be inserted agcI.t, cr legal; rep your cas and (rorie. ., I'.n..n._' i. ". -
at t the rate ofOne1)ot1arperqUre resentative. der of Odd Felloxvs boast eta pecular Attract rich bujers from thousand not die who -- --
a only excepted had
replied II '
been the
ef twelve lines for phios. nut : y,, victims of his '
the first, and fifty cent for' each step within
but : no need :
Approved March 2, 1S49. ophy, which is nothing more than of further first grand plot. Here he
subsequent insefiun. A reasonable) Behold, admire a fashionable church engaged in no ostensilile .
will be made on legal notices, estate not, deduci.t!,ycar- [No. ?1 ] ACT the tian benevolence uhdcr another name, t is Look how its oriel! window glints and!gI boys) ; we'll live a long long occupation, save notv and (hen atten
21 department t t ,
!y notices ithout alteration, by persons having; of conccrnii.g arm) pay plain from the following elegant and glowing What tinted light Iagnifctntly streams Bravo's (the man to stick to the ding to small matters of business for his most .

regular accounts with the office., He il tnacteilby the Senate and JImife of llrpresenlativcs description of it, taken from an oration of u On the proud quaint as there's a shot! in the locker,, particular friends. lie often relieved the i '
\1 announcements of candidates for office, FIVE of the fnited Stales i f .America in brother of the order : Where velvet cushions exquisitely nice. .& by him," replied the fellow I of his quiet existence monotony ,
DOLLAR*- in Pressed the way
invariably No atlention by by
ad\ance. assembled. That the pay department of Her's Is a calm sweet realm. Iler's polished preacher's dainty re- ,
Conge6 hearsing the
will be paid! to order'for are Hold a huge past adventures of
any announcement, unless shall! consist of General volume chsped by golden himself and
accompanit with the cash. shall have the rank of colonel a Paymaster], and the same who and I the green pastures and the still waters-her's N'o ringers'soil its satin leaves display now fixed with a deep inten. Pre lit," or by playing off some nw"rl i-s" ;
; reliiuua. marriage, and obituary' notices published allowances pay the ways of and the of TU never used on other height-and xxhlch; the irresistible :,
pleasantness paths
as are at present provided by law, arid ft any day ; galling _was the old dog in 'him xvouU .
gratoftouslv ; but editorial, notices for private the same tenure of office at the head of other dis. peace. The garden which she tills is the human never suffer 'apostolic knoclt ) which they endured be. be at, with a seriousness that :
benefit be The deceived
wH charged :as advertisements. bursing departments of the army ; 0 deputy Pay. heart, and the seeds which she scater Is! perftct sexton texts keeps it in a rose-wod which elapsed during the those who best knew him. even .
marteis, General, with the same rank, and al. bear are read with rnincinp
JOB xv o it K.Vft : lowances as are now provided by law for pay such cfn- wi their fruit in heaven. Her's are Lisped drawled and mumbledspoken half which was going on around One day-it was the first of April, when

are \vll ?red to execute Job Work such ccrs,and the same tenure of ofiire as officer of like the pomp of science, the splendor of gen- I While all arwind the congregation close hill. Suddenly the flag of the Mississippi blood begins to course more

as bills, cards blanks, pamphlets, &c.,with neatness grade in other disbursing departments of the army ; iu!, the glitter of wealth, the might of armies. A Their moral gentle eyes in elegant repose. down amid the strife, and the: idly afier the damp fogs of winter-I wo of rap tho
and despatch. All xvoik of this descuplion, and twenty-five paymaster, with the same rank pay With her pale finger she points to the annalsof Succeed essay the common-place and calm : chivalric spirits Columbus .
except for persons having yearly accounts with I and allowances as are now provided by law for such I the past, and they all become but For thunder cf a lull-choired the tal! combat in engaged in mor
chaft what '
the banner cf
the the
as enemy's one
the office, and the sermon lacks the ; cas- principal i
must be paid for on deli'trBY )'. ofcer same tenure cf office as officers of singing streets but ,
----- in other disbursing departments of the upon the bosom of the wind. Yet sh; stops Great noise for dullness ever makes fortunately did no great d.imagc. to themselves! .
-- But
AUTHORITY.- --I army.'. That it shall be the duty of all disbursing; not herr Speaks she now in tones as sol.! The Doctor's then the musicV spler.did !" Grant goes the flag back again : go, though pistols and bowie-knivrs were

officers of the pay department to renrw then bonds: emn as midnight bell of the nothingness of practiced, and he ouht f fo shouted another of the used. The affair freely :' ,,
When last Legion, xvas too
public however
,furnish to France he to
lor to security, at lea't in four human voyaged-for hi
once ,
Acts and Rrsoutons) passed at the Second Ses a much oftener. as the President may direct.years That or I :I greatness.-Listen again !rand ye He heard the Opera now and then b>' ; flag rose to the top of the stafl)p escape. the notice ofthe authorities, and Mr. I .,
the officers of the shall hear her clarion voice, proclaiming aloud His: choir are artistes, and the breeze. I ? WWM,f n**
o Thirtelh Congress.No. pay department, provided for byff I ought to aggressor,was immcdiatelv Lroll"'lt' .
.he nrst section; of fhi.--;! art.}:l,nnci ..Vi..A Tn d..'*:: that human virtue never dies 1 Appearsshe I They sing at theatres two nights out of ejaculation escaped (lie lip3 of I oeiore the committing magistrate on -tfiw;

[ 17 ] AN ACT ar-endatory of an act entitled master Generalthe two deputy Paymasters Generalnow now with the slinil.-nvs) of deal h tmrm one I 'he In }Jrma dona WIn one could- -.- npnn"r. and each one again fixed his I charge of assault and battery with
"An ac amendatory of the act entitled .\nact in commission the fifteen paymasters who hand, and the history of the world II the Her any other church to give her aid ; scene. The kilt ; and tr. U intcnt to '
vocal contest the
to incorporate the Provident As!ociation of Clerks were in service under the acts in force at the commencement I other upon beauty, her bewitching air, raged on -, party attacked, was
in the Civil Departments of the Government of the of the war with Mexico, and ten to teach how pitiful is individual ambition Fill the pews hereand cram the boxes t vigor, and in a few moments summoned to attend as a witness. A good'

Unite States, in the District Columbia,'" ap. masters be sflec.e. from the, additional paymas pay I ( and how senseless the love of self!-look When from. her lips t e thrilling solo ( hill was bidden from sight, by deal excitement was manifested, since both I., I

3J March. 1823. ters( now in !rf' the thirteen paymasters au again and ye shall behold her descending Damsel and dandies cease awhile to doze of smoke which hung thick a.I I parties were gentlemen \
Be it enacted ly the Senate and House of Rep.icsentatires thorized by I the acts of seventeenth of June, eighteen upon her angel pinions of "love and she quavers to her usual pause, hour the Court respectability, awl. .
charity, A ; passed, and as a room was filled
somethiiig hums like strong j soon with
hundred and '
of the Unitfd StallS of America in ily-MXand the third of March, eigh I i- persons
Congreti assembled., That from and alter the first t teen hundred and forty-seven. gather the entire human family beneath While thp plump parson placidly upprtsse surveys down the plain, and lifted the I eager to see the issue of the trial. .r 1

hy of January, eighteen en hundred and forty-eight Approved March 2:1549. their ample folds. Comes she now in the Ills people's backs, all greet his height, the enern's) flag I The prosecution exhibited a'qufet firmness .", \

the funds of Provident Association of Clerks1'fchall shape of a hcary philosopher, worn and bent And He ne'er t'bukt's-not he-the careless ; from the staff. A mo. j and self-satisfied air tliat; clearly indicated .,
be appropriated and paid to the families of deceased [No. :2)] AN ACT to continue the at Sand's with weight she hardly would were they to chat aloud! anxiety followed and confidence of their
ligb years thru
tle the
comes a- But reads the success. P D
service or felt
members, at the following rates to wit : To Point, on Long Island.fie the ofa quickly as lie can- the \
the families of such members may die at anytime it enacted by the Senate and Howe of Rep gain shape ministering angel, v.ithsmiles Mild,easy pleaiant, soft, considerate ran up the staff and floated case was a bad one, ;:tad the probable pros

during the first five years of (their membership the resentatives of the Unitid States of.110 lea in of sympathy, and tears of pity, to the Full fifteen imr.utesby the clock he doles the battlements. pect oftwo or three years incarceration in _

amount of the subscription which *-liall have been Congress assimlled, That so much of the fourth abode of xvant, and the house of death." His drowsy doctrines to somniferous souls, >m," thundered tile deep voice the Stale prison rendered his s
paid in by such members respectively, with: the ad section of the act cf the third of March, eighteen Who, well contented when the blessing's ( ; and the next j thing but enviable.! Seized thoughts any .,
dition thereto fifty per centum ot (he amount hundred and fort.sevencntitted"} act authorizing Joe.-Talk of Stroll to 510. music through the gorgeous moment thirty also ere ho had .
-n Tle pedigrees, forsooth: lime
paid in by them; to the familef of members dying at (Ihe erection of certain light houses, and for other us ofthe And in the streets their smiles and dress were swinging in the last sgo- to consult a lawyer, he appeared without ,
anytime during the f\ years, an additional purposes," as requires.the light at Sand's like TalLllslcrcen, Howards, and As it God's Sjbbath were a gala day. from the gallows ;-and as they I the aid of counsel. But casting his eyes over __ _

sum of seven dollars and a for every quarter of I to be discontinue be, and it i i hereby, Plill'j Jew mu yesterday Show me a rising sunbeams which glanced I the crowd, and seeing Shocto! Jones, whose

each of said succeeding year? ; to the families of 2, 1S4'J. and we will show you a man whose From the Cincinnati *onpaicit. no look sympathy f fell! upon i: tact was known t to him, whos't t face
members dying assuredly,
ten )'far an at adJlticna anv time during sun-01 the siv next uouars succeeding and I [No. 23 ] AN ACT to amend an act entitled "An genealogical, whose tree springs from limn Abraham's bosom TIlE FATE OF TilE FOREIGN !! features, for all considered that: j in its! graver phase, might pass: fur a Soloman's!

twenty-five cents of act ( authenticating certain family is older the decalogue, \ their file. and who had just commenced fhe :,*
every quarter each said succeeding Ir records, approvt-d j and who bears study of the
years; to the families of r n\ber dying at February twenty-second, eighteen hundred and incontroveitible! evidence in tIn. C. CHIP3IAX. was me tuie oi the orcign law. hl l .orocured- -- -H_f'n_ ," n___ ._,. L.' v
any time during the next years, an follynine.Ee every line of his oriental countenance, of the scorned all the attributes of t'at, in the emergency,UY.UUIUUl"U he could ;IT
additional "um of five dullars for eH"IY quarter of it enacted ly the Senate and Houic of Hcprcsentaticciof authenticity of his descent through myriads of The morning of the 11th of love of country, which his cause in better hinds. net intrust I
teach: of tiaid succeeding to the tatnilie tIl' lrntttd StattsofAmtiicain, gener '
years ; of Con. successive broke clear
members. djtl at any time during the next succeeding grrte usuiniUtd, That (the tnt section of the act t-n- generations. You see in him a and calm! over Ihe dark American bosom left the stan The xvitnesses were unanimous. They .'.: i

ten > additional. sum of six dolarl and titled .An act for authenticating) certait. recoids," living argument of successive generations.You .- lug battlements of the castle of and a handful of comrades, testified that on account of a, difficulty which '

twenty-live cents for eveiy quarter' of tach aid approved February twentyecond, eighteen hundred see in him a lring argument ofthc truth The flag of Mexicans streamed r enemy's country, surrounded occurred between the belligerents, D

succeeding years; and to the familir-s of mcmben aid forty-nine be and the same is hereby amended of divine \' ; in him you behold out from the ramparts, and wared in force, to lend a armed himself and -had ,
hing at any time after the thirty.filth ad. so to read as follows : Section Be the helping subsequently meeting with '
year an a 1. it literal fulfillment .t
mar. ofthe in .
ditional s im of I\eh.t dolar and fiity cents lor every ted by, the Senate and House of Representatives of him prophecies, ; with gorgeousness gentle breeze I ; the brave little army u h'ch I>-, had deliberately discharged a pistol at .i t
quarter of each of lid tucceeding years: so thatat the United! States of America in Congress assembled. you ascend the stream of time, not voyaging swept along the plain. Shining I to death or victory. I is. him evidently with intent to kill. The \1'

the end of (the fifth tenth, twentieth twenty- I' That it may and shall be lawful for keepers by the help of the dim uncertain, and glietening sabrrs reflected hack ,' -hooted :and despised they finished the examination of their[prosecution .
ffh. Ihjrf '-fWh, and foitieth years or persons hatingthecutlody of f light but bright and wit'I': I
respectively lw.ju ;ment. I3CiOJS otIradilion. guided by an ,I rays deep-moiitlicd cannon doom. nrsses tvtinoui interruption or contradiction
firry member dying at cither of tho c periods shall orders, decrees journals, correspondence, or other I. eman tol; of light which, to his nation I ed out upon the surrounding rrnm tll pris ner's sidl'; .. 4
have country and
provided for his family out of the funds of the public documents any foreign puvernmcnt or its.I : the maistrate ,,. ,
association the sums of I \'ent.the, two hundredand agents, relating to Ihe title to lands claimed by or I was a" cloud by day and a pillar of fire I by I cuing death and destruction! to the AND HALE. now only wai'.et! \Vhat could be shown in hfa '

twent '.fve, four hundred and seventy-five live under the Uuitcd States, on the application;' : ti the night : in him ) see the representative of I (foe. On they %camp, filing our, I defence. ; ;

hundred seventy-five, eight hundred and twenty) head of one of the departments) !, (lie Sllicihr of the the once faxored people of God, to whom as column, from the suburbs of the little Appeal is responsible for the Shocko beheld every ground of hope washed 4 I !5

rive and one. thousand ami scven.ftve- dollars respectively. Office Treasury, to,authenticate 0 the Commissioner the of General Lan.J to the chosen of mankind He revealed himself :. ofTacubaya, and sweeping like a de! \ story : from"under his client like sand but most a '

Sec.2. And be ilfwthcr enacted, That with the! seal,and certify. the same to same be correct under and his hand true and their legislator, protector, and king ; who tornado upon the devoted ramparts. AM JOHN P. H.\LC.-A genius; when most pinched, he determined tu ] tr.

consent of three-tout' of all the contributing membeis lea of such laws: judgments, oll. rs, decrees, jour cop. ]I brought them out tf the land of Egypt, out of ly, from the batteries of the castle, a : was Washington last sum make a bold stroke to are him.

the foregoing rates may, at any time, be increased nals, correspondence or other public documents ; I the h&.uc of bondage.! You IJtfwt! him csUblished flame and smoke slot forth, and all : car."r us the following anecdote, The principal witness, tthb' Was an old \,. J

may be or deemed diminished warranted, and or subsequently required by)' alered. a' and minister when) (he or same consul shall under be certified his hand t,and y an seal American of of. UK it \ere, for ever pleasant I lengthened line, the missiles of ooJ to he lost : Col. Ilailcell, of much! simplicity! as" well as honesty:, of char-man :: 1)

existing funds of f the association : FrvcidcJ, That fice, or by a judge c one of the United States courts! places allotted him you trace him by ihe pe. f'ath'rnt hafcd in Land cutting four others, was standing: in acter, was called to the stand. Every: cy* r

any anl every such act of alteration, duly attested under his.hand seal, to be true copies of the culiar mercy of his God, in his transition state n'jble! and brave, the good and S. Hotel; when a Virginian Was fixed: on Jones as he soberly addressed '

bv presiding and recording officers of- the as,o- originals: the same !hal! be seated Up by him and from bondage to freedom ; and by the innate strewing all! in one mingled mass of stating he had a couple! of ne him. }

iation, and under its seal, shall be filed within ten returnhd to the S, of the Treasury, who depravity of his human nature, blood. War, with all its blasting, and would like to Hud a purcha. .. Are
from acquainted! with Mr.
you D
after the file the in his prosperity I t tho
da1 adoption thereof, in the office of clerk same office, and cause it to be '
fhal// to ) ?
ho is '

the county of Washington, whose duty it i is hereby said laws, judgment, orders, decrees purpose., journals, cor 1 him on, you find him the serf of Home ; into many a hertofore happy family, and was a gentleman in the *Yeo., I know him xvell! ?Ty ;if. ,

wade to f"ord the ,same in his ( e: reipordeuce. or other public document*, SO fled,or you trace him from the smouldering ashes of ing down father and husband, the was desirous of buying a '. He is a brave man, is he riot VJ '
Ssc. 2. And be it father rnacted, That of the earnest) recorded in said book, I Jerusalem would! show ; ,
\ any may be in an out cast and : wanderer in all brother, in terrible and bloody him. According Yes, remarkably cool! and brave."
member of the association; who has evidence in all courts where
been the land
t hereafter be, remoed fron office, may at ,any or tune may ed by or under! the United Sutra title may to come claim into lands ; the persecutor of Christ, you find him consigning them to one common and I the reading room, and poin. '. Is he not a good shot 1" ,' .

liereatler, and after tuch removal, discontinue hie I question, equally witl the originals thereof. the persecuted of Christians, bearing ing grave. While the faces of the wil Hale the abolitionist, "I f believe he is rather noted! as a"marks.. {

I Quarterly payments .to the funds of the association,. Annroved 1S49. things, fifron"j in the pride nf _fmr___n>nn__. .!..>,.,.al.. sisters. at. home were, perhaps, \ man." The Virginian: went rnan_"
f ji uuu uisicdu ui IIITCUV forfeit in iiif previous paJj 'i.----.- --- I edge, stiff.nccked and f smiles, that (If-me- I | to him; and 1lflfar .4
j gain aJ ing, hoping all nu&uanu anu onereu to sell did ydu :Mr. D front{ ?
meats: as in the 1---- say -xvas (
I provided otigmal act of incorpora r L L t things, For the Lord xvill have writhing in the of death The surprise of Ibis noted I R |
tion of Maid elocution, by discontinuance, &D_ (l mercy on Jacob I I agony upon a I -when the pistol was fired ?" ''. ,
I there shall be paid to the .mcl such member at '-- .-. --- tt ) and will yet choose Israel, and xvill set i soil, and breathing out Jif '15 last sigh proposal to sell him a ne- j Q iite near ; not more than six or eight {

his death,such an amount of the ai iJ funds as they' tE\SPAPER PATRONAGE. t them in .their own land ; and the strangers the roar of cannon and the rattle: of imagined. His face col |I paces." f% < t

at would the' time have he been discontinued entitled to his had his death.occurred I l The article-which shall )Jej joined with them, and they shall cleave The scenes of that fearful 2nd fatal ; and he would probably I I I You say that D-Is a cool man, and a .r: 1"." .1 i;.
payments. following we from t to the house
SE 4. And be further enacted That: it shall I the (;ac/c, contains copy JacoL.-Blacklod. will never be forgotten. temper, when he saw Has- I I j good shot. Do you see any rl'tl"nvby ho '" 'j .
be lawful for member ci said more truth to his laugh. :' did hit !--:1t i '' 0
a association who has I than poetry. The A But while this was transacting around suppress not that distance ?
a wife and children to designate his widow as enti only way for newspaper tcautjfizl Extraet.-LaIJor Why, man seemed to flash him.- No. I '
publishers pultcpec, another and still upon was surprised that U
a more -
to rid I was not
themselves idleness ,
tied to receive the wh' le of such labor
benefit rocked
ot hi* membership: customers you in the cradle and who sent him. The Vir killed." "
it is to do scene, was passing in the little town :
t no widow, his children or such of them he business the Las nourished r $ 'j> .
as exclusively on cash ,
; life Huskell.
may your pampered without Hale then said ** "
designate; and if no child or children, then such) principle, or to keep a Black List and t the woven siiks and wool ; it, coux, some half utile distant from 'J' Perhaps I can tell you, insinuated SllOCi t' ; .

person or persons a he may designate,(or adptI) !1.y the defaulters : publish be in the silk upon your back would At the battle of Churubu, the de! Hale, the notorious abolition. ,i ko, who up to this time had asl cd his questions '
worm's ,
pvjng notice in writing; to the president and board I Iofoflicers "This thing called the nest, and the fleeces in der Riley had been captured, and afier I you are, exclaimed the ne.I with Ihe greatest sobriety, but whose eipres- ** f
of the shepherd's fold. For < )
name or of such newspaper patronage the noticing this the .
names meanest episode site
or ,
(persons. person is a curious thing. It is that thing I partial .trial sentenced to be hung. cDuntenanfce noxv assumed a smiling, .
comJO.ed of as luiliter to human want, save the air of known ( the title oflhe Senator continued, and knowing look, as ho Do : :
SEC5. And be it colors were by proceeded.
fm'lhe enacted That much a rainbow and heaven you V-
so I a man it indebted ,
to toil
a and the ( lJaskE"J1)) is the man who lost know LId
tithe ; even
( zion and made gentleman, that this the
original4ct oincorporatiouand of the act of ble a chamelion. air, by God's were up from w First oj i
the third of March! eighteen hundred and twenty- "a One subscribes wise ordination, is breathed with'IlIJr. had deserted from the ranks cube Gordo. You are in a bad April Does'nt TiiATurxplairi: the whole mat! ; ,
man for ,
It i is
fire amendatory thereof is inconsistent, a and only the drones who toil ." "I believe I I .
as newspaper
with the not who am, by t ter ? he added :
; and the I
force of the half-closing after
provisions of the act, be and the s-.ite is hereby, re pays for it in advance, with the proud satisfaction i ilfest ihe hive activity like masses joined enemy. )r j! the Virginian, and walked I oflhe eyes the t : ,t
fur their who winked
pealed. I InODT. that it is his He lion and set execution was the Mth scamp himself into j
own. hands: in an ad. decay. The lords J
of the earth intently, first at Hale and the j"
C. WINTROP, vcrtisenient asks the the are tember-and it also happened that authorship ofa book ofep'gramstrokli1'
and xvoiking:
price for it. men, who .
Speaker of the House pays can build or cast down : his chin and S"
of nrJrls nt;tjves. This is newspaper at their will, and who lack upon Chapultepec took place the pulling out andVisting his It."it
G. patronage. retort the .
M. .
I ,
sneer the goat" fnto comical peak *1 11 ro-Ith C n A ,
day. ,
most L
Another .solt.handed / To the
Vice President of the man by Cincinnati Cam-
UII.d State", says please put my nameon pointing to their I. inimitable coolness. "Lit
and list subscribers wherever trophies Tho sun had just risen, and : the credit of the l!
of the Senate. your ; and goes off xvifh. art, science, civilization tinged following (
___ .., humanu I.I.with The hint
Arraovro March 2, ISItI. out a* much as hating said pay He : *iu Hiiuun.1.- urn on his purple rays they were led look. The witness, giggling did 1 1
once. \ man '
JAMES I. POLK.t.o. asks you to advertise, hut he says nothing a. royalty is yet to be acknowledged labor t thy die. Thirty in number, and] surrounded Alb'afros, Capt. C. D. remember that it teas All-fools day-the pros. :. l,+ '

t 181] AN ACT making appropriations for tInaymentofnay bout pay for it. Time pas!ess, your patience rises upward Id the highest throne ofpoxvcr. strong body of men, they advanced with : yesterday afternoon from i, ecution began to feel foolish-th& magistrates ; h

pensions for the year ending the; I is exhausted and dun him. He flics in a steps towards the gallows, the muffled the trip up, the Albatros I looked like they were on thorns and taking I "

thirtieth. of June, one thousand eight hundred and I passion, hcrhaps: Jot, perhaps not. Change seems to be written in the face ofa sending forth its solemn death notes, and stop at the mouth of Oreen medicine-a spontaneous! burst of applausw ", q I ,

fifty.: enacted ly tic Senate I I Another mal has been subscriber a yankee. He is never contented. If he is ing to the whole the appearance of a hogsheads orslj ar. She and laughter arose from the audience, and the _
and Itoase I
'f,ltt tees of the United States of America of in llfpre-Con i long time. He becomes tired of you, and boot-black or clam digger, ten to one that you ry funeral rather than a public at night-no light to be !sheriff one hand to his side and the other '". .

prett c"tmb/t That the following sums be, and i I wants change. Thinks he wants nn Eter find him at the bar or in the pulpit. If educated They were arranged under the gallows, \ was at high flood-the cramming his handkerchief into his mouth! : '
NIC Tells for the be was one erected for the almost found it i impossible to stop the noise and confusion" .
lme hereby appropriated out of any money paper. the post.mnster to discontinue, ministry may be fiund teach- purpose-being being entirely in. a
JO the treasury not otherwise, appropriated, for the and one of his papers is returned to hug at some conspicuous corner. his father ing more than t\"'o large posts set that ensued. The truth (as they all 1 0 t. r-
Pavtnenlot I
1 I thirtieth of! June navy,pensions one thousand for the eight year hundred ending and the I marked refused'. Paying up for it is among you puts him to a mechanical trade, he wiuot be [ the ground, across the top of which was I the captain, \who keeps thought the fl>s\n) had atrai suddenly.* flashed nrl upon. them,. that. t,! t I.

lf : hip I net of Lis i tllthls. L."iPJL! 10 *..q tt. t liiu any ways contented, unless he sets ,. }im. a_cole sufficient length to admit the ? pistols fl */ forth, ** :m *l 1 r
.. --
pay invalid pensions, forty thousand dollars ; money to tend to an Eastern .l I r.eisorne mercantile bisincss. To-day he is of thirty men. JJencam: nine prisoners i !!' sang a toice frdrrt the TRItc: planned by fehccko, and the court, j

.rTo"* pay the pensions>or widows and orphan of of- After a time you look luLletJcr. one thingcand to-morrow another. He will arranged, with the noose around their 's.I highly indignant that their worships should j
{ To I.I pay seamen% the pensions And marine of invalids*, fifty thousand who were dollars wound-; and snc a hi of balance due. But docs be, dig gardens, saw wood, teach school, or preach, .-tho other end of the rope being I wharf-boat ? Show a light be thus! humbugged, immediately left in disgust .

e on board of private armed voseU during the bat pay it cheerfully and freely We leave himto or even edit a newspaper, if necessary fur a ver the pole, was grasped by three or for you,' cried the cap.

ar rwnii Great litiuin, three thousand dollars. I answer. too, is support, but he will not be idle.-Scientific stout men, ready, at a moment's \\' Thus[ may some good be occasionly I produced .

Approved March 2, 1S49.. newspaper patronnge. American. launch them into eternity. A gloomy drifted -there aint by the reputation of being a "sad l 1bLoi.v'4! ( ifc"i''

pervaded the spot, and as can't land 110 freight Shocko had often manufactured of
IN'o J 10 ] AN ACT "Another man lives near -never Advertising. little man behind a they gazed JOU joke out vjl ft
of you big
declaratory act for tIle c
*dmi tionol' the State of Iowa into i the I Union. l took your paper-it is too small don't like rock with a platter full of pearls, at only one the group collected there, they found no reply nothing, but never before converted a serious ?
ikit enacted In the! Senate and Jorut of Jiejt-) the editor, don't like the politics--too xvhig. I cent a piece, and keeping his own counsel .i pathising glance in the scowling faces shouted {he captain and fight" into a niere AprU.fooltrick. And as a f$ r'\\

'rl( /ti"n of tlie United States .1rmca in gish, or too something else-yet would probably sell nothing. It is of the, I glaring eyes which were fixed upon ( .' fee fo f his skill, he demanded of his delighted N> > | .

*'olgrtl'fw the admission Utmbled, of That the by the act entitled "An tar f to his neighbors and reads his goes by a regu good greatest importance to make yourself and They had destroyed the last feeling of yourself end let mo sec to client punch and cobblers for the company. a
State your
of Iowa into
the took Yours
for them when
"oo,"approved December .Iwenty-cight, eighteen -find* fault xvith its contents, disputes; its goods known. A frog in the night attracts they up arms truly, DR-mu-us. t
*utdre and fortyix., the position; and more attention than their own countrymen. The usually cried the c8 tafn.
United States as-sented t. quarrels will its type. Occa.sionally an ox, for be crie aloud
application for the brow of Col. II' who the Voice.
niadejn support of common achixiU, sees an article likes-sa\'e half and spares not. The profits arising from ad.verlising -y The Maryland Senator. The appointment
tIi thetecond ectionof the article of I dime and the execution was contracted by a deep( In, her yawl, and, sure e-
: e Constitution of aid, State ten'l begs a number. This, too, is news are not conceived by those who have by Governor Thomas of Benj. C. Howard,
The the cent. of and hi. twinkled with a bundle his
deep arm
*"* proceeds of the vales of frer lands paper patronage} not tried it. To those who have, we need grey eyes 'democrat; as U. S. Senator, id place of Mr. .'

.uhi"' (kc Sale of Iowa, and of the five hundred Another sports a fine horse, or perhapsa not say a word for they will never discontinue (their sockets, 81 he galloped up to the the rising waters stealing Johnson, must stand ct least until the last ''
In his
tlouand of the"(rca land printed to said State by the pair of them-is always seen with whip in the cUltom.ranltc. and reined smoking charger : place. Monday (which is ths last day) of December

'and/' H fourth of September, eighteen hundred hand and on them. next, al which time the
foot-single of
d: -ae; *lld 'land 'lo be f''ecled' in 1 legal sub- spur man-no use Coolness.-A duellist, who f.incled Is all ready, Lieutenant lIe .-A practical alliance the new Legislature ;
tUIOO or for him to take a knows Slate, chosen the \Vednesdnria October
hot *less -
-" llian three *hundred and twenty nexvipaper enough. Iya \ll had won an officer who commanded thfi I ard. in.Lowell, has been U
Finally, Le concludes to marrieddoessosends t the affections will mfiet according latv. The
APproved> get of his lady love I left the room thing the officer. new 1
March 2,1S4D. notice ofthe ? Every replied ,i purpose* sects u. Congress will then have been in session
a fact with a pt'asepublish with the ominous words, You will hear fromme four ., .4
"Then let them swing; was the \ Sabbath evening service
1 txo and send half dozen .' weeks. The reduces the
.r J AN me copies. This sir !1"u I appointment number

"' ]1aDlu and olhe-to atlow volunteers tuln.i.fence, Who have fo certain bc-cn done, dot a be ever pay for notice or papers! Well, do 10 !I" replied" the Yankee : glad reply.Tho Lieutenant, : turned r and_ adtinc. Unitarians' sept to, and be .lo the reach Catho all!! of whig* in the 17. S. Senate for the time

i I'f'tntll' Vs5f in M'vico. No, but surely you don't charge for such things? on't, write once in a while ; I be glad ards the prisoners, whcrf suddenly tho truth being, lo 23, and increases the number ofd 1
flqelrZ sbal } religious and im- ,
: 33 tfif!
fittial and *' *n>crats to giving latter a
14 > too is lo hear from often majority
"' <" Utt fitted itutt, J01t i of Jl,1 'LII newspaper palrofiago. I you as as you a mind to the Colonel fell upon the Castle, and i .Lowell ; and crowds arc 10, out ofa total of60 members. Batlimort
> Another blew it docs I let know how -
UI ( man ( you, us good us you get alonj deadly roar of the artillery reached his cvcziin". "

__ _

-' ..


.. -.
-- _
_. .-- .--, -. .;:.. -- :-- -,- -- '- :=>--.t-: : -_- .J __-_-_-__.m 0 .
U- '
.. L- -. .
( I ____ T.------ -- -- HOW ARE THE FALLEN. !:That happened that Old Zack had not
:-...__ _, _o"I'i = J._::0 =_ : 0 Position of President "nJI r. hoiTY to
' ; )! & JOURNAL. whig 4* Messenger hear (tom the Senate, but had
From ..'- //lh', Sunday.Mettengcr.A .. Our government just at this time presents strong paper already, very

FRIEND ix :\EEP.-The colored rae'thiscountry in By sunrise the streets be state of things altogether unprecedented.There (Ga.) speaks as follows in regard to Mr..Clay's early in the day, sent in his commlmi ation. 0' .

never wanted friend more than and in an hour there were : m1t & It. B. I1ILTOX ., a is at the head otiS, in the place wh."re proposition for emancipating slaves in Ken. When Mr. Atchison had finished addressing '

the time-not proft8singfricnh avenue, many lookirg as AND PROPRIETORS. him ho' in l the
they do at present of the tuck : replied strain
statesmanship following :
and best y
hunted the through the highest
how much political
jta1 who be made calculate by being clamorous in their cap. in vain. The various March' 24, 1849. country is required, a man who has no experience "It otcifrs to us tint Mr. Clay cannot be Good gracious You don't tel me- .

behalf can but true friends, who wish to see them bodies formed according in political affairs, and whose opinionson serious in his proposition. Such an act as he waiting all this time. Why, gentlemen, I

and When has Africa published programme, and .. by the President., proposes would not be an act emancipation, sent up Col. Bliss two boors
comfortable! happy. I the various prominent questions of the day the people of ago to the Sen.
tinder divine displeasure point of rendezvous. ; i to office made by but simply an act compelling "
been 1 Laboring appointments ate !
happy ; and .
Without pledges, sell their stares and become Abolitionists.
made known.
a marked and differently created :. military corps, were we see with equal surprise arc not Kentucky) The old
be the gentleman is
him. would
Such certainly
he prac. eridenily
its his views avows disposed
from the white man: alwiys at war with ida avenue, through without dirclosing
race slaves I. packed with a dense mass the names of two Deniocnttt of the whole tical effect of,the proposed movement. make short work ceremonies.
sold peo
as of the and
rach other in their own country, elf a man people,
: : for the had expired.: The itrd Surely Mr..Clay could not have thought ;
by our Northern ancestors, and purchased! by ing barely room and though calling himself a whig, he .
the South to 'till the land, the only comfort, blue crowd, people might to arc Col. Bigger, Post Mas\ pie, moderation such resistance to seriously of this matter. If the letter in question [CroP THE JLRrDU: A:4D JOtRA1] ih"T.
such think
different nations, in their professes contains bis deliberate opinions, we Messrs. Editors
protection, security, and safety which they I and George Loynll, Esq., in :Haying a. 1 :
: from the North American ties such a to know no party the has made a most fortunate
have ever enjoyed since they left the land of Norfolk. Such liberality on party purpose country escape personal acquaintance you, 1 feel)
Cub, i uin what is called their slavery in the and Persian. There were his administration, that one is obliged to won.der in that we have another and A different man hesitation ;in offering an article for your
Southern States ; and this comfort and safety post coaches filled with Administration can scarcely what he really means to do. Can a man at the helm of the national government. and the only apology! I have for intruding

they are about to be robbed of by a host of London and Fairfax, Va. to the great body of the with his reputation for honesty, after thus absolving But i civcs the' 'unkindest cut of all' in the on your columns is; the importance of ,

pympathizihg politicians, calling themselves and porlico on the avenue W i .. connection' with' fallowing.:; How wonderfully this great man cause I wish to present. It'i no !less 'than :
of the coloredrace. ) ladies and children while himseJffrom all par. I the
free.soil men and the friends ; within the last cause Literature, cause of a sourid\ \
perambulated the street Burt; master, and James I ty schemes," submit his policy to be dictated has fallen from his high estate thorough, Education, for both sexes of our

litre, at the North} ,the poor blacks arc not 10 A. M., the thousands master, cleared on the 10th by any considerations affbqting(the wellbeingof twelve months. It seems there soon will be rapidly increasing population. .

permitted to work alongside of the white solid body for the Capitol ; Yoik for St. Marks. The party by which he is claimed 1 none so poor to do him reverence..' When I look over this fair portion of the

Wo reduce them to the lowest gradesof cisely! the head of tle is South and the
man. be into the "This whole scheme emancipation sunny see hundreds of children
at will to enquire
Josselyn, master, was up His first duty
civilization by making them our servants, site Coleman's Hotel. wild and visionary-unworthy of the bold! and I uneducated, and the scarcity of
Once marshal and his aids, a \ St. Marks on the 1-llh inst., to condition of the country, and to frame his !terar.nsti.
nur waiters, and our dependants. they i chivalrous citizens Kentucky ; and the promulgation tutions among us, while at the sro W' !
'fere permitted to follow the bumble employ tillery company, five measures, if any are needed, to promote its of such sentiments by Mr. Clay, at have ample means at command, I ti sure

ments of carrying; up bricks and mortar, but three companies of rifles interests. But on this subject he has already the present juncture, cannot fail to produce a there is great responsibility somewhere ; and

ibey werekicked from the ladder 1 by our white citizens and strangers ; Clijon Abolition. said, that the country is in a bigh state of i profound sensation throughout the' land. It is that as stewards of the mercies of a gracious

fellow citizens. They clean boots, scour elect, James K. Poik, published a long letter, giv. What, then, will he do, having a palpable yielding to the spirit of fanaticismwhich Providence, we shall be held to a strict account .

clothes, but arc not permitted to sweep streets Speaker of the House as to the propriety and best prosperity. is unworthy of Mr.Clay, and which, we for\ these things in the day to com,. ,

-they do not own or command a ship. ; they a coach and four gras, hing slavery in the State of before his eyes a proper respect for the position are pained to think, gives evidence ofa pec. The generation children rising up around

are only co ks and stewards-they are not corps of cavalry! ; next, he holds 1 Will moderation" suggesta dy waning of his high intellectual: and moral us, will soon take our places in society,charged

merchants, bankers,or brokers-they hold no a distance, temperance readers>> are aware that in change of that policy which permits, if it falulie. Surely it is no longer Henry Clay with all the responsibilities of a generation .

public appointments and are rudely thrust juvenile company: of the subject of a new c.sti. u. docs not create, this prosperity ? The mod.eration" Kentucky who speaks thus to the American in the world's history, and if uneducated

from our cars and carriages-we do not eat ature field-pieces. These ( slavery, and the expcdi- for people, upon a grave question like that of while in our charge, how desolating, and des 0
H ith them or pray with hem,and in our places cession, in which, in all, for its extinction, hl.hecn of a party man might, aught we emancipation. He has had the credit of once tructive the influences upon social and civil 3.
nfamusemeut there arc and divisions in than a thousand persons. know, but it would seem highly inconsistent in time
pens before the people of that State. saving this glorious Union, upon this very society, to come, resulting from our
'\hic.h they may sit by themselves. II it any about the avenue .' that one who has so repeatedly repudiated the question. True, the country has failed to reward -. ne-ftec of the use of means placed within our

wonder that they are poor, vicious, and the as many person There I I & Mr.\ Clay's opinion of idea of being in the least controlled by any him for his noble daring. God grant. reach for the educating and moral training of

inmates of our hospitals and prisons ? And been less!! than thirty ( lie avows himself in favor of bias should yield to such suggestion. If that }he may not now, Erostratus like, fire the the blooming youth of our happy and growing

yet we, who persecute, neglect and repudiate Capitol and on the ; and designates 1355 or party Temple in order that posterity may know that country. To educate cur children soundly
the free black man here, arc filled with holy building. Congress and I he finds the Sub Treasury answering the fi.nnnciul thoroughly therefore work of ,
of them, being a fit time when Henry Clay has perished in its ruins. i 3 no ordinaryimportance. .
zeal to make the slave free at the South and of foreign' governments, ; ourooses! of the .Government.. and this .

deprive him of a home, of food and clothing the Supreme Court, 3 commence. He is earnest cannot be r-------reasonably denied, he will let it The following extract from the Unlm, I would then most earnestly lift up my voice

and of a kind considerate master ; and we chamber. at _an cathy. some definite time should be stand. If the tariff raises sufficient revenue, shows the practical contempt of the whigs forth and sound the alarm throughout the land, and

struggle for that freedom even at the expense ready to perform the begin it ; and thinks that slave ; urge the people, all the prople,in place 1 1to
of the of office the every
interest spoils contempt they preachhas
and to the administration of and is not oppressive upon any
nfbreaking down, dividing, destroying awake from their f
evil will slcmberings this
glorious republic Well may the blacks say: the new President. and country, and it will hardly be denied to be been dinning in the ears of the people for subject, and begin to put forth all their upon energies ;

.. Save us from our friends Save us from thepity ministered to the Vice wealth, respectability, satisfactory in these respects, that will not be these many years. We are glad to sec that to establish permanent literary institutions,

and protection of the political abolition delivered the usual she has rid her soil of it. I, materially chang?d cither. If our relations Taylor,unlike a few of his modest supporters and furnish them with competent teacben
after the arrival of the
hts !1"Ybat proposes that all negroes born of favorable char. thinks there are some democrats worthy to be instructors that care for the hearts as as
countries a
with other are wet
\ is to become of the poor free blacks: front of the Capitol the \ fixed to begin emancipation the heads of our Let
when thrown \tpon the world without protection Senate chamber, the acter, and they certainly are, they will not be retained. united effort to ebidren. and J
for life and that those born concentrate our means,
,deprived of their happy home in the slave of the building! came out ; disturbed. If our navigation and commerce are TiE SCENE AROUND US soon very soon, every town and populous

Stales, and of kind and sympathising! : masters ? co, which had been shall be free at the age of flourishing and improving, which will be ad. Tie swarm of office.hunter continues to in the country could be supplied
The Governor Virginia, in his late message I and railing for the ; But he is opposed to their re. the members of the cabinet. The neighborhoo
them will not be a good Ichool,permanently established
to the Legislature, proposes to direct by .law I. the space in front, and \' the State and, to obviate that mitted, the laws regulating : President having thrown them off*from him. and furnished with competent instructors.--!

'that the free )blacks shall lca\c the Sate.-: ing place in the rear, that a wa"should be substantially alte red. If manufacturing pros. i self has only cast them with eager impatienceupon This done, hundreds children now sobered

True, they woik but little: avd idleness; : is the man beings, General pcrs, a fact which cannot be concealed, it his Secretaries. These functionaries to wander up and down the country, or dwell
'arent ofcrime-truc, they corrupt the honest inaugural: address and colonizing them in Africa, will not be thought necessary) to give them ad. I are begging for time to look! into their claims, all life long in the greatest ignorance and obscurity
slaves useless to them. administered by the by hiring them a sufficient time and the calls of and the
and industrious arc ditional protection. And, so we might con. are pleading visitor would be well educated, and preparedto
olves, and a burden and injury 'to the Slate. prcmo Court. This, the : to pay the expense. Tho chil. 'that necessary business of their office, as an ex. fill the various departments in with
but little society
of the ceremonies the tinue the catalogue, finding a
essential to the whiles is lo Some few of the
That freedom so" I cuse delay.
who become free at twenty five ofce-seek.i profit to themselves and credit to the clay on
them an unbearable burden. What, however, sight of near thirty i certain of time man of moderation, free from party schemes, I ers have gone home, dissatisfied complain. : which they have to live.

is to become of 100,000 poor, friendless, flee women, and children- a length would have occasion greatly to change.It I ing. The many who remain have become i You have doubtless! heard of FLETCHER

blacks, diivrn from their own States to take as we could learn, not off to the colony. In this way would be unreasonable to suppose that only the more chafed, and the more impatientfor I INSTITUTE, located near Thomasville! Ga.,
in the North where we allow them so occurred, nor did be gradually abolished their Is there danger lest the
refuge ) may no
I Gen. Taylor views these things we do, and prey. I under the direction of the Florida Annual
r few privileges ? Suppose all the slave States I the pleasure of any of the evils to be apprehend. a let moral courage of the President should yield, Conference of the M. E. Church, South.
their free blacks" My\ fi lends, throng. Having been th therefore we do not anticipate such a and the should break
were to to torrent proscription
say \ two races living free together ; This is a literary Institution, designed to meet s
we have given you employment and bread, but new President, Vice there is alone" policy as might otherwise pre vail.- down every barrier, and sweep away all his the wants of the people of this country m re.

\our abolition friends in the North are anxious I returned in procession to : as already a colony on This much, though, he cannot do-he cannot past pledges and all his generous felng.1-? to literature and Not quite

that you should come forth from the iniq. sion, leaving;: the of Africa, Liberia, ready to re. yield himself the partizan schemes of whig- "You hare beaten the enemy," | gar months ago the lcencp. appointed .

that surrounds to them, and see the Irving House, to him the other day gloriously on the
nity you go without that position of moderation crat by the Florida Conference, and incorporated .
if they will do as much for you as we have: I h)' his personal and also allow the owners' of negroes gery forfeiting fiel d of battle, but you have yet a contest before to the laws of Georgia
become of than nun: ers. The crowd at and thorough nationality which he according
done!1" What is to more where have to meet assailants
out of the State, until) ..the period you, you met in and selected lot cf
iiiiHSmt of(reed Llar-lre. ririvpn forth to sion was, perhaps, will endeavorto a
)lilir That
eek the cold charities of the North 7 TIIKY: similar occasion. arrived. lead him into all their paths we do not icans.'e fear for the result. The de. and ground near their village and acres for,
We of the North will give In this assemblage the we have seen, we think it is The Sec. through agent, bought paid
WILL eTABvi! are in a state of siege.
yt'0. doubt, but can he follow them ? That his re. partments said land, and received a bona fide title for the
them no succor, no employment: and jet we were most conspicuous. \ nothing of all this will be car. retaries evade the crowd, or are begging for benefit and behoof of Fletcher Institute.
favor of pressed into the building fusal to do so will cause a breach, is also ap. use,
in rending our glorious con. I amidst this
are even papers report that the people, time. We frankly say, that tree Under the direction of an Executive Committee .
in order to them liber. to the new Chief but will that interest to
Rtitution' to pieces gire parent, mer preserve mendous the General should stand "
pressure .
the and ,, of the
majority, are opposed to by ways mean people
When will the of reason be revived ? appeared to gratify all any. voluntarily .
ty age a party drive him from the place he has his ground, exert the moral force which his Thomas
We cannot rebuke the slave States in riddng: going to press, citizens kind. It would be hard: for them taken ? situation requires!, and .proscribe proscr'p-' substantial(principally brick houses, each countstwo forty feet long!e-at.,

themselves of there free blacks, which are a crowding by thousands tie which binds them t. the other tion," as he has promised to do, ho will prove
The as to his course gives rise twenty.six wide, and' two stories high, have
dead weight them ; and yet we dread of the day at three the he
upon and place themselves! in himself worthy of the high office to which been erected, School Rooms furnished
the when shall be thrown the trust, everything will (to all sorts conjectures. If he should ad. as ,
day: they upon has been But can he ? will he ?
free Slates. So far as we cn promoted. with seats and desks, and cin accommodate ,
North for support and protection. Wherever the Capitol and here, in good faith, to his declarations about
of this scheme would be to comfortably two hundred students with
I ;
sunrise of this eventful
we turn. we se nothing in the agitation of the party and about offices, we do not hesila'e to GEX. SHIELDS.-The U. S. Senate Las
slave question but ruin and distress to the col. -- --- slaes of Kentucky into the apartments for music,and philosophical appar
JUSTICE; TO \ say that he will greatly increase his strengthand decided against the eligibility of this gentle. atus. The two costing us about 3000.
ored States. The number of men
A race.circumstance occured here last week The question was slaves popularity. The strong whiggery of his man to a seat in their body. TIe resolution! The Institution opened its doors for the reception .

which has led to the foregoing; reflections. James K. Polk ? The shcir property in Cabinet, however, is ominous, and their do. on which the vote was taken, declared that students the first Monday in February .
en by one of the most was a chance to sell them else. under flattering prospectsand now
Passing down !':Uisau-st., threc to four per. ings drive from him many who were in. his election was void, because he had not very
which has ever be small. It is easy to preach may only six weeks have gone by, and we number
tons were standing inside of a store talkingto been citizen of the nine I
United States
nation. There is duced to support him because of hid moderate, a years, ninety-two students, and enough engaged to
a blackman, and they invited us to come in. but there be few who practice
which is the time required by the constitutionto who will be here in few
our own history, not \ no party" professions. make one a
of the
Here is a black man, one genflemen So that, by the working
who wishes sell himself ministration of the I render one born an alien eligible to a sena. days;'and from the- interest manifested abroad,

slave for, $150. to as a that of the Author of the I project, other States would have Information to OflJcc-Seckors. torship. It lacks only a few months having we look confidently for one hundred and tw n.ty.five .

ican Independence. \ I with the outcasts from Ken. which sfudents( by the first day ofJnly. Thisis
The National Intelligencer, seems
We entered the store, and saw a short, been nine years since he was naturalized.It .-
praise", but not higher evils which in his certainly a good beginning for such an In
all the opinion
stout fellow in rags, with a good countenance, Polk has conducted this .. for the present to speak as the Taylor organat was contended by some of his friends that stitution.

and no indication of vice. condition. Her good, there. Washington, gives out the following : his election to be declared void and
midst of the most ought not The course of sfudy adopted embraces almost !.
** Where do belong 7" States.
you work injury to her sister that it has been found
mestic ,which he should limit themselves him .
"To New.York I was born here." policy they to declaring every thing usually! taught in our respectable
of of the United
settle after surprised! that they speak ta. by the President
to necessary
with such music
the time.- colleges, extras, ,
** Don't know that you cannot sell yourself ineligible to a seat at present a
you for of.fico
has crowned our arms immigration from a States to require that applications The for .
to al tuition
prevent painting, drawing,
slave in this Slate 7"ea etc. prices
as a shall be made to chiefs of the several This being done, when Congress met againhe
and has extended our such views not only be. in the literary department, from
work prevail, range
What am i I: to do ? I can get no ;
whom will be submitted take his the
might term
of departments, by they requisite
I have had no breakfast ; I am almost naked ; after adjusting one tendency to weaken the slave No direct a 816 to 836 dollars per year ; for music. 840 ;
troversics we ever had! at the proper time. npptcatiol citizenship would then have expired. painting and drawing, 825 per year. These
no one cares for me, and I have' no friend.Is .- of self.respect, as
in the world ; a feeling can be entertained by any This view overruled and he is lower than be In.
it not better to have a good master whom I Io power was ejected as prices are can found il any
that administration in receiving from their neighbors office whatever.It stiiulion in the Southern Country .
of equal grade
can work for, and who will care for me"Here who will if not elected at all.
reckless opposition that : an evil and blighting gift. must be obvious to every one, We have a Board conMiting .
illustration of the practical be. ofnstrucor
was an Gen. Shields himself behaved
that it hasLec'n handsomely
think of the matter for a moment,
this and amid .
of Ret.
domestic Africaa while for democrats to
nevolcnce slavey, expose Iesss.Viia:
it exhibited the rank hypocrisy of the aboli of his own party, most of I of this scheme-it will i. impossible, since the appointment of tho on the occasion, and expressed willing submission G. A. Department ; Ret.
: nature hold
tionists. They could raise $2,000 to pur. : up as firmly by him as leader to new cabinet, for the President the to such I to any vote of the senate. He intimated R. II. Luckey, Mrs. G. A. Ri\er and fl.Simmons .
leave the quondam consultation is to
as preparation
chase the liberty of two mulatto girls] and yet reasons to expect. necessary however, that be would appeal to the in Female Department-everyway
its of his brethren. of business to lay before tho Senate, as
passed, leaving good whig any
offer sell himself qualified' as experienced teachers out
allowed a poor-black to to of the people of his State to reiterate their confidence carry
whilst the doors not
vibe especially ,
him. May -- yet ; the course of study adopted by the Board of
himself horn in
slave to cave starving a
at a even the voice of Pledges. Presidential Mansion only, but those of the j in him, we suppose, by re.electing him, as he Trustees.
free Northern State.
ear of power, that we of President Taylor, the Chroni. heads of department, arn thronged by con. will bo eligible when their Legislators meets Excellent board can be obtained for boysat

curtain for nearly these Ga. gratulating friends and gentlemen who. are again.: He also took occasion to express his Mr. Thomas M. Boston's private house ;
SqualUe for the jjoib/--Tlic Editor ( ) says : if for themselves for
have witnessed his f ( candidates for office, not ,
> and mortification of the rash and at Mrs. Lucy A. Goneki', for at
fifthe New York Mirror writes thus regret on account girl
,(Taylor,) more working cabinet ) given to his election tho best en. their friends. In consequence of this state of &c.
$10 month-washing, lights,
from Washington : that we.have: watched the minds, we intend to support his things, the Senate having, on meeting yester. and intemperate letter he had written to Mr. ded. pr And we confidently expect a liberal pat.

. "The' applicants to for 'from There our city cy with an interest as faithfully, so long as ho shall day, no business requiring its consideration" Brcesc. We are glad to see this, and hope : ronage,from our friends abroad. Give Fletch.

are too numerous are that, with the (' pledges.! adjourned over to Monday next. that this sole stain his fame will be
', men here with documents, certificates, en. upon er Institute a trial, and if we fail to give sat
dorsements and.introductions, who were ner. wo have watched the cool, and somewhat funny. This will be comfortable to those who have wiped away by the greatness of the deeds he isfaction, then try somewhere else.

amid the stormy billows ; former intimacy with Old Fletcher Institute, has been called sneeringly -
; er heard during the campaign, except as his friends cried it up as counting upon may yet perform.
.' enemies and prosecuters of the friends of Gen. that strong common merit that he would not halter Zack for a share of the loaves and fishes. A Book," A Briar patch," .Th
clement of ,
eral Taylor. Their name is legion, and they firmness which a statesman has ; We seo it further stated that the: different Seeing the ElephantThe PottersJield" and in at least one high place,
of any sort-now they "
pledges A school. Names to us are t things.
crush all who stand in empty
seem determind to New York Mirror tells of an elephantthat
victions of his Secretaries formally instituting enquiry ax
own : are
him solid
3 their I hare before seen such to support 60 long as We have provided for something more ,
way. never took it into his head have
nessed his superiority to officers in their recently to a "
I the number of respective "
I exhibitions ofhuman selfishness,trickery true to his pledge Isn't that i and ask our friends to come and see.
open intrigues, to all undue succeeded and free tramp about the city. Among other acts i P. P. SMITH.Thomasville .
whom by
; and intrigue, as one meets with here ; and Ibegin assailed for you in the best military Departments,

to grow weary of the sun,' and dis. seen have: him ever been tried, ; take a "Philadelphia Law. whom appointed. This, no doub? is with a of courtesy, he visited the grocery store of a March 15, 1849.

gusted with politicians." interestedness with what these pledges are,and that is view to guide their action in removals and Dutchman,breaking down the door with a
rush it well be n does it .Mean 1-By the last account
whereupon ha
of re-election i There seems great uncertain.ty may
prospects Old Zack has called one appointments. Government .
probably, from learn that Ibo Spanish
The Coolest Man Extant.-We heard ofa Spain, we
retired from the astonished of be
he has owner ( shop evacuated
just ; to the line conduct determined
nun the other day, who, while the California Doubtless one who can put his as uponin has declared that no proposition was
find the "
happy to reference to offices, but of the letter the premises with great precipitation, not made to them for the annexation of Cuba -
fever was at its height, very gravely and de. forward to do him tho them, will not find it hard to I many ever
liberalely promulgated his sentiments some serves., The question upport his Administration writers express a strong belief that the pro. being used to so largo a dealer. His elephantship to the United States. The New York"

what in this wise If I wail amused himself in Herald this may be all true; yet, the
: poor man, Polk? is therefore it would be to make a fortune by criptive policy will not be allowed. The dis. by overturning says instructed their minister
without a family, and didn't own any bouse, or of .. 1 his barrel two of mack. American Government
and bis the intolerant capacity a or
ty glory satisfaction more whigs, .
the among : of the
philosopher's indirect inquiry Spanish
a spot of land, and had no business, and was : to make an
his ,
fidelity to with the
the capsizing celerity ub.
office-seekers great
without a cent In! the world, and never expected and the murmurings among ministry, as lo their sentiments on the
now in the respect Arltb IIIcllc. counter and the stove." It i is not stated It adds
to have any, and no father, nor mother, nor his hearthstone. arc mentioned in confirmation of this belief. ject of parting with Cuba. :
sister, nor brother-I wouldn't go to Califor own Whigs have set themselves to the Dutchman had occasion afterwards to But a full; account of this.affair. from an

? nia." He may safely be considered as in no set with in spite more of faction splendor- ; *to Taylor's value as President, Union Bank o Florida.-Among the acts search the intruder's trunk to recover any authentic source, will soon be published in.

danger catching the infection.-Salem Reg. SPy which spares no victim of the number of words in I passed at the session of Congress was missing merchandise.Kr this country. It wi come fro a

{stcr. rance which is fast \ : with the number used by some one for the relief of the President and Directors ern State ; and does come, )'I. BettI know
I ,
: Alabama Coal.-Alabama coal is adrer. prociation .of the man When: they finish that I of the Union Bank Florida. It pro. ( The Correspondent of the New York what Virginia we ,i look siyenoogb.

tised in toe Mobile papers :38} per half ton.-. ion. ; wcll to test ,its correctness. Tides for the payment $50,000 authorizedby Herald reports an interview. between a Com. Docs il say.refer to Mr. T. C. Reynolds, UteSecretary

The Mobile Register says this coal approach.cs ". to it"by.compa. i, the U. S. to be loaned by the Bank to the mittee'of the Senate and Gen. 'raylC as illustrative of Spain, now Marid?
the English Channel coal andis Arrab, mister,and ) say, prove .
very near of Florida; for the .of of his business habits, which is fun. Richmond Enquirer .
of excellent quality. It is mined on the eyed turkey ?7" said an of inches of abdominal pro. Teritor purpose carry A-+ **-. '

: Warrior river above Tuscaloosa. New castings man, as the latter vrit\| the number vouchsafed to ing on the war. The claim was transferred ny enough,. :) Atchison, of the Committee \Ve 'hear says- an exchange: ofa petition

of Alabama iron are also advertised owl under his arm. ece..ora ; or by counting how by the Bank to an individual,'by whom it was in a formal manner announced to him that in circulation, urging that no widow shall M

which the Register Bays will compare with : It's not a turkey, sir as compared with the presented to Conrfss.-Jakonr'l' Republican the Senate was ready to receive any commu. allowed to marry until all ifco single' ladiesare
U snap
the best article front the Northern furnaces, Divjl a-'differenco of.
nication he had to make to that body. deposed
j and are offered for silo at 30: per cent less. I young,what's the price thcir'i.

-- -
-- -



-. _. .,_ _
'--- -r '_- ..
q -' ,. .
< "- .', -. '. '. ." -,-- --- .
--- : : : .
; --- -
_. _. .
-- -- -- --
pt.; f" L _! -- rpthcr :: =i _-.- --- __ __ _n__ ___.. "'_ ._- -- -- -- -.- "- -. -- -- -:-T-1---- --

MtMStER TO BERLIN.We day)", 1 born afterit, I suggest, BENTON AND CALIFORNIA GOLD. they us' is bdkola. They: also affirm that, : -- GEO. W.- -- U''C H INS An Ordnance

should be free at the age twenty.five, but; be within the last I raisi Tallnnas-
four Revenue
years fully one thousand To for th City of
observed 1 that much' criliciim is Mr. Bentnn made a speech few days
Lnve liable afterwards to be hired out, under the a ago people have been killed within twenty miles AUCTIONEER seeforthe Fiscal r lr commencing rm Inf.

indulged upon the nomination of the ac om. authority of the Slate, for a t rm.'not exceed. upon the California kill against the propo. ofVewa,,and that they.keeji far within tom. T.1LL.1H.1SSEC, FIJI. day of April, in the year one thousand
Indiana to the Trus. sition to sell mineral lands in two lots
nllihfd es.s tr.rrm in; three in order to raise a sum suffi. acre as when" that'of.these slain frs' hundred .'
< J'car pass they ; foMeisrs. andforFp.hinS
this say ,
cannot understand why dent of their no two lots of that size would be alike. The frehnndred ,
f.n cour.Ve to pay .the expenses transporta.tion have been eaten.. There are probably II. BOND, J. W. ARGYLE, D.- .,.Wi.'oN
; of Mr. Hannccan value can only be told by digging, and i ; .
.10. Surely qualifications to the colony, and to provide them an many none who can read this account who will F. II. FLA&oT.i.hIoDso.afldi.T. Acmtxa. ECTION I. BITJT ORDAINCD: BT fdt
will not be questioned ; and we have outfit for six months after their arrival there." two acre, will contain no gold! and many the their taste March to, 1S19. 10Notice. DART ANb Cbcsbii. orri City orHASSF.E ".
envy wish be
Fejeeans or to
that member of the parft patches of twenty or thirty feet will ; That the first section of Ihe Revenue Act
reason: to bcle'o no The Lexington Observer is out in strong square considered in the .of their friends. same i continued in fullforeeasparofthisOrdinance.
before the The category cf the !last year be, and the
risk himself letter contain a rich deposit. object is to find
in power terms against Mr. Clay'a and adds : .
country by asserting that there i neither ne. "IfMr. Clay had been in ', and it, and that is to be done by hunting, for which DURING my absence from the Stale JOHN B. SECTIOS 2. Be further Ordained, That .there ,

nor proluiet in sending minister to iilly of public feeling Kentucky} sub- permits are required and protection in he dis. Among the many blessings attendant upon im will act a my agent in any business shall be levied and collected the fr.lo\ Taxe for ,

cewity Berlin at the present moment. We arc not I ject, apprized displayed in the Legislature upon and else corcry. The following remarks upon the gold i provements in the social condition, arid the advances in which I may be connected.J. D.GAlBRAITH. the fiscal Tear commencing t frst of April!, .
which a of our r'acein intelligence, is the of 1 S49: .
to confirm the statement we would have made think the washings are interesting : prolongation March 18 9. 11-2t
prepared where, he : we 1', Upon renting goods ware.
human life. With increase of tt.- t Mecnnt '
the nominationwas Tliesn called in intelligence has -
that washings are Spanish th --- -
find in sevcial paper concluding part of his letter still stronger, and I tx thirty-five rent on every
made by the late President upon Bolicita.tVns frankly said at once that he saw no hope ofexecuting :I placer, from the Latin placere, lo please ; be. grown up ajknow ledge of.,the elements of health, Spring and Summer Clothing. hundred .dollars! in value of stock in trcf! Ml ;

of whig as well democratic senators ; his wishes now, and advised his cause it is'a pleasing thing to find the shining and a r gwdf.r them, ,and commensurately with thestrides CLARK & STILLMAN ap now receiving the fn'. day bf April neit, as near a the same can :

authorized to declare, as wee gold under one's feet. But it is a transient science_ .have. acquired the means of :arresting but select assortment ol SPRING AND b aerhine. "
doe ,
nor fee friends to relinquish an impracticable under. SUMMER CLOTHING, together with a few aMi- vendors of good*, wares and merchandize -
w positively}' asserted by several of our taking." pleasure. There is no fee simple in it ; disease, and averting its mages. Notwithstanding de such asDrills ,(other than ilineranftraders,) 'bo chat!

rontemporaricMhatGen. Taylor himself was there is not even a life estate in it ; not evena the progress we have made, statistics show d'Cte. commence bu.ines after the first day ol April next, s

consulted anterior to the nomination being How to sate Seed Corn.-Farmers lease for a year, a month, a week, or a day. that even now, one sixth of(the whole population die Caahmerettes, :Marseilles Drap ic. or who hold licenses heretofore isiuedwbich expire 1
art of after the first of April next,a tax'ol thirty-five centson
made, and gave assurance Ibt Mr. Ilanne. not generally aware that reed corn should be The pleasure is soon gone. Exhausted pla annually consumption. Suitable manufacture. and to be disposed of for hundred dollar in value of their stock in

gan. nominated by Mr. would not be saved from stalks which have not been strip ccrs now exist in New Mexico I formerly yiel. 0:1 of the most important discoveries of the age CASH, and CASH ONLY,at moderate profit; and trade every, to be estimated and assessed in alt cases at .
feel authorized to state much fifty in ameliorating the condition of this large class of would cordially invite their old friend,and customers the of such
recalled. But we do I ped of their leaves. A little reflection will ding now some hyenty.f'e or any time after commencement .
to belive that the nomi. day. and only poorest suffering humanity is to call and,purchase. or the expiration of such license : Provided, Such .
that tbcr i is reason convince any one, that it is only such corn cents a Tallahassee, March 17, 19. 11 I
tax shall be assessed before the of the
nation received the vnanimous sanction of the thai can be said to have arrived at perfection. Mexicans. Regular mining was f.lowed WISTAKS BALSAM OF WILD CHERRY. fiscal expiration .

Senate', and was understood at the time of The leaves of corn, it is well known, performthe there, and is now yielding considerable quan. What; time 'establishes. 'and consecrates, what experience Notice. net 'eaf.3dUpon Auction Sates, and sales by Coro- f .

its confirmation to be decidedly agreeable to same part in the economy of that plant, title!. These washings of California are mar adopts and confirms, what all men,in all places i DURING my temporary absence from the State mission Merchants and factors,one per cent upon
and rich for have to believe what is FOOTMAN. Sr.,is my duly authorized the amount of kales.4th .
human vellously we gross
do in the
&H the more prominent that the lungs economyofthe ; unite in
infuentialleader saying is good and valuable, is so, no Agent for the transaction of any business in Upon all improved and unimproved town ..l
of the whig par', both in body-breathing, so to speak, the air, and as. certified to us by so many witnesses : but theyare doubt. A popularity of this sort fixes in society its which! may be connected. lots,a'tax ohthiftyfivecent3 on every hundred dollars t

elsewhere. The high merits of Mr. Hannc- similating or rejecting its elements when de. not the richest that ever were seen.- root so deep and so strong, that time cannot destroyit. WM. M. FOOTMAN. ualue thfroC .

pan, it is to be hoped, may eentuat.recon.. composed, according as they are, or are not Far from it. Those of Brazi in the nu>un- The success which has attended this medicine Tallahassee, March 10, 1849. 10-3w 5Jh- every pcacticingPbcicianflentj.tov > *
all tains back of Rio the time of Attorney and Counsellor at Law, one per cent. on '
cue to his appointment are now necessary)' for its use. Accordingly l when the for several years past has overcome the prejudice of Notice. hundred dollars of annual income. .- V1st
potcdto nglon rTnion.Aga leaves are stripped for fodder, the plant soon Lord Auson's voyage, say one hundred years every
complain oft.n.asl all respectable men, and the article has taken a temporary absence from the Sta'e! 6th-Upon all free colored malEs. between Ihe ;
dies, and as the process stripping is always ago, were far richer ; and yet they have bee stand among the class of discoveries and blessings DURING my duly authorized Agentfor ages twenty-one afiil fiiry yen f, a lax or ten dol! '
of our Statesmen.-The correspondent is exhausted so long that all of themis frt lars. J
commenced before tla corn perfectly ripe, memory of the and when resorted to in the any business in which I may be
of the Evening Pos says : it of course cannot possess its strength, and lost, and their history only lives in old age ; season connected. GEO. O. Mc 1LL1. 7th-Upon all free cotnte retat. between tb. .
ful radicates the diiease for which it is recommended.
The telegraph brings us the news of Mr. when planted next season, fail in productiveness hook Two millions slerling-ten millions Tallahassee,March 10, 1849. low ages of twenty-one f"r years,a tax of five dol
None unless signed I. the lars. :
on -
Clay' election as senator for a full term of of dollars annually sent to Europe, for genuine BUS
when compared with that which has were Sth-Upon all white male inhabitants, between.theasesoftwenty.oueaudsixtyyearsapofltazo .
irvcars' : beginning March 4th, and at the been suffered to come to perfection. Theseare years, from these washing They were wrapper. Notice.T ( Pone
same time inform us that his health has not but scientific facts, which cannot worked by slaves who, to secure their fidelity f-Fozsale', by E. BARNARD, Jr.,Druggist,Tallahassee OST about the first of August, 1945, Treasury dollar. '5 .
simple ., !). LADD, Floridaand JLJ Certificate No. 442, on Comptroller's WarrantNo. Plb ? '
been sufficiently restored lojiermit him to allowed their Newport by Druggists -Upon all sats,a tax of e'en'1-6\t cenis :
be refuted and should be borne in mind and and industry, were usually by
which he had been generally throughout tbe United Stales.We 274,dated June 26, 1S4S, issued in favor of the Prorided The City Council may exempt from tax
leave his room, to confined acted upon by all farmers, who have a regardfor masters all the proceeds of the day above a undersigned for $9 50. ThE payment of said Certificate ation any slave laboring under mental or bodily affliction .

for ten days from the effect of a fall in their interests, or take a pride in their av given amount ; and in that way many slaves had never been ordered to any other person. or infrmity. on application of the owner cf

which his head received a serious iiijury.rlie .- ocation. The quantity of corn required for became rich, purchased their freedom, and :: are requested to state that the Rev. JOHN All persons are hereby forewarned against tradingfor such slave, agent. ". .

truth is, that Mr. Clay's health has been teed, should always be saved in the way we then bought sla\'e of their own, lived in splendor BOWDEN, of the Kentucky Conference, will preach Warrant.tbe same, as I shall apply frr a re-isue G. LUCAS.of said 10th-Upon, Tilburys a:, Slanhqpes pleasure Carriage Chairs .Sulkrys Earpuclict.Buggiex and. '. .
for some months considered to be in a very and and laid the foundation of to.moroSlnday,) in the Methodist Church in JAME j
bundles fod.
have described ; and the few of opulence, Holmes Valley, March 10. 189. 10-4wNotice. Stage Coaches, a tax of thirty-f't cents on every '
precarious condition, and the tenure of his I families. Yet these exhausted, thij city. .
der which the farmers lose by it, will be washings are hundred: dolar value
wi '
bold upon life is feeble. Mr. Clay is now paid for a'thousand over by the superior time out of mind ; and so ,\.i be those of California n llth- every Slave publicly exhibited for ;
These circumstances tWE: are authorized and requested to announce the will apply sale within the incorporated limits ol this city, a tax
!c\' natura1) quality and quantity of his next year's crop.- and the sooner belter. I am a SIX Months after date undersigned ...
turn one's thoughts upon the friend but not to min RICHARD T. BIRCHETT, Eq., as a candidate for the Hon. Judge of Probate for Leon Countyfor of two dolars. .
Norfolk Beacon. to a gold currency, gold 12th atl monies loaned at interest, thirty- I
of the
letters of dismission
Messrs. the office of Judge of Probate for as
of distinguished statesmen. I County, at
our most .
ing. That is a pursuit which the experience Estate of John Smith, deceased late of said county. five cents on every hundred dollars so loaned or kept
Calhoun, Van Buren and Webster were born A Washington correspondent of the Baltimore ,nations shows to be both impoverishing and the election first Monday in May ne,t. PATRICK SMITH, Administrator. at interest. .

in the lame year, 1782, and are now six. Sun, who appears to be well informedon I demoralizing to a nation. I regret that we $. WE are authorized and to March 10, 1949. 106mNotce. Srcnow 3. Be further Ordained Thatther? .
: requested announce
shall be levied and collected the License
ty.scven.Mr. and things in that city, writes a have these mines in California but they are following
the lon. JAMES E. BROOME, a candidate for the I !taxes : .
Calhoun, is most broken, and exhibits follows : I there and I am for rid of them as so n all retailers of .
getting I I Office of Judge ot Probate for the County of Leon,at -Upon spirituous or \moi9 liquors '
marks of great physical declension. Time The Administration is going on very sat. as possible. Make the working as free as'' the election first in SIX Months after apply to the Hon. t tt in quantities less than one quart,a tax of sixty .
has laid her hard hand heavily upon him with isfactorily on the rules and maxims of the old, possible. Instead of hoarding, and holding I on Monday May next. ofProbatefnrGadsden County for letters 4 dollar .. I.

in the last fifteen months. Mr. Webster and show its strong good sense in first examining them and in drible'sjay them fjJ-( WE are authorized and requested to announce dimission from t Ihe administration of the estate of 2d-Upon all Billiard Tables and Bowl ing Alleys. .
up, opento James H- Gibson, called used
selling or Ten-pin Alleys technically so lor '
wears his years better, and may, for aught visibly and reflecting on, the duties they are industry enterprise. Lay them opento Major JOHN BEARD as a candidate for the Office of deceased.R. E. GIBSON! Adm'r. hire, a tat of fifty dollars. '

apparing to the contrary,continue to pound called upon to discharge, before they feel authorized I j natural capital-to labor-to the man that! I Register of Public Lands of the State of Florida, at March 10, 19.! 10GmNotice 3d-Upon every dray or cart, used for hire, : fix:1

j the constitution in the Senate or the forum a t. act a reformers. I has stout arms and a willing heart. Give the election first Monday in May next. ofeightdohlars. ,'.-: i I
decade two before he becomes hat Meredith he of the I .4..h-Upon two or four used for .,
| longer "Mr. ( new Secretary j him a fair chance. Give all a fair chance.It .- -- -- every 110rengf: .
'be is often prematurely styled, its ex-pounder. Treasury, who is a business man, end stands I is who the whereit ..' Notice. Month after date I shall apply to the Hon :hire, a tax ct ten dollars. .
no digs gold, or ONE 5th .
\ Mr. Benton, who has survived the rath of now at the head ol/ the bar of Phildelphia, j jgave matEr up of Probate for the County of Leon for -Upon every hack or public carriage nsed forhire \ t
goes. The digger will not eat it, and it Months, after date, I shall apply to tho Hon. leave to sell the real estate ol Freshwater, .a tax of eight dollars except hacks and carna : j-i
| Ajax and Achilles, (Jackson and Clay,]) audience, yesterday, to a large number | will go where commerce will carry it. Thenations SIX of Probate in and for the County of Leon a minor. R. E. lrlan.t, Guardian. ges belonging to public livery sUbles.6th .

j and who has vanquished so many foes, still people ; hit, in the end, found it prudent I] which have: agriculture, coim.erce, for my discharge from the admim!tratorshir upon March 10, 164. 10-4w I -Upon every public Livery Stable, a tax of i ijI
dollars" .
1 contends vigorously with time, that arch ene. to barricade himself against an indiscriminate the good, chattel, and e3tate of Thomas Knight, twenty-five .
i; my, to whom, in the end, he must yield, at the onslaught. He has acted.wise I ', and will not I'' and manufactures they will get the gold, deceased. ROBERT BUTLER, / dm'r. New Goods.I 7th-Upon every Hawker and Pedlar vending I
} provided always that they keep out small pa. March 21. 1549. good, wares and u.erchafdize. a tax of one hunirtd .
I age oftixty.three. Gen. Cas returns to the be long in that most important department of Not sales, but permits, is the 12-Gr UST received per Schr. .W. R. Pettis," from dollar f
Meld of contention Since I per money. New York. a few Spring and Summer Goods,viz: Sth .
all Bank
political sixty.six. the Govercntwithout comprehending why -Upon Agencies a tax of sixty dollars. .
mode follow and the
to only practica .
proper Notce.SIX and Print
Light Colored American, English .
he after such fatal and disastrous
reappears a Mr. Walker, his distingushed predecessor, hadto ble mode." Months after I apply to the Hon. Printed Lawns,
yih! all of Insurance
day a the 7th of last November, it must be deny himself so many of his friends ; it I t of Probate for the County of Jefferson for .Corded- Printed Organdies, 2 tax -of Upon:twelve agencies Companies

admitted that he cannot be killed off. After is imposible to discharge the duties of the of. The Mobile Register copies the followingfrom bier of dismission a!Executor of Esther Korne- Plaid Ealstor Gingham, 10th-Upon dolar vender Lottery Tickets, a lax :.

such a resuscitation, his vitality must be ad. lice faithfully, and to be, at the same time, aconvential I. the KosJtiusko (Mi.) Sentinel, and gay, of aid County cfeacd.JOSHUA Executor. White and Fancy Linen Drill-,. of twenty-fire dollars: And all retailers of !piritou .
says I.
o milled to be proof against mortality. man," Snr. Fancy Cassimers :or vinous liquors aforesaidaltkeepers ot bil!
Genera Taylor is eixly-four. Lie the .' I understand that no foreign appointment 1', that similar specimens of the same remarkable March 21, 1S1. 12mNotce. Plaid and Striped Cottonades, I lard tables or bowling or ten-pin alleys all keep. i'
Marseilles &c., &c.
Vesting every dray or cart, or two or four horse was- i
eons or some other name< will be made till June next. Neither Lewis production arc to be seen at a mercantile AJio. per Schooner .Tallahassee" from New Or '\ on, or hack or public carnage, used for hire a a- ,

in sacred writ, the General has *4 dwelt in Cass, Jr., nor Mr. Hannegan will be disturb. house in that city : we.-ks the umerigned! will leaps, F AIL Y FLOUR-and 1 have also on hand fores keeper of livery stables, hawkers anil I...

tents" most of his life, and nobody can tcl'' ed in Rome or Berlin, respectively. Mr. PROLIFIC COTTON. We FOUR )' to the Hon. Court of Probate for Leon a good )and country Bacon. I id-a.1 of Banks or Insurance Companion. i
what effect house life and f beds PomGnAATI: I County, for an order setting off her Dower in the GEO. H. MEGINNISS. aid all tenders of lottery ticket,shall,nnder'penajty -
wi Hannegan, strange to say, has been appointe were shown a few days of this March 10, I of '
have him. specimens ago Estate! of her late husband, William Hughes, de tS.9 103wNotce. double the tax case failure, before their
upon by Mr. Polk at the very last hour PCS- f most extraordinary species of our greatest sta- ceased. JACHAMIGRAHAM.March several avocations, railings or business M aforesaid I ,
sion, fit the instance of Whig Senators and it CI1S-I9. 12 Iw i be and the of the tues
THE CONNECTICUT CJIAUTEB. The historv I pie production, which was grown the past season may prsutd. upon payment
is understood, quite with the consent of General on the plantation of Co G. D. Mitchell, be sold at public -uetion to the highest }I levied as aforesaid obtain a License so to do fem .
of the old Charter of Connecticut is famifiar WILL '
Taylor himielf." I Notice.T'0UR in the city of Tallahassee, on SATURDAY the b counteuigrdby.heTruurer. .sand
to every schooLboy in the land. This The Senate will week. in Warren county, fourteen miles northeast ofj weeks afUr date,the undersigned will ap. the 14th day of April next, unless previously such License j ? et ahorte .
venerable document has for a long time past adjourn on Monday I Vicksburg; and we confess that it exceeds h .1 ply to the Hon. Cou-t Probate for Leon Count disposed of at private sale,the followinz described period than one year. ,'
been hanging in a frame in the Chamber of: The great bulk appointments wi not be f.i any conception we had of the disparity, t fur permission to sell the Real Estate of the late property viz : LOTS No. 77. i9. and 79, llth-On all Shows Circuses, Equestrian or Theatrical .. .
made till after their adjournment. : both in point quality and production which I William S. Theus, for distribution among his heirs, I in the Northern addition of IheCily of Tallahassee, Exhibitions tax of five dollars shall be levied
the of .
Stale at Hartford. It has
PROPERTY.Also. and collected for each exhibition, a license to authorize
there 1 the not beioc i susceptible of division. known as the HACKLEY
recently been placed in a new and elegant Louisiana Sugar Crop.-Mr. Solan i is between the variety of species of this i fame WILLIAM ALDERMAN, Adm'r. Lots No.* 5. 2M. 267, and 258, also in the which must first be obtained from the Icten- .
: I
frame made of the wood of the Charter Oak : inson, who has recently visited most of Rot. plant. Col. Mitchell has specimens of the March 21. 1 1S4U. J2-.h\ Northern.addition of the City of Tallahassee. dant, and countersigned by the Treasurer,under a I II2thUponall
bush bearing the bolls, and also a sample Terms-One third cash the balance on the first of penalty double the tax herein 33e'5ed.
in which
it concealed that in
certain I II
lay so
a Plantations in Louisiana furnishes the
: itinerant who shall offer
:a which has the ginning January next to be secured by a deed of Trust on I ,
sense the Charter has returned to its former I Picayune with a statement, from which wc II gone through process. Court of Probate the property. Persons disposed to purchase goods, wares or merchandize: for sale in .this city. 4
I Among the first, he exhibited a single brancli: 21st, A. D. ]1S49. shall be levied and collected a tax cfoce hun I .
I guardianship. I"i repay every person obtain the following particulars.The :I 1IARCI rate sale,may apply to Mr. John W. Argyle in pri-I thee t
I visiting Hartford, go to t the State Department Sugar crop of 1543 is fully one fourth bearing six Ills in a cluster, from which the ST.\TE or FIMRIDA-COUNTT. OJ LEO:. lahassee or to the subscriber in Quincy. dred dollars ; and a license so to sell shall first be .
contents of be taken MUNROE. obtained from the ai aforesaid under a : .
I where this old might a grasp. I Intendah .
marked Executor
parchment hangs, short ef the is ) William G. Ponder,
an average, hit quality aI\'e The of O-w penalty, in case of so to dool a double tax t to I
of of March
is filure
I I sample ginned a rich col. 10,1549.
cream will and $
with the stains of the old oak tree hollow an The yield Molasses is large the last (testament i be

in which it lay, and examine it ; fur it is one and a\'erre. quality, viz : GO gallons to the I I: or, and for length and fineness of staple, is fof Archibald Graham r*. deceased Petition for r.t! distribution the For New York. \ SECTION imposed.4. Be it futlt Ordained, That every .
of the most relics which superior to any thing we have seen. Daguerreotyf, pursuing such occupation in .
interesting our conn- hogshead There is much complaint of fer : John Swain Peter estate of John ,
Ant Ponder SUWANNEE, Clarke
i The of this new packet Brig this city and non-resident Dentist,beforepar-
product cotton is not the least every
I !
Some doubt has been I II and Graham decea- TiE !I ..i
fry possesses. recent. mentation in the cisterns, and come plantets Carleton I Isaac N. having the bulk of her cargo engged. suing; his profession within the limits of this city. ;
ly expressed as to the of the Charier I I extraordinary characteristic of its superiority Rachel, his, wife, and Collin sed. with I
originality arc boiling it over. hundred new will sail for the above pert shall pay a tax of ten and obtain a license
and it is intimated that this is only a copy, have been add;earyone within the I over the kinds which are at present cultivated, Graham, heirs at I.Jof John freight or passagc.applv toMCNAUGHT from the Intendant ; dolar.upon failure or refusal;: 1 f". '

and that tie was never brought to places lst : and therefore claims the attention of the cot. Graham deceased. &ORMOND.t I to do,shall pay double the tax above assessed. '
this orlina however that past year.Messrs. I (ton planter. The following is the result! of TT being made 'to appear to this Court that Coln'raMI. Newport, March 10, 1919 10 SECTION 5. Be it further UdainfTht all I!.,
country. probable, Niles A: Co., Cincinnati JL oft the defendants named in .
engine one i Ordinances, or parts of Ordinance conflicting with '
an)document having the royal! seal! attached, builders, put up last year G9 new mills and :I the experiment made by Col. Mitchell will I I'tition. ( he iilti in being,) resides beyond the Iron, &c I I the true intent and meaning of this Ordinance. band i

as thi had, is original, although it may have engines, and two new engines, two thirds of I: this cotton : From one.third of an acre, .Ihe : Forida. but within the limits FULL assortment of Ion,2 to 7 inches wide I the same are hereby repealed. ., i ..-
: given in duplicate, and probable was so. which were new places. Other Cincinnati gathered 2,112 Ibs.; 100 Ihs of seed cotton I of the United States: t"r fore Ordered, That A 40 / ,. Passed the Council and approved this Sth day o{ '
Journal of Commerce. upon I yielding 32! Ibs. lint ; G5 bolls make one the said defendant: Collin Graham do appear and Just 1tjslails. for sale by February, A. D. 134-9. ,. i .' 1,
builders furnished 20 new: mills, and I answer the saiI petition within four months from JlcUGHT ORMOND. THOS. J. PERKINS Inttndant. :I
pound. &
and other at least 32 of the first of this order,otherwise Gio. j .
; Pittsburgh places more, the date publicatirn Newport March 10 Attest- W. HcTcnncs, Cle ,
EXPENSIVE lTEUPIZI5C.-\S'C learn from ;
: A of this 1.19.1
i and which
peculiarity cotton
great he taken
the petition may ascontes.ed March 3. 1 349. 9
making 120, which would give 80 for new Compbinant. -4w t.i t.
the Baltimore Clipper, that the proprietors of [ distinguishes it from all other species is, that Provided, That this i I .
places. Mr. Robinson there be 100 Flour Sugar Potatoes, &c. ,.
the New York Sun announce, that they have says wi where the bolls are attached to the branches, order be published once a week for the term of four GrOCFreS, &c 'i
new mills put up this year and 150 1850. months in some published in the Countyof 1 fBBLS.. and 10 half BbU. superfine Flour, BAGS : '
just concluded a contract for the erection of there is no joint, and therefore leaves no newspaper 1U 15 RI ,
10 do. Whiskey,
and State aforesaid. I S do. .
Leon dp.
iclrg'aph lines from Boston to the city of doubt mind that it is distinct Domingo ;
in our a Bbls. do.
_Grapes California.! -In_ a recent notice upon species. JAMES E. BROOME. 10 hal : do. White Java do. .
Washington, and to all the intermediate pla- of the productions of California, the fact of:' Judge of Probate. : .Vacuum Process" Sugar, .1 :do. Brown do. c'o. : ,
"the instruments be in the Sun Col. Mitchell is his March 24, 1S.I 12-4m Kegs Butter, I 2 Bbls. I, .
ces, placed which W( obtained from Lieut. Fremont's I now on ) way to the east. Bales l Sugar '
4 Bags
editorial sanctum." This enterprise is to cost journal, was stated that abundantly cm portion of Mississippi, and will probablyvisit : Boxes Gunny I 2 Boxes Loaf do. I
the of ttia Sun hundred and i grapes grow Alabama and Lumber, Shingles, &c. 2 I: Gshen Butter, Sox, and Pine Apple Cheese, Sup!- \
proprietors one in California. .An. old resident of the Georgia, for the purposeofsupplyingthe Receive per TallahavM-e.and for sale hy pencr Family Flonr, Cider, and White Wins Vin. : , thousand: dollars, and is to be ex. country, writing to the San Francisco journal, formers with the seed of this T Lj UMBER Mill of five every miles description South West can of be Lake obtained Bradford at- March McNAUGHT 1849. &10 ORMOND. f r gar.Codfish.Herrings Chocolate, Candies, Saucn. ,

clusively for the use of that paper. The mo. says : "I possess a smal vineyard of 100 cotton, which he sells at the price of twenty ,my af SI L per 100 feet. The very best kind of pine Newport, 10. Pickles Almonds:, t'igs, Table Salt, &.c. tc. I : .
I lives for this undertaking are a'owo to be, to vines, occupying acres of land, which dollars per quart-an extravagant price it SHINGLES cjn also be had at a low price. El till: of S. S. KNIGHT Co. is Received per brig Scvfrannee and for sale byMcNAUGHT f, .

; prevent a system of fraud proprie. produces me nearly 81000. The produce of! would seem at first sight, but which i is cheap N. B. Svrup Cypress Barrels made to order. AS TiE be dissolved, all who are indebted In I 10& ORMOND t i, ..

I tors allege has been practised upon them by lat season,however(1-47excceded( ) 81200. when it is taken into consideration the greatamount J.G. PADRICK. the firm are requested to call and settle immediate. __:fwport.'achl.1S'9. II '
: the telegraph companies, and the cXlra"a.I I sold grapes to the amount of 400 pounds, at of labor which Jay be saved in its Mach 17, 1949.. 11- t_ ly, and those themas having claims bf against paid will pleaao I I. Tobaccos; f '. ,

I gance of the present charges. *' Foreign 8 cents per pound, amounting to $320: ; man. production-it requires at least two thirds less For Sale present March 10, IS49.they wi S. S. KNIGHT &. CO. A FULL supply man fact red Tobaccos,just received :., ': i

new, election returns, and other important in ufactured 30 barrels of wine at S'JS per barrel land to produce the same quantity of cotton, NEGRO: MAN, about h+enf .. -- and for sale by. ORMOND.. )t.

1elgecce. (say they,) "obtained exclusively amounting to 8750 ; and 4 barrels, of which will command a better price in market. A FIST 1 RATr! -field b.nd-by Notice. Newport. March llcNAtGIT, J89. 10 : + IJ"i

and forwarded by our agents at avery brandy, at 830 per barrel, amounting to 8200. We have not the pleasure of an acquaintance S. S. KNIGHT. ALL creditors, letfe and person* cnlitled-to. '

heavy expense to the nearest telegraph The vines commence bearing the third year I with Col. M. but he is well known to Tllahasee March 17, 1S49. 1 It_ deceased.of Willunn. Goodman, Gunny Cloth and Rop i

station, there to be still quicker..transmitted to and perfect on the fourth. A vineyard docs I many of the most respectable citizens in this G. A. late of to exhibit Jefferson their County claims, and dtm ars'.nds hereby within notified two FRESH; supply just received aha for sale by !. 1 '!

our office, has several times been entirely not require more labor than a common cornfield community, who esteem him a a gentlemanof McIntyc years from this date or the sarrewill 1 be barred; and March Mc-UGHT &10 ORMOND ;; ,I

witbheld or distributed without our consent at and one man is capable attending 500 veracity and honor, and we hesitate not to L? all persons indebted to the are requested to -Nt\vpor 10,1849. ;', I

every on the line ; thus (oiling our ex. vines, merely laboring three hours for say that his statements arc entitled to the fullest HAS returned this citywhere he will remain make immediate payment t'. tie undersigned.WM. Notice; j.. ; if
daij a short time previous to his departure for W .:ST. > Qualified Tae '. '
presses and compelling ui to pay roundly for eight months during the year." '* reliance. Europe.. Persons desiring his professional services JOHN M. SMITH j Executors. rj;HE teqnest their cun- .

tlif pririlfgc of being robbed of our news !" Farmer. will please apply at once. Jefferson CountyFebruary 10, U49. 6 8w J tomers to call and settle their acccunti irnrce- '. 1t

-- Cannibalism in Pljee-The Fejec Islanders Tallahassee, March 17, 1849. 1J- diatelv. I they have engagement at the Norlb .

Mr. Clay has addressed a letter from New Moral CJiaractcr.-There is nothing which indulge in the delectable practice of broil. Notice ."Notice. their which friends mUst be- met aid promptly them in.,so and doing earnestly, or they hop.ill I t. _

Orleans, 17th February, to Mr. Pi udel re. adds so much to the beauty and power of man ing and eating human bodies, and they train the lion. ALL persons ate hereby cautioned against trading be compelled wi place their claims in the hands ofanAttorney .. .
after date I apply to
commending plan emancipation a good moral character. is his wealth their children to the tas'e! by rubbing the flesh ONE Month an j or either ot t the describedpromissory I for collection.N. .
3 a I of Probate for the County of Gadsden, notes, to wit One note byJohn M. 1
tucky. It is published in the last Lexington .-his life. I dignifies him in every elation, over the infant lips. This practice succeeds tor leave to sell the Real Estate of Edward H. Wilder Raysbr (or.Razor) for two: ,hundred and mdl ninety dollars !. date.,B..All 3d unsettled, ]S49. ,accounts, closed from this _

Observer. The( general points are stated in exalts him every condition, and glorifieshim admirably, according to a recent published late of Gad eI County deceased, to pay the I (.$290)) dated 25th day of August,184S,payableto CLARK &. STliLMAN < .
the following passage : in every period of life. Such a characteris account from a missionary, for we find that debts of 1 the deceased. David E. M,Scott or grderon t Ihe. first day of Jan. March 3, 1849. 9-low '..

.After full and deliberate consideration of more to be desired that any thing else on the practice is general, aid that a slice of hUe J 10,1849.. M. W. DAVIDSON 10-4w, Administrator.t nary, ,1WO, which said note I .endorsed, to Bartley
Math Wynn BY
the subject, it appears to mo that three prin. earth. It makes a man free and independent.No manity is better relishable than any other Also, one note on David E. ..!. Scott, payable on 100 JUS. KNIGHT CO. _

ciples should regulate the establishment of a servile tool, no crouching sycophant, no kind of food. Some of tbe Fejeeans carry Notice.ALL the first day of January, 1850, for two hundred andtwenty.five March 3. ism. 9 &

system gradual emancipation. .The first treacherous honor-seeker ever bore such a their epicurean taste so far that they not mere. persons!having demands=against the Estate dollars, ($223)) to Bartley, Wjrinor bear. it't:4 '

I .that it should be slow in its operation, cau. character The pure joys of truth and right. ly kill and eat their enemies, but live upon Edward H. Wilder, late of Gad,den County, er,Also dated, another"7th day flole of December on David,184S E. for the Act n of Attachment :

I tious and occasion their friends, and these are frequently eaten deceased, will present them to me without delay. l Sot Sila F.jlurney, S Amount sworn to $80 .,
to and
gradual, so a no con. cousncss never spring in such a person. If J. M. W. DAVIDSON, Administrator. sum oftw hundred thitty-fite ($233) 4S.10 .
vulsion rash sudden but raw The Chief of Ragi-Ragi has been to Bart.ley Wynn ot bearer on the first day of V Damage.g60 00.
; nor any or disturbanc young men kne\t bow much a good char. March '10, 1849. 10-8wjr0TICC payable hue HuttoBond
I in the existing ha its society. 2d. That, acter would dignify and exalt them-how known to have a good supply of human flesh January 1831,dated 7ih December, 1S4S. Tbt'o $l6U 0 t
J n HE defendant and all others
IS IICltEOV GIVEN to all whom last described notes draw interest at the interested are here*
as an indispensable condition, the cmancipa.ted glorious would make (their even : in his box, salted down, and has lived upon it JL notified of the
i prospects 111 it concern,that I have this day filed in per cent from date. by commencement of this suit, 4
slaves should be removed from the Slate in this ; never should we find them yield I a his daily food, seldom eating any other kind the Clerk's may Office of the Circuit Court for the county Said notes are advertised, and tbi caution Is civ- retutnable to the Ciicuit Cent to be held at Tallahassee .

i to some other colony. And .thiidly, that the ing to the groveling and base born passionsof I of flesh. The flesh of women is rather better of JeSeiton, Middle Circuit of the State of Flori en because the consideration for which they were ,in the County of Lenn and Middle Circuit of V).f

I'' expenses of their to such colony, human nature.A than the flesh of men ; and when the Chief; da,* petition in behalf of Andrew J. Moore, in right given sand the first named endofea. has ;nirelyCaie. the State of Florida5on the fourth Monday ((2Qlh
, transportation wants in of his Rachel Ann Moore, one of the heirs at and 1 am determine pay any or day) of lbrch. A. D. IS49, and to appear and pIne]
including an outfr for six after their something very delcate. or, case law of"ife.Ebenezer Folsom, late of said County deceased unless tompelrd .. ."solo do. to the a. WALKER 3 t.
I arri.alat it, khould be defrayed by I fund to California Ferer Strindle.-The mcm. many bodies are before a chid is roastedfor who died intestate, for the partition of the Real DAVIDElSCO Feb. 24, 1849. 8 Aly..for Pl'ff. ,

I rai from the labor of each freed slave." bers of a business firm at Cleveland Ohio, af. his repast.: Mr. Hunt and other property and tlave of. the estate of the lid Ebene Prhis | ,. o JElIJa. :

He proposes .that a period should be ter making purchases lately to over 830,000in missionaries confirm it, that the Fejeean language .zer Folsom, deeased. and that 1 will apply to the lUontcelo.Fa., March 3, 1849. Notice.

vhen born after should be free at a fled. New York, sold ou and were making of contains no word for a corpse ; but the Court on the Third Monday June next for the appointment For New. York S'IX weeks after date, application will bemade,
al of Commiiiioners make.partition of Rubuciiber lo the Honorable the Judge el
fled California. One of them wrs arrested word they use, bakola, the idea of _
age, all born before it remaining slates for : conveys said estate according to law. Monticello. March 3, H RIG W Perry mater, will fail i aabovr Probatefor letters of athnfcmtration on tbe estate of .
for life. That perio I would mggeit, should Louisville, on Saturday week, and steps have eating the dead. This is their' war cry when 19-. THOS. JEFF. HEIR, I JJ ; ACISA. or passage, apply to Wallet W. Taylor der cued.l las. of Leon eontr. 1 _

1 t l'% 165:1, or even 1 6 ) &c "Whatever160 been taken to had the other off at jpoinls be one of their enemy is slain and his body found: 1 111, Solicitor fot Petitioner' reijht JOHN PENIIAM.cvq'ort f. RICHARD HAYXVARD

t'I! h tb'-" ({H.d '[.hrthr 1S:* (f t lo''. Hero is dead body to be eaten"-th 'ord Mdr IP, IS 10. K'-SHI I'cb. 24, 181 t?. 8 February 21, ISU>. 3 6yr *4 1''

l S _


-- ------'.- -- %,___J



-,-- -.- -u------- --IL'L,-- -- -! 'b--. .- __ --. --a. _. & &____ __t _____- ...--- __ --. -' t .
----- -- -- ---- --- -- ---------- ------- -
Proposals for Carrying the Mail. In Chancer. Just Received, DR7TOWNSEND'SSARSAPAFULLA Leon County PROCLAMATION

DEN Medicines- which virtue of the vested in
among me by
CAOLINAGLoaGIA, AND CmCtT The most Medicine In the World. power 1J
n.RID.\ The Drnc1 of Bank the] are the (folhwing: extraordinary have levied upon, and shall expose for ,
l'rnt from the act cf: Congress of ;.March, Sate Alabama, Ccropl't., 4 DR. SPENCER'S VEGETABLE PILf AND RES- fore the Court I House door,in I Ihe city of Tallahassee,
l(3. .tcion IS. c*. ml' on the first Monday in May next, (I IS 19.) the following .
.fn// be it further enacted That i it sliall be the) Benjamin C. \'iestSheritlnfads. Designed i for TORATJ'E wi CIU, Dyspepsia, Liver Complaint described property, or *o much thereof 8 will
duty cube Postmaster General,in all future letting* den County, and er-ojfieio aJlr. I Bill to foreclose I ; t. Pile, ,' Jaundice-and all kindred I pay the State and County Taxes due thereon for the
of contracts for tJ transportation of the mail, to Ut on the frtate of James I InnerarMortgage| diseases: resulting from a disordered stomach or impure year lS45lo wit:
the same. 'in( ) cise: to the lowest bidder lendi-r-, ily, dec'd., John F. Inncrarity, state of blood. : That body or land lying in (the County of Leon,
ing sufficient guarantees fo faithful performance William P Inncrarity, Santiago DR. HULL'S WORM l LOZENGES. bounded North by the line of demarcation, West by
without other reference la the mode of such I transportation Inncrarily( Lewis W. Minor and The safest, mo.t effectual, and pleasant preparation I II I I the Oclockonee Hver. South by Wakulla County
than mlle nteuar lo provide for the due Ueloise Miner, Defendant. J before the public, for the eradication of WIKIJTS, in and East by Ihe River,known as "Forbes'Purchase

celerity) certainty pecurily)' "fMich liansporta- TT BEING MADE TO APPEAR by affidavit filed Children cr A,1Ih! 4 "1F1IIU# ," and purporting to belong to the Apalachicola .
lion; nor ih II new contract hereafter be re. J. COUGH BV TiE GOVERNOR OF TIn STATE '
any in this cause' that Joh" F. Inntrarity resides beyond HULL'S LOZENGES, Land Company.W OF 1 tOHtlM.
fuire) to purchase out, or lake at a valuation, the the limits of the Stale of FluiivJa, to wit,in I the Will PRF.VENT Consumption, and CORK al cases ol I i of S E 4, Sec t, T i>, R 2, Sand E, ; W { of T niEREAS. I i is required by law that an elicT ;

tlode vehicles" of any previous contractor ttic theume State of Alabama ; that William P. Innerarity re. I Colds, A* hm3, 01 Blood, Pains (beSide, gF--w.! ___ N E 4, Sec 19, T 2, R 2, S and E., owner unknown.E T lon be in on tfctrt Monday-
route. sid soul of the Middle Circuit cf Shortness of Breath, aud all other Pulmonary Com is W 4, Sec2mTR1N( and W.,owner un in May next, for a Register of ,, to hold

RidJer* will lie rarrfnl to read Ihl fr's the City of Pensacola, in the; Plaint z __, known.W until i I the first Monday of October 1!>50; also f-9
.{$ i -t rod ions appended toihis 1 aUeitirment.They .- Santiago Innerarily resides beyond I the :limits of the -,t.o- J lot No. IPa, lying am! being in eld! plan city Judges of Probate for the several Counties to hol-f 1
sre l te tatf in I their ; the Side ol Florida,lo wit, in the Island of Cuba ; that DR. HULL'S nVERNI AGUE PILLS, 716 Extract input vp in quart bottles; it is six. of Tallahassee, owner unknown.Lot till the first Monday October ISSl.and for Just
mode l Iy r'ue.ff they iirfendcd, to p"llw8al" Lewis W. Minor and Heloise) Minor, reside beyondthe i Well known as a Ctlt and Effectual Cure tlltS cheaper plensanter, and warranted supr No. 2. frac sec 13 ; lots I and 2, fhc sec 23 ; ceftbePeacefbreahbiict in the several Conn-
the sire aud weight fl''f the mai., tailWhere f limits ol the Slate of Florida,to wit,in the Slate for Fever and! Ague, Chills anJ Fever, Intermittent nor ta any told. It cures di.cof tritfoul vomit. section 21 ; W i, and N E I of Sec 23, and lots No. ties, to hold for two years,(all of said officers to ton-

"'Iel called flr in the schedules, fha requite it, of Virginia : It it therefore' OrJfut. That the anJ all other Fevers. Pike reduced lo .Seteiilv-fiee" iji,. contract will be made: for ccjsch, steamboat, or said namc-d defendants do appear answer the bi Cents per Box.. THE great beauty and superiority of this Sirsa- of R 1 W., containing 2131 acres, purporting to belong :I and qualified:)
railroad conveyance(ulhe I case may be : and,consequently cf complaint filed therein within the times limifl The abo\e Medicines, flesh and l'nline are fr overall other medicine is, (hat whilet to Albert A. PickeR and John H. Gindrat. IT is HEREBY ORDERED that the said election
.mrh routes wi 1 be let to bids proposing to[ them respectively; that i is to say-the Jot" sale by LEWIS *. AMES, eradicates the disease it invigorates I the body. It WofNW.IofSecl7T1RISandEbe.longing i be held throughout the State; according to law,ani
jch mlde of conveyance. In all other. cases the F. Innemamity, Lei4 W. Minorand lljoisc 11nor. Tallahassee, Fa. is one of the very best Spring and Summer medicines to estate of A. Branson (or taxes due for : the officers whose tiny it is to oider said elections
l'ufel will *te ailned to bids proposing the' cheapest within the period of four months from the t certificates of recommendationandother information ever known ; it not only purifies the whole system I years Nt:, IS1,1 17, and 1849. will take notice hereof.
mute s f tnu '(rlat.m. the first publication faf this order; the said William! concerning the above Medicinesee future and strengthens the person, but it creates new, pure Section 15, T I. R 1N and-E., puiporting (to belong Witness my hand and the great seal of the State
I'. 1 Iitnerarilv within tht nrriod of two months : and I advertisements, and pamphlets! which may be obtained and rich blood; a power possessed by no other inediciue. to W. G. given at the Capitol,this 20th day of Janu
[PROPOSALS for can-yins* the mail of the United the sak-Santiago Innerarity within the perio of .is of the Agents. And in (this lies the grand secret of its wonderful Gould.JAMES W. SHERWOOD, [SEAL.] ary A. D. ISJ 19. and of lha Independence

J. States from the I Ut day 01 July, I IMl'.to' I lie CHI' hcl months, or in defaul tlu-reof the said of complaint March- IS- 1S48. :: _______________ success. It has.performed within the lat two Ta' Assessor and Collector Leon Coontv. of the United States Ihe 73d ear.
June 1551, inclusive:in rT Hu.-, will be received may be a1.en confessed by the said defendants --Medicines-- years, more than 5O.OOO cures of severe cases of October 2t 1,18.13- 14 b. WM. n. AtrtsFrrv._ ,: rn",...........
at the contract office Oflce Department at and antI the seveial petiods limited lo Drugs, &c. disease; at least 9,000 were considered incurable.It ------- Attest : -- -- f

in the city of Washington, until Da in. of them respectively in this order. Providedthat this has saved the lives:of more than SOOO children I Tax Collector's Sale. A. E. MAXWELL, Secretary Stat,.

the 4th i April. 1S19, (to be decided fiy the 241- h day order be published once a week for the term of four EDWARD U.H AnD, JR., pst season in the city of New York alone. I. BY virtue of the authority vested i in me by I January 20, IS 1:. 3 2m
[ expose
lime teret " : Tour months, (then continuously once a month for : addition lo his stock of GEN 3thO cases of Chronic Rheumatism ; sale before the Court House in the city of Tallalassce MILLER & BROKAW'S
111 IUrH. I he term of two months, in a newspaper published I DRUGS AND MEDICINES, all of 2JdO! ca.esxof Dyspepsia ; en the first Monday in June next r. the following -
lrom Milton at \ithin the limits ol the Middle Circuit of Florida. (are of good quality, Ivicfor Cat .,OUI cases General Debility and want of Energy: ; property,or so much thereof as will pay the State Livery & Sale Stable,
311. r a m Wednesday THOMAS BALTZELL, general assortment ol the follow 7.0OJ cases of the different Female complaints; and County Taxes due by the thereof for the I 1lE
I5y Etcaaibia county and Nathans-Hie February 20, A. I). 1" 9. Judge. viz : 2,00 cases of Scrofula ; year ISIS, to wit : o\ner TALLAHASSEE, FLORIDA.

To And Sparta back, Alabama between, by (I t next diy .: miles C. II.'Di/Po.NT, So.)for Comprt., ) gtnnint. \' d Tonic Mix 1:11: cases of Liver Complaint ; Lots Nos. 19, and part of 175, and 16, O. P and TIlE subscribers have moved op to their fire-prco f ,
6 Friday and Opm next A true cop; : ( of Wild Cherry, Brandreth'sThompson's 2'iOO case of Diseases the Kidneys and Dropy ; l;!, N. A. of Tallahassee, belonging Anderson Stables/ and take this opportunity to inform !
day. I. R. IlARR'S.'Clcrk' Gadsden Ciicuit Court. : Cdehrated Cathaltic, Camphor, 2,00( { cases of the Gravel ; Peeler. I their friends and the public generally tba

313. From Milton and st 4 a m Wcdue day By R. C. LESTER Depuly Cl.-ik. Vorin. Cough, and Dinner tozen"es' n.mp1nd': IOOf( cases of the Yellow Jaundice; Lots Nos. 81, S2, S3, SI I, and S5, N. A. of city of fact. Being thankful for Ihe liberal patronage they

ly11110, 0 td1pln0 I March :, 1S49.- '. -Cm Celebrated Fe"erandtIC'Rmedv., um. __.._.;".,_ J,::.0 cases of I time Dropsy ; Tullahassee. } belonging to Charles 1'. Mercer. have heretofore received they solicit a continuance
by pm Friday 125 miles Eye .Yafer:McMunnV, Elixir of Opium. S.OOO( cases of the Consumption, JAMES W. SHERWOOD of the same, and pledge themselves to spare no paint

And Monday.Ptoposal bark. between Cam Sat ui day s\nl\ G p t In Gadsden Circuit'Court., I Sands: ( :Sarsaparilla, Turner's Fever and !Ague Pills, .And tho'Hands. of caes of diseases of the bloo viz: Tax Assessor and.Coletor for Leon County. for Ihe accommodation of those who may patronise

t em1 TO SPRING TERM, 1S1U. T>lcr's ditto, Goidoifs, Billiou* and AmiDyspeptic.Pills ) ( : Ulcers:, Erysipelas Salt Rheum, on the November I H, 1S4S. IS Is them. Their Stables arc situated on Washington
: \rac- Orange II and,! Holmes Thomas ) Ccckwith'j Anti-Dyspeptic rii. Peters' and Face, Scald Head, letter, rtcuriil' i:, &c.,&c., together ----------- Square in the most convenient part of the toyn. and
lichee Valleyill Anna be.considered ; also pioj o.a'is to cud at i". hltn, Alfaclmcn. ( for SlOe :O. Spencer's Pills, and is Agent for Townsend': with numero'13 cases of Sick headache. Pain In Chancery.IN for comfort and convenience, they cannot be surpassed -

351 1. Arch. R. McDoua1J.or "l ){). celebrated Sarsaparilla: in quail) bottles, at St per in the Side and Chest t. Spinal Affection*,&( &.c. MADISON CIRCUIT COURT. by any Stable in the Southern countty.
FromhIuut 6 a r Friday bottle. Also, superior Lemon i is November IS, 1949.UNITED. IS
M MIE from This the most successful medicine known in
and .
all other : Theodore Administrator
Ab interested S.'II prtprt Hartridge, of Thomas Livingston
nC'a. ama liy ij p t, I:miVs JL are hereby notified! of the persons institution p'ae Citric or foman Acid, I the diseases of t the Kidneys and Dropsy,and all affections
And back between 6 and of (Ihe ,
am J
Opm next 1jy. above suit attachment t and sick or ordinary use than. that usually sold, London of (Ihe Urinary Organs.; Several thousand cases have teceaed.. STATES
> ,
Qm-rc. Whether! this route i k in I are required I to appear
letting the piecedin* one, (X c.necessary 3513,) there ca-l being and plead I 10 I l"he declaration filed therein, within the Porter Junt&. ,ISIS.& 47 been failed.reported as cured when all other remedies have The Widow, Heir, and i Creditors of Thomas Liv.inston. WholesaleClothingWarehouse.]

now a,route in operation between Geneva l. Alabama, t lime prescribed bv law. ( deceased. ,
and Ucliec Anna.l'rom Dated Jar.uarv; 2Wh, A. D. 1 fi IJ>. For New York. Hundreds of capj of Fits and Nervon? Diseases N obedience to a Decree ot the Honorable Court &THANFORD
nl= Marianna at JOHN.EUSKINE I originating in Debility have been entirely cured, andthumm1.ands [ of Chancery in the above cause, notice M hereby LEWIS ,

To OcICIP', Calboun com I ly Plaintiff's! .lolY.1"eLrur I of cases: of Dysentery. Dianhcc and Summer given to all creditors of the late Thomas Livingston IVos. 252 fc 25C Pearl Street '

10, IqI. t 3m. CAUTION. to; render to the undersigned, as Master in Chancery (Between Fulton-st and Burling Slip,)
rticMcrsnill state t distance, and also schedule For the County of Madisonon or beore: the last Mon.
NEV\ '
connect at Oiihesec t\It!I the i oule from ApalacJiicoh Notice. (SJLook olifur Imititioln.-Unprinrp1c persons day ((2GthcfMarch) next 1S19, the amounts,dates, YORK,
Chattahoochie.3jlS. have copied put up in and character HAVE OX HASD THE LARGEST A5SORTMCSTCLOTIIIXC
to : REGULAR LINE OF PACKETS medicne of their claims and they hereby have
I veeksafler date I shall apply (to (Ihe of THE between the same shaped bottles. See that has
From Tallahassee at r a Monday SIX_ Judge w York and St Maiks and Newport, Bollc notice to file (the same in my office on or before the
I for the of Gadilcn for let'cis written of
ProblC Cuurity ) of \\11 ( signature S. P. TOWNSEXD.
By !& on estate of Alexander 15.-Persons inquiring' for this medicine should
To Sopchoppy by p 45 miles lateof said 1Jhlr. and continue throughout the utile year, viz: : reference to ascertain such information as will enable UNITED STATES.
And tuck between Cam.and 6 p m next t day. County. '. Wll I. FOHETEI Brig WABC.\LLA, Jo-sehn I Master, not be induced andof to take any other. Druggists! put up me to report a legal distribution of the assets Adapted to the Southern and Southwestern
:Jf. From St. Marks at 0 : Thursday JtL.uan'17IS-; OCILLA, Trim," do. Samparillas, course prefer selling their own, of the estate of said deceased among the creditors --

Hy Newport, Wacissa r, and Marion felMON TOWI.K. MARIANO D. PAPV.TOWLE H LUCY, Itainer, do. and others because have purchased make that put up in small bottles to the Court. Dated. 13th DccemberIS- In the article of

To :Jojtlo.I! G p m, 4'.') mil: & PAPY "H SUW..XXFF.Clark., do. (new,) them-do not they be deceived greater by any profit-inquire, recommend for Dr. JOHN C. lcGEHEF. ShIRTS A.\D DR\'VEIlS.
6 a in p m day. do. ( ) Master in Chancery for County. We
( ttt Itt ICW. Townsend's, and take other. :IdioD keep an endless variety.
Proposals lo commence at arc invited. Attorneys and Counsellors at Law Thee Brigs are built most! I n January 27,1549. 4
XfWpor } . substantial man- Principal Olfice, 12: > Fulton st., Sun Building, N. ALSO THE MObT E-XTEJfHVE .MAX UfACTrnr,* rOIL
:ris. From (luitiry at 'J ner .
a m Friday ana
15y} lucky Comfort HAIMi formed an association for the Practice careful expressly andepciieiiced Ir 1.IS; liaae, are (or.llan.It'd by Y., IOJ( South Pearl street.Ibany., and for sale by Notce.SIX CLOTHING
( several Courts of the Captains. Freight and passage all the principal Iruggizta and '
To : Iaw wil atenLllhe Merchants generally) 12 at the lowest rates. months after Agent*- dJIp apply to the Hon AJ D
Middle Florida, and in the District Couit throughout (the United States! West Indies, and the shal
back Leh\tn (a m alt1 Si a m. of the U. S at Tallahassee. All business entrusted COE, ANDERSON &CO., Canadas.A : Judge of Probates! the County of Gads- COVEItEI) HATS
Proposal to embrace Secludo will Le con iJcr.J. to their care will attention.. 10 Heaver street, New York. fresh supply of the above valuahled medicine den for letters of dismission: as Executor on the estate In the World.
3$1t.. From Quincy at 12 m Wednesday) fjrj- Office in the rccl'i\'f Capitol.piompt J01I.V DENHAM.: just and fur sale who'e"atc and retail by of Samuel Strickland dec'd. late of said county. Plain and Fashionable Clothing, nf alt kind.
To &'cudo. by 311 j m, '.I ( February 17, )1SJH. 7 McNAUGHT &ORMOND, recti\'lt EDWARD BARNARD, Jr. H. II. STRCKLAND. Executor. LEWIS &. HANFORD
.\ Sam and January 27. J IS 10. .
bph\'prl t am.3V --- New-pott. D. L.DD. .YO$ 25? Sf 25(5( Peart '.
( From JAsper at a in Monday Newport, August 1 12, ISIS. Newport.November Decerrber 23
( 200 Sacks ( 1 Ib-lS. 23 3m
Salt. 11,1 SIS.I 17 6mSTATE LEWIS 7
By muunl'l F.'rrand Ravlinson's I-Vriy -- --- --- --- &AlEf -

To Centre Village;Ga., bv (p in Wednesday, RECEIVED per L'rigVacisa.. For sale by Gunny Cloth. FLOKIDA : : [ In Leon Circuit Court.
back between Gam Thursday and 0 in Ni-wport. ).b. 21 I, I IS-1'.L:' 8 A for sale by daily expected In ?! i I -- ----- Guhd(1 Term, 1S4S. Toilet irtitles if. Window Glass Thoustin Lumpkin Agent ft.rl
Saturday. McNAUGHT ORMOND. Co.---ral Perfumery, .\rtachrnent_
Robert Lnmpkin- [
5531. From Pilatka el I 8 a in Friday Guardian's Sale. Newport, November J' ,-11.1:. & 19 I:CJ.\CEHY, ) Wii3r I.:miteadantolm I PAINTERS' BRUSHES A.-VD COLRS. I Debt tlOO.

To New nansville by (I p m next day, 57 miles ON MONDAY, (the 2J day of April next, \silh ----- I : Apothecaries' Glas1 'alc. 'c. William j Damages *I9WXTIIIJ
.And back bet ivecn (a m Sunday,and G p m bp sold &t )puiilic! auction, for cash, before the i <.adstci Co. Tax Collet-tors Sale. and T I I E:above Constantly on hand, for sale at the defendant S.Carpenter.and all }
next day. Court House door in the City of Tallahassee L01'No. BY virtue of the power vested in mIdI! law, I AIn B. Spooner ii Matilda lowest market prices. notice of the others interested mil
Proposals to commence at Orange Springs will) be OS, in I the original plan of f said city, situated on expcse for S.tle for( Cash.befure the Couit t L'et'"cen wife,i. John E. Jo>;n- LEWIS & AMES. attachment, and institution of the above suit.
by and
-considered.iiSi. the corner Calhoun and Pensacola stiects. Said House door in I the town e.1 1 Qlineon Monday t the !on.3 William R. A. John- Tallahassee, November 20, IS.17. 19 appear plead to the declaration
filed in
From \1gatort Lot is SOJ by 113J, and will be sold for the benefit of IGth day of April next the following( docsribed properly J son, the last named defend Pure -- law. this case within the time prescribed by
To the heir of the late Henry T- Copcland, or so much I thereof &9 wilt pay the State and ant being a minor Defend- Sulphate of Quinine. II. N. GRAY .
And bacV. order oi the Honorable Court of Prouote for LeiiCounty. County taxs due thereon for the year 1S1U : ants.IT TiE subscribers have on hand two hundred and Attorney for Plaintiff. i
Bidders will Mate tlc distance and the hours of Titles at the cost t of purchaser. The;land* purporting to belong to the Apalachicola appearing to the Court that the defendants in ounces of Sulphate of Quinine, which they I' December 30, J 1913._ 2-1. 3oi

departure and rival. CHARLES: E. DYKE:, Guardian. Land. Company situated in the County of I Gads the above cause are non residents.of the State: of have obtained dirpc from the manufacturers, and Notice. }
3533.: From NcwnansviJJe at 0 a m Wednesday February 24, ISl'J. S-( den, bounded Noiili by (the line of demarcation, Florida, they (being residents of the State of Virginia I t hey will warrant lo be a superior article. i.
By Waraa West I .lachiccla It( i U ordered by Ihe said Court, motion of We have I creditors, legatee* and
----- by Ap river, South by the county of In P. W. enlarged our stock of Drugs and Medicines ALL persons entitled to
To Cedar Keys by C It next day 70 miles Circuit Court, Monroe County. Franklin, and East by. the Ocklockonnrc river. White, Solicitor. for the Complainants:, aid the said by recent arrivals, and are prepared to execute f in the estate of James M. Hart, lateofl"
And bac.between ( I FI ida aud G p I J- W. OGILVIE, Defcndjii's' are hereby directed and required lo ap orders lor articles in onr line, at wholesale or retail, Jefferson County. deceased, are hereby notified
nt"t: day. ) Joseph A.; Bardli, In Attaclixnent.l'ranciscoX. Tav Collector, GaJs.el County, Fla. pear and answer the Complaint's Bill of Complaintby on the rot accommodating terms. that their claims and demands will be barred at the
::.I. Fr"l Ncwna'nsville at Sam Wednesday: .. F.alo.Debt ; October 7th J 1S-1'- 2 the first Monday of April next, ((1519,) or that We have also a few accounts :yet cue to us for the expiration of two years frcm this date unless] the
By Madisonboro de :OJ. --- in default t her col the Complainants Bill be taken as year. 1S17. They are generally in amounts, same are exhibited to the subscriber; and all persons
To Orange Spring* by C pi next day, GO miles rjjnilU defendant, and 31 others inleretld. art (ubdcn* Co. Tax Collectors: Sal. confessed against them the said Defendants.And but if the whole could be paid !mal, would go who have any demands against the said deceased are
And back between ( a I Friday, and -1 p M. hereby lotified of commencement of (lie i I! Y virtue of the power vested in me by law I it is further Ordered, That a copy of this or- far towards liquidatingcettain sums which we e. hereby notified to present them without delay ; and
m next day. above suit 'lalarhment in the Circuit Court f
(lupr Whether thin; route will ba necessary, in Monroe County, rlturable to the next term of said j Court House door, in the town liuincy, on Monday State of Florida, ole in the City o Washington,and April 29, 1841 41 make immediate pameat to
case (If letting route No. 3331, from Pilatka to Ncw3355. Court, and are hereby required. lo appear and plead (the 10th' daof :\prill xt. t the following described one in Ihe City of New York the space of two ANN HART.
.) to the same. JOSEPH A. IARFLt.y property or so much theicof pa.lhe months from Ihe insertion thereof in each of said Thomas Jeff Heir, Qualified Executrix.

From Micanopy at G a m Friday his:Adent, W. 1. I State and County laves due thereon for the: \year II ISlx l>apcis.-The object of this suit is to procure parti- ATTORNEY AND COUNSELLOR AT LAW, Jefferson Cotinly, February It), 15-19. 6 8w
By Foil Claik Key West, December 1'J!, [:W] 1<13. 21 3mOtJJ I The East hal; (E: i) (f Month East quaiter: (S. t lion of the lands: of John C. Armistead deceased,, practice in the Ciiciit,

To Fort Mai lee by 7 p m.2 mie' .. E: 4)) Section twenty-one, (S 21)1) orlh! East quarter, I I)ing and situated in the State of Florida, in which WILL' of the Midd.e Circ lit Court and in in each. Fair Warning.
And back between ( a In Iiid 1 I _nrtoay. _. 9 .CISL 01 JcnJ'p.IOS'f : (N l E: 4)) North West quarter, (N W 4)) SectionIwentwo the above named Complainants:and Defendants: are Court and United States the fe'tireine LL
& District A without
_ \ .\ : 'f I r : :t (S _2'2)) Township 1 two, Range seven, i interested 1. and known and described as the W half, Tallahassee.Monticello. a I4 persona reserve positively, indebf-
rA i to rmliracc!. Fort Crane 'J'HcW ) Ut! 1 JOE OJ' NW Sec. 31. T. 3. N. and .tA. ed to the subscriber for 1S47-'S. either by note
opolah ,inslcad;! of Fort (T K 7) Kortri! and West on (the waters of! Crooked ouarier. W: E. !
Clarl are invited. pA7.jonc; ]) ifpnp ouoq. uo p3uaaq]| 'p3ijjo3dsauiij! Creek: I the Lands purporting to belong to Fabian I quarter-Sec 31, T. 3, It. 5, N.and W ; E. h N E January 29, ISIS. 2S or.. account, -, or.otherwise. if- -not- settled by the 10th
::5fJ.' J'Iom Jacksonville at C a in Tuesday oqj J3jc] 'Jjiw! ''oojjou! tiqj! pjvfjjtip! oi.u asoq.4iUflIq Annistead. quarter Sec. 31, T. 3, R. 5, N. and W; E. half: S. W.quailerSec. Medical Notice. .1larcn neu. uui most positively) pay cost.
_ _ Haddock's, J Kirk land's, Nassau C and 1msaJd' sn| anujjuoaoju.j ,! UIIt!! .tll J. W. OGILVIE 30, T. 3, R. 5. N. and W; W. half S. February 17, 1S40. 7 S. F. BURNEY.
Woodstock Mills l .Uasflhlt 1)Ut'lla) ) HI1v! jnq 'fiun A"qfipo Pdluc .) Tax Collector, Gid"del County Fla. W. qr. Sec. 30, T. 3, R. 5, N. and W; N. E.: quarter H. O. WrRT, jr. v. J. L. CALL, SI. D.
To St Mary' p tn next day, 0miles 'j jou 1!.' Slillcll"llnJI'! } [ 'lJJ'Ui!! .1I October 7th, IblS. 2 Sfic. 0,T. 3,R. 3N.and W ; S E quarter Sec. 9. T. 3, DRS. WIRT C CALL have associated themselves I Notice.
-----I .And back between 0 a in 1'hurdav aud 0 p: UOIJPJ(1sJJ --- R[ :3, N.and W ; N. W. quartet Sec. H. T. 3. R. 3. the practice of Medicine, Surgery &c., and ALL creditors, I legatees, and persons entitled tn
tn next day.proposals Cqi Fiinouic) '/| \3U tpjr\j] jo 'lOl ('adstcn Co. Tax Collectors :ile.BY N. and W; N. I:. quarter Soc. 8, T. 3, R. 3, N. and, offer their services to the public. in the estate of Richard Jones, late
Stparate for thai paiL of this route between nj|'1 A4 '.U!!\cd hUe 1IJ11 l pucij Sjunljan! ( 1 pua| virtue of the power vested in me by law, I W; W. half N. W. quarter Sec. 10, T. 3, R. 3, N. Office over Drag Store,Monticello, Florida. rf Jefferson County, deceased are hereby notified
Ntssau C II and St. 01 l bl. pUI LI 91 1 JJ J Pi ;)Jic ui! ajc 'JUIo ard W W. half August 5, 1545. 3 t that their claims
Marj's Pie invited oq.\\ T Ih.l expose for sale for Cash, before the ; Sec. 7, T. 1, R. 5, N. and ly and demands will be barred at the
- 3.):: Von Nassau CHat S! a m Friday -.nJ HIJ!1[ uo sjpjo[ njpodpoj|| JEOUI jaquoh-qns! :UL Couit Jou"e door, in the town cf Quincy on Monday l E ; W. half N. E. quarter Sec. 7, T. 1. fl. .">, Nand DR. J. S. BONDOn"Fns expiration of two years from this date unless the

To J'trnandiual)' (p tn, 30 miles ; dIaH dj37idiorj; [ thl day of April next, the following desciibed E: ; W. half S. I-;. quarter Sec. 7, '1'. 1, R. 5, N. and same are exhibited to the subscriber ; and all persons -
Sam and( tn next t dav. i .------ properly so much thereof pay I the 1 E: ; 1:half N. E. quarter Stc. 7, T. 1 It. :, N. and his professional services to the citizens I I who have any demands against the said deceased
3553.. From Pilatka at 7 a tn Tuesday ( Pettit Gulf Cotton Seed. State and county taxes due the con for wi)car I94S: K: ; I:. hatS. E. quarter Sec. 7, T. 1 I. R. 5, N. and : and the surrounding country. are hereby notified lo present them without delay.
By Voluiiia i Foil Butler Enterprise and Section fifteeen, (S 15)) Towlhip0, (T.2)) E.: lal' being in the counties of Gadsden: and Office at Cut Fisher's: Hotel. and those indebted to said estate are now called uponto
Mcllonville 7;BUShELS GENUINE PETIT GULF COT- Range seven, (R 7)) North and West, (N W) on Jefferson amounting to 1840' and 32 :0-10 acres. 45 t make immediate payment to
To the head waters of St. John's river, (by TON SEED for sale. I has been here three the waters ot Crooked Creek, (the Lands purpoiting 3 Dated January 10, IS- U.111lJS. JAMES R. TUCKER Sheriff,
\ol'r,) by 7 p tn Tllursda.IOril'l )years,and kept in a dry place.I to belong to I S. Catlin, situated in the: county ofGaddeii. B.tTZELL. Judge.P. Notice. and ex officio Administrator of said estate.
And b3ck between Friday) p tn am informed by Planters that its a Redoes not in J. W- OGILVIE, W. WHITE, Comps. creditors, legatees,and entitled (to Jefferson county February 10, 149. (G SW
ALL persons
Sunday jure it, if it has not sprouted. I will sell it low to Tax Collector, Gadiden County, Fla. A t rut copj from I ha minutes. : in the estate of Archibald Graham, -
i.. From (the head water of St. John's river at Gam close (the consignment.January October 7th, ISIS. Attest t. I. R. JlAnnis, C'lk. Gadsden Cir. Ct. deceased, are hereby notified that their claims and W. GAITHER BURGESS & GO
Ft id 2 ay I -------- By It C. Lester D.C. demands will be barred at the expiration of (two
n) Indian rh'cr,Palos San Lucie.and Jupiter For New York. Hamilton County Tax Sales. -January 13lhlSlD, 2 years from the granting of letters of administrationto : Receiving, Forwarding & Commission

t virtue of (Ihe power vested in me by law I Laud For Snlr. t the undersigned, unions the same are exhibited
- To Miami Dade county, (b)land,) by (pm I I F Sbchooner "COMMODORE KEARNEY," BY shall expose for sale, before I the Court House .' It.IRE CllAA'CE! within the said two years to the undersigned. 1 CO MA M u $ It'LSo
next Thursday, 2 :) miles PAINE:, Master, will sail as above. For .
: freightor door, in the town of Jasper Hamilton County, Florida land known as the "Overstreet Tract," PONDER Executor.
And Lace between. a in Friday and G p tn passage, apply lo JOHN DENHAM. on (the fourth Monday. in AlriISW, the following nnUp Lil :north Tallahassee) near the Thomas- !- January 20. IS 10. 3 Sw Dealers Western Produce )
ne Thursday. Newport, January. ISlO. 3 ,
described propel t), or thereof yule toad, Gov.
: f. From Tampa at Drancf':plantation. containing Notice. 62 Poydras Street New Orleans. I
:: will be sufficient the State and
lo taxes 7
By ManateeToSaraotaby For New York. pay County I or bOO acres. sold low and on Feb., IS.(). 5 6m \
due thereon for the year ISIS, to wit : satisfactory terms to one wishing to purchase. For ALL persons having demands against the estate
50 miles rp Brig WARCALLER," JOILVN. Master, Also, the S E 4 of the S E 4 of Sec Township} I fun her particulars apply lo E Barnard Robert Fisher deceased, are hereby notified ,
And back between I wil sail 3 above. For freight or passage, ape I. Range 13, North and East purporting to belong; or DANIEL LADD, Talahasec.. to present them without delay to the undersigned.aud ACard.
Separate Manatee .
l' supply from Sarasota ply JOHN DENHAM. to the estate of Benjamin Chaires. Jan. 13, IS 10. 2 1cI'ort. all person indebted to said estate will make immediate
3a4 l., in From case cf letting route No. 3663, are invited. Newport- January 20. 1St! 3T Also, the E J of S E J, the W i S W 4, and S r payment. WILLIAM E. }FISHER Dr.: J. 1Dln'al offers his professional servi
Tampa at (a tn Tuesday 4 of the S W Confectionery and to Ihe citizens Tallahassee
4, anclhe W i of the S E 4 of Sec Baler. ROBERT W. surrounding -
0, Hitchepucknawia and Fort Gallin Flour, &c. the W i of the 4, and the N E 4 01 I he N W I"! ENRY KINDON would and L December 30, 1819.( 2Sw FSIER.ou. country. Office at the plantation ot Gel John

To 6 p m Thursday, 100 miles R ECEIVED! per Schooner Randall Marshall, 4 of Sec 30, Township 1 1. Range 13, North and East l. J.JL the public generally, that he has on hand, and I P. mile North of this city.

Sunday. Gam Fridaj and (1 p in :1! barel planting Potatoes purpoiling lo belong to the Union Bank. is constantly manufacturing,CANDIES of all kinds:, Notice. February 10, 1940. 6 i

35'i' ?. From Jacksonville at supcifine Flour, Also, lot No.:i of fractional section 7,in Township[ such as : ALL creditors legatees and persons! entitled to !
- day :a m Monday and Thurs S'J sacks Salt, for sale by 1, South of Range 1. East laying on the Suwannee PEPPERMINT, LEMON DROPS, in the estate of Robert Fisher,deceased Notice.SIX .

To St. Augustine by 12 tn, 33 miles JOHN BENIIAM. River, purporting belong to S. B. Thompson.Also CINNAMON, LEMON CANDY are hereby notified that their claims and demands months after date I shall apply to the Hon.
- And back between 7 a tn and 4pm next Newport January 20, ISt9.( : the S W 4 of Sec 1, Township I. Range 13, W1NTERGREEN, BARLEY CANDY :will be barred at the expiration of two years of Probate for the County of Jefferson for
South and East, purporting to belong lo William J. BOARIOUNDi; Irom the granting of letters of administration to the letters of dismission as Executor of William 11.

R daJ"Proposal. make closer connexions with tcam- Notice. Mills. And various among several that are underignec, unless the same are exhibited within Mathers, late of said county deceased.

boats at Jacksonville will be considered. ALL person having demands against the estate of WILEY LEE Tax Assessor useful for colds coughsand is prepared to manufacture two years to the undersigned.WILLIAM SOLOMON E. 1\1 A TilERS.
350J. From St. Graham and Collector for Hamilton County 1S-1S. any and all kinds!that may be ordered, both! E. FISHER Jefferson County, February 10 1549.
Augustine, by Sm'ra.) Indian River, deealc are hereby noti October, ISIS. 14 icholesale! and retail. 6 6m
San Lucie Jupiter, Miami Key Largo, lied to present them delay to (the undersigned He i is ROBERT W. FISHER:
Indian Key Key West, Charlotte Harbor and all persons indebted to said estate \\ill branches: also prepared to carry on Baking in all its December O, 1819. 21 8\v Administrators. Great Bargains.
from the
plain Bread lot t he mojt
Sarasota. Cedar make immediate I otce.SIX 100of
Tampay, Keys St. Marks -
months after I the lion exquisite Cake. .. Paities and
apply to 'ald the publiccan
St. ., and SI. An WILLIAM G. PONDER Wakulla Circuit SELLING OFF
Apalacbiro1. Joseph's AT COST !
January 20, I8t9. 8t of Probate for the County of Jefferson, always be accommodated by giving timely notice Cour.
mice a inoiiiHin. cieamooais.Separate miles. and back, : Executor.BlacksInithizg. fu Ielerl of dismisNion as Administrator de boni at the Bakery and Confectionary on Jefferson street IN CHANCERY.-BILL RELIEF.Henry AT the Store of L. & II. GREENBERG & CO.,

proposals for sections of the above routes "01 Farquhai% Macrae, late of said County, dec'd. opposite the .'Iuclion Room of R. I. Berry, Esq.: H. Walker Complainant, offered the greatest bargains of the season. .
be considered. RICHARD{ IIHRSON. Ta1ahassp.Dec. 16, 1545. 2 vs. Goods of every variety can be had for cash at cost
,'il NOTES. GOOD substantial and cheap Blacksrnilhing( of Jefferson County September tl, III Leon Joseph Dclafield and Lewis Curtis, Trustees cf the prices and some below New York cot. Having
al done at Ihe Shop my Stable oc- CI'cul Court. Apalachicola Land Company et al.. Defendants. made up their minds to close business soon purchasers .
proposal should be accompanied by a guarantee cupied last year by Miller &Brokaw.January In Wnkullu Circuit Court. James Oatcs, Compt., ) In Chancery.vs. appearing to the satisfaction of the Court will do well to call early,if they desire to have
the following,signed by one or more responsible petsoni, in 20. ISj9. : A- A. FISHER. Daniel Ladd Compt., ) In Chancery Fall Term.vt. V December, 1S4S. IT affidavit made in this case, that Joseph Delafielil, by);i I the beat selections. Positively no credit! will be ';
manner, viz: > December 5th Rebecca F. Dates Def.
16-18. } Bill for Divorce. and Lewis Curtis Trustees aforesaid given.
if"TheUndersigned his bid for the mail guaranty from that For New York. Joseph F. Dyer Deft. ) Billtoforeclosea mortgage IT hppcaring to the satisfaction of the Court by McLane, Charles Augustus Davis a and George, and Louis Grid m AH persons indebted to them will please como

accepted by t the carrying General' to be TIEfost. Brig FLORNA."PENDLLTON, IT appearing to the satisfaction ot the Court by affidavit in this case,that R tbecca Frances Oates, wold reside out of the State of Florida,and beyond: forward early and settle their accounts.
Postmaster shall enter into now daily affidavit in this case, that Joseph F. Dyer residesout the said defendant resides the Those
in Mouticello
jurisdiction rf indebted
prior to the having the beyond the jurisdiction o( this Court, but in the United to the late concern ,
a\\ oLligalon good lufficienl sureties. rt Jay lo of July the next., buKt of her cargo engaged, will have ( the of the State of Florla. and beyond the jurldic. this Court and out of the State Florida, but in States : // i OJtTtd. That the said Joseph Dela- will find (their accounts with WILLIAM BUDD.
perform tion of thin the United
service above port. For freight or passage,apply' toMcNAUGHT theStateofAlabarna: It is ordered that( the said: field and Curtis Trustees as aforesaid, and Esq., who is duly authorised to receipt for the same. accompanied bIhe &ORMOND. Ordered, That the said Joseph F. Dyer as aforesaid Rebecca Frances Oates, do appear,and plead answeror Louis McLane, Charles Augustus Davis and George January 27,1919. 4
Tb. certificate of do and plead answer or demur to'the ;
a Newport January 27, 1S4. 4 appear demur to the said Bill of Complaint the saic Griswolddo and *
or equivalent or appear plead answer, demur
postmaster or to
testimony, that the ---- -- --. said bill complaint or the bill betaken
sid \i Bill will be taken pro confcsw, against (the said said bill of complaint the S. S. KNIGHT & CO.
guarUtorl are men of and able de or said bill be taken forconfessed
to make Bagging Rope and Sal otpro eonfcsso against the said
llroprlJ' defendanl.Prolidtd.'That fendant. Provided that the them
good their guarantee.The publication of this or against : Provided, That
the of order be publication Wholesale and Retail Grocers, and Provision
publication in
proposal should be sent to the department RECEIVED per Brig Ocilla and other vessels, in the of made der be made in some newspaper printed in Talahas- of this order be made in some newspaper printed i in Dealers.TALLAHASSEE .
some printed city Tallahassee
see, once week
a for Ihe the
sealed period of four city of Tallahassee
Proposals tor once week for
route No. Daging. a the of
,ndorl. jn 200 ,once week for the period of four months. : period FLOKIDA.
to the t coi. BALTZELL, Judge. four months. Done in open Court Dec. 5th
addreSo J'ir Assistant Postmaster THOMAS 18IS.
Geltral.I GOO lck. Liverpool Salt, (or sale by A true 2 BALTZELL Judge. Wiham P. Duval, Compl's Solicitor. A tine copy from the record. KEEP constantly on hand, and offer for sale at a
I Fur the prohibition of bids resulting from combi JOHN DENHAM. copy ; GEo.L.BavANT.Clerk.Notce. Iruecol'Y. n.I MCRANEY Clerk. GEORGE L BRYANT, Clerk. advance on coat, for cash,all the standard
nation and Newport November 19, IMS. J. B. December articles in their line. Flours of qualities
the terms and conditions on which the 18 Ity Keen D. C. 9, 1819. 21 4m approved
contract i is to be made see the last annual advert ie.neat. Dec. ISIh, 18IS. 2 -Sugars, Coffees. Teas, Bacon Hams, Pork,
( Pickled Mullet. SIX months after apply to the Hon. and Rice. Soap, Candles, Lard,and all similar article -toRethcr -
C. JOIINSO.V, Postuustcr General. BARRELS of Probate for the County of Jeftton.: Long Cottons wanted. Sal with Fruits, Irish Potatoes, Onions, Ii oat.
Iui :
Post OtTlCE J\J No. 1 PICKLED MULLE.of (or I letters of dismission a Administrator BALES FOR sale,to in Brig Fiorina Raisins, Figs, Almonds,and all other article s usually
DrrAnTfFIT. < the first Uer.gir.ed Sea Island
(catch and in fine order.1'nr Malhabe deccased.I 500 Cotton O Sack Liverpool Salt found in similar .
VaslmiflRton.iaiary are wanted estabiiahmeits.jjjjjjjjljjjjjojjn
20 for
ISI I? sale low by McNAUGHT which the full value will I
J.'chruiJ'lo, IS'' "o 71| Newport, November 5, 1 &ft. &ORMOND. I mCI.\RJ IIARIUSN. be given byl S. I"'. BURNEV.i( 26smal packages NAUGHT Carolina Rice. -
: : Jefferson County, IS. Sin February 17, 151 1?. 7 & ORMOND.
I Newport, January 27, (IS J It?. 1 > '


The Floridian & journal

Material Information

The Floridian & journal
Alternate title:
Floridian and journal
Place of Publication:
Tallahassee Fla
Maxwell & Hilton
Creation Date:
March 24, 1849
Publication Date:


Subjects / Keywords:
Newspapers -- Tallahassee (Fla.) ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Leon County (Fla.) ( lcsh )
newspaper ( marcgt )
newspaper ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Leon -- Tallahassee
30.451667 x -84.268533


Additional Physical Form:
Also available on microfilm from Bell & Howell, Micro Photo Division; Library of Congress, Photoduplication Service.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Vol. 1, no. 1 (Jan. 6, 1849)-
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Ceased in 1865?
General Note:
General Note:
Publishers: Charles E. Dyke, <1852>-1855; Dyke & Williams, 1855; J. Jones, <1855>; Dyke & Carlisle, <1861-1863>; Dyke & Sparhawk, <1864>.
General Note:
Supplements accompany some issues.

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University of Florida
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University of Florida
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r 4 : J -
? _

I I"

4 ___

_. !

-'* ,: ;-.," .-._ .

& 'f..t tfQJ. I
', '.,. .

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----- --- 'f
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nv HUYWP1T., fc = -- ----- -----...- -.". .
TAT % --- --

.-- _. ._ ---- ._ 1,849. touBm T VTTlfnTTl
------- --- -- - :
: 1. ._
--- 1
"' '' .A.A-' i

THE FLORIDIAN & JOURNAL Congress Assembled, That the proper accounting lo Ice : a man) comrsahd saystheeiT 4 ." -.. -A ; .- -u.. ,' ., .,,-'_., .-.. ....- -' '. : ..;_--:"-_--_---------,J .- I fl:.
officers cf the army ol r.1 FASHIONABLE i.
u rrnusHCP EVERY: FATCRDAY.TEKMS thIUnitdSralebt andlliy for ...
--- --. r- are hereby required to money, to each volunteer I have paid is about to expire, BT suddenly! exclaimed, with SHOCKO JONES.
of the Arkansas fay itentl1d to each volun and t want to pay for another. He does so, PARK BENJAMIN.. =Y in his voice. r 1

: i teer of any oilier corps that has ben in the military and retires. From views by nigh with all their : ," replied the officer, returning. l.VA (EW Clun.\CTEn-A' AN'ADVOCATE. j'
THREE DnL.\RS per annum, if paid in advance.Tiimcc service l1f f the United States Turn we axxhile in
\\ been sunshine ; .
a prisoner Header is tose ,' A
AND A HALF, if paid williin' si i* of war in Mexico, the of ; not newspaper patronage a cu. Observe th* thing ready, but don't draw correspondent ofthe Nashville: Whig telU
pageant 1
forty cents ,
FOUR DOLAa., if flat paid until the erld of the year. lieu of snlisenc during sum the \hole time of a his day im in rions thing ? And in that great day, when Where Broadway pours 1 a never-ceasing sweeps along, \: the American flag waves out tho following good one ofthe notorious-or lH 1 f'

33-These terms will be rigidly adhered to, and %prisonment. honest men get the reward due to their honesesly Not on a week.d y,'\Hh its noise and Chapultepec Castle." celebrated, if the reader xvill-Shocko Jones, ;

fo paper will be discontinued! until all arrearage are SEC. .nd be further tnecled., That the benefits whicn say you of those enumerated a. nut where row ami rumpus follow dirt and it shall be done," and the Lieu which the types have now for the first time ;"1 _
;aid, unless at the option ol! the publishers Sutfcribert !). provided by th? first section of this act extend to bore xvill' obtain that reward Now Silence Sunday morning, ,hen o'er all the : to the gallows. made public : I ;<
be received for three months the legal reprcsentatiues ,f said i snow-fall, settles t't1
at One <
wi \luntr( \ill be seen, that while certain kinds of Look on this edifice; softly hung until the castle is taken Oar hero, afier so ; : _
SEC. of
Dollar-months at $\ 30. l very order for the 3. And be it fw ther enacted, That the same patron majble ma fe- magnificently doing S..S. ( r
paper out of I his county must be accompanied with ., evidence a isnox requited lo establish the fact of age are the very life and esence.ofa. newspaper See How fair it swells to beautiful to fade. we shall live a good long Prentiss and the Mississippi banks in 1937, '! ;:
)hecah unles*, the order comes through any of our ordinary sorVice shall be sufcfnt to e ablish the there are certain other kinds that will what fine people its portal crD', d exclaimed one of the prison retired ;to the shades ofa t -

regularly authorized agents in the Stite.AflVEUTISEENT fact of imprisonment, and and require kill a paper stone dead." Sming; and ii' greeting t. talking., laughing, : 'I bvam. vate life, settling in ColurmVjsihe comparatively pri ; t $
f\A HI A1" fiedofbi?
aCfuunt ofers f/\ ni'il.-A lle nlnunt nffiri-1..... ._ Where- n'J Wit uu, 0 ay you shall for till the Star Snah- former glnryvhere his ;i 'J' I
J ded by the first of this act, \ and Beauty social"joys society was the de.
SWill secicn upon application I licatitiful Extract.( The Not Ilir*,* of t,. ... !,
Or. a all
of said volunteer his authorized Independent grand shop where late Parisian waves in victory over true \