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L Y Mtl ~ Yt*.of rt re n those, bills than 1, and' asactivLett a Y- sotghtt, tSd10 ep i K
the asO mocrirthis reply e certa, ubil-the o trly one ,of th two th at, ;Nt; as B lem prt)Vetell
o hares ae by ornerttt in th amo before the 5e ato tf rco-si--* prIst wi tbhe 4 o t
erphrae c pM i chrg oration, thpr cra t the adatae
yr 4 eftOtit a.te, eu. n ree, ivI and puirRpMo of th AT i)ch ll of both prpd. an c a oIf lm n 1:4' '
RD. old I take pleaasurel in avaith igSy WaS, at as Mh Stolkton ; to I halve oI.t som q1 Iiy into .
e." If o~f'your Itd offeo ert.h I deprecte ain currently but to dist ibut those ti system of ei ts era l'a"- t --, Natio -nal Out)o00 ..
.tivo a ec t n -t mo full .o lmiusrepre .n surplus i' n tho U U nIte It a Y r y. o hb u ed l son ile years i ., li i1; *,Wl J I ," : +yltl ,' ,,.
P onlas to make this reply seem eeI ury fi times of strhiena isr ong the to ti. by, rol able r ipathes at l .,a THINK WE WILLI WtN :
ne'e ry. I began my cfainpalgnj at atoal bal nup'on their depost *. the result. it a rate War itwe. 1 "
In. Punta Gorda, without personal allt. eeutity of Stra' te 0rty, anlyttI4pal o tul g Jl Ad freight, onda y N ,raa l S a.hnto Think ,T"Nrbik*a "
ril &ion t lany andidbate-lndeed, i sad and raIlrogTd i ds, A iurplutio in th l is. ol Dreates, arwerk fiv -no rk Hors. W IICapture th r
n I would note plain If other- so uTrpoeasiry can result ,o ny MAROeC .t 10 00e t lhot eU as 1 Mr Stoc titon ltiot-Willam Rt. t t .in.:' .
th e ffl-.ik at tt Wa ahigh a sarytaxation' Thattallidt no nft. .avo you belle-but tai
Itto? honorable one, worthy of the ambition uno ecesaarY taxation, d therefore o l W a wholesale e hn I ar whi. .-hll'yih a t
to of any lmai-I-and I shall use '.o per congderablie n"rp 8. Uniitce.sary Ceipi etg i noltl, t. LOula, Janin. io uytotblk
\tteby sonalite hat e only taxtion, Is in the nature of titin tow "In Hi a tta k h upon thie (. r g. Points to victory."' say Wlli lam ,
:the necessry to acquaint you, and G ovein nent for pxtortion, ,an 44 to: ex eter ('Xiutany, why diooM r Stcikto ri who IbQile. An a" IhourII I n St. L
through you, the peoDpl0 of Florida, tort money fromi the people for any soA studiously cot al (rom e >ub' today, en)Ilito hoio to lineoln, Neb.
anid with all the fadts. purpose is itsI opQien violation of DeI! 11N the fa yat thut he wna 'onntete hil *answer to a qultion aalsked by Th
Neasi : ocratic prfncipe and obviously wli' a wholesale houeo wiihl i al Po% t-DAspateli as to the Dethocratitt
fair NOTH'IN IN OHAR E. wrong retlivd. rehate In the tui s to o te tioal outlook.
tter ."I aliso opposed thle dIserlnilnatiOn wal Hia he convfehleitly fkrgottqn '. think We WIl win, nd I m .now
th "There is nothing in the ehargs, In fVoavor of national banka o iatei. it? I.ot ji rfrI h hits 4ilemoty( Mr eoll'1N<,tA that g ok io'e will *oap-
4a l shall show. They are simply old I.atei" by *the bill as well as th "c, Stockton waC one ot the me plrs o t t dt o he dnom inationk" bcontlued.
>IU- straw threshed& over and over. They ceptance oi. railroad h0ond aa ,aelu, t1he Tampa Co ttmrcla l pany, "Wht do. you thnlk tbout Judgo
4 were repeated prior to my election rty fotr Government money, established largely th ugIt lils or Parlkeo, of N.ow foirk?." li e was asked,
a in 1889, an4;, after a full and fair Sn. lt ha M- l)((,in t1i wholesalt ,l tt iot thlnkini about Parker at
Sl4esti atio under the Uoarehlight ot ANOTHBERA UNTRUS .OHATIENT', AgroEry or,, grain ess.s with Witll.
ce public dicuopi*on and r 1 m 4aprTRof'1i oot in Jtatioiwlle, and, How Whuld Senator t2ornlln, f
Florida, w e decided by a ~~~ity ..'No 5, Mr.. Stockton says that ,I :troglt h pth e e 'ltbual M a'Iyl5dl. ln it yo'U "
( of 'a Leislatuire oq tood and uprlhi't was at Tallahassee during thie eslotn n0as, luduced ot;h1r to aniairk i "th I l rlm not disoalti atr ,i iirmt,m "
e. and patriotic men t to be wholly Un' oft thee last' legislature flgh1d te him r in he, Tamnpa hentepriso, ,t oe arll'y thr candidate eate '
funded. i1 ay. call attention espe- bill, Company r otlved relates, out sA dldi i it tt"0 Uiat you have xpra e ,
1/ Claily 0to th e fact th at 4a 1 of the' ..'l oth o le' at ..p`nMg points p tl r M r. Hilearts,"k w s
far charges are covered up In th0 maz Ih statenta is mls( Whl n "NoW"'Iusl
ct of the "past, long before my election, oundld. If nle by wh at wrhlcii tho y we k s itned.I' at, all, I I lr, l witL what hav
bl and that but one of them, which 0 i ht 1 tate nt n 1 r d i, not, irtainly te then t t followi
t he tI II "' api toul,: whIton. it a mn aplurlltto 'th Mri4 a.t "
om1 psapably unfounded,, -relates 'to' my aseh ngtonu w, h v t hd f rlt til tl 1 hs ) mnn. tlV, ,he t ,
g record or, th time of my service in ianl t int r votoDe fr at ani tr l titm /do' tlirt t l)t ( ,lon 1 t e ie par y
*Lb illa'nd'fr vr v v a- a t amend b ri fi 1pmnairo rnay,.
iveont offered' t'lhereto? anini tho Ilt-Sun ri on ont it amon y prol
ave fi^ true thnt 1 went td. T 1ha s, 'j i t I Ill) :tohvlo
itne NO CORPORATE INPLUENCE. I to ...i.eth t.. I haynIil up t uh tav ing ll ti l i t !o tiny h at i
seo ,,.as n I donlee uoft it to ,be nfl. dutloyl henr'i 'prnietlunlly tiltl 'lia ,nulog P lit 1'r ahtin: ol '"ili s i hl p riop .
t- hith i.' aciai m l yh, o 'it.nj *itp alt, te of i,1'.'t o' .v iyb pltttl<-un+tW ;i^
e ,1 take up the charges in the order t hoet hanendisculof th r ect i 'Pi ii i'ra t. oni it a a"l* rn o a iid :
named by you: and 1 to sa total i thlir V iewi t ionl ninrl have It dritl lit Taol ". t- t ha v alio.t y i s. i itra.
n 'No 1. i. Mro Stockton ays that my q.ustin of national intiport I had 1i lh the.'Moiil litdneo r 111 551ant( prtttly Plaintve a lreat' I intnot"
ken eietion .by corporate influence o .waa no word to say on the 't ittt f i It woul ot Je tt l avities p ortlely pauin that i e am ot" :
in 10 blazen that the eople were as State legislatoN" .othr, thal to favor uut it hav t a irtel o lelti ol n tot.e o e l : .:Y o
il'I tended.' eral a propriations for edutiona dli 'i roih te weat at Joki lt o u in theat t ne
ce ils statement nt only assa ls poses. I wish to see the young Iv. le. m' I e of lbne .twloards 1runoi .. rl m iagin noth, erelnltan
e "This statement not only. assailso eo'. an tln omen [ot'4 4, .. .. ..
me, but a maJority of the mermberi n -.n..... yoe ,ing women a of lo, I .da Bo out ,l''.ln sonmili rOw untild thil hue I hNt r whlohi t wI ntlhi.u o1 eith .rwle
tter of ti6 e' L egislature of 1 $ 0u arid Is" '1 Il I 'll o r, 'onI0i ,l +ic ,, t .oul d, i tA w o ,
our w hlly without fioul dation in fact. ,cjnfully ,ompOl .ini o .y walk o g','tl lio of tbuile ti thrO bhi tAll io te t
,o't T 1e 1 people of Florlda haVo ,,ot.for. pal t h .st mit t' eio or th ti1i e n fl ryan WO l bt commt h
0i~eiu e ttnu tlia t allof thle' s ppn a t nv y o o ir 0 ton, rel t imnt iles"rln o, I l it ar inntho elI"I")l"ty o Mi y 'o. Mo 'L"
the f0 leauinug wnjr of the fate l millst hat. Lolslatuyre ecl l4 flig tr e In tO. t h: r were aNo Y l rr l af l ll t N or fu- th o D or ti
war wIth u t heonh itnus tno suiy if I ever approached ion, hau Iunrni tril funrYw
war w ithe 0e1 'u1 l oc cs d conm unbito lruor hint or attemptlo to int hien mo hhim ,i -i 11 It wnhilonlo111 ti'onn,
l.v* the clealllu r-u of that e t bl', anu a hI a n snu bill, 'a in w n 0 % ,)..)Ill your
ev- congratUlated Florkldt t upon thl e laot in 0oi IT, lm t'l in :fi t 'ult tain t ('ma Cin. W ost your vlsow n -tho .no ylo e1, t
and ttit tire w0 re nt o scanudai at ur THE REBATE ALLEGATION. sad"lslu 1 'till Pi fllrt ll10 io tr hl t I tn 1i /'Y M r" wa a Mr:'rth o ,l .pl o ltl
u ca tlal l li anl le-in wtnes ]ou ap iil l at 111 1 whad een Wltons v"1r I. {., ural nalu n y lt ml I lh n re u e nro s*ot$ i *
th inon t ,ntni r ior lhfit. if Mr, S thik. o ug r y n t to n y of tu. hoin i .l. huiK ,n, e.(-...l mt p "PIa, l' '' or f u H0or-Wot 8 1
by the toun ln dliso'e w.lta he saya, hli ob h tai l orlu ie C; .,B' tut. o.r.Cm uronil u utlio, -t Wn'n i th< fr i-,t:-i| n t,( nli, o this. ihbl .rta on 'eLnew p 'aprwh'
un d' shi r'in.l I ave leit amnum1ng tl OiOe w0hou ,"y. "a0 n '' h"'ii i ni n t 'ni t frot n ii o f dt iofi nti'. dri .
SImd iti ila.yu ffer tLte uint.tu giht o iolle brnl u finward 'an i t' lavlt 1 o9f1 n' o tn l l y fl ho w'ol 'tn fdl .r I ll l u '-..l.... .. V." "0 '

or th;""t t *** ho i 't t .1*, l '". ''n 'td18 car tl thtm-tiootiry Si ,a e t ,..r-to n'. n t n' one br ,''ht-- h l-e a,, l
( oU .,,. f* ;.kou wau ,nlomen owa a n.un r, a- n. -t .'i l<,),,.-l lat,110 11.f i t)nd inm 1. it0 e r ll o ,tF01 N .l 'M .t:
goi the i 1 uvup Iontntty Cuubvenoltutt.wuiht I X m i h a.. .t in,-eur I h! e to ANN' IG h L n E c mrtl ic p RiJU .t a, t sfCome, o iric ntoo 4,W
the. toilrniue ly- l nml,'4w thmy : ia r oru i y I = l y and I rilt r .n + thror h r r ni" n asya oiwer In 6o a I)W Y rk Jn. tl A t 'o tllo i'
isa HE P A SY TE Aiktiu, i w, 'lhe fi orn 'b'ti elh ae,. si,.'t. r W 'ine to ;roni., .a)0 m htyl f atlluc or f Ie e Yti' -
loioa w h aften or ,In s im" in n r in l i... I ti-i the e rl e ro rf en o rfl y a i nnme Ofh rf o~,to n. e t h ag0
h.a ed, 'to irialnhp oane, nt"i f tght rY -m' in nn 1' u' u u r i..i..ino ye g flt .rel l war uniti, rt. tIr ColUas tsof the f.oltu i tpr' :
l e r :. a l,, a y,., itd f -l" y ` d n 01n 0 w ilt )1 yt, ,, l o w h o r .. . l f e; W t h o n l y fl a n fvi n r o ,il, i, pt t h, e a tm p ~ i+ + ; l: .
adr i t naieta ra i o d nt or10 ll Tot ora tti i r a n i, l n e l and i t o Ils at l dh usto
the at ''ah hse ight ,>g for mi e' huit i.n i nt ill, -iny .stwo y,;i'.a f ermep d give : eanw h d '....^ .'rti-tem o re s ad be+
se to fbr tohem ere thre 'aiid r e hr a Ve 'ixhf Ire ".I d febegant nhei ,Iftr'N N o Cresi an rd thr e bia to ittl9n# +4

S0 .! rj i oe tha f t int I ball i d t n

18: (Noa. 2 lii- Stckt-VIto Issu I enilnu n ad I t 7 ih lim i tW tit n b esrmu u i ,er mll Ti.LT R U TO Rof .
trha 'Al,- a la r e nutlrit *O fa nd t '.. ..r I, nd h .. ..r' .re....v.h lH iie-lusn e h il n o t-i t h e l61r e so' p tany,' .
i i N. o t a rsnTf ert s tat I a'a'"no un I O w 'th sIm st t "ioe re si a" l n l fo M,; hnl;
. "the ', OIo.. b le0t... O ff m hro mi. and ,q i Itb a. t lt r ^. .*1 ,.i.S *._ st ".w. '- t'f *ft :e pl i tcsd pby h

S THi PRIMtARt lV1StyatE s the C' ipr) an : -n. .ffr' r b1'l a h .(f^l a p n r .
t' Sh ate'. who i tr (l y a enopu nh aed I ma y iel or ld Ei or t les or .wiih :
11 n.nM tl er f .atdo ts41t' tomraco fin rnt nIfo;to. 18 b telul it)Ilitt lof 1te ittt rte' i so t nhtr e o .sfo i., ,l 'Iilia lrt
Is F1,r. ,t( 1" millI I 4 0 ".Ar UK(,tit*or d1 t trldt by ox equby"+.. tideStitt"

I no t estitthd a t r(-1ill a m l i lla^-S' "It-
i8 t elcti_,on "n 't niida et .Vg w Wthn IM e of .i 4 ,.:, rh o.i t ,l m M:, ,t r ai

t.yhait th : s : i rel :'.4 i- w it'; T' p atirdoy..:t 'i n. .in.. -i 4.. .... t' t.. ... .-
tmie4- We ightsenaan.han- I (* 1ai,,t Offt, i f.'

ot1. h y ..INo.o I, : s ri..M4r1C that I deooune.i
p r t, j o '4 1 0 ,80tm o Ia Cw a b sr i pp. e r u l ,'4 1 d 1 1 10 et'1 ) 1-t 0 t ri 0 s t .

Dnoe'stl p.a~~'l ly .1 rftrE "tm ro. .' ;,, iIt la,, u10#0d,;, yi
rf.*u sp'fl rp for. oriu'IatIoor o *hot-i tahof n .totia .-

-N o, ni2 4 ?4 r, St oo wE o ,1"i t sarI":ut, htt..vOri',ig Y040 I 'n 4 URI, I'd

10'v'it it9," LI.I ki.t fr, N, it n -o y thot
441'ytnm t~s nhI A Sn iioiit ni it loshi ir sa

tolloIweo 1the fast ti
anidi plied Ot2 ach
wIk reCtes had faied O
C jlock, but pried010per
Snee d ft the."fWas
'*;" ~ lM !^ "::*i:'^~

10 Yeors Old:

4 2;
N, 7 Years Old

i.. ... .::. ... .

i I::: I~

M esd$iption. of fkoue'r inm
A, yon Watat ghH

E--- io^- ^i

No Attermpt to scpe Aftert
uMr Attempt, but Went to His
It and Proceeded to Prepiare ias
oning Me4l--jQuiet INow Roigns
Purther parulars of the ifonching
Jumbo Olark? for an, attempted as-
al'Ipon a young lady at fgh Siprings
wurday were bought toa Gaineavilli
parties comfiog'from that place Fri-

,:It develops now that the young
wat not Miss'Mizelle, but a Misas K
a ni'ee :of L.L Mizelle, who ..resi
with her uncle 'n the' uburbs of
town .. ...
S1Miss King was on her way to sol
i Thursday morning about half-pat
o'clock. The route she was aooust
ed to go was a narrow pathway thro
a black-jack thicket, this being
Most directroute.
S When about halfway on her i
sion, the young lady was confronted
Sthi. boy, Jumbo, well known iin 1
Springs, and who has always been
garded as half idiot, Jrmbo made
proper advances to the young l]
who naturally resented them im
any, when, he seized ande grap
k her throat. Hie took her by force t
sil a few yard away, where donly
l' ait frantic ad detenrmnied etffrt
the young' .lady p'eveited' te t
f ropm acediplshillng his purpose
SWith Wl derfll" ,ful 'pr'esendi e :of,;i ml
w.heB she be'eanime&wr6 that: the'b
:wais about to become mnaste'r of
s'ituiatlin, pe remarked Mr.
t aelle qis'only a short distance blhi
and' when h.e comes h'ero lie will
YO- 'you.' This remark had a' most thi
ing and desirable effect :upon
negro, who immediately released
grasp and maide arapid retreat. :He
not attempt to escape, but wet t-to
.abi in tihe outskirtq of the towim f
began to prepare lq smorniing nmal.
S: The young lady inlmediateily g
t 1.h.t.lIj1qu, a uninstwtnt tLie en
populace wai excitement. JInl
t han a half hour after th. rep
Deputy Sheriff Lamb went ,to
Sabin, where he found Jumbo
;iV took hinm into custody without
-eistence.: The negro at. trst plea,
,iniiocent, and stated jhbat lie dc
not understand.why the ofltiers wan
S'himn. Whenl apprised of
awful attempt ofr orin and the gr
ity of the situation, he did nort es
coiicerned. He stated that Ih was
guilty, and declared that he had
left the confines of his own home d
,ing the morning. .The officer took
flilprit before thli young lady, hi
;"ever, who fully identified him, w
Sthe result that the lynching follow
'There was also under a-rrest allot'
Sliegro, but the young lady stated pi
S tiely thit he wai, not the party, t
he wa 's reliiied...
.. 'Therie Ati surely'something do
Ain that old town when Miss King pC
.tively identIfted the beast," remark
-a citizen of High Springs Friday.
Souirse wa hsit present at the lyn
ing, but 1 wa told.aboui t it. The m
Sin broad open daylight, threw Offl
: *;Lamib's overeoatl over iils head, ci
pletely bltndindg him. They then. t prisoner awway'by.foree, carried)
W: .toa little hickory trend. near the' srO
.of the heitietio attempt, and with
S. rope wh ih had been furpished by
o: f ":te a art strung the culprl't
:ii body waiueompletely ridd led w
ballets, and it Was iaid thitttmore tl
.1onuainrei'ied bullet holes "Owere. fou
otii, aThi ishot iwer' so fat ati d
'W li0Uthatth^ rope which .sulpeun
Sh i WaseiB -ally severed, and 1
S iody ftl .toe ii 'gound ." ':
An inquest. wa held Friday aft
1o004. Judge. O., Webb was toreIr
S jy, and tle verdict rend

,* of parties uknon 7
> *egto was berled inH
IMt*$,5ttel h oaftdr heinq *

4 0u4 whlsiWlsjr aumer
Bae thanku o he ouuftco
les feltrevd or




Mr$s,, 0 Chesnt Entertains Sin onor
of Miis Helen ,Denham;':.."'"
The'htoe of Mrs. JoluiOheSlit waq
tde ;sen l fd uiasual gPtety Thursday
.,i~orat at.i
eve(tig,' the occasion bei[g a whist i
arti tre..iedt in honor of Miiss .ele'
^ irntmaa^m rmlerl of. tiaeity bui w.t
of vanniah who iin im hciyb aity thi
guest of rlends.e
There were 'slx tables, mnd the game
was pushed with a vigor tobeadmnired.
At the conolIumin of the cbotest, it was
discovered that the lady's' prize, a
handsome point lace handkerchief,
had beeni won by Misa Denham, who is

Ing, regarded as an unusually shrewd whliat
ides player. For the gentleman's prize, a
that bottle of toilet water, it was necessary
for Lee Grahtai, 0. Saott lroonue-and
ool E, .0, Cobb to out, and time result was
st 7 that Mr. Graham was the fortunate
on. winner.
ugh Delicious refreshments were served
thli, luring the evening, and all those who
had the good .fortune to be present
nis- were delighted with the entertainment
I by of the lhospita.ble.lantilady nd glad at
[igh in opportunity tp do Miss D)enhlam
re, honor again,
idy, .... .
dig. Of.J J ,Finley Chapter, U.; D. C., in
pled Honor Qen, Lee's Birthday.
to a
o T a lie following interesting prpgranm
6t of J J.h1'liiiley Chapter, United Daugh-
.0 'tera of the Con'fderaoy, will be held
I' t in this i.ty ou: the occasion of thli
birthday ot General R6bt.E.E Lee, at
i i the oOurti house-January 19, beginning
ue0 at 9:30'o'clock a.iii.; anudtho piblio is
c ordially invited;, t be pread'nt.
Mid l Musio by Orchestra-( Bonnie Bllue
nd, Flag.-
kill '
Sil rayer-Rev. V t, Ellia,' chaplain
the of Stonewall Camp, U1.0. V.
tle Address-Judge Horatio Davis, Coln,
is mander StouIwall Oam p.
did Quartet;toeMesasr. Wheeler; Gtiles,
his Shel d anld Burniett-"-Annie Lau.
fl*re," ^ .' ..* *" .
Ioemn--"Orossa of 1Honor," will be
ave read by Miss Broonme.
tire 'Reading of the Rules of Order of thi
Cls Chapter, by.Mibs Seamines8, the l niece of
ort Adnmirall ltinlest of the Conifoderate
the Nay
Distribution of Orosses.
r'". Music by Orchestra-"-Dixie."
thie Union Academy Will Have Nbw Princi-
'av- pal for the Coming Term.
e0im Prof. ll!nj, F. lChilds, for the past
not term tihe' etiluient priiicipll of Uniou
not .0Atademny, the colored public school,
ur- has resigned his position, having p fsetd
tilh successfully hia examination for tho l|o-
w- sititou of rnill earlier for thhe t(aimos-
'ith v ili free delivery Bsystelm, to \vhich' he
ed. will bet appoitaied.
her Upon the the recommendation o0f tie
os5- colored trtoiate of Union Ao demy,
ald ,'rof )Bose hias bren appointed pri'nl ,
pal,hlehavitigaerved as vibte-priielpalof
iing the school for four terms, anid having
)oi' give general iatlafactiu thie trustees
ked and people hail his appointment with
'f delight, a nd look forwrd to a further.
ch- antceof the cause for which t'he school
oh, has stood for more than thirty yerrs.
Ter i'Te patrons are hereby iiqtified thlAt
lm school will open Mlonday morning nt
ook 9:1i and areespecially requested to
litt send theli ehild h .ti tlih flrst day.
1oe The usual formal ope1ninig will be olb.
a served,, and patrons and friiids atire nr-
ne: qlUcteild tno.t prlsiit
lp .... ...
lafi -.
,nd Mayor Tumlln, of Tatlapoosa, QOlves
fu- ala. O:00 to Coltsege
l Tal)ap(io.. a,, Ja ln.- li. -RtIev. Ja.f,
d.e. D lckey, D.l.,, proeidoftt of rm.inor
the ol6lgeB, li'aWo en 5peniiiiig ftew days
bere among old fitit4 friends and aV.
er- gqiaintanees io the inteBreiit'of the lam

red1. Utitpu lilal lu'tornm ho W"11the ij+,
I iMYor' w/ L: b runi, who $i0 a'
tihe' h1tm the g:ry geewroula 'contributtio
:of ,00 (aVit.dg prevlou.ay gvefl hblag
1gbi $00) for ,(Ithe fun for tsistl.i ts n th

Diid95 ofI1 4 :,6a1. :,
me have to m 4s es, treating r':.0'1

Company 8ufferC Loee,
N vw IVr l .,in!I. Il, 'i story
car lnii and a0I'a"hnL Wi c ar ouf the .C n.ty lhdlan' d h r)-, klyl-t2 il lbu i copr,
pany In bWrooi lyn, *War tod('y
the .lre threatening tlse sa efty, oi Ll
attjointng. power irti jri(Ind pIutting a
nlitbm er ftit thie lrl(ikly :il Iar .flll 'or l
or rmitnlstiotm for mifa tl inour's
.rtire l en i .orw" tlijrlre, l t.i lt i
Ufiboully/,. ti lt .*i) I 'ts efi.iluiX tt, dtt;
from 't$10 r' l )r !o .... ~ o ,
T'Im tat in. g olut.I'ylxl' ),tpodi trli
eqlrtllr o,..r i i'.rall avewtuhe Inron
t) Kallr a t u'.i 9ihS r .?artiaet.

': r.lixp tMay ': eoWrIC.:ktd.,, :

ArM64 rwUo3r has mtn reeltted er
fr0ntt V i :tri (':. of the wrc s tof
'AN 1-l3r it is shta h this, art the V
O00Vta *Dand rs Owli,, to t.
wit** bl down '1*n at Il r tnity i

- hoji^|t^^

D, .Reeves Sustainme Pa'inful Actident
S' /' '* : r m J .... '* f r o m ;' T .m i ;' ;.:. : 4 "

i Ptll h, ,n rom a Fall. i

idenoe n t, tIIe trom the ppr

flshb wriid6 from wh lichi I is on*i
fine to his te. Mr. Reevea is wiriB
ly' knaon t4'ro of outor mpt up-to.da1e
rpeotlter;, almiatny Ifri,'nds willri.

Ore.ftJo4s3 "wo some wii eeks ago. wt
brouftht Iromin 1Tanja to Miertopy to0
btje pi iedi iilr 4^Dr. MiitgonaI ryo'as
treatint, ,was miaiss iisll a ri4rtiarn4
hlilu lst Sunday, fully raetr'edW
Mrs. Hobsoin fromi Okland,i aid Mrsa.
lTholmas from Oxford, Gau, aire among
tile latest additions to the' list .f Dr.
Monutgoiery's patienits from a tli' j
tance now in Miomnopy.
'In the Mayor's Court.
James and Rottman Gihtsi, two col-
ored boys, werdarraipgied before l Hi
Honor Mayor Thomnis Sattirday,
charged witl fighting Theodore OCin-
non, white.
Thero was quite n l attenidando. at
the Iourt, iiand tlamon those ipresint
wai the father of thle' dtfetldan s,
When ithl eolrt had beon called to or-
der and tihr evid.en b ilLnodtlcel it
seemed to be a kind of 'a stand-ott as
to who was inl their. blaino, alnd
the mayor said ho. !would release thE'
defendants if tile father would
agree to ttak thenii home n nid' give
them a g~pd whiplrlgg.
"I hiave heard I bout those boys b'B
fore," said tdio mayor. "I. iav heard
titfttha tey ar bad boya, anid are eonl-
statlly tiyinig to )iok ai fsi with auy
other o who i' the hleasbt b it lined
to light; an,.' wliil e I do. blano tie
Cannon botht' least bit, for hivitiit
anything to do with thoun, I auin 11lin
to admit that 1 'uspot they brlglhtt
oni the trouble. I thefather of these
boys will promise i to t. takli themi
hoio and adninnlsterr a good whltpping,
I will let tholni off"
'Tho father promlosed, in his owni
laiguiago, tliat ho wot I t "burn 'em
up," and with this.the mayor let tlhe'll
go, :. :

Decision Over Estate of Theodore Hag,
raman Has Bcci Se8ttled.
N? w Yor'l'; 1 --, Aftit' ll Igal on
lasting Jor moro tliini t yI l r, flit illas
lipte nMs to th0 0 .ldvi!, ii (ol1 tho.e i l Ii(:
of thi( lnln T'I'llhrodo(Irte 1-i liag io .l s 1
been settled.
Agromnlmnts halve I)IvI n oint'l ed'Or intif
and tlle papers havo boon Ilgoied '(Ill
posing ofrcash He iil tri l Mtl i ,l inrd iat
$l1 ,O 0o0,0 Acccrd l tg to Imau('. Ia(g-
aman, Muari AlndriwI 11iand .Mr:i. Mlry
Fraincoro Ilchiardl, (of Now ilItViel,
.'ontt., brother tind si!torit1s of 'l'tra .
dora Ilngknimali, tl h widow w lio Wl now
the wire of Dr. Walter 1E, litlali'thrro,
accoiept:c terriH not nlllini ditf ri(.nt
than thise oTffered tlo her licforte their
case wislfirstt tallo(n Into court..
ThIs probal)ly ondt wll 'hat )prominis (
at onelrn 'tlO to io.a tleooitllonlal muli t
and which resniIltel in the body at
iHagaman a belng dlMlnterreol I.(o aseor
tain the exact clati' l hl hI leatlnb. I
directly connected with lIt wLH Ithe
'ontence of Alltornley (leorge Mill,
to term lin prison for attempt to
brItb an anssitant iltatrlet attorney
trom' whom he tried to pitrchlam p,- t
pra contualil(ng an indictment n gaInst s
Dr, K. Flower P a

Coney island and Brooklyn Rhifroad .



Duttion & Co.' Output for Yeam
Wats 1,100 Bales.

Shortage 9f Crop Was Brought by
Early Frot, and Ralns-Prlices Wodid.
Have Been Good In Face of Full
Crop-Derinnnd Was Giood,
Tlitk iili 'ry Of H P.;.ii)tton l Co
hIas bti ln tgIt<'i o l i 'lot past t'wlio tdinly
'claiiing uip the season's lttpUtllit
which' with, thli oexcptloii. of one 0lmore
day will close nth .1e emtre crop. ,The
gins will be opralted for onitl day about
tlih ntiiddIo of the coming mouth,
Twellty-llveo bhalte wore tumriUnd out
during ,Friduay aimd aSturday oll tihis
wetlk, whlilih incroieases tl e oliOtpult of
this 'stnii h!'lim mon t to J, Jll bal hAditr.
tlth sononll.
I "Wei will halv oe o lllloro li:tily' work
thlie slaloni,"' remarlk d rllan'mger W,
ti, Rolbinmsotl ot' tht cotton ulcpluLrtinmont,
''"but we do n0ot igirre oui gLroilrlti onit
Imore tih0tn twelve or li(eften b.tilae
The prodi uct is coill igi n in mighty s low
niow-- it fact ilt is all ill with thie ox
c(iptio mof a few strlIgg~ilog Jo011d, nurnd
will rct:liru qnily ai day to cilltr tip
tliin sltutl.
"Thll i. Hi'tsotli tIHa lniiin InHually
( r'lift,," onmi iitfd M r," io ilici 'lhi#
(*mtiid loin of ailTiii'was cainnd hy vtrly
frotit miltld l tiitiltd w t wolil her,
whiclih iadl t a tluiidotny h too drtwil tIhO
e 'oI). otu t W ,il .irweu r Will Oh-
poit ially lild in tlIl W' s t l;idt and in
U.nIly iiloltanMci tlhe praljtlodulthlu was
Idee(rf!ui ed from '. to 8l pIer e('iint,
'"O(iur' gili'nng tla mon wias of shorterr
luratition tliln aoth 'leli :tlIn f(ir intiy'"
eiars, antd iourt output wi icoiiltdeurr,
Ib!y le s-'-probablly s 40 pir citnt. 'I't h
idverlo eondltlon rof the weuather '|haI
ir(ved disastrous to utis li 'alik(, a.iiAi
niy symtnpthiie are with the grower, an .
ih i thea follow who doteis thme niutdi I
olrk, If the farintr' lt*s out.lI, the u it
irei co'iunttry has lost, 0as titin painter I s
he root of thli corntil!oriel (hiterests if
liy s:eCUtion,
' the faitrmer will piitilt heavy thl
omniing seaioii" tottrarked Mr.' Xlioiti:l t
io, whari taIked regarding thte prosn.
etS' for the in:Xt. ''thXt aer, i" i i'g.
till. :ir aiboot thet anilwe a last ye he goid pricesm tirettmragrd tiuosw w'hol
erei pci,'riusitormed to plant cotton. aLnd
ad I not bteen foi :the osotiatilleId w~t
leather they would have milt.a hlig tia
hing this seasonit. ('Cott rn Wolild. hiae .
oimittindId Just gooti pIc'sl 'hl *d
i: hr.ttrYe.t har:tboitl tot thlr i'Wuai ati

ncffiF;1". y:pi.prei'06t: iotl41d4'tfnu il l"
nd tisl. dlirmer whotn ttis prolitfle Itshi .
frnot t y wtl. h iy Jsw a got1 thingood..:.

lItWt ,t IlttI"lll wShI.i4 I fl 44t rl"4'tl o1iil 4 .

o tk' in .'tur^ai tott l:( *f^ ^f.y^ *

lo stritei of fitS he 1 4ttitehtv **t
w. will* ihae1i4' all .* i ig'lly, r:a

Sd'wfiitot ~trat 01' t )

It "* i
"1010 lo, 110#14rli j g),
oft,1"otdrt' ktm




. .. .. I. IIII I I II I JL L roll


Polloe Say They Are POwerless t '
Slu l'esa Sane. '
Ne.w Yorl. Jait, I-ln' hPlM ..
Cl(isliey, of tlhIe di' (F.'tlviw hlinT('ai, hata
asked liho liOMtloiC'o oi lf litlt lto litIl
Ity i ip t v dlt0(1tl l t l littlriT t u a rrte d

(10. Itt 1.1111 tit iv titiin Im n s wpI;t i 't o ha l
Onlit tihia .ity whlM h 10 ,.i ,' lto luthim
drswn; in a thl ll g:I t 'I lit mmr ,e than

06 x ,. imd lo i 1
viil t lul I 0 iv t6ibA tdl lo 'n I vostt'illm '
wtialech '16( 'l lcg Yl.tlli1 0'rllg ye1rl : .
sti me'ritthoi)S'O t '.i 'l for a taigalatn .',-
tlhat I! rliiiTe4od tfhr tihe, muali H P't !o.-
enutIlt I : lIl. o it thoMati"anif of pd ro : 'n .
'1,11, 1 (llirt 1t H(i,, sBt'imt 1t a tli t lf rit i nd hid k or '
urit'lod tlio ni(itllivin M it thitill t.iot a
yeor; that l i t ioltintly pri'i dr awing
ilmls won iti IIIInublo watIc, but n, -il'
ltr litiiit rly, t lim a fTr ndi fatitd to teid :n
$1t35i foi to umigazlne, 1iThl retIp' .:S
lent of th F I ti. lot a hI1 ltlied to a diiti
"lle niitol>t .li irdo to prioctur tih
prIze, uan ihi pi lle, Nay thuii taiiiu
tavo'lmit) o i. Ir fovw e ,vei', -Lth y rtiftlis
to Co'Ie tol \ thvl. Ir 'f iOlliltm to givO, o(V.
110(Io witit fl n the o timHiiii l.ll 'li'nllvoh.
vt, aitll the tiotllO utty !they it'Ir :l)o '
aotls'e to suIpIIrIl R t io dtrI' :'

--- '1
Japanesoe 'nitiltep Spesku. Otf lttso,'
Japaneoe Affalr.
nidnlon0 ,hin., 'i T, +"'T]0 :' Jin.I eis'loi '.^
tniml tstisr, Ihtino It. yailshl, lad .ohiratt f ".a
tAl t.l lldltlrti on hi tntorflniing of tihO ,
upolftoll attitli e of !itor nit ,t but h,'a :-
BaaldIt It 'iraoMtteotatilv of tthe Aii o
d(i fr 'd (*ri 0114 : *;
"Itlti it rita'lly cortaniti hat iplY i

( itl i rtili n 1 : I tno,;l i l l tnoo tan t

rIont o' 1 prtiu (illof '.utt itB 1As w*
RH a porl ton (l r et, or that smntitila
wI' uiiole or the rig ht to' brHak. or
"leotui r 4,,a

oiemil idt pori Il ionat' I tpi l thi ) do
sent annotindnte B~regtdrin 6#
L'ht.,Iea ,-Aotorfiett tr(t( li 1t t jtea 'i

priiio(.plid, tog W lh .;o o te i.ltrry IS

Itlar Ituasia wl of0ill ,4t lto
a detiite ipledgef tha rit, to"4, adh W
,0 the opet l dot a O : thi:....

:tl4 Iir i wl l 'tI l' o.':ii
wrelgiuty in MhitohurtaW 0 4

Adsertisie"atio 5lt* 410 t 41% 4.
'Iti-teM Itteiae ri s s e e iitt(4ii
nw miiii^ v!,tit":li (I i:imt

t aho tfi ".,i W1 oor .t Itl
h'*esrl'Q So *l*4ent ,M
At i;, ;; s n wIt l'ir., hlts wilt itipR;! ,
* ,* .1' t.^ tip l t" :."1.1 .

I lig i~ ", il l-to>:|l. V:
W +ist,
4il.k ,, -i t' ht 1 l L",

Impo tanNpi t

IN'TIranh ,i,, let,'11004
Ha ivig beoi te e.. 4:.1ent to Florida I Rhall it I
ti 0,l tis i'.l the a i lmediat c'i tty each mont P %14purpse 0'
examining Iyeseand prI tiGi lss when, need4d p. $'018jar g.
tion w'Ell l be mad tree ofehlrg a i when glaies arderediat f
.factin. ili be tiiaranteed, :. .: '.
mo than twenty Iear iihave made a mad pedftli i pf omf l
'.theii tientpy, having' been espotally stoccewtuul in sin straight r
eye ad correcting such rr~rs of reraion Iascaus lidh
'Yesr lmycorroetlio r
y i do bt, will be glad lo avail thieinslves of this opportua
shll' be at the .
Wednesday, January 18th, 19th and 20th.
'4l ess, Malde to Orderl1, Froili $.1100 UIp.

Formerly Astor Court, i.0 Wot llth .St, New York City,.

'and '
,' t ,

I ew :.,, .

0% hoI e Itgati after
4 t 1Fan# on t the est rloas,'

S~4i tise exteonsv comt mlesioan.
.ap!'0'liJ p adrlph ad St

|>yB#O^ U11t11 g, Or&gl g t!voi Bibhr

stlU, whis rg e4 as o''n of
i t buy trs tie Batea iShas
ltt l atly 50Aucst'l li thi s eaBsii;
t, prpbably .du to the i fact that
iisii well posted on the orange i-ii
li*ybtold readily arrive at tihe vit-
St'lbe vironus ftrits and was in1 f
itoan to ofttfer ore t6miipting prices
ina great many btuyeh 'who' visIteid
M gecatlp n J)eofra Ohr'fatiitis Mr.
11 stanaged to rlgietf out twenty nolid
:0i'r lxy:t th!ousatld bxes, wh.thl
zght fanicly prices, Slncr thuo :lost
the present month niari ornakiinge
lmove fifteen arsi mnore;,.making a'
tplbl ofthirtyivjlv ars for this flrni


I i


I :


l' 6rainga ilro ln Florida was bot-
It O'i;the season ^just coming to a
than lt has 1ibon sinela the: fatal
40,l femarke: Mr." H.ll; "iThere
Iipoduo'ed: this .sa0on, about two
A':qarteri mlilon boxes of fruit, a
It deal Oft Ofwhlb canio from the
S~Ltas~t. l The fruit aos r.ut h
Aranoyt and ltlm, tlhe 'tullings' be,
tig piaoOd Upon the ".honm muiarket,
nd the result is tlhti pr!es liavo boen

"iave paid more 'per box for r-.
gs0 the illpast lSaion.nthlitanri ave ver
p;id before," r' iarltcd Mr. LHill, wheln
melted about pr le. '"This was duo to'
tWo' reasonss, First, because of the su.
parlor quality and llrminvlp oif tho
;fruitand secondd bauso l f thie great
Sdenuiand for ohoioe Florida orange il
Sthe Norti, Thoe growers hav. all r(14
ielvedte n, finu i)Holasfoir "their frit, and1
A:re firnturilly happy Ate'r tlme easonin'
I e' etld ", "Y : .:
Every Bottle of Chamborlai's Cough.
FRemedy 'Warranted.
S 'We gararteBo ovury bottle' of Chatnt
Sbrlalii's Coughl temnedy aind will re-
fultl the linoiy tllltl o 100 who is not
satisfied after using two-thirds of l.the
;ii contents. 'This ihn the best remiley in
Sthln world tfor Ia gripped, coughs, oolds,
Oroup and wll)olpitlg cough and I i
pleatntiiurl sau nf It tl tk1. It Iprevents
S ny tCytendllney of ia cohl to result in
pinotimonii. Fu)r aul< by all druggists
A' i l td ntdledilne dnlaotrs.

La lt evouing I was talking
With ta doutu r aged and gray,
.Who told n illof it dream he had,
I thltk 'twl Chrlirtmniu day.
Whi1l1o 0nnoaowing in hIlis 0li6e,
: .Tliho wahio etIte tu vIoIw,,
O 11o s htamw an ang..l Mnter,
i sDritsrUd inl gairmient and l I .
i T T i'heni tle ailgtl and the docat(
Star rel d up towa*rl Crlory's galttl,
t "' t' i nairg toi to linide
t lhe ai>l. Url, uillrrtlrd 'wait;
'!'I have a plulaen to show youi, .
": ':; i' ( h :t. 'in t'lr t lort).iu h'ln' .' '
:' heaieiti 'o .ias wlit veivr patid y,
r '* "+ ]'' ;n {,Urt (,nt: 'whit. it dwty l!." ,. :'
"And beiohdl.' ioctotr satw their m'
*.HIld patatlnas. by the ucore,
And irsbbttg( ul ) ta 'l tir k irdltt, all,
SHeo" Wihd for noluthiigl moxt,
I i wai boud to^ tit d wa tIthe,
As thldey.d inl 1to andbutrt;
Ait4 hi. eyeswuild rest sin dhtbtor r
e lheloltsver wtayth.d t ur :r
said itl an.el mr. o, iin doet'tr
the .pearly gA'tes I sn,-, ;
But thie do Uoi otly' tulttered "
"Thto IHUave i onodge l for 1 t1
iW ttfe4 to, go io other.
i reetted .to sbitadi gau'i
OWd oftaOUk a ild tlad.s

'4$0ow t O or' h U10:l0eAk

WOOt `l r it s. -
y, wh~o (Wo s~s wi h the.
ha t of hi a dioal j .ur.

Pi oly, Ao

S* Iat 'bter,:ow 'la
,h AO'g Q Y 0 O r
'nf ira! iS .

i te i, t you eao take.'
It toh'ribisky tO :Jwit.

ton. If you are oughig
today, et a bottle, o
Cherry Pectoral, t Once, .
Three l es: 23C., 0., $1, All dru glsis.
" dobnlrlt ryo r ditor. i he hays tkM. it,
trBn Ito t ,e it then 30b(l setltlk i t. H ,e knowI ,
M eiO It with Him. W are tllini .
.I U. A (;0, Lowe1 l t al, l


'Clairlm of Stalten Regarding Equipment
of Troops,
W;asVV t .ll tmlf', .'I I.. a ] --linime diately
ill .xt11 tl'ilit Q lln o n !.g Q t i5 il l to ol rdo
ttoiti by I'l ily,) i a ou1 t1 o i conl-
A'il.1 :lotrI W1 ir. l hlr l'll'ii, r te I al ( tI ll'
b.1 1l'n nt ( ll g .t li l:; rife' thne l .r i 1 th
ttumlnel).ot oif clatnK or ,at H l6 tiit
aiii en' t i l)l or ,',, oo l l l'i taH0 bledl| ''

tsIderaltlobn tof resolIut ttioTI" I ,( 1ld:1f ig'fh'
posi.ortici li was i ,tll. i po8itpo l 1 0ii': tl : I i-
rLdsy .moit)rlyni, ig txt, "whrn thay bre. tot
be tiaki up. .l Tiitr. i lyl tt, ,',, tLe o

popntanmt was aildeo tji' orJier tuo per-
lit tie tuither dlscua- to ..6f,.tller
qliilionsl (1111 dlil1 'lf the' reihallt tidti o( tthe
pi' lntL wee .
ill atcc01dtlanoO with hia .l rovlui'ino
tiCel Mir. 'I n,.t.lhor, of S'mith ('arolina,
iltiouii e the ltuj1'it(t of. good roads.
It Ibascid lil r'iouitullrk on hiO o 1wn ifil
proiialnlliig a plan ol corml)etiotion: bo
tw(iln thI. IlIltonal govvtirincilent aind
thV vatious staitite rfr itf lioIIproveS-
inl)i of pinillc roa its. 110 taid that
aiout otniothlrd of our )people living
Inti Oointry diutsrlcts: hear the rouponr
bllity and cost of nialtMalng the ecmi-
niori roads. Hoi cntoet!itld 'thrlt t.6IS
Is As i .U!.lu!i t dlsicrin.ltiatlon againlsti
tholi, and urgKd that h i.o iaional gov.-
ornmanit sthoutld bear at LMast u part
of of the burden,

Cured After 10 Years' Suffering.
B. F, Hare, Stpt, niMami Cycle & .Mfg.
Co(, Middliltowni, 0, suffered for tonr
yeirs w i th dyspeps aI.: (1 hi peint, hu11l
drtds of dollar, for inlidtiroi and with
doctors without receiving any perrani-
ineit beiutllt. li0e ayts, "Olun night
whi)eftelillg exceiptionally bad I wiia
about to throw down thOl ovitillgo pa-
plr we awa.wh i l iii t. n intt li pap er
r'gardling tlu iiirrlltms of 'Kodull l)ys-
poplein uro, I conclutled to try It
anld Wh'lil I hadIno faith ill it I felt.
better after thu suooutd doAlu. After
using two. iboitlte I't an istrniigr and
butler thlin I have lbeni iii years, anld.
ret`coniritltd il Kodol Il)yptpsia OCi ro to
my friord. anid' atqluaitl)tloaltnl silffetrliul
fronlatonaech .trouble."t Soldt, by all
druggists, .
Wealthy r. anuftaturer Dead.
Nowi York,. ,Janl. 15.--Robert .Sempi
-f'ostlior, a wealthy tobacco, toanutfa
turner o Itichlimondl V4.,- and presldenti
of tho. w'iillaml Tobacco company, 01
Rlehmondi', inl. ll tIt Was a.bs6rbed by
the ;coml)ni.'. l dead: ii this city rrou
-------- -- ~
'Just On6 Minut,. :
Otilt' M.n tit Cougih .u ( relief in
noi t nilnutu m, bt il!stse i't skills the t1il'
crobne whieh tiokles t he murnlotns tle nr.
branii, ieausing tihe. oukh.a and a.t theo
Si)til! ihnl. cleouri theo ph1t'e hil,L. drnawt
oilt rlthe 'iittlaliUrr tiorhi> and ishatlis aiud
ti,,ca tclhsOw affected paurts. lt .( MIiin.,
t'e enough Ottuhre strength( ia the lungs,'
W trdn llt p1intlulnolia anl igs a .itrlnlhes
'niul dlrvtirrl'ainig cuiire in tll curabh4
ms'i nr uf' (oti hsh1 Oortld* 'und: ro
Oin itii Cough. *Cre f is ptrb'iti, (1.
inie,' and ar) iiks for
y ir. \ r. Iw rri 'u7 .


t'; oo *. 4 40. A'v *44, m' vry
*dntrl, t' lirtt ttI Ilte sliteiieitQ I I t ie
*. m. .; "'s n< ;f vt( nt ,)'ttara t, tirf '
dm0 ,: 1 ,it ~he .ii t dera i i' n Bei!

it it 'Ws ihios ra'. 's t hf '

e.f viU eral 4 u lt..

im .A Vsitt.Pokt osct .ir,

41.etoyw"Amr t inw tfotro frariUniqUflt.
Now' York, Jan,' 15.-At the ele
enith annual conference of foreign mis
slin boards o t1;'W nIJttted 'taeo anti
Can adai, twhil.ti:: a st a thend her,0,
reports of. mor3 ie thAn 20 'nis.alotnar
orenilzatis 'were present, They" rp-
resr 1I trav eally every. .egi.n board
tln Nti-toa.1'.. i N'@h Amr;:ja-
ftlito c ,a'ftrliofli. 'het' vi Uv. Wiliant Ash'
'norpe federit by "tho e WDr,
F l. anh11 atirt, .wb w pas j preiding thea
Clthto tno'te Ot1. ofChIneseslo air
clar ctlttliot UpiiLt,:Ilnt resta 'bye. year-
marito liej. hade tconchering the it .o

orality of .-i.c a, anreJutd Asm uoeri
r'stiany '1. auenara tanemlacasbe mari~
upon. Atsiatic -roctety,." *Dr. Ashmora
said., "ThIey are no't .sparlitg in their
cr'iuirsiil'e tr ttiamte nlAx otiarieiu, anim de-
clare 'tiat tho uptlailgs of a few year
ago were duie tO the machinfations of
the Christian workers, The itrpurity
and iittoiipetftco of amen who, in the
mghst of Asip0,co, are lust as muctr
OCriustliani as' are the .iasionarisa,
seem to givo the lie to all the mission,
ary to say."
What's In a Name?
Evy tinig Is in the name when i4t ronumo
,to W'Blihh azel Salve. E. E. DB\Witt
',*^n? o Chlaiago discovered sitih
S'yaa goho .w'to ..ake a salvou fromI
I tse- thitt-i-s a spelei for Pilies
Por blind, bleeding, itchi ng I td pro-
tiojplig 'Piles, eezomina, cuts. hunirs,
1 ru a .ind all skinl diseases: De\Vitt's
,ale ha8s. no equal. .This hats Kivien
yi to 'i1in ulerours worthless countter-
fIi.its' Ask for DeWitt's-lthle gelluinio,
old "'by all d~utgglets.

:Pranon stapleton's Coat Sleeve Caight'
on Set. Screws of Pulley,
: 'nadtloilt, Ala., Jan. '"t .-Frank Sta.
'pfetoQo asupertlitondent ohe A. andl J
lStuve .Worls, was .hor-rIly mragled
II an a( in tho mountiltg room
AIMr. ,tap4pleton bad ascended a lad-
duw for rthel pilirpote or potting on a
hlpt Whjile t(uoing sot his coat sleeve
eilttlili; iln .a ot sero'w ianid oli was.
qitldytl; i p irild up, aild iotiind around
thin, 'habitl'ig at a speed of 350 rovoli'
tionII a rmtitite, E'vety revolution
threw I)Bs liody against the celling
with terrible torce,
..he machinery was stopped as soon
as possible and the body fell to the
ground,: One arm was broken, both
log weore trwokin In three places and
his body mahled to a pulp. Ie was
conscious for over three hour' before
Ile loaves a widow and throe chil-

Working Night andi Day.
Theobusiest and tilghtleat little thing
that over was made is r. King's New
-Lifo Pills, These pills change weak-
nesA inti strength, listlissnoss into
energy brai.i-fag initob inetal power.
'rlhry'rii wonder fl in bt'il ding uip tihe
hrtil h. Only 25o per box. Sold by
all druggists:
Imperial Ukase Issued,
St. P t Jr s'i)ll!, lan ,15,- .An ihnpe-
rial utlase iuOsied on tliu occasaln o
th.e ltl-u iaNlln Ntw Year, rc-appoints
.the t.rand itkhe MRl :ital Niclailvltch
(.'Oitn:~t(,lt of tnc erlmp1lio ror the ensuing
year. Th.e acxar 'has silt an auto-
graph letter to Con rtantine Pobledo.
notlteoftf, chief ptse)r(toiur o the Holy
Synod, cotiforrlng on him the Iluag
nia of tho order of.St Andritata M.
M urra'lff, the iinliaster of justice; also
ha s, reslvt.i an extpresslon"' of i(.U'
czar'sa special appri'etatlon of his- dtl'

No PityShown.
"'Foryear fate wat aftrur me .Con-;
tiauously,"'' writes F. A, OGulige, Veir-
bena, Ala "I had. a terrible ease of
pils iatsin g 24 tumors 'When all
failed, Buck It n's A rn ica .Slve eu aredl
In,. EInqually gtl fot bhurni. tiltd a I
aohos arld p Itii, Only 25i ataIll tdriu
Inve t ati'tirC J. li uois 'Fire..
'..writ.<- It ii ,i : 'n. ,' n ,ttl mol'E''i.tltr It l:ta er
was. i fii ma t muiium< nf'if
. li il ,t'iir iiin: 'nrri ;:1 st 1 It' S it s'f

'it ltt y l i itulurn a tlaw t it 'ailte ni'd
I t ati t.oi ''. .I t i\ ilmtS h titr ilM; .( the t
1. i'n',..i. i"iwe ',Alo< h t;l ih'l idi'

tIn (, 't nl t i, thatbo I teI "" I ,t' ru-sPl
c,,'intiuv t'n ;',.p,>)nttt l h tiy' .r .r *.htg liara <,'

erh' n 's ui" 'C.' .r;niattal u t ,'((*t'r.utsi tti :

sr-ktt.'. o di i''t t AiaSIti' Ot' orO 1
!od;tngu' tia:ho.u ,'a: Wil .alio ..ulTt'r +ti pn .u ,
,rie^ f''.,thB:itlc eR.%orvtm eit :of
;e:pa" tits l''1o. .. .. f; ..

:8100 Wit d.
At khe nxirt regular Ituwingrfa of the

t OHtera 10.t Ire i W
t ftuiadA A bLln 1. toniWMo

Por Ite infTratio of those who (Id-
qlire to aet Pir hogr meat eured inl
rcolN 0topiage we roeoptiipend. the
it allowing nmthod o if p repariatilo
Al flfy atI the doeaeti0a6hiy rlAi ao4tle
hibe oniba*iirre ba s, rln d eI d f.bones aon
t9e rylf ir~:ithi 1 iausul Bppin er. titriECav nolt
dt&tU0tio loTtldsttU:,SeaS aii ribwt;'.

1or 11n800 hungeUpa ldo WHh) be uy
isll dsr ked."\ A It shotud retotah tein
,teats itu.e pcf l it. LeavO In eold

rlivt 0 n'tdanI,. (Cannorwiill to esl.of;
ttl,. A be lirWff Srl Irtro nezrritfe walh in,
'ar trt t'i ha ing ith rn o :rad aci rit ew uty
wi erteiif au, Ost to pre etr t .tiguihli d torn
'1118 or otlr lIfseots: hr1111 a1i. Hmtyf at

b riW l ~Kp: box-t;r a .ier

charigetor storage is, 0110cent peo r h hiltd
ther one ot etn tleto.e. atd toU will itve to b
hole lleO t (r ss nn be prodie. untirol tll owilirr
Parftll Ihindencile to giveilitirs may
Witi terl rlft safterty 6Whip ly fretigit 'nltl

h Y. rs it .r home-d mae mwa. tarkt
Mplrinly to ue anh d aho your narrii oni

M, A. OND 10E C PA,,,
boi ort brreland Onil, r, (a nlsfill o lhi.
Prfay fTreig h t AH t Nh ipin 1,toil i 011rr
hotire Ior storaKey ivone tent pFer Plofrd
tfor etn mnrith. We also wili 'to btony
to es flud. ie sO liUit. porItrie;ht1 ill

iperlct ;c onlidt dene to gaive bfte ire' ilit.
of ll outreaterit. beneHt( to the furnitir.
Yrnlro r fa r Iome-niHtle meat,

II. I, BvlllLstsnocMgr., (Oitnhsvlle, Fl.l

Notello is hrebyiflven that ithe mnmbri's to
Sn.. LuNe'i lrvrn fl iie Lutierani oflirhrch. Meol-
trome, l ;:its .4p-w roofr.huu-ett-sit l j r 'or.ttorf t rip -a-i-
tlto il.lri e laufwt o bTe ndtu b of tire CI'irrilt

C hoiirt utt the ,iror tile Nlrd ioot. fullv seMio
tlet m p eut the n olrloe iof witrlesse tob aroied
iter contli iunnrn wlreslienhe upon aincrultivt ion
tof isande. 0. iW.
Petitioners Attornse.
MelYo, e,. lnter, Ii. ox T, Jo

Lanud Ofloe oi (t illn evill, Fli.,
Ja lun'ry 11, IIKM .
Notice Iiihereby lvriet thlat the follwlinr-
naiUed settler has Illod notice of lr'r Lnteinlltn

to make fnahl roof :( sup Lot Il1rOl m.q efind
that rid ptroo willproo mile litbefro titegltdr

lend giecvinr Recet iveruatulll, ntllev.. on tlle)',lr
MAri- TI). t3 S. Of Huh HeiriBotend, Fha

February 18i 190.1, vi: o w 1 Nw Iio
Sw 1oil r, or e A,.. 7 T,.it. n1 l, .1
She relies th( following trir ne ,us to prove
hleI coonto.lous re'slonlt.e rlpo nnd R loldtllvtloill

of sai hnnd, vz.: :
J. W. u. rtcr', I.. t : i 1ithoo' A. Tr. Jo Ie. ,
MJoseb lll,, all of llhIar i lqh IdFIlr.

pitd W. G,. OUINSON, ItErilster.
Lnnd Olllc nit ujlnnesvlllpl'. I'l.,

MENT To taAnIT,11,Xt.
Notice i hl'erey flvi'n, thai tlhe folio wieti
Donaled numberr hiOompind nyotle of l)lY nteollsli.r

to enliee HlrraI Wprll' in snliilort of Il
nortlri. un thIt l leit proof lorld bea. ro. iele tfl
thcttl r inre Ie cetlveon. o (rlirt lle lill Ili., on
I1ebruary I0. I)1, vlz:
i erN11 .ll, JONHA, o Sli'r. Fl der .
l-l. t, ti, Ifor tli rI w i oI'4 o S 21. Ti' s..

A est .
IThe n ome ilinP' i' ollne t it this eto rirovon
itas be Tlthnu e ,ic oltlsno i111i ai taIIr (o lii rittl ),i
Oilt a111 il ind, vi l:p i
of ilrell i ll oll of 1 10,lmr', hin.
s t v 'r. u:l, t h I N iON'. t .erI.ster.

Notice I S hereO lisu OiVsrl that o)r tle ri ilc't t.

(aly oa li-tor the I -
doh Thei h Lum ttmer Oorirs>, ) ot oill)i (ttorl loil if,.
tllenry Iandritrhotrsio (d W 1ioln SJ .rniitlr. i ; iv-
Iertir r o ti Sth tll'o o(l r iorlDt'irti. aror. lI'tt ra s
that tihe ScetlonS Or Plt'rtrrllrrirls lat, :r, tl itli
irrle 7th. will rcirl irs>|ldne A tiAlle w e

le'sil lim.aIe a-M l ti,ed byite ii' m iir of I' t eo.
*o A et:e .1'. II. M ti. .riNAIlr. Aid.S t 'rti su. e

tiltl-i Al]t'lh N1MEN'S n th'etSEa
Itl Tihe t MOryolr t nie t o orflloritls r pon i tl rl
shrill i 'h Tle srr oItio Ltrrit Corrit tii lor
eli r t l oitd I ,r r s'it I ts rlO'iltrrdrr l otilra rl.r |i! '>
Creek, IC tle (ounrt' or Alirselrth c, in thie -nlrte
;ih i'l..Tn Il iiil stool0 r, of ii.s riiril.rmltw
iru.ill Ire VtfIyI't houtrrrrntrI r)!o lii.t x ., r (rr r

stock allill Ire Ishit l rlatte hr ltrrl ortf t)ien tryu
'srill ra.tihorlri.
5t>r T'ins' huitrnrtr-'u of thlls.<)rt e rrirriioh Is. tar InC
cnndrotti l Irs' ril 'riitiC int Tt"eir>r.-ir'r'r lani in"o
.rtMsrv, antl i\ I okrtri of i')r< -sr (rrOr rlrKtrIr t ora
three. 'l'irr itrutu rti ortf )lf>t'I-n t ir nlmt l
ire rli&'r'.e>lr its lr it stoidrl rio eit 's. All rlui'r rf-
tlccs shirll lre irLn(iolniod by tte BliJrhi aof llnPir-r.
tars. 'l'The Aiu' D o UG SeCret ri's tmiN .'rcei.nrrlr
in Imraa'l irs >oter and lha c the.n.. ie prr'rn.rt
7th"''iTho hilriresttimonrotir. of inteirlren-ites Sr
I.alarmrrl n;ie s''itself. ha itrrty '1*rrrr utr I.lrrl ua


Itr I. l)t Air. b Ie(Iuteli' t Vatilor tllhs ntnd
Eltert'oatl will l.tii asdi ti r' )nneno-
Stloir itrh minlelrtne' l Inrr the tikrtttittrni of (l44
.tl0es Oot whti(.erVt'rtura orr d lrrilour,
M.Otre in the Porter 11l's5 1,1 N. tn,t Mtln st
i1 Fr^dttrrA

;i. mor) -yleti m6tr-
s hi ,riil s 1riit.I
Ad by sle( 1051.1
4. As"i:ntl Atal4 r,'tlM Is,


S:House ine0rgia

(Unar anteed 8 years old, By tle '
gallon $ 43,(). 1 4 full qturts $3.0. .. "
Guaranteed 6 years old. By tihe
gallon $2.75. 4 'Ni tl quarts $3.00,.....
Gutaranl(teil 4 years old, By the.
gallon $2.50., 4 full quarts $3,75 .
..By.-the.gajorl $2 .2a, AIull,qu.Lrt.s
Guaranteed 8 years old. By tle.
gallon $3 0W. 4 full quarts $8.25.
OLTOlYP0N1IME ('Oi')'ll C
((ilatil'ntel d -4 years old. By the
gallon $2.i50. 4 full quarts $2.14.
We haniile all tlim leading braids of, ; .
Rye and Bourlboi WVhiskies iit the mar-
ket: atnd will taiv yoil from 25 per en:.. .
to 50 per. ceit ol your pu'rcllses. Send '
for price list iand ciattlohiig Mailed'. '
fr,'; tuipoli application,

504-).S-510o. l.5i FI OUl;ll STREET,
MAI'ON, (EO1{(1A.,

Ord ( r Your
Whiskies Fromn

IPA1 J.A..

I ,0 11 r tin aQueen Rye .....; ... v. T5
l l' Clrtnn Ir I ........,... 15
ftdl t., '' l''ticK or N. c. Corln NO. a.....:i 00
i tuill ll rt. 't h iWel oft N. i': 'oCrli No. 3 ..... 2 0'
All goods packed iln itiiat box, case
style I want your holiday bisinegs
and will tr(at you ri6it, Sitd ime your
orier froiln tpritn t bhi nent. '
'r. Al. M ty, Yl'alaltka, Fla.

G Cu(). .11 A(:CIK 1 rS N

Mn.\NI' F A.C"I'' ILi.l I; O)1


and BBuildingg Material,

2!1HAltEs1 H'rON, S. C.

Sash, weights, cod, laraM
., A D .


E. M. HACZIER, Prorietor'

Pralatl (a, I-Itt ..;

SI'E(I i II ll.. {'E LIST. L. .
}i,)ntr Ilas X -.. .
io}.i e..,,daL. '. : "" 8- '800 ''
'Roya l real .' ".
u ,nrl . '
-i( ,-. '. 4 ,*
Cas_.. rods at hlwesCt --pr lO,

.'" aud4:A

*:t If II i

S a br."y ta, = On oJ a) ual
ieW1Si atr ."









t ....H . Trouble Likely Amon 3,00 Workmen i '
)ELAI At IIGH SPRINGS NEw oJan 15-A era e ow but regularaon nnot
O~ 30,t n el0uQoyd n tte i t o t frl" n l .
xetCta th ir ieatuiral in)tHn e n

-ob for ,As -.f,-. ,- T n .subway ,neay grow out of tron- ural gtatiboii caused ychartlks,
a tradusatiot n of business as soon as poa- bl" with a, smnal fiore io. t tfl liyo' i ntlI L ant itr 'slg, doss to
IFf t3 o l k"ter:ba o .....
tO ible4 b Later, when the new bank .it'tY o t latter havo quit work tt 0 te t!
l buildisig iB completedd, ,the bank will and the lllhl ilMcn i I l a powerhouse Inl
$QITETMENT remove e to its pormatient, quarters. "it l it et t,)llow by present-
it' t The capital stock of, this bank its xed tn U nK i i .ltiie '",nto tclalin that unaie\ a
niiItendied Vic- at 50OO, tie o -ow hii, Execution g -- m at no in the i thlg..are is.
s n 1.1on1, '1 "'DAUGHTERS OFP: AiH," a- U nturo o Itil quit.t i
-.oi"F.loIs Y. l( r I10to:,i it t 8 (a so a git ll0ro i
"P f C" oolness.. Rather Unusual Socity Organized h tl i S t ,i 1 i t i vi lSr iit t \. tiitt t wulti
Aa 1,. 4.-Thi twn New Yo, k City. e h .
great. excited menit to- kIew or, .Ja. i, tal o Arei 1w. a tw in ti lot Iiat
Sof atisau^l t upo, a g n f, n ,, at. ir. ,i,.-din; p yd l. l. it (-T,,ra,, ..' ,,, ,,,-a m A ,Po e Aby
irWtee i years of age, the bridge \h t a mil 's o lilor and thi lt i' Tir .l omllt o
-ur~ee1A ~iit'tA5 Ut b~Ad' -hL~t (AAti1, a+k I ,' kla ll l, I mAl il. a l'iIiatl[ al
~ iIr. i 1tize lle, .a primninel tii thie oAi. Ct o a socio t ..-wl \ lt hlAbA f l (. : l' U..i'i ., ,II a ll.>A 1 i at. t *1 (it
) igh Springs. oi'gainfzd t uor ti tlo i of t .i lt artilrll., h.wen th1----
-e n o k': lill 1 titiiI oA1 Ai i lth nti ci -(AVAIt tt O RMI
ei )le wVa on lierr way ,to. t ai" lit.hl r oi A i i* l>.'tiit .'" lEA pm"A, e i i 1 oih th l .-i,:r" ti it rtr',' itt
7. h:'a negro who i nklnowr n .s Ipo i;, iA.are t o be to "hA lh imlrtm e t 'Al't. ,,A lAnt htitu lJar-u'l'iy w>. ifoli.
1-in this vicinity hIlo her in llita e < th it t-Uu. f, t "111 .t1I tltls -l it t'L i '1 "II I t ll

t turni .ly shu e resented, w ien i ot tlu in Auori evil. Iin society. 'T iiil inl i,1 ih i L edill i i* '
lho is about iflieteet y lers wo\iitn' 0i' th.' l: mes tfnmi s llS d 1iu oSt blte **a, pprie ly l -ay .dij
A l t d mllnimu lar, grappled her (l"Wi ^'tig 'tst I Cn llihllrts i N w orKISS CAUSED RABIES
Ik .her into tlhe woods oi the city e i'mo fa clhartlo r umi eors. li.m-. Fo'l" lR, b Johh1
the roadway. T lrhe o lady fought ino ,a is r t Three P'rsons Made Ill at Ch lca ---
koro sly, lIoai ver, amnid he w.ts o mnlrl wa h cautaius a l rowoir P, ste ltitL ,
led to lemive without aWcomi- by "rIia i is, M isig ti (th(; .t;'1 ti Thi iii of t a ;-
ghlia dastardly purpose, oy Crnal Ar.ihlont eu 'ii g .e- alt -tiit T C
M YounR lady, greaii y xcited, re-, In anual h l lirs if theii the iii<. lts. lt (.. li,.a Li: i' Ip' IIw 1I t tIh,.i P'nt.tle r
lirself fromntheoluhtoiesofthi socA iy lrle pitlge'd ,not t.i acc' ,t or hihAlit' itit, ,,, 'uIl AA ,'ii r I ram d it I' I: io
an fiend and made her way to the xtiend invUiatilons l o a dilvurm'ed perh (i i8' i- .t i' E, V
-r where dllenotitfed tlho authlri.tes, sion0 whio ha'ls inurriir d dluriig mI,( uLlti e ,llte-' 3 E VX,.
nl ina few tllol1 enta the poui of I r ti p illn Tom whom Iti or ia lA m ,\ l tr ( H if 'rll iiiimt fiAinfori
StoWa wastup In arill it against the l has beicn ldivy ciltl; uot to bet prosont tl h ih I, I, l 1 l o A I ll ronty. 'r l nii tri ig r Ihas '

greatly agitated ,and alnr a most .e- h irR: h'. n I nIeluRll, m Ite
ustdl eromtnlba rrat menmt an d a t n rtinumy, i- e ed iat i; mnii hhio it t s tn r weay Iso-h

henlt:when she reached :tho busi- to dil n I lm liac t t o. s vi let isro.: A II)NlTt ay A
gl S tiotio of the city'- and itr was Atl i r o l ei heril i lt!ieri i Kli d to ol--t CIh ohl II1i t.1 i yenIrst- id o li d ii m Cilitin l tI ui rr ( il prominii
.~~s: Sha-wn :O; n lle Illtll m, ill ll the oll olly to othe", E ,
0te y1 for lihe to seek re ant-oto Won mim rdmiii at- hivao dii tond. 1llt AL TA'
herl stores. h e kwas crying iin a hO I iV. W. Latta.tihe boly's flier, whf,no (- ., J. SV .,;"I
t-pitiful rmrood. i ;lo -oiett 'Jrs h'rl > inlomAiily ar ii w r i ron i ing l
ta later hour tho Aligr wa r rtiefl i two ar. i n i Ituir o Establis
ated, nd when taken before ti, Is teto hI.t govemu' d tiD' e, it liriat ita1m, I yi 'ar olm, whoIm h sita 4 .
Ing lady was fully identiHfed. a r f ithl' ier tho. erhviiim or f t Ki tihe chlll ul waA bIl-tin, I l,
l'That is the mtan," he said uneli si- uesit-cm'cllh`itoloiif l 1 t New ork.... .
tigly. -leH bgrbbbed'"me by- the .-.......... Over-Work Weakens
ess and attemnpteqt, tIo tlke i lto IROQUOIS FIRE VICTITVMS. ls
n woods, cursirn ml a eall the tlim. .--.---.... Your Kidneys,
h r soon i as the iegro was itdl tiHed Suitable Memorial Will Be Established ... N I
con feas Id to tie crom "I fli ( ag. C, iam1,0 Jail C1 .-1 tR la0 tio viee- t t .
ter the lady,'" he remarked, "bua t 1 l ha R :, i All the blood Ii your tbody pie i though
only fUlnlil)g ',lil hi'r,. ( h, Lord, t t ater r your kidneyrth onim;rl rvc .. d hrea nii le:; Our b ino s i attrilly iallins
,Ve nmercy on m y ioul," he said ,ii r olt h a e, at d Aier Al"- ," r, or 'hip (of htlida ,Fwh hl'v. o jrivy
- t a- Aa Ib hulled: "rUtll, h--' i--h ti 51 a f it tl bis i' s. We ,mikrr a up
e hrti !a t ir g tie I a, ld1 o" ln lo to p o'; 11
ima e mrt al 3'4liu :ii i i i no oo yi I i ('IiAt 1` 1 'i ii i I thcit o 'llle -i tm o iii rl vriti ii t l 1JIii mlo.
-putysherff wan o verpoweredby th i0e oAinn't1itn to JO tim fAcO t>e hiu-ke on r^ I4 i
00ool but determined' i.o and thex llI I ia i I 'h o m-. o *: in* Ie w t 'It' 3 im n Al .lie rr' mil',loa: j, "' L I r j I tir a-ruk its.
Wtas taken from hi e ,m.t wa-., take-n. tt hi -,tabA1h a ,Aiel nm n in .v^nnAtehruA
Back to the scoe e, of his atttllmptl. tod l t, t .i r / JoI \tll.- t 1e Iaoili, :,I' i l n 5f1,mly.
crinole, a id in the preselrnciw of a hiims- tt. Ii t 1iii iIitt t(ht, Ie r ld I i I o -, itti, a t o r li
rdred of the people of hIli li Sprimigs uitiAli t ; tI- i ot D .' i o, li y..n foubI .. t l *t... l..' : '...
was strnilg over a limb aiil i Ihundred F'tm ; to i xl ml i' i t u I i i in, Kliry triuihle ial,: qui( or u 1eadv
s hots were fired into his body, already A n -ti t onih i.i ; i is i 'lAtil i ,' :; i n i; ho ii
lifellcss by stran gtnia.: h ioi. No atlemit 1,b tf -i"o' A.i h 'io a u t '1y 2I t 1" i ..i 'oi, F i- 1i
was made to conceal the identity of I. At.u it l A l .it ,.ur...:s l t h I, L.K.. I
tlose who consltitut d thle lyind.l era. t h ; i ,,ii l ry
Ilt l re! da. of'people hlaVe-v ited the h"uii t llh I : t 'I i, in |i eemne of executiion, where (the negro ,'t l i'-' t,.i l.. A v .it uAl Al l a y l iF r F A ly .i "ti i ,rn ,i. ... p v.. H, .: | fll IItie aF 4
,!"That. is t eo o v ,(, n h ,l Y l l, i I I Yi 1.1"
low halgs. While many or the pope oi 'l' li""r '' 5 i' lnl( l ai ~ -.''r a hvc tlh i mr ik. i AhoIh )ea ( 'A
nod" r .il e to1 I ie t o il i r. ), ill H l<'; r i' i | ( ''* '* '' ". '. "U .sVCI M S. 'l[ IltA'l,. '(I lrt I I {* M I'Ir( nI
"of High Bprings d ileolore iilch tan alh ct, i y tY i An r .:, i I wrht i.t i. Amlim' t
S they feel that n othA g m ore ithanii right -lit .u i cm i i [ II 1i. y rl-t < toh? c ,'" i -ii e I t ild I ti ii r l
S* has been donor -hi n e l. I i iiiai i iiii. .. ... cx !)rirh ( t L fr, <-ll ipr'p trr il't- it1i"n'' 'Mt/.l, s hi, /i / ,, I thi r
a 001a ae s. don e Itirll ,lt. oll ,ip. iil u1 (oitIIhr.llo 1 II1 I l of ,S am pli < 0t, it |, The town, Is quiet tonight,, maml on m ,,, l irl ,- ,on meall ted. I It e 4l h it :it i ,' u tl .l l, wiltl i
t "c",, T '. . iKtlRlBalllke ullllel: h q-ti BloodI.,
,itraige to say there is little (tcion )tl it .. .-- wi let'flc' te th i'dl ''ir< .ig ate il lithu li) i o l w l
i on the action df tlioe who caused th' Ghastly Retlc of lroquois Fire. od tileofI on i i An bo ',.,, A. ,
d .eath of the negro, The peoplo ieemll (,hi('A i ig, lan. :r. A min orf ,mxn-ry y !all drug .- to besaisfled,.-whclh hould beawarn.- nrl ,u i' rI. t' lo .i oilid ''in .Id yO l alH r ,, Industril OCrd Co.
ng n to'thot c so f in lined il futu re. omti e i. ;i ol, ti i lroit o m1, ti (i 1 ov r,, sy.tiamplre iboit by inu. l n.. r t w mr, i iie iiirtl, li, I
re o .. .. ..... W I it l(. I- ii a L h iim t ol li l a m a n p 'i'r t ly fr e a l e p ami p h 'It I rI iK y Ii v o ii in
NEW BANKI AT TAMPA. I which ihad in l.' tii n'vl:li '(il troT the wr tI o\l t you have kidn',y bin bidder trblt;e. Ar'''it J h.
.. all a ttiE Ilo' t pt)A H ion of Mentlon thlspapl r vhrenwitng Drt -Klilmor ;
- Hiton I. Hampton of Gainesville Elect In ,l j ,g the b Co. in n N Y
ed M rmber Boardkqof directors. I. 'n i tgs. I t i oui l. ti ,(ioy .&I n't Co bIni hainr.i. N iY. I oin-

t bue rowig itye d .met rop, m id ti f to mtI niorif ill ( ,t Atu -,ilo l .a .ta mir 'A iA iF il t add s. Pll t i.t

S. i s. iallin on hrinerly of thin eitya, is g ias i 1 'l Wooh .......-- ........ ... ...
It: I me ftlme prince mottrm nand director f.- ... .. "'
of. ttIe rbIlised institutionll i Suceas of Jim nc Party. .
S .Reri. ttilrg thit :bamk, the Tau, ip a N fi',w.lrh ie ,,,,, IC.-, ,, ta ~ ( -.. ,C
TrIbue of the Itl iioat. has t his i i i Ir
s.ho- "n f e o nio ri e n t y I t ht iii t ii n' t r IIIn iiti
bum' a (,lj- slij:-e "l (I.llt'1s'1(SW I
S ofn the:uniost importa n t bmippsn tm I rum li t, "Wh:r,*"i""t i ..
Wmetinmaet olCha haslbeao ne h id in Tal"n- o w i. h WhItrlEl In mlaitil II holli:A S l
-. a f ir i; 0 oite -' l en was. C' eomVemmial pt gi e t Amvc l tl ftlre. it Il.h bolloisevl. l n -'d.l- '- -
; tMi. orinig in thro -o'mom diljo-iiiiig t(b dl, pe t h' .arolmi' ta b DhproYIil oHIll' -.1t -tI t'I' I iJ ,J F IJ j
: Thi tmes' editor' ,vrifYItt-iut iy -mwttulx.- -, _
" TljI('f(fi Ili .. ,'1'
ofIrigll 8 N, .il1ridrh's f1'.
l n'te ationa1 bar, wI eh mrt- cut In 4 .
alteredd Ell, TanrmpI, laIgItit uti .L ('?lct i t~A I:;l i.tlltlt lkati, Iia 1 1
bei ofithNe assembly,; and il. dCt -in vu.; Dintgag ,rocr t t t; .'i a' / I
116icil be in geia- urn gr to tIm sklled mu

'o i, ,tt o t, rltclol umtoa .i^um (,l timdafr ,I I ..' -, f ro. wim (Mj' III.I
WA tbll to I hi-.i litstles- 't ( tmitIC L .. ... ...11- t

', M.h.e;actoi. if "o ."o 'e*' f n l s. :i "o ioill',c -.4 4r t. math to' l ;.fl 5 5fi liat.-. I.
.. f ifa.iih 'Ar iS ii '1 Tr Li -oealllg-.I, Jabn.. Iiri):.. -iA it i. t(Fi.alt "t t I' iin
'"< t ;f h Ytoi so iv :e i .[e. )It *: I .. ;... ,L + l ....... I. i(I, r 1!M 1 ),, y m r s. P+;+W i u b.i Tl o-. +, 'tp +: ^ ,0 *"PK B B B- .IV I II B ., FIJ

^ti'^'W / N y,:,, X ,tltbWith' i, .imi' d." ;: :". ;!lwU*+u. n- .*. *:*' '. +11,,1. .,.,,6 1, r t6.." !.am.. iM'... m.1

1Aut se W A. &dats. :i, $. 1ild Tr t4 bott1i4 of 1-rbhino, and Th* f:uiarauruhhhs V.s:m i t
*1 Aftrho s n U5:11 DO$ T"wlsWO du,11
-sUn, j f&' att aW*aT bOO ,t N
ietij, k llvI 'p m i
its*r o.,iob bo ard tabt o( X mA arket'l t P1 fai to hl)

-- Wioi t
Ititi 4r A AlV ~ "I

cu r 1 0 Conripa ;irt

Ssecurea until i ver

pcts one

Pid Fever, anid olry 9rmt of
*^ Malatia Bl os, emiitt)94mlt t;hn In :.
rig river riand, by going to ti O oflt h: :4'
, perimi r .e t, cut' e.,

OS. WH ITe'St (

Ye 1tclrSeea (
*MV..S F tALLARO I ..:_

RY ivi~gR II g
P0ri n l~ro ,, ainestviLe ""
1S;I E OSmi L CNy' .::'-

uatrio i .ftrn hiId r gar(dinig Iaud in thial
liv Id i'ttiu ohir y Othirt.y y tiars ain

rnbt hu'tr path hnn1o ltili, .rl n i'nt v; i 't '
.,\ N) t V"IN)',M Trr tNSUKANCK, Rere .

I. I
N,11 '1 Ro*p'o*1,
nrT i(\1ttnT r~""PAO#t

I M l he v riir ml1O 1ii t l lidlit t tq( the ow
ai t,' o.4 It' rm i aiI i 'lxe to gri Ild" in itOno thmtio
iriulty of it, i ) p mparaitiowi orf abtr t asti lMl
tif, i t v i' I t'I l pi'ci,',aii' p oplriiry owim r tllhii all
-ni riil i 1 ti rtyt 'ie t ot' 1iosni a nd t.le rtl i.
.\ti'lml I ,u'-i'i P-tiillil I l n 'rlltlutble of-
' NoInry3 p ilbli i (In fl ,r. ',
- ,. R,,COLSON, Manager.,


ri, I Ii i ll, ruI i l ,t 1 IA 'ilei tinrs W ithlll i to

wl.h n'flM rt i i O tllv ritW i s i, tl will: t ii n itr 'iitl ti
w il ii ll I > I.' I, .1

.,,i (it 4. ii | ,i mr .i ,iii i ,.hl lt : ii ii -
f"In ,iu w ~t l ti i to ,i> l
44 iiriilririrtil-hi he iiroir1r 10'ir tomii ,e'i itiitii i ji : i

i A t I 'I : ... . ,., 1:

ter-. ag -' w ated. :--

HANT & O .
,and aodMO Ue '
.irn$-J'hbftni.( b ~'.l'^;?'^^ ^^|

:*" "^I'^.^S^ I^IB:~l






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i.~"'."' i
I'h i


:::-: :w


4jl ty; yesterday ;
4ln of Meredith was
ieth ty yeliterdky.
itinger, a prominent citizen
,wi, was registered at tihe
250 yesterday.'
ek if you wpat to plrelloase 4
r or wagke, .yrlees areal -

%bt:t- itt the verhiele .: i
frtnds of Coaptal J., F.i
ihiston 'are glad to se~ him on t
hi. after an, indleposition, whlohi
tflsned:hit to his room for 'Several

140H, M, F. lornetof Jaspr, one :of
Sleadlifw : attOrteys" of" Hai tIon
Intvy, was in the Olty yesterday on
steiesA connected with the United

ilf o0 receive Teb Sn', and have not-
I i the." presohntis a good time t
| aqanrti.1' This Is our "dull
00 l' nda dollar looks large ua

t''ai,0 per thoXa'aid, A few
L #aft tVarleties pecan ronts 91.
pr und; (anevlll Bottling WoIt,
ifGI.l.leFa. Fi d1140w8mo
ANting the prominent visitors tpo
i lit'y yesterdBy was' T.' 1 ,i Getzen,
imtly, of Fort .White, but now of
' loy, n.; who was here on a: brief
Sto relatives, thIe faily of J. F.

Hisollo aaJd4go Mason ga happy
yesterday tnlthhat e enjoyed aI ne
Oly, from tl e s'taapomth living
nti'ritgpl lei.ces.. Yesterday leeneesB
tweo weriren ia( to 4Gerieal Wias h
.Igtonan.I, aM8l llllMaxey
te and 2 ancy Ourt tii! which
mdnat a cool four dollars !m the pocket
of the Judge,'to say nothing of the 0 1
ct grait hlie snecred fo'r marrying the:
ieter .couple, General Washington
ho, t ey d mnatr
ino proposition, andstated toJudge
Mason: that he never felt better. in hise
life, as "'go10d prospects" were before
h(m. It 'i to be inferred that he will
be living pasy foo tihe remainder of hia
wife'a earthly axiten, ,
From afturdayi4 Daily Sut. VWonoirfiit .l Blve for
saie by J. W. MoaolluMt & Co.
Twenty thousand seed dane for. sale.
T8; u. turner, Nottlton,. Fla, wt
.Mr1I-aN.^.^A! Parri~abel Ita
ware amog ose wfbb vlIlted this cit

thos who p:te t oGalnesville. trading
yesterday, ,
Mrs, W. 0. Johoson of Micanopy
made a aribrf visitto relatives .in this
coity' yesterday ,'
*, C. -,:Ne'berry and BKincaid of
Ilgh Springs were among the business
visitors to thiscity yesterday ,
oist-'Two red cows with horns, un.
mnrked,, oite branded Hi 0. Y.,, the
'nthel thl imnrhit of a. horse shte.

4A AAIJ,.. "-. .. ... .
SW Jt .1 Hodgeof poofti, i f lraT. rewardfor any, information.
A.; D. Tiso0, 14arlton,. Fla; w4t
giroregslve farmers of that 'section, (ot a free sample of lhainberlain's
wil mog the visitors to this dity yes. 8tomhn vr Tabltt11 rug
tOy., Mr. Iodgelis, one of the best 8 ta nt A F tei ofh Hoge ouo nty aid l s gits iand. medlelne dealers. Theyare
Iakt m.anyfrie)ds. '. easy to take and miore'pleasant in ef-
.A ''" .;i 'r a. l feet than pills. Then their use is not
P' 0. iReese of T aRa, a uocss.ul follIuo by conltipation Has I often
tutcker and agent for tlhe aine-qville the case with pilli. Regular size, 2:B.
aid Goul railroad ard Southorn Exr pe0r box.
pr oss0ompuay, was transacting )bnsi'. A e1x Wood4ward of Archer. was
es iin IlhS city yesterday. Whilo among the visitors to hin cily yesteir-
Wefe he o'6nul'ted. )r. Alderman in .re day, andamong other things called 'at
ard to soni e dental work, The Sun ollle and had hiasubscription
SNat W, Marion, the officienti reading extended fort another yoar. "It would
'eeearrtary of th lower house of the be hard to. do without Tie Slin," he
-pi':ii t ,gisalature, was in town yes- said, "for it brings us all tho news of
to ., oil. busi ines before thli Unilted the Jountyl,' Mr, Woodward states
.StatUs land office, 1e resides at Mar. that a(ffarirs are quiet around \.roher
.tii, itr .Jaspor, li.aniltoti county, just now.
A :triollne"of thn best kllowI Inttl in Among the prominent visitors to this
:;h State, .'cifty yestoardy were r lon, 3J N, -.
)r,. William Sutherland of 1High 8Stoktoh ofJJacksolville) and G us'. A.
tPriu gawas i i the city for a couplo of Morton of Eve* a friend and supporter
Iays, tavblg comoa forr the purpuvo of of tol. Stoekton for.the! Viltted Statesn
attoldi:ig thenmeet'ing of the medical ynate. W\itloe here he1e geitletien
tolity):, Of whicl he was elected the favored Thie Sun with ant agreeable
vice.presldent. Ir. Hutiherland i onelIi callt. ThSy departed in the afterlnoot
otthemost conpetetit 'phyoitt is tfor Cedar y.
th:e l1ionty. bRv. Mr. Orai'hil anid family, who
$.:. Fletcihel r Btlirmtt, for the past recently arrived In this city froiun
yatr nti olflicent salesman in ti tle store' 1).rien, tIl.t..anid who hav;i beln tihe
of Matlsn nudol, ha a:ceptwled a ipo tl gluests of Col and Mrs, W. W; Hiamlp
tFloi as stenograpihr in the office of to'' ari nrow .h asainty located it tlhe
,ii-i Layton; attorney for (lie :Atlantic rectory of' :ily Triitlty 'Ocihurh,: to
out "Lt Nre u Mr. Burnett l in.alu of 'which lr, Craighll aims clled as rie,
,liiglitmbitton, anid wll no doubt nWtite tor,.: it to tbe hoped that. tiy wilt
stenographer.. "' bewellideased withitheir 'nw homuti
M ir a ,brief but pleasant, visit to : Mrs, ., Levy hAs returned froth
relatives l this city, Mr. and Mrs. Savannah and Ailugutha Go., whare
O lh. Carter departed yesterday .sh) hast been oin a v.tiitto friends. and
ipr leatipyW, Where they will spend relatives for the past few weeks.
S0ir daysys; M r. Carter, who While in Augusta Mrs. Levy attended
Si Bopulat cotrdutor uorn lthe Atlantio the weddiingof the d stateri tn.liw, Mis
?lale, exp:a to resume hisI dlu- PInals vy, ao lJ.r Iurt,' a iromiint Mi
| s oil t Hileh, Stprngopt! ieanpy- mymg wttiof the .Georgiar ty, '..Wh'h
t re at few dy. '*' was cine of 'the l swelle t OLteital 'eveit
4'( atln rotoed 4 'to' the "adver- of the seaoi in utgusta. ,

;a / < eroka' ist ue, Mr. ap. \ tr'elt l r* : Orleans Thuteday. .tghs .
Ul dre le iA r. Dqat l p i o i r rts the endittiiof his brolthr,
i'l'ltow't n thi-s': e~y- nl iunbt|' WI t Tatou, whol haisben fotantiaittie
S 'heha.rMi 'ad for xtialy yetr.a ospittal 'a-tliw O-rlea-ns, as beliq
ty wTk enatatd tto ,his eare g greatly itrprl st ay .that. he
S tp atteitilon,:Mr, 'i will retttinr heats ii few days. ThIt
Sat it moe than ordi' will be gatiing 4or0pation to the
aihoses *who give Ohlm friends Mr3 lTl, i this eCity,' who

tD p t how of. H lgh' tton
lhbeun the city 0 5es crveyor 4. W. teaw p Thnq' kitij

ihiwil al oa the shatute al .f a t'k.1 & iik iiam .h.,
^M~l^ ^^^^e^^
HlHE^^i^tf^J Ilttll.h( i^M'1^^^^^^

Al^taow-A^ $oFgokni, ~apr R5aisitta
ipaot'to make ther ldepartudre tqday

tlhre dys she willbe sthe guest of lher
fifend Mirs. illiams, aAffas Nergson
Will remain Ii Waldo for a few weeks,
titl Msi' n iith decides rppert hqr

bag 's : ih .heree,
Aintg the promieint, visitors to this
pltty yesterd 7.was John F. M air of
, ,ym Keite, C., who was the goest
of Parry M, Coi.eo. Mr. M'Nair I4

ing preicldept of the Flori Land Comn.
pany, .ext'sive handler. of, real
estate. :He is also connected with thle
Wade:& MeNair Land Oomnpay anid
the GaioeaMville Planing and Coffin,
Comtpiany. Hl e ie os th1 of, thi tot pro-
gressie mnen tn the both i, $iA has ac-
ct opiahed a great deal ."I:tWardsa the
development of this seotl;on,. "
.Frnm Sunday's Daily :R:. B.radley of Wacalhota was itn
the city.lradi tg yesterday....
N. J. Walton of Waoahoota was
trad4ng in the city yesterday,
Iron-olad notes for sale at Sun office.
50Ocper hundred, daw2t
For prices on seed.cow peaas write M.
-MoQIre, Delnmark, S 0, 12-l6-dawlih
The friends of J. lI', Crown, lockty
Point, will regret to learn of Iris illieoss,.
W. C., leville of Arr.edondo,.was
among tlbe traders in this city yestir-
day t
DI; D). Blryait of Alachn"a was trans-
acting business n. Ga, nesvill yesater-

Rowon Neel and 6ous of the Devil's
M hllhoppoer section were trading in the
ity yesterday ;
Ohai, B. Dell of Hague was amoong
lhlooe who care to Gaineeville on busi.
ness yesterday,
obt,. J.' Wixon, t...... progressive
farmer of Windsor, was among those
who visited the city yeAterday.
1T. I, Gay and A. B. Simmoins, two
progreassve citizens 'of Bell, were
visitors to Gninesville yesterday;
J. M. Shipman of Archer, an exten-
sive Jutltber tman ufai itrer, was among
the visitors to (aineosille yesterday.
0 P. Hood of iDunnellon waIs among
the visitors to this city yesterday,
having been suinmmioned here on busi-
nIess .
I'rof. M. C. M iIntosh of Archer,,who
is principal of the Archer school, wasi
aming those who paid Gainesville a
visit yesterday.
'Good fouir-room cottage to rent, one
nile from court hotiec. Apply. to l.r,
T' F. Thomas,. city,, or J. W, Alsop,
North Gainesville. d ttwl
PIrof. J. H,. Flks of the -Gainesville
Graded and High Sehool departed yes-
tPrldy for Ocnal on a business trip.
lie expects to return today.
C. '. Gracy, formerly of this county
but now residing in Mooresville, Tonn.,
after several days speit in this section
on busiliess, has returned to his liomne.
W. B. Davis, formerly of OGainesville
ibut now of'Monteocha, where ho isexo-
teniavely attd 'aueeossfully engaged in
I farming, was .a visitor to (Gainevillie
After a britf .bit pleasant visit to
relatives itni ill Oty., T. E,.Getzen 'of
Wadley, Gia., has gone to Webster,
where h? will visit hisi brother, J. C,
Iletacn, ofra few days.
Horses, 'Mulet -. '. Morgan will
Itve a carload pf fine hoses alnd' mulen
at D, _( rEdwaitl*' stables froui:. Janui-
ary 15 to 20. Mules for fartin,saw mill
and turpetutine purposes." d4tw2t
Hepn. W. Strickland of IParadise,
member of Alaehua County .Executive
Committee a and aUll"routnd good chtireni,
was a prowineitt visitor to this city
yesterday .
.R. ;J, Futeh '.of 'Hti'hh Sprintga,, who
hai been iastliated with his' brothers
in the, m'erentnii butslrc. 'at thma,. but who r~iently retired, ws
among the visltrs te v this eiy yesttr-

.f.....Tea Ie of 0Oaii, ;: h o ist eX'-
tttsivel iittressadsiu the' hardwoodsl

fity teeteday en toute t his hosteme
Ta aed is now :m.t.*, his head-
: ,. : ... ,; ,, .: ': ;' ,' .. *. :

). 0apof ,Loir#es was iw the
oth 8tl'4at~y asn st!5* 'the ilin aa
.arthfl:e o5 tstwlnt his ubctriptb

oft ,fIat Ft on
'Ruaw, t isA 4

one. 'Pheone 19 .

Aire.s Very fine stock. Several va-
ete For prices r hte W. P. 'bose-

Wasited-t~ady iat~ ble man a.
niIht port.r. One of et ways preferr'fl.
Must conue welt rLeeomended s: toh
hn l:sty. App ly t rairown e Hotse, oft-
8fee. tf
Wate4-4oor cop.iles each of The
"fWira.Week 1or n ovremiber 5th,
l*, .and 'Jait) 4ry 4th,; 1904, s'ub-
adrbesrs who tgare through with therm
wil k indl' wail no t ai n offlee. g

HigFh prings parsed through the city
yesterday n route to leeabutig, where
sle will spend a coiple of days wlth
her.husiband, who is an eiploye of the
Atlantic Coast Line; i to t
A. ,C Johnsoni, a proilnent; phos
phatte miner of PFloral dity, was a bus-
inessg visitr to tGaltoviille yesterday.
He left on the noon ttain for High
Springs, where he ma4e connect ion
with the West ,0oasht division forhis
iMonroin Venable tland W, M Jones,
constituting the flrqi of Venable &
Jone', manufacturers of ,imber, Kana-
paha, were aoiiong the visitors to this
oity Friday evening, having conie to
attend the meeting of Ceittr Lodge
No. 11, 1. O0.0, F.
AmJong the visitors' to this city yes.
teorday was Prof; P, Q. Chsonof HagOue
v who has been ejigaged for 'the past
tern teaching the Orange Heights
Mshoolt. er states thlit his eclhool is
enjoying a lne terni, and ht a grett
deal off efeciive work is being done.
Aoinog tth prominent odoutry folks
who paid Gainesville a visit yesterday
wai'Hoti. F. M. Ramsey, a sieudeasful
planter artd itize llof aWaaloota. Mr.
Ranisley stated that everything is qtlet'
iu his section just riow, and that the
pla.ters are, alt busy 'preparing ground
for the coming cropa.
B. J. Potter of the Unioni Phosphate
Company went yesterday to hili hontn
in Oeala, where ie will spend Sundiy.
Mr. Potter states that the prospects of
the Union Phophlate Company wore
never better. The plant, etl'oveii miles
west. of GthBeville, is now running on
full time,n nd an excellent quality of
rock is being tuilned.
Joseph Sylvester of 1Hague wans
visitor to this city yesterday. Mr. Syl-
vester recently killed a wildcat ati
Gracy's mill, near Hiih Springs, which
ineasured three feet from tip to tip.
As a wildcat killer Mr ylvest'r seien
to beh suCcess,,as lie has reported tho
massacre of several. cat within the
'past few months.
HI. 1.Arnold of Fairbanks was inll


v'LIIII'y '\

ay, J. 19, 104, t
A. E, in Court; Iuse Ya
...... .... ..

Mrs. J. F. McKinstrY, dr. Will Unv'i
the Monument and ExposAthe B ron2a
SStatue-AddreSSeS by,. Pron
SpeakerS-Grand BarbecUe i
Kirby SmIlitil Ohapter, U. D, O.,ex:
tends an ivitation to the unveiling. of
the Coun.ederate monument at, 10:8':
Tuesday morning, Jan. 19th, 1904,'to
all Danghters.,ll VeYtgrans, G. A. R..,
Post, Gainesville Guard4s, Cit;y Couni.
el, County Commission.ers, Fire COom-:. .
pany, East Florida Seminary, Gaines,:-
ville Graded and High; School, Misea
Tebeau's School, and the general pub-.
lie, ... -
Program of Exercises.
The program of exercises will be as .
Music. .. ..Gainesville Orchestra
Prayer ...Roev. Vandi Ellis, Chap-.;
.lain of Stonewall Camp, U. 0; V. .
Address of Welcome......
S... ........ .Judge Horatio Davis
Unveiling of Monument...........
.,.. .. Mrs. J. F. McKinsry, Jr..
sic.... .:..Gainesville Orchlesftb..
Presentation Speech........
Hon. HnW. L. Palmer, Orlando
Address on Behalf Veterans..... ...
: o,.. Rob. Bullock, Ocal:
On ofirring of Crosses of Honor by
Kir.l(y Smi82h iChapter.
'"DiXkie. ". W ..
r p 1r;e will act as master.
ol'. c remoni, "
At the conclusion of the exprtolesbia'
gruandibarbecue will be spread on; :the,
public school grouids, illder: the;' :.t'u-
spices of Stonewall Camp; U ,',iY,, tor
which the public 'generally: is cor-
iia lly invited.

Pocket of Confederate Monument Con-
tains Very Interesting Papers.
Without a ceremony, save: in thoe-
heart of the imn Wi h was ,t tei,:p'rinci-
ipal igt re, theri wps a little siEte en-
n.oted in the oeredtiotn of the Kirby
Smith nr iio)rial inionunent Tuegy \J
whicl hId a grLti tt- u.l
standing tiat tlere was ni great-tO-do
in its enact neMnt It was ~an incident,
however, wli ih will probably never b
forgotten biy tihe principal charactr6--
iiiael.ft tle only character taking part
pin its solmi ceremony. It -was the
pIineig ofa i list of the names of two.'
hluridred aitnd Il members of Stone-

the city yesterday. Mr. Arnold is a wall. (Caump I'. C. \'.,the-mnembers 6f
very progressive citizen, and at oim Kirlhy iti (C'lhaptrr of the United
time started a broom factory in Fair. l1)aughtrs If thI' C(''inlderacy, and the
banks which made an extra good ar. oriuinnl limit o(f very subscriber to the
tiele,.but on aecoun't of lack of supl- jmo11nu10 ent fund, in a pocket on. the
port he was compelled to) close the es-. ronuml base of the monument, after
tablishment. It was not his fault, which tnhe work of the erection of the
however, that thel flictory d didnoti i)moiunient proceeded with thi e uaual
prove successful. ft hltlistlet of i modern world.
Turner Brewer is in the city, aiI nd (;rge' Moyors, under the auper-
will speud Sunday With his wife. MIr. visionn of Vwhol this monument has.
Brewcr has for soni time been con- 1i bea 'reett'l, alnd who is an ,od o'tln
iected withth te Kalola (olnipany in h,'drate \vtertan, was the mtan to
the cnpacity of traveling' alesmanil, whomlltie honor of placing the pa-
bit.ori the first of the year anciepIed a I''ps fell. 'Ithe pocket was not desig-
sinilar position with Youtianais nate1 ftor the purpose, but merely hap-
Leetet, wholesale musical mncrtrhanddise, pe"end to !ie there, tand the idea, which
of Savantinaht He is a line salesman w""a tO tlhe least imique, was' origi-
and will no doubt make a bigsauccess nIat 'd y Mr. Moye,;-s In tbe pres-
with the niiw line. :' : ee of a 1feYw 'itizeins who were rI mere-
lioun i P p l .ntost of flrtthlorr y looking on, Mr MToyera explained
was among thte welcomet visitors to ii acll tions tI' purposee" of the
The lSon olfflco Saturday, slhowiitu hii ".Ar, and ilh howie heads, those
appreciation of agood tliing by drop- bout lil were quiet while he depos-
itdthe sacr"d". ite thi.s mine zinto thi re I
ping a silver dollar into qlur strong ti thlsi w!'rel a: int o the recep-
box in. paymentI f motthe.r year's sIb.q taic', whlenri, tihey will relied until
scription .lie ifes(e ttluh encouraged the lonil.ln'oit ridables ilsto decay
at the outlook for a fair crop of or- i d .rtdt olng
ages in is hic)'tion this year, 'the o.l[y A LIST OF L URR;,
damage the cold weather haing done jST OF JURORS
being to sinigethe leaves of t tie trees. Revised List of Thti S elected fo
Ir. Mintlosh has about seei ares ii Ochta Term Ths, fonthe :fo
ranges which will brinRg htu good re few das go 'lme lontin :
turnt the presetit year, lt of th e' ays roTi SR1 e1 ontlaini aho
L.'. litil.ray and sot, il liamn, atr wore sumtmoneo t ld as jrors to appal
.rive yesterday front a npe, on. the theI Units:d States court whi
Su*salne river, and in the a-tern .: h? ik'in- 'e-la' n tsi 8ur t will ja
art for their home at Mieanopy,; bxjt slie:that t riion a l
where they will. peud a day or two; tmna tn. r, Ill .
Mr Hilleary has eently engaged in Since the stil
the flI aig business ot thie Suwanee inre rest to readers of tRhis pfe e
rivr, aid ,xpe'ets to make, a big .thing rev.isn io hereby givpn as
out of the venture H,. hal starr ad iurani i Jrors- i
sit..:, t ~iO l~ad* s :ih
st twott tra.o but .wtll pne, t nor, 'C en "..
more isto. eommislon. "I: have a Nittb, adion S thwart,
s -..- I s .. 0 iat,:
gieat dit of coritldence In the fishi elnlt ,biM. Teach, J. Tra
e t.heh St anee,."' hte. said, ea/ gle, P. A, Ruhb, Ales, A
a a ep r tlhieoid Iexpeet tei rsame whit.a

..u, ,h which he ea" me to ret ad-, E ,, Lrl '
Wald ei'the Swea0 1andh4 haa i'et Jurie
b tenaarta ta sielnces Wb. it8

'()'svs Lthsat' n

,: ,

1 R70 fq

The Gainesville sun

Material Information

The Gainesville sun
Uniform Title:
Gainesville sun (Gainesville, Fla. 1903)
Alternate Title:
Twice-a-week sun
Alternate Title:
Place of Publication:
Gainesville Fla
H.H. McCreary
Creation Date:
July 2, 1906
Publication Date:


Subjects / Keywords:
Newspapers -- Gainesville (Fla.) ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Alachua County (Fla.) ( lcsh )
newspaper ( sobekcm )
newspaper ( marcgt )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Alachua -- Gainesville
29.665245 x -82.336097 ( Place of Publication )


General Note:
Description based on: Vol. 22, no. 72 (Apr. 9, 1903).

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University of Florida
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University of Florida
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shed Twioe a Week-Monday and Thhurday

A, -OANDAY$ );

iak Hajp.1 r',,*' ,'1
Cloheej.d and rCne"rvo
S f FPact-Ooaa1 Bar
Pr the Commtuni ation
11 Att Form-4tron^g Edit

W4 .t today's paper a Is

fft aIs made againt hi1M
I' ylb 't, hIs retain to
Unit e hte, ,
it e0 uvi tha the frakat
1 lie eI in Which e metattU
Olfar trlyentles him to a
aid I at bearing, ad his Ie
'Aust t I Very strongly to
1f vo terms of tlh' State.
in A il4 'olpcharge hIs poc
ed a cnsnstsaptlnly as
niei l~af~Itt al 4-4 reliot1to 4b
ons) -r qeIrisnug tie rit Od
ut Uff Ogl Vteigl tho 4aIt0
as hi (f tria..
W tat, raator T~&Ity.Or
ajh a.' 4 ~re'0ec^"tiona, nd
t iv4 r h s will be the npeo

$E'1 e" ppop'lato rie.
rp 4 hq, 'tmhop anguiu exp.
bi 'slsr frivo4s, an4: to o pu
s8 ziy ths, .tate aod
-IhA, aphu 11 he same lon

Jt1K ,nhat his achievements hi
l -inmeodeptly stated In aip Ie
S.i:llAh t Wetoday lay bast:re ea
l O.iery .I anner.

H t e WT aafe''t Wash]
u o f l 9 '76i'ratic party
t~,a has been to give s offlci
, +~stp If their condet in of
beet o at. dai ditalle.
S'Witonut a: atermit to fla
t i but fair to say that y-
i bfort h leu' ecepttonay -g
NrinE you'rtio I..n office the Ind
tr elalp :.ab.eeni collected-;
soldersi of the Seminole Indian
of lS6.-57 and their widows hi
been pensiopeyd; e Stato has rioc
.4 larger approptlations for rivor u
harbor improvements and. for the
flBags thi' Il aly siamllar period, a
-yolur name ,appears on inarny, of
14./ at(\nn'portttt' standing amni snpec
op-iuitte.s ofr the Senate, wh
inuthat your lttiflu ce is felt
.r e(,opizod .in :that, body.
'totwithstan(dinl these facti,
iist b1 are that certtila char,
hlv 5 )nt. mhinade' against you in
u'ti9sp a4dd,. on' the sturmifu
thoi*e who t'e pposiisg your ritu
6to thei1 Seate To he specli, It
., 'ant A your Olection by corpn
ate inllttiWce was ao Ibrazen that 1
ople Were abtounlde i. :
yq you Aare Qnpoled to the i
3i That nOU denounced the Kan
CityH lnd -Chkag plirtform i,
'4*. Tht 'by uninistaakahle hplil
fton, you r'e inl or of thu Fowl
9t 4i'Trey b.ill and t10 Aldrl
bill Jia e 6Ul.tta.o of the trusts.
5. Tlst yo wentn to 'I'Tallabas
urivg "thbe 4a9t assdohn of the: T,"

apd*. T tireigh yoour ontfuece.
''liroat obtlpe from the rn
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