500 eos. Salph Solid and Plaid Brocades, Hair invigorator and Tonic. will be sold on a credit of one. two, and three yean sicisn in Georgia: .
iM Ihs Bpso-n Salts much admire the beautiful the to give bond and Mjurity for the purchase make in the most MZMIa. ScOvu. A MIAD.-0 fllutrtIiv Oro de Rhines and Black Silks of all price. andSjualirUt. To the young who so purchaser which I am prepared to up ;, tJ
f. 1.\ SnM \ lock and ringlet he feels that he win be pwrJootd,5 if* noneBOLLING BAKER, short notice ing your Liverwort and Tar Hebrew PlaffTtffJ'.
500 Onlls. Castor W Xc. T. Master in fashionable style on tetmively in practice for three
t advice suggested by !long 'Iud'tnd extensive Special Chancery. my
,; Black and colored Velvet, he offers the ysp Ii i
; )d J.'unp Solid and CashmertHi and Menaces, observations; it U to discard all cologne and November, 10,1855. 45 AND REASONABLE TERMS. wltbplfasurethatliUte my b.ohel m r1Itir
II plaid ,
PW) Ncsf(4 oils tor the hair and keep always upon the -ALSOA ity OTU ALL Oviix Ut1CLu.with -Lit-h
f. .. II ScHJ. plail, and fitrnred Del lines, stimulating 1_
1" .., .. .. oo .. u..d;H 41 U1.d EmbniM rd, plaid and bluk AlpaacasKsck toilet, a butte of the restorative occasional use In Chancery. In the Circuit Court of the LAROE AWn WILL IELZ"TF.P- TOCK OF quainted.1or tW the purposes for the pu b..t1

: ro WWU L4, Bombatines and we can lare)! predict.that henceforth silver loch Midflle Circuit of Florida for l 21 fer No. 1. for all the ally is an
J. .. and bald heads will be unknown: hough ntuo.t1.UAa4 for)1ntoa1
arH M hair Debniges, pJ I
HO :Kxtra Spanish the downy cheek-the dark Lewis T. Sharpe and other, Consisting of garment suitable frr winter wea also found it a mont exeelleirt '.
j cloths blossom every .ppl
MW Uales bhtck and colored Italian cloak rose may upon 1'01
09 Pure be so piercing and the teeth those of peari .*. j neb as Cloaks.Talmas Coats Tests, Pants, to, tc, and Bnukl. It gltt' iuivernlused. Spn
f ever
: Black and colored and silk TaImu.F..ngJi.b eye Adm'r with the latllfaetlClUrhCrif'ft
B. Christie }
1t EncPajpt. still if the natural fluids be withheld from the hair, Joseph which will be disposed of at low prices. .

i 1 t V 1000 tta. Fire Proof Paint, A Dotted nnd plashed embroidered Talmas.lace V'Us, and in consequence it becomes first dead and harsh Will annexed of Lewis Saunders, Also a large lot of Plain and Fancy Shfrts. Collars Knnnm aa,3arh 4th. 1 8L'OSLL'i.M.n.rw'

4 lot Bn M Window Ola**. Bssortsd latgsmriQMnt then or falls off nature will be robbed of more and others. Undershirts Cravats Stock. Hosiery, Ac, &. Beware 1Jfttmeit.and

.$; of Painter's; nusjtrials BhuVes, 4L Solid and plaid colored and figured Bareges than half grey its charms; and although it is a sovereign IN pursuance of a Decree rendered in said cause on Tboee desiring a thorough out-fit trill consult their The gVUUWVW wall in fatorella1'.lhf 1 belmtstztiog
B. H. AkTB. Wick Shalleys well those.who 3d of November 1855, I will offer for sale call all the above patDt.Z:
Welch Silk and FlaoMls remedy for thos wh are gray as a day own interests by giving me a as articles TiTLoa on the steel plate eI1gra'ti '.
Kay ,e. 1855. -l_ Red and jrnare Flannels are bald, still all sec the propriety of miking only at public auction in the city of Tallahassee on the first bare been selected with great cure and with' a the top of each box. &. labtloct
i 1,7 f yellow such an application to the hair and scalp 8 is calculated day January. 1856. the following named negroes special view to theiradaptatirin tn this market. "
Flannels of all colors. Purchasers advised
.'9i) ';?. Havana PIan totiery English Opera and Erencb embroidered bands tn preserve it both in a perfect and healthy state. belonging to the estate of Lewis M. Saunders deceased JOHN PRATORIUS. this article i. in existence.that a meso MwfeJt( rf

: COUNTY ACADEMY Lace and linen C. Handkerchiefs, from tJtt Editor of the Real Estate Adetrtisrr 27 viz: Aimer Betsey Adam Aaron, Lazarus November 24, 181515. ly-47 TIle genuine it sold
JAIPEE by UL,and M_
.f :: Ktab'd Collar. Han lkercM-f and Undmlsivsi, School-Street. Prisalla Mary George, Davy, and Claiborne. Also I poir4 ed through the SItis-.L'vtiG. J*J.M .
: the land belonging to said estate, lyir g'in Leou County Sale of Negroes
LOTTERY. Chemoisttte and Collarettes, JII
,}h'" Embroidered BosToN, March 20, 54. >wxn axiMr. Dealers and] Mrtfiastn
Blue brown and green Veil Bareges Tivt.Wood Dear Sir-Having become, prematurely consisting of H>00 acres more or less. HE undersigned, as Executor on the estate ror eanticiwd tei'/*r*
t1IZQU.] : are .gainst boeing ,
u* : far Avnrorrrr OF THE ITATK o) The Negroes will be sold for cash and the land for T ?, bt'seryU7f
0 Black love Veils quite gray, I was induced some weeks since to 1 John Cook deceased, late of Leon County will agents,outvrwise they will} be impnssil Jhh
.1, lA-GOlf. GEORGIA. Thread Cotton and Linen L"'.. make trial of your hair restorative. I have used less one third of the purchase money in cash and the balance sel:: lit public outcry to the highest bidder for cash worthless article. *. SCOVIfi npna *
:, .80,000 Cambric anJ Swi** edeings and InHrtinjf, than: two bottles, but tho pray hairs have all disappeared in three annual instalments thereafter secured ('U M wlay the Slit day of December. 155, at the 111 Chart res St bet.Conli and BL-Lnda V,

]F:: Bobinet and Mantilla Laces ; and nlthougU my hair ha not fully attained by a mortgILge'on, the property.ROLLING BAKER, plantation of lAid deceased seven LIKELY NEGROES Sole Asf nts t.r the Southern States,to. wboiiiJi OI

: -. CLASS H. Colored Mennoes, it* original col"r. yet the process clmnge is gradual! Master irr field band Also wilt be sold at the same I orders and applications for Agencies most V* a"-

of To be DrawajDoctmber 15th. 1S65.W Curtain and Dress Calicoes jjoinjj, on, and I have Jct bop that in a shirt time Special Chancery. lime and place one bay Mare and a No. 1 Mule .
't- November 10 1855. 45Master's
Embroidered Lace Curtains, my hair will be as I have also been T. J. ROBERTS, Executor hO ------- -- -- ,
CAPITAL.$12OO0.i White black and slate frl. much r at healthy moisture and vigor of 1 1666. 48-5t -/,1'
; gratified the Dee. atfji Ajreney in ererr Tow" thiCCG
White and black silk hosiery. which before harsh and and hat- Sale. j
tob. fo1lizng the lair, was dry, it : -- t8U.
,1.i b diitriWutsdaccordms --- --- -- ---- -- Atigu t'1S. 3J' .ai'
.i i\ Ladies and Gents black and col'd Kid Glovtt I
.' Grand and unprecedented Scheme.iu pul.hl, at Kid Gloves ceased to come out as formerly. 1st Monday in January, 185.IN I Notice to Contractors. -
'k.' o..rt Hsll. )!\.- Ga, uad, r the the sworn superWilsn .- Misses Uespctuly yours D. C. M. RUFF. decree in Chan STATE KXCIXKFB FEMALE COMPLAINTS.The .
Ladies and Gents buck and kid Gauntlets, purs mnce of the directions of a OFFICE or J
.-::- tM' of ll George M. Logan and Jus.r .A. October 13, 1855. 41 CHICAGO, 1.-1 have "ned Prof. Wood's of the 27th March, 1855, wherein; the Union OEAXGE MILL P. O, ST.JOHNS IkEsAVIIiTA'1 best Fcmnlo Medicine Known,

*. X.\it. x-q. Hair Restorative a advantage. It prevents Bank of Florida is Complainant, and William Wil- Avct; >T20Tii, )

.t J. } Prks Q(....... ........ ... ... ..... .,I2.COOr ) Great Land Sales. th. hair from coming out, gives it a gloss and softness : liams.'Sam: R Love Sheriff, la and Maria Harrison PROPOSALS be received at this TIllS Extract Yellow Dock, and Sanaparillak

.. ? ... .. .. .. .t **"..... ..... ... .. .$..000t very desirable. The few gray hairs I had have i nnd James Whaley adm'x. and adm'r. of Robert L, SEALED iti1'e. speedv. and permanent cure Cur tXS
r t .. .. .s.oor of a decree in Chancery the under Others of 'have used the 20th day of August 1856 for constructing complaint incident to FEMALES.
........ pursuance my family
.... IN entirely Jisappelrt. Harrison dec'd. Dcfen I will st
I" "''' I are lants pubic -
t jI.' J" .... I'.'..'.' ..... ... ..... l-001.) ee wiH offer fur sale, at the times and place it,and concur in pronouncing it all it Professes( ] sale before the Court House in the Town expose of Quin- a Canal with its necessary appendages, Its mild alterative properties, render it peculiarly
tlenijfnnted, upwards of million of hind such as Lift Locks, Guard Lock, Basins. herein a acres constitutionof
.V500 .. .. .2.1'/10 HENRY A. CLARK Avenue.
.. .. to be. Michigan
.... are
11. ...... ; cy on the 1st Monday in January next ((1856)) the following i. -
4. <1 1BOare ) besides luts in the City of Apalachirola and in the Lake Harncy on the St.Johns to Indian River a distance the female. It is unrivaled in ia effect such
...... .. 1,90 upon
..... 100 are
) a ..... desc ribed lands to wit: The EJ of the S EJ
.t.lI.. .... ..... .S.750 Town of Newport, Florida, the iToperty of lie APALACHICOLA ORIENTAL of thirteen miles:3.410 feet ; authorized by the diseases as Incipient Cowump'ion, Barrenness. LeocorrlxB -'
.. I'BOF. WoD'1 Section/ |
;b N ........ IlUTIVE UNIES.This 23, Township 2, Range 4, N &W; the W General of the State of }Florida at its I
Assembly, session ;
a ... ........3,250 LAND ; vz: Liniment is valuable to the treatment or Whites. Irregular Menstruation JocrmtPmijce '
: 110" ............ 33 are nuxity or the N W4 of Section 25, Township 2, Range 4, N '
; of An Act entitled Act
38 Approximation Prices... .. .... ..... 60Cl portions of snid lands as lie in the Counties r Leon. of some of the moet \ disease with & W: the N EJ of Section 26. Township 2, Range 4. 1854-5 by An provide of Urine and general Prostration of the system.It .
I will be offered in Tallahassee for and encourage a Liberal System of Internal Improvements counteracts that .
t. and Oddnikn -
.i : Only 10OCnuwWrs. \Vakulla) which it ie our lot to contend; f- r instance: iufl.imn N & W ; the N Ei of Section 23. Township 2, Range immediately distressing nervousne -
: to SOPOO. this
.h PriiM arauntinf FIRST MONDAY IN DECEMBER next in State. 's and lassitude so to the female
: on the ; lion of the lungs and boweK By a thorough and continued common frame
.irh drawinsr. and 4, N A W and all that part of the Wi of the S RJ
drawn at ;
l.rift i will the which the
01' Bery and that part which lies in Franklin Coimtv will InoftWe application of this Liniment over the regions of Proposals specify amount for and imparts an energy and buoyancy,as surprising i as
ttlM. full without deduction ftrdtnsWictlr of Section 23, Township 2, Range 4, N A W, ns lies, work will be done the mode and in which .
m id m ': at Apixlachicola on the FIRST MONDAY IN the affected the otherwise formidable disease manner they are gratefuL We hare evidence file,which
Drawitwt,* sent to orders. R* irinUredletUrs organ North of a certain Stream. running East & West, be whether lands !
wfidrtitial, to made
; payments are or induces' to recommend
I' JANU ARY.1856. Thesilandslleon the Gulf Coasi. at once disarmed of more than half their terrors, moneys.or ns s'rongly this-rned'wme to'
Bnki are the S of wiid and
all solveirt across EJ Section Township Range
at ny ruk. Bill on extend (rom the St. Marks to the Apalachicola River children, and thousands of portions of each. Maps, Profiles and estimates can married people who have not been blessed wi h off.
among to W about in all
particularly mot supposed thirty acres, containing
be at this office and ior..rmationobtainetl
at par. awl include the Inlands on said coast.Th were they allowed to speak, would with seen any by spring. '
Ti $z HalT J2 SO; Quarters II 25. ers ( 510 acres more or less. the undersigned Mill Post Of .
Whole *1 ; remainder addressing at Orange
third the
will be cash
terms ono and affection bear their united
eloquence of feeling Also the following named slaves to wit Charlotte Prolaptvx Utrri. falling the
AdA-M JAMES F. WINTER.Manager : fice. St.John's River Florida." Proposals will aloo or of TTcmS tf flee
; ,Maaon, Gs hi equal instalments of one and two yean, with interest testimony to the fact that it has snatched their children Henry, John Allen Mary, Amanda Hannah. Louisa, be received fur constructing a Rail Road over the yir landing, curt d by Jr. Guy tot(. i'xtrtcl tf
.i/; from day of sale. I from the very jaws of death and restored them George Bill Frank. Harriet Yellote 1).t1 and
.ii .f.Mbtr 1. 185S. 48 I Cupid, Jim Isaac Jabe same ground. F. L DANCY. Bartapnrilla after every otktrknovn
For property purchased at these salel tbo scrip of to former health and beauty. Again it will
tu.ir b. David. Annis Clarissa Den, Dyke Becky, Margaret State Engineer State Florida.. rmtdy had 1.ren tried wiZhoug rtltrf.W
the Apalachicola Land Co..tpKnyowne.1 by Stockholders a powerful auxiliary in removing what is generally Sam, Mitty, Eliza Martha. Daniel. Milley and Em-
A. B. CLARKE received in August 81. 1855. 35-ly sHrxcTOf, 0. Feb. 1849.
> I or their assignees will be payment known as an AgIle CAke. or an enlargement of 'ily. Terms Cat'i. HUGH ARCHER, Jr, e
TAILOR at its relative value. the spleen indeed iu nil cages where the external application Special Cumru 6iuntr. This certifies that my wife, aged twenty sevenyears

,t IY1ALR IK R..tDY MADE Cr.oTUI' ii '14,1856 tf28J3y T TALLAHASSEE FLORIDA. five years. Nearly all of that time confined to her

'. .TLIKEK'. .FCB HHINO GOODS. The Sales above mectiweed are postponed un ran,. WOOD'S VEGETABLE MIGIL LIFE: FILT.8.BLISSV1ELD. Master's Sale of Nfgroes. r "HIS Establishment is now in full operation. AHJL bed.best medical 1 have for talent-that four years could constantly be employed b this the.
til further notice. procured
May 053. Prof. O.J. WOOD:-Dear virtue of decree in of the 2nd No- orders will be attended to with promptness and section
old stand for Florida Sentinel Waknlla Times and the a Chancery of the country without benefit whatever. I
at the Veil known % The BY any
t rmiving ued number and
Sir As have used and seen for a all work done with neatness dispatch.All
.i t- NOW :- we : 1855. in a cause, wherein John A. Craig have also purchased t instrument recommended
Clark tk Stillmnn. a generals Commercial Advertiser will publish till every *
.rIy aecopied by Armlnchicola of Vegitable Magic life Pills, we are kinds of work such as Steam Work.Mill Work,
prepared nnd William P. is defendant 1
years your is complainant, Craig for the cure of such diseases all of 'Which S
Furnuhbif ,
Made Clothing. notified to diSC ntinue. proved
**rtmentof Sapvrior Ready to'recommend the Gin Oearin Mill Circular Saw
S them to public as superior will offer at public outcry to the highest bidder be- .u Sugar Machinery worthless.In .
goods Cloh, Cassimeres, VntinSI, Jte, composed to all others, and infallible in the cure the disease: fore the Court-house in the city of Tallahassee on tIle Shafting Pulleys Hangers, Plough Castings Brass the spring of 1848.1 was induced by l tnd.

.:, in part of the following articles: m w :BOOKB.IIlI for which the/ are recommended: 1st Monday in January 1856 the following named Casting te.: ; also, Sugar Kettles of any size kept to try Dr.Guysott's Yellow Dock and Sam my
.. FiwBUek Lhi..Frock Coats. B. A. B. Pettia, B. D. Albro P. constantly on hand. All work done in such establishment parilla,
Breasted Frock andBUMDCIS from New York a B Lach. Jncb. slaves or so many: as may be sufficient to pay the which was used (tit four montta. After she bad need
Wick! Siogls RECEIVING of BOOKS. embracing Oriu Spencer| Sussell, Edward mortgage debt in snid decree mentioned, to-wit- will be done by tu>. with a particular regard to it for about four weeks it was evident to all of as that

Cassim Coats, do. do. del every department of. litera Albro Lucien 1 Sweet Elias I Sweet John Hacfr Jxwis. Clem, Kill Solomon! Morgan Isaac Butler the strength and dm ability of the work. he was imnroving. and (rum this time she improved

S. Black}&D y and Colored re Cloth Ovtrcoats, ture. In jHistory. the works of Hume, Roll in, GiV raft. Nathaniel Gilore.JamceH.Pine, Wm. Johnson,. John Adams, Peter Arrh. Little ArchLouna, Violet Competent Workmen always in readiness toput up rapidly and gained flesh and strength until the disease

H BUA,flfl Piints. bun Robertson McCauly, Tliiers, Allison Prescott. Johnson Wilaml. Lwn, D. Lnnders. Mary, Ellen, Gabriel George and Aggy. Term Engines.d c. was entirely removed, and ph),, is now enjoying
PRO,. Having used, and experienced Terms will be liberal and all work done strictly for
0 and Col'd Cawimsrs Pants Bancroft and Hildretb. with) School Histories to mil .001: cash. HUGH ARCHER. Jr, moot excellent health. WiL MONTFORT.
Fancy all In Philosophy. Abererombic, Pnley, Blake, the effect of your Vegetable Mage Life Special Master in Chancery. cash or accepteiLorders on some btminess firm in this We. being neighbors of Wm. npd Julia Montfort
..0 Blatlc aud Fancy Silk Vests, ages.
Pills in I will that as a medicine place. Literal prices paid for old Iron, Copper and
.. H Velvet do. Phelps and Lardner. In Mathematics, Day. Dnvies my family say Dec. 1, 1855. 48-tds know that the above statement as to the sickness; ofMr

.'. 'I Fancy:' do. Cashmeroi Em roo, Smith and Bailey; and the (poetical works of they cannot be valued too highly. I have used ---- Brass. *.Montfurt. and m to the cure being effected by
t de Citss. them in several bilious attacks and iuflamation, andI All letters must be addressed) (post paid) to
Tiisan Establishment in Tallahassee. 44 "
Jon Milton Duite Yellow Dock Sar
4 WhiU MarsAilles do. D. D. Shakspeore : Pope. Gujrsott's and >apnnlla. to be strict
will that their virtues cannot be highly J. M. SHINE Tallahassee l1a.Mnrcb
-ALSO- Thompson. Cowper, Wadsworth. Mothwell Burns say to appreciated 'PHE Subscribers would respectfully ly true, JANE EDDY.
for in they have speedily triumphed 11, 1854. 10Notice. .
A fine MS rtmnt of Shirts.Collars Cravats Black, Hood Coleridge, Shelly, Keats, Young. Heber PolIo every and cafe hence I in _I_ announce to the citizens or SARAH POWERS.SCOVIL4MEAD. .

Wtdie and Ctflorftd Kid sad Silk Gloves, self adjusting
Stocks. Cotton and Merino Under-sbirt, Jeans SouUiey/Goldsnuili, Tupper Hemnns Landon Bryant t recommend to all. They operate their perfectly Counties of Georgia that they have opened a Ill Chartrcs Street New Orleans,

)raw.re. Brown. Fancy. Cottoa, ao l Li l. Thread | Willis and Longfellow; Longfellow's Poets of Eu- cany producing no uneasy sensatIn. yet operation CLOCK AND WATCH Shop on Monroe Street, 'T'lIE undersigned Executor (the last Will and Sole l General Agents for'the Southern States to

t" .: hose White and Colored Cambric Handkerchiefs, all rppe Poets Poetry and Prose Writers of .America I thorough; and I am satisfied that nothing more two doors below McDougall's Book Store where they JL Testament of John Cook deceased late of Leon whom all orders must invariably be addrr!*d.t3T .

t* tlr which arc offered to the public on reasonable terms by Griswold; Compendium and Cyclopedia ofEng in mOL canes, is necessary and thin these valuable pills, wilj) be ready at all times to do every description of County notifies all persons having demands against For sale at all DrugStores in Tallahassee,

> an-1 warranted as good as o tred in this Marks!.- lish Literature, by Chambers and Cleveland togetherwith to perform a speedy triumphant cure.Yours tc work in their llue. Chronom ter,Duplex, Patent Lev said estate to present the same to him. duly authenticated and at one Agency in every Towq in the South.

q Call and cxamin the complete works of Smollett Fielding, Scott Respectfully Cylinder and common Verthal Watches repairedat within the time prescribed by law or this notice August 18.1855. 33 6m .

HovtmUr 10, 18gg. 45 Cooper Irving..Dickens and Bulwer. and all the novels J. B SANGER the shortest notice; also jobs and Clocks of every will be pleaded in bar of their recovery; and all ""

f'- .S, of recent publication. In Medicine, the work of( 0. J. < description. By strict attention to business, they are those indebted are requested to make paymeut imme Far Ckartcston-Second Vessel.

STORING AND SHIPPING! BUSINESSAT Meigs, Griffith Dunglingson, Miller. Rarasbottom Proprietors 114 I 695 Market Broadway Street New St Louis.York. determined that none shall go away d,ali'fit'd." diately. THOMAS J. ROBERTA Executor. ,rpUE Brig SO ERS, on the way from

KB W PORT.rpHE .. Wilson Churcbbill,Carpenter.Royle Dewees Hoopen,|' D. H. Ames, Agent, Tallahassee, Fla.Februsrylo,185& N. B. Good work Hon and Buggy for sale at 6 November 17, 1855. 8w-t5' &Z, $ JL Cbarleftoo. mH follow the Brig Ariel furabove
Gunn, Eherle E,'ell, La Roche and Condie : raithwaite'l -I month's credit
Port For f D.LADD.
gUt! carries tit above btniness 6 eight apply to
undersigned Retrospectsemi-anonally,Anthon and Bullion'sClassical Notice. .
New Port Nov. 24th 1855. 41
'- J. in all! its branchesBuHdlugs will cxlculated for
1 Greek and l French
Series Latin Grammars
JOHN W. EVANS March 2-1. 1855. tf 12 months after date, the undersigned administra -
p. I ski patching wagons- D. LADD. and every article in the stationery line,Gold and Steel SIX tI

.. Jfawport. 3..pt*mb r 2. 154._85 Pens, Letter Cap anJ Fancy and Note Paper, with i ATTORNEY AT LAW, Bonnets Bonnets.LADIES rick deceased dt (OMM, late'Ion of of Leon the estate County of Jonathan, T>ill exhibit O. Pad-hi Most Approved Corn Mill In Use.1 .

&c. Bnvelopes to suit. Blank Books, comprising Ledgers BAINBRIUGK, CEO colored strtw Bonnets. final account and vouchers to the Judge of Probate of ff1UU\ OF the most approved LANIER CORN

f. Bacou, Bagging Journals, Record.Cash, Invoice and Pass Books Diary \TILL give prompt attention to all bu-ines ,entrusted colored straw trimmed Bonnets, Leon County and ask to be discharged. MILLS for sale by the Suhwriber. Ttew

"1. JUST received per t.kat arrivals from New Or of'66, Banking Cases Portfolios Oil Paintings. Har. Y T to his care, in the Counties of Toma. p1ain" 0 H. T. BLOCKER Adin'r de bonis non. Mills have bern for.some time in we tLrt-cgh this r.
and New York the following articles _lth per1 Magazine received monthly by mail. and yearly Decatur, Baker, Dnugherty Calhoun, Early Clay. M black .4 July 21, 1855. J-6m gion nnd lower part of Georgia and give perfect tat1sfactiou.

they offer at Ui.luwest eash prices: subscriber solicited. J. McDOUGALL. February 17. 1856. t( M white satin and silk -. .grinding with en.e.cO bushels! and the ritsr

-' :,' '. IS Casks Baeun 10 Bales Bgging.I November 10, 1855. 45 LONG GALBRAITH black" (extra size) P. B. BKOKAW'S. in the day with less than the ordinary gin power applied -

.' 10 BUs Flow, It5r IV SVa IsUud do.Hbprp & I Children and Misses straw M to it. The maker furnishes a land tarot it up;

1'- zt&.t. 1 0 BUs. Whiskey Circular Saw Mill Agency. ATTORNEYS AT LAW, TALLAHASSEE, FLA. : a N Hats, 11VEDY ASH SALE ST1BLIS and every one warranted to give perfect satisfaction'

't:. oQ1bL4t rlne. 10 Bbls.Mess Pork, undersigned has the agency for tNt 'ale of A. LONG A J. B. ALBRAJTH have associ--i For sale by DAVID C. WILSON. Call and examine them at D.LAD D'S.

." 'J 'Nalz' RICHARDSON & WHITAKER. THE hlerricks Improved Circular Saw M.lla I iiJL I nted themselves in the practice of Law. They i October 13. 1855._41_ TALLAHASSEE- 4-5p, FLORIDA.- April 21, 1855. }fl

v consisting of three sizes for 42, 48 and 52 or 54 inch will attend the Courts in the Middle Circuit the Supreme -
rf .. "'Wr- .it October 27. 1855 43 AGENCY OF THE /ETNA INSURANCE CO. Proprietor would in- Carriages Buggies and Harness
Saws. These Circulars are decidedly the best in use, Courts and the District Courts of the United his friends and the

: Just Received. having several improvements over the P ;e" or any States at Tallahassee. T lIE undersigned Agent of the above Company. public, that he has rebuilt his_ For Sale by P. B. nroka w.THE .
)f..' other Patent in use. Tlte cost is about $300, $860. Office the Court House. will receive applications for and make insurance -
...; Per Wm. TL". opP'litt loss Fire. Brick and Frame Buildings large Brick Stables, at the old stand and is now Subscriber Las just received a
Petit*from New Orleans : and $450 for various sizes, Recording extra carriage Octobr ly against by on Ac. prepared to accommodate his friends and customers.He large supply of Carriages'

d ...: ORJ.NGE3. L*mons, Kn Apples I Guava and j tc. For further particulars apply DANIEL to Furniture January Merchandize 29, 1853. 4 B. C. LEWIS. also has attached to his Stables, a good Black. S .Buggies and Harness which h. offers
.e LADD.
s JellM j Prunes, PearsSardines, PiskOysw | MITCHELL & STEWART, smith Shop. where he will have have done all kind of for sale on the most reasonable terms. .

..if'. ted Bran j Y P enc b el. Preserved Lemons, Newport, Fla, November 3, 186 44 ATTORNEYS AT LAW For Sale.undersigned Plantation work Horse shoeing.and Carriage work in November 18, 1854. a 46

t -.LeM ApiJ lu wj Gingtr, Green Gage Mar- ----- .the very beat maDDer and with promptness and dispatch '
Salt-Salt-Sa1t. offers for sale his Dwel-
land south of
,. .- slv., Pine Apple and Ginger d.. Raspberry Vinon. -. OH A SACKS Salt for sale by in all the Courts of the Middle House ard 50 acres of November 5.1853. 44
Fresk 8alt. JHODGK1SS WILL practice Tallahassee on the Belle Air Road. The onus BIS riorxsaoML sntvicxs TO nil ainnts trTALLAOASSKX
Hullibiit aud 4
\ CO.
mgr > Lobster, Haddock POOLE in Columbia and Alachua in the East
4t bha! L As orte House has six large rooms well finished;op the premises AND&tCKaOCMl COCXTaV.
\ i. d Pickles, Scotch Ale and Porter. Nbvembsr IT, 1855. 46" -iruit and iu the adjoining Counties of Georgia. is a substantial out Kitchen and god water. Wines, Syrups, I&.t. .

.-,.', '. Havana Clears.J Groceries, 2-.1856 t 12 The property will be offered on very reasonableterms. OLD Otard Brandy, Worcestershire Sauce. with Dr.M. Nash,immediately east of At
D. H. AMES. inLeon Port Fresh Lobster, OFFICE
.This is one of the most desirable locutions e.
f"H. .
ay ,f'. 1S63. 91 PER George T. Ward from New York. A. ,PERRY AMAKERJ County. For terms apply to the firm of White Madeira Shat'. May :19 1S55. 20
tf, .. 7if boxes A 1 Family Soap. &T LAW Slusier uext door to D. H. Ames' Drug Store. Sherry w Clams,
# "
tI. New Good 10 Sperm Candles TTOallY t THOMAS WHITE. London Porter, Hallibut T.j. ). aicHAXDsox. rurciixa wan.uu

Fall and Winter 10 Adamantine Caudles. FLA. July 14, 1855. 28. Scotch Ale Sardines : RICHARDSON & WHITAKER
,j. .iiI HAVE.rfleeirad: toy supply of Forsaleby R. H. BERRY. May 21, 1853. 20 Brandy Peaches Tomatoe Ketchup,

.t .. .- < Goods (by late arrival from New York, Baltimore November 17, 1865. 46Buckwheat DR. R. N. GARDNER, Brandy Cherries Walnut Receiving and Forwarding Me
J.:' and New Orleans.) and offer them to the-public on as WILLIAM SCOTT, Guava Jelly Spices
In the stock iswAraevd his professional services to the citizens chants
goml terms as any house in tie city. OFFERS Currant do. Pickles ,
I4 Groceries TTY( A TMONTICELLO LAW and surrounding country. Officeat
of Bry Goods ,
ewry vanety WEST WIND" FROM NEW YORK. Preserved Quinces Raspberry Syrup, NEW PORT FLA.
P: Hardware, Crockery Ae, &x For the Ladies I bavs FLA. the Parsonage. II "

oj I a beautiful assortment of Embroideries,Laces in Setts, 48 1 i BMs. Buckwheat. July Z0, 1853. :30 11 jan September 29, 1855. 89 Pears Ginger LemonSparkling Strawberry August 4th, 1855. 31 -
24 Quarter Bbls. Buckwheat I
J"I Mantles Cloth Talmas and Cloaks and a fewoftb -
',' Gelatine *
tuott splendid Silks ever brought to this market -ALSO Glass, Oils, White Lead, &c.I i Hides Wanted. Flavoring Extracts Pine Apple H Notice.SIX .

.. Planters are invited to look at my Kerseys t Blankets S S Bales India Bkggragv BOXES Window Glass assorted sizes 100 KHfifi BEEF HIDES Wanted for which the Spanish Olives Salad Oil, i months from date.' the undersigned adi'c '

." before pareWmfr T. hAY AIlD. Boxes usotted"Tobaeoo. JLw f\f\W Kegs White Lead pure, extra A No. 1. I?JvJvhighest price will be paid. Also Deer English Mustard Capers on the estate of William'J'11 .deessse J--

:t, 27.1855. 43 1)) -Sough and Rtady" Tobaoeo, 8 barrels Linseed Oil, : and Otter skins. DAVID C.WILSON. Claret, Sparkling Cider, late of Leon County,will exhibit her final accwat,***

.' Fur sale by R. 1L BERRY. 6 Lard Oil Tallahassee September 29 1855. 89 Tobacco. Old Port Juice vouchers to the Judge of Probate for said Coor/r
t WhJ.keyaxdRope. and ask to be .
November 10, 1866. 45 discharged.LUCY
20 Kegs Ziuc Paint Havana Segars, D. 1L AMES.
FRW Barrels of real A No. 1 MonongehalaWhukey I20 packages Fire-proof Paint (bbls. and } tools.) Blaoksmitfiing. November 11.1855 45 THOMPSON, jkdminwtntrk.

\., A -2 ,9Oarlbs. No. 1 Kentucky Rwps Manufactured.Tobacco.I 2 barrels Train Oil 1 bbL Copal Vanish A TTACHED to my Livery September 29, 855. -m_

I sals on oonsigBment cash or good paper at SOr SHALL receive some 400 Boxes of various brands Spirits Turpentine in barrels and at retail :: J\. Stable is a Blacksmith Shop
', ftO days without iutersjit. S. S. KNIGHT 44 Mullens" Manufactured Tobacco D." AMES. | iu which all kind.of work apper. Copartnership Notice. Notice.
on consignment
#. -. IfovetnUr hO. 1855. 46 again this season, 100 Boxes now on the way out- November, 1864. 45 taining to that business is done in good style, at short undersigned have this day entered into a co- SIX months from date the undersigned uiwiaAn'*'
--- notice and on as reasonable terms as at any other THE the estate of William Thompson
4 Merchant will do wefl to bear this in mind and it in theWHOLESALE on
DR. LEWIS, will be sold lower than same quality can be kid'dowo< Schooner Wild Pigeon." shop in the city. Fanning implements such as Turn AND teased,late of Leon County .01 exhibit Us .
s Ploughs Scooters, Rods, devices Heel Pius, Tap RETAIL count and vouehers to the Judge of Probate '
REJ1DLNT! DENTIST for from usual markets and on time to good par. received from New Orleans, .
.'J AHASSEE FLA. ties. DANIEL LADIX JUST Casks Sides and Shoulders, Rings and Iron Wedges kept ready made and constantly :DL.D c. B"D'SJNESS.UYDEK County and ask to be (discharged. '

c. ; Artificial Teeth the Newport, August 4, 1U5. 31 6 Tea. Sugar Cured lIAm.IS on band This will afford farmers an opportunity TIlE NAME AND STYLE OF JACOB ELIOT Admmaaw8ept.mber
S IS DOW inserting oa Bbls. Lard to supply themselves without being delayed.P. 29, 865. I>-
I !_ new and improved principle with 9 B. BROKAW. BARNARD & MAXWELL. -
j ____ P cneunuous gums from one'aide to the ucHJtsD..___T._Mac,_:__ -_CHARLES.__.fl--w. DOWWISQBIRCHKIT ._..._ e 20 M Prime Pork- January IS, 1855. 1 Boots and Sboest
other, without seam or crack,l leaving no place for the THE! wilt be pleased to see their
4 lodgment of food, thereby rendering them perfectly & DOWSING 60 Superfine Flour" Notice. enlm and patrons at the old stand LADIES Kid Jenny L Buakia

,, S life like and restoring the original contour of the face iTTOHEYS AT LAW k AGENTS FOR CLAIMS 25 "" Extra months alter date the undersigned Executor of Jt of E. Barnard,Jrnign! of the Mortar eor- a" Ties ..
dtteetRxb He will attend to all calls fftrcet 25 Whiskey, .5- SIX ncr of Monroe and Clinton streets where 'wilkiigheu, .;:
so as t.o defy NO. 4&0 Seventh 20 Potatoes Estate of John 8..BbepaJd.1atAo'LeoeCouo- .. Black cloth Gaiters,
N"t io iiiJdU Florida for Full -Sett Those wishing Full WASHINGTON CITY. 20 .ty; deceased will) present his accounts and vouchers 1 fblftaad) general assortment of articles 1& Pruuell BnskMMens -i
S CU can obtain all necessary information by letter. 5 Hhd. IJrown to toe Judge of Probate fat said County and asked to appertaining to tHeir Hoe ofbnstneaB and soliott !I N. -.' ,
; j sata&euon'andprices TTTILL practice before the Court of Claims, and Sugar. the of their friends and the HCalf
in tartanc pationage public
t H. .m warrant be discharged. s'a
eveiy VV claims before and the For sale by R. H.BERRY. 1Io6tM, .
Congress several
to suit the times. Terms Cash,or when calld prosecute November?4. ISS5. 47 ROBERT IL GAMBLE, E. BARNARD,Ja.
Dert1nentLii1ly '
lor.I Executor. O. TROUP MAXWELL. kprrr'B: ( .. .:

Jut* *i, 1861.. _25_ 28, 1866. 80A1iO Hides September 29, 1855. 89 February 1, ((4.) W54. 6 a5! ** ,Boots -

S FRC8H .OARDBN SEEDS. HERRY WANTED in any quantity, for which the highest MILES NASH & CO. -, -. 4.- .sewed "" Boots", ..tas .
R price will be paid in cash or groceries A.L.FrSHER', N watsrproof
: flltOWTHOP 1854. BROOME ,in Medicines ; "sswed and pegged stotf .I
;'iiBd CommlsalonMERCHANT. Etealero Drugs, &<*. ATTORNEY-AT-LAW. .
-,, : Bests. Ao 1'1 ., Boys calf pegged Boots
sSs a.Hat Turaijv Cabbage. September 16, 1856. their .
!1 r D. H. AMES. TTOULD inform friends and the public that TALLAwRUIJ FLA. kip pegged liosd and 8 Bro ES, i
.0" 'Jurt"reMIMI; ; hand .. '
TT they have on a good u.ortmentofiuch M uabouod"
.1 fait I,mi. II TALLI. 'J& Stpt. 29. 18U. It To tbe Medical Profession of Florida. articles u generally kept in their line of bushusa WILL practice in the OourU of the Middle Dis .: Qtpts fancy toilet slippers, ;

; A MEETING of sAltWPhTsJciaQS. ,throughout the and will be reeaifitag regularly fresh supplies Their ,and in Thomas County. Ga.QT M Goat and calf "
'TeI&CC8. .
( r i JJiU' &l S.. KNIGHT, i. State win be held at T Tallahassee OB the 8th'e( terms shall be reasonable.TallahaHee Offiot j io the Oapitol 2d story immediatelj 4' Patent leather Matt

.' January next for th. purpose establishing A State April 9th, US' u. .over the room of the. Clerk of the Supreme .Court.Joij a M 'eIothtopOazter .

., PETER LOR1LL.u ,. 'AqjJEER& COMMISSION) MERCHANT, Medical Association and, upon this as A .model of I ; 14, 186S.. _, > -11_ Chi1d.

Eb. CKA1U1Im"ft1&W OBX, ., TALLAHASSEE., FLORIDA. 'County. AssociaUons through the entire State. For Bale or,Rent, Childa e1aed'and BUek eWk 0. lttlr
.1 05' will be organized at 11 A. M., AU KEiRY M. CHJLNE .
E8SOR8 .f 'PTt*' herI.18&5., The meeting A COTrAGEBUILTDWELLTNcloy: PInt&eRu.s.t -
S11OO oun at1 I TOBA deli out of improvicg the santo$ welfare of the Pro e WIT A' Wa Baskiwi'ft ; S,t
,.1:1I'ccl. all badI :ML.L iD goot repaIr,: ith a good'Well of water I Womanalip p' -
.IOS DII' .; For| tiiceUrsaPri CurrM /*' 1 For ale. fission and of advancing tbefr State's Medical Ljej > attached, befatf the first house West afn>amM .jjj_. 'e1axa. cC. It -- *. Bcd, fI

t .iDi 'by sIdr abort. .. ea1ai SALT, b firrt rate order by, .' .are U1JQited and respectfully regoeettdIo > -. irinf.Esq. For information iuhre of1 \ 'OLOTHINQ HOUSE 'ofwbicb m i wii.to>

1.e 911, $ or.kiDd iu ihe tr .rOOSACJca aKNIQBT.S.mbT atte d. ,- ,": # ''J01m IL1AA&' I ? i

i { t l&IL. >*i Sentbsl&*._tlSU..tIISL\ will pleise,eopyN' Jfcrt.- f'l'onmbe' .'I"".- I.h. I I I p 11 QLtulD, ,43D. I t Dfl STIkZ Jrn You.- QcoW.lI!\ .'
ILUL.! r7: : ''- I ..A.ap 4tk1S. 61a$ .

' ,._ ,
.i /- -.5..5 .
c -
i-- '_._- --- :------ -- .5 '- 5-

The Floridian & journal

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The Floridian & journal
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Floridian and journal
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Tallahassee Fla
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December 29, 1855
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Newspapers -- Tallahassee (Fla.) ( lcsh )
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United States -- Florida -- Leon -- Tallahassee
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Vol. 1, no. 1 (Jan. 6, 1849)-
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Ceased in 1865?
General Note:
General Note:
Publishers: Charles E. Dyke, <1852>-1855; Dyke & Williams, 1855; J. Jones, <1855>; Dyke & Carlisle, <1861-1863>; Dyke & Sparhawk, <1864>.
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.y .' rrb i// > StQ i L Pa'4,' 3. Y 1"=.asar'k. "" ;? }'d ;, ;ft z.= 'r i+' "" "t .' t '
: ; Yi.t i o.J. : e'r C< ;;,. .:7+ .r M : isr; 1:.3i' 'j'h 'k :.. ; j1'l'6' : r +'k r 't
; 3 }
r1. bi In '1.fie: .y' 'S l'M- a., u.
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;.6.' .' '.' ""-" ", '.. .. _. '>'";...... ".. '. ':JI."' ,_....r..!.1.C'.....,........"...lI.'..r.,'.?_'.<.If'..._

I ( lOrt. to.'au 'I" :' ft! ;" ; :', UI.- I.+ J ,,: ,.:r t,'1--..':. ...":.::'. i !: ; :.

', ,_ .
". .o' !< '>,:' .;.u.. ..JIIIt 1&.0.!<'"."
,. : ; .. -
i! :'a .n <"
& ------0. _____ '- .lK r...-' _'. ..-' .Lly,
""" -:- '

t r- .. .
__ t '" .- .. -. ,
J- ___ :: : : I :: _- c
-JAMES S l r ':
-. -" ', 'J.f
Jie Florida, Atlantic & Gulf Central Railroad, and the Board congratulates f with the jrrraUr: part of our State, and so large n |Iurtiirl'dt. i t.'!i.t i.i
OF m tit PRESIDENT AND DIRECTORS you on the. prospect of its speedy construction to that to be furnished by us with their supplies frprn New 'Orleans-whh
point. the immense trade art d travel 1 which must pass over' our roa.. to'atHlfrom
tlt c rala vox t ta |L $. (Compang. But Femandiha is i o't now shipping port. It has the finest harboron the Gulf and the Atlantic--ran we rtoabt that the rosd most

rAn OFFICE OF PKXSACOLA & GEO. R. R. Co. ) the Atlantic south of the Chesapeake Bay, but whether it will af- pay good dividends to stockholders t'f We have only tq commence
cord the commercial facilities we desire is an untried experiment- the work to ensure its success. Connecting with the Tallahassee,
of-the Stockholders of the Tallahassee, December IP
meeting Pensacola 1855.
adjourned and J Jacksonville is a prosperous town, and nearer to us than Fernandina.j Railroad, every mile of onr road will pa.r.as it is built, and the coin-
Georgia Railroad Company, held on the 19th of December, 1855, atTallahassee To the Stockholders-Gentlemen : But whether the bar at the mouth of the St. Johns river can bo permanently pletion of the road will be tho t necessary 6onseqnfinc'e6f; I the construction .
at the Railroad office, wag organized by calling GEO. Immediately after your meeting at Monticello on the 6th of June improved so as to make Jacksonville the appropriate termi- of the first 20 miles. _
/ONES, Esq., to the Chair, and appointing JAP. T. ARCHER SecreJflry. 'ast, the Board of Directors, then chosen, was organized by t Ie elei- nus of a Railroad connecting the Gulf and Atlantic, is also an ox- There is no doubt that we have the ability to build the road. -Our
I lion of E. C. CABELL President.In peri nent yet to be III Ide. In undertaking the construction of our. present subscription fa 9540,000; and the estimated"cost of the road
compliance with your instruction com'c."ed in the foIl owing res.1lution road, we must seek to secure an Atlantic terminus where we know bed, including all the bridging, ard the croI ties: delivered along side
A Committee, commuting Messrs. Cabell, D. Walker and B. : adopted at your meeting in June, to-wit : "Rc.solt'.fd, 'That we shall find a good market for the produce of our own country, 1 of the road, is 8480,000, or $60,000 less than our present subscription.
F. Whitner, Jr.. was apppointed I by the Chairman to examine and re.I I tho Board of Directors he instructed to employ competent End and where we shall rtainly find all the commercial facilities for the Our contractors will probably take stock to the amount of
tort the ntfmber df shares of stock represented at this meeting. This neers, as soon as practicable, to locate the Railroad East from Tal- immense trado which is obliged to pass over our road from the Gulfof $100,000 raoie. The Company will be entitled to about 70,000
. Committee; after calling the roll of Subscribers, reported that there "l.iha&see, and to prepare the same for contract as soon as pos -illf', Mexico. We have therefore announced to our Eastern friends acres of land, which will be of considerable value as the road pro
and to locate and prepare for contract tHe road West from Talla- that we shall invite: a connection with the city of Savannah throughthe gessoes The commencement of our wcrk'and determination' to '
,ere four thousand four hundred and fifty shares represented at the "hassee as soon as adequate subscriptions can be obtained in Gads County of Hamilton, East of the Alapaha river, as is contemplated with it, will inspire confidence and enthusiasm', which ,will ensure goon
iieeting, being a large majority, of the shares subscribed. den and the Counties of West Florida," the Board selected \\')[. in the Internal! Improvement Act of this State. We shall thus large accessions to our subscription list.'itb tleaomeana, and the
The proceedings of the last meeting of the Stockholders were then H. GRIFFIN, of South Carolina, to be the Chief Engineer of the have three termini to our road on the Atlantic, and the choice of I aid afforded by our Stat by the guaranteed bonds contemplated by
read by the Secretary. .Company, and directed him to proceed, as soon as practicable, to three markets. We propose to construct our road to Alligator, sos die Internal Improvement act, the construction of our road may LcT
.* Cabell President the organize an efficient Corps of Engineers, which was effected before ,: to l'olIIectth:, the Central road before we permit the Georgia prosecuted to a speedy consummation.
Mr. Company, made a report in writing, of ,the end of July I at which time field operations commenced. connection, and this connection is required to b. made so far east as The sale ol our guaranteed bonds is perhaps essential to the com,
the action of the Directors since the last meeting of Stockholders, Considering the unfavorableness of the weather, the work progressed : ;. co give a decided advantage in dLtance to ports in our own State pletion of our road;-certainly our atility to sell them will remove
lad of their recommendations for the future; which was received, with satisfactory despatch. In the selection of assistants, over Savannah. If, with this advantage, and the feeling cowmen to all doubt on this subject We aru happy to inform you that we have
ind on motion of D.: Whitner,Sr., referred to a Committee of nine, Floridians were preferred whenever their services could be obtained. I is all. of earnest desire to build up a great commercial city in Florida the assurance from a quarter entitled to credit, from the most respec* "
consisting of three from each of the Counties of Leon, Jefferson and For the details of the operation of the Engineers, and the condition ; Fern iniiina or Jacksonville cannot secure our trade and travel, it table parties engaged in the negotiation of such secriritieain the city
if the Company up to the 1st of November last,the Board refers you, I oust be their own fault, or because of the existence of natural impedimenta of New York, that our bonds will rank aiubug fait class Southern
Madison. to the reports of the President and Chief Engineer, made at that i not to be overcome. Bonds, having undoubted credit"You ,
Messrs.! Whitner, Ward and Green A. Chains, of Leon, Bailey, time. Printed copies of these reports are herewith presented to you. i We most earnestly hope that the expectations of our friends, who will see by the specification of the terms of oar contracts/
I Gamble and Jones of Jefferson, and Brinson, Bunting and Lipscomb Vs they embrace many subjects of present interest, your careful at- I ire specially interested iti Fernomliiiaauid Jacksonville, maybe real- printed copies of which are laid on your tables, that the contractors
of Madison, were appointed said Committee. tention is requested to them, and we ask that they may be considered I zed, and we shill heartily rejoice to see two large seaport towns on the first ten miles will be required to complete their contracts by
I On motion of Col. Ward, the Chairman ef this meeting was part of this report. milt up in our own State. We shall do our full part to aid in their the 1st of July, on the next miles by the 1st of October and on the
:, appointed It will be seen that the attention of the Board has been directed I development by extending our road to their's, before we permit Georgia next ten miles by the 1st of January, 1857, and soon, allowing loir-:
Chairman of said Committee. entirely to so much of our road as it is proposed to build Knsl of r>.ids to connect with our'g. Our sympathies are naturally with ger time for the completion of the contracts as we go East. '1'haobject
On motion of Col. tt hitner, the Committee was authorized! to report Tallahassee, except so far as to enable them to ascertain that it i.i tho.n. But as they may not meet the requirements of the trade and of this is to enable us, as soon as possible,to commence track.
j any other busincsss for the action of this meeting, not suggested toile practicable to continue the road West from the point of junc :ommerce to be invited and developed by our road, it will bo unreawnable laying, which is a far more tedious process than believed: by those
: n the President's report. tion with Tallahassee Railroad. No subscription has been obtained in them and unwise in us to oppos: a connection with any without experience, and which must begin at Tallahassee., .

Governor Broome offered the following resolution, :which was referred in Gadsden and the Counties of West Florida," but the Board ether_ L_ 1 Atlantic sea-port" ., ,at such_.a point _and on._ _such conditions as ,For the convenience of the planters, of the country, who wo hope.-
has received satisfactory assurances that liberal and ample subscriptions IO[ 10 U(> necessarily injurious to uiem, ana possibly essential to our I will be our contractors, the rend has been divided; into sections of
to the Committee : !. will be made to carry our road West, so soon as we demon. warts. Should Fernandina and Jacksonville fulfil our hopes and expectations about one mile, and each section will Le let separately. ,
Resolved, That the President and Directors of this Company 1 e ;irate that a connection will be made between Tallahassee and the the Georgia connection will be greatly in aid of and not The price we offer for the work is liberal,and ware satisfied that_
respectfully reqaested to use all proper efforts to procure a consolida- Atlantic. injurious to them. planters will find it to their interest to withdraw their most efficient
-oa of tho Charters of the Florida, Atlantic and Gulf Central Rail- After due consideration of the reports of the President and Chief We think the permission to Georgia to enter Florida through Ham- force from their plantations and take contracts on 'the road. Front
.')ad Company and the Pensacola and Georgia Railroad Company. Engineer, and a careful examination of the estimated cost of all the: [ton County, will obviate, the necessity for a road from Savannah or a desire to indace our own people to go into this work the Board
Col. Ward offered the resolution which also refer lines of road which had been surveyed, the Board adopted the lire Jiuu.iU'ick Thoinasville, which, if built, will be to some extent a has not made an effort to induce contractors from abroad,but sbo #;
following was commencing at the Depot of the Tallahassee Railroad, and pacing; langerous rival to our Central Road, and .permitted to enter the our citizens decline to take the contracts, we understand. there will
I red to the Committee: through Lake Lafayette to Bailey's Mill, and thence passing 31 miles State; as far West Tallahassee, may be fatal to our entire system. be no difficulty in procuring contractors from the adjoining States
II I Resolved, That this meeting, receiving nnd accepting: the report of South of Monticello, and near Madison Court-1louse, to tho SUW .QI V road from Tallahassee through Thomas County to Savannah or It is contemplated by, tho Counties w.hich ,have subscribed for
t the President and Directors, suspend for the present, their approbation I nee River, near Columbus, and thence to Alligator in Colurnl ia iirunswick, would meet the wants of inhabitants of this immediate stock in our Company, to tsetse }loads: to enable them to pay their
I cif that part of the report which refers to steps! already taken, or to be County. This line has }been located to Madison C. II., and the ;location ;ection, but would be disastrous to other interests of the State, and subscription. One of the Counties, and perhaps the others, will dispose
t iken in respect to a connection with, tho city of Satannah, this meet- will soon be completed to Columbus, and tho entire)line to hence we have resisted it, aud "uniformly prescribed the point at. of its own bonds and pay the instalments pn iU subscription in
ing wishing that question to be decided hereafter as the interest of Alligator will be located by the latter part of January. vvhich >av mnah may connect with our road, so far East that no injury cash. Should either of the other Counties propose to place their
the Company demands. Advertisement for proposals has been made, and we expect to lot may accrue to our Eastern roads from the conne tion" bonds in the hands of the Company, the Board would like to have*.
I t To enable the Committee to examine the matters referred them I contracts for so much of the line as lies between Tallahassee and the Holding the key to the Gulf, we do not propose to lock the doors an expression of opinion from the Stockholders *as to the receipt of E
to I Ocilla on the 21st inst., and so much as lies between the Ocilla: and sraina the rest of mankind, but we will not throw them open to ad tIle bonds as cash. The Board arc of opinion that'it would bo better 1
and to prepare their report, the meeting took a recess until l four o'- I the Suwannoe on the 27th iust., and the remainder on the 1st ol nit the entrance of those who may not consult our interests, and for each County to negotiate its own bonds, and let their instal
1 i :; ck. February 1 next vho rmy seek to despoil us of )benefits and blessings which a kind ments b paid in cash. In this connection, the Board would suggest -
.. The Board of Directors, after examining the estimates of the cost : Provide ice has: conferred upou us. The rule to be observed in the the Commissioners of each County pns an order directing, '
IK of the road made by the Chief Engineer, adopted the following resolution political and social relations of one State to another," in this connec the Tax Collector to receive the coupons of bonds in payment of r
\, +* F.tE O'CLOCK, I'. M.I : tion, is thus laid down by the State of Georgia iu a report of a committee -_ railroad taxes. .This would be a convenience to the tax-pa'ere, and

.:The Stockholders again met at4-o clock. Resolved, That without the additional subscription, by responsi of her Legislature two years ago : would' give additional value to theJJnds '
7* ble persons, of at least $tOOOOO to the Capital Stock of the Company There is nothing illiberal or selfish in the determination of Georgia The question of the constitutionality of Ibe County subscription
'he Committee of nine their Chairman )Ir. Jones t
through ro it is inexpedient, at present, to continue our operations beyond to seize upon those gifts of nature and a bounteous Providence, the Capital Stock of our Gompan]/has been submitted} .to our Courts :
'idmmended r the adoption of the following resolutions: the locatiou of the road." .vhicU seem to have been so exclusively her own, and by their prop- Application for an injunction to present the coltectiou of the ;''
sJlesohed, That this meeting approve and adopt the report of the Since the adoption of this resolution, the Legislature }has so amended T and Judicious use to secure for her own people the greatest possi- railroad tax in Leon County, was made to Judge Baker, !asss ,
President and Directors which was submitted to-.1ay the Internal Improvement Act as to enable us to build road con- ile ah: .taRc. Such determination is in nowise incompatible with junction was refused and the bi dismiss. An appeal has been i ii'
Resolved, That the stockholders of the Pensacola and Georgia -iJerably che'apcr than! was contemplated} and so as to entitle our ,ler political or social relations to other States or their inhabitants." made to the Supreme Court decsion, but a there ha ben ,I t "
i '.p.' ilroad Company do assent to and accept the provisions of the act Company to State aid on the graduation of 10, instead of 20 miles I We shall not rigidly enforce this Georgia rule against the inhabi.ants an unbroken chain of judicial decisions favor of the legality of 'I f "
I rattled an act to amend an act incorporating the Pensacola and Geort of road, as wa oiiginallj-: provided. After the passage of this amendatory :. of Georgia. But we have opposed, and do oppose, and, so faris subscriptions, and no one court having decided against the suci'f'f
l i t Railroad Company, approved December-th 15th, 1855. act, the Board entertained no doubt of the ability of this Company this Company lawfully may, shall ever oppose, and throw every tionality of taxes imposed to meet such subscriptions, the Boar ;
Resolved, That the Stockholders of this Company approve and as- .to construct its road, and! having been advised that the estimated !. 'egal! obstacle in the way of a connection of the Georgia; railroads not f 1 itself! authorized to suspend the letting of s. i
I scn! to the provisions of the Ac(: entitled an Act to facilitate the cost of the road on location is much less than the estimates Lased with the Florida system of railroads, and with the gulf Mexico, at much as a delay till after the first of January wilt probably cause so-1 t
construction of the various lines of Railroad provided for by the act on the survey, they rescinded the resolution. j such point and in such manner as will. be injurious to the substan rious difficulty in getting contractors tb execufe their work by the r;:
entitled an Act to provide for and encourage a liberal system of The additional subscriptions obtained are but 820,000. But the I tial! interests! of our occur State. We do not suggest an illiberal time desired, without a large niercased expenditure of mOl>y. A I :
Internal l Improvements in this State,' approved Decembr 14th, 1855. Board are of opinion that the failure to obtain the amount expected, I policy. But when Savannah and Brunswick seek to appropriate to similar application was made to Judge Forward, at Jacksonville i t
Resa'acrl1'hat the Board of Directors be requested to notify the is attributable to the fact that for the greater part of the time, the I thenwlces, those gifts of nature and a bounteous Providence which"are with a like result .
Hoard of Trustees .f the Internal Improvement Fund of the acceptance President, to whom was assigned the duty of soliciting subscriptions;; e"dusn-ely" our's, by proposing to build a railroad throngtf: the The present organization of the Board of Directors is productive ofserious 'f I l ,:
by this Company of the provisions of said last mentioned Act. was confined to his house till the session of the Legislature, yt hen it lower counties of Georgia, and skirting the northern border of tacom enienee:. It devolves unnecessary responsibility on tha .;
R o1fY.d"That the President and Directors of this Company Lees was deemed advisahle that he should devote himself to the interestsof l Florida, to enter' our State,and connect those cities with the Gulf, President, and depri.e him Of the counsel and .adv ice of most of the
P ectfull Y requested to use all proper efforts to procure a consolida the Company involved in propositions to amend our Charter, and *o far West as to divert tho trade, even of our own country, from our members of.the Board, as the distance at which most of them reside :y
I tion of the Charters of the Florida, Atlantic and Gulf Central RailRoad the Internal Improvement act of the preceding session. \vn: roads, and to endanger, if not to break up the magnificent from Tallahassee makes it too inconvenient for them to attend the t
Company: and of the Pensacola and Georgia Railroad Com The special purpose for which you. are assemLled to-day, i is to con system of Internal Improvement projected in this State, their schemes regular meetings of the Board. Indeed it is with diffiunlty that a ma' t
: sider the two acts to which allusion has been made. The first to .hould bo and shall be resisted by every legal means, as necessary to jority of the Directors t\r b convened;. Befor the location of theo
I psnv.J
.:' oIr+ad, That the receipt of County Bonds as cash, in payment which your attention is desired is an act to amend the.Charter of ourCompa'ny our own protection, and due to a proper regard to other interestsof r a ,was fixed: there was a propirtty, 1 rh the different Countiea beicff "f
for the subscription of the respective counties, be left to the discretionof a copy of which is herewith presented. our State. We invite them to act in concert and harmony with us, fully rpresente. But now then dues not seem to Le any good rea
the Board! of Directors. These amendments are important to us in many respects. They authorize to approach us as friends, and not as rivals or enemies. We offer sou so an arrangement, and the NUcencJ of our operations =' l
Resolved, That the Annual Meeting of the Stockholders of this us to make extensions of our road intp East and South Florida, them a Gulf connection, but insist that they shall not enter Florida at will b promoted by a election of a Directors ,
Company shall be on the first Wednesday of December. and to Apalachicola, Bay in Middle Florida, and to StTAmlrews' Bay inVest i point which may bo fatal to our interests. The point of entrance from the vicinity of TaHabasse. The Comity of Madison, for ez= :;:
Resolved, That any Director of this Company may become a contractor \ Florida; also to the Alabama line, and to the County Sites ly into our State--in the County of Hamilton-proposed by us, does notmaterially ample has nominally three Directors in our Board, who are responsiblc :. .
oa the road, on the same terms with any other person. ing North of the main line of our road. Secondly, they remove all increase the length of road which will connect them with for all our acts, but who have rarely voice iu the direction of ::' _
Resolved, That the President and Directors of this Company be doubt which may have existed, as to our right to commence operations the Gulf: They will find temporary outletntSt.llarksbutactiu; g the affairs! of the Com pany, i in consequence of their inability to at :
I ;instructed to consummate the purchase of stock already made in the Tallahassee, by declaring that we may commence at any in harmony and unison with us, by a concentration of our energies, tend its cessions. We think it would b better for all parties, that ,;
Tallahassee Railroad Company, and to proceed to make further: purchases one or more points; on the main line or extensions." Thirdly l they we may construct a road to the noble Bay of Pensacola, and thus, :Madison and Jefferson designate portion 6f the number of Direct ;i
of stock or the entire franchise and property of the said Company authorize us to set over or assign any portion of our road to any other and thiut only, secure the consummation of the objects so earnestly! tors to which they} are entite from citizens of Leon. Owing
when in their opinion the same can be judiciously done. Company, and invest our assignee with like powers, &c., with desired by us all, and of such vast political consequence to our Government election to those they Would guard their right, sto.I thrjr''J.'J.
They also recommend that the resolution offered by Col. Ward be this Com anJ. Fourthly, they authorize this Company to purchasethe question arise in which thJ have a special interest
not adopted.Tho franchise and property of Tallahassee I{. R. Company, and Our own road will be sufficiently convenient for all practical purposes N& trod has ben for the regular anri.ual-meeting of ) .s
to hold stock in any other Company. to the greater part of Lowndes, Thomas and Decatur Counties, Stock Mcts rd suggest tht yo* desnae :day for this' i
resolutions recommended by the committee were voted upon This act amending our Charter must be assented to by you, to Georgia. And when a connection shall be made with the Savannahand pps.! 1 "
seriatim, and were all adopted by the Stockholders. The resolutions make it effective. Brunswick roade; in Hamilton, there will be no objection to a I,ro P riot Y oT permitting( the Direcor t become contra e to rs/ f' ,,,;
relating to the amendments to the Charter of this Company, and to The other act of the Legislature claiming your special attention, continuance of the Southwestern road from Albany to tbe.Gulf has been questioned. The Board d si e an expression of opinion from' ,.q
6th 1855 1 and probably demanding your approval I i 1 to render it operative, is an through Florida.! These roads and our own will accommodate the. the Stockholdersonthisaubjeci5omeof the Dir truvt: rubscii- j ,,
the Intemallmprovement Act of January were adopted act to amend the Internal Improvement act of the preceding counties of South Georgia. While, therefore, we insist on guardingand bed with the expectation of working out their> Sto _subscription.: f I 1
Vy the. vnanimmu vote of the stockholders and the shares of stock A copy of this act also aacompanies, : this report The ori seHsion'l protecting our own rights and interests, Florida will not "seize The Board i !hsppy to inform 'Ol that the work on the Tallahassee : 4! ;; '
. fepreSC'J1 led/ imposed the most onerous restrictions on tho Railroad Companies, the gifts" of her geographical position,'and make them exclusively Railroad, in which this Company is so much interested, is rapid. t I
s The Resolution of CoL Ward was rejected/ which have been removed l, by authorizing the Companies to modify( her own." 1 ly approaching completion. Most of the iron has are at St Marks.' .
the specifications" of the act, with the assent of tlio Board of Trustees The Board has had no communication with the Brunswick Corn The road has ben re-graded on nearly its entire ; and the boas't
Gov. Broome offered( the following resolution; which was adopted: of tho Internal Improvement Fund. It removes the necessity pony, and is not advised of its plans and purposes, but so far as ties delivered road-side. The work of tr kJ.ing will sooa t
Resolved, That the President and Directors of' this Company be imposed by the original act, of consulting the State Engineer on all we may judge from correspondence with prominent citizens of Savannah commence, and will be completed next summer.. ;t
respectfully rE> nested to open negotiations with the Savannah, Al- occasions, by authorizing the Trustees of the Internal ImprovementFund our position is appreciated, and Savannah will seek a connection .But for the existence of thfe Tallahassee: Railroad, we should' be''
ban y and Gulf Railroad Company for a connection East of the Alapaha to designate any other competent civil Engineer to discharged with us at the point we propose. Indeed it is beginning to obliged to commence operations on our read at some point i the' r,
river, said connection to bo made in the county of Columbia, au duties devolved on the State Engineer. And it gives StMe aid" : be seen in Savannah that her interest wift best be promoted by a Guf} ok the Atlantic, to enable us t receive and lay ,down the l iron'
after the lioe of road from the Sawannec River and the Florida Railroad on the graduation of and procuring cross-ties for 10 instead of 20 connection with us as far east as Hamilton county, inasmuch as she i is.1T are.now saved the necessity of building at least 20 miles'
has been completed. miles of road will thus be brought into communication with East and South Flori of rad. But tie Tallahassee road, whfle ft famihe connection
offered the The passage of this amendatory act was essential to the Comps da, as well as with the Middle and Went | the Gulf, may, in the hand?, of men unrr n to oar
eol Whitner following resolution which interst
). was adopted: nies proposing to operate under the Internal Improvement act of this There is among some of o-ir people a fear,and with a few a hope, wit to our serious injury, and so a to render1 it necefsary construct
Resolved, That this meeting are hi favor of altering the speciftca- State. that we shall not be able to build our road., Such is ever the caVe.? another road t the Gulr Ji of importance to the
Com of the Internal Improvement Act of January 6th, 1855, so as The terms of our connection? with Railroads-hi East Florida have. and there is perhaps less of despond nc' amdng oar people- than & ibteresl? of this Company I pimr of Stock in- ':
Materially to reduce the cost of construction of our road, without impairing been for some time a subject,of negotiation between this Companyand generally found to embarrass raih-okd'undertakings. With the members the Tallahassee Railroad Company, and we should take measures fof
its ability to meet the business of the Road, and request the the Florida, Atlantic and Gulf Central Railroad Grotnpany.e .- of the Board, no such feeling or apprehension exists. They the purchase of the franchis and consolidation of the,two Cam PaHies. =. '
directors to take steps to obtain the consent of too+ Trustees of th Certain stipulations, to form the basis of an agreement between the I feel the fullest confidence that our great work will be prosecuted too Considerable annual eipense wilt be saved by putting thh two ,4
Internal Improvement Fund for that purpose, before letting out con- two Companies, were submitted by the Directors of this Company t a happy conclusion. There are men embarked in this enterprise Companies" under one organization. This we are now authorized t a'
.tract' the' F A* &: G/ C. Railroad Co., which were not acceded to. But who will know no such word as fat1/'. Relying on their own energies do by our amended Charter, and we recommend that s Pe vial author f|| 3
The meeting then proceeded to the election ofa Dire or (o fill : the President of that Company, who has lately been on a visit to Talla and the support of a liberal, intelfrgent community, so deeply 1 ity be conferred on the Board o Directors t negotJ\tf for!, and fftfcf
basses assures us that the fal&'nrd'tA accept our propositions proceeded interested i m its construction, they are resolved that the road shall be a consolidation of tho two Companies, so 1 theiriaereatsi '
occasioned by the of Hon. J. C. McGehee
T&eaneJ resignation from a misconstruction of the provisions-of ffre'IrrteraaHtrtproVe.mentAct { built.. Nor part! of the United States feels! the want of railroad facilities one and the same/ ",
irhmupon, John Lipscomb, of Madison, was unanimously elected/} of January, 1855, and a misunderstanding of the P lads and motives 'more, t 'an'bsr Stater and no where,will more baftpy results fellow l' The financial l condition of the Company has not rga'ter'rallzebaa, :
Oa motion, the meeting then adjourned. of this Company. Negotiations have been renewedwith every theft attainment No ranVoxd! Imo been built in the Southern or ge since the time of the npor of the President on tat of NoVW "
,GEORGE JONES, Chairman. prospect of a happy conclusion. The vicinity of Alligator is the Western States which has not enhanced the value of real.estate to last Our liabilities have.oiily been increased by rh 'arDo rul
I*. T. XmcmtR: Secretary point at which it is proposed-to effect a junction of our Roads. The an amount greater than its cost. Florida. the increased value given red to pay the current engineering' etplqscTh#' Cotimie? !hao'
t -4 .. ii !financial} condition of the Central Company is such as to induce the to lands will probably be as great as in any portion of the Union. paid a large part of their 5 per ceut instalment which'has been
The DeoDcraiie belief that the road from Jacksonville to Alligator wilt certainly be An increase of one' dollar per acre for the land within 15 mMe of m2ndf from our stockholder are collecting as Ja&tascouven-
tag Journal Members.--The Washington correspondent of built t the road, wiff far exceed die cost of ks eotrsfraclibn'' : 'i; ,and it c>4nno tmore i te' leial Since tat report, tlio private ablcrbr b tra
I 44 of Commerce writes : The Florida Railroad, from Fernandina to Cedar Key, has been admit of doubt; that the taKwr fied fa'* our lands wilt' exceed chi a g their nstalment And as ter IU l t* i
.. The Democratic Administration members though in a meagre pat under contract, and the contractors are now at work with largeforce. amount. The amount of money which would be saved aTrnaalty on prospect of commencing work hi good emest.tr''ia mWr atf .
?JoantJ in the House, posset the largest share of talent and expeneefa -' The pubKc i i. not sufficiently( ; advised oT the resources of that the single article of cotton shipped from the, Port of St. l\lalk't will 1 more cheerful disposition CC pay the aount deJJde> (or,As'Aid*t
debate. In the discussions, which wiH l be abundant. and ; Company to enable the Board to express an opinion as to the pro b, probably be sufficient to pay the i interest on the cost of our road, ecution., ti
*Sm interesting topics, the minority will !have toe adv aatiage," j jt able completion of that enterprise, but wo think enough is known to I and the saving on provisions and all articles imported and contained Tr instalment which had been demanded IB sufficient ( rni, ear'

1he justify the assurance that the road will fpvedify be built to the point i by our people, will be nearly\ as great_ If, therefore, tore road never expnla. but no\V tate are about to1, contrail for te eo. .
Beasts was M eswon one day recently! j just seven minute. *- *f which we are.particularly interested, so as to give us a connection I pays dollar to the stockholders: the Cost of'-its construction would 11 rood, f amount'must L cake 1 fa Or d.
lire jOamieg..Mr. Hale laid-rotto we-iookingjit tho Clerk:. We. with the fine harbor of Fernandina, through the Central road from : bb money well ez nded- But we do not doubt that it will pay.n .-- I, rounds on obr stockholders will depend on te prn.4 of .
,made over a dollar minute to-day. 1Augb lit is believed that there is not j.whith We ought to press forward with the Wo
r. Alligator. W. shall thus hare the benefit of two Ports in our ow a completed{ railroad 'in the gat ctip4tt t
: 4'Gik *??*, fill tU C010100" Times, has been elected State PriiKT State for the,shipment of our-prod ee. It is of primary importance Southern States which does not .declare a dividend. Considering ,tnt i with the pecuniary ability'of the Com '- .<

oq-* &e Georgia Legislature.!! He deserved .it. to us thai this road should bo' uilt, at least as faros a Junction with the extent and nrpductiveuess of the doutatry whith. w H' be .crib R"Ntff,$.'lUv'.tub. i.t, "
jk try> to our roll t-with the advantag* our..fUluhuw'f.! a a

,, ',
,v'I. '
G ry
....-gf y '..t tre2Te. .

r I" .',. -__' ") :;"".\" 'i. ")"-.'t-1.o.," ,"- ".'..i.."-,$.:'.' :_-..".:.-..,,.-.""",o.,,.:-<. ",.". -, I I '"...;..-..r'1 ". .. :,.. ''..o.p.,-..>,_", "-i- ..-'.. -"- ," -' I2' ,-. '- -


, t I Il ..
l .

\' ', _- ; ., ." c ;-: '-'."-", .,., ; : ,-. .' ..t ,., .' :" t ..' '.'4."._ Q -> .. ,'. "i ".",''-' j :' .'......- .':". .: ... ... ,'. r'4i'4 41. .

n 7 ., .. :: ... -' .- i____ _. -- -_ k- _-a .. _- .... ... < -- ...L.J.t4'f'1 .
'J Y1. _, r 1"T. ------ -, -- 11 ., : c,. -- -- .. --r- x__._ -
: u i,I. .
shdUld ] to fuse- with a mhKlritf"directly opposed to ever. A SfnMble and'Patriotlc Whiff, fill cntertamnvnt that the hours sped unfieedI l.41J l. b m ccrattc 'hrHG 1
have, and if possible, obtain 3 thorougl 1 ) { fT& f .
1. : Gic( (o. bhut ft- journal.TALLAHASSEE ( doctrine-Tbeiliftcrjiat rxxitioJ ,pinion t. I until 12 o'clock struck a grand mach 'Pursuant to
ij- S"gtben up .
and well P'C\lu..t ,
knowledge of English! Grammar, Geography,, I entertained by the Democrats aixl Whigs'or Southern We fnd the following eriLr for the room. In this won,fitted upopposite othidbl L :' t, i4( ft ."

J': .-W.s' Arithmetic, History Chemistry.and Natrrra] : Know Nothing, should b laid aside when the South written ''communication in,tlie\Montgomery supper Jho' ball room, were three, tables, : County met at Alligator, Wt .

1'ri 1 : rhilosophy nnd the I calls"upon each t support Leri in the time of trouble< I the Iad 1 with rich 1 .**&& the 20th.or December, 1855.
. other studies. bearing on and That call has now been made, and vet Joiqrnafi reaper which was for. years traversing whole length, f ''

I11 t ; SltnrJay Detcmbcr 21) IS employment he is likely to follow throughlife. we-dnge. paper advising Southern men totupp leading oppsiio'l sheet in Alabama. In the viands: and costly winesbeauti'uily( ornamented On motion of 'YjJr1:1 .O.JffTre.Eiq. ,ftflwecting
nominee w' -'avowed if he has and brilliantly illuminated. Many appropriate was organized by linn *
.: 9'I No young men .having the opportunityto popu. cbud is. late canvass in that State, it was calling Col
f antagonistic to our rights. W.
," -: Cff: '* Loch Out.-On and after the first of Jant1. acquire a knowledge of these branches, nw hovering over us.nnd we need the support of nil forced from circumstances, or.from the habit speeches in health were to our made host, our Judging gallant from ERT BROWN, senior, to the Cbairi, and t ap

,1'iJ : cry I8M all le'ters rn sirig ti*( nxn the Jt"ils, fhn!t should allow It to pass unimproved. It will in lay order nside to our meet petty its jenlouMes fury with! safety.am). raTyfn. Let us artmndtbe then of opposing the democratic party, to go with the-eloquent leading a speeches, the happy faces and pointing The ,J..B. COJCJ-R, Esq., aa. Secretsrv:. _

: i loc prepaid by St* nps or vtamped Envelopes. And save them from many mortifying reflections 'banner of the South.unite in protecting btr from the m.s of its former political friends for the tho jo vous hearts around die. Lar. our friend objects_ of the Mectinbriefly g' btm

''J U we are rtqocsted by tha Post Mater tony, there it would make them more agreeable nnd readyin the assaults of her treacherous SOUTHERN mid inpidinug WHIG.niem Know Noting candidates; but since the was amply compensated; happinesswas explained oytl_ >echairr.WJ;"vomtflu.

1 -" 'ill be no ebtnpiig to boats, as stamps and stamped company-and their course would be approved A election, becoming satisfied that the Know reflected in that of his guests. Among tee of five wasappointed(tprcparf's, ,

'I.); i: J jiv-. lop arc kept constantly bnod. and applauded by every intelligent The Unbroken Column Nothing organization fs but a delusive hum- them, but one sentiment can the ngreeability prevail-gratitude of for the meeting,".eompo**! of William] o.JefV. .-
'= for entertainment,
t.4 F'X.OBIDA j4.uu-Thr.S body meets individual in society. The Democratic papers South are congratulating hug,, potent only for evil, it advocates the resuscitation Tvhich was equalled only by its novelty .And (keys, John W.Jones, Peter t1oneA..A.Stew.'

I Pi Bainbritlge! ( ., Wednesday next It tor what purpose was our city Seminary the country upon the unbroken' front of the old whig party. In intro duration., May his happiness commensurate art and E. S.,Dann.

.i?; that of wfll bent'T? as it not erected for the avowed pre5ened| by their Delegates in Congress inthelrtrioK.T ducing the communication, the editors of the his deserts, for they can b equalled only by During the absence of the Committee, tie
i is expected Bishop Early Virginia ? Let .
.i 11M for us ,
balotng. Journal forced admit that the dEsires meeting was cntemiDed ,
object of affording to our men an opportunity are to present : 'ith a /
1 prt'5iJe.Ve otice that Rev. \ L Mnrpliycif young look at the bearing of this un To our kind friends, Mr. and Mrs. Noyesof and verySrcibJ

: cif the Virginia Conference, Rev. J. W. ]Me- of acquiring a liberal and beneficial broken column." There are eighty-three Democrats aspect of the National Democracy will attachto the St. Marks Hotel, we acknowledge our interesting Spccch from M. Whit Smith
t_ ': Crary and Wm. DavU of the Georgia Ccnftwnce education 1 Was it not that the youthful portion in the House of Representatives! and its side, and is now attaching, large num- indebtedness for their unceasing attention to Esq., setting fortf, the reasons ubich promfe'ted

f f;; have been transferred to the Florida of the community might beco'me acquainted Mr. Richardson, the nominee of the caucus, bors among the best, the strongest conservative our comfor. him to renounco all other political iesocl

. with fundamental English branches has received on the highest ballots, 74 votes, Whigs of the South." This," (continues To of the Railroad for his ations and in future to act with the Democratio
.Ivtk'. (onferenc.R <. I and 8 of them old line Whigs. Now, the facilities -
are in
otherI kindness to our rendering
the Journal party Party.
Chemistry, Philosophy, History, and remain then take GG I )"they are obliged to do, as they .
and GO
take 8 from 74 ; subservient
of the Road to our i
: No SPEAKKK T.-At the last accounts studies I We are glad to hear that the Common from 8:1: and the remainder is 17. Now here have no faith in organization or principles of wholr success in the The Committee after an absence of half-ai
pleasure we
: f&\m: Washington, no Speaker had been cho- Council are about to order a set of apparatus are setenteci Democrats who, so far, have obstinately (the Know Nothings and as the organization of rebuilding, wish"unparl prosperity a LL our, returned and submitted for coiuidcrarioa' ,

'' wn in the House, the cotes received by each .. for the purpose of explaining the principles refused to suppoit, the nominee of the their old party, in which they gloried, and in of ih unboondc. sequence the following resolutions t

't "' cand date remaining without material change of cben try anil philosophy.} It is, a paity, and yet these Democratic papers have. which they still trust, is sternly stricken down I have the honor to be, 1st. ffr'rA'h1" a ***"" cf the D nioera tj;,'

: A |>ropo.ition to elect by a plurality vote, had II. good idea. These thoughts have been suggested the effrontery, the unbroken; to talk about front"the presented sublime b spectacle the j by that secret hand which seems potent only your obedient servant,_ confidence party in. said hereby dpclare. tttfr fan ajjiiUerioic. : Jn.i.W,J.'

been lost by an everwhelmtng majoritr-seven -. to the writer because of the fact that ) for disaster.i *v herence to those.great.pjucir let! einbuOiedlh our National
Dcmocrlc\-Scllinel. Tallahassee, December 19th, 1855. Conatitution which ba f secured to rent
!j(: meml only going for it. The immor- several young men are talking of the matter, There are but 72 democrats in the House, 'I We quote the communication as follows : greatoesa prosperity nd.happinen u u*m&w our pre p o--. :

tnl 74" democrats continued to stand by the and some expect to attend the III titutiol1- instead of 83-the others, who are put down I [From the .1biuMJolmnt] PRo W. A. SMITH.-'This eminent divine, pie.2nd. Reiotvtd That the pceir.i' t;

r gMlant Richardson. All honor. to them. Now that the new year is coming in, it will to swell the number up to S3, are not recognised ..lkc.crs.. EdiorsAlhoULh broucht. up. at belonging to the Virginia, Conference of the : condition of ,our Country ckfrrly] put eatablabes IlIlt".1 l the fact

T be a good time to begin, and we would( be I! the feet Gamhlc Whiggery, (lI.Cmv Ihat m a strict cooatructum that instrument ud
I trial
and Methodist Church has been
democrats no
no on serious -
. OirThe compliment of the season to our hundred as press )I I ,) yet I have, ever betn imbued with a on honesty iu carrying out its proTixioo.are tu be l>md
delighted to see many, yea, even one thus to them. were elected charges involving his moral character all the elements to inure the *
that happy right They love for Decenary perpetuity of
F readers, with the hope they spent a I my country overwhelming all party .
that fountain
Christmas, and that,the New Year \\illprove 'young men pursuing their studies at by fusionists and Know Nothings, and considerations. There are times in the history preferred against him by Dr. C. F. Deems of the East Union Welt, and North security and Sootbl to the right trial! I' ,

E-1 far more prosperous and plenant than I learning. We bid the Institution, its while this accounts for their anti-Nebraska- .I of all nations which require : sacrifice of the North Carolina Conference. After a pa. SnL Resolved That in accordance with these opinions

officers and students great success. them the of theJemocratic al personal or party prejudices for the and he we shall. continue ILl 'llr8.e ever dvoe to Wit
old i ism, places beyond pale generj tient protracted investigation, was u-
the Old One. has. If of them are cru>ty i
pi. any : l el/are./ la the of that aptiuot all opposing factions > parties of whatsoevername
. bachelors} we admonish them to- reform, that Proscription of Naturalized Citizens. party. To show how unjust it i ito is 'I j j time has arrived. In history the present our country disordered, nanimoiftly acquitted. The result ofth trial, ,or however specious their gnrb. I

but : class these! men as democrats, it is only : and I it is apprehended, will cause muc'i ill-feeling 4th. Retold That we hoi the American Union
h if their are capacious enough, might
pockets who is revolutionary state of the
The editor of the Sentinel, a lawyer, j say confederacy secondary importance only to the rights and rrinri-
if not, why-let them do as they please. has been rumaging the old statutes of tl'Stnte :e I necessary to say that Banks the Black Re- I j (the whole effort of every true patriot hereafter to exist between the two Conferen. pIes it was designed. to perpetrate; Aid"to long as it

iI already in a state of double-blessedness, be I II of the pulJc:1 candidate for Speaker, H counted I, should be to unite with that party which. offers ces. continues fa be tIle sakguardbftbu.e right sand principles
and finds thlt.the, late attempt we shall gift it our united and brartjr support
,'1I1tent,:rememherinA' the misery of their for the General: Assc'iibly among the 83 as a democrat. And so i isWheeler us a guarantee of the continuance of a au.1! hereby declare o'ur disapproval of.-!! tho see.
members -
. conditionand if are bc- Know Nothing of New York. Banks elected I| (JIISLiUljOflirLlJtiion./ In former times there We notice that our friend CARLISLE, of the tioual divisions and msidiuu distinctions sooght to b.
mer finally, any to proscribe naturalized cti/.ens: Un- was : were two great parties, each of whom were made among different classes of our population calculated

}liind-hand," e f ecially with the printer, hasten I iler certain circumstances: ," was only an effort "y the Know Nothings!, -Wheiler by such true to the Constitution, and acted as in their Wakulla lime has been I taken in and done t* weaken the ties that bind os togetlier.

to Irquidah?," that the New Year may be I \\hich men as Glecl' :1.nd'Ll of the Courier $ .1 judgments they deemed best fir the'welfare ofthe for" by New York swindler calling himself bth. lietohtd, That while Nf e entertain tbe forego
law of 1813 bcliere
to return to the old : ing geutimeot, vre that the StAte of ida
commented wkh a" clean sheet" and a quiet I Under the Kr.f i'rcr. Of the "72 democrats 17 are fromthe ( people of the States. These times have Dr. 1 Velpeau. Ah, C., forty }eats old, '. should!pledge herself to maintain and carry oat,to tie
in 18.:;0.
0 cnscience.I, was repealed > operations : free States,.-.each one of Aihom is Ncrifl.a j passed away, and 01 the ruins of my party, and green'yel/' eh ? best of her ability,the folio*(eg resolution of the Georgia .
i of that law," the editor save, we lived a i by the strangest afliliations the most discordant : Constitutii-n of 1850 vi i<: "Tkat the State of
:) man :1(1l( supporter \Villi.un A. Georgia, in the )judgment of this CODTC'lltiwUfli ,
from elements
: ( in National
I \ ithout murmur or complaint any quarUT present tlllmsh.cs our i
Ednf ational. ItichardMKi Punishment for Negro Slealilg.-I seems and ought to resist even(u abist resort) to a diaruption
democratic candidate for The
tIt whole hinion i.
\\hatharmhas Ls'gMatnre. political
We aro glad to bear oideftce to The inCTeaMng fof seven year/ the Richmond Whig, to be agreed, on alj[ of every tie wbuh bindrber to the Unkn, any
resulted from its repeal ? Who has been in. Speaker. Of tcst! 7i. Wright and Bennett / i is darkened, und the apple of discord says action of Congress on the subject of slavery in tbe
prosperity of our city Seminary.- of: and D.i\idson of Louisiana I Foom.s to hare been thrown into our National hands, that the time has come for a change in II District of Columbia, or in plicea subject to tie jurisdiction :
: I
- Tho number of students is continually iici: g'l jured by it { Have we not, under the guarded Mississippi : Coulcils.I our laws upon this subject, and that the penalty of Concress incompatible witl tbe safety domestic
lad: not, at the hut accounts reached Wash the slave
tranquilitjr, rightsftmd honor of the
; 'ions of the act which: was placed upon Among the various and orders which I *
ard'as far learn the present pro I; cliques should be death. This
jog, as we can i ol negro stealing holding States, or any act suppressing the slave trad
ington. Only \\Iiigs vote for Uicliardon .
r the statute book in 18oO as a substituto for t have aii-.cn on the ruins of ancient ), between the slaveholJmg Slates
etficietit: instructors are doing good service i Whiggery is the penalty under the North Carolina laws, or any refusal to admit
the law of '.13, lived -uithoBt murmur or instead of 8, as mentioned above.\ Their I i there is not one to which in my humble opinion as a State any Territory hereafter apt lying, because .
and giving general satisfaction. No one needs and in conformity with them, a white man, a
j I of the existence Slavery therein,
Caruthers true American attach or act
"' names are and Oliver from MissonikWalking any can himsel any
rtow complain that his advantages fgr 'rlnl'n-j I complaint, (except from Nothings,) I with propiiety. But we know that a native of that State, was hung a few weeks a- prohibiting the introduction .Slaves into the Territories -
would be well inquire I-i; from Tennessee Talbot from of Utah and New .Mexico*
for five ? But it to ; or any act repealing.
tion are unfavorable, as a few month's tuition i years pmt which has ever ]been endowed with a go. Negro stealing is very rare in North the laws io tuna .
; and Bowie from or materially modifying fur the re-
at the Seminary, for a very small pittance' who it was twit repealed the old law.- Kentucky, Maryland. .fter "piiit of patriut./-ur: ancient enemytileNational Carolina, though there are almost as great facilities coTery o:fugitive slaves.1* :

! 1. On examining the Journals for 1850, we find deducting. the number of absent democrats, I -Democracy. Although we have in 6th. Resolved That: we approve} and endorse the
. will giro him the ground-work of a genteel for the underground railroad there, as
to1 l that the act passed the Senate almost : ind then adding the wing vote, M>. Richardion's :i former (tiles battled,with them on of action of our last Coajrew in the passage of toe Nebraska
. .and respectable education, at l least enough : repealing internal those have maters either here. Hut the prospect of the halter has a Kansas act and the principles therein established
:: policy
there being but two votes are readily! j I. yet questions l Dud regard opposition to that act
unanimously- account of
intelligent ncgUive accoult..J on
make him) in the of the I
4 passable society effect robbers.
been settled, or laid on the table for the salutary on
pres. to the of the
'r\ it. Theote in tin The test of the sentiments of the Not ther1 slavery as hoptily peopls South; that
L.0! and to enable him by 'application to* votes cast against 1! ent. Now that the Constitution is in danger 8Christmas while we are willing to act in party association with all

.' l come',4o some extent, educated. In every house[ was wot so unanimous. Among the Democrats who snpjioit);) Mr. Richardson, remarks -I it behoves us to ask "v here is i safety to be Bills. sound and reliable men in every section of tho Union

; : i however, we fuul the name of BI\JA- the ContHlulionalisf, is sufliciently giv- j f"Uull? The answer is patent. The Xntion..j we are not willing ta a/iiiatp with any party that
L" 1rolnrnunity, there are many noble and ambi-:, yeas Ob the bilK Christmas bills 1 will not recogn'ie. approve and t1L ry out the principles:
,. ; I in the variolis MIX F. ALLEN, who was one of the members ?n the fwt that he is regarded as the father o'.j I al Democracy, under the present state of par. What a world of misery and provisions of that act.

,t... nu.Ihious young men engaged pur- from. Leon for that year Now, ue the Karsas 1i, and all who vote for him, enHorte ., j!' ties, is in a position to command the sup. Their memory instills! 7th. Reeled Tbat those sc-und ana reliable Democrats .
: wbi 1of1ife, who never had 1 good oppoilanhic? port of all trim lovers of their ; wid As the merchants with their quills a*ihe'Noithwho have yobly Jbngbt for tl.. Nebraska
.AII.I of warrantej .ta acquire a liberal course of in- would inquire of the Sentinel if this is or is not the rcolutiol pasted }by (the Democrat. I all old fnhiolecl'higs (as thl'countr. ) Stuck behind their earn polite,' Kansas act. and tbe maintenance of the Fugitive -

'I':. Can anol e all i'.1d anxious become fa- the tame Allen who penned, the following ic meetinghichnominatecl Litn, and v.hicli I I I will rather support their ancient)enemy th:1 So cnreFsingly invite Slave law against the combined forces of Know
are nt: to Your kind and prompt attention Notbingisra and A b..liti nitin, have our Ltlllrtftlt
.. -'roreU1oer- 10 their own- l language and to acquire I morccau ?- congratulated the [people upon the triumph, in I i beguiled of' by Know Xlthjn isl-or any To their bills and thanks for their p tri.-ic. devotion to sympathies the

But mark the con! :feti<*y of this party, several sections of the country, of the principles -i other of various isms" of these latter How they dUD,dun, dun, Constitution, even In the face cJ certain immolation.8th.
: wlede of the sciences and rnathe- well. days. WA R RE N. An they kindly urge upon Resetted That in the r'anks of the Democrat
, ALLperr At weorth, men often, at the agcs [democratic,] which loves forelgni&m so of the Kansas-Nebraska bill. There can II I I Your earnest attcutiou their blessed little bills, party at the North alone JIv:been found those men
_tt. Vil1ui They will stand at the polls and require the he no mibt.ike upon this point. The resolution What democrat, who has allowed himself, Little bills!Ia whose patriotism was as boninllefs as their country,

will take city and twenty-five, and even thirty, inspectors to bring the young man to the was introduced Mr. J. Jones i in an hour, to be seduced from his aud judging tbe future by the-past,that party *Jy
: fcl College. Why notl Is it not to manor born" to kiss the calf skin and make by Clancy unguan1.d With a power of perforationAud Contain the elements of eotiiiuiess ujtou the slavery
of free State and unanimously integrity, the cunning wiles of Know Nothing A maw tint never fill, which national be
question a ,constructed
oath his or the native Pennsylvania a was IJj upon patty can -
: peritrir advantage, and credit and interest? Ex. him under testify to age, What a sad dissimulation with which the South .
hesitate after such -xpu-tently co operate.9th.
1 0 *"" flTDine the long list of illustrious statesmen, of born citizen, who moves into Florida, to adopted by the meeting. Those .seven ll'ldcrf, can reading To rail them little bills I Retained, That we sympathise vitk that portion
swear that he has resided in the State twelvemonths teen Northern Democrats are sound and reliable honorable testimony in behalf} o the gloriousold While all the tin that tinkles of the citizens of Kansas who are making such

:: orators, of poets, of writers, of mechanics, cf ,before they can be allowed to vote, Ka Democratic party, to return to her ranks ?l. Iu jour pickets only sprinkles manly eQorts to maintnm their.right., and the nghUof
merchants and of farmers,which this country and there is proscription in all this. men. A little liquidation the people I of the South, asd that we rejoice.in
and The firmness of the democratic members, Or what democrat would now forsake] her for Ou the bill their victories over the paid Bxfventuren and Jesuitical
end the world even, has produced,
t you Ah, sir,had your memory been as long as in adhering sternly to their nomination, is that mischievous organization which even "Oh! the dCltinylLJ.t fills horde Northern abolitionnm.lOtli.
will find of them commenced ] Resolefd That we are uncompromisingly
their education many very it comparatively many a late period i your little finger, you would have I let Mr. Ives attracting the admiration of some of the opposition whigs scorn as potent only for disaster ?l" All our holidays with bills dinner to the secret political organization commonly opepotted

and his small-potatoe, Know Nothing] Buncombe When the Christmas called Know Nothing Order,or American party,having -
I. in life. Do\\m, then, with such an abominable press as the following gratifying notice MR. EDITOR :Occasionally, as we tread or the poor indebted sinner no/ympathy with theiFlec'recy"tbeir oaths their
Jones' locker" before his bills !
bill to be cooked with the fuel of
Davy MigUt
pride as makes one prefer a gold fob chain I go by the Washington correspondent of the Philadelphia the stage of life, it is our good fortune to playa oOh the bilLs bills. bills, unconstitutional. designs, and their religion hitolermce. -
it the occasion for
: or exquiite"' curl 1 of his mustachios to the 1 making showing. yourself North American (Whig Know Nothing part in some little interlude, so ngreable ofitself Nothing else but bills P I 1 tho Resolved That the trnly national and patriotic

cultivation of his mind, and the acquisition of off in a ridiculous attitude-or rather giving us ,) abundantly shows: that we naturally desire to dot down its course of PrecUent Pierce iu the discharge of tbe

' the opportunity of doing it tor you. principal features for the diversion of our THE COLOSSAL ASIIlXGTOX MO-iCEXT. responsible and arduous duties pertaining to the ffic.
pmctical and useful information. The compact and united front presented by filends. so amiable a wish Obtains the .* The casting of tho horse for this monument which be now fills challenges our highest ftdmmtiou
I, N. B.-The act of 1850, passed in lieu of the Democratic this contest, I and warmest
where all party throughout
In like support.
p j, a country ours, power approbation of your judg *ent, tho following at Munich, is one of the great feats of
ITS ; and offices emanate from tho people, and the unnecessarily! stringent law of '43, was certainly challenges both respect and admiration may not bo unacceptable to some of your modern foundry, as fifteen tons of bronze had On motion the resolutions were adopted.(

p- where thevoice of the masses is law, there approvedGov.} Brown, then a Whig, but even from those who have hitherto been readers.I to be melted and kept in a state of fluidityfor The Chairman then announced that the

,, is great encouragement held"t out to the rising noW a prominent Know Nothing. united regarded in as the their preliminary opponent conferences Not a man of nomination who- happened to bo numbered. among the jovial several days and nights previously. A meeting was open for free discussion..

I ; generation to develope their minds and acquire has deserted his post or defaulted in party that took the cars, early on the large fire was applied at these huge masses, B. C. Pope, Esq. opened the debate in a
the 12th inst for St. Marks
THEY WON'T DO IT.-The Sentinel would morning to required to be stirred at times. When the
i .' his duty. There they stand like a unit, voting speech of half an hour, followed \ .
: information. Whatever is your occupation, like' to see the democrats. in Congress unite give cordial welcome to the I Henry L. Rut.ers" bronze was liquified, an ultimata assay was by
: i iti, whatever pursuit you are engaged, endear- with one voice, as it were ; acting with one upon her first arrival in our waters. made in a small trial cast, and to heightenthe M. N. Carnth, McQaeen Mclntosh, J. Caraway
'!ipon Fuller.of Pennsylvania for Speaker. spirit, and though a minority in numbers, commanding
mechanic cultivate The weather was charming, and merrily color added. Smith and John J. Underwood all
p[ i or to excel in it. If a your some more copper was being
They will be guilt of no such folly. It is a large degree of moral power, from I danced our hearts responsive to its benign in Successively all the chambers through which limited to half hour. .
mind and be a master thoroughly the of sentiment which an
: true, Fuller is not now as bad as Banks, but feeling sympathy mil fluence. Wit lavished her brilliant coruscations tho metal had to flow in the form were
and understanding profes- animates their concert Thus far have Messrs. Pope, Mcintosh and Smith, adro-
intelligently Jour they strewed with flower .
he was an original anti- hr&ka man, andas and pleasantly our wa cleared of the coal with which they had been
the and devote resisted overtures for combination with j cated the of the
sion. If a merchant, do same, professed warn, and the master examined all the principles Democratic partrCaruth
such, contributed his influence to resulted kept
U ; "your attention to arithmetic, -the science of "pu7isl"hy adversaries, which might have I The II. L. Rutgers, so named in honor of air spirals and issues of the metal ; the propsof and Underwood, those of the KM
defeat all the democrats from Pennsylvania in a temporary succes.iiow, but which must I
.- and other studies our highly esteemed fellow townsmen, is a tho tubes then and called and
numbers, geography, were placed, every man Nothing or so American party,
who voted for the bill.in Congress and have damaged their political position of six hundred tons burthen, built of
prmanently barque and
and iiod his duty place assigned to him.
that you may become a good tradesman This spectacle iu its from appearances, the speakers on each aids'met
State he his nI material and and
in the late election in that gave the best workmanship; to
A financier. If a farmer, study chemistry and, for Canal Commissioner to Nicholson aspects, is an imposing one and must attracted the most approved model is added, (as I am Finally, the master, amid the intense expectation the expectations of their friends respec
tile laws of support the attention of the divided host on the of the many art amateurs present,
liEs application to agriculfure, mo informed the builder tively.At.
I by ,) an original improve
J the Know fusion anti-Nebras the words. "In tho
Nothing, other'side of the House who while avowing pronounced ( name of
of wind rain and fogs and in the construction of the deck the dose of
: tion-of water, ment upper Mr. Underwood's addresi
God! and then three strokes
ka candidate, against Arnold Plummer, a democrat common principles of the great issues which mighty opened
other natural phenomena bearing on your and of the Nebraska bilL No, now unfortunately divide the country have whereby hundred a saving tons in is measurement effected. Mr.of R.some the: fiery gulf, out of which the glowing metal i G. W. Call, Esq., was then loudly called for,
two acknowledged -
4 .profession. And so with any other pursuit. no. Rather supporter than drop Richardson for such a not been able to embody) expression of the handsome compliment thus flowed in a circuit to tho large form. The i but as the hour was then late, he declined

, j The reason why the dignity and aristocracy them upon any candidate who has been pre him and to concentrate the good wishesof sight was magnificent, and in the little sea speaking and the meetingdjourned..
min democrat bo paid ,
the to
ought willing t seethe sented. clement of in all the departments of fire stood the master and his .
of the occupations mentioned above, arc too 'l'hcgreat power our community upon, and to secure their gave comnands ROBERT BROWN, Sr., dutf-
; Houso without a Speaker till tho I crackof about the sucessive
of the
of the Democracy, discipline! is un- opening
. *
often looked oven as humble employments,is, hearty co-operation to the long life and J. B. COKER I
doom." And such, too, is their temper, or u. erstood by the sagacious heads of tho Democratic of this beautiful vessel ho props. Hot vapor poured from the air spirals; Secretary.
who in them think of edueating prosperity" spared
that few .
so engage
| and with that in the conduits the mo'al boiled in :
mistake greatly the stuff they are made of. organization, practiced waves ;
\fo neither Of the who
pains nor TIle Court of1.ouisianahaY9.Ven
| their minds; and the high stand of sort of resolution which requires personal pretensions expense. many still, no decision yet, as the influx 'of the Supreme
But Southern Know Nothings are anxiousto were bidden, some two hundred met on their decision in the of Mrs. Gainedreversing
&ndcan be preserved by educa- to be and when the hoar bronze in the veins of the could be case
only dispiscd
| each is ignored figure
: very
R. i U) o'clock 1 M. to
elect and to proceed to the regular workof the at testify tle respect the decision ofth Court below,awdecreeing ,
educated mechanic merchant cause demands unqualified submission and but slow.
lion. An or their be
for entertainer.The 1813
will of
that Daniel l CLirfe's
the session, why do they not vote for Richardson generous
; r farmer is one of the noblest, best, most important support one lialff the space "between decks," At oiice flaming showers jumped out of probated, and that Mrs. Gaines be put iap(<*-

tf and dignified personages in a com IoU.I ? They are the minorit. and ought Now, we would ask the Scntine what has adjoining the cabin, under the superintendance the air conduits, and the master proclaimedthe session of the property. .
; uot therefore, to expect majority to to casts to have succeeded. A loud ch ,
go of certain our ( is er
nityAs far as tho liumbl opinion of the become of its great National American Party '
them. A correspondent of the Lynchburg exceeded only by their fascinationswas)| converted followed, when the master approached Mr. WISCONSIN ELEC't -rbe''StAfei Boafl
Uxk article is concerned, he has no ?I" Do we it in tho
: writer of uphold spectacle presented Item
r t Republican notices this matter in tho follow into a tasty ball-room, tapestried with Crawford, the artist of Washington monument of Canvassers have declared Barttow

" hethtancyrniii saying that he would rather be conclusive manner: at the National Capital ? Is it to suchan our national and State flags, and embelished to congratulate him on his success. crat, re.o1t i cted. Governor o.iViwonsftby onehundred

f JLU intelligent, educated farmer than hold thej ing EDITORS We cannot entertainment as that you would invite the wit evergreens. Around us beautifully shone Another cheer was given to M. do Miller, the and -firty.ninemuch majonty.'n.1I11 rhere &
Mwsas. :- help much
feeling : ir .. ttlfie?
i j highest office in the gift of the people of Flor surprised at the position taken by our friend, the Virginian people of Florida ? Broken and scattered stars-symbols of the Union of our chief of tho royal foundry of Munich, who excitement concerningtion a., uu ".n

: .?'' ida. Others preferring merchandise or the who endeavors t attach the odium of faction your metropolitan organ gone over or fast go. States, associated equally upon the broad blue had personally conducted the work.-London will be contested.
; aud obstinacy the Democratic in ground of truth. Proud and Builder. --
the It is intbe t ply ing to the Black ranks patriotic were ..RrSUNs.Th''Vashingtoo
''Ji : mechanic arts, nsight'say same. Look at the position of the parties present con- Republicans-your our emotions in this bannered CoNTRIBuTION FOK TilE
a education of the people and not in their test for Speaker, and judge which prYl' ..pertinacious. melting like snow beneath a summer's sun by with hal inspire :I GEN. CASS. A Union states that a person wio
love Washington letter
: .'' Seventy-fire ing us a more abiding our country says that unknown has addressed to
'3 : { 'veallh or birth,:1\1.t we find genuine and 110Ue i bold Lhe.omiae and Demort platform they just proposed up-, tho daj. withdrawal of hundreds of your ; and fervent were our hopes that its rich Gen. Cass arrived there at the commencement desires to remain the Russian legation a check for

- to I aristocracy.- An aristocracy$ of wealth while the pitiful minority of thirty-four Know Nothings have at last gotten their eyes opento GREEN garniture may, indeed, symbolize the of the session, and is occupying chambers the chief of dollars be transmitted to bit
; s and obstinately support a man who is j we believe, tho true character and of perpetuity of that Union. But other stars at the National. Timo lays its hand four thousand to
: cannot be supportedwithout intelligence, opposed t every Southern principle. The design your mid. ; government. The unknowif donor, who only
fr 0 : -r \ when both 'of! these meet in tho same Individ- !. of the rgt of the South U DOW al.ain.questo yet 'night conventicles-have you, and such as neither symbolical nor representative, (unless kindly upon him. Ho never appeared in finer Signed the Initials 1\ -Y., states in his Jetter
representing I the ideal Health and walked with cheerful
papereand perfection shono never
eee more defenc
.1 : : 1r.t-. coupled with,a high moral characteryJiewalks is said the .Souter of supporting you, the "effrontry" still to prato about the there ) his that, full of admiration for tlio pliant '
1141, O..h t b tto that vilest brightly illuminating and moving to ec- btep. Every appearance indicates that this liberal snrn o'

the .eirtli as Its proudest inhabitant, &coincide. in his. Johnston TIe". ;He of(PI an must of American Party ?" stacy the depths of our felngs. Say not it useful lire,' dedicated to his country; 'will be ofSebastopoVheseods.to be distributed amooff the .id "

S J and is emphatically the-noUwt work of God's Oura we tnidetttand, over opponent. ) Ws'ei. is a violation of the to poU out the prolonged for year to come. lie is greeted money the'Russian soldiers who J ffU

Creation; and especially so, -IF, he obtained; t of tbe Nebraska Ll'al;a ,e it is who proposed by aBwitberrferrthat COL.-n M. P.ARsox.-Tho Jacksonville incenso of a pure heart upon the altar of such by all with that honor and respect which! his and orphans fightkft for tfelr homes agaiwf 1

: and the men should turn traitors Republican, conceding the election of this idolatry ; for td Him tho praise is given, abilities, integrity and public serviCes justly! bravely .
, this position by hUindustry energy.of to their principles and to.tbe South t elect oue aboJjtionirt gentleman tho Bench of the Supreme Court He hath so formed and fashioned" tat award him. He is laboriously" employed in eign aggrossors. __
I Lis c &rader. Whether A'-(armer, mechanic, to preference t another.: Why is if not proposed t and hath that wbich vrll devolve 7-d $
us, duties ,
for the
active lebrat
taught OQ star preparing
' that the"4 Know-Nothings should join the in place of Douglas deceased, The Poles in,London <* Jl.fc29tU .
_:_ merchant! doctor or lawyer, it-make no -difference and thus saya glory.* 1e member of the the.poliaf
Government pry elect one who politicalcareet Pearson will make an upright t beauty, .ele. .upon him as.a leading nlK, the 25th ajiniversy oT
the is-stilt'tree 1100ell"foun.- bu liim to bo a true friaod to IheSoutb "Col able Jiidge and ', digi. ggcrattd grate of our region wer W m. Senate, and,will participate largely the dtacussumsrwhich sarrectibn-rsoflft'*

f l tlaq wanls of society.t Now -who wa the determined lupprte of the N bras; fcd' although ,. ther to whom were added the : are about to ensue In the Sen. t/ I
1'CP7 _
: : ; 4 in'reason ap k* Bill and FujitUe SUvtf f 75 'co to anotlisti, we congratulat Judge Pear. represcntaiimfrom of The citizens oj GlasgoW II4T
p \*"'!t wd partic!! rly" advise is, that every 31 o should 3i 'over to 75!. SlouM theduty of Bon'upbn'his- elevaton eo houoraHo and\ the a more nbhem .clime. Te Chamber, upon the various subjects preaonfau wd'rd or hQDodCJ t JI :olaib UIf'tel.

ft1 $. .iuman; w whatever pursuit ei>g.'gi
1 evoking such deMt! ttre country

--- .

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; -- .
< -4.pr. ', -- .. "" -": r-t-'y-.1; ..- ..,_ ., .
t' --.-rc} :' -r- J .I 'tt .- -.. -- .- tr,74 : .,. ,-.. -.'-'-'.-' -- .. .- -"' .- - ...- ;
2 4. 1. i- ; aerII. : ., ..
\ I p ( '- .-.-.----,---> .'f"" '!" I
= \
JI'Lant's' rrrmlCu e. Thirty-Five Dollars Reward -. -_ -.-- -,--" : : .- 4G'rll2: .

.L THE. MEDIOAL.WITN.ESS.: f| QTOLEN on the.'night fthe 17tfc ii.. Georgia Military Institute. Notice to Cohtiaot i8."* t kosBI1s.] ; I' .; I--. .' I,a..1.0- ,_..taB"R'OBn 4 .. .iU4.n._ .W". ..' .' .< "" 'f. I
( 7o.
torn plantation ENGINEER'S Orrrcic PirysACotx R.H.J:
t small evidence of the intrinsic va.uc my in Madi4
: 1& no when even physici$. who Florida a DARK BAT HORSE; bearing Academic i *drvM'] into TAtuiniasM; N .embedlt 1856. JSEALITD J-- NS" ..& BIBB ? .-
Vrunflltf' the **win TilE year two sessions of . i irI'AQ
dWIf" .preJdJioed ngainst patent :nK-dicmcs the marks_: a ,peculiar, white face extendjnAiwii months each. The Tenth Session coinmeu- PROPOSALS: will be ttceiVed &t this : : .f raorainonsor CRl IILO V JSn, t k..

re fI forward Aud l U-stify to its triumphant tile as well wholea e to the nose arTd curmjr to one ('s on the 20th of FEBRUARY next and ends on the for the" Drubbing- ring* OJ'alilAtJoo THE BALTIMORE STOVE HOUSE this s. or; iiCt1atiP rSedP aai'' -
yoluida'lgceU nJeIlin. worms. -Read tire flowing: hoofwh.t.of: ns rememberednis Lind feet white, one 19th ofJtLy. Trestle Bridjremg*nd Culvert Masonry, aid tM fur- .' .', pfUi3 genersLj'. t t, J .C11ta'f. < f

lDfr.ILLC Shelby Co. Ky. April 2. 1849. rack well under the fore r t-A good saddle horse, .. The Cadets are divided into four College Classes mVhing th' Cmus Ties for the lilt Division! of the AND utAxrrAcruBEas: or \ t).. entire intm ui ti4e-la.eF: "of Tnot. -H. Cridtlo..dVro..ud ,
SaVIO the saddU. draws well in The Annual Pef18scua} and Oet iri Rail
between Talltlias-
physician, rei4jntIi double single or Commencement takes place oa'Wedues Road SCOTT'S PATENT tbfl1.tatterJ"th&. fth OH: "
DD & .-lama : harness, also a saddle worn in front from before the see and Madison, from the HJth to the 17th December f 'I
day 20th
J. netitrv PW In the year 1843.. ; a j gin, bridle, and saddle cloth made of rarrying next. L.I hope mid Wief. hat tlirf r.tl1;*>ff. *f ifrftt WO* T. f
dinr of .fi5sourL.1bee.ame IIC' Ten moss.- = meats to pnrthasers.in fornvhiii; all OffUiarjtartirtl
"St.Ate dollars
f1dPnt Of the reward wilt be given for the Also for the 2J Division of fb Road between '
. horse and !
vbes aDd risooaUe
,virtue of Dr. M'IAne'sVeWtU tw Col. A. V. BRUMBY-- A. ML in our line wanted.,s clK.* onas
lie fluperior uty.fi\"e dollars ,
for the ,
-th apprehension Superintendent anti Madison end A'li] ator from the 20th
the to the
thief. January
onnm ( .* Vt'sote*more]leisnre mmnent I will send Jle was making his west Horse Prof of Mathematics and Natural PhIlosophy. 1st February next. __ tfnns a" any houit ip T) rn. We ban.DoW pn Und: I Ii
way worth '
flult vten experirfient I made with ooe riall, one hundred and filly dollars. at least C.pl THOS. R-McCONNELL Commandant of Ca Plan and Profiles _of the 'respective Divisions will i lId.'i1l I* dsily receiving and by 8iJ1'eTirf.YM-'** \
lOU. of 900 worm.J dets, and Professor of EngiDl't'ring- { > s', ever" disuri.t: ol e "id.. W'nfwtjnjln; Trt.bfLadies
pw&ds JOHN n.LI PS COMB. be exhibited Jit this office on and after the 10th December ,
xpeUiog latent'stjle.: Bl ck Sflki,mil *UATCmhii
L CARTER, M. D. Dtxv.22. 1855. Mr. V. H. MANGET, Prof of French and History and JI I Silk '
6iit :2'pth.Janairy. And the will be
Porcuiww w'H be weful to ask for Pa AT- --- Mr. W H. HUNT, A. JL, Prof of' Chemistry and English opened on the 17th December for Proposals the Jet Division I 11e !. ,.rri, MefiPoJ.Ud: D4.ninieiuf' .all ,-.1i-1
t1f YFRn"l'GEnd take .Ise. z tits anti col.r ,
CeW "Tn norffe Plantation for Sale. Literature. and on the 1st February for the 2d Division. .1 'Aii- ''
Lfl' worth1esThMLn' Mr. J. B. Silk au.1 I Straw .nWb.tt tR-.tAttst, ityle,
iu ooinpnnson are GOODWIN 'Prof of
Vel'iIUQ. Drawhr- Tli"
work will be divided
OFFER sections about
All otbtl al'o his Celebrated Lke- I my Plantation consisting of eleven R. one Bonnet iabltiM, ; 1; .
\ermifl1g hundred and Capt. S. CAMP Aseis'L Prof. of Mathematics. mile in lenjrth to snit the convenience of bidder .fI .
all Drug Storer twenty acres ((1120.) of LauJ, sev A. CONN Satin ami TiiMa( nSi'IClr .
had lit respectable ELL. M. D. .
Surgeon.The Stockholders _
be will have the bid.
pill w.ean noW en hundred ((700)) of which i is under preference of other ,' .. r.
l! Canada. 49 cultivation, with Institution it under the direction Black and c.>lf> .,, ,
ST. and ders at the .
tatcs bid. VAIl
same contractors Stockholders
ti'e UDId gnod fl'nt'illg' It 8Ituatl'd I management except .:. -
eleven l
D t For a le tallthe Drug Stores in Tallahassee, Tallahassee, two miles Wwt of miles the Thomasville Northeastof of Board of Trnstees, in conjunction with a will be required to take 4 part of their pay CORN AND COB MILL. Rigoleta Embroidered and Mantillas liuen can.bucCMogncs 4kerehief:
Town in the S.'uth.an Board
i:1 ever of Visitors appointed by the Governor of the in Stock
A1enrv road ,Duncrtiisville. preference being given to those who will
d tIe ( .
.) and aboutlhrce 4rt
612"u ,, miles from State. Patented May 16th 1354. } and E trnds." .
Deeemberf.I55. the -Copyright
the line of the largest amount ,
contemplated Railroad from Tallahassee BniI. and Combs, ns 6rt d, .
By an net of the the Hair .
Legislature, Institution has W L H. (RIFFIN Chief secured March .
-- to Engineer. 1855. '
-- -;- Thomasviile. About five hundred ((500)) of it i* been furuiehed with Uu Cadets Muskets and Accoutrements ". Assorted Ginghnjn3;>ti :'tyle.
bip llfttis. first quality pine land, the balance hammock. :For and a Fi el ih Battery, consisting of four six [Any infringement tfieabuv will 6e prosecuted. Frencb'nnd( En ti"b Filuts latest atjIes

further iufcrnution, apply to mc on th> promts.TUOS. I pounder brass pieces and twe twelve pounded Howit I Notice to Contractor's. to t'txtml "IVu /41L'] Assorlettirisli Linen'' .'

PORT OF ST. MARKS. A. BRADFORD. ENGINEER'S OFUCE. PESSACOLA & GEO. R. R. ) -- -.4_- S Russia and Bird's Ejrs DnPr, '

Derember22. 1855. 51.4 w I zers.The TALLAHASSEE Table Damask Bruwnaud leaeJed, !
ARRIVED :- Superintendent and the Commandant are pad I FLA. DKCTMBER. Isiu 1855. J LITTLE GIANT.
tg 1IIC>u Thomasviile Brown Dumc tic utoorted ;
Telegraph "Watchman BleHched and ,
untes of West Point and the institutn is tirneaoflettingofthe I Contracts on the '-
ni the
*)*e. :1. Brie F. Remio ton, WiMfems. New York. please copy 4 time.aud send. hills to this office. West plan, the public may be assured Ih..1.upon j's gov-1 I TM1E i Guorgia Rail Road aro changed as'follows ]- rF IIE MAN subscribers SCOTT to sell having the secured CORN'and the ritjht COB from MIL.L.knowD LTJL (.mat rgJl and BellTJctir r, ,-, '. .,. t, ''_.
New -- -
Wild -
Ifyeou. O'Leory, ----- -- oHmcut FUuntJa, .,
Schr. -- A good
*5 crnmcut, discipliue and course of btujies will be strictI -i : "
*" as the LITTLE GIANT are now 'preparedto
CLEARED, SAL E."TILL I ly enforced. That part of the line between Tallahassee and the workmanliKe Fools Cap. Lettcrantl Note faFit 'PeDt PenciLs I
I execute promptly, in a thorough '
Pec 20. Brig Wncissa, Whilly, Nf w York. be sold at public outcry, on the 2f( th inst TERMS: I A{wilHi"cr: will be let at Tallahassee on the 21st, I manner_ all orders, wholesale and retail, ofsaid,Mills., I Envelopes>d Wafeu.4o.JLf.. Qedf. and- Bojtraadi Rt.d1 I I ILu
IWOrtJnri p
the residence of December ( _
2*. B Board. reputation by past :
Washing, Fuel, Lights, Hire r.f Mu- i of the laf wt.:.lylf,.
Josselvn for New York. idence of Eliza J. Jerkins deceased. two likely reiJ-1 I That part of the line between the Aucilla and the Clot'hing
Prig Baltic. siciin*. nnd all other throughout the United States is a suIHcIeut 1
contingent year guarantee I andGaiters. Cloth
girls, Jane and expenses, per session Snwnnnee Rivers will be let Madison C. H.on the Gents'JT 5ooT s'oee, Brogans
Susatv of at .
Merald. Keen, Cb"rlf' ton with 352 h/lh. property Estate of ;
25. Brig I of five months in advance, $1 I 2Su.Surgeon's of its utility and established diameter. It lisa '" "" '
;! 115 bales do 1 box mdze Eliza: by order of his Honor D. W. Gwynu of I 27th. December: And t '-
Bea blaut cotton, Upland Judge fe cost a large amount of money and labor to bring the' .
\ per annum. 5.Per.ons SlIMS of nil kinds,
Probate. Leon County Fla, Also I That pint of the line between the Suwanne River Boys
16 ackscom. All the : de-Miing further information, can obtain a I' nnd Alligator, will be let Alligator the 1st. Feb- Mill to precut statetif perfection and is now offered Lndiw! Kid Slippers Vhita.an4. blacks .
perishable, of wiid on
: 6. Brig Sabine.! to Smallwood Anderson k Co. property estate, at thf copy of the Regulations" by address-ing the|| Sup eriuteiijuit. to Plnntets, Stock Feeders and others, as a complete I U 44 welt Bnskins'ihck ,- .
New Yoik with( 1006 bale rut ton. 2 do wool,200 cases same tune and place also: At the same time and I nary next. TVu. M. GRIFFIN, article of mechanism, simple and practical use .4 and briwt Lasting Gaiters, -

tobacco, 149 hides, 250) bbls. rosin. I place, at private sale a likely! negro woman with her ANDREW J. IIANSELL, Secretary.December I Chlff Eaginetr.December and durable in construction It is pronounced by every U U M Foxed .

I two children. Terms made known on day of sale 15. 1855. f-0-3m 8, 1855. 49Executor's body to be the most important article of tho kind I. 54 .' "Tise, .. : >

W. U. MILLS, Adrn'r. now in use net only well adapted fur grinding cob : '
lf Sloee Ltgb and low ,
C quartfrt
.DIED, at Newport Florida on Sunday the 23d December 22. 1855. _.. 51. r fSwit Copv.f Andrew Female College Sale meal for stock,but grits or fine hommony fur the table, Grfats half: Shoes;, .' .-- !
--------- --
December, Mr.JOHN CALDWELL, in the 56th yearof -- Ac Ac. The LITTLE OIAN'Treceived the FIRST .

his age. > rji J. CUR ld JL; CUTHBERT, GEORGIA. I Of Real and Personal Estate.TN PREMIUM at the late ,.lgricultcrall-'ulrII of Missouri. I I ".4 Silk 6uQ tfas Hat timcre, Hato. -S '..- !,

DEN"TJST, ''I IIE exercises of this Institution will be suspended pursuance of decretal order of his Honor J. Kentucky, Maryland, and other States, and that in Gents and Boys Caps assorted :
in Thomasville. GH and Monticello I J. Baker Jud dated the 5th of the most complimentary manner. The No. 2 Mill is .
"PRACTICES -L on Tuesday evening, December 1 8th, at which Wnyles : e. day Octo 44 Italian Cravats aiid'ScaiT, 4
NOTICE. Jand MadisOT, Fla. His prices are lower than time a C< ,tci>t of Vucal /nxtrmnfntal ,3fvi'f I Ilwr. A..D. 1655. we will offer fur sale before tho Court warranted to grind ten bushels of feed ger hour with I. Silk Svxk and l nook 'l.iu. .

WM. S. MILLER. graduate Baltimore Col those of any other Dentist in the S"Utli.REFERENCE will bi- given by the Peru. in the College Chapel, j Hi>ue door in the Town of Quincy. on Monday the one horse, nnd! offered at the LOW PRICE of55,all A good assortment wf GtinU. Liutu Bo vm.,SbittJ.
DR. tenders his 4th of A. D. the complete, ready for attaching the horse. No. 3 Mill, "
.ge of Dental' Surgery, respectfully under the diiection of Professor Lignoski. i day February next 1856 following and Collars.' .
Jrofe."i(9nnl services to all tboie M lio may wi!h dental ** ]I de-M'ribfd Real and Personal property, belonging to at $65, grinds fifteen bushels per hour, and No. 4, nt All of which we- will ."n-as low is any Louse iaTuwn.

operations. Rooms at the City H"t -l. Persons .Trof-.E COLE, Macon. Georgia. THC DEDICATIONOf. j! tln' estate of Oscar Fillyaw deceased, to-wit: ?75. grinds twenty AusheU per hour with two horses. cithtr for cash or approved credit. -

II. Randolph. JCIWJE .1..n\"l V Tliomasville, Ga. I appropriate exercises i from Bishop Andrew will take j! cleared, oeiiur a claim situatgd) on what is generally ROBBINS A BIBD. I .

Dec. IS5. 52 J.S. Wixx, ESQ" }f I place on Sunday, the 13th of January 1SSC. The lutitiIti.u known as Forbe's Purchase," about ten miles *'(-j't I December 1.1855. 48 NEW GO'OUS.TOW.LE ) -
._ will resume its exercises the I I --- ---- -- ------
----- -- ----- -- on Monday, of the town ot Quille)". Sixty-one Negroes of all ages,

Information Wanted. FRESH GROCERIES 14th, under the following newly organisedKA'TLTY of whom about forty are prime working LamlxTwelve TIIOMAS WHITE & MYERS tA'

: head of Mules and Horses, RE;: rtowntT
/ 'ONCERNFS I *! a promi-sory note made payable 'nov receiving -by
V_ to the suhcnb one da after date by DiiilTreadwtllvon i I'ER STEAMER C. VANDERDILT, Rev. WKIMAX IL l'orrEa, A. M, President Prof. ; One yoke of Oxen, TV MANUFACTURER Copper and Shett Iron i .- nrnvftls.from New xr.York.mfk

thr 5tli day, of this inst for ri:l.t hun-! From JYcw Orleans. Mat hematics.Kev. : Two Road! Wagons, l\jL Ware, and denier] in all kinds of Plain nod Fuu- i j, _ ionable- and well selected stock uf

And ail m-tinoduot Jonv H. CALDWELL, A. M., Professor Mental] Two Ox Cnrtd.Also Tin Wares, takes pleasure in informing the citizens; *
dred dollars. por'oti's are ht-ieby *? DHLS. Coffee j ;. cy I| Watches and Jewelrj',
Sugar superior
( quality,) I the the 9th
f..l1owinrRatur.lay. (Iteing
and Moral Science. on day Tallahassee and the that he U
to trsdc for Raid D ltl'as it has rwen lost mi"llllrt" ) surrounding country, i; adl.a4troll
the subscnbcr. AdJiess at Mjdioon. C. H. Fl.i.P. f 2 Hhdfi. prime lirown Sugar, .Jon:\ A. GR\XT. A. M- Prof. NtnrM Sci.'ii.--rt. .i I of Fehrnnny,) will be sold on the PluuUttiuu above nf prepared to wait on all that wi.h to p-itrimize | C.m"i'din" of gentlemen's SO'd hunting levers I
5 Tierces Canvass Hums Itv's. silver ]lever anchor,
hunting lepioe
13. COLlDec. ; I j Rev. WILLIAM PARK, [Pi of. Ancient Lan.jii.ige8 and :I ecri1)pd : him iu his line of business. He also tenders hid thanksto .. :
d<>: buffed d-i. Fifteen hundred] buhels of Corn, i I quartier i Watches ; Ci\tIu.'O, Mutiai;Cora 1 and all gold
En"li-h Litii.iture.Mi. his friends, and tie! fur the
public generally
) 29. 1855. 5- t ( !I very
___ II 2! il.. plain do. : L. E. GRA.\T, French, Botany and Ornamental I Five thousand: riouiidii of Fodder, liberal patronage with which lie huts heretofore been br>IoUll pins imJ earrings, necklaces gold and j1tt cros-
:{ Bbls.] prime Lard, I ANo, a lot of C.ittle, Hogs, Look at This. Hralil'!I I'!. fnvo'ed, nu.l l he lurjits, that a continuation of the same ,
15 Ks Leaf do.] Mrs M. A. PAUK, Preparatory IVpnrtmont.Mr I wirh a lot of plantation! implements and will be granted him. I:'! ; gold and hair bracelets; a largo assptUncut of
"PERFECTLY sai6fiedihat the CVi./. eystein roust 5 fib's.' M<.las'e t.li B. R. LKM Mu-ic : ut J- ,. -KI, Principal D'partmcutMi constantly keep on a supply ,,
prevail and that there is a sufnVii-ucy f the njLedful B.x. n..i"rhl, diamond
cornelun $
with other articles used in fhzuer..riitg3"eutlern& pint;, '
Li.vixn.-s.. Aa;i"tat Teacher Music. 'I generally carrying on "rU of Ware usually kept in an establishment of his I I
to nwet all of the nectbtary calls: wanted in this ; 15 Half boxes liaisons, and cornelian ,
sleeve buttons ,
It will bu seen that the Chair of Natural Science : a farm. i line of business. A full assortment ofSheet Iron, :! plain cjmeo onyx ; airteat
t of Florida and uth\\"el't Georgia our banner 25 Quarter' do. lo. stud fine vest fob and
pat Term (if Kale:-Tbe fond and Negroes will be' variety of gold ; guard
will be filled by President Giunt.of Randolph College.! Sheet Lead Lead Pipes Sheet Zinc Cit-rn
I ; ; Pumps, i{
a 1
vnving ou the RS u-ual the tame low piice, 2 Cases Preserved Fruits and sivfi4 and
seals pcacu cases -
sold credit of nnd three the chain keys gold pen !
a one two :
I He "brings in the ue for the I Institution, nn extensiveChemicHl upon years ; and irgrcat : other articles too numerous to
will be strictly: adhered to subject only to tie flue | 16 (;rols Pipes, I and PIri1} (- tuations of the markets. Accept our thanks for the 1 151-1. iinbcrricB : DIfU'1 :
, !his skillful manipul: iti.ns, will be amply sufficient to'i: the propE'rtan.llJlmJs with personal secunty.to beapproved 'I TO BUILDERS.Tin i thimbles. .
*ry liberal patronage received since we commencedthis 1 0 nbl'hi..kty, :
of the of Probate the "toj Dud Gnus.
: by Judge same Tine Cutlery
I elucidate branch of Science taught in the bent of
necessary reformation in trudc. awl we can 15 do. Mt'I'tV} Irk, any 1. Roofing, Guttering, Copper and Tin Conducting -
I draw interest from the day of sale at the rate "eight I I
Universities.President. : and brea'f.ist knives without f-rka, 1ninc.'I .
only assure our endeavoring shall be to please nilp..ouiu why 25 do. Extra Family Flour, (fancy brand) Pipe (tc. all of ft Iiu t.b he promises to do in the most Dnner
I Potter and] Profesar-rs Citldwell an-1] Grant per cent per annum payable annually. Tor the other in steel single i fine !
J this d.eap ca:h store in 185C. C.me ul SO clot iu. Rt. 1-iouis d).>. \voik-man like manner and style, and of the best material and fork MtU, carvers gnd poak- .
jiricc our :HKl III before you ji.irehas then judge for 30 fl. Superfine do. were connected with the Institution in its infancy, its :j!I property, all sums under fifty dollars, onh-sums on shortest notice ami most reasonable terms"Having I'I et cutlery, shears scissors and nzors; fice double ,
I over that amount to be secured by notes with I
fur ll l- lAiock past stuTess and present prosperous condition are ow-1 approvI been engaged for the last in barrelled"lamirtated*tecl-pud stub twist guns CUIUI
dow eight
ynureelves, e 'yLt pole the PtrtimiHon. lU dj. Apples. i'I I years -
twelve months after date,
J. R. LLOYD. I 1114 chiefly to the efforts of thoc gentlemen. Their ,, personllllt'curitY. payable business at this place lie thinks it unnecessary to re- mon guns shot pouches of various patterns, fine and
A LSO : I ch.iracter f intelligence and moral worth is too well I and also bearing the same rate of interest from the I flasks clean'ng auJ
Deceuilier. 1855_ i2 >r I Ipotablitilifd cinuiiicnd himself any further to the public as regardshis common powder refl8rBys caps
S. *aq'iti.' Filbort Nut in.-s, Carb. Snb] Copperas in SouthWestern Georgian require anything !I day of sale. capabilities aa a mechanic but at the same time he wad, wad cutters and materials for gunsmiths.

FLOUR. J I Wen Buckets. Br'w_ni<. and -uridry other articles, too, but the announcement of their names and pObii i| OWEN L. numerous t to mention nil of.which we off.-r f'Jra1c tion iu the F culh'. Ex-cntors of Oscar Fillvaw deceased. .
"PHXESSupei fine Flour I I December 8 1855. 49 cheap prices.Having Silver table, desert and tea spoons silver forks soup"
ri ht the most ririsuiiabh'! and ,
on terms, at .
2 4 ; away 1 THE MtVIC rTPARTMEXTWill removed from the old stand formerly knownas
26 *' Family doable E .tia. I alll and crcajn ladles, butter"aud pickle knives pIated
For cl IIy JOII&J : K. LLOYD. pn-l BIIOOMEASIIINE.D.ccmbcr continue in ciiritc of that master of this fine '! Dissolution White J Slus er, be will be found at his stand cor- forks and spoons, waiters, castors cab and fruit baa-.'

} '. 29. U55. Si I 22.1 I 53. 51-St I art, Prof. LIGNOSKI and his accomplished Assist of Co-partnership. i tier of 200 foot street, where he will be glad] to wait kels electro plated tea arts and communion service

I ant. I Partnerjhtp heretofore existing between M. Ebgar.
--- --- -- ---- Ij -Butter Chees .c. THE parlor
| Rupp, Boot and Shoe makersof this place has II |j Dec 1.1 855 43 -
nud enquire the prie.< f the f1L.wi'W<\ TIlE n-HRltISt- C4n'dlct t rk >alt'cella.m, b qaet holders card and
Country I'rf. uC't', just received by the Wild IEH rU-k: Gamble AII.. L. I utgt.rs. I been from this day dissolved by mutual consent. AH Notice.BY fu\\.er basletsand brRUnnia ware. -, '
1'igcoa. from New Oi leans: 1 5 K"ir: f3".sLen BuStrr, fitL,1 up in n.Hand ct'. alt style. Important I I I persons indebted to the said rirm please come forward riiicI1ancotssArtI 1es.
10 fir Buckwheat improvement will be m.ide I by the opening of the In- I,, njid! fettle their accounts immediately, nnd all those virtue '-ifan order of the Hon. .W nves Baker.

Bacon. 1 1
HOGSHEADS Cl.-nr Sides, 2'!'l Boxes E. I). Cliee, occupants romf'itable! and] happy. Nearly all the tlemcut. M. & P. lIt't-1 trict of :Florida, the undersigned administratrix of the iron, and morocco port mooaifi, pearl.card onset, coral '

5 3 Ribbed.o t 2 Doz. Can. Pine Apple*, teachers will reside iu the Collegc.aud have the youn Deo. 15. 1855. 50-3t [Sent. copy. I estate of James S. Bell, deceased will sell at public beads coral l1C'ckll1cet1l\lItl armlets jet bracelets,'

., .4 1" IIJt..to.., 1T\\.,, 1 50 Caus Potnche, Lidk.s under' their immediate car It i is very dcoi i 1 1 outcry before the Court House door in the town of I necklaces nnd lx,son> j :*. napkin rings,hair and too "

Sut Cured du. 1 15'>x Citron. I ralde on many accouuts that Students! from u diltanre, Notice. I Ii I I Madison, on the let day of January next the follow;I ibruflK-BflxU revivw-3. hhtll. buffalo india rubber aoJ

10 Bbls. Mess Poik. JuVt received and fur sale cheap bvtROOMi should B.nrd-in the College. Ole hundred nud fifty I i. log described lands lying in iladison'Conntv, floriila.'I'heNWoftheSE.L.SEoftheSE4SW1. .!! ivory combs, china atiir WJTXdolls, razor strops awl-

J. R. LLOYD. 1 : ASIIIXE.Doc. I d"llars, will cover the trxjwnses! for Board, Washing) SIX weeks. after date 1 shall apply to the Honor- i J<, money belts cigar caaes readier
Dec. !9, 855. 52 22, 155;. li I-t: i Lights, Inei I Icntah and Tuition in the tegular course ) Judge'of Probate: the County of Jefferson of the S E i of Section 3. TOM'ns-hip 2, Range 10. N A I d-or WIlt, bolcjnr ri i glass fI ttl t"wt 1't'1I and baaIceU -
iOI' hnlftlifamont is Will in for letters. of ndministrat. .('n. on the, estate .of Charles t tclracofta-va- : bottles'
-- advance. 'l1. dues---- - E ; and] the North of the S Ef Section 10,Township < atJd'pitcbera.perfume
Lard.BIJLS. Seed Oats. ;jt iiicluJc Music or any of the extra Blanches.COXHITIOX ; .u- I D. HcGlelUn, late 01 saul County occrase 2, Range 1 0, N J E, containing two hundred I jewel case*, centre suspension "*ind' side lamp, lamp'.

9 leaf Lard. A A BUSHELS superior qmlitv in Ft"rc and OF TilE COLI.EGE. ILV.McCLELLAN. acres more (r,1 less. Terms one third cash, the balance i shades, chimneys and wicks, vi.lns MId bows guitars.-
Aucilla Plautation Jefferson County.(
.. 1 mbt i-ine*. accoVaeoiittlariineta flatea alld.6ft'
V 1 / on a credit of one and two bearing nrtercbt at banjos. t ] ,
4K for
;s" sale by BROOM i SIII-m. The most prosperous and violin : fine Voloijn* and otberpc'rfull1..rY
J. LLOYD. Dee 2?, 18.')5. 513wExecutor's condition of the In ---- l vrtkieiir'of T
D.-C.29. H5i.; \I' ---- -- -- that within two over three Uiounand dollar I : BELL, Adm'x. B fceflenil ja.
years *
Teacher Wanted. December 1S53. 4S-tds. Watclw-4} and J2V7lry repaired FUIllJ t'y.! and in the _
,, Notice. have been paid from Tuition alone on the buildingsand I .
J A TEACHER is wanted t! take charge of the] WonI best manner.
Sugar. months after date I will finrj improvements, leaving from the same source, a I
SIX present my ac I I XJL ticello M.ile: Al'n.lemy-for information applyto Coroner's Sale. CVtoU-r :W, 1S55. 42
') HOGSJTEADS of pine Drown Sugar, and vouchers to the Judge of Probates for large overplus to cover all the demands of Teachers.At -
W. DENHAM. Chuirumn Committee. virtue of writ of fi. fit to directed issued
this rate it will he seen that the Institution a me
)2 extra. Leon Gounty. and for final from can BY 'te.I
apply a discharge soon out all its liabilities. j Monticell, Fla., Dec. 15, 1855. 50-3t the Clerk's office of the County of Le n. I Marshal's S .
J. R. LLOYD. the office of Executor of W. 0. Hvlton. dj 'I.8ed. pay
Dec. 29. 1855. 5:2 WILK CALL t' ExV. N Nevertheless let the friends of the enterprize still j Middle Circuit of Florida, wherein the Uim n Bank of I BY virtue of two executions j issued from the U. S. .

: Dec. 22, 1855. 51-6m come to the rescue until every dollar of indebtedness I I i A HD3. BACON, Florida is'Tlaintiffand Haley Blocker, Sheriff and ct Crmrt fr>rth N.rlb Tii District of Florida

Whiskey.O is paid up. To accomplish tins desirable object, we i iLU S" Shoulders, Ex-officin Administrator of James Stewart, deceased, o6e in Savor qC Ncwhold and JiutwII. the other in ( .

i Executor's Notice. make the following 2" Plain Ham, is Defamlant I have levied upon and shall offer fur i. ,fir .F"PMUSn and Jennfnpirlolb; v*. David P. F

0 BARRELS Fletchers t Smiths double rect'd,;"I I 10 bbl. Mess Pork. in store :and for sale bv.1 sale at public outcry to the highest: bidder, for cash, I i! News<:, I have levied; upon the following 'lauds to

-i 20 Hose Extra, TOTICEIs hereby given: to nil creditors, legatees rRorosmox: HOPKINS
J. R. LLOYD. I IDet and persons entitled to tiibution :out of the Let every one who reads this Circular send us i 1 cc. 1. 1f:5. .48 on Monday the 7th day January, 1B5', the following Tile E i SEt Section, W} N TV i ami SE4

29,1855. 52 i I estate Charles Henry Lontrworth, dcease l llale of I Ten D'J11lfs.cnclos d in an envelope addressed to the _. described lands, to wit: Lot No. 5. Fractional\ of N. W i :.t'D 8. and W fS $ 4 and S,W J o/

the County of Gad'den, in the State of Florida to present I j Treasurer Rev. J. II. Culdwoll! Cuthbert, Georgia. IfI I Provisions. Section Township I, Range 1, N & W. LeTvied I''N W i Sv ct'ou s O,"nTllrE i'N W i SeriK.O. Tow i"

Fruit & Sundries. their Claims or demands for settlement, within I you cannot Send Ten send :Five Dollars or r.ny amount, I BBLS. Potatoes Black Currant Jelly upon! a! the property of said Defendant, aqd to be sold I slip 1. Range -.S A t ; aidS B'f oF K E { Sea 2j. '

9 Cl BARRELS, !Winter Pippin Apples, two years from this date, or this notice will be plea I, that you can conveniently epare. If [')11( persons .'J.Jf.J Onions,ia crates and Catsup, to batiafy aid writ according to LawT Township 1. Range 3, S & E; and N | of NE 1.and_.

** U 4000 Oranges, ded in liar of the same, agreeably with the provision would"send us ten dollars oath it would pay the bulk.? l John Bull and Worcester- D. E. LULL Coroner. .''Yi of N W i Section 6, Township Range 4. S fc E;'

2O barrels Irish potatoes, j I cf the fctatuU in such case mail an I provided. I workmen( and relieve the buildings from their in- Baltimore IZurrlng H- shire Sauces, December 1. 1R55._48_*_ allli! N E i of N' E i Section 2. Township 2. Range 3, '

6 boxes Cheese I P. W. WHITE) cum rance. This is all that is needed to make Andrew Codfish Preserved Quinces S I Ext'r of last will and Female College, to Female Iiiftitution Advances on Sea Island Cotton.T '
Testament. equal .
20! boxes Star and Sperm Candles. I I any Butter, Da Pears, RnUge 4, S A Etuntak1flgs nhMltlr.-d and tw ntj ,
: Now in store and 140 crowded I am anxious to dis- Quincy, Gadsden County Fla. 'I in the South. But if you will notv/iee us money Raisins, I Do. Damsons, IBERAL ADVNCF.s made on Sea Island Cotl acres more or less: Also orie half of N W i of N E i..

p-we'of them at a invl advance on cnst and charges I!I! Dc. 15, 1855. 50-Sw send your daughters, increase its patronage and thus Citron, P >. Blue Gave*, J ton for Shipment to Charleston by D. LADD. one third of the E J of N W J. and w l mlf of N.Wi'. .

for cash CASH, CASH or country produce. increase its ability to pay its debts, and enlarge its Buckwheat Do. Raspberries, New Port, Nov. 3, 1S55. 44 of N VL Section 1. and tie oo
J. R. LLOYD. A Bargain I facilities. : Raspberry Syrup. B i SWtioft 2,'in Township) 2, of Range 3, 8"A E, 80*
By order of the Tru@t.cell. I '
Dee. 29, 1855. BG brMcNAUGET cLrc1.Mrs. aere Irs or j less bcit an undivided iiit eet.inb'four
and for >- '
be in a fine Sett of Cottage furniture. Landing sale "
.. CAN H. L. TAYLOR President, tern.I .
pro last named tract" The nbove described lane's
un S. :. KNIG liT. I ?=t. 1:j.; 1 S5. 50 I "
On L. Ball will be sold] before the Court Llousexlonr in
Consignment.f Dc 15, 1855. 50 New Port, December 8, 1855. 49 Mary .. tpe'rown
-- -- -- I
_,_ __ ____ __ -
h of Jl-.nticello, on.tlie: 1st)Monday 1IJ"1Jp m r oezt.
CASKS Superior Carolina Rice, --- her services to the Ladies of Tnlkhaw

t 40 bbls. No. 1 Mullet, in fine order. In Store and for Sale. JOHN] l{ LLOYDt1 Soap. OFFERS ta make And ti fm Bonnets and! Fancy between the regal hours 1.Mle'to.sltiaTy said'L.Lss.'

<- J. R. LLOYD. O CASKS Bacon Sides, 'J r5 BOXES No. I Soap landing per brig G. T.J Head Dresses, and eolluti a liberal share of their I l: .. E., BLAGKBLCIIN.-U. Northern District S.ilar of Flond hal .
Dec. 29, 1 S5S. C2 O 2 Tierces Haui, Ctlc2e or, t) Ward, and for sale low by pationage. :7 1855. (3 'f l

I 2 Bbls. Lard, MI-NAUGHT & ORMOSD.r September 22. 1855. 82riAdministrator's < ._ MonticfnVOctobcr' ? '

Private Sale. Kegs COMMISSION MERCHANT New Port, December a, 186\\ 49 The above sal* las 'been postponed, ta pM first ,
1 Sale. iu JanuAry. 1856. '
1 Hhds Sugar. Monday f
LIKELY NEGROES-Women oud Children -- -----
8,1 fellow. I' 10 Bbls Extra Flour AND I Window Shades. weeks tfter date application will be made to. E. E. BLACKBITRN. U.S.:ftsrshal, ''.
Negro FOUR I
30 S. F. of Probate for Leon for leave Northern Dutncjt of Florida.
Come and term made known. BROKER County :
ace me, I I VERY handsome assortment Window Shades,
5 Sacks Rio CofTec. A to sell the west half of the N W$ of Section i"enlv'6'e -
: J. R. LLOYD. with all Fixtures. For sAle bv
.' 29.1855 52 5 R xes Star Candles] TALLAHASSEE, FLA.- necessary MoNAUGHT A ORMOND.New iu Township, Range 1 N & E containing eign- WILLIAM P. SLSEJ1, i

3 Bbls Molasses, I: prepared to attend to all kind( sales in the city I I Port December 49 ty acres more or less belonging to the Estate of John :

Auction Sales 3 Vinegar, I IS and county of Leon;-R
Tolwcco, Soap Starch, and many otliers thine: for Fumil Horses Mules. of said deceased. -!. ot
ure Carriages
every Saturday regularly] at 11 O'd loek. Bugsies tc.; Tin Ware. MiMTFACTORER OP1'D,TIN Jkjlb SlIKBT
saleby West India Fruit Merchandise of ,
.J. R. LLOYD AuctwMer. December 15, 1855. BO every description A FULL supply.. Also Bathing Tuba, assorted EDWARD BRADFORD, f A mrs IRoN WAKK- WiioLB*Ai."iKi> R&T..u"

_Dee. 29,1855. 62 --- &c.AUCTIOS I sizes and Patent Preser-viog .Cans, Arthur's and Det mler 8. .1855. .' .49 DEAL. IN PLAIN, FANCYWAKK. AJlfIt JAPA-l'INz'
Public Land Sale. DAYS : Ludlow's Patent For sale bv r I :

Notice. McNAUGHT A ORMOND. Gadsden County Tax Collector's Sale. .Ira'I ,r
S and .
Wednesday Satprday-- 11 O'clock. ,_ .
is that in of inJL ----- a -
months alter( the first this XOTICE hereby given pursuance New Port December 8, 1855. 49 : -
publication notice virtue of the rested in me law. I "
by .4'
SIX cndersigned, administrators of the estate of 11 structioua fraia'the Commissioner of the General Groceries and Stapla dry goods," Wholesale & Re B shall offer at power sale before the Court House Stove Head-Quart<>*.

Lewis H. Branch deceased will Uu-ir Land office, under authority rested in him. by tile 61h tail at this cheap Cash Store. Furniture. public A SPLENDID sortpirtlty Cking. Parlor"XJL
present accounts door, in the Town of Quincy on Tuesday the 12th dayof
Section of tie act of Congress A pprovetl,id August JOHN R. LLOYD. and Wood Stove,'trunmoii with eat ei'
fr9 Touchers to the Judge of Probates Leon Coun.
4 GOOD assortment cheap Furnitnre,consisting February next'for cash all that tract or parcel of
1846, '
we_ shallVoceed to offer. at sale the Decembers, 1855. and darab'iljtyi ftt'reduced prweSftOat -
public 49
ty and ark to.be cbarged from their admmistrafiotXe&id 4th day ot on J.V i in part of Cane Seat Parlor and Dining l,obm land lying and being in the County Gadsden. known .
February next, at this office, the -
estate. tracts of public lands to wit: following Chairs ; Bureaus with and without glasses; high and as the Forbes Purchase" oVso much thereof as will _; '_ piiot YPbrk.Roofiup. .

JOSEPH: BRANCH. l Adnfrs. DRS. DAVIS & OSBORN, low post Bedsteads ; Wash StandsTowel! Stand, be sufficient to pay the Totes due by the Apalachicola I Ornamental FrootlleauV Gut tiring; Cnp.i
Desftii.its ofTrat. Sie. 1
JAMES H. BRANCH, f NKJ 12 T 4S vii. Tltin 3E:e. Arrt ,' Surgical and Mechanical Dentists : etc. etc. For sale by hind Company,together will all costs which may- I per aud Tin! Conducting TIpH._Aet** J "* -.'

_Df'._ 29. 185. U-6m 'I 160.30. I McXAUGHT & ORMOND. accrue Ih re n.AMES'M, SMITH Zinc, Lead Pipes, Patent CisternPirmpJ.;; Bbop week I
--- NW.
No 60.30 "YY/'OULD respectfully iufirmtbe cit- New Port, December 8, 1856.' 49 '." Tax Collector for Gadmfen Couaty. of every variety done a't abort noticVi v- I
e. SE + 01 160.30 T r' izens of Tallahassee! -and
ViCinitJ"j I ,
Quinoy, December 8, 1856. 49 '
IX Months after date, the undersigned,administrator S W 16oso.NEI F that they are permanency Crockery Glass and Earthenware.A -- ---- ---.- --- _- ,
S. on tie estate of Violet Ilarru. deceased. late 13" U9.82 and offer tliuir professional services to the public. for Executor's Notice. H. Are respectfully kivited togiTe lie a$all'*U M. port t tcb".ange11141'beJ'
GOOD assortment, received and sale by "
of Leon County will I present Us final account and Ii W 4 If 59.82.. Having availed themselves of all the late -nnprcvemeuts persons having: demands against the Estate of ; ; '., ?'. Atg"
Touchers the Judge of Probate fbr aaid County and SEt U U 159.82 in the Proffeion are pr'plred..to..cxecut PaVkbill, late of Loop 'County, cJeceiiseJ,' N'::Alt articles wannttctofd fnMq'tb* -1 -'

uk to be discharged. K. A. SHlNE A-dmfr. S.W..i L 169,82 Dentat work in all its various branches. They will New Port. Decembers, 1855. 49 includra creditor's 'legatee, ntxi prrsona'vutiUtd; to best material and wamtnUd durable o flthtf 1Iti-:
December 9, 18 S. 62-6m Lot No. 1, 24 If 126.50 attend F 1ic/, PiDutiJlald Plating-correcting Salt. Salt. distribution, are hereby noticed ta prrst-nt the*'siime clewihbi.offervdfoVsala a .

.S II 0, U U 8f irregularities, making Artificial Palates] directing second without delay to "Undersigned Executor: and Exre- October) 20. Id65. 42COFKN
Executor'Notjce. If IS J .. I' dentition treating diseased and and Key West. Tor snl< bv .
SO. gains inserting IIVERPOOL utrix, and'&also notified that 4h ir claims and demands -

"VIOTICE ill Sereby given to all on.iodebted 44 4, 44 800 any number oartificial teeth, from one to a fall suit, McNAUGHT
;X' the eitat e Joseph Austin, deceased to. to .." I.r f .g 8011:- on the ]late and Improved p.-inciple, with continuous New Port, December l R, 1855. 49 according-to'-statutes.of thl? State, unless,Exhibited m. ./''hF.A.O .
'D :
; S.
immediate 44 55 k : ; thereby rendering them hife-lkereg, -
4. perfectly within
pjmeut. the tu U ixned. Exfltnfor. gums .that. period., .. .
u, 'f Hardware Charleston 0t.d. .
'' mouth natural
ADO aij 'iienuu LavQ ehiou .14E1of III! toring the fulness and renit1vinall ; OEO. W. PATH&rtLL.Executor1. -* _
) \ VUe
fcerely notified to present? them again wit1in the e4te.time are 'W' 8& Slf 4W 81J."M. i imperfection in articulation, and perform any utberoperation I FULLngsortmont of all Tools mostly used here LUCY It PA11KH3LL. Executrix.' \ NYontijn>ment"or'LO"(. d'Sn R" ST!-. I

I'nW by law,or UJs notice will be plead in bar pre-of W + ofS Ei *, II 54 80.03 or treat airy case connected with Dental A: FrBaleby :' December 8, I8U..; 49-Sw, J I'LE L'01'1'(), ..anJ oll'r fiwjocew'ti; jneiT' i

their recovery, HuDsoN MUSE Ext'r. AU persons having"prtetoption rights to the bon Science. .' "* v f 'MoNAUQllT & ORMOND. with their ,bsot.attautinn..ltefrTcnc can 6e 'nnfl'of: i

Quiot-y, Dee. 20,185. 2-8w land are mdriae to make proof thereof and Having |lad several years practice in New Orleans New: Port, December 8, 1655. 4? ";; Eor Sate.: ", t7 JAMES N. tits)1adue! ; CotarjrrrrK. X. Dm/ !

.f before tbe,day-aUMrft,.Wgnate l forth* payment und being graduates of ttt Ohio Dental College, tn>y Y.ALU ABLE loYof Negroes'.con; Mm't of a wo- Quincy, Fla, .' .._ .S '

. FLOYD & 'HOLLAND; e their rurfrfi commeneemeutofttejsaIa6iUe.ptherwI will be- b pe to give entire! ratisfaction to all who may favor Cooking Stoves.. : '_ ,. 'A mao about 2t or,28',yeara otd%vrttT roqi likely ,. C'tohf'r 20:.1155. : > -.1 \42-4i .

. ; forfeited., -- 'va.wfr HYZRS/Reg i them with their patrooagVl .Prsotiee warranted cor. A GREA'C-rariety froni'io"inch Metropolitan children. S boys and.vue git-A1so a likely jwing k1f'Rte '_

Attorneys at Law..:. ; ", I.W.ARGYLE f\JUa OIr roe and cbawca.re&sooaUe. Ladies, waited -.tl.-down to -poor widowa -Far.ute cheap by.- man about 18 ,'eari *of' age. Terms 'cash) ftr New : /{ :. '-.,' __....,. 'W\" ..... ,0'-
\TLLL praf'tice in the Circuit' Courts latlhfir reskleucei if Al8Ilr$ .i Lot of Bice rn tbe:TaCTn' \Cba1en&en.P5le
,n of IiIdle Dec.1Z183. '. y, :j.: -' MaN UGHT & fRMOND. Yorlcacceptanee. By S. S. KNIGHT.SOT. : A .
" .anij West 11orida, anil in t -' fl't3iurt :Tbo a, de nntr their services rathU. and tie adjoin- Rew Port, December 8, 1865. 49 34. 1855. 4T. 1bb.b" ._.! 1LAILe"We. ,

. cst&bs. Also jQ the Strict Court of the Uui p: -tW'411'ted' ... \ C" / big Couotiet will be prpmpU,att Dded to upon ap- ..Pur "$avSit2Mi -"- 44"
D1i8Lts, in tie lSortllKn -. + 6tlerwj ,: ., -
Di-Wct lQ'bt1ttiB/or .. & .
JTerms Circular
-, .p p1J cash or- Upright'Baw.* .-,- .r. I. ...
good m km'win'fiodJcor -I- Iron. a-, If.
R.J. FLOYD. Office ApalarhicSr Fla. TWO wftgno Urni ern- when required. pffic at the residence nearly oppo- s' t. r"'i' J '
T"I"t. ijfE1 _
t at entreville 'K k EDO. imd Welch & Griffeth Circular B.WI i $ .
D. good for
P.lOLLU'D priceapaWlf.enwitlwut I-A H
. ; Office Quincv f'la. site the Episcopal Church Monroe Street The best RGK Mtorlment"ari, ttlef b-- .
',1 : Families preferred. D. JL .A McNAUORTONDL __ 4t, 46,4tind52ucb .- .-
- l of reietajjot*.CM be gireo. if_ desitred 0. p I .., > l
Cwtw ille, DccetaUt 8,185V 49 D. TJ1e5I fisIO _1 -s1' -

1 <-..- -- .

.5- -
; .'O. ..: -- ,. S ,
1 .
I. __- 1 -' __k ,..c.o_ .



.. . .
._ ----H- -
-- -' -
---- % -
-1 -'
& AI
--- .b.1
1-1.1.4. --l. f! '
jrfl I .

._' : -- -_- .-_ -_-.--_--_-_i-- -- :'- ; .''-' r-- '-. j- -; '" <.." -> '"mi i ii ii i '111'Leon Circuit Coart NEW 'GOODS. ,J J.ffl.r Hebrewpjj.&.
I r3 F.1U
COme One !r Como All TUB .GREATESTDISCOVERY InCbaticery. __ i I T nttnnmT toR nltk
/O.< 23E., ALTTLOfisVTALLAHASSEE Twrnbull and Caroline his wife, Omit Palo fn?.the
r 3 Ir Nefp
.f enmitM; 'DAVID C. WILSON'S'larje ami OF THE AGE. Joint flip Umba .
AD .. JOHN PRAT 0 RIO US : rrul, 's Jo'it; Whit
iXORIDA : selectcxl fcfock of1 goods imnsed by him offers for sale hair Emma, Samuel: Richard, James, Then&TO. .} lQof3, Stiff J'.intsau.t a11 flsrd Swelhirg.lIarj
a perfect
: of life.but fe"Ui pain. what-v.
!,J RsHiH n..1er in wlf coiiistiajnnt only of the PROFESSOR Julia JItM'OsNUDe. Lydia John TAILOR WhereIt this pll111tf'rlB? 1ied
; Whi. ana all not only in It will in a short time restore the MERCHANT ptu'-eannot ezis,.
s11. artids w ll adapted to pl *!'
fl has U-en bf.n.fitraI
i .DEU53.'AKD HEDICIHE3.JUST quality'ami'styles,but m prif''' .This tk1s' not only hair which has become grt y permanently to Us original and Decimua Tttrnbull.Deere made in said cause en the Dealer la Ready Made Clothing and Pain and Weakness in m.the e' ..,..seth_
it is and of
.fr I! for the Florida market color-brings it out where gone. arrests pursuance a Wink .
large but selected particularly IN Goods. Lamw
I will offer for sale at Gentlemen's Furnishing .. AfTeetioi1 fir the Long,fa
of dandruff Sd of November 185 ,
,( .which he feels assured l be will be able loeH as it whore it is fallmg ofr-eJearv the head the day .t"fir ri_,'
S ''i I KECWVED from Ntw York a full .ipply and the of the cnnntry and itching removes all eutaneoua eruptions and renders public auction in Tallahassee, on the 1st day (Ir Jan'y. .. stages. It destros in&rnation.1 ptf'Ip rarInn.
for cash
low; only James
( L
P Medicines Paints Oils Wigkas the the bidder the following described Fall and Winter IMyi PiebDi distn &tt1,
Drnt but also to those who nave been dealing with him the scalp perfectly healthy by restoring secretive 18M. to highest / am now receiring my supply .
PDtty. Ae.- would their original vigor and strength and land via: The W i of the S E J of Section 26, and of testifies that,by its use alone bematlnn wu m
to Ofc.
purchase we Cassimeres Vesting, of
All those to
fcr wiohins organs
: ,
j years. 8, N' of in both of his knees of !!!?
f -AU8O these splendid thus supply nutriment find coloring matter to it.- the N E i of Section 35, in Township 2. Range s verslt! ,
advise taregU and
: fI I Qalneae, Farr Brand. Glaet Ohene,Me Satin Plsd and striped; It does not color the hair bat is,in short- a perfect
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