: and lack ia steamm six times a w.eet, cr once a w eel.Leairc ; .i.atiOpt-s Arrive Wnrnngton by ci i m \\ bet, a stat bid is intetidi, no specific ConveyameRtn't
SIX months after date I shall present my final no I I'unt daily correcting unites tn run. I i elaka Saturday( at 8 a m j jAn j Arrive nt tdison next day by 1 pm Leave Warnngton daily at 7 a m ; be ime-L lint in c-ise ti-n moles of ciinTey.inou
: and Toue-hers to the Hon. Judge of Pro- i Leave r'ernmJin'J.ily., exempt Sunday (or duly,) i'e at Pdatki by C p w 0552 From Waukeen by rinh'dlonray Econpi Ainve at Pens.ict.Ia 10 a m. are ninu-d at tl.v s.in.c conirrtrti<>n, the highe&t or
Late Jefferwui county)", as administrator of the &I t2arn; Leave Pilatka F.iilayat8 n m ; :enia, (local) Spring Warrior and Cooks Hiriniock 6574 From Ptn nco'.i.' by Blake ty, (All,) to Mobile l best for the service will he taken.

tale of William Bellamy, late of said cotnity > Arrive at Clmlt.,t L I' SMITH SIMKIXS, Adiat'r.December at )_30 a r.i ; Spring to Ooala. :ts milei.t..llatk.lIft avretk. t Leave \yllIk..na1.ron.b] at 6 a m; Arrive at Mobile next day by 6':1 m. drpartiiKtit. to write out in full the mm of their bids,

!5., 853. 52- >ra Ariive ftt iVinam..' Ly 9.30 p in. Leave Fort Gates Monday! at 9 a rn; I Arm at Clay Landing next \\ edne"diy by G p m; Leave Mobile daily at 7 a m. .11111 to retain eopics of them.
1 ti::": From Fcniatidma by Hart's RnaJ Calla- Arrive Ocala' b, 7 p m ; I Leave C'av' Limlm? Thursday nt t) a In ; Arric al !'en'arola next .llj by 2J a in. I Altered bid* si.<>e.ld not ln prbnitt nor should

i :Notice.SIX. : lUll, Baldw. Trail Ri.fgc i btarke, and Waldo, to Leave Ocala Tutay! at 2 p as ; Arrive at Wiiiikeenah next Saturday by 6 p in. | ,6:;:: From New Orleans, (La..) l b: r n aC1.1a. In.lsciiice atil.i.itted lie withdraw No withdrawn
after J- -! present tinal an- (Jamesvil'e!: lOt miles and back, six limes a s-nek.Ir Arnve! at Fort G.ites next ....y I.! > 11 a ci.Bids I C5"53 F'-nn Waukotiuli by Bea: -ley. roil Hamilton (FIii.) Ar"I:.'hICtIa. bt Marks Atseer11 Oti.Tam\ .unt m"ntl and "" 1.'t.to the.ul lion Judge ray nf Piobate : daily if connecting routes so run. for *emi-weekly service 'a iI be t'f..I..r't: '. aol M.>?tley Hall, to Maduoa, 41.} roil!>s null awl Manatee[ : to Kry West, 1 (I' 0 nrlv: anti biek.twire and received UIuio the last iiy i receiving proposals.

Jefferson county as of the Estate i Leave Fernandina daily, except Sunday (or dai- r...27 From Adtmstille, I bPalmar.! .!. Lake Han tie, I bark, once a week a mmith m first class hide-"'. c! sea s'eamersef .
of Jesse Granthnm, 1 ILlo:of Jmini.tratri.iid eouuty deceased,and f ly) on arrival of northern mad-say at lO" p in ; Lake Giillln and Mi. "y Cio\c, to l1a\\.iusullc.! 45 I.e.Waukt''II..1a Satiday at C a m ; net less than -J"I !'OIH, cu ask for a di chine: from said administration. Arrive at Gainesville next dave by 4 a m ; miles and "a'k. oiwc a wo'k. : Arrive nt Midion! I by 3pm Lave New Orleans c.n the 15th and 2Pth e-f euhKt j>ers iii3.
I REBECCA GUANTHAM, Admt'x. j, Leave Gainesville daily except Sunday, (or dai- I. AdaniKvillo. Fiidaj i at :; p m ; I Leave Mtdison Fri.l.ty at C am ;. i;th ; General gnarantit cannot be admitted. The I M1
December 25! Ifc58. 52-Cm I ly.a8pm) ; Arrive nt IIankin nlle next da}' by G p m; Arrive at Wnukeenah by 8pm. ': Arrive at Key We t rn the 2tllI".J lith ansI jfuirantv 51501,1 l I he fi(,i'fd plainly with the full
I --- ---- - 1 Arrive at Fcrnandiua] mxl .daj by 2 a m. Leave 1I1I'L.il1'i1Ie Thursday at S a m ; I (5551 From Mo?d l lv,' Hall!! to Fiiihvlloway, 29 miles 1 Leave Key West ou the 12th and 2Cth of eachi naii'c of each ]>cr oiu
I 6503 From CalllhJn-ty> Natsau C. 11.. King's: Arrive at Adams\dle next Ihyly 12 in. and back once week.. i I month; The department receives the right to reject any bid
Notice.Qtv I Ferry, and i>ntrc Village. (Ga.) to Trader" Hill. 6523 From Enterprise to New hnurni, SO mPcs Leave Moscly Hall Monday at 5 aM ; i Arrive at New Orleans on th< 22J ansI 6th.j which may be deemedextrtvagant, and also to disr -
-*..- O_ r ot fl* wil* irrpL and Arrive at 12 m.U for additional month wilt be gird the bids of failing contractors soul bidden.
i t IaaiT'ucsJiv;; back ftice a WILK. Finholloway by m ; j an trip per eon
and touchers} to'tI'(I. /:fl.ie Leave and batnrday at 12 lIi'litor Leav KiScrj ne \\ e.lneaiay at fi x.roLII __ The bid should be eealc-d. "Mail
I a ni; I \atlay .r 1 n m' i I fidcred ; also bull to extend I the route to Havani 16. superscribed
..1Jefers county a a.Jnlli tratr of < f on arrival of mail from }Feniand.n ; Arrive at New Sill rm by t 0 p m ; Arrive at MoStly Hall bv 8 p m. ., l/tioa. Propo il State of -." addresseil H Second A-
; of said count* dt-ctascd, and a:1 fjr a Ainve at Trader's Hill next t'ajs! by J 12m ; Leave New Sniyrni Tues.ay! at G a m ; i 6555 From Walker's Mill to Waukccmdi 6 miles sittint Postmaster General Contract Office,* and sent

I discharge from said administration.C i I Leave Trader' Hill!! Tues. and Sat at 11 a ui ; Anne at Kntirproe bv 6 p m. and bifk twice a week ,I, FORM OF PROPOSAL GUARANTY, AND by mail, not by or to an ntjent and postmasters will

F BL.\ClmUnX. Adj.fr. Arrive at Callahan by 11 p m. or in time for ca'rsCiOl 632'.t From Mellon,"ilfeby Anopka Lake Harris Leave Walkers Mill Wedaesdiy and Saturday at I i CEKTIFICATi:. nrt euchre prop ml-or tellers of any kind) in their
November 13, IS5S. 4C6mNotice. From Lewisviilc!! toCailahaa, 8 tidIes and La1., Adjmstiile, Sumtcriille. Monroe's Ferry, G quarterly returns.

Lack ot.ce a week. Piercev.lle. nnd Spring Hill, to Day IVit. 121 nnlts pmrrin' at Waukeenih by 7} p m; I /'*-OJMtXllf, I;. Tn contracts are to I executed and returned
I Leave Lew itville Tuesday at Sam ; and] hack once a week. I Leave Waukecnab '\"edncllayn.1 iturday at to the department by or I edre that I/ day of Au
I C IX months fiom the first of this no : Arrive nt Calluhan! by ID a m ; Bidders will propose a schedule of departures and) 4 pm; I The undersigned i -, "I-osc poet office addressis iimt, I 1S50. but the scrviet must IM commenced on
I O lice, the undersigned executrix publication of the last VTill Leave Cailihan Tueediy at 2 p in ; arrival] Arrive at Walker's Mill{ by 5J p ni. I -, county of -. State of -. prorxvi the lt July prece'iii ,', or en the mail day next after
I i to the maiN of the United
And testamenl of the late Saxon d eeased l Arrive at Lewisvillv by 4 p m.C505 ].lidsto commence at Pieree\die! will be confide red.C53J 5556 From St Marks[ by I1odt n's Distillery, to carry States from July that date, whether the ronl-ieU be executed or not.
Henry From Jacksonville, by !Ba'dwin'! 11.1..1..' From Tallahassee miles and back six 1 1. 1859, to June 30. 18C3. on r..uten. -, be- transfer will bs considered
I rill present her flush account to the 11. Mellouulluto Orlando 26 i miles and 212 times a week No proposition to ) until the -
I Judge of of Leon aOIolclprs. > be, clistniSKcd. Ncwburgh Alligator. Little l"inr.: Hclcm, Spimg i, 1..d.oncc, a week or daily c-onnecting routes so run. I' Iween and -agreeably to the advertisement contracts are executed an$ received at the depart
.1; l'obll LLIZAUKfil! county SAXON aDID ti Exfr. (rove, Columbus [Madison] Sandv Ford! ilontieello.Walker' Leave Me'domillc 'h'ucsday at 1 p m ; I I Leave St. Mai ksdailv, except Sunday (or daily) ol the Postmister' General dated December ment; and then uo transfer will be allowed unless
13 lS5S and the mode
Novcmlx-r 13, J83ft 40CmNotice Mill Bailey' Mil! sod Chums, to Talla- Arrive at Orlando by 9 p ra; at 2 15 p in ; by fol'owmg of conveyance good and inrticient reasons therefor are given, to b*
h:I'sro, 111 II I milis and back nx time a week, or iLiiv Leave Orlindo Tuesday at 5am ; ,: Arrive at Tallahassee! by :3.30 p m ; MZ : -, for the annual n:m of dollar determined by the department. I Ljdl cases the retiring

!.', if c'.lint-cling routes so run. Arrive d Melomie! !! bv 12m.Buls Leave TallahaSsee daily, except Sun
Leave Jacksonville daily, except :Sunday, (or dily. to extend by I'ort'Gatlm, Soehrum, anj Ich- daily,) at 10 am ; ; (iHf nf the wttf, the vtiy/it f the mail to Ifcniriej untrue' on the new contract
(sMX mobiLe after date thu undereigucil, surviving .) at ISO( a inrrtv : epuk" O aJinmi-trator l f the Estate of James S 11l .\ -c at Tallahassee next d:;iv-s by 9.30 a m ; .ft531 Fran New Smyrna to Indian River, 120 I 6537 From St Marks to Newport, t miles and I route utnltn'rirt,and. also, after careful ejraanmilioH mote than eighty rod fries a station, will, immediately -
tate f if Leon county JeetJ. w ill |pre.et le Leave Tallahassee daily except Sunday (or dai miles and back twice a mcntb. I I ILeave back, fix times a week. of the l _uiit au.J ruuclH-rs to the lion Judge of PnJnte for lyat) 4 p in ; New Smyrna on the ht and :Thursday I i i iof Leave St. Marks daily, except 8\nllayt 11.45 went and tnhjrct to all the unnlitioni therein run distinre from the nvarest 5t5nn, and how they are
aid county and Mk for a clischarze from raiJ aliiiinKtnitii.il. !- "Vrrive at Jacksonville next dais by 12 ni ht. .'ad. 1II'.t! ; am ; t'lined. otherwise supplied with the mail, to enable the Postmaster -

D. U. WILbON, cuG< From Trail Ridge to Middltlurg. 15 miles Arrive fit hidiin: River in 6 davs ; I I Il Arrive at Newport at 045 p m ; Dated (Signed l ) General to direi-t.a mail messenger supply
f D.c 25. IS 8 i.-<>.ii Surviving Adt and back, three times a week. l heave IiKlun liner on the 2d and 4th Wednesday ;i iof Leave Newport daily. except Sunday, at 1 p m; from the Fit of July nex* .
--- -- Leave Trail Ridge 1'ul'I'd"y, and Satur- each month Marks Guaay",!. of of
Thursday ; Ifi"e j Arrive at St. by 2 p m 19 Section eighteen an act Congress approved
I Notice. d3at: 2 a in. or on arrival of mail froiit'Fcniandliia( ; .\ at New Snjrna iri 6 days ;( 6553 From Tallahassee to Miccosukie 22 miles The undersigned resuhnz at-,State of-, March 3,1845, pr vide that contract for the trans-
Arrive at Middleburg by 6 a m 62 From Oilando (by the south side of Lake I IApoka and back. twice a week. undertake that. if the foregoing bid fri carrying the, portion of the mad shill be let M in every case to the
SIX mouths after date, I t-hill! present my final. Leave JdllJe\'urg: Tuesday, Thursday anJ Ssatur ) to Adimsvillc: 63 miles and back once aweek. i Leave Tallahassee Monday and Friday at 7am ; mail on route No. be accepted by the Piotmas lowest bidder tendering uuffieitnt guaranties for faith
t I! and Touchers to the lion. Judge of Pro da}" at 4 p m ; Arrive at Miccosukie by 1 pm ; ter (General the bidder shall prior to the Irt day of ful performance without hcr reference to the mode
Lute,of as the Il Ariive at Trad Ridge by S m.o507 Leave Oilando August 1859 enter into the required obligation, or than be
ti J.I"r1 county uJmiui"lratr.f p I Wednesday at 12 m ; II Leave Miccosukie Tue day and Saturday at 7 a m; of such trliniurs.dation may necessary to provide
ijp, tate c.r Hartwel Watkins, of said county deS Fiom New River to Trail Ridge, 13 mil?* I Iam Arrive at Adannvillcnext day by C p m; Arrive at Tallahassee by 1 p m. contract to perform the service proposed with good for the due celeritf.-eertainty, and security of
erased, 1.1 fur a disehiarge from raid administration. ) back once a week. Leave Adamsville- Friday at 7 a m ; Bids for tri weekly service will be considered. and sufficient sureties. such transportation. Undjer this law a new description -

\VM. W. HEIPs Admfr. I.ca'eIe' River Saturday at 1 p m ; Arrive at Oihndo next day by 1 p m. I. 6559 From Tallahassee, by Jackson's Bluff and Tin redo ttn January-8, 18:'. 26mNotice. Arrive nt Trail Ridge by 5 p m ; Bids to run 00 the noith side of Lake Apopka will Blue Creek to Ridleyaville, 80 miles and back, once and Iialtilttie assessed hy ynarantors under the %ith a mode of conveyance, but engage to take tb entire

Leave Trail 1tihie Saturday: at b a in ; be considered. i a week. section of tht. act of Cunynnut of July 2, 183\, a,,! mail each trip wits! celerity, certainty and security,
Vrnve at New River by 12 in. 6583 'rom Tampa, by Alafia, to Ichepuckasassa Leave Tallahassee Wednesday) at 9 a m; agreeing tihiJe; ly the l nllti'JI therein prornh using the terms of the law. These bid are styled,
CC03' From Clarke by Cadiz and TIm 11I011", to IPdatka I 37 miles and back, once a week. i Arrive at Jackson's Bluff by 6 p m ; from the manner in which they are designated on the
VJIX Months after the urt pullcuiul: of this no CG miles and L3 -k. o'Ct week. Leave Dated (Sigced bftwo guarantor..) books the *star and
a Tampa Tuesday ;t fi p m I Leave Jackson's Bluff Thursday at 111 m; of department, oidf they will
I.) tine, the undi.rsigiied) of the K:tats Learn Starke Fric ay at 7 a in ; Arnve at Ichepuckesa next day uj 5 p m ; I Arrive at Ridleyville by 3 p m; Ctrt ficflt. be construed ns providing for the conveyance of the
..f Ll"ri P. Cr"n-ha\ diseased, late of Leon e'uOty. Arrive at Pilatka next diy by 7 in I ILeave Leave Ieh II I Leave entire mail hoirerer and whattrtr fa tk
p ; puckesava Monday at 5 p m ; RidleyMrdle Tbcrsday at 4 p m ; The Undersigned at State of Itirgr, May a
his final postmaster --,
pic-sent account audouchers to the Pilitka Wednesday at 5 a m ; Ai rive at lampa ncii day by 4 p m. Arrive at Jackson's Bluff next day by 12 m; he Mode necessary to irr tit "celerity, certainty and
-, certifies. IMDE& HIS OATH or orates: that
Probate of
of paid
}II. Judge county ask to' Le.iEmi."t. Arrive at Starke next diy by 5 p in. : B.ds: for twice a week service will be con.idcrd.ProjK I Leave Jackson's Bluff Tuesday at 8 a m ; is with the above and knows eenty*
J. C. CKEXSIIAW, AJ Hid for semi-weekly antI also! fur acquainted guarantors When the lowest grade of service i is believed to be
I t.I tri-weekly liip, !als arc invited to run, after passing Alafia Arrive at Tallahassee by 5 p In then to be of and able to make
: January S, lt>59. 2-Cm- and to run by a quicker schedule will be considered ;t to Fort Meade, omitting Icbeptickcsissa. I 1 6560 From Tallahassee by Benhaden and Shell their men property good Fuffident, the lowest bid will be accepted in prefer-

6?3i 1J) From Starke by New River, to Prcvidence 6534 From Tampa, b, Seminole, to Maualee, 40 I Point to Sopchoppy,45 miles and back,once a week. Dated guaranty. (Signed) core toaster or spwfie bid.
t '[ 1f; UXImSWXr1! would respectfully call 36 niilf* and back, ouce a week. I miles and back, once a .cck, : Leave Tallahassee FrulaYllt 1 p m ; When the lowest bid ii not a star bid.aud specifies

atlnllNI tlt lu1Je to their ndveiti-cinci.ts Leave Maike Mond[ .iv at 7 a m ; i Leave Tampa Monday{ at T a m; Arrive nt Sopehoppy next day by fl p m, INSTRUCTIONS cither no mode oran ito'&fuafc mode of conveyance,
found to-tl.ij'pij! STOCK at Cc>-T. Te ubjeetljetiigto cli." tln-ir Leave Providence Tues'lay nt 6 a bl '! Leave Manatee Arrive Tallahassee next 11 .in the service.
; Wednesday at 7 a m ; at day ty a m.i tract to the extent the drjMtrtinent may tlrtm jiropff propo ? ncesary
business, present.- a opix>rtuaty: to all who wish Arrive at Staiko l I. 5 m. Arrive i From M_ Pleasant Chatj When the bid docs tnt specify a mode of
1 / ) p at Tamp: next day by 4pm. i: 6561 Quincy, by t nt to 1. Seven minutes are allowed to each intermediate conveyance
lo frupnly thennclv w ith cheap and desirable Goods ids fi, semi-weekly and also fi'r tri'we-elly flips, I Bids are luv'itc.l to run by Pinalt'j j I tahoocbce mile and back three tiMes a week. office, when not otherwise specified for assorting the I also when it propost to carry according to
h Tli* whole Stock IIU bl' regulaily! replenished! up Will l'oe considered Proposal for more frequent trips will be consih'red !- j,j(II Leave Quincy Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday mails ; but on railroad owl a'eambont: mutts thereis the advertisement." hit without suet specificationitwill
) to the pi est nt til". I tl..y fL'.1 1 Confident in Stalin;; 6310 From Gainesville: by Mieannpv. ."l'niigton. : ; ,.lso, separate bids for weekly service from :, at 8 am'; to be no more delay than i h sufficient for an ex- l>e considered a* a proposal for horseback service.
that ill no n.srrted .tock amount, will be found Uo. Loi i :\\nml'. Piue L'wl.Jam ,'ile: Tamrato Did Tampa HAY Arrive at Cluttihooceeo by 1 p m ; I change of the mail bags. I 20 A modification of a bid in any of its essential
I *.few old or shop worn gn> d-i. Smipternllt', :U.'I roes' Ferry Picrt-evdie, and F..t (;5G5 Fioin Key \\ t'it to Miami. 175 miles aud Leave Chattahoocbee Monday, Wednesday and 2 On railroad and steamboat lines, and other I term i is tantamount to 1 paw bid. and cauoot be receive

nUTUr DEXHAM.. Taylor Tampa, 1C5 mile and hack tbre limes bark, ouce a month. |I Friday at 12 m ; routes where the mode of conveyance admits of it, I II *], so as t<> interfrr t w-itli a regular competition;
January 8. 18 a week. ( Leave Key West on the 8th of each month ; i Arrive At Quincy by 5 p m. I I he special aireots ufthedepartmeniealsopost-office I after the last hour set AT receiving bids. Makiog'S

Leave Gainesville Tucsday, TLurs-l.-iy and Satur- t Arrive at Miami by the 13th ; j Proposals for three additional trips per week will blanks mail bags locks, and k 4 Notice.SIX day, ou arrival] of mail from Fernanda a-.ay at 5 I Leave Miami on the 19th of each month ; be considered I without extra charge. ; way to modify a previot s bid.

months after date the undi'roignoil. adiiunis alit ; I Ariive at Key West by the 24th. j| Bids to end I at Mount{ Pleasant omitting 3. On railroad and steamboat lines the route agentsof I il. Postmasters are U. be careful not to certify the

of the Kstateof Janice II Linn, late olJ f Arrive at Tampa next days by 11 p m : I Bids for semi-monthly and also for weekly service |I I hoochee, are invited. Chatta-I the department are to be conveyed withoutcbarge sufficiency of guarantor! cr sureties without knowing
.eon county deceased, \ill present, his account ala"OUl'ItU Leave Tampa Monday, Wednesday aol 1 Friday will be considered, if suitable cchedale-s be proposed. I I 65ft2 From BainUUge, (Ga.) by and for their exclusive use, while travelling with the t thai they are person ofstufiicieot responsibility; and
,] to the H I and ask for discharge (ruin nJlliltration I Arrive at Gainesville next days bv' 7 p tn. mile and back once a week. i iBi i Bluff to Ap.ilschieol.i. 206 miles] aol back, six times a ear, properly lighted warmed, and furnished I that on a failure to enter into or perform the
: 1). C. WILSON, Adrnt'r.t C511 From Gainesville! by l'tJrt Clark, to New- '' ,lder* will propose schedule of departure and j j a week from 15th October to 15th June of etch and adapted to the convenient separation and due : contract fu the service propi'eed for "> th. accepted
!5. 52f.mNotice. nannilt(. 23 miles and back three times a week. arrive!b. i,i yf ar, and three times a week the residue, in first security <>f the mails, is lo be provided by the con I bib, their legal liabilities will U enforced against
t Dembr -1858 -- -- ---- Leave Gniues/die Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday I Proposals for twice a week service will be cool i.l- class steamboats with the privilege of us-n* two. tractor under the direction of toe department. them. 4
-, on arrival] of mad from Fercndh.a-a-. 5 end horse coaches: from Bambridge to Cbaltahoochte Railroad sail 1 steamboat companies are required to I 22. Present contractors, stud person known at the
: : am 6537 From Bay Port to Clear Water hat bor, 50 when the river is too low for navigation. take the mail from and deliver it into the post offices department, must, equally with others, procure guarantors
mot\L after date the unJerfcigued will! prej j Arrive at Ncwnanavillc by Ham ; miles and back twice month. at the commencement and end of their routes and to I and certificate of their ufficieocy substantially
SI account and ,"oucher t the Judge Leave NewnousTill Tuesday, Thursdiy and Saturday Leave Bay Fort on the 2d and 18th of each month ; J-,.Olll 15'A of October to 15
.: of Probate of Leon county, and apply for a final discliarefe at 1 pm.; Arrive at Clear Water Harbor on the 3d and lMh; Leave Cambridge daily except Sundayat 2pm; a station or Ian-Jing. Proposals may be submitted sofHcieney must be signed ly a postmaster or by a
fro the Administration ou the K;.tattf .f Jlartba Arrive at Gainesvil'e! by 7 p m. Leave Clear Water Harbor on the 3d and 19lh of Arrive at Apalachicola next days by 4 p m; fcfr the perform.-lice of all otbrr tide service-that is judge of a court of reco-d. No other certificate will
P.1'ri IIel dcc u".l Lie ( Lex.ii county. Fla. 6512 From Micauopy tu Wacahootic, 12 miles i each month; Leave Apalaehicola daily except Monday fi for offices over eighty'rod* from a station or landing. b* admitted. AARON V. BROWN
( ; ) THOMAS II. TIUPLETr.4.L and back twice a neck. I i Arrive at Bay Port on the 4th and 20th. pill; Rex-cipU will be required for mail bag conveyed Po'twatter Gtntral.

; l '. -1 LUTe 1ka""l'Y 'I 1 bUl'tI an I SatorJay at S.m. j Bids for weekly trips will be considered. An he at Uaiulridgo next davs by 0 p m. u.s charge of pet US t'mrl"J'Clll.y railioaJ compaaics. January 22, 85?. 4-l2w .


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The Floridian & journal

Material Information

The Floridian & journal
Alternate title:
Floridian and journal
Place of Publication:
Tallahassee Fla
Maxwell & Hilton
Creation Date:
March 12, 1859
Publication Date:


Subjects / Keywords:
Newspapers -- Tallahassee (Fla.) ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Leon County (Fla.) ( lcsh )
newspaper ( marcgt )
newspaper ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Leon -- Tallahassee
30.451667 x -84.268533


Additional Physical Form:
Also available on microfilm from Bell & Howell, Micro Photo Division; Library of Congress, Photoduplication Service.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Vol. 1, no. 1 (Jan. 6, 1849)-
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Ceased in 1865?
General Note:
General Note:
Publishers: Charles E. Dyke, <1852>-1855; Dyke & Williams, 1855; J. Jones, <1855>; Dyke & Carlisle, <1861-1863>; Dyke & Sparhawk, <1864>.
General Note:
Supplements accompany some issues.

Record Information

Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
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This item is presumed to be in the public domain. The University of Florida George A. Smathers Libraries respect the intellectual property rights of others and do not claim any copyright interest in this item. Users of this work have responsibility for determining copyright status prior to reusing, publishing or reproducing this item for purposes other than what is allowed by fair use or other copyright exemptions. Any reuse of this item in excess of fair use or other copyright exemptions may require permission of the copyright holder. The Smathers Libraries would like to learn more about this item and invite individuals or organizations to contact Digital Services (UFDC@uflib.ufl.edu) with any additional information they can provide.
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-- 1 VARIETY CASH STORE LA\\rSflhl( J11Hi1)A.( I 'u.\run tillNm.; | ..,rs.j]
JHnu.u.O'j'J'I. III: \.:. z"I
IS iu ,, ;
-" rreiipt f a lai-o anj cxtm.i"e a-soi traeiit ,fi I AAlTi. MMU the :Hirnfft( the counties of l.afitt,'
anlTaWKirriii .
: Dr. Wm Fv Shine 1 Oar CODY GUC.I.MADE Ctorniv HOllOW 1I.\&D 'VArI: DRY GOODS(;( JlROl'ISlONS' f, I; .ijhClo Tat A""..vr, and CoIU-t..r* i i.* their re.t.matiee 'UDli..i. \

\'\nE, _
),TrE ZS Hit. ICOII.-VON4I.! MCVK11 TO TIlL 1'11111(. : HATS A:u. Cvn,, UitiWABE.. .l .\ U I J I CiiArrci OO'A-[No. .">!.] : > \ I 1. lie H enacted 1.!I thr Senate and !/? ,>,- of A'tjffi 1i

OFFICE cdjoii': iliat' f JV. (.aml.U! Ctttoii j Buors AJ>D SIK.EM, C. i (o'lURIES /,\ (;1XEILIL.: 1 II I i fat ins of the State of Florida in General Assembly convened. '111.1'
.. TU.Rr. AX ACT
b, !* >. l'! IvJJrofrssioiifll I to repeal an act eMaUMiing Lltetion I after the
IViiiiicU in 1'111 expiration f the
j I <3- DEL O O 33 3=L 1 33 S Xilcr 13. l"SS. .W; nil III \11111" "> term for which the present Tax-.hit'S"HI-.

: CBMIM, | \'n:5. ,1-rtoN 1. Be II rnacted ly the Scna'e and Home of i I and Collectors in the said counties I re elively wen? tlt-cted', the respective -
(far !. | ALLS, I POUTLR eCu ,Rruii FIIESI I / // of thr State of Florida in Genii rsl ReprexenI [ sheriffs of the said ioimtieof Lafavelte and' Taylor shall
: : -COTC11VIIIKEy. GllUDfN] 1 I Asumbly 'll.at I be '
"" : A Vw Lraulrcd IuLd. Cunda: OATS. 15 Packa-'ca SEEBSII an act entitled an act to ost.iblN! !fl election precincts in the county of I ci-ofcio Tax-Asbes-sors anti Collectors (If thi-ir. n.' ll'ct'e coun
Cools MM! .Shore-s.J II low Iv the Packa i Putnam, approved the I4tli December, Igj-J!, is
MILES NASH & CO.. X"' .tutxT ]:>. h.&.. -1C, 3'e. G-rovo.th: or iesa. :.'. 2. Be it further enacted, 'lht section Iierc-liy 3d. entitled rejMjnled.Election SEC. 2. Be further enaited, That all laws amid parts of laws in

U iLE1L tI z x I Irecincts in Thompson's DiVest: of the Laws: of Honda, page 72, I consistent with this act he and the} same are herel.j rrjeaIe

DKIU, ;n ...\1.\1' ; Change of Schedule.Vh GUM DROPS, i snail} be in full force and virtue in said county. [Pmueetl the Senate D'ft1uIl'r t. I85. 1'.msteJ the IIvl.e..r! R'I' I.
Uses Deceir.ber \
10. ISi'i
---0 OF [I'aeiI the liQuse .f "I'r"'f\f'ntatir Xtlt' 2'.. Uii I ApprovvJ I'J' the t'fl'r .lanu.IfI 5il.trra I J
I'JlIoe'J .
ALL I FLAVORS i iFOR tIle t''. I
MEMCIXES; (0 ilLS J i 't\ S V V \ I Dec. 5,18 S.pproH.1 ly the Uov.rnor 1).'.'. 21't, 1SJS.Jjno Ir r .

"I ATOULD iuf.rin their riewln ni.d the publw ; Uflhl'ANY.rr I I COI'GHS AM COLDS !
T they h.ivrou Ij.inJ a good ti I Ju-t received at the Iuu) STORE cf I
.l' ltmeit ofn
article as jicneralh ki-pt ill thin linr <.fl)J.t"i_.. L. c". JI .\ ] f.J I.JI\J.: EDWARD HAKNARD. Ja. : fll'l-Xu. 5'.i.] -
at .l will be receiving rtu! nlfrtsh I f uj'jiic-1-! Thrnterw -- TiIhihiis.ce. De<'ember 18. Ib:S. 51 ,' n.\l'Tt.r. ) .-[\o r> jAN
.shall be reaiith1i.! The :"tt'ii.' are re prctullipfnrcil( tlj.it the ; AX AW t::con ,ll.late the oflioe cf SheriiF al Tax-A!,o'(1"anj Cemliectum

Tall.iSu'fe.-! 'A.nl| t ili H i.:,- H. 4 i Ti.MMi; SI'S "' :i'"'' CITY HOTEL. jfci I ACT to lepcal an Cunmii act to:siuiicr rojalntc in Calhoun ami Jfrtiu-county-the Juties of the County and Wal..u1l1l.or .Tn.Jge of I'rolale and rK'll or the Cir u1t Court in tile county tit

\XU ; '

Dr. Miles H. Nash, ; MagncliaG1veston: W; JOHN L- MILL i'I SECTION 1. lie it enacted the SEITIO. 1. B.. il
Y Senate
okrERsjraotLMoAt .EIvtI.To TUJ,'ltlZ.J. ., I by and IIvusc tif. Reprrsen. enacted by I ft e Senate and JIMc of Rcjrcsr

rALLAUA-LIC |'UCOI-M>llkC'-Ot.\7-tT. ct. I I"U.J, I.-., ,. N,,* "II I, .t r..'Slid! tile "-ar'ii; FI"li-! "S\. OULD less leased respectfully the CITY inform the public that lie ((huTs of the Slate of Florida in Genrral Assembly conceited, That tat ires of time State tfFbrijta? 1/1 General AtmnUy convened Tha'

OFFICE with Dr. 51. ><' ii:iui..dLlv! M*'.-r.l" It ; !'i !'< '. -, .-., p1 j il..wiua'! SiL &;,: fWD llouI) and will tik, rhar hOTEL e (kmwn the as the I an act to regulate and dofii-e the duties, of County CorsimNs.'oners the Sheriff \akulla county shall hereafter be ci-tf.cin Tax-.\sses-
e.. .:IV. X (V!. May OH first (.f I HI Callioun county, approved 1 Jannarr, IMS, be and the sor and Collector of said and shall
< W :t. cn ;i.t Ijt.lJh.! ): ne t Il-: untiring ..x..tiont,111{ be uvi to eauw is I county perform' all the duties of
May 19 IS53. SrtE. Anlvr at I.... !.... <11 tj.c ]1eh!! .t ,:" .!. J full tati-tiction to all Mho will patronize Lira give* I.eieby u-peile l.'rc. the said s-veral! office

BAKXA1M .'.ve ......,...I"| ,-n th' -June (U\II. I f .Aprils.' l I"'S. 17 ; ;> 2. He i' furllitenacted: 'Hint the iluties and! powers anticonhlcnation SE<'. 2. Be further 4UIrIrf'l'liat the: Clerk of the Circuit Court
1J) Jr. .drivrat AI..clticu'-tltl., :,'h&IturI of Commissioners of said shall
? I.. :. County in Calhoun count shall Fie county }hereafter be n/idcJ Judge of 'Probate
;1\ \I'I/I..la/ .., tlw I said
\ II.L C U"l'I'l.t: TO! Airirt rt St. JL.rU ..'I UK1:1m.MI? .t. ht J. Nathaniel Hamlen, I the same ns is now prePciifRtl by general law hi relation to County county and shall!! discharge the duties of said offi es respectivebEc !--

RUG & MEDICINE BUSINESS Ix..v. Si. M.irU on t1aAnivc (' ...?.?. ,JJ>11> or | .COMMISSION MERCHANT Coriitiiiojot.r in tItle state.? -. 3. Be itjnrtherinaettd, That the provisions of this act sha'lj

,. .. I lit ('".ir Kr. n tlc!, iinh) .{ ,| -, | I I I'asee.I tIle hones .f take cfTect and be operative only after the
| terms of
:;r AT TUK : H1AM., SJGX ur No. JJS roj-ilras! St., Xc'.v Oilcan, c D etnUi IS, U35. Pusst-a tile Sen. office of those
Lea"e.K.y Atrive "D U* aanw lay!. I j ate Dv'tiiUr 20, 185S. AprroYeJ ly the Governor Ja ouarj 5, 185 .] I now filling said offices rfSK>clively sha'l' have e1ird by operation
er at Manatee A Tumja tW 20th i 8J ill. I of law and tIter
under /
OK ::: I Lrav,e )1,11.1.-., A' V.11,4 on iLc ILFEt-; TO- t II successors, /orpgoing provisions of Jl, s
iin:; ; Mine
ltt1v ( \'la.U t ; divs. J'J'An"c' G ,,'. James I act, shall have been elected? and qualified.btc. .
lit Kc.-' \\t : II tM.} i, ..fjit.. ?? .!,.i.. Hx ( E. Droo-i.o, > ? -
Va" Kr' W,-;( .,n tb! 1!tIt and-!.L1J.:- U.ti. K. A. SLinc. t J "'* (. i'ia, I:. Be it farther enacted; That all laws or jarls of laws in .

Center Cluit'Hi ..ud iijTroe iltutt", I.IIIJI..IT... : are ilitatVe'rff/SiiJtjTvn'KW1O.tLc thA1Ih.} A. R X..VC.*, 1.-1.: ) ? j' CIIAI-TEI: HI1-[Xo.SK :1. consistent( : with this} act lie and the same are hereby
Jawury 18Sr.. n : R.,.1 Rn.r J:"fl.T"rt.i na.Gen. repealed.
1 .Arm. at .>dar Key on the 14tl .! sth. I V.'m. Huilcy JttfVixMi flo. .. (I'u"s-J:: theSenate, n.\. I. 1 5 I'as ,1 tile
.. county : II./Jt' .
r.. ('ciL.r .. .. .. 1l'l'reSrntati,
R. H. BERRY I h..y 'oJl the: ttlnl !jv. J. G Putnam Evj. Ma.Ii.i FixAustins I To. .0 .. --.-. ;_ .:_ 1__..__ '.r"9 1I5
Artir at St }Iu". I Steele, 14.1 I Codar Keys Jlo.Datiiol TION 1. Be it rnactt d by the Senate ar.d Haute of AYrijvjluthes .
and Lcat St. 2Iatk ..
Auctioneer Commission on II lie : .
I !aiii< ISill. I:<]. Hai .r.ton: county. A'Ia.1d. of the Stale of Florida in General A... t.mUy concede, ''nat
II Anil !
ApaSrlj'ci: !In t! *'l Ithi & < CH 918 N'o.
4>u >< 2 : I \PTER -[ C.O.] :
MERCHANT. I : Itelnib'tn ) .. ... I

> Li.i. the Judge of Probate and Commissioners Nassau
L'.T AII| arl kill!* I
r.AnA"uFI.1.. S1t. ?l.', 1o.. :;: Ani\- at IVii-.v..Ii ( tJi 17tj! .t 1 bo elected the first in October next shall} be and
: :1. __._ 'If ? 3Ut or 1st.Leave I J. M.tnli. K-q: D.ncnnville: Ueo.Xov. on .Monday theyare AX ACT to amend the Road Law so f.ir as relates to Santa RUE county
PcfcKcn! ll.e I 17tL c'r Sli-t cr SiLArri 20, ISO8. 47 I hereby author /e(1 to fix definitely the coontr she of said countyat
?' at' NVw Or!, ais I Izt ILe AL, LS'IO.V ,- MARXOIJA
.A.t101Wn.cy Law I an t'vtia Jiijt t. Ajml:w-Lk..!Ia tm-ctTih* : t..akc WOOD, EDDY & CO.'S'SJXGLE seaboaitl! ) which in their opinion, may be the most eligible locationfor of the Stale of Florida in General Assembly convened That
'.\...\.MLi I: I'M. the ami make for the erection of the the Board of County Commissioners of Santa
Lea-.f N c'W' Oil,aiiv on the tit!I. d 22 I. NUMBER I fame, may contracts necessary Risa county are
Ajnil :'1. K;; '. 7 I Arrive ut A rilladi.t) on tin7tli .t ?rj. CO'lI1t, buildings and 'pay for the same out of any moneys in hereby authorized, if they set' proj>er, to elect and employ a suitab'e

LEave A.la<4iini'a ti tl!>.. Jt'l.1 ,t 24tli.Aitivi (( il. IrIIII: : : ) i.yIIIK r.vti OK cau :(..LCilpilal .) the county Tieasury to be derived from taxation, as now provided person to bo called the General Superintendent' of Rods anil
111 (.11! .\. ( fOUr! ;
at New Oil.ans on the>) I' tli i 25tkDAMIJ.
!i < --- by law. Bridges, whose} duty it shall be to superintend the construction am?
Attorney at Law : I. \PU.i _.iwrtNtvjKMt /. : ( Prize $:"jO.GOO I of all roads and in said
I ; i b'uc. 2. lie it furlJirr uncled, 'lliat iio expenditures shall! be repair bridges county. .

1'.1.\11 \-" iJ..wary -. FI.\. nq.,d, 18.1' f. f.lI I la.r -. .- I! Made in the erection of county buildings at ibo present county sfe: SEC. 2. lie it further ent'ctcd, That the said County Commissioners
I I TICKETS ONLY 10 DOLLARS of Nassau county until after the first .Monday in October next. are hereby authorized to levy a tax, not to exceed fifty percent
17, 1..7. :: !
1. EDWIN A. HART, NOTICI: TO 'ini!: ITDMC I SFC.: 1}. Be it further inactcd, That should the said Hoard of upon the State tax, for the purpose of putting in and keeping

John B. Wliitehurst : .L.ttcrtiey: ::v;t i.zw, j County Commissioners determine to remove the county site from its in good repair the roads and bridges of said county and to providefor
VS t3ie IW'II.Ler" c.f > ur firm lui.t, I'j -ft of purj i
I location sell otherwise i dispose of the the payment of the of said Superintendent.
Tallahassee Florida. .r elia"'. bocm..' thtiotiin-rof. the grants tharteredLv present they may or present wages
ATTOFMV AND COUKSELlOf!! AT LAW.. the State* tf Deav\! arc, Kentucky, Missouri and Court Ilousd on s::ch *erms as to thvm may sce-to most adxantageous. Sr.c. 3. lir it further enacted. That all acts conilicting with"die

!U! \I KIVI I I L\ \' \ ILL 'ne!ioc iu '1).t) Circuit Ci urt of tl,. Mi.l- Nit hr tin..- in (;(.ria, rn.l.T the inann viuont (.f above band the same are hereby repealed. :

"11 T ILL .. tii. Cr.ilo: '. f J. 1 I f T <11(- i PI-.id.! and tl..' >uj<'inr (.'..iit of this )! |l.ra lir: in : t urti i -"u.f S-ti\ aa.i. te; lb-tiict, (i u-t cflh. I'liTud 1 S.'iUc: : e ,.a'e d.ouv.Z iL 'haiie : ; further_ entitled. [Passed the House of Representatives DeeeraLer 15, 1858. '.- tI e Senate
I: U.
.a exr.eint f
0\iU*>un, tt abl mgtu. *! -..1.1 1 !!"!1.L. i. .i.-: T.. ill: aec C- ('t.! ::. o\'. r th- Mtr, ot Ie MI.l w.r firm. on an.l after January hI. ifi.vj, iu! 113ne iiAt G"f be so con.sfrnrd as to compvl the said Board of County Commissioners December 22, 1858. ApproTed by the Governor January 5, 1859.}
al"'IIIY' .1tt..i:11 atle'.I.' .: to c !i. < !t.'g. f the site of Nassau from its
t\\.hllA'r ,,. J. I"I""I" WOOD. EDDY A CO. nhoVui hereafter have the to remote county county present
', I"; -t.-Iy J&II. :.!', 1 'R 4 nuM;iiiMTit ('t the Sparta Amloraj! Lotttrv, anJtlic location, unless they shall themselves be of opinion that said removalis --

otlurs. Anl."t'c iri-(-.!. I to the interest of all parties.
Beni. F. Young, AMES In aM tl.:114.. ti IH' vie l.j.vr.!U-.iv,-ed to eomlurtmr ;
SKC. 5. lie it furlicrnrc,1, That all laws and parts of lavrshicli CHAPTER 919.-[No. ((.]
Lu..ih.itL aiwl!
Id--ri I
.\ \ 'H'I.u. p f"II'tn woin
"l"'t'.J'.t..J.J. .JJA : WHOLESALE' ) \ .'x" HETlL\ I 1 1ilALIs .>,urttlu. j"iblio that tb" patrowgc lusrttofori \\ authorize the several county officers of Nassau county to
I. : t1Clot"'e.1 l <'tl us i< vrtll:deserving of I being trl\n fcrT..1I keep thc records, or any part of the same, at their respective residence AX ACT regulating Constable sales In the counties of Jutteon, WaJinbto ,

1/1' rf'll: Il' Jz'nT. I : : to our mc 'fur*. Very respcetfuily. *, be and thev are hereby repealed, and the County Commissioners Holmes Santa Rosa, Walton, Gadaden and Liberty.

\r ILL prwtiee IU lie Court fI f die KaU-ni Cit i i S. SWAN & CO.nuoJ. of said county may require the said! officers to keep the said
.\ Ga, Dec. 15. 1S58. WHERE\s, Under the existing laws of this State, herifF bales 'are
? T cuit ..i Kl-. IUK| tie Federal Coort : records at (the county site, and to attend themselves, cither in person
limited to the four winter months of December January FclJru-
(orticc AT cAirii.n, A'rtll'A COXVTI.) lHUJJJ-//J/J ; such such stated intervals benecessary
J' 4' GO. JllJlntrTf or by deputy, on days or s.s may
ary and March ; \\n WHEREs Con ta\tl's are allowed to sell
KEFKIiK\'f'jS: for the transaction of $he business.
?ue C8 Ors to S. sW.:0.. i county every month ; AM WAKRBH: The people of thesj counties complain .
C&r.J.J.Lt.ts. > _. Sr.r. n. lie it further enacted, TnAt the Board of County CommUioners .
(,nI_ J. D. .\1...... \ < I, n'. *!(..>. .. ('. .. rrii 1.Iisuriu, SrLtme will I* Irawo- by WooP, for said county of Nassau shall be and they are hereby of the results of tuch discrimination-Therefore,

Ev.z 1'U"'U"''. ) -I. CDHT Jt C(.., Manager*, cf the paita .\ .lcleIn required to erect the Inland of Amelia into a. separate Road and Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Rei>re.tentatives of the
Dft. JA1ItE. :. Joxi_ T'iHa'mtee I? .
> ) Lot y. in eath of it tnt Single XumJior! I ttrrttlf.tr State Florida in General convtned That
; Justice District, and shall order an election for not less than four of Asttmbly from and

57.WILLIAM 1k U3t1u ilaici.11. aui.eriutetideuve 1SJO,at Aui"c.f s-ta.C"r.mi"'t\I"'nt'l1'Georgia in pub .Magistrates' I in the said District, at the election to be }held on the first after tho passage of this act, it shall not be lawful fu: any Constable

SCOTT, TALLAHASSEE FLA'A1'1 (... 10 1)- .'lINrcl'lt', .l1trd :. i :t'. Monday in May next. to sell any }property by virtue of any Fi. Fa., or othir process, in

j J r-rc 1;jj!.'Y :A d ': :7-] I ; I: 11 ,, I..i,' ::11I't: :" ,! fc-i) '" .,- of Gadsdcn and the regular Justices' Court
.' ; : : "" I Iri'vP.t.1.u', ..?.rel. It). lI 5 I. county shall be and i is hereby authorized to appoint under his Liberty except on days in
M-Vll-'iLLO: TLA' :. \u:' :y i.: a'h-.' : I '.t Iv I In: ;1j -!<. C*( M 13 yiSiitufjtiv.. JIartti 2(5( 18i!. hand and under tho seal of the Probate Court, if there be one, a the months of December, January, February and March subject,
1..l.\i1./ /.jd..jl 1.1 I X". I IOXTI1K
.1, ilv cn.I ;: ::.) t Ij.lII. I :'n.1 I't'l \ill al":n'" i.,1 .l I his H'IlltIL"UII'I.t n j jI I I PLJV'IVSLV&LEXUJIflI:1.s.- Deputy, who shall have full power to discharge all the duties of the however to the same plan of replevy which is nnvr, applicable to

: full: Ittlrrly ( f e..I'"tliii.: 1..1..111I mr l.n: .- 111.1| on saiil Judge in his absence, (except such duties as devolve upon tho Sheriff sales in this State.

FLOYD & HOLLAND, :; lIllitt'l'alm.1' n' they) o.," I. hid. ill any S..aatteti j: 50,000 Tickets said Judge of Probate as member of the Board of County Commissioners [Passed the Senate January I:, 1859. Passed the Ifout of Representative

Attorneys at Law. i!', Market.|.-n.loi| to Ord r.n.l,tT till"J'il by }Mail i.f* .tln anie rwiw' coirretnrva]>n>mptly all at.if 1 Ij |1 J'lS: ;. PHlZI'{ : i iE.ULY ,) but nothing herein contained shall be so construed as to require January 15, 1859. 'Approved the Governor January 15; 18i:.J

"Y riLL practice ill the, Circuit Courts .f :ili.l.l'oT j'.rn..h1.. |" :".li.it><.d by Cust'inicr. To Cach and (tNt: PKIZi: TO >:A KI.V: XlJfn TKKEUTS i the said Judge of Probate to appoint any such Deputy.

I and West Floii'U.and in tlio Supreme C"uit I fl'l H/'t/ tnl.: l"l n,. .c ft$ ( .fl'nt! in tI'.in we ..GNJ1Jt _n' .s/'IIL'ME I [[Pave the Senate December SO, 1S58. )l8I'I'.1Ihe llourc of Representative -
the State. \1:1! iu the DiMnet Cocrt of the L'ui (i can iive ihetn ?:tire ail>tac1Out' d 1 UCrelICI II IIi I January 4, I$5. Approved Ly the Governor January 13, 1859.]
-d State,in the) X..rthni Di-tii.'t of 1'l.mda. j jR. ,- TO CK DRAWN LAth SVTTBPA'' M MARCH CHAPTER IttO.-[No. 02.]

.J. FLOYD, Office Apalsebwola. tTa.D. rai.t. l Putty, 1 Prize of. rO.OOO 1 r.izeof. .*J500 j
". HOLLAXD Office Qaiaey Fla. I. *. Oil. r.cl-L ri.5ij 1" . :O.OO 50" .. LOO --
Dec.22, 1S53. 51 I i Dy Staffs, C mI'Lm., 1 If -0' 10.0:0 103:) '. 400 AIT ACT to fix anJ define the Boundary Line between isural and Nassau

1" 5,000 100 Counties.
1I1)1U.1L NO'I'IC :. l'dfuLwIy, : Van.shc, I Ola si War, Xo. ;. S
Cii.uTcr. 913 5
1 If 4.(100' 100 -[ ]
I Fine Fin fi Tooth.>rp". and hair I\\lnJow (1is'. 1" . iCOO : 100" ISO 100 SECTION 1. lie it enacted by the Senate and House of Represenolives -
MnuufjrturcPiiteiit Tobtccofltta.e. AXCT in relation to the Soliool Fuml in the county of St. Johns. / of the State of Florida in General Assembly convened, That
Dr. W J. Carroll McilieineK, .JJ'/iuHt,1I J'e.i,.
m. I
Paint the boundary between Duval and Nassau counties-shall bias follows -

UAVIXG permanrutly stilled near I inquire C ms. Sorjical I1ru.Fine In tnjm<'nt., i. Me!lieiiie J Havfir.a r Cherts Sears, I II -I rr.zes100. ZOO"IIrrro'g. tIJ 2000t 50.rlllO' prize.arc!1.600I SKCTIOX 1. lie it cnactnl'by the Senate and House of Rep rcsen- : Commenc3 on the Atlantic ocean at the m( utb of the Nassau .

'. I.M: pr"ftt oIIi"nal i ftrnet-n h the mtited to I'Uutation and Family use. -I jO" 1 O.i(1Q .200 1.0uOI" lit ires oj the S:Vcf Florida in General Assembly convened, That river ; thence up the main stream of said river to the run of
citi/ci.n .f the furror.iHlin Office Lie I I I
rountrv. at the County Commissioners of the county of St. Johns are hereby Thomas' thence the of said where
usidencc in front .-f De\Vitt old *t<*f.Nore 'i -.llSO- 225 ,COO" lHO swamp; up run swamp to; it would
'ibcr) 27, ls.r.>!$._ 4'"-r.m. Pt Ci: WINT* A m\\IIlJ-: :I-ftlr jirmnxiL fin.wen. I 4 4 200 4.00a" BOO authorized to loan out, with proper security, and at the} highest intersect the prolongation of a line drawn from the.south-we&t t cor-

WILLIA.1I -DILUOKTH) n AMI-S, ). LIVELY.: I -1"U I 0" :"'00" coo legal rate of interest they can, so much of the school money as is ner of township one north of range twenty-five east, to 'ike south
I -(-. lt, 1S.-.8. 42B. : 4. pri.es 100"or 20 are. .. .l.,. .OQ". . .100,000.On5.0tJO I apportioned by law to said county, whenever, in their judgment, west corner of township two south of range twenty-three east;
and Counsellor al Law .. : II deem it best for the interest of their!
Attorney ( --I they county. thence along said last mentioned line in a south.weaf_ :coarse to whrra

MOXTICELLO, FLOUIDA.t ) A. FAHNESTOCK'S 5,JS5 Pii/es amounting .*320.000 [Passed the HOU-.C of Representative Ictinl 25. 1853. Passed the Sen its extension would intersect the boundary of New Hirer county. S

ATILT.. praetitc iu the Courts of the Middle Cr: : WHOLE Ticarie10; HALVLS_ $5 ; QIAUILBS $:!. I ate Dec. SO, 1853. Approved Ly the Governor January 13, 1859.] SEC. 2. lie !it further/ enacted That the Judgn of the Circuit

Y t-uit, an-ITlio iiui* and Ix>wnde County,Oa VERMIFUGE Court for time Eastern Circuit of Ilorida shall Immediately l after tho"
1STA CtRrL.\R nfunriHg Moofttt. L Mtri t,rll
March ::. 1);. 1:-I Y lit tent to.any out tit.;.frt iri/it< J passage of this act, appoint a surveyor to make and dcflne the said

LOMUi; : {.\ ITIITTOItE A HFI AID 8OEEIS aur.Dr FOR I : -:0-'0- line from Thomas' Swamp run Jo the boundary of N'CW River county -

I VV-C R.I\, |: Certificate tlf Pekngea 'will be aol] at the follow and whose further duty it shall be to make two-plata of the said
.\ 1.\ T. I't\ CHILDREN AND rat >, which is the ri k ClIAl'TEK !H-[Xo. SG.]
I TAPE "WORMS CeitiScates ol Paekar- of 10 Whole Tk-Vet I of which said shall be
MA.LOXO .t J. I' 0.\I. \lTH have aflloci *SO AX ACT relative to the office of Sheriff an.l Circuit Court Civil in the pases, ono plats deposited in the Probate
I I.
'lrl"* in the ;practice of Law. The RETAIL PRICE, 25 CIS. IC half 40 County of Holmes. office of Duval county and the other in Nassau county.
will attend, the Court in the Mi.l.11<* Circuit,ILl' Supreme I II K Quarter 20 I
I rarrAKU 4\D SOLD BT mi tole proprbtort, I IB. SI:(. 3. Be it further enacted 'That the expensE running saM
Court and the liuf thr United : 10 Eighth 10 i
State atTall.-\ha"*cr.Officeoppojit.'thc I A. .FAHSESTOCK II D t Co., 1 rhll".ldphta.ritt,hurpb. P"p".. II In ordering TUVfU or Ctrtificates; enclose the I SECPIOX 1. He it enacted by llis Senate and lloikc of Represcnfatircfoflhc boundary and making the said plats shall/ be taxed and allowed by

Court House. B. A. rAll'iE.1'OCK.1tLLL A Co.,New"York Oty, .I money.. c.llr a.Mrefs: for th: Tickets ordered, OR re- Stale of Florida in General Assembly conrcned, That the Judge of the Eastern Circuit of Florida, and' me half of the

Ootwber !<. 1834. ly I I ,WHOLESALE DRUGGISTS,51 CLIFF ST.! .I ci-ipt of which they will! be :forward by.first mail I from and after the passage of ihis act, it shall not be lawful for tho same shall be paid by the county Treasury of Dmral county, the'

'II i Thy of respectable dealer only I Purchaser can hac tickets ending in any figure they I Sheriff or the Clerk of the Circuit Court in and for the county of I other half from the.county Treasury of Nassau coufty, ftrd fh said

BOOKBINDIlG.rl' Examine the Initial.of the name to be pure you get the.i I I may The d"Ust$i:nat of I *.Driwn Nimilers and I'IUl"iH; be I Holmes to hold or keep their respective offices at any other place Judge of the Eastern Circuit of Florida must issue 0 writ of mandamus '

UNDEILS1GNII: ) is xo ,v Only Gmiiine u. A. FABICOTOCE'* Tiimrrotll jMIS ent I. purchasers inanifdulely after the diaciug. I II than the county site of said county or in the distance of one mile for the payment thereof, if necessary.SEC. .

JL 1'LtF.I'AItEI) WITH i I I (11- Purchasers will plr\!e write their signature I thereof.! 4. Be further enacted, That all laws aid parts of laws

TOOLS AND ffsjstri MATERIALS .\ : & LIVIL\: I plain and give 'Jit.ir Post nftlie.! County and SUte. SKC.: 2. lie further enacted Tint all acts or parts of acts conllictin" militating against the provisions of this act, be and u\o same are

L Sole Aj;<.nt* f>/r Tt1Ia1et.rc. 'I.r Remember that every Pure i* drawn &a<.l in manner with tho true intent and meaning of this act hereby repealed.
r it R BOOK &y B I..v n i Gin Apil 10, igfi. l:-I>. 1 Payable in full without deduction.I any
I be and the same are hereby repealed. Passed the House of Representatives January, 1859. J'.. ihv
all its branches and solicit* the patri.na.je of the srriuioTiBURNING: : -- I I tT: All prizes of ?1,000 au.l under paid r fuediately [ Senate
citizens Tall.ihasee and brr"ullding country. I IIi* i / after the Jrlwng-othcr prizes at the jl [Passed Uw house of Representatives DccetnLer 23, 1358. Passed the January 10, 1859. Approved Ly the Governor January l 118 9.l

Mi"p i i. in Ihe 1'iiokfl"oe ft-rnirrly c.'it..1 l by Dr. I FLUID : time of thirty days.eoTIu Senate Dcccmbtr 29, IS Approved Ly Governor January 15, 18'9.]

('.tII. <>p])'Mtc the '.\i..e"r ll Cliurt'h. H k i* a prnt"I I.I \T7AI5RKX1> Fllfcll. }','r *ale at the Dre" I TO fOKKC' I'O\DEXTS Ii j

tical Hl1kl'r. and ltd: sure that he can do woik aw.ll V Store of E. B A ItXA UD. i Those who prefer not sending money by n aii, canI
a..1| ". ..I.( n* it o-m I..' .l"no rWvlicre.CnAUl.i 1 .Tanuaryl. 1S50. 1 j
ip I us* the AJatiit J>'rf>re** C nj>ay. wViertby money CHAPTER 921.-[No. ) .] .. .
:S FIX lJIIS: i-X: nVK's -- fir 1 icktt. iu ptir.aoi $lO, and! *. be sent .
$I I".1Jl i ::1.\LieJ3VJJIAL i upward (tn
JuJy' I".H':* 2.1 'y_ lnf"It..I'Y': i i us at our risk and expt'n"e. from my city cr town CHAPTER ol5..o.. 57.JAX AN A'CT'more: JvtinUely defining the Boun.Liry Line b t4eeu the counties

; ; i (< 'ASES I[ w here they have nn otliee. The tn.ie jr and order of Lafayette and Taylor. :

Hanckel & 'Nowell, : :I, etaiipe4 must bo l eD'I"'eol'or eticlos.! .1" in the a "OoverLtiunt Express Coirrany Pot cannot Office ACT to 8ef'llrntehe office of htiitf: and. Tax-As.cscr ud CoL'eilor! of S'-Cl1 .N I. Be it enacted by ths Senate and House of Rtpretenlaliccs ,
FACTORS I county.SECSIAN the Slate of Florida in General Assembly convened. That
I : r j : ( All cor.ciici.Mtk- confidential the boundary line between the counties of Lafayette and Taylor
-ANl-- : strictly 1. lie it cnactfd by tJte Senate and house of Rrpr..ceaI.I
I --. : : j Address OrJ .r* fur Ticket or CertiSoatos to I I shall commence at the [point where the boundary hint dividingrangesnine
(lencral (Commission ilorclinnls latires of the Stale of Florida in General Assembly convened That
WOOD EDDY HosctrCKid from and after the expiration of the present term for which the
( Finished
CHARLESTON. Sa Latent 'aruf.- or, WOOl, EDDY A CO. .Atlanta Georgia. line dividing tho county of Madison from the said ountfeo of .La
Sheiiff of Calhoun county has been duly elected the said offices of
(. .. \\CKIL. EoY.. "kOU'tl. Ai.-ncrr. "I' "F.'TarCTJnLF I. or, WOOD EDDY A CO. Wilmington DelJ3T" I Assessor and Collector shall be holly and I fayette and Taylor, aifd shall run thence along the said lino dividingsaid
--_ ---- \ l'PI'I.Y ..f"lI..izl'- 1.<1" e..n'tautlv ..n In1 1 : A list of the uumber- that are drawn from I Shl'riff\l1d separate ranges nine and ten in a southerly direction until said line inter-
Uud'ertaktrXuvenibor and'shall not be held by ono and the same
'l IIDY \"illllell every description of .l/tt'f' or.L I Iv T. J. HAWLS, the wheel, with the aiuuuat of the Prize Lint eachI : distinct offices, person. the Estinhatch river, thence down the middle-of saM m cr to the
Jitcrcknndizt *IK|Will make advance! on all C '. It'5& 4'FIRE '_ __ I I < sects
.'n..intnt.uta.tpsi1 in the following papers: ADtjulIa (.!.) Couiitutk I officers in and for the county of Calhoun, there shall be elected some
11._ 1tS. IS-Iy INSURANCE !; ( >iuii>t, New Orleans Delta Mobile IlegUterI : I I II fit and proper person to assess and collect the taxes of saiu'county, SEC. 2. Be further enacted, That ail laws and parts of J laws
-- STITE liRE AND JUnE KSURASCE CO. Chirlestoo Standard, Nashville Gazette Atlan'a InAiklTiue other conflicting or inconsistent with this act be and the same are hereby
I I whose term of office shall be the same as Tax-Assessors and .
Cash Adv ces---I i'UNNSYLVANIA. teIigl'Dc'r Xc' York Weekly D.tf Bouk SeiiannahI I repealed. '
this State.
I Moni, Xew.. Ric1l"wuJ Dispatch. Sew York DisIl'utell I Collectors in
MADE r w COTTON ,UnJ towir Fiindin I I XSl'RE I&."aiitot !.*. bv Fire on the usual t'rr."f 1'AuIJIDg (Miss ) Clarion, aol Little .vk. llhe llmif r..r jClltati"es DvcomWr 1 t, S53. 1',1 tie Stn- [P..sed the Senate December ., I88. ril the house of Rpre nUt'ocs .
v. I 11'I ..
\v. i., nn n.t l Ntft -1-'. II. FL.AOO.: .\.gtut.Tahiahta'.ee. I ( Democrat.Xov. the Governor Ikctinber 1S3?. Approvtd Ly the Governor IJwinWrSl, 1858.]
December ::. ISaS. Aj-ptctcd Ly January 189.J S
I I I lh
Mqi. Yi. 1 ; : Ptetakri 1!, 15*. M 14, ISoT. t)-\ .

.4 if-- -41 -- S : ty-T-L 'S S S

_y -t .
-- -
-- -



1 COln"I"Mn to Nominate .Jv4gts. 1 BY TLEG H. I Softly the reath of the scented flowers WiiATISITTIL.T ? BW'GOODS'FOR, ,

1niiiiii i Dmnn. i I The StntiMl' COL.its tIC cyinuiuulcatiou published I Through time latticed arehvvay sprang ;
Like the anthem of the ocean, 1"I
i us lart trout the Jacksonville Standard, rej i LATERFROMEUROPI: ( .

.".- ," ,.- -. .' .. .- ---- .". -.. ,j bJ(ul.nl'ndins v.eJ I lon'crti"l for the purpose of nominating I Ij 'I As Music a fog o'er from the out forest of heaven rang. i i Daiby's Prophylactic) Fluid I -,

.\ L L .\ 'Il \ l' S E : j candidate for the Supreme ('our. end ARRIVAL < f& F TOE Came upon our earth to dwell- Thi i. a Ne* Discovery. It i* the rttult of Learned j: |

------* s- makes thereon the following comments: II Who the* fairies whispered gaily ; I RtuartJi. it a triumph of Scicntt/ie: Mill I \ SPRING AND SIIMMRI18es

understand the above Angels] aniweredLilJ.bl.'J.Sut TT is Chemical Union of materials provided by j Ii
*_'rrnD.l.T, MAJirn 1*, ISPJ. I weare to as a projioritionopposo II a
--=-.,-: .'= -=- I In flor ( ccUing a ConTltiCn oC the people (lrres1.eetlTC !Hot'jct JURA. sea-shcW i JL Nature herself for renderii pure the air we ,
I uC party, we second the motion ; but if the : I a* fairest tint of :'breathe, Its act-on: ia in i obedience to fixed law s. ;;
re-Mr.j.j. \ .uSl'IJUCK hal b9.a .11otJ arf''L ; Wus the color of her cheek ; '

t receive SuUcrlplioii*. .Adr'rfl na nU,4*.for the flordic *- !! i of tl beat up a party tandidste('olnenlion,. ye fr hail thepurpose .1 rO FIRM AND DEMAND sn \DY. And from out her eye of azure. QUICK, SURE, POWERFUL : -.

4 J"rll and 'in r .IIL lu .h a.Ie Cf tbs I witii r'Dlnatil all our: party WI hare o1waYI I! NEW YOBS, March-The Steam-hip Jur.l'lll.t. Spirit \' :' seemed to speak. .; It purifies dwellings, sink. kitchen 'J -- '- .,'

Tfoprleuyr for tbe la a>e.C3T I be n opted.i Ao.l.re mhht!) utterly opposed to m&- Moodie, arrived tWs morning, with Liverpool date j jto And with lips like mated rose bud. It remove all offensive odors ; I j I
I kir.;; the ofu!; JuJire f a.ti political ofhce. and suchaebeheve I Feb. 18th, and two days later than. Sweetly bl-oming in the dell, j It cure burn with instant certainty ; J AM NOW RECEIVING .\ VERY
Mai Police.-The IVt Office is open bet luntoiore been the known opinions lriJ: of hiattirnore.COMMElCIAL | blie who floated like a zephyr I It is the best preparation ever u*"d for fresh wounJs. j
I II brouehtbv the City .
I. Simda>' t b tw.vn the tour of 12 I and 1 P. 1 I c>f the people ai.d the ].t'-4i. i otemnchip I j To our home, was Ijlybel It destroys all vegetable and animal poisons ; t j LARGE! .ASSORTMENT: OF ALL THE
1 I Ii
NEWS. the bites cf msccts
Wer.bserte that the theal.vo [ i It relieves iu a tew seconds t
Jlori4"a.1,1cc .
-. .. --- i eoinmuuieation h.weet-r.from the Standard. i Cttton smiles of cotton for j O'er a sea of flowers she waded. bees, etc. I II [
T 1 LL.UI.\&SI I 3IA1IKET.TALLAOA : Lut'ill. I Licrpo Jlar.tl.-Tle To our home with breath of May[ ; It scatters boils alien forming !' VARIOUS STYLES 01GOODS RE.
I j ;
wordofcojnnient We th.ia. n* a bales cf which
ot-ttt! regret 1'or.l thep*"t two days were -
utl M&rck It,15.5. fn.iut'i! in favor f the ition indicated I O.Oll spec- j I And when buck to Jicat en they wlludert'J.With It soothes boils when i imtd. and heal them
(\J1FON.-Tld' "'ft a'pood busine- ba been ne. t paper e> p. the I uIJt,1 tooklOXandcipo"itcr3 1G X)) taleThe j I IIr.arJt them too, she went away. I rapidly. I QUIEtED IN THIS MARKET.{ WHICH ,
Pale S"O b lei at the f".IC pries: 40 at 9 rts 10 9> S bvr' -nuld have had 1 good ('ffl'lot \ com- 1 -
e at 10; 40 at 10V; 60 at 1n.* rfnl.. The abov are n.b 1 IItsI.i4'aIlt'Is i i.it
t prices so-nethine more ray be obtained for trade lot*. The U-" pleaded to s-c the ttJ.lri collie out lean 1 7d. ,' All they took on earth to dwell : I!f It cJt"aDseslhe teeth and purifies the breath ; J ]I WILL SELL AT A SMALL ADVANCE
: :
Ifte i I Fairy bud and bhishing.rotes., TLe worst of Typhoid and Scarlet Fever I ,
J.llV"- tte Unntrin -.
j sj mptous j
week Wb from 1 to ihoWI -
the upon rt"llou"illlyuIJ Iui.t
*'tl.' & : 1 favor of a free e.'u\'ltiul' ( 'n we mustImve. GLNL'RALN; : i Leaves and! flowers and LilyI.mt1.When are tnittgirted by the use cf this Fluid ; it !into been j ON THE ORIGINAL COST TO

I IiriK A o COLS. CoKo,BA'r._ :) tout i ie. in favor eta ,'ol..ntiuu of the pco- ,!1 I known to check the spread of Typhoid Fever in Fani- |

t ;\. pled t tJe!, .-tisIc, iru\ti-[ ofi--irty., : lliei.ilei.ee :, The proceeding! of the English parliament are j the vcning bells were ringing j dies and upon plantations.Leading | Cash Customers

W leran., dirt'ti e>f leamins either the I\n. I'! theta two lesdhi? w id iirfiUel.tial: Deliioeiiitic j, |generally uwutemting.j I And the blest daylight had tIed i pbjfcicia are c ill: it in Charleston Cc- .-

J.h, Italian. French or CM-rraan languages. are referred papri* on the question i i. .matter lunch to bent j I t is considerable speculations afloat asto the i Angels etooJ w ith harp- all silent 1 lumbia, bavaimah Augusta. Atlanta. Maeeni, C.'luui- OR TO PROMPT PIlING 3IEA

f.-,.tleJ. Hut so stia.i intend to ,1.1uae any ,I| Waiting to bear up the dead. | MoTJtgoiflc-M.ScIuia, Mobile{ and New Ork-ans.
Matheo. of
the eiirel Profsor 1'01 continued or the
t) from -. {l.rvLhitio, peace prospect ( Softly! wu a spirit floating The Hospitals! of New Orleans and Mobile are |
.. I cub a!!eflftTU.omc dlt quarter they Jl'Idl \ I j. ( EO.: W. SCOTT.
j -Go-d". J St have for their olj.-e! thr introJ'ictu-n uf {| \'lr. but nothing ne,has tran.pirtt to change the j jj i Up among the heaven to dwell ; using i*. !I
Spring: )
: should there IK- of matters cf that mrtI'reenssiunary ; Who the fairies: softly whisper*.!, Hospitals C'-rporatkus masters manufactuI / M;rch I':. 1"9 11 I
Our merchant* are r.ovr receiving tl.i1 u ual|I : politic' int tlie Col'uti.n. ( one) j jor previously rej-orted aspect ( I ship ___
: of allowing] tll.tlo control the rKMion afttrthe : mid defensive preparations atebIdS Angel .n5Wcrcd-Liljbcl! I planter"! physic-un., furnished by the gallou: at j
fII'plf!vf Spi II.R ?nJ fuuimcr GoeKli. Messrs. T. uciuinations shall! have be n made. j!' I Ihnu: TuG. 1 reduced rates. T. HAYWARD & SON

& Sun, t'. J. Meginci-s end Georpt W.eiott We to |: l'oltinlll. hu1.te apprehensions!of trouh.iursltluugb -, i ij ------- i Fcr sale by druggists and country! merckints generally .
I DajwarJ l nev of I of the ) j the magnate-ejf government proclaim; their !( The Trajjrdv at Washington fit) from whom orders are respectfully solicited. m
notify the public in toafl paper nun for the ofcI t.fJudg.- o accoui.t j f .1 trade generally u their tensiv*and eomplct
readiness: ti exhibit. the latest IIJ'lel\ of Dress thci'I| | r4xion of jwlitics without referencehi I jiolicr to be peace. I The Xutioiul: ItttUiytnetf gives the t'ut1'inI"lrtieui" \ :' Try at let one bottle. Price 50 (,ut!. -o11055.dmrctti ,Ii a"01 mollt s.f

\ en. for tlrr The I II of the kill-it.'of, P. Dai lI Key by Mr. .mo t
I qualifications
.nlim.nh [ Vague and uiic Give them pito'1 SI'RI.XJ .tM. SIM1.MER
.Uicr Got a cnl 1 epreswl in rr.ulc ref'rr.J are a.I | Sickles C&: Manufactured only iu the Laboratory rf I Ii GOODS,
t11 of the of Freucli 1 loan :
r-iobabillty a new of
c that J. DARBY. Auburn. Aw. i C. nihilist i; everytl.ine u uallT old in this market.
mirlLle su" r.r as they po; we oidy regret i lhi dl'ell.1fulatT'ltiol.1il'l,'cd I Iia g
DaHbf'a Prophylactic Fluid. I di.! not break cruund In'r e.f the! w" I .ttl.III.I)1. I The provocative to For MO i iii! Tallahassee by AMES A LIVELY. be-u!I.I i.i.inv o 1I"\.ltid. embriciug Hat' Cups, bU e.
i of New Ye.ifc.
1' W* eC" indebted to }lc8s. Darby. J Price for i Iiave In.licete and the Stnndard 1"iti"1 lAter new list leu ctivetl f-vta (n.i.. The the testimony of Mr. llutterworth the Chief of Police lie: I sod by Druggists generally throughout the Stale.I I aud Clothing, of time ttest stie.r *.
before Justice Godd.nd
I' j N. H. Pel sons' soils I.ft.attr..tc., analyzed j .
two bottles of tbe Fluid named ad'o. These gentlemen ian bad endorsed i is. wishing ---
campaign in Oud''latl been closed, and all the Clra states that about the time abut mentioned, he met
: lace eftablisbed a-i agM.ey in tMuilJ with! j| Tl'e n>tridian has never k>okol with favor upon I i destroyed.i M I,'. tickles on Pennsylvania avenue a little east to can have it done ou reasonable I're-f- JDARBY.termS by sending :I II Hat! & Caps : -
lewrs. Ames &.Lively win re the alide may be : the phsn, a.lvoeated by oine and purtueJ in several. i I late-t intelligence from l.u.1"/w a!received ward of the corner of LuFaycttc quare, add nearly Mareh 12, 1S55. 11-ly i,j &S Latest Siring Younff SlyleM Men!o, km IlaU. for

Of ofc.--r arly'a'* preparation we cftn MVaolbicp of tie ether States, nominating candidate: fur j I the of the oppiiv the State Department He hud a few : i
of the
1A. c I by telegraph on day sailing Jura. I worth of eonversalion with Mr Mckles. who left I IWbe'a Latest M.jltfkn[ I and Cassimere Hats

4t from cxiHriencc, btt those rvbonirc& kc ow ,. judicial! portion by party convention'v concede I was eUteJ that Austria agrees to send repretentatilc him as Mr. Key approached the litter couiinir; : : '1.\lUti I D I1 II I Tenbrotck Hat. Scotch Travelling Caps.

persotally and ly r.aiue. have tested it and give toitlbeir I! however, that tat mole e-electing( Judges II i ta the Paris Confess, provide l England and I down the! avenue towudthe Stale n"l'artm'IIt.The .- : j At the residence of the brxlc. father, m Newn ns'tll \ 'j Punl'Morphy Caps,

-mtnJatuD The 'ditur vf has operated well, in Xe-w York "hlrC Prn'siA that the Italian )' nut at lIre cornrr of Lafayette Square, when I Alarhua COUDI 1'luriila on Thursday curl..ag the 4th of iKtb. Alan variety ol Panama Leglmrn and Straw
.I "arel C 'ptcl) \i grAnt e (uest'nhnt Mr. Key extended hU hand towards Mr. Nckles, |I ., 159, by Kev. Jesse ?.t. Valenl.ne; M. D,. Mr. JAMtS II i! Huts, Ladies Uidii*; Hats. Trimmed. Ladies -
tlieAabviruGavC'. vritli both of whom we are there is at : nnJ w'aero
eonfiiftdiy an > e juJidaiy i not be Time fund elo e'l firrjer.MARKETS. .
Jl.cueJ : 1\\ill how ire you ?" Mr. tackles: re-fused tu I| CALIIOfN TAXDLEYtoMi s FLOltW.DELL and Misses liloomrr and Flats,
.acqtihJ. s I y cf it- party line are as strictly drawn in'thc election for tale The pre.tfered hand faying You l have di. May pleasures all their path bef trew. Cauadu Straw lUlU utter 1 lanta-

The "prepanitiou i* entirely the result cfeeience.It ': Judge a in tlvsC for ofceslurclJ political And ;: : honored my home IIC.1 my aridly" and "pj''>nig j i ito And sorrow visits be burt and fe.." 'I II this 1Hats.' '

is no hlp-lllrJ. but a scientific ,ie.r). Professor '!! w e arc r.ot so certain selection of can- NEW Vent, March 5.-Sales of colttm todaySr him some epithet Mr. Key immediately put j I ---- _-- ___ ___ Ii Just receives! and! for ale I byT
_ Darby no to .humbug" the his hind in his tide pocket. for the as the -OJnT..ucr. i hAYWARD & SON
ppk- j didate in that in our State would aJarilflgcov.fi. purpose I ._ ,
of He I wiy 0"1 \a >00 1nlcl. at advancing prices; MidJling rp-I -- -
He is -- -
incapable' deception. *.pCaJu witn" Mij>posed, of ,Ita wing a weapon and Mr. i!| :
know \ Jfe\vrthel"} ] we confess t>> ni\'dt the Baptist Feuule College, Cuthbert .\ beaulitul jot or Mia bliuJe and .
no matter 'hOe iiitcreki niiTers by it e Ptrong 1 IUD.U I 12} ceuts. -ickl.-, at the swine ti'iie |put hits hand into his skirt < j. .
the man and speak as we -faoie of him. I fCding of repw jr.ance against mixing up tit* choice I pocket, front vehich he drew a pistol. .\* Mr. Key ,i Georgia, on the 2Sd ut.! Miss M I \1tT ELIZA UTI, at .* ; ; rara60: Black Lace Veil. Illi,*itln |"MBerlLt' |IIt !/[

: \Ve cannot recomuieuJ Darbj' Fui.l to extravagantly. f.f 11r Judiciary with party man.zuvres and rtniggles. raiM-d his hand to throw at Mr. bu klcs the article the early ago of fourteen. I t ;t. :.: *, Kid) and Twisted Silk LjUSy
We have tried it and it tried. II StIEIIXTEIIXlH.X \'lo\r t GI"v.s amid Mitt*.Embroidered
fpn he took out of his pocket Inch proved to be an The dccca-ed the of
Nor is this necesarv. Heretofore thlre has I ( I only daughter Benjamin
McDuflie of
and it exactly whet he it. We prophecy ) 5.-J.lle Sickles Bred hi shot i IM'kfCellars ntvI Siecres,
represent Mr.
of this fluid will been no lack in the number of candidates judicial I has opera glass,) I'btolllNJ Byrd, ., of Texas, late of this:tate. Her moth Skirt
botue ; been Embr'dBrtakfAit
that in tea "'en"*. a L Georgia, appointed Superintendent of Indian Mr. Key. The latter staggered a but Hoop
1 as in Cap for

I or salt-stand. We are in receipt of one gallon and have not been in the range of C. W. Gh on. of) few feet backward fired a second bhot into the '10 the care of her maternal aunt, 3fr*. ludii:*. EmtAI Lace

I I for ore purpose it is called into requisition every r.tricc e.oict. I. I."isippi.IIIeen appointed body, of Mr. Key who then reeled tack towards James L. Hart and has been the object of her anxious | Curtain
t day-fur bites burns bruices, cuts. Colic, tooth- I a they ,'oul be were the candidates presented bja Governor i>t Washington Territory. \Ir/laynarJ's house with one hand on the railing I : Juit received and fur sale I bvj
and solicitude] that tender
I wash, &1dD-purif\r. cr something Try one bottle. I party)' or no party convention. At the first election m I and one knee on the pavement exclaiming. :you care age to j _n> _JIA.VWAIH: a BON.

Medical and scientific men clergymen and editors under the amended Coiiftitution! devolving the EXTRA SESSION OF toxGa .. have) shot me," and then cryiusr "mur.I.- ; Mr.IV I tl'tMPtfiL'K fJt/dcnTat recording the death of this 1 Furni

choice tUJ.v.li. __ .. ....-. ./ rfrr ,J -U.AI mt mm, alter which Mr. Key was conve3'ed beautiful 1 and | hing Goods.
commend it to general nee. Dr. Holme* _Steele I of..Ju'l1U1OU the -. eAira session of Congress I amiable young girl. To be takeu
aha oI..i of t5the ''tub House, close at hand where
: Judge but whether it will be j I c.OTTOi. 'AIIII Garot
madu ( this world Collar
many of our readers *ay -" Best thing for fresh Douglas perhaps as many more offered themselves autumn I.frf or after I he expired; in a few miminuite'e i Will when just upon the verge of vonng I I SILK.:: Flannel UuLinen ,
elections Drawer
has I
10t been determined by the :\% learn in addition to the above that imme womanhood, when life first unfoidj to the ,
wounds I ever saw. The Savannah Ltpullica Is for the vacancy. Thus at both elections the voter I youthfulheart I I der hiit,ta ; j BI!cM Jean Drawer
: President. Tli.i4 i* general public diately after tiring the t"inililllr. Mr..Sickle. the charcis .
and ,
rumor render L. .
Mys We h ave used it with entire satisfaction." was (presented with a wide field! from to vm-- to tllr'sIJ..llee of proceeded that I period so d--ar B. Shirt*. varied j Hem'd Stitched IldTif
believ ed. Judge lilack, which is
We could fill ft coluiqn with such tetimonial. Experience I choose and this mode we think preferable wMe to limit generally In that neighborhood l. and to which place lie was 1 j reenting the brightest alluremect to live was / assm'rtmem4.Roa> plain anti fall'r. Oeiitn, plaiD' and fancy ,
ey IU. U.rdfi,
however, will be the beit evidence. Buy ing him to a select number candidates who I followed by several j olico officers, whom he afterward truly most t'lds the ening flowers of spring Marseilles and ctlrr ;

I and try it I mayot have been brought< out major I COXUUEADJOnXED.. I requested to accompany him to his own residence give token of the coining summer, so vountr. hope. I! Fancy Shirta 'ls Simper, listed Silk SuspvDden, !
on account oftheir Silk
I WASIIINCTOV, March 4. that he make ,I, Cravats
I -Owing to some point ofa I might sonic necessary arrangeuienU T that] first tills the niuulm's breast beapenk the And a great variety of Black and
qualifications. Our approach Fancy Cravats
Pa.sgo or the Volunteer Appropriation ; superior partialities arc I punctilious nature, l lot wlel the Senate and House preparatory to surrendering himself to the of that sca-on of reality when he i is to : of this Spring's Stv I 'I/.r. ,
therefore in Chief of Police.
the old The officers perform
pursuing beaten
f'or tray!. having complied with I
of tentative Just received and! .
Repre ?. in f sate
regard to the r by
Good west. for the Volunteer I If a dozen gentlemen are ambitious serving the policy of raising his wishe, the Mayor and Chief of Police were important pait in the drama of life. At T

I State on the bench and revenue fl'OI an increase in the rates for postage *oe>n in stteud.itiee, and after a brief ..examination 111.* interesting age when the had known r.o trace I' 1IAYU-ARD A SOX.I .
A letter from Judge Hawkins of the 3d inst. an "oi signify their desire in all the for the Justices Goddard
appropriation land and mail having declined take bail! in soatnullS I of Borrow beyond the light tdadow that
the ueual let them ot.al clouds Dress u'ui5 -
V Bounces the passage of an through way, come out, without let or Ber>ice, for the coming year have been a case Mr.[ Sickles was committed to prison life and I ,
Ipoprition I young when tIle imagination __
defoate to
hindrance. for delights
The further
both Honses of greater the number the more likelihood a examination. I.VGHAM[
Congrers, to pay Volunteers Evi-ry other appropriation bill ( and Orpomly Robes.
th l1rt will 1.f A dispatch giving the can-e of the attack dwell upon the future in that state of anxious de-
there be 11""e,1 I
: called into bjr Harney and Cot! of electing three good and true The says : j VT Robe a Lex. Camlirui lc.lwll.
G.o. Treasury note bill
-ek In addition
to what before the fire, filled with the
-a apjxeared coroner' but
in psoSJ hopes feeling not the fears Muslins,
men, hands the
of all Ch.iubray' Gil.
'llS people sections and hnms.
Loomis in 1857 and S We lan not seen the par all The bills for the increase in the tatf the abolition inquest concerning the Key tragedy, it is proper to I and Fad di aj pointmcnts that arc inseparable from I DC Beg, BavaJere De ,
ticulars.] nor do we ]know in what bill the appropriation parties will feel that they can confidently place of the franking privilege and the bill say: that last evening Mr. Sickles received an an- : Bayadere Mohair.
for of
increasing state .
our being to be hurritd from the ALSO
the scales scene at : -
justice. onymoiis note stating that his wife had criminal I
made. The a
amount f.n3 and tbe the
I I I ,< rates for postage, were all defeated. interview with Mr.' Key at a house of ill fiIlU<.- I such a time, hen ]life gives the brighlot variety of Colim.
majority in favor of it..A 45 in the House. All I is not probable that an extra This is ] II Just receive I allcl!
The State Florida v Jolincy Hall. I I session of Congress reported by mot reliable persons, with the I comes itherirg upon the heart impressing us 11 it! A>r sale by
honor to our delegation for their successful effortsin will called. Both other t-tatemeots, that Mrs. Siekle-s e'l T.
A Small Potato Canv L branches adjourned at confessed in the uncertainty of ]life and tell too feelingly UAYWARD & SON.
this business.! The great struggle however was to-day. writing having criminal intimacy-al<,that Sickles
Our neighbor and friend Johney hall, for a lon seeing Key near his liouse this and death spares not time young, how e'er lovely' and be ; .
In the House, and to Hawkins year puss afternoon I
Judge is due WAMIINCTOX I Staple Goods.
more March
or two pa,t. has been in the habit of going to the 4-S P. M.- -l'ule! opinion waiving a handkerchief went out and shot Isim.lr. .- K.T -.l. How many fond hope cherished as this

than an equal tliare of the credit: that belongs] to lamonia Ikf in Florida, and with book aud line U dhliied: ns to the necessity! uf. c.l for ail extra ) liutterwordi refund to testify except as to the young and beautiful girl lust of j j i'BALES OSI..bUfKI. .
en r
gave a.
all The letter from Judge theintelligence catching his immediate of death j, .W Striped 0-:na'mrjs.
', I communicating 1 t h.rl'r supplying own fmil', he session of Congres. causes but his fnenoMiip for future, (rem childhood's "
.t. would sell our such bickles! exhibited I earliest hour, are now Can>Iina St,11es: Ulirrfnw
U he was diV
altogether private and yet we can I c might to the appropriation billj have become by walking with him to the I
Iaw blasted
This a \1 '> house withered ]like the flower full Cherokee PhUJi.
of Mown
and ere
not refrain from from it 'prc. 1'4 great 8 mmo1.ton n*. and Judge Black by remarks the exam ,
extracting a few paragraphs I: of tome profit t The lt\Legisla except the po!fagebill, and jxist route Lit The ination. Mr. Key has been in bad health for two nipp -d by the too early fro t An aged father, j j Druinog. Tick lies

I by way of showing the Yol&ntee. the labor ne- II ture of Forda.. in its wisom. \ proper to pro failure of the latter to become a law, will cause no i ycar and hi* manner habit and dress, hare latterly wlio has already drank dt'eplyof sorrow's Utter j I' G'ttonades Side/ Jrpe: dik

(ccrsary to secure appropriation. "It required" hibit ent catching fish for sale] out of inconvenience to the public service. I been much tlmnged from what they were beforetime devoted Cho -taw'Twirl Stripes,

ey. Judge Hawkins, .almost! superhuman efforts the lakes and streams of that Stale, aO although miscellaneous bill, which death of his wife, formerly Miss bwann, of Bal cup, to her as his only daughter, amid doubj j j A&hton Plai-ft.'
the law.is general body was was passed containsa timore. ]13endeared] in the ]limit pledge of his departed wife i'. Farmers drill. Planters Duck
t get $ 13,0 through at uth ( "ion Everything aimed at friend e"erJ If this is not a section extending the Treasury note law for twoyears and a thousand ties that I American arm. French Pluid
There ",
pota- would from emily a !
the feel
511 seem, evidence to be parent ten ,
has ,
cut down Steamer no
ocean lines. Navy toe business confers I Roll
Len we we know not w ThU and thereby enabling the | Camlet. Blue Drill,
il Tremssurlepamt- ]looking to her the '
I Vaids, Fort,. tc., tc. I have worked like a however i ii in keeping with her policy of rearing ment to meet the notes now doubt of the fact that Key was guilty of the offence as gentle stay of his declining: Wliiie and Brawii line!. Towelliof,

I mule t accomplish tliin. I made friends amongstthe an Imperial Chinese Wal" around h<>r borders to The section the shortly falling due. fur which he lo tlil Itf.nd when the years, and for consolation] in the drear twilight of I Crash Scotch amid Russia Diaper

keep out Geonjia but is much more picnxuu'teh abolishing franking prhi"Jt aud enormity of his crime is comuaidercd-wilfully wrecking age-brothers looking to her as filling that bright I Just received and for alt bv
Republicans, ant enough of them stood up to in its characier. The I increasing the rates of postage, was
pretext for this fish emphatically place in the arTrctit that T. hAYWARD
45 I I the peace of a family and causing disgrace to belongs only to a sister j A SON.
tt give me minority. I 1 had not had some rtrong law is found in a law of our Legislature before tIle reject eJ. ---- -' .
I friend I net .hare done The the l last, in regard to fish and rest upon a wife end mother-who will not say I -an uncle and aunt regarding her in the light of a --
ing the House IBontfl
co.1 it carrj carelessly
other I
I measure tm&r fircunt'tanccf is considered I was made general, and "a promptly and I among :plr"II.I.n>made, that his doom was a righteous one ? dnusUor, having been the ol\jut of their care and & S Tin PC. 1I .
a was three hundred and I
I great feat. We could lie cot have carried the State I properly limited by our last sc ion of the General the i forty Iwun.l tI.Ir)! : for I Time Washin3loi coireir ondeiit of the New York solicitude] from that infant period \i hen olto: rcureelr I :.) USSETS, Kip Brogan*. ;rD.'I" '
A.omLh.. existing mail e"utrct to Culnforiii.i via Panama: knew the had i _L V Calf Oxford lies '
I no mother and K
1 claims but win the For IJ"i'/.Ytl'*, commenting upon the tragedy and the ; ecus'unstowhomnahcwa J Top Congress,
we 1 them next session. ItvroulJ I our t-istcr State of deliberately to and to end in Se-ptembs-r.-liuttu'r. Black Cloth
Fori.lR. I II Top
bnve hazarded both claims to .have connected I pass such an inhospitable ltw. we really thnk-to fdd'TJIRnlllc.ttlamer D1ai bill, for a route from Mobile 1 I state Society' at the Capital of the 'OuI.lr), say: : endeared. by time many ways in which chic di.. ,!! Men' English Lace flouts, ; do \
bad. Suppose, as we cannot be i Many think that Sickles' i.I pensed thegentle! kindnesses that came and i Lntit.
I position after
l tIleD1 never worked to .bard for any thing |I fish rermiu. buy and New Orleans to the Mexican Gulf all, only so ? Itrtugn-w. Patent Oxford Ties.
caught by our own citizens port waspImeseth much better than that of Mr. beautifully from ; Just
this volunteer 10ri& wa Butterworth inns- a young girl, all feel how received and for sale
a* I A by
measure. wanted to speak on I j ters, we should rcfu,,to purchase by the Senate almost unanimously I but was much as the latter is considered after the fond hisses many .
accessory hope T.
tome questions but was apprehensive of touching j I i fish caught by Floridians on their 0\mule"let.' This stricken off, with many other in fact and without the justification which the former. upon' her promised future ia nowbligimitti .[i UAYWARD SOX.

v some feeling] (1 exciting some prejudice and I |,! would work much injury to the o"'lrrHf fisheries, the Hou ( alprl'prialonl. unquestionably snpr osed lie had., I fecr the inci! end all mourn too, her fad and early death. Liquors
I I and would be perfectly right and but dents preceding thH If to feel for another's woe Groceries &c.
forlorf. The Iens'col.! Navy Yard was eetima-I just ; our peo- _-v truly melancholy tragedy are can dry one tear that ,
I ted for $310.000( and got f 10.UOO. and all the otheryards | pie will lot be governed by any tnch rule. The I'eiilitnula Rail Road but nil illustration of the condition of fa-hionablc comes of grief, her devoted father and ailVetionate i -j ) Dc '7. O.tr..i J'tantTLi ley
I tish law of 1'loritia is 31".r. miserable piece of leg Books to the society here' It i i. not nn uncommon thing for uruenmini brother will find I' J .J 2 bbls. OM Wn.che tsr
oulSliption Capital Stock oftli consolation in Whihkey,
in the ratio. : i deep, sincere
same universal razeeing i lt'l, InJ it is to be hope. that there will be noinen holding the very highe positions to be 2' Bi.urb..u
I awful, and really, after tic thing i is over, the I j I) sense enough in next General Assembly Road were opened at Tampa on the l st inst., and the fcubjeet ,.f tcandal ns well founded a< that of sympathy extended them by her many ]loving ; OM: Madeira mind Shtrrjr Whiskey

piageof the Volunteer Dill!! tcun quite an ACoiniplifchment to repeal it. We state in conclusion that Johney I we learn that after a fpeeeh from Hon. James Get- Mrs. !:ickl!.'s and Key. Among the nnines tl.us ued friend But of what avail is the love cr grief uf t O'd Cognac Brandy, Jeffrey'Wines Scotch Ale

I ," "I fcha'l rtmy t here romeduyt and I dred welt down the other day and caught o\er" huu- I ti is, through hose exertions the chatter! wa obtained are those of foreign ministers f'Jie highest via-c, parent, relatives and (friends and why mourn .I Phi V.:j hia Lager Beer, ,

finish speckled jKrth some of which measured over- the sum required to authorize the the wives of Senators and Representative, and others that she has 1. ft us? Truly! diet! to ht-r Superior Clara in Quarts 46 Pint,
for but
thing, within organic
inches wa
up every a month I ;. seventeen in th.
JCn equally distinguished vf both I Colt
It Plant
I p t had but one idea one thought night :nJ day." lt did not I any of tltin. tiers of the Company(*2oOwo) was subscribed, with well tail! tl.at i if the dire at the Federal'exes. (al.ilalar.may be I the rH'It transition was to but a: home the free front nil 'human sor Popular n Urllnd.t"ott"rlup Chll tOtign. a new and justly.
J fair opening bud expreisa'y for
J a of the Southem
We certainly congratulate Judge Hawkins upon We dip this above from the Thom.isiille Wire! prospect amount being inr'nst- toOOiO thus ghamelcs iu their liceniou-nco, and si> re- Irom earth to be the fragrant thin of transplanted trade Jjim.tica Rum.

bis iucccM, }are cure that his constituents will I Grast Reporter of the 5th inst ?: ly the evening of the following day.At ganllesi e>f the common di cencieo of even outwcrdmorality I world. lit r young and gui!!<.!.. c-r heart a knew bright no I Java aul HH Coffee, l..a, Crushed. Granula

Our Georgia) -_ v it i i.1'11 for the country that the basis of cii Hie i ii w'lthin tt'.J. Pi.wdvred While
ay to him as well as to Itireoltesgues. Wtll done." eotemporary i too sweeping in the late Examination of the Io>i..ly'i is 1 less cultivated and more humble.! I her) Lime bo oni of her Father atm,! A Drown Sugar's Golden
Oglethorpe Medieal God.
yrup- Soap Starch
scr.ing that the Legislature of Florida has IJ. !I Candle,. Burning Fluid,
Great Sale of egroe". non-residents prohibited College. Savannah, the following student* from t* I T.tt.uiAssi.E, Mr.rck S.Spring Vinegar. Crackers, Butter, le_ Ac.

The ? \Dnh! Daily AV IJ of the 4th inst chronicles from.catching tish for sale out i Florida received the degree of M. D. : Tan PL.M-AIIMNO IN Bo,rox.-Some of the Republican I I:I ALSO-

tlC sale, at the 1enLrotdRace Course, by of the lakes and 'Iream. of the State. The act to I Ready S. Butler. Thesis- Inflammation.AJbert papers of Boston, peak of the placartliLg in 1 & A large stock of Fine Segars, Fine Chewing and

Bryan, of the i.orrrcs belonging to the estate.0"of which reference is made is not general, as the Keportcr IX Smith. Erysipcla turn! place of Mr. Clia. L. Hnb"on, of I Rkhumnd Summer Goods Smoking Tobacco.

Pjfrce Butler. The lot composed 430 and I I seems to think but the piohibifion i ii limited Tlicouius; West. Menstruhtion.r a* a 'Tefreshing little affair. The Post, however, I WE are now receiving i mr Stock SPIUXG Ji Match 12, 1859. T. hAYWARD II negroes to Lakes laiuouia ; ER
: and Miccosukic .. btM.M GOODS eon-ktmg of
I that
were ? nioftly in families ranging from act _- says : ___ : ,
two I of General av I'I nfj VUOll.i u truware,
; \ our uroeeries,
I tigtt IB &J*>iV' to the highest bidder, for one criticism than Assembly is no more obnoxious to William and Mary College i to be immediately .. Iime outrage in poMing Mr. Charles L. Jlobson Crockery, China, Hoots Shoes, Hats, is the of Riehmond
rimilar Va.
act oJ the as a lunter
( ] rebuilt, and Ihe work of here, was one | WLith we arc at moderate
thirtieMfcU>4 reui S ltrj0 the purchase intwo'M&Uaaaual I.gllur\ the soiling price.
money We clearing away of the most and
Georgia. 111'nll. cowardly ACADEMY.
'ncd unjustifiable
happ< to be prt ruins has attacks j O. t J. MEOINNIS3.
mstalu'ent3 bearing' interest from I te rOTllcne"J upon private individual J that abolition firnwtkamn March 12
when the lS59.
for ll-8t
day 1th apIr1-ed and luuS reasons the pns!nge of the law I v has perpetrated, and one calculated ininca I -- rpHE : wa. fore| TMyea.
mortgage | ------ JL
jersonal --
: -- --
wh'uh New Orleans an of tha
Lear hard Tfarkef.Ni South
i so Carolina
upon "Johney" the character and State Military
were given 1 business interests \
piToved by of Boston :
il e cuHtyJcr OB Savannah i Academies.
t M.tnc\ or I the introducer i f the bill I wad stated that unless ,w OniEA.>. February 20. 1859.FLOIR. materially. Mr. Hubson came here at the requestof i Goods, &c. For a circular Mii'lren
Chrest.1! I .-Tlie market lint been I one of .>ar not re! <"ctalJe -ACONET and Lawn Kobes LaJze C. C TEVy. Hill.borouirh.. N. C.
H borne act of the kind was passed, the two Lnkes in more n.tint I p merchant, to consummate I ItISI' .. a March 12, 1859.
i'our: suarias& and thirty-six ( t negroes were I question would become has exhibited no material clan : Nn rthlS a the past week the lie s as here but few la
.lJ ut putiS3..ale on WcdnesoW and yesterday fishing MIls up Thursday evening a days and confined a Imper riee.

h for the ol$2ou.2t-b. *', of places ; that it was quite common for persons to use embracing about 1 .000 bbls.< nt. selling himself while here, stnctly the purpose above Printed Organdie Robes, Chartilly Laos Mantfllas,
IQ liug 01 verage a ltlcOr the e inc in them-especially in Miecosukiewhen mo.lly :;25hh, ocena-inIma! tul'l.r" at :71 suggested. A negro boy-or man-belonging to Robes Geoigieoue, (Velvet Trimmed FRENCH SPANIsH 1TAZJAX AND GERMAN.
| bead llie bahu of the lot, tcven- @ 5 50). Fancy at U S Mr. II., ran from him Richmond Birege Robes
(thousand of fish would helL the 37 e Extra $6 @ 73. away at sometime Chantilla Lace Poi.ts! ,
teen In camber. eve diapuse&7of at private sale L upon banks to At un 4 and it is true bnt Children's Jaconet Robe Professor BTatheo
decay and taint the lommol 8 J :1. fine anti UnLlnd 'd ago ; Mr. II. Las no wish or in White, Pink and Blue Tar-
I at pricea not. Of tl* 431 negroes, 128 :atmosphere ; that there w as no $4 Ci1@ '+ pir hilt Yesterday, about tention to reclaim him and raid! that, if he should I Bay ado i e Barege. letcn Muslin, T-TAS taken up ins r-fidenc iu Tallahassee. with

were under too"plrleJ were over ten and objection to non-residents fishing in the Lakes n* bbls. Were sold including 40 Common nnd fne Ho meet the fugitive and In required pecuniary eats Printed Organdies, Lawn Paris Muslin, LL a view of giving instruction ia the above
under .ywrt age lt(2 much a they JIta5 provided they did so with I $4 50 and 4- 87$. 1MM) } at -, 100 at. 50, tance for his personal confort he would cheerfully and Jaconet, (Ladies & Children's PirPriuteil complinhmcnts.tW ae-

I t1* ., 88 over thiifty and under fifty, hook and Her. tc tc. ) and 50 a K7 ":"it 1,1,1POK. render it, leaving him immolcsred. i Bnlli.Jnta. "! n>,,),,- He also teaches the GUITAR and SIXGLVO

and 40 $1 jvar. of ag Among them arc a To our the I .-The market continues dull and plit1 -- .a -w- -- j Chintz Brilliant, [Ladies,Mlsaes&Children'* Apply at the I'Incter Hntel. a

number 0 iaJwi a, sad several cripples and super the n.nJ, reasons given for the passage of have tCnd"lsli more in favor of buyers. The I lit Legal and Illegal Lotteries. :: 4-4 Double Skirt Prints, t Skirt of various styles, March 12, 1859. 11-3$
I lastwere
annuated. 1li j-o'.r>g n are of the bestcla's conclusive. I is well know that in vales ( 315 lIlt. Heavy Mess, early in The Easiest (}Md.Slar) in notice of the celebrated] Black Tamartinc, Bonnet and Belt Ribbons

of 'troc dry seasons, Lake Miccosukie is reduced to a small the weekat $19 60 ISo subsequently at $19.mind lottery firm of SWAY J Co.. now We op.Emy t Co.. I BUck Lawns and Muslims[Black White Ruche, L.
j.lantatIobaaJ& Henry
compass and that it i then easy with a seine to 600 on Thursday at-, dealers] having lowere their Augusta, Georgia, sneak of these great lottery :I Buff & White Marseille,. (Artificial Flower & .t c. Rutgers,

The sale ..Urjt1J attended by gentlemen from catch the fish by ]loads. We retail rates to $18 25 @ 18 60 operations in term of just commendation. Xu For sale by G. & J. MEGINNI COMMISSION '
different sCour State wnggon are informed BACOS.-The demand been limited, I complaints hare March 12, 1859. IlstEmbroideries MERCHANT
psrtlasW own and from South very an ever been made against these I ,
Carolina, that time Lake bas o/teu/ been seined, when ]low by up t Thursday morning the sales were confined ro j tlemen 1." any of the public hiving dealings with gen- I ---- TALL.AHAS3EE FLA.

non-residents, w ho -would pclect ouch of the fish 44 rl k Clear Sides at lljc. f) It,. On Thursday', them. Th.y have occasionally been the object of I &c. ,

_i The N e, tCI"e.r8pndent I d the Xaionl caught as they fancied and )leave the balance to h01'er. some SOrt casks were sold, 212 I hostility of interested pieties, who, unable to com- I T IBERAL advance* mad.j on Cotton Tobacco
l or
]"tt/Ucntr fester and rot in the sun, and thus render the Lake I on private and lOc.terms and for 6.Ribbed in lots, at 8c. for Shoulders i pete with them honorably have resorted to dishon- I JJj MBR'D Sleeves Collars andEunb'd Handkerchiefs JLJ consigned to hi* fri -nd, in New York.
Sides. orable Cambric, Linen and Swiss
I j means to injure their business. The
S Two novelties of the\ 9tH"010 are mentioned nuisance. -f1. -_ 4 ._ j" having, more confidence in their integrity than public I I II Pique Collars & Sleeve, Bands, SIGHT CHECKS ON NET YORK FOR SALE,
C. belonging]Inure arrived to the University e.lea College. Our friend of the Reporter, a well as poor John" I.AIIUTIE OF LSwTELs.-A question as to liabil I I happen to repose in their opponents, continue to send j I I I Emb'd Linen Salts, I Black Lace Veils, I Ia amount fo mil jurrthfutr

k. I They Lave never lusted ardent ut the '.tr retion. yet cy" ,'ill\e to grin anJ bear" the prohibition ity of lawyers to their elieiits lias arisen in Boston. their weekly instalments often, five. and two end It I Ia I Children' it Mizse' Linen' Dotted March 1?. 1819. U
piril. One a Kcn- I }Ir.Mia w recently after half dollxrt'and t I Collars, |Emb'd Swiss MuslinALSO ]
i several receive, in return ,
p S ian, the other New Yorker. Georgia i a very great State, but Lakes lamonia I sum of$!3I (Ltilt rair'd company trials for the the I DI'gnificeIollutienH, which pays,them share sometimes in their I I -

ii' I 1 honda i Is ahead of Kentucky or New York, and I and Miceobukie arc not kept expressly for the convenience Iris of her husband. company has appealed, a fortune, and hardly] ever fails to re-iuibure them j A large assortment Pique Braid and Notice.SIX .

j : we believe, any other State in the Union. There of her and if don't like and it that they had offered to for their outlay. Address WOOD I Fringes, months after
( I people they it, apJ' compromise I EDDY ct Co., Cotton Cards and Tassels, tc, p arrived lives a yoW. ffentlenian of in Tallahatsee who ha* why-they must lump it," tLa"a allC9T with ) for tlo.( ), which offer]"1 counsel, 1 Wilmington, Delaware, or Augusta, Georgia. I received and fat vale by his final account a.xl voucher to the JtZdg.
age maturity, let has never tatted Mp Climate and Diirant. did not of Probate
I. of
t mmlni..1' administrator the
of orient 4 :< -4. O. a drop spirits- to Should the
never played a card- her. nrdo company succeed in March 12 1859. estate of Stephen Minion deceased late of aid
THE Socm 11-61 ,
neverm kd ciger nor taken a chew of i Iti Is estimated that there will betaken their appeal] the question arises whether the lawyers *SD TIlE BUCK RETTCUCAX X"rlxn.1r. and 5.
county, ask to be difcb Iberefiram.
I II* cdueiKtl! hiDl.lr and U the most young from the 'alfr of Virginia,during Ihe nine months i will not be responsible 1 her for the sum offered Bottj in his speech the other day before the j; JOK.JOI1X*rjr.ed WILLIAMS, Adm'r.
in the I Virginia Whig State convention, said in I Boots Shoes Hats
man Many of our reader in Middle which she would hive substance, &c.
Sal. ending June next, cot less than eight million eight I ICpta and which that if the Republicans should March 12. 1839. 11- m
tit Florida will to whom allude.-JutLson-i they! without consultation nominate Critten
.1it nUt JttjmlllcoH ( I hundred and eighty thousand four hundred and! i, ring to go.to A trialWEATUEK ,"il prefer i j, den or Bell, ur Bates of Missouri" for President, i! JUST RECEIVED' an assortment of Ladies and
BOOTS : rNotice.
fJ bushels of in 1860, the Southern Whigs and Americans would I I A SHOES
There still nindJ..h'o oysters. .
i A e-Ofe more remarkable] than the I the candidate.Mr. ALSOGentlemen's
support -
I one rjc.tione Jlcpublicax. -_ s ._- I IT Pr>s.icouu- The Gazette of the J9thtilt. Bolts t A LL those indebted to Use i undersigned are reqneaZi. -
gentleman for himself
I.the A may answer but we can Soft Fur Hats, Gentlemen' I
fr resides in our city, fifty tix years old. who chew The Washington correspondent of the Xew Ycrk'II Fflyt : tell him there are sonic Southern Americans and Straw Hat, Boy and Youth Trimmed St/aw Trimmed ted ta come forward nod pay their account :

I tobacco DailyAW under date of "Oa Sunday ]last, the weather was M cold that Whig," whom no earthly consideration could in Ladies Hats forthwith as we are compel.eel ta get oar hard tarn
: -mok" cigars and play verdi, but who 5, Pays: church the j. duce the and Misses Trimmed Bloomers: Ladies Trirn'd ings in after waiting to long. We inform oar ,
every in place was closed in the even to support Republican nominee let him Bonnet patrons .
liat taken drink Time Postir-aster General is in Bloomer, Ladies Trimmed
never A of ardent spirits or knows a critical t'.Iti.I ing our citizens finding it a ]little more comfortable be who he may. Without further Riding at the same time, that we will work for them

: .&uythhng from tfCrH.1 the effect of alcohol] from pro an'attack pect of,,bis f pnenmonia.. and there i Jitlo at home than in chnrch. The thermometer was 5 be mar" count us among the number.particularizing-taA Hats Colored Shaker Hoods.O. & 3. MEGIXNISS I in future for the CASH sad nothing but tbe GAS!!. ,

any ru\( degree blow freezing tIt of door" : R'abiccs5 March ; PROTZRIJPP&CO.March .

f I I 12,1659. 11-tit i k. 1S39. 10-3w Sentinel eofj.Ji ': -


- __ .
-' st
i-i ,

t 1 -- --' -- -
a __


_. _. __._. _- __ -
-- -
-- ---- .

BLACKSMITHING All OrdinanceTo r E A. Shine JifS Tallahassee & Pen. & Geo. i -
-0- rot* o menus fur Vif (":.1".c, far n.'w viviiij! and will o>tantly ke. 'MI bind II III & MEL,

: "\TOTICE u Lcrcby tfircn that t,1 fva! ftar cclr7tf.r6t Ja.vof A- I nnd sell cheap fur cash a Lrc st<.ck i.f p GKOGEI.'Ilv : RAIL-ROADS.) i TALLAHASSEE, FLORIDA- I I COMMISSION I
in tfit T ci.i o $a" cyht&zndred andfifiy MERCHANTS
__ the BLACKsvrrniNOFKEKS I3usiS Jrl. : : *. Mich us I II i MAMT.U ,
will be ci-ctinced na liorcto- ed.. ( Jd'; II, Mte r..1Il'ss i'ie.-f : -II TCHEE or CoprcB.Txs \:(I) ShEET; I c :. !'(') draC Slrc'f".

f. re >t tl-e OLlt STAND c.ID. WILSON, in the SF.CTION 1. Ce it o.Jintd tv. the Intrndaiit !I \ flout, I J Lard!! |I Ha.Mj. J''J. : ,. .{ ." -._. j IKO.TABE.. WHOL*;>_\LI: _\:uhi nrT.UL r EVV' Onr.EANS.

".. lam.. style ,.d firm cf l Council tfthe C'Hy of 'J'aliultatfct' ,' (ri.uii and Sugar Cum, !.} DEALKK ix PLAIN, FA>CT AM JA"A? XKIJ ., ._-

) TLt there cliall l I. leueTl i 1 mid colU-'rted tli following'' Sjrttp. I Yankee IWaii, | SU\r of ,iii.U | C,-f'*. '. : -0----- I. WAKE.j .
H. B. Fitts & Go. t.xi for the' f"CI vi-jir e- uua ticir < u Ih tavff An-1 .li other .ri .'pil 18- : : ,, uu>i "u 1''II.t: :" ChangeofSchedule. j j i Store 5Jrad-QniJcrs.: .0'5 'U ""II .J jh, ... mt Co 'alhajje! tn

Crat.'ful for, tIe! plretgc lw. tuf..rr ext -mU-J Ilu!!!. 'm l-Ul.on n'l' nieichii.f ,.nlif. !; ortn>ent cfC(>okID*. !Parlor: Kj .-. 1. j.. ;: .rt1 l..... lliuc. to
tlfj tat now Ittn |"'I.i'IIIt.IIlI| d.ter l1ueJ: tj !'; ,, ;.' <.f live ct'-ts bun-I baud! triiniued with (. j .t P\rwr.! Monticello
: : tbiity vu every *) on a cttiat tity of fry GoxxLt, which will .rdeicd j ''*, ueutiiessj-ift .. '
: CPARC: \o [f.tUS !' drnl dmlLr. il \ '.:'.:...f the stock in tiadc on I time lint j" tJ' r'll tHO I THE Department between Tallahassee having Rod a WaUer's daily mail Mill arr, ,j i and durability, it reduced ;pii,-es. 5 5 I I>.nrd A D".nl.sii.. St. ..rJa.to

day I.r Aj 1ri ut-xt, as ucyr a tit, :iimie t u be asecrtainrd. .T.-.n-nrr e*. ltii.: I I Out Mr Ja,ies Fi1 .r. Kcv Vast. -
_ __ Tin in "ull run on and) after the first t.I January DIMMA.oik.. Mem .
(n tl rir to La McNanght <|t Orrrwid. !
part acr\mrtf drtc all tiI" favor: 1!t.!., folmv! "tanl1C .
.ms :
thru .iili all renders .oods.wnrcs n.oofing-.Ornamt'Dt111 Front Heads Guttering' Copper J. N. ilcKinnon A
their j atr.n.i;:"\ J-Upon .nndnmclian- ACard0 w. Tlioruuvltle, **
dize (other 111:1 Itinerant trn. >&'ro.) who i-h-tll Cotniijfiice Oil the Pen. Sf (eo. Railroad : and Tin Condu'tinj: Pipes. Sheet Lead. Sheet August II. 185S.ATTOIINEYS. 33-ly
SUCH AS t tI Zine. Lead
- Pattot Cistern
IxihiiKrs after tLe lint day of Apr; I n.xl. a Leave Tallahassee daily at..i P. :. Pipes Pumps. Shop woik ,

Horse filtering, Iro'liu. and !:'- : tax: of tlHr-fivc, cents
( Spairing\ Carriage f and Hit! J/J value of their tock in trade, t.
t"- IJ gies I'laatxffcn rori of & *cs ed forlhn ith UJKIU their commencing busine Arrive at Tallahassee by..9.o A. M. Are incited to call & COUNSELLORSi
tpnll| furnituir, including gold and] TALLtIIASFJ: :, }'I.A., : respectfully give me a befuie purchasing
ever!, .fi-fij'liti.i. IItuMhot Connecting at Walker's Mill with Pmt Coaches via .Idewhtrt'

:iiJl Irtit and rrpairtnp \ wtclu-s. ant 11,1 il.lrull'.ln.1 up"lul OFFERS bis services to act as AGENT for persons I Mocticello to Albaiiv every evening ..1 the weeh ex- '! W N. B. All articles manufactued from the ; xw, .
tmtct IraiingVa- a : thiit\ five cents on ImndrCd to enter land in the very i TJAVE formed j in tLe
'; "I oery | State Land OiH,, I ceptiug Sunday nUll twice a week connecting with i lof lIt material and warranted durable No other ro-partnenhip practice of
;"H* and .'arts, .ddlar'in value tLeieof. j and will attend to any business, io any of tLe StateOffices Coalites running to Madison. Alligator, Baldwin and le will be offered for sale. ,' art* I J.JL Law and will attend to any professional, bu\il i-
fc-J i., fact rrery oilier diHriptkni! .f woik madef"! 4- pon all i-nprovrd or tmimpr"cllov.'n lots, : at the Capitol. Charges reasonable, and in I Jacksonville.On. I l I ness entrusted to thtir eare.
4! Irti- *nd 3tc.l. all 'f nhioh we wjitRjiNf. &IM] plei-'j,* tax of thirty.five cents .-n t.,.ery bji.dred dollars ', proportion t<> the til:'e and! labor bestowed.SI I the _. 20, 1855. 42 D. P. HOGL'E. . A. PERKY AMAKER.
?>;urn-U.ii tu execute at the 1.oitcM i.>'ic>. value thorwf., |>s of Townships tt'mr ot SuwAV\rt: : Ewes: I Tallahassee Railroad : -- -- -- 1 May 1. 1&58. 1?

: H. It. filTH! i CO. i!I; 5-Upon a'l slates ownod or en'p'o\
:Ia.dt I.. IU' 111Commissioner's (t I*} paid by the Owrcr or own.r thereof,) a la 22, 1S59. 4 j at..o' A.M ; T
: :
--- -- --- -- .. thill'five cents on every Iiundrtd dollais] value Arrive .t St. Marks by. . . 11.25 A. 31. : LINENS .A.1:1orn.ey I.uaw

Sale tl A. J. PEELER'S Leave M. Mark daily (except Sunday) '! DAMASKS, DIAPERS; Ac. \ .

6-.E1wU ill pl -aRiie l'Dlri. "." all upon all LHsIsI I at. . . . . 2.15 P.M. TALLAIIASSPE.: : FLA.
It( froed titilir*/ Monday Aj-ril. antI muf icpt ia the city, :tax (,f tbirn .five cut LAW &, COLLECTION OFFICE I' Arrive at Tallahassee at. . . . 3.30 P. M. i COX l'1JERS of RicimrPosT* Linens and tho,e [ January 8. 1859. 2

[)Y .!-fn' (,(a 'wl.-.f i1i l".11f'f1) NatO's 1)15 oti every l.undritl. J.olusllue thereof. < TALLAHAS.SE, FLOKIUA'A Connecting with Post Coach to New Port arrival of obtaining: the grnuine goods should j II
I ) Iriet C'mtt. *>'"i'lxin; I't.-tiirt: if 7-Upon \11.." Sake tax .-f one-half ,17 ILL on | see that thi articles thfy purttise are staled with I! -
< rSntitla. iu a 11 a per j i ic I'nicticf in time Circuit Gjrt f Otd"Jcn, I of and tvliK-h returns before the departure of the I: Ihe full name of the firm fiREINsU
I : '' in CJ.a" I'\'. d.&i.ii! Mar nret Krrr i is Cmupjauiani. ,ii'. upon pro?* sMornt vf eale f T Leon, Wakulla Jeflerfon and Mndis-ih and ; Train ; mind with the line of Mail[ Steamers between i I

aixl 1'If'Lull1' 1"111. SWi ilT: and f\.<. }!jc:1"> tI-U p"nk1!l lUnLor Hank Agencies, Lu lug fIr attend |<.re'lIIltl> to the cullc'cticn of notes and cc- I New Oilcans. Key West and Cuba and intermediate | KlCIIAKDbOX, SOXi A OWl>fc\, --

a uiiiirtraior. ticlxnii Ir.J l I P.; tnvk K.ir. !! M KHHJxiliani:: ;<'. drnnn upon place beyond the tot:!.?:; ill of said (Count1! HARTFORD
t rc<-a'mfs on the Gulf arming at St. Marts,on their way | as a guarantee of the oundue and durability of the FIRE ttSl'RA.H'E COJIPi.M.IXSUJSAXCE .
11 iMmdaiit.. I .ll! <'Ii.j r '.. K.!!- i r n-11. )IM f n- tinC"t liT it!> .I t t'ii.< fct.itc; a tax "I.tilt ctiitiiX'netery| liuu- i1 Office in the O.tpi'ol.' opposite the door of the to Ky West on the ISth and 1st or 2nd! of each GooiU 'I'

: t Ll .10'. J! t III lai luibMt*. nm"ttmt so loi:;I.t and every bi.ndred Att. rne\'* (iiiur.il met I month,, and arriving at St. Marks their to This caution is rendeied 1'lIfl2YLt COMPAXY
March tM>:.. II* I..UMV.. .,- .!... J Ian loll.tn 111 ,.1.1. r. .i i .tu.i. ,., .. on way essentially oeeessary as I ,
11 HH < i 4. t. ,._' a i.'i. .t po r n -tl. or xt \-b. 27, IS.. 9fCopyist : New Oi leans on the 15th and 20tb of each month. large quantities of inf, nor and! defective Linens 01' HARTFOKD, COXN.
HiU to the E.tatt* ..r Kii!l I'H'II' k \...T. fI'C'.1.! ) \a: 1.'C't.i:1Z! the] d.tt at ,!.idm the afbettnitut of audi u I Whenever are ,

The E i c.f th NT. 4. iUV J ,.1' the, N K J. and tax thai!! lie itO4Im.t'Cgvii -. B.. M.. QUIN"1\T" will run on that these i'ay days to connect.EDWARD come on. Sunday the Train name p-eparcd.of Iirlw.dMfFli.season after by season Irish Houses and sealed, who,witb rt' trJ-the .tggrf'gate Capital, $100,000,000 00.
the W 10 .4tja i \\ t. "n I" Sct.n I. all A vnHfiKjf Insurance j M. P.
l'.n4p li'iiipauies. ELLIS
less of tlie Ageot.
Jag.S.t E ; and the \V 4.fL1e.S W j. Scetxiut6. ,. tax ..f two pr Coul. upon the groi-s amount of all and Accountant IIOUSTOUX, consumer nnd injury the thus mmmanufaeturereofthe inflicted alike on the A in erica a >! Tallahassee Dec. 4, 1958. 49

1'01\CbLip I, ltang ."', S i- KJ(41N -oHiiJ-iot rKttved '.r r.inl during! the next I Prcst. 4'$ Sup't. genuine floods I -- 4
year will
(U-FKS HIS s11Im.1,0 7UK PUBLIC.Oct.b. not readily abandon a business so profitable I
U. nilODKN, CUM.C3 rlN..IIII lit .blt' or aaaca..itu-nt. January 11859. 1 ; while b 9IKDICAL : 'J'ICC.0 .
purchasers can ; witb
Goods :
0 liiiT imposed on of a
: TTio alote faIt'! Ka Io-L|.., all ttlmate Male u.lmUianti1ctwccntl.c! 'flU.I'nol. I
I I.
tn 1'ostpuued I SCHEDULE OF TRAINS i wot thle s character.J. ---
acre of t"t"Ilh ..> uid .ixty Poll tux i-foiie .'r .,0.(i l\ft' 41 I
until! tLe fin-t X'oi.djiv ia yer.rs BULLOCKE J. B. LOCKE
; Agents
April i: -xl.READY d.lI1r.: I oc Till : I Dr. T. Hayward Willis.

.Lt3ICl-y L I '. j-t.fll 11-1'pon all 1'iff \ ! .. FLORIDA RAIL ROAD. Sept. 18, 1858. 33-ly : rTAYlNO located in Jefferson
aft county one
---- ---- a;M treitty.u*coil' ffty yearn tux of ten dollars.IS .
NO'V : -I'pun'sill Frt-- <*..!.-r.d 1-ttinIr l-f-tween tlw I I. -CJL mile to the rear of Mrs. Bradcit'it on St. Angus-
tine road offer Lie Professional
*C'twenuone sued ; of e truccs to the surrotindiag -
ilfty real*, a tax tire dolOTi. _

Sent Post Paid oaJlecsipt of ths Prico I : AND SRKSTIBMS.TALLAHASSEE. : January country.S. ISS 9. 2
.1t": .
I Jo"II \i-rv. :Iacmciitilmmtej for sale] LEAVES FERXANDJXA DAILY .
witlim lie corporuU limits .'f this city, a tax of four FLORIDA.
XK\V: ILLETJEALMAKUALS 11tTEU ..,...r8. : (SUADAYS LXCLPTr.D.) : Yonge & McClellan

Si2. /;. it fktr orJuin-iC Tliat tUr J shall Ulivicl > ON arrival of Steamers from Charleston ccd Savannah Q r1lIlE rprietorwoul-J in- I ,
L form I.ill friends A.1
.1! fedWtnJ time fi-K! ..ni L ccn.! Taxes : : D H. T. J. ( t. H LEE ; connecting at Call.ilinn with Stage frTrader's _, "uhle.! tllt't he has rebuilt and the his i I orn.oya a1 I..aw,

torl 1-lTp m all fC .lU-is i <>f -j.iiti us r iiouliqtx r. Hill and CrritrevillGa.. ; at Baldwin with ; PEACTICE IX ALL TDK COfSTS
:'.: .. lut. \A 7 OU LI) It-imrii Ii, -m ate fm.l :u i.nowlmmIgeimmcimtimI Staje for Tallahassee arpc BUCk St&bles, at the old l stand and ill nowpreparel .: Of WEST rLOUD.
1.I- are .f.* t. .i t. a p.v} :!--i-rp: '.j. III <|iri iitk !Its' thanmiot1mi ut, 3 Uxof onvbunduxl ; at TI ail Biid! 'e with! Stage
:i.Wi .j tIN more! n....t-it ., I.r:1II'I..f Kural: d..11s. | I T ? tc the citizens of Southern
LCC.I.iiv .inJ litjiai .\r* ;
i.jf r Ten 1"1Ittlc;:". .t...1 I.uimsi7i.ieJ! wed fur l lore, ("OCI them! duung the p.i 4 five or fix yc i.. '/I Ooala. Shop.where he will have have done all kind?of I January 3, !E:!. 2
He will! continue the Plantation work, Horse shoeing aud
of the ,
above work in
L "tn e a. iiMTcc-mt tlif [i..th "1 Kui:l Liff : lui'tionr. Tlirt' 3 I L in thoM- iw-etions of country. aud has made fueL I i <>i ht.agcs, and 2t. Fernmdin."ilia very best manner and with promptness und dis I Ellis
lufaptnl to all I tvti".. STK3 uutie.ststietu.faitIIy pi.ii iiy (ha.r :.L ux-d] jir Lime a tax connecting Orlopp & Co.
jirran.rei! >ii's itli minufacturers of Dl'ntalteri- patch. ,
j I ,
u : .:1..11 .'. : : ,.r eight tI..LaI' Steamer for >avirinah and Charleston on Monday,
_.: ...'.... !... ...... ......... h.'P'e CIS! North. :.' to maids hiu to put up iriL setts of i Tuesday, Wednesday and HiJ.I I| NovetnberC,1853. 44 WnOLF.!\L'! m'ALEKS ZNGUSS .
.' .miI 1If. _
\Mi.tiWr.1P( i"S.jf'h.flrla.. T I 1Irc'M..r.io.C.t.It.J1'1..r- ,__...(.....I'L" t., I _. .. .v..v. .. .. : t
HOUSE : $-t T,KXI e'.y trek or public etrite WCt"11i Ir the same in the South ; (hi- 11Jt'lnliat! he Ms.andi I II -- For Sale by P. B. Brokas7.Buie PISTOLS $'., 4'c..

A r.< (H- 11.' IICASLK, tttliiHL &nd t !.MEDIC\L: "NOTICE. \ No. 217 Pearl.Street New York.

lo BuiM l.uw>.. 15'iit.fl a-: J \' 1 ,Outbuilding WiL t..lft1l'i.O: to 5l'ic, I lir.fr eaimIe.4it -. s tR"Wt1I'I:1" can U- put up North or S'ilu. I o. I IE: Subscriber has just received avery I ROBERT ELLIS f. .

uiauv OrijTMial( Df-tii.;*. ; punttrj j>uWf: 'I u-trj Static.: a t-sc f'-f Cfty ,' Tli" e in 11..1) of Ii. .-\ \.. c.n, by dropiin? a Dr. J. H. M. Gardner \ IHAVING -s large supply of Carriage, MAX A. ORLOPP. Ja,

1'rtrc. in I'Jipe' cuver "', Ct'n'* ; M '1tu.lm. CO et.. t t:,.!lar note to bun al either ilout cello or }Madison Fla, I I *, and Harness which he offers THOMAS i P.: ELLIS.
'-l'1 tvtry HatrLiT and! TYular v-m:;nggooiis ;: Lwaiw \.- tIC! woik dine :ind titue to test it before I'aI I located' at ""LLOYD" offers his PEG-I j for sale on the most reasonable terms. I January 22, 1859. 4
THE \DDCN : attd r.tt'IMudiyf'.o..P! {.'.r the iwidjrjj iiiciarts i III".'f-ri it. 1} SFRVICE to the Citizens of tl.t'place I J November 18,1854. 46 -

C..uerTiutt (ire c_ fur tLe cbwse.:;; .f Kiteb. II : TIM! allaft.n tx .f mI I Midiod d I lr.r! j' J r- The 'bait rel'rt.nct'I'en Jeered. I and the surrounding country J --

Veea.cs. ('' !*. I'1.'eii.. .t\'nr.&a.-M Tree 8-UM _ _ OF TRE
.. tea .Julian and all ut.iiiei of "foilitouI (.r vinous | - I - -- -- -
S1at.t..I.d al. c |* ;:' : ti 11. J.a. f Vectl.Ie -
Ute :1I1 Ur. tii. lxi.T* as mioreai alt fcep<-r. ,.f U'i.ud:! t.bie:, Cot j' Eroome & Thompson HOTEL lice undersigned that he has gives noI I Farmers' & Exchange BankOF
purchased -
b- wlesg ortcs j-iu al!<- .all keepers >f ev diayor "
Trice to jirpci t'vcr ::0 ets ; iu ii3.lia. to ctt. ) .rj b the Livery Stable or. _
.srt. ,'r t'S'CI nf.- :r Lrn-e xra oii. or luck. or public: i Fcrn..an.d1.n..a, F1a. CHIRLESTOX.
i H. in Tallahassee with tbe
William Newsorn
THE TARM : nll",('. .1 l W Lireas af"n-aid-all 1 keepers cflivcrv together
'-- Tallahassee Fla. tfmt. good will of the establishment, and that ha i. now EXCHANGE ON NEW YORK NEW
With Cliajtcrs u .'RtKt-ltu.=1 Ch) ':ni'tiv, S. jl. St.Xl-l 113"U-rs mid peiiirs ; nil vciuleiso' | r'i ; to the bu.iness in all its branehe, I SIGHT .\ AND CHARLESTON
prepared on
kiUtry ti.lmeta. hall. uwler wiulty of J d Ii nbe! the tax i : tinilcrs'K'u-d haie firmed n *rtlJ''r. hip I carry
MairtJrr t\ F (' co-r
: Draiuiii Irnfc-8l>.o. UUDJ. nu auJtlc.I rI'lJE SUP.SCRIBER would inform and the with good accommodations
respectfully public
IJlolrated.rric 1 I rocuiecf IV.luic.: Lcfurc thtir nv-ral r.\ocatioi.. ij tIe nome of UKOOMK A THOMI,ON, TIlE promises I FOR SALE.A.
n>rt p *te.
: f I lends and the public generally, that the in his line on reasonable terms.
*>, in |vf cr cov r*. :0 de ; iu inu/lm, 50 cts.DOMESTIC j I .aU! CI. KLujiiKts as afortsii I. wiy to tviruvd K.r the transition of a I above well.! nown HOTEL will be opened on the RICHARD SATTNDERS.Sep. l DENHAM, Ageot.
end I1j; C.I tie, JIII\n-ctit of the taxi- leikJ] as nfure I Tallahassee] Dec. 1?:8. 49
_AA'/X LS: i GI-.YRIU I* COMMIXSOXiii ncSI.YJSS second day of August next lIe invites the attention 6,1836 S6"NEW'CARRIAGE
sa-d.b'aiu a lie .nce.o tn do fr mi the Intrndant. t<, _ ----
A Poet iloo*l ..f C.'t' -. Uwc and S l*<>p !Itt b. ..tlt..1- 'IJt.llav lie 'l.enurer aid such license _, i iW1I the city .f Fern: r:'!:.\. They! \ ill !?ice prompt I of the public to its

Landrj ; "with V "Ciclll" f.. die Ur-rriii'C aud man IK.. l.v i issued"for shorttr |>,'ri'Hl than one year. attention" the ale i>r .hiptu,'nt of lUUU and oilier Facilities for their Accommodation.It I SHOP. W. L. Bond & Co.,

eemea( .of S.te. 1'111.111"%'. I.i.. .,.. ltait1.i-! ... '' 0-Onall MHIWJ. ..:her tlian: eir ,.-ts or cqHw.tr.-. 1 ]proluee.llrltl will male literal ad"anoes un consign i being in the immediate vicinity of the most desirable t q-'kIE undersigneo begs leave to inform the citizens Osnaburgs Kerseys Blankets

elL. the Tr<'atitrtt! of Ii. i. !,'..< .--.8..end to.le! hero. '.r ftc th'praent t. their friends in business portion of the city presents 1_ of Tallahassee anvincimty! that b. has HAVEmStore 'llInd Shirtings. o'ou.1le cLeap,
on D<'& 1'.e.-. i i"I':1pf'r to*"I. *".' c.ul*; iu luuniui. ektrmn; -xl'ibt, ;. tl of ten ii,'Iarfhall! IK ;. I'
'T (q n*, a % VVERIOR VCEMEXTS opened a carriage shop in this place joinlOgBrokaw's Lloyd, Sept. 16rIsabella" 89
Cliiilc&tan S. York
.. tfacannnli .
:0 ctn ]itMNia.-Miciil! '-<.Tfd A.r crch exhibition. a licence to ; Lirrrpnol.They

TIt, J1,* ,-7S. Garden-Tht Fan*-:Mne
.1 ..: ..,/., l.ibut./ -ii- i .' .iji'i.,,K-d by the Tre.i'ircr :Jera 'I I InjltT Ip United State, the sale of. Honda i issued by the State in all its appointments for the enjoyment of j I j in the building formerly occupied by J. I,. Groner I t.i. House

n.ot1.1X in UQ.' lar4l4s...d'Ke jf !t '< h.' '.. ni:.y In .- of .loul! le tie tax Iiwt-iii as crsed. i -by the teveral Ka'.lroad Coirp.inie*-by the coun I EASE AND COMFORT A THE LUXURY OF where lie is prepared to do all Kinds of work in lie I" ,

t.ad .or S 1..tJ. li 1'0:1.c. ..( i'(lf. .('.., UL Liw*- liilL'|"maiiitii,tanf 1).1.ist\l I I.- '.illffirsit..1 l town" and other gxd tccuiitn i.- GOOD LIFI.YG.O.i \1 l lI lice> at the shortest notice and on the most I ALBANY.WJGEORGIA.

ar .or tr&aL ArFAUt MiJ uJ fa.r. a |!acr IN' k-vioda-id .. .. hundred; dollars in tlmt! '. II l! .tle nil l to the I ( HIS TERNS arc i
the Wk .b*t(.f vory r.'Mrnt
rf'f'J"I'J! by ....t 1lll.dJ,.eFOWLIU. and a lwiMk M' to sell shall: lint 1 fe ibH.iucd from |, i or sal ..f | C. HOWARD FISHER. !| such as carriage painting and trimming; making new TIlE of the Georgia and Florida Railroad it .
the fiitrixLuit aforesaid uidtr a penalty in rose I i buggies and wagon, and all kinds of repairing.
\ as
t :
:1J. RKAL JvSTATi;": LTIII CITY.I I 31. 1?58. hi1tfCoPartnership now for the reception of the
NOL Sirs Cr M
ts c. v. I,' :'t f>
How TO IMJ Goon ; "irr: P.iu ron IT." 1 rteidiit n.iRUuri-t\pt. before pursuing "u. h ocaipitu.u t Illl".nli"/.';>': "J t'lvri-lit. Permonshiami-.mgsueb I j j done at the North. House and :Furniture aie new. The Proprietor -

-Talc. all A ; Ixliire piifTuin; his pl'llf..i.JII'itlllll the limits '-f I vitb) zu-curr.te ('i. riptons of quality. location imI T Partnership: under the name style and firnief wish it done in manner that will not fail to give HOTEL
are .udJ iLeie win o* xo ro'ifiLirr or Loss. Err v FIRST CLASS
thiS tit flail of tmJoll.ir and obtain terms, Ac, with the of i satisfaction, wcrld do well to call ;
*, piv a tax a provements. price name some j PRATORIUS & CLARKE
FAMILY will tot glad! obtain ec'nie of them. I'.r INrticllrs onWM. I
adJrts 1 l-etwe"f.x.ui; the "lutcnd-int ; nnd ujion failure or re- personb<> will tliow the property on application. I IV'e for the nalion of the f'lotfimy. a,. Merchant I KUHNS. nnd hopes by strict attention to the wants of .Lii

: FOWUm A. WELLS fil-aJ l en to d.i .1alll'I 'double the t.x above iisteaae.h.LC. will attend t. the *cttlem<>ntf.f claims against I 1aituntiltti. c**, and would respectfully solicit a I July. 10, 1858. 28 Guests, to merit patronage of tb# Public.L. .
4. Jif it 1'nrlliir ot-tlaiif-l. That all Ordinances the Fedctal State Uotcrnnunta L : I II. DURHAM. Proprietoi.
:\.. ;SIIH Bro:1oJw2'-\ N. Y. or r services or continuation, of the patronage for the new firm ret I
or !>arts of Ordjiinccs iiil.ctiii'' with the true intent piibetitute during the recent Indian War. BLACK-SMITHING'G!! Albany. Ga. May( 22. 1868. 21-ly
March fi. IS.,'. III-It' I ; j ceivrd, bv. the mcn-bers of it in former times. i ."
__ _u_ __ i and meaning of t.is! Ordinaire, b m. and the same ale i In ndiliti to their Commission Department the 1' JOHN PRATORIUS, r 'HE SUBSCRIBER gives no- (

WAGGONER hereby r .}..-!.xl. cndorsign: have purchased the entire ASA B. CLARKE. i JL tice that he has opened h.sfifis:: SYRUP & PORK _

Pac c ed the Council and *pj TKcd, this fifteenth day STOCK (.f Goons of Messrs ELLIS A THOMPSONto October 14, ((23)) 1839. 43 S : BLACKSMITh SHOP again in \r | f

EOzn.ccopn: ', of February* Fi'J. whicb they will make large: addilioin at an early connection with bit LIVERY STABLES, where he will I Ihave J, BARRELSSA
1>. P. lIon FL. Intcnd-int. done all kind of Plantation and work. |
TALLAIIASSKI: :, /):: A.OFFICE \ltul-CnAku.. Iir! .III.XMN, Clclk.! i I day. 1 hey will It-ep coiisUtitly ou band an exten- NEW COODS1Clotis : Carriage X D .
mid well assorted Stock
rive 01 -ALSO- j
and R.-d: <>nce (at rnnt,) at Mr. (J. C. ;, Fb.CC. I 5'tt- i and i Ei.cy "'\7V7"ostgood SALT.
;' .... ". .tr. ,.t "'i II the lUjitietCIiuieb.March : --- Dry (loods. Hats, Hoots & Shoes, Clothing' Vesting, Clothing, ; ?\HORSE SHOEING in tha very best manner; i j

I 5. 16 .:t 10 ; rIsoLtTIoCOPARTNERSHIP.\ OF i s.iddJery 4nJ Harness, (Groceries, ((Li- fills'and Youths'fur nixhlna Goods, ;\ ,/H[ J)l nnd..willu.. ;. .'c e.r._endeavor. to,have work !j P L.S Y SYRUPiuvl1'ORKflA1RELS! (
.. ______ __ __ nCo.l'UIlY1'IO"'r. I-
u j! quors excepted,) Provisions, IMant.iUieiifciis (II. P"J.'H" : P. B. BROKAW.I SALT at LADD'S Newport, Fla.
House for Sale. I -.:k.. ooors, u mcJovvs .-4s-. NOT. 20 1358. 4?
\ Dwelling 1 1, 1859. 1
FIRM leirf..f..r. ..(;K _...K. .he iKimo \ rpJIE SCRIBERS are nov receiving at the January ..1 -
) )latt
rpiE bUR Cn1CF.I .ff ." r.. ute '.11 *. and style <-f CARDY, 11.\\ A A CO, is this 'I and other Huilding !J i JL OLD STAND formerly occupied by Jon PRATOBIUS -- MILES'NASH li--CO'-:

JL dav tliuQh' .1 bv mutual cousiut. rials, J'unutare, Iron, selected stock of BLACK-SMIDUN !
Urns easy to a jnirolmcr bi i.ot.e ll1d ui l ;. a large and well
in Medicines &
luts In KelAir"A|>|ilvtotbe tinder'ieiied JOSEPH CARDYVILLIAMBAYA, Hardware and Cullfiv! Castings, and a great I undersigned has ie'umed work Dealers Drugs, c.

f'I'lo W. K. I-rd.? JOHN BCAIID. ., \ vaiit-ty of other articles: 1\1111\ & 'WINTER\' CLOTHING I THE town and ha* opened a Shop in I TUST received from New York per bark R.H.Gam-

March 5. lSi!. 10tfHotice JOHN CARDY.Jjontarr of which will sell at Wholesale or Retail the same building with Mr. Knhu's Car- _" fj ble, a general assortment of articles in our line
__________ ___ ___ __ All they '
S?, IS50. C '
u almost
fur CASH, Country Produce or good commercial FOR MENS' AND YOUTHS', i hairs F1io, opposite the Exchange where all kinds j such as Otis of every kind. Burning Fluid

i! ceplMiccs, at prices that! wrll compare far,'oraby! together with full assortment of Shirts, Cdllarr, of Black.*mithin will be done witS' neatness and j White Lead, Zinc and other paints, Wfodo GU spf
NOTICE.i refer with confid-ence to tb' best Putty. Brushes Potash.Soda, Sparkling
He e
I with those of any city m the outh..e invite mer- Cravats, Ties, Gloves. Cotton end Merino J Hose, despatch. can I quality
LI. liavinj demands? n iinst; the fstate! I I I who bat patronized him heretofore for the character Gelatin,London Mustard :French Brandy( best,)
St person : Lt..iuf' it time l.te linn CAKDY: UAVA (.llAtI s nod all other purchaser to examine our stock. I Silk, Cotton and Merino Undershirt. Drawers, 44. : I very
.r of JU'iijumUi Maunin?, deceased. late of Leon :i L d CO. mil I* 1.tim.1 l bv JAMES ;K: JiKUOMi: '| of his work. FRANCIS PAYNE. for medicinal purposes Spices, Pepper. Lemon Syrup
cojntv. are t"qlljrt'l to | recent, them. rr & fARDV W. 'I'EIOMLS'N.Fetruary .
tlwt.ti'i.ted. IG the a.imini-tr..t itLin iLe Illne pre |j A Cue assortment of black and colored Cloth Cas-
e&Ie&I by law, or they will be Uirred ; ami nil UioeindebteJ .!M will tctlle alliK>tr. anJaftvntit of the late firm 19. 1859. 8-1y f 1 timers aid Vi-stiu-fs, wbuh they are prepared to "iosT9.7: !i i ;Medicines. We keep none but the very best and

i are requested"!nA: *|.flvm"it immediately. JOSEPH: CARDY :' manufacture to order in the best ami mo st (:,dli".n.\- I i bore to merit your -

.\. M. IAISO.drn'r.. JOHN CARDY.TalliLasce In liic Circuit CIo.f Leon Co. and Stale I |tIll st}le, and at the shortest notice. Terms reason GOODS AT COST \i patronage.MILES NASH & CO.

: Marrii :. 1S53. 111-8,, Jmi. 29! 1S5?. C-3iu of Florida Middle Cirrxit. able. A liberal discount for cash.PRATORIUS. i March 23,185G IS
I ; .
t : --- -
--- A CLARKE.The -- ---
:il1nIUAI, O"'ICI Joseph D.Turi.cr. by hia neat" I T"17E nn-now offeiing our entire STOCK a. COST, I
Notice.VLL unJersincJ'ouhJ respectfully Ills Just Received !
friend Jo.bua Taylor j request TT for (Vii or its equitclant consisting of the
I former customers to come forward at as early a dayas
bav m chtims n nlnet the E-tatecf TAYLOR.0. ,. i In Chancery. usual variety of SAMPSON from New York nd
persons : J. i IJ.: .J. S. HO D. and settle their old account PER brig per
.r Lee. lee-ased. a. creditor, 1 legatees, or | Thomas K. Leonard, j'j'Ac up JOHN PKATORIUS. I i Dry Goods, H.irdware I : GALVESTON from New Orlenna:

distributees are btreliv noLtied and requited tn pro Dra Taylor & Bond, nnd James Ex'utor'J'j October 23, 185S. 43 Silk Goods 'l rtwur.. I| Fresh Buckwheat.I I Superfine do.Extr.1 .
ml tbvir ',lcn':1I1.lf.l dul\ an Lenlieati-o to tle: noi' i Doftiidaut Fancy Goods, Woodware and Crockery !i !
: 1: .vi.-ioil in the .. ti. ,.f Mt-[ ik-iiie. Of- --- -- (Jo-hrn Tlutter! I Rr-l.-pied Syrup
Ile'1II DI'.i.Exl'cut''r of the l.itt Will and of '! T FAVK J'r < < Boots I ShotHaU and i
(: letamnrvt It- "T T PON satisfictory evidence that Jamts C. Tur I NEOOODSl'U.av GOOD! an Caps NOL I M.ickrrel in kilts. Ribbed Side and Hiottlders l-
] tice at tie .1 Dr Tal.'r.1'ehialmmmssc l .
ii.n u'u> ,
id dmeeeael. within from i ClotLin'- and Hollowware. ,
this &It.II..r.
s* t a i' J m a i U J .
nor one of the Defendants in the above stated 1 English: DI>ry ,
,ie tL'J111 b- barrettmtim' I all thote iutlebedlle; I,I Ireou Fi-biumy I. :.S50. IiI suit, resides beyond the limits of the State of Florida WEBER & DAKNHEIMER j BUTLER & DENHAM.j Citron n.l] Cbef'1 Sagar cored Ham;

*.Usl to niaV' pam.-nt inimmi..i .tty.I i On but within tIe l.niits id f the State of Oeorsria ; it is j j .--Jannary- S. lShi9.tf Plants Extra I>-i7gi'"iJ and Rop*..

..IAME.LEE.: F.x'lr. Consignment a.IjuJ"ed. ordered aii.1 decreed that said James C. j j MERCHANT TAILORS : Seed Seed CARRELL 5IAXU ELL.'
Much 1659 KiinRAILROAD' : Seed
S. r.m Phmts }: tr' and / *
\ "Super- Turner plead.' nr;wer or demur to the Bill of AND DEALERS IX Novenibr lSt._ 43Peter _
-- ---- -- ---- --- ou: en.- -- ---- -- --
FLOIt. gam
plaint til*! iu thi came by the first Monday in June j FOR FALL PLANTING.
NOTICE. 1 SOH 11*. Side- i i next, ce this Bill will be"taken pro cU'.f .,,. Pfu READ r-.1l.4JJR;; Cf1OTIIL'sGGENTLEMENS' Cooper'sKKFIXED

;i tI"J'h..ultkr.. nit This order be published in some newSpaper : .a : D 1.> UTAB\0\. Green Glaz d DrcmheaJCablaje .

1- -:; ii.u Sta; .1 tl.s I Uet Sager Cured i iu the City of Tallahassee for the ppafie of three \I FURNISHING GOODS, 1 V Re.l TOi' ''I'uruip I Ac.JL !
ftp et I 1Inl'; months next before said first Monday iu June. j Flat Dutch 1 un/ip. I SUrlr AND SHRED ISINGLASS

T H E attention of C>ti'i,tie... 'f W'tl l I.v the ho Mol" -- ( )Oilveis'VLk. Doue and ordered at Chambers tin Slat January TALLAHASSEE. I I'Q Just received and for sale bvAMES ;
Titllaltas A 1..n..at't.I.l it Oe..iir a Railro.nd l I tis -Ttt.y CA-H.-" i! 1839; J. WAYLES BAKER. JI1II e. --- LIVELY. A PRiME A TrcLK

respectfully called t., the foll-.w-inj mule : it. H. HFRUY. (',r.1. I..r. i A true copy-Attest : C. A. BRYAN, Cl'k. rpHE JL SUBSCRIBERS R.ijre H.now receiving July 17, 1S5S. 29 \EHY extcr'ivtly used f.-r BlaT Marce, Table
their Store nest to Berry'* atji
Rill, 9, Ttdlahanstrt d 1'tn tt 6'i. R. J?. ('o.: Feb. 2<;. ;;:.'->. 3 February b, 16; '. 6-Gni I I selected Stock of FALL \ --- -- --'-' --- I Wine ..Mlie. and for J llifyin; Preserves.
Room. a well : with .1irt'l'tioni' c.r is in email
TJt' Shre'i.
1-- ---- --- ---- UIJIjt. lint
Freights .re payable in cash en delivery of frond. I -- suitable forOEXTLEMEXS 18BSa .
and stou-pe will!!! btclnie cu niticUt lying ever !: State Bank of Florida i Waukeenah Fackeges for Family U-c. mud is 111cI by all the prirm.etial .
Academy, : IVE.1 R. \ A )IO T CI:. In.\1ILE A3&01CTUKNT OK I Grocers ail 1)ruzrgist. thrnnIol1t.! fbi l'lIittd
after the following period : : .
To in TllA JEFFERSON COUNTY FLORIDA eon itng in of French and English Cloths, Cassimcre State PCTES COOPER.
Consiftiees l'aIl3ba 'er. 5 i d.i\s. TA L L SS KE.CT" j part FRESH GARDEN SEEDS '
17 : Yoil.
U nitlr.t 6 miles of a depot 6 I ( and Vefetiugs of the Ir.tcst style and best qual. Burling Slip. tW !
U 1! 9 : orrii'c ix nrrncE*' la'lu.nc.-tt\: rpHE MY have secured Ihe services of Mr. SAHCEI. 'I ity. width they are prepared! to make up to order in | Warranted Growth of 183&! -January-- 1113:1. I-3m-- -- -- -

oterl2 14 \ 1, PA,CO. A 15, a Graduate of Harvard College anti j a"workmaa-like and flshiouble manner and on RKAHOXABLE 911I1E SEED are prccured from a cold climate I 11-aro.Ware.rrRAC'E
i ir.iiT KXCHANOE ON NEW YORK ANDNEV Tr*.s. Also, a good assortment of .
This nile"i1J! I. till t adhered to. and .
icily pittiem.bendimig Teacher for the the better in
I ; an experienced as principal pres i iI _I_ and will (oltqucntlyJuri.sl. a f Asia
CHAINS Planfars Ste.1 hoes,
feo.w14 arc rrqnentcil to (ir.piy therewith cut \ear. and M isb to call the attention of Parents j READY-MADE CLOTHING warmer one like ours. j .
or tbe goiJ4 enniKt b ? dclirereil. : WM. BAILEY, Presi i Icnt. '. nnd Guardians to the high educational advantages I'' consisting of Fine Black and Colored Cloth Frock *->S- Call early or send your (orders that you may for ale bv !, Locks Screws and tV. Carpenfen'L. BOND
E. HOrSTOUN Sup't.'Sentiicl W. R. PETTES. Cashier. | which will be afforded by this Institution for the Coata Fancy Ca eimer Business Coats, Black end get t Be vur.f lie* deeired. AM ES & LIVELY. 1C. 1858. 4! .

and Q-iiney pn per copy- February I 9. 185'.__ 8_ ___ __ __ etructjou of youths of both sexes. Colored liaglans and Over Coats Black and Fancy January 8, 1859. 2INSURANCE m
r.I,.ulUY 5 r.. !!.'.'.I. 9 The Academic yeat will be divided into in-I Doeskin and Cassimere Pants Figured Grenadine -- Bargains Bargains !I- .

--- ------- -- - -- G. Troup Maxwell, M. D. ] tcnw as follows :. and Fum-v. Silk and Ca!9in-.ere Y f'51. .fErrNA

Feather Brushes & Dusters. i I First term from January 1'i to April 15. -ALSO- HERE i is an opportunity to invest your money
gel H* full value wrre selling every
Second term from April 25 to July 29. i iI i A of black and silk] cravats CONPANY | ;
FINE Sl'PPl.P ALL TaMahawe Tin. good assortment fancy I| thing-from a pack of Fins to a Sjlk Dress at coat,
DESCRIPTIONS j Third term from Sept 26 to December 23. !
A I and shirts merino silk: and cotton under shirts I I I
jut received mid f<,r m\f\ bvMVKHS. :, January 20. 1S5. 5 i A thorough examination of all the classes will be I I collars ties socks &. I OF HARTFORD. |I It Calicoes by piece-at 7, H and 9 cents. It i U only

[ Jt GORMAN. 1---- ____ u made at the close of every term. The, gloves and not t'ntireI I +- necessary to favor us with n call and judge l fr your-
subscribers are new beginners I .
February 2B selves. BUTLER &( DI-'iIJ AM.
Notice. i 1 RATES OF IXSTBCCTIOX : i ly unknown to the community find they pledge 1 Incorporated in lsll.! -Cbarttr Perpetual. j I I0
I 2tfDwelling
1S59.For --- I January 8. 1S53. _ _
Sale i v-ci-Vs after d.ite. the \Inllf'ri?nf'd.ilI apply, Primary Course . .. .? 6 60 per term. themselves to give salisfactioa all wbo may favor : _

SIX the :'I gt' of Probate, of Leon county for let- I Academic Course (first year). 10 00 per term. I I them with their patronage. : CASH cAI-rl'AL-Iooo.eoo. 1! for Sale !I.. '

V DESIRABLE place' of residence! near i t..ra of admJnisU.'t'011 ootheEstateofj. I. L. Green !I Academic Course (after first). 13 00 per term. I I WEBER, 1I .

Tallaha'e, convc'iient to llie Iemlflaric. !. } deceased late of s R u? count!. ELCY GREEN. '. Classical Course . 16 00 per terra. L. DA HEIMER. ISStTKE AGAINST I.OJ> AND P.t>fAOE BT' FIXK I'!I T H f: well known residence. j subscriber situated tb tOO
.. within %iew of the Capitol,; about o.iitmile Januiry 23, 1S59. -Cw Each Modern Language to those in Aeadmie Course Oct. 16, 18:8. 42 \ ONTKKVi ADAPTED TIlE HAZARD I I on tboA.[
(south 0:1 the r..ad to ltd.Air. The butfImugeotmut u | f 16 OQj er term. AND CONSISTENT WITH THE LAWS ;i street U new offered for sal*-term* ; :
in a .mf..ll..bjd 5 Tax mud OK UOMrfcSSATlON. low. The house contains 3 room,
dwelling .utaining snug j Academj 25 to CJ cents per term.
rooms, two of them witb lire-pliee, a new Litebeti, Notice. Board io private families from $S 00 to $10 00 peY Notice.SIX B. C. LEWIS Agent a large basement dining-room, and is onoot. tby- mo* t,

ail cviie out Iwu*" There i i" a r. pa''-ious< cistern i I SiX:1.1' after time late (f this notice I will ,pmon'h.! mouths after date the undersigned will rre1 1 For Tallahnssc and ridnity. j. comfortable dwelling HI the city.
the 'edJ
m the y yart with a pnmp.I. The 1wenmee comprise Hon. J. Wayles Baker. Judge of the In addition to tile cimtonoary English branches iu their final account and vouchers to the Lion. August, 1867. 33 A planter removing to city for She '=tioA'* .

tmC II nrres jn.tnd under fcne'.tlneeacree i %MMdt Ciix-cit of Florida[ : for an order to ell the I ftructiim will be gir0 io Bwk keeping the bigber I Judge of Probate of Leon county and ask to be dismissed ---- .---- ----- children, will find it a desirable R. r' '. l' "

01 this Wlk.t! JanJ aS'rding obundanceof! fuel lani! bel nme to tbe Estate of Allen G. Jolmson. I Mathematics, nod in lAtin, Orre French and Span- I from the turtber administration of the Estate NewHats I H.BEftRY.'A'ttntTERMSPrice
Somefurnitmirecen be Kid witb the latelr the[ ilt-ceaH-d. made to of Lend of sa.d ?35CO, CD*Inlf:h. tb.b4,
place- j ID l'Jr..ict:1cntl Georgia said sale to be Lad i r tfh App'icntion! for admission should be I Green deo-eued.l:1te county.I

reMdcnc' road. ..f L. IV UnRi.k The. l-,t of itle'vil1 i: for t!:!tru>uto! :i aciong the heirs! of raid! deceased. |i the Pn vHj l''tl or to. jon;; :. COWARDS.._ j tt I Jolly DUGGAR. Adinfr.ELCY IARfiE lot nSwpenitt; bv f.1I 1. S and Apple f i}.i.; property.F.lrmarr
n'rAf NATII.. MARION.:Ezceuti.r. GREEN, Admut'z.Jcnesrv ws L. BON D" CO.Oct .
,.1 1'. ISi a 1l.AtfI.: t"fOlfh.tr.,. t ia!. '-. w t .\ 2'. l 't?. imcc, y!Board: (.{:1'ru"wlsi.oar .. ,I ? I?.',?. -'m: i*. isj! 1;' l.; ia:? ; __ "

'.' -

I .. .
'Y :T


. .
'I' --- -
i- < -.c ; II
----- ; .'. I- -
,, .f- ,


.' .


A 4

.jT ___ --. --. ___.1 -- -..-. -. 1
-t I There will also h I.eI UHi prepnrsdsypoet-
I I.'c II, .1.... t., 1 ".I"i I'. ;
All ive at Wu'ullflti" bv. )12 in : 1 -'JQ From F'it Tailor by Cellar Tare, to Fort in:ist..rs, or other agents of tie dep.irtr pnt. to
The Floridian & Journal I II Insolvent Estate Notice. T.t\i. \\aednHiiw Iho-'s. nd featurda) at 1 p mAmve 1)k.ni'e.: 1 ; '. 'I'::'' I.:,rk. C'I.'e a t-ek. LPIVP TtUtirhlge: Ti.es la., T TI.I.,d!:v "n :-nt'tr- company the mr.il.l'frc.rylO! the ntirr.ber end d

S.TAILOFILOFIDA. J lit Mifwiopv by 5'T m. Letoil 'iavltn! Satur.I.I! nt I pm ; d:iv- at 2 p m ; tinVi..n of th.sevenl lugi_ On the prmeira! nc'f

i 1t |luLtithe.I..ry =SATURD. iyIAMUS JFrFKKi-ON': ('(th'M'Y. f UK'; f.r an uJti.tiuud trip j I'u .u1. Will If eonMdeied. i .truce at F tit Dade by t p m ; Amve at Aprheli.'olWeo.lles.l.ly, and Friday ly rortes. !itcwi.e. icccipt* will be rtqoireil and w
I Leave bit Dade Saturday at 5 a m ; 1 p m, .ird M.Jintav bv 11 a III; tills forward. ; the Litter lo Uximined by
s. JOMS; & CIIAS. K. DYKE:, AMES \V. I :.\v. ITT. admmibtrnt .CHe Estate" I and FriI
r-J)J ifC'iatles' W_ late of Jt.no:j ,ex.nuty (.' 13 From Orange Spring, bv 1"i6o\l'I Hills, Arrive at Fort T.,.lor by 12 ni. \pllachirulat.ll"uJa.r, Wednesday ;| several p'"luutcrl', to insure rt-gulaiitjin the .t
At Two DoLLAts per annum in ad.'anee. .! 1 1 has filed in DeWitt of J< fferconcounty. to Micanopj 28 milt and back twice a 'H.}. 6539 From Augusta to Pkrceville, 10 rules! anJ daaatGpni ; cry e>f mad ta!!. {
t'ea'1 tlc I'f.hale oreo V. d. (' Arrive : Bainbridge next davs by 7 P 111. I No will lenaJe f trirs not performed
that thc I Es- Leave Orange Springs Mon. and at 'J am ; back, once a week. a 4. pay >.r
TF.RMs l ()K AD\ F.RTISIXO. latec'l:f.Charlo:'Hitt'l W.jrgentiou;DeWitt to 1J ttlif'e.vnt ; There- Arrive at Mirmopv t y 5 p m ; Leave Augusta TII1Ir8ly at Cam; Bids to ru-i! by different schedulewill! be con- for each of uih oinivti'iis net s.itittidonly erplined -.
l. Tuesday nll.11-llurfI"Yil 7 an ; : Arrive at Pierceville 9 @illerelt J three times the ray e f the tup may be de.ductcsl. f.nn,1 f.
OJ."'nu..*>f 1 2 fi.i..(rr*-. fir into'f1in 1 .01 h avc Mieanopy by a m ; invited to embrace Fnceville, between i ir.rl brcat
Bids For ivils far behind
5 are | an so as
will Arrive at Orange Spunks > 1'111. Leave IVrceville Thursday at 10 i a tn
"nl I.ennent II again*t <. .1 EM it.: :u .:p-jvar and filf tie mUI; ) } ; I
.h : will I he cnn.nlr -d. nbrr.I.e ami Chattalsschice.Prilitsals t'OlIfjf'xi.n"ith dcpenhin mails, and sufficiently
l ?1 0 .In.I.u! iS f th! tr.tT'n or the lids: to extend to arabffotie \-elt Augusta l I.j 1 pm. RainI I
1. i>,i-nwl sa I Hi i in .fan in''rtrl at p(rannum. tlw ato < L..re at lit.llevue. omitting
c6mm nee fourth ef thi for the
bv 1..1to! to exeused. on' eoinpei.satioD trip
.. l-Hli iItid: J Mar w ton there will be n pto rats Ii: H! From O'ai ire Spria?*. Flewii- : 6540 Fiom Iloinasassa by Crystal River Black | to route NoC564 : .
1.t. 1lddCJ. See note
[ Deduction will also be
ill b" foiltitur. f.-
bridge, w clI1 'to ordered -
n.1 1 uitrkcd with tlie number of dittiiltitiwof! the fund Mongini to slid Estate.am ton :n mile and back once a week. Dirt, and \\ eke iva. to IonPond, 72 miles and back I i* uljeet
__._____: \In.I'U.I. i.1) Leave Orrn e Springs inlay at S a tu ; .l fur a grade of "rformauce inferior to thaf _:
this '
I i,i.ertioii4 V. 111.' >OM 1'1..1 I 1 un.il f.Ii.1 and cliarg.Hi ." the crcditois t1!.orwf;at which tim : : j fnwc a we*k. 650 Fnm Long Cane, by A spin (rove, to in I he eoutrac For repeated dtlinquences r'
Arrive at F.emiiv.ton bj 5 III ; 'I specified
for Inn filial distluirgetiiiu p at fi
Jaino W. IMtt w apply Leave Ilouuta-'a Tue-sdav a ; etk. |
acct.rt1isily.Certiliet Abe Spring. 2ni'Ies and buck once a Ifthle kind lit i.p.-eitied. enlarged penalf lea. prop -e
Leave Fleaibeton! 1 i day at o a mrri'e ; ( run
: of : of 1. -,1 or eftato tils achiiinibtiaitou "t -.>id r.tate Arrive at Long Pond next day! by rt rill : 5 .
at a m the
puWioKt.on 5 Leave Lorir Cane Monday ; { ti'lJcI11" tbi' nature tlj revf, nnd importance ,
.\ at Oiange by m.-
ill not U vlvcrtinug ire IS 1 HO*. J. Cll \SC. Judge of rJoIJ! c.'urtkr p Leave Long Pond) Smdnj it C a inArrr
.t" w glh'l 'atil lids for ati additional: trip Iocr4'1. will l lit on- Arrive at Abe Spring by 12 m ; of the mail mar be mide.
13 1S58. 46-6 rt !1e1nai'ia! xt Jay by m
paid. _______ __ idered i e tn p Leave Abe pttn-j Monday all p 01 ; I 5. For leavt": behind. ,'r throwing off the mail, or
(515 Front Oala, by Cump Izard and Homasisea 1 6511 From Cedar! Key to New Orleans, (I-i__)403 Arrive at L.ni Cane by 8 p UI. any jH.rtu-n .-f them for the admission of passengers
Bill for Divorce.Nepsey Notice.SIX to IJijr Port 70 tiolee-antl hack, twice week.. 1! nnli and back daily in te:1merC.I G56I From Maiiana.: by B lv-ue.! to ;;\utlriJgt. i. or'fvr U'n! ; coneernitl in setting up or running all

i Hamilton Circuit Court after the first c.f thaisr.cfc. *x-ave Ocala Sunday and. Wednesdav 5 a m I Leave Ct.l ir Key d:'dy at 5am (Ga..) 4'', tililiM awl back three, times a tvuX.Ltave expie e..nH)i,4 intrlli! ;.noe in advance cf the ttiul I .
t Wiiams. 'ftIt rnlieatiof .\IIe at New Orleans next day by 9 a in Mariana Monday, Wed-..tbday aid Friday at be deducted.ft '
r > $_ undersigned will nppltothe Judge: of Pro- Ariive at Hay Purl uextclivs bv 11 a in ; j a ijuirter's; pa, my "
.! Joaiah Williams. t) Fall Trim IS33. Irite of Leon eoia.ty. t fClr Idt.rl o: jJiijiiiiiirjtii.nl onthe Leave lay Pe-it Monday antI.IhiTTMUiy at 2 pm : l..euvt.w Orleau daily at 2 pin ; 7am. I line will be irul..e.l.tut.S| the delinquency r
I| Arrive at Cedar Key next day by 6 p m.j Arrive at Bait.rri.hre by Cpm; | be ami sitisfa-torilv: *xpl.lined by certificate .:
Fclkel. deceased, late of raid Ariive at Ocala next days by 6 pm.G3lC |'r<-nj.tv : ;
Estate of
the A from the return of t2ic: Miry -
'I IT appearing that t urt the DtfriHlant. is !I WADE: O. FF.LKEL.: From Silver Spiing to Otala 7 miles and j.I 6342 From Cedar"K.y to Key \\ est, 500 mdes Leave lkuirlbrittgeMtuday, Wednesday and l"ri-1 -* of j>"'tiun,ters or the* atKdavit 11I of other cttdibktptrsimi. ..S 1'1
Sht.riI. JltI.I.111/ cuntr. 7-fiw ba'k. twice week and Lack, twice a week, -reamers.. day at II p rll ; fir. failing to arrive in contract time; for .
not to ( f.um) m couutj of srnitun. I is 1?, 1&S" Leave fcilvtr a >>piiiig Monday and Wed. at 2 p inAinve ; i.I.I.rs will propose] a ehedulc e>f departures and Arrive at Mariana next I'BTS I:y 10 a r.iProwsals neglecting! t.J take th. mail frytn or deliver il int_ a 1.-.
Williams - '
therefore : that J..llah appear artivats.I are invited fl.r three addit.onil: trips rer iNBtitiiev f. r sufferiiig it to Le wet. injured .
Ocala 4 ;
cottn'v. t -
III Circuit Court Jcfcrscn \ by ;
at tlwCleik'office, (on rule! .) tnt Monday in I/I' of Pil pm t tn embiace Tuinja will confiderciL I6th October tIP the 13tb June, to : a-id f-r refu in after demand
t. till Leave 0-ala Tuo-ed. robin!, or lIst !,
_z March next then and there to liJ as m J.ae Wiadham, Admir.Ktratrix,, Arrive at !5.t.-er pii"g by 11 a ni. I C>is From Alli. itor. by Shoaltown. Oldtown, ronncit duly at B.llevue with steamboat service !. to ...'.,,_\ the, mail a' frequently the eon .
default then-of, the nmci L liken j>ivf n.f't">, cf BenjaminVindImm, I 6517 'Iom Silver Spring by Carlton OranjcSprnuj New Boston, Ictluc' n. Sikess ill-, Clay Landing.Fiijettevllle. thence to ApalachicoLa., invited in note t.> route traot.r runs. 4.r is wicerucd 10 running, a coach ear.
.T. It it iuither .nl"I (!t copy of this OrtkrL Ceased, del AtsenaOtie and I IIonia< to
ilills Station a sa, BayIVt No C502 I I65G3 -stc.mbo.it a roate. .
MorriMin' to
nod IMlauiy or -
f t2azettes of this *
i H ( Bill W Relief
publi-hed one public Marck vs. t;2 miTts and La : fitate, cnc* a week said Monday lu Allen Windham, cud the other' I I 2.th of eath
uutl lnt the 12th and (
Leave Allijatiir
I S.lvcr! Spring ilomUy Wednesilay and I on Km.x II I II. Uuebeeatma Alwn.i.EastRiver ( fir rrpeaul l failures ti ri'ii agreeably to cou-
,A true copy, .0 J. W A Y LJ5 BA K CR, Judge jauiinVmdham heirs and distributees, of:cJ.Hen J| Fuday at Cam ; i I month at C a at, or on arrival of mad from Jak oaI t At.stmvilleto! Milton! lit twit and back lia.-t. fur violating! the P..st Otllce laws, or disobeying

dcc.a Ainve at IJellamy Station by 8 p in ; I vulc ; three, time a eek. the ill.trlltl..IIfI of the depiilment; ; fur refusing
_December___ ___ 25, 1S5- 3._ S0 _: __ VLL persons interested 1 in the Estate of Uonj imm Leave litllamj; Station Tuesday, hursday and 1 Airive at At en.i-Otie <>n the 14th and 2Sti! and. at Leave Mariana Tuesday TLuu..by and Saturday to'd ieh:irgc a carrier when reti :irf.l by the departblent .
CONSUMPTIONIT AN INDIAN DOC I rU.JpC'a' late ol the county of Jelsod .- Saturdiy 4 a in ; Cav Port ,on the Sib and 2.1 ; at 11 a ii.Arrive 'j to till so; ft.r rt>nnin; ai vxprfs: as aforesaid ;
.. TOll. UN .OL while aCIJflEI f..fon. State cf n..rd: ne hcieby notified An iv? at Silver Spring by 6 p ni. Leave Ray Poit on the I 'IIJ and 21<1 of sac!, month at Milton next l"LureiLir, baturday and ur dr lrj.i-p.,rtm. | .rs.rti" or |ia.'ka0-es conveyinguiti'ab'o

). Mioniry among the Indian* of answer, plead lo, or drtl to tht bill of Cmphiut. l>ids to commence at Ucal.i and tun by Silver Arrive at "Alligitor the 25th and Itth bv" 9 [ III.I M"nd:iv bv Sani ; : nLttter out t>f the) mail
lh* Rock"v Mountains, discovered ;1 the above stated ta*f. on or ttf"rtIe flt {.n Spiing ilc will be l"'OiIilrelLfi :. Pr"po!al< to extend to Cltnr Water Hirbor, nn,1 l Leave Milton Sunday. Tnr.!lay .. 1'n.Iyat! I c,_ 'll>r r<'suauter (.ouuLlllIay nler an increase

L a RAE. PLANT, that proves to day 1 Arrl! A. D, 150, or Li wil te takenas 114 From Charleston (S. C_) bv' Ffrnamliua.H.i also for weekly service, will ItiH>n.idrre! L P nl; ofrrvice on a route bv allowing therefor a pro rafu

_. CO SUMl'TIO: t* a certain cure for Con-umption. ( ( ,) Jacksonville: Mandann, Magnolia Mills, Mid I 65 11 From Alligator, by buwiumee i.hoah tj Arrive at Mirauua: : next TuHCIllj.'l"Lun-.L, and increase ou the contract l>ov. Lie may changeschedul -
%i lrold.iliA@thm: Liver Com- /Vw tArf, This order l he published for the space dleburg, I'l'-oiati and Orange Mills, to filatka SOW 'I Blount's Ferry, 32 miles and back, once a nctkLi.iv Sunday by 5 p II}. j "f dp:irturs and arrivals III all cues, and par
f CUR CD. plaint.Nervous Affections.: o three months, nxl l.fure the sail 1 hr-t Monday in 1 miles and lack, ole a week. I o Alligator Friday at 5 a Hi ; 6566 From Mariana by Eeonfina.lo &t. Andrevv'n i lieu*:irlj to -im.e them e.l-form to coolluiona with
t"ughR April 1859 in some newspaper published! at the i Bl Mint's 6 I railwrut. w iih I folds, Ac. Having now Leave Chailefrt('n Tuesday at 3 p m ; I Arrive at t'f'rrY'JY pm; Bay 75 mil. and back. "-nce a week.
_ vfrtu"" a"1' retired from busine*! city ofTallaliassee. Arrive at Fernandm; next d.y by 9 a m, and atJukscnville 1 Leave Blounf Ferry Saturday at 6 a m ; Leat'/ Mariana T hur lay at Can. thug time be Mt aU.d: .ed. H.m.lY also order aommase
m SU the ,nd Done and orllere.at CnuuFs this lit!. Decernb 1! Arrive at Alligator by C in. : S I of t .ptcil, alluvv ing. ithm tho restrictions of
be "' prescnption : by 12m.; p Arrive at St Andrew's Bay next day by p m ; j
1 direct." for preparing the meditinertf..Wy. r. WAYLBS BAKEr., Judge. Leave Jack"onvi'le' Wetlneda at 12 m ; I I 6545 From Allutatoi, by. Hunt ville. White Leave St. Andrew's Bay Tecsd"iy at 6 a in; ., tie 11\. a pro t flu increase of pay for the n.IJitiooal
CURED. to all who dc A tree copy from the Minutes Arnve at Pdatki next day by C a tn ; : Springs, Jacrcr, J carriers, WEST Clerk.
tire it, and wi send to his ageut Jon- Leave Pilatka T hurdiv" at 8 a m ; 70 imles and back once a w etk, Bids to commence at Orange; liii!. nnttin: Mari- I' in the c:no i>f mereae of speed rehrqiiish the

'1 1' CONSUMPTION enclosing ftllrS ((6 cent,) to December 25. 1858 523mNotice. --- -- Arrive at Jacksonville iiext day by 3 a m ; ;I Leave Ablator i Wednedsiy, at 7 a m ; 1 1I ann will be considered. I'roI"a1 for semi.weekly eoiitriet: by giving prompt notice to the department
ply the return letter with, a ile- Leave icksonvdlc Frida\ 4 a m ; I Arrive rt Mdlon next day by 5 p m ; femee are invited i tint he pre'trs doing sn to curving the order into .
CURED fcrption: of their The Arnve at Fernandiu by 7 a m. and at Charleston 1 17 i effect. TLc Postmaster General may also curtail or ;
Leave M[:uh on Friday a m ; Mamn.i to Crowell, IS miles and '
From -.J.
Old Doctor has cuied more tJCSSU \ J MIX Months after date, I *hall present my final next day by 10 a m.C519 I Arrive at Alligator next day by 5 p ni 6567 I di-eoiitmue the the Itr1'\ce. ill whole 01 in part at pro } :
3000' n"f "f '' al'I.'. I j lO recount anJouch el to the lion Judge of Pro }';om Magnolia Milla to ChcsuwUkia, 10 Bids for an additional trip per week will be con- back once a w ". at 1 r>iln dterease uf pay. allowing one month's extra ClmIt'
'I'IOX all(, Iwieul| .d.ctoi'ptopie. i bate of Jefferson ootintr. as adin'mihtrator of the E; miles and back, once a week. cidered. Leave M uiaua Tiifday p m; penitNNtouthcanmi.nl tiispen-iesl l "'ilh. whenever
_ :; avail'* themselves of this opj>oi'tuni- "! tateof ANN DAI LEY*. late ft said county.deceased, Leave Ia 'I..IhIilts Saturday at 1 p ni ; I Arrive at Crow ell by i pm. in lie ,>piiiito, the public interests require the change,
6546 From Alligator by Durham Palestine and] i iI Leave Crow ell Tjicsdav at S a m; I '.
cur ty, as the Doctor wishes do all I and a-k for a di-cbarge from raid administration. Arrive at Clo-suwiska by 4 p m; and or in cite he de-ire to suinrnile.it by a different ."
OIu lee to New River, 43 n lies back.uucea 12 m.
Arrive Mmanaby I
JAMES F. CARTER. Ad-utV. I of I iln>n.J. .
t the good he em before dies.CONSUMPTION .- i Leave Chesuwiski Saturday at 9 a m ; with grad trail-port:
Oct. 1858 4 -6m 1 week. Bids to extend tO Chattalioochcc, In-weekly Pavnunts will be made by collection from or .'
Address all letters toDANIEL 30. Arrive at Magnolia Mills by 12 m. I
'j Leave Friday at 6 a ni | be considered,
; servicewill ,
--- orthcrwise after the
ADEi; C520 From Georges Lake to Magnolia )ill. ISI draft UI postmasters, rXl'ira-
N I CURED. Box 35 Jl P. O, New York, ; Notice. miles and back once a week. i i Arrive at New River next day by 12 In ; i 56S From Muiina: lo Campbtlltun, IS miles j j tion i Ii l each quarter-say in February, May, August '
Who is his sold Months after date, I shall present my final : Leave George's Lake Saturday at 5 a m ; Leave New River Satuiday at 1 pill ; and back twi i.'C a \ ... j ansi November. i
I January 1. 859. J- y agent SIX and vouchers to the Honorable Judge Arrive at Magnolia, Mills by 12 m ; Arrive at Alligator next day by 6 p m. Leave Man[ ma Tuesday and TiUt>day at I p m ; 10. The distances are given according! lo the best .
__ __ I Newninsvillc Grov l'icty-
6547 From by Sugar c < i iIanve
u uf Probate Jefferson county ns administratrix of LeaH! Magnolia Mills Saturday at 1 p ui ; Ariive at CampMItim liy' i p ni ; infirmitiiMt' ; but i.> inere-i ed pay will be allowedhaul.l
t Bill for Divorce.I the Estate of Jessp Jranthain, late of raid county.df'Ct'as.d Arrive al George's Lake by 8 p m. U..nee.llnJ ElIis\"iJlt',tl Alligator 37 miles and back Campbellton Tue-td.iy ami Thuw. Jjat 6 I they be greatir thus advertised if the pointsI

h and ask for a di-charjy from end admin, 651 From St. Augustine to Picolata, 18 miles I twice a week.Leave am.; I be be correctly stated. fiiddert Mutt
I Cioolsby l ) Hamilton Circuit i Court i Ncwnanaville Wednesday: and Friday at 6am ._ ufPi,1.. '',:. ... --i --'ft t.ff fiico i iI
: istration.' I1EUECC.GHAXTI1'M, Admt'x. and back, four limes a week. Arrive at Mamni. by.I.t!' _. .. ... ;-/ /"-
t I rr& ., f .. ... .... .. ...... .. ... -..! --- "-J.. II'IJ'I._ -- -a- "" w tC569 I tit tlie wdit.t 4>f the mad. thr c<>ndith'n of roads, l.iJ"l
t I Sherif.that W: A Ooolsb)', the Defendant is ; notice"; j Arrive al Picolata by I pm; Leave Mhijator 1. e.Ii': Thursday at C a m ', Fruni CampU-llton to Geneva (.fa.Ucnlcs I streanis Ac and all toll-bridges, fen it s, or olwtruetmn -t

1 not ., found in the county of Hamilton. I is ALL persons indebted to the administrator of the Leave Picolata Tuesday, Wedntsdiy, Thursday, Arrive at N'ewninsville by 5 p in and b ice, once a wrrk.Ixavo s'fii, kind by which expense may be incurred.No .
therefore ordcrf that !ai.l Wm. A. Goolby, appear : e Cade! (.IHIlII.I. are hereby requested to CioU! i lAud I Saturday at C p III ; Bids for tri wet kly service wid be con idi.rcd.5t3 ClnI'Mnt"n: Wcdnesdiy &t 0 a u; rlauu dr 1t.IJIvtal: .|>.iy. ba'ed on such ground,,

; .\t the Clek'.fcl (on rule diy.) frt Monday in immediately avd settle at the office of Arrive at S>Augustine by 11 l p m.Prfd I From: Ncwnati.-'Vtllo! ly St. IXJUH, to New Arrive at Gmeta l bC p m ; I can 1 be eonsidtrvd ; wr for allng d mi'tnkes or mwappreleiwHin .
JLVch next thi're to .IA\Hr IJ bill a* in A_ P. AMAKER. !* to run by a dilfcrcut schedule w ill be coiuid River, 22 mile and back,UUCP a we 'k.lyave I,eive (letirva at "lieiy! Cam ; a* to the lUrtc l of 'service nor for
default thereof) : tli* same will: l be taken j ". ron October 23. lS58.ADVERTISEMENT. .U ere,I. Newnansville :5. 'jI''Iat! 6 a m; i i iArnve Arrive at C. m|'lwl'ti'
fe,**,. d'f It i is further: or.I.'rel that a copy of this C522 From Pilatka. by Orange Springs, Orange at N<.w River by 12 m ; Bid" fur an additional tripper[ week will be ecrt6370 iOfl'.in-,t3I1"-e. <'ceurring during the

: *rJcr II published in one cf the public Gazettes of : ; Lake, Cottage, and) uttrville, to Ocala 51 miles Leave New River Saturday; at 1 p ni ; Itft..t 'I contract trrn. tiflketaWlhe.l after this advtrtiwiiieDt -
this State, ouco : week untd said first ouJ.IY in I t\, l1'IGpnOrOSLS 1.1II1l twice a week Ainve at New nimv ill,. by 7 p M.C51 From Geneva, (Al-u) by CSan Brake fnJAlmiraiite I' i i4iss.us II. ami I sdsi- during the! contract term,

}rrh. A true copy tc.- for CO.>FEVnc Leave IVatka: Monday Wednesday at tam ; I .1 From N.nsvjlfe. by Tu-tenuggce,Santa I (Fli 1 _) Au-tmve'Ke t', lo tiulesunj: trc% are to be ClutcI I witLiut extra p.iyif the distance ben
J. WJccember25. A YLE--BAKER, Judge. the JUIf.S .ArrieatOclla1.v4pll1 ; Fee l\HJ'ieen. fcikesvdle. Clay LamLn:, nn.I J rng Mice a \f et.k. t inereaseil .

OX r.OfTFS IX THE STalK '>*' Leave Ocala! Tuesday and 1 Thursday at 9 am-, Pond to At!eniOtie, II! nibs and back, once aweek. Lt nOml'Ta Thuis
185S.Notice. I FL ( Amve at Pdctkn bv 12 ni:!ht.i Arrive Aui>tiiivill. next day by <> p m ; tntned. or vvstlx ut the -ji-aarnty required by law and
I 0 11 IDA_ i Kids for an aJd.'i: i.ul trip per week will bo coiieiJercd. Leave Newuii !ville WeJ.ltbYlt; 711 m ; : Leave Aiytinvillc Siturdiv; at sia nrArnve a e.-rtit r-ite us the "MtnVH-rey nf such guiranty can-
after JaU, I, as of theO | Arrive at At en. -Otic- next Satur.'aj! by Sam ; nt Geneva next div by 0 p DV I IN>| be c.nskt'resl! in eimijvetilUn with a regular pro-
il r..1 .Qilislrat"r
E.taltl o. Kiehard j B C..le! 1 and Caroline G. CuTe ,: -&v1 JtlI/ hf, IW! to June : o1z, l!';;t ,i Cj23 Fn m Pd_itka to Btlbmy! Station, 50 miles Leave \I.'nI-Oie: Sattirtty at 11 a m ; 6371 From lldti-n. by Coon Hill Xatlnnsvule.Aluaixl [ mal rraitnaLle\ in niii unt..,.

Jateof Jefferson county, Flonda, Jccai., I bLaH ---0- ---- i and kick, once a week. Arrive at Xcwnanstille n -xt Tuesday by 8 p nu ( ) Fort Cri .rford, to Sparta, 73 o.ik anti 12. IU.M-TS sh.s'l! 1 first propew f.>rmniceslnotlyaecvrdmir
k final :" '. with the said Estates tote i Leave Pilatka Monday at 5 a m; Bids f<'r an additional] trip per wetkvilll ii.y
present Hon. of Probate il of f said county and] at>k POST OmcE DtrAUtvE\T OF TilE t:. S., ) | Arrive at Bellamy! Station by 7 p m ; Leave Mdfn 1ln.r.diy at C 1\ 01'rri"e ; *if.n-ifi/f f-sr lidferent service ; ansi if the 'reyiifit -
said Curt a discharge from my adminitra- \Vnsiingtoii! December 13: 1858. )r i Leave Bellamy ht.ilion Tuesday at 4 a in : 6550 From Little River by Samuel Il.-iiUr' aol .\ at vpnta i ext ;elay by i> p;in ; I ,- Ud be the h>T<-!'t otkred for the advertised scr-

torship thereof, according to liw. ASA MAY. )noros.\J.s will be received at the Cont act Arrive at Pilatka! by 6 p in.thus William Johnson's, to bhoaltown: 22 miles and back Leave >paitl itnrdiy at 6 a ni; I vice. the other pr.-|x riinnwy t lie coiuidered.IS. .
NocemIrO.IS5S. 47 j JL Office (.ftLil Department until 3 p. m, of Snt for scnn-weekly aud! als-i for til vcckly trips once a w et'k. I Arrive at Mi'toti! next Mond.iy ly C p m.C572 I Tli'-re st n.M! hue but one route bid for a proposal.
-- --- -m. ____ urday. April 2, 1559 for conveying the mails of the will l be coniidt red. Leave: Little Ricer Thrrdij at 10 a in; From 1''u-af'Oh to )lit! n. &} miles and I Consolidate I or e>inT!>iiictkiii bids ("proposing

Notice. United States for four ) cars, commencing July 1, 6524 From P-latka, by Wclaka. Fin Gates. Lake Arrive at bboaltovvu by 7 p ui back, pix t.mes: a week. line suns for two sr more rontts") are fuibidJvn bj
_ _
Month after the first piblication of tlus Ifc5i I. and ending June SO, t 1863 in the State of George, Volusli, Il:1wkiu"\'iU., end Enterprise, toMellonvillc. I Leave S'loaltown' Friday at 5 a m; Leave Pin".in>Ia didr. except V.'cdapsda/ 12 law and cannot I l-e c.ni'i.l red.

SIX the uudersigtn-d; w'ill present his final u acCount Ftor i DA, on the routes and by the schedule hereiniVeiions 125 mile and ( uck. nee a wv< k.I Arrive it Little River by 2 pm. m from let Ou to 1st April, ', and at 1| p in residue I 14. The rmifr, tin aervie-. the yearly pay, the
J (and touchers administrator (,f the Estate 'p iI t'\1. I Leave Pilatki Momlav at fi a ni; 6551 -'"'! M.iuVon, I by Hainbursj, Clifton, Grooversrite ci year; nini ami rri-lu-ise of 'lie hi-tier. (that (.. Ins usual
I I of Thomas II A veritt a, deceased, Lite of Lceu county, :r'llf.ullr1II1y April! 23, 183'.i_ Arrive at Mellon'rilleliy 10 p in ; (tla,) and Bo t"U. to ThomisviIIe.: 46 Arrive at Milton t h:>ur; arter :I J pist ftKtf t.shutii I --t.) and lIsts. .frath nirinUrtf.ltirrj.
) snd np fur a discharge. (Bidders will examine: care full v the forms and in | Leave Mellon ville Wednevl iy at Cam; rullts and back, three tmus a week. Ijr-ave M'tn[ el nlv. except \\ edi.cetby. at Gam; w Iwrr a comiair ( !fT. rs, should be distinctly
: 1 } JESSE ,VERITT, Ext'r. *trvcti'>trt annex.", and al*> tile laws prefixed tu the Arrive at Pdatki by S p m.ni.I Leave Madison Mori.Ly, Wedce-dny! and Frfclay Arrive at Pensicola; bj 11 a in. !I stated al* the n><.!r of C"iiv vance. if a higher mode

:1 Oct. 2, 1858. 406mNotice. [uraphlet! copy of this advertisement, to be f"un.ltI I| i Is f>r an aJditivcal trip per week will be con atCana ; C573 From l'tiocvIa tu Wariingttin, 9 i *les aol i ib I that I Ir tl>.ick I intiihlciL. 'llie word with due

: ----- ----- -- -- '- the pnuc'p'J: jiost-ott'ces.) sidered. I I Ariive ThonnsviIIe by 9 p m. .itk. elady.Ijeira! -lellty. ccrtaintv._ an Wil from Feuiandin-i: to CI"II'" le'toi,, (-S. C.,) l&Omi'cs i 5i5 From.WeUka lo :, 20 milts and hack, :1 Lcire Tijomi.ull!nv jance. will iiititnto a tt