ly called for. Mr. Gorrie baring .Appeared made,that the telegraph is in the iijst,;taken on board the tcamship.wijei "' }
-o- quently been-.enl Jingrand Jtad acoord- r ; .
: : ,1
stated that it was too late to make a speech, _.wnredlierfli. : jfejJeraa/ifrom,N..tly P1r '. ; \
.:i. 'r&1 Hopkins says a sensible man never I interest of Mr. Douglas. ) jug to4ih 0W11 snentenli4iOOpickec1 I ."Tr I Ies1t1,7tOLXlO ..J1t'
S eItMa his opinion. B. F. AU n profej&es; : and he would only relate the good tidings o > tIt ]: eDmt $h WEifoflowhig" 1'8III.k.: 'f -", .\ it', : .'I

is that the German popnlattoa':of mOUSlted 1l ittss1oUntI .' .. ,..; !
the stated .
rW -"Jd..nged l his opinion upon John Bell which be brought-from. West. He men Tat theM liar&i hardihood Breckfcridge :. *t w.. -'JCJ ff' ,
men t t rr
-- Bell -f .
tt1I1UPport fifr
is *
steadily coming jr
each Pennsylvania <
the '
and die Leompton i ksuc. Query-Does tioned majorities county ffeaiocTatw'party and : i ; ; ,.
is in to pronounce 1otgIuIr f. jotincojn ,4
and Lane. Forney
Gen. Hopkins 9nhJ j r Mr. Allen a sensible would give, and\'apo'ke' of the enthusiasm in of BrecMnridge dimD ata. '. j (. State, 18,00
I their candidates M .oI r r
trouble about ii. .... .
JlI3U l I the West t., and the cheering :jjrpgress!l of our prodigious ,..


... ...
J << = :A" -- '.
.1IJfj' .
: --- -
-- -- -
-- -
-- -- l -j i- --- --
: q ...... '? .. I
.- -- - ............. -




:" ---. L_. __ _. .._ --r.- _. .
._, .1'r -
: ---r :=- _; -.- 13 -
1 t 5. Cen. n rJvlKS. Wbot Docs, It .
I : ;: : ] t; ,- 'i.ti.mVcrofoiHKorrespondcni; ItiakAne.ttif.Ex l'\i.v pajn-rs in the Union axe doing betterswice I VTER-FROM 'EUROPE. j&mm'**F >@ VlS mW' & L1 I
I <" 1'i"L.
: ; in Dcmociiitic sU-ani9h5i
:i !;: : -- Wa, rld: nt Mil'l'J"' on :atiraythio! l'lhc.lf uur-taining principles. I Bohemian has arrived with: 1 dates -
; : : : .\:;i"tM, at LSVvAiUC'Nl !tIidtv: 2t1.h, aulproi.iotini.the' : t cau 3 Breckinridge a!H1 j' to. tie. 30th "tilt. Liverj-v AliE NOW RECEIVING AT TIIE1B "':'." I

:: : a nn.1 afainc\:,. .ixiTix.si1ar, the 21st ill Lane than onr .iteoine-l.-c!;,! tcinpo.rjiry the (CENTRAL NEWS. .

} :: } ; in TklJ tC' (cuses !hOil i linux lttCt1'iUII t lies.\ ilmJt"u! D.i'iy Journal, fiom which; *.vc;i I' TiTjijcaftcmpt- to make Naples neutral ground. CASH AND\ EXCHANGE ROOWS 1

: : appointnici.ts! on the' :;tound) :t'Cvcre.aj.t';i: the ..:(0\\ ill ti'i't" ion ,"ill ;
Cci rt : p. ttesl ac- pfohablprov c-unsuccessful. "
: I ;
; and tUiiitiV atiliction". A LAF.GE AND WELL SELECTED: STOCK OF
; j coiipu.i-d ai it i is l.j. \whulofoiKa truths fir j Tnc strike at Coventry ended in the wear.
l : In the Eastern Jierald .
( of ti.c 181a' \n :.f.
, : n however, we find a list oftlat''''Ira\?! aj>puiilmcnts : cibly tatcd : I ere P accepted A Rl8.-Victor employer Emanuel terms.has sent an Auto- FALL AND WINTER GOODS ,

:: l ) omaicntiug ug at Lake City on the 18that WHV; DOM'T DOUGLAS AND BELL WITH letter to the it
? which place we learn he actually did DKAw-f-This is a pertinent Question. Why graph Emperor declaring the to ct Ilcary D ry Goo. Ladies Dress Goods, Plantation (Goods .Ttibl>on. aoid .Tjimmfcg, Fm-.

i : ;; \peak-and from thence travelled Westward. don't they f In the event of their doing HO,, impossible longer in resist The current caused Lroil cries and Hosiery, Boots and Shoes, Clothing, Hits nd Caps Carpets, Oil

What does this mean t We learn that Gen. we should bare a plain issue between equality a popular fall of f-cling 10 centum Italy. in the report Cloth and Matting, Cornice and Curtain, Hardware and Cutlery, Notions

i II. spoke at Clay Court House en Tuesday in too Union* as represented by- Breckin ftftjOs at the Bourse.per Neapolitan Nsi!*, Iron and Oils, Agricultufal Implements {nsrjs. au4. I

the llthtogetherwith Mes,1'K.Hilton. Allen, ridge and anti-Blwrery! sectional .ndetxcy,1 LATEST FROM NAPLES.-The Military Coun- ,Q. H. 00 23 H. IH3 & ., I
of and C.-!!!, and the letter read'by Mr. Allen as represented Lincoln. These are the i cil bad advised the leave .the
j'n real issues. do King to city.- A large assortment of the above articles constantly on hand and t Ufcg 4 t, th<
must have been written from there, and on Why tcmporizin, time.acr-I The officers of the and have al
army navy x..c'v.rja'I' O..A.SXX Zrtx ai zTallahautee .
: A and after that day. It seems te have been ring tiffice-scekiug politicians thrust themselves ; tendered their resignation to the King, en.
in the u confuse and the ISJ I September IS, 1860. 33-t(
: first read at Micanopy on Saturday, the 18th. way prevent I t. >
; Now ito .JJ! Lardiy be ( General d.'Js-cn: : of n.tion so essential to the interests '
o Hop; I LIVERPOOL: .-Prorwocs were I
kins to suppose that inwriting that I letter, of the hole country, hut particularlyof I dull. During the week in cotton, very! 1- ikfJiiboibii1t ; ; !

which wa read by hi. own political friend, the South Douglas and Bell arc mere tors took 3,000 bales and exporters 5pectII"1 I

l! Mr. Allen Jie meditated a deliberate; decep make-weights as the thing stands-mere elements -I bales, the market closed at the

tion on the public. This apart from its paltriness l- : to bo fused or compromised, not independent tations : / NY AND ALL PERSONS in need of the services of an A AUCTIONEER can be *ocommodated -.

; would be too shallow a trick. The f.elf-existin powers. By staying in Fair Orleans Mid. Orleans qUO-I 11. in right style and on the most REASONABLE TERMS by calling on
I presumption, then, is, that something must the field they may elect Lincoln ; by retiringand I Fair Mobiles |
7d. Mid. Mobiles
; have occurred between the 14lh (the earliest throwing: all.their weight for Breckinnuge -. Eair Up. -- C3d. I Mid. Up. 5 13-lCd.- 5 id. I Do A SHINE JR.

:! day on which the letter could have beon written and for Lane they may crush out this agitation -! STOCK or COTTON.-The stock at Liverpoolis ,
: and the 17th the many jeai
) day on which the General bales of which
{ 1,088,200 906,000 bales arc
: (' must have left home for Lake City and Will not Messrs. Douglas and Bell withdraw American.

Westward to produce a change in the Gen- Lane and take the stump for Breckiniidgeand I Hie weather was favorable for the crops.NEW Auctioneer and Com.( Merchant
eral's plans! and intentions. Can some of his ? Thf y may thus do their coun-
friends try a advice, make a name for themselves
i enlightens rs as to what that something i YORK 8.The Committees of
and the ignominy of a deserved defeat
In escape
was the absence of such
any enlightening the
and have ad-
we will.try and give guess as to which awaits" their continued persistence. in j' journed.Breckinridge No fusion was Douglas J Tallahassee, Fla. .
what wathe cause which started the General running.
bet-x engaged in the their unpleasant! t:uk.Vc off in such hot haste. It was after his return -& I LATER.-FUSION TRIUMPHANT IN N. Where they will also find, at all timea, General Assortment of PURE WINES, AND

\ do not know who are the person or persons from Clay and while laid upat home Cheering News from Missouri.The YORK AT LAST. LIQUORS, FAMILY GROCERIES, PLANTATION SUPPLIES Ac,, :.

iwngthi: unfair nreasnre against Mr. Jilake.'f from o'er fatigue,that he first sawGen. Milton's cause of Breckinridge and Lane in I Nxw YORK, Sept. 9.-The Douglas Sub August 14, 1860. 34-tf

, \v hope it snot Democrat. We would ben appointments for East Florida, which made Missouri is brightening sensibly. A meetingof j Committee finally came to terms yesterday. L

.) ,. to know tbnt they would enter the con- their appearance about the 15'h. And fatigued the national constitutional Democracy was ;. They agreed to allow ten Brcckinridge electors -

test "ith any such enpon. We expect better as he was Gen. Hopkins thought it. held in Cole county on the 20th, when Mr. |I on tho Union ticket, and gave the Breck- -L 1A1 .
things of them. We hear, too, but it is high time to get out of the East for fear of Parsou.wlJO was the candidate for lieutenant I inridge men the Lieut. Governor and Canal f

too (little to talk about, that Mr. Blake! was'I coming in contact with that formidable champion governor, was chairman. lIon. Benjamin F. j I Commissioner. They then adjourned after

-otjoectod with this "SAFETY-I ITTEE," Dcniocracy, Gen Milton. Accordingly Massey, just rc-clccted Secretary of State, and recommending the State Committee to ratify
the sole object of which was to oppress and I these appointments at Lake City and Westward whose election was claimed as a Douglas triumph I I their action1. The matter now rests with the
Chairman of the State Committee and i it ii WHOLESALE AND RETAIL DEALER IN
dritt out I)emocrnts. Nothing more basely are tramped up on most ridiculously was present and spoke in sympathy I I., ,
f.,!lse was ever uttered. Political parties were short notices the (one at Like City making with! the meeting, whMi was held to elect probable the fusion movement will be perfected -

not known in this matter and, be>5de% the its appearance the very day of the "speaking') delegates to the new State convention. The I I on this basis.1)OITGLAS.

Democrats out-number the Opposition in this and (J .n. llopk'r.s hurries away in hopes 01' St. Louis Bulletin, in its account of the mcetirrr. -0- STAPLE GOODS

*suction tomethiiig like 5 to 1 ; anJ', bv waj passing! his competitor on th" foal. sara: I I IN VIRGINIA. ,

f par-"ithfs.s: I \\ :iJ.l.state..l.bare, ;sined And (tree .of all farces. At the very time |I -" Hon. Alfred W. Morrison, just re-elected I The Democratic Press in Virginia all unite

:.1,010 g-ltId} sinc 'Squire U. F. Allen's nTouimotion when Gen. Hopkins knew that the opposi-1 iIon. Treasurer of State, by a majority of ov<'r tw-en-1 i i I' in the opinion that Douglas visit to Yirginia-

\ :* here on the 4th m.>t. If t wore, by prei ions appointment, sp.ak-j ty thousand, was present sanctioning: the pro- has strengthened Breckinridgc and I..ane.- PLANTATION SUPPLIES
tlm mitttr i is urged ag:1insttr.. Blake and ing in h an p.t'o he invites them in meet him J'c
maJ1 an issue" (which we feel cannot 1 heH' at Lake City, and does thi by announcement i i j hU name i it a tower of strength. ,I expected to vote for Douglas have denounced

M'aii know it :s leveled at us, which inustfor- in a paper published at Lake:City on the \\'r.- I Judge Duiijcombc, Clerk of the Supreme him and declared for Breckinridge and CROCERIES, *C.A .

t. r after: cut us off from the rest of the day o:* the speaking. This iJ too tran-parcr.t'! I Court waa also piesjnt. lie i U one ot' the could not swallow Douglas Federal

., :*i\\\ and debar t.s of a candidate in the Now if any friend of(. 'n. Hopkins fan v.jUest -t most: popular men in the State, and one of Consolidation! doctrines-they could not en- CONSTANT SUPPLY OF if this be forced upon us, it will a better ixcnse for the contrad.v: ,':1 ill j (he soundest and will exert much influence'! '( )"e his threat to use Federal Troops against! 'ice us to siutain a local candidate.j' fact, between 1m letter at Micanopy, and hit in faor of llr.kinrldrji and L-ine. I j aState tint! seceded from the Union, ito mat-
Mess Pork Hams fi
j; ., Tt: :114 to the good sense of ths pnople! are "-! 'IKored ut Like City on tlio saj. Hon. W. B. Stark, State School! Commissioner (cm'hat the cause might be that impelled Sides 11Iders',

"j. 'K' ,;>- lbs' cfarac will be pir! .J no further. t day we would li'"e to hear it 1 : i::-'. Ai'.onicy (:oiicral! Ivuott, although 'her to the act. Old John Adams never

,' '1 : :i jniy lor.k ont f.r a large majority \Ve suspect hit (;en. Hopkins were t.give .> neither happened to !'., present, are fur Brcck- avowed stronger Federal doctrine than Doug-. FLOUR WHISKY &0. &C.
inri.I and Line and ill them !lii? now proclaims from the stump ,
HcMooiutic nominees this
i :i : at precinct I utterance to his honest com'ictions about ;; w give a hearty
i t I > this content between IiiiaspJf! and Milton, lie and zealous suppoit."Judges j The old State Rights: Democrats of Virginia -
\\'. : dh I! and of the Suj venerate the doctrines of the Resolutions W.Ternt.S Cash. on..De1.Ivery.I'
-on; jt a re Lash! of Ben IliliVv would clo e something lie! the hunter diiwho Nipio'i Ewing, -
_l) t"J tom we think it Lad lojjio.i was pungan account of an ata.kxnaleupin i I icme Court, support the can.lidates of tho of l7'J8-9 too highly to abandon them Tallahassee, May 8tli, 18GO. 20lyFAWCY

.\ STATE -IrcmT Doiocnvr. himself when wholv! unarmed, l I\ a 1: constitutional! Democracy. i jI for doctrines they have fojght against all -- .

'r.- .> ;iJ!i iinply state, in reply! to tLc Mu Urge paiitlur. Said bpf of course it w and Monroe-the fathers of the Demo- :
.V N,4; rt.-IIight: Deinorral," that have cnMual filt, but the panther Hz it.- best spirit pre\ailed. Hancock Jackson RudI I
we (
JtollvntH j Cah.! !; Jackson men acted harmoniously" to- cratio party. I
ii I'.,'r.ird: Mich an (.1 je UonLroitlitazain.,t -- j jMjat t g, :hp.r. '!I I I --O- FOR TIlE SOUTHERN TRADE-

:>*. i > aL.Hk !primal and |.rix itc caric. \ [ the UroJ Scott ('.is? r.c ldr.. i *. lion. L*>\i Divon was chairman Cail! I II j Good News from California.The .

i 11'1; i i utilarnithed so f-ir ns we arc :1'ar, i Jackson man-and he was nominated by following interesting and cheering ties -S 45 9
There d -al of !
w a groat dispute as to what
," IKijtr; :atm'nhlcroftSC' "Saf ( i Warwioh Ilougli, K"Q, Secretary of the Senate patch has arrived by the :
.tr rnA the Supn-rac Court did or did cot decide in pony express -- -

;:' .." '., l.jv, ner-r ben trged ::1in." lie DreJ Scott ca.,'. In the 19th \'uno! of i:i iIIawa4d's llucfo-k, al"o a Jackaon Claib. man Jackson, WLS man.Secretary.Corwi't, a J I,,: SAX FRANCISCO, Aug. 22, 1SGO. I- ,BU; ; ('
.' Reports t' 335, :it i is'ktatci! that j '! We will this 'J .
I i. t. i. n t i .t.r Lu loob'artlin! u lion. M. M. Parsons called the meeting carry State by a decisive majority -

i I i. ik :: -.' .- the jprtrfoa Court of the UniieJ Slates docidc to order ant in % nude thj The Democracy are rallying aroundou
r t-nvtr cnrr{ : to esc J a i' doing o speech NO. 29 CHAMBERS STREET NEW
,1 in the follows YORK1'
caw at : : banner fiom San Diego'; to Li k'ou. The
: alluded
to. I
I'. r. aJ; c..-;:: vt dink that of the ; a'.re.idy
any par J:;t. The T>rntorv: thus acquired, i ii aequired -j I "Of the vote to Claib. Jackson in contest will be warm: but there is ito: doaLt
I ::11' uiTg ,t .'or !lii* ':. We hate otUcru I It the of the Un'ie-1 I' given i
) people SsJ:it ** for his county Dough will got not more than of the result The defection in our party is wIEIDi1Ui : IDIBA3LISEPins II I\1

ii." LW isti. to snake without suei a ic- their cuitunou and iquJ h :uefit, t'.urougix! ;1 1th fifty. Our' accounts from all parts of the confined to the !leaders, arid scarcely touchesthe

'. and a'i] lit the members d the Democ- .ir a;- 'ut auJ ti\i.t-v, the Ye.!e a'' tuveiu-j J S Ke are of the mo.-.t cheering character masse Pins, Writing Desks, JevtlryJTeedlcs '
m tlt. Congress can eiercisc no power over Very tralv, lirvshcs, Work Boxes, Watches,
i.-j li"m :m% part in circulating hAil Lan !/ and indicate the success of Brcckinrid c and : yours
'' the i-ihs of prsnns or prorw ry. of a citizen I..: AVAL M. GWIN.Hon. flattens Porte Monaies, Stationery, -'. Musical Wares_
: : 1 '!.tk-:: :,'.".l r.nnoIlarbar-. i iu the T : hioli i i I Co"J Threads Port Folios "
'rrtry" j JroJibitc.1 by j! : L 1. STEVENS, Chairtuxamir., Perfumery,
0- : The Government .
md theciti .'
The j I THK CRELD OF ScuiM1sIoy.We do not; --- n"ood and Willow Ware, doc. dcn .
cf St. MatkM. z u, whievcT the Territory i is open to settle that the election of Lincoln would bo fa- i i We notice that lion. William II. English.of .
Mt. .iK". K 'C'Or.11 tit much: has I taezisi I nu:it, 1,"!'h! enter it with.their r.-.p.x-ti.o ,I t.l saw! to the Unioji. We are no disniuouinU, this State, is out for Breckinridge and Lane, And c.errtid in the notion line required by the Southern Merchant,

: :tgaH:>t the port a\d hailx of St. Mail> I rights deLned aad: lii.>'ted by the (OI1Sttl1-: i and no (unioni t has a riijht to be a nicm- and i is already announced to speak once in .. or
;', I !'vihtic* and adrantage; claimed! fur other i tit't." !! bow of the Con titnlir nal Union party. I'ut.r each Congressional Distikt. The attempt ".
i fi'.KJnrsj! fut Ls : a '! j>o $ < of c> 'niii'fxt wet SPECIALITIES
r .., ,.e4l b\ us I'11' a I lean! : statement 01 ciiz"H: 0;' any particular State or .State from cannot conceive dissolution: rf the Union : faction with the Know-Nothings is is uul m> I triKt, l foe dcTmed by the im I.-t'n4 un their l home there, while it p-rmils t!j I but the 'r.l'1mitiu.I 1 every rijht-ininded DcmortI.--Ind -l.c".r.YJ- "
.L; anything flriat-tt of Ijtwrenco1 Gro ltss perfect Eyed Needles, II I-awrence's"Steel Ptie PUoten I .
i' as iinpr<>p.'r or out of place at thia citizens of other States tu do! f>. Nor his it | fume what mil! ff shall spend !><,- Ihf Union \\l'u (/. T. G nril. i.Arencu'j* .' Oriental- Coloene" I Ljwrcpcc'a u Gold r n.," warranted JgsTC.- ,

1'-,I'. a right to give privileges! to one class o'"t 'it -; it< tie THtsf prfdnvj> if I (.f our AOM/J." j jj -0-- Lawrence's Sou.btrnert t'vorito." |{ Law fence's" '.ud'Ptneils." all styles,
.'ir-t, a.s to the tlcplh of watt-r, ftpicity ot Zen which it rcfascs to ano ltcr. Tho Torri- Gin House Burnt.I .
TLa EuCia!! ; ( the outh
'j i.irt.I coinnicnt-s Also a superior qai'ity .if OSNABURO SKWLSG THREAD in BaJI aojaH and l larr;a"d od spool
1 L\ll.j j safe anchwrage.&e. The hip "Jlart1 $ tory i is a' uinnl for tltelr equal and comincn ',,' upoi tIC; foregoing paigra: ['iis as follows;; : j!I \ l tsmrn a fire ia <{i-coveri 1 1.Cl lloul arrived from Enp bsuelit and if to it. must l 1.0 mornmij in the Gm !lIu".' of i'ue KCT. G C. .. Johnson h b'aoks! for uc-muranJj
recently open au\, open t I This is an extract from the a-Klre-s of the ; convenient Cat.ilo: .iifs, \Yi: i.uplicd| to nrcAa/enun applicition.T .
,> hh fl25 tons railroad iron and drawing to all equal and the same tcrtm." j I rasr Lake Ja,.ks'ju in tli' county and in a short oveml*,i- 2, 1859. 4SIy
upon I I National Executive Committee of the Constitutional tine the ivliolo building, toprther wiih a cuiniJertlle _ -
l'i i ft- .t R inches water, is now at anchor with : 3d. *'Efery r\lien has a rig/It to taKe teilk ': Union party, to the people of theI quantity of culton \. elltirtly: cODsumed. By great ===-. --. --- --

1'I lV. t under her at low water and t3 feet at him into th* Taritor!, any article ofprop"rty j I United States, from the pen of Mr. Boteler, rxenKma Mr. Ju'mson! succeeded in Miring big coltcn MEDICAL COLLEGE OF GEORGIA, State of Florida.
Ll h. 13 good and wife anchorage, harbor welljiroti which llif CvHttitution: of tlie Unit-d &! the representative in Congress of the Screw, which elooJ near aud ilio a nnmSeruf bald At Augusta, Qeo.
very of cotton Ih..t stand under i it. It i il
were pupP"lrd
:ted within 12 miles of the wharf: at S*. at < rtmrfy.lib. !
ilifctriit: which the of John Browns
i was scene t, be the work oran Sentinel.
Mark, an Jo 1 within inil s or the Light House. u Tftf Cwtitation cftfc Uuittd Sl-itts j' It !i. a statement, in short of the ,la- ---0-- TIlE 2oth Rpgular Course of Lectures will
The Mobile for this slaves and the on Monday, the 5th of November
an-horflge at depth NI/l :r as property, Irdges \i h crr-ed ot submission. Cone what ill! "
w Thj Hoard oJ l Tiusteet of Er-klne Coi>; )lirv.- ( Course
"niT i is ::,> milts distant from the city, and Ftdcral GorerniMnt to pr'itrct it. \n.1 1 Cou- Vic rule of Black Uepublicani! So ithern conferred the clt" r..t of .) D oa Her. J). McXt.ilTurnrr. next ; but there be a Preliminary ,

ih* hit 1'as anchorage at Apalaehicol.i i is great cannot exercise any more authorityover degnJaition aid shame, emancipation itself I,lie of Tallahoaer, I'U. beginning two weeks previous to the Regular
'.' 4 iiiilc-s distant from the oily, thus showing property} of that desciiption than it may I { the doom of Jamaica for the Mr. Turner lua Iur kpreril ycjrt, It;? t,) the 11 of Course. '
an or July last, |'rdridt.l! over th" Stite Sfuiinirv thi. .\natomy-H. F. Campbell, \. D.
vislvantnge of 12 mile ligiitcrage in our corstitutionally exercise over 'rty of $200 RE\V
prop any fairest land on earth, and still we will standby ; ARD.:0
place, with fi-cai 'ICt -"" t>> the iu tituli; ">i. If thepill Surgery:L. A. Dagas U. D.
:.I\.r over cither those ports for the class of other kind. the Union as the most precious jewel of snaicuried by him .hall be-cnritJ out ii the .
",i.I$ drawing that draught of water. 5th. "The act of Congress, therefore, prohibiting j'[ our souK" Is this the standard to wh idi any : future,it .i'i eteiiiail.v: secure t" us lliepdvanttgci Chemistry-Joseph Jones, M. D. -: :-
would further utate, for the bencrit of that : a citizen of the United States taking I J I considerable number of Southern men arei of regular CoHt-gialo! j>welt u .tea Irmic; ..nMructiua. Practice-L. D. Ford, M. D. W lll4REs. information: lisa been thU da.t fiW

class of our citizens; who arc desirous of cn- with him his slaves when he removed to the willing to rally I If it i% the day of our sub- I 1 Florida Sentinel Physiology and hological. Anatomy- in the Executive Dt-partineot that a LruUl
ira;mg in a direct export trade of our cotton Territory in question to reside, is an exircixe ,i and ruin is not far distant. I I H. V. M. Miller M. J).. murder wn con.imltf in Jackwm Con,.,. dmii.c
jugatiun I Ij OBITUARY.Died .
and other products to Europe. that the 1 authority,, over private property which it not Obstetrics.!. A. Eye M. D. the nigH c.rtL. 20f nltinio, on lb. btHlr of \\!!. '
Midi 'j -- | in Leon county on the 5th of August Materia Medics, Therapeutics and MedicalJurisprudenceI.! \NIKL 0 .NEEL.andSAUUKI.
hip "Hartley" would be pleased to I warrantid by the Constitution, and the re- REBELLION CHINA. TERRIBLE ': II.
engage THE that
IN CHIaOLM.and hue
t M. D. they from ionkr.
the residence of Mr. Abner Islcr Mr. P. Garvin
at ,
a frcght to some European port of cotton, and :. moral of the plaintiff by his owner to that !! SLAuo :.-It is estimated that in the : Obstetrics Robert Now, therefore, in order thit aid Keel and Chi.-
capture 1 P. B. Prof.of
ISLIR Campbell
also that the ship at lcon," with a cargo Territory gave him no title to freedom? : aged years. Adjunct aIm may brought to eolation pvnhm.nt, I, M..
of 1,300 tons railroad Iron and drawing 10 .1 6th. WhITe it remains a Territory Congress I of the city of Hang-Chan, in China, by M. D. lac* S. Pests Governor of the State fbf aaid. d..

feet water, will also be pleased to receive a may legislate over it within tho scope the rebels,.from :OOOO, to 80,000 J lives were .: linoATTENTION& b 1) t r.t i 5 t m t n t 5. Prosector to Prof of Anatomy--S. B. Simmons by bRED this DOLLARS mvpublio procI4 reward! GoD,offfr TWO UUJl-
I for the
cottun freight for some European port. So of its constitutional powers in relation to citi- I! lost. A correspondent of the New York M. D.Demonstrator. of II. W. D. I delivery of Mid criminal to be Sheriff apprehension of Jackson eel

that I think neither the. vessels or depth of zens of the United btatcs, and may establisha Times, writing of.the slaughter, says : J MILITIA Anatomy Cunnty. .
Ford M. D.Assistant.
water at this port can be claimed as obstaclesto territorial government, and the form of this Multitudes committed suicide rather than are hereby notified that there wfll be a meet- I M.-DMel O. Nit is a m1dfle It. man, about
a direct trade to Europe. N. local government must be regulated by tho the horrors driven to-J I YOU of Leon Beat No. 2,i ia T.lahai! ee, on the Demonstrator.T. L. Coleman ., .f". f..i ten ioehM high hat black with a
discretion of but with not meet thickening ; or parade ground(Court Home *aaare,) oa Thursday, M. P. wii'i: : WL on t.i; ri.r: ki i.lf' of!Iti. t head, tit ti rjt rompltxion -
-.0-' Congress; powers
desperation by their terrors, whole families 10 A. M. TitUe this notice Curator Museum T.T'. I: tad hn'T cosriteimrcehss
Sept. 20th, at o'clock. C1ev lnn'J. try ffticln-
IldUCa.AS' those which itself! the '
COERCION. exceeding Congress by into wells rather ting ha a Mr Lit .
I plunged together ponds or and govern yoantUex accordingly. The Anatomical Poonis have been rearranged ; guieyes on right rm betwrrn
t .orumenting on Douglas' threat in his Nor- Constitution is authorized to exercise over I than fall into the hands of the ferocious sava- : Ky order of W. F. SHINE, CipUin.SHEKOi the wrist and elbow made by a laX oaicv- ballet" .
citizens of the United States i in respect to ) SllEHEIi (.l. 5.Bert. and will b<>, opened to Students at tk weighs *bt>nl 140 or 145 po-ind, sod .". at the
fIk! ) to coerce tho South, to whip her One instance especially i apply to I. 1' GARVIN, D* ---0- been mentioned to of wealthy family i, S.A..LT.ON' I Samuel H
me a ; J CLiiolm M ab ut t t'entA'-one of
15 yiart
I'Oople into subjection to Lincoln's rule, the ;T "Mr. Breckinridge publicly declared who knew that their reputed wealth would I J CONSIGNMENT --, 1860. 38-51 I t I t .,hall Mr stile prominent now, Mum rjrt urge

11"IlTtomcr'Vail,. says : in a speech at Cynthiana Ky, that ho would, draw the banditti. .them, and who therefore j rr\ SACKS at the D'(H>( Lr, sale low in lots : ;iicrntica-i: ;. -I t, mouth pn.fitetk,curly Ink; ht rather a gm.I cOG 11-
if Southern men will still cling to Doug- I as a otcr, make both nativity and religious deliberately resolved to escape or Jie to etLer. OOU lo suit, taken before" lh. first of Docomb "Uf ANTED immediately, a Fenrale! Teacher '!t' about I
!SN nith his political garments now dyed I faith test qncsticnt at the polls-the very I There wera twenty'-tevenpersons- all-parent f rneit. Also! for talc one BUGGY anti itA M in a private family competent to teach wa clena Mbaien high whcab*bd weigh..c,Md.shout 160 ptnoJi..
l'i E S. M. r. LLLIS.
\ idi! Southern blood, we say they are content i essence of all that was charged against the I *, children, grand-children and daughters : Sept 15. ISGfl. 33-2t It-I the higher English Branches, French and ,, I, Trutimonj Wbtital,I k.. hereto Ht my
tj low backs the abolition rod andto __ __ -
their to Know Nothings! inIaWhen it was found that the slaughter \Ju k. Apply at the F'lTidhn office, Tal'apssce. !' lund %nd rattled to be nCiied the Great
hck the hand that smites them in their vi- I \Ve clip the above paragraph from.t the JKffitUican had begun, and that there vra*,, no l hope \ p it < 0 x..A 1tz. T Z < N", h N. [(1.. S.} Seat of the State of FloriJi. Done at
u!, docs the the Capitol. in the city of, TallaLasire.
not right .
Douglas recognize of all, leaped into'ft. 'dwp well, i .
of yesterday. tVc are unwilling to escape, they j ; Sept 1.5, 18Cf 38-3t HIM Uih
day September, A. D..1 86l'.
"f secession on the part of the Soulheiu believe; that the editor of that paper' oulJ and died tog bc. At length,however, thefce I ---- I! 31. S. PERRY, '
States, lie the right of $10 : ::Low11.rc1_ I
acknowledges only end. The
blood to
scenesof an
originate such a slander upon a political opponent. were brought Gocernvr tf Florida,.
revolution, that last resort of tho oppressed But as, transferring it. to its editorial rebels found it impossible td storm the TaiUr or stolen from the subscriber's By the Goternor Uf7It:
subject of a monarchy. We say there is no : columns he has virtually endorsed the quarter of the city, and hearing of,the advance ;t! i\ATOT1CE ELECTORS i-hereby, OF given PRESIDENT that: nn Erclon:VICE for I STRAYED. near Tallahassee cut or about :f F. I. VrLUricui,

-cmnant of Democratic principle in the political char! of Know Nothingism against Mr. of a large'Imperialist force Bent t& the rertcf PUESlDlLNToTlbt UuiteJ States, will be belt "t the bth in"t, a !large.GRAY HORSE \\ itti a';J The Florida- Sentinel Stcrttary and WarUtuia of Slate.Piiriot

composition of such a man. lIe should Breckinridge, we submit whether he is not of the city they 'abandoned the place the qaaat precIncts in tbe several couulw fir this heavy mane aud tail, is iaoon-yed at times, : (oar tunes, nnJ forward bill Utbe Comptroller'eojry Office a
not even be allowed to scatter, in person, his bound to substantiate it by proof> retract it. made good their retreat. State,'on.TUESDAY, the 6th diy of NotentUeibraxim and limps a little in enact" his hind legs when ("r. U kirn'.. 4

,,ion throughout the South." We deny that }Ir. Brcckin4jdge made I. -0--' ,1\04.1 i to TIle the retnnia thereof to be anvjssed andteparde.1 in a trot The above reward will be paid for September 15. 1660. 3S-4lains.
of State in the
such declaration at Cynthiana ,or any- 0Horace Greeley delivered a- Secretary manner the above described horse delivered I in Talla- '
An FOE BRECKINRIDOK AND LUiL-Efery any preteribeJ by ]law for the eintass and return of I
Democratic Governor Ohio ever had now where else, and wo call upon .the..Republican, at a masS meeting of the citizens of Kan a., ( eleeilcm fn c a Representtire to G.iigrera. The has ee, or at tome place where Lo might begot L. E. CJ.tNtlS ScHOOL

''mug is for JSreckmridge. and Lane. Ex. : for the proof. jdrOssawattomie*on. MY. 18,1859, in which \ tiUaiUer Qicl"n lo be chosen it three. or any information will be thankfully received -; fTMIE eiercic of-thta? Softool vi,! be vesnji.J oa
'wcrnor, WOOd .President of the late And,, by the way wow oild remind,our besald-"Lha1).be!} willfng and ready to < la Ttfclimuuy \bertof, I Lava hereto Rt by the subscriber. M. D. PAPY. I JL MOXD.\yOrt.1a'.adctrt'eJ-aD.' 3'uts.ISGJ.
Democratic was and, Ex-Got- neighbor thai Lo 'ha*, not'yet retracted his support such; man as JOHN" ELL or John I my baud and caused to be affued tbeL. Sept. 15, 18CO. 88 I I Term for the Sehebrr' year f U, f&(|, $4& !.-
State Convention I
[ s1 Great Seal of the State of Florida. Done cideattl rapists $t TVueiobcxesF.(aAd 5cr-
rL r Medill ia wj.rtpjs the.cause, as we also 'charge against Mr. Breckinridge being an M. Bolts or (better still) Edward Bate, for ; at the Capitol,in the city of'I'alUhttsie.thi G-oorg1.a K.ers-eya I cants attention pon (be ewbonl, Pniem. -
understand it ErtGovcrsor. fihauaon- now in emaneipationitt which has be n'd iproY to the nest President, upon & distinct and open 1 i 3d day of September. .(. D., 1860. I In/ic on the Piano a4_Gaitt eioh >50W.Drairiog .
Ka Four of the fire Judges of the Suwtnic the satisfaction of his most relentless revilcrs. understanding that he wield the power with j I "1. S. P: :, t orJ.c1n. Shoos, cftso.YARDSSANB01iN"S I and Pa'ntin: $25,Wax Wotk H5.Na .

Court first tlecteB nnder the new Con- Even his confrere of the Augusta' Chronicle which he may thus be intrusted not .to extend .1 I Bf the Ootemor-- tf Florida l'JOO KERSEYS, I eatr charge fir Trmch.or EmbroldfTT.
and bat limit and GoTcrrtor- Attest 303 pair MuTxon Factory Shof, No deduction in ease
to exfept
Will slavery restrict ofprotracWardwew.
retracted the 51&der fzbtourneghbor fortify ,
'jt:on,Thnrman Bartly Corwin and Cald- has ; F. L. YiLLcriouK
Monticello ODlburw'.nd Yam. J it is still cher- aft *
that it to the States
w'.''I. arc all for the same 'glorions candidates.i set his reader. right in .reference. to '. I whereby j Becrtimry ./ St tt. G. & J.MECINNIS3. .. Pdymeot'aAvsoou.
Clivchnd Democrat. matter I-Savannah .2v'*. kbcd. 1 frtfmbcl 8, 1960. 37-tie i ftpt 11. 181i0 38-61 1aLb.1.'rce', Sept. 15, 160.I .- 3!o1\





I. -=__ .. .. --- = _.._ _
-- -
I -- -- -- ------ ----- -- ----- ---- -- -- & -

FLORIDA RAIL-ROAD I Myers &> Gorman, HOSTETTER'SSTOMACHBITTERS1 Drugs and Medicines :Ncwccc1...sFO:1 WOOD, EDDY & CO.-S-

: a splendid auorlmentof
J. R. GREGORY & CO. loeo. Capital Prize S70ooo
CHANGE OF HOURS. SILVER AND PLATED WARE, The proprietor and manufacturers of IIOSTETTER'S ,
f\X and after September 3rd,I860;Train*will ran CELEBRATED PRATORIUS & CLARK Msnaje.
;, \J a* Wlows: CaVe, Rings, Silver can appeal with perfect confidence to Wholesale and Retail Dealers In /Have now i ii More a Full Assortm.'i.t ix-, The Manager Offil,.ut located HUmt".r,,,
Frsifht and Paasenjer Train, on Monday,Wcdnea-. physicians and citizens generally} the United Delaware mud Si,Lo.i..Uittourt *
Fine German Silter Plated Ten Setts Ice Pitchers,
the article has attained ft reputation -
day* and FridaysmillLM Cake Baskets! .Cantors, Candlesticks, &c DRUGS MEDICINES The nowiag MAOXlFICENTSCHKMEs
.Tomaodina at. ..._12.45 A. M. heretofore onVnown. A few facto upon Cloths DrflUngs, win,
Fine Setts Jewelry in Cases Brooches EarRings be drawn in public under th.
d M. this will speak more powerfully than Superibteadeocc rf
BaUwinat... ...... Sworn Commissioners
.4 GaioMvUleat ........9.15 Finger-ALSO-Kings, &c.&C. volumes of bare assertion or blazoning puffery.The Cassimers 1 arsaUes appointed by Ihe Gevtraar

: Arrive at Bret-oil at ....11.16 Table and Pocket Cutlery Powder Flasks Shot couaumption of Hostetter't Stomach Bitters Wood, E44j ft O.'s L ttcrj,
Tttftfgtr Train os Tned y*,ThnrsJsy and 8atrdajs for the last year amounted to over a half- Class No. 454 '
Pouches, Caps, Wads Wad Cutlers Meerschaum million bottles and from its manifest steady Vesllngs Vesting; Dratts-Saturday,Sept.22' 50'
t ,wiULeav and of the 73 Numbers-13 Drawn Ballots.
a supply
Femandiaa at....12.45 P. M. Pipes Increase hi times past it is trident that daring 't

I ** Xaldwinet.. ........345 .. For sale)ow genuine by Latakia MYERS Tobacco.& GORMAN. the coming year the consumption will reach Spring e.. I GRAND CAPITAL PRIZE OF $70,004!

4 .4 .._ one million bottles. Thw Immense amount Prize of .
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: Arrivoal Bronson at 0000...8LJO could nerer hare been sold but for the rare. Prim! of ... 23.0001] W Prizes of IJKS

$ Pa** ne r Train oa Monday, Wdnedj and Fridays medicinal properties contained in the preparation Prizes i>f ... 10,000; fl5 Prize. of im

_ID.Lee" Hotel. and the sanction of the most prominent on band at the old stand sign of the Mor. Which they are prepared to Manufacture to Orderat 3 Prizes of .... 6,00ft( 65 Prizes of &,

Bronson at...... .. .....7 A. U.Osi physicians in those sections of the country HAVE, corner of Clinton and Monroe streets, a tie Shortest notice and in tile Most Fashionable 3 Prizes of.... 4,000)) 8 5 Prizes of ;v
.4 ***,....8.25 '. THE Subscriber having where the article is best known who not only large and complete stock of pore manner Also an extensive i assortment of 3 Prizes i>f .. 3.00V; Lain Prizes of 4ll
) BaUwi..I..ll.40 aWe Hotel pareha.aedA recommend the Bitten to their patients, but Men and Youth's 3 Prizes of . Z, OO 17,040 Prizes oflOOPrizesof
.I ArrivatFeraandina..2.30 P.U. fyrms hi. friends and the : are ready at all times to fire testimonials to its Drags, Medicines aad Chemicals, AIIIDFtJ1UmImiO Clothing, 1.000( :1)
era),that it is now opened for in all cases of stomachic derangements
Train efficacy
Freight and Pasnger on Tuesdays Thurs
1 GOODS. 32,396 Prizes amoauting te.......
dais and Saturdays, will modation of PERMANENT and TRANSIENT and the diseases resulting therefrom. Dye-Stuffy Paints Oils, Spit. Turpentine 'J.n ,
All for sale the lowest
I Leave Bronson at.. ......345 A. M. BOARDERS. G. C. TOWNSEND. 4This is not*temporary popularity. obtained Varnishes,Brushes Camphene solicit at call ( their living old pnres. They respectfully early One Prize to Erery Tw Tickets:
rom fri'oJ..and customers -
Tallahassee 1 19-tf. efforts in the of trnmleting -
Gainesville at ....6.10 May 1860. by extraordinary way
but solid Window! ,at their ill stand opposite the Marine Bank W1!. rCertificates/ .520; 1l./u. tlo; Q..rtlra
'E It Baldwin at.... .....10.55 the qualities of the Bitters a Burning Fluid S.

Arrive at Fcrnaodina at..... 240 P. M. Notice to Farmers.I estimation of an invaluable medicine time itself., vhich is Glass, Putty, J. K. LARKIN destined to be as enduring as .rch27, 1 1560. 11 be sold at the following rites, which the risk
I Engineer and Superintendent.Feraandlna HAVE now employed an A' Hosteller's Stomach Bitters hare proved together with a fine assortment of Certificates of Pickaxes of 26 WLole Tkkets2t)9:)

I July 3,1860. 23 No. 1 Farmer' Black: smith 1 a Godsend to regions where feter and ague TOILET AND F.t.XCY.RTICLES, Dissolution.THE -- .. 'a 2$ Half ,4j2|;
for the purpose accommodatingnay and various other bilious complaints hare h 11:0 "
former who hundreds. To be Co-pa rtiu-r' .hip breti)f're n:ftn.jj between Quarter 74Solxexxxo j
ALL RIGHT AGAIN patrons so liberally patronized me counted their Tictiuis liy consisting of .e 26 Eilfhth"
Suhti r.b'r", un.lcr the firm of HOPKINS 3:.y
heretofore aDd I am now prepared to do any and all able to state confidently that the -Killers' .- -.-
I't I THE undersigned respectfully informs his Cus- kind of work in the Black-smithing line made out of are a certain cure for the Dyspepsia and like Superior Hair, Tooth, Nail, .S: MEGI XIS-. was diulxv) l It_y mutual consent,
b,' $ and the public generally, that he has Iron Stee! IL B. FJTTS. the of .,n the 31 1 fit o f May l.tAll: l.u.inr.i of the firm
or diseases, is to proprietors source unalloyed and other Brushes Horn Ivory and To be Drawn each Wednesday it
gain opened hit Store in thee July 31.J f GO. 3'2-dn pleasure. It removes all morbid matter ; will be by .\. 1IOPKI.N3 & CO.; who ..reauthor. Sept'r.Clues .

NEW BUILDING from the stomnch purifies the blood, and India Rubber Dressing and Fine Combs; .%J to Use the flew IIJHXT in li,|,;.),'iun..IIOJ 424 brow an W'eJietduy Sept. 5, 1S6

of Mcser. D. C. WILSOH & SON, adjoining them FOR SALE. imparts renewed vitality to the nervous system Fancy Toilet Soaps ; Pomatums ; Choice A. '\INS. Clan 436 lhaif en Wtdmttday, Stfl 1!' I'I'
1 where he i i. ready and willing to wait upon them a* it that tone and indispensable 1) IJ. .MiOIINNISS.TalUhasJci Clan 44S Draiei an WtJtJay: Sept ]), 186o.
HOUSE and! LOT giving energy
be has .always don. Hoping the favors heretofore A the out-buildings which together are [ { for the resteratiou of health. It operates upon Perfumery, d en tc. June 10th. 1'611.' Class 460 Viaat:! lit Wtdmtiday. Stft. 26, I u.EUr.I.Y .

.t extended will be continued pleasantly situated oa the principal Witha the stomach,liter, and other digestive organs All of which they will sell at reasonable price By 1 PRIZE TO EVERY 2 TICKETS. ,

t I am your, very respectfully. and near the Depot within a few mildly but powerfully and noon restores them keeping constantly supplied with all articles in their CoPartnership.A. 78 Numbers-14_Drawn alJvt.. :

I I D. B. MAXWELL. menu walk ol the Capitol. It has thereon an excellent I to condition essential the healthy dischargeof line, and by ..tricanentior. to business they will endeavor K. C. rtlKHILL.KUWARD .
,. Aagaat 21, 1860. 354tSnpfrinteadent's well of good water, fruit tree,&0.which makesit j the functions of nature. to merit tho patronage heretofore bestowed BRJkUSORD. JR., V. *. ITlT.NCK. I Capital Prize or $35cooI !

.. \ very convenient and desirable to one that may Elderly persons may use the Bitters daily as their predecessor. ''nilE UNDERSIGNED entered into a Co-part- Piize of. .SlO.OOOj 64 Prizes of. 3)i)>
t. Office Tallahassee R. wish for a pleasant situation. Call and let it. I per directions on the bottle and they will find upon I nt-rship on the lit day of June, Jaco. under tlis 6 Prizes.f. .. 4,5001; Prizes of. .. 7,

t R. Company, JOHN BOWMAN. in it a stimmlant peculiarly adapted to comfort Physicians' Prescriptions. firm of A. HOPKINS & CO.. for the transaction of 1 Prize of .. :.32: ; 64 Prizes of... &>

TALLAHASSEE Aug. 17th I860. Tallahassee Feb. 21,' declining years as it is pleasant to the palate, Particular attention paid to Prescriptions-carefully a General Merchandising Hu.iue>. 10 Prizesof. 1.200; 61 Prizes of. *t

i i" for keeping the Hotel at St. Mark invigorating to the bowels excellent as a tonic compounded (rom Pure Medicines at all hours- A. HOPKINS. 30 Prizes of... 1OOW 64 Prizes of. .. JIJ
: PROPOSALS October will be received at this office OGLETHORPE MEDICAL COLLEGE, and rejuvenating generally. We have the evidence day and night. EDWARD BRADFORD Jr., SO Prizes uf. ... 200 5,504 Prizes of. 59

: f until the 20th September. Parties within* information Savannah Georgia.The of thousands of aged men and women Feb. 14, 1860. 8 R. C. PARKH1LL 265 Prizesof., .. ISO!53,22< Prizes 1t
I concerning the above -will please addrrs who have experienced the benefit of using this L. R. STAYNCRTaUah.issr --

the B.dertlgned. C. T. W. SYFAN, Sixth Annual Session of Lectures in preparation while suffering from stomach derangements *-, Juno 19, 1SCO. 2C-l 34,412 Fiiacs. :.........amovxiiiag te_$58,1!
above Institution will and general debility; acting under New and Reliable
the Mon.
Aug. 21. 1S60 35-51] Asa't Sup't.TO commence
____ _
WHOIC Ttctrrs
day, the 5th day of November next. the advice of physicians they have abandonedall NEW GOODS. SIOj HU.VM 85 ; QtAtTzta?l
THE LADIES! deleterious drugs and fairly tested the AB.TZOLES.SILVER. .
I Certificates of iu the above .
-: :- Packages Schr .to
Preliminary Lectures free to'all will beginon *
merits of this article. A few words to the
SOAP Pumice Stone Champion be drawn each
23WPLS SHSAIP EXURABLS soap Wednesday will be 1.11. the U-
it ,
the 22d of October. gentler sex. There are certain periods when Cleaner,Japanese Bout and Shoe Polish, JOSEPH WEBER, lowing rate,which is ihe rmk :

SEWING MACHINES FACULTY.H. their cares are so harassing thai many of them French Imperial Liquid Blueing-thia liquid imparts Certificate Package of 28 Wb.teTi .|141
L Byrd, M. D, Professor of the Princi- sink under the trial. The relation of mother to all kinds of Linens and Muslins the blue tint so MERCHANT TAILOR o" 26 Half 1.It >
Pric |40 Cash. Liberal deduction to vhole- and child is so absorbingly l tender that the much desired by Laondreaies. 1 'C 2C Quart u K UI
plea and Practice of Medicine. mother especially she be young, is apt to -ALSO- DEALER IX I

: tale purchasers.M Hugh A. Blair, M. D., Prof. of Anatomy. forget her own health in her extreme anxiety Cod Liver Oil, Rnshton's & Hegeman'a celebrated j In 0 faxing Ticket oj Certi cats
--0- William M. D Prof. of for her infant. Should the period of maternity ReadyMade ClothingA.NO .
CORE'S'Patent Double Lock Stitch- Hauser Physiologyand brands ; Quern's Cod Liver Oil Jelly, ftnor d. j EnclcMit the amevnt ol money to our address fir
arrive during the summer season the wear of The of Cod Liver Oil enabhs
Pathology. Jellifying QFurnishing1: ''. I j what you wish to purchase ; name the Lottery l Is
Machine for and rich. and mind I is
The lest generally aggravated. Here
poor Franklin Dozicr M. D., Professor Materia body the moat delicate stomach to receive which you wish k iawstvd. and waeiatr yw with
**Too cheap! it can't bo good," cries one, Medics and then is a necessity for a stimulant to recuperate and retain this great remedy.A Goods, : huh,*. Halves or Quarters on receipt of shirt..
r Therapeutics.F. the of the and enable the
energies system
three times the ,,'p.1 h.ll.i ordered first.
sum '
'Butjnat give me we. by &.ktidLtr wit!
W. B. Hemming, M. D, Prof. of Surgery mother to bear up under her exhausting trials FBESH SUPPlY OF Tallahiure. Fin. the clicine..
I not whether cash .
care paper, and mothers
responsibilities. Nursing gene.rally
and --- --
I And machines from Grover&Baker. Histology.W. r\ENSLOW'S BENZINE. Durnon's Catarrh I I 'Inini.diately after the drawing, a Printed Drew
the Bitters to all other invigero-
your L. Bischof /M. D, Prof of Chemistry. prefer the endorsement of \J Snnff.Anodyne Toothache Drop.Pectoral Honey THE Subscriber u now r t'h'ing. at lii.story next ,i ing. Certified to by the Commissioners,will be scat,
Now in to all this tore that receive ph"I"cianI '
reply flummery, R. H. Lf) Auction well-.i levied
Maxwell M. D Prof. of Obstetric try Room nith an Explanation
of Liverwort the
G. Troop because it is agreeable to the taste ae one of very beat remedies for
Let any judge of cast-steel machinery, tock SPUING & SUMMER GOODS, uit.ble forGenUomons' I ty Purcha.ers will please write tleir
Colds Scc. Roman Balsam
and Diseases of Women and Children.W. well as certain to give a permanent increaseof Coughs, ; Eye ,Spalihng'a signatsr
Just compare the two together, Prepared Gluo. Wear, plain.ADd give their pest office,county and Stals.
T. !f. Pi Emeritus Professor of bodily strength.All
Feay, in
of-- All
And Iris conscience-whether -- -- Consisting part commuuicationsstrictly confidential.
say upon those to whom ire have particu.
Chemistry.V. CHOICE SECARS. French and English Cloths Casalmerw {3y All pcizes $1,000 and under payable imajtdiatelyaftsr .
Ten dollars will not the.difference cover, larly referred above, to wit: sufferers from ,
H. Taliaferro M. D Professor of Mittens t&e dnwing-ether prizes stlbsum)
In the cost of manufacture. fever and ague caused by malaria, diarrhoea, and Vesting
But it its singular simplicity Medic*. dysentery indigestion loss of appetite, and ROCK POT.ASHFIRSTSORT.PURE of the latest style and b.*t quality, which lie \* prepare time of forty days.

H. Steel, M. D, Emeritus Prof. of Obstetrics.M. all diseases or derangements er the stomach, *] tit male up to older in a workman-like and
(Which is its crowning excellency,) WINES AND Our Single Number Lotteries
D. M. D Curator rri plcum. superannuated invalids persons of sedentary LIQUORS, UihicDaMo manner and on reasonable t.nn. ,
Does its first cost somewhat abate, Mooney, occupation, and nursing mothers will consult for Medicinal and Family purposes. AUo a general assortment oroa.dY:1EcSo Oapi..1 X'rio OOOOx
:' Should this be subject of complaint Daily Clinical Lectures at the College by their own physical welfare by giving to Hos- O1citb.ina. EVERY SATURDAY.

: Or who'll object, if I'm content, the Professors, and twice a week by the Kt- tetter's Celebrated Stomach Bitters a trial. Faints Oils and Glass : Black 4i>d Fancy Sil'-i Cravats and Ties; Shirts; Wktlf Tici. $10; Halttt $S; S..rl.I'2 >

; With a profit of less than 3 hundred per cent? tending Physicians of the Savannah Hospital. C.\CTION.-We caution the public against Linseed Oil, boiled and raw ; Jvvrett & ; Merino,Si'l and Cotton Under shirts ; Collars ; Half ( Orders for Tickets er Certificates is say
uai f the imitations or counterfeits Son's Pure Lead in Oil Hosv Gloves & .te. e
) :$ any many ; ; ; .
ill above Sclienics be directed
The of know the to
Foundation. *
proof pudding"-you Beneficiary L)t ask for HOSTETTIR'S CELIBBATED French and American Window Glass, tTllo wouM tike tnin method rviarniug thanksto .

i rest; Young Men of good moral character STOMACH rrrcxs, and see that each bottle baa Snow White Zinc, in Oil C.ue. Paint I hia old customer for the liberal patronage h r tofurebtsiowed WOOD, EDDY KDDY &: CO CO.,Wimin. on.Dfr.
or WOOD .
JVbt one has failed when put to the test. pecuniary means are limited, and Ministers the words "Io.J. Hosteller's Stomach Bitters" Brushes, Puity &c.DEODORIZED. on him, an OmcK ix THE CAPITOL. without blown on the slue of the bottle and stamped I business: ,to merit a continuance lit'the "10". QjrCirculars containing Scben. 1.11wil
( denominational distinction) preparing covering the cork and KEROSENE OIL. bei"ent. free of addressing as ibut*.
the metallic JOSEPH WlDER.I' : upnle.
on cap
.E E. L, T. BLAKE for Missionary Labors are hereby kindly is the : drawing .EdJy& Ce.'s Lo'ier-
observe that our autograph signature March 20. SCO. 13 re
Feather Dusters VarnIsh & White-wash ies in the New York ll ld. X Trek
;. Sole owner of the patentfor invited to avail themselves of this Foundation.This labeL I' .
I 'l..LLUI.t.SSEC Times, New Yorker Staati Zeitung and New TrikExpress.
the State of Florida. HOSTXTTXB St
privilege will not be restricted to the *f Prepared and sold 33 X--U.sixes. .

September 8, 1860. 37-tf State of Georgia, but will be extended to all I SMITH. Pittsburgh and Pa.dealers and sold generally br all Fresh apply of Choice r > .Si g5't 7u .No. 10. ;. -J.aI1
druggists grocers __ _, .1I' ,. -
the Southern --
-J -
\\VOTEDTA I throughout. the United States Couth America CARDEN AND FLOWERTogether I _
,and German .I 50
4 hIGhLY recommended Graduate of the oo..a.N'.A. :
I Sold by SCOVIL & MEAD, New Orleans,Ll., Harness Establishment.
JL desires situation Fees for a Full Course of Lectures $l05Dcmonstrator's 2'_ SEED.
Virginia MilitaryInstitute
| Wholesale Agents for the Southern Slatra.I I -0-
as Teacher in some high school or pri. Fees 10 | AM! fold by Ames & Lively Miles Nash & Co., with, everything usually kept in Till siiWriuer !I."iug! |Jlurt'lut'd! the interest of j

vate family, in Florida. Matriculation Fee (paid once) 5 !I And J. It. Gregory & Co.T.ll..bauee ; J. \.Skip. aGnUrUss Drug Store. Me DAVID 11 HULL in il.e CjrrliSe, I 1

I For further information please refer to MR. Diploma Fee . 30 per. Newport; T. M Palmer and Scott &Tucker For sale J. R. GREGORY & CO. I S.iJ.llt-ry an.] ll.muis< basiness,to:IonLipt by him, j
F. E. EPPKS of Tallahassee Fla. The last Class had representatives from seven Monticello; Palmeri William.Wsnkeenah. And by Would rtspvitfully inform the inhnluUi ot Ixronand Tlooennd. lire daily speaking ;in the prt-i-e' of Dr.
Southern States and the by dealers in rardicinei throughout the State. ---- adjoining counties that lie will continue the bn i- !| Eaton's Innintlle Cordial, and wbtrj
( was largest ever
:' September 1, 1800. 2w-36 April IIO. '60. 16,ly Stewart's Candies ness in all iu branches, at the old! srand, "where may j t'l-causeit t.ererfaila to afford
assembled in
of whom
Savannah) twenty-one I ,_ I .
h. be found at all1imu.Rrx.IUJfty.'f when given 111 time It act. if by magic and .

Sheriff's Sale graduated at the :March Commencement. I CHANGE OF scramjLEP! GUM DROPS and Fig Drops,Guava Jelly. Pre- Buyyies, Rood Wayvns, Saddles, trial alone will convince y"u.that wl.8 ie say u
For further information, apply personally,; Tallahassee and Pensacola k Georgia Horse Radish Tomato Catsup, FariiuCraokci harness, Bridles, Whips, Trunks true. It contains Xo Paregoric or Opiate'
; FIRST MONDAY IN OCTOBER NEXT. or by letter, to i i s,Preston &Merrill's Yeast Powder...5ued I and Machine of any kind and I b'refort relieves by rfmerm;lit
Shred Iuinggacs! for Jellies BlancMange, &o. Belting lufferingt of jour child, instead of by dtdting tit
virtue of writs of fi. fa- II. L BYRD, M. Dot Dean RAIL ROADS. Of And in fact
I BY sundry an at- I I ( J every randy every article usually ullt6illi. For this reason,it eooini n issued from the Clerk's office of No. 86 Broughton street, kept in koch an establishment ; and be hopes by at the known Cull-
01 preparation now 'I
Leon Circuit Court, wherein John Cason Opposite the Marshall House. O and after Mooday,July 23 J,I860., Trains will Patent Air-Tight Glass Jars, U-nlionto the interests of his customer*, to merit a ores Trainman Dua..a Dru.TI' Gturaai.x
run as follows: FOR PUTTING UP PRESERVES & FRUITS. continuance of the bestowed
so liberally
." George W. Clay, Ext'r. and others are plaintiffs Sept. 1, 1860. 38-2ra Leave Madison. ........G.OO A. M. his predecessor.patronage J. E. PURDY. THE BOWELS A CIDITT or TmSTuaucii.Wj.iD,

and Burton R. Smith is defendant, I Arrive at ......... OOA.M. ; upon The subscriber would also Inform his friends and CL M THE Heap, and Caorr, also, for a.fusi'g
hare levied upon and will expose for sale, in ; For New York. Leave Monticello...................7.00A.M. Articles for the the public, that be stiil continues the Agency of the te.wel game, rtel.e.g i"j/ " bat*. rtgnUtiaf
Arrive at Tallahassee.... _...._....10.00 A, M. ", ad.rtlitvigp4tm, so rf Ieba;
well known and!justly celebrated Wheeler& Wilson
of the House in the ofT&llahusce ANDOUNE various kinds
front Court rroilet.l
door city BRIG SAMSON, Leerhoff is Leave Tallahassee,..................10.15 A.M B ,an Machines.Sept. aa osti-spasssedic h is vied with .isfiilisg'rtett*.
4 Leon county, within legal hours THE .7& for the Hair; Savage ITrsloa, Sewing in all cases of CONTVLSION oa FI'. A. you nl<
1 Arrive at 8t Mark... ... .. ...11.40A.M.
I ready to receive freight for JaBS and .20. 1S. 9. 39 .,
a on tho first Monday in October next the following Leave St.Mark......................1.15P.M. GruHI Rose German C the life and heat o your ehiJ"D.and .W s
the above Port. Apply to tracts and various other defioate Perfume. Wheel. them from t.
ad & eoiu %
*p. described property, to-wit: a jiegro I J. DENIIAM Arrrire at Tallahassee..2 40 P. AI.I er's Oriental Lotion for the complexion ; Porcelain William P. Slusser, which are ctrtnn t.result fross lie mn tf.vt.t"tit'
Agent.St. Leave Tallahassee.. ..............300P.M. I
,! man name Bob., about 35 years old levied I and Metal Pnff Boxes; Toilet Po.der.Toilet Soaps, of which nmtditi tot Infantile |
Marks Aug. 18 1860. 34 I Arrive at Monticello............5.30P.M.Leave TALLAHASSEE FLORIDA, a'.te CpI
the of said a choice and extensive bt
upon as property defendant and Tallahassee..... .... ........8.00 P.M very variety. Manufacturer of Copper Tin and Sheet are compo ansi Da. Earwii's
to be bold to satisfy said writs according to North Carolina Military Institute Arrive at Madison..... .. .. ..7.00 P. M RECEIVED a supply of COSTAR'S : Iron War Wholesale I and Retail COIDUL.this you can ry/ ap. It is perfect/!
harmless and delicate infaiit(
cannot injure
]law. R. S.\t'SDERS5heriff. CHARLOTTE X. C. j 1 Connecting with Post Coaches at Monticello and .
&C., Dealer in FJaln Fancy and Ja. Price,25 cents. Full directions; accompany eachbuttle.
: with it Madison for Lake and ValJosta
: -ScpL 1, 1860. 36-1 init TIlE 3rd Session of this Institute will Login and from Stage Valdostaby Railroad Savannah.City EXTERMINATO-t: at the Corner Drugstore I p ncd V7ar3.KTOVE Prepared only by
FORSALE. on the 1st October next. For admission I Connecting at St. Marks with Stage to and from m.VJ tjr.UlTKRS

or further information apply to < Newport; and with the line of Mail Steamei between j Splun.! aasor'' -III nf Looking Parlor snj No.409 Broew.yl T.
IE PLANTATION known as "Do Soto" Maj. D. N. HILL New Orleans,Key West and Cuba and intermediate Citrate of Magnesia. A Wood :;....a. Iri.lI"d wmIi By AMes & LITELT,Talbltv. AD blUN

.ing three miles East of 1'all hassce. It point on the Jell, on their way to Key West on the )', at rcdu.1 |>r-i.. -s.our sjtevtable Druggists' throulbut te country

consists of 600 acres cleared land and 240 in '" August_ _18,._1860._ :_._m 3t-2m' = __m_ :i 17th and 2nd or 3rd of each month, and to New Or- popular and delightful Aperient i i. manureJL ': UOORVJJUK. March 13, 60. 13-ly. __ _
timber. Mesdames. Cucfaray and D'IIervlHyBEG i leans, on the 15th and 29th. tared in small quantities at a time so as to be al- j ROOFING Oi'u.iiiitn'al, ) J'rmit I lel'ds.Guttering,

I j! The train will not run on Sunday except on Steamer ways fresh. Saltier Aperient, Soda and, Seidlitx I Copper and Tin CuiiJuvting Pipes, .Sheet 1.eaJ. NEW TfiTA"RT.TffqTVTTTMT.

., New quarters, tc. Apply to to announce to their friends and the days. C. T. 'V. SYFAN, Asa't Sup't. Powders, fresh; Compound Syrup of the Phosphatesor Sheet Zinc,Lead Pipes, Patent CUlern Pumps. Shop undersigned respectfully: informs hIs fric b

C. B. GAMBLE, public, that theirBOARDING July 17,1 SCO. 3u Chemical Food. work of every variety done at abort notice. TIE the public generally, that h bis n4
,_May 26, 1800. 22 AND DAY SCHOOLfor I Albany Gulf Central Rail-Road. ROOK SALT FOR STOCK. Are respecUvJIy invited to give\ me a call before par- Retired tam Basiness,

t young Ladies will re-open at No's 1527 chasing elsebere.tN. .
Jf* U JrtJN JL'JL* U JbUDT10R Leave Savannah.9.15 a.m.lLeave( Yaldosta.4.30 a Jn. GONE TO FERRY;
and 1529 Spruce Street, Philadelphia, on I Arrive at\,'eta,5.46 p.m.IArrive at Sir ,12 65p.m. KEROSENE LAMPS I : B.-All articles manufactured from the H'S
: SALE SO CHEAP NOBODY WILL Thursday, Sept, 13th, 1800. I Fitted with the most approved'Burners.Burning very best material and warranted durable. No other 10
The train
at Savannah 12 5S
arriving connect
article will be offered for sale.
I1 G. TROUP MAXWELL Intention of Going to
complain. 18 1800. 34-Cw
August with the train on the C. K. R.departing 1.30 p.m. Oct. 1.a
; t Sept 1,1860. 36 UNIVERSITY OP LOUISIANA. (ds,).and 11 10 p. m. (night). Fluid 91855. n Flo copy. but that he will fully resume theBha4smttking

__ The schedule on this road is arranged so ss to GREAT SOUTHERN INVENTION Bisiitu Ain
NEGROES FOR SALE. Medical DepartmentThe connect with the Pen. & Geo. by Stage from Madison !
j I to Valdosta. Tbusbythis route leaving KEROSENE AJTD LARD OILS. -0-- .. i alt its various branches, V
j A FEW LIKELY YOUNG NEGROES for Annual Course of Lectures in this Departxnent -' passengers xiosfxrsr c*, iijOTraD
the Tallahassee Depot at 3 p.m. will resoh Savannah from this dale. Hi. is frostiitf s*
J\. sale upon the most accommodating terms. will commence on Monday, Novem- nut day by 12.55. IBJlItm FIBIESIH 3EtDIPS.( PATENT SOUTHERN PLOW. i one 200 mont opposite the Post-office shop aDd is I'

Inquire at D. B. Maxwell's Store. her 12, 1860, and will terminate in the ensuing JASPER J. FULTON Superintendent. Patented Dee. 27th rear of Mr.Zfeker's Harne.eSbop, where be iouri

Sept. 1, 1860. 30 March. July 31, 1S60. 32-tf Expected'to Arrive Soon. 1659. !to errry on the business I it should be doge. r,

.. FOR RENT! JAMES JONES, M. D, Prof. of Practice of' WATER; A large and well sefeot- WE call the mention of the public to oar new i. log grateful] tot the liberal ptr heretofi
Medicine.J. Blacksmith Notice. CONGRESS and Hair D rushes.Paint,Varnish Plow, feeling satisfied that it b the moat tended to hi he would S soobsuance -

a' ) TItIweU known residence of the subscri- L RIDDELL, M. D, Prof of Chemistry. and White-wash Brushes; A complete stock of convenient valuable and economical FLOW yet invented of te ame,hoping by his own pr* 7.r
the 1st October next for one year WARREN STONE THE undersigned has purchased tensils for Graining,Porte Uooaies,Violin String. and must when U has been tried,Mperoedc all fort a nrompt aaentwn,to. render euirt .u
M. D
Prof of SUrgery., Jos. IL Alton! one of others. This k the Opinion of experienced planters H. B. f
The premises are at present occupied by Dr A. IL CENAS, M. D, Prof. of Obstetrics. little's: Machines for Upsetting orl OK THE who have examined it. We art prepared to sell patent tl. 1880. [EThe.copy.POST _
: __ 'Isl :_
R. 11. BERRY. |
, C. B. Gamble. I GUSTAVUS A. NOTT, It!. D, Professor of I Bands and Axles, thereby renderia *,and cell the special attention of the public that t2

Aug. 28, 1860. __ 353tL" : ____ : Materia Medica. I him able of Shrinking Tires neater B. E. Q-.A.Mfl.;," those wS hin BUT secure thorn aoon. Tho PLOW & MEL,
-- better than could be done heretofore. flP EXPECTED DAILY. can be sees at Lloyd,and wo will leave paue.distributed
1 Se hl.n.e T. G. RICHARDSON, M. D, Professor of I All persona ean now have the opportunity of havng M different place very cone QfAxe COMMISSION MERCHANTS,

GROVER & Anatomy.L. this kind of work done with nratneee and dispatch TTTHTTE W _WINE VINEGAR, RpberrT Vinegar Wanted. RONEY & LLOYD. P.ydrms Street
BAKER'S.THE M. LAWSON, M. D, Prof. of Clinical| at the new Black-smith Shop of Worcestershire Sauce Pickled Lobsters Jan. 10,'60.. 3.tiBLACKSMITHINC. 4 .
reliable durable DEi Plantation Fresh .Lobatera Fresh Salmon Fresh Mackerel NEW, oi1LEANS.Refer
only Family* Medicine. July 31. 1860. 3-3ra H. B. FTTTS. ,
Sewing Machine Servants fauietn PSekJed ., Proas. Date, Anderson's SolaceTohsooohIacsboy8outWeterprooM.tcbeeBose -
.4 THOMAS HUNT, M. D, Prof of Physiology
old use them without trouble buy npTJK SUBSCRIBER gives notice that .. ha* to11 -
jL rears Blacksmith Notice.
and ,
Machine circular.- Pathology. .Castito Transparent Soap Spen.Oila pare.- JL apnea hi. BLACKSMITH SHOP stain IB,. ]
warrAntcd. Send for
p a S. E. CHAILLE M. D, ) Demonstrators of jieJo for sewing Machines.TTTHKKLXR'S connection with his Lucar STAVU, wher ho win J.G. I IT

Direct, to Ccntreville Leon county" Florida. W. C. NICHOLS, M. D, }f Anatomy.The all its branches boai-. I ban dono all kind. O' (Plantation and Curia work. ...J.Piaziss iC*.. ( T. .
lot C.
: : FOLSOM Agent. Rooms for will be rsYY -ALS LW" J
Dissecting on will be- carried .
open ease 4F FrecUea
Tan a'
AugoslllS moviaff Pimples
'TT* 1860 35 the second Monday in October. heretofore, at the OLD = I andaQenpU aa/tht8kln, For aala at the CWMT, SHOEING in. tao very ,host D...HIQ/1. ,

Silver Watches for Sale. The STAND. by the tnder. Drag Ston by J.R.GBBCOBT A CO. will n.e every nirnnr .
I Faculty are Visiting Physicians and Ic.0..1.
signed, who returns his JBORSE work doao with dipateauaad. SI
'V person ,uUbiqg to bay a good English Surgeons of the Charity Hospital. thanks lot and solicits a TTEbtThEET A co.'S INIMITABLE HAIR .1.P. I. D..4.SI.K. ,

1 ANY Lever', .tcb, strong dcuble cases Tee Students accompany the Professors in continuation of the pob- : .COLORING warranted t. rsetera gnj hair .B_DROEoI'1. J w.GaN.w YetlJolmluo. .

, and full Jewelled, can see-a fine assortment their visits, and, free of expense, enjoy extraordinary lie prtronage heretofore (a its original.,at 1bICOflSIOtS. January JI 18313Carriagea. ,..81.:E j pI

TIIOM.VS Kix- practical Mnntages.PreJimil1ary so liberally eitepaed. J.a.GREGORY : o ., .
newly Imported, by calling on July 1, 1859. 31 D. WILSON. Biigg1u, tad Hants 1. .
; LOCH at Dati'l! Ladd's, New Port. to the Course,Lectures will be I rot lLL. BTWK .

Ji;if i '. New Port, &'p 8, 1860. 37-2t delivered daily in the Amphitheatre of the Fhk'4 Patent Hetalic Burial Cases Aromatic Tonic Bitter*., 1 p. II ROle A W. 1 :ee.. fI a

i Hospital from the 1st of October, on Clinical rpHSSEIaralaahle BITTSRS are a great Rae I--,. ."aL.'J-"". JJ.Ur .4

APPLICATION will be made to the next Medicine and Surgery and other subjects .-,r- _-_ JL aroaTiri faaQcawa of Debility incident to a I ,TAW1f::AJIIBICAN1I.ItBCE .
A. ,of the General of thia without to students warm elimate, person who sos rcaovarinf from swk.nea .
session Assembly any W..ORKQ
_the roJI
Cor sal
41 wiHfi dth nsn OrttTenJc Those J brat r* aaaaU temu. ,
State, for A Charter of a finil Rod from the THOMAS HUNT M. D, Dean. leg nader Drarami and fKSMffmaK via fad lh nMTrantagwsja X..saIS5& : (

: water TknM.Iky or Charlotte Harbor to t7' The Administration of the Charity (Rosewood Finished-Latest Palest,) tab aa knr. r.a. twfcrt aatala,ta w TA.TLO&'SX :- :

tbe Caters lh&St.-WjiU Jlircr, at or near Hospital elect annually, in*April, fourteen A40TI90T ago IXBUTBCCTTSI.K.A fact they will be found a. .xe Beaa T afa is almost .GIB&_ I8.'I'.uz.asUD. lT0flrw.

'I lake JetUr. Resident Student*, who are maintained by SUPPLY of ill sizes kept constantly on band all eases when ttimmkata arc yvpM. 40 Os&wa!feteikby Yard Mat ta4AH Ca 'taDau-e.J-
0 "
I institution. **. by T.J. AWLS. Undertaker. For sale at the Curser Drat iere.J..LUREGORY, A."OI1U1f8 CO uritn nrsvpuijr.t tavl d&.
lbtl.JM 4 1800. 25 i the [Sept. 1 60. 36-2m
,4 I' c Nw. 9, '53 IB & CO. 185U. 57-tf Oe2Tp11 I-It

0 "

V .. .*. :,...1IiW .
? .
p. '_ _
; i -- JEiJ : :
-- ---- .
---- -- ------ -
=-J -- ( r -= :_ _- -- .. -r' I

The Floridian & journal

Material Information

The Floridian & journal
Alternate title:
Floridian and journal
Place of Publication:
Tallahassee Fla
Maxwell & Hilton
Creation Date:
September 15, 1860
Publication Date:


Subjects / Keywords:
Newspapers -- Tallahassee (Fla.) ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Leon County (Fla.) ( lcsh )
newspaper ( marcgt )
newspaper ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Leon -- Tallahassee
30.451667 x -84.268533


Additional Physical Form:
Also available on microfilm from Bell & Howell, Micro Photo Division; Library of Congress, Photoduplication Service.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Vol. 1, no. 1 (Jan. 6, 1849)-
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Ceased in 1865?
General Note:
General Note:
Publishers: Charles E. Dyke, <1852>-1855; Dyke & Williams, 1855; J. Jones, <1855>; Dyke & Carlisle, <1861-1863>; Dyke & Sparhawk, <1864>.
General Note:
Supplements accompany some issues.

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University of Florida
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University of Florida
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I l *>l
tit till flu, Dividing the Profits with the OF TilE STATE, TilE Cypress Bend Plantation in Clncut Co, TTTOULD) return his grateful ackLow'eJj! \\ I. ChiTke; Esq.,

CUSTOMERS. Arkansas, one of the best Cotton Plantations -1 \\V r menu to the citizens of Southern
ADOPTED BT THE JCIMT I UHMK1L A&8EMBLV: very ] Georgia looted in T: lah&e as an AT
jTO PAP DIETS A3 D SO BOOKS TO KEEP: on the Mississippi! River, is now offered and Middle and East Florida, for the very HAVING AT LAW renpoctfully offers.

J P. x.hiutock.... by...AB.DEN'ISlalilr' Rxprcw.: WATCHES, All ACT to amend the 8th section of the 6th I for sale at the extremely'price of (65,000 : liberal pxtronrge received from them during iik services to the p ltiC! All claims force-!

i. 'aa STERLING SILVER WARE. article of the Const tution of the State of Dollars. It has upon it all the Improvements the pa-t five or six )'cars. ection or other busin*, entrusted to him will:
I and Machinery for force of : He will continue the ; of the above '
Oa b.ndfiN aaaortment or Florida. necessary a eighty practice l.'je promptly ;attended to.,
.,:Y f,". Spttiett, Plated W"r,. Tallt and Be it I hands, and has in cultivation 1000 aTC!, now profession in those sections of country, as tOivica in the new buil ling opposite
fHM Cttltry Razars, Packet Deals, laitca, SECTION 1. enacted by the Senate upon it an unsurpassed crop of Corn and Cot : has made such arrangements with manufac he firm of A. Hopkins A CX(

. On 94'S sad ee".MiZit.ry a. il. Representatives of the State ton. There are altogether 1500 acres of, turers of Dental Materials North, as to enable July 7, 1860. JJ8ra,

, aaJ Jwclrj rcptind.J.1fJ. ..*n.\:>.:.!:.c.. rUjiitJA.CLamkle I of Florida in General Assembly convened, Land in the tract and not( but is arabIc. j him to put tIp full setts of teeth, in any of tht ---- -- -
IS68.!< 28 .. Perfumery.Surgical Instruments,Paints That the 8th section of the 6th article of the Protected as this place ii, front and side popular mode, at from fifty to one hundre'dollars WM. ii. MCDONALD A GO'S,

JELVA INSURANCE COMPANY.OF Oil, Varnishes, Dy -Stnff., &o. Constitution of this State shall not hereafterbe Levees overflows! are imposMiblc. and upon j less than J. usually charged for the gtbhtttising! anb Ccmraissicn 11011sr,
-ALSO- so construed as to render any Justice of examination will be found the the South he
it in he what
: cheapest {same ; ( means says,])
HARTFORD. Braahea. CnmtM And Fancy Toilet Article: Mediine the :{O 102.NASSAU
; Snpreme Court Chancellor of STREET
< Cbesta of all.i%....fitted or Judge plantation on the r er. For particulars refer to and guarantees them to be as durable, beautiful
up in complete I
1819.-C1ad'7 $tIe with Pure Medicine this State ineligible to either of the offices: of A. P. AMAKER Tallahassee! Fla, I and **iccaUc as can be put up North saw voas
ill Perpetual
1.rorporatcd Justice of the Supremo Court, Chancellor or South. Advertisements will be received as abu".
C> 1T: L IITO c : : or on the place to or
, Cuh Capttalr-IOOOtOOO Of Drugs, Medicin.. &c.. embrace every article Judge of this State, upon the ground that II. E. and A. C. WELLBORN' Those in need of hw service, can, by dropping for publication in this paper..

required by the Physician and guaranteed of tht the same is another and different office, stationor August f8, 1860. 34 : a note '.o him at either Moaticello or Aug. 2.0,. 1853. 34 .

SSCRE AOAIXJTT LOSS AND DAMAGE BY lint quality Country Physicians and Planters m.\ post of honor and emolument. Madison, Fla., have the work done, and time
TIRK Or TXRMS ADAPTKDJ. rdy l on having their orders filled in the beat manner [9th General Assembly.-Passed the Senate MEDICAL COLLEGE OF} ALABAMA AT to test it before paying fur it. VALUABLE PLANTATION IX LEON:
"id at the most reasonable
TO Title HAZARD March 27! 1860. price a.14 by the constitutional majority January 8, MOBILE. JtiT The best references given if desired. FOR SALE.
ISO CONSISTENT WITH THE LAWS OF 1859. Passed the House of Representativesby Lectures will the 14th ..
commence on December 25, 1858. 52 rplIE Plantation known as the Wbi tkor
COMPENSATION. the constitutional TIlE ,. ,, _. ,, ,
WH1TU LEAD majority January 12, '
IX C. LEWIS, Agent, : \ next. r. 'A ""V'r r / L Place" is offeicd fQr sale. The Iud lie

ForTallahaaM. &1J vk*tty.LtNCKEL Zinc, Faints, Colors, &o. 1858.] The success of the school has: induced the DISSOLUTION.THE about 8 miles North of Tallahassee,.and consists

.,pZ:_ :.r 39 I han jo.t receirod and keep consta tly on hand, State Legislature i to appropriate fifty thou Co-Partnership heretofore existing un- of 2,280 acres of as go6M Cotton Land. -
for ink. on the most reinnnable terms, AN ACT to amend the 7th section of the sand dollars towards the enterprise. With l the style of the undersigned firm, has as there is in Florida. The dwelling and-

f TUNNO & NOWELL\ French and American Zinc Paints Fnqlish 13th article of the Constitution of this State. this sum the Trustees have/ built one of the been dissolved the 30th of June last. All other buildings are in fine condition and Are

FACTORSAND Boiled and Raw Linseed Oil,Red Lead, SECTION 1. Be it enacted by the Srnatf largest and best appointed Medical Colleges business of the late firms of HEIR & RUST, unusually good. The property is offered for

Litharge anti Patent Dryers, Verdigris and House Representatives of the State oc I in the United States. and HEIR, RUST & CO., will be settled by sale for division:: among the heirs.. For particulars .

Central , Venetian Red French tho 7th section of the 13th article of the Con-i of with the and HEIR RUST & CO.
COMMERCIAL WHARF part greatest care, i* I. 11. B. WHITAKER, Enfield N. C..
fORTH. ) sand American stitution of this State be so amended as to rich in specimens to illustrate every department I Tallahassee, July 20,1860.COI'ARTNEILSIIIP.. or F. \\'. GAMBLE, Tallahassee, 1a.May ,
1. IUXCKEL: : Ochres read, all liabilities of such Banks shall be ,
Lamp Black
26 1880. 22-tfWalulla
f fi ,
) I, X. Tt'JCJIO, Charleston S. C. Paris White payable in specie, and the aggregate of the There three free to the ,
arc large Hospitals
:\WJutiny, - ------------ -
" L rrsso I American end Foreign Blue liabilities and issues of a Bank (exclusive of Students.The business of the above firm will be car- ; Circuit Court.-In Eyttity

.1" L W WILL: j jJ J:0 J Putty, Window Glass, Painters deposits) shall at no time exceed double. the rooms for practical! Anatomy will be I THE on as usual at the old stand by the Mary E. Lawrence, ))

J &b)*tbn c fir one of ;our-firm. Mnsn D C, Brushes Graining Combs, d-t.. etc., <&.. dr. amount of its capital stock paid in. opened about the middle of October. subscribers, who entered into Co-1'artnerahip vs. > Bill of D rorce.Franci' .
9th General
11 March 87, 1850. M LIVELY. [ Assembly.-Passed the Senate on the 1st instant
M. Lawrence
ttiuo-i 4 Sot. ctI Tallallueee! FI.i. will repre- )
1 by the constitutional majority January, FACULTY RUSTJL- MEAGHER.Tallahassee .
Mlu,rvmtr cad Jrmc .11 Cotton design..I :
upon to the of the Court
1859. Passed, the House of appearing satisfaction
.I QUININE. Representativesby J. C. MOTT M. D.. Professor of Surgery. July 21, 1660. n that
. IbritUVNCKEL.TUNNO by affidavit filed the defendant in this
tho constitutionr.1 l
.te : 1000 Ounces Sulphate of Qnlnlne. majority January 10, J. F. HEUSTISS M. D. Prof.. of
:. 6 Charlcaton C. 1853. Anatomy. Bill reside out of the State of Florida, it is
TT AVING bought this article before the advance ] I \\ M. II. ANDERSON, :M. D., J>rof.o Physiology :NOTICE.ALL ordered that a hearing be had the fact
,.. JLJ- in I sell it I indebted to the late firms of upon
GEORGE COLLINS price.! am prepared to on very rraaonable and persons
Pathology. in said Bill before tblf of the
charged ;
... t rm.. To Phvociana and partita in the AN ACT to amend the amsnJcd Constitution & RUST, and HEIR, RUST & Judge
GEO. A. KETCH UM/M. 1). Prof: of Principles -
.!thtntl] X 6cnns !llor atTALLAHASSEE. a1u, trade who want a quantity for CASH,can buy of us of the State of Florida in relation to and Practice of Medicine.F. CO., will call and settle their accounts due on Middle Circuit of the State of Florida on doe
aa low at in market North South. first Monday of October next. It is further!
any or the sessions of tho !
fJ.OIUD.r6'Ocr General .. .
\ \ssc111bh' 1st h by
: i January by ca or
Maich 1860. A. ROSS M. D. Prof of Matcria Medica
2-1. W. LIVELY. .
" ordered that a of this: order ba published
trtr tic SLate Bsnk..b,136O. SECTION. Be it enacted by the 'Sena.e RUST; iMEAGUER.. copy
9 and t Therapeutics. in the Floridian and Journal A weok
Congress Water. and House of Representatives of the State of Tallahassee :21 1860 30 once
July ,
F. E. GORDON M.! D Prof of Obstetrics
for the months.
of thne
,.. __ space
Florida in General
GEO. WALtrONXNIGRT FRESH SUPPLY received and for Assembly convened That v v
sale ,
A just and Diseases of Women and Children.J. RECEIVED"
Passed at Chambers this 29th day of June
JUST : : ,
by M. LIVELY. the members of the House of R I .
prcscllt"- j
MALLET Prof. of Chemistry. FINE GOLD WATCHES A. D. 1860.
lives shall be chosen the |
TALLVHASSEE. FLA. SUPERIOR Burning Plaid,Camphene, Keroaen. and shall for the by qualified voters, I GORONWY OWEN, M. D., A. P. HALL, GENTS do do do J. WAYLES BAKER, Judge.
fOKcr" it Meant. A met & Linl '. Drug Store Oil for sale serve term of two yeas
: ) by M. D., Demonstrators of Anatomy. June 29tb 1860.
Gold Chatalain Chains
Miy 1, 1860. __ 19lyMEDICAL Mae! 27. )I. LIVELY. from and after the day of the first election II. D. SCHMIDT M. D. Prosecutor of Surgcry. Spectacles. ,, _
o -- -- -'"'""" -' U'
Gold and Silver Pen aud Pencil Cases
IIOTICE'DR. u-xt3.ijeoc1 under the amended Constitution, and no I X TICEu
longer; and the sessions of the General Assembly I Silver Ware,
bY GEORGE BADGER FOR FALL PLANTING.T3 shall be annual, and commence Address W. II. ANDERSON Plated do, SIX months after the first publication of'

( TEL1 hit ro.ional< I a rvt '*a to the citizen UTABAGA, Red Top and Flat Dutch Turniped. the 3d Monday of November in each on July 14. 29-3m Dean of Fft ult-. Pocket Cutlery, notice, the undersigned, administra
LI TtlhhtMte) and urroartiling country.tVO&c XV alao large Drumhead Green Glazed and year, sale trix of tho estate of J. I. U. Green deceased
such other times Mctalic Fish Bobs, fcc. &c.. and for
at be ,
or as
prescribedby MILES NASH
at tbe CHj Huui.J may & CO.
other Cabbage and ..'. .
ieedi.juatreoeivd for
by late of Leon county, will present het final ao-
low .
.. at MYERS & GORMAN'S.TaIlbau.eeJuly
.5. I860._ __ _ kr_ _ Aug :I, 1660 35-tfJ) AMES & LIVELY law. in and vouchers the Hon.
EDWARD M. SEC. 2. Be it further enacted That the Dealers Drugs, Medicines tu:. 21, 1860. 30 count to Judge of
WEST Dissolution of received from New York bark Probate of Leon county and ask to be ducharged. -
be chosen
Copartnerhip.rPIIr Representatives on the first per
lirtiisetr and l'one iwton Merchant JUST
<< >
;firm of AMES & LIVELY was diaadfed on Monday in October in each and every second Gamble, a general asoortmeiit of articles :
TALLAhASSEE, FLORIDA. JL the fifth instant, by the death of D. H AMI from and after the first election under in our line such as Oils of almost every fil undersigned has resumed work in town, 30>, 1 i 60. 2'l6m.1OT1CE' .
given to O>n.i i nmont t<> year
Ptonl'1'al1entiomion Juttr to Ainci &LtYt1jr'. late ienior partner The business will be continued the amended Constitution, or on such other kind, Burning Fluid, White Lead, Zinc and J. and has opened a Shop in the same building

[1ft- 'tvr.,. [Xor, 8. ;85,. 46A103C. hereafter ml.cit a by toirinoance the: apdenignetl of the,kind who would patronage respectfully :relo. day as may be directed by law. I other paints, Window Glass of best quality with Mr. Kuan's where all Carnage kinds of Shop Blacksmithing oppositethe TS hereby given that at the next eooa of

-- -- -- fore ao liberally extended to the Into firm ; assuring SEC. 3. Be it further enacted, That the Putty Brushes" Potash, Soda, Sparkling Gel- Exchange, _L the General Assembly, application will bo
.. G-CtlXlo '
: will be done with and
.BEAU ix the public that it ball) be bit constant care and en. Senators shall be thnn by the qualified atine, London Mustard, French Brandy (very neatness despatch. made for an alteration of or amendment to
dcaror to merit ibe confidence of and give entirrati"f.ctio1 electors for the term of four years at tin best) for medicinal puiposc-s Spices, Pepper, : lIe can refer with confidence to those who. the Charter of the Pensacola Goo and tba

Dry Goods( Provisions, to, the nuioeroua customers of the eaiabIWimrot same time, in the same mann and in the Lemon Syrup I Ill.:,., Quinine, Peru\ian Huk., I have patronized him heretofore for the character Tallahassee Rail Road Companies.

*VD M. LIVEIY.Aug. same places where they vote for numbers: of Fl'lid Extract Buchu, &c., &e. and a generalassortment I of his! work. July 28, 1860. 31ADMINISTRATOR'S
2S. 1860 36. FRANCIS PAYNE. __ __..... ..
Groceries in General. the House of Ut'prccntath'es.! and no person of Popular Patent Medicines. We ...__- -_ or. .. "
9, 'JS [tFlo&I '. keep none but the best and hope to merit January 8, 1858. 2-tf NOTICE.
copy NOTICE.ALL shall be a Senator unless he be a white man, very ._ .
----- ---- - -
'I'r *o<;te. A. rLt.;...r. AMAKCK.... persons having claims or demand a citizen of the United States, and shall have .tour patronage. FOR SALE ALL persons having claim. or demand
I .u. the estate of B. C. Burgess, dcccastwl been an inhabitant of this Stato for twoyears MILES\ NASH & CO.: I the estate of Jabez B. Bull, deceased -
\ Hogue are requested to present them, next preceding his election, and the March 29, 1850. 18M. I are requested to present them, properly
10RNEYS AND COUNSELLORS AT LAW properly resident of the district "RCIIER.I T OFFER for sale my PLANTATION ia authenticated to the within
tl authenticated, to the undersigned.within last year thereof a or D. PAPV. HIGH: undersigned
, Tallahassee Florida for which he shall be and ] J_ Jefferson countIt consists of 1,000 t\\0 from this data will be
two years from this date or they will be county chosen PAPY & ARCHER years or they
IIu V L:.furiaol a co-partntrahipin the practice olU barred ; and those indebted will make shall have attained the ago cf twenty-five I acres of fine Cotton; Land, 670 acres cleared, barred ; and those indebted will make p.tJ:
IIr ., cud will att<.nd to any profiesional buai immediately. payment 'eal'8. ATTORNEYS AT LAW and of this 500 acres are fresh. This tract meat immediately. JAS. H. BULL
entrusted to their catf.MiylS ) Tallahassee, Florida. i lies within 10 miles of the Pensacola and
it enacted That the I Administrator do bon
' GREEN D. CIIAIRES AJm'r.zr SEC. 4. Be further :l non
]1f >> ';s _21 classification of Senators made at the first July 9, 1859. 23 ;, Georgia; Railroad, is well watered and adjoinsa August 4, 1860. 32-8w

ocl.1.oa.1 0'11.00. Persons having claims against: said I I I session of the General AssemLIheld in the I large body of !gool pine land abounding in -_-.------- -
L TiVLOR. J. 0. BOND. estate will please present them to M. D. Papy, shall continue Sulphur Springs, the best of timber. Apply to NOTICE. ]
I year 1845, unchanged, one-
Esq., who is authorized to act as my agent in E. W. GAMBLE: Tallahassee.May after date the iH
DRS. TAYLOR & BOND I half of whom, as nearly as possible. shall be NEW PORT, FLORIDA. I SIX months undersigned w
the settlement of said
.WR: :p.llaociatf'd in the practice of Medicine. estate. chosen hereafter for the term of 20, 1860. 22 his final accounts and vouchers to
Office at the OM Stand of Dr. Taylor.TrfjbiMce August, 1860. 328wP. |\/\IRS. L. A. MADDEN respectfully informs ," the Judge of Probate of Leon as ex-
four Provided however and it is hereby county
years Iii. her friends and the
F February 1859. 7 I public who may desire IRISH -
officio administrator the of V. V.
declared That the term of office of that on state
< ALL, T.T.. D1tEVEDJItoLL class of Senators nnczpired at the first election Skrine, deceased, late of said county, and :ask
health pleasure, that she has had the "Wa- CONSUMERS of Richardson's Linens
I and
AND SALE $STABLES to be discharged therefrom.
uudcr the amended Constitution, shall
C \ & HREVARO, kulla HOTEL in
put good order, and u those desirous of the
pre VJ obtaining genuine II. T. BLOCKER, Fx-offieio Adna'r
extend and the first in
expire on Monday
ttorn.oy a"t La."OCr TALLAHASSEE, FLORIDA. to accommodate them with Board and
should that the
hundred fared goods, see articles they purchase April 7, 1860. 15--6m
TALLAHASSEE, FLORIDA. Proprietor 'Vonld inform hia friends October eighteen and sixtytwo.SEC. Her table will be supplied with I are sealed with the full name of the firm, .r.'J"J' .'_ ,' ,-.-.-_
ainocLtted tiMtnaeUea in the of THE 5. Be further enacted That the first
i&rING practice the best the market
the public, that he has rebuilt his affords-including FRESH NOTICE.
i. ,uff.r tlylr pnofeMional rTieca, to the election for Assemblymen under this Consti- J. N. RICHARDSON, SONS & OWDEN,
''* They will practice: in the Circuit Court. orI,1IidJIf' large Brick Stables, at the old stand, and is FISH. The Bath House at the upper spring MONTHS after the first publication of
tution shall take the first of the soundness
place on Monday is in fine condition for as a guarantee and durabilityof SIX
DMtricttbe Supreme Court and District now prepared to accommodate his friends and bathing:, and has given: notice, the undersigned executor of
in October hundred and and the Goods. -
4U11<'the United States Tallahiwee. customers. eighteen sixty, satisfaction to all who have vY.t.d: the
:: the first session of the General may This caution is rendered the last \Vill and testament of N. N. Branch
T Office IB Rat new building onr the S OG&L Assembly this essentially necessity -
g.r. He also has attached to his Stables, a good Springs season.! 29 July 14, 1860.
deceased late of Leon will
cera Rail Road f Bank. under this amended Constitution shall com :.", 0 as large quantities of inferior and defective county, presenthi
J:*\. ::11, 18GO. 4-tf Blacksmith Shop, where he will have done mence on the third Monday in November in "RONE" & LLOYD'SPATENT Linens are prepared, season after season final account, as such executor, to the
all kinds of Plantation work, Horse Shoeingand of Probate of said and ask to
the hundred and and scaled with the of Richardson Jndge county
year eighteen sixty-one. SOUTHERN name by
R. H. BERRY Carriage work in the best manner
very SEC. 6. Be it enacted That the Irish who of the be discharged. JOHN D. BRANCH.
further Houses regardless injury
: COMMISSION and with and despatch.Nor. PLO"VV.IXDIVIDUAL
'CTIOXEER promptness .
AID 12 1860. 20-6in Execut
time May r.
sessions of the General Assembly shall not thus inflicted alike on American consumer ___ ,,_
.BRORANT. 5, 1853. 44 RIGHTS to use this PLOW __ ______ v __'
38 extend over thirty days in duration, unless a and the manufacturers of the genuine Goods NOTICE.
U.AMLIU.F.IJ,1855.) 1 sold
constitutional majority of the members !shall! ), by will not readily abandon a business so profit-
'flET1Z'hVThEflS: Fire Insurance ]! FRANCIS PAYNE, Blacksmith. Months after the first publication of
deem it expedient. No member shall receive able, while purchasers can be imposed on with SIX
1M MISSION MERCHANT.' State :Fire and marine Insurance Co., pay from the State for his services Tallahassee, !May 12, 1860. 20 Goods of a worthless character.J. notice, the undersigned will presenthis

PENNSiL VANIA. after the expiration of thirty days continuo Fulton BULLOCKE & J. B. LOCKE. Ag'ta, final account and Touchers to the Judge
of Probate of Leon of tao
from the of the session. county, as executor
BF.K\L Cotton Tobacco against loss by fire on the usual ously commencement 36 Church St., New York.
on or INSURE of A. L. Fisher late of said
S&C.7. Be enact d That the act TALLAHASSEE FLORIDA. estate ,deceased
unH to his fnend in New York. F. H. FLAOG, Agent. further Sept. 24, 1850. 39-ly
:tTSir.llT EXCHANGE en NEW YORK in Tallahassee, Dec. 18, 1858. 51 entitled an act to amend the Constitution of JOHN CARDY -' -- ....., ---' """" --- county, and ask to be tliachALFRED .
;"-"'Jitpnrchiietri. H. L. R. this State so is to make the sessions of the Proprietor. A. FISHER, Ex'tr.April .
*P17. '58 37 )I. 1:. AKDER3ON. Wt. H. MILTON. New Goods. 28, 1860. l&-6m
_ General Assembly biennial ins ad of annual, 6 to 33 __ _
______ .. ..
r 'J' r -
McNIdlli: BiaRD & COM Anderson &/ Milton, be and the same is hereby abrogated and annulled power,built to order of the best material and -

ATTORNEYS AT LAW so far as the same is inconsistent with workmanship, and as cheap as can be pur. RARE INDUCEMENT.. NOTICE.
QMMI.SgHl N MERCHANTS, the provisions of this act. chased in New York or any Northern city SIX months after the first publication of thi*

SAVANNAH, GA. ANDSOLICITORS [Passed the House of Representatives by and laid down in Florida. Castings for SawMills BEG leave respectfully to draw the attention the undersigned executor of the
\\111.,. \.vcHT, I I W. K. nun.IIn,1 jtfarumna,J ch." County EQUITY,FU., the constitutional majority January Is, 1859. I Gin, Gearing, &c., kc., constantly on of the citizen of Tallahassee and adjoining last Will and testament Archibald Graham

.. UIIiAIiD, Jonf D&nuw.: Passed the Senate by the constitutional ma- hand. Sugar Mills from 12 to 18 inches in counties to the fact that I 'am now in deceased, late of Leon county, will presenthis

:S, 1\'i'J! 36-ly_ H AVE formed a co-partnership in the prac- jority January 15,, 1859.] >_ diameter always: on hand or made to order. 'possession of a complete and well assorted final account such executor,to the Judge
ChQS tice of Law, and will attend fidelityand ) Some beautiful Iron Probate of said and uk be d-.
. :a. 'W ct, patterns of Railing for SPRING AND SUMMER STOCK, county to

' -DJ: LEIL IS- promptness to any business entrusted to OJTICK or THE SECRETART: or STATE, ) > grave yards, &c. COMPRISING OP charged.V.. G. PONDER, Ex'tr.. .

'::tit :anil JmtishmfL 6tntralln.0' their Franklin care Calhoun in the Circuit and Courts of Jackson in the, Tallahassee, March 19th, 1860. )} Jobbing work of all descriptions executed Dry Good, Clothing, Boots and Shoes, Fancy April 28, 1860. 1G- m

Washington; I hereby certify the foregoing acts entitled fith neatness and despatch. All orders addressed Goods, Straw and Millinery Goods, -
Court at Marianna and in the United NOTICE.
t< > otters ooompani d by the CASH will meet Supreme "An Act to amend the 8th! section of the 6th to John Cardy, Tallahassee, Florida, Groceries and Wooden Ware
r*'"::J"prompt attention. States District Court at Tallahassee and article of the Constitution d the State of promptly attended to. Watches and Jewelry, &C., SIX MONTHS after date the undersigned

''''''rII.I860. 8 Apalachicola.February Florida," "An Act to amend the 7th section "... tTerws Calh.- S which I offer at astonishing low prices. present her final accounts and Touch ..

HIES coTQealeri : 4, 1860. 6 of the 13th article of the Constitution of this -0SPECiAL -- Grateful for the liberal patronage heretofore era to the Judge of Probate 0(, Leon county,

NA-SH. :& Scriven House. .State,"."An Act to amend the amended Constitution J NOTICE. bestowed upon me I respectfully solicit a as executrix on the estate of Lewis P. Holla-

in Drugs,Xeoleintf;*o.yOULD of the State of Florida in relation to the H AVING purchased the interest of Joseph continuance of the same, and invite the pub, day, deceased, late of said county., and ask to

inform their frlecd .nd the pub. SAVANNAH, GEORGIA. sessions of the General Assembly," to be true Carojr in the Fulton Foundry, as well as lie to call and give us a trial. Rcspetfully, be discharged therefrom.

. 't 'Ie,tu: they hate on iaatf rOod*..ort- 1fRS. s. B. FOLEY, Proprietreu.-Thia and correct copies of the original! acta on.file all accounts! due the concern, the business LAWRENCE OHLMANN.April LETITIA G. HOLLADAY, Executrix,

:iiI .tfsuc.h;.,lIaiun.tniclci ta are geoeraJhrkvptin! their j.U_ new and elegant Hotel, fronting MooomcntSqoare iitthis'offlce. will hereafter be conducted by me. Those 14, 1860. 16 Jely21,1860.306mNOTICE.
f- and will ha r.c.ivI.agr'gi1&tt, is DOW in complete order, ao4 official indebted will -- '-- --.
jSlLJ; $. Theirisra.shel I bdreuo.srs &... "Witness my signature please come forward and settle NOTICR -- ------ -
,. 1h1.e..icytk.IU1., ready to accommodate iafln st1ehe trar.. F. :1,. VlLlEPIGUE, their aceounU JOHN CARDY. .

elrac pnblle. _.. 'ft j,... 0 slit. '. '. "&,emary of State. January 7, 1860. 21yNOnCE. A PPLICATION: will: be made at the next MONTHS after data the mi4emign.\
- ..A.'i'A. 'O ..T.It' Rooms are large and sir h'tha.'lV ,; Mirth 24, 186& '*,18-0m -- -- ---- -- -.- --. session'of the General Assembly of the SIX present her final accounts and .vouch,

r. HOPKINS &. CO"- b1,rally equal to MT HJ*"'1'f Nr1ir..... .J '':pR'8JlB: State of Florida for a Charter of a Railroad era to the Judge: of Probate of Waknlla county

1. erinr 'eir large 8lock cC amUla nynLI a Iea dlber 1.._ 18JJ' _: : APPLICATION will be made to the next commencing at some point on the Gulf at or .as administratrix! on the, estate of"Jeans .
iDB '
.. .riILlSS000DS AT CO"1'.waiatiiiriof... ways atthebepot: .&nd8t.&oM----; ... t ( '< sfluz? ON MONROE General Assembly of.this or between Doer Harbor and Apalachicola to Wiggins, deceased, late or said eodHiy ao4aik "..
ptIt. "I'E.J.\OONET&BERAOE k&BDl t earrJ pw6grIto. ndaibalf roI---,_ '. :i.L.} i." 'by P. Brokav., State for a Charter for a Railroad from the connect with the Pen.& Ceo. H. R, or in the. to bo discharged. ..-; ;
ri, wd SUMMER SILKS.ij .. 4W b. ,')D. >>.MEGINNIS3.. ,waters of the St. Johns ,
I..!"'''u'UC' UOD oh.rtblMrt.- tAe sal :yat ..MXitne23,1850. to Indian River I direction Tallahassee. ANN WIGGINS.Waft", :. -
;. .. '" itt.S > d. 'Vrt-i:..tMO. Of. ......!I-. _, lull 21, 1890. 30 Jul28,1860.31' July 21, *86. Q-fJlI&..

. J'. t.-' .. S .. 4r( Jk. 1.....'. ': -..' ...., ft .1

, C :X < v" "it\.r:, ,'. :t.-::. '"' V'.oj .
; : .- .
C ... 1' ..
,, :, '
"t. ,, P 1P .i.r; .... -- .. .
.,..t, ; ;"" ..'...; "- .. :'%,. :-=" .
i ....._': ."ifJ, ::"; .,, ..,;IIJi 1 -- --
: n: ;$'!" '" "
i ;

4L\ ,
--'.' "-' i.. _) .. 5 \



-p u-rL .
1 -- 'xi Dt 'In
=-- -
Mr. Hilton aid"tbat lIT TEDI
"---- himself
As regarded
of Political
terms ogallant
He in
tpoko eloquent
Mr. Hilton at the Brecklnridjc Club cause. Milton of his B. B. Hilton and B. F. Allen 'the two it for him to sy' Dor wocld be under Driving Ibe'discaxjoara ..tMooticello
l1aribinn & 0unialT Lane Club of this standard bearer, Gen.. ; oj Cot JoaxM.rBi.Tiok B
: The Brcckinridge should do in the Monday, M
for in thi. take to "*'hat Florida
had enthusiastic meeting on 1L3t. devotion in times put to the Democracy, tHis posing candidates Congress, met say State Rights Paraocrit, atetcr cvt *
a be
very .statement of the present position of the] place on the 7th intL The discussion WIU event of Lincoln's election. Tlwit must put d1 followmg important qucslion,,lu 1'ott,
ALT AHA0 B C E:: Saturday. The speakers weie Mr. Wcstcot, wiser than. himself. He
Democratic party: and of the relative claims very interesting and resulted in a most trio determined by men ALLS! ,the Opposition candidate for Cou
-- the'regular! appointee, Mr. Hilton, the Den Democratic We the nevertheless held himself a citizen and subject and alo requested Mr. UUTOX to 'l18 et' .
SATURDAY 15,1860.
forcible and victory.
; of the nominees was clear! con: umphant
... : -- ocratic nominee for Congress, and l\I r.Gorrie, of candor and truth wben we 5Srrt of the sovereign Stato of Florida, bound same, to wit t '
; ': IEMOCIUT1NOMITIOS. the Breci-inridgeraad Elector! f fcr t We,5t: cisc. : language In case Mr. LiitcpLV! bbnld be
determine t1ette1
; ". ----"--0.J: : :,, 1, that"the Constitutional! Union candidate was: to abide her wil!. If she should I i President, ought ahy man in }Floridaact
: :
; FOR PRESIDENT : Florida.. The Sentinel; question&tthet'ptreekJsMour \ : f most. completely whipped out.: Mr. lli ton upon secession he would go out of the Union office under him."

IIOX JOHN' c.' 'ECKINRIDGE \ We were' gljul to ?ce so many ladies'pre, report eonccr.uin'1, the. IJiLsfItiI' tt t opened discussion; i in speech of an hour with her; if t-he should determine: to remainin Judge ALIES evaded the question \tv _

151D 07 EENTt"CKT.'OR I cnt They have the thanks of the Club for Barbecue.: : We certainly unden, >tojixl Mr. II t it. forcible 1 and irresist the Union he should! nIl'lin"ith: :' her; if, daring that he did not tbiuk the eectio'-II] !

.. : their attendance>, and we hope that they will *Ili L* 'i length- was logical, ; : it should! be determined Lincoln, would be sufficient cause for I
to &* that the disruption pf.L UuQX'njo? rat the in the last! desperate resort,
I IGEN. y Me. M. Bell's tortuous rse'upon
\ o
1 : i continue to honor our speakers with the iri th.tbt.coi&ti.aiillcourse of i'3i the recommendation lation of the Union. RATSOR elm*,.]
JOSEPH LANE party was a ; I. slavery question was presented i in a masterly! in accordance *} i him with evasion, and demanded fcUadjjV
i presence in the (::1tur .: ef the." Call :i match to'the
bf Tht-f/U't of Gen. to apply '
subject r jolcin ALLMT
._ cr 01!OO1'. a manner: and his unsoundness upoh this great I pjy, ; when Jud"e F4rcei'ingtOI : \
-----:-o--- assertion; however, is admitted, the Setlntl issue was placed beyond cat il. His advocacy magazine and ii.k: : the Ship of State to prevent I hole by which he could eatape, inswerel..

?, FOR PRESIDENTIAL ELECTORS : Mr. Westcott's speech was received wit asserts: : that we"hrave ever thought sin 1! of the "Executive Pcpviso" in 1850, which her capture by the Black! Republicans, !, u IT DEPENDS VT05 THE, Psi: VlilTH>J t"

r ::: I That the
J. P. ANDERSON of Jefferson. by all as an effort{ which does him great hcno I Party ulIj.!!
Middle- should it 1 beI
should be broken up. Why him the applause.) is of the !
Wilmot l'roviso, placed beyond date for Congress, opinion, the
WttJ.. M. GORRIE of Franklin.FOR made two which see: t
t lIe one or points I broken up ? The Sentinel would doubtless pale of Southern defenders.Vc will ncpretend This i is a feeble yet correct outline of what II Floridian and slaveholder ought; to IC

I Ii'i ALTERNATES '. !, heretofore to have been almost entirely lost answer, because it was corrupt. If Vnch was; i however, to give anything ofsynopsis a Mr. U. \id'\1po:1 the disunion, question. He office from a Black Republican Pr.i
End -J UtES GETTIS, of Ilillsborough. sight; of. lie stated that John Bell w.vjl, ? I with rounds of provided thc "pcrouisites"-the salary
the not its disruption a blessing interrupts
case was was
of his excellent speech. 1 M!r. '
.VuJdle-W.. II. MITCHELL of :\:a.1son.H''tIt : truly be
: if he acted consistently with the pobitiot sufficiently large to an inducement'
DILLAX JORDAN, of Escambia. the Lc- Next, as to _the negro qualification. We 1 I Allen replied in a labored defence of his part applause, and his able !speech! made: the oppo- Floridians willing that their principles I .r.our.A ,
him in his <
taken speech on
by shoe Ben Allen
FOR ,ASSISTANTS. : 'I understood Mr. II. to urge the fact that: Jolm He seemed lost amid thc cumulative cvidenc sitionists tremble in their be bil t.! subordinate to money rAte .Twilling
Constitution and his I t toI
Eall -E. M. GRAUAM, of Levy. compton opposition Bell was a large slaveholder! as an ClI"lllment brought against his cause. His ignorance of is doomed to a political grave. that they should be placed n .

J. L. TATCM, of Monroe I the veto power, endorse a Black Kcpublcan in his behalf and that Mr. Bieckinridge was i rather amazing-not knowing ---0- I scales and retailed for a cash valuation: I ft..
can Congress in refusing to admit any moi: political topics was S J. John Williams, not then, thnt Judge Ann ,
Ii;; )ldlt-HICHARD BRADFORD, of Madison. not thus identified with the institution. TIle i the "Executiv forget 1ST"",th
lVt,t -ISAAC WELCH, of Walton.FOP. I slave States into the Union. That his record I what was by The friends oT this g.-ntlemnn will deeply I"It depends: upon the perquisites ;ht'th
impression was left upon the minds of many Provioo" of 850. We hope for the cause of I should receive office under" Linrolll.I
of man .
o- would justify such a course. regret to learn: from the (following! extract a -
present, that if Mr. Bells having negroes wan ; II he will himself a Httl] Do not forget it when when
that to
his I you
: I He stated that a United South for Bred party post a letter] from him, that he is still detained at ga tl t:
in his, behalf, the fact of :'tIr'l BilVe ballot box 1 II
;r OEJN": : 2XXIJ'X'GN: : argument the Homestead
better especially
upon in his
I inrSJge \\ be a united South for truth New York on account What] Mr. HILTOJ the
or JACKSON CJCSTT. Breckinridge having none was an argumei to bposted was qt
I and for principle, and if Lincoln is to be ole \ cannot see how a man, pretending family, and. probably heTnay not reach home tion\ The Democratic standard bearer mird
against him. Indeed, when the assertion\ .: .: I'OItCONGRESS : ted would give moial power and force to i us could deliberately assert until after the October election. We sincerely ed up to the mark, like a true olJler,fear!
:Et.-B. :EJXLTON, I' Mr. Breckinridge: having no negrois va- quetioned lory voted for Bell's Homestead amendment of and consequence., lib '
,1 in the assertion' of our rights while if tb sympathize with Mr. W. on account of! any every m
cr LEOIf COCNTV. by a gentleman: in the] (crowd a Belli) with the tacts to the contrary staring him i ill t was candid and prompt. lIe did not prtttjto
.. .. South should vote for Bill, the Norther I his affliction, and believe we may safely assure
for him if it I others but Limn]
said he would promise to vote the old dictate to answering for
LEON COUNTV: roOMI ATlOiS. I States would not take this as an assertion of I could be established that hfi was the owner< the face. He harped upon that Mr. Hilton cry cJisunion I him that his Democratic friends in Leon will would not accept office from )f r.Linco!.|

our rights or of our principles and: a dcuian I : and charged wa stand up for him during his unavoidable: absence -, We were not present, but are told, tint npj:
FOR STATE 8EXATOR : of slaves. Mr.: Bloxham ilnd )fr. Brevar: that doctrine.Mr. .
I of our rights after voting for Bell would los>e : thoroughly committed to : I the utterance of this sentiment the verjo l

; P. B. BROKAW. all moral and would be looked] upo:! i both replied to this position, and why shoul! Hilton's reply was complete and crush ST. NICHOLAS HOTEL, X. Y, ) ing shook with the applause, and every I I
I FOX. A8SEMELTMEN: : justly by Lincoln as a very inconsistent i acHe they reply to it if they thought it had ueHr. rig. After noticing the points of his opponent' September 7th, 1800. }f I seemed to respond, Nor I !" or"l I:"

J. B. GALBUAITII, I J. J. WILLIAMS, made many interesting points but we i been urged? Indeed, Mr. Bloxhain: wa pa speech he came to the charge of sectionalism Messrs.!! DTKE: t CARLISLE : You must foi Family Friend. '

: AVIN OLIVER, I Dr. A. S. COLE. have not to notice them.MR. ticuUrly requested by a non !slaveholder prtent < TIe[: stated that it had been asserted that luis give me if I vince an impatience to speak cmy If we are correctly informed Judge J A"

j space { IltLTox. [ to reply to it, which shows the impression editor of thc Savannah Georgian in 1851, personal matters, but of late my mind stated in the discussion at WaukccBali

To the Patrons of tbe FIoridian&-- thcu made. We will do Mr. II. the justice dad said from Mr. Toombs) that he has been very much harrassed by certain untoward he would accept an .office un'ier Lineal
(quoting anxious
and I t'
Mr. Wc-stcott concluded his speech befor circumstances am ':>
; nal and I'ostmaslfrs.I to say, however that he did assert that it "believed that the of Union was a maske< of conduct which The family Friend reports him to have
I .. CRY explain part may;
By the loss of the HOOES of thc etbLsmecveri : : the ( lub dem ing the charge of disunion a- any my
?' rriJcnce oCiudtblp/lnea.J U dettrujfd. Thu Mr. Hilton on account of h'riday's made no difference whether they had negroes battery from behind which the rights ot the< have appeared strange to my friends anJ in Monticello that it depended upon the

E were thousands dae ns-thc hard earnings of mnllY brought against or not, after being questioned by a gcntlema South are to be assailed, -c." The speakemarked those identified with me in my political asso quisites. This position fully accord i J
If this were in our had Me' could go on speech. Mr. H. being unexpected I) It intention to have bee
yean his disavowal in the Sentinel ciations. was
present; and, since whether I used this i in) thy that of Ex-Gov. Beth, of Tennessee,wlo
without very great ineoi.venitnce ; but we tan pri present was called out, not because his !spec clnas h r : language them by thc middle of this month,
\\' rely' solely io th's matttrclh acquit. him of ociupjing any Sllch among that Lincoln considers the Bell men ha
petit no accounts. e we 1851 1 know not, but it i is in view of homeward I
recol Vc'ion of tlioae who, are our debtor. Whs, objected to by some of his politics proper and 1 had already turned my face ,
full position. the of the Black Republicans of when trc..iug and painful Kicknes 4 allies in the South, and if elected, will loci
ever they may renvt, shall be cr n idered a lie pricndj" as the Sentinel asserts (for we havifct : ,' movements I Ithe a most
jnitUncr, auJ we *|cil! to ilirm to rt-spond tvithoidelay. \ -0--- North, that I should use it, and I do usc< I in rav family compelled me to stop here, an,1 them to fill all the office What tHici
wheIo1iaqqcut to hear the first one object to it,) but.. Gen. Milton in the taste !
of ill
'. Surtlv this u a tune, it is impossible for me to say when I shall l.t'< PC"llof Florida! of this position F AYTiifcf'oJth
ns may be thai appealed! to.We I merely to give his position more fully as i i itI A letter from a gentleman well versed 5 in it now. (Applause) He said the cry of i able to continue my journey. (;Jod i grant: tha I
would be glad if Post-masters wonld rurn'.b)1 I is the masked from behind< : : are endeavoring to produce a re-ci
Union battery
\) with a \\tt of.uhaeribrrsatthetrrecpectiseoiTec! 'tad been misconstrued bmcmbers of the political affairs iu East Florida, dated FernatIma it may not be long. How hard it is when: Lincoln the-

Kudialiccribcrc themselves are iavited to send tbeir opposition) party. Taking the stand for i nI Sept. 5, says: : "I feel in better spirit I vhich these enemies are assailing us. For. compelled to be absent, and while ill at ea?
he rcilcrr.icd his
few moments, position: as nbout Milton's election than when I wrote
atrount paid
: of their subscription*, follows to hear charges, which are devoid of the leas want of Southern supporters, a can-lJii':
Jm.tltcy; ma\ recollect, or he in r-OESWt'wwi of. I ivcn in another place, stating that he shouh before. We will give him a reipectablmajority arm. It reads as :
; been circulated
the editors of the yon I particle of truth, have against I the Constitutional Uuion patty (or (Xnr
both of :
Floridian Fur the will present be fouod one or st the Smttntl Office have referred to the position of Ben Hill, the East of the: Suwannee-say 700.- : That to the Union of the States this na' me. I am confident that my real friends wilnot proclaims in advance that he sill ioflice \

-= II Elector for the State at large and the admitted \Ve are going to have a big mass meeting at. i ion owes its unprecedented increase in pope allow :any trumped-up allegations of thi: I '
is MifEcient:
of material under him if there
DE OCnA TIC APPOINTMEXTS. leader of the Bell party in (eorgia. HI eI Baldwin on the 24th Sept.-cxpe-'t 2000.' ilation, its surprising development kind to affect their minds with regard to myself I pr:

<;{'n. JOHS MILTOK, Democratic candidal i I then the following remarks of Mi. -v- i esources, its rapid augmentation of wealth, or my conduct, and I must beg those win I AVhither are we drifting Well has:: :t'>
4 fellowcitizeiS I qjotcd : its happiness at home and its honor abroad, do know well to ehtirelr di* said be of friends."
for Governor, will adJre.s'Ili The G eat Democratic Meeting at not me enough w ai e thy
Hill concerning the Black Republican party : : lud hold in abhorrence all schemes of dis .
if e i is
i; the folkr ing times and places : I Lexington Mr. Breckinridge' credit, on my simple denial, anything -0-
: I\tlatka, Monday, September 17 I "This party openly declares that the decisions I Speech. I inion cuniefroni whatever tource charged against me or to suspei.d their judgment BELL AXP. EVERETT.-A letter &om

j 18 of the Drcd Scott and Amy ca-:..*s are I shall have that sucl '
Orange Cretk, Tuesday, The inciting ot"t the friend*of Hrcckinridg When the Black Republicans (commenci proved Washington correspondent which vjepuled
and shall be reversed. I
; ** 1Gaincsviile without foundation. I
Mieanopr, Wednesday, wrong like this insertei charges arc entirely
t lasS heir war with langiage yesterday, held the following langnag-
Thursday 20 this result they propose through their greater and Lane at Lexington, Ky., on Tuesday There is one most extraordinary calumnv'
t ballot box take into their I their banner, does it not behoove us tay < "The Southern show a dw*
the to
Starke, Friday, 21 population, at described as one of the largest and 1I10st upon which has come to my cars: and to wbicb]I 8t .

Clay C. II. Saturday, 22: own> hands the entire. administration of tin enthusiastic political demonstrations ever wit : ; that the cry of Union is a masked battery more particularly wish to reply, and that i to contribute to pacification of 1,

All Opposition Speakers arc invited to attend Government and thus procure and cnforcihe icssed in that State. Di tin aishcd mci : from behind which the rights of th< that I am opposed! to the overseers of the< try, by throwing their Electoral if rj rjthc

and participate in discussson.I3T construction of the Constitution: fat orabi< ( all of the Stato An4 the aJjoiuii< outh arc to !1.0 assailed f? He went on tisk < country, and that I have stated so. This is Union Constitutional sufficient candidates noah L
rom parts are preferred by
'Gen. MILTOX will address the citizen their views.mature deliberation I can see bu States were in attendance, and it is estimate* :. a by what right do! the Bell men accushe < -entirely from false, being a to poor end.and On weak the contrary rnvention I Northern electors to BreckinriJ r ., r
of Cbattahoochcc the 28th beginning
on Tuesday, Sep
tenibcr and Marianna on Saturday, thc 29ti me replVo1? this people, and that is w.u- 15,000 to 20,000 persons were on the gronnd Democratic party of disunion ? Johi ,I have always been their friend. Of cours*= I i la-s. They will heartily and sincerclrc ci

4 September., TAR in c"ery'seb':'! *'y which the term is de when, Mr. Breckinridge delivered 1 his speed, I. Jell is himself a disunioniat if he is true tc these charges, have} their object, and I :sincerely i'i' ate"in n )me"nf fvr the doftat ofcoin.

ned or defineable. C:.;:2:! ArgurneCf reach hich is pronounced by all who heard i ij itI his record. lie then read from bis (BV]) hope that my friends will not allow mninvoluntary i .

JPoUtlcal Appointments. hem! It'is THE LAW they are organised: to u have been the noblest, grandest, mooqucut *tI !recoIl delivered in 1R50 in which, speaking ] absence to afford opportunities foi I i This implies that represeut-i! t h

-"TIM f llowing appointments hare been made f\lrponfieal fyto'iotlte.. Can appeals for justice! mv'"Cthcm I t those who are not my friend to injure, me. 1 I effect have been made at the N.utli. :
c difcuji-inn by Mt-ssrs, ALLeN and HILTOIIConcordiaGadtt effort they ever IUencd cf: thc ]loss cf mutual trust and confidence be
ean.iIatc. for CIOgl't'8I : 1 It i is! justice to one-half! of the Uuiou I c1 h,1;: am certainly in a position which will warrant the fact is i that of all the four >,
L 'Ili.n'il! COll'id "?< :- ween the North and the South and entailing all who have confidence in lrtil'
-u countyWdnesdav 1 2 hich they seek to destroy. to." TLc ?: my culling on me ed in the l'rsijentialj.cniteat ,
Quincy, Thursday 1Clmttahoochee 44 Fortunately, the powers: of the General .. We have heard prom;:: Ilt Ppo Uioinst ipoj the country all the evils of endless dis- to exert themselves in my behalf. My heart i t thi :aialvhich

p I'ttdty 14 'rovernment' on this subject might be regared it the best and able t-\neccl1 thc:] ''corll, he (Bell) said : When you present and soul 1 is with the party, and would that i et party :at thc North M mach c

It- Kid ley svill!*, Liberty Saturday .e 1Abe's in charity, as an open question, an 1 re- pronounce I t]hat: issue to rue I. me separation ;; my ody could} be aW If I could follow the i \ is equivalent to saving it i:lea.!
.feJ tD:
Sjirine Bluff, Monday, September! ITih.Msritnna stcnce: to the mere election of a person enjrtaining vcr he::.rd." A Louisville dopatch, o.:! I dictates of my heart, I should be with you I I At ele-tiom!
EHI' in tlc'State
dUuKion give me anything prefrencc crUjaprro.cJ
Tuesday, September 18th. : ivc ins ;
of the 5th] tha dnon which: the in thc
; ditFi'rcnt: : views from ourselves, I the evening ", ; now working enthusiastically good I i ticket(
Campbell, WvdoesJny. September 1!hh.I last year, there was not even a
I Vernon TJiurdav. September 20th light not Lave been so easily defended! ; but :! peech: vvj: : delivered, says : I to a Union: only by power, cause. To say that I regret my present inability American for State officers joan, V

Helen's Bluff Friday, September 21etEaclicanna to> resist the success of stick a jin-ty, with titchurposrs I h.y constitutional! a'd legaf ties, without re- would bet poor expression of my feel party

Saturday, Sej>(rn.bcr "2nd, I no IT, can no longer be ttfardcd a:: I TLc bet feeling prevails. The Keutucki. I cal trust and coinVLire." Upon the ings. :My mind is continually harrasscd by Ilrn State except Massachusetts and Xe*

-4 Pond Cretk Bridjre Munday, September 2 lh.Gordon' than a right and a DUTY! ; becatiae, since: m:3 are all confident of carrying the! State.reokinriJgts's .- eipl' said Mr. II 1 the; thought tbat I am away at a time when In former State they polled l*.' v
i ,
25th. i
cffoitf that
rrylTuesilay v, September specch was the greatest mthoritcf language: .
P..eWe,Yellow River, U'ednetJay, September<< :6. the decisions by the Court, Mich a party is I Is ( life thu ; ti. received. : : disunion- I[ am so much needed, and when to thus unC jut of 108,470 ; and the Litter, 24,'U
his :u'U (:!! &> Mlly B\U with being now a of
Milton. Thritdav. Scptemln-r 7tli. (Leking nothing but a plain, open and dtiiautiolation i the is with fire-works,. i charge John aincss is: added the annoyance knowingthat jut> of 503,256. is true that tile part
I 'o-night sky lighted
,' of the law, the law winch mkp.s: us I i ist for it is evident hat the mutual trust and my absence is made the tool of my enemies I

: $ The Ilrciocratic tliib. juaU: !., and to submit; to them is submission! I I peaking fit thc Court Ilousa by) Powell and ofthe I nfidcnce; of which lie speaks! as being tbeonly and that I am maligned and misrepresented I fiuc been' new vamped ; lisa tLan
accc3Soric..1to I other Thousands are yet here. Many > conclude that I feel and modified its doctrines, a* i rI rare
The regular meeting will be held this evening and wo ourselves would become willing tosee you may my position iame
most eminent men in the State are iu the condition which u$ tf3S I I
1r at half: past 7 o'clock. Gen. TheodoreW. I the crime or treason. and that too against upon exist. m'ost acutely.: Nevertheless, I still have apt to do when they sec they at* '
Breard"ilt address thc Club. On Sat a Government which the rebels seek to dc-I I city. > the Union continued, has ceaseJ td confidence in those whom I know to be my I II :I to; nothing;and it bas in consequence

I stl'OY only! because it protects our fire 'deo, i i A despatch: from Mr.: Cooper, editor of thc Sucb is thc position of John Bell. U<''w friends. I thank them from my heart fore ed accessions of Wings not i
instant Dr. R. X. Gardner of I : some
V nrday, i our: property and our all.! This states the i i ontgomery[ }" Mail, to his paper,, says : is it with his supporters ? Mr. Wiggins, Belland !: :.' past endeavors!, and beg they will still I Black Re7.,

Ccntreville, will address thc Club. I conclusIon> strongly, but logic] never led to a ;I delivered I I Everett Elector for East Florida] proclaim rally .;Lro2nd me in my hour of need. I have ommitted; irrevocably to_

4 Thc Ladies arc rarticularly invited to at- truer conclusion nor patriotism warmed to anobler John C. Brcckinridge a great ao friends rl'u: 1 ban not the highest com I jl or t Democracy. But such CI-
disunion in the event
cech here yesterday to an immense crowd. !, that he is for:
> IPeel '
oftuind !
tend. one. fid. nce in bin :" "Y )present state lot Iu very few(ftcrem -
and ; very nnmeras.
He advocated State Kights tbat the demanded from the General -
-0- Mr. II. repeated that he would not undcr- and lie protection that 5t j will be; n .-:1'efto explain my po.ition. States will the Union
ity in the Union through through I Government the South for slave tijtlifullr, and once pfrIs
by property
BARBECUE. what the South should do in the & I have done o
t"ke to say I Ishowcd that he was for the .Union because t ''Icntial ticket,,unless it

; A Barbacue i is- to be given to Gen. Milton, ercnt of Lincoln's election. He held himself i ho I was for the Constitution and Equality. is denied. Hero is )Ir. W's. language : more regretting and my ab>onc* 'ft''IS U repeating to exert -i she. ; they have not\ab a dozen tiP 6:

in this city on Thursday, the 27th iust It bound to abide the action of the State of Flori- I I' IIe[ proved that all parties iu Kentucky were Protection is the price of allegiance. Up my themselves thanks in exhorting behalf my I all told, in the Northern *

l for protection, and completely mangled Sen. to this point I am for the Federal Union ; my I newspaper
is expected to be a large affair. The people due her I them
da. His allegiance: was to primarily, 1 :uu'on rs truly, ''ud there not a man among

of the surrounding counties arc cordially in- I and, as he had been taught by Jifferson.Madin : -! to ator Senator Douglas.Crittenden Mr. Brcckinridge's was an awful courtesy punish- but when we shall have passed in that the Rubicon ofloyalty JOS. JOHN WILLIAMS. that i in all the Northern Slt .
I and place
vited. Come c\"Cl"'oody. Other speakers, all the fethcr< to the I' B.'s avow proclaim hostility prten. votf I II J
jI. son Republican i m icnt. As a whole Mr. speech was which LU.COLN'S OFFICE tU. get an Electoral ,
to organization vVHO sid pan
a government
(Democratic and Opposition,) are expected to General Government through! her-when she latchlcss-the greatest speech I ever heard. other ,artyL't1i. ,
AT THE SOUTH r with some
\1'iII havo itself too weak or too cor.rupt HOLDERS by fusing
lIe[ showed that the Black Republicans were proven I .
be immanded he had but to obey.- i
present. : no option I I' nd Nc" Jersey
-o- secession the disunionists. lIe did. not indicate what I for a safe depository of the rights offrecmen. This question has recently been answered iOno in New York *
favor of
And whether he in on :
Barbecue at Crntmllle. was: he thought should be the policy of the South ." by i aBel!orator in,Tennessee-MEr Gor.Bcbb, ofThe 11r
her: part or not in the event of Lincoln's] elec.tion. Lincoln. From I ur Or'f
election 0I Cf
'. A Democratic Barbecue will be given at in 1 the event;; of the Mr. Hall, assistant Bell and Everett Etec.tor o f that State-in. a rccept K7'fch at Enox-r f
yet if he should secede, he should feelbOllnd ckness and exhaustion Mr.{ Breckinridge J* ji t Tl

., I Cevtreville, on Saturday, the 29th inst., to to with her and not against her.And .- i .closed his remarks after speaking three hours, and whorias succeeded Mr. Wiggins, rillc.He : I qocstio to whether < t(

c which tbe people of all parties arc cordially I go during which time the immense crowd was. makes no concealment of tbe fact that be isfor said that, as he is now citizen of Tcn- slavehofder a dccidd ,
she shall have seceded from theUnion i a
invited. The Hon. S. Rl Mallory, F. L. Vil- after perfectly wild with enthusiasm. disunion in the event of Lincoln's eJection tease, be intended to vote for Bell, but that i allowing letter. nQ\sJul9 it t
in the exercise of sovereign please I, if he lived at the North, he would 'vote for t
this who '
delivered I
lepiguc, Esq, and other speakers are expected Speeches were also upon oc- Mr. George Call, Democratic Elector, the Democrat This declaration I ideration of those journal
t '. if she shall secede, woe to the man whoshan ision by Messrs. Leary, of Louisiana, andLowe Lincoln to defeat friend ta 1
and will address the meet- of makinghim a truer ]
to be *nt, the other band, has taken grounds against and he went
pre on
i applauded
was loudly ;
i raise his arm against her. Gen. Hopkins and Underwood, of Tennessee.Our ) I I ban Mr. Bell,who ownes IargeIJrproperty.SavannaA )
ing. union on the mere happening of such aitingency. say that if Lincoln should be electedtesident. !
Yancey ought to be hung now-I New York exchanges contain an ex.tended roC Rpbli
11, -o- Yet the Democratic party are IK' TH* TQXATIOV or an CABIXIT'
arrived in Tallahassee if after the State of Florida shall hare of Mr. Breckin- FnxftAL Ornvxis Lexiagti0, ] 1J
His Excellency Gov. Perry, say telegraphic synopsis 'with disunioniats while heBell .I lID' THE sincnoH: or TO Snanuir's OncE

on Friday, 7th inst., in good health. I ,<:eded from the Union (should such be her dge's speech, but as it is evidently very imperfect arged- being Union, I Thespeaker 31:'TAIBH TROM Inn: SoUTH, BX: WOULD LOOK August 20, 1850Co -
forsooth !
good men
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Messrs.I Hilton and Alien left Tallahassee and BO help me God, I will aid in hanging account of this great meeting inentucky. i bo larding of a ship by pirates, when it was theduty if yoor own orators; a man who ''knowsLincoln i I ownership ofWto saf! ,

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:- Gen. Hopkins, the opposition candidate: parts though Gen. C. condemned a resort to disunion a gentleman: city .
: object to his sentiments And if so whatare at which Mr. Breckinrid ,. vindicates .. FIVE.HUNDRED or ONE THOUSAND a r.
for Governor, and Wilk. Call, the opposition I yet he was for resisting his inauguration ItwHl be seen from r
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candidate for Elector of the Middle District, 9 by force, and was for involving State DOLLARS, an nt rfated r a J
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left this city on Monday ]ast,-to fill appointments in war with tbe General Government, 1$ ,

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candidate for Elector I Convention wbicb nominated Hopkinsand and
: .."" < At the conclusion of !Mr. H.'s remarks, Mr. by the telegraph. This l looks bad,and wonld A rote for the: President of .-th. United f ,' ,- X.G i
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