and relative value to the stales. tn : Messrs. Meacuarn, M'Briue and Bclidiny ueii' ;ipxnntc.; have erected court house at Jacksonville in the
her I'.f.ire resources 1 tile payment of dama us if lliey tail or refute to pay specie (for their recently a jj
(> national; feelings HIV identified with the name of Florida, thereon.An I I tmte-i when demand an.l i-i'Vitjh M rangers by V irth, we already feel towards IUT, tin- c1)rro'e4l" bill to be entiid, an net rrgni'iiiii; t.1! rat that tin** title b. as above'. unfinished, but other public buildings are nece>sary to be e. '

t patn-iu sentiment, this is my own, my namx land."' Wecannni of interest, tvas read a tliini turn1 atd,; |I1SS4; d : ;jteis; ;i1itI l lI i A biii fur the rviVf; of li.innan and Ballagh. was read a second lime ted in said county. And whereas, a great portion of thepuNJj

: therefore but deplore the necessity, which would cnmjx l I na\s'being called were :is follows! ; y -is M r. Pn-Milrnt MIMK 1 aud oideir-d to be eni> fisted for tomorrow. lands in said county are yet unsold, and whereas, the geneni *"

t us to merge our political cxv tviicr, and the name we l ls oar m j Bell l t, HHlamy, Chandler I Conipton; C OJK.T, Gamier.i I Howard I 'j A biil to be et.tillctJ an act to incorporate tin City Pensacola, und Government have not as yet rendered any aid to the people of 1a
states. /Priest, UIA, }>mith, Wsrd and \V::rr'ii 13 : nays were Messrs.Blount to repeal the art entitled! an :act lo incoipoiate tin; $ ily of Pensacola said in said although the
: that; >! the neiirhbonring county erecting buildings, same ait pe
would! Uradford, M'Brul.-1 tl ecl tarn and \\ rigti t 5 : oidcrt-d .vid iniiove| !Iii- public it-atl in the neighbothood thereof approved
1 CMIIjiltrations of this kind, alone hnw-cver, not prevent used by, and are especially necessary to the U. S. courts, u U
tint the title t IK. js above Mated. i otn i.criit'! i Jrt: G. \\aj taken up'in committee of the nho.e. and afinr
u'* from lukiiu a step by wh.di our politu'.ii rights would xoine tirm* >p nt.iherem. Mr. Aleariiam Ifierefrom reporluJ said well as those of the Terrir6ry, and whereas, without such tij eo
; b" uiim- fully secured ; cuiild! we bring any acqifi> ,Itrtatli I The Willhni following: communication! rceive l from his rxceliency I I.ill o tlit11 I u.'e with amendment*, which was concurred in by the the county will not be able to pay for traid b-iildings, or to fo exish
I. Dual
Bv: tiie Lite ratio ol fulcril representation, (Iturnia! has nn ExEf rTIVE On KL, ( on Sjiituday unless by the imposition of heavy and onerous taxes upon ti* fo

o\ ..rp1n.i of f anrrprtsi-nirti j*>pulrtiriii.; not e.\crnlinir Jive hundre TalinhaKst-r; Feb. G, 1833. \' :Mi. ('h:ii.dlet uhtnmed leave end introdace/d/ a bill to be entiled 'an peope! which at this early period of the settlement of the cot* fa
I souls. That jioriion of our tt niton whirl t-l'r :u iu gcgr.ip Kir- \n nn lor tin-relief of William I Ililhanl; and others." .rt In pit scribe the times of holding the County Court. in the County try would be a great evil, aird would retard its growth anj
ijeal position would he ceded in i the event of our disiii'inbermtiit "Ai: : :t ."f iipusite i : tin Mari.inna: Acideuiy: ,'' and >il X'uii.oe," ulncli w is r> :t.>, ami on hit ui'>iioi> the rule of the house prosperity.

to that state, contains a population oi' less tii. n thirty! "Aii act I'M)I tinrcii %f of Allen W.O lrnrm, ," have I been apiovrd | UTiivt-d tl<<- said inl: vit med a coiid and third time ai d passed ; orf Be it therefore resolved, by the Legislative Council of sai |V/

4 thousand. This would n *t entitUtin- state t to :> JH-VV niciulwi! M iitil l liItil l in the secieta r'. oilier, on this dyv.Yoi '. \ t entitled
bed !iIl(! to an uc for tin-relic o' the children! >f Joseph
Tinivmurk: applies \vith < rjutil I \ :vs lo thst I part .f our territory 1 r o it nt servant, he is hereby requested to a donation from Congress
i Wam. Jnli.-i r meld, uas read the M-rm.d lime, and on ,motion the procure ,a .
wNt of the Appal 4C::iC.tI:: wlm'h v.iM un. ;prol-l l 'ypc I WILLIAM P. DUVAL. riiic "t t tt.t-liouse was wai\il ihe s d bill was ,cad a third time and two or more sections of land in said Territory, for said count! ,
aiiiM-xi-tl to ii.e state of Alahama.: In :itl'i! ,:, ,. !.i tiuarjii: ': I 11--i. J. P. [ orrii. Prcfident v11w council. j-a- '.J. o died that the title be a- abo\e. to aid in the payment of said buildings, erecting others ani *f

n ( nl, it mav: he urir.-d ihtil I a new jatio of rcpu-M-ut itiouv !i I \\ liic'i: \vi: unl.A : A ;!! li be entned ;;in act lo autlumze the County Courts in this 'I'er- keeping the same in repair, and thai the chief clerk forward by thtt|
not hiadopted.. uiMi! the ;, -ir one thourf rjli ctuallv to secure the nfiry i.) :i luiint in<|) -cle f of beef in tneir rrspective coi.nli'was the next mail a copy of this resolution to said Delegate. \\ hid 1'J

1 In the meantime, : I hy a C"s ioi: to) 5.r! '-I iji.-. 4>t' < ii nj.innn ; -ulvi'iu-y of :il! the ltni: .< itt
Aiihaniu l ueh o'il' '.* ?! it.eriu"-; 't ,:I>; i < 4 ni.-
a ile'eir.ite' and i'c, i; t in u-turn no itt:( qtlttt 'i'Jr I tin it ii-Ufs when dniiJiivili-i.1, !.," ui i n ;id a sc 'lid! tine bits | 1P1PI4'd :hat the conirmtlec on ti ance. f Inreqmtiled to en uire into Mr Cooper from the commitlce on enrolled bills, reported M ecc
jMT'l nthei consideration.*, I have detentd i: ; from nieniuiiali/.iiij',! 1 t.tle ; wb. :i the hou-e nsi.lvnl it.-elf intifi comrnittce of the 1' the dieiio of the UWM of this emtory, 'o as lo require correctly enrolled :
I t-.c expense of Ucepihj: and cnminala to be paid by the <
vloliiiid Minirtimc
from the federal :11E! ni, a reiiuqiii-.r \ sju-tit men alter wlirch they arose : and tt
C niiressf and asking H.HVI coun ie. in which I ll.e crmn.a.ii.> m i> betiie<-. An act to establish the eastern boundary line .f Jefierioi j
domain willain our Imniei In y ( Mi.i :M'Biid.: tl.i-ifironi irpoiifd 'a;ud bill as amended : uhicii "
of title to the ji'ihlie jijMil
!ncnt I j And also to enrjune into the expediency of repealing all laws which cot nty.
if the measurej j,ropoM .1 1, v.irj.nH n-.isoii 'irgot il.i ,..- i uis: :ijivt-d to by te! ho-T-e ; and is ordrrrd to he cnjrrosM-d, I; requi e the people of tl.i.s i rrntory o pay luxe to the Territory, *; An act providing for the establishment and organization ol m
which v.ii! he ilr. IOMS to "ur huM.innitilettodies. niiil itatl l T liiird time to-inornw winch cad aud "
selves; to the council, ; was m adoted.| I the St. Augustine guards. _
*I he admis-ion i1' Florid1 ini'i the Unn.vouiii; -,.. j I Tinlii'.Kuviny: ,, roiiiiuuiiiralion, was reorived from his eceII The house In.MI adjourned until 10 o'clock on tomorrow. I "An act for the relief of Shannon and Ballagh." '

rure to the southern "tales: :i IIUKT: | ..f :!,tj rfoVK-i-: \ id. ..1tili.l .IHV. \\iiii.iuii' Duval. KRIDAT, Febraary th 1P33. I "An act to prescribe the time holding county courts in the *[*
-- with thfin in feeling ;4 aeiuatiul !lf th-.i > ,i.iv: poliex : ;r' : ExEcuTivE 0T11l ;iTalla I The house mel persuant to ; a quorum being present, I county of Mwroe." **"
local legislation, niu! -fliispo-vsl to acl v/iiii lin.: t Feb. 4th.S'.v I i33. the journal ofyesterda) s proceedings was read t "An
t-d alike by the I I I .Mi Complon. gave notice tint lit will on some fatal re day ask leave
< uni.n > uly -.!rit tl.! ; .! :-- linve npprox-til, s'mi-d and i in tl>e
o bants
flint scrrt-tary
them! on llrf* mooted points : ; in this Territory, and to subject them to the oi f3
to inii.iduce. a bill tn ;>n>\ ide lor an election to be held' in Walton County payment
Cils; of the Cuioi!. This: view of the suhjcl ilnjandii:,( attentive .i.ei'" tl.e l> 11-iwintr! acts. fo a lemrznnet county ite damages if they fail, or refuse to pay specie when deinanded.n J >
1,1.t MMitlicni! pnitie.iui.! ; : An act in additi m to an act concerning divorces and aliimoiis I I /br'the relief *
coiiM.leratioii, every -Me.arhain presented a petition sundry inhabitants of Gad len An act of Jam. Aikin. J
.&.I. "- .. ....... .. .14 %ID LII I, i -',. h1)1tT') ii )i mliei JIM loao" county praying to be authonx. d lo by a county tax, to purchase certain I Ait act to fix the times, and places for holding the seven til
I ly adding strength to that par; of the Unionui.l An ;ict to mrorunnite'} the Protestant Episcopal Congreg1" -*- till bn ipes, whicti was read. --111.1 refem d to a se'ect committee terms of the Superior Court of the district of East Florida ibr pjj

from I them I by so many thoii-nriil miles, y.v iiv: ll-.iily: j jinni jm- t41 1" Kts-\Ve. >!ers MearriHm, Wright and Compton were appointed thereon. the counties Duval, Nassau, Alachua, and Columbia."
: (and past oxjxncuce: justifies il) that) : th l ji-latiou.c :niid I An, :'d to iic: ""ipi ritf the city of St. Augustine, and to Mr Wright otleied a icsolulion, which was read and laid on the ta- An act to provide for an additional term of the Superior tjo'j

to their interests, may pr ue uiiequ-jl :i inl! opjue ui* i.iou| i; .. li*: art mtilVd: an art to u :orM ate ihe city of St. bU on il tomorrow.Mr. Court in Hamilton <
Our country uncii'rtheoxvr-iullnc; proii-o.iiuiioi ;a Kiiul jnnx4.Jem-e :; : apjirovx-l tin11 I to of Fchiuary I 1.31.*' Meat ham offered the following resolution viz. Resolved that the county. sjn
t An act declaring Cold Water creek in Escamtna county, t
A and the hithorli iosterin*; inthu'uce of waoltviime luv--, ii.-iv I am, respectlullv, \ our uledieiitrrvant, committee on judiciary be instructed to enquire into tire expedien- lh(,
cof earning into tiled the pmusions of the last will and testament navifrable stream. Which were severally signed by tIme Pre ,
tl ) to uia uun called gie.ituexs, :and u\tende.i: (.it 1cit \>t U1LLIAM P. DUVAL. *
Ill ident of the Council.
grown illinm Glenn dec.
wn read and on Ins motion the bill was J
# hit? sooth) her liiuUh, i>* thehoumls pointed out l by natuie. Amiil' I Hon. J. P. BOOTH, President of the counciL uui\ed, and tin; said resolution was put on its passage and adopted.Mr Mr. Ward from the select committee to whom the petition of P f

tin necessities of wur coinhtiou compel us to eerie! away oirleintory Which was ivx L. xvhcrc, it: the south, shall \\e look lor a rising state to I bill: t IKemuictl I I an art to provide fololding an election dma port ot entry and for other pur pones which was read, and laid act lor the relief of the legal representatives of James G

check the influence and factional legtshit'uni of Michigan and I lor dek'trjie, to Congress t from this territory, inenibers to the on the table until tomorrowMr. Ringgold dtc'd." which was read the first time and the nii the
Huron, vtith the distuemheriurul of Florida, Ui'J hupi; would It gi-iiive! t i council, anti certain oilier I oHicei-C' was read a be- Ward offered u certain resolution ia relation to the forms of ac- waived ,
being was again read and referred to the Judkiar stacommittee.
erihlI. coi.d lime and cominittt-d icr a <*oinmittet' of 'ie xvholc house) : cocn'sof: Trea"uier and Audit ir iWllns i'erntory which was read and Co

By complying xvith the prayer of this nu'inr.rial the influence niter .in.otnie! spent therein I the comnu'titc arose : and Ir.viII.l I laid i n the table until tomorrow An bill "
1 national V lati/.i-. xvouul I \ tl.uvl'rorn reported l > anti asked leave )lr Gautier t't.i the commiitee on the state of the Territory, to engrossed entitled an act to incorporate the city Gc
of cieorgia and AlaUuui: : in IK! i ; I not | gress to sit again,
Pensacola and
whiu WAS referred the resolution instructing them to en>:uire into the repeal tire act entitled an act to incorporate t tiIfe
be lessened and in the place of a fcehle! lIke : >li ntof which; is concurred in by 1 the bouse. I
temtory epen '
The folioxvinj; I exp-.lieticy ofpclioniiig ( (ingress, to grant the Territory the power of city Pensacola, and improve the public roads in the neig Ai<
the they would hare: arrayed by iheir was received fiom his excellency
general goveniui-ui Governor Duval. i dip.sing of the. iixleenlh si'etioIM.cerscdfor the use of gchooU, repor borhood thereof approved 5th December 1325 ;" was n# aiK
side, a state Jaiimtiii the attribute of sovereignty, and presenting ted the lollowmg memorial which wa read and laiJ on the table. the third time and passed, ordered that the title be as abot di
4 with them in the general Congress an undivided front in the EXECUTIVE OFFICE, ? /ii thi honoraoic tttt .Se/i .if tt-iu Jl. u-tc of Reprtsentatives in Con* stated.

Support of the great principles of southein polky. Tallahassee, Feb. tith 18 3 & J g rtSJ tustnA d. The president laid before the Council the cornea- per
,. Wherefore, !h. it rrso'xvd by the legislative ciwinci1., that his .Sir :-I have approved, signed and tiled in the secretary's he Legislative Council oftln: Territory of Florida, ia renewing nication to wit following adi
excellency the gox'ernor be retjuested to forward; this memoiialtt I olfiiv the following nets. I an Application to Congress for authority tinilly to dispose of tne lands :

> tiie and Ifgislatun-s, of the stiles of (leoruia nial t An :it-t ainciidalory and in addition to' an act Mating! to I appropriated for the use 'schools IM this Ter.itory, would iec[>ectfullv EXF.CCTIVE OFFICE J VFeb.
goxein roads and I I arge, that the linger denial oftht- power to Hell will ma measure. 8th 1833. )
Alabama, asking them to take the .same under their seiiou' An act for lelief of the 4 and to adopt such meanures in relalio'n ihereu as the hi-irs of John Collins deceased/
I I an act of Congress the Legislature at previous sessions have made an- Sm :-I have carefully! examined the provisions of the k '
.I their deliberate judjinieiil may advise. arn, respectfully, your olh-'difiu servant, I null Icasmof si i 'teerth section. This plan has produced no elfi- ** To incorporate the subscribers to the Union Bank Florida-- *\
Mr. Uautier ;pursuant to previous notice asked ami obtained WILLIAM P. DUVAL. I cieit revtitiue and matcrinly ioiired| the value of the lands tithe re- Approving of its that i to C1t
leax-e, to introduce a bill to be entitletl, an ait to rejrnlate the Hon, J. P. BOOTH, President of the council. j sarations be permitte to remain unoccupied, no laws however pow- -provisions and details general principles, and admitwiff fft fulJ
xnoiie proceeding On attachments," whidi was read : made Which was read. erfil in their action will secure them from waste-and if they continue are wisely framed, so as to guarantee

the order of the day for Saturday : and 19 cots are ordered Also, the following, to telea-ed froai eai to year, the improvement cultivation and use ofthelandaby Territory against any possible loss arising from the responsioi-,
to be written. EXECUTIVE OFFICE ? the icsse.s, will tender them entirely valueless, and thus ity assumed, while it proU-cts the interests of the institution on
f Mr. Bradford gave notice that he will after to-day, aisk permission Tallahassee Feb. 6th Ib3J J defeat the enlightened and liberal intentions of Congress- and the security of its C'editors; yet a sense of duty demana 0 j.

to introduce a bill to be entitled, ar act to authorise Sir:-The act to incorporate the, Cur:: .i Bank of Flo-1 'Ihe l egislative Council thereforo. earnexly solicits from your honoroabe that the bill should be returned 'to your body, with my objp *
to sell the said sixteenth sections of land with lions to one outs which"seems calculated 4o detrf V1
body authoiity ,
rida is herewith ,
the several returned d. I un-neccs-1
the testimony of females in all civil cases, in courts reject. & .a ; '.II&hjv
lo convert the arising from the sale thereof the of LegisIaU*. ertConnciK
power money some objects the bill of the
and the intentions
i to
nf this territory, to be taken by CIII1flLSiIU. 8ary urge any new reasons wh\ this .rc? c > ot re :eiw mv il lund,, the interest only of which, should be exclusively applied tvt
.Mr. Mcaoham pursuant to previous notice, asked and) obtained approval. The legislative council are rt.-'r.-r. J j to my to tjo education of youth.
: leave, to introduce a bill to be entitled, an act to authorise communications made in rejecting tne Ch of the B ink of And your memorialist will ever &c. The provision of the bill objected to is that requiring the tt Cjj

I i the county court of t Gadsden county, to levy a tax for the purvv Florida, in 1829, and the Chaiters .of oti.c: Iranks befoie aud Rr-.o'.rr that this memorial be forwarded to our Delegate pray in Con- press sanction Congress before it can become a law. .yj.
1 : se of mining a fund to build bridges and causeways in said since. I gre j|. requesting him af oon ns practicable to use the same upon the I have"uniformly rejected all bills _'
I county," which was read and made the order of the day for I am, respectfully, your obedient ervant> 'c nsiiler. tin of Congress which was read and laid on the table. me, grantit'.g to companies banking privileges. Many reasci
Friday next. \VILlJAM l. DLVAL. r Gautier moved that "an act to incorporate the Commercial Bank from time tu tune have been urgtrd by the Executive, agai gt

Mr. Ward presented the petition of Caroline J. Ringgold, Hon. J. P. BOOTH, President of the council. I of Florida *' returned by the Gnver-i.-tr rejected, be now put upon its the seveval laws establishing such rporations. My opP -

t praying to be authorised to sell the real estate belonging to her Which was read : and on motion, toe said bill to which it re. passage, whereupon Mr. the yeas aud nays were taken and were as fol- lion sr.rung from a conviction that such corporations ww. .do;
ferred was reconsidered and laid [ low yeas Messrs Bellamy. Blount. Chandler, Comp- tend to retard rather than advance the general prosper
deceased husband, in his lifetime : which was read and referred on the tablt. [ tun. Uantier, Howard McBride. ,
Meacham, Piiert Kiz, ,' aid and at BCT.rx.nse
The house tb91 the interests of few individuals would be fostered,
Messrs. Ward and Wanjen adjourned until 6 o'clock this a
to a select committee : Cooper evening. Warren, 13 nay .Messrs. Lei!. Bradford, Cooper. Smith and Wright
were appointed thereon. The house met pursuant to adjournment, and on motion ad I 5 so the said art is paised by tho lawful majority.A and to the injury of the public,-that such in3tl5] (s

M>. Bradford introduced a resolution, directing that the committee journed until to-morrow at 12 o'clock. bill to he entitled -an act for the relief of Francis J. Avice, wa with the charters heretofore projxised, would not, an('

4 on finance, may enquire into certain modification of the HURSDAT. February 7th 1833. read the first time, and made the oider of the day for tomorrow, n.rtt if they would, subserve the great planting ulter.csts fjj?!

Ifvenue laws : which was read and laid on the table until to t The house met pursuant to adjournment, a quorum being piunent, I Mr McBiiJeto wnom was referred, the petition of F. F. Wy.m. Territory ;-and, that the several arts ofincorpra11'sufficiently *
| the journal of yesterday*' proceedings was road.t !r andot'n-is.' reported "a bill for the relief of F. F. It'yn i and otbers" secure our fellow citizens against ultimate t v&

I I morrow.Mr Gaulier from the committee on schools and colleges, made t!' Air. Howard gave notice, that he will on tomorrow. ak leave to introduce whie w rend.and mtde the order of the day for tOnorrew..1r. the event of their being mis-managed, or tailing to cash v
a hill, lo piovide for the improvement of the navigation of the eacham from the committee to whom the name was referred notes on presentation.
the following report. Chipola riser, in VVcit Florida and for other purposes. I reported si bill, to be entitled an act to authorize the Trustees of fa
Mr U urren pursuant lo previous notice, asked and obtained leave I cy Academy in the County Gadsdun. to raise by lottery a > viuin- I have looked forward to the period when the interests 01

The committee on schools and colleges, to xvhora was refer to introduce a bill to be entitled ao act to declare Ocklawaha river, j exceeding one th us.ind dollars which waa read the first ti'. ie And ujm made not country would demand the establishment of a Bank, w "*
red the petition of sundry inhabitants Webbvillepraying a law in 'he county Alachua.. and $t. Johns a navigable {| the order of the day for tomorrow. the want of the community. The time has arrived, *Kelv '

for the appointment oi* commissioners, therein expressed, and Mr. Meridf |iresented the pclhion of F F. Wynn and others, in i| On motion of Mr, Belamy "an act for the relief of the children of great planting interest of Florida calls tor such an iusutu tOU

for other purposes ; be j leave to report, that they have had the Gadi>deii county praying relief* therein i..Xjiressed ; which wait reid, : Joseph W. and Julia Field, was reconsidered, and -knade the order of bill which has received your deliberate sanction sec*

same under consideration, and on examination of the act of tf referred' to a select committee, Messrs. M'Hnde, U uricn.and 1 ow- the day for tomorrow. the Territory,-the stockholders, and the creditors from I ti0r
wen t be house
: appoiiiled The
icon. went again into consideration
Congress referred to in said petition, find that the legislative council Mr. Warren the of a bill to be entitled "an probability of loss or injury. Banking institutions charter too
presented petition of Mary P Ilarker praying that act to provide lor the holding an election fir
have no authority, to appoint or order u new election :e fill n divorce may be granted her ; which was read, and referred to a soled from llii* Torrlory mernben to the Legislate Delegate Council to Conzreu the several states, have, in many instances exploded, O j

any vacancy in said board of commissioners, or in any manner committee, 31etrg. Warren, Smith, and Bellamy were appointed. other offices m committiee of the whole, drter and Certain whelming their creditors with ruin, convulsing! society, and* jjiCltroying
to control the fund arising from the sale of the said quarter section Mr. Ward presented the petition of George Fisher prayiag an act the committee roie. and 3Ir. Ward therefrom some reported timepent therein the happiness thousands. If the provisions of8 ef

'A of land mentioned in said petition, until the money be col- for hii use : which was read, and referred to a select committee, and asked lea\c to sit again, which w concurred in by the house.A progress. bill be fully carried into execution,-if the stockholders are gel
said commissioners. Mesflrx. Ward Bradford, and Gautier were appointed thereon. bill M their interests .unless determine to $'
I eted by to entitled "an act to incorporate the St. own ,-nay,-- :hey
4 They further report that they have transmitted the petition Mr.Whereas Bellamy the offered river Ocilla the following preamble and resolutionsto wit : Augustine can il company" was read a second time by its title and, when St themselves, this institution will not only be secure, but mj1

*'our delegate in Congress, requesting him to procure the |passage lions of Florida and also into runs through one of the most fertile por- the house went into conmiitlee of the whole thereon, and spent some as serviceable to the general interests of the country, as tj
two counties of the
State of
; nf a law in compliance with tbeprayer of the petitioners. bat in of the obstructions the Georgia, time therein, andtrose when Mr. l3IQunt therefrom reported be profitable to the stockholders. Unless some great tC
to nf said proirrew
Wherefore they pray to be dischargedTrom the further conderation at and above the natural bridge, the public navigation lands contiguous to river aid, and house.asked leave to sit again, whica: was concurred in by the whole tion in the flairs of this country* or in its government, SW

of the same &c. Which,was read and ag eed to.Mr. river are rendered of much less value than they would be were said \ bill to be entitle.! "an lake place; cannot see what risque is encountered, ot

Wright from judiciary committee to whom was referred obstructions removed, and in consequence a great portion of the same of Alachua and St. John act to iJcoUr* OakUwaba river in the counties injury can result either to the Territory, or the creditors

the petition of Joseph W. and Julia Field : reported a ua> been anrald. and yet remain the property .f the U. 8. And second limy and ordered to b**a navigabb stream which wa read a institution. Ifany loss should occur, it must fall ort thc

bill for the,relief of the children of Joseph W. and Julia Field : whereas, the setllemeni growth and prosperity of the Territory i* Mr President laid the engrossed council for, a third of reading holders ; and as their lands and slaves will be piedcred a'

which iv as read and made the order of the day for Thursday.j&t. thereby greatly retarded ; and whereas, upon a survey of said river and others of this Territory, which was, read report and with Thomas Brown mate security ; nothing short of such a revolution, can &
by an Engitecer oftlie U. H. it has the exhibit
Wright from the judiciary committee made the following lion at the natural bridge could he removed been estimated t.'t.t the obstruc therein referred to wa referred to the fommitte on finance. the value of their lauds ; or a sweeping pestfcpce.! e.teftheir
by judici-'us expendi A bill to he entitled .
"in act for slaves.!
the ruliefof
prThe- tare often thousand dolars ; and whomis. ii Shannon and Ballarh ,
judiciary committee to whom was referred the bill relative geneml Government, being the principal proprietor consequence of the of the ww read a third time and passed ord red that toe title be as above [To be contin ucd in ourft

to writs "of injunction, and nf exeat, have the honour to ret which will he benefitled by said w rk. il is c msidered that Cougru property soJrthit M.r Ward the on a (ormer day ofle. ed the following resolution.iz- Re-
to legbjajfc on the subject, ould mukw' the committee on the state of the Territory he instructed
uu-nccKary < t\ nece ary auproprktiou fur tbo wrnt ; and wberea, 1 a entire into the expet'ieucy ofsieroptioj from tlit lax to hawkers Md lo .. .


I Ip 'S



ORIDINF jdt sone ol or bUSln S3. Nil dtsptran&a is say nkxYmrs To what can this tate of things be owing Can emitted resembles a shower of pew tnd ttosS toW If* fKMHtfbf ttr Tan'ftiirifl, t&t tiie 0jp

1m. the busineu have accumulated to ouch an extent that stones suddenly rattled on the extensive surface of ly evidence of his sincerity which the SoutU

truly, the court cannot master the docket. This cannot be, the baloon. A>very beautiful l phenomenen is sometimes ,.
would would be their
JOSEPH WHITE.It for we imagine that the business in the whole dristrict i witnessed at altitudes vary from one to two accept, votes on bill.

= is not equal to that in a large county to the north or miles, viz: a fac simile of the baloon beautifully fined He declared that he was tor saving the conn

r .AABB9ATt'RDAY is undirstood that the principal difficulty, any respectable town in the south. on the upper surface of a cloud, and invaribly try, and save it, if ho could. If he could save:

MORNJNC. FEBRUARY 16. about payin the claims for depredations in These and just remarks expectations are made of from the a people regard, but to the principally reasonable encircled by three irises, exhibiting I as the colior of it with the aid of his own friends, he would
the rain-bow. his criel! excursions Mr. if he would it in
During ; not save the best
hand of correction
from that the way
the fatlof the East Floridi, arises from the declaration a design may applied
orouKUiTntellisence of
. -"( he- ,asl Inul| to evils that press with such severity upon All Green has been accompanied, by eighty persons, he could. He would not bring the country i..

, dd If I Antwerp, after sustaining a siege of twenty Mr. Adams that they were not embraced by classes of the community. HA Air DEN." I and be has had repeatedly. In use bis own words, ruin, for the purpose crushing any ixJividu-

Prussia has issued a manifesto in which I it I the Treaty ; but that the Treaty only referredto The trial} of the case occupied four days. The jury i "two ladies up at a time." al.

dcc1"li.\y'"I that the further, inteiferencc of the French 1 I. Gen Jackson'- invasion of Florida in 1818. retired on Thursday evening after a close and lucid I I Whether maidens naturally lovely, are rendered We hail with satisfaction the .
avowal of thc
: ..rtii'S wfl not bo permitted. On thisI and in about hi more angelic] by soaring like the eagle' in his loftiest i- u
IkI"I&n charge Judge Reid, one ur return
: I t e The The followng is an extract from a recent admit of much douot but this is just sentiments from one of the most distu '
ral fliguUJ ;
f war or ,
c nds the question of a gen. !peace. cd the following verdict. We of the jury find the

hiUs arc nt present in favor of the latter. Don PeF speech of Cbl.) White on the subject."It defendants not puilty-ind take the advantage the law I certain that every lady who has courage to step guished Statesmen of Georgia.-.Chat. .Ue,

t F,, IS *uli closely 1 shut up in Oporto, and has but little docs teem to me strange Sir, that we allows us to detlare our free conviction of the prosecutors into! a The gas-drawn greatest chariot altitude, gets Mr. immediately Green ever attain married Military.-The ship-Jefferson from

ct; of UCC:4'Ss. should havsso strong a .sympnthv with the suf- entire innocence of corrupt neglect." .
rl'p' ed was 3 miles 300 cards, ascertained by a very ( ton Roads with five
companies U. Stall .
. fcreis of that year to the exclusion of all others J. K. Campbell Evqr., the District attorney prosecuted excelent barometer: His longest fight was 53 I
I Tht TV./-We art sorry to see that the prospect of that behalf of the and the defence troop.- for tho garrison at Fort Moultrie, a-, t
from jus ice, when the "operations" in Territory- was miles performed in two \onrs and three quarters.In .

:f any silisfartory adjustment of tins question by I year were cuifined to West Florida, and were conducted by the defendant T. Baltzell isqr. 1827 he rose at Preston in Lancashire and descended -I chored- in Charleston Roads! Of' the 2d J 1ou'lry t'I

r IE diminishing. A decree of per. I _, ..
-vcnt -
congress York'hireand distance -
Ihe p directed agan-t the savage Indian, who was at Preston in the -
1 t.' exhibited by the members, in TU Till pV.LtC.
,"'lth''AIM"llIf. harboied the-e We bad FOR THE rX.ORIDI\N. 37 posting miles, wa t'} 27 minutes-be-
to us. pursued
"JS_4 aic, winch f.carly precludes the possibility of these annoy MR E\lTor--ln looking over the proceedings of inj? nearly at the rate of 100 im.'es' per hour. Doubts having been expressed as to the age and pe

of any bill on the subject.Ve our foe, yet vreaking with the blood of help Congress in ore of the northern papers, on vourcoun- digree of my horse Plotoff, I have thought proper t->
; less women and children, in the territories of tt'r yesterday, I find that i Mr. Vmton of Ohio madea jive publicity to the following certificate of Col. Richard -
,' Self J\ladc JVfen.-\Ye beg leave verry res*
puhhsh the: comlnunir. 1i n r.f a subscriber, rela. Spain inVest Florida, and found them there.In speech about the "southern rivers flowing with blot id" Singleton) of South Carolina by whom he w '.
which caused Mr. M'Dnffie ""to Roh pectfully t 1 recommend a chapter .n this brtrf. purchased Platoff the full
of the of indictment a.jpmst cry out {&pierre, as brother of Clara
trial case an those wretches was
'h r- (nt some injury
to e punishing
ive and Mr. Carson to speak of it a* monstrous and subject iroin the Quarterly Rejiis.'er, to the Fisher, but by reference to h. eertificaie it will b/
Th Bal-ze'l' Esq, for a libel on the Judge of done. And is it not that that he
? necessarily strange shocking"-This ought up a stranqe train of ideasin youth of the country. The list of names was sired by Kosciusko, and eaiae oul

'*}]'.-. district.Vf assure him that we had no wIsh toInxrfcrc 1 we, the United Stiles America, should torture my mind, and I looked into the Appendix to Williams poor which have self from the half uuer of Clara Fisher's dam.

r in the (!ucstion. The c ue we presumed. was the English l language, and violate every Sketches of West Florida, to see if ii was not struggled by exertion, CRAWFORD SPROWL.South .

,Wil known ind we supposed! our brief no:tCc of I last of and moral the same Vmton, who opposed so furiously our first the depths of poverty and obscurity to emi .

' -dint'ntto show the result.! We sunpusd[ principle English grammar justice prp-empthn law and called the first settlers of this ter- nence, fortune, and renown might be alrno..t Carolina, January 18th 1833.
I ei k was s to make an xceplion in fa\or of those a.oainst I : squatters" trnspasscrs and violators of law" I do hereby certify that the
f irory indefinitely increased, fro Jour bay stud colt sold b?
:ph 1 ;.', that the :IMmizht he regularly r.-portcd .rabli4atI.fl I whom we had strong cause for the inJ'uriei tnd slid that .su-h trespassers ought not to receive I II particularly ?ia to Dr. John Moore of Claiborne Alabama, in Sept.

; inro'Tinj; :H. it does, the extint to which we had done them. and to the exclusion I ('onntfnln'c"-I had nearly forgotten lr. Vinton and own country and England, the only lands r 1829, then three years old, was bred bv me and got by
.ri.t\1Tf's on the crjiduct of a public officer may 1iirrI''I 'e I hispet'cll, and norc'ivt a recollection of him hcrf, whose institutions are favorable to the rise of fvoscmsko, has dam by the import Buzzard, grand

u nhout IH'in*: considered hbelous. "* !
Reid in General Jackson v.ould never have cro oocd i chief judge in the decision! of the pre-emption claims I Clara Fisher, gr gr. dam the imported
his brewer Flemnap.
was vny tWy disrussed by Judge Harrison ot'a butcher, Ireton of un- gr.
the line in pursuit of the Seminoles, had he not wrote a letter to tins .lr. Vinton, now called Robes- '>r. prand dam C ntinel. For further
has been I particulars ol
of the
..} The I brrly press. always pierre, for his constiuction on of ibis law-let him denyit tracktblc; lineage. While France was free, her b ood refer to the steed b. .fc of General John M'.
known that
well they were encouraged to commit -
jealously maintaind; and moM juries will allow a and the proof is at hand. JN'ey and Augereau rose to the command of PKerson, who bred Roxana and from whom I purclaas.j

Tenter latitude in ca\e of a public affair, than a prirate the outrages ol hich they had been guilty. I have two remarks to make on this-First th'it it i armies from the stable. In the United Sates ed her. 'V itness my hand,

1 individUil.'e! regret that the subject was made Yet, for some' slight damage: done by our passing strange that the general should have called on innumerable are the instance of illustrious RICHARD SINGLETON.

the of West Florida in 18i8 i the man who was hos'ilc to the claims and claimants Ffbrmry 16th IQ33.
matter: 'If judiial investigation, or that it should be armies to paople merit t6Sw-
Sicun-ily, General Call must have been hard run in self made. Of the three candidates, -

,jhought ncresNftry th3t it should) be further alludid It ample redress is guarantied, and satisfactionhas hU rigorous constructions upon the pOOl settlers to l'd ksupport tor the .Presidency, it is uncertain where FOR NEVV.YORK. "

the columns of our p.iprr.Complaints been made ; whilst the harmless and unoffending from this Robespierre" who would have t.- Gen. Jackson
was born, or how reared.: Mr.rrt's .
cTizens of East Florida, again ken their lands and blood too.-It is said that even he 4A f inilE brig BRANDYWI.N F. is
have been made by some of our fri nds whom in the did not agree with the general in his rigorous conduction parentage i is humble, and Mr. Clay is I JL ted on or before the 20th March next. \"
was ever alleged
no complaint ,
: ,'ams' I 'ol. White, because he sent out a few copi'-s and did not a.isucrhis; I letter-The story \\as l..ldheic pronounced the son of a dancing master. \ For freight passage apply to
moment of profound peace, is driven by the invading I tno and! when denied shall be provedI Patrick J. G. 45..HAMLEN..luFtrb
if iivujihlets in opposition to the adminisration.-Col. years ago, Henry was the son ot a starved par- I
;. of the United States from hi< : -I It \'ul'llllcs-A is from M 16th B13.
army speaks report aDo, 26if.
"ll1tt ha: twin profuse in his favours both to friend* I won-IJaniel Webster ofa N t w Hampshire
I home and on his return t finds himselt a beggarhis Jarkson and (Jadsden countie's, thai: Geneial Call hns
. ,nd tn..m1."', in sending every species of intercslinj i aried: up the cases ()those poorse'llersto the Suprclllt farmer, sj poor that he kept him at the plough. LAWUIiNCEP.I LuLL M6 rsii) close his lus. t
fit '. If he confine himself houses burnt, his crops and proves, the (, awl will dispose of his I
'lliieiK to tosurh while
wvre pa. Court of the United Stated, where the costs are more }lr. Clay about the same time wa. goods

. "" ;rs .nly as advottitr a particular side of a question, labor of a life, dotroved ; his -to k and his thaii the worth (If the lands-lining unable to employ going -mill-and the illustrious of i f .w ;10 he Bbls.has reniainin; oii hand, I

lu\es olen diiven the oods counsel C.,: \ has volunteered to their sage whiskey,
or into cause.
would be a proper subject of rompla.nt, beciuse this away, ; argue Kindt-rhook himself among all his 3 II rum, ;
and when he asks redress the hands of the (X IN A CCJHSER. arrogant
urM would aff"id his constituents no opportunity to at claims has we believe, put in none to high 10 machcrcl!,

exam: II/' and juJ c for thtrasdxos. Besides it is the doer, hi- is told"that rn: is too late ;" that he ,, 8 pork,
::0' The public will pinion me for tru'ix '1\1 on descent ol early advantages of education or l

ity of a reprcsentauve, as far a: it is in his l'o\er, t-> is barred by a constructive act of limitations, th-ir natifiictj ju making this! statcmutt ill j1i.i iilicalion 3soclat.on. ,M'lJuffie never would have 20 20 boxes sacks salt claret, and ,

flush his c'.u!t it uents with all the novelties .f th' 'and that the wrongs for which he complains of thec'uire which I pursued in relation to tin MedirdlV sherry, ) wrx.... =
p been educated, but that he first struck out 3 qr. casks sweet, J
y, all the vptcuLilions, moral' and political, and it is are not late enough to he remedied.; / Will of Tallahassee.The : 10 boxes
first bill which w.,t mad"} icmd and presented .some dpa' ks which promised genius ; and the soap,
iiir dut.> M'ung both sides of the} qu*'stion, to follow.aiom ",\gaIII I need not stop her tu inquire if it 20 bis flour,
to me tOl" siuiiiiini wni the >%<:IdS "we }plcii:K ( ur- halls: of legist.ition; aid (he piotosions >houthou.s.mds
tenons <'f truth and reason: and to I I 10,000 Hnvanna sci ars,
eject so. is the ettIilihOd of language to "
confound solvf-9 icfused
linage to charge the rat 3"a, i by '
!i and of examples hardly les shining S half -Twrre'ls buckwheat
u't.y rror. I ,
the positive with the -.atjcrlalivt ? Letus mo, Mating as sue: of my naMji.s., that we had a variety
For our&ilves, we lire unw-jilm-r! in go bad 'to the for the : of lasses lo pr.i"ti.-c fur, :.u.d it wouid 1 ht: ...nrc.t.onali and equally meritorious in U.eir decree.Lo 10 boxes ru"sins.Tdllaba.ssof. : .
a moment trst con-tin t t tion ofa t 16th
iK l ages of utonl.i-h sUj1C'PtILItI, whn it was con !.' t., -h.'irie; I rem ..ill ahkriml) ; t I :hou;ht its.i we mention the>e eases to draw rcPt February 1833. 2Clf .

Icred crminrtl for the p':" ') to nad tiiid; judl :foicniitlvts treat l hy I these pre..u 111111 Ions and probabilities) till I hi I'.it tu: tli- iliscittion i of the pra-Hiti'Mur .c, 1ch upon the origin oi' the persons named WILLIAM J. MAULDLN, J JFI -

:\ iiV, i- prohibit:, i. It to be "pmsumed," show lit> .raiiy to his fiicnds whenever he tliot'.htpri.-
and."'e 'lid not It nitjn1. that in I II:! MI- leaven l turbid Their early JL[ .(:urly: is t'S {1tcdwwt.
: Mt would ( ; adnt-re the |'itr to do so. I HSA PUESLF.R
ht llt'd such m..Rstri'Usdociini would I'.J.J jam p iitinaeiou-ly I liit fact tin ir which ,
age s ; ; in n'-pecti\'e hMorica
anj \ offered csiabli-Jnn ,
our I
yibstitulc accordingly : 'HE
I! interetfof th4s c of hrnbj* < t>, again whom rB Jci"uf'JJnt will!l take notire thatasujkhasber.
I v.Jl'atese> thought that ill Fl.-rnla the peoplibe I I maximum ratc of chirgLwith a ttis nn t r'taintHC I renders each one almost truly illustrious, commenced and attachment i-iiml in this

Uid allowed to be the keeper.of their o\vi. conenccs [ we had a good cau>ir 01 aggression, and aban- :: that the only |1lede was not lo fra/MctuJ th: !IIII;'I irio.-t especial[ wyriliv' admiration and es in the superior court of Jai'k,on County. cas,

j don tit then f.ite; u larger tiOIl of claimants, and that the : ititioner could a\\ iv !Iii: bills If lie
: m politics, as wi-ll as ith) ;;ion. ,pot pr give teem. \\e mention them to add force to the GEORGE S. HAVKIN PIffs. Ati.\.
Col. \\ !bite did send -.utfifty ixtra ] i who had nevt-r olienJed( / Did) she consider rhose ; to which) I a'Kxnl) my M nituie. Had this !lull February ICth 18:i3. 266w
T.I.graph- .
hteii hai.dvd! li(1 1 urtirio trom the Quarl- ily Register, and to
10 tlic $printeif'.r pu ) !II in, Miitur*
wri-te to the editor of thi: tint the! I her honor bound by limit.-, and ADD1SI'NM\ .
: nplt"Aighttii \DELL
j aper p. thf ns ri inn, that the punlicjimm,'d\citi" 11 w-luch has eontnhute our \IIIImite to fire to emulation 1

" the pil/llr.J wJuch the adjunct telitor tlf t lie'degrd1.h I did -he f'-el;: solicitous to wipe fiom her e.cutcheon di.splaud I It silt" ton ar.:ls lh. Itculiy OM tiijs (. ('asil'l.: and ex'ite exertion, wherejOuver the vaOEA >.1ttndnrt1a .

': our old tiicml of th! <- C'ouin-r, draw oiJ otil)) tlmt {fall of the stain which has attached would ma have cxisic-d.: The .Lttr! .at.u! Iii I the ittmt I : ; PIU-LE! ) .

J I ilkwot I Ii I 'if tin lull ire -aiJ to IM\C l I" < o t\'P"'III'Lit'al : IJL u -p.irk of genius nuy exist, throughout r" ;ion3ot'povert defendant will! take :mc': that asuithas beer. Jdrkson, HI! the Sawawe ? THE
P' and who, it i: t! oui.Sii by sumo, w .ii on .\rain, it
% I I '. : I pn .iiiDe it \ il111uL be toutt':id> d rhir tho! pI" all- ) and ooscurit) But let in at the i I 'need and atuchm nt ixsucd in this case, r:.
if'v.uisi.kti'd to the T lepraph, (111 lht. uu.iuKlaiioii) ot ;; i: piotuble t that the! t 1IIIt'Ii .States would make of
nc Jatkson
* j* be! rd'ulttnJ t'> ]p:<'dufe thc ''ffil'"t-i m l\\i.cii d i.I l I. s.uiu time; discharge a pleasant task, in re- superior Cnurt County.
.ie very me-u who lire oi tl.e reputation! of t.kiieiulackson. I hidi. i oct 1(111, wilder tln exi-trng ctrIi fri-fati- !I I av.iidu : 'f 1tIt1 w re pledget! t'> th.ii': : *' th"st GEORGE ,. H.-\WKI\S, PIffs. Att'y- It
Jud-,e Brackciindge jiiilcd. to las 11) 15- I ces ut the case / .ru the-e the probabilities rilt. ; \ as a nmiikc tht printer.:. I sli;sii ..(.:: by tnriiiug grateful emcnts Fe hrulLr16 L1& J 1333. 266 wFt tl

glmlty and justice, to semi: out a few hin.dicd i f his all l piesiimptiotts) $ rciuiip'd bv the law uf nnj nit' that! my ngned to said pre.u lIJIt ano our ancestors and tendering congratulations P'l SALE Ull KENT.___ -Tne Si. Louis tract T
uLllca1wn t billuliu 't m.1"" !I'IILe) (M ronc.ii.T .HI'I i directly fn- to our countrymen, that we live under : (
* wuutn lu del. nee of liiiiscU": j j tion-j, 1 It i-j extrenn'1) pnniable that the I I i nd, will be old or rented for a term of
par-I .: tn years.
to Ill ( .xprcisid .it > "'ilju-t. I
Lit tr.ur } institutions which secure' all the reward of I
thepcopl.) 'liave to F arM.-ulars
light all sidrs IUd J. hn K.
see r4..n II :." expressi'd 1 theinvltCd coiiiurmibh .i JOL1-LcR'L.: apply to CampUll or n' uy
:rct. What has (t inr-ralJackbon lof.arf.omu t'w '1 to established 1, I honourable exeition, which encourage the a.spirations j I In. .1, }'-bnl'lry 16th 1-3. *6v'OLLARS
usage. I
t blttlS, and *vny Mio.ilJ any "f }hn frunds !htreluctance ,.- I: !:., it e>tdbi! >iie.l. u.:n-jy: that a nation; In m i- F om the Dumfries Courier.JioLtO.i of ei.ius, and which open a way for i A. UEV'ARD.Lostorstolenfro7ahe !

'ja1Y toe,what} is -;iitl: I f hIS admn.jsii.i- I tiie: poorest to become the richest, the humblest ; Ii q, subscriber on the 7th inst., on the radII
Kin other- .SIu1ittic.1w
:: U treaty \ith an to .t.' IIH> :itIeii iii i. p<'upe arc aware
i .... ,u 1 l'lI'I.u., takes ihc l 1.1.'. Tcle?iapi! and i | the greatest, and the most unknown theriiot : :II n'- nom .',.nticelli> to theciiiiNPv ay "" ...e lineal !
I: 3ie1ligericcr, and has, Cis-.ntjuied UJITC extra o '.! t y tit one half; I I of 1 her iltlZl'f11oor .subjeet-I : ., and i i of I iln' e\pen of a baloon, or the tear nil i I famous.. MotiOiiN Ford, or ivir Herd's smlemenl' a brown
';\;tltc ii h.t'e ihnn <.f oilier This : 'I :ue the otiiii h half: more mm C't nt ntni more'utfcrmu \\r: r to wiiii-h it iinei'JHiit.. Tiie ur-3hi|! i. !'I'.mr-spun cCo t.t. in which was a small red Morncc'Po -

nny ti'ij.-cuon in.s i to iriemcdiiblc- ? I- it esta.ilu-h- \ \"!111'I,1lr.. (Jr,'en launched in Duiufiu- is> 4b ">Kcl B to' 'o'T1' what worn contaminp-. to the (lc.s:
'n COfl.I tr.'d tip by the Wi:ft fry tlf, tj.p; JUl".Jt.Uvf t h1hZca : |i I A singular and unfortunate accident happened of my re.illeeii!! ,, UpwArdS of one hundred and thirty
ed for tVet t fioio bottom and 103 f circumference.
nation to n-l -
miiro'ti u-saje: a -tipuiate top
nnj ".ai rL'c the contempi it j.u. j : onIoue1av' on the New Cattle and Krench- dollars, pnii'-ipally ill ten and twenty dollar bills, rhe
I tits fiom one li.til ot th" of other for \\ au tlii car is aUuflu'd ri.e l.i-ijrit: i
tin ;I" ( [b11. ; Mibjfcts an wrongs j ji.s town rail road. In the hue :cding to : ]Bink of Columbus ua.-There were two ten d j.'
I proc
-Ii ':'tIe U ty "1' thtp'nI!,. dprd=i on the fret< >! 1 cS I IC done bj iierselj, aft.-M the great national couuii i. <;\icly: (GO ffi-t, To till it to the hent would icqniro Baltimore, a spark flour the locomotive fell brbiilsontheUmkof West Florida. issued at Ajpaac.ico1a '
23,000: ( itet of Tiiis Im'Afvrr wr0ly !
: ,, i- endorsed
jras. one by Ponder and Conveisiml -'
had ,
isauJ :h.-diff.j.nn} ( solemn.y resolved that that
p of
iniilli'" 'r.ce.-U c \1ltJd.1 ygnm-t por-j I done, as toe Lfa cxpatuN greatly when tho! air upon the baggage car, and set fire to a Iad'strfldbOX Pierce and Lee, the! other by Pierce and Lee. A'-
tnd11:. fiM\ (,'flles (f RusSch adJrct! v ere sent too lion, AoreJifSscd, we |had! ju-t' cause of war, j i so one the Ii ink _
b.-conu's raritifd,.convt-rting every thin! !:i\.c\ bck-I: and in a short time, from the iaii.. on same witL-i.t endorsement 1
: !. .. and !.nt them to his c > So and r tc to the other halt; whom she had I s-i a 11'1:? civen to me Then and William
( n.niiuen'b- of j I1t'SS to a d 'jjree flf tension that mi<;:t.t li-ad to very dity of the motion and force of the ( urrent of by Livmt.ton -

, G.1\"rl1or IL1} ne.s' Pruclamatioi. and the I'tcsuknt's I more gicviouiy injured, and a itlD'It whom,. so j dani eious ie->ults in the absence of a pilot to reg- j wind the whole incomhu tlon. Muchbairuage in July or Au ust la?r,'fr two hundred and fifl>
car w tS
:."'I .l t" 1i\'l' hundred copies of wliuhrn St'nt.- Iroin ha\mg a cause of,i: >ression, she ulaie the valve.Vhcn Mr. Grees landed in the payablctlie! first: of January tVlowms: 'AU.
he-\\ was destioved, sonic valuahlejewelk- a !Iit -f iiriu-Ies to be purchased far and
( I 'lj 1 l- to read the Prcsueii'3! Pro.! sh d of ii.ioiih.rhood (Whitcheaven the lower part of II i Mary Hagan
Ii .ua.itiun canie a :i tu< the act> other oliicer, & Cbirirv JJlnnil'AII}
and forbid for
done ; trading
larjje are
damaged, injury ton amount [
.irxcr U.J), at the oh,' ? the La-loon! had becume, much that iy Ii i
'Tis collapsed
' r t-o absurd and ri- I aume aud '1o.'iiised mm" M> I said! note, und I will ivi- the aboverewnrd of TWENTYDOLLIflS
"UlUUO\\ t lu\t t.I".L! his thou! < ht it !lIt' cauld !i of bank notes going to Baltimore from one of j
for companions ; impossible : for the
reason that
siymg \\ here ever: the rights oj( the people of Florida \ apprehension of Ihe villian, and tlu.ecovtry
, :- :001.& 1. & :his: exists between t he delegate <$. I : and .u-re only ahused oi their error, ; our banks. \V. are sorry to learn, m addition j l' of my |>ocker b.ok with its contents.

' mllll tra'l"n, an.J in future the it.flueiu' of those are concerned, there is no man however I when: fuwug.Vd! anchor saoi.d time, and ', that )Ir. Uinney mid :1 r. Sergeant, our cmi- j I 2'Sw
!prs"Ihirh las pi-duccd Mich collisioi-, will be high ''usidtiou, whoie conduct is not availed 1 soa( rod the high heaven nil lost ill the bliu'."- nent townsmen, who were aumng tin ; : PLANTERS.

::4i,"uttcn.\OCt..ll at W ashinzton.We when it blinds in their way. :1r. Adams, in The in.itcn.d ol 1' the machine i.s composed of donhble ger>. autiered the loss of the clothing III their I.I 'TO! of the Pain.- (!ivnnr ht.sulscriherhas bean, which fifty he will i-us di.-\-

b this business is tiil l be snrsncf, which even ia: the raw state, cosii 27-1 trunks and have bCuH :;t;-d lo return, Their i , uf, and contract for the produce at a liberal pn-.
: take the 1ikr clearly wrong, gels no pounds. The fashion it propeily requires great
puWishing the i Those
fanning j rescued.: No steamboat was F wishing to try experiment of its euhiv i
., Jtti-r addn-vpd hy Co!. White to a friend! ]in tlli'! !. mOle than he deserves in tlte" rutting re- deAteiity and art, and I i.s withal I so htfiu\gm op papsrera < turn will do well to call soon. THOS. B. PEACHY.St. .
< i found at Frenchtown, owing no doubt to the
tr.1tiUII that Ir. Greene's air
j .
ir I mark present Marks Febniarv ISth 1H33. 264 w
,nv, tliotijrh vas not inleudt' for the Jrcs. \-l' more than five months on the stocks with the' carpenters ice in the ri\'t rs. If coke should be imployed

. a-jnr' wIth him, as to the fdlv of attempt- svorking .u the whole time lint the silk ;; in the American locomotives, no danger of tic- NOTICE-Allpaslns j h.ivingany demands ab. il..t

t tu preserve this Union at the point of the hay- TO Tin EDITOR OF T'lT 11.Ur.W'AS iiitut he varnished as well :li sewed ; the titHing,j I cidents of this nature would remain. It i is 1 the estate of the late William Hall are request( *
SIR-Youi I < h the tni'.i:; t\In; < ti) rend, r them in duly iiu'hemicated and all ;.
Such :
a course would end in the destruction plvase l'"I..I! > r report which wlieighs about three dtv:. is composed of' used universally on the British rail road1 :.- indebted said pers.

liberty and the establishment of a case tried at an aiIjsui ned t 'rni (*f the siijii rt&co11.t. the rinist Italian: hemp, and altogether, the cost of 1 jIl' Gcz.Sjgns to estate are requested to make pay men;
J" a military desk of (he .u.dle: district of Fi"rIlJf.r L 'on conn air-ship Biich hear is nbo\e 5001. I-a. Admtnr.
) an as \\esaw ,
{ government is t.': haicallv . .- \vI. hALL S
('zit ,if o'l11illl1; an.l! the ;. a "r ivrnm ly ; In Id ut i ul ihu-scr, on tIc I Jv .I" .atiy 01 the 'II I._ !terlill'-. A bj.oon, without netting would be like I of the limes.-From the mteligoncc Tallahassee, February 16th Ib33. 26q\\

first resort to force sent inoiilh. Tile Hun. It 1 t. Reid of the eastern dis. U slip! without a rudder, cordage ami masts. By
touM MI \raken the which reached us yesterday we are opinion, D\1I\I8TRATOR'S SALE. Will] be d ar
principles on which it is f;und- triet prts-dmij. The only object} i is to pusenl th- case pri'SMUg; on ili sides equally the netting imparts toil A v
.pj, that it woulJ be i considerable; strength and it is by the same that by the violence with which the Proclamation public auction on Saturday the 13th of April n, \.-
te.ircely worth in ih of the ,
it fiat
at as wa!, so rna '> ( r jmit irrnio.
prt ji .
- ervinr. have their <>n the premises the west half of the north eaft i. .
that the worked the pushed hostility against
is I p:.'r. umleriUiid A illBsClUUUK.TERIUT011Y menus valve ropes are eir, : party
I ry may I : >Section 4, township 1, range ?, north and east,com'.m
attached arid the machine kept down during the'; South Carolina, a reaction has been created
'LIINQTfl January 2-th OK J rLOIUDA, I i Ing 80 acres, more or less of second rate land, part 1'-
Dear .
iinihonze' the President' t', "|IU, up lakmup. the bill) BALTZKLL, j| is constantly going l forward, and every laloon that of the South have become alarmed for 26Rw WM KERR.Adm'tor,
port remove _. _
iom-hou5 s and employ the .irmy and nantc, This wai tn indictin'-ui for a lil,cl at the instance o* has Me'ii much tervice is a.s much patched as a beg I! their liberties ; and are resolved no: to permit -- -- -
put The .
1'\\ n resist:-mcc to the tarilT. The bH ill s1id, 'to \fltu'c lhjU&i: nf the middle distrirt of Floiidi. The fol gar'* doublet. Out of 110 ascents, Mr. Green has : tire sacrifice ol the independence of the State-, subscriber bales of wishes to he purchxs.tidrrd will alcdvnnce -' --
""t'n framed at the state mid made 65 in his present yacht, which is ofiener, wcj

IT. tart ennformiy; wit!h t1| (. P".f'a Trrnyury! mar inn Depinmrnts and 1.wll1; jiub'icanon! was the founJution of the pfiecu"Tiu I I U"pee.t, than the British }liuttoin ever crossed the .. which must precede the immolation of South .- the motley here, on any !Iot! '
rcctni cotton that the holders wish tns":
fb.It O Carolina.Mr. may
It prAduoH a totil rcv.Mfon in mrtie(<: Atlantic. The time a baloon will last is not very .
..waly! the whole ,,f thv vn.nhcm} mrmVM! have ar- :adjournment tl o\prrinr court of this roun well ascertained, as much depends on the purity WILDE Georgia has spoken with be '0 ames Hamilton & son, of N'W York app1Brown's .

.wec\nrtnRt,11t and\'V', ,n"f'VnM c1..1tte it. and a meat anana'd l, im- I ty lu-;tjK important r a &i'SMOO busiiussoil of only six thCt4.d"days l without i, has crroud dis>ponng much o of the ga.<-j)reservation from dam p. and) indeed the ': coming indignation against the idea. of cement i. Febnmry Hole 16th 1'::. THO. J. CURTH 2ttw.GeorgeX. : ..

ROJ is antinutrd., It ic oomen.l of accidents i enerihl' but if the owner: ..
chapter ; the Union the blood of South Carolinians -
1 lir rnoxi of tilt uth-rn th\t d Istj; )1i}'-ii fltflicnt anti brcn ;pii-ducJivt: of serioIJ. injury ing by :
nwn. first action
1 f the bill is mnre ..hnoxiotH thnu the) Alien and Sdim to suitors as M(11 ,'/1) in tt.t community. IMS: been at all acme, it becomes at the end uffivc an idea which has found less t favor from I Lewis M. D.

law of rM I As vi utile dnn$ .V the previous term it WRci I or seven years as crazy, as a kirk condemned by I Ii ,
John : was :
Adams and ry i the citizens of the South
'Ia.! where than his ;
other every : professional services in all the rar'i
-red.rUrn J by provisions )>cfliil that an JflorLonld: )have, been made by ti.Judc ..- I a Pr.shyttry. or a fnirite stricken with. dry-rot. O"FEIl
Calhoun Bibb, Poindexttrard i ; of his the orT.iu
Man- uol.I I from some Carolina's own citizens. According profession to
", to hc mtl'nd/41 to 44 .u tin. M-s.-'iun tu ;f's through! all the unnuif'udbusiness. !Ilihf' Di.n :Mi i'igiiiel's double deckers in the 'lt .
(rt'at" has amI'j.iniv.. Residence first house Mrs.
an Arm"41' Di.-l.itor" R
t c.. ninke the .. Ouvrrnmrm Con I Tins however not done. With the f X. On one occasion the gas furnished was so impure, I to the Washington Correspondent of the R. Lewis testimonials
lidiied. mid it. j -Satisfactory as to ;
'I. f nl1lil:1ry n.' p/t." It io a f'arful and momrnl ception of thic 'ur (.ur cases 4if iriti-rcst \"llIchen: that it required! from three to lour hundred yanNof I Courier, .Mr. Uilde made an appeal to the : can be iven. pre'r.r'practice 16if.

Is.ue. \f rJ.&v i tmd, ihe balance of I the t-me of the c-urf w..jj COIIMImcd ilk occasioned Southern .
if'XPHtftJ f" be th chief to repair the damage by singe- States to rally around South Carolina,
nj( 1'J1rt'r A'sAiiltand ami t (1\tiers of httlriinjiorlan.i
d1f' in biltrry cases, CENTRAL BANK OF FLQRTDA. 1Ft
f\dn't"istration.' I
au.1 it i Mid th'It Mr. 1JI.r- and aimed
itli. some evere sarcasms against the
thi..r that iil have been passed niircly, M
(kd.u".t Lt"tt th, nii: "P'f"Y 15l4r.t833.
dctrip of It stated week that shower fell
II Uht -tnl''tsllrpt the prodl1ni- out any injury) to Uie pnb'ir.! was ?t a heavy I I Tariff States, and their poliev, and tbtir views. is hereby given to the Plo/khoJoVr* 'f
an pursuan'e of it rathrrve. while )Ir. Green in the air the all I NOTICE
U were ,
t was spectators
f:4\rral" It is f whether the
fIr him. a quest i )n wni m":11 He declared that our present. comiition! that the third instalment rf f-
In an tIii adjournmrnt rof the court> of this territory v ithout t noticed the circumstance,and one individual who : that of the French dollars on each share will he due, and payable a*-...- '

C- mlt'f'rs) I Rm only' a U looker on in a suitable r.-us.' is not become a Mirsous and aUinun piiiitci the irronaut, was answered by a wag. : Republic5 when it was din:; to the provisions of the charter on the first .'ty '.*.

mnii ir T .:iitionnn n

t I unuM) put down' certainly opposed to niilrtScation small amount becomes an impOi taut matter, and is attended over his head ? "This. however isa mistake ; of death. Oh, mos: holy "Union said he, Feb 16, 1833. 26r.1)ENTAL ,'. '

5 n"Uifi"ali-d hy a mndifit"lltion of with heavy consequences. The parties after I the rain follows the form of the baloon, soaks the' which must be preserved by the of God -
anrlrorb ( to it bPrall I do 'nnsh- ihree grace : !
II not attending with three or four witnesses for two, NOTICE
the and into the like
netting, gushes car, exactly water and lie
111d rcmt-dy, ; but when I ssy this, 1 and four weeks, finds his case postponed ; the next I Gunpowder expressed his belief
nOt Fert to mi'itMr' i from tht house tops. Repeatedly, Mr. Green DR. S. W. COMFORT D&NT1ST. that South Caruh
headers or put then down- term a similar scene takes place and so on until the. would sacrifice: much to
that party rank their numbers l h'c"m's has been wet and dry again in the course often the pleasure) of his arrival in Ta
m. nf the among pro I-utian of the must righteous cause mat- preserve the lTaltm and that time H\ announcing
e R"pubhr.most 'R enk d' fllant nnd nohp! Tiril in tt'r of regret from the delay expanse and di.'-applJil1tment i minutes, owing to sudden changes of atmosphere, ; thought ., ., and now otters hit professional setvi.-

rt the These are d( :'ndents of men who attending it* dee; itn. Delay is frequc'ntly as I i r and not unfrequently has teen compelled to cut holes ought to be given for deliberation, before any .,. 1111 ladies and gentlemen of the place and l,...

nuld nevt'r mOst tI.1e tal1ant p.rriotl of he Revol-Jtion. and prejudicial as an Absolute denial of ju!uire. In the :I in the bottom: of the car, to allow a6 element of free measures violence were reported to by the His ai-r.L- ciiicnia are &uch thut his stay win be sh.ut ."' .

tam at' ihn01,11 rate the shedding' of their blood toil pc""t English charter commonly styled .arna Charta I'I passage that hnmoered him more than all the ballast Federal Gov rnment. Mr. Wilde, when he this time. He has a fresh supply of materials, ar

ve not taken the Sysfc1n (If l',1kr. hef"IUI"4 they there is an express provision that; .'justice shall not h* I he originally carried. It is a mistake to suppose commenced, declared that he had nothing lo i> well prepared for butincss. He may be founil
prr per modo or ttmL rid of sol l refwed or delayed in the courts ? NiiUi rtn'lrnws I hispid room, "pposite tin Planters Hotel.
that the clouds contain moisture in state
frn P'if111"Yl'rnment to think or maintaining nidlint abimra nee Jejcrtmusjutticiam rei rutlCnI." This I I say to the high Tariff portion of the House, TI\Jl\has., F .b. 16.)b IS3X 2<;:
r.\&tary\ rain, and we have Mr. Green's authority for slating -
it to the forre i'llLhrord. If thoy Cannot provision has an equal rorcc and is as binding on the : but that be should address himself exclusively

"& ".I1f'n npprpj05 the of the tariff, Jet them depiut courts in Amrrict. in England. : that the noise produced by rainleaving a cloud, to the Southern Delegation. A good deal of Henry F. Yonge
naticTlll1 debt is paid there resembles) the buxzing of an immense swarmof ,
inuit In suitors instead of expecting justice
some our
tory. fldifieation of the lnriff. which will be &atis- matter of right arc BOW compelled petition lie jud e flies and bees. This is the first part of the.process stress was laid by him on the recommendation Attorney fy Counsellor at Law ; 4

.1sid .JJ bcc bcfrging the fa'o1ff l him ty try th'r. iiCi uud not cf aDriel distillation, and on nearing the earth, when uI'the president, that the Tariff duties should ki.uiicY, MIN10i Fl.oaip. a I.

ar31ott Il1Jeticn \ IhUtJ toadjounrcouit. .. 'j the finer particles mix andlunn globules, the'sound bp reduced Jo the scale of the revenue. 'Ho i. I



1 1 -

rr a-ri T L 1. r _
T I r
r--I----------------_ __ : v-k--- _. .
4 4 __ 0 -_ -_- ..l''m.. -, -- .
I I -
,forage\ tS' Commission, Ihissiness.TiT\l. (11 l' 1.0HJH.) ( .\S1a. ffflliC subscriber have JU-:. ixcehed from- N. \ r* -- -: "

.j"dl-'iUh I MiKrt.'r. at his ucw stut c, oornrrol Jetfcr-: Jl a large ana 4tiKrai orin.eiu of velvet, blue .: ,.. SPO1tT$1E ," i TIC& t

Ll lic \ ,!..'- is, oilers f"rs.\h.-,' the pub. nlack m cloths, blue, black! .Iusiiau green, drake neck, ,

n, jxhamh, >omc assortment of the follow in. ricli plum and $t ?C'I!,mixed, sup. native, superior black,

fl Jlmltdarttele.d the mosf reduced prices f)cash, Viz;: blue, striped, dinbilsih, mixed, lontay, grcn copper

r Im.xed'uul lyinghcoWD. Mixed, green and union.mixed 0
u "Cribers :t; no1 crtctint n a.. ;.e and DRT-GJOODS. .CASsuners, lattinells, black silk florentecn tnglish
I. ;
m.mx1ii.u3ik'ire.Hiuse, with *\ Cotton silk vesting, fancy do., water silk do- brown do.
figured -
i Press f-r :he pu:pose f packing cotton and skins, and Silks, Black, Jrostienap} luiian LiMestrmt', Black do., black 6ilk'lvct, plain aud figured drab bea-

Conipit'tisinK I Cotton for shipment, it will l he in ..operation Sarcenet, Blue, Green, Pink, and white Florences, virtt en, blue jt tat hair camlet. Leather Auction $ Comm ision Bnsiiz ess.

ill a slj.rt tirai1.. They arc now to Figured Silks in \ariety, Iriih Poplin Silk Velvet caps, pattern
ready silk
pur-) suspenders, gloves, beaver hats, velvet, bombazine SUBSCRIBER '
cbtuii1 Canon or mike liberal advances on Cation scored Cotton do.,Tartan Plaid, Furnituie, Calico, Superior state right and silk stocks, bandanas &silk hand THE havineen aP':
with them for. sliipnicnl) to any port in the l'. S. A. Black Lasting, I3obinc and thread Lacts, Irish Linens,, kerchiefs, ready-madt coats, paota'oons: anti veils linen AUCTIONEER for FayiUo County

Their rharee for storage is 25 cents a bale by the sta. Sea Island Cotton Shirting, Plain und nyured Jact. shuts, figured and plain bosoms collars olfer-i hi* services the Pi-blic in tho Aucion & Commission A Sweepstake, for three ytar:
made afterthe vni
Ion, \hichtbey do not exact if thpy become the purchasers. m ctt, S\ iss nnJ 801. Muslins, shawls, worked capes late fashions. All of w hich are offered for sole tol'ur I Business. lii-ati, entrance JIOOO J half forfeIt COIl* |

: They have a number of nisi rnevessdscn-' and dresses, handkerchiefs, Calicoes, Ginghams, Nankeeiu j'riends and customers, on the most reasonableItrms. I He pledges himself pay strict attpntbn to all bu- tie Talbhassee, the SrS ?

gitjrd tUfreijlit for them to New Orleans, New York, I Brown Holland, French Brown Linen, Furnipure The subscribers are also, iruvidetl with I inesu I ntrusted to "hi.:-, and to attend to Aduiinistrators next 3nJual rap.s-llst to dose tilt:
and Charleston nnJ will Oimity, fine Cloth Cassaicas [ good or oilier sales: in the next-- hrce entries i-SS
they encase 10 carry freight and l'a--sinttts, workmen, and will make clothing at shot County. to uiak a race, t1 *
to those places as low as nny rebels in the trade, white and Ht'Il-'lal1l1t'J, Nc>>rorlt>das, Scutchand Ku& aftt-r the late. fasluons.! up R. B. it J. B. BULL.nolicr,p His oifitfi i is in the Town Ocheuee, wlere be may: cd the day before the races. Three

I t And no charge will be made for lightering of Cotton sia .sticctuiL'. ( I: tmibur. e xC. Novi'ml-er :0-h: 1832. lltf, nt all times bo (.,und. ma.Jc. el1tries .!* S

shipped b} them. J. G. & IS. llAILE1uu,1b JOd R, JETTON. This will IK one of ifo most sr.IrnJi.1 1 I',

\ Oct. 9, 1 3'2. SLI.t HARDWARE. l'1TEi> S 1 TES: MAILTIAMB< >AT6 August 10. lP.ft3 1 8w ever run fur ,n the United I States [ S"ttn.r a,' "
; !I.
I an
t "trcol f !
A t.ire and i-xM-nsive ssoi .It lillnlhilfl' L NDR\V.TACKSON ANDVilSAlLLls. i : A C All IX-'I subscriber having nov .> large and of Rttmn who are (.f enp t Ur l t ,
JV'EW.GOODS.JOSEPHL4flD l'UIl;I sports the turf in i Jn.
si>tm' ivjiivrs tint FtlrI.c ', liKnives, Spo : Q: ,. .. ; .-From Co-|I I I ZL communions hous-, Cost of thc''inl l ijiiarr, i is THOMAS vevy part ,,f the il

ri3ur R.i7.i Links Ai < 'mjus l" Appul.ichiciilai: Ti t, I! prepireil to trU1-.act A GENERAL ..._ unou-r(. : .
l ', (iC(-rs, hi'cls&r. tett'tli. I COMMISSION AND AUC- }' r 29th I-U: :. oJttrc trrrr
.1 Colunil'tis allernately{! TIO.H Inaintihe -- -. _
"I.l i e"'hII'c'lt'' 1'I itnunt if cir.i; flit rsmem 1'1.\\ cr& } II'"tllll hopes to receive a support '

H jjatr; .'eiv- d p.r. MjioTuiir Dir ,ir<6x. >, .\ a.uJ If. ntt ay, at 6 o'clock1. for Ai'puiaiimola I from f thu p"Ii', and plct'gta! himself to tJ bC who may: Ttrritcfy jJio.i- Disiriit I

1' .Vf'U'-l>(rk, R new tIll,1 l cvmpltte supply .n BOOTS& SIIOE i and \ iLl intersect( tiie; n'w m.iil st.te; line, t favour him with their business to use his best ctlorlsto Jan.'o'i l,33. -

G.' f'u'J, English aiJ; t tl''llIc"ticJrlG 'I'ds, Hardwire, fioni I t" lo -Mobile via, : Pi :.\', la, or A:palaga I promote: their interests. J. \VE:TCOTT Jr. \VILLIA.I D- iRRISON 1 *

4.c 'a With fci- former su .k will be sold chttlJl A large l.mmf'nt of Balti I[ on Tuesday -nd Thursd'yat ii-r. h ri:!L1r1iii1- ,, "rhnZd l :' I. 7tf Vd r,

rta. ;! will lea\e Appiltchi.-ola: Thurs,lav and Fini.iy; Rlf'HAItU j .:' 1.T.lly.
i more and l\ >:\\ -\ )) UK{ made e\try: LLOYD.
(.IJI .tnd th* market M t. I.H 10) oVlook! .\ .Tf. und arrive e A th. I A CAR P.
t highest price paid fo Cotton. )ti pilagi next: "
1 ll apulII: u. the .
Jl?YW l : ll- Subscribers j ; Kitist ;.
lohft. December "'h I 3 ;. : tl.lp.lly I IJ.'c'LOCi, .VI. where ";?. .. will find havin;, purchased tlif Stock ol" J I If 11' (,f tlie
; :: : 16 l lH I' .' ._.lii.- a. II.n: ruiu.ll ; 1'aliah pt : r' si ucsf I t tr -II. ('!riods aid \."arc.H"us- if'1'd"lor. Klein: .c said drlemUnt I> n," I ,," C0u", LS. 1
t-see. luiv .' "II'! "f
S1ij. It.
J. G. & N. HAAILLN ii 'i corumrnctd th" 1)i i iY! ( '1 JDS ( } > ordered tl.a I.e'V.t -U .
Tinpropneiurs of the above i GROCERY, aiM t : defrnim111
l'gIIl-Jrfl.t1tt .
AVE jus; received from :Ncw-OiUius and off HATS AND j iuvestr-d lartfc luve C031( ) MISSION I and :ms'\r the I ",;f|< ,attM-l; wlth'a ap
,\j,'. r fl I CAPS: a capital; in fittm. .i.ei.i Uf.r| thu roiutort UUSINE .. I olhenvi-e the bill will '.)c t.!,( ;* tour; mOnt. :.
if pjsen--trs, in the rnnliuVnt expe cation, that a In additior: o their furrher: ordend pro clntJcJ3 J
; anti
: romnodidUi that ; it'
i:. ii old i. ) url ihe prtscnt buildinir, 1 a
4,5 whiskey, -t j.fnora>> Ii lUll o. copy (If tbit
:uti J discerning J
5Ir con""nHtyVIiI n-ji 'urT r lhis (the firs* at- they arcannul: to erect sheds anti houses lor the ; in s >airhf-nzed rderbepubj.. ,
; 100 Fine ivc mucky begIn IlIlIst t fashionable J HA I'jS & C APS lv lo ,A .1I.tdlr'oa: rcci p- tIp.Ip.r IU this
of mpr supply with I ion of Cotto dlstrI"t
a. ;rods .
100 Coils bale { I ,) to n, j'. t(' rMfra;e, :..1 ir buid! !ia. : \ t'l k :Ir for' incuths.f R.LESj'E1' onc.
rope, t 'IJ {T'Mltiwn j'or want ot L'rlz.Vre. ''ii:! beoiii I C. & \ I
Iftul J
50 Bbls. 1'I[ I | by th.' 15th hp: Thryrei ectrui-: : F uru d 13. I.ln quitj "
new flour, A < I .rhi'-nl J 1 I
p I. '".irv 1833.: iolii'il! a .
( y nfpubhc and 24Jm
20 Hhds. Bacon IIOCERIES.A }patrouagt, p'"IJ ; ''heui- ,
s .lvc.> t.) a sliic: pei'forhianccol nilcari.misbici.i i T : 1 tGE.-The suiscriler bas -
CO ckscotVee JOSEPH full !:' 1 JbtJtini
I I 60 i U ,.s. Ruin iuii v Mork iniii iis \ anety.( LA1)i ) i ted to :clr carc. -I I .nisrratiol on the tstate of :Uidittl: (tC rs '1

I I"h I q-- .1.1xes ,, I.- 1 il r..'- <.n".in* : miii I tU % .1IJ ir .. PEACHY &. MACK1NDER. i :tOLL tate d'Lf.fJn County dccesd. It.eueats Cum. 1

2. FLOUIi. Jr.: NVA-U.i t- HZHn TO C.'L.JOHNGA.MIJLL; > I I'C-'PiI. having c.t1I13! atLLnbt said aJJ .
*-' tobacco, :ll ,._. .JjDGI'I .\ Jcflerson.GEoRcI d itau: duly authenticated with,, t5\te to prl'lItnt j
ID .> v s io. ;O'J WIJ..J.I'Y ; 2..i ui.s. ;. (I. nllll, V.\L, > the Imt

.; 11.0:111.1.u'unber! : Cth 19.12.'u 1 iity Bun-fi- \\ iieatfloiirSadloiy L LALSO. JO o'li:*;. in- ss.itiu :,. .' u .rl;, ; JO biiU.: Mipcriim* fl >ur, I.y rJ.Uwcr they. w ,ill L, foreer Ufrtrequested | dthose.1ntl'O precrjt J

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t.BOP: ( .t .LiJPitl 20 Ki'.slurd ; '20.-.iC'.iCoileiIiO; bo.xesMkius: '"luioea JA.VKSU.IMMf'R: : |} ; rfJ'n 'E'J'J', D\-I'D\ \"at.J .'

,)v' -.u'ks Li I i j po I! KJ:. J.J.Ai> \.'''I-J, J (iadsdcr. .M-iL-nnFi'' J-nmrv jrh I :U. ,". ;
; Crotkeiy ,and Glass Ware U'li: rh, ;& tlitv ". Uu his fnrmer stork iftctnrs C/ 'L. i H.I V. UUKN:'; 1' -. t
: ittJJ it 0 t r UCttLtt /* h Si. ".: --. i r.. n o. I Hi-j e-"Il.rOr'I Fi' nd'I Middle ) .
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eryvsre aSs iI..i j z !! : i .J'
'fiuvan- tnt ant sirM, liausdtn J O.13thJS3.).
. Looking Glasses,6ak Ilt. I 5/e. / e c c'.t ,--n- tii.s. County.
!J. and the publictt :
t-I i I :ti.n.m[ & ( ADAMIiUN'iEU 4
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-..-..t .e. .,.- 'ily made clotliiiiir,. .. latlOJ1ar&L. & I' in ::. .?1' 1'::f"S ..-r ctah ,n cuttuii. ; S. vs:: )
-- -- M.igng._ !:tl.U i % iy.h I J.-.J; :;. 2tf r % i j E: MibscnbtT ha" .nCK'\ 'In ..
JAviES been nOD Eltuty.
:!.I iVING : ..i '.Ib.'i., i.nportance 01A t Ai'.MLvLLLN. jug ap- SHELTON (

B !''AL.HhH \'. "III : .uJ"'rLa"IIl : :I.tlla !.t'. \u\'cm'r: 1'th; I ;H. ; i Irr lili.MOVAEiK ..O- 1.IIIt. d t>.r L- :: .-"pn:}'. (.fi, :s'i .- ILUA.M' Ii. LLLt 'j J .

toh ':' rU'f 11I''j''s e- lo publiva: a weekly ic.t .\ .1:. .; lUttUEluve lately rcccn.d- -. ,.I Subscriber i'ak; <.-> this I'j; ; 'rtiiriity to infurni 1 .; : ;' tl .:.i l pit lic ir r.le'I::. n ir-i.coinmi.'sjonbubi-' ,tN n.ot.on; of ihearnplaiKint by his attorney .
i. i. *
-t P"j' .a. ihis pi ue. ;undir, the .il>,vc title. '1 h.$ papu! Jl1lion hand at their sloies ntTallahass ins (just.'mu rs, and ...: ;.ui'lic! ;Ct.s ally, hat he .It"1 't. jieti! ,,,o ';ir.j- !f'(1 ;pay slri'-t: at'.tr.tion to all: It t pe..nnto-h: court, Hut the Ut kn1t11.,

r WI.: tic d' \'iJ t'l C.>niuii.iciai and A;ucu'luiai: nt' ,- .". .-rks, luc: i,1io' in.. at tideS otmnerC1ianui.\ vii am.: ,> rem,vid :hi.C; neelii'."'d j 1.. lb"; and ..t'..n'.i i..i :..'- fir othei 'ot. reside in this Territory it w ordered..h it [de

fu.jurfl a-id: t'fiivrai und l 1\tW$. POLL I Ii 'S. 125 PieCntton U'g-ging, ., 1 i. V \f L A Arnnviiul near the l'aj'ii't.r.i ; <1, un! rr fh! : e 'tutry. H- ,:fi':i ibiuthet i '.; ucf Majtha ;- .said. defendant t answer tl'.e C.IIIIuiU3ntS bill untt j

'leth''lIa :\! or) ,crrit'tflaliH, : be miuhtaiy! '.- Lu Cons )Uale; lit., :t. en-s! t-o.isuiiiilv; luiiiti ihe of LIU.U: >i 1.1 ".I" win ic .. l'i::lV' 3* .'1fI! tjmesbf :;"', ?.' ):or: the, twCnt, -fHt1 day ,if .SI t .rc t: lC.t:, tie| on
rciJid. umion will, be the sel.cuun Ut kitt:' u.i.I l!.tin:; \.":;-2 :: ill b, taxen: fr: contW-d SI1l1t 1
paid to of an :- iOt) 'His. Baninu: Twne, :-also v.n: : u> Ki.niif .' me an-! Coufi.iis; ,. I'. BYRP.StOl'Ugf and the mait*. thr! 11

ces ta !:1 r.' iaiyciuiat".tr! for liie t ulunms: (;t the .\:;- 6uijl: U.tcn.. .- ule-i! ;uid Iluins, i uritr, ('id-r, A ::' .-';; it..tts, S '.i-atmtuis, Pickles, Ulld ; :crtcd 'aordmSiy It ,4: further ordered, thatl

IEHTI 1Uli, cure tal.t-n i.Hl i.oilim;. Lidifl.: t- .'.- I I1"3n' 311 l l'l'j.. .i. < ... '11'h.1I'lu.c: Pork, .- !' ,., .'. i t ;ilf-l -/1; ,. :.". .,; .. '. ::.' aiall > 11.1'lii CljlClI.L IMMOD, &C. "ClI'y of J this order bl' ImbIU>htd in svm aUlh .
in 1I.:.'vests i Us IK u.iiui.cJ.: Uu 6u K.t-s V. :: T"'II t I lJ. ujul i... r.cri nu.: !. a..d "cwsFaI'cr 1 f this di3tnct! n"
) : ii
p.iM'iiij I LI'at Lu.i, o t..rm-. Ill I l ; tenders in;, sin- .: ClH..a n: vareJk unce a.ce!( 1;)rl'' n ."

literary Irt'H'IC. illVlinltrl! iu in our eiibrt: t.fen. 30 !:>i.-. Mr.nti.h( !a and common U'iiisli- n: i.i.cus oiueis tiieraily, !;.r their tib i(1 f.i3t iivl (>>.'r>n -,:;.:.J', and i iprc i >ani! to rt- IL C LESTElt clerk, and m: :cri ill ( 1oue:lr.
:the AmEKTista -.,.ul : ; v.. (X)( IfJ:1J1..1. : : 'IIveiberQL1! 1 ;:2. p ,
'' r t a:ieoack-. 5 ./t b. Baltt.Kt'iv Gin, tavi.'rsthe year-uid hopes f.y unrru.itftnvtn : -J or other produce 06 if tur- I-I Im '

'III. \D\ LKT1sL1 "iLl.Lc pi.tnetl'dta j.o ;%%- Run : M'the.- I t-f '
on A r-iyal s heU, and will be issuca a: vion.'is :isiiili-: ; 10 nroiia'c.: I ''U"D Siortd. &('ld or thipped, and all Coaimo.-.ii .I Ternary).'-. Florid. :Miilale: 1 .v,ov12h 1 '
4L. Cgt'Ilt nLi1Ier (.f auh-ciitx'-a are teel.ih". The I : uimof > i:o i t .. Mi] c"ii lie I l'lourJO R.l WE.-T. 1 lii, .-::.->s stnrtly) ittr.JeJ i". le! h 'hits .1 share < Gadsdcn ,iunl.L..LA.i J l3t. .'.'

bu.siyipinu; .1:e >4 j pc.rllI U1n If IJII.I wittiiu tht 'u-; :1i"'I'rdwo.I i and 3, -huv' 10. UJ32. 17 tf rubip!; i-Jtr-na l'. :KD: .', ARD >EI :JS. D. ilAitRIsuN[ i .

.:SI ::x ni inihs, ami $ unpaid afitrtluu time. .Ju ) Siii i..s Lr.'oi'l( Uroiufd and .\num Salt. j i.f?. U I K. West has :junt rt' 'I..j\,1 .iinrt from I!, -' :in;;:--.II.I', -i"-, i Ih', \l)2; 'J-f It.NC.AlSisTEAD.: ; \\l"E I .
It.ltlul of sufli;; a lo the .d n-liaiilsof: th-! \'. 1 i 1 1.j] i --
paioi : it. Ut-. -Jlitr v.. ; ii :i "f-nrrul. .isM:rirm'nt I.f L" t'ir-r: < a iart.1--ii'j'ply I (.i'I I lilt; ; very I I.l.t quniitit- .t
City, and .-f C iluiubu-. (Jeo. aiul also of tlltt.1.IIt.lll ; .. rn-i. .11 l day came the
er:< ', I1i iy ; i> :.dd:, I ."rll\\ul': Cnml-i < .I.MI._ i..tttor. A.O eoNLr1; zx.tiy.- His t'ii-nl.i an tie TO.EAtE. parties) their attorneys ant

pa. : < f.e: couiiiry' : tr'tdiiig with this !p!Ice. as an adtetlining 'ln .t ;ISj'.* !,, lic.'M.'H; and!) };'.. ,- v ( is i ;Zw..(1 .11'.; aiiti Ut .:tIJ, aie invited to rl R.t1 alddillUJ ,11f oinpliiiunt. by hi : ?

mcilitun! musi bcadniuted, arid iu inc Pall: ; -f I ihey 0.11: r4 Uir! I.'.>O./I' rs and tht! f 'l.iJ'ii'.v'c : : !!i UK'judj' ;t" fur. .ln-niN' 'i f"'... ( 'ci. :Ssiili I.--'J. I Mt! te iii: ul! \\""l.-1UI.e th.l .' .. f mutt ndam MfcSaroisdk'i'j i : '
it will -- -- -- _.
highly usefui infjrmaii.n. -. ;liL'I; ,, -h: J. ': I --- "ilIlJS"llllcr !-ia rettndy erected a baiuforreccnmc
Our f-i. ; ; id: are jui.sied to forward their advertisemCiiis I -- t 'I 1 Il N)1t'liEltN( MAIL S 1 \;1. 1.; "0 Ly Jj;! :> feu, co'tonaiv-J spacicn ltOd :\rui:: ad is his ainur.zstrar ; it l a tba .
; I,,r il.e fiial / ., Ki-m, Fruit .{ c.1J the l.lltr.r dies not reid t- ap ing
nui:"ucr.buDsvjpiiuiis ; cr c'L.. .. TI.MOTinrCARTY. ii this i
.. / ,1''e: .I: tv..J Hotd e\. untet"} It is then
g wliKi rceeivcd, to be forwards tu tic :> M..JS.. uiutt.j> ; ll libiy ru:/i ; 3: LLli.! : gin, -' ::- l .*t--.: 2 V.Moi.-Jjiy! ,I lid! Friday ut 3 A-. Sr.; MarKs, Dt'rcmii-r 27h; l 1.'31 1 IDtf lire ordered, that unless the said dctendani answer lk 1

Kuuscnbcr at App iUc..i.'.<.iK.. 9' cidtr, jjlr&j$ 'i. and v/ili v1 I. 1'I-.j; couip amants bll?, on ,.r before the ;'
urnvcr al AlilledpS {1': : t-ceii enty-fifta Iarrh
it.'Vj.iy d dllYc,
5'ijr. rasKb: .. : 'pp j MIKI a'! J>.r .\.
> -Jt J ntjct th.
U. j)1.1OUVETCOTT. I -z ? --- -.. ,
s.imc will Le
Lit/n taken
J jc; 1)I., i/ti the f..I I'. v cM.nty, 1 ; o.l'i.-r for confessed
> services ,
'J J i.ercoy
-ft :iu ray r'J 1I.L".j he ,
l.u. [
/JiprJ< w&Ja B /, t -.JXE3. .. rn.ikin .j .in ill : matters thtie. f dtcreed : i
nij.iys, ihe trip in ['acayl ui'ciiJ and it i iher ia iur .
u : |
1: bxes : : *iII Keeping an otlicc! in .
1), c. iU. l":.Ji. S Slurry, ) .. ; ordered, that this publiLV
7 Ijtjld. <-i ii iy&- The line hus. bet II very .,' >. I.m ; d.ti.5't-t rf \ !lIch dne na.'C11.: : lie .tven. In tlumcier.i i e once a n cek
drvid "I'P"S! ; bids.( dry<*d pc.ichf-s. ivtoo :hr Hdauion of I : i 'ltt'.ur: nuinihi m SUU.B auihoiLed .'
} new coaches ami } any u-m-si l Ion with Mi. J
11. "
THlil c"a: \ Wtlliir/i uewspapr
") oculjc. hu> a :Lull ltd jicie* or hl. n: ")iM i.i *j bids.: ;iLwii: 3 1, N. .. of I iv.iiiirei p o sn i"t. 1. :. LES'iElt
.pjias :: 2J U. .
; nn.e riou iiua' -for !! duk
JL ; ppl at the s.ii-.i ( '. v.iii!h ''t'm'- II. J. UJll master in
iior ) ( n. IIACKLEY. eqwty.
--! :otion ..IIItI. \\ iadihe unites in lent 35 Mat3 toli i N; Vt :
; c ; 1 10 1 0)0.: IICW 1.l'Clhclt, i h.1fI1 ;- .lil/.Igtt' I t ..r.:.... -Jd I 1-3-A nthl'r fl'li l 4:P. '.UM
1<2 j .' i '1" .t tnu 111' }':I1I a, t'n uLich he v. ni: take 1 hI UlXLJ'Jilll I', -. ... antJ p&rclsatthc. rt k uf th.: 7tfL.tTKST ..
__ .. pan .: I"Xl': S:"'.II. 1',111.11, < II. --.r. I.: '-U.U-- ? t. II '." :J'
.1.- -i U. .t _
-t l/l VY \ctl.l. - miy o HridzLten
":ic < i -' I 'J5 : h : '
UUI nia( ;
moilieo iciil. T.-riuitor r iiwr ]I \UIII ...ISIIIS ; :U J 'u's ditto, .-. -." r :2i> Ir. it. I The Svperiac Court.
c.t.i luxe -.ny quality! exeelluil l.inJ. ((Indian t.lj 10 l !!b. ,'iuk ; :!o *..iki; salt ; IU) I t.Markcrtl./ i lid FASliiO.VE. .-. CACCUiO.: cf t. .. \dtlcn, con'' 'z .

fad) easily! }prepared Kr cu.ivtiUoii: J:>r which hin'oaui I tvfvj), .;"panidh ! .-.. u-i. rcct.V'ii! bii AtNL'urk :i \ i;i. L T UAA1PBKLL i. v.1i".t ,. I E. 11t'It1 v-" (liiCZa-1.:

Oo charged no reni the lirsi )'etr. Tne 1 ;iL Dr.fl and others defendants. j{Ct',' '.;!

Laid is well adapted to lhccuiu\a.honof ihe Sea IsLi.i.COtlnil. : 1 a.ji; ,; terms bj LA WKE.\CK P. HILL. t es.abiis'imenl a;; the a.wvc plii f, .i> tii nii.iu- A A uU'4. .4.6..1 ..Aji. ,. 3. : 1 Bur.ptariiig Parker to the satutactiou oi the Cuurt ihai "

c 133. &.re !
.1 i: ,
i"ifMX vc.y S'l' .r tj".il.ty.-I >II .i-c; < ii.y iii :. .L- r.- : 01'.H..I i .,t thucftnd
Ttio person renting or leading can be uiJIi] d with '. .iiLir Intention to ht cp a constant. :.Uu, : : 1 nt.iias V : -.t-.. -.I.-! .ni:'iic gl:. -Ily, ti t ii.: iuve ..., uits. aforesaid: are not rtsiutnu of"ttriiwiry 1

torn ti be p tid fur out of iiia c/op of C l/JII. \l't AND.V' V '-I :. l' and Cluincy, I'lort'la, aiu 10 nm ai 'mhrt.:. .i'I' t v- : :' ;1-' -\ -k it- ; > iLatet. but i.-.c la some oiher poriut thetiittcJ

J. )\ iijixv! : it-ii line \\ itt. ,
prJ111'Jlne5-cH.( .
UK-PO .r.w.r ...a..u.a Lu \ DOJV'MXL
WHER ( It is tJ. .
.: Fu" :an net* 'tll! Town, December 23.h i.i2.. IJii"IN re are warranted to work \ tJli it.t o-l u>.i-t. .S-S, rtfot. decreed and ordered, that unk! sail!
TheYJake this wa 1 1;>-' rin< II >.j'\ :ai>!unu.c.1.. in their di> appear and answer tf.: mplahunt3 ;'.'
opp'nmi..ta.u .
f i\1 E'"r .TRi older, tilablunir.eut L Li't tl.c. : la 1. 1111'.1/ ,-_ i t" si'ieiRii .. buick i-Iu. nkd h..r:in, I'II.r before ih! first
LIQUID q'ell r.i..i. .n Lou :..;iIt, a.u ;..u, < t brown, invis- Monday in June na:, ,
INK. the
Si' :1'l"Ib
all gins made .u' :h.!; ;iJ ac. d:c ot .I.e.. i..anus".i:: : : !e ;n'I', A- *' .el nii.xt rlot'.s: s-ipcrnnc same bh} ill be taken pro cor-ftao. and tLc wai 4

QU1NCY. ; NuVCInl't t-13 1 ." 1 1.".,. : IM.I : ...1 J., ..;;;t,;; d'.U.! t fan.y col->ureav Lets thertof '.'c,-rted accorJi:: /Vjciueu" .
iI.trk .iy
Ii'1I1) ui. 1 II j A .::11 ii \\j i u n : Li"t: I- '-- -.- :- 1 iliin I .' ,.' 'i....n i ff>ini \ h nd. nn" b.iif, I order bt- published i iii ; : thai thii ;

Til : .suUs.iT.o. ...j.j I iftv letn v ii tram r .and 'IHt.tlIl1p.d} reputation of In 81 artil ., 1J11'.iJ: Vo -iiu i silk ";i. v.irieryui fancy andinck ted in tn! .. district : itiieauthtui2ediicAS{>apcrpii- 1
y .t.t inviti.d to the N 1 G ,: : velvet, .c. ic.-lordlier with once a week f four monb.
( 111')\\ : ai (he curtJt a'.orv following respectable testi ; s q" I ., Jan. .
tipeiti r fortncriy; "< .rV jL ., genera! ;t.-,,. ?.)tflt of : \ ld.,3. 231ii.: TlK'MAb
ou 11'11! i.y .Messrs. '. .x Ji.} P. Petty, aid.ppiMtc "Mr mony to th.' fACt, and to make trial; for thcmse'vne > in -ne in :. ,::1'i .- .sablt) at.-d rtady-mjcie. cloJiing, made upS 1 RANDALL .;

IJut.\! ii.i I jRi m.i-iic au-1 w. :Kit wii .'d mij-ortuiuc of having the very heM ot' Wi-i in E.: ItOnh [ .. 'urai.-ie: : yll., consisting of Nt I; IL'A.: .-All
C gtrl. i- :1 k .u.ti! dress .' persons ha\iig cla.n i
< iLo
|!.k ;v i";li wiknnvn to i loe mentioned. I I a::, co, ;-ttes. pant.a1xnsa. | i.'1 s 1g.l: :t

1t:: .q' "' .11 1'1.1 D G"t1tL Von iii i uve fniinfcii: years, and the This kind i; .is. M.\ .i i.. tiveo No 'i f. Jh.ro1l I I v-.s.%, ; .t.: % .. evcr\pdc&rription, line linen and d'.e as estuio d i, arc of !m 1. i\;(.tL late uf Gadidtu ct'Caty, ',

tottmony rcsptr.iu ., t t- t: -n s'u:1 '..n-: .I.-: i.> draws requested to present them
it the: ramlet cWks properly (
.PJa m.s.-Y JI' Jl.J.'l..t .; iv s.une fn-m all .jf the thonticated
pans ! ,1I.tI \.r.Iar.s, c-. 1 ki .\ ist a varit ui> iiiL- time prlscribeil [by law !
J of fashionable otr.\ms
/ DRY-tOODS; y
j' j iiLi .ui they will Ov tl/rever
Yiu..iS'. Rt :. l faiicv II uchi & (.f ::tn:.c i. m'sdrea.: srch barred. TIiO:eindeuit-iici -'i'
.rroj'Cwu-iyj'icts Off.t'Orleansl% Jan. 26 as fancy trim- pi aao ,;... lu.nicdiait-
\\MH.-', .!. I.: ;" si'I;"lu\" -- j JAU* .un< t1 I and be.-: t| 4 !srs.L ISAl.D Cv NOYKS' I 1832 BOOTh&IIOIS ..1.11 aud .lain rf l' i K': black I halill llk CRAVATS be piy .
: ,'-men: havit. & f white IVr1I. \V. D.
qn "'Iii." and .IJl.lrcc! ; .ncy ugnrtd, HARRISON Adiu'ia. '
c ': ; tl."C>j,-j-ur,:urj.\L liv.u yur Int. l'Tau:: p 'ngu* fiAiNDlvEKCHIEFri j .'
air: have
twoy 19th
we ihc .1 183J.
4 CLuT.ts AXDCA>:INr.TTi-I"- July rtiiii'.c: -lothui,, Marino! I!' t.-j idii'ini y n.' ; ;il h u o\.e 1'ound; it lo bo i.f i plisjrc l..l J ..d.I.. t;*') O', II biat-k ijtife l.ntn shirt collars, shin ooaom.s and Mud white ii nary 2.vr! ,

:!J 1,1 IL'IJJHrdwfIk; : ,ui,; fla; do., l'AtIHUSAI;i .t'i;:, ant! : :.' best v.chavt il superior KEAiA-.MA. : horse skin and burk gloves, susptndtr-, cravat J"QL": U J ICE.-A.l
eve/uicu. rl-A\s person. .uc
fltETS, with b..v k i- i \\1 & LJ..U1 l1I.tG.. ::.tiinc .c.A'ase X.l hereby u .tilietl asi .
jslri''n it Itj..llld ndi uubti. aid ;> ': a \1".<* :i..iliClil biatk.k r.iutioncd not to trade for a note
given Daniel
.' f. 1'fltfflrI:::s, w tn u. vaiitty of oliei! ,. tides too *k .. p-.'.[p. c' .'.ily.' A! alii sI 1.1.' of fine t'ntl<-mensLEAVER 31. jKitUn, for upwards of thirteen huiidreu by ti.-ilxs J..

tt> I H nil.t1''. AXTC(.>10 1) i'RS.< /'f i3lero Convfy nes. I-1d1W4 1 AiE(1 HATS, tine jruoti by John lieilatny tor about live hundred aal, ir

G itCICERIES &C. CIAII'A: i _._' Dtyattj ltrlrr.: with an assoittnvni i.t.shi..nail cioia and fur forty .'iiLrs, and two olhtr units givt.i; bv Uwen V. ,

Oj/'icr i'iifL'. S. Cinciiinri.i. i/-e. 7 IS'Jl. OCi4c : -- Pitnnan f-.r; forty ciht doiiar
.1 .' .iI ,h. ;. i n.. The Ink 1'r ..I : JU.ullnd ula,:,wan', iouk- t. I the .ate Tr.omos ? NCt.-aU'p.tIa"lc tJ f.
Y jll-t tt'U Il'I1't- .iayuurd a.u .\('3-Is' Jn> 1 b buphy Dec. 5th. And tteyarenuie:. '.,J
lea. : nl.uu.'tj oJ It.>, idl i:t"e'h i u.ii..saud bides, sup' r- I u'i-d in this Oifi.-t( for scvi r'l! yc ir:.. \\ .. f.nd it 5u;><- .ag il'lclSNS, cit:. eie. Th subscribers giur.tiUttlo furnish those w hi )\Cr t .ALUL.llt d auai.-. trading fr any othir ucltien gli-
: nt I'., white !liftaid.. ,riul' lo 4 t; hiVe d. P nriy to the said
any -vi-r u.J nE\ SUN C'asiuer 'Ir pka&e lo t.i.utii dur..1I dtcedciuas ihe above
: aiJ
0wa. -/h-: .. ti.iir eiislcm, wrii others "lit
GOSH EN CHEESE AND BUTTTR. Iitgisers Cj//io/ "Vtc- VtirA:, Oct. 2j, J.I 1 sdlc 0. u.e iiiobk ivusiiu'.u tICh'w lH.I they offe.jOr .- tide in Ilrt'il'I.",:, tnade up in lilt must t'ai'.hiul unyar- known, are wrongfully withheld fr,1m thes:'.c -Cr.1'
I? :\1,'ssis. \Ar: ,.AliD X 'oii.-.,' leriiii tot C.I.It or aj;- and ninii'r m-s; manner ci.ra.n; personQuincy. .. A4UEL .
re.i&nnable \l'\JliRT1A
> tjinli'V: of tlavanaiii.'n-tiiirotrec: .tOV..drLdit urnia 1r 1.
eandi. a. t 1tr sl'uv in .linri: 'J 1 anti hnpo lhatly I ..
2p.rvn s, "> -* eei alE.
licutlem"II-l1t1.\'ill <
t 'tt ry line mll"etft'otd.) herrings, pippin ajikrf] in..h u>cd your {Ilk> about siut .. yars, l.lli1H.! .. ir', their assiduity! and strict uUcnlii-n to hue I,(,;, ilu'y ( > ".e i--er 29th IS32.; i____ .
ave lu-sitatxni will
Ian .
in ) inent Ati'l/
; reiv'a
ild } I it t
cojinao 'LIICitljZ
poI. ; lnainly, do. liolUnd 'Jan.iio fup n'o/'io-iry trenerom hanof K .
( gill, %. t.' i. ,\ e h 'ietuf.r.: UbCit and SUCh S.KuLi.R'J' all "rdrs patronage I UTICE.-l ne undersigned .
it s hankfnlly hisvp.r.edUiiii. ;
4 ej I iiert as imported' ojj apple bra.1dy.1\110'1 rtcom- & Cu. rtrnvnl and eAtcwui at the jftj the
.i-.ihcl.t .iK-.d it. C in f
h, ; Rt&pcclfully, )'our'ILtd't. 'erb'Is.JAJIS.1IlliAY. t I I'lllCr*. Nl o. i-l..K.-r. I till shor./ iy i> I'allahasste, ahd will pvuctkc .
.kej years old \\ J lt icli to cihcr with 1--1t :": / I.
fit : at- M i > oKACTuKl-.rif.. ---.- nt-. 1.tI.arly in IheClJurtf of, .tfu.. P.- .."-= ... n....t.Ln..
V oj'1 iihrruitiel.-s fonstitutc! acnintlete .. .. Jdrrr u VIIlllVa "
] assortmentis 'LJt.7iA'.j> 4sJ.n'fjj, El 11'JRE. :"' and Leon, in the: middle 'isii-u't: of Fii'ri.a
is well calculated ILl suit the inhabitants of UAVHJUL.ADD, ; will! ;t md i in the .ir"
Uuincy au iinies 1'i'Jr'
and it.s virinity. HEOGK \IOR'I L\1EH. .L tk.r have > n u. ml a -iieral( as- Sup Courts of ihe C.uuitsof TJioma :::
The above rim; n, to .11 : tr.f.rc.ants711Id nd Decatui, iu the "
{ so-iibern
valuable Jill) circuit
artirLt. ttl..fy of
The be lidd uhoio the Xare u
highest"prices will be may at \ 11"It- '
given for COTTOK, SCCAH, !al lt- and rtt.iil, ai a mall advanc the Hi tJ.: .tiers, <>n the most l favtiun'bie terms toircthtriti jl Gt.vsia. JAMES A. EEl TIlILOT. '
HIDES : on nijuufiir'iipi ; :
ANDALLOTHtRtoi:STUY PUOm'( C. 'It' \ a SiCk .21 aS February 2J 1833. .
ht their ,
1 JA.MKSf.: Frci.l [ e' or'E.. B. PliUKL\S, Jgt.t store in ilMnrff-. 2U .. .

_,I Ot'l'cmlf'r I 1st 1832.' s. Tallahassee, January SUm 11'33. iJUif aii.'l-u:-see. -..- .llf 1 TiuStivuiiint'i Georgian. Southern Recorder, anti C> &
-- 1 1I
I. Iambus
*d.LA : Liiqkinr, will th' <
AUTI( 1 ; abuse
I N.-AIl FAYKTTK'S TI\\\--HUI.-TIIl jivt twoiUitrik-nsaiJ
: u UEISX'E P. hILL, oilers for a.1cnL Tl.l1 1Jla I C persons cautioned against j1urI ., sul.serier : I forward their account.
rhus'njr nth'r\\ teen
-t or ire tradin: for certain notes io'n lia-.iiij appoiiucn the agent rf Gtntrai I I?

b Llbls. and :t. Marks. : ( uy l lit ub.v.-ii-tr( yabletoVilliam( "'yn.r or lxar. j. 1 f..tCII'; to uisjjost i I fIns: ;.am s in Florida, i is r. auj I "j OT IC.-I hereby caution ail !I\r"'oilo wt It-trai! :

apple brandy, I cr ; mdvhich tire to be if i in receive propt is t I. r tIc J i.l I for six of
15 44 paid, nil liens en Uie lu'Ij purchase of any punnuMil p ,1 notes hand given by uir tt'jiHs lul _
_ I 15"' '. K. whiskey turn, i purcn 'sed by the subscribers of Bud \'. yatt, bhould l III (1.l1ti..I k--s han O't sn-.ion, of the ';1Irl"al'8 tnwnahtp[ of'' i i INSURANC'E cri-y for sixty dollars' each, dated January 5rh IS31>
: rcmo\ed Iy a day A.'O'il .GuO acie.N in ihe and
cerium. lien southwest p.iyable
have Un iu twelve
- 10' C. gin, I not qu.u-icr t-l 1 twenty four, and thirty si
removed ; the contract hua not be"- the township, is it-strved from siile. The months, as I
10 n completed by \\ y. terms (,f am dciurmitu-d not to fh ,
prime : -\tl (
pork, I alt, and the subscribers will not sale will be rash, or one fourth in c.tshund compelled law pay
10 Kiinjr.mackerel pay nriyof said notes. the residue i by as the consideration for wl ;ci d .

10 half No. 2 do. I T. \VILKF :1ABR( '(tl. ,, in annual ii'siulmtnu' ;, satisfactorily secured, with mtl.nst nutes't're j iven ha entirtlv: I'OEI -

:)1; *' JOSFPH H. iJLABiiroi!, on the uiiv.ufti of: each instalment 1 from the day "tf ; ). K 1iRR." .
superfine flour, January 19th 1833.: 22Gw 'of! ,-This tow s.shijt! of land adjoining the ni r;-A 1Uor-ir.n.a
5 qr. txis'boxes sweet w1i 1'allJh.ISs city > & -\L.h.-By viatic of *.
l\ ao LrtuItUl
DULU1'l 1 : ( ';.-The firm of tl .MIU, iu reference tolurulity, health ful- Jl executed
35 cheese Presion J.-nes am.t.loss by Daniel .11' '
; I 'I't
or tacIJY "
\ ness (.1'! t'liliiuTc FIRE to mystll *
) was dasolved I'.riiliiy( an"l .ul.ipiion'' of soil to ihe It be cycled can:
to biilo
h mutual expose the
c-2 by on culture on the must favorable lern/ to hirh: bt bidder in the ..f'Ta'
si'ap th-first day "f October latt. (1f'Mtgnr, ami cotton, is unequaikd by h- action the on appJi- lahaace city '
Those o to the 1
indebted any Subscriber on lib
7 claret to the day March. "
: wines firm will rr lowiiahip ol :lunu ii ihe agent of the !'rlltcollIn.u next, the south eas .
3 u Santera do. come forward und doc ihtir amounts RUliEi.T( Flnndct. ranee company, hartford Connecticut. In t J quajrur of section four, township one, ran CUlll'SOU, .)1'

4 10 Firkins GhoKii butter, 2d Uuincy, February ) TIJO'' AS PRIIS": ON Jr. TaIl.1ns'i'c. October, bih 1 IBIJ'J. WILLIAMS.. p.eaiiouthe, fairCash value of the property every n srT arid west ; said laud lyir r about three mndes south *. )
30 1833.'JLLIA \. (D.JOMS.: bit"The s & :fnClO1" M.ence i of Tallahassee there is the
pieces cotton ui above
bagging ) murnisliednfthi land comfort
neLs'of T
1cF':: Swtl'ern .i
243'n cor
Recorder :
( LIe
) WII LIAiMNrKMXX eorgia the rec dwelling and
___ Rich- out-houses
vo ;
_ kegs lard, rcprCacltution, and the -ood ; a considerablepor'ioB01! .
50 barks fine *alt, rfljlUL; uuderki ncd h.ivin purchased the entire interest (tn Jui flit lii'i Erquirrr, \ II1'tU.t ; the Columbia Ttlcscvpz! S. character of the applicant. The solvency oldie Oft mm-nl t' cleared t land ; and a valuable saw mill now moperatirt. .tf.

18 Iwixts brown sherry wine, JB. \Villi-un Neeman in the stock of goods ; > Rannel; 111lJlltllIlUJ't'i /Ttnnes-Kcpublicnn .Mar)laud ; thevYttsliiillr I and its t.irncsiand punctuality may be contiJenrly rcli'li }'Pi). 2t1. 183.: ".. 24tds. D. \!. SHEFFIELD] trusg.'l .
will }j
2G ba Rio will continue to do business .it the iiiM-n; the nhove tiderlisement 1 on. E. erri of Florida .
!H r..otTec-la.nding from slier, Washington same stand under \ B;PER ic i v*. lory Franklin
the firm of Preston li/r four weeks in sui'cession und rI1aIInSSPC. I I. cjuir.j: 'iuwuo* App
from -Y41rk, anti w>ld on uccoimnodatiiiij tenns. and Jones, and haie it-ceivetl in heir Hrrminis lo this forward oJ. 22. 1831. 27ff ichicoliu; { I

_ _i N v,'n.b.-r. Cth 1832. )I24wVT addition to the old uiock from Baltimore and NewYorkH oHice fnrinn'iU.STORAGE POUND OP BROOKS LATHROP &co. } 'tl
heavy supply of 6))0 000 TALLOwill
groeerics and
: are
daily &C. vs
expecting be
J received j(r. brig Good! Return from ""Balti fr< m the latter place a handsome assortment ERR & f purchased by the subscriber HENRY ALLEN > In Attachment. .,
or { oot.1sMlIll.d STURGLS have spacious f or cash and J
K and safe
t more to the present season a.d approarhin: spring ware-housts at St. Marks h hvered the generous price will be paid, if de- persons interested
for the by first 4LL are tab
j2 Coxes, fcalf oxe&, and qr. boxes, Lunch raisings, und intend constantly to keep a ood of reception of day of March next.J. that hereby required to
supply gnod.swlueh union on fur Ilta'.le.ied
; storage or and I
10 Kegs, and hull ktg tlo, I they ofler to >ell to their old 1 friends; on the lair advances tlltYVIII make G. & N. IIAMLEN. reeled at the instance of an attachment, tome*; ;

I I 15 Jars, and half i grapes, usiml credits : they feel grateful ci-acktrs followimr town
4 Boxes fiie .licit
a continuance of their -
patronage as intend Ports viz To and pointed out to
I they :-.tu t'wrlcansj Charleston me, to be the
SOO Cocojt nuts filberts riutt &c.AH trying lo dcscnc the ; property of H nf/ "
palm cigars same ? cw-\Irk Providence Allen, and have gurmshecd '
"f which i is offered Leap for cash.Drr Liverpool' or Havre. Sl\LE.--4 David L. White and TIX* 1
t t THOMAS PRKSTON: Jr. On all consignmenui will FR Copper Boilers LaPrade in the above "
they case said
P '1832. 11)1; (: R. K. 'VERT.UINCY WILLIAM D. charge 2} percent the ; case is returnable f \, .
JONES. Alllo-L'opper next
for guarantee on sales and will Dippers, SkiOlf"'er court of
find common and
responsible the
to SCOOPIt.u &
annual Quincy February 2.1 1 1":31. 243m owners fur loss reduced prices.-AI, 10 to t be held In and for oyer fPJ:
l.'URlo'-Tbe mces over the any sustained the voyage, thr ugh pair horse Mill :tontili. said town on the third Mondays' :

tt duifcy track will commence on Wednesday JUSKPI1 LAlU has just mxived and for sale \ery any neglect on their pail allectinginsurance.aunisl Apply Mil' IC,to BETTON & EMOUY May neXt. WBL LAPRADE, Ati'y. Pi'&. 4: '' ,
Trte for hors 4 boxes shoes all 28th 1832. 39 January 26lh 1933.
2U. Pc.hruary.IB33. any mare or gei. kinds, brown domestic, 2tfA. tr 236* :
and continue four successive days : lut tiosortment ",cloaks 1tJOTICE.--The .A DAUMSTKATOil'S
uii-f., g cotton and silk! umbrellars owners of slaves SALE.- I '
_ iptie heats : *2d day 1st best, and 3 ins: 3d dy 1 mile ; 10)kegs go hell butter ; 20 boxes buperior tll- : 1'IAltJA.l\l\'A) UOTEL.-Theabovena-, l, and its vicuniLr arc infonnc,1 that in the Tallahass e, .." order of the honourable" Agreeable for to*J>* ,
court }
.1 cU : 4th da}* I tingle niile. I bacc". .Mv!!'n lia.; Df'rf'llIiwr 2Ht.!/ |s't2 19tf. : formerly"under the respecting sbvu wIll be strictly patrol laws, county of Gadsden, I shall expose county to sale i4 j
the before sup nueiifiuni-e of Col. Aland* is now enforcedho r- front of public '111
II -tses to be tillered willi fcecretnry 5 o' sous having occasion to send pe the court house door in
BILLS OF L.DING[ N.- open for the accommoJation of the their servant to town the town of Q.uiB _'
clock 4 the da prtrHn P"1A' ) under the d ard to furnish them day of March red .
tare at the
with the next .
inana cuiCw. gf Mj 1MA. ,
Bv oilier of iLv Prciid t. and kept foi sale this Office : tickets. relusita estate belonging ,
e ut J Junvwy 26th aa. D: Ia A. \v. CREWS, city tnarsha! I' deceased.. to John P. Neal, late of the said cocfc* "'i'
J4J6U V7. D.
f. U11 i.h leJa i Ow I' January 2Cth J833. HARRISON. AdnVtor-23tWi,'

... ,

-l! -. .. __ _4l .0 "- .-,-, -,'. .._. Id- -, .-- .&___ .

The Floridian

Material Information

The Floridian
Uniform Title:
Floridian (Tallahassee, Fla. 1831)
Place of Publication:
Tallahassee [Fla.]
Wm. Wilson
Creation Date:
February 16, 1833
Publication Date:
Weekly[Nov. 11, 1837-1848]
Weekly[ FORMER 1831-Oct. 15, 1837]
Semiweekly[ FORMER Oct. 18-Nov. 4, 1837]
Physical Description:
v. : ill. (chiefly advertisements) ; 54 cm.


Subjects / Keywords:
Newspapers -- Tallahassee (Fla.) ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Leon County (Fla.) ( lcsh )
newspaper ( marcgt )
newspaper ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Leon -- Tallahassee
30.451667 x -84.268533


Additional Physical Form:
Also available on microfilm from Bell & Howell, Micro Photo Division; Library of Congress, Photoduplication Service.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
-v. 20. no. 34 (Dec. 30, 1848).
Cf. Gregory, W. Amer. newspapers, 1937.:
Began with Oct. 10, 1831 issue.
General Note:
"Laissez nous faire."
General Note:
"Democratic." Cf. Knauss, J.O. Territorial Fla. journalism, 1926.
General Note:
Publishers: Samuel S. Sibley, <1837>-1840; Gibson & Sibley, <1840>; Gibson & Hubbard, <1841>; E. Gibson, 1841; F. Flagg, 1841; S.S. Sibley, 1841-<1846>; Sibley & Dyke, <1848>; C. Dyke, <1848>.
General Note:
Editor: E. Gibson, F. Flagg, 1841.
General Note:
Description based on: Vol. 3, no. 10 (Oct. 24, 1831).

Record Information

Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
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This item is presumed to be in the public domain. The University of Florida George A. Smathers Libraries respect the intellectual property rights of others and do not claim any copyright interest in this item. Users of this work have responsibility for determining copyright status prior to reusing, publishing or reproducing this item for purposes other than what is allowed by fair use or other copyright exemptions. Any reuse of this item in excess of fair use or other copyright exemptions may require permission of the copyright holder. The Smathers Libraries would like to learn more about this item and invite individuals or organizations to contact Digital Services ( with any additional information they can provide.
Resource Identifier:
002060561 ( ALEPH )
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AKP8647 ( NOTIS )
sn 84022794 ( LCCN )

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Full Text

". ..c- I _"

.I.-- ,.- .- ..
I 1' jiE' FLORID I .A N. --- 1 J

I ruit-ipl s o1 '99-'Pbu wj. still man.
i urn':a'
1 I'UOl.llf ri.oicim i\ on of IessrV llace aDd

,*VUr dollar .t" advance,-01 Five in sic month Sums: by declaring that tho measures of S. C.,

So pai-cr y- }llb'Hi} ntinued unless at the option of and certain pacts of the Proclamation wert '

.r.c Ed.u. be < re arrcarafes arc paid.Adcnjrenents : each of them contrary to those principles.

will be conspicuously inserted at se- "LAISSEZ sous FAIRE." The House adopted the resolution in this form

ts per square for the first insertion, and -and the only question then was as to reques

[l e.ntr-nvcctn continuance. All adaugments ant J1m Wa1LQ ting S C. to rescind or :5u.pend.r Ordinance
each subsequent jltL
p accents SUlUb 1PmIDIlW.u1u ups ae rao a u rn OO (brought up by Mr. Carter, of Richmond
[ will be continued until forbid,unless other coun
tyand) an amendment moved Mr. (
I tie ordered. -W'1LLL.\1] 1* iMJTTALL, lUlU printed, u> be paid nut of any money in the Treasury Ins been mimtdiiteiy relieved and olten protesting also against the us of force by rfodo the,

The postage on all letters and communications to the HIXON, have formr.l a Law ., not otherwise appropriated, t for the pennon cured in a variety oi c: that have occurred peiuiaMeully in Burro Pr8.idelJt. Tbe House seemed ,
will receive alienliun. Part ership, and Mill practice in the Courts+>f the .\1;i11- ers of the United State, :br tile vearor.e thousand and vicinity, by using for horttizne. t>, be oncu -
Sditor. must 1 be paid, or they not die District, and Jackson County. OlScc utar the eight i : hundred and thiity-three: : Dr. Uelie'i Vegetable Specific and anti-BiUuus Pills, more likely to het ID ties, upon tdeae propos 4

Planters Ltutel.Tallah For the revolutionary oensiuuers, under the several both of which are to be taken together according to valuable I- tionsf when they adjourned.
;sbccnu.9: ISM 51 3m I acts prior to that of the seventh June, one plain and piactiral; direction accompanying the Yesterday ; they met under better t t

iLl" XOTIC1AIi }prisons indebted to the S. thousand eight hundred and 'pecifir. Price each. aup ivies.
HAWKLNS thirty t\v<>, six hundred Mr. Mooro offered -
P. Mlte i/damuel, Richmond der'd., arc requested i None are genuine unless signed a preamble and'resolutions
Tr! 'UN E'J and twenty-four thousand alt hundred and t on the oolsu'a prin ,
conns* !II.! i i.tlti' M.inain; ted which
r .1
t0 G9 ll awl vtil'1 their a"1"11' *, as the wt "lln>1 <)f the A F .,''-1. U '. 1.1 i I eight y-five dollars, in addition to an uuexpended I wrapper, by the Bole proprietor T. KIDUElt. seemed, to hit th:* la>te ufall side of tho

'statej I I MI admit of any 1 :,p given. t{ balance of three hundred and bi ix inrnediataruccerortuthe late Dr. W. T CO.IWAT-! : House.- hem were referred forthwith to
five For ale a
JJH ,1CCIIINLECK. i 1 iu U JucL..V tlGEOKGE .t'. at Counting Room, Court select
overo. 99
Eleculors.1. .1.--.1. I.e.l hundred Cotnin nee :
l I and dollars. ; gl.'gbily modified
lorly ..
near Concert hy
\\ Ll\-'I..UW, sot srrilcr htgi leave to inform Ills Hall, Boston, aud alku by bw
, 0':. .LtnuJry .6, 1.133 2J8wll'Cf' : friends and the publicrJroilly l { that he Lit s Fur tae invalid pensions, in' ddition U/ the sum cial appointment, by t.: U. PERKINS. (Nc J spe) and then adopted unanillloualyith one exception

N.t fl I:1Au persons- indebted to the estate of taken this establishment+ for a term ; and if i f: of two hundred undone thousand nine hundreds Druggist. only. These dprecatp the res-.rl to

he meets with such encouragement as lie wiMits tllllt'rH forty-tivo dollars 'nthe''reasurv, ninety-eight Tallahassee, Feb. 17, 1831. force hy either .
1. lUus I'luyJ dec'd., arc requested tu call and 'ettvita I __ 2Gtf. party-pray South Carolina tu
he will continue U. Ills table: will! l II furnishtd thousand seven bundled and dollars. 1--__ -
: Jam.-, S. Liun Es+|lr., -s thc sltu.ttiuu:. oldie estate thirty-two suspend her Ordinance-and the
briii with the l hest the market can .IJlJld-lItd) : Ins exertions For pensions *.widows a drpUans> five thou llttrelcunentLA.X pray Federal
wul not uiml of unv indulgence siven.IJETdEY : : JACKSON November to reduce
will be unremitlcd to render his government thc Tarrttf to be .
FLOYD, \ Exccu.rtx. iucbt.s" as cotnl'uriableas : satfive: hundred dullars.rl'non 26, lti32. standard
pl ;ilale. t'ItE1.\lt>II.Appatorhicola of the necessary "Dnts of the
BEN CHAIRES, 5 Executor. ::>, January M, 1833. SIR In
T\lh1I'1sIocf', January l-ib le'31. 21tf Jimuary 12lh lri.J.:; -!tfA : reply to your circular of tho 13th This preamble and resolutions areappended tu

X \\t. k* ..Uu-r date applii'atii'iiillbeniadetothe' ? .litHAN HUTEL.-Tjlc.ul.bcnou [Puanc, No. 3.J) September last', I beg leave to state that as '1r. Booker's .mifiided resoh..tions-and this

1.. ti 1 ui. JuiM-i-f R the enmity court of Leon lor Inter: i t cI r |nCtluily infunns 1.Is Ii lulls, anil ihe AN ACT making appropriation, for carryingon the far as the t feeble state of my health has permitted constitutes the .u'ule& action of the House

'jf tdniuust.+ ,tu..n"i the CJ.UIC of Gcorg, Deney dec'dtu. : .4ll.1. generally, lhat he !,its rcnttd he br;t: fortifications; tit'the Uwtcd States, during the I have carefully examined the same. this agitated complicated: ou
.. 19th It+\j, 826w J. \". KLF.IX.OTJCE. I' mmudiuus building the wcslmi'e of till thousand r'or thu ordinary subject. We giro-,
year one tight hundred and nusines* of the office the the whole
thirty resolutions:
cap. square, fornitily occupied: its a .avern John in nu other of
by part
duties our
.-.Six weeks, after date application will beoiudc three. should bcditided i
fniiier. The house or classed
Iwiving undcrj .ale .1 tlUlOuh! into threepart. paper-and At w
; -
tithe county cnurt of Leon county, for let will be Be it enacted by the Senate and flense >, giving an unnecessary to say, with
pair ready lor u c rcceptiulI.lJ.; oordersainlitnrsftn + of Rte equal portion to each what
i- as pleasure *- bail
II Mi' administration on the estate of [Klli Stafford : near their various
,4cd. the 13ih mst. .JUH\ \VJt h.\\ I rcwntatves ofthe United States of America in Con- as may be.1 t'irt>t, .1 to make proposi
tt.t' NOAIJ. STAFFORD. person calcutauuns hOUSe
kns assembled That nut tutu much drbat ldoc +
the !
l/lowing sums be >- <
February 2d 1833. appn exclusively, u'the
245w S-.Joar ii posted to the seveial objects heiciuafter named t content of.section trine of Secn* >u-hu! thetou. < h all tho
A l f \11 I.S'rUA'i (>R'S TICE.- \ll fractions, and public claims and
I Arsons tf N II uLCN specifically, to be paid; out ui'any in the} to examine great points \ t'Jctl.1 -.VMS ut.s, ti
indebted to.the estate of Thomas Delphy deceased I 1G. hd"'JUj1 r.-jeivcd a mall nuiuey the &c. .try > r.m-
re requested to make ;immediate payment.-Tints* Ulhcullr Sugar ..i ill, which tuey u-':r fu r Trrasury not otherwise oppn> riateJ. protractions, Seconulv. .. druut7'ht.- brace. The ap|'eal wim h is made in ye. t"r-

:alIgdtlms tam t thec.Maie will pieseni them ulyI. -ale on a credit until .laicu, ac:+t. For the preservation of Castle Island, and repairof man, to make out three fair j,lataofeach; township day's Resolutions breathes tht' best
pint .nd
alil'iltl( .ue-1 within the time prcsrrihtd..I bv law, hrilt; b.- oirred. J. L. L-il SALE"LOW loqaaiity the sum heretofore; &c. and Going l forth t ho
PARISH, Adm. k FUll UASii.-JO.itc u 1frt appropnated, seventeenthouutul ; a third clerk, to attend to the! world, a: the resolutions of
J.' 9th 1 of d. vesterdav du
IVbiuary 33. 2j8w cotton ba ;gill? )iLars. making; out three fair tutlinearly
STt-.Kd; I..lCll; -' JD Coils bale JUat For Adams copies of the field notes, the whole mural force of the UtK 1
r is hereby given; u rope. received ;ity IOIpCy:" 1 the Newport harbor, one hui.-dred uiaking: out accounts &c. .it. s,
i Id +ird Lloyd and all others concerned, that wIIIII Ut'c. 1 Jtli; : 1 b:>-.. 17f.: J. ;itl..l.\. tlll";JlIl; duL'ar' which three are in- of Virginia, they an cncutnted to make thtf '

: Xj'JIS') to safe, in Ts.llahasl'ethe 15th day Cotton (;Ill. I'or repjiriiiff; Fort Columbus! and Cast.leVil i 1' dspcn ahte. 1 he .uties of tIle dr.iuwhta.nati, deeper impre" stun on both the cunt-'aIl'l ,
f ff tiidrrh next, eleven negroes, consisting of five Hani New' VnVii at time, fir excreta the other duet .. ;
men"nUlJlund >ALE-A 55 fifty tutu Gin !Lt.
children dW01.011 Iron+ frt w
conveyed to us, in trust, by said FUR ( For Fotirt Monroe J In propoition as the >
Urhard Lloyd. The ,) horn Bramlree ManuiU.ciury. Aly toV. Virginia seventy-five' thousand i- surveys advance to the take this turn. The debates oi tho
negroes are on the; of | ;, .e .s.a-
Joseph \ KicniM.> \larks.J. dollars.! ; U3t, so in proportion \viiJ di trie ui
.I"hl I'.1)uv +11 I, about one mile north "f Tttllahds&ee, tics InLCW f lure had been .puu out so long, that th they can i>e ten by those wishing to purchase. \V. K will receive orders for other Saw Gins ofiifunitree For completing! the work at Oak Island, North OU |lUg l to the intervention of private dJuus"mJ losing all tiieir ell.'+a. Politicians .v --vero t

Terms Ii sale cash h. he abo\ m tnufactuie.July Carolina, twenty-two tiun.sand! nine bundled dol- :ntlars. coijauqent aduitioiial labor et a distance ,
10, Is32 47 if required on Nero laughing at us- and
HECTOR M'NKIL each our own <-itzcns ;-

:Std f.. M'\U'0,1BLUE} I { Trustees.: 'u,gul ur t'ackttjrom 6/. AT r/i tu *YctS'JrUans. For the fortifications in the harbor Charleston, In to\vusbip addition to plat the more than turultrl). were becoming dlf'dtJ.fie.j and ul.-uoot j

In Lttt.1.p' -nor Cuurt. T J 11 new &:?r. Lady \Vaslnn;ion, 1*. H. Swan, South Carolina: ; 'enty-tive tb-jusand dollars. Munda. tiioie eastern land dist.ict ol l lI disgusted.; Ueaides the 1st of FVbr.iry I wa.- s

g, It. & L. \V. Duller, 1O.lSt.r; will I ply between tliu and \ wU1"ltausoi For. the tin t. at Cockspur; Island, GcorcjM, seven- leniuiu, u.ider the contract, nearly at hand-and every m>,\ mt rat u; S-titli

Jl ra ( .'Wachnltnt. s .u ,regular pu fPHJ NCAIIR. ) 'n' II'Clgill pa-i.sage, ;laving: elegant accommrda tin completion: ; tit flit' lirtihratimi Pens atuui,1K days to complete them
at LlllHht
1 i- shewing the
1 K: f.Jrku llnts and aJ! others interested u .n., ariplr to'ihc MJUUH; ,>n board, or tu L. .,'.11,1 S t'ol.1. Florida ern 1.uIi ; necessity of an imniedi&te meditation '
are riuly n"ja. + oiienundrcd! and thutv-two thousand : ui.-inei, there
'ufifd that the above suit has been instituted f "Ia ?r" eu,' ;r i:1.h: t 131. Wtf dollars. reina.n, uuJr tho h4Cllltru't ; on our side, if we ever intended to employ t
,I' a'.M: of"ni} "'tt1.1.1 E.\'. three tU\\ u-hip. tu be
, ivsutd.JOHN -Tiii: : pjai.t.-i.iun formerly Wuikiii ;. i completed, audit it.
"\6 For cnrlpr! tirg the ilrt at Mobile' ; 11:4Itb.: ill tviku .
JL i- : about!
K. ( A"TPBrLU P ..1.OOikAT I Early applicati '.Ilv 11. Hay wird 1 its Jt Iu !
.r 'i-iystlt, *Jll:: llaln.l tj.:3) CUL1lJJLa: tug a,
ilfry tuanrl do.lii The'thole
r CiVciteitJOu: ': -aou: I lUOacic.sof r.. !.'Id ,u'. oic.'. ill++ "b,). matter i is now before the S..n.1t,

THIS :jtlt In3.1 ;; lUll' t1-. Ct' I: I 1IY't1:1 E: I For %.*atlnr.Ctf; .1 i/f t :l4>itillcalow: t'ji tJl31iJ:lJ.. lii' <:n-romaio'aider will 1 It i is earnestly hoped, that they will act r, tnor
dtla!! contracts
r-: said :
t f fit :: of !tea: ii i the : with as much!
,1nCf;:, -1 1 it.H 0' \\ II ?f U.uii jbtliLI I alacrity as pos-it
I's ., rP'c'f i\' -d oyihe 1 1 I lM.rtby noifird that a tax of y < I APFIIOV 1'. :' It 32.. twenty-three! that ham b.-tU I The :e. .
? arrivals fr -mxvVork $1 1. on Ulo1ll1I, people it. The crisis
and 1
Baltimore c\ny expect of
. a t1.i\.dcu, \ !..H.UHI t.AIa our uch -
:l"r >'ip'iy: ..f Jrt.h "its, 4't- which will be sold low I'rtJ\t'(11vt'.1lIJ"II11U; Hit, public}" alld.] I'.tiy 'eu : vut three H1U:.:!, vcd country demands it.
''* r ,'.ts'i. or ;apt,r"\\l; rn.I;.. tcis/i/ iJ dutirlrttntrnd on t\ery oae not a adjomg i:, hay in t a !Jc\ lid yearly! by tu Ut completed.: .

tfll/oJ dint my ?tu make uri-an-> Thu answers to the 2d, ud and 1th --
r-z C3: , it, within the time prescribed laVv qUllie:
: lt u-hin tkcir quality n tniinly'sa-- Ly ; arc iu luJd: id thy above.In Ye> rdIY, thebirt)1) -diY afprctical Nullification
three weeks
the ordinance
t'sfactor/s i; It tke purch aser. as will be color,-cJ.
Ti U:3. au -acr to rIll 5th otherwise called the\
.\.tu. .i.'oe trio'ttsrecelvedis-PowANDsToNlc l'iLaTj.Jr.InicuJam.. query ituiil require, .daJ first o/

:- which ia represtnttd Iy the 1 proprietor to MISt tie A- pr. A. J. FORMAN >'Lcrttary.Quiney. ,4, exciu.Nivu+1 uf till three: Jiuoio named, tuo aUl Yt- rte y, uas- signalized i : by no nvent of;!rt'ah'r im-

1 1tAn: AVD LfitciUAL IiEoIEDFlR THE FEVRR AND February 9th I In.: 21w e caoi tvtu :iirat late calcul/itois; for fa.LdiUU', titancr: thin a -.omc\\ hat more rigid emforce- i

'VI f:. B. PEnKI 8. WJTIC-\It< pvis"ins iiidebt-d l<, il.: ;> I :5Ctt.oi.;, pnvato claims, uud anll1t than usual!, of the retmue laws.
4"t'hhlfi1'f'.nl't,1)t'r: '! Oth 1" for the lure of io >ui:>divido! : and ||
1832. UifJ negroes, arc retju. sled to IIMKO: mini down utish
lay the hip Kogcr
iota ; Stewart
i dia.e iiihcntariufurther n.duigeiicc will iu tiattiuii.; Ti.o lj..t raLcaught..tU liom Greenock t

: I -:IlllUG&CHEMlCALSTOItEJUtlN M' t E:. in. ((234.vj) GEORUE L._ -'ALT.\ l Ltto tie t n"iv-. ( ll lo 11.jke luite I-;; CuUo oi i cult Spasiiih Iinj IK-rmosu Habariero, t ii-unl

-, .'11',rm the inhabitants EMOIt of Middle' .+t. D.Florida fc Co., BLOLXT'S dTEEL S A .V Cl1'1''!'Uti uI\S. tI ADK ami: suit: wholesale and) KcI tovvii.-.nip plats und private; cJ.J.ilU.a..J tuociiyule IIuvauni, were taken iu charge by thtL. $.

that they b the rJ'J.-IE Subscriber has clerk: > to take t\'t'1JUL: I'+,rt'a ill our harbor, until the duril"o.
oi ail
tipccl the
tail litidnoleo
l\"cw- } next .irrivaK from an assortment j" o"rt"elH h l\HJtv, 11,1 In C HLrJtt till, iopitj t
_. York a brc'uncJ general u"sorul.c,+, ol Bi''I..lUt's best dell Jiavv: Joti-Ki Gins .t stn'l L-d concerned. in tti" l'-:tu with lr[ JudKni'u.- ncrciijtoib surveyed, lo be tiled in !.:. on ti'-eiiK-n-handiZ' they contained, hnudl ::
j.lfiuin, 1 rUb with and medici, and every other aroi. I IZt-, from :>U io 71 haws, which uill be sold at Ji n IIM. 'l lug 6a.'yn.11..11...ur in wUt-reU 10 Lilt uutjl.c': ua a ::...urol LuitJ]( .Hit v f mulling, till, be propt-rly l l secured to theGiove anent. This
s: that m
line '
eu of titer ilj
|iifci'i the business ; which they uiJI j (ii5, per aw on a Credit until the day ol Jo.lIJu J- atC und curtain clI.tJy fur ilhl..11| oh.-vtiii.ilc! d;.ca; cleih who could tiius bo pruceetfur has been denoutifed, i+y au Kven- f
lei public on ab accomm.Klatinjj terms and ry next, to good some uf which h hut bafled aiivaata0tGaj>Jj em. r
\ at j jt rtjoiiiiblt: porch ar,! 0 do :; the :.i11 c.f iuedic.illot I III IIr Journal, "Federal **
' l 1., PlllJcJ .Lt { as a
.at nd
": w )Acts ab medicines tit pin?laf quality have c\ cr I U::'jA1J1llYltD.. ,ClCIICl!. 'l/IC (nit ailht: l..iW.I digression,
:fcui obtained in the t.trritor .r"i. : 1 \Yhit :Swellin : \ \.cr :u tau: b'ln utu nr>t .ilep towards a colh"ilJllith the -tatw
} iia.: May 22, 1832. 41 J tf u e't'ry
1 P n'.lcman U: f announce of fine with, pk.isure that Dr Trade til, It '1T.\ TEIJ.lX able! l 1j,iijt-1 j _rir 'd Sore L"1sIJ, llecrt: .'.f !;+ol; et.ltlhing. arts, a,reeuuly to the above airangriueut, I i Authorities. i>o far iVotn this being th,' r.:.f.,
;. : (x-en cart id ta'.ruu for a few and munn first: ;rate,untillhc medical ro idinp which the bcsi of wages will Ixi uet;aiv( n IM.II apply, _I! tiif 3J e hariieii durrutv; (ilauJair!' .1'uuuurt. },.,rticula ri}' si 1 ouid; oe ;as much, ii iut n.o.e, thai: .any in Lie the course. persuod I by the Collrtor on chi- uc- ,
practismc \ fcaaLilLIChti! >
' t' J. C;. i HAA.'LLV. i. a ? eu' <-asio:,, in "onipliitmo: with his .
S.i f.n, t" superintend tLc : surveviiii di-paitinciil i3
I e' iulinient, at which tu.c 1ar.olit.on i I i tm! ; t', in ulcera'r-d: can''trs.Itli : : iu lh! ; L.utcd State:*. bt> -,
eth .
'tttt V
$.U trj', :' h.IIIl.I'H. :e|lur med-IWi'nr'liltl"n c ilia WII be opened, in Mr. makes: jJ are! authorized-fo-announceof; Calaniis, of ever) de.cnpliuii. Juou than! luoaLof any other oMices hi toe j i Act entitled: Au at.t to regulate thc colleciou

| 4- \dj-ns stin.J! Col. JOSEPH: i 5tb ilhcaiuaUO: I'aniaof till:JUIlt8.I Intei j uf duties on t and .
MWHITi.. ; ,
a Candida e Jy JLttea : but, agreeable 11 iho I f imposts ;, pas 'd tho
illtJJl D m Dl .t\1: "PMM id.i ill the :'ad: Ciiii i 'M4. represf. I Ijtll I'ral"s and Kraioid u' ery desCiipiion or 111ait aalauttbo I preseat ai-I j ad Man h 1799-au act, the validity or
LAt.E WI..IltH'r; putt Novell iiist a.linediuucd I should! be run-
itfd cuiiiplele! assurtOru 7lb: r&a.ur.of all hti dt. a s-litutionalily, of whii h has
---- + In thij.c.iinpliiiat. the ;; a- cornueiinaiiuu uf! $iuOU each, and q itsthe
Id $Il(10: ",!! ; s and .1 clielr't.s just rcceiom tiCI.t, ii.i, :1PII)iu; ;; the ').utulcut. snual keep: lilt > otht-rs 5Jo; $ UUJ a!
',. ., :a .,- New York and Baltimore .... : or i eac.i.Answer a'i-
sale out of cJtertth
wholcsuli \
M.J reuii. Ctiantry Merchants and Pracl l, untr l- -I' CjnU'Uns: or parts alH-cted: by flo t. lo tin iiuus-, rent, lud'l jireSMon'1 can only btf in lintained by thu.p'th.-, '

:'H: j the most acccmciud-uij{ hrms. bupon It u also one of the le,t r"IIpIt'r Burn and tabllustruiuuut! :, 6Cc. und :taiiuiiervvuuid I are an.\iuus 'for suuie l prett-xt to COlOllit'lt'dhu"tiiitic

C :'.. 41 if EDW. SEIXAS, Jl- Scalds. IteJcathc pan uud drawb ho u.c tin. m i alo lequ.ic Iruui i l.UOU' ; lo >iiOU, for liu t"o II :, or who a;rae xviib an in:<;enioii- oitnnbia -

't ._Drvggis-- -. 1ia- II'.lla,, }_'"_,,'i-la.!, I :!,., tUW.$ ' Editor, that Iu enfoice the n-vt'iiuu
H. h For inllati't-d \\ OlUet' Breu", Cilanduhir! laws of
. CO BY the United States
LE.\l.A.\ AU'I is tu coinaii
[ il\JhrrV. ,
1 Iluapilulaloll. aa-
: I pe
I 11IoI'T a ,, .' .'.u.111-, 4n,1 f+rffrbbndtal. -, rrlct.sto. the fig i 'ii I,," .f '-- -'-- -- -_. -_. I the met-irai luculty it ti much afci I/Idll 1Ul'lcur11 One Jiiirtnrtl! : cb-.k, tu pet form the ordinary ;,at and battcrv.IQQ .
( 'nut'
::1- : l AN [1'fBL.C No. l.JIlip J I of any piepartiun of that iiiuti-rial.)) !"tt''IJ: It ll ur o l1U iIlCon I li.r l vo years, from \\e perceive, by the intrusions of the Trt.a-
.1C'i'making appropriations; in for out lay tny putieut italic :u uijury f.".. Lilu.(:
l the the ,
part l i
i J.muarylod3, stir Department, to the collector of thU
| i .,pkcTFLLLVhjioniis lJpport; j of Government i'or the tui; id. ) p.d,
: the sand year one 1 i.-j; us- TinsOintmont had carfdwr enf ears ,ta d j. Two caleulutors, iu ; nuJ arrears dated Nov.' G, 1832, published the oth-
. ./-,:=,4.1 Tailaliasv:. : I'lhe I eight 1H1ll :c'1t au.) tluriy, tliret-' and lor inxny } I+ up I uniting ,
! f' b .,.. J lltiselt !1I1i:1) ; and. its vicinity, thai tain, c.\fJf[ 'nditure.s of the year vl.,: ljlull, ffilld- i in". \Vlicre il is iiiijii>-dle(i tic iiiipiuilciit" Iu the on old .surveys, 4,000 .! er document/ ,accoiupanyin the last 3Jes>.i;u

i ?" li' lIe r'iiy IN-titindathis o5ce eight iiiiuda-d aid thirty two J I I eUernal s.ii, in consult.l o; the l ow Itccuiiungcan 1 Two druuglilaiiu! n, do. 2, 00 i of* the I'e;*idctut, that 'rh officer of the <'uslomjf :
next door rut it will tilt ol"lhe r j I
to us nr :p.n dt canes.+
o.lor'<"/ Pdrkcr..111;i JJiadtord;, or at his r.ifence rorffr Be it enacted by the Senate: and House ofUcpresentatices > I! lhl' ijuaptity of ttiu, p ducliuio-u pugrra, remove Ine ut: House. rent,.fuel, dcslis, copying, glas- :'f are directed to adhere to thc strict uue (.1 their

Adanuan.lCalistr h. .___ __.__. ' "l; I'+32. |.stni:' ', of the United States of'\-rnertca in (.an- fODsi\e njnoli, and case rte p31U. s0.' II. ,:. 1,_"jj j otiirial' duty, ''ull'rely executing ih'.if rlccre3(t tj

J ll l'. JOilN ll.'YLOl{ II- t gross. assembled, That the following sums be, and I, It curt< tha w. :"FtKm; Whitlow, on auCuv.u.i lpl'l1. Two ) car salary ofthe 1 present two I j with, perhaps, ;;rc'ater'i iaiie;( tlun ,
lu" + e Kame is III'.1D i Luua. I
f"h'HJihl thc l'l tioir hereby, U be paid out of un I I clerks, .*d
: thlt hIS any allt addapt existing regulations d:1II.UtJ
h..alth 2UOO or
r s.und, is appropriated. the Kucuniui; which tmentimJaii :loi.g alo become i .
a to in '
c-aule! hi,., money Treasury viz I '
I cll. -. July :3U |I't' 2 -ii tit i?tf,unt: i.l. prvl..s..IOu. For pay: and mileage-! ofthe nieuik-rs, :of Con d a)uteiJiatic dlsoider, itijuire.ineuiciiiu to lietiikt-n 111wardlv 1'tto year: yalarj' torthe surveyorgeu- and application, lu' nuN circiim>tances of rra-

\1-DfCAL. gress and dtiejrateii, three hundred au(15Yeu to remove them wilireiy. lint in HIO-.I ctniiinouc.t3 crai, 4O Q ter emergency, as they may arise ;" and I jt
sand nine llalJu.j "s"by apt-I)11le this Ou.tineut t It" u- I it i is h of
[ lc underbi.rne d l hart hundrcu and ,sixiy-eignt dollars. Jac'I' j I lulu vvi> the lr**idrnt mid the Treasury -
formed( a It wul give ic.icf Alii evii iu old j.copio: he whole !
partners/ } Fur cxpenditure.J Lur
t'i the Jinn of pay of the ollicers and I yawner cs- Dt'pannent, "to take:
: CKEtt S 4. 1'L1Y1 '; cleiks t.fbuih! ; Hou uamnhavo boJ.i of iojacf sdcdule, it Wu&ac.c& the no step our eu'ploy
J cur clU-IH
"- oi the the ses, thirty-lour( thousand I of:ul vCYUl. $_0lle 100 i calculated
dilli-rem!! lira of three hundini dollais.! ,! any means to provide+ or excite. tt

m.'dICI.II: 'I';ut'y.ha'c 011 'Laud an the s ceflce; For sationerv, fuel, printing, and all other 11UTo ea captains and ra.iaturs of \'u".cI tlllii! ointment ;uct tir .ulary tit' the uneyor gen- force those who ale now threatening rt->i>t-

l'pi:," HJ !'If! --J'wuch i wliich they will ext ,lhIVf: dental and CtJJlrlll rent expences ofthe House ilCluf) must b) very valuable III under on our coast It .l eniverv eral .:nd his I\'U cletLs, a UJ\i al- II, auce, but tu defeat their operations bv Iho

J| -in ?'rn.b. Their office ib tit Wcbbwlle lbpost'l Representatives, one hunUix-d thoiia.iiid JIJ ,I tj. certain nuts -ilectson C'hilblam: or pails+ a.Tected l lowed by law. 6 000 '! Ulurull'ort'e of the laws and the Constitution."
'l11l CUUUTj11 The said two hums, lat named to be wit 1 lut ilhi.e.Mse ;jircsorvcn jto .Dualities: iu al I diIIJ :
.. CUE\\S apj/iud. to Charleston Courier
2d ;
the payment of the 11. II $1.
ll'tlid(" Aoril 1 HENRY "a'dk mid House of ordinary Representatives fxp -nduurcdof tilt A Iarhe mass of lesSimonv: proving the value tit, thin 'Ibis amount require! to bring up ar-

and beveialiy, 1II0.t (1cclJ"lItlucdiclIJe: \siil be >.hew lo those w1JO reulUgCi tit said tunic 14 :00
.:-l .: FcJl'J' :.C.t."N no utu+:rurlx,4c.j And no part of tin pair wi>blurthtr lufuniiatioii ou apj,iicalion to VI' legs' Meditation oj Vir7iliu.--11'e, learn by a !lottcr ,(
r iENJ? Lp -_ Vill i!} propriation: ih.lIle l I ---- from
ty a short \I(sit I allatt..brr, applied; to allY pniUing other( Ions orio any UI hirf ullmiized a;;tulli_ Kichmorid, that Benjamin %l'Iusttns

k + aol. fiJcrUs .jf'; "i, .nll'lI.ll 1 5t.rvifl.s,,HI blJIJt tai,_ than of such ilocuiLeiiUt or papfrs a. are C.UHlt'Cl.ed I The shone medicine sold by bjiei-ial; appuiuhne'cue tit I of In conclusion, I would beg leave furl cr to : Leigh, Esq. has been appointed by the Lt iji.s-
II I,.. tc the cni i wall :
.. : ..trf' .\I.J Ica ucnlt'. Hc WIlt L. the ordinary proceeding of cittlerw thehuht: + tt:,d wai rantedTullahas ;ChUlUe. state that, should tho:e addiiiouai duties be I! lutore ol Virginia to be the bearer oi thv iles-
a Plantn.'
ft +und uaid;
+ } Houses
ordered during its I l:. U. I'KRKINS.: DKUGGIST.l the *
imposed cilice
session and on the General
-- -- __. act c e- Surveyor olutions adopted the State the *
: cuu-d by the public printer, I ee. February :.111 1 Itilil, :::7 by on sujecl
yOC agieeably in his cuntracl. ought, be allowed additional
I''F. ..-. t. an [ Of edt-ral Relations, and that '
to have
., was
rucyallJ .Twff :, civil
i Quincy \11 coun! excepting as hWj have been urn t'fcd l Ij I 1<. it t i'l. SJl"T.l salary of $ ,Ott
'_ Ilk FJurhlt. ,; by the Joint (omultlc for : during the above two yeif. & i )out llichmond on the 2Sth ult. These KtH..
preparing di.pclt
JUllr J. a l of .n.IL tD CD2 a alluded to.
\.J t:11IS liars for
the District lutions
of Columbia, such wen published in our ofthe 24 tu
or paper
-JUurlll'J I printing i one ol lut IIIOF.I eilicaciobacuiiriouiitl J.1U lhe )1.-
at Laic, rind books au lave heretoibre ken ordered tS | I alai sir, very respectfully &c. ult. and in ouhoitatH' 'arnestlv South
h Mcalfal'it lUtlIC by the .ta .V.t.IHcA: for U.t cuio ol lost clams of illVeter.'ito yours : entreat
1 '. J House.Kor .
: w ill I att rod tie C't/lut, fJ t' liadrn} ijideasi., (produced by aa iuurc} state of the HOB1J1:1'J1:1' BUTLER.{ Carolina ton scin-1 he'Ord.nanre, and suspend

I",ailgSetr.Jackst.11 I 'I)uuues, IUd I h.Cuurl Lt'nfJ and defraying the exp-ii>c.i of tbe I several courts of barod. and a vitiated habit, of body, and u.-unlly: e xhibELIJSFI HAYWAKO, Eq. its operation until the c.o.-u o 'the first sc siuu
:_ Jallt1ary firth 1'\)1. o. .A'IJt.tla! in the Uniied States ; also: lurjuroiH and hob tlelllpoch iu lie K>rnn UI'&crufo a Salt Ulieum.Ixproby '
Cu,3 "
the Geu. Laud
+ QJ of the next
Office, Congress
j aw ; Congnss t+
jud lor request '
fit rayinbr the cxpiMi: :e*, nfAiiits inwhirh at. Anthony s lire l'"ever Sutra (even when
ilt ;.S1Jttntiltt United States aie concerned, md of the the hones are hflectJd.) White iwellingV (if applied IVLlsJU/lglulI, D. C. reduce the Turtu'to the ncj e nary wains of
.l\ rIOII\r lor pro tcuiion with; Dr Jebb'bLiaiaieot. Foul and obbtinate U Ices the Government and
I AT LAW. t ollences committed 3ciaiiJ.t the UniU'd States ) ; ,.n.ta the riuht ofVirgiiiia

ILL 'fdtl1 o In rue Cuurtnf and t lor the safe keeping of pri,;('iiers duinii' the s 1Scurbutlc Kj legs und eyes cid head in chiIJr IIJKur"y aud From tht Itichmoud'Enquirer, Jan, 19. io expect lha; both South i-arolina
III J4ckbr.n this District ; gout, Pimpled or vJorbuiicied Faces fenlenngeuutmus.
1 .'e.}'t'r"Jil'lt .C nun,Y \.\'t:t Fl lorida, His Orlice, anti; year w one tliou-sand tit ht hundred!, and thirty two, and vueeriul: taiuU, throughout the body, iu The House of Delegates has at 161st disposed aud the General Government will abstain ..rotahostilities.
ct additiou
.11. All tusuunruts' ui'i"jte, that of the ltegis er. Jar to the sum 'heretofore uroriateu whiCh leaf ca.e tho drop often cure when mercury of the subject which bad been publicly .

I tlt, ; U c that of writing, will be drawn tbofce purposes, the further sum of tilt v-one fih They are alit the best Spring and Autumnal I
afahassee, June auenlton to thclr Iepal tlxusaud six hundred noel fifty-five dollars.A. physic to purify and cleanse the .j ieui from hu u,ours debated in that body for three weeks. lti e uriosity is quite alive and expectation who

W. I Ib2' 6lccumr.l STKVNSON, which fre'luently appear at theme **a oiu of tho ye ir.- hail tbe conclusion of it with no less pleasure Iy at lault, an the course which pursued .

ILLIAir.c-liASlIN nil Speaker of the House of Representative They also aid the procw of digestion, and, by purifying than surprize. We did not expect on 1'hurs-. iu this exigency by His Excellency the Governor

to any buillcs; in the HU : WHITE, the blood, prevent the :secretion nialipuaut buinourb day last, that it would be no soon t rmitt aced, or rathei by "the power behind tho
of the .
city NEW lung.
prnlUjlt vaud o 1'offal proprietor confidently relied
rusted to him by fauhfa his lly execute an y C..nuuissiuns.thcral1y. Piesident of the Senate pro tempore. the vast number of tfurprwiug cuter effected by .he upon>e or in so harmonious and agreeable manner.On throne, greater than the throne .itself tht J

frltlids IU F.onda ;id the t'tilJP.w.Yurk. APPROVED January. 14, J 833..ANDREW. drop., not unly in Boston and iu vicinity, but throughout Wednesday' 't it will be recollected, the Pre iduut: fir the ouvl1hon., Will they .maku

July 1832. 52 tf JACKSO tbd Union for the beet proof of their excellence aa Resolutions of the amended, Report wet superseded a virtue of urcesity, revoke their (Ordinance, .

\VeSlcott [PUBLIC No. 2.J) an unfailing. Tina alterative,rticle medicine has recently, in all been the ca** aboveMpucified. by Mr. Brow' resolutions, < uly by and ave ihunuflves and couqtiy from uu* i

AVE fofleda Law J r. & J.. P B auth, A N ACT making apprwpriatiou for the Revolutionary by aPhy.5cianof the firt lespucUibility why pronouocmi had witnessed u majority ol one On '1 hur da), Mr. B'd reaolutions peukablo calamities ; or will they madly pre

.ruidcnc ?thePartiterahi P in Florida.. The and other pensioners of the United iu urpruing efficacy an entitled, in his opioiou. which had just been received trout sist in their scheme mischief: treat the med..3I

tcrat W cst Point rmer, is in Tallahassee{ and tit< States, fir the year one Ibousand eight hundredand to take the lead of all the popular articles< known the press, were laid upuu tho table for the purpoau nation of Virginia with coute'mpt, anti setllntt
Appala.chicola fir the
entrusted to thtrn in Bay. Busi. thirty three. "bocODlplaiutJi, and indeed it is fa>l gaming "
-k %
of consideration. her
tt ommii
"ioner, with stern feu'f
ibis u
l of point ii estimation
eadjOtnlngCountikFt M courts Florida Be it enacted the public liirouglioullhe
\".. U eorgaor; Alabama wilt. tentative of the bi/United Senate States and America Home of ft e pre- Price $1 a bottle trli bottles or 5! 5)) country It was in this stage of the business that Mr. :.., as the reward of his friendly errand J'i"uVn'ul '

.Loo. 1631.r )If KsanbledTLzl of in Congress DY PEP lA. Oit INDIGESTION. looker submitted aD general resolution reuU- "aa.ur..J.i bitbU" Wi1 .L 41'
< thc ,- ,
J _
be 'fJ
l pro- Of tou2 awJiu2, 4 1l1. cf tL>: GJloItt ubxtiutu clu"ter, I doptinS rte too standard of our t faitii tutu great -CI&ar4 GJa. yj ua4 {. .




. : - JI tiey therefore ask to be discharged from the further consideration the people of the Territory memorialised congre* at it* last ftesic'It I peJters, thoM who Mil oncb! artickj u ire aanufactttiH,or, f *

LEG1LAt'1V CONCJL ot said bill. WhVh was rrad and agreed iii. for such id. the same being tran'mitted to the Delegate from Florida in the 'i erritory-and also to enqvirc into the expediency of

The President laid lie to re the council the following communication for |>res Milnlion ; And as it is hichly important to the citizen resident iDg. or modifying the law impmiug a ux Oa hawkers andwhichas pej
I contiguous to .aid river that such improvements in the iiaviga- I read and adopted
\\EDU'DAT, February 6th 1833. ftoiu.his excellency Governor Duval.EicrrnvK.
I tion should be made as early an possible. I Mr Warren asked and obtained cave to introduce a bill to U
The house met pursuant to adjournment, a quorum being OFFICE, ? I Be it therefore rrsolttrf, by the Legislative Council of Florida, that I tied "an act authorizing FarMi I 'arter. Beaton Gnntl.nd and ib. v "*"

ovM, the journal of yesterday proceedings were read. Tallahassee, Feb. 6, 1833. J I the Delegate in Congre from s.iid 't erritnry, be requested to use hwrff I of VVillianuon to build a duiw bridge over the St. Mirks Ri, ,,
Mr. Gautier moved that the memorial to the legislatures of Sir :-4 nominate Cl tn. W. Stevens to be a justice of the >rts to have such appropriations marie at the present session of Congress | which was read the first time, ami nude the order of tb, day fa ,*'

4 vrI3 and Ahbatna, heretofore ottered by him, and rejected peace in and for the county of Jetierson. I ; and that: the chief clerk foiward forthwith this preamble and 'day. % '
; tisrihe 1ouse. be spread on th jtitirna1 : the yeas aiitl nays he- I am, respei tfully, your ubcdieift servant, I reolution to him. j Mr. Chandler asked and unturned leave to introduce 4 bill to U ""
I C41kd On questiolt by Messrs.Varrtn anti GLItir, WILLIAM P. DUVAL. I Jntlbe itjii.thtr rwofrerf, that I lift President of ihe Council forward f titled "an act providing for the building a jail at the City of K i
ILBtws: Mr. l'riit1elkt Iesr. IJefl Bellamy Hon. JOIIJT P. BOOTH, President of the council. I another copy thereof the Delegation in Congress from the Stale of I and for other purposes" which was read the first tInjt'Van"d 'mL ? "?"
werc a yeas ,
Georgia, and respectfully call tin ir attention to, and solicit their aid in I order of the day for tomorrow. "H OS
JJIotliU. BraJ1rd Chand1er ) ) ) C.oper Gautier How- Whereujxm the house went into secret session thereon, and
I support ofunch measure. Which were read, and on mdiou of Mr. A bill to be entitled "an artfo establish a ferry across the CVir i iiJ
anl, M'-Bride, Meacham, Priest, Hi/, Smith, Ward and Wright consented to aiul advised the nomination therein made! : when I Bellamy the rule was waited, and the name were put on their passage nee River, at W rights landing" was-read a ec-nd time, aod -i
17 : nays Mr. Warren: so the saul memorial i U ordered ttbe the door was again opened. and adopted. I tion of Mr; McBride was indefinitely postponed. o *""

". spreu.l on the journal", and is as follows : Also, the following, I 51r. Warren presented the following preamble and resolution, to I A bill M be entitled -an act to establish the eastern boundary I*
To the fco/iourofclr,the Goternon and Legislature, of the Sfatetof ExECfTivr. OFFICR, ? I will I Jefferson County," wis read the second time when ihe rule wi.'

Georgia and Alabama. Tallahassee! Fh.. 4, ls.M. J i! Uberea*. tieremo\al! of the obstructions to the navigation at f the vcd. ar.d the said bill was read a third time and |pasd..ori1

.Tne legislative council, with an eye directed to the interest of Sir :-The bill entitled! an art to authorise Jane Murrey toJMll ': rivr< >ckltnhi from its source nea' the Seminole Agency to its the title teas above .stated.i .
the real of tinMitJi i i, believed to IK- practicable ai an expnse comparatively small. i Mr Wright offered the following resolution on a former
Florida iud the general welfare of the Southern hftates, after estate George -Murray d cra 'tl, is herewith day tJ2
; In tin: advatiiagrsvhicli: will result not merely to the citizen resting solved that the committee on enrollment* be infracted to
I returned No ,
mature deliberation, have resolved to solicit from the authorities rejected. rrasun s assigned in n, for ihr nCt"sI- enqui *
1 contiguous lo said rher, bat t-, the general Government by enhancing uncertain the oxact amount vfrxpensenas of the Legislative! of
Alabtma of Their j ty of such law, nor a, f.tets f tated to siiow its propriety. I Lr- r
of Georifia and a portion teritory Ivin" iy i tin1 price- f the public lands adjacent to the same. which it is expected at its present session up to the closeof the present week and
"thirty-first degree fifteen minutes north luHitcJe] rislition for particular ca'es i* a dangerous course and should I i that t th<
11 ween ; \> ill sii'Mi be brought into marki-t. and otherwise. said committee ruport their \ iew a* to the Intuit expen t
( and -the present boundaries Ot f Florida..Tue j be avoided as nuir.h as possible. Such practice has not Ixrn llf: iIir1cI.! ; < retired, I if the L-gihtive Council of the Territory for printing, engrossing Ac. which was read and adofted. OI'thebo o# SO:

3 : application: is made in the hope tlut the reasons hereinafter I hitherto encourgeil in Florub, nor often purxnrd! hut lor the of Fl 'riila. thaf the Dele ate from this Territory be. and he i is hereby, I The house then adjourned until tomorrow at 1'J o'clock de

jssigned may induce the suites aforesaid, 10 yield their assent I. most cogent reason .supported by in li<iitabp! rviili..
; to the proposal; aa1i.caureatWaiicingthe united interests lorth in the preamble to (he law. Besides it is considered 'ikm rure an appropriation fur; th t object, at as early .1 period as possible. The house met pursuant to adjournment, a quorum be"

of all. In lieu of the Favours* solicited, Florida can briu no remuneration No.iC ol tin1 act.s of la't session is ample enough in its [provisions n,vl thai the chief clcik forward 'urihwitli! to him a copy of this preatnI. present, the )journal ofyettidavs', ;pi nceedings was read
to and indmlf nml! resolution, and also! nf the letter of Gen. James Gadstjen to Mr. ttradiord in ol **
in dollars and cents. That must lie in the proud cover every proper ca>e most probably tthis > 1 pursuance previous rn'tctask and ok
the memhi-r from Duvni be hid efore Which
to Congress.
their liberal added another, tamed leave to introduce a bill to U- entitled "an
of bavins Jiy bounty, act to '
crmsciitusness \v.i* and on motion if f Mr \\ arren. the rule of Ihe louse was autho _
to tat states of the Union. This territory, though embracing I-am, sir, respectfully, your obedient servaia. waned, ird! I Iliev were put on their passage and adopted. I ise the testimony females in all civil causes i in the court M* *

; With its limits, a great ;jurtion of barren wastes ; is still eoricel 'WILLIAM P. DU AL.Hon. .Mr.! \\ aid olleied a ictinlulioii to enquire into the expediency of exempting this Territory, to be taken by eonmission; ;" which was rejj **
: by a fertile snil covered with the luxuriant irrowth of JOHN P. BOOTH, President of th*' council.WhicJi > I Hauk r< aid Pedlars from taxation inn case therein named ; I the first time, and made the order of the day lor mondav. *&

prodigal nature. The Jiiiiculty of bringing thene wild lands into was read, and thereujMw the said bill wis ordered to whieh was read and liiid; on the table until to-morrow. I Mr. Bradford asked and obtainei leave to introduce a bill w<

: a Ntate; of culture, i great and imposing, lequiriu time andcapit be n-considt-ied ; and was laid on the t.i ble until lo-nmrjovv. i Mr V\ right oll'rred a resolution, to instruct the committee on enrollments I be entitled "an'act to authorise John M. Wright to estahlis? a*

I il to effect it. Tic -.- ob>ticles will retard for a long time The'frtllo'.vMiir rejMirt from the committee on schools and cot-llejres lo inquire into certain mailers therein expressed ; which was a ferry over the Ocklocknee river, accompanied bv a >fiYwJ

the :ncreaae of populati i. and our admission into the Union.used heretofore, made "by Mr. Smith, was on motion of Mr.Meachain read :IM! laid nn the table until to-morrow from sundry citizens ot* uadsden and Leon counties, J-'v in HlXjt ai 9*"
> Mi U ant frtmi the committee whom the of in
select lo petition certain
D : the full priviV.r of freemen, we cannot but resrret our called up, 10 wit : I thereof; the said bill was read the first and second times
inhabitants of L'-on the establishment of tk cti
locn uid peculiar <*.>n.ii w! rendeied more painful by the dwtani TheO'ininiltee on schools and colleges to whom was r.krre the Or-Ulucleuee tiver i county hail been praying it-furred reported a bill 'o be a ferry entitled on rule being waived, and ordered to be engrossed for a third tri

I ji-n-qvct of% is iui.; ;rmont.. In this dilemma, we are comjvikl a bill to be entitled, .tu act to authome" the coiniiiKMoner I an act to'lih a fc-ny across the Ocklocknee roar at %Wright I reading' monday* next.
rnativc ourselves to the therein named to establish a lottery : have had the arne tinder I Mr. Ward notice that on Monday he will
; ak
1 1 J" .ni'iU| t I landing ; which win meitthe first lime, and made the order ot the iay I gave leave to *
siite* aJjumsiu; u*. or M :i!>U from them a cession of territory consideration, and bc-g Irave to report, thit: in tiieir, judgment! i: for to-morrow I introduce a to be entitled an act to incorporate the Pres.

n.h-q.iate: ; to the accomplishment! of our views.To is inexpedient on general principles of policy, and t--jit-cially j AI. i.eiiamy; from the select co mittee to whom waa referred the I byterian church Tallahassee." C*

; tic lirst projwsition various objections rr.ny lx- utsrtl.Sinci I with reference to the moral influence of lotteries to ;>:iss any petition i.I-ce.ta.n inh< l,iiaiii.s Jt-tterron county praying to be attached I Mr. Bellamy presented the account and *nichersof John ?. **

? the purchase of Florida by the Lmted States, pt'bhcat-" j; act to establish or encourage tlu-rn. Tho} committee thenlinea I; t to .ladi..uu coui.ty' ; reported .1 bill in be entitled -' an act to estab- Duval, couuscl for the board commissioners of the Tallahaj, ft !

$ tention has been directed to this beautiful portion of l the Union >k lo t lM from the farther consideration of I tire bi.l. c I sh tin* Lantern bout dary hue JetFuson county," which was read I see fund, which was referred to the committee on Finance.tb

t .in I as a territory, whether we regard her production *, ln'r Which I was read, and on nioiion i 01" 21 r. Aleachain I i i disi rned toby tiie flu '.t time mil made the. order nt:the day for tomorrow. Mr. Warren presented a preamble and resolution as fofl11 lit
the htiw- and the said bill -d ritcommitt i An Hfigrnsscd bill to "j ? ci.titicd a.i act more effectually to secare I
: \as n.-! 'ir 10 ; c -
but feel a pride, commensurate with Whereas the of the Duval in this
cannot people Territort
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