Group Title: Gainesville sun (Gainesville, Fla. : 1963)
Title: Gainesville Sun
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Title: Gainesville Sun
Uniform Title: Gainesville Sun
Physical Description: Newspaper
Language: English
Publisher: Gainesville Pub. Co.
Place of Publication: Gainesville, Fla.
Publication Date: February 7, 1964
Spatial Coverage: United States -- Florida -- Alachua -- Gainesville
Coordinates: 29.665245 x -82.336097 ( Place of Publication )
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Volume ID: VID00296
Source Institution: University of Florida
Holding Location: University of Florida
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judge aked imividual Jurr I
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0.6 Oewcuetwould end in q -
*pttd became f th dap
penion due to eald speIL
As the hourn dragged by
ThInrday, Bekdwith, 4, a
Greenwood, Min., fert
wr ualemnu, wore the akr da
mnMnly sild.
Jenm ha four choices in Ih
cae: Acquittal, guilty a
le sle a punoln.t, ad
ult a dnmarpd bh itu tsm
h at a to p ia
dns-t a u re dvset

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Havana Twob waV Wpqt the il
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My were b1
Evem, iseo nMu am
mst Co restry fr the Natoul Asel.
maa was U ufrthe Advsnume dt
i t of the Pwplo when he Wa cut
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nWidr lurnal wdsb of elb m
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Slain By

Thrill Killer
$AN DIEGO Clif. (AP)-
Police say a thrill killer may
hve been the sniper who mur-
dred a newlywed couple as
they s le down a scalenic
stretch of beach.
Dying Navy Radioma 3 C.
Johnny Ray Swindle, and hi
slia bride of thrle walks,
Joyce, 11, both of Jasper, Ala.,
were found by a passerby n
Wednesday night.
here is abolutely n indic
tion of motive, unless the mnis-
ing wallet Indicatees bbary,"
said Police Capt. Ed De Bolt.
"There in no triangle in the
background of the two young
people, nothing which would
lead us to their killing."
Said It. William Scheanck:
"It's entirely possible they were
killed by someone they never
knew-someone whose only mo-
tive was excitement." H
On the ledge of a retaining
wall, police found a box of Val-
entine candy. Investigators as-
sume the Swindles bought the
candy while on their stroll. But,
they said, It could have been
left behind as a deranged kIll-
ea( calling card.
Police said the gunman
perched on a ledge on a cliff
overlooking the Pacific Ocean.
The moonless night concealed
hir and the surfs roar muffled
his shots.
The sniper fired five shotsI
frrm the cliff ledge. Then he
moved in to fire two more in
a kind of coup de grace, police
Swindel and his childhood
svctheart were married Jan.
im'i lst AlmT~vhTwo

POr, Mmr"io 19641

Pres. Joh isok Will Serve

As Own Campaign Mana

ba- W-nc- em
WAHINfGTON Pruld en t
Johmmo, who has been acting
as his own White House office
mmger, will lso be hi own
campaign manager h the com-
Ig pri tial race.
He wi place heavy reliase
for tactical advice ad lpt
cal support a quartet d poli-
ical "pros" ileted frm John
F. Kennedy. Bu it is sale to
pIdet that Mr. JoIm will

mae on campaign sA pardon, who became Mr.
make all the major dead- Kenedy's adiiitrate am i
S and depte little or nonetat after e first won election
MS aud t ity to Congress in 145, will become
S 'll campaign pattern will be a special assistant to the chair-
S milr to the one already man of the Federal Deposit In-
- wiothi the White House surance Corporation.
s Oe af ather of te la There was no Immediate an
president's aip depart. Yestir- nouncemat of a replacement
ly imothy J. (Ted) Reardon for Reardon, who has bee ser-
SLwho served; John Kennedy ving as cabinet secretary. Nor
lonfr than iy other staffer- have there been replacements,
oined those who lave already named for Special Camounsel The-
I e ed. odore Sorenson or Special Assis.

Threaten" Delay

I i*
In Rights Acion

House moved into the final
stages of the cvil rights fight

Jr. College


Slated Sat.
OCALA Deicatim of the
new SM,.I Phical Educa-
tin facllty and Gymauium
will highlig1t 36I Heoualag
activities at Cural Florl Jua
lor College aBrday eve .
All Homaeming activities
will be held a the gyam.
In addition to the dedcation
ceremonies, H ecng will
featuree a full- fded hoowt-
msay, coreatm oa Home-

a.n Jasper, All. iTcy honey- coming d u basketball
mooned in a three-room cottage game,and a ItdentAponorod
nine blocks from where they da,
were Wlain. Dr. Joseph W. Fordyce, col-
lege president, ainmead to,
Local Agents day that a co unity rel
e dents are invited free of charge
At Rea lty Firm's t the ootmana .

State Meeting en upo ptutin of It
cards and to CFJC graduates.
United Farm Agency repre- After the dedication, the
sentatives Lewis and Eloise CFJC Rebels, who thus far
Waits of Gainesville attended this year have posted a 7-won,
yesterday's Ocala meeting with -lost, record, will meet Florida
representatives of the national College of Tampa.
real estate firm's agencies in At half-time, nine beauties
the state. will compete for the title of
Firm president V. R. Lang- Homecoming Q u ee n. Con-
ford said at the meeting that the testants for the title were se-
19:office in e Ad'north elected by members of the has-
Florida produe- emre than 3 ketball squad.
million wort of real l estate Participants from Gainesville
sa'ps last year. will be basketball squad mem-
The Waits have represented hers Ken Turja and Robin Bart-
United Farm Agency here lett and queen candidates Peg.
since I0. gy Campbell and Peggy Nutt.

I SEE by
I v I

... the SUN

toy with threat that un-
ias thing will happen I
m leadership rides to speed the
It tA a fnal ;vote.
lRe. Howar W. Smith, D-
V., aer of Southern fore-
Sppoing the bill, served
that delaying tactics
y be resor to If efforts
a made to ct off debate.
'Smith sound the warning
siter minority' leader Charles
4 Haeuck, R Md., sought ap-
pro."* for thi Home to meet
tt no toyand Saturday
Sa final vote can be taken by
Saturday nlght
*Republicam amnt to have the
10-part bill bheind them when
they take to IMe speakers plat-
r around ithe naol, bnet
Linhcoln Da)y rallies.

a 'a request called for
A= cant under the
oinus rules, pad Rep John
e t amans,:D.Mis taking
is cu from om the's warning,
$ade he ng k bjectlon need-
Sto block it.
'Smth said! theDemocratic
leadership bad. promised that
nADefort to cut off debate would
he made if the bill could be fin-
ished by next Tuesday. Halleck
said he had an agreement with
the Democrats to finish the bill
by Saturday night
A Aftr Williams blocked an
early session Halleck said "if
motions are made to terminate

debate, I'm
"If efforts
late solemn
Mlred Smith,

Tuesday, "some
things can happen
'Thl fight over
tig came as the o
neared a major b
the PH civil ri
section dealing wi
opportunities for
lThe provision i
retamning tough o
r ne would auth
tng Aff of federal

'gras in which r:
MrlA is practice

going to support

are made to
referring to
IQ finish by n

e unpleasant
pposing forces
battleground of
rights act-the

tot Arthur M. Schlesinger, Jr.,
both of whom have resigned.
The new president's associates
do not, in fact, expect him to
assign these specific tasks to
specific members of his own
staff. Instead, he will presum-
ably parcel out the work as it
comes along- and at least part
ly on the basis of who happens
to come into his office when he
wants something done.
This has been the Johnsonlan
pattern in the past, when he
served as Senate majority led-
er, and there is no expectation
now that he will change-re-
gardless of the urgings of lovers
of orderly procedure.
Instead, the president is oper.
eating as he always has.
"Every time I go Into that
office," nys one aide wryly,
"I wind up with three or four
new assignments.'
Often several staffers find
themselves assigned to the same
task by the chief executive.
Mr. Johnson has retained
Kenneth O'Donnell, Mr. Ken-
nedy's close-mouthed appoint-
ments secretary, but the new
president is increasingly acting
as his own schedule-maker, add-
ing caers on his own to the
list screened by his staff.
O'Donnell Is in the process of
shifting to the Democratic Na-
tional Committee, where he will
Join Chairman John Bailey,
Treasurer Richard Maguire and
Laurence F. O'Brien, the Ken-
nedy campaign chief who is
now White House legislative lia-
son boss, in directing the 19N4
Johnson-for-president drive.
These four leaders of the
"Irish Mafia" which provided
the political muscle and brains
of the Kennedy organization -
will be in charge of the mechan-
ics of the Johnson campaign.z
But the president himself canq
be expected to write the battle'
plans, determine the cam-
paign themes and Issue most of
the orders.
He is already trying out
themes: his stress on "security,'
solvency and compassion" in
countless little talks indicates he
currently sees this his best
He will continue to exneri-

th equal job meant even as he urges fellow.
Negroes. Democrats in public statements
s one of two to abjure partisanship. Then, at
ones. The oth- what he considers the right
wrize the cut- moment, he will himself turn
funds for pro. partisan. The first hint of what
racial discrimi- lies ahead in this area may
ed. come when the president addres-

: ses a Democratic dinner in Mia-
ALACHUA GENERAL Elinor Auffenberg, Mrs. San. Tlrue 1 Name mi, Fla., on Feb. 27.
BIRTHS dra Thomas, Mrs. Estella R.'T 1 .. 'ie
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Lewis, Burns, Alfonso Scott Jr., Mrs.t HUTCHIN Sd, .1 A P)
122 SW 14 Ave., a girl: Mr.rMary L Dudley, Herbert C.i, T .l. ^, ChelflCaGrOUp,
and Mrs. Graham C. Owe, Jones, William W. Coker, hristmas pres ft ew away
Branford, a boy; Mr. and Mrs. James B. Roberson. Henry Wil. T boy's father gavehima Prexy to Speak
Horace Adkins, Waldo, a boy; liams Ale N. Mcls Mrs. racing pigeon for Christmase ,
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Schwartl Resale W. Smith, Mrs. Myr. e Haught it from a pigeon ra M. H. Arveson president of
277-6 Corry Vill., a boy. twice A. Smith, all of Gainesville; in Curio, Tex the American Chemical Soey
ADMTIED Ethel B. Daniels, Micanopy; W: the boy opened the and Coordinator of Research of
Mrs. Glade Weyranch, Ray- Elbert E. Coleman, Chief. crate Christmas Eve, his fea iAmoco Chemicals Corp. will:
mond Dea Mrn. AddleG., r. lad; Mrs. Glady ouchton, th gift hoppd out and address the Gainesville Sub
now, Mrs. Aes V. Rmml, Starke;Mrs. Kate M. Wiltook off min a southerly dire Section of the American Chemi
Mrs. Neta J. Brock, Mrs. Mar. ims, Alachua Mrsn. Betty J. tin. : cal Society on Monday. Feb. 10.
garet A. Sadr, Mrs Pearl s Newberry. pigeon raiser at Curio re. at 8:15 p.m., in LeighHall Audi-
D. C r Elisbeth Phillips DICA .turned the bird a few days la. torium.
M is M. B ady, G Mrs Julia Owe a., Itr by rail-and reported it His subject will be "A.C.S.
Melssa W PardnF, G herald D. D,,,,, Mrs. asanm r,, had made the Winmle flight in and You."Dinner is at :15 p.m.
Heard, Sharon F. GallagherMrs. Doris amn, Mrs. Sa a ndrae lat the Holiday Inn.
William E. Ellis, Mrs. Willie A. Prest and daughter, John R. god shape. t the Holiday Inn.
Duckwerth, Mrs. Mary F. Sch. Mountain, Mrs. E an J. Sthu-
warty, Mrs. Vivian N. GriMs, lar and s, Mrs. Wihelina M.
Hurley Stallworth, LawrrI Bar- Gibbs and daughter, E* L L
row, al of Gaimen le: M WeOael Desis Tnuatck f ea- I
Au B Harley, Lwtey; us u h Taylor, ShamGal. oa.
Nay J. Blantou, High Sprins; Nbrda L Wooderd, Je a
Charles H. Phinney, wilison; L id M.DN*. CU ARLB8 PHINNY Shewas a memberof the Bap.!
Harry Kase, Cedar Key;. ee, Mrs. Vr. sVera W M fortt Church.
Mrs. Jua M. Owen, Branford,; o ha- C H. my, 11, will be Survivors include a son, Bo.
John R. Mountain. M1sn1 ACCDhNT OUWW p W Saturday at I p. at Wlistoi len, Williston; four daughters,
Mrs. Barbara F. Adkie, Wald; ~ aieie U First Methodia urch. Mrs. Sadle Smith, WiUlisto
Isaace C. Townsend, Hi mor ing reported e fInWing He died y y afternoon Mrs. Bessie Beck, St. Auupst-
Swings; James B. Fain. Le e ls ived ael&abn t Al'ae"m Ge"ral Hospital. e; Mrs. Esse Hatcher, Willis-
Ftler; Chester Hurst, Newber.'in t thecity yestw". A retired farnj. he was a ten; and Mrs. Undine aChnnell,
ry. CL,.or .-,..o ri.e i, immaher of theiSm Bureau oalonvil e 1 grande iure
[a. I, NO MR GP, AW ad F Mir ,ls t M h a18 It grandchildren
Mrs. earice Goal Healy W I Ae., M Mary W- S Me Swidow, Btal will be in Orange Hil
J. Se aMs. iS.. ,trd .i Anie. tinhree Mnr. Ceoter under direction d
pard Ms. M awlF n, Mrp9aM "wAv. DiTiea -Teiaina Kan.ff Fuieral Home.
Manca L. Pr'Nick aM" ... Boid; Ms.a Tem Riddle,. AL RT G
M Mrs. Perry J. amry a EdWN t m0a ft am a 6 olmohn .SRirddle M.
.M, M. Casdida Parm s-add 1, 21 "a c % Ge:il v; 'k, ,ien, a.for a .n.deruo.
-.k rBaby BoyBMo New -a11" Ta t R. G.,. t-ba 1esM aM ralaudi tonr for bt
wail P. H oe. Lao X .at .. .. Ie, 111 11 kn4l, hs-e A el e1f
_a IW, V*ir i H t a=t mae aJm S ra. my iByr Woi y bat U LL ate t
Mr. & Ldrryd01ie4 fd a -"W I I -, t o* F used Ir,
I" lSW. AdtIW. Ibe Sd 'M11, 011M1 a i 11 1 W Came ErI,, "artp ht
r Fe.6hri Itoi,,m ,s,, "toirthc ev; .a ,i-e. Palst aa .,

r l r U&l. I adoi f 4aAl, m dWil. 2 S i Afu.slS pA of i 1ih

.t U,11i i MMr a.& at" Ai t 0m 1 wu1 o iW m-h Ss aWp, Pami a it. aJ.
S ,It3 b.Stp .in*A M sW& C1MWLtao Nolwala sd h ba er.?Pad.oCo tomO iutwle
A M* s Mn. W. iL at t J p a ml wB is^-m, s. Me a U.

S.. a 1i11.B1A01tS Am-, ft &to laate hadl p : te.

Weather Roundup

BC Moly elody to.
night and Saturday. Occas-
onal ramM Saturday. Little
teperatwe change. Lows to.
night mae y in the 4, highs
Saturday mostly in the 5s.
Variable I to 15 mile winds.
A: Partly cloudy today.
iM Saturday. Cooler tmilht.
now ta s Mis LAo toosaM 3
tto S I raft w.antn an di-
pa.t far UPeftic ln is to a
tiaostte a id aftke"umIy IS
3 asts Saturday.
JI. Mertly bloody tosiht
aW Saturday. Soe ral likely
Saturday. Liite temratue ekaq.
Law toghlt 4 i5 3t highs Stl-
urday ainly I t i ML. Variabit
5 to 15 mil wihd-'
KIJ PartU elsuy (aiklh
d untA. Utk tSlmoture
aU Lmn toaigh M to .
b V Saturdayw i ly y I the S M
IO Vaiaeb 3 to a a. wea tem .
K Partly cdy oU h sat
uraid. uLi tempuatuen, e.
Lui tonglit ia the aibse 1 e; Sat.
wdar oualin a the lw r eo.

SuIse today ..... r clu pm.
baUUO tomoaow --, 7:& a.m.
e0 nr to trrotw ..- 3:24 a.T
NW OOM ....... .. ..... Fb. Ii
The COOMaUNt of Orto will W e
ilak In outh at ..... .... p..
and s1 le huthwett at lot44 p..
etoIse I hig above 1O L
EAST GUt: Vaniabtle wId S I Is
1S knla ihmanab k CatiaMw rtjis


Yesterday inGainesvlle:
nkpal Airport readings fa
hours to I a.m. today: hig
at 1-3 p.m., low 44 at 7 a.m

a 4
TPun aTnfas ELsawua
Jnaol vl6 ....... 6 4T
Na M l..........7l 14
Atlanta .... ..
Now OreM a .. ... 1st
N. Yolt ..............44
Wal"Oft .......-.- s.R 41
Ciano --.......- s 50
aonal C ................ a4 S
Le An-r-e .. .. 4
Ft. I W rh... .. .. .. .. 1l
Saturday H1ft iat 1I: aSm.
1:M p.m. Low at 4:41 A.M. oad
Sunday High at 12:0 p.m.
--4BS.L t :6A.M R

More About

Cuba '

From Page 1
"All of us knew we were go., stage for a new demand the
Ing to fish in Florida waters,"1 United States abandon its base
the Cuban, Reynakdo Sani Ro-ion his island.
mro, was quoted. "Anyone Johnson, who interpolated hi.
who says anything elm is ly. statement on Guantanamo init
: lg" his New York speech after re-
He said the m. were t ceniving notes on the rostrum
what he to eIf ty efrom his aide, said the State
wht tosay If ywere caught. Department had clearly estab-
Castro blamed the US. gov' edthe fs ing vessels were
e for Goldwater's state- insi U.S. territorial waters.
met, saying "encouraged The captains of these boat,
him with Its agesve policy." reported this fact by radio to
At his news conference, ~' Havana just before the arrest
Io Charged the United Statescame"head
with aggression nd "tkin The Pridentsaid that sirne
Mu. rold war Action" when it seized Castro allied himself with the
S the fishing boats Soviet Union the United Stairs
.No He accused American ships has known "that he would some
and planes of "repeatedly vio-day cut off the water to Guan-
lating Cuban territorial waters'talnmo base. We have made
and air space" and declared hesuch plans for such an eventu-
a may ask the United Nations to ality."
intervene "before things get Johnson, who spoke before
more serious." Castro's pledge to supply an
Is. While In New York Johnson hour's flow of water a day. said
.' discussed the situation by tele- there was enough water at the
phone with Secretary of Defense' base to last for 12 days and in
Robert S. McNamara and Se. addition to which water can he
rotary of State Dean Rusk. He brought in and will be brought
told his advisers to prepare a in indefinitely by ship from
a, "thorough set of recommenda- Port Everglades, Fla."
:3 tons" for dealing with the prob-i The Pentagon said the water
*sd lem. rations for the 10.500 persons on
UtnO~i r~nSaurdy a-Whn is elcopertoche tlt as nc nenrecce t

ieesoul ria satura. m. When his helicopter touched the base had been reduced to
L .n...i.f down at the White House short. one-fourth of normal. The Naxv
5-Day Forecast ly before midnight, Johnson was was already planning to haul in
Florida Five Day Forecast: normal low is 43 at Tallahassee; met by McGeorge Bundy, spe-I emergency supplies.
Temperatures through Wednes- 52 at Tampa: M at Miami; and cial assistant on national securi-
day are expected to average 66 at Key West. One-half inch ty affairs, and Bromley Smith, In the tense background were
above normal for this time of of rain is likely for most parts.executive secretary of the Na. demards on Capitol Hill for
year. The normal high is M at of the state during the period, tional Security Council, who strong countermeasures, includ-
Tallahaseee; and 76 at Westiwith heaviest accumulation over briefed him on State Depart- mg a naval blockade.
Palm Beach and Miami. The the weekend. ment discussions on the situa-
tion. ; Campaigning in New Hamp-

Businessmen Help

Suwannee Show

nessmen throughout the area
have contributed $1,100 toward
the annual Suwannee River Beef
Cattle Show and Sale, scheduled
here Feb. 20 and 21, according

Paid to Quit
KYOTO, Japan (AP)-Kuma-
to Shimoyama, 59, a merchant,
quit smoking after reading the
recent U.S. government report
on cigarettes and lung cancer.
With a third of his monthly
cigarette allowance 1,000 yen
($2.80)-he bought 10 govern.
ment lottery tickets.
One of his tickets won the first
prize of 3 million yen (1,400)

The timing of the Castro gov-
ernment's action suggested to
U.S. officials that it might be
the first move with others to
follow. Officials noted that the
base water supply, which has
always originated outside the

base itself was unmolested
to Leonard Cobb, secretary of'er the break in relations
the sponsoring Suwannee Riv tween the United States
Fair and Livestock Association ubathree years ago. Nor
The businessmen made It interrupted at the time of
contributions through ads in the Culb missile crisis in the
show program, Cobb said. Areas
that contributed, he said, include Authorities also recalled
Dixie, Gilchrist and Levy coun- the Cuban leader spent mos
ties and Newberry, Alachua, last month in the Soviet Ui
Gainesville and Branford. and conferred with Soviet
"The board of directors ap- mier Khrushchev.
predate this assistance from
civic groups and businessmen," The officials noted the turn
Cobb said., off of the water could have
The money will be used forcoordinated with the Soviet
prizes and expenses of the show. ios warning that the seize
Sunday of the fishermen
ihfhi K,,a Lqt rff FlAlia


;t of

been i

Ethiopia, which contains ea to dastrou consequences
457,000 square miles, is as lead to disastrous consequences
large as America's 17 northeast Thus there was speculation
states. Castro might be setting the

shire for the Republican presi-
dential nomination, Sen Barry
Goldwater of Arizona declared
the United States should warn
Castro to restore the water sup-
ply or "we will march out with
a detachment of Marines and
turn it on ourselves."

Gainesville Sun

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Saturday, and Sunday morn-
nis by the Gaintsille Pub-
tishimn Compoany at 101 SE
2nd Place, Gainesville, Florida,
and entered is second class
matter at the Post Office at
Gainesville, Florida.
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Member of Audit Bureau of
All material contained herein is
ihe property of UMth Cainvilie
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witten Mermislona of tthe uhlier


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Dsss .. reg. 13.98 to 29.98
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1 price

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Now 2. to 5.98

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mhe bmi Shamp

I It

1*1? W. I*WUUhUA%


p.m. n a : a. .



1. i I,

Fiday, Fhmwy 7, 1964

English Channel Tunnel

OKd by England, France

LOWIIM -tle MbI ad
rally Apa -ui al to
budd a rdJ tnld br the
DOMaf Clatu
lhe b ic deds on.emus
Isa y aer ts awi l
idei for a dmd h-a car-

Wind Damage
uteBlrt unta towpled trees, unaom ed auppMrts on ai*lew down television atmeaa and general.
ly pve Gaineville that wiad-blown look yesterday. .

A program to train health
and hospital administrators will
be offered at the University of
Florida begining in Septem-
ber, President J. Wayne Reitz
aomunced today.
the program, which will
be an extension of the degree of
master business administra-
tion, was approved by the Uni-
versity's Faculty Senate yester-
day following recommendation
by the Graduate Council.
It will be administered joint
ly by the faculties of the Coge
of Business Adminlstration
and the College of Health Re-
kted Services under the direc-
tio of L Jordan, an tao-
date professor and director of
the University Hospital and
The two year graduate
ourse will be the only one of
s kind offered the South-
eastern United States.
Similar graduate program
are offered by 17 other univer-
ties in the United States, two


In Olympics


Two membersof the U.S. Olym-
pe team rnelved suspended'
dances of 3 and 3% months
today for attacking Austrian p
lke and a third team member
s acquitted. A charge of mak-
* saathortas use of a car
:SUer Bill Marolt, Aspen,
Cao., was convicted of attack-
Mg poe and received a three-
th Jil astece, which was
qsppeded. He was placed on
pobation for three years.
STobogganist George Farmer,
Satle, Wash., was convicted of
atacking and insulting polce
id given a suspended ntence
eo 3% months. He was placed
s probation for three years.
:Tbogpldt Mike b eaL1 21,
S ae, Gre., was acquitted on
al charge.
1sey were arrested gn this
winter Olympic city after a
M with police early Thu-
*-. didn't do It n purple,"
S pol claimed Frmer
Sitjed i the fight, ad
Sbe was ad beat at the

ot drank and tha aetM d

p Obkhlisera kihe lok
a ~ues fad imtak

"a tthe tudi of

a Canada and me in Mexico.
Aim of the program, accord-
ng to Jordan, is to "develop
management le a d e r s, educa-
ors and researchers for health
institutions "
"Modern medicine requires
modern bospitalinton," he
said, "and as hospitals become
nore and more intricate they'
quire more competent and
creative managem1ent"
"We want to encourage able
yung men to enter this grow-
ing profession in whih more
han 3,000 administrators have
earned master's degrees in the
at a yars."

approahem" he said, "as well
as from thhospital law and
enginerg courses they will
The program will require
hourn of SdWte comu work
plus a one year administra-
tive residehey, he explained.
The residence, he said, is a
"period of direct, controlled ex-
poure in hospitals and other,
health institaios which pro-

vides the tadent with an ex-
celent opportunity to experi-
pm manemet respontb-
ty in an acal work situation."
Florida students, he said, will
have their choice of residency
training in the University Hos-
pital or in other hospitals or
health insituti iu the im-.
mediate GainesvUle area.
Anissiod to the newest pro-
gram at the University of Flor.
ida will be "highly selective,"
said Jordan. He said more than
50 inquiries had betn received,
but no more than U or 15 stu.
dents would be accepted as a
Aplnts for admission will
first be approved for graduate
wrk ithe College of Bud-
ness Adinistration and thenbm
be interiewed by a seeing
committee, he aid.

Opposed Bill

"'lTe significance of the Flor WASHINGTON (AP) Flor
Ida program," he said, "lies ila SBM md au d Snmathe
l inter-disciplinary chmarac- helped defeat a tax bill amend-
tr. Prospective health and bo. nmt by Sen. WUiams, R-DeL,
Pal administrators wil not be Tirday fcallg for a grads-
tajght exclusively by m a edreduction the o depleo-
versed in the general techi.- allowance. The measure
qes of business management, lost U1-3.
nor only by tes who arem know- Hollanand Sathers ala o vo-
ledgeable in the specialized ted agait a tax bil amend-
fish of hospital organization, ment to ove the 10 per cent
community health planning federal ead tax on tickets to
and patient care. live theater productions. Te
'They wi benefit from both;adm t failed 59-33.

|I Ud

Zero Cold

Is Hitting


Tenmperatures as low as zero
were expected today in large
areas of the nation's Southwest,
where unusual back4-tock
blizards have paramyed entire
communities and marooned
thousands of travelers for near-
ly a week.
The new cold air mass, with
sow-whipping winds, compli-
cated attempts to clear high
ways. of as much as x inches
of sow and to get mspplies to
isolated towns. Temperature
dh d rse arply te
day, however, the Weather Bu-
reau snid.
Three counties In New Mexico
wre declared mency area
--San Miguel, Union and Quay
cOmtie-and about 1 National
Guardsmen worked with M
tanks to take ranch families to
Unless the new storm keeps
temperatures below 1 degret
the economic damage was e.
pected to be light.

Texas Agriculture Commai
sioner John C. White aid the
ove-a effect of moisture in
lo arched areas greatly off
set any immediate damages.
Sbigegest lomaeso far
come from cattle being slaugh-
tered when they wandered to
railroad tracks. Other livestock
were being taken feed n six-
whel drive trucks ad were ex.
peeed to survive the weather
unless the frem intensifed.
At least H persoms we
known dead, five In Texas and
five in New Maico. Beliopters
from Cannon jair orce Base
MoMwed e aryde fa
families who ded hp and
other possible vietms,
Sbie cleared Thadly id
over New Mexim and the Tem
Prhahdle, after the new bi.
hard's blast of ow ended in



WAou IGThe (lA)- he
aW: sm k asft duch
"hte ueu t arp niusal
hiags" aeent for -o.
reane, the Labor DeprhaM
maid Thrsday. It noted ecnehs
1 retea trade ad and.ria.
pot mpoyit, ph ft ter
winter declines in cmatruci
uad other door work.
avn e *mploymet ped
to 67. mUlo. Deqp d te drp,
the number o Ameris wit
.ob was the highest for any
Janry on recmit
CONGRESS: If outmoded pro-
cedure in Comures aren't
change they wig "jquprdse
the value of reprentatie gv.
enent," says Sen. Hubert H.
Humphrey, D-MI.
He got agreement on the eed
for reform from Sen. Jacob L
Javit, R-N.Y. Javits maid the
major stubllng ocks a the
Home ul a Commuittee ad the
Seate ilibuster. And he ci
zed the system of giving cm
mittee fhairmaM i p on the ba.
sis of seniority.
Humphrey aaid he legsa.
tive branch has starved iuelf In.
&leUtdy" and should get ad-
vice on ac iming basis from
a "congresmianl uMitate"
made up of advisers from aca-
demic, prolm l and private
The two gave their views
Thursday on Wasnhlton Re-
ports to The People, a n t-
work program spamored by the
AFICIO on several hundred
radio station.
PEACE CORPS: A bil au-
t $or S msu for the
Peace Corps in be fiscal year
stng July has wn 21-3 ap.
proval from the u Foreign
Affa CaMlmtee. The total is
$13 mSinm more tha the bud-
get for the eurmet fcal year.
P ce Caps Director Sa-
Shriver ays the increase Is
needed to boost the number io
volunteers to 14,bi by August
SThe corp now has 10

riegene ha led amuel-was one tweed by knameleg pe.
assed a Napetene by a constructed sections & tube 6-

Thse- l pectd to be
a powrM stta to trade
betmn Britain and the Coti.
mL. 1t Od aim oen closer
polum tas e
itet. ie modW ago Presi
deDe Gouo o Fnmce veto.
ed BrftMl a atift to join
the Eropaqm Eeeomak Cora.
muy. Idt S two nations
he bem ceoperathg in spec-
lmd fithh, lcklk a tpro.-
ject to bald a pquoaeic air-
There was so indication from
Sthe two rmd when con-
staisN Md d tart e he tib -
uL FeoMrl ad lap pro-
iUm rmmlm. b adding U a
tehmal deelo must be
mdeo at choice of tunel-

Smoky Gets

the Bear, Inveterate fee of for.
est rs, g i g to be oined in
his tomervationm work by a for-
est ied-h raccoon.
T7 Naile Auocidation of
Soil and Water Comervation
voted today to adopt the rac-
coon as its emble, a symbol
of antipoa m campaign to
keep the nation's streams as
clean as the food the lime ani-
mals eat.

to a trech dog the a bed,
or one formed by borig into
rock beneath the m bed.


Tie only roed still reported
closed in the two states was
UA hfrom ortbeas of Ama-
rdi at White peer, Tet., to the
Oklahma border.
Activityon highways was still
at the crawling stage, howev-
, as blowing snow drifts kept
tle icy rods danuemusly Mr-
row. O-ane btraf y was
mblid in me amU.

Heads Young

Demo Clubs
Twasty yjarc Jacky
StrkMid1 o Gafapvil as
bew choea as m fit Fkrt.
din b h ryto be ddetoi
Ias INaSlSe E. o ,rCa-
alMaS of thge Y Doemn-

bfr t oiU- amrer ae
a". Si al md am .

iJ f F. eKmady er 1a
-Iarfhn oawd or 48 w k
imm at ta matm a d
restaBlve at t Cai-
n* Iatonl Yas C s nb
reamt. t te a ow

lal cla eMfLt Kdarl
the mwId w mhtm
hI smlide it. IS East.

GeI vilh Sme
timesaving. -
In the tdud, the tW"el
would be 32 mile lg, 23 un-
der the sea f, khtg terminals
44 miles apart at Sangatie,
near Calais, and Westenhang-
er, near Folkione.
Ernest Marples, minister .of
transport, told the House of
Commons that the two govern.
meats considered tbe tunnel to
represent a sound investment
of their resources. But he add.

American engineering com- ed: "Bearing in mind the very
panies are members of aIteMrnaheavy burden of the two count.
tiol coortums prepared to ties' existing commitments and
bid on either type f tanl. Ac-the many other competing
cording to studies prepared for claims on their national resour-
the governments, either typ ces, it remains to be decided
would cost about SN million when and how best the expense
and take five to six years toinvolved can be sustained."
ild. Experts aid the im- An identical statement was
meted tube might offer some read in Paris.

-10 9-

ium t isbfor people w at cop
ucamaSd a-aI ,bet btw d watp rA ram.
Not ly i Vdl Amdricatn m amd
Iwlowtpited -l, h tlab s a ped bya
9rtbg 24DIc Now
The m V4, Mt apkh lor alMpi
is teMUiS, b Pt e, as so pw

is san m tIn tough Monte Carlo Rahye
AUd yeal hbe d to kao Valiat's new V.I
k percSt by a Syear/SOO-fue agN ad
"I If l mu to.
b lbvgd V-8sI the U.S.A. brit
mind th camr-t ymer HPymoth Deaerk



UF to Offer Training

In Hospital Administration

What did


bourbon taste

Antique Bourbon,


'"- -
mumy m ma e -* ~-4vn s -nn'fW~s t4 KlV/Q^B




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lowest-priced V-S


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w '.IW w w ONO""
1. A '.

w w . ..w

-Too Many Photos

Taken of LB]?

Cowl Washaints D
krst men President Jomnson
brought into the White House

-He Dares

To Oppose

De Gaulle

with him was tram erred to
other dutieslpidy.
Removed fro his pod as the
president's personal phoo pib-
r was Yolehi Okamoto, a U. S.
Informtio Agency taffer who
was called to the neclve
mansion the day Mr. Joluhi
took over.
O.kamoto was returned to
hi USIA des a chief the
picture branch of the a y
ice's press unit.
Although the While Howe
:mimnima d t*lt nk ...w _

enaUMA at vamoto s re-
@ NmI lark Itra turn to USIA came about be-
PARIS Gaston Dfferre, came he had "completed his
sociait candidate for the iio," there was wide and
French presidency, made his apparently well founded spec-
opening campaign speech ulatinthat ,it had been caused
Wednesday. But there we at lest in part by pede
strong indications that his cam- ial embarrassment
paip might have to runw u- Nwapers and magazines
tl 197 before achieving sue- have carried a number of stor-
ies about Okamoto's wor k,
ce inomed sources on- stressing the factI that Mr.
well infom sources c Jo on ordered i to p
firmed that President Charles O ahahinsotodeo h .
de Gaulle, embarked upon a A" ct, robal, t" cat. o .
long rangeIn Atioreclnentwrk --o--s-e
gram. .. had ev d f his photograph project with
seeing re-election t the pre s nt'sanou ri
of 1965. Nobody, no ma or o economy in government.
bow anti-Gaullst, is willing to e national gain estima-
bet against hia. ted that Okamolo had shot 11,-
The president is said to be Wm pictures of Mr. Johnson
planning to be in office to as-lace Nov. 23.
sure the election of a Gaullist n addition, thee have beel
majority in the legislative elac- news stories here in thepast
Uqps of 1967. The seven year few days about the placing of:
term of the president and the ph.otograpber the pub-t
jive-year term of the National lic payroll in the Senate. Both.
Assembly will both end in parties in the Senate maintain
1967. The seven year term of the photographers to photo-
'tle president and the five-year graph members with constitu-
-term of the National Assem- ents or for other political pur-
'bly will both end in 1972. Un- poses.
Ill then there is every chance White House Press Secretary
..that de Gaulle's opposition will Pierre Salinger said Okamoto
continue to wander through a returned to USIA because "hia
political desert mission here was complete."
Seemingly undaunted by his That mission, he said, was "to
dim prospects, Defferre an -accumulate a library of photo.
nounced he was laying out a graphs of the president" ft
calendar of appearances for all use by USIA.
of 1965. But until de Gaulle of- Actually, a numberof theOk-
icially opens the campaign at amoto photographs have been
a time of his own cbhg, used as moments for preside-
there is little likelihood tha tial visitors. Many such visI-
*to hs aerartors have received a photo of
NDefferre will be allowed to ap tbem d withthe preside
-pear on the state controlled t es color, almost al.
television and radio network ways autographed.
'The candidate accused the gen- okamoto was not available
eral of "pettiness" in barring for comment last night. Salln.
these two means of expession ge, queried about previous re-
:Jo his adversaries, ports that Okamoto was going
Defferre announced that he to be placed on the press-
had I n v i t e Harold HaroldWilson, office staff at the White House,
chairman of the British Labor said only that "I wouldn't want
Party, and Willy Brandt, the to go into any plans at
socialist mayor of Berlin anddidn't come to pass.'
head of the German Socialist ______
Party, to Paris to discuss co-
lrdination of policies concern- Flower nectar Is the food of
ing European unification. He the log-noed bat. The tongue
a1id that Brandt had accepted ls covered with bristle-like pro-
outright and that Wilson had jectlomns to gather pollen as wel
agreed in principle., as nectar.

Cub Scouts To Receive

65 Honor Badges Tonight
Cub Scouts of Pack 104 will be Wright, and John Perry.
awarded 65 badges at tonight's Bear: Charles Hogan, Fd
Blue and Gold Banquet at 6 p.m. Boyles, Emory Springfield,
at the F i r s t Presbyterian Steve Thomas, John Perry, Jay
Church. Keister, Allen Wade, and Chuck
Dr. Leon Marder will present Anderson.
awards for Wolf, Bear, Silver Silver Arrow: Mark Elliott,
Arrow, Gold Arow. Denner and Steve Thomas, Jay Keister,
Assistant Denner before an ex- Warren Vogh, Chip Ramsey,
pected 224 Cub scouts, parents Bates Fox, Chip Eno, Dan Cra-
and family. go, Tommy Ellis, Rick Marder,
The banquet will open with and John Green.
an invocation by Dr. Luther Good Arrow; Steve Thomas,
Hammond, Dr. William Fox will John Perry, Jay Keister, Allen
preside as Master of Ceremon. Wade, Chuck Anderson, Max
ies, and Ed Wells, Scouting Karp, Charles Hogan, Fred
neighbor h o o d commissioner, Boyles, Emory Springfield, Jo
will present the pack with its Holland, Mark Strother, Britt
yearly charter. Mims, David Edgar, Dan Crago,
Others on the program are Bruce Wilkerson, and Karl
Dr. Sidney Jourard playing Hammond.
harmonica and group singing Denner: Larry Davis, Charles
led by Miss Ellen McDonald. gan, Fred Boyl, .IK J Ho
Cub Scouts receive awards lad, Bruce Wilke n, Joh
are: Gre, Mark other, ad Brit
Wolf: Gary WitouskMd, Tom Mb .
Bates, Jason Coatuano, Mark Assistant Daner: Jta P
tUott, Tom sand Stm ry, Wade tR I, y l rifl
Yeatts, Tom Erb, Jathan Prl- beNrg Marty Jounra m ay
tjett, Britt Mims, Kit Dale, Be Iu Winim s, ad
Warren Vogh, David Gaa, Set Tmy Bates.






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Fddw, Febmi 7, Iml





w V& '--M


F -1111 J,


9 a.m8.- pUm.


--- -a -

Pressure (OOKER








olwS, IMpm

cTwi M unit

* FetIsml.d

(MI ad Um ,r
tritMM ma



MODL 3104


* c..,'a wish sephee,
an$ms cm aid
* Peale' ~lnmN
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fMidy, Fehmny 7, 1964 Gbiln

PiDe So

In History "" -* ***
= ALACUA COUNTY, a Polkiel lSub-
By T ASwOATED PRESS t f Forida,
Today is Friday, Feb. 7, 11M. Pettioem
S aerm are ( dy tkft inthe JOHNT. AIN aRWO t a I,
eW. PROC E Today's t in history: IN NAME Am BY TE A.
On thi dte k 1il Ml a- s i IAT E
chuetts forAti the jaft of ad... an peu. andd pa.r eut,
pers not co fitted by its H sa bamm "bftm A
judicial authority. The reaoA tise certain panrcels iad here
I l "a*ar Otfcribl sM t loweing
for the law was that the state puf uen' wim, an.11 unows
bad no d(ire to confine British w uet1nla .by. through or a
d. r known peru who are ded.
Coil. OWhom re a t tnowt to be ded
On this date: .
In 17W, George RMogers Iar i w.ait ..a. w.
and his party IN et of 1 t to & N.. iaL. 17.1
reaptIlure Ft. VmcMes, Ind., Jo I. Kast
ftB the B&nith da&utbwn, Ne Jerse.
SSRD No. 106 1. 10.1
lia niu, the bEnglis autor, ws nM 'px73r
RUlbsian, Na Jersey
In IM1, Briltih forces cap. SRD No. iL. 1063
ed the Libyan port o( Ben- S meI pn RIGT r WA
gtrei the Germ rini!gj tal 4. and i, ockt .L
Orange Heights as per plat thereof
World War II. meon dl Plat sook A, Pase 1.
In 10, Gen. Dwight D. E. isj~ .S AltahIa county.
soer resigned as hie of S Ri a 1t e ( i7 t sM
staff of the ArMy preparatory mu iHnea dacsre.d c fonerws: Bs
to becoming president of Colm.- Sg tSOS nu[Nof Section 7 7m.
bia University in New York RotS. R ang tiat. It at Pint .
NOTICE o" We t14tl fet s to the beginning
N IF in T T P*Of I a cn aV Northesterly wIth
WA HD A AlES LAW a rdes l15. feet; thacse North.
TO ALL PERSON SlAVVIG CLAIM l att u une t*rousl a
Oa DDI AGANT A AGAINST aMNI of i1 degree O l &d
EA ib/a U T LII staee of of1301 t0ot o end a
drYagnedI curve; ithce North I de
turnmsanle qip/ el oSr m line O fSectnIon in AGridn.l,
tre orlldlpg.etllI I.e. an i i anit,
Otn ta tat eUl iu e iar ai 3 ." West $154. o feet to ,h North
Shtknown U LAUNDER lie sSection 6 laid.s Arredndo
AUND located at 112 Wedt Ul Gra at a Point 1676I feest FEast
rnity Aveue, Ganesville, Flrida. the NNorthwest arnr lthero,
and to satis sek purchase a contfsi.l -3 .2 acre (13 age
Eruar 1 4 P.M.IM it th >e More le" aclusive d elua.
OMANsa LCRAYCHANDLER. OW ag rights of ay
Nutead het Sntreet. Galnesvlle, Wiilts M-1 :ershlner. his wifl all persn having clim S MWr Tot Contract for Ded
3 aBma: aIngat the se fderftrecordsit0I t Book 139 2at Pas
a idiIsil Io t the iditl A. I a1,.for. In fiaer of Joehn
I at that add or bTE frn said ur5 in a tdZell It hs dt.
date. his wife.
Dated .t Gatisvtllst, Alachua SRD No Ii I RIGHT OF WAY
Uty. FlAid. this COUNT day Of Th t part o| *
nebrary. A.D. IM. The SW1 4 of NE1,i Seclo 2t.
l~ Re: h T$owlshilp a South. Range 21 East
Phillip ED RAY. Geiger lying Ot"It of and wi.i Ili
Ja:et 2J L Geiger feet of the elley Itne a4 Stat. Rood
3M ) 1:0 Section h O D.J LE SM the *aglte ly
mu cain or" .10t' uheie Aii a u ruvey [IN de.
IDGE.O ALACHUA COUNTY. dtLO Begin o the South l ine of setbor.
A Re: MH! o h Twn"lp I South, Range 2aote
IS eATl afi e At 10111 tlHea t Eais o thfie
EDT ARD WR. SO R m *ee A t 'ornr there" o a2ie d t
ueEDWARd rAei lle lR thel m on l e s of a un e o nc(ve
I k nn DEladB AY.n ~~ o teat. ly with c radius of 1IM.
To All m haln i bDerAon v feet. these fromt a tno lent bgo,
hi llCtl it or Meiud A lia I a Iqf North I degree, 41- 45" West
SCaim or Dl ie. a o mswmrl-y along said curve G l.h
To ot wa ie c of yout a heeb M "air Wfilof 1e i ere 34i 3.
ted atnd requ ir d to preeint an distance of ,30 feet to the
claim and dema which yo. a dc se neNorth1d there
Ifaw oiPlat, may haves agal t 3t We 12 00 feet l he wed
"sheom Counto to e 'Celi 5I Toswhallp 5 South raqe
ludge of nhua Culty. Florid, 1 ,Ea s t)eth On" tiu Nort h o el .
It11aIvo ntheCashhouset alasls." 1 h4 03Wet3wa 2 i est ofeet thence
7,ty MAtGaIesffllP. lod, rt N dens. i2, Fst t 11'.'
i atz (I) CalSer moaolrt, font t. t thnc dNorth3 1 derlte 1s i3'
It. oI( tB first phkIt n S it V t5 pfeeteto the Northn i lin
irilinga lld s ell mate t p tr a' of the Nort't co er thero
i e sli s of~g I Ptue M C~ rlle ,A ahsere.i more or eln
ee emaadn adI s al he r t b Clt of existing fl tl ad rightS
10 a Icctis oft Mas aD. "I "OWND BY: Mrs. Gerald R. Goah.
A. Administrator of the LEFT Or STATION2 h +t15( tPART;
Estate of Eward Wray, 'It part of:
Sdece adl .. ... .... .....-I Sl
ICHAIRD J. WILSON 21 T O ISouth, Rnge 1
|rAiis dfor Administratorh. Rn 21
S ell l orida soN t anlJ' 'rrv Af and Withln 40
U Invlle, F Rlorid a feet of a ohul mt survey, line. tid
INN) 134 j7 14. 21 yeyfAfte being described as tel.
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Sesoel if Apatlaf ter Ta l ed chalsCoatv, Florida. itn that the
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NOTCE 1 R HEREBY GIVEN, t.t JhtJd of th Circuit Court In the
*T. 0. & JAYNE NEFF the bholer S El*ith Judicial Circuit of Flori*s,
the iowdgu wtlhatue hes h lsad iL, on February ., 14. at 34
Sid ltfkflit for a tax deed to be A.M.. Il the Alachui County Court.
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Sun Want Ads


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Th. SM'. hahpmM: AM Dpdim -3724441
Wet* Ad-3764672

Good Training for Politics

Politics was knocked almost but
not quite speechless when an astro-
naut ran for office. It hadn't quite re-
covered when Bud Wilkinson, the
* -Oklahoma football coach, announced
*-W'ednesday he was a Republican
candidate for the U. S. Senate. For
one thing, he had reversed his field,
previously having been a Democrat.

At first thought it hardly seems
more likely that an astronaut or a
football coach would be fitted for the
U. S. Senate than that Bourke Hick-
enlooper would be prepared to take
off into space or Everett Dirksen
would be picked to run the Green Bay

There are, however, some ways in-
which a football coach gains exper-
ience which might be of use in poli-
tics. Those huddles, for instance, have
a distinct resemblance to political

caucuses. Of course football coaches
admittedly send A plays while U. S.
senators provide leadership.

The inspiration talk in the locker
room between halves can be rephras-
ed to make a convention speech. Any-
one who has met the rage of an
alumni asociatipn has nothing to
fear from irritated taxpayers. Both
football and politics are called
"games" and cosist of deadly seri-
ous businesses. fAny doubt of this
should be dis d by the fate of a
politician who as 'lost a series of
elections or a cokch who has lost his
last 10 games.
I '
In one respect at least coaches
have an advantage not shared by
some other kinds of candidates. No
one can accuse them of having never
had to meet a payroll.

The U. S. Senate recently adopted,
on a 57 to 25 vote, a new rule which
requires that at least three hours of
- each day's debate be "germane," that
-is pertinent to the business before
the Senate.

The intent of the new rule can
easily be evaded. Sponsors of the rule
change conceded the point made by
Senator Richard Russell (Dem., Ga.)
that it would be possible to propose
a non-germane rider to a bill and then
devote three hours discussion to the
non-germane amendment. Russell's
hypothetical example was proposing
an amendment to a bill on nuclear
energy which would limit the price
of cheese in Borneo.
Senator Everett Dirksen (Rep.,

Ill.), who also opposed the change,
feared the new rule would be a step
toward limiting the Senate's free-
dom of debate. 1is fears seem rather
unrealistic, in view of the mildness
of the new rulefand the fact that it
contains no penalty clause. Some
other senators who went along with
the bill thought the Senate should
be directing its attention to revising
rules which permit filibusters to go
on and on but the Senate isn't yet
ready to tackle that.problem.

The reform is mild, but it is a step
in the right direction, the first ma.
jor rules chanp In many .years. It is
a tangible recognition by the Senate
of public sentiment in favor of mak-
ing the Senate more effective.


Wilson and Idealism's Fall

years ago ths week on
Feb. 3, 1% Woodrow Wil-
son died at his home in Wash.
ington. The anniversary has
passed almost tnmoticed. Yet
it was a notable event in
world history, for it not only
marked the demise of a great
president but called wide-
spread attention to the de-
cline of American idealism as
a moral force in the world.
President Wilson had failed
at-Paris to convince the prag-
matic leaders of Europe that
the time had come to put
- idealism above commercial-
Sism and he also had failed at
home to convince the voters
that a League of Nations
needed American prtici-
" to

The diplomacy of time
ys m ot far dwif nt
bn what it is today.
SBach govermnent in Europe
Sth nke today, was Pri-
ma concerned d W t
4 could get in the way of
terror and fin al be-
fts. In vain, Mr. Wion had
pWed ot for the principle or
sef determinatis of peo
;les it, in thefew ltnes
w here hidependeme wa
granted, a elish perialism
So took W It away.
& Hirbut H Mr, Who ad
* >Mi a u sfod Sai
4a Mop EM Mr. Wfl"M

for eight years as a mem-
ber of the Cabinet before
be was elected president in
I9M, wrote a book entitled
"The Ordeal of Woodrow WiI-
sm." It was published In
M, and one passage sad:
"Te United Naton' or-
ganisation accept in a par-
ticular, follows very closely
the pattern of Woodrow Wil-
son's League . But the ad.
mission of aggressive dicta-
tatorship to its member-
ship would never have been
accepted by Woodrow Wilson.
He conceived the League as
an association of free nations,
not to include men and dic-
tatorships conspiring for its
run. He stated among his
pri ddp of peace:

"' . A ia@s t covert
hr pawc em Nm b mabe -
I by a prtoner-
-* t a-c S-L
No autocrtie gewrat
coid be tued to ep faith
wihia ft or oboe its cov-
seants. It must be a Lague
of m .. ..-,

At today's liberal argues
for "pescel co existence "
commi trade with ag-
gr r nti, abandment
of tEt MNree Doctrine and
erii to what is called
wau St hbard Inm en-
oepM tat u ta t w ViA
eM* O 4140.O

Nowadays, the government
In Mc~ow Is accepted as a
partner in the United Nations
by this country as wefl as
by the major countries of the
Western world, and shortly
Red China, another Commu-
it dictatorship, probably wim
be admitted to the fmtera-
tiora onkation. An this
is ppoed to cne under
the beading of "practicality"
in resent lay diplomacy.
Th? who reflect the true
liberalism and morality of yes-
teripy are labelled as "re-
actonaries" or "war mon-
Even the lapse of four
decades sometimes fails to
put into proper perspective
the achievements of a states-
ma in wld affairs. For
Amric's roe in the wor,
Sbrupdy altered in 1917,
a depue fm tad*-
Tb e ty, mmOw, *i

evil li sd& cni the Pon -
mad has boau mend in
aoar, but the bridl acru
the itnd ativial d ho-
a4 ead i sl nO t on the
drawing boards of prsent-
dayPgovenmew And it may
Another years before
D d opino rulim that
free peoples f tU et-r

I ust dIia p th e dm* of
the world.


By Fkter 6ade, Cowks WsMhtai B"r

S th Gov. Barkatdeta hay due just a mouth Jeore tae apmicaa
mastinga aeuto, BDeky obviously s a cinch to w e awa eof-tbequr
f ra the Mlamed Pamuthead people.

COevt pe*b thMe P-i f-d. Yedrote tly their YalmHnftg
h it'to Mubr4-tnwta ; ;
flil S~t!M Sant _._ta~




;t1 1


Of A


Sane I American cities,
in the North, East West, and
South, are confronted with d
red action involving the sev-
eral and varied aspects of the
racial revolution that is in
progress around the world.
New York, Atlanta, St.,
Los Angeles, San Francisco,
Chiago, Hattiesburg -these
are but a few of the city
names in the news. The issue
differs in each. It may be
segregated public accommo-
datis, housing, employment,
schools or voting rights.
That the slow pace of pro-
gress in civil rights is an in-
vitation to direct action is
obvious. That 1964 will see
more of It is an equally in-
escapable conclusion.

THE MAJOR obpective of
the direct action groups likely
is publicity. Stories and pic-
tures of American citizens be.
ing arrested for seeking to
use public accommodations do
bring nto focus th question
of what a license to do a pub-
lic business means. Is it still
a private business if the lic-
ense is to do a public busi-
ness? Jailing of demonstrators
serves merely to attract na-
tional ad international atten-
tion to this ambivalence in
American life.
The demonstrations arouse
emotions. They do tend to re-
move the issue from one of
negotiations to one of eco-
nomic and legal attrition.
But it is necessary to under-
standing to comprehend that
the organizations behind them
are aware of this. Their pur-
pose is to so publicize the
fact of discrimination and de-
ial that the Congress will act
legislatively There really
can't be any doubt about
what finally will be done.
We, as a nation, cannot much
longer condone th mainten-
ance of two levels of

ONE CANNOT commend
the demonstrations that vio-
late law and manners. But
neither may one endorse those
who refuse to take voluntary
action and, therefore, make
inevitable the direct action of
Atlanta, for example, had
made, relatively, unparallel-
ed progress in civil rights.
Yet, it was precisely these ad-
mirable, decent advances that
caused the city to be selected
by the direct action groups
for dem stratims. The effect
of dem treating against those
rabidly few who do dmesri.-
mkae in Atlanta was doly
dramatic and more of a news
story because the domomtra-
tions took place in the city
that had acted on so wide a
front to remove inequities.
This was a shock to the city.
There was, understandably. a
feeling of having been put
upon and of having been treat-
ed unjustly. The so-called non-
violent student p did act
with unreasonable violence.

mwdfltheBmmi puwIn-
me was frustratd. Thir cy p
had naordinaes that utab- b
ished drislmams. There a
was a trespa I w hich elm i
are studio H it sid be t
fund umnmsimaL, as It q
wen may since al dtim
prmis eqa proteei of
law, then theitmtm will I
change. The violet do harden i
attibWds and se bk t po.
abilty s of ok at i
observers shotldt fal to see
that te wthose who e
mek Ciu ip rhts.
Reva im not calf. 1
ab. te fiMled with a- m
dm l*qm d ro*dK11e ,
of eemes. revlehtion I
"rising eqpedmio" cofer.-
et peos uew freed frm
colonial rule, and
IM a gommpv a me~-

asm, bt be No volt.
he a" fltb Ih
d a -i"l & W abat a
prem w -I "k hdt b


French.American Dispute

A -tudy of what General De
Gaule said last Friday shows,
I believe, that the crucial dgf.
ference between us is about
the realities in Asia.
We do not differ about
ideals and Uiioleis, or
about aims, prposes an d
hope. We are not trying to
build a new American empire
on the mainland o Asia, ad
Frace not tryg to recowv-
er the empire which she has
We differ about bow to deal
wh the facts with the fact


that the Red government in
Pekig rules over the 700 mil-
li Chese on the mainland,
with the factthat the neigh-
boring countries in Southeast
Aia are eak and vulner-
able, withthe fact that Red
CW I b an expanding and ag-
gr ive pomfr.
iiihh tthhee facetthatt reed
is an expanding ad aggress-
ive power.

come to a sharp focus in the
immediate and practical prob-
lem of the civil war in Viet

By imerdodi

"Let's not ploy bridge this oftemoon let's write nasty
letters to editors!"

Nam. But even here. we are
agreed in our purposes.
France and the United States
are both concerned to save
Southeast Asia from a con-
quest by the Red Chinese. The
crux of our differences is how,
not whether, to save South.
east Asia.
The American view is that
Southeast Asia can be saved
only if there is a strong gov-
ernment in Saigon which is
able to win the civil war. Only
after military victory can any
larger negotiated settlement
be talked about, in fact even
considered. For any suggest-
ion that the United States is
considering negotiation will
destroy the fighting morale of
the South Vietnamese and pre-
cipitate in the whole region a
general collapse of all resist-
ance to Red China.
On the other hand. General
De Gualle's view is that there
cannot be a military solution
of the Vietnamese civil war.
This is what be told President
Kennedy in 1961. Our answer
to this has been that we have
no alternative but to keep on
trying to win the civil war.
General De Gaulle's reply
to this is that the situation is
deteriorating toward a disas-
ter which will leave us an in-
tolerable choice between a
humiliating withdrawal and
engaging in a large war, at
least as large as the Korean
THE TIME TO begin nego-
tiations is while we are still
strong; that is to say, while
there is an undefeated South
Vietnamese army and while
so much of the country is still
in non-Communist hands.
General De Gaulle's ar-


President and TV Trial'

cwef, cM-es
Wasum t Bream
years the President of the
United States faced the entire
nation on television at a fixed
hour usually announced a
day in advance. No rational
question that an alert press
could devise was barred, and
even a few irrational questions
crept in.
Presidents Eisenhower and
Kennedy made these televised
ews conferences an estab-
lished line of communication
with the public.
This institution was unique
in the world. No other world
leader, past or present, would
so expoe himself at regular
intervals to free Inquiry under
such unrestricted codito.
At times everyone got impat-
ient with the system: The
President, surely, and news
personnel with each other,
and the public with all cone

Mons for not contining
ch conferees n the man-
r of his predecesors stes
pt from h own tpat-
ace with the technique. Pr-
dent Kenedy told Mr. John-
m that he was fed up with it.
he conferences were usually
old around 4 p.m. when TV
viewing ratings are low. A
etter exposure is available
rough film clips on the 6
.m. news shows. Tie Presi-
at can supply these clips
aytme he wishes to step out
Shi office, ok into the eye
f a levisim ma and ut-
r what is mMind.
Mreor. ws shodold the
teiMt Untedl States
heanmpedtie mostd of
day bigI rbIAedla mit-
miMry to be abe to auwer
-me ival eseri qum-
tdiWnimtMdly to the
Tesewalad valid objetr
U ad eal dibe tified by
them. The p m confePceI
s a prfvtihP not a right.
A derse JoMlnim is not
a pert to m eamne the
PresMlde-r a in actors
ProM" ,MOM b riald
to ant 1 fbe fb
in &ea d W"i by inW
imot Cadm em I m
rWf st n he mu or
mw seamqa to ueame

iy pIir ans e m
maN In a* is s. ar.Jo
poft MWbatWh.fao

flt Wt IIMi l a*rdr SW
F aidfl, ridt f
.os -
,4 ~

impressive about a president
of the United States ready to
take on all comers in a pre-
announced event in front of
the world, and with enough
confidence in himself to risk
showing impatience and an-
noyance a president with
enough confidence to face the
maddening obstinacy of the
uninformed, the hypercritical
or even the badly-intentioned.
This requires championship
style and is marvellous to see.
But, much more important, it
permits the free range of in-
quiry enjoyed nowhere else in
the world, not even in Eng-
land's House of Commons
where the government may be
presented with formal ques-
tions of a directly hostile na.

AMnd, it permits every man
and woman in America to take
his own measure of a pre-
sident's mental capacities and
grasp of events under full in-
terrogation. It also can have
bad results for newmen who
cannot accurately sense the
common respect for the presi-
dency of the United States.
PERAPS IT is merely
a journalism sophomore's
dre bt there must be
something in the simple con-

cept of keeping the public in-
formed by asking questions.
A press conference surely is
not merely a device to permit
a public official to present
himself to the public in a fav-
orable light, and to be control-
led and manipulated so as to
project a politician's best im-

If this is the purpose of a
presidential press conference
it could well be dropped alto-
gether. We would be better off
without it.
It is hard to believe that
President Kennedy really
meant it when he told his vice
president that the televised
conferences weren't worth
while and he would prefer to
have film clips on the 6
o'clock news shows. Mr. Ken-
nedy was a hard-headed poll-
tician. He knew he had won
wide support among working
newsmen because he seemed
to them to be frank and open
about the public's business;
or, if not as frank and open as
they would like then very
agreeable and rational in his
reticence. A wise politician
would not willingly sacrifice
or eve jeopardize such a

Flora's Bautifli
Ualivernty City'

IF THE FRENCH are right,
it would be folly not to encour-
age them to see whether they
can create in Hanoi an open-
mg to the West. We know that
in Communist Europe the two
countries which have been
first to achieve a large degree
of national independence are
the two Finland and Yugo-
slavia which have physical
contact with the West Hanoi
in North Viet Nam is a port
and is accessible to ships from
all the world.
In all this we should not con-
fuse ourselves with the notion
that General De Gaulle has of.
feared a "plan" for the neu-
tralization of Southeast Asia
which we must accept or re-
ject. We must not be in too
much of a hurry. General De
Gaulle has not proposed a
plan. He has proposed a line
of policy and a mode of think-
ing which we cannot afford
to dismiss lightly.

Voice of the People

-On The Sun's Opinion Page---
Oiaum d isomms of Sm mI S dm we wok. Im ls V W"s ofth e cl s6u4M. Left"
mut be dSmd d --i t-- r wra oddsm. N wil b wi theld If s& Mn A Wowtr *osMM
t -- mmd50 w0 mme sM be winMs a irusdietdhw pmr. PeontSo mMbem. The
m- M Odto I sr W mro t eW r oo wFt o It wite, IM Amees A wl. us moals w

No Peaceful

EDITR, Snm: In viewing
the res OubKs inm which
the W- i de -,.w
weSe Sf Zalr bu been
have taken place in lana,
Taganyta ad die Congo;
it shoMd be nmbemled that
on Jan. 6, 15M, Kkhclhev,
in expbunm the Cmm
policy "pemcefl most-
ence," cleared tlat certain
type. d -n "mnS-"
ad sl "t aCosMlE
fuly Slpt --h a."
Wf m Mla Aw aeb
"wM d nb*T

S ob. g m

b, 6 AM
phm is b'tes' UW sls

umppui d are the people
and the p"mm t d the
eging Mat when "bide-
pide" Is aehime d. Ob-
vily, the more able the
ew omtry, the easier is the
mecmd pi hme of wars,
which eosists of overthrow-
ing the govemment and in-
stalling Cnmmnuits in mn
'e dSeUkt phases of thee
"scrod" wars are not awdyi
amly dBemnlb e,u s the

clh Md C taern ien the

latob a n aW L aIn n
Ul. Ml b au el

pl bs tI Aomme S
tag ft-m atto

a a urta lila Msn
Tam S wm l
:mamStd mA.B
t- 'ak th V

He Had A
Wild Dream

EDITOR, Sun: Tie other
evening as I ay on the cou
watching television, I doted
off to sleep I guess -
For I had a terrible dream :
I dreamedthat a guy
ame of ofGowater or some
knd of water was saying to
a crowd that be wa going to
try to et to be resident of
do Good oM USA Now I
m th6 is, imd sems ery
ft, b t hdp me t s$0.
oMe one ouh to teil him
tht be has to be elected to
te job. And that surerule
tb a&ut I ws ham ad I
m glad that I ais't. I'd save
my money ad keep the job
I shady had. Save a lot of
hIrirj traveling anud
f bg toh ate O I
m out. tha waN i for

,M- My WA06


Iaosm eMreSa

(&AWet&c *wz

gument is unanswerable un*
less we are able to persuade
ourselves that the civil war
can be won. The official Am-
erican view is that we have to
say unreservedly that the war
will be won and refuse to think
about what we shall do if it
cannot be ,,,, - is the
critical weakness of our pc
cy in Sou......... .. not that
we are training and equipping
anti-Communists to fight the
Communists, but that while
we are doing it, this is the onl
policy we have. If it is not a
winning policy, then all is lost.
We have staked everything on
one card.
This is a reckless and un-.
statesmanlike gamble. A
competent statesman, like any
competent military strategist,
never locks himself into
a commitment where there is
no other position on which he
can fall back. In Southeaqt
Asia we have bolted the doors
and do not have that indispen-
sable part of any sound stra-
tegy, a fall-back position.
De Gaulle is in fact rendering
us a signal service. He is op-
ening the door to the possibili-
ty that Southeast Asia can be
saved from Chinese conquest
by political developments
which can be stimulated and
by diplomatic bargaining
which can be undertaken.
It is said in Wastington that
this is improbable, that North
Viet Nam which is now under
Chinese domination can never
be pried loose and can never
participate in the neutraliza-
tion of the whole region.
How can those who say this
really know it? It is not true
that once a country is domina.
ted by a big Communist state.
it is forever dominated. We
have seen Finland and Yugo-
slavia and in a measure the
other European satellites
gain an increasing measure of
national independence.
Who is to say that these mo-
tives and impulses will not
work on the borders of China
as they are now working on
the borders of Russia? In any
event, the French, who know
more about North Viet Nam
than all other Western coun-
tries. believe that the old fear
of Chinese domination is still
present in North Viet Nam.

Stick-to-the-Subject Rule

Pidy, Fmbry 7, 1964

I smovl w a

Fussy, rauya n

joaE t u t"N& risi m
hsMam PAT Ciwm mw Ir*li.
,man i oUso. The iS
Ma Kxeqifh M* l w. 6. Inm
EM.USOL. Vie el IaSSml us -
,sad B."lni M TARTAG-
LMt, m msis Ma erts.
IMk -uf.


L 6 4Wk dttaputest embaulds4 boMom
TW. SaWI hspuM: AM Ds0pmC-3 l4441
W* Ada-37-4672

Good Training for Politics

Politics was knocked almost but
not quite speechless when an astro-
naut ran for office. It hadn't quite re.
covered when Bud Wilkinson, the
: Oklahoma football coach, announced
-Wednesday he was a Republican
candidate for the U.S. Senate. For
: one thing, he had reversed his field,
previously having been a Democrat.

At first thought it hardly seems
more likely that an astronaut or a
football coach would be fitted for the
u. 8. Senate than that Bourke Hick-
enlooper would be prepared to take
off into space or Everett Dirksen
would be picked to run the Green Bay

There are, however, some ways in.
which a football coach gains exper-
ience which might be of use in poli-
tics. Those huddles, for instance, have
a distinct resemblance to political

caucuses. Of course football coaches
admittedly send in plays while U. S.
senators provide leadership.

The inspirational talk in the locker
room between halves can be rephras-
ed to make a convention speech. Any-
one who has met the rage of an
alumni association has nothing to
fear from irritated taxpayers. Both
football and politics are called
"games" and consist of deadly seri.
ous businesses., Any doubt of this
should be dispelled by the fate of a
politician who has, lost a series of
elections or a cqach who has lost his
last 10 games.

In one respect at least coaches
have an advantage not shared by
some other kinds of candidates. No
one can accuse then; of having never
had to meet a jiayrolL. Rile

The U. S. Senate recently adopted,
-un a 67 to 25 vote, a new rule which
requires that at least three hours of
-:tach day's debate be "germane," that
Is pertinent to the business before
".the Senate.

The intent of the new rule can
easily be evaded. Sponsors of the rule
change conceded the point made by
Senator Richard Russell (Dem., Ga.)
that it would be possible to propose
a non-germane rider to a bill and then
devote three hours discussion to the
non-germane amendment. Russell's
hypothetical example was proposing
: an amendment to a bill on nuclear
energy which would limit the price
of cheese in Borneo.
Senator Everett Dirksen (Rep.,

Ill.), who also opposed the change,
feared the new rule would be a step
toward limiting the Senate's free-
dom of debate. His fears seem rather
unrealistic, in view of the mildness
of the new rule and the fact that it
contains no penalty clause. Some
other senators who went along with
the bill thought the Senate should
be directing its attention to revising
rules which permit filibusters to go
on and on but thd Senate isn't yet
ready to tackle that problem.

The reform is mild, butjit is a step
in the right direction, the first ma-
jor rules change in mtany years. It is
a tangible recognition by: the Senate
of public sentiment in favor of mak-
ing the Senate more effective.


Wilson and Idealism's Fall


for eight years as a mem-

WASHINGTON Forty ber of the Cabinet before

years ago this week on
SFeb. 3, 1124 Woodrow Wil-
Sson died at his bone in Wash-
; inglan. The anniversary has
passed almost unnoticed. Yet
it was a notable event in
world history, for It not only
marked the demise of a great
SpresdMet but caUed wide-
Ssl* ad attention to the de-
cline of American idealism as
a moral force in the world.
President Wilson had failed
* at Baris to convince the prag-
matic leaders of Europe that
Sthe time had come to put
de i above commrcial-
: ism and he also had failed at
, hboe to convince the voters
that a League of Nations
needed American partici-
patl f
'te diplomacy of those
days was not far different
bfM what it is today.
veframe in g mo* I
tdea N ay, was .
m comerned with what
it coWM get in the way of
wnriory and financial rbee-
fits. bI vai, Mr. Wilso had
.ald at far the prindple or
my- d- alnhiationa f dp
Visa.beitusIsefew iMaM
:,here iIfde, as
*Noa sea ih nmperiasm ,
S took N away.
41i~ oever, who had
" ad r eod administrator
in r Wipe der Mr. Wham

he was elected president in
112, wrote a book entitled
"The Ordeal of Woodrow Wl-
son." It was published in
19I and one passage said:
"The Un ited Nations' or-
ganization except In oe par-
ticular, follows very closely
the pattern of Woodrow Wil-
son's League ... But the ad-
mlssion of aggressive dicta-
tatorship to its member-
ship would never have been
accepted by Woodrow Wilson.
He conceived the League as
an association of free nations,
not to include men and dic-
tatorships conspiring for its
ruin. He stated among his
principles of peace:
"'. . A tedfat concert
for pea can never he main
taiMed except by a partner-
ap f democratic nation.
No auteradie pa sIma
could be trusted to keep faith
with it ar berv its cov-
ants. It most be a League
of hor .. ."

But today's "liberal" argues
for "peaceful o stence,"
commercial trade with ag-
graer nadms, aimdmwnnt
of the Mom e Doctrine and
snur drI to what is called
"realistic fa." lT phm
was dM haid I e.a-
tim with the iappeumm
concept kmat o am u WarM
Warn .

NMwadays, e government
in oscow is -accepted as a
partner in the United Nations
by this count r as well as
by the major countries of the
Western' world and shortly
Red China, an their Commun-
ist dictatorshi| probably will
be admitted the interna-
ti o'aniu All this
is opposed come under
= Key. w diplomacy.
Sre the treI
libeaiin anda aliyof yest
to* are la ed as "re-
gets arips" o "war mon -
gets" ,
E mn the lpse of four
deneas someumes fails to
put into. pror perspective
the *eveme ofs a states-
man in wori affairs. For
A.erca's role is the world.
so am aptly altered in 1917,
was dpartate Irm m trad-
tio. 1Tfr story moreover, is

S as Yet no m -
net! in Wabft sri.
ahD edrj Wila. A
small bridgi aorus the Pob.
mac has,mbeen amed in his
honora but the bridge acrou
Uthe nertationali sm of hiu-

day n And m iay

- ffis sap Ie te ah eof
the rld s

UBy Dyiteh Khn C4YW hle Wasbigaum r Jl

SWith Go. Rockefders new bed due just a moth before the leosmmn
-eoNmbatg convention, Roeky obviomly i a cinch to wvia t
f t maimed Pasuthood poplt.

San peol. then Fms hth. Tl alae ti s md Ys
:Wh.. nsn ainWph mtoaladw.a
S-- C
* Wh&Ws-thC of= b *A f While Hu se thib uhGtMad-t1
j askhei~ M l n ^Of uW suela a l -. ts

ktuezvAli km

waraip, 11: a.m.; an evu-
ing worship, 8:i3 pa The ser-
moas at both the morming and
evening worships will be deliv-
ered by the pastor or his ap-
pointee. Rev. C. J. Johnson,
pastor; Mrs. P. L. Scott, repor-

Church of God by Faith No.
Sunday School, 10 a.m.; Bi-
ble Study, 12 noon: W.W.C., 5:-
45 p.m.; and evening worship,
7:15 p.m. There will be prayer
service Tuesday, 7:30 p. m.;
and night worship, 7:30 p. m.,
Friday. The church is located
corner of S. W. 8th Ave., and
3rd Street. The public is in-
vited. Elder J. E. McKnight,
pastor; R. L Hutcinson, re-
Williston New Hope Bap-
list Sunday School. With the
superintendent, E. L Strain,
in charge, 10 a.m.; morning
worship, 11 a.m.; and evening
worship, Communion, 7 p.m.
Everyone is welcome. Rev. J.
H. Phillips, pastor; Mrs. Bess-
le Mae Wesley, reporter.
Zion Temple A.M.E. Zon-
Church School, 10 a.m.; morn.
ing worship, 11 a.m.; and even-
ing service, 7 p.m. Rev. W. L
Souder, pastor.
Wesley Chapel Methodist -
There will be a fish fry tonight
at 8 p.m. in the interest of the
church. The public is invited.
Rev. Robert James, pastor;
jMrs. Amy L. DeBose, reporter.

The Bessie M. Brown Circle
of the ML Pleasant Methodis
Church will meet with Mrs. Bar
tha Blye, Sunday at 4:31
p.a. Mrs. Velma Williams, cir-
cle leader.

The United Council of Church
Women is having an evening
meeting at the Holy Trinity
Episcopal Ourch in the Parisk
House, today at 7:T p.m. to
accnomdate person who can-
m attend morning s aions.
Al interested puons are
urged to be present.

the ril be hot fl naod
wishes sold i k do rno
d the Mt. Plasat MMet
Cm Satday at 2 pa
Mrs Juliett McCoy, Miss
Wane Nelson and am Betty
Lee Brown, ipor

a J

timnal Plnpa m bat
pa. at the Rumael Bapi
Ch&h aNEt h A a i.P.m
T. D. Davis, pie; F. G. Wik.
Pit Sr., I ; Mrs. A Mk
PrIg proram chairman
Mrs. G. L Stder, reporter.

The frie of Rev. and Mrs.
W. A. M we n vileid t
lo a liue weamg W

ma -

b C ty udi b llimnrI


* (* 9

Chief, Cwles
Wasagtel Breau
years the President of the
United States faced the entire
nation on television at a fixed
hour usually announced a
day in advance. No rational
question that an alert press
could devise was barred, and
even a few irrational questions
crept in.
Presidents Eisenhower and
Kennedy made these televised
news conferences an estab-
lished ibem of communication
with the public.
This institution was unique
in the world. No other world
leader, past or present, would
so expose himself at regular
intervals to free inquiry under
such unrestricted conditions.
At times everyone got impat-
ient with the system: The
President, surely, and news
personnel with each other,
and the public with all con-

reasos for not continuing
such conferences in the man-
ner of his predecessors tems
in part from is own Impta-
ice with the teclunkpe. Pre-
sdent Keedy told Mr. John.
sa that he was fed up with it.
The conences were usually
held around 4 p.m. when TV
viewing ratings are low. A
better exposure is available
through film dips on the 6
pm. news shows The Presi-
dent can supply these clips
anytime he wishes to step out
of his ofice, look nto the eye
of a television camera and ut-
ter what is on his mind.
Moreover, why mowd the
President of the Unitd States
be ampelad to spend most of
a day beiml Ing el anminit-
Sus*m b to be able to answer
sme rMl eoter ri qoe-
tI Ied -suIat to the
These re valid object-
m and could be fOrtild by
eloms. The Np m -Ie
k a prWith amd mta ritM.
A degree i Jmnlli snot
a pwiut 6 naaml c- me
Preidet M a acrdhaton
todmd recft me fal e
Wid A ed me cali.
Irt notice where e hme or
may ot, m dp to l dmm

uRmter ade afpmc l t

fi p,- he a d m

ypminel w h

am wv hia gi Msot
l bnNW MgN4y lhal, a II M same, 4

impressive about a president
of the United States ready to
take on all comers in a pre-
announced event in front of
the world, and with enough
confidence in himself to risk
showing impatience and an-
noyance a president with
enough confidence to face the
maddening obstinacy of the
uninformed, the hypercritical
or even the badly-intentioned.
This requires championship
style and is marvellous to see.
But, much more important, it
permits the freerange of in-
quiry enjoyed nowhere else in
the world, not even in Eng-
land's House of Commons
where the government may be
presented with formal ques-
tions of a directly hostile na-
And, it permits every man
and woman in America to take
his own measure of apre-
sident's mental capacities and
grasp of events under full in-
terrogation. It also can have
bad results for newsmen who
cannot accurately sense the
common respect for the presi-
dency of the United States.
PERHAPS IT is merely
a journalism sophomore's
dream but there must be
something in the simple co-

cept of keeping the public in-
formed by asking questions.
A press conference surely is
not merely a device to permit
a public official to present
himself to the public in a fav-
orable light, and to be control-
led and manipulated so as to
project a politician's best im-.
If this is the purpose of a
presidential press conference
it could well be dropped alto-
gether. We would be better off
without it.
It is hard to believe that
President Kennedy really
meant It when he told his vice
president that the televised
conferences weren't worth
while and he would prefer to
have film clips on the 8
o'clock news shows. Mr. Ken-
nedy was a hard-headed poll-
tician. He knew hbe had won
wide support among working
newsmen because he seemed
to them to be frank and open
about the public's business;
or, if not as frank and open as
they would like then very
agreeable and rational in his
reticence. A wise politician
would not willingly sacrifice
or even jeopardize such a

Green, of Starke, will be held
;from the New Hope Baptist
Clhurch at Starke, Saturday a'
2 p.m. with Rev. Mosley officiat-
ing. Interment will follow in
the Oddfellow Cemetery.
His immediate survivors in.
clude his sister, Mrs. Rosa Bell
fG r ae n CStark br thkar

u r e en waL, urynners.
James, Arelius and Leshe
George Green, Starke; and Bob-
ble Green, Miami; and uncle,
Wiley Green, Starke.
Duncan Brothers, morticians
are in charge.

Funeral services for J. W
McGregory, a pioneer citizen
of Hampton, will be held from
'the Macedonia Baptist Church
at Hampton, Sunday at 2 p.m
with Rev. C. H Johnson offi-
ciating. Interment will follow
in Hampton Cemetery.
His immediate survivors In-
clude his children, Mrs. Carrie
Mae Hollis, city; Mrs. Mary
Frances Woods, Hampton:
Mrs. Beaulah Mae Rumph, Mi-.
ami; Joe B. McGregory, Jack.
sonville; and David McGreg-
ory, Key West: sisters. Mrs.
Gussie Payne and Mrs. Martha
McCoy, Perrhine; and Mrs
Madie Jackson. Ft. Lauder-
dale: brother, Asbury McGre-
gory. Orlando; son-in-law, Dea-
con M. J Hollis, city: and Al.
iex Woods. Hampton; and daugh-
ter-in-law, Mrs Frances Mc-
Gregory, Jacksonville.
i Duncan Brothers, morticians
are in charge.

Voice of the People

On The Sun's Opinion Page -
Oplil ad commusn of SmI s eder n w ae wake im n e Viu i P&@ h c*aali. Lanst
ma be6 im k # b We r t ~. e mit's iMes NaMes be wiethM if eeWmesed. A otsW shkd
mt swe SM$ M Douw ".d w beh me y Me hie of the PeW. Pst, cmwMh seW. Th.
Sm Mume sot Mh a. oKt M y tew -so o seWa it wite eW ie* the writer's Msia or

No Peaceful

EDITOR Smu: In vieuti
(he me rent as in whieh
the nely "depdet" p.
ema t of dalar hea Iem
ha take place a Keya,
Tanayika and the Cgpo;
Should be rmmered that
n Jan. ,6 5, KIrnsheKie,
i explap the cmmMt

ae, dimued tIat ca ,

M were n arta,"

The n m d r d
rsin toam" -
*c paetdarSyIH wars.

eaos s,, -
maiermia ta b -s
fal, moseni Ik is Ahb

jylra lsTb degree of
CameM 'tapelet, is

ins Is ssenene sie hew

unprepared are the people
an the pmmt of the
emging ain when "bid"-
pendee" is achieved. Ob
winly, the more table the
new cn the easier s the
second phae of uch wams,
which cons of overthrow-
ing the goverman t d in
stalling Cammiss icon
bie & phim of tese

ftM phie dee o Noper
ra warfare, asi the cut d
So*t Viet Nam In -
otrie, mthe flee o emo-
tin are faed in a ertto
creek the necessary to
which ca serve e a screen
for an ttep Cmmnnmi
cop. This is apparaly the
p t Panama.
These mwas d mbverdi
are a pat d e "peaceful o
iamir" pdoey by which
the Cumm ti f"ir
dmaH. ithe cwi
smcme a amiae" free nmMO
eMw;yu a- -m it
the bsapsme "pee


He Had A
Wild Dream

EDITOR, Sun: lie other
evening as I lay on the couch
watching television, I dozed
off to sleep I guess -
For I had a terrible dream,
I dreamed that a guy by the
name of Goldwater or some
kind of water was saying to
a crowd that he was going to
try to get to be President of
the Good old USA. Now I
now this is, and seems very
sifly, but so help me it is so.
Some one ought to tell him
that he has to be elected to
the job. And that sure rules
him out. If I was him and I
am glad that I ain't, I'd save
my money and keep the job
I already had. Save a lot of
headaches, traveling around
trying to fool the public. I
oppose that there is a few
people that would vote for
him oh!
C any an e hag a
dream so hstorical??

C O L O R ENatE3:S PpA L w ithMrs. el This puleb tto be a wy iBose, president; Mrs. F. D.
S I IIPerry, of NW th Ave-fine entertainment, and the Shannon, reporter.
COLORE NE f. Mrs. Gladys Williams, pubic is itited. Deacon Tom -
preshdent; Rev. T. A. Wright, Robinon, prMident; Deacon HIGH SPRINGS NEWS
I. F. Cilds, Colo i News Editor ptlr; Mrs. Esther W. Ham, 0. Joh ns on, vice prisdmt; CARD OF THANKS
ptrier. Rev. W. D. Dennis, chaplain; Mrs. B. E. Williams wishes
CHURC ANNOUINC1I S SIomm reporter. Mrs. Maya Chatman, mare- to thank hi -any friends for
Shaty G Pri Bap -- a .. tary; Mrs. Beatrice Neal, re- kindness shown during her re-
tit tam w l b useAiness SLAT PROGRAM Gm BedA porter., cent illness. She also wishes to
meeting Salnay, I pm. Su- 1 Wes Coast Ministers ad y is Founders Day.A ver- thank the following persons who
day Comnumino Day. Sunday Dea UnioChwk wl reder ecal pro gram r h bas eenCHOIRS, STIVAL visited her daily: Mrs. Pearl
School, 10 Consecration a program Sunday at I pa. atl s or cca Te Chirs' Festival Meeting Wilson, Rev. Lnnie Zimmer
and devotional services. Songthe St. Joseph Baptist Church, Mrs. Gladys Alexander nm has been set for Sunday at 3 man and Mrs. Esther Black.
service, chair. Devotional ser- at Archer, in the Interest of char geSund. ay School, 9: p. at the Zion Temple AME She was report as much im-
vices. 6:3 pa. The pastor will Mrs. C berine Daniels' Club. a.; morning worship, 11 Z Church with Rev. W. L.proved. Mrs. Esther Black re-
pretch, LWf Supper, wab The puble is ivited. m.; ACE Lege, 6 p.m.; Sder p ator, Mrs. Mary De-orter.
ingoffeet.Theshersarenur- -- and veing worsip, 7 p.m.
ed to be presen Rev. E. S. BUSINESS ME ING Plans are being made for the
Bullard, pastor; Mrs. F. D. There will be a business s ry drive the second
Shaon, reporter. meeingat the New Salem MBap u v. S yiMardL. Te ead lrs
Mt. PlesantMethodist isturch with C.J. am: Mrs.. Davis, rs
The Board of Education aind pastor, today at 7:3 p.m. oM, Joe Wims
Church Shoo Staff wil meset -- andC. e 1euyi E A T eONLEY CHESTER HURST
3a AO 'W OM schedu of services is the Funeral servicesfor Chester
sai e Rev. W. S.Whi t e pa.stor- Final. rites for Mrs. Eliza-t'Hurs t will beMheld from... .. .
School teachers and the mn- nk uniform Company fMm A. E. Win gate, rpor, bet Donley ofHurst Box 490 held from Ileas-
hers of the Cmsoo on Ed Lodge No. 113 wi sponsor a -- e, who died Feb. e 5, folt a 11 m ih v Loundaye
ucati are rquestedto -te ndyfrm4 p. to b I trosf, wo dia Fm.m o at 1 am with Rev Ltnnie
se. Rev. W. M. Ferg-p at the ...e of Mrs. ia AlA FOUNDERS' DAY i antWill Zimmran officiatin e
on, pastor. Fox of T SW th Streeot r Sor Norma S. White of Gain-.ducted Sunday at 3 p.ove. i His immediate survivors in.
Pleasant Groves Baptist...eludehiswifeMr.Amy Hurst:
Hopewell Baptist Stunday lie Be, captain; Mrs. P. L ma Pho Oego Chapter of l rh the Speeville com- we, M. Am' y ".
Scols oni wor- Scmtt, repoter. ph& Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc., -y .'"te v G. G Ichildren, Clematmne Dozier and
ship, 11 A -L;af on wil bethe mainm speaker for m ity,with the e Rev. G. GIona Thompson, city; broth.
hip, on n ad SPECIAL NOC local Eta Tau meg ChapterM ... tin. Iers, Thomas Hurst and Char
evening wrship, 6:3 p. Te Duval Elamentary of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority fol me -oOk Cery. Mr Hurt. : grandchildren,
There will be a business meet- School PTA will hold its reg. Founders' Day Observance ona rs.Dole will lie in state Hester Lee Dozier and Willie
ing today at Ipa. Mrs. Ag- ularmeeting Tuday,Feb. 11, Februway ,1964 at ML .Cannel rDy w in stthe zier, cit.
s ; v. .t Chuch during the I Saturday fternoonDuncan Brothers, morticians,
neo Gordon, reporter; Rev. W. at 7:30 pjm. in the schools oI-sBaptit-a dur-11 t Chaestut Haile Manorial Ch -.e n ..r.
J. Taylor, pasteor- lunroom, on NE Eighth Ave a. e C.hitp t nSare" M are carge
Mt. Cannel Baptist Choirs eecutiv ommitte or White is a prominent hestnut & Haile Funeral
Nos. 1 and 2 will have their will meet Friday at 7: p.m. young resident of Jacksonville. I C t & H aile Funeral LENNON WILBERT
joint rehearsal today, I p. m.of this week. D. E. White, pre- She hasresided her since her Funeral eral services for Lennon
Sunday School, 9:3 a.m.; more. childhood. She is thefirst female Wilbert, a pioneer citizen of
ning worship, 11 am.; and Bap Negro band directress in the Trenton, will be held from the
list Training Union, 5:3 p.m. GROVE PARK NEWS State of Florida, and her pro MRS. ANNIE RICHARDSON St. Peter Baptist Church at Ar.
There will he mid-week Medita- SPECIAL, NOT ICE fickiency In the area of music Final rites for Mrs..Anniecher. Sunday at 3 p.m. Inter.
tion Services Tuesday, 7: There wil be a y importhas presented her outstanding Rhalrdo of Ganesvlle, w meant will follow in St. Peter
p.M.; Youth Forum and also ant meeting at the St. pt 'wor. She is a civic and religi. died Feb. 2 at her home foUow- .Cmete at Archer.
SUsher Bard meeting W eous leader in her community ing a liering illness, His immediate survivors in.
day, 7: p.m.; Teachers' Meet- Baptist Churchat Grove ark, and is a national officer of the conducted Sunday, Feb. 9, at clude his wife, Mrs. Minnie Lee
ing :Thrsday, 7:3 p.m.; and in regards at the St. P Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorory, 130 pm. from the Oak GroveWlbert: children, Mildred Wil-
Choirs Nos. 1 and 2 will have etery Sunday at p. Bapst Church ith the Rev. S. bert Bobbie Jean Wilbert and
their rehearsal Friday, p. All interested persons are J. Simsn officiating. Interment Lennon Wilbert, all of Tren-
Homecoming has been set for to be present and onARCHER NEWSwill follow in the Patterson to; sisters, Mrs. Fostanna
Feb. 16. The manbers are ask- me. Ivey Brow, chain; TO PRESENT PROGRAM Cemetery. Johnson, Archer: and Mrs. Ma-
ed to bring covered dishes. Eugene Mills, cohairma. The Religious Choirs' Union The family and friends are to tilda Howard, Fairbanks; and
Dinner will be served at the will render a program, entitled meet at the home of Mrs. Rich-.a brother, Horace Joshua,
church in the afternoon. Rev. MISSION SOCIETY "Choirs In Parade" at the St. arson at 12:45 pa. to form the Chiefland.
T. A. Wright, pastor; Mrs. Es- The Woman's Home Mission Paul Baptist Church with Rev. cortege to the church. Duncan Brothers, morticians
their W. Hamm, reporter. Society No. 1 of ML CanrI &L Foye, pastor, on Jan. 10 at Hughes & Chestnut Funeral ans are in charge.
Baptist Church will meet Sun- p.m. Home in charge.
New Salem Baptist Sun- BEN GREEN
day School, 10 a.m.; morning Funeral services for Ben

'Uuult ity W






Of Events
TODAY, FeIrury 7 I
Untied (punirl of 'Circh
Wean Nigt Group, : pa.,
Hely Trinity Episeopd Chuih.

2 \ L W\A/iA4 A I SAIxDAY,FMr I
Mar"i Gra Dianer-1 nce, 7
pi.m, 11y Inn
ore ASUNDAY, reteary I
Correct Flabby Arms When pi a.. A mWu rty.
Anal MoN t 4 p.m.,
You Pass Through A Door c11,1W zM" r .r '.,
livery Avenue.
Q. "My upper arms are very Stay up on your toes as you do a I, -

cise to correct this. half way down). Straighten your %I
A. Many women have this Po knees and contihne bendtg ad
blem, some fairly early in life. straightening, with your heels
Do the following exercise. Stand off the floor through the a
into a doorway. Let your arms tire exercise.
hang at your sides. Keep your N PrM ere :

elbows straight and place your
palms against the sides of the
door frame. Press or push out-
ward. Hold this pressure for
about six seconds. Do this sev-
eral times a day, not every
time you pass through a door-
way, but fairly often.
Q. "Please tell me how to gain
weight and inches. I am 14 years
old and look like a beanpole. My
measurements are, bust 35 inch-
es, waist 25 and hips 36 inches.
My legs and arms are very 0long
and thin. I could just cry! I will
not go swimming because of
Measeements Sound Okay
A. You did not tell me your
weight or height. Your measure-
ments do not sound as thought
you are too thin. At least they
are in about perfect proportion.d
Long legs are desirable for a
lovely figure. Haven't you heard
about The Long-Legged Ameri-
can Beauty?
However, if you really need
to gain weight, get plenty of
sleep and eat a well-balanced
diet. Also take between meal
snacks of chocolate milk and
crackers or crackers and cheese
and fruit. Vitamin supplements
sometimes help, especially vita-
min B.
To build up the calves of your
legs do this. Stand tall, with
your left hand on the wall for
balance. Rise high on your toes.

Q. "We are two girls aged SATURDAY, Febuary I
fourteen. Please help us. We Luncheon honoring Miss Anne
need help desperately! Tell us Purvis, fiancee of Billie Nut
how much overweight we are. eat Nimmnidt Jr. of Jackson-
I am four feet-nine inches tall vile, 12:3 p.m., Mrs. C. Addi-
and weigh IN pounds. My s Pound Jr. and Mrs. S. A.
friend is five feeMtwo inches Hussey, Gainvile Golf and
tall and weighs n pounds." Co-try Club.

A. If you gals are never In
more desperate trouble than
you are now you will live bles-
sed lives. If you actually have
a small build you are about 10
pounds overweight but that can
easily be taken care of by cut-
ting out those rich between
meal snacks. When the rest of
the gang is ordering chocolate
malts and sundaes you order a
soft drink or fruit juice. And
forget candy bars for a little
while! Eat three good meals a
Your friend should weight
about 109 pounds so she has no
problem. If she has a very
small build she might watch
the between meal snacks a bit
If any of my teen age read-
ers would like to have my leaf-
let "Popularity" (which was
planned especially for them and
has suggestions as to diet and
becoming popular) send a
stamped, self addressed enve-
lope with your request for it
to Josephine Lowman in care of
the Gainesville Sun.

Para Med
Clubs ,lan
Spring Meet
Saturday, Fenruary 15, is the
date set fqr the sprmg meeting
of the Pam Medical Clubs of
Alachua County.
Members will meet at 1:
a.m. at Alachua General Hoe-
pital. Following a tour of the
hospital, the group will also tour
Sunland Training Center.
A luncheon Will be held at the
home of Mrs. ,Carlto Van Ar-
nam, Simontou Rah, Mica-
This spring meeting was in.
correctly anonced for Satur-
Coffee Fetes
Red ad white camellias
were used to ceUtr the aery-
wh MrsLyn Te Eyck and
Mrs. Fred T. Laughon Jr. n-
tertalned fith a coffee at the
Gainesville Woman's Club.
The morning party was given
for a grop p of members and
friends wh6 assisted in the pre-
sentation of the club's first Mad-
rigal dinner concert last De-
cember. I
The Woran's Club has voted
to make the Madrgal dinner-
concert a iadit event durn
ing the holiday
The affr will b given two
nights next Deceab and each
dh&mner. perfoaIee will be
limited to 250 numbers and
guests. : I
Fetes Artists

bofoslnj artists tzhibiting at
the UF Forida Uno. during
the month of Febrtry, the Fine
Arts Committee entertained
with a reception Wednesday
afternoon In Bryan Lounge.
Those hored re Robert
0. Beach. Dr. Robert E. Car.
3m and Jihana K. Wyfok
The publ is ia ed to view
works of the three artists,
which have been placed in Bry-
an Loungi, Johnson Lounge
and the North Wing Gallery of
the FlorMid Union,

1 Oii( E


frida, roaty 7, 1W4



K OSMfi~

Now is the time to re-exam-
ine our foreign policy and dis-
card those policies that do not
work, Dr. H. J. Doherty, chair-
man of the social science de-
partment of the University of
Florid, told members of the
Junior Woman's Club during a
"World Affairs Day" program
Dr. Doherty reviewed the tra-
ditonal foreign policy of the
United States in the past,
changes made in the Twentieth
Century, and explained the ma-
sons for these changes.
He believes that America
should become more realistic in
that the United Natlons organ-
iation alone cannot do the job
of turning aside and diffusing
Soviet aims.
The guest speaker, who has
lectured in Europe and the Far
East, received his AB and MA
degrees in political science
from the University of Florida
and his doctorate from the Uni-
versity of North Carolina. He is
editor of the Floria Historical
Miniature flags of the U.N.
formed the centerpiece for the
serving table to follow the in-
ternational theme of the day's
Members of the Public Affairs
committee continued sales of
the American flag, which they
are doing on a nonprofit basis
as a club project.
February club activities In-
clude the television appearance
of members in a Dental Health
shown on the Ranger Hal pro
gram Saturday over Channel 4.
February 19 was announced
as the date of the annual recep.
on given by the club honoring
city teachers.
Mrs. William T. Zeanah, pres-

ident, appointed Mrs. John
White Jr., Florida Federatio
director for Distrt Fve, as
parliamentary adviser and
named the following nomimat
ing committee:
Mrs. James J. Wharton, Mrs.
Marvin W. Gresham, Mrs. Bar.
ton T. Douglas, Mrs. Richard
L. Petticrew and Mrs. Henr
L Gray Jr.

0 w lar tait
PARIS -Tne Paris collects
are ver.
Of all the Couturiers seen, St.
lwret Cha d and Courreges
were the bet alncinap does
not show to the press until the
ed of the month, but buyers
felt he remained pme.
Press as well the buyers
toamed St L ent a unanimous
In a few weeks, Paris copies
wil be b the stores and Amer.
kman w of all shapes and
sim can decide who their fay-
oret Is.
WhMe debating the big buys,
they may be quick to capture

IN Adwdelummer Jan. 31
M bmM m
ml Smd. Feb. 2.
SUN M t C rw f m -

the feeling of spring in new ger but not a giddy teen-ager.
detail: She will be dressed n wool or
A huge silk bow worn low on silk checks and plaids, gabar-
the back of the d, a silky dine whipcord, or linen by day,
scarf tied around the neck with
ends flying or a wax-white gar- organl and lace by night.

dda pied jut about any-
After ten days ot marathon
fashion shows, Paris has decid-
ed that the ideal woman for
spring wil be softer. She has
shed her boots and textured
stockihg; she is feminine, youn-


Pastel sis have faded
away and goo d avy, .
ig the treaditiml orl for
qsprg, is bhe. So are Mack,
camel ad beige. Whe ad
the white tmch of orgawdy
add freM ess.


1204 N.W. 10t4 AVINUE
11-12 Sunday Svices
11.12 S& ay SdooW
Guest Speaker: RONALD DALTON
"New Ideas in Retrospect"

To The People of the Greater Gainesville Area--

for te tmRdous success of our

Despite the inclement rainy weather we were more
than pleased with your FREE CAR TAG CIRCUS
OF VALUES ... In response to many requests from
people unable to attend:

Our Sale Will Continue

M1',111, III,11




ness for I
buys his
them at
'Us hi


S u n carrier
is "in busi-
himself." He
papers at
and sells
retail. T h e
is his profit.

His full weekly prof-
it depends upon the
prompt payment of every
customer he serves. Next
time your Sun carrier
calls. .pay him prompt-
ly. He'll appreciate it.



Sipldy legs can be made lk the effet It take
to do this simple exercise for your calves.

Tomorrow Saturday
A' You May Win



Ou Own "MISS KEDETTi" W he be the
FORTUNE COOM .-. Juet s i, G te
PORTUNE COOKIE... k I O.......
w lo o Mm*rHim

pirgwgg 940SING CDO
'r a.i rar




et M" eus






Buy Now For Only

. I Ca sins The
Ferimg Fauam:
* Mic Mk DisK mse
* 2 Speeds
* 2 Water Level
* 3 Webkig
* 2 Cycle
o 12 POed Capedty
* O im heww
Spay nd A1h1
* Auliimlts 1pM. lsps
Who. DueOm
*2 DeapDry
S& SPeed
* New Poo Proes.
Cells on- Woo hope
~Se hmmoi

SAU micEs

Per Week


YOUR 1964



Plus ..
A Big Lifelike, Furry



SAIV MANY DOls No KACH PtCAs, m d 1GI- '64 CA TAGr (mA.s FlMe"
'W) ....,b w CMob ldl fy Imo h mwdy o pmeml g.



Mis sAow. alimim COME POT
Je CmW- 3771 Cmy V -E-TV TRAYS
Aoamm MiaMr, T N.W. M Plme -
idsU AL TC
tP~ MBUM^^ ^^^ ^ lMlwWfMt


MNs. M. Hil, 1I LLtM Ave.-
Pt Sle, 21 S.LL 126 St. -
Peal Poa P. PA s l OI..-. SX STEAM IRON
Mer Am Sdm. 416 HA 7l HSt.-

A WIt ....... War's BMW

Junior Women Have

'World Aairs' Day

Spring To Be Softer, Women


46hwok son


- Min

.3 &h~~~dhk. FM.,, 7teie?1964


e g

For the Birds

dAhigdl Vn Dares

DEAR ABBY: I hb ad people te me that their para-
kts talked, but I have lieled itom te birds and newr cuMd
Make out what they wer trying to my-unl t bI ht I
was at te home of a fried who had a parakeet that tid,
",K. me, big boy," "DO.T up," and "What's your hrry,
beautiful a dearly a iy mman I asked her me qoes
to about the parakeet and she k that first you not be
ure you have a male because oly the males tak. The fe-
males won't utter a sound. Te he sheaid you must pt the
parakeet in a teapot and whisper down t spot whateer you
want hhm to meaorle. Was kdding me? I was to cm
vined at the time to qmstiom r, but now Ie ha my ddmis.


:WMIBest e Grmedh
a Advetkures

"Sink or Swim." Adam
and his crew have a de-
lightful assignment -to
take some models to an
island for a fashion lay-
5i:s a MNmees in Spirt
5:3 U Newmqea
s5 U Lacal News
6: 0 News, 8ts., Welar.
:. Smite M aise
:5 e chausi Fiv Newin
S:N 0 News-Waler

U U NewslslHp
a- fayso
7: SMet Skavi
0 Deln Valey Day
U RI3elr
I- '"ie Suicide Club." Dr.
Ladd claims be can pre.
dit disaster- onlyTed
. andJim don't know that
S he plans the accidents "
f" tiret
MI a5Friesy Giant
AMUllatermd Show.
- O-e.
(Color) "Far Eat Variety1
Special," tfiomed la Toky.
* o's Club Hanabda, In-a
chdes a traditional ordori
dance, juggler, koto play-
Sasm m agic act,
lion dance, girl gymnasts,
free-standing ladder bal-
ancer, and the Hanabasha
Girls in a Japanese cha-
Great Advetre
Lee Marvi In ,"Six Wag-
ons to the Sea," a rerMn.
In California's fertile SaM
Joaquin Valley, the raiin
growers grew angry as
the railroads grew fat on
exorbitant rates until

grower Miok Bedrozian
decided to fgt back.
Whers New
Jae MePheeters
1:0 U Lyrics ad Leget
8:3 a Book 0
"Who ha His Righ Mind
Needs a Nice Girl?" by
Joel Carpenter. A Day-.
Itoa librarian is ntofrolls
ed with a very wproleu
sioal situation a mur-
deer wants her to help
him evade arrest
a *Te Fi y
*a oeipe
(Color) Dana Andrews "n
"A Wind of Hurricane
Force." In Cuba, a full-
scale manTunt is under
way to capture American
Douglas Visos, win has
been receed by guerrilla
nits moments before he
was to be executed by a
firing squad.
9:0 RITA
9:3 Twgtt Zme-Drama
6 0 1naml Was The
Week lmt was

l a N (ed w ( )
t: a MNni
1. "Hail the Conquerg
Hero." An elaborate lnhome
coming Is planned for a
returning hero who has
actually been disclarged
because of bay fever. Ed.
die Bracken, Ella Raines
Bill Edwards, William
Demarest. I "Seven An-
gry Men." The factual
story John Brown's
crusade tofree the slaves,
culminating in the attack
on the arsenal at Harpers
Ferry, W. Va. Raymond
Mau Jeffrey Hunter.
11: O J l e CaGm
1:0 heB dway Gen tLat


BMW=: Me as met have eem pllM| yer lg.
Fl d al Ipeeler n sBrnbt he amale-bharew fwrred
S ,ds. i .
cusy Dal inSAmf tal a f-, r a*ahntei
1 Iemiul!d t drain does i Bo dMfg y t -m-
wtma the fletyu gpt
sA mik t as -r. at io.p te Mr me.

0, ten taNuer
No*a imfer
S Cpte mm
7:o 15 lb "Fmu

MaRait B -
(eSrir m
W AIbl

OdTdTaee b Tae

Wik Draw Mi Ceal
"U: S D tD esm. e Mm

sle lerges PreIS

Do. YeKm.
1:N 9: Eipleri
CBS News
1:3N O Dihey--
2: U:Mr. Whard
"Happy oI LAcky." Mary
MNrtin, 1$o Powel.
2:AOm6 Tlbat1

"Sand." ark Steven.
tChlaMMp Bawling
3: s Amat.w Hea
4:N 0 Golf f as

,:15 : Reprt
4:3 Sprt spee

6:6 Newspewts

S News*
l: NCew Suihh, '
S Spart Rudp *
6:3 Paussrd
S Waa Train
in, flight atr murdering
his tyrainical employer,
Grover Allen joins the
wgmn train with his
daugbteroin-law and
1:4 News'
7:6 JIamar8Siadt
7:3 0 UleAaa

n UrOlsLa,,
Meld s Gleam I
W:a seDe Pa11p1am
8 MyU aldtp
"te Bad Wagse." (M3)
Betty Coden and Adulh
Green wrote this snow.
busiae spoof about a
washed up Hollywood
star who tries a come
back on Broadway.
ha aU hives re
Allen Funt in "SI a,
Harry, You're n Canldi
Camera." Harry spots Al-
len ruFnt in a supermar-
ket, and looks around
hopefully for a hidden
The ruthless Gnts clan
don't like to be kept wait-
ing and they get plenty
mad when Doc insists a
finishing with another pa-
U: Deteetiles
ih e U S dNews, Sp arti
11:3 a M lse-Irama
"Panic in the Strees."
(19M) The body o a
murdered crook is foaod
to be carrying a contag-
os diase. A doctor
joins forces with the New
Orleans police in a de-
perate attempt to catch
the murderers, who are
also carrying the disease.
Richard Widmar Paul
Douglas IBarbara Bel
Gedde, Jack Palam .
Roggles of Red Gap."
(15) A rich but booris
American gets eda-
tins iglenlty frst a
British bler he's wo ii
a card game. Carlea
Lare Maray B dm
Caries aoee, ZOM
Pis Roland Young.
11:O Movie
(1). "Pushover." Two de-
tectives are detailed to
watch a gun mo in the
hope that she win lead
thn to a bank robber.
Fred MacMurray, Kim
Novak, Phil Carey, Dor.
othy Malone. (2) "Junge
Captive." A biochemist
attempts to brig an ape
woman back to Ife. Ott
Kruger, Aei Ward,
Phil Brown, Jerme Co.

With Art Buchwal--4..

Bull in a China op
i A

WASHINGTIN ti bad- Gualle that if he recognhem li utose t get as ai lb o make he Red Chiese get
nes tf recognizing Red China he couldn't recognize National- break dipgmaii M de lim be.
is getting very complicated. Ev- ist China. But Gen. de Gallle b with c e w3 a be bot Bft there are dadmt
erything was going along fine sists he must recognize two Chi ered wi two ;ine ambamb ato eogniing des
untGen. de Gudle decided to nas as a condition for recopi dos. enahrg h K. Besides,
recognize her. Then everthingqlog Red China. At the same the Wed 4ite myw no t o
.hteeS at,, ,,, leUly Sticaan wnopmBgtjjot
ent wrong. Red Jinatolddede Gaulle aem e be dogh recon. in you aim zun the t
Nationalist OA whic h nt lmodous risk that Red Chi
O h taat ~ l gh do a completeabouta
c t reasonni M is quite aml, t inechange for a coe
AC04 0R eidles. BaO ti SWbg e poiky, demand kmr
S oi 0 S K nsueNmunch 1u6 sth"eaidrmwIusTSita
4CMS Cli oA do eliP.pvln mU Jt aas t to lt itake hcas 1d
SLSfto. cIande d iA e'e S. US111as g arth es
* .myvr. r.r I Rd M R Chins, tilata r S h .
.i" T.em"Ir di o0 McBolM a l ha ME MyansbHe I"IdgaweUMe
ib .N o .A!gPeo. ple., Wsmwhed be pq mwteShbigl wt hmii ao that 1a
u aeAe ss. |Ia dn a licnae, Rd t dee e ma d la
I, At bas a b of UA Oftikw%. iut d at #
; w is -Ie e A wehaea4tgwl inNalional l em trye toeli theiredi.l
1L. ... t6hue bkRed a P" i ot IhIp enests sG .
I,&k, ,UNfl (Cnwygehae iS *glMl -amIOha- het i flt on? C

.1- ".at hrn sic inater pwiM *rh. athe rm bireag
iamsbg me Ann U 'u. aI. r Oh*W aM a ia ON

S. IfIt ber *A MW t o ive a m isa dlst go
-47.hoAdl LVhmm b ,0ibttern qliil witlmlTe MT-ter Co mo tMw No
i ona ;.ArW 1 II ISoNe I.fil A O S etIn u cnum a vuHm

m Ai rensb ed Oh bd MtSa

S k low m-h w IIlMI

rr* n saveW UL
^^^^B'T^B^-n 'ffmowK sm? C*"^ U~Nc^ MAMN^_^^f


nrsmn U
~'k MOW mimi

- -..-.-..- a


is ar SM S SW
r4-fmu It


R a

1If AIlatI. VUlENT RINo TEi 4.

WW It, .- mmiFm am mw
ad Mse*. M soe AIs Ma I. UiM
imwe ni. ClaM. gei. -sd
"me. AMe m-m os ad 'm
vd@MAiy m A -L



a so so

- I I


,kill t


Sheriffs Posse biI &

Plans Horse Show ENTRtAINMENT

In mur pasur e orse sho w an over), woest pleasure (
of the aso sponrd by eand over), English pWiM e (17
Alchua County Sheriffs Porne and ov ewr), rening toc hoem,
will be held Sunday beko n b hareu race (ndr 16). barrel
at I p.m. at the Alacua County race (16 and over) ad pony
Riding Horn Associdato show baru race.
grounds along Waldo Rad.
no wwUnlbef reeto the h (12 ud e
Yards ( to ), and
be charged. ib m will be a. yar (15 ove).
warded. Judges for the saddles duams
The evetswiU be -2W en--iwill be anced later. Judge
trnce, lead line (sti years andI ft a mter lter w
under), pony class (under mad-! a' mBr .
dil), western pleasure (17 and The show committee Is co -
under), walk and trot only equi- poned of Deputy John S. "BID"
station, costume class, English T ton, Dewey Hendeon and
pleasure, English equitation (17 Mrs. DagO hard.
and under), western stock seat The purpose of the shows, said
(17 and under), beginner's equl. Tleston, is "to have young peo-
tation (riders who have never pie enter as many events am
placed third or better in any they feel qualified to handle."
horn show), amateur three- A stable fee of $1 will be
gaited, western stock seat (18 charged for each horse brought
and over), musical chairs (18jon the show grounds.

I Bridge
To say that a game contract'
that has been bid voluntarily
should never be doubled would
be an exaggeration, but only a
slight one. Players who bid
well rarely go down more than
oe trick n a game contract,
for which they have bid, so
the doubled can expect small
profits and large losses, even
at duplicate.

te) 56, INSl

6 8J 5

4 A431
9 1114
* QJ 10 3
4 QJ111871



A doubleof four hearts,for
example, stands to gain 50 or
IN points f a onetrick set re- 4
suits, but it can lose 170 points Neither sid
if the contract is made; and if The bidding:

AK 42
de was vulnerable.

the declaring side has the cour- N h East S keh West
age of its convictions and re-Pass Pass 1 9 Pass
doubles, the loss if 410. Not, 2 9 3 4 9 DbL
only mathematics are against' Pss Pass Pass
the doubler: the fact is that West led the spade king.
the double often helps the de-
tarer to make his contract. Florida tournament, West's
Then the double has cost at powerful trump seemed c.
least points. tain to defeatthe contract of
The expert may double be. four hrts. But double
eause he hopes to infuect his alerted Robert Wodworth attitng
partner's lead, although this is outh, to the bad trump dlive
very rare if the contract is a io and helped him to make
pam in a uit; or ho may do. the cOtrLt To be most a(.
W Iouse he judges that his ctve, preemptive bids should
oppomnts have barely enough be made at the eariut oppor-
stregth to bid a game and y, and 1 Ft should have
that the cards will lie badly bid three spades at his first
for the declarer. But a double turn, not his second, thereby
based simply on high cards b mak ing it very difficult fir
almost always wrong, and ev. North South to r e a ch fosr
en a dole based on a hearts. As it was, they rnecl.
perb trump holding may go ed the right pame contract
wrong. In the deal shown today, without difficulty. West expect.
which was played in a recent ed to make four trump trickst
so be promptly doubled.
South won the spade lead
Italy, Russia w'th dummy's ce,. carding
a club, and left the trump mat*
Sign Pact strictly alone. He played two
wining clubs and four wianing
ROME Italy and the 8o. diamonds, aiding with the lead
let Uniaon urday siged a In his hand in this position:
four-year (164I.I) trade ac- Now he led the club queen,
cord that Is expected to reach and no matter how he twisted
nearly $40 million annually by and turned West could not
th enod of 1N0. make mor than three tricks.
The two nations also signed a Without th revealing double,
two-year trade protocol revis- South would no doubt have led
ing upward by 15 to per cent one rrnd of trumps and been
the limits on trade for IM4 and defeated. West would then have
103S. won the first trump and play-
Total volume of trade between ed two more high trumps, fore.
S Italy and the Soviet Union Ing out South's king and leave.
amounted to about $300 million ing himself w it h the 8-4 ax
in I13. I sure winners over South's 7-5

AM or PM Man?

By AL OLE V[to colape on theofa but she
NEW YORK (AP)-Curbatoim was him to go oet She wants
eommenit of a Pavoent Plato: to be trained. And she cant
Every penrs has a the of Ulderstand why her husband
day when ee feels at hi best. d 't share her sense of sin
Some an morningg psple." and set
Some are "afternoon people T. fourth VMp, he n
Some re "evening people." people, is ade upof
had -someare "miMtpl a t watch
P aM and arglar To them the
Each type reaches a *rgy ~ b ,m mWigt ad
peak at that periland of t 24i dwa old magik ad lu
hour daily cycle to which he isn ecsta ofbehi
mysteriously best adjusted. n

These orbits of human mndi- Age eraes most variations.
vitality should be taken moreI As they grew older, the after
to account. noon, evading and mlhfst pee.
Our tpil workday, forex- ple tend to become morning
ample, i sNiulariy illdesigned people. Th evening wife be.
to fi the needs of human na- comes a omnlng wife, and she
ture. It runs about 9 a.m. to then is haoopy with her morabi
5:30 pm. husband. he Is contest to get
Your morating person sprints up when he dee. an glad to
throw i k tk" until noo, but call it a day wmhe des.
aftar Mb ags hle*y I usl d to lime a m*l
amd ast fr quitting time. ao myalf. Now rS d. I
On the elir hn your after- f ad a Milamsa -b-gi
m yn arrive late to with dion, &adikr *
wer. dI y&wig dwadles I theote It In lr a mar
lower ce reak, paws yeaws to maeh is Mi
liu *'4f ihe papers on is wat he sky ue pMal .
dLt ==b he rere fre
d r hba -Arns a fM be MCOUNTM

das d that tert M -
Im O irtw 0 pemm4ld DmU E .
kta etrid later fr se Nt9M

A hk.wo. Fmoeare i. Wt Mei
rindtm torti
wives in am
Al.~ ''wW ^W^M

Unrivaled Ribaldry
A confused s eat of mistaken identity is but
one scene from tie prize-wIamin film 'Tom Joaes."
which has been' called "too funay to be tutdeam."
Starring are Alert Finey and Joyce Redman In the
movie, now playing at the State Theatre.

Trust Gave 'Tom Joi

AP Movie-Televita Writer
Cilento, the lusty, busty wanton
of "Tom Jones," ivps this word
on why the movie tn out to
be one of the best ld funnit
in years,
9" n:--aAJ.- *L .16 -ti.

Imparted a holiday spirit by
choosing only experienced ac.
tors and then trusted us enough
to let us all do 1enes the way
we felt.
'When a director tsts you
that much, then you knock your-
self out to justify his faith in

ony nR on M uuwm r Diante is probably the only
movie actress ever born in Ra-
a a bul-ite of a heavily bombard-
i Lalrm d I es ed Japanese stronghold of World
Mrs. Alex Alpe tok no chan- She's also the girl who said
ce before leaving fkr a tour of yes to Dr. No's nemesis, James
lsrael. Bond, as played on the screen
Each day for twq weeks be- by her husband, Sean Connery.
fore the trip, she wtchd critic. In 'Tom Jones," Diane wore
call from 'the pet room a black wig and slovenly dress
while her husband -and two but rebelled when the director
young daughters wint through wanted her to blacken her teeth.
the routine of preparing break- In person-and in her next
fast and tidying up the apart- movie, 'The Third Secret" with
ment. Stephen Boyd-the public sees
"I wanu d 6b anSM sure they Diane asa luscious blonde with
would know what 0d do while I the kind of figure that makes
was gone," she sai. sailors whistle.

Fantastic Plot has Chill

Of Realism in 'Seven Days'

SB0y BOB TOMA ly, hard-hitting and perfectly
AP Movie-TelevisPm Writer cast.
HOLLYWOOD (AP) In No American actor can con-
"Seven Days in May," the latest vey more conviction than Fred.
in a cycle of films about high ric March, and he makes an
politics, re are asled to swal- ideal president-philosophical in
low a whopper: that the Joint his lack of popularity, jealous of
Chiefs of Staff constre at some his constitutional rights, cap.
future date to deae presi able of decisive action.
dent. \ March Is followed closely by
Fantastic? In this igh-voltage Edmond O'Brien as the senator
movie the plot seeps chillingly from Georgia and the prea-
realistic. The rtso is a film dent's clMe ally. He combines
that is absorbing toughout its charm with political acumen
twohour length q almost un- and his humanness is ever ap
bearably tense dur uch of plarant
It. e noinal stars, Burt La-
"Seven Deys n ay" is not cter and Kirk Douglasp.
without its faults, t they do form with their usual skfl us
not stem from the ton. All of the egom cal general a t
them perform nwi t ski l i susicious Marine. Ava Gardner
leading cnvictol a tale thatsupplies a welcome note of
might easily b ipped lto femi inty in three brief sees.
thprepste .
Picture, this: A rine colon-
el, scremtry to the'chairman of a
the Joint,Chiefs of staff, begins ""
letting ints that something
strange is going ot High comr- >J
landersosend me es about a
race-tra pooL A re com-
Bando unit has be at up near
El Paso. lse has be
playing footsie wi right-wing-
rs and u g a it. Congress
Im been kept in tIL dark about
an upcoming practice alert.
Ie colonel pr~erse tough .
pcion to impehim to seek
a aSdiee with tle President
I The t must deter-
AIe: Am the cokeld's upi-
0cos correet? N ip, what can
be done to fI the 0edi-


Miw.P Ke yamt
1 i Nwtb 11111

h[Mii. -TO A | I

Feaiy, hMory 7, 1P4

Short Films Show Quantity

Not Required for Quality

bim Ne-uI"

Bachelor E

Gal Eyes


ployment rose 7M,00 in Janu-
ary to 4.6 million in what the
Labor Department described to-
day as "the usual sharp eaon-
al changes."
Civilian employment also
dropped by 1.4 million to 67.
ploym t roae 70,M1 ai Jaum-
milion, and the total lbt
force went down to 14J million
some 7,0 perns lft le
A spokesman for the Burea
of Labor Statistics ad th Job-
les increase wu doe prmri-
ly to dereases retail trade
and Christmas potal mply-
ment, plus further winter de
lines In coatuctla and out-
door work
Despite the drop a mplay-
ment, the sp ma ald the
number of American wih Jobs
was th h*ighet of say Jamary
on recL

Scor -h sweep. wr lsf
al tbhdr prbe by wai
plaintive m This ami
that both are working the
sames dark floee whore the


Iff --s d 'm-


7t15 ONLY

L -
LIW _.

r? 'T- I .|..-



I ...&


-1 1

I -.-- X- ;;j

.. ..a -1 --- liffil

llqL6kJ L-. L

I w-- ft - 7

I I ... . I



. Afte A A A& qww


*isX m nI nskr u M 1 brushed over withhls AP Mov,-Televilds W- er
SBy Boan CROWm To be re, the determination charm.
NEW YORK n wr of pMd wh that stopping Yet this liy multi.charac. HOLLYWOOD (AP) This is
thnk a mov mut be lg point is reached is one of the te picture nu butsix mnlepyear, and thats supposed
to be pad-ma t run more a isha et to resI b movie. utes oger than 'T Guest"' to mean open es on eligible
than mthrk h s is ordae to k.making, but it can a1 orThls would seem to defy the bachelors.
tirest tie a mew s-w. I do break a film. .g of esthetics if there Hollywood has a large share
w l to en str smel of the Ther ar rAny-in t 1. in. of them, and I prevailed upon
little films, such us a fw d Ang.e Dickinson, one of the
tioe fi tat a a ah of hat -o t p osiI A another Italian piCtu, with town's bachelor girls, to fashion
tou at et -lly t y tabt e M wIorm ofu I the f uspic oul familiar titlealistof the 10 biggest catches
aur now on nobe a better pithoure if ithe ran for of "The Easy ie," packs of the movie world.
nd es h Rho as"It's a -n- -- tnbe ..os.. Ne-th e t.. even mo charehacter and acti- She agreed, provided we made
tuch flmn s tor c a be iiv ht L IIoy i ap of only 14 it clear that her interest is pure.
wMad, Mad, MW-Mad Wr w," eanofthe e" icould.t. 'hours -and it runs but two min- ly academic.
minutes, or "2h Caho d ll" -g ano the 1be6 Asm o o oot utes long er than "To Bed. . Warren Beatty -"Very tal.
which runs for 2:56, or a"he is. a No, to Bd., ented, plays piano, sings... Im-
Victors," 2:, or Amric," "Tom Jones" runs for It is comical, clever, sardon- possibly unpredictable, moody...
"2::K or AmeGreat ricpa," "ogi ns"ad I nruns f(tor ler more niousa&ad n blDevilish...sensuous in his entire
2:1, or "Tho Greet Irp," luore md 11 minutes aM ,,Ith profound, and it Is played being"
2:41, I ougist y ee m it l longer than with delightful impudence by Richard Chamberlain "A
"David and Lisa," which anhour. "Straight-Jacket" r ins Vittorio Gasaman in thee roleifemale Doris Day, cleaneut,
ran for N mites, or "Lillas of for 3 minutes. It seems a day. o fthe usy.gof ing wtrl andlsy d oandsome... n't
the Field," which runs jus t re "Hud" rni for I hour Ad with touchin diffidesne byknow him well, but I igine
minutes onjer, or "go o at n t1 imtes as nd packs three Jean-Louis TriniUgnant as his he could be great fun...Seems
aor. ," 3. or "Tm as much into that length young friend, very polite, but not too polite, I
Compare the two general ca- utes of "How the West was One could go on ad infinitum hope.
tegories-the big onea and the Won." citing the instances of excellent Alain Delon "The most gor.
little ones-and then let s The scope and content of a short films against the inutanc geous man I know; I describe
know how you feel. picture should be the determine. of bad long ones, or vice ver- him to people who don't know
Actually, then should be no ing factor, of course, but here a, if you please-though 1him as a cross between James
reason for decrying the length again there is no precept for strongly suspect the balance of Dean, Peter OToole and Eliza.
of a film. Under ideal circum- hitting a ratio of substance to quality has been with the short- beth Taylor.. Great vitality, ma-
stances, a film should run as length. The British film, "The er films. But the point is that ture and grownup."
long as it is good. It should Guest," for instance, is a vir* in the present stampede of the: Vincent Edwards "Tre-
take Just as long to tll itstual duplication on the screen makers of "big" films towards mendously exciting and sensu-
story as the theme and sub. of Harold Pinter's play, "The Ilength-and believe me, it isous .. Sings great . A girl
stance need-as long as the Caretaker," which is a bleak a stampede-we must all bearwould never know what to ex.
tory is prog being, not ood nd bitter drama of three firmly in mind that a short pect from him."
ling or digresing-and hen it men who gabble and snarl atlfilm may be much more re-I Albert Finney He loob-as
one another. warding. if he has boundless energy-... .
9 That's absolutely all there is .- A tease, but very entertithing
S to it. Two brothers, one who Mon a date.".. .I
ies a*iety tI, Mechnical toys are not new. Carv Grant "What can I
is plainly mad and thble other0fore the Christian era, an- sy? Everybody knows why'e
"I suppe one shouldn't o a dam t cient Greeks made a wooden is on the list ... In spite of.his
for these drastic changes of ap. a damaging sort withhis pigeon that flew. Air escaping romantic flavor, he's very
pearance" she says, "because brain, give temporary g from an a nim al bladder as down-to-earth . His charm is
people fall to recognize to a vagrant the latter h a from a balloon propelled the not inbred, or calculated; it is
gIbt to m eh room. Durl ng!t al
"Recognition s- InpoUrtant to the time of this character's vis- ral _
an actrese-hut when you don't it, a little something of aIl
look like yourself, then acting three is revealed. HELD OVER
becomes fun and a challenge." It runs for 17 minutes.
She's probably the olythe ony ac On the other hand, the bright ,2nd BIG WEEK!
tress who lives in a onetime Italian picture, "To Bed... Or ,s,....... ,snd BI W
convent. Not to ed," is full of episodic We've Done it Again' Pardo, our boosting but we hve another
"It's four stories high ad tivity extended over period First Run Hit that Gainesville won't let go So you won't be d$s-
hI used 27 Spanish Auns bo re of a week. It recounts, with de-w pointed we're holding over PLUS New 2nd Feature and A 8'0
Sean and I bou it" he n aya licious amusement, the droll Surprise. (S Belowl Come ery and see all three Sorry No
frustrations of an Italian busi- Passes
Season Chaema a trip to Sweden
ea80n Change who tries to work in a little ex-
tra-curricular activity with the
SeesJoble tempgly advertised Swed-
It SJ B MIh girls. Albi rto SordI plays! 'U W
It with such an innocent, apolo-.
S Risei700,000 getc air that whatever might
seem distasteful In it is lih aS Isunens wan



11 -v 4ll

Ift~s* Vehm"Tno


I ju. t cum rd."
SdGaaule's iCmy
Ut ks oh. mAnuus tha
I konmlShs csut
.4mlos ikg tMW wam
Wam k 1m who ting e

it ala sdame,bat sty a
%,Oam Gahiupak a hew
l ae," w asaneother
Mhple' emmenL,
On mwman mid the t-.
am me a w, ed that if
ommogets dck thy
ad of loc.
t h b i a n crb a tt
MaweMedm ave had I sbe
movd plue6 ourhk o
Am Bp isief d papi e
aa bm a d fe flow.
The cre i of thta el-
Am mwn teul yon tt the br-
S am their l edm be
Cum they a -o hves
ra forth big metal cab.
nit Undmerneath nearly em,



To Testify
ether woman in Lee Harvey Ow
wid's life, his mother, will try
o Mday to nvince a jnal-
dmia trbuald miat only
Utiapedup charges" make at
brt ao to be an asah.
Oswalds'yo n( widow, Soviet
ern Mari" Oswald, weariy
completed irday a lht al
fourdy Interrogation m the
hect whice cni* d her Bat
the maloket dMars fib d
&6 fatal shots at Pres John
r. Kennedy In Dallas last Nov.
- ut the mother, Magerier
Oswald, N, fiercely bgtawt
tat "ao menew Lee fire the
po," dmande ad wo the
right to taol bring a lawyer,
and ulbt "eim po the
seva-mn iveuigfating cam.
- Chief Jut Earl Warre
lad she will be the smad wi
N mO in the dmo naM iaUW l

ate arMhlhg ew mb that eb
af brave t ting e lital
ft, 2-uk beciUdias
Identifiedo reModIfamius ths
niper's hideaway hi the Dae
buildi where On"a worked,
a the one amber hWestbad
"kept at the iromine pir to the
Malantion." He bought It by
mail in March.
Disldoed that Omwald ued
the amew "A. Hidel" hi New
Orea last aumme. That waI
the am under which the Ital.
binmade carbine was pur-
chased rm a Chicm mpal-
order hoae.
Tod the eaminam that
while she did d mt like o bi
her husband killed President
Kenedy, the facts printed to
her sAice the Nusbaumn
would not prmit her h nod
any other moacion."
Filled i ad laboratel a"
much leormatiom h pevi
ly had given in ltnerview-hi -
frmatio which helped lead

cfaare fi a e MMain u

ira5med we there the
adir widow Night a had
PiA I .isane i f Om r.
-. Wanr saM d the ma.
am in i, a thugh
a, iWep e, s med:that
iMe had ekmM .ed the
amiation be forest lpned



Ow Ghieken

City HaOlg .Bud iht

No~iing to Crow About

tab b the Ibldti a to
"And gf you hme bm bM hr

psftd lea h thre hm m I
Ewd th e ya pr ay wt
dI wha yu arem lbt hr,"
I Aemrdlal b hace 0'.-

N dthLer pofle S the
&;-bi Saln 0i-

Swmichd s be lo-ated
beer heit6dir ara Mb g
a tree madas M of
laes hin pt Much

She's Wild About


t amenbry te i *peat f&in.
e, to gdet ls and ebw m dwl m o l o
am"wFrmmtw PikbwIS oeMb
eagH eQibpMtl par amaISUid aglWaAM
ms al cd heas b.k Wi -bk
to reieve ame oWlf the nKfl b th i
ke fine have - d mile ct
Mvti m bred. Howsvmr, m he- fagde t lh e lt

pac l ee the parhilen we id- lflh dilG.L .ar4
Sin the a ambe heard b rd biwr iA
aBeatles,' ;hu At rea-B.: U
ROM Sim doe r o tam oe OnofG.


Who Cheer With 'Misery'

-ioub had tm o w
am "The adM," hf
bs wie wadstl a-l
id a evum b-S way
wde. t*' s
im-b ah W*6 d a J.-
me Gfa SWly, 1 .d
hr d AP ll wruit
Fa me Aeay.
NEW YORK (AP)-It's hard
to eapon what ma s the Bea-
tie wnderful bame I do'tI
compleely dead wy I
thik they am.
Aa adetes (there are a
few) simply cannot a derstad
why other people a eray
about the Beatles, who arrive
he re Lando toaly*

"Good heavensu"
data. They're not
laikig." As If that
paIW e .ythin

Seys a-
eve good
dsHuld a-i

A frilM I mine got so
dsUsed w m pe kep b
og the Beats wet
Idg loo sthati e s"enad


LONDON (AP)-Bri-ta ia
ape mo mU Mled attack
mslsm to Sai Aral for a
Stated m1.4 im, Wo
ah mid Weday ungh
Brta ad &e L d Stm
hmmsumgbt to ar m am
rame the Midle East by coe
dtg their sale o weaps
bto am i the aea. However ,
th Brith govi mita ta
ea a oimwht miordepind
d a e set he U.S. sa
Saidreaft as to hi b-
el several years ap ease Is-
iae hma about Rmltab
jet mbers h6 toeo bands.


b7 r.-rrvwn


H ,lf

FR 6m3644
235 N.W. 1it

-AenMion Lvestock Producerst

"I don't care they're or grw during a sog, "Okay,
dos! Their music is fantastic Grge-give it to 'eman," a chil
ad that's a I e about" runs down the spe of every
And their ae ia fantas.r ltei

To the avera ap d it would
aound mlie o moe tha
a anoolameraa d oia,
rmu s, howls ld oer

To the estatc;e er lying
In front of her *kW, It's she
Its insisted eat (which is
bow the Beatesm their name)
b great to an the latest
daonl to, bciig th new
one cited "t Betle." Per-
hapm moa potai a te ni,
are about ub l teem-age
an kintify wih
What t f WeeWug de-
prased, wud't be aI-erted
by the hlori vleea of i e
Bea shgiou Mt ery
The title of record,
"Boy7," is elou to aed m i.
bo.s af teebh 5 to tie

air not, nday'nef ertainly
d They haves wleom es
of b Whe asked why he
w tour rinfp hkis fingers,
RiMai onplied. "came I can't
fit t al my am e."
po heave's aS I dua
kow exactly w girl Nla

An I IM: I Jots

Mates iugrns

Being Pushed
LINCOLN, Neb.(AP)-George
Prentes of Tallahaes, execa-
live director of the newly form-
ed Commission o Coastilonal
government, says it will push
for adoption of two states rights
ammstmts to the U. S. Cos-
Proposed by the Council of
State Govermmuts, oe amed-
met would permit the tatu Io
bype. Congress i amIn g
0 federal coottiton. le .b
er would prohibit Conge ad
e federal t fro m a efint .
ring in any way with legislative
Pairels said the new orgaP
saio, which filed articles of -
cp, atIl i n IUch would
coemrate those two pro.
poeals more than on te third
of ue original pr .al.
The third popo-ed ammd-
ment would e tablish a court of
the union compeed of thechief
justices d the 8 states which
could override decisions of the
U. &pe e Courtm
Stt Sein.Hal kid Dbsaof
Dakta 04y, N., was uft
p"Ident of ft conasem on ao

&e, but ek teU a ma
t &w be Other air
of thid aor waso e Ibead
to be htand paI M tho M

teha ad prt d the tair-
way iI ihe C verted i I
offa A rmult h em
in the budg for more th
two or tire people M wait to
"'Tib who can't find a
pac I wafit ithur sive uor
com back later& c anerem
Became all meeting rooms to
the city al have long been
converted Into dfie space, it
is necessary fr city meetings
ito be held at the City Utiliti
Cter, whh bents moving
map sd oWl -epm from
the city ml to ti utlile cm
ter for every meetl


114 N.W. lit aSt.


Mop Violence y

Erupts on Cyprus

dto -et. of ildha
gafilai CyemW taly Ste
teaO QOrs ht km a mrk
hM iitlajig tomr
16 Af^ diteoh in TabI
In talbid GueWGmb m a
sel~hulls ( *

Ismrn GTk ypi glemd
tk tre*Ga ft d watMed

Wll Uteii U ibb y.
ISthm tau lhft the fl6
hlp S A*k Am 10
flm, B rairlM huts
-w ab-wma kt fates
The waA f yrkAish

AP)-rd Chun ,on air 4e-
the od n e fuMbmer fire

Cabbage Crates
Heat A Freezer
(AP)-H rm bLot pez45, tcb-
Too wma mokew, bw to beat
Udo co wbhe cidentally
Hwa lcked ndre a fid free
etr at a rdt
He built a fire with vegetable
The idea backfre&
Emp--es opee te free
door I minbt later and fund
Les wam but tanodcemis.
Too mochmoke, doctor aid.
He w reputed In satisfac-
tory medikm after hospital

Spws7 au-UpA.


0 O *

Rights Rallies
Slated in Fla.
TAMPA (AP) -A statI
NAACP official says that Jackie
Robinson, the first Negro to

British armored cars arrived break into baseball's major
e ly after oon, but it wasleagues, will speak at civil rights
n dk iefre British officers rallies in Ocala and Clearwater.
- oMlPatraade thetwo sides to State field secretary Robert
s lay down their gu1. iSaunders of Tampa, said Robin.
Greek Cypriot police and civ. son will appear with Boston in-
Wim Irrelars overran the vii. dustrialist Kivie Kaplan, nation-
d laB of gome 30 homes after al chairman of the NAACP life
GrMh charged Turkish youths membership program, at an I
ambushed a police vehic e car-. m. rally Saturday in Ocala,
ryw a polichman and gix Greek Both will appear at a meeting
c mlidi on a daily journey to in Clearwater at 8 p. m. Feb. 14.
WSt pUp serving theGreek1 Saunders said Negro baseball
l Athienou. The Greeks players in Florida for spring
mai the policeman and one civ- training have been invited to at.
n were killed and three oth-tend a massive freedom rally
in hjue*d. 'Feb. 23 at Tampa.
re ents chased "The association fees that
it T youth toward Ayioswith all the efforts that have
mm s, but hM opened up been made to end racial discrinm.
fran the village, the Greeks nation against Negro ball play.
id. ers in areas where spring train-
The 1\W Americans still on ing is being held that many of
Cyru were wared to stay in- the players will show their ap.
doore' preciation by taking part in the
A U.S. Embassy official re- rally," Saunders said.
fued to confirm or deny reports -'
there had been further threats' INCOME TAX
against Americn property, but
he said, "We are prepared." GAINESVYILLE
The ebassy was bombed and BOOKKEEPERS
two U.S.-owned ears were
brted tuesday night. 1128 N.W. 6th St. FIt 6.2924

ThnI of bwuyinl a sbl




W -" -
ck-and-white TV set?


-u.Ar TMlI


gMO a CMmI m I Yu o

NA 9D dqrs90 days, 9Ddaps
Ziff idays 90daps


" I |


Mamamfacturers me yar guarantee covers free ex-
dcao or repair Of any component proven defective
n normal a. Amrrngsd through us; labor extra.
In addition to this full year guarantee, every
Motorola TV has a thand-wired chassis, precision
Wafted with modern hand and dip soldering for cir.
cuit connections of high reliability. And, every
Motorola TV is aUl-cannel adaptable at additional

Swivel base-enjoy
viewing this TV from
most any angle. Has
high pin Frame Grid
TuWn for eicellstll.
All e0ptio. Evn has
pullipush onloff con.
1t.l ONLY

1W 5

y me U Kai m
Wj IR. picture 'eing iarea)
,.m .,,

m oe f *A. keg ashm

*ambmam mwu,


.@ =t amlr MY &V6 dt .

4pas" %Mb hofte im WN "a I Bap.
A ci, .4iube map,
g..m ai


wo' l -"

It's on amusing special series taken from this de-
lirtful new book

Robert Paul Smith, the author, s a father, a resi-
dent of sburbia, a nolist, poet and playwrit. He
isa great believr that kids hove their place end should
be returnatto it.

down a oc guidi taconductdo iB d l Skep
parents n ll schikeinhin ein im s a e ref
on the hom r

3 n S2tL----.L
lam w-.-u-

urnS* Mt


4 .



--- -r -I"1"

Pb^ubw^ *U-liundsonm loh
boy ealmet. Features a Custom-
ilbdi h.rasicator,
SM pBigBl C~eiF ClMSl


19 5

~m e CIm heepd 0
*-iVircO~ -

,b. SM e gN--
flsBp lMa"
fbI -B^

EthU6aMS e
yWhWirSrvice Is A Specialty"

ft NtW M An. Ph. 372-50


10.-OZ. N.Y. STRIP STIAK .. $2.75
Soup d jour aiUdl. Baked potaoe with sour
ssmm. Sebrt or pie. Coffee or "s.
Whlped poems. Co or ta. Ple or 9bot
ad ALWAYSI feImi e- am S
Aunt Jemima's

Here's a


Treat for

Your Whole

0 mMIufl

-*'u a



ZNZ 1%, -M , I

Im -weaselease



mvp W p"*

-mooppam o




op* who ba beea n medin ator G hbaskel p
for more years than they care to ah stl are talk*g abot
he saaso.. tobe fan at last week's Kedotawy pwe
The Florids fa were strongly partisan in their supprt
and hugry for vicry. Gator coM h Norma SNo re y
wi a it that the port of the fan kept hs cagers fm
"foidg" at any time i the game.
"Everytae It aew d Katky wus pgng b to reak k
s," he sal, "te ho we pep the bes ap with hee
cheese. And aey'd eme all agaph."

1Te ealy time the fas got u ly was
pper a the floor ater A. C. Lambert's



P. K Yoap will try for a
hfu sA t a eDi vic-
try wha t plays Green
cm e il e t eirt
Soe anWvs i bd be
DiU D*t a rest an
ME*r bi Tiim Glm
Cm Spriags ii pais-
bh hb alkmn -
l im Cinam -- k
0 0h 1 aeed -y S
Sbtles. abbMa


I Alabama for Gators

when they Pito
t~" fod ml

Yea, Gators!

a nst the UF. Unlike several seasons
a exercised much restraint considering
Se cotet.

ago, however, the
the importance of

One .f-tum sports sre. wh see l F-ri play at
bame a biim aly ae every two yes (qailt le-
bety) was sharply al ofe l t ibeha, dclaib
Ig they ahMet were et d cmirel. Tht Is as ridle s that
Wts at worth re aum u I.
asketbal fans are showing more maturity at Florida Gym
a Gator teams improve and keep winning than at most places
around the Southeastern Conferance. A cage fan han't been
exposed to anything til be goes to such places a Auburn,
Alabama, Missisippi State, Missiesippi and Tenneee. It i
derstood that thelatter school is not as votalite as the first
our. though.
Basketball is growing up at the UF and Gator fans are
growing up right with it.
Caught on the Run
Georgia cage fans gave Adolph Rupp a standing twomin
ute introduction last Monday night when The Baron was in-
. produced prior to the 'Cats' game with the Bulldogs. It was a
remarkable show of affection and caught writers off balmee.
Just before the Rpp intro, the fans stily booed each mem-
ber of the Kentucky team whe he was presented in the start-

It iund stood eorgia Tech is ow trying hard to get
Navy t make a d p In the plans for the Oct. 1i, Teci-
Middle grid Otedt in Jacksnville. Since the Ege have
withdrawn M fro the Soutmstern Conferece, Tlb wiely
figure that berent I n school wil take a htarp
amog JUa area leo a. Tech a wants a nigh aen
Oct. 1t or a swltfl to Amia.

Pam Rep, Zeta Tu Alpha coed and UF cheer-
leader fro m Cnma. Caif., In the Su's Sweet.
heart of the Wpek. She's a juior. (San photo by Ed-
die Davis).

Arnie's Bid

For Fourth

Looks Shaky

Arnold Palmer's bid to win a
fourth straight i Open
Golf Tournament title faced in-
creasing oppoiti today wit
14 gors ahead himn, Don
Fairfiel leading o lt
Never has a golfer won the
same PGA tour eyent four com-
secutive years and opig into
the second 1 hole, Palmer's
attempt rates a lg shot-yetI
isn't impossible.
His opening oe der-pr 70
o the flat P&o z Country
Club Course ht ln four
strokes behind Fairtd's *
and twbehind four players
deadlocked at Tied for see-
and were Champagn Tony Le-
ma, I Collins, Harmsan schar-
u and George Arher, the
rookie So Fr o p wo
won the Trani issimpp ama.

Gator Kentucky Game

Satisfying to Sloan

UP ileal Cah
To Uawitm y of Keilucty
batai a oin Satdy,
Fb. Iwas very aisfykg to
=min awary wq m rn a
s M ery pectI of of sme.
b sog tf faced that we did a
We Wst Kentucky peom.
tops wI from the ied, we
rail e ipot pMtaco
w mb the free row i
we abousded Kencky hat
thy eoesumed us. I w very
proad of the Unversidy r I.
M*a bmsetbal team in the
Kfltby game.

Ke Ku sports publicity
dieclr of Kentcky, made the
ervatioat t haK-tUe that
il is *e betd ft half the
Unvetrsty of l tocky has
played al yar. I ink that
KaIlucy played the best pme
I ha ever senm a Kik
teIm l. Keuxl y ca into
Im bida ge avragng ov.

Big Field of 57 Boats

Readies for, Lipton Race

IMU IA (AP)-A Nbig
AfNi wc baiwbelg n &
ed flly br miaL's i al
Cap uar n w lat yer by J.

Rebels Host


iSe 's Rlebels It Mac-
a M te at o'ctck
SlbidtfrwilNo. a as
dbLfant ink I n &I

"x at ae. Cries
Sw Sk &Ehold a(t ar Cu
K hi trm -he Baer Le"
Wlia W ameed W et
mww *fmt W e& at
M Pall iloitM liA.

a| JH W IIall
C.'s tn aTny

L. Cbsa's amest soop JBle
Mad S Mai.L
falh bat In tb years
Setl GeorgeR Siyteo's
fW Youl Good Hop d Frt
otheM ned by A. Lx
d Laiaest, N.Y, and wer
of the Southern O iearO ON-
-r'S St PeterbArg-Fort La-
dernlale race last year, h a 13-
the race is over a MUile omu-
terdockwise awne arund Mi-
ml Biach.
I the race is ickwe the
handicap will ibe 17 e m
Li year a flM of i bt
d them dSimf t
Ice wvs caseidr alter o he*
al a he apail
riwalc wa s to a
OSdab led NracMi
IManib bad in
il i 61 haw ilan
Mr the Mim.tami I

SLON IiOipa {I

henk U n^a bi-
aH bieia
*l^^^^^ esephour ~ -- W
ij ~Aweri a *

4 '--3*

er points a Pgae and scored
Saplanst, us. We have ben
workg vey hard a owr doe
iae this jear an ti was a-.
oder outs4 indication f
bow much inirovuengt we
have mad In Mu area.
Kentudck arted4 a m a-a
ward adfhi tNIt Awo is
we dof theb| d" we
will wever m p I. A ye
see tey d not Ie tmIl
big mena t each ser o
their twa ha qucqdfl
rin rand !ad wmy
quick a we staL f b
the qakit bAdh im at
a whole I hbm ever aO

Ricbard Pek l Ciat
Nufb and held htb fphtei
below hi aeraeW a,

wil dlli pt' n tlmlm

for u at his th. Me aimr
to have otten ow being in

ie Sna Pae a- HI
paystg F g eImbie
6for us at Aie ttoB He usm

to haneps in over to be a
c @m 1, r. In
l recoveed w -o aO
* oain maiW ea* in fte
I forwuapHw iiabsia br-

6e Ah aer W bkt

--~~ ~~ w _mL^_J m ^
bb W.-pI b pw a L I

tour event an this course last
In al, 42 shot par or better
over the winwhi pped ours i
the first round of the TI ok
event with its I150,= prse.
In addition to the 14 ahead of
him, Palmer was grouped wit
nine others at 71. T gathering
included British Open champion
Bobby Charles.
U.S. Open king Julius Bosa
carded a ..

Nancy Roth

Today Tests

Marge Burns
ing chapion Nancy Roth of
wood tWky opps Ma
Bm of Greensboro, C. in a
semifinal match Of the Women's
Golf ChampionsiIp of Palm

Mss Roth yesterday debated
Mrs. Joh Dye of ISaS,
Pa., 2 and 1, ad added a quar-
rfal viery over Mrs Jo-
ph Mali of Sms Mma, 7
and 5, Thmdny.
Miss Burns advanced with tr-.
umphs over Smy Felas of
Pa Beah -up, ad Mrs.
Palet Le Ld Ceoral G es,.
the ith hole.


* *

-, lt ; gua rds;
tir; d M&ktao -;
Sd M P6k, S-i, for-
Im W aEm with J.
W. Imy, M; Sa Holand
liyd, I, fomil; Robert
Atom, H m I last two
gim, at aier: Il Char-
le PFay, M; ad Kemy
Mula, 6-1. gmIr

orida takes a overall
andaM SECloW g ian the
game. Alabama is lower
o four in a row, and in
the oference.
Coe Gam
rlii lat only 75-74 here
lat year, making a great
comeback in the final min-
utes. In the UF won,
IM one of their rare tri-
umphs in Tuscaloosa.

Tomorrow's game bIs e
first of four in a row away
from home for the Gators.
They'll play at Auburn Moo,
day, at Mississippi State,
Feb. 15, and at Mississippi,
Feb. 17.
Radio Station WRUF wil
broadcast the game, starting
at 8:55 p.m. Gainesville time

Feb 1944

Kramer, Hairston, NYU

Making Cage Comeback

In u i.-l si.
dau No-h-u b a=
gid a i a --'h I
a in a I a Im o.e I
blea r a*bit a pie d
vrlb n mmrw sit w wh

basball belk I
'?be Gebr wa nIn tNOl,
baO, 164; I swimfafti
77-1; ad a ndI Via t
meetrfi Iem h mmwo a
agp, I.
-at as ON" p

sfe I nmina u

SuMm. 3. U3 Me ,3Kt
M Sk.a Uft> II Ak UL
S:kt. BuMr 9t
MamT UM 0Ma W

S '.. I. au amas,
OaL Gi. ST" S S
u um. IL.a sW slab U

TCU ha U 11 lM l
fur a bloody i il."

When Florlds topped the
"d uuLl AiWI WhiA

for a bloody "gluing."
Tide, Brooks Hederson, UF
that 'Bam play spet
moitd the coped r ingt
Florida. Handerson w q
ed as saying Alabama bad
bunchh of du ted Ut-A
Setting the staple for the
expected struggle tomorrow,
lat Monday night here, Van.
derbit slaughtered the Tide,
111-73, the wort setback in
Alabama history In bukt-
balL Oficial Job McPh8eras
caned two nrai tedical
for umpwortnale behavior
ad omme in the stand
toIed a pn knife at the o M-
So it praosmimI to be er-
; a / ,,.
The Gatursuwlfbe trying
to cotmu= the mommfla
o their fine gampe against
SEC leader Kentucky
by 6drwng Tide again.
Coach Norman Smloan will op.
s with Hendemn,. 6.3; ad

Statn Island.
Three other defeats by major

school-Toledo, Michigan and
St. Joseph's, Pa.-left the Vio-
lets with a disappointing 64
mark In January when they
took a three week break for
toe rt seemingly bas dis-
pelled whatever was wrong with
the Violets. heir one-two pinch
AlAmeriA s Barry Kramer and
Happy Hairston, have been in
old time form in three straight
victories over Santa Clara,
Army and Holy Cron since re-

They crushed the Crusaders
11 I 'iursday night with
]atraton getting U points and
Kramer 27 for a combined total
of i. The victory was another
step in a February drive that
the Violets hope will earn them

MuasIN eA umrsarr or nisue
yuavm Nmm
OvallaLaLd AmI: O
am. 6 am r M Ai Pet. Xi e P. T Av g.
Om. .almer 1- Js O t 1. 23 1.0
Tom soly ---- 4a "A4 Ji 4M .m 41lv .s M
10 -lT a s-- JU ."4 M w 41 t o1I
hst ha ---- 14 1UM AN B JO H 40N 147 3.5
PI MaI m ." Iasr II U 4.4
In" xm. Is m as An .auI a n isa e3
Law hjem. .. .. 8 9 .3 8 64 S.40
DPW m T 1 1 1441i sM a m l a I I
U-MS. S u 14 6- MS in ma in u nOi
9fl AS -14 SMino WolAMNO M U LIt

bill as Curt Fromal and Frank
Corace combined for 42 points.
Nick Milasanovich got a lay.
up with two seconds left to force
an overtime, then added four
quick points in the extra period
to lead Clemson to an 8341 vic-
tory over Georgia. Jim Brennan
also starred for Clemson, get-
ting 30 points and passing to
Milasanovich for the tying

Warriors Tighten Hold

As Chamberlain Hits 40
By 'lE ASSOCIATED PRESS for the Bullets for the game's
Wilt Chamberlain flipped in!high scoring honors.
40 points as the San Francisco Hal Greer scored 33 points,
Warriors beat the Detroit including 12 in the final quar-
Pistons 10447 and tightened III to balk a New York rally
their hold on first place in the as the 76ers handed the visiting
close Western Division race of Knicks their fourth straight de-
the National Basketball Associafet. Al Butler led the Knicks
tion. with 2

Chamberlain and Wayne
Hightower combined for 34
points in the second half as the
Warriors pulled away after
leading by only 10- at the'
The victory at San Jose
Thursday night was San. ran-
cisco's fourth straight and 10
in a row at "home" for the
Warriors. Bailey Howell's 331
points kept the Pistons in con-
tention all the way.
Ctelm Wli

The Boston Celtics nipped the
Baltimore Bullets "4-92 and the
Philadelphia iers whipped the
New York Knicks 12-W117 in the
other NBA games Thursday.
Bill Russell was the big noise
a the Celtics weathered a dos-
ing Baltimore rally to edge the
Bullets before 10,110 at the Uni-
verity of Maryland's Cole
ield House t College Park,
Md. Big Bill grabbed 34 re-
bounds and scored 15 points.
Walt Bellamy tallied 2 points


'Canes to

Have Hands Full

DAYTONA BBACH-Galn vile High School makes
a second try to collar fast-moving Daytona Beach
MaIlad wh the two te wo meet at 8 o'clock to.
night in a bketbll mecouter here.

Colts, Hawks
Pa Victories
Ca e pped shyl 4
Shb hert sluei S

*m Brow eft9 I *
tl iIp* rt agl
-I 111- 1-1 h o
lo fMthum id

bo to e rival Ocala in a
cait t te 'OCaes g
a tartm g at &
Iabil, enisin w a IS-
u i mo aad G the ali
Gierb The Be sam hoi
Syto Caea Odrilab -
-'i abe lr ina sief. thb
avpd Il Coco0 a0a" by
wh ab i ste Swi. o

COs Jae Pii team.
aiww taJti' raedI
Me isI Idbye Jimmy
w. ( -
NWt o*f ta .

i a bwa

w hoei- j 9 *

pi toe Cat, 3S-, in n ear.
r gamine at Ocaa.
Coach Carey McDald's
tems I e ofe tolle d
mared. Jeff Crdhft :; mid
Daid Coad siart al
* Gay M, H;.4Ray Urn-
StaiH, ;S Wase Can,
tL. The Mer b the ilheall
hbk i asiflerd a irida

a bhe t les h a big
beatg a G(S chances d be-
bg No. I eeded fr grIop

AA MW d G u
p-dll anstom i bed I mil,
m-d and Cam Tern wit
ig it red aget AA
qp wel be top mded
hr OwMG AA re i r-



MK... Rgged Forward
... Bucicd Forvwar



For End

STARKE The Bradford
Co. Tornadoes will try to end
a losing streak when they play
Fernandina Beach's Pirates at
8 o'clock tonight.
The Tornadoes, 11-9 for the
year but rated one of the best
Class A teams in the state, will
rate as a favorite over the inr
vading Pirates.
Fernandina Beach is no soft
touch, however, The Pirates
have veteran players in Ron-
nie and Richard Sapp, Robert
Thrift, K e n n y Alvarez and
Wayne Beckett.
Coach Erwin Land will use
John Williams, Ernest Jenk.
Ins, Harold Bishop, Bobby
Moody and Richard Hobbs.
There will be a preliminary
fray between the B teams at

FSU Defeats
Furman Five

man's ball control tactics failed
Thursday night to keep Florida
State from a 57-4 victory.
Furman led at halftime, 2-27.
Bob Lovell led FSU with 12
points followed by Pete Rogers
wit i1.
Furman's Don Frye scored 1.
Cage Scores
NYU ti. Holy Cre Ut
WM 7 n, Mak, ta a SI
Ne lam, m. le t ya s si
a. Franci. Pa. i t. VianS w
n' ar. 'tai 7o, Os AMa46
an Walis ., WIn. anacy FT
Ni. Tom f Ia. L..m
Su Pruan w 4. ah Jom Ie ma
Can" ., Ndae .. U. 4

Coach Wilbur Hokis pro
lbably wl Mue Covey Johi
We, RanIte Grer, Cic H
teo, Barnd Tradio ad Babb
Me au starters aglt tbd
Mu Deft
.Jay Geolby, Di-y Puart,
Oa lodge, Henry MeDel
ad Robert Rivers ae
iterns for Gree Cr
Spriip. *
i Blue Wave takes i t
rerd into tSit's iam.
PET's reerves w tale a U
1sS s Is I atft -
apildft mcolt
1 -el-'
i l l^iM^M- .-



By TD MNEER an at-large berth in the NCAA
Anaehtud Pres. Sports Writer championship tournament next
NYU, regarded by many as month.
the bust of the season only a The game, part of a double-
month ago, appears to be on the header at Madison Square Gar-
way back in college basketball. den, featured a slim national
Second ranked nationally in program. None of the Top Ten
poll, the Violets from New York action.
City toppled from their high LaSalle erased a 13-point defi-
perch when they were beaten cit and beat Manhattan 75-42 in
by Wagner, a minor team from the opener of the Garden twin

PKY Seeks 4th Straight

Tonight at Green Cove


"; I ,

' f .? '

12 meeMvilHl so

As another basketball mmoa begins to bead d i
sratch, mis Start picking sabot e Sun's A4t tea s.
Ind vM al standout hm v bema plerdti, ast mt
more dihult to fil 10 spots wh the area's flhL
SBut, -a like RiTky Trner, Dmie BDme, Hal
Browmng, Jimy tans and Terry Nott quickly pop hie
pminem t pOium.
Turner is the little -foot-4 backcourt whisk who has carried
Cedar Key to a 15-1 record and top of the area heap.
SHe pumped In a Cedar Key recordo42 pots and 27In,
his last two outings to keep his avege wel above per
Tuor e a htalW enyd m das md Im gp d pane
Sfram ppameml a s11 m
,lb I eet lavish words caufrom Cros City CoM Eddie
,Perlcka. His Dixie County BeMr ha e fals three tams to
Tuner-led Cedar Key ... putting him in a spot to laud.
"Turner is an outstanding ball player," Petrika said. *If
you ever want a pod man in the chicb, you coolint find a
better one than him." -

: Own Player
S Petrcka has a hboy on hisown m dub he
rates right with te everdangerous
Trmer. He's the aforementlosed Bnett, a
1 6-2. scoring rebounding ace.
Bennet also is clipping alag at 0opus
points pr contest and Vab rebounds at
a similar pace. He led the amet in scoring
last u as nd s ahead o tht mart
Bennett it his season high last week with a
big 3-pot performance.
Browning& a ruid 4 enter, ha cored
375 points and hauled down a ton f re
PEMRICKA bounds to lead Treom to a fine N4 record.
He poured la t and taemd alter yeSa's perform-
ae under the boards I Tree's last vietery, ver
Wilise. Tuesday mit
SThomas, a sturdy .foot guard, has picked up in basket
ball where he left off in football. The Lake Butler star was
an All-Area quarterback last fal s be the s parkphg
since switching to basketball togs.

Scoring, Floor Play
oma has sparkled in scoring and floor play in pain
Union County to a surprising 13-7 mark. He bad a typical
night against Santa Fe Tueday, pumping l a 31 points.
Nle has bees a eniseste itilet har' G Mhevile gh,
leMi the Hrmle s I t k h ing md r nde hg. The
I Je sealr center h as hn searig ats I Uf.p t dip.
Other stars who should be la the ru nf include
Richrd Clemoos and Laroy Paulao, both of Santa Fe; John
Williams of Starke; Egbert Fameu, Chiefland; Bill Davis,
)North Marion; Mike Hartman of Gainesville; Robert Stears
and Chie Hinton, both of P. K. Yop; Dexter Bender, Haw-
-thorne; Doug Mitchell, Wibton; Eli Beasley and Horace
"Moody of Brommn and Jimmy McMurtry of Keystone Heghts.

Hodges Says

Senators Will

Escape Cellar

NEW, YORK (AP)- Se-t
NEW YORK (AP)-The Sen-

0- .These Bass Dressed Up in Stripes
Striped ba ia Florida waterways are rare but they make fabulous fishing whoe caught. The Okla.
waa River is eoe the few places they can be found in the Sumnhine State. They're real heavy-
weights, going to 28 pounds. The two above sealed 5/V and 6j pounds and were taken near Orange
Springs. Rapid waters in the arrows make good fishing spots. Use the Rapalla and the purple worn bait.
A Real McCoy caught the above. (Sum photo).

It Helps to Be Born on Skis

INNSBRUCK, Austria (AP)-
It may t be essential to be
bo on skates or sks to win an
Olympic medal, bat the ninth
Winter Games here show that
it helps.
Three A rin girls who grew
up on mountain lope ep
Thrday's downhill skid race.
Chris Hams, t lan basky,
we I, followed by Edith Zim-
meruas, petite a0d petty, and
Tra udikeH a sparkling
eyed pide.
The I, speed skating hono
went to Ants Anteon, a Russian
from icy Estonia, with second
place going to Holand's Corn-
elius Verkerkk and third to Nor-
way'sVilly Haugen.
Tek Medal
Mwe Sch e ldaer, tram
West Germany where figure
satin is a major spectator
sport, took the gold medal in
the men's competition. He fin-
ished just ahead f the favored
European champion, France's

Radatz Ready to Resume

Boston Bullpen Duties

BOSTON (AP)-Hulkin Dick the Boston Red So announcedI
Radaht is eager to rmune today. The others Include BI l
role as the American League's Spenswick the man the club
best relief pitcher and is 27 hopes ecieathe first starting
ounds lighter than a year ago suthpaw since Mel Paree;
to prove ft. Bobly Guinds, Jim Goage
Jerry Dorach and left bander
Veteran Gene Coy ha BUill Rohr.
*crapped basketball and his Salary figures were not d&-
dual major league career to doed.
concentrate on his attempt at a Radatz, -foot4 former Mic
pitching comeback from 0I igan State teammate do Na-
arm trouble. tonal League builpa ace Ron
Both are among seven play- Perranoski of the Los Angeles
ers who have signed contracts. Dodgers, was named American

Kid on the Way Up

Meets Aged Veteran
NEW YORK (AP) Rememn-the one big break that wil om-

her the l hd boing story about
e kid on the way up fighting

store him to the aper level
his division.

the veteran with one last Mu wl be 3 Mady


-Joey Archer cast a the kid
ad Holly Mimu as folk to.
Wlhtatt Madison Square Gar
Archer Is No. 3 la the malie-
weight ranking hpeul of a t-
tIe shot against Joey Giardello
In the laD after the champ's si.-
Mloth period f gra expire.
- In the meantime, Archer
wants to keep abuy, evea If I
mans rs his nbty rei
Be ha a I record *ma b
trking on a savesbut win

Uims. wais ss M
she top po mders wasea
spected as aspelr r the
le beaMl. bHe dM Ilpe hr


-5 -
;|iser ash Michp -lsn-to
aseens teomu adt Eu"
bhs afte vandsa
*t OW"ul oI dib

IeCMe 7. e i

and Archer wil hbe TuX by.
Mis has ben petg ur
fiv igdts aa yer, hig hem
at wivelg there a plk
that ha wo hm no i
richm or iory. Mim' o w l
record s St. He amrw ha
be hmbe"d at Mdl ha
tapl dosy 13q ppomnts.
Toe sMw mm mh a be
carim u atuark ABC tle-
Ftm at 3 pM. rt.
AaP MC |






LeaIM Sophomor of the Year
by e ssociated Press last
fall. I
Knn as "'The Monster," Ra-
dat 4ad a hand mn 3 per cent
of Boton's 1163 victories, win-
ning 1 and avn 14 more. His
2.03 rned run average was
the lowest in the league among
pitcher with 1i or more dec.

In two yea r of major league
pitching the blUazing fast-baller
has struck out 36 in 7 ilgs.
Onley, 3, retired am pro
basketan last ek when he
quit th New York KnIckerbock.
era. H he O .hand wme bat-
tery ca dates report at train

W ey wo is pomse two
yeas ago tat aM am IBa
ketballI Injury or M tb
arm th e. a, d he hd oa*
three ictiorie last Sal


* Slde T r
*LjmltM Supy

Alain Calma Scott Allen of the
United States, who had his first
skates whn he was one, took
the breoxe.
lie American, who wil be 15
Saday, Is the youngest coan-
petitor to win a Winter Olym-
pies medal.
The United States used to be
str on on figure skating. It won
the men's gold medals at the

last four games. But a tragic
plane crash in 1981 wiped out
the American figure skating
team. A European victory this
time was no surprise. But Al-
len showed that the gold might
be back in America in 168.
The United States, however,
suffered a disappointment
Thursday in the women's down-
hill where Jean Saubert, who al-

Evans Rolls

A 610 Series

Bob Evans of Manor Motel
spilled 610 in the Night O wIl
League at Palm lane on
games of 32151. Roy Heb-
el, AFR had aSM and
Wendel Locklear of Wlliams-
Thomas had 556.
Johnny Evers, Manor Motel,
had a 227 high game. Manor
Motel rolled 1013-1119W01-3133
with the middle game best for
the night.
Cecil Holfield made the 5.7-
9 and 34-7-10 splits for Pepin
Distributors. a
Eleanor Todaro of Ace Elec-
tric led the Triple Tumblers
League at Palm Lanes
with 1991181-539. Dolores
Pearce of Walsh Barber Shop
had a 533 and Patsy Martin,
S. E Sapp al Estate, 511 with
a 211 single game high.

Two Winners
At Keystone
Pansy Tawes and Thima
Menzes were winners yesterday
of a "guess your score" golf
tourney at the Keystone Coun-
by cub.
The Zee Tanles 1hole tourn-
ey is Mt Feb. Teo time
is I a.m. for the first 9 holes
of qualifying with the second
me tales a the afternoon.
so a'-M dm da*mp sinto

641. Fams h aI eI
CiSh WW-- *idu HUM


20% off

ANNUALS .s. odoI. 80c|

CU OX (AEIIAS s-a&1"

-.ef||A|MSM i_12'IQ

Bank of Newberry had a 1452
set and Ace Electric a 523 high
game. Shirley Paduasak of
Chandlers made the 5-10 split,
Ingrid Sapp, S. E. Sapp Real
Estate, 47-10; and Betty For-
est, Ace Electric, 2-7-10.
Avis Leilich had a 514 set to
lead the Chester's Garage Coff
fee League at Palm Lanes. Tess
Manaro hit 4M and Lucy Hodg-
es 476. Mrs. Lilich had a 201
high game.
Radiators had a 1784 series
and a 627 high game. Mae Hill
made the 5.10 split, Polly Gab.
bert, 6-7; and Virginia Overly,

ready had a silver
medal, could do no

and bronze
better than

The Lakeview, Ore. girl
blamed difficulty with waxing
her skies for her slowness. She
was timed in 2:03.79 compared
with 1:55.39 for Miss Haas.
The other Americans in the
event were Starr Walton of Sac-
ramento, Calif., 14th in 2:01.t5;
Joan Lee Hannah of France.
nia, NIL, 15th in 2:01.A, and
Margo Lee Walters of Salt lake
City, 21st in 2:02.11.
Any thought that America
might pick up another medal in
speed skating to go with the
gold prize that Terry McDer-
mott of Essexville, Mich. won in
the 500 meters were completely
Anton won in a comparatively
slow time on Ice that was far
from good because the sun
stayed behind clouds and did
not produce the slight surface
sweat that skaters like.
Anton win in 2:10.3, with the
best American Dick Hunt of La
Crescent, Calif. 15th in 2:14.4.
Howard Campbell of Para.
mount, Calif., was 25th in
2:16.4; Ed Rudolph of North-
brook, Ill., 2th in 2:11.8 and
Floyd Bedbury of St. Paul, 4nd
in 2:21.3.

slumped to .2 last year. I don'
believe Chuck extended himself
as he might have last season.

atn are coming out of the Jim King is a veteran who hit
Amrica League cellar in 1964. home runs last season-more
I belle we cn climb a notch than any left-handed hitter in
SWashington history. I couldn't
Stwo. Especially if our pitch- ask for a player to put out more
es deliver as I think they can. but he needs an occasional rest
We were a bad ball clublastThis will be supplied by Ken
e. We ,m ad u a Hunt, who hit 25 home runs and
auon. We made fundamental batted in 84 runs with the Los
Mistakes. Too many times we Angeles Angels in 1961 before
pve the opposition another run. suffering a shoulder injury.
We can't contimne to make the' watching Problem
same mistakes. We've got a job Catching was a problem for us
to do and I think we have the last season and I think we've
material to do it with. It's part found the answer in Mike Brum.
of my job to give the fellows ley, a .292 hitter with Spokane
dedconfide. last season. He has been an All-
S !Star catcher in the Southern
Te addition of Bill Skowroa Associaton, American Associa-
at & r ob as a better tion and the Pacific coast
h _m din._g his dis League for the past three sea-
appointingaseaiso with the sons.
Dodgers. He will help us to
score ru and he'll tighten our Our pitching could be surpris-
defense. He gives us another'ing. I will be disappointed if
sorely needed threat in the bat- Claude Osteen doesn't win 15
Ung order, games. He's ready to arrive as
one of the game's top pitchers.
Idl leal d Tom Cheney is another who can
We have an ideal leadoff man be outstanding. He won eight
in Don Blasingame, who hit .315 games, four of them shutouts by
the final five weeks of last sea- last July 4, but didn't win an-
son. He's valuable to us at sec. other game because of arm
ond and his experience should trouble. Dave Stenhouse, an 11-
be a big help to Ed Brinkman'game winner in 1962, also was
at shortstop. 'bothered by arm trouble last
Don Zimmer, at third, is a year Both should be fit.
threat at the plate but he hurt! Bennie Daniels, Jim Duck.
us with his fielding last season.'worth, Jim Hannan and Carl
I've been around him long Bouldin are others who could
enough to know he's a better grab starting jobs. Duckworth is
fielder than that Young John a sleeper. He could step right
Kennedy has an outside chance into a starting job if he can im.
to supplant him. He batted .290 prove his attitude, He has the
at Hawaii last year and I'mability.
going to take a long look at him.*-

I rate Don Lock, our center'
fielder, as a real comer. He
should have a fine year for us.
Chuck Hinton, our left fielder,
can be as good as be wants to.
He batted .310 in 192 but

110l 51513 imi

Diesel tru4k rlori aot more
thn I yrs. old. to lease far pull-
lag uani rock Irlle im Cr..
UI Florids. Prmauent lase,
Pay weekly (Cll Winter Gerdi.
Pin. &IM-';?.
Call Winter Garden, FlAda



Diazinon slops the wireworm threat to young tobacco

Pt ar pbn, row ff mow-vAor-
o ouS laCshco pWos the wlue of
Diazinonmecnticde for wireworm
A sin a ipplMion d Olarin ..o
mde beo thde amk begim... knods
em wamwm. They don't d cha de
o feed am foo or bu ino indw
am Coamr daMu i bs mumd-
h. You'll oa t m-din if atr n

wa el of *i**nos.w tweia
vms Cm dopebdaM OeIn nuMSdd

m pto oSm p --mI rm.s-eu
bwem o em udllnsd g
b. PS o. bde wAM" se

*auth epuflaL S .lles
^* mlvdp^^^
*i~ OB ^^y^^a^^^

don equment, bmda Dltiznon 10G.
oisk iD al broadcast trntmm immdi.
ty afer applicion. And, there's ti
amdt wy to project your Wune to-
bace from wim wM.t add Diawm
SOW ia your v pnt wr.
You en on Olazinon to h*p yr
critical early period wireworm
dm as be dimu. And you cm
oet a Dzmi lo do doe job dly
... udt hed to homm and MI.
ms...aweR h to w e op
Assike -iwe-is sm Dies..


I. 5



hider Fe iy T, 1To


1> -I.


.1. -, ., I .. -

FMidmy, mMy 7, 1964




Tm.4 M)lwg uks u vatmM
am re4u*enew ietibly meann
of The uS llaaial pae. The 4 wta-
tieso aM hINaSM by Pire. W-
hem, Nuier Amn me ri



Over the Counter


Board Raps

Two Stock

speci alists m the New York
Stock Exchdng hae been dt-

cdpined fr their stock dealing
I dring the -i selif day
President K edy* we assas
74 t1niMA

Arco ..............
Amer Expres ......
kmar r, vea re _
Amer Feli Uh
mer Heritage Life -
ner Pioneer Life -
kLmi.. mt


IThe exchange said last
nigt ht tw, MGeorge Wrae
and Stanley J. Rodi, cold -n
longer handle the stock of

Bradford PTA Raises Funds

For Library With Antiques

STARKE Hundreds of Bradford High School PTA's
em of historical and cultural Antique Show, which hoped to-
tuest are m display at theday at the Bradford Fair bufld-

wings on north US 301.
Mrs. W. E. Dowling, show
chairman, said it will be open
tomorrow and Sunday and close
at noon Monday. Today
about 1,200 school children were
scheduled to see the show.
PTA President Mrs. A. N.
Holliday said the Antique Show
is the PTA's biggest money-
making project of the year. and
f-im th- n---X& will hb di

NEW YORK (API -The Press average of W stocks rose V ,.
stock market was firm in mod- 1.2 to 21.9. 10 1ty XJ vieMT 1 TQa fl l r-.l Du#l
erately active trading at the By M. OSSANT eXasotyit wCdtaOv S
opening today. N Y S E MFs Active Stecks ?EW YORK Some of the r( TMuc To rno
ktanees of most kev stocks Ciplete VOL MCs Chges n*st fervent supporters of tax m i 100 IToCM 100 T ooS

ouneri I

conservatives favoring tax re-tie question, though, that the
dutions have been taking toamounat of the stimulant will be
biting their fingernails. Co-,a lot bigger than the estimate
Smeting on the President's taxof $11.6 ilio in the ill passed
plan, te letter noted that itby the Senate Finance Commt-


Sergeant Sam l

L Fowler was recently decorate.
ed with the United States Air
Force Commendation Medal.
Sergeant Fowler, a missile ui
dance maintenance supervisor,
was awarded the medal for tlii

were small. .am x 7. Ip 5rei ctions are expressing B-, _"should insure a vigorous andtee. meritormtuous service while en-
115 00 Chrysleri 41 Up5 3%21that the a sized pre.h reductions intamaMmltheuMashetts Institute of'prosperous iS9." but runs the There can be no certainty gaged in testing the Hound
Opening blocks included Du 4870Gen Mtorss Unh Pe bv Piident Jolamso spending sou by the abhaTeMbcly, who Mres as con-risk of adding "too much sti-about the outlook because it i s Dog missile weapon system at
Point, up 3* at M0 on .m1 Sperry 3d 1M Up aW' ibe too much of a god istration was not quieted bywisut to he President's Co aum toom soo to an already impofibe to measure how con-the Air Proving Ground Center
shares, and Texaco, unchanged 44 peoniRR 3 Up g. ISecretary of the Try eIl ofem i Adie=rs, is a beahy expandd" m ad knmiMnmnat Elgin AFB. lThe sergeant,
at 74 on4.210. SanDImp 11 a Up% leirfear is!bsedon the e -'Douglas Dilon's cohdt leadif worrier amg t hoa se Ie admistrai estimate, wreat to the stilmuls of tax,a g aidate of Gainesville gh
American Telephone lost W 4 S35RCA Mi Up tr Pach in purchasing pow-!statement made last week be-a a iprtns a fne Iteraliwhick motd aconmis haveremNtions. NltertaittitSchool, is the son of Mr. and
at 143' on &l shares. 376 fdowtr Oil3 7Of .. thtt wuld reaui from h er e Cfrpea Jla Emie' raks. |umed in their ow forecasts, mment.. modS will tin Mrs. Matthew L. Fowler of 204
e risRCACWi i36Up s[del'S qSt to hBi.lCiittheethat 6p0qm is a ait article, S"muel=-i uit the tot lSalm"tof tax m dmo t the cm iN fiscal year. SE Second Ave.
Unchanged were General IMAM Phot~ 11% Ofa ely reduce the i al desigedtomes*amh, tl her ed tthe had"stepped duetion at$1. tthis e dfcy a.essng the Frns M. lRai. seaman ap.
Electric at %on 2,500 shares am GiUeWe 3S. WUh hholg rate to 14 per amLis a proper latu m of upwdratler han do ard figur is based an eatebmpost of shs inpolicy was pretie. USN, aon of Mr. and
and North American Aviation, 25 AM Motors 17 Umnh PidiSt Kennedy had 5Ot hns aNd reMtrua dr ea Sl atIWStN f fr thM calear of I S income, s wee emphasized by Fortue Maga-Mrs. John M. Rain of Nqw-
at W% on 1,at. ,51AMMihaT a Uncha wo.'tale* taedNine. awith mtyea. t" y ba ese. of .the. a biboer tha cei. I ad&Zie's h m d buo berry; and Fd Davi. a*-
C .t I'0SM 01 NJ 81 Off OltpertesNra for &Il ar a' Ecoomists ple this al lem at am he re-ti it dm Kt tae i asayewa Itswed"theaw USNsonof Mrs. Al
Rd Corp. dipped30toa 1C% m esrp M .4 tther cal to 14 per ceet Ms c sen bt qf amaat SdI AB te pbopou ctagpijoust Copnm' rehisa l a. portance bt uertoaiy fDavisoMl0SE 10t St., wre
W b .Va t. 1m-.eadrtsa# 9b pm5rat, eadi "sI ipro-ei mBli ns rarewmOtIusm itairM" adut in a threoto-tlth
Mark gained % at 1i% on f e dctord tan to thAmse ean!-bth label al - i aarpnkca nmdp=te a reS Mad nm c1tab wst a to sr* t *uat the ot. Navy-Marine Corpis aphiigm
Ioshre. A M Ad Si s having semii thhim, who vid a E- sumptlm mai bfeuaet led a the admiuitraS' oeaedrished ag eercise in thea C
Repono" Toacm was -AV am Chn P oiog te I ;f the apq tnd peIe of m*aitfy ta ibg qig at yispr to wh iaS station and toelach been aboard the attack ca
champed at4%. i i~t rdhtelilWebrc y mthe dbf ohrrmndle yft di olt h l a gied- e m. snt tosIam. xlot-." ship USS Uvaide operate *i
R, D MnamedV re. ilSmeoe C I Up 4 ln eW piast a siatm are -w airing ir Wll t e." its aqpetal b a Is These observations are now of Norfolk. Va.
IBMpitd upapPlotats 510 Ua Mi 2 Up nup. llt mae kivir elhtInet o a hehi kMhret.oflet quieasthePrmideihiadabe igappl by both trals This a*phibus htr
PrUM&r CMGa %Is mto1 711 Nele C AM CA Up A 4 aUllph to0 b n mr ug poidam m ngerenaeue latter aA M abyliL This san hta t anjid coauuatives reappraei*- force includes more thanSP
a I," gm S. IISeWAir^eOfft e amtibtfetr top h potea atrm.w Yentfs 1 NlAstimuBli wt f belrred all g the pant hineses Ou- Navy and Marine Corps perqe.
Tes teray the Afociated,. XI KM i 4% Up $i glemO aseimmeiahosti PanttXals weam ialy Bin( hist bi- threat br WagssW.Toemis le-k. bib.l nd six iL


- I A

Gsinmvilbl SUB

Admiral Ctonp. -- 184 i I Bak.- 6 "' American Photocopy Equipf rtha th proe sco b ww a y
Air Reduction .... 58 NEW YORK TIMES MARK AVERAGES, FEB. 6 Ao du n....... meat Co. effective at the close for the hool library.
Allied Chem ...... 5 4% of ine e y. "But in a d d i ion to raising
Amerada Pet ... 76' s mnu k11t#61 f1ank of America .. 17% !Of bsuiess wBi
Amer Cyanamid 60 HL wN Cle 1. g Barnett Nat Bank 5 The securities and Exchange e funds," Mrs. Holiday said, ie
Amer Ele Pow .. 401. 25 5. ls24 126.95 127.46 Up .04 Carlon Products ....... 3 Coinmmiin (SECio had igledput he Antique Show to pro-
Amer Home Prod .. 25 hldmS ri ok "775.61 76440 772.11 Up 5.72 Charter Mortgage .. 1 out the two in a report two mote historical and cultural in
Amer Mach & Fdry 11=1 50 Stcks 451.92 445.57 449.78 Up2.88 Cowles Mag .............. 13 weeks ago, charging that they On display adfore a wideCo vare-
Amer Nat Gas ....... 42% Dn Badsreet d all their American Photoofitems.includin oldtme
Avo Corp 23 Florida Gas .................. 10% copy stock within minutes ofaY fireplace ut farming im-
Bell & Howell 22.. a STOCK EC IAANG i Nat'l Bank ........... 54% the assassination and did not fplae utensls, farming ima
Warner --- 46 in tlMt AL a aFlasPublic Utilities .23;4 buy back a single share that Pleents a variety o weapons
Borg IVa P 1 P Fla Steelc .... day dating back to the Civil War.
Burlington Ind .. 41 4 Aerojet General 35 Is Kenn.abllacksmith range and an old
Burroughs ............ 22 Brillo Mg ........ Affiliated Fund 1.35 aTel .......... 2% Preident Knndy' deatharri
Cinn Gas & Elec ..... 26- BritishPet ........- T Brded St Inv P...... 14.74 Fla Tile ............. I Nov. 22 sent prices plunging on c ra
Clark Equip ................. 43' BVD Co. ....- 17 Divers grth stk .... 9. 1 Gulf Life ........ .....' the change for 27 minuteof One of the interesting exhib-
Coastal States Gas 34% 1Cinerama .................... 12% Dividends Shars .. 3.56 Herff Jones ........... 1, frenzied selling before the ex- its entered as part of the J.
Colgate-Palm . 39' Data Control..... Dreyfus Fund ............ 18.90 Holiday Inns ........ 16% Ichange was cloed early. F. Lavender collection, is a aid>-
Columbia Gas........ 28' Gen Development .... 4% Fidelity Fund .1............ 16.77 Hornes Enter 14% Specialists, assigned to hai ket woven from wire
Continental Bak 54 Gen Plywood ............... 137 Fidelity Trend ............ 17.47 Hudson Pulp ............. 23 dle certain stocks by the er Another is the metallic end i a
Control Data ................ 86i! Heinicke Instru.......... 10% Fundemental iv ...... 10.34 lnt-Cty T & T ..... 50 :change. are supposed to try to lance, said to have been ,,ed
Dan River .................... 1's Ins. Co of N Amer .... 0 Grup Securities Stk 13.44 Jax Min Mts ........... 5' maintain an orderly trading of by the early Spaniards m u iLs
Dome Mines ......... 26..... tKaweeki Chem ...... 21% InFund of Boston .. 8.51 Kennasaw Life ..... 11 buy and sell orders buyingor stion.
Duke Power ............... 63 LaLand & Explor .. 86 k Incrp Income Fund 9.55 Lewis Bus Forms .. 17 selling their own shares of a The show will he open t
El Paso Nat Gas .. 19% Lucky Friday........ 294% Inent Trust of Boston 12.52 E. F. MacDonald S stock if necessary to stablilize and
Eversharp ................... 25% Mary Carter ....... 7% Kettone Cus K I 9.30 Orkin Exterm ...... the market. .... and Sunday from 1 .-1 m
Fairchild Camera ...... 35' Maryland Cup... 34 Keystone Cus K 2 ..... 5.43 Redwing Carriers l G. Keith Funston, excha nge Lastaged year's show, the
Food Fair ........... 20 Mead Johnson ........... 21 Keystone Cus S 4 ...... 4.43 Schlitz Brewing .... 45 president, told a congressional Sta A total SI This year the
Gen Tel & Elec .- 32'i NatI BellasHess ....... 54 Mais Inv Trust ........... 15.74 iG. D. Searle ........ 63% hearing earlier this week that r e n que lOW ganization hopes todo n
Gillette ......................... 30s Paddington Corp ....... 39 Mass Inv Growth .... 8.51 !Shop Rite Foods .... 27 the was't "particularly proud" be
Glidden .................. 44 Phillis Elec & Phar 48' Medical Se Fund ...... 11.10 So Nitrogen ........ 17% of the performance on Nov. 22 Mrs. W. E. Dowling (left), Antique Show chair- tt
W. R. Grace .................. 514 Rayette .......... 47% Nat!! See Growth ...... 8.73 Stock. What. & D ..... of the specialists in American! man, and Mrs. A. N. Holliday, High School PTA press.
W. T. Grant ................. 2314 tSperry Rand Wts ......-. 8 Nat'I Se Stk ......... 8.26 Thurow Elec ....... 24 Photocopy stock. ident. are seated on a couch owned by Mrs. S. R. P
Gt. Atl & Pact ....- 36z Syntex ............... 116 iPutgam Growth Fund 8.94 Travelers Ins ........" 19% The 33 man board of over. Johns Jr., while discussing a china baby's bottle s u C erm
Gulf Oil ..................... 504 Tampa ............... 25% Te Ele Fund Water nors took the disciplinary ac made in 1700, owned by Mrs. Charley E. Johns. The
Hallicrafters .................. 7% Technicolor........... 18% Value Line Inc ........... 5.27 tion after the specialists were marble-topped table belongs to Mrs. J. W. Ritch, and For 167 U nit
Homestakes Mines .... 43 Wellington Fund .... 14.76 given a hearing. the 6-piece glass and silver condiment caster is own-
Household Finance .. 54 a ed by Mrs. S. R. Johns. It belongs to her grandfather,
Ingersoll-Rand ........... 811 LaW M iing Col. C. L. Peek. (Sun photo by Sam McGarvey) H hotel H ere
nt Bus Mach .............. 536M O N EY'S
nt Tel& Tel .......... N.Y. Litng YOUR MONEY'S WORTHA permit to build the 15
Johns Manville ..... 53 S co remillion hotel planned for the
Keystone Wire .. ........ AlliChal 15% Jones&L .% northeastat corner of W Unicei-
oger ................... 27 Amir K A Ed cation Key To Poverty War sty Aenue and 3th Street
LIton s ................... 0', K 'cott / : was issued yesterday by tie
Lone Star Gas ........... 23. AmBdPar 28% LigMy 76% City Building Department
Louisville Gas & Elec 362 AmCan 41 Loch'd 37 Construction should start
Louisville & Nashville 86 AmCyan Loritard 43% _y Syf ia Porfer ..* soon.
Madison Fund ....... .... 10 tAmMot 174 Mag'vox '" if ar i nk it than 100 government weapons The facility will have 167
Magnavox ....................- 39 AT&T 143% Jf&M *111. in the clash, units, more than any other
Melville Shoe .......... 1 1 M By SYLVI. PORTER them from making progress n spent for four years on expert. By HEDRICK SMITH in las m .
Merck .. ................... 119 Am a.'o Crucial the s of Pres- regular education systems. mental work-study programs Following typical guerrilla pubic accommodations facil
Aep ........... Cp 15% Mol.'lo cid J n ,- ... r SAIGON Rtising Commune ty ithe city
. C. Murphy ........ Anaonda 46% M Wd 3 ow will today vocational across e country. The pr o-activity intactics the Communist un It'll stand six store .tall,
National Biscuit 58 Armour Nat Dair 7% ty" s the Vocational Education 'education be changed? grams will be directed at the st m ary activity in ahfirst assaulted and overran the thave tan seleva stories timing
Nat Cash Regu 74. Amour 45 N a iAct a S3 one of the most high school dropout between Viet Nam's guerrilla war has shulte ane
P Gac as& Ele .. s ACL % Nat Dist weei piec of duca rst, vocational educ the ages o1 who s led to a sharp new defeat ofTh i outpost about 15 miles pool. be complete with a re
Parke Davis .. 34 ck 54% N.A leg tion in U;S. history. Here rams w e vay ply does no have the money to government forces in a battle in west of the large delta town of taurant, convention room and
Pfizer ....... ...... 50 B t lare ey details. e from to scoas Fac stay. school Ithe Mekong Delta about 85 Can The and then ambushedcockail lounge.
Phila Elec ........... 34 Boe Wh is now to be spent for" staf room 'miles southwest of Saigon, mili. two companies of government It'll be set back 69 feet fro
Polaroid. ................ k. 5 B e M .vocatlnal education? space will at least double in the Up to 25,0U students a yeartar sou rces reported Thursf.troops rushing to the rescue. both 13th Street and Univeraov
olaAven.ue.......................... 1Mp 1t.' I.......... anexu to f riolttdme and workoops u lAvenue.
Proctor & Gamble .. 80% C rr iM Pt 4* U er the act federal aid will e eillastudye day The Communist one two he facility will be operated
-Po Se E & Caterer t than quadruple by 1967 Second, vocational education PThey will be Paid aCommust one- two The facility wll be operated
o .....7. Celanese 40RCA 1% moretn qu y i curriculum will be drastically subsistence $45 a month and will! United States officials said punch left 32 government troops by Ramada Inns, a national
Pure ................................ Chryler 40 Repub Stl41% tae program the v revised to meet today's jobwork in local public serviceabout 250 hardcore ommunistdead, 20 wounded and 38 more hotel-restaurant-motel concern.
Ranc ...................... 17 CocaCola 11S Revin ti education budget just for ----- - -ssin action. Military re-Wingreen Construction Con.
Raytheon ............ 18 Ed 49 ReyTob 40 tis year to end J needs Sb s whih r r listed one iet guer pany o Miami is build it
Reynolds Metals ......... 36 Con Edis 33% StReg P 32 is besig upped 0 million. tualy ignored today will be in What are the vocational Coast Guardr rilla dead and one Communist
Royal Dutch Pet ..... 43 Cot Can 44% SebAl 44/, For, the 1965 fiscal year Con-, cuded- such as stenotyping "boarding schools."? weapon captured. o ,
Ryder Systems .. 12i Dow Che 84 Sears R 10%!greushas authorized $1415 mil and a whole range of new com- These probably will be the Gets Thank This was the second Br Suit
Safeway Stores ......... EAL 34 Sinclair 47 lion i new funds. Thereafter, ty services for women, ra most experimental and fascina-Communis attack in the dealt
San Diego Imp ....... 11 EKodak 118 Sony 71 the budget is to climb steeply, diography, nucleonics, instru ting part of the entire vocation- NEW YORK (AP)-No one in in two days. On Tu es,
Seaboard Finance 21 Firestone 37% SouthnC 57% *is to leach $260 million annu. mentation technology, computer al education program, for al- the Coast Guard's Rescue Co-;daF a battalion of about 400Fo Dite
Smith Kline ............. 68... Ford 50%SperyR ally i fiscal year 1967. programming and many other though the act does not pef-dinati Center could recall smashed ntoanarmy om
Southern nR......-..6.a...... 11 ls'ce;ordinationthente i"ootld mt recalsnsmashedm into tan army com,
SquareD Frmst Da 1 Stfrnd 74bf res iy of "high skill" trades for men. callY' say 30, the new boardingth
SoquarR pt.................... s t 35% tONJ 81s edaon received so much at his d i wl tae ls win gearedto anything more than an occa. 'andepos bout 5 is uth STARKE Carton has-
S,(Cali .............. 62 a ..W ft oS Saigon in a rare anda Jr of Starke asked for
St Oil Call ... Fruh Tr 29 Stdbkr tenti. The ds are to go in tme the vocational education special eeds of the underoti signal "thankyou letter fo daring attack against a fixed damages i Saren a lleked f
S ( tr..... .. Gen Dn 25 Swift 47 'grants to the states for pxpan.ystem will cease to be a dump- vated, undereducated, economi- efforts. and well manned position de -bite case heard yesterday
Tenn Gas Tr . Gen El 87 Texaco 73% sion and improvement of exist. ng ground for academic mis ally-deprived racial inorities. So it was wth some surprise fended by regular army troops by Jude Thero n i
Texas East Trans ... ... GenFds Thiokol 17 ing vocational education pro- fits and will gain vitally Only round e-cock intensivethat 20 officer and enst Wednesday, the US mlary small clamscourt
Tidewater Oil 3 Gen Mills w U Carb 122 grams. for teacher salaries andSporant status. school vironment, experts be-!- o .es Th command reported that Com-
nien tern Pe............ 726 .%. achseru .io nmfinsimandinreported thatCian- MrsClaud ar
Transweern Pin 0 Gen Mtrs 731w Unit Airn 43s teacher training programs, for A prolotuny magnificent ob- lieve, can really help these outimen fond Utmives ur munist attacks had increased Defendants in the case. Mr.
Union E'ec 267' Goodrich 53'. Un Frt 21%construction o school purchas- jective of the law is to give of-school employedd youths. day night at the apartment of in size and intensity through. and Mrs. Claude Harbour, op.
Union Pac .. 3 Goodyr 41' US Steel 54% of apples, equipment, mat- dignity and pride to the boy or Five of these residential Colin Leslie Fox. He threw a out the country during the past rate an auto junk yard on
Union Tank Car Greyhnd 46% Univ Mat 12'eialr girl trained through the voca. schools are to be built in our!party for them. week. US-301 about a mile north of
U. S Tobacco Gulf Oil 50%WestgEl 31% M y is to be spent on ex.timal education system. ities'slum areas at a cost of "There's littleenough rati Lawtey They stated their
Virginia E e Pow Int Harv 0 WinnDix 3. .n iI" boaurdbgi What are the "work-study" $1 million each one of them r enough g.. place %as not open tor business
Warner-Lambert ,..- int Nick 6% Wonswth tion ni, , areaspiroramu? in Washington, D.C. Each school tude expressed these days for U lque Gtrulln 8 at the tune of the alleged incl.
Wheeling Steel ...._ 3 nt Pap 31 4 er the rate of school drop Ths is where the new law will will accommodate about favors done, Fox said dent, Nov 2, 1963, and, further,
Xerox Corp .... outs frighteningly high. Fundpioneer. Starting this July 1, at students between the ages of 15 ox sailed from New York BELPRE, Kan. AP) Mrs. that they had signs up warning
Egg Market are tgo into work-study proleast$25 million a year will be and 21. The students will get last Dec. 5 for Bermda in hisKenneth Hemming figured she of a bad dog.
Sgram for youngsters who can't room, board, vocational train- 3aoot boat. A friend reported t f sho rwed foubler Chastam argued that the
TODAY'S DOW JO JACKSONVILLE (AP) i r to continue studying un- Unbiased R and wi e or him missing on Dec. partyastedbad. signs were not in place and
Northeast Florida Egg Market less hey have some earnings.' working part-time obs. nd arhed a therefore not visible when .,he
Prev. Close Dew Je e Im t le prices to retailers: are to be research grants RENO (API Jim Daley of si the start of the geat- i sa aa. On Ja.i 1 Fox Then she found that an elec- visited the Barbour's place.
78.41 Indust. | Upl. .. .... .. t e esi. u ies and pri' Remn. a brick contractor. won est drive ever to help America's d in the Bahamas, blown tr coffee pot she borrow- Judge Yawn heard te ti-
Extaaaeargecies-iieithBsa s,
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140.07 1 Utilp.ities 409 mostly 446: small 3 to blp youth who have severe loaf. this era's job market. This is a' The alert for Fox was one of to plug in the borrowed pot
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Poultry at farms: fryers 14; other handicap that prevent by the Potato Chip Institute. lunemploym ent problem. Ifor assistance last year. own coffee pot.
4.120.0 i |0,000 V Vtlin -- -I-I,--=
STOCK Yan V ijnm 1M Then none. o e m.. o sa s rw f t e ruice
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LASSIFICATION INDEX7t I'M. naa ae..ns ,-. ... -.,= .
nepon&t h & Waf SwthBNin sal1. b b is l t $i11111armen t a W
SV aI t Mos. ,a r MiR Clui W. S, S- a *ma & i
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SMemnis 3a 1 g 1 .* 4 11.s iam b s R w a s ad;laigm wM m a~.
.l a d ESon cs7 .alew s *SWaIRs n n or &a. -Sa. e r a iL a a s ets ioormMe W tE NY

*1 A Ml 4 NORS hre al s P M e4 tlee--l u m A. bu a. IIrB -- ri.a ar mo tn rv a ...3
SI ta AM I m= b S -
i s aSd a N W fo1i1 372.17319. g WaSo adat ia m a.Ai m m s rm k o t .e. .T.V a
*Now515 iRoom a-* lk Ml. -l Sj U j he b -lut aMdSchools. N.E. se

a Neli r M fi t in e al a ca Icum e ae -ar. r ms tia.e .a uaa fahi4. I ih
1-M g)(Tt w. - ells e, TU -a a- -l. W U A__ IIN - 3IT L thoer s.a % ser lBr
.171 Ba a& 2SSUl111 Mem= An do watU M le thod s Me time Mas@* -So ----t-said.
12 WAtoIs Gemall S eta aya 1tM* I "f N&a2 CAS is M ia i hnrbsegs THIS WEEK ONLY
*s to o use esI pA iN hb A r AsV s. a E1 am P' Plea s hr i es S rtrr
1S0 rml a* s NNWSmom I.m Im b. mntr vr A tr t hnI Mm a bs. "m SPECIAL rwdtacti while own-

" ==-- J PIERCE woodr--sid lot
:n"A" M' t I.AL-" WAuI r SMITH H -- a"a'JUST NINt r 4 BR R
"ioms "N'amea" or was. .nss. a Kirkpotrick e& s2 BATHS
14 1,- =St "E='--" d SBosStI a fta aR a ts mioue. i s ii ayo u-r.o value throughout. Financ-
213ANCbL p.G .Cl me a wC Mva sks. sO 5 ar ^amMC *A4 .o T a r hea, flg mU iSab r

ITs v SA NPM&i b a t Uoht m A asM a o.b o CENi. Aos. sA/C s
anasps asu mdb a a4 a1a s. nS0 bi Lu(A b Mt 10 I inandoon A m oN

5ML al 6 toMum <= Mg a ,Sobl ndm a Sl p ss m loaml er h. I Cl r SL 1st0 M11 A.v
no" b Boomi",anS"1kMm" ac a ft5 fgrM im 1%a Nw"5. oUld mSaorSosPtisn
AIiK s r UBS s. An-h aul n a ttl. r h a d .b IIn r I at.1y 2|" V b
a GiDS""E" DaS nt I m* istr aS. s- FOSSEYw b o SW Raw. all M tos ow d i r e
YKu _E- ..t__ wrs -. ImIE~. Do. A Pf j ora W.aRAL TY l
DAMil. SSL wooder S S 'iso n. o large iraide

g,@ -S5.s i' <"-''- PSR---R- .. .Ws
M0 . .. sf rr-5*,.> = niIre $-. ... d.i. e.s hd. Is- *nt .W G sd i ha...
swab W NsWAFodse .. S a. T HU.Fs. WsIeR i a s. .a r u lap. sq.t.e a-

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Ur, m3 e. pE, uENTIi a. m. o,-Wesbs. eIsEs h. E s s
k ,- IWI1umaas AgNT .IR.IN 9RsvOCtdW, ppe, S IH, U.t D i ?sus. A .ICel4 BR'
a Uh aFotunldrt,26 ono @*- C. ma t Sm hat11.ACst

zh. Chaft".out" "cHA HE .HSWBE ..*"*0 "1" 1' ", .tI A otut. I
rhua. lg t so M an =,.l We. % am e l -- O --N- tolb -"ath .
*L thiSell Voftt""o-- -"A- o -""
IoaP S &L os &a wMwihgs. MODELASo a iShnWAM A U Aeal Md ia.s. a h inW HALFAoCe L OJ. C .E OT
1118 ms ubm. 'IsN 6 P.NM 10 s. Al 11 woge a -a a at. R NaSotTW a LT It e r N.HEAT & A c

S iftn inal bot sto mfitr PM. or S ase81.ors a$a oat. t bshowwo=b i f Tl as isNW. emmA K Ilfl htCE. N
*:r lla1awa IT ga a .. M.wM aismr47vs- -5s5.__a" M*AAls S -.-. i a .As W noK* HARDWOOD C 7A0S.1
UIMN asUmoo"la Yale= bIaItzI.a"Aveo Sad shouesilaep iM w Sy1TEM
SI S I tsAMCS Largolo MW p t.usMf s l Moat"a air etsa 6low Mat.a a Sebat yAMO 111711AS? BOOKM

________ I3. ____mM. a Celt thi *t hmM st. ib*s ala id lowes p S o f'Ye bIS M ENIC. TE M
3m mM. ahto wre t' .*SowhtM 0 |1set r1. & eftied m 8r anagft i U I abkII\ l rDC
I-- Ni ei Fial ma A u nf #I at IG PJa

|O-0UTY D4 Wum A?... ..AE.R.I R.EAiORV ...Mn...s Raltor.n. U
rssa tnog "mAIE VGCLles t S TL bS at .,
VKIDDEt 11>CdubllBMoTI PI A RK.: O E RA .
am am----ll-r- I Slide 11 don 3 tWIkDA Arts o r Susp.ectB canfM MpmDe I Sl 2lba(
sense al- nrv an t cwWAMr o s & m.tousle PtW 3I4 MUss ftg i4es K P N AC adRI1 N. IMS1 Ph. e45 1

ft ra %now n "Wr.Ag twm you n sFed do= his em eignl dy mom" Al Me" WbIs eliitiHooker
,,, Mrs u rse. a s-se ,hwl a~sm. ,la.ras. s un*afa
ftaa c. a I1t A HUHHUGHa Comfo_-. e1utwi

S I $L m lar d o&=ft yo 'h l "a astdea .e' BA& Wh Ab l tmREAL TOR
b -o p e I m m IdU i. OW fll MuFlodVCs.fl"arsoU.OWPR S N : I. .U U. Cs PR ESENT :

RLAIN 3 i mierm I -A Is h l be as r. rEAR T UTIP LITrG Ti
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ff nhr Oll.lm ~ Ml illit 3Ia HOMES a.I aa ageme eweehg hoSt larg entir a .
P Es g ro sc ts rt. ama ti M eo- i or n. Mu_ r p l. s b
f t Ml U bhlrtp M glkM E & Sparry .M pTO al ow trMDE LSh MM o. M ous tre ss.A.T
I SI *ao wR n a L Hass'AHRe A"YPR SE n y T Ne s. N A
1e1n urhn as 3l 5 H ak3 s ETERM. :< tAMEw.IA* CnTS. C Sr eei rs o
11 U is W at h AOL 73KM W l No, d. fm1b ho lJtio beso yetaS ol d Uit m erl atV 3ban *, hbrde
C n a. CaSI slH.Sco. Aalt1 o1 saI iL ts l tNW In NWMusAssets&wung.aLanelivingT W ynaittha. t


C&h a ,. he1 tea1m- Ki. i Iurn th odst,---- o in..i. n g. k stAy.po rt, a l
Sa WNfTIae ti ir r e gotSsve --BiRICKlfg as' I Voa.S. hers Ie m&a "o s. 5.R

chil. at eM -MNl. wa .-- as TUP pr\ I l. tatwei lrl tl ... A a
hin Mia3. a ter lO. wmi s loula sE l & iA S S l. sI a Ia ARS L lT DS m Ags m Ca lMng a Ir g
0 --------.-- 'aIa o.a i Ia Aia s I lAT Ia- "AD d tER t oEIWREtbTY lab l orren Crias.
Dillui L MM M al N.O "fr1. YOU NG. s..KmMatb.u d me r mlsJu digm. Wsilh bea adaircaa lo ,ig. L ave
)Oi TSIo"m "wa rMTIId I. a---.t L A MER ILA s A 8 ,te 1L F aRM Ge wuM I Igr M

b e *. i a md D Io om 9., M e g *u-- I- o..rl Bil U ft SnL I .n me ran t rtA at e A a w T 'rI
a EN lM N a ab. a rea S M I ECON PI0M E alY C E M =AS

Cstoalor r. ,o. In ai .VA- FHY I r a I -,, ,, Sd ad,3 i a a T w- o bat

WA .Ism",ELHEa seis hose at A. r H, M M i le
chr.Zlda e .s. abeat"RIis JUat .ut..court, makesmUrged
0 fN t=p Ie & eeso iry. "w d dovea des. sh.VELAESS hom thowrs low bar l k h"Kinglsin"uwader bed ,

ht gI6 pmrd. fss CCib" igr iwi Lh.ON EDWARDS INC. uradAR KS .
U Ya m a Par t Tio m Caumsal b ut.e toy _n, *W WiArwbuiNEl is An.&l it s- is Mana ta ere Ma OT .
Ii Mo"Barm UWn THf J C. Wil h eleia m n S and l31 jr ----

: Large sdM "=Pitt* No BE OT BUe'e. la ^ A-r SlMegam A & dg e E xLDcllent
M&W to w # a d d m d .i iYasi o wnsow 3 A SOli edt Is=3.1. GsesA

to Dam So*sq bud*WS" =f{ONSon, %bca sm yMdl* REDRAED WhuOmr e
BMW Ntm I AMM. d". ? h" L G LADY SotSL FRll ov ael a MULTrPLE LIMIs G

a IP M-l Me*sa.M. RE O dw cI n ns l* s toi ine

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Can MOssM H.Ite m ls lev c t' W h Ub agB amM ta a W hkl*lae sw se serw hvb DA warm Arol Y Ir C
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oa n4M u l fI *lPAn. o. nv AnF Y FUN be bus hi s. ah ae. tea a SO.W i ab tAes
$mum d X95*5 to Tene e u ATION amid a m .. a la so a Stkbfl 4

.: oaa hWte a m als. .sha:s e teS":.. o.wCu a noo. atvshr...Asa e
Mr j. MLbnus a -arsea r(Mt-E &a i & unzn.E tIMdot eiat*$ O. fia1S a5d

SAMI* Putt 3 S.Morees azoi?0O sl d 4-:ae.tiD aN B RDbe dair wisE No am (lctnIy b &M
lhIeLo 111 ILL 55 THaR s oE S.f t IO qe"m Grseen'bow 1% Dv 1 DUD AMwY.
SIA.Ca aS a 111A. M loo PUCPH U Mo* Dcan ft* J S "s e 2bakan.o dingEsWA Oft
snotm M n a--- EDWA DS N.iM a s -e nA BegagM d asFO a =l I L A l"at50 A&lk l best ^^f

_______M NoU a1t wUXrIC Nih"ft 5o wh et sl IX s = m& I Ka nd I % Cl Pun k hM $ & bI o fuim M
CLA SSH g baE. ca aen 'Sthaso. |m.a mAO. DeltriiassewStay.-Nt l at
*No bLWon11 1emO W16 is e m nFlaMW10t, iNo ll W -is be t6"u b"L
GM o tod aM W Msi bet per aW e pluS. AA ft s NA Mt 4 -CRES

^ae'^%^ussed IM5~i&G &1- I e mfougfg MS b:urn -*
Walrws. sa-ai t.w vieMB on R n tog & f YSf DAN BY Nail

ban. ot lS-1 Ua it'os, T DiYs h a ais TO me am awag,

"-a- ,-

n aw-. _

It IM fnm 1

e m hn "W O


Printed Patfiern

V 9264

Pim ahead. plan ts bot We
seat In a sho .ur buttoned
mindre you can stitch up be.
ween breakfat sad tinner!
choose oinu ironu.cot.
Printed Pattern NW: Hag
Sie. 12. 14%. 1 %. 11%. 2
21%. SIM 1% n4 que 111
yard. 25-lach fabric.
FIFTY CENTS In eoi for
this pattern-ad 1 cent& for
tach pattern for first-clas mAt-
bu and speelal handling. SUad
o Maria Mrtln. cio Gain*-
ill Se. Patten De, pt 33. u
West th St., New York 11.
N. v. Print plainly NAME, AD-
DEmS with ZONE. M ZE and
READY-ehose k rom s d.e
,iln idea In new SPRING-SUM
MER Palter Ctatlog, Just cul
Drea.. **portlw- coals
more! Send Sc now.
42 FiraI & Acrigoe

* 230 *

Rived In 3M Acr-Approt, 15
acres and business on NW
at t. T f pptr h ated
Street. 11 3 West side NW
3th St. If Arem East Side of
NW 84h St. Beautiful creek
nironsU thro poArty. L'irge
aluM of and now under.
Financing on
Goad Terms



FR 6-5301


Win be armed to porsbuleI
abons perty bemtrs
FEB. 1st
Cain Norwed Hope RIa tfll
wih %ftatloom.
o8 Csleod hod
S u- -=
Saa | *Isis. a Imb SL A
a to Ame. s.. em
pims. aw me smNu s
ym he m.0- soim
......i.m..ubw 14M o1

Y-44M3150M tow. ism
o im. Ale Ihosi hmo a
iros Mth an senm&S-.

cler le. Can J. W. Kirk.
possor cotplo Ho and sl
Matte hest s rtuUS

cd-ar mes.Call J I.K
rim Assm. FR 14. 81
Nab strolo
45 Fw"Wiii AfftL
1 aIBROWU. 510 its. Iim Ter
.*M 5 .5. Water ramb,
sl. piwoF 5.54 or 0-me.
Mr. Hum*.

45 rallshd Afi.
3 ROOM furnishd aot for
adults. $60 per eo. Call
FR 6.6527.
CLOSE la private 1 SR apt. lit
floor doplexI hot & cold wafer
luron. S5 r. No ptI Inquire
15 SW sd Place.
5 OO furnished apartment.
Clean and comfortable. Water
furouhed. 175 monlh. Can be
seen at 225 SW 2d St 'FR
640t. Adults Oi.
SPACIOUS upstairs 2 bedroom
flunialed apArtment. $70 per
month. 705 NE 2rd St. Phone
lift $si
I LARG bedroom. equipped kit.
eha and bathi. Entirely' pit.
viate. $tS weekly pas all util-.
ties Etc Phone Waldo 466.
ONE room efficiency apt 5ll
per week. 3 blat from square.
h bik. of W i'mv. 13 NW 3ld
St. ph. 0-7074.
4-ROOMS. couples only. no chil.
dren or pets Water hirnhied,
5a month. 130 NW 4th St.
Phone FR 6-0.l3
I REDROOM trailer Ver clear
and quiet No pots Phone FR
*BUSINESSMAN or student. out.
oide cat> nts SmallU bed.
room. bath and living room.
Ph FR :-10.
1 Bedroom. kitchen,, l.
N W. 2nd Avnmse so month.
lcKlnoey Green Inc. FR 2.3617.
vale bath i entrance, clean,
cloartti lor bUline.. perRon
or couple. 31 NE led St
i. clean, 2 BR furnished a.
Adults onBl Phon PR .
0331 after 5 P.M and week-
CLEAN ar codto well
furnished 2 BR duplex, waterr
lenislhed NO. phone FtR
M3t. or PR 65010.
2 BEDROOM furnished apart-
ment. t6 month. Phone FR
I BEDROOM, living room, d,,.
ini room, kitchen, large jal.
oule porch within walking die.
lance of dotMo n. Avialable
W. SO. Phone FR -3070

$57 per month up
Gainesville's Finest
Fumbshed or unfurnished
Lovely I and 2 bedom apart.
mInRt 30 NE Pt St Phone
46 Unfumla L As.

MODERN %ell-located 2 B H-dR-
plex tupltairs)i I'tilltv plan.
es hirnished. 817 NW l3th St.
US mn Not suitable for pe
or children FR 8-5323. 9- 30
PM. or FR 66833 after 6 P M
COLORED property for rent.
315 NE Ist Street Phone FR
236 or JR 2-.1
DESIRABLE modern 2 Bedroom,
apartment riuipped with ele.
Irk kitchen Venetian hlndl.
Space theater, attic fan 05
N E. 'h AMenue. Call 372
41 after 5
47 Houses for Rent Furm.

SMALL 2 Br house. On Lake
Geneva. Near Melrose win.
ter months or year round.
Waler furntsithd New modern
masonry construction. Larne
enclosed porch Nights GR S-
S BR home on 5 acre of land,
Miar Archer. i7 per month.
Phone 493 2449
FOR RENT furnlhd 2 BIt
houe on Newnan's Lake. I0
per month. Phone 2-9641.
FURNISHED home I meth or
loner. convenient to Univ.
Call 31-7477.
NICE I bedroom furnished
house. Electric kitchen, wnish-
lan machine Adults. M10.
PboM 176-5707.
1 BEDROOM house furnished.
Preferably working couple or
I peron only. In city limits
on Hawthone Road. $50 Month.
FR 2462t,
NEATLY furnished, three large
rooms and bath, all electric
kitchen, circulatin heater. 160
includes water and igarbiage
Nrvice. FR 2.1ll.
FOR RENT. year round furnish.
ed 2 bedroom home On Lake
A- F. Pho 3725451 M or
48 HNeon for RMet Unfurs.

SPACIOUS 4 beroo, I boath.
3 NE. 9th Ave. Call Me-
K aney Green Inc., FR 2 M317
1311 NE 14th Terr. bedroom
CC house with stove & ref.
ils3 Me Vacant Feb 5!.
Ph. FR 3473 WesemaN
Realty 1113 N. Main 4.
4 ROOM house siM Per month.
Inquiry e SW td Terran.
Phone PR 041W.
AVAILABLE Mar 1, Univ. &
filey are,. BR, t vtis
m .. Wiras RA N, kitchen equip
Pod, |o Phone 376wH3.


And Business

------- Pesigfl
ILLD & Da B. I D. 0 .LY 12211. CALL.
bee, sid baIN m iUS OR WE'LL OTH LOUK.
irate. P tMa oat L 0.
(so*) Jiiehui PRa & N OWyi a2 llA.
l u s and .rPa-ls

____O______________R MK X rWOSP
C.,pcwy Vir I NEEDS 1513

m A, c,.--.e W- REE ETratm a y rea -
wow Cpain &ad adduios. CeamPlne
/ N / rl bo.2dra 57S. Co,-,
isl a. i cW p lately leua room eIm
pas KIIn Coaairueto C. GOMem
1m 1- ZTswui r A-S I eani .
ngim u "use ----

Na S.Msa ----- -
_ CABSINT WORK Resoaubl.
WOOD NONE 1oMVENIE pWie. Pies.Wm ri "m
L&MWmaidS ses Seroise
ostagesm. CaiWU ToTri
pa'me AM t5r = M OI NtaftgNis uhm or
mww Adtot o as s. Lr. hW^g fo lewl or

fumes. WW. uM na up me s- fw

son an..g1
*iH^HiPer ago onRt a No~

sm re,


iwn. -zr *


Wiay, FeMey7,1964

Gelaevill. So

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* A rare opportunity for someone to purchase a
special custom model of our most popular
home plan.
* Designed for comfortable living and gracious
entertaining. Large living room that opens
onto private screened porch. Concrete patio.
* Ultra-modem kitchen with built-in G. E. oven
& range, range hood, and garbage disposal.
Built-in breakfast bar Separate dining area.
* Master bedroom suite has walk-in lost, lux-
urious bath with glass enclosed tile showwer.
* Situated on beautifully wooded lot in Gaines-
ville's new prestige a address.
Priced below market at $16.050. No money down
VA. You pay only $100 closing or $700 down
FHA includes closing.

N.E. 16th Ave. & 15th Sreet

Many other equally fine
new homes valua now available

R Y owna'e

emar.t iaf N k t'b
vmsedO. Pwril
. e MeablU*d )M. Call
,lmer tday at:
F -2114

Bmew. ,l;. ;a. Bis
iseea aS Lh Prur.
Farms asS Amn. :
M 6-un ifT.nM


MW It1 37th SL

Corol Etates
MEl h St. a 3 ht Ave.


1321 iHWlt Ave.
Ph. 6-5394
Mae Ktrs, Asesiate
"We Trad Houses"

I W s M ft af es, a
1021Nw409b Dr.
3 r. 1 th i ana .
satI Me. ft TnT

uthe la he re
Metrecr far bfWs. o
pfulai*lvm 4aayaU I I
4508-442*5.L lZd Pi
a BR. a-a'h. is Dews.

4527-4617'LL ti*l.
4518-460S..2 d FL
a asR 1-14 II Deem.
IN Me.
303-sI llAs S *
106.304.3J4 SAitlft.
I31.y I--Bat. Den &

4 pear 1*5
124$.L 71kAk.

a YuMr La a1 .
OP FORYOft C -0'
Tml wr ou waLL *





Important New Sign in '64 M

Homes by Kirkpatrick & Piero4

You'll find stickers with the above message on all furnaces in
new '64 homes in Highland Court Manor-another in along
list of significant improvements being mode continuousfv by
Kirkpatrick and Pierson. I
What it means, of course, is that all new '64 homes have' fur-
noces which will accommodate a central air-conditioningfunit
for your added comfort in the summer. Ask about it todIa-it
can be installed at any time.

* Over 20 Model Priced Fro 1
$12,300 to $17,250

48 NO"I bR de m,
aNULL M beemr r kM M
A Mm I. Lat Tnea% U
fP -W. CCaR Ft sAI.
New avAnble ar rM: A
trM MbeRm hbe bke km.
msa; Parw Beirs km
SOL msa; be lilaem
e per me; aUm

lr rm. pr atM F er m
kkni U n *urt r* i
al tipgs call or eame tr
INC.. m Wet lUnivesty A-
CaL 3 a Ramuse, Seefk.
ard. iase iastimme mar
MeII I1. L Seer iap.
aler P.M. Pkhs 43ss.
mO.B LBs. uea,. annuM
Aal"erale aMW. Mflker.
Srw. it a.
ib U.. 3 behi en b
cbt. Florida r ee. Family
wth Saerie n. Mitkmr,
UWBy rem. miulatiag bet
Pd"M. wpbto kfit.4 sm
to kla. CM ae am at Naw
nt ad ae. _
3 BIDROOM Muee. C large
nots. p Friay and Sat-
adrl whe t5 i pWed i.
es. 64 NW. d ArsBRe,
CalB Oca UHIM.
Ia aIs at a mbehwe-
&I et 4as anteer s eeth

adelactM. Mhar Nim
A39o ba ee pee. mal 13
M. for a M
M and am Net. ca a
sa N 7m. alf

NICE dean reom Ia private
hoe. maid nres & & am.
dIff sAl paMiU. Phea M
MLt. uI NW 3at Ave. Sm.
WANOED Coed o Sian asoe
Ja N.3. witA 3 ether giris. Rt
SO math. ut UM ladad.
CaUl Fr -ll01 days. ra i.NM
IfLIr vim Lamota.
LARGE ailbe mat for weuag
am. Weekly maid senle.
Unwe a iamuigeavor Jafr
iswL 2-MUMa er3723-M.
3 MM. Ste Mdkabs hr cno
*r ub N iMnnU See 1 NW
ik Ter. pa s5tm
UINI D weai feeor rat& -
vaid a. 9 v. af dunon.
pAMU ft kl=P&DL
3COM SB MMU____-
Worklg -at indeemd. iU
week. SR 4-MU a 13 6-
min aF so.& w 1
DUM ADsU Sbad resm
esy yGun1man *air. 105
OOM ad *bard Mer elr. Pri-
vate sa ea. washing mA
shne. as NEL IS I. Pa
n8 .Ilan.
Sm Meet ____
if Priat -- o ale. ceia
torashed *lisa hr relabloe
mhm. Pe p 6t n MM.
N1IC rem13 casa. itin.
Suce. ceOnel mat isan
Pret PaUrn l 1 2d
PLn FE M. "

Mam 1 HM

kae. wry attradgee s
letk ue. *II
EL Vited1 Ave.; waktd
t Lake Feores
Paies S1UL 0S
aud ". 0 r met.
Gerald or V. N w
Day f I- i
S Esea. mar N. Nab

1 49 hon bii f n I Mbi. FSalI

IIc ceo mm- I wshtk
Mi har iath n WI. W
a alk ISme

M VW. UI.var AMe.
nut -Mis a mae.- M-
n gfMa. Warmr Weem
Ia N. M ab .
4 li4ole Renllo
WAiMMt em Oame. eI
a" atIN LMi abL Ci

aio a-pas IIMAL
he. gaf orfotcam .
ies hr uS. Cal ewe
OncmaCL sA eat. N. W.
Itk Ae.. avxnal hr w
WSM a -eib ALa Alm
am anvlabib fr IIU a
soIATU PV. IMc .
a aim we I
AU ame Cobal heat &
Air eitdMsnl eNw Puie-
lag ,aS.r S P*N. Ma
6 wE ines sat a n16 es
tesea t e Cam
a l28 N.W. a SL 6I4M1

Come NO ,13 St. & It
Ave. Pw re MML
wune ; a..Ias. a "a.
L inmdma hr Ual. ea.
sobbw -IN bde. 3am MW
M. 9/s duml IO.

1 Wag1 ow h

a _. M
w a
WAN= ba bead play
pem BRe*an cls. pa- nm -


de-aIM In emI
aI DNa i ave. s. w

1 w wia. frew aU

-a ungl-a,. t- Me kd wel

IMVD MG u ORve ar a"-
ais teAs. $1At AGame"
ramSo. iW N.W. al An.
SMIsa. FPe SalMe
DVID ahiSe nru i& maa
at tem. HN S MSLt-eL
O.k aaase trar we. eael.
su. a mAr s. cant

SIX tdeaovoer Powor akeb
Ne ea t __hu __sh__a_

Y~ear uI w. mi as. tMB
aran. wN a. es. 2

Mets kL. Ca 7.l

CIA eels. aesm. ahe

lioamm hr for Yea i o-r
to eurat. SabIe Iats
MeAWr. ot walr at aa
Ma aem. A*L "-MP
PANS. AMt ar eeUd. r
"m I' _____




Home Buying Service!

* Ovw 20 Modsh
for per Selecte
* DMobws.
* 2Dmm

12 Bts.

$12,250 0o28OO
VklU aat

ST i /*C^M

Ane "m aname endsamu.i SO or"a S
ateta aa t wStm a . uS S a al Me.
Msgo f1 %eaf UAW S l O mW ew
amY y. a l im aiWi f Sl c a kmI
wor priem yea s Mf ar k nmaN ai6Sb M& aI t
Ib M ad.e t a a ull. I a 4a aa
i m da V.A ub



S". 11025
Ft. l dwe",l,. PI.




70 ommiMa Ipso
Iu CoeX wrs n a d t
aeh es m aerie t"ast. N
Cry a LI' SMtey eam IAJ
tme 0. bLe tp leaks
k tram tIraIer w t
a.vm a ts awcan7. K& .
- pe.wma.a. U.S Me.
Baeama 81.5. Cal sa a-s1
,tiam a,_om, a. -
stleg gatuter ad sermn.,
Sees nat seats. adli aMd
AeL. IN ester. GateN
'aaer. Ue ta. Call 42.
SM Naostay.
oma mes w-A&g
beit as law am t=A Came
aS. OrasU Laas. Fla.
80tT TSlem srtded -
rbdS -phit. o *ses. I
10a ee uprcm. Caw 7m

b am n a. Cae. n tH.
MIn. a.j no" laeon

72 68. umas

& fol .es..adwS
a8 M a. aante Ga s
fun Ma o mS e.Moam
MAt. Essa seImi ml.

MODEL No. 937
ormgil sale rie r .SM
Used........ $495
Music Co.

FR 2-5353
OCnPMo. & .IP.S 9

73 MuSi Muiemdbe
Sawnm L a" Gnad in
rAwr. B M M ale.M
usaf a te 6 a re

T7Ml lea m l Slk
**I ^W fB^B^v*i

m- WA ioe It
uN moaOs sOMI
S ad S I ensa. as Alaw.
Plans. Tes betaf Isme"
mr adget. inea au .Mad
sa"e a Mt at
Male Horns la. la
a Hl wNta U. &. 4

$,-Phae MMbesia

er WA C he matim& PaU
mi MiMday a FrtMa I


'10 rim m a1" s raw
s a".r asiir a a
... l;..*>T a..... CL I
yuns -m ne3an on

leeR a Mageb sailualr,
All aMir, T.T. al-s
kg as se teW oodst ea.

1 u Cor. te bv. (.1 nla
beadleb saw. 111,Bramel.
3 3.W. p s, As
Ma. 4* Mage ssmTe
a brieoas. -m eaLiny'-

mous -a UM-M aimrtn.
.a... ,,,. Pf.- re a n,
ke a-. mw m s m
Alm Orma Ap M tasl

Na aLf lm ad mr tairc
nite. We We. hasten
% mksVs. t feeP c"a
al. mes OR wowbeter
SM; L% at LI t@9 b.U& ;
Was. aa. ham ul b, I
A. a5. mCaW uRa a
0R3 "M Adiral Air
COMWiir. *BTU. ca
Come, a Tr a
ALL kiis S wale, eatn".
amM aat 1N? in

ask. am Wma a 0.
le at m 3 iat SL
RI UmRN mman 'ans
Cryta we. Fhl Ob I


and ma Et Lovely car-
Pat a. tire m its E.
Ski stC cAM Ca
,al a asse. a&M Pn.
small *ads, lew re

c. lhaa... Tkm. r
U0.1 s Ter,. a- oM

590 Md farrN

na eat
AN Taa Wd nie m.ftgddw
PM e ad ebmw wfnie.
aC. M enie B PMIn
You A"C^ Dismew ^^opw-
ammils iwme, mass n. 44
cant m e. Ala whett.

eanl. *l* -od Po
Us. Ulike aw. aIs Cs ta b.
bet9 AaeMft samrnman
aus euhar. beas

madI 311bolebeAL slo
SMcbe be. All U.. at.
tmesu S pe estL. a
a sa e i Tl
IS W. Ud. An. ft. 6-lo
SWANUT Ca Hi-Fr L 2waIt
Awn etree Gerard tu

p AM.slws GnesN wn
Stae. Bsat , f mer. P i

LA amen flwa. flee1 7
311 4 e., ara t m

I. Main 3. Ph. 16SM. rP
a0. Gabasfflt, Ja.
U ailf freue(e. SA a
apin WMisM iraflaer Park
USED Chlais h U w. Nmd
6 4 as SaON 11. WO erow
al cBue em &f 5M ma
OR a n tas. MeCdu

Isonica Brin MIN N

r. U -e B... H.
Brada mor Sao, wM
' s C u m w i C u t S mX J O B O R

a6 m ma fin teW keL
wTas. aml Mr at a.

flaUfnt ClmtetL. Mod he
smeam s h pedaad. fe
Phom pit .
85 Adleebsfor ma
amVAIR 3 1L e. A W.
Trua aNatr tIats w ad-
Ase3d. -0 4. As pay.
mesa S NISMLet. R
PLYMOUTH. 1, wages. 4-dr,
me noiuatc traammlEia,
low Uiase. mu tw. radtl,
butter, twlidm ad
40L MI0 Phom ra 24M
IS FOD V4 -Ntieae Wee.
air em mil e ams trais.
seed *otq. fiUiatS heaturw
51 eam a ar sin e &
Ama .a b hr a I n be*
at Team t Matiee. M1
Univ. Ave.
US? CADILAC. Sedan deVle
44r. bards MY tell teged
PICa m6 h&4 br aIt. IS
-aOID whmeUt urs. sp.
Mt ireewt r tra. at
M S a a ar m us eI
cellent condition. Call 376-
8392 after 8.
isad, as ums. maw ar.e s
radio. aelesMalMy e xes. x-
oNt5 semitM. me. lI NY
Ink Ten, Phoe M m-L
1I ,pansM asmat
sue roanus ilee SB ANE.
If FSarem sa aw i .-M.
er weekab.
-M OLM ,rtke --d-, ; t
s ams evuefl ar6wseet
aedia as te. mewu
trmnaimieda. wassr brta.*
power during. rather w-
bolmeary. carips. Can Fra
aMer 1:M Tm t, e hl L
MOR umg Isaew mu Cke.
aWp 1ei1a. 1V4 s.
aubmie tmamipMl. asew
am. a.n Primn mWI
madt eWaea ta eA-
ia. 1DV NW M An. Pmea
U CEVrOLx r ek. .a
3) CuumLR POOL %| be
"1M. Mg MaD
AM sY a e; 1 msas a
via MUL in a A at
Lm vw -aWd "SWAM. ra
& ha..t.. S Rem. 391-wn4
A, ebkr. "a .p m M"4
Wfter C PM. PAruadb.
ume DO=a man. wauS. 4
ar.,m UnMW, a cet maM-
2u 1 r bat a C Call m
Me s DVAse ew me. HI.
am aUt 1 aW11car. a.
take Wer s VUI ia
Imat. am ur a m.
Plipas. I Sr. 1*w
V S aO a dr. a.a
w SI 4*.. allmm. S
S 34M S lM*ar. hb
sImWaS keF. S".m

ves ae. w Ve ases, a
Iftelade. be wmu
0" lSS ML bmir,
adm. PAe SL Cal in
m KNK 4* ri.B 3 & a

I as agSS rs ti ma
m slow vim...

a Tow .mfma eL to.I
W. W.. rat & hater. uad
m- bs awnedat. 9 Ph27.3
'amsn BMn. 4.
a.. nealss. m
Iot. P. 0. f e. Am.t
LOW P-kM Abb.~l bk
rit eW. JI M Am 4 i.
falcair. Air semlesr&
loetrie ,eats & takes. De-
km ua.e WSW ture. Very
.a.. la. wlas. Awtdy
fseaed. Cas i *e ttar
hr do" p. p. Call 2na
04 water I P.JL

IS Awtmbli e Sale
Tm sm tasa R. iBy ener.
InS Cuseomalie Ford, 4 dr.
raie, hear. ha. WnalM
hift. palnt & headliner.
meM r bme ta "44 M.w a

85-1 Aaeobilsa Wen de
WANTED, ItM mui 94 Fordi
and Cbevrolets. See at Herodo&
service Station. Ili S.E 4th
4.WHEEL die U.1versal Jee.
just be m good eonditio.
Pbom fit 2-40S.





CO=plfmied. You may choose the
F rthMobile Ho from our large
Fmilme Showrsam et little or o extra cost.

$3895$390 Dn.

TIp Trd AllowMace For Your Mobile Home,
Car, oat, Fwnlture, Etc.
mf *.S1r i 7; rIm am seatft l 1:s
l 2 Milk N4tk
i on J U.S. 441
... H. M.622.16M

U.S. 441



U IAMoUR 4-dr edan, autoamtic transmission,
radio, heater, reclining k ii. Executive car. 5,000
miles. New. Sold for $2878. Now only .... $2195

rabila I, smlmer m-
vriHal like mw. A lmatic
a- ,, an butera,
a4s actual a..

CQute 4-dr ase alaaerd
tr ia. bMad% r. Extra

tn, as. aasetd tra mb.
Ai. n. ar me *a tee.

Knao wpka. Cat

Ban n*a. satr. a .

ee uaa t asell, us-
Aeeflg. Extra ales wan

4*. aSo". aa. railt.



m FOR L .. Me,
58 FLYM . $32 Me.
57 OIUW $32 Me.
97 BUICK $32 MW

Late mwdel raieaw m V4
easle, autosauc traalnel
se., power imriea, rads,
theater. 2,OM set mile .


4-dr sedan, sudard trans-
malesl. beater, extra dlea.

Cmted 44r. asdan. Ads
matil radn, Mete. air as.
Iitilemd ladividual reclnig


44f cna Catt7 y tathm
WaNa. SUra amok. utsmatla
narleaias.. radio, lease,
%*TWsalrm fmg t.. .

"eam Delivery. qlhndler,
satrtd traesnaslwim. La

4-r. VMath Is9
lamUe. rait, hate..

57 DODG $23 Me.
57 Raumbler $29Me.
57 PFORmo. $Me.
5 BUICK $32Mo.
SCHIV .. $29 Ma.



mia" !


Trailer Sales
PaceMakr Mobale s
aits aSd Airetrea
Tramel Traima
Oeala'a Ired M"nowue
HINih Ulm Ml~t
OubcUela l.
an BR trauer hr Me wt
ala.u. P5*ri tUM. Louis
Is GlWad Traer pa m .
D. Pla q1".
Ma" Ma lav a M. us esr-
io, clea Lake ssGn. Tin-
ar fiSae. t. f. s X Kry-
eam tM.. a.
In sOUYN a W r bmasuari.
Wr. bed. COad. Call 72m-
after S p.. Hlere Tr. P.
Lot D.T.
IWR mAS u hit r trall.
r. boteed esdies. Manas.
13 Mles.at3 l eaters
Read. Fee2.465.
83 slewte Il$seem





i[ e





POW FebAr y 7, t1eM

Coe in for the let deal Ameice's
Finest New Cer, for 1964
Clip the coupons from your magazines, then drop by
and win yourself one of thousands of prizTeS

1132 Sweb Mai St.

Ph-m FR 2-4331




Tropical Pontioc
63 GREENIRIER, Sport wagon. 4-speed
trans., radio, heater, I owner. Extra
clean, low mileage.
look Price $2285 Our Price $2000
63 VOLKSWAGEN sedan, radio, heater, one
Owner, Clean low mileoge.
look Price $1640 Our Price $1600
62 PONTIAC Catalina Sedan, automatic
transmission, radio, heater, air conditioned,

one owner, low mileage.
Book Price $2250

Our Price $2100



5-WYAR-5,000 Mile Wanamty

*0i. -t D- I Trcks


119 S.E First *,e.

44r Mistk
4S Sedta, ery niicl
V4 elie, Autmtie trans-
miu % mA eWd k at'
Stanoi ,weoa dr, V-q en-
S ifl. mauwaiiC traFwb .
la, I M. a i r tt e lars
$350 :

Tel. 372-4343

Madel No. M. auom atie,
power deni. brakes, vis,
dMa and set. FatM air.
VIager satitn vcwa,
bhot Smt eaut, e. VaY
Cruder, auloaatic tnu-
sisde.& rad., heater, V4
eanw, power de brakes.
Very special.
r. Ver,> clean.

Many, many more of all makes and models
at very specials.
CRANE Lincoln-Mercury
516 Sout Maio t. FR 2-3631




1409 Ma

ni 2-51



fw all imas

18 van of expert, dependable rvce in
Miami & 3 other lange cittW
Al W.k wsar*ie
IveW Trammisliu Pe -Tete
3-HOUR SEnvics

Special of the Weekend
61 CORVAIR, '95' pickup truck,
4-speed transmission, radio. heater, mechanically
lound, body good, new point job,
ook Price $1180 Our Price $900
62 MONZA. Corvoir coupe, 4-speed trans-
mission. radio, heater, wire wheels, I-Owner.
Low mileage.
Book Price $1575 Our Price $1500
62 AUSTIN HEALY, Sprite, convertible, ex-
tra clean, one owner, low mileage.
Book Price $1165 Our Price $1100
OPEN SUNDAY 1-5 p.m.
60 PLYMOUTH 2-dr Sedan, automatic,
transmission, radio, heater, V-8 engine, 1-
Owner, low mileage.
look Price $840 Our Price $700
59 PONTIAC, Star Chief Vista, automatic
transmission, power steering, brakes, radio,
heater, 1-Owner, low mileage.
look Price $1175 Our Price $1100
59 OLDSMOBILE, 2-dr '88'. automatic
transmission, V-8 engine, power steering,
power brakes, 1 owner, low mileage.
Booeek Price $960 Our Price $900
Com eby ka meet tihm COURTIOUS leseme :
L L Hinson. Bud Thompson. Jimmy Pogue, Jerry
McAllister. Tom McEachernm. Clarke Raulerson.
5 FORD, T-BIRD. automatic transmission,
power steering, brakes, radio, heater.
look Price $1220 Our Price $1000
57 CADILLAC, hardtop sedan, fully equip-
ped including air conditioning.
leek Price $895 Our Price $800
57 PLYMOUTH' hardtop coupe, V-8 engine,
automatic, radio, heater,
leek Price $375 Out Price $300
1-1963 1ONNEVILLt, 4-dr hardtop Executive car
left in stock. Fully equipped including factory a.r
conditioning, full power.. ........... SAVE $1000.

'64 PoUieIs nd Templess Jst
OI ruon and equipOmtM. GM T

arrtl Gco Miltc.. I
[W~t |W


220 NW 8th AVE

FR 2-2583


Get That New or Used


Mi. N. m441
t Ciy U.IE 5
CALL 372-.$1lt

Fm t r WOtLDl'

TIME ...
FR 2-1411
Courtesy Of
N. Mi a Ifit A.

4-Door 88. Automatic tronsmissior,
power brakes, power steering, radio and
heater. Solid White.

N' behet.
ie' cenditiming.




62 CA ILLAC. Fetwood
sedan. .Factory are :& ful'y
equipped. One ownr. 24.-
000 mits. Exclusive Fleet-
wood styling &' :interior
appointments. 0 I.v m p ic
White over Lawrl. List
new about $7500: i

62 C+ LlLAC. "dan De
Ville. Factory air Olympic
White *ith Del xe De
Vile black & white inter-
ior 4 window haidtiOp
model. One owner.! Sold &
serviced by 86G. ;23,000
actual mrel. Lit new
61 CADILLAC. Converti-
ble Factory a.r: cond.
White Black leatrier One
61 CADILLAC. Stdan De
Ville. Faciey air. Full
power White

61 CADILLAC. Coupe.
Factor/ air Beautiful Fon-
tana Rose over; White.
Lovely rote iterni.

60 CADILLAC. Sida De
Vilk Factory air. Full
power, Very harp: 3P,000

57 CADILLAC. leetwood.
Factory air Full; power.
Whi'e & Mounla.1p Laurel.

Mha.. Tm.. Thul,..
Fri. 'til p.mj
Ws&.I tiva 4 p.-.
Siewmay 'i 4 p...

hardtop Sports sedan. Fac-
tory air cond. One owner.
Still covered by factory

62 OLDS 98 hardtop se-
dan, Factory air fu!ly
equipped. Sold & serviced

62 OLDS 88 sedan. Power
steering & brakes

61 OLDS. Super 88 sedan.
Factory air. Tan Immac.
ulate interior One owner

60 OLDS. Convertible
Styled tcr spring Full
power. Sparklinq white

60 OLDS. 88 sedan. Fac-
tory air. Power steering
ond brakes White

59 Suwpe 88 Htop sedan.
White & blue. Power steer-
ing .

58 OD1.. 88 sedan. One
owner. 44,000 miles. Ex-
cellent value

51 OLDS. 98 Htop sedan.
Factory air full power

63 BUICK. Electra. 225.
Htop sedan. Factory air.
Fully equipped. White.
Excellent appearance &
condition '64 tog.

60 BUICK. Invicta. Htop
sedan Low mileage. Very
smooth .

63 MONZA. Coupe. Red
leatherette bucket seats.
Auto trans 17,000 miles

60 CHEIVROLET. Station
wagon. 6 with standard
shift .

60 CHEVROLET. Impala.
Station wagon. Factory air
power steering. 38.000
Miles. Reduced $100

60 CHEIVROLT. Impala.
Sedan. Factory air. power
steering & brakes. Reduced
100 .

51 CHEVROLET. Station
wagon. Standard shift. Very
nice .

B & G MOTOR (0.
EW CARS: 115 S.E. 2nd Ave... FR 6-7515
iED CARS: 2001 N.W. 13th St. FR 6-7515

-at B & G

62 MERCURY. Monterey
sedan. Factory air power
steering & brakes. Electric
seat. One owner. 20,000
miles. Very clean

61 FORD. Galaxie Htop
sedan. Factory air. Power
steering & brakes

61 FORD. Station wagon.
V-8. Auto trans. Light
green ,

Power steering.
Low mileage

60 FALCON. Station wag-
on. 6 with standard trans.
64 license

Southampton hardtop se-
dan, Loaded. Factory air,
cruise control

S5 IMPRIAL Southarp-
ton hardtop sedan air

58 UNCOLN. Capri hard-
top coupe. Roomy, power-
ful. Reduced to






Bring us the
wM dmmtig


Sw. FWu Ads

Gee Rewes




Wagon, 8, power steering, power brakes,
radio, heater, air conditioned, automatic
transmission. Green & Green.


8. 2-dr radio, heater,
White and blue.



Wagon, 8, 4 dr,, radio, white and light


4-door, hardtop, radio, heater, power steer-
ing, power brakes, power windows, air con-
ditioning, Automatic transmission. Blue.






Foirlone 500. 4-door,
Heater, power steering,
White and grey.

oir conditioning





Radio, heater, power steering, cruise-o
nmtic. Air conditioning, white and blue


Radio and heater. White




automatic tronmission,
Gmen and GrQ n.



^nr~afer ineIW

k J

t.Y?~ BC't rn '#~2~s auw~ r

Ii wf Ge sIum


O $73 77






' 'i-fc


bawm&4ML Ll- 46, 1,

feMyf, Mebuy 7,1964 aImvilh Som 17




Gainesville's Number One Used Car & Sports Car Dealer is going to
sell 85 cars by February 29 ... HOW??? .. by NOT being out-
traded or undersold. Come to our huge lot, look over our tremen-
dous selection, then we will make the deal that others just wish
they could!


only 3,000 miles .............$1695
63 FALCON, Convertible,
show room condition ...........$2245
63 COrrTTE. Sting Ray. ........ $3M995
See lob RowS
63 TEMPEST, LeMons, 4-speed trans. $2295
63 ALFA ROMEO, extra clean ......$2495
62 AUSTIN HUEAY, 3,000 Mark II,
Roadster, wire wheels, overdrive .$1995
62 CHWE., Convertible, automatic,
PS, R&H, nice ...............$2145
62 MIRCURY, 4-dr., automatic, PS, PB,
A/C, R&Ha, e owner ..........$2195
62 MUCURY, 4-dr., automatic.. PS, PB.,
A/C, R&H, 11,000 miles ........$2295

62 CHEY., 4-dr. Impala, automatic, PS.
A/C, R&H, like new .........$2295
62 CORVAIR, Monza 4-dr.. automatic.
radio, heoter.............. $1795
62 VALIANT, 4-dr. V-200, radio, heater,
extra cleon .................. $1295
62 TRIUMPH. TR-3, just like new ....$1795
62 FORD, 4-dr. Galoxie 500, automatic,
PS, radio, heater ..............$1895
62 T-BIRD, automatic, PS, PB. A/C,
R&H, power windows ........... $2995
61 CORVAIR,700 4-dr., lowmi4leage .$1195
61 CORVTTE, 4-speed, atm clean ..$295
61 VALIANT, V-200, automatic trans-
mis"ion, radio, heater ..........$1195
61 MERCURY, 2-dr. hardtop, automatic,
air cond& PS, R&H .............$1695

61 OLDS, "98" 4-dr. hardtop, PS. auto.,
A/C. PB. R&Ht, I-owner ........$2295
61 CHRYSLER, Newport, automatic,
PS. PB, A/C, R&H ..............$1795
61 FALCON, 4-dr., radio, heater .... $1195
61 MERCURY, 4-dr. wagon, auto.,
PS, PB, A/C, R&H ..... ....... $1795
61 FORD, 4-dr. Galaxie, automatic,
PS, A/C, R&H ......... .... ... $1495
61 DODGE, Lancer 2-dr. hardtop, auto.,
R&H ....................... $1145
61 CADILLAC, Sedon deVille, fully
e pped .................... 299
61 SIMCA, 4-dr. sedan, no down
payment needed ............... $299



10)0 I UW,.
f 2-1512

1i7 N. Mh I

Sun Want Ads
Get Realto

r C.rI c ,
S'wUC ANl Ajw f fCm
*a._ ANdMel*

220 NW 6 Av.l 72-2SU

61 FIAT, Spider .................1195
60 CHEVROLET, Convertible, auto.,
radio, heater .............. $1599
60 PONTIAC, Convertible, automatic,
radio, heater ............. $1495
60 CHEVY, Impala 4-dr. sedan, automatic
transmission, radio, heater. This the
cleanest one in town! .......... $1795
60 VOLKSWAGEN, Kormann Ghia .$1395
60 T-BIRD, fully equipped .........$1995
60 FALCON, 4-dr. wagon, auto.
radio, heater ................. $1195


59 CHEYY, station wagon, Brookwood, 4-dr.
V-8 engine, auto. transmission, radio,
heater .................... $895
59 TRIUMPH, TR-3 .............$1295
59 IUICK, 4-dr., automatic, radio,
heater, PS, PB ................ $1195
59 PONTIAC, 4-dr. Catolina, automatic,
PS.PB, radio, heater ............$1195
58 CHEVY, Station wagon. Brookwood, 4-dr.
V-8 engine, auto. transmission, radio,
ae r ...................... $695


58 RENAULT, Dauphine .......... $495
57 FORD, 4-dr. hardtop, automatic, PS,
R&H, no down payment ........ $495
57 BUICK,4-dr., oautomotic. R&H, PS,
PB, no down payment .......... $595
55 FORD, 2-dr. sedan, auto., radio,
heater, V-8, no down payment ... $295
55 FORD, 2-dr ................ $295
49 CADILLAC, Xtm clean. See Sandy. $495



FR 2.4373



.-A-THON !!!

During$ this WHOLESALE Sell A. Thon we intend to break all previous records for soles
in the month of February. We know to do this we must close every deal possible... SO
... Before you buy drop in and make us an offer!

WI HaOG sPElawS!
* CHE Beoir 4-door uddn 6 cy$in-
der. Standard tIonmiuion. Radio and
h er ..........................
57 VOUCSWAM Komm G cupe Im
SOJD 8 -d. mn.a Amw
di h ter .......... ......
57 M o w. v. VA-, .omoic do.
lia er .................... .....
StWr hf. 44.4 1.i

se awn a.m w *s
s9 a

W. $6S .... M
54 Ford

Was $195 Ne.

55 Che! i

52 Pntioe
am=. IS h
w $15 ...w

59 Ford

Gnbu. arJ- kui.
"..d= aa.s, a a
a1.. a "m a.o
We $1195 .. w
62 Pontiac
b a sa d a ow -


w s 5 ...M. M


62 Volvo
Ith -ir S r .
*I Im mu swB *aflu
W. $1495 .. New
11185 ,
62 Mercury
Mtie%. sw aui
-1 S nsa ..-N
.a $M a S.

taSS SWlr i

r a
l-w^l W

64 Chevy II

Vte wnl. vS, wMS..
low Iat nsw r -ue
$2700 ...... N


59 Simco

.ts a. flb- k
n. a a mAho -W E
I- a U M C a
o = b "-
Via m.... mNew



Wasim .... MW

57 Ford

mta wm. is k a
aS3t 75 tWmmis
amo amA.
W $95 ... e.

59 Ford

a e. S& man.
a ma a
how. Us Eft l SU
Wa (W9 .... New

59 Voudxhll

W Ns .... N1w

1 nmww S nE

.i a

AIr3W .IA '- I


2201 N. MAIN ST.

H = ldL^,-=mm-. ,,,,


,t 7i

V f '

' -. --<:, '* *-.y

* S.^

33 ~mEm. Mn..,. In.

Latin, Pock o

turm's Nat It S
-. h N.d hbkns
0in mddm m nmb
sC adod OI nA btyl b
al km hahu im

w mat hbo I dgh AaM
ald- r l 3mr M "i
ab a1 k pid

I. Amu the worlr d'fs Cow
bt s, Sout America's rmk
i ggrph la b
L fnt
L secod
t third
4. fourth
t rn
. fith
. Of the bfnowhig statiet
a Lqtin Amberica, H are or-
red exce pt that it ha
1. a population EU M milon
I a high annual populati
growth ( per cent)
3. an average per capiwta .
come o only Ma ye
Smilion of permn ODS
plMyed mec(
Swridesprefd lffiteracy (wn


- b aS A S.

rIdildml l I&
w44ad hia


ly aboSt per ceIa o the pe-l Tw comparatively new Ist-
pe cam red and writh) Americain orgaitioa we
I Lath America stalcal CAFTAE0 ILAFTA, which a
"V nM" "m hie ni a-Bed m prarul A p amas.

dMe d te fol egaept
1. Pusr Rico's m en ON
aeedga -u pyet and
educag. provbm
2. BraI sMcce' s io dig"
dors b aet a liig, hih
Ioe n y 3 per entfhat year
1. Veiasla's elpwativl*
bigh (ffri pr .pa .
t Nedeo's atoMo attract.-
kg foreip byesfl (now
ebated at UN minioo)

Goldwater Still Winning

Opinion Polls in N. H.

Barry Goldwater of Arias is
sfl considered by Republican
leaders in New Hampehre a
the front-runner in the preside-
tial primary, a third Assoclated
Press survey of the state's coun.
ty executive committee memn
ien showed today.
But Goldwater, despite recent
hard campaigning, ha not I -
proved his position since De-
Comber, the new pol idicam d
His chief rival, Gov. Neb
A. Rockefeller of New York,
showed a slight gain ance the
previous poll, taken lat Decem-
Nearly half the county leaden
participating in the poll sUd
they are undecided as to the
probable Republican presime"
tial nominee at the con U
et July.

Of New Hampdsire's 33 con-
ty ommn e embers, sre-
spoeded to the que ntinnaire. It
ased two queio, "Who do
you smider the stnge GOP
candite agait President
Jo mon now?" and "Who will
be saminated July?"
The.rIeI were:
Goldwater RockefeDer ev
Ambm.mdr Henry Cbot

Frmer Vim Ireidt Rpick.
ard M. Nim-l
Wh* w .Be Nui*r

GGov Wfflm W. Santo-1

Who's Who in History

(see m aeQ tea atad d
1. Whn composed the am
"Over the Rabowl" (which
woan A ademy Award),
"Story Weather," tt Old
S Black Magic" ad "C b
Coe Shne?"
2. Who was the Swedish ag-
stress who turedAmerica n-
der the auspices of eirs am
P. T. Barnum?
2. Who was the SoAtli
tise who rose from weuWi as
SltAnt In a coos factory to
America's top teel magt?
4. Who wrote the aelb "Ap
poabtmt In S.marea" nd
Ten Norh Frederick," and
th libretto r the mrl, "Pal
i Who was the Preidmt and

Kilts worn by the fam.s Iv-
e warrior of Graeec me
time ctain more than 4
yards f material

Mue.a War .k-
mmed "ON Rough and
I. Who U lbegad sdahe
of New YVa Tinmy HaB
afer the War who w m ac-
an aWi low '
dmmd biks dSib
S Iowmantd l|llsBKIL

*L0l Maq y '*v zatll
*nqf 'WI *pp iil 'UPY

To Lb Wiht"
U mm*taS ft. M
we tin... us is weaS

I. tary security
3. trade relate
3. tr p tion neatwor
4. altural exchange
. halth*' and welfare prw-
grnd I
17. statement at be
dhrues the m l-ry rqgm
tbt took over recently a the
DnomAi RepbiW and Bea-
daras i that they
1. staged uee ectiom oo
after the takeowr and re-
5,1.a bea

2. promised a return to civil-
ian rule with 1 moaft
3. established firm control n
der military leaders who en-
joy "lifetime" terms in office
4. set up tspokenly pro-
Commuaimt regimes, with
help frhim CuObatraied mill-
. a4 America's biggest in-

3. Sav Palo
4. BMe Aireso
It.f following Latin Amerl-
can nap:, the one that is re-
pardedsathe least politically
table is
1. Mexico,
2. Colombia
3. Uruguay
4. CostaRica
5. HodhIras

1Ml plu sh. its
Laeq A mn lMat J

Ihe aed Ht ad m IA wte
other hl lao i M

have lambtmathedIr

Re. awir r i

SaUlLy aet thre
Bianolo Bc wart

the uaelfl edwtr taed
led December to elect Yams-
la's new prabmt,
2. When Meuico' presideay
cha-gs hanb t Decemaer,
proU.S. Secretary a Interif
Gustavo Din Ordes in a
peWWed to succeed Pruiuet-

SL Swrim Slabor probkan


Lp. &

no*lm THAN
Cook & Het Wars
Low Cod
FR 6.5110

h Iurle hi RisM S
fg .( ^V^W --- *^ W^ ^^U^^^^^H

Ig -RI g

^*^yIvAtirr jzw'zzzza



ACkijWaions Wage
66i&z~ War in Guinea

-b, flu (9)rb
l* do b b k biqmr

-1 hr Mobt WIN AM
an at mdb

Imgo m Abe ,al
mhe RAkm
The ate i ded from a
pb4 wood hmouae tn
Ito 5ikhtd eiyd that
6ieat ba taephone.
t7e l dt of h lctna hu
aew been tAlly minated de-
Sa a t .. dw -A

Wwa ei MM of th AMK
c=m Fatfy of bpondm of
PwrtuW m Ge. peak of
IN PortaPn aMen killed
and wooded l the "direct
*don" tarted Au ;, 1L
Officah d the party ay their
"t eler" hnae hot down
S1 Prtugue prim, and that
I areamsoth d the rivm Gebe
and Corub hu ben brought

I- -s -p '- mmSof "W I w fla 0Ua

sout-Valint Deale drwn't just lucky...
they've got a better car to sell-



Fe A


PM- Tvu m T"


Hawes-Powers Motor Co.

Plymouth-Valiaut-Chryeler-Imperial and Simca


We Will Not be Undersold or Out. Traded!

204 N.,Main Street




Quality makes the dffriwmce in






Other ColorTV
Buy Weoys
Compeo -


1:' g H~fMANC

*?3 10v





S- T
Vic"* m- com' J^ f

For Valentine, Day



V lWm MW r.TV*$W l
.u IrlB om oswen eem ju,
or....f....y. 495

FM RAUOS........*39" up
.dk-I Rlhid

^llfLm^ lhssiqumas

The Car With The

5 Year or

50,000 Mile Warranty


Phone FR 2.2561


I I I- . -. - -V 1

is sampa ow,





igiggig mppg

I i



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