 24 African nation
ADULT tNTUTAINMtNl that sent the IKI':.. ft meeting here discussed forr I
AT TAO AND 10.SO I I off Or energy carry a rubber bn and market for untried and quehmabK *- maths of *a all-African new a
Mock to a that and
peak of radioprograms.
agency etching
I keep *n* *ig K In tilt very led .
to a
I II .
hand that fonnft'tJlltlct' your -

: Or play wfeh, )'OUr'"chain

I Or stretch a rubber band 19-Year-Old Fisherman Gets British Seem Mexican Art Exhibition

.T ... .....r Pena II acroM the back of your hand 'I
"CAH IIA between your thumb and DMItttt ,

nun TOMORIOWI Then* finger try M wiggle tilt other Golden Cross At Tarpon Springs To Have Made Big Hit In Los AngelesBy

ADULT tNntTAlNMtNTtv linen till you ia get lh*

rubber band off<< BOB THOMAS r em director* of other Anfrlrn

PPttI1EZ Alto lean fh art of gar I CWRLT.I STAFFORD Cow Farri Bryant *.* asked the bayou by Cod who mad h, Truce Stick AP M.*-TtrvkkNi 'rIIH nun wet xmmontid to die

miii'llr.QIII. convmai, phi the strawof A......gd Press Urtor to >dxai4 the new at**** the wall by the met whose labor HOLLYWOOD (APH-Th* had I....ka E4 4iMy to wtMng.
paring compbmenl* to year.e.nutes. TARPON SPRINGS CAP) under pie grace of God erewd twapl w'i Mg to 1M Ute Ion bt March M OWOVM pa***.
(Q) : tinting lit bayou. M* told the By TOM OatlLTRtC
ga The crows ha* pasted to another sheet" lie old. show wmfttme' ettdt around btMtr,
.-e. I or th* mine ettrovtnedMUatly 'throng, on* of the large to the LONDON (AP) British l l
... ........ ..-*.. fMhmnaa.la Bishop Atflrikano chanted" and die Mock. On Sunday 40 romuMMrjr my fpMMi I*
TMt* LAUWAGOH"jfrrr you IXNNM. the Irs the climactic moment of therctcbraUo Wntery of th* event, lit could MM Martinis freed the dove a* troops ta DM thankless role ofPOUMB haw bM tweed ...*,. It ha pmty ....." said .,..., "AU
I ,..., stele energy .* be of tpiphaay Monday only rtOdkAM this p... I (h* era was throw Into (h* ** stem to have avert been witk a lie that M ka been:Mi I....' a bishop threw a g&tadcroH "They have tr drdttaiodj Iwater, .d civi war la Cyprus by a MW CMf. art beside the .........'.
r . LASf for further ndvice. tend for hm the dark hatr-ralsMg martin wif. and
waters of A new movie or stage nuoa grave. Ute dtratorof
1 Mm my booklet "How< to Break the'' Spring Bayou. Forty young men Bui Ux wafMBaktn lUll are ? No Mm of the attraction :tin eUnMt My guess were frH >
2 Ito FIRST RUN I t.teuo.nd Tobacco HabK, dove M to retrirv It. .., :. -: "' ;arc keeping{ thetf finger* crotaed.A to I I.ow art J.two *,**
HORROR Him -Cmfr%I Jim MouMurakte* brd lode A. lone at Cyprus year old. It to the matter They aio proved eff4<
"."hI (taj .*., the Mirfar and h* shouted, web funs and old halrtds work of M.*tca* art exhibit at Conwrat was grnt....
r.. : .Z.vti .v cacti t r1..'* lot ftt got It" wflt constitute a danger to ... the County MuoMirn.Vh .

"PYRO"aw j Special kVodlrtlM Received 'bony in the easier Medi \ To Stow PUn*** Bald
Now I ream, to the Mantle Alk. Eagles
II* cbmbftd to tilt berg*, knelt and poM&ly eves to w.r. The iminMim has asked for

y P.y Showhtg and r*<*ivd a special' htimdlo- V. pear and rc..vd from th* Males Swarm To Park
awn from tile Ru Rev, AimlUno The recent fighting .. Cyprus government an enteMun of the;
,..... of OarVMte. N, C bishop f fully! enpnwd to the world the fthow HMi I rb. 21 K was to;
1100 Sal :of the Southern Diocese of the degree of hostility betwee theblend's k dun last """*- By happy cow'To Eat Salmon

..rs... raTS.ssaIYe A 122.727 'Greek Orthodox Church, two ethnic groups the rideoc*, President Johnson andPrfMdent
t.1I I Th EfMphany celebration. Slat reeks and the Turks Lope Mateo wiU. be I WEST GLACIER, Mont (APBaW )
I by the Great of this
to Lot Feb
community Angela
liyPe Deuwy+1Cpmis M 4r* are cwarming MGUcwr
-liimi- C'I Ml urw a w :,sponge part commemorate forth H, and II is hoped that they will National Park to halt
UL BRYMEF1. '' tatter church th* baptismof L 4 was transformed! Into visit th* show on Sfawwwg Und-lacked Salon
ChrM in th* River Jordan by r a republic Midas th* BrHtthOwunanwlth Suck a chctingwisttod visit
r.reau CEORCEOULKIRISnER John th* Baptist three yr ago would further enhance the rot, .
.._.... WE"... a park r..".
.a.a SJURtB) I LIke'our of the disciple of after' 10 year of nil by Bmin. markabU success of the Meal,'said lit tossed $3 hM aster

r.. pw .... ., Christ It-year-old Jim Mautouraku . Now many of the hope ,can art eih**, which demonstrates ,IM. fwiMto MMch aVmg Me.
... ; make his living a* a fisherman tudi accompanied that change says muse Hj drone Donald
Crk and 1M mdIo
; ,
; "Jf ->a partner aboard the have been destroyed Dr. Richard P Brown, ".... bet of th* PlaihMd River
:f1.... Krnm.1'' I fishing bust "Uiik Crerlu" Pr'::$ems are thought,I public' Huger for fwatti.u Th latest affinal census hats
r-1.4 1 Fncl' I Monday* fettival brgsa at Ct sclwd! will haw to be took**'set event"
,t: j a tout. of .Wf bald eagles totk
( Nicholas Church Beneath the t again, diplomat say
upon a quarter of a '
I Unwed SUM ewiuwv ofAUsk
l> OHV ga.t. J.- \ 6Un( :golden dam, Bishop Aim: enoe. must begin for may. to ,nutboa person will haw teN
"S WtUi"i &A IAUOOK- -.ae1TU11O1tItO'' ..(). !rather Consunun J Rapti, eonvwc Creek and Turkish I 1M.ow when. the fiv-man *
....Iaa .,. .un_ ,pastor of St. Nicholas, and other Cypriuu that they must cooper run end AT THE THEATERS

- -- clerg'men from the art a. at* in promoting subtbly, '"The number of repeat temating.
chanted scriptural readings to That will be th* task of the .. ." he said- ..,....'.. .
London conference later this :.e ....... ...
Greek What' is rich '"" ..
they see a panorama .1 -
I[ I Then cam dos divin Uurgy month. U witt. be attended by .. Y. .
tie ranging from Ik* vigorstatuary .t .w ttirwwai.e r wlaaeW..a
drtmauung the lit* of Chnnt. representative of th* two Cypriot -ous prv-Cotumoua lei .
.1@@O.8@OIS@08 Shortly before noon the bishop groups, and official of the I the modern classic of River1'l T, .' v-sat hn

N. w m.w.watq moved to a marble kioUt in I Brush Creek and Turkish governments I and Orowo to neW imagmaUv -!I te5 -r.c. :::.:.. ..
the courtyard for th* "bietsingof craft of rural Mexico; Acquisition ', sy.- .-.,,,,-.,,,
FRANK DEAN waters" Three time he .. Nil GOT caou-Ae C**. few ..,.... Yin iMk* .*. It. Greece. Turkey and Britain j of the exh* "= .. t. ,,- s r-
was aj -r-
dipped a golden cross and three Man.Id 1. Meal.Iis --.. o ao5i.i bbri bbe. tw It. are member of th* North Atlantic .... enue
for Los it t\:
SIN lIRa oMaRIIN time a spng of sweet basil Into Rev Aa.w sf Clet.m, N. c.. bh.Iq .. the s...... D.e.wd ( Alliance (NATO)e<I A.coup I ha* appeared in Angeles no other sine American 'a'f... poI'saaa.a N..waA

a bowl of holy water asking the Ns Gnu OM.da a.- ,tie blessing. dish _ses to Ski Greek-Turksb dash in the 1 city ..uaan--. 'wlsa NiMe
Lord' blessing on it ea.. rbs ......_ S s.ea .... .... ...... .. Seias t.rwiit era Mediterranean could permanently ;
ANITA URSULA Frncessi Form ill eft c..... si .... ,....... el .......". ave..< to km* **. damage th* al iaxe Eat!* Wangled .- ibis =- am wiran.

yt .! ...* ... cu w....., and weaken NATO' eastern "Th" exhibit had toured 12 I uII .+ute '-o-ho.
A procession formed then fIuk. !
EKBER0ANDRESS children in the vivid costumes --- I Europe. cum and the Mexican I.. It.nrt.;:::-' ars, w wr.1r.
M.snw Tempted government was getting I.. ,. \\t. .
of old Greece even com young _
boy in Spartan armor, tbe There's Reason Why TV In such circumstance the bit edgy about having us treasure I...IGI1. ........
clergymen u their gilded robe Soviet Union, which. seems In a gone *o long." Brown re _
\ was .., ,. ':,.fhtM
IPI tbe f was los At th* head was Miss Teen mood to negotiate with the I laced |I'' ..a, wo.p at i.
j Brown had for the : fI'it.r M abJ
pleaded ,
: ", .r coI. 21-yearotd choir co- Uses Certain Western Powers might be ex< a.n.wtr
Occupations ... .' ......, -
tempted to intervene. Moscow lubit I but the authorities made!nseA
#, lout and organist who works ua : II q ..UIl" ilN M.4., OM'WtMt*
!' # trainee in a Clearwater insur nas aireaoy oeciarea tuppan no decision. Then he and muso-i .*.'.."..*It....{,**-..-" "** 'Turn
ant office. She carried a dove. By CYNTHIA WARY Many profession with some for the Greek Cypriot potiuon _
"TV* waited year for this," AP TeIewhlouJ+dl. Writer I of the rigid qualifications duet 1 The present crux began aft'
she said proudly NEW YORK (AP) Tetevuuon's er the island's Creek Cypriot
fill the television
The procession moved throughthe constant search for Dentists I president. Archbishop Makanos HEY
streets to the bayou and something fresh and new presents have patients, but their practice proposed constitutional
aboard a barge which was a difficult problem: suitable lacks the hfe-and-death qualityof IcballlCllle said were. needed to
y towed to the middle of the email occupations for heroes of the doctor's. Storekeepers'make the government more

cove. Forty young men of the series. and gas station owners meet a efficient. KIDS!
Mtt42\ congregation waited in' semicircle To keep a series rolling a star lot of people-but their occupations The Cyprus constitution contains

., of rowboatsCounties must encounter new characters i lack glamor an elaborate system of
,....rA checks and balances
and situation each week. Professions Continue to protectthe EARN EXTRA
+ ooooo That rights of the 100,000 members
explains the
oooooifoOOCOC Given such occupations as doctor Meanwhile, television sill continue of the Turkiah-epesking SPENDINGMONEYFABULOUS
to introduce the stock
lawyer social worker professions minority Q
nurse or
FOR TIllS $14,000 Each Their clients and patients have cowboy doctor law I Turkish CypriuU regarded
individual difficulties or diseases. officer each with some special the proposed changes a* the
"- flavor opening move by the 442.000
Miram\m&OOif..tr.xn\ IOONruuoo I Iin Racing Tax To prove it. ABC proposes to Creek Cypriots to unite the is- EXCITING
I Some Composites replace its detective story "77 land with Greece.

:WOO'TECHNICOLOR"' I WARNER BROS. TALLAHASSEE (AP)-Flari- Teachers have the student Sunset Strip" on Feb. 14 with a I Turkish Cypriots bitterly oppose TRIPS -
show called "Dectry, described union with Greece.
da's (7 counties received tU.OOO body to draw on Cowboys and :
I OHM 11:4 LAST DAY each this month as their share the sporacar tourists of "Route asa light-haned Western.

NW's of the tax revenue from race 66" ride from one adventure to it WAR TRIAL SET i SELL THE LAKELAND
WALT DISNEY'S"THE tracks Comptroller Ray Green the next Marshals, detectives Recommended tonight "You FRANKFURT. Germany LEDGER !

SWORD IN said. and other policemen have new Dent Say," premiere, NBC (AP)-Testimony will begin''

w N to w M The latest p*)ment meant crimes. Newspaper reportersmove 1.30-1 p.m. (EST-ttighi tune Thursday in West Germany After School and On Holidays \
THE STONE" that each county'. share was, from story to story. version of a day time game largest war crimes trial involving
SHOWS AT $60.000 far this fiscal Some heroes show "The Orient Express 22 former
110.IU.:04 AND so year are composites."The ; member of the: PHONE THE LEDGER
1:11 an increase of $7.000 over the Fugitive." is a doctor on documentary about the famous Nazi SS (elite guard) charged CIRCULATION
"YELLOWSTONI CUBS" last fiscal )'ear The December the run, fleeing from one adventure train that runs between Paris with multiple murders at the. DEPARTMENT TODAY! MU 6.1151U

payments were SII.OOO each. to the next and Istanbul AulCh\o\ill concentration o camp.l J


- - -


1 ]

U"IANL.EDGEll.. Tuesday. .... .. IKl II I


What's your problem? For ALLt DON'T WORK AT .IT JRlCARDO G10RK AT IT AND WORK AT''T!

i Out Of f Ran 9 e"I"* H-a46rm4 stamped: *.envelope 'to". .attn. 1 *i-i>>

Abby ......" el

Abigail Van Buren molt I

DEAR to ABBY A relative recently out of high school k DEAR WEARYt Leek right threat Ow beget ., trenta,. BUWDNI OP MOST-****?- THE PROBLEM IS HOW CAM fVE SAVE
planning marry a man she met this put year as soon u When daofhtvr-bvUw ralbe ha de it CJOGfWCMDOGPATCKS fl M 0OGOAT0tit SPP400ucT
he get out of year thai she t* MEET MRS.'O OJM OP lUN tpUE YOUR FOLKS
prison. He to
about It older than
anyway. shtTI had time t* de It at hcme.
previowjy married, divorced and hat cMMren. He has served M05TtMOUCT OUCT
time In prim for armed robbery and WM out on probationwhen rr 50
the met him. fence then be' been lent beck to prison DEAR ABBY! What' the difference between meddling L
for tailing to report to hu probation officer. The girl to attractive hi other people' business and giving advice? AN feFCPJt
and mteWgent She claim she to "illlote.. witllbim. .
that bti.eed.her and the can reform him Her
parents are DEAR WAITING: Meddling .b ..rhtf11IHt b ==
heartbroken, bat the won't fasten to them. She confide .to M .
one, bat she duet read your' wtaim. Can we reach her through altering adrfce-wiseUcited. Giving advise to l ftPC.blebe.. ;.I!
r the advice ha* been asked for.
yea before too late? eI
DEAR TROUBLED -...*" In Mm pe ,le h meets DEAR ABBY "Preparing Ahead' letter from the woman 1 ; ,t .
disease which eaat be eared whh igie. I agree, the man who had M many questions about what to wear to her hue-
*..,. SJlZJ.., fWu But unless the girl I*mtf web band funeral (while he was stffl alive) reminded me of e
advice, ONE can reach her. this classic story:
-- - - -
+ + George C, one of the rice president In n large corporation <
DEAR ABBY' I haw a daughter..+ "" who bring herweek'a passed away tuddenly An hour after H became known hi -AND MR1B Sean WEIRD OOWER NA: A. teose AT rim OUT/N
ironing long M a basket when the came to visit me the office, an eager beaver who had been bucking for vice WEE BROuCMT stO(70EARTI l.0TTROULE KtJOCKED OUT EVERY THAT wl f fGtTij
for the week-end. You need not ask who end .p doing it president approached the bon and asked If he could lake Tile FiPST MIMAN ji NAVE.ERA YVCti
nil girt has no job outside her home and she has only one Georfte'i place. FROM TIE MOONt 'err'
child to cart for. I have my own work to do. and when I have -Ifs *0 right with me if the undertaker doesn't mind."
weekend guests, I do not expect to do someone else '""'- replied the boss
How can this be solved without Marling a fame fight? Sincerely 11i c CA

_ WEARY_ _ __ __ MAX 0 $ /
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Television ProgramsTHIS r V7 $eARn.tN'AdOtIT E ET5 AT } A RF 3 __

EVENING tt is i. S tts. Q11r r

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-- + /t 1. 10 7(t alter'T O ?O T11Ut to 1.mtt AM's. a0JWoni t.NI..ICAM'TYt)1a ** k.
w- e.1fl i. r.. AT my Tut MAYA!Srtttt AC.u. /0 10
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1.-: ";W t ::I = ::::: i I I AC ROM

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murk M PrwfresoV* 41 Red* *tUtfef I T y
Radio & TVService betetvdJSSS. mark **.
NANCE'S X- ofAmertf MOM*) scrip
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Ml W. UMON UMUMt MI4441 MtafthMMj , M To** pert ulTUL IWta.ipst.It tt7 S t sCMM stg. MD.t lwt'w0 weivo iN lviR Ps&trtttw0.NIA I **O T A Two, 'GDM. POWN ID till
a.-wmtifciTrte f )4 Numerical UtucmlentULflar /1.0iI CALL POR Kif 1u00a .eO ** ,, R J C .wwnwb rCs 1q rtes ..vrluswnsRSw O * *. feCVnKiM pa..... e .n Moto; .iu a tt0.rr OOR 554 oo4nVoei.rO: t p swT ,.wow Air MU" tu now**onr
TOMORROW MORNING If rut+ .. agate Narrated eN/AT 1i .f
IISwnMLMUwrary M Subdue M Ribbed
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.JtC": ;: :;:':.J=;; .::=tl .t;; __ Rtpewd.whir MIMaitbirdwMi. t?Sprang up .1A
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.t. _1...", a_ grow. ddfacvlty lit I. overturn a '
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._ .._=... .N.M :: Z a- "' .... J' Ward CIIt. JMlltMDrtM
2- JI Eby null WWIMI. WAG CAI.t-Y 00I TNANI 011. Wady AN r VON
I ......" cI ..... 4J Gwnd.tiawts I ir'fuen obet7TO WGNT wi THI bNOP t LatApr OB LAl'it Lr1ctTS tilt tVn

RADIO DISPATCHED SIRVICINIAR Is.nar.hhr ,.Pertutta 41 0,11.... MYRT ME ,WviflTkOT WIVtt
AS YOUR fHONC { Jt Weighing ( ., ,
bills Caw TV lfWIHHAW .saw ....... .1 Nasal.I s tCoNtN ATi a Olin I 3
All ilppUsates C*. *l**.nfV Prar>Wngw SwL pmne.aadll i : tsH a I r ,
Oside. a T it.., N s.... II I OOI.LARr ,
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A,, NiwRI.. N 1 T E & DAY TVo. 11 Qrmitevi5. MTrvnkISprM4 r 4 1
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I U R cetal. N l/yla. Ii KiNItt..
TOMORROW AFTERNOON IJ Heavy bite 31 Aaagy's bttr, [ '
n Vend: charge. HCarprt.CRYPTOGRAM .
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THE BEST APARTMENTSIn R Huns I Oia.Au.rr OowY YrOit.TAaO TiaitV 1'.L TAi a ATNOsa
N Ftoritf A.e.
20* poretaaT web acers cost.kwGLv SJYTNS&N 4.5 SAICi OI1k'tS
MU 6-JJJI rilll.tO Selei. fir Service 'U' ICJ.Ml Soso wwiw I or vote W 0 To c.I.oaAaoOaNTl.INN ..aLsiowss'wure Ota.ip vei.has..AtD.Ma
Town Are Advertised In The LEDGER Qastified f ti tw .ore art Gal. lAce WJ rQICMCISIMA* vMs SlITIN MA.tV VA hQ QiITI 4 SNu
L TV STEREO RADIO REFRIGERATORS AAM.7rfATlO OI MAWYr.i w stir. Mt .witmsirs tAiL W STLs air J.a ALL A.si '
Section Check Them Now! J Tina MhMAog Whit a arOUSM Ovutilttt'

Of SIIVICI IM UKUAMP __ -- -- ip xt1r
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Bulgarians Say Spy Executed i I II I n 11 t ; ? I t rI .

LONDON (AP)-Tb* Bul \rt-- G.orglw Meat M Vial ia Soan -I ,
New Agency has reported fie Dec. )t. He pleaded guilty
the execution of Ivan At 10 M<|M| tecreu to the CIA be- l 3
Chmuf Geortev. furmer Bui reed ItaC and 1961 white tervcvun .
U.N.01.'.. comuotef on the
envoy to th* a 8w.lpri.1 I
cunJe*sed he utd mtltury and,an U>f. dulmimn in ,
and liter official of vaH- Just tell us how much money you needto
ecunomK teem to the Amen: as M r ;
bills. For homo IESATONAi 011...= wtP4: Ri, R WAG AN '
ovenMteM pay improvement, car }
can: Central lautticeace ##- ou* *;Mcie*
i O W..AI' C6At AND k.$ W.W "
maYRE .a Much w WWUR A60
vacations for all seasonal
cy: for $300.080. The new service Mid sen- repairs your t MAl+tif'.iD PANTS CMiiT ONrt SQUtRT.vG HuN rAw ME WAS ONIIkl7
The prosecution cUuned the'tence waa earned out after expensesPhone for prompt service To SAR f f pea YYIT.1 T.a4 i.irrc _

envoy spent most CJI the moo!Ceoriiev appeal fur a pardon LOANS UP TO $600IImIfD HOSE
c y on mistresses. indudWX was dMied H. wu sentenced
! lQIDe supplied by the CIA. to die before a fmof squad. k-1 0t

ty-two Dutch Peace Corp works -
TV SERVICE en tailed last week for Recite.J. t
.... M -er***..a* ** Brazil, where they will help build of Lakeland

I _.Mu'lUlU i a a .tM .MU S-SMt a hospital a wj a school for mid 209 t. lemon St.-Crpund Floor MU 2 7183 .y -

i wives.I I -.... ... ,-',c.',*"..


_. ..-- s--- -





Tnesday, Jan. 7. IM4 : Paul CLASSIFIED I I '
Pope Returns To VaticanTo OP MtKTINO"Wotlr STOCK HOLD*M* -. ADVERTISINGRATES 1 S3 Hl, Wanted. tsms5 .'s. Hal, vVantad, MIN

hy irlv. that tt>* WAirRIBA WANTED. M. tl ", lAII<:: : :
Annual .:' :at: the BlnekkoMn 11 ni W.rt fli-morli! BoolrrtrAN1BU.CURB nM.: f.l>o !. iron..
CongressmenAttack oT Ikt Plrw note Rank of fin. MM r II Mct..Rnnc1IM fill M
Work On tak..l.nd.1L lr......". PlnrMa.' farIM 3 .sal! *) Dow U. MM n.. .intf...._. oeI_. Tar NlnrS 1 .
Begin EncyclicalVATICAN I... pnwi, td electlna Pissed of erJ.Pl..l'I".ISIMislumu .R' J1..17 L... NJI MU e tU e 'It 1 P.III.
rrertnr. rod lb. tr.eretlw, M.ar5 "11'R1tIIA WANTID. .11 GMana
Aid h.iie.a Charge 'Oe k* fl A.H, til **nEXPERIENCED OPENING FOR
ai rayprea.Ay
=:bsinn la. Nest 'tr. wm i i .. : rl'r.': : u.1UKIR .
CITY AP Galileo condemned Indian . kft"al J:** It'"","""k ". .! oZ 5Auuiusesb ). UI W. USED CAR SALESMAN
( >-Pope was by sources slid previously Ri.kII
,**.. at th* Phut et*.. iI'
Scatter Plan Paul VI returned to his Vatican the Roman Catholic hierarch, the pontiff has accepted an' ....-., I..*..... PoTk Omrty til 'tili'iiC&A841PIKD 3

desk today after his historic: for his theories on the solar syitern. .. invitation to go to Bombay next cun'1lRRre K. W1'Of.' ArbNP,1 BPACV RATV Bunker Hill, Inc.

WASHINGTON (AP) Any Holy Land pilgrimage and reportedly Examined by the Inquis fan for an International Esc h- "'-tit all our Diarut...-. kMkCMmimo tAn SECRETARY 302 West Lemon St..

began work on the Don under threat of torture he, ristte congress. There also it a IN THC CIRCUIT COUMT OfTHI 5f JO_ ..,mi .<* *''k M.. nwivnii .=:: Lakeland
, attempt by the Johnson administration first encyclical: of his seven- recanted and spent the remainder long-standing Invitation, extent! TtNTM JUDICIAL CIR>; rnVM nine OM ........ ""'.tt* wraey c ifOllr. Mr, Me
CHIT Of Tint aTATf OfrtoKio ;.
to shift tome foreignaid month reign. of his life ta partial cus ed earlier to Pint XII and John IN "AND' roM POLK: WANT AD OUDUNIWOKO .si4i Mali.... Ck.MIMMI Excellent Opportunity

Defense De- The who COUNTY. CMANCEBV NO. AM ABT aFACB AM for .
Item to the W-year-old pontiff, tody. XXin to You the shrine of _,
CM No. 4 M P M air "fw. MM-
partment't budget fa certain to shattered Roman Catholic precedent Past encyclical. have touched I Mary at Loordes France. NOTICE OP SUIT :0o rir.r'1_ raw. A HAPPY NEW YEAR Soles EngineerLocal
and with his frying pilgrimage on scientific research: only In, There also Is talk of a trip to, PTMT BATCWW AND IAK machinery distributor
; encounter wrong probably AII80CJA nOM or IKKKKTCTTT.
to the Bible land was said to passing. The last. Pope lohnXX Africa which Pope Paul Visited If J, B kBUklfur corIk I |t- V-3nlr WILL be yours once you find requires Immediately an

effective opposition In the House have hi mind an entirely new r. Tacem ta Terris" ta 1962 while a cardinal.LIOAL _re..flea"HWJ"oT all of .... tin 4, ln.w-t Mn = M : oat how much fan R ta to engineer JS-40 yean) with

Appropriation Committee. type of encyclical devoted to (peace on earth) last April cited "AOVtWTIttWItNTrr "' ''''Iff. ) i MewM show and how easy tt If to, B.S. ta Chemical or Mechanical

Unconfirmed report that scientific and technological: re- the potential benefits of science BIU t* j : -U.\r./Ade.r.ffim Se.. enjoy a fine Income with Engineering\ fortor

such a move would be made by search. but It dwelt also m disarmament wTrrRPAn11, b.nt.dn ... : IU1JrTO. .iron.y'. lees.TM AVON'S Product. Fall Sale and Service of wen
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the administration have been Experts Te Help I world peace and a n-Ills. tend din r of'-ce.ntr s-(.'e51e115a1n11err A D leSt-' W tM M .... _..w .t. part-time opening NOW established accounts ta concentrated
r .ais.
Informants said experts would number of other matters. ttt Palk c-ot" t7 RalkS. "4. : I ._ :=.C" lei i limy. Minimum .

\ current for weeks In congressional -' help draw up the encyclical May Travel MoreIn r.v1.4 Inn cad for...dl...t ti ...... new pM.erN "'--I .3't... .,..'Aerehf" -notified net 5 TRI LAKELAND UDGOtnUTHONt Write P. O. Box 139J of traveling.

circles timed apparently to coincide the wake of Pope Paularesounding rofkBaM Q"tt.. = PHrtietaIaatn I rind Scab .., ,...., Sy := $41.cm or Liberal benefits with car
I'with the 400th this welcome home Ib.ent .. Prertnet It' AND LOAN ASDOCiATTONOP Can MHIJT
anniversary by furnished.
It Went Work take 1 "JItSKT CITY. x...., N tier MU 6-1151 Salary "open".
'year of the birth of Galileo more<< than a mHtion cheering vrmBKCA"--i.1-; 51.nN- .tiled eau.,' end Ikat Lakeland For Interview submit complete
They have come to the attention lilei 16th Italian Romans his continued to a ikM Mtk. 5.wIIptk.1. .ant'= b.rw MA.N.4 cc fnsAaser ::
century trip : ; resume, to be held ta
'tPf1NJ viiprt-
of Rep. Otto E. Passman. tronomer and experimental GI-I generate speculation of more'des sewtaet tIP 5,5nlrr t5"srs sloe. a NMibestn O Tt, BM with t. time CtH1I of Iku-55 10 U) ANNOUNCEMENTS 5wa 51>)0101On.RATOA,_I ...tr .154w.UlM I s..te strict confidence, to box

D-Ln who heads an appropria losopher. papal travel abroad. .- N tIt. aM 4cnTtlnvin. lftCll''W. ; Vet.5.relnl Ctnlei ia the ..,all. F-24. Lakeland Ledger.Sdetwen .
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lions subcommittee which had ..s .,eiuu* rat ra.5berA r: AurEltT C. WKRLY. Attorncrt s.
callS Sewe o
}j a'1n Lv, W4t Central A.....,., m "ARAhD ,}UI>>. Rt tklwl DECORATING CAREER
handled an foreign aid funds for NOT, 1T eS ..hater'wN.t o. tlmikiirt. PtorM*, wit taur .... : ; ..:. amt cad >rar= & TtClX) r*
ant ........ ant N 5. J...MIT 17 mi M Mleir/w.NHr .. ..t..t- P o- *..*
years and who has led the fightto Citywide Evangelistic =':1 _tb. the ten = If still to <. .e. rxn. fmOonfra lrrate s. The Porter Paint Company 1)9 !vim
call n rer.rt n. 55. ** wm k* rater** .-hdt I ,
cot foreign spending. Mr.1 P.45Calmy. ,y. for tk* relief ._.... .. tkc <( Pmaaci NetkMi a national manufacturing SPECIALREPRESENTATIVE

There. some Indication," Crusade Planned .. Fjniwein. ly p.noc.wWM. ned.r TM"uiara SIU.MM **Iw ... company specializing ta
Being ::: = *f MM hit ftetn* i tun ..*, DMItnte.art H /
Passman said ta an Interview knvMarr 0 far ,.....u.yf. *f nflrtno R a 'Qr t r.. lIaTt..... fabrics: carpets wallpaper
_.... ......... .1,. Hut u>k* ___.. In OTflrW Rcoordi Book . I'
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oostaniRO6&i. "
"that they are going to try to Walra and t>. iiUkiii ptar. t br1ak rani pee. r-MM ef ..I ...... atI1It. ......, and paint, has an openingfor The Peninsula Motor Dub

carter foreign aid funds allover Evangelist Sam Todd of Atlanta was made at n luncheon meeting ..Sea "IC..CT*. Mtoi>Mo. n =- Oainy. :;:: ., :=:: k.n._ .r.**raw a'flll ptr aiTTm.on etainrt. TT a mature, neat, personable (AAA) has excellent opportunity

win visit Lakeland next of Lakeland minister yes test lent WALtt"' I.4W5I SVPDt IPO1RI.a UPTA' ttlt4: it eo.)_. and attractive woman for n man experienced
the new budget They are Tit Rink kH T Prtioii :It col ....... ta
month to conduct a series of # .. I P'Iat1II. --. TRAODtO wSasht public contact and
with It. tends tkal tmrtkia of m* nxirtk kalT ttt Not ,. llfatr N Att. MPr ears between the age of 22 .
not going to get away eh.rp..oir,5reewrd.4 sale work. Sale allowance
lnterdftlomln.tton.1( services nwika Sn of 0' Alunk 5At
This .. simply an Indicationthat nightly from Feb. 24 to March The crusade it was emphasized 5jrtwt n.t"MS M :=-" ofPolk Ovtmtf, Fin,- atC co A punt. 50 and 3$. Must have some monthly bonuset and

the requests for new funds I at the CIty Auditorium. will be nonsectarianand met-== Lisa.f,":, :.t n and fire I tatl ...........usen.kofrpMT c.wt.......,.e.hw..aa..alt.....aa.STa.raw. ....... -D" knowledge of color stylingtw.M commteiona. Paid vacation

are not on solid ground.' i The decision to hold the open to an of the pubHc ant That ertesS .i lb. N" rat w5hb cm Scaled tTwlp ra*> ..< Nnat.t..-.. w e/r1W., and Interests .in a decorating liberal employee ben,-
=" 15. beer lut r u. Alk .n..i iiUy bwtaCJM B* B p..tof gf f.irrt to ttx "'-- career to work in ou fits. For Interview can Mr.
"the crusade
Passman that citywide evangelistic Details of the crusade (Mal was-end in7bwtbn tk
arc Ilinmummn BMto
team M the executive sou ........ ** Ra'* .4- is .1170 t.wt =INALfUI'tt.B* kHirttT k+t* e 1t rtnmthi .a'" Lakeland branch. Must have Aplil MU -em. UM E.
new ta the formative sure but 0-- war new .. ,... w..t hIIIf 4R ante,, Ores, haste, all ...!.... to MlCJ IfO S-44M.! Memorial Bird
branch may have to lean the, tVwtM l .. car and typing expei tenet.
hard way that It is not easy to Juice plant for the 12-day series to- ....'s".aPS...faylalt* Ik* mw1mwin..... we-r.,ape mr k...4 .*. tk. BUILDING TRADES Phone W2-0147 for appoint
Orange d liMo anchor ofISL. "I' .
Ml at tkki OMTI Bt Bn pnmotr.
aid total from dude a Sunday afternoon rally 4 "II<.
hide the foreign II, TM4HMilp 9fimrttvllir ( Plnnx tkki Ito tor *. meet. -IP YOU ARE A
Congress."Wherever." I and a preliminary earth 1. ..*t, at M.La*. Wai**. M.rMeii. >U' k l, A, U rhea. .(J '.5rn.e
wIce ci ant
,' .
0y put N. we Ad CampaignWill rally. p..l/1 1r n. NAS..M? M
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