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88th Year, No. 164

mm a 4a

Bok. Treasure


Is Low

Need. 196O

For Valid Vote
Gaineville d city offiS a were
diftd but l optMien
late this morning about today's
rndHakted bond eleefion.
City Cr an o'Neill
turnout would w -M
"as the day goes on." Polls
cldoe at7 p.m.
latest election tu at final
pre time hawed 1,116 voters
had voted as of 1 pm.
City Manager Bill Green a
ported the flowing retr
from the ev pollig plaes:
ecreation Center -123 of 4
registered bad voted
Votig Machine Warehoue -
71T d31 rettered bad voted.
VFW Hall 173 of M 4re-
gistered had voted.
Girl Scout Headquarters -3
of 771 registed had voted.
Buc9im Jimor High M of
W registered had voted.
Wetwood Junior High 4
I g7 registered had voted.
J. J. Faley -INd M
registered had voted.
Green mid the rote was
oMelk lhad pected t Maid
e fet it w due, in part, to
early rams.
Think this changed am
people's voting hed but
(See VO u Ppage 2)

85 Missing


SYDNEY, Atrab AP) -
Prime Mister Sir Robt Me.
is ordered a public invutip-
tbtoday in the inng of Aua-
Ua's pshbut ondtroy-.
er, the Voyager, after a coalmoi
wih the carrier Moir
Monday night
he avy mid u air sad sea
mrchk iscuingoff Ithe Au*
traan coast for i Marg
crew benrs d tohe 3,I
d- e. re were et r W n
many wet down with their p.
Ne of the Voyager's 17 -
Bcs were among the m .
Cai the disaster ochg
and upaeld Ain raala's
pecetime naval history, MW.
sM mu d a naonal nvy aquiry
vwas Inadquate l He a Mih
W"tappohta J* ito aW
h e ,04. MdNOM, th
m d in to t Voyager amid-
hjip breaking he deitroy er
hal. The Voyager's bow section
sank within minutes. The after
section remained afloat for
early three hou.
The Voyager carrledl 3 i-
crs ad ms. At least S7 were
No caualtie were reported
aboard the carrier. Its bow bad.
lyvbat ted, e MMe iu
tmed der her oM powmr to
-in sq, a la at. lb
ca securd a m i ds
ta .s nemr t Jrvi Bay

u -il g IWl sM MSw pa

wa de o rW t dtuwr e off
Ihns alV m n,..n, n au d bf
ai aft *aWeI M r-
ing efini by raar, th&
M-Mp hisaft
hM*beow d-c
NmIy r N AbeWr J.
MM Orid te aied- a.
eand wie the Mlumim

d6e0 a dok, thfi
4b V egfb l sh r, Ct.


my m tn"z30w
a ug= p f-

Aww qf adfla a

NO if ft mam
aIM-SO d Ma


km l~d-o


Civil Rights Bill



Du Oe, Gerald Langford and Pad Langford (from left l foregrond) got a
preview of a treasury of books donated to the Samte Fe Regional Library here yester-
day in the ame. of Mrs. B. C. Rfley (msted). Looking over Mr. Rfly's shoulder
are Lirarian Both Deane and Dr. Myr Blee, president of the Florida Institute fqc
C"tlauhg Usverslty Stkdes, domn of the colectio.


More than 7. children's
books were p a perma
anmt Im ikth Its ft
Regional LihAy ia Gaie.
vil yeste by the plm t
fInatte hfr imnag Vnha.
sily Studies,
Dr. Myrm a. Mee,
d McUS, a tI" do
tio to GWalbig I*
mn M. Whk wk acneptl
behalf of t*4om It N
make upq tegisa .
Dr. EMI pi fled t W

In the name of Mr. Ruth II-
ey, under whboo leadrip ie
collactk waugnmover 4
yean 4i.
Whea Mrs. Rey's -b A
the latm A B.C.lfey, a
tablished the Gueral Exten-
sio DImev 0of Forida in 1911
oat ftha prcipd Uaed of
the ta 3' ol este wu
wuitab books r chiSren.
Mrs. BB became e first
librarian th edao io didvi-.
ion's a r to hi problem,

he Traveling Ibraries, and
uetd in that pod for 1i years.
he Traveflg Lararis be.
gun with 2 wood boxes coo.
taU 2 to Skbookseach,
Mr Riley recaDed. te bom
would be shipped by press to
the school principal or teacher
questing them ea one
month's loan basil. Each ihe
would have books dsipat.
ad for fr levels of read
first and ecd grades, third
(See mOmlm Pape 2)

Powers of Ctty Manager

Under Carter 'Needs Study


More time is needed to study
the city charter stipu -
4ons a a *u an,
jurte do, tl efy mm-i
ager, Mayr Whm toi
the Gabt CalhOy Co-

Wine hbald So eom mission.
committee t aa led a pro.
posed charter dmient to
put thesutlt ei nat ncede.
partment under e city -eo
ag-'s dire S iwt.ely.
Several aM ers of the calk*
amim had liped to incSde
the pro al the baell in

"thueg sm aM mo Weadmr at 4 a.," Mpw

mad wi vam",,M ****

W pple Ikal (l d tirt a n* b t
a WW m etet S b tte i Is a to yhT M Dbee r s
(^*io**- Win ti wo may~ se s9
* amber d sem ft e allllHfi~ fte Jel he MWus,



V ^ -:a ^ .~

M~ r

the March It cty action.
"We (the cmOttee) could
not come up with a study we
cold be paeMd a f i the ai.
d time we Kad," Wamt the
amnn tf*We have ano ee
oad d or the propoed
chrtor igie regardig ates
er.gintfa t city manage-
lb mayarued tat the
ahem a a moleda led

mleau Slenrim 1 hesa n d

-imwmery *er now

SCsidt a ie d the
to i af ~ato ha

prpared hr
lk, | it as
rI. V S. ^^ ^ ^

r -r


Hme has approved the dvil
rights bill in an overwhelming
vote haied by Psidst John.
son as "an historic step for.
ward for the cause of dignity in
America." It now faces a bught
er battle the Seaste where
Sotherers hope to whittle it
down wth talk.
As turned out by the House in
a WIN roll call Monday night,
the bill Aount to the most
sweeping civil rights legislation
in history. Southern efforts to
water it down were crushed at
every turn by coalition of Re.
publicans ad Northern Demo
But in the Senate with s dif.
fent rules of debate, he
Southerners hold the weapon of
a flilboter and hope to weak.
a the measure by forcing
a compromise.
Girding for the battle ahead,
Senate Democratic leader Mike
Maie outlined pariamen
tary moves Ha y designed to
delay Sate atios on civil
rights ua the tax cut bill
clean Coge, probably by
the ead of the ooh.L
Jomsom, in atmnkt, pod
rtut. 1to biarsa nature
41 the br*u ph n -aRome. h
"It repre ts e culins-
tion of months of hard work by
men of good wBw l both par.
"Now the task is before the
Senate. I hope the same spirit
of nopertisanship wnl prevail
there to assure passage of this
bill guaranteeing the fudame-
tal right of all Amuericans."
Volag for the ill tin the
Bous were l Democrats and
I1 Ipalcuan. Vog apied
It wea Dmencra and 3
The bl s aimed at ending
racial dicriinaio in em
S- ~m
tdous o sdcaf ls and other

Control Board
Seat I Filled
Lawrn (Larry) King,
yeM Miami Beach lawyer,
joined the University Board of
Control today, fi&ng a vacancy
created by a protest resignatioL.
Go. Farris Bryant named
King to the poet to replace
Frak X. Buanesea o Mimi
who resised 10 year after
charge f t the board was re-
der be amy I s Is
spealms oi s alt s nmvr-
* eI-.

* *

* *



are the main provisions of the
Home civil rights Mil:
The attorney general would
be empowered to request a
three-judge court to ear caes
charging a denial of voti
rights. A argument made for
this povision was that cases
are now beard by a single judge
and delays of more than three
years have resulted from their
failure to act.
Registrars would be required
to apply uniform quaificatio
standards to white and Negro
voters an a voer could be

disqualified for immaterial er.
ros in qualification procedure.
A person with at least a sixth-
grade education would be pre-
sumed to possess sufficient lit-
eracy to vote in any federal
All provisions apply only to
federal elections.
Al races would be entitled to
equal services and facilities at
certain places specifically men.
tioned, sch as hotels, motels,
restaurants, gasoline stations,
(See BIGHTS i Page )

Bank at Newberry

Hit by Robbers


named with atyleme torch
acut their way ito the vault
6e Bok of Newberry sonek
s gaely haL
Ear porus iailumyt
the bank's afety depit boxes
uad boa rifled.
But the money chest appear
mly wasn't opened.
No estimates were available
on how high the lo. may run.
Investigators and bank offl
dals Indicated t would take
theme to detemine us wt was
taken from e safety deposit
Details of the burglary wre
ar this mo g and Fedar.
SBuren of Ivstlgati.U agts
ad da- sborhds had the
nk area sealed off from the
One FBI man- working in
Gaoesvill was a the sca

so-o after the burglary was
A team of agents specials.
kIg in bank thefts arrived
about 10: from their h
b -w in Jaekls Al -
dM to comment on what had

Available information nd-
cated, however, that entry to
the bank was gained from Ie
rear. Once inside, the burglars
moved directly to the vault
and went to work with their
acetylene torches.
They cut a hole about 15
inches by eight inches in the
lower center section of the
vault door. Safety deposit boxes
were left strewn artnd the
outside of the vault.
lTe acetylene tanks were left
at the sene.
And reports said that the
bank's money chest in the
vault hadn't been entered.
The burglary was discovered
(See MNIK Page i)

Liquor Law Setup

Explained to Clubs

a IStal Wler
"A que so w, adt wbhena
yoa gt in trouble the State
evera Deprme advised
prate db pt here last
Ipfm iee of b beverage
bas w1t work a u ime,

,asd the SBD spokesman, and
there's no excuse for being ig.
Speaking to about 3 deleat
of the city's six private dub
Mthat recematly got their ipor U.
caems was SBD DIS Supe.
visr Tommy D. Tm goup
d at at Moome Club a NE
24rd Boulevard.
Alftogh -a dubs sge
a midt type M le M
pubik hmrs id Dm's .ad
vM apMWi to bot.
He -s coapeam to
"As log as I knw you're
trying to solve your pI-,
12 work wbh you," Dm ie .
"Bt a soon as we get y
m yr own, youl reeliy bo
ye am," Dkm K si, -p .
lag diAt Ofc fl the
WMP tdeartnmai reg5
mh ati d pertvate club
Amml-Ris ph to ehr a
omskPikb dgwaha
Oe s pld is dIe-e-
asil. mara rnW
lp is b d wi
v a1- W Ol o a-s W

gO- aW pa
jp~i*biA dmq 4,g
mlm a sloed mi

a-i S4a~S

.Mmey they chased at a

1hk Nypertedty heve g-ed
U" .mr t* fEpI. Ca all
Wad-1 sll tbw hit s^ "

6"11 tsas ~stes thus
Oth eta be tae
has- idBHtR debut
Mat borh a #A"ss
dt. ai ad gfr

ar.s gift a to
WMWto Pidirtt
to DC'kM MA
bok MonetMo^
10-- A% I.

-o I

.a(j a


Mixed Emotions Greeting

Th Beatles on U. S. Tour

5K -4


TIday, Fehmry 11, 1964

Soviet 'Expert' Dfcts

y T T S
eirml. ltm '., t ,,, i i 11..with *cne...m m.
..AM""- A Secret Police Officer & t

" Boon to U.S. intelligence in t
and requested potical asylum tion he provided to the U. S. li
in the United States. d E_ i it a ^ v Britain for 17 months was disn
The defection last Tuesday red last Tuesy, wuast) Soviet secret police and of such value that it resulted in supp
b Yuri Ivanovich Naos nl dy hat h (ad Sovietdel-i poiy Soviet defse plan-a wide reshufe of top Soviet li
w disclosed in a tere e option made it know that be aig. military commands and of its auth
uncemt Mondly by ldbume "missing" for live t wsurityadsp eap .n
&te Department, but there e sauld hethitedtheceagewappO tO
were other indications that hei a sa heret te
gly have acted for some time The Nossenko case was de-' may be the most signif- It was not considered here p
as a U.S. agent. scribed privately here as one of calt known coup by the Central that Mosseako was a praise a"
7ie 36-year-old Nossenko was the ost important recent tri- Inligence Agency since the'quite as valuable as Pkov-
serving as a "expert" with the umphs of American intelligence oey by the Soviets in 1962 sky but officials said prately w
Soviet deloptio to the 17-na- service because of their apper- espionap activities on that "obviously" he wa ofa
tion diarmnammt conference in ent success in p tratig behalf theWest by CoL g "high imprtane" became of
Geneva. 1Though 1 defection Uiugh him the operates of V. Peaovsky, a y scientist the job he held.
C i i a C lub-----------~ ------- ^-- to- D edicate^^^^^-"

New Chief ed a
Of Local FHP t o

Auxiliary O
"I nd v

A three room class building
for retarded and handicapped
children, financed largely
through the sale of 9,000 pounds
of cake and 2,000 bags of candy,
will be dedicated and presented;
to the County School Board to.-
The Civitan Club of GreaterI
G.a inea s ville
will present

b o ar d tonightI
.at o clock
in ceremonies
in- the except-.k
loiial child Sm iers
building at 312 N.W. 16th Ave.,

. What New


at the rear of Sidney Lanierrai.ed through the sale of 5,000
School. The public is invited, ponds of cake in IM2,tM
Frank-nF.- ndrs wr ba of Halloween candy, and
speak on the "Community and4,q pounds of cake in 1963.
the Retarded." He is executive I:tis an annual project of the
director of the Florida Council Civitan Club to seel fruit cake
for Retarded Children, past each Christmas, he said, and
president of the Florida Rehabi- 42, pounds of fruit cake were
litation Association, and a mem-sod in Florida last year.
ber of the Governor's Com- Two temporary buildings be-
mittee on employing the handi- longing to the school bArd were
capped. moved to the site behind Sidney
The Civitans put pNO into nLaier and joined to a third
the building, not including containing lavatories and
ical labor, doation of space.
struction materials, and the The two rooms will be used
salary of a construction foreman as classrooms by Mrs. Annette
donated for two weeks by Harry Anchors, Mrs. Mary Hunt, and
Edwards, according to Robert Mrs. Cora Mae Paganini, pub-
Hancock, Civitan president, lie school teachers with special
Hancock said the funds were tra" in the field of except-
i-on, and retarded children.
Sill 'T facilities will be used
v T aX B ill by A exceptional children pro.
Sgrai within the county school
tO IY U system. Thiq includes children
Sfror 6 to 14 h live at home.

--WASHINGTON (AP) This is the kind of increase in your pay
envelope you may expect if Congress follows through with tax
til conferees' plans to put lower withholding into effect, prob-
ably early in March:

4 Yer Payis Tb I

And Ye. Cllm
is Many ExeaptioM ,
lacing Yers

Ye WmM Receive
lhis Much More
O. Payday

1*ore Aout


Frpm Page 1

- 0 weekly 1 z.w "
.$0 weekly 1 2.80 an fourth trades, fifth and
"* weekly 2 $2.20 six grades and seventh and
..M weekly 4 $1.10 eig th gradeT.
1100 weekly 1 $3.50 Mrs. Rile) kept careful ree-
$100 weekly 2$3.00 ord of the i ok shipments so
$100 weekly 4 $2.00 tha schoolst were never sent
$200 semi-monthly, .. V $7.10 the same looks. During the
200 semi-monthly 2 .00 firA year tsie General Eaten-
$200 semi-monthly 4 $3. sio Divisioi offered a modest
$300 semi-monthly 4 $8.00 price for t child reading the
600 monthly 1 $22.60 m t books to help stimulate
monthly 2 20.40 use of the bks in the schools.
600 monthly 4 $15.90 The collection of books grad-
$800 monthly 4 3.90 ualy grew Ia size under Mrs.
PTU'0 monthly 1 $37.30 Riley's guince until the De-
$1,000 monthly I. 3.6 pr0ssion when book purchases
1,000 monthly 4 $31.10 were temporarily stopped.
?the Trave g Libraries were
.Ane thing to remember: These figures do not Indicate how d e"ainued .shortlybeeore
.uch less tax you would owe the government under the new INbWue a sHonr t e boforek.
rates. That would be determined by your individual situation, we.e recai ied Into Unit,
pemptions, deductions and other factors shown on your tax s Une this system the
return. These figures only show the difference in what your em- Erae, Divis oi n
aigyer would take out of your pay and send to the Treasury to be Id send ~' bools from 100 to
credited against your tax liability. os a r
- --ta s20 books Y subject am ra-
Mk et thr than b) grade level.
.... Mee.tock M arket Osbornel. Gomez, FICUS
LWestock Mar ketDi tof braries
Stt the chdren's library col-
Volume of cattle and calves $18 21.50; medium, $1- 18.50; e Dvisi oldG net at
picked up slighUy at the Gaines- common, $14 18; medium and caog tiles
ville Livestock Market yester- good lightweights, 11. ; co of the l le in the nati9.
day, with 724 bead selling, comn mon, $16 -20. I cl. eto cmp-is
pated to 697 last week. booksleftin the
Slaughter steers, heifers and lectiln cept for 4,00 to
bulls sold mostly steady. Calves Fire H its 5,t booket by FICUS
were steady and vealers, $1 to fot use in of-camus coursesfor
$2 higher. Most classes stock. pit irr n teachers .d
er and replacement cattle and t ere
0 3 rep''e""e 'i Plant Here libaria ,
calves sold steady to weak on a t permanent
narrow demand. Afire this morning in an oil o with F n Region-
Prices yesterday: and water pit at the Coppers at Library rter the determ-
Standard and good slaughter Co. plant, M10 rd Boulevard, iption tha Florida schools
steers, $17 2.7; utility, $16 caused about $460 damages. 1cl be effectively
17. s by satewide etensio
Utility and standard beifers, The Gainesville Fire Depart- ibray in area of chil-

$15 18.
Cutter and utility cows, $12.5
S16; canners, 1 .L
Few utility bulls, k$IC5-

meant sent two pumper trucks den's book

ad a ladder truck to to f ire
and it was out witi minutes.

17.bM. Firemen said th
Standard and good calves, in a "sump pit,
$17 21.50; utility, $15.5 17.5. oil and water an
Good and choice vealers, $M to the boiler roo
- 31.50; standard, 2.75 ,51. of the building.
Good and choice feederstock- confined to one b
etjteers, $13 3.75; comm company.
and medium, $W12 a35-15.
Common and medium ifers, Fireme said
$13. 1- I were welding a
uman and medlm cows, the oil sd w
a1.50b. aspa r apptIM
.WWd and co heavy C&le, -fi.


e fire started
' fled with
d th spread
m and the top
The fire was
uidtig of the

-l workers
me pi nea M
ater M a
darted the

Le ore.-bod

SFrom 1

I eded toa thae 6 alonm

cpaM bes g
Ithits ei l ote iealo

SA Rlyae"worte he
I b aptoparoe fth
bIbd five qMB

OW teAdIImp all.

MIV toIal
t .6 Ord6-1

*SV4 1 eV rwn.

ewetupnsent bug
# keaSdS by to-4301
v U elsyee 1 sv1

Warren N. Bew took
command last night of th High
way Patrol's local miUary
Roland E r viln
who as pro-
moted to cap-
tain in the Pa-
trol's Troo l
B. Brewer liv-
es at 25 NEt
14th SL BREW

Other auxiliary patrol-
men installed last night are
First Sgt. R. Salisbury,Sg
Thomas Cotton, Sgt. Dale Drew,
Cpl. Zane Hogan and Cpl. Paul
ZimmermMM. Maj. R. MccCa&.
lob, Lake City, commander of
Troop B, was the installing offi-

The training officer working
with auxiliarymen in this area
is gt. T. W. Harris.

MOre About


From Page 1
rooms can't be connected to the
bar part dof the club, Deen said.
Every room with a usable,
connecting door is considered a
part of the bar private or pub-
All the connecting rooms areI
drawn on a sketch of the estab-
lishment on file with the bever-
age department in Tallahassee.
Agents can search all rooms
on the sketch.
"There's no telling what we'd
have going on in the back rooms
if we didn't do It that way,"
Deen said.

Other points cited by

-All used liquor bottles must
be broken so they can't fall into
the hands of moonsmhhiners and
bootleggers who would re-use
-All cases of liquor have a
serial number on them so they
can be traced. If a case is found
where it shouldn't be, the de-
partment has a record of what
retailer was responsible for that
-No games of ebhnce, not
even a pinball machine that
gives free games, are allowed
in a licensed bar.
-The person in charge of the
bar must be fingerprinted by
the beverage department and a
background investigation of him
-If a license isn't renewed
before Oct. 1, the icenee may
not be able to get it renewed.

Smoking Drop

Costing Ohio
Oh b t a ha st half million dol-
lars in cigarette taxes since the
federal report correlating smok-
ing with ccer was issued Jan.
11, the state's trea er says.
State Treasurer John D. Her-
bert reported Monday that col-
lections tUopped (M, last
week below the same period a
yar ageo a were doM -
1 a week earlier.

wA ama a
easm s. tun ad
caa n a
CoL Raph Paas, 15 NW
aItT mma h Mad this

te aAt lla is 6 i
ar rtou a e~ u.

i h read l rsIsgs

dbaa nessi as

tam -nth Ibn-'
w5- sb lusf

Frm. Page I
te and retail a
ts that include eating faci-
L In addition, average also
d be extended to all pub-
Acommodatiom in which
immnatim or segregation is
orted by sate acia.L
e attorney gu l wouldbe
rieMd to bring a cvil ac-
seek a lijaniom to
any vielatto. No criminal
id an provided, but a
a mowuin to violate a
Sorder mum be Mla to
tmpt pecee"Nol.
S attorneMy eeral could
suit to deiaegregate any
Sfaciltie me opera.
r managed by a state or
Sovernmo t I ts denied
river such thi as parks,
rounds, swimming pools

In addition, the attorney gn-
eral Md in stesv any asuit
brought by a private party seek.
lw, aw guaranteed by the 14th
AmenmM toe the Constitution.
e attorney oeral would
be authorized to se to compel
school desegregatio. Both un-
der this and under the previous
title, many conditions mast be
met for the filing of suits, in-
cluding receipt of a written
complaint and a determlation
that the individual is unable to
bring the smat himself.
The emmim er of educa-

grant funds to help school dis-
tricts carry out desegregation
DplU. The help would have to
be repusted by the local school
Extend the life of the Civil
Rights Commiuion four more
years to Sept. 3, 1ii and
grant it new powers to serve as
a national clearing house for in-
formation on matters involvingU
This would authorize federal
agencies to take affirmative ac
Uom to end segregation and o&i-
er discriminatory practices in
federally assisted programs.n
The action would be left to each
agency to determine for itself
and includes the power to cut
off the funds. The course of ac-
tion taken by each agency
would have to be approved by
the president.
A Federal Employment Op-.
portunity Commission would be
created to investigate com-
plaints of discrimination in em-
ployment activities because of
race, religion, national origin or
sex, by businesses or labor un-

lons with 5 or more employes
or members.
The commission would be em-
powered to seek voluntary com.
pliance in cases in which it
found discrimination but, volun-
tary compliance falling, would
go into court and ask an en
forceable order.
The secretary of commerce
would be directed to conduct a
survey to compile registration
and voting statistics by race,
color and national origin, in
areas specified by the Civil
RIghts Comminliuu.
This would provide for an ap.
peal from a federal court order
returning a civil rights case to
a state court.
Several technical details are
wrapped up in this section, in-
luding authorization for funds
to carMry out the act and prevent
mny conflicts between the act
and existing laws.

G'vife Girl
To Appear On
Tonight' Show
Diabi Willms, a Jormer
Gainesville gi and UF student,
wll appear tonight the
Ju-oy Car shoDw.
Larry Blyden, who played op-.
posite Miss Wiam in te tele-
vision sow, "Harry's Gir%"
will appear wit her..
Miss Wiiams is a singer,
dancer adctre4s.

Raiford Ass
For Donatiomns

t R It N. bhpebp ev

"t S t isac pto. .

6- 4to -1 ail
iim as m w 6m *
p mhm b um Nom &
wa sem as pmoes

Weather Roundup

B C D-Partly cloudy and
coMer through Wetesday.
Low around farming, 35
tonight High Wednesday in
So. Northrly 10 to mile
wid beog nmrtueastery
Ur V-wlby maims aw.
kmIa It a use a ,V
4nl^ a Msrtimsrtr H 11 ,u
,m ari air m vsW
md. iaw. l w ,ali a. L
t~a., ais aI vLasi, w"a

in t w i i "t I sto m r
wh pMtstr "..o mmM
a PUNYmis wi6.5 a-n
late S toM au ni ea,* -rm

VIiast. Li alh.t bte g.
Mdg Whm ata ua ta

a 1 .It e usm pw arty
uK-pawemu 8 an


Am M 'by ....
Muari. a.Monw --
amn am
Th. i 2 y ti
am ftits V M ad J
Sa ia a .itheVOeL
VMesm. w is. wm -
JulUR. aboveY Vm.

6:15 p.m.
7:11 a.m.
Fb. 1is
n" ilnlhe

ONs. The Wutsias-Ns at UK aS m ad
the plan- s:1u pJ Low at 1:m .m. and 7.34
KANT GUI:; Vaisa w is m ii mpb
S:AT p1, ad i Old piarUy CWIt tonib And

Municipal Airport readings for
X4 hours to 8 a.m. today:
High 8 at 4 p.m., low 46 at
I a.m. today. Rainfall .10 in-
I L Prep.
Jakah.U -il a 47
T-ne ....... |S is
cAU -A ---- S 33 .A
N Orm --- 45
a" ---- a is
Nw Yk 23 .11
WuaAO .- 44 26 .34
Chkiea 3..... 25 S
KausI City 20 .N
D ver . ....... 24
FL Wlk u 34
IL AMg -u 7 54
W ---- 34 .

'New Look' Seen

For UF

SUa Edmcatim Writer
University of Florida alumni
will be identifying more with
their professional colleges or
schools in the future than with
the University as a whole, the
Director of Alumni Affairs told
members of the Exchange Club
Bill Fleming, a speaker at
the Exchange Club's weekly lu-ha
cheon meeting at the Prim-
rose Inn, said the new look will
not be "splinter groups." Each
school will be working closely
with the Alumni Office.
Fleming said the policy will
be tried out in hopes of foster-'
ng more active alumni activity
for the University.
"As the University gro ws
larger the problem of keeping
our alumni attached actively be-
comes harder. Ever since the
departure of the rat cap it's'
been harder for students tol
keep up with their classmates
in the different colleges," he

As students lose their identi-
ty with the whole university, at-
tachment with their college
grows, he said.
According to the new plan,
committees of alumni, facul-
ty and students from eac h
school or college will work out
programs along profession al
line. Programs might include
seminars, symposium, special
regions and fund raising acti-
If the idea Is approved at the
Alumi Association's spring re-
unio in March, the charter
will be revised to allow each of
the 14 colleges a place and a
vote on the alumni council.
"For a long time we have
been trying to avoid having
the total alumni program over-
ly identified with athletics
alone. This plan should help
m achieve a balance between
academic achievement and ath-
Fleming also reviewed high-
lights of the association's acti-
vies during te st year.
Most noteworthy, he said, was
the Aluma Amocdtion's role
in helping with the passage of
the College kidf Amend-
"We expect to wis a nation
al award for our efforts in the
bond drive at the aext meeting
of the American Alumni Coun-
cil this amoera Denver. If
we do' wint Il be disappoint-
In the Dollars For Scholars
ive which raiMs local ma -


Ss"db eM tt boets for the
prip sby.
"riBMe amve w- im
at biMl c mheel," a
sbum tKase thamals."
be s.

a yt oa a te uaph

Orange Crop


Bounces Up
LAKELAND (AP) The fed.
eral government's estimate of
the Florida orange crop, which
dropped a little last month, has
bounced up again, higher than
But an industry spokesman
says the new estimate of 65
million boxes is no danger to
the current premium prices.
The February crop estimate,
issued Monday by the U. S. De-
partment of Agriculture, was
one million boxes higher than
last month but only 500,000 boxes
above the December estimate.
The increase was entirely in
Valencias-38 million boxes. The
early and mid-season variety es-
timate remained at 24 million
boxes. Temples also remained
the same as last month at three
* million boxes.
There was no change in the
Florida grapefruit estimate of 26
million boxes. The Tangelos es.
Itimate went up 50,000 boxes to
With a shorter crop, citrus
prices are excellent. Robert W.
Rutledge, executive vice presi-
dent of Florida Citrus Mutual,
said the "slight upward adjust-
ment in the anticipated Valencia
crop should not have any effect
on the price outlook for Valen.


Funeral Services for Mrs.
Adele Flanders Fox, 56, who
died in an automobile ...i.

ey to match federal grants for dent near Hague Sunday, wil
loans and scholarships, Fleming be Friday in Flat Rock, Michi.
said a milestone had been gan
reached with $100,000 being '.
reachised last year being Local arrangements are being
The average alumni's gift tohandled by Williams-Thomas
average a s git to Funeral Home
the University is now $14 a l Funeral Home
year, he said. Solosby Funeral Home in Lin-
"Only a few short years ago coln Park, Michigan, is in
t was 5." charge.
Another project in the plans, Burial will be in Michigan
he said, will be an effort to Memorial Park.
sponsor a University of Florida
Foundation Program with a RICHARD
full-time director to negotiate SOUTHERLAND
large gifts and bequests.
large gifts and bequests. Funeral services for Richard
I' A'fl ~ ID

More About


From Page 1
In other matters relating to
parking problems the Com-
mission granted the Chamber
of Commerce request that free-
meters be allowed during the
Feb. 21-32 "George Washing.
ton's Birthday" sale down.
The commission also agreed
to ask the State Road Depart-
ment to allow removing park-
ingon N. W. 6th Street be.

tween N. W. th Avenue and
N. W. 16th Avenue.
Commissioners stipulated that
if theSRD isagreeable to tak-
iog away the parking lanes a
one-month warning ticket per-
iod should initiate the first 30
days of the new traffic pattern
oa the northouth street that
parallels the Atlantic Coast
Line tracks downtown.
The city manager said the
plan would involve changing
the traffic lanes and rephasing
traffic to allow wider traffic

More About


. Southerlandr 50, w ill De
held at the Williams-Thomas
Chapel here Wednesday at 2
p.m. Mr. Southerland, who
lived most of his life in Ala-
chua County, died Sunday in
a Tampa hospital.
Burial will be in Evergreen

Funeral services for Mrs.
Laura Washabaugh Southerland,
62, who died in an automobile
accident near Hague Sunday,
will be Wednesday morning at
10:30 at the Keystone Heights
Community Church.
Dr. Albert C. Holt will con.
duct the services.
Williams-Thomas Funeral
'Home is in charge.


Funeral services for Alex H.
Smith0,40, who died in Uiver-
sity Hospital Sunday, were yes-
terday in Madison.
Mr. Smith was the brother of
the late Mrs. Horace F. Zetrouer
of Gainesville.
Survivors include his widow,
June; three sons, Sandy, Jim-
my and et, and one daughter,
i Peggy, Madison; one sister,
Mrs. Elizabeth Felty of Bain-
bridge, Ga.; two brothers,
James W. Smith of Madison
and Simnon .Smith nf th U S

a mn BmM ounm*of We J .U
From Page 1 Army in Germany.
about I a.m. by Cashier Daniel
F Jones as he reported to Miss Universe
wort. Jones called bank prest- ,
d Newben Sierd n who Nabbed, Freed
Fist on the Saene were sher. MIAMI (AP)-Miu Universe,
iff's deputies and Newberry If-year-oldkds Vargas of Bra-
Mara ll Bl arey. zl, was arrested o a shoplifting
Whe contacted this morn- charge but the complaint was
ing, bank prudent Summerlin withdrawn and the charge was
said the bank is osured by the dropped in municipal court Mon-
Federal Deposit Inurance Corp. day.
He said other information A lawyer for the Miss Uni-
would have to come from the verse pageant said the arrest
FBI. resulted from a misunderstand.
ing and a language barrier. Te

peite lrunette speaks only

PubfiM @wnll M.
h.i by .t.. .eivi.le F.-
L.CZ at 101 SE
2W PAN~. dhmia. RAM&.
mWd wA&ad u atom dan
mo- a Sw0 Poo 0 Ma
eminent Fblrid.
I Wkta.41
I M.. 54~a
AN wMl ls-t fmat
.....,, A ap,
tUean- *i -~llilt -

CCivmtan Club to Dediate

Classrooms for Retarded

Prisoners Want to Read

For Quakers
To Talk Here
lqWa Wtm, aWssb.
mMkbWfr te mw
gtaIda Cpeitk lo the
el*r d PriMs me Friday
Wa ilgt iliilre
Wtm is to aimU des.
hr dm P l6Cmea
b le a elyl febb
&I I b ft bnWd.

Eiiilllbi r me t
l b &Itet
m asms no


. I
d I

I - -. .

m we



1 -



2 4-6l sM- So


Drai ame, uS art ai
s MpoANt ;t as hnMy
of 7lrda hlis wk1h1 the
Tird Amuel Fe Arts Futi
Vl pigts a way nomrow.
maamns his ame db anid
aeliffnMa reb. a.
I hI a cpimp n rt be-
twina e Wenir 's Depart
St o NMsic, tte Iqem
Coml, orm Pbyem, nor
do & I, CU i d yical
M ift nd Healik the De.
par dof Art, Speh and
BamnK aad the Pulic
acim o. d lactu-resO-

VirV T. monAlgric
t por, author adE m
erin, delivers a pubte lhme
Mesday a the roe of ivedrwi-
e i the creative arts. His
tal taie place at 1:l p. a.
bs UD ersity Auditorim under


Lose More


LONDON (AP) Thi depar-
tre of a leading Bridh re-
earch team for the United
Slates stirred new charges Mon-
day that th government is not
givg the ntion's t brains
eough mmey for rmrchL.
The last through the
"bah drah" to America was
co-irmai by Sr Robr t AA ,
vies eamee of tmw
Univry. He aid Prof.
Buh and mine his march
workers a- having this fall to
coohn tha work at doe Wor
ta er nit h Masin hn

Dr. Prisill Hele, a member
of Bob's staff, said he has
been worried over th years
over th se of grants for his
ruearch Into the chemistry of
the body during mental llne.
Birmiham bis lot two olth-
er science departed chiefs to
the Unied States in nace
In Brlta most of the momy
for reach comes frm the
govurmtm Indtry ad p-
vate foundation play oay a
s role cm pared to t t of
tir Ammireh m -Co r iL a
Govrnmet authoriis, who
5 attempid to persuade h to
stay, denied he had received in-
sumicient .ckg.

'Good Case'



Dy iI1no0 A. DiGO
BEy WEi, (AP)-"We hav
a pod se" a state official
worutk a pmnecutioof d C-a.
b ba hl for lting in Florda
waten aM today.
Cat. Tad Glbon, Cie law
eMrcWmot agent of the Florari.
da Canmatin board, aid ev-
Mham abomded that 0h Oa-
bm- lved ate tMw.
G-.b haeadsa tam of 14 m-
samr board m amre for
tOa -.bR mat Me, he-

nl em of e n priMn,
await rve l of a UNtt

wIi aA Snday that he
wall e mpite muatt. 1
naros n b US.
AML inM SaV. a J heJa

Ain GbasM po2aneinm
bnram fau crine s Ap

warM thi shams S loi
Mal im with piNhO
one an mtas nas d bw
lye a abdorad rat gs fr
CMt Gu dm ad NaWal fiar
Ices, Sek Oaktn aMeea

Sema^e Can w ei ad hif
waf ts ta IaS me e to lr

pdouh*l bb al aibo
m t u wem- -
oaodn" d Drn wh 4 ,
S gen, 5i aFt I
rai m*am e t ua Sisd
tiap"MA *"idstbe
S tta f6'ls Ot= ato
AM u t m m o Il

| k il Mi| 1 Gurin

sti lTal

o It s It Sugi
Johmmas re d hu i appeal to
Congpere auday I a pogrn
of hospital mad hml
care for de aged, fianed
truh edd SecuriAy.
He aei aed m e federal
funds be chamelad einto ro
vtiM of "obkoletle a id
at" hoapitalk i the big dint
Tue werthe he Igd Ots o
the P idt special hail
message to Cogret He said
he would speo other rpeit
in the health fields in subaequet
mmsags on poverty and drug
DeKribg his progrm asa
"vigorous and amyded at-
tack oa our most serious health



15 Per-- -fo-Mwe 4.

In 7Day Ped

qiior d h Udheml rs
Cialte d ldi
Florida Players' prior-
mancM "e oM olie Kare-
da Ai," ad a mIrt by eS
Uftwhr Orf'tra
nlh. ee crtoals gMI p to
Nfemsa Bal AduBam or Me ,
Players' product. at 7:3

il, wS bei by te
Lycem Coaudl at 4:5 p. a.
b) Sh U IVeitjy) Auilri-
MIL Underte d i8 of
Rai Peted AM l ad
chmqggraper, the lg Wapes
wll lasF ,Mrs. 's -

as.1 1

p. Wemtday and iThuaky At 4 pt Friday mers
and a I paF. friday N ali Sf I V r A fu T wll
aruiy. he nceort beg at pn Mt a eader'sAM of
8 pjm. i Univemty hadio- seelted f fd Wfa" l m
un. momwou imImar of the
laWiF te ido Opm l ASIP0 Q0L

problem," the Pr said:
"There tism d and no
room fr ecod a health
HervkeS." w -

ating a kmu4 on heart
disease, cancer n sts to
make as ad to himt
whin a yar on ho bet to re-
d=ce the eide thdm di-
Te Preidn skd for a pro-
rPm aof rts tord mort
ofe in.' nr a pro-
gram oewhat L to one
enacted ast year ter medical
and dental "o He also
sught a federal scholarship
programafor arse.
Be al recommended a five-
year program of I mort
gage ib#rance loans to

b '

I SEE by

...the SUN

li Galevslle polce tUs
-m h epred fonowigI
perkmbildv ind Mecib in
the city yesterday and today:
James Alfoe Brown, 2414
NE 1st Ave., and RBocoe Ger-
aM Edwards Jr., lWNE lth1
Ter., about 10 a. In the

I Uo A of NW th Ae.
Caoile Tner MSAdman, 21
NW th Ave., an Lmie D.
Abel, Stae, aboA 13:21 pa.I
at the intersection W. Univer-
sity Avenue and d Street.
JI Lfeyward, SW 14th
S., about 7:3 a. today at
1i0 SW 14th SL t

Cypriot Students

In Protest Ri t

ATHE' Greece (AP) A
dsh be police and O-
sands di Greek i"dta tryhg
to march a the U.S. ad Brit-
ih ebules -g Unisen.
retary State George Ba o
hi Cypa peace amlie Mnm-
Demanding mid Cyfl
with Grece, Se adn dem
outrated to uSemes their
qpposin to me lmdo-.WS
1M pia ufor an bmaitai
paow force to poice Cypem .
Ball was reported hm aven
into an unexpected check in try
ing to win Greek approval of
the plan. lHe dlayd ia dor
ture fhr Try, second Sp o
his mission.
Infoed source amou Gsmo
aroved the peace form
pmded thit n gt aDpeval d
Mb UJ. S ""e y C f. t
Paut hm wae k qpms f
laemm the ,d lfte

Ardbtlahop Maka*b wm cer-
bin to reject o plan em
do9 1 b" W ,m pld" d
air -s hr. m- -a L
dl It Mi to hhafeb
Ao bil u E br y

SKeen Scem

iad md Kflmk

lent AmrJmfseie a,
ae* ania m my

d ame Mbhat W ah
vast -a bt-l a h
win m"u .S g
" a ped a ne
liff a el 11-VA

gagS hi bloody Aaae sa e
lat December, h Uted

Uien to th peue trce re nd
the U..-BrisplA
To mi Greea k o jec
tons, Lodon and Was"lngta
agred somee ao f link be-
twemn eUnltod aM and
i pate force, $it have re-
fused to consider cr O

The das be"wepin ad
Angels Tsukla Aenis
tlda rally the p imubae
sbeld be decided yreaits
of die and Greek Cy-
pioe outnumer Cy.
priots 4 to 1. I
Studha mrows, q la for u
adi rafi: "W -a Mas*
fv infie, giepo a"H .

Oswaldl Mother

- I ~

help build and eqp group
practice medical and dental
fadiafte ParsMnt Kilomedy,
too, had sought such a program.
Administration officials li-
Smated that the major programs
outlined the message ex-
chlsive of the medical care for
the aged program would cal
for new obligational authority
totaling 7,MM in the fiscal
year darting nest July 1.
The Johnson health care pro-
gram, like the Kennedy pro-
gram, is embodied in the King
Anderson bill, pending in Con-
grss. Hearings on this bil were
completed twoweekago by
House Ways and Means Com.
mites. No action has been ta-
In an obvious attempt to ap-
peal to critics of the health-care
pgran, the P idet suggest-
ed that there is als need for
supplementary private insur-
ance and for the controrsial
Kerr- l proam of free aid
He urged ail stars to adopt
"adepate programs of medi-
cal stance under the Ken-
Mills act.
"This assistance is needed
now," he aid. "And it will be
needed laer as a ppame. to
mpital Buracem."
Crim. ofd the admilostani
hemibare plan have a t e
officials have attempted to
make th Kerr MIs p rap
Ineffective i erdr to get
throu the ne roa m.
The Preskient spelld ot de
ta t for finan the alth-
care program: one quarter of
o pre would be added to
Social scftAr at.u. tiN
paid by both mpbare ald ao.
plye; and mdm lp ib-
ject to SleWl Ea y taoso
would be Mncreased m ho- M
Ftr those perns., yea I
rae and older, who we a t cor-
wed by Social Security, 6D
cost of Similar protection would
be provided from general fubes.
The cost to he aerage work-
er, the President said, wodM be
about a dollar a ME & an
his working years.
In asking for a five year w .
beio of the Hil Burtn BH-
ptal Costrouiuon A M P
side urged thatd ah
1"M from ons-cl b 00*HI,

io h rural and suburban ares
to rtnomvatfimon f older facile
in Sl big cities.
Itring the past 1 years,
more than m JA Mm li fed
eral and nmfederal fb hiem
Seen dfMai led Sio -a m aMwi
al fcilatei der the ]NNW-
SActL MNot d tuMee bae bea
hi mdml ad mmiwl ma.


Son Ws Not Dangerous

agtrpsi~e ane lbse sa
I a mdlmoe, a -m
b hi ip.i- es d
8s *tA a =WON0ante.,
Wa. afliiiiilbr lbs
Ik ,Q & bo b
*adeW t |aho
Mursm. t. han h,-
shnM~ fa.r fe a I...w

Sut as wMar edard. ib
c iamu ha yet t .
rMpted the laf blb Is
ak ftM qmd ai hb e-
vbei assume setaito awuo
WReSI km S flo .
became: "t: e hardly
asked lir s quWay l
"tr l0i ft di l adof
% a- *ef *

it o e aTVe, th
S mftierTk me. tt tall rn
ha JNi as. tai-
ead *k aa, bospr ube

dent Jobao's m in helh pro.
ps al, enac t S a cman p
for the eldy adir Social Se.-
c-rg, appeared to be lockd to-
day I theiHoms Ways and
Means Co tiee. Its pedm-
so have been locked there
for years.
e commite plans aessions
a the maue, perhaps as
early as the first week of March
but there was no sign that more
than 1 of the IIembers'
votes could be galnedto send
it to the House.
ids and foes of the plan
aeomd its only cmm-and aa
lia one-wau that a coalpm
Maio acceptable to Iairman
Wilbur D. Mils, D-Ark., can be
worked out.
HoweH r, another mcomee
datio Johnson made a a pe-
cdal message to Co(Jgsn Monm
day- fi- y extension d
broadening oth the M orA
Indee hd p hb In hoabe
ta-bhad W Wriger popas
Chalruon tem Hani U-
Ark., of the House Caoere'
Comminee which handles hna-
o a lgisat, amid "w-
deed we wil" have bearings
"We have ton move fast be
caae the present aulthorsation
eall* June ,"' Harrs said.
Rep. Carl Albert of Oklahe-
me, Houe Democeratic leader,
said be thlbas h pal pro-
gram stands an emellet
chance of e amelmt ts year
a t has "always be pop-
lar program in Comps."
Jonm did ot a*p at his
opal fr medical hrance
ft to eM ndair Social
Saeny An-Kig. Na praise.
ably w a po e l the
oe twh l PMEt Joua F.
Km s solt, which is aon-
beolid i t he 1hAadersa
o b ci Mall for a are
of bspital, iag hoae and
sme eulpat e arvices to
thoas e o lh Beds Saut-
ly pa ro tax wol be in-
em ld by Bqrt of 1 perA
-m m f b agm bead. L
owed tm m c Of bp to
BM at n astft Wrt id
did Seosy sf t i cm m
aporiadim would pay the

Talk on Space

mRN Eqvi y tafts

uB athe enm bus -am

aipe al ms ut wit
matarsofd U.t.Cae-
a a doas for ps
d id-cal Mam a aim
as ,_fas& a s ai

me"ma ft now


Team M0my IIf 1n. 4


AiL PflqM, f u Alpha
wB maie haoMrsay rater
iy for wae, W b m a anm
i ale dl heaD 8MftAm.
.earn at :t1 pma. fialri
the aimen
n Pnl wier saNs wilf
Sbe mjr a aet ahsr-
The Jns pap. wmch ha
purimd h Ie Whio HoeB
and iamd &elh Aterie, ap-
wpatn: dltparpn hi
Udmwaity uarim
7h Unrily Orhgis b,
a medm dimus wu C
tMIval h a cdtal of mdm
dMa b the Wom's Gyas.
h t 3 pan.
Thalonisa lE II be-
tn ewl hbe folbwd wth a re
Icp"M in his haoJr Bryn
Lon of p orida DUio
He wil driver a meSd tak

LBJ Details Health Care


ad TOWN* atu paa

kea tbMMk itk in.
AID ft WAt w a pwn
eMt d 6h o UI mr AI-
drnS at 8: pam lb Id,
aiMr as drom d Md
W. Bolewi w bleb wahs
by!ia nl* ti rorm
Roudie out e panuia
as of tebme hArts i amn
A- be OpM GdlOR vio.
ht, wkw iW prom th
:=AerftiAhm at 8:W
cm gmnip.
The feitini al deds a amn
bar art ehitis.
A em mnb free to tle pu
hk vialho nMpt of be
fMtL" Cm60 a oPlu

Health Plan

Riw Mf


tats at Abate Gormd
HaNpl c coatmu to
aNA, bphal Director M. T.
Mats fabecmt for Gam
vle arBan mnbers yeter-
"Rates will rise in spite d
efforts to control them, Maif

He said the Coat labor, p6
u ab weft a oai l
Suo f asinmg Ceter a& d
the nw VA hospital, i re
spube ar mue ofthe -in

"There will be no alternative
but to rae wages to meet ti
compeafl mouan said.
He U be d that labor tasm
Mpr ca t r d besalary deft
in the L.7 flinu bdgt at
Aha G al this year.
"Brean ~b dwn, out aof
the dar, 11.4 centsis for ad-
ministratim, 1.7 cents is for
dietary, 13. cents is for lusme-
keeping and .3 cents is for
proteolmonl care of patients.
tia, wh has realgM his
job to become administrator for
Baptist Mnmorial Hospital in
Houo said increased labor
costs will probably mean rates
win have to rise corresponding.

He noted that the hospital has
been ma in the black on a
cloudu margin" for the last
three years.
Hospital costs have rien 273
per cent b the last IS years,
Msean explained.
While d national per day
codt hospitalzaton stood at
37.77 in =W opposed to 0.31
inMI, the average in Florida
is $35.93 and $3.71 Alasnehu
General, Muidan nsa
He sad hospital compleities,
each as upodats tbcic
machinery, technical and spec.
ied treatment tchniq
saW highly trained penraono
caused bthe Increase.
he administrator said al-
though the daly eb are h*ig
er than in the pat, the length
of hospital ds are much
"Compared to 20 years ago,
the total cost of illness in work
the lost and length of hospital
stay is lower," Mussia said.
He said today's patient Is'
"'uch better off." citing num-
erous breakthroughs i n medical
care that oam regularly and

Tyndall Site
For CAP Camp

About 35 local members

the vl AhirPatrl wMl t two
wee ai manr train wiln
the U. &S Air Force bee
June 14 ad As. K
y'lp go to Tyndal Air
Force Bae near Panma City.
fbe edem can ated anmy
me of five two weeks-long e-
slo being spoored by
Air Force. Each session ca ac-
nmmodae bout I cadets
hAipphiA to aeOud the
trani mg t be made by May

spaetor a ,m war Muf
I Bt u lm ofdchile -
"Who im a prt id hkew
mthin of te asIr.ta'n"-
was Job F. Kennedy's latest
fner the lm Cubm aule
crisis, his brother has disloaed.
AUy. GL. Robert F. Ken-
*dy sld hi a new foreword to
the late prts t's hook "Pro-
fies Ia Courage" that be and
his brother rconised the po-
alb l f abet k d kl t thIk
a"emed a unimportant, al-
a t Mles."
"be a matter which rmly
was of concern to him and truly
had mean and made that
thae much morn fearful than It
would otherwise have been."
amid the attoDey general, "was
the specter of death of the dcl-
dea of this country and around
the world the young people
who ed no part and knew
noting of t confrotation, but
whoe lives would be maifed
out le eryone else's."
"They would never have been
given a chance to make a de-
elsion, to vote in an election, to
run for office, to lead a revolu-
tion, to determine their own
destiny," Kennedy added.
The late president wrote the
Pulitzer Prize-winning "Profiles
in Courage" when hospitalized
in 1M-M5 with a critical recur-
rence of his wartime back in-
jury. A new edition of the book
was published today by Harper
& Row. ITh text of Kennedy
foreword is in the current Look
mTe attorine. y
Tne attorney general finished



Remain Coy

0 NtsI |rk tieu
DETROIT Gov. William
W. Scranton Of Pennsylvanla
said Moday that Democratic
failures In foreign policy "may
well turn out to be the major
issue" of the 1lM presidential
Scranton met with Michigan
Republicans during a busy one-
day visit here that was billed
as a non-political effort to pro
mote Pensylva But there
was far more interest in what
kind presidential candidate
he would make. He appeared to
leave a good impression.
Events often reached comic
opera proportions n Scranton
and Michigapn Gov. Gaorp Rom-
ney both considered pre-
dential possibilities repeated-
ly paded each other to an-

n ounce bis candidacy for e

Republican nomnatio. But
both held to the psitio that
thy wme not seekhg noem-
ination but would accept a ge -
nine draft.
"lfe Dmocrats ae opening
up aD hinds of issue to us,"
party officials, but e Repub
licans have been slow I acapl
talking a them.
"Eerywhere my ook smd
do world tha k otim i
torm i rather ta gt
stronr," ha added.

Communist Athletes Get

New Freedom at Olympics

VOB-A- It win apparel
dr g th Olympic winter
jut nded at liIs-
hbk* *A b -p m" A-
bNd pmler bm ofas-

r t-abb debhl s. -der
hd a*d wa kh dce.
i' bCi ilorl W shill-
a r ilhi e -

w1 ad iew as *-ar
sr f a, dblinty wl-

it san l d am.
Id k Itldadi 6 e P-

- ides b mP6

lo. r as- atb
hw b o da hIrm*1

I- -w R-b.

s S & ,

for refue in Wet Gemany.
Among the athletes from
nine Commat natios, the
74 Rtmim we twe mepSi-
u picem f wdlcared far
cmpetitos. Tey wore the
omlt ad p-w S Bmo
v.upflm d ibloa
BO-- -Mn- w-e

rrs OLMVI p

1 tauW7
a as


GltewkI Sea 3

Victim Lives,
Rescuer Dies

Les Peterman, police chief in
suburban Bentleyville, died of a
heart attack minutes after ad-
minIstering oxygen to a heart
attack victim Monday night.
Peterman was called to the
home at George C. Breymaier,
64, who had been stricken. The
police chief used an oxygen
tank, applying a face mask to
Breymaler, and restored him to
Then Peterman walked Into
the kitchen and collapsed.
Efforts of Breymaler to use
the oxygen tank on his rescuer
were unsuccessful

SAVE BY 20th

4 M
Subpu- ^md1 m

a- -"M 1i.i -U

Bobby Reveals

Kennedy's Fears

Fo Aged CongressMay Not See
O to Cong Liht of Da.v



writing it Dec. 18 U days
after the president was assas.
sinated. In effect it, to is a
profile of courage.
"President Kennedy would be
14 in May of 19M," writes the
attorney general. "At least ohe
half of the days that he spent
on this earth were days of in-
tense physical pain. He had
diphheria when be was young,
serious beck trouble when he
was older. In between, he had
almot stery other conceivable
But Kennedy says he never
heard his brother complain,
"never heard him say anything
which would indicate that he
felt that God had dealt with him
'iTose who knew him well
would know he was suffering
only because his face was a lit.
ti whiter, the lines around his
eyes were a little deeper, his
words a little sharper. Those
who did not know him well de-
tected nothing..'

Smathers Says
U. S. Isolation
Of Cuba Fails
George A. Smathers, D-Fla. says
United States efforts to isolate
Cuba economically have failed.
He urged that this country take
"other, more effective steps" to
topple the Castro regime.
Smathers in a statement Mon-
day said that his country may
have to drop restraints on Cu-
ban exiles and give them "all
the support and encouragement
we can, short of all-out involve-
ment ourselves."
The Florida senator added
that "it is a plain fact of life
that our economic embargo of
the Island has been largely in.
effective-especially in light of
the fact that some of our free.
world allies have been carrymq
on lucrative trade deals with
Castro and others are now in.
stituUting such trade."
Smathers said "we have to
give the Cuban people some
hope. We have to show that our
pledge and determination to see
Cuba free once again is worth
something-not meaningless and





8 moutummuni

L .1..' 7q"

I .


TookiJ.morW II I;M


rlUdla's letiM
'Uhuky a W

1a j gm~uqi The h
'^rWl 4fMM5 Vt V.

NAIus agm insWa
BMW"r. mUelmsmeA
aPM 01:1

Hawthorne hu a doctor.

The little community to the aat
of us has been having its trouble.
Lacking the glamor, the bustle, the
economics of bigger cities, it hasn't
been able to hold a physician in the

The Hawthorne city fathers en-
gaged in a vigorous recruitment
campaign. They even built a $25,000
* city-owned clinic for use of a doctor.
* It stayed vacant for four years.

And we wonder how many tourists
zooming down U.S. 301 have ob-
served Hawthorne's quaint banner
which stretched across the high-
way? It proclaimed in rather plead-
ing tones, "Attractive Proposition -
This Community of 9,000 People
Needs a Doctor."

This week came the news. With
the aid of State Sen. J. Emory (Red)
Cross, Dr. Leo Kleck of Macclenny
has enlisted himself in Hawthorne's
cause. Hawthorne got its doctor.

We welcome

Dr. Kleek to our

Hawthorne's fouryear dilemma ia
repeated a thousand times over in
the United States. We get the im-
pression an ill and aching America is
forced to self-doctoring with aspirin
and shelters, that death is the con-
stant winner in the medical race, that
the country iaonehauge nm agonm
with not enouh salve to go around.

But it isn't so.

Unless statistics have, changed
drastically in the past couple of
years, America has enough doctors.
But they are in the wrong places.
The cities have plenty-the rural
areas have medical anemia.

In short, doctors congregate in the
cities where there is money and

Who can blame them? Our society
is highly materalistil in nature, with
abundant stress on automobile,

house, fur& and ot*r externals of
wealth. A physician as apent an ex-
tra ten yeafs in saatIg himself.
Doesn't he dioave better
than a a c in a com-
munity which can ilWsupprt him?

Besides, runny no and psychotic
widows and spider bites make a pret-
ty uninteresting mecal billf-fare.
In the cities are radtim clinics and
open heart surgery and organ trans-

Hence the cluster e medicine men
in metropolitan area1.

Some have attacd the problem.
One notable effort was the Univer-
sity of Florida Meducal School. Ten
years ago, the idea f an expensive
medical school was' "sod" to the
(rural-domin ed) Lislature on the
premise it puld t out general
practitioners suitable for less popu-
lated areas., nd w 're aware the
first 100 or vo students were care-
fully selected on thebasis of prom-
ise to alleve the Ioctor shortage
outside the dies.

But providing genel practitioners
is a rather roiltine ad non-dramatie
tak, compareto heart surg.
ery and medical aomation. Any-
way, we hear heck of a lot more
about experimental advances than
GP production. I
The Medical School is a grand
thing and we' not bout to knock
it. But we would lik4to know (1) if
its primary mission a changed and
(2) what progsa it made on the
no-city general practitioner prob-
lem and ( wat te future holds
for all t 9theer Hawthornes in

Doctor are ultra itive about
"socialild" medicine. Certaily they
must realize that "aocialization"
reeps in wherelothei fas It mere-
ly fMla a void. the medical profs.
sion cannot fill 6 ned, the void al.
ready exists. '

Perhap it's not toilate.

Voice of the PI9ple

=.........-On The Sun's Opinion Pae ..
O sMs- d4 CamMaO SN I reds ae wes m Is The 4 Viso e Ph0e 0aM. L sm
met assed M f w"a d mw b e bww w vm wl a fd if m e A hn ohe w
sM s m em s tigM 1tom m y b tmoi as t WS. Ie. ees ch es e wl MuI eks e
4~e. 1. I

Don't Tangle
Our A uieu
mm am, na im r-
g VAN am d to af t
ta ofwl ha
mai Sw ASm
matis dear ambehm
wbehe baiML GMe Vm-
Swogtn md O-t eM
glMg alles Sid' Ben
araklan M ear -ais
naey -as a gld W to
P- erap w e Vfrt
me an m mml M-H
.v ard earmbis that flat

-ath a
-lMt, ..t M!

r- N- Wm !_e

i I

** s M a Ai Nim

rnt trouble with Pa -
ON d mor hlaW mapm-
mw m muft a

od dm tes a m
a-m It d lahdsMh.r
IN amS ed b mas-
my et'us W a k i b
er ow eery ,whe C*-
re dnll, BIm roNd-
wm't be a pri m. BlhD
oe etimre n t eMut (
Tes o be west asmt d
Califuen InB ,dme-
Mi would pamr an d
seAtr--d d u9e k
Aam a W

W- A toA

m ak~

nddcIr 'todo the thing
by atomic -plo-
=et vf able tecmial
m hwSe bri a pm.
bft too !* w ve fbd
i to am4 :bi h m-
owr 62 dwt
Ot akh d ien VAne&
6I p to p at ad the

WOmald pt thamds to
eWA on a pfnIt e hdaft
a ad tehe petit.
al planger Sf 4i retrt-

itleaatda a ithe at
w B elli l h -W b-t
fult Ol gbn a IN
I m advasa.
e 6 ft m w" we6
bta to th mni ew
u le, ee mm e
WO m bd"oft

F R MaauWL.
wo. P. I"
of R atMU 4 nl 0


Of Abe's


b pinsS*basthbsI jmi--uan.-
wot asaM" mm

Who'll Write the Prtterlgion?

Who 1 Write the Precr on

a.,- in.........a-ma ssem arara m




gra mM O iNlbd Am a
-emveM the pry, oaAd
the moy t e bthe the.
but iAdi were aMiw
Ifr a eIMIAT WiO pe.
pm i nwsh tmhe .Iol.
pmt in th oay of e

be phmd IH (u they my
i the trade), woau be
w&th e gvhieofg up D
ny Kaye for that ome eow
Shen living mt
Bago the oCOtry
te the felowia:


Amsseer: We take you
wa to to Mad balroom of
to Ohoea, New York, opera
blm to hear wGom r Roc-
lbte.b*: Thok you tel-
lh. el a Rephteens, what
wu Aokaw e m iol advo.
cate to ub ve this kperiled
Mnat if be wee with us to-
y? He wotul ad sWquarely
on to Repuica platform
of the latest political
doaim ot ever wriltt n a
pedMe wier, as at Appo-
matm the at traces of

ly Is.admad

WAiOTM- -ci en-A
nil fm d h* did-, d
BRON Party f the
mmt ah aMW arY bohel
Mc h. g of Arahm

ae aest to lm d the epi-
lmmbl mlOd the ,mt-- to.
mrnw, Feb. M the ISth
amelmryrmet&irk Al-.
&aM0 be pidk gplm
d a mmbr t fl R-b.
earnrs maeM t dab
o Sdem that V( maoy
Dameab to Mbet bnler.
am and practiof di p-
MtIi doctrim a of Jeeain

of glltteirg
But whatiw? l t O lieN
den is the rMaOn Mthe
amstin of the berous am-

Dayofbto b to md the
Repq cam pui-etial Bo-
ine Ui ifs. Each will seize
the occal ao It npres his.
audience with his special
qmficatan to lead the par-
ty in the campaign P of Ki
hat wil rei a geo
mpymet of e element
of contract, n what the can-
didates ay, how they say
It ad above aD in the
effort of each to make the
grade as a "television per-
sonality." So It sa inev-
itable that discordant notes
will emerge in the chorus
d praise to the first Repub.
Beman president
Bease of Ure gefgraphi-
cal spread of the Unwhcu Day
dinners and fte prominence
of aso many of their principal
speakers, no television pro-

"You know I feel the some way. I was thinking
how sod it is we have to put up signs like that
in America!"

It waM e ItpaP* of Mr.
A. uLin 's .ft I ta
moved Houare Reibsam
ite action to reles the dvil
rig bill frnm a commnles
oedgp ad to thd fo for r
dt Had they adoame
they cold t have made
birthday speeches bon-f i
the Grat Bmmlto on
February 12 wtot being
laughed t of e. W 6 tmat
they ths hma e pM ed u
with an example of calls
cyrdem does not seem to
trouble the congremm .)
Mr. Lincolun died a as-
sasai's bulet mm thu m 1
yew ago, hat e birthday
stm has pow I to Sat aJ to in
the area of enaleme and
buamn rights.
AS WE TAKE a look at Mr.
Lincoln and his impact on the
events of his time, we see very
plainly that his decdsio to
save the Union, even though
it meant war, served to co ,-
firm anod establish a Federal
Union. Until the emiolduon
provided by the fur years of
war andits impact on law
and mind, we were a comtry
of petty soverelgntles, each
avoiding the facts and me-
ing of the Colstimtmo a-
cepted In 17t.
Mr. ncoln aw ti plaia
when h said, "My pm nt
object s to a a the Union,
and anot ether to ave or do.
stroy savey..." h k be-
oealmi tlteraly the is-
canad of sthe Union, its
meaning and purpose. Sg-
rgatiM extremists today
take delight in lifting this
declaration of Lincol's a-
bout slavery out of context.
They ignor e central fact.
that Lincoln had earlier pro-
claimed and affirmed The
~1Re wi
atin could a est hlf
sae band kmfree
the issue of the breaking up of
the nation he could, without
any contradiction whatever,
say that his paramount object
wai to save the Union. A Un-
ion proding free govern-
meat was in jeopardy.
Lincoa's political develop
met a reveed by hi
speeches shows mto hme
been a B ry Cay W4g. with
defte feeptos for manme
tion. (Such Whip we de-
scribed as ." d
Whigs.") He was am aml-
slavery man, but a ot a abo-
tist. He w fo an orderly
prices d of em pation.
Bua L ola was d oest tis
le a ola ssi athr a tren
that we nlt l n la al
cialsed ooDiea. By in
tde he was deitiDougD ,
AfricaM aey had bmece
a central Isee. It was tl i
fa that a hdem icaled
Douglasin s deb ams with
Lincoln, and, late, his hopes
to be nominated by a whole
party. The Democratic party
was divided. Douglas, a patri-
otic man with andoubted love
of country, alo w ed to ave
the Unia He saw d aod,
that the SoulaM Democrats
who -rs am pIpB I to

staemm~ tathrs W
almthg nIta lf ad de>
-IMl=, a "eilsi
W ." hated ary, ibut
otlary me IeMt t aboll
He tried t do as aIle a
the Hae Mn ioemb cane-
"fce on Febroary 3. =fwhai

tbmna i pewet amen
pUpn1 to a Ia Wr, ton
dh m by Bp p *A
i swahai- riaih -era
e ak a the Ces J-wd

beflmek H thm M isPill.
Da badt e r by s vskv

amo trie where it would be
misunderstood. This critim
was reinforced in the annu-
al report warning the agency
to avoid questionablee pre-
sentatios of historic events
which lead to domestde con-

The emis n ihas rled
to tell the agency, if it can
get anyone to list, that cont
gressional doubts about its op-
erations must be givenmore
serious attention. It points
out that the USIA has tru-
ble with apwpropiaiom be-
came Congress has so oft-
en discovered examples in-
effective pa g md ad

11 OUMN N find a a
beak lik ed o Sdmb that
calls for appointment of a
permmet meer adBmi
tor to muppl* am kind of
coatiuity policy ad or-
asuin. Too may people, ume
coomlns ads s D eect,
ar e off b too m y dif-
ferent directii under too
many dent a n-
Thoes admiahltr am al-
so advised to stAp making s
many speec t wat

they think America's posture
in the world ought to be.
ine Iatter criticism gets
mne serea- ar e heart of
the matter. So many USIA
pe lepie a ve ch ddeite
ideas on what America
ought to he, rather than what
it t they wouMld be bet-
ter in the role of critics than
as prpagadists. They can,
not quite conceive of them-
selves as propagandists, at
least for the kind of aims out-
lined by te advisory com-
They are too mnch aethral-
led with the divisions I Amer-
ican life and te Mile with itI
Thim mattunn of cOIce
do not weigh ao heavily with
our Ruola anads, who
probably be a ore clearly
defined mimson.
It taks a special kind of
artful iulet tobe a mno
cesful propagm t and we
baven't yet feUmd haim, after
many years of trying, at
the top Inel n UNlA. The
new director, Car Rowan, al-
ready a caero d uemtroway
for the pree ree dwelt
a by bIe u .fl.M o would
do weibto dy b fodip
with care.

Washington Memo

From the Cwless Wldashinmgle aIe
PAST 3 PHLOGUE: T7e following formation is trans-
mid by Dr. Walter Trean, a local s lot of isory: "On
Jm H. uI, Warm G. Hward miter and lampor.-
ay eaaim sa of e R phiMas iW CMiMemmi, sid I
his keot am: 'la the get o we mat bve
8Sa l les med as a Be t ammst can
6= %0 It aroi abot abIt im a& do ir be
retma' "ast m isb

7 NEW PSE: Prdenat Joams is MWpaately
te sam pm ththe wa bfWre he smIt misheo White
HMe, but j'd never owm t 6bam reo -s mtsnges.
As aStOMr ad Vim Pdisnt he wI glS0to Mhe amn pne,
er Toe* corthouihe style f oratory, w ity l porple.
lay bhe Ia stid W1 dpIs. s Pm tis far short
shic asi baid t d l SI o es aoiw par T
ghb to dh s mired's eye. H eerried this about as
fr as m ma coud last wek bb hb special mena on
spmr p i. LAbels a parckas dfered for sale, he

IUM, SW MAN: Woar Hellr, aBe Prult's dtf
om1smi ad, eiM drop iSiqmi w 0 Be badt eorn
I he da alwm uem ndhet ar tr eeri adb sea
panJwe 4 JqgIs Pd"i a tno. Ed e
i If aIS tbsr; imbt we vrib e.t in is
bte WIhIew iaisy.

014 Caries Wasogau

by he Advisory onnmmaim
a the U. & Inarmatio Pro.
gram is written so circum-
spectly that it sounds lie the
uMal mmwam federal
and di gotM e pub 1 at-
When interpedw in plain
words, however, it is strong
In short, the report concludes
that we are mlot patting ar
best f forw rd min the world-
wide war of words and ideas
-Tg ia mi to many
conapvmeim wo have Ihad
firsthM Msedm wth the
U. & Informion Agency.
That bis ti advlory aRn-
mi i as. It m formed
by Ceogr to permit un-
canmated d kwledgable
people otae the agency to
tody e pVm In the puab-
l bwr aSd ruero a
jdgme t a report to Cow

W WuA b a s anom.
oiallaod ad malhirected In
a many derM t arms
thea advisory commission's
finding's now indicate, the
problem deserves immediate
attention at the highest level.
Many million in the world
know about the United Staes
chief troh the U. S. In-
formaton Propam Its mis-
sion to inmthe world

a-ainggsis taa p
-AM athe e trf oe

epaity ,e o m peia-
h mm of ber-
,,,-eM l olles,

aMl mflM--Vt Sb eto
a .1841 6d 1118a ndallm1-

toemaln i pro-e

--m- --amtau at Iets
a wism b bee ialI In

6 Uma3e, a a no I cM
style d modern rIM

SeA.' S eb w-t wb
I eam d o oamw. ,b
I iss amrlipm

lo o ta ~, am

IAs aWsd os

. aw* of*
t meA man.s.c
waS' "

backward sectionalism were
erased by the capitulatim of
the leader of an outmoded
past to the leader of Ii
forces of an enlighltened fu.
ture. But just as th victory
of Appomattoi was threatened
by resurgence of oppressive
capitalism and jingoism, to.
day so called Republicans
are threatening that triumph
of party progressivism in the
platform of 1960. It is time
to expose both President
Johison's Operation Hood-
wink and those in our own
mranks who would substitute
Operation Dark Ages. The
American people need, want
and deserve better leadership
than these. As I see it, this
leadership would be -
Ansuer: Sorry. Gover.
nor, but your time allotment
has expired. We take you
now to a colossal corral in
Tombstone, Arizona, where
the next voice you will hear
is Senator Goldwater's.
Goldwater: Much obliged,
Chet. Or is it'Dave? Or
maybe Walter? The Republi-
can platform of 194 must
not repeat the disastrous fol-
ly of 1960. In that we pre-
sented a me-too attitude to.
ward the post war weak.
kneed foreign policy which
can get us into war just as
fast as anything we can do.
It must not repeat the me-
too attitude toward a domes-
tic policy that is spending the
U S. into a ruin that will
engulf us all except multi-
millionaires. If the adminis-
tration and its Republican al-
lies would allow the free en-
terprise system to work, we
could create a manpower
shortage in six months. We
may not have to get out of the
UN in the near future, but
we must get out pretty soon.
In the spirit of Lincoln, I
would send the Marines to
Cuba to restore the water sup-
ply to Guantanamo, and-.
An cer: We now switch
to the shuttle airplane from
which Richard M. Nixon is
addressing all the Lincoln
Day dinners. He is remaining
aboard to avoid the draft. Mr.
Nixn: Hi there. Our win.
ning position in 1M4 is sim-
ply stated in these words:
'"Fight against world commu-
nism." From the kitchen and
the dog-house to and within
the encirclement of the Iron
Curtain. I say with confidence
tonight that one of those
whose voices you hear on this
program will be the next
President of the U. S. I def-
initely include you, Mrs. Sen.
ator Smith. Don't try to out.
promise President Johnson;
he is a past master at that.
Don't try to be conservative
to the conservatives and lib.
eral to the liberals -
I speak from an ex.
pemiume reluctantly acquired
in New York and Chicago a
while back. There is no such
thing as a draft, but I am
not among those Pharisees
who thought Moes had laid
pipe in tot rock he struck
with his rod, and so-.
Amincer: Ths roaring
crowd you are now viewing
is assembled to hear Gov.
Seranton of Pennsylvania in
the pleasant village of Mauch
Chunk. Okay. Bill.
Seramm. The Republican
Party was made to move,
not to stand. to be positive,
not to negate: to create (and
not nec essarily department
stores, oil empires and auto-
mobiles), not to destroy. It
is important not because of
what it is against, but be-
case of what it is for.
I wish I eould teD ye spec-
ally what It is for, bt I
fed It my duty to tel you
what I am against I am
against reervio to the 1th,
ih and 17th centuries, but
mnot asgat the Ih tbe.
came a Renaisanee is what
the Republican Party needs.
However, I speak only as a
toiler in the ranks, tbuog I
didn't pledg to finish out
my term, ad no man wh-..
Ammar: We close this
TV program of a militant
u a to d Republican Party by
shif to Paln Desert, Cabl.
fonia, tohearee who Mee
so introduction.
sinews. Let us anot
trow sties at hgh govern.
mat offieIas Iswho ascept
gits. But I will say this -
I i oar misilm ae as re.
Able they ars and we
AdMd gradam withisr
fI of or six divislim
tred, ad not give na "th
the f ared f fr4er 1 .
Im nBt oppoed to my
oe tor some than ou r.
SeMtcrity of pypooi ad
wpse be our watlwed
Ueh I ted we hem da.
ltratod tihSL
At I. _L t ..




Strong Medicine on USIA



4 SlomMe S


Toem* pFebru II, 11,4 GaieMville Sun 5

'Fashions from the Heart' To Be Shown Thursday Night Dr. Hart To B.
Guest Speaker




R4th Weimer
Woman's Idle

Wives Club
Will Meet

The Engineering Wives Club
of the University of Florida will
meet Wednesday at 12:X p.m.
at the University Women's Club,
West Newberry Road.
Hosiesses will be the wives of
members of the civil engineer-
ing department Chairman is
Mrs. John E. Kiker, and co-
chairmen are Mrs. Byron
Spangler and Mrs. Walter Zmp.
Members should bing sand-
wiches and the hostesses will
provide salad and beverage.
Canasta and bridge games
will follow the luncheon.

Muffin Mix
You canadd a cup of finely
cut figs to a standard muffin






The Furnitut.- Manufocturers


b Business and Professieonal Women's Cub annual
benefit, Fashion Show will be presented Thursday at
8p.m. in the City Recreation Center, when spring
fashion from Cherry's, Lanler's, Libbye's, Geiger's
and Wion's stores will be modeled. Featuring this
"Fashias From the Heart" show will be two novel
ptesentAtins, a miniature wedding party for which all

(frot Meeting
probleme of Panama" will
beIthe tonic for discussin by
thqe IntrntIoUal Relations
GrVp of the University won-
en's Club, Oh they meet Wed-
nelay at i p.m. at the Faculty
Cht, Wes4 Newberry Road.
mts ing in the
"Yomm pf muslan an stu.
derJ attending the University
of whoida nesville re a s
woe wresided In Pana

8115 T iht G.H.S Avd.

Siijdenws A" bs 1.00



Coffee honoring Miss Nancy,
CellU of LaCrose, Wide ct
of Gerald Woitas, Clearwater,
10:3 a.n. to 12. p.m., Mrs.
Lannie H. Thompson and Mrs.
Karl Owens, at the former's
holnme, 10 NE Third Street.
FRIDAY, Febuary 14
Line Shower complim ting
Miss Nancy Cello of LaCrosse,
fiancee of Gerald Woktas, Clear-
water, 7:M p.m., Mrs. George
Duke Sr. and her daughters,
Mrs. Luther Erwin, Mrs. Wil-
son 0. Boer Jr. and Mrs. Don
Jacobs, a of Alachum, at
the Duke home.


Sis the bottom of o
(TempatSpOmGCo" I

(tRei-M |

f '
O~m amin I

There are28 mlkshibelwee-
Pontiac tiamcs. t
Potiac Teests. i
PontiacGLeTO M
Sin es.LS. Alwi ib4We
Al will tac.testy.
Whyhmaa wrMa j



Ammif-- KUW Mf |

Assarstee>bl 7h M<>e

i3 u ifii
Youraiu ^ (^*^ ^ '*-rlT-'

gowns and hats have been made by "Miss Tine' of
Gainesville, and the Ten Best Dressed Women in
the city, who have been selected by a special com-
mittee of judges. Proceeds from this show will be
used by the cldub for its many community projects.
Tickets, priced at $1 per person, may be purchased at
the door or from any member of the BAPW Club.

ICalendar Of Eventsl

IODAY, Febuary 11

Anna Miller Circle of Elks'
Lodge, Meeting and Social
Hour, 8 p.m., Elks's Lodge.
B'na Brith Sisterhood, Pro-
gram Meeting, Jewish Com-
munity Cenr, 3115 NW 1ith
Avenue, Dr. and Mrs. Fred T.
Laughon Jr.
Great Books Discussion
Group, 8 p.m., Gainesville Pub-
lic Library.
Delta Gamm Almnae Asso-
ciation Meeting p.m., Mrs.
Frank Maturo, IM NW 8th
Merrysteppers, 8 p.m., City
Recreation Center.
Law Dames, S p.m. Universi-
ty Women's Clubhouse.
University City Lioness Club,
I p.m., Mrs. Robert Murphy,
M SW ird St.
Audubon Society Film, "The
Living Wildernes," 8 p.m.,
Charles Mohr, narrator,
Gainesvile High School Audi.
torum. Open to the public.
Alachua County Dental Assist-
ms Society, 7: p.m. Dinner.
Tuesday Evening Suppei
Cbb of Giemsvll, I p.m. 1402
West University Avnue.
Lap of Wanom Voters
Unit MeetIP, M p ., Mrs
Francds C. Hayes, 3 NW 7tl
X Chapter, Beta Sigm Phi
I pin., Mr. Harod Jolnsor
and Mr. Anthony Judk, host
e- at the ter's nome, 1S2
NElth StreetL Dr. CadrlHer
bet g-uod -pe.



American History Month will
be observed by the Gainesville
Chapter of the DAR when Dr.
Freeman H. Hart speaks on
the subject "One Nation Under
God," Wednesday afternoon.
The chapter will meet with
Mrs. Marcus Milam, 2376 New-
berry Road, at 3 p.m. with Ja.
cob Roberts Brown Society of
the CAR as guests.
Dr. Hart, a native of Lexing.
ton, Va was graduated from
Washington and Lee, Harvard,
and Columbia Universities. He
is an honorary member of the
SPhi Beta Kappa at Washington
and Lee.
A contributor to the Diction-
ary of American Biography and
the Encyclopedia Britannica, he
is author of the book, "Valley of
Virginia in the American Revo-
Hostesses with Mrs. Milam
will be Mrs. Robert L. Johnson,
'Mrs. E. H. Boyles, Mrs. H. C.
Harris, Mrs. Elmer D. Hinck.
ley, Mrs. Harvey Ford, Mrs.
Eugene Milburn, Mrs. R. S.
Mullin, Mrs. Aneil Payne, Mrs.
James C. Stakely, Mrs. J. H.
Wallace and Mrs. Frank R.
Dunaway Jr.

Kappa AI

Mrs. Herbert
will entertain the


E. Schweyer
Kappa Kappa

Gamma alumnae in her home,
1115 NW 13th Avenue, Wednes-
day at 8 p.m. Any alumnae
wishing transportation should

WEDNESDAY, February Ucall the hostess.-
Arts and Sciences Dames, 8 ---
p., Mrs. Raymond Crit, 2238 *............................. .. ..............
NW 1st Avenue.
Business Administration
Dames, 8 p.m., Mrs. James L. i
Athearn, 1511 NW fth Street, I ,
Mrs. Donna Burns, guest

Education Dames, 8 p.m..'
Mrs. Robert Stripling, 2S0 NWi u HIWAY
11th Road, Mrs. Josephine Me-' THRU ol
Swine, guest speaker. EXPRE_
Health Related Services RER
Dames and University College
Dames, 8 p.m., Mrs. Maurice :Or
Boyd, 2236 NW 9th Place, Mr. :g S
and Mrs. Clyde Brannon, guest
Engineering Wives Club, FRJ E[Es
12:30 p.m., University Women's P
Clubhouse. I
University Symphony Orches-
tra, 8:15 p.m., University Audi-
Gainesville Bridge Club, 7:30
p.m., Holiday Inn. We
Gainesville Womans's Club,
Crafts Workshop, 9:30 am., : U ay &v aV uu

GrD Trailways
dons Dames, 730 p.m., Mrs. '
George Bennett, 1714 NW 10th a ilw a y
University City Bridge Club, Trailways treats you better... all over the maple
7:30 p.., Weed Hall, 107 NW 1St' Travel first-class in America's most modern buses.
STerrace. Vista-view windows. Reclining seats. Immaculate
University Newcomers restrooms. And people schooled to make your trip
Bridge Group Guest Night, 8 a pleasure... all the wayl
pm*, clubMoue.
Inter national Relations
Moup, University Women's
Club, 3 p.m., University Faculty
Club, West Newberry Road.
Gainesville Cmhapter, DAR, 3
SpA, Mrs. Maru111s Milam, 237M AI_ _W s
NewberryRoad. Dr. Freeman
Hark -st speaker..
Phi Mu Alumnae, 8 p.m., Mrs.
M. H. Johnson, 1617 NW 12th IN
Road. Esstta lo er
Come Club, Alla meet- ST. PETESBURG ......... $ 4.20
ing, 1 a.m., covered dish 4P hours 5 trips doily
lucheon on, Mrs. H.S. FT. MYERS ............. $ 6.45
Wells, 103 NW Fourth Street. Thru service via Sorosoto
of Women Voters, WASHINGTON .......... $23.70
Unit Meeting, 1:M am., Mrs. L. Foster thru service short route
J. Bensinger, NE h Ave. NEW YORK ............. $31.05
Thu service short te
IiLmAY, Ferany IS 52 W. Uim5 Avg. IWe FA 24 2?
Isa of' W1m Voters,
Uiat Neeb9g, I pa., Mrs. G.: naf woaR e aRo AIR* 71n BarY
IL Noggle, 17M SW Ih Place.
a. Dems, Mrs. I. I TLWAYS
L. Fats, U3 NW iso Stree t,.............
Jams Ve, -it p-.

Lavish Luxury
of the Levant...
in imported porcelain
and 50 THE Silver SHOP





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Vol Guard Gators Fall, 79-58,

&hultz Is To Superior Effort

lv y M ^AUBWW, AI. A- 17, A a ml the Galonrs by 1 poloints but the only other The Gators, in odd fashion,
mTt a suior emort for a Il amito for a r- ad, other player in doublefigures have not been able to w ia
eTina gg 'sfi ip g Dmi lft ags, *h nGaer fal te secMal fMt6 I don bi tit to In S at atermis- was Dkk Peek with 10. two SEC games in success
wflm see m atlon on arch 4 tbtpo w ed l g m raSt orl, 9M, ast a. Flora made ly two Hot Ster this year. They beat Tuls
week. a family am a lghtoaaitlr CoB. fid pa te at 13 min- DeFore, a hot shooter last lost toLSU, beatAuburn, lot
The s V a mold ht aser miedg a MtWinhdm o anc e ba battle. ..ates of te ntlhalf. night,bit for U and Chap- to Georgia, beat Alabama,
sweetBeart Berly Dav f OI e, Kyaed t Abma blew the game open man made 17. lost to Kentucky, beat Alab.
The= hleaireddie Ter Tary, 3;ad aWeI=dilea ta the five minutes of ied Wel maagainand lostto Aubu.
l ntrBa, r tr 1 tmf Varm 'coMeration the end hdl a it ripped Aburncoach Bill Lynnsaid Florida will continue its
eoaly, Mrs. Schil tokt terry ton e a me inthe ran Florida to a p tp lead. The Ga- his lgers hustled well and road play by meeting Missias.
bie ga. the Volsram t the er, Ile Terry naw is 44 i SBC play and tors had another cold spell rebounded strongly but he sippi State at Starkville Satur-
took a look md screamed, "Momay, where's Daly's pas?" ovL d minutes with jut one felt they played better ball day and playing Ole Miss at
By contrat, Kentucky, the buket in the second half. in downing Vanderbilt, 81- 63, Oxford next Monday. State
The Ge SetU p SEC leader, now is H with Te Tigers outrehounded the recently. scared Kentucky at Lexi*-
Sret Jut four gamn uremalning to tors decisively in t he UF coach Norman S loan ton last night, leading most of
In cam Gair fs mim it, new Georgia grd coach play the loop. game, -. They also batter- said Auburn's aggressiveness the way before bowing, 15",
tice Dooley algOd his da tbe er day. . ed FlorMa throughout de- made the difference. to the No. 3 rated 'Cats.
Johe Da diew n...k. aw kled yewr, willbe In Stonrmd wel rhee with a tlen, haras-
JM b 1De be, I m u ht lif I D pe, he- ba1he Gators darted well, sI g rt. Fo *
wemioer m hbash epim e a t huad m ]aft d early at 15-7 and 17- Isathe ] fthall the Gators
-a.71=thed rooecavedt Au tl n mofd31 aot F orida ,raw s
Other aInas,. f" burn opened am-Wathan per nt effoLrt TheUF
a NyO% m Ab. nM amnd c coach at C0a1u", ',4 17 G irt s aomeal ie nprovwed a little la the last
a1. 111h thepeakfeawryears, wi beI d Gators cooMnt olve tafaneGrerper V lI sntucMw jo2s
ce guard Brooks Hde- ce fr the to Aubur Kentucky, Vols
Wefland cheerlWd Karea Reanfroe, left; a son wet to the sidein w 41.
Ja t HadeonmL were peive in a reaeent gamte when three tools. And Lee DeFore, WhenB Hoam W, Au- .
things did ot go so well with their Indians. But Joe Chapman and Freddie burn emesrat dald G tor
theCy, hoping the outcome iVr be better tonight Guy caught fire for the Tig. grd Tom Baley. He rare-
when Chiefla face Branford in a Suwannee Cow- er. lycoul get off a clear

feremse bukoetbdl lam at Jasper. (Sum photo). Auburn took the lead at Aurn's efnmve effective- ATLANTA, Ga. Florida's With Georgia Tech out of the
es is shown in that Dick Galtors drew Kentucky, Tennes- Southeastern Conference, the 11.
Siii Tomlinsone led Florida th see and the two Miss issippi team schedule idea has every-
schools for home -and- home one playing six teams both at
S basketball encounters in the home and away and the other
undr Ersine lsell who in charge d enrajl defense. T1M,, I k proposed new schedule for 1964- four split every other year, one
tsumi "IGuia m V w Tmam v s 65, it was learned today. year two at home, another year
Vi hr B moed oer from Mi State The Gators also wouldcontin- on the road
ha charge d overall doase. NMB to play Auburn and Georgia 14 Games
Ce l nor frm aa Tee, h M -s as both home and away in the This makes for a 16 game
delminMheeath. Franik ,blgerAmrretGr~ifs 14 sn ew plan while meeting Tulane conference schedule but would
staf, Wdiee es ia- *t see ~~ 0M 1-3- ,s and LSU at Gainesville next give Gator fans the opportun-
Howard Ar e 1-Clartew, Ga., High School cach, OW A a--- N : year and Vanderbilt and Ala- ity to see the Ruppmen, Vols,
Bulldog fredman m ntor. Ken Cooper, aio o Griacith's staRff, a N u T bama on the road. Mississippi State, Ole Miss, Au.
w A re a a Co opL ia r burn and Georgia every year
Mie .uoid aMrv mhd7 7.1 a so ai ~ tL L S _: 5.- 1 9 in Gainesville. Every other year
Mike lSi aentucny naniaseat W Mica 8 H ; Cro-s s-8'7 it would be either Vandy aad
cah damm danotermWaesWasillaIm w---Kentucky-RankedTThirdB-s-0crossC
s liowith ae we, wk lideiitd Bon aDooley other to. mi. Sf - Alabama or Tulane and LSU:
with defeive Ibeisn h addtou to oder taski. y b O ASSOTM D PM dfeding national champion Vilmanova slipped to eighth nmafter 10o 1 men4 fit n o oa s oeall
New Alabama Coach e bombing Chicago Loyla, which dropped losing to e --- mps ast ment its into Florids ove
w A m Coc aisina remain, l p thea out of the Top T, and Oregon Vanderbilt, which scored over m t s heduling com ortably. Tbe
T91 m. -21-1 69 Ia 1 Gators still will play Florla
Joe Swe former em M le Mr wi hordedW Aociated Press b hket. State, unranked a week ago and Alabama, Tulne i .... T a=dv*na3A New fefrr 5 teanMiamitwogme
i he Yr Y es a the ew m ball w ch now No. 9. Sta tep u utoo, vmvdu, -.... : Ne5 season for a total of 20, probab.
a L. A oyola lost both outings last nd at e 1 nth. CROSS CITY Six players ly c o n t i nue to compete in
Sofbam tbecurdffewas o *rtombal m e moma The rs, the wily ma- ,w11k, 1S to Wichbit and 71- 11 Top To, with ft place hit double figures here last night tigh t the Gator B o w meet, two
Be asid hely Ire b tm se .d Os d UL to a jW. bollegeb all team ll to St. Johnls New York. Oe- votes in parenthses, seso TW Cross ty ro mped pt out- more; and likely will have at
Sew has beto b mall y al t a crry as a beats, pall a bt two d po nStatep n'roved b record t records Saturday, Feb. ed Nwberry,47. least two more non confr-
tayer, ach mlc a lsedot e HeTba Talote s ft plac bDo eat W i wth a pair ofvictories N over I ber44y, 44 7. ence foes a year.
SMeay by aeVhpi dolt f Portlad 4 and 41l. 4 pois n Suwannee High- scoring Dennis Bennett Total
ORC OrH the CO -porrr and spor.nte Tw i : W.L, Pts. Played only a little more than It is known the Gators are
So t lAuiaet the dpeoa UCLA, 1M for the season, LCA ) 19 3 JASPER The Swanne half the game and led pointdown to play both North Caro-
Kedaoec's sMtat ba S coach Hy Lancester Mihly toand iush t Californea twice, 74 a .~t (1) 1 17 Conference basketball tourn- producers with 4. He was fol- lina and North Carolina State
w M wy Du*b ra 14 wa a over N t g tKut h 6 tNeK and 437 epoits Kabck 17 2 aS ets under way toght at lowed by lewis Overstreet, 14; in I65. Under the schedule
TI be came up wthi: "Maybe Duae coach Vic eeom ad thiphce at bat the pol on the basis of 0 for avson- 1 0 th Meghcho Igymhre with oby Dodd, 12 Keny Landproposal, the Gators would wind
was a sam dcml" m oeft S the oth team the first, nine for second, eight for 5. Duke (1) 15 l two games schedd. 12 Gibb Kllian, 10; and Jer- up with a total of 24 games, u
S hm world d asked it his sport a lect crew were shaken up thirdand so on. 6. Wichita 17 415 1 ok, Mayopi ays Jones'10 der the limit of 26 imposedby
a i repe, "i de't ask that weekly oti. Michigan, 1-2, got M points Vanderbilt 17 2 18 th a and at 8:, Chief- Overstreet had a good night the National Collegiate Athletic
lon n ggest changes olved inchdlg one first place aot, Villanova 17 2112 d meets Branford. d markS p, connecting on Association. This year Florida
Scdespie an -arly week 4M set- L. t am Stat-e 3 f seven o eight id goals, has only 23 games slated.
baWA IT Tck by Ohio State. Kec De Paul 14 233 The Colts o North Marion Tommy Farasworth was the Conference officials plan a
WAS IT*LEGI 174 through the weekend, and the oes of Branfrd rate lone man in double figures for meeting here in two weeks to
a co thrd with points, favorites in the two contests Newberry with I. iron out final details. Schedule
SDavidon beat Georgia South Rebels Drop The Swane meet which Cross City jumped off to a 31 announcements are expected to
em ad William and Mary ad Lake Deler and TrIntM a first quarter lead, expanded
nd up Oe notched to frth pre. tourney favorites, will con it to 54- at halftime and kept
while Duke. which gaed the 4&830 Game ea ay this week. To up t pa in the con ha. rerl
D rak e T riply other first place vote orrows games at 7 ad :The win boooted the Cross
jumped two places to fif t Dan- Will sentd Wisto agas City record to 14-7. WUll Coach
ay oB _____p far O f State a hd aicdon is aand Duke beat ; 0 iGrntle JenfwOlIr agaist Crsi s ty also won the girls
AssciM Press Spe fr Oi Buckeyes dto orMNTb Noth Carl Sa M ry- aerry. game, 25, ove Newberry. ST. PETERSBURG, (API -
Te final score was Drake f Hlvictory over IIsi. land for a 1W mark trough the LAKE CITY With both Four games will be ayM an crrY s. 2a, 12.;B. Former major league pitcher
Wichita 13. And that's the way Hweeked. starting f or war d5out dthe Inthe equarter-f snalsbThursday o t 7*4. "1e2. 1n; Bob Porterfield has signed to-
t wil go into the books. But tie lllds scored a shKdoli high Wichita and Villanova, each gamdue eiher to iter or ior with both afternoon and evening mue. o ri.;i day to coach the F am,
question mans: latea 17 of fro the an pot victim, each dropped Sata Fe dropped a scheduled. Semi final w .. e. byrian College baseball team.
Wicfita coach Ralph MiMer to t2, I ner1l Drae O w th d M r pin I after lsing to Bradley *74-74 Id h 6d the ile gpme w6l be play- s 4; /a m l** ost 97 in 12 years with five dif-
m no. Scorebooks kept by But the off icial scor' bok M ch W hal so4or m -The Rbels, nw 15 o the d Saturday. A praimginry to s '. amsn. w. ft. erent clubs-the New York Yan,-
wan es covering t a Fe had it lNo.r4ia-hewasalwedptio, playe wit 1w the ntp fray tt keesWashington tSenatoars, Dos
7 Faddto~ a~ inkgue pln amst iim mle u has ; $ =or will match e WillIaton ana .d hwm I"M -_ton Red Sox, Pittsburgh Pirates
foter conmeted on a is 5 i thelague, IM ore. It othr1 major alCIcn1m. 1hi1 ba1T1 la k ditnf f Mayo girls a m. s, 5 and Chicago Cubs.
Mfoot jump shot at the bumr aLs. Mai edael Houdstoaoe H- r is osH b Richard Cle s a,,-
to eo Sakle r ue k AMaI, 6 N wn- beatW Has$cominu g adWais bataos~ OUT.OF.STATE LOSSES
ae haMfaelss.Thevie.o- SWber raed i s ts i e, Minmwi s01,8T rOdS KM (AP) rflhAMT hel bhadt ig led -1 at
y alsom va oithelioM s rolled along solsedlen No.3* K t C mlonhass m*mashco from the hatmemandWsuwud yhemPel
r WIht and to first place Keatuky boo&edSto to I b 5T, M n Uniersityof isai w apoitstarter uD iG r or ans
to to iouri Vaalley coer- 14mwita b Ale Ioik A aimed Rough Go for F lordas-
am. sisipi tate llNa S DM ewbestl ai l* Adsn ance sfmed at its Onrae was the second ha play p f
At ao M Foter hba s been bombte VWka&s bllFe*d l a Ii.f B-lmm aict after Mimi frlme Andye SAtrian ASOU R Bob Neuman scored ob points son's 6-foot-10 Bin Pickens.
to to Addes A frm IDrakestrimb's Ta lst by WIn ad Mary swists footbalainwe i who Pm pfi For ktMid bafld team lad ito pace Mephis. The Dolphins' Ralph Thier mall
Hewa i cdieawitapmi- e o the l t l h M k l Am last December to the Ed Mue appd ke CIU alafti sek wl ioh t4te GaryScul led theSeminoles l Points
&Il tdied a" 11 inks toa rbe.lkWs 148 spres d A Sieh M/ at widyall classi e, i the di" with l ad rkdm d'a sevmcnMonday aO WWith. IPoitJacksooville led at halftime,
ee t s UE m i s-eI at d O t om Sanl em a W ON iWd lpw m 1 6 Pre S d ar ley g Stan.- led tha Rebels. IiR42.
e am it was ?af lte scb aSsah&8de. : dd eidaS redoverteb Leake t ly n the 3tem 1a AWerrneAbas dkree Reserve Dot
I th wouM haw sba ed tCta mfes m hwed 1 i Dr. GegPe ~W Pne, j*V.-iad oda's Gale 3-58 Reserve center Richie* l At Winter Park, Mike Nlobr
It st otif a. tami NEWt buda1t ,* Ge, S puSAtj ad Cdol in ba Sothe& Ciferl wit cae of the bench in the amsd 13 points as lrid
toe laig thep woew Sol tGa. Clrka, ots ,te Je Ca her. 1- ga.e at A second hel ald sparkdJed Jak Southern defeated Rota t ar
It hu Mis adK nsas S s allm l b- toD Coege aRa Moonda y Dr. Staford a W. 7"t.e C faUni ed vie d vers to" a 547tri-l
The leesswas 61sNNW 61 leawg W hack ncst ad A& WE re, awm s; r .i USfic goal m a mpnooverarchrivalvaetSot ae galeewegm,
esW for Wichia d e- Ad w Amer Guyrsb atmFKaia"PaU 1S6y tr t Asm W. p rJMa] a. Jackvor vi vll eTimn aosate led Southern
doed is c of rne mark tmed his blb ing r WSdeyml H @c LesMismi et -bt q 5.m e44 tULss ad ed 6 Uair-J point-m ak ers with M. Bobby
nay u, Ulm. b10 to heN: a:m. u I" ts8,I t &14A oifS at Min # mi, IM4. Lelowit rdlevr 1-oot-wian scored t
Duke1 1, NVir thead a"" o l dwai wmppd a ve fr D Pr, c Hern -aie
W CsubftIgoforMiamiM aan.l.._._h an so g Misoe aibaifputandlwf1 points whbd wiDhniP
W UIDouVh w"rU nnWol.mi. a am le ft t Burir kawith *A cosnirl the bear mSk Siet- cmed 17.
WaMqeeMC.asiorMTI Four Claim Victories --
Avitewm M Ser O i is 174
Rolls 616 Set -mp.t In Eighth Grade "Action
112) p l s -k r imi. aMil =e 0,
Wam Qm= dbbMe agsstemD Mtol UK M a or laeid 4MWL*-DMikerO.W A ca r h r s f tibs
A % sw nm m Maist all:aa, a1ns, ;m a this. sl n e
saa. a i~n iwastf t wafti i4 I6'SD Atb aGS ,fhu a S l I mhS psoS
Sauhon hd m af oietu.11 k111 ga; mrah ;seinssoft
la mini N t a0 auka sm na a a-rutI- I Ilas a Di T **
bam PasosallM4L W;Wallla m t7or e .1 iajbiatWs A oIk
am an am wa as*a t.SI Xs a% o
1111L aWMshu"dbdttflAaAd 1"a

? an .d:1: w

I vj- -: --

I ;e


' "(*^ir

I he-0 ft $a

Scarab 1

* a

+ For S
honest sports ar b11 the li
2 atuntry, which trounced an I
: tentfiorsal field in Nssau n a
ber, has joed the b
S for the 5 -. mile American r
llenge Cup at Diytle In-
irtonal Speedway Saturday.
O':w~ad l entered by the O
g Texas millionaire sports-;
a-n, John Mecom Jr., the o
fiab will be driven by A. J. I
Jby, former Indy IM champ. t
S ws behind the weel of
S Sarab when it swept the,
LI. at Nassau.
:Another formidable entry in
* ,e Challenge Cup was an-i
S:Mced by North American
SMcing team of New York. A
, engine, prototype Ferrari, I
' e of only four to be made by
the famed Italian firm, will be
f wn from the Brussels Auto
how for the use of Mexican
P, Pedro Rodriguemz.

,,will be run over the
fay s f t, dmand.ig
S"l-mile track and road course.
Most of the cars are "bomb'
Oand all-out thriller is assured
as top drivers of Europe and
America ride the high banked
turns, and snake through the
winding infield road.
S On Sunday, many of the cars
h-4he Challenge Cup will
go again, this time in the 2000

Tipoff Club,


Win Easily
Tipoff Club and Duke Lum-
ber scored City League cage
wins at P. K. Yonge last night.
Tipoff Club downed Fire De.
apartment, 59-29; and Duke wonE
from Sunland Bears, 73-49.
Perry McGriff hit 15 points
and Tommy Hicks II for Tip-
q(f Club. Clint McKoy had 10 for
the Firemen.
'Harold Clark tossed in 25
I6ints for the Lumbermen and
Glen McMillian had 21 for Sun.
Tomorrow night's games will
find Tipoff Club meeting Duke
Lumber at 7:30 and Fire De-
partment going against Central
Florida Gas Jets at 9 at Gaines-
ville High gym. At PKY, Ga-
tor Docs play Sunland at 7:30
and Penn Chem meets Com.
munication Workers at 9.
jAk up 6 pt
DUKE LUMBER Clark. 12-1--;
Cralt. 1-1.3; Dav. 4101;ali BI. 4-
y Powell, 3-1.7; Webber. "*-4;
rider. --1; Ialock. 044. Totul, 34-
OUNLAND MacMllian. 1.-424;
Protor, 1-1-3; Johnson. 2-1-5: Co3liks
91-.17, ThMopa 044. Totali, 11-74.4,
Sconr by quarters:
Duke Lumbe 33 1 1 3i 11--7]
Buoland 11 4 17 17-41
IIPOy CLUaB Dnolane, 41-S;
Strl=ifuow. 1-1-5:W rcie. 4-3-11; Me-
GriCt, 5--15S; Nader. 44;SeliL .
1-5: Bawin.. 4-1s; Faulk. 2-14. TO
ht.. 23-13-.
FIRE DEPT. BDth. 1-44; Strick
Uld. 6-6; SkInrvin -2: Kikland,
**-: WUlliam. s,4; Ow... 4,
HIISL. 1-4; S'ria., 13-s1 McKay, a
V.eo talll. Lt4.f

Score by quarn.:
Ttpof Club 1>9 It 17 2-S
Fre Dept. 5 6 I 14-2

Jerry Lucas

Bright in NI
NEW YORK (AP)-A year'
absence from playing basketba
hasn't dimmed the shooting ey

Today, Fhkmy 11, 1964

ns m LMye Dispute

Fiery AL Owners' Laps
ia = A 1TWg iU "A 1W61M
a r -IM y A VMiit TANMVA lNMa YdbS*I alll d paiuest th eb s a divisad on ofhis in-
ilondeter Daybno CODn t __AL 1*lN5 M O (IP)-Jphr r a ein suran business, bued in Ch-
onget race scheduled for the aia Wi, S D l h~iput the l s ,
m eioWlstl fw fdid bIas Ms do i dw & At C Ow
r. S. In M. Driven fron ofr) m meWtsp ti t aa Wa p A wth 'Orl Daac oIfa at a .y
ine foreign countries wil do s ULAW A IbA CtM O. liya t hpOa "Our last or of five years
bttle against America's top l A aAW Arit a. l Mi Aw .tfirsttwofree, is the best
reod racing itar in this tllI. J AWA MWWmWrur Jr er by nbft ml lpatl arm h* 2 in er onI d aor gained bell," Davis
ernational for GT cam. '| f Wu trath toffem o c y loeg Pred ,a r said. "Finley himself said the
The .ntoat d worth ,- da Rt Joe ar l6ie okmHe. r Iie:nt the issue, that it's
Spotted award, and many of f==-jjie BothF nley and the leaue peanuts. Te fans can't be ex-
nts coi toward the man S feed to dledoem ney's rese- Ony meM peted to turn out without a
rfactur world title, starts at e i tiu to the aritration popol. "Our oy iM with Fley ang-ter lease, to remove the
10 a.m., ad will require aome The club owner have liven comes do to this. Arewe go- threat of the club leaving."
hirteen hours to finish. Fiy un.l Saturday to sia a ul to be a topping off point
In this long chase, (aI fchas,,,~AND1W~AeinA ass Cat, orface es foracoupleof asmm (for F in- ey said comment
miles), abotobeconteted over s *,m li-rM pui si from the kal e. The ly) while oler cities build sratonwouid have to come
Pul"I, mM 61106 5s .. We m nt toIbe
he track and road cours, the U r r r ordgiul dedea Feb. a we dis ? .'. We are notgol g to be fr thba ea thatb he ad"_,,
best super fast GT cars in the m aMuurtio nw awaru eededx te o wek. a pasty ...W If you m weak f hi p
world will face another. There t h "SA1S F It's queus im wheel o tbeo w, theMhe twe ti n on it
will be Ferraris, Asto Martins, sw u r atus kbaur owmn u e prepared to lal u her."
Maseratis, bins-Cras, l mrsww,-wrfl flow through wi this order Davis said he turnmeddown a CENTRAL DEVELO
Porsches, and a host others, m a "m Cmo m and take ovar t ie irM of f btt firati became the city CONSTRUCTIO
Unlike other of the world's enacw n.ti nft A the Athletics. has no legal right under state Amecingi a new
e track and road courses, the m ey hinsel has daid law to settle it that way and asec. breach ficei
Speledway's ao a ful view liere's not a dichance in the nd bMMe "I think we haw GAINESVILLE
of the cars from start tofinish, world they can take my fran ~hM (Fley).*" FEE ESTIMATES
either from the grandstands or .... chise away from me," ley T or contends b rup- Ridentiol
the nfield. threatened o to court, after C7 tlh a pf wIthen Commercial
the league rejected his bMi to aIpackage televin *0Aportments
AFL Busingss Brisk, "lm -a rs/
Scompro e of some type, uch
Future Players Sign re the last ii
W T session FebI. But Finy ctuck _ TOWN T1
NEW YORK (AP) The dabl. Oalland got Arizona State 12 of its 14 firstroundsectees to his sistence on a two-year
American Foobail League's tackle Fex Mirich. in the 193 draft while the AFL pact and Davis wouldn't budge 605 N.W. 8th AVENUE
"future book" is doing a brisk rte other futures"on could land only three of eight, from his foMur-yr popo. YOUR B. F. GOOD
in cngt the AFL'$ list of still are un- Arizona State back Tony Lorick Finley announced after the
i su AFL comtt. the league said. has been claimed by both BTal-meeting he would ask for an
proclamation issued Monday. The Ntional League signed more of the NFL and Oakland. other league meeting "to bring
The young pro circuit an- the league up to date." A YA U UeiTI BEATD 1
nounced that i sh draft D m league meeting could be forced
choices double tO number tobyrFs ialey plt t oh own- AN
d obe-os Can't ort n RETREADS
signed a year ago-have agreed ers, or it could be called by on
to terms with AFL clubs. Cronin. So far the league has M
W a* f ta Modern Automotive Designs with new
The red shirts-players draft- U T/n t r type suspension systems demand an
ed in advancein2 when they for Star Lineoln Wsuspension systems demand an
had a year's college eligibility improved Tire tread.
left after their original classes By GORDON BEARD "I fed fine, and am looking Towen Tire Company now offers a
were graduated-include Baylor Associated Press Spim Wrlier forward to pitchmg gain t contest scientifically designed retread with
quarterback Don Trull, Penn
State signal-caller Pete BALTIMORE (AP) Robin year," Roberts said after the WILLISTON -Li coln f extra tread on the shoulders.
New Mexico halfback Preacher Roberts, the old pro with the Baltimore Orioles announced raced padt outmannd WTlis AVAILABLE IN
Pilot and Tusa pass-atcher J. enthusiasm of a rookie, can't the 37-year-old right-hander had ton Vocational here last alght, FOLLOWING SIZES:
B. Simmons, all first-round swat for the start of his 17h signed his 19 contact 1-3, and picked up its 15th 590 13
elections. major league baseball season. i tory against only two losses.
SRoberts is eed tob have p jhnon tossed n 600-13
Trull accepted the Houston signed for an estimated 30,000, points for the actors, and
Oilers' 0,000, three-year pck- Horsem men's the same salary e receedladwn 650-13
age over a bid by Baltimore of year when he turned n a 143 rebounds 3
the rival National League record for the Orioles. Although Cohe chipped 700-13
Liske, Pilot and Simmons, V a i V WS Take it e highest i t or- =. Fa re.
high NFL picks, signed with since he won 15 for the Phil had 1i forLink .52014 Eliminates
New York, KansasCity and dlphia Phillies in n10, Roberts W iam illner paced 560-14Sideslipping
Buffalo of the AFL Big Chan e wasn't satisfied. ton with 1 pos. Better Breaking
Bumper Crp "I want to do better than I did Lincolnjumped off to a c 650-14 Quiet Ride
Kansas City came up with a By GENE PADEN ast year," Robin said in a tele- mandi 3H lead at the end o Race Track
bumper crop of red shirts in ad- MIAMI (AP) Horsemen's phone interview from his bome the first periodadth cs 700-14 Proved
edition to PloL Pittsburgh line- views on the crop of 3-year-old in Meadowbrook, Pa. pitched the r d of dthe way. 5 5 0 S 1
men Ernie Borghetti and John thoroughbreds, now maturing In well enough to keep on pitching, umco-nu... a As -U -15t
Maczuzak, Georgia Tech hall- Florida, change almost as rap but I wasn't really excited about ..J" A 560-15 1
back Joe Aur, Mississippi idly as the weather. my performance., Au; D. *Au5, iwai ca 5m
Southern end Bill Freeman and31 7:; 590sL15 \M
Southwest Louisiana tackleLow- The Big Three a the moment DoemBethr WADd-M. = 4 & 59 1 5
el Vaught signed with the ppearto beNorternDancer should have 1 600-15
Chiefs. Chieftain and Roman Brother, th t we should have . 60 0
Hst ai,,o aMu up l done better last year," he said. sZtm En
Houston also landed Mississip Last Saturday, NortherDan" thought we had an outtand- -640-15
Spi center Ken Dill and Texas er, the Canadian n-yearold a we a 4UMld h mra e IS -650.15
tackle Staley Faulkner, Te0 champion and never out of thecnlub, butas we should have -1
ers outbid Pittsburgh for Scott money, was listed at 4-5 andbeen" "F.ype and Si Available Not AJ
Appleton, Faulkner's hlftriow n, also nsver out of the Te. Wilw" Ott"r Type and Sixe Avilable Not
*running male, in the grab. money, was W for a six furlong Roberts said he feels stronger
bag. sprint Monday. now than he has for some time- A L
explaining that during his last TO W N TIRE
Mike Taliaferro, Ildnor,,A' r- Powhatan table's Chieftain couple of seasons at Philadel- FURNIUMl STuV
.terback, and Bert Wildr, a wet of the sght fa r in M he"acquiredsa lot of aches a as L M 605 N.W. 8th AVENUE
4 tackle from North Carolina the race, and won by a head t gson.* w" wme e.fd
tate. joined Liske in the Nw over Mom's Request, with
York fold. Buffalo also signed Northern Dancer two lengths After wiming 'only one game
a Penn State tackle Harrison Ros- back in third, in 11, Roberts captured V
Because the running strip was dcisio durng thepadtwOF
Shining regarded as fast but dull, t teto in M easehisl eti M
time of 1:10 5 was a majoraleaguetotalisto LHe|
red fairly swift.$ort Dn ka mendM to M e 's
BA Playcer weont,-ing s andisrad a
y P eighths of a mil e in 1: 1. to a the m before
's Lucas joined the Cincinnati After the race, oddsmaker
ll Royals at the start of the cur. ell -th e firs the mor
e rent campaign after sitting (trun March 3' tiefirst major!

of Jerry Lucas, a prime can-Last season. The -foot-, 2 est Forida l for Derby- g
didate for Rookie of the Year pounder had been a three-t,& colts.
honors in the National Basket- A r-Americ at Ohio State and Harbor View Farm's Roman
ball Association. was the Royals' I9M territorial Broher winner f the reed
----draft choice. Bahamas mStakes, dropped nf
draft52 to 2-1. Northern Dacer was
6 Y hts e transition fro the col- 3.1 and Chieftain 4.1, foowd
fU ALlllegians to the pro ranks hasmt by Joumalist adQuadia&le at

Take Off

,UIAMI (AP)- A fleet of N
yachts raced toward Nassau to.
-ly in the mm4next-tast contest of
SSouthm Oceman Confere
Th trim craft put rt ram
Miami Moday In seas mrogh
wid. aDM wer onmmeo t
te l"oot loop Comuadr
slmud by FPuDr Cae wayI
m dia nl asciso, led th
fat a m Ipints going ito
SaIalk MMuiNassau race.

h ) har were R.IC. Dun-
afO'S lep Sabre oat of
ve dS ; J Dut ^ad

l,--r anf IT ..
,lSD ha Mmmglm O~
yI" Dq~0aot T~ww
-4 Jit V. Frie Ws "
^nNIv~ tocapture per
Iafl N.Y.
vim hi hWMd teGo
atCin-d m -
V" to, rmA -

wu etidc me phy 1 Lucas, w o
tops the NBA in field goal per-
centage and is the fourth lead-
ing rebounder.
Lucas has hit on 7 ld
goal attempts in 77 attempt
for a .24 mirk, league statids
hed today. He has Wriled
9 rdmb Id i pimas for a
I5 Averar.E
r hl ByaW" & rp1,
ahlr acted lmua"t. k
wed t pUst week tY Il
points for a 174 avage.

c'do rUlMu nM bld etd at'
mg prad ul Uto pa

m mars aa a al

I, -


R1 Broter a-d Nothn
Dancer my eet ta the 1%
miles verglades Feb. 1t, but
GMhelSa was nmt Ombated for
that oe.
After the Flaindgo c s the
I M dea Florida Derby,
for which (bleftoin, Northern
Dame.. RamoB rher ad 8
elems were in

J-crljnS Me OPT


* NIe .
*Ps. 69
0^ FkorWr
m 97''

Pra~~~ pacda aAm' soari k ha'm IS h
hems miar Si bOlambadhtistbpS mM0*
is *A WPM I n LI e) tkdw).ad oso m
Se Wps*~p W pS bdWsk k jit L
hobhuallfllhaIadb.Thm PlbaZNou2W %p
*K fithoft um I ki adiId"* KW.a
umNfuHop d- a.M14ws. "d ust .
W dS4. sqidr-i imi sb"M V ls phld
uroC mb S5 IS samS-"
mit 4anU a 'S hi .M"k bo&Mamha kW


* 'We Rod
Them Out"
* Motor Block
We Pick-up & Deliver

White Electric
& Battery
118 N.W. 8th Ave.
FR 2-8581



PHONE FR 6-9090





a ,

as Illustrated

PHONE FR 6-9090

thre series. Each is low-piced car. And each is backed by ai Io
eq 5-yar/50,WO-mie wamty* Yoe could i pay more
Ss fin automdflk IVAy* k dli I yor Se yow Dependable
Dodp Deae Mwnd!

.10M C ,M mewlm ftm, sl n -Mm1 *l* W ,Ml C*0"
1 '60 4"1 41' -6 1 '1.0 *fl -
O A .0. "Da1 .E10OL.L.? 11 c t M 'M YW
OmoWki hmM d m --?Tf s; -^i Oil It 3 4 I* % O .^m"
MBMW^? .wlw IM Cpva.etS Oe*. @, 'I*,W-- *Ly
S~y~n3Msod ,fl'i~ s tls. 5&.sls S g^*^







I -- -

M" o '






i Ii



Em aw asswNue"ginl
m ntadS .edsob hIfa
ad The o hma *wagP. l*b wb
tims & en"hyrum Ha
hr., tub bo kuww 80

Admiral Corp. -
Ar Redue S ...-
Allied Cbe 5
Amerada Pot 7
Amer Cyami .---
Amr. e P .---
Amer lioe Prod _.1.
Amer Mach & Fdry -
Amer Nat Gas .-. -
Avre Corp .......--
l Howell ------
Bou- m ar ---
Burlington Ind ..........
Brrug ,,--- -
Chin Gas & lec --
. ark Eqip ...........--
Coastal States Gas
Colgate-Palm --
Columbia Gas ...
SContinental Bak .
Control Data ............-
SDan River .............
Domle M ines .............-

Da --s- -
Duke Power ............-
- El Paso Nat Gas ....
Evenharp ........ .-....
Falrchild Camera ....
Food Fair .........
CGn Tel & Elec
* G illette ..... ..............
Glidden ...................-
W. R. Grace ................
W. T. Grant ....-.
Gt. All & Pie- -
Gul Oil ....................
Hallicraftte ............ -
Homestakes Mines ..
HoBunieod la .-
InfenoU .and ..... .....
ilt Bs M .c ..........
l ot Tel & Tel ...........
SJobhns Manville -........-
SKeystone Wire ....
Krou ger ........................
i Ittond.... ...-...---.
* Lone Star Gas..............
SLouisville Gas & lOe
iisville & Nashville
Madison Fund ..........
Magnavox .................-
Melville Shoe ..........-
M erck ......................-
G. C. Murphy ...........-
National Bicodl .-
Nat Cub Reg..-
Pac Gas &I Ele .
Parke Davis ............ -






SIWnrw-Lmlwr -

Ae LC orp .........

Aerojet General 35
Brith Pet ....... 7
Clflum-- 12
S COenta......... 1X
Go Davopment -- 4
GeoPlywod 14
He" 11kelirain 1(1
Kawecki Chm ...- 21
LaLand & Explor.--
Wlty Friday ......... 3
Mary Carter ....... 1
Maryland Cup .....3.. 3
SMead Johnson ........... 2n
Nati Blasess ......
Paddlgton Corp .......
Phillps lec &ft Phmr 4
Rayette ........................- 4
Sperry Rand Wts ....... I
Syntex ................ I!
Tampa ............... 2
Technicolor ........... ii
Late Morninj






N.Y. Listing
lAUChal 15% bt Nick7

Alcoa 75
AmAir U
AmBrk 51
AmBdPar m
AmCan 41%
AmCyan 0
AmMot 17
AT&T 144%

It Pap


Bqim !4

almnm I

ahryski I


4% mob=
14 33%Nim a
31% Nat Dan
101 N.AmnM

49% PURa
&%RY bb
W~ht Al.

I EAL 3s Sars
Firestone 34 Stclaj
Fla Pw: 45 Soco
Fla P&L; '4 Sperry
Ford : a StON
FPrt pa 10% Stdbs
FretSol 34% swift
Fruh Tr 21% Teao
GIn Dyo 1 % Thik
Gen ElI' U Car
S Fds tV% Unit A
Gen Mills 31 Un Fr
Gen.Mtrn78% US Ssi
Goodrich 53% Uni
Goodyr 41% West
Greyhnd 47% Winn
GulfOil 5oWWOIU
Int lHarv 1I

Affiliated Fund
Broad St Inv --
Divers rtIS tlk -
Dividend Shares -
Dreyfus Fund --
Fidelity Fund .
l Fidelity TrMd .___
Fuademen v .
! Group Seeurities Stk
7beIFund of BosDo ..
M Ineorp Icome F
V7 Invent Trust of Bost
% Keystm C K 1 -
3% Keystone Cs K 2 ....



t E

frt. ,am, in" I-o

"n I Banb I pIs
m. |1 am| I'-p
tuax I am Mu

IKeygam Cm S 4.44
i m kav byT h I.
u MdiMO See Fmd 11.14
aI Ni Gmwth .....
XINmt1 Uch S&t ...... -L
%Paom Growth Find .01
23s Tek f Bee Fotd .7A
U Valmue ULml .-- L
45 WeiDloM Fund 14.71
4, Over the Comnter


it 47%

6%3 IN

17 4Q
ir 31 PI]


1.37 il

17Z I
" G
92 &
1257 7
1.2 !
5.0 1


How $115 Becones $30

' By Sylva

UF Dorm


Fkr ln# At ihmabmndm
ad da elS th e Uniwlsp
f florida abt 12:3 p1 .

FnmaMe n sinl at the
Un ity polm mid it
t bhedm A t there we
A p apum un ai4 th
ln was Iptedl at 12:31 p.
ad thereappmrmdy were as
mih b e tImpWrary

rFk Fdinewd u to the drm
dIre city fire trucks were
smt to the fire.


Tmeday, February 11, 1964 Geimmville Sun 9

Cape Brooker?


1 3
ir I


f t rop1"ml severed between France and the operang in)pt r
fteer 33- '11lo great, bi beautiful (I) Baaed on pat divided suem aor total ecwOmby nSoNa'ti nlis Pirate Gang a
Phi&Else --- 110..... . f Jooo and 1 opentt al rers, it a-b. bAcmlec omi v At hi news conference Jan. re pat Facldes alreauditorium, t
Pot .o.. .. .unul mrs thppoaefu t'wjutte rybl uAhopubts .Hitle.r Failed TDesteona ao kHi 0 ,rtaspropertyi ncludean o
"rco & Gbemtwi 1 ....ain ofer Foiled 31, D Gaulle said he recog- Tielodgesand adiningroom Thee
pu ServE & G a. 4 a a I$11%! w distrust part' of spenifg ies behind this stath nizedRedChina as thegovern- T a es ver loei accommude bout 125 stu-
Pure Oil .... ............- 7 bill i n .n ..tam out to a after-tax profits in di,, tic but the sim ple trlmi ue o f.m ent of the mainland. Nation- dent ,ccomm ade a ndu will be
paue O1e.a...b................i...n N e X a pending andthathe increase in it canbe boiled dow tonm- In Plot To alst C in as the government of sd until ait awhile
Ra on ....................... e year?" d payments to litia tiplyg the initial p billion by Formosa. n T am used until addional a e
Raytheo t...... ..... 3 It's and inlet questionsto drs would mout to "2." The decision by Taipei ap- .re cons cited.
Reynoldsch Petl 1sI (. s l $wri p K a p FOpe p ead to b exactly what De TAMPA AP)-The Jolly Rog- The college will be Christian
Ryder Syul -- S -ould to 'e" .o "after-tax i es o (1 Thai as i db t ial Gaulle wanted It saved him"er flew over Tampa's city hall in character, Feigert said hut
afeway Stores ..... 11% m.ym a a prto ely a~~ i.oo.dpd, _NEW YORK (AP) Pop from the embarrassment ofcut. today. But the city was not com- will offer a complete junior
San Diego Imp ........- % t s o..tso to f the iet I .ct l V l ope Pi X ll ing ties with his old friend, pletely without respect to organ-Icollege curriculum to meet the
Seaboard Finance M% ea ( Baed oo pfct or their lom from beibg dpe by Adolf President Chiang Kai-shek. sized government, needs of the space age.
Smith Kline ............... ac ls ing putters. it's r o- tax incti e, m 1 hiring World War II, a There was no immediate pub! Although it surrendered Mon-
Soumithern KR .........-- 47. a t B5 (gl a e to ws0e thtt R in ot ts i patterns, iii... it's ie ta x ir iu o m musma i e peet Ptofrenchffi-ay to Ye Mystic Krewe of Gas S rvi
Square D .............. ... d. up, to billie lveor std t ca pltet p y- cwhorecentlyhadindicated parilla, follow the 51st inva.OVI
Std Oil (Call ........... S. tiotm ~eng yar ate alera t more ins" aries, ine. Gieovl at m a MontM, ewrea iw to inite smion by the pirate gang in
Std Od (Ind) ....... .... i*..rinour inteidpt fahw, teMnrk itself years, the cty paid tribute t lectures O
Stone & VWelr ~% Year. n over billions ford, 1pat hs a er p i t e tr" h t Lpoak M g Ste Only 24 bo.s after France day to CGov. Farris Bryant.
Tem Gis Treats V I f elt'u'wer ThUs ( anrmous inre flare simil.ead1igay tA r pope Ps ti tsservig t and Commgmist China an- 'e governor was the guest Dish Washin.-
Tra F i. M i cutos wbn Boer hor spIndhg .m"iihslyl ine bu etef aid V..M la m m Jan. Their intention of the Florida State Fair and
ter i..ha Ind Vs iduemld ne oum d spaI r hIglhr proks of ui Shi e r.. Gasparilla Association at a University Food Service work.
Trs"weser" - P i (eehidher thn ty r o...s_.__..... luncheon, Kell Sla .and the met out ers will get a lecture tomorrow
Uese 0 b-- il higher t ywepan produtI'erNele ds th C )A's etrl m fAi .he 111 ,bf-oead..hs Kely" oSap his anmIal inspection tour of the on "Sanitation Procedures in
UlmP oe..- ...the ate z pift o f otttis, r m. od Ind C s" tax abs wig, it i s. NW. lstatefair.DihWa ."
Us TonkW& M tom ewold d11.3,-- U words, 2- "e*ra a'1 "St bo1 id i e8d1e6 1hs 21& rl Biant View state air. Dish washing."

o- higher ula they MaS.w h* llm 11111wFmS ,r llt mlwme m by I wU Monday, the governor rode In
u. s "ler, imigly Mat lA AP-Sen. Scott th second ear of the pirate pa- It's Pt of an extended san
and Nf hM e ad&s, wil l smula t more amd V aleasm's .pp ..tin to him Kelly of L.keland blat is- trade which followed the inva. Iation course.
ST. ( 4 4 tu s e ieialbyW'.. .. a2s adllhedllesa ddadtod aM erofy f the Pope 'al irrp.Pibity Gov. Farris ..... Speaking tomorrow will be
S t pl GPolice estimated that James E. Nelson, consultant
.MARK. I al .--- "er '__.ems wr "*e he Sh"be r- practice ofl the Foreigan D wfoh e. o e DuBois Chemical Corn.
asa lo F L A S H esm Im ,mto, I bl. to d' .apais fIint he ooreinio I addition to be iGover :'pany of Cincinnati. His lee.
.NE Y,_.ORK (A.P)- -, ,k o-l asan~l T em' t s d. agtlpedr' C.s Day, today s C 's tures, from to o am. uand
audli"U l Aati , (al) A csnlurstivd,, ap ( ut e pew i.athealfr.edDyf tte fair. Children from2-3 "-... .
aret & Sh te e. IS f b a n aor s"ed tnis sh e, t t amid u dt sh were admitrd to the r nd the athletic dining room oif
21aly active uabg at SheO Yesterday the AIna o ued'ear qI ognptthe exra ofea ofbl abmt ftwo a le M mae&*y and & the a she osfree and special prices were main e cafeteria.
S day. showed l Press average of socks p'dui" p the stil di ,es is hard to f reli t w Ea t Weimcter nothing legal. Bryant said the posted for them on the midway.1r mae caetera-
~Mosdt key stck showed 320 ipped .8 to 21.7. ionsal co ser spiedig w son. theirwtosbaMe" the Guinee any te the Holy coUinShi t results in its The Gasparilla coronation ball Spnsor of the course and dir-
,ams section 8 tht they'll total i"to See.e touriai mevelopuient gr1.. a scheduled Iniight with a new ector of the university'ss Food
Opening blocks included: $7 a t k te t a lnew e. Kelly, a candidate for gover- kng and queen as )et unan- Serce Gay H Welborn said
Chrysler.off4aotAtS AT&T t Tem() aort to et e*htWasy"rir, told a dce club Monday nounced to be crowned. this morning that employes of
shares: American Telpme, a T 10 r e e s a. f ae q mill animal he wuld disam the doctor oThe festival continues until St-: private restaurants n m the cty
up si at 144 TlM: Outphuna fect o ta miess im t hlr cadmin his ra ap qcy runm as loosely as the urday night, when the pirateare welcome to set m on the
Marine, unchanged at i oB a e mnthioal by S-W b ilOi atMp develmnent mmnw in. ship Jose Gaspr sai away. lectures.
L; ad Ea ma m KodA up 1 10 1, Il kbolli-
F-% _. or Gnt Sck S= State Fair Schedule

SDyii re NEW Yo (AP nt) O M l. ,ck i ttiio i
Tto0 am aUss. ofaloeollgRaMh C- aIt* a .N -" h i.. bun is fl ad TAMPA 17:. p.. BlPsom Tra will be held ateveing. Every fair activity
pk N, salw, of .E shares -C-a:s v S Sr ee Oder evin .in t cousdate .

. .t dil *%Mi ea ^common t h i M ndd O ni -l anr Lw -t b dq' b -*1 dhlam h i e' the final day of M
pn*a ftA m t a rs' Setde S. i k 3 *wRke.m nds mibe iii b iW *61as, F*. The a nualQ club po.
at on U N d otes a re sorts wh b b beby Mr l as .i Arestl * d Y M 411111, 4 1111ihl t s er o fPs" hd i 1 Thert a
-, ,F doaft i "^iraw 111diN Vent adu S IS
WUUs U a ToEI1110 111111T A hi S a h ab asadG h igh pma dad Hrese learts of

i let oi P. iiip lu eb ge am atWt 4t l a i(11 A4b1 ofla s o< pe frred I sing pPgrat. wf MM aio Miln h QurMi san. The American Hibindb
11-18g~m 11 Ba0as *hh Md atsl lt ly bl l tg a Bl'M r *sTewo a toeer a tt pyo Are society haowwi e jstortdged.

40I ^to W b 9. -WI dal l PIS p*4 e o t i M aA pw Graltd rada" wA heorwI tr& .nal pr1aotaHiS
amin tod rtI fI IIl re r ak b, ti k ':Tm .I W lmae m.Bse r a om-fre lmS leTi r lTWe R. tooew s .C.A a0 .

tographer Eddie Davis
see at Cape Kennedy.
nka and retorts at the
gan operations a year
here propane, butane.
extracted from natural
--- --- ----^* -----if-



The corporation, which oper-
tes Park of the Palms, a Christ-
ian colony in Keystone Heights,
announced plans for the junwir
college at yesterday's meeting
of the Clay County Commission
in Green Cooe Springs.
A C Feigert. William Terry
and Richard Schnederger of-11
cials of Park of the Palms ap.
peared before the Commission
,to ask for improvement of roads
in the colony.
Feigert said the college will
be located on a 160-acre ste
adjacent to Park of the Palms
*property and fronting on Lake
Brooker. He said the corpora-
tion hopes the college can start
oDratino in rntmhkir



High Low Cl M.Ch
25 bis .... 128.82 127.15 127.76 Off .
25 laduriele 714.03 771.87 773.57 Off 4.42
50 SIcks . 46.42 449.51 450.66 Off 2.31

- I


=-l Abandoned





Amer heritage Le .... 18 Tdo burglaries and several!
Uf P lera tr a atInvesd etigad enter
Inhse-BuiGs ............g ces wer der vestige.
ianie Nati u ank UG ti3 m by Galhupl c e th a
on Prodets ........ 10% morni.
Bek d Ameris- % Gwjon, a N MSt,
Natelt Nsanfl&Ak 85 reported at 1:4 pa. yester.
Urna fMtedus ...- rdo y that meom had tole ais
,Mtgs -- 14 jmd -h et his This nighttime scene photographed by Sun pho
H ........... It hme. Themt o is a value d at $i.
Dim & Bradstreet .-u45% John Waldki, 1s11 NW ith resembles at a glance something that you might
Florida Gas....-.JohnWa.t-104ns1811hlt Actually, the rocket-resembling objects are the ta
a Na .. d....... lle Av, radio and a h otmeon e Florida Hydrocarbons plant at Brooker, which be
Fla N Bak...T. % St.. reported thoat somnd hhr m leg.
P Public Uilities ... 23 erase om hi fut port. ago. Perhaps a proper name for the complex. w
Steel .............Hman Nnatural gasoline and and other byproducts ar e

Hoewis BEatus i- 17% Haome. 131 NW sa St

E. F. Mac M % reportethat sher KEYS E HEIG H T S- revealed by the Gospel Vol-
S tm ..:. -- ey was stolen rm the Hender.IPIs for establishment of aunteers, a non-profit corpora-
Redwing Crriers 10 3j home at the same time. junior college here have been tion.
Schlts hewilg 44% About 12:11 a.m. today a pat-
aK D27 h der orf JqA Chiang Break With France
SoH Nltrg ........- 1 ret 12 NW li b Ave had
D.__D 1 en tawd Helps De Gaulle's Aims
Travelt s T .- 1. Another pat1othan founded a I
Jtn Waer % u rol in nd By DAVID MASON to exchange ambassadors. Pe-
Shw eee ued car lt PARIS AP) Natioalist king made a public demand for
2 W. Univuiy Ave., and hina's de EIre to break re ora.latons wth
)D W pon'abutue ( na with ra Presi. Nopulic move was made by
S rtdChartiet Charles di s Gauts off either France or Communist
12 NW 2 St., adare holding hina to start their new rela-
y&' haeim fir ivmemigatiom of break. De Gaulle's reported h ope ofnship rog with an ex-
Dg aend entering. Moets was a reestablishing French influence of charge dafaires
rested efariy today ate Sunset in Southeast Asia hinged on his Suddenly, France notified Tal.
Strip, 4 NW 5th Ave. He had a decision last month to recognize ei that charge d'affaires would
SPorter .. tramer ,dio wt him. which Red Cna. And Red China was be exchanged and Taipei broke
S i beed have been stolen, dragging its fet until ties wererelatons.
= W- Unversit Avt-,an 111- Mu' deisio.... ak e ...... oL-



TndlM, hIhN y IjMi.14


- -iD-U

:0 US3MS: Wdbwg% d t nai
3" moi K b at n pwo wfto
*bkmbf d=b 01a Iiftb *
;W MatS7m u -padwt a a biaf
ad W4 of, t f'W t do&a dmitbb

Mon Mftbrhs6alwasabtT.PI


=3IMIDNo u~Eb seihr %rdUW.
a S 'mC owais tS. auuft o w 04
'mr kg.. hm ea dassoutu6 mMASAn
,%.ram aibsw jainIdMd 6vi
MMAYwk mdM mpg k d
i adps pftsW WSla obSr
Ubma iW: NftI4hesuhmi Whped uhoftb
vamqtwab~uwf inby d ktahW t

S 3 Be d Gree
Sl f I teS gf .
1:0 U Neweap
a Lied News, Waste.
4: rNew, Spi, Wefr.
', 6 Svi.m Abum
:U 8 CaeMl Pm Nem
M:a a Nows.lber Quilb
a NewM Dmisyf

ntu R3dw." Baer
poe as a Hunprian tor
migrant to get evidMe
alpist raketM n
pr om nrect omk
, grat.

a .ths whr
'rm On the Oute."
Student Steve m
VIM that Mr.'W
prejudiced alt hin
because be is of Meaim
: Stn est.
SW at Neiw

8:4 D1 adlheOme
Douglas Fairbks guest.
Sketch: "Lie of a Buw
gle Lancer." Cam a-
diddlehopper lears a-
bout his gseat great
granather, who served
in India with a British
colonel. In the Silent
Spot, Red plays an old
ma celebtiS g his birth.
day alone.
0 Dr. Paws0I a1

I a lel d Blloi
k UUU lehrIi he.
p -M, J ease
Homer Bedloe returns to
Hooterdlie with a rotlk
ad rdeMd tycem who's
intereted in buying the

1:* me M
(Color) T qpofls
a FeIruary a "Bl"
celebrate, UooLM 's birth
day, Valuanw's Day atd
wher anorSd ani.


=1 AMUT:b7OWSS S *A6. Ire."A Gergumft
Is dWuPa 8i bb k* CarnsmANY. lft MV'S?
iW hrspa trswvW We putdhmWtsaremW
raw 3IM ,usm ad Sftadt wets Mma. it
ab %t mmafor hbuMhr bI mas
DUBARAtY: Yuwummr~t Mhf dLrtwbm ano
bw da*Irng rgaiiyu r m laI uyicu1 Irona l
psf iwdoMat d mva~dWlshgt Iftaggg
OLlN W lflSIWisbW~eakt ftirMhbeme4u
iAbt d I ow doWlt Ymto dqWanv'W o
= = *&bulbwr inmabesAy -y. Pu. a

9K .tl e Is <S
*A r mhot i ml BI

an M0 n ftibob
a Ytot ersaduNuYork
Otli fla" sm Pa-

ee Nm (a(r)
"DIAoir ." Marlene
DieHc Victor McLag.
len. :
I:8N tNtk Cmr

6:5 6 Ph.dMu
:IU S0ite Amase
6:5 td4 o 1a"es)
SgeTshixe Ause
6:0 S ivg Worb (at)
s lm Neuter (ehr)

tI a~Iew

imhd IlWan

1: I U Low f

a: riesU kata
aftMis ae

Arkit Mde

a I' mO Ihse

13a o Tfllhsomgh
a NewNm

S We spook Mi

1:M omli k
1:1 S Feels
a LeawTWlormT
SAs The WOM Tis
IErae hra
85 U Iki Mm A
Its a News
3:4 aNUeum

: Iaaiea oaTs

a ToD alro
4:X M Nme
4:0 B erm nd Alm

$The BlEting Note
Job Payms, Asaes

- THE OBSERVER ny Rl: Baker -

Think First Class


O e Nr |frk Ptian
thg -ew for everyb*d
to woy abouL It is a -e u-
obgo concept camed "poor
think." Peopl al at te
"*portt" category oue
poby re mine their lve
whik thine i elU tin
"Poorthink" in a social emc
dtio itrd by delw o pre-
itt rfusal to behave It a
Skante. The per- a at.
am5td a mamUly K u to
*aim0k por." 0d tair-I

4. IcyAS





ibm in a eqeip bin Ito
t~dm mats, tdoalr1;

prmba wenl-takS dpr.
mug mm who ummlets 6
NW IS tde modTU POO
TMad" owhcan* IW I.
idmb mmSa bepd e hr
da.a q towlWs h

*n a . *n.

[- L 114:AaS

I l l F1tsIu




Ult AW
a "

I -
poor" inta then get the
plane aolwi.&ke a vice e-
7%I b IPrebb*A the bft per-
Uiw a-dg& t ow r ma-de
far t h fr a airpliMie at.
After he wa& s i to eli hn
* Grill M-bisJv w
btitt A for 1' eixtrae o0
fly ac rosthe coxutry things
fts pq ide t?
ote ban to idSwlg and
.iN dami be sho d bs w-
en g onoer
asicle. *basesasnt.
dw ;set may be
softL not D~ias te1lo DU
a4 statar chance the buy-
er's NX but bN
wn weethes bebe
peopt :poo ad bowe
alkeent ft eth athel
asnhum Im I
Nob* olth b hea t*hlaw
SD&maujainD D- Hm d
Is6 frt 1~ P"Ow

dis aSt ps to per. te
Pm. S "aImpVRs ,.' ,w
pp.r ranpre who p-
ly aesnor the prtty
weIt virglha burlyi at *
bob d MrM hitters ae Wet
lehies petomifmlir
tibemtooamuchkwl bout
p-ty mse ad im
mw"pof S t m i'sm wealot
d setaMls liv 1m
urns to te eat I Is reat d
the ry wmtldip^atbg
p" boqt Wt Vkirh
thtgs wm SemMMS
lyar1dt bofs
ls smekinSd d hagk

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-tl pas h. vM

u.ain ii rm now

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ma tut a I

woa t 0
. VA aoK dm"
Wftk 0i d*M tt
*WSJ%,^^ L^^ 0S^^^^ Id^


Everybody ew it wu a
myth, but it wau had forn to
my u. Sodal M rlquid
vermQame to rya u a th o
trigf t shootr lm i did al-
wy wi aid am thug m lad
work and pure living really did
Iladtothepot of gd. GiCMU
Wab taught t viriu 1 ht.itk
ig poor ad left to pba= bet
rytht e meek m e MsIe
-pwightl fe ..** t--...
here i ot mMo h a le ft
mwadiyp. If tbhe inmu ia
tion Me morl to be amifem
the Bobby Baker aair, It is
dina the wa for a yongs a
to ink lm a$=liMm 6eme d 4M
in to agrlat thsl witI
rich and faal e ople, -
aeary ini samam S enre,
wi peopl who waiM juter
becaSghthorteatthe bookth
beteno im lt yeW car.

MaI bWt r nS
cgalr a 'wee
IMv PFi.dt Johnso in&
dte aing d fit *A
hia a a to pif"
is the eoflry. bl t pil
ko 1 amian* is
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WW% pw eAtS-UrN ia2i
SW '5'v wf toAft to SIN&
bomb Na. 0aL wtt
hA U9aiind d
v,*& MtWun idci





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Rickorer Reactor

Stirs Excitenent

e lira rt ais w
I major advc to 1 nulear
pawer teml a reet
that i smes to genrte lde.


Drops Rights

To Throne

THE HAGUE Prtuer Vic.
t0r GM. Mar= amid Is a
odcmst udaiy nid that it
u with the fall anmm
S the IDutch cbet that
Pri bIe bhad decided to
r ounm mer ribill to the
Dtch k. to mi Prime
Carioa Hop of Bomtaroa.
Prcim lcm e 24, is comd
tI the lbe Of aoEa to le
DeAc a tnde So the omu t
she mra the rce, 3 m&
A spumoa for the Dur
genommat reucedS m "otr
, m Doen ot" M ws aaRe np
tt rown p-i e Bottl had
exrted pnro a her sis.
r to r ro hebr ightL
Primces BmriA, was
ported to beh feed the mar.
riape mat lad to a political
coact that coid threaten the
then. te oMAchal da ais
.upprtedby wen-f-amed po.
awt 8! suns oB H Bau.
The date for the mtipl ai
expected to be amoufd -l1

triu&d thOt No mi.Md a
to proue mre fued tin I
cau-a-MIs -Woio Omtd
by Vice Aaml Hymou G.
Ricepe. lebfh
Sort ti istis A iBeWrid
Noig dWtk nAbide Enera
Com- moti n r b wKhta
sih aU fthe Clri De-D

- watt.bum slim's
dte bPO of bdft M Oeef
tOn oalmic PMer pots lfor
nioof .e ft=u M
to astiref Cdllihic
The promin bI to eowant
a NNW ilta dwtAl Co.
w"y e ad-it si a. rt
peMt Mhi RAI tShe TIrh
tainie power pant the
(~tSS S aibM t
Untd SatiiNewtr.iet
fte mctho a o naS w
rgly epal to btibedttum
coMt a a omvatlne pert
Owot Sl dt psty. h tW.N
CWrals wM be abe to wa
thme dedictdly trun the Plod

t~oM l I b its VIA radifr
ItMsW P* whiCh ab IN
j I I oft Waive ham *A
trnihr d watr from the
Futher m -e the onM
$fle Moth to lgo Dibo

iWith ftW conkutrudef roa ao
S*vbmk Im = Pl
alfofte, 1kt suoBS.i
wouM bew bleto final e
dwiNpm odi c ad 6 the rew
ador and tet the Ricnover ca
I'nmnniwin (tficials mdiwst-
I. that i t might cod N1 ml-
m b to bui the plant ad $15
malba a year In developnutal
ad wa-t epenses.

You Test This 'Bird'

By Nearly Ruining It

SANDUSKY, Ohio Fo thh
first .uc& i I Ad hAd be.
at NASA's1 Fin Brook otatI
Sher, the Atlas 11D has not
bad an easy tOn ofi it
the booster has nm a gruel.
ing palet na which it has been
stretched, queeed,. bent, stood
up an unorthodo manner,
combatoied with ables. cryof
gedally chihed in ame spots
andl heated t b h mperature
un eoth is, d op wth strals
gui adM take to the edge
of duetrucon.
All this wu part of a three-
test arias to promv Atls could
boosIt a dropneled, upper.
s Centaur space vehic.
During the month of Oct-
obr, Ailu ID passed thed
Pla Brook taeil. Go Nov. 27,
Atls 1mD chbyined the
grouad teSt rults by success-

fu booting Cetaur nto earth
n we of hie ts -aiam
load the W d tlink ed Woiwler

went Wt two pr cent d ts
calculated destruction pot A
anpcated sytem of cablesiM
ad hydralicylnde placd
suo p=6 of pum s
the vehicle.
Ithe cad test dealt wh the
pelem of ameurda*ic bhoat
klg t the Inteae adapter
ibetwe Alau ad Catml. In
the third, several mis MBl
pounds of bedilng p e
were imposed w the test rticle
to Dulate the worst aud*t.
ed dynamic pressure Iafll
Atlu UI 's trial an
ow yt. It wid be the huaM d
a Coturrvyor coopre
tio, doe for aevral u od od
tting atl 6M1 s tatio.

Amazing Amazon's Flow

14 Times Missisippi's

NEW YORK (AP) New single day, Cartr aid t ib
itudis dhow that the Am train the volume of waer
River hai an average flow of ed. He added:
3.1 million -ipB0 per mlt, hi ew iMfomati ml
twice the mount previously that the Amaon discharge
thated. per cent of th w total
The new figures the river flow
woril's rgst river were an. "Ba that te A
. Aed by UdMeneretary of fow I tH m larer a othe
the Jtrior Jew K. Oar. flw ofthe doMimppI M av-
He dialed f. e.t of a qe flow i b hdi m r
cooperative meamnit pro AtM that of the Caq, bhe
pmn ju compinted in South wrd's largieit ri, md l
Amrio's Amu li a ln a i e the flow of the Paci
ipedch lr tho Ameria IiNltw'sm Cijmght1Coh1inb
tat of CauthA ziMer war M wBed known sor h bp
During the dy U. years of drdectric power producettm
p-ioudy MWeheid netrd b H said tih meaumumt pie
wer foud at ids, Li, pm was part ofa PdSfnm -
Car S Iid. dfort to leua am It
the Ammon's average flow i Ile maive trawpcrt of st
enogh to Mad the state d ad umdhMl from the A -
Wh York 's Who deep in o ee

Who's Who in History

I' p

d ulM ll i

1 WN a the philouptei *
-,xogist who mpiudl-
pgaB_" othe -Jud
I cmepts byt r pUiMl
,,- ?

SWho wrote the plays
"*oonf Boenows Wlm0 "
Ed "Win Dafs JMb b

& Who m" es m


=am (AP) Ate
bale sel U he

tdS Ftild tatr

" hmi b^m IM


dv -ve

woelad as fat fit he ldw-

i Who was thiNdrn m-
*r koam for i demty d
pMe power d mkmmd

L Who uwa the hue iMd
citom d waowo wu* u
hig ngt vitary sA Jbe
KHaini 15 nbt o bI MM?

rd u --as biMud dal
M^ktohe IflO Pu^^^ d

ft tm- S. w dm
a a e mf

-M (M IM- Em -

bflfbAn .



W5 m UAllto W O
". lae VkmS
"tin.. sbas a
tre. slrite nine. u -a
Lton toFliti 'N'

Uoms ..\W soonm. U
hem 5me baa Ii
skm ed. a w. a
Wy M. a w
I i& i
dtWbr 41lilA. tN
a Avm. pest HIM nB
4 ;=Jrt~ IM

tam t anu eat
S-H tol MaC Oily.

was .- a a

-e ass.. tse. O
Iw~~4 &W.lHfftLr

m. m a in

S fVKUS am t
*W. :* W naw. m

kit (to te| btakb
fr th Qplaulam Fte

MRs 4t sMf

I. myn r- au cm
VMi. a d.= IN r ausW.
slE sai I. Mi m

amLowS- DiFAflb
aum a imiadaI uw.

sin aek f
V0 at isw Tr heTaW.

IUANL& NWe M a an

mat ;orns
-a U1 ww 1 1.3Mto
-c^ mi 11 NmAU WANa
No"$ KxhWAA n*m ,

ON hr bsad~wb|ow am
MwaI u tnu~lw

Mr. 04*,r 1*40 Ow IoL

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ggnjjyil Wr

unot to*-bt

Yet be trlbe d S Miam
srks Vlaus . IuA0f
pow v Usa U

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m u"me -b;8MA I"

/ Tbo" ("IM"~ Nmm

ra16S prsse3

uas. AS T sesd I s

MbeT FmOa. Nit.y U
A t a ao

U. mo tMLfii Vs.
fi lJ.- S
IfM gsfll ~ir
pa o "-n f n

SS. "SS SS **fl.i
CiLUMrD* fr M

'a a. a vsasy m
nM ree s >*nr i. oa o
is l sowelln Ods ment
em c, Me V. m W

as w&a C smW. Ift .AiMM
oar Fm rbeL W beI b var

ct r tsm r

mm mb as?"S

oi s sauMft
a %s a ned

4an :3 a"$d
5km Eta SS

gin.. a s

Use tte
******** *H*


au eAm a.

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a- o

ast was P.aS
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PAoS b it wow
Aa*.** w omb

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a "se on "
a a 1 & h i
: a --.T.
a umwsa wam
MUe ggsutb
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12 U&- Nu wow

Satem r r -* ma
our s~teSinsse.s
WAISM ve o jnemiL
bly fBl u ea t*
At* --taft CRY a"
N1 9W. m9. A. a

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lIm W o. *.m_

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aoNmam tusE sa)
so Moms. tesso

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us fthemr meg. U
Sak wedis.set amemn,
Dmm 14 1. WEs to.
US UaesM P. 0. W.
cam trme. e. _
Mt tIn' LL t
noh sae0 e k tu

Da laa nosesn ilp
gMal, Am Oa M a
I W..
lWt IUr Aft He yhm
AM -ANT alfl ea wmet.
Gat salair. 4A t b InI

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tib llMaesle"*as. hsh

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Stes tabs. S st gad.
OML kIsto. U gull grad.
Tim spas. b..a.. U he.
su1 aim -- k"
"msMI. wlaon. AT
Rnmaa xivl
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amme r. .soI


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onUm gaO & .su"
L. t .- e g. LFaP. 0. am
w.m na sao.n

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14-I. Nib WgI .. Ds
oMee. PN1 de

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a otherr a a u11
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bias~ as,..

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sa d am as
a 81111" 1010
* a Adum

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* ma aas.-

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N a" aso
a mum

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maa. iv mao
u al Be"
2-^ Op" ods
0 -*ie mo^nsu
OWN nva N
ansj~ a ralow

18 Subseh & leassues

1st Lemsson Free

me-a fl rasem
sap stla l smian t
b geam se ukw A
m W. U. Nm n A 4

h am; AS-AYshlmea

EM. s egeaast. wee
s44. PhaPU INS
br. waM bka. a
ddkiby AIMWAY IMi -

m piea n A a
tor a AM C MIM
4*1600 i~ OM ~
& ne

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21 Uije"ek & SI9Mo

WaH MI.NM.0 a, 11 m
Usd mNhMs Iaft al to a

e ~an i.
Mt 1 seMM k

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Ceem C Cmmt io e.

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iam tM aN t. O
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^j~~~~ie S^^^^ fist^^ ^^^^^^^J^^^ ^

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WillII1 Mill, 11 ;
.s T arimd as. i

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waps Isanowmtan man

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U ete U mt MI h W

Nutell I odicalan, I "
w ar. a.*m. a a
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gen cuam u ar

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ett*s s PaS l. 3 as4

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35 Hems.. eFhh

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S DeO 2aton.

A Delightful
SNm ft rm ma
fm. el as-. a am

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oms "eI, Mau aI. aM

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AI.K Deih tful f
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SMOSHARI 3, IWLSnm".rJ,,wo
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lS A a'dLSs dio W tMuet l seto ss I
"snk M baths born b u i esA
26s Rla il lay. hudwoed flonW ,
AVLamonw a s 3 hear MC 11%-O & *rn. Cot.
Inas fm.L awein ss. h 4f a a. 1 ad.sN back ar. Avail.
tral airNa tta e t Mr. L CaD 3714-m.
3u0 11 b4 f lu0",6jbe"ps pu itMPuse
ft BOB u Im I d. z..a & W.A ra.
16ia 9 1m m 1 61 411. IX 1.1 it. S uItW

YOUNG** M ,,inM PLC A. .1d
M0ft .w. Ise. a r lov

AMERICAi "o v su D00111--
S AEI4111 O W AVE I blE,
2 boa Sa.m" h a nAlt
HOMES tap us ta "A --f so"1
A E R ICDdA ti l oul AN 1

"ism me amt IS e .r I.
MODELS John Merrill
OPEN10 m. rTiloi REALTOR
E ral=bi11 PHONE MIA14N
:=d u -"Nub Associates:
*P 14. r ar s mei w. N. IUKANNAXN
VAif t M r quets i ly aUe
3 111. 1 bath -w lue me-
TERMS hV. vea
w a... te lselamiim ,rle am
& Jrh ain S. g c r yard. Due wall.
& c Cd HalL U laeulr reo .
Ml W bt' a. On Lamk lank
Istale. I IMdoUp te A &CM if
NW 34lt 7th Avsnue can t *oM.
Phone 372-7070 BEST OFFER
V lA tr tl reatacUive I BR.
I bath C1 hamse In xe. IWc-.
a- a"m--an UNIVERSITY
T""a -.. REALTY
a I m M ek I uills N. mainS t. Ph. T-3411
Cll w.l U as m i ouW. M. me. BDra
c ausd un. last saM. AS : S, .. LauihIm.
w M Ui I7 & 1S StashIFrek Robv, Roy WVCmn

&ivT bob I nioe tw btoMh
REALTY he... bagirll Japaneses #A
bI e-, haudtldl J^aIMe siu-
Ills N. Ma" a I uL 4 1 em. cmtral beat sd air An.
W. Is, RMnowl 41dltia s ,od r lforaseUd
ufle-- cy.
SWlki* ditaiw to J. J Til.
S MawrT. DiC.-MAOR bley. Ij batlk hb rbi f
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IUTHW UT a bMd. I blat Iles.
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P app ar RISmatey a s ashe -
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S3 eulAT Is DI 1iAN i ICi

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NA o I Nl K. -P 11iI I To
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1w1 4 1? a 110 H. W eiss 1 l Hds S. Groan
ItAe.ld. g' 2 ml l assat NMre Nsary Pafto
hem ISE M 3.115. M i n v N IrSt rtad T?* I:M4
W. r o a 3*4-- --st on a
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u r. ll w fl l
So t 4 & CUnoO" MW 6IL. I,
Sam. N D1 6a M.I eL r a le.
S beedtr yusd. iat d jst. W 1L. teaclss ACRE weo
eBll.T&L heLiTc flag M W i L Njo latest

i GLAD YSIa rato. .d b e 1s, t1. 1e4mE
A SMITHv caUs ient.
L tue Aam11 m e lmSW W NEAR ICOIA I ben... b
S mie ISa S n aSI t m. .li tto ed
S* d bat. Al 'I rto ea pa e r mow mt
L. tI 3ehM. Extr a n aspat- mt.
Ina Ibeae sMeJ Ia M. INCOE PROPERTY. 4 uta
P. s eM iSa I If, w pe Sl, PMril
S amI n a "o w" alur..o tt a

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Lo e i'T.i itam- | AU. a CMn

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as "Cm oauea"almum
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TmsR.Sqy.UbemY ". 196

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saw Piw first Dayl
W. &Ad tei!
_m*** a &m0

S' - --OFFI-E- nI ML X t"IPl < Und,
minntSoM. Wila m l. eC st tr tS.t fvllime. R K- 4 QW U. 5arnGrand panot, desks chairs. 1Iq cabinett,
PafleMtc r I yur M. w em ru W a isit ad. 3e aftls, ore he call, rait t Pcefl, and lvpe rllers and adding ma-
14L Co san _r 44M ew W___ __-_ "dI I f writs fMt On. R V 2 2- urtew. Fa 11X= chine. pncdI tn sWOl I-
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Ia aSl. dise NMW IkM IU tehi bot als Pth F. ame. Fa 6- 1 6 r 1h M Mr S ans dea Gdi $41 m.l gM T for coaptet coX
large Patio, tds rmit lare b(m ramadr CiAl "I. HaW 1C. sE I .top. 3b eay4m ao. Wu1 usafielt.
itlu alms. die4lta. $13.m eso al ht e ltr dtt l6l. hmew" 2 IF E clsserls ..m. -I DB0OM. I hll air e COMMEaCIAL cas-li. N Phe FR il*4 *r 3ii .
ft diU. P. rate Wnt caa&M i *&* i flL AilS GAS WATER H 7EA$ER--
*. 1l. u -FeC nm . r le - s 1i t i Mml m Wal a ., avalh able far l r ag e m r IM, y
ude" amI. _ *Ag a W C38at" wageeA Wighm.. M ah5 s.5 i c M 1 WSef Tie-s.
1a. Ila NI th CToa.R P h llh oR3 l""afe6Jr pe r I 3 s CLA 111 1, tile, t ii at h -5.CRefroDYCEr AS to eplalre electric Waiter
n al F e s. w tian bbs l as 8 IC'A i LCn Fe37.1DY S oater. Hot water at about
t 2 1R. 1 bath hoCme tsr alei (ash n -i 1M013 RfS O SSi dtpis a I yard, -B u eded.w@ mae ball yarlme Mgn cost k wt
S3V .1 I balkt-i bir B e t fullr, c .a 3t A G e m m M S A1. A St e (A. S Iy u p w r IP a Ask u, PR O .
.trIl buiealt-i. n -el a tedsnp., ..-J Call f M alter P.M. Phae 46-L1 b Opperhin PAXE SW Areer Road. FI
tet39 t loeT s Pryqy t o y.a aplrtme bent, 95110.
Kirkpatrick .2MNEr. C I o ,s ,ate 7a a!,.S S 0=ANDINo.e@.te r =,1 ,. ec ., .. '. sl
AJ rI UMd Avets. Uaivntty 4 4 L erice yatr Philgas Dil. Pail.
LEAVING s a s t. s ee a. TSOhe ra m . eM r N1 ka S A. ais. In. t mR 3121
NORHM WEST is the Walls fI f edroai, living ome. dMg U. CREt M eekr Pile TWO BR. L.R -a1; waler SS Bo m small ILI P ERn a capacity.
No. l lem threel b o roow. kitchen. u M bs. e* pg e s.E ha ted. i Wean I S ^ * fa.a. Mm s. FlmP j C o a fo cGa age Can Ch pe W l 1 S M- e Sim .:
famly m hardwoe b t. Loe nated in^ 42 1 d P.M. ai. a mIrek eIt oto N*W, b A me-.
Room, modems lUcrhg. ba led. OlySM V a s 2At aF, pr. F rim. acp d last Bae 19 maer S an. 42" ]elnetme ra..
the.tail -. a- M. per ca iE F NCY private bath and S. mM. Ale fr b ia se s
trou imal, trees andl MeatSaie Show. by appelus- A Ax a m"w a.&& em. 2 r (lmy lat"s PMi
Ii. A llttI-_oa.tae.nKernf-lit Sbm by t bd : I a r &P_ WMe1
Swell Mawped meat. FiRt 2-225ll. u 240 A Rrto edi Cs% ,ha CllfedChe. IA obawetuuyar For appisas osa 3724451.
lo1t. Pr4edl as -o-m-or--A-L-H NM- NElse a i m. mm
,I*0 MODERATELY ArgT *. t* ress orW mph. ra l n i e p.--.-_. 7__ .. s. Do"u C kA N pN. t. ,, I
A mlt attractive home with three males pa r C l, di ol w! r. l18 ki ri a i* n MI Dt- M ibl- se. M Ie plee r
eaoroug, to bathl ia the PRICfED er u m eval. oorted ad aIao, In vate 1 s a, ri Is. ltbsit. Its P t mUtk i D Ws l In to stac $ im *ret.I
IS priced t le.s than $17.- Our fsice taeO proideo i e uitble fo caStiq ra-ie, Ie.., A p t i.. t
0. and hasm AY ant tin s asler ewly em =ral ri4 or a b4ivtl. I, soutaft. Tiffan seNt S.Ie Di d, 1.
traclive features, Is. Artilt 4 bedroom, 2 hath apprti Iattu1 i eRo m SPACIOUS -tpair 2 bal' Fl T- it4 111
clodua walled put bo. b Ne. with la ely ivng aid Health Cegr.a luri ntg apartment. M f r LAa r a wt white goltd. Ph4 r
fireplae, a. F leri- sI area. autiful l e oR ith. SM N.E. a St Pihu LA E maW.NW ma wta 61w h CLEA NE I
d, roo,. Ogl of inched seForida win |W DAN BYRe AG*Lcy. INC. I M. 41. n a. mt a&d1 Wrttw..M w VACUUM CLEANERS
wos owr Mn. ed 2 car garage. 2 blocks frhe REAL STAE LINSURANCE l -_---- iL SS aa rte ja____amupn- 111p _art a ss ad
lels to -sell. Llttnoed Sehool asd 1 5 il. IORT44GE LCANS ONE roee *fiticy apt. tit lid. 1l155 or i-lol. W T a m a l a timn ma f 5 P Btypes.
If Ps a n interested l laoiw- Ite frtM o fr F ASMCIATA: per week. 3 bks. 2em eat e BM. sut s aide da r cftp W. i iIY SALES AN SERVICE
e a home 1 Your reqine- ERNEST TEW REALTY WONk e4 E !. lw Al. S UsiT l NW ri ordto pm Se rlls em e* ote 1 N. tmMain Fa sR i
me-. we *oer a fi neJ- Axndaen MS N.W. Al3 St.. Pi. L 2511 St. le. 6- 4 7 -4 T. P ike*a r a. oo .S e-
situ to n that eda ll.. 1G J MJackson3 00 & O bath. beans rea, 4I. NWAl I imU .el pano t 'e C a Gee- a dB SE
--eraqawal baOON MlWNED" a ep d P Ple e. 1 l .lS. wrCa ribet 9 SIX Ep
alS sequarsfeet onaa 1i W INIt sly S. m e Aia.E .3room s aledm r ad, i neRs d. 1 o 3. | -42 6 m ,le M *ra. 3 t Ae I ..
.acrewelleshadedle ast - -- -. A. 3 I I M Wa. Ne She. gtranc. fule or 12 a. ,gD Oa tl -- J
1nOtR hALor By hener. R .An- -etrintBY__an:_AM,_Gild).
A I the ort t 1 SALE B, Owerr. S BOOMS, vit -. itch e w Wanted electric train .-
ions. A Areal, S 0-Mfarfa appolgmest gos S ,I R I WC U U- as bath. 2 hosttes. I Sg loe Phone 6r o
buy at$ ,7.00 ie tehis 2 broe 2 batlk ety All 3l r. a H neFR 6.2270
home In d.ul, W le 5 i Area If mi. N. Is t o Wo Aa. rnlr I i o Of Galeitlkle f tiett WAY S olid Oak ro t
I. St soesb an Sh. .. FO,-tI. B ea .rs eattless. a mi ty .*I iha"m "I N o w oo d
v lr l per nt Flansaed e availm T OA a el lmrsishdiW bed parting. Ge --]s -- FI wit lm6ile l6eg. seael
J. W. Kirkpatrick .ni o!m. a S. 41 AtREAr, E a r ad e r1a 10 -
Plad ON arm t' is b4eJtiful Wood light turned. WS N.W. H ope
TO-d, high 9d mooea II|en Hop en Irx.
REALTOR ....... 11' OWNER s An- rrl ., -eat.fei __ iaa" OrHI HR Inc
F N. F i lce, Ph. l- ina 3 n ea d A Ia a ed U r t em arn t- M. F A DILmPPLIA .
ASSOCIATES s.tpai r .Jist floo..l I I NC.: nmtan. dA P i .-7" Wl am g nIC or Prope Hot es
aE nR ? a Lor w aptD a r t wa1er d t l& rit lami t wtiMto c lase g1 bal. Abah IS3LiR I tuI Tdi -nawe Ir ot.a
caper ow brund -b t'W% a 2 ear m t bahrsa centrH ea e.lta Halt.lIA me West urisst ira d water fgaaeaat Paaokhaes@ Prpert
ksme bA.tI. h hBnc o. U s R inanin. Aaw o ea t o h n e dde.legt hes.4 bt h. 4. af 53 t a*m 2 Bad. 4t a
lalkIr, lly Pwr, r -l iht, 4o il in,4 r ipS .W. e Av m ,I V e. a -sweekly aysAlp i m u 0
GAl INES sv xU.3BBbattows LOS ,RANC, iWOODS I rzimiac told Su. ;et Ic. fle. Was a Fee l3
IeI 14, hB 11 2oa d hi Pb house. ? i A plio T N' W S anl qu et. No pI d[ I e -I -- m o 1021 NW 40h Dr.

smal IL LE.. baIAsi- lo ffew r.,.RD y ,ilti.i, N SI ESSIastofoseaTVSd -sW1 1 go 3 S .l e S 4e. d. &
VILLE e. Ph. V41 R k yoi-,t Mseothe 2. F 427 FR 2i37n. al O Y PLS Ai A COI r ole. i ,.
-WRT 01 IV -pwa W veM R *<*tl ly p ietd, e ,it limits. Small bed.-4-3 NW *it Ave. S Ph 25 it i
BEST BUY V3. hoes$0 meters bto bag torn f bot h BlinT 4 10 33 Offius- See ko VIek 0SDG bogbtWAdi od. -
Yo a brand f er 11,bed b. o at I t. n *lmrm tthlis &Kt &1-- 1910-2 u Ae Cae At O S t Si l 4 .
room, 1; bath born en quiet porrh .. Alt rodtloa t 7 1B. es lSttleSRe 2 balt k SM do 174
Lot. news lving roar. a p-s!attitheaa ....___ Mty Ga .rag e1 & In. I' ll.a
was 'we st 'O e fedn;Sg e AAtl im ft i

w*l *wut p ru led corator
wall. Cheerful dning area with
alknM Alancs dForl Ply'I of!
elet w pace. All for only
12ml. wsilk Mn da* ia-
cuing al clodi coti Jitl
7 50 per onth i cludisl t ls
al4 Imnuraice
.E Ith Ave. & 151h Stret
- 5

p,-.. .. .e___^ rlepI | lta
- NW, Near latlewood doe. I05SEY
1;3 yr eld 4-bedroom., baths. D t R,4utias Aisoelte
Large fully equilpped them 1 W. 1 lvsity Ave Phft. 3M-I2
s separate amiwi rotm. fair M Mal LIpe
4 Or lt% flkrplte. Mird-
3 wood floors LArse raimecd 43 t3eas oswoy
ftlrot and ar (trrace. M,
tcr lJi'ae. s a fq t." a ia
2 3 acre roer lot. 21.54 by b- Si
owner. FR 2.7-T. 2 & 34 3 roms.49 lE it
IU,. Ire m an
YeT. work eut yeO r dem payl-; puM. MeilU paUt
mRNt AM a u R3R. I r .tot -W Is hboes f ll a

4. cleat 2 a jerMised i.'!
Adlut elb Pboe It 2i-
e sftnr & P.M. aid week-

Gainesville's Finest

T O P bnse t M inder teal- pen t endre dMa- wM M Fr in h ri w uiuaatfl d
TO r l truifl in Ferwoud Miae., Ca ll p Yi 3ImG -. ,i"y I and 2 bedroom aPt
SDrive we a A 4 mNE f St. Phole
LOCAT ION P i Hary R. oa S 44 Cel oer Ro o LG.I l U A downi-- hot
hill-a 0 E. Cove Drtv wet so lillhAt "e, to h& ,i #,PILPS I
New bedroom. has ath s a united .umbew if b dn" f & gou waterfit m -sbu p io.
ve ar s d oa r tl et a alir tSrtl l t ts tlraLllsn a i e h eno r call after 4 P .M F R 2 L
M oor-outdoor s allm-it. orki' couple Meere's -....
Bth Ls t G. e4 ial. .. = a TadAr L EUMa. . ore. SIrBit 2R.. aSt*
aSlid lhoodl central eU ig. {- tvuILvY Fletcher l kbi Bi t. T r lerI. K -U,. ni t.- h P- e
vleet to si mpla s heated. at 3M SW 2nd Ave. Total Ave Ph 1 .Vtel... 414W r -t per n t.e
G. E. Sperry. M per weamth prike 119.M Dows payrwt I BEDrOI unr al -.- -M .....
ieludol tnaxe & insurance, A-: MW Iohly paylsn SI3. er s6 or endple. sit ad eold M KIENCY evryl li-
AsetV dROrA. V4. We pay' Contactl e r. F, 14F4. water' ieiuded is trwt ca l .ished, lnludig lines I 12|M 1
&a elesi li -td l aC ee r. aW.telr.. Call J. W. Kirk a week or $I omath. Ca)l l i
of $10. 37 Real itate Exchanged patrief 'aw. R 2 31 i 7 e lr 6-M ELxt
HUGN ,IN M-,areet"'-..... .______..liRu ni apar
EDWA RDSW IklNC. LAUDERIALE 35 ili. t. covalte 1 trailer I s met, Coloial Manor, brasd
VD AR j IIN deuiy n 3 BR, 1 ball SiLm, realt. ,slal le r e luple new furniture and equileet.,
NE 14tI Ave & 1ltk Siret home fr Gainesvile bh erJ MOORE'Ol IRAIEI COURT. $3 mA Occupan c Feb. .
2135M1 acreage Ray Welch. 3N4V 3. lM4 E3 .e31. lv e A, M. .FR -17
isCSEfloar. clean, private. i L,.
WApply 17 SE i t St. a
Isag room kithees, large ja-
e*sie peach withn whlkin g di
la o I f dowein Available'
Home And Business .4..6u ^,
ul;Mege ~ Broker s a..I&n Wi.
s- -4t Brtekr ad agia. apeutaot. nehet
7 eippe. TIN-- balk i &d tlm.
BMildAefm 1, omsled acru ZR U of r.
--- eli kas. Tur w Moteal cop. cesie pewl-
I &ny W r aie, Db :1 . wll ?- b rod. tphoe Fe Xi14 May he
Btee l ktrte. -mter DY-wU"alla nYosI after :3 P.M.w we-
grad.ed. rm egmate. W. o 4l
( iBck JoM re 6 M a x at., ealppe wil
hIN I m NW I1 SI Pi f &1 rtev n retrater eass-
Cosar. C e. SMALL w .i e, 1at erd. diam Me; Aalabse Feb. -. in
Ss-a i filldirt,n s w TOq. Tee Pouting quie l R aiece.
Rad. Pbem FR 2-781.
Sf _4 _i 47 Hew if o Re FWm.
FOR P OPA 'A14TY PAIT. I eelest__ee.
capesty ,G. SAGING. CAL fA i -e. Do Law
0. 0. ELY M43S1. CALL Gar Nnon N MerM. 0 win-
US OR I t LL OTL .E e m.aias orY year maed e
GRADT CABINET W ORmU s O3 R W1I WaOe turnished New ,mde
c~.~i.~mme. ..I l ryWvsnst w rtiete tar t
n 'i nd a L' A i.a eu hot peth. Nit. so N .
'''. 1 l --. n i I f i- -
nas a .rn-a ib o. ..aite ron e ea S icr e -
Ao wn u l S e v ic e A11 3 8m U A n 3 U a w o n
Apr" SPh"*12..0 1.3 I o.w near Acther,. 9s per me.
3810 3. nuseW HSMtingI1449 ROAM se Phny oe sw
ISA I ARNOW r 1 NIEi AT'LY furl-.. h . t.
r Bn aMo Rd IT ; Nimom ,a id ,Ab a a ll eetrie
>R& L' il'LT I ----- C"L snisi kitcek.eut. cnalatg tear s M
S vwTT AP _A .a "ART BALLu-lkHtio. il lM Air lce swaver and garbage
as 1 UNIV. AVEIll.V,1l R1leelle ail, tw rn-t& IS.'15 Pi",' a adiftl a tem p Hlre set.. FitR ..101
SYer Experiencte. I l a w 3. Com- iO T. Year dad lari
Ye.r.E"-.e I lW rnl i 1 teatm a Im d bed oomhnme. On Late
AW Milpgua Kar Cetxa tetqi F e basiB It, Phone 173-430 ci
Ai --YD1A40 1u Haome Sm rie '.. <'4 .-a37MOf
UTDRETJC JACKS sebolk a how ---_- --
ac-aaed. B- ilr kQlt tor all i io T 3-
Aem. LLfu A i. Lead k aded ,Adei Id WcEG- P~ m tuer btl h
i rei laleJ wac k imWOOD Nollas eIlk
Vi s 11SPPY u1314 a.& M 'A Pat a Casts A tD'I m KK Menseal h 48 Home fee La Mmlvi.
M ,a-twi Airnasst b VSPACIOUS 4 bea. R,
IsM.ildig & AKpekSm d uo-ro- d Sewing ,. a 1S 1 1A o 1d 3&
-i w ow .vlredi mmm t uMr A'tlo 4W Gr oIwn "anI M
Baby WSed Fred V 113W Sh| 1211 E't 145 Tur. 3 heir '
DON'S 1 7447 4-Ila, i le Ca MrMr,. Cr ll' A O Ca ose= withmle & ret.
LAN tnc &an awTKTssi, _______ ___ a _Ml _ s. '
S**A n e w iu *1 --e-a ll M e e. Twl .-
Mp he.R" h Ao Cal Da P.I i3ii i 3- 1113 N. Mati .
Pert&uMc Wl Nt 1101 ue. -r :S O. .'- ""
H 3NT __________ i* *ll T' 4 abOM lac.a Vs. nf i
0n1 W.
Ema Ig WEA mm 1'" ll 11", e a,!PhtrnSMU. i..
rEamoalR w "a II s "a It sl Ism ela ila -IS L. i Tes
lmwxNDAMIif cis TH M ai *N #a*sei h -at- ii er.a
WORD. eammIG 'i. m 1g _a _J.. FOmDYCLEN rAS:
30D NG PAINTING S511. 11160fU1111111480111 11a1aiaw bi e See r: A
iMs OX. aim W. I.L U MMI ft =11 C a0fla U 0,as ,
AM0. .YSr ah her has b
Yea I new ll nww n dwoh I h
CARENRY* Ror uom_ _f ia. a.. S* S.see. n us --, e a..

S^ADDITIONS usd emiVtlal ban.. Iw/ rM, F iM & t iN roMsE & ANMOCIACe
rtS. t.. ni Tws ea 5.m. sen im-. m .t.I Die. n I WeM .
L m. -sa a mSM wf. u m A m 111 aWw OTICl11 g mo use, Mo l A

sale, am I i liacu4lli

A s-m2. Warmer Weesa.____m. _
1113 N. Main a USED keeMseM drums k tn
S- all le. rw SW 3lr Mwdt.
54 Whomi tell| m Pne M9 404.
waIII-... lib t....Trer cali.
.WA I OUtS sa e ia. cI& M.. Uk.. ABul e
ettd d 5 X. 0L Ma Cal Clome. IN W.Usrv. Am.
JO K ER"B w. ma ...
erdean Mtear nd i -
NEW OF7CE SPACE eitdgl t Cms alefitWAS.
All Mae Casual heat a outn OW N IptS. Mr.
SecanFit 4 SMw 2W. Mr.
Air cooieasitng -N-ew pale-I t
Ing Shenty t Parking eme
w- yMstMie a arsti pe moomu amity tuuua MSat
U il T la. Ca n I .rluve by 3.
IN TT W REALTYf Ld A. Court. 4 M.
IMe N.W. i it. 1 af t441.
Pn .--i- -B

l4527I 617 111 lit Pl.
3 U, I bath M4 da NM

301 & 313ui S3th St.
104 *3141 39thSt.
3S I bath slk d. as
per me.

TI ietl em a. uder em.
lete sad will be red)
fore eea ion e.
3701 NW 2lt P.
I BE. S bath tM do m
Par w.
)707 NW 21i t.
4 BR. 2 bath MN do.
alM pf m-.

3 BR. 1 Bath
I Year La i11S per Mo.

im S.E. to bfSEET
l -SIta or PR -71W

You Can Buy A Now
Home For As Lile As

1100 DOWN

lodsc Cluing Coese
h in PEc MO.
1i4cludos Ins. and Toxas)

u s


Gainesville Multiple Listing Realtors

Fore Aussociates
Waer Weseman
J. W. Kirkpitrick bAlty
Jhnim Mrill A
W rnetv, air
WM Il hoplhwtM, Ro
M. t. Pwrii u AFc"

J. Perc Smith., Realtor
Gladys mSntl Rulty
Emmt Tow, Reaby
Uniersity alhy
Arnold Reahty
Dan ev"d AgCePr
AedeCwhull. eatl-e
IrS Fms. Real N

Homes. Lots, Income BuS.
toes and Lake Prepeorty
Farms and Acreae,
E. C. "C'tRLY'" t'EHN. Jr
FR s-M2 BBrkr eR 56544

CeltA-bult ms all
lik csm-buflt If y
Mn Uied at hems R
tat bs-divwa lokt. -m
Ws el KW Mt Ars. pm
lMe. As uslp a ML.

Macoma Homes,
lor SUe, t3 Art mtne 3.
bedroom. I-bal ime t:
E. Inleriw) Are 0 .taJiit
sttinc. to Lake 'o rest
Schools Price $12,.W O 0S
w ,n 1ri 7S $ per mon il.
Caj! Ger( d or g S It')
Jr ., FPR -T-72O. nuhl,- iR
6iW l3 o(f,ce. corner \ 16iR
A .3rd Blvde

NW 16th Ave. at 37th St.

Carol Estates
N1 9th St. t tis Ave.

1321 NW 16th Ave.
Mike Kntts. Associate
We Trade Hou es"


Home Buying Service!

* Over 20 Models
for your Selection
* No Down
Payment on
VA Homes.
* 3 r 4 Bedrooms,
1 & 2 los.

$12,250 to $28.000
Total Monthly
Payment From:



Save time and msey. Se .tfes models today.
For etae etteation t Mo enite "ct.

Preuesonal RHmes for Pmlessioeal People
Drive W. a latl. A e, turn eIt it Model a Hi ame i -

N.W th. Terrace

NOW'S the

Phon FR 1954

N W 43rd ld N.W ithi Plee or \Islsi tR Sll


With the possibility of
Pointing Your Own Home.
In Lie, of Down Payment



IIncludes I.s., Taxes.

Over 20 Models from $12,300 to $17,250
Free Membership in Exclusive Swim Club


Highland Court Manor
Goinesville's Most Preferred New Address


I id--o-end Dem
Audi n eeoes

Solo Office Letd
at NE 23rd $Ilv.
end Ilth Teneco

PHONE 372-3471

- ~an K; U

It SewlghSoi

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Sale of New Homes Continues This Week:





Losegnmomm -



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ft. a.saft n"u -
Otr I& l USL. AV.
awMsl wm rd
Ua. Ua.i a Nua".
w48 & fl bb mM.
a &a so s -h
Caln raIMiti a aM
ma m a m Ia a a
0 life Bar br.nm m
aeb. Ph bshe I AJL. r
aO 5 PA.M. nF Sit .
nXadas knu
sUn usl firviM
l a op& a Irdy au*e
C. L. Tles asmi

salM. lbs... l C.ab
B& Hm *-, Im cam*

Jaut .. ..L n sm e ]m
*etM Muec. m

kisea ehMu. Al rige at-
8s W. .UWI. An. f m5.
bATn SNAIS 4. el5 l
& w p"t. Ti mAWA&l Ul
N. MaE St. PL. a-T7m. Pal
Od. GaavMus. n1
4se ca sews t F. ew
allII ias "i WA Inn w.
cu o a reat"k ISlge
Wikne uad BinkW, ates
dealer. uida faw Cm. in
LIM an Co sItL fMl M.
70las4A-mu MW.

ae. Orau La. iFa.
CHAMPION kp 00*a"d Ma
toI. Eciehet aodS, SL
Cal 1ml-.
DAM RUlSER. at. tmler.
whois ri m. Unmda An
m 14 C' D m *be t it I
trailer. i ISe Pity e d bae
payments of SWL sm. FI 6.
Bet rra....o ...m
bladiMtd Pride Paled
xSut wrk R.ealM. Prime
Fr u Eiats f. bre AC.L
canl iM. l.
72 LMe. iPie1t
sKT son aM ifast on
We" Uldm.Otd Adding
MaM S. peedy aMlset
fectures. 17.5 duesm. F e
U" Dial M3M Psustea
Ceawlea Of la Oui tow
day. UN W. ulW. Am.
13 M ed Muisadis
MODEL No. 937
Original Sale Price .. $1095
Used ........ $495
Music Co.
FR 2-5353
Open Mon.&Fri.'til 9
aLTO e. A kea.. gStM Cal
B 2-11mio bwea:M 7 P.M.

77 flMA Hu- f eefir

3 MY Arher R.

From tu WORUSI
SFAshLr. MoAilI
Hmem B*oksit. la.
Shth Dx lew"

I ML N. M 441
SCity LU 1v
CALL 372-111

*T. ftijb amm uso
Sbnm a Ar ml a s
us a .4..
IMM WW el M n
m amMim as eLw
le. ai gI vafm
&W. as L s.


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or "Uay m1ft eM a f
M. how.. to 3d


Trailer Sales

Del--be as
P okw Mol la
Ula tadu Akuatu

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sue inaat___
3^ MuW Iftf aU.

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a oa. U a. 46
srmnun, ma...rnr r
ChAd nL-

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sn a traCilCA Me lMe
cabate. Prie U1. lass
tI Chats Tribe Past, a.
IPi>. U#4 m.

ins leRets.auLA %awIn

1ad. 1a Lm a HIM
SI INPEKIAL K"rnurt. Nr x

V ftas be cahaa, I UM
h 72~ W 4xrcia.1 R
sad eermdkLe. Call 35-tl.
urns ITRmNATwONAL c tam
P. V. truck. aGood a.i.

85Ado m *.. .can rn
Excehis eadiulim. MS bu
n- to b aruelalo.. U
Pie m Mft 44.
Sies. Lbs. -w ad e-uj
com mm Mp4...

3a Ad..i. Sale

mUma tf. Pews, Sawimg a
Or addlvei. Cal CImm er

fl*a *NWa II... a I.R.
caM. ars. afc. m 7M
bseaa tan/, nr a -
PAULKt u (en. )

mbm-Ihe wl= I
4 or. ,arto. Mo igd
tam a fa over 4 airn.

PAUL K. (Ka)

-M VIm-MeA *a r

S iL easy to tra
Crne LinColn-Meury
for oL 4 yU Ars.

"It's oSY to trade at
Crone Lincoln-Mercury"

k. 3724251


as ul s d m! a
a, ewdam -
seet cfekao. Ci 3i

*son s* i
a 4

ew a -lese
~.ein qnruie,
all 11Aimi an- k^ N
41-11. ;4 -1kt V4 a2
hap s s,.S.S nA1A

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uB anblesI vs. f a .
,wM. P"u A ft Ma
a idn 00 0ha
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WA M new* n
Uait We., &owittft
TMtUaPt is an a'is
CtS w4 *&.. asiaM
a 11 01 ain

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MdM, fuhemipl a
elm sutcmam. anig

f o l M s a i l a. s seer s ee m e .
ood dM. ML &myeim-
W1111 la o"d.Oda
OM Ur. .. NJJL kte

A ted W1116,b4 at SiCal
sm 1A I ew 11
*M*.g .rif. t.. M

allow t.wor ix Ilk V's

Yon sou lwV-8 FM allas
ariute onr-ew enem
taflt 57)41* gu'ni

ca t a"Go bet as If d
MI tf 5
cT3anm &into Wfi M
7 Pbr dx. Pta.I -
8Tmj:1.h a somuman
VA O Oka -
mM Burt. I n U-S
11111 1 la r ,Nt o. t
0 N. Mail SL. in a410
I17 BUICK dr. K It R&
p, & 2,. a. leln. very
-o meBha lcal. t Prpu.$
ism 5-453.s=-
ai. heas me. wSit u.l d
wall tirme. .ewi *,ovphau .
Bed offer. iF -Nil.

Al thlwueqo a

Authored Callr,
01= il DkNor

NM Cm:

2001 N.W. 13th .
m 6-sS 5

rt IbTAL

no W. a.wmo I
Rn2f503 I


Classic Sedan. Full Price:

186 3 plus tax tag.

Ie ft Skmeu 2.





RIWAY Motor Co.

S1132 L. Maim St.


FR 4433;

fbmm I- -2
,l- vi lu


a A amai^^_se^

1w UD as.
a amnup itU

U. -if fl I sl-
14M 06
I S or. Um. i1 A a
6:= f teaft=
cAm assic Ea oa
a* acdm nM .*nr. DMw
ow ba "ma gi.
aurt ai m a asw
vi mew pmo ama
bm v poan noM,

EU It Ume =I pa
FAO ...i am wea
OF =apmma
d a I. anMnou owase
"eas i am Uba a m

6 AmMMUmu to SUM

s- sI hwMUM
as ma ,- ass
440 S 4

Scam g ma
WIMIk nall'& IBMC

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am a umm
a* va ua.inuan

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can mea. S
me am Cax a
W-I Anlitusl Wald

.. ..a I.n.
amim aen as am e

P7 AllNimitWOW
I AST hail. warn
WIs S" .uS Sn
ses vMS 1e w

Teday, Femq 1. 1964

a--- -




'A CAR PIr'l S

1409 MLe

RI 2.51



fu ONiMla

18 s f a.
Mimi r 3 other blai ct
Al NWk wka-
b"y TMraMsI he.F-Tad

Geaneille Sun



I RAMilR 4-dr Sedan, autoamtic transmission,
radio, hdelr, reclining seats. Executive car. 5,000
mics. New. Sold for $2878. Now only .... $2195

Fairme Ma P anlse cu .
rtille. MtS a. Automatle
traiplm r raile, beater,
m ad eual iiue.

CDse 4r MdaN. iaMdalrd
traSnil, h ater. Extra
vatu Wiles r, on r.
tra ime. Standard traumis-
am ater. reab., tWteU Sain.
beautiful blie.
las esim pickup, Clas.
Mutny a-dtr, adim auto-
tH. tio, hater. Nice.

Mats wip. LelaU61. nV.
. ao, ter, automatic. power
SMsa Eztra ale WqPe.

ear. sat astomutic, raiM
beasr, p.r steering, and
-as air *a oadliois. a.W

Late model Fairlae s0 V-8
eenine. automatic transmit.
sGan, power steering, radit
beater. 2.Mo honest ule&.

Covflvrtble. Like new. radio.
beater. White wall Urus.

4dr Sedan. ,rindard trane.
mission, heater, c\tra clean.
SCrto ss o4dr uedan Auto
mtrlie rio, rad. heater con
dlonedul ividual recli

4-dr Cross Counlr> Station
Wager, extra sire. attic
transmision radio, healer,
ildlnvdual reclining Rala.
Sedta Delivery, -cylInder,
standard transmission. Like
4-dr. Statlona *o,. V-t,
automatic, radw, heater,



(IKlwde Heos)



Poole-Gable Motors

(Dodge-Dart-Dodge Trucks
119 S.L It Ave.

58 FORD .. $34 Mo.
58 PLYM. . $32 Mo.
57 CHEY ..$29 Mo.
57 IUICK $32 Mo.

57 DODGE $23 Mo.
57 Rambler $29 Mo.
57 FORD .. $32 Mo.
55 BUICK $26 Mo.
55 CHEV .. $29 Mo.

BI IEfe heylg y emad car . CHECK our selection
f fi m z cU. Laaw bank iMancins. May i *cur cars
am *be kullgt for me dwn payment.

372-4343 11113

2 S. Main St. FR 2-8433


Gainesville's Number One Used Car & Sports Car Dealer is going to
sell 85 cars by February 29 ... HOW???.. by NOT being out-
traded or undersold. Come to our huge lot, look over our tremen-
dous selection, then we will make the deal that others just wish
they could!


61 OLDS, "98" 4-dr. hardtop, PS, auto..
A/C, PB, R&H, 1-owner ....... $2295

fi CHRYSLER, Newport, automatic,
PS, PB, A/C, R&H ............ .$1795

61 FALCON, 4-dr., radio, heater ... $1195

61 MERCURY, 4-dr. wagon, auto.,
PS, PB, A/C, R&H ............. $1795
61 FORD, 4-dr. Golaxie, automatic,
PS, A/C, R&H ................$1495
61 DODGE, Lancer 2-dr. hardtop, auto.,
R&H ........ ............... $1145
61 CADILLAC, Sedon deVille, fully
equipped .................. $2996
61 SIMCA, 4-dr. sedon, no down
paymentneeded ............... $299

FR 2-1411
N. SbtlMAv.


1010 L U.k. -
It 2-35a2




nlu Y000 mils..


nyI.V ,W irlle ..............;P 1072
63 FALCON, Convertible.,
show room condition .........$2245
63 CORVETTE. Sting Ray. ........ $3995
See Bob Rev.
63 TIMPST, LeMons, 4-speed tmren. $2295
63 ALFA ROMEO, extra cleon ...... $2495
62 AUSTIN HEAULY, 3,000 Mark 11I,
Rodster, wire whee overdrive ..$1995

62 CHIV. Convertible, automatic,
PS. R&H, nice ...............$2145
62 MRCURY, 4-dr., automatic, PS, PB.
A/C, R&KH one owner ........ $2195

a2 MRCURY. 4-dr.,. automatic, PS. PB.
A/C, R&H, 11,000 miles ........$2295

62 CHEY.,4-dr. Impala, automatic, PS.
A/C, R&H, like new ...........$2295
62 CORVAIR, Monza 4-dr.. automatic,
radio, heater ................ $1795
62 VALIANT, 4-dr. V-200, radio, heater.
extra clean ................... $1295
62 TRIUMPH, TR-3, just like new .... $1795
62 FORD, 4-dr. Galaxie 500, automatic,
PS, radio, heater ..............$1895
62 T-BIRD, automatic, PS, PB. A/C,
R&H, power windows ...........$2995
61 CORVAIlR700 4-dr., low mileage .$1195
61 CORVITT 4-speed, extra clean .$2895
61 VALIANT, V-200, automatic trans-
mission, radio, heater ..........51195
61 MRCUY, 2-dr. hardtop, automatic.
air cond. PS, R&H.............$1695


61 FIAT, Spider ................$1195
a CHEVROLIT, Cowertible, aut,
radio, heater................ $15 9
a PONTIAC. CWNtlble, autoant
radio,heer...............$1. 4
0 CHIVY, Imlpolo 4-dr. sedan, automatic
tuwnsmsn, radio, hlatc. 1is the
cleanest one in town!.......... $1795
* vOUI WAIN, Kearman Ghia ..$1
ST3RD. fully equipped..........$M5
* FALCO 4-.dr. w .to, aut.
m* ,heter..........

S CIEVY, station wagon, Brookwood, 4-dr.
V-8 enine, auto. trarmsnisln, radio,
hter ...................... $w95

9NTIURMF,TR-3.............. $1295

5W MUIC. 4-dr.. automatic, rdio,
IWote. PS, PI........... $1195

53 PCNTIAC, 4-dr. Coim, utomtic,
PS B, radio,haer ............$1195

5 Cl IVY. Station onw Brokwood. 4-dr.
V-8 Wow, uI twfrn m, radio,
how ...................... -111

_ liI I[ I I I I

58 RENAULT, Douphine ........ $495

57 FORD, 4-dr. hardtop, automatic, PS,
R&H, no down payment ........ $495

57 BUICK4-dr., automatic. R&H, PS,
PB, no down payment .......... $595

55 FORD, 2-dr. sedon, auto., radio,
heater, V-8, no down payment .... $295

55 FORD, 2-dr .................. $295

49 CADILAC Xtra clean. See S $495

.1.*' rK S

--. 4.



S-' ,- **

N TIJYfl r'~ry U 'I a

With Good Credit
58 English Ford,Zepher
53 Deto
53 DeSoto
57 Ford,4dr. sedan, V-8
59 Ford, 4-dr. sedan, V-8
56 Ford,Sta.wag.,Y-8
57 Olds, 4-dr. sedan
Ye, vm m w mm ei m M e w hoy t Muh d


"It's Eay to trod oat Crae Lincoln-Mer Co."
SIl L MAIN ST. FR 2.3611

Sun Want Ads
Get Results VO21

, r'I


- '''I



t ',

5 31T
r I

' "


:4 ~m t~ 1bee~ Jima, ii. 134



Fea Yew CAoa..e


234 LW. 46 Ave.
P Ft GuaM

Sheet Metol


25sn ML In TaM
FL. m s-ma

Over 40 Years Of
* "QQuty Cenhr .



S lan 372-M
pYvnOPAX SAs oon
102 W. Ui,. Ave.



Tbl Offer Applasl to
son P ame.. n"o
Sicze Flc kuDms.
C & i CAMA
1021 UW vhv'
PLfc l '



bisN w OAt


o s* "---I

ftP. ft 4-45

ojtVnta T-n7
722 MASI Psm

m d

* *



Solve Your

Insuranc4 Needs
Adam amas Cpuy, skid Adam, "or mpin
N & W. h AmaM, m im 4 coteal we are A
pmdt hkwe agency, ha aya VIe to mait in in-
&l Id. lt fr n h aura e podn=am.
hw eenad a pouil may

We we In uin and
ded wo co in thuot m
ery mtr dqu le, and
adrAd e
Adi lamsae Agency
rilstu S ace, al typ
o ie braes tc Cding re
ilaenl swl ci il, kmO
oemPr' podi, c line dliar.
Ity arine, al types o
-k, bughr uad oM
arbme, life urmce, maj.
or imdlal md hpal polie-
lee, ad rae cowering
fiel of al. i bkmdalhg -
in m Sdl trs.

"A deier, phbbr, bines
wer m cme to us
for m c j bn race aver.
ae. He' cowed b every mway
by a agent, sid
Adas. "We make a dedsmn
an comp uIm ad podli ba
eda theom6edofthe iWdiide-
a ad the facilities the o
pamy as."
"We d o abandon the cu
tmer at th e dw sale,"

* k*

",fr owuh k

Not a .ow

"When ddoalo dead with
hIKmipd o iroce agt
S. de i the ie
e y in led day ut,"

IAdama Imnce Agescy
as food by Adam on July
1J IMo, i ts pret loation.
"I started a a Oean op-
"adon, VIM the help of a il-
vireity sudmt who answered
te phone aid did some
tping," a4Wd Adm.
Nowthe staff coWsists of Ad-
a, his new associate "Bill"
CImpbell, and two full thme
retried .
Qtwoaly from Sp*rta, Mi.
ls Ad ms started hin e in-
sprance bushinem In Iw. He
pmne tojGaimeille in i 52
aod went into b uanen with
Dan Byr. He had peviosly
been a special agent with a
Kansas City, Miouri, osur-
ance comply.

* *

Independent Agent


Gives Service

"A very mD percentage of
the people who y l o1rano0
war uae t," yes Howard
A-ml, h -apndba insurance




mu paple pbe up the
ebnity to ait on n-
-e chd bhem they do
tbwhat is cend la
ir ly or it s too yuch
tbe to do at th estimate
mbb b aW a be S I-
Ow~g --- IIn rp-

where te V customer believes
there isinsuranet coverage,
Ie ca his inarmae agent.
"Y oumight sky, we're as far
away a your phone," cO-
minted Adas.
An adjuster then Investigates
the situation to ee if it is acto-
aly id a tihe insurance
plicy, determines t cov-
Page a amount damages.

lds na mpeides" 'he adjustor, who Is a profe
ional appraiser, then esti-
"Wh ym buhy directly tes the amount damage,
he, a 'captive agent' of a pad determines the individual's
Implarge y, the poly own prefer e of who sho do the
ar os met do a the gathe ob of r pairing. He then takes
ofhgiomet eNkMelf'aymIhis eAnaate to the specified
Adm; "tey d t witm repair map and contracts to
deaiW amnab of the in. the e repairs dne.
dent to a naiw nfies to om a
<O.C. Ay. An pS ta. WIh I b set-pn
na agm t doe tl for tied, the ue s payd
either tty to the repir
a ha r t. li w hIlAir

Ub bffT w nsyfile

- or w w ay7 -4.

* *


* *

* *



Annual Sl1
Is Now Going


An emy addre to remember is 224 &W. 4th Ave. the home of the Adams Insurance Agency where you
will find everyone hapy to hdp yes vhe year imunce pblem and seeds.

* *

* *

Shown above, Howard Ada, fead of the

Adam Amcy. WB veamd fn the bmes pob-
klem of the timk, Mr. Adam atdais u dy to s t
yN at any time.

* *

* *

* *

* *

A familiar face about tow is "Bill Campbel who
hba bem amdciated with the Howard Adams Agecy
Sim Jan. lit I14.

I *

* *

-we ag?~ It pgnki hbld, aid we ke
-itmae -tn b s the ukiwdi-
he usaadchbthbway. quality fE wubiap he
win m a riMaRn ," may Ad.

* *

Well ExperidcMed

In InsuraiceI

Jldy 1, r- HK oe a
aenaeMeia S Jame Umhna
"wM Cabel IhHoud
Adms d Adamsa mrase

CNall whoim henI t
LL M m aeIld il
vlu b iU is tobe k Ib
hm busaliles for

t hIS wawilbrSl2


Cah iba amber ofthe
baber Caw rd Cmeeree,
paeIme thai. S oelsg
pait Po d 61e ift w
thb afld.l aaai~li AM.
addtl man Agen. A
formllM Ie* bhasl
r Cb Ji ab active
tolb afik.

lae a el qmd to bable on
Hmam ims am -"d
I MWlkW to be
M r

m. -V--. Wi. edt vs
If lib ad Sb tiee

* *

H r Id ,


S.,fif^ ^ l^ k I^L'' -VIJ
A ahmotab of bs4bs a e $4qs jAns440 i .m k
alu a ubi am a maAhm SinG A wApmiv.
'Rbbrmun mpud tWLeay,

wi wWYes!Ad at Go
U. 'aoffin bI.TMy A*l
Ilad sad on arn

- I .

,' I.

S625 W. Umiv.
Ft 641.

Convertible Tops
Tailor-Mide Covr's
And Interior's
2031 N.W. .h .
Ph. 370-4664

Med.. equlpsmen tf o emise'
"we. Sikitr W d d
dalM em %" Ito MI.
Flew 372.3501 w 174-7081
1010S. J1a SetM
CALL 376-8215
Northcentral Florida's
Leading Printer
1024 S. MMai Stt
Gli"villk, FWM

720 N.W. Iltb D.

Cl Central
Heir Styling College
218 S.L Firt St.
FR 6-4105

Visit Our



105 N.W. 11th bt.
FR 21461

vS s-sm

1729 W. UtDhees A
311 MN.. 1O b .

Rai t 1sa---
0offlaps.v Sm ahp
NIo Chmm
0. 1 Ouee, Jr.
IUo9 nml- hld

=7mmba Fdia.

- rr~ I* 1~I or t, i-t



**n^ir *
-^ '' ':iWA&
Ato--A ; .sa


id -- -- -- W"

- -ir




at ii

"^ ff

m OWN lb W

W. VAU@dkkh&

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