-o oTllic litjtiIteuIesjneiI l ibr StKxtrnrt
lurt'> animated: works are brou-rht together in one \in; ne'spapei s, tonil? : Union, and National In-
Rev. Dr. Scott. JOHN S. BOND, M. P., of Ta- collrrlion, where they cjn be viewed at leisure,and I lie nccotnm'wlation' I olh of t the Tcachor* and Siudfnl Iflligoficer, Wahinton, I D. of C., Charle ton ('ou.I -
Notice. yyill S by (Japt. Alex-.nuler Mclvor.Boartl .
iauas cclo MUs LOUISE M. RANDOLPH, daughOrcf vulh pet foci -curity.. J I lior, .Charleston, S. C., Commercial Bulletin, Now

the late T. P. Raa.lolph, Eq., of jQaincy. The exhibition i is rendered intensely interesting "PHE subscriber hay ing taken out letters of aCnrinJL including yva-hi-ij, will rate tit HI') per Oiloans.! (Georgian; and Republican. Savannah. Ga.; .
I month. Slii'Jentsboardiiiz at I this house
by thoa' tnnUhi idlato \\ijl iiaycihu Journal, ?dn. tgtinicry. Ala., Sentinel and Flondi.m. m
At St. Marks! on the M 1 in.l t .. by Miller of Wakulla U'coased gives notice atlvanta of heinz at all limr tinder the care ol
< George in the -'ei i>f County, hereby Florid.uand ;lhat notice be given by hand-bilU also :
ll.e leachcr yyho yvill *;Ci'iileni: ttej ir and
I Ei.} Mr. CHAULES :MOON1VRT: Mi AINNE-: U.ioitt.'Fiei's; LeopziiiIsCcii.iis&c. to all persons hay ng claims against sai.l e-tat? to ist'bcrn' in their studies. r.ora'p and that the said Commissioners shall, in the yale olsiid

present them tome, or to Benjamin Bjrd.of L'-oi a#> : lands, be guided by the of the grant, rmdr '
MOVER. who atnonz: other remarkable feat, will harness map in battles it it sLS
[Apalachicfila paper please copy. F'or fut tt.cr informal rtspeitini r: tps of tni'ion! put up ui qiuirt ; .
County, my authorized azent, within tvyo voats, properly by Mi" srs. Burr, Washington, and Merry, late C'l.mmisioners -
and drive a large Lion thnnish firtli times tairitifej sue'r'iir
a eh'aper,
prepared p.'easnhl'aunit
space will text L >i-ks. reju-lalion;, 5 .c.. &.C.. f e |pii'ite5l Cata- I
authenticated agreeable to law or ihoy and shall sll the fractional sections
>> purpose und r the va ilinn. Mrs! SCHAFFEHio v.hicli hi' t bvannlica'i' in tit un! olti. It eitrei Jurane without roiiSfin '
in'ie procured !t. f
niiy >n >
ron? OF ST. MARKS. indebted will ,;
be barred of recovery ; and all persons quantity and form as laid down on said and
\\! f firmness and dating ha.-e acijuir for her N. H. STEWART map ; %riirgit:",sickening or debilitating the patter:.
IX-c. 22. Cleared Dri* Wacissa, Perry, Mister, to tl.e title of the Lion Quoen, will her please to make payment? immediately. Principal- t the said Commissioners to bavo discretion to sell infractions .
accompany December Ifi, fJIS. 22 VJ11E 1 1:1 ejt beauty jsml sitperiority! ot thIS Sarsa-
husband into thr OLIVE UYJM). AdminisSopchoppy quarter sections, and sections or in such!.
Coe Anderson, &, Co., New York, with 512 lulu rasps af the frtotioin Leasttl thus overall ether -dircia is
sho DcccmLer-2.1?, I ISfS. t 2't{ 2m thl1ai ties as 1 they may iL'tm proper and best calculated pjulLi 1 thit whd
Cotton, GObjrioN Rotin, 2 box*?* Sugar, 2 barrels Lion ing ihe complete control w hich this renowned The Piaiitation bi-longiog lo aid estate will b? Fletcher Institute, Fa. ConfJi-eiice. for the interest of the pailies, leaving out the t erjd.c.ttes. the di-ieaJi; it iaf".juratei the boJy.i Lt .

.Oranges, 2 boxes Tohacco. '2 boxes Men.hatrhze, and denizens tunu-r of the can forest.cs.-rci over the most ferocious rented for tho tnsuing year. For term, apply as private and adverse grar;S as laid d )wfl on saiil map i i-s one: ui| phi? rery bedt Sprirt a-nl Swinrc-r '

3 tons old Iron. Open from 2 to 5$, P. M. Admittance SO cents- above. SITUATED IIAtr MILE! FROM T1IOH \SVII.Li:, GA. Jpd it ii fin tin r ost'cru', Ifc., I that for the purpose ever kii.vii ; it net only purifies the wliwle ysTerg _
and dtrp jlhen- the trot it '
; ; creates r.cn .
Children under 10 jearsof age, and servants, Sects'. 'T HE scholastic year to consi; and
UNITED STATES JL nih .' : of $their inteie,t in said lands, the nominal value: rich IMOM tt! ; a Do-\er po-oojcd by no other rued}-
Talldlussco) J.niuan G, I'49.Executor's '. ton in.> to C'>rntnen I ih firt Mondiv! in
FORTSlllSJ CALIFORUIAJ 1-Vbriiary, an.l clmo the hat! Th'ir.-d in November of said, lands is fixed at one dollar per acre, and that iciIe_ A'ul: in (this lies the grand secret of its rroa- _
Wholesale Clothing Warehouse\ ij each and every claimant in said lands may, il bo. derlul L'f.'ePs.: It ha* prrf.irmeil within the list Ivr ? i f
Sale. COURSE (JF STUDIES VTES O": TUITION.Orlhognitby years, more tliaa .><),()OO cores of severe C33ii.'Mjf
lie think hid at this Valuation, to
/ leave ( Calilor- i-f they, proper
Ji. nil between undersigned this propose.to t Umc and the flint or of March I BY virtue of a donee of th<. United States District LEWIS &, HANFORD R a'Jing, Writing, ar.d Aiith1'ielic the amount of the value of the number of acres decreed disease ; at lc.>.
Com! for I Ihe Northern Iit net of Floridjmade per li-rm, Sl lt 00 to them in titi.s partition, without money It has siveti the lit es of cioretlian 5OO(? chitJrrtf
next, and would be pleased to be accompanied by j by siid C.utt; at an extra term held by adjournment i\os. a.12 A i23(; IVarl Sited, Tl.e aboyc, with English" Grtrntnar and Geography as i.s provided in cases of otli.-r purchasers but the pt se.tt'n jr tint ci y of New Yoik abai3. --

.S. such% of 1 their fellmv citizens as may desire to sctkIheir on the foui th day of December, A. I). ISIS, at the (Between Fulton-sl t and Burling Slip,) 20 OUTbe should claimants purchase! over anti above: the amount .I.re il .r _ _
city of St. Augustine, the subscribers'. Executors ol aboyo ithi he higher bruicios! nf : JOi) cases of Chronic irem.titri
P.4 fortunes in this new land of promise. Their ?,7JUr YORK : an of their in. rest under said vahntion.: then, for any .
I the 1 Int:i will and testament ol George King-lpy, de- English-aiiotiembracing Natural.Men- such ecesthey shall comply with conditions heroin 2'KKJ' ) case* of Dyspepsia ; .. 1t1
be left determined themptlvei
travel nil be
V route of to by -etar.td, svill oiler sale, at public auction, before the HAVE OX. HAND THE I.n(;EST ASSOnTMCNT t at! and Moral Philosophy, Rhetoric Logic, imposi-d on olhor purcba .ers. .//Kit ifint'iffoideffd 4ttJhc.tesoje.ter.t) Del-itityand v.i.tof.nerr I

and their companions when the expedition is I Court House, in the town of Jacksonville, and Stale CLOTUIG hiuta iv,ClteIni4t rc,Getdozy, Book-keeping i 8fC., lhat said sale, (c cenlin-jt the interest 7t>JiJ cwea of the dhll-rent cuwauw"! .; -

4ully organized. I aUm-said) on MONDAY the filth day of MARCH IN 11IK and Political Eco'uoiny: 30 00 ol claimant,) shall Le mat'e by said Cncnr.iis.sioncrsoa 2KJcasesot( Scrolal.i ; ,

All penans wishing to j.ijn the party .rnt t be ol. noI I, I tho following real est ate, to wit : Drajton' Isla UNITED'STATES.Adapted The ahoye, with French, Latin, Greek, Al- the following terms, to wit : One-thin of the purchase 1,5.)0 case of Liver Co'mplaiixf, ;

titution least three > .iilu-atfd on' Lake Oeoige, containing seventeonh lathe Southern and Southwestern Markets.In goJira, Geometiy. M. n uiatio.i. &.c. &.c. 3'1' (00'uic money in cash, fie remainder in three in-falments.'of !- 2OJ; cases of Diseases of I the Kidneyjaid t'rspiJ/f

healthy con -rnu>t possess at ndred ((170-j) ) acres, more or le s : valuable for its \ on Piano, extra, 40, iiO one, tyvoat.d three yearsyvilh interest at 2,000 cues of the Gravel ;

1iiirid: : dallari in money and come to them well luation, the quality ot its sil, and for its Orange, the article if Drawing and! Painting, extra, 2.:; 00 six [per cenlnm ; and that said Commissioners shall 1,0<".)) cases of the Yellow Jaundice;

;eecnunrnded as to moral character. Lt-oion, and Citron groves. Forrester's Point, situ SIIIITS AM: > lRtERS.; Use (.1 Piano, per term, -J U ign. seal, and execute with the pircbase; s written t, )UU' ca.ft* of I he Droj ;

THOMAS HAYWARD. S.-n'r ated on the St. John's River, about sixteen miles below Wo keep an endli-ss variety. For Wi'od, '1 00 or pi intetl conracts! conditioned fir >he executing: of :>,OX) cases of lire Cons'imption, _

IV. M MAXWELL Pahtka, containing about six hundred (OfjO) One-half the t tiiion to.be paid in advance ; the perfect (life \yhen the purchase money sbo-Il be And I thousands of cases of dUeasesof he lrleo'I, Jifr
V.r. RARTLETT, acres, more or Ie9. I.uena Vista, sitaled near For other half the firt of July. paid, and further conditioned, that if any iniialmentbo Ulcers, Erysipelas, Salt Rheum, Pimples 6n 'th$ _

O. S. BURROUGHS.GEO. rester'* Point, containing more 01 Ie. with( Orange it. AndS gethef with n-inioro-ji caes cf Siclr Headache, P.ar; *
O. McMULLIN grove upon A N 1)COVItII previously pid shall be forfeiicd; ; and thai the
Ji Mr. WM. C. Ho NT, Principal of Male Department. intheSiile am! Chest, Spinal A flection?,ice. &c."
Plantation situated in
tt. N. TAYLOR i >se County, on ) HATS said Commissioners shall have a riiht to re-enter
RICHARD B. MAXWELL. the River St. John's. six iniloa from Jacksonville, I in the World. ReV. G. A. M \LLFTT.tci..tarIt upon: the linds 5nW, and lake possession of the same This is the most succesdful nicticlna!' tnovrm ff; .

T Uahae, Cth Januaiy, I 1M9. containing three hundit-d (3id( ( ) acres, more or les-, Plain and Fashionable Clothing, of all kind Rev. R.MARY LUCKEY"A. POTTFR Principal Aisirtant Female" Departir.ent.Miss without let, hindrance or mcunibranco, thiotuh or diseases of (the Kidneys; and Dropsy.and atrsfftvlMjnV
of which about < ne hundred and seventy-five acres LEWIS &. UANFORDis. from I he put chafer. Jlndil iftti >!icr Ur

tlEWARD. are open for cul'ivatinn. On the place is'a Dwelling ,\\; t>52 Sf2.V*. Pearl St. Ioar! l, in private families nil Ii. things included- at That 'he said Commis-iionprs do doposit the monies been reported aj cared v/hen all ctK'r remsctiej h. ?".3 S.
$200 from S to 10 dollars moot ,-
I House) with necessary out building*, &.C., &.c. The Di-cember, fsH. 23 -5m per arising from !he sale of said! lands as fat as the .
__ P. P. SMITH, President.IL llitndreui! of cases of Fits and Nervou Dee
above r
places offer great induct monts to purchaser*, same arc paid into their hands in the Bank of
being lirallhy and pleasantly situated immediately Land for Sale. W. Sii.vnpz. Secretary." Charleston, in the Slate of Souih Carolina and that originating irj !Debility have been entirely cured.ar
upon the Ri% er St. John's, with fertile land bi'iiir.sr, December If;, 1<; |S. 22 said monies shjtl not be dravrh from saiif H.tuk, es- t thouiamds of caaes of Dysentery. Piarrhor end Si.ftr-* _
VALUABLE tif land i.i ofTcrvd at
manof the tropical fiuils, seme of tl. ..malrcad\ A tract private copt on the joint diaft of said Coinmissioners, under mer Cornplaict.
sale, situated one mile East of Marion Cross -I--- Confectionery and Bakery. CAUTION. .
a ciovmi': bliilo. an 01 Jer of Ih's Couit directing the same.
II TERMS:-One-third cash : balance in ono, two. Uo.iJ.S( in JelTerson County, and half a mile Nuilh of KINDON would inform his friends and JnJ il fmilier OrJefcd, That the said Commissioners {tj- Loo't o'atfor I.nitatian.c.-Unpkciptcd pV-" .

and three \oars, with interest, to Le seen rid by bond the St. Augustine Road. The tract contains OJO HENRY generally, that be has on hand, and make a full and ample repot to this sons have copied our labels, and put up medicine i-t

I of the purchaser and mortgage on the premises. acres, 73 of yvhich i i. cleared and under tolerable is constantly manufacturing, CANUTi of all kind, Court after said sale, of their proceedings in this the same shaped t butties'! "1 Tee tnut each BotfTe hij i
I OLIVER VOUI). fence, about one half hammock, the balance good such behalf. I the viitten signature of S. P.'TmVNSEND.( !
as :
-4F' JOHN S. SAMMIS. Ei'r &c. pine Ian). It is watered by numerous spr'nsothe PEPPERMINT, LEMON DROPS. N. B.-Persons In juiriog for this medicine shouT-f d

Jacksonville, Fa. January 0, 1819. 1 ts best spring water iu the Sta o, oxlremely healthy, CINNAMON. LEMON CANDY.WJNTERGREEN The land* fo yThic'i above decree refers are known 1 not bo induced to take any ether. iTruggijfj pit: nj*
and in one mile of a good school and church. It
Sirsiparillas.and of selling Ihiir'ovn _
course prefer
PROCLAMATION RY WILLIAM I D. MOSELEY. BARLEY CANDY, as "The Arradondo Grant," contain" about two ;
: Lost. yyill be sold cheap and on reasonable terms, and a others have purchased that put up fn small bottle
HOARHOUND hundred and ninetv thousind acres consislinz( of
Governor of Florida.WHEREAS dear warrantee title will be given. make recommeii
h and
And various others them several that fine Hammock Prauie and Pine Lands. The enire because they greater prifrf, ;
are ,
the 2.thi instant small each )1 among
two notes i
It has been made wishing to purchase will be hown thel)1C,11ie '
known to rnc by Persons % them-do not b2 deceived by any-.nqaire tot PTownsend's .
dollar L. H. dri/.zard dated ir th useful fur colds and coughs and i* prepared to manu- tract h3 been accurately siTrvoyed. and divided, / _
on "* .
> "
I of Alachua in this State say and informed ot (lie terms, on application and take other.
County, no ..
and all kinds that be ordered both .nfter he pf the Public into
Mitch,, nd due 20lh December facture any, may I manner Surveys, ranges,
that William II. Watson, alias James Clack, who to J. F. DeyyiU, cr lo C. W. DEWiTT, Agent, of which have beeriprepared Principal Otficc, l'2'i Fulton si.Sun riilding.!
and seclions
wholesale and retail.He -plats
oncd the to the subcerihcr. I foiewarn all IUTSGIH from purchasing December 11<>, I MS... 22 Marion Cross Roads. townships Y 10-j 5xtth Pearl h *'
was irnpri on a charge of murder of WiJ. -, street, Albany, and for sale ;
in all its and be obtained St. and
i is also to Baling at
prepared en Augustine
aid notes this (he 2Gthi of Docombcr carry may
I ell the
liam principal and Merchants
Gibbons late of said has
County, escaped from Druggists generall-r
J. M! branches, from the plain Lca.fnf Dread, to t the mat Jackson 1k. p
custody, a ud is a lu itivc from justice : Tor New York. throughout the Ucited Stated, West Indif anil! '""fCanacTa *
Gddt'n C Ibl'J. 1 JtI exqui-ite Caf.ei end 1'iri. Paitics and the public This large body of land, regarded as the> best in .
county, January "
\ rpIJE new packet JJrig can always accommodated by giving timely notice all Florida, liesbotyveon Ihe29th and Wth panels'

.Governor of Tloiida, by virtue of (heaulhoiitv vest- I ..Fr-::: or i\ '\v York.-The Bj-igLucy, J. Master, having the bulk of her car o engaged' at the Hak'-ry and ConU-ction.iry on JetF-rson street, of latitude, nearly in'nTvvay between the Atlantic A fresh supply of (he above valtrabled'j"ust mricini

eJ in me by Uw, do heieby ofler a reward of"TWO Hosmer, Ma tcr, yyill have dcspatch. will sail for t the above port yyith despatch. Fo, oil- "-itt- the Auction ROOM of 2?. II. Berry, 1-lifj.. and the Gulf, and i is adapted at once by climate and: received- and1/or. tfalevrho'esale and retail by _
HUNDRED DOLLARS lot the apprebenjnn of l said freight or apply toMcNAUGHT soil the Inn and EDVVARD BARNARD, h:
For freight or passage, apply passage Tallabasser, Dec. hiL1St' -2 feitility of to production ofeugar.
fugitive and his delivery to the custody ol the She ill t QRMOND. short Cottons Rice Spanish Toltacco Arrow D. .ADD. Newport.
,,... ) JOHN DEN1IAM.Newpoit stiple ,
_vf either Duval or Alachua Cojiuy( in this Slato.Mtinoiandwn ; January <*>, 1S4'J.' 1 Newport, December y, lS4s. XI Horses for Sale, Roof, Indigo, &c aol swept over faily by the sea November 11T ISIS. 17 6mi i

-William I I H.I Watson, aliap i JkrnesJllack Vt. FINE siddlo! and harness Horse for breeze, is healthy beyond any portion of (Ihe South Fire and Marine Insurance
t is about five feet, eight inches high. sei1 r, Lime 6cc.BP.LS. .
List of Letters L'sala.. He is a hir.dsoine bay, good country of the United State Lying in the immediate BV THE .
but well built, very erect, sallow complexion; black neishboi hood rf Lake Orange, between whch:
I and yyorks and ridiyvell is
in the Post 911 : perfect
hair, bluish, grey eye, is between 20 and 'M sears I REMAINING lSt9I :Ollice at Tallahassee on 1iJ 200 boxes smoked Herrinzy, I ly-sale iTi.sue Inrnoss., Also, a tine largo carriage or and the Ocklayy ahaw river,now navigable, a communication Protection Insurance Company' _
of and has he
marks of
azo ( a gun-shot wound 0:1ill's and will be maJe at moderate cost
I'ursalelow 1 by JOhN D EN 11A M. d-.ublo may ; an
safe either
bugs horse, that is in single or OfNewiersej-1
left houltier.Jiven I Alston, Miss Henrietta 2 11411, William
t> and connection y\il! be established between '
Newport, December 0, IS1. at sound.App.Iyto easy cheap
( undvr my band and the great seal of the Slate I Aloxaiidor, Tlios B I llolmt-s, Capl George harness, both ol yv'rich arc perfectly ibis region and the cities on the Ailanlic AT SOME1VI1iE, S

at the Capitol, in Tallahassee, tins the .r>ih day I Allen, Dr Nathan J Jenkins, Charles TO1'lCE.-\1l persons indebted l to us by HOle or J. I R.: j FOin'UNK[ Agent. coast, whilst in the nntiiie of Ihing, a rail{ road CAPITAL $20DCOO-CIsartered Fcbrtar/, i !: ,.. -

January, A. I D. Itl'J. Alexander, William Johnson, Mrs Maria .1. i open account, will please call ansi mike arrangements December V. ISIS. 21 anossthe( Perimsiila] and through this body of land?,
WILLIAM I). MOSKLKY, AnJreyvs. Cot C Jnr*, John This Company insures on Merchandize,Furniti'J' iDuihlngs.
for the early liquidation uf the siino.We yvill soon be established, and become the ureaf crmmcrcial -
Wakulla Circuit Court.IN .
By the Governor: Governor nf Florida.A. Andrews, Mr Henrietta Kelly Capt W W JBdnoor may be found at the store of Thomas hayward, and MCIO'' thorough fare between said cities Machinery, Foctories, and property generally

MAXWELL., Secretary State. James E KnoyyJos, Jo lmaKindon Fi. niKciurrr k LINDENKEKGER.Diccmber : CHANCERYBILL FOR RELIEF antlihn-eonfhe< borders of the Gulnli. in city and country.

$z-: Sentinel, Ocala Argus Jacksonville Now, Black, Calvin 2 William 0, l l"t. 'J! Henry IL Walker, C'ra1le.zinanl, In view of (tbedolizhtlul climate, of (the forfilitvf

Horida Republican Floridi Wjiij, Floiida Democrat Benlon, Rat.oV' Love, Sam BLaslinger rs. >f the soil, of the rich and varied staples, mot l of DIRECTOS.VTiliiain ,. p. _

will copy four times. Boyvons, Rev W HBlakely Mrs Matj 1 :TRAY ED: OK STOLEN from tho subscribe Joseph Delafield and Leis Curtis, Trustees of the which are ronfmod to regions of very limited ex Thompson, Sltvard Payson.N yost: .-

,. January (5 i, 1S11 1Sheriff's Miss Mary EBooker. Lancaster, mi"s Laura E / I on Sunday night last, 17lh inst. Apalachicola Land Company rt d., Drfendonti.T tent. which give character to the Iam'3 now ohWeu Peter L. Strjker, Matthew Rudsdale! '

-_ Mrs Ann I.afloon, William a dark M-rrel IIOKSKblind in ine eve, and l appearing: ti) the sali.sraclion of the Court, byaTnlavit for sale, it is b'-lieved that no p .rtion of our widespread James Taylor, J- S. McIntyre, Brook7.' : _

Sale. Branch, Jolin J D Mclvrr, Henry B star 4! in the forehead, yyith marksof, I tiie sail.ljo'un liii I .made in this case, t that Joseph IMaiield domain oflors higher inducement for the ia- David Sanderson, /?. F. Power <

Bryant, Dr B Minor, Ilcniy H back, and about y years oM.! Any iufo/i.uti, Concern and Lewis Curtis Tra-tee as afore aidand Lou'uMe vestment of tapital, or promises richer rewards to William J. Bo-.Tne. .
pY virtue of Sundry Writ* of Fieri Facias i iscud: Brown. Mrs Martha Moore, William J in '. b'c \7M. THOMPSON, reidesm.
,. received
? wilt thankfully and roaonitwarded. Lane. Charles Auj.es!:u Davi., and Georsc Grisyvold the industry oflhepoor m3n. .
t J) from the Clerk's O Ice of the Circuit Court far Bride SHliailcy Mavin1 Judge Wm sl.: J. IT. VOORIIEES, Secretary.
: JOHN KOMAGGI.(; retide out of t the State of FIortla: and beyond An examination of these bnJs i is earnestly invit- Il IlT
the cfGadsden Middle Circuit of Fl iuia. t
County <" ""c" Wjn Laughlin. John December 23. ISIS. XI the jurisjiclior. of I this Court, but in the UiiiiruSiatos PJ-and any information which undersigned can
and lo me direr tod, wherein J. i_. JT.: -ou jjlaintiir Barber William .. lIE Agents arc authorized fo taeto(1b( ( tSfi
: // is Oiiltreit, That the said Joseph Delalield :givo; with be promptly on application to
and Newnan Gilcbrist and Newel ]fl.! Gil.!! Cleveland, C II Mackintosh% ,Col J II For Sale. and Lewis Curtis, Trulees as aforesaid and either of them. toir.ers cf this Company that they recognr// _

christ is defendants, I have kid upon and will Carr, William A Mackintosh, Wm M rpHE subscriber offers( for salo his inter?;! in the Louis McLane, Charles Augustus Davi, and GoorzeGris.yotd.do The sate of these fonda w';H be bezun at the time (the Court cf the dlllefeci! States of the Un?>' ; t

offer for sale, before the Court-House door, in the Connel, John Morton, Jackson 2 J_ lands, known as Ware and 'fuek'rs1Ian'atjtin' appear and plead, a-isyver or domvr! lo and place, and on the terms set forth in the degree (yvhe/e Ihey hare agent ,)'m ease cf differenceap/7/ '*

town of Ojjincy, on the first Monday in February, Clarke, Mrs EVen' N O'Noil, Mr* Mary Ann four mi'es' from'tlieAt'cia1erv( on the Angu.tiue said hill of complaint, or I ho said bill be taken fofconfeiijul under which the undersigned act. No money yyill that (heir Agents ate instructed to conform to \\\rs. *

ISI9, within legal hour the following! described Clarke Henry N Parsons, Joseph H Roadabout lyyoniy-sfx.miJt-s fr"m Talahnss! and again them : I'rocMeil, That publication be received other than such as y\ill be taken on deposit ? Usages of other responsible Companies in the?*!'!"?' -' .
I rroperty.to wit : Cook James WCanol Perkins, M A in .lheL'ar.i df'Chailesfon (to merit of losses. ,,
ihirtoen m'lf-s Soul of Monlicello. Tho lands are of t his urdor'bc m.id i in some neyy sparer; printed by as equivalent
One negro man named Green about twenty-one Jessee Pratt, Rev Gt-oW equal to any in Middle Floitda. The trail ronlains ttecily Tallahassee once weekforlhe period of specie ; and it is suggested, that persons proposing The subscriber's hive beari appointed Agents I t">

tears old and one negro man named Major about Cason, A M Robinson, George 2 about 1700 acres, of which mv claim is !lU'iU; ?ciesJ. four months. Done in open Court, Dec. Oth, 1315. lo become purchasers,yviU do yvell to mike deposits the above Company for Tallahassee! and ifs vrcinft'

wenty.five years old. Cravin.TamosCollins Reagan, William R. TtrcKt'.t. A hue copy from the record. in said Bank, and bring yy'flh them. cerj-cite3: of LEWIS & AMES.

( I.eied upon as the property of said defendants' William Rankin, Richard Monticello, November, 1S4S. 1C IfebM'J. GEORGE L BRYANT, Cleik. such deposit;. August 12, fSt3- 4 6m

iu1 to be .old to satisfy oaid writs of f Fieri Facias.n. Colton Spencer I D Robinson, J R Iecerer.OI5.F3. 2t GEO. M. PAYNE.

0. \VK
I F. JONES. D illy. Asrthvr: Reed, Mrs Miry Ann Flour and Potatoes.nnLS WM. A. FORWARD,

January C, t'40. 1 1Sheriff's Dover, Friend Rardon, Lf W GIMh' received by.ioccnt arrivals our fall up- n SUPERFINE; GENES EE FLOUR, December 0, IStS. 21 Commissioner; _

James Rochrllo, Mr HAVING our stock of goods is very complete, and .)u !hO bbls.- di) do doHI c-::: i:: titers in yvhois papers above no'ice) of sale! '.

Sale. 2)rey1) Jame A \Rail\\ Thos J embraces every article usually .ceded by 1 tin-planter, kit iels St. Loui Flour, of lands is required to bo given, wilt insert the same

Y ;iti( of two %Vt ifs if f .Ytndilioni E\pona loiites, Miss Maria Ryan, Jn DS farmer, or morhanir.II I 10 C di I IIHI I I P tatr.os. For cal,. bv |yy ice weekly! i in (their respcclivo paper3.IiIl day rf
)r Circuit Rev IVlt-r .1 WShephcard consist i in of the i silo, anti forward (their accounts to the Commissiono.s lIE (; .. KLINE: OF PACKETS hcttceeP
i issued from the riptk'* Oiljc-e r I t pnrt i following article!) : JOHN DEMI'AM.Ncwpcrr T

.! (.SouI.1 for the Cunr.ty of Gadhdcn; Middle Circuit ofFlctidj Dorman, 0 M Johr. Garden and field Seeds, -cumber 2, IIs1.. '-> ) nl SI. Augustine, tw the month of Juno, vthenIho New York and St. Mirks and Newport, sit

I' 'Ip1-,, and in me directed, \\h rem DC I Fore-t Dorjoaro, Augti-tus Smith, Aaron P 2 Iron and Steel, all sizes ; Cut and Wrought Nail _!. _said account* yvill I bo paid. commence running at the opening of the fall tad< ,>/ _

I Mature* isbn C. Claik and Francis Fonnan aryUintifls. Dent) J"hn F Spict-r R M ',' do. ; Ploughs I 1ns. Axes.; Spades, and Shovels,So- Pickled Mullet. For Sale. and HOK continue; WARCALLA throughout, Jofservn the er.tJre.year Master, vrz;

fr r and Gilrhml and Kt-nan are dt-fet.datitu. 1 Dukes) Wm G Smith. JCarraway :3ScahM. t gar Kettles i assorted sizes ; Dippers) and Skiinineis, Z\ BARRELS: No. I PICKLED MULLET, oft OCILLA, Trim, do. ,

will oflir! fr:, tale before the Couil-lloi *c dur, Iii Ieclaacon, Chai lei 2 DrJIISingleton Tin Ware, a good as-irrtmoiit. ) iho tirst catch, and i in tine order A FINE NEW YCRK ROCK.\WAY AND HARi 4. LUCY, Hostser do.

the towafOtiincy, on the fir -t Monday in Fcbiiiatyjieit Ed, WtnEdwards C T J Carpenter;', Dlacksmilhs, Coopers, and Ma-onn For V/ I ifo IIIM Mi-NAUCIIT .V. OIIMOND.Newiirl : .. NESS; suilotl for a r in.dl Wr laruo famHy.a AI, SU\VAXXEC, Clark. do. netv.l t
: withinjegal hoiirs, t Ihe follow 015 dc .ciibediropertv. Mrs Lm'sa M Spoors, Bonjimin tools, Blanket, Plaids, Kerseys Osnahmgs, &<"., November ">, IS I. 1'J? fine pair of biy carriage IIOR.SES Enquire nf WACISSA. Perry. rfo. .
to wil : Ilium.: Win 11 Smith, J M Shop. l'ools. and Saddlorv.Hals DircemborQ. 19-1?. 20 R B. CLARK. The *
o Brigs are in the most substantial mt-
LotNo.% one hundicd and thu ty.I thiec in I thc.loi.vn Evan*, Sandy Mopliono: PN Caps, and ReadymadeClothing.. ncr expressly I'M ti.'w trade commanded! '. / -.
Randolph{ & Lc\yis, Mirviving of the firm apj
OlQuincy. Elliott. J.MFUtrhir Thom, IsornTnmpkrns \Vood, and Hollow Waro, &c. itc. itc., yhich yro"T partner Mullet. careful '

Iletciolote le.vird upon .by Jno. G. Carnp, Mar hal C C John \y"Tuilifvillo r for sale on c'lilomary trrms.andut ixiros to suit of Wad-lel, Raiid'ilpli *o Levy is, by Utnjamin C. TUST rereked and for we! .7) barrrl- MULLET, page zt the and lowest expera-nccd rates.Captains'Agents-. Freight and :ps- ii

tr.1heMidle ( Fletcher. John MlVrrrtt Wilson the time. McNAUlillT' *c, ORMONIKt ) Levy is, rs.Clement J
DJitiict of Floiit3a, alhe j.iopeit. <' 15. Barrett. J by E.: M. WEST, Agent. .COE. ANDERSON & CO' ir-
atid lo be sold to satisfy said wiitutxponas. f I, Jamos Turner, Jonas Newpcut t, November, IS- S. IS Dp'ceir.her 2. 1S-IS. 20( It 10 Beaver street New York1. :
and all i iher* inteetcJ arc hereby ,
(1 W Tel fair. John! S
Vengtjonj Fountain Gocrge .
and Salt. I not riledof 'the I comme.icement of this uit, JOHN DENHAM. .. .
Jl. A iVKST. Sheriff. I'orttiJne1di Tutum, ?Miss!i E A Bagging, Rope, Notice.
return'ablo to a Junicts Court lo be held at Tallahofsce .- McNAUGHT &, ORMOND, ,. ,
January 1 Goldsborough, Dan TownsenS, \Vm J Brig Ocilla and other vessels! ,
\ per 1''Vi11TV ilay afler l3te. applifaSon yyill be
RECEIVED on the! Ih day ot! December next, and! toap- Newport.
(;Jreen, lion James Tradeyvell, Mr* A M <)' ( Bagging, and plead to l'io' uaine- _L1. made l by the unuorsigned.GuardJtin of the heir Newport, Aogust 12, IS 13'. 4 t

t Notice.A Glass, John T Vickers, Ezekiel 2<))0 coils Rope, pear Given under, ti hand aid teal, Iliis 27th day of pf Henry T. Copeland,deceased,to (Ihe Judge ot Probate -.,

*-L persons arc hereby forewarned not to tzaae Hart, Oscar Winker, Francis OUJ( sacks Liverpool Salt, for sale by November, A D.: ISIS.JOIIN. Leon County, fr Isave to still i'he real estate New Goods .-Fall Trade/ .
I 1) F
foror hun- Hall, Joseph H. RHODES ConUble.Decsmber beloncinclo! said heir. -
receive' note hood for seveatccn p pS.
(d Howard, John GHayykins. Wet, Dr henry G Newport November 13. !Sf'. IS CHARLES E. DYE, Gaardian. F7BURNEY '
lY'a snj thirty.o dollars and fifty cents. given by W 2, 1S4S. 20 am *. -

4 He undersigned, jointly with WilliaEi Clarke, toT I GeoigoHutchoson, John Winsloyv.Ro.xcumer WollrGeorge Miss Bagging and Bale Rope December, 19 IS. 20 HAS just returned from New York,and would i- .' '

T derryGep, dated thclblhof December, 1S47, and MILLER & BROKAW'SLivery his patron.sand friends'generally. thai 1-5

: months after the date thereof. The said Hall, JoiceI Whynian, Mr AFRESH ripply of KENTUCKY RAGdING and Groceries, &c. is hourly expecting per Brigs Wakulla and Lucy, .' I..
Orbqd I la ware?, Amasa Woolen, Councill ROPE, daily expected by Schr Tallahasscc. & Sale Stable '
'bavLng! been paid, and alleged to be 1c' ,
h3: will not be responsible for ili payment. Harrison, Mrs Isabel M Williams, William McNAUGHT I & OSMOND. : ?, S. KMG1IT & C
Hendotson.Pavid AHy Williamj. James Vi Ne'i port. November. I S-IS. I 1M ..UTALLAHASSEE FLORIDA." Fancy and Staple Good. i---

t- II. II. HARRISON. nt-r, John .Yarbor ugh, Miss Jane lIs.ubserIbersliave! moved up to their fire-woof I.TAVE.iu't t received a large stock ot.GROCE Bonnets Ready made Clothing, Men's and; Eoy-J* ; .. _

4flUrt4JG ISM). I Hiiddlesfon, Pleasant W To Turpentine Dippers.WE T brick Stables, and take llii opportunity to inform I RIES. WESTERN PRODUCE, BAGGING, Caps Hats of John 'Genin's superior'quail; ,' \\1 c. _

-- their friench and- the public generally of the ROPE and every thing lhat pertains to Ihelr business. Boots and Shoes HardwareSingle! anil Double B, r-
above letters \
of the the
Double Persons calling for any have on hand a supply of proper tools
Harness be lost
\ will please say' they are advertised. for this business, winch we-offer far sale.McNAUGHT .- fa'f. Being thankful tot the liberal patronage they 1 here can nothing by giving them a relied Guns,Crockery,Glass. Stone.. Wood and Wit.: I

F01SPL1..One< pair of ?conj hand double har1 C, IS 19. 1 3t M. NASh!. P. M. &. ORMOND. li'tft ho.-elofore received, they solicit a continuance call. low? Ware With a'good assortment of Groceries -
H13" 10Gihmy
for sale cheap. January Newport, November 18, t849i 18A of the same, and pledge thsmselvejlospate no pains November 25. He tenders thanks, very especially to the L dic-,' iI j

J. FORTUNE, Agent. OTICE.-A meeting of the Stockholders of the for Ihe accommodation ot those who may patronise Cloth. and regular customers generally, for their Ibo.: ]' ),

: N Unioa Bank of Florida will be held at theirBnnkin" Sea Island Bagging. them. Their Stables arc sitUaled( on' Washington patronage ann! beg asain the noticed all to lnj' .

Shingles for Sale. Hou'C, in the city of Tallahassee, on Mon- Square, in the most convenient part of the town, and A' SMALL supply, EXTRA HEAVYdaily.ex- Fall stock.

S. 000 ( fn ale. inches 1ong day. the 5th Fcbnmyfor the clrclion..f Directors, SMALL LOT for sale byMrNAUGIIT &. ORNcypott for comfort and convenience, they cannot be surpa reeled, for sals bvMcNAUGHT & ORMOND. Liberal advances oh Cotton consigned (tn )h tli, d-3 _

rtf ,- ,, II. L, rUTGERS; Cashur.Docembpr3l cdby any Stables! in the Southern country. for shipment
1I ar .. 'E' 1 tWI R FOUli luahIfv.i NE Apply, Agc-iii to 1&e is November IS, 13 IS. 18 NcyrpcrJ, November 15,1.4S. i lf> Sfitember3Ltt ____1I) -S



t'---- against of the United Stalewhich --
the government Rappahannock -
and the mtoration of the customhouses Academv
BY AUTH WtITY. \\hichmjp a cop is adJeUlollns treaty bearing the Uniud; Stales eI.gdgcsto pay o that of the Mexican of this treaty with the stipulation in the shill be presented in the manner and time hiremn- AND MILITARY

the signalun8 and seals ethic uidirsitned pltnipoleutiarics. republic the sum of filleen millions of dr-lUr conformably edicts, a.ter expressed, and all claims of citizens of the I- INSTITUTE:,
such all
And, in ardor to preclude all dithcutty Immediately| alter this treaty .hall have been duly third in case the Mexican mud States ajainst the government of the Mexican IllS Institution

TREATY OF I'CACE. ]FRIENDSHIP! LIMITS Iii tracing upon the ground the limit bcparating Upper ratified by the government ot the Mexican republic, and properly alter the whatsoever restoration, of arriving Ihe s.id at custoit-housel, republic, which, fcr whoever cause, were not sub T Board cit Trustees' which is under an ,Cci r'-

AND SETTLEMENT WITH THE REPUBLIC horn Lower Cjlifnrnia.it is agreed that thesa'd! the sum of three millions of dollar shall be paid ports alter the mitted to, nor considered nor fimllf decided by, the about ard has burn "roTrcrtnl
of days ;
or MEXICO. limits shail;! consist of a straight: lire drawn from the lo the said governtnei t bv that ol the United Slate?, anti previously the expiration sixty shall be admitted commission, nor by the arbiter appointed l'y the thiily-sevenyeais.u li'railei situated in Carohere c.
of his Virginia, about
middle of the ito Gtla. where it unites with the at the city of Mexico, in the gold or silver coin of day ol the signature I treaty levied thereon convention of IM'J' and which shall Le nnenlrd the tew! } redtruck5g *

CONCLCUEU FEIIUUABV 2, 1S46. Colorado, to a point on the coast ct the Pacific Mexico The remaining twelve millions of dollars to entrY ; and no other duties ihall the be tariff found in in the manner and (time hereinafter specified,, shall midst The of an mtelliser.t aid e.' i ; 'in"
dutieestabh.hed location
the by country. V'l'.T
ocean distant otic n.anne Icscue due south of the shall be pad: at the same f lace, and in the same than the reslolalionofthesame. be referred lo four commissioner, who shall form a fir;

BY Till. PRESIDENT OP THE UNITED ijulhermoM piirit oil he port ol San Dieeo, according coin, in annual instalment* ol three millions of dollars foice at such custom-houses. And lo at all the such(time merchandise ol -, board, and shall heappomled in the following man- beingperfecllg/oealghyat, oJ I1C3E07 ; is

STATES OF[ AMERICA* to the plan ol said port made in the vtar 1'fe.ib each, together with intereM on the same the established by the her, I hat is foray : Two commissioners shall be appvintcdby relirecUbeinKennrcly ? thccu,3, taruufccnst ,.
Da Juiri 1'ant'jT, second til
A PROCLAMATION.V S'arIZsh, llect, and p it'ilii.hJ at Madrid in the year begin to run upon the whole sum of twelvewillionsfiom preceding article shall applyARTICLE -XXI.If and time other two by the President ot the United places-yet be sulhcieMly near lo all the rtblit t.ut

a treaty of peace, trieiid l.ip, limit, and Is J.in the Atlas lo the voyage of the schooiietsd the thy ol the ratification of the present should hereafter States, with the approbation and consent of the Sen erected to easily accessible trim all points. 1 ] bni

nellltmcat, between the United suit* t4! Amrnci :.fiI and .MLrica'ia, which plan a copy is here tiealy bv the M/xican, government, and the! first o unhappily any disagreement ate. The said ccmini.-siomT*, thus appointdsbatl.iii cxpres4ly kr the rurpt.st9 ot the wbw |
the built
betwt-en'th ol two republics ot l brick
iud ihe Mexican repuoiic, w *s concluded iud i nrJattbecity unto added, cigritd and sealed by the respectiveplenipotentiaries. the instalments kh.ili bt paid i-t the expiration of o;tey arise governments presence cf each other, take an oath to examine three in niimbt r. ontaunung ih e ,
of t'suJ4ue,> Hid-l oon the tecond diy ar Irom the same c.ay. Together wttti each annual whether with iepecl t lo interpuetat ion olny fctipulalion other- and decide impartially the claims submitted to lour recitation rooir.i. a L.hrary rrcm, ? ,ift. a L lr,.

ol'February uie thousand tht hunched and loty-: Inoidtr to de ignatr the boundary line with d.iepreciion ; mtalment, as it falls due. this whole interest accruing in this treaty, or wilh respect lo commercial any them, and which may lawlully l-e con-idend, ac- ry of ,00 volume, and d-rmiints sujj rfM, to

4 lht< which treat v, a* amended b> the Senate ol the upon authoritative maps, and to establish on such instalment from the beginning hill al- particular concerning the political cording to the proofs which shall be presented, the commoJate with c.rnlrtt about 75 l-ardei, ivl
said ,
Uaited Slate*, and being in the English' and Spanuh iipu* the gruuud landmaiks which, shall show the s. be paid. relationsofthetwo nations, the governments each prmciplesof ritht and justice, the law of nations, (lieu mmtonies are large: comfortable: aid si cli aired _
do to
nord for vurd. folio*: limits ot both deicubed in the name of those nations, promise The play gn-unds around time .
languages, republics, as in the present ARTICLE XIII. and the I treaties between the Iwo republics. building are cx nsice
the most sincere
In the name wt l Almighty JoJ : article, the two governu.ents shall each appoints The United States engage, moreover, to assume other that they will cndeavor.m ARTICLE V. and well adapted to the porpw vt.Icercatlon.. W-

The United State ot Amenta and the United Comui i iuner and a surveyor, who, before the expiration and pay to the claimants ail the amounts now due and earnest manner, lost t tile I t the differences and so friend-arising All claims of citizen* ol the United Slates against The ci.i.rse of instruction will n.lrare all t l\g

Mexican States, animated tjy a sit.cere desire to pulD ol one sear Irom the date ol the exchanged them, and those her -alter to become due, by reason and lo pre-erve I tue state of? peace the government cf the Mexican republic, which branches! a Ihorou-h Kr.glihCUWIC-i ad Math.

end to the calamities ot til war which unhappiIv ; ratification* ot! this treaty shall meet at the port ol of the claims already liquidated and decided against khipin which the two countries ate now placing werecon-sideicd by the commissioners, and referred inaliral Education. con.b.n.d. wnh ir.strtcii.n m

iisi l, between the two ivpd'jlirs, ai.d to vcabihilpon S.inU.tgo, ami proceed to run and mark the said the Mexican republic, under the conventions between tUui-elves ; Using for this end, rnutuil ir representation these- t In, the umpire appointed under iheconvcnlion of the Military laches. In accordance with thwde-ign,a

a 5iid! bau rel 'lions i'I l peace and ineni] hij>, boundary in ils wlmle courwetuthe mouth of Ihe Rio the two republics keverally concluded on the and pacific negotiations And by eleventh April, IS39and uhich were not decided distinauHlud graduate of the Mi.iiarv Institute '

which hall conler reciprocal en<'fitw upon the citizens IJrave del Nolle- They shall keep journal and eleventh <'f April, eighteon hui.died a'.d .hirly-nme, ineiijthey should not be enabled to come loan he had a- by himshall be referred to, and decid.dby.the umpire Lexington, Va has been selected lo instruct t the ca-

otootli, and assure the coucoid: harmony, iii mal.. out plans) ol their operations ; and the result and the thirtieth day ol January, eighteen hundred rCemflCZt(. a rtsoit t ,!iall not ,on t this account' Lin-i, 10 be appointed, as provided by this convention, dets in Tactics anti assume charge: the Mall.insati.

tnutJal; coiCue'.ice w Herein the two toe! thoulii arrcd Ujfl, by them shall be deemed a part of this an-d lortv-three : so that the 'Itean republic .hall ?o reprisals. a.ZresSiofl, or hostility o any by on the points bmitted to the umpire under the late cal Dep irlmint. The inlroductivn ut! this| j sv' tem las

live, as good nciujoi0; have lor that puipoe; Appointed ututy, and shall have the xanie lorce as if it were be absjfutely exemj-t, ,tnr the lutute Irom all expense lUe one rfpuMic ., ain'-t! I the other, tint ml t the govern-shall convention, and his decisitn shall be final and con been i.un-l, from expem-nce, to cmbine many ad.

their respective plenipotentiaries i isioiv !.)<< tIed tlurein. The two governments will ami.ably whatever on Jicour.t "f t te said claims. tnei.t ol Itut which d.ems itself aggrieved and clusive. It is also agreed, that if the respective S amtoges. I Health ispruincUd |rf/rn ,hf tcr, b.nation

the PreMlent ol I he l'nit&d State* has a.ip< i'n( dJNichulasP. (. agree regarding whit may be necesaiy to ARTICLE XIV. have maturely lon.-idered.iu the wo'.ild spirit of peace ha bitter commissioners shall deem it expedient, they may ol regular bodmly. cxercuein military drill.wilh the
'Instaci'i7en ii the t'niteaStaKs, n1 l these and aUo their tI.v "lod nei hbvUship, whether it not cour-e of study without hots
< pilous, as to respective escorts, The United States do furthermore dl-rharpe: sul>rnitto the said arbiter new arguments upon the ever Interfering with
the President ut the Mexican ivp-iblir ha appointed should such be necossarv. Mexican republic from all claims ofcili/.ens ol th I h.it such d.tieienre should bj si-'lled'( by t the arbitration said claims the time des Ott d to the latter. The reculanry

Don; LuisGiHizag'i Cucvas.Don Her urdoCuuto, and 'J'ne boundaty line esiablishrd; by this article *hill United States, not hart tuft'i e i'e-"idid
Dan Migueltiistam, ntizei of the said republic, be religu-UsU respected by each of the tvo repuh Mexican goverumei.t, which iualu>e <*n.ei; previously l Liv t tint ol a friendly nation. And should such -- ticularly as to riin;. rettrina. hours nt meals,<}ris.c par!!

who, alter arecipiacal rommunication of thcir tespectin lies, ami no cliange shall ever be made therein, except to the date ot the su'Mture ol (Ins Ire ity ; i-ourse he proposed by eiti.ir party, it shall be ac- Leon County \ conduce to this end. The m< rats are Protected'

full powett, have, under the} prul.ct10.I i of by thee\prc and tree consent of both nations, which discharge shall te final ard perpetual, whtther cedtd toby the oliur. unices d tr..ed by il altogether TAX COLLECTOR'S SALK.BY :. habits of method and economy formed, aid an DCCU*

Almighty God, the author cf reare, aranjid, lawfully givtn by the general government *if each, said claims be rejected or be allowed by the incompatible) with the nature ot thcdillercncr, or rate merit and dement list i* kept, which determine

awn coistitutton.AKTICLK board ol coinnii-sioners provided fur in the following the circuui-tanccs, ot the caoe.ART1CLI VIRTUE of the power vested in rae by 1 l.tw, 1 the position cf the studer.t in his class and ia tho
and? sale! before
levied shall
XXII. ixponfor
: ,
Tuaty ofpe&ce, firndipZiii1', and settlement article, and whatever: tlull Le the tjtal arno-iut upoi, ranks.
VI. and which God the Court I House door t lie ci my of Tallahassee
If (which is nnt to be expected, m Stu'lei.ti can litre
Itisftenllif United Mala pfJimniea and tie ot those allowed. fully complete their Studies
.%Ic.tCan epuJ..lic. The ycesels an. citizens of the United States shall, ARTICLE XV- tirbid!) w.ir shoull I unhappily break out between on the SECOND MONDAY IN FEBRUARY prepare.! fur any ot the advanced clasps of hi<,

in all time, have a tree and uninterrupted passage The United Slat s, exoi.eratiog Mexico fion all I the two repu'ilics, t icy do no A-, with a tic* to such NEXT, ((1S1''.) the fvllowing descr.bed propertycr or befitted to enn rat once upon tIme studv! tf CoLIc.p7o'

ARTICLI: 1. t>) the gull ol Calilouiu, and by the river Colorado demands on account cf the clainis ol their cti7.eii9: cal'imily, stlemiily pledge emselves lo each other so much thereof as will pay the State and County legion, cr (tl.e active duties cf Iuf. I It } fixed 3

There shall be firm and universal peace between beiow uscoiulueuce with the Gila, to and Irom their men'iined in the preceding article, and considering and lo The world, to observe the following rules ; Taxes due thereon for the year 1 15 H, to w it : u.ivaryin-. ; rule that every branch studied a aVid

the United States ol America and the Mencsn republic possessiuiis situated north ol the boundary line de- them entirely and forever cnclie.!, ha'
and between their respective countues, JincJ in the pitceding aidtle: it being understood amount may be, undeilake tm'
territories, cities town'*, and people, without exception (hat tills pasaa e is to be by navigating; the gull .t! the sane, to an amount not excte linn ihr r and ii.-.e al iO ule ohservance shall he impossible : 3, R I N arid E, E i S \V I ;oc 17, T 2, R 2, N and are honi. and tare n taken to inbure diligence
Laliloinia and the rner L'oloiaclo and either the rfidingin 1 E: V. S I P. 4 17, T 2, R 2, N and E V,' J N E and
ot places or persons.AKTHLE. not by land, quarter millions! ol l Julian To (CL'riatii >'he! vilidu. 1. Tn-JirnTchia'j.! oi ; republic i ec iKiprt.veuitrnt on t. e part of the pupil. |1ne chief
II. without the txpicbs consent oi the Mexican govern ty and amount ol those ilinn 1 *, a bond if! C.IYi'ni4. the otlrt-r s'lall' Le alliMd! to unum twelve 4 sec 17, T 2, I R 2, N and E, \V i N W 4 -ee 17, T 2, aim of the Prnnpal in the internal regulation cf
ment.Jl the inleii'T. ari'i six R N and E N W 4 of S E 4 S, T 2, R 2 N and tie
rioners shall \tit*. est 5lu.tir4 hy I T government ot in'inth, (I rthcsc-dAellipgin ) 2, sec school, i is, to accusUrn the students to habits
Immediately upon the signatyie of this treaty, a by lire exauunations which may be made. it the United Slate, wht awjtJ< khall be tni.ii and nmZ.t liP (for those dw.-lling allfr t seaports,) to collect E, S E 4 of S \V sec S. T ?, R ->, N aid E, betonine -- iiietho i, neatness ard punctuality. of
shall be enieit-d mlo between S comunnoneror iliL'UiU be asctrlained to be and ad debt and settle their alSatrs Charles G. Trusted.
convention practicable antu conclusive : provided, I h.st{ in dcvidiii : Upon the vnlulity their ; during' to English, But while tl-e education ot the rrir.d.ard theftrmat
cotJiniiiSiemrs r appointed by theG neil ;eous tocoi.stiUk.t a load, < analot railway, wdu ii ol aacli claim, the board shill| be guid.'d! and) whic'i periods, I hey shall enj-iy I thi ii'ic' protection, Lot No. 2, sec 32, T I R I N and U. 72 acres, ion rt pr. per habits ct t study: ate careful! -

in-chief of the forces ol the Cnittii State;), and Mid, should in whole or in part' am upon t the river Gila, govemed'tiy t the (-rii.iii I;'1 le ail raU, of .!< < sjnj! >reicriiied ai; >l ')C on (Hie saint; lootii:;, in all respects, as the E i S E 4 sec 31T, R I N and W, VJ a'resV iV f o, t he morals.I he tmnr.crs,t he Central h".biuol attended

a< may be appointed liv the Mexican govetnmeiit, to or upon Us iijjht or it. lelt batik, within I the space by the tii.it aid ;ith.ntices: ol t lit uuratitiet. citizjos or kub-cls|! or the most 1 friendly nations ; N \ 4 sec .1. T 2, R 1 N and \V, 3 i acre, longin- the si'sd ntsiii their intercourse, with cue ancti

the rod that a provisional n iensina, ct hostilities ol.one Marine league Irom either margin of I the iivWI. convention, concluded at the city M.xico, <*ii I the aid the expiration thereof, or at any time before, to A. I'. Duval.W with th ir iristruciors: and the wc.rld, receive cr,

hall take place and that, in tue places occupied Uy i I lie jjoveri meuis ol both lepubucs will turin an tvxcntieth day ot NuTt.ni!). r, on* thou acres, atten ion. Out ii se-hot-I! i.(-urs, at t the constant

the said foices, constitutional order may bret lablihhed grt'etneiit regi ding its toiit i uctioti, in order that it hundred and rty-tiitee ; aid in n-) cu.e sh.ll m t their elK-i without rnt'Ieslalu r. oi hindrance i con- belon in. to C (J. Ei.srli-h: Trustee. and under all circim.stances, tJiPV are taught to table fi-ef

as legaids the political, hdmuiutiative and inav seiveequall lor tlu- use ail: advantage of both award be tna Je iriUvi r of anv claim not ewnaceU by t'lrirniig, t hi rein loihe I sjiuei.f.\s which t Ihe citizens Part ot Lot No im;, O. P. city of Tallah.is-ee.: and fo'-durf t emst-lves as gentlemen,andThe-cho 1 1is

judicial biaui Ins, so far alhiahall be peirailted by cuuati as. these unnciples and iue! or subjects! of the most frienJly iutions are required feet front on Monroe stre', bsfloning; to C (J. English condict.d! upon lhe e ...rinciple! The <

the cncum tanci-sol wtilitaiv; occupation.AKIICLC ARTICLE VII. It, in the opinion ol the said DOit d of commissioner (to conio. in to. lJon I tie entrance if f the armies of Trustee. of the school will be parental in its character gr.vrn.ment -

III. The liver Gila, and the pait ol the Rio Bravo del orol the CldltIIUPO. anti b.. '! -i, record t r tiocu cither i.a ion into the tem ritorit ; cf t tl.e other, wo- S | sec 13TI.1i2N 1 and E, ?2O, N W 4 sec 12, a-id the object of the Principal will be. ti> kerr fl ,

the ratification of the Norte Iving below the southern boundary ot New ments ia the possession vr power t (the governtzicuit inen and children, ecti nistics scholars tf every T 1 R 2, N and E, 1MJ acre, E: i N E 4 sici3Tl stuiter.t! as much as possible, under the irfiiier.c cf

IrcmrJiately upon SI 1 the United State present* Mexico, beitic, agite.&bty to the filth articledivided i f the Mextcuii re|
treaty shill by! !the be government transmitted to the con.mander,*eTdet ol- in t the middle tu-lween the t so republic*, I the navigation to just dcci .on el| anv cUitn, the coiira'.n.i.nvis) or nuiiu.jctuurs, and unauir.ed and inhabitin and ES J acres, XV i S XV 4 sec is, T I R 3, N and advice, and sdmomtjon sill be rrrre;us.purauasive te-.

their land and naval lorce.s, requiring the latter ot the Gila and ot the JJiavo below said t the claimants thiou ti them, shall withm .;.ich pe. ,; uat'o-t.tkd( town, village-, or places, and inr E, SO acres, XV i N XV 4 sec li, T 1 R .1, N and E, lied uperi to correct bad ter.Jcnciej and immoral
boundary khall be tree and ncr.l alt whose ocmpatioi-s ate for the SO acres N E 4 N XV 4 sec IS T 1 R 3, N and K10 ,
provided thi* treaty bl.all then have been latified Common to the \csfels nod as Congress iL1 designate; ir.ke aiiapilic tiutin persons character, than mere con-pul-ion. or the rt-culaiii-ps
{by the government ol t the Mexican republic, and the and citi/tns ot both countries ; and neither shall, wilting los t tin* same, ailure ed to tK :Mevcai: LOir.moii siibsisteiir end benefit oh( MSTikii.J, shall acres, XV i N E 1 sec 13, T 1, R 2, N and E, without the consent cube oilitr.conitiucl bo alluwtd to continue their Respective employ- E i i XV 4 sec 19.T R3 N and E.-yJacres in
ratiticati.in* exchanged) immediately to desist Irorn any wotk :Minister t for Foreign Atiaiito u tie i tia>uultid t by acres I each department ot every recitation and eierci-e.as
blockading any Mrmcan'! pott ; and inquiring the that mav impede or luttnupt, in whole or ill part, t lie Secretary ol SUteol t'.ie' Uni'-a Sutesud I he mi cts unraolesteu in I heir persons- Nor shall their XV i S E 4. sec Is! T 1 R 3, N and E, 5'Jacies' see I well as of deportment, a-'d each! student's standing

lormer (undu the game condition) t to ctn.nuiice, at t t lie exet CISC ot S Ihirijht; ; not even lor t the purpose Mexican governmen' engas, at the tr ru.-t pvi t- houses or goods be burnt or otherwise dtstmyed, 21 T 1 i R 1, N anti F, t> 10 acres, see 22, T 1 E R I is d termmd by rcmpanng it with% tl e maxirr.ura

the earliest niotneut practicable, withdrawing ail ot lavo.nig new tnetlndsof navigation. Ner bhellan tile moment nltir th receipt of Mich <1. u..i.ii, t to n-ir ih"ir cattle taken, i.cr their fidJs wasted, by N and E, -lU acreE j S E 4 sec 17, T 1, R 1 Nand number cf merit marks-subject In a cied-ictmn for

ct ti.e United Slates then in tl interior ot \ tax or coninb lion, under any denomination or cause any of U e b.tok., n-coidt, or d cmiufnlpeciiied -, s the arwed force into w hose pj.ver, by tlsc events ol E, S'J acres, E i S XV 4 sec 7, T 1 R 3, N and I absence from ro'.l cMi, recitation misbehaviour.
troops title, be levied vtsstls war they happen to fall but if the necessity E, SO acres, XV i N E 4 'ec IS T 1 R 3 X and E ..
the Mexican republic, to points that *hall be Delect upon or peisons iavidling winch hhaii be in their po sr .ioti cr }>o.v- uuy &.c. From these accounts reports are n.adeuf arid I
ed by couuioii &grt.mentst; t a diMance from the I Ihe-btiie, or upon: luercliandise or clkcts tranptn ted er, (or authenticated CollieS| or txtiac.st.1 the >..tnt?,) arise to lake anything I Ip'tn IheM for I the Use ol such K) acres, S. E.: 4 N XV 4 sec. 1>, T 1 R 3, N arid l E, sent to the parent every two months, in such a ssay

eapoVta nut e.ctetiig thirty Iegu&* ; and such thereoi, .xcej>t in the case of lindirg upon tine of to be transmitted to the m
evacuation of the interior tat l the lepublic shall t be their shor. s. II, tor the puiposeol makiiigthe said shall miMidiattly deliver tl.viu over lo the MU able price. Ali churches, hospitals schools, coleies !- i sec 5. T I, R 2, S ar.d E, 320 acres, XV *'i N study,his morahdep..rtmenttua attention los'ndy' ,

completed, wit'i'! the least possible dlay ; the Mexican iivtr navigalile, or for maintaining them in such board of commissioners ; rtoeilni, Tlt no sUle| libraries. arid other e.-tablishii.enls. for chirifa'jle XV 4 sec 4, T 1 R 2. S and E, SO acres, S XV 4sec and his general standing.To .
ktate, it should be or l tl.e [ and benehcent shall he re'p'ctedaml J, T 1 R 2, S and E, ICO acres to belong
government lieieby buuling st&eltu atfirdcvfty necessary advantageous to establish applicati khall be in4Je iv or at t iti.taucv of, purposes put porting persons at a distance, it may be a- well to ,
facility in its power "lor rendenni; the f aT.e con any tax or contribution, this shall not be any claimant, until the far:3: which l H cxj vctid to all [Itrions cunnectid with the sjtr.e protected in lo estate of Ren Chaires, deed. that the utmost attention will be paid to the cli the say.

venient to the truups, on their rnarrti and in their done without t lie consent oi both governments. prove by such book", rtcortis, or d< cumeut. stall! the discharge of their duties, aud the pursuit cf Lots 2-it t 2 2, N. A. city of Tallahassee, belor5ing rooms, &.c. of the student -at.d in case tf s.rknes.-: ,

new positions, and for piomoting a good undertandiug The stipulations contained in the present article have been stated u ..t i i ch'h or atlirnutiun, their vocations.: toeotate f.f Daniel Fausf.S the boys will be removed to ire rcu e of the Fnrci-
between them and the inhabitants* In shall not impair the territorial rights of either republic AHT.CUI. XVI. 2 In order that the fate of priouen of war may XV 4 S E 4 sec 20, T t 1 R: I lSanJW,4OaeretNE4SW4sec2l'fIRJSaniW,4tacres.'SVS pal, where they will receive esery attention thai
withm lUcbtablishcd! limits. Each of the conlraclin parties lw'.crsts to ils..l b,' alleviated such practices as those sending
like manner, ciders lull be dcspa'ched to the person they could possibly receive at home.
in charge ot the cuium>liouM at all potts occupied ARTICLE VIII.! the entire riiit lo fortifv hatcvcr point w iliiiu its them into distant! inclement, or unwholeomedi XV 4 sec -'I, T I R 2, N and XV, 5y acres, K j N E The students weai a uniform, which i is provided

by the forces ol! the United State, reuirinc Mexicans now established is territories( previously territory it may ju'ie proper so to luitilv, tor its se- Incts, or crowding (hem into ciosu and noxious 4 sec 3T) I R 1, N and XV, SOacrts, E i N XV for them at lha school, which is cheaper than the
curity. places, shall be studiously avoided. They shall not sec :30, T 1R I N and XV, VJ acres, E i N E 4 sec
them (under the saint condition) immediately to belonging to Mexico, w Inch lemain fur the future ordinary dies?, and obviates the nere -ity cl much
deliver posM'two ct the same to the persons authorized within the iiiniU ol the United States, as defined by AnncLG X'S II. be mined in dungeons pnsot. hips, or prisons; 7T I R I. N and XX', SO acres, XV i N E 4 s< c 13, other clothing. They should terre from home pro-
The t ol ami navigation nor be put in irons, or bound!, cr otherwise restrained T 1, R 2, Nand XV, bO E i N K 13 T
by the Mexican government to receive it, together the present trealv shall be free to continue here treaty amity, commcict acres, 4 sec 1.R 1. vided with about 6 shuts, 6 pairs of cotton and yarn
conclued at I ho ol Mexico on the filth ilav ot in Ihe ueof their limbs The officers shall 2, N a'd: XV, SO acres, XV i N E 4 and XV 4 ot S E I
vmh dl bond si.d f\uience o( ttbt! for du thcv now reside, or to rtniuve at any time to the city socks, 4 t.airs drawers, 6 toweN, 3 or 4 handkerchiefs
flea on imjiiiitaliuns and on exportalu n g, not vet Mexican lepuolic, retaining the property which April, A. I). 15'il bitvveen ti.e United Stale* of America enjoy liberty on I heir paroles, within convenient districts 4 sec t 0, T I. R 2, S and XV, 120 acres, N XV 4 S E 4 I 3 or 4 i airs of shoes or boots, hair brush,

fallen due. MvreonT, a l.ith'.ul! and exact account they possess in the said territories, er disposing and the United Mixican St tis, exirpt the and have comfortable ,uaitirs; and the common sec -20, T 1 R 1, S and XV, -10 acres, I E i N XV 4 sec comb, mending materials, ic. Every article mvitbe

hall be made nut ohoxvin the entue amount ot all thereof, and reuoving the proceu.ls whenever they additional article, aid except so far as the utipuU- soldier shall be disposed} is cantonments, open 27, T 1 R 2, N and XV, SO acres. belnn

custoui-houii-s) or elt-erthere in Mexico, b> authoiilyof coont, to any contribution, t.ix, or charge whatever. in the present treaty, i ja hereby in barracks as roomy and good as are provided by Tax As ?ssor and Collector Leon Ceuntv. church-and in the evening instructed in a

-. the Utited States( ?, irum anti aiter the day o| the -J Ho e who tnall prefer to remain in tie said ter- it-visedlor the piiiiid of emhl years from the day of the part who'-e power they are for its own troops. November llth, ISIs 17 3ir. Bible lesson,and every precaution us..d to throw over

latification ot this treaty b\_ the government of the ntorics, lnny cither letam the title and rights ol the exchange ol rjtiliciti-in-i of thn treaty with the Hut if any olhcer shall break his parole by leaving the school a wholesome religious irjliitnce. Each
same (Dice and ntue a-i inccrporated Iheitin it the district so assigned him, or ay: other prisomr Leon County
Mexican and also account (4 the Mexican ; student with
republic ; an cost 1 1cl criztiif, or acquire Ihckc of citizens of the must come provided a bible.
Cxilleclioaj; and tarn entire amount, diduct'ne United States. Hut they stall br-u;. Ibe coed! collections slull! delivered to the to make heir election ties reserves to ittlfthe right, at any time atlvrthe they shall have been de.-igna'cd to him, such individual the 3d
only ( within one sear from the virtue of the power vested in me by law, I day January, IS 19, and close ar ChriVcaj.
11 at the city tit J M iexico within date ol tlie ol said p. nod of igLt years shall have evpued, totermiiuti otlicer, cr other prisoner, shall forfeit somu.h BY with vacation the
ex i can government exchange ratifications of this treatj have levied upon, and shall expose for sale, before a during months of Anzust and
: ot the benefit of this ailiclc 'es for his
three moat hi alter the exchange ol raliGratiuns. aud these v-na hall remain ui the sii id l temlorfe* the same by giving one jcurV nclicc of such in asprovi> the Court H(>'isedoorin the city of Tallahassee, September. Students from a distance can remain at

The ffvacuatioa of the capiul of the Mexican republic altei the elIi2.ittou of ti.atear.. wuiho'it having declared intention to the other paitv. othcer liberty on parole or cantonment. And soldeir if any oa the first Monday m May next. ((1:4'J.the following the Institution, if desired, dnrinj the vacation. The
the of the United States, in vinuevi their intention retain ARTICLE"XVII I. so breaking hispnolei any common term Li the session of .
bj troops to the character ot de-cribed pr .. Ihe above b'lpulation, ktull be completed an Mexicans shall be conxdoied All supplies whatever for troops of the United] so escaping from the limits assigned Iiiiii. hall! afterwards This will include board tuition .
one to have elected to become pay the State and County Taxis due thereon for the ,washing,fuel.mend
month after the orders there btjjmlated for shall citi/.in of the United Slutes.In States in Mexico, arriving at ports in the occupation be found inarms, previouslx to his hem: hl"to wit : in, -everything except lights, bedding, stationary,
have been rcctfivrcl by the cuuaandcrofAKTICI.T aaij trop the said terrutoiie pro,. -ity of every kind, of,kuch although troo;>-,>equently previous to the to the final restoration evacuation of theteof the- be regularly dealt with exchanged according, the to peison(tl.e established so otiVnditi!ass shall ot That body o1 land lyins in the County of Leon, books and clothing. Lights and heddincr, when lor

orsooitriI ps: isle. now belonging to Mexicans wt ts Mi hcd there, war. The officers shall be lurnished the bounded North by the line ol demarcation, XX'tst bv nished bv the Principal, wil charged SlO per annum. .
custjm-huUses .il such shall he daily by
entirely e\-
:: IV. thai, be luvio aby! respecUd The in all in adcance and
pre er owners, the Oclockoncc River, South by XV'akulIa Payment cases half -
ft dutie ,.nd l if I kind the pjrty in whose they ate, \\ilh as rations, County,
Imracdutely alter the ex lui.ee of ratifications of the heun ot lhe.se, and all Mexicans who may heie- empt urn rhirges any ; government and the power many and East by the St. Marks Riter, knossn as Forbes* balance at the close of the session. Sluderts who
of the 1'niled Slates hcrefty cnga in; and ol same articles, as are allowed, either in
the > In-atv, allcdstlestoits.tnritoru'S.pJacr 1 alter acquire taiJ properly by contiact, shall Purchase and remain during the vacation will be charged $10
Ireset enj ij pledging! Us faith t'j tstsilih! iid vigilantly) to enf kind or bv communication, to oTicersof! equtl rankin purporting to belong to the Apa'achicola per
an4 ()usse ions, winch hive bt-rntaVen oroccujiied with respect to it guarantusequally ample aj if the Land! Cotnpnnv.XV month. No student will be received for less than one
'nee, all I 1u.-aihle! guard* tier t the revenue tf its own army and all others shall be daily fnrnishid -
_ Jjythe lure* (ii l the United Sut' > diitii1g the prebi-i.t: b.iu4e belonged to citizens of (the Unit war, r,ttlna the limits of the .lc'\ici.i republic a* ARTICLE IX. soldier I N E {, Sec IS, T 2, R 2, S and! K-ovvnr unknown. <>r for leaving before the end of the session, except
0.1 this stipulation! ol any tides otlitr tlaisuch, in its own service : t the value' of all which
about to be c.Ul'lielud by the lullowin attirle, Mexicans who, in the tenitorics aforesaid, shall E XV in cases of protracted sickness. Students, however,
J S 4, Sec 20, T IR 1, N and XV.
shall owner un-
both in ki:id n 1 Ira i.ua.tity, as shall rea ly be supplus at the clo e of the war, or at periods
tliiJJ: bc dt !Litiiiely restored tu the ca.d republic, not piesorvc the character (JfCili/.eiis of the Mexican known.XV | will be received at any time and charged crrj fr m
waitid kr the lit.* aiti l c nis'ju"lli..n: of the forces of to be agreed upon between the respective commanders -
lugetter with all the itillerv, arms, apparatus <''tv tepubie, confui znbly with what isAtipulattd in i lot No. 199, ly in: and in old the time ol entrance Circulars crnfairirir irrre
te the ; being plan city
lie t the IJuitttlSl.it 't durir.tc t lie t tune they inriy remain paid by panty, on a mutual adjustment
Mr. tuni1iois. and otlir public properlv which t ]rcruiirg at tide, shall tie incorporated into t IheUniou of Tallahassee, unknown. minute details of conrseot study.goccnmenr, Ac.,
in :.Mc-kici'. To 1} is -nl, it vtia'J IK I the iluty ol all ol acc'.uuti fur the sub-isfer.ee of prisoneis; owner
the bjid btle aud fortu whii of tlif Liiited States, and be admitted at the will be sent to loth Frin
\\ere in c captured, ollueis and! (.f t the United SlaHkto denounce and such a-'eo-ints shall net be mingled with set Lot No. 2. (Irac sec 1 ? ; lot* 1 and 2, Inc sec 23 ; any one upon application
su4 which hall rciaaai thue it t (he time when ihi proper lime (lo be judged ol by the Congreti of the to the MexKati agents a'athi.rotie.i tl the otIag .ilmst others, nor the balance due or section 21 ; XV J, and N E 4 of Sec ;2S, and lots No. cipal. The Post O ce of the schorl is Rippa

treaty fctull be duly lutiik-Jliy the gtiveriuntnt ot United Statek) lo the eiij mei.l of ali t the rights c4 l .t fraudulent! ab'Ufet nsptctive thi p" 'is Iluin be within any yn a compensation or reprisal forauy on I 2, n, .I, :, 3, and 7, of Sec. 2'iin Township N hannock Academy, Carolina county. Va.

the Mexican icj uUlic. To this: end, imsnfduf'-lv citizens ol the United .Slates, according to the J.rin.421f)14.s any atttfupti they ma a know nt or hive stipulationwhich to c.iUse whatever, real or pretend.d. Kach: panty of K 1 XX', containing 2131 acres, purporting to belong Reference is made to XX'm. Bloxham. Faq near
) nty rt'a'ri s'ispect -
the cf his oidtr f\it\l\ \ l li (S constitution and in (lie meau time shall TaiUha v\ho has the Institution
pot iit.aure treaty, sdt ; shell be allowed to Albert A. Pickelt and John H. Gindrat. see. a st-n now at ,
and i h lo cl
to tve to >'o( autliontrts: all I theai'lin keep a commissary prisoners,
> atchtJ lo the Anicttcan oficei otuintdu be tnjiiiliiiied ar.d protected in the tree enjoyment 'Sv.of N XV and to Gen'l Brown and James B. Thornton. Fsq ,
j t their power with regard t ller. to : ail such apj oinUd by itvll, tvii hi -t ely cantonment of prisoner i cf Sec 17, T 1 II I, S and E. belonging
tmch castle auJ fort*, xt-cuinii a ain thrqjyal ot I their liberty ar.d pi opirt arid secured n the tree every to estate of A. L'rarinn for v\ho are acquainted with the location of the schcol
taxts due
of he for
attempt, when duly pivtJ anl -siabli>hej by **ntonce in ;pns esiton t of her ; vhich commissary
lei4iuctioii otuii} such aitilKry, arm, qs4rtu exercise cf their religion without restriction. 1> and the neighborhood
; 45,1M-5,1M7 .d l-H.
Ihe years
often he sh.illbe
of a commit tribunal, -hall be punuh by ace ;prisoners as as p'.eases ;
cftvir, uunitionj or otht-r public prop-i ty. The ARTiri.E X. Section 1.1 T R GEO. G BUTLER, A. M., Principal.
the COIlttCittfl d the propcity u attempted to be allowed to receive, exempt from all duties or lavf I I, .s and E., putncrtin to IP-
city of Mexico, withiu the inner line of uitrcnthtaeutkkurrou.iJm [Stricken ouVflTlCI.E fiaujukntly lulrodaced. and lo dis'rihute' whatever comforts may be sent long to XV. G. Gould. December 3, 1S4S. 20 7t

,; the paid city, i* compreht-rdfd \ M. AKIICI.E XIX. to them hy tl.cn (friends; and shall be tree to transmit JAMES XV. SHERWOOD,
ill the above fctijiulaliotis, a- regards the rebtu-a. Considering that a great part of the tcrritotics Hamilton County Tax Salea.T .
his Tax Assessor and (lector! Leon
which the With respect to all nurchauii i flTccIs, and proPerty reports in open letters to the party bv whom Cour.tv.
lioa of & by present treaty, are to be comiiiehencej
of arttilcrv
apparUun wai r, c.Thefitial Oi tolwr
whatsoever, tiiuri.d; n.'o ports of MCMO he is eirplii\ t-l. 21 I 1Mb t4 ts > Y virtue of the power vested in me by law. I
Icr lie future within the
cvactut onol f the cf tl.e 1 Mexican limiH ol the United
wlnht the Ar.d il declared l that neither he that LJ shall for sate, befo-e the Court Housa
he is (
States in cupatioii: ot ( !<>niof the Uitiud pretence expose
ti.e lorcf-ct t the United .Stale is now occupied by tnlxs., who) will Tax Collector's Sale.
republic by sage
hereafter be under the States, % Let iici by citizens ut filher t republic, or hv w.r ILS4.4vcs all treaties, nor any other whittver, door, in the town of Jasper, Hamilton County, Fin.rimla ,
roiitrol of the
tUU be completed in three month* from the saidctbanget)1 ct the Uiutid States and whose government citizens u'u5jorrts! of any luutral lotion, the 1d. shall be c ..iisjdere.l is annulling or suspending the BY virtue of the a-ithoritv vested in me by law, I on the fourth Mondiy in April, 1S49. the following

tatificationn or sooner possible : the incursions lowing rules shall be oh.iei vtd.I solemn covenant contained in this article. On time 1 have this day levied upon, and will expose for described property, r>r o much thereof aj
r.lL-iiPaii government hereby engaging, as in the Iho the territory of Mexico would be pre.judicial All such iicrrhandise: clficls, and [ roperly, contrary, the states ol war !is precisely that for sale, before Ihe Court Ilou,e in the citv of Tallahassee j will( be sufficient to pay the State and County taxes
lorcgoiug articlf, to all its in exliciae, it is solemnly agreed that
use fur
such evacuation ueaimin. nd power all kiich incursion shall bi restrained I if I imported pieviou ly t to I Ihe restoration ol t thecus- which il is provided ; and during which, its stipulation on the (list Monday in March next, the follow due thereon for the year tSN I to wit
facilitating rendering it oonteuicul the lorcibly by lom-houscs to the M<*x.cati: authorities, as stipulated are to he as sacredly: observed as the most ing f-ropfrly, ors.> much Iherecl as will pay the Also, the S E 4 of the S E 4 l of Sec 31Township
of the United
to thelioups and for promoting government State wlriikof v this
good tin2erit4iding be for in t the thud aitulcof I thi< treaty, shall be exempt at knowlcd id obligations under the law ofuature orlljtIoli. State and County Taxes due thereon for the year 1, Range 13, North and Eat, purporting to belong
< : bclvNetn them at.d the irihibitaMsJ way necessary ; and that whui they cantx.t be 1-5Hto wit
: to the estate of Chaires
fiorri cond-'ca'io'i the Renjamm ,
I however the ratilication of this prevented, they shall be the said although luiportatioa of
treaty by both ; and punished by government the saute be ;pichihited hy the Mexican tariff. ARTICLE XXIII. LoU Ncs. 9, 10, 11, 12, in Sec 21, T 1 R t N andXX' Also, the E | of S E 4. the XV J SWjandSC
slioulJ take satisfaction for Die hhall
nut in time to hlow the be
jtarljrtf plate 111 in the and ame exacted 2. The s'amo pcrltct eeIril't .till shall he enjoyed This treaty shall be ratified bv the President of ., contiinins acres in each lit, as per plat ol 4 of the :S XV and the XV J of the S E 4 ot Sec 23.
clubarcation of the of the United Slates to hecoiapkted -* same w ay, with equal
btforethe troops coiiimeacetneot of the sickly aud euvrgy, if the same iiicurhions were diligence medita- by all such merchandise cllects. and property imported th,- United Stales of America, by and with Ihe adviceand survey by H. T. Blocker, County Surveyor, ami sold |] the XV 1 .1 the N XV 4, and the N E 4 "I the N XV

*e3afl, at the Mexican ports on the gulf of Mexico, led or cumin tied within its own territory, against subsequently to t Ihe s te-toration ol the customhouses consent ".f the Senate thereof; by the t'rt-si. for la\e due on 1315 acres ol land soM on time 17th i I 4 of Sec 33, Townshit> I. Ri-ee 13. North and East,

la *.ich cage a tnendly arrangement haU be entered its own cutizeii.It ai.d previously' t lo t he si tty days fixed in t'ent of th> Mexican republic, with the previous January ISIS, bv M. A. Lon-r, Commissioner in a purp'-rtiruj to belong to the Union Bank.

tutu between lh l Cin-ral-in-chief of the aid troops shall tiut be lawful, under any pretext whatever the folio A 1114 aiticle far the coinir.g inlolorecM.f the approbation of its General Congress : and the ratifications suit between William Bailey and henry Gee against Aisc. lot N 3 of fractional sect ion 7.in Township

enl the Mexican guverutnent, whereby healthy and for any inhabitant of the United States to purchase Mexican taiilFat such porn resjuctivcly llie aid shall lie exchanged in the city of Washing R. K. Call and G. K. Walker.J. 1. South cf Rns 17, East, lay ing on the Suwanneo

(41er4ise kuihtblc places at a distance from the or acquire any Mexican, or any foreigner residing m rcliandise, eJIecN, and properly being, however, ton, or at tlui seat of government of Mexico, in four XX'. ShERWOOD, River purportinj to belonsj tf> S. B. Thompson.
at t the t time ol t their i months ( the Tax .'SsSes.mnr and Collector Lei n County. Also the S XV of Sec I IR.inize 13,
ports not exceeding thirty leagues shall bedtkignateJlor in Mexico, who may h have been captured by u importation! subject to the payment ruin date of the signature hereof, or 4 1. Township
the evidence ol such troops as m.y nut yet Indian inbabitn! t; the territory of either of the two of duties, as provided for in th.. tmd fullowinjj sooner if practicable.li November IS, !ISIS. H t.s S"Uth and East, purporting to belong lo XVilliam JM.1U. ,

liave embarked, until the return of tins health) s. akoa. I eputl ics. our I to purchase or acquire l.orses; mules article. l: faith hereof, we, time respective plenipotentiuiek Tax Collector's Sale. .
And the space of time here lefcrtfd to r, or properl.v "I any kii.il, ktoUn within Mexican 3. All mir hin<5i r, r-fiotti, anJ property Jcsrnbed have signed this treaty of peace, friendship, \VILF.Y LF.E Tax Assessor
comprehending the sickly fca-on, khall be uuli'r-a> tdii'oij' by such Itidiaris.A irs the two iule,, f.-iigom;.; shall, durini; limits and settlement ; and have hereunto affixed BY virtue of the authority vested in me by law, I and Collfc-tor for Hamilton County. P44g.

) tlo'jd: to extend Irom the "Hist day of May to the Uutay $ lid in the tent ol any pen-on or Pfran1, car)- t their, ert in'I.iTcc, at I the pi (-<: of f iinpoHatiori t arid our seals respectively. Pone in quinMiplicate! at have this day levied upon, and will expose for October. 19(9. 14
frt'i/i all I du'y tax, .f of Pcurnirv.in the of Lord on the first Monday 111 June next, the following Notice.SIX .
/ AH prisoner of war taken on eiTher side, on land carried into I the territory of t tl.V United Slatesi, t the or impost ( evirvknil % ear our one'thcusand
l i u rub.-r! whattufvrr I ii Ii' r itiioinj n..t icn. No'rMtiall eight hundred and fort-eight. properly, or st much thereof as will pay the State the lIon..
or ou sea, klull be restore! as soon a prarlicatilclier goven.uient (utile latUr crga-Ms and binds itself, in months after dire, I shall apply to
;- the exchange of ratilic-fioni of this treaty. It the lackt ul< mn tn.iiiu, ho koon as il hall know they lea. lln-n: u!
isaKa] agreed that if any Mexican* should now Vehutj (Jr f such caj.tjvcs being within 1(5( ten itory, and shall ever upon I the -alc, I tI hen oft. I.UI G. CUKVAS.: [i.. n.] year iSIS. to wit : for letters of dismission as Adfiiinistr de bO1RL4

: as captives by any savage tribe vviihin the limits l tie aUe so to do, through the Jailhlul exercise of fih -I t. All I I ;. handi.e; Co I N, and propi rty, dcscnljeil IIKIINAHIX) COUTO, [u. a.] Lots Nos. 19, and part of 175, and 7'>. O. P and non of Farquhai Macrae late of aid Countv. dec'd1**

ot the United States, a about to be eibhihrd nr3uer.ee and power, lo rescue them and reluin in S ltifif u >t ami si'coiiri rick' *, w I I.K I ii.-hall I have MICL.; AFRtSTAIN, [L. s.] 152, N. A. of Tallahassee, belonging to Arderson RICHARD HARRISON"JeflVrs 4,,

ty the fuUoAing article, the government of the said them tolhcir I edui.try, or (Miver th in to the apenl b'-< H ririoved llo uny piaciin; I t Ihe iiilcnor whil.-t And whereas the said treaty, as amended, has1i(011 Peeler. n County, September 0, ISIS. S 6m
United States will exact the release of Mich caplivc or representative i of ( Mexican governmi. T he such place win in 4 tie occupation i flljc/or t cii cl t the duly ratified on lv>lh ; parts and the respective Lots Nos. SI 52. S3, St.t and 'O, N. A. of city of

*. aud cause them to be restored to their conntr.u Mexican aulhoiitas will, as far as lract icable, give UiiiUd St ates, shall, din iii, t thtii) u emit uii'ia,.ee t there ratifications; of the same were exchanged at Quere- Tallahassee, belonging to Chvl F. Mercer. Notice.

to the KovHi.Ujcnt of the United Slates notice in, be exempt linmII lax 11,1011) I the sale or consumption tarn on the Ihirtieth ol 1 110)
such C.ftU1t5| ; and il< agent shall the thereofinJ ftom i every Lint u ol itt host or St sir and Nathan Clifford, commissioners on the Tax Assessor and Collector for Leon County- SIX months after late, I shall apply to the

AKTICLH V. uried in the inaiiilrnance and tran-uiission pay epriifesUK of ( lie romitribu I ion, undir ts hat .'u nr title or denomination. part of Ihe government of the United States, and by November iS. l icIS. is 13 u of Prolate for the County or Jeffr FaulJ *.
The lin brttvfen SVni r Don Louis de l.i Rosa. Minister of Relations for letters of disrnisvi&n a Administrator of
boundary < the two republic5 rescued cab] lives ; who, iii the ncantime, shall be Tax Collector' Sale.
bll couimence in the gulf of Mexico, three liIrom Ueated with t the Utmost I liocj ilallty by t tl he All.eti- Z. Rut if any mtrchandi) effect, rr properly, of the Mexican republic, on the part of that government Malhabc, deceased. HARRISON-

lana. O'lOslte; the mouth of the Rio Grande, can authorities at the1 place til.cre they he. described in t Ihe first and hecorid rules, shall Le removed : BY virtue of the authority vested in me by law, I RICH XRD

otherwise ca led K
lUc tao-jth ol t44 deepest branch, if it houH have refe4'ititi ouch notice from Mexico, Muuld! obtain forces of the United Suits, they shall, upon their POLK, President ol the United States of America .sale, before the Couit House in the city of Tallahassee .-

more thin oie branch rmptv'ing direcily into the a uatthhieit, t through any olh<.r rl.annei, d the ex. introduction into such place, or-upon their sale or have caused the said treaty to he madepublic.lo the on the first Monday in March next, the follow Notice,
sea ; from lhncc uj the middle of that "mer, fol- itvnt of Mexican cajlivis will.in Us territory, it consumption there he htibjfct to the same duties end that the same, and every clause and article inn lands, or so much thereof as will pay the State SIX months after date, she uoulersimrned.Admifhs;

_ 1uwjntlte Repeat; channel, where it hs more Ih.mine will proceed fmlbwith to HIect their ielea ip and which under the Mexican law*, they would herequiied thereof, may be observed and fulfilled with good and County taxes due thereon for the year ISIS, to or the estate of Ch.irUs IVckstein.bteo.

to the pi.int wheie it ktrike tie! */iithrrn delivery to the Mexican agent as above stipulated. lo pay in such cases if they had been imported faith by the United States and the citizens thereof. wit : Leon County, will present his accounts an voucher

al'-ngtlie% whole southern boundary New Mexico fullest pokkible e4ricacy, thereby aflording the house!), and had there paid the duties conformably and caused the seal of the United Slates to be Sec i II I, all in Tl 1 R 2, N and E., containins 240 and pray for a final settlement and discharge from

< -tich! runs north ol the t lon called Pisu) to its security and red re si demanded hy their true with the Mexican tariff. allixrd. acres, and belonging to the estate ol Benjamin Ha- said estate

wcktert. termination ; thtnce north ward, along tie aud intent, the government of the United Stales spirit will 0. The ow ncr< of all merchandise, efl'ecfs, or Done at the city of Washington this fourth day ian, deceased, or the estate of II. V,'. Craden, deceased THEPvESE BECKSTEIN (By her >s"rj?

western line of New Mexico, until it inteurcK the now nod hereafter l past, without delay properly described in the first and second rules, and r ol July, one thousand rithit hundred and for- and the Union Rank of Florid,. JOHN B DE CORCB.

-- f.ttt branch of the river Gila ; (or if it should uot and always vi ilnnlly enforce, such unnecessary laws as (he nature existing any port of Mexico, shall have the right It.' -J ly-eight, and of the Independence! of the JAMES XX' ShERWOOD Mar 20. h'4s' _44_6v ___ s., .

intersect any branch of that river, tlwn to the point of the subject a-.av rwpiire. And finally, the (I. reship the same, exempt from all tax, impost, or United States the seventy-third- Tax Assessor and Collector Leon County. Plantation for Sale.

_ 4u the .aid line ncare.t to kuch branch, end thenre sacred niss of (his obligation khall 1 titter he bat contribution whatever. JAMUS K. POLK.Ty November 25, 1513. 19 (ts
l lof
in adirect line to the same ;0 thence down the mid- sight by tbr nd troverniuent when With respect loth- metals, or other properly, (lie President : TTAVING removed to a distant part of the State,
provided for
_ lie of the f-aid branch and of the aid nter, until it thr removal of the lndiaus fnun any portion of (he exported from any Mexican port whilst in the Uni- JAMES BUCHANAN, Secretary of Stale. Bacon Flour &o. J.i the subscriber offers (forsalehisplantafion.con-
4iUptfs into the Kio Colorado; thence acr<*, the aid leiiiloiief, or for lU being settled by citiTens ted Slates, and previously! to the restoration of the tainiug about SOU acres 40t) of wHich are cleared,
Hio Colorado, following 1'itr division line betwe, the United Ktatr* but on the of custom-house at such port, no person shall be reuired K CASKS CLEAR BACON SIDES under a Rood fence, and in all respects in good order
-- Uppprand Lower California, to the Pacific ocean. haH then he taken not t to place contrary its Indian, special care by the Mexican authorities, whether general REFERRED TO IN THE FIFTEENTH tj 10 barrels Flour, for cultivation. It is well waterfrel. and has a elinhtful -

_ The southern and western limits of New Mexico, under the necessity of *fkirg new homes occupants or Stale, to pay any taxduty, or contribution upon ARTICLE OF THE PRECEDING 10 Potatoes, well of water adjoining the dwelling hou- -
mentioned in thin adiclc, are those laid down in the milling those invasions which the United, bv com- any such exportation, or in any manner to account 5 Apples, It is situated about one mile from Lake Jackson, ''

Map entitled Map) of the United Mexican States, have solemnly obliged I thrmselvei States for the came to the said authorities. 5 kegs Leaf Lard, six from Tallahassee, on the Bainbridae road T"lerms
restrain. First and fifth articles of the vnratified Convention 2 Western will be mad purcbawr-
- o'll crganittJ and dtfinrd ly various acts of the ARTICLE XII. ADTICLC XX. Butter, easy fo an approveil
Con rrst aftald anil between the United Stales and the Mexican 2 barrels dried Peac For further particolaM, apply on the prem'' es.
republic, constructed accordutlioritm. In considerasion of I th he extension Through consideration for (the interests of commerce -
I ig to 1/u' Ln? ? Hi ehedtdt,ion. PubI'arh houndariei cf the United Stater ta acquired defined hy the the generally, it is agreed, that if less than sixty Republic of the 20/A ARTICLE November I. 1843. Just received per Schr. Tallahassee, and for sale Maj. Richard Hay ward, cr to G. T.

l.id at >i i +\\-t .I. Dtstuve/l 1 fifth st'ticottheprcsnt! ) ralT th in days should elapse! between the dale of the signature by McNAUtiHT & OKMOND.
jovernmfnl of Mi daitv of the ntieennof the MetIean republic Newport, November S3,18IS. 19 October 38, 1S43, IS


The Floridian & journal

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The Floridian & journal
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Ceased in 1865?
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General Note:
Publishers: Charles E. Dyke, <1852>-1855; Dyke & Williams, 1855; J. Jones, <1855>; Dyke & Carlisle, <1861-1863>; Dyke & Sparhawk, <1864>.
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LI ; ; .

TE ;,.. .,, "'.., ,'. J 4fl

FIORUA' ''1> :::

& JOURNAL 7J'I' ''' >' ,,!'

./, ,i,

f"" J BI i' }1\iwELJ\ ] S IULTON. -" 'I}"(:t,

-. -. --- _-._--. -.---_ : .
- --- .
-- : : : --- .
-- -- -- : : -- _
:: : :: -::- : :- -- _._. .. ... ..
-- -- _-h_-__ -" = -= : ---:- -: .: : -=---:-:---:: ::. -.

accordance U'zlldrnltl') ? Mr. Sanderson, from tho Committee on the Judiciary, made the cnce and expenss. The undersigned: can conceive of no good re. Costin! Crawford, Ghent, IotiulerMoseleySanderson!
jlinuaryt )
Wc report ;
M ( ; suiting from, such'
a course. The{ only difference will be, that in J. :M.\ Smith, Tweed-11. "
\" of f tIe income and expenses of this! St.:fforW cal year (encliri g M.r. Sanderson, from the Judichry Committee< present: ; :he follow point of ttneonly. Jf the -election takes plac. during tin present laysdone.!' .
I\\ O r' r, 1'319, find the fiscal year ending fng'Minority\ I Report upon the Resolution! "that the Election of session, I the same of the clothed Said bill 1
3it _. k OctoScr r 1850. Judges. for the several Circuit shall Ira agents people, with all the requisite |-as>cd ; title as stated r ; ordered to be certified to the: ,
on Wednesday the :fll will 1/f
J power a duty now, instead of executing it in July, 18.:>0. House. '
,, ,. Ycar ('nl! day of January 1849 referred the
31st r to Judiciary Committee, with The only reason the committee have adduced in this connection, House bill to bu entitled An act lo provide for tha electron of Y
I inr; :end-I t Total instruction to report' at an early day, respecting the of elect. i is based the idea "
u _tJbti : propriety upon that the people, through their representatives Ju-I ErS injj Judges at the Session of
I : present the General in the ,
i.larat'l! i of officers, i Assembly! convention, intended to reserve (to themselves, by con. :\ D. J. Smith moved to strike out the word February." in the
J Il'Cuti\'t' Department, $f 3,900 I 00) REPORT : stitutional compact and agreement, the full term of five years, from seventh 1'ne of Ihe first !section, dull insert in lieu thereof May."
".. Judicial do. (Judges: ,Solid ,' f and after the first election, within which to ascertain and select Which motion prevailed.: t
'T !ton and Attn. Gen! ) 11,+0): O!) i The undersigned: in approaching this subject (feels all the embar. talent, probity and wisdom, most suitable to fill tho judicial bench Mr.( J. M. Smith offered the following: : :a* an additional !It'ction.'iz
//N. "",1 l jester of Public Land. l.DDD: 00sr rassment i incident to the peculiar! pn&ition: in which he is placed. for life or good behavior" Is (his suggestion entitled to such weight Snc. ,j. 7c further en.rclcd'I'hat before( the said, of Pro.:
/ 1 includingrent Judges!!
: Dept
Mmtary of Armory( (,) :o 03: Tho( majority t of the Judiciary Committee, composed of gen'.lennn! : of or force as to call for the imposition of ihe inconvenience and expense ba'r: are commissioned, they shall; enter into a bond, payable to the hi.i

17.1-W 00 J 00 31,300 00 high professional reputation, and whose opinions ant; entitled: to consequent! upon strictly! carrying out this view ? Let u? s:c. The Governor; or his successor in office with two or moreod" ) and) su:".
?: f'Ntinzer.t;; cspcnseitif the State Go-'t-: 5,0910) 00 00 10,00000) every respect, have on examination, come to the conclusion! : tint: the constitutional convention was held' in 1839.: Ten years have already ficitMit securities; in such su-n and! with stick; : conditions as be
i, T'.m, is the amount annually approjiria* f present General Assembly, have no right:{ under the constitution, at elapsed since that instrument was submitted to Iho people ; anJ if proved of by the JtiJgu: of the Circuit Court in iho circuit.may ap. ,
.R t tt.\>l heretofore and it cannot safely to its present Session, to elect the Judges of the Circuit Courts. ,lime was required' lhat period has Mice elapsed. Again : if it is Which was adopted. rt
; minced.
rrf' : Legislative( D member, pa) cf officers, and conlingpa- those expressed in the report of the majority of the} committee: frets into) the Union and State organization;:: it is believed by the under. third time on tomorrow.House .
: i':, wy 13.39) 00 15,300 00V'OO it not only due to himself, but a duty, as a member of that committee, signed:: ,that all that the framers: of ihe constitution had in view is bill to be entitled!, An act to authorize the people of Wakulla
\ 4 Punting.; Laws of this ses.ioa { 193 03Int to preseut those views for the consideration of the Scii.itP. already accomplithej." Tho constitution! certain to select their
\ ::13: OJ prescribes: qnalifi. county county 'site;! -a. $ read( the second tim, and or.
:, Pubibhing- l ear! ,) amendment to the Constilu-* 03: The portions of tin! constitution having: reference to this subject areas cations: prereqtiiVto; and essential for every officer known to the tiered! to a third reading: tomorrow.

<(,".i adtiptcd atthelastGrneraIAsstmbly! {follows( : By Art. V. sec. 11, "Justices of the Supreme Court, constitution, viz :-The Governor shall have: been a resident of House bill to bo( entitled. An act to require' licenses to be takenout .
IJ 1'3perut j20? each, : 2100.J VJQ 00 Chancellors, and Judges ol the Circuit Courts, shall be elected! by Florid,i fire ars-Stnltfrs! : and, Representatives "a residence of by} P'f3ou'S.aml' subjects not hitherto taxed, was read the third time
(tt i.. taken f r granted; f there wits' ''If' ftG (the! concurrent vote of the majority both Houses of the General two years-every voter shall also have resided in the State Iwo years. and on the question of its passage: the seas: and nays were : ,

*. amendments Fxpcnse of Supreme be' published Com t-next Per: jrtr.diem Asse'mfily; *." Same art, sec. 12: declares that the "Judges of the Xow, if the eJci-tioti! :{i \ held at the present! session, it takes place Yeas-;Mr. President, l I'sus.Idrich, Austin: Avery, Burrilf,

t'l.-rk 1 and Sheriff, copying l opinions fur Circuit Courts shall at the first/ session of the General Assembly. to eighteen month earlier than those contend fir, who adhere to a Larimer: Sanderon1'wced-( .
Punter. and contingencies COO 00 U 1, 00( 00: be holden under this constitution, be elected for the (term office strict construction. nf the term, at ,the expiration of five years." It'' Najs-:Messis.\ Co*tin, 1 Fiovd, Forward, Ghent, :\Moseley, D. J. #'
Kxprnsj. .,if enumerating Childien, &*., years, and shall hold their offices for (that term unless sooner: re. is net reasonable: to suppose; that" those men\ who were so particular! Smith, J.1.:\ S mr'tli-7. f

HS;M per a 15 act dlread 3J General' au.iiteddurin Assembly,flity t"ar. COO: 00 COO 00) moved,*' &c. Also that "at the expiration of f five jears, t the Jus. in requiring' these qualifications' for officers[} less important to the Said bill passed-title as state). Ordered to be certified to tho 4 1.1
!$ > g
*. Tin1 amount allowances l) : to individuals aces of the Supreme Court and Ju J lees of the Circuit Courts, !shall: constitution having and exercising a less! power over the weal of the House. .
to be tna-lc by this General' Asetiibh, in. I be elected {for( the term of and during good }behavior." comrnonwealih! than the judges, would bo willing that men should! House bill to be entitled.! An act to encourage: and facilitate inter.
eluding, : exemptions! from taxation, say 2.GUO: :) 00 2,0:10:: 00 The difference of expression, contained: in this section, to wit : be selected In hold and!! eerci the high and important trust con- nal improvements, and to authorize and regulate partnerships for that

C amount rJ\jfJul'OnanJ+ for the last StateV'Une two: term!! was.$9912.The in the l first line, Judges of the Circuit Court' only are spoken: of filed lo the judiciary, of thc State, without possessing: !like qualifiedlioim pirpou: was read the third lime: and on the question! of its pastg-f: ; ; tt
Tins, item will increase cacti year, and while ufier the words expiration; of t five years," "Justices/ of the & in an equal, or even a greater: degree than: a simple: voter the yeas: :and nays were :
snout i t, it iibtlick, fall chum of this! csitm..tc Supreme Court and Judges of the Circuit Courts" are again; used in I I If: then Judges to be elected] shall p: be required to have( the qualifica. Teas-Mr. President, Messrs. Avery, Brown Burritt, Lorimer,
10.000:> 03 10,1 AO 20,300: : 00 connection the same!: as in the eleven!!: section This' difference; lions of a voter, ai originally: prescribed! b)' the Constitution, before Moseley, Sanderson, I). J. Smith, J. M" Smith, Tweed, White-II.
2 'I. Fees i Ihear'o'mhof ot Clerks and Jurors Sheriff and! for State' crrfify-Wit.11CR ( clearly indicate two separate and distinct Judicial systems. Sec I hey can I lake a seat en the bench, nothing will he lost t to the Slate Xaj"fr. Flojd-1.S 1.

ria "c lI, Theawrnpenumberofaccountiirtitied tion eleventh contains a general provision of the constitution, appli. in this respect', in conseq-unce of the election being had at the pre. lid bill passed.: Title as stated.:; Ordered to be certified to the
at the last t two tenns, was sixty cable (to all elections of said officers, prescribing in general terms sent sesslnl.! While on the other hand, the people are saved: from lIon;". ,
;v'i +1\1Grreaehterm.\ I Intwectyfourcouatit (tlw I manner of their election: without reference to time. The 12th the great inconvenience and expense of an extra session, simply fur I Bill: to be entitled An act to provide ff.tbe payment of the salary: ,
(the number' will be rut Iwo term! section on tLc other hand, is more specific in the character of its the election of (four( Judges. travelling: and: other expends of the Register of Public} Lands: out
: I' If the amount allowed 15) centseach
I NI. is
i the total is -: 432 00 604) l rovisions. It prescribes, in the first place, that at the tint t sessionof The undersigned conceives: therefore, that a fair and reasonable : of the public moneys! in his hands was: read the second time, and
I': Hxpcnsesof criminal prosecutions, and the General Assembly, the Circuit Judges hall be( .lected for construction of this! portion of ihe constitution, authorizes the elec. I. ordered to be engro:sed fir :a third; reading to-morrow.
the routmgent!; expenses' of the Circuit 41 the term of five years." Secondly, that "at the expiration of the lion of these! Judges at the present session. Such a construction; House biil lo be entitled) An act fir the relief of the Sheriff and

I four will!*. Th'lIIit'mlastH.t\\'asS' but if is. ;will' "-b !'JO.It five years, Jsluices oj the Supreme Court and Judges of ihe Circuit seems more consistent with the situation of young' State, strugglingto Tax Assessor and Collector of Hillsborough county, was read a second
increase:: hoped not
Coasts ah.ll ba elected for the of and sustain the burden incident and time. ;
: term during' ; goof behavior. to her changed condition, more 11:
cvecd the amount here t*slimat J : Printing Keport of I the Supreme Court 10,503 la the opinion of the undersigned, therefore, the constitution contemplates in accordance with. the pros i isions! and !spirit! of the constitution, and Mr. Sanderson moved to insert; after the travelled": in 14th Ig
Ld-t t sear $,1)5tas paid.! The amount and recognises two distinct and separate organizations of ill cntirS conformity to the experience aId 1 practice of thc world. line of 1st section, the word by water." 1!
will! probably .increased, 630:: 00 W J,-j.J; Uo the Judiciary-the one temporary prol'isiollal-fiT :a specific term J. P. SANDERSON. Which motion prevailed.Said .
:4.: : of the Presidential Election!
Kspense <<
: I I.If 1S4S., -amount already audited-for preparatory: to entering upon the second, which ;in/ contonplttion! of The following!' massages from the Housa: were read : bill was ordered to a third reading toiuorrovr.House .

nit-age: ) i-c, uf Sheriff ,and Electors; 1,1203 20 l,2tb 20 the constitution was to lie permanent, enduring through all time. House Rnj'KEsuMMTivEs, January 3, 1819. I hill to be entitled, An act to incorporate the Florida :;nd
___ .,, If correct in this view it (follows; honorable President the Georgia Rail Road read '
--- :as :a legitimate deduction'} hat at of Senate. : Company, was the second lime.
C1.C70 20 42SS)0JlOJ,552 20 : the expiration of t the aforesaid term of five years, t tie present organization SIR :-The [louse have concurred in Senate resolution "to proceed :Mr. Floyd offered the following amendment, viz : I

TV'.1 1 tor the tao years, one hundred,.and I ceases and determines ; and consequently, instead of any) vacancy on Friday next t, 12: n'clodI.I., to the election of Attorney Add at the end of the 1st section, the words: "Provided, that 'f> I
lour thousand tin hundred and fill} wo i in these offices, which could bo t filled the General, of State anJ herein contained shall be
dt'Iiareandtwenty. cents. See note ....) occurring by Kxecu- Secretary Comptroller, Treasurer, Register nothing so construed as to create this a
II! 'iNCoME ( f live, by virtue of the constitutional provision contained in section! Clerk of the Supreme Court." I close or private; corporation ; but th.it it shall be free and open to

1 The General' Revenue will not, it ie *upoospd llith, art. 3-which authorizes him to fill! certain vacancies-these Respectfully: "'. B. LANCASTER, I all citizens of the United States to take: and hold stock therein, and
vary much trota that nt the year offices have by express limitation in the constitution ceased to 'xis!;; Clerk Homo of Representative to sell and dispose of and transfer the same: nit effectually and :as fully
numberiat 1M That $may SU,000.( : be bet The down amount in round aIr and a new and different office has. already) !been provided for by the HofSK.: RE'nEsE\T.1TIvEs! January :3, 1310. :as any of the members) herein particularly named could or might do.''
.-ady paid in is 42,72303- I constitution to take effect and] dale from the expiration of the said Honorable President of the Senate : Which was .adopted.
The amount outstanding: and term office years. It is believed the amendment to the constitution SIK :Messrs. Coleman, Tanner, and Moore% tiara been appointeda ] Mr. Floyd also ofit-red th* following: as :an additional section, viz :
estimated good is (say}) 7,203 00 will not vary) the case. It is unnecessary! : to remark that the Kxecu. joint committee on the part of I the House, to act with a similar SEC.; ; 21. lie it further enacted, That nothing herein contained

'\ live has no authority to fill by appointment those! office, which are committee from the Senate, in the examination of the ofice] of Reg shall be so construed! : as to allow the said company at any tjme 1 lo<: 1

:2 Auction( eenq..ec Taxes,), licenses Total,,fines, 40V23&.c., estimated C-,0,00000- :50OOOjHoo,000 m '00 to be, but never have been, filled by the General Assembly. Thus, i ister of Public Lands. engage: in banli u;."

at 2,30000 2,300'< ) | t -I -__ General Assembly will of necessity be called together in July A. D. Clerk House Representatives. :\ Avery moved that all afi.Tthe. word "State" in 7lh line of I
: :, O'' 00 :SJ.3UO .,IOJ.GOO 00 1650; for the purpose of electing these officers, or there will ba a House RCFRCSEST.\TI\-ES, January 3, 1S49. 10th section, be striken out, and that: there be inserted in lieu thereof I't.I'
dollars.Total income for the two years, one Injured and four thnusal x hundred period of near five months, during; which there will be no Judiciary Honorable President of the Senate : I the words "or to prevent any Riil Road from crossing tho Road .
( note u.) in the State ; fur the (present incumbents cannot hold over till their} Sin :Messrs.:\ Walker! Long, and Colenjan have been appointeda authorized to be constructed by this act/' .

(Note a-The expenditure for the 1843 \vas5C013 81 successors arc qualified, as is contended by some, there being no committee of conference on the part of the House to act with a Which motion' prevailed. ',,' .. t ts
The amount here estimated for 1949, exceeds year that el1'Se by SO ,. provision in the constitution authorizing them so to hold over. The similar committee appointed by the Senate, upon the disagreement as Mr. Tweed moed that all after the word "river," in 3d line of 3J
736; 39. That excess arises principally in the estimate{ ho' undersigned regrets that the majority of the committee have not given to Senate bill to bo entitled, An act relating to Capital Punishments. section, to the word company," where it first occurs in the 6th line )
of Jurors and State Witness It will be pay'ment the their views! more fully as to the time when those officers could bo Respectfully, W. I U. LANCASTER, of said section, inclusive, bo; stricken out, and that Ihere be inserted,

I law for their payment went into operation at the recollecdjhat last term- constitutionally elected and if not, whether a vacancy would occur, Clerk House Representatives. in lieu thereof tl.e! words Mo any point on the Gulf of Mexico, or to .
and the expense {for( that term and a only of the spag fa.term: and the power of the Executive to fill !such vacancy. (HOUSK REPRESENTATIVES, January 3, 1319. the waters of any navigable stream flowing into aid Gulf." ,
i paid during the fiscal year 184S. During part each was tho The majority report sajs( "the language" (referring to the ex. Honorable President of the Senate : Which motion was lost.
expense for the whole of two terms will have; to he cominjyiar$ prcssion)-' at the expiration of five gears' used is plain and expli- Sin :=The House have passed! engrossed Senate bill to he enti. Mr. Avery moved to add the following to the 10th section, "jz :

: i Note b)-The estimate of income from auction pijj.: licenses cit. If it is meant that those Judges:: may be elected before the cxpira. tied, ,An act to remove the county site of Walton county with enclosed Prodded also, That nothing in this act contained shall be so con'.

t tand I j fines, may be very wide of the mailc.: There is taxa nfusion lion of five years, the constitution ha not only failed to express that amendment, in which the concurrence of the Senate is respectfully strued as to prevent the building: of a Rail Road by other persons or

and inefficiency in the Jaws on those subjects, now suclf in if*: 'that meaning: but has used plain and unambiguous; language t to express requested. companies from any point on the Apalachicola: or Chaltahoochia
r rf here( is little or no protection against: frauds-and yj4iwliat.ever quite a different thing. Tho constitution may not have intended Respectfully "'. B. LANCASTER, rivers to any point on Peniacola l:aI'

in their operation. Unless those Jaws are altered no til I,mount! that these Judges should be elected at the expiration of five Jean, Clerk House( Representatives. Which motion prevailed. .
t but that it doubt." Said and the bill ordered be Ordered that the amendments be and aid -biil
Cannot, by any possibility, exceed that above Hill says RO, no one can amendment' was concurred iu, to en. engrossed read a ,
far below. \Viih proper amendments of those estimatediipy lass thavtount: It is evident from the foregoing. language: that the opinion of the rollwl.Mr.. third time on to-morrow. ,
might l easily be increased one hundred c'nt. / committee is, that the election of those Judges mast! t.ik place at J Aldrich from the Committee on Enrolled Bills, presented the House bill to be entitled An act for the relief of Nathan S. .

It is very possible that ho annual ;income per may be matAnif' d'1 1minithed the precise moment the five yoais: shall have elapsed-consequently} following; report : Watson, John T. Mjrrich and James Griffin, was read the second}
within the next two years. It has: been intimately: j tho tho General Assembly must be in session on thy very day their commissions The Committee on Enrolled Bills beg leave (to report as correctly time and ordered lo a third reading: tomorrow.Bill .
proprietors of some one or more of tho largo Land grt: vuJ| shall expire, and elect the new Judges! on: that day or they enrolled, to he entitled. An act for (the relief of Craven G. Fife anti!
abandon all their worthless land, and refuse to pay) the tax 1 This would diminish tic! revenue to the cstcut of say SOUO:) 'w one, day lafcr, the wholo question yielded. C.in this have: been the Supreme Court of the United States to confirm and quiet the boundary third time by its title, and on the question' of its passage: the yeas
- num. an. intention of the framers the constitution ? Is it not more reasonable line between the State of Florida and the State of Georgia ; and nays were : (

1 \ote c)-It f may tot be amiss to remark: that though $;:> ))0(j to suppose, they hid not so much in view the precise tine when A }bll entitled, An act lo chango the name of Robert Benjamin Yeas-:Mr. President, Messrs. Aldrich, Austin, Avery Brown,
annum may appear a small estimate for General He venueiriicu/ per. the last election should take place as the period at which the sue. Smith. Burritt, Crawford Flojrf Forward Loriraer, Moseley, D. J. Smith. .. J
:iarly l after the addition of 20 per cent laid at the last seisia i yet it censors of the old Judges should commence their term of office 1 LOUIS ALDRICH, Chairman. J. M. Smith, Tweed, White-13.

ts ai large as can be iaf.-Iy;. counted on. And that they meant rather to confide the power of electing these ORDERS; OF TilE DAY. Nays-None.
This will perhaps, appear from the following factsTh nount successors to lhat Legislative body which should happen) to be in existence Said bill passed. Title as stated. Ordered to be certified to the

rgeneral Uevetme for thwyrar 1647, which has been acuity col. at the expiration of lUc bald five years. As the present Legis. Resolution relative! to the election! of Judges Gf? the Circuit Courts House.

'lected and pall 1 into the Treasury, (as appears by the Com'roilcr's: : !attire will be in existence at tho expiration of said period' can there of this Slate, was, on motion of Mr. Forward, made the special or. Bill to be entitled, An act in relation to the Comptroller's office. w.; ; .?'.
Rcportiof Nov. 1S17, and 1 Nov. 1S4H.' ) is as fillouvs : 1 bo \vcll.founded doubt! that the power under ihe constitution: to fleet der for Saturday next was read the second time, and ordered to be engrossed for a tfJicI' l'MC

To 1 Nov. 1617, $ 6 ,S9 30 1 these Judges resides vtith the present General Assembly-and that, Bill to be entitled, An act amendatory. of the several acts now in rending: to-morrow. I
To 1 Nor. 1S1 J8. 32,874 42- $31193! 72 I that power may Vio( properly exercised during its: present\ session 7 force in relation to the assessment and collection of the Revenue, Bill to be entitled, An :act to organize the county of Hilaka, war

That ,.the amount which thc 20 cent is laic1 fanJ j Suppose the commissions of the present Judges expired on jhc 20th was read: tho second time, and ordered to a third reading to-morrow. read a second} time, and ordered to he engrossed for a third reading I,
20 upon that is pcr 7)92) 7.i January inst., and the General Assembly had by joint resolution, Bill to be entitled, An act to incorporate the Atlantic and Gulf to-morrow. I4r
per cent on amount, J .t resolve to adjourn on tho 10th inst., will any one contend that we Rail !Road Company, was read the second time. House resolution relative William II. Sever, was read the second ,#
should prolong the session till the :201 h solely (for the purposes of such Mr. Aldrich offered the following additional section, viz : time, anti ordered to a third reading to-morrow.
And the :
We gives have total, to be expected at the present rafts, $ J 1750:lib 46 election ? Or if the General Assembly had continued meet annually SE:(:. 17. licit further/ enacted, That this act shall not be construed Dill to be entitled, An act amendatory of the several acts of fbrco
it i is true, within the {iic:1I'f: >ar 1818, ceived the would doubt the the, in this State relative (to with slaves tI ,
the any one power of! Legislature while in 'lo prevent public or private road from crossing the track of trading :
Treasury large sum: of $50,832 ; and hu|nearlyc.B1ite session in A. I), 1810, to have elected those' Judges ? Would it not said Rail Road. The Senate resumed, in Committee of the Whole, the considera.. ,
paid up "nil outstanding! ;duns, to the end of the fiscal
happy result! is owing not exclusively the heal: taxation! thefaEt clearly of the opinion t that no question!" would :aiise if we were in ses. Avery offered t the following additional section, viz : After some time spent therein the committee rose, and by their s

( year, but in a great degree to ftio SIJCCCKS) i iHcollcctinjin arrearages MOD under the constitution at its annual session in ISIS instead! of SEC. 1 S. 'lie it further! enacted, That ihis act shall not be so construed chairman reported the hill back: to the Senate with amendments, and
from former )cars. The amount of sufi arrearajl jj col. 1848. as to prevent thc constr iciion of ,roy Rail Road which maybe asked to be discharged from the further consideration thereof. ,
haifulbws-Ift45! I 36 G9 Let us examine the history of the election of these officer and built by the fund for Internal Improvement of the State ; and Said bill was read a second lime, the ruo waived, read a third! r

1946, I :.1,26 N 65 see what} has !been, the practice. should any Rail Road he authorized to cross the road hereby author. time by its title, and on the question of its passage, the yeas and nays

.. During the first session of the General Assembly judges of the ized to be constructed, tho proprietors of the said road shall be al. were :
1 Total, f c4,3(f? :) tUne Circuit Courts in the several circuits Jn the State wcre: elected fir lowd such! facilities as are necessary to enable them} to do so. Yeas-:Mr. President, r pssrs. ,Avery, Burrilf, Cost is, Crawford: ,

this source of income cannot bo cotfcd on fod lure tho term of live years= as prescribed by the Constitution. Two out Which was: adopted Floyd, Lorimer, Mose'e)', Sanderson Tweed, White-11.

of four of these judges' thus elected declined lo accept the office, and OM: motion, the rule wis waived, and the} bill read a third time by Nays-'(('8mt. Austin, D. J. Smith, J. M. Smith:-:: -3.
ruth is, t that the( payment of Jurors animate WitPMrs, the places thus left vacant were subsequently filled in tire manner: its title, and on ihe q-iestio'i of its passage; the yeas and nays were : Said bill passed. Title as stated. Ordered to 'be certified to tho /, tI

h a ri;.:hieous' act, a very heavy burden U above bhign, it contemplated. by the constitution : first, by appointment of the Ejec.utive Yeas-Mr.f President! Messrs.\ Aldrich, Austin, Avery, Brown, If oll e. ".e :'1:! .
IB a1"orh.tlu, > 20 percent, addition-an'"J'' for the Lying;; -and then by election of the General Assembly.! Now, it is Burrilt Costin, Crawford}, Floyd, Forward, Lorimer, Moseley, San Mr.\ Aldrich, from tho Committee on Enrolled Bills, presented tho ,: ,<
peeled from IJicnnialaessiolts of the L<* iliturc, wool&'cry provided by the Constitution! i in filling vacancies, that the Governor; derson, D. J. Smith, J. :M.\ Smith, Tweed, Whiie-lT. following report : "a- .
nee the State:;. in debt. I I "shall grant commissions, which shall expire the emu of'the next Nays-None. The Committee on Enrolled:; Bills beg leave to report as correctlyenrolled ", I

SIMON TOWLB, tfomplroll 1 1 I: i session." Has it ever been contended that the (General VssemMy.hoij \ Said bill passed. Title at stated. Ordered to be certified to the :
tr r8 2, 1949. ! --- -'- vacancies ? On the contrary, the practice has been in such cases Mr. Forward: from ihe Committee: on Engrossed Bills, presented to'levy! a tax for the purpose of erecting a Court Hogso and other .f
f ------ to elect them at any convenient) time during the! session( ; yet t the the following report : necessary public) buildings. .

,!I JOURNAL OF THE SEN) E. office 1S did not take their! seats on the bench until after the adjourn The Committee on Engrossed Bills beg leave to report as correctly LOUIS ALDRICH, Chairman. ." i .

ment of the session. Is it not as reasonable: t to suppose that a like engrossed On motion of:Mr. Sanderson the rule was waived, and he allow}.

TUVRfDAV, January 4, 161'. course should be pursued in electing: their successors ? Does not a An act to authorize and provide for the election of Register of ed to present! the following, Reports : '
enate wet lo adjournment. reasonable and fair construction of the constitution sanction such, a Public! Lands for tho State of Florida; by the qualified voters: within The Joint Committee of both Houses! nppomted in prrrsnanco of F7t
pursuant : the same ; of Comptroller, have performed that K
Office du.t..tand
iMr. Choice cou rte. law to examine the ,
officiated .
as Chaplain.1 ; Amendments, to House bill to be entitled, An act relating to the REPORT :
\ rum being present, on motion of Mr. JJ < Smith: tbe pad.rnuc. It is contended by l ibo committee that convenience economy
mode of and duties (,Auctioneers..
16 the appointment That in the opinion of the Committee, much credit i is due tolho
rof the Journal should have in this discussion. Tho undersigned, on !
was dispensed ,, ilh. no weight
( : should receive W. A. FORWARD, Chairman. officer for; ,the 'attention, industry and zeal exercised fyf hint
r. Avery moved that ion and other hand thinks both convenience and economy present
the Committee Ke ,
lowborn was referred on r r consideration in the examination. Manifest inconvenience, or ex.travagant House bill to be entitled;,An act relating to the mode of appoint. in arranging and reducing this office to system and order, 71"* -J
the bill entitled actpi ri be qualIe
P.d uniform An rose an; should when it can without manifestwrong ment and duties Auctioneers, was read the third time, and on thc committee, in the language: and in conformity! to- the rectrirement'sof
J mode of taxation, and for other \f>r uses, be ins lCtc4 useless expenditure' ,
\ of its the and further state that the Comptroller "has discharged his duly
ICofa doubtful question passage: yeas nays were : law, ;
rt force in forming correct provision
P said bill a
have !
upon at as early a period as'f fI racticable. great : : BureaU Costin J. P. SANDERSON '
Vl bach I motion prevailed.to w in the Constitution. The framers of that instrument:! would, in all Yeas-Mr. President, Messrs. Avery, Brown, strictly; / according to law. .
and burden thoneopjc Crawford, Forward, Lormer! Moseley, D. J. Smith, J. M. Smith, Chairman of S-enate Committee, \ .
consider well the convenience upon
to previous notice, Mr. Watts intr liedAaa atA amend the Jaw of attachments l free in Ibi.]i Slate.o any such provision would) bp tiLCely lo impose. The 1 > ex. Tweed,' White--. 13. WILLIAM A. ,FORWARD. f "c
Which\ session of the NaysNone.Said ?
was read the first time and 75 copied / d lo be printed, peneo and inconvenience attendant upon an extra .
e. of this bill passed. Title as stated. Ordered that the_ lame be cer THOMAS IS!. WHITE.
a of Mr. nttled 'act for Legislature, is of too much consequence to tho tax payers ,, 1
Forward 4n
f.t. potion (House bill t to (U House. JNO. P. BALDWIN,
; incurred. If the .election I is delayed, as recom. tified to |the '
p t,, d Occupying Claimants, W LI takrforders. run Ibo table, and Stateb lo be lightly nccetsary House bill to be entitled,- An pct for the relief of Occupying Claimants Chairman: Housn Committee t I"I"I
is extra
majority of committee not an '
wrong tile ;-i mended by a tho third time GEO E. McCLELLAN i' ,, I
Qa :was read.tho second time, the rule waived: read! a by 1' ,
understood Is .
is by .
Co moon of AIr. Aldrich, ihe bill to bo e Id, An act to in,- ? Sucb if their report properly its title and on the question of its passage, the yeas and nays were : JAMES W. BRYANT, .
Orate corresnondnt '
asked will adequate 'II
it is ,
the AUanl c and Gulf !tail !Road was taken regarded as necessary. Then, an : mown Burntt, JOHN: COIEMAN i
I the commentate: with the loconrenl) yeas: -Mr. President, Meairi. Aldrich, Avery; .
tale 'nd pUM0 among the orden. t $god be realized-a good
ff\ny t t ,, fi t

-. II.I 4 y"

w. v -r _

./ .1
........ .... ___ : = J '- -- -= --- _
w _
!! .> ..... __-- I .0 ------ ..L_ _- ..... "- : --- -- ---- : : __. =
-- the J
in be
Journal will bc
nentu con.tinuld -
T.ie:; Joint Cummiiieti ol both" (Houses, appointed in ujibuuuce'i : : wl I required for the two fiscal years is caused by there being no session LORIUIAN[) & JOUHN1I\ published in this until arrangement is \boly-

aw to examine the office Treasurer, have: pcrfoimed lhat duly, and I ofthe Legislature during (the fiscal year 1850.:; Your committee are flg t paper completed. want in the Constitution; ; and uirb'Jt

REPORT : not awaro that any material reduction could safely be made from that A. E. :31.tX5YFIalA tS u. n. IITOS.\! :Elections* ngs its positive injunction fJpr ssIl

That tho present Treasurer has performed( Ihc duties of ilia office, estimate. There however, a bill now boforc the Gent'rallsem EDITOHB AM PROPRIITOU. have been cle' Con"ifuliun: pntid.d "

highly cnidilablo to himself, and! with a proper regard: to the! inter- I hI h)", requiring that the salary and travelling: expenses' of the Register --- The f.llowing! gentlemen Pi, five that .
-- a/I.
: years (ib.
crts of llm, State. of Public Lands shall lie paid: out of Ihe puhlic moneys in his hands.: aturday, January 6, 1849. t red Solicitor* by the General Assembly): j.c. ( term fur "hich '

The Commilltec, in accordance! ;: with the requirements}, : of the law If that i is passed, it will reduce the estinnto some thirteen hundred ---. JAMES L.\ DnCI, Western Circuit. now electedhe'jrcme ) Jlsticl1 t1.

organizing this office fmtlier! ceitify), that tIC! accounts) : ofiho THM- dollars] ; :and. your committee: would here renmk: that they arc clearlyofopiniomi nRMI-TIREE: DOLLnsE'R.. IN ADVA CF SAM. R. STEPHENS, Middle Circuit. Couit and J.dge, Or {the cf t Ihe

Hirer for the last t fiscal; )e.ir me legnlaily: ;! stated: ami) balanced: and t that the silary and! (ravelling expenses of that officer: should -----.----------------------- I Circuit. ..ll> elected during Circuits

that! theto is a balance: and, lhat balance: is actually in the Treasury; ; be paid out of such 1 funds, and not of the general revenue of the btate.. The undersigned having purchased The I: J. P. SANDKRSON: Fur! (11'hu( amendment good bebavjor.

and that the present) : oifi.-er! 1 )has: in: every respect! performed the duties Taking! it for granted: that the s-iid bill will become a law, the expiMises ., Floridian" and Southern Journal!," come be- OSHB.. HART, Southern Circuit. :d-tbat at made in 1913- l it }i.pro.

of hi, oflicc as requited I liy law. to lie! provided fir according In ihe estimate: : of ihe Comptroller! and the public as \\1,.-L- .nn.-(- rmnwhPlhpr i1tps.n_ 'e !'nllrrr:.. theepraf m oflhr hr..u ,

Which! i U respectfully iiuitUJ.< are Sl03ti5i I : 20.:! To meet this,we have, according to !said estimate: t lore the Democratic party I ..III)1' '; I" 5 beets suggested t I lat -olc(-' 01 ", J ( 'the Circuit! II lrlI

4 .1. P. SANDERSON') ( the following) income. 1st. general revenue far 1 1819S5yOyO:;:) 00 t the Editors of a new paper, to be cacd! THE I rfulrobaUy QC.C the Justices of the Sun C ours.
Chaiiman of Senate Ci.tnmitter, And the same for 1S50) total 100.000 FLOUIDIAX & JOURNAL- I ,Iwo will nor, a Jud"es oftht Circuit .rerle COurt i t
SLAVERY\ ( : !ince their election! taken a in oppo:.!E 0 Court t ,L ', anti
Taxes on auction: sales: & licenses, 1819, 2,300: ) In placing o'lrsclvcs at the head of tho only part .d lit a. .
WILLIAM 1 A. FORWARD do. do. i reduction of the Sor icitorsalerie' fJr eig years, &c., to lt.I
do. do. 1830: 21300-tolal 104,600 00 i at the scat of tion to a proposed __
Democratic government Can
T. M. WHITE.JNO. ;, This estimate your committee believe correct, as the laws now I paper Tto suggestion was lased upo al one N'ptefJ that iy of
of the responsibilities : tlu'IO
: P. BALDWIN.Chairman and in view we are not ignorant : are
ale of it .word3 amhlglu
; your committee would deprecate any matciiil of ,h. preS-Jmpion, that ,b.rvou.J. not act or thaI t Ijiere
: t House Co-nmiilce, : lrinuliol of the present rates of taxation, unless] at the whiche assume, nor of the difficulties our .1,1CIU a t them 1 Tbe Juc"c ([-cu.
( ,he a question ,in which shall be
;a KO. E.i: McCLELLAN Ictislaturetipon
*amo time, other means are provided to make the thusproduced. Talent! far superior to any C1CCtC4
up defcfncy position. "lie.e ,,.,___ __ t. at.. the cJplralon of {Le term or _.
JAMES: W. BRYANT:\ In ': !.:.I.r/uI ( I h
common with other well ... -' U
every wilber Ille.coln. claim, might fail to discharge the one or \ iV u. -w..j service of the Jca ra of I
JOHN GOLEM AN. Ir your committee are to an legislation! which will have The offices about the Capitol have been present judges.
The House returned: ) the t following Senate: bills as passed: by) tho )efll-ct to involve the Srate OPPSt.t debt. } overcome; the oilier.! But?' buoyed up by an ; Now, have {the fire year or the .

House without amendment, viz : \e are comptlet lo :anticipate: lha rl' 'cnlll' each year, and to honest purpose. and confident of the generous led as follows : "Il'nlce expired( ?i To make the irai of
An act to th Southern; i I). P. HOGUK, Attorney General. { election]
change: ( boundary of Leon county ; pay rllrrt'IH expenses in Treasury scrip which is not suppott! and kind forbearance; of our fi lends, I W at this time, t the I ni I.

An act relating; to fines, forfeitures) : costs) anJ other! in meys ad.S I until the end of i lh" year. D.irin) the present year, it r.t't'/tt!\ i0 \\c enter time woik which i is 'before us. I C. W. DOWMNO, Secretary of State. said three constitution sj>.ou'.(, bare
tll' 'd upon ,
( to ll.e Slate years or before the
; possible to redeem ail. Under the most : eirriintances, TOWLK, CZplrafjo0!
1\1:111. 8hdlllo! to Comptroller.
An act to authorize lie! Our energies and eflorts : SDI: the of of
COlllitrur.lioJ of the Magnetic: Telegraph, some term sen ice. Cut if
eight or ten dollars will have remain until
thousand : to : unpaid' ; WM. Ii. HAYWARD, Treasurer. any ,Ir"; I fc,
nnd providing r.J.th protection: c-.fll.c same the for the promotion ofthe interests: of our country the .oro
; the of
revenue five
year 1850: corns in. This v.ill: appear from: the ; expiration years is
An acl to provide fur Seals for the Circuit Courts ()this, Slate ; above! figures. 'wJ urr call e : we espouse the latter as tic R. S. hAyWARD, Clerk Supreme Cours is to sufficient, what V
an election
An act relating! fa the act of : of the of \lillonn vote given by the De. plCHlt by
incorporation town ; Your committee are of opinion tim.t our' present system: of taxationis 1 best' means of I lie timn'r.Vc are The unanimous thc"suCCptdinl *

.\ act relating to matriftctuting: companies ; deficient and unequal{ in many respects. Many sp-cif": !of property) but:Ih'ancinc of no politicalatpeiity crats to Messrs. Towle, Win. II. Haytxl legislature, for Judges, in ant :cif alien of f i ILe'
are coniscioiis
An ]
act I party
relating to ihe examination of the Office of Register of arc not now taxed. The[ of the kluds; of expiration of the terms of
Public. LanJ.zn ; owners particular: : Irl'p"rly) : ; arc Democrats) but feel more and Ilogue, who are Whig, !i. in strong < those now elected,
taxed, are compelled to bear heavy 11'"I'n"'Lile others \0 and so on until' inextricable
.\ act to incorporate the Medical Board] of Hoi id* ; wealthy, who have invested in :another w;'y, jjo free. YOII' cum.mitteo of
Ordered to be enrolled.The are of opinion, however, lhat: this u .a !proper linu' to nuke Yet the rdinil: measures! and principles: of by the dominant party during; the presents. of the Government near.

the Governor following communication. was transmitted to His Excellency! any material change in the system, as. action must be II way of II to which we belong, vo wi support ion. These gentlemen are the presentj.cumbcnls I';l ;all to the people, and ,'cur: of all prop.
) i party
: experiment, and tint might .td to disastrous ) I } er to brought within the of
experiment II.- I ; the ami which springs froma and having shown tb'm.etc. "n. range political!
ldlh ener
SI\ATI: CH iMiJKn: Jan. 4, IS 1 19.! There are other species of than those( now tax" ".'.' :. zC'n1 :y disturbances ? If the
His, nrcfJlcKcy. I). property their wisdom and truth. faithful and capable," no effort was: rje present Legislature:
MOSHLCY I (;otV'rll07', 4'- : are proper subjects of tax.ttiol, and" your <-oii'iiiltee: would, recommend sine-re.conviction' o)! est, lect, who e.
Sin : I have thn Irmor )herewith, to transmit (for; the approval of ) that these subjects be taxed. Th"y have, ibereluie: { In regard to men, whatever our' feelings as individuals I to turn them out. Remembering the 'rk say the next will not, (ta. p
your Excellency; the! following!! 'bills and! resolutions!! viz : a bill for I that purpose. In view of the present and probable! ti.tlf may I be, our course as Editors must of last winter, and of this winter, s..IItig king the right and Iroptr'ie\of the Const!!i.tut

An act 10 C'np'IHr'mia: ;l Ncwsom to assume! the : : condition of the finances of ion, disregard I election
imnagementof the
own ettatn ( State, your < om nittee deem i it unsafe; be one of entire, absolute! and( unfaultering: in. will hereafter venture to breathe :bt.! and effect: oth-
; to strike 00' the whole of the .,' made the Such an
An act II) change! ( the nam.: : of Robeil Uonjamiu: Smith ; last session of the General Assembly twenty ,per but clnt.timer iiH.r'a.believe; thnt t a reduction al( Ilt>pcuJcncl>. I will her others lo designute against proscription, or against Democrafor (to'rfcrs1 be deprecated. Such event is would be greatly! 1

An tct in relation to the continirent:; expenses; of the.' Supreme and on that increase nny: perhaps be nnde: if at the sune tinm taxes candidates; fo oOict!-after the 'election seeking ofiice ? The picture of Satan bu. ever the rrtj of

Circuit Court.* oflJis! :State. and nf the! Executive Offices ; arc imposed upon other subjects! now exempt., shall be made! then we will do what we can king sin silence Iher future denuncions rashness.! and imprJ'tlnc; < Xo one doulti

Resolution authorizing? ; I His Excellency! the Governor to employ a Your committee have wi that an election! : after the
: with these enclosed expiration! of
vie" of contrib. five
fit ll to secure the success our part this subject.Election
person to copy, the! laws, Arc.: ; bill, to reduce the 20 PT ctot. addition( made: IrrjUf'll of the General : by on _ >ears would:? be valid. Why then risk
Also Refutation le.lative to tho line uting to the triumph of iti leaders. The Editorial an tIer
of boundary between the States Assembly! to ten per cent., and to tax ether subjects heretofore U. 9. f.'"tor. rimenr likely to breed discord and

Florida and Georgia ; exempt, which, they beg !leave to repoit t as : !ustitltt! for the bill! columns. of our paper will be, not only On Monday !last, Gen. Jackson Mom of r when by little! confusion,
Also, An a all
act to authoiizc delay :
County Commissioners: of Jackson refened to them and under control but difficulty may be
ask be
to discharged 1 from: the further consideration entirely: our exclusively occupied Pcnsacola elected to the U. S. hate
county! to levy a tax: for I the! ( purpose of electing :a Court House! and ofthe subject. selves. was avoided. X. Y. Z.

other necessary Public Huildings! ; by on! for the term of six years from the ;h of I
THOMAS M f. WHITE I 1 Chaim .
1acd 1 by the t two Homes of the General Assembly, and signed imiami.COMMUN1UATIOi On time great question (If controversy now March next, to fill! the place of the In. J. Ftom the Ilichmond Enquirer.

h,)' ihj presiding officers 1 thereof. --------- pending between the two sections of the IFn- will 'A HU.NDRED THOUSAND ERUTUSES FOR
-- -- n. whose then.pire.This
ll"-peclfuly! ,. C. "'. DOWNING, FR011 THE GOVERlOn ilnSL.FR' i: all nn bearings-we need \\.cstcotir. OLD Z.C.1t1CpftVISO, OR- !!!
result is here
regarded as a Imlh The Tayloriles of
Secretary: Senate. ELECT.In Ohio riVLiv Jeiene
that the tU
On motion of Mr. Forward,ihe Scnala adjourned until to-morrow. -- ------ not sa) our .sympathies are will over the dictates of buy Cauru If title of Red J. ep<(..bl.can.: <," "if the Xenii

JO o'clock, A.M. Senate! Jan. Read and South-tie land of our lati, ity and the home last few the principal Torchlight htp (a firebran-l in ".,
o- 500 copies .ordered to bo piinlcd.: yean i-Iectiwe/ins! it very name.) Le .
of choice. Hut here there !
be less
our a specimen.
---- Thit
------- ----- bibcen
--- --- wi staple of the wigs of( this State, SuutJ'r may

1\ Sun To the manic s of the Senate Ihnsc Rcpc&irtalives occasion to speak of the character of our ioor know their non.slaveboldin! Allies, and their
: the }
:, January 3 I, 1649. ant ridicule and] abuse of the caucus act til rabid .

The Committee: on the Judiciary to whom wa icferrcd the Resolution General Assembly o the Male o Florida : c j-i"hts than of tbe means of maintaining them. democrats. After geting! into port'' y from the spirit[ on the Wilmot Proviso, we quote
: that, the election of for The J of Florida need be told this "Torchlight" following thunder
Judges the several Circuits shall be FrLLOWCl.rZ:: people not at such means, and then themselves reding t to( and ] :_

'lield] Wednesday: ', the( 3d day January, 1849, with instructions Soon nfier the Speaker of the House of Represnatives! hid open. day! what tLeir rights are.: but it is all important "lighting WILMOT
the of meetin t PKOVISO.
lo said committee to report at an eaily day," respecting the cd and published in the presence of both Houses of time same system action, .ni;i Thre are mi-
General As. t flee
propriety I : that they, and the entire. South should be ny soil Van Buren
<<>electing Judges; at I lie }present session of the General Assembly, eemblv-duiingthe first week of Ihetesiion-tbe returns of l an election after night in secret conclave, and tL'eget!; the election men, wh > look upon

Jiave had the sa-nc: under c( !isid 'l'aion( and have instructed me to for Governor, which was 'held( on the oh; UfY of October last I told, and made to feel, that the only hope ofI ting their differences adjusted by actif wire. the votes of Northern of Taylor to the Presidency ty

:] to the! provisions of tIle Odnclifiit successfully maintaining those rights is found. whig, a nn expression
inn ..
t/itrit .f I
!REPORT! : a1rcenlJy ", :o. 'ommil. ", pullers, it \vas but reasonable that tb democrats of opinion by them unitirable
That I by the 12th section of the 5th Article] ot; the Constitution it scs of your honorable bodies waited on m-", and officially I ed on tI:among themselves. We hail should seek to defeat their ; nts. principle: embodied in the Wilmot! to Prnvuo.great
_ is$ announced to me I had received the highest number' ; of votes the late harmonious cfSouthern arratr
that tnt meeting
provided, at the of five men Notwithstanding:
expiration }ean frcm the first ses- given, and that I was duly and elected] This accounts: for the democratic ve given they bare the evidence of
legally Governor of
idea of the General Assembly! Judges shall be fleeted to succeed this Slate. of both parties in Washington as the harbinger past historyand the most
: and
To which I by them to Morton \\hich united with the those responded desiring to make laicwu to the | i
elected at the flr, session. you- declarations:
;t ofgood. Our motto i is Union in behalf of the whis?, that ninety-nine
_ The language: used and Representatives ofthe people-my profound sense of the honor which few whig friends, elected him. A t to hisqualifications of
plain explicit.; If it is hundred
meant that those every the in the
they had so freely conferred upon me, and m readiness to be of ihe lest plan of action ; but even lithe plan] party North,
Judges May" 'be elected before the expiration of five years, the Constitution fied/'as required I by the Constitution, when )should suit qll.: adopted be not the best-then the the Sentinel sa): J and a very large number in the South, deem f\
very more
not only failed: to express that meaning, 'but has employ.pd .olrcon'e. lie is devoted and this principle second in importance io '
nience to appoint the time and manner but that as true a Wbf as can t 16 none
plain! anJ unambiguous" language to express quite a different! ; Ihee reason for union in order that it may bo suc. 'bo found fiew the Vig i creed denounce
ILiJ1 existed a diversity opinion in regard to the lime when the in this State-a man: of libeJ *L they : them a"/or-
;! The. Constitution! not have intended that present cessful.] takers
may these of the .
Judgrsitild of of polished and of sterlincnse.: measure, merely to /
} be elected GovprnoJlerm office would expire, it would be prudent to take manners, acq'irvictory ? a
at the expiration of five years, but, that it says so, time 'for deliberation, and to refrain from taking which would I only rctmins for us to say that, in becoming which would! in that case be of littta I
no one can doult. any step I I
No argument:!; need be used (to that the Constitution have the effect to impede the public businessor to embarrass the op. Editors, we do lot cease to be members (It is unfi>rtunate that we hat I apol I is practical value. This charge i is false, and it /
prove a falsehood
uhatit! says, until some reasons are presented to show that it means eration of the Legislature. The Constitution provides thai, "th of socety, and the subjects of its laws. Our ogise to our readers in the first numnfl0f0ti r deuce. of its .caries upon its face en. (
means I character. The
otherwise.; The reason presented, (and Ihe committee believe, the until Governor a successor shall be be elected chosen for and four years, and" shall remain in office columns .shall not be soiled by low abuse or paper for itS deficiencies. The lajc'( space( ; unanimous in fivor ofthe Proviso whig, ai any* are other a

only one,) to shew that it means otherwise) is founded in qualified{ ; consequently until his occupied the Senate ", which,
supposed "successor" is qualified" there can bo no Constitutional doubt offensive personalities. When we feel deeply by proceedin/t/ recognized principle of the party. Many of
public inconvenience.
at tie: expiration: of It the is said said Jive, the Legislature unless called will not bo in sesfcica in regard to the action of tile present Governor. But it must be ev I we expect to speak plainly ; but truth needs by agreement, we will continue to polish un those who voted for Taj lor, did so, because

the express purpose of electing these years Judges., This is doubtless together for I ident that a dilficulty would occur as soon as I am qualified" which not the aid of violence.! She is. most attractive lit the !legisla'urs adjourns excr! other with him only, of the three candidates before

Whether the, Convention anticipated this supposed inconvenience so. I would arrest any action of the Legislature! until the question, who i is when held forth with clean hand in her matter of greater variety and infer.*. After. cherished the country, were they willing to entrust thIs

.jiwl, no one is able: to sa-1mt, if they did, they did not provide or a. avod Gon.ror: is settled. A desire the to guard against such a result, and to native purity. So far as our brethren of the another number, or two, we wit be thus j in expressing principle.the The whig that were Vhig sncer'j : Congress
io opinion
interruption business has a
a-iiy public catncd .
it to
gainst t me
by declailug that iho election should take post.I
place at the CI.t.jralilln tbe Press are concerned} will cramped, and we will then endef to furnish would the \
of ,
of five from/ the first ees&iuti. The I pone agitation{ this question{ until the important business of(he we hope they haveno puss Proviso, and that Tajlor
years inconvenience
which is the iesut! of the I law, Is used as an argument: to that I session shall have 'been tran actet. cause to complain of us. Expecting courtesy :paper of a character: [ and t to?,befitting elected, would sanction it.-They have yet
prove My opinion in lo when .the} the of f. seen nothing to cause them the !least doubt on \
the law itself ]has no existence. If, however, the Convention, did net respect period present Governor's towards ourselves we .i not forfeit our only democratic journal at tl? capital the I

anticipate the inconvenience, then no reason is i perceived why they tem of office would expire, was very clearly expressed in July 18wien -:;, claim to it by withholding it from them. the State. In the meantime, "tcm0 the lf lct.o They are quite icilliHgh stalsever'lhingozzllmcresulttosink
,.]lOud! not (have intended I was a member of the House of Representa'ives of the General or swim, :n
: pl'eciseldlat they say.! It is admitted The readers of the Floridian and the generous indulgence] of our ralrol.J the
of this their bite
State in declaration! to
Assembly may predictions
that what (he Constitution be it Z wbich1; published in resul prove
says never so explicit, must be disregarded
: if it i it dearly and beyond doubt ascertained that it the Journals! of that session, wherein I declared it a my opinion that! SIilcr Journal will part with their former .l persons who receive dis number true or false.
otherwise. means the term of service for which J 1 was elected as a Representative fiorn Editors with regret, and wishing them, as we of our will understand thalt'J{ sent to 44We see by the Cincinnati Enqtiijer and
the County of Leon, would, under the paper Cleveland True Democrat, and other locofuc
The Committee! have: been anxious provisions of the'Constitution, do! success! and happiness whatever
to sphere
give a construction (to expire the 1st in them as subscribers either to iho'ForiYm" and free soil papcrs' that it is '
Oils, clause of the ConstHution on Monday October, 1845. And as tho elctiol of bo' t the intention. cf
\voidd seem most to conduce they casf. The former has had
to Governor occurred the may paper or the Southern Journal ubh the Deznocracytopasihe .
at time and under like two Provisoand'm4eGen.
public convenience same circumstances papers ,,: :
/ and without l bi able
ing to see clearly that the one his term of office would an existence! almost coeval with the settlement Taj!lor "veto it Go
the ahead
: ruction or (the other will of seiious on lit Monday in October, it will be seen we have pucbased j say we,
...... productive... : ., inconvenience. 18 19. The[ schedule! and ordinance of the of this of the ant and such will be tbe of
nf.rPHI.J..h.. ..... .. '- Constitution declarestbat portion country ; and the into onc.r language the Whigs
-- merged vl!( be
U4 deiie I uiu uovunior, ieprcsciitaiivc?| in and zeal, and with al over. the Union. Let the question bot
"ju.cel'C lo miive, at the true meaning and intention: { of those v/uiigiuss. nivuiutrrH oj Inc industry ability which its late lo them to continue their to -
tthu! framed the ; General Assembly shal enter upon thc duties of their respective of. Editors fttronage I urouglit before the Pr sidcnr. Le-his veto cr
Constitution advocated the
they arc inclined to (tho cause:
..thy intended that this; should be opinion tl.at fices immediately their election, under the, provisions .of this Democracy, us, and even to aid us by a kind word in increasing approval be the 'tribunal of the list resort/ y
not exercised will
power them the
-t Jegislatuic before the by any Constitution! and shall! continue in office in the arnc manner, and secure lasting gratitude of their our circulation. and ia th.lt party \\hich is proved by thePresident's
cxpiiation fire after! the election! of -
sears during the same hare party. The senior Editor, particularly, will acts to have before the
Judges at the first session of jhe General The period they woul done had they been electedon gone people
) Assembly. Commit Par ,
tee have reason to believe that the people of ill's. State Ihcir the 1st Monday in --or, as I construe it, on the let Mon be missed as an old, long tried friend, whose Floridiaii tf JUWal with lies in their mouths, receive the cop.

'repicsentataes. in the Convention through day in October, 1811. 'faithful; service should not bo soon forgotten Election of .ndr empt which such men deserve. But we haft
intended} to Jo Ihctn- ,
wives J by constitutional The proclamation ordering tbe election) declares For Governor The subject before t Iho presentLegislature!] no fears of the result. Were the
and whose
: and PrJitn
compact agreement: the full term of five weekly visits for eleven have
yearn (jOIn and after the first election within which of the State of Florida, to serve for four years from the 2G//I years ,of greatest interest to the people.is thatof the elect lo veto the Prociso, his life U11flltl nlt l
to ascertain and made him
select] talent, piobity and wisdom most suitable! to t fill the Judicial May, 1815," ,VC And when the returns of the (Ictiollwerc caVo a welcome and cheruhed companion election of Judges. worth a sic icefk's purchase. There are a .

Bench for Ilk ed and in the Hall[ of the in hundreds of household In hundred thousand in the who
: or good behavior. pI11I.dtt Representatives, Speaker declared assuming
: They incline lo the opinion, there, In the Convention that framed the Cmsti- n.hf' t"lUl
fore, that .the coufctitulioual power to elect Judges! of Ihe Circuit \\ Moscley (to be elected first Governor: of the State of tho station lie has so long filled, we hope we would feel, inditiual.that time ( 'I
tution of
I Court of this( Stale to succeed those now in ofiice, \\ (lieu their limes Florid.i for four years from thc (( ll day o May! IH 15, fnd until his will not bo lesi fortunate in our intercourse the State, the greatest anxiety was I made to the people bylhl'm. on the strength

hall have expired, cannot be cxcicised by this Legislature! at its successor is dl.en and qualified. with our readers. fet and expressed a to this (branch or thc! o Gen. Taylor's pledges, bad placed a stigma

present session. Hut the Judiciary)Committee of the House of Representatives, at State Go\'erment-al concurtiag in the kope their character, which could be removed

the same session, whom this subject was made: A. E. MAXWELL, in one only. They would not hesilate at
that way
1 S. I.. IJURRIIT, Chairman.( : rC'ferrer I report in the election "officers to whom this
a long favoring the the II. IJ. HILTOX. its removal. for Presidents .
argument words had But it is too late a day
REPORT they been elected on the 1st Monday in October," actually meant the. part ofthe public service shou:1: be conti'fd! ttJ; attempt (to run counter to the expressed

ON TAXATION) AND REVENUE. succeeding October. Therefore, by their J logic, term of( of lifoi-inl Change.T.ho worth alone, fitness and I) should !be. wil| of the people.: "
... fcc
the firht Go\'cruor... ,011,1 nim .ii.t.. ..,_ i.t 'tq ._ and The I .
nft regarded, of
-" '- .. .1 "l' {--1'- vc undersigned having: disposed of the party consider'lon! o\rrk comments the Cincinnati Enqiicr:
,I.cr.xATK: January:: 5-Head. and :300: ordered }have, tlirec'diilinct periods contended for by diflerent .the! are wish that belev?
copies to be printed.' pailksfir good will and subscription list of the estab. cd and set aside. It was hoped that the $( amusing.V e we coul
termination: of tho term of office of the cal thWilmot
-- incumbent of the him that Gen. Tar! veto
r Executive rhair., present lisbment of the Southern Journal to Messrs.MAXWELL providing a concurrent \otl of the .Iwo Houses
The Commi.tce Povi but think ill
cannot so
; on Taxation and Revenue .o- we
tho-lsill 1] (to whom was referred The public interest, ) requires that t ibis: of & HILTO.V, Editors of the Floridian would have tended to Ibis resu!'I. view
lo repeal) the act of last! session of the General( gentlemen state things! i ofthe deliberate :ld determined: t tone (jf f

creasing the taxes 20 per cent., atk leave: to Assembly in should' not be permitted to continue beyond the pre.!eimt session of.he his connexion with the Editorial department : '\a confess we have great reason to doubt I the leading'hig prewrs and p.diiieian;

KErORT: : Legi!!.turc. Some think that the judiciary: should' settle this qucs. of ihe paper will cease from this date, I the correctness of these expectations t judging the North, all arr\in., at the lame ctnmchiie'1! '
I I icspectftdly conceive, that is jour duty, as well as and from as the incendiary of Ohio! laeJ: 'l I'
.ni.llcr, i jour ( the Journal will be as as from the dlort upon
find published in \cl pal. no\
investigation: the
they Su.llacr
following to be the financial province, to determine ibis matlcr. Til Con tit ilion makes they have and without
proclaim" {[
condition of the State at this .lime It i Jour connexion with the Floridian made, against all propriety, 'lillt the reason cnnlteiC.
the & : appears, from the 'reports of duty to count the votes and declare who e.lecte 1 (Governor. You :; tioii] to to the soon! a 1)! J lftO i" /

,demands Tieasurrr .and Comptroller, that very rear, if not quite<< all the .are th judges of his election! and the f'aSOI i Mnvlius.! There exists In taking leave of (bis friends., the subscriber and nature of the thing as well as the express Taylor. Our hope and prayer are, that b f I

L of November against last the Stile{ Lave been paid up in tilIto the first; day : by, the genius of our Government such an :intimate: ccnnexion most gratefully returns thanks for past (favor provisions of the Constitution, to hate may disappoint inc;ndial iH( in 'hi* m&Y?

,-ear. Thisery, which', is the .commencement/ of the!. present fiscal between ,the executive<< and legislative departments of jt t'',:r.l you cannot and he bespeaks: for his a continuance an election] in anticipation ort e expiration I and dojmtice to the South and save: the UniolL?
< result
satisfactory: is owing to several causes, 1st. proceed one step in the discharge of duties slccessor
your legislation -!hule confess. fears the other w31.
!fbe of the the service of the our run
CO) term incumbents.If
per cent addition nude at the, last session. The nett without the co-operation of iho executive ;,and should rest t un. sanio liberality which has present The Cincinnati: ,

amount of venue collected and paid: over for I the year 1817, der no doubt or unceitainty in .this respect because you the constitution .been extended to himself. In regard to the an election were had: what would be the Enquirer says : of
lo }be :39 .' appears ; There are some strong figures
7 J. ::J. ,Tho 4(> }increase 72 ; tueniy f f per cent rm that mm amounts to S7S92! : dinate has clothed] you with Ihe power to determine if. You are a co.o principles of the paper, ho feels! assured.that position of hose elected unti the ,month of I :speech in the extract,very which we ccrr.inend I to.

Iambic! () taxes aiising from the natural: increase of department ofthe Government: andbo long as you keep within Ibere will be no change. The Floridian AJournal July, in the %year 1839 ?l' Are they to he tbe Whig party South. :The parade of hat

...... .property. _...__,_may__ be ..*et down at 52,000;.!. () 00. 3J. The laro constitutional, limits, tber is no .
...h....vu.- ".. '-'..4'n.11 ll'U rag"s 1111'" JOnn'r 'C'al'!, which hIlS Let'n acis._ _._ .r _. superio power to question- your will be the staunch advocate ofSouthern Judges. name only, until thatlimo 1 Where army of an hnnJfpl thousand outraged; \bigs. ,
) t.l7J. jou irui5cciiu me
ling;:; the! couneof the CUlCCCI J supremo juciciary .ueparlmcnt rights and Southern is there the everyone dagger in hand, to ,!ilaughter
past )tar, as appears by repoit) of Ibe.COIMII. may grant f'll when (the question comes up properly to it. interests. provision, either by law or ibe old his isoi iuub.
the Prc
V9.iroller, say for 1815' : &2;jG CD) ; flfr 1316, ij.9S:! 05; ; total( $1OO38 As far as individually) concerned, it !i. of small moment when The debts duo time Joutnal Qfiice previous Constitution a Judge or Justice of the; lime Zack, upon :: vetoing TOSID, ,

,These cause; *, combined with a diminution of three lie my weal term of ofiice be fully shah com'1ence-hein well well satisfied ibat the pub. (to thisjdato wi bo .collected Ly'th subscriber Supremo Court, without power, without authority !. and the rattHn-rpfsheet iron orp\Wtlrcll bebint scene
some thousand under
guarded the
dollars wi a administration of the or his agent. Those u have \\ ithout salary, and without ofalheatre!
in.general expenses' of State Government, (aside from the present worthy Chief Magistrate i as it would bo under 10; paid for duly ? to get up a Ihmdtrstorm. ,

JsUte. 'from dil.t up to the commencement of the current fiscal year. dng and ending ibe term of office of the Chief Magistrate commen of the with the FLORI.PIAN & JOURNAL. Legal ad. of I Judge of tho Supreme Court t, nerves of the South. Byt let nfhoylo\1
ll'c have there be bad scared. The face of' ToeA-
consequently{ no burdens to provide for, except the cxpeiijte Commonwealth, shouldbe! definitely established. verliscments, the (term of which Ia not having a commission, in his pocket, playing the iig-
df f ibis and the next fiscal The yet light concern, which now like
year. Constitution does not prescribe how the Governor hall. be expired.will Jbc continued in Ihc FLORIDIANJQUKXAL. t the in her 1'k flannel 1
To make: proper provision 'fortbesc. qualified but pettifogger -Inferior Courts.The .- nal light of a steamboat: a red
is i" I believe
expenses, a matter of no lit. ; custom, has established -the
lie difficult! and it should bo entered upon with much caution the of a public installation in the presence of ihe Representatives ceremonies of \ 'v. BAIITLETT.: ofliccs of lawyer and judga too, are regarded rag round it, lurid and threatening, is a free

JnJ"c" so from ,the fact tbatve! arc tov: legUlaticg i for two years;, and Popple, al the first General Assembly! of Florida adopted that form the Tallahassee, Jan. 0, 18 19. as incompatible.) In this event, howis compo?ej of mere JOlID1. I put on just t sach*

.AH ciror will cause: double! injury. as a precedent. With m", ceremonies\ are unimportant but will he to live in the mean time 1 Besides, a an appearance } was nomtna'*.
As appear by ibe estimate of the Comptroller dated! for the ; i Ozr; Contracts with tho former -swore it, would'nt take him down, no ho f
2J inst. and L necessary Legislature determine the time and manner Editors of lawyer, having such a position that of Judgein but

now 'l.eforc the Senate) Ihe'' expenses ofthe State ", ill bo for the /lhcal my installation. into office, and when that Is done, .will cheerfully tho Floridian and Souther? Journal as (to advertisements expectancy, .would enter the a arena of fees the eventually.tho guzzle dilated clammy and down, raw went lips opnpd:
jrarHt9" it 1.(70; SO ;, 7lhe fiscal year 1850: $12,882 00 conform (fo it. Very
total respectfully
; or other printing, will be contin. and clients with and the two hundred and
JbrJbc said two J tar'tO3' ) ,532 20. The difTcrcricc! in the Your Follow Citizen sorno advantages over his eighty Iave"TD(4
amount ued and closed by us upon the terms agreed unfilled] brethren-an advantage not usually one of tho latter having his head buttered

TIIO. BRO\ upon )by the P ItcS. The legal 1 advertise. accorded in freo his ears pinned back. Thus, when Gene1Jty'o J|

I cOlntr) : ; vetoes tho rrof o-1 \"i-tl'

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I _, : _

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- _ _ _ S
TouniiLicur will loik: terrible, and( swear- t'osltivclj' for Two Diys only C f-
In Leon Circuit Coirt. Window Frames for LARGE SALE OF I
K. The p-ait' er'hip hrref )(ee'eistitI : r
ol's liigsvs ant blood f how it will swear )
RAYMOND & CO's.MENAGERIE. SPRING TERM, IS W.Thouslin PAIR OF WINDOW SASH, WITH THE i. i tftvyn-n t the nnu'orrgrwd in t ih? ;pnbl.Calion ef|

Hut XT WONT 1)0 ANY TIIINO T.LSK In the Lumpkin, Agent tori SIX SET. Apply to FLORIDALANDS.EASTERN the Fiori ian is this day d-volred by thf iratsfcf cf

ilou li will its ''lie Ataelament.Vihliam the ollice to other hanc!. AM claims lh _ _
T ]lon run assert supremacy- Rjbert Lumpkin, I December 9, ISP3. J. R. FORTUNE, Azenf.Masonic. again _ _
I will I In conducted r.t. office up to Ihisdato areaEr15J} by theseniof plftner -
rosin lightning ) safely In { _
\ Carpenter Damages $1O2. JUDICIAL CIRCUIT Qf FLORIDA to whom they should! be presented fir Ii.1tid} i l ,.

.t earth, and buried ur.'icr' tbo old, \yell worn The Proprietors dosires to announce that their unrivalled rijlllll defendant and all others j interested will I Circuit Court f St. Jvftn'i County. (lion{ anl! all accimnl? das the office, vhsthrr t-f I

k ofdough." collection of living annual convocation c>f (the Grand Chapter of .. "
iuas> 11. ?, !
lake suit j..b-worsarepsya'ei.
notice of the institution of the above THE t MONDAY, loth PAT or NOVKMBC?, A. P.I Is-J t
by atlachmont and appear and plead to the declaration ,yy-ill be held! in (ho city of Tallahassee him or Lj;* 1Znt ; and fie fakethi. cccaior; to tlT-e

: or: By act of the Legislature the name ofKor.EKT WILD BEASTS filed in lids case yyilhin the lime prescribed bvlaw. on Monday the IQlb& day of January proximo. The IN CHANCERY. (upon all! tho j intteJ! tolheosjablislincnl!. ttt fr. kCajmunpt _ _

H. N. GRAY officersreprasontatiyesand pro\ieiyyill take not icc Pa ALL, and others,} > aiuT early wltlcffiVnt of their account- *-
Will be f.>r exhibition at Tallahassoe ,
) RKNJAMIX SMITH, one of the IvJil011 open on thereof. By order of the O. H. Prie-l. als. Suit fr Partition.BRUS For the ______
for Plaintiff. > prrnont ho '.vill bo fouwl at t (Iho Fluruforioilieo.
Thursday and Friday, January 25th and 26th! ,, and Attorney _ _
of the Floridian and Journal, has kent in Quinry tn> Saturday. 7lh, lor one day only. December 30, I64S. Vil ZTI JNO. B. TAYLOR. <(, and other ) Those\>n settle their rtl-ot early will enirf
December IT. ISIS. 2iCrj npIIIS CAIISK having been brought on t I.> be the aJrsntaje of the ofTtr mndo! a fyv w k .Jnee, .

t changed to Uoiitar HUNJ.VMIV HILTOX.J : Circuit Court, Monroe County. Editors in the Stale friendly to the Qrder, u ill (j JL heard, upon the report of George Watson, Jr., SAMUF.L' S Sfi'f.KV.

S give this notice one insertion. [ A M. Randolph, and Thoina. C. F.lli.s, Cooimtssion- CHARLE;> n. DVKF.Pec. :

* :il Hoston, : l Joseph S A. Barelli, )( In Attachment. j era apontd; therein: nxjeranj! Ly yirlu iJ a cummis .70? 1 Ila. ; -
Quincy Male & Female Academy. isted out of anJ qndrf the se-.il of this
May! :23.147.la'AIr. .5, S Debt. *>Ol.Y). ion : ---S
< S. W. Fowle-Sir : I have seen so much ol.ic Francisco X. rSlHH dof nd mitt, and all others interested, are # year
bears date March, vhich! it that
ISIS.Iiy ;
,. virtue of" Wistar's Balsam >\ViUl Cherry. .1 IS 1'J will Sib. : "pests the first Mr '?. 'It f ihennder ft
; S jl. hereby infilled of the commencement ol the commence on Monday,January ; I he saul Commissioners ceitify and I that ihofind ON ( n ?y Fcbr'irr next I *
that I feel it my duty to add my testimony in upraise. > \ aSove suit by attachment in the Circuit Court of The subscriber, bavins recovered his health, will at, the land situated repo'I vgncildrnsfii5trafor; rf 'ho f .tafoof? Job,,

My! son. about 1-1 years of ago, lias (for the IS ; 3, .* Monroe County, returnable t to the next form of said that (time resume thedUcbargeof his dnlies as Principal. cannot be made so without; prejudice thit :a partition lo conc: thereof rl lh" I Smith, lifor.f Loon Cf>rnf.T" ;!! Ter for silo, at th< .

p last ten months been afflicted with a severe cough, ; \ Court, and arc hereby leqnired to and plead His atte1tio wilt be divide 1 between the Court llon-e >rj Tal!. Ja) ."oo.al II I o'clock. A. M.p
appear anti t. heavy o to all and the oh'
owners pensc ,
I. pains in the side and body, and a gradual \vi tniir, to the same. JOSEPH A. BARELLI. Iwo Department In the Female D. paitmt-nt, hs jeclions to said report being yviihdi-nwn.it; t I he fnllmr #'av<>3 of saM ofa'e' *o be t-j itj to pay

until he was but a mere living skeleton. I tad had ', By his Agent XV. H. WALL. will be assisted by MM. S. B. BOYTSMAN, who is a motion of counsel. Gntaeil, and yyason fecctd the (ct'it! f* iif 3d: ; ifcffssvi! tiz

the advice of three physician*, but none of them s teacher of established reputation. Her foimer .idji'iled, .irnl about I
,a '\ S-.S Key West, December 19. [,]U] ISK I3mn patrons and Ibis Court by virtue oi aulhotiiy therein Hairy, nuyoir*.
could give him any relief, and gradually, > 't t bUrctv and those whoknow her best, all agree in recommending Ann azrnlabont 2lr _tears, aol ktjrchi1'1rczt w4 1
'c. tr'k vested, doth ordoi. adjudj-, and decree, that the said
lie si-em'd to be sinking into the tomb. llapponiti -S' therein cor.tjtr.od do stand
I >ortand all things ratified "
accidentally trt see some ol your Fice Almanacs w tuachei., She is competent to instruct inMIIMC. roj Siph. th. ri ;2 ear. .

welt'ltas i though the !P.alsmi wp ,ld help! Aim. a<- -- 4 ALL persons having demands against the otato Fronch h Dnvring. Eiabroidory and the EnBlanche' and ponfiimod. Tt 'if S.he.Ca.*;>. C'rodilorB of it. t.
Robert Fisher, dicoa ed. are hereby notified // i t further Ordered, .1.lju.Zg'd, a1 therefore tiome cases that had been cutodiyhri ghi-hi *. Three or four aiKI.'lion.il; teachers buv.oii account iii their cl imPATRICK< .'
fIk _ _
Ilie n.iJeisi uod i Th.it (Jcorge M. Payno, of in She County .
t to pr? they were as had a* hova I therefore ptocun .1\.1hatt'le \ will be ern;>lnyed in (the |two Dopsrliiio'iN, and every SMITH AdnVr.&X. i
ill make immediate j of Ahrhtia, James Chi-M of said and
vaidtnle ,
and indebted Micanopy.
of 1)Kid l r, *the Ajit i i> tins plir-. all person to \\ exertion '% ill he mate! to iiiitiro the rapid improvement I D.cir.ber 2.T. >-j. .v I ,,. u
William A. Forvrard.of St. ibe'Cuua- ,
WILLIAM i E.: FISHER I Amiti-tine, in
and lietore he liitl used all of it lie began lo cio-y ia meat. of t lie Pupils and to i lendc-r t t'to' Inst tiuinn! I _
i RODERT. FI-5HEU, 1 ty of St. John's Florida, t thrte suitable and
better, and bj using I three hot t 1c* his ec'h v\as : December CO, IS H. 2f 1 s.v Administrator- i font persons be ind they arc !hereby appointed; Comj _
and lie i* uoyy crv> "'JI fcoilhralthf>tr w liirhbe (oij'%ed. The Aoadomy is l-irnUbed with dips
pone .1-i > c'ii (Ft 1. $li I.t\ lug boon scli! eled with great j mis.tioners frr the purpore it carrying i.nt the decree -
indebted through (lie of licni Globos antI i yvt-ll si-Kctod Library. It Ins nl SARSAPARILLA
is ,
solely blrs-ing > ancxtrniive ,
care now) i-omw i
to lllttat't Balsa ef IFic.lurry 3ttllfl.flI) ut l WilJ Annnj'is embraced in any exhi- Phil.isophicnl and Chemical Apparatus dered., adjwl eJ. and decreed. That the said land!* The trost cxtraordtr.ary Jlcdlrlr.e! In the Woij| .
WM.: DIXON.Dr LL creditors legates, and persons entitled lodisliibtttion unda large Cabinet Mini-rals.rollectod fiomynrions _
hit ion I ui I the) Uniti-d Slittes.Me ; L bo ' Kiddcr* says the article bas l\cn uiincrsalatikfaction A. t in the estate ot t Unhctt 1'idher. ite- pam ti of the .'.in Id. These I atTord the student
rs. Uajmoiid & Cii. have been vnsp ring jntroulile of the said George .I. Payn*-, Jar.ie.; Child, and William -
to his customers.OSIo' ceased, nrc hereby notified that their claims a d! (Kmands superior advantages and render t the s-ludy t of science
and expense in fill inn out and preparing an A. Forward, Commissioner 1i.-retiy appointed
I sale E.: 1 BARNARD. Jr. ttgitTai. entertainment of Ibis will be barred at the expiration: ol l to yeais, a dolightful c.ietitat inn. Tlu'o ptir-uin Chemistry aforesaid the of
by natuie and trust \\ith the fulItst as at town Micanopy, in the cain
from the granting of k-ttorsof adIIllI>i t Jtlotl In the and l Nit tirl Plulo opliy are (aught piaclically asyyoll
l hne, I 1). LADI), Newport, Floridaand Vy Dni confidence to (iLe discrimination of an intelligent County Alachua.on the twentylirst'day of !IVuin-
unless tie exhibited v-ithin
undersigned, same are as thonrelii-ally. Thoy ar ;admitted tf the
caneially Ihioughoul the United Stattt. juiiiljc to appreciate the ajvantagisof such au ary, !I'SlO; and (that Ihegalo*be continued Irom da> today
gists the ssid \earsto..hpnidorsiirnuJ' ind allowed
to for
Laboratory, exprrinr-nt jhi.n.elve. -
exhibition over Jthe puny pmu eincnta offered to fill the same be completed ; and that nid Commissioners -
"" Surveying tan Jit with the Compass and
M A K K I i: I) I heir no!ice. 15y means of numerous indifferent do cau' -e notice of caid flame' loi>e imnivdiately -
I.01SERT %v5. FISHER, Chain, in uration bv actu il ,
parts of the WoRld, the most n-niaikable of na- > inoauromoiit. published, until the 'ay of .ia&i.! ira li.e folIos 1Ti1fluIi117i '
It In Quincy, on Thursday, 21st December, ISIS, tyHe December 30, I SIS. 21 Sw AJmini