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,'. '. lilfeti.tH' 'j..r: -;: : wdcet for comfort and aafety.. A. solid PuHman !/ : ; v ', = .. .such precautions!- :' .- ;.
':t .t_t ... fate' to. .....":filet and maid .service. Observation I ... "J' J l ," '. r .J ": =
are: fte *0y _tda protee* 3 'au will Ud ours unusually --Ii
; dub afld'an e .a._ _
.. clients-waiting who' .
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i a ... .. J : ... "- de Hfi reee fro ntsentanda
Be srel: .isetaes s .....e. 'f ,:
L Ar Leda. iI.t ,fronQ' acres-ta 50,000 tracts.' : :. '
.' bdt, ..f -J- At: -r.i: : ]! acre ., .,5 f -';';>>: WN''ILi: imvrurkaea'L"O .t'-. a'

tII.a.aA.W.: : .
,, ... d located Lee-County 5 ,. 'S
{. *
..... .....,..' label on :,ear' '. Our prices are reasonable : J. .

try Js Me.bee3,. ......... i 'flInOe: : t i'. ',' ,weight : onc. 'and .r,
ts. JHf'' ........ >ibeea '" .;. "' a 4 '
,1 'JIIit> a s.h.r-tr IMtk ttapa ; .Bependabla'all. >earr *la-PuHsnao, dining; and service Prompt'and reg '
p.ry. wmyM& .....s % ., ; 1' ;, ...-: '*observation cart-o* time arnvals. T,1\1YERS\ INVESnlENT; t War f

nee.. art,. .........- 'j. 't..Pert de.ea1.Ibtrt ._....ess era.ttl6b FCY i ._ > .. ,el!\IW:

.. ." >- '.,.. LeM ., tee.4 t1 \ -' -.r.+i
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-, .. ,,Ar. Ia" ......;....:$A5aar Ml COMPANY\ ., A .i
J 'U .
xxit r1bNtsthi.0ueNsk sid /uainvl" t.15cr*. ea,er writs T <1 :

-" twat et.ASL C.annlai> Mid 'L Ieua.4YAUGIUl Fieri**Tn"'uLAit.JJilj" ,:',' +*- ;:.254 Jackson,, nearBa.i:::"' .' ttlR

s jL_ :Fort-Myers ', ... ,A.

_1. Centnd, '<, : '1 .' '.
/ : -. .l. > .. '
'q' \ c ,1; 'q'"
t r : ,
... -- ,'I a A-,' { < I. .....:..1' itAJ
.. "
-- ---- -- : : '
t : .,. ", : i.\ : \ -
rf ---
k -f -" -- -'
_. ,
< ,i : ., r' -5:" _:*..
.. .. .. """,, -:< 54..1.

1' ",,-,',, -,," --o: --' ::'-"', '. '.;.. ..,' 7-_ "_ ; -" ." ','.. ';.::,-";':-: -:-;: :;:> =: :"'" .: '

-u-:::..... ; : 1---- \ -. "_' : ;-. :
, _"-" '. ...c.---e-: ',.: -. : :-_'",:-.-- ,- ,-_"- -- : : : ,, ,"''".. ...;:
0/ "

j.Y \' ;:

'. ;: ; _

... ,.rnw '._0:7 .,;.!:.,:-'.:.. _. ;:. .. ___..;'-..._... =::.J'F."r. .. .---...-. -!- ..-"Y ...... "- -- "" .
:-: r..r; <:( '-- :- _"' .
-. .
1" :: . .
'"' .... '. _. _

.. '-<.,-. .' .... .' ,;: :,:;-". ............ ..;.. .r. > I-
-- 'If "r;,.

P'h'J'i.; .. ) _ti :' ,. .

"' -: '"' .. "' -. 't 'Oj;' ,
I 3' : i: '" .."
c.. ; : :
a '.'! i" ".""Itats"r,,>>'11"" '" ," ..'" f I\

. ;ii: ... ', ,
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t'' ;;, :. ;a- I .. ,..;: :- '-- h ...", .. ... n :

t .
a r r. 11 f
< +'ZiFA\EAAYAPTERYbOC: r FaA i A jOri"3: : TS

e.'i Tim FonT !UTTEE PEES: FOET ]f1ER4. FLORIDJ .. .. ._ _. .1.1FCLASSIFIED !.I _

i iiititltllilllllititttttllltitlllltNtltlJtltlltBll11111I11! !! IillIl111111lliltilh!!! !! "" !. t. .

;; ,. ISSL'P ACCOklL'\a To TilE SIZE lc OF TO :c: fl'On EArn 'WO.tD'1 mi 'Frm'f
tlndodemt"E tM worna "lthn.t.. Ib.. TYPE you SELECT, -1 1It1111f111fitt1111ititlllilIilltillll1111fiutuH f' ; H' ;
went' "Par -
Kent. _
the-name and -Wanted etc. nIIIlIllIIiUlIII"IIIIIIIIUlnlllllfmhllIlI I I
addftlllt .
t. box
i t-pl S.pt type Uk. (hIli l I cent a wont for cacti number day :r -J.' C. Amber of Arcadia. Is TnI Tom Tredenburgh, of Springvfield. ), A LIST OF CAMPAIGNERS AND THEIR STA. DU G;
type like!
apt type like this, Z cent a word for each day% 1- city J JW !I Itt arrived last night to be atj UP TO LAST REPORT HELP YOUR FAVOBITE CAMPAIGNER -' I f aatESSO s !

r this, 3 eentg a "ord i !ar each day l' the bedside. e t Ms father Peter \'redcauurgh. -( WITH A BIG SUBSCRIPTION.Miss V! 'kf'cfsAU'
10-pt I
: type like this4 cents ) :' oil who Is very 111 at the
.. a wont for each day. D. Sayle and II C. Sayle. |i I .
!!"a. -topi'type ; 'J Itlverview bold! whers 'he has I a D
like here for stopipej -
this telind.D.. are a visit..1L ,
I l "tl i iit.t., "N"tY ,,'.t' MLY1JiL'MtiRATA, Scents sword." for each, day.. r .1 1 j' for the several seasons he has] Daisy Albritton . . . . . 79,700 VOTES
adve.-dretntat ac.{ .
ii. tSoIL. will be inserted for less than :i cents for,first Inlle+ '5: -. F. Btol U, of BaffaloJt, Y. Is I Ia been In Fort Myers. Mr Yredn1Vursfx Miss Margaret Bondorant .V00 VOTES I

't dvyi fars.ehtotder. _f IA4TER.to AT1 -DA ya J :: I..: new arrival I \ was ,ettertray.Addition 1< 'Miss.Alice Bailey .o. . . ;, . . .. t 25,000 ,VOTES : S

I centWOInI. 4n to the reA ,1'ti.llrtlate, V t..O toe cbergeth: .1 I Hiss Ava Barfidd . . . . ,
a per word on"othcr"stars! rettl&ln'rate bll S pdint tJTos.. and 1 cent ? : : to Garage . .S 78,000 VOTES

.} TERMS \ i -c.. E, Wells of OakParl4-11.; ..., has ,. .. .. .*. 4 Miss Irene Dcnham . : .. . . .10 ,OaO VOTES We are sure that yon
:: $;.6rot *:do.: 'Gird of Thanks-Cashin or advance"Resolutions" Inserted .for leu dues 1''. arrrred. In, .. FortMyerswl(4'- : ."(, .- 'd- 1Mr. Is' being Erected tt Miss Jella Fennell .. . . . . . 25,000 VOTES 1 1 will salve i both your raL- ))0

SIiss Hilda Golden . . . . . and if
'. This PYis pole eapretecUoe. tying .- and Mrs.: Wingensby, ot Boston I :.t2 ,500 VOTES, n:i >1 time money
D ? ilTfrU ir .te correctly tyiwwrltfcn: t Along ,the 'ffUre.north side of the I
advertibemeDts; telephoned i;. ,; : .- have,'arrived"lor,a short sojourn. 1I'llJdng'.on the, corner cf V Main, and Miss Edna Price Goodsn :. . .. . 80,700 VOTES you come to us for your ond

-- .Monroe; streets whUh is occupied> by Miss Jennie Gucrad . . .,. .. ., . ... 25,090, VOTES I auto accessories. We rda

,. FOR. ;SALE FOR SALE -Roger Mich,Warnshins is a new of Grand. the Fort Myers. CaraseIUU; Mrs.\ J. Johnsen . . .,. : . . 25,000 VOTES carry a complete stock at
-! Rapids .arlnal. tery Depot &t-I''
l I Company. : cafe reasonable prices.
; For Sale-Rough lumber direct :' i h Be@1! Company, Grcers cash ( Mis3 Verdie Langford . ., . . . 83,700 VOTES-

the from L BAL&-"I.. t Mil 2 bunga\ow-t: ;;- C. W. Martin, of Ocala. Is here on and W J. Moore Miss Loraine Porter . . .. .. .
sawmill to Job anywhere In :: shed. heat location in elt)'. Come : I others. manager-of] . . 75,500; ) VOTES Auto Supply

and around Fort Myers. See its be- ; (a'-:.,:on-c h. C if Anderson YOU want avenue.this rare. bargain for business. the Fort Myers Garage Is having 81) Mrs. D. A.;'Pase . . . . .r. .... 23CK; ( .VOTES: Store
lore : 2r(4apeon. a concrete building erected ; .
buy for the
i Auto Exchange...Whltaker' l Clifton.Ttfc. j!I :"SAIJS220 feet ornamental! Iron: -'Ii''. A. Goodrich. of Winter lInen stprfng; of cars. I t I Miss Winifred Parkinson .'. '*'t." . . .. .25,000 VOTES ETerjtBhij. ( Tor tt. Carl 1}vroYycns

j I T.ncfli., >mplete with\ In the business. The Mrs. P. W. Roberts . .. '. I IJr
} r I II" abase; one double and concraala ,block U! -city. .on bdldtas Is' up to the square u. . . . 76,000 VOTES ffceno-40? ; 1tb.\ <'
one '
single t '
For Sale-Restaurant doing splendid whit ornamental,. poets Also about; *;*8i)0; --- and the root going on. It Is about4 Miss Helen Sams .. . . . . '23,000; VOTEs. : "' Jorattlos.
r. business. Only reasonfor j I feet., .oorltt>:'elt fencing ADWg ; Y n- -3.'II. Brosnan. of Albany. Ga. Is 16x100 and will make room for aLI '
selling Is me i5.. }!citman. ;\Its. J. F Tatura . . . -
st wner". desire to 'leave the city. Anap. !I 2:4tf attending to business .in-''Fort' Myers.' (ge number of cars )Jr. Moore tat ,; . ... . __ 86,000 VOTES .

,- Boi IDS, care Press. 1-ttfc.<< I WANTED: TO REiT-rurnlshc Louse t progressive and is budding up a: Miss Elouise Williams . . .. . . 87,900 VOTES -- -,-.- 'pntbrok

: I II I I Fort or anarlmcnt Mjere, U I* Beville, Dol% : 632..' George' W. Mill m. t>f Jacksonville -; I large business! : Miss Inez -S2,400 VOTES -

1" BOATS roR SILE-p-HaU Cabin' Cralser I FOIl. iota is ftP.At- is here for'a few 'days '- l\Ir\ H. L. Marlow . 1 .H. .. .. . 25,000OTES; Highland ParkA t ait'
f m&boeaoy SALElhre.fini
finish. 68 .
$ ft lour!: it ft. Campaign; Notes ,
beam 4 ft. draft 40 H-F. im; ZOUi Cen- mont Park Seminole Realty CoIfOKIUiNT J-Paui Kuaeey. of Arcadia.'1s In the L reality. Get your IoU in this 1- year'in
tury EnZiB Inc I tine .
i" cyeed II hour* Ut, Sr:4-ttec 1 tht'Ibow.
two bunks, foreand t.lDiI.aF.o on city for the fair. I AridComments canty before they go oat of sfehi. .
ays. Built bjr New York Yacht t En- ; UHEE I'l"nny: BILL Ellen James. Saint Joseph, Mo. Mr. I Enquire Donald IX ...4.,.
; I
glee ;Company. laaulea of J. ;
t CL 'Anderson ; TO BECOME and Mrs. J. B. 49 P a BMg.D2. IHYan'ed
m. Boca Orand*..ttorlda.f I.itticfine I J Sarah T. Jones and Jenny B. (Continued from Page 1) Moss. Saint Joseph
FOR I Saint ,. are WITH COOLIDGE 0. K. Mo. Mr. and Mrs. C )f. .
of .Petersburg Oat
'h! :POlit 8ALE-bBoQCiy: RENT-New five loom house la baen nnabl* to be out the and .
groom i working all .left-
"' ---Lot ib1K New 'and house East Fort Wyers,- Apu'y! 615 Second!;Su here for a. ... I maid, Cincinnati. Ohio. Mr: and Mrs. 1
aa well built .1i11t. time but
as :
1:0 .. 92 seems to be doing fina and exhibiturday.-
can be-dons. irt;rare Ur.. ; fro Edmund
rc. Small Taylor, and
I Miss Sarah
Ij- payme* down-baUnoa like rent. Semtnole Mrs "wii}.be a hard candidate to belt t ( page 11 W. IL GRACE .
: ,, Realty Company lee Phone S21.M ROOMS .r.oO REVT or week -Mr. and Starkey of Taylor. GreenriUe. MUs. }!r. and
I; ? tic street two I IXe"iIf"KY SW fcpccnd Jackson ville._were here' Wednesday' caise It hal been taken' care of by a Mrs. .R. O Chaltee hew'Haven, Conn. Physician, and Surgeon !fur UK

it FOR SALES-Harmon Chummy 2-j'kpFOR thejguesta cf-Mrs Sara Douglass. The really busy campaigners ere as separate bIll-passed bv the house Office 15-16 EarnhardtBldg.House hrongenable-
I"'." cheap for cash or will. trade Roadster for vac RENT-Three farnisht-d rooma'; at .----- busy as a oae armed man fighting. 'and senate which will become: law, 147 Woodferd Are.. !
ant lot anywbera...Box no Crescent Beach. Inquire 13'1 Lee St, : mosquitoes Just now. : bll
f C t care Press. Fort Mytra.. .. -rMr and Mrs. Damon Coates are I before the rivers and harbors bill can Tailor Makes: Telephone .r-omc.. 2/rings S
I' 2-17-Uc.( Ziiftp.! be considered House S ringsHighland 110 so.I .
by the senate.
I at Sanibel Island on a fishing excnr- i
1;.. ..
FOR SALU Store with livinr:. room in FOR. RENT-pies" rooms bkvki LaBelle Represented ii '. q"- ar..atU1R
I. back. Stuck of groceries, straight couth of Courthouse. Furnished d olt. i Valuable Find
buUdlng and
... lot, all .for g.lck.sal9 at IU32S. An eau for J'or .' tourist for housekeeping Miss Aliee: Bajley of LaBelle! Is HOTEL CIS TBEL IStMQCE < : .t-
traordinary barcrain.( Etubbn-Boyd 392 Lafayette street !-f -tp. going to make all the contestants RESORT "Alter spending $900 for medicine ParkThe i

rJi'raakllit.ty Company..AraW.. 114 ,.L..* Mreet, :,.- 1..00.\1' AND' BOARU-For couple or'|...o is-Ernest here attending Hendrickson to business of Chicago for a step lively for 'ihe! hag a r4: fieldto i i and doctors in four years without ; phi*
i' young men. Inquire Mr Vaughn work and 'hss'z. i.x.3' h : (continued from page 1) *-
r smiting Setting any benefit for stomach section for better homes. J1.5W, a !po
Jo OR SAI.S-14P Frees; ,yffice. 224.5tp'OR few days I
Ma115 heart
l Ford -ot p f needs thera ::11 l'.:n L Cecretary to Mrs. Chapman Mr. ,and 1-J honorsVature
Myers. ILe90.00. one-halt .- alto w : la the: trouble and boating I was induced by cash or your own tcnna.
Set to, oranei and grapefruit, neal-I: RENT-Very nice rooms :by campaign. -Mra. Nelson R. Perry of Asheville ,
': Bray, Donald D. Foley Realtor,
four : -J. D. K. ; of Youngstown O my drugget to Mafr'a IVonderf
years old. Thl. it bard to week or nftnti. 2tS Lee SL 1-16tic I Nr a: Mrs. E.'F Baldwin Miss Sidney a.-ar.
: 40 P. e
cats Stubbo-Boyd O. BWg.
; Realty Is spending a few days in Fort My- I Remedy and moat say: that a $1.2$ tA7REIt9
lit Lee Baldwin Peoria, ILL, and New York
\ ctreet, oppoalt I4anktl4 .. FLORID.V BElL ESTATE or dIe
"i ers. t 1- bottle has done $500 worth of
818-tfo, me
WANTED Mr. and Mrs. F. R. hathaway, Detroit
'YALILITIONS educesty.
C' .... RE.SSE "
good It is
.. ,, ,1 THE BEST BIT Of HB hTBtET: I. : hitch, Mr. and:Mrs. Rhodes Thomas, a"iD1ple.h..rmleaa prep- .
t 4a feet almost oppose tee proposednew -Waiters or \\altrMsn I at -H.. II. Hampton and C. C. Robbins Islington. Kr Mr. C. C Patrick aration that ffemovea-i he catarrhal
J.lt Blllldhl&'TbJi !!$ Cafe immediately Z-l le. A.
Is -
ir priced ;
right and can' be. bad on reasonable I of Cleveland .O., are here. for I fConunaen nom page 1) Lexington Ky Mr. R. E. Pearce Min mucus from the Intestinal tract and James C. Planer ja iota

: J term See K. A. French Room 1.i WANTED mail one for dining room a short stay. I limited waters transportation on rivera :neapolis Minn. Mr John Record allays the t&flammatiou which causes LEE: COO.NTT ENGUSEERINO CO. 1th .'
Arcade. and for house. SIS Anderson Ave.WANTfe.lWMaa ,77'
2 istf.jj .
I one _
1 FoR : s-It-tto. .lf ? t' and cXaai: ia the interior: (.f the Chicago lit Mr Ben Stillwell. SaintLouia practically all stomach,, liter and intestinal CivD sad Structural Engineer. f 711, Eiil .
Consulting Engineers on Crtinaxe.s .
|j Mr Inter ttarnf-Three prioed ioU near quick sail coma ellmgrxperiencv Misses Christina Buck and Char, t&tthlt valuations assessed! on-real Mot .Mr Harry: I. Adalr, Pittsburgh ailraenta, including appendsl-> ; and Structural Work .Ixt<

S I*.BOO.00
.,... l f. .city dan-tota 1924 40 model J.iBeHe.'Write;Fa.| F. Malta.Ford rfall.Se.; i.-DS";
La.BelIe" Florida. l $u letp Hotel 2-Ts4tp1TANTEDProle not( unreasonable.." says Nathan laro four' : cbildrepr and ,nnrse; Black{ ; Mt:N, Drag Store ,ind ;dru.i isU every- .

.FOR '8ALK-Interest In the newly. painted s cmal book reviewer 1 I Robert F. Garrett of Grand Rap- commissioner! of agriculture "to an- :c. Mr:: 'and Mrs:;:Jadee/ James. Miss 'wber e.' t..., iiiiiuHiHiiiiiiniHiitiiiiuiHiniHtiniiii.n:
;: ZH-foot vu boat; Julia at Williams' .. cants to review I Poke for clubu PriceutaombU. ids. Mica.-is,a*Tl itor-la.the' Cityof. 1 tipipate> tiat during the next twenty 'fcosol
Boat Warn.' J, B- Fye8Zlttp.. Will co out of town. Rox '1 7naa p11ma. V VV* Linin IIIU1111n 1II1111111111111 I "nui(1]( With Brick! '
IVS.l ': Oftica. 1J-1J tt, ,years, with well paved roads In every gill lillUfliillU111111iitil1111nn1ff71j: : .\ijftililif! ; 1IUIUr 01'lot

SALE-Acreage in '+uy 'mis* lot ,., section of )Flofida\ ; developed ( ...- ,_ ..,. ',u. u. 0 _

.. il.j..CIR- ..le S.Mrell J.it."Gnck to.l.,6oo ..ens.;;ed.,"SeeYmO p : It WANTED Mug; woo:--Real are >
}VVI .a x21 :3R,-Feet ,Bern.i 241-Tic.: work. Aptity ready for work atB rfUdea. son. of Asheville N. C:. have arrive and adequate terminals In the n1in4'1 : u.cot1butte
Collier county.; FloiUla, W i tLWAITEDMan General Blcllajer Hu4
f. l1fi1Ir. 1\1If'n1'r"----'e&. m .,'. "' .-__ 'r.' _; _. In Fort :M1erl'antt.". 'will take m'the !cities, the assessed valuations."' : MUST\ ADD .TO OUR SALES'FORCE"',t: = 5 I
-'- weUeat condlt3oa""2aa...lioial.Patm aYe."n' .- tat> "white ner* ar-.t-t -:' :sbow-an Increase'ovef 1923 : E :
t etc. and email 'fanny;cr J tioia Contractor
: .a'-t .
than ,
>'0ijf -nrtte..cmJr.prr.tenecl to car*;(or-grove, ,. TSOOOOOjOCu. t- > _
i Must know how t & dO .. -ldr. and Mrs IL P.. Beaner = 'v. : WANTED" Sales Director '
; fi" SALE Automobile Stodebaker *drive{ far' 114. -- a two Sales Sapertntend* Brick and Tile Bungalows E 1g pn
'JG ,' Special SIX good condition Cheap. er.d'repalr work J. 1: Uavia, tlvldgeapartmenta. are stopping at the Kenmore Hotel, I. Palm-Lee Park has eight kindred :: =
V tSJ3tcWASTKU eats and ire first-class Salesmen, must be of proven E 2 E ide '<>&
ttt e .M'Bargain for- Quick Bale. Apply. iKHutt.SXKy Iiomesites. a Specialty: :
*.;tJ.ak.! -2a-5tp: were at Marco, .Wednesday iOn al, .,m.bfaatiful ,. ability furnish the best of references and have a car to : oran
A well
[ V bungalow Would take ivtee furpUfeed pleasure trIp.'Y E promote sales In :whY not build substantially s tr, 1struit .
:! or assignment : Mornlngside. Park Atlanta's million dolE _
: : : FOR: .SALE; by owner of lease until April first Phone Mecca Gardens H

Two vewlr. eonatructed buildings asa ring 2. Z3-7tp.. -Mr. and Mrs. John Griesner and : Free water-1rom flowing wellsparks lar development. e E / Box 837-rert Myers k tter. 21

tJ.,:'..''iI: era Beventeeo equipment..Plaster fln4 baths and (,J)rood-car LOST V -V daughter Helen .of 'Hamilton were and playgrounds for children We had a million dollars (11,000.000) In sales last E Tiuiniili11tulltilllllluliltullIIUUtitilllllHoffman alter 1v

'" &araae.Vjll sell at here Wednesday visiting Mrs. Sara trlctions-lusurlng a home community s \ rear and one and one-half million dollars $1,500000) actually E 1-t.

jIi: : ,sacrifice. this :week, 1.OST-Ret. ticket to J ft mvtUe to Douglass. Mr jBriesner is a prominent ; '. Lot f3'5_00 up. quarter = -T.- spent.iauiTidoals In homes-1a.1924 In Morning- -= butterttaer

i-. "f" (* Will.10 per cent Intern* on: Chicago oo Illinois C Dtral Rail lumber dealer and 'he and his cash, balance, :3 years. K. L. JenV 2 side'Park!Thls development Is only one year old and[we '. = d'coaia '
: -, road. Anyone finding gam* will please "bane flee: million hollers la O>nesitea be. sold in. th.-If. ,
J.o. ,
i 1,0041.1I0 for IS mouths secured b:>*above : ,"* ;: / : :_
f if vaiue Addreaat l .Olflce, care Mra n. T. family are touring the state on their coLt RealtJa Co. = next three' : 1" Bros. 2.d;
'ft;.;', property '' at 12:009.00.. : Sixth!-4' *}) years. .', :,,,' i( .. :, &
return RicaMrs.,34
hog ..-citT. 222.3tp.r SS4tJ front a trIp( to Porto '
,; : : Highland ParkTwo :: s' -.-Property lies '4qi"North.,1n. ,t" natural.path ot th.'Cler' .:' I Contractors and BafldenliOO I
/!;. : FOR susA V snap--Mae room htwelJii1p E MISCELLANEOUS =: =', growth, louriand-one-Balf '(4 1itaints from thekebter .x
e four- four B, Tnbergen. has arrived = Euclid Are.
tag and room apartment new bungalows ready for in- I
S !
: -
I of town Canine oa; bolh-1 side*-.fj and .
:V-f' .rage SPAM everything! new' lot t9.by From Minneapolis Ttflnn., to Join her >property a.::: Fort Myers, Florida rl"I
,t; MO, wejTTocat 4 ;6.500. Party must s.U NAPLES LOTS A few lots unsold In spection. S one line rant through the hearRofftbia ,prppertralsot WeS 5
I&3 F% .- 5:(at once. Davis the bargain 'hullter.i Naples will sell for cash. terms or husband who Is associated with Bo- Ask Tour broker to see them. E bare a Dna line operating,oa ; 1Q&e sJlfc i4e. =
RJvtdB 2:22-Ste. ,
i yyr, apartments. lick & Hnmpidge. realtors. Mrs. "* *L4 sr*" *. \ arcs cc-
C will exchange for Income property in NOTICE Atlanta t. thi Sorti's moat:idiMi CRj/Onf' .
'iFOR' Tubergen here five eare S II
VLB-Oak dininS roomto waa
10 (f-;..,. .&:- L&UDd1"'etto-ash: ; marhine SlmpJex Fort )[yen.. Joba, F. Bartleson at with the Foster Travel service years andstated ago the Pursuant Constitution to Section of Florida.21. Article NOTICE 1.! of Is S ;,OB'af sound basis and the best values In the CityVe: Vill 1st:
# I 41
ironing machine. &4 Elizabeth at. Fort Myers Wholesale Grocery Company hereby given that! the undersigned intends = >- sell one and one-half million (tl.50006)@) dollars worth of
Dodd .Co.
tea Pres'report.r this Roofing
k t-2idtp. mornIng -
-r. = ,
: i- .t ; to apply to the Legrlslatnre at Us next homesitea this year.
-' r'f ; ? -. ,. : that she did not. recognize Fort regular session to be held this year for \s All kinds of roofs applied repaired JEBmp
: FOR 8A g. home. .Win \"\1.&tI -it- 1 1.BARaAINStOVLT {
I% :. half prlc* my two horsea new 'wagon -. are: the class, of Myers, there have been so manychanges the validating passage the of a admlniHtrstlon local or special of the.lON'A act. = large sales force not desired 'out quality wanted. l '' aDd painted. We do it,
land harness. Poa overlook this barcain.i goods-tve'deal-in. We 'own; aad have
: i Outfit cemetery.tf \\ for sale a few real bargains In near In and Improvements. She Is DRAINACET DISTRICT, since pie 5 Write, wireor 'I' right. .
x t zmped n ar last session of the !, 4 pl e .orsoa. ,5s .
Legislature .
including 'I',
subdivision and out of
f;", W ".. 3-11-3tP. you have for sale' anything town that tracts.is attractive If- more than 'pleased with the City of the arts of its officers and of Lee County. = v _. t;-- 218 Lee St. Those 404

r,;,.. "Ofta.7: bungalow. all modrn we have the cash borers waitIng Palms and its environments. The and the preceedinga of the Circuit Courtof
,;. conveniences room' For quick ail& and for It. 1)avi&.1ba tSarsaln huuter Tubergens are old friends of Herbert sale said-delinquent County In :COlluectlol1 with the | W. R. SHEPPARD, Mgr. SobdivisioAs/ ; 1 |! ?ra
taxes and other
'; peseestaon.- rurniened Apj.>ir jusavenue. Ileblp PIvidge apartmentaJ", : L. to' afaire ,
; Huaipidge and have ,,cOma: remain 'of the raid IMstrict.. v 1 I '
: .
'" *- -Stp. STEEL U.t.RGES _', t. permanently in Fort Myers.bay By t'dDf..t. of .the 'Board of Superviaor ; ., { I *4 hnaton .,

: V A Subject to Steel barzc fcnUt and deKvradatcost \ of Dated said this **>O4ar of February A? ClIf.A, Forsyth Street Atlanta. Gevrgte.HiiL .
: .' below wood barges After t
Garrett con .
c.. all .
'.. 'wIth.A.. ; J-SJ-Stp. t seven steel bastes w< UL, IKi V: :' iralnt4.<. ;!,! ".' G. A. LONGBRAKE, his D. .
!'; .;_ _, have prod economies In design andconstruction Neighbor Says *.:f A. Hr-mLLTSGHAM. ; I' (tl!I mil,
Vf : Seeretary of said DI8trid. :;
> -I Plant In good condltloo. :> which makes It possible .. Temporary office '
FOR SAIJS >e co = 1I..ij.Li1J..tiitr; (
.. Alp Delco souse pump and for ns to deliver steeL barges at attnuv -' !-?>; 34. tl. 1t ?S 41, a. ix-h2 "Itlllllllllllllillflt1IiTTIIPi1Ht' !' ,' t .
a. motor .J, X. "'cXa Naples the,price: Steel barges with hundred at residence: 897 2nd. Sty gr .
;. UI ton'carrying capacity u.5OO.OCI Wire us Is of Interest '
to Fen Jrrfn Folks.
,. Hours 11.1-24William
for <-slgn and pries Pfa.NSACOUA8HIPBIIUD1NO :
.1roR 84L2-have: the best sobs CO>>PANT. PENSA- I"ti! I' ". tit Md

YI....st rSl ni 5.ljci a COLA. FLORIDA. S-2Z-H When one has had misfortune is: t pose
a."ant. lIea1n- EAST FOIST YERS-propertT. win don. to suffer from backache headaches, t't rutorth JOn
.. .barp\D.1 ble In 'value as soon aa the Improvements dizxlnesa. disorders '
1 pbett .. nninary ;and I wi
now contemplated! are 1tL.'e ,
] lPOR >jlt 0Im-X lrp have floe building lots where the heart other kidney Ills-and baa found. relief J. Wood
'bllr I 1-' .. oft oouJeftm. sectW.OIIVK7 n j of activity. is now S00lot.. Raayterms. from all this sickness and ant --.-* I
l Aaei Fort idy: Also two I room new boWIe ferlas that person's advice U of *" I Attorney -3t-Law I a
Seminole un-
$ ileggg, (I. meats untursiahed in very cheap Realty;; Co.. law.UUe. ) I
yam): .nil eqe Iot'tea 2- told value to friends and neighbors. : n. \ 1CID
for en runTropica -rT-htei N Buick i fealty Bedbg first sad 9ea
0 ? The-
-=. .D wr-t r chickens gpiendii LItTeod r property with us If you want following ease is only one;'ol. :' : ; ew af1\: 1H.I
1.YeIItID6oL Price_ "'.... Eta term. '*wmlnole ''Realty: Company' many;thousands.'bnt U Is that of a ; ; ,
..Inc. Phone 5J1. Z-21-tfc. .. ,.
2-Wife. Ii .iT
8ct.xlM tsa5if aa' *
Fort Myers resident Who could. ask I; 't I -! i ] of hi
for 'a :better, -exainplet:; i I' 'Jo-. ", .. '.1' I [doe I I.It

I The OW'H>nie Town; By Stanley ::1J't' A.: F. 'Whidden, 352 Jackson .0::. f. 't; "Will1be 'on Exhibition tat'the Booth.of. :the= ".'.L'I Tmj fMI

St, says-'My .
kidneys were weak and ZT tIC

and acted exhausted Irregularly.I J could felt so hardly depressed drag mj Vk Lee County Motor 'Repair'Co.:: ';. 1*: 4; I Bt lot

one foot after the '
1 t other aad suffered k GRADY: FITS GLASSES

'... PVt from severe attacks ol dizziness. My .... .' -. -'; ,, '. ,tv' Patl &. Lee>* rH enhi
V t,1vrt w back was: weak.ana:ached -terribly 'J"L ;; .-. m
Vt Specks Heated*! before fay eyes;blar-M 1 4::=jt D: TlTHEIE E COUNTY FAIR I,..rL
L ting saht.Mt:
j w>w sat .e mr using several -. ROYAL PALM PARK? : il aibgrRnl
< boxes of Dean's PUla I was cured." ,
aMas Bordering the Caloosahatchee
m.4ty.sa Ymar rORAST Twat w tr A FEW TEARS LATER.. Mrs. Sid hidden .. Tomorrow t : lF curt
i River. l
A All Water front
W privflegw : /
a e ,..ga said: "The cure, which 'Dean's : : : '. n'jV-- ; >,>: f I .,ting
?illa ** 4r"A .. for lot cnniers. ; T,
gave me has been permanent ,. :... f nn':
ells lytttr e.tOt hoc at all 'dealers. Foster-MJbnra y 38- i See P. ED. TATEN i -

Co klftre aBuftalo 'N. Y.' the} Royal[ Palm Park Fort lfl_ ,I v.\aJ'\ '
o ''i -:Examine i t a d_ see.wfeat. a wonderfully! .goodrcar. -J1
JStf r V s> J s*' JP > I'* .t :a.' t
a! ee paglt If ax eae knaJssid. and .. "'- ".' .- '" "; :, :: wirfr ;,

rty acre tfnw! 9Cre felled 11M "S ,9A ; _- ., :.Buiekis -, .. > : ,
: mRS "
," *-.. .y ..... PORT ,. nat :
limtelksZ10-tfa >:- : lw. _ul
nWE'l \:
V '+ : ,
"ftJ t nU
HigWaRdP.rk> : '. The ifew BODGH car on:exhibitien tomorrew at the Lee "OptototttrUt and .tI...te'I.llr,
Two beauUfal.Bpaafl SA b gitows taesale. : hikes tested Glace F.mOst incidrr .

ItoQulr,tn Ml4'C Du.Fotey,, ftP. < .& 4. k ( > "r .. 22J itrst S*. J'Qr\ '1 in I

'0. 'B dg(,,or>yoar ,broker ,1'' Ce Hty Meter Repair Co. Garage, Aiwtersfc !- -:i iR1w kt
\ .A
: : .
Of. Gee. ....... I1i : ; .
\ ,
\ -
wtAt xa :VETERINARIAN'aad I ,: \ '. ; i \ '",

i- Freaolf. ::American Graduate j II \ t ,l. A j kIdtAhkLa tEL' aka
'Rabies ,VacclmatloaM .' :, ..t.re. ... rJ iabf-'Pk, ,'t; : .... lfe ire .
< --Y. 1 1' ,?'!i'v"" .iL : : .. -..
rw i.-.. ,
yars prmctlce: .. ,. ,
= -IVV Iilt14 bit vNE .oe: 810 Anderson:Ave. 'i

'i1 UiO

'. _" c-' _- :
,. H .. .T .
; .


-.. --

-- .. -. ." .', '
.. -- -- _.- .

':- '
> .ry :---,., __- f<< :

: + ..--,;:..:. ;.!F"i-a-..__ .,. .. ..... wiaaa- : :: : '... ... ,;;,. :
5 ,

_. ,,.,", ." ;- j jp
y '
I f..lTTDDllCE. INCREASE'{ .exhibits building will be found the niblts of local Interest, are the 100" '

1' -A :Rsg S' ,RIVER ROADS SEA LIONS ,ARE, IDEAL FOR FIRST.. FAIR BIT IS!t Fort Myers Concert band regaling the I Seminole braves and their families, r :,; 1
I SEAR: 200 PER CITST MARK Hoagland's hippodrome. practice "
_ throngs with catchy music. Here

.':-; NOW BUNG[ REPAIRED I PETS SAYS ENTHUSIAST! I ey for Continued their hike this from summer page 1)by sell. attractive too, is a miniature displays of auto Chrysler show with and I acU.Athletic games by horse the racing famous, and Philadelphia many free' I

Ing drinks and other refreshments Maxwell cars oy* Fred C Duree; On the midway or carnival grounds j
'OF HURR1CANE DAMAGE J. II Avent !s scout master and Is Fords; Fordson tractors and Ford may be found attractions :.to pleaseall j \
'IBr Tb. AiMriat Prtti)
trucks by Sykes &: Hill, and Cleveland tastes and fancies. Leather lung "
d"" LONDON, Feb. Si Th. Ilea Is supervising the boys activities on the '
-i( ; sea cars by J B. :Mack, distributor ed barkers are every Where shoutingto J
< > ,.- $ .rlll* Read Inderrolns Sarfac- the ideal pet and the perfect friendof grounds Boulevard Filling station A special you to enter their show for the -
':,{ "' ?44i lag Short Det.u" Now pins according to recommendations Apple pie turnovers pies salads, fair guessing contest is being held by small.vpart of a dollar. Besides the >,; 7 ;
r ,." Seee.saryw made by member of the Ama sandwiches and dinners are being Mr. Mack The motor of one of the usual lemonade, candy blanket, baby : .
t. teur Menagerie club, who published served by the ...omen' of Rebekah I Cleveland cars has been disconnectedand dolls and other booths of like nature; '
1'$ -iNorih::; ot the county line on Satate recently a book on their various experience lodge at the fair for the benefit of I the speedometer sealed. This engine the main exhibits Include a ride on : :
: ': '. Road '?\o. 2, convicts are repairing with animal. Owing to their lodge in Fort Myers I is run fpur hours each day during the 'whip and merry-go-round. ;
'' the expense of the upkeep of a sea the fair*.* The person guessing Florida's fat girt tatooed Clro i ,
< Vhere.the roadbed has been damaged The senior class of the high school : lady .
., ,' ,by standing water due to lack of lion; however, It la not probable that have their usual food booth which is nearest to the actual mileage run by the smoke eater, Pansey and Violet -
':, ':' 'drainage.: Part of the old hard they will ever replace cats and doss prating one of the main attractionsfor this motor will receive a handsome Siamese twins, world's strangest collection -
.. removed with M t>'ta. A sea lion has all the intelligence prize of people: Madame Ethel r
facing is being a the younger set
f -; ", :tf1 and new material being sur.1 of a dog adaptability and, I The Edgewood Baptist church is The American Legion booth one of mentalist, glass blowers; strangest .... at 1.,
affection and requires license
:i'. ,: "t., Its place. About half a mile of no I II' also represented with a like booth the features of former fairs and head house In the world; New Orleans 3
.a but ordinarily It costs from $500 to
i tL. ( : # is rough on account At the new the attendants of which are being quarters for good things to eat, is strutters; motordome with Doris .
J. ?y 1 -. face. $700 a year to keep a pet of this I kept busy, conspicuous, this "year by its absence Paige, woman motorcycle,, racer: I Shirts
; Materials are lying on the ground I'kind.One of the club members L. R hider the auspices of the United : Lack of cooperation with the Legion Jiltjrs' bungalow. That Girl Edna; alligator Stunning
: t at the Owl creek bridge where they Daughters of the Confederacy, a library on the part of the carnival companywas boy; cataplllar -tide, ,chair t
Brtghtwell. has had much
I experience
j. nave been for a week or ten day,. I with lions and club benefit booth is being given as the reason, by Legion plane ride and other attractions 1Business I
and '
as pets highly rec
; .; i This, bridge will soon be Impassable lommenda them. In his opinion it is maintained. I officials today numerous to mention. for

i: _: < The channel; through the grade was only the high rate for the use of A feature welcomed by women fair ] The display of the colored schoolsis Fort Myers, young and old attended -
\", 1 .._,'4, ,:,":- so' small that the waters daring the water and the coat of fish as food visitors is the W. C. T. U rest room I, varied and displays excellent examples the fair Tuesday and will do so or Sports. of..j :
last hurricane were all over the road of penmanship drawing and throughout its schedule. It contains
which prevents the sea lion becominga with comfortable chairs where mothers i
f c. r ,at this place and much of the grade universal pet. may park their babies in special : other subjects of general Interest something of interest to all and from
;) : washed out. It.. evident that the i "Greed is undoubtedly the sea cots while they take in the eights. i The pouutry show includes a larger the crowds that thronged over the Collar Attached
Fi, ;: ;yy, channel is to be widened from the ion's one great fault," writes Mr. The fire department is represented exhibit than ever before and is grow.lug grounds today it would appear that X
t : amount ot material unloaded. in popularity if the large crowd but few people in Southwest Florida r
f. Briehtwell. bat siren enough fish, a by a food booth and the comfortable I
'-, '' At the Olga-Samvllle corner a new sea lion may be'taught anything His section, reserved: for the Fort Myers who viewed it Tuesday is a criterion. were missing the opportunity of seeing -
.: \. .. grade Is being thrown up reducing amazing gifts of balancing I II I Other attractions beside the ex it SEARCH through all the city and
diving chamber of
-1; ,>, the angle of the corner which 'Will"t I Realty Beard and the i iI .. ,..-- :
:s;, .. ,..1 motorists md forming picturesque groups are II commerce: U a general Information '
a good thing say .
r implanted In him by nature." I I I 1 you will find nothing like this-a
"t booth'properlJ' situated in the midst 1
i ;,J j' :/Through' Samville new surfacing I.I is \
I ,,,, :., : )Wng placed on the roadway and, asjbertdetonr of the numerous exhibits I -f: .t. t. shirt showing incomparable! The
1 '; .-' '! Is necessary in front of U. S. Citizen FoundIn Press Represented
"'; >. oM_ Williams home. It, O Gilbert has an attractive display -! o : sort of shirts that add a zest to sport.
1 j. (- i At the'Robioaon corner and nearly Greek Orphanage of beating and.plumbing fixtures ;* I
i \" ..... Carl Weeti home hard surfacing ..........-- as has Edelblut & Co., who also display Alf f popular patterns, shades and
1j..-'ti;; ; been applied and it will reach the ATHENS, the latest in gas stoves and
t i Greece Feb. 24.-Prop- fabrics. .
:yr Free Ice cold'1fater U Alsofurnished :- : .. _
+ ;i et.tee corner by Saturdal ranges. ,
: ably the only Americas citizen ;
," ":1 The road' this .id' of Sam all the public by a special .- .
1 .,'i-. -; : s* piNe I. fell of holes and,must Near among East Relief the orphans, in the,great stand maintained by<-Edelblufs near .>. .;; .' l '1, _
orphanage at Syra,
>' -Z rWtred.soon.UlfUBUISO. Greece. the exhibition entrance. : ;.: Z:. ....:
U Raroon '
Aladdin ten
f a -
r 1: .. old.' 'JII&''name sounds like l Hammer Home Builder maintain: Smart Spring styles done in IANI -
a lucky
1 .
; .' :1MOR: : a booth popular with prospective' S
; :"" RAILWAY charm out of the Arabian Nights but home hall4erL' 1 ;:: HATTAN'S" best manner-unsur-
i hj : )i SEABOABD_ .
J .' no conspicuous: good luck befel
:\ I
:, !'>/; -' )E'ALSBPItESS' FINDS ever The Fort Myers Press maintains an j
lint until a few days in the fine points that make
; ago
i :', i';:: '" ; Information booth, at this year's fair.:
Aladdin tad heretofore
,, '::: .:- :' ., ,,"(Continued from :page 1) supposed News regarding the Press big booster i quality unmistakable. So too
: .. : .e4 fats depot she, Walter R. Sauna. that'be was an Armenian bat last subscription campaign and other FAIR WEEK SPECIALS many,
;.' .'-' '. pagil.t: of 'the ,gait Fort MyerspMBtfl month information reached the Lost particulars regarding: the paper are I =it makes choosing a fine sport.
and Found Bureau of the Fear .
furnished there well as Information \
= 1"j ( and Walter Thomas a memfcerof as
i <. ,,;:: .,. t e- ann U.'as well} as Mayer Relief. indicating. that the lad s father regarding:: the aIr.., I I '; So smart and becoming are the sport, Now is the good time! t
furrer, state, ,: )a an' American citizen, living somewhere -, Senate coffee Is weft representedby
that have
; r.T'48.: thy hats we are showing you will want one immediately .,..'
v t ." MT ....asked by the.Seaboard togbr in .Ptansylranta* The father an attractive display of that product to complete some special frock or .. f
$2.75 to $5.00
has no knowledge that the boy is ,
"'1 t Uk}4 cowpaay a let and have had '
suit the fair in
t : ;<' ,i* mewHBli. ,ilium .from"this' 'raBroad Still alive; .as the: ,mother and two The. Russell Park, waterfront home or particular.

j a ; ; .: a site. ..for' .a,:depot, and sisters died ,of hunger' and exposure, sites, have a booth on the grounds These hats are fashioned in straws. ,
'. > : .UM Mtier .has never even been. rt Smyrna: for the introduction of the new sub' 7
,j :+ ;' :. N ."tbe'eouBdI.' : Every.effort'wO ie made in,America division. Mr.. Charles W Russell Is straw and silk and novelty braids. All in
would 'seem. to 'settle In'A I ; by advertisement and otherwise in charge to answer any questions. regarding the fresh new shades. Modestly priced- The Heitman Clothing C o.E .
:_ to, locate-tbe.exact whereabouts of the' some as low as 250. '
property .... ,
.... .' Uut fib:"men.as. .la found, young The.Cross. Realty Co,proclaims at -: "";" t. *" !".,-0':,' f f:1, :. -v ;- .' j,' 7 '
.I.: ,<-: special I partstnas feast. ."was Harotin .will;probably begin lo think Its booth that "Fort Myers Is the burg =
;!I :ira wa raf; .e.s' eon t M4 tocttr the that,the.miracles ,o* Aladdin, ;lamp: that made real estate famous' and Rogers Millinery\ J3foreHendry -T .

.-: < '.pewd! ;ol,Sacramento.i v, ., bare, bean to Kap en _again,,. furnishes information regarding the "
subdivisions for which it 1s exclusive. St. .
r !'T8e tub i ou Billingsgate market:JadeaU Naturalists tate that the average sales, agent :E -
1" r Ipalgp' with nearly" ... 10MOM. mouse bus dally" .. run' .of about' ten- Miniature Auto Show
i : ,)?s u11 of fleb'44417.{ : s _miles.i, : On[ the pavilion in the center of the '.

l ;TE fij: :: ,: i: F 0 F F $ 1 00.00 Credit ,:; I

-,,''_" _,,,, ,, r. _I\., I,

L.: g -> : ,. ':;:::" '; ; F I L L on. any remaining r '


f: ,- ,J.'k: ,: { t -. '- ji ;: ajfPtr ;

:/ ; ,

i : BELLE UELOT' s v t

., <:

; : .. ;

a T; '} ; ,: ; :; J5 ]i :" ,, .. :

{ at booth >.
: our
: ". ; .. ,
; 1t .
: : '
; :r"
I : ;:> : : "' _. ., '' ,;.: \: _

<:'t : :' :j \; ;JL fj', :; '
; .: ..; : ; ftLRE' I If

I a :: I ; :: .- : COUNTY. FAIR : zo" ;t ;; '

,; ; ; 1: ; :}' :::; : ., ;; :, ,

... ... __ .
> It
"f .
'S" rX; :tf 1;. f'. .l"' :' !':"\ ','> {t! -f ::-1'\

_c. i:;: ::; *. #; .' 1 : ::-f;; > <: '>..'; v ; I .v Gall., and Get Particulars I .. .:: !J -c r; ; ; : :

C .f. ,'" (; --:,: ::'> :--:; t*: : i.." ... :: ,,.. .. : .- ;. .' .. \\ ? .,

;; > : ':> < '; !l (,

) ; J" ". > > :o


-- 1::,; i iCrbss Realty Company: j' T

;_! : r f ,. : : "221 FIRST STREET '- : ,:' :..

< .- ;:, ;: .; ,:, .. 0 -, .-' ,, ,, '' ,'. < c'f >:' .- s -:',_: .- !

:;: : :")" 4' "; :::1t:' F

J : : i I : '' : :ik.i!! I 'f ; : < '-: "r t -; -np:." ,?,.: ., : "t


.. .. ,
"- .
'. ,.... ).;-: -., .,'- : <-- '
,--.'!r,"' .fZ., 'ii'.;' :':; .t'C.-:; .,, ,.';- -, : -0 l:0 -

I ;; = ? ?? ,

: : : ,: :;::


The Fort Myers press

Material Information

The Fort Myers press
Uniform Title:
Fort Myers press (Fort Myers, Fla. 1914)
Place of Publication:
Fort Myers Fla
J.M. Callahan
Creation Date:
February 25, 1925
Publication Date:
Daily (except Sunday)
normalized irregular


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Newspapers -- Fort Myers (Fla.) ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Lee County (Fla.) ( lcsh )
newspaper ( sobekcm )
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Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Lee -- Fort Myers
26.631667 x -81.857222


Dates or Sequential Designation:
Vol. 4, no. 25 (Apr. 13, 1914)-

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University of Florida
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University of Florida
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\ :,' "! {: !; Paid. Admissions Tuesday Were All CeD with Recent Land Is Realization of Premise ifade 'Te
). l lIS Deal Peny RaHrend 1* \ Relie e Farther Danger'ef
t ; .. 1,650 an Increase of 1,214 HOTEL CASA YBEl Interested j \ A Help Received fioir Coanta
.r High Water I ANTI
-. Orer ff SALOON
\\J ; First Daj at Last I F eN I erIn I LEAGUE More Than That Given'Later

f 't.. t Year's Exhibit {i
'" Ie UNIQUE RESORT I ibd Press believes that It Is only, a letter to' the Palm Beach Post. In Press Biff Booster
!.- .\ ; i
? :::- AH former flrtt day attendance a matter of a few months, or a year Senator Ducan U. Fletcher states I BUSIER THAN EVERSPEAKERDECLARES Campaign

: or two. at the farthest until the Sea- that the Caloosahatchee

*" ,L .,!''tIP records were broken Tuesday, at the GAINS MANY FRIENDS,: board Air Line railroad will extend;j I Is now before the president survey and will bill Ills nOda Gulden Is lead far
\\t- Lee. fair I U I the fi>M Ja the aeestor
p J 'I> county Official figures Ills: tracks Into Fort Mferg.# This, rtrrala-

E. : I '"a-. t}; >- '.' 1,150 Each: Tear Find It ftrewl_... More eral times. The Press will rejoice{ : I approval. Beast ef totes vifth Miss IrrteDeaaaai
:. .; }.. people. This Is an Increase over rot.tal'1'ha. YI,;ioM( inTake when it can give its readers the 111 marry whom I please" Walt. I I The letter was written correcting iew Flsrhtlnr' Liquor Evils Other a ..... seeead. .tDt" _
\... ". the first day lut year of U14 al! late K. Unfortb. is. Mid when herwtwlttf Than Saloon.
:. or + t'oaatJ, authentic information that its belief ( a statement made by a Washing toni 1 Andleara Told candidates are closely !aacked
;:'tt '...mOlt 200 per cent. These figures In- ,I has been translated into actual fact : to San her FrancUco parents objected I IThAllteld. i I dispatch carried In the Post. It is By C. R. Stun for first place and J Ja" a little
marriage t9 William *
:" ;.'> 'elude admissions from 9 a. m. to a boat at Punta Rassa, slip But the Press does not indulge in the' 36. a stableman._She did. 1 self explanatory and Is reproduced boost from their friends trill pit
.,; : ,- y.-/;? : t:05'pm.: : across to Sanibel Isle five minutes; pastime of publishing, as facts what' -- herewith: The Anti-saloon league organized nest asyene of these. at the l""*

};.:. 1" : t'h' Better' i by motor and you will find yourself are mere rumors. The statements In I j In your issue of 18th your Washington thirty years ago. never had more Tea sabsrrfptJva) glues new ts

(.. : -'. 'for the arrangement and facilities 'at Hotel Casa Thai nestled among : another newspaper that the Seaboard i; Service (apparently not your work to do than now, declared: mere valuable Ibis at. nay. .*tar .-
-"";:. \, this entire exhibition are in evldene I, the .cooling palms and other tropical :: has purchased valuable real estate' \\VIlLIAMS HOME special correspondent) has you. say- George R. Stuart in a forceful lecture time. ...-.. ;

.:: l' >(?* IIJIOnSibl for year and are 'largely plants characteristic of this picturesque holdings In East Fort Myers, and that! under a beading: "A Project calling oa the league's work at the First Its the friend that meets Cue worker -

.5 .z' ''pletenesa a fair of unusual section where you find your. I the city council of East Fort Myers For A Preliminary Flood Control Survey I Methodist church Tuesday night. In the Press' big circulation campaign -

.5y y -"- and and diversity of e r"'l self separated from the busy out side i has agreed to provide a. site for its On Tire Caloosahatchee River With the .saloon? as a legal insti' with a smile and readily givesthe
attractions, I
,I : ," .. world.A I
'. ,' Entering-the main gate of the secluded spot where, "home-folks" Fort Myers Press reporters have Reported Today. ,:evil have arisen,,. declared Mr. Stuart the necessity of a second: all that
\ *-' fclblt building the visitor i* In, the go to pass a few Quiet weeks or' Interviewed three Of. the five men I( "This leaves the erroneous impression -i These new evils challenge the highest !Is proving real friendship. The campaigners -
-r{ midst'of the most complete display months each season far away from who recently purchased the land I) that action has not been taken I II genius ot religious reform workers are very basy and every

of Lee county products ever assem-i the hurrying throngs and the (valued at 125,000):! in East Fort My WESDAY NIGHTi regarding this matter. I he declared visit that is saved for them ts eon-

: -bled. The, food taste end artistic made scenery that ers which is purported to have 'been I The facts are I proposed and had There are thirty-seven wet organisations serving the time that is so precious
!:\!:''arrupmeat of the contents of the j' the larger commercial centers IbU-j purchased by the Seaboard. These the commerce .committee of the senate -t in the United States, backed during the drive.

-$*k- booths reach 'a" perfection thla year country. gentlemen. are James Eo Ifrndry Jr..' Residence ;'Bums While Family Is agree to ad amendment to the jbr a million dollars of vet money Every citizen of Fort Myers and

', ;hDlt'trj before attained.! j 'For those seeking a continuous Frank Tlchehof and Harry Poe John-'I Attending! Lee County rivers and harbors bill providing I j offered byformer brewers and distill- this territory want and I U going to

t""S S The community booths, are among round of merriment Casa Ybel otters .son. They all state that the Seaboard Fair I for this survey, but before the com i ers, it w.s stated, as well as the wine have the Press and it will b*.an ap

j-i f'..9.the first to attract the. attention: of* little inducement while on the other Company does not own the land that'. mittee concluded consideration; of and whiskey interests of France, predated favor If they give the subscription

r -not,only northern visitors but of the ,. band if quiet peace and contentment, the Seaboard does not have an option : LOS ESTIMATED AT .I 1,000.00 the whole bill Congressman Drane- Italy and England not to mention the to a campaigner. Friendly'
: Florida fair; attendance aa welL free from the unpleasant interrup on theproperty, and that they did not r f who bad introduced a bill In the i j beer Interests of Germany. I I encouragement right now win probably

1 t -. Beautiful fruit of every variety to be tions of the usual every-day grind is sect' for the Seaboard in purchasing :; Entire Personal Belongings Destroyed house of like purpose was able to I There are now sixty-six wine and mean the difference between an

.1found; Lee county is. found die desired-Casa Ybel. en the gulf Is ]I the property. By Fire Of Vaknown have it passed; and when that bill beer bills before congress all being Eases coach and a small cash >prise.SBbscriptieas > .

r played to best -advantage in these the place you are looking for. I f As to the rumor that tins city conn'cll -" Origin came to the senate it was referred to I pushed for ]passage any one of which Coast Sew
r- 'attractive, :stall You will not find a group of imposing' of East Fort Myers has agreed to .. I the commerce committee. I obtaineda 1 would bring back the saloons in Right BOW a subscription will pay
: + 'Ceauaaalty ;Beoihs- buildings designed by 'far' I give the Seaboard the property want- favorable report on the bin, had It I some form or other Mr. Stuart told more In votes than at any other time

S The Alva community booth has an famed architects or grounds laid out j (Continued on page 6) I The two-atrt home of S. E. Williams considered and passed by the senate' his hearers. daring the campaign, and vote are
f,.V :attraetive display of general farm ''In perfect symmetry by landscape i I -------- near the Williams Boat Ways I on 15th instant. It Is now before the ;, The collection: at Tuesday's meet-I what will win the prises. n.. not

,products, 'citrus traits and vegetables. artists that'transform the natural Into in East Fort Myers was discovered :j president and will become law as : ing was $115.60 in cash: and about j the number of subscriptions nor the

,;.Tae exhibit i* la the hands ot Mr the ethereal by their touch-instead ftdDA[ REAL ESTATE to be on fire early last night,nd despite j soon as approved by him. j I'! $60.00 In subscriptions The AaUI -I I I amount of money you collect but it

;?- r."and, Mr*, C,; B., Foster, Mr. and Mr*. .. the drive will bring you to the the work: of the department "There was no use 'to have the'I saloon league will use thla money to is the amount of votes you get. sad
*. ;;&; VK'H.Tn: seyw and )Mrs B.So Clay. front of the main building a low one I upon the q0"16, the building and lta same legislation provided for In the 'I help In the expense of bringing .legis during this first period is when the
> .-'Eatero 'Including Hendry 'creek' I* $! story structure of simple design. t V VAI.EJATIONS ON STEADY 'contents were destroyed. rivers and harbors bill which I* yet lation before the Tallahassee legislaI vote are l.rr..t.

1baktJ-: general" exhibit of the!I I4' I' Around this ,main building, are I The fire''department managed to pending; and I, therefore had the i I i tune and for the passage of measures Each subscriber will want hi.* or
.. ; .v products raised that vicinity.}I hotels grouped In crescent fashion I I save a large boat on the wa,.\and item removed from the rivers -and ;i''that make it easy for the officer of her subscription to pay as many

/r.a Porto Ricaa'coffee<< grown there is be1 ',"ten attractive ..cottage five on either INCREASESINCE 1903 adjacent bdildings.Like harbors bill where I had placed it be- the law jto enforce the prohibitionact. votes possible sad right lOW is the

: J' lags' ahowa,u la 'different1 atage* of' aide which house the guests. The din-I I t other recent East Fort My (Continued on Page 6). time to help your friend ft favorite

\. ;;"mwU1. : An ',Sn.tereattac display 'of i lag room, lounging room, pool room I era fires the- origin of this one Is a C. W. Crooke superintendent ot for this is the, bfc'yote period. The
_,. '
**+ and kitchen come the Florida Anti-saloon votes decrease at each perjed Ail
j. ,0--2; "i r. nt 1Raa canned ]i the roof of j mystery, Mr. William has just had league accompanied .
4 l.---\.... ...... ,J*** Ti! t ai s. ,fhe.eeatrel-bnfldiag _.._'*... = s14,|5ataaa... :Xarj Predicts YslaaUoa. 'IaereaeeOf. the hoBseJLremodeled and a second Fisherman of 80'Years Mr. Stuart oa bis visit to campaigner are urged to keep March
3zr .
:.' "', : /i e and fv>is in charge t :;: : aaaslsted f1 Despite. the; tactthafi tb1J1' r'r., -. !.! ,>>xt 20 Tears.at .' story.added, at .considerable: 'expense.: ,Lands ffi-Pound'CatchUp ForTityer Hfr.\ 'Stuart's. borne is,in. 11th ia mind and 4.aui.'fo fear. .

i.. ,. JIJ 1 r mf4 by MrB.is. ,withdrawn! from .the busy active SOOOOoooo Nothing was saved from the hoes .' l Montgomery Alabama and be has all aabscrtpnoat/KoaUsedriheni.d as '
: j.- Horn conducting ,..world this does not mean that her i, Mrs Wflliama: stated this morning, long been active In fighting the liqaor to get them la by that date
t r t.- ;be eabJhfof Bonlta. Springs. Ctt-f..guests must leave' ad the little ,'conveniencea : -! TALLAHASSEE Feb. zs,-valuations and not a'memberof the family has the river In the guide boat of evIL Ktatiutioas( SUn .Open
IN tdI'teita'1re'greatly, 1[ : they have bees'iised. to be- In Florida haTe shown a gradual I[ The nomination !tin! ta act yet
v' l
Aft ia evid.npj even a change of clothing. The woman W.: L. Prentlss )fr. Baker, who ,aek j'
\ ;
pine banana rose' hind them, ,.Most aisnrediy on the con.traryv..Mri'Knapp'jtroprletor : Increase since 1903. From 1903 to closed and the opportunity for Bew
plants, who with lost'i
sjayed them
; applHJ nowledges to 80 cold winters
191 real and "as
estate\ values jumpedfrom workers is still
y r/ eattilld node;;. jellies,; 'apd 'theS: like.: of the everything she possessed. ,Numerou* sunuuers, OLIVE waiting ft.re"
warm sixty-
/ TSwrilsff Si i, grounds, has recently installed electric $8.247.312 to 20UOS,741r? and from PUT'S plenty of room for more la this.
I -... : ,have:.for the eye of 'the. 191C boat models which were stored In one two pounds of n'ook. The largest ;
Vr to 1923 the increase fromU01.105.1U' broad field for
lights sew
J -t T bar." several atalks of""Jcot- i that supply the.aame'eut- was [ room of the house entrants aid the
t :rent that the to $307419.43 were destroyed one landed weighed" fourteen pounds invitation to .Broil) and be .
toa.r ? ordinary city Ilne'hr a big winner
; .
\ t -nlsh.'Too. On personal property the Increase and can not be replaced. Mr. Williams and pat quite a fight before MAItRIAGE[ MIL is I still wide It .
6, .. :' :;Ptae Isltnl Casa "Ybel has ltd own water up he open. is easy F
i"- ;' : is f.atarmcJtrua. : ia I stated that the loss on these
t assessed valuation the to
: system soft ,water system that during per was brought'to gaff. I get la the face. All that ia required
1< / 'itrults' trnlta.. Vegetables maotoea'tropical* ';furnishes running water hot and iod from 1903 to 191C was from $29- Is great estimating his loss at Mr. Baker i r from Iowa and enjoys to enroll Is eaU at the. Press

f '.'- '. caaaed, :'gherkins, cartssas flowers, cold.. to. all the rooms 930,608 to $J5Z.419.24S and from 1916 000.00 with only 'small insurance.The $15'.1 the climate and sports of Lee conn- ]I SYKES IS'ANNOUNCED { office and see tta campalfn laaaafer

'" goods, of which there'Is some i The crescent of cottages face the]to 1923. It went from $52,419443 to house was almoetready; to ty very much. I j, saying lea want to.'get UfornSaUoa
/ ,::.ISO varieties." W.fl. Freeborn of Bo-: gulf looking !southward The fresh $34,571,697. There was a slight decrease In, spectators' state 'when the alarm retarding the drive and the dtatrthuf ( -

t ,S keens Florida is'in'charge,* crisp air, free,from a particle of dust, in personal. property valuation was sounded. 'It was one of the hot- i j Wedding ef Pepalar! Jfaabtrs Hon of the prises. The maaagcra Trtll
; Tbebig: booth which receives all gives a new feeling that sets ona free ," Ia 1115. 1921 and 1922. but the test conflagrations ever SeeD In this Site Being Cleared Teaagvr Set e do the rest Dent wait say looter.
t Told ef At Frank11
r r( ladlrHaal entries for prizes In Lee !I to mingle with' nature ia, her unj other years 'showed consistent and I section and the names lighted up the For New 'Arms DaMe Eater today Do it tww.ANi5 .
e eountholds. .a, great, deal' of interest j touched tropical state. gradual Increase.Railroad entire eastern part of the city of Fort Post OfficeSand -
:rot (the pasBers'by and )la in the 4 and telegraph Myers. -
Flowers fruits, vegetable -*n property I At
a' dance
given at the Fraaklin
bands tof Ue County Agent W R. 1 these to make the scene more enticing. -' Increased in assessed valuation during Large crowds of people gathered at and brick are being unloaded Arms hotel last night the CAMPAIGNNO'I.; .
fl Brlgft.' Wet among those things b e- .> The' beach otlera ideal bathing' l the years 1903 to 1916 from $tt,- the scene and the East Fort Myers on Broadway and other materials' of the : di0iENfeThe
marriage of \
Virgil >
.lag-lo 1rU' are the. 'Various .citrus t end shelling Just a few hundred feet I 14SJ1S to 45,41944S.. and from 1916 chemical track was. out and, helped the building of the Dew post office I Miss Sykesand !

If i'S A! l 4"'.fnIi*.'bananas,=' letab16".an4nrl.''. war from the cottages. Then boa;t to 1923. It went up from $45.419.248to t prevent the spread .of fire. It was arcade are being1'assembled preparatory announced.Olive This Catherine marriage took Stout place was --

1 '*i-._Ui,of'tI.1dcroP', : there's.,boating<< and fishing that can't $63,494,424. A slight decrease also ia charge of Marshall C M. Howell for beginning the wcrk.of, erecting |I at Lake City on October Slat 1J24. circulation ,eampalga is going
"" 4: *ee.ls Well Kepiwented' .beexcelled la FlorIda. ,j j was shown In the valuations of this and Ed Goodman. Jr. this structure. .1 i The party was given Mrs. Olive strong and there J* many active am-

j ,Other booths, of. equal attradiTq4't" -_. In the evening dancing'brldte bU' -j'I propertly In 1921 and 1923, but in Trees are being removed and I Bykes and her sister, by Miss Lor en a bilious worker ia the list
+ ., !: nesa >*4 Completeness( display: are i I llards. pool.. music and ,olllettme.a'It'cture.bJ other years there was a consistent DAI't5OBART DIES stumps excavated. A sidewalk between I I I Stout -
., ;;- ;' and there waa a large number
.. _!to fbe.i..n tinder the ,names Olga<< l some guest who-has'amus increase. the site of the .new of Au of the campaigners are abowins;
guests present McDonalds Florida
.r 'f'; Ilakritt, 'Woodrow"and'Iona. ." Total valuations in Florida Increased Main >> the right spirit and \ ..."* all the
lot interesting tales tell about his Rev. and Mrs. .lien Davison's infant and the building on Gator orchestra furnishedthe
'T'DBteneral county exhibition travels. All a. big family; normally from $$1114333.735' 1903 to $304.- died at their home near' Olga yester been surveyed, and the b1lltdln.j I music. Punch was served throughout support the people. hereabouts can

;booty' ,,{featuring canned ,C od.* '>asi" Dot exceeding fifty, but Increasing 644.175 In 1916. and by 1923 reached day. the ground for building same the ,evening. give then.
'itrles. and candies' from $!!6.495.659. The total for 1924 will --
d ia being, comment- year to year a"additional ,,facUlties I The room .decorated with roses
,is* I t'..'ed' spot very favorably Mrs. IL for taking caro of more are be somewhere aVound J4TS.0OOOOO.'If FORECAST OF FLORIDA'S FUTURE J: and the bride wore a wreath of' Psata: Crania la Baca
Y ', ThoratBa and Mrs.. Beisie Mansfield added. during the twntyears..( orange blossoms.At Miss "lotsWI lRamS of fusta

dare tat tbarge.t ., : Meal lime and mall time are two with comparatively limited railroad MADE BY MANUFACTURERS; RECORD i 11 o'clock. Ja.the midst Of thefeitlTltie Gorda ha Just entered the drive sad
L t: > :The display of work'bythe'uho la exciting periods duringthe day. All mileage unpaved highways<< and very I *, a messenger boy called for to certainly getting her share tf la* }
l'W: the (Continued on page S) votes la her elty sa4<< will be fear
Lee"eonnty is particularly Inter. cooking: la. supervised by an old >William Jenkins and banded him a to
In reply to a request from a leading ida climate Is far superior tq Cali I'I'I beat If she conflates
: ..Jag at this year's t.lr'"and lUtutrates negro mammy who has been working I fake telegram whichyhe read to those !, to have sack

tie wide, scope.' of learning to please her: ue ats on this spot Chamber of Commerce I Eastern banker., who has been. tornla's."Some. pre,. et, The. meuge said "Judge I sacceaa. {
;t 'tnoetvtd 'by Lee'county's' youngsters.SehoaM : for seventeen year And to her sue contemplations making Jarge Invest of the reasons which appealto arfu Mrs, Nathan,-Gardner Stout announce -!
exhibiting are;? Bungalow cess In doing this Mr. Knapp attri Finds Rooms For All ments la Florida, a* to hi* opinion of me very strongly In maklnjt aay the marriage of their daugh It cl eaa't e+oat_ tot aaythlax.; '

t( Primary department ia charge of bates a number of the' return guests the future of that state, Richard H. estimate as to the future of Florida ter. Olive Catherine tot Virgil Newton kelp a canipajga' r.y.. last bay

(f'Mis. Orr; Owyaae Institute; 'and who have been coming' regularly: from People are responding generouslywith Edmonds editor of the Manufacturers may be summed up as follows: Sykes on Friday. October 31st.. 1I 24<<.i something you want and cant very

Wtrewood.! A special exhibition lahonied two to twelve years. I rooms to take care of those who Record. wrote. In part as follows: Winter Residents! hReY.. W. T. Cared at Saint pairsEpiscopal wen get along without

.separately as is-workJDarked Those enjoying a rest at. Casa Ybel find! the hotels full.Secretary "Wilkle, "In reply to your inquiry as, to my' "It has become the fashion. for church at Lake City FUu* i
this Urns include: k_: view about Florida: To write soberly men of wealth of the East and of the] In Abe tine bliss Irene tteahaa the popular
coaa4f :speclar: and "merchants assured a Press reporter today. lastnight receiving: were Jade'iaDd
.peal"\the latter reprraeatnlg the :Mrs John J, Chap \ and Maid there .were thirty-twtf applications and conservatively on Florida is a t[central West to spend their winters bins N. 0. Stoat parents of the saleslady. the }Jfaa.. shop ia la the

..maatfsoftralaIngdepartment. and dis- Barrytown' N. Y. Miss Montgomery for rooms sad ,11 were difficult proposition and yet what I', la Florida and to lure superb win bride. Mrs. Olive Syket, X.... Loreaa j race to win sax'aliboaga'W u. -

:r of y ]l4&J1JI.th' .craftsmanship or the Continued. oa Page f\.. ,'. I plied. '''There were about fifty peo sup. am saying jis. I think* both conservative ter home. here. Every Inereas tn Steel and Pita B. ):. Tlmtmaa. I )to well taken ia( the store sh* ia stating -
': and'sober. For many years I the wealth of the country means an.
v ;. pu"H* ta a high degree: ... at; ibis booth -MrsTE. 0<: po.en'ja plerepresented ia the thirty-two ap- The marriage was a secret one ae4 i her vote standing climb aa every
I It bare been studying the outlook for Increase ia the number of people who day.J&oat.
'wi &. E1ectrWCo. has plications. the parents of the bride and groom .
The Harley ia
:>< ; < Charge ot *hrexhibit. its afford the birzzards.and I
I to
tt !! s :' Florida. have anticipated enormous can getaway from knew
---r rra: 'H* i lV. ,flMplay 'of.* e+Wtrie* Reports of gouging' have come. .to development. I often talked the-aaows ot the East and nothing of It until about tea I I -
"* ecr Cr-lWaiftteflA:! :- Tu1ou4"Booth days :ago when they were told of it think thtyotfr one aabaexly-
Wcn J.ctrawfA)0t..1)( chamber of and if
; : The ,Fort Myers Garage Display-! i commerce p.o.pie over the matter with JoIr..J1a&er! and the West to the warmth and onhineot I lion If
# r. or Mrs.
4j1.fI a't by ther Header to ,
fff' Inlereef> ; young couple.A.'ter ACt raiad-
*' ,rY.-..; .".'.;. "fJ.. .,we homemakers.i .,. ", tag closed models of ..both tAe| Hudson will"re port all things of this char- asked him"'for hilt reason for locating Florida. There ,1* no other placeto f the party last night Jude* ed for it might; fefie .1aa1u. sWsertpUoa
..t : = rfa.rfrioaihpi.i{ aeter.theeh&1Dber- U see what It this and 'patting about which and at'the Same-
ese : and Essex- According to.?: Nrl:, in state they can go tout found a note at his home which for asses campaigasr
..': Aifeaeral ,exhibition;of'home pro; Harrington and .) .r.. Moore,la charge can, 'do to remedy:. this.J $75,000,000 of his own money' in his time keep In touch with their b sf- i!"1'1&4L60k.: ..for as when you see aa. ''tfosiaf! flay. ';' tie

/ .e' salt a ."... fie drttta\ sadtilfiioue-epd c 9f s biota I|'these models re"JDfltlne with 'much railroad development work As fleas interests. California{ li la too Taraway Good bye." The newly married pair j

,} 1'. .."IIt ic .wee 'aFi ,.>teisg...diaplayed. i>.iy ...ttVii' e popularitythroagtithis section. ?.' ,toTbej Court Oak the"years Increased: Flagler<< grew,, for- them., !:have gone on.their, palsied wedding Visa Ava Barb of Caxmft
;, ? t: ilyer* Home,.Dealtoe i=;; Palm Cit,.' Brick, apt Tile House more and more enthusiastic" about.the I ;WeH* Is C..l.r Journey, nlyc; they know when. The a new. eatry aajTlfee to ef U
ORe the
tire,Loala Works future', of' the- state. [: The miUipaairea and the maJU.o'mUUoialrei
.. ; Jleodry.ls esp. Des 'ati interesting array ofItaproducts.consisting Lacks Nourishment '' new Lincoln 'ear. ofthe'. 'groom'sfalser most popular yob UStttt at
Florida Develepmat'heiit'The 'whose number ever''iaereajUc.
'prlisetbe( eahlbittesi | ; ; .is'
;; ut floor wall K H.
Sykes disappeared at city sad will
.. .&* set and needlework. 'depart- and roof tile, common face brick development of Florida which j' ere Saint to- tOlDe' to the aaaM 'time the young people left ter she a rood re* af z -
.. oak la 'front of the Le Is under, Is, far as I can j jseer :Florida ia ever number I gets off t& a. rood start
.< //nejal et,t*. county bas r varied:col- tapestry brick and other clay pro* The .hag now waf so increasing and it la, supposed that it will fat --
: 51"'".ZNtoeattagths; -beet}of'talU.Is'edloll.fOf'1I8US1la1 b ducts:whl b are.hotwed ltI'a'plctarM* cosaty:court house is not thriving asktsfeould. different "Ice many respects from nave often meaUoaed the. feet that .the cpuple; en their wedding tript.THrBSDAT SOw Mrtarrf':
Appearances indicate thatit anything vet Been. la this country, John,, D. DRockfellsr. after spading Beodoraat U eoverteg -
; .. .. ( ,
-.a4 VM booth; nUt of 'magaaeite all.*.** [ her .
'WI baa used up all the nourishment To my. mind it Iva l 3 more Mtoatehiac j three or tour years ia southern Call--i flog .well site and Das ra-
-eit the two The. .
Me patattasa aWM eMtcco. nans William H.
r.; is I ID''reaell' 1ta rnou.aadoa and eoeaderihaa'.tbe.a'.tbe' growth of ,fornia' seeking aeaJtfc later LllttBl j i ported alee b9eikies front aU )bar
rtared... Dorothy Fattoa. One (Cas. to in-daaet: the deawaairs- the- soil of far I om try* t LUS D ) t ,_ .
'' friend .
man,stated-this:morning that the Glitornla-'Callforefa f.i far "away Iii other place for an equal period -
of a Iaa4cai a:. the
tttteii' 11 .at' Dahltav tiesWomen seate..crets pavement! surrounding< it from the center: ,o<: population aaeVwealth come to Florida had spent tboet'or The public library wilf be cleM4 I i
IneiaeataHy ibe '
zi ,from 'Preebyt. fact Its four years,etadyteg taia-'clisaatev: 'aadthenatter l l'If yea iuttIt4 'toabalp
probably prevented It from getting bot.despite feat pro- ; Tharaday 09 account of the Let coaoty lent-tatoe-
O ae* DCf.> B.*.a ...tend'.rott l. aervUg" bet '.'
are meals ape d
ta the ,:i$
tMd4clent.mofstrua. Cress .Me.been tav wo.4rof :the this lew* inveet atien has fair, it was announced; today, taoe hu sot 1M
eaal *Jttttoa ia PbUadetsfcla. Matte"and refreetmalas '
t cedar '
lvwrything possible should! be country a p.c4dty'in the, t.oi.AIt *- ettahHiAed! Ma 'perasaaeeitwtater yaar snbscrb+t ea. 1 1.eotW Ie tires

T"*. htMd.mlored* paotatnapte free tbe,be.etit 'et.tM' b.lidi.gf.d.Ttetninli _, babe, this man. tated, to prolo.g'JRe -Ito I IiOti lea.'section, a/afcr. .wttefc' .w "baa! bom* hoea.;::l ere, HMry'p"--- nON -MiAA 1tY: #CHGE" the bat night. '' ,: .

".' the HsUtl.-.of tJttclp Lewte"' Wla"iIf society'_ Baa arg>trofworks ;, s : increase the 'oBaaty .ohtfel'k about ;ooe.,Wtttg* Ifrralr ..l...... boa jfc .wealth :nary' vaaieii Jit; iMeh0l99er'a. .. : ,. .. l lr

.> .4.;. '' .tJcUItS"tY 1 Florida : '1 ...{ -tMe'fltlek.li Itur'wonder Jtc pceplc I ; ;aieq. 'Ih crt 4a tG! .ar o ma:fJI'JotMi: jet hs3'betnttuy : : ;JBrlc, Vicier? oj )Hires '.aal ,MiGrigtt r : Mrs. J. r. TfM r 4t Et! Port HJFcrj '

.- -- .x -7/ ; ,- 1* 1iiad.nat bq'lietilltiis 1 t.nDw '..ad.itritetiotr;Ofihitcn.j otAcrDt ,. 4RtF:=fSx'1stilt !:e ,rathrr! Fein!{ -ot Iletdda"d ,I__ > >t, !'ok-Wur*. '\\1Ft iAi L tt aa stiTi 5ferk r a4 on acs y
..- .:.-. .-r 5i --1' i r : I It tr f 'Tice 'Aetq ter'lire-.atli ,ntap- + would 1JBdaIaIIItMtr Jt.e}fP.keep, ... I ( 10.*4 ta QtlJarnn! js-d-whn.ao s']t Jancaicd. tt., ge.nritf, pitta:..;>$ MftrvuMt: i '. -". .' hU .w. ai u
: '
"M.o ta* center at.;......t'i, <.Coatra: c*.oa paaje .,i' S from, Jcste f *'1U'vigor.. J 31vo 1 ?.orWateU M.taat tins_Flor : .. ,... l. ," 1 r ''' ter'.oA 11t! : (Iue t{. 1'a J)

x -

: :.: ._ "':" ':,';..; -' Y- ::---' ',' .. ..'. ..-::<-, .- ,
: : '-' -.,. '
:",, -.t.- ..<..,,.;: ,,' -


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zI & ,- :\ : t
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. : :::i- ;

{ 'J. ;. .... : I r: y-, i325MYERS
$'; i f; .f ft.-f ';e'': ';a j \ l; : '$ :Ju m THE FOKT 1trEr.rni ..j alt MYtRS.: nom.f ..: : : :WEDNESD.t1i SFTYfiT00ST- .' 'W n '

,. I .
-- -

Ga ) 11Jf J'_1 ..oRT \I 'P chi:I hive? nor out of reason'when! compared with i I -- HOBBY:HAS BEEN 'UNCOVERED I GOMKVG .EVENTS I 1 :_

1. leaned DanyexlWottmdav.. at ,.,..... Oalldlq. tn"" 'I fruit Jrom other Ources:* . ,v : i iTht II I ANOTHER SECRET r.: ,
: 4M1 f'a mss,:A 8O taeet, Fort fe' Florida. l introductory! paragraph! is an Interesting! .

-J'"' A .. ._..cd h 'statement of Great' Britain's.' 'pr gressh'e.appetite I Il ilvrdnesday t T'8.ntJ.flfth XlwaU->

t -'rnE.F<'RT MYERS I'fESS, Ineo Poratd fIJltt during the past' few years. It .. : r Fort flyers .t-.tha.
l towartlrr..ar: ... _. me\t' -
'--Gro1WEO Ln-abltslitr -,. ....... ......... --- .1 __, club will
anf'Gincral7li- read { = hotel at
: .. t:"" _..}. J,j FranklinArms
'''......t &.II ;. an, : "1..... nail :,t 1-_- "'; f' Wtf.?" '. e -'V.- .
E :'j'J f:: ; held lRtcnnettOts .
Fcetadet as a weekly. 'wstwper. 41ft November U. 1814 ; imports of that corqmoditysince.1920.although ; .,, -, I The brat .Lenten Serrlce.q:
t f'* S'X avl+ur.on>nfama u. t- 'jo..!: f Ji: t'fJiW"'Ir."' l
; :711E ; t 'J censumptioii is sjilljvtry low: Irom'an; JAmerican ', ,.- with the pts ,
Men.list ,a 1UJfntz: : : 9!'f'InrJk S QC1ATrD.1'1tES9,. : viewpoint. According to..K. A. ,N., Egerton I @ : :, -' : ;r win fc;* heM "Ash WedawdaY eel iII
E xfR laAtPd rr","" t; lac:1 11.1..7. .tIt"-J" to the' .. Ameiican consular clerk at ti ndonai'im, 1920 Great ((3 lag at 10 o'clock.iSere'wlll wheel (llsr$ -utt: bIa .
TIflf'aI;OlJ .r ,II z '
'_,. ;; 4.11' taeY n caned Y#a, i(" ,ta nt.1L'&r,. .. J>e.f &Dtfl the. "ltuca)'r tx pot'.. !' Britain importcd412,213; xes. 'grapefruit, and ] S : II at,celebration the Parisbhouat.esAt of Ule l1oip.th1 eoglmn$' .,Q'C9Mc-l' f.
l.t.d' "! in 1923 70,1193 ooJt s. Of the4' former figure, 58
:\ ff d t a-corporate c4mmunlQfWt
"trfghd : t4b la1j51 lpetc4MMrMa be
.; ., : :: ':; per) : cent originated in the United States and of /iAfr "The Church Service .,Leg,4

T .: ....::-: tit -. LbtlC Ir.nSl"'mPIICn- CUt19tI, t.wi.RlTF.S. Lee, the latter Gj j) t-cerit. *Over the midyears: noted, / ,all the women of the ?a h.AFAI. .;..'
\t- ..f.r k,lt4adry'fgn" M j Jtt.,. and fie Coll1er.. thfi' Unitfd{ :5tateSl.h ,aJready supplied over half ; S. to be pr :rent. :Allrgd a arQs -.
ed '; 31Mtt11 .__---.J.M I.., ... 3lOnttl with the .-Jialf'chiefly from tho -- tot ., ,#' .. ,
;: : 'l lta;....___ fie xww_ tHo imports, to attead.r +l i
$3$ -I' :!j y Three 11onLha _.._. : .. .
S Britieh; West Indies followed.by. the Cape of Good ,', .:: ..:
ers .; o !:' t On j ostita
: :
} ,. 'i" :iyt: 7tt .. : ri..ea > Third : -- aI
fro -r IIppc .. : ]T "
< >r rl"+ Wet4ttr' porv'tryera f'reea One Test' : ; There will be a meeting -olt the .
{D1sTi. 1'> f, ', (: 9'aelieeuY J'O"t )NVrra Pn'S Ftx Moouis t pi I Tourist club at 8 p. m, 's ,I'

-.cJ ,.; $mhcrLpathcrw! ptl\'r ruhtrf' )( \ ISAME OLD.'STORY :
'- I Cirii -
f82tuc ; '' !' : .uoNr",1Ier'Unl4a l"s, 1I f ,tI Ptae... f I '* I.
-, '"'"'f:' +;' ,"elSemttr'b7orJda? 'Ax.." <<,IM names The complaints concerning our post office \ will to express our thanks :any ;
eftis ;;\:. '. *t "tHcasher-ttdnth 1flrldi mesa bllocJatJo. service in Miami and vicinity seems to be increas eP rttelatlon to the friers for'.ihelr i

',11' ... ...--- ,_....:. -__ _, Sag.of late Jt has been brought to the Tribune's iL' : ;o I I s.,retiatioft and apathy* 'Also..1he -
-;,<;J"cM..mater1tun..' .February 25.1925 attention that many! .letters are delayed and in = : i beeutiAll .floral offeriass at ted.at1!
-:- I mail marked for Miami has been: forwarded ; I Iad fo eral of my beloved husband
.t r. T&QUGHT some cases
ud BIi3r,1E; FOR '
--. .. tl A returnedto and father. <- : i.
: : p Sopply ia sureTrustM theI to other cities an the state and MRS. DELMA SWINT: ,.
considerable business inconvenience. -
; the'address, causing CHltaREN .
> nnj.dlsood ro'shalt..thou
v : ; be fed.
-1 : >"J''I>':$ ;AretOur post office officials and
y' I Delight thyself also in the
:, :i d he shall give thcc the: desires.of thine ; employes being caught in the same state of un- S I On a large ocean liner there .are .
:"""Psatrn"37t 34. ; ; fcreparejdn.ess'thatffceems; to have confronted the almost two miles of desk.Londo5'a ..
......,;;,, .,- ,- -- telephone*and the railroads or is there a lack of .5 '. J ,' ;z.\
'i': ,:: ...II&.l'OIlt' Jtn.us..ruESS'fUtfOIlY l:: ', intelligent system and supervision? The carriage sewers If mace. Into,one, |:
o ,4, : ,': -- : ., of; {her mails",is..one*of.the most vital issues' for one would stretch from.Uiat", ftJ; : Ito.::
.t1F r"," "arDaHdtngaarIMaatAssoelaUL! ; : the proper conduct of life and business in 'any Constantinople --c-.i :'

: A.i.j. .jA: +Wt r' Seftenla? Plant for.lh.k ,, community. .,A lackrpt.prompt and efficient serviceherestrikes "
.. : :
.' : ..>> 81tttf';!- :' : immediately at the heart of a i y h ,I HE LOt ,'G :Highland :Park, r.17' -

,,::' : :: ,.1't; ,. tn1er'}'ro """* ishui >r3rt ana Jlonlctpal dtY'! pfosperity. The newspaper is., bound >jtobelieve !' # foot paved street aidew 1n' free.;,-.,

;.:"; > .t 11Im. I ,that -test: office authorities, who have I / water BOW. Ready to build. :

-f} > : ''t.. : r.. ... I Irrr,Front, j QulnuL F' phwsepf.Jh&conduct-of; -mails in this..vicinity will i .; -.f! 17' Donald D. Foley, Realtor. % '

[:'f f ,i ':. .;> ,.' ,tneF.dal;;etgpeseretreat:' : e,tager\tp Temedy 'any cause in their power I .-;, ':,'' :t. 49 P. O..Bldxu 4- -*_:" :

:' :, f VrrJlef ,lIrer'"qllutd; : IOi# rrorldeEntr. : nee vbfchmay:; be'.bringing about the' present corn-- .... Park has Jaard'l1Irfattd't

11,:,' .'_ ..9(. ae,CeinS '-"fl% .1Jempftlea Plaint: As a. rule our post office'service has been I II Streets five feet cement I4c.-allH -
:. ; ', 'of Lee< Co1lnty' System/t..Eoadi: : jtcellentin I consideration ,of-the rapidlY'enlarging electric gbts n4 aster,en every
'. j j t;CmpleUpn el"'TamJiml' !Trail and Fort laden population Jt those,.persons having trouble with mesHe -!-10-ttc.. '
", raid Bnwn UJgUwar. ? the I I = a
theirmail* would jtajtei: the time to write to -- .
\ '- ln'lleattflrattoe' .f lU Sways Iailgdlpg<<: flanijnff post -office' stating resactly their. difficulties, / .. .:. _.:. ----- Mecca Gardens 1
Foeeaattt ?alav; ,a"1onr; 7'aailamJTraR, Clear' those-'ln.ehargeiofKiniar-importantjsecJion of our Only 1 1-% miles from tenter of I
o.. ,' S 's:Lee 'ttoaair" oaf Cstiialn .9f 'Reyalt l"aIml' municipal-3if cwouldl surely ,appreciate:>it and be ; I' city. Has elevation of nineteen feet.

7' ,i/ ,. ? ctresor 1loo/Cyard/ : Furl Kassa.Can able to trac any mistakes to their proper stance -ofhis Husenot ancestors SERVICES Its ?375.00 np, quarter cash, balance. I i

;;'" ..'. ;. -, Jjoadjo. Cjist C stBUILDING .. Miami;: Daily":Tribune* ; ,DRAWN 1 OF UmlStacy 3 whose.;eneratlons physical of. England.traits survive He lives three Ini !'TURKS'MISS 1 1I 3 years. K. L. Jeffcott.' '.Realt. ;>'.*\*'Co.- I

..c; ". -" ,iiv i.I beautiful house in St. John'.'Wood the minister of education to set up a
; A :
: ,. .. .. AND. .LOAN,.ASSO C i Aaravnler Has ..Afon < Plstlac- Jut never writes.at home. :lllswork-; I, S OF HATED F0REI6BT ERSI new university at Angora, the city -
iii' "
r '
... SUPERVISION OF'HEADINGMATTER; Uoa an Artist, oaologld "hop ,U a UtU room In a London I'I destined to be the politicalnitarr: :
:,. ; ; ; 'We'teft.'f.tre'bgJy' the necessity or.a 5' 5 f and Writer slum and its whereabouts Is known and educational headquarters"jof the
,' c'uited Building arid Loan Association in1' Mothers,,' tch"ardJll what hooks. or v j .I &to no-one except his -.wife.. Although I < Tk* Mwlatm Fr...) i iANGORA I'couotry. All local 'pritate .achoote'-
(;-., ." ":9tycrs.: J.'each ;organization> is composed magazines you 'placeIn.your children'&hand? To A. Page C oper be.la far.too rom nup-iooklng; to Impress Turkey Feb. 25-Turkey j I are to be brought under ar ?eentralJurlsdicdon. '"-
iA: \ ': b W11e! J3|>1qg4] "" "t: l s PQtj.in the. ordinary se'of''the to eensatioriaV' reading:Matter is the first step jn} achild'a If an apprenticeship to one art of work he does keep, fairly consistently a new system of education to be'' There Is evidence here"cr E;:deeire"'I
-b counted as preparation for another to a schedule .Ct writing from I baaed along French lines and the to encourage foreign 'eaPifar tel enter'Turkey
:.. : swoa proposition M is ll otorran.J zed to 1 ( downfall..VtNflWtas hare
: !
Aumonier be said>to !
Stacy from .
may breakfast to lunch lima and i I first steps in this direction already; : the need of outside1bt 9n
:: 'profit fQx:=anjc bunch ofcapitalis t8,= !A :n { : ; never before we need to cull ,and served' a long one to the craft of five to seven in the afternoon. Most! have been taken. I i I recQn..troction is recognlied3tF:+ "

,:' -:, ,-H. md Loart. :Association belong.to the'stoc ; ehoo$$out reading matter. Too .manymodern.au fiction -writing. An interior decorator ot his Ideas coma to Aumonier 4n his i r It was decided last year to wipe oats|rodeo against foreigners1'ie"teasena,i<*

.:. ., y It'J.s. orsajuted fon their benefit; JU : ; thors-are."turning.: to the trend of the times are and. designer, he became well- dreema.! And he ,la fortunate to- .remember : the schools1 conducted: by- the boas, fag; Jor-oOUttnU.lfiadiefejia J >egftjt*' ___,..,,,
..:. ; ," 'bclong10'> them. It: means a home furl striving! to supply' the- cmt-stretched bands with known .for hIS mastery of color and them clearly In the morning. or religious'men of which theta were to learn how difficult. it is 7dr"Furkr' : \
<' family!>ich WOUld otherwise be J Originality of design, ,nd..I is also a Hah tasks that for-
,vulgar stories, some 500 with 1100 pupils and nowa .to "acc a) many
.,.. -: .pmng''rent )It means ea.o ration in the : When1' a ,young ,woman or .young jnan goes tracer color artist r.otesslonal; die- ,I proposal has been put forward by 'c{ n"< at one time did with! ease.

: .'.'<.s plle of the \ onjia! a good thing H for I wrong it is not"the suddon impetus i .of
j:. ,y; -:etockholders:and. good hing'forlther..to( : PI"I) I thfyfShQUld l : ,1 bo-.strong;i noughito withstand any sketches: way ot of',the London moaolouge.types The which he Outburts' of Everett_ True By Condo

j: ; ;:' \ .. tepiptationa..4hat comes jto them; but t)3 Jh$ .fizst performed for the amusement of BITARD. PlANS MEEnt G fl

!" : ;F 1"t": ; KEAtJTYiNj BUILD 'Go; l long nourished bud oka wrong idea that, has come friends were !successful that he f i Meleertfet3t t CAN' '
: '1\1 > )
j: r : V-iS-; .. : to.th ra through eitaerra sociatea or the readios; .lock to,tie little art as-a profession.W. '" RC.'N"w- ...
: '
; > : : :i h London i 't iiIM try\ A 'D.i-tel.P'M IN TtfG
material that is placed,their nds. < L. Countney. o{ -the Daily I ,
:!iJ':.. .. \ lif, ;;Wewau!!: like to.suKgest i tognn: ;, res qe Every mother, who is.tat mother,..wants, to Telegraph!! was; so Impressed, by these BIRMINGHAM, Ala. ,Feb. 2i Tirt lTf-t# ''Tf-tl CON- 1.,6., 'G.oT > _

..., ; .:Uii*ni JSotiwaBc$ about Jhe city;; Notl t1EiAup1; } know:' wh4 -her hildren'8..p mates are landaometIiing improvisations that be urged their ninth regular meeting of the; South.-: I .. fo1't HAN'P5. ,
"i-;i ...4T>1' :fla! "'..P/srticularJy! ia the. :dawn tauu .:. autber'ta convert them Into stories. east Shippers' Regional Advisory :I .S/-1RNej> .OLD. ,
*f **notice: 'the upward turning whftevliKh'tsv and off the homes; from which they come' Whereupon! .Aumonler wrote "The board will be held March }p. 1925, '' e tN (t'G1f W
"i have awakened to the, fact '
riot mothers
all I
icy i'Y" !t*general effect, 'Look up. 'lit the bufldings. : yet that child's-knowledge is gained from Friends" a Story :which has had a DeSoto hotel Savannah Ga\ All II : __ QUGty .,
'3 "" 1'" ',; .titUlarly lit' t1in'!:lcndes., '!faitK ot thtutlfa1'p. mlclf a ,serious and romantic history. Two phases of transportation and:service
: ; .j
,.:,%:, ...r; titu.l T1ev} were frracefully planned i th R. the 'chance' books and', 'magazines,'5 that fall (into years atter it'was published In the will .b considered. ?at ;thin .J .eettn to'be..
their hands. One of, the Important matters
''1:'' _, .tf ct'Of 4he fipiMliccd'facade having ,been ; t.iCnsUah Review and the American 1 I L e
; considered by the meeting will be Ii
So I mothe-ai'spperTIse'carefully V. Lucas readIt : ;
say : ; youreliii Century 3tagsZise.'E. i II
;t'::, 'adored: c-l as great importance: aa its i1d's reading matter from the very first; Jest and was so much re6&ed.with I the preparedness .of the carriers to I It

: .:.f. ,;.npt"q'C\biDtri'\ ;lr >_intere ling',,4oiote you,plant a;seed:,of immorality. If flit 'seed, is !Jt tbt be showed it to Mr. St.. Loe I handle the expected: large volume of
: ; +1 0 1 st
: ;1-1.!, 4' J pull IQ P* aloe to point thear out to: plantgd.you'need'no 'surprised to see its.fruitreaped Stracbey who devoted two of his. freight ?n !southern, roads during the t
"i.t as i Ills also combare.'th be .., the next three months Representatives
) .. mtferestlng to Inca sudden' harvest-in ,later'Yea.rs. v' : Jsaloualy guarded columns in ,;
wl fur the i.uild bgs of "- ;( 1 of:vfeach .industry- 'fill.report on 'their I !
tre.ettit" > to radiant appreciation
}> > } Spectator' "
Place*in their hands only the very best ]HAT'S 4vt'teRG THC (.JOh4CJ 4 twti 'rN ,iHpNflg
l ,.in for
,./ 'Wtifin: One! cm'not irvakff this omparion'' : .\ ., f ... It, declaring It the best story be had, ears
books, by!'goocl standard authors, and choose Abe I MOST or Talc fME NowAD.4se :
I during. next ninety
"- < was such a great moving tre1ht; > i
;;' Te'lfcing"tfcat; So mail\vho; erects a ;) ; ever read: The story
11HAes /
beet;magazines free frQm the offendingtrashery. days and each railroad will be- caned to t
d'estime that -1t reprinted' j
,alohe succes
::4\ ., CQCiTaunity tmftds\ hlmsejf !
Dorothy .Gay.l In Aumoniers book of -new: upon to report on car repairs, new. atCH J
n.t those About him to niake-Jthe t11d
: ; ) : "6 l I' ; equipment) terminals and .-other facilities
t_ .. _
i : "OTWheard" Doubleday
Z:}, t _1rwA; ip'g' too..thepyq,as'possible... I Page and Company have Just Issued.: ta handle the transportation __'" -it :
Merchants. ndQther'!, ..business- men who' bei.1 The tale' Is an extraordinary phybologica ->'1 needs of fth! southeast' Industries. ia
!?,:. 'r\ND.S\ CltRUS Al'PETlTE INtRE sieve ,that\the ripper and chamber of icorn-I( ] Btady of a friendship between r the.soutbeast.-that will be.irepresented
nifrye.afe; the pridcipaj..assets> 'of any town .and two men who knew each other,!at the meetingSarannah include ri

',. r -: ytarfd* idtrui' rov ers are ;iyiially inters make'eyery.-endeavor: to seep that both ,grow'and 1 i cnly la the convivial" surroundings of.I Cement cottonseed., coal(..ertilUer and,, cope fruits grain, regeta cotton* i ibles. t ei

f :'f1ip'.lJr!: t,nrti9Jn'a. tf@toward grape fruit ; prppBec.and'expand'! : Trill haVe.no'cause' to'.wofr>' ("bail-parlor"' :
: .furniture.,grain,,,,heaT, claj pro-
j novels, Bardell". the i if }
-jCi.5r, :: ; clut9 i } 30<>tida grace.frujt,i is-not enly.E about the groi'*hipf' the>town' ,Both;go f ogethcr !. .Several ct: musician"Olga, based on -bis ducts! iron and Meet )lumber,

:sax' ;i::;::: 'teat 1igv ,J.t! '.ttqii' FS=ationasaiot: << : RndQaRh; ,-belps 1.heotb r; Every* I' *ny.townShould. belong to the chamber of .
o.J er nieataes gofer ?nt" bulJetln croon his wife. Gertrude Peppercorn, slag, ftene, textiles and tobadco. Y f 1
*- '
.b ::.. ':, .. -that the proper tulvez-tiainst;- "e ledrl\tith) comtnercei or1 board ef.. trade for; it is through( < j lthe concert pianist: "Querrili",! Arrangement. .-are being made to '
,';..ip-i- :: Careful Attention to the,. quality! !..the'fruit;,; this me ium,with the help of the local newspaper; : *Ix>Tc-a-t>uek" and several volumes'I care for ;00 and 500> shippers aDd A )3'T SN6 wOM1N GNTtTt?p 'jp 'rtirtsNARC

.. : Y} -, ure'Florida .rrawera a. hood mftvLt. 'InG! ty that>th towri:becpmes known outside of' its.con fof short stories followed. Last year railroad representatives at tilts meet- far7HC DotCH ,
.:; ',xl': Bntalnlor grae fruit .and, grangea-and- \ fines; 'BotheYe essential and.both Should receive saw the publication of "y1ft- :Erace-' lag.' The board 4s an open!, and yolun-;

_:;,r;: "" ;!- st;ohint-a..w-dltfr'v; 'v eg@tabl 1 tA thq;hearty supportsoftthecitiz'ens.-, \ Union! t['girdle and Others", the Stile story i''tal'this) '.forum of industrial leaders: In OF' tTr
I section and all .inter
,..- of thisoi-erltmeft 'rttibrt. hkhi : ,. being the bizarre sad amusing; predicament :
': ,fr, W af" naai I ,.,. .. ,. \ : l ol i a- timid. end proper old sated la shipping,are .welc me. The
"1--: : ; ni1e t. pa :nti.of ,;$ \ w1 L ::The; i infwpnatipn" ;) ,frpra,tbe .slate.healthi da-t lady. who:: spent a- night in t French board .Is! only two.years old and has
5 i
',: rttbHi! ieQ thzttish 1t3, bureau:,ofrseconomi a. I already settled satisfactorily '
\he. over
I' ,;' QUtl ': 1' ,'- ; i rtrneattha: : tshooting' Xdogin.the head m;kes 1 hotel locked In romp of a strangeman deatll eighty disputes transportation nature + ,
-who she did not know was' -
w .J lo a ataataof.! tbt\ header evidences} .of. ra }
: ,?'- r ; xBri4'h: 4 t\tkJs.-m'fi!\: h' better f biggMl rppcs i I8. ""yofovaiveeand shoiildnot, : be During the same season; "Old Fish*. between. shippers and railroads.'

;" [JJ !1J; te'JnUT! ..qf..1fap( f\tit ,tMt. tvM"-.a' ipftFotten, >frBHyoae.iThe! ; head is..the part most sketches, of London .types Illustrated. ] California' l'baa 'over '8,500 miles of K = -
by George Belcher a
a; fishmonger
Latgehnporters t tho "
'". ; ; repor peopigt 4Wmt! .whwW8hooticga; doy .and'if .
: ..: tar fruit Li' 'r' r" \ ; ,: duke; an> old cabaret singer "and' a State highway. ,
:' er a 'thtrtaatial .Jt'being: : 'slain". because suspected,, naval >eomaaaader.In' j !;. its i _
-t-- s>rrw mnroatt >>flt n'the4g _, ate Is''' : fa ', y 1 r
"nel.tflN PeterS- believed She
:{ imp&rtant-&m-t' -appearance, -Anmoalcr is dUnctly ; ;Cypress Jo. ba.
.. .
fit.- = "{ ItiV! I From! shit American view .. ,
: v \ !: : *for iga", perhaps'' an inher world's ,eldest wood.
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ilafle' ttel.t1t ftolft her, ; ffJ Jr- HORNBLOWERS BEUEVEilN TAKING CHANGES lII
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-J Y"' .. Jt A1R;pD1 a Li.CTEb; :'t\J! b BE&UST'& 1HEMiufTHtYWc 55

...;.... ..,:'" 4.ch': .2' -, :: 7'") Oa:" viCvt aANDENtTR:DaT n-uJ't-NAMEs': toVWflI7tS 4 iy rQ > 'iderab.e,. &beJng ; acGowTrs7AtVTS.-.SM &FaaeTtiEiR .L 4 t t!
< l # 1kg ,GDs r. \ : WAN ABFALtxTV \ 4 W'/N'Io\/ \! tbld'tE st'W :
I: '; \ Qn.oY Wi-deaJers'Jn m .kanIn & *e. > : QGRAPttS.
,1 t 1, t Bt1T'.Wlaf .5 ---5 555 5 5r COKfTEsr vgnH. : fit:F "At-EREpff .
!iqS .$ '' j t>K-,)J1 f'.Aaterit'.n __ _1 well ha8, ) !i.PAlR Or MASS !

= +'"' ';': t_,.t.and .vestabi .ice all sources ,Eff .t1iCE } ,
; ---. .1t"d e ng.'tde' to.i lsugg.st 'elonnomical ; ''r9Fr 6F tNCe OLR 'ftr

":" hotd :uized for? -grapfrttfi, !sigh 'as' the" : 7't i

.' '- dlW'p''tt.fC"tl for it i 1.i'fuc 've and is_ f5S.i
::1:1s '_ ,;, t"-' ''i'<< d's t'lt v :>lotto'- e" frequentlvah tI a r a r !

"{ .. : ,;, "tlt!! I t> 1 ht'';Ii'. gi"litiace\; : feat\ICtd.alI:

:- ',dfli Unt! tny'1 ttesirable! Inca. climate tk5 t-

-, i-WJI' llJ.ti_ ntp,kiIts dHi1y 4 ., ', 3,",, :;:; ( 4' S
a. \ktl; :; ; ; f.el"r capita consumption' of all \

55)) fruit ;sjfrtt f:!!' huHU!! t'M tJe..ktt.d. StotM ,: ,!

:__...'.. | fifru,J,ia\ a small',, fregtUff of? ,th ttaJ. J a
'an i1' ;;: a.IR .f'm .: i"I'd
1 can rt'di.i! i;s: in a'>isition to take a I

favorable d<".'elopm it8, since it can be

cm the retail: market at price which are trot

-"''''-" ,<- .. P# ', _. __
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I-F .... ., ,
'nlJ: "t i" : '.
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tSlJ.\t: -il' )
'. !!!!.I-oo :t'f.nII- '.!in :;, ---.- ',"' FOKT MVFKS: PRESS.: :!'\ FOKT: 5HEKS: H.OUI. ? >A": -- --4' .. ..- ... ..: ... TnUEZ'''-;''
-- .

Mocking: Birds Sin g.' ". general ,pr 'mot rs. who are concen- are people of moderate means hav wealth, for climate is an asset which j gia.: The.- eomaritts' ..i. daagMMd... .. ...r.<.0 .. b in the'- -local-. & \WEIGHT .

Year 'Round Here I trating their, energies upon constructive ing -actum latPd30.000 or $40.000' nan cannot duplicate. Man cannot. I students from ales. south*?* WHKeaV aa.tvta. Pfa.eatei: : tb> Vienna opera If .'ymare araderv.ttht tree

f .....-......- upbuilding ih Florida. This stateIs or $50,000and weary of the.harlllite change the bitter cold of the West I colleges. Its funetfcw is to iltatmeef wbaae voices arc (rridca: from the i j LEONAROrS ELIXIR FOR
"Listen .to' the mocking bird" is today the center of! work for the in.the reId regions of the West are and the North'; into mildness, and he,I I the jlias4) 'tot tfe. Rive Ridge CMS stags hare awed the maaagetotat on : THE BLOOD. Ttas tonfc iacrtqCT
tang phraae familiar to the of a greatest; land operator in America, coming into Florida to make a per- cannot change the glorious sunny climate i!|i fer.a e.ta June; oboes the rtpd s>trhairmaa. I II the Kroaate titet tbeir raavxrciai; die appetite bids u up the blood.Pancreases -
ears and these who has fl value is rtprerit!-; ; h 'tlJ radio. the supply of the moth
the aatioa. Yet there men are spending cilljions} manent home. of Florida into cold and hitter entire charge (!
la Florida who: claim are theY some tired olks on top of, millions in establishing "You gill\.remember that the amazing weather. Climate is a permanent asset I I the admudsiration of the conference;.1 j Aft opera stars! a-"f;*.... tlt"v rtain, Beaded red cells It provides blood nwrisbwMBt rich- .
makes the
of lUtenlac to then towns, opening np great subdivisions growth of Los Angeles was largely decide on speakers; plaa the recration *- depend not only npr>n his, abHiiy! :as a that
It has been given to this sectionby ( and thus enables the Mood,
Jn the earl? and advertising "on a broader scale II due; to the settlement in that section ,, ; and draw up a tentative daily(! singer, bat also apoa his actrfe. The and pure '
all this found strength
throuch'the the Creator. It
makes Florida : new
than has been class of people who V I { fact that the radio tl transmit the to impart
,summer ever done by any,other ; vf the same | schedule. eaa
and fall, the resort for the tired and and to the body. It also acts geafiy on z
state ia the 1"nlon.I had weary I i ii voie mijt, bat not
; leftthecentral West after they Before returning to Talla auee. aM.aat1lfts. they
f; I It the sick:, greater'than I i the liTer and kidneys.
"vff-J1? lonr. sounds like that of any
w <- tnt'rptatf': .\ffel'tedi accumulated a moderate amount of [i Miss Aftren will, visit hr bom at rmtiua. girea an wrnMeoa impression Make yourself ro st and beaJdt7.
?fl > -eall.' On other of America.
bright ) It gives to the
p r lights- 'nights, these moon- i "Take, for instance, one* company money, hoping to get; climate of Cal- part? j|Pensaoala.i .f the artist aA t K9 interferes Pit cut the boUovUpot-.* die
ter mitt birds often chaU. operating; near Miami Last year ita ifornia. That tide,' which flows like pleasure-seeker opportunities tor oat!I .- with his polity to sash an extent, BBH caused by Ia c of dealt Start
.U"nl&hi.foetlni 1 l- door life such as he can find nowhereelse FOR
sales of real" estate amounted to $12- an unending; stream is now flowing i that his eoounrcJal nice it* leweu1ei i with LEONARDI'S ELIXIR 3-
) i Mary irgiaU Woolen has tem. t '
birds are not in this country. Close proximityto I BLOOD Insht ea :
pretty to THB at ouee
look 030.000. A few days ago that",company into Florida. The movement, however I her home in Tampa for..1 day ,, .. ,-1
!: 'Jl fid *re' not vastly tamed. the great centers of population and ( 'i LEONARDI'S in tie yellow pak
.. .
Once"in1 a1 while someone ,announced that its January sales has scarcely started in comparisonwith wealth are of infinite as''I!on atcemat: ot A fractured bane ta kr 1 I At alt druggists. '
Das the Saffo, age.
\aY claim
patience amounted to $3.000CO< The substantiality what it will be in the coming ankle. to-be the largneamut ,
'to caltlrate': friendship, and of this compared with far-distant' California-I' eat anikct te tbs world.
operation can years.
they eau -be taught' ap Tide' Turns Toward 1 ,
-' 'lo I
eat out et -- -
a I Fruit Shipment* I -- ---- -
Amen the atotkats
person's hand. "The whole ; new eateriac. r
country has within the
"Florida shipping near- i
Is annually
Yet though I! this semester are Edith Taylor ad .
the '
mocking bird may I 000,000 or JjO.OOO.etiO:; ( invested in ho- ly tOO.et') < carloads of citrus fruits last few years begun to awaken to, Edith Rahner of Saint Asgudtn& t S- ;
hare a drab coat and a drab note, this I tels, have undertaken to build a $%.'- sad vegetables to -the North and what all of these advantages and resources -i I '. ..;- .-'!.''
feathered. creature. is famed In song 500.000 hotel at that point .and" in West: There' is land enough in this In Florida will mean for an i Mrs. Hebert Fdkel of Said AvgM-j ;
--f0 there's' something romantic connection with that to make other state available for an increase of production increase of population and the enrichment I!
tin visited the A. D. Pi HMM Used Car i
about the mocking bird after aIL Investments, including a clubhouse : 'sufficient to run this to 500.- of the people of this !state.! week. Jmstj! Specials .

Birds are valued in Florida. Off dwelling and other improvements aggregating 000 carloads .year and Mill by no I am constantly amazed at how rapIdly I I "
the coast of the PInellas peninsula,, these the tide "is turning this way. It ,
10,000,000; and what means-reach the limit of agricultural I I tilts Taylor i4 Wi) irarjtoet, :r.. "
on one of the. numerous keys along two companies are doingis merely capabilities. It 'should be rememberedthat is a flood tide with no indication that -
has hanit vMtteg Wr sister. Isabel STUDEBAKEItSpeekd '
tbo. cult. there is a bird sanctuary, typical of what Is going on in the while Florida is about seven there will ever be an ebb tide. Here i!'Anate here,, '. > '" t ,
established'by the United States dur entire state from 'Jack onme downto 1 times its large as Massachusetts, it and there we may have slack wster' a J.
ing the Term of President in Florida where rush of Six touring late '23 model eoaapiwis. '
.Roosevelt. Key \Vest. and from Key West up has Just about one-third of the population development j Two ;
th .
This' island is known as Bird Key. through the center and the Gulf Coast of Massachusetts.: There are work as now seen will temporarily I BW pledge on caarass. eqofcped urith six good tires, bumpers etc. A 08 :-
It was are Virginia trees, Chi: Osst**. ,
.deeded to the government by region. A Tampa subdivision company vast Meet! of cat-over pine lands halt for a breathing spell. Some people i
j Margaret Wells, Pelt*, Zeta. .. tee ,goes: with this car at a price' gfti,
Roy S
Hanna then, as now, postmaster according to reports of Tampa' available agricultural pursuits, may overtrade and fwd themselves 1 1ValtOl'S ,
at Saint, Petersburg. papers, recently sold $2,710,000 of and other vast areas of overflowed or unable to Inert their obliga- ". littgrglrt6gly low. =-.
Tbalaland: is protected I of tions on land they have bought. at the Chi Omega boastthe ... : .
by the gov property in one day. 1 wet lands, as fertile as the Valley That week-end Oralese < ,- > -
past were
trameat'and many species of birds,' llbhnajr; Construction' I the Nile, and only needing to be will only be a passing; phase! of the O.Britn of Tampa.. aDd l Mrs. Den Holland )- 'i'Ic: .
especially migrating creatures spend "I think it entirely sats to say that trained in order to be available for great constructive upbuilding: creative of Orlan h> who tonttrtf was > -
the winter' In Florida at their 'own Florida is at the present time far andaway farming purposes. Sir George Paish work which b now under way. lilac Ortttin. ;" ... :'
llilder Roth were-M-
r 2 51 model. A byte "" : '
private resort.Only a 'caretaker is building more great hotels and thought that the only land yet remaining "I am quit sure that within a comparatively : .
d ta P. S. C. lat '
t alowed) o' approach the key during apartment-houses than any other to be developed in this coun- few years there will beat 'ata jFCar. ".M) carwkicoodraecWuikilQi- aP(ilMft] ,.., at1trt4

the 'aatlng seasons' | state in the Union Highway) construction try was the semi-arid regions of the: least three cities in this state of MJ! \ Uws. :. K-.- ,
A wealth ot ort* rla OB i-oe tl >
Throughout\ the state there are is going on rapidly in every part, West, which might to some extent be a million population each with many \ : ,: '
many/other: bird, sanctuaries, and in- of the state. The East Coast Railway'is made available by Irrigation It is others, perhaps Doi matching them. now open. and"e.I to Wfcratu th-aatarfei tralfttei. ;paidrhas oeceaaaty. : ::1 : <1 < -l

dlacrimtoatehnnung.fa.being.! curbed. double tracking its line from.Jack, far easier to drain wet lands: than, it In extent of population but keepingthe to P.I "" \ .. > ":" w. FORDA } t, ;, :
bees !
at .
PIoHda'' baa discovered the worth of sonvilla to Miami and building p> is to irrigate the sriui-arld lands oftlio ) paC4 at a rate Ahteh will astonIsh R. : t.aeN1 t'f tetreirted. t rr '
x bird.*. $ .OIlU.OOO bridge; across the St. Jo Jinn \Vt!!It.t and no such difficulties the country." Thin O..for ateriag.was use of segued awl 091piled : lit*:'la-Uurki*. Ha starter. and. plAtph. ';<_ ..,.
It U common, to thousands pf River to facilitate the handling of its are encountered in the cultivation of :
3 see by the Y.W.. C. A. oonunKteej ., tor and in fair condition all 'roufeL Just ffift wilt ,
docks in a single flock daring the tiaius. The various railroads: enter- these drained lands. aa the West has OMEM'S' COLLEGE[ on Vdcafiona.. A vocational .pcJaItot'will IVY"It. '! ; '' '
winter le on.Often the water is Ins' the state are this winter bringing to lueei: In irrigated lauds.Prtdlcit come to the college In April and I : :

black with .thein. It'is possible i 45:; Pullmaiv trains dally lato Floridato Industrial Cro": tit a staJjr of the material now available :-i: i w '.:

approach them very closely fa a motor take: care-of the tourist traffic -I think it safe tb predict that the will" not only be of immediate interest -I '. .
(boat; and the whirr of wings as and still it Ift almost Impossible to industrial development of Florida NEWS JOTTINGS but will be a preyarattoa for the >
great' flocks take the air darkening secure reservations unless one engages within a few years will be much suggestions she wilt make Nash Service Garage't : :j jt

the,skr overhead U thrilling Indeed. them weeks ahead. The Seaboard greater tUaif is now anticipated by : I _
One, off th* most admired the Air Line Ridge section of Florida the people of this State. There are FLORIDA S'rATE fOKLEGK FOR t :
< peHcan 'TIre'petlcan has wisdom far a superby beautiful and productive opportunities for manufacturing as AS'OMEX.: Feb. 25.-Uzatelh: Aikea, IIemlr. ; and Second
2 tteyondVhls looks. ; region: apd I doubt not that thetrafiia yet but little understood or realized. president of the Young Women's I -_aN '.,. ,

r +, : _-__ on tbs Seaboard will 1 faljj lfbe I inventor and ilevelypers .have Christian association, la attending a A'VfORSI ...,.. <,
1;' FORECAST: OF VLORiU'.S equal the facilities! of that road for been so" busy with land operations meeting of the Blue Ridge committee: I By Tke Associated i l Preset) i '
:' I FUTiriU: MADE BY THE handling U, just as the traffic of the: I and city building activities that ,they at Drenan college. Gainesville. Geor TIEXN'A. Feb 85.-A novel radio

; ." M4SCFACTUBERS: RECORD East Coast Road and of the Atlantic have not had time to turn their attention -- -- 'i'.h::' "- / ,
Coast Line. Is crowding the facilities; to manufacturing interests.
: (continued from'page 1))' of these roads. I I "Some days ago Marvin P. King- >

Thbs. A.. Edison likewise has a Flor- Middle Class {' rnln!? Too sley, president-of the flew: York IJf\- .' : L '.,, '
t ) "
idti;:home. And these are but 'typical "'"Turning from the incoming > : Insurance Company in public' address -' : ; }: ;:::5:12: .. .. .
; :
#- of ;jtha, inen- ''of. great wealth and. ..of the +''millionaires' and' (the I here stressed so strongly the \ .... :
t ', great l b business Ingenuity. in every line lionalr a' and' the railroad IUUlti-ml1-j I {Ja estimable value of Florida's climate: :;

f i I of 4 human activity who are making to the incoming of people. |1 and the future of thfe state that 1 ,Ii!. _. t' "!
moderate means It will\ be found that I Ii Melt that instead of being an optimist ..
-v- their\\wtnter homes in this.state. '
: ; ,.I-.f.: : ; _>>.Jt.i.
,Scale (tone thousands of people from ]I on Florida I had been almost .
)PeTelepemeKt Om Broad; of f a pesslI '#' ,!. : 'h 'J" 'fi '
",Ainong' men olhls"eharacter3here other regions are pouring into Flor-I I mist. J? there were no particular1( advantages .

s -'T are(snaG) 'aeUre.( ,_hustling 1Inlq.alr .- (Ida In, part they are farmers, day l, other than this climate that : :t" "
., ,.. ,
+ .,great business organisers and laborers, mechanics and in part they alone -would, build, a state of great '- ;
--- --- -
.r.---- .
R tf. ...
>, r., .' ..--' -, ,.,. '," "
tr ':; ','
t- 1 7 ; ..:. .... ,
al -, .5 "
'oi r 7 One Shot
, r -

'LubricationSystem 4'' tie- ___
4 ., ," .

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14 t .

i." '" .:. ,!' ;.
> f

'i:_ ,, ( I

-* '
': tit'\ t .. ; ># -

t i : : I Il

.5 t1ei:1i": ', l .... ,} t!

t; "::. I ., f --' _
C,9 :' .. M a
}; ', tr t 1: ;#

t l'9 '1"-," t--: :

;;1 t.f: ii<.1 This is the way':" '. : .

oil the :Cleveland Six chassis: .... :; ,

1 'you *> .1 l' ... ...h l : I

fr f f' '' .. .c'' I

tt i "l'- ,". SIMPLICITY of, lubrication is .one of the reasons ,..'.. :, 'a'' .. ..-. '.r. ;*iw'.J-i ;: i' :. '"
\ .
1!F: ,;. ca is acclaiming the'Cleveland Six. ; ,
'i4': ,
1( ," :. -> Step, on the plunger-winter or summer-and a

't measured dose of:oil is flushed, into:every chassis: part .' -
;under ton Four fillings of the reservoir '.
t : .>9'JI one; pressure. ," ,' J. r
:: ; 1 ;with 'crank case suffice for whole years driving. L I* ; ;: '.= -,#1?- t

;T ... 1f '.. := : Thbusandsof Cleveland Six owners hall "One-Shot" : -v.t '. Iii

t: 3asthe. :: ,. biggest ,improvement put into motor cars Si cet I

5 the self starter, I ./>}5 'f; } ; .:',: ': : : tkv ....
: -r : \ /
t : : ;'-":.. .... t

0' >- H 't".OJ, ,' fIt, is on, all Cleveland Six models-on the dashing t'" .t '->.,: -;..: "' ':".t .

-: :: touring car-or\ spacious. popular Coach Premier: "
.l ,
". the sumptuous de !luxe models. .. -, -l :
:' .. :tJ 4 on. ; : fJ. ; ;_ '> Fe
.,. $' <, It, ', -, c -, -.
'" :' '. :- f f','; "" \ Get the:details on,this rev \utionaryexcl feature. '

I. .., = ''' it at sales. and the booklet "What ',- oj''r.:
: .l. :::k i Sea pur room.' get _"",:,: '
: >; itf! ::'. '. X. i::t y-ausaY eon&.sbot'i t. ; x
:. ', ,' : ", ', ,;,;',< j' If" ,
:: -t t : : J} : t..m.e'. 3kat ..S'-"IceMM--tt.w l.d.cY c..pa-)) : -

t\-': } 0 ,,: Q CoacIa : ;; ,' .+ ...: .'(. ( \ *;& : ; 1 : g

: ;!+-.....:. 'Toaavyog.'1095 KTiw 1295 B'rongftaca$1545 :" ', -5-5 "
fl"'i .' .

: l il'; ? .. ldeatCkvsi.al : ; ; ; /" ir t.rr< ..i P't.1 ;( :;'.c''S"\ '; __
1i 't ,
f1f' '' ;4f : -,
r B .MACK"DIstributor. 1 ;' .

'i fY. >:' ; ; ;;\ ; ", ." : ,*'rdt-:.

t>. 1i.tii.. .
....r : ';'- :
"" --" r'x- ;". > ;" .:-l i PJM.(; sw \ Q W state it as our; finest ;. i

f t'rj: ', < %:'MOf . y -
1't, 5 : : :! v v Fort Myers Florida' ., ** >used in .Chesterfield areof -:, {; .;'
o:. :: ,, ,;;-1ft ,': '" '-< ]> -" < ,,'. r l ;

l : : S f .. : '' : '''_ .. : f' >.t'-'i >; ,/-*< /> rr- -j.;- '. ./ -S. ,finer quality (fatul..hence""tl'-: = '

t' ;1I: <; ti ,I _' ff Ya.' At''o.t j.l Aldl: -1ltaatk'< .' Co' .-MrtttY'Y; t C L.'& v. 1."D-' : ? -jio ;: : : of Ibetter :taste l) than in a tTobacco. ,

''" f'c. '>i. :

:'"' -.Y ,. '. "3fe*"*-/,.&iS--\,, ltVd, >fe1dgK.,-, ,kttkeprice -s :
: : .* .:, : :
: .
VELANDSIX s- *- "" **- '*r ** P "" }
j .,::", ;:" ; ", --.. tt &-W ers Co.
.:. fi" "i'.. ....-. ''' ,,: '. -. ;0i' -
J : I11
l < } ::: T'a i' .- : Kt i t liuijgapps *< f r T ." '"

;: : -..; ,w u %jp** tr



+.xd;tir :
tom y! f b.gA. .

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Y ...*_ ... --- -- --------or, '-7_
t :of __


,, ,., 4 __ '. .: 'r -
r .i. t _;-"y.filr .lr."A aL: ;; .vFBBR' :} >" 1
: //I
-- """ : "' ,j- '. ..

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.' .


\ FEBnrABY 35. lYai

'p':- .* CLASSIFIED ADS ads to locate the party, "firm or service = fial"Ke w anlca-l>ttt"ardiri know. how, Artificial sunlight provided by "PaIm.Lee'l"ark has an ekjntjr'foot NOTICE TO ADVERTISERS; -" : ,; ,* .1!
1 i boalevart;parked la th : '**fltr
who has what be wants.Cla to proceed, Urge clusters of powerful electric S-Daib'
>: BRING RESULTS "'.; -FroMfm Eauilr Solved v '''with' Royal;Fains,,'reaching frem'][e. for advertisements for the Fort :
.. BIgBa4lnesetFeei'It. lights will be a feature of the newmonkey .
<. : 'D i: of" '. gJfle4-kdTe> >tsfng! nerves as a .Now.this'nan[Bad'been:using ctacliBcd house at the London Zoo. 'G r 'lHIulnar' ( to -tlw Tajnlaml Presfihoold'be' in the office not later than ten-o'coek on fFor.Thursday's Mondays

;' ?: y; L -T.:3lwer: ,-, treat klndergartej.fDr action. Big advertising for a number'of, TraiL. S-10-tfe Tuesdays, Wednesdays Fridays and Saturdays. .
s> 'V. 'Classified years and yet the best way he knew I 'the offIce not later than:
business nsnaliy'cuts be
xkT r ; Manage=<*a$nville 'Banner ; it's "eyeteeth"here paper it should !n :
; to 'get ni* ads in the papers hft Wednesday evenine. -
The everilncreasing ate of classifiedadvertsing.8' and It plays a big part In laying PHESTCOLDS 8 o'clock in the morning, and preferably on
S ','" >.'. .'. ;' gm1eanordCmukeUnga the, cornerstone, for .future, advertising wanted was to write each paper laborious for .,1 Apply bar throat and chestVICKS 'Mecca' GardensA Copy coming in later than -these hours can 0nly be:accepted -;
thru the
a. prWneVt terrtwor. n'1dea., la success;; rotes' and go '--cover whit hot tlanMI cloth, complete residential suburb. subject to possible insertion on the following Yll. '
t backed' '-. r task-Of sending'copy to each one. :,. .lake, swimming -
''a : Ap py und principles."whleJ{ Profeesldnah'ittention to the construction : Business center, parks. '
:;- '. have been tally' tested. and, : dprofitabk. t>f classified -Advertising la The, writer ascertaining wished the to names: pool. Lots $:J7iO up. quarter THE FORT MYERS PRESS
he enter
of thehates
doing 'ol= cash balance 3 years. K. U Jeffcott
: more than almost any otherone VAF> ttip
turned over to him a.book .
promptly .
A.ayo ', glance ,tVn the, classified thing 'to-- enhance 'the '"pulling- let ol lists issued by :an -Q. r 1TMM Jm*thW Y. Realty Co.

r aeci hot ybur '(aVt>;rite newspaper1t power"'ffl this "popular'land .economical advertising newspaper agency-and 'in a momentho I illIIIIIII I I I I I I i 111'1111I' I 'imimimmimiiiiiiiimtiiiii' 'I i { miuimiimmmiimmnmittWATER .' ', -- '

'11r ; tat,first ..Ichtf.ppear-: 'you 'mode'ot drertteing.. It requires spoted the very list be'wanted!. :: '
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{ tthat a* advertising U together 'He was amazed at the simplicity r FRONT PROPERTY -|'
'poaafbiy'. : simple classified ad whicb'will
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tI +conierna.only.. Upon a closer, lnspeetk good-if 'properly and truthfully' hands by first mail* Not-only has be Taluable waterfront Property today I.
> howem7ou' -will'find thatauch worded it will produce.results beyond erg are offering some .DB
T.. shifted this responsibility to expert = which U worth more than the selling price and can be bough 'if
file:not the eaae. There under the the most.sanguine, expectations.That :: shoulders but be has the generous r terms We are alao offering some other good property.>.t prices 1-.
;; ; roper' classification: headings,' ar- "everybody: reads the want amount of time generally consumed a rl 'i fw + which can,stand a resale at a profit. a
slt1 ratged for easy and quick reference, ads" is a 'slogan now generally accepted la attending to this matter in his On beautiful Orange River we nave IT acre ta S ieree 1m .
fair yosr will _And advertisements from -for" the simple reason that Crude way now to devote to the fur a bearing grove. lft feet water front. High bluff land., $11,000.sC
_, flrms and individuals scattered 'thru- every one"at some time or' another ther Improvement.of his business. ; 00. Good terms. 5-5

,71iit ;' out!''the country and'Canada, daily If you please; bas a want" 'I ;'''>- .- .- .,. One-half mile waterfront on the thirty acres of cleared, lance- .5=
oj:- Classified advertising has Its ""na which 'best be .than sixty-one which we offer at a bargain. This is close -In stuff and .
can filled thru consultation There are no fewer r, f :, ... : 3. ',s'An
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Check Results one 'man G ,ii
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from luxury. .
3 i ", classified advertising can be ? ;: -.1 offering ten
j S Three and one-half milea from Fort Myers we are :a
vertisers. The difference between the' checked accurately, 'with a view toward odd jobs for the bead Jailer and : j16 3' .. .I.... F : =
Sir two, defined, Is as follows:. change 'Or Improvement is one spends the rest of the day playing. nor q 4w T A..':;' :; ::
Ordinarily) 'national display advertising of the ,big reasons for the growing cards with the rest of the Jailers.Divorce ,;;" r- o t acre.,. Terms. .. -g

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y' procured right In one's own city; classified advertising at a cost absolutely ,
w Such advertising has a tremendous Inalgnideant compared to the = PALM CITY R HOTEL"I
% cumulative value which Is a big factor usual expense 'ne ...rr.1n completing A .
'" -r determining the success of any ;such: >a,ear eyr Best of all, bowever PHONE '479 +

national display advertising. cam Is the"* fact that ,the survey was ; : : UNDER GRAND CENTRAL ;

: :. paign.! success and accurate In the extreme :COUGH ,]JSYOUR ,JsiacjaraJDUSTER i ; InnHIllHIllI1i1111111, t'. I--' ,111tHnt't" "_,,11,mllf 1 l li !:_
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tlalag'deals"llrtctlj. with the IndividHal. and'swiftness., applying '.
.' 'He experts,"'.is. entitled !to and Peopleeverywhere'in all kinds of COME. TO. "
1 u ., nine out of ten times gets. Immediate business who want ,>to, get In, direct Chronic cough*and. penistent colda'lead Dusts f
v : and satisfactory results.It's touch with men and women for a deft to serious lung trouble. You can..iop them Niagara(
readers alto and specific) purpose fire awaken- Row with Creomulston.'an emulsified 'creosote NAPLES ON THE GULF
not common practice for -
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to the Leading '
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The 'average reader ofclarified a'man called on the writer .Of all known,drags, creosote is recogiied P..ENINSU.RCHEMICAL CO. 1
r I advertising has ;a definite at Ala deak.and'atated that be wanted by the medical,fraternity .as ribs I t? .Delightful Hotel, Soft Water in the i
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"wilt* and experience has taulht'11imtli to"'do''tome' classified advertising riles healing agency forlhe treatment olMimic ORLANDO: FLORTOAHAVANA .1.
coughs'and colds'and other form .I.
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"I;: r : of that "want" is to the 'want ads," leading southern cities. He knewrHIs contains.. ia aJdition, la creosote..other 1:
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CreomuWon is I f '
<;" 't' .;:: '' ;, ;' --yarda..UDed with Cocoanut and Royal atomaeh.li'fer tree the treatmem of chronic guaranteed coughs and sctory colds.in, J4700 SPECIAL ROUND TRIP EXCURSION FARE.. From,Fort Takers ; : Fishing and Shooting .. 1

R ,':.".:: -Palms.'LoU-$375.00 up quarter cash from indigestion., biliouSaeaaand bronchial asthma, catarrhal bronchitis and via Palatial S. GOVERNOR COBB..Sailing Tuesdays and-Saturdays ...
> 'balance 3 years. K, I..,Jeffcott Realf eonatipatwn.CkamBerIain'3 4her forms of throat and lung di8euet.aad Yromron Tampa. Return limit,ten days. I r$6&7O.REGULARROUND

ty;Q). Tablets excellent for building up the system after THE NAPLES HOTEL ;
TRIP FARE FROM TAMPA. Return limit -
,DJs or the flu. Money refunded if .
: will keep'you jdeaa inside. Take nigh or col J, no matter of how long ctand-any ninety days, via S. S. CUBA or GOVERNOR COBB. Sailings from d.
=,' CiIiKl: Park two tong-k They will not'make ..J:;, is not relieved alter taking i according Port Tampa 2 P.,Jtf Sundays, Tuesdays. trbersdsyaSaturdaya.. P. P. Sekntt, .Jlaugtr I '
i? l you sick and you will feel good to- Enjoy this Delightful :Sea Trip. Visit Gay Havana and the ':wonderful
< BaMtoK -makes values. Look at tb.1Id to directions. Ask your dragguL Oreomakioa -
60 for 26 --
13 morrow. cents Island ot Cuba.
r ,a ,aeeaon.:'3Ik0.1.3raih-or; year own Sold e +4arn. ; O. A. ..... r... "AIV. 1

.; terms: .- For information*,descriptive booklets, tickets and reservations call .
.Donald D..Foley, 49, F, :a ,Bid*,_ IlllllllllllllllllllillllllUllllllllllllllllllllllllltllll- lllllllllllllllllUIIIIIIlllllllllllllllIllIUStreets = on any X C. U R.'R. Ticket Agent or. J. G. Kirkland. D. P.A, Hills
boro Hotel. :Tampa :Phone 3232: L. S. Scott T. P. A, Car A. C.'I* '
hHa-Lee Part has already Interest *, :Walks = Ticket,Office Tampa. FREIGHT FOR ,
ed aver are kaaired Fen Kyen It i '

...a4 wka'- bare purchased S-tt-tt n BeMM ,,'L 'Lee Construction Co. ,P. .&? 0. Steamship Company l -impa. -Fort Iyers-Everglades n "ht

t' 308 Bldg. .
Pythian .. Steamer-.Everglades
Land For Sale inION ,
i: _- Fort Jtfyers :-E uiiimiiiimiiimmiiimmuimiiiiumimuiimimiimiiiiiiiiiiiiiitiii, iuuiiiuimH f JFISHERMEN'S
I Leaves Tampa Tuesday and Thursday ;
_f A .
:Arrives Fort Myers Wednesday and Friday"Leaves
Watch U$ Grow :
by \ LODGE = *
= ,; Fort Myers Friday for Everglades
IMW eras & Gar iGR
= Curbs Floors .|
:Pytblaa'BHelag" Captiv. a.Island. Lee County, Florida .=_- USE THIS CHEAP WATER TRANSPORTATION:

''I 1 '''iiniiiiiiiimiiiniiiiiiiiiiiiimiiiiniiiiiniiiiiiiiimiiiiiii' I I '" I ' I iiiiiinimiiiiiwtswwme" I Situated in the midst of America's most famous fishing E:

grounds, Captiva, Red Fish Boca Grande and Blind'Passes.- ;: Florida Railroad f & Navigation: Corporation

HENRY C. COOPER J Modern Hotel with all conveniences Rooms single.orjn; !''f i Foot of Ireland's Dock < -

suite with baths ,. : *: '
: private, Telephone for,Rates qfolt :

a ',. =
,i VN fDeluxe -
T kF SeJRHi ;WY: ., ": Good' Guides, motor ,and rowboats -. 5 Bus Service to Everglades, Daily Except SundayIa*
s i t *.' ; i availabde. Moderate\ rates 5 Estero, Bonita Springs. Naples l Marco and Cazambas "

'I ; ,
.J. =
\ r < '-.- Leaving 8:30:: m. ...ioJ
Sale ,or no. sale. ,"it'fa Manager 4. *v k E .,
'- -' Bead for' Illastrated Folder c$ Subject to, Change without Notice 3PTAMIAMI 12'

}> pleasure : r ra .
tovgerve, you. "' .-
".... V l JF = P. o. aid Tel egrop. \ Address Fen:Jllerlr Florida **' TRAIL = 'QUI't3Ine; ,. ,., -:

-_ t5I _. 5 I I

YZ f'*. 1 / [9sus 1i1'1'' ''-'II II'1 1"11 I"I t unHnuHlltuitHHnHI' I I I 't""HHUHInllntnlHHHnnIHHlnitl" I'" I I I '" '"IItRI I 'ilfltHl,II IUIIotIlmlllmIllUlmllllllllllllmulmmlmlullllu ---.

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s} .Q 'J t; -

YrS s. 4 I;I l

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err i A; tJ# .' 'S ; c 5,
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: < = ..' '

:r d _e I Florida Train t -. From'Owners or Responsible Real'1 j {When you' ,put ice in: a \ .R

:: drink or upon any''of 5:

S ;. S Estate Agents : : your foods ydu want tot .' Iii
.... ;
y vVyT-rTT7 w
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i.x 1 who appreciate read traveldcatea I :\ >e :sure of its rarity: !.
,- Land; suitable:for subdivision ori i
xa 'tdI<'
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