rins Clotiunir Store, lor I the j>urp( e t>f ta> NEW GOODS. Laguira, and Coffee. I
In every part of the S'ate, bo determined an N'nmber2,1Sh.! 43 Serretaty. Daguerrean Likenesses iii> t1i- mo.t fashionable their claims before my return, an do a.' by calling Ou hand- \ supply cf Kentucky Baesune an.! Bats! .

opposition has been ho\\n lo tru"" Fugitu and late iinpruu-Uienl ad I Ihe art,beaist hmolly TM. Sh1.I iMS has just received by vessel* on the above named gentleman. Ripe, Flour, Bacon, Rice, ar-rurtd INms .

Slave Law, thai tliould an attempt be made Cash Advances. put up in Morocco Caies, L okc-N, UreaM PJIIS, Me- New Y 'ik au l New Orleans a Ijrce and October I J, 1S.-). 41 S. F. BURNEY. Lrd&c. JOHN McDOUGALL.
rTMIH d3lions and select Stjck of all the Gi'iidj that are required in the Ortoher. iso.:
undersiCiad will make liberal cai advanre? Finger Rings. lie aturaiii > t ti give as2a'
to arrest a Jiiiu'\e riot and bloodshed would !1k! would call he attention ol his cu.tutuei Bagging, &c.
Jon shijitnenti of Cotton, car.gned to J. L.inallnood d.if not belli t r, I.iUfiu-K-.e-'ilidn t anv t ili.il lias ever irmket.
r->!low._ \. 3'. Herald. ? New Y'rk.SMALLVOOD. bwn obtained herdotore in thii, city He feels justified t' Dry Goods: Silk ant Fancy Goods, JUST received and for sale! by C C. BYRD &. CO., New Goods-1850. _

G1CSOV &. HARRIS. in the above a<-
Gotten Prospect for 1850.A Quincy, Novembers, 1S30. 43 4m *i,'n cif| the r>riii I <-i|>al I Ute j uniir )v ?ments I in t Ihe art, Fashiontble Ihts Caps and Romel*. 3,000' Dundee do flee. \Vd.is aand other ve,seb trcm New York, .

Dish in chemirjls and otherwise. His pictures, aswill Roots Shoes and Gaiters for Gents an.l Ladies.l 2.5OO Keiiturky do a full stock of the above, which, added to their present ;

Mr. M.V.. I'h.Hips ol MiMii >bippi, who Dr. W. S. MILLER, Dentist, I he fitrn, are Gent'snJ L-tdit-s Silk ami Gingham Umbrellas 100 coils Bale Rope, will comprise every article usually wanted in m

*ays he Is in wetkjy conimnnication with the RADUATE of the Uallimore College of Dental a. Siirpa pdt\ \ none end equallrd but by few, Perfurnry SapH Hair Brushes.Tooth du 200 Ibs. Ragging Twine. Southern market. ,-

Coifcn Thu i ii motto, it Tuck and Si 'e Combs ol Shell and Hern, October 19, 1-50. 41 Great care having been taken in the selection .
planters in all the Cotton glowing \J Surgery, rwpcUully lender* his |>rofe iorialKfrvicolo tnv toy picture roe true. ,they q.

Elates, and that his means of infos,mat ion are all wlui require the perlotounce of Dintal j The iubci i'oer haa,al considerable expense, fitted Ladies Mantillas and Calf, (new ErogansHardwaie. patterns,) will De prepated to offer the city and country trade .., 4 -

e.uahto those nf operalionc Room al City Hotel. Ladies alien uji his apartments so as lo oht.ua a sky Iigdi from Ru'sel.Kiu and Steel Blankets, Kerseys, &c. an assortment of STAPLE and FANCY GOODS,

ny other man in the conn. tied al their residence, if desired. Dr. Tl.hdsl 1 berty above I reed nut tell the pations if the art that it Crockery Oil and Iron \LES Negro Blanketsas'ted sizes & qualities, which in variety, style, and qnality, v il! not be urpa -

try, In a letter lo the N. O. Tiue IMu, wyt. tor reference as an iterator, lo J. H. Randolph, M. IK one of the greatest additions, a the litgl.t (torn Paint and cut Lamp ami wrought, GlaM Nails and PuUy and Brads, C)z (pr.each lu, 11 ,and I'ii Rose Blankets.
fee has no idea that the crop of ih* present D., Tallahassee, Fla., Prof. Hugh H. McUuire, M.D I above is concentrated on the object, and regular, 150kegs Kerseys, Wool hatRlackimitli' -, 6 do do red, blue, and green coj'd Macanan any establishment iu the city. .
year will exceed 2,000,0'JO of baits. He ., Wincliectrr. Va, Prc.f. C. A. Harris, M. I). U.I w'lich' i is im,>Oi
I 1). S., Prof R W. Dunbar, M. D., Baltimore, ild. This i is mule tested where families and group* are ta Pour hong and Grren Tea, Chese, 10 pieces Negro Kerseys, assorted prices September; 23,1S50. 3s tf ___ r .
ken. The and
November 2, 1SZt). 43 It citizen particularly the Ladies are do _
Mackerel 25 Planes .
Let Land
Butter Potatoes
heta for Sale
any man conversant with the roth rf.pectfully invited to cll at hii rooms and examine Go! and solid colors.
Sievm 50 do Linsey, fancy
f Cotton take The facts as they eiiM, and then U. S. Marshal's Sale. *fiecimen*. Old Pirtur- cleaned and put up in a Buckets Sides, Tubs,Shoulders Churns,suzar-cured, Hams Now opening and for sale bv TT'l1ESEofSE4of&c67inT1RjNar4 -

ctlcnlale. cold manner to prenrrve them from fa-ling. 1 have two Bacon CO. JL W., containing forty acres, well wooded, and
nnd of l5n. C. C. :
wet, court* a back virtue of a writ of FL Fa. iwneJ from the ClcrVa Salt, coarse and fine-Loaf and brown Sugar, October lt 41
IneOfrraan the
ward B ( instruments? operation, with a splendid adjoining City of Tallahasee. Applv! lo
fprhip-more Cotton planted in May Office of the United States District Court iu and block of materials. Pot Ware Willow Ware.GU W re, dec. October 5. 150.. A.: K HOC. .i -

nnd June than was ever known-crass equal!) for tLc Northern District of Florida, wherein Lowell JOHN R LLOYD. New York and Si Lout Flour, Rice, Hats, Caps, -

as bad as in 1348 and more corn bought than Uollliroolc i it. plaintifi, and A. IL Cole, Samuel Steven N B. Instructions given in the ait, according lo Saddles Harness. Whips; Colitis, fcc, 9 DOZEN (boys and mens,) fancy colored California For Rent; i. .

was ever known before since the of and O. W. Cole are defendant., I have levied upon and the latest improvements,both in chemical and ot her- paburgs. plain and striped,Sheet ins, hats, .. House cow occupied by the nnd-r-
n-tlling will offer for fcale befure the Court house door in the October Shirtings. Drills Cufon Yarn, Lirens, 2 dozen Union Hals latest style, THE
26,1S50. 42 3m tor Store-and Dwelling, ill be
Jbe ;;;; w
country ; therefore poor team und had town of Madison, on Mondav the 2d day of December Stationery, looking Glasses Tin Ware, with a variety 2 rIo Mule Stun Hats, fine and latest style, -rented in the whole .
or be desi.retl. ;
cultiratlon.......then no rein for the paM six or next, the followinj dcttcrilHtl propcrtv, viz: Master's Sale. of other articles too numerous to enumerate, 23 do incas and boys Silk, Glazed, and Clot!, Apply to .part at A.tuay E. HOC. j -

eevtneell*. What c-n Cotton make, plant. Four unimproved lot known as Noa. -, and one which he offers low for approve! cm/if cath. Cily Caps. For sale by October 5, 1S50. 39 p, .
pd Iwt with a BUtre-housc thereon and BY virtue of a Decree in Equity, iu Leon Circuit acrrIa7ire,Cot ton,Tub&cc(,.or any country produce. October 19, li5U. 41 C. C. BYRD & CO. ,
the now occupied by
ay Ut of May with this drought-only 1 Coal?. m4de in, the cakp of AuiutusH. Lanier Notice
1S50. 41 .
A. IL Cole, Kiid all lying and b&g b the October 1'J, .
four ioths to make and in I property Kenneth Dcmbry, and the Union Bank of Florida, Pensions.
? and
1 grow amre fc.wn Madiwon, and to bs wild as the property of said Bounty Lands T HE copartnership heretofnre existing tender Ihs
ci Noah M. Martin and nthors) the _THE subscribers n'ceiving their u-
that are
you there are thousands of acres of lip.J defjudanta, to sati fv said writ of Fi. }a.J. will t he i/flered properly CARD undersigned,having made arrangements will 1 name and ftrci ol CLAI.KE & STILLMAN.w .
I at public sale, in legal hoots, before Fall Stock of Goods, composing every
J and
The belli now- onpnincT-i-w.'b ]...re%. MM.w l. .4 lfil.ulr, .MVII! ,i.au"n Nov 2,1 R.0. Bj G. W. IIUTC1ILVS, D. M. second day of December next, viz: Iliins. and they respectfully their patrons and the of Washington* and being now provided with the indebted to Ibe above firm, will please make an early I
will attend lo the col.l llection the underpinned and all
and forms, payment to ? taxing claims -
al size.In ran i'i Lot ".O. )7, in tho city of Tallaha ee, on call and examine qualities and prices approval requisite
e etiotVr Sheriff's Bale.BY the eaat aide of .Munroe olreel, having fortv-two (Vet pttilicto. McNAUGHT &. ORMOND. of CUnns by Power of Attorney for Bounty against the firm will present them at their earliest
pail of Lis letter, which i is dated and Claims for Losses and Services convenience, at the Store fnrmerlv '
9h: iiist. be viitneof a writ of Fieri Facias iss'ied from front, by eighty feet in depth-an elegible lot for be- Newport, Orlober 19, Ib-V) AA \ Lands, Ptnsivni. orCiipieil by
a says ; the Cl'-tk'i OTiceoflhe Ciicuit Court for the sin H>s. -.---_- -- --- upon the United Stale Government. Clarke t Stillman. ASA B. CLARKE.

"I I Way be in error. If I am mistaken I county ol Leon, Middle Circuit of Florida, wherein AHo. the We*! half of Lots No. 70 and 77, in the MAXWELL & "W K- BEARD, Officers and soldiers of I he war oJ 1S12, or of any Tahlaha-i.ee. July 1. tvV Oct. t-2. JO j

)believe nine; hundred and iiinrlv.tiine out of Weley Leak MpbintifT, and Canada Rou.'e isdelendinl original plan of Tallahassee ; on which there ares to pri/cure Patents lor persons entitled ol the Indian wars since i'0areentitled to Bounty- A. B. CLARKE, -

every thousand of the planters aie mistaken." I have levied ujxin and will fxpf ke lor s4e. convenient dwelling hou-te and other improvements; AGENTS under lisa recent Art ot Congtesw, Lands under the late Act of Congreys.will For be services (rORMFRLY CLARKE t.vS3 rru.L.nzN,) .

He ibinti before the Court Ilou e door in the city of Tallaha -Irontin; To Hundred Foot and Clinton treefs. known as the BOUNTY LAND BILL." Any rendered a moderate compensation charged .
I planteri. should hold up, and not ;cP, on the hut Monday in Uecembfr next within Also, one Negro woman.named Cliz.i,thirty year* claims entrusted to their care will receive their upon deliver'* of the warrant or the amount collected. TTAVING purchased the interest of JJr. ;
tell' under 13 cents, which he D. P. HOGUE. limLi, Stitlrran in their oJ? businew, can IA
price thinks i Icgil hour, the followiii dcsciibed proptri' to old, n'id her child, Mary Ella, three \rai old prompt attention -
demanded by ih* present wjpply and demand. wit : Terns-Cah. Purchasers to pay lor Mailer's title Tallahassee.Ort. 19, IS50. 41-4w (Sent) G. W. HUTCH INS. _:I T-, found at their old stand on Monroe street. ;

C Hiles Ci.ttonat Depot in Tallahafsce, *. BENJ. F. WHIT.NKR, Tallahassee. October 19. ISSO. 41 where he will receive in 9 tevvdays from New Yr.tk, I

I'ropdlerg rf. SailtA letter from New 2 do do Gin House Plantation fderi, October 20, 1600.! 42 7t Master in Chincerv. Flour, Bacon, &c. &c. one of the most compfete( is+oitmects ol Ready.Mtdr .
'' Carpeting, Clothing and Geat.'emen'i Fancy Goc'dte
rk lO/XWIbnnoeddo 1
> to the W hington Union, tlntes that IUST received Schooner W.R. Pet tea from New .
off--red in. this marker. Also
2,5u! >jlb< clean a' a' at New Goods. per ROLES two and three ply Carpeting, Wool, nearly all the Hut class ships now building in J Orleans! 5 menl of French, Etiglith. and Belgian
250 acrea not picked a received from New York and New Ortean Albion Mill 10 hnadsomc Hearth Rues, Ci&tai.
that 10 barrr-laextia family ,
J city are being so modelled as to admit of I,OO 1iustsea: Corn i in Ci it)' a. '4 a JUST 40' barrels Floor, tlSuR > 2 pieces Green Baize Carpelinsr. for sale by Btork and Fanry Daeitifri and Castimert. -

cbangiiijj them into propellers when necesta.y. bOicVi M not gathered 4' 'a a' 10 kegi Goshen Butter 10 do r Cured ftiperfine Hams, Bacon< Sides October *9, l0. 41 C. C. BYRD &. CO. and Ftgueied Silk, Soft*, Ca hr.ieret anj Velvet .' ,
a hft.i !
I'ei&tgtt which
This embrace evidence that the com.nercial 20.00]ihs] FodJei in stack 5. barrels Mackerel, Nos. t, 2. and 3, Lard and Lard Oil, Western Butler, the ahoilfst nojj .znrl i3reparcr in tb to manuicn at .

a ) and ship building public anticipite a Lied ujuiii a lhe properly of Maid defendant,anti 20 I Irish Potato, A Assorted Candv. For sale by Bonnets, Ate. The comcannity cenerally % most approved remwtfito tyl!* .

p. speedy abandonment of to be sold Iu satisfy said j ,vrt; Of$?] fjcja<. Onion, Sap, Starch, Pepper, October 19. ISSO. .41 A E. HOC. T'LORF.NCEBraid BonJJ Black Florence Bonnets, call and examine are k pectllly
wherev.p before
s r
sailing bhips, iuy < puTchasiitg else :i
A. -
FISHER. Sheriff. Spices, Ham Lard, nets, China Peal do >
er ahera.
ed is an object |01 blii attained.In oy.7.1S50. By IL T. BLOCKER, 1).S.Notice. Half pipe French Brandy ...c Guns. Crimp Satin Bonn*!*, SiierrdWrratl'a. "alb.hasseeOcsas, 43.-. IS.3A. 40 .

0I Mononj hela Whi-key, Gin, opening, 6 two bartel Purcn sion Patent Aunt arid Tulip do 15 dz French Artificial!, Notice. -

consequence of the woiki forth* drain. Salt, Rope and RagfinV, &,c. NOW Gun*. 3 d' d* do BtysGuni. Draba.ndFancy do 5doP.andRosr,. T 11AE jiat m"ved :

age oftite; .lj rlen) Lake, the channel r.f the -QIX month after( dte.the undersigned'will? make ALSO, Ready-made Clothinz, ,* [Oct 1B.1WO, 41]. C..C. BYRD &. CO. Tulip -An For ate bv .1. deed NEGROES, for Ircia sale l ,Virginia.rorsi* ipcassortment. '(kt s ( tPP general bun-
Lower Dress C. C. ft
Fjne Costs and 41
Khinu las: been very much narrowed, i'.) application to th Court cf probite <( Lon October I am at mv .KI it and at NrF" .. Jo'dei's,,
' and Ocr Coal. Yes,,', :Khiri*. .; '* Salt; .
the : .
1 Ciotr rnor of North I Holland Ctnihty for letters of dismisgion adiniiii.lrjfor of ; < h lia Like. Any r.eon vri.hini lo purchase. b
At4w In..w roNls: -
tha contains fhc ol 1 TV. Le andgeneralMforlment'ol Dr RUST have jiiiit received Bnt-V Mnr 6. C. BYBD & CO., will have the .
"" da K liM been ctale Joseph. ,'decea,c $ets di1u lit done by the xva. JOHN! -OOUGALL, Adw'r Ilatd.arr,3e. Pn sale tow. ( sehi sir, which they will jell at the 7ll! L rake very liberal advance rn fotfnn* an.v trouble k.:. G P' NItL .
on banks. (
: Nveznber ?, 1SW.' J3 tin l her C5 i, 1 1Zs'0. JCOljr.tr.Oet : 43 IT. bcTtiCIC. ]1'iwot aaikcl prirj.( Ott-.btf l 13! 1S5'4') I ,bPFtt4 ; llcir firmdiq w crc. Cci IV Oc 4h.IS 45 t iatei .'


I e 4II ::7


1I .

A I -

I .. .
_. -- '- -
". --- -' .
1 !--Pl'c&A-J. .__ _1101 '-_- _-_ -L-_. _. __P r ____ _---- -------- '. ..... -- -- .-- '- OFFLO I Is

Tax Collectors Sale STACILITY--SECURITY- nrET UT\-. D15i ttsnr( s. $,!i-------1: I !tgal SState Utrtscmct9 STATE 100 Reward. In Leon IN CHANCERY.James Circuit: Conn..

.* '; virtoeof'lhe power veiled in mr bv h\\.1 I M. Hunter Administrator of
BY $100,000. LEWIS & AMES of Florida. Archibald '
:, thai: expose for u1f', before the Court House at Hunter,dcce .f'd l, R.s.
i Quincy in the County of Gadi-len on the wrond THE MUTUAL[ LIFE INSURAC 60, DEALERS IN GADSDEN CIRCUIT COURT L\ CIACERY.- tf.Willhiin .

I ,1 Monday i of Ar ril next the f"I\Qwiuz describe.! pro. OF NEW YORK->O. 3.) WALL ., DRUGS, MEDICINES I PAINTS OILS, George T. Hiusey,) Bomey _d others, creditcra of laid *,
port).or so mu-h hereof a* will pay the State and r.. > Bill for Divorce. TT appealing to the satisfaction ot th r tal L*"
I: i County Tax due thereon for the vear 1 ISM: and the NET Accumulated Fund Nov. 1st. 1-9, 9Q- Toilet Articles, Perfumery, &e, Window Class! Eli.a.M. Ihn v. ) JL aftid.ivit.lhat t William.Dunwrj, lAoDiJa\; !bl

hece*!>iry e\pln.eslneident thereto, lo wit: (, securely)' invested in Bond} and Mortgagesjn PAINTERS' BRUSHES Airo.coLORt' FT appealing to the sAti,fsction of the Court, by i Henry Cl.rk.l\fary McClure.andThomaj11. !,".
A Th 'bol. of what M called .Forb-** Purchase," real estate in Ibis city and Brooklvn, and Blocks A Glass Ware JL affidavit. in this oau!fed! ,thai Eliza M. Un"ey. Proclamation by Toma Brown, and Simon Taj lor.Defendant in the above Va.Vside ,If'.

f i hinclo Gad*lln County,or tl raurh thereof a will of t Ihe State and. City vf New-York and United States Apothecaries' &c I the defendant in t this cause, (beyond Governor of ,'loria. b*,ond t the limits of t the Stale cf Florit''I bh

: I pay the Tax aforesaid, bounded.on the Ert bv the Government. TIFabOcconstantlyon band.and fouale at the diction of this Court,and out of I the State ol Florida.: 7HERES, It hashecn made known tome that within the limits of the: United Slates: t
I Oklocknee Riverand, on ibm \ ft by the Aoalacb.-, This lund is i rapidly increasing a widely extended pren. It u On/rrrJThat I the s.id El iza do appear plead ',V a murder was recently committed in I the County // /* Ordered That aid Defendants 1

: i kola River. HUGH O. fcLE 'EN, and prospeiouj bu E Tax CoI1ectorforGs1cn Couat). The Company declared a di.idend of profits of fiftytwo Talahute.: November 20, tS47. three monlh'or said bill nill be taken pro cun./esso upon the body of John White and that said Rig;int first Monday in February n1f.oth rw"t"hf'C J Ji

October 1. 1650. 40 <*,m Percent on all xiing( policies the :3lel KI.MO.V TOWLE. MARIANO D. PATY against said defendant and that thecause be set forbearing is now a fugitive from justice: i rI31 l t'. Kill shall be taken pro ton/,,.: p f1:

j January, J ISIS. during next term of said Court in Novembernext ./V v! Tax Collector's Sale.BY All the Profits are divided among the Insure TOWLE &PAPY,' : Jlnditisfurfttr.' OrJarrd. Thai this Order of the State aforesaid by virtue' of the authority for four montb.prf'Ct'ding the said first Monday i I

., I virtue of the ro'ertiIPI'' in me bv hw: 1 The nrerniutns are payable in cash annually,semiannuallv JUtorneys} and ronn&cllors at law, he puhibed in some public newspaper printed in (ed in toe by lw. do hereby offer a reward- of February next,in some newspaper printed and BOU(1
added on the a week for three months,and that One Hundred the apprehension of said lished in the Middle! Circuit of the
I before the Court II.Mi. atQiincy ar quarterly ilter >t being onCe State of Hn .< i
shall fur .de : formed an association for the Practice I'd .
expose E HAVING complainant take testimony in thecauie. ni and his into the custody of the Given Chamber hi5th 50I f
delivery at ptrtrbrr
he condMi 'nH ;ils. 1 is
: in the County of G.-.n, on ( tt! attend the several Courts of the THOMAS BALTZELL
The caib principle adopted by this Company secures wi July 2.IS5. Sheriff said County of Gadsden. THOMAS BALTZELL i
U >idiy of April next"; the toll-wing dl"rriE: property Middle Florida and in the District Couit J1kJCe
benefit the insurances copy-Attest, Judge.R. Jlftm.Said Rigging i is about 25 of A true 1
and' to the parties J tur \\hot ? : years age : copv- ttf'st.
or co lunch thereof as will pay tatt of the U. S at Tallahassee. All .
4 !and thenecesnry are the whole of the advantages without businenentruste C. LESTER, Cleik. feet, 7 or 8 inches high-has dirk eyes. dnk complexion OSCAR A. MYERS. ClorV. i
Tx d'Je thereon for the 1S5-1,
County : eftcd. their will receive .
I year of to care prompt atention July 27, IPSO. 29 3m and full round face ia and .
incident thereto to wit : sjbjccting to the heavy drawback accumulated the stout heavily LONG, ARCHER, & CORLEY t
C3Olli'ein:: "
tlpn51 Capiol. built and addicted to drinking. Solicitors fur < t tsPpfrmbl'r
I Crooked Seven Creek.purporting fifty to'U'f"S belong of Und to Armislcad t in0 premium may Itttl.Personi effect insurance on t11.ir own lives February 17. Is !_'_ Notice In testimony whereof, I have hereunto set my 5.150 35 CompIaiuaa0_ m' i

I and the lives of others. A married women can insure MEDICAL NOTICE. given that application will be made: to hand and caused to be affixed the Great Seal -
and i ic to hereby
4. or much thereof 44 ti TM arv paythe IS
Rjney Middle Circuit of
Tax aforesaid.f. HUGH O McLEXN, the life 1 of her husband the beneft of whichare James E. Broome, Judge of Probate [Seal]of the Satt of Floridaal the Capitol, inTallahai Florida. i
law the du me herself for Leon Stale of l "ee,this 12th day of October A. D 1"50. GADSbEX
Tax Collector f f.r Gadsden County. secured b. fo e I' o Dr. Charles T. DarbypESPECTFULLVannounceflothepublicineen County, Florida on Mondaythe IX CIRCUIT COURT. t
children. of October for THOMAS BROWN, Governor of Florida.
twenty-first day next, authority to
October 11, .S.'M> JO ( CHANCERY..
Clerg. men and all other*dependent upon salaries : sell the lollm"ing real estate of Andrew ., Bv the Gocernot-Attest: !
S Tax--Collector's- ------ Sale. arc special!) i invitedtoavailth t t msehefcof a resource IX era! that he has permanently located himlfnInnticelo. S.and Horatio C. Withers, minor heirs flzabeth 10- C. W. DOWNING, Secretary of State.Ortohr Bill for Injunction and Rtlitf. t

families be secured Florida and will be found at ratio C. deceased wit 19, I IS50. 41 Jam L.
whereby their surviving may : Withers, to : ft Redding Woolen and Shields, Comply. !
virtue of the poner vested' in me by law, 1 tIbal I engaged. Strict attention will Lots No 3 in
BY Iron the evils of penury.Patnpl'lets ( I,2and fractional Section 20, and t. j
expowfur[ se.: bere the Court House al explanatory of I the principle!of Mutual be paid to all professional cals.M"yIS.H' lot No 2, in fractional Section: 21, all in Township $100 REWARD. James M. Raker and Samuel B. Love Administrators i

Quincy in the County of Gd
I Monday in April next t.the lollow ing described pio- with forms of application, maybe oblaine at the and State of Florida, containing 39S acres, more or appearing to the alifaction ol the Court that{ 1
much thereof the State and J. L. SHIELDS, JI. D. 1.8. BONT M. D.
pertyor o as wi pay office of Ihe Company, :35 Wall St., or any of its less. JL Ihe Defendant James M. Baker resides inihit
and they
due thereon for ISIOI
County Tat year agculs. HAMDEN A. WHITE. State, but beyond the Middle Circuit : h it Ordered
necessary expenses incident therEto, to wit : TRUSTEES. Drs. SHIELDS & BON CAROLINE- B. WHITE, ThattheDelf'ndanl.Jame-.M. Baker,do appear and' I

.,\ Sit bundrt and forty acres of lnd.. Catlin.ora Iving on Jos. B. Collins, DavidC. Colden, associated together in the Guardians, &c. anwerthe Bill filed in this case within three month J
to belong to
Crelk. purportnj of Medicine September 14, 1550. .V 4t afer the date hereof: .inrf it further OrdertJ
-.. much the Tax aforesaid. I Wm J. Hyl; "p, Alfred Edward, practip Surgery &c., offer t their THOMAS BROWN ,
a"i pay HUGH O. McLF.AN R. H. lcClrdv. Wm.' Belts, sen' citizens of Quincy and the surround.in PROCLAMATION BY That a copy of this Order be publihtd.once ay'tf V I
Gadsden Kred. S. Winton, Joseph Blunt, country. Holmes Circuit Court. Grmor of Florida. for the space of two months, in some newgpap i
Tax Collector for County.
October 12, IWO. 40 rm' C. \V. I'ablr. Isaac G. Pearson, QuincyAmirust J 1.. I 1MO.- 31 Richard Boyd, ) WHEREAS. It has been made known to roe that i printed in the citv of Tallahassee. State aforrsaid- I
.. John Henry Wells. -- -- --- r.,, > Bill for Divorce. was recently commit d in the County : THOMAS BALTZELL Judge. i

i': Thco. Sed wick, Win. Mooie. CARAWAY SMITH,] [W. S. DILWORTHATTORNEYS Sarah Boyd, ) of JeHerson, in this Ftate, by one DAVID .M. A true copy-Attest.R. !
I Tax Colectors Sale.By Stacy B. Colin9. 7tbedtp Cook JTh W IT appearing to the satisfaction of the Court that SCOTT,upon the boy of Aaron B. Scott, and thatsaid C. LESTER, Clerk. '\

virtue of power vffted in me by law, I John H. :filer. g J. Sarah Boyd the Defendant,resides beyond the ju- David E M. Sot was committed to Jail to A newt 31 I.. ,:.._3t_2m_

hall expose for sale before the Court I1uueatQncy John Wadsworth, David AT LAW diction i ol this Court, and out of the State of await hi, : And whereas, said David State of Florida.

in he County of Ga">en. on the second M. Corl. Robert Shuvler) 1 MONTICELLO. FLORIDA. Florida: E. M. Scott has escaped from Jail, and is now a fugitive -
IMonday April next,the following described property Gouv. 1. ., James Chambers, / is Ordered, That the said Sarah do appear, from justice: GADSDEN CIRCUIT COURT.-IN CHANCERY.

,or I much thereof 8 will pay the State and lohn L. Pruvu, Joseph Tuckeiman, 7,1849. 27. plead answer, or demur to aiid Bill of Complaint Now THEREFORE, I, THOMAS BROWN Governor Asa Barber, )

County Taxes due Iheieon from IM5- to 1S50 inclu- Fred. Whitlesey. Moses H. Grinntl), E. within three month, or said Bill will be taken pro of the Slate of Florida by virtue of (the authority M. > Bill for Divorce. 1
she, and the necessary expenses incident thereto to Ely, Wm. J. Clnker. eonfenw azair.st said Defendant : vested in me by law do hereby offer I rewardof Sarah Barber. )

wit : John C. Cruder, Eugene Dutilh Tiriy A1 LAW And it further On/tut That this notice be ONE HUNDRED DOLLARS for I apprehension appearing to the satisfaction of the Conrt.bj iffi. I

Two hundred and forty acres of land in Gadsden Walter Joy', Francis S. Lalhrop, attend all the of the Middle, published in some public newspaper printed in the of said David E. M. S.ot. and his sale deliver} to IT in this case filed that Sarah Barber the de !

County, purporting to belong t t"> Robert Jimerson. 01 \llred Pell J. O. Thatcbei. \WILL Office over Court F. Burr.tv'a. Cir- Statefor three month rO fltivdy. An*. 5. 1S50. the Sheriff of said County Jefferson. fendant resides beyond jurisdiction of this Couif, j

** much thereof a\ill pay the Tj\a aforesaid, ly. I JOSEPH B. COLLINS, Prts'ulfnt. Tallahassee! 27, 1549. 42 Store. GEORGE S. HAWKINS, .Mtm -Said David. E. M. Scott i is about 40 years out of the State of Florida, and within the State(

inou1'1atCre'1c. HUGH O. M<-LEN.T ISCBBATT, Sectary.JOS. Judge Western Circuit. of age, 5 feet, Gi; inches high, square' built, is nearsighted Georgia : It is Ordered That the said Sarah do ai j. 'I
Ocliher 12, I',50.( -\ fm' B GAII.F.Ag't..1bhasce. sandy anSI inclined to curl. He is very talkative, plaint within three months or said bill "ill be taken
'\ -.- -- Januaiv it). t .' ). 2yCOTTON ATTORNEY AT LTallahasscr Administrator's Sale. particularly alter taking a drink of ardent spirits.- pro confesso against said defendant and that the

CITY COTTON WEIGHER.. ----- Florida. 1 1'OR the purpose of making distribution among his language is very much like that of a low-country cause be set for hearing at the next term of said, J

t$ rn.IEuaderiined PUHLIC! COTTON WEIGHER, GINS. April 2fl. 1550. 15 I_ the heirs and distributees of George Yonne,late Georeia or South Carolina ne;ro. ( nun on the second Mondiy in November nrtt:-
1 I JL (or the City uf T.n.he.! having: just t r.tlrle J Jfioni of Leon County deceased!.1 I will sell/at public nut- In testimony whereat, I have hereunto set my .Jndit further Ordered That this order be published

the North with tiro piir uf Sralt*, tnann artured JESSE II. WATSON W. G. M. DAVIS, cry, to the highest biddt r,for cash,on the first..Monday hand and caused t the Great sal ot the State in some public r ew parer rrinted in the State I
aljiintf'l and certified by the Injector of ATTORNEY AT LAW in .\Iltl fr 71 rr/,before th.Court HOI door [Seal. ] (>f Florida to be eat the C.ipitol.in TalIdha9i.ce once week for three months,and that (the complainant
XtaJcg: and ll'iigfitt of liar .\>trnk CustomIfyase GIN M.VNLTACTCKKn, in the city of Tallahassee, the following real and this :3d day A. I D. 1'50.ThOMAS I take testimony in the cause.

is now prepared: to recived and \'pi igh any' Palmyra. Lee f'oitn'y (tcorgia, HAS taken ",) his abode at Talahassee. and wi personal propel Iy: BROWN, Governor.' 'THO BALTZELL, Jude.
Cation bro'Jiht to thi! ,'M! --" He will attend! at in the COlts of The whole ot the land of which Geo. Yonnz Bv th.Governor-.ittes': A true cop :-Attest,
tbt Depot: or,at any pUre within, the limits ot the I ""TOJ1( inform his friend" and the public ene- and of Franklin and J.ck"1 Counties.Mirrh died ser/.ed and possessed, exclusive laid of the widow's C. IV. DOWNING, Secretary of Stale. R. C. LESTER.: Clerk.

\ City'a1 theshorteot notice, I In c.n jiti't iou wilh'the I rolh.that he cositinues! the above bu-ine at 9, I l' :(D.) dower, v iz : October ;, l!JO. 39 Ct Sentinel. Ai>ew.t 10. l.i.V>. 3J 2m '
his old iehe i I 1 be them
supply! t
.ta'll \.ht I"ppyto -- ---- --
I Cotton weiahms. be ha a Iire vtd in the tear of wil ThieNF.o1 W 4.See3T2: 1 N., of R 1 W.'
with a Jirnt rate As an of the HcnJTOSH 1 In Chancery.
Mers.i KHlKSEYm-d \\'U.fL'TORr where artrt. evidence McQUEN The E i of S 4,of So 30,T 2 N, of R I W. $660 RWA.STOP
he will receive CO 1TON' OR ON tIU3It of his work lie.wlulJ state that out of the : AT LAW of Lot MIDDLE CIRCUIT OK FLORIDA. !
j Part No. 5;, Sec 29, T 2 N, -f R I W. THE MURDERER
l ze numbei sold by him the past year, not one has .
P4 STOR\GE. The sub"rriber's -'rict attention and PartoftheE4ofS E.Sec0TRl W. AT CHAMBERS Ancnst 29, 1S30. 1
experience for the last? three year at the Depot faitol1to i"i perfect Itifactiun-and would a* ief- \WILL attend the the United Circuit Slates Court in lop Ea.ter ALSO-Two likely NEGRO FELLOWS. V\T1IF1C.5, C. P. HENSON, indicted for the Bill for leave to sell Land. ;

1 I will he hopes, bring him; the mtom of the Planters ercnre, p\ethe t name of any one who hat one of his : ; the Couit District Court at DAVID D. YOUNG, \ \ murder Robert A. Purce.didun> the ni, ht I John P. Duval and Anu F.Duvul, tt al.,Complan'ti.
Gins in He is AlI "e. at Tallahassee ,
to Sf Supreme
und Merchants generally. Ollice in the rear cf Mr.Kirkey' this intending, which tnlar: :f bitstalli"h. and prosecute ChitiH for citizens in of Florida ; Administrator of Georse Young, dt c'd. of the 2"th September, 15>5(1( ,break jail in ThomasvilleGeoriaand p I. I''
1 store, where: subscriber may be found at .uent c'njh'r"Ilv'ordd.sear by means against the Government t at any part .ptpmhpr 2I I 1S.VI.) 3. t Is i is now at liijre,ihe above sum of : The Heirs at Law cf David M. Sheffield, deceased, ,
be to til. (which last lieu un Washington, either '
.1'' all times. enahlet sear : b.f.re the -- $';!60 i is offered fur his apprehension; and delivery or I whose names are unknown.IT .
CHRLES! A. V \s f. tl ) with Gin!. if possible !superior to any rvermanuaclnrelinS' Congress Jacksonville or at lepartmncnts.JAddrL.s East Notice. safe-keeping, until he can be secured by the authorities : appearing to the satisfaction of the Court Ibat
i H; City Cotton Wtigher. that /u'hwe"tcrnGeoruia. thinks August 10 'IS '). .11 ALL per"on<, creditors legatees, entitled to dis of Thomas Cuuntv.On I the heits at law of David M. Sletlieddeceased!
) 37 every )jcar's experience enables him fo make a ; do reside in this but in the State ol CODnerlicnt
Septem'wr2IISiI. I or otherwise interested in the estate Ihe night of the 2d October, the said Hensnn not State i
little better article. DR. WILLIAM H. BRADFORD, of Robert Spence, late of Jefler oti County, Floida, stole! from (the plantation of Robert A. l'earte. a sorrel : It is Ordered, That the heirs at law ofsaid ;,
and :
Bein ilhaldetermined
I Leon Female Academy.T1IIJ a practicalmerhanic Offire Door West of deceased, are hereby notified to exhibit their claims Poney with a blaze face, a lilllc lame in the stifle ; David M. Sheffield do appear and answer lo the
: Tiu-tees propose to elect a gentleman as that none but Ginncl I the very fir.t claijsliall'j.'Mnaiinf : frt Judge Balzrl's.ly and demand within two "ear from t thin date to the joint. Said. Poney is a natural racker. Said Henson said Bill Complaint, in :this rase filrd,within four
) .ctured in lishhefecls ,ae' a'einvvarranlin: (them 25, 1.O.: yj the also the from the of said months from the date hereof: .ind it further Ordered
!, of this Institution:, on the 3 nh November the undersigned or same will bp bart ; and all on same nigh. wagon
to to of the Heill
n-xt. They will te-j'iireihe I rot satisfactory operate j.ti"f.ctl,1 1 puichan-r. persons indebted to the said deceased, are requested Pearce,stole a bay *?, 9 years old,shod before I That a copy of thi*Order be published,orce
testimonials character and ral31'ih to teach the \\ deliver 111, tree of charge to purchasers attheir S. S. }{night1TI.T4 to make immediate pavment. -no other marks remembered.Deneriftiou. a week for I he space of four months, in s
u i E-l icali.m. a salary of One 77iontni enga \pnl', I hopes to wait .i.uchof his friends have- of Jefferson County ex fiirio Adm'r. years old, abmti i\: feet two inches high, slender, Florida.
Thl'"t'r orders to the Proprietor at shall be ant
or Palmyra, a
$ JJjllirg a year, payahle in quarter's- tal- promptly attended to. heretofore: extended &0 liberal a patronage,promis Jefferson. County, October :i, I IS-'iO. 3! 3m well made, of sallow. complexion, sandy hair, keen THOMAS: BALTZELL JuJje.
infns.! ,with th" n*" of conveni.'nl school rooms in Jonein the durable ing that al,hal havegood arlic.st lair prices. sharp blue eyes,high cheek bones, altogether a man A true copv-Attest .
(tj-Repairing propeily
: a retired! part of the city. Tiu jccessful: candidate April 17 Notice. of gno peruna apptau't. and of good education. OSCAR A. MYERS Clerk. :
is to e-iter Lis duties on the dav \\ list heard from,was on the r..ad By HUGHRCHER., Jr.. D. C.
t expected upon frt manner.cle: is also Ant for the sale of Ctunmari ALL persons, creditors and lemtees, entitled to lernn .
: 4w
Atiiru n.1 1..0.J
Pure to f-e
of IS'l.Appliialions Sulphate Quinine. otherwise
January & Co.'s CAST IRON HORSE POWER Sf3. or inl.resl.t in the estate > ----
free of expense( poBt ae.fo be ad- GAR MILLS in SOlthwpttr Georgia aid Florida. n MIE :subscribers have on hand two hundred and of J.me'Muore.late of Jetferon County, p'lorida. JAMES DANIEL L. F\T.F.. JESSE MARY S.M.E\.FE. Agricultural Warehouse.

toTIO Contracis can be made with my Travellinj Agents. -L fifty ounces ot Sulphate of Quinine, which thc deceased, are hereby notified :to exhibit 'heir ., uudersigned having f'luchased the entire-
1\S B \L TZ B. F. WIHTNER, Any iaformation wanted with regard to tu! cost and have obtained diiect frum the manufacturers, and claims and demands within two tears from this date II. R. SF.WARD DUNCAN McKINNON TIlE of A rilIltOlallmFIt'm'nt.) from Mr"*..

1f. : LL'I J W. RAKER, operation ol (best mills ran be obtained bJ addressing they will warrant it lo be a superior article. to t the undesigned i or the same will be barred ; and \NIELMcKINNON.. JOHN W. LUKE, DENSLOW & WEBSTER would announce to ite
P. 10GU8. F. me at PtmvraLee CointGeor.ia.March We have enlarged our twk of Drugs and Medicines all persons indebted to the said deceased, are requested {public that they have greatly increased said stec ,
V) 40 G* .
30,1 I W). 12 lv by recent arrivals i ,and are prepared to execute to make immediate pavment.JAMES : embracing bt'joidu! a variety of other material and article
tRichmond l Mercury, Thomas County Ga., October 5, 1550. 3l 4t
rltirfr. Chaltol ---- ------ --- orders for articles in our line at w holesale) or retail : R. TUCKER, Sheriff ?, generally ol the tollowing character and des-
M lledgeville a Niahville Union will Dr. D. of Jefferson and I.
Jaynes' Family Medicines, on the most accommodating terms. County tx officio Adui'r. Cftl'tlITGr.ICU'TUR.LANDIWRTICULTGR.:
pleae insert once a week for three weeks, and for. We have Jefferson County October 1S50. 3 3m New Goods. LI
/COMPRISING his Expectorant, Hair Tonic Al- alco a few accounts yet due to us for I Ih? : -
I wad account to this otc tfrative. Hair lye, Carminiiive HaNam, Tonic 'ca 1S49.. They ate generally in small amounts, OPENING a large and carefully selected stock of i FLEMENTS of every variety, of Ihe most ucent

t. New Goods.- Vermif ,Sanative Pills,and .Atie Pills, f'r sale bv'I but if the whole could be paillhorly. it would go NoticeS Britania. and Bright Metal Ware and improved descriptiona.
; SHIELDS) GOLUW1RE. f.1 towards liquidating ceil hichf owe. hereby given given that at the next session of Ihe consisting in part of Tea and Coffee Pots, French Five hundred I'lows of every description.

JUST received 1 lij late arrivals from New York a June 15, lv" 23 llJ\&n Quincv.FIa. LEWIS &AMES. I General A!f>mbly of the Stale of Florida, application Coffee Filterers. Pitchers Candle Sticks Ilf f different I \Material for Tanners,Currtcrs,and Bra.and Iron
I/nerl assortment of GOO'JS: consisting t i of ) JuneS, 1650. 22 will be for an act of incorporation.: for qualities,Jelly Moulds Glass Lantern,Cake R'U9, Founders, embracir.g every article used in their line.

: yards of Negro KerseysIQn Dr. S. I'. Tou'iiscnd's SarsapariJla. Len Iod;?, mate. 5. I. 0 of O. I.'. Cannistt and a vat iety of other articles, which including all necessary Tolls,&oc.,at Manufacturer!
) pair of Rassct IJrogins; Dr. Sand: do. "Refrigerators and Meat Safes." J. WAYLES BAKER. Secretary. they oiler! for sale on reasonable terms. price
600( Blanket', Dr. U'cv': du. from Bark July 30. ISM SS 'tm Also, on band a full and exlf nive stock of Tin nSCJLL.\rEOUS.-'Ronet! and common Gins,
30 Bales Cotton Csoaburgs Dr. Bull's' do. LANDING ,' named "Llewellyn" an assortment Ware of every description, manufactured here bv Jack Scres s. Store and Cotton Trucks,Wheel: ._
:v) *' of HI own S'jirtinss' and Shcelnl.. Dr. CtmistocV- d L). Mc articles, for faleby) Notice. good workmen,and at fair prices. ro\\,RId Scrapers hydraulic RamForce Pumps,

Also, a general supply of FANCY S.r.'PLE Dr. Cum tltk'!Pain. Exlractor. Newport, June 2 1 AVGIT &ORMOND. JX months from d.atetheundersinedErcutorof Lead Pipe,Sheet Lead.Copper, Zinc and Citern I Patent Chain fo facilitate the draw>g water. II
GOODS. For sale by SHIELDS &GOLDWIRE .( S t the last will and testament ol Uz Williams, Pumps f.r sale.! Tin Routing, Guttering, and Job Georgia and French Furr Mill!! Stones, CalcineCa

t' .50 K.4 soited. Tobacco, June I Pii 21 Q-iincy- Fla. deceased, late of Gadsden will to the Work executed faithfully and with despatch.T. "iii>zs, Plasterers and Raw for Farmers; Plantation -
'5" Nails, ___t ._'1.n.___._ _____ __ __ ______ Blacksmithing. Judije of( Probate of said County County for a final apply discharge WHITE & CO. Milb, Corn and Smut Mill; .Screws,Mill frau,
2V Sicks Tuik's Wan I Salt. Dr. "'oodlnff1)'M .tCt.). Cordial -.--, 'T'1 HE 1 underpinned lesprctfu1yinforms and settlement up from sjid estat- "ptpnhpr 21.! li.o. 37 tf Bolting Cloths, Picks. Keedi. Shuttles: ai.d general i

cry Liverpool -* the ?public th.t. having SAMUEL: WOOl)UURV, Executor.Gadden Notice. ruling for Cotton and Woolen ftn 'r..drriu. ',
31 Barrel Northern Family. Flour, Mulher'jt( Friend and Liquid Cathartic -i"ploveda superior Horse Shoer, he is County September 21 1, IO.. 37 .lrn MILL MACHINERY,TOOLS.,&c.-Haringthe
7): Sideq. Band Leather, Dr. Got don's Ant i.liIIiius I'ilU, now prepared to execute all work in that Hue in a SIX months alter date application will he made a:ency for variotr and extensive Machine 1oIaDulCI \

IO) Coils Rope Dr. Hasling's Cmpoundri1p of Napthi supeiior manner, and on usuallerms. Notice. ) the lion. Judge of Probate fur Leon Countyfor I tones, we hail be prepared at all tim '* la furnish
10) pieces Kentucky Bagcinz, for sile bvEETTON Dr. Little's Tonic Bitters,Tonic Pills, and Vermi F. PAYNE. letters of di"mi: lon from the estate of ThonidS every species of Machinery in the shortest notice. \:
&H1GGS Loge, Lucina Coidiul. June 29, 1S50. 25; tf S month*after date, the undersigned Administrators White ileceasfd.'late of said County. The highest market prices paid at all limes for :,

September l :0.. 39 31 t Rinjworm and Tetter OiRtment, French Mixture: of the late Robert Fisher, will present SAMUEL C. WHITE, Administrator. Wool Sheep Skins and Hides. II
----- Dr. S.. ncI's W
Notice.. Dr. M irpbey's Su.ar, Coated Ant i.Fcvtr Pills, AFRESH supply! of Perry 0.,i,'Pain Kier,jUt Court, and ask: for a discharge from said es- ------ usual commission.

TIFfrmofNoh.Ta\lorilthi'lY; dissolved, Dr. Lcr3)'s Vegetable Universal Pills, and for sale bv tale Land and Grueral.1rnrr Washiusloii. S. & H. HOYT & CO.,

- i wi do IN Dr. Peters' Vegetable PihI. T. WHITE fc CO., Agents. R. W. FISHER, ) A., ,rs..ulv No. 171 Bay street Savannah,Georgia.
the pleasure to settle u soon a possible. Mite.herslvc! Salve and Thompson's Eye Water, Novel ber 17, I IR-l'j. 45 W. E.; FIShIER S u1 JOSEPH T. WALKER will give prompt and eCiJ Erftrrn.: Messrs.Padelford Fay &Co ; SiP,
lASI. M.lf.W.P'ha-nix Bitters and Life Pills, 'o.' 1 Jft. ). 2S ron cient attention to the BOUNTY LAND CLAIMSof Denslow Webster..

October 1. IS O. J. { Cough; S rup. Nails. Notice. Officers( and Soldiers engaged in the Florida ll'ar S.'V3nnab.Au 3. lS.r 0. 3>

Ccnxilne Stol hton"'s Bitters. The above will OA KEGS .\ : aid Fall River Cut Nails,just or either of the Indian If'or in which the United -
The business hereafter will be conduced under : k. own and popular remedies. for ute by CVy received and lnn for sale bvMcNAUGHT SIX months affr dale we shall apply to Hie States have been engaged, or the War trith Great FimilyGroceries.A. .

the firm of NASH &- CO who respectfully s'llict SHIELDS &GOLD WIRE, & ORMOND. Judge of Probate. in and for BentonCounty Britain of 1S12 and to any description of business FRESH supply ot Sugars Spices Vinegar,ic.
a share of the of the citizens generally. I June 15. 1S50. 23 11 Quincy, Fla.Nunn's Newport April 13, IS50.I r 14 for a discharge from any further administra- requiring an Agent or Att4 rney at Washington. For &.C.,just received per Laura Jane,and for sale
They expect patronag hand general assortment .. Ikd on the estate of Charles Laing,deceased,late of procuring Land Warrants his charge will be $:.- by McNAUGHT & ORilOND.

of Good Medicines and such other artile as are & Clark's Notce.'VEt Benton County, South Florida. In other cases it will be proportioned to the nature Newport August 24. 1550. 33
in their line of ELEB1ATED NOSwarranted C. T. JENKINS, } Adm'u. and difficulty ol the case. _
generally kept CJ i
i C :- GI, the under"i make to
application J. B.ALLEN
October 5, 1930. 39 NAsH &CO. and, 7 Octave grand action Pianos. next He will also act,in connection wilh Agents and -t.torne Notice.
I of ihe Florida
Legislature State of June
I IAlr'O 22, 1850. 21 fim in Florida who be employed in
: for a charter fof a Plank Road from Ocala to the )! may Bounty persons having claims against the estate of
Goods. Land and other Claims, terms which be ALL
New .ffiolian Attachment Pianos with ives'Tune on may deceased
i head of Silver Bounty Lands and Pensions. llolccmbr. late of Leon County
received rpt Schr. Elteabsth from New York, able Reeds. The above cciebi at ed. Pianos:can he had ; Spricg.DAVID PROVINCE.JNO. agreed upon. Letters (which should be post paid,) are notified to present them lo the unden-igneo

., JUST Silk M.nma Ladies Dress Goods, Ladies by application to D. C. WILSON. G. REARDOX, THE undersigned,having made arrangements!with will receive immediate attention. within the time prescribed by law,or this notice will
in the City ol Washington! (. C. 14 1S5a 3G tf
Gloves. kc., and for Junel,1S30. 21 If competent Agent Washington, Sept. indebtedtGS1dC'
Meiino Vests, Ladies Riding I __ ___ h __.._ _____ W. S. HARRS. are now prepared to take powers of attorney lor the be plead in bar, and all persons
G II. MEGINNISS. : C. A. will immediate meet.
late by tate make paj
collection of Bounty Land Claims and Pensions, Notice.
September ?*, 1 1S3(1.J 33 I GUNSMITHINGi 15. A. CARTER, G. C. S. JOHNSON Adminislralor.
and will give their strict to the same.
---- subscriber fitted the TANERY
STEPHEN BRYAN having up 33 Sf
THE August23,1S50. _
ToPlanters.HE this known Baker's
UN-SMITH WORK of.alf descriplions d'mt JOHN SCOTT Jacksonville place as Tanard has
G S. G. BROWN East Fla. now on hand and will keep all kinds of LEATHERfor Attention Planters.I .
subscriber will make rash advances on COT- with the utmost Precision and Despatch by CIIAS. W DOWNING. ,
j! J. TON AND TOBACCO shipped lo M s8l. Coe, I the subscriber at his shop next door fo Dr. Barnard's. JOSIAII rAINE.SIMEON Tallahassee, Floriila. sate ; and will have fine BOOTS and SHOES HAVE just received per Brig Ocilh, I Jet of
York. Particular atfenlion paid to orders and the HELVENSTO.V. made to order. He has on hand a superior article of Call and
Co. New
Anderson &
'' I country September 25, 1850. tf [Sentinel ] SOLID SWEEPS 1 URN PLOWS.
J. M. WILLIAMS. patronage all is solici'rd.! Marion Co'snty.Scpt.S(21] 1S5J.( 373m 3 doubled-suled NEGRO SHOES. He would here return examine for vou'rselves.

F September II, 1850. 3S tf I Door Locks Itf r afred, tc., ke.CIAHLtS< NEW SCHOOL. his thanks to the citizens of Gadjden and the JAMES B. GAMBLE.A'1'uQt .
DEMILLV. Agency of'DR. adjoining Counties their past patronage and
N the 7th of OCTOBER, Ihe subscriber will sayto 10. ic.so. :31 -
New Goods. Tallahassee, Miy 2:, 20 FITCH'S CELEBRATED MEDICINES. O them that hevllI continue to manufacture Lea- _
a SCHOOL in the Basement of the CourtHouse
--- --- open ther, Boots, and Shoes at his old stand in Gadjden Notice
& HUSr are now receiving by recent PULMONARY BALSA Pectoul Expectorant for boys of any age. The community may
: lIe will be
HEIR THE TRUE MEDICINAL County near Quincy. glad at all times the Gen1 -
from New York and New Orleans, a J. Pulmonary Liniment, Pure and Medicinal Cod rest assured that his time and best abilities will be exchange of the above articles for Oak TS hereby given that al tte next session of
general assortment of such goods i are needed in COD LIVER OIL Liver Oil, Anti-Djspej'tic Mixture Nervine, Vermifuge faithfully employed for the moral and intellectual Hides crippled any negro boys or hij own eral Assembly of the State of Jo'lorida.apphcahoDwill the '
;in of paper. be made fur act of incorporation fur purpose
this marketconsUlin part Syrup Heart advancement of his pupils. an
in the ot Depurative Good Boot and Shoe makers habits
cure Scrofula Consumption, Corrtdorlumo $5- of steady 'or,
flacon Sides, Shoulder and sugar-cured Hams, USEFUL Asthma flrorichitisCo'ibs, COHtrtor.Cough and Cathartic :, !. His terms of tuition wilt be made known upon ap can have employment. of constructing a Plant Road from Jchm'SUSt.Mary'sRiver.
lirown,Crushed,and Loaf Sugar. and all diseases of the Chest Lungs. A supply: Female Specific, &.e., &.C., used by him constantlyand plication. JESSE P. SMITH.! w. H. MCMILLAN. Columbia County, .seme point .n the St. .
Rio! Laguira and Java Coffee, with unprecedented success in the treatment of September 21. 1S.V" ). 37 JAMES S.
01 t'us valuable medicine it just received, which It Ta1l3bal (f',F brnary 2. 1S O. 4 lyJETNA the Meeting.
Italc Rope and Twine, Flour, Lard TnJCco. warranted and of superior Colds Coughs Consumption Asthma, Heart Diseases President of
Soap, Starch.S and Adamantine .*, For pure sale by very LEWIS &qualify., A M ES. Dyspepsia Scrofula, Skin Diseases, Rheumatism P. P. LEWIS, INSURANCE COMPANY Ausu-t 10. 1S50. 31 3m -

Imperial; and Black Tea. Powder, Tin W.rc. MayQ.S.l I Ift.V ?Q Tallahassee. Female Complaints. Piles,Stc., &c. LOCAL DENTIST, ,
And a good assortment ol Crockery G31 and StoneWare ( Dr. Fitch unequalled Patent Silver Plated Ab. TALLAlAS. EE. FLORIDA. HARTFORD, CONNECTICUT. NoticeIs

and Kentucky, Dundee a"1 (wlY Bagritr New Books. Supporters; Dr Fitch's Improved I Patent between Judge Ba'lzell's' and the Poi UILDINGS, Stocks, and Cotton in Ware-house hereby given that application will be made '
which they will sell at fair price Steel Spring Shoulder Brace; Dr. Fitch's Silver Inhaling 0. September 7, 1650. 35 O insured against loss by fire. the General Assembly the State of Florida,*'

I October 5,1S50. 39 A FINE selection of the Novels of Ihe day fo- Tube. LEWIS & AMES its next session for sets ol incorporation ot plank

-i f ..t.erith lan) others, such a Braces' Life Notice. January 213( 1950. 3 Agents Tallahassee. roads from the city ff Tallahassee, one to IwW--
New Stoves. and Tr4v.ll.lumbuldt'l Travels, Rambler ia Mexico DR. FITCIPS CELEBRATED SIX ville and Montiull .on to Quiney.snd one to se c

receiving from New York Parlor. LOl .,. sale byMcNAUGHT. on Ihe prevention and cureof Consumption LECTURE,Ashl. ALL person, creditors, legatees, entilled to dis Garden Seeds. point on the St.Mark* river.Tallahassee. .

.JUST Air.Tight Stuves oltl.e m0t Cokinl.approved patterns & ORMO P.Npwlrt. Diseases of the Heart, &c., on the mehod or otherwise interested in the estate LARGEassortment orlre..h GARDEN SEEDS August 10, '&- 3n 31 _
late of
of Wiiliam Woolen Jefferson Florid A
W. County
April 13. } } 14
A Health and to old
.ndLatesetIs. Call and Examine them. preserving Beauty an age. just received from the celebrated garden of GJ *
T. WHITE & CO. book should be in ev ry family. To the Consumptive *, deceased: are hereby notified to exhibit their R. Garretson,on Long Island. For sale by A IcoJiollc Extract Cnnnnbislndu
Stpt mher21. 37 tf Plank Road Meetings.A t it points out t Ihe only rcaton able hope for relief. claims and demands within two years from this date LEWIS & AMES. JHL Collodion or Liquid Adhesive Plaster,
4. t"1 the directions it njve (for Ihe and to Ihe undu.igneJ the same wi be batted ; and Philotoken Nervine
MEETING will be held ht the Court in To mothers care January 5, 1S50< 52
Goods. lousP invaluable. all persons : to said e are requested to and Bone Liniment. For sale by.
I New J\. this city, oa Monday Ihe 2Sih day education children are 73,000 copies make immediate Nerve
I GORGE H. is now receiving a (full net,being fhe fir,t day of I he session of the Circuit of thin book have pas!ed through the press, and the JAMES payment.R. Notice.A SHIELDS &
/ MF.INSIS' o'clock if the sale continues tinabafed.( For sale by S. S. 'itch TUCKPR. Sheriff Jnne 15. JS50. 23 than Quincy.fl3-
VJT supply of to the lealon.'iz:- Court at U| or 'Iner. shall & of JeflVrhon County Adm'r. persons having demands against the estate of
LUnVeti, Kers-vi Hat.,Caps, Boots, and Shoes. adjourn in time to or amze a company to build a Co., 707 Broadway New Yoik and by Jefferson Counfj September 1550. 383m Oscar Fillyaw, dec'd late of Gadsden County Twine &c.
ON hAND Plank Road from this place to Thomasvilfe, by way SHIELDS & GOLD WIRE. '' Florida,are hereby called upon to present Ihe same Bagging, Rope, ,

A good supply of Dagiring, Rope! Twine Sail, of Duncansville.or such other route a may be fixt-d Quincy Florida" SHIELDS & GOLDWIRE to me without delay; and notice is hereby given to BAGGING, pieces and half pieces,

I fce.. aDd all other arlde. necessary for the ea" m. upon-with a branch to Monlicillo.Alo Q3- Dr. Fitch's Gtiida lo Invalids! =,f'r Directions to received a large and assort all creditors, legatees, and persons entitled to distribution Twine,
G. II. MEGINNISS.1MO. at the same lime and place u ''on a thc persons u5inl Dr. FItch'.Remele.,to bt\ld,gratis, HAVE just of Brugs, Medicines general Chemicals of laid esale. that their claims will be bar- Rope,

R..ptenb V '", 39 If (foregoing meeting shall adjourn another IDfdIJ of all hi* Agents. Paints Dye Stuffs which,they will sell" red. (according to the provisions of the sfalnte, in Bacon Sides and Hams,
will be held 10 organize a company to build 1'10lk June 1:, ISV 21 tIJni on' the, OUs.an lerm lW, cash or approved such case made and provided,) unless exhibited tame, Lard and Fl"ur, nt'w"har,
--"Ji ;d Made CIoLltthg.rprt4'v.4 n..," to Quiitcy.Th Mackerel. : credit. 1'1t Persons wUhin/genuine unadulterated medicines within two years from this date. Allum and Ground Alum SaIN

:.. friifd 5 ('\Yf'fk P,\'r ;rVrCLOTHING\ son, 1'ho" ;i i7ll.I.m\cf L'ot Iks,, and'.aknlls l iA'Catui, Gadsden/ Jeter, NOS. 1 and 2 in bbls., { Lbl., and J tibIa for before.purchasing will do well eNewherc.to rail and examine their 11lct Exrc'.itor of last JAMES will and FILLYAW testament.September :. Ta'oleSalt. *" .al'c.< .,WILSOK.Augiut J .

'; '" a, 1 i o'W ''!! !Ii' ( BEAUN 0. II. rep -clfilly invited to aUc'ld.SI.tcl. by S. S KNIGHTJune20"lSSO Qnincy, Jine'iS: ISW. 23 tiiara 7, IS O. 3$ $>w 21, 1S50 3I -
ud ( nle! by fUGINIS r 2", 1' O. 33 tm 23
r 05
1cm"ir 2', 11:1


The Floridian & journal

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The Floridian & journal
Alternate title:
Floridian and journal
Place of Publication:
Tallahassee Fla
Maxwell & Hilton
Creation Date:
November 2, 1850
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Newspapers -- Tallahassee (Fla.) ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Leon County (Fla.) ( lcsh )
newspaper ( marcgt )
newspaper ( sobekcm )
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United States -- Florida -- Leon -- Tallahassee
30.451667 x -84.268533


Additional Physical Form:
Also available on microfilm from Bell & Howell, Micro Photo Division; Library of Congress, Photoduplication Service.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Vol. 1, no. 1 (Jan. 6, 1849)-
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Ceased in 1865?
General Note:
General Note:
Publishers: Charles E. Dyke, <1852>-1855; Dyke & Williams, 1855; J. Jones, <1855>; Dyke & Carlisle, <1861-1863>; Dyke & Sparhawk, <1864>.
General Note:
Supplements accompany some issues.

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University of Florida
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University of Florida
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BERRY &. ROWLES, ijlt: } i.flot-thitrn & Journal.EVEIIV Finn tlttJCcw York Merchant f Day Sank, Oct. 15. C ourierib to an Abolition religious paper, '1 cannon, be could sink a ship of one hundred The Duty of the South. tS .1 t

; iMtiiietn md CommUsion! Mrrrhnt and New York Merchants and the South-their three to the society, and the rest lo build country and twenty gun in twenty minutes. lie is in It is slid that the '. ':;: f
',, pe ce measure have .
relation *
to each other and their duty to ,
Cotton Brokers..liiiyKFULforthefavorsvf PCDL1Snr.n ST1'RDYEVENIYG. the Union. seats and pay expenses of runaway slaves. treaty with the Government for the sale of his p.tcified the public mind-lhat henceforward t "c" "- ., t
'he ". nn. and This is the way the North makes the Soub: secret. fore'eor't 'f
pat shall be
We take Southern as brothers the North ,
can scarcely a :
I hinngfl't" I hemthcs that 1 the>' gave -ati- T i: n M s : up paper turn the grindstone to grind their own noses. i
I. st riving
offer heir ios'J7TO.V in which there u not an appeal made (to Southern diligently to obey' lime laws and earnest I ',
n tron again -en \ 1))oti't be slarded1 From the .Yatheille !
tc Minn to Ihf' THREE DoLLnt"per annum if paii in advance. r. Southern Press, the Jmrrican. t ihit the South hall
BROKERS. aitend lo thf o aleCOITQ people to com out I liuhlly and pledge receive no detriment ; '. '
TtY wi
THR.EEND A HALF, if paid within eimonths.. Day-Hook has not half done.
*b* Mffljile! Iet the highest price FOUR DOLLAR, it not paid untilt he end of year iheniM'Kcs not to purchase all) thing itunufactiired Before we are through with this How far must the North encroach? from them. This i is ",ill here in the Soitlb' : in 'i : 'I
'hi, ,> "tlke\ilalo\anJmakepromptletur raeAl'a! > 53-These teiins will be rigidly; adhered to. and or imported \II y Xi,rlht>rn people. Tbe show you how you are deceived by WI"will .! We find in the Savannah Georgian a brief M ICllJil At the North it i is not said, amid is .: I .'. '

01, ukeevery the;' advantage of t le I10t fluctuation! of the no paper will > discontinued until i I all atieara;j.'j repaid I I fillIwin j fnmi the Richinotid Republican is own merrhants, who in times of Abolition your. reply lo the above enquiry, which is wprlh aserious not intended.We I I1

,tip nirkrt. Their rh ;f wi U follow ; unle-tiat the option el the pubhslieis. Suhcriberii a pi city lair specimen; of the manner in which excitement, when the great perusal from every lover of ill** South hold that there can 1 b.* no peace on this :: J
12 b3lCI INt. V cents bale.2'i will be recejvwl\ for three months at One people and ufthe Union. subject' as long as quiet ftiihrniMou$ -t
_ale ff f per hese appeals ate made, and from hat we have refused Ii was said unto Moses, I to wrong '
t. lbrix months at SI 1 [(IJ. Every older for the to buy goods that arc bought of i is ,
the ; ,
4f" remarks the practiced by '' mith. First
and have Imt above there is ali :
hearve doubt Ih.-vare journal when
no he al.
ee ,
of tins must 1 be with Abolitionists Irive was lit
40 e. :Jlf) O "apertlut; county accompanied I bill rradei out in the -
Ober4)) 25 U I the cash, unl's* t the order comes through any of our ha\g an ofli-ct upon the Southern Pt'uIJc.- name of the clerks and show them as evidence lowed to behoM: the land of pro'iiisn fiom the enmity exislinnj between the two sections.. ,

; KERRY & ROWLES, regularly authorized agents in the State.APVEUTISHMENTS It I certainly d"Cfe seem to us that if any peo- thpie at the otds were not nf obnoxious .m Junl, thus far shalt thou jr> and no far. Patriotism would desin lo deny I his, but truth I :
: purchased
t' ew Uuildins, Main Street. were ever justified iu :adopting the nou.in. New ther." How far would the Union men, a* cr' 1mnIJs that il shall be ullered. Srcoudljr i1 .
YOlk..rs."e have .
rmblf H. 1" 1.) 3d(; fm far the of the seen a great they style themselves, and their the South hag submitted often. Shft has lime '
& tercsbure.: lemedy anjcvil; people ds1avebn1diir and journals allow : f'
deception in and
WiU inserted i .11 the rate of One n lIar trickery oar day, t the North and again passed high
INSTITUTE.NEDICAL reu'1u.rf Stales ate justified in taking the lilt to encroach upon us before they sounding resolutions! ini; j
MEMPHIS \1' come to the conclusion that it is well r'
firstand for each as
of twelve lines I lor the t fifty cents made resistance public! meetings but the
ot Lecturrs in this Institute will be made on legal; notices, c.tatentices. yearly TJIK TKLK Ih'Ir.Dl"to would respect- c__ __c ___ t to deny the intenlion ol the North. The journed, so also was (the determination to make .. f.

I Ttrrl"UlarCltue I ollhe fiti-r'uf NO\'tloer. and notices without alteration, by persons having "u'.Iy'! suggest lo our Southern friends whether Manufacture of Cotton. extinction of ihe institution: of slavery is the the resolutions actions. Thp North 'has observed Ilr ,'r

,, rantmue until the last of February. The Anatomial regular accounts with the lJf.rt' I:, it would nut be well to mark those States! in In the manufacture!! of Cotton, the first processes i inevitable object which Im engaged: their energies and marked this incoherency between ,

1 Depratment wil be October.open and ready to receive All announcements of candidates for office, FIVE which the fugitive slave law is tuccessfully resisted are those by which it is freed 'from for years, and their well directed plans the pr mise and the pay. and now it has no' :' T
the of The Medical l IV- VOLL\u-ill'aliabl\ advance. No attention
fudenl'arllut* by WIt LM ffil ? the direethir oft be 1o1lov lug will be paid to any order for announcementunless : and resolve nut to make purchases of I seeds, leaves awl impurities by the gin, the I have not failed lo eflect Iheir desires thus far. confidence thai any promise of the sort will' : :', ,

t raont.otl. nrcompanifd with the ca>h. any kind from those States. There fcems willow and picker. Then the fibre! ale made I N o scheme has been put in motion without ever be paid. Agitate agitate is therefore : .".

; J CovQrenT CniM IVolessor of the Institutes of All relisiows, rmrriace; and obituary notices published a strong disposition in portions of Massachusetts parallel: by the card Then the fibres are I fi mst being guarded by a ShfOU led policy, I the cry. ..._

i Medicine Hid Medical 1 ; Juri.pru1nce. I' ?ratnitou l> ; but editutial notices for pri. lo lesifrl i t the law. Lei the South oliserve twisted t into ya'rn or thread by spindles. Lastly which was either calculated] lo decoy public i No harm will come of if. Thirdly, ihe dpi !
Cvno POWKIA, M. D., of Philology rate benefit,\ ill be chargedas adveitiscments. : .
t ff Path iliuy Miueraloijv: atid 1"'flftt0.r G (.Iojjv.U the result, and if this deposition is canicd out lt l lh. threads are crossed or interwoven. iti suspicions or carry out ill object by some false position to slarey; at the North L not depend .

't S.. N'cwrov. M I). Professor. of Surgery. Jon WOUK. so (far as to prevent Southern: men by tiolencr the loom, and become cloth. appearance. With a stealthy pace, but one ent on party policy. It a religious, moral .'_ _,

(. H. J. )licLce, M. D., Pioiassor of Theory and Practice We are well' prepared to execute Job Work, such or fraud from receiving I heir property, let the At first our Cotton planters hail no machinery which has shown its ef ct.the double.d al. dc-ep rooted sentiment. Who ever heard of :.., ':.
of Medicine.j ai bills cards, blankspamphlets.&c.with neatness South rcso'.ve: never hereafter to buy a dollar's for refinement or compression. The leaf u ing politiciar.s of the North have continued such a sentiment stopping midway in is? ca. ,
*. \ o-e, M. D., Prnfp* or of Obstetrics and .
J. with
: of Women and Childien.J. and despatch. All woik of t his description worth of the productions of M:, achu etle.It .- and the seed were taken out by hand, and the their course until they hare at length gained reer only 'half victory ? Parties at the .

: .Di.em'f Kifc$ M D., Professor of Materia Medica and except lor persons. having yearly accounts with appears that in the great manufacturing staple was then crowded into bags for export. i t their position, from whence they can carry North, it must be recollected, do not command .

Therapeutics.Z. the office, mu t be paid for on t'1ivt'ry.- town of Lowell, Mass a large meeting has Then the cotton gin was adopted anJ worked out their motives with boldness. Lalelj l they ibis sentiment. They hire endeavored to dd ;', ..

FRCEMAK M. D., Professor of Anatomy.. cH have chosen the wise S'), but have failed, and now the sentiment 2
been held at which it was re ohed to callback first by hand then by horses and now has more policy, and acted .'
J J. MILT iv SIXDEIIR, A. 1 M., M 1), Professor oChemistr. ARTHUR'S HOME GAZETTE. commands the
anJ Pharmacy.CLIMiDB three fugitive slaves who hail fled from reached its full efficiency by the power of the under ccver, yet in concerted action with parties The great puzzle! in t. !

: LFCTURtIH. THE subscribers have commenced the publication thai city to Canada, with a pledge that they steam engine. The cotton bags were too t the great Whig party, by which they find their t those parties at present (for certain purposes .. '.

.Mfdirinr.-Pmffssor H. J a New Weekly Paper lot families, with the should be fiom and bales objects more easily secured. o President making fcc.,) U to keep with -.
"CLF. above I title, to beuuder theentire ediorialcoritro1 c.f prolecied arrest by the citizens bulky, look their place. 'Fhiesia ] tip ,..f
furgrriPn>f.'!.or R. S. NEWTOV. T S. ARTHUR, who will concentrate upon it all, or of Lowell. Let the South then mark Lowell. l bales were reduced in size, fiM by the lever, I Tbe most strict Union man, when asked! il ibis seutimen-to: hold! with it in Ihe best \ .

2 The FREEMAN fwnfur M a fil D! ,c Anatomical'ire Lectures Demonstrator.amount Icon nearly all, of his literary labois. The design ol his) Let associations be formed in the Southern and now by h the hydrostatic] [Eess.! he thinks the South is in danger in consequence manner possible, so as not to lose all the fruits :.; ',;

bUrf and five dollar paper is clearly\ expres!ed in the title.-*' HOME States, and resolutions passed not lo purchase What has the planter or his neighbor to do of the advantages the North has gained which may be obtained from it by a quasi ". '

Eich' Profit.*' r'n ticket #I 15. Mal iu I at or's jDfnonstrator' GAZETTE.\\iKliomccuctr\ It will household be, emphatically! a paper for any article of any Northern Stale or city in next ? over her, will answer yes Then if there sympathy with the South. They run, there. :. ,J

Fee <10. Graduation; O.ThiHpdeiiini \fireside 'riend. -coming a to all w companion ith a cheerful pleasant countenance -' which the l law lespecting fugitive slates is lie should, as it seems to ns, go on in the i is danger from the advancing evil at the present t fore, behind the anli-s'avery' sentiment, but 'f' .

p dre.lheirIetterpost; further( paid information) to the Dean will plea: and.e itu.dnt. ad.. and Pt-killg| while it impart instruction successfully resisted.: natural order. He should bring to his aid the position of the couolrJ's afTtirs what must not far enough to keep them from catching up ,. ,

.arriving in I the city will please call on him at t enieilain and interest all classe* leaders. A lead- The merchants of this cit'lrrat these threats willow, picker, card and spindle. The;e instruments I we expect in the course of a few years ? We with it, when occasion may require a thorough : '

Commercial Hotel. R S. N WTON. in!! feature ot the Home Gazilte" will be a I of the South with perfect indifference, if not are not more complex than the gin, cannot be 'blind to the nefarious designs of affiliation with it. One of tha parties :. ,:
Dean of the Series ot Original Nouvelltttcs by the editor Northern has: already nearly Come to the conclusion .
politicians. It is difficult to
Faculty. conlempt. They seen to look upon them a. press and engine. They are as easily worked to distin-1

LAW DKPAIIT.MF.NT. of Who domestic will furnish life, \Mittcn some four i iu or his five best ol fctyle t thece, for picture every I I silly outbursts of passion ; the mere froth and ; they free the staple; : ; uf from ten to fourteen gttish one in their ranks who will candidly drop all of the this cunning ultra policy andjump info tha ".

Hon t. W. M. KING, Prutesajr of theory and prac. volume.] .The" Hume Gazette" will be the organ of>f foam of bad feeling, which} will soon pass a- t per cent, outs waste! and prepare it fir admit that his fcelinss are not against t the in. arms slavery men-the Seward. .

i t ticefLav. no parly nor 6,ct t ; nor will it be the exponent of am' way asa bummer cloud, leavingtheatmospbere' distant transporlai iou. The btinles! of yarn 3 : stituiion sl.ivery; ; therefore what can we l ies. The other parly has had a strongT hold '.
'.: Jim* DEL riKLO, K'1--, l'rufes or of Commercial 1 ufriniin\ uf the d.aI! it will advocate from the action when iri the South, and it with .
( faillrtully of trade clearer and brighter. Instead of can be lied wilt cotton thread, and the 1 InJes expect the feeling* are coquettes justice sr
JjriopiuJfuce. i iTFRMS the ripni, and M-t-k; by every mcanm, loidcn t ihiis insp'red ? Th. t hat it may have what aid it here. It
: -S"OreT Scssinn. i ill looking the danger: in the face and atti'rnp'ing" of yarn can be wrapped in coitua! cloth. The ;popuarfC: will impel can get ,. .
the circle human the
ot happiues Honestly thinks that if
'1 comrnuuxatioaj pfrtaminc Co this department editor teach the truth, a* he has ever done in his to avert it, they laugh at it. They see the expediency nf getting rid of this waste is as apparent the paiti.xun let th" tenor of I he movement he two rl''il, be ;proposed we ; '

.:: B'liit IK adt"CI"la to KVf.. 7 M KING, E -j. writing fur the sake (>f good to his fellow men.- Whig party divided upon this abolition! qui- as that of freeing the wheat from the what it may. What then have we to hope shall take that which is the less although ".
: Memphis, T nn., Feb. 1M, I S.'i9, Hut, doing this leill avoid harshne f for( ? For political ? The h both, if we could help ourselves, would be
is ab
unm-ccesaij lion, and A large majority of the} country polllicians. chafK or the corn from the hu>k and cob, preparatory peace thing
.s and (lul'cless oflcncc, and keep his, jourr.al free surd. The scouted: with di dain. t
f The for well in the to That said enemy Ins gnined his ground, he 1 t:
F.rulli.t, inleliertual abilitic!, moralwnrlli i : as ns many ci'j', p rsuing shipment. a people, to .
flora He will
flain ol wounding pels'.halitv.; Cipo It is ibis adherence
: nnj )"tof>? !:onable acquirement, will cUI"at" .e what i is fuse and evil as one of his social duties | a deadly hostile curs towards the! South, Jet be civilized and to be economical of labor, has cast:JofF the mantle disguise, and openly to parties which are for. !

1 IjfuraMv \'ith I he m.1ti'di I'' uiilicdin ourroui.liy. ; Lint, while doing S''>, will u .e '10 sharper! Ian. they care not. They do not even encourage, should, year after year, send three or four hundred shows us' I hit his victory is the overthrow ofour eign lo us- which are controlled and commanded 1

or TfteMt anv ,other lical( (faculty np.tr-al1' constitutes cf them an anomaly able lecturers in this uaje than its rebuke and correction may re<|' ire.- by their countenance, the r-lKirts of Ihe few thousanj bales of cotio-i over an ocean institutions. Yet there are those among by men who have no sympathy: with J ,
ud (ho UI't'I l tcarluT The Home Gazette" will be elegant! printednn who are strcnuous'y: resisting ll.is lids of hostility arid nut oflbe direct; liae: ol"customers, to havtvJ us who s'jein to discredit the most: positive; et'I us-lhal has brought us lo our pres.-nt pas 1
fiu j while papt, with lai: e, clear faced I t\pe, I lha'may I this inMifiicft could!
\ 'Th *o who will contemplate our t't'ogralfhicall\o be raJ by oun and old without injury to the< to Southern institution': '1 he New YorkTiibusu' i it t ceu! : 'd fourteen per cent! waste and reduced deuce which threatensourdecijac in the scale! destroyed, the South t .
; ; would make it the
'mn lAd t'IC' vlent of our Copulation can have no eves.. a rabid abolition paper i is taken and l in bulk! by the simple! machinery: ol ifpolitical equality. by 'longest stride; it has yet ;
Jiubt an tot I''IP eligibility% of our kit uat ion fur t laken towards the vindication
cof the kin i. Astolieatth including mienprpn lErM (.f'TIlE p.\rEn-ID4IUcu'h aJ\'anre suppo.tod by a large number of wholesale: cuds and spindles, and then packed and shippid With the evidence of the past and the presen ofiJs rights. "of
Iwa. One annum, $2 00 and natural! A gOlld deal is slid: daily of the vilue of the .
per a of't
copy presumption t the future '
oniofthe sear, we deny that ANV OTHKR crrv ". merchants, who traJe almost ('x'luiwwill.: to India, Brazil and else\\here, dues SCPIIIlo t
tUb M'IKC. Three Six copies*' u. J iu 5
A romm'lI orr.ir exists in the minJ; of man&tu- Ten .e u 15 (I) Courier and I'mjuiier. Messrs. Uoxvea and We have some doubts! whether the South (xclfstyled,) how far the truckling! bargaining occurred those who use the argument that.
a-nti relative h the r 1ace cf tnd\inz wedicioc : Fourle u. I and compromising! the honest rights ofthe r i in l Republics ton Iirul inns are made by the
iiioje "ho intend 20 Of{t McNamee: who have become weahliy! by trading should have woven a yirrl of cloth! in power- away 1
', practicing; amou the diseases ott'ie 1 White a club of sis, tt'n. or fouileen copies are t South mut extend before they deem it necessary nu'nerical strength of ihe nation ; that they .
\\. tand S I\lIb should certainly i educate ihctn'lve nith Southern merchants, employ} the: h looms before she had supplied all foreign I .
,. III t a *rli",l, vho'e Faculty arc practically ac'JjaiitrJ ,. sent, ai, or ixlra otlur copy rerlon,110 will be furnNhed makts to the the club.postmaster lar:(' 1 Dumber of clerks, and boast of doing Ioom l <, whether hand or power with all the | to make any show of resistance ?_ embody: the will of that pirt, and that when :

(( mill h I iheditascs. up the I There is a scale conditions which most (f'r. they t cease to do so, they cease to be a protec .. ','
business number
done in the
One re py of eitlur GodtVs Lads Book Graham largest jobbing city ; Coar1l yams. Perhaps the rea.
That the sct."t,nuUhc may be ati"rled of the fxMrnananevof I- Magazine, or, Saitia's I I Masa/ine! will he sent lor foil. I! who have built one of the moc-t magnificent son why this has not been done may be found lainly l we should! attach to this sliding scale ot 1 lion to the minority 7 The Constitution is a ._ \
\\e feel it our duty to t-tate, that dollars. All letters mu.t bepot t paid. Money that I concessions which the North i is contract whose virtue depends upon the .
the : i in the that New did the conditioning power
Trusters and Faculty form a CMT ia action, storeS, two splendid country seuts-all fact KngUn.l: not sot \
is current at the place where the I s-uli-ciiption i i. f from the that mad it, and when it to .
Snulh. The ultimate! is ceases represent
which auburn well for its future fiom the of object unmistakable :
purci- ; and that profits) slave labor-are both example. The making yarns was commenced
wi'l betaken in for the
made payment t the will! f I that ,
paper. ( it
the to be eftfectual
peculiar internal and power ceases an .
organization which connects ; must we calmly submit to l
Address, T. ARTHUR 5c CO., thori'iigh-going Abolitionists! support abolition m by Eastern mills ; but, after the material (
j them, cannot be interrupted. t the of those .fictions Jr", coni ract. If it cannot be altered it -
No 5 Athenian Buildings Franklin J'lace.l'l.iladJ. mmibieis, and hive established! an aboli. had piid so large a co.t of trauspo' measures are eagerly will be
E M. W. KING.t : broken.
October 12, 1S50. -JO I seeking to consummate it ? Where :the Men talk (oflh vafue of
lion We home market ( I : '
lion and when the for
i PI"hiJdtt > the Fat vlty.ny newspaper. sty nothing agains; : t coarse
. __ ___ .
l per as though sIwollike
h c approach grad the scale when they an
! __ 11. I'I u. J S m 1 1n them ; I they are worthy and respectable men cloth had not been fully supplied, it was found or on we eternal harrier .
. Notice.TT7ILL asuinsr the .
t must arouse and apply the remedy to the evil progress or change
\ in the community ; but such are their principles more economical to put the yarn into coth-! ,
DANCING ACADEMY. be sold at public at I Will the friends of among thos who mide! them. We ,. '
outcry reconciliation it can see f
point out
awl do Now when the home cloth' market is .
they not glutted
f. W pretend to deny or even ,, in S
City Hotel a Coluu.lius Ctil'iinhia' County, .10 u.1I1 no help the Constitution and .
we musr
J" "tj .. Floiida I cuncenl th ll.'t' only speak of the fact of i il t might he good policy for a portion of the r.
[H \1MI.I I. from the Academic of London and on the first Monday in Jan- We have endeavored therefore, look elsewhere for, it. 'Ve mrM, ; ,
_, well I their Abolitionists' and New mills into diligently to ascertain -
J 1'.1'110,1.1':11 |"it'e vt oars next, I the known sterner GLASGOW. being supporting that England to enter competition I fir
tn< rotwtfully.to announce as us possible! cut ourselves loose "
'thu allh.' Gohriutionut uuny Ladiesand gentlincn This Boat has been unning on the 5-uwalUlr'c for I the cau t'. Th! South hwallwv all this and continue with England in ihe foreign yarn markets.In the medium of their concessions and the he! from a ..
thi* c itv, lie- will 1 last two years, draws 17 inches light, and 2 ftet 0 extent of latitude! which their generous impulses :>les dependency on it. We must strengthen ; :
the H-ed
upl'n; an .t'dd..ttIy at iiUie> to and strengthen the arm which the West, Ihe yarn mills t't'em'o have
1 v.n., 31 'it t Ihe !.t fit |Iforl'mwr( for ins'.ruclinn! in inches when loaded, and w ill carry troiu thire to five : Western i woud: subiiit to Northern encroachments, ourselves as well a! we can under this India .
them. hand-Ioutus and ..1 *
sirrles than
t I'lf.'U-na-il! 4cr 'm*>lihrafiil ot hundred bales of Cottoa lUr Enjint-s and I>oil<-ri m-ore supplied rubber Constitution. We make J
Dancirg.: before it became must
i j't-i':,!" I"llfI'' th.-ir < hildren way rst as"ure
t''.d't nil luin-i \Viil 1 b,. ",lari-d toi thoi; impnuement. tier lirr/btrs/ are s' und. and with a moderate outby: I rich in I the same way, support th" sunc: cause, t far North as Philadelphia.: i being able to come to any conclusion. Can I i nvist build up our ,.. ;.
for ofVLcil Hou etc. she could be n.ide i it be that the'r !love tor the inbe-1''industry so that we can live without the North;
Mr. H !)> %> lcj\etnslate that hei furnistit-J, with repair *s ; I and feed by their slave labor profits the same The q'lHti'ity' uf yearly exported b t Union i is so ;
lettersufrecuinm,ndation: from man high Iv repjieci' to an.wer a good pUlIlOSC IlIr a low ,"at o, fur transf'lfllatti.n i yarns ) I 'rent in their feeling, that they would sacrifice We must apply all our means lo the encouragement .
ministers, churches: anti] Mes- G Jrea* Britain has been :
> 1le f4milie tit l treitiht tin any of the Gulf rivers. In newspapers. of
< tcslityiag Lit qualifications lor the l their existence t for it like the faithful l that mechanics, diversified agriculture, .
I I dog
fr 'leiision.Mi ih? hand ol an enterprising individual; ] or compau, srs. Iienr>, Smith and Tuwfiji-nd take the J 1931, fQ.84r.W3) fflJcationlbe fine of
It io11<> ran doubtless be made a !lable concetn. and watched over his master's grave until he starved arts- everything which
will teach the Lanrei,Q'ia4ri11esCaIed.I pro IVibutie ] Courier and. Enquirer, and ad. 1933, 65,193.702IS will
tiunti, the M7.urki La Gtllopadf, Waltzing, Sian- I For further paiticuhr*, please enquire of Capt. vcilise in Il.cm-na\ir..r them in blave !laborirofi'.s. 11, 11,60,47 j himself death ? We ask then with the place us as much as possible a'xive! a dependence .
i.li 1)&neing.Finer lanc, and the P.lia Dance, D \ nL HELL, on board' or to D. PERKINS i I spirit complacency if the South has lost herpolitical on others.-Mobile TribunetTUJISALTult'Gurs.ThcFalling ",
I iic. Tt'rIiU *IO firr uriof*rfor !3//'/ T
I' Further particular can be ascertained i' the City Terms made know on 'ay of sale. which dcicnds the South since they were in The export of the next fifth: year, 1851, equality has been forced lo m .\ Leaf.A t /

, Motel! where tuivatp leo-nns may be Lad on application fly ORDER OF THE 1'OCKltrLDnu. huaitiee.i. Tlie sanr may he said if Perkins wiil doubtless} : con c ppnd in tLc same ratio ofi yield: every 'foot; of her new territory to thtpower few days) since, says: the New York \ r

l 1I Mr I n! Sulwruiition! I ;fl\lelSauJ len lJtf1 Columbus, Fa Oct 11. 1S0. 4U &111 iud. and1111!! and a dozen" others whoMVtiaines i of Northern influence ? Is she in d-tn- Journal of CommrrceVe startled I ,
e. were at
"' tlie B "nk Store' and Sfnfinel office.! Icrea ? If bhe is ;:
then it is lha of "
"....,.11..T, ,0_"_. _t I"..'rt K If New Goods. we shall have occasion lo give hereafter ; we Adding only 10 per c 'nt. waste to thequantity ger Southerner duty every hearing of the death of a little boy, sou of '.

c c '___ rJ'.U C snWriber! is now receiving per U\\ann e must now turn to the chief cook and buttle exported in IS 10, and we have I7:,. to calmly deliberate upon therermiemly.Weigh our friend, whose face has been like a gleam .:

To Mechanics, Inventors, and 1. and Elizabeth Jioin New' \(111and Win. H washer of all-Simeon Diaper jr. Es']. :313.027 J Ibs. 'Ir 432,007: hales of cotton, chief well the circumstances pro t of happiness wherever he wandered. He .

Manufacturers.Tun lVtes! Horn New Orleans a lull supply t-f GOODS We wo'j'd like to bp spa ml the mention of r I ly the growth of this country, thus consumed.The and con, and let us apply the substantial remedy was, verily, a noble 'boy, gifted with preeminent f fi ; "
suited lo I the seaMii: viz : this without going into extremes, if they can I I.
in connection with for and
I used
publishers ol the! SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN Flour Genne.*e" and St. Louis, best brands name (he mercantile I India cottons are padJin be avoided. beauty, having especially a high '

?' ( irive notice that (the Vith clunic' Dale Rope and 1'\\ill<. community ; but the position he has assumedas other purposes, where length of fibre! is of no forehead, lit, not shaded, by the golden! hair .; :
of in conclusion:
tina valuable journal will be conunciict-d ou the Gfcujienor nube! IliiuGuns! bottle holder to Win. II. Sevvard makes it L Lnecessary now ask again-will the which hung luxuriantly around ir.rilh tbe t' '
I 'ellt -firllt of S friends of the Union and I <
opportunity (lot all ptt-mber euhsrribe next, oflerinj afaxorable Smiths Anvils, ,iMIows) Vire ic.Cofl to hold him up to view a little Ion. Now, were these yarns made: at home, as Reconcilition define t first day of Autumn be died. There isa -- r5 *

ill the progress and development who of take the Mechanic aq interctl, <-e, PuU(hlnll Tea, Butter Crackers, ger. The, world is sufficiently acq-iainted, I s they should be, the exportsofthe country would! "their headlands ? Will they give us the new cemetery in King's county, near Williarnsburg '" .
Rice baru-ls.halvesand thus and
Aru.: and Manufacture of our cou'itry.! The char.aetcr No. i Soap, Sperm Candles quailcrbNo. 1 Mackerel with his. )pipe-lading operations, so that we be Increased in value lo the yearly amount of I resistance far farther" line of their political called the Evergreens, which as ', 1.

throughout 01 the the Scientific Araciiciin it too \\t-ll known 2 cases cents Mij'eiii>r call akin Boots can afliiid to let that pass It has been supposed fifteen to twenty millions of dollars, the imports ? now laid out, presents one of the pleasantest re. .

of the variou u country: jertndi to cuKed require a detailed account Pateiit Halanccs: Grindstones, that New York was (the best place for would increase in a ratio still: larger sorts ia the neighborhood of the city. In .

The aim of the publuhe) has through always its ten columns to ten- Calf Skins, Ikidle and Gin-band Leather, ro ues and knaves to retain a respectable! and this city woolT through her commercial 11 TIle Deril's Fruil.-Potatoes were first introduced these g ounds the boy bad been accustom r 3

Jet 11 the m01i1 thorouzh and usi-Iul .cieuttticjouinaI Ames'Well Buckets Spades and Wood Shovels Measuies, Tubs character in the world, and when a man'ac1Jaracler facilities, secure no small portion of the brokerages t at Moscow by a Mr. Rowland, about t ed to ride, and, not unfrequently, asked his : ,,' .

it.in the circulation country; and to judge of this, by comparing An invoice Hats, gets so bad he can't live in New commission, freights, and profits, attending sixty }ears ago. At first the people would I Hither to take him out to the cemetery.lie .-' .; .

the same.' and..th.'I influence>} havetheun I with.other jui vocal publications evidence i Silk and Cotton Uumbrcllni. Yoik he can't live anywhere. The cotfnlrJ'1t0uls this branch of exports, and the corresponding neither plant nor touch them, saying they has gone there now to rest under the 1\ ; : .

of iti value aalhe I leading expoaent: ol the Art and i On Hand, i of its superior morals ; but we have a imports. were the devil's fruit given to him on his complaining tre's. ; ; '

ScieDres.1t ''I A Rood supply of Bacon Sail, Rising, &.C., and case here that will foiever put a quietus on all The amount we could thus secure to our In God that he bad no fruit, when he As we stood by his grave, a singe! leaf; J'm't

form will be publiihed weekly] a< heretofore in juaito all fair other tides neccisiry for the trade, f.r which future attempts to prove that men can be so selves would be very large, for we should 'take was told to search in the earth for some, whichhe prematurely withered, came from a tree at I'. .
on fine ;paper, affording the end of prices will be taken and the same given for I did and found A curious Ber !
at .
IK Illustrated Encyelop&dia of hundteJ t'icycar Cotton or any other article of produce offered in I the great political knaves us to debar them from the toll, just as Liverpool now does, on the way potatoes. a distance and fell on the mound. It was ;

P ?ee. with an index, and from over Flee four Hundred to maiket. J. M. WILLIAMS. rood society ol! the country. New York state to ihe mill and on the way from the mill-on wickshire legend, which, however, is palpably tbe first falling leaf of autumn: and the pre. :; ,

Sit, ItmulrfJ original graeingt d cribed by let- Sept ember \ir>0. 37 tf Whigs have taken up the New York cily exports and imports ; and besides, get pay i anachronical, attributes the introduction of poI cursor of desolation to the forest. Tbe first _

ten of retcreace, bctidti a rat.t amount of practical Whigs' condemned rascality. Sun. Draper for carrying, the grist. The whole capital rem,. I tntoTR into Scotland to that famous wizard of thought was that the leaC was like the boy, ': "

inform Mechanical%t ion' concerning I Improvc'menU the progress of Scientific and CITY HOTEL and Hill Seward" are a pair of about the quired' to set this machinery in motion wouldnot j the North, Sir Michael Scott. The wizardand fallen too soon ; but the next was that the ;

erin;, Manufacturing in, all Chemistry id various Civil branches Engi, Mr"PilEuudfrsigntdhaving t rented t tUslarge; prettifht 'bcap.d birds that ever went in shoes amount to one-half the cost of the Croton the devil beiiLg in partnership took a lease leaf was an incident of earth and time, while !k. ,,

Archittcture t;: ; hment.situated We can stand almost the resulting profits of a farm on the Mertoun estate, called While- he was beyond all succession af ,
thl Masotty,8tan3 -in short it embraces I ) S<]uare, in i anything in this city, and::1 Water WoiHand yearly away autumn !
'It entire range of the Arts and Science ; the city of TalUhas' e, and> fitted it up in completeorder can swallow about as ;much knavery as anyplace lo u! would very nearly equal the capital. house. The wizard was to manage the farm; and inter, beyond all these scenes

ny other 10 pOtlWlLle. an original feature not ft-und in i is now ready to accommodate Boarders in the always excepting Syracuse ; but the We do not. of course, suggest the erectionof the devil advanced the capital. The producer marked by decay, and dotted here ard there ;
weekly journal in the country, uz : an bbt and mokt approved style of ente.tainment- ) West Iu be divided as follows :-The fist year with mounds L
Official Lift of Patent Claim, prepared for Draper and Jlenlwortb frauds we could not 1 Yarn mills at the South and mmu&U | grave in a land of everlasting .',
he and
" Patent! barfaced seriously use friend
UI *' O.h'ce, thus constituting and I suites of looms, he will be prepared lo accommodate rascality-such municipal authority, we a ,
In? American Rrperioiy of I Invention.-; ." families and furnish a separate table;; open[ unblushing perjury-as was committed the attention of our capitalists and merchants: ground, and his partner all that grew below ; (who speaks of himself.) he has learned .* bow. Fj j
connection with tut- rlt lilihinJt I'atlU\t"nt.the and of the be and the second year their share were just the opposite pleasant it is lie down
members The
t.opn(1or! transi'-t the Legislature can provided with recommitted within the knowledge of if I to this important department ofimilusiry. to ansi rest forever; !" 4 f II
} most rxteukite Home and separate roomsor in paitich.aslhfy may pleter; and nol Wrn. be for the way. His satanic! majesty as is Usual; 1 to shudder no at the slow
tPIO business done I ill! tlr! instigated' by II. Seward, were too I object can easily accornpluhed- more ( coining on 1..f\ .,!
Country; conswjuently' eeparateta.ile also, a: any hour, to suit I their con ra in such cases, was fairly overreached in his .
tbp.rfaroi it tieii I niu' hf'cut Doiidingly FU.erior.] venience.The much for New Yoik city. New YOlk Stale, woik, when commenced, wouU lie selfsustaining of disease ; to toss no more all* the long ,t fj \
'f'llaB-, OOjvr) year, in aJ ashamed York Enquirer. bargain ; for the wizard cunningly sowed allt night? only to fiud the moro d J
% we
'4Z ance: fel 00 fir> undersigned intending to use every means in me to say, swallows it. and Iclf-increasiug.-.Yew j morning solae. ,
niouthn. All liters wu.t be poet paid and di. his house m.d render hgusts it, But ,0"firet year ith( wheat, and planted it with ; ." .
fe ted t,. M'J.N'N? power to keep a good to ii to Sim's mercantile telalions : He is I, .. !J.
CO publishers of the Scientific the second that the devil nothing } .
comfortable, arid give general fealislaclicii solicits is well potatoes ; so got :
American TCn. 12S Fulton as known a dry goods auctioneer, and ----- ---- J.l "Forever and forever jib
Ktrect, New .-11. a liberal patronage. for his shire but wheat stubb.e and tboiej'ironl9arnitrne!. j j 'f'fI
1XDUCBMENTS nm CLUBllINfJ. : There are good Stables Attached to the) premise sells! a large quantity of goods that go directly A FORMIDABLE MISSILE.-M. Lagrange, pota. Then what U life that we should mean, why make f

4'i.' Any taoulU porsaq bQ will end us f',ur sub-rnbers (or which will be well supplied and properly alt I ended I to:, In the Southern makcl. In 'fact were it not an apothecary: at Lorient in France has in. toe tops ; and this scourging rotation Sir Michael lr 5. I we such ad-,?" S '

at our lCJulu mtes lull be entitled 101 i C. SCILLICK. (;or the South he could not live if thu Southern bullet which baa been tested by a continued until he bad not only beggared rn .
f'nec\ ; p. rented
fur the same length cf 1 tiure' r we will a his but exhausted the soil. I ri.I Imitation of Gold.-M. Deittmer has '
hrnilll,_ ; u Tallahassee, Oct .ber 12, 150ill. 40 trade should be cut off. Simcon's resources commission. Each bullet on air partner pun.lisbeU :
itt jjovernnsent spite of this legend, however, we must cnntin. in the Hanoverian Magazine, the lot. ..l
let 6 month arid means for his Abolition which it directed,
carrying was
.f.. $?S OC New, and Goods. on kill: 'this object against
Cheap low of
credit Sir Walter for ins description
ue lo give to Raleigh a compound metal in-
J 32 .e is oj schemes would beery much curtailed. Fit'e with detonation as loud, as that oftho '
'' 12 AM receiving the Wacitta. and exploded been the introducer of into rented by Professor HermsJadt S
I expect during of ihe having potatoes! : Take of pure '
") 2! 00 I cent and l
.e the per money a Southern merchant] from which it was fired, produceda
la Of ss oy present month grnrral antvrlnnntofntnchandize gun' this country. The first that tried them, w plasma, sixteen parts', copper seven, and zinc .
Sooihern and which 1 invite friends and or planter pays for a into Sim's destructive feet. It bursts instantlyon
\Vwt.-rn: my (lilt: publicto goes most ( I.t
morey taken at pir (for lubtall call and am told!, fell into (the very natural mistake: t one : put them iu a cruciWV, and corer them
: : .IOII'; rp01it oUre t"I taken see. pockrl. I'ive per cent of t'je!: money paid fora striking any object which! opposes resistance;
at their full j) with
My stuck embraces Dry Goods, Groceries CIulla.irg eating the I1l'pfelllu disregarding! the roots. powdep-d charcoal1,' and keep over the .
nt fcilk dress, or a shawl ; H\e percent. on ihe "whether it be earth, wood or Mone. At the ,
Il _,\ peU11n. sendn\t: Hardware, Crockery, ISapging, and Hope, &c. cloth which[ i il in the of thu, I Eng.papcr.The fire until .they are enllr6ly? melted into one
us three wb. coat the members
five of the trial
ef"bet. VI'ii' be"l1htleol to &c. To the Ladies I will exhibit beautiful collection 1' or pantaloons ; _ mas*. This U
a (( compound stated be
t he to nol
p I If only
"''lCk I''Uf-r. ud Steam Nnigatim.! : i6tt.ry of Silk, !Satins Ronnrts, Shoe., )'ara ols. percent oftheciarat money, the gloves, and commi"I addressing': the inventor, said I : Unitarian Convention, at Springfield I the rime color but likewise
1Ia.m, tlO LU tTea4, lo be h'idy about published iu Capes,VisettN, ScaiIs, Veil, &c.Si.c.t all uLUsu.lly (the ribbons which dim' the bonnets. If these Sir,your name ought lo be inscribed amonuM as gold equal to it t "j:
I lit be he hi at"JIub .Mass declared f<>r a repeal of the fugitive in density ( ) and also! in ductility. *
low for rah. sp. gr.
Ih' one or the fnosl 'hlT'J,1Me woiks'fiet1 articles arc bought omit Abolition j'-bber or the members of the Peace Congress for after :
'' e'\I ct f'Ver Issued, and will contain Mv Store it between Mr. KiiksVt and Mr. Williarai I.. retailer, fifteen cent the invention will bo impos ible t to think i of slave law. Kev. Mr. Mr.l'it'rpontdl'nouoc cj- Punch' advice to (;
a'wut to :
tllJ.TU'ln:., '. JI,] me a visit, and f till i-ntiire MtTsf c- pr more goes your: who were unwilling trf tote agaicst the law, en. Haynau *
o.t4aber24l;O:). 43 li-n. THOMAS 11.\Y\\\IU: Abolition cause ft is divided mound, two mkintYTU." M. LNgransfe rissWs that [ as act caJl i alhcisU. Snare and cbango your name. t

Odobci 1 1., 1 :0. 40 per ct-ut.: tu the Tribune, three p6r cCIII. to'tbe"! with l' :UQ' Lon, armed with four pieces m of 1" S




j .


l ,, < '. .. .... .. .1 ,. ;a. ._. -_.! _._ '
... .. _:: ..' .._ ,_ .- ; 4- -,- --- -- -'-
'f 1'w .I :S. .. : -== : c"< -- -

far tht FlorMian 4- Journal.NBAR rifice.' on no altar- -but- that- of equality and in. II--Qrijr i aiiiitu1.i b'nalion' Far the overthrow of our institutions, Plank Rod Koetinj: i Tallahaisce. for the Floriilnn I Jno7t0It .

1.t TAIOFA. MAPISOX. Co.. FA, ? dependence, and may the spirit of a free peo. ftoribinn& the destruction! of our property, and the endangering At a mooting held ia t. I placoat tho Con Constitution i only upon principles! ofthe j-istibr, .t. i

1 October J9! I KM u. SI plo forever crowd this altar with their offerings. :. -... -- r-- of all that men most valutr.! The timeis House on Monday! last, t? take prpuatr was ordained to eiaLUa t ist

I. : Mrsert. Editors:-* A friend handed me the. PAL ILT"fO. R. B. HILTON & ccD Y K E. fast approaching when the only alternativesleft tep9 for the coiifetructiou of a PLA>"K ROAD the Union can or ought lobe pmtrrtd.; .:*

Sentinel, few dajs .luce.o! the 2iM irlltlnt.t' Gnds- if the States be co-equal, then
a ) for the: ;Flvriilian Sf J"lJnaT, EDITORS ATD PROPRIETORS. us will be DISCMON or ABOLITION. Then from the City of Tallaha ee t Quincy, any InfHnw .
I in which appears an nrticle signed' Enqui.rrr : Tallahassee ment equality injl lie. The t
t' To the People of Florida.A November those who shall resistance will be driv.en den County; and also from the City of i riff o/
d".d Oaky Woods, near Talofa. Saturday 2, 1850.11EMOYAL. go fr
crisis has arrived in Illf'l' political state* to Thomasvillo Georgia-Judge T. properly every specie must l bs
.. This Enquirer" is, no doubt, seeking know to choose the former, while they who shall tqlalaoi;
'truly distressing! to every lover of our hitherto BALTZELL called to the Chair, and a people as'urninj; to b free ; any
i )J..dtunder difficulties: nnd I propose! with; advocate submission will acquiesce in the lat. wa* disrubJ
U free and] social compact, one if not arrested! therefore of the equality' ofa :
I right
I your permission! to throw into his path whatrvcr awful ter. Southern men either by birth or feeling JO'}:PI BRAXCII appointed Sccrtr. The adrilt
1 of light, I may be able. It is not alone will cauce discoid, to contemplate ; one fJr: The FJ.ORIDIAX & JOUR.VAL OFFICE"has addressed by Judge Thompson, be universal, must be the usupnion
: in which every fiee institution of our "lnved) will prefer the former ; Northern men by meeting was P"tr
the political Vision of this Etiqnirer that seems remu\ed the Brick in its nature'and
A been to new Row rlangcrbtn deetrotttoexercUe.
on G. K. Walker Gen. Call Gov
and"t'nl'ratf'd' I fi-ar Gen. DuPoiit, ,
; at fault; bU moral man might he improved b, country must t. perish- birth and by feeling' will go with Mdesachusetts In.
> and bl od hed succeed the of Monroe street, immediately o'erfelsn.!\ .. -
I judicious enquiry and belter application. He confufcion place and New York for abolition. Brown, M. A. Long, Col. Whitner, D. S]

-': has practised a deception on the Sentinel and happiness and equality. I do not wish lo drawa Berry' & Rowle Auction Room-entrance Walker, and D. P. Hogue. I the Slate b" co equal" ,iben any \int t.

highly colored! picture, to excite the fears, two doors above. The Bounty Land Bill. ( by Congress with the right
Its readers, ty dating horn the Oaky Woods! The following Resolutions were submitted erence of pr *rfl.
; near Taloft," which would justify the awaken the prejudices, or arouse the indigna. In the following letter from the Secretary of either to restrict discriminate, !
cxpec- |;
ti.,n of any of our Southern brethren. I only Apology.The by Judge Thompson, and adopted : edndetrnr:
gallon that deception would, with as little remorse the interior, there is a inporlant question define, is unconstitutional.
very or
be resorted fur the beg' them to bestow a glance upon the politi. removal of iheir office the present week Resolved, That two Committees b appointed \cog.
to of build
.4 purpose decided which has been raised under the Bonnty of
cal revolution already taken place. I warn nition by Congress a prohibitory
1 ing up the proposition contained in the after has prevented the editors from giving their u. by the Chair to solicit subscriptions lttiol ia

piece. The oaky wood*, it i is well known, them of impending danger.; 1 tell! them to be anal attention: to the editorial columns of the Land Law, approved the 2Slh ofSeptember. t the two routes contemplated for Plank the Constitution of a new State, upon i itllp,
caution, of that ruinous vortex, whose currentsare the construction of it' for admission into the
I around Talofa holds no citizen Suhmissionist.t.j daily Incoming more strong. I entreat Floridian & Journal. This the readers of the According to Secretary's Roads, that i is to say-a Road from Tallahassee plcal ion Union-i"r;

$ ,,-j They are all Resistance men in the true sense no person, it will be seen, can receive more and Road from Tallahassee hibition which i is itself I mere assumption
them (by all legal and constitutional meant) paper will bf kind enough to accept as our to Quincy, a c*

of further the term aggression and preptrf"ot their" !,rights;without) to strike awaiting for to strangle the gigantic monster in his infancy apology in the premises.on't than one warrant, although! he may have served t Thomasulle, Georgia-and that the part of its framers,-an application! w ich j

equality {and independence. It is not, therefore which is now raised again! our liberties. a dozen tcurs of service, I which, if render said Committees respectively prepare Memorials Congress has discietionary)" power to grantor
Northern fanaticism has eitended ::: Don't fail to read the article on the
several individuals would entitle each is virtual
: refuse
S proper that this Enquirer" should pre. t"'erJnt"r'e by and Charters to be presented to the en. ,- a adoption oftheprohuAiym,
pent himself the world in the character of a and is !laboring with every mental powerto first page to-day's paper, from the New York to a warrant." and and held
General Assembly, for the of i uncontiuloa may b '!
suing purpose
and abolish! an institution sacred :
Subtnissionist, with the assumed endorsement prostrate Day Book, showing up the character of many DEPARTMENT OF THE INTERIOR, tho subscribers of the !. and void. And if the T rritor be
Southerner without which the tb8"pro
of the oaky wiKxh near Talofa. The editor; to'erJ one of the New York merchants with whom Southern incorporating respcth'croutes
October llth, 1850. of the United States, then
.. I prosperous: and t fertile sunny South, our perty none
ofthe Sentinel faither endorses! him as! a leading
home, would become a desolation : one in merchants transact a'ast deal of their SIR : I hare received your letter of the 8th I Congress has authority! to control or
Correspondence ditFt.S
zealous: ani! active Democrat of :Madison\ Rcsolced, That a Committee -
which if succeed, not only would our business.! instant, whether, under the act
they inquiring approved of its lands, prescribe the terms or
County. This taken with the fact that he be to correspond and regu0! i
but sacred iJSth '* ISO the appointed
become worthless the
September, same
l was from the oaky woods near Talofa, here property every Plank Road. the mode of settlement, purclme, and '
and domestic tie would] be violated ; every sol.) can receive more than one warrant, I communicate with the citizens of Gadsden 'C'r

all where have all have been' resolved Democrats themselves heretofore fir; the Mid future emu engagement torn asunder ; every right We call! attention to the proceedings of the provided person he shows I that he has "performed.; County, and the citizens of the County of sit ion. I'u useless! then,.and mere hamta J>*

Southern Rights nvn without reference' ;(! we have: crushed and Waited.! Plank Road meeting held in this city on Monday more than one tour service entitling him to Thomas* in Georgia, and elsewhere, on r thesulject any farther lo ti guise it,-the criiFj fcj,

To accomplish lhi, they have long since last. Subscriptions are now being madeto land ?" come, the period has arrived ,hen So-jtH.
old lines would
to party make a strong case matter of the said Roads, and to appoint .
f cftfltt'flion, and give evidence of the fact that organized: clubs or associations to excite their carry out the objects of the meeting: and Albolgh not expressly provided; by the ern States should rrmnife t their spirit
fadings, the S.inih presented in the most odi. terms law. I am cal) of the opinionthat meetings of the subscriber I b a:
Madison had bowed her neck the 'oke.- of of
to there to believe that the Road exhibition
) isevrry reason : unanimity sentiment, !
ous and despicable light, its citizens, denouncedand its tenor throughout contemplates that the Under tie Resolutions the Chair appointed : Q ei i

that But the not original so : and draughtsman here I venture of an this opinion article, stigmatized with the (foulest epithets that will be constructed, especially the Quincy same person shall not receive more than one the following Committees : I as coincidenca of purpos, '?:ini:; fo

their wild and furious enthusiasm can invent. Road, and in good limit the one to Thomas warrant, although he may have performed' ser' a deep convincfion of ihe justice tf i | !
of" Enquirer, or portions ofit, i is not a Democrat Committee to solicit subscription to Road to "il
Nor do they stop here. They violently fivor ville. Tallahassee is deeply interested in vices which, if rendered by several individuals, claims, and thus those rrhusa :
but a Whig} one dyed in the wool!, and Qiiincy :Alfred A. Fisher, Leslie A.Thompson aggres.
and that has would entitle each warrant.
-. one who sits beneath droppings s of FiJI more'I urge every measure a tendencyto both these enterprises, nnd it is to be hoped to a sire course has impelled it, with the beiiettt! ;
and drive us! to resistance. I am, very James M. Williams, David C. Wilson,
sanctuary; : and who mty be pardoned for ting oppress that our citizens will take hold of them with a rrlpt'clfuly they will not farther yield! when concession ;
Constitution: that sacred instrument Your ,
the Union and that the ( serant Isaiah Johnson, Richard A. Shine, and Dan'l.B.
ing and hymns ostensible! aut'or i is neither; a leading copyist, ac- which we revere and love as the priceless determination to carry them through. ALEX. H. H. STUART, Secretary. Meginniss. may be fatal and resistance becom ineita !f. i

of the venerated relics of de. No concession satisfied
jewel liberty or ---
live,nor zealous Democrat, though I admit that Committee to solicit subscription to Road everjet tyranny, aoj
the Sentinel had pelf c' right so to consider, parted sires, they grossly infringe: and violate, Agitation Settled BOUNTY LAD-Correspondence. t the arbitrary exercise of power is tyranny ia
I Thomasrille James Richard ;
forgetting: that i it: re.ired a nation and cemen. The late Compromise! Bills were to settle : Jil'ks Hay.
him. So much for the eiidoiseo and the en. its nature, and iu name. There :
ted in common brotherhood regardless BARDSTOWX, Ky., Oct. 14, IS.'iO. ward Dr. Edward Bradford John Cromartie esence. i
dor/er. Sow to ihe point. j us the slavery! que>tion were they not ? Did not I ;

*, Enquirer" has no confounded his enquiries' of the calamity ,their invasions will entail upon Mr. Clay: the great pacificator: ,' assert it 1- Dear Sirs: With a view of facilitating to William Lester, M. A. Long and James E. I nothing'so gnlling as a sense suffrred wrong.
future both in the feeling of uneasiness and
nnd conclusion: that it i iw nomewhat difficult to generations. Did not Mr. Foot-, the !little pacificator,' affirm our citizens the preparation of their applica. i Broome. insecurity
The Veto pow..t', that anchor which it and in the
tcpatate them. But inc gift. 0 the matter 1 sure tions fur bounty land. 1 applied to the Adju. Committee Towle creates, antipatljaad
That 'a'l'111' bask from lock and !'Iiore, it ? Did not Ir. Ritchie asseverate it ? \: I of Correspondence ,

may be Mimtned.. up in something like these The Federal KurlhO'I1.1Ia ,a!ide, Were we not all told to believe it ? Settle tant General of the U. S. Army, for a statement I James T. Archer, Turbutt R. Betton, Thom bitterness it engenders.The .
words ir. Cabell
: pre/eired/ submission ; I Committing Federal suicide. Constitution ofthe United States;
the Short of of the terms of service performed by the I as Randall and John W. oHit jto t
Beard resistance Mr. Cabcll defeated s'avery question' emancipationor
Major : ; I Thus clearly evincing iheir fixed determination .ArgJb be held sacred the ,
a* imperishablement
Beaid in tliis theieforc the Florida Volunteers anJ Militia, d iring the In. On motion the meeting m'IQI ,
Major County, I lo tear down every barrier for the ac.crmplioljiuent disunion that queMion! can not, and never adjourned.

County i for 11tniii..ion' ; and ought not the I IHon. of their fanatical and nefarious will be settled. Harmony, while the South I dian hostilities. As the reply of that oflicer THO. BALTZELL, Chairman. of! freedom equality; and indsaa pn'l' ICf

J. McGehee; and Thon.as L. Whit nl "ct. I insists on retaining her property, never will j is of 8 public interest, I scud it to you that youmay JOSLFH' BRANCH, Secretary.Sentiment well as of ihe wisdom virtue, cou'ageaai:

lick Delegates appointed by this County to ; Fallow citizens! what has become of the i give it a place in colu r.n if patriotism of a common ancestry confirming;
J I N.istg\'at! fr the purpose of t resistance to con. j jkider Territory acquiied from Mexico! by the late i exist between the slave! hold.ng and non- I,1\'e I able to you. your agree. of Massachusetts. inherited fraternal' affection. But if its principles }

themselves now instructed to submit. }II\ war purchased by the blood! nerve, and : holding Stales. Can two walk together except The Bosfttn Journal, one of the most irfi.- i be violated its
1 do." This is about the (proposition, and 4 will i!. tieasuie of Southeincrs, who, actuated: ) a I ) they be agreed; ? How then stai.d the am respectfully, er.tial and widely circulated journ-ila in New I or spirit forgone 'I

1 therefore treat it as rjeh. j i !pure pntriotism and sarrcd: ardent, nali.nallo'r i North and the South with' reference to each Your obedient servant, England, has the t following significant cease to contemplate it with the sentiment ;

Now, what are the facts! ; upon which such a rushed to the field with a holy, righteous, 'I I D. L. YULEE. paragraph veneration which it ought to inspire ; but 0:
ntht."r'l'h thus Th Southern bei
.. I : people :
\ conclusion is to be b-ised ? Mr.I Cabell had )
and inflexible will to sustain: our btan.'htd: or Editors Floridian "$' Journal. the contrary it serves to excite impulse* nfI -
taken high grounds in Congress in a speech I|.peiibh. beneath its thade. Truly that fi l g was i here the institution slavery to be sanction We can loolt with pleasure to the admission ; and resutance towards those

( L ii which he made he Adciiessed two letters toGo J j i nobly defended. Honor and victoiy were its j ed by Scripture and approved by God, and its I II 'YARADJrrANT DEPARTMENT, of California a a fee slate and to the j I wanton hostility and unmeasured its WhO r rI i
\'. Brown on ILl subject of resistance, and \1!: heirs, (hough thousands! of manly southern undisturbed existence in their midst to be of GI: ERoL'S O.'FCF. \ abolition of tlie odious trade in tfie District footsteps

I I > urged the necessity! of holding the Nashville j. hearts found a foreign! grate.' I the most! momentous consequence: to their well nr Washington Oct. 1, 330. of Columbia, a two important strides 'I ted precincts dare invade. We turn awir,

Convention ; and in one of which he went so I|i Thai Territory, the richest in th. world, tiio I I know that to give freedom to i Sir : I have the honor respectfully to acknowledge totrardt vnitersnl freedom. The former set like: the traveller ofthe desert, who turns away I

fir as to counsel disunion in the happening' of I land of Ophir" has not' only been wrested being. They : at rest the lIoulbt'r doctrine ofthe .balance !' with mingled sadness and wonder from vie".
an event, which of his friends i \the blacks would 1 b to spread rapine and i your letter of the :I7lh ultirnoncwirig re- "
many Whig I from us, hut we are deni,'d any participation I of power, which Mr. Calhoun insisted was the of those mirncfejof! ,
think hu occurred. These positions, so well in its advantages, with the selfish and conI j desolation, such as the world has never seeni :i the request to be furnished wilh the I'he' only remaining safeguard i.f'he: institution ing Pyramids Egypt, j jI

assumed and sustained! by 'Ir. Cabcll in the I I I tracted argument that it will extend and perpetuate i throughout their rich field*, now consti'ulingj : ,I, ditcs of enlistment of the several companies t of sIdHr .Note, and henceforth the North I art and monuments of power, which nowa.faii!

arlier pan of the session of Congress, endeared :I our peculiar institutions and rights. i! one of the fairest poitions of the globe. They : mustered in Florid.i"an<] have duly submitted t will have a majority in koth branches of Con. I serves no useful purpose but as a commrntarr?

him lo his Whig friends in this County :My\ countrymen, are we to buhmii tit grots the of War whom I in. 'j' gress. The latter strikes a blow at lh PXWIf the transitoriness of man. or as the mU3
1 therefore resolved hold to : I to Secretary by am
the most of whom fur resistance. It is arc to on slavery .I't 10'
,f are I oppression without a murmur ? Methinka! I nee of slavery under the auspices of tll general t of ancient Kings And is tEe Constiti.I i iI
true that just on the eve of the election Mr. I hear a voice responding! Forbearance has ;: and protect it as they would' :their I lives, and strur.'ed to sa)in repJJ that'vithevery dispo. government which will, ire doubt not, he fol. I

Cabell struck: lilt! colors, and came down to ihe 1 ceased to' be a g
(;0\'. Urown standard subrrmnon ; but (hat infatuation will: minute; in thg; oxerthniw of i i (trary, the North, wise above what is written j I Ii i the long established: rule of the Departmentwill I emancipation in the Distrie. We da n t hesitate i repository ofthe w;iidom, virtue, and patriotism

was not known to the people' generally, and it I this fair fabric and upon them be the censure. 'I II in revelation] see this matter in a different not permit a compliance with lour renewed I ; to say that, these tiro points gained more I of our fatheis, wihoui i: any practical: utilityto -

was impossible for II.e most ingenious rcasoner view disunion with ihe consciousness; of right i h-1 been doneforthe cause offrredow Con- I endure onl) as a morcrt of cftaunora-
to impress the fact on the mind of his resistant light. Our Northern brethren of every reli- reqiest.Since o !
to Union with the and \ I than the
asprefeiable injustice grew, at any previous session : tion ? Let others give the answer. We iBal! !
friends. They believed it to be a trap setjust' 1cm 1 oppression h'l exists. FUIB. i iJVom giousscct, look upon it as a sin of ihe deepest I the introduction of the Bill (now a early years of our republic." >f
the eve of the election catch .- n____ I i' I no longer be able to worship! in ,t
to votes, and j dye ; and more than: this-as a sin for> whose law) for ex'cld iig the Itoitnly Land System, af.ctio:
\ Ynik Glole.
Laving seen such things preached before, they I It the I existence they, while remaining under a applications fur information have becomeso Ot I
Lock to the Senate. government
closed their ear to It I We have of their
argument. was replied, people out west : way the consecrated' emblem! of a common ranD.
The United States:) senators whose terms expire I that sanctions it, are responsible. numerous as to render indispensable! a
too, and not without force, that but few I
a of An editor; time ;
own doing things. some ?
seized with unannointed bane trem-
I the fourth March of up rudely ,
months .since the people of Madison, without on next are some They are therefore constrained by the highestsense strict observance of the rules of ihe Depart.
't of j jrlNtinclion I II the ablest t and longesl-trusted of that distinguished i since, on counting the ticelfth responsibilityadded bes! in its shrine And vre shall hoW ourselves .
party: assembled! at the Court of duty as Christian men and women to ment. Like information has been requestedby .
:I House, and lauded Mr. Cab-ill for the j I body. A majority of them are demo. I II to domestic circle, cried out most lutilj" absolved when its spirit is disregarded
highly ,i labor for its removal. They believe that several other Senators and mt'mLer of the
crats following list shows
'J noble rtand he Lad taken for Southern rights, I,I as : "more subscribers} wanted! at this ofce!." I i and its principles! destroyed.
I Maine, Hannibal llamlin. much may be accomplished in the fulfillment! House of Representatives, which, in this
and it coujd not therefoa} be true that he had. ]] 8 the iill bids I "
Another ,
one, on relinquishing q> "The Constitution said Mr. Calfcoun!
abandoned his former position : *o they voted I I Vermont, Sam S. 1'Irll'S.I of this purpose without violating the Constitu. instance, could not with due regard to the .i I :;
\ his good by in the following style: wiser than its framers." truc.but
Massachusetts, R. C n 1zthrnp. I : patrons I was Aye,
for him, intending generally thereby to endorse lion of the United States. Whatever can beI practice and the business of the Department' !
Rhode Island, Albert C. Green. The tmdersisnrd retires from I the editoiial. the it the last 'I
the I not ,- was gretf
I position occupied by him some months thus i be furnished.If beyond .age
ago. fjr
Connecticut, R. s. J1aldrrin.I accomplished, as instance the aboli- chair with conviction that nil is van
Hut again : I contend that this is not a sub. : complete I revelation of political I truth, written by Ih*
mission New Yok, 1). S. Dickinson. lion slavery in the District Columbia! in it be necessary to give any information I ity. From the hour he started his paper to t
Countfirst) t. became they elected! Mr.I I of Providence the tables ci
Moseley the Senate: who i i. an out and out !New Jersey, Wm. L. ])ayton.I the dock lards and arsenals, and the prolubi- respecting the time, &c. ofthe mustering into I the present time, he has 'been solicited I,lie .!I finger on two

j Pennsylvania, D. Sturgeon.' i service the of the given subject, and can't remember stone, and committed to our Moses wbiatb! :
and upon every
resistance man, and against a competitor who tion of the slave trade, they will accomplish, regiments companies I ,
j Delawair, J-jhn Wales.; I ever having told a wholesome! truth without I chosen people were seeking the protniseiati'l.
was alleged by his friends 'lo lie a more reliaMe as they think, under the name of the Con st'u. Florida Volunteers, with! a view to obtaining I
| Maryland, Thomas G. Pratt. dtminishina hi* subcri >lion list; or miking ;
I ; ". And shall of this no
resistance min: than C'l'n2r.:\ I the land I : ; a portion
Moseley. i is in Ihe
(lion. Where it is to some bounty, i equally necessary these of poe
attempt Under
I Virginia, James M.\ Mason. necessary I an '
Surely' if there had been a submission' I crculalctS j UiU down in the false worship of a golden !
party case of all the volunteer! enrolled and receiv.
with influence in the Tennessee, II. L. Turnt')'. outrage which that instrument can, by no possible II |i trial, and "having a thorough contempt t r I
have any united on some manho County, they could have Ohio, Thomas Eiring. stretch meaning be made to sanction, ed in *(rvire from the other States, but to do j i self: : he retires-in order to recruit his moral idol, even in the moment when, at their 0.1 ;

Indiana: Jesse D. Bright. this would! be almost In the i con lilutiol pr3Jt'r this revelation' is to be declared unto
home I
their banner for them. Secondly, !Mr. then they appeal to a higher law" than the impu"ile.
Wardlaw ofthe Michigan: Lewis Cas.. I Hawk War and the Seminole I them as their law ? C1VI3. l
one Chivalry, and a member Constitution.! One way or another living Back ((1832): ) Santa Rosa County. -
Missouri T. II. Benton.
of one of the families in south Carolina under the with the South, !ior Florida war, ((163G to 1842,) there were I -
who adorn atjd illustrate a bright in her" Mississippi, Jefferson Davis.Wiscon I same government I FOR CONCEESS : Liverpool Cotton !akt

history, capped the 'list by Urge odds page for Ihe in, Henry IKdge.'! they feel c tiled upon to eradicate this evil from not less than 34,034 militia and volunteers en. Cabcll, 169 The Liverpool Correspondent cf f the Sew

and Florida, David I.. Yulee. her mi J. for rolled ; and during the Creek disturbances' Beard, 100
Legislature, he is a resistance man of the < ')f, or they will be held answerable Courier and enquirer writes a follows:

Palmetto stock. Thirdly, Captain Langford: Texas, Thomas J. Rusk. its guilt. and on the southern frontiers, in the ) ear Tbe'cnasd
That is, eight whigs and i twelve democrats: Cabull's majority 63 LivEHpoot, Oct 4. 5 p. m.-
the ] ofMr. Waidlaw is ( -
colleague resistance and militia
a vacate their seats unless re-elected in the Such then i is the position of moral antagonism 1837, near 20,000 were off market we have here, is evidcrceoftwuncertainly t
( )
and stands I understand FOR REGISTER :
man, as the
upon mustered into the service ofthe United States. I
United States Senate. between the South and the North. Suchare I entertained yourcWI : -
of resistance But of the above, Mr. I jet a"o
highest grounds assumed this ,
by Hamliii of !Maine Mr. 1'ralt of T we back to the war wilh Great Britain, Walkerwhig( ) 144 I can only .' the in which the am03
I County in her mass meetings. Fourthly, the Maryland, the parties between whom i it is supposedthat go Papy, (dcm.) 84 say way
and Mr. Rusk of Texas have been find called is going into constimptiunwih1recderafltPless
candidates who were defeated before the already a patched up compromise will establish we that 47,000 militia were out. !

I; 'pie are (Understood to be firm resistance men.peo. chosen again, by the legislatures of their respeclivo peace, quiet, concord. Miserable delusion l will be seen therefore, that to begin with Walker's majority 60 I than 2,400,000 bales a very short DeeFay?:
and in this view I borne out by j
States for full Mr. am
I terms. Phelps, I
of How 8ubm, then twn--aTial, could it be that a County in favor of Vermont, has been displaced by the election In the late settlement has not the South been answering. such.calls for information, a.you. State Senator-Neil McMillan, whiff, 139, t & Co., who in iheir monthly circuit F I
acjuicsdnfailpd -
candidate for" to of lion. Solomon Footc. The democrats}have offered up as a sacrifice upon the altar of fanaticism have made in the mutter ot claims to land Win. L. Crigler, democrat, 125majo.ritJ for I the opinion that present prices will Be" mId.| '
l run a single the Legislature! who
I favored their views 1 The idea is simply! pfe.posteroos carried a majority of the Pennsy ania legislature ? Have not her rights, her honor; bounty, may end, in examining and reciting McMillan 13. I tamed on ihe average, with a crop ottO ad I' '
which insures the return ofMr. Sturgeon Assembltman-John Wikenson. whig, 139, I a halt'millions.. This is a hold assertion ;
muster Rolls and
so numerous
and her her
Enquirer" fail pledges, her sacred resolves, complcald ,
can hardly to every
I or some other gentleman of the 6ariJl' John C. Julian,dem. 12-, independent i so cautious a house-in fact there It nO tt
make himself ridiculous, even with his ; been the idol of to embrace no less than 531,729 names.It .
woods endorsement. politics. In Ohio the free-soilers hold the thing yielded as an oblation to 2 ; majority for Wilkenson 12. guising the conviction that is gaining <>n a

I I talked balance of power in the recently-chosen legis anti.sltrerj 1 Yet has the North been appeased has always been assumed by the Gov. There was no poll held at two precincts in parties, and I may gay with scarcely an titfr "
freely a day or two Eince with
leading Whig, anILe man whom they confi.a lature', and, in consequence presume, one ? Was there ever before witnessed ernmcnt that persons having claims upon it this count lion, the belief in nn advance is quite p60

ded in and appointed to represent them in the of their stamp will bo sent to Washington: i in the Free States the agitation which has know what they are entitled to. The only both here and in Manchester; andlc0 I orf'pt'at

though ace should think Jfr. Ewing abolitionibt therefore i is for the Misisippi iftou have an early frost *e aalhT'a
Nashville Contention been awakened constitutional applicants to
and he assured me that by a single en. proper way At the Hinds County ( .) Mass Meeting, wild
enough for them. Mr. Benton will probably : time in our mirkel.
they, the Whig (ptrty of Madison\ : County, did be unseated by the Missouri general a*. a'ctment for the delivery of fugitive slaves ?- apply to the commissioner for their land, (un. the following resolutions introduced' by Col. Sales to-day 12,000 bales! -,Ae b1it r fl

not understand theu'e as E-nquiier pretendedto sembly. We have learned enough of the We answer never der the Regulations that no doubt will be duly TARPLEY were unanimously adopted : being swelled by some quiet purchases tor''
understand If '
it. the had
he said ) so understood it, Florida election to expect the returnof Peace and harmony These are beautiful published,) and whenever he may want any 8. Resolved, That we will not transact any trade late in the afternoon. \
Mr. Cabell'u
would hate
position lost .
business of
either the ,
him this County. Ho could count fifty{ of his Mr. Yulee, or some other gentlemanof sounds. To realize them-this is it that Uimpossible. information from the records of the War De- ( by shipment cotton,to oJ t
p the southern democratic school. There or the purchase of goods from) with any merchant The Methodist Episcopal Church
neighbors and friends who voted for him, but Mr. The North will continue to agit. partmcnt, to establish (the claims he a* a mat. I in the city of New Orleans who is Methodist E Church '
will doubtless be much lo copal SohTbeSt
opposition !
who would not have touched him, if they had I Winthrop in Massachusetts\ and we see the ate this question ; be the South assured of this. ter of course applies for and officially obtains known to be a fret soiler in his sentiments or ior Bishop (Soule,) and Rev. !Iedr !

thought that his election would be regarded as name of.,Ir. Hoar gf'.tcd-the same whose Nothing short abolition will utisi' her and whatever can be procurer). And this is the unless his long residence in the South and Early, D. D. ,rI, A. Smith P. !>. *nf*

[ a triumph These I of know sulmissionism.to be tho sentiments of Ihe Iriefmission among the Carolina Hotspurs im. stay her aggressions. course, I am Instructed by the Secretary of known opinions have identified him with the L. Green, D. DM arc.now in this ciiy' ue J

1 Whigs in this County, to a great extent for I moralized: him. The result in New* Jeiseyand Were the South out of the Union, and they War to say, which must be continued to be South. missioners bt>half of Ibp latter |
4. Jlesoleed, That we will employ no school
I ; hare bad it front their; own lips. There are a ) in this State will depend upon the com.plexioos thus removed from all connection with her in. observed. And I may add that, with the clerical teachers Of patronize school under the prosecute is: alleged claim to a ChurCh rtafn.P V. ,
1'1 of the approaching el clions. We any of the property acquired by the
few of each of the. old parties: who go for sub. cannot see that the whigs can gain anything stitutions, then indeed the religious and finalical force of this office, it would be almost impossible management of any person or persons, who ous to the secession of the Soother brIl;

I mission, and who will ultimately affiliate, and of the abolohinisU would feel if it are not known to be Southern in all understand, (&
on the above list ; but, on the other band, we poilion were proper, to answer calls of wholly Suits are brought, we "VT
4, I I form a party lo be known as patty.- have moderate hopes of a gain in New York.A that they were rto longer responsible for her (the description in question, without greatly oh. I their r feelings and opinions, a we are unwil.ing nited States' courts simultaneousin! ? l* '1and'iu
I will be harmless. The Palmetto
_ they to subject our children to the taint of corruption lfce> great
Cincinnati!, because
:i County at which Enquirer" made a hasty consistory will be held in Home, in Orlo sini. They might then reconcile it to their meting t Ihe general business of this branch by placing them under the the property' in dispute lies i li !L;
I. infuenct ba
: I sling, will be due to herself" and to the South. her, for (he creation thirteen Cardinals in. consciences to let ber alone, as they now do I of the War Department. of those 'who claim it R a religious ies. This is a most Important partly caS a be

The banner of resistance, which the long eluding Right Rev Dr. Wiseman, of London.A the Island of Cuba, where slavery exists in : I am sir, with great respect, aid.!in the destruction Southern institutions. been agitation several year; it epli .

since gave to the winds of heaven, will never solemn funeral service for the of much than with religions
repose more rigor us. B'Jt I thingsnow Your obedient servant, interests of the largest
trail in the dust her the a It is estimated that 360,000 tons of coal are dealluOpl.in
as long have Louis celebrated
as sons the soul of Philippe was Ihe United States.-2V. Y. E
stand there is no hope of a cessation of R JONES, Adjutant General.
power to sustain It. As a people, they! love ou the 11th ultimo Marseilles.\ A great crowd now used annually for the making of gas, in

the Rood; old Union of their fathers, but despise attended. their endeavors to effect what we consider our Hon. D. I.. YULEE, London alone IOU are the vowels wMchcT'5' .SI

an Union where all the original relation hate Lord John .Russell wan some days ngo ob. ruin, what they think our salvation.- U. S. Senate, Washington, D. C. The will of Sir Robert Peel prohibits theexecutors disagreeable sensations in the J1 bOP,

I been destroyed, and a despotism established served in front of Mr. Maule'i house ut Birnam There Is then left for sensible. and thought It is said that the eminent investing any of his real or personal est men than all the rest of the min, I pu
In its place. Resistance !i. inscribed on the in himself n-ith his sending Turnfr. painter, oroperlyon securities in Ireland !
enjo) ful Southern men, while tbe'Union continues, gptbtr. ,
who is
j for the
reported vacant
'banner which plays' at our mad head. We balloons into th. air and chasing chairmanship Colonel Wyndham has made the munificent "
** ;
..,,/' nr. ready (for the conl ar. We 'Worship no. them up over paper the lawn. A very significant and only a fearful looking forward to agitation, to of the Royal Academy, has r'alz not 1tK reduction of thirly-four per cent on (Le rehof Get justly. use soberly, dntriW? *

JVne 'but (but. coruecrated loli"r/r." We sac symbolical frnplcyrnenij-y the b .t. pill! to orginizit'ou to plotlinjs awl corn- than '500,000() hJ his brush; till his southern estate in 1 lrt.!atsd. awl !ire eOfltltffdr"ri .




-- --.---.-- Ti
= -
w- -- = .-

Politic*. r rty.six churches Iltve .been crccsed, and TO THE PUBLIC. To Planters.Y'IlR CARRIAGE REPOSITORY, ,'- -. Not1ce I

The pruceeJibs "flhoVhi fifty cl *ig3ni 'niiied] ? to the Roman Catholic T ADICS and Gentlemen, call and b'eh M nr.dem< ed have Just receiveJ their Fall BY ItnTJ.TlTl & BROKAW, A I.L person hiving demands apunU the ntat ofJTi.

JVer ) have terminal in a fliltalOll curin! i lh lat len ycar.s iA An varied a STOCK as in town e'er was sold.H..i& J. supply ot PSanlaltcn GwAt,'which they >tlei |Ta I Mi a turf,.F/arida. Jrase IVilli*. latenf Le' n Ceunty.4eceaMd, I

Conrnhitfl at Utica. all that Fo hiri may cliim aii her o\n, tot sale on accomtot-j terms, consisting in part will present them lo the undersigned* thii Ihe timerprescsibed
endorsement of the Syracuse noiuma.ofdinSf ----- I hate all tLc giiod< iu Jmetkuse known.Md file folhwing:' :: p 91Lll aoh'eribei* wcn.hh hsform thsir by the tatuleor Ibis notice uill be plradin

.Idd&l 1nd *o llaUiow lh whole STATE OF FLORIDA.Jrw7 Pit/can has fa itioued his hardware so well, Bla1.eI.sLnd.n, PnfSI; Mackinaw, aad Grey. _- L friends 15(54 the public in ersera1J'that bar ol their recovery. .. .

ii' the d.irint's of ilm* Ii I will not be my fault, it all doe not Kelt. 1'lsni-a1I wo.l and heavy. they are rerelvinj lare* suppl) JOHN r.. CRUMP, Qualified Execntor. '. ,
rarV, following i / . T/i' i fur a day of TJtaniyiei j and Crispin this season, regardl a of weather Wasbinzton, stri'ppd and Georgia. October? ISiW. 42 fct .
nrrnW nre j.lpdgctJ to Abolitionism, Iv THOMAS Biunm, Gonason or FAIP STATE.VTirrnrAfi Pie-idc-s oVr my Shoesmade of all kind* of leal nor: Mnsey-fjncy phidnand plain col"s. for sale on the rn.'#t reasonable terms. Person p
MI i jn bH probability mcc ed al the approachrkcJi'Ui. TheIrmatenal'od.and their patterns o rare, Cotton csnaburai,brown shillings, prints, flinnel wishing In buy, are requested to call and examine Notice. ,
!in times it the custom of their stock. October 19. 1550. 41C.
Thai pmlv has now assumed ;, early was our ]pi. They'll really adorn all who purchase a pair iandkerche: ,Bhawls, negro caps and wool hattarsd IAN and fcis Lady, wishing foapessd

ng of Fied. D-wigUM *u.iVm.. II.flflwarn1 ous annei-try, nl the close of the harve yi'Ar,amninl.ly Phev'ie made eo elastic, they'll have a good rdn, a larestk c-f ru etts. HEIR &. RUST. C. BYRD & CO. AOKNTLJ in Middle Florid, desire a *iln tion, .-.
,hc and Iheir KUCCPSS will p'-ic'!: ihe State to Fet ajiart and observe a Jy BonntU tie beautiful-had I wife respectfully inform the citizens of T t-
a .
bVtb of them he in
WOULD or emplnml Trtching.
The God for His imicritoJ way
jn the Ibremort funk Abolitionism.( > to Almighty gnodne-ss I'd dispense with a hat all the day of my life: Groceries. and gnrioundinj country, that they They will give instruction in Mai hematic*. that .

Albany S'ate Ri>gitleMba organ of the nalioatl and this custom has liecn in general preserved by ut speaking ot Ht, 3 our attention I'd call Z RARRCLS and 10 Hall-bbN New Yotk and are now receiving opening at the stand formerly Natural Sciences, Drawing, &c., German. French, I
and unequivocally doeooadants the time and the To Gentlemen'j Beaver, both low crowned and tall : Q occupied by S. F. Rtirney, a large and well selected .
Whip*, most fully their to present by Western flour ; Mackerel NIKI 1 and 2; Butter and in four Ancient Lanj nj r* -'
Nor have I forgotten the tender stock ol$ Farcy. Silk, and StKfle Dry Gomli, A'er.ry
proceedings at Utica, and say people oftLlB State KDCC its organization: And yooth' crown- ; Cheese; Almonds ; Candy ; Raisins ; Cac n Addre.,s. A. I> ,Talaht! 'ii ,
( 've Hits for them, Lou, from loutlcen year down, ides, shoulders s,Lintiyt. Plains, IanL eta, oes.hats, Cap, Ktfrrencet-Hon Jorfze EaltzwI.Dr Miles Nii.b .
and teat
tiuaitcured Hams flu' k '
ih WLlg Aould now I tit united upon the Sy uberoaA it ia eminently bcooranj a Christian people And Saddles oa which they and father may ride Irish Potatnei *Codfi h Oisiois Rice; but-; Rraily-ma.de Clotting, (I7inlrella W'ovdani! 111!- Tailaha.ee., OctoWi 75. 1 ,50. 4SCantionl &.
and though! a opposed their mother rxnide.S'ime ; ; ; lugar tfnn fl'arc, Glass and Crockery, China and StoneWare
rtCti* ilcLet J K> dislinjuifihc'l by Divine tivor, to make each And can tfir-ri'pone, too, for let and roda Crackers, for ale bvOotobrr26 .

the doctrioei oT William II. Seward, that public end devout ackncnrlodgcmcata: *ay *' aJrcrtiting the truth does not tell. 4i "HEIR fc RUST. Hardware, Cutlery, Gun, ITolImf-trarr, : ,
to But what /advertise I've in store-and to elL tft. all of which they will sell upon as reasonable
calls! the W'iig paris (0 rally upon % A LL P TIKII \ h ff er are hereby cantianrd ain <
of the State
upon I TOOUAB BEOWTI Governor
journal TJicrrforc, In all that i fancitiil. Sastelui. and rare, term as any house in the ritr. Purchasers woald 2\.
Hats and ptirchs.sivsg rw.tf me'to Keller If
the Caps. a vea by
Ibe Syracuse ticket, e a the only nt, in cf Flrnda, b compliance Tvilh ILU prai.ewnrt1iy custom. Mr ttork with (the best in Ihe SOUTH will compare. do well to call and examine their stock before pure Ilail.dlrd on or about the Cth of iauar,. 1SsU*

of election, wl.ich will cat rv OAt ihei 'Tis true that store, tho large, i is too *mall.To HEIR i RUST have just received per bark Ocil- chasing eUewhere. October 19, IO. 41Frovlslon. day
rent ny
t I \\dn bcrcliv cpjwV.l nn'l proclaim Tlmrb.'LiT. the and pivable to Hall or bearer. on the firU day .
rtiVrtaiinvl by the \VIi paity. contain ai. the coods 1 luie purcl-e-) this Fall: a large stock of hats and caps, consisting in
: .
always of IWt.for dollar lto
Jw 4eventy.fio .
*. **
2SJh of Xovcsnlicr of PtthlieThansgising tipre
day next f> a day ofBlack
t' patt .
section of the I Dnt the old Rail Road Depot can hold /oc mor' 4
DfRHJcrtttic pari), in every be given for the hir* of S negio. The consideration -
The will make a tremendous rfl'urt to pain and Praise; and I cordially invite the And there, for a few days, the remainder I'll store. hai and white beaver< Men's aid Selette Boyt Cloth 8 CASKS Bacon Side. 1 do Shoulders.I rtt said hOle ba'itt; wholly faRed I will not pay .
glazed Capi,
gtatf, of this State tliat From present appearances their htay will be 'hort, Ca-K gu r-cured llama, onl du law. .
good it tr oby
people on day, ouppenJin;; *s compelled *
tLc Siate well in ConrrfM. Black and white Lnuh do Meii'rf and Pearl!
in as as bojs
tbe nsceiJi'iicy$ Wgiod[ disappear with theepcedof a thought ; 10 Barrels Mess P..rk. JOHN D. BRANCH.
The! Whips e f the Seuurd faction their usual avocation", to aswmble at their respective The reason is ptiin, but no plainer than right, Drab brush d., sporting Hats, 20 s'lperfine Flour October 20. Iff. 42 It .c

flares of publicror>1jip, and humbly acknowledging low delichl Fash super n>r>leskin do Black !Jhrush Sombreros .. ,
gnj they are all!! virtually Whips that stamp, For good at prices Inns people : Drab 5 kegs Laf Lard, -- -- -- - -- *4 5
Beaver do Cssimere doBoys'
in direction that Iiifiuito thodnt;f which has crowned vrhh bl<-**- And, as I expect tu buy more in Ihft Spring, 10 barrels Rectified Whi-key. Notice. i
BOW, are holding meetings every If I le not sell now, no more need I br'ng' ; wool Sombreros liMwh do Lauding from Schooner W. R. Pellet and fnr ,id .
lo denounce the Fugitive Slave Lnw, whichtcetnt ring the closing ye-ir, cntri-at n continuance of thaname. So it** to mj advantage: for cash or good credit, Children' cl' lh Tuiban Otter do by McNAUGHT 4 ORMOND. ALL cr
to occupy the uppermost portion iiHheirthouph's. That Alnugh'y God would bo pleawi.l to ov url To sell all 1 ran-Hint's the r> aeon I uaiii it. October 1S50. 42 NVwnorl. Orlft-Scr 10. I It.5O. 41 in the taff of Jc-hn M. Brcolo, .

At acti-f.t few evenings since, Jy But I wanted friends a kind hint Notice. Groceries.TPAMILY ted: (ha' their claims and demands will!| be barred at '
the riih and Lle inB wo now to give my country ;
us temporal fpirituul f<
convention and alt '
tbe Whigs a r nominating My city friends know me, to them [ d nt wute. months after dite.apjTicMion will be made lo GROCERIES! and PROVIStONS.for sale the expiiation of $two year* Irotn this date, unUm ho t.

the editor of the Syracuse Journal', one enjoy. That He would rebuke the t
g1 ibo mo t violent Abolition papeis in the diccord, and inupj-e the people of tl H great nation Not one ever hinted a want of the heart bv the undersigned Administrator of Ge neF.ll'u 200 lbs Dried Beef Hyson and Black Teas, who have any demands against! said deceased. are '

State, patted a tcries of resolution* defy ing the with harmony and peace end that the intimab1e That my vii led stock did not fully impart : [now, dcea>ed. lato of said CoJnty, for discharge 10 kits Salmon, 3 bbs! powder'd Sutcar. hereby notified to present them without delay. an4 ;
Cleiks should demand attention from said administratorship. Mackerel. 5 crushed do those indebted tn said deceased are now tilled apoq
And some just
12 ibbUNol
of free and constitutional my
fircutorsof the law as well as all th blessings a govcranw-nt maybe .
powerstifthe make immediate .
As they'vepaid attention their claims you'll allow. CHARLES L. POXVF.LL.Connly 10 bags Java Coffee, JOO lbs assorted Candies. to payment lo ..

Slate. They denounced the officers of transmitted unbnpaired to the latest generation.That .- Mr. Cutes, both in country and town, is known will, Jefferson October 25( 1SSO. 41 Gm 25 Lnzuira do 5 kr;s Gosh<>n Butter, JOSHUA TAYLOR. Sen Arfm'r. .

the Government, to whom is entrusted the exfcution He would lie phased to continue His murcies to He has but one failing-he ne'er fails lo sell; IS-bbls Butter Cracker 25 boxes family Cheese. Jeffer on Couniy. October 28.1S50. 4? 3mB. .

t f the l lv. as land pirates and kidnap. the people t'f this Comrnmwe.nltli-diffw.uig and increasing And Mr. Foindcxtcr is attentive and kind, Just Received and for Sale, 10 bes Soda Ei 'cuit.Hi 3 do Macaroni, E. OIBSOir

The speeches were of the most inflammatory among us Ilia fear, vliich i the beginning of And neVr fail to wail upon all of mankind ; 1 lb BARRELS Family Roe Herring, bbls New York Hour. Preserves and Pickles, i
Mr. Hatheway. toothough he's ub ent j'j-t now. I tJ t J i4 4i (4 30 hi If d.. < > do Curranf.i.CittonPrunes. WILLftUend topiocnring
character. In Oswego county a con. wisdom-the means of civil and religious knowledge Will alw
rention 'as held which sustained the course -and the spirit of true charity and of enlightened pat Out as for iwsell, I have little to say 10 '4 Whiskey, October 19, 1S50. 41 Powers of Attorney left with LI. C. WI!. ,. .-

of the tecedert at Syracuse as a just t and prop. riotism. That lie would be pleaded to ]>re.-crve the Save that high prices for Cotlon I pay- No. 1 and 2 Mackerel in quitters, halves, and sin. Fsqr.. Tallahasoee. and John 0. Cur.o, Esqr, '
And purchase at all times Potatoes and Tallow.rVas whole barrels Tobacco &c. Qnincj, will meet with prompt sttf r.tioo.
hut which ,
movenieut, meeting was repre. health and continue the fruits of
cr public to us kindly Q'lincf.Orttber 19ls.V). 41 tf
the Jounal with Meal, antI Honey and Wax, white and yellow; A Urge lot of Soap, to be sold low by the box. BYRD &. CO.are now opening and receiving
tented hy Albany as coinciding the earth, and all the rewards of honest indu&tiy.- Cotton and Tobarc-i for ell CC.
I am now sliipi ing Also, a urge lot of heavy Dry Goo'dstnd about boxes and half boxes Chewing Ts..Laccu, .
the views of the majority. Petitions are being with unfi-i old and new fiiend* w henever they call. TOWLE: & 1YER3, -
And finally, that He would iiwpirc us negratiluue < Of.my 1500 worth of heavy Shoes besides an extensive 50 boxes Soap, aborted cjualitir, '

fcignedin most of the western counties, to bepieitMited fur His undeserved blcw-ing"*, and lend us alto Aid will give eatilarIion-hut I'll say nomoiehcre, assortment of coarse flats, by ira** 10,000 Spanish Cigars,superior, Watchmakers and Jewellers, :

to Cou rctK, at its next sesiiun, fer order lives under devout of the For when a thing's known, it i is perfectly clear.At October 26, IS50. 42 S S. KNIGHT. 100 bags Shot assorted sizs procured Ib aervkr .
sense same HAVING
th repeal of the Fugitive Slave Laxv. li: the our a l\QMonroegtrertthen\ call at jour leisure, 20 kegs; Powder, in 6 and V5 pound kegs, : ;;: ALLEN, formerly ol -
and that equal merciec may, in His own good time, be And l'Iiihoi.v you&sell you goods also wif'i pleasure An Entire Stock of New Goods. 10 boxes Sperm Candles, this city, they are now prepared tall <. '

rvent ol the mereof either the Whig or extended to more unfortunate humanity iu other jwrtlon In the above there is more truih than P rtry, fat. & have received C. Lamp.Train, and Linseed Oil, Salarafus. snorted execute work in the above line.vttih promptness
TJIIt It US 1' just Brig
Drni'icratic candidate (for Congiess, an attempt There are more vesl3 l in, though not <\er t'tc bar per Scotch
of the Globe 1I A. Coe, a Urge ussjrlment ol Drest Coeds, Slices Mrs. Miller's, Lorillard, and R. H and in the mostsati.tsetory l manner. To our friend*
) will be mads 10 effect the lepeal of that I will duly iu'oim: in a fewdnsor ir'ieVhen CUIISIWIIP. of Snuffs- October 19, 1650. 41 al distance, an early attention tn all work which .. .

law fur while the Whig noinin are nearly 7n testimony trlLrr o/ I have hereunto pet my hand \ t lhegoodrib: > the Brodie aie i.penrd in store.A 'izuted Lacbine Broche Poplins ;: may he forwarded to *. will be sven. .5
; : ,
and caused the great seal of the State of Fl.ir- thirteen to a half our best Cfttur.s now sell, ( NY,Kentucky,ar.d Sea Island Basging.NewYork TOWLE A. MYF.RS.Spptrmber .
he Seward the Lind Silks. \ Brebar.ts,
lo a man favorable to platform, [PEAL] i.ii to be aflixt'il at tlie Capitol in the city of Which' pleasps our Planters remarkably well : Jenny Figured Venitiau Silks' '..:i- and Kentucky Rope, for sale by 2*. 1S50. DS tfTowle

Democratic nominees: with but very few ei- 1 invite you azain lo cill at 110, Figured Cashmeres ( October 19.150. 41 F. H. FLACIG.fASH .
TaUaluivi-e this of OctobiT )
on 21f-t Jay A. lrocartefi! urt.l Silks, ( Lustres,
For been there call there asain. de. Myers
crp'ioosare) avowed Freesui'eis.Indiina. i once lIving you'll ,
1S50. THOMAS DROWN, Govmmr.By Pain DP Laine ( Printed De Lainesri ADVANCES made on Cotton shipped

.-There i k \ery little political news the C'nvtrnor-Attest, November 2, IS50. J3 "j. M. WILLIAMS.Tax ( Lvoiu'-e Cloth. S Klk and colV! De Lairi '_) to Holbrooke NeL.unNew York,by HAVCon hand, and arnnw of receivniij CUII.StL.i new an .
"" a-sortoienf GOODS ut
au1! the Peruvian Silk Embroidm-d Cashmere, IS30. 41 K. II. t LAWi. ;
this Siitte October IU, !
from people generally seemto I
C. \V. DOWNING, Sucrelary of State. Co1Ictor'aSale.Y Ghee Silks t Washington Silk. Gs..1d Lever Hunting VVatcbtj. .. ,

he enjHged in something else than ngitalion. virtue of the power vested in me bv law, I Satin de Chine, Dotted wi"s Muslins, HcCARTHY'S COTTON GINS. Gold Anchor Lever d<* .

Though th*>re is a decided freesoil feel.nj MAEEIED. _) bhalt e\po-ir for site, be-fore the Court lI.ute at Ar nun Silks Figured Cap Lace, "HHE subscriber has made further improvement* Silver Lever limiting do

| in the Whig party, from the fact that no On Thursday evening, the 3IM October, in St. _1. c>o these Gins, and as they ate now Lpinear common Jo
is take the Urry Monday of May nest, the follo-.vin described propity Florence and Oil ilks, Black de Chine, Gin _
election noon lo place question that better Iran other Roller '
Jh:t Church. Tallahassee, by the Rev. F. H. Rutled.T or so much thereof a< will pay the State and 30 pe fancy bon't Ribbon 20 Lce Capes. t -ey are any corumand better Gentleni-n's and L-nlie Pnrtment Pir.s.a eeneral a.- :

little dirued. There are a great man} D.D.THOMASP.UE\HAM, Faq., to VIR.GIN1A County Tax due thereon for the year 1350. and the 75 need-itlC-ollars, 2> pe thre d Ed'g i. In*. whatever. TheCottonatsowiIl a of Car and ringer BingaGold Cuatds sod
( in the Slate but in the in- price in New lot k or Liverpool (rum these Gins than Ke>s, Feb and Vest Chair. Seals, CoIcl and Silver _
ugities they are L., the thud daushter of Thoma Brown, neCessary expenses incident theretoto wit : 20 pr 't CufT*, .y pe wove do frrm other Gin. rle fuluwing certificates wi.l!
tciior and Northern portions ot the State, with The I* Jot SEof Sec 21, the N E4: sf Sec 22, Ladies Cr.naN, Kid Clnve-i Linen Cambric Hand- any which! held iupait this Pencils I ,Cold Pens,Gold and Silver S.ectae1e.. Gold ._ _
Governor of the State of riot ida. show the rail mat ion in they are '
arid IVsnm Silver -
Sleeve Collar Buttons Pearl and
hich there is little comm'iuica'ion from use N W 1. Sec 2>, in T2, R 7, North and West, on kerctnef, *,Bat ege.silk, De Ldine and woi>ttd Shawls, ,
very ol Ihe country.GADSPEN Card Gold and Silver ThimbLes
In Tdl'aha' Thursdiv 3lst Of of Ciooked Creek in Gad-iden with nl articles too to Shell Cases, fins _
?p, on veninz to- the waters County, a variety fancy nutiirrous enumerate
other Stair in which the i b
adjacent question Florida, purporting tobol.,n to Fabian Arnii tead. which we offer low lo all who will dill and Fat'!. Silver and UufTalo Ccirbs.AU' t
her Rev. Mile Nah ThOM IS WIIITK} ) '
by ,
COUNT Ha.. 20, t50. Trench Mantle Clocks. Table! Knives. TeTra ,
agitated. The N-uv Albany Ledger, a con. HUGH O. !McLEAN, see us October 21, 1SJ. 42 Sept. >,
lervatue e I Democratic) papr, han frequently Miss VIRGINIA V. V. CALDWKLL, all of this Td\ Collector for Gadsden County. I have been running one of Jarolt's Improved McCarthy's >3Piated and Silver Ware, Silver Table and Ta. '..
Roller Gins fur than three months, Plated l Fork. Cr--an and La-
denounced the ouibued bv the flee ritv. November 2, Is-VX 4J Gin Bonnets Bonnets Bonnets morf Spoons Spoon > Sonp
courte and have, in that timspinned out a large amount of dIe Plated Waiter, do Tea Set- Castor. Candli-

Slates in opposing the laws uhirh arc oal Jefferson Tax Collector's Sale. JUST receive.! per Bri; Ocilla, a large and fancy Cotton with it. It has given me no trouble, and I sticks. Solar Lamps Silve- and Gilt Girandoles.AlHj .
ciliated to restore to the other Stales their OBITUARY. U of the newest style Bonnets offered in have l Ist no time with if. I have also obtained the fine double banelled Guns, Shit and Gair

Died at his residence in W\nnton, on the night of BY virtue of authority vested in me bylaw, I shall tin market this season, consisting of very hizhest market price in Liverpool for my Cotton Ba.zs. and Fhoks. fine pocket Knive. Port Monniei l

right the tub October, COSAM EMIR BARTLETT, in expose l'ir sale.beioie the Coint House door, iuMonlicello Tulip Braid Bonnets, 7 Crimp Satin P.nnnrt. from this Gin. I am much pleased with the Gins,' Port Folios, Violins, Claronelx, and Flutes, fin* Razor '

iIas.cachiscJs.-The feeling] of opposition' Jefters County on the first Monday in Satin Album do ) Scollopedj'd Florence do and recommend them to the public. ?. Strop. i.r.B .,
the 57(1)( vear of IIM age. The deccas'-d ws*a nati e May tiet. S.ction21, Township 1, Ratine; South Pun-talU do Drab Fancy do MIM5.
to the Fugitive Sa\e! Jaw, and the bills piovi. English JAMES .'st qqality and general assortment ff Perfnmer .
of New Hamp ire.bit h1o'g rehl'd in the Snnth, I and Ka'.t. or o much thereof as will pay and satisfy Rice Allmi do \ French Lace do Sir.. &.c. TOWLE t MYER" .
ding governments for New Mexico and Utah, Maria Tahtaro's djTiSle Taxes due the Stale ar.d California Straw di ( Satin Br.lliants do
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Tax Collector for County. October 25,155'). 4i HEIR i. RUST.
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Daniel Webster is called] a traitor to the North during; the Examination,before the **Andrew Literary ;)rne lot sole bffore the Court llouse doorin orchard, and a rood cooper. Enquire of the This U to certify that we have examined the Gins in teaclnn;; in the South and u well .
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In consideration t>t the reduction of freight, the cit,. d. Cslicoee, .
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Whig county conventions, ait H portion of the damsg" to Lime or Hay. Consignee will hold of C.,o\>era Adzes. Stock Howells, Howelling ?, %Veoden and 1 ubs,
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