with the. "r the
all or.hieh.. reaonhl ti-rnn I Ivsgther.trrngth alnpl by I ha hunt al CentrevilleL
will lirlhe 1'ru.lnrrof ,
JI.DOM ufos verr th* city fir Cash ot
ofMl.l inr.r.Io.I. aft The S V. 1 4 f Section 4
I, a ehiae and strict aucnuon teen, buwneea, w* hop I ThRl.2ntheS.E.1.4'ctisSTleKl2tth. : l> ; I cuuntry JOHN f llrtOOMKIt. : it any ituliund:if at much, a.d.>ea Ih* ordinary : h good h-t tiilton Olna.whivh,, hrnffira fur aal\: COIPOUNDPLUIDEXTRACTSARSAPA1IJLLA. n

to plums every on* that may favor aa with their pat, N E 14 of, 9 Th. S. W. 1.4 A. SI1INE.Ja.eptenhc Gin i of; other, and bealde it on .. .II.hl.I.'m. a. the aam "1"Irl Clin C" hpnrvhawd
W. bode Inenm. and i..... ; t\ ( fist ciorcdinj thai the 1..I. I ..1..h.1' were by fj fjInlt
ag* InviMctvry U ((22.) IKS5 aS /.1 .n./.IDr.1
I' N. E. I J.4 of Section 8 miJ about fir .
trial. UUOOHK A SHINE ; twenty "h.1 pr..estn l>i lbs eye, au<.utiful. well I Iw hl".lr. and h* warranta them only an
In .I.I..hrd percent In Sectiorit Per and five In' rt"i i-of lh. be.l.l.Ihrr I. .
TOl.EN .y.crilrr mtrlu'tu.hlr article'
Oct K, 1835 Ihl. pork* ta the commas baelnf psfrnt.d I For Ih I Bbmd, all ds.e.'s .
,' __._ _ _ hip Two Hunt Three, Nor'h' and .. rtofpt three week amce,alight bay mul ruhir, lanr. air ol' Ar. In lli(tin.and on. ordinary, mule .nn lo the ntUfnetion, of in* fiat inouflaaid ,1'0, Purifying from ** of M removing .ad ane. i
ricra < "
thirty . Look Out .m.
.IDt and
l Epicures tin d .llmr and out houm-n. yard aol Rirjin now .1 I ciamin my *orkStpt dine la lift, ohronki ron.uiuiHntitt I dine.) iw. sri,.
( \ luiulil rewind *ill be pad t* b.rd. H I" ,.h.n. J
i b THE NICETIES OF LIFE the which will be rrttrvrd i 4.1 ,n31.) \MI\f: lVrK. leg from an Impure atat. nf the bkml, and tb* only
nociprj by umlrmifntd, lltrry lo me. Ant ,nr".n ". hn all l I Ib tl..I.I'I. A. II ,luuhinnu'iJnbua N. -. _
1.101. and prieetaal "
"CI'Di -- -- ,
TPST receive per ALa .. Green Praa, (rem NIP. NVNCV' U. IIERKIVO, (loiird nnTilhtiMtre thankfully rcctifad .J. 9 M.\xn HI. J.hD "f.I. .,\ P McCuy.l Isaac WI For sate ," Sail II h..m. Smut remedy head l1.rat careufScnu'ile. ;,.. I

N.t-: : Oyaura, ( 2. 186. Hit Air" September 2 I 18TOTI&Alr 0 !\t\\ SACKS S \LT, In Tint rat I* order rr .I |the 1 bft"! and legs, Pain aal Hwelling of
.IVca'd P..cbu, A\TT"o\IONT WNili : \ TI r.lo.lnt I i.I citrant' from the )I.!. H7U a. a. KNiOliTSeptember the Hone Tr".'. Pimtilea, era the Faith and all t
a Quittura Brandy Pcaehe' IRISH' rOTAOIOM ".n.ln.l.bt-lh. r.tnle of of <. ., and of hue to. .
t.I..n.1 I 11, I8VV. S G Scaly FraplHin*
Pin Pear BUI tEll JIKMIVM 1 late of 111 t of
Apple* *. I' famD,1 ", 0111 try fAm tun raeiun, U.mih Atlantic ., ,1.1. -

"H "" 1'111_, llumaDarl Oil 11th, -1S5 _____ -_ 11..11. ...J. are ,. .. .n.k In.m"i..y' to their Tatrima Altrj glting to Sea Dmioliilioii; of-(' ';rnrhr; ;hip. 1. mu.ldi.lingiil.hed artuUbitow, prncnhrd phyocuin fcy I In thus anm. of tie' I
Chcirw am & I rench M'.t'rd to the nnler.Ined, and ccntilry
n'.1 .1 U'r* me whokvinn a' out w king
Current Syrup, enn.I'.pJ, I State of Florida. mamla aipiinat a.iid ..1.1.. requ. 1ej ta preornlloth ton, and. rtuutuiier.tusgsatee.Jw.of the many I"i, 'PIIK (Co-parlnenh hrrrt..f. dialing' brlwet and ha* proved mre ellIott In prartua thin any ..

Weal India Prvairrra, Cum* Powder, SENATORIAL J.I.CTIOS.: I nndpraifned duly anlhenticitpd. a ill in the hrmofurr atli'nd.nl on the i4 1 IIITK I A Sl.U'Ct.ht haa been thia i day di.. preparalM.n of armpanlla '.1..11' rrd tu tIe pul.lwHevir.il .-

Caper Fiara M ilk r. Epicurean sauce, time preieribrd by law t tsihrneune) thli: mine: mill ('uit.unthn)' clone ther circular cleaning by aaymg i f. aolted hy II"Iol CI''I& All |...,n. 1".I.bl..o ., cia. of atvondary Hjpluli*, Mrrtuial and

Capercmra, :xl"ct., aaaorU.4pptrSauc b* plead In bar their reeorerrHENRY. Ihedilliiulliea in the Arm ace Oequeatenl| lu iinnifdiat* payment I IU Scrof. h.ua daeu*. hat entirely rccotrred la the

Non"rell., \ o III.AIR, Ihla article Nuw.lo Ih prn.I.1 recently" Invented. in. P. Ioiusorat the,4iI I steal:i I, an 1 all hating de- Incuralil ..rJ..I our Public ..','u''10"., a helm bad .

Ycaat Powder*, fippcriniiil Soul. 25, 1M.'. 8. Ahuliiistator.' which .* red from the man.la '1In.I'h. ..m il nb-aae! roenl f.* nwiny year nau,1 every mod* .(w.I..1 tl al
Can ofT_. u_ "lnlI11. i MOMs \\ I 1'rrr. could b* ,drvl.d 'I he*, raeea ftirnnh rniail rtriklngcian.plv
", Casup. if ," ., and dirt' all al III', .
frttt .
String Beam PreirvtJ Ginge'. fresh AuWlfGIoi lime n. t..1 Ih >VM P. 8LU : of 111* anlulary .fTvla vf 'hi., ..liflin. inarreatinf
"ih""llnj"1 Maple *
orcarrfd the OHir of .
Greta torn 1 AVAC.niCI.ine J in nunl NF\voniE\srrR 7, it1O'l'1CR ; *om" ufth niwt lnv | WI. u. I'ETTIS. ,
hues aenl la thu| racturn-a 113.
I .Iu"
nth tutorial
For aal.kj al the Grocery Kni|>orlam.Oot.tr the r..ill..ti..nlIun.. l>a.kl Protrnor, an rlivtionto by I 31 Ca>ka Side und Miiittldi' l islent CuKon, and: they: .. .:'it.b>tt<:t I : ,. f.'t'ted.N.t'ricP'Itter.thus jrt.nJ.. wcr* oI..Iroed..d the bonea already af- ..

1. II, IImn\ the nrHrrrd he lirl 1 I .In I J "MarSidoa, work tha" Lullun Sum any uh., I I -AlI.in; ; nUaiust
supply MIII, hereby to t.. I'd .
the Rebuts ., Jehluir. from rruponnil.le amirrof 'I
I 6, I 853. n 9 I n.;m hums, dlniarvmiidabr I Icmuna .|, Plij-.iclan.
-- --- the arvrrtl counlMt of aai J I li.lk..1I Moihtny the 4 Trlreca CItr rnrivj llama 1'h..1 I.'II, ann tuunty, dt.riMd, .ill I.'. nulievthal they mu. _...*.... MedIal Colllge and certifiratiaof I
Rflh day of November promma 'I h* rrturnanfthp ) r.mi, Culnuil.ua, ..... I ,._ ,
nlll'.m Ih from b
Baltimore Hoc to duly authentioalm cure pauenta will luand accompanying :
anid .'. .. mill b* mad ia th* manner, nreaonbrd lib U, Choice! 1r..n !ugar. J1i I"i. of llu I Gina oeli.o.t any ( | within the ;"lr..llnrd. or mill ..h I'"i..n. .
t I ,
OIIALFBRW/ For ulu by E .II BCKRYcl by luwIn I "I'rlm. r.. h, .ri.la will, b* tio"I. Ihi.lI..li. ..
U |1,1..11"l 11.1, recutrry j and in PH lluid Kj lractofBuoh,, ti f ptrbotl*. or I kn<- t
0.IS., 1833 n vhtwof I liar hcrrio KI lion.I 11. rr..Ie.1 I fur a tIll 1 l'iaia M<* warranted tlu.n. 4) I ...
Itatimmny .
_. my 75 '. New TnlM, I di'bled lo said olnl ire lu'n hy nulifi.d tnnk Ini "**G" U. .
--- ---p -- anj c.imd toh .rfuM lire C.nat 801 I of tier 1'lnl. l-amlly lint, prrdav I $130. .. .
lo the In
un IrmiRmilANOHKW I. Hrup.nla, qal .
paniu.nt I.
I.t. strength 31
Just Received on Consignment. .,,. .f t kirnU : !)'_ at the C .,to) its TelLs. ."LnMn' 1..1'1 Fur a :'HI l'l"t.1.., warranted lo .I..a t\1 J. Ad..',. ar..parilla' on. galLs.Syep H
73 S 4
( Wfr.HUIT.
A AHGE Uof U.e.., Flour and H hmkev,whi>.h baamtbia&thflnycfU-luhi? A. JI.$ 1115:1.J.Ut:4 M.' ip.tflnSn Turk 111.,04.116.| l I .A,5uthl,1e55. fwo.N Prepared and auld by II.T.WlMIOLDCfce! .,a {I
.. clean t
J\. will b. : r. UKODMK.Uoiftnnr a .. ,'ahn' lo 8f.3 healuut L
M 1" for eoah by 8 S k.11,11 fOclubcr B .Prim' 1 Struct,seer the Garari lloai*, Pk
16, I6. n / ItrtJn. lmli Ltll. UTl i after dale, 1 ahall .J.''phi..
tIer\ Governor AiU.., SO; .Molam. Foe a warrnnltd lo rliau "(Ii X> f r'b' P"W-I >t
-- -- -- -- .Rj i .1 1..1. aiae. my I ""'' tn clue Hun All .I.Iler.directed lo tht ProprKtor ar Agiatraocit

Just KeccUcJ on Consignment... F. I,. V.LLIiut'I.' t .l''d'NIn '. lint l pir dat. $2u11. Prubat fnr Ji'Menon Counljr, a Admlnhitratur of She Immedial. allcntiooJail. -
Stertiary ./ A/ol. ev Fur a ttl"I" sire, wnrrantcd .dens $ 11.1 of |"atld W ..._. .1. '.1."r.ld counly SO, ISIS \
: UOXES Tobacco, Pnr. \ put ... K) Doioa bout M. Jutwn Clawl I 1st, IU"m. s-.hy,
1 OH : up 0" I, IU5. if n and ... fore "' from, soil
\J\J *ipre ly for Sb. ted,!,. For on lihtral "- I t t.rri_, A."h.l.t.I..n. -
1 term by 8. 8. KMOHT \Villiiim "S larC iidl.. N l'IIi! \II.'rnii., im,m7 i.i: .-. JOHN \lLKlNSaJs'ru Rhodei' F *er andFORlh. .As;; i.; (
\ P. Slusscr.T Augwt 14 1555. .
Octoherle,18i5. a -Also I I' T. NrwK nilMufJ' Prevrnli.m und Cur of lttmltto \

---- h I ALL All .\ S .' :: r L OK I 100, .V India 0..1 ('ulitity: nrnncd, *ill :lithe:I n.ilire lluit 1 : they :i -- OnCE-Sin weka duti., will apply- -I Illm tui t KtmtlUnl t'tctrt. t'titr and Afut, ChIld
Fish fee., per Asia Fis>h. If A, till (\>ll. No anil Ilirm lo the undenugnxl' i duly, I :I ; i..n .I. ; and i f'rrrrma
Hun RulHrlL Aftii frrraPiMitm
'r .
1 rvBDI!. No I ilackertl. I tlanuficturer of Copper Tin and Sheet siw.iu.. Hurou'tr T.iu.I' i > .ihh, 'ih,. lime prriei"b.. by law, or tin. n. lljtiiillun Cuuntt, fir ";Admiiiirralion' prolial, wit hut I ''11''''*, and all other 'Inrm., of .1,..., which fttflU bat*
nat HURRY KO\\.1.8. l / I In b..r their I
IU .11 .by 1. ( remivery I an.1.1 p the \\ Hi. .. origin Malar.. Miaama 1-
nf I common in
: on Htiniu.IKiwnlni! or ,
Iron Who lei ale and Retail .
Ware i.nn..I. "
,q.teflwr% I j, 1"55. II < lil.-d I.. .i.1 I ralalr' are I trb, u
SO Km 1 *> .. .. .1.,1.111. I I liiinilion, County, Inrida Thi..uIloA'I'IJAIAN1'UIC'TIt..", ."1...
M .II Dealer In Plain, Fancy and Ja I IXR I.AllR.4..3- -- "..1.1..1. hIss MlLllbVir uu.l.-rwcmd,\ 1 July 21, IN33 Own IIKMtY RI.AI. lireljr protect any realisM or Irattller I ta the moil

10 Quaitrr ".. No I .TTntlcnt pined Ware.sTcn t1'Xrm'sLY / _ .l<'kly or swampy, lucalilka,from any Agn or BillouiiliMaM.
10 u a .. t: ceivKirrtlFiloaen > -S01tnk.p| '.-4. ''M. nNw- .I Manufictared Tobacco .10.'..', or ii Injury from vunataat'r I..

10 Kilt. Xo. Salmon, E hEAl tlUAm1m trimmed Iremh lIes and Head Notice I .t.receiv.Nii4nl. ( neai/tAriona, brand. : helig Malnria <>r M >ama.

Ubi.. HI" phndil aMortmrtil of ( ouklng, Park and I! i 1 l>re>Ma.tlliukrlvHCIniikalllaokKikUoakain : I 'Pllir.T\1 ,IeIIflcr) the lest |iubH! '*tion I IRMl ." luiiiiuuluril umalgnmint It .,lIln."II'l'h", the A,.. In fienanf ,1.4

e IShnl. A \\ uod Suite:; trimoj mil i ,tr.t,,: M .n.l: duraU .I T.lmn', Muir Autiu| S U. ansi I ',i'Ini"ll.. X n<4ir., the umlcr.iKiwd, elilt.isirat.ur!: : nginn, thia, araauoa, Its: flutes on Ilia i: I lens ..11'..1 from any length of lime, from one day

56 flexes SmoVcd Htrringa, ity, at nJuoi.l 'prkraOU1 mil kil liluuveaanlUaunlltta, .k .", rancy m/ nun, of the Pl"t?( J din U illford/ .1... I I ."I. Mvnhauui will, do well h. .:. In la twrfltf" year., M lli.t they .. n.vrr la hat ...
'3For Cud Fie", IMTOP. UGKIvROO1 I rlaatio: ; .U,"lia, l'ml.nd Ked Ivory Inn, Ch.siil.' I II. apply" by p lil.>n .,Ih* llwimralilo J \\'.)lr 1'I Ir A".I I il I pall I lower than thus"aam n'I".f I' other chill, by' uaminuing 'In .. awarding la dim.lion. .

by Ii' U. H. BERRY ING. ()Oriiamtn) 1 Inst 1K .U, Iv rail. ...bi and boik i.,I\inW. ainlirlc Mim.la, I J. lee t it,. C""I ( nnrt f.* tie tulle | 1/1 d..n.ill.., from n.unl niaiknl, aol'o.I.r I .. 1 he p.lienl al one begin la recover app*.
,I.'IG,I 5. c'I'.r., aud Ii. C..IO.ln01ir Iitc.a. ilicct' lend French Ilook .. ..., 1/h.Ie..I, I IMU. MoanUotn uf the ; ,.,.u rluudu. at hi. ufllu, hi. .. tj.eI pu.ti. JJ.\ I.AUU.N.t.jnri.tega.t Ill. emil.' .".nlllh. ansi cun'inur' a"II., pefmanrnland
Neck Ties, W'i'I a< U the' following real M*. wtiiale, lyii g 7 3r iadi,.al stir* i. .ft.... t

.'Voo4 arc, &c.CEDAIl'TiJ' week Met I .Zinc f vtery, InJ tarkty 1"101.1"/"* al abort Cuhvn."Pnmpa... hh.>|' I JJUII. :tntr 1 HI. lug In tIe I *mautty uf| H'ami 8wto uf.!:I :: I n5i. __' __. __ _. use or tw* bulllr will tntwcr for ordinary c.a a ; '

iI, P.inl. Tuh., P.O., hJut...'., CITY .tNt fJlJJ'iTllY !MhRCIINTMre : (hot 2, I Ril (uniting lollirnet I.. \\IrrJ..r. an,I &o 1d Lfl.tTIoINi.l' m. motile may rrqmr II.",. Pirtvliun printed In Ge,.

.... Black ag, c.,,* I...... \Iu. hmraaiid d Miibuleea, .. estate I.a it, I" fcj tW i m.n. French and Spanish, aroompany each bottle_
.'ea Ha.Lku.r4. ruraalaky U. II. UtltRVOctober .\ rerpre.fully. iutiuJ. I.. give me a cull btdru pur'ha.ing I -i e mW halfef llu Vflli.\\ .'. qii.rl.f" of arelkin ((1 ) 1 : ., T 1.11 Price One Dollar Liberal di eounla mad u II.

!II. I ISjS. a ..laeohereH 1'rOC..MATIOX I1Y JMM F:. B.IOOM tj'.two, lu .... two Nhrl ufr.ngo l. 'FALLtlAugg: I'uii. J JAMES I A. lUlODET 7
!-S U -Al I .rt;]... n.anufuinured fruin tim: ,
I .
-- turn more
TallaLax-sce Female Academy.I ); try tx*mod'rml a;u.1 i arrnnUd dur.blo Nuutlurrtirle Gov"I.oa or TUB 8r"TI \KOKKIAIII. ("I.'j >I tllf\0'HII.IS, I \V11.1., praotio.ant I. In'1 the .Court of the, Middle D Protldao, 11. I.LVIDL.StK I.

will be olR.rvd f..r kilo \ V ACANt Y hiituguuwurrn.I tin. ti'i. iota (: '
oifi./ A. .
'in I. bum. (
I MitiiatK in wow tur the ofX in nun Ofr, | the : .Cy'ln.me.l.alely OK SAFETY.
rplllS pen rretptiun I (Vt ', 1855 a }li ./1 the x I Cnpil.d; SI ecu I
: me by the L \\ (
copy l.y Uwt<
p p..and will; 1 be onnliiiued, un lir lit* 8up.r;ntendenaeuf -- .tenth-t. Iu..e..r. "I'f. .liftnm C..nr i, Al' ,Ini room of III.C""I of the Huprem Court. Ntw-Votk, Jtn* H, ISJJ.
in .
tu Th"nu U..II. un I""p' 4 I '.
%, Daowiia Wa.flsowua ha h..I I the adrantago._itot'd by his duht.riu. :i' Genulns Faintly Instiuclions. I'"ly Id.MUII hi 1 her., 'ky ..I ,,b.. hrl I .in II... --e|.1'r--, S" --- Aujcu.17, .I ny| "I.. I ..* ,mad a eb.mioal.un.inttloll of" Ruonaa1

ulmsuy jenr.irnrieno ctll l the vial' on M.mdi, .. Id For Bale ... aan Acetic :1...." or "AnTiMrrg T. MAL,
kNTID O"l will IK *
.v.th1it lo .nti.lh'.all..1 t
teacher of Frirmk
aa a *and will Jive atricland anyp nn Leon Circuit "
: Conrt In and hat
> ;: I I pmihiiHi Chancery u., italrd U fur Anwiue, Mercury, Qui,.
emit dod atlenti4n to the .adtancemi of 1 lie I Trucliniugonu dullnr, i'l m ;the uuj.r- ) 'I\MU'V:/ :
Col. Jim* U. DatVara will known to the tublnS>, till.
will bavo charge e f the French CUhtn. Jr.! MBawK I T. CUMPIOV, Il4.kmatll., GvmiiiaCX.I .due n MICK throat. and eun.\luvl said 1 1 lu'n;..and ; in ncr any ruheunc. It*
te.chrr of Minn | s, I 1831 ,4tPermunnt tusks rrtiirna of the, aiiinc lo II. uflii.. uf th. >....I. JunA |h,9: lII'KIk ('..d"l'1'rauuuin' Morl'':It'1 .n.1' Mlr'' ''... Bumpoui that would niPs l..ju l hua to the _.t..

Tnn ih*anne a. i il .t ...fllle i lt the innner., pu.ib.o by luw fur Hi* In. .. eyn.a ,. .' LI. .'. fr.". auun.. JAM M R. Chlll.TON,3f. Ii.Ch.mi.t.EVlhENCEOF .
.l l. A. ONO. I'nnJnt'furci. fI.\YWOOD.I I' Lineor .ti'ti'.n of nun'her 1 Co'' --I IIMitiuitiouI) of{ Cop:irtnrrKliip! I erIe, 11 nlW.H 'I Ireny d. Cwt.l| an'd'l t1". .U, ,.|

THO.II.\LT"J-U. II A. SHINE. F. SI In wiln..hvrei I hat, hrreiox.t my hand and NTllhiE I : i ie kirby git,'n that tIe '.,1.i d. Ijirteyrlu da SnilUni lu's, wit, Adnvn Jude.ii. WEI:!IT.
." \eu
> Part I t fm.f
/ 'filar I .
tin h'ryi calm 4 lo ku alfued the flhwl ) tIe" Hl.tu I A lhl" .. I. I4ieyri' du flHillaul and Aoiuia .wl.burg. fttlun
U. C. WII.MJN. C. E. DYKE, s'a..I ; lltggahaa day b n di Rnaiih Ulitw d* Co p., May f, !185.1.
MILES NASH, T,..'.... l'IOIIIA. nf Mori\la : l thin. at the Capitx'. in i'l ilniinrUna withdrawal lof4.h. r'. .Ilitfra. Th. buwneaa /t .ban Ch.1.4 hi* wife, Charlie I'biliW,| AitreJ 1 d'A- Ma. J. A. RiiaoM-DearSiriTb. b.. uS med. "

l:".. U, $.. 3w aNik '_,. \ E&Sf:LS wilt omlinu, runnuic rnu. 4lh; day >>r Nut, A. I 1., tttS3 ulu.rboundutl d by C.I. Urn".,he I.. .illya.il. Adiwu (tatar' !. d. U.ry.i J. Hall.n| IrI" yot, unit m. weauluhy rrneJe.,4 .. the IIb of

--- /t."Ijjg shy hetwe. St !H.,"., :00... P, .uduriuji J.UIE I IltO\F. huriwd M .. culltctiun and avllln np Ih hulu! elf,' A.I.'I'' Juoeiill' Sapluu l i'rrieretuul N lu.ll.* April. I I h. aid shoal use bait .I iheaj DO fat

*.. a c". K..y.. ....iJ.,. .lId CI.,'... ... //It.. .ofll<. Criu 'dj. I.. lt 11 I I e.mi.duM.tlr| : || t.r.Pt hi. wf, Mas'lce the prtj.h., wham I lit, ,. sued it are aatt.ded that it ..
buw' hly thus Uniterm*- Vtrntt : JOHN I' Hurra d. '". ; '. ., I' Maiul.I| sated the.. .
ik mutter, fur lb. .wl keu.Ut of th lu [us. h. eertaialy
moot beaauM of and tllai k Silkf I .01'1. lb. .
A taritly fcncy l I. Vu.u.trtumcn. Aigu.l 91, M little I h.tarttte 11, .'|t.. fln.uita A. ..-. .... .,. A. '
n .
with trimming. |u suit, leu.t received kr a aria frinnda of the saburrilee.hhl.Ll.hM. uS.rriary ./ 8'.,.. -.- 11: u""I" J. d. U '1 who lame sue 01 it cud nua .tt sh. ... ..,
and S lutututlilua
ul .
M. 1L.NNOtliarleotoa : 1..u'1 Alrlrnn.111..II. .II.I.lId.alf. My ai.trwfcal.
UCII.HlArjt.MIVMObtober h. It ,
IB, 1803 a Oil t, 185 bt.rpIIK I t-'U llie pnpera in the 61.1 will plena copy, en.hI HRE.t1 I\XI rlU.Irpar.aanrofadmreia :". I Ijif.y.tu ,r.. ( .r 'J b"I'MUrl! 0' al. ,*.'.1-11...maid never rv, n tt.
I iluubun and furward ta lli.i>IHr. uf lh Ufa.tie. tranroi. KUmod ., aTf7 en.
-- -- 0"1 bll Chancery, 11".1. DuMuttler nips by Q 'llne. .nd thai .'ly a. long ;,
? '
ltT'OUSDi I L.Y11L9.: CnOmur.; and French Ma I Jl\OTICJ':. : .lary "8talc _, .. 0''3, 1 H.U:_ .1 iMgnid. viII. ofTir lit M|., at thr tnui'a a.e I.yr jrti. an.1 I A".IO IX.UIM raalm.'liHMwtiH.' take it, ia avw, I Uiluk, ,entirely' cored by purr remedy j. I

Color .n.I I finry atripe.. from 23lattperyard ( lmiKln4l loot hi. iwckct bock nicHe tee i 'UTICI':. ih.t.e.iuIesLinl rrin, (ulu'sugsatsul upward of A uf a million .and ulania.T, "RiyHIdU. 1.Mir M..n'iourg, and <.1.", jKf.a C. K. !C.INLY.." f fJ

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Delator In, 1833Kmrabr a on nlallon. luwnufNewpurt' rkirida.lli uflh* I I nHUMK\.a\ ttUKlhmvtaM Court by f ('.\\J lION TO AQl'U '
Sil.. AIU.'a on U.. (J .lucy r..J. Sai4 piJ P" : ;; 1 fidatlt tteuela In. le : : StrrERERS
,each .. AI.CIIIUI.LANIHOMIAVY, tl I lu |, | abut*atalwl aaiut that the .
every rri> arawa drawing. p.n.k,4 book emitainvj ,u'.i. |partner of Ikrry A Rowlua.thtahwr .1.. no matt Arenni.Tenire
I {tninuurjf flute binuff I nufti m> of and l.ndaaali I In th < nd4i>la .k'rtr .n.1 I all M.rouiy. Qulnin
under Ik | otliira. In. heir *
.upeisst.alene. *f Col Ota M. Logan I. Jsi5.I. and '
diii. ..d du* tat J..nD'', I IH33, fcr onehonlwdn.l r'I : name Vbnfugea, sir AnsI p.nud /
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> kuta I l.d.d-n 01 G.ne, ?
an4 Ja. A. Niabct, Eo. gentleman who '- an will I b* uuC'ruh I In I .ndA" I.cceyeti.. rml.he oat '] rt nay
see 1 kind. k. .
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hithful of 1. MI.
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arden, rely .. It, .lricd, coafid.utuU UIIa..1I Jamra llarrnon In tlir IH.IU by aiMMHint, Mid will keep aa i anal, a larjian.I : II Vr.laMpalachleathMKNI I' MNI( "" ofT tr'n "d all' .''"."''. I lucius' nash druintaul.ule" I J"1""r1ao,0'. IIIU.'t...e.. 11e .
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TACblo. IIilte.t4iQa.nera.}. ah blue to "I wMl.l.
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and liiciud the "'ml. nalul wawtHi fu"*" the*"* if the ? r.II.I..w.
Addrct JAMES WISTKR.1 thirty fltr. _... Other papira euvbiin.il In **nl S K I Lllt I TV;!!. I : : thin HTtJ'IIE S. tlM/TIl./
bill. Wel ,: Jan1.1.
Man.&e',.f.coa. Gi.LlTerr I ().bJor2O.lC. .beets will be <.< lh:rd ca.li, this, ,.- : iufuupluiajl Olrd ,
book not rw<4k"tifj. 1 k. Suit of the "4.. abuvuMiMnbrd ____ _ lae aalinaUlMurnUofnacaadtaia,; : : 'V9I. hlUhM.RALt.J, UltlDt'
with Praulded. ferr' saud
M., U. IRS- I, win, be librnily rewarded by rrturniug then tear*, r..1..1 t.. tl. aela "y dualcro fur
I Nk''U" : AN IU1S.W.tX.: frum day ufaal. p.bb.Ii..l ernie thee g'n.gIly.
and Sal St\ ; 1 1', lh* nnH.-r.lgwd ( and h. takes tliu nuaiia la warn 10S J .. .w..J f.I..II 11.
IIF at due .
wlh I the h.igtseni 'u property ,.. ("il.1 ,1. tIme .. of
all .rl..d I
.derolp..d give aotie* thai b.i I botn prranna let. ,Zi:7.t':: ;: : said nuUt, ar tht y hat* I TI fur Dry Ilidr and Urea was, In hr-: III* ApalatliwoU uwncd by .UI... .1' 18itloe--- -. .
rMaM thtluaccvrding
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i opta a LIVERY AND BALE to change for cnod.. (Ldi J. ) I kuUvr. ur tbir amigmama, well U ;* i ia ; j.AYI.b1 I) : :
,, .! i I. ib. Towa of Qaiacy, aad t. to law prepared to furaub Ika pabh with good aeeommodavtioaa 1 MM 8 1IARRIVJNr -.- ,- JUIN BEltD. .1.17 55, 1:1>11. .I'1 I tbs Nu so and Account tlu. thus Estate .".
". 9, I8ij 1- ; : R..i.,1. I M. Wilh"...
111.1g.Ya.nteui.l 1'110S.
I. kai koa .. the a uat aaodcrata torma. Call .1,1', I mMll.nh.wd.: J. PEItKI:63.
t*.41o at oar atock O W. PITMAN.qatacy / : 1IEEF wI.ieh, L',, ; .; i. Alardl 10. th3i.I'ECIAL..
V/ir 1i.vwiv'rth
Ftonda. Aqu.hl84. ftE FALL ( IIK.I"r u Storing and For.rdl- ; : : : -. .
I I I kifliU-.t pri. "W'jauiiJ. AIM' at o.. will hike auU, tUl they auumt -- -- -

Key Wert SPit.Looo1r'7 I I and OuVrr ..". I.\\,) C. \hhiNTahhshuesas.r rIll K en4er.itnatI stil! CurrIes Oi the .. I tt.. t. enlrrnl*.. duly' eahe'stie.teI pee $ Mt.lJIC.\L NOTICE.

aaponurjbk tat aal* G0. 0 B 3 I OcKilr 9. 1M. tin i..III. Leu.ab..au.. iisj us IJ4ti. tt,' .Irlly law- o li_i will CURE OF DYSPEPSIA.

I .1',._ 'I 11.. ...h II tuninrue, I. tEa I pLait I. b.I,".r r"trjr '"4 .1 primate la. nha ander.: ,7h1 ia Wiug r. ky bum

Ji-t.qa4 I II. 11..r41.N.w If: ii. iit ity ....:,/t .Tee, .ua,. ,, arranged jd"'to .. .ate brewS., lut.l"Ie make baa. 1 all part ul : t'aiu.a i ht uTl.irn oesriaeg
cage I I g
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For Sale ( 'Al'CTIOXEER: >ul milUr m bw.y thee,) fl.llvr. biauaelf I (I\.Huiir'l\m.: A. '. nennlar r'elautiae. and
timghani. L.lvu; j, DIa...., k'traeta, AND CO.i ; 24 iw.xiSKS5Stt
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all I. hla
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I rrpIIC pUoa oa whush I new ra4 ,anaUinhg MOIJ. I George .I.| ,M. Plaid ELsiey., ; .0 lo '- -- '
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af K-VUKkv, .. entirety I. the
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T-kaa a liege \ af lisa luiib.r awl I I. well wa- C..aJ> I.taa Oraabiugi, :a".R 1853. : I._L I'ataal.r Inlereal pal' ,I. .o ...ing :, & DOWKIKO Ittlute a "eollari'y... rjr.T. that wit,, 0''' St
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c. arnwigonant being BICIE .J. .
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katiag Iw. $ w lla,a.ten I guwl*pnng* Bru Mnrt.* awl tUw.... If (
ad a aataat apnag kraack raaaiag tarougk the C HlflMkad Skwtiuj. and MmlMua.lUeaoUd Groceries &c tar a bnn* cK4 I I.la* ..f \_l I. .... I. I I Ut\ AfittTSFOtt: CLIIMS I'- -.n.Ikal IH. ..,,,y has abrudy eesn.aenc.j

taot. rMtaaoa with muU TbiiiMil. U"Tre. d tile IVwl uf CWUrtua. 8 C., the Uat mitk> A1OISnS lla. U a U.y hm...' ilieret| ,luu
Heir W.
a Muck of Cattle aad w4 Draw Cantun ] per U Kaj.r4fro.nNrww I <>, ttru| hirorl.u.vBiiixorox I tlflh'Piteeunutipa.
tad all fur : ;
by grad baa at U.W hNau
And _
)$'es, .. a. bad *a Ik* DUMM. Muualw d..UMIM, "o. ? i |the aIsle dry
*J.ltll8ii. mJm F K. CAR". -"M_ I I.a.d lees Arl t Htu.1. artwk r.aw.d i. Ill .0 I'' CI ry.I .I .arafc.lU.. a.tu,. heat r-afb, trnejsb.g Mi

.r.'I..1 weekel CuNaee C.. lad .L aa a. adtaae. urn ,", I \\Tll .t b.4. lh. I | ?,- CJaua .m.h ainnphsicee, itetlang i. W. alara.l nemaulea Int.
NOTICE. J. hue aa lii uf clue ta writ adxitt1MN." .,. 1. .. siul ..t.tLon-"Ith psilputatias .,,
HI.knKiwh Crepe Colkf., ( ) I." $ f :: : p.mij thu guy. I. -ItIteriaC. .t/II.
rPHK.od.r VKjuk. Oii a.ea. |. aaatiwiaad kmbruidm-d ILuidkefekMaa.lokikwro lAmp,. .. 1 1 I.i ,1 0. &.. ..u) br.ifc k, qeicbeaedoa "Ioet

X fcrwara all pvraoaa trout irodjnf (ur lbs InaVwiagBromwory .. pbw nail mated LMW lUadliLa .. Ifiaresa'u and .(InstIl.., N...t. A"u"- 14, 15*. a I J l IV, 11. 1.\U tIto., .A -. I.. o. iiee day', "."'

aule or obbgatMu, a. they tiara onTom *ri.and dwiaa*> P.| fakarrtja, 0thte 1a cad SaleT h I II euuariseejd ultpnpp.ap.

ageisM aaid = and cii I ar aay rriwi*) miking C4a>.. S : 50 .. Land N': I ..- l hates5 u6.as..J T.,.. .r TaeCipteut :-15 oe P.r Pct _uti..

part thereof, .awp l..4J.a; pronwa HUMpxl Collies ud BeMa tat Faakxili iktj. = Itis1ptliuue a.al ja.ia, tlTIl1'' 'U .* ***.dr*'.. .' tIe Cr.i I j "Gr I'll'. I.0I''t'' fsi wealmI by call. wiih nIb isd fa

.(&aw. Oae a.4 ants w. .a4a b, Ilium. 1IAa. Patent Uaw. 1.ned anal, .s fig T. >, V .1 i.... .,.. the Peal ., I ,. .aJ5 eMMa tlaeat they I I phict writtes .hirsetimee .4 tise euutau. of "..'_.1.

lees (, Cuuaty. (4a1. net rovuU.eee.,) Jea aaI h'ap.rI.r Blank I.iatmwAUIO Stk. wetly t I.. hlaauInuid eer.u. laud I. lie I'"" us1' .." :''C.rt eea.tatit
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psychic IL Sawder.. ., baeo, as the Peel halo... .t t rxaw, MaCsod Ilan.aqs. pfesrtahue4 b Ie uar ,) =.1 4s .

4ayafJuaieryliMl..S( I ,.Ih. .. ".. h" it oet. a.J lluun.1trea.a S >a> .lhuaianaed aai.b..I.' "*.at whlihia the 1 liar-dolt P, ateety ..a4 alt : .. I I,I uSaisore .Id In JoI.,... aa tOn "CICi.elide.

aa4 Pity 4.3.ru 'Iae mu sa4 hf W. .ie.uii ..:' I :llMia' Ihuemurty .aasd by C. 1. I .le ...y I i. I i leftere t b .11" tI. 'undeoudmeed.'ultLh.h All
r. 0. I
Mar,.'., (sat. eat eecci4rrod,) p.ahk t For' 0 A.J. f t WINNIN&0rlSiP. -. es Neck Cr.eC. 1 I.e.. c..s, II t I Site ., UI t W. 111.bt. ". .1oJ
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I). 0. Sa4wa, Sr mere,,as the .fJaeaary : A A.' s La.. I tlepa.u.lae, ,!1e61. I i.tCOflCARl.lut4r. I Be.,__ 8".eI, N.. Furl'
lL4.1a the mm fII *.riy t1wa., e.4 'w-r I _. .'. .. .. kJ.blGINNl. .-- \.. *.I8. .. uiiy3t.l$33 I shy.i'4ugar .

I ---I -
I Ia duneery-Leoa -
II IU' In THf I. Clrcuf I I I. : -
WMIHKRtsov: I .... ... W. N. ._ DIME --- A. W .. .al.4I.kaA. l Ce.L(. I II 'Jil14 ltlkl Cmfriloap S'r

5J muM ii rail .1a. c. ..5.sh I JkHH R.. : I. ...
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Bonnets and lionwt Trireiaga 1- .. C. r.. Cests, .. skia Pail, L wheat It.,.l. .*jW h u..I lsi.'u*U' all 1 f. Cr.,f. 0 nh. I 1. ..111..... PO'gLi's. tIe
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B. ..
I'R&ICII TIWUliD BOSSll8. .. aaul r-1.. t4.t.ae(; ou", .l''P' _. .lth,. *..!. avaW $.1"t.* .*..,Ming of -,. O.OEUU.: thai 4uU .\. ra",, ., C .\. t r..f .. J I I tI,., ,.., -s .n Di... A.,, IrV.t.

.3. lIar 1. w..IIi Fra.h 1lCu'h.. '" ""rI.. .. Hr... ..1 t .,'. .. wbicl b, .. Iii I II i? f, ... I I.' D I , '0
A. Cr.igat&.u' ., e0
C enPI.UuL 1 meet
I ? 1' OIIrHkl.1. .1 t. I
K.5,4... '.e e 1 1 4.i.:" .' .... 1.',t,.. '. .. .. ; .. r. .. I. o". .1 j. o. I .n ". :' I hr ,.lta. .III I .,. t;. I 11.1., I"I. O "'u ,me ( set l an,*** ike un 'i I baa and I. Pail wheel. a .11 aeaig
r. '""""hii..54t .. )1 Ciri C.' t, S 'linle.c .t it. lae I patters aMUlly U M'
5 .I-.t I "u lIme N-
\.J .i., I ''I..\ ..\ J ; : : : :., : ; : .. t cl leity. otherwus :.am.I Call aap .... kefar.alaawaar p5i'n'Isenln
lake or .
-' .: I Ii\i" KI/ "' Ji.' .1 ., .I W\Lt4SAKCk n: J .:' ..k ,aid PMM.IM lion( .3leasiesr., ,. ,

" ...o"I ,. J.c. I I H. N. i I'O,.
I If -'rw Lcd rl 'er'Mll1or I : 1 -' "

-- "

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[ d
CVTII f.llT,
entire ', ",li..lani of 111. InMitution I KSSOR WOOD sale a Jian
< T'-T bv a olen" perfect J ACOJI'Sbtleu. 1
MILLER nt ntuti.'nof, the family' and Tralll_. hes 1 PATENT sTF.Ef, TOOTH CTf I ,\ ITn: :nt.: pre (oil- I PRUfo' ,. ... It wii" .ho lime reator the CORDifl
keen thrown Inloinne rnicnnimenclngonth th* tint INDtR GIN I OK KllriKT; AND lONG I Il. ( il* curative hair which h". It* original .

AT THE( ala STANK OF Miiilof In .'?.",,.. .., and d.wnff on Coawaccc.ala. > SI API.E COTTON For SHOUT 8TAPI. lit ,.., power. in all the color-bring. it prm.aet',1 I trrnt
., greet aaptriorily' ever tb. "Haw' Om i* itrikiflgly, diaeaae* for wMch I itI I )
the head
Dar-Tba..I. after the luorih Saboath. in it m jiere h ie falling ol'c.n' of the dantuffand Chsltr1
JAMES B. GAMBLE Jane. parent le good judgee TSi aoperiunty e.n.iot.1.n I* recommended,usually Itching-remove. allcntaneoaaeroptlonand I Vy,e.tcrr. > FOR ALL
tie .leaving the lint elttmr, Mere .fin ...! freerena calledFemale S Bllo $ Jf Jfr
--=:: }- -F A CULT Y- render) the perfectly healthy by restoring tIe Di irrhffa. (
( ha.t.aadjo.p nl cut, break, .r In .rll.1.ltl
Avaierva 11I1. .' Complaint to their original vigor and Chlea
ARE Dow '"-'Yhi.I"r.nd' well ck-cteJ rap ALBUK.A. r.r. PreeldenU-Profweor injur this fihr, al Ihe tame lime Imrarting in the : I gee' rtive : I
of Family Groovnrs, con.istmg In pe" ofIh End *h Literature and Ancient (.angaagee. I lint thai ofl and oils feelIng which 11 natural So the (g-\t Of the** ar* Pa curate atrenglh, supply nutriment and Coloring BOWEL
following articlo* :_ Rev J. II C.u.ur.M.., Professor Mental "..pl. when picked, by hand-making the tint from t:nil, er Falling matter Is II It doe nut color tIe hair bath, Ir ,, DISEASE' ;

Hour, Kutra anti Superfine, f.iw.fPug.,, Ornulaled and Moral Philnnphy the anme lot of eceil, worth from { te 11 cent, per Y& of th* Womb ; Fu.0 .a perfect Hair lnlgont and Trnie. A LSO. .
Sugar, Creshed and Brown Sngar Rloanl) Java Rev F. X. roarraa, A. M., Profvwjor of Mathe- pound more thin when ginrd en Ih'* aaw tin (VJ.tt ..c4T't. ALive, or While i the ynung. .' I fueh admire the beautiful DISEASES! OF '
Coffee, Bacon AI"H. 8".1." !..,., Sack and PI.;ln matin and Natural ScienceMree It clean* the Sea laland Cotton: beautifully\ sail r."aOIOIO IfiruiATioiiain loc k and rin.t' he feel that he will be pardoned, I Most Socially P FMAt.In

H.vne, M_ and Prim Turk. t-arl In "m.I. and \u k: ALDIM, Principal Primary Department will gin from 8001* lOOOpounda per pay, and ao L'WIBATIOI erTniUoni. h. offer lh ad.1 Mggrtted .by long itudy 1110. ,
Keg-, M*M B.ef, Pl' Purl, Markeral, Rice, Sod*, and I nltractro.. In Ilotany and Frenoh. far a* Manufacturer have teatedltlh intlalna ,. a. ; IRCIDIR- naive o.r.lln"It ie 10 discard all Virta. of JACOB'S- I.
Baliaratu, Pepper, Allspice; Ginger, Flcklee, OM B R Ijono.il, Principal:: of Mtnwal Irr.a much better condition for the Mill I ban from any T1L lIa.o""AOI, If ati to bairand kcepalw.ysapon th. THr known la CORDUt! .
Ourd Brandv' Fin* and Enra Whi.key, Oil *Up MIM R. LKVINCM, .',aaiot.ntTeaeben other Gin, _____i__________} flooding FaiiirvL, .xlet, a bottle of the realorative for accaaional MC, w.1 It cur** th.require 10'11.! ": .rc .
end Corn Whiskey, Champaign, Madeira and Clarrt Mr. l I.. K. OU"T.. .n,1 Mr*. E T C1L lt.U., Ornamental In 1, North Carolin.Meuru.l3.tlts&', !!.nn .rEI,.. irrar.in.. AB UntecUk MmsravaTioi, &.., ant i we can safely predict, that henceforth ailverlocka lt.. Il eyre the wor.l eases .r j1"? *
CUtr, Vinegar, Al. and r"r,1'u"1'1" nnft'H. I ItranchraThia comb Coonty, and Dr. B I. llillofW.yns, County : with all their accompanying ..11.,(Cancer: eiceptNl ant i bald heada wi'.nko.11| ro although lh 3d. It Sure California wow form. ?r '"*,
Kra: Sperm and Stnr' Can lie*, }1., Pecan, Inititut.on; now pecan? to the Public, advant"gr and aevrrtl other hav tried the Gm, on ShorJ ), no mailer how source or how long landing., roe may .. .upon cheek-the 4tb. relieve, th o r M !r'tn'"T'"
.* Sine, and Broom, Paula ani I T.bb.,, Bran. which few pumm; : A largo and eh-gnntly eon Cotton the part ..aeon and are highly wilb' : TOTHEtMORTUNATE FEMALE: ey* be ever I piercing, and the teeth Ihoee of pearl, fih I C.Cl"' '"'..
df P..al..., Schiedam vohnapp 1 In and Earthern etracted College edifIes' | one of the Urgnl chapt I* inth the reault In Teiag the New Cm, fl..d I l.. NOTICE declare Mill l, I the natural fluid be withheld from the hair,, 6th. I er. Cholera' Morbne,
W.r., Jug and D.mmljohn., Cordial' Kim Snp "Mate' | all neora-ary out bililingvan4" rntlourre. ;II clean Cajit John Duncan of Miligorda, i I r..lit a duty Incumbent upon tny.elf! consequence It become lr dead and harsh I care Cholera .
larch London Boarding Departmrnl filled. in the most neat andenmfortaU I weep publicly the great binning, Dr. Maichiai'a, Uterine .n"n full off ... of 7th. }I turn Painful nt.nll':
Muiturd. I.rd Oil, OM Orlean np who purchased the fir at iwe fun old in Triaa, d. I f., o I.Iar rbe more ,, ,,,
Amok, 300 Sack of"' .Ia. Dau.r,8o."U and UnlUr i.r:: andvr Hie aupermlen.Iano' : of the dare* that If h* had, received them in lime' I. have "Jatholieon, baa proved to me her two year my than lie charm| and although It sovereign 8th relieve p.,, ? iof?
I Cnckn, together with I great variety */ otherartlclei Teaohere *| with I the domcetic departmentndr lined, hi. whnl crop it woul I hut m.d. a tIaer.1, lealtb wan ni.IoI.I.I .. almost ur.abl* to walk. remedy for those who are gray .well .. thoee who 9th. lleountracl.nerv ..in11fL"10th I..
r. ,Bselcea 1 loenumerat..,In ..hleh.. would In- th* careful' direction of lad;.. of eiprrwnceadded net of from 2UOO te 3010 dollar in hi. favnr : Physicians, pronounced my Case falling, of Ihe are het.lti all will *e* the propriety of making only I restore. h.a'"I.' ... "poaj11th. ,,-
Tit* the attention ofettr friends and enatomer generally lo all the facilitir* for a thorough eoura of In- 1'h.80 inch Gina are warranted la pick 1500 rtomb ritenaive ulceratIons, commencing "ilh I A application to the hair and 1.lp.ia I I .dlp.I.lom ; ; .
traction which, any aimilar Inetituthin can oflir Bwill "'und. of lint, in I 13 hour The 44 Inch Gin will titer albu*. The pain*, irritation, |,ro>lrtiun, ,d/c, calculated lo 1''' it both ia a perfect and healthy Uth It Tr.mj01i| .nTJ1.'fr.l' ,f
.be eel by reference la C..I"' .. that rendered life burden In this, miserabl condi A FEW l'I*
July J, 18V) n our oar gin' from 1000) la 1200 pound' of lint in the aam. a .tat*. $ rR TL.ai.
rate .both of Board and Titlonars lion Fir. Fl'.Newland recommended Dr Marehiai .
lea than can b* lime, with proper peed, and to ran aa long a. a : />. *4. Edittr tf It. Reel Rotate Adctrlntr, 7Se. I ,. TEIS. TETIMONIAL' I
found eleewher This fact, 'In thrae lime of pecun Uterine Cat h"e..n.'" A rler taking four "bottle.I find I ,e.
flaw Gin anI I In of failure I with
caac ,
A. B. CLARKE lacy prewire, la worthy the eoneidrYation of. these they will, be made good.Price prnlierisn.ge myaelfin perfect health Gratitude for my rcstortion .,.ilrnlHoirot ha ns band It a moo eIclent and In' fa.1,

having daughUr lo educateTh of 4* Inch Gin $300. For HO) inch >1V. make me artlently diata, that all my eel, alike March 2O54.Prof. altanhls nemcdy. lION. HIRAM/ !;R ?rtx .
Boarding will "bounder the direction nfortunate find relief from thi,. Ineati ,
:: Department: To he delivered at the nearral ilepot or landing le may sure WonJt Dear Sir-Having become prematnrely '
!lLIIEm lliII& Jj1jrrtJ) of Prwi lent Alden and lady and of Prof. Caldwell mabts medicine m. .., Sit'M1'
pnrchia..r and a Man furnlahed lo act the Gin quite gray,1 wo induced, some ail ...ek..illc # I ", C,
. t and lad ly. With apaclou and comforlabl dormilorie Term Caah ELIZABETH A. NE\VL\ND. to mak trial of hair restorative, I have m.nd Jco..Cord'.Iln'. "Inl t. r c...
DfALici 11 RKADT MAD CLOTIIIXO running en ten daya'lrial your
*, large and convenirnl, el.*et*, new and .1.. No 19c.t..I.., Ltica, N. Y. ; ind p..ron.I
I There will b* a alock ofthe.e Gin hlaln TalInflate nacd 1 In* than two""tr" but the gray hav. all ofmy neihboro ,.
AND GctTntMcn'i Fv.maniia: glint furniture, gnod end x-rranu, and 'J'h. .Loy.lt.tem..t I know to I be t true,, hln und ,. .
al the Brick Store i diKipprarcd and although hair, nr"I.ne Jrr"
itb.ck recently occupied | my fullyjittiiined -
by ha guarantee .
& GOOD.. table* furnnlied nhh Ih* .beet .ltrd. to- F. p. NE\VHND, M. PI nl It lo be ror"' 1..
| Meaer E T. Taylor I A Co for the aide) of their it* original color yet the process of chang I ii* to..be *"
receiving al th. will known old itiind for gather' withawholeKMn* yrl parental w* lie*, N. Y. and Rrmtiy. WM. H. *"", .
NOW' :: ttlh.t: ;: : aw Gin. gradually going on, I buns great in a i I UNDERWOOD 'l
1 t II, occupied .by Clark & Rtillaian, a general hope to increaee the liberal patronage All communication a.IJreeiteJ la Ihe Ag..nt.I I have no hesitation In laying, Dr. Marchi.i U.. abort time my hair will .b. dark ho'lhal formally. Formerly Judge cf Superior Court J .
...mm.naor Superior Ready M.d.Clothing, Furnishing College ha hitherto been bvorcd Tallahaatee, will meet! with prompt attention. terms Catholicon I Involuililx' .. in uterine' diseaa have ales been much gratified I at the healthy. molatuiand "I take great pleaaure in t 1 f.Cilaluablemedicine .

Goods,Cloth.. C..Umere.Vsutingis&s.ootn. F. X. FOSTER, J. A. CARGILLAaan'. enerally.[ I hans vied it In Floor Alias, Amen. vigor: of the hair, which before was harsh an I to .11 affiic reom".n; dn, "b'I.' .
p.,..'Iii part: of Ih* following articlas I Srrrttarf ./ faculty P. !1! .-Theae GIna can be seen In operatIon on orr" Piolapiua I'teri, and in canes of eitcn.i drulceration y, it has eeae*.) 10 com out a* furmelly, ..., for which, I believe u ta "" ",''J"-'
I I fin Black Dr.. Frock Coal, AngnatM/ I8U _._.Uan In !Short Cotton al the commencement of the next Ginning or the vagina andoa uleri II i i. worthy 1..0 Respectfully your. ,Iceldedly .upertor to any ihmV7l"l"t"ta -
Black: and,.Col'd Siiigl Bmstid trunk and 'lIE--undersIgned- ----- have this-Jay- -entered---intocopartnership -- aeaaon_ at the Plantation of.Col. R. W. \\ ,ilIiania DC the notice of the Faculty F;. C. RUFF. m.." A. A. GAULDI! De' ever tmj knatheUr.fldld ..
I a.la0111I, : I JOHN C. ORRICK, M D, "r aly G M. .
L ; lien wm jsaiiey, uov John nranch and '
the .
54 .
'I M.I.
Caa Bultimorebhd.I C.c.o of G
Fancy W. F. .This efficIent. '
lloyd o
.ofleonCojniy' Col. B F. Uhi'nrrofGadadenCo
a Black and Jol'd Cloth Ovsrcoatt, IVliolcnnlc nnd Retail Thorn. M. White; T N. & 1. 1)M.rrkk .. I have null what you aent me, and ao far .. I can I liar uaed Prof Wood'. Hair Reetorativ to a dectded Iy I f..1 as hionspart.rcmdy 1.tr.'tlinl 60100cslcbfl.?
to Black Doeskin Pant le it has general aati.faction. I believe advantage. Il the hair from '
and R. A. Young, of Jackaon Co GAnderannand arn. ,iven prevcnte commi 1 Ru..i. and ptoIng I
to Kaney and Col'J Cm-*. Panto. C.pt. D.nIeiltirtIofiircrsoCoan.! ;,1. It lo be a genii remedy for th".. di-ene. rut ..hlehIt out AIc ila glouand oftncMvery deairable. Ih o."a: Jr.a, eummandatien ..h.r vta .

It to Black Fanoy and Vulv.ta Fancy Bilk Vnti" DRUG) BUSINESS.I of I,,Madnon and,J. C.County McGehee, land Col. K. Harriion. i I.I.AltUICaWELU recommended *. JESSE. I.O\> K. M. O Other gray. of huin my family I had h4ve! bare ua.d entirely it, di..pprare.-wib (.'or .. by ,D.,.H.M.AMES, I'f4: .

14 Can* .. Ciahmere, Th letter from lh' Mill ManufieuringtCompany My wile, having noel. aeveral bottle nf Dr. Mar. mo in pronouncing il al it profeaeei lo be M. "IAIWEL
to Whit Maraollle. D. B. pubhahod below, ch loi'a Uterine Catliolicon, and having derived great HENRY. iRK, NASH ok
give* sores Id** of h* value I ,
-ALSO- ..... b enefite Ikerefrom, hue no hraitancy in .. TaIIab.
Tim KAMIBARNARD AND of thia Gm for Long Staple Cotlun.lIoLTOKr. pronouncing liehigll And b, the '
A Ins ortmnl of Shlru Collar i *, fravata, Bl'k: 'U' OF II one of the best medicine I, ever prod,iced, and, throubo.t the prneip.1.. M.rh.nl and DruggiisWHOLESALB
Whit and CoTd, Kid and 8lL Glove*, Self adjuringaUocka 1 recommend U to the afflicted J B. ShADE plo'. "ODD"
Ofton and Merino Un"Pr-ahlrt.J"An., Drawer Ilrrnnndn. Mil*. O.IU.LIUTIYI L'llla"T. AGENTS,
*. Bra. Fancy Cotton and IJ.I Thread I line, & MAXWELL I Man., April 4, 1854. Thi m,'diclne. baa never been introduced by emp Tile Liniment ia B valuable auxiliary to the treatment .! Ri".yN.w York. J. Wrighl &Honilanil Co ...H"1 $

Whin and Colored Cambria Hdkf.., all of which ar* .5 lT THEY will be nleaaed' to are their friend S. R. Piaaucaat, IV: ]., Iy puff and miarepreientaiion' nor I i. It intended] of aome of the most formidable diseases with 1 lIul.nd Harr.1 & Co. Ch.le.loo." Orloa,.,
offered to the publio on reasonable term and ..n.rant.I I l patron al Ih* old eieml of K. Barnard, Jr., hit it* prernt popularity ahall auatained... by any which it i I. our lot to contend i rll Instance i Infiama ..l53. 1,.
... a* good a. any offered thla Market Call and Si ign of Ih* Mortar, corner of Monroe and Clinton lIme SinVt/ h... auntS the fed< nolium but Its merit and Ih. approbation of Ihe lion of this I lung and bowel I By thorough and con: PRIVATE
eiamln. a .Oct 3.., 185. S lireel. where they will k..p. full and general' ..- bale of Sea tahnd and other long atapl Cotton, p mid''. tinned application of thi* Liniment over the region; IEDlIfisE-
rtmentof article appertaining, lo tIde hue of which you any wa* gird on yuurSca laland Cotton Pamphlet, containing much ovful Information I IDuelling or the am."e organthcee otherwise formidable' di.I.ea. .

HIW BOOKS &o b nntoen.ond aoliclt the patronig of their frlond Gin.W the nature and .,mltum.|, or the above di.. .. once disarmed of more than half th.lrI..rrro PJIYSIOLOGICAL VIEW OF
l id the regret not having larger supply cf thla particularly children MARRIGB..y
a and thousand.
public. nl 'a>e*, together with teemnomala from IAd,<'Ooflh. among -. .
Now RECEIVING from N.. York a large and IHRVAIID: 'Tr, Cotton lo paa through nor worka-s larger qnan- jglieat reaprcUbilttv. *. certified, by the mot *ntifattory > I of mother I were they allowed: to apeak, would, will M. B. LA CROIX.M.-
,aol.td tack of Boob,embracing every G. TKOUP MAXWELL lily would enable' ua judge more correctly: .* to authority, the p.mphletto.1I which Ih* all l the eloquence of feeling and aflection I bear the!:r 0 Alkooy. N. Fart.
department of Literature and with lh..tock. oa hind alarger Fcb.1(7. ( ,) 1854. th* relative mrnta, of your Cotton Gin i aver the common ittenlion. of I.iJif and l'.acl.lio"c..l.. i reapectfully/ 1 united I.lm..n,1. the fact that it had snatched then 2501.,1 and 130 Fine, Plain and Culored1l.ithn,

and more varied assortment than ha. ever ----- -- ------ roller Gin. invited., can .be had grit.* at the alore of c very jaw. of death,and reatorei graph and Plat..
.been offered to Ihle! community. Blank Dx.ksofev17 Huh ouripenmenlon on the .m.llloa of Cottnn, I U. H AMIDruggial, them to their rorhe health and Again i ii tS"Prict 11 TmtrFitt C..,.
t ihw, .nd Ruling Stationary" of the .beet de..crlp ill 111lUll&illm 2s Llr& Wdmj)1) received w* are of ihs opinion thai your (otlon i "'hol..ule I and Retail Agent,!'allahaewe.FIa. I will .be found a powertul.aiarln.AUI'removing wha. San tree J&ta .
lion liauken Caw, Port Folio Envelope. Buff.Whit Gin doea not injur) the Staple, of the Cotton, and I SAMUFL rl'1.STO: > I i in generally anon or an enlargement ufpoatq. all part of ih* UnioiCHEAPEST .
and: Enamelled, different' plies Drawing andTlw WHOLESALE.AND RETAILDRUGGISTS that Iheie ,ia an improvement in Ih. .rvcnneaa and I PMMHtABr.OTIlfcK.: j J MonticellJ 'I of the spleen. Indeed in all cane where the exlernal / BOOK EVER

Paper, Cnllery. Lythographio and Oil Pain I cl canuiiean, of the Hbr, which will, materially, J. (,'III Fr"I\.ApnlncHcola.r. 'laBRIN .. application 1 Is of service, tIthe Liniment will W Published .nd '
Inge, Bagney'a Gold Pene, with ar without caw, *.- creue tIre value of the article and reduce the coilof : ON & MOsEUT: M.di..n. found u.rul. b nearly! doubl Ih* conhio'L, ,

Maraud efc Noyea, Harrlnon & Blankwood'a Black. Mntiufartoriog.IIow.verthesu. J B \RCIIIt9l & CO Prirprittoru reading ,n.U. In that cl tit
and Red Ink. Alan large variety of Fancy Article are qiif' aii.ina' which can b* m". 5ti.factoriiy Ctraln.po/I Drtaiieag, New York PROP WOOD' VEOITABLI MAGIC LI MLL Fijty Ci t..r Valise P W, .
JOHN McDOUGALL ARE receiving by almoat every vraaelfreih adfldition. sa ,' .eltl,," by *pernnent on a 'largeracale bIrth !(J, 1853VULCANZED:; RLIMHICND] lio... IttreataonPHYYlOIO: .
Oct.IO. tf-63 Hondmn. L to their Stock of DltUGGS dt MED and In order toaecompliah thru, we hop you May 30, 53. GY OF MIRRIAGKand tbi
IpI I INLS. Their Stock Is now very full .and comI U ill b* able ;'j fnrniah 1 larger aunplir* of I long' atapl aottirn 1- ': 'INDIA RUBBER: Pa or. O J. WOOD : aecret infirmllie. .a.1, 1 iliac'tntcfyouth
ESTABLISHMENT TALLAHSSEE *. ON HAND gmed liyyour 8tIahondCutton Gin.; I II Dear Sir:-A* w" lane used and seen need fur I and maturity,
J ul received a rreb: aupply of Candiea and Confee Your. Truly Stocking, Socks Knee-Car", &0 I number of year*, your V egltnbl I M,igio Life Pill i from ciccaac* which .rtiullinj
would ,
_! Tn.o Subscriber\ re-the. lionary, Superior Brandy and VVInea-for Medical (Oirned' ; ) Co. J' U DAVIS, Agent For Varicose or Enlarged limo, \Ytn\nr\ ..a nre prepared recommend them lo the: public ** phy.ical and mental power, with. dnl.lh
cillMne of cr.lly Ilah..n.announce Florid to ne, Lftidan "./.r *nd Pcotch Ale, iLlley Folk' Mill.. I al Knee and Ancle Jainlt, :Stroll/,,. Limbs,. purior to all other, and hlbl.ln, & the, cure of : servadona, on marriai*, it. Julie, ah iluqnalinca-llh.

3 and tbe adjoining_ Oonntle of (leorgia, that they, Unite 1 Lead.Zinc i White: PuttpY1n.doe Jun. 6, 18114.. If llhnimalam (!oul 4't'., uj't'. diaeMc* for which they are .. I lion.,.nd their. remediei; with( .plcndij litkogr.phi.
baropened CLOCK AND WAICIL lI Bliop I onMoore. Glsss, f.Inaec.l I Oil, Superior -- - Wins FLASriO COMPRESSING B. n Leach. A. B. J'Ili, B D Albro. P. A. illuatrating the anatomy and pb.iolo..d inae .

Street two door "Ulow M.Uoalt.II'. Buck S f farm Oil. DRUGS AND MEDICINES. X FARUIU la forme 1 of Indm Rub. cob, Band, lui, Edward Glib of Ih. rrproduciiv: : organ h asics.heir
they Tallahassee, April 2S, I&6I. rcoilvid a .her Threa. John Albr. Luolen It .. R. Job structures, n.e. sail function.. A popular I J
Store, where will, b. read.t all lime. lo do every JUST 'ptr lIorqne ASA ISlI.". freah preportd by tho procraa o 1 I tli. 8..ela an conprchrnaive
description of work In their. line. Chronoumli r, --- --- --- _. -- of Drug and MedIcines i 'at ,Ohio i \'arBwliea Vulcaniimg, in a* to retain permanent!'C 11"1, N.lbnnl..IOilmor. ,. II. Pine, Wh. treati-e on the dutiea and ca.aallmif
j iUelurlivity 1 luaa Johnson \>ilhami, O. Law son C tarrar I i a ingle .nd married life-hapy v and
Duplex, Patent Lever, Cylinder and common Vertical NEW I'uu, and Claim V are-a/general: nenortmrnt thre.ilaarcafterwand. I/andar 1 fruMulll't'
Watebe. repaired al the shortest DotiCtlI| alao job GOODS.Iftiffjuilrrcrtrcdiny or Color. Itruxlie. and other. Painter' matcrmln covered with ailk and cotton and wovei. ea, mod. of(ccuring them- .n.'"/

and Clock of vry dcucrlptlon. By itrict attention Aim Kino Moap, Hue Tooth and Hair Bruthei I, Into Nel.Wo.k Mock ng*, : .
t to burin: **. theft ar* determined: ., that *.*. ikall L uhin'a Kutracl .11.1. variety. of Fancy ArticleaPlanter in U iture, and pnrou,*o .. lo permit thtxudation e : liinti lotbo c.niemplaling ]
vy d..5114ft.d." I and Pholnn Kill alwnv. find, al thia'nUiblulmient uf mouture, ke.-pl"lI' the 1..It Dear Sir i-Having used, and experienced Ito .r. oo..omohj"clln. to it none, however. tne.ld
full of a lweyn cool an I comfurtabl" 1 1 feet* (..ry"ur'eg lbl. LIfe Pill, In step without first coniull, its
-- J. C. IIILL* CO. 1 Fall and Winter* a aupply cvtry thing n""ded.and 1 hey can be dr.wnon Magic my famil;I. aj
I March 27, 18U If-. Cliitlu vp.ply o in the mnel liberal,. ttrrn > .".lolI"wilh entreme facility, thua raving all Ih,e I will ay thataa a firmly meoi.ine. they cannot !heulaed pag.-eomm..nl."e. an the dlaeatea and midicaltreatment
of! Cawmrrei. ti iis lacing too highly I have of female' from infancy old tack
OnUrafrnm tho Country promptly Riled anti sot or bandaging and giving more equal I sever il bil. ,e,
u. .
WISES SYRUPS IC.OLD Yetting, ifuction ,gnnrantoed, with regard both to price. and I"l rtaaur an.I auprx.rt than any other; bnndago munn I. lima attack and. intimations, Ind I will coy that Ito Ir caae graplically illu.tra ed .by b"ulrulllb""ph.
Jfg fo Uured They have reoeived the virtue' eannot b* too l ic plaiea-oiervuun debility, it* ,, .
of rrcry ij uality rhjuclnii* precril>tHin* cnrctully "cnm,' highest! approvi 1 highly appreciated, for in eve ry .u..od
Otard Brandy, Wo.e..I.ro"Ir.8aun, COLOR pt: : ... o f T idiyaiclana' butb in this country 1-uropo.\ I cnoa they hare speedily. triumphed over .nd a process al once aoaimple, aafe and effectualtbit, ,
I di.n.
f Madeira...Port, Spani.h' Olive, s lyle and qualily.,rhtch 'Tho EPPINO'S emll'OlJ n FUJI KTltACT \- i're. f..r full length, f.utt to thigh, Silk, *tOt jCot. h,"* I r.111 duty boniid to recommend th"I to .II. failure i i.impoaail.le_rule* for daily ml'f.met- .

English Muitard Or 1HC11U. ton, (6 foot to knee, Silk, $) ; Cotton, '.l ; Kneu I. I.I. They operate ,perfectly easy. producing BO aneascnsution an essay on Spermatorrhoea with .
Sherry, Fra.h Lohaler, I am prepared to make D. II AMLS. Cain, Silk, $3 t Cotton, 'i,8nk, ", for anile and far, a jet operat on ia thorough ; and I ari lion. on a ,"er. and a more aucceaaful oiw-'t tl,
London Po.a.r. Shad, lip I IMe in tug moil fu."i."a. November I.e. 1834: n Silk, *3j J Cotton, t). Length and circnmftrence, o; ..limned. thai nothing more, in mewl ( 1 Ie necessn. t Ir..tment-pnocaulioD. bint on ''he evils rr..'t ting

; Scotch Al., "" ri.ma, I ,sly!,., on inort notice ,c; -- .. -- .. -- leg required *..n'lo any part of the United. butt free ry thin these, valuable pills, to preform'n.B speedy at I d from empirical' practice-a. ..' ca all dun
Brandy Pach., Hallibut uf charge I triumphant, cure e* an.ing from indiacrellun, with plain and npllule <
AND I'> I TERMS Carriages. Buggies and Harness
LE: ,
Ra'pb.rr,8rup Sardine. \ C. W \NHORN: & CO. Respectfully Yonra, &0., by which all persona cA car theamlin
Strawberry. Tomato Ketchup -ALSOA lou Inll aT Trim and SIIIiealll".J41' Manuftrlnrtt, J B 8VNGER. without. mercury-remediea for those ..1oBCIdml..ri.

Lemon \\alaul LUIOR AND HELL ItLICTKD ITOCK or p. D. BROKAW. A.. 31 North i\i.,lk Strict. O J. WOO&CO. .and disappointed' hope so unroru"I,
Ginger Spice*, Proprietor, G9S ".". .. Yok. prevalent the young '11. a truthful edvuertbe \
Pin Appl PicUe., READY MADE CLOTHING 'rl l't8uWriber' haa J ju t receirnil! aTiry 114 Msrkct Street, St I.u married and theae conl.mpl.lln'llr.... In

flr.ndy Chem.a, Salad Oil, Conaiating of every. garment suitable. for winter w..ar. i1"*' supply' <>f Currhac*, VANHORN'S D. II Aims, Agent, T.ll,h"ee. ;. peruaal I particularly, ..eommnd"I. peraoni'*
Gui.. Jelly, Caper. euch ..Clnak,Talma, Coat, \ eat. Pant. ,&o.,die, BUlllti.; and| Harneaa, which h* ...lTefitur ; PATENT CHEST kXPANDLKblooptng : rcb'y 6, HI.5 [rloridinn' copy ] lemming pkyaieal eomlilio,
Currant "0. Sparkling Cider which will be diapoied of at low price.. aiile on the mot "'..""Ibl. term. and who are eon.lco.of having htil'k'
Pr.arvd Quince, Old Port Juice, Also, B :large lot of Plain and Fancy Shirt lIoy.28.18:14.: n curranT uvo Cram --- -- b.ppine.ad prioIegrs h..d.lh.vry hUI.hi*

u Pears, Claret, Undershirts: Cravat. Stock, hloalery I &c, .f.lllro. of Ihe Shoulder and Contraction of SPECIAL NOTICE TO OLD SOLDIERS I. i ing i. entitled lo Price 25. eeota per copy, o("
H Ginger, Tobacco. Th.... desiring B thorough out-fit will oun.ulllh"'r Executor's Notice. Iht CAr oopiea for on. dollar. Mailed free ef poalagt l I'

Sparkling Gelatine, Havana Cigar. owa interests" by giving m* a call, aa .lIlb..bov..rt. month, .n..rd'Ie, the undersigned E.Nq'o" children .nJ BOUNTY LAND any p.r of Ihe I/a/ :led Stale..
Flavoring Eilracta, 1>. II. AMES. i de. have .been selected with great car, and with Bipeciul SIX:< .. Duk* K... H, 18$.. a view lo their adaptation lo thla market dvovaatdwill preeent their accounta and voutlier I loth out of on* ahoulltr a projection j ha* taken or growing place CIT i TALLAHASSEE, Ft. A CROIX apon any efthe alia, can.. pcn which .

JOHV PR\TOKIUS. Judge of Probate I fur Mid cituiity' .anti oak lo b* Immediate relief I I. obtained and the, book treat,cither personally or .by m* I Ills awl
G.D.METCALF&CO.\ October 31. 18:;.(. utf diaoharged from the Eaeeutornlip.: and administration, j houldcr ap ( o Md, e.lat.; F They are light, and .tlaatic &ALEXAXDEI. and entirely, radical alt traces ort .**
onnissioN OEROHANTS JOHN IirK-ON, I t and di not interftr in rpIIU I latter, for with Ih* iliaordera, which eop.iv and cubcb have e loa|
1 Post Si Mol, JAMLhHAILV, J Ex lor. *. with th* deco. any manner X icveral Departmenta of 'General 1 Govern been tho..hl.antid te to the ruin of Ihe keahb
the Expander
.: 1 31 Poydra. Street, COMMISSION MFKCIIANTD, Jun. 5, '85 6m an eli gano By* of wearing figure 1 I. obtain- e continue their Bounty Land and Pcnaion Agon- of the patient. His French Seciel" ia Ib* great
NEW ORLEANS. .I end dieeaae of cy ;Washington City i and would call the attention continental remedy for tbatcl.eaofdi.orderewhlrh
o a tharacUT
31 Pod.*. St. ,Nw.Cileans. pulmonary prevented of OLD SOLDIERS, unfortunslely phv.ici.ns treat with i aisrcsrJ.Ia
Jlcfer Meer .- Administrator's Notice. Far CkiUrtn wkilt fretting they see utaUkli_
Iloriin tME........, WE h... formed a eo-partnerahip under the month' after date I ahall exhibit The gentlemaft' Brace alao a.,were the purpoa of th* their heirs to the very low terms upon which tb* irretrievable destruction of tb* patient' cmi'
% Wn. K. PITTI. firm of POST 4 MEL. fur Ibe pal po.. of' SIX voucher hefor the my account I .beat coualructed iwpendcr they procure. warrant under the new Bounty Land tahoe and which all the ..".p>rilla la the .olld!
Ju. T. A .cuaa, }l' .Ihahiac.,. doing a General Factorage and Couiratssian Uuainea .. Judg of Prabate I In law of Congress' 1 heir arrangement with the Pepurlmenta 4icmf.ttt: --
and 'or Ih Meaiur ; '
'?!' .. *county of Leon,and auk for for letter Ifu.oiaa.l required around ih* cheat and ..i.t.- and familiarity i with the '
T. Line R. B. ataaagcme.tsuch ok
Berrox POST
d from the .aliuinuliaUonof, Price. Adult, $3 hildren -
estate of A I. ; U 50. Forwarded, CMC, will enable them to varrania -
Hen..T"ee BttTtatl. CHAKLtS: MLLKiftritti I ten Haircloth. late of paul county deoeancd free ofch.rge, per mail, lo any pail of the U Slate*. I the kl possible delay procure *'"rTvVALIUS; rtcoveving- fro.jfj .
D1. ... LiD.
Ncwforl JONAThAN / C. W \MIORN I '
& CO.
Al'n.lr. Ia addition lo their they tang*
mu Uilo.
experience D..r
J. CaatwtT SBITH, Monticello 11. L. Jun. 5.l7i3: : SurgtCfl Bamlatt Minufarlurtri, valuable record and .. '. S' "
I kild.
M...,*. BULL it Pom, lUinbriJg. GaG J. G. Rn..E..l I A*. Jj: JV bulk, s,. lag to the numeroucla documentary>se. of claim. ?It .oirdi which .,1 nsoetf,

II.. U B. STOIH.MarctLr, }J J. W. | WILLIAM[ M. TUNNO -ARMY OFFICERS SOLDIERS. | aa.ezpel all baa.,

1855 J TBOI.J. ".uu. Tallabaaae. SUPERIOR STtllS, NAVAL OFFICERS TEAlA4tc liver te aaonis / /
Nevembw 22
ly D. C. V\ii.ao, (LATH TVSVO, ri\cnMv: & co,) KINKS, AND NAVAL CLERKS (*r lA/ir.url' propr prp'- .
-- J. M. \\'inuCul ... FRENCH TRUSSES. ttttag wtdoitt i .r mmtr tMdnn) ho served in tbXKevolutioniry '

GLASS OILS.M1TEt LFAD..tC. R ii. Un.n, 1 ll' & (Om rpIIIS article from lie extreme neatneu War, war of 1S12, Florida, o any e'* can only say TRY 0

f\f\ BOX ItS Window a I.... ...ort.d aloes, SBtLLween, Giaaeii )<...... Qui." ,. ST and lighlnee. wttglmf ../* 3.... this Ii.dian >V ar., fir B prrl of not 1 lee te/.o I i iln all the so-called; i*

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JO..D..U.. )D ro1YIr: ::r : : : : 160 acre, Those who have cot
I LlII..*.. Oil, .5 tfttt ./11"...,ha. won Cur il the highest praiM already received thi drug, seq
5 to Lard Oil, DiiBaai & PLBiBMonlicelle. For Florida and Southern Georgia ProJnceM from phjawiane,both ia Ihiaeouulry and Europe Over 40 o 80 acre warrant are now entitled to an addi-f without hrsiloji'J
11.... ok DU"1. SI. I.h. tonal quantity ( 160 .
10 Keg Zinc, Paint the heavyclumay 'I I run* berclofiire. worn, lie Ra .a.11 acrea ) B I th* ert60
a 10 packages" Fire-tKoof' : P.iotbbl..and j .kM..) Nevembcr S3, I,SO. Commercial Warf CAar/",,,,,, S. C.,. tare Al rtgurdt >... *.J comfort ia ,I.c.,.. /p.Cell rward fJfKegular them _r.pd""I...'h prepare cases .n",I Si's' City
a barrel. Trai* Oil I bbl. Copal Varm.h. AID .r/.i. nlimt,** ..<1 nee ,/,It. weed, sees ./ te adr management will t bmnnd. VS' drcta.
Splritt Turpentine IsL.rsh.:; and al retail. FrcshGrocerics. 07 IIa- lrel, .' ''...auuala, Ga Hrrmit, l< ae. *. 't**{. liberally COURT with OF CLAIMS .. .' 1,1858.1I
U.II. AMES. Hay 3-J' IsM 6m Forwarded per mail free of on receipt nff tA "iag.n created
N.... It 11 54. ------ 5. Bute I which *iJ* ; afflicted: aril .aiie aroundIh .r. which all p.'V, '", 1
[AT TUB OLD STAND or I. I. OAMBtK.] hip... Do provided fur ., I., are lo .b* presented fur adjutildioation
MASONIC, I. O. 0 F 8. OF T. c W. VANHORX Mr E .. undertake the management ok lheJeaWref
ONSI3T1.NO: in of lh. following articlesFliiue A co.
A DMIN13TRATOICS. NOTICE.-BU month C part any essee before that to b* tics. tk>e
and Mannfkcterer r-f spa.5. P'tt. ,
J\. .ftr dale, the andenlgaed Administrator oIlh. .111 O. U. A. Importer. 31 North of rr. r. .. A u .menlofalid, *

eelal of Robert BOWM, late of Gadadca county, deceased Rice, REGALIA JEWELS AND COSTUMES ales manuluclur Ninth Intones St.of, Philadelphia all (... rtgrd l. tin) Oa original applicationc W..UM..t. be placed in tbaAt.nviv'iag
will exhibit "hie aoeounU and vouuher "bvfur* Lard, rln. HranJir, ..u"hcn..u sna \ description I ly t .For Increase. $3 00. a'tocharge'till'i
: 11M aaa .T Tal OLD. Infant Adult in .
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th* JedgeofPrubateofMid county, .nd apply for BAnal Mugar NX hwkey. Eli rant or Pension* are procnredREFERENCES' partnc'tw
discharge from AdministratUm... uf anij citat. (:...rr"1 lac*. .. I'ti-ro-Abdominal; rappurter: (O Failing i:) : I Oct.13.) D
.. \nl.OlcKt\:sO Merurk. Cider E. COM 88 highly recommended by the Medical __
Fehy ".185 6m IWef, Ala i.bottles Vi,. 2 Ii Grand .IrllmUI fir Curvature of the fprne, ClutFo. 1011. L P. WALDO, HOB Joom BILL, .J, .
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blrtet Ka-tl
lUooa Poter, of? Dotftry Weak Aaclee In Children SueproMiry Cm .f' ",.I. J. M. Mison, iDiS&c
# ': -ALSO- NC\V YORK.ino and ales all deecriptiunaof lutrumeou and Bandnge* JOH \\ IUOM, Gen Lames CissJ Sik. t'esuted 1'0
IX _Ih. after date the Adminiatralorof ; Cem. 0, ',. Laud "
BBdraignd manufactured (ur that mechanical aid Office,' gtm JIOtrSTS 5'.iJrngi.
Ik* ..t. ef Frank li* 'F. Cramarl'' Pickles, Tobacco Vinegar" t1o'eN'lIa' of the Rojal Secret i R M. ('roil 10. for their relief. JOD JOM M. CLinTon, T. J. Rt'l. 'Gi.npa.; iiueelcUa
late of Lone Oualy, deceased, will present hi* a I. Spice, Knight of Malu' ( Kmal Arch ( Knighl Templar ; April 24, 1853. a6u B. A.DOIOLU, Vmtlti Stt\\
COBBI aaj voucher* la Ib* Judge of Probst for .ai.Couaty Ginger Hvgara CouiioU and Muter Mawn Regalia ; Jewela, hi. I'utliJ AttlitSimtltMarch .' 8'a. fitir-jiuiL!
and aaked. lot b* charged ,"' .. Ih. Admin, Allspice, fcuulf, .Win,.. Sworda, Dirla, Ae Me.inpnient, Lodtf* -. *7, $.-.ly. rmrr ,
itraiioBfaidUle .1 NO. 'l. CKOMARTIK. Pepper, GOO Sack* of all, and Grand edge. I I. O O. K' Kegnlu.J.,1a, CMlunui JUST REOEIVED
ttalaratm, taibleni; d.e r.uIwe. blanks. ------ -- 18 COnlmd and 19 I Iffy Sir",
July. ', 'it. 6... Alit a Quid *ud ftl
With all other article muatly kepi" la our line.- vet 8lare, Fiinge. Taw, Gimp, laces, Ornamen Per Wisp R. Pettet front New Orleaiu.O Leon County Iron Works.TALLAHAKCI JfEW. YORK
We have also
made arrangrmeate to "'pl..iooh..r aad 1 r".w.a.. fag Theaineal Itnwe>> _
FOR BALE. pluck from velanrivlnic from 0,1...... and N..'c f\a\ ....w. Kuaa.tiee fut Hell Committee .nd- HINGES I-enoa. Pine Apple, Guava and FLOIIDA. Jul,10,18 3m.

A Tract of StO acre of land lying .......f three ail._ Vwk. at St. Mark, and intend. to.ell a* cheap aa Keiaha, 4.. eW.Ua eat w erjer with Hand I're-r Cerraal I Prune, Peara, Sardine*, Pickled rplllii t.t.bti.bllal. uow i IB full ._ A. PEHKY
J\. B. w. of Tallabaaae*. A ....r'ai.an.' .be .had any koue ia thia city Call and ciauiin oar aloe]I Ma wie Uurkiag, luul. l.t). O. .... UgrwLm: s. Oyaiera, : Peache. PrwrveJ Lm. J. All orders will .b* atttuded le with> oprttl.prompt n*.. attornrs anu AJAX *,

tkl .pieo* olla.... It lie. _,oai.-., lu macho. ketir pun.baaing elaewhcr. lIen... Quid. IwnvUimaiieal" Kitiga, U"' ........., Mn .. Orange*,Pine Appl.aad. Ol.'o Green GI Ma.lad. and all work done wtth Beajnesaanddi.p.tch. TALLAHAUBB, FLA<
sad. ISO a r<* thereof are now la eultivation, ci..i/:, ,J.OH M.ST.1 I I MARTIN ok MILLER and WaUk Kee. JUnacr. luraiaaed to order._ utl ., I... byrep, Raspberry do., Strawberry, Allkiada of work. auch a. t'aw Work, Mill Juae5, 1855.
ascii' ,leer.*', Fur "'r... apply w the !WI"" of tb* 0 K Maeoahi Charta and 1/1.|>.lu.... \Ukey'. L.oloof on il'., Ptuf Apple dot, and. Ginger...., R.pbrJ'.- WorkGIB Ua.raw. Sugar' Milt, Cirrulai 8w Maekinrybh __ ___________

$..iincl.. a July' *4. June IS, '45 -lf Free toI.r,. 1''...,'. Manual', (.'.....*. I'kart. egar, Frah balmeaI. bater, J. bl&Do ,, PIII.,., Hanger Plough Castings -- n',1 Judicial.Circuit of? Florida Cvc*
--- --- ---- -.---- but Agent .fur !New; lurk fc* Down'. apl....*4id. tba. Aaaorled IV kl For Sale.cnwmlKiied Baggln and Ropt. ManauiuelarpH.tKr.pnvelU.r. 8O.OO0 Ilavauua Cigar All woik dan* IB euck ta laliamnl will b*don* C fFraUi County.

I flOE offtr brul111* Dw- MiUT.av TaumwaaxKeaaainn*. D H AMES by .*, with a e.nic.lar rgard te the aa1 To FALL T. .
.1. 8.1H..i.4tia.rcsshsujaosthi*' 1 faCr YJ.*. l" k"Jr Uaiiav BaMi.g! Kaihroidury Bulbue aad IikIk May tt. IIUIce durability *f l b* work la'Dtl Frse, Tnuikalm 11M)

a aTajlsk.es.ontbshiehl. Air R..... The 1 U.UUU 5,000 Ib.*. Superior he..lucky Ropeiaator.andfoCMlerlKl.lby ,, Gilt hmrlee, 1100. I.rook: II,.Degree. rllllolema, ConpetralNScrkinanalwaya, i I. n .C ABMUBI AUach.. .
,TneVnl., 0.; r.di..I. "*
IXouM-1 lar- well IIA"b.04OII l the premUi '- 1>. MUDNewport vela, IVaa. Key. Bauaw ! Ice ! I up Eagle**, Ac.Tires. HardeeOriffiB. 1 M

.,. la 'unmi'"l) test Kitukon" end gjud "."" .-- Augiiell, 4, 185J a wata A lao, BalbX' 1aj; Blank' ik = .al kl .r..d.I" ..rk d... Mrvlly fPHE De&BdBl cad all other* ia4reud .

TIle BfDMTly will beofferd .* very ..._.. ttrmeew Wanted to Furchau.romE I'..alo"" of Kebekah Ca'Ur! hmbrwdeev. la OoKI.;: REAL COOL ICE-.IT NEW PORT I for ..I. *a -.". .. ar. 1 bym6.4.fthelatatiO5ofth5aauobawasenlk.EflTecw.dFrcakU.e"",
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terms apjJy en the trm ef Whiti aadr year : Naval L'aifornia, 4c.. j 1 f\ a t. aol per .w..iae.riwwlenapesr aed r
:7 : lIda < to D. U A_ DvuiTSIWAAS KMT*. 1. age Apply ** $.Rh 3t IIJHJSept.itbitlltliS. oIi.from th* tountry proaipt'> attended u I Fan Ml Ckoap-CIae.peo.-Ckcapvat I* by by I U VDU. oa load) I, All tellers r wisPs *4Jrs**... t,piihi .. .. O*_U tbeerto T J ara

J\III'- WIl1I"-:: JJ UJi c ) I S'.If roe ; tl:' a j I \. .(t M II IHllt 0 CIJ T.t.b.J.. I'x Ape!. ,1 "a hjV ;S 3 !


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__- .

The Florida sentinel

Material Information

The Florida sentinel
Uniform Title:
Florida sentinel (Tallahassee, Fla.)
Alternate Title:
Place of Publication:
Tallahassee [Fla.]
Knowles, Clisby & Smith
Creation Date:
October 16, 1855
Publication Date:
Triweekly[ -1866]
Weekly[ FORMER <1841-1863>]
three times a week
Physical Description:
v. : ill. (chiefly advertisements) ; 59 cm.


Subjects / Keywords:
Newspapers -- Tallahassee (Fla.) ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Leon County (Fla.) ( lcsh )
newspaper ( marcgt )
newspaper ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Leon -- Tallahassee
30.451667 x -84.268533


Dates or Sequential Designation:
-v. 1, no. 88 (May 19, 1866).
Numbering Peculiarities:
Suspended 1863-1865.
Numbering Peculiarities:
Numbering begins anew in 1865.
Numbering Peculiarities:
Issues for May 21, 1841-Mar. 9, 1858 called also: whole no. 78-947.
General Note:
"Whig" <1842>.
General Note:
"In God is our trust" <1856>.
General Note:
Editor: J. Clisby, <1843>.
General Note:
Publishers: Knowles, Clisby & Smith, 1841; J. Knowles, 1841-1843; J. Clisby, 1843-<1848>; Benjamin F. Allen, <1856-1858>; Edwin A. Hart, <1860-1863>; Hart & Shober, <1866>; W.A. Shober, 1866; Shober & Oliver, 1866.
General Note:
Description based on: Vol. 2, no. 26 (May 21, 1841).

Record Information

Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
Rights Management:
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002061077 ( ALEPH )
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AKP9173 ( NOTIS )
sn 82014066 ( LCCN )

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Fare Reduced I LONG L.GALBRAiTH.ATTORNEYS From Richmond: 11 hllf. ''fompnnied (01. Kinney, who are now buoy Uhn-a who" are now en tinjmlly depri, d l of,:r gle' */giln D'ntg'ae and hit" -enrpptidiatofl. of I

CABIN PASS\rE TO NEW: YORK AT LAW I NORTIICR.V pla'RIiU.iTIllNrFl11'TIi: ( : ( ., w nli, ,the) r.....'., rr\1nlng.h.k. ate and vpadptipnn the proceed ol their own horombbj Industry the !\l!*
TWENTY DOLLARS. TALLAHASSEE, FLt.11leloteJ KRNRKT1LIT1OV.: : the lamh' purcha, *>*d' by the) Colonel 1 or !: I I didata for Governor, anti will poll belwppn ""

those trareroing this country wilh all the lin- finally, I congratulate, you frll.>w.ehl'l'no.1{I[I I. I50Ot)4/and: 300,000 vote*. VMltarn :Medilli \
SKMI-WKEKLY d ; l Olemrlvi.lnlhei, Ir etw!of Law.! Tbr* The trial oTlhe nr>grof "hh; ennymt> pemcnteofwar: ready, to blow d-," ((01 upon the au.piciom commencement of |II.i the candidate of'the Pierre and Douglas '

will attend. the Conrte U the 1o.ldl.. C In oil. TW) lion 'lIh Willium'on, rol>l>rJ (\.1 l \\ h'rler our In'onnnnl lay*) mil ..f.1I or anything new government which you have ..* Democracy, and whalevever, he may say or \

"UNITED) STATES MThe L\lIt[[ r Sup reme Coarl. and the Dixnct Conrt the of Ct the llon.e.Oct. U. 8. '.r hi, elates! In rhilarjplph! wa in prnffrrnsirt that snore in their war.' Ity the accc.
and .plendid tide-wheel teniehip. .iTallahame MfOflice opposite"| i that city luring! nrrrntl days lust week Mr Sooll arrived at Punta A..nu.. on the pnmnpcl.. It li sure, if properly. "nctnlned hailed a* a triumph by the Slaver? Kllention -

KNOXVILLK new J500 ton*-Capl, C D. 1Rnx w. -.-U, lSI4.-: -- -- -_-- .--..... Vl' the lOll dates hot not ,rcmlcrcj evening. of the I r th ull., on hoard the I.. \'IrBIII Its founder, to become" al nn ili./tnt day, an 11* from Ilichmnnd and Charle' -lon to the
AUGUSTA, 1500 ton.-C.pl. T. Lvoi*. ---- -D0 IFtrfuo! : mdicl j hut we" attar no lm|>ort'nc to thai.omc ,. w here lii 10 i laid, lo {IM lacy rpmotleling organiitlioit, of commanding Importance, to Mi "ourl frontier The Union will esuh o.

ALABAMA, 1300 ton*-Capt. O. R. Sent**. ,Goa ( of the inri.lrnli of the trial, and the. her I inlu' a *|>rciei ofnrnn.of.nrar for the Com.piny'g the rivilixod world. Relying' a* I d. upon| vet it a* the death' knelll of Slavery Re.tric.

FI ORIDA, 1300 ton.-Capt. M. 8. WaonnvLLM ATTORNEY AND COUNSELLOR AT \ chnrg.rf. the jlNlgr. are of far mote con+r- l dolifncp." ____ jour rordial and, undivided support of In In. lion and \'l'hIon' and' Slrln rellow'. bulliee/
Savannah tverj WEDNESDAY qiirncc. The nopro woman, Juno, who nanoln u .'illollom and laws, I will only etpren Iho will regard It a* the Voice ol Ohio cheering

., m BATUaOAy.fullowu leave -LAWMONTICELLO .- : from Col. Uhorl'r was intrcxlurpil* Col Klnnoy Governor at Last. hope tint whatever else may serve lo pro. them on lo harm and crush the .......e..III.." &:

j Choc* .hip.*are among th. Urgent on the en.i in court ."rn.ll'tll'l ofTifrn and,I anseeing I inotn the ,public welfare, and add, dignity lo ofKanna*. The triumph of Medill will/ be i

peed In speed' Mfety: or eomfort-making their FLORIDA I army of Uroiig. ,/ .minilml women, While Col. Kinneyv: < under arrest InV the State whether it be the encouragement. virtually a repiidation' by Ohio of Ihe principle ( ;

pt ages la l 50 to CO hoar, and are eommenJed byUllfl June 13, 1934: -ly.WALKER. h, rd ity Mr. I.ucrrlla, Mon The In.iinio.lilarkamoor \..\ York it WH &l\1.III.ftl ha wrote home (0)l of agrlcnllurp, tin etlenion. f.f eomniercp, and policy which repelled the vulture r.

e arefnland poliM 0lo8ramatdealn: : : rt1 his nit arfmittrd lo the introduction of Slavery from her cradle and
.anb-room accommodation*, ; > & CALL, I cnun.ter his wife, not In bo uneasy that hi would yrlVe art, nr the advancement : made her a Free Ii'
of !
York. ore any H.ilrmrnt nfhrr while muler. puldio education itch religion freedom' State
bl,*Cabin conveyance passage to Sew',. 0' 0 . $20. ATTORNEYS AT LAW The .d I ol' this, no ilnulil, wee tit add. 11I.1l1t'In Kinj.: lie hits ,taken the lint atop towanl will obtain! frontymi a brahms and *licet iv* Now the mipporter of Trimble, though

.,, Steerage passage,. 0 0 .. 0 .8. TALLAHASSEE! KIORIDADVVID injl Col. hfrUr had. Urn rol.k,1 l l lr :I II'. 110 hey been cloclcd civil and military co cperation. conservative, are not favorable lo the Filen: '

PADELKOaD, FAY & CO., 9, WALKER.ndWII.K CALT.havt I his pro ; IJIII that teas not r-nuiigh. lie Jorprnor; of Jan Juan delorle or (;!i.'nbllho U. L. Kit.ttr. lon ol Slavery." They believe the overthrow

SAM'L. L. MITCHILt.Agrnta' In Savannah, Profrnionand* Ib.ma.h.wII.,.|. .their in the joint practice.tirntion of thrlr t to I 1 hit must pane 10. gush having, In his hie wool It'l'linll'd..jtrlfll'a. evil l Thr u 'I niianiiiioiii acclamation ofllirs!, ppnplnollhat San Juan del :N'orle' ,.Hep. I 12, 1835.trout of(he Mli-ouri compact a grievotu error and 'I,
: : 10 111rant -
-- -- an error which
the --- wrong should be
IS Broadway, Ne*" York. bu.in.if eiiiruitcj to them in the Court of hovel of h Country. At a mutes meeting of the dl.I .
Inre. the
'lln.e ,,
:.854. n Middle Circuit,. and in the Court holdcn bl.o.nany negro" rol.il'''r' AmrrioanDrgiin. amended | a wrong which ought In Ievedrnese.l. .
l7th fret amt kn
gavannah April -- n$ Ap.lachicola' In the Weiturn Circuit ofrierida. hltt L they are, but !Letter linn n*. I lie in ofCiloWII i held on the Cih, Seplrmber The People' Party. Yet every vote they carry for Trimble' I I.

CADSOEN'AALL.QUI .: _Keb. ''',1''5<: jtroe'.lhf'n" I anf they hate all who|| I l 19'A among' nthor thing, it wa. : a_vote. I.k..n.frol1\ Chafe-I* ,half a Coin for
DR. L E W I S----- dad breeding/ ndkllc|, Sitar%,?., that, J Ke.oUp. "|. That- Pill- .. -llonrvl.-. ..., .- .Ivlnn.v....... t...... Thera wa never iince the Jal' of JefltT.Hilan : ;Medill and for Dougla. Suppose Ihe aggregate 4

' N C Y .IL 0 RID A. C3[ : IDrJ ] [Dt leer, The. Judge 1 ((1 VlnkU) charge, 1,1,1"1onllmnliftlt (anll.,.prnor i hereby ol the. appointed Territory' Civil of Sun and I Juan Miliiaryio I ( Uri I "+ Kepnblicaii'im! a party' more pro cm!. Chai should viand r C
of : :
very A, lI..nIITlh" party tin People than, the Am"r.I'an : : : t : : : : t U ,ooo
25TII 1854. TALLAHASSEE y hit .."' '''palhir.' fir Ilc, Norta nr Grrylown.Il .
Artincial Teeth on tb* new andiml"o.,1 black turbine, la down organization. 1'aemle.hrmutcrecy hav. Meilil! : t : : l i i : : I : 100,000
In.erling at inlli."u"II.I"" 1 upconded
Is now hringduly il woe put to the hug hnllt. day' futon and,
law that Ih" fret
fromone mny TrimbU
principle, with eoniinuou. gum negro man: and her chihiire, nu'etingnuJcarrieti. I govern i t i i : i s t i 43,000
-- I
without crab lr..- free Loh mental !solroungesecret and ,
aide, (? ik other *fmnr were u 1\1 plognng the the
Proprietor would, ing n0.pls.. for the lo.lpmentof foo.Ilbrrrby ten.Jeringthrm 10Ileh",1 Prnn.Ivaiii '1'1.r. a. anon U they On motion it 'u re,,,,lied that Colonel' lcle+tihle system' of pipii and ill lor"", ..,. lull great mnjoiily; would hear nothing and

TilE .... Inform the pur..II life-like nul vedoring the cnn take his shore! w "h -.hal! no rml81..r II. I.. Kinney receive III. apiointment| by" ae | t't Public that heh.trepaired ori ilflnal content ohhe f.e..o nlodt', .I..tllnn. In p'I.III' through clnmatii away or of the actual .nll-l>ollglu
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wfl people ,
Pennsirnnia. t began to and
1 (H U U U KL tnd,.f1ttedlh.llou. formT II. will dtenJtoeUedl.nbliddleFloriJaforlull{ .v liberating' him Themrrlingthen procepdpd, lo tied thnutiMiihrrfot fur themielve act of 40,000 In the Slate: t they wood bear
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.rly known a. the' Car- Sett. Tlioi wilting FqllSitnc.nnht.in.il ne- lit other 'i'hoylermit, ihemwlvei no .flhe
Vlma House":; *itut the Nor'h' itile t of and Inif nerylnpnanU.facUon.nJ, ] ptre.IoulttA. we .'". it It i I'enn) h'allill jeiult : I"'ofl, Collins Campbell, Pr. Tho. atone and (files practice ; they want IVmoo.rtcy "'*. to I a* ike
suplur 'oml't'I.1 ;
.ri. r T=--mediatelyoppoeittth: pub time. TermaCahotwhenwllcJfut ome laws hearing, "I'' Virginia I.. Colt, Pillar INniiivnl: ] Sam-ul ShepLrn1,19r' ,, : not In the name, but In iho conduct: of verdict of Ohio again Slavery Restriction .I
will awwayLate p.u. A. M. a and in fiivor';
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Hem 1't'lIlIolv""la Nehra.kw
IH Iii Court M* bill and its'
M0.r thou who m.y.e.pi Ji1y- __ _'.' _' rrol'\111' Iflh"l.olt and Hi, The party, and a government. They are loUthat, than an.
pteseur.In.ceomm1I&ting nor .f..r..ni.ljtl'"llrm..n| Whig of Ohio I
enter ol law, we I wgrm'nunder >pinjjiliiclart'd July the .\mcrican party l I. a horrid can you juatify to !
may midnight
iper t 0 give; him their pitron.ge.III. ahatl 1! I.. rlecU'da momberi, of! your own concloncn
Ihe '
Table will be furiu.hed with the \>ut theM E. C. LOVE recreant lo our Intrrril' il WII City Council il was, ilaik, lantern cabal ; but they enter the circleof 'furtherance any connivance at or
irket will, afTuril. Meal nerved at any time toe lobe redl'l'. into our own tin misPenmjlvanla II I .p..dilv ill motion. an American Council and find I order toward thl. re,ull f '.onk.t

lit the convenience of Traveller! *. ATTORNEY: AND COUNSELLOR AT L.QllillI'Y. .\W no doubt" hate a ;liol"114 .;f Resolved That Col. Henry L. Kinney boi |1t ty, and, brotherhood' | they find In o ffillal.j: Maine, where the Dough, lte., though 3,000
lla, ftmllllnl worn i into ffion by the> preildingrtrireroflliU, behind lha Republican and 13,000 below
-TERMS- and nothing mute than the
of .
00 r'r"I''III-lIoOlI, vi a re III' every man acting with a
Board. per. month" without with l.ode1nC"Lo.Uiof |30 16 00 Will give strict tttcntmn to all buiinei entrusted I.pt'lhnp', lomo heavt d.I,14.| 'ualixr! Convention M. at llii place, at one o'clock I'. r.rll'or' certain great purpose furl* obliga! Whig their and Republican: tlnilml are shouting

.'. '.. w.ek, 7 00too to hi. careS.ptembar limit Virginia., Let the lair I Lay, ?' Ihie; lo morrow. tory upon hliii in honor and cnncirnce { acetic.tnmrd flier its victory and reveling In :anticipation

.. ii dar I 19. 1854.- -- --- on every particle that can he lijtiii, ap It was furtherRreulred hitherto In party" cutlet.." lo nee a few on ipoil Will you give them another
Single' Meale . 50 --,ETNA- INSURM\CB COJJI'AAY.T1pH.nd.nigned (''oinitionwralih-ami ictetpreu| pru\ the I ., That the Convention iln now adjoiirn ruling the ninny, they hind a caucus where every inch opportunity f Think. of the election of
ill.. I lo a* pmblu lo morrow (Friday) nt 10 I It 1844 and what we ihen thought of those
and Ligbla that A man heard and who
made oflicrr dull l
Pins ; ngrnl for the above coir puny, no >a rwi'| t regarded" according lo
and Servtnt.tulf r>r c* o'clock A. M. I"'r.ioled in
tlTJhiMren JOHN HENftV KBADLE, -L prepared to tote rub. *!;.m.t lur 1 h)' fite swear to aupport the I'.Jcrnl Cuu..!til I iho worth of !hi. coiiimel. ; having been told We throwing away their Vote* on
RuiUing and their Cvntrnt. were lho.e StaltM are coieernfdgard who '. I I'IiJllll11orllilllf. Sept. 7, 13.)5: : put+tnnl Ii) that the mint relimlln-a Ilirney. aid that elected I'olii and put

BeptembrrllaSL! (,..arllPr_ ) .J ri",r. n c. r.Kis. lhat to"lrnuu'ut. \\ ore again, rJ,,_. I niljoiiriiinent, the Jonveiiliou' nembfd| nt I and l pcMflciitinii prevailed Inward his Catholic bigotry 1 Teia and" It. Slavery upon -..-.thai (hey, i
Jan 10,'5&erCllEAPER I (he house ntmcd, and railed were guilty lie(ore God of
wn* lo order by neighbor because the crime'
TlEalSTABLE. ion.Ve much prof Carr.Injj on thin toil of hit, religion, he I. loon oppre'
.lcm with 1 rmrVanlipe lha Prenident IJnnj M.MIIU'y.IIIfJ.: ] wherPnp.in / inl.rm..llhllt; religion fiefdom, inns and carnage by" hit( remilt rendpred In.
rTfnhfw a o M THAN EVERt.., AMB. l nfrrprlial* lirolhin. in the true 'nil.
:\ I LIe. f
w tLiTA There Yanl Kgrert ly lo resolution' the ooh of o/TIcn/ cpii il of iho American Do not bring yourtolre into
'"forin bi. -* it plrnly! of 'perry in ilSmilH Conntiiiilion li .the on. >
like" !
Ytnoukn >vat IIII"illl.I"r..llo Col. II I.. condemnation., '
< vJCRXx nt thl tune; la rtimbttn; Kinnev "ho'a.oI..cI.r.I..I.cl.J 'I" aim and' object of lha Order
friend and the puklieV tifur all Inrgrorflhry /, ; and hit I the
YEfexKeV\ P..tliat* he may dwayebe f.nndIt ..az.i.: : E. ]1./FRALEIGII hare ernlrn from .J. Our pfnrral 1 lit Civil and !Military. .Inu'ri.n Catholic her .n Interest it* de. Turn men of Ohio I be not lulled Into a
1 mistaken
of oils
ready to.ccommo- .vernor City and Terriloy of Man Ju. liberation security I The
Jatl Cams
the ,
the S r A 8 Lit oppneite. cnrnprrhennivp, i" e"rn"a'tI'; '" ill Pt.<> 1 del Nor' ( 11I0rel,01..nl perhnp than any other utmoit' need your
date them with Carriage and Hone on nooonabl. "'rm.. V'Ot'LD re.pvctfully: infnrm tliciiixrniofT>l ry Southern Stain, will reach' lilMlifl| ,,f u;'I.( )1\ In,or irejtown.niollmi dUll of citiron*, no Ira i limn lhal liberty "l1 "-your very tail ole. Voti
i tr I tnrea kept at Unr rllni.hed for Drove lob uree and i he le now receiving.w i Let L'niuneland f>revrr, with l lfttmfralrr ofeonicienco which ull other ChrUlinn In organizo by COl III Ie., by by
rr V""n'" 1..1.Melee..Pt Feed from \. V..rk .n.l rhil.J.lrhl. I I"i. ..1\ ...Lrrroctof8P111t4end811MSlt.Il00r1D8eon.ial. A. -lvuilM/rllnfi' which' .xt |In c rmdrwl" Thai (he proceedinir nfihe, Con. Ihl, country' enjoy. | having .been axtired that School Iilrlct.*o a* to be Town.hlp. '

Iloraea and Our'l"llr. tin tm
with Central
It'naaliarnclina' pa"I Il'r.. ntendi-d lo I Ihe Whorl I puuiinhi'il American 1 lha Order were atm..s! r...Jr' 'v. ..k. ever the (,", your |1q M
IIim.lflO tj.1,1. I n '
will.nert I u in ao.*
n. In Lad ea' Urn float) uf I/O.I.I.at.II./ >* 01| (Ih| t tt ,principal in ni
p.rtof lha United) prevent oanot I
ing new.pnperi
on., and ..licit.\ a .h.,. of the nblipraetom.H I .nii ", I.n. ; a fine auorlmeut of nerdle-wnrk andKmurui.lrry Smith come lo love Yankee poorly ujin jlo| SI,l o. The A.pinwall Courier and oilier I lo iliife of all foreigner., ha Suite a spirit of ,day nett. The : 3 o'clock on'T'*-
In I!
TalUhaawe A.cu.t !II.184.! llunnct. rid llonuel Ribbons/ No. I Iamortment cattle ardor ibal they love SOUTH ( kindneiJ and consideration for (hem eliding mint give ,
inljoining Wl.itea of vote and
proper *
: Mcaregm and Cuita which than
GARDEN SEEDS. ofKCAfY '11 i n completely overcome: hie prejudice, Miami Y. Majorlle. ever l>efl' >re- .the

GROWTH OF ISM.RUTV !!: .. biAl)41 CI.ITIiINO, It i I., a 1.leu..llhi"g, imli'oil i.rp under, Convention; then I Io and) hence he I. ready to eiclnlm, with an 1 Ihlu".n.I.. ml.t rppoud with Its bntf

n. Flat TurutpCahngeIt3eet*. &.0., Boot and SANS, hoe and C.p., &,.. Ac comni n Government', wish, one I'privilrged! ) adjouned line
p f. ., reeled : AL80- lo ,plunder the other w itli inipiini a iu| i.... I Intlr I Virginia, wb..nIr.!\ Shelton F. Leak'* in. IlmLI.nl wi nie m.i.l. .. .L. *_
J... 18. 18M.:\: n the ; bItYKY'.IfiAI'UIb.ILPbOCLArIAT1UN: rpiired' If(here was a D"m"cr'llc-I\ ;;;. ; formerly i but do tint whahto
," -- A fine .nrtinrnt of "''''ch.* anl Jewetrjr, and variou purl, a* delinking! to |1Irrd.I u':,:,'I I ; Noth from koW
/!, -J AVAlIlLNLOTTEB.YI!I min article too nnmernu to mentionall are tired til it. We arc I for .rate, II bolo to, horn .r>en fit', l I.y. jour uuiwiliriled" iul log: present : Yea I an.IIII"'er I knew what and eipect Hamilton, and Highland
; COUNTY ACADEHYLOTTERY which' he will, till very low for CASH. |1'erwna law lo Ixilh .iI.', of I Inlinn. t tal.ijl) 'rnfii' In 1'1"1 1 mn i.umnnr of Jan Juan snit true Democracy mnaul until I entered an A- did 1'h"l"'l.U fit whh IM,
; JASPER they bat l I
will du well to call and iitnune hit cock before cnimiiK, YtukeediMii how liJrtilorv. 'lliankfiil meriean Council." year f but I I. tafer lo
ling '" s rutn, ", for the 'honor tl.UtI that the preetima
purchi'iiiR t''>dNwhrre.Manb 1855.Urnve poly of the bu.ine lif r..lnn-|: -fi.ie future' 'or.'lr..I i I 'irrupt' il with a deep lenin. of ill We say the pnopte, .the American peojdn! I I. no (ear that not and act accordingly.,. Ter)
UrollRGU.tJ .] share it.. wild them. "* reel rn.ibiliii arc learning these thing fir our m.j< two.
[.r AtjTiio. iTT or TUB TAT* or ------- ------- we mutt I and vtilh a mm detnnninA- Ihenuelvea ; and there 11 f
---= ) Mono Monument*, Ar., &... Va hlprollr newriili r. may la\t)1\ ) ;fv tiny,( A, oak, tin. ,protection of Iho public Inlentl (o thoroughly/ am they becoming aroused lo (tether. no But danger that il m"T fall u* alto

1 1 nndei i ;ne4 having brie appointed M.naL John Ritter, Marble manufacturer< of.I.emall.r.lfGu.Nllor. "I i ice not fij I '. coiniiiiitid, In my rare the bolo motive their right" and, their dudes.! that it will/ Le lull vole called let the halls.' 1 rowed, the

pUK jer of the J.eper Cueniy Academy Lottery, intend MKW.IIAVrN' CT. rd bit rye IIK>II the IVoiMenrv, I U nol of inyoflieialeouduct. lmpoiblo, fur a corrupt p.trli'iun press to mllend **. unmph out, and "'re.Bol mud MJ
eondajiinj the name on the ll .I alt of dii>p< +ed, like for "W KH'hnmnd Jute trade You are now' lunuli ir with the them much longer. The/ current f.rlu'l' decUively, glorl Tr" men
In CONSTANTLY hind and maJ le order, 'purpooe.which Ohio I
hi Ofhue coydMdKA.oycug o
aumb.r,.n eingle the lo
Norn or thai old
He now eft"'r* the following / Grave Rione and, Monument of variou |>at> revue' drought mn to your ihore' Con. way ( .g. wholo duty' I you d your
t&t'OltJULY !S3.1H55. ,' tern, Table Top, Chimney Pieeee, M.nlle' and we may confideiii"'jetrM-cl him lo |I" come I'Irary lo the malicious rumor which prortdrJmyarriv.l rr* may combine, disaoly, and ,e.comn.! ,

When Priie will be dietrinnted'a*(ol! quality gfsl. Al the. preiblirne' it I I. (fwry clear "ullo rub and destroy' but lo build, the thumb*
'Ingle 50,0"-0) drove U C Haul WILSON, mil will i*, a receive duly apolnted order Agent.nd furnish for the that (he South. has Wing lo eipee,*j *?. city and your fortuiip*, and ,by peaveful, up erni.grnllon your. ceased !lulgrt| filghteneil I 'al hard eplthrly -and;j Four -

t1$ 01. any the "nlln."I." arlid... al Cent and eh.rco.- party althe Notlh ffie" whole, |to hhffhlvllwlilionlzed lo ...r.t! In Ihe development c If your they mean lo govern Ihl great, country' here. Stale. will hold tl..lr general) W-

CLASS B. For .epeeunent, .fl the work, .r.'f.lhhuN* Cem- \ or If Ire ere lmlivifl|( ,. entire country. I am happy, therefore.( In after in Iheir own noon and right the right' lion during (be flr.l part of the pretent month I
cAriT.u. cinrAL a iry, .nd 01.. refer. to pains In po..*..lon ellh* iionn/they pow*a for fmxl. 'IOI. k rrderringtothelate election. a* a flittering of the great merlen nation I vii : Louilana October 5

I Prix.. of........ts! 00 \ I pill" of .........15,000l s.ooo) Agent T.ll.n..ee hay 30, 1,411.I I Republican areouihtpni in all 11'-* ;!lo" and conclu.ive le.llmony of yMr confidence ftJr.TliB\Va.bingtoii. ----- be 7 i Ohio and j A.rylan Otto
I and the Honth mbiok in my.elf and of lb. correipxmdenl of the I'eanhylvala October'
lo '
. 1,501) II . 1,300 hcrelfj) fo. ymp4lhy and co opera/ 1t5. t
I I u . 1,100 .. .1,000 I R. Q. HNCKNEY JRLATB I fence and rrlrrze. fAe lion which you are di.powvl to ulrnj' t0 ,?, New York Timn apeak' of a sharp corre'

10 II . 400) I long* wa tijkt quietly." to r .,,f. great undertaking, an unuViUking, lo. .ay pondenre going on between pen Hcolt and Maryland and' Ixiuana( ...11 elect"lkelr t
t f,Agent i wanted In every Iowa be {and orwarccdRemember <|,T ln. the ( TtJlllO PlVCENCV: Ai Co.) rag'"i pprpi-tralej uf u<, we m yn.j| | the leaht, ?l. quite\ a* beneflclal) your will > which /
Uoion. application the PriM Term dun* tt each drawing. 1}' ] J1ees I from Ihe filing f iW-d tl |'h4jej,| ,- be lo me>. It I I. iindorilood, the Adminiilralion | ny, complete) ti.. ll! of biember lo Ibe, ",0
every certain that lha oiir> will ,be To oul thea wbilhhold Haute tf
the upennlendeneo of Col. G o. 'i. l-o- could any| carry object* of mutual, advantage RpprcMinUlive
nder whu are incroawd. 'Ilia I f>'ei die however It I I. a* yet-but. the five tnembe>
gut and Ja*. A. Nubel. E.! gentlomtn not /C> *our neceitiry f.r u. not I nc..p r*
.w.,. tea ftithful performanco of their' dulyPriaea .- Commission Merchant, t tbrvaU ofOi.unioi if tI.rl''w( 1"'u' only lu ba united", but to ealuhluh' inch a It Brent that.ire.n monlh, since, Gen. Miilppl who wi chosen on the 6th of'.,
when do. without, ........u l. t7AIIrden them into con.limtion situ .ScotI / Illlchcork Norenl"
paid I carry f on.hll.j a such l.w..II'I municipalregulation gaveen. who hat er. 11'1.1 the
.. rt, .tric conAdevtuU UiU on all OjpctorlH CommrrritJYharf, your been long AI.I. holding their
rely 1 defrnee Intimate'
.hall an
taketrB, military t0,000 pil'l'.II\IIII, a* icriira for u* repe<| null! pertonal friend, .leave of election thii month, Legiilalure
olvent Whole B.ak TickeUAiOrea / ll.lve til Qu.rt.r* U. SI,VRLESTON IS" sly 8. C. Ih&'l.re subject\ rimriil to"U, ,,.,,,0111, rnniderelion abroad* well a* al h JAMUP. WI TKK, Angurt give them a BdiJ! Ity< relish of ibawie The abaenca ol thus' customary form of gOY. War immediately wrote lo ilea. Scott, do. rule the election of Peuonylvania will .

ManagerM.aoyGa.May DR. MILES II.[ NASH irt of ipoliatiuii, ly-h they Lave *ert. rrnmenl wade titter en any iluvirablo pe Kin mending LU reason* for Ills act of favorittiin in ,place of Jame. a Voi"d Blall Senator

!. issi _ I ly .d u', and we ihy, a whnd,-rfd| i 1",1', from tiling among u*, and certainty' the lit Gen. Iliichcock and at ihe lame lime ed with the lad term eipir
Livery and Sale Stable. c"ri R* HI* morcimoiiL: IEKUCC; TO Tub m" in their ''m afT..rll"n.; accoiul 1 italilNhmrnl' and, mair.tenanee pfiurh firmacannot countermanded the General' order, granting having (ailed lo Conur, the lad Legislature

f nilKandemgned given( notice that lie tlTlirmoir TaLLAUlMCK "SD ICBOFFICE *d with some ch Iheir mural! an in.iit In any manner openia to our preju' leave of absence lowing are the perform that duty. The fol,
\ L bee open. a LIVERY AND SALE .0"1'1011'10 COI1J1Tay. mere f r dic" H (ten, Scott replied lhat be had in candidate on general
eta the
and I Ie 1 granted different tk.
JL _18TABLK In the Town of Quincy aceotnmoda.bo .. i I ,prune, ft-llow-cilizeni! it f I. hardly the leave of absence brcaua L. had Stale., together with

prepared la hit M line fnrniab an the the publi meet moderate with good erm1.15I'Iand 1 with office Dr.. M. Nah, linmediat fyeat of HIGHLY narAvr:; -rcrrnNCW8F.T.ICIXTKRIOR: : ...,,! her. fir mfI.\ lo repeat what I have" nrc.*o rl/IIIO/ II 1,) it, any wa conduced of lie pro.the aspirants\Va.bingtoa for;eaU in toe ,.lj"Oa couMilf 1M'I'I

at Nr.Wtk. OV.. May 39, Uii:\ rTALE : : often' and to publicly stated' to you |11'1 eonverntion l"iell-lb..1 he wa* not reinoniitla! lo the
Qvincr Flori.U, An,",.' 1851. a -- -- that tuwler my admlnUlration. all In Secretary '>f War fir LU action In such I

Key_ West Salt. u u b 11lrt: S---: We have jna' S.J 'Iutn1igeure! lion e djlolllftl.IRhl.. fiwn.lati, acquired f'the In good faith, before slat 1 1tb. see, and ,that he would hereafter/ In any c>ca.f7l- P NbITLVAfiIA, I
/ Communication
he Tie
Saek* of tha' very *np rior 8 t'1DU-I" inlPiiorl'ringii-oiinl, if the Utern't present governinei.1 might Lave occa- only officer lobe. cboMa 'larauia "
1 P : Ul ASSF.K. FLORIDA hall IM acruHou.ly respected, ion lo addrei him, write In % .D.I.
,000 k y merit of Col. Ml UnMon' ISii: B rhea I this, I arMMk thin teiiliiuenli. of all "Pnddrntofthe! United 8lt._.. .. on Ih. .?. ?.?..s .fL.
Jbew parV\iu( li, Col. Walker! $ fcuwlrmj and my a*** -'- ... i. Canal CmuwWon.r .
a? clatei. / for I
Sale Wholeiale. and 1ii Retail Dealer (n (only pl,,'hty <.flwera whilp) C.m.1( .baolyfficUI.perIor whom be acknowl'edged. cute wllll". .
For n In reference lo (lie long { Th.. | D" 1
General'tter| .
Mandingdimeuiiie .
noml".1 ,
San Juan del If lo Virgin hay w. 'J'dl. .. Arll ,
plaoe .. which I now reuleeontaining g 360 and tik ,with the Acce...,ry Tr.nait Company, I harp a* the Secrrtnry'e"Secretary .Inl"ht Whig. t. i
TilE. ... \land, about 1&0 of .wbieh, Mcleared up liitquarK-rK' dill in he am Jo.pl nud.r" and
pesbat || Davie the
they .iII.n //e In reply| 1 F'ueioai.t'T'boma
removed entered
and U ..kiY.' OII Ton plaa le well Improved OnUGS ]IEJICI) ES. I General b mmivliatrfy/ cane (JJ1( amicable into a Nkholan. I
by .labnraueand
hu. a !large quantity of fine timber and u well watered i from Itivae M"d him Huh 4'JO .g.Jtlallunt which irny ret u!It in very detailed eipoailion of all I Ilc"'that. the Know 'I. .
havia* Iwe MedUnl well,..ffaI.......Woo The pelt <'h. (>orprnmi-nl nil. an arrangement advautageoui eitke |I" ||,, the allepged. Lrueh. or oiler ud Violation I P.UT Noh'uC' will vsgp.. i

and a eoadsot'Pri'( breach rnnnug thruvtca U"* Just Received from New York a fall I wlile \V'alkey,*d only |10., J 0*,,'I company and to yog. To pffuct such a aeltimerit |"- .rprop"1' committed by (1u. Merit dunning 'UPPrl'lad la .. '
pUae' Praviaton*. with" a email nluck of Cattle aslogy Mnftiivp. without the ..eri ee nTjiwIice' or honor bie whole tnihtary' career" I Ill' letter I.
( ean he had en the pious. I supply of Drns k Hedlclnei, Paints, white man have 'iia Go..r hall bn the eon.Unl aim of my eirrtion kung, and IlIIrd sith the / very KI.CTIO.: KAH.4 I Iproelbnry

JalyJI, Uii. aim F. E. CAUN. Oils, Wlndowglais, Putty, '-c., menl party "Hi fc I been badly/ rue] MeanwhiU' I woukl especially. urge dud, 1 the (1.ner..I'. CUlloJuel." nearercriticlam iI I early in K.na.rJ .- e t
s up. aUtinenea from 'ol'd sea Ih. let for
all '
booty amt delegate
NOTICE. -AHO- A rner*.*., .hortly tfler/ |b. U| meaeure" { |I..t DO action ba merely I.h.Ithllll'retalia Fe.ol Ihe hew Ywk-TnUme, to Congreu. Cen I. W, Wbitfl4J .
600 oia Balph Quinine, Fart Brand tie at \'irlri."purt.| that U.iker hadrrlurncd orl Oil "sly etl"IiJ.U, .tb.
awl 10.
E Uhn".,hmn_ known a* the E.& lukkee |OUO Ib* Kpwai:, ball' lo A and would probably! calm ikliUrailou. and I M m-lbin. ; .oe''e hl. furaws.ppon.W. '
THE d. a.t. b. ooue which' cannot IM ... hi,. G. W. 1'
Flint Rim UM.. 9UOIJ Olaubet ju before II he
(near KaeeviHe en t lack m.*... '/ ( r.II', having wkWnwsbee
le 1 I. fan operation and I i* win CaUa. Ca.tor Oil r I, No. I. ; worhlf wkchwe. : .bould U Our advlre. ke..eras. ... ,
tar Coal) Georgia) now -1 Il U a Ny) that Ik* Joverorm-nl a.kamod lo from various| parse of Ohio lead .. Tba .r... n....'a ? '
tuning. out,la large ananwira, a Mpene eulitv o140)( IJimp vindicate at the board! of .1-a.ny
Wf and I u. eppreLend l the ibelr WII8
100 It Nuufuot" bad IWIDD r. Scou .U!) property wi.le of I election ins .
woolen Kereey and (: Tarn The mdevogneJ .. arnit and *ir live*. Monday, October Silt
Batten knwelf that ... will. be able 10 '......b the too II lJaa.ed .. muoitboa O.ion, 0i'5,b he refutedappear. 30,000 AnI.Nebr.k.vo.P., o, AII.nVrim/ et.Governor when i
II II Butl" Notwilbelaixfiiiar the failure othe' bale/ the candHUle : ADdlw U, Jleeder bar
8uMh-weeU_ GeurgU and the aJjoulageonatMiof 11oO" Lo given lass| fur Governor art Lr lag .
klanura rUrli pi peaty *rtwl at a* rraxMwbte 115 K..... Ne.,V hue..' Uad., T'heae oiikas" It <'nng,*., irf-ihe. failed Htale to make .an Know Nuking cabal .. Cl.v.rtknd up opponent,will .11 b elected, end botk .
use III _
M Ibey. nnrehaeed M any &he* r..- 60 E.lr. con. 'Pproprulioii remuner.iing the cilixcu / defeat/ HobMnoa p. elpre.dyo didaU will c.
fneae liMiiaed .. ih.. nad 0( Pun .iatrd *" I QUOIt, 4*: "<4"t.'., ..od.roodll of Cbta., the n..puMku'' appear Wablngtoj ,la Deccai.
...,. TV whu.U tit r- ,7 .ET a :>*. Juan ( t their It_. from the botnUrd.merit raodidill. This ,, Lie,
deldaJ.1 crlmlu.1 a* claimant
M Zoe Pains r abuuxsl for
tit. the
s1-s will plea{ ** addrae BM *l Ila.bndge out by of the' by th'yenlwl aura
IR.8.StIORY.. 1000 fee. Foe" I'reU Paint, .hTran5li an.lawMft| e."i&li"lh. city C'apl UUIIn. then li a has reanbwted the hor- amt, .relntlgor.lml' '
61.e.bev. II, le3S lyv. ItW Hole Wuwtew. "ilea. aaavfted lite*. A I H InrmeilJee who Leering" pop"tllbal / .Iie. will, to some ,.. the effort of the Pierce party who" .' -
\largea..onwat.. Painter Wwle Uruhi, have i.' 'nt, his rendered. al it are now TOWS .
canting **. | making de.perat. CtKCTIOjU t
*<. D. II AMES: \ uac. a ) afterward "'u."| on ,, .HI. Aneaeurn .nlon. to pe.eiset| their, On the )COantlCTICVtV "
no lioporlaiit IU 11
la luC
R S. KNIGHT I May ft, *155. f.. Mrgln, on*, 011.,.br'aU Me, ol Ito |"""jJ", awl to bares. 'jnl#,. live Governor Medill. and Main IhII'', Legiole. lawn. U ab 1.11 /,," t

LCT9! : t3: Ct; :?: ":!!n!t:9;: It"rcsr'-Gnrden-eed. 1..r'lofl, 'r y' wen l>iug when at (;r.nad.t./I I ,L y evry e.Mi'U i.J''ratM.o of Justice lirKPBtty snit dmnaixkd hWII"". Pie are aeeewlaaey almoel' unuIRl".I In a Sit'. ,w wbkb....* lie the to lMl IW dU f Iowa Con.edet officer. 1.1 ..ele*? .

lit eannJ poelponed cou.i"' .nlly leading / and .. .
riojfe ". Ihu with principle nurp\ *p.. "
: .
MEHCIIANT unowTii or 'i"54. I J ,Ot'"| non" of the Amerrran Who
'Cie >
"to"r. 4ttirraey M' ii* t govnwwel caa.li. ,In a nuubell. Salomon was the
i t Kf I 'M Tin .p, C. -but:. II.! ,t4 ert pS,rt-ludne. okeiber in .. C......, the eminent P lime etroogcet .U aotnl
Ri whowi'' N'ilr./i! oRkL1 I Senator }
; who
"T ha. Jooah..
TALLAUAate.: fIoblees u ItUI" mmrtil lit' I[ bps f
tel I ;> Jt'I Becauae
: .. I ) 1. a private capacity ball U. fientd t. rro't net with. b. fact" 't la lies Whale' WiT D ..
t a i
'wl I. c-S :9 + t a. '" t'l I n u'4e, tprfly, r 1,. I' Nrug" co'.held


I........ lieu.'i




-- -- -
__ _ --- I animated with lb. hop while the incident
d ties parties al th* Nor, cue alter related Gen. Jack Jaddressed
-- -- - --- - - p : 'I ind Foutb. Wilk Isq.; and Gen. R. K
calh.dtiemocratk wai orguniied. Van flu. i iren C.I MntJment of lo him the letter
I.AKH JACKSON. ) adverarieii in time' IIuu.eoifleprceent, *- that tiers I Is *till there lingering confer which
Ocl..Ur I lOll",, 1859. J lives, .r.,giten by the' came hi.tori"n M pf .selling up- for himself! became the head I Call, both followed la short tI"t friend(,1.11 ur.and vat'ism, and mllonaliiy : that w. believ that there ar cently ru"i b.d. In which ih, flrt..m'h,, ,J

To Ma. r""tP. ij:. DTp, thirty, l.o, and amon 11'0'' moil "i"injoi.h.( oflhat party, and one of its' moat prominent cardinal I animated addrew Our .1 the Nor ih .oo men and gretl mea-*om* Ian ol d/Y,, I.II'! a mere boy 1 that, h
principle Is ., the. rrellveI.riIT a capitnl 'I"t''h.| sod au-ens American, who materially aided In saving his .h.
ed for I al And ability, ure Judge i. nliI110 blm.IjI. MIle so">* Democrats army fr.m .h.
MHor nf (tAl floridiait 4.$ Journnl : I Mr. Ruchinan Mr. Ingham, Mr.I Louis ( p"liey, which "... had. advocated, and put nomNUke. would have done Jiserediilo Wbi, ;operi r t i local pljai itt _11.llne.! voc and ruin I am no sufficiently famh.hnr'

Km-I haj hoped. ihit my (nut letter i>n the' Lain and Mr WirklifTf. Thr them and which Jackson ''rr'l and still cootlo. .rln nee, Ire slill true &Ih* Contlll, a right "lira with that event 'to give the p.rtic"llf. I Iu!
.', would hire satinnVd even llial. e. tied Ii in Mi to Congresson 'i nomlln. mist will! with heard (hem related *
I.jecl! you of the old Federal party, but ardent support : from In. South and w* Jo her declare w* a theysre of |
Van 13u.en was thn fir.l D.-tnocrMie' PrenJ., w.r that subject. !In the 1936 .. presented Gen. Call thn. gti still lufTerirg and I will Itlllnle".1,
friendu) of den. Jsck rm uI.yw.ne, scalnu year prtylth' North,saul .tipper n* man 'liePresidency some one yet | 'llId. to \
dent of,ihe United S'ale lint while vou advorate of the |>roleciire a poliey-a high fur the first lime lo the American peo- 'I di'm.lon. commenced ly' briefly. referlnglo DI who I llo knows t b* ire la ah Coa..IIIIIi. ibem ,hop. I have heard that al one ;

admit, that' ta more mil side tlcw of'l'IItIl4..., promertlue! tariff. pie ihe democratic platln. containing tie certain misrepre entaiioii" which bad beenplaced *, pledge themselves .. by and Ibe pass on maintaining which, the fate 1'n.

) I. (my) hiMorj in lt'. nniin (fi-aiiirei, in cor. And all of them accept Judgn Itemphill. principles, iKijfgested 1..I.r. *nd .that addreM, which be had delivered maintain tb.eiUllng.h.1 law .n the, subject of slavery army bung ".hld.n defended bv ol..
reet..1( |k4 "I'| to ihe UrM election of (Jen.Jaekann aOerwaril diMlnguUhed Ly the ronfldenee year was M! Van I'u.n.lhe first dem.ocratlo a adjoining ./ iktl .1. Call and iwo aloll.
were .I..cl" few weeks before al Coon Bottom, in the ... ./../ ul tmtlmnrt ", .,
thai iilo my there wa* no S National; and rewanlod with high, places in the President <>f the tnilo Slate' That a ..I.' ... The same oluIe bearing "ucl; ;
partcalled Demorratic More that lime, )'rl i I Cabinet nfUen. Jackson, moftnoifl who pro.feswd man professing .In Ire.lln fix (1.,1, t.l' hisilliifttiiouspiedeceaaor county ofC.ad'ulen. He had been re- Jd i* .prl' .believe. his. Ink Uiiioaw ed LIe military life, I I marked his dilingi.L.
I contend that thli li only ''lie ahell" mil I I. now of' thai "that I U. pftal"0 and In the several office "
you | lo ho his (follower At page 31 tIthe present ai saying on Qtuion. utpeJ'ue, dciira" by very trims hearted of Delegate regress :
that then. were g rel' tardi al prineip'ei' I Ihich same l ba found t llial, the the fanatical. .".lilionl.III. seeking the deslruc the man-who would not embrace and object and ih* aeitlenient of Governor of Florida, and otbe7 less
.i.lnyl wi .cet'p A g.lution
divided ihe IVderal and Iemr| >licnn t ( 10onl lion nfour Souths institution and the di"*orntinn bi. mele.n. h.Ine. importani the record show ,
and which Mill dividn .lha (),'mocralicojand mo "I"ollf.1 pro. of which Washington? and ,he r'iadllpt.', Platform I on a bash compatible with '' honor,hi a unblemished
parties, lertive IsrilTin the Senate, were Mr." Van Iluren. 1,1 Union Lunatic Asaylum character a man elevated views,
; of a
Whig; pnrlics.., l identifying the fn-mT with I I' of New York awl Mr. R. M. Julnuon i Ja< kson so earnestly, invoked their countn-' creed, WI a fit .uljlc for thus ,. with us, an object paramount In Impral.. i w* do. I ly discharge of diy 1D man

the Republican, and lh. lutk-r wilh tlie I I'ruVr. of l l ,
al party. Now I will lake jroti nn )'Iur own j for II, In aijdiiion to thesa great advocate) i I. or 1"1. a* ihe palladium ol our Ihe .uUince of the accuusatiott and! be 1"l.rbl., In lay oar party ped..I.ollnlad intended or not, I I. held up C.I view"elb.In '<

ground and accept, the.) i*-ue thin presented. found, ,the powerful name c>f Andrew Jackson. I "I'I,. 1 hat .P.r1 rr.ing to b ur"I leerned It unnecemry for llm before 10 inttlligentana.emMylo .app that man ro due r"oent'wh. pan" the editorial' to which I have refered,
4 But Insist upon it, .that It should) la tried I I.) >' with all Its weight imposing, Influence. the .."e cardinal, principle ., a charge ol.m, ,'.PI. moral worr ad /llnl aetceedentaaged Swl. flgbtinj for that party which trill>I.
the evidence nflhn! puMic' records, mid nut': only voted Inr' this bib protective lir I Hl'p"Ilcll p"r1' and lo bo governed by thelureerplI conl.lc | tIe beat ,guarantee that If el\led.h* will order him 'r

by ihe Icitimony' 'furnished liy the idle di'cluinatfun I lo, with no Mr. Clay and Mherdistiniishcd Re. (ten. Jackson are violating in theory no rediculou. and al urtl. He attributed no .1.if In the boity politic, *n4 aJmini tor the Govern- I with Gen. others who
fpolilicians. Lot u. then esaminn the, I the vital principles of both.- who lund. been an unfortunate' wont according, to the principle the Fderl Conilnlion Calad wrrecolempoary -
I publiean, whila )1,. XVebster: an I all M.iachuelts I an P'IcI. malice lo mince 0 with ( which I have related
record and ie. what 'VI" Ihe Cardinal rrincl. I exeeiit one vote, and a mnjority of 11 In h. ,, career of ambition d"r\rini: fiom I to mu.l I.mder.t.nd him i b attributed il altogether !. and descending the tale ,,f lifefvel it a.

pier, which diIdedihe two ancient I New Kmjlun'l voted nguin It but I titus wile llt just maiim of Iu l>k 'In ', l.icft.My .rtupi.lity, ", I 14. That w* ,rogaia I Iu Millurd, Fillmoreof New duly before my pen like. many who could
Mated Ihat they appeared in the proceedings" 1 I dent or the United State in I :2. hn approved nothing 1''," I. not night i and submil In noih-1 I their than a'fnult. lie .id. York, man who .been tried and proved true, testify of Ihese things, .hall hare ceased 10 once,

oflhe) Convention which framed (he Condi 1 aol I signed Ihe protective' (larilT bill, passed In Ing that I is "',..ng" in onr intercourse, with lor. I misfortune rather weighed in the balance and ho found wanting \ and cord the memories ofi-arly lirV, to relate e.
lution of the United State*.-That in ibis July of that )ear which an greatly' agitated the eigi nations, it endangers the publi< safely Iy, j: no luch Ihinj. nor any 'thing like i' Irorliar'IIls In Daniel H. Dickinson, of the aim State, a"lonrst many who never them the fact which lo

Convention abs 1'edoralitl claimed high (KI"'. I' whole South and which, more linn, any other arrogant pan%sioni and unjimt cpmnnII'-1, lulject, look up the reiolutioni li i- man, who amid all th.. Ib-0 th. slavery agitation have honoured h.r career of a

$ erllUt the Eiecutive Department of I ho HoY.! cause, provoked and prompted the ordlnl"CI And in it* ilr.meslic and "imlilical ,.IIIli..I., I' based upon them I very .trong and meslYargument I \\a Cunge.snd out of gr..I..remained true citizen'. and which, should dillngi.led the

eminent | whila Iho HepuMicnni Insisted on ,if Nii'lificxtion pa..1 by the people of South has forin.-d an alliance I ith a fiireign influoncecherIihuI I II commanding the profound atwr'onof |0 and to Ibo whole country and tInt 'remainJer, of hi, life with lh ,
gr.tefnl "
more limited powers lur ihut Department.Thai .- ami vhiih: shook Ihi* (Sovernrnent and cu'tiva'ed! in the very heart of the ) -' or' wt will "II'Q"' giv t either them sealou of his Allow cit.iens.Let. be .pre
CanJII At ,
upon this important qurntinn thn m m. I' 10'* ( Nor doe* it appear that the n"IIlil', w I.itli. if ulcolllr"Uld. miH in the whole aucmbly. conc"d (0 saul ."dia for tIe Pnsidtocy 0 In the awarded tn whom honor I.i duo Iher, and let i

hers became divided, and organized ihn Ino (7eneral Jnekno'i e.r f'n"'

great parties, known ai Federal and KoptiUi.caa. I (the protective' .System o d.'nyll' conMilution- our Government, and lead lo 1 dissolution of the 'table, "
4 You lay that .the Federalist had other, i ulitj. In his first annual message, after lie nit happy Union: Those con-idorations m.,1'PI.allo c"alur.confute, and after they fc1 retired principle .,adopted! by th* National Council 0 of th. A.0 of public confldence and and him who
4 ol uct. besides ihoso (if high power. fur Ihe second and after the of the the heart and niimli cf native forward I estimated epc' _
pitatugo cr8 by '
e'clion. from tie Board, the gentlemen merlc.n Philadelphia Sib, 185.% subject pl.lc like Saul
EII'Clllln-lh.I'h"I original oljccts( 'url-! fr NuUilralion. wlnla, ha evincedin bur citizens, and invoke them in name of'I 054tult'nufiJ' din. however P.r.I modification and amongst the '. '
"To the Government mole lo and in the nnmn of and signalized ihemsche. ; to te construction con
lit. their
wnrp a manner to I mI1untl.'oI' Iii, in. revolutionary r.lller1. no timed lIt.
Ihe foim, and principle* of Monarchy; and d.I"nllnllliol eterutu the, law and their country In rally with tie Ameiican, pnr- I np,. While al tie table. a fnj foregoing resolutions. f
weaken the bond of lbs Staleliovrnmenti f'li"l. & and cn "r "d 1' 16. RII"d. That the proceedings this meeting Pri ;
2nd. To oClbe our gloii.
the du'ie' it ; an I while b. '11n support( C"n.liluliol that lie had just counted I' o of ProiaionsiaNew Orleans,
( Im".d I" b In the Florida Scntii.el unJ'suih 3.
and l I"
: co-onlin, a drain there plbi.bed Oi
ai y I M>iilil| .', a* emery wise i : and eveI out Union. b ..it was a
ed construction f.f the CouMJIution lo nrorge ry patriot ihonld have done to aveitthe awful! Your Fl.IOv C'iiizcn IlId we Ili f.d.li f""" BOllrd. in Ibo Suit I may find II convenient .101-! RUlfn l10ur:71 a
all into consolidated Ollrl"lIInl'lII. and benreiimler I K. CA I' larger number on the ,
consequence. which. must have cnnucd from a 1.1 \Ve I a
McluiTrf.01-1 "
lbS flowers claimed riy ihem.ther con. colliHioii iii cuts between I gallant Stale 11 I I T1.U. tin. "I For tie 8.nlloe. Bacon Sides,. ... \' \ I
tended; for the right In CharterMtnv.lli: Nalional the Union aol thn power ol tha Federal (Jovernme.nl iwttinclJ therefore repeM thnt' Il't conlident that MR 1'niToH :-I hate for some time had il Shoulders. .o. ... 1 I lit.

Hanks, and high piolcciiva tariffs engage ; In,1 whili he sought, .he evidently c. Jlorih there. were 330 per* on tle! grotind and> "f in my mind to give 'to the public a relation ol r Ham*. .. .. ... I "c f i 10 .

in a general and exfrftvlgant" system of|' 1 ,rd. to conciliate South Carolina by recom, o lf 'n 2O, tire Tute some facts in Terence lo a citizen of em- Lard, ..... .. lOje I 131
number not
internal improvement" Now I demand r.cord '. tending a reI'.eliol: of dirii., hn gave the -- ----- 1.1 b111', ; In' the langllngo of nence whnm I regard<< its having been ve'ry im Mesa Pork per lulul... 82- 210 I"
proof'or the) troth of these respective imH conclusive pro'c'el' in that poitciitiona "IJ ODD 18 OUR TBUST. i Thi* a' ill do for a Ibi. properly assailed! in (the I'loridian and Jouun.il }" ;Ie" . 917J I

.I.I..meot.-Jr they am true, the poof, will hour, and most alarming/ crisis, title tenacity' - -- I our ,.friendf1 keep, doi"f "!. The person In whom I refer i I. Gen. Call a.ndIho Sugar,.... .. .. 4cti I
ba found either I lit, the journal or legislative I with which ho held lo aller.1 a portion of(he Tallahassee, Tuesday October 16,1825. The, number WJ have -cen largely ang theta are such as few eicept Ibo contein- Molasses, per geJ.. 25 e I

net of Ccngies. 'Thi in not only lha hljjh- protective' aist-in. At page 294 tIthe( Thir.ly h'j but fo1'\avoidable causes \> know porary interested are fami'iar! with. \rbisk y........ .33e I 2
est, but the only uudouWd evidence, n hich > Year 'will bn found the Allowing TERMS.-Tlire* Pun ,per annum, if [pnld Indvane men lown. aol quito a number lam Sir one of those peoplu ohio old lime, Hone' ,. . .. .. 7jo 3}
ml'n r
caabe had ol the early proceedings' : of thn |I ex'racl! from his anniiil Message, at the opening | $3 5 if pni.l willn six monlheof th* time that fro >ernw"nRf"nily'0, | .|UO''". who believe lhat: a life of honourable devotion India Hugging.... 12jo r 13\\
J- iJuM"l
Government. If (lb. )FederuliVl* ever didclaim lithe session Congress in 1832 : .subscribing | and 4 00 at the end oCIe year. A ii n the "i I In the welfare oflhe country creates' claim

such high and extraordinary power. *e who like an enlarged view of he( 'rri.m.n" (hue Dollar per Kjiinreof I lines r.Ih'"I. jrel'. ac.erratted from IIlellding Ly busIneas on the gratitude tha people, and rhnuld I Price in Tallahassee Oct 12Superfine .
of the United Plates, | 'Ib .nd Fifty Ctnta r.rUlqD! nt iosertiouu.Annunoement. ..- knees in .their fitmililivi.'pJMBLE 10' .
tinder tho Constitution condition of our country mu-t be anti-fled that tccl ihe citizen to whom respect is due, 10u",.. e) r II
why 1 ask did they not estaVluli: thnl claim {i i the policy of protection mint bo uhima'flylm.' orc.DdisQI. Five Dollar ech. .!' AND RESOLUTIONS. a
and exercine those power at som time within i iI. I llod lo those ailicles of c"mhli" mnnufc'ure ",y.1 b paid flclgkuua| Obituary %,,Rui t is ciwtomary on ocea lo:>s like the prt- "Ivt justice be> done, although the heave, Daeon ShIes". ... 0 r 16

the twelve years, during I which that puny 1 which are' Indi.1wnsible (I. sufl-ty il and MnrrttiK \oticea, not exceeding' 12 linra.willbopubliihcd .e5fOFC a politicil party, I I. holding a Mun fall." I cannot therefore refrain from expressing Shoulder, ..... hue I 14.

was dominant iI'JIIIl..d full and aholute control .| of wa,. Wil ill this .cul.| on a reisonnblescale i Ir.,. I.No' 1'rlif"lh'.uhl pubhctloa *- g to declare In 1m. explicit! from their prin. iho ,pgrl't.i" which I read the editor* Hams,... .. 1ft e I 20

I, over every Department of the i I II recommended by every eonsidera. I, of estate orlrgl notirea of any .ittacrintion..i b U J i and whereas tie Otiuns o feun. County, hale orlho rori.ian, in reference to Get Lard,. ... ... . 15 c a 16'|

Not laving done so, when 'Gllrrrnmelll'-1 tion of patriotism nnd duly which will doubl-. Riven,until t. ah.rli.inl few la pull! fnsseinbled, on IAI Jao'ison' in Urgt numbrrsJfoumlly Call ;Mess Pork,. .. .8'2SOO r 20.0 )
er, lit the absence of all ,",( less always secure fur sufficientsiipiinit ; :- : with th. American SemiAit Who i I. Jen. Cull ? The quoxfion, need Prime .. ..822.00 r
is high evidence, let they ." I I II"ralald rrV\ K see sath.rinuut, 'o--J; "; A. I. which synipathiiing is vlsvwlwre being devtlopod, they da'w pot bn twice lIke.the oldest ilh.ltalll ol' Sugar,. .. 10 e I JI} j
of the Suprtin
ordesira lo exercise any such power. Il There cannot 1.1 a more clear emil) unequivocal \\ OODWAK* Court In D as tutors a ellndjI.I.Ir for Thomiu JUII. Douglas., drop its name ,f \big and DIOrall"Uo( tie, StsIo, will ItJ) us that ho I I. a who Molasses.,. .... 45 c I 1<

appears from tie acts Congress. that dining I declaration than this of tie constitutional tlecesse*!. lun. Y Ihe tint time orgajiie .hel"""too* political .been knuw I..rr. n long a* the flag uf hicountry. Whiskey\ ,.. ... .. 48 c f L -

lha Administration of' inn. Washington!: there I right' of protecting domestic tnamifhctuies. I .I io tIe nuns .11". Anuricon)pjrtyi When, the Star mid Strips were UO( .. ., ... 1201 }
were two Important bill. paiscd,-0110 to there is power under ihe conttiluiion In prolect Supreme Caatt Reports. | pnrty B. it tltf/or''f"'It'll That Iht American first nnfiirlfd agiinut: the Hritish and Indian* India Hapging.... 18 e r IN}
charter a United Stales Dank with limited one article, the panut pouer II.I extend fphloSE wwliinz la purekar* the Supreme row 1. Coui/diifLiini connection with brfore IVnsncola in 1311, (then a boy.) hewa :- ::-.. : 1
capital and the other to establish a IsrnlT articles and In what eilcnt protection : i. Krports f..r :1855, sill apply to tm! editor of thi|,arty' of lesa. olimonly, any beneath it. (ti.ids, earning goMen, opion- OBITUARY.Died .
..1 and nut the Atturney Gi-nvral Mr. 1'"{>P ti|he Becret Order, nl.J Know Nothing, at her born in Quincy, 1|o'cluct,
IiIIln all its ions for Iii. from time Comanderinihirfnftiie t1I..I
which WIiIO entirely revenue bo carried J. become alone of gallantry : I 1
\ I question CO tier copy, payable in advance. Tt hit without eipr ng( any opinion t the nece. : o tie morning of September Mr SU
detail but for its preamble which aroused" Tha article to r".i t'' army An.lre\Jack-ion, and Warmcommriidiliuns SAN J. the SOIh 15 .
I l eipediency. "lldi'lrn.ahl t .n' by mail, or .10,1 olh.rwi.dir ju.litii-d the lint or E LI'LF.ln year I.age.
both the right. and expediency of protecting II our safety in time of war" am many O !. 1855. n __ tjl, \\11 lUr which "'inr/e by they declare"rry"r tl.ntiu thiir from hIs follow (officer and SIte .. Colunibin, S.C, ,* adop
Ameiican Manufactures: it would have been I such Iron, Cordage Cables, Cloth ]I.r \n\ I its ori \.Iion. his menThe ted daughter of Robert Land Julia & Edmonds,
i I S"i f I ,'ty ,uu hunger cxi.t I It. with whims the removed to
and Baibacna that <
regarded only a* a very economical revenue I Tent Cloth, Course Mal Meeting 'opinion, le frontier man will answer, that fifteen FurJa
I WU4I'n. Uanklt. \ they bouad "J1 nu WIMI! Ih..t' In the year 1844 sh. ..j.i.d In marriage with)
thai neither fl5ttuun.'Ibis That I wll when Indian
bill I huxard nothing In sating I f'.r.p r<|iiittjn.| unit nurArOU' AT \\IIIDOOM' yean ag an lo beleaguered Robert O. a Kentucky, d.
measures, aa the journal aid for the oilier t'l' th which are commn t all mid home E LlI.A .t" .
all lions .
i,1ihse were party mention IICI as are required came offal the lime applied; I I every 'clf'ml'll. were made dOlo .il .just "fD year ago.Tkea .
ol Congress will show I That while I necessities of politic.' pnrtirtl 'il they etn.id.r that everj'thing of Into-\ an-tote-n and, children were *jara of widowhood she r-awwl at the hums
4 member of both parties voted for and again ( en. Jackson had no doubt, of the con-ililu- and we cutufeas that wa "erl only disnpnnte \that natur WI 'li.hml ly the rhiblJ.lthi Con- brutally, butchered burned-\rhrn ,ihey I.r ber adoption, and since tie death of Mr. Kdmomls

I each oflhesa bill. | lhal both meaiiure were 1 lional right to "protect Ifl. nor does he. iitti l at meeting so large a number.' \V* e'l, trillion ; and 1 'I1 a hers declare that the m"nlb. frequently' compelled nnr! ,to lie out day. .n,1 I I ber position In the family ba. beD of auch leading and

0 |_m...".,
I u.ch&rsctmniz1ugeuch <>f theia mra.urt'.I'' articles. Yet while the tl'mot.o party tie. -'be fivnralde weather for picking Citon, J t< elhir: s*{ and "' for only, as in the I "inio (tear"WOR on every side, Geti. Call II the mer> b.r almost .presence CIO.It and "all.. drprvo

*l Republican and not Federal measure :ny this power, and denounced! it I a f'Jeral nf tiikne in the I, of eo"h ni"nil|may' l b f or the Iner'! of onr com. i'lian of ,'lIho"c. a* nt it* diwn prodigal ofI tier sickness ..h.rl eieeedingiy .i"ul.oLdu..I ,
But it t 14 quit unn"'ceisary to refer to those 1 I assumption in vIolation of Ibe con11iullolI..1 f and the prevelmice coiitry '' mon eountry-J I llfl' and of irtuue, from bin priralrpane rainmn ., resisting rm.die supplied amf I' '

I incident in our Logtalaiiva history la prove I tie United States, they profess that the meeting would be iLinly tuttenIl.In .- i' 3 TU.it w,|.*rd the Increase of th<. political innuence j and supplies, aol>| came to their re. &r.J alTsctiooat fur eon*.krution solicitude flection, and aftVrdmg but amaltu.purtouuiiy

I lhat the right of National internal improve I Jnckson school of politics, and to bn governedby I thIn respect; we WII most ngreeabldi; of Fojatrs in the l.il'" Stoles .a gee.1nvt ,- -lli'it m"r than one hundred thousand of these, however la prove or bow well il; wa enough that m

I.- roenli-th* ri&htto charter a United State \ Uf precedence. A greater absurdity and appointed. Wo Scan safely say limit at cast moa its lalull1 of out In.litutioni; ..1'11' "8 thus advanced, by him an.J I a lino life and, health she had rhncn that gnod which
Rank, stud the right to eilablUh high protective a greater departure from liulh has never been Three llu'ulrtd, and we belelvo lojs I linn sd 11 Ii* 01".10' hub' ttll' In* the lund.l.nll' and ,. military posts from hue Suttannee. river, loDuchreann.i culJ not hue takra away from her, pr
tariff, were all Republican\ measure. i i1'b.t iliown "by any party' and pro\es it. luietutitywilt ,r.\f.r our rr1'"g""Uo,0; : in Wit "'ioI.I, cdvhlulied and Pur many year sIms ....11 tUIIte herself thai Mseemed
I ami were d-tinct .
the rllllito enemies these respective thus Federal! more than Iho Republican. Three Hundred Fifty persons pre.eil. That b .bieb obj"1 ';i. I"l b el- maintained by him, for a .|, r.b'e period fdwlon oCb!onlj, n.e".r. th ro* !, about an open fro.

powers, vi as not only claimed but Carried into Now S r, having esl.ihliahcd: ) beyond civil And thin tees not llm least graliljing) totted 4 an Dn. o,thg prlol' or feiijcno .a ol (lime, out of money obtainrd. ,the pledge of and ha* sine been a "'' .0'Iwoyeartago snd irrowkit;

full effect by ,"cnni", Hepiiblican Adminis or tOIIoye..lhal tie right lo engage luavomku spectacle presented by the meeting. Ituui' i l..D.I.' ''Pi a lll e rtUnl( rf glK-l1 1"li.' hi. whule private estate. That amidst general ChrUtian, as well is no endeared aol highly earfulmember

trations. of internal Irpro"I'"wlt-Ibe right tottablislu composed of .ul.I.IIIII citizen uf Leoi' ?" reuui ...1 Stales a.may eonflut with an dismay, his voice was always bead cheering of the Qumey, I'r.nhuytusria Chureh. Her
will take. each ot those subjects in their a United Stale Bank :and the right lie and I.Iion b.tlf I and rallying the breathing hopo andconfidence manner everywhere wa quiet ant unusummg; and
I OIK I eounlr.
and (luJ-wlen, and but one feeling uniform, U'lfaiwaluaucn her office*, timely i graceful,' nd efficient At her
respective order, and establish the fact beyond tu, .1I\cl.igb: protective turifto, were all Republican and animati .* .J'roe?*M"u'iucllU1aa Into fople. urging them not In home, and connected with Ib* Chunk ( left stauvand
wok, 01| National sentiment lo pervade 5 That await th attack of .
contradiction. Tha Aral ) Internet! Inprovement ever unlaken by and il m'ulr.' that all tbesa power are alI the assembly.) Nut lees than forty or fj I will prf e lulur w.*.dy! poin o pup.our,Couutfv to seek them in their co ertj, auj hinnelf and benevolent ear.
Slate "'.. the I 1lur I their ?ihore. t Ihe he And although a rea/nm/r/Wi/A most at!nglh
the Government of the. United I I war with principle democracy, hulks grnifej the occasion with fot' b. *uo.eul .auona and letting f'llnlllo. penetrated .wam"l.lulhi nnMlfldi /
o.1 for
Road, fur which, the first appropriation as a natural and inevitable con- ofT in ever, a* tin for-( discomfited the enemy, 'an record unspaakabl gam, w*
Cumberland \I it n ust rulow. ence. and the passed ; nfi>r >* the civil! pri-j sin but liatvn now, a
n"'f'tinl ** up miigrants harp
wa made ID iso), under the Rcpub.I there can bo no identity of principte ; .gr We .il cheert encountered' toil, privation .n dan 1 who* tutiea still .101..r"ly...a of 0"11
I :<'... ., ,' of Mr. JeToriin( Ly a''! aIQ"rlcr.* between them-the democratic and Ue. re in the most CLI" manner. I j i.tee Ij., by A..r .Ciu. gets, bus hazarded his fortune and hi* ui.5! and the meat precious ton..u o that which. .,1'01" "M"her I.111

.: Congre. It I. only necessary publican parties,-thai they are I dinimila "cI. beonJ all previous eipeclalion. 6. Tka w* ballS' mat. AAI.i"an, ought 1 sacrificed oilico lo save the pooplo of Florida.Jlul ,. in J.uI h. key not of that eternal ong ah*join
Republican to the acts Congress rmsceil during I in they are in name and instead The meeting wa not only well all'n.I-I rule .tne4***"" *T" lhrwI8h lh* ballot il i Is not only in nor.bl that ibis ques. to aing In ltesvea.a .
to turn fact and the art. prllltillt I discordant. and enlhuiautiC. ; r cay iOlerr"rl with lion can be .n.w.., gallant old soldier W* iptmt of the rlm. of the bleat,
ibis .Iun
that 1.,10 establish \ of sentiment, they are ed, but harmoneou bl 0114 But what must It b* It 6. tkrrt
1 whitlse native or
rl.ucce.din running ihroufihelery Incongruous and antagonistic lo each' other.- it a* a movement in Ibo right lh.v.I urt"-' .1 o who ught nobly on Ibo 231 nt D.cem'I" .And I beard I !front heaven,!saying onto me.
.". Republican Adimms.rMlon. Thus establishing Iho fact, thai V.1 Burro, hai that \V.I''foreign b preceding ihe battle of New Orleans, I Writ_bleaaed .r"o dead which tie lo
.ueee. tl
and through ii.. Adimnlstratlon 01 tJen. Jack \ though now the great leader ofalMilition, was n'. were gratified In lear ul"n 7. flCWItt defied l' mainta"1 the Coneum and who has since received so high testimony j I from henceforth: Kith the Spirit,that: may

...1I\.ho.\ .. that appropriations were annually Ihe Hinder ol democracy and flisl UomocralicIVenident question lha people are far .! of lion of|WltJ StateS,! UOli ." DOW' ". oflhe plllel cOllf'nce cf hi, party, has I rut .from" their .Y ; and their works :tJlow
be i .
made until 1830. lor the ai.enaion. and of the I'nited Mutes. politician. I i iW and .i,.but of tie SUvithout diminution, insist- united ofGen. Jackson, _-_ _____ H.: _

repair of ih* Cumberland Uond. Hi Ue. Having established this fact beyoiul all regard this eimnenOy au'|>icicus. J fjiliful p.rc on tii* part o the and recently proclaimed O the floor of Congress I f0INVALIIaS rteovermg from the .I.el. *f

publican wok, *o often and Jet so unjustly' doubt by reference lo Iho legislative soul polItical !. of I old friend. .W* have Oe'.rm.o, tube. duties enjoined upon that a braver and lore gallant spirit I Fever, Uilious Uisi-awa, .r long dIl_
sod denounced as a Federal hulory of the cnulllr.1 might' hero close, In the language A ; I did not tread that I.01 battle stud of glory of any kind, will find Carer's t.a.1, Miitur ih*
untruly mr.III'1 dulng this to show that the it bj 11""I\ln. only remedy, which will, re,N* ,'.. tea
to way
only keep than Call.
Government of ihe Ibo but it U proper I should take ri National t policysuch Gen. Again in ibe great battle ol .
b.. cost 'glIWII. I ,t4re lOa eipel' all b.d btinors '
8. icite
I lilulieD. f
I reference and are. with u,. We are Ibo 8ih ha i i. tom ah.I'o.
11nion'sIWrty bt'antsofthe people
;tJe70.003.-Se.( Col a passing notice of one quota.lion ,, wilbn| Mona .0 avcring prel 1 uI.AmrttJam January no without honour liver lo a healthy set
Yeats View" pAge 38.) In the year 1816 you have made from the .Thirty Year trudy glad that this meeting was called, and al ro4, oil)flow'uj guard the able mcnticn, by, it* Ionia prpniu.prp.d Ih* P''e'I t I
the Republican' AdmlHi'lration ol :MrMadiion. View" the only 0110 which nsrits the slight.il we regret (hat the want of space will not allow j AnltiOCUls wbe*** move II sometimes happen that a character I.I JjorV
Congre., af- I allu.le to that of the letter illustrated by a single ] em only A single butt? I
and by a Republican i C attention. part it notice. hil* lurca! no on account event, am so It I. with say,tiIT.
disbanded, andbroken which I III Iomited us lo give a more promenent a. DI 0 worth all the ,a ui"n<
Federal patty had len oCuI. Henlon la Mr I Van Burro make Jen. Call, while a school boy joined a company ao.l.d So'rrll
tertha of the ri3'. and >twr1y.lnB say It contain no other noitessor
nLiei barter- with But we can only give tie proceeding hi* llemp 1 M.rcur. ;
"If'.lhllk raised
was and which I am charged 111..p.liolll1 lo serve in (he memorable:
a tIM' campaign b i .
'test poisonous can clun la .b'1.1."eIr..1
od and a protective lariffestablished. Rut not I II omitiiij for fear it might Woa HM "p. i meeting tod.lY, aol call the ipecial attention relujituolicIC" cicluau Iki Itible pc*. a. d"pe"I. ./Iin-I the Indian In 1813 and 11. without hmistiaa' ,

0 until the 18-". dUllng the puhlir.n { had no surli apuribeuaiou. On the of our fiienUamlthe, people to Ibo resolutions, .1 < i"l Of all : lr. with our savajs foe on lbs eemtiosie 0 wouJerful cures arounil I a
year 'l. | 'tto *e "' m>tllu>i'u>l of learning
of Mr. Monnx-, when .the fAdminiratioa that part of the Idler which, I omiled I 1 i ( .>1 ibis Continent, was the mewl boutes. Uunlban (1 It huuderd p'ln.ln Ik* Cny
contrary Theyconstitute -
... 1 which were unanimously, aJolIed. the Prot atit!, sOul .lb""e lbt eert'r.Gen.lacl.on te eflecls.
wa more coo>ple ly i', tie! be found perfectly consistent and iu ftI and as oOI penetrated far into tho ash-- oltibmnno..cll.r' Co
S &i party bad .ur (wee at any former I "i harmony with that which I quoted ..n.111. thus platform of our princlle. rub" tsiut5tli17hai supplies were his 0 t 1,18M. __

ferioJofourbl.lory! ",ult ever .tlll'ln'led( tom.ke 1\1.i necessary In illucidate aid explain more the ground upon which wa esperl fight whiUwejhr protest against anyabiifneet army starving. and Iu overwhelming eltu"ed.oum Dissolution of Co-partnership

,euuelhe Incident, and protection the I 111 the intention of the writer. Il .lio\s tint the battle vf the Con.lituiion and the Union. oJrRgiboUing: It .a ear- a 6t'r and determined |ii'. lurrouided him. j 1 'I tilE soouuuction ruiati.g under the firm of Ueny
oihe Amerkatl I I new was lo be undertaken : omcIhing WM : of din sjiaaim that rehfj* w a question between battle. lUcb march X& KowUvUdiswIved by the Death vflhtJiaiurI
consideration | something Ou motion, Hon. \IU"'EL. olivring day'* was a day
primary I! Partner Th auWoiber oil atleotio* of tkos*
Iltell Ant tine aa a W. l'o't''lif; lo dune which bad never before btC'1 lk-1- kit wa appointed of the meeting 1 ,,1 dividual sad lol II.rl, DDdD any, fight ; under these crurn.I3oce ditconteut |I who a Indebted "Ih firm, W a wltkmenl ofall desu.aiuds

Itbe by lh Con:"" uf t the United dun That a new era was to L conllrn.t'tI" who mounted the l'r"I..I aland and biieflt, explained I bar**) f f.ct by I pat, through" tI.I.n and dismay broke 01. aJ officer i I fwilh. ektliM will b plsced ia Ib
t.ritpul* fV: 0', puWTreasury our ; tUtory-a new .11"1. anew j*, and MiuUlcra.* < 'th. vote o 'aclaimed '' go but lo death. In. few day hiUMU e. attuney for ollectioa.K .
did. not linuerallvely i. Al p<.{political icy ) .Ue: for it'* object. C. II. Alien of Leon, I il 4mb.re sad i.flN, Churih,.CfUp if wa .ihn rifle and lb. tomahawk, we II. BElUtV.tiwHeptewbvrM ,te-

tklmty two of Col. Betitouti "'I"lfl years Vice IVeaideutoQ 1"u.'., litlrl. (lot domocralic and Major M. M. JOIIXITOI of Gad.eD. n #' Iii tnadentuis'&ie In _.... will ee.p rol starvation,' aao! with manyother -- 18. (Oct. I6.) -a

par will ba found the WU>"nS ImiHiilinl! ticket) will identify )ou .I bun, and were then ..rl.lnl..d1cf President, and J. ,ejought a\be \iew. the ul.j.cl.plof'cloI, cardinal of Ike Jtmocrtlit act IF, political or rvl'a* was officer, himself! de
.n.enl. irincijJu UiMX>irn lUiMsot requealed to ai ( Cal Antlo.ae, MAS*. Silk **4 Woreled Titus.
It.. iucideul. bad ben tb* ruU In the earlieitariff / ";J/.&* W ror/A eoltdutg; for A Committee eontisting of the I Ii.1 That w* belwv* I tompletioa o poUu. This was am elc"p to try men "JI., "lomr.iu at all colors 8..'. Da/ENen.,
BOW that rle wlllg"I'lx rt"trl''' on yimr oir* the witter, procetd to Secretary., I uJ the N.ri |II .p(>roa hing high *en>e of duly' and lha brave spirit "iik. IP.p< 011' vANeekUasa.
; the \ I "Nul. 9-t, ffJtrululi. i\-t\ .- following names .I then appointed to re- pr\.t of this officer Dh.NHAU
and to make protection ubjorl olblaw i-peak ui tie >iJ uiiaI leeliun, lo young rose superior to lb* horror
o I
and revenue the Inddell. Tha Tlii ..a mick "." sooghi to be given the poll bu. .., to the m..t'lin1.. : T. H.Uelloii. jnl the 1 i alreDgth 0*rf Jthl'i.( and I. oriu famine aol 1 ma..crC. after seeing hi. last 01 u__ -

aad augn>_inatkn oTdutiei, which It e'I't'I'' I achIs by (heir enraiies with no more truthor O. ?. Burroughs. Win. Cannon Wi. r to siret (a.< lif r,.8r"and adth man and bit l 1"1 officer lake Ibe bo"w.r -Uound Shoe

14a1.dttiraeJaot 1 much on lh en'I.line. propriely than the nick ime democracy Johnson, Dr II. W. \ ann Cadtden, Jvhi I lot tortk rceuIiaViai jeorgia Ilatbrn Jhso p.tl. ba presented binuelf alone, b..a T UISM *. Opr it.iit .
the neceii'y fir r railing l throw track on the bouured R* of his *
U saliti5' quarter ( CkiUrtua. *
ot.bs ceIiUl' ktMuiliI l C J. I). Mason without Com.nan..r.laohler f'II. .. .
lb* di."tre.* of the .o tblully! reseoted.jn| its Reese, U labauAnema.
it pAily Jat'kHn 'II' Fancy
money to fill a* upon puUican ['Thai Georgia i j it, will aad ought'" lo country, and the uecnil forcreaiii a bQ.1 w hoi. by the \\ bigs. Th a riter thenir I>111. D,. J. II nla" W. C.I an.l', tunis, evea ( a '* 5TI dismplioa everyHe {'motion, clasping Lie Land to ol' hi*, heuciaimed'my.omsi ., ."..t i large aussuttaunsi .1.1
pie .
demand for ', and I serials, | '*, wy : .To .. uffvr !1"If' U. F. Al'ru. Tba retired, ,, wtiioh "1J her iQ'' (. 0 0. I keewubatyuuu would be Pet. U. tlH 1. 11 II)

by turning a larger proportion uf our National stud Iu raise an interest whK'1 can uue during its '''DCf. )Ir. lUioWn l*>oreJ I tiC aubjsy, ,M District 0 oft'. here," and 'turning lo bin viScera he sakl !i1!
of domestic raanulacture" of ,1:1: base \ grim poa th 1 flats and Caps,
a cock
pli. a regiment I
industry in lha C'I'II.1 tk.m''I' I the wIth animate or la ptace M jmMlwtiuaof Congma Ilad only o bnys, would
cat done don to Uk IIil.o'. which are ,tinibl andreprenil *- M..m. 1 .dr.-to. Illbi. wkT o- theImuutluuiuaaaoutvftbecouotry." Gen. Mept '
lima New lit our hUory i 13 .10' by a j which. l r4elt and, uml' .rsU ud. C.It his reniaiVs by rea
tut the first Cuigreel. aol with th. iipprovalandMnctlonofaKepuUieaqlVsWtiJt. I rrl.p'* la serrate )uur.eJr! fiutu tie l 1.1. llatform. ly! ibis lime, the C>MuinhUNbad I ;, th. rmgI"* atad 1..h.State*, Ypiet coma lo ask the ptitik-g di."r.ct..nd 'I all Mbar kisvl of Pruufr.

Now riMiqty 0 by panuiun !lint* wbicb I.nouplncani ,ewwl. .I i reporhid to the meeting, tbi. |1 or say .'IPPU"t.o! b." In. sbouMrring his musket awl, serving a* a ,private i. I U. BUTLKRsVDEXnAW

.n fact l rMaUiched beymid dtt.J i; New if Ihi* Utt* *;e any man- IuiIewicj i IVatubl, aa4 whkl l.8." tJwt ..1 *>| l.ia the ranks during the war.- FANCIEST"T
t ilu I.il. agency ami a ( 1111 whatever (sud I. Van Buutu aaysltwasa It..I. Mf **) .,V_* 0"'N From that hour was lb. Aral in the acuaJ) '1"'"'
adS I bv &, out: thai read by it. Chairman U. I' AhVo. or a*. rue iMUnJutiioa b among <>V I'all lhal Wte"\ tale "er
iu ) it could mean | tlMrun '
teller ) a
Ixn.vajiun w kenwUm ) regard, aol Irieud-bip ul tito. J Jawrr wake > ",
to'' c ra
ibis e" I tery .
a av."V E the .lgbl4.t dcviatio -, a uow policy wa to tie (Kllll-a ow *)'. uuaDiiMou.ly a,1.l 't ,UU u.eeiing, M, Mi .'....!*.tim, tN 1. New bletiro.muc whom his proiaollun waaalw'aa aaaeqnsun'aka i .tnssLpsiitasui.t.viiattu| t ,, t.. II ikii*
I .ilJ t4enfjS4 ainl name ten th' tt with a ttw r*' usen) sum .1 lb. .. ,4 ttnus f "
rrM fttali'islied a new party : piclaieii ) '( I 0' 1'bt. the i> .unuu0h la "
nJ party to L i ur.tUI .uir J" art i. 11 |iu' Ibis* lulus. add .
by a tie UaimMMtH I"I. !uiiil'! I ftnutot'' h> <' Iwo ,' ( re5 'Ik ,r,_, ,|JT' titlrllnn' j I Iuln T.I> < .""j', ti.'" rawr, end by mu I IK r i!. ., "teu be 1 I mails .luifl! > i"i ] : 8 thou (olutuu ?u ? II. at''l. ra> '('i is u 11 tutu "'i) \ iimmii n.

it for.i"l twentY bM Jar* up lo. the t, If: 'Jln > c..iiIUen!' >n u I'l (dguajaifcilly: *4'UJ'I p i" ." '' fUI.al'ol u. .:!'I' ""Ib S'rl I I I : L.il r. t U -.', I : N' ,... I Ak*- J' .:
utile p.r'y att IV'I. 'Ji!,. n .... clthena I h rr, u n \ -'. o.t.la. CT> t ,, I'' I 1"
i>'** ; o


- ,


.-. -- -
-- ------- -- -- -
ACARD. I Inn I.srilM n WHIT.Pi : 1 I I ; n.lbI4'. GenJ. 4'
NEW GROCERIES. ATE w GOODS.Il () I JJ'it'iiiit I01 In"/. Prpa

I'' < *. 4'.:i n. fAN" if. Vrr r !) liKLMfIOI.D'S HICHLt CnNCEMtRAtETJCOKPOU5D
Artiratt. prr" Rf/n( ""' In.m YtwYwk I ;MR MRT I. I1MT% .-- AT\M 1 \i. h't.'ll' .' P) j. ; ,
( K rrr. itedft tpp .4 It ai' I W.nt., H Ll.. .. ::f;,. .i'.h; ,: : RilwntHrliaaleatr. tic al.> ".iMhl,ah' FLUID EXTRACT BUCHVT
m S
.,wl FJiz.s f'i''. fro" Nelli (".,. J :. :K< h rar lrrtlolli. > l",ii'. .1 t I. al'i ir >< an 1'11 ,
; br Utt arnmla I Iri Nw >rk, IU i i'' ,, Otrl an4 iipnparrdtnircvlr > .
nand : il d 'Chip ninlc e.h. hew M .nl the r'.1 year. oWacc nf th llln.tl. and Kidney fbortiritae
> > For *
TOT re iv.J. ... w. now kav* hi Ctor*. mta cf r New flwwi l Tkti nr; la make and irm II> mln { ; : 2 r.r *
offer tin- :
Urkan.1) and I. fmbn\ 1 ,
all onlera
Iliad l> and aolMir. lihrral' char .1 \Vu4hu Ito I Ppr,. | ..,r.:1 I r.r | .. !itrletarealacaaraaa all .***_
Fairy mra *
.1 Ik cho.ceet hit. of lh. artnifr ttrr imported .
ulkmmg goal term* aaauy BOOM in the city" In the .1. krarbrjccd Ie le.te 'is Ihr thai ,. whether 'la Maka at Fa
their ... *. "rpl. 1:1. :.*. fma nr..r. "hlk Forging tint! I'ln'mbing. aflhcSttnalnrgnii*
tola tl it mark ,
*! uf l> ( llrocenriHardware
; tery variety ry lt'u.ia. pr ml.i' ">n Ci Man .np."*te I C""lint. mate, ,Irntn whatever rna* they may h.. original
It Ca**' ri.rel VA in*. A..to. FtrtheI44WuI Ifcati. "t .. I 1' r.lltm. ..., I.,.1" '. ...t.m..t .
Cruriery -' I.I. \"'
NOTK: ing.whrr all ornVra ihinkfaHv of kw .
I \ I U m.tkiJ '. .< ,. I eel l no matter lang ataad.ag.Ir
I* a* Old (IM3)) Pal,. Sherry, beaaufal *M na>rat af ihiubrehleri a, Lm 1 e'l.. \. after ante. tli almrHii?, AOsusiutreh.putth.nab ; TaDahaawe Sen!. tl'! %. la the U'geM In thc or.nntt) i which h.re \ a I contracted the terribhj, d, ,
have waa WMH.
I C..k Old Madeira" j. .,, t..h T.Int.. and Cloak. anti a Vein ofth.MMI ;. of Ana Fit' ,.I".rn..LdPtt l eeesrein \IMdlPrarMa I ITO I I j MM l, ander toe clwtege. wIth I a partlea r r tptt.h :'o .ion.l.en auued 'ia hot will rarely *
W I ., .dherahl5tyennhheeme "nc* yskmr gw
I do Carreat me, apiendM SAka ever brought ta Ihi* market deee -d. wll rib bit h<*amvn*ami ._ ltabHhr : COTTON rl\ t heirutechielesh! rientne, aaaelln* p5utfi i down from .TI. genr-mikin' l. ....h.r..,..,.irtdn.,
and Dark Cogaa. orderewith
1 Pipe.Par. Braady, Planter intfcrd husk .t lUas. 1 loriente mmpromplnr P
art la l M* the HnnwalnV J..Vr. of I'mhata wf Nod TI .
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