ti ci.t: \ Cireuit, :-:. ::'t. < ;io..r<:'<' Rogers;: of Mtriml County, was tic.I time limn passed.! : <(< that the n.'ime be certified to the [of''I1t,.. t hereinafter provided, and said regiment shatlll\"e i: the same number ;
us !I'
I spared duly dectulicitur for the! Kai-torn;: Judicial: ;. uit. i Oidvred to t bo ct'niti4,1to< the :Senate.A Mr. M:\t'bee 1 avfliii'it himself fli l a con.titt.ftorial: privilege: offered : of officers, and each officer shall have: the same rank which i is
\ \ irKehfi' j.tt.'ifnlv t !' C
J JOHN 'C't\I..1m.\ITH.: be'! entitled, An Act mal.iiig. appropriations for the kcal: years It-,3 jl Mr. Magbee movew the frillowin;; bespread! neon tin journals, in such manner as the Commanding. Officer may think the exegen.

..Vf-rrfixrv of Sfnatc. and Ih54.On I mud, as an explanation of his v te upon the appropriation, bill! : des of the service: may require.Sec. .
't JOHN: DICK, motion, the vote )bad on !said: hill was recotifidered; and the h-t l It will appear :torn: the journals! that there!, was a resolution to 3.: Be further enacted,That said regiment votynteers as I e
(.";',.-n. JIuu&c of!! Represcntatirrs.llOL bill re-committed: to thl Committee on $ |pl'npriationa.' ,( I adjourn "ins die on the Mh of Jaruiary, l C;>.'". On or efore s.tid.: l aforesaid, shall compose one Brigade, and shall be commanded 'fy & n

Resolution proridin! ) the aP1NNnmr| ; ut ..l'a Ivl"- :iii..'i to the f President day lhre was! aa appropriation: : bill parsed by this House, nllowin! Brigadier; General, to be elected by the joint vote of the General Assembly :
>'r OF Hr.J'lr."s\TATlng: :: 1 of the tinted Stiles, relative to the n-inirtal: the IndiYne I J earii memberr| diem and mileage from the commencement of the who shall be: commissioned by the Governor and shall bo 3t
January 13: IfcS'J.: $ &c. ; I i a-..Mou tll the eighth of J0u.\n-, 1S5U: ; the Chaplains! in that bill : entitled to the same: staff officers as an officer of similar: rank in the
Hit I'lCfllcncv: TKOMAS! UKOWV; Came up in order. I were allowed fifty dollars.! Owini: to (certain calves, which will United States Army, and the Governor of this State shall confer by .
(trig( rkur <>f the tStatc! r.( Florida.? : Mr..Lott moved to atiiond by striking. out all after the ht section appear from the j;nirpalthe se,si.ni;: was prolonged l up to the time Brevet Commission from time to time such additional rank: on tho j r'

SIK :-\\\' have: the honor: to informour LXCfnent"111&t at a and adding the follow iti i.(- thfito : i of I'a..till slid .otf' By the: present appropriation bill the members! !aid Brigadier General, as may be required to command puch additional -
voting ol l the& JeiK-ral! AtbL-mUy, held this day,1'ir the:parjm.e: of Prori'Jtd faid sptriaL ngentshB.il perform said duly free cf all and Clrk wen allowed pay from the commencement of the session II forces t as may from time to time be ordered in the service, as

rlectiug :Stale: Engineer: and Geologist' and inemberfa! of the Board char;.:r* (ll aiti 4t the Slatf.: j I up to the l.;th of J awillry.: !*;>:{J. Tlie Chaplain pay not being increivM I, hereinafter provided. I
of Intt-Mial Improvement; Which tray: addpteil. !: for the additional: M-r\ce pt-rfnrnird, as the membt-rs and : Sec. 4. Br it further enacted That said officers, except staWofficers ,
:Mr. l ranch L. Daaey wag. declared elected :State; Engineer and 1 On motion, the nomination t of II. F. In raham& as PartVar4in of Clerks' |pay were increan-d. i.. the ratiM ol my casting my vote in and: the commanding officer, shall be elected by the volunteers

Geologist; the Port of Petifcacola, was taken: from the taiJc and advised aid the ne..:atite, .believini; :; that I have. not the right to cast! my vote topay of the several companies, regiments and battalions, to be raised under
\\ Messrs. James :M. Long and 11. II. Long were declared elected] consented tn. I.:i m/M'lf for .wniivfi performed, for more days than others who the provisions of this! Act. t
jW members of the Board of Internal Improvement for the Wfbtern: DisV A C itnmit'.ec: from the Senate informed the Honw that tho Senate :: Gate sera.J the! mum number.. of days as will appear bv the jour- Sec. 5. Be it further enacted That the Govertior be, and he i*
I ,
Xlicl ; was now ready to jtroceed 't ith the clectimi of llngadierdciwral << ; I nals.J ; hereby required tender said Brigade to the General Government
Messrs.'\! J. C. McfJehoe' and James T. Archer were d&clarwl electod I under the provisions! /' niembers of the! Hoard cflnternall ntpioveiiK-nt for tho Middle: the Indians from this ;,State, and for other' purpos. t following, report : I.I.t I' force that the General Government may require to remove said In. *'

Dis-trict ; A Committee infimuefl j the Senate:; that the Hall of the House I! The Committee: on Enrolled Bills! report as correctly enrolled the 1 dians west of the Mississippi. ,
Messrs Paul McCormick and J. C. Pilot were declared electedrnemners wax prepared' for their t1 ci-ption. following rcftolntiorn: to wit : J ?c. 6. Be it further enacted, That should the General Government .
of the Hoard of Internal Improvement fur the Eastern District The Senate; ha\ing ci ten-d tho Hall, )Jr. President, )by invitationof i. A rfMilntion rcai\o! to the! accounts of R. A. Shine, Quarter Master !- retire to receive said volunteer force or fail to notify the Governor

; )Speaker, took the Chair. (General, and for other purposes( ; ,' of their acceptance of the same, at the earliest practicable time, .
And :MesKrs.: John Darling and James M. Hracewell were declared )1 r. President announced that Nominations were in order.Mr. Also, a resolution! relative to the Overflowed Landa in St. LncieConntv. it shall be the duty of Governor. forthwith and without delay, to j+ .

elected members! of the JJoard of Internal Improvement for the South- Kilcrease: nomiriKlcd Allen (;. ohlJ on, of Ilatiuituii Connty.'! secure the Frontier settlers, and to employ said Brigade in carrying '
THUS.: WHITE, in that of the peninsula of this i
tm: District. The vote was as folhiyiFor ; out the provisions of this Act, part

Very recKTtfullv| JOHNRON-Senat: b-House-Mr.: Speaker, MeMrs.: Bower, Chairman.he State, now in the occupancy of the Indians.
JOHN I3. GA1 Ut.AITI1, Carpenter, Chaires, Dell. Dewitt, .:raps'' Fuilaoii, Haddock. Heer (" following message front the Senate was received and read : Sec. 7. Bt it further enacted, That for the purpose; pf providing t
Srrrt'lar.1if Senate. mans, Helveiihton. Jenki.s! Kenan, l.angford(, )Long t Lull, McCull t SK.NATE: CHA.MIIEH; January 14, 1853.Ihmorable : : fur the subsistence, forage, transportation and pay of the volunteer,
!, JOHN DICK, McEIvy:: Mo.. lt-y, Ot Clerkwujc *f Rcpresentatint.B Tumblin M-Total, it.: House nf Repregcntatim; : five hundred thousand dollars be and the same is hereby appropriated '
Blank Senate 5-tlouM arri has passed" the following bill viz; and the Governor is hereby authorized to borrow such sum
;Messrs.: Fennell, Hall, !! on, Si*-The Senate: J
OF REI-HERKNTATIVKS: : l Love-4-Total, 9. A bill to tIe entitled, An act making appropriations for the exfentks from any of the funds of this State or from any other source, and to

January M, 16rJ.;: S Mr. President cl"rt"dIlt G. Johnson duly elected Br aJicrGelleral. I ,of tho Government of this State for the fiscal years 1855 and execute bonds fur the payment of the same, at a rate of interest bonds not tclceeding ,

To Lie Excellency, TIIOMJS! BROWN, i 1S51. six per cent. per annum: Provided, ThJsaid' State
r then respectfully,', be sold at and provided said bonds shall be made payable i
(governor!f Hie .Vo/r uj. Florida : The Senate retired tr their Chamber.Mr. Very ; can par
}\\JJt' :-1 I }have the honor to inform your tUT.Ui.a Kxcellency that WilliamA. Magbeo I moved tlijat! 1 In might now..1m permitted; to record his JOHN B. GALBRAITH ten years from the date thereof: And Provided also, That the interest

Forward was, on the 4lh instant, elected Jude!: of the Circuit vote in favor of Allen} G Joh-ihon: for Brigadier Cenvnil; he being Secretary Senate. accruing thereon, shall be paid semi-annually, and ten per cen::
Court for the Eastern Judicial Circuit, 1 by the concurrent vote of the necessarily absent in attcjnding the funeral of a relative when tho election On motion the House took a recess!! until 12 o'clock, P. M. turn of the annual revenue of the State shall be pledged for the redemption t

J majority of both Houses of the (;t.'lIcml.Abb'fulA.r. for such Brigadier Genial was had. of said bonds.
I enacted That each officer shall report to his
) I have the honor to 1 be, Mr. Speaker decided he same to be out of order for the reason 12 O'CLOCK, P. :M. Sec. 8. Be it further Cornmander-in '
senior in command and the Brigadier General to .
taken Joint <
Very respectfully, that the vote was ijn Assembly.The ; .
resumed itnftes-ion. said shall he governed by the rules
resumed the consideration The !Hnuse Chief of this State, Brigade
i 1 JOHN DICK, House of the resolution providing transmitted'to his Excellency
(, Clerk 7/ouic of Keprctcntative for the appointment of a Delegation to the President of the United The'following: communication was and articles of war, and regulations of the United 1
there shall lJ Quarter mas* :
enacted That a -
l The following message from tho Senate was received and read : States relative to the removal of the Indians &oe. the Governor : IIOt'SE 0" REPBElK'I'TATI"'BI! > Sec. 9. Be further each who shall be governed and

SENATE: CJlA UHH, Jan. 14, 1853.: Mr. Magboe moved that the Hoube resolve itself into a Committee January 14th, 1833. $ I ter and Commissary to for the Regiment ofthe Substance and Quartermaster's
the rules government
I directed !
Hun. Speaker f Ililorl.tC: of the Whole on said resulutium
\ Knowtremor of the United S'ates and also
To His Excellency, THOMAS: departmen's in this Army ;
of! Representatives : Which was lost. ( of the Slats of Honda : who shall be governed by the. rules and regulations by
Sri :--The.Senate has received the the enclosed communication; On motion that at a Paymaster;
Excellency, a
inform Provided
We have the honor to your in the United States Army are governed : !
from his Excellency, the Governor, vetoing: An Act to provide for The House took a recfes until 7J o'clock, P. M. Sn :-- of the General Assembly held for the purpose of electinTa which Paymasters That should the United States fail or refuse to accept the services *

the final removal of the Indians of this State and for other purposes, meeting 1 ri-adior General in conformity with An Act to provide for ,of said Troops, the Comptroller of this State shall be, and Is ,.

and *>!is passed the same by the constitutional l majority. O'CLOCK, P. M. the final removal of tho Indians of this State and for other purposes' hereby authorized and required to issue his warrant,upon the Treasury -

Very regretfully, The House resumed i iti' session. Allcn G. Johnson was declared duly elected Brigadier General of this State for all accounts !arising, or to arise: in consequence'
Very respectfully, of this Act and which shall have been properly
Senate. The following messag from the Senate was received and read : GALBRAITH of the provisions ,
Secretary JOHN B. ,
t r The question being then taken on the passage of said bill over theI I tit. SENATE CHAMUEU, January 14, 1853.lepresentat'nvs ; : Secretary of the Senate. vouched Sec. 10.and Be approved further by the enacted proper, That military the Governor officers.: i is hereby authorized 1-[

'It cU of the Governor, the vote was : I Iy honorable Speaker of !j I JOHN DICK, and ho is required to cause proper accounts and vouchers '
*1"s_;Mr- Speaker, Messrs Bowers, Carpenter, Chaires, Dell, : House ofSIR" : i I Clerk Haute of Representatives.Mr for all expenditures made and incurred on Account of the removal .
1'iulayson Haddock Heermans, Helvenston, Jenp ::-The Senato has passed tho following resolution, to wit : Committee on Enrolled Bills, presented the be made awl to call on Congress
J/w1ltiE\'atlR ,ine die. White from the of the Indians under'! this Act, to .,)
;i"1,81'. Lott, lBghcefcCull! McEIvy, Moseley Ostcen, Resolution to adjourn to make an appropriation to reimburse the State for the same. r
the :
the amendments recommended by following report
1 a?. _uUI\\1, ttoufe<:'*u, Smith, Tumblin-?.1. The Senate has agreeij to House resolution relative to the account The tommittee on Enrolled Dills report as correctly! Enrolled : Sec. 11. Be it further enacted, That the Governor be, and bois 1
\ Ii) & h1"a'ra. l Feunell Hall, Harrison, Langford, Long, Love, Committee of Conforenci on entitled An .ttet'making appropriations for the expen hereby required to cause the officers commanding the different 'I .I
shine. Wl1ite...* of R. A. Shine, Q :arter :Master General; and for other purr A bill the to State Le Government, for the fiscal yeas 1853 and 1854. Divisions, Brigades, Regiments, Batallions and Companies in this .

So said LtillJPU8ed\I, tlie} requisite constitutional majority. I' V cry respectfully, GALBRAITH sea oC 'l'nO L\S 1\1. "WHITE, State, to organize their respective commands immediately: to be in
Ordered JOHN B. Chairman.Mr. .
to the Senate. the' Senate. readiness and subject to the order of,the officer commanding! the volunteer .
The House then took a recess until 2J o'clock, P. AI I. Secretary the of Governor was Shine offered the following : forces for the removal of the Indians : Presided, That the .",
The following messng ]from Ilia Excellency, Buol +ed. That the thanks of this Hoose are due and are hereby Governor shall not commence actual operationswithin: the Indian t
received aud read : Allison for the courtesy, able and im- of and until he is satisfied
1853. tendered to the lIon. A. K. boundary until the fourth day May next, not
2J! O'CLOCK P. M. E ECCTIVE CHAMBER, January 14, manner in which be has discharged the duties of Speaker of that the General: Government has determined not, to remove< aarl .

Tho House resumed its Session To the Honorable A. K. LLIROSpeaker \, partial this Nodes.gcsolrtd!. 1 Indiana by force or oth. erwuQ : Provided. further, Ttt t',ia t .Mirk: :s :
L use Representative of the BOON are hereby ton- A i
A Committee informed the Senate That the thank
that tbe House was now ready Joseph f ,
< and si; ned An Act to autborife
Silt:-I have ar.nrovenosea. a
to with tho ejection of ,
proceed a Brigadier General, under the provisions- .



j 'N 1z:: ': I L

\tcq: : .. %


A.lJitip8Lall LL

- C- __
;: commenced- by the Indians be.- ;;; !i Cout twenty iiik-s of tli place, and that they are directing the Comptroller to isue warrants f..r all! More about the. Vetoes. -

fore tnaiNtinnv then direct and expeditions lonte between LFI4)R1IA) JOURNAL !I ; jiiifT. 'nvtabff,' but direct line from Alapnha account arising or to ari'e wwir thf pivvitiom t JA The reply of the Sentinel to an article in our last

theforegoing provision the Atlmic: and Gulf, and! in the great route I to tin* place. I The corps of EnirintiTS,four in uuirrber. / /* act," why, any reasonable'man would see that on the Governor's highhanded attempt to thwart th*
fchall be oFrV fo cc or effect. of travel l>etwecn the Northern and eight hujdo with them, and are clearing out the
ports have the latter was subordinate to the former, and there action of the General Aswnbly, claims a brief notice
Sec. 13. Jff further tnacird That the New Orleans TALLAHASSEE : t'ix feet wide. We expect thorn at this
Tehuante California kit tra.-k may
| of the cannot be action but such as will let l oth stand. But at oar hands. What is there said about the repata-
Troopsand Otficrrs, raised under the provisions will the plaoo, we jveJume, by the latter i art present
of this Act shall necessarily a profitable IMP to SATURDAY, JANUARY 1853. ce.t k_ the Smtinel chooses not t<> see tLs. and therefore persi.Li tiod of Ji.i Excellency for kindness," and 'all!! that, is
not Jo nor receive Company ; and these facts only need to be "
millions of debt mire flummery-mere rapid" without
thatth new billn.ay impose upon nona-use. any
pay from the State until they) have received properly presented to the capitalist to ensuro Tliree Dollars if l in "The Veto Reports &c.
( TflRMS.- per aiuunn, pai< the State. Very Wi l!. let the blind! tumhh> on- j erUuency tw thi ** vtt > bu.ineas"whatcver.. We
orders to march into the Im'ian Territory his co-itperatiou. I His I judgment i is his guide ii i mlvivuro; ?;3 3'1 it pnM itliin six niou'Jix of the time. The extraordinary: conduct of the GOUTIHT. tou4'1a.

for the protection and defence of the j in matters of tins-kind, and that cannot fail of Mil cTibiiit ;; HIKI 4 On i p nl tJie cud 4>f lli<. yt-air. Atl-! lug his controversy with the legislature aNnit our Indian we have nut time or space now to lead! tl.em further. cheerfully concede that the Governor is an amiable! ,
.'J I) 'll. 12 !lines forfirst.itii kind-hearted gtiitK-m.in in his gu.cral intcrcc-n r.idM
c.rt -4iflatP. On > tr '.quarcof e,
\ j pr
uLlne.Pae to be comiuced of the advantages here oilered affairs, mniires defence, and! tho firntintl, hit ]Brunswick Road-Letter from Dr- Collins.
the : 1'iftv CVnN for all nbwqnnt *. An- fir from selfiVhnesVns! the rntJis of mankind. Eutif
Passed the. Jlotu Senate,of January Krprescntatives 1 1th, 1 W3. 12 for an investment. There are large amounts (I Ill1t1iIEUt ofinilicl.xt,*. Five IKilUni each, a1va.s special organ, is Irving hard ti> furnish it. Much t't t j At u (ate hour yesUrJiiy cning we rtceived! the we were to appeal t<' every tandy ..n the street,"*

1853. January of capital in our Northern cities seek-j t ting t., U- tpi'I in ailvaiic Iioliici Ol)>itunn' ami! MJIF-. it ; wrath IUIM .been rxjN-nded upon ii*, but iu its 1a.tuii.ir subjoined commutiicatiou, from (! u. U.ill, vvhij.h we
as our neighbor suggests, we pn-Lablv U- tAJ
IMnrrml by the Governor with: 1 his veto lby opportunities for prnihahle investment, 'iItrt S'otuvs. n"t .>\ee.Jitig 12 liots wilt published wane, the above caption, it turn UJK>U ceitain : 1puL.dihith gnat pleasure : ,
what know th-t
) bodjr while be i
rMt c.'i-t itieat4'd i I the puMiciitiou i>f t-s, evtry what his
: i both II Iou.et'an.ipawid!( by the requisite1Couttiturional and owing to the great influx of gold, stocks :: i4 Committees of the Sumte uid Ix-ratr them f-r their j LAKE JACKCOX, Jun. ''i*>, 1853.Mr. .
si"Iie. ill be
lBcriptu -n all
Late 1'al amy friends
i f cj.iim, yet MI tubjetts rchttii.g to
) majority, January 14th, IS3. j of all kinds have risen, and productive stocks intil the ndxTtL-in-j (eti i paid. ms'incM* in exposing his Excellency!! weak shifts.- RUton-Point* the favor, if 3011 !please.! tpub'isli -> jvlitlet,
man i i' nv>re ir.toUrtnt, and! rsbiJ, In
n > the-
-. hire sought after with avidity. This condition Having ILl n.)-r"column as well nIn previous rn- I the < neloed litter, which 1 have juat received broadest
in financial U in favor Houticello. trorn 1r. K"bert L'oMincontractor for the construction, an I ful't.-t * matters in
LETTER FROM DR. BALDWIN. j I directly our Railroad Meeting |I'r,, dwelt atjsome; length on this) subject we w ill
and affords the of in i ol the r.nmswkk, and! J-'Ii.ri.ia U-iiifh-l. nioiitjiur !Ic .'. \ our rank, bi.tc.l. atxl tl
uf tie Savmi-
us assurance succeeding A iiict-tiu;; i'f th so lfsii .us bringinsf lure but brief y i)01ct the .VriM f* review of the >roug'ig'iiig -
1 under obligation to Ir. Colhns! for tin
m.uiy :
our enterprise. '1 halt .4' Brunswick ]IvnilronJ into Florida, in the vicinity action of th..i4 Committees.Jt correction Le h.is givenof ih.- trn ir.to which p !itir-i.tn* may bev.ry -kind, an.iuble.

: JA'X5ILLF., January 21 ISf*,]. And now will the citizens of the .Middle, in '''of tbd JptforHi! l tnnlarioi. will 1 held ini1i. tartaSilat and uiHelSifr! generally, an still be the very ir>'aru -
Mailii-u1.! or occurred o u* that the defence-! was no{ so tinHi' I h.ive !'ciii led. and I into whi'h I hate ])tol>..hlv l-l I

E.liter 1"lorMivz Journal: I view of all the circumstance* which promise- C 'Uit H mi' in il.mticollo ov tHf FIRST MONDAY to justify the "extraordinary, iinprccenti-d an-l IIII-H i oth'-rs by a ha-tttr received I trom :i |.;orni'ieiit incir.lxrf tion of ythtmcrs and wire-pullers, llcwe when his

success to a State project, allow themselves I l\f lcf the IWil ii C.'lIh ',t the I'rtnu; ok U.iilrou.l ta.iiipuav.] from. wLih th.i .- FXcelN ncy a h tlked out fey him.-elf c.rse: ?. zigzagn
Sin to the IN rKiiuiAnv u\t. {> 1 P..t It*! heard <>f" ooinf-e of the (;i't.I.r, (lir that vvi uM in'deed ,
:Owing frequent interruptions I i following: i* an extractVe ought to run our eir.
of the mail Ix-twcen this and Tiillalinssot-) to be instrumental in thwarting it, because an i 1 (tio* :ire canu tly itivitod to nfl en.l. Gov. I r..i'me, !I... h"ph-!-?.) n* to find an off..t ( r it in the I j jnppoMil from I'riiiiaUKk to 'L Mrnks in on. \r.ir froiulhe l.tof that which marked his late- proceeding*, we hunibly -

Info, we have not Iwvn kept informed of cur appeal has been made to them from a party :and i>|hcn aie expected to be prisrut au! >l t.ik,- part )bhn .ler> "f lh' CommhU't*. It is :i t th'iig"unheardof .liim.ny next. *\ hat s.iy you?-ai& it be dor.We ..- ( Mibn.it it is neither trthson nor b'usj Lrn. t

rent transactions there.! This morning's mail), who have no interests but their o\vn to sub- ] j iu th<| jiriK.T Iiiifa.! ," s.ivnthe ticiitiiiflt\\ the veto ioe- I will ,do our part if you w ill! do %IiIirS." This ht-ttar quest iui his: hon.sty. or even to attribute to hm a

ser -e, and who can give no equivalent to the -- '[ bcurs date th.- '_':)d ot iHciiubcr la.-t, and I al*hough tIll ellib" tesigri in what he sought to f..ree lwn l tie

however, has brought up arrearages. And \vo |I \sacrifice of State rights which is asked "of us Rumors about the Cabinet--Sir. Dix. siife of n i .vfrri..r t-hould IK ref rred to a oiiiruit-- i \r appears that the 1 K'-ad I vvill nvt I IK: f-oinpl* te-1 I ?., thr"ts! of the co-ordinate branch. Ntvcithclos. if tL.

are in receipt of the Floriditm which contains i tee. Xnt t-o. To mmtioti ii pst.nc. 6, if tin* 'diti-r (early as the tiitKuont cm plated!: 1. it irr.itifying to l.-jtrii
| to make i 1 sincerely trust not, AiU-'tii tie ruin.irs ('.>iicvniiiijj Mr. "it-roe I (Governor hi
Governor Cull's letter apx| >aling to the t ; iiuny ''will! 1 but I brush up hi* meini'iy," he may hnnf! re- ., I troin the ontra'-lt-r that ti.e VMM i !k i* piogr. -,iiir. iuod or apologists el.iim immunity fror. i pubhV -
Yours tnilv, (("a1.i.L woiii'fioe '!ic, in the whi .: p.iju-rs nire parj j t.tith. and that we exjwtt it- oQfll.h,1i..ii by scrutiny for his at Is, on the seiirejth.it he is avincrablc -
citizens nf .Middle Floiid.i to unite in the conji u inN-r that tic same thin:; was d l.iC mi no le than g may
A. S. B.tLDWN.Messagefroni i ij ti(1b4j 1 wh:. li i. eni ti' h.ve tiit.J et2rreI.'v.C" the 1st July. 1SZ.1the. tim>T . truct5 in ot f n Railroad to connect the t. i two ooca-'i"ii' j in the echl! l r.ited; cimtrover>v betni-
!.' i t'iinj' tie! ai| iintin.-iit: <>? Mr. Dix.of N"t-\v Y..rk, cry rt.t-etfulv! I If. Wi-au he at a vfnerab'f-gcuttcmjin.. ? with.'nit
.Marksith the Urnnswick Koad. j j President Fillmore. (Ji-verii'T Citll! ijiul t-I.e Teiritorial IxiM.iture in r,''nti''nt I four", *
a* iit of th-1 iiioiiilw'is oj f the C-iVint-t nud! ncciiu ':t- an < xtuive repntafi"n f-r 'kindncf. *," tie.. |l.i ttcialenndiict
It seems not a little surprising that this The following from the President <. wiii'Iiii' up the I'liii.n Rink. Hut upx.c| it were R. 1C CALL.

tJngnishi'd citizen fehoulu! now be found the of the message tIt-.l tv the #ug5.'&.ti. ii that Mr. !Hunter of Yirgiai.t ., iinheaid-i'f" wul.l f-Tin no mntttr of eoiiijilniiitin tie matter how ettia.r.hiyiar- not tohe ezamincd. -

ndvocate of the policy for directing the trade United Slates, relates to a subject of j hi t rjfWd to ;;.' into ti! .- Cabim-t. % I'xtnwdinary t
4,1 our $tale into (leorgia, when \\ithin the deej interest to the people) of Floiida. We It t. nut ditVioilt t.i U-lievr! tiil! : Mr. Hunter would ; |ii' nut pn-sent I : h4a- ( R. K. r.vit.Jlior .. on thU subject however, sfsijrg.stive nlr
by appropriatenu'mi" Kxtraordinary ( ( .ir:-I haveju.t rend able! and
la' t two Years ln has been the foremost I trust that our delegation in Congress \\ill take ri-fu<'{ a seat in the C.iMnet on that {jnnvid ; but it mu-t b s f"iid !.by extraordinary remeiliep. The high il eply sting i, I itt. r of the your I lltli I very mtlant to tlitKdttor .. tin threat. ;tr.l| idle carand, titer eauti.i n. the effect

of the riorid.i Atlantic and Gulf i immediate theneces11sary woiilj JH- much iiKTO iii f.eult to champion stops towards obtaining liuiild r.nd ufijuitifiab!<> roiidiict. of the ( oveni"r, in < < : ; on -uJ'jrct of doting age, e iinpiir. inzui.nu !> as th*
Central Railroad a purely State "project, hav. ei-n tIt't| anv #u.'1i rea* ii e\i.-te 1. <-r \i> likt-Iv tox- (1 (the Iirtin->vuck ainl I Moriila Kail U.-ad I jind Mtuly )..ibI I pial to strvs iLe! f..
appropriation and authorise President IiN e..iitli-t \\ith tl..' Legislature, wan t-udi us 1uty to organ eciiiA lay or> l : -t .hat i'patron
\ trri'tind! f Mr. I Hunter declin'ii! iiito | are. ::nd I iuo--i.r.ilnlIy I nmcur in hlaio. vrrvi'Iiteii.i
ing both its termini and entire route in our fns i a >r *, to jr to receive at once into the V. S. service, the 3 Ithe e..ii-tittiiit ( f ti.tt! b"i'rnjtiired thnit<> exji e. j i :- ', I f. .-l lLit it 5.-due to_\oil Mid to th.- jj 'opl .- "i s re.the c.Iltiw leaf. whether
The charter t I It i< IIt 11 Oonlin likely! t ti. )
: of this t'libiilct. hipjil
own tatc. oiiginal ; eliey of l I'lorM.i! that the time nifiiliori the l.tp-e[ of inJicte ii tlJ' hsf.mce rrt,
years a
j Thy l )hnl: K-eij invited 1 by him to sicli'-n with a view > say: I I \oii ( :iv J.ifi- rn
Koad had bct-n clogjjed by it opj, ,osers in the Brigade of volunteers authorised to ho raided! tby ] : ilr. Dix ]1i. \.. eli .-r v ill! 1* utiVifil a iiLct-- in the I' I t., I1itt t the ijuli.-ui t ri.ijle'lhev hnd I at(.1. and, 1 nary n.-xt.) f..r o.ii'pl.-tinif, the fjoad; I'roin l'.ruii.wi.-lc a.that! period of !prattling! inn'eeuetinim trd by tlop

Legilatureitli objectionable clauses, and the late Act of the General Assembly of C.ibuift ff Mr. l'ur v. His Will! ki: i\vi anNcedrut: to the Mori- 4.aite. Tin- ,t '' Ontfn. 1.
mui '< tvi'a ehililf" Or
I in sinMe had t" as mureK'ctic.iIIy
had alt i Appended to it obnoxious sections, l this State. j in r vtvt ti one .r tho peat i IKS pa sed' jipnii by i exept a particular, < fry reason St11)- I (time allotted! by ur c'litiart i-* t wtear1 from Jul\
WASHINGTON Jan. 18 1S53. ''t 'IH.SI. their aetiifn was such an hi* Kx''ftlenrv! N>nldii"t! I but -. .iinvt th- jialt i.-i int.r.-.t. d .ipH-| rd 1 it onill I { expressed by another wu
which had thv olfect to capitalists the American '! ut the lute lVCkidfiiti.il ctivt. i
prevent ; ]IwMI i '*
j( disapprove lIe thrn, OvMt-ntly rfii-apjioiuted in ?"rnefav..rite IM-' (1 Ia ne at a much -uIif-r | a ri.nl I, and I have rio from investing their: money in the project ; but To the Senate and House of Reprfffntatirff ni* t. > pp'uniiiiMit. and t.'... fre.-h. in thie niiniki>f Southerner ) -. schciiie vtry Uuiftly given you that information but w.- Tuniir. again t"nan!' ehi'.dlth.' trtb!*. j.i1cs
} ,1-!
forward with his ith of
during the recent session of the Legislature, of the railed St.ttes : i iI at le. t. to iniko liiuian avcepUiblc C.ibituti'lK- I i eomen <; 1 now find I that toe great Minrify and )high price ofz- Arid! T. hi.-tifs in his *oiml C

this charter has been amended, and the obnoxious J have the honor herewith to transmit a report ctr. I Hie fact th.it ho was tls.rre-.si/\ candid. for 'jtvtii'U 1 *, mo.Kfetly ehargi i t the L'gislatuie! with f'lly. 1. A-r]I ha- j j.ri-M-nti-<1 or rtturdoii j contract-* fiom itrVfra! if fw', .. eau rtadsly: niRjerTHn-l the Ktnttntl's '!er-re- -

." nh.I. fir.twith| a prond I N> e to net iLl I the 'ctloiit.n which We had it that purrif* v.n'A! I
sections have been repealed and the | from the Secretary of the Interior, from U<' rfnor of New YoikuIv fur .vcare"n.. in oi-tm- j pnrj upHii| f.try Lii ti-r .! l'ai d it ;.iL.et' t.t it t-
1 a l 'now )b4 cat work. 'Ihe- work .n th (' tr.l l .
I litht 'f his owji surK'ri'-r wi-dom rtiln-s ; ias a- <<
whole rendered efficient in iatioj which it that the! efforts of that tiepartmetit ( un < to or- .- .tfn.aD.V! .Lall U
more itop appears ,-iti"nttLo! rejcur: democratic n,',niiiee. aiiitr I t'fi r-ipiii I our I ha ri.a'--t foreo longer than: v..: ''"{.. 4 i-i ri.Mg t ii.orc Citt.taU5 .n j'u-
I i'i rkl all opjMfe-itti'ii hT nuii.in the lij !ti, nf th-
< '-
and more acceptable to capitalists. Notithstiudinjr | to induce the Indians remaining in the eljiirf 9i.pj 'ilei* < < 'I 11 lie t.rk on thv ll.iil U
>\ the) elforts of bntli the "prttonded 1 Florida. to migrate to the country H-stirm-d to s.inctiT! '. a' oaii-iiJ.it'' f-r I'nsider.t on the free ->il j i whole -- to hiii. elf.! Away goeii hi* on'iimii. j iiiL': ;'- f.-t a* t"..- fii'n.I-.t thintcrtT../ a* ai'.. i lie-' c/Tj'I thl.otr: wc.rrhv r.f nr-iirv in ocr neighS.r's

friends and open: foes of this bill t.j render I their tribe west uf the .Mississippi have been tivkttt. u-.i )hr tlie. HiitT' :'o i).'iuiiiati<>u, and I LH imifoim j tii-ii t.' Gen. I Uopkiif, and I r.p JJIH s our i.f hi. \-t.>.-i. i ii fiiicee- m tO .SIJJ.JH. .*. A\"e can. h v"r* :i -'..r'th'lu r.-.iret.r i reLvtes liiLf fvcrr "r", tIe Jre t.. .eo'r, -lain
i announcing tht] f.i'-t. and f-rLidJiii. the! al f tli t Mia* ue r rni'i-rioil in : i ..i fath ij >v> -tii'T
< -
the charter inetKcient. the unsuccessful. rfr :
by striking out entirely Tlie alternative with the in their a'tiori.
only < iijij*.>rtf tL.it fa'ti"ii.. aiejuite too rt<'eiit to ls' f..r- ] l>"tli irr.nlii.g! nn i tmV: T. anl I \ rnflj-ntv S.tl &nfi'iff -
Internal: Improvenu-nt Fund from it, they have l that now remains is either to ] them by 'act of M. .\ little he'it.r, Llit her vt" sti-rmi hitil? ungoinir -i Ve cui-D that he wUI.e'I?
t act with! the
compt >tiji. V. l.a\e iiotliiin; t" ay ai.iiii: >t Mr. Di\; jtrM'lu'lv. i 't the iiumhi-r < f haiid l t rigard, and I we wxii et f"r.. >j nm-

been the cause, t'.iough unwittingly] of pledping i force to comply with the treaty in.iilo with Me. Hi* t i*>"it and iiliilitie;! are itinjueati'ned.an1 :iKti-t: the j isaife' of tie new Mil. '] }1. S nuf |t)fIti \ t hi -i iah ii n .n'-r.----I t..r-i- isa.I ..q.hi.. 1 j'-rity iu gf ro.1 faith for thi'inTe pUrj 's- a.f s-rurn"

the \vltl le of it to the Road and with I tribe in May, 1S3-, by which they agreed to ii inauv riiKtthe nuiv. 1 1. a erv fit man : but iVene! >i tl:is ftitte of rliin;;* one culling for the .1. !i i'- ratioii w ill eurrv 'i. tV.. -jr Mate lir.e|1..y the tirne e have a -r.v/val .f the Inclar.j. II I ey p&-1 a. bill whic'il

this pledged, there i is no doubt but that the :migrate \\itMn three years from that date, or .i j if a ('''iiiiitt.e. What it t.rf t', Lie com 'contriuN-d to \h. thrc. fj'Jd not "" Xotliat '
-lh:i'allv. and l"-r the *>nab. ntmed. he. would : apjirove. Aa tl-e .iitv
!l. iea 'Te ; \\ hile! we Ia> n<'t wi-h tr> ij.-r' iti- the .Te '-f r1': rraj
L&lance of the capital M iek will b. raised. illow the undo whht'ivm in .pluimd off (\l i>nii'y hid EtCfllirr ho-iM! not obj p J
arrangement j
I be u.'ft t ''iicti 'imSl1. mil it i ii not ti r'.> pth.it r..ulrne I ri'ia :th..tit our part < and the road \\ ill lie built, unlc* it 5* lt l-, referred to iu the Secretary's j jrt t-i having; hi eiliIe irnl the f he .
preveiittd report, )Mr. I'kroolil make an ;< mitnt i.t that would rii p T toi.r-e ,nor lr.-P! !i, Iiieii-.rI! h *? hy iKlri l irr thai p.nl. for if ', -e t}. : trih' i.f the (;(,sV'r, we art to bea
by l'ios wbi >houU bv its tirn friend 1 1&nd by which they weie to remain in the temporary | -rutini7.-d. Yet if the 5'./(/iif j reniarlti are (1 any 'th.-_\ in'ri I t" n.et u at the l r .r< : rst'ifsl Iv
s:> sLJ-ck the Mobility of the whole Soullura country Tra ; t4-t-e rca t iiitbrxj.
i-llict-ieut contributor i of a of the ] f..re.they to meh III. time U I.-,-
portion peninsula nm.j'iint; an objn-ti
occupancy MI.
and. rf tly! w.-akea the ccuti Icuceof !l.is frki.d: in the \\e.rv full r, .ir.-4 to COMPEL A REMOVAL.- f,.ha.j rrr.n5-
Xtftvliv, at this particular imv, this opi i until the Government should See lit to remove ThrTS rt t<. avert the < lif e of ir4'.n.ttIl.'v a re4po-rt .
h.IVtJvdiflZ! Stati-s. i i \ ot.r .ha.tiT.t i.-.l I in !hi-) > annual rneae; n.l I:ecce 'Lntthdt
pr Mtion to so itnjiortruit: a .State measure a.- i them, to continue. t iiii-t the (*orrni.r fall!* ftir short of :"< ..,.... A t.. !i KOHKIlTnir CSr.LINS.TI. .
At1r the -i unl rebuke that i to fr > ;il- which final'y p.isd a* umler 'lif-cu--K'n. it
was ? i-i * wasntT-
this is admitted on r.ll hands! to be. I Why It cannot be dcniod that the withholding the ii tii: --ti"nltwr, inftT" and riijt,"" "anth'-r- j
i im : t. t'-e' late Fre>ideuti.il -lo -i"n. it ciwiuot \he -- } tr far n uitrni.nt thought that it* general! proriaionsw
; of I'ra Fillmor-i
preutu i.t
H '
of rf : : aoiiumn
thi* change of policy from the support of a < so large a portion of her territory from iri'ig"ind! r.iuirirg, which tht 'nti/ .!i'-
il that the IVf-id.-nt fleet will taVe one if the r = upn Ct m r short "f the Ktecutivt-: nzsi we
U. |
f the Flori la i
iMatv? project to one of a local character f i settlement is a serious injury to the State of > to show thq clifffT'iice )h.'tWPyi the H tt '" and on a.tbj.t I-jd'anv ? uua -
Hi.'hl IVicsts who lias miui red the alUr n< 1 nio-t b.-.eve! that
t at rf that \ ctji cfenti'.u-try Iia.J the
and why! this appeal to the chizcn? Middle Florida, and iltboagh ever since the arrange 'SJ; as a ju'ti'ati.i} for the Gormor in -:it i-fM.-t..rv*. it onr.trn.plKtr-: two c<'UM I to be juji- apporntin;
f.ic-ti-iij for 'iie .-f )Us Cabinet. tuinct: < is. The absurdity j 1 at>i>roTiii" th.1 p>wer bven oiiftTTfl! *uLln
Florida, which, if tflVctual, U iU!! strongly tend i ito ment above referred to the Indians have manifested f.rin and the latttr. it --iKiIrow-ard'tLr-HTjjf taffITaaC them bfore- ,
r rejftin cfm -
defeat the great-State work now in a fairway i a desire to remain at peace with the [ ,f tu'-h a course i ii t.Ni appnrH't ttnd moieoverIrive i- that hi l-! #mi rner.n th.'t Jhor t-flu! thor.i r. ivaLi it the! State. 'I hi-i, cn'ilon.frt wuntof

iK/d r''aj<'ii to lx li -\ #, n-ide frora .ur iiti'Jrn *f 'ply pxl \rji Ntiekl.rg i.p"n a iii<-eyoint ili'-'p'crisure! wa* he.arJ fmiu tL O.ivtnu.r i itil ilw.vs
of l eing accomplish**! I And for what 'whites the presence of a people who may at of tri // io ... f r Honda w h re j ropltr 1-aJ 1<-.ktd f..rtK
an'l ,
iquct| C. ;/in o re (
iu \\.\- v. jI.I.-!fl uni ** sense of the i'rcsiJii.t tlet, ] i known that the bul w/.uld! gis the el.-ction r-f tL ,
For a junction with the! I n>nrick Ro.id, and ;anv time. Mid upon r.ny real or fancied provocation ( !!i, tbiti.z: itortsle.ii e fr. ,.. I'r.aiarit Fjyuia're.! ifz r
that! i'4i a tfc:n; V but c'.htenputod.! i to do so and "f---tl.e irflF.ud.re..f t. ._ *, ?. .i ., c..u'r.'ai'liig .fil'-er ft> the Ger..-r.-vl A *. !uMv. Tf.ru
nothing < !le. If t'toGovernor! or tio! o in < be driven, to acts of ho>tiity! i ii a .. the > tl.ti- si.n'Rl: tsihlrQ if I.ia :i r".t'uiti "i? with Rawttlti.t -'.'-.--

favor of hi* p-opi"-it5 n. entertains the In-liof source of constant anxiety and alaini to the 'J'lielii.. jiaityf tLe H >v.tL w'tul 1, no d .1>r. Vnvt |.f"p 'tyi N f..rfrctT% all that rWi.i.1 n-i a-ks j. th.it th. (k.veruai.t thrc.te..fi veto be rntri"-. -:-t i. ->er*>i'rewa.* ,

load 1 the hiipi'V toe. Mr. 1'irri-o m 'k* *;wh a p'iti! that hi? \\ijl l'e terminus f the inhabitants of that border. ill prt.vi.Ic: the r. ari* and leave the rst to the TOi.r.N !- ineartwl'.at

Brunswick road they have allowed themselve There can be no doubt. also, that the wclwareofthe b'.unj.-i'! ; but Atrt' t they \\ \i1\\ bvnliollv! di-nj j'.ii tL lie th.t 1T.iP i1lt- vyrl r.'iired 'r* ol th:* .Tiite.tlir trill pp.v.-> tftctuula l.iy micf.. hi-l co.'iv've'l :> tlie LiLtir! <.
Truly thfrr 1 I ti jiftir.r! f I is F.r'dllen-
cw ;:
. !.> be deceived )by the sjtecious promises of Indians would b* promoted by << i / ; ,i N te ] ti,', :;. \Y.wi..! f re-:,,n.I to this eo i.p! rxn will it ha : to erne twit : Thr.t !I- n-. [ r< ;i-iroI ta ui.tc {? t' .r.t in

parties interosled in prostrating the laudable their removal from a territory wlip' fieq'icnt Letter from Dr. Baldwin!-The Brunswick f y ar at !n-t. i: a-r.r- to f r>p'( n >. wr<:/."* Bjt the! Y-t.t
"r'hc; wirm! rf .h
nt thig: f *
> -
efforts of Florida to carry out an independent collisions between them and their moiv t Hoad.f viy pr.ipii "r :or; tIT that af'. r tie bill:! h.i'J beer rv-t'Jrtwt!.
] .1.J.l.i. tthoi tl.1? ris.- t" i-'rir" < with tiUia'1! .nr. The Hcnrce Doctnae in the Senate. '
*\>ten of Internal Improvement* of her own, powerful' neighbors are daily becoming! : more \\.i. pul>*i-li in another c-lj'.un] a l lur! fr-rn }Pr ,, w'ie majority rim.; } up tL'- r n *as'I re-p.-j.-f,1
.f l M 1.rt .
a zJ v- r.f :-- 1. 1 ii t h. Si r.t ge. : ci
which, it i is readily sewi by those parties, \viI1.ffl.t'tii..lly inevitable. ,' A. 1J.lv.: inf J cks"ii\'lle.! l hate ..f th. it by a party v.r.f"/ iiu-tc"p tlifit with th.! r Ur-
Sj <-ee n.x.i- .% i1 het .. .! ti, It.' \' fr tl.enfT f l of rLe M. "
i..r $ r. i.; r..p '; ',. rr ( r.n.n t r.- '
j< it stnp to tln-ir ojtcr.iiioiis! and i On the other hand, there i is ever reason to .. ? views f the i.t.e>'tj.ritut.. t. .I charsctrr r' the
j b i-f the Ji"Ujfrom I>iival lh Jl'. .t.n's '
1 1 rMa. TJi > li eisi.y. t'.t' I. ; i t !:,t.a ..#i r, airettife :n r- ir-r.I! t.a F.-P [--iri a".! ri/,:iin r.tI.i* .
(design upon St. Marks can believe that any manifestations ol a design I I. liiI bein e:1e4! f foilli I Uit nni.i'n-- I iii!. L.C"iM ie :!ur approve i ir nor have any Lac! i'
tt r by i etiJ :
!Z.r. t-ill n.r.r.'rj.t-r. ."tu. zlli-'l.i- t.-tl ir -
Ii nf. e
ha\e with the (tin tL. 4 mi'i the <-a ritr '
a junction Central road, and to remove them by Juice, or to take IOSSiion e.- putting it i.i t. {.rnctieal( t j-trati. u" lie rc.->j..rity lion <>f (.ii. ("all.! t" vhkh it i is i'.t.' n.ld i >tie'Almt) aft .' '
i .
( -
that is all that it have -: Iri.- ti.ImJ.'i .-i.t wirt'r! ( ... *> '5' : ito. .n' ;ei
can with the IJrnn- i of the t-rritory Jillotc-d to tlic-tn, would ; pL' > r n '.I iM3"> th\t th* (i.t\eni.>r of th- Stat wa* u di- ?tpe -

Mick road ; for if this Company had designcd be immediately ictali.itcd by acts of eruvlly r"I'1t': j are luaulf. and.j will fvry trLi.is.a: | mirid I'1". f'iViv.r t" I.. tPte .a'ierr. er.i' s'r rrf I Iir r.f thr higher law s.-hot-l.} andtLtt Le WI>R!>! refuse
Mipjm-c tlMf. In :i *iir iii<; t > n n. (V.ll j jitioJ i.- thisiJ ; , I this to be the terminus, they would no1 1 ,on the defenceless inhabitants.,. ,, .rir.o: t< th.' x.',.* ri et.an'T..l.: I Ji-th f" & .tr.a.- ta "havf ny J.aal iv: !imtttng: In practicalperatk'*
: to theCVntia H-iad, iij-i-lk-e: i Nil-jne tLit t.tlv- .icf, It. I.TCT; :i..?.- j
roi.i..sl j f !
have laid out their road to Thomasville snd ifri.irr a the In II both
'J'hc number muij.cnc: do nt uija-'ine th.it hi i ;in anv u'? -j-jposo aftm'i iT < ier.dof f.K.ir t Vr the.jp'it at:, r. < f tl. .:. tr--: cf-r: !.'
then "' iT.i'e W. the ( *
be obliged to turn right in >!ftt.> f.c f, iirt : i.g
a <
arjgle: or- ;the State is, it i is true, very inconsiderable, t'ic f.-nns i'f it1 dor to reach their Gulf terminus. 1! Jki | ii; :;. .. Le 7.1d ? tibi. t. :-r-.1& !t..i I -:i.Lig
1 1He (not exceeding it is believed, live hundred ;) s'i'ha' fact flti tbe e"i.trav.t| -\ 1 Int? rtfttiipH
assured, sir, that this i is but another hi4 1 i 1 1ter but, owing to the great extent of the country )I'll I liil.i! ri-ft'I tib ii.-\f-r lik l to 1 i-iTftruotfd, httt. r. 1 .,.n what r.a-.:* tletf !.:* af the ft>'t es..eI.'u }ar..t.t tI.-r'.ci-'. t.P! riih ...- 't, : | > tf.it twIreciti! t afl"r havr- i.-1arn-d

!jnnrinjr! out of the want i-f iitian'mily. in ii* \.iii.-i:' 'SI. .. .! 1 1f ..i t.e! I"-i7!: ar.d! tic! *H N!. iidIf
erenec the part of Georgia to i them and its q': .teaii if, in i'i l fr'f' rai-e upon prevent
Florida from embarking upon an enterprise ; j>eculiar mode of warfate, a foice very dis- *,t'i.ti4ii .tf the M.itc tit \id-.iuvd in thv it''li'>tiii!: to \\n. mire : |'- :i n i'r' r F' I r roe fr tl.e im t:>U>l the d.! .tr.n -. we i,.rt nj'fr.'r.in! it J-i.w. < r it the l.iw-makirC' f oner. \Ve l .-ic-v-: tL t S'iL: i.

\\bich) will, if carried out, stop the' proportioned to their numbers would be nee- "i-hcijici. In foic tli. t.ier.tl; I Amb'y jirjiliu. its r l'u tif.i'ii .{ thIn( ; &Tt. >>\ t tin: jir"t< ti"n aiiil ocujri '\'i"d I'fcli iiito coi.tn:( t an I r>'m iei. I fmr lh.it it i 1. "tUt!.> .- 'aa'l.'z; p-ret! 1 It i? r.rl.-r a rar eireti-

further of their sil ti ie.l Jg.. jK'ition nf tin) Ji.tenial I hi..r< iti. lit a'ctriie iitt'u-l!.ls : DO* c> :pr-: --i. mcre'% f-rh.
h prosecution designs upon Florida i essary tu capture or expel them, or even to i> any | i irunl ty i.i f the lout er s. !. rrtiU Tl.at w a. to 1 d"le : rue s*_it.re iu tLc'e
and her trade ; for these parties) arc not protect the white settlements from tii.-ir in- nil a->t..I l lir thc fii t.nd* of th (Vntnl }l". d.Mn'Call .- in C.l-e: tl hi- li.-|,. i it rrrrTTlf-Mt Wt-uld li"t C"p. rr.to. fur.:; tka"I ) 1..Z. f.as"t'-: .- .Stt'f, intU.riceda >

inseneible even if we are of the ( dolibt!<-. <-i,i.Un-l th'itii|ilai-t abrcH.l j Yrt 1., riMrict in
superior I' cnrsions. Tlie military force now tlationcdin i Mtn j .f 7.1:; ortjtrrrplato- lep..nttaiit -|I *7T Tho Ainukl! Ci r.fii.ee f tIe Mticait; 1'. tea usf'rtnrir.te teu!5"i to bt-tir.e-.. "h: veanvhuvl
natural advantage possessed by for the wouUnnt. im.'-t I tljf-ir IIK-IIH: ill an ent rj-ri tliroijii! lion limcl.. ftll.
us that State would be inadequate to the. ej i H o| tiap ". whnt Ter ( -inc 'w"lii ,
(Chur South, for rVrida, .-.reutcneel 1 it* f,-.u riM'nd.iy I in p'tn itr. pTa-ticd rafion" the itt-
c :
coirslructing of a Railroad to accommodate j! objects, and hit should be determined to enforce a Stttf, the) |><".].le >flii) <-li 1 Imd I uttily, r fu.il to |V -d! till the 4Th J.f Mav ) It wiL! l \ i'nt! th.lt the !lat, jn Quiuoy. Dr. 1'aj'ers is tLe prt .iulaBlhop. ; tir.aTcuaeti !as eftl.e LegWi oj l...dr.Th n S

the great j press of travel and trade from the I their removal, or to feurvey the ten Ito. contribute a I 1'unJ .1.! -,i:1. ii lo th. m l"r I tlr I \.i y }mtH 'ei.I ial (;i,. fiin.fp.r will n-.t ro'.e t<- our r.'i .( rlmtir m:5ory" dEl I t: --t kniTTtlut
tLey ecre- Jealiiv
Atlantic to the Gulf. Is it not humiliating, j ry allutcd to them, some addition to it would [ >hOof| inpro\inv; nnil -\cl"piiifj th. 1. - e..r.M
'it hate
then, when all these benefits are placedith- be necessary, us the Government has but a h<-nj-j> iii; coiiclude, ; eiu 'r in t-pumiincit rr..m him not with't.indiiiirJ A Utter front the h iise of C:uttr ct ('e. of Now knew that there v. y* :s known it. Th-'v

in our reach, and while means are at work to small force available for that service. Additional \ Itut di..iriiig commniiicaiinn vill; ihe AtltinI J his apjirol l uf th- f-rnier om\ lV"i.\My: the real: Y<->ik. to the ..ditor.v .>- ys fart rnici LijLeir own State t>. reideritontbjfct
'ity, but they till
them to us. that we or portion of for the of the I tic al Nint, uiJ nrei\in,, \ > e.jiuot s ie rtisf.n tj cli.inse the pinion.n not i/iou-
secure any appropriations support i-nmr | a*>inrance> fi .i ii the ; ihi4cuhi v ii.< ii.4 (he n. :. ::t -ted.! I but aif.1 tin r like the any that

our citizens, should, by giving ear to such alluring army would also in that event be neces- B1 I4b itk ( .nip.iiv that th. ir i.. .du isuiLl .rt.si.sy MI'. | inuy" mid iaiet" afT..ir. The l lir-t a'-t threw t wryili i-xprtr'ed iri ..urof 1Mb viinlerl li-t, tiz Tuutc they w re t-t b-- iraje the suijulnr, spectncTe of
tt.-u will; r.iiiiiit.tin I light >ri.--! tLi'e.ior. Laving a Oovera. r who irulalgeu! ia t.'n k $
j ( fni*
appeals, and be.ready to pnrhuc BO FUicidul bary. prowhilhin,. tvienty milis, if 'lallaha .ei1 in a ]>enod tiling UJN-II t)4) ) *<'roy in trJert.. tverc a cor".tT.iti of

a policy as to direct our trade into an- j For these reasons I have deemed it proper j jj of tijllf not leinole, I .ii. ('Hille-girIi ii I tho ii.te.liC'liOf. j jafif oint. tin.iin: i i.itlizi? in the previoij-. eifni jN f> of that l-nvi- U-eii ; c..ii'iiti.j.t. i..u ,iitiini' nnabate l. in.I IMU- in wLiwi!. ,. Iranclu I.ut failh.;

other State, when there exists no necessity j, to submit the whole matter to Congress, for aoharaMor: ti-k., !it..1. ]N.|tiiit to !1..' withheld. I tn.ei1 tierfti! to \ arriit further voi.fldi-ii<*e. was hacd\i|>- 1 lideti'vin! .ttoii is in'-reSiMii I'lijirtip.ta-n* plautmutitthtr > then .itteirsptc-1 to tta art all cti.

for ftich a course, and when we have the biich action they leemMII4aARD bo-U ) and! .aUto in Eiiglriii I is nor' the only i'eu favor.i- 'n Ue.in he l.iii.eif hvJ been .'vart-d I--.
the if'IiiIrt1i .
as may ( | 4 rttr, t-arneht aj>p pri-ple tte on the idea thnt the 1. .ielatur.lhio *oT.erh| rr rion *-
bl.l l-f..re u>. M.-uej-i abuiuLnt, btuur# vt all The pecril Ct.iniie. If Us
outlets for trade within organ : nvij.ant.- had ,>
requitite or own our FJLLMOUi: -
well! as hi. Thnt rfhlly i- >:i.s (I. 1 h* the piiwhing'iniiut kinds! .tiTe. Ac.'*
cwa border quite as good as those that are sired it, they cvuM! havr La 1 r. biI: and the! T-Jial ci.perati..ti ,
i ii naich
-- j (Sicn. L'ttllV position vrry our own on thiubi Mnothif iviiiien of the etiquette btw.ntS.: we Hio lettir FIorMn.
tme q.za.tcset.ta-n ( ) i>rdin rT a! .. .
ottered to us in Georgia, and this, too, at the I Florida Indians- ; -<-t-that in, auniiii! }him to lii\e no >pM| >siti iIja1p..N. V 'N 9| low .i '
I ; tgoi middling. 0 (i 'Otfr.irto ; flidJiii: aeriie. What the
moment when we have every .prospect of The Mobile Herald of the KHh inst. says : to a; State road. AVe are lir>t in f.oor <>f an nterprM'liatiiur J 'i hen i is iiKJoii'iftenr'y' in the di
boon commencing and at no distant day of t" We had "the pleasued this morning of an in- I lnth it< teituhii within State wojkhich would be an ] I.t b dceide.I
completing a 1 arrived such a filiein, t\o will ntiibntcur inilo to oany 1! the eijutrarv t rrli ve him from the iiLjly pre.licHinrnt Governor of Maine.W. Thtc La4

honor to any Stale i There is not a more terview with .Mr. S. Hridges, just i( Mjc liberal Charter extant than that granted to !j from Tampa Ba '. Ho is in charge of a deli j 1 ft tin.
) ) Mrtine. was 4a'fltaj- 1-o
received 17 the
i projpcet of feourinfj sueh a ronil, wii are in fav..rc.iiicetiiig of though. wou'd bo a mall! matter hut f>r the of- 1k T..te in S< nate to I 14 fr w.t ti'nc_ Th ,

0 the Central Railroad Company, and not a gation of Seminole Indians from the West, I Ij with that Company in (leorgia tlnit villih feet of hie Coilo ujfc.n the intiTc-S of the St.lfO. Not 1 John! Huhltard. Poniocrat. This, result WH caused tiling elre" they iihvrp'rafed in their bill.!! iapre.-J '

route for a road in every respect so cheap, j who recently visited Tampa for the purpose of 1/.rnf"r J-'tt>ri
and at the tame time i>o intrinsically valuable. -i inducing the remainder of their people to emigrate we Hvill! take A liaIf.-if we are un.ible to secure a road I pnliiic reproliation. j and ri-oched < lt'J' votes before the people! to ire to iiitlxcneethe Government at U"a>hingt.>ii. that

the friends | to the region allotted to them West of'' thr
Let it not be supposed, because ]' ': obj ot to tlio putting f.-rth of fTiHtto .cocuro "no thru' the Committff1 thi.ant the h-jpil :uid p'i\-ii-nl' wor of 1 nnitod with) the whiijs in the Ix-sWatnro.! .and thin !>o- bill., It wmild have been the .rxtr r'uef ,. to !lave
of the I |
of this great State work arc PO quiet, that they the .Mis&is.sippi. Hut in consequence : a portion of the State. We Mippio IV. n.ildwinbiniclf I the .State to rl-movo( the Indians. Oi r nioinit. The ciirc.l the .hfeat ,f llnbliardand thet lot t ion of Cro'bv.i aip.s.a(4 zui thing !a-a ,- .. I k-n. if th., Goc-

arc asleep, or inactive, or have lost IIUJK', orj] conduct of Hilly Howlegs inco his return St-ite I under the act of "wide.peiidrnt" i i i is the t\Tt\ Go\onn; tlrctnl! t-rII.rb' .ifM-rnti..n vviw I he
would not object t) this, prm ided be was rvnvintod might try [>1. a< aa WKI whig >r in M line since! tndy to had on the condition

fear that the project like its predecessor, j! from Washington, nothing could be effected I 1 that the rnttrprire for which he Inlmriil m I foiix tn roiuove t I.(' Indiaii, but ilie same 1810. An U. S. Senator is to l lie tlicttd! at the}. pros that the mi-a
will fail, for such is not the caw Rut, on and the delegation accoidingly withdrew, I faithfully! in the (!ctn-ral A'fembly oimM lint ?urrred.Thf :d un.kr the) now l.iw can in no wife be justified.r .- cut so ii>u <>f the Maine LegMaturo.! and. it i ii fo.irtd iuit-t.il.] thcliinjtiiily iieledwlteiy iu proceetimtKt.'Auti/

the Animated contrary with, they the expectation have every of reason realizing to ,be at and are now on their way home. Tho par-1 1)nctor TI rite. in ?0"<1 htnrt-but why wo would r* Where the di
no distant day, the consummation, of their left to-day, at 1 o'clock, in the mail boat asl, have the citizens ".TiickwiivHl1 'onc so onnics.t- in OIK* eaxc Iji* Exiv lleiioy a'-ts an '. Commander in oratie candidate, or prevent an
the merits of. the ty ly into the I'lAnk !Iload to Alligator, if tloy have eonfiderjcein Chief of the Militia of the State," with a general officer the State with but one S/tnatur until the next nietting 'cordially! -operatesor iiot.To .

hopes. They rely UJMJII for New Orleans. of his ajlpointmeiit and in of the our charge) that the Governor, had back
for these must the Railroad rcliemo 't IVe < alone for nee
ccheme bucces the to There was no news of importance at agent in han] ut work in Charleston! and. i iI the same capacity, with a general ofnVer appointed by John M. election knowlc.!ge of his pnccdincs in cummissk'n'ng Jen.1 lopkins -
CERarily commend project capitalists.It Clayton's to the t S. Srnat front
heeds no puffing to bring it into favorable Tampa Hay/and nothing further had trans- I expected oou to be in, Savannah on the MuncJjii.-incMi. thi! ]...egiI.ttt4re.Viaiiskrfii! muit have IKOU th'*ecnii Delaware is hailed by the Seward wLijfs with great until imagiucil hiLaste had completeh forestalled

notice. When the charter is published, it pired in regard to Bowlegs, or his him future but 11i4 mi-Mon u to stir up thoMcitie* and induce them !>titiitii u.il iernples which approved! anti jorlal the cstiufactioa 1 h. ir organ, the Tribune, chuckles over and circumvented the Utniful .sscicLlv." tL,

will speak for itself, and at the time appointed purposes. Air. Hridges did not sec j| to take ,.toek-r.ot in the Railroad bid in the J'lunk j repeal vf the former, while they could not for a ino- it )n this wise-. Sentinel sny"Tbii -
himself not to
the books of subscription will be opened, understood he had pledged would ho and his 'j R'4itLViat) does tliMmeaul Will Ijuth jirnjwts iiivt endure jthe thought of the latta r. If there U not As the only Senator from a Slave State who had not the fact-the HoTotnor by menage to

and it is hoped and expected that all good take up arms again ; nor (' ;.iy and Lave our Jack on\ille friends sueh a supor- I owcr in the IaLIe in-tuaccUi .ro is not in the other, and the nerve to red-rd his vote in fa\or of the ..WilmotProviMi the Senate earlv m the inorning. on the very first wcaiou. -

citIzens, of abundant and moderate means, people remove West unless force be employ-i abijndjiDce of means that they van uffor.l to oujjage inliotjlj it wan nil mere!pi et once, w the Committee well showed he deserves t<> be uduringly hunored by ev- apprisctl the Assembly tif Svlutt he had done."

will manifest their patriotism and State pride ed. It was also understood that Howlegs' I-But appropo of the .ubjcct of the Brun.-\riek to u,..e thij an an <>bjuetion to the now tail!. crY friend of Freedom." The /rc facts are, that the Governor orJereJ tlicominLisi..n )

by a liberal subscription. and a part of his followers the had retired Before into ltAiILd. Tho. fleorgia Watrhman (.Tuesday last pulcGen. Tin, c1tIiI4e1'S{ wit about the exploit easilr performed Z:: The Kirhmond Enijuirer fs. : "From all we to l>e issued on the lUh. Early on ths

The whole amount required to construct I their fastnesses in the Everglades.United States ofli- hiF's! CaW letter.apd remaiks M Hows on the by a Lairaara1i4} guard" is sadly niLapplitd.When ._ hear, we are ati-fied that Senator Hunter, of Virgin morning oMh* 12th the commission was is-sued and
ho stated that <
the road is not, ofcour, exacted from the going command there had advised him not as(!Mranec nmd by this press that the citizens of Flor- fpeakijigof t-ikingthc Indians }\\'ttnf he Jixixipjii *-! ia. ha ilrcliiifd to accept the offer of a seat in President lesptitehetl by expres secretly an.l wi >ut the

citizens ; but the Company can be organized, cers in ,him that in of ida!' would meet the Brunswick roud at the Georgia the Committee MIV it can l lie "done by a mereCorjK.ral's Pierce Cabinet. ThU leave th. comjiositionof knowledge of n single member of the majority. \Vbea
the located and the to emigrate, assuring and the Senate convened for that day, the fact of the
made route
the*surveys would giuird one or two small tran>purt TCS- the Cabinet altogether at sea again"
4 commenced and the charter provides good behavior on his part they protect jl *" of issuance of the commission was conimmJcatetl bv the
grading however but little reliance KOWve think we can ascure our tomporary of 8 -meaniiig, course that such force and infuns
for further bubscriptions if needed. But we him. There is, this Fbi idian Ji' JuiutMl and the jK-ople of Florida, would Ix sutticicnt to take them away after the force SINGi.i.ta.-An exchange says that the rats nre Governor in a message vetoing a repeal of the law under -

expect no assistance from abroad unless placed upon what Hilly says. thai; they need have no fear of the Brunswick Coiapa- of two thuUB.imd which their act leaving Texas in disgust They are reported to have which it had been issued. Thus: it is seen that the
can wu tora'wo
1 Mr. Hridgoa informs us that the Semi- 7 The die i* cai t-the road will be built; and if very taken
> their "
to help ourselves and nt up line of march westward, and to attack Governor did keep back
show a knowledge of 1,1s
disposition had them. Yet the
a captured Xrnlintl
we ,
noles are well satisfied with their new homes, lltov w.utdnitt the Brunswick (Company, they should! j perverts proceedings
entertain fears fur the result, provided the into inducriminaUly everything of a vegetable nature iu until after he imagin that his lW
we no industrious and in highly bcitir tliemselvcs at once. The lload i is progressing exiresso i an announcement of the Commit baste
t we make a beginning, and furnish the survey that they are condition.- The delegate wilh widerable rapiditr. tee that for ttie whole business but corporal's! guard their way. The ftrryman at the Sequin crossing of forestalled and circumvented the General Asseuib-*

and estimates as data to direct the judgroents prosperous could contrast on We are informed that itis contemplated the contractors would be suf icient Tho remarks it makes under this the Gaudaloupe river, killed over fifteen hundred of His doings were not communicattfi until the comm*
Florida not
their landing in help to place three thousand hands'upon the road them in "
abroad in making one day. sion. had
of capitalist bead are too absurd to further been issued and, as a whig Senator remuk
in the and require roplv.
ing their present possessions teeming the earliest practicable moment, to ue every
investment The route is over a very level and fertile West with the sandy and sterile eft irt to build tho road to this place (Thotna,ville,) by There U in uch more iu the article of the Sentinel Is this ominoud of miyfivtune in store for our tister "sped en it* errand. His Excellency's design

section of country, of easy grading. The of their old hunting grounds in tin close of the present year. This may seein au in- aimed to ridicule the reports of the Committees. Its Texas, w ho will doubtless remember the old SAW that evidently to get the start in a few hoiira of the Gen.
will bo small as there appearance Jible! short time to build a llHilroad'ont hundredat rats desert a sinking ship fJ2T
expense of bridging the South, and seemed for the first time to cr< fifty-eixiniles in length in the,short rpaceof twelve on most of the points presented by the Gov. al Assembly, with the expectation, doubles, that bi'
aflecteJ to
*re but few streams be by little freslxu appreciate fully the poverty of the soil of the w.r OK ntha; jet when we consider Unit thin route i* one eruor and am wercd by the Committee are little else. Bishop Ives of North Carolina has addressed coup Jet at would strike such terror to the soul of this

U crossed, and there will liability latter. No consideration would induce them of he roofct favorable iu all the Southern country What 'a ait about the answer to the Governor'scomments to the clergy of his diocese a statement of the reasons General Assembly, aa toparalyte: tLem into cvfcnte. *-

to damage from this cause ; and M the road to go back to their ancient habitations." thi t the contractors, Mebsrs. ColliiA & Alexander, are fourth object on bus but the mere nbado\r of weight- that impelled him to withdraw from the .

rich cotton region, the ext erieDC d .everinf and energetic men-we must Episcopal
; through a ,
ex pei All of i net are to l taken Lava orersh.'tthe
passes e
parts if and unite with tbl
jiy together, and to the Roman Catholic But dwcoTer : we
, soffidentpi Church. neighbor
be if lie
t road will than be defrayed ad nit tliat the thing can accomplibhod,
peases of the more The Secretary of the Navy lias app.4utetl l IX' in th'. Indiiiu bill ? io i i' cocferml f>oj
t.y { te be placed on the work. only are be allowed for j is said to be simply a layman in the church of hi* mark iu allegmff that patro v '
of the through sod adopttntbue -
from the bUitCfl country \V. WLit hurst navy tirA4.pcr W.t.ru Puperiutndentor The' euginteri, Ye are inft-rmed, srs DOW -ritbin a the purposes turned, tod aftcnrardc tbcrat\ t eiauu1! la vbg literal!!j "uuficcUd" titi Goreruer. : wLer.be asits, i* this lvtC .1
nhicli it pas**, and M thh i-i tho cheapest this <->al dot Hi K'jr

.. .., -- r. _-
l' J. 4 t t.a 4 I
r 'r-' : -. -. r Lfl :


k' ---- -
------- -.- -- -..--- ---- --- -- -- -. ----r-- -
----- --- --. ----- -- -- -

r- : 1-------------- % .

____ -
p S --. .. -.-- I :-
.9. -
---- -- -- --- ;:: : +--- : -i-- -I----- .. --LI-I:
-- -
Jin that bill giving the Governor the appoint jir j 1000 Pair'of: Shoes. -
vc riETCHEB mSTITT/TE REMOVAL AND NEW GOODS. !i Kontpelier Female .-
If read Die bill it
of officer I I" e aught,
>eot one LADIES Black Kid Slippers T1IOMtVILL) (; t.i i'T IIE24thTerm at th* iloDtj*lwr F mi I. IrutiJ -

for? tf the) regulations of the army of the United 'S Ties, -- -- tute will COIUUK.-IICC out tL 1st Thur iar of Jaouary -

/ -which regulations unless \re are totallx'nt 'S White Slippers, i > uext. *

Jsljlll nit. trill S be found to confer a larye amount tf *1.at.r' U Satiu BOARD OF INSTRUCTION : GEO. W. SCOTT & CO.JAvrI j Mi* il. if. TU nt. m loruj and favorably known a.

f mmander-iu-Chief "tuch for llbscs SlipjH-r*. Ties and Bootees. Children's Shi.w REV. E. G. AS AY, J'reriJmt and J'roftwr of Englii tike rriiicij-iU 'IVarluT of the Institute, and for two 4
Ct iubtatice
imce<*n the > : of every vaneti lk>ys BrftgiOis. Shoes, &&, Servants >h Littralurr.MR. removed into Mr. Sn INK'S r .vratvn* K Siijtcnutfiidiiir,. will tne charge r f tb.
I. doors North of
new two the heretofore
I building,
$t the selection of the Commissaries, Quartermasters of all Iciuds, Ac, tfcc. For sale ut 10 per cent O. P. ANTHONY. A. M. Prfftttor ofinallfM } their room occupied titnte, and 3 h vu entire control over all Its interior

BJ,, other tfliT Officrs. If tre are not mistaken in j jtlj advan.-eby, ) JAMES B. GAMBLE. I and ..Vir tfclf'icf.MX | urruiige.uit-ntii. She will be nanic!**! by the Mime abl

ilun) our neighbor, is wrong. The majority t.d I January i'.t, 1 >53. 4 K: L. ANDERSON, Proltzcvr fJa'iuraira. DRY AND FANCY GOODS coqM of InsrnicU'TH which have liithert given aa>
) <, Miss A. J. 1C MEAHS, Teacher i f JUusif, Jiratctng \1 J much atisfacti >oA Clergyman of high iUndinjj iahn e
the "Ikin's i-barc to the tlplwsitiLwfAually Notice.T And they have opened in the panic building door North of the heretofore J them
Ii; % I' dr.Thi one room occupic by a large ppifcMioo will attend to the. religion* instruction
tiidcof the inatk in its anxious effort Klv HE undersigned liavmgl>eennpj>ointed Auctioneer, ,s -- land caret ily selt.vted! stock of fn.hin of the'yonng ladies. The Kwhop of thai DiocwH will

that thf (tovernor Jid tii1 retain the Legislature xviil have wiles at bis store in Tallahasoce, on I Institution,, located in one of the m<*t healthy GROCERIES conthinc to bu the visit IT of tht- institute, anal 'will at-
and of each and the Southern ( tetuil the and that and suffleient
lii'n' i ; the JStntinef '; Wednesday Saturday week perhnrwi Jxirtimisof e Miiitry. having seen re-or I exainuiatioort see prop -
lure, ut a vxjwnsc Allegation i I oftrncr, xx hen an
that the IIwuw had nctually .reminded the rpsolu closing up his business with the intention of leaving 3 Students, (J/d/r .iid /;'itii'ilron) theiritf J/,,Mtliy thi- rnikt. They have thi. lay reeeixv J ->.-r C. A. Cue of New York, nnd per Vetiictof Ni-xv trIaaw. cchooL Appli>*atiuii for adnii.-oioti nill be made tof

p*si.m of the i.lred Capes. Collars and Cambric Handki-reliivf ; or to the uuJrraiirnvd at Macon. ,

u the record he would have been that tie i'. may lie eutrusti-d totlieir v.tie. A releiet.ee to the (1iritmt tlift- and Toys ; substantial Hiid ornamental artieleo of Crockery ami Hardware choice Grin-eiie-.. : STEPHEX ELLIOTT, Jr.. -
on-lilted Notice. 1-ourt.e of study xxiil shoxxtlm th-y are fih-il:i'd toiprejure Pr.ii-e.ui. Finks Vag-nLl1Va, Sauce?, Confectionary, hIs.jjswVoudeuu, Viiuw and Stone SVare.-whkli Et-sli."p .f the :Di'icct of Oeirgis.

ll.w-sf did fl' fllc" tJiti. It v'as betxvtH-n 1 1 and 1 2 A LL person* indebted to the estate of James IIolA I ayour.g man for the .Junior Class in College, they will till for ca- h. Kt the Nor. 27. TSJ2. 2m -

Et !,t nheii ih* House 'uncoil to rescind. We re- di-rne-iS, deceased late of Loon Councv, are r !- hr to enter upon the study of any of the Learned 1j-si- -I___
1 I ;f b.xi.'ii'?. I In the Female D.'iiartiiient, n youn*; lady State of Florida :
t1'1' that but for the extraordinary course tjtmtud to make hnnifdiatc jiax incut ; mill all those EAJ
pt.t. Ituiy In as thoroughly edue.itcd a*> Iii anv Feirale Colege. -
*' th"' adjournment would haxe tLktIFl.lIt' i I having demands ngiiiust t-aid I's-tite, w.ll jTeM-nt the COL'5TTY OF OADSPEN.Offw .
t1F.Nt.etti j ] In botli Male
f and Female
e.I Dtjntitmentt: ( ,) the
*-ame. projieily aullKiiticiited, within the tiint1 Tba'vP.I take exhiWiric their
thy hour agreed and the editor of th hIri.4ri.L.tt {Students will be cl.fificd Llloxxs jih-a-ure in irmx.to! ,laiiwho may be di4p04e1 ti> txHniine them and '
as -
aj IIJHRI : of the Judge of IV>hat
: I by law, or this notice will be plead in bar of their thev are 4..uifi.l..nit that their prices xx ill suit roth pnrcliavrrDuceinlxr -*. l EO.Y.. SC'OTT it (CO. -
.: ,, 1 Ltvxv* it iiotxxithstaudiug hi" ,
aj' rgiu: ptctcndodJjitlv evox rv. J'KKl'AK VTOKY DultlrrMJN1--TIIIRJ) ti.tss- I '
j1t t I'LUah1..e.t: C. 25 1 SJ2. I Im Re-William Juhn n, decea. <- L
iy1PI.vy. i r.LizAinrrii: iioLDr.uNi.ss.: Jl VIOK CI.Ass-- ---C.MIiR fl.AsS.rndT .

1 : T >' "iff'1// rnjtoats it< belief that tlj'tptt 1 January "$, lN.r.>. 4 bt I ni'ciicumstaiii'es xx ill a Student hi pcrinit STARR, SON & CO., Notice. jrtitionfuf Distribution.

of Ov. :liroxvn's i; I Indian war v ill not 1 IKin Reward. ted; t- j>;iss from i one Cla-n iutnanoiher until I fullx( j injured. ( LI|\ T E .M A LT B Y A .S T A K U. ) indebted the |I A PrTTITIOX having l eeu filed i it the cffi<-( pftn*
$30 SM-eihl| iittention xxi'.l I Ijt j ji.-iid to Moral and AI.-L persons to estate of Eli-ha Me- t-t Judge '-f Probate f.ir tbc Conntv of <; dJcnu! brKlirjilxjtb -
't foity thousand dollars, u* i-taled the 117 W\II.K SriLrr NS.W, YOUR. | 1. de.a..(.aI. lute if Ixwu
tinvieinitv on l.'i I < Countxart- remake JoliDwni anahthier. Je
9/i 13 ANAWAY. ulmut the K'tlr' of D.'emhicr -liji.iu* ttainin ; a-1"! to the health tif Sind-nts. I |injint/or apjioinVmentof ) -
1'>T of th) > Sotiatc and reiterated l bY I.1. It .iv> that y., i\ hut, GEORGE 1; (; and,, .\ C.-inge i* a In 11 xvii.-d, no j p..iin< viI I lie -pared to make the lilA1 Ititi. -5-- P.KIHATS.: ro'i-'tantlv on hand: a larire .irimerit "f.s. ( '- !.. immediate payiiit nit ausil f all tia.a- Cnmnuiisers to allot mid distribute tlie Es-

the m'iMor roll*. lc- Jiren file and tLat they v ill _\> luight niul.itto, live fet 0 u.r 7 iiifhcn high, ahout ; ..n xxorthxthe eonfideiitx- jut tillage of I the PuU'Si \_ ('.\I's rnnd S'lUAWon ( .( i )1). f tl.eir l.a* iritr di-iiiiinds, ngaiiiet; nid e.st.ito, will present the Uite of AVilliiiMi .Iulmn. dreea.4ed. late of said County

,"5 xears t-n. rfiet. >und -. Man t.ictiirc, Txhich ibex otfer to CAS], jinl! Time balne. [irojrly untheiitK-jiteil, will in the tim pn- ; anal l it l liiiw made: to appear that Seaborn Jobal -

*iu the true flirts and *o on. Well.ic, 1upjiot.ea .. small t-xt's. hoax: ex e laheand largo beard Lnir.xuv a'id SiitXTinr LII-TTHFS xxillln- tUlixcrI'd -', I liiut-iB ii! the most, liU-iul term.at a flight ndxamv! \ si-riln-d 'by law, or tliia notice will be plead m bar of'l oio of the 1)istril'jtee. named inlaid j tition. reI -

thit U r" iJ tinf1 the truth xull all come ut xxhcji led lip-* xxliiti he laugh.a carpenter and xxheeliMiglit in the lutti'utitvi on every Tuesday Evening.lTF.S j IrS.IIIi'V1.. Their long txp-'ienie ii: ILls brant of.[ their n'col try." I iirs] tieyonrl the limits af thi State, to-wit ; iu tlxj

it Joesr tti1ltP> t-hall knovit. mid if w have put I He i veil made, speaks ijuiek xxh.-n -pol.tn lJtiiui-.I i nal'l.- them tollrr iaihief-n.vnta t 1.> 1 Iniytrs I It HINTON J. SA UN DEItS. AdmV.C'jnl State of Texas : These are, therefore. U> eite the said

iJM> figure-' too hiuh the fact -hall )IK.Maud.. Our ti,. and ia -mirt: wn-.bi frilow, and r.in of! alter anaTl 1: ; OF ll_' 1110X. .. a >- xvi'h. and an examination uf their atoek i ( I>.- : -r C5, I3.VJ. 51 l st j j I St-alrfrn Ja.iIU.ifl t< be and iipjrf'ar at the ffiee of tL*'
iarIieuIa Ix uui it.i1. (Or'lersrt-HjN'etfully -..--ieiif! and'i I sai-1 Judge of pp-btjTe. in the Townf Qnfwy, on or
ninrder and, onf ;
rul U is to the tlexil his tine," and if mpt to my manaz'-r: on.or txx myin'gr. I'ri-paratory Di) ji-utmti.*. enibra'-ing; Orth<" flx> ZIt we i e-jwei: attention 14.i.l to jiackiic; K for dl-tai.t :, day of February, nest, tben anal there
< he ntlur pi
: belongs \\
s. e>Tge may say : t n-nie Heading, liu.ig an-J : !-itI4at: tie, j
I hav. j.fo'i-d ti> much to the charge f (!oxI I>rovn.v ILretIt.I lie-i.i-s| subscrilK-r.. He has: I plaxod the jur ]' rm, jiln oo' iiiu.lt. .VI'Al.i 1:. >ON.t C P., (t-uE I'K s-L'Ml-IEU J-TUU-r. ,.ul."III I'AKOLI.NA. ) t.u bhow cause, if any he CJHI. vl h the prayer of said 4

: xx ill ted we the amount accordiag: to the fa ts. Is ganie <5!ici. t-e'.p,::" xx as shot some yeai-l'.fk t I.ihi. Thud dasembracing. tIe nl, overith En- ; 117 Wilder trt.t. New Yo.-k. rT>ENDEItS hi* i.erira'. PhyMcian arid Surgeon'L 1 petitioners sliou'il! in.t crantetL

tiji. atisfctfoix i <,!, n niiinxxnv tri i.v aud ninix-cd orV h' t in, lll.u.k.hi ..h1.i...i..i.ii.a : ......i- .1.j-., .'-" _l... 1 41 a Iantmrr '. isj.i. i r.uJfST t-. n.ltaJiiiiuiN oi .Tt rfer-i all and iiailitvii (C;<,ufi- It fiirffirr tinlrml. Tl-tt thi wtioe r s' publislx
I- tsIthuII.b. v tie' and the xiiiiitx-. "' once a week. tr f"ir: we rk pr !iotw to the oaid 7th
!hi and ii'id I I..L
left thigh mail nirk.s f Junior liii------iliu'
some : : u ( 1thaP% ( xxilh hi rur branchts : -
j HECKIYEDly : I Dr. MXI.K l be
The President Elect. TV hip on his I lack. Any )per-on apjirihendi-ig George of I Ei: gUb! Kd'ivi'i.'ii.: en.l I,iit-inn Nitulul. mav found at all I..ur4. nnle** ab-ent the CitY of 1.hlab.i.sn.-" .

A m-l'-ut .ifthe IbfeMti Post mi I vill deliver him at my )p'.antntion! in MadiM'n! cruintx :M-'tal and :M.-ntal! Philo phy. Ill, tone I i Edward Barnard, Jr., on j.n-f. ii-nal bmintsat his otfi'-c, at the re-i-ICIHVot .
1 \ r.mnty. or : any st jails l*>_ri- ( 'hiijih-iry.I tSeoli.gx'; Th'I' .-'Avsoia.MlINT
OF CAUD-IN W.tirrovth > I JunnarvS. ll..S.;
] *
the 1 ,
the jidim.iii'tr.itiiin. importance of ILt I Flat Ford Pond. I IDeiimUr |
tiew tru-t t that I get him, shall: rcceixe a reward if thirty ]Ji I'k kit-pins nnd 1 Poliie.d fii-iiiim! :. 17 (HI ] of I.S.V.. : _.
: "
I* committed to Pie.-i.lenl Pierce, and tbc xwll-jrrouu I Ided h Dollars.2 senior, Cla* -I l.'exiexrol the aUn-e. with I-!- j IH._I *. _....__ .10 tf '

confidence the ]>cope! have in hi? patriotism: and i $ !(> HEWARD.-Han.-iwav nbont thr1ith IVcvnibrr in < fie u k, \Igu bra, Geometry. Mt-u-iura- I i rlJlLSH ASrfOKTiSENT OF GENUINE Seed Oats. CO-PARTNERSHIP.

ability concludes xxith the f.'lloxx ing iciiiaik? : last, from the plantation uf the Miltsciibei! in I ion. tV, 20 i HI j Drugs and Medicines, \\ csfern S--cd T J1)AS I I A II). a'fT1ihalia4..nncITflO3I. .
oftBUShELS .
Madi-oii County. ADAM.! He is about :tl I ..Id.Ti Fr-nrli, l.ai.guai-c txtra T.- CstJus: re- RANDOLPH of
"The entire fc'jrri'iindi'ijs .f ( M-II. )1'ierce down to i xt-ar* per rin. 7 I M j 1'rtuMi-1v:: ; AND CONTKCTlONAKr.At '_, 'J cc1a: ai.il f>r oale bv : Quiacy. Iiave asMciatcJthemsclxts
; feet inches high xvi-11 built.; roinplrMoti liitht. :Mt-i<- on the I I'iiuio ur Guitar, f'. r T -rm, 2'.i i si i I II'c jifiiY ill this Mercantile Biniii* in TaUabaw.iind. : .
thi- hour aie eiiiitn-i.tly farablc.. It \vtmld occin ji> |Mark: ex '.,-. large and flioxv a good deal of xxhheme I -f 1 lYinoi 1- CuiLir. jn.rTt.ini, _' (.to j I the Sign of the Mortar Iereml-a-r :
jf tlic cx-rllot him. lk i-ji-nt l.i\vi-.i.na and eut.I Jwtliutl.in ,> l.fiixftt.rr ''II his ba 3. i. .IiIi fe\y on hit- brw-t. I.ail.r..i.Ierv. pet Ttrm. In' oO) tI Sln-ft, TalJahassrc! Florida. 50 DOLPILand will keeji constantly on hand a general
at >
\ hi nomination, vlh-ulu p"-iti"jj imnn-diately..d that) isis auin and Mime ou hiar.ns-a nlerjible! : h'-jivx foot, xxith I Ij i.i\> iig. 3 jH-r Term, \<> I cu j JI..m.-m .er 2? 1:2. .1 tf HEIR & RUSTTOtLD ; assortment of f.OODS, which they will hell low forcafh. -
; 't'tmi
or :uin: : .
corns unu\ midiMe tot" -a ii ILJ.rhI: oarju-nter and I -;o".lti'ldhini. I Fiii 1. j p.r Ierni.I '.' j call the attention of tht-i-friend and or on ere ht n-'t !M' >i<-wi.i'l to tin* National Onm-nti'im. \\ *
:: j ] Tho al>"Ve reward xxill l In-gixt-n for Adam he Scholar!!< year cr'tis-1r: "f txvo T mix Therlrst ; i til* ptit !ie generally f the arti'-Ics are invited t- call and see them. *
3 hk at his nioiltitft a'il' <- l, tti-r 'l'a' u foll'-xviiig ;
<< 'jiijuiee. delixfieJ Ui lue m !M.idiM.n at ll.c plantation.i-r at my j jpl.mati 4.5>mii-iei I I : s ontl.i I tiirt I :Mi.n I >!jix in }F a I l-nuirx.jiii'l I c"s.- I Ini a.d; riunv oiher? too to Dj'-iitiuu January 1. 1&53. ,',i
Jok at l.is lelin-iwnt i bihiif.nnd \ < -
I 'ii in 'ladJen County, or j i ut in onif safe j.til < the l.it Fti'lav, in Juiir-tl.e second eors.iiiei'imi i ith 1)1-v: (; iuIiS. -
tl.lmVof: th % <% LO..K at hi *
4t irin.; the ?it'1.in\a-.s.1 > *l-itiou I aiui I nantn-r tinlinns.f f iv fCHini.in so thai I get him. A. I H. LANIKK.January riist M-'inhiy in Vnrust. nnd en-is: oa the liiduv* ; C..n.i-ting of' pLuii ansi tiguit-d ilk*. plain mid fi Groceries, &,c.
sui i the h'uzas .i hi* tr'.. 'p- ..f frii-n.ls. I5M1L 2'2 l '!.S. S tf b. t-'ie the txxenTy fitlli: ot 1>. .- .M.rr. cia ii I blai-Sv: Al I|t.it1.a.; i jilam and tigtire l 3Kiulin>j d .- JUST received per Sch.niner Vcr.ics fr"ra sw-

1:1 the 1/c.ri-latujf: nf Nu hirvlun' 'I .iti"i.! Fi.- for ti- "Jtiui ai .- rttjjire-1 to h.i IK> pni i ? :_ mit: Hui.-k.ivi.i Crria ,, l.-.iti. n 1 C.i-liin] : re->, Inoxxn tin.] t.e.ieied! Ii ea. 44-
; ann ; -
t.tav sad: tidinjs ..t tli. dfh ofVt s-tsr \\ ifli ialirt Notice. i ii iii1r ic < < :
: \ '
'Lnjd i in C.."' <'ord. : s. ho uttered thai i ubiii; rl MIE: TruMOof- the M'Mffley IntitutMadison I <-X'-< j jit iu a-'ZLt of jMntnii-fd ti<*kii' > B 'nr.I ran I IH-J I J I.Iur, I .5 1 LI.uk mid colored S.'k' Mar'tilLt.*. Lace C'fifM's. j ItiI..eul '

]t.,- itJtjt 1..t. jtt to j s.."i> j iJ'i: a ii-t-ord'-d I m.-ru-irial jnuJJi : < J. Ci.untx 1 I'l.'ii.ltt.au I rcipiesteil to meet at C.-nsird {iriN-utrd ill 3 jiiix.it.-. f.:nlit-: *, :u! tLiiige in--Iud.-J: for ; I I' -liars and, \ eiis, >!..awlof I all i/.ert aud kinds. MnL! J Jni 1 Shoulder pti.rCoc

) Ti>-IiTjdi t' t-r Jh" Lllnl-.-' TJie CTfUt hcjilt t oftijL.itiw ,- < Ma.n-H'ii! County on Fii-ity btf-'r. the SI IjordDax ten d.-llar* j p.r uus. ith. 1 'I I lotting Si'key.! :' --, l )'h-. J.ui.in-t, and I PIai-1: Mii.Iu? IrL-th Lirt-iH. I Tam'.

l.. ats ln-axiU* :.t theportals.) fv, iw},.) .. ; in March. Tlio eaiioiiiteillix] { theCoiix. nt'n n a** : .l.jtiuatx :"J. IN".:.. 3 rri: t s Top 1 H : 'L'iiIJ'iJUi' -. Liim. --he.tingand I Hlluw CastLinen.. Tweed". >i-nfti.i I :.i barrel, extra Farr.i'r TIar

\f k at hijti.In-iout- < rec 'i\iu liu-ti-( xxli.t 1 m.li-pos.ij ft t" d'. xxiil please noufx -" : '* ithout top*. ky ..Kanarid C'a.'-iinere-i of nil f'l[ 'r. arid I .[militia. 25 Superfine -

frru prt! -<- "!-r k r". and; tinMiir way< fti''ti> of fiartic.a int oveti i1 ibi; *>*..cit.t.aibcfoie i-uid inci i iui. For Sale. Tl-eal) .vt are lor alc che.ip; for ca-ih. tr d: ti.'- pLiti and tignnd Satin and late trii.g Ilibl.
.-1--- J f T the tiwttun and thir own tS.itr) 2 lv 1L 7AltDlS, Chjlimatt.Ii. 1-; .. -. s.f Ikrare. 1isoui-'. 3..t- n ".iott as-ntio'-nt t-t" l l.'nit! Rib! .{i3 Hiid Artificial! I> fhuwi. -

l,.."'iat lii\ r '! to 4''I1iittC," 'f arrun.pt J. N. .'rert1ue.Plantation. pcv I 'i-hi.i--. ( ;iteiiailines: Mi-iii"-, .\I lKienl'"j.| I J'i' S.iLHlr.'j| ; M-t: Han-.e-s all kinds .uu,.'. .1-.1.eu Eii.hri-idr-ie: I II.! S. and 1_ C. HiuidSrerchiefsiik 10 w Iri-h l'ntatr-d *. -
n5,1.1'ubie r;. j.. i4 I liidl.M.irlni! I : i, alt-s. Kid'ii.! llardixart I *. j l l' -ktt I H I iii'ikcrel.i. f Cravat "
1 li"%. aiid %oinitarv] nsenoiation-i. And fiii.il jin M.intii'.rfCJJH'! } -.-. Collars. Ii.ki! |Iv-xes, Net k j jI nut' PajK.rCan.brie. 2 Mainiongalela Whiskey.
!ly. 1 "h: at hss -ajacitand: tlcfith i in ''sfr\ins in'aet for Sale. -I--, I u jui.. I.iea.'. 1't :!. :. -. tt .. I.' I .i.t -kus, I be riki'ii, Linings. T..JI I l-ahir.; Li.aiuel Bruxxn. \Yi.iand! Black HvIL'Ui'I.! Caliii.eFlan.iel;, *. 5 kegn Lard,
i pr (
L.: o\\n ]iurHif.e uith re :nrd I Is. \\f\ niuteii.tls! h<.etiu *, Aj>ron I IChevkt 10( hox.-- Star Candi.
'T'lin] I : Sul soiiljiT offers for Kile rca-oia\.leterm >j.imgarrinj;, 14..w. lndt: Kub'r.' GinH'ltnii; and! Strijied Domestic Sf.teh I'lai--uriu! I'i 1 4'
and t! .' dcsj of hi future 'i on : < )! I lllue, mid Whit-- Otj-e I 1. -iI i-- -. ] hygshead d-mlied Scar, .
.kat all th> thin.-:is and g"l % -ti'itij.Tianklin J. his jil.uil.ttion. situated eight iiiiies u rth of Ta.- I 1l.c are* xxil: bela al ea-i-t :uid eharirei. f-T th- I, iill'l! 1'al. ;1.te.t -trt-tchitl leatlur 15eiifi.r Gins. 'Iravik j _rured \ t-Ixet f.>r buy,. VVur.-ted lh.'.d* and Sj'-ks for 1 choice *

ii J'kice INStatistics fot you
<.u. f erea. TXVIJ hundred cleiired. uui.I.-r iun-e unn iu ...,u.j .II'i_ :-. I 1v.JI : and in f.t4t: exery tUitig tz.-u.d-t!! I.. j..t in a r-toie of thiSi and ( ;ie.iticiu.ii.Hore, of all tJ.-5-crijifions I-i- November 2a). Ia.5-. 4f S. S. KNI HT.I .

of the Presidential Election. I con litioii lr planting ; the balance well tiioliTtd, and j jxvat '. kind.! I die* I ;eaUcziiens, 'LteiS aiid! Buys Gl'-s i-f all <]ualit. -

ted. < >n the pivmi-esare i a good Duelling) I Hoiis.- I. Ribbons and Laces. I lana '. ldc! 1'ridlu" find Ti turkreairs..1 at .- '. AI.sO.A j I POSITIVELY THE LAST NOTICE.

Thv New V 'rk Jounialof OoninivrwNi'. b the whig m i.l 1 out I Imililing", < in H'ia-f, tc. For It mis apply ito I I' (1 i lrie HlhL phi'.?? Iat9... B. E.. HULL.M eneral.rtrnint of Lt'iie*. Grntl'Cicns, IV>y!>, undersit, ied respectfully hi.- friend

vet? ut tli'- it-et-at 2e<criU.r ou the jucmiser. 1.] .:. 2. 12. i ML-s--s: an J ChnJrcii* Hn t- and Siiut T and informs
J 1
2- "' .t-et-- I plain! Saln: I Ull-lHijis) ; eustomerthat lie will Icave/lhe city of TalLihawe !-
% iou* "be : tji.in.b the gain ovi-r 1 >>4! > is only ll.OVW I JAMES HTNTEIt. liii, -. .-, : -_% 12.4 ) in thc cturnof a nmnth or twas. anal will exjfct -

TlJVi; ov r h 1S44 ihd i"-.:>?! or J-JJO. Tli dent.EU' ..-, January 22, 3J>."S. u :-I.P ftar.n ,.DISSOLUTION OF CO-PAF.TNEHSHIP. TtIis.. Mics, and CLIldrvu' U-.uncts and ILits of and iu'L uj-on their .Kittling tLeirnnaiunts with;
Sn I Ltu-i. E lt'iiL'and Insertion'M I I t: ..rtm-r'liip I.iisiui.--- i-titi I_ v a-ri M.V.. ill urJiii'-s. in that time. C. C. BYKD.
'- %"; i'i: : i-M! p eater than: iu 1SJ- i'17."iVfTeHttT Extra Mullet. : i.I\, ..I Charles! I ll. I-T the -ALSO '
? '
-_ I \ a--: iiit---- Ijfe. i ilv $ :.ry :1 u-* un nnri.ev January 1. 16-..:!. .r.2i
than in l44, Hiid 4.r47i?' sualir tlmn inJ'lfi. *_) CfBAIlKEI s '1 LI.1.Ir-i lufi' <\\1.K-li: are I <) t'-'tt-Mi JiL'ii '.- m-l In erti"n. ofMeI.. a and I Kiii-s: 15. Las This iluv b. en ili!i'-i-'i vuilI .V v. til a.ew.rfedari.ty of Saddle". I'ridle Mar- ; '

1 Ji.- ah hlinn < nj j: 1 : i;. .ct li.iith.iu iu 1MK, nJJ from f'tJ.ii A"t-./ Hint .If'iHHtft- pail h''l* For- 6fc- Jit Ct.ht JUld elijllgit. t.u- e- li. bxJAM1 I, b n m 1:111 rmi,.. iit. All jv.-r "ii haxing; d.-ii.-.tnl- a lingul. I IJiiiile-bit.s; !: .Stiriii[*. Gil th. fureinrle! =>. Calf-i 1 Notice.

nil' l.itttr xvith juid ;' > B. AM P.I.E. gainst tin tin.,. TXill j JileaM* Jiretei.t the -art.Las the biitjsVLips: Mor xv Skin.-. Coach Lace, ute.u.e% tc. A LL indebted the of
tt\t I l'3,7r.' fi-aT. r tU.ii in 1 "-5 J.Vtnu jiut up treat 3 iaiii. xxurranu-d in t. pert-oii to estate Tbonia* V.JTL .
For sale I. J&i 3 uInh. 'i I f'-r payment ; un i all persons i.-.u l.tnl to -ALsO- Harris. late of Leon
w.r wax f s'i ui7Hi'SI.r. v | y-Z. :: County, deceased are rrijii -
>..ut i. tli: I'unu.T 1.e ill iLevhig i jo us iNtn i- ...- T.ill niitlve the A plndM o5'"rttixiitf Hardware. Cur!, tc ,
Ncwj..it.; Jnnualy, I l."i. l-:>:,. '.' D. I.ADD. j jNotice. r-ati.e.3 p.ixm.-iit t' ii'td<-rsig>i 1 1V 'V.'i ) on th ni'K.'ii.tie ; lh- luitr luiMnir 1 iritn .----- --- j To House-keepers. i tI.- ..i I ;A.a'i. whthif Ta.r i'.sT.ti.t.a- ti ka t .p Iaaii I ron-i-ting in j-j.rt f Clob, H.IIH! and! Ur.,adAx. j ilomaml* aZtiui't; .'ai l c.tatevijl pre *nt them to

1'i.tee it 2 jii'.ruliTy <'l.i'7.t"'s, nnd a juaj"riy 4i. rlj .th > i iJL [T'OII( 1: sale I li\ tin-! Uli-ler-J/.e-1. til 'u t.t ii.O"gJiili i. t th. :11 ( kS lI1iva asis'.rttIiCIit a.f *rv vaii.-tv of I I,4.i' ;. |, I b-kL, L.ti-hi. Hinge; ;. S'rw-. PLii.fi. CiiisIr.. Uolts, ,the nndersi i!ed for paynu-nt witliin the time pre ni-

v.i./4jtj! iiUiJiumi .,f l A J Jtui ia > "ili"ii t t.vwh r I: ii. u-hIin it'11 1 .f 1 l"il"XMi4: : l &..iz-.k i 'l ..1.e Cl-.tlia) and .Nap.ins.! _I.uIt > ul.r-t. CHAIM.ES 1 i KVS-ELU Ai r-. Si 'kfsha\, FillIlurir, Tr\ing (q'itra., bed bv law, or this notice w ill be pl.-ad! in bar of thvirrecovery. Ii
pi j 3' ; NtIe. S.-rs. C.! iieii-wrebelH
J jla..i.-i! UT..I.-.3! '] !-./< !-. I Huch..l'I ("ra-.li. .l<-., |t. .r iLtdi-ia. I i.-artt.h. r 21. 1 I'-'J. (J.M... --. p 1 -It >.iv. : #, CoiiiiKu-1 j **. Sheep SJ.ears! JOHN J. liOWLES. AdmV.December .
.1.i nv.ni'rt-r < f v. i.v p JloJ, T 3 xas j is tlju ljjjirIn ; vti mti iitiinj t-f < li.-in: ? hi- bi.'itn, ss. ;,n iJ.utiruiiilU .. .. Oil >r"U'- Ir--n ati.I i >u-<- S.ju.iruKnives ansi I'orks.
.1-1 !. 1
.Ar 1 .1-1 C ii"ll "s l.-v'l'lgs. 1 1J4. ii.l'J !.X -1. 1SR2. 4S St
1-Ltt-oii 1j. J..tu.-Iaj1. .j ji. hijvj:, iI.trv! t1ii.vZik 1 ; it't1'.t- lhi.t-e xxh'i ii.ne |nt Mtt;>d she r I )aI3h'r.| I ln-i! Lli.i.IJiiilnii'l.:. and lriii\ i ll.el 1.1 tie\.- ; Groceries, 5tc. >j "'ns. I'lk't Ktiiies, (\ifiill.-Mu-k-.T5ra-jaud Slec'i -__-_ _ _
;> -IK.T5 to C-t.l aud d-j .so at t.-ir ei !i.-t c.ix- Snt.tM-p>. Cut lain 1'itu- Uutuls .Shot l' suu1.e. (Jun
flt tiLj% ti ZA_ ;, L.ri.& xtl: itfui an.. i.t-f'.ssjrx f-t I. s-i-- U.-. 3 j.int;. 4 N J4.'H..i.S| bt.i'-L nt Graeri. *. U.e.U'.n ti ant Notice.
'm' tic. JAMES B. GAMP.I.E.; : k
A Flint C t !p lta.kiuriithi-! 11141.'YT'. An%il*. VJ.-. i.,
it. lm\inj J'jt'JcM-. tl.an twi'-i j JAMES: : H. UA.MHLE. I l.-i'SaeL-Salr.' rrnnfli. an>r date, tlie un.Ter-tfjnefT.! A !mn'
pn >rc a- many aS :: l.nun.-r! %, and Ser.-w PLite, -gtthcr v. itli! SIX : -
i Janvkrx li. Is;,:;. 2 M .-Koret. N1.1. e and H, every Uii.igu .. and A'lniini'tratrix a-f Jarne .
-t' then .XiUaii'iis tii1 ualK- ia tl.i hoe. Btm -ttc, deeea '
: : : i Mori, la.: Tho lfat j.l .ruijy ktpt *
Isi i. ()
House for Sale. j ja - :ard uu.-rii-sa ivid kr: : .-d. will !prt-sent our account* and V"U'hPt9 to tli*
in any filv ii..'.. ] i.-.iva -. fi I 1'kttf, TinTJ $100 fle-ti-ciT- its \\jivan: 1 :':. E.: Hum, ALSO Honorable Jtii lireof Probate of ilidison
r I "'HE to.i| .- iKN'iied! ] nri'l.-i'irn'-J] i \Cfn l 1-wre. "ail.. % ware. Sk-iv., Crockery, nnd'il.ts ; Coiintr, .nI
_a | by i* 1 lia.-hl and Ko- ( ;
ZtLti. 31.I'.idg i! IiirLv1 sr.gi1e: v..t. : TiY..i 1', (-( .. !' 7Jii'ia Its a,,. is. '; rri.r f t1gf / : ii. l'ot K a--k for a discLanrtfront aid .\dnunirration.'THOS. .
oiF-led fi.r .. wale. ii\in -tti kiIUt.t. .
raie. aiid I to aioi.s 1 I. ij.-- \V 'it \Vimkiid; I t'i.Jer! Vin'--r, Sjiid'i- > -
k. : :!:. .: : I '.ii-, 1' ; :; : t )iij.s, mJ. a g.j'-d i-taud i for bii-in., --> a \Is tt.-r s.f l'n ri.l i.I"1IEIJEA S' > St Pai.. Ac_ Ac. All <-f whiviil! )* s. .1.1! \rr\ ;. K.: KAKNLTTE Adrn'r.SARAH .
3I j 3- la. itii'I S-i"ir_ I'ruck.
I j I r rIf "
TL : v.t i, ] j.eiJa-J (.3. I j..irtt.niJx, H flu t !K I j.re- -itc-.L 'J'h' uppe: il.".; 'i.ii ._. i : > i! hr: iHrti'madi knonti fit I if. Cruld i.i.i! P.iwd ri-I > .. lo-.v tat- JIEIi A KL'ST. IIU i\ETTE.: Adm'x.
'i :ir.tins Mfldi
1 ni<'. that :t uiur.-! i xxi- r.- nile | nn County, PecemU-r. 1S32. 4i KmIP
.iiivel I. I zit: nxt tt'liilvlta'.l'riH.ui < c.nn4j 1) e&Ihsr I. hs:;: .
I. bLv1tP ,. i : -i<-li Ii.i
(8,1I..c j .i-1 :! ung '.. -*, 1 lukwT.i! :it, ku-lL.- ;ai-l I l'iiiti* _
t.r.-: ... JAM1:> iiMftsl Ill ll.e ( f I Jl I-.Iii..-, in this".Itate, -
a lar it .s i4ii 1:1: \.>Jeghvn I I ly :iny Stti': V ? ]I.- :J.U- 15. lf-5'i. i 1t l.AMULE.J..im.vx Iy ails.- KI.MAH I I sn.i.r.- ANT lJ3-si ti.. tR- .-f i L.-k: P. l-M r. sjii'-.-. 'labV I >..'.t and, I S.ilartTu: *. Piov/s Plows,! ;| Fresh Groceries..n. .

'" *. i in uLin. J.. i7 4 oj jt j> MakJa'-huML-il': .uh .!s.< ; ;;. >iJix n! ad; tljnai I I lll-jah: : Sillixant i inox a fugitive I 'I. i and t'oilee. ( 'alnle.! fcMj;> a-i-l %KteliC". >T received T'O t.u. ftt() l'le'aIts N 1 lo. ; (- Ljignayri and 1ii! .
: bt. rch. (C-i.ltisii, I .,tat'-e-. : taI: LinMid! ))1"
r.iiN! w V. rk. vi'Ji ..'..ll'.r: 3 In, ;j-r"p'i-ti' n to t!)4. SNUFF AUD TOBACCO! In-Ill .Ill tiee. 'I < Ml.i -p. 1 Jo .V.. .1.! .. in Ni,. 19 1". N. lf do. J vy buiir. Clara'u-d and l'runuj"! ;te X'.r.ki is xe. That 1, TmMXliixxv! ( loxvnorof titus N d twl FI."i.f Caudles. Patent Wax and Adamantine
!I. 1 1 2y
1'ETEi UMJILLAUI) ) MANlTA ; ; > r e uptii..r qu1t- ,
TflEIt. .t\-
\'hj.v i.uiil r i.'J -lcsiU4on'. i is the jrrcatot !< >' [ i-: I P.l-tek and I l-d: Li-ad.
the SU.te ;:f.i-j-aid. liy xiiti.e < >l ttiatthoritv xistul in. li.n1s.ii1t.. md l.ir.s! suitable f--r all the abt.t Crackers. Butter' and! Su- :irTobaee" ,
Nn. 4-2! Chatham New York.T"FIIliS t "l ,s.th and M.vv. 'siititl. ..lA.I'.
Ltd ial !iti j st. > 'aeeo. > 1ioy
Ii l d-i
ii. Itw.
j UKl.y hereby: of.-r a r.-xxiinl I of one ':vrs. AL>O, i flue -ut and! l 7.e.t C.ivendi, -
) / \ ] f-r t-ale tin- fallowing ztt-1i'1.-! x\&rran-l hujirlnil dollarfr the iij.jm-J.--n-i.iii uf th** .ud I Eli! I I For hg at th- l.iwe uaarktitrt, -----.. Kvm'rr C' ni Shell, rs. ; Flour. bbU. and half bbli.
New n I i-:: -. -Jv: 3 HIII 1 : I< .1 I ir: York
C'tttonMarIet. -J1 lljh.ri.or u.i ualitj :-Maieohoy. -ii'..t4 !Ii. Coarse jnh; Silxaiit.!: aiid hii!I. It u .-rv INJ.I the eut. alv i-f th-- > H -'rat Cuttt r I Iflraui Clire e. Enjlish Dairy and Whfteoak.FLh. .
Tn New York murk-t < '. I Ftelieh ]i'{ anti other >liUl-l.! lil I 1'ln.' Cut TI Sli.-ntf of tl.e-tl } < '. .* 1 H'i'.fis.!
tie on 'liMfdnv. .t$41T1$ wrilull. ipHf| u o >- u;! oj t'r.tdie'the.*, and Scythe ?nrnth Piekted! S.j.hnori and! Cfxl-fish, i
< iui'J thtliucd a ouuitcr )f a c-unt ttin bal I li.i'-<-.. in t Iii f..jl and ]ia] i> ; H ZIP.i e puii-ulir: : d I.: 1 Man Stid E'ij-ih: .Milixaiit h : is tA.I1t! Cs year- .f.1 TAKE NDTIGE. FITJ- low by HEIR 4 P.U&T. (;<*btu BdtUr. I'icklrd Tonjrucs. Aneh.->TTtc. r.t.,

ei sold. *- 'iij.lJ"n i of the) vaiiou* artii'5.T Can I Ix kiioxxn 3 l.v t n.'<-. > !1a t r.; or 7 inches: l.i.1} rnd ly t-mi 3s'- i..ui. id A S I :a st rlo-iiig mv pri-ent l 1.4a.i!: -". hl!! those inj 11ve-nil-r 11. 1 "S2. -I1. tf t < tc.. landing trout brir Sjauiri: e. and fi>r sale!

Mi.-ii.ig; fir a full price uumn( u... aboxci } r. I.-La-r-. a -jiaie built usa.,. and I h.ia -liglit IIIIJM-!. A dl.-1 tit me x il! j.leas.: ea'.l an 1 .tflc, a* lob- bv McNAUGIIT i OrtMOND.Nevpnt. .

CCTTON.-J.iwunr. 2 -Muket rung.-s frian J.uu.irv Ki. ltJ.J. 'j. >.m j Jlielit iu his -j .- :fir: indi.Lii'V; r.inn.'t l --ixen.. Quincy Male & Female Academy. TW. 4. 1 ".r i. -J S

tu. I i 111, tt1111i.I.V wh'-reof. I have hereiut., set IX| I Will 'a. -:1..i.e of ii'V .ti.1k oft hand kt a small ad I 'HE I I next ses-ion will Uin on "Mondnv, Janunrv: a

Great Bargains. J hutid!. j.n 1-r.u-id t-i b- :iH'ttt: ] the :. r -.i.iI ;' Tjtnce on ( 1 4th. K5Mi.- AMANDA O.ENO"will eoutinue ; READTHIS.

A'iriii 31 2' ? iiu ( I A LL 1115(1 examine the% i..tt-k of f.ods! i.ftheH'i I [ L. ." J 'iid! >if tlit 't.i.hs.f Kloii-ln; K! the Ctiiitul. I JOHN Mclx'Jl'GALLI hi t-Iianre i-f the Ft-male J-jiart..ent. She _

y.ejtsca.-1)r J. .S Ilt'iJirht) \ J'j.vn, The Tru- lipestue i- -, *<> for whom von foml emotion cnerieh,

I'lui 1. m iJa-tijc ,1uic ', pi .-jiirt-d finni ]Jii. I II"I J-'IMmely ii it..ush, !s t s. 4.-1.IM] 111, 1 liU-ilieM )l. MN.II ai ..i. I i, IN".:'.. 1 -- -- JAMES M.! DOBY) vxill continue t.. as. ii.t in the Male Secure the shadow ere the substancet pei-ih.

t4t, hr the I'Kirth S:
of ISaron Jjdn,. th- 'rwit 1 I'ln-i'il'i.gitI lien; .-aI! to (iirhase; <'f him. I Hin (,'<. >dn aie ill g.nNI! <">uj. (,, ,_ .I 111.1. (J Lkr.li. j T I'ST r. "t-ix-d trorn .''exv York, by P.nrk "John the xxiuits of the School may nijuire. The twodejmrtmeiitis : ? TALLAHASSEE DAGUERREAN GALLERY

iit.L. J.S- ll.j-cht.fli: .M. i Jr.. I'hiUl.! Jphi*, Tho i- ii tioii. and xvell aasorti-d. I'y the ( 'iva'-fltur. Att.-s : I a l Bi'vnt .i." male and fe-uale. are kept iu apartment* \

truly a won.jcrfui n-inoly ftir Indi i .tinii, D\ -3M.p.1i' JAMES H (iAMBLllv. .:. v. 1 tit-n-e S itr CiiMil.Pn; ILI..1V. quite a delicacy itlr.v! separate and! tiu-tinct : and are so arruisirtil.tlu.t W. O. IIYLTON1TOUIJ

Jauu Jicv. Lir (.'' niplaii.t.C..n-ijaUon wl\ l ).-I 4lt Jan. If. J&.r.3. i tftrrrtai u o/ Stafr to the liters of Baeou.ts'N. i-aeh ii.uV reecixt* the beta fit of the U]>erx-isin ) rr j>cefully iuforir. thai JohaTii'Ml f
curin,!, after nature': i\vti iuctho i. l by iialurcV i ivra.jeii Jaii-ji.rx: lb, I ls',2. 2 c.tiU I ... 1 M.icken1.il. an 1 Li-truction t-f the Principal ; but the greater lrtion 1 and the public generally that b*

!. ill'" (Jastne.liiu1"'. J'.t'iiphleis, rontaining "CJ I-- Notice. *: !$ l... -. E Dairx 1 litv 'e, of Ii. tiui.e xxiil be ilexoted tui the male deiurt- now occuj'ie* the room C>rmerly rccuj>ied by Mr. John

.ntitici-vidvnro if it"alue.. furnifhjs] lay agnt.s; gi iaHi. -';: M < eks af'ir Settioti i'ierti.enn.iiti. apply .r >.' M'IN.. WlItr, Ma-ttr. willh -. t 4_ 1 ._. ./.-... ..... 1 .,',. r i.n.I. the eh..rge of its ?.- jiriiicipaL. and the other i ia to take
si- among : to tinJinigi' .f lYubatenl Hamilton C..114n1 i- Ih!...is.....i.. i.r ti... ....t..5.. .. ._..._.. l..._ 4.-. : -i.. .._ ........ with him fi-r tin third j-rejiitred
--- -- ---- i I 'I II' --- -- 'I.! I knrels- 1 Hirnin 1 >Toitli' Family 11or. (. te1i.pare uoxv aiattd
- -- -- -- f.-r j,-ttn' i.f AdiinnMiAtiou oa Uie e-U.te 1sf J 1. DAGUERREOTYPESwith
njnnu 1II ly to MrNAfum .rottMoND) ( '? i SAift Ci.kr.1al year. Tbt -rinaneney on the j>itrt of the inftnietur-

MARHIED. ; Itaxx hiig detvast-d. : wjHirt. Ja'H-ary: ': .> I Js.v-. -j i.3t1.by! JJEKliY ,1 ROVVLES. Ia proof of the e.-timatioii in xxhich they are held by all tho. Iate-t iinprovem nts ; and by skill and
Ju (; the lith in'ttnty LF.T1TIA UA\VLINS(; I I and -fit-nee he flatters himself able tt> please! the most fa
iV'tatur dimity, leorgiu, i'ti .lvttr'i 1. : 2 ai intelligent and discriminating public, a guarantx -
LEI STAKL1NC.Hamilton ;. Off __ tiiiious. He ho* jtist reiveil well! selected
1. Wil'iiim' Ch'-tt.r Impure. Mr. JOHN DAFFIN Selling -rand | I'l'th.* stability of the in-titutioii i a stockfrom'Ji'eTx
f'.liita 11 A HU I ET SANliOltN. County, January II, 3 It-LS. :2 t\ AT COST FOR CASH ONLY. \ Boots and Shoes. | ThIjidv in charge of the Female Department hn*. York, eompri-ug! the most fashionable Ca-
it'tlt'ijiana-remont and the faithful of soi with told Cha. every other
bv her tbWharge a
LADIES AND GENTLEMEN ONE AND ALL ] V\ H. COODMAN i A (CO.. xx ilium, on account of' --I:1"IN: C'ilf I Dr "t BO"?*, W: trr-pr..f. and Pegged ; variety to suit the public which he offers '
; her duties, secured for herV.f the character of a suejeiafulaud generally, at
Mor.o hn-ICl.-th.
I Ix-atln-r)
ill Calf. Patent I
htalth. Vlll'i theil I, 1.
: tu r.ir.-r the
AUCTION.I i-itiaSs- to I such
tlji awill
the ahsi-tance, of attcntixc B-wk Kit prices ensure attt-rtJ..n.
inv v. rv pt t areoiiiplis.Li-d[ teacher un excrlltnt di-
I BY i i and (Suiter SI.--. I I.Aether with j
j"i'> < melijti i I -ief.
O N ? TIIID.Y, Ft bruary .rth, will bt .[>ect aud viteeuv. AH are> invited tau call anti vxamiue pecimen,.

fore o. r Store. I II j ( in jilt-paring and ; ananging in a very neat and nn i MI* uAll xxe jtuMii. to coin* .Id W. T. MITCHELL.T I ii..t i-rilv of her pupil, but of the whole community. wht-tht-r they xxi-h Picture" or nail
.w lv
1 Man jigv-d ul unit 4 M : -h legxtit ft x If. all I bills, notes, and I accounts 3 sa-t due n |.u-ra.I.M ind.-l.ted tu .-.*id firm are li-rv 45 TlM-'couise of ins-truetiou is csteiif-ix- Students All Picture* taken by him are warranted not to
years *>
| r'fuJ It incited 2", 152.
1 Woman :.'j V and inatuiing January 1. I lKr .J, again.Mich of my I they iune to a *.jic.t-dv Mttlcmcnt, or iNe > mar, jirepju-cd; t-itlar for the Sophomt.re or Jiiiiinr fade, and! give entire satinTactii.n, i>r flap charge.

1 Girl and ('bi1sI-1ir't rate fuld] )hands. t 'customers a*, haxe not yet Called fir settlement ht Ceurexiile ainy : .laiiiiarx o't to jav In Chancery. cl.i.-s ill ei.llege, or for entering ur>ou the 8tu ly of the > -tructions imjwirtcd to any one wUhiug to cnjag

Teruift made l kno\in on the f bitlc.VEUUY Jutiitf, at hi* Cubiitiiiy Ji'tui/i, during the pieneut l T.C;: 1 Cl i learned 1'tstieiuui3. The institution i ii lumirhcil! xvitlia in the business. Also, instramci.H nnd niaterialo of,

A UOWLES, Aueti..ne.-rr, 1e.tua2I month) *if January f for the Mile purimcc <>f rtceit'itiycullt Notice. (hiII.1 'iT ('() L'1f' FOR LEON): COUNTY. t yia' Ciicnt.i'a1 and PhiloipLical Apl ratus. and a nil kind- for snle. IV. O. HYLTON.

:.. 4 It biiieerely hojiing none will tail vim inuif tlinntrlrt Charlotte: E.: Ged.les; and! George F. ud.i.Erie William lar-'e and valuable collection of Minerals, affor.ling January- 8. 1853_ 1 tf

I jirii'il< q
INDIA Tiiomas I I. French Ewj, tobe al ways n-adv and &-.xerhtipjiy .1 I I'lilHIlElt: ha> thin day! N-t-n di-'ci.iitinued I by j miiig L :*ne, and EUanor: Sinclair Leslie. Janet Leslie ing greatly to interest them in tht jr. studies. Surveymg :j and Caps.
RUBBER GOODS. to dictiibute, in exchange) for rath, all Mn-h mutual CM.tt All JM-INH,.! having dairns a uin't [ ur.D.inbar.Marv Islie or Camero-i. Helen Lt--( ir taught xxith the chain and e.n1iia5-3Ieisuj-a- A LARGE arid fall wrtmenl of HATS from this. 4 -

rI: 'iiI E mmiUl r<- |j<>ftfully cull the attn bills, noteh, and acrountn. Th .Mxxhn do I n>.t vail dui I I I the him, x-ill jil nse prevent them b, P. B. \Vi.tten lor lieor I 15roxvn. Margaret Van Barle or Bia..e.ViI- tion by actual measurement and thu'i'e fond of Reading 1- .L1. finest 5Ioe.skin! to the coayt. \Vcml; and Meni...

tion of )hi* old cu-t' m-r tui'l merchant* throughout ing the preM-ut nioiilhxill ho called iijioii in tin: |,j: payment. AH )IMTMIUI indebted to the firm xx ill call liiim L she ImWli,, Jann'. hiitIaa.ii. (l arl'itte L'iza have access tat a xvtll Mcltcted Library. j and Koy's Caps of all qualities ajtl; p.swas. wfcieb wili

the IVriedStatenitnd Canada to hm UK-k of UubIHT month of February liy himself, or M>me other pt-rtuu I immediately: and jmy their aura-,,, ntt. to I p. I B. Wooti-n, ImJiichJnclcnCni.imingIml.ich'and I I Chailes I Slack The closse ia Chemistry and Natural Philosophyare ,' bn M very low by i). MAXLET.

( fluids, manufa, tnutim in
trade of IriiS. Hi* ..tNk of I not prepared tlie present month to clow their 1\\txriEN! ) ) 1t11t( 1111 EU. decU. 1 eictofore of St. Augu-tine, / *- '< : '* and alloxvttl to experiuteut for tLeuiselvcs, under the -

RUBBER CLOTHING, bill with canH, will confer a jmiticvlnr lavor by calling Montf-ilV Jniinary i;. [ i t | |i':1t.' : 1 r.t r direetiun of the' teacher.Quincv Notice. I

i is pnrticularly down ing "f in, |>octioii : a* it hue never'l and t-lohing the home by notes. NoTlCE Joseph D lafield and Lewi CnitisApnl.ichicol.i Trustees of the has hitig enjoyed the reputation of being a OIX monthn after a1-te. tb* Bnder ignd. M AdminO -

f been raniijilete nor the artiJ more cricct. I January h, isr;j. l 1). C. WIL'ON. LAST Land Company. _lfnc&unlR. remarkably healthy place. The citizens are distinguished istrator nn the tate vf St p4. n Sauidera. d.- a
jre H
j CALL in nnd nettle. The undersi H-d mnv be appealing to the sati-faetion of the Court, by affidavit for intelligence and reSnemen*. and in point ceased, late of Lt*>u Coasty. w ill pretbia final as-

AN EXTENSIVE STOCK OF I j jC'oati MALE ACADEMY IN TALLAHASSEE. fur u tthoit time nt the More of J ). Minlev, I IT iiade in this ean.'e, that the bald fkfen.lanU of IIM-ndo, xx ill compare favorably xvith any other com Count and vouchtr* to. the "Honortbio Judge of Prt..

Carrwff-Clutlj: Machine Ilelting, J JCajH.fi 'I 'HE: SnU-enUr jirojioses to cbtablith in this city a (the old t-tand.) xvheie he would bo )pW-ed for all to in thi" catk.e re>ide beyifiid the jurHdu-tioii of this munity. I bate for Leon. Cnur-ty. and aak tti be- dif>cbiirg.d. I -

Wnding J'ants, Kngine Packing, I JL Male Academy, for instruction iu the Engunh.1 call mi him who are indehted to Am. JiehLr.La.n: or Court, in kite City and State of New York : Add! to the'c consideration?, the facilities for irornl 1 VIMiv vixr MhNDERS, m-. mi

Pant*, Piany Covers, Life Prei-crvt-rd, I Latin and Git-ek languages, and in the MathcmaticsJA huii.aelt, and Arrange their businem, xvhich xxi'J! ,wave It i* tli T'fvrt (Jid'rcd, That wuil Defendants, Jo- and religion" iuatructiou Hffordril by the sex cral Churches Januwry 1. 1353. .2 6in a

() era1I (;1.tei; Air 1IaUi I resident iu the j>laee, it is )his desire, Aould sulTi-. eo.t Haxing ..It out, a longer iu lulgcnce cannot be ,( .J), Del irield and heirw ('urtis. TniHtceof wild and! Sabbath Scluol, audit may be safely affirmed -

lyggiugs, Cups, AVhij;>s, I cieutncouragerneut be olfert.-d, to render his sJioolrlilHIient. given. A word to the xx'ise it MimVient." Ld[ C.., ,piny, ills appear and! answer the Bill tiled that no t'imilar institution iu the South offer superior Notice. I4t

and every de"criptit nthx! after date, the tnder2giwud, Executor
said Bill will be taken Extensive
the education. buildings designed
Laud. Tlie aliove h are wurrHiited t<, tnnd any clImat, | The czeIeise to commenee on Monday, the 17th *-. c. 11. BLOt)!). puh.1LtI( of this Order, or thorough for teacher and utudents. have beenerected asa *-J on the estait of J&rnes A. Frederick, demved.
instant ItiiU's of tuitiun, the iu other liri- January 1 ]1'.5t.' J" gm i fo frio against them : l oar.liiig-hou late of Lon
and rea-liable OrdeinaUti fcaine au xvill
Vill b<* tolil at ino t pricen. Itfurth'rmade (hdireL That publication sir tins in a retired w.d healthy part of the town. The County, apply tu the Hoot>rabl.
')% : and iittnded bx* vat<- schools in the eir>r.Janiutry 1Kit Judge of Probate of MiiJ f.r i final
promjdly t a discharge
j in publu-hed wholis efetabli-dimout is under tile charge of the Prioei-1 V County
1'irit I). HODGMAN, 27"Maiden IM*. j I 8 I, lh.13.; 1 W. E. EPPES. A. B. Dissolution of Co-partnership. Order boAt fur weekly four months.some PI" pal. Students boarding with him may. at all hours. '| frmiV said estate and will tixLibit L flush account

av in
Drember 2Uh. 1852. have his direction and assistance their studies and !
TaILJit". ,
J of T. WHITE CO. i this dissol Ch41iber5
-J&UUry .j $ 13. 4 3m I II j Fine Fish. THE I hy mutual .. day WAYLKS UAKEU. JuJjjo.Jamiarr are kept under such wholesome reetiaint. as i* necesiailr.T -!I uoticix ISRAEL F, BEA D, Kweutcr.
-- -I < nit tit
December 18 *
----- 18. &\t 6m
have assortment if > All tliuM' _. $ : to secure that mental and moral culture for !
NEW jiift otvneiJ an ried and indebted to said concern, are requested A trie
: I AIWIZEIt Jr. Clerk. Inch placed in the institution. Girls
FISH, which are well couditioucd.Piekled to come furxvard and i-cttle iniinedLate.lv. lLtJt3Lt ix they are arc MuUet Mullet.
(;u'. ".. 'A.lvT, Lu .Viin'lleltitch Brig Herring, THOMAS "%VIIITK 1. 165:. t 1 4m not allowed to receive the attention .f gentlemen n- -

the iiiji'ie ixirtjM. V* iir Dried Cixlfibh, JOHN McDOUUALL. !lcss> by rctjuest of the parent or guardian ; and boysore ''ITEbaYoju4Itreet n-od A ifiiw lot of PICKLKD -'

Captaiu uu board, or**to fright or piutiuige, apply to tli,** Piekled Salmon, January I 1853.THOMAS 62 ;-: a Notice. n-quired to remain in their rooms at night, and are V V MULLET put up at iLwme*._.represented a*

Diied Herring, of Arcltibald btrietly prohibitetl from frequenting audi places of a- very *itj rior. They were put-op by gentleman
the estate
MeSAUGlIT i OUMOND. jv 'Twins indebted to musciueot, or of foruiiug such adrtooSaUou!*, ja will who b deairoa* of iablvbJng a reputation for eazful
Newjxrt. Jnnuarv w Mackerel, Nos. 1 A 2, WHITE AND WILLIAM P. ALL. late of Gadaden County. deccaM-d.. are >
4 tend to their morald and draw and hU Fib. For
corrupt off their attention packing eurmff iaJ 1* bv
D" in KitU 4 t: half barrels SLUS8ER, having funneul l a hpartnen'hii umler hereby n' mired to Biake immediate pavment to theunderigied from their studies. MeXAUOKT
AGENCY OF THE /ETNA Kemp's I Pickled Oyeters, the ntx le of White and Slucf-ur will continue the bu- Executor and all creditor, legatees, 'uialdi4ribut.s. OPJIOND.
of board Pecomber
INSURANCE CO, Sardines. (.mes/of manufacturing Tin in all itM bronchew, nnd and all other wliouwttever h .ldor The price including wa bing, is $10 per Newport, 4, 1M2. 48
Aent of the ,, ptiwu" month-fuel and light extra. For further
TIIEumlen.ign.-d above Cinpanv5 Also, Fulton Market Beef hope to merit a continuance of public patronage, by H cl iio demaiul against said estate are bereh'vrequired board particular*
lug r.-tftB-of tuition
( for respecting regulations
) ] Ac For
nnd Sale
niak insuriUKeHn Pork in aiu.-utiou all work entnioUnl to them. authenticated see ,
MCM cU-iee pieces, steady to \n\ eut the same, duly
? fire. on Brick and prt eatal&*ju :, which mav ]* obtained bv application to H F.
y Huildinp b Diiwl, B" Jin. Do. THOMAS WHITE. within l lto 1e al time, V thiS uothre will be f,Iead in bar > T at present.oepi.1 by J. P. Cola. -
$ Jrriittitc, Nvrdian.r, *, 4V-V CH.STE\rAlT.! FrReijio1.Deetnbe Fo i is offered for !1. -
Bacon. ll ms, ir.Jtnutr WM. P. SLU5SEB.Janurry their I e"vcrv. DANIEL IUTIE.Q >nat t'ue. 4p.r1 .
January ?9, i3L i B. C. LEWIS ; 8, 185Z. GEO. W. SCOTT 4 CO. I,1861. 13 t Csdd( 'O. Dee. 11, p5;. 49 1% zcc'r. t5. 4$ this Qfgc. pfcrmberlJ: .

: ,: i : : I -

-- __ __ -- _-;_ -S S ___ S --a .Z-_ __ _S_S ------ S

F HAS 1.seitci1 l in Qumoy. Office in liw ATTORNEY AND COUNSELLOR AT LAW, S Attorney i at Law & Solicitors in Chancery, -

( piK>nte ilr. Juhti (} Florida In Chancery. DR. J. 8. HOUGHTOM'SThe
(;uflI'p.S I now rectivituf anl l have on ,

January 17,16:.2. 2 -'%TILL practice in the Courts of the Middle Cir- ; hand their Fall supj.lv >fkOOODS \ >(. A. Fo IWAUP. I SIMON: TOWLK.of JEFFERSON CIRCUIT COURT.Jfill .

cuit. und ,,Jackson and Franklin, Counties.Octolmr to which they would respectfully J'Azu- $ .1 of fitvivor and Supp'ttnent.

Dr. J. H. GEEi.TAs 23, 1S5*. 42 tf call the attention of the public : Octobr.tbltul. 30 William West and John M. Smith. Exec(flora of William

: resumed tlu) practice of Medicine in Qnincy, v Gold; Hunting Levers by Tobt.i Goodman, deceased, L'vnifiiainanti,
NATHANIEL HAMLIN, .4 K. IX Ju.hins4.n, .; .
4 yR.Thninai
jiectfully offer* hi!< si n ice* to the public.
t. '" Ollice. nt the Drug Store of J. Jordan it Co, Cotton Farlor and Commission trthazt, .4 14 J.i-h. JGentlemen's MAXWELL & PAPY, Dnoher anti Creen R. Slater, Executors nf

Qiiuicy. September 11, t2.CITY SO fun No. 3SRf I'oiz iT, NLW Open Dial Gold Lexers. ATTORNEYS AND COUNSELLORS AT LAW, Samuel Slater deeuavd, Jane H'ater and Robert
Ladies Gold Hunting Levrrs.bv Arnold. IViYi JL Co, Slater, Defendant
Cooper A Co, TALLVHASSKK, ILOKIU.V. appfarin to the 8iiti,' faction of this Court, by

HOTEL fifn to Judue J. R Bnoo E, Tiflahaeee. I. Watches of all description, Felmiary : 1,1851. 5 IT in this cau'-e., that the wild Deft-ndant. reside

TALLAHASSEE. FLORIDA.THE .Ir..J'iiaM. \ &LIAMS. Silrcr Hunting Ix-vers, out of the State .f Honda, bejond tin*jiiru
i underitijiu'd. having} taken charjjo of IA I LADP. Equire, Niwpu'rt. 4iIer Hunting Aiiihii. Typings and common CHARLES W DOWNING of this Court, but in the United States :

I. ) aliove well knowc HOTEL.tn *t r. (;ku. WILLIAM lUitu', JeA-r.-on County.Col. Whtthc i, and Miirble Mantle Clock ATTORNEY AND COUNSELLOR AT, LAW // i* thrnforc Ordtrtd, That the sail Defendant.

spectfufly informs the citizens of Tall..ha *ectnvrllin I K K HLACkBCX.Jen JEW EL1MY. Thoma D.i- her anil Gret-n R. HIatrr, Executors of True Digestive Fluid of tUstricPRKPA Jules

uii t) ;; public tljtt be \\ill qw'n.| for the ( J. S. lUiMiME, Madion County. Fine Gold Omtalain! Chains. Hrn-vleM, Kt* Corp. Tallahassee, Florida.OmYi Samuel Slater, deceased, Jane Slater and Itil 1rt RED (Item RENNET."* the fourth SlOM-

reception 'fi .itors, HI thC IMli instant. Ho v ill Olill.VIK: t StLI IM;. QllilH' Pearl. and (Gold llo'om Iii.: VAT Kin, **, Ciif Pin. w- at the Capitol.Manh Slater, do fipj -ar and answer the Bill of Ro\iv<>r tiled OF' THE OX,alter! directions! DAKuN

rpiire no pain< to nuiku thi* Hotel worthy of the jwit- Kn.: lUviM.7ox. KMJ: Tlu>iuaille, flft. Cuff Button, and Finder Kinif*; (;e-Iil.r,4-ii's: Oi;tbi.l l l lKoli 15, 1851. 10 tf in tin's eau-e within four month! from, the
e of the public. J. B. WK1JLS. 1:1bvILu Ve t. ami Guard (Chain. Seals. Kiick.lt-->. mid ;1 of this Order, or the said lull will be taken M.! D. Philadelphia. Pa.

eiiibr 1... 1552.: 45 tf Oct4.1irr 1R. li.VJ.: 41 Kg-vs. Gold Thimble". Ooli! Pen and Pencil Cii-*, W. O.M.DAVIS, pro cotifrnio nifainst them : This i a truly wondettnl renvftlv for JNDICFJ?.

MONROE Silver .vtieles SIR und Twirl Order be made in some. 'aa-r InbIn.lItal in PLAINT, CONSTIPATION; an(5 UKBtLlTY. Cur.
HOUSE ATTORNEY AND COUNSELLOR AT LAW I Double Kved Sj> : t-r takijn np hi< abode at Tallaha "re, nnd will [
TALLAHASSKH FLORIDA.T7M.I Card CVH-*. Silver iiii'i Inlaid Porte Monaic HoquctIhId.rs HAS| racicr( i in tlie (?oiirl i of t the Middle! DiI liict, once a week for fmir inontlH.tindiT log after Nalme'sown metflvd, by .Nafure's osn A.

Talluliimcr, Florida. I Fans Papier :ci'aebtl.ks, I Port Folios mid and ol Franklin and Jack< '>i Counties.Mirch ( jve), inv" hand at Chamber, TallahaseeOctoUr g-nt, the Gastric Juice.
P. .MOO UK: respect fully inform* the Gir.inuole-t :21, Is.:;?. CO- Half a tea!'poonful of Pr rst.v, infused in
C8T Oflieo near the !V>t Office. [Oct. ?. 40 Album*. Flow! or Va>es, Tea Tr.iys, Parlor : V. | V,0. 9 w -
I; I -il< Public that lie hu !eii
*. tie I liuiMiiwf %n AloiinStr -' t. 'pi> BENNETT, KERR & CO., CltMrrs. Table M.iK Pocket <*..nq'a--n.| Surveyor M. A. LONG & J. P. K. SAVAGEHAYINiu'S'i.ited 1852.: 42 4m in tiluul Iwo hours, out of the -n.ach.
lithe I'luMiix lrk! uixl will tu'l\UulV r< tit it lr PEFKIX i.< the chief elcmertr firear
-. Chains) otic 1'ulJ Compa.-", lloiii-e, Tea andHind I ] theni'.elv 'H for the c>l
(ronrriil (Commission unit Forwarding Mfrrha.its!
pin poc
Public HIM;JSO, t' U fvnetliti the 1-t Dt'tin1, r H.-11-L Notice. Principle of the Ga-tric Juirc--the Softrnt of lJl
will! yivr attention to
j.ext All th- -furniture. every Jc script ion, in this .Vo.; 113 I: 7iA uT ittnila.i at., .vt ('riear, prompt food, he Purifying, Prttfrcing* and Xtiinvlult
b'.iMiieintruted their
frii.vr.K ANY rrTr.n WART. nv to ejirc.Jnlv2rt. *, creditors h.itepiu infilled cIitr.
establishment, will be and it will U funiifhedeomfortably ALL person and .
Wf, ISPECTFULLY: off.-r tlie'r M-rxiee. their ct
to ,
) *
lfl. 2 tf
Hnd tk4antIv. Tlie table s-ha'l IK a* -Li Silver Tab}.-, Deert, anti Tea SJHMMIS Butter, ___. ._ ) or utliurwjiuitereteuI in the c-tatkt of| nl from tlrpKisjfstivp Sti>m ch i'fthu. O.ihuifrm.
fri, *tuU anti the aiuJ tLitt.'rt)1f't.I ,
< public srenerally. .4. ------ ---- ---- Jonathan, 1) :
will up1id j; .: ; ri thu tii. ,ui1 it i Km: \ t..' 811.1 .Siher Cup-i. 1'l.ited Tea S M. Kt-ket Hentley Iat of J.-Iit-rsu'i, County, ileCea.iJ inan: AKTiriCIAL DIKESTiyfcKLUID.frfri, .
] ) % that, bv ctnct attention to tni-i--. thevill Law Firm. *
Li* intention, ia all r<*,] e'-t. to provide a eou\oiticut I' (.'. '.tor*. t'riu., Fruit Stan 1 K. Wsiiti T*. Butttr: l> -d.- sins )hf-reby notified to exhibit tin ir claim ,i.l. I ly likethe n-it"ralla<>frif; Jm'e in its Chnniral \ .

ud t'.stni .rt.i 'Ic 1 i t&rtainI1..t.If I \\ IH able t-< sue -atiif-iction to nil totl.emuth\\lio mav eonficn ail Candle Slicks Silvir Plated Fork., Tubfelt. !-, 1.- I BEARD A P.REYARD will practice in coirtncr[ dt! ,inand I* within t o years from this date m the tinderailed fMrwiihiiiii a COMPLFITK and PERFECT pnp'rs.and
PKOPUCEor) TaiLiabv. 'V. 13. 4 tt' ud Tea SpoonFini -. ; per- SUlWllTin E for it. 1J> II'.: aid if thi pirparaffon. -
for ale or hhipment. : DouUj It in el led nun. Shot} Ponche Mid Horid.v. OtHcc in 'ltIhduasce. H lIt indebted I to the Slid I deceased, are requeued to the pains and evils i.E LVDffJESTIOjY( anJ
All oidir. the of and
lor purcLu. e gbtd4 btrictly
CAX1MICKEAL &, CSGOOD'S att.'ntled to. Powd.-r Fla-k. Kn-h-li C.ip. Gun Wjl. (01wiin-,' JOHN 1JEARD. make immediate patoieiit, to"JOSHUA DYSPEPSIA are removed, jit t aj they woufd! be hyn

DREDGING MACHINE. proinptU .. ]J5. ds line Table Cukrv.! \iith without Fork*. ('.r. T. W. HREYARD.Februarv TAYLOR. A.hn'r. healthy, Stomach. If in doing wenrfero for Ihi.
LilnTul ib\ micenui'V. on con-isfniiK'nt* of COTT Jcfu.rs
v, 4, tin.* p. kit Cutlery of :u' do-.erip'i i ti) tine 1. l51. -I tfSMITH Cocnty, Xoveiiir. 13. 155215 Cm ) eaesot "
'_I.K: uuiUrsi ned ha. ebeu appointed I the Aponti' ( )N.TOHACCO.XAYALyH.)RLS, or WESTERN
Sit- find >.hear-. Walking CMICH, Aci-ori'iia'i'. NERVOl'S DECLINE:, and DYSPEPTIC; CON-
fir the uw in r of this iuLtton, nnd would reCommon. !; 1'KODUCHAinpl Fit.fe; \-I,-Itn'b I''i.-il Ilo\\ <. Yio'tt'ii and I (Ciii'.ar; &. O'BRIEN, Notice. U.MPTIO.V, nj..n"d| N> he on the fnref.f the
izIiviJ airan emcnt-- for Storage at the lowest rate .
H t" Oontra'-t.'i#. C-.n'pr.nin1. or *
) String' *. lt.ui.iItI.r Strop*. Lnhin4, Fxin t", C.Hl' Attorneys and Counsellors at Law, A U' r.1"00'Tetlitor*, l.-gati.ea. cnf ith-d to dif- >\tl.irh if I ist
Xw .
OrleanAwsju l .V.
t 4. : -2! t'.niHAY
> arc al"U'Extensive 1'ii ; 1)1 k t! f.1h) itg ..L.. rij it i n. ; > > _IS b'j'ion
>_*nv. Lavendir, Browi; \Vinl-M and Viu. e .ilia- or otherwi-n? intere trd in th.i cttt..f t.MJ.ii. in I he highest tlt- rte CURIOUS and RC-

JOHN F. BROOME & ROBERT HEIR '-.n O.ti.l.er ::ii, 1 4: ALLIGATOR; ; E. FLA.M. Iaiahi I Iiua.ptun. I.r. of Jutier'.ci (',,urtv. I .MARKAULE.SCIR.VTIFIC.
PiT.ii.rk' of Swamp#, JLir he* and Sugar T
WHIT; SMITH. I M. OT.iiicv, are In reby notifir.1 to jri.il.it their claim- and
I INC( lei.l the Ware-House i and demands El'H>K.\'CEl
I'lsnUti'ii: *. : C !to' LUMBER LUMBER !
li.-e Alligator. | ()fT at Newn.i ihit. within two \ v, from thi-, dtte
BtIiijiL 1 Ixof :4r..iinJ Plant: uti"H' ai.1] Ti. n : ( .i> in, thi City, (ocvtipvd the pu.t t'am bvMr. fittr.l tho Mill known ( >: at the
: up Ri'i Col. S. S. SSIU.KY. S.ivium.di .lti.1t TIKJMASDm or :im will I barred
and I
to all
and lUi tl C. A. Na-!i.i n:.*t ollir thoir serieet4i Tlin.iib-oriUrliaviiur ; ; periM ..X'hemitrat Artificial
( :iin.: Okaiiit-l: Way rcnioiiiig at r jK< i'jlly < In' rni-! SuthV.t '.1( J.u-kwni\illc Col. J. P.U.M Ocala.Oet.ilMr md.btd, to thi> aid dcccoard r : Ar Dicestie
ZDub. ff ivt-i c and IwrU T*. tl.e) Cotton 1'l.niter* in the f"llo\\iiu cij>:u'ites'u! : LI AH, ; we rerjiMted to make VI'idaria1ou.'oa to the (;In.-iric Juice, may be read;.
Tallilii: > <- >, inow j.rtprt.l: to fuitn }5i Luilr: i fw.'ry 4. isi. ::t'IETNAINSURANCE liltriteilattu- pnvrnent to
\kkiag Canals through bwauips, znuthy or .a all oaMhcie, Cotton i j4 >toed| by 11MO bind I COMPANY LINCO. of the Calf, in which) van u srlicl!e'. rf Inert!, a*
Mill >r ilflivt-u-'l in Ti.ll ilui- --<%. J\r- '!i3 \ i -liin Sheriland ,
around l.arv and .el\r s to IK- for d s tfici> Administrator. rnat and .VTill \\-x ,ftn lthtin rJmnil
I1i> >etiic: the water pun.Ktfpi 'ir rt'1eui.ih1i-i any linquincy whattMr. ejgic >t< Jigti-
ej I.tntiliT l lao -ir )bilU tinstore of J. JcfiVr
ti tt
/ inLy: IRT1UD! CONNECTICUT.BUILDINGS ( 'on County October) l *
} Ukes riverf. _\\Ik L'.ta1I4 the and 41 f.r.i ill (hrsinne vldle in the
Cl J its1 1
:;: open ;iiiiK way tl.ri'Ujb *, to to tampling Mllin.j of M. \\ ilhain.siih: : \V. 11. X. vr-. -S tri/jn. manner aslhfy ic
'uukeu lo toarini tl Stork", and Cotter in Ware-houe fiimnm .,vlnmnch.
r Ie or ? roots of r nme.
rcUo\iug up
\VII.Li\ >with llii'h Ar.b.r. .Ir. at the CuurtHM.W. State of Florida. f
1rtc4. ( t'. :: :" Our; OiF.Cf i i.* ntuated ipr oite tl.e I'lii-, ikink.We COl'XCIL A. H1tYA. : l lc 4 b\ tirt.LKWIS. Dr. C.MB1. in I>i.- vahnble! vmtii.g* en the

T. jrMir.< ieMrf' s cfiinproxitip wnte land* \>j ,-- \vill ;it all time attend to tinV Lhiti ; Si. AMEu G4IIECIRCCI1' COL'RT. "Phj iol"jrj of Ii: i-.fit.nT'i.b-'eTVnl that '* d.rai-
th-tt.1-r Vi". l-s..i. 4:1: tf
lraia.ue.: this inuohinean bvjeoonunendrd as tbeon- I>f Cotton in the Ware Ib.u=o Yard, > in the vacui.t lot January 2<"1,1; 3i'i! ) .1 Aaenrt. Il.ihai'.ee. James L. Shield', J tuiTion ff the Hn- quantity ot the tlislric Juice i is a

Iy.L int. adij'ted' to ill the puipo sary. 1..twtvn the Ston'ti of JanuKirk- 'v und 1>. C. Wil- Just Received Chemicals &c.ULI'llA'lt VI. f- Attachment for ?:20 ZZ.; proniitient. ariil bll-yffVailinz ea4nt D sp rira i"
Drugs .
Tu tin.! .. wLt are buildup t-r n-painu; onna's orI'.niiuf p4'i. Eqt.> mid at the 'Tallaha-- liiiil Uowl I'jw"| William N.'wsorn. 1 and! hta'*# that "a di.tiniuiheu r'rofv.or > I n,,ti-
it vi'l be f und f iur.uvr.te value *:.ndry late utih.V.i from Nf w T.Tk, anJ now QUININE, warranted pure and full r IVff irine i-i London. chs. was' erely tct..r; wti. III.
1 > a- itill z.i'r'.m iiK.ny: y.ar# 4'xjx.riinre. we hojnrliat UY O 'plIE -n>!:mt H notified of an AVac1.nsnt i it-

*3. weight.: vd! in th.- ei.a a f, mt- i.l ar-l: le: :' rt-rjiiir/'d t.j.lead .- 4-, mp'.iint, tidiflit evu-r thiri .-l.e ,, fi!, tad ri-
SI izh1i Itirigi' P'kwh.at., Oil. Hack the Gatiic Juic r.btiir.pd '
or levee.Liij r .-ce! a liU-rsl Jure of tl.i-ir : : pipjT.Pnr.fi and aiwwer tr the the ronfe t I.- trrn heuti-
1LJio,. :, It's: ;:|pu-ri..r (i<-.)iri JJutter, tnacLhie is u ed 'ith t-ithr-r hor e IT !ternpowtr. '* Soptviuln-r I 11. ) 'Z. :.6 Ttrrn of sail Court.JOHN torrpltttly
:2 !1i.;' p.uttrr Cnu-Wrs, I'. rin\ Hark. r''nmi i.rrd| ri -arlt .nl to Qu.ii.n., at
t\U-h cun l re cow ia buccvfisful rat"i"n iu all par1 of Thomas Hughes Hines, .', I Itox.- S.i! Hi-euit, .lM! ;t f'b.' third th. f rice.ALSO Oct.r} l IK, HV.. 41 ira Dr. JRAHAM.; author of the fa men* wcrk cn

tie! eiuu'rr. aud uwy be teeu at Chnrlroton, W. ('.. At1orii'y aud Ccucvllor at t LRw z:.'t' ltn-i-s; I ; a grin r.il ,,upply} of ChcuicuU of the be't t tn Vo fat'le Diet," # \t : II i i. a ft nj rk-ble! fact in

:!A U9..T.. i.-r l't tatoes, ( aul liv. ihlIofu.Y. hat f he tomchs of a* icsN, nareratedin
; Tax
J Yaid
: vy PjMi! !.i, *111.1 fi tLc C-iial Lttv. Ccllcctor'sKale.I" .
Ci;f.!\t-iU-n atj l San L ui<. TUOUl'YILLE. (;EO., g, U.'Xt % ( hC' I \a'er. impart; tr! he finidthe pfup rty rf tiu-l-|

3 3. uppiie; i u to J. S. StX?' r. o".r f at Mobile! WILL practice in the (Circuit Courts of Th'in-, f; Half I,1i.! N. 1 frwh wigMf. e f'f.lojrtif. I.i.bin'i Extraet: nnd f nof as'crtrnent I)) Y virtue ot aushr.nfy i.i; top PP-.ed f by law, I IP ; vatioti* articl iii t l t-u!, ant! ot eflfciirg; a l kind tfI'

f.T Use AtnUT Alu4tti-a! f.id Floriu* iuf..rynati.u s \ iJc Clinch, \Var,.. Ayplii's;. ml IrwiCountit (J t j.iit.-r 1 bblvd-j.1 F.i.t) Toiltt: A'clf: zt \ u r\ lo1* pricr. hjre levie.l upon .,flf .will B P-T K !r r -u\r\ hetire I oilitiriiil digrttion rfth -m in rio wic tlifutnt

lu tLo et tf tli* uacl.iiC, As., can: l b.. obtaitifdcl ui
ihiii .vid Colninl) la Counties in Fl! riJxAptil24.1SV2. 4 Dozen ** irdi:. *. ( : t' Itilia '. ', (CoiMitT, ontr\ -# -ond >foria! > in ."4.i v n.-\l.l.il. I : -CaiL on the Asenf, arirt cet a DpTrisfive Cir-
(;1L1EItT .. .
14'3 : New Y.ik.t 1C 5; Kuld! 'avi' : Cofiee, )l fc-tf'o celebrated Pi! >Jir ar.d other Family iud- I r ftdlo\inf j ib$ cri!>nl proj ,irv or rcij'-h i Iherfol i e.iI..r.gratia.giviriz a Iargeainrird ..SCIFM1FIC

_. UroaJway, 5-_____ ____ ____ M 11 10 Hi" Cotf-e, C'Itt I. a \\ ill pay the Sn.fe; and County TaTt- due EVIDENCE.'i'irnilar: ; t.> tht ai..vr.fr, .-rhfr siih Fe-
Th:1'n <>f the al.>ve raacliinc. and ..f
n mav
the g w.r3.i hi're STEAM STEAM 2 Hb!'. ('rishu-.1 Sti kr, Ja\cn Modlcine": : le., A- .,jti-t ncrire.l hr thrreon for lt>f ear I'sSJ.; and thenecl-fejn f.ijit-n- I port Oh| REMARKABLK CUKES luin allf ai of
>ato < i'U f.uiia: pirieiple, by j >worijpl St..4 incident thereto to withtin.tre '
) LEWIS: A A'ilES.Oct.l : the United
bt ( .. .>d iu Iitd.ing, druiuin*, uud railroad fuUcriUr la fittc.1 up the STEAM MILL Two I .
y THE' l A. Edrnond-on. ri ht Itn{>cii-il Gun] >wer and young I fc.n Twi.N.v. T 11. lv',1.; 4"!' tf ard f n icr, of lard, It in.on. Flat .'i.'; .i Dl-.cpEPsf.1 C'REJf,
u % tib czui \\M ncul'V nt.p1ungt > S 'Miic( by Joseph Creek
t'r.. s. srron. mill* S uth of TaMahawo. tuur the Jtail R-vid leadhe t i. 1 p.r..'. 4 4 C. I'. HMI H. belot.jjinjj to Robert JinPr.cs. Dr. HOL'Gin UN'S PEPSIN: haspr'.. -jc.d the rot

frni Talulia! St. Mat! and )ha. House for Sale. HrJH( ; O. McLKAN. mmfflloiK rjffcls, in runriif c.eot, DtAilityrma-
27 Wuter ft, M. biie. : v !<' ;* ca-tta.tlv
HELP AT HOME. IF. Lir-r- :uid commodious DWELLING! ; Tar Collector lor Had.-dfn C"nntv. eintioii, .\ frcous JJtelint, aid \prptit Contump
27, 1SS2.:; '47 on hand a. fum.lv ,f tt i'' or i O'o. < feet of LU.MIJEi: 4'ti! -f'.Ur, "
ly a'i'l will li- plead to till ('rItrat the -h.irk- yo.ti'e. rT JIEuTid'-r i irn:_ 'd 'iTun mndf l.ir:eirnpn; I IJIJIi;;;! J. HOr.Si) : at pr ..nt --r.ij.iMl by O1..K. 21. i,2. 22 era tioii. It i-iiinpo' --ihle to give I fh r t.U tails tfr in ttIhe

Bagging and Bale Rope. Ord,Tf, may l c r.inv be K-ft at the Flmidun A t tOtiki' JL l>oth in lunldiiu; und inarhinery. i I' now (.r-ji.ir -.l .> *__ II. li! ry. adjoining th Mrthi' li
F irTcF.N )p:1.: q Gunny Cloth, fifteen pieces and (lctibr '. l52.! 4'i' J. RICHARDS.WAKULLA ] ijnahity. termiit th} ..-l.r.!! it may Inf.:\-] at a h r->in.Applv }BY virtue of the power rt-t'td! i in Inc blaw.. I : REMARKAfcLE: CUKES, in PhilarfrNphia. !

Lif! Ketituky"H : .;:iij: aid: tighty euiIsI.cpe. lie I.a* z<4 tip no, hu-nlni bv making C!ii t to exhibit t to thn IMi:. rof the F'oridi.in A Jn-irnal: I or t>:einlf'iin lull: expo- for -a ie, hjfore th.- Court Kou- \ New York and Hu-fon zl'.re, Tne.ewrrpaU

F41r I.UkNN.U61IT HOTEL ) at Ftir; or I by oin .: :N'; i h. to I.ovu-11 or :'zs-r pUce : ,-d. G.; C. :H. JOHN>ON. <' 'i'tinc> in he County & 1 ?;*i! ..!en. on rhe f'o'ir'h I ra-.e, arid the c-uro. t re cn-l er.lj:

ORMOXD. ', to ot Ni'rtIn'ritri to wr.fe in KM pr.iiMIlis -. Spt -n.UT 2. 1 .12. A'i J tf Vor.J: v ot April n "Tifhr fohI.o'ir.! ? ib--. rlbfi| | rf- | rapid at.u wonderful. hut f ei na' .-nf.I .

Ne'pnt, () il.er i, i5 !. 40 AT THE NEWPORT SPRINGS. : i-.Libi-hi.ient! strictly ..uthit-rii----ii tl... mi lat S jerty. or rant h rhereol a. svill pat the State and ; I It T* a srr.f: NERVOUS ANTID< TE, and p.rfictd.iil -

lIE nnh I.ahu lea-ed thi) w.l f if the rottmi .riirt\ni4 region. He ititendsH, .! \\ ( iu< toIjir.v PREMIUM COTTON CI? 3r Courtf> Taxes doe thereon ti>r the rar 1,? and ; Is no-lul I f-r: I leric neto K.hi iar. divrc'er. Liver
Negro Goods.A the nfrr are net incnlent thereto, to il j Coir. laif:f. I-'ever and A Njtflv trr&ted l'et
t knwn 'f.tjbMitmnt! f .r thini'vlv.and ire wi rant.I I t.i p<*rf'rni iu T71 T. \TI.OK A CO.. Proprictcr-M.f ilieToittljclii'ii pf w : f ne.rr r

SMALL assortment fay \Vthintnn Plaim, and 1_; formthe i-uin and travdlitu, re.-jHCtfully. thai in the !hst niantitr \\hcj projH-ily :.ltci K r>>< : -ar.il .fiie. ;.n.i! the evil J eI.ete/ f f Qiiinii.e.-Veicf"* .
\ : ; j publio l'nr' a-ev lll.le.l OP I th b PI.i. hv t th* <)tUoforiee anif ether ifri>!{< tifm the I'isesrivr Otsans, aft,; a
thr PInvuioru
Kr: CableV.i d i.i. do. do l.i lo ji.iii.unre to i.vf-ir airon* rut
ey! ; Giey Yxlli-y lie ha had! it eiilar el and t'i o :it < own cxi tti.o.< (;in r.J.aii iIi:j I |>
Georgia do.. plain and! c'>l.>red Litifler r Caroliiin and iie'Iv greatly and fi.r.i.ht-.I. thoroughly it- j d''ii.' si *liort iiotie. ;.iid in th .: t h.-t liiamnT. OrdcM tera ie.er.tli t hui'uhu'ui us (' r.virg n. arid ifl the \.V--t by AfMi.trhiwia Hirer, Ivir.* i! Infc 9.cknie4.I'o.! TIT **ce in estiiijr.and ihI .
He ha- Fi-ber- .
paired, painted in f-n!I. 'ep C.unn.srd: said ton free arilent irif5. It almost
t- u-e C > rtceociU
( e"rs SiriH-| Cnlie x4. Haudkorclii f |>rro r d to 'ij>i>Iv any nuiiibirVlurp Land CoRip.inv ckng to the Af.3Ijchiccla I Health if h Intnn t>fi .|
i>er Brig J. G. Anderson and for *a1e bvMcNAU(5HT O ten- and Fi-h in ,Miiiin vhidi to. lie will '.ill\I r tin: !ii at tl.cre>..idtniof the pi.r ofthieircetrt'rtt-iI ) STUJI.lCir
% f to '\ eiydwlir.tcy "HUnif OLD ,,
; ; O. McLk'AN CU. PLIJ.vTs.
A O1MuND.'epirtOct.Ler ljtrirat l. f.'rui. I Ik IOWHH- u.v. \ t hi*,e Gins l'j v (t)4iI! loire ivl, if woti'ila '
will \\m priividt-d the maiktill afford iniI'i-i : etttAt.c&t.3 .ut ', .. TIT ('se--t.'r ir ( Iad C.-ur.rv. Ti ere i I-. r.., t. rm rf OLD OM.-M'M COM
lcrL t'ti 5. n' tu-r ihs ltrAIt 'ii Ci' to % it-i.
.'. 22.:! -3flCrockery. (.f the br.r.j LU.'OLT thr.t t< ui-1 l b- < \Li/.i: i ..1'IH.VI )t '
din! < a cargo" of the *' ( .s.l >/ivi'. 'lU the j.o of .' 1L WA'lsON.M : werd ;:: I ti.cir ta' or, a'I I th. J .t.I' cimtidn t the ma- tVtS-r !, !T"'>.!. -tl m rr..ccrshid, tT il ile ni t s mto reach ard itat -

]><,ntnn if-c, fur the warm ds\ f. He ha* n Carriage iy. tiiiiii l..sve b'lli hrttii.1 lit I |1'' such peiicclion i I hit ti'.b *- once No niatfer hv !tj.l they rra> be. it

in coiintaijt attc-ndiuici! f>.r La hiiu i..ul l I th-ri Tax Collectors feale.T C; V.S INSTANT PKLIF-F .i >,'* *lrj f''rrmt>rtiH'
l"t in ]I.. }ieailii and Crates for Mile low < ,%, February 1 1. l A g toMt the Dath'. ulmli are IK.W bci.i: put incouiflete is to rifv that I himin I in |i're.: -.C.CI" tf alii 1 If.er liin. now I jn ij... For the4.ilM'4.'lion ) Y virtue i>f th. ;o\t* r vee!ed irs. i Sy la-.v. I I the ttnplratiitinipltrnsi ;r.d it only nrd tot
the McNA UG11T A OUIIOND.Ntwport ) c te, : mpl.in-
by )package. ] repair. U>.it< will be ]>rovidi-d t tor tho- : iq-w.i who ) repealed tt r a 'hrf lime to yr.ai.tthi-*.- rood .te-ii l
hfp } *
r I lji tot f'n-sd) I ih ( inan -hall icr '
an-i. 1 >-e -, e\fxi.-e Hilf.Si-t.ire f ie 'onr' ?n'i it
H.ikir C.'ni.-- three
tai i in Lie ('oit.'n Gin
October 9 I'52. ii5 ; *
who wii-h tnale
to I'xcur-ion Pl'Hi'I YOF
the J
an to Liuht I Huuie.JaniiV i-i-rcnneni I.LOOP.AND VIGOROK
fl-uaC'iaiIltJ vit h .
If i-i.*v ':ttu'aci... iiadc: by Colonel J. Tl. \TatJon. ofPulnnrx >! an : | t thfir npit.iinn. tl-t-} Pro. fi'iii.rx. i 1:1 thd iifify ot ( ,< t.rj non I f," f .i ii
Salt.rpwo IcLuid, and othi-r place* uls.t tl.e Uay.He witJi bit Ii I \Ttl! 1 a-il I pg ivtu.rs univ -''! I l..t I h 1i a.'r 1'u.ini..imb.ui :'I.aJ.i) I in Ay si iI I n--?' l *. ti>\\\ivt\ th. )P'-I Ito | 5IUDY tollowat nr I It i I. j artiruhrh e\t clIent
v run f.l.r ; i.n nf rihua
3 of N Vi.n.
ha.jiu.t completed a iu-w and ci.nmodi.>uStablej .u1arubd te t him hr I Hhiiited hi I n ra-c npi.. irirr. Cr'S rer.e. cf
'frlv.nr tnocli i"f
e >
v I 5.t \t.iuiity \It\ r'- -t.te urt.l
THOUSAND sack Liverpool and -T py tlie it of the Sti !i i.Pre--
; c.in-ful and utttntivfMlerk. i! th 't.; Fdir ?i.d! ar A I.i.t3tlfi.r- (* T.iff-.t diu" thff rr ; ; n-.ni'h. alter .-af irr, low,
ivn rr a. nj h.-
if ; :
I. sand bnihcU Turk* I Ii1.an'I 1 Salt in tie irder, for ( In .-1iirt the rc'pcit. I tjjk: ; ) hiniM-lf ,
l'ropn-rr; : pl--d todo j ifi.t : sils". tI t the .Aljf,.in.. r nil O..riia .\ricultuil l Il.-.-p. try; e\pen .-iiieiilt-nf I thvrfio. lo wii I i : < r Sf-ir-
ale by McNA Hi HT .t OJ1.MOND.) all in ks.piwtr to ojiiiil.i.-r to the Comfort und h.itif.tfiion ph.nti-ri. in ,,,iu1j-\u-.t.-r:, Gioij gii Mini Kl rida.; Oil.Vat and Meehiit'fir, r.'lrf! at fMuii.bm ; aiu! at the Fivr! loib and! -i\ty-on arr-4 ol !.->riI.; Kir.. ot, if-'. I VsiwmTtPc* Emaciation: : Veitiie.-s, Ier.dtccytcin4Jr.ty.
t October 9 1 b5''. \ >:j IN it S..ntl.uri.] i.mi, l-.rn and rn iq-.j in our
4'l i 'tiiCite..C.Ir .
of all \shu favor with ,
may a call und ocit-!: annual Fair "f | hSfifh Carol i if1s I In-lilute, at lock Cri-tk, pnrnortMiK I.> ..cii to I.. <. C.itlin.(
Bacon Flour &c. a fair trial A. 11. NO VLS.Nvwpur. n.i'Ji't, au J haa no Nonhcru mt r< Cnti! ; -ton. Th* (C r.tlc.n ifinn, !! mi thnt tj re- itl'UH t.). :icLKAN. XtiUSTOVSPErSIN! ;i- ? !Ii by nearly >U
March 2\ 12.( 11 jo.sipiiAt : lioNi). the tVit! >T;. in fine tlrn<;< and Po'tar j AeJici"ne? .
j :--ived the lilt Pirnii TT* at the ethibitior. hrlil in Tax Collector for G-sJsJen Ckuntv.C .
FIXn thouiitnd, : jH nis Bacon Sides, eighteen thoy S C.rletp.Si-'it h rjruliin.nrr! a. rvtry I-'air wh're fchr! I f;, I tVT. 4t t'iaB f i lirnr-ihouf I ll 1 LVifid d >fjf, *. I If is preraied iupowder
41)! ShouldcM; barrel PLANTERS LOOK AT IUNT, (!a., brnan- ;. 1 S.V2.Tlii andii i Flnu! fein sr.J
eighteen : Whi.ki-y. THIS I .5 .., .,L._ .1 ( ,'.t fit Iron t l'sn, !,eev F, i a Fzecriptien fiaisj
thirty !J. Flour, I ird. u.rar, dc, lamling per >t-hr 4' HONOR TO WHOM) IloNOH) IS DIT.:1'iCOUYLHMILLC : .- i" to certify ih.it 1 haiu in u-u m inv |.l.in a- The Pii>;pir: i.r>> hive in th'ir;: rr.sMj.rifjunitr. Tan Collector's Sale.Y j ft r the n-eel t rh\ >?.-isr.<.
1'tttl. froui New Orleans) atnl for ;a1e. bvMcNAUGHT ti..l: i;, tii! < County, a uty: *aw tiiii. in.oi'il.i. tin-d l bv j PRIVATE: : CIIUTLAR* ffrtj.c pnf Fliyslrian..
Cforr.h'r.! (Yin-
( Ca: oil critiCcjttfflri.Wi: i'l.i M I t-r*. *.
O.t. .
& 6I1MOND. I lOi.D <.*ol J. I H.I WatMin. of I P.dni\. hiel 1 consider f<|iul mi-.ion :Mt-irhjtit.. and M iniifactur ol Cot ft n virtue of the: p. -er ve .ediri me bv tatv, I may b.> cl,tjt,>fD rf Dr. Hcnzht'in! oh[ ". Acrrl Jr.I .

Newport, OcloWr ;, I1 s i.! Ji.t TAYLOR can put in a L" 'd Cin.; Tb Cin; to any! Cin-* mad in (;Ie .r.fiain e\erpaniful.ir.. anti G.t.it4. t.-iiiyi'ij: ihat t t the ji inf. ni.uytcr < I I the Gin, Iia'.l' e\po-* for -ale fM-forf the Court house itQuincx. I "Cri-! ; the w ''eh.! !pr.'Ce nt"prepaTafinn.. anrf j>i -

-_ you Kent me H th' IK-FI I c-\4-r .iw. It Mill pick not <-\!->'l-d! I bany .1 I have no in-it.ttii and pr'idut..l r-
London Porter. )5igj jHiuiiiN rn-r day tay, with two mulef. 'i h.- .tiding tlim t'> pl.ititr: -> I in, South-) <.-tt-rii Ui-o. ii.Thev | *ai!. | Guiirveruuiiiiiuitiiri.il.All j IT. .\jril I rie\f, the f'.illo-.vins: i! rrih d propfrtj.nr I new rerreciv are ba.
: packages ft dozen onch.) pints and sam1,le ib g'>for Ijiu-, niien either to our trsvcilir.; ",, much thereof t will pjy: I Ihe Sr..fe nr .1 i' C.Minrj | }REMEDY: r.o bjecfi.-n r.'ir. b.. ui-tt ssaiii r ji< u
TWENTY ( the coed !II.! moat: wll, and di K-s not heat at all.- SouthiTii man ; a niti\e of onr o\ui tf"ii'n! :> (; -ILlL 'fVAjri'i'iI the r.i\i:' d i ther.cn for the \ar l-)2.aud the nete>- h* Phsiciai in r"i>eclable sjitpdiiisr and re uiarp'raclice.
sale low. Al about the I.Cal l Au -iiiii', 01 I to I Proprietor* by
o, wiuic quaubty It i hi the firrt (iin 1 ever )b sught tIut did n..t hat the) DAVID A. \ ASON.Palinvrn. or ; ,.Ifl ;'eiI', 4 incider.t thereto, t to nit : Pii ire. ONE COLLAR bottle.XVOl
ot East India Pule Ale. mail will I ahav* rect-ire fri-inpt; alt!1.nI ini.'S liinp
McNAUGHT i OUMOND. b.nes, when m-w. Now, 1 am a Fanner I bv trade, 'u'initvMaril( h ef ] -.r-'. <, tf ill l' itt to aiiy rt of the cuunlr) ind warranted EIdIIIV-oHe acif ot Land in C.
und a nut of Mechanic! and know toh-rublv well ti' Uction.JU '>cion>tii ., to Hobini{ HolJin rer. l h in on the .\ p.iRitt'r Inc PEPSIN be.u-he written s; r.ature cf J S.

Newport, October 3. 165i. 44!< when Miichinory: vork 'nj1 HrhI hare Ijou )htweral THECOD TRUE MEDICINAL t toiriv; I.i-ti. DI'ITON Ae nt, lbha-ee. lidtuIa ailjciiiin-r the lands of Innrrsritv. IIOUGHTONM D..H.de pn-prietrr, Philackl1thi,,

Gin-, but thirt its the be,-t I ever b.aui1it or Match 20' ".' hUGh O. McLEXN, Pa Cojn-riaht and Trade Mark securer.
Pure Old Scolch. LIVER OIL Coliuiibii-.Ga.. 2. I 11 }Iv
saw nt work. If I could have believed that Ta\lon] T.* Collector for Gadleu County.Ortohur tx,. Sold by all Drujsists ar..! Dealers in Medicines.

FI\F."May" Malt \% hi.k'v 12 2.t'o: <' ovkr proof. Factory could hate done f-uch wmk, I would h.-ive <>ri USEFUL i in t the cure ot Scrofula, Cu..i.tiimj.t ion, Glass Oils White Lead &c. 10, 1 2. 41 Cm .
of three t
lure anJ genuine, fur Kilo bv will .r.hr another next Full. jHTlmp*, for niv place inYOUIH.AC and all li,-edip'! of the Che.t ami Lnnvs. A "ipplol > -g A A HOXES Window ;ha.d. :o.M'rttiI we*. Tax Collector's Sale. Wholesale! and Relail A.enti.
it Ihu faluable medicine is jul41 t receixeil, \\hich u JL\\J IHI kg. Whit.- Lead, pure.ntra & No. 1, "
: l l..Ii.hL. A. VA.NN.L. virtue authority in me by law veetc'l.I have February 7, 1 1552. 5 jv
lunch UiiM'i-il Oil)
NewpuurtOtbcr V. 1 fr:2.:! 4<" Jo'ill'u DtTTON. EM "LEWIS 5 Jjird Oil upon. %xpe ,
w- The above (;Jin* are f.'r sale next door to the M-le'jy &. AM'ES, ,
: Court Ilonn in Mill
aJ'w'r. the of Tullnhaiwee. the Sugar Rollftrs.ArATUvf
C"' Paint (fKbls. and i bb!.. city ontir..t .
Groceries, Sentinel Olliee; IaIIiit.: by.JOsEI'lI May 25, I > *). 20 I'.thljhas..ee 1 I-'la.I packat,! Firupr'.uf )
Monday in the illowin de eriltd
April next
:2 barn-I- H(-(-tiriiHl W1.al.:1 l !, very sup.-ri..r (Ci..umbus. Ga. Mini
S SUCH as Co.Tec.: Sugar, Butter, Starch, lcn Lait.Iing L DUTTON, Ant New and Fashionable ClothingmWril -. 2 Tram Oil. 1 bbl. Ca'pal Yaniuh.! |>rojH.-rf\ i r s-o mu< h thereof a* will li. uftici .nt n> Sugar Mill Rollers of ual 11omfortably
October :3.! llT,2. 42 rze. &
Bchr. J. Yuil. and f'-r sale byJ1eS.UGiiT&
the State and Taxes due thereon
for tl.e
in honrh.! pay| County
Spirit* Turpentine ni..I l at retail. A pcneral boxed, rfc. For sale IO bvO.
V. II ,-: T would TrCCt fully int>rm thepublic T
OliilOND.Frvrport Now that he ii in iM-oftnit-til of Colors, l>ru>!u*< atut oth T I'iui1ir'S \ tar 1 Mi 2. and all incidriital expt n-e.", to wit : Newjsrt, October : l.sje. 4S: D. LAPD.
OctoUr 0, fc.V.1. 4J> Opening t now ree -ij>t 4-f hU brireaiidoplmdid niateri.il-. LL\\LS A. AMES. One hundred and firtv-twu, thon-and K-X en hundred
.itin.nt ..f HEADY I I MADE I) doll I 1St;
the well known >tand formerly occupied bv ftk5i Jue5lS., 2' and tw&nivacrea of I-ind, lyici: IXH.H C.'nr.tv. Potatoes
2 tf !
Gold Watches. AT f->r th Full and Winter trade, eoiiMs-tinsr in part cf Potatoes !
d. CLAKK A ST1LLMAN, H (Jeneral und Sfk-ct l-'unded, Went Ly the Vkhtkonee Ri\('r. Kn. t l'stI

have a few of these for wile, cent notify the) AbtgrtIkIeItt of leaks, Over-OoafF. Dnr) *. Frock. Hunting. IVb-to, Wines, Syrup, &c.Clarrt. St. Mark* River, and South by the \VaknIIa Comity A FINE lot of l'i.tatoc.'just received in excellent '

WE maker in LiverjHKil. \Se don't sI1 them low, Fall and ""inter Clothing and oth< r fancy ttybu of burineHS CouU. l'aiutof all Port, Line known a. I'orbes' Iurrlm, and scud to tithing order and hirvre Knrrel*. FIT sale! low br

Goods, Cl Xh CA iniertf Ye tiii"i. kiivk-Yt* jo> t.in.-th.-r with a general *>rtiiii.t OLD the Land C Kewp..rf. iVtoU-r) SH. 1S5-2. 43 D.LAPP.
but they are warrants! by the maker to be a good Fancy } Hosiery, Old PrtSparkling Juice, to Apalacliicolu <>iuimnv. : _._ _
urUclu &ud give .ati filctioll.McNAUGHT. Fine $&-we.I and IVirpul JJoot*, SlipfM-r, &cl
I JrHut-r (!a.'vu-.u. Hosiery, St'ck. CraMiti', (Coll.tr Brogans, Osnabiirgs
i OHMOKD.Newport. the huljrtribtT) in ready and anxious to wii on the I 1/niilwJi I'ortrr, Seotrb Ale, Tax Cu.1 lector, Leon County. ,
t reammablc tm for ) it* Sui|x'ndni. Hniflie Kiw.r Ha-. Strops 1'..rt noni.-.. Octol.r \ GOOD supply of Brojtan* O
Octolwr 9,1 K.VJ. 4u mo ca1- or v'qu.Je.t. Brandy I't-rhie. l>iaiiily, C'lurric.*, 2. 18.V2. T.y: n.iS 'nabure and other
-_ Tlie. i.tiKk of (CJothir. con -it t in part of PnH,<-hoicc l-itriIiu--u, I Pirfuniery, Ac. Ae. All of K.vpU'rry Syrup, Sardiiifs X article- for Plantation uses which will fld at

Blankets.INB1IUNDHKD Jlcl-! and CoWed Dresi and Frock Coatc, \iliich will be Sold at leiiuukhhlv low prieea' f r C.tsh Strawberry Frei-Ii I.i il>>.tpr. Notice.IX ery: low prices by :J). JIANLEY.

: i.iccc* Blanks ((20 each) of dircet lilatk, JJIuo, CJrwn, Brown and Mixed Frock, by W.T.illTClIKLL.! l..iii..n .. months after date I shall final NovemU-r l3IS.5.PROTECTION 45
imixH'tation, ftir nalelow, to close a conign- S.u-k fl iid Fancy ('oat., N'svu-rul.er 20. It-52. 4 ii Ginger; .. Sn'ntnn, count and vouelu to the Hon. JuJie my o'f Probate a'- S

went, by MeNAUGHT t OHMOND.NewjHjrt ( Drab, flack and liroxin O\ercont, Travelling Trunks, Pine Apple lrigli-h: Mn-tard.. for J tlersoD county, as adiuinistrator of James JL K. INSURANCE COMPANY,

Octolx-r fJ, 1652. 4U l-'igu.reil and Itlark Silk and Black Satin X'ehtu, (Gauva Jelly.Curnint I'ii-.u-r vtl Hollonuin late
of said HARTFORD
V ALICES. Carp t li.iiro, ami UnilirelLu ; A very county and ask for adischarge CONNECTICUT[ ,
Plaid and .
Ulack ( Cainiero 1'atita-
rey, Fancy do.
l.ntcr MrMirtinrnt. incluiiint nmnv of rztrn tine from said ndnnni tratorehip.
; Capital! Stock .
I loon $300,000.
CARRIAGE REPOSITORY, qualities, just eiived! by W. T. &ITC11 ELL.Ni Sparkling (Jelatine, Tamarinds, WILKINS C. SMITH. AdmV.

BY MILLER AND BROKAW, White.} Fancy Silk and Mri1I' Ve t and Tanouif .vc mlK-r, t'u' 1 h.M'. 4,r. Flatorin Kxtracta: Jeffrsi'n'tintr. Oct 2. 1S5?. 50) m IE: underpinned. Agent of the above Company,

Tallataef 2lvrida.'J uther articles too muncrou* to mention. Y<*r.>t l'ow.krs! I'ikIs, -ii i i' prepared to take risk against Fire on buildings -

A. B. CLAHKi: Hats and Caps. ('.wii Starch, Salad Oil, Notice. ana their contents, on the most favorable terms.F. .

? I I IE subcrilx.-ri< have receivc l a 1arg NovemU 8, ISTel. 44 tf VERY large assort nint of Fai-hioniible Moleskin.Itcuvtr OliveH, IL
month* after late I shall
upplv 1,1 CAHH1AGKS: BUGGIES A present my accounts
_. Hnihh. l'assiiii.j'u.and Wool Hat.<. of Woice-ter-hn Sauce, ('.*-iii.LEVIS. SIX voucher to the Hon. of Tallalia! 'ee. October 25. 1851. 42
AND! HAKNKSS.whicli they Splendid Rose Wood Mahogany Judge 1'robatr for
new und swirtiiig| bhHjH'c; Sen Otter, I'lnsh, Cloth. A AMES.
offer for pale m the inont niasonable tern. All AND WALNUT FUItNITUKE.WK Jetforson County as Administrator of John il. I.riNiks,
JHT Silk and l iwn (ikized CHIK", for m.-n anti bnv just June 5, IS. 22 tf MEXICAN MUSTANG LINIMENT.
ithing to of the above article* wnd Furniture difeaM-d, late of aid County, and u.-k fur a discharge
itoiiH w purchase any are now receiving opening ut will cull and examine for tlieinoclves. JtootiiH t-jifendid lot of Fnniiture fri'in' Niid Aduiini>trution. DRUGGISTS and Merchant cart obtain supplies
pIcaMi H {go.itl } '.'0. 1882. 46 Garden Sedsi.. '
December IS. IbOl. 4'J tf uhii-h was Rejected with care in New Yolk, and will JOSHUA TAYLOR, Sr, Adm'r. prices, by aj.plication ti>

be Hold low. Groceries. RUTA Haqa, Flat Turnip; CabLaire. TWt, tC.. just Jefferson County, August 7, 1S. SI Cm LEWIS A AMES-
For Sale. Marble Top and Plain Bureaus, ., LE\Vk5 .t AMES. Wholesale Agents for Florida.
received n full supply of Grorcrie*. u'onsitiig June 6 Ib52. Notice.
,, Tl'ST 22 tf March 1832. 4f
do. Jk stwood Centre und Sofa Tables
T OFFER for fale my Pantati! lying on (the Tlio- Ctifftv, T -a. Candle. Oil) Soap, Toliacc months after date, I chaR present accounts -
do. d-i. Carved Table SIX my
Jmacville rwid, 11 miles North of TulLihantee. Mahogany >, Ctgar', Starch, Sal.erutus, Sal-'u Ii, IVppvr, Spice, touchers to the Hon. Judge of Probate for Julia B. Taylor, "jt
do. d". and Plain and and
There are 961 acre in the tract, of which about 450 Stand Maghogany WaluutWli Vinegar. Stunrt'n S> nip, Ac., Acn for ale by Large Splendid Assortment Leon County, as Administrator William Roberts, ,. V Attachment for f 31 ,t

arc cleared. Few Jilaccs in the County }x>Hses superior -' Ladies work Stands and Work Tablet JS'ovi-inljor 13, 1M2. 45 D. MAN LEY. OF CHAIRS.W deceased; late of said County, and ask for a discharge B. Richards. J

advantage* in jKiint of )health, advantageous ]>oition Music Stands and Towel S pi1 E are reeenirtf from tl.e "().iUa' and opening from said Administration. THE defendant and all other persona interested

to raise ,ntxR-k, and fertility of niL A l<4ig Quartette Tables. StanddJ t8, Dry and in Oil. at our Furniture Room, a new selected aesoitmctit HEAD ROBERTS. AdmV. hereby notified of the commencement of the>

credit will be given, the purchase money being well What Nuts and Corner Stands, SNOW White Zinc 1'aint in 25 tt kcga, of Cliaira : July 31. IS. 28 Bin above suit, returnable to a Justice' Court to be held

rcurcd. f Ottumuns, .5 lAahhIure extra No. 1. Mah.'gany Spring Scat Chairs, at Tallahassee on the second Moudaj in February, A.D. .

1erJonR wisliing to buy would do well to apply tome Card Tables. Green Paint of various kinds Dry and in Oil, .4 Cane NoticeS 1S53, and to appear and plead to the aame. *

*ts a bargain will be given. French and 1 ligh Post BedattaJj Ulack do. do. do. do. do. I. Itocktt ;; IX months after date, I shall present, for final settlement Giveu under my hand and seal, tbJa 2 J day of o-

JOSEPH BRANCH. Wnrdrobc 1 Ited do.. do. (If). do. do. Arm my accounts and vouchers to the Hun vemberA. D- 1652.

November 13, 1852. 45 IfSulUraa Mahogany do. Desks, Yellow do. do. ut,. do. Jo. Jenny Lind CotUg Judge of Probate for Ciul! den County ns Anihimtrutorof DONALD CAMERON. [art]

Tete-Tetes, Tibia ii.,. do. da do. ifa. Astor Chit II Richurd Curuochan, late of Charleston, S. C, November 6, 1852. 44 3m Justice of the PeaceA -

Raisins, Plain and Oval Back: Umber ami Terra de Seinnii dn. JO. hush Seat deceased, and ask for a du-cliarge from said ..dmiuii-

URRANTS.Citron,Box Raisins,Almonds,Prune, Bronze Hat Stands, dr. Ac. Carmine, Ijike, Vermilion, Vamifihen, Oils, DnuliM, White Mai>lo tration. JAMES E. JJETINER, AdmV.Oeti.berO Card.r .

C and other Preserved Fruits, fresh Pickles, Pie -ALSO- Dianu-nd*, and other Painting material. Walnut 1852. 40 fim HUE Rev. J. S. GREENE respectrdrr inform tiL *

Fruits, Spanish Olives, and Guava Jelly. Just reccivod 1 Suit Carved Rosewood Parlor Furniture consisting A few barrels of Fire Proof, for sale very low to lieailcil OakMidiogiuiy .4 Notice.ALL citizens of Ta laK-wsec amt its rie'inirr that on

and for sale at the Drug Store of of Sofit, Tet Tetes, Ottomans. Chairs, Ann Chair, clofe a consignment. LEWIS & AMES. Ilannwter Monday, the 15tL iast. ho will open a Male School in

October 30, 1862. 43 LEWIS & AMES. and Sewing Chair, in Blue Silk BroeHU'lle, Medallion ovciiih.et 0. ] IZi2. 4G Maple) 'a persons, creditors, legatees, entitled to (litrj- the Basement Room of the Court House. Mr. G. *n-

a- Backs and fiuithed in Grecian Spindle or otherw No interested in the estate cit 14) instruct committed
a superior and handsome style. I gages nulically, such aa vill be
Shirts Drawers &c.AFRESH Clothingr- Rose W.HMI 1 William Boswcll, late of JeiTiTscn County, i'londa, his
BEHKY Jk KOWLEd to care, in all the branches; tf College r
A LARGE assortment of Clothing, consisting 01 Cane Sent and Hack locker deceased, are hereby notified to exhibit their claii neeessiry
November 8 1852. Mercantile ofooeoftli
supply of Shirt, Ac, say, Merino Flan 44 c1l. Drew and Frock Coats block pursuits. Mr.0. ii a. gTadte
and fancy Pants, Nurse jiml Sewing and demands within two years from this date to the
p.. 1k- baa
Shoes. been and
'Wool Socks, Gentlemen's Merino, Flannel and Jeans T, .fanning, & Co. and other gtnuls tnanufactures. Einy Clmire anti Foot Stools. indebted to the said deceased ptrsous long; in the practiceW te chine.( pes by

"l>rawers, et1 landing front brig Suwanncc, and for A GOOD assortment of all qualities, wLich will f eat Foreudo,, very low for cash,or iu exchange for pitidnceD. Children's high and low Cliain, to make immediate payment to are requested to his asji.luity and attention to nfa pupils to give genQr-
McNAUGHT i al satisfaction. The most salisfiictorr rfer*!' ra
ORMOD..vport low
ale by 2-i tiold prices br D. MANLEY. hvt Wind
Dee.4 I82. 0 if reqnired. Terms as are *
oi-ernbrll82. i; 1862. it KOT.! 1833. 4J BERRY 4 BOWLES. J.flfor oo Cevntjjfovwabflc ftp 166!. 44 ;m Mombi 182. **

-,. ..t' S '_ S :--I : .5

The Floridian & journal

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The Floridian & journal
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Floridian and journal
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Ceased in 1865?
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General Note:
Publishers: Charles E. Dyke, <1852>-1855; Dyke & Williams, 1855; J. Jones, <1855>; Dyke & Carlisle, <1861-1863>; Dyke & Sparhawk, <1864>.
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PROCEEDINGS OF THE HOUSE. of the Act .0 [provide for taw fintl removal i of the Indians Robles to build a Bridge across tho Hilhsborough River, and for oth tiered to tbu Clerk and others officer of the House for their efficiencyand

from this State, and for other !purposes.On er purposes ; attention in discharging: the duties of their respective offices.
I motion a Committee was appointed to wait upon lht. Senate Also, resolution in relation l to the pay of absent members ; Which was unanimously adopted.Mr. .

and request the return by that body of the bill to be entitled, An Resolution asking; that Pulatka be made a Port of Delivery. Speaker replied thereto in an eloquent and appropriate. address
FRIDAY, January:! llth, 1853.10J Act making appropriations: for the fiscal) yeais ]1853 and '54 ; Which I have caused to bo deposited iu the office of the Secretary .

O'CLOCK1.: :: Which Committees reported that they had performed the duty assigned of State. i Mr. Fennell offered the following; x
them. i i THO. BROWN Resolved, That the thanks of this House are due and are hereby ,

The Honse resumed! its session.The !} Mr.: Long, from a! Committee of Conference, presented' tho following The House resumed the consiJeration of Resolution providing for j tendered to the Hon. Caraway Smith for the efficient t and impartial .
rule being waived, Mr. Heermans introduced a resolution! 'I Repot : the appointment of a delegation to wait upon{ the President of the manner in which he has discharged tho duties of Speaker pro tem. i
rI1 fti\e to the ::5wmnp1111 Overflowed Lands in St Lucie County ; I I The Joint Select (Committee of the two Houses of the General; : United States relative to the remjval of the Indians!!, &c. Which was nnanimously I adopted.Mr. w

, Which was read the first time, the rules waived, read the second Assembly, who went< charged: with tho duty of examining Porter's I I Mr. McCall moved to amend by striking out the word two," :: Harrison offered the following: .,
, and third times, and }I8Sl'lLOrdl'rl.J : self-loading belflrj'ing! guns, have examined the same, and ask and inserting three" in lieu thereof; Resolved That the thanks of this House are due, and are hereby '
Which was lost. tendered to the lion. M. D. Papy for the able, efficient and impartialmanner
that! the! same be certified to the .Senate.The : leave to make the fallowing r
following message from the Senate wSS received and read : REPORT : Said resolution! } was lln-n read the third) time and pftiwd.' in which he performed the duties of Speaker pro tern white
Senate Resolution relative to the of the General in the Chair.Which .
\ SI:.\.iri; CIIAMKKU: January 14, 1M.Jlitnsr That although thfl gun submitted to their examination is an im- adjournment
Assembly<< pine die; was unanimously adopted.
11n13raMr Sl'r/lrT j perfect specimen: of the invention, (wanting as it does the attachment T;
Wa read and adopted. Messrs. Smith and Papy replied thereto in an appropriate manner.
\ of! Representative : I of the mauazitie and being in other respects! out of order) it "
rnT1I': Senate adheres to the amendments to House ie"olu- I I nevetthelej-s illu: tiates the which! it arts, and Ordered to lx certified to the Senate. The following Message from his Excellency, the Governor, ""asrt'ce.ed
> principle upon your tt
| Mr.! McCaJ' from the Committee on appropriations presented! the ; and read :
itlatixf the aecouituf 11. A. Shine ( liaster General .
thin to uattcr
: Committee, being satisfied that it would bo a formidable. and destructive
i 1853-
following report : EXECCTIVE CHAMBER, January H, a
and: for bluer p puipost.'S. would recommend said to the
lire-arm iii warfare
gun Tlie Committee k leave to To the Hon. A. K. Annox -
Ycrv I on appropriations a- report: : ,
rep'ctfillv. &c., of the State in connexion'
careful: examination: land: consideration That have tln them aid .re- llviue i .
they discharged! duty assigned fyprnkrr Representative : iI I
the :States under
with the distribution oflho public Itrll:1.Iwng! I with report a bill making appropriation for the expenses of the SIR :-I have approved and signed the follott-ing resolutions:
.""errl"r". ('lIafr. the existing laws ofCongress| ; and also recommend tile adoptionof State: Government fur tLc years 1&53 and ';)-1. Resolution relative to the Overflowed Lancls in St. Lucie Coua-
On motion, Il.'s rs.TcCal1: Love and IIcElyy were appointed a the accompanying resolution, which they rrt>j>fctfully submit! } to j 'r.V.. McCALL S
Committee of Conference on said resolution to act with a fcimilar of tho (;icner.il As ty ;
the consideration of the two Houses >tuibly.IU1SOLUTJON : Chairman. Resolution relative to the accounts of R. A. Shine, Quarter Master > t;
tho of the Senate. .
Committee on part :
Said bill read the second and other t
time. General for
was purposes ;
be certified the
Oulered f that the: sain > to Senate.
The house then took a recess until Jl! o'clock: M. He if Rr.*olrrdlv \ltc\ Senate and Jinnee of! Representatives of the Mr. Magbee! moved! to strike out after the word E. G.; A any: Also An Act making :appropriations for the expenses of tho Stato p!.
St<..lof Florida iniieral Awmbly, ronvtncd That the (;iovern- I Chiplain," the words fifty dollars," and insert in lieu thereof the Government for the fiscal years of 1853 and 1654.?
or be and I Iw i i.. authorised" to cause P rLt'r'i self-loading and self. worda !WTenty-fire\ dollars ;i" Which I have caused to be deposited iu the office of the Secretirr It
12 O'CLOCK :M. firing gUll to be carefully examined tried and te.ted, and if he I On which, the yeas and nays were called for by Me!srs. Magbee: of State.'t
The House resumed! iu session< shall approve of the invention, and bhall dtn-m it expedient( IOn to do, and! :McCall, ami were : THO. BROWN' }

Th; follow! g communications: were transmitted to his Excellency to order the whole cf any part of the quota: of Florida: in tho public Yeas-:Mi-sirs. D(',. itt, Lott :McCall-3. A Committee from the Senate informed the House! they were t 4 w

the Guici; nor: aims, under eiUtiti; laws, to be furnished in said!. gun JI\--, : ''r. Speaker, \..t'IIIJlfBOT..r04.! Cnrpenter, E\"I\T1Q. Frnnfll: ,, appointed; a Committee to act with a similar Committee on the part 't.I .
hoist: or Ilirni>! KvrTivEs, ) I KcMrt-c ifnil'v .ubiuittcd. II add"I'k. I Heernmns' HeJvrnston' J -nR"m Kenr.n f.Rti! ::ford.! Long,, I llIf the IIou"e to wait upon his Excellency the Governor, and ask ,

January. loliv. 'o*. ,\ :\. A. LONG, .. Love, McEIvy!: Motley!: Papy, Pulhill!!, ItlJu:! eau, Smith, TumLhnSo l't! him i if he had any further communications to make to the General 4
To Us lxcellcncv1'Ho1iA; : BROWN, i I Chairman of Hnusc: C<"mr.'l tlu. :-.3. A& embly.Which. !

r (rovrrmir! tate o>f Florida : i W. '\'. :Me CALL, : said) motion was inst. t Committee reported that they had performed the duty as- sa

SIR :-We !have the honor to inform our 1 Excellenc that at a L. G. McKLYY.: Mr. :'he moved to 'tr:''kl':( out aftrr the xron'i "I:. G. Asay, : signed, th,fm, and that his Excellency had nff: further communication t
nothing flf the ll t'lJ'ral .hsltuIJh', hid oil I the 2tttll day .of SOH.tIL \. I G.<< ( '!11.\1 H ES. i (,h.tI'L} +ill," the! word :.ltv. dol! Ms" and insert in lien thereof the to make to the General Assembly. r t
r. Is.1 ;I:, flit the Iiul'Inisi' of clettilg: Ita Atturie v (ient'r.l, a CUtlip.1tl.1l1.'r },. J. J. FINUXChairman words. sixty dollars.! : t A Committee from tho Senate informed the Hou'O that! there was t

(11' Public \CCOUllt. a Trt':1t'url'rl: :,...cft.t.3rof State: and Sciia'e Committee. I' .Mr. McEIvy:* moved to amend said! amendment! by prMing!i thereto no further business before that body and that they were ready to t

ulil'itofor tle! l-c\"l'I'3.1 Judicial Circuits of this\ State'. "lli..h. vac received and! concurred tu.: i'"lobepaid individual contributions: the member* ofth'n IH ot+e." i adjourn sine dig'. A Committee: informed the Senate that the House '

.Mr. M' :imo i D. l'apy.of Leon County, was declared duly electedAttonuy )ir. White!, from tfte Committee! : on enrolled! }bill*, presented the I On which tho yeas and lays: w 're called fur 1 by Messrs. McCall waj now ready to adjourn sine die. %

General of the State ; following, Report : I :and C rH-iilcr, and were: : On motion the House adjourned sin die. n k
Mr.: Jo'.in, Heard: ], of Leon County, wa< declared] duly elected! The (Cotvnsittee. : on enrolled! bills report as correctly enrolled the Peas-Mr.Speakvr.: : )!Ie!'srs. Dewitt, Evan: ?, Half, Langford, Long.

Cotnplroller: of l Public Accounts. ; following )bill i!!, yi1.\ : I Lott, Love l: t.ce.lcCall.. McKlv-% stein: Polish. : : :!, \n.itt-14. t t
Mr.: Charles H. Austin was declared duly elected Treasurer of theSlute t' .\ bill) to b.. tutitledpn Act to authorise Joseph Kohles to builda I Nave-Mebero. Bowers; Carpenter Chatres;, Ftnncll Haddock! : AN ACT to provide for the Cna rcmoral of the Indiasi of this State and flu ,
; ; bridge :'..cro... t tLi I' HOlihornugh Kiver, and for other purposes. HarrUon, II"Nlnan! I Helvenston, Jenkins, I Kenan, Moseley Par-y, other pjrposcs.
Mr. F. L. Yillepigue: : of Madison County, was declare duly fleetfd ; Also,: the! following: Ue.solntions, Vic : Rousseau! Smith, 1 umblio-1.";.
SECTION 1. Tie it enacted by the Senate and House of Roprcsenlalires -
,'ctl.tln' State: ; A resolution! in relation! to the pay: of absent member; So; raid motion was l lost.! : That
:M. James <(<;(.uis vas declared duly elertedr.'u1 eitor for the South. ALo, a resolution: UaiJng that Palatka\ bo made a Port of De Orr" the! question of coiicurrinj in tho amendment offered! by of the S'&K of Florida in General Axicmliy convened. r'
r'l from and after the pas"ag3 of this Act, it shall be unlawful for any
ern Judi.'ia) Circuit ; I II livery. Ma: bee I ''
*; of this and
remain within the limits State
Indians to any
Mr.I W. S. Dihtorthof Ji-iTerftnn County, was declared duly elect- THOMAS M. "'HITE, The yeas and nays were called for by ){crs. :Magbee: and I'ow- I [Indian Mian or Indians that remain or be found within the limits 1
..-Solicitor: for the! Middle Judicial! Circuit i (' f.irmafl. or may may
; : ; j i Mid: were : ;
err ; of this State, shall be. captured and sent west of the Mississippi:
t.. Mr. James F. .McCli'llan! of Jackson County, was declared duly The following message from the Senate: : was receive" and read : Yea: -:Mr. \hhec-I.! Prnrided That the Indians and Imlf breeds residing among the ,r

cctt'd:! Solicitor for tie Western Judicial Circuit i SK: :>ATI: CHAMHEK, Jan. 11, ISoU.H NavR-Mr..Slx'aker: Messrs. Bowers Carpenter, Chaires Evans White, shall, : not be included in the provisions of this section : Pro- ;

Very reFjvctfJlv: ,,norcblc S"J.-r i..I Fennill, Finlf\fon, Haddock Hall.! Harri o:', Hthenston Jenkins, rided further, That nothing shall be authorized under this: Act in i,. r rt
JOHN: (GALBRAITH.Secretary i Hwse of! f\eprettnatij-cx : Kenan Langford Lott Love, Moaclvy, Oatecn, Papy, Polhill, Rous- violation of the! Constitution of( the United States : And Provided al-

, Stnatc i Fir :-The ."'mate" hn* passed! the foo'ii.g!! resolutions, *u: f>l'It"1 Smith::= Tumblin 2J a{. \ *o, That any Indian or Indians so captured, may be turned over and '
JOHN HICK/ I lU-Rolutiou requevtiup} the Governor to ';au.o Porter'b l wlf-loiding So: the motion was lo>>t. delivered to the Commandant of any Military Post, or Agent of the
Clerk ytir i>f RfJrciC7lati. and .ef-lirini! !: guns ton? terted, &c. ; The rut! -e being; waived, said bill. was recd: the third time and put [ United States, which may be most convenient and that the Indians

i' Ho'i;ti rvbolutiun relative to Overflowed Lands in St. Lucie upon its passage:' ; thus captured be transported beyond the Mississippi river by the o1
HI/n"r: or HrrFr"\T.u'Jni,1: l County." ': : !
Jaiiuar13: lb.>3. $ YerJ re F f pee t fallv' Yea*-" Sneaker: Mccsrs.! noxror, CarpentT, Chaires} !' Evans: ; tendered to the United States officer are refused, then this provi- 1
T J uic Excellerey: THO SUP BSOWN:: JlN( ) [ B. C.ALRIIAITH, .i Kennel!, Firlayfc, Hadtloch! fin!lI!; l1arrieol. He.rmans!, Jenkins, :; ?o shall be inoperative.Sec. .

ti.;'rrntlr .,/" tfie! Mate of Florida : I I .St n tiiiry :;, 1"'.".(. i K:."I'.H, Ljin-forH, Lott Lon, .McKlvv! Papv, Polliill, Ruuoet'. | so ?. Kc if further enacted, That the Governor be, and he is 3
SIE :-\\' Law the honor: tu inform/. your Kxc llem-y! that at a I So.'lute relolntioa. :) r"uectrg. the Governor to eau.l'uthir'a eelfloadin I Snti.h'l'urubtn,11; hit-' Mil.: hereby required- to raise one regiment mounted! volunteers and one [
tim-iiii of th. <(< ;,'n,1\1! ,\ .'w1Jhb..! the: alt : f December and I t". tted ..... *.. II I than
;: \ *>* on -t day I ; df.11rillu!> f'l .' ; :\iv-1Ir., M t".hf.'l'-1. regiment of Infantry: each regiment,: to consist of not more one
} 1 lv>"il: for tit.\ p'irpe of electing: : a ::Cllii: :