prtr]:; d-jxxn the rcbelliuJ nnd nreventinjj an- WhigVi-H't aii.l I!heii: the I'lOtes'jint IV !:!u'.r I Mr. riiMiiN.: i ha% uo nilv t to ir.a'.c: i t : HA :iproi.'r oi.t-. \>i I Jn'in .tloore, liundrcd and ninety! au-l each of the surxi- UulIIo -gavo lua reasons for'votiig for
.igaiiK: the Catholic, and the natike 1 Hiij* 'to. tiie lionosaiile! .S-nator fnim I :: :'i ..-. ho i-. tJlei! in: Illinois ai! ll!:,jJi>!luian J,ynrer vors oftlie ni'iiti.i, or volunteers; or State Mr. Witte'ti auti-knoxx-.nolhimr resoutioii5.He .-
.% \V.nE.-Mv thtdi-1i1ieve'* tho conitiuionalitv ug.iin&t! the fort igner. All lin -je cifinents xvere reference to the nni-i p-irt-;jjiu.-h the !larjrt-r i; '. .i rt.t'Lrer, : ; J a ; att ;rct-- troops ot any tstrite or Territory called into ould see no evil, real or imaginary, winch
of iLa! fug ih'c" slave net, arid so :tie]tt'il down i i.i that crucible, aii'l ilioicM.it1v.asv.1ist 1 pail--of Ins xjicech. I IT he can duxany c. nso }hI u: had t-irirg' "f tIt state Iii nin'Sj i military service,, mm id: regularly mustered thcren is supposed to exist in this country, to justi- '
do I.'VIr.. XVM> railed: tjel'u! i n ju.rty.; : 'J'hat : r.ion* fiiiia ljt! tK-clio:! *.\ Men Lave I b vn ;: i-rfi'ii.! \\"h"ii .Mr. t ;;.IJiz: < wvnt thereto :and xvhosc scrxu-es iiave IKUMI j-aul by the American: freemen to form secret oath.
DotGL.-1ile Constitution hn \jt5ltJ the Sujremc Court to ettle nestioin oiconstitutionality. solxt'd, anJ united) w s, ii; t-x\ry ii t.-'n---, a Mi br.'uk:: 1.iI l jilt m tiuSi-:.. te, ho i iI ii welcome told! I.i.n booM not mjeak j in: the State eitin'cato or wairaut from time Depaitnientif the desjwtiain ot Russia and Austria, but certainly "
S Know-Nothing 1 Lodgi*. Hut for \our lvnoihojvind \% 1 I lo ail lli! % con.Mil.ti: ,ii tJai: ic can g-.t.. .1 It I lr- I i'oaso; r.'id iiticr: aeiiii.nciit --Jfli! as by held of tliu: Interior for one hundred and sixty acres not here. The object jv.i'to geipossessioQ
S Mr. WADI:.-Ones the Senator from! I'.iinn'n '! Ntiijii. Idgi 1hiiii inttat f piiig; can cominglii.uilt'J th :t t tlii-! m 1.-&Eit I.f t! o:' di!i-It.yilty: It t'-.e tilluim. \Vh.-n, 1 think! the of land ; and when any of those who ; Q/ the national treasury. ''KnowXotLingisfn -
believe that lic! States luvo: any limits! incaso luaj'jfilyat ti! ; iv.vnt i-ivcuon for .flections!! was oxxi'ij; t;) l Knnw-\ii'iini.'ivn: : (,!r Si.-n.itnr h';m (Ohio [?.{r. ("h.te,1] xvent out then- hare been so mustered into service and paid sprung up in the -Norther
thfr federal courts pronounce the fugitive tl.e N i.Irla: ticket, wor.M hxc; given txven-j: I any other ism except o;> : io t.> that IK'uiv ; .-;.<- to im'tko! i'i ami-\t:! 1rokareeei; In wa re- shalijhax-e; received a. ccrtilioatu or warrant, he .State*- I
act coiistitutioii; I IMr. t v.fl'e tho.jvir.d. Uiit fur that my eolL-agne of \ich! IKS \.ij iiviuiher and g: .'.it advocat J'a-ed adnii, ijii i.ito the State I llou! e. Cer- bhall bu ntitU-d ton ceititicata, or warrant Mr. \VasIiburn, of IlUnois.-WhatStafo ?
t .' DocGtie. -TbediflVrcnft' between th<- of the other lfJuC, wht> i now wil'.iin' : myye v, liv i-s xvt (:.'.: .* t. d.! .v>. All. w nu to, if t.e : -I.etI, il was rtfuocd.Vhtn "or such quantity of land a.s xiill make, in the Mr, liuffiu.-I judge in Illinois, Jookfog
S States and the United States jurisdiction i iclenrlv i- < [Mr. Kichard;on.] in eadof I ist jj'jj: il'-eted ; whether! tii' !i',..u, ,tb l :-'._.i.t: ,hiiii-clf: {',.-.. '; M.! v'i.iy xvviit there, hiaketl it, and 'hole, wilh %% hat ho may have heretofore its Jate elections. :,. 1 .
] mirked. Th( dcJeg-iteJ powtrs anunder'the l by) eight hundred majority: woaM liv: ) and ot'r! !honorable: uj'n.m: ; 'i'l nut nrjjs-; control of tic! iii,1iitioii( and laws iietu tL-cled by tare thousand on the Ne- ; !mrouglm the nojjhwivn! .... t 0.! .> coii.l"-; a-i'l tnr... '! hi..: fi!" Do vc.i thi'ik! manyAbnlitiiiiiitj (ncli such person having otd rs aforesaid : ia its banner is torn; trough fljuig: : "" .
of the United States. !bra Jaiue.I :.My t oth-r eolli-agu-; iht- I House, ration that \ebra.4.a bill %.'.ts uUMtle.; t for | -.ot. .1 for o d.! l John 'Jfle aflor 1!V/rt't Tho person so having been in service 3Ir. Washburn.VLal' ; S S
t.u I jt'II, hir, if a man dihs! to be ftithful! to xx ho h i-Uctod t;> the uy.\t Congr>, [Mr. '1'. ,; iVe lon: alit! lh.t tile Kaull ci'il.old;: be to that { I He: W.-H a foai'jner by biilii, ai.d ile- shall not receive said land warrant it" it Mr. Rjrence, '(proudiy.-T-In) the"first 'dfatrkt. -
i'.io compactbcfu'een tiio Skit 'p, faithful In L. 11 an is] and turn.} out your Abolition! I'niipn Ju.ire: (the 'titt: of Kansas ns a f.i .- .stat-1; aan > ni/'ins-eil i by thu i Knoxv-N'olhiag: oi-giitiiuition.! shall appear by tl.e inmter mils of his rtgiiHnt [Laugliter.] S n S ''
that ftrt'at palladium of vjr iiliei 1hbsLhe : Knoxx-Nothing int-mhor 'pf.iL p'-iiti- i'td' : to >.tnd by the .VeitiTis-kn I Ii'IsVid 1 \> y.r.i tUi.k !he pit many iCn.nv-NotLi'ig or corps tliat he deserted, or was dislonoraltly Mr. Uulu'n, resuming, said ttbat >Krioxv.
Constitutionxhicli; recognia-s! all our rigj'.tsafi. I rally, with no design tr. bo per.'nnnlly tifion'aisx -. ,: if tint xxas iirjje-1 I as an ai; n-ner.t, why vote:; 'Ii r L.I.ISI.' t Tlie; V) Iti-: ct-ntrl: coniniittf. ilischarged from! service- : Xotbingisru was a flip from th? rwotbf, Fetleralisiw. .
; .Vehas to'do i is to execute tho Constitution 'j -in: tho SpringlielddUtiirt( woiiM, iiisti-ad: |.does the; Senator it ill tu uuiiiitr! he I ..- t-ame o :t and: (L'lio'.ineed him in a circular J'roridcdfrl/aer. That tl.c benefits of this ill was a radical, ectfQDaf/d 'stroc>
aaJdie laxvs enacted for the purpos? of car- j of rec-civiiig. txvo liur.drod ij.nj'i-liy, l.a-.v re-1 iioenoxv i ij S ; dyon Link hj yot many: \Vlug votes { section feliafi! bo held to extend to wag xi.rimasters live party-r-an Abolition djidwW scheme ; .
i 'Jug it out. If a laan's conscie.ico; will not ': ( r-ixed txvo llmunnd, if h > t-otild Jiave had, the j Mr. ]Jot i.i. x--. -T1.2 Henut-jr puts; a question ; Adytt, .'ith tiie KnoxNohingagainst! and tcaiitcH! who lave been t-m- and, unless checked in its progress, w'hTsdni
a'low him to bo faithful t> the Constitution! and! J Nebraska iaiue as the irs!, without the ikriViencu !o ij.e, :unl I! ::i-a! e I nver !hiift.; x. it'i ts! Ab*!iii.,:iiU againtt l.ii.i, x-.ila I loyt-d, under the dhtction of comput nt auhoritv tier tuiiva wln'ch bind.tlieso States'tpg fiier.
th j hw.sns an hoac"( >t mm ha is bomd to proclaim of your: teciet Knuxv-No'.Iung!: orgajii.z.Uiun. S tsi red( tlrit! : coii>i'i-.'i;ttion! in a iy'Kech that I j jiaide t'mViU'! agii-t: himm:: xutli: all!! ti.etsi'i', a.< ii: time of xvar, in the transportation It ii an-emanation1 of filth-and corruption; i
: hiaiscJCat onco a thi'zuioat i and, by - N' oi lxxilhtiiui:2g( : the./; fads, i il tn.';., | du.'i.i the v.lxjle cair.pai n., \\'\ r !h h,1'rs VIM: wotil I i-.ill!! them} to account l for, he i.-- uf military Mores and t.tes. rt.t.nati&t festering 51iJ.' conWnot bo'ex:
absolvehimselfin intl from tliij parpovs of some! lo 1)1lUd.J lhrci' xito- (liil, i Icax'i ti! <*:.ii lo j.! !/ ., lor I do !not'' 'c( ixvl :: !poj.jil-ir majority! of three thont-andii! : Sit: An.l lie it further enacted, That pec-ted: that the South will b bb'nded ami :led;
those obligations: which bind him to mrrondw rios, &i; they, call! them, :u triniMphs: if aiitiNebraskaiMii' i heard one NJiLka .-;."di dniinj; tie! (!lie fc-'tite o\vr a man xvho xva? by no( mean in case of the death of any person who, iiixii.g by this.Jack..\ ith a lantern into the marshes 4
up the fugitive cl.Ve. Tho moment Joy conffiencc in the north, and as i coulee.} to X'.l.olu campaign! that 1 ill not dloxvmo'to be faiihful to t!:(> northi-m men ( Am 1 to undcrtland that, il".Mr. Mr. I I'I: >I.M>I\.-Wtil, Mr. Pitsi-'isi! aim o'--n Nebraska! man: : an honcbt man, and a warrant as aforesaid under this act. leaving a autern into his miilniijlit conclavy. It wa$
Constitutwn, I will je'aise to degrado myself, NVUo bhouM hajipn to bo ddealt-d in Mr. Dofci.xs.: -Aiii.v.' mi o.jy moment ; I I' true Dvii'ocrat.M xviJoxv, or, if no xxidoxv, a mia r chilJ or bis opinion .tbat! Bennett with bis flerald, had
or l perjure< my soul by corning bercjiinil, for \ irginia, and :i Knoxx-Xutlii.ig: dth-gati.: I .un 'joiuj ti) unv tli" or. 1 look tic! Cn xsi:.-The Senator from Maine, will children, such wi-iow! or, if no xxiJoxx', such done uioie ;o farther the progress of thjs or;
$ -the sako of.seit in the ScMiat lint: 1 "xrill hu(* faithful! to the Coi-lituiioj: from Ohio and other free State?, it would I bo bill xa.s tu K-avo the pt-.ilc4] of -j-M'-.k at:t S]'rirgi! Id, dm ing the !l.-t mst c.inx-as receive a i-eitillcate or arrant for the same KotwitLsUiuding the high professions of
% !hen I intend to \Iolato and repudiate ii. proclaimed as an anti-r>ebra>ka xictory i If State and of each Tt-nilory, to form ::id ie- the StiK: HOIIM ws not refund tf;> me or to juantity of land! that such deceased person patriotism of'lhe.Eziow Nolhiags- there aro
[Applause In the g.illeiy.] Sir, let us deal you; should h.iip-n] ( to carry thj entire .soathrn nh.te! thtir (lImL't tl al-tItl1jl.4; i ; in thtir ox. iij t'lt nnti-Nrbra'-k.i nu-u. I am, bound to cay.i'm xxouul be t'Utiiled "receive uod-jr the pro- applicants enough for the ofliavs in tne'gill

,With this question laifly atul diivctly. Kith r|}I 'r i St.'itca. this. -vear. and. tuni oi.t your- xxhole. j I Iileligatunisuji'iging j xx-iy ; that if Kansas wi hcd to hive si ix'ery, : jii-s'Ifo to Mr. Moore, whom I understand: ii-ions of this act i if nonliving: Proceed, ot the next Hooswef lpprpsentatlx'esrto tuko
tho} CoiiFtitnti.xi mast b? obeyed, or those opj'ned in anew hut l \ oijjfralingllujr tf.he had a li ight to it ; and that i ii'shi' did 1 not :j from all quarters N<:bra. Kt nnd :mi-Xi-bra: That a subsequent mnariiage' fcLall! not impair (Q1:ILLe 4aLfraai: the
to it, a hone.-t men: sliosjlir; dotlarp dex'olion to Foutheni! lights ami southern xvaiU it, no poxt'er on C11 tit should force it t on j lea, to be a perfectly honest rn-in aisd! most he light of any such WIdOW to siwjlrw.irratotfthn pV.aktr's.CiKiir dpxvn> to the African High.
that! th'cy"! not;:; obey it, but i!<;?ire tf di. iusiitntion. aH under the secn-t management' her ; that a Jiuxv state had .14 inuci'i jiht:;! toj i v.nrthy 'liicer, that upon thai occasion e cry i1 bo a xvUow e linio of making her P Wat"xx: ho'aii'nuiors .at the 'iVupfep.f. .C'loa*
solve the Unioiif a id jx-leiiso themsvlxes fto.'u!I of tho nmtJrions Knoxx'-Noiliing mad.iuury: decide tint: question for lifitclf as an old( one courteVy I cor.Kl! .i-k or (ktme was txteiiik-d ii ipplic'ulioit i : Anil provided. further, That ciha.: (Laughter) I tr J
the obligationsltfc1! it !jinpoit's. If that be1 xvill you call that Jin anliebracku xitlury in I j -llli.ioi;> as much a's; Mrj'ii.ia ; and hcr.cpj !t.> rite by the citizen of Spiinjjiield.! Tlie those &Ii.ill bo coiifcliLred iiiinurs .win, .are so Mr. Fish spoke of the SrnurjsonJari'In,
lhcissiw'4a ll* pprondi of \\hich tho Senator the South I j that it AVIS a violation of tho pri'iciple'of tat! State House' xvr.' as 1 xx-as informed, not in a at the time ihis net shalt take efilct.SEC. stitute) jilthough not: approvwg atl'-ii'.Iia
from Ohio rcyoiccn, 1 'am 'piepruvd: to nun-t it. Sir, lhii will not do. Let usVall things liy j. bill, either diifctly or indinctljr, to attempt locoiitiol i-omlit"n to be ot-rujtu-d by anybody in that :. :;. And Lc it further cncdcd, That dene, 'he thought! 'itV'resent con'ditiqri 'no.
.v: .Arfdir, I lind nothing in tho rebuke to thtir right names. Lotus !look at the real i 5vfno I the 1t:01IC: of kaiuas nnd .Nebraska, tine: and I think there wai sinnc rule -gainst in no case shall: any such certificate or warrant only encoujagii-g, 4hot a nutter ,of cougra.ta..
Wliichthe Senator alluded PO tatzn1j-! in! the in the 1acE.< \% huit we had to light at the for tlaxx'iy or i.bJ't fclaxtry ; am'l 1 1 condeinned : p anv! parties occupying; if. My honrtrablfiiend! bo issued for any frcrvico les than fourteen liition rath than dfcnsur thpso
Jnte'elections! to tllir ma from meeting the i i. Moitb, was nominally u l-'uion jmrt, but the : every flol t at iaterftivntti: from tie jVoia Illinois! [Mr" shield.?] spoke the} evening das, except where the (person shall! actually have the hianageuJent'pf its aflTaJrs.' ,
buo bohlly aud dii ccUy., \Viuit ia that 'r,1uke, organiiatio.i x>vis the ivnoxx'-Nolhing eouncjU. outM.le, either fumi Ma.vsachn-itls: or frym.Missouri. Itforo: ut a private hall, and I poke in the haxe been engaged in.battle, and un- Mr. Govdwiuid! 'La Fa4roriqntn ,
of xxhicii l lit) speaks 1Vaa the result of the Its wholu vitality, its energy, and its power, That xvas my po>ii-m.; courtiIoloe.1str. S less[ tho party tlaiminjg such certificate or been-erideaxonng to iiitrotlucc'a Biting 111A
recent elections a #xanifesttion of the diierinjnaUon ajoR jj.nply: 'fri";)! the fact that its incongruous J Ir. I'jUssn.MtCN.I gull awaru thai in the Iorir.\) : ts.-'himat answer i is not such as xvarrant shall tst.iblish his or her light thereto slavery 1 in Kansas -Nehra&ka'ranl
; of the people of tb ,fiee States that el nnit which! xvere to bo inoulie! l into dt'bato Xilach took place beie, that wai tl.e I I f-hyuld have exj>ectcd from the Senator from S hv record evidv-iice of said service. forhiddlnt, its 1litodLltOn- --- t\-* uetoi.l..Al.: -
f jM>w
tho Constitution should not La ctniet1ut, so on hurmonious bond, could be assembled altiie po.-ition: xvhich thu Senator u umcdund advo Ohio. I was not at Spiingfieid! at the time, SKC. '1. ,Aad Lc it further enacted. That in any of.theTenUoru-s of: lue uruit\i abates yv p
far as it relates to the rendhion of fugitive daik hour of the night, when Loucat peo- cated.Mr.. and was not certain whether he applied for said certificates or warrants may be as>ignfcd, bu't'ho had'rt Lad an opportunity'to'ilo so S.
Slaves! t t.Wds. that the issue,''.orxas it that the plo ere aJeep, and there, under the !protection Doi.tAm'-And at home, too. !permission( to speak Iii the State House, or transferred, and located by tho warrantees, He then proceeded'to condemn, in-sjtroDjr %
"Nebraska till Vas vrong ? or was it that a of the most honiblo oaths to observe e.crcsypln Mr.-FK.ssB.MMiN': -It is not for mo to assert whether it was refused to his friends for hut,. their assignees, or th.*ir heiratIdw,' accord- terms, the'repeal! of the lissou,;'ComproasLbej C.Y t
: Maine liquor Jaw ought to bojwssed ? .or was | and plot, and pledge themseJxes to lite contrary. 1 did' not havu the [pleasure of j If he had! applied) it would have been refused. lug to the provisions existing laxvU regulating The people 5n't&eja&I pleeHuutidf' rnxdmj i
: it that men born in a foreign Und bhonld beVoscribed the' execution of sdiemcH which an honest hearing or reading the speeches which he'' He has reason to know that! it xvas refused to theas nment, trknsferrTng arid location a verdict, clearanuVconcliwiveiTfortLjareator
; because'of the place of their birth ; man would never dare to proclaim lo the made at home ; and of course I culliutques- Cassias M. Chy. lie has reason to know of b<.u.lty-a; ? id xx'arrants.SEC. : ation of. .the; Missouri!Compromise ;>.jjhd- TT tliere TT ***

fa that, .wherever born, theyv feUould! bo pro- xvoi Jd or avow in llie light of day. Thus, by tion that he maintained same ground there.IJut that every Abolitionist, IVion, KnoxvIN'othin" 5. And, be it further enacted, Tint fore it'xx-as. tha'tfuty pf Congreaajt6ot>eV their
criledif k -their i jejftgioua opinions'ib'J sot liar- ttratageuj andterrors, men personally! hostile the Senator, 1 apprehend, xxill not attempt orator in Illinois, denounced John Moore no warrant issued under the provision,of thi xvill.. ThJ3 was' th jjsuo in th coots t, a td
S nionize; with those of titf jonjoritj |. were forced: to, act togeiher-men who were to deny, that bo h iii 1&i3 State and, in otherState for that act on every "stump in tim State lie act shall bo located on any .public lands, except not Knoxv Nothingism. JM .t e geixtteinaa
ir it is fashionable to talk about your nnrflwca the'',advocates'of, adversb nnd invconciliablej ) ju the northwest, that lirgumc.nt, was has reason to know that old John Moore nex'- Loch as shaH at hit,, time bo subject tcjtzo from Noitfi Carpliua (>lr. Ruffin) wrotsupposed. I
; i&inuipn 5u;die Jfrc'e.States f' I"ehouU'ITke'to j>oliU knowj:4 mau iu any (r State into one common brotherhood ;. and.althoughtlieymiglit to reconcile the pfojjlo to the Nebraska till.Mr. ]!. election to tako place 'on that issue ; and, receiving price S 'asked' Jifle.cte ; 6C'thfn 'f1i
t of this Union ,v1 m the Anti-Neh'rask a men not approve of the objecf*, yot, being S Iovr4s-I Iiaxro no reason to beliex'. : .time.'combined fire of Knoxv-Nothing- iSnc.. 0. And be il further cadcdt Thai d i: theMews of lie"fjlorta Rmrej j..
have elected to either House; of Cohgwas, who bound by oath to obey orders :yid vote as that any Nebraska mau jn UHnuU used any ism, Abolitionism, Maine-Laxvism, and aritiNcbraskaismrall the registers and receivers of tho several Jam! lives; ano! if so wtIeiLj iit ?
wa.elet 4y 'tio Koow.Nofiiiig; ? J they were direcleil/tlicy felt constrained to such argument k have no reason to believe of the isms together-he ollicefa thull bo severally / charge a'lawveatng: ; sIay :rom szienaiocria.
.- "t9 map yield obcdicn'co under the terrort of being iL5Oii the contrary, bclicx'o. they assumed had n popular majority three thousand an<| receive lor their aerJKesJn jocating all K ngu1Nebrat'!-* 'f' "> ("I *

ing tthcntwbo vote I aia not rec the Kno.Nothi. branded as traitors and perjurers, as .your Lit- the sauio posiu'on .thai 1 did, and that wo wcro the whole State;' and 1 submit, now, whether warrants under the prqvi lonsof[ thfojact! the M.. Goditi Wcertefnty: :> '"- *--*? S
'*S Ma iciu. llejohns'ftndjoUic'r.rQcreanLihavo been for vo of one accord l throughout .the State uponjhat he gbt iv any abolition Votes 1 I Not ono jn'tfio saiue'cbmpciisalion1: or percoijtag'd'itbyhlcjr 4Mr.Goo. Anrf', tia/.Vbfffai. ir II AL* tf/J 4
:4Jr s Jkaisidthitenthjn[Mr.'Wilson]. uy that it xms aaU-Ne- ting ffor.Mr! iJcxyard. '4f. you cauglita! Democrat question, SEy..SVhct1er State. the/ ate entitled by law tbra'ates, 'of Ihe pmfe. N4raska biil o& 'Unf

here WM .ltd* in!: Vour .counciU no wa3 required to JUr. FKW: (hey wcro, Ncbraskji 1r. Fi3EcnrN.-I dt4not expot 5 to say lie jandj, for $ash'aTthe rate of duo'1 dollar
fee gihat beat antiXow abandon i InY; narfyi: 'and i-cpndia'io hU time- wet, or 'HOt, in terius or profession, I soiiihjn referene t6the electIon inIhhiiois apd twnty"-fixa' cents per aor'el "f V'sai ; ; ctl
1' : wk(t WL1z honored' and'tecbmo'a FiiMonUt know but that 11. abatit eornp'emithn'to be.; ld.btttiassameestor( S.,
candidate ir prindpk% ; not, I ,cr i. uotj Uiey were or' IV 1)0 dra'fl inti contov r'y $
( anti re-election i tfliajj jnij .j( jj if'.you taiught'n.rJit-Lrafcka uian, Vliig oryoteJho'AbolitiooKusionticieJ members of tlie s.imo party a .thq honorable but I barb understood-and the. JionnrableSeoator Iiojders of mmzchvvarrants -*S .
.victorifesin whah4jp if, D5o4utLq47i io tW&$ P4. i1i .941 to Senator j.tW they >yero oudcayoringi io MIS- aria oth r gentlemen frotn"lHiooi SEC. 7. And be it further enacted, ThaftUc .Sooib,
dfiletralion., arrax-injf thciodv. ; jfyo cjughf .:jaw M action'of Copgross with regard to that know whether i id rue or not.that. the nom proxisionji! of tin 1 act, and all the bountj Jlr. Giddin

4 k.


F __ '_'rt 4 I. ,' _. "
.-_ .. d -.J vIV /01. .. _b.. _' ,- # ..,. ." V .' '., V -, '.. V- ". r
.11 f_ -_- _nhI__ -_ : .- '-'-- -- :--. _- I [" I :'.
------------ '-- --. -' -- ..
11 --il- ,'- .' .. .
''T*_ :ifS _.:tOtit' .; 'e1Pt- :" Kui- HttMiffls. *ti4' ." doee "that suit the genius of our institutions- \ into the work ; bat b.Dwe reflect, for of moritttyVeapo.e
OtIJoii IMr ; Jloritan I & a 1rniti .ktlon. -' How will the.sense. of die nation 'sustain a moment, and carefully examine"V>. C' pledgee and ,db
tootfe, (interruptlll-1) don't eare that f ion of the United Stat* ,-as well
The Sentinel, which direct & UfStt duals to fore done great jrood.
while I
i -- J. _ __ disclaiming AadAfc.
fer wtfeimajorUr, -- -- f a a 'of North CaroUnv candid .

Mr./ i d n-p.r( l mbg-WiU: sweep slavery TALLAHASSEE: affiliation with tic prosariptivb order, has Last,but not least,among the reasons for &e that we look opoa of I '1 augury 0 e"0"wifek .

ironi'TUnssB"and'M braka, and every a-- always been its zealous defender, says: reprobating this know-nothing organization, it moa inestimable privileges ever granted &a. thsduoiflcr 'Tll .

other Terrhory.Mt. .. Saturday March 17, 1853. We regret to see'the Floridian panderingto is a secret association, league,or brotherhood. as a people-the right to worship G ae- t triumph Hit true fntfetrve "

Goode, (participating Jn tbe excitement the popular prejudices of the jxeople by attempting Any secret organization-no matter what its coring to the dictates of oar own conscience, t

)* Do it; and sweep me from the Professor CALDWELL of Andrew Female to mix up religion with the party objects, no matter how good and important man dare molest or make us ar.''I if_-__

.-ilot.*, if yon juui.Mr. College,who is on a our City connected politics of the day. The subject is altogethertoo they may hv any such organization designed The clause of the Constitution of the Unit GSOMIA AJO> 'Funtnu. Bcy""

.\ Goodwin.-In be name justice and 11 11I1ght with the affairs of that Institution, will sacred to be sported with we advise the to accomplish its objects by acting on the elections States which bears on the point is aoi't fraeMti"o

-peopleofthe North require that. preach in the Methodist Church Floridian to let it alone. The one:is a political by wielding political power, isin a free Congress shall make no law respecting anestablishment in case of .

burerv-shall be excluded from all the Territories to-mCrrow the other a religious organisation -the government,mischievousaud dangerous. Such of religion or prohibiting the Ford f State of Georgia, 01' .

.H vi'a'l a gte&t principle of : morning. Mr. C. I is a member of the Georgia one has charge:of the body-politic the other organizations are the very things most liableto free exercise thereof." There is no one more General,to*.Inta .

Jbe fcohjbrortlmes of.: the constitution.Mr.Jaxwell I Conference. the care of the souls." *' become the terrible engine fanatics: and. bitterly, opposed to the doctrine and practices half of the u.t se O hh f J

.; ; JDow.the particular The Floridian is not responsible for this unprincipled villains. We want among us no of the Catholic church than we are ; (0 w delivered te D..
} character of the which forbids Pensacola and Georgia Railroad. Titus Gates Lord look it the .Whore "
compromise mixing of religion with the politiesof Popish plots, no George upon as of Babylon.? Attorney Gee t -
Southern men from going into the 'ret.r We up party Gordon riots. would the But if this written ee.
" are gratified to learn that this Company They disgrace country you deprive sect of their religious .t
r ritories'taking their property thither, while have succeeded in purchasing a majority of the day. The order of which the Sentinel !i and increase die power we would over- opinions, or i ifyou reject them from &c.;, to establish the boundary claimed

Northern men can take theirs with them- in common with the great mass of the throw." public stations on account of their religion United State&-Charl4o* h1'
tho Shares of Stock in the Tallahassee Railroad Mnt.
i whence the distinction tMr. Whig and Abolition Press of the country, are This language appears to bo harsh, but tenets; and should all the Protestant church Wednesday, several were:filed'
) Goodwin denied no right of the Southerner Company. Their object is to bring the rejoice where will it end Will effort -
the defenders, make religion one of the very when the horrid oaths which are administered ; no an counsel, and argued by Ex-Senator '
enjoyed by Northern men. The former latter into tho general system,and thereby secure be sc on to deprive the members of We
elements of their organization. Proscriptionof ii these secret conclaves known the mAe for the
: and
are severity complainant, Senator
can Ukewith% them die same property that re-construction with such grade and some church or churches of privileges ? {$f
I the latter can. But the North will exclude weight of rail as will permit the use of steam- the members of one denomination of professing of the language employed by the and where will it most likely fall will it not tae respondent .*. '

slavery from territories.. Only by diiser- Christians is part and parcel of a Know- Churchman is fully vindicated. A candidate be on the head of the despised Baptist church,!

t; ring the government from slavery, can peacennd power, and make this road not only fully adequate Nothing oath, and when we protest, in the for initiation is sworn to equivocate by coti for we f'al.r differ more in doctrine with The fortification bill passed by Coi ,

, i quiet be restored to the,country, and tlmT to do the business of the country vilh name of religious liberty, against such intolerance ceiling any knowledge he of the many Baptist churches than do theCatholic. contains appropriations of$150,000 each

.t.t ied questioned be setItd.r despatch, but also to secure to the purchasing throw the responsibility of mixingup may possess We should be very careful how we For Taylor and Jefferson, Key West, t
we objects of the order ho is to
r Mr. Lelcher wished to know whether it ; sworn subject
company an extension to Gulf Port in the trample upon those sacred privileges
a 000 for Fort Clinch
''t with the of the rhcl 830,000 for Fort
'f Was the settled and fixed purpose of the Middle religion party politics himself to an arbitrary despotism, by promising the constitution has to us. Be.'

' A 4 North to repeal. the fugitive stare law, or to District, through which they can import day," upon that midnight organization which ,in all things, social and political, to comply should well! ponder guaranteed the causes for which( rancas, $'*>5/:00,: for Fort McKePenutv

'; no modify it as to render it no longer safe their, iron and materials; for commencingto would the basis of the la-making for public works
ot upturn government by with the will of the majority, though it many wore martyred, and often meditate upon 83,0
)t-l1 protective to the Scuth t Was it the settledpolicy build their main line, both East and West uniting Church and Slate. Freedom of opinion conflict vilh his the first appearance of a Baptist in these the coast of Forda a

{! \ of New York or of the North to revive from this place. Without this purchase, they in all matter of religion and politics i iguaratiteed is may personal preference .r United States, and for what he came ; we
i! the Missouri Compromise f more unmitigated feature of tyranny than should NEW MOSEY MAKKKT.
' must have been delayed (or several years, or ciluen and when well recollect that where men are YORK -Tie Xew
! Mr. Goodwin replied that he understood until than hundred to every a party uhich is not to be found elsewhere save in the compelled to worship according to the tyranny York Express of Tuesday l
more and mill- weekly
a Ifroad
fifty be undertakes BYITe
there was a majority of the people' of New professing to politic&l.I" to of
tl. most abject dcHpotisms of the old world. Furthermore the law, that spirituality disap Bank statement shows increase '
entirely an in sH
York in favor of restoring .the slavery reitriclian WON constructed from tho Atlantic. Hut regulate questions of conscience, it proposes II ha

-t': to Nebraska and Kansas, and o' with it, every twenty miles of road, i in! either warfare upon the dearest principles, of American if tho poor dupe dares to vote, except pears.As. regards the political straggles that are i' items. Money continues in the greatest abun.

preventing slavery! in all the territories.Mr. direction becomes as the majority determine, he subjects dance and loans arc obtained with
a paying road. Where a liberty. WASHINGTON, in an address to going for and against Know- tbilgism, we e at
/,11 Lctcher said, thnt frank; and did he section i is: built into the centre of Gad dm or the Church ofgiu a, after his himself the penalty of being expelled from care but very little] ; it is true that( we do not six per cent, and occasionally as low u five
Baptist soon
;'t ondtralantl from the remarks of Mr. Gidding .f Jefferson, produce and merchandise bo the order, and having: his name posted And like to see the mixture of Abolitionists, Free per cent per annum. The amount of gold received
1 that this purpose b so settled and fixed that can inauguration as placed hi* estimate
circulated throughout the different councils of Know-Nothings, &c., going together -! by the Star of the West
beyond tU
ct even the sanctity; the Union and the pres profitably transported between those IOJiItPtid of religious liberty on record iu these memorable the United ; but it is foreign to our business to interfere i
vrvation the will St. Marks as perjurer, and as a trai-- usual average of the amounts lately] brought
c4 government not restrain as cheap ns i is now done fiom words : | with them politically but be
; we must ______
for to God and his and lu .L :
them f Was the from > York country as being I
.4;, gentleman ew this place to our Sea-port ; and when it i ij If I could have entertained tIe slightest ; un- permitted to say that we cannot see how the Ul WU "Jt&igU&
q (Mr. Goodwin) in favor of pas-ing the law further extended l/it to be employed, entrusted, countenanced or Government be
1I : into Madison, and the planter apprehension that the constitution framed i;. can safely administered in IMPOBTAHT FROM icnca,
iibnlishing. slavery in the District of Co. can have his 7 or 8 bales of cotton delivered the conventionlure: I had the honor to jireijde I supported in any business transaction ; as n such amalgamated] bandsVe would much

lumbia.Mr. illicit postLily! endanger lIe totally the confidence of all rather pee tie governmental affairs carriedon SANTA ANNA FLED I
.Goodwin said he could not speak of! at the wharf for as many dollars, which I religion* person
. the old!
atform of either
rights oj' any ecclesiastical society, certainly 1 good men, and as one at whom the finger of j r the Whig orDemocratic N.w OBLKANS March
;, the intention of the Nth! or Empire State.No .- now require a prime 0 mule team a whole icould! never hare placed it party, for in the administration of 1 .

1 doubt they would he in favor of it. Ilt. week to carry find return, what a change, and if 1 could now conceive my that signature the general lu ; scorn should ever be pointed !I" Such are some either, safety is insured.Eartbqule. The Orizaba has arrived with advices tl

certainly ,'ne'in favor of submitting the question what a 8a\in; will it be at once to the whole government. ) inijjht ever !lie so administered as of the monstrous obligations Know-Notlang- Vera Cruz to to the 8th inst. ; from lae citr

,. to the ;people of the district. country. We have neither time nor ?j rrjmc I to render the ]hbeity of conscience insecure f i Urn imposes, and who will pretend to say, in at Tampa. Mexico te the 3d.
(. Mr. Letcher said it that the Anna left the
was important The Tampa Peninsular that the San.f Capitol the 26tAult.
beg will be: persuaded that ttultl view of the which report O
to press such views our readers at you no one \\ abject slavery to it reduces says
: South thouKl come here next Congress with upon present for the Sooth, with the
: bat will be Inure ;zealous than, IIlr. flf to establish effect its dupes, that such an organization i is and shock of an earthquake, or some other al troops txetpt
ft spirit ard determination to resist any effort imon'. Jl tl'aftc'r. Kil harriers against the' horrors of unusual a garrison of 1500 He Iso took with
r on the part of the North, be the consequence.* The frnaU additional work to and pjiirihi.iltyru'iny not, "in a free government, mischievous anddangc.'roUi convulsion of nature, was verysensibly him a large amount of baggage andsUhU
necessary of
: what they-may. If the Union cannot be prepare the Tillaha&see Railroad to receive ; for you every doubtless sj.ecic; remember religious I persecution 'have- I'C0NCERT.thu heard and felt by many of the inhabilanls official papn He gave out that he was go.

I preserved on the terms equality ic the of place, about 5 o'clock ing to It is that he has
on Tuesday
often .
the iron rail and motive power, which, will entitle expressed lily sentiments that every man, te rumore
Territories alike to the North aud South
open the Company to }have their cotulueti.ijir himself as a rood ciluvn, Jind being Tuesday evening last, Madame the 27th ult The air was felt to ,'ibrai and gone to join Alvarez ( purpose of ex
wa'ut to understand it and whenever purchase
'p. we ; accountable: to God alone for his religious : LINN of Quinoy favored our citizens with the houses shook such ecuting a coopd'ett There was a severs
that time comes, let tho Union go for what it guaranteed by tho Internal Improvement I wit as to inspire shock ofan at the city of Mtxica
opinions! ought to Le protected in musical .
is worth. Fund worshipping a on the Harp. We many of the citizens with, terror. the 28th.eaao
told will on
wo are l'roLt.bJ.IJl done !, the the
Deity according to dictate of his
At this point wo close our report, learinp within own ] were very eorry to see that the audience lid The Peninsular of the mentions that -
ninety days, without COIl Cll'UCC. 3
.. the House still in session at 11J o'clock. any interruption | not embrace a larger number of those who love the Government steamer I T NxwOw.vvs, March IX
to: the bufciness on the road as carried on \\ilh JEFFERSON: the immortal author of the Declaration 'xas Ranger"had
. MBmHBjBJSSlMHOM MBV music, as we are sure that they would have been expected at that for than By an arrival at New Orlan*, later dstef
. Later and Important from Caba. its present means. Tho grade of the present of Independence, and the founder of port more from Mexico have It
with reported
Madame! L's. ben
performance. two weeks rcevc i
. 4 The U. S. Mail Steamship Isabel, Capt. road being exactly the fame with) that requiredby : the Democratic partyvIoe! hatred of religious She with past, transporting munitions of war that Santa ba t.s-
plays great sweetness and for Fort
U. ftoHitis, called off Tybee yesterday afternoo tho recent law, will greatly facilitate: its : intolerance descend.d t<- his followers expression I Myers. in Forda Her non-amva gents under GeDcrlorento; and, a tat
and i is belles: from her social position, has created he
much compelled oldie
and delivered over te the Metamora, Cnpt. in his uneasiness and conjecture body
- re-cotifetruction, even when ready for a new : inaugural address in 1H01, saM, : lent
; (iladdin?, her mails and passengers for thin rail %4,:hl woithy of a liberal public patronngtI101l .- thnt she has met with serious accident somewhere under General Alvarez, to retire, ar d
There Let
. seems to be no reason, then, why us restore! to social intercourse thnt
: tit"e are indebted to the officers of the the pieces she several of battle. General Santa
and performs are between and New prate b r
the whole cannot be done in time for the harmony affection without which lih .rt\ Tampa Orleans. to the capital
ship for our usual favors, which will'be found and! even life itself are but dreary thing And h ,r own which evince a high musical cultivation The painful apprehension intrudes itself
. .') contain interesting and important intelligence. business of the ensuing fall. upon Dates from Brownsville to the
let us reflect, iii'siarinj.- tnis/I'dJo71z our and acquaintance with the art of the minds of that 7t h
compo some, inflammable been received. A Mexican
Advices are to the 10th inst. It; would be unjust to those Stocklzoldcrsby t
land that religious intolerance under vhich sti: n. We commend her, wherever she of &c., has and king on board Mexican fromthemouth
go that
. Among the passengers by the Isabel wan a whoso special efforts tin. purchase has beeneonsutnmated : mankind so long bled end stijjtred have may powder ignited, the top
I ( vc
d1 bearer to the and consideration hock of the Rio Grande. All stationed there
of dispatches to our government. We go, sympathy generous experienced on the 27th inst, and generally
not to award them the mead of yet pained; little if ire countenance a political
were going to Cruz,or to '
not informed to their contents but accredited
f the
are as
( public. an was none
inolirancc Tapco
I as desjmtic, is vicLed, and earthquake
. learn The public gratitude for the prompt they : capable
! they are important excitement energy other than
of as bitter and bloody persecution. report of the explosion of thesupposed
' i on the Island was on the increase Steamvtf have displayed. There was an emergency lIon J. M. Benign and Judge \'. M. Law, QCZRY.-A Key \Vet letter alluding to

;,i t under the command of Government olReers calling for immediate action, and it could only The fjiiiitof these patriotic counsels has of Savannah, are now on a Professional i I ill-fated steamer. The strange : the blockade of tle ports of Cuba and te liability .
noise i vessels boarded
''t4 are plying to and fro between the various be met by their Flopping forward to been the guiding star of % higs and Democrats came from the channel entrance tom i b and their
a to examined
\ Cuban ports, industriously enforcing the until alike in all time, but it has been left to our City. the Gulf into Turn pa Bay.A papers by a Spanish mar.wa
heavy their asks whether
in American
responsibility, in
:.J'! : blockade. Numerous sd tn'tationatiaaIace hLpo Company captains \ilabm
:: ,.t and Kcrious difficulties were everywhere condition to ivlluvc. them: from itr 0 have I modem Kmw-.Nolhingism to introduce and Gen. Carter has resigned his seat as Representitivo Salute of a hundred guns was firedHn Boston -, to this indignity. The wrir an un

,iJ( apprehended. no doubt but what they will be fully eusta'uicd. i1l\'okcm intolerance at war \\ith the genius from HiIborough! the on Monday the 5th in honor of the inauguration authorised aumpton power, which will

zJf tt I The rapid and mysterious movement o! I of our institutions and the letter of the Constitution General As ernblv. of this tatl'. I IWe ; of President len.d to seious misunderstanding_ unpleasant

troops continues throughout the Island. The I with scarcely a word, of r.'inonstrance I I Pierce two years ago. consequences between tne .Unit States

city of JIavana was almost deserted. Not Among the acts passed by Congress at its from that large portion of the Why press I p'.iblisbed : week or two ago Jin extract Tampa Land Bill. and Spa _ _
H regiment had bee!? left in the place. A
A1t large encampment, however, was formed in late Session was one amending the third section heretofore so ready to point to the U:1U11.1l'i j: from a Know Nothing pamphlet! in The law establishing a new Land District lon David Provence State Senator from

.; F the vicinity under the particular command ol of ,the graduation law, by which amendment and teachings WASHINGTON on other sub .' which the author characterised tho Methodist i in the Southern part of this State.was finally faron County. passed up the river on Wednesday

( en. Concha. His Excellency had I Ic'n fere affidavits may be hereafter made before jects. \,e are glad to see, however, that while !!| Church as an organization: which ought not perfected during the closing hours of the late last in the steamer Florida enroute for

rely injured by a fall from his horse, though any officer duly authorised by law to administer the political press, for Felfi-h and political] !I I to be tolerated in a free county," and its session of Congress and tIle home, having in charge an evidence that a
i appointments
rit lie whore still he continues is al\.LJs'rece to visit\'ed the with camp enthusiasm.daily: oaths, according to such forms, and pursuant ends, pander to the spread of KnowNothingim ; {I membership was exhorted to purge it of its made by the President i We understand thatl ia single the person life was of no a longer beautiful a LJer&d accomplishedlady one to him,

L.1& !..; The Government bad cawed it to be circulated to tuch regulations, as may be prescribed by excusing its or :Ulil\tiJI and defend-1 j[r despotic features. We have icason to believe Gen. CARTER, the I late efficient representative l whom he has recently taken unto himself

'; $: amoi.g the people that the Filibuster by the Secretary of the Interior. Ily ing its action, sonic at least of the Protestant \ that the publication of that extract has from Ilillt-borough, has received the appointment from the Palmetto State.-b.

i.. Expedition had failed. This is attributed to' another act, Registers and Receivers are allowed press, in a spirit worthy of our common had the effect to open the eyes of many persons of Register and M. POST that of Re .

# ; various causes, first of all to the vigi'ahce' of pay for each and every entry under the Protestantism, raise a voice of remonstrance as to tho dangerous tendency of the order ceiver.
Dr. 1'Lane's
'Hf the The British
Captain-General. frigate graduation law nt the same rate they would against the modern Inquisition. Thcl'\\ in whoso name the writer spoke, who had '
,5li nlso are credited with important service in : LapDuring a practice of twenty
m yiu
the matter. Another reason assigned is the be by law entitled to receive for kimilar entries : York Churchman, the great organ of the previou-ly looked upon its organization with The Democracy in its Wa. upon the Se- Dr. McLaue bad attended hmuaurabl pauVntt*.

:: I:: failure of some of the Fillibutter vessels at of land at the minimum prico of one Episcopal: Church in this country, in a late jome'dcgrce of favor. I the Catholic Church In every Northern cret State, the Washington to ted:: applyal wit every the form energies of warm of his dl th 1U i..o'very

tho general rendezvous, which caused the dollar and twenty five cents per acre, provided number devotes three, columns to the subject, I be proscribed because, as tho prosciibers allege i says if ,or worm destroyer, i itteffKU.
: dispersion of all the restTho the whole amount received I Union, the whig flag has been witdrawn the result 4 f hw labor i is tbe American
per year shall of which the following j.owtrful extract I its its creed, and practicesarc Wo.SJ
J I.r Diario do la Marina continues to may mchim.r. and in its stead floats the banner of now before tbe public.which ia perfectly
': in no case exceed the limitation fixed by existing be regarded a sample : i dangerous liberty, why should not oth. be given children of tbe moat tender gt. O
' chronicle the enlistment of volunteers and offers 9 and abolitionism. Nowhere axfult
laws. to aged it mildly and liTer
T of service from of the Island. This knov-nothing agitation id er denominations be subject to the same condemnation ; purges ab
: every part _- precisely h has the organization of the democracy been nod destroys worms with invariable Iu is of
J.t Military reviews re the order of the day.:1P4 .- of the nature of those popular excitements 1 We have seen the a.sault easy administati. and as it does not contain merenty -

1 Nevertheless, the people seem to have become County Subscription for Railroad Stock. which, when they gain full dominion over the the Methodist Church-an assault which ;is superseded-everywhere it stands intact and in any rein ,D rrtiti a neeeMary

;1 1. tired of the excitement and wished for peace. We had hoped to announce, in our present public "mind! and heart, glee birth to ciril con fruit of the intolerant of defiant.: In every State the whigs are a part wilb regard drinking cold nor i ia it empabU'
legitimate spirit of least
the the infant Amucredible
doing tenderett
;f! Especially in the seaport towns, where business hsuc, that our County Commissioners had I i-ulsionx, blood, and crimrIt I lias already in either of the abolition or of tho secret party; number injury of to hare bees
the order from which it emanated a spin i: I worms expelled by
(;.V; has been most affected by the ground. fixed on the time for taking the vote of this various places given rise to scenes violence ; and i i is against this combination that the democracy ibis great vermifuge.

4iL,: less rumors, a dipo..itinnval manifested to County on that question. The slate of the and disturbance of the public peace; and although which dictat.s to the consciences of men and have been compelled single-handed 7" Purchasers will please be careful to uk for Dm.
4 frown them down. With the assurance that' we have no apprehension that it will undertakes to anathematize them unless they McLane's CELEBRATED VxaiiircGz. an4 take none tlae.

ri.r the filibusters had departed,' it was hoped that weather prevented a quorum of tim Board go to tho extent of unsettling the foundations surrender their right, guaranteed to them I to contend. How this contest will terminate AU other Vermifuge, ia comparison ,are worthiest.
by Dr. M'Lane'a also his Celebrated
,,r confidence would be restored.-Savannah from attending on Tuesday last, and an ad- of society, yet it i is precisely, ] that mixture of the Constitution, to worship God as theyplease it is at ptcsent most difficult to decide. One Liver Pills can genuine now be Vermifuge.had at all respectable Drug

f. Gcor o.. journed meeting is to he held on next Wednesday. true and false ideas, salutary and! pernicious thing, however i C'I t'1il: The democracy Stoien in the United State mod Canada. 29
r tp -_ principles, convictions of conscience and impulses in the bosom of whatsoever Church achcivcd: noble results. Wf For tale at all the Drug Store in T.n.I.---..
thus far have
" I f if Extensive Fire in South Carolina. _ _ of prejudice and hate, which nil history they pll'ase-and is there not reason to fear mad at one Agency in erejy Town in tbe South.

': f Individual Subscriptions to the Rail- tenches us are the stuff whereof such issues that the same inquisitorial spirit will seek to They have presented an example of fidelity in March 17 1866. 11-tw "
f COLUMN March
f.t{ 9.
Road.It are wrought. the midst of treachery and of courage in the p _1tp

t4 Tremendous fires are raging all round us. is very important that tho list of sub We hav" no objection to the "punish into purity" the governments of all ? midst of disaster, that cannot fail to tell upon S 1t1D5.
In and about Lexington houses mills fences Baptist in North Carolina, looking
repeal of tho naturalization laws .J paper
and limitation -
scribers should be in creased and liberal mind in .
to at least three enlightened
r nnd a vast amount of property has been destroyed. of the right of ,'otingto native-born upon ..the j>crseeUtion now waged against every ever PORT OF ST. MARKS.
,t 'At the last accounU the town itself hundred names. Numerous small subscriptions citizens with State of the Union. They have exposed the
a provision, if it be desired, Catholics by tho Know.Nothings as at war ARRIVED.
.f t. was threatened with destruction. are much to be preferred to a few names for granting by tpecial legUation that right, with the spirit, of oar institutions, asks, new order in hundreds of ll.LceTey have Mareb ''.-Bark R. H.Gamble J. Powell, from If.

Oh the Charlotte road the woods for many for very large sums. Three hundred subscriptions and also that of eligibility to certain offices in I beaten it in many others. Everywhere their York to Beard & Denhjun, with aMorted todme.

'J". miles are on fire. Many saw mills and dwellings to average $300, will impress foreign special cases. Hut us to the rest, we have you deprive this sect of their religious opinions orators defy and denounce it. Its abolition 10.-.Schr.Minna Scheffer. Wilson from Mobile U
have been burned. The rail road itself if them from W. R.Pettis. salt .
nothing but condemnation and or you reject public s'a-!
: la also burning and travel has been inter. capitalists with more confidence that the reprobation) to committal can no longer bo contradicted. 12.-Brig E. Remington, Sawyer from New York,
of this whole
t tions account of their
express kninc-iiolhing on religious tenets
organization. ; to JlcNangbt k Ormood. aMorted mdme.
rupted.fn road will be built, will be sustained, and This Its general fraud and falsehood are held up as
.1. organization invokes to the polls and should all the Protestant Church CLEARED.
: In Camden the road, a number of houses prove profitable! than for the same sum to bo the spirit of religious fanaticism and rejoice ; the notorious elements of its existence. In
theological where trill it ? Will not an effort be Msrch .-Bark Llewelljn, Sherman to Bradfe
". and the telegraph poles are consumed, thereby subscribed by half a dozen names, althoughwe hatred. It proposes to wage a politicalwar r7l Pennsylvania it has been shown to 0 a mere Pettis New York with 809 bale ootton 6 cm**.
It': preventing communication with tho North. against tin Roman made soon to deprive the members of some bacco 2 bale hide. .
have more than that number in Leon who CatllOlics-war to the combination of men bent upon the most mercenary > .
' On the South Carolina Road the woods knife-a war of extermination other church or churches of privileges?tn_ '.-Schr. W. H. IJtnard, Saunders to BrePetti
-r-I both sides of the track are burning. A car could well afford to put down their figures at understand, by political weapons.waged Hatred, as we to We quote the article entire as follows: hunt for money and for office. In I *.New York,with 627 bales cotton.75 bbis.*

loaded with cotton Gads- that rate. have been broken and its to sundries. T .
1t was consumed near the Roman Catholics New York its oaths I
as such-this; appearsto From the Shelly (JV. C.) Baptist Intelligencer. a-Brig Times Phinney, New York wft 3ft
7 den. it feared the track .
Yesterday was be the deepest source and spring of this Know Nothings.We secrets exposed. In Ohio its fellowship i is s I bale cotton. 1ft baleyam, 9 bale6WskimSoon.*
Mrould also take The woods also ANOTHER FUGITIVE LAW. Tho bill .
.i fire. are providing movement-this at bottom its most essential that its I fear to defend it in die* do, 4 bales bide*. 1 box otter mod .
I.f burning the Greenville Road. There wasa for more efficient discipline in the Navy character. Now, wo have in have been watching the signs of the corrupt oran pub boxes mdie. sundry:persona. ,
to say times i In to the of lic. In New Jersey it has been broken bj '
tremendous gale yesterday. All efforts to Section 11 provides that whoever entices favor of Romanism. regard new organization 9.-Schr W. B.TeUis.Fmueett.NeW '
toy ihe flames were fruitless. We would do Know.Nothings with form an opin. internal feuds; while in New England it only Rodgen A Co t bale cotton,SO dacrmpm. aftIt I W'
from the naval everything to. check the .
one service of the IO4SbbZirnsinbuusbO4S.PP'
away any
of Romanism-to ion for oursclf in regard to tho same. Being maintains its by catering to the vilest -
progress .work, indeed its sway dry ..
conceal person < .
United States : -
k PASTWTO WITH GEX. SHIIDS.-The part. or any seaman and utter 'extinction-that can bo properly and an anxious looker on,'we have not given our and the meanest prejudices. To have doe ', lO.-Brig Wetompkm, smnoderuon Aa .

: log scene in the Senate, at the adjournment boy and refuse to deliver him up, is made fairly done. But we would put it down readers any extracts from our exchanges pro much. A Ox New York with 1ST bales, cUtom,1 **
on Sunday noon, wu touching in the extreme, subject .to imprisonment for one year and L the farce of truth and argument not by political by- or co'n; for we were not fully determined in this have Hone men wax,mad 76 hid VESSELS. to sundries IN..JIOBn''

and many -an eye was glassed with emotionin $300 fine. proscription and persecution. Persecution 'our course, neither are we yet ; but as the stand aloof from an organization 1 tint Bark R H.GalPb.,PoWelL;. .,

making, the farewelL Gen 1 Shields ,was This provision, the New York is both wrong in principle and foolish in policy press generally' is speaking out on the subject, and 8 debauched. Gradually, the ministers Brigs E.Remington Sawer; .cs, KWT$7.8chr .

I the object of espe al!attention, and.his.manly says Express p ,- as well as inconsistent with our eminent we deem it our duty to speak. of the who.had readily embarked i .Mmm, Scfiefflef., Wflsoo._ ,. ._

hand received the/ .d1pp with* warmth i ii about the .same as the provision in the Fugitive -. pretensions in behalf of religious freedom. 'Persecute Not being Z member of the Order, we are this Go.p persecution, find that it i t; ,' r '- : ; =

that showed sincerity from all his Slave Law, in the case.of a negro fugitive any error of faith or bpinion, and not able to say what are their particular objects herd with no ,, I.imeTmans fc.n !

j }even die'pages and clerk claimed their but in this only a white sailor or boy I II make it grow; you increase'the evils yoii.AiC4 you; j ; but we believe it a generBlfconceded doing God's service t deg g. HUNDRI '.AUSt h ..

rlglft .tb"V food)pye,and the Uack runner boyto j the subject of legislation. Indeed, if most the dangers' dread. BesidesWtbw.nothings .: fct that they are Opp5e demagogues and revengeful bigots; tu..e ef a* uprfe qa.far..Las3zlo(

the Jponate,left,. &b ehamber with the water I of the provisions of this Bill had been for'" negroesinstead wage political,warfare agauistRo'mari i g any,office of t..t honor in 'our gov. power..of the,church_ most misdirected..doflar fifty esotm) -|bwMbarrsl. ..ti -.

(treeI .ft3walpg $9\a' beb having' re- of wJ31te.;lDen, there would Catholie Joreiper", bow can they conaistenV omment We'supp' the object is t check is being withdrawn Meanwhile, the I I fortbea ir : 'JL IfI

." fcGod.'W have "been 'a terrible"tjatter in Congress the .e among us. At wa twelve miles Bsttef Xcui,, .. .''''fh .
; v Co" Yrom the :ltp of Iy help waging same warfare againsfM- < patriotism b.fallen from this a..o.w.1t' '_ -- "- -

It .n f. ',$' -- ,atxmiit- : .r'f. I tiftO.m! Roman Catholic eittrni f And h.. I the pIauiibl flriil.view 1 that of.all: the Prottitanti subject it should would appeal ail! 'hideous. abolition;. impottor*, and th. pntfftevi I i '-.. ,ttw. .., .J. :. .

I .4 .


F .
A -

4 --- .

toi; ; ,

u or-
-- "
jii'i iAUOTION._ .
: -
.School Boys and ,OlrU .U A 1T Jf STATES .A. I ,Arrfra at Yeala'aan day by"f p at. -Leave Wist c -WssWlfAWy- "at. a sa; l. .;WNi : -

f ZILLA MoOOLLUM late of Nashvfll. lut From AdaoHrill*,.by.Flat .Borough and Lake Arrive at Aba Spriag MM day by 11 .; lOIIa of Af tue-a. .
I ri; nft tU1CKi.r MBa Griffin to Fort Butler. Mjailea' and back I Leave Abe Sprin at .' JUl. .
1fW.D A.Y <) siroba of makiof Tlorid ber,bomc. r Mooday ip m ; eel bylaw. ..1. .
Pan GmcK DtyiaT 1 < once a week. v" ** eo
rjrr, Arrive at West Wiaton day .: 1"1&" "
.V ',: BOWLES, AUCTIONEERS win open a School b Tidlahass**, for Boys and Girls, January IS, 1865. f Leava.Adannville Friday at S 084T From Vernoo ta St Andrew same by I P m. oI' r..r1l rt... .'
.. 0 e the 1U af AprI'' in the bnildinar between the resideooesof p m: I Bay.4ft miles with, s r.olar prspe '_ ,
v '.- i .-i Mr. James Kirkl.y.aod.. Jobo PratoriOM. PROPOSALS for carrying the mails of the United Arnve Fort Butler next day ttjl' pm ;. and back one* a week.Leave J I; Bid Hn .bosld .-all Wr'p1s.eries .. .

c.roatqapttza.oti23.. Mra. bu in her testimonisls 1st 'day of July. 1 W$,'to the SOth Leave Fort Butler day at a a m; Vernon Friday 0 a In;' stristIy-sssurdisi WtbJ1-t $04..
lleCollnm possession, -
--1-- from well known citisew of Nashville u to hercharacter day of June. 1859 inUusive. in Ute State of FLORI- Arrive at AdaowvBle' by 12 nx Arrive at St. Andrew'* Bay some del by 8 p then if t tbaj desire.. pa*fitly fx'&hnat lIniN;

%nw; JV$*, BrtTB*find Roof, imported from and toacher, which can be DA. win be received at the Contract vffiee of Uw post 6821. From Aoirnsta to homosasaa, 12 tuOsa and m; uJ if tb rffWorbidUtta lowsatsflewJ lbs. .

France by N. VKRCJBK, Horticvl'jor fto seen 4y-applicatiod qualifications at the office of this Her Office Department in tile city'of Washington, until S :back twice week. leave St. Andrew's Bay Saturday at'.1 advertised aervM*.tba aabar Uda asay be asMJdnri' .. .

I rist in Paris, BarrierC let ma pill be for reading and spelling,$4'paper.quarter p. m. 10th April 1855. (to be derided oy J the 30th Leave Augosft Wednesday and Saturday at 8 Arrive at Vernon same fay by 8 p m. if the alterationa propoae ... .ia>n*)iaani per ; the routes and in the times ber'eiu am; 6848 From Milton. Coon Hill!: If. aU ;
Rudi April. 1855) on by athansvilte. Ala. postmasters apd Mpwtod, .rjr ther
..fD'E"tir104.. '. It,Writing.Spelling.f.t.ory.Geography.Arith.mfltie.
j Arrive at Hotnosassa same days 12 and Fort Cri.forJ. aig f "/J I
by 1
,1' ,
" fcnd (5 She solicits specified. m; to Sparts 'ZO.aWI. and app tf mMtl1'ri t .. I'
Grammar a
; T1TLtJe'vM in- \tore next"doOt to.T.'P Ram per quarter. BlddfTi lo training earffulfy' Me ; Leave, Homoiassa Wednesday and Saturday back once a week. 14i1jbebo.sat.d1i1.apn :
share of are rftjuutrd n- : .
- and the Sentinel Office, a patmnaJe.ItIarcb ,ai 2 p m ; Leave Milton .,: t. '.' p ,
vv dolpVs opposite 17, 1855. 3w 11 itrveHo, forms ofpropeial, &;r, Inched to Mt Wednesday at 0 a m poa.ll 0 .
'"jj -kpios yeUection of valuable and rare Plants Shrubs, tuJvertiinntnt.C801 Arrive at Augnta same days by 6 p m. Arrive at Sparta next day by 6 p m; 1*. 'I'W ... 7.puIr.. ;

Jt Bulbs, etc, which has seldom been offered to 'Sale of Lands on Lake Jackson. From Charleston S. C. br Jacksonville Fla 6324 From Meleiwics by Cedar tree, to Fort Dad. Leave Sparta Friday at 6 ami nameand rsideae of the bfcfrsssy.. 4a: .
"t tkd(0eipw( Tallahassee, among which are choke 21 and back once a week. Arrive at Milton next day by 0 p m. member of a flnn wbere a eowpaoy e6m-'l* bs. "i
'.I Double' Jsponieas, Double' Rhododendrons, Double UNDER and by virtue of a decree of the Hon.J. Mandarin. Magnolia Mills Middleburg, Leave Mel'itdcc Saturday at 1 p m ; 0840 From Milton by East River and Alsqna. to I distmetry stated; als.,tbs Mod* ofaoat syyga..V) &
t Baker,Judge of UieCircuitCourtof Leon latA. aud Orange Milk to I Ld.ka 30 miles Arrive at Fart Dade same day 8 U.II.. aadeL Tbew ;
)"Potr>Je Peony treea, Amaryllis, Aspbodellus, by paD; Anna 89 miles aDd back wuc a I bicher mod. tlMnbonebackbaM< ,
e7-Oentian\, 4-e. 'A great variety of Rose County sittiug in Chancery, pronounced in a"cause and back twice a week. Leave Fort Dade Saturday 5 a m ; week. 'I with due celerity ertably.. and $aaettrftj ..w'. .

I T.P waong which are Moss, Climblmj, Perpetual, I wherein Albert J. Piekettaud wife. and J.H. Gindrat Lan Charleston Tuesday and Saturday at S Arrive at.Melender Mme day by 12 m., Lave Milton Wednesday at Sam; t, ;......> the mode of ouovtyaaoa, will ."tivu'.

r ud many new kinds Also a large assortment of and wife, are complainants,and JctlcpllV.. Field,the p.m; 6825 From Pierccville.. by Springfield to Bay Port Anive at Uchee Auna next Friday by 10 "

Fruit Trees, among which are, Pear Apple. Cherry, administrators of San.uell1. Duval and others are de Arh' ut Jacksonville next days ana bv 1 m ; at 15 milt and back, rnce a week. pm; u. Diudsra art rtqo stsft to.a* Bur a* pradks'ble ;

Apricot, and Peach Trees. Also a choice variety fendatitt, the undersigned, Special Master in Chancery Leave Jacksonville Wednesday Sunday Pierevville Saturday at ft a m ; Leave Uchee Anna Saturday at 0 a m ; the printed fcrm of proposal rarasihad by Uda.

Haft of Grape Vine of various kinds; a fine collection will expose for sale at public auction before tbs 12m ; 6 Arrive at Day Port same ;Jay by 12m ; Arrive at Milton next Monday by 6 P m. pertinent to write out m fall iLl aim of tksir bavK
d.wr of the Court House in said Leoir Arrive at Pilatka next days by a. m iLave Leave Bay Port Saturday .t 1 m Bi]! for
of(Bulbous flowers and flower seeds. The citi- County n nod p ; seiui-weeky) service will be coosider- and to retain copies of them.
at 8
r olTdlabasaeee and vicinity are invited to inspect Monday the second day of April next, that tract ot Pilatka Monday Thursday Arrive at Picrccvillo same Lv 7 p m. ed. No altered bids em be aoeaidarad. aad .bJJB flMJ

waUl.jnrlr previous the day of sale. Tirnit cart."i'L Land lying on Lake Jackson known as the Harris ; 6836 Prom HoraosasRa. by Crystal l River, to Loug 6850 S From Fensacola. by Blakely! Ala, to Mobile submitted eau be witbdrawo. ..I
Jacksonville next 3
17, 1CHK. 11 Tract, bmg Lot No. 2!, frac. Section ]3 ; Lots 1 and Arrive at days by a m; Pond. 40 miles and buck, once a week. 67. miles and back daily. Each bid must be guaranteed by two mpandUapsrsoos.

, .- !, frac. Secuon 23; Section 24 ; Section 25! ; and Lots Leave Jacksunrille Tuesday mid Friday at 4 Leave Honiosaasa Friday at 2 p in; Leave 'u&CIla daily at I! m; General gnaranteea eanoot be WttaA i

Goods. 1.2.3,4,5, G and 7 of Sec 26, all in Townehiu J, am ; Charleston Arrive at Long I'ond next Jay by 6 p m; i Arrive at Motile next Jay by 6 a In ; IT. The bid should be sealed; aaperseribwioiat

\ Spring N. It. 1, Vt'.; containing about 2,131: acres Arrive at next Jays by 10 am Leave Long Pond Thursday at 6 a m ; I Leave Mobile! daily at 7 a m ; proposals State of-: address'"SfttauS Aaistsnt -

Subscribers are receiving per Ga0111.. TERMS :One-third each, one-third pnynble let of Bids to extend to Welaka are invited. Arrive at Homosjissa next by by 12 m. I Arrive at Pensacola next day by 2} a PoatmAter General* Contract Offlea and atot

a THE and other recent arrivals, a complete January. 1856, and one-third payable 1st January 6S02 From tie River.Tarknonville., Mineral by Barb'r., Columbus>, Alligator. IJt-. Bids to. extend to Clay Landing will be considered. )-I 6351 From Peiiaucola to Wurriugton, 9 miles and by Mail not by, or to, an agent and postmssUra will

I auortmentof Onods suited to the Spring and Sum. 18:7. The credit portions to bear interest at the rate Springs, Madison back daily. not enclose proposals (or letters.of any kind) ia tkak
in of of be secured Sandy Ford alI M-mticdlo, to Tallabassee. GaiT From Tampa to Manatee, 42 miles and back. Leave l'lmstCfla
\I ntr ssason, ooosisling part eight per ccnt. per annum and to by ltf'2 miles and back twice week. daily at 3} a m ; quarterly retnroa.
once a
Hats.Fins mortgage upou the lands. 1 wetk. Arrive at Warriugtou game day by 0J a m; 18. The eoutraets are to be evented and rttuias4 '
, Jacksouville
Leave and Leave Tarn
. UGII RCIIErt. Jr. I Su.iJay Wednesday at pa Thursday at 6 a m ; Leave Warrington daily at 7 a in; to the department by or before the 1st of Jdy. 184.
I: Palm Leaf Canada, French and English Straw. Master in 'pmi 1 Arrive at Manatee: next Jay by,12 Arrive Pewacola
m at
Special Chancery. I ; I same day by 10 a m. but the serviee must b* eommrncad oo the Mfl day
Planters Black Leghorn. Su]'er. I'ROImlMissua and tdsMRS. Arrive at Tnllaha!scc in 48 hours by 7 pm.Lea'e ; Leave Manatee Friday at 1 m 6853 From New '
f February 24, 185. 8 p ; Orleans. La, by Pensaeols Fla next after that date, whether the contracts ba cxtns :
.' 1 Ladies Bloomer,trimmed and untrunmod. Tallahassee Sunday aud Wednesday at t Arrive at Tampa next day by 6pm. ApalachieoU St. win be
Marks. Cedar Key.. Tampa ted or not. No proposition for tranaftrs eo. i'i
"'-'II'. Clothing. HATHAWAY will open her School for 3 am ; 6828 Fr 'ii Tampa to Old Tampa Bay, ;U miles and and Manatee to Key West LOut* miles! i. idered until the contracts are executed hi do* foraa .
Arrive at Jacksonville in 48 hours, by 3 b.tck.
children in the building adjoining a m : "lice a week. aud back twice a mouth in steamboats and received at the and then ao tr-
immediHtfly department
: Paletot and Pants of Drap d'Kte, ;
L Sacks. Frock. 6S03 From St. Augustine to Picolata 18 miles aud Leave Tampa Monday at 6
Dr. residence next at 9 a m ; Leave New Orleans on the 10th and fers will be allowed nnlesa good and aufficent raaagMtherefor
Cloth, Cassimere: Planter's Lin.n.l Taylor's ou Monday I 24th of
b f Alpaeca, Queen's back, four times a w rck. AIr\'c at Old Tampa Bay sain* each .
o'clock. day by 6 month determined Ua depart-
l and Brown Linen. Marseilles P >e Skin Cottonade ; are given, to by
1 Grass Leave St. Au!tiftine Sunday and Wednesday pm : Arrive M'
March 10th.. 1855. : at Key West the 20th
10 on and 4th moL
i A.i,<*e. Also ruts, ShirUTJudershirtsTi, Cravats, at 8 a In and 12 m; Leave Old Tampa Bay Tuesday at 6 a m :. Leave Key Weal oo the lOW and 24tn; of .IUmore.. .1I".f..t.rolR.:1 v.w.ft.... .. .o. .____- ... .
-*- Fresh Groceries. Arrive at Pilata eauie days by 1 p m and 5 4\rriveatTampa. same day 'y-6 5 p in. each month; than eighty i rods from a station wilLimwdiatac.y :

1 Shoes and Boots. pm ; 6329 From Tampa by KenneJvV' Store, to IcheputkMaM.1 Arrive at New Oi leans on the XOth and 4th. l after the Oth of April next report their exact dia
1 ,V R. PjBTTES Leave J'ilata Monday and TLuisJay at 6 a 30 miles and back once a week.
A complete assortment. Topetbcr 'With fresh supplies CIT RECEIVED PER M. FBOJI INSTRUCTIONS. tarve from the nearest station and bow they are oth- ffrwise
GuOds Ilardwnrr NEW ORLEANS.O 12 m ; 1'1111I)1:1] Thursday at 7 n m ; < with the mail, to enable tile Postmaster
of Provisions Groceries. Dry ForM supplied -
of a where
Anhe at :t. August iue same days by 11 a maud A i rite at Ichcpuckewtasa sam Jay by 6 propntat no rhangefroi adttrtite11 -
of all! lIort"Wllich wo offer r General to direct a mail-mewengsr'
Wood-war, and notions it Mpplj
I. A Cask Sides and Shoulders 5 ]I' m. pm ; contemplated bg the liddrr.
for sale on usual terms, and to tbe inMwtion of which)I ,*w W 2 lihd's plain Hanl!. 8304 From Pilatka by Orange Spring. Orange Lc.ive IcIn'p'H'keiiPsa Wednesday at 7 I, -. fir -, county of from the lit of July next.
good friend and am. -. State of *. Section l&of an act of Congress approved Mffrh
invite pa '
we rsspectfullv our very 5 tierces new Sugar Cured Hams Lake Silver Spring Ocala. luinl.Au Arrive at -.
Camp Tampa same day 'bv C p m. propose t<> ci-nvey the mails from Julv 1, 3.18-45. that contracts for the
. Iron UM Public. *5 bbls superior Flour Pi .rcc\iK-! 1\{t'lndez. and 6850 From IS55, ta'Juue provides tramportatifto.eftbe i
uita, < FUll IchepiiketMsi to Je'rnigoii 30. 1S59.
, ; MrNAUGAT k W D.N.wport. 52 miles and "'" route No. -. (rum mail shall be let.fcm every case to the lowest bidder .
11 80 extra Family Flsur. Ta>l lr, to Tumpa, 110 miles aol buck, twice b.ick. nee a \\eek.LP.IVC to -. agreeably to the advertisement ot for faithful ;
March 17. 1855. tenderins: guarantees perjbmarce. Ie'.
Whiskey, WI.k.Lave ; IcliHpiu-kesnisn the Postmaster (General dated
: a FI i,1av at tam. January 12, 1855 and
; without other reference to tbe mode.of sock
Spring and Summer Goods. 10:5 Lard Svrup.Oil.! l'ilatka MouJ.ny and Thursday at 7 Arrive at Jrnigayiiext dav'by 12 m; by the following mode of conveyance, vix: t transportation than may be necessary to provide for fi a

rr TJE Subscribers are receiving and opening their 6 No. 1 J xrd.JO Arrive a m ;at Tnnp11,1.t Wednesday auj Saturday Airive I.' : at It'lacpuckl's"sluext:lII Saturday; at 1 p m; fur the aiiuuul sum ofdollars. the due cf'lttitv. certainty and security of such trans
Goods which selected day by 6pm. portations." Under this law a new descriptionof bide
JL-Stock of Seasonable they ,
Ketr No.
1 Iwird. L.4. iu ; 6331 Fioin Mellonville to lliile, This proposal is made with full kuowl .
ji Jcruigau 'J and
of the
*dge has been received. It does not mode feooo-
and offer specify a
\% In New York with mnch ale DOW for raleM 4 hhd's
common Sugar Leave Tampa Moud.iy and TLur Jay at 2 baek. once" aMeIl'ncile"I.'k.I..ltvp. listance of the r.ute. tile weight of the mail to be car- but
vevnneo. to take the entire mail each
reasonable engages trip
ibs most *'
UIOU.G. prime am ; Ti:'-sJ-iy nt 12 ried. and all other particulars in reference
m to tie
; route
k J. MEflNNISS.( celerity, certainty security, using the terms
2 "rh.kf'! Arrive at Pilatka next W eJnt'.daYlI.nrl Satur. Arrive at Jrniicr.n same Jay bv 8 and 'service and abe after full examination, of the instruction bids t.
pm' f the law. These from
styled the
17 1655. fiw 11 atannor
March 10 Ivies Star
Candles, 1110 L--ive J..rni \r.lul't'.IIIV' at7 and
diy p m.l'r..p.t'aj" am rttjuirciucutft: attached to the advertise. J
in which the books
they are deaujnated on ot the d.
400 Cocoa Nut*, : to omit Silver Spring will be con- Arrive at Mcllt.ntille: faine'dav bv 4 ; ment. \
m. M
Goods Ac. I p tment *far Md.and they will be eaostnied <
Ladles Dress pal aa
2 boxc" Lemon, 'Ii.I..r"t 6332 horn !! by New IWt to St. Markd, Dated iJ
providing for the entire w'largt,and
)TINTED LAWNS AND JACONETS. boo Segars. CS05 Prom Piatkn.! by ,\da1.\ Y"II.i"! and Enterpii 23 mil,a and bark three times a week. (Signed) be the mode tM.tI!
rvrr il1R11tytJ"tr to i.4-
, I Printed Linen Drosses, A L S 0 "e, t> Mellon\-\\\f\!\ ISOiniles I and buck Leave Tull,iluisst-c Monday, Wednesday, Form of a Guaranlti. Hire i/may, "crtei ity, certainty and"cvrjt neeettary,." .|1-

Black and White Lawns. Per Gamble and Sampson from Nsw York: once week, in stvntnbuat. }' : 7 n in ; The undersigned, residing at -, State of- In all eases where the ]lowest grade of service b ba- j
and Figured Bveges !(O bags Rio Coffee, Leave Pil.itka Monday I1t S a m Arrive St. Mark day -undertake that if the fi
\ Plain ; : same by 1 p m; foregoing Lid fur carrying t Heved to be sufficient the lowest bid will be I
, Plsin Lawns and Jaconets, 10 Java Arrive at Mrllonviilc, next day by 11 am; Leave .St. Marks Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday {the mail on route No. bo accepted by the i if hilly guaranteed in preference to a "star"accepted or spei-, J||

' Embroidered] and Pliin Orenadins, 10 half boxes AdamantIne Candles. Leave Mell"nvillu Tuesday at 1 p m ; at 7'; am', Postmaster General, the bidder shall l. prior to the let fie bid. **
Grenadine. Brilliants 2 bbls Vinegar Arrive at I'ilatka next Jay by 3 Arrive at TalTaliawc Java day of July! 1855, or as thereafter ;
d' Black p m. fame bv 1 p ra.C331 soon as may be, When the lowest bid Is not a star bid.and
4 specieseithsr .
Blsck Crape DeParis, 10 U* Crushed Sugar.. Bid to commence at Wel.tka are iu'.ited.6S06 From Talla-lnm! *. by Muroufeie. 'ia liDllbr'lHill. enter into the required, obligation to perform the no mode or an inadequati mode of

Piiutcd Pwigce", B Coffee Erom Enterprise t.> New Smyrna SO ir.Hes 28 milts! an.IIIlt'k. twice a week. service proposed with K*+ and sufficient sureties. i it will not be but net aside for eonveyaoaa. jj
Embroidered and Dotted Swiss Muslins, 1 co Powdered Sugar, soil back, once a week. Leave TalULa",ee Mouday aud Wednesday at Tl.U we Jo with a full knowledge of the obligations proJ\O'in? the accepted .. a apcafiabw' ff,
1 qr. ca.k Madeira Wjfl.. Leave Eutei 6am and liabilities aMumed necessary
Dress Trimming*. pris-e Tuesday Cam ; by guarantors under the 27tl
When the bid does
not mod. of
:J A crest variety of new style* of Calicoes! 1"' "" Gordon's Pale Sherry, Arrive at New Smyrna same day by 6pm; Arrive Rt'Bunker's Hill same days by 5 p m ; section of the act of Congrew of July 2, 1836. ance. also when it pvopos specify to a "according Coav to thaadvertiaemoot 7- .
1. 1815 Brandy, Leave New Leave Bunker's Hill Dated carry ,
Rail Road and Frsneb Corsets Smyrna Monday at 6 a m ; Tue-nlay and Tbursduy ," but without such speci6eation. it will I

Colored Corset Jeans, & bbs.. Gin Arrive at Enterprise fame day by 6 p m. at 6 a m ; (Signed by two guarantors.) be considered as a proposal for horseback service. .

GraM Cloth, ic! Ac. 5 Uuin. 6307 From New Smyrna to Indiau'ltiver, 120: miles Arrive at Tallahassee same Jays by 5pm. Form of Cn tifica't. 21. A modification of a bid in of its ,

for sa''. by 0. A J. MEOINNISS.Msroh For wle by BERRY & ROWLES. and back, twice a month. CS34 From Tallahassee to Wukeeuah, 18 miles and Thc undersigned; poitmaster of-Stat. of terras is tantamount to any aDd essential.
r 17,1855. 6w 11 March 10, 1855. 10 Leave New Smyrna <>u tie 1st and 3d Wednesday I back, twice a wet k.Love -, certifies, und.r his oath of office that lie is neo so a*to iuterfere a with new regular cannot ba raeeived.

s of each month ; : Tallahas.see Monday and Weduesuay at q
:, Lace Goods, &e. Two Splendid Pianos for Sale. Arrive at Indian River in 6 days; 811.111 ; to be men of property, and alls to maLe good their 22. Postmasters are fbrreceiving.dsib to be careful not to tha O

Leave Indian River ou the 2J and 4th Saturdays Arrive Waukecnah same Jays bv 12 guarantee. f certify
TT'MB'ERKD MUSLIN & CAMBRIC C0LLABE.t subscriber'! received two very _ m ; DuttJ sufficiency of guarantor or sureties without kaowioc t
TilE of each month Leave WauLeeuah
lj I Ch<>miz'tte nnd Slevves, ( SEVEM OCTAVE Pi ; Monday and Wedueeday at that they are persons sufficient reapnunbiTtty; ana .,

.. Swist anl Cambric Flouncing "ruin 1'aiis, iheoUi-T from New Y..,.. Thy' are of Arrive New Snnrna in 8 Jays.C803 .1 pm; The, (Signed.) all bidders, guarantors, and sureties are distinctly M
D, ted V'eils.' lAve Veils, he most beautiful Itoeewood. and highly fiuUlieJ,andprutaUly From Indian River, by Jupitir to Miami, ISO Arnve at Tallahassee same (Jv by 7 p m gnrUcien'T' of guarantors on proposals may be tified that. oa a failure to enter ioto or 'peribrm the
, ,, mIles and back once. a inoiiUi. 6333 From Tallahassee, Benliaden ShelL certified by judge of a court of and
4.( Msntilia Lace.BVk. the most superior just,umen:. vr brought : by Point. record by postmasters contracts for the service proposed for in the acseptWro'd
.,I. Leave Indian River ou tie 1st Friday of each Pawtuxet. and Sopclw> to Walker 60 ul the f-'llnwinjr offices and no other
:. while sod C TArpligue Mantillas, 4 Florida. They are offered for sale nn ronsvuvbleeras. py. In the State : their legal liabilities will be enforced agaioai t
White and Pink Silk Elusion tt J. W.GUOSCHEL. month; miles Htid, bark one a wek.Leave of FLORIDA, postmasters of offices at them.

f' I/on? mack bilk! Mitts, Monticello Fla. March 3, 1655. J-4t* Arrive ut Miami in 6 days; Tullnlia! ce Wedne day at Sam ; the c"urt.h\uf' or county. eat of each county; and at 23.The contract will be aubttantiallyla.t1ae.foma
Leave Miami "n the 2d of each month Arrive Wiilkfr next 12 Apalacbic"la, Mi'n-py.'Bflleville. Camidiellton.,
Friday Jay by m Jacper
I t' N. B. T.Kid nnJ Silk Gloves.EmbroiVered ; ; heretofore used in this department, except is &. rapects
Arrive at Indian River in 6 Leave Walker ,Jennuings, Mandarin 1 I
Lirnen C. Handkerchiefs, Notice. (lay! Thursday nt 1 p in; Hall Newport. New particularly mentioned in these iostraetioM ..
1 Ererr quality ( cents'up.F I HEREBY forewarn any pervw from trading f.,r a ba,k. t n.-c a m utli. CSI6 Fr"in Tallahassee!! } bv M"'ei Beialey's, on the Quincy, \Vari ington.Coiditiona will be to deliver the
: from 121 required mails into tba HI
S"te made by me air) payable to B. M. Leave Key Wed on the Rth of each mouth Telo ee. river, to llidle! sville! and back to poal
r sale by. C. for the sum of $30, Jatd the ISlh dav, of Feliri.a'y: Arrive at Miami by the 13th wnk.Bidder ettent the 1
; d-pariment d..ttn
17/1855. fiw 11 office ,
not than
March may post more sods frooa
proper. eighty
1855, and due the first slay l of January, 185C. The Leave Miami on the I'J'.h) 'if each mouth; will state tile distance aud propose a 1. Seven minutes allowed the railroad or landing.
are to each
con.i pffire when 24. Present known
Fan &c. not otherwise contractors and
Perfumery I specified, for the penona at tha
the unless bv lIw.mcllARD. assorting
pay same compelled 98JO'r"m Nrwn.viS7ilI l"y Fort Clark. Wacihoo- 6337 From Stillrpica Fiahollnway, 20 milts and mails ; but oo railroad and stPKmhout there department must, equally with others
routes _
SANDAL WOOD FANS I TAYLOR. ti., Micanopy. I'letnin.jt'm, and Newton to bick.; once a week. to be no in--re delay than li Euf&eieut for an exchangeof M and ceruncaies ofUsew sumnraey snoacaoaav
l1 Fans, March 3, 1855. 9-4t Orala. 57 miles and I back twice a we..k. Leave Sjtillpica Monday at 5 ami the mail ban*. 1 ly in the forma above prescribed. The certificate of 4.

Mourning 'uPI'b'; Wneabootie only on the, return Arrive at Fmlxilkiwav nnie d.iy by 12 mi. 2. On route where the mo-fa ofcnnveyanee admits sufficiency must be signed by a postmaster at on* af

Fans, For New York. trip on Friday, and omitting Mictuiopy on leave Finli'.ll.pway Monday at p 1 m; of it, the special agents of the department also the olaces before named, or a .judge of a.court of r .

Lnhinn extracts, Lwbin's Lavender Water, THE Brig SOUTHER will have immediate that trip. An ive at S.l:>picn fame dl.tar 8 p m. blanks, mail Lags locks and keys are to poctoffice be cord. ? "_ .

Bwcin's Upper Ten Extract fur the above rurL.ur frijht Leave Newnansville WcducsJay and Sunday 6335 From !! bv Charles. Mills, Charles Ferry conveyed witliout extra charge. Postmasters at the end of routes on which they think I:

Oriental Drora.Olt r o7, or passage apply' to lit 7 a m ; and New Boston to Clay Lauding, 90 3. 611 railroad and steamboat lines British and the present mode of conveyance inadequate will weigh *

f Pine Apple Cologne. McNAUGHT A ORMOND. Arrive at Oi-nla next c1\11)y lOA i m; miles and back once a week. Canada mails when offered, are to be conveyed without the mail each trip for six successive week oo weekly

t for sale by O. & J. MEOTNNISS.Hsrch Newport Jan. 13, l5. 2 Lave Ocala Thursday, and Mon lay at 2 p m ; Leave M.idis Mond.iv I at 7 a m; additional pay ; also the route agents of the department routes and three weeks oo other ronteajmd report tha

I I 1'1, 1S5. 6w 11 Arrive at Newnan-villc Ut'XI11 5a\s1>y 8 p m. Arrive at Clay Landing i next Wednesday by f>i hose exclusive use, while travelling result by the 10th April 1855., t r.

For Charleston. tall From Newnansvillp, by Kllistifle and IVoviJence. Gp01 ; with the mails a commodious, or apartment the JAMES CAMPBELL

l> Groceries, &e. Brig ACORN, :nuw l londing.and will to Alligator, 40 miles and back,twice | Leave Clay Lnndnj: Thursday at 7 a m ; centre of a car, properly lighted warmed, and furnished Postmaster Genera f t

4. TCST RECEIVED FP.OM NEW TORK AND> THE\ dispatch fur the above jxjiL Fur, a wtck. Arrive at M.idiimn next Saturday; by 6pm. and adapted to*the convenient assortment and February S, 1853. a-12w ;

t,. J 5sw Orleans, freight wigagemeuts apply toNeNAUGIIT 1 Leave Newnansville Thursday and Saturday 6339 From MI.1144.fl, by Hamburg ami Clifton to I due seeurii! of the mails to be provided I by the con j

p Brown and Crushed Sugar, A ORMOND.Newport nt 9am ; Grovnille, ( 31)I miles! hind back once a tractor. umler the direction of the department. LeOB Comfy Tax-Collector's Sale.

, Superior SL Louis Flour, February 3. 185&Salt & Arrive ut Alligator ame Java by 8 p /I'"; weik.Louve 4. N<> pay wit 1 be made fr trips not performed; N the 4th'Monday in March next I will offs fur "
Starch. Leave Alligator Madison Monday at 6 a m O
p., BJce, Corn Tuesday anj'Fiiday'al 6 ; and Cit each of such omissions not satisfactorily! explained -
t f Bio and Java Coffee, Salt am ; Arrive at (;roTer,villi:sinie day by 6 p m ; three times the pay of the trip be de sale at the Court House in Tallahassee tbe following -
may of ]land
': Black! and Green tea. Florida Arrow Roct, Arrive at Newnansville fame days by 5 in. Leave Jrovertville Tuesday at 6 a m ; .Iuctl" Fur arrivals eo far behind time or so much as will satisfy the
p to break
. 9 ( SACKS in prime order just landed] and f>ralebv 6812 From Ncwnain\fll b\ St. Arrive M.idimm as taxes (and incidental expenses) due by the Apalaebicoln !
, Starch. Soup. Candle, 1 0 Loui, 'New ICiv- at same day by tP m. connexion with snd, rIOt sufficiently t
Superior Havana Cigars. I- M'NAUGHT A ORMOND.Newport er, 22 miles and, bark, once n week.L i, 6840 FruiriVi1lkeri1i,: by Feasley", M'.1 v Hall, excused, one fourth of the ( the Lund Company oo their land in eaid County for
compensation or
White WiDe and Cidar \ incgar, Feb'rury 24,1855.) 6. >ave Newnansville Thun-Jay at 1 pm. I arid) Stillcpicn, to Madison; 32 miles and I j is subject to forfeiture. Deduction will also be ordered trip i 1854, vix: i i

.I Powder and Shot LIME. Arrive at New Kivi s.-nne:, Jay by 8 p in ; back. nice a week.Leave for a grade of performance inferior to that specified In Tutnt lip I jforth. Rang 3 We* t

fi Tatty Window Rlass, Spirits of Turpentine, Leave New Rivtr TljnrsJay at 5 "a m ; Waiikernuh Thurlay at 6 a m ; in the contract For repeated delinquencies of the VT} of N W of Section 38; 8 WJ each S Wr of j'

I 1i.npOilatI.25! per Gal, 50 BBLS. in fine order, lauding from brig Acoru Arrive at NcvmaiHvill iaine day by J2 m. i Arrive \lliAli\1I1I same Jay by 6 p m ; kind herein specified enlarged penalties, proportioned S E} of 25; The fraction of 28 South of Ockloekonee. _

Liiqced Oil Buroinz Fluid. and fur ale by 6813 Irma Ncwnanaiille. by Tustenujjcee Santa Leave Mndisoii Friday at B a m ; i, to the nature thereof, and the importance of the mail, EofNE1andEofSE4oSee.33SEasJ .

I I Rough'and Ready Twist and Fig Tobacco, McNAUGHT A OnMO D. Fe, Clay mdirig, ".lIrI1Qa"I1. and L ng Arrive \Vjukeenah same Jay by 6pm. may be made SiofS WJ of Sec. 84. i

,1 Tickles in half Gallons and Quarts, Newport February 3. 1855. & Pond, to Atsena Otie 119 mile and back, I 6841 From Qnincy to Chsttaboochcc, 21 miles and [. For leaving behind or throwing off the mails or InTownship South. Range 3. West, a! .f 8 e.f 1

Stuart's Candy. once a week. I bACk. three time a week. I ally portion of them for the aJUli."linn of ,, In Township 1. Sooth Range 2, West aU.f 8aations
received passengers >
Wm. R. PttL from New
Canvassed Rams, JUST per Or Leave Newiiaustille Wednesday at 7 a m ; I Leave Quincy Monday, Wednesday, and Fri- or for being concerned in setting up or running an oxpre 7, 8. 9 and 10. I

b Aodersou's. Cut Tobacco. For sale' by 75 bbls Superfine Flour Arrive at AUcua Olie tuxt Saturday Ly 8 davatam : d conveying commercial intelligence ahead of the I 1aTuwnahip2SovihRanplSaa ,.. 1
G, A J. MEGr NISs. *' am ; Arrive at Chattahoochee saint days by 12 m ; mail a quarters pay may be deducted. .

farM '. 185 S. 6w 11 60 extra Family Leave Atsena Otic Saturday at 11 a m ; Leave Chattolmnchee Tuesday, Thursday, nutStur.Iay 6. Fines will ba imposed unless the delinquency be .. AlofS.ction Jt. ,#
W of
_._ !o Hhdo. Si le and Shoulders i N W T Section 24. !
Arrive at :cuaIJliliIIe.I.ext, Tuesday by 8 at 711. m ; promptly and satisfactorily explained by certificates I .,
Hardware, Cutlery, &c. CO bbla." Whiskey, pm. Arrive at Quiucy same'days: by 12 m. of pos.masters. or the affidavits of other creditable EiofNEJof t4. -.
fi Lard], 6814 From Newnansville by Fort Harlee. to Mid Bali to commence at Tallahassee 1O'ltM.8t2 for foiling to arrive in contract time SEJofSWJ, J4.SWJofSEi .
pewus for
Subscribers hare stock of Hard- ; neglecting
opened a new "
TIlE 5 Lard Oil dlcburg, 50 miles and From RouibrM, Ga, by Chattaluxichee, Via, 14, J
i and of almost ar back, once a week. to take the mail from, or deliver it into, a
Cutlery. composed every 20 Mts NEiof .1
pork, Leave Newnas.villeVe.liudav Ochesi-e. Weft Winton RMIeystille Rick: U. r
Me in that lioe. to which they would peially call 25 at 12 m ; ] post office; for suffering it (owing either to the no- NiofSHJ 25
Syrup Arrive at Middl I (11'.8 Bluff lola. and Fort Gadsden to Apalaehic ,
burg rctday by 6 in suitableness of the place or manner of
fce it
attention of that boildinjr. p ; carrying )
persons Also from New WiofSWJ 2
O. 4 J..MEG INNISS. York. Leave Middleburg Tuesday at 6 / in ; "la. 206 miles and back three times a to be injured, destroyed, robbed or lost ; and for re t
; 10 Kegs Ooslim Butter, Arrive at Newntnvill week from the 15th October to 15th June of L. 0. DEMTLLT.
March 6w 11 : j next day by 11 am. fusing after to convey the mail l as frequent .
. ', 1B. C2 boxes 1-lnglish: heese week the residue iu **-. *ttar umd Cvikcd.r j
Bids fur beiui-wccLly bcrvicc will be consider each year, aud twice a ly as the contractor runs, or is concerned iu .
Sundries. 6 Pine Apple Cheese, ed. firt-cas! steamboats, with the privilege of a coach car, or steamboat, on a route. running February 24, J8" I. ii
For sals by 6815 From New River to using two-horse coaches from Ikiubndtfe to
Middleburg, SO miles and 7. The Postmaster General annul the
RECEIVED BY G. 4 J. BERRY & ROWLB8. may contract Andrew S.Garr tt al.:) Leon Grnit. Ia .
JUST MEGINNISS.' bael-.trfiee H week. Ch:1Uaht.oCL the river ill too low for for repeated failures to run agreeable to contract for { Q. iJ

" 3a Rubt. Packing, February 10, 1651. 8 I Cave: A'ew River Wednesday at 7 am; nas gatiou. Juobeyi'ig the Post Office laws, or the instructions; of t*. !V eery. J 2
Lewis Curtis et at. }
Grain Cradles, Arrive at MMdlebur: .inie Jay by 7 p in ; From 16/A October to 1: : Straw Cutters. Salt. Leave Middlebur Tlmrsil.iy at 7am ; when required by the department tl do 80 for assigning appearing to the Cport by affidavit made ia tlaa ."

No 10 and 11 Plough. :X A SACKS coarse awl fine Key West Salt ; Arrive at New River same day by 7 p m.C816 Leave Rraiubridge Tuesday, Thursday and I the contract without the assent of the; Poct- that the fallowing named defendants io tba ':
Manilla Well rope. Cotton leading Line rope p. '_) 100 sacks Liverpool Salt; I From Gary's Feiry to Foit Harlee and Lack Saturday nt 2 p m ; matter General ; for running an express as aforesaid: above case reside out of the State of Florida sad oat t

Brades Steel Hots. Landing aud for sale (u !' T vreek.BidJem Arrive at Apalachicola next Wednesday and 1 or for trani"|i<>rting persons or packages conveyingluailable. ;; of the Middle Circuit of Florida and in the pit

IlTslops byMcNAUGHT A ORMOND. will s'a'c' the distance and propose a Friday by 4 p m. nnd I Monday by 11 am ; matter out of the maiL hereinafter designated, viz: Richard..AbelT. J,.1

I ery -Variety. -of Fishing, --. .lines- Dec. 23, 18:4. 51 etcheduleof departures: and arrivaK I Leave Ap Sunday, Tuesday, and 8. The Poc tmaster General! may order an increase. Anderson and Stephep Cambrelft .who reside io the 1

Rintiii Kirly.Umenck Bait aud \'ar au* Tub Looks 6817 Fr..m Alti:'it'T. bv Durham und Olustce. to Thursday! 5 a m ; service on a route by allowing therefor a pro rat a State,. of New.York- ; Charles. Black who reside ia &II .
Tainted Tul and Buckets. For Sale or Rent. New River, 46 miles arid! back, once a week. Arrive at BaiubriJge next days by 8 a m. increase on the contract rmy. He may change the state ol J") llna.brlotte"r EL Geddes, George F.

f. Iron B"imd Cedar Tub and Buckets Leave Aviator; Friday at Cum ; From 15/A June to 15/A October. schedule of arrivaLs and departures, without increase GrdJea. Eric William Leslie Mary ifacgaiwt Leslie. '-I

1 rass Bouud Buckets. Cocoa TUE Dwelling House and Lots now occupied Arrive at New River same day by 10 p In; of pay. provided he does not curtail the amount of Charlotte Cummmg Leslie Eleanor Smdair Lesli,

:44 & .J. Dippers.O. 11 EO A. Bentwick, situated on Jefft-nton Leave New River Saturday at 6 a m ; Leave Baiubrldge Tuesday and Saturday at running time. He may also order an increase of Janet Leslie or Donbar. Mary Leaii or Cameron

. March Cw INNISS. ln'Ut, opposite the new Academv. Fur Term &e. Arrive at Alligator same day by 10 p m. 3 pm ; speed, he allowing within the restrictions of the law, Helen Leslie or Brown Margaret Van Sari or Pissiip i
r 17,1855. 11
Ebquire of A. or GEO. ll BEST WICK. 6818 Prom Alligator, by Suwaunee Shmlii, to Arrive at Apalachicola next Jays by 4 p m ; a pro rata increase of pay for the additional stock or William Leslie bitch. Helen Ctuumiog Imbacfa juid f 1

\ Notice. February 24, 18:5. 8 8m tllunl'. Ferry, 36 miles and back ones a Leave A|>atachieiila Monday at IU am, and carriers, if any. The contractor may. however in the Margaret St Clair Black who.reside in Europe; and

t week. Wednesday at 10 p in ; cose of iucreue of speed lelinquisL the Contract by Walker Anderson who resides ia aLe Western, .Circuit i.
S. I THE! Stockholders in the Tallahassee Railroad are i DR. J. c. LEE Leave Alligator Friday] at 5 n m; Arrive at liambridge n Tuesday by 11 a m giving prompt notice to the department that be Florida. '.
bY notified that an .whull will be held attile and Thursday by 10 pm.8n doing IO0 the prefers It is ordered that said deieodanta do and Jj
TENDERS.hil professional services to the citizens Arrive at Blouut's Ferry same day by 6 p m; carrying order into eWeet The appear
offiee of the Company in Tallahassee, ou Wednesday 1 aud ill iuiy In tl. various Leave Blount'ii Ferry Saturday ut 6 a In; From Chattahoocbec by Marianna Crow ell* Postmaster General may also curtail or discontinue answer the. bill of complaint filed ill this. Qat.

,27th June next, for, seven Directors to manage braucbe* vf his prol"lt'. He ean'be found at aU Arrive at Alligator same day by 6 p m. CampWlltmi. Geneva Ala., Anderson's Mill" the service, at pro rata docreaoe of.iay. allowing one to say the said above named defeadanU who, reaida 1-

'> affairs of the Company for one year from that limel. when 1Iot feMiooallJ engaged at the Monti- 6819 From Alligator, by White Springs, Jasper }'hL, OenUville Aliniraute. Milton aud Flor"idatowu month's extra compensation on the amount dispensedwith out of this State but in the United States witIIia i

I&t.TUDS. cellu HoteL BeUeville Jennings. Cherry Lake, Hamburg t<> Peutacola, 200 miles aud back ,whenever, iu his opinion, the public interests do months froin the pub&atioo nf th onIer; tb. d.

J. PERKINS, Secretary.'Mi January 13, 1855.JOHN. 2 6m. and r..iion to Mouticello, 96 miles and twice week. not require the same or in case be desires to supersede ndanta above named who.reside ita Eur p. widaia I

11. 1855. tde 11 Sent copy. back, dice a week. Leave Cbattahoochee Tuesday and Saturday it by a different grade of transportation. nine months from the -uu : vt tuw ewer.. J

W. EVANS, Leave Alligator Monday at 2 p m ; at 8 p m ; 9. Payments will be made for the service by col the defendant who resides ID iba Western CiNal&1 I

Notice. ATTORNEY Arrive at Mouticello next Wednesday by 9 Arrive atl'enaacola next Friday and Tuesday lections from, tlr drafts on. postmasters or otherwise, within twotDontha; provided that publieatioa othk j

ALL penoM indelAed to the Estate of James N. AT LAW pm; by 4 p iu ; lifter the expiration of each quarter-_say in February, order be made puce a week for the twia aba,.Iiaita4 'J

late of Madison County,decnsed are here- BAINBRIDGE, CEO Leave lionticello Thursday at 0 a m ; I Leave Peusacola] Tuesday and Friday at 8 ain May August, and November. for tbe appearance. of the Jefeodanta above named i

ty req red to'mske psymeut to me. Tbos having ; give prompt attention; to all business Arrive at Alligator nest Saturday by 1 p m. ; 10. The distances are given according to the best who resitie in the United States and nee a month for ;J

datrnl' against said estate are requested to present them WILL to his care, in the Counties of Thomas Bids for a n-.eekll service will be consid I Arrive at Chattahoochee next Thursday and information : but no increased pay will be allowed the period above limited for4ha appearaaeof tha.

ithm the Urn precribs4 by law, or this notice will Decatur Baker, Daugbcrty, Calhoun Eaily and Clay. ered. I Sunday by 5 p m. should they be greater than advertised, if the points defendants above named who'reside II Ewpa-' --. ,
plead b bar of their recovery. February n, 1855. 7 'tC 6820 From Orange Springs, by Morrison's Mills and 6844 From Apalachicola by Chattahoochee to Columbus to be suppii d. be correctly stated. Bidden must in .AT CIIAJlUDa. .: 1

THOMAS 1L ANDE RSON. 8J"n( Fort Crane, to Micanopy, 28 miles and back Oa, and back once a week. form themselves on this p>int. J.VATL13. BAKKR,Jod1s. '
11. The Postmaster General! is If arch 10BHiFF, 111I. .., ,,1 ..x,10 ,
'tt-OJkio AcZrninialyator. Painting. twice a week. Bidden will state the distance, name intermediate prohibited by law
Kad C.R.March 1'7, 1"5. offices and schedule from knowingly making a contract for the --- -- -: '
1 I "ITB. tt HARRIS offers bis services to the citiienaiTjL Leave Orange Springs Tuesday and Friday at propose a transportalion
| From Miriouna. Hill Vernon,Don of the mails with any person who shall have AMI TtBACCf.OUCCBB80B8 I
: of this place and country as a Paiuta. He is 4am; 6345 by Orange entered : .
I Notice. : to do work in that line of Arrive at Micanopy same days by 1 p m ; Uwville and Knox Bill to lichee Anna 64 into, or proposed to nler ltt,; any eorobioatioi --p : .
iodebted to die prepared every description Leave Tuesday and I miles and back once week. to.prevent the making f any bid for a mail contract .n '.1 .I .
ALL .we 8tari and in IUeb'a styli aa cannot fail to give aalisfae Micanopy, Friday at 2 ., ; : :
nc other Oouoty. .t ; Leave Marianna at 6 a m; by any person or persona or woo -ahall .hav : '
Id. tioo. Applications can be left at Mr. Fratooous pm I..42Lfl4
made shall have mTiU
We rqiw.d ID uik. pa.-.t to ., Tboee Arrive at.Uchee: Anna next day by 5 p In; any agreement or given or performed ,
ba" Store or at Zoc&rsHanesi Shop.Fabruary Arrive at Orange Springs same days by 10
*In .t ii4 eIIIate.. Liav.UdieeAbns Tuesday at ft a m ; or promised to give or pert>rm, any consideration : a* ".8. .l1. 1aae
required ta
.- tbi ( pNIeribecI bJ law H d present !( '". _. tBmwai pm. Arrive at M*rianu n.xt day by 1 p In. whatever or to do, or not to do, anything whatever I O; erfsraalaaUr t ._.. :. ... .
Witt 6821 From Ocala, by Long Swamp, to AdanuvQlo, in order lo induce other: coa.-aI-.i..f i'li .
'luh :"
Iabarol"rN Bids' for teml-weektj! service' will be oonjidered. any person orperospot. .,ivWi .
.: KA8 ANTDERSON. 81c' !, Bets- 'wax J M r I *Osuilesandbsckoncsaweek. '" bid for a mail eontraet. ,Parbcuar! artsetiob ia called i cae" r"4'd t idhu 1t..L. --'Jc':

'U. .d u o .., ,i.f: ,WANTEDIsny quantity r euh or 'ra X br ,;I Leave Ocala Saturday at a. m,; 0ti4 Front,wilt WiatoB by .Aspen Grove to 'I I to the.18th Met OD of the a* of I9J$.ProbibhiM com* se. "'4IIiiA.r- ,t-: .
v.-- 'BQWLEtf4t I Arrive at Adamtville same day by 6 p n; AbeI' io.tewviDtbid. ;c. f\ '-, "
BERlir t
B, Ibr* 11, int. 11 < flprinj tt .. bttk, WM .1111 I I I \: .
Oft %1, UK JM, A uuyir* Wdsy al i !. r. i 1igs. .1-17.



A -


S .

__ __ __ TLJ.HEIM' !1 -J --- -. .. - :i--u1LL L i-i.. -

& RUST s skii1rt 980 Agents Wanted U! TAn Or4IaaEe. U

; Qaa fcr #ery Coranty m the Sunny South, to sell tie To rait a rntnutfar'tht 'Ctty of'TnUahatiftfor. M1thttib- I ThaoCov4rI rjj( I ,

j. .. I nHiUplndidHstnry>vei7 published!, tutitled ( t'ie V ic>il texr clMtintHeing) t>* tlifjirtt dayefin ..ifpBE nhdertigncd gr( noli*to f phbJL ts6 66ffotiW1
'L'lomaucl hwditd ,
Wrc the eight l.
:' 4p.-il. gtvr o* -
owrwzgAskort. NEW WORLD SI >l hi. that he hat refitted th. ,Ho*el ia L.c1
THE $ )
(LJdfifIjl fvv. 0
: ,Monticllov focawty fept by Capt .N *- hairwh
.b it: In two i4umes bound on 1. 3eitorttainfdbifhefaltnJ4ntaT>
.j.) cnsofGco1s..utsitcble to your P.Y, HEXRY HOWARD BROW ELL, A. XL For the Gomplrie Curo of C'ughs SECTION of the ,City of 'J'dMIosaseeThat the of No/eroh The bonne is now in-.tborou b .repair.*
j.: V raiit oi iitiug in Colds Asihuiu, 1:1011chitls. first section of the Revenue.Act of the year 1845. be.nul and will bEi l manured as to pronjet th. omttfort of 0d.ira
pan present this woilc'to the puUic the publishers SpUliit of BO
;; niood and AllOlu'r
I the is continued iu full force as of this
: name part
trvK-aUiand boarder Attached tor. pod tables. *$
', ., .. f Iht foUotcing arli- beli ve tlmt thev nre s'ipjilviujJMJIMPEEATOI. Ijtii; COIUPI&ItUISI1litI Onlinance. time ica.lp piect1y tdtJy jy ,
I Ui, rerulin where attention i Is raid to brine$ Term a*
The wftnt'of wbii-h has been lonyTelt, by ? to Consuiiiptiou. t very tetf'v.iSrans o'tbe1d4 tgOr5flJ-
4.-J s'
i Ordiinnt
SEC. fie it there sha'II $
2. furth'r
community and especially by the people at larje.: ,Soother moderate *s at any other Hotel in" the' country. A thus supply tmtrimrtt''
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DRY GOODS'! DRY GOODS'A'S Country. numerous we receive ftvm on year clnur.'neilL on the first day c.f April, 1351U1).n : C. BLESS.
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into wp'Arate Cohiiiies and Stales: -Iuc e1ir .tiobg.1 JL will receive nppltratuv* fur and make men oe* oilj for 1La hair.iaiHi'tan.t SIacd44JiI4tabiktt1otdi
Brown SmrtiNkfl other Cough pre| ;iraUpis> ha\c filled, this !l.rn re- 2_Upon all venders 01'gind!y wares and mf>rcbandic. -
; Ladk? Dress GoodsH ord<>r U-HI j ireervei-wfl1) j it is' thought innkp it ofpeculiar apiiinst It** l)>y Firo. vn Trick and ;Frame .Building* ) ?
| JiJ9hMtinct.40 114ve4| the patient, us 1>r'n 'jist s, de.ilers iu Mdkin ', (othfr than itiru-iT.nt trvtenO wbf> t-lsall: coinniincc -
value i' n l -fercnc nnd prca'l: fnoih- Furniture Merchandize, .
I ptcoc I'lain audof PiJJeonsistin! : part of nnd Phvsiciaiis: can tefctify. At k the Ant in your billings after t tc! firtiiiy of April next, a tax pr
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1iiewlflLvIellI ,> IIILrt'st town wbr.t bus been hs; otperienco i>f tie rf t f:'ity tlvc rer.t.-"'n t-v ry hundred dollar's! in vibu: > nf .m., _ at4 ..

} all I. i'tt'rl.d aud.Oro.. ALSO et-et.;' of this medicine. If he lun t -eii se'.liicjf : ; their stock iu Inidt, to 1m e'-tiiuuted iinJl .:t-(54ei in DRJ6Hr' P. DTJVAL ruse may.biowcm upon tie Jownj "c

: FNn4I: g1i.b snd AnierJ P1iue Si1! THE OLD WOULD.In f.r inv l.MVrt'i' ,.f time' i 1,4' will tell you IT IS 'HIE nil C.TCS at ar.v f inic after the mmeniVKici.t of such eve lie ever 10 piercing:, and the te th tbo, ,

titi% Cii1it4. Rtek do do do BEST 3IEDICINE EXTANT. business: f'ro'FeSUCh) tix sludl be dsscCscd before TALLAHASSEE, FLORIDA &U11 if the natural,flui
: B.. BieaclieJ and CoKCrape Po-.l.ns. two volumes I or.nd in <-u. I'i low we. iivti few oiti.i.-t. from letters we hive the esiiiiation of the nrxt ti yi-nr. OFFICK AT THE COURT HOUSE.January' and iu consequence it U'COIDC rstjtbengiev Bd

oroJ I1t; jl'riuted D1aiuts, BY HENRY HOWARD 1O'IVELL, A. M. rfCi'iwd lately rer.ri!!:] tIN \i'rttic* of I his medkinoDr. 3-Uprtn nil jrivl: wRtchi's, a tax r.f fifty cent, and *, 1851. 4Administrator's orf4 t'flC'nntur will be 'rotbidtlian

'. .j-*. bi1f1ne.Plaid., Wool aui Persianit mprini; } an accor.tit of the f.'in hition. pro icjs S. S. OMiii. of Knoxri'K-., ray-t I havfhiVn on all 'ivtr \v.itt'lta tax r.f t werityfiveI Cezht. -_ hall? iU diarros ; and:ftlthopglt! ft i Trcmedv

Furniture und apron chocks,. Piun B' and ilei-liiie vf the not c\-el! nitod Kmpiies, t.ittaKtul t5I vour Livcrworth! and T.trtry 'il Mwivily -lrv.nall| hor.-fs ::i ii-1 li.iulfs bionifhtiiito I i-s city Notice. fcr tb"e are gray, well u

D> rn 8ticpl JJa*nd8trincsi,:tjaiu.! *"* id 1PJ CoIreJ1Opie'e .Xati.'iiii, from the e rlit pori.Nl to tin priint in lilY practJce fr trt'e! yeriM ]ptt, aud. it 5* with and! oxh.bitcd fr pale, n tar ..f twcuty five cents ujnnah LL entitled in dtributioti ire'bad.! still *n tee the PruPre1y or rp.i4 .

i iincv Twooii, Oa biiQcrcs, time I -of tl. :-ir %rir: ,conqn'RtR nti'l' fe\f.luti.ns t.f fn-<>- I pI.Mtne I my ln'hVf i-M's mjKj-iority over ail t b"i- "' r innle sifild. t- person*, creditors Icpatoes Jy such an application to the hair ,aml '

;S10 Kv. JennC''Ps; *> Collars and HdkfsBl loin :rvl t'ivilz4tio7I-.wI! Ih1- nnl cettleuu-nt of jhilit- iitlipr ftrtil i'h' wLich I *ai .Mjuuintud:: for which 5-L'p'ti all Auction% S.ilc, one half per cent __ "IT otherwise intirented m the DYatv of c.iVnIat! to it, perfect and
upon Willi.un C. llillcr. !late c.f Mnduun C F.ori.Ia.diytxed "
fl14I White Silk Liue ." .iiity, tiiti.t -
c eV a4 Fgn'v Caimere.liLLk io.d! illationi tLi-ir presviit bai it i-1 ) the ro < riti)<:irit of sd.s. 4.F9m

1. Black! and colored: ; wurttii'j ; aud Glovt*. Tbo--e li.H>ks comprict* a c iiipte Listory cf the M -srFi'z. iTJ'ld't: I-n'or! wiltinirfr' m Vi'nyncs- f.-lTrH i all improved anL: I un-itiprnvt-d tn vn lot. !, ans hrh-by notified t<> exhibit their claims tht Edlttr r/tfit Real Eilalt
nn.I I dfiniui'U within twi from tLc date hereoff
SHnwl; I. i jBljek, While and Colored W. ild, in four volumes l ound in two. vilj! \ N" CL, fiy :-" Tim Livi-rwoit nml Tir i i-. K.IIIII n tr.x i f ci-irfs un ctry hundred JolLiru value > yen &h&oL..Str t.
j tho tie will bo barred! and
'- Plaid lldkf-i.- all prices.; iJ Glov s. The diameter the illu-trati'tis in thw volumes I 5i; 'NU nit.njw.jv.; ;! ir in! I 1.14 l"Uitry. .u-id t"ir''f.! Kii'IersKned. or same ; Ibwroy. fre

I Pillow case: anU Lini-ulBLik: Silk Mitts aud Las' are of a holier and in'e iiia.Tniicrnt! ntindnr.I than Jiittlv! >. All who hiv ? trie 5 i it |wk it) o .ini>'i.l.i- 7__Ujmn nil frc" cf.! >rcd! male-, b tween the nil perssHindebted! t-Mhe, ?aM deceased, are reqne Prof yood : Dear Sir-IIa.ig-,

: ;4j. Hbertin:?. I dies Back. Gloves, bus evir litn attinip"od lioret.ifiri*. ln-in fivu
p7I PUiJ aid Plain''Miwlin of]Klsjini** anti l luuertiiigs, ; by Darloy) UiliiCM, Walin! iin-1 I>' -.lvr. asid ri.- the rt'i.iilf.iiJ| f r l.i-h it i. n't-omni.Ti.l.'d." R-U|>"ii all fro'-c; ''orwl (tn-LIIt'4.: IH twf,'n the a"ea i: Ju il'iuticclli,Jeiftr: : .t'ri 'T Florida.WiLIJUl to m. kc trialf your hai'r'rfri'torfttiTe. I

4.i'4 ll.qauliticr; ty ctber with'ilantillas, DAdn.'r.J.rTc'jn ies than two !l.v.ttea! but tu. gray biirs JiflTi.

4 live to nine diiFcrwit tint*. tni* to > ?! to iiupait :i--ur si* "that he uso- ir v\ 5ii: irr.-at JH i;. :"| i Ia ))-Up-.ii all w.i'.. ruale ii.ul.itiitt.! b-t<.v -ei t'lja County, Feb. 21,1JJ5.>. J S .;;iaExecutor's penr -dand aItl.r.tmv hftir hi* net fully .t

., t Roots and Shoes a rltjs-e roeiuljlanc) t to will-fint he.J I'tiiil!: !: hsi! ii i> f.irn'.lv, : nd iiOi-mini-li'U it to !.?, n.-iL1sr-.** !.s I'1 twenty-ono tiity years, a poll tax of one --- it* 'i-iiual rfof.! yet tLe pn-cf eLinre ig'erarfS*\,
IK* -i i j9-at.t'. .- ..4'a Xi' 'io MMian, i-i \iit.i- Notice. !ly giu andj bar
t bl These v.'oik j.r<* |nintid from new -veil.: M-l--mo f'iv MI dollar. ii. prfnt UTWS that m a fr.,
h, [\VI/TEVS' U've,aaJyotitb'sKus'ottlli'ojans'. Kip and Calfj typo, also on paper of extra q'l-ility *i* rcir.iid.-ti \-ii': i % h. h.ui "!l .t I!!I' V. ih: dit nsf, of h.. 10 Upon all l.iv s, owned l CT fnj.I..>yod in UIH SIX mrn'hs :after the taii-rsired.; : Kxecntor.of the time my.Luir still be as dark a* fi'initrfy.! J hvt aj.

l : Si-w'd and IVcr'd B -"M.Men's an.l ('rIlnTItile%'. anj tvi-ii) ri-c over i!". pi'.1-i.'t i.>yl: f 1, :.t lIkl with r\< \f vt.ujjh, \v !:o v.'u* r dry, a tx of -ii.f;! v r< ut*. t<. be paid! by tl.'i* '.*A n. r or Will and Ft.ttnett! .f Arc-l itdd! Ilyfehit: "(> be-n much gratiftrfi at tie LetfltLy ntvvt ure ai d Wvf
Lnt';'s Culf I iv r.nd Tr.r. of ti: d&dfn C. deci-a-ed, will 1Js aceoHnt VCire
li\vd th' iinty. tie Lair which
with! ilivor-ifi S.t"I! by ,
%(), !nuiiitTiiu und o< ivriv- v.ncr tIvr4i.f.| I'ruvi-l-'l. Ti. Coui.iil a* fiarsli Mul
: I Kij Pe-l'd IJjots, tight aud heavy, i 'g4, )'SU'l' iu cmbos i-'d Hack moroccvt Kul.xr b: 1ing 1- Siiit.iu! the :u"""' i.-j,i.itwi t hi-nr r.f tl.i4 M. .t fi<>!M tnxatioii any t-\n\r\ !InLniin uur ltV t.i<-;>*rilr Xrfl.1 mid M.uditrn t.t-fore the Ju !;;e of Probute fur said L3 ( to come out as formerly. dry;aad it

p 1 IQIfd Lij) I't.tftl \\jli LJJIJ>V> tulIa'l'. nlf jtiit> <'f tli' 8oith. 1r u n-j 'it (' ti..' Mir- l/.i-1'ily! i.rii' f-r i ii.Srn.i'v. oa s.; .Iicai; .n of th-* I Viinty. mdnj! j>Iy fur -ttleiin-ritaf.diU'ocLarj'e! Rt2eettuIy youra, -

Morocco and Calf Bjkin nnd Eootees, To nui: if vn< r y an 1 bi: i'ici s In't. fT rz runparalle'l n }-i ij:!' < :.!s I it I l.ns; jnTP>ri'l I in tdU\>ti-in au.lNotl. o\vi.-r < f !-T.I-I fAei.r hi* rs"mf.iri f.uui the a>In.ii.iitratfi>ii i.f cnid E3t.t.rNIEL *. C.3Ltrr?

. !! (-bUieto do a gw.tI l b'l-ii.o! '. livru'; '" : 'in .vd! nastorn S'ut-n, Me w..nd! nut ll. I lTp..n a'.i I.ea're Cr& l'r.MI(1d.(. 1ii. LL1E.ccutcr. '
, and G.
Uuiskin Ur>. CAYCAGO.
-- Lsidles: Kid Tics Jfjy
of Muse and Children's an jigi-ney, for thce importautvoiks, which tul >u'.r risr; ; p-iti.-it t t3 rci: I tl.e jui |JL! :( t v! ;ii Ii ;i :.!- i.-*. Tilbiirxs, S:.. ,, *. Cliairy, Sulkies Oc! .b .r 21. 1M4. (Cm 42 _
With agooda* oitmeut I hare irscd Prof. VTo.d'. Hair RrgtoratirGciJe
"ShU only by subscription.fST iwnii taoli 1.i tie. To nil, wo uv. Live ho'v, 0. a t-x of!.!.e d.! .iar! and i'.I'iy t-I-at a 1/11 iii:. LEWIS
cvny I It the talr
i J'1 r |p.t! a lro' th. pnbi-h!, 'j.*. .JJK- hiinlu-tl! d 1 'llni-t \.IIP tli.-r "f. advari'gc. prevents from
1 DAYTON Jt! WEXT'.VOKTJI Xc-v Y -it.M.irch TRY THE 1'2 LTMii s-l.iv- RESIDENT DENTIST tut; gives it a Kcse! and "oftness ?eryd.sfrte.fee' ? .
', MZDICflIE | tviry |! rxhiMtod fc.r sale! Lairs I bad have entirely'
flats and lit, lv'05. 5-.v M 'P within the ir.coi stated TALLAHASSEE FLA. gray disappeare..
Caps. IT' J''J i.\1'- ';; i uf iLU city, a lax of Aurtl Other*til nly fniilyIiave used it. end CODCuWI
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And! nu'l ct ,notI.'H t1t I.iTi I'i'v wra' TS H"w i'ierthArtifciaITeeth ontbe iu ijrououiicii> it all it i.rvfes.'s tii'Linircetit'i be.HEt1eyA .
ENTS and Boy's FndAl I lf! lri.kin Hnt J4ThG : GALliitiiTH, ; 1Upo.i; f-vrry IerQu w!, shall) for profit uiil.Intli 1 "*-"" aij in.jiri.ved principle, with CtAltKXidJuPROF.
I l % i>l ur t' .TIS1 I t uti i, iii It ttn I .t ,
I. .i ; a
t :
1t Drab Heaver Hits ATTORNKVS AT LAW, T.\I.LHAS.SIK, TLA. 'r (* .rjr ntc !U.i3 of thu city ili>eouiit, btiv IT w-l! "-----.LLif (.imit1m,' ;,tj: from one side t ii the
anj iaviliir ihvobtuihvd .
: C'
.v WiJ -a-Wnko, Senl and Now-a-d.iy cij- m I tli-.e. :: ; dr.if; :< IT Iii!< of tih.Ti:;f, ID.V.U iw.ii :,uy p.i! ? lie .tl-r ithi.nt seaiii (.r l 1. ciig n rIai| ** f<>r ihcl WOOP1OaIZTAL -
IA.. LONG & .7. I5.OALHIIAIT1I! ha o pofJL ti.iii, \tlI.ll I.' $! U1 I lI'u1i. SZAflTZ.LL'Wfl
't I I )-* Spotting HatBwl'Hll qualities, \ __ r4.v ITI yc-u! I tii-l."iiit!i < <-f tl.HSta{ \ < ili.! r wiihl.irti.\\nfifi) -I*. l hi.! 'rn-iit I.! (>.o.t, ll L rcl by ri-,:deriiis< t them perfectly a valuable
titei ihfin-t'lvos in tha) piu'ti of as J >r. l'-r-. i.f Livctv.oit l T.r. auxiliary toth tmmentofuome .
Siup ir ;
12 d ;z. Men's Black nnJ CnVjV TIn' will attend tin- (Joints t i.i tIn'! \!i.j.U4'! t tnS'ipicnie > funt'
S.. Boy's, Vouth'a and Infauti Spirting Hats, v Courts and the! DistrktCyuits of the L'uU'd Ecwarc of Cour.tcifcits and Uase lail'atisns : inl. theft thall! bi r.a-vss d a-id < iII.cti..j! | u tax i f/.fc f>i< :i* to > n. lie \vill tttinl to all cull. in which it i is cur lotto conteird ;- for fnstaneet-ffi.

p1;, Itcxi'* Clotli'Cajis) of nil bize and price, TttSlidia'se The qin-iiu nrii.-Io! i i.j ti ti.-J Aniitw U"u.r.<, onlj and I .1 half i cent* npi-n, t-xi-ry;> ia an:,-inti.f : Middle FUrida f.-r 1Y11 bttts. TL/.se wiahiojj Full tkm (if the lung and bowel! By a tborongfiam!
,B..y i, Yunth'* aui 1iift'ts, and iUU-s OHc nt lfl.ijt4. thC Court llor.1. I! > <-ii :i rcil wrapjitr; niuuul each Lottie.! exclinn: .' I, .u hf. :jivdv.rv! htnidrfd!: :-ett; CHIIl.r.iii> all n :rei> iiry infornuttiou by letter tinned applicatiou tfthis Liniment "nvtr ''tbe iet-

: PI-KV, 1 {' ".. S-.M n.i.ciitit: v, ii.ll. f'Tundilcrin j :; ti.., ar m-it ]>n- -, IiM;; I 1.. nill scar,.i.t. ine% rry iri-taiice, Ha'i$f <;tiwii. Mud of the afucted organ; tl.e otl.erwise rios

I Crockery Glass and Stone Ware. Otkr.1S3L Iv u'r '._ ..t.I ..'.. 1., .aa'i1 I r. ; i. I tli? i!ht at Tlhith the! n fesr.n !,f r i.<-fi ii.v I..7I I... ,.r. .,.*..... fit... ...t..:t. itiA.)...* riTiua.. 'Penile ri..l. fii \k 1.-i. .'itt.-t .- -. .. '_ a v.s_ 1 fl S fonr.iJaUe &
., i. rru.iuic m tujct-iiir7muiTi m more insn ?nlttLeir
Ill .:! ti tt, St.Ut l Coi/.i uidjjt. LuiX.. n>a le.I tr.
Cheap Goods.rPHK terrors. pnrtic Jarjy cliiMren
':s VEKYrticle usuallj kept iu this liu ,B .Au: fir t'I4' jl.4i-I, ti, !.uLl& all 1 Upon every n oi.t within ihisrit; n f Jtn<> 2t. ISfll.WHITE; 25 moth-re. vrfre- they allowed u>(peak; u/d/ aith
_t :: ? coiliv.plait 'ii! rs and pplicatiuis: f.r Ajjci.a u.Uat l-c aJC1T a F.icJ.-r, C ir.ii.ijM; I Hoiirori'oii n.Kct nM-uIwLt the elKaeDce of Wling nail alfec ai
i'r-2": : -* *th a JK-W -irr.iniiiiiit) in tlu-ir: l.wMti-d ridisi! uDUar their ti.tLMi .
bf\ond tl. &
: di t-- I. r : of tLia SUte, it SLUSSER te tiiiony to the fact Jhct it but iuaUbedcIiiMrtn ,
sItit nr&kts it ,
:t xs.vrt i.a' v Ii tax ofrl'R' !li.llai
C tDDL S, BrVjles. Martinsales, Girtl.s, di.p.ito. Cul.stii! mill! .it 01.e Asfin:> iii Tu llic .S.'ul'i.Ft1'iu.iry l' n all A om-ips of I'l'iimnee CiirnpinV them their
J1tL.iti. foraer
; 1'.tr1't. c\cjy m 1 to health and Uautj.-t A n'm 1 it
I consists ot u tjiMi.1 Mipply \Vatcln-s ;J tvrv de Tin SLttt. Iron llrilltmia hare.
t of two the ,
IT rt-r.t.
% 'E.tgi. \V.i-.c Iliillc Bitu. Stirrup Ir<'nit tir i 7, If'.i. 7 1 t'iiJjands p ujfii trti arnotititof.ilic'.tninJ'i.'i. will b found a powerful nuxilkry in .rwuoting bzi
I Jewt-lry, Fancy tooI; !- CutK-r., nun"1'iatrd: .- ivrd fur r.'i
ILLId> dtriu; Leather Calf Ski! dc., ie.Doiincts. Wate nnJ re duiLg tl. y.r uoit jrtectiiiii ia generally, ITM>Wu aai> Agu Cake. or aa ,.
numeroiit other IrtietI \v1ueh they pledgithemseltcA and ITc rocs for Sale. ti.o !<-.?" (.f:t- Pull nit iit tpleeu, indeed iii all .c k** .'bre tb. .
to cash
4i 4 tu oiiMitnrn at irrtntly itducrl fTMIr"I i:, Su! ..i-ri'jir' <..TiB; fir e.ile I.i !.!autdtiI.n. near Svo.; Ji'it Jmllitr liiii'il. That thereIjall i U-S.l* r-et-ive.l' all tiiauntd and -in complete -riuil npiIicalLu| 1* of*ervic tLu .Uuuu'aitcilIU I

price*. TOWLE i MYL'lUS.April Jthe A ini": a I'ivc-r, n.u-1 (.:I l.u 8t. Ar. .Hiini IKIn it-1 nri rolecSd! llu f.fl!!,,%. in;; Li.en.-o Tixeu[ : l' 'rder, .1 tl.iatt't iinj>rovvd pattt-.- .*n.l fr found neefU!. -, .

.1 N Atortraent of Bnnnets, TTretiths nnd inlljwtru 15, 1S3J. 15 road: I ; the tiyt i o..utaiH :il l.>ut 116'J 1 :wr.s. At-o 25X 1-tT|'<.n all retailerf r xiiinusli.j-i'.M! :_ *aciit rt-dw-d pi ices, and wilt lirfy css uiapetiiuufjr rILGI -WOOD'S rxcsT rtx UACJC urx PflU.L'L1.uIiLZ. .

.1'i .t 51Je A. PERRY AMAXER *. mei in- -tlv vounjj Xis s'* *'t woiktr* ninot: quart a one tjeatat tlural-ility May 0'fl.

.i A! j-rnlit vill If ,i%tX) < !! tI-i' Xcrcu ': Tor1c.fl''fnr. Pans'. o.j.Dtnr WoD

!!E Groceries.CofTte -r xrT.LLAIfASS1E ,; s. 1 '. i.i .*'.- .rj.l Pi.iatuti'iii ,! if the vi'inl'l Tin p:mi All.-vs Urihi.ii-a.Iy fco called, ue.t Lr hiu, a
tu'v .ir'-lr iK-itc i.i
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. Jyerrs. VtgitnlJe 3tsgic life I'flaw.
? OJd Government Java.Lnutf. jour
Tin! I'M-.
10 iuI Lagulia FLA. tax of ji'c-i- d"lus.! <- : 1'ift *, i-t-t Lead, Lta.l
. Urowiiand CnisLed isugur, liujM-rial) .nd May 21 S..n.; 20a i e'n. J.ulis i. U f.voty | I'iiir-. (5-ti-ii, ri.iij<*. thp V.'iiki'f every de .critlOII ;*- ate prepared to rtcocr.nifod them tutb* publJtisis-
4 a Iwo: 1uwi1ur rv. G"bheu Uutt-cr jwiekuJ in Halt- M..iitc--: !!a. D-c. 23. 1 5 !1. if t SI 1 1T eilit ii .1|S!ire:-.viry*>. Ouy ir cart, used Lr Lire, a (taz of dotlf vMl j .K'-! Mat l! --J.fitch. iilM.jieiior'to-all othrrs, an<( infklitle! in theeue.fts.?

f CrHckrr* and IVppcr S.iuce., Old Win'luMirVliiikcy P. HOLLANU, .' City and C. ui fry Meic-hMit will f.nd it tothefradvr.nt. -ases for which they are recunnuended t -
: :2- -1'| -er tw > r four Loree used f
. -rLire.
\ 183(*. Jiocc uuJ Holland U i in! Ma J .irul' >it ATTORNEY. AND COUXSKLLOlt AT LAW, aa E it t ix iit 1 t. u '-.iar.!! wagon ;;i. to give them a call before j.urthuaiag cLeV.htlf. c"h U. Oru li-Ltacb. AB.. Pr-tn-v K D-.Aluro.P.J/

and SltuiT Wino, Ouioui, Kice. Tobaeco: ,tij.I l So-ip. 'TALLA1IAS: : iLUilll'A' REzze1Srk.erRui..h7 EJwrd GilbIe,
} ( I'loriin ii; cv Lack ,
Qsiinry! ) -l"j.o! rv IT pi.bfie earring: I-BO fr
1 Starch, Coudyi Caii'lle.s and Shot, Situlfiu buttles atijblad.Ura.*. t-i of il.t! J :V' 1>. B. All ov.r p.rioes! aro manufactured Jobi4itrtiLucin lLSwte. :Eiaz IL Sweet.tba
juaitcr, half and wluile Kts, IT7"ILL practice the ( oIrt- nf the Middle! Cir- __,/' Wholosalo and Rcal! Dcriler inD bi-ui u! to i ; Jiv.-iv, tsct-pt tts1li!K.'a-ki. and caina-: i the very l't ateriil laid airuuttJ durable! -uo I r lfzrehraft, sathanie! Ciflmore, Jamts IL Pin., V(

. CiJroudVhUc wine yhiesar, Wbit _Hum, IVicha : 1 cult, and of J.ickton :iid! l''iinklii Cnuntiiit.tolMr i DrtUGS AND MEDICINES. gt#". ; pul.iii.: -> othorxvill be ' Lr sale. J'imi..n) JvIf : UU flflhiauia, 0. La'wson, C. E'arnfrtlL
-Ujwn public Every Stable! tax cf -
.Ij Apil| litauJy, Aiuciicuu ISiauJy, aud Old >'ecUr O<- '-:!t. IS..2. 42! tf t\ery a fifty'lI.. 42 tn.era.! -
1'tor. Wood
Wlekey. WILLIAM SCOT'!' TT LIST ro i-ivcd, jvr" ). (|' AtFiJ.i."t! '1ccr T_Ip n tv-fry Il-iwki-r an-I 1 IV.'I: ir vendin:? r'u!N, Dear : -
B. 'i Babbitt's Potash Sirlla used and ti. ftccf
) : in Tin Cans experience
f j jilv of I Dn.' an I M.dii-n! -, !'n.fO"I..iv1 : wsn-s :nrl 1! i.I.'mitt li-.m In-d I .!''!! <. of
Ciothins:. AT'i'O. Ms'V__ if T 1_ I'uttv and! ( ilaes Ware-:t j"i.fjd nn'Colors. tinat if b-i.rwnitilfnd Tsi'f Tlokt-t ? your Vegetable Magic Life hIts> fn my l m\lj.
A >JMOXT1CELLO ; > Lteiy *. a tux; if S3J-12--7poindeaih. aborted ; 143 lhs. in I will that
1NN )Mack and colored Cloth Frock and flrcis FLA. I I.nihV .and otL-r[ I I'.iii.tcrs* rmtf t nals.Alo five dilUr.and! ail retailor.- ? OF t ay us a famIly njtiieine. they eannotW
o Fpiritin.u-t IT Mtioi:* ctiM*, wsiratilfd to any iu use at about valued t.K> highly. I have them ,tend Vtt
Genilemtn's colored Tweed Frock, Sack SC) If S3. I riii<* i.p4] Fine Tooth r.nd I H-iir: !lrii'-he! <, Lublu'.s af.u-i.d all: csed in
t.Its. July :xi_ tljan liipi.Ta* kti-p<*rs ti I Hiurd tall!, 4. .-r tie iaii'c ptic-e nlhr.t in ens-Is, with fell liirtrcticra ions attacks awtlnflaoiufion. and I wiiI.ayhatthemxvirtte
Over ita of all kinds vithanof lIxi'a: -tjud \aiifty \f .;! Artt*! 's.Pl.intm U.ulii.: .ii .-.!!
andLaif Frock Coats, : :; or I ten j : ca'l kteptidof evi-ry lrav orcart. for nrecij ted, for In
.- swrtr. & Wat*, I'aats, S'uirts, Uraw; Collars, BAKER & MrlVKU, 1 an 1 I Phy-ii-Liis will :J!-AI\-: fi.l l at tli< t.r two i r fiirrlit>r e v.'un. or l.iiec! IT pi>!
. ATTORNEYS AT LAW rttabihn! .' ful-pjly! : cf every th.t"1t !, a.l i iontl.e ::**. i> --l 1-i- l.insf..iinM :.5l ki-/j---r- f llvry In try it '.iKi ph-ae! remit tt-n J..Irs!: in :1 Itttir t.'my hence I feel in duty bound to mmendtbein to'aTL

I TAT.LAIIASSER AND QUIXCY.) FLOKIDA.WILL iro-t lilrtial i I t. nr*. I fil'f. ha'.t kc-if ;;'! I (vd'.ir! ; all vt* o'f; Iott-i rik, or through o-inie friend in this place, and! I will I They optrata perfectly easy produeiog' unessysensation.
<>r Ilardware.VERYTJIING Its. 'ihi .articlehasLeiii
, 1 practice- the MiJdlent.d! ViSiin Circuit* | : tax cife twurd "iie tae it* aibot, 1-1U yet. their operation i is thorough ; an4 I sin
s in tbisllae, i I.f.-.cti: <'ii gi'iriits'!. wih: Kith tn j i--cs! iinijuuliiy. ,.f f.iiiie.! lf TC tl.iir a\- -.ti.iis, calllijbuciin in ufT the hut three gives thebrnttf sktisfu-tl
u u illv kept aud ia tLc CouLtita of Dtcatur un.l : -, r ytais.and that n'otliii.ij inoir, m meet ciuie, ia nrteuary -
Thorn. Ga.flOT..Y.II. ( Phyriviiiia incsoipuoiis carufully: coiaANV ; *.-, .i* af.ii-t !> iid ii..iy I i-c ]s.r4IciJ! ). Mid Il..It the i.iti
|..mix'nt t-t ti!:.- t.tX-4 l.-\i.-l :i af.'i eii.1, iii]> a liby i |fir 1'at t'tintte jud.i tjoap Powilrr! Ca tile Sonp triuatpbaut iUi S. -
*!S: / 1 UTS.! -50 DouW Barrel Guns. Tarring fron.li7 21' jiAKEK, A. N.7all Jl'lVLK, r.ri'ixn's; coporxi: > FLUID EXTiACTOFDLTIM' (,t'l..o ti ii.i mt. tti ).. vi.uliiri4r.t..Ih I Croaia, C.tii'llts of all LiiuU, and the test Sr.l- Ecgpectfully Ttiatt. Ae. -
| VJT f 2i) to ?S9. ALSO a general asioitmcu o C. QfIiI4cy. ; h tl.i* 1'lt'..!$:r< r. and *ith licinse >hali not Le iounlt' la iK/LiJ tarxis GO iii a c..e, orIS. uLL..r pamka- J B..SAXGXK.
W1i Btackutth- To'1s. January 7, 151. 1 11. 1S5J. 4.1A. .< .1.i\,t. r r ..t'i.1! f I -.11 .....v ...... ,. V e1.s.t Lb a
U ,,. YbUUA.lV.,
October 21, 1851. 4 NEW YORK.BR2WER 1>_(OA!! ..-.-, *. i tj., r tim .n 'MICIT-VS CTl. cim '-tmini T. BABDITT, Proprietors. 695"Broadway New:Tcrk.

q.? : &; CALDWELL 1)), CLAIMvK, -.J. I !, a t ix offivc ,!l.:! ,rn, :.:i 1 <>a nil cirt-i; .-'-
; k : For Sale.TTT ilCIlAAT(: TAILOR I I1.'-'rimi i-\l.ibi'i.. >ri: >, a t.i'f t.'m dollars! -h.a1 l>ch 3. l>.'-r.. 5 3r.i .. H. Ames, Ageut.TulLibam, Its.Y.L"t .
SUCCESSORS TO CEXTKU A CO.GEEML *.i id! I!! tid f \hil,!
r.i. r v--i -: tii>:i, a livvn-t* t<> r 10. LQZ. i .
'OUR noall Farms iu W-ikulla County, enntaininR ro.H.HKS0.\! 1)2: IN U:: "ltz :: C; rn ; .txu a'itl.i) ii/<- v.l I-eli iKi>t tr-t I e i>baiH-: : >! tr> n\ :!I.e Int riti.ui Tax Collector's Sale. -
A? each with dwellings auJ out '
About 80) good '
Bcrcs Notice.
Louses the at this c1fle.Ut.ubr .Yy. 'J'J, OLD SUP.8.1Kl. ( ::xrLMjrt: :IMc.i.ii4 zIz: (; ( liioir.TO !, at.d C'M.t .r-i4iml I I/y ti. l':t-.iqlrvr, unJtra! [HU- "f_> Y virtue of the j-mvtr vested in me by law, I -i
IT on came. Enquire
alt! <-f ii-! >:iUr i it.I ? tj.v l..-rtiii a.-.. > !I. .1 ir.oKtl.s after ?
: ? > ) t-h.ill s-ef-T tale -f 'ietLcCt House dt date frhail fasi
14, 1I. 41t : 1'j jy \\ r :s1 thVi-!! knvn ..11 I ,t. iid frCf ; exjc >uit >or SIX present my as>
1C( Up- n r.lIiiltn-iTnt 1! Irakis! ul.iiPl-ill nT.-r g'1"-1! M.i.liM-ii the nd Ji. nd, in next tie and \oocbfisto the Judpeof Probiute uflaiit4u
_i_ Iit I \ <- |.ied l l-y < it! v Stilltiiui: ), a ti<- :: at vii 6 e > y Apiil ,
: COTTON FLATER'Sct wir s i>r t.i* ii I..IM l.r." f r--v' i'i t thi> city, t tl.trol..ll I C.. .
iJ'-t-cribed land inuih will uiity a* with the will
fi'Unwb'i '
Wines, Syrups, :a- iri m 'i.t of .Si; |"nor I litn !v .M.ii > Cl. :Lntc, 1 uini ? >r &i as u.axIextf.
I In* lo\i--l :.!i>I lc..I-t-V--l! I a t.-.x f < !! Us inlu-.i l late ,
WorcoatcrAiro Sauce i o 3E3I o Ti a o i i.lis;X (!< i'-<, t 'i-.tiK.! ( ..t-iii; , Brandy, an.l! a licrnv >.i t.i .-..hl -l.all f fiist i l...- i.'. tuit.vd fro'ii t tI th.*
O.Qlfl'ort: p"B.l l i'i: ;part' f ll O f il! iuirulxks: ; 1 s:M. Mnl I t i.- xJi.Tm.i -* ii.i-idrnt thertto, tivwit; HieNtrtli rilAKCA'RET -
; Yresli" jjlieter, TALUHlSSEETrLJJSIDA J'iinUj.l! Di)i. -', I ri.-k <' ....tslllu'kaiil I In.Lni.ii't) : -> af! i* w.: I 1. l.Ui!, r :: i ?nitv.! in c'a : ,,fl4i1- l.-ilf t-f thf X irtiwe! t (juaittrrof e .cti<-n twenty. PrvEW.Adminwtratrit:

.31&: :Uira,' .siud. .. I:: 1 Ci.lM iu-Jtf Unacted Frwl end t.-! rn in .in, i-f a i.'uat I:ix to 11* ini-| >.-. .L in tots t .l.if* ->:.: itlf, Iliuige ffcVtn Eist, purjrotitjji October 14, 1854. 6m 41
jt'? Sherry ii Clam, : rc.-I.. IeIt f'til'r Oilmnl That 1 D.iC''ii"5 -
vry I clutJLr to Ji-Lu I'-tlclavli.
s'? London Porter, ILdlibut, To Corro:: PI.AXIUIS ( Jlnmltii mi,] the adjoining 1.iti.; '-*\ C'Kltf, i j 1.i-!, I-eJore p rt-ulii-r MM-iiMx'ip: | : -..*i 'ii in t.ioitv UOBERTMtKIXST New Fall and Winter Goods.
I ?' t'vuittiei i.i J'uriJa and ( Vaii'-y ('us.-riii-ic !. tl-\ tlt>. ,
# I Scotch; Ale, SarJiucs, JtcrgiaJ : 15 tt rv n. :m-i -d-!eiit }ii.tit. l4trt 'ir.uiii Tas A *ccr.r and! Culliftir for lluoiiun Ct-uuty.
iitund Cvl-Jiul
' 4k :", Urau-ly Peaches, Tomatoe Ketchup, -V\ K, the un.hrMirii'Hl FU'I iilrt-rs) return to yon I I.Javk )" -kii !'. i-CI./th, U h-.s pn.---' in v.itS.iu tin! : !lin.Ui i-f this (tity s-i.ail }piyu. O.-tnlu-r U. !>:> {. 6n 41 DAVID C. WILSON
' ,;i. Brandy Cherries, Walnut i tiur mo t ptttUful th-inks: for tins viv librrnlpatioiiiu : t.ix ot t.-i dolSur-i.! :.nd I obtain! iahiriiu l: from llic I ln-
I .1 u- n- 1 C l'd I'IIMH.
;*L: Gauva Jelly, 6picei } : ( which Jjis: bn bw-t CAVM! njmn u.a. tlio-i!j lSi.ulrn.J! I'jtiu'v sL ilk: \ I t-,1.1; !: ; ;tii t (3LW n f liluie < r I( f'iii: to t9 Ji, fhullj Blacksinithjng.s IS now receiving from the brigs Re'mtngton, TTiils

Currant do.Preserved Picklrs, your kiinltic( s, w'uriv II4; \e l-n-n <-i i (;.J iu the tU, j :iv d >i.l,I<* I llift I t tax aboVi. aa-rsS *il. and other vetse!*, his csual suppTy of ftlltfd

,4r: Quinces, ItAbpbvrry Syrup, Cotton Su.isgc.VtLzliin; :au-1 .Soiling I'Mj-i,,, ;., jjj .' F..l.i-\, \\-Ivct ill.ALSO SM'.A. 1it t\tt'nr O"liii", Tliat all OnliiifiiesT A TTACHKI niack.-n".ith to my 'Liu-ry 5 5J vf | Wnter Ot-o la-.ftll of which wee seltrterf b himself

t*, ": Pears, Btrawbtiry- city und Wt aran oiur our wrvi th _. -n ; : ;* .< neon 'I (I' CIOL. (1.). rnsts c./nl'n-iJ.c.s! rot.Si.-tiic with the true iutu.t Wj -iStable i ii n Simp > in New York, and purchased on." tie most -fevurmLU
i.: :! all kind ,fv. rgTg j j3
%i# .4 -Ginger, Lemon ** ut our oil tLiud. ani 1 l>.lH j > that) mr d'itv! in t.ol ; (U. 1). ii. r.ii-i I IL4 z.iImi i f tL-> Ordim..tiiie'! to aiiJ the amxeIir..v are S iii which fkapw[ > term! many uf them reduced 'pri *.*lwH ul *-

tI Sparkling Gelatine, (; l 1c.1 tfmm.iucii ,>f your l ; : ( I.eitti f'i e I itI"i* uliiVuhni r -i..-:..Kd.PiF I.lii. I. taiuin:; ti) that U-ii: U'dnne in t; >inl btvle, at t.L.'itihitice aol him to supply bin eustokers and all,"wbo nay
3 .
t 1L.tvtrui KxtracU, Tine ApyloBaU gr1 fts to secure % /.ir p: r"ie, and ::I I.LCXiu A Cue Rcporliiictit ( f SJlii:. <'.*..'1.M, Cravats r.m-l! ;. *- l .* < '..i.nril; r.i.d approved, this CCth iavcfF amid! ni us it&sorable terms ni ut any tler favour him with a call,'either fur cash"or appreT,i
1? 'i.o; : i.'l (i'i. reds i in i ji.,1! Sit. < u.\t.f, e.f i.Lipin tht c'.ty. 5nj.l.Tr.ents.siu-h: as ?Tmn
uiijutLi ;
l Oil tLe future. tiaa
> Ytry llcfptfullv, .bruarvA. I D. I4--/. credit, at prices certainly as low, if not lower ujl.ouse
..SUK.J.C; M' i! I .Mi e..tter1ok. CtictIkel!
; at. I'ndir'hirtuan Pit.l. ,
. L o.u -. l'ics.Tap
Igsh ilu U rJ, Cptri'. LROO.ME A IIEHt.SO. ::! THOMAS HAYWAIID, in this city. They in part consist of
. I lI-L'; ;('r'. Iii ui, !Fui.-y. < .itii.n: j.iH5 IJ.] 'J 1 |l.r-.l| i Uii.g4i.nd lii'ii Wnti.ts, k1-jt. nr.'ly iaai'e and wit.i.tlv -
.Jt Cid : i S4.
; c1rtr. -' : Sparkling < r, S'iAenilor Altc t CiAiii.Ls! HLUIM.NM! :-, C! ..iJliuh Fancy &staple PrjGoudmtatIonevT.I4)t.t .
I *", \Vliiie :iul C.l.-i l n-i I l'.i.iiri.! : H.m ik. -r-l-j. !"-. all > t n !l..iii-.I. Tl.i si1 tfLrd (irnurS an opportuhitv -
OiJITavnna I'&rt "
: Juice !: ::. ] .>. .j----l I. l ; and Shoes, iDrui and Pwrfoaawy, .
q.t New Goods. of \\Lvlt ate 'lfvred t-. tl.e! b
SKwvember 1). U. AMES. | u'j.i.oa Itui thl-t* niin.I tusupplv>tlf \\ilLout inir (dvluvetl. Hardware. Saddlery,

1I. 11, 14.s 45 ,, T IIAVR: just recHVftl my Full aid WiIt.'r \vj.nw: nh'l/ g.i.i1 lj,4 o.knj in tLii iLi'-vt.- pIotice.SIX 1' B. UUKAV.STOftliNG Ilihlownre, Groceries
: J. & g!l illl'l Vkilllt.lll'. it: 2
l of Clotln CLbin&rt., -tifl , ( te.: Crockeiy and Glass Ware, Iron andSteT.ring' ;
:Xnveiiii r 4, 1tl. cfier dati tl.uriaJt-r-isrned.adminii'tra-
. 'w Curled Iljiir Mattra'sses. J- t>(* VITV color, My IP, mid i..titv.' whi-h I ampreptind ___ 41.j.Notice. % IIiitWantl Cups .. -! and Rop, I -
Jit r of I the i--taU! < f Illirhil Mrlililtl, deeeilstd!, : AND SHIPPING BUSINESS
.0 to inak* up i'i' 'Ii'., most t.iLiotJabl'"style, ei lioniiet Trimrnir s, Paints, Oila, A.., cnrkdIdr will )Ins nmj
*4L UST reeeive1, on a lut fine. }t..t e if Ixcn Ct'iinty, pm iiii tiuuluccuuutuuJviuchct
.1 blautt uutlci3 and reasoi.abkterms.! tr NIwI)1T.
Men and IJ.Vs I
tuttra"s, iJuu1t or tLin (or A LL l'avitf (-hti1.I. ., : -*, Mill a-k t" 1 Iv ..iicli.irji'd.H1.V10X > Clotlunjr
ALSO JUTS g ; t tl.e i-M: { < "fJ. r'1I l IE mi ! . Lot weather, vbich wejU. v1I1uw to )'.se. A. AVKI.L fcKI.PCTrn V i.f Lfijl h lrad! la!.-.J Lt, n, OiiKiy! drici! :ifwl.n !. J. bAL'NUEUS, AdaiV.IKtvrr.ber 1_ ms its Iirami.-h.e. l.ilIing veIl caieulatu.l fur Mary /Wages, ) Leon Circuit Court. Ia ias.vs.
Ti 1). LAID. ) .
I1 li "
: <- iM-n-by ni.t tiiii-il I to j-i H.V.n.nv|| I, -|..|,. I IK-! 1.1.- S .1! Oui ti-.i.a'iLiiiZ SVti4 I. ;. I.. LADD. > eery.JamtiWaces. .

f *' iort Jn ? READY-MADE CLOTHING, deii! ; :icd with.n t-ix IH.III.H: fiiul tl.i-j dntiir! beI .;ewj.4.ui, Sptethb.r I4..f.Lc.O.1 .. ) Bill for Divorce. *

:11, ConsiMiii2 hf every armei.t euiiatlo fr wiuti-r wrir. I I.ii i rid I fu'iu n-fiiin*; j.ny 1 t|I. j j., uitus oliho Ilitler1ntcl.. appearing to the satisfaction if the Court, limit

p Notice, uucli us C 'iiilvS, Talu.iie, G.i..ts, Vtt'U, 1'antj, iLc, iihi'll % bale o! the uid -iati', t-i !h. )1. r< r.fer: n-nic AAA DiyrSv it '.i utttr and! Derrft (.'iJ uit (?oi.i 1. T1 rn, 1S-1. IT the above named defendant Jan s Wages, resida'i

!ito.rr'terr1iip of TUNXO; PI.VCKXF.Y:; : & \\ will Lc JJ'jM'hf.l of ut low prictH.Also HUGH( Altt HKIi: Jr, L't.] V.V/ \ ,* S ini, for which the hIhiet in.-.ikrt .riee IMwia C. litt: *, out of the State of Florida, it ordered tbat a hesrfcfon
CO. lu.viig: been dissolved, ;bc ul criUr w illcoutiuu ;i kirtft- lot t.f PLui :and Fancy .Sl.irts.! Collar, And i-p.e ILirttr iii l'h) Mrv.. \\ ill l.v !paid l.v D. O. \\ 11>;OX. r*. [. Attacbuu-nt for $67 25-1CO. the fieta charged in said bill", be bad 'on the h*

UiiI' rhiits. C4 as at. bt4ICk$, I, 4'.. .. F.brutry, If 55. H cn, ( )eiihr l1.I5l. 41 R'.beit JL-Iviiu.try. ) day ofilay.A.D., 1S55 : Providid. Thai a copy tthw

't -- tFAtWiGE AND COMMISSION' El'SIXESS 1'Iiiqi. dc.-iri'iij: a thorough out lit will c.nnult! thir Lcox lion 'Miill lAfftj'lints and all othpr interested, will take onh-r "be published m some newspaper prinUdTallnhassee
' own intt-rt-Kt* by yiviti,. me n ill, nil the ubo\ County \Vorks.TALLAIIAfcT.i the
us <> FIIEGII GARDEN for the of three oiohtLs tt/ors/
? L owji JL Q PIKCKKEY., A. notice of the! iiMitiurn 'f the above suit, and appear space
zu tit'!&e have r -lt4td with gleut; caro.imd with: :, I'J.OUIDA.) dav appointed for Mid bearfnj.
; Co.i.icULVHAILF.. i.ud to the ileclarntion tiled iii fciid .
OficC IxoIlTll case.C.'C.
( plead
z ; ro\\Tii I OF 1551.UTA .
ptaalivvv to Uifir tii l.i.! ia&rk! Kstiil.hVl.inviit: } !i4 "
a U4.1aptuti ii < t.
? I ;< rpllJS now; in f.n o j.ration. AH YOXGE( Att'y for Pbiutilf At Chambers, Feb. 1. 1855.

fl'EFERENCES. JOHN 1'UATORIL'S. didnii vill'l > iitt.-iid-.l to y.-itli: pr npttit: >#, and 1) IJ.> nFbt Tuiuip, Cabbap, '. ('., January 20. 1S53. 8 Sm J. WAYLE3 BAKER, Judge
October 2 1. 165 1. 42 all \\urk d"iio willi ii<'.itit---iii!.1 ii-<;ritri.! It rteiiu-d. I). 11.Januaiy AME. Feb. 3. 1855. :

1 IJO1tAU4JL .AVtwi,, Jonx FKACEB 4i Gx, All kind, <-f wi-ik, hi."-has 't1aI,1 U". ik. Mill Wi.ik 1 13, 1&55. 2 MILES NASH 6t CO.
1* OOCIIBIX MTTMIK8 it Co. New Goods Xcw Gcods Gm
: KX: (;.i jn Suitr Hill. Ciwjlar Mat-Li-: :. Notice.* _
,. C-1ooetcu1bLr ,. 1851. 35 ttCopartnership & WHITAKEIt MmfliiC, i'ulh-yi.! Han-iM! Dealers in Drugs, Medicines, &c., *
BETTOX are tecmiiur. ]p.i bii? 1'1-h, Casing*. I LVa-- rn2 tbs aft.gdate, I shall present fafseet
-' '. (; u eiifiul aariuitiucut of (JooiL*, iu (_ .tliIg., lc.; nl-i. tiiiirir KtJt'ea, if unv ,i/y, kjleoiManlly ; SIX mouths after date, the undersigned, ndmiiiL. \T7OULD inform their friends and the public that SIX vouchers to tbej Judge of Probate bfJJe "

t, : Notice. Full and WinU-r btyles, \ii: LII l.m.,1.. All w uk diKin s-uli i.n itt.'r j f the c.tite: of Thompson Ware, dec -as -d.Lite 1'they have on hand a <. xnl assortment of such C
1-It?: thli day entereJ ioto a to'pI.rthdft.tii Itluck French Doeakin, Irith Liir D. Ii hiii itt will I Lf '.)ic by us with a iKirtieular' u-ijiid < Ji-lfirsun County, Florida.will (irefent hi.s filial articles arog.mierahIykep in their line of business, charge >as Administratrix George Wof St4d1iJPj.

; rnthe Key Fi'-ndi Caiwiuicics, lil'elidiind Hr'n Domestic*, l<> the titienuth an.l durability t.f tl.o woik. au'ounts mid vouches to the Hon. Thonian J. Cliace) and will ba reciiiviiw regularly uesh snpjilles. Their J tfersoa County, clecea-
f WHOLESALE AND RETAIL Fancy Tweeds, Duntisk SLirtimj, C >iupet4 ut Woikiucii always ia reaJutea to put un JuJje i-f Probate for said (Vunty and nsk to be dis- ennehall bu ruu*>mable.Tallahisspe JANE STAKI3LET, Admstra

Kentucky Jeans, ''Aborted I'liiiincls, 1.ligL&t'$, st(. vli.iieI. IVil. 11. WAltl-X Adui'r. : .AprilYtlt. 1853. 14 October 14.1854, 6m
Ettrar: :L3t1xNm8Bf : PUiJ Lilies, Cain'.ina Stripes, Teims will be-liberal, and all work done strictly for Xovtinlcr 11, 1SC-1.; Cui 45

uNuE1EKAtEA1D *TILE OF T Printed Flanncb), J1 a i liters do cads, or >nt! 'ra me hnsi>K-M firm in" this .- -- r- Carriages, Buggies, and, Harness .New Boot, and Shoe8ts

"BARNARb & MAXWELL. Opera iiu CUioliim Pluids, place. Liberal prices rwiidf-irold Iron, Conner and To the Old Settlers cf Florida. For Sale by P. B. Brckatv. h.TkIEY Undersigned take pleasure.1*

41Tby Blue Denims! CHUIOTI Flannel, jjI-a2.l3. I eustomera and fiieod *faiulth 1'
E. IHrirrr. late of .tho General Land *
: will U < ifd ia see their- fik-nd 44 All Julius Subscriber) has just received a **
; pl Drill Ued UlaiikH., letters must UiuMrrHpd baQ
t (post pi.1)) to end Pi-usiou Ofiice, Wa-sbin-iton 1). Uwill TIIC .public generally that tb y-
7 MHl patronaM the old stand of & H noard, Fancy Calicoes, Illue. Iti-tiA (Jr'n Dlank'ts, J. M. S1IUT i CO., Tallahassee, Fla. attend promptly to all'claims under Florida Armed 0' 1 IHHJO supply of Carriages,Bug hw Boot and Shoe Store, and are rea r to roas p

Jr., Sign of .the ilortar, corner of Monroe Diglixh Pri .Nccro liUnkrts, Jlaich 11. H-l.; 10) Oceujmtion Acts of 1842 nnd 1818. Persons whowere gies. ani(, HainesM, which be offers for thebIstkind..ot work in.the 1iie. All Wb0
IClWou streeti, where they will keep Printed Y lvels White (; muIo on the most reatuniable termslNuvehiber
etrgia Kerseys, work done will Ida well to eolL 'Tb7
P. B. tattlers under the said Act of 1842 und having: any
!4 ..fu1i Ii.lrg terft1 aiaortrnect of articles pperthim As&orUid IlosK-ry. Georgia Plains, BROKAW'S complied with tho requirements'' thereof havtTnot: fevrivcd ,18, 1S54. .46 T their Work-to be mtdeas well-asean* be **f7\5
'tboir liu of. busiuora, bud aolieit the itrooag of OFnaliurg.I. kind
t. Heavy. LIVERY AND SALE STABLES the CATC.NTS for tlu-ir lands 'cjin have them obtained where else. They hayciItks1 the best
Land Warrants
ItLepubJicjE. 'Bquxty
ileriuu Slili-te. Fm1tikmnm1 Sle1ath4t.1D4!
attended the sul tciibvr. ? gjib1
4' "" or toby >
}j '.u4 BAUNABD. Jnvl *' Draws, TALLAHASSEE,- FLOUIDA.R I TOUJHTat the 7i/, / */ ric and '
Also chiinia prosecuted for Pensions!Bounty Lands, 11 / procnru *P
t. ii ,.. 41 .1 &hT! .G.TIiOUP MAXWELL Napkin*. Towels, Back itc tc. the J reasonable H J.J od for those who lave not been ablo to ra-Jt .LfrP.
Scrip, ( Pay, on uio t -
I r "- J'-
Y- -
I 8. Scotch Jiepr. N.LF: PrOIrietor wuul1 in. terms. iHon. H'tablwb their clainja If cay Live received a/Jj( ,..Ju1q,618I. 4.U

: .: : .All oOor d kt the lovveet prices for cn h or approved S. rif'-&: -*- forui Li* fi'kials uni1 the, 7-h 1ttFEaINCE3. h'fB amount than thoy tvcre uUtled to.lct Bia.know I p ..1'

t Executor's Xotlcc. f r dit at the 3tor0 one door north of Messrs. Hotly- -- pu.Uic, |.hat be has rebuilt _CD_ it: 11tving'balI: : fourteen years expedience IB,theprwsecution .t : Idt '1i0i0w'bv

teeii'pnintct1 Executor kieN
uftLe1it4U otwaet 'WcWnl Whir. .Q't.4 -41) to accommodate his friends and custon rs. 0 JA3LJuI ( o'ixit fully thu ways anti inesos uf getting through the HEI1 1U51'

Leoi Cuu.ty-'wwJ .bai4ng -J He also has Attached to his Stables, a good Uuc 44 Jon Wiifcuii Washington, D. C vaiimis W'tinlirii J lara japorfstssiwi :
k*' 4.oeiL Oils 31bitc.Lead Departmentsat toq. ; Anrnst( J9..185i. ,Z3.i 'T! _
-4., tiod under sip} '$u44 (* ultimo, &c smith Shop, where bo wJl buve done all kinds! of AddrEss Post 'PaiJ, JDL1US' K.MEIEHE. record evidence of 286 Fh! rid|,VI'Alilii
having deItlaU4i ;gansLktbtIt&to; present them ;f| ffBOXfi Window Glass, assorted sizes, Plantation woik-iloise fcboeibg, iud Caniage wok Washington U. C. 120 Geurgin. besides South Carolina nod Ten e *******'***** *" ? .

itbhs the t authenti. 4.V";-100) kejj VbiU Lead,pure,extra A No. 1, iii the very Liestaiannerai.nd with prompt-IcM. and October 21; 1854. ': 6rc 1 42 Muerer"Roll uf: persona engffgud nf'tU TloriUdtWai. OF FRANKLIN 8.vHirSON lorm fljof1

0114,11. 0? thuL4T.ifltrr.Idi.d.tl77i' their re 4. aneaLiise4.Oilt.6 dispatch. i If you nave any Quarter1Muster'PebsJoa; orBoiinti & T &"SWt.I

..Lii1Oi1, NoIIllerL.53.-! 44 t Notice. Land Claims; calf iu. No (Aarirti ifjofctajn"no moaey*.

( h. IJ' j 20 1Ctg.Ziuo Paiut, iS.Q : Dry Goods months after date the undersigned executor of 41 "V ftBlOOD.. iwFLidiM. idirnt 1.NtIMN dtbnkful1y

r-- Wittd'sd : iKtckagos Fire-iiroof Paint, (bbl..and | bbls.) SIX estate of Miles Vutterrdeeimsedp lat of Wa h- N, B. Persons vithm ettled tustnett TritH blmsdf ( 'Mifk' flluinid

.4 :,itL.*& rsatm, .2 UrreU Train OU, l.bbLOopil; YmriIsbtSpirfta.Turpethsiubanda&dstr.talL D LANKUTS, pipaburg ,>hectings.Bbrtmg8! (; Ix. ntob County, will pre e-tbi8liialsccountiiu'd\oQch-' or*"A."*Rklwr4sqnatE.WYC4" toa1l..jthout delayat dint 0

4. v4 r. / .1._ ) Ac,landing from Samson and for sal Ie1' era and ask to bc'dichar from tbe *me.' my office 2t4t4e 1 1fn41'W1 bMr

:j th i WTA1&.c1to1tkiu.17 1.j --. ,j .: .* : 4's'. .P.'HAIES.-: i l as.e.iYla.t.ittts' v a i -' .. -. 801

17, 15. I Pw : I erier11.1554. .- ; ? ., 4 !! i rer-1)1 3i MluIrIeL: U 7b11 alb ?

.,1'.. .t a 4t ': s



/- -

The Floridian & journal

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The Floridian & journal
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Floridian and journal
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Tallahassee Fla
Maxwell & Hilton
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March 17, 1855
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Newspapers -- Tallahassee (Fla.) ( lcsh )
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United States -- Florida -- Leon -- Tallahassee
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Vol. 1, no. 1 (Jan. 6, 1849)-
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Ceased in 1865?
General Note:
General Note:
Publishers: Charles E. Dyke, <1852>-1855; Dyke & Williams, 1855; J. Jones, <1855>; Dyke & Carlisle, <1861-1863>; Dyke & Sparhawk, <1864>.
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Supplements accompany some issues.

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. : ,Z I .

.- ... \ -
-- ----- --
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riL[ L

.4 I f ; 1 hH
,fl t I ; ct

.4& S S 1 I: T:1t: ;

-S A S. -S -- --- S : ___________ S S rr b-;; ; t iS f (.- .4
-. ----- ------- -- -
t I 41' S -- --- -

I -4=-5.L'- _ > jBY


-S S --.--- .
-- S -- S S
; ES- L _
DEBATE IN THE SENATE. under the black banner of abolitionism! and I an Abolitionist, or a man belonging to any I Nebratkn bill, I he will! not It:' ;;
presume deny. ination of any candidate against ilr. Jfooroj Land laws heretofore passrd by, (Comigrs. ,
AVo beloxx' 'an interesting and higlJy"exciting lighting Nebraskavero all R\xrept awiy, and other party or faction, lu wa3'd to vote was a matter notorious that throughout the j '
give '' not known in a part of the State, which shall be extended to Indiana ,|n Jb*. arnn
another delegation, uutler a similar 1 black banner )- 'precisily as a majority of the counil or lodge northxvjst, that the xx'liich *
debate, say tbq Raleigh Standard, was argument ww threw a very heavy anti-Xcbraska vole, and manner audio the! earn* ,, xLeui aafMta aid
are to come in their places ? Is that should determine, (lint it t
one so Iinpponed II&"I to the people! and tli. tit had its efloct I that
[ ; result vas owing to that fnet.Mr. Indians hud been white
.which ipok place in the Senate on lYmay, of those |;lonuus victoiies at which tho Senator tho! portion of the country where I reside, and'' -lint hoxv! ni'ich I am not abK> to siyMr. -. DoroL.xs. wi.-h io state that the SEtt. 8. And be ti further'tenanted rneim u r *r'Th&l*'
3rJ of the bill to protect from Ohio rjoieeir { 11 tliiuk whole X rthxveJ-t cvltry I II \ : >
tJio February, on i tliiougbont tt: Wii.T.ntr. hop v.hon tif! honorable; Senator from Maine would do xx'rll to. inquire the officers am} soldiers of
ol&ccraiand othef persons acting under the ? W.xir._If the gentleman can find any ,I lodge was under! the control of Abolition! ; Senator! the free States who 'b.ixe I of tho e who have the mean of knowing, in- war, or iht-ir uidoyy orpiinor/evolutionary d fldron al t
I ,
? lliefugitive coiiMjlation in that, I am glad of it. leaders and abolition auspices ; heat-f you held their flection?, that he Stite ''fte.nd of S
United St.atcsiu
jiutfioutyof the enfo.-eing (I except my ; repeating hero what my honorable be entitled to.ihe Leuofits of this act.SBC. .-* ,
Mr. ) r.ts.-I I urn not Kcohing consolation could turn it a ainft Neijraj-l.a!; men, and m all because there
weliad; six"ia-! !
in tho
blavo-law. Thin debate bhould beItuul { : colleague House denounced, when it 9-j And ufcc furtherijawclet dj Tha
merely, but the truth. V'il! he |point me ''other advocate"; of thy Conaiiiuti ;:r.d !ax.sof ;r e S two Wl.igs and l I' Democrats said L r
born himself was by n. man who did not kno\v if, and the benefits of this act hlj be.applied! to gnd |
mid all. f fj
pondered by Douglas anti-NVbraska Ohio thi. the l.'nited St'-te
to an man elected! ii; tliongi! only! txvo were fleeted and all xvhicli all know
we Tho
was embrace served v4Juzitqer
i eloquently, fearlessly and proudly the year, who did not receive the Knoxx'-Nothing j j H, Mr, WAUJ:. IIoxv did it work when they'uanirhl of them Vv'lii s and Democrats, were pledged who made that statement wa& from gentleman the inva, ,iun tli0bpxvho of I'lutuburg,,a*in,' .-pU'rabcr* a(, '4

l occasion, hurling bis denunciations full in tlie )
a Mr. DOJ-CL.XS.____ ; |
Wellsir f
I faces \vb"te-li\-cred Abolitionists and skulking organi/nlion : thoycouM findj I U-JSU.MJE.V I prcsinnol must except I never went doxvn to tie! central or south- Inttla.of..KiugXMountaini, iri,the revolution
;Mr.i \.tlIZ.-1 hope not. a Democrat gncn enougli t t-> l y can :hl,
Of thl dmmrin time
StttC eIeetLoaIdI
S em part ( 'aud
; jhe battle of
Knoxv-Nolhing< ; and Jones W"S uj Mr. DorcLAS.: -Ho hopes not ; lit he.knoxvs Tennessee, came gallantly to the rescue, and I they were el-wted by Knowotliinfj I k-iij j)0e! hu did like! nil the otlicrs, ieid i xronld.Mr. *avagesoftb ,
va4 ziomninate J vceks, if not mrmomitli Si'i.5 litd f'r/Jrniwte4 Tia
*lcno jnccd these abolition Senators as a kind votes ; aitlvet; oa this hour, in: order to rto an oath' xvhich l.eal.ljorreti, r.tid aeteil williliiu'n IVir>Tv. T xvonhl not attempt togo beforo tht; election ; that circulars were st-nt Inc.S provisions of UiU. act shall tlCiinpl.ins hi$
of Uaitori.** :iid liis friends i and rJlies! in Mrginia and tlebouthern ; whom m lie *li.J n-it r.vjK-ct i iii aid of prineij.le \vc"-t of the !UurKy( Menntains at all. Wln :i I Ir I nil over thy State, to every Know-Kothing Will served.uith applyjo
p States, he tiLs! about thai as b<- : that !lie bthi-.el t-ii r'vtlm4thLIa'! b 'th4&zzu.y1thosuvt'ral
a e ofti.e i\oti
aki"jj !
> < and I of ll. '
And after all this-after the patriotic : frlt: StaloI -?. 'lodge! rornmar.f'ir.g them tr vri for .Miller! ; wars of tho! country. t
: evon an aiili-\Vbraski: triumph. Sir, ([turning to fore ]lie v.'OiM vim i1tm th" o.t'a i"tohioh li.. I have j. ;
; : !
; : : i.khr
S mil >ifii : :; ,' i.f ('allt'ornia at all.! ,, that h'irtucn I'ranch, the! (lihrrmnn nf the S I I. And; enacted That
GV fur'Jicr
services for years j>:as>t of Judge Douglas in :''iVite'i you boat that you I bent; every had biH-n entrapped in (bat pe"vt; iod e. I I' I l,- % I an: axi.ue o,' tr-!: ict* t th! :it r.l! the ;!i \*. I.ig 'ntroi coinuilt.t.0. t iiit out circulars to ilicpiovl.-loivs of this act .be applied to flotilain.'a
: bi-lulf of the! Constitution and Southern rights, Nebraska: Democrat i'l: Ohio at th" 3qt tleetion have;: no doubt \ tom took .1 1"\ lu>ioisrr tfiom t- mild'--! '.* In: Ca'.iforni.i foiiid; it nveni"nt. to every corner,evemv neighborhood in the State, trod> to those xvJ-.o ferywJ volunlrt-r- C
there are men to bo ioaad, in the :'w.rf/J, to ; and yon ini ht have nrf-ktl) tint! vii 5;-. i-i that \ :m' ; but I btlic'.v ih1! .Iiy of, r.l.tcf thciii, ';'Non! t tlie 'roriof! : j-nMp' rti.'g ,I xxeeks before the &It' iimr.: urging the \Vlng* ::i the ttickon LowMoxvn, in Delaware as Jbyth
3 bo.-it every :nit i.N ti)r:1'ka Di-rnocrat :1 U<>, ieVMUSO rt'clioij5.s: Nebiaka bill! ; ama! aIthouij ,t f thera'xviro *
Styij for him .
deeply bleeped) in party prejudice a.s to be incapable ; tn voto ; that th'i-! \iolithjn: and 1'rve- Hiid-lj fleet, w t tile war of fci hteyii huridrcd .
: : llLC Ki ovi'-.NothitiiM: denirmdi'd olirtjien. : j? ecomii'Lr well ii'itivjJ! >:?:!. l I haw c.iltd WI.Jo. and Democrats Soil;
like t K..JIW j I coipr..itfcea: E"t mil circulars! urging; [the and twelvunit. \
of doing him anything justice ; Look over .ill the recent tlectio-is, :riflwiierever 't't!t ii* pi.xvfM anti its t<'rO."v, and if J couM'tlefy -nice: tliey; cal ;pl-icu I thcu-! < ives in that po-i-j jsame I tlii.jg, and the nexvtpap gave as a SS t
nay, more-there aro men among us Whigs, you will:! show me one JSfbrn. AmeniKr : U.OM then. I ran d.'iy: tlitiii now. >ir, tl.n; L-t U!" !;,- it i.iaKc-.s xery !liltledliMVciiceit. Ispeciil rc:>-on why John Moore, bhouU be S .5 ;
it i i.* truo who have banded with the propagators ; of t'.ie Hou e cut dmvn, I wjl! hhoxv the z Luke of wl'icii tho! SciiaUr i'ionOMojti.k.i to me, or any: of tho,oit l'e; ro.-ih v.n> xvuv' b'jiten. that he. was tiie only State oJIicer run- Debate in the HOGSO of i,Representative!. r;

and fomcnters generally of ins, with you, 1 think, neirly txx'o for ononnSiebifi1 i -!.:! j ji.;> mi t. rr.j/s for M'f. I wouM) 'ralhur. 1 or are n.nv, r.-Ji-d! WLi ?, en wl-u-h! )I ning iiI over the state, and ii" they di.l not The- House passed the navy and 'for'tifica, :jtlon
ssen defeated attiie I ) simoelection: I by thesiiiH1' !ha ', ,!>e l, a-itl retiiu: tu ,iiv.ite life, !,, tie! iiiJo ni tlu i-'nU--l tii'it
j : they !hifn jitltk
the view, among other lUngs, of staking hjn1o'n .vas tron-tr on > \-it: and! yet got the Legislature pssrcscItitlmmn appropriation ; and, on njot'on .of
eiuc. Was it the IS'iibrai-ia.! ivMi; <\ tlic.i! ; 4.1' un v.i'Ii \-1t'fl 1 \\xi\f w
.ysnptl; v.ere, or wiuit I'K' result
-iip'Miv; ot'that
arid fcUeneiflg his'voice in the of tint adininistereii this ivbuke y was ; cor.te-.t.j j of .i.itnictr on Donglns, DoT'gLi8 Mr. Latham, the! bill estallwhing,tho.UnitM ]
: or \\asit i e.Tvelby if ,! at-d and tor j
t III iIt4: : If silli2 r. wioc; cour e Tiui.r.nrtIili> Senator! from Illinoi ; h.stj ; coi.1,1 tin n around!and that k the voice
the country. Vain: hoj.u!malignant: expectation h your tc iet eocl.iv: <'shen, you get ni"ii 1 have. rubjMjet, {ic.n to bo tiumpiatit; : by suci* ? .il.iM of three thousand miiiurty; in Ilint! L ; of the! j-eople, for John '.loore say had a majority.Tliefeu States Circuit Court for the district of''C.1i. !
!,, As wtll might they attempt: t to ehaia together at the. dark hour nf fti>lniht;: ::ud! ad-
the winds, or to arrest the eagle ia his lli-jlit to them the mo>l t"rriljK o.-itlis that Sir, I h.i\n laith! t.t! thi- >ltirn i.noxv pasi! i p'i--.l: :i to 1-irti lu-ar him sny j-o. I He knows was spi'jit, moore money xvas employed, S" I ;
towards the tuu : they, x>Uh: u P ililli] upo-i: th.-ir faces aiI l a oil'; b'jt wu-! :: er it i ; .. ;.<; more eflurt. was !roigl.t; into reqniition to )lr. 31iJdles\var'h moved a"su.ipension 'of |
4 fiieudJy grasp oh f lh band, which i'* :a1et:1ttll:! i ito .*!i'rt; or ln r, i :av, It-t tn.: *i.tfsd linnly by our ; lull, if I am cotici'lly i informed: by a debate boat John Moore than any man in the State, th.' rules, to take up the Senate old Sofdiefa' ]*
.' A bill to protect( oflicors and otlier person? disarm Hi-jncion, will st:5kc: duvii l thiiri''hbor priiK-ij; .l--s, our cruet!, our o'irani/niion! a::;' xv'liitli; touk place in time other Ilou-.e, there t for that avowed reason, and that re ison wa& bill. Several gentlemen 'said txvo" hundreil 2 ]
ftctins under the authority of the United States, n<- } in tlu dark, aol I conceal the hand makcjio i: coji: !!i .i.ii-e.> xvii'i tl.o: ejxviiv. L"t. vv:is.So1ithIn'r! iiLfk fi.M'/ii tiiviv,1 I 11111.1*11- )Iilui-lieLl: all the kstlio beCome million.4 of acres ofttnds'whh! bo required for T 2
[ xve
svc taken up. tint iiiliicts thu blow { I stand J the ilag v/ thoM Imewspajicr* this according to the reprt'dl' tha ]
ii ; by i'- over in. i fur m' iiilc-rs nf Congress who xxereflertid election, so that there is not a pretext for purpose j
The bill provides that if a Fiiit be commenccdin Mr. %V.nj-\Vih1: tho gentleman bufll-r n.e S Lei us ]>
h'uy State Court :rginst any oJlit.r to ask a (lUeS1iI) ? i xxv have: sworn to fij'jto.L 1 11t ns !.;'iii..i.i:: .Mr. Doi UUP.-I will put that matter right majority thcrf you Mr. Middlesxvorth'a motion 'waa. agreed to, | 3
of the United Stites'br;any other person for Mr. Dor<;si.A .-Certainly. j the lights of thox: ; SI.ULI xxi.i-h: uaxv 1::.:v>re.l i in a I't'W inin'iti.'s. llachnf tIme iegnlir Demociatio Mr. FE SEXDEX.-Tlio Senator from Illinois -yeas IZt ti, nays 51. S |]
; any act done under l.nxx" or color of laxv of tIe :jht. ' I ask the fjentleman if hi* 1 us by tending, ns h.nre. L-t ti< bs tait'i!*!! to ( candidates went for the Nebraska bill Mr.! rc.-ident, inndouIite&1viiziderone! The bill was then considered. .. f

United Slates: the! defendant may move such Xebraska! bill xxas not concocted by a secret': otir trn-t, and d' -piio ami cotdmnal! t ti! .' :.I.!.I.I i ijlied i i-i the! > !ine In ins and wilh the s.-im oxj.lnim- obligation; to Pie for giving him au opportunity Mr. Edgcrton rn'orpd In lay the bill oti'th
suit to the United Strifes court fitting in that! : conclave in the nigiu-iime i [Laughter.] j (ii' llic ti.iv, uml loavo I'lovH'-nc! i lion \.Uci! I have amiouiiccd to yon. In the to make all I these cxrihtLAatioLIj. table. Lost-..yeas 5.i, nays 102. '
circuit orif no circuit, then in the District .Mr.! Dou ;,. xs.-lain not tiii.I; : l the ;1.and tie! prijplto' out, what 1 bc2ij-oj :s-oi-ui! litiict there: v.en. two or three can- 3lr. DOUIJJ..VS. ani." S Mr. Middleawarth moved the pr&vrons quea- 4
Court clothed wilh circuit poxverx.Mr. SenatorxKh"s to :i=k such ijin'Mim"f'y' j x\ill bo a gloii'jus n.'snlt. jii iti.I.vtv-s.! ;. i ofxhom were ii favor of ihcXei ----.---- [ion. but the lluse refused to strstairr tha
V/ADB coiiMihTeil: thi bill as dcfipodto tiling: to draxxT.iy altention fi-onitlie z!':iI pitit.tif ; I i '.r. WIIAOV.-Tli Senator fropi IIlii'$ ; i i,ra<-ki bill! ; ;'i-din: the! oilier I IIou! e, in order The bounty Land Dill.We motion, and the further consideration of ib<*
S again introduce the agitation of the Juxe.yqueniion case. I lie I doos not choo-u to eontio- '; h.TS put a direct! question to mo, :iid xx'iien at i iI toiiirik.' pp the majority for tlmt amIIiNebfakitiV' bill was pcslponed ill to niorroxv at non '
( into CongreMr. *-*. vert any one f.ict v.hih I ha\e detailed here, I direct question! i 4 lo mei, I', 1 rj.uoso! to j j.aiH.xer <-.viuliktes! count: a j at: of tliua candidates publish beloxv, from the \%'&ishmingtonIrnton Tho Soiato'a "am nduienls lo the Indian
DoutjL.xs.-The Senator from Ohio regrets and' if those facts be true, they over hahn i it here or <.l I Iu -. I.eie. i atisxxvr tSiu'c' a*; imit\e'.ra-h:i. Tlun again; : in one the 1 lotmty lard bill as it pa-scd lie! appropriation" was actd'oni) and"laid a.side' .
S that the session could not paa* by) WiltS every j)osiliui: be has taken. 1 an-wer liin: senator' tiei! ; I by having.; t.t);: aiti-\ebr.i\ka- I di Nt.-it't, that: i.i: xvI.iVlt! Jnr'ge Trimibulivas: two Houses of Congress. It ia as broad and to IK reported to the House! I. '
tttiO'1. Tliere is not a word! or line in no, sir ; the Nebraska bill was not coiifocLdby i di I xvhe.o I !L'nt 1 hrr.o hilst the House
out # -In nut; j'l.ue am. : (elected! be. ::3 I am tnl 1 .irnj bt-H.-ve, i.i order as full as ono couM have wished was deRating .the Setu
that bill having any reference' to the fugilixedaxT any eoncl ixe, night or d-iy. It writt'ji another word l to say, and itislh'u i : no man i i'from to get J >einocr.itio vt-t-s, pledged himself; : any : ate's ameudtnentto the army bill Mr.Kerr came '
aft. ; by himsi'ii'jiit; rny ov. n houfo, \xitli no man: 3!:9Sa5chuJ4tti canIII/ a place on thu ;a aia.-t liu: further ai'lUiiion; cf the question, JJe i' rii'tc'.C'l! lj tJtc Krnn'c nn'l Ifjusc rf in, sa3 lug that Mr. Denton'a house was on fir.,
Mr. iUncin.-Ycslht r( i is th-i xvor-1 cotr preterit. Whatever: : ijiljiuii! th-ru i is atiacheii i iit lo I ll.or of this! or of the otluT il<.u-.e xvlio i is not cgan!! et.i lite bulging i.i of a bill t> cliangeor Rrprcxmltifirrt of the Uni'cd Stales li the phrayj under color of l.ur." [LaughJUrV 1 us-iiiije. \Vhatt\er of ciedit there may j jojipo-edlu the Nibnirtkaacl of last ver. 'iho. reptal the Nrnr.v va act, and thu> lio prob-i in Congress sseiMcJ, That each of thusurxixing ed that the .Committee, rise ; but this was s;-
:l) Tlie principle of thi bill hn* b"en ajipVuvl bo. let tho puh'ic :ix.irditlnre they thiiiL! it ( '. -l" of that CoiimioirAeaiiii, i.i liii/} I o'iij. ;::by! got i-eaily a-; many Ntbrruka r.s r.ntiNelri.A.'i corniLissioRtd and! 1:011.coinrniision-: porM>ded by au ngreement, to Lakoa foceto
S for -10) years, and never obi-cted.! to belore. ; bloigm. It xxill not lo by i'in.'ndo to alkmptto ions: ol: that! : in .v-n v, ::;;;<: i.:tf'h u:ruiiiiity.M : V'> es. I Ilenc'-: t'a! *.' conjnajioiialhttion : td olticers, musicians, and privates, xvhftherof until 7 oxloek, for general debata/
Mr. \\'ndt has recently become the.clnnniofj avoid the isies pre-ent l. The fact i*, :in'h! Iei of all parties are! O; t -o.'ml! Jo it."f I Iiv.\v; il.H.-j uit funiUh an tmerri-ig test or. regnLir?, volimtet-r?, rangers, or militia, livening gwion.-At the hourofra-nssem,
of Statrt "V-i- i th15 J geiitk'mr.n hnoxvs i it, that in the fre .States j no t ont r4,4rv theu Jil/utjt it. Mas fiK-.f-tt Jii i'ie .Nt-br.iMv:: qi: s>;ioi: .-..llliouyhe t l K-cted to I x'.ho!m xvere reg.iriv: !: mustered into the! sets ice' binfr! very iv members were in attendant.
Mr. U'tuiNot: reetT.tly but eternally.! ; dierchas! bec-uau .luuce! I w ill not siy xviu1- I ;i II I.Nlra-hi. Tl I -'' x\ho M--II me L::e i.ioi-u Nebraska oman of the tilted states, and every oliiccr, corn \Vaibiidge delirered his views on nn.
1r. 1)ur.z. The Oio Senator's! pa i 'i :haholy or imlioly! in tiiv lecent tit eiiuii' .:!re i'nb led! x\ih: ;hat iVelint' i'l cnrsr-i--i: \. i !: i iurri xvy have i'l' the present Congreoc, being missioned I and non-con.niiasont"l; seaman, ordinary rid rights, assuming the Monroe doctrine IPbd
1% not a af.i't tie! laxv, but ag.inrt the ennstitu'ion hi ih.t alliance tmy It rl 1 .icnicible; i.itoxvhich !KMT!" l"i!! \, ,, I.MJUJ!:.tjotiof iji.Mei.i.l, f|| ti ch-ar r"i.'J:: ; ('i ot.e l.a ::.!; seaman, loam LEIC, clerk! and landsman the only true :\mericaa creed. It slu uMf
; of Us o'nrrv. I ?: > for the h hxv, 1 e- lic-y! j-.o'ired AhulitionUm, Maine: U-jMor l.ixx- J & 'itjitly; s.v1om.1h1ii.L; : ani j Xiith I.; '' ll't! tiivni': ine: !t.-'f on t'at r-tbject which! in the navy, in any; of the wars ia xvl.ich this he thought, lo applied to Cuba, and enteria-
'1j" the S nitor from dliio does not-foi, i>'I in, and what thorn wa.> l.-it of i t noitl.i'rn ''tlieir! nncnt.i: ; K'-iii: Ing !i.o -tility! to ir.I I \vill ixi- ;;:;J tl.i- >"nn*