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I Oct.IO.) Il-U Hondinn .. rn THHKAJHIJARNAUD .. .n. or louchll g the nttnr and eymptomt ef the shove dia-, terror, particularly. among chil Iren, and thontan .E2bIQ4I1:
I I We In hatl of tubCotton ladies, of the : ; lRVATt
regret not ig a larger aapr'y raven, together with teatimonial from of mother were they allowed tn apeak, would, wtth 'MTSB
NIWESTABLIIMENTiO TALLAHSSEE to pin through nor worI.-s larger qaintily hIghest teapec tability, at certified by th* mo l eatitfoctory all ,h. of .wt aftccUun bear their --vm TH,-

I flMIB SubtciilHr wulI ,c*. \ & MAXWELL, ::: intuIt enabl* ne lo ju Ice more rnmvtly: at to suthovity, in the p.mlhel.'o.1I|, ) which the united c""enc, the feeling fait that ll hal 1 matched 'hol' SlOiOOlCAL VIEW OFMAUoz!

JL peclftilly annoum to tlw tfT flltY willbepleetel I to are their friend th* rclntitemcriit ofyourCotton Om over the commm tltent,on of I.oi.asS. 1'\"n..I., retpectfullyli I""n n.m the very jawe of death,., ret> re< -.y- .

., elllunt of TanihoAwc 1 *. Florid, nit |utront it the *M tianl:: of P. lltrnard, Jr, roller Oinith .. can gvstio them to their former health a J beauty::1 Again; It M. B. LA CROIX, M. DX/*., Jf. r....
I .
I. \\ oureiperlmentann the maillot of Coll.' D II A IK ,
out lib Klioinmit tlgn of the Mortar, corner of M n ro* an I dmton.Sjircctt of she that Coitus end Retail, A Fla ".Inl and Colored *.
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lIMO openid B I.OCK nhiralbey will I keep a full 1 ind crnir.l attorlmentof .al.r Wba
I Silts J,)et nol injur th. Staple of the Cotton, and SAMITFL PI I.MTUN: t all whir &1.'u.
IkiokHtore Momicit0. ment of th* ( c. "
Mrw.1 two .Iiw. b kiw MclMnIli| article, appertain i lit thrlr line of j eplcen. "J"celn (3S Frttt f..(jr
tin, W.I, ly at all Ion. 1.)01., every that thei I. an improvement in the cenne spitcleoniiioeso IAI.Mtlt& t'1IIER. J H''caUua' ,tbi will I" 'o''I.Fir C..A
wbirc y Chnmomtltr I bttumeie.and' eulicit Id. patrontg of their (rintul.ioul of the fibre, which will, materially, increa :, Ap.I."hcola. Fla.l.I.INSON "Dl .ni. Lnlm.. I, oLpostag. Ie all .
I diiriliiniif wtk In thur" dm lI"ru. pine
| the public A : a Vao. ;
Virtlil the \f\\ of Ih article and ttdat the coal i..G -

:. Dupln.. \W.oo, laUntUyer.CjlmKranl r 1I."i.I| I at the ihurt.m c.mmHin.iluo| aUo j j.btBud G F... nillVAHD.THOU) M1XWUL I Ir, MtnufMtunnj. 3 U MIRUUSI I & CO l'ropoirloro.C.sirtl .I'*rVarchS PO'. WOOD'* VICITAILI moic tirs ritttlitiatEicio CIIfil: tad BOOK conttiAiing EVER t
rtrkt, atv i nliunI 110u..n.'h.. are 1".II"n." which on b* more DopeS, S0, BOJ/ 30 \ '
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= vury :: Feb.I(7 I ( ,) 1654 aetiteil larger ") 1853VULc7ANZEb. : of
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.*, *.***." JCIIULJfcOJ. ill :lli uj hlffiID a" laiaTyMIIOLH1IE b11J lIul.will l :, and aUt In lit order furnith tosecoiliiioh larger| I supplies' I Ih..,of w*I long hop ttapl you iNDIA RUB. Dear $"irAn w* bav met aol teen niwl fir I teen.Fifty. C."l"PmH.t. I'

I 87 1855 ,r-. Colt gmed by your Sea IttnnJ I Cotion liln.ouraTruly brutal Stockinet, Socks, ._.w, of year. your \rffitubtu, Magic Lifu Pill. war (GY OF Vu'RKUOIiJa'od'lh1'
I March : AM) RETAILDRUGGISTS \ Iff ''* prcptred to,"Qle".I'b"n! i lo the public I..u. ,
: -- -- J. I. DAVIS I'YIrr'C..e; l 0 i"ln.d i"t' "tl' permr Id all 0110 in th* uf tldioewc secret Inlri'i.an.) di.p, alert
1 \W1NIS,8ILri'S\ \ i01 (\ (Sgued lUJIeyFullaCa) MiUIun Agent I I : ar"/ A *. X .10', Sir a|huh| they ar IDr"lib.'rmn'.n.l d :Ut maiufityayaliing i :

I '.0 Olard \oreeaterahlr Bauc, u 'e. H P. from.lee.___.. ). .t..4_ ..
Dimly, O. 18U. If Main's r'tWic leach A. P. IVltw; It It Albre P .Tcube n "* w fWJiltphytical "
... I III. ., rotrnEs.iNOL I Orin ] .. and ;mental powers with tb* author baerrationa
Old l'ust, p. liara.l Spencer Kaxwll!, K.li nrd (;;Ib.',. : t
Mtde... rnglinh: Mutltrd, A RK recilviui i by almost every *ee elfreih", ad : DRUQ3 AND pED; r .,, t \RBIC, itforttcj of India Rubkrllircal John .Mbr ", Iinknit U. 8..1 Uiai R Swell, Jobs vn m.rriufe, it* dutiet tad ln1gal.tlci.lion. ;. :
Hhcrrr fr.tb l,later, Vditinnt, IA their Mock of UULGOS rV MFDICINtS : '.b prepared by thy.proceaa of 1..I.rnl NatLnftHH line, \Vt,. .onti theirremedieiwitke; |, .iMllubograph..
Iri nJ >n VoiIeP5 *. foh.d. : Their" ittiwk ,I. now very full .ant com JUST Kceived [.> ir.nfMnllclnc*. PniniiO. \'Mr- j I "I'.niing., an .. ,,return p>rmaiie"'tlvIttrliulVity ,. .Juhiiaun U lUuiiu, O.In'n".I.I..I. C. rnrrtr V illuttuting the anatomy end physiology, and ditMtca '
M 'lU' and dlura \\ rid 1 lifi. thrca.lnaritterwatta' of tUe reproduclif of
cutch ll., lame: ., -ON I\ND-| 1 ) > are-a iten nauortmcot LondtrtPror orxan"| both af ate,lbe4
I IjianIt TejcVet, IMIbu', pl.le received freth .uiii.ti r.r O.M,lie* \Vj. of Coll***. llru hca. and other Puintirt' maUrwU covered with Silk tod e..ll. ar.I woven atruttjret.ntet.tnd function*. A papular, and com.prehcDHT .
Jul a 1n..If"r"D' | ,
Nirliiict, ,, Hran ly and \\i,6lrh Alto Km Ku|., Hn Tooth and I hair !.. .., Int N.I \\ ork SuorIngs, .Vc II "li l \\'OODDvar : Irestlay on th* duties. and ctiuahiea o(
r.-'n.Sflu \\ alta or- At| ) I.ulna'a r:ulractt .nd. variety uf fancy Artlclca. k'>ture, and pi rout,to at lo tingle aad married lif*-.hpy, and fruitful allit*.
I (iilll dplce, ft hue rZ15''WZ.1'.II'. Win. Plunk and Plo5 iicl.ina a ill alwa)* Cud at IRa uudjtion u n.ollu6. keeping the kgalway Sin-HavinKntcd, anl e>r rieneed the cft.tta et, mole ofecuring them-infelieilou* and infer
dow Gtt.e. Imteed Oil,.. SII.r. saul sal be drawn <,your \ egiLtbl I* Maxio IM I'M in my funii lila their obvalon
Till Apple' PicVlen, rtUblulinu nt 5 full supply) uf every thing needed,and Ihiycuu one*- and t
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highly in 1..Ilc'
Guano Jelly, Ctpera. Tsiflishe..a., April 15. Isfll Or..., rum the Country promptly filled and antiabetiun lime of,.dnl o bandaging sail I giving more equal knit. 0 and iiillamatiuna and I will 0..1 that th.virtue obyctioni, lo it ; none, however thnuld
i Currant do parklm, Cl Irr, -- puarantoed, with rpgar.I bum to prlet and pnmir I eupnort than any other blindage nuina any like th important Step without fin conullin He
Pretr,ed Quince, Old Port Juice, NEW COO D quality' 1'.). "\,.' pretcriptHin care(ul! omi, I laiturel. They have rreo vtd tha biglutl I approval i *they tnno'have bin apred 10 hilhl'.I..rloIJ.,I diaroae tar in evic.lwi ant" "' pagee-commentariet on the diaratea and medical,
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Claret "1" fhein. .pe in ocy to oU each
l'ufO. I fatS IB duty hanoi to I to all.They ng.
GIIIjC"| 1'"b..o. \',: EPPINO'S COMIXJL'NI FLUID EX I Uiigth.fobt M IMiib, bilk, ilOi Cut- I.ne, fn"n'n.Ih.m I cite gtaplieaJy lilutira ed hy be.aiifgl lithograph
I. OeUtlne, lUtana ilnara. TRACT OF ton, 96 i fat. to hoar. tulk. t:; C"loa. $1 ; KneeCap oprrata. rfuttty .y. |I"uucll| no snonnetnMilHHi Ic pUlet-neiv debility" iI. .u.. and bt
sparkling their cure
| Litraeta U. II AMES. Ill"irfjuil rrrrirtj my IIl'CIIIJ.D.. II AME3Nuvimbir Hilk, IJ I Coiion, H.Hocki, ,.. an.1 1 twit, j-tl oHTtl| 'n i thorough ; Atid I .m'. a procrte at one to.Im tal end 1'fJ'..'aal.Lat
Plavoring f that In ,
iSil.onnissiDN. tOni! U inter tup 14. l l0I. BCarriages. Silk, $3 ; Coilon ti U-BKthaiiJ cinumfirtnce of : "'i' n.ill sluice, .. t". ia Bectfmry failure I Itimpott.).l-rule( firjiilj
: Nor.U, required Pent to uf the I'mted State r.. 0 lIt.* \1.bl. phi, to (-r.furm a.|*eJj aInutnphaut management
lug of Cl,>tht, CUM! -- --- 'irg any part curv an eetty on bpermalorrhce* with neticilobt.na

4 G. n. ME'I'OALF&CO. mrm, eittngi i Buggies! and Harness vf charge C.V.. tNIiORV A CO. nitpcctfully A our*. *0.. liun. on a isler, .nd a nor auccenrul mod of
'm.n'-r\I..ry hint, .. ih. *vil. retailing .
"\ IaERCHANTS I Af.. of rrcrgCOLOR. row iILK BT True* .,1 Surgical ttniagr ?Mitmfactrti, J n!SVM.FR from empuical. r'OCIca., ., OB all dines.
.>.. 33 Aer(* Aia/ StttetVANHORN'S OJ.WOU&q) from
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p. D. BRO K A W. plain and simply
. 31 Sfr'f vtiirn r"I"i'or.193| Joa.I"3Y. Yu".
i PojdrasKSV t'v' anil qualify lU'rt by which all ... can cur Ihemiclveewithout
ont..ts. I la male .wE.i- I b u'-i" ).jail rowetycol a H4 1..I. t-t I/.O. mercury-rrmediee fat hot
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lure pohilily uf Carriage; lAId
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Jt*. T. AacMii, >T I .alUbaat. ANQ.IuI I LE TERM9 M, I II i4. n .D "Il' SPECIAL NOTICE TO OLD SOLDiERS. peruea] it ptrtM.ul.rlv rccummendvdio pertont entirtaimng .

T lasts UITTOK, -ALSO- Insolvent Estate! Notice. Stooping of'l Shvullrn.ami Cu"/lar'wl of andwhujreco, morel doubts of a.mgkaiardrd their Dhviic.l .nI'ln.

lion.Tun* UH.TUIL, J A lAROf. AM> WILL tKLCCTKtl |TO( K OP l/rClld. BOUNTY LAND AGENCY ; the health
*'r.'Tltv, .\ I z i adult of both b.rl'n., and priv legee ,? which bu.. b.
1)a.io L.... ) I aeie entry
L N."ro.a. 1L1 Crt 0'rrub.,.. IN'
J. C..w". ffmTn, Monlicelln READYMADE CLOTHINO. ( ".nl, ..: r. : 'a projection ur growing MSIUMJTOX CIT k TALL.\\I1VSSLL; F A t l"li." entitled '0. l'icel5 or tv.

t '. Mei.rt. UULL & I'oTT.e, ''hlllltI.Ia.O.. Cnntbillni of every trnH;
0. U. MaretLf. Ii curb at(M. k t.Talmaa, t oat.. 1 emit, PiiiLiJt.&c., WllrRFlSllllnmM.i.Hurn ri : ; ; *. niaiat.l and -\irnimilialo rut: oblalne and Iii, II. : I.ft. ,furl of the UpteJ Slate,
; I .' H n. 1'.U. { huh will b* ditpi<*ehouUir tpecdily I .> natornfuneiilun C. ROOD & ALEXANDER II. EVXrpIIEUtUr \ \ N n.-1'... who r.rrr ,saycoauall D,. I..\

I \ N.. mlnf 8Jfcl 1l55 Jy, Alan, a lar I: wlendiirta, Cravat, Stopka IIo.hry*.. &.. wriltvB *uita**tiuB thai h* WKvc the pilate of it* .Vand do not Interfere In any :; J. teveral D-'partimnt uf th* General tiove book trette,either, ..r.on.lIr) by mail II"| med.J Jie

' (GLASS OILSUI11TE\ LEAP 1C. Tho** dreinng a thorough .I-III..iII eoueult their aai.I disrated la b* IntulvtBt wiuh the den... Ry .: :: meat, ennuna their Bounty, Land and Pel tiun A(<-' ,nee often cur ,in the hcrt rpic ofu date.and
InU-rret all thbovartlel penti K r, an ebgane ef : b in Cil and completely and entirely, radical all traces of .
uw. by giving m .t.II. at Thereupon notice i I. btrtbi given to all ptnonabMrlia : iI cy atbiDgton t). ..1,1 I tall the atteutitun I' II ot*
1 rid BOXES WndowGI M.atoredenea, e with greaL eore, and with Biwwal f rlalma, or drmandt ur wbatunever natur Buiuet ed and diavnae uf a pulmonary .ba,,. ,. nit OLD SOLDIERS ilaorder which coparva ,.d eabeb have t* los
1 UU 1 00 kegs While I eiJ.pure, sun & N e.l.I t'h: adaptaliun to 1111, morkcl.JOHN1 i ( lAid entitle to sumac and hie the earn.duly authtnlaated t'.rHUdrf* wAil .w'I., .. .JM... Aid their heir, lo the very low U-nni upon whiih bron thought aa a.ti.I.t. i. U. rain ol IU beak| f
3 barrel Uinaeed Oil, IK1TOKIU in tU* crao* aforuuid tn ur bclur th. 1 Ihegxutluui-ui'a l>ra u. ..aueiten the the they procure warrama under the new Uuunty Lewd I of Ib. pollens. .,. French S.e,,'" U ,.. great

q Lard Oil, Ott.ibrrSI.IMI mf WHh day of July nut enaumg whist there wiN b* B L eonttrtKled nuurn,It r*. r"'p" Uw J CuBgre-x. TRite .rae"nla with th* 1e- I contioenta I remedy fut thai claea ef diwrHen. w huhssi6irianatey

SO Kegi Zme r..ii.: pro ruts ditUibuixm stall tho a_tt of Pail! *tat *. hlaeaare I r unired, around iho clot tub waitt.- p.tnmenl. sail familiarity W"I" tb. managuntcnl of pb fe..aelion with m.rc,y._l*
SO pacltiiet Fr.ruofl'.intbblu.arJ( Jbbla.) Toil fe Mel!, nion, the I crvd 'tort thereof; and ill* mid adinimetra. Prior AJul. '3 | Cb IdriB. *J W ror.arJtJ, tuch CMC, mill enable him procure wtrranie this. irielnevablo ef th* piiienl. roast

S barrele Train Oil I bbt I Copal V.rniah.' CO-MMHSIOV MrLhC1lA'Tw, tar will theB ant I there nimbi plieatwa| (, litter of lie* uf ..i.1 any part uf the U. butt*. the bait poMibltdtlay \I lutran. and wh eh all 'the ttnaparill U the world
Spirit Turpentine In tarrela; and .! retail dwniiMiua hoes the Immigration; IhereufE. .rle.I C \XIIORN & CO In llitio.n I to their experience, they )pne-vni mkih) : cannt4ur*.
V.II.AM t8. 3> P07J1a. St..r\.w-u' C. L0\'b,Judg uf PrubaW I Surfitfl, DafJaff M ttmtrlurtnA valuable record and ducnmentary evidino*appertainIng Of? edicin. sesite any partoflhe Vnmm u.

Nut. U U31 hive eo.partnerthlp unjJfr it* Jan 30. IkU DmoNOTICE *. J' .'.. ?'aeth, SI tu this namrmue ebueiof o.im., I c.rum. I. direction., aafcly packed tao) t..f.||,
WE fri ecured fromall I obeervalionddreeaDrM .
\ MEI, for the el ----- -- ---- -- SOLDIEM) TEAM
NOTICEM month pmpo I I Is her.by of the 81KI.S NAVAL B. I.A CROIX N.. 1| Maide.
re- OrllCrRS
APMIXWTRATOH'S! l : doing a Uneral Ftclorag and CoAnnii!.iun L'u.i- I .J J.r" SUPERIOR, SEMEMl,
.I Ndniimetrntur;I of hi.4(4W U.... It. II. POST.CIIAIILES of th State that KINK. UNI NAVAL CLERKS, (., t hue tour- I Lane, or Port Office Ko> 7 A Ihany,N. Y.
uf Hubert lluwio, (at* uf Oa>Ulen enuuty, d*. MEL at tbaljuurnde>eawii uf th.) f.jpabttar* M saId FRENCH I TRUSSES. riling widow. *r saiwer *hilJrrnl) in Ih*I gO4bce op*, daily /rom I A. Jrf.UtP. M.
r. eeAAod I, will *>bibit hi* aooountt' and youcbtr bilur fitate lu b* held. Bl I aHaluatu in Nuvotnhrr spit,ap' Kevolntionary War, war of IglS : efUi and i oa Sunday from S IInlill P. M.
and ft* -R e Jo U I o .- will b- mad for the Charter SLunk tJj article, ll* extreme nrainetl \\ nr any C0ffi removed from N- VI U,,,,
th* Judge of PrubaMufauid ouunty *|il>ly /iiHvatkm ofa U TU" r ,MUM ar 5' B of 1 fu- 8tr..l ,I.
nail! duoharg from th* AJmluwtratfcin: of..*H It. L. Keren.t... I* located *l ..hpslonbiiola.Maylb&S3. *?$ ? .. treif tig e/, 3 *... ,..dmyi, .,mm e'i"'I to B I.nd ha lurIftOarnt No. :Jl Maiden, I...,., Albany, N. Y.

".. WM. IICKE SO'i. J. CJ. An..***.. ] ft I, .n.1 I It. .uttnifml Irtftmitt ./ Ikl meet itijt. 1ht_ a bo here already, received W.r.n'tht-ir Janutry 9, (lt56*

,.', 'IV*** Out J. W IBUTI. caL' ,*". ./ Irn...has ..fur it th*highett prai* 40 o 8 ,warrant are now i-putlpd to an aJ.htkmal -
Tu*.. J. rkli.., V Tt Utit.tee. from phytwiAni, bl i I. Ihwoouutry end wro. tver ( IW .err )
Insolvent Estate Nolce. U U. Union, Executoi'i Notice. tbe heavy,ilum.y' I rut* h .* wore, f Rup- trf'Kegular..fanl'0 who and NOTICE I
I. M. UIH.UB month after dat the .nd.,. .l Eau. .1* regerrf none 4 nmftrl t".n.nt rrp4u.
] *, fn ore tare i a piece,** / Seward them lo
STATE Je&'ninl or FIORID Cn'sfly.C *, J I( CVI R. u. (..aii., j j.H.Lt SIX .., Uwktuu, kuo uf the omuily of lia.lolen. if* certain refealM *:< spec ef lie teertt :I liberally 1 duals with.tWA I.I uunagetmnt will b* TO CUIV.VSTS AC UXST TIIE CX1TED STATES

g HNtai.TOS. AJiuiuulrat/ii uf ih* KrtaU .ooa, Juan oi H-**'*. utui. duMatwd.will pmvnt tbrir aocwinl anti euwrher lo /,,rata, al kfl a* ef *ilorwarjed COURT OF CLAIMS having been treat I GOVERNMENTBY .
ANN of salt d- Mea"_. Ji Ua.oBp, t '. site J..Lj* .r f rubalv fur said _n'.nd Ilk lu b* (pry mad, free if charge, o nceipt cit by which all th
WttHam J. Kni htun, lat* County, I .1'Iwi. C.b l'run CIAIU.not recent Acl of Congre eatabliabiBg a Coin
D..... from I. and adinhiwliatiui S3 Main which enW ie adboMd, and
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in arvuudthe
..-, ba filed In th* Prubat. Olfio of aaid Outlot,. I Ij I lorahip give .. pr.. f b) I., am lo U preetut,d tat aJju Claim*, h I ha pruidd that said Court thallbear
U.. & 1Jf. ... hip
ihi buhvee Ik. tuld nA 1..L..lI..I.nu.. Mr :. nndertake the and
that i.t.t.ul dmi..11 claim .
wrhUB .'Iti. ufaay luwMled Uof
a dl wi' nunagrnwnt ,
j iJa-it 4 U.....ie4 MAI... JOHN I WrKSON. I C W. iNIIORN A CO.. halite pM any
\illkwii J Ha'lfhton U b* inaulventiTi I Iclahn. haturt. ourt-fur, lu b* aarevd Cungrcea, or pun say regulation of an iectiv
Nar.rnb.r U. I Ult) J\M&\Vll\LLY, J I nporu-r tilt I M.innheturt uf TrBtw*, : I
nrrtit laoriaiku
IVB tu all having via IMUfaaA
rt/ r nutMM 0 ptnoni deprtineator upon say e.a.traceeopeesa or Implied
June 5 Al 3) North Ninth f.1
aAwml MM! cUl ,. *|>par stat tile) ihu earn 0.0Aihulnistratog's Ihilaelvi (v.lt.ei ,.,atl. ...) On orifrMial wish I". Uoveiumenl of the L'oit.d which
with Ih. JuOje uf Prubut. of oij Cuoaiy, on or be \\nirrElTsLussEii -- --- liuat Waleu. from luttnl BiBBuh tu and' ,,h Tratee I. of 1 ly I -, Foe ncni***, |J (XI. \.. .ap.'Iril W arranla may b* uzgeeted lo U by a petition filed S\a'r and

iur tb. fint Moo.Uy I. 8. |
b* a pro rat Jwlributiuu of the r.. b-*.|ilut! !.. t liolrmlo itutl Ilrluil 'nlt'r. In SIX' monlht after dal I kJI eihtatt an* eoa.eais highly recaoMMBdodby o.sppoiter.the' Medical !) : either lloua* of c.,, h shall' be th. dwy uf,It..1Ai.'I. .

atj MlaU smuBg tb. er-:itora tWreuf at which Co.'pt. 'tiuBlic .l I ruts. llrllaiil.i, .ol vouchert betas ik* Jv-Vjoof J',.... in Mruior*!* f.r Curvature vf 0uiae Faewhy.C i HUB L P w".., |10.| Jou. Biu ( in ail (we* t* eel forth a full Ma learnt of lhcUw. .
"'DIh.4.h. humhtuB vij awly far h,r final, and or theeuuaty uf r-a. *.l atk kr hit l twit., oduu Weak Vacka u CbtldeM J M. SI aunt. I awl of thee action thereon la Coagnae,or by
Bdouwtinrt ol' Mid eulTHO .. it.1.1 Jn|>iiiinl-\i itrv.OiHJhlNO iM4l fnaui tbaadutUMlralaMWl of.MfIt sap.n.a.ry| Ui.
Jiaohoro from Ib < rotate all Iapru.onta sad J'1'' Lwu Cat. aayuf dlprtmeau.u'i.ch action kasbeem badHwet'yiag .
*. J. Cll,V<'K.No a r'ajrclolb. 'In *ted. == ('em.. 0 it. alto what person or are ownert
*. M. ''SI .... Jdjv Itt Pr,,. PVRU ANI WOOl STOVE ( _( Ir.t AlMtrJan. br that 1t.tbtU roioiee nwcbauwal Bid .1ioa. (, I. thereof or iatrra* l therein, and penona when t4 spun

JUS::! oivd all Irunml and in eunipb.1 order uf. .. S. ITU April '., Urn a. 8'I-OWLM, ; r.Jls; J teI'en'S .."., what *o.Hd, rtinBj tech pvraun or etnua* beBM
t .&palacbcolaLand! Company. Uu. luipeovcd palkrn and toe .itbeal rduiied 1S. I Mteii SltlH SlMftl.. I iaiarvtttd."

"VroribO-I'ur,nglbe .... ef lbib .., prttM, aad a lll dvfjr cum pit uun fur BtaUwaadurabdity \ UMlMiTU.\TOK'S OTlCK -- Si" Klk* -- ------ )1-. l$53.-uly. Caw I. thn Court will be docketed,BBBiWred,ar

.tlperw.o.wis.banWbuy land will pie*** hi. and arrvk J\- after diUai I will, eihiba my aoaunat ao l mw-h. JUST RECEIVED ganl Bud di.idird w tile order I. wliwh they are (1<.1',
hOUSE WORKPrfu e" baton' It C l. ve, Jiui .f the Atm uf ProbBt* tad tbouU b ...
that" ."11.,.. with J. II. Oa" Hale It'Iftit. |rtpurrd whh meh car*. If the
I ... .. ,. with D,. A. M. lU4idul4i| .fflng. 0,._.' IleaJ fur letter. r... !. awl W lit* Conat) al Uii.> n aid mli ffbt. Per Uw. 1:. PeHt,from OrVtnu.OVNljEsiJ"Tr Leon County Iron Works MM b* latoraMv.nbc ,..* wHI b* w at to Coafn

.,. CUtlMbnlhunw4t. r****'. | *)''U lornoletdu 'Bg. Tm oueduitittij (ira**, 8bv.t Zi i). 8hv I Ld, Uo. fa* l-f.x Jiemmniai fcaaa the Ai-ada-i'iHina : l> .1.1 ( TALLAIIAIIEE Faoagp 'I lur it* aeuun, Mb, if Bit* mutable will k* Seal
Ap4.s into .
*. JOHMBK.VHU.Reiver Un p.. Cuurn po1- Shop \\fit II .every dee. of the **
Jte.,\pMtaItiNI.. Laid c.. .triptiou dune with utMiKm and dwMtvh ifa******* telkJ-IIKN LhVUON, A4 Oyete-t., Unri.,.... PNutfeTUtMM Pickled ) m full errmtioa.- of' the iBitcdmak.
July IT. UN. .*. CITY \M!n .' RY MMICIUNTU Slay I, 18. .4 e P ne Applet and r. JAU rdrt wilt b* alMudwl t* witb: rnaiiiniii. M e oaVr uur arrvice*ted wiB give prompt. lailbful .

trill' feud it U> thirr ad>anl4 u* gi ira Ihtw a oall b*. -l..sue Ginger. ;: sad all week b aeeiar..dJi.ptch. atuuUvB to all cam .*nded to our ear.

nwaiha after dal the uodr SIX.turur tb. vaiai uf Kraakhii '1'. l>... UJ11- l ar* MaB>HBeturv4 Hum I it". rr*.. lautJu) ",.o tags, 51.11, c,.", l.w M,. 4IM beneath tr .l,M aabwgtvn, b C:

.Jt .lit..fl..U.o.tpJ.oeaLw1N fMM hi* MC the very hint maiirnnl Bud .arroB4 d Jerobbi- TIlE TALLAHASSEE ICE COMPANYI tfUL .* .'. AW.ami Putty.. .. ... ll.enu, Ptwi.gk e.I >" Apnl 44, itrf. .1 i ly
utbrr will b* urTurcd ttf **>. *. Bra** .
MU a*d iinhiir lu Ifcr Judu uf Proh*** for UM| 40.UV9 t'tear Mf cwttamlyM (
AuWw IM. IV, beLl. jolt It j. *4lBCwuuflt.I I l.nuuul Alw.ik d*** in B. aetabl .mst writ b "
Cuuniv,tad aak4 U b* iW *.pd t IMW V. H. : Host! Approved COrD Kill la Use
1a&raIua.a' .\U. y. CHOUlRflK.JiJylT --- A a, gM May U. \ by us, whab e nnol I.''. oor.sgcta
15. .m A4.', |4 UU per loll Ib* dacaMlipu 'C" I nrd r mod* ppr-H.i LAMKM CullS I
:_ _n_ .___ wad M rvUtl IOCLUprpwwi Co-BtteUni _'.I.a,. in r... ie p. I JU M 1 1.IJI r.w **)b by Ike SaUcf.Wr Tbr
FOR SALE. Dealers l IB Dtuji Medlcinei, 4crOUI.U >I. !. Ice ! ku r:"ii.*' AC. Mill ba v I.,.. tar fc M lime IB *M 1WuoeI" tine reiiuB
; Ten wit B ..l Io-rl| ., ud I I. ', r at lirurg*. awl aa.it
ilUU.cC5toCfr'.nititii'ioiih.A: II, sad all| rk J0,. .? II|" p.iit pv* ptrktt
,.01"Ii"lfa"'' ,,1,1'I n ,It* \\ i"luullbe fl"adulI..Ilb. pub. .ius4.'numioi'o >. |: V l HEM. ('isli.I li.r.- \1'| \HVv I Iil3| f,.r r..b ut "up''I order, on coib4.ni.u < (.111.0 .....I'I .- a iI I ._ 411 t.4cle aad lb emI
it AT load 0 1 I Iii ,ii l, u thf, hi,. *o I and s ..J .. or .. .
W. TaHahaae. A rK n''" way b : tu. 1.I.c. d"I, \. it I ii I" .rd.ant gie 'rl''Iaia
I. J :I h-ir old ) piswa-e
d. tei
(tt.II at. 1,1.I/.rou/ p..1
) l"
) tu ... pmt ,.41.awj.. II Lao Cu t''' ,< '" >rl. i lu-i.1 .'I .i. t art[.k-.4ni., g. '..") .I'| i i II" u 't.l..t. oioiisitio: r. I IIi I '. '' ; I .1 .1.. .: I, .. I" '1 11 0 ." ,", .Ii. a a hua.b l' p4 I el Ii
., .. I .' ,1I ', v ..,:. ,. : I I1. .
.J |jOacr* 'ihi.r.Jara i> W 0111 \ :' :i i iu r"J i in ; i : r' I" .! .o -i ''rJ -. \ I I o fICt.taL..1a'i, I
: ,
I I -
1. .
II' w/ff/Wi/ *. tv Uriui-iuly t. 'I..: P.L I I 0 ." 4, a tin. \ I- \ : J I. I, L.\l.ii'
"'111olOI,1! D .1.1L .t J ; 'I :

L .
---- -
---- -- .

The Florida sentinel

Material Information

The Florida sentinel
Uniform Title:
Florida sentinel (Tallahassee, Fla.)
Alternate Title:
Place of Publication:
Tallahassee [Fla.]
Knowles, Clisby & Smith
Creation Date:
August 7, 1855
Publication Date:
Triweekly[ -1866]
Weekly[ FORMER <1841-1863>]
three times a week
Physical Description:
v. : ill. (chiefly advertisements) ; 59 cm.


Subjects / Keywords:
Newspapers -- Tallahassee (Fla.) ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Leon County (Fla.) ( lcsh )
newspaper ( marcgt )
newspaper ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Leon -- Tallahassee
30.451667 x -84.268533


Dates or Sequential Designation:
-v. 1, no. 88 (May 19, 1866).
Numbering Peculiarities:
Suspended 1863-1865.
Numbering Peculiarities:
Numbering begins anew in 1865.
Numbering Peculiarities:
Issues for May 21, 1841-Mar. 9, 1858 called also: whole no. 78-947.
General Note:
"Whig" <1842>.
General Note:
"In God is our trust" <1856>.
General Note:
Editor: J. Clisby, <1843>.
General Note:
Publishers: Knowles, Clisby & Smith, 1841; J. Knowles, 1841-1843; J. Clisby, 1843-<1848>; Benjamin F. Allen, <1856-1858>; Edwin A. Hart, <1860-1863>; Hart & Shober, <1866>; W.A. Shober, 1866; Shober & Oliver, 1866.
General Note:
Description based on: Vol. 2, no. 26 (May 21, 1841).

Record Information

Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
Rights Management:
This item is presumed to be in the public domain. The University of Florida George A. Smathers Libraries respect the intellectual property rights of others and do not claim any copyright interest in this item. Users of this work have responsibility for determining copyright status prior to reusing, publishing or reproducing this item for purposes other than what is allowed by fair use or other copyright exemptions. Any reuse of this item in excess of fair use or other copyright exemptions may require permission of the copyright holder. The Smathers Libraries would like to learn more about this item and invite individuals or organizations to contact Digital Services (UFDC@uflib.ufl.edu) with any additional information they can provide.
Resource Identifier:
002061077 ( ALEPH )
08807470 ( OCLC )
AKP9173 ( NOTIS )
sn 82014066 ( LCCN )

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ih.' i. /( "4UY :> '-' '.-,': ; "

; ?

,I :i ri a tti1ttt.[ -' I


__ __ _. _._ __.___ ___ ___ _ _
----- -- -- -- -
-- -- -- -----
Far Redaced;! LONG '". QALBRAITH. 1'r.E'n men Mho timfrMnoit, our Institution, and "who, n-i'-) cminlry; st't forth in the following ;,.1 lepublir.erected on the l'iAr of our Prole

CABIN PASSAGE( TO NEW YORK ATTORNEYS AT LAW OP OOV. CALL OP FLORIDA come 10 support ami enjoy our constitutional go., tract: for his organ Urn<1n'* l 1t'cituw. ant (elision, morality, .ltllt', inttlli'gtnce,

TALLAltASSEE FLA.MA Delivered at the Plan Heeling and ParbacnelnNashfllle ernment. On the contrary they ar.. from Ihe ('IIIlohfl.ll" NOR( V nrk-aiktaclouly, publish aol plri.ll.m. can .11"llto' shock of these
TWENTY DOLLARS. utt, and poor house and the lowest enters o( .1 our own country, niTi-ndin 'I tie *nverel *.

L\' ,.,r.osn.tl\t Ibis cmin- ,'corfltilll al.1) Democrats, I invoke you /I lb.name .

will alt..ad Ih. Conrm I. ih* MvUI CircBil.( The for crimf, to eek bread and nheller among m try of ynur Uevolirtionarr father' In the.
SEMI-WEEKLT I". Supreme Cmirta and Ih* Dmtricl( CvBrt of the IT. H' fxTfJiV'iinJ Gtrtllr"/t-Cilir/t/ ,('If Tr".W They bring with them nothing Ignorance, .. (lhoiltl. olong I It continue lobe ami of your posterity. o land on lhaliiUle

.1 TallahaMuMi: llTOflic, i oppovit th:* Ct. lloui lhank you E>r tour rourteity I thank: you; (xirrrly and crime. If this corruj>iiiig rle.nent Cltn"t ,bo carried Jj eices*. IlI o ground )between them, you are I the, r..
UNITED STATES MAIL LINE CK-Utl.1834.: II fur the kindness with which yon hare rreeiv.ed ., vulTicient lo control' tho "popular( elee- I I. nol one *y"tcin among h"n;: It I is symnly ocll.irnl.* otpure tOut Ino''lo(1' | liberty, it [r.lour r.

Tile aw *.
KNOXVII.Lt, 1500 ton*-Capt. C. D. IBLOW., (D. (D, !rtFE! political' Sabbath of our country, and I come il not ha,e a fatal ('fT"ellll""n that! purity of our the truth., It r.'rl"II'/ al"o jtar1il rho" hiklen. 1'1.0 lb. cuf>'pa e from you line

AUGUSTA 1500 Ioo.-C ii4. T. L'o..... ATTORNEY AND COUNSELLOR AT with a heart overflowing with gratitude tojfiod repre .cnlalive gorernmenn Can you inject r ALABAMA UOOton.-CnpvO. R. SUI"I. (; (hat ho has permitted me I,) live to set a gorernment of a higher, moral religion, I .Russia and, .the United State are I'two mid bring death I lo liberty wreck anal ruin lo

FI/RIDA 1300 tons-Capt. M. 8. WoomuLLWilt -L A W.- the day, and for Ito blessings ho ha* confer./ political\ character than the source from great aggreit powrraofthe agn, ", they 'ho institution' of your country. tnt oil! par.y .

leave Rarnnnnh *v.ry WEDNESDAY ret on my country. which it springs, threaten ere long to meet In China or India' I strife dcrido and dJtitrucjnii, While'ihe'al.

SATURDAY .. "'I.\ .... t NONTICELLO FLORIDA. Though the citizen of another Stale, I am If you Iii) you aro deceived.! At sure as the Irt ilisputo tm! ) empire bf Ihn woiM, and" Ihe I..r c.r lour country,. and Inn alter of your rell. 4

en The* ship sri among the Urgent on theenaul*n. J.... 13, 18.)4.ly.WAI.KIIt. no alien here. I am Americanand wher.I. \\-tstr of tlin flowing dream will rUo n high triumph of either willl the triumph ofheath.enism glon;I are broken and ".Inel by foreign Hone. Ccration.

.Brigand U speed, aafoly or comfort. niakma::: their! eer30.Irot-fpo. and. your stars art unfirlrd-on. erthtn the head ...rlh"i'unl"in./ .surely will tint the oppression; of Iho Church of Kend not this clarion Union which'
PAM.IKM in 50 to 60 hoan, RUj ; & CALL, the mountain or in the valley, on Ihn lures he "pl'tlol'nllll".. vice all Ijnolncf. (!od. The progress of tbo United Mtnte I Is ia* mud 1"1 0. nation, lbs happiest and most

.skillful, e r.conrnrnikUtkin ral *n
eonveyano lo New York. [ TALLAHASSEE FLORIDA. there I la my country. I am no stranger hero. morality Ibal which repro.nenta. I Church *o regird II. It Is In duly bound to" orm'r cmlnl1 'bicb h "aTdIrlumph

Cabin passage . . . $20. tVID S. WAl.KKH.ndV1I.K.. CALL .hae. I am among the brave u.en., and! lha decend-) =.Ii'.b".\mtrlan.-tI"I'I'd: cil. ppose Ihltll'l'lre. Trll us then 'Ul'p' over so tnany battle '\!
D s..ocl.tedlh.m.niain tha of theirProfrsiion sobs of the bravo men who followed liens I na the only temporal' Come fornasud. I invokeyout the
Steerage pa,j".age>,. . . .8. praclie* the my conjure you rwer Jay
FADELFORI1 FAY CO.. and will, git, their Joint attention tohU.'b' fortune of lien./ Jackson In tho tl.trke hour 10 consider thU. profoelllon. Do you not 0"1 what question ran come tip between puiiikaj "I.IIt'h' In,1 birth day ofawir "...
Atom. I. Savannah.SAM'L. "entrusted lo them in the Court ol the of hi. trial, a, well as tho brightest\ ihys or It to ( ''.and your country-lo yourselves and man, between ,loreretgn and sovereign or lea. tome anti ,lcrmce on tb. alter or O(

L. MITCH 1I-I-, Middle Circuit and In th. Courts. holden al Marian, his. lame. And iho pol on which we Maud, four. t lo vindicate\ the great prinot.. ubjecl and aorrrelgn. or ,"hjl'c and .lubjeet country all your parties, 1'100"intl l' ),"..

13 UrodwayNsw York. na rionJa.and Apslaehicola, in th Within F.b. ?R Circuit, 186..of bring up local feeling and 'ymp lhie. which tie* I"IfIill. reli iou. liberty-the. foundation IIIltt doe not come within legitimate jur.sdiclioil ,dice Como mvnn the Platform.It .
SsnnihAII 1 ITtnt. 8JI. n ol llba Ccurch and which else h.nol I I. a* Arm andas .If.a' alter nf
I cannot recess.' I am near Ihe banks or ollh., happiest' and the so.Jtirity on pure I your
HALL. DR. LEWIS the Cumberland whore I r"cri"I'bo' first n. ul Ihe most pro,0r"1I.nl.perous polle on earth by Divine right, Ihe power .lo pionouncetidicliil e..III'lln tho purest days of our Republic.

CADSDEN uminr: DtTU 1if dimont education. and) where I upent the I! you iln, let in join all hands In : 8t'nl..ne.t None. Then tho power Thero I I. nol an Abolitionist, nol a froiwllerupon

TALLAIHSSF.E FLATS joyous. d.iy: of ho)hood.. I am near the lie,. difence, for the danger befura. bet I. a. he eiercised over .."..",lgII In Ihe middle II. I I I. .tan .puro. fir their onhahtovcdtouth.

qu I N 0 yL 0 RID A. milage:: here I pent thin happiest d.iy of arming. The foreign (emigrant I I. hostile to get, wa nol A 1IIIIrpllona not a con. Tliey n "I| al Its approach( they to.
Artificial Teeth) lli sot
now tniertinn on new eflhe it hfr tired from the, Convention that formed 'lf.L..
I imprnveilnrlneiple, with eoniln.oa. um>, from early manhood ( where. I enjoyed<< 1 ,the unre. (11 c>f the II.Iitlll.n.! of your country. He I I. es lon byirino
nn. side I. Inother, without aeanior eraik.leav| nerved soc'al:' iulercoueH' of the! nrenl man who torn waul, Ignorance and necessity rlro.o.1I right and. who *o resists II, resist a- They can never niturn until redeemed and ro.
MARCH 25T1I, 1851.fTMIE :; (tng n* plac. for the lodgment, food,thereby ren ban left the !tndulablo/ impres of hi. strong I to African, Slavery, not I rom humility I galttnt; Iho King of King ami! Iord oflorila" generated from all moral (treason against iho

_._ tiering Ihem per feel\ly 1.1.-like.. and re.toring Ih. I mind and character on the Institutions of hi* of lilmrty' hut l>ecauso h. wants the -llrmrii' .+,,'. Utrifl. 711( Jamt-iru, 18:3. government and its InIClulon.! 1 here U no
L. onirinal(. contour of the faee. .,, s* lodcfv deleelinn.ld I eountry. It wan from hjin learned first breath-the "1C of the dare. He U, there.fore l'(lijo 41.I party: b..r but Iho party Nation the .\.

I Proprietor. :Inform wnulilL the Sell( wll(. .Time'Inllo, wiehlnfT all I n.ln'Mih"r.1I!|Sell.? u.Florida nht.lBill for Full ne. li-ssons of civil goietnmcnl:: and my political an-.h"lilionl.lbo *cHlos; in the North, I witl '1.1.' I wi filer ''renlslance) by mention_ party devoted io Ibo Constitution
Public rc.pfotfulljF tint hhss repaired ,..n., lall>rm.tion 'by letter. II. wII..rronl.ln,| economy, ind 10 cherish the deepest devotion .and ho adds to the popular' vole 01| the abo|'> al my power (pet. and force ol reason and the Union. ff1 I am told that the creed

LI if U If 11a .ndrefilte etly known a. Ih. Carolina limp. TrrmaCa.h. or when called for. nation: and the happiest: and the moil prosper" I ricltement ot prcjmlice' the alarmingemlnirv Church In thi* country." I wi resist by myu Catholic anal foreigner, and pledging ihonember
UOUM." *itnaUd on'th July, IfiM. our .people! on earth. JIll groat mind vf thi. state of thing*. Hero i I. a dr.eign >te on all legal: occasion, corrupt ten.Jencles of lha ortlor not lo tote.for foreign.
: ': Nunh sue I of an.1 I imbe the genitn:: ofonr constitutional. compro.hendod I voifl, when eOlcenlrllu. along enough ol Ihi. c""rcl. lo give lbs| conc'nla.t..1 er*, anal Catholic for any oflico under the

'is.. ant.. ,,..O-=url l I'|<>"lfledil1lely"pporil'lh... whtr h* will .l"'Plib.systV E. C. LOVE, and hi. bravo heart and bin strong government hand 10 carry, the "I"clol (our or hive of the lur. role of tIe < men In al. Federal and Stale gore rnnint, I h a violation
plexor In ac ommiMUtlng tho. who in.y.e. terre ever ready I ID dufoud i''. But I am not gent; Slate* In the Union! situ I.) tied Iho an, MUloof Union to any'candidate for of the COllltuliOI of Iho Vnlle' Slate, lank
trop.r Ia girl him thou p.tronag. ATTORNEY: AND COUNSELLOR: AT. LAW hero In tiny lo prououucu his eulo ;imn-ho 'resident. and Vice President Our :Jcountry olHoo of any political party which will oiler to 0 shown the article ( ', : I I. it thast

f III* T.hl will ba furiii.ha with the bent Ih.M Qui!'<' 1'"., need no praise from mi. Ills ureat achievements hits been long divided between two any as a reward for lha', vole, any part of( the article\ nflha Am..., ,.., *kUW .*):.
..1.., will .I .fJ. M.al. serial.. at any sin,. to Vill Pint ilritl attention I. all( bu.ine.a entrusted. are hla !beat ciilnglsi. I am hero lo meal pariie, Whig and |0i< I''all'' MiVlu pairontgp, by' aiponting| C"lhalcl.o .('oIKro.hall make; n I".. resecting thoeitablishment

all tk. COflVUieIICI. of Tr.vllerTERMS lo hi. ear. peak( of the Amnrican 1'htform!: / and the p.lilical .). i lrs'Itt: role of lha North I I. In maikel. and. illieo under our government.It of religion or prohibiting Ito

Septinh 19,186*. creed of the Amel can forty vid J ,ho parly which wil.llho ..ntt.nt: fur. th it vole there, my (Iriends, a native born Amer free eierclsa thereof I answer that our

B."aril foot month.. with! Lodging.lodging $30 1500 OQ) I JiTNA INSURANCE COMPANY. find it 10 con'jstent, 10 Identical with the will gel it. ami, "llt.lIcet..I.111 the! con. cane: or rvupcclablo" adopted citizen of Amer. creed aol forth In the American Plailorm,

:' .. weekday .,.Hloiit. . 70(1' ( hR nnJeralfpird, Rent for the shoes measure and principle of Gen. Jackson cst. So fir as 11. I. CRtholc It U held kit, w ho, would d') lots, or whu would' not doa ,,100 not contemplate' ( or design; 16 eilablistiany :(
/ .o'npanytprepisred
.. 10 I ftO T In eke ri.k. agalnct J... by fire 01 that I find it convenient cnniider thorn logetber. "iy an nrgmixcd ".nd, -.' 1111; hike Ihoul,1 much lo nave tim rdi-ctire franchise from Helicon IIItIII! cO. t.o Intend nor do
tJinjU M.ili, *> . > 00 loiiiimg and their i Cvntvnla.. lie was so national *<> American (:ttnrds Oil a (I'M.llfhllll.| I In ings vie. corruption. If there I lit.I I say lo that man, an J wa "I.h. lo prohibit eierciso of any

Fires and Light ttlta.ULJhilJi.n D. C. LEWM. and In patriotic, ho wouM! nol, as Maj.) Don. lory with it ; and force can l Ito I hope ho wi pardon mn for lit" eipresslon, religion I thai we wish all men lo wor,hi|.

and Scv.tsit.Ifprci.JQIN( UENKY KBADLE Jan 10,'54 el.on ha* hown you, trust a f nr];';ner a* a imrtia'o.1! concentrnted, and, directed with tin hat I he )I..".his PArly butler than ho lovoi Gosh accollinl lo (ho dict.ilei': orlhl own con-

nrC/II-.u'JR THAN EVERIJf) aloekhoider! or n director III Iho Hank of the nuch certainty a* the fro of Ih,. best diillodintlaliou. his country and thore I I. no r'M"1 for hint on .. Ib'lla i no tlolalion' of that

C .pl'lIIh'II.I II. (mir .lPrrri') ""r. United tnlo'. \Vhilo lho o whi) prelntid, to Pay mint given, however butt Ir PI tifurm. I 1111u( him that ho mal; for a article. On the contrary our plalform nip!

.- '. bo his (.lIow". ., wound, Ibo national, honor need not l bn in money -ilio palixuingn oflhd Ilml, 1-11. corrupt puirhisn of Iho foreign ports, and i I. I Intended lo enforce. thai artlclo

LIVERY STABLE!, Mil. E. M.FBALEIGn humiliate! the national pride, and" endanger gov' rnnintit isj: 'y rnough/ -it Is lha current. vnto, hi* party. In Iho I wn 1,1.1, ne!, but and all other piorMon oftha Constitution.

WILLIAM NIJWS.OM; the publip .alirljr by ai|(|'"inliii fori-igiini' loropreient c.il jn our country I' where the Pujxt, nf Koine hat ifio success auf I his,! pirtf will rest on the Ir rain tofu Il I I. this frI.IOI wa propone( lo

mrmrOGtn In ..,m 1 1Cf > ITTOUI.D reapeelfiilly: :inform Hi* eilijena of T.l- 'in In loreign countiios. and" employ want power Tho nuke, of ",.. lute ruin of U. country'and. 'I Catholicism, lake tho .iolnl.The Repraantati
jK V friend. and the poblmi2 ( lbf'\1\ > V ldha|..* and i now receiving i log a majority' of (.,,,IlIeu; Ip Iranian' .iho lovernor' n4'nN.I.r Canada, : hts, saIl .tim p"iol, Irma nf Java" wi'l'! cast it. witheringihtdowoti efort ""nll'I"I. ant the Ither of the
_.that fc;. may ..J /ay.I.l foundat from New York and J'hil.J.lph1t'i.. ( well ..electedtorkofhriUNO 111I.111.- III tile nO".rnrnonl at homo in the ('hureh nf Homo, huts mlnslgnon that country (he blight ami ruinofllil" once several Hlalo l.glI.\Qre.| and, all Kiectilive:

th* It rA BllC oppo.it lljt Jsat, r.ajto awvtmnoat .t o f Ladien, .n.1 U.MJMMKll.... Ooocl.: .fh.I.I".I.II.OIMH| eon..I.In.ln ..- several Department" at Washington. Why (the Uuilei) Suies!., ,) anti, I will. In limo l h. inppr land. Vour gorornment I I. in dangerifnubvertion and Judicial f both ofthe Uni.State
) lhm WILD CarruR a"d llonn. pnl is title ,Ii. it'lld. ho | | and aid; In lli dtsrucliQiiiiftli.it ih" uf infliimoe1 aild, of the several '
lt. ... kept at jvtry on reaiwnahlo term aol pitt"... ; a Ito. ...ortm'iif of nedl-work( and InY f \Vhyl. it so T no roiroeoplo e.lulIi.I.,1 rijigion, l.y .Wl' foreign 8IalI..I; l, IHI"I boalh /
Iff tlT* Vacant lx,1.t sal F furnished fur Proven Einbruidnry, ISonnK, anJ Uouuel Uibbou, ., B No. I want capacity for wilf-govprnnvnt, T- It"'IIlic.-( I hare convened. :. against which \ been warned by or afmlnall.n. rupporl this Conetitu.

with !.'..- and !Males.II .urtipent.. .. .. .".>f. .. Thlln |Ib"J lut11r' .siOllll.I over-.this, Itepublic with many oflhn .Sovereigns and Prince of Wlol.ill,111 ami Jackson. Vour republican ion I Ilt religious foal ahall ever b roIl
will..ert inn-elf( il IJnr :
ind Ki'volil IJ.J..i.I. :
hojies, : 'I :
.>, and aulioiU .h...* of thy publio c*tom. looli and/ 6boe, Hat and Cup., &e., Ac, of 1 Doclura- itHtos, all.'lh..lr' Cl.'tflmillnliol It." agion nf Catholic) Monarchic' *. Our, rvl.tuve, M'I OJt.
the riot
Tallaha.AnguM 29, 185J IIFINDLA -A I.RO- lion Will "" Th. noble ).,k. I I. wrong In ono of lain conditions osition N chtngtd. Htflltl and 11'clrlcll lo do with Iho offraedomMir
A line .ortment of Wat die. ..nd Jewelrv, and 'aIKII ion Inll'llCn.lo..co| a, imH'kory ti'ilms our Protestant I I. a heresy laro rerolutioniied th physical world-they or the eligibility of ''eamliiliile for ofBce.-
Y'S othi'r ...101... ln. nuineruu to m.nli..n..11 of history a mule: and our !liberty' n viiion- : and! the! Pone of Koine I I. rib. hi. claim hue precipitated tmoali concentrated e. That I I I. Intended apply only when ami.
WORKS. which, .,11..11 Wiry low fur CASH. I'er.on. Nun my Iriendi no'III'"lnk! I my tod it i i. not so. : hold dominr the rents Ihn past you but little where the Incumbent I I. iworn Into' bfticoasetl l
I I lo over ; 1'111"rur
IRON lyDiviiio
willdu/ will| 10 rail and cunijn; bit) ftock helen* U hut ever Jan can do on this earth can be Wlhl.
while wot, ," hut tim will of Gottirilgstt4 the future---ihn nttions of tho earth are t to et(plain more fully lha nature 'of hi. oalh.
inil.ewhire.. :
Ainei Tho
urrh lone well leans iMIowor
a* by. *
MACON, Gl.OUC.IA.TIIK March 2'J.' 1835rtic : afLuther bnMighl, both civil and, religion. b-ick lha water of tho Ijitlug', can trough together. 'I he Cathotio monarchies I'hat it wan nol Ilt'nc"lo control, nor cant

1 Sub nb. r from long itriflenCi $m lL.hu. H'o.1"llIaebDrta.lho ," "lli" ;..i.h th" light--or tho rain nf fIrs Irnm of r.urnpoaro: brought In contact' with UI'"I, c n'rt.' m, and I action a a ro.er. .
:, ,... :prepared la lurni.U Siesta .- C'-' <> "f'toisc'. Noiutiiiriil.., *r., -"' liberty to Arn/vica. 'I'b"IIrm'chllll. ie.ican) d", ."troy iho alter* of the I.rll. loin .\m.ric.. Tliey Ire .antagonists.M. That it doe ho rerpira mo to rota for a
M.II I Ma ?:\ law of I: .
...Ie.,. CireulM.? Sinfl." and O.nj) f-a C Ularble' Dlanufactarcr common lIllalll.Ihe and Ibo bramlda in Catholic, or a foreigner more than k
fear illy
Mil.S, !lnll" M.H.. John Rltter, trial and the elements ,.l civiiixi ant church In this country. I have no I may grow cuo proimity any !
M.rehanl' | by j-try.
ci i.y, (;li.1 and I but aol,I .. quire me lo vote ''or to/voto'
I ag.ln.llbom.
'hi Siw of rational, liberty acpvration.
Gin ( .aninf and Catting. In (t'ner.l I. ISKW-IMVKX, CT. lion and' chiiatlinity.' (hut, these! "II.I.t'lonl,, or tinsnlrty our proteslant 1,111-I '
rm.r. .ithe for Upright. or Oc.l.r. will, b. of 1O\STANTLYu M hanj anJ mail to order. we placed' our I runt. We hare solved IheI'r"l.cm I i havo u'. lo.tr (for our 1.ly. though ." lAtterly nittst live on Iho ol'm..nl.Ir or agtilrM a Hnd"d. Morrliorl or any other
... ,l all of Web wi h bit m..iiyI ; of various ) In their do. creation' the must freedom of thought min of That If Iho Con.
Iron _" r"I"r.I-, / itt<* Stone. set I I .nraT.nrenU I. warranted to b. 1nal t.lb.' .I ., T,hl. Top., Chimney Pities, ......II.* and firm enpahlo( e'fgovern.Itleli fence. They of heaven-, and action'-freedom, fu want, from Ignor. dilution of lha ( d w* nu in et.itras. .
mid at any nth.i r.t4bli.hm. Hi*Ih,,*ork srit U.rlh., of nariou. kind, of s.arIli7 of the br.l ?, ami wo will oon ..bo10 tlu world win .fa"'", atllh in"the nmonts| and slice, vice and. uperstillon. She must hare term require mo lo voto liar a Catholic!.
lI.heh'It'"i at SouthjFRESH lhat American iha'l! America. Hut "
% .10.1.l a, .ten.n. '1".hIY. : govern ft tho convulsionofuplrituil and inily tfsijpi/orl and deft-nee. iprang from 0' a foreigner (and there I.I no, inch |provts.!
Oil Orient with Prntse..atDapitch. for the ( ( horn ) tempo I
; dwly
anollo pteped 10 L). C WILSON i. a tpoiuttd Atenl why t Iba public piUonugu' given to irelgn. I
!ltlIt.IhT( .'INOL.\. siovi Him, 011,1, l willrcei.. or I ail rli from li like tho Habel, United .State whet I Vote .
S.pt.5.lS4. .ny the tqumcmlrif" artitlea at COM rge* Luthor' brought Trmplo now
I fear "thoro 1 i.
GARDEN SEEDS. Von .|1.oIo.nl..f, ( the work, ... Tall.h..e Cem-lb. the Stale of Dentimk., "aomi-thinj Hull"' I ;did,rottenin not b""rel to burn ll0 "al't''no, '. ". ringing with lho, e6ntislou' nf all I langiiagn* eigner or a Catholic.
and eleo rol.I try. of Ihe (Pope' of limn'). ploomutnlsnicu.intl and tongue' n.rQr was no
GftOWTI OF tS3I.: >points, hare lo stoic II..., I'ro.Uonl of the Untied R. I"n.lre.
'."T.ll.haMe him thin Catliolin church, that fire sheet anchor of your 'Ijber.ly slon, and until and
,, Flat Turaip, CabbaKi.( fl&i. 4.9' *. .tlu,18U.IH..oln.ltt Salatei. or lo abu-ifl any one el*e. I frI Th l.lon.lbo C"lbolc.m .
The North I I. divitldd from shall
once the moral
-------- lit the alter of Civil andUligiou corrupt !
1).1.AMKS. iii| Liberty. I "Ilon.
..J In than in and I Chi
ItUT.\ iialo Police. came more sorrow anger:
hand ho {.9uttuth--tlte $'tu'hi' I I. divtdi! | agiln.l itself and tho
1Q50.! a could! Ito of Liberty have goon han1 1 (I government country a. lo en
--- STAT J.(T.0\1,.\.. FI.omOA'1, weep over humility my coon.try. through tho world. ()fli'n linvetlflfr__ light and the whole cimntiy I I. di.ldo'l 111"eenIw" attic their fr.n.I.I a "wan for their .er.

UNION BANK UIABIUTIF8.$ rnnqsUH its.} J'AMi-K.| Adinmi.tratorortli e*. gone d.wl In blood! I. Iullik the spirit of eternal great rival ,tiartici' alruggling for them rice, to thll in our conn).
(lit !Sal.b.' HOPKINS & MGOI.NXISS.Decmb : X lit. of Pinrkney Uellirgrr I lal: *of sail Coats.I Tb. support of lha constitution and the de.feneenflhe life. (hey never ,! They ratio agtin, wives, and rending, : thin vital. principle* ol' utlnnll"w. which will renulra Iba Protestant
T 59 I J45J.HAVANA ,, dece..ed, bus tiled la ih. I'rnbat offle of i.id Union are liyo of the highest and when driven by persecution from on. heir country' safety I I. them Ito hope' fir American to vote fir a (>reign Catholic

LOTTERY I County, written lI..ttlln: that h* hattie. Ik* .1,1'1..lml..d; by our creed on the memlier couatry the/ fled lo another, until lucy found' titus Institution tttfreiutosnl Yes, my friend. our Constitution cannot, ba violated by voting
said 'oL l. of .'laclL"., Ui !Umf,r. lo b* in.uUenl II cf i our order. They are lha highest Holies' of confidence
a poriiunenl hom and a temple? lor their wor here I I. hnf. there I U Iler. U '1.lno them. ThIs I Is I self-erl'lnijt I'rnroh.
.JASPER OONTY rlaim.agin. iou o.l.l to appa.r.nd I fililb. *an>. every American inrovliug .llt-giaIIC' .hil(in thus United Slate' of America. 1f1 safely 'hl American ,1.lfunn the the America1 may .lulln the per.
the American citizen. At the firil dawn 01dllulli..n
with ih* mugs of Trubat of uid, County on or b*. wi live, 1TO they wi worship, .. creed oftha Ameilean sure our ecliuti of their"creed, when fl. their
f.irthlir.lMu&d {.r AUTHORITY/ or TitS TATR or I.CORGU.] will, b* a .pro gina di.tiibution, of the funi"*. "b.,lon( surrounded by gentlemen Impressed, with Ihlpoll..y. till I.'alb, arainsl the Worst ,he return of Iho io"o tick, bringing ami) Cat holies (from Ibo patronage of the goernmnut */.
at' sail, *.t.l'. O"'DllteL! the Ced..r.lh..f.1wb"b ; fjon. Jifkson .being: akknd for a .,". ,
----==e IWO, the pail Tbomu M P.liaai will apply limeiit caveOur fiulfrut L'mon-vit mailami 011ilr1. llie wuretdeepotietn on earth. I.romilo that: the angry flint' I. lul.ihng. a ''I woakost' .".r, 6ribit. .l>Ut.
f r.HB nIenuiniii4' l h.vingbee* sp.at4 M.naL for bi. final dimb.rza from th' Admlnidntliuu. uluide.Ute. hull 1\no me. iM an I,lit docUImor, mlri"n.I..I"rl"l bringing hope of safely to the country. form .
g :of |h* *. County Aeadornv luxurylairad. TIU :\ CIIAf'E jtrafrre'l. Thi was Ih" mmn unjust denunciations; against a. neiseeani, aver loan lo ,your country ever There i h truth, there |I. strength la our plat
Ire.&...* on Ui. fI..... pita ofami I. of ieneral Jackson it I la tb. inaiim of Ihe
on.luelinf Jmtg of ProUi
Morel 2(1,1'153.' 8m fith.! I lo il and brm there I I. rirtua and I in
am no big" itu4nalio ( our
;)* auniber.. ,.nj hlueate4" hi. Offio* la lk. ..&j \rtvericau. nut it I. noI11... mmiin I Iunsure ; .d..n a'lllo I.iin arO.tl" mally _ _
.tltheon. Jorga.! Iii sow off-.. the Mluwing To Planteri.HE party. frixinU nf II,,, I | I have cbeI.I."llb. frwedum of ourCostatitutituat foes you' and to your sister cr-jwl. 'fb'l, oflbr peace lo or country M"
yoi it |It not, itt, party I b. rnd avured Kentucky I with to civil and l insliuriion .
GKANnSCIIEMKKDRJULY S3.IIU. .ndvnltrnodar* prepared to recti e ordtr.tut itwir democratic. Thai ( v culinll ralb-y, noble 11..k more con.fldenca ly our religiuu* .
..... 'rl I calling party cnn.p.t.eui be chariiin iflho Clnl ii"n I ff support .fmr Union than lo any in the North, national who. |o'vo
When Priaea will b* ilist rrbalod a*WUn" .ulj. B limited number nf ilHaa A Miore, numB- and I I. ..I i 1IOI mel
of all nation lohe
( ...... ky M. II. Lob. Mantieetlu. Ppocjmen. ean lounges, op|"u b. |'. and' believe ih it ail are rIght who I be.ileve ntb"r portion of our nation. You hare always .their country more than party Itea anal
.mgI. .toneni at ihaofllcoufMr. 41 Aide. ..... BM! at American party. It namltrr among it. and la spirit and |III InHh."- < l disunion alway bare al anal i driven ofTthj
worship r.Iuk. al"'Heliou. IN"I. upon
$50,000 ., uf all ion'JlW"alllln'f | .nl.r.c It
110. UUTLKItoiU MIAM.f men religioui I i would that all should of Jackson and the !
men wor.bip God) aoordmg principle* 'r \llliool.l. and they call _ _
." 1845 If.Executor' And. the oil .II'lurl. o.ier a&
6. of all politics. all creeds gillant
CLASS B. ___ : to the dicla'e* oftbelr own csaat'citnce.; ut 01. lsarelgti ham" American ilil.zqns ulso to 111' upon i it, to oupport 11.Uniuno .
,pttoLL 'U'Y.L& Notice. Jack tun ft.t 15: with some, good I of m..II.n.priaciples, I It I[ would hare no d.min.ut religion but above you who, hol.l no double! alflgl.&nce.,0' 'UI'prlbe pel.r Institution o
i alt h. lii now covering th" I wnatl.l| bare that religion b.". fought stud found, frnedo anfin U', ihfl South our tlorlernnmiii _
4 Pro( *of. .$".01111 1 I Frii. of IS.IOOI I hereby pivfO lo : |>*nom any friend anti trim fullower of all nu d'ln u.llt .
NOTICE= i I I call the oM
'. 2otetI t . 1.11.0' d.n. .1.a/nUhK tim eelaW *f I kirathyPan.li on regards al fb."." a heresy, and have enjoyed our liberty and .bared our prv. and our Proslant lol loni'
1 It . ij'.ooI I I ., .. I,*** lal of Loon putty de eMed, wkHlier a. Jaek: ...n -4how who tuttain hi. Imilli. wh'ch: i i. hostile II my liberty a* an AmericanCitizen. pe-rity' ; u who Love |J.io.'d your Ctrlunr, my frieml.ls' ,! the geoiu of your country E"
t .. l,1oRt I 5 I/WO oredrivr'a, ..itleMoe pvnnoa entitM la tnbalMMi, aiion-who itooj" Ly bim.ill arnw.'tu ixxnn out I do O'A then dtllonc, the Catho ""llbo! dVttiny of your children' among u'. I uaL'i' you. It I I. like the roioo
their' UMM and denund without' doley to of the rank of lha deaKicratie >lrt Vmi o Ila.
.. lopmenl.
404)trAI" 1 ,
10 J .
lie faith in Jesus the C'aibolio rrligii.n, lo oulhs and letu calling to VIrginia In Her1.lutlon. .
tb. .nduTMiigntA: sr.-..,.*of sill Mtole, or they writ with Cbl. cal"C'I'J "L'ieI410. support lb( fr
"". w.awd i. *.*ry tows forwairo1KnMmbr ..hl, i..lb.. Ita .barml at tho eiciratiiNi. uf two y ar. tress IB* eo few in number you may come Imp'inily whirh teacbe* ( | o and charity: M
fmmn. '.'pr.n..o.th.T.wililte. *.*ry Tna drwB .1...... eI.ial. ..... livrcuf. ..<* tihibilcd. wtihiB' that Om*. you will oe'et""* misaod from Ibo viM ,far' I ,n.rlc.lb. Uounn Cbmcli .one n-f! phu.dp'al to protect. It I.! you wa reject Washington to .h ('the army of

.."' .' Ih. *..pero"'(*....M. .1 Col (J_ M.j\ T. Tl1 \UCu.. Ktentor.J tiord with which you are mingled lInIng' he Intlilulun. of the Savior of manklml I from.our pUttorin il I I. not you wa di"r a,' New Elgl.n coDman. ta.imb, and lei
f.n an. Ja... A. :II........ t:.... (enlkun.a. .k. sri -B. H>, '55 -bw four flaj-we care nothing Cur your number' tare *".n gnash (fhlt. from that te. I b tru discord from our ayiupalhie. ,,l ; u* all tim namu tf OoJ and our Coon.
"wra U B fiitWut Dcrbrnaaco of thor ditty BTCartby Gin. -you are too few lo couut .but w. want you teem In CII"Ie: eoatntnlie 1 I btre lived among ,but it is lint herd I uj ignorance., IliI'I. anal, try, l
rrifc--. paid wkea *.. witboul,ouaUeBtnl........Bffc. tlTAIIerJcra all ci uf the. e.|..raud Oiaa M aU,wamnled.J.i .- and your fltg to plca on lb. pl lfi riii of Unit Caboic. A Irn..,. in aickniM. and ''ljrl.m. niUsiunarle. of .. Ilnl..., iiulitution* ( or\ Irrrpeoding! danger..
It. .trkOy aitd
rely OB the principle
) T"t| .*a.BtMark up I" hove iiiioi.lerad lomy 11 by King and Catholicism, lo
*ol.>enl Kiuki lakrni at "par.WkaU ckon. 'I'.ttc.I.d torn lh"t soul| ,0101| | 1.C"ll..i. South
Ilaleth Qeetv. M.A4d *, May 1, 154. ,oh.f with all' rhritian our tad eubveil our liber- The versus the and East.
f .11 1..liluill. Nor
KXJl"'f. .... .. ecailVcl(, It O"'ul
liKAUU A A| t R ijj I I., by Ihe MoflOl of part r : dill -, .
11tIi F. ,. .
& .
:Mi.ag.rM.c.., Ga. -SU1IMEH"SILKS.I RiB .-';;, 4O kouM bear the m'itu>->' Our Fe" Ural t'uion, hem tome of the lest men awl I have baJ amonglf.em Uoiificats, boil together by aim endoarinj I An extuiiuillon: of lha Ust census

"')1.2'. IIU .; TIJSTrnceincd hy IhruUB'i Eipre** a b.sMfstJ It miM and shill U |1".naJ. deliberate KMIW of the bet 'frienij uTiny fiG,. name, sltiItuant of iho i>ri.tino purity cit our ba. llelu lo a correspondent. of tka "Pr\

Lumber I Lumber !II I _trt.ot J rr ek Work4 CaMar Em.bWJ F.ltoW'ciiiaeit : I silt your. at. I I am not f(..cI\\oAo.\ I'....r......., )J.... and. J_'1 tendon, your earnval II.j.f..rallc">l We are Gait in Ike language of our Platform In thai kunorcxl name bus lost< Its preMlgn( .pl.li Increase i In wealth antI |I".llo of thus rtii
CARGO Or DRKSSEM U'MnKR, 4'!Jy la erl.i. In ". a.t
tsar KS.bios. aUrtniuj. I history
A ani.. CHMI P.s.sout., oi.iei.e.g of kit sat.*. iRaad.. SamaMT Silka KaffMMafrkirU. ; approaching aq the laatftMg. of t..b.rreedoflbe Auwiuin |I"". virtue. Aboliiiuiii) are iu your rai>k No ou* Stale of Iba Uuion w bkb are) well caleuU-
soul ejBkbiy ri..rtmf. a..14.,. ..'..elire title day at the longer hope that lbs Umuocracy of itt, North, ltd la tau.o Miloti thoughts 1 the. |
Mul...,. Aloe" IM M Cy/rcr SUtgUt )t.j_" i i. now aonie :VyXK( .n-U, lo .'iV sh' '>fYl. country. In.Into myGod. "l Ix-iure and the) 1 liviaworaeytaf'the Kouih are iirong a. portion of our iUJeracy. '* &het

AUwhs.bwilib. ...w $low if........ w... *<*.,. S5LE.-A Hias. aaro ..... .*.. *.l Th lureiga vote conalnMly increMing i i. already Ilr"f my Ibal I will orl-'r .reiietanceto uuujih lo aftrayour aitl I'* LaNty initrluifMik. tabular UtrnM.-nl asiibractHl .the cnii
t country
ery from .**arL At all ...."', rtourwf .**...< lie> I4y... 01. .. ldy s..sd *.4 k** kf. I I. luflWieul io hold lies baktiic of power tll. .. | Th I .
: show that
from this I "J.VJ .
worked alon fur aW, l iki" brie* Ikki. .w *. ..U forby '11.-.1 and i igntt'M y.ilaigs4&oriqAteleNttuudae Iln''L you awI.1 *.f a we proceed from
r LI. L.\V\\ ,.-. at tk4 ilely SI. I', .!toet the I',..",-, '. and Vice 1'reMdent Itel(J.ll .Jt .r. iu this country. fatal this dh.li.'d,..". UI' C'al oalymiuUiln due Mouth Nulb\a' aitj Eastward ln.

.>>. : KiCITY a larr*) awnber of ft. rormljer to Cougre ." TV I will not ., a man of that .' corruiiiaj the rcyJarly aim
May I. I& a_ i i. not what It .das .bee. J yoUr [ .fy | 1&R aA lnr _
The iiiMieiiratwMi now
and SCHOOL. driven any mat who owe an arbgiaucoi aifr.pmeaetat.utiv.| | govermu CI. by Hiving; tb. irtiiuber, that the improv l OaJily ,in.
LIVery Sale Stable. ',, (;"'", ,'...... .... mtmnt the amU *I -oal bflMI r.sjeeet4.io dote of men nla.O lisMM (*r any other Prinee o I |.blio jvalronaiM, and. puMn uilV e. | eI i,.. Butie. lUt U t* &-. -. and. revolution which bav.agiUlad .e _ _
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'IiIE L lie.i.W.P.JlJNIlJ. PriiKi- Ii.tows. silaaellrs I ( (
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i b. I I. ) (II I.L i j "l in -il a 'H' '1".n. 'I ,.. to) ,I.e j".I. ,,' ,. ... .4 pr .l.lllI., I.\ 'hiu& t".III u you destis,7e(1..pul.atiun-the
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ID* -kai i- t' < vv l III I I MAN oct 1111 I '1'I'/ Q tutu >'I l (tie P',i!iI'lfouHj to ,power llli"IJ.I. la"1 you kup tht4 your Lsuitndouhit| uuiuU-r uf laa i't
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9 the amount fif.hir.rlnt-the inv'imt ot'npitiil [ ellhn' pr'j,"'t I. umlco-ilMicn' ,{ .; j inciplo of Sew. of ancho Pnnzan't mother who divided\ man !Ilhe difTcrence between ourselves con.ist* II I I worn to oP\1 al every hi sard. Will idle

the number 0(railrond, mn.ilK and "p< d t.roads (jc c J'lorih tntintl.1 onto Wilnon Ac Co.. sod lall'" n !lack on a more kind Into Ik" "* """, and "Ilare-nnM," we I I principally In panes, and we are warrantedin foil to olb. Smith uraler the
Ibe njmber! telegraphs., and telegni'h' dati.rntb.awnberofschnek the belief) lhal our efforts will prove ineflcc./ banner 0 the Party itY.
| national bci! find the Ibllew- dare that the editor war sadly "disappoint.ed"
pUlfomi, la w w
and IIC'hul" unl' the .-. say I|Ilu&llD a attempt to reooncila the differences/ I deny that the American Party al
number churches aid worshipper" a:1:| reg. sill son in OUt ., IUI?." ,,Iraq : at not l Laing advised to disk to tke for.1 i that appear to etist at least to !.satisfaction South are divided upon; the main question, 1"

olarly Increase a* we pnteord. frimi the South -- --- III. .The lnII'niettUCO' of the Union of mer a* long a* there I I. a chance of being of our coUmporary. if the member of the Democratic ;

to the North and Raul. from this siniemnnl, Tallahassee, Taedajr, Angmt 7, 1855. these United NtMe'! an the paramount political fed, l'llbll I which doe. not admit of dispute' I it 'N"'ar4Ihat goal ; or, lo tine ibe language/ of Washington, No doubt the editor w*. grea'lll1Ut. by the Mercury( will not lie abandon iate.Rights. they would forget differen.ee / .
f the North and Kail): 'will exr-rcl. in the TBRM9rTlree! 1*< ;'; pet tn;;*m,\( pedla;;\ \ "Ihe primary object of patriotic desire" an o. .. it eec be clearly ihowa that theSouthern and unite upon the centre, pt and willing t
course of a I few year n politic! prr'4,-,lnanee sJvanee ; U 60 If paid w'lihi its months of the tim npponiiian la all attempt to weaken or *ubvrrt prised to learn bow a Democrat, like Mr. wing of the American Tarty can tad to do battle for their country by maintain

which threaten II) alTnct/ the lint.. Inn ion. and .r..I""ib'fl".d. AO all1i.fS)4 flkvrsr, AJ i il.IV. Dickinson could to discipline( his sad! la the wilP1Ib. place or Southern f/oion par- lug a Constitutional Union, amt sweep out, ,

interest of th. Smith and that nothing; but a Hrtio irnt, On* IMInrprr. tqmir .f 12 lines for .Obmjence: ti> the Coswtiutioi of these horronotc teperation from the great dispenser I task ordinary magnitude wi." a besom, every fanatic who may b Ibtimlendeavoring I
resolute.. emi l rigid adherence to the eomprnml. eves, (ml Fifty" O aN fur alt l urUwj' it I ln'rthnMAnnovnormrnU ,_ Unite Slate, a* the supreme law of the land, of the bares and .hu. But the official especially for those who hue merely com. to produce a disruption through

.1ofth.een.titutioeten" save the Smith from ofcanJidati s, Fivs Hollers tsch, *[. tacrcdly obligatory upon all its part and teem reluctance la cooler time pleasant relation men the .tithe sling ; yet may we not Abolition agencie These ., the
being er-rliiden in I, mane future struggle fur t*.yl 1 IM pnl.l la ijrine. Hcllglotn, ObltoArjrtxt ber_avowing thai In all doubtful disputed bo truth will direct (he pebble and se. principles! of ihe American Party, ob.an
Power, or bjr mean of territorial di'III..I.larriJl .- !Marring Nutters, ant fierrJing 19 linn,.111 b* point. It my only be legally ascertained and which bind the editor of lb. F\lriw.,1\ i etomti ere for it a lodgment not invulnerable to he( be carried out by the Southern wing of
1 however the North and East wfll ever pnMiihtiifraifc HT* N_e rtifteatsof thspibllcaUoa expounded by lime judicial power of the United geese, to the Executive! I I. not shared by usual weapon ofeewpaperwarfhme.Ilence, the party without the cooperation of the Nor.

a I remain commercially bound to the South and ofeitau nrlegitl nodcrt of say dracrtptloe will WI Stales.) him distinguished correspondent, and this i I. then we address ourselves again la the work them, for they are sworn to sustain the principle .
.0 long at the prompting( of Interest eornciilt I ('..IIlnta ,he .
with the better eelinji( patriotism the S *i'h 'lie; J-I;; ; several Stales* expressed and reserved in not enough lor Mr. D. le fleas ha I I. not a of polished steel', who have unhorsed many, of If the Editor of the Charleston Mercury
soul remain secure from any nrl".rinu. arts 03" 51 r. Dickinson'. letter;a* Ihe constitution and a careful avoidance by say the noblest and J skillful champion who would allow themselves to be Instructed (
of aggreinlon on the part of her more p"iwrrfnl rchll.h..ct lit the FlorlJisn, wi acctdently eke general government of all Interferencewith member of flYS"Order" (the Know Nothing have entered the the principle of the Order, at they are taught In
list",.. Hilt I ha |lesson wbire these sta.t omitted.O their rights by legislative action. party) that be disapprove of its secret fea. The Mercury introduce the discussion by they would discover much lo b admired, and
t tithe teaches 1 Ie not\ the let grave end) suggestive. This Indicate that! there are tome trite men lure," and conoiJt'fllhat no good can be at. presenting the point al Issue,via tw The char would find many of the good Nullifiers ant

T We attention lo the speech of Oen. even In MAsmchuwtls, who repudiate the dl*. talnrd by making one' birth place a lest o facts and object of the Know Nothing Tar Secessionist. of South Carolina enrolled tin.

Democratic Call on the first page It I I. so like I e Jen. union and factious sectionalism, which has be. fidelity or merit." Oh, no j hs should have ty. der the American banner, and prepared to
no Fnilon la the Great To ascertain 'fully the character and object out their
Party. eel, bold, earnest and candid we deem com cnmotleprr: -JumiaantsentimentuftleNEn g glorified the Administration, and denounced of this party, ihe reader must refer lo it. platform car per arrive tn priniple.when the pro.that

men! unnecessary. We bad expected new land Stale. We confess however thai we have the American party which confessedly number of IVinciplcs, a* promulged by the National their obligation require cooecIOl.n.1 lo

It I I. now almost, certain thai: the horde and from the election, In Tennessee and Ken but ''''lli"le confidence in the nationality of In It. rank some of rims ablest and best '' Council and a* taught by every genuine any and every mean, time attempt opp by

sofa will not row In the MOM boat. The hard lucky, before this! but nol a word. When it New Hngland.: It I I. obvious to the most su.perBcial men In the lend, In the tame scurrilous and Council throughout the Republic. A* regard I tionlst* lo interfere with the Institution*Ab
, refine coalesce with Marcy and it.* object, I propose .the cultivation and South, which must result ia ,.
nnstively to doe come, w',cheeristt. bOj18lhallt'wltl be observer\ that the feelings, temper approblou language, in which be, Sir An. of sentiment of necessarily, a di
a ion
development nipt" -and when tbe U
law consequentlylha rrorounllln. the
hit national 1 fu
Prohibitory j opened,
sofa hare given in despair, and pro. good new. Nor do we despair of Alabama, and sentiments of the people of thai section, thonty Absolute like, I I. In the weekly habit tens American feeling ; of .tach. lure will unfold the rr. bal.

claimed war to the heirs and the knife ". the Jere Clemens and more than a dozen other have undergone a great change: within a few of denouncing them, then we should have ment to our country, it* history and its insti.tut The nomination that have been made a

. kilt at Ibo lUllimora: Convention. Tha cull i leading Democrat, have recently espousedthe leer Motives of interest were for a lime, hoard nothing of bit watery anti tame pro ions, of .dnIMllon for the purer day of excellent for the South and cannot fail lo give,. t,

for the Soft Shell State Contention! "at the t American cause. sufficient../ to. stay the tide fanaticism"" but Ibi* duction." If w. are not very muck mistaken our National that existence ; of ..nero: (uf the encouragement I Northern fanatic, who. will
the 20ih of August 4 signed --- heroism precipitated our n.oluiot; and be emboldened In their
usual press
place on
of his confreree of the Democratic rorar assaults
barrier becoming more and n.ore feeble cannot many of emulation of the virtue, wisdom and In such
three Cue men and twelve or Resistance to the ggres"lve policy and a manner she blood of
:;I J.lignora u,-a vr .u.. e.. nxi uuohu .._fn.1\ t...Amnfl.. ft the Roman f'alhnlie: / much longer restrain lime natufat) impulse press, and a large number of the solid men of that framed our Constitution an,rar.otis t the almost Abject Southern *

stripe, bas been duly prornutgotod. ThU con Church (In our County, by the. advancement of the people.\ The InlereM of the maouficluring Ihe country regard the present Administration successfully applied it.* provisions.." Then and not until then, toe.ubilio.tt I
vcntloo U to consist of one delegate from each all political stations lo and commercial daises, bai almost' Dot only with emotion of resentment, but Duet the Mercury object to this T We practical movement on the of the South any
Assembly district-it I I. lo nominate, a Staleticket executive, legislative( judicial think Well, are a portion of theobject The Mercury ral
ceased to be felt. The Cotton Lord" ad even with freling of Mr. Dickin- n. tbl wilnd every /
a disgust e/T"llo
and or diplomatic of those
the time .
and alo to determine only who do not in we proceed on. unite the South way il will
manner of choosing delegate* to the nell Democratic hold civil allegiance directly or (Indirectly/ Cotton Aristocracy" a* they are called by ern, bit own correspondent ba himself pronounced To carry out these principles the pall advocate f"i. and that the only hope of genuine propose recis-

National Convention. The hard whether civil or ecclesiastical and who Abolitionist" have lost their (influence,' over (it a melancholly: and Ignomineoui the maintainance of constitution(an d men will be found under tbe Americana
will hold\ their convention at the tame placeon American 1'IIil'lh education are the masses, and many of them: alter growingrich failure. what i I. the Union without a ) [ bnnf'r. on which our resolutions are written

the filth of September. So the thing I I. thus. fulfilling/ lime maxim, II and training at the etpenie of the South, have fur sod Bui it seems that Mr. Dickinson'. M silence Constitutional Union] by opposing all u. which the Southern wing I I. pre.
ellled. There will be two Stale tickets I In American only tempt to weaken or .ub"er it and uncompromising pared and ready V> da brtltU) for the Constitu.
Abolition! to the the of
hall thenuelve A fueling of the a* war upon right conscience
I the field-two let of delegate to the Baltimore govern Amcrfce..tJ antagonism every principal) of lion, the t'\fht\ the South .
l I Convention, and a tler"alir/ the administration ThU I le one nft6e article. ofthe American owed most rabid\ abolitionism has se lied all classes, which I I. now for ihe first lime being made an policy that endanger it," and the advocacy o .nUnlon.Fr

and the soft shell The hard will I) which we do not altogether and look pervading the high the I lew, ihetrich, the element (in American politic Is ibe capsheafofbl of an equitable adjustment of all political did i She FloridUn Journal.

\ be wbiped out, also If they do not coalesce it* adoption and approve poor, the Legislature, the bar, the Church offending. Il i i. said! that Shakespeare I fere nee* which threaten its( Integrity o per Utter .the !!... Diilel >S, Dltkla.
upoo\ insertion
: with the Know Nothing Tho. Awrlranplalfonn in the platforma peluily" suppression of all hoe ea KIO" ,
unfortunate. It I I. seized the counting howe and the factory. All-all portraying Justice Shallow, touched the very lh ten.ni. N.t"DsS
I I. essentially bard shell platform upon denounced to political founded
In effect and bas been partially endorsed by by the bogiii democracy and enemies of classes. have become swallowed up In the aims base string humility," and in the exhnber- ti"i.ion.. or on the belief 0 that ikereisareal t ABA'Y. N. Y.June 1853.

Judge Deardley and other national democrat the party all Intolerant and prescriptive and olition movement and the avalanch still gore ance of genius, the great dramatist give usa difference of Inleres and view btwentbe 1\11 D... S.> -On ny 2.t my nee i

*. Will the bard lue with Ihe Know whether It I be justly obnoxious to thai rolling on. No party lies are strong enough still more melancholly picture of utter Imbecility varldu sections of the UnIID. I idence, a few day ane. from a

I Nothing on the National platform, I Speak lion snot it I. of construe to prevent a crinis, sooner or later, ....llhe (in a dim outline of humanity called recognition of the right of the several State, I e!ujpurament ron pea
York Herald : susceptible misrepresents and reserved in the Constitution late date for .
out, and quickly J-..Yew a* expressed J enquiring my torching tho
I /formation{ of a Northern fanatical and Master Silence. Then Mr. Dickinson in
tion. great ,
While them
are many dogma of the and a careful avoidance by the General Gov.ernment principle* of the American or Know
e.nOM'SlIOW OF HANDSOM) WoXI.f. Roman Catholic. faith, a* we understand theirs Anti-elavery party, a large portion of which the opinion of the editor of the Floridian, resembles of all interference with their right ing" oganito. Before I found time Not

Bsrnum' success with hi* baby' show b"" which are ..RtpuMiean! and contrary to( declare that they prefer disunion to a longer Justice Shallow in bis watery and by the legislative or executive action. wer wa to th. place (o attend limo

prompted him to an enterprise oft dill bolder Ihe genius of our free and institutions continuance of the present state of Ihlng.Tho ..- tame production," and Master Silence in hold. That.the policy and principle of the Abe l Court of Appeals session, where the
nature, that of a how of handsome wo.men. we hold that t. first rtep, then for Ihe South I I. to form a ing his tongue. a* to the war on the rights. iiionUi are tabulated to and must_pru. bliO. hi which I am engaged affords "
1 hundred every man (in this country alienation and subvert the opportunity for
lie proposes two premium, clone and' union of all of conscience.." It will do for the editor Go.ernmo. o correspondence
should be left a* free to select him compact Independent never do violence to the the will I
amounting to fire thousand dullurs to be pre.Mnled religion a* rl"bt. *, hOwer. a* nave no eOQceal"u app
lo handsomest. women In America bit politic or occupation. It I I. contended, political partial, for the protection/ of her peculiar oI'lhe Floridian to be writing down democrats Mercury cannot doull. beD the ojecl' of on public questions, borrow

-or rather to the handsomest who may be however that the. article properly construed Institution and interest. We are no In this way. One job at a lime, Mr. the party embrace a determination p OWq my pressing duties to My quite hastily l that I
i. willing to enter into this competition. I I. not liable to the of 1.lgot-no fanatic. We are no alarmist but Editor ; better first kill off the American party these assault by which the Union !. have no knowledge concerning the Order to
ladle however not. to hgazed charge Intolerance and tulional Union, i it assailed, and maintain Ihe which you allude, except such as ie acquired
The are come to e there are men In this exerciwd by the before turn attention to ilaugft-
country -
at, but their! friend are to tend Mr.Itarnum proscription." That no war I U declared against you your rights of the Slate a expreised and reservelathe d from ru"lealion. purporting to give information
at the Museum, their likf'neufI4.l.h the Catholics a* a Christian donnminntion, fatal Idea, thai this government I IndestnictA- bring democrats. Con.lit"i i upon subject, and moat terrwcln. .

ken either by the photographic or the t1l1gu" but simply the announcement that no man ble, and can bo. overthrown by no act of folly Fur the Florida SouU.rl.t Due Mercury oppo'lht'1 principle I I fine myself to such point* a are emlJaee

reotl1| process, before the 15th of October. who acknowledge. civil allegiance lo any for on the part of ,the. people, Thb{ may be THE MARINER. They could make up ihe platform of the pal 11. We within,this range. I is generally aeIO c

Thane likenese are. to be laid t before/ tho.. alga prince or I U comfortable, but It I.I a very careless and dangerous multiply. I and concede to be secret soeMy or organ.e
the Museum where the visitor potentate, a depositoryof A storm brood lh over, I ben the boors cry A* regards' the character of the party tit. on. to act politically in the contest .
have public opportunity at of impeding them, and may ex- public power. To this opinion we can very faith.: When such ones occur, a* thai r Ohhs"buttyhuofsd"tbandsrtLattnmpeuthsa Mercury ha* clear)' shown that many of i it* of tho day. Of this secret feature I entirely .'

praising, by depositing a ballot in a boi provided cheerfully uWrilw. We contend that Q tim ol Mr.\ Wheeler' at Philadelphia, where rimy" advocates-at the North-are men who pur.i disapprove and a unabi t 1d"Ihllt' ,
for the purpose, an opinion of their valioui man In Ihl country, can consistent with his respectable citizen of N. C. amt 1 an officer of la wrathful pursuit of the lightning's wild fl>ghl I sue r.clylhe opposite course but does I follow by wht necessity, r o

pretension to beauty The prizes are Julio a* a good Citizen owe allegiance to the U. S. Government, was litterally di.polcdofbl. / Good spirit protect the poor sailor to-night; I bcaule of there facts therefore tha waa o upon ap.
i and its i.
awarded according to the number of it Is make Then P'rll. dangerous objects and prinoplea b Jualo }'reepuLGodiacrosionaudopen. 1
to be civil or property, enough to everyono ars litarls on the wa though sturdy
any power authority other than the .wall 7
ere wrong Iflnerl.oieI1.ocia.lin. public eraential
nnffn,/ rut which each beauty receive from t ttwo the think of Ihe be. acton 01 .1 .8"i.r to
I q n4t ll'lp'h..1!'' 5, :nize! : ..no.powcrJiiph possibility a separation wi'u.i. or denomination may be cbrg..d with the --nay, to very existence of pre .*
hundred, one uf a hundred and l fifty, iii of being Inducted Into office, is sworn lo sup Cli e Kiiit u: "per .i"i wg, f'uI'1'mil'7..tTd l :"'"-:- e. ..AllklaGl U+ ,JIPJ"'fal;R",',J i('\.WtfU't I among', ,Jj time membership.Tba louripu! may l"e odor \.rty; end the day' which ffnda the pub-
hundred of dulUn ro.cb.and ---- teals, lie to
ono ninety twenty look nnt secret
portend upon all higher' Jaw"adocaies nU'OnT.CORRE whole front of the le movement
ro'lDEXCE. offending scents to of
one bundrod of ten each. The like.i a* dangerous lo the liberties\ Through the lmri.pa scoop u tin turbulent be that this new party originated at the Wort b. political rrti will & far 0.our way
none of those who receive the len highest oldie pe o The editor uf the !-nIJian.! a short lime main. That' to the .'" despotism good men
prizes, are to be engraved and in plo and therefore unworthy be trusted with ago wrote a letter lo lion. D. S. DICKIMO, Ihe secretflow cast a Rood thing may meet in secret for good purpose J we
t the French u World'* Dock of Beauty ;" Iheucceiiful civil authority. of New Yoik, whose reply thereto was pub Wber W.IO.4 Ih the t.* bea on Ihs wild ocean wry, come(il. The out prlncipto u N..r6b J I i I. 1,11 to expect coq,have no assurance that bad men, ender
competitor being firnt Invited In O. A. n I'htainl' 1.1 set the fbamp.. sty good, not- ,I the carne plaiisibb will
Drownion the
Orthodox expounder dished In Saturday' I'lorl lian. Il seem that rule, the. Nazarenes et sod exterlL no secretly
f gi-s the
the l heal b.lanll : foundation .,
ail, at Barnum' expense, lo artist i in of Catholicism and. the tap .
distinguished flee redoubtable' editor the
editor ol A ad
their. neighborhood for their portrait [N, V. othe Bogus pi mocra-- I"Yn"1i goes bounding, la glee, Will the Whether I am In favor of their
Evening Pmt.azrovat.. .Review, which bear bi* name, rays cy was not particularly ediflod by Mr, D.'. reply Through llie whit spUuhmg bn'na of the billowy of ibii Meroury denounce the principles upon flue question of domektie slavery platform
I moat
The /',,y. .. the proper power la deei le which we have Iran.rurrtd'olb.' column kY. I the city Democratic party becaus; in 1x31 1 depend upon what it is; or rather, whether

OrOOVrBNOK BKKDKR.WAIHINUTON : far me irhelher she Constitution oflhit Country of the Mention In commenting on it, the W. lure the tn. heart of th rough, booeet tar, when ofCbI..lo" was especial ionic lo iov.was convulsed Hayne, is they to are be in favor of minr. J their platform

s July 28th. U or U nol repugnant lo the Ian cif GOt]." editor had not only to confess to a disappointment Tbal .,1.the wide waste of blue waters afar| by some of the leaders of the party, at almost justifying regarded such a* I"eud.g. upholding or

John T. Davlton Pennsylvania( has been Admit the premises, and the conclusion i I. ineviiable "himself, but expresses time opinion, And "aen the storm-driea Leap O Heaven's dark midnight for cannon lo destroy a house con politcal mon.titt.* die

appointed Governor; of Kama in the. place of that the Pope of Rome I ii also the that ihe numerous friend" of Mr D. else brow, taining Union men, who hud fired miukets | prnallhrtllol. fel, passed into A

(,ov. Recdor removed. proper power lo decide for Catholic. In where, will bare the how'sill W* whisper i Cod help the P' marine? now !P upon the democratic party What had that tbe veto of MaehulU Legwbttarw over '
this j same feeling. lo do with the principle of thai ? Yet GoycnlQ{ Olrne.te I pronounce
1 Country, whether the law made in pcrsuance that Why did not ibis "disappointed'* I have watched l the whit dash of Atlantic's thick the Mercury denounce time Amr!pmy<.<,., ...w._ it treason 0 t"d .- treason, '

; HEALTH or MW oaL.""'. thereof are or are not repugnant, le the law editor publish him letter sue, and let them both foam. its chanuerand object.. because-of time Sun.: rank, anblu.hl brazen. -deserving of

N.w ,O.tetns, July 30ih.' of O.nl. Rut the American party dispute Ihe go out together t We should like lo know As home lh gallant, bark plon bej through her watery day mob, and l street preaching. aten with I upon rrphl'nsior and their eodi pl bmett.,

The 'total number tlrdt'alb. In this city last: l premise' i they deny that the what, it was all about and .io..nce and bloodshed, at the Nurb. al. resolutinrr conforms
Pope any I dare soy, thai bra And I k.n4: 'mid the fumble _.'. swift instance brought I recently pig, purporting
mOl every
which 173 died of 0 by inter
I week wa 203) of yellowfover. thing to do with ibe constitution of this Country M numerous friend" would like much !lo leaner ear, terence and direct assaults on.bt of for, to be the voice of a mjyojily of the
neither do they admit that be hat eitb seen it. They no doubt will regret to learn To lore the lied heart of the rough hones! tar eigner The most of these matter par are .I de the aeirtl, >Iud at PUAdIPhi. it b [in .ulanc8

RattCAn in his temporal or spiritual opacity, any thing lhal the correspondence 1 between these twos I hare a the bomb creak quinrieg issue*, they do no attest/ lb principle* of lh tame which upon I did"! stood year -.
mooiEa or 'TUB eVOLCTIOv. 0 th American which II| not enter without
psrty the !' counting
to about the
say justice\ or legality of the law gentlemen has terminated to unsatisfactory to broad. rrce.e hearty contequeiic, and which
NEW OHIBAXS, July 30th. endorsement of the a. I intend reRnquhh -
The Nautilus bas arrived with later dale of the land. Lei those put their trust In his the editor of the Floridian, the Nestor of the As the wind spiriU swept from the gauWiag olouj. I tion in the Convention Ihtr delgv' I|I only with life I have not now;t(ho** r

from Brago.. The revolution I I. prngreuing. Ifolin/ ..H, and klis bit ,loot who choose to do Florida press. It will doubtless be a source And Round tweed the th* white fret 0 the mnnia ware, 11 has been shown already that the platform resolutions, before me, but M I (( them

Gen. Woll i* !falling Lack upon MaUmora j 10, the American party contend, that all chi of deep ....! unfeigned mortification to Mr.DitKi.tioa eblvenng, turn of thegallant ship,brave,, of this new Party ...loo straight for the New j I al I approve doctrine.them in substance, a*rOlf ,

while the revolutionist. are following, him up power according to the theory of our government ; to learn that his letter has been Methluks ycl leer tbrocgh the high pnl'l, England and (IQrac a large majority of t the constitution, either I ignore(in no part{ q the, federal)
under the, ,lead of Gf'n.llla.. As we crrpt his side Northern amt Northwestern Slate and theory or practice,
iron Monterey, flaw and reside In the published and pronounced by his Tallahanee t 'a refug they :i court the to
ury. The fall of MaUmorei I I. looked upon urnllally peo. A warm breath that bung in th diomeae* star, bl.d after its adoption ; yet Ibo Mrcury j; Prul"caprices of time,moment, to
pie. They have" decided In correspondent a tame and produc gain public or to
their watery mhinter
From the the
wing almost
a* laet Itable. comforting lip of 1 rough, b inert u*. an dailthrashing J'' Cities t neces
that the Constitution I I. nol renuz. lion," neither calculated Mlo promote _the! There's heart la bia e"c the shouldure o time Southern I or infinnitie of "'O in power Nor
a bosom
noble and can the
Blare Property In T.an,lta. stint to the lace of nod and the instrument cause of (ruth or elevate 'the reputation of il* As tho. *n alb the glitter of I Heavea's dark true blue, branch.The Mi-rcurr call I I I'r proved upon rust_ soundness o princiiJus under'a .n< l lI
to high
half bus provided a tribunal to decide hetb- distinguished author for out candor," A heart that upon us prove our assertion olierti
spoken though o.n may tremble ssd fly, that "f the American went fiirlh. : sense of duty, .a. may to
,I The U. S. District 0 Court of rhikdrlphlawai rr be( I.wi .pasted by Ibe Legislature and We remember not long since to have seena Will shield that,zed!save !Dee> 'Is d.ngr o die. er toward putting down the assaults! ol fanat adopt and embrace tlm. cl

densely crowded on Friday lo hear the sanctioned by the I I-'xeculire are in accordancewiib letter /from Mr. Webster lo Mr. Dickinson Thee bead with wko wealtneaswould Ice than either of the old .parlies." We refer i I raunot believe tha any go can be ac
me, '
decision of Judge Kane In 1'ie! wheeler ilavecate. il. Suppose that the Pope or his Lieu which appeared in the newspapers', la which .11. to the Platformtgain/ in which the party I complished by making the bih place a test

It fpoknn of In term of h'gh appro.batten. tenant In this country were to decide a* the the great New England Statesman expressed' The full, gushing' of rough sailor's heart i i. pIlgf! to "regard the Constitution of there of but fidelity U at or nwrt 1 doe not accord with
war the
lie ha promptly( met the question Dt th State*, M (be supreme law of the Und genius of our institu
| Abolitionists the l ,
lelied the hays d..IoW.lbat th* H Fugitive most profound respect and admiration fur f W ba* the 11 them!.,. roll sad the lightaing's tion Thai abuse have been
before him, and ha* occasion to sacredly obligatory upon all iu part and "by
lay down certain proposition relating to slave Slave Law" I I. contrary to natural justice,. the ability patriotism and nationality of (be (lean Iibl.. *, to maintain a resistance R lo ,: the appointment of forl! raeice

property In traniitu," which stand\ fail tl n and ought therefore not to be executed. Ac. distinguished New Yorker and entire. conn. Diet breathe a warm prayer'the_..toaigUT1IEOK. the spirit of innovation.tudia upon I. principle, I trust, before t li with our f on of.

place salutary restraint upon future attempts, cording la the leaching of Mr. Brownson, so lence in bi* Integrity and honesty of purpose however specious it. pretexts." I tuton. Uw, and ai'llm, o t which*

of* imilat: character. Waiving Ihe inquiry I far a* there I Ie any obligation upon bit con The recollection of this circumstance may A.. wish I locall the attention of Doe this not prove that the part hue '|: rr they were anlit\ ia

says Judge Kane, whether they were within. sclenee to obey the law hi. Church by perhaps afford Mr. D. a grain of consolation, the road oommissionsers to the tale of gone further toward pulling donij 'b"li|itioq pabe This however U 'in respect
a the
the territorial jurisdiction of renll.)Innia, fanaticism than either of the oil i native a* weU Citizens
declaration can absolve bin from since he has fallen to low (in the estimation of roads, presuming have pn I and .tura
while passing from one Stale to another upon that obli. they been so busily The Mercury( mistinderslnpd 1 if if it I i arise nqt from a < .y."
the navigable water of the Untied '1.lea gallon the temporal being subordinate lo the great' leader and expounder of the Florida engaged thai they are not aware of their cqq. posed we referred 10 tie language speech.e sop. I j but from jts ernE ? administrjuon.! ; It js(

point upon which my Br'"t Impression are ad- the spiritual power." Tbl I I. what we understand Democracy. And in order to know what de. dition. The Stage road to Tbornasrille in of the enemies of or institutions..w We jn bt te ral of (flaring

ere to the argument-I have to **y_ by the "aggressive policy and cor. gree of importance to attach to the opinion particular U .IC impassable t it has forced to their assaults through, the i in handsjof itieompf (he tlulnbutton
1. That I know of no statute, either of tie of the editor who 10 Legislature. The Institution p/ re'I' of patronage.
rupting Itndoncie* of the Roman Catholic .N'. hi* judgment free in two year Should slavery publi
j I United State, or of Pennsylvania nr of New any acci never b weakened Lori. through he( action Upon & subject of naturalised citizens \
other Suite that Las Church and lo. this extent the American ly upon men and measures, It would perhaps dent occur on this the would that i have
Jersey, the only a quali. I par. ,I I r county b body, and the party have | been Lv ebnajderation of jus-
fled jurisdiction over this part "oflh Dele ware ty have pledged themselves lo the d. clri.. of atfbrd Mr. Dickinson coma relief know what 1 responsible. I louW [r.auir who are the o Ib mlOlt Ibat he G. clearly, 'IPff'',I lice and gO.l8, hitredVsigued (to observe

that authorize the forcible abduction of any "resistance"not agalasl the Catholic religion Mr. Browolow, of the KnoiviJIelTenn( ,)Wh:*?, road commissioners, gad why jt is i they do .boul carefully avoid all .Jor'ramrn with the spirit of my country's Constitution.IVhen .-

or anything whatsoever, without claim: of prop but agiinsl the dangerous power of the has said about bi. confreres of the Florida attend i I unless la aid of legal process. Judge o by Legislative I .t.e >Ie to see who should
or |
arty This Exeeutjrectie.
Pop*, who sets up a M law higher" that the Democracy. much would sonic> due at i I am rightly informed i r. the b. propnee ear-
That I know of bo statute of Pennsylvania proper The Southern and
3. Constitution.. Retlstauce the the editor has seen Al le the publication to to these prI wing are tint ,ltltl. they lit nll. .or Idl to f_
which affects to direst the rl Ibl.;:; t-f prop. to law of the suppress aUf'n thing and I hope have Do nor will they repudiate Ireland frQ'n
arty of a citizen: of North Carolina acquired land, and resistance la the fugitive slave law of bis letter, which called out Mr. Dicki will do to immediately. I understand that all That a cni here and there be ran. : few )years since, npt & any r warrant fur

and asserted under< the law of that" shale, be. .o 'long a* It remain on the statute book wa son' reply, which has been published and the roads in the county are equally as bad who woul willingly" .men in may sense 'o such proceedings, I 6nnI agauist it. and let

cause: b* has found It needful eoureiuVutte pronounced treasonable" by Mr. Webster, criticized! with so much harshness and ...,,1. lb Tkomasvill road a* ma" are amit but Irifljng al t II. public clamor exJumat itself upon my bead
va through lie territory of Pennylva.ni rune lime, the entire In denunciation Wheej I the
and we bold that then 1 It ly. But in the absent of ibis Information party South learned teat
no pwer. the Pone STAn d.
A PM.xcri.Frwsa endorse the fyreigner who had in rood hi
\ ,, -r mia prjacipleegf(the platform *
Mr. Dickinson 'iIIl..t r.lh'c'lar
that such .tat. ant excepted., wb. eaa release men from obey. no lost to perceivethat .
I not
:3. That am aware any ih* Carohaa rbi.be. tuteutjon! of cjtixenabip, 1 by ro'I
aces if ascb a one were shown could be re.C4JglllaoJ Ing (It" but the Supreme Court of the United I the editor oI'lb. FWidian, i is of the name The CkatUiton (tenelTW. I.llht roe party al the South are slate a forfi tborv. in ease of shipwreck,

II n:1J!' lu a Court ol' the United States, by declaring il unconstitutional, or the school with the redoubuWfl. JVirr Brush, vas .rnr.PAIT and pledged to mis any and come J I without any Itrnli of remaining abroad',

State. Congress by repealing it. whose t faith chiefly: consisted in a wish for We have Iwrted In another! from what quarter It pay nf'rl.lrmp.I i lost the bleJI uevvdingi| | intmdueed .
4. That It ,**m. to me a together unimpor.ao M col mq, ukb la subvert the Constitution the of bill
procured tu
- -- touhitbiug to Have" rather than for something much pleasure', the or f m erfero ani naaaage a
| ( whether thewere slaves or not |II A Movement Mel'f''ry.rf'JCklr 1 our the rights >4 any ol the tilales' and if wil redress 'I prineiiie Isar.iovva.sl
in the right Direction "ln Do, Thoroughly. Indoctriualed. reply i. order thai ) a. (ifrn-vanco ) |
would I tie Ibo mockery of phiUntbr.-py u a* I tempt shouM' ha 1 liie| "
n H
The with lima pace by I csmgress lo >y | < ( and now guide
o free I Conservative or I aiou men among into the di&'n'we: Ulwee. and. sulyect .. may the m.r, ov-r-
twrt that berau wen bad become they menm tvum, diocaraiue.It I progress i. Its rjJ .wipromur which bare t lle. igrve4 111' Mjmii.jiiv. Tjf I mtaUiutHHi a.lminut.

taught tbervfow; U Jimcibly; aUJuctcJ. l llio Know NuthiVg Uoitiu, bare abandon. "and eenly' al'l'rec.1JIlb./ worlJIy/ -I.durq I .,' I..-,,: thai. It W, kare4n or legist"it* "p time slam <]<.."s. eves; in its true >j 1'"< i>, in MIT JII'I"I.' .ali
I I : .
,1 iy tale \ I w (tlj Ay-JU,iu I'srn 11.I I n t.! (r"ft tp .1. "hh. c''



-- -
tin natoraluexl and ( IJrh rwtrc of nil rim. "'b\ how d..n'' Hi, I '' '! \ .l.I- ii -
or II. y>" i, ninufictaredTobtcCAIJll ii.
rfl bu I I ,''ifn'u Ni I .: .I I.: |Ii :. ;I l:: J, ;It, .. : 'VITJTT A [ ]1. TUNNO
political which tan r* reached l I.> rlirl'r like lc> ill' re L"" 'i 1" :n'in : 1 VI lite.t..e.e- dot I: \ ( > .r.s mn '. n i ; I m\ii J: \ (; UOJEH)( n s.MARTIN ,
\ 1 "i "I.I a tar' II l' 'I ,)h lufistsAl .
man roftmmenL (alim'i.r} |, )I'It luf ,ihc ,it,:' ..fma. | .u|. 1 I, n. Mitanlaetiir- 1 I :. m ,,' ,! | t',.in i il,.. B. .Ii. Unit sail .1.11, .,. .1 (late xxrt, rite'guiaT' c..,)
I live the hnitw U (r. not remlletl vice bating 1IfO.ii5 hvn an'Intf. in nt min' tl an vi. UK n n .n t!i' wai .d.lI.I. .. '
wilt .
: ; ; : : : ".ilu.' lii' .r ibm ""I. .,11 MILLER U' qJm
Your friend and nervatit, and so I repliti ihii $Kc tuoln Um.'i.r coot ont M nhanla Will ,liw.ll I tvai los In miNi l, k.i pi .11 I 11 of.it.ir reeuvrry' ..; nn I all p, r., ., u i ,
P. S. DICKINSON'CmtM ti-nanre. (but that I Ir lint shIn to mH him and I il will ba ttU U.wr than the mao qaility ran baI Vbr.| to .:d Bra B rtf B.aitta.1 to multi n.ii i 0.J :") '
taut| tlown fer thaw meat HMrhla ami; an Mine' to &TT1O1U} ; ; STAND
E. DTKK Km.ofir ny ".me. *>ned paraira. fI.\\"al. LAUO.Neyuw -ml. paymcM ss.eeutTIIOMAg) nwr.rII1tO'f) BI1IMiIAl1 '
>TooJ -t$ Journal.JohaJ. My I h Jack 9mhh answered the M f.\LMCn.lrnr J JAMES ,
Mm | A.II'. '. S\i JaH I. 1-S, QFor I GAMBLE. For Florida and Ceulhern Georgia Pr ''aee..Yin
buckHuiJjinMi'S '.,, we mod In ,gt In Khm l -- : -- __ f, -- .

Crlttenden on the American together, tHirty"" ago In the thule mail) --L : :1 fto'e.MptlKBB4rnkrii4n! I \RFnv tff, .In a I',-n11 t .. n arl. rtrn1 m. I CWftiarrrr'urf; \ Ckaririto, .". C.

Ptrty. sthonlh' I In nM$ f4HKhw| >rt. Well. lime I .4 T T O 1:.V KY AT I, A W% y\ plr of Fi.n dt Gr.i< ., i.n.i..,P- 'lu part AP

TIle FranVfort (Kjr.) Commonwenlin five hm rkangnd rinc then soil yoms have Irconte TAli ntmtn, l\.. :. bra aes'.scflamtehid Sie ash Psi Dw.l I th.follow ,m' arli ha 'I ,1' n"r-t. .nrnnnnli, Uiij .

Oi) Mbftanee of a promt sporch in favor otiha a great man sot I got rich I suppose *' \ l.t. practice hi the Cmrta of the Maldt Ma.lrk1 is t' t1' Air Km.t Ika led Floor anrse, K, frinhe.tr* and) snl tlspemttiv.tie.: ,,Ion kn .Fsm'np'ipammnht.ir. Ita, I .1 I May 2. hISS Si,
n "iC -
American delivered M,. C'riitenHen I I shook my head and was going lo rnnlra anl tn Tnnmia Omnly, (UOflira house haa ait tar* icons i on Ih. perm Id
part/, by In Lime 9d ". AW.. I Un 8idra, fMhisht| pa, Ha.k suit l I'>m'llama j I O'uncery fbr OiflsiJen County.
OtrItot. *l"* lmm .
In that place, on lh. 24th ult.V. make the' diet thus linpres ir>n, when he broke in IOb. lbs moon of th* Clerk of tile Shutrama, c..atay err has I a swVeMitM wiH b mil orlvvl KHrhmi.' an reasonable I n".i watvrTha em's.This --. M_ an.1 "r IN>rk. l tart' in lUrfi-h n w fKega on |
1 yes are < I know rich no tune property very Men f, \ Maltreat, Ulee, *uta. : ach
following txiracii i yam you ; A. T, MM. lilyUr I ono the mint nMrakle lorwnVwa In I lien Imuuatratvr vt Mulvolm
In Its origin tha American order. small denying It.'I'n wa controller for-for along --- -- (Ownlr. '.c lerma the Arm of M h and I .. pper, AUnpiee. O iu,'er, l'h.bhn. UhfOtarJ ,1..1." .

obscure and weak I but cearcely di.l.l fuin lime, iml the nut wo heard or)01.. you FOTSalIfiil w aer, mil Jo.r lo.rrl't 1 Amen' Druf *.: and ( :. rln ant EnDs Ulih.key, tM P.ye ) '. 1
?ihahelra sat I Clams
p1.l i>a en which I ih-w r.Nfr o.utalais 3mtQ kvkev Ckampalun, IViakl (.JeWt and.1"
Tt1OtAM \\ I !
mer cloud arise and overspread the shy more were Governor You must have inado a heap i. aorra K prndnelir; laa.t l. atmil i IftO of wblnh I J.l,245a._ B __ l.I"In.I': Ale ant "flitter, uWoo knnff Sa. fI, Ira of Vak-hw. )

rapidly than U overspread the whole country. of money, and I am glad, of It, glad lo tee you \"rarait ant In ..1\1..'.*. Thai place la wall m>pro*. aicnoo, T sianwrrr, w nowvimiBIRCHETT f t. hum 01,1. rip**, Praana, 'I ika aludavilof nail! | 'ltt ..r'.lt

It wai a most remarkabl phrnomeon-th gelling along so smart. You wa always a adr-hna a larfa ijnanUly rf fine timber and i. sell watered .nu. ?1.,,, Hivaa 'nl and Tat).., Unit I Q'f l Ii,' \Ii. \li* (''.'1 shot thus Miownvtf mimed appear-pa"i .

history ofpartie shoved nothing like it. It .".rll\d at school and I knew you mould bering iwo ai..lW wells,w,er.1 l g.H>l tprinn & DOWNING '.. .".m ""b".p. Tin .n.' Faith. ..,. ,i tilt l In tin.; eann are uf full age ,, ih*
I and a .".tan' spring\ breech \are. Ja, a .".1 I' .. ,a%. uf litia Stale B. I .t.I: :tt ;
thai the mind had where come to something.. running lhrouuh the ATTORSKTS AT UW .WF\TU\M'LAIMS) mly pik> Mary
public every Nmdnn
ported plaea !>...*. with ltOil.\ ( *
small I.
a stuck of Cattle sat 1.1..1 naipriakkaklii.Ulh\f Mit ,.\ronMMa .
been drawn to the contemplation of a common thanked' him ( "i"i1.h.
danger and tb.t. Tart volume of .\mericanfeeling but told him that political lifo di.l not Ju.lyJIIWJ. aim. K:. K. CAUX. praelloa below lha Cunrt of ( and rabies, 1..10.. re.l ,..It I J'"noieh.Iam... Jane C Ad"". Maleulm. Oik.hnal,

bid accumulated In the popular heart well as he Imagined I nippoM,' saul >ente claIms b< tm CVngrtaa .il;us vml I\d.. *MHH ) hi annmerale.to which wa I t'alherlna. llrrndon, Jamrs M. Mimes, Marsh Jan.

and Deeded only the electric touch which the nal I ha smiled on you since you left Leon Circuit Court-In Chancery. Drpartmenla, .vit IhaalKntlon. r par "'n.l. and .u>tomrr* grnrally Moor. K.'hrcca UilohrlalrJtruma Uilrhnal aad Sarah .

bunt forth in tremendous I July 10, 19V1 I \V ik.ht : II M trJirtJ. by Ih. Cuarl 11.4(
new order gare to a Southport. Francis Kppca. OompUlnanl, 9 July. J. IMS a th* MM! drfi'nJanU their
--- 'lo ba
sppraranrea IB'
'1IOIion. Of that eiplotion the American Oh said he va. CRANEDNELSON' tempt and file their
I hain't HENRY M.
rest, got nothing rraprrtiva an.wrra lo lIme IVItlori
Charles h
nooi Marie de MAsON.oLoos.oFT.
party wee generated. 'lo of I 't Ui-mmwt .n.1 I Murk r.u. I filed In thIs ease, on or before this third Monday in
complain mu
l'vegnt along .
ray right hue d Im. its Htillnnl hla : \
yrla wife CTaa.li
the for the J'.n.
Mr. C demonstrated necessity You O. T. A.tmo.t .1 lleptcnihrr li.nt,otherwkw Ih*nail Petition sa In them
see after left CoU fbilibrrl .
shortly South .
Tironjr Corvette and trumx.ine
you Mil &
co. win lit "
do what the old lakan *a onKnad--Provnl l huwaver
American partr to partio*- whol ania da di! \. JE nf.1 COSTOIM: thata
Lnntejrlr !
port our ftmily moved up Into Vermont q 5a11ant I his wn\<, Airmen Jain AND eopv of this nrdct be
publmhvd one a wrk for ihre
eflet and (ailing to piece a* they w.re- and put right lotothfl wood and I reckon our da l.Vyia du 8 ill nt and Annie Hnwllv i Olivia da si.tract'IfD un suet \ HUD 'T "H'. eta stolt.taene month 'In ..". .,..". r printed In the aity'of Tul-*
would not and could not do. lie paid glow. Hohan" Chahol hi. wife Charlra fhillna Alfred d'. CLOTHING HOUSE
family cut down morA treea aivl. 1 cleared more \ D' 'ha..., prevkma In ilia alit) third1 mont, ,la Sep
iterial of the A. I : amity and Aa.kIIa.i.. Ja
'Ing and just tribute to the Ijwii-ytia du Sailkinl teinhrr.m.t' J. W A YI.t
:;" HVKF.lt.
land '
merican partr-which Ind sprung from horn- any other family In the whole State his wife, Ado'pha' Joseph| 8lpl, n I'.',. and Nmtnli 1 19 Courllaini dl.119 I Iev ..VrerATMV. / E. COMBS I Al (Marnier*,Jun* 'It, '13. B Ja.l ..
Lie cititeni, nqt| from politicians, and And 1f'10U have made a gotxl thing "f It. : Ken) lunilia da M.Hier I.' y.'. tits, wifw, Jot"Irk. A', 311 I I fr>tr./ ..V/rrrf, A'utf JJr.N .
priTate PolTra Rareaai da l's. ant I Chartotta YORK.July o
How much do think .lf worth f I MmiKIa. t>uM.KUef \V YOUK.S. mi) 4 IIESIi
which all native of you your NASH
the member o/ were son l.asrtt.u his wife, (inner. Aaga a ila U 10, Sin. ,
the ofl-men born In lh, land who hid here a kevrrel n riC r Iho n..II..t. Una Croli cerise mitITItCMIor aor..lou, U"cr.e TO
the home of their childhoqd, ,ud the grave of he considered a fortune a* he seemed lo b* so I paMollkr I.byrtta. his wife. Uaorr 1 bnmna Dillvrt, -ERY AMAKER, KniRhianf M.lt| Kmal ,o.t t Kniffhl Irmplara )
lather who e l love fcr their well Mll.flfd with his.S 1 PuMntlirr lfi>etlr, Franrola K.lmnn.1 I huMotller Coauail ant I Master M i 4awi la. t TALLAIIAM1KBOt \ao "'.' .
their !
*- and atyl In country whose Well,1 ha replioil 5 I don't know how ytayetla and Ananliwia IxiolM Vaullna OnMottirr Ottornrg: nnti counstllor nt li\ blema, Bworda, 1'irki, &: Kneampmrnl., : lx c .XOINO C 't."IT*",
was inborn pure strong fofnyetta. da la luar. Mvuuourg and ollirm, lKf>'.- *ml Drand 1..1 ija I. O. o. Unralla. .-. -
hands anywhere, the desiisy oft the pom.try much I am worth ; but I think (nlrai<|hlening diinU.T T Alt*!! mnsA, I'lA.Jun .. lenten, hmthen.s, she It",. Miwka, .1..1,. ('\FFICI7 with Dr. ). Niah immrdiatctv

would be .. hiioxlf up) if all tnr uVbl were paid I should T arpearlnjf In she patvfaetlon uf Ilia fourt by afi. .. I8M. vrr Htnra, rnnuea, Tanaala, (lumps, haiti. Urns mtp Ilia Put ortioa. cant t uf

Mr. C. then took up the slavery question! bo worth three hundred dollars) clean cash.' fi
and demanded what more any man.-.even the And ho was rich fqr be wa satisfied.-Kik- n.UnH. sbova named and all ,nthvr. the hrira ant I 1)1t 8I'B -Tha asdeeai ne.l irfTi ra hia (ilanlalinaaiid mihla 'ItiMelW mr Hall Commillera- and
could ask rrbofker.CANDIDATES. doacend,inta of time Iota (tlentra) I..no ypia, rrakla nut .1. nrgroealii tl ia.lst.a; Coontji:; fin sat.- It"te'hiis. >t*. Hvala, eat \order with Hand! Prunes Volt MAL .

most ultra pro-sUrery man- t thin 'of lha Sluta of FWkU' and pat of Iba Tnitrd' sat." -a fur "i".I..t.I.I| |, t lha lubaeribc r on ,.. |>r inl. MW..BW.wkmc Tuola.. I. O. I). F. IKreaKmblvtna. Arlno pn r of Itorars with a itt ol iKmlila, har.

the position of the American pany on mat and In Europe It la ordvrtd. that the an"nl I aor n.l.a" rah>a niil.-a .."th of Quinry. 'n..1| Kmlilenwilral Rlmr, ..Ipln.. bLurb ,l rats Carr;,* with l base ai*,ui; |i lr .M.
subject f What could be more national, more shots named.".I.n other1 the heIrs InI drwrn.l
afe, more peaceful t There I I. to be no more the tatetiruerul KiiniyMta d.1 ,'auprar and unioir : ____ Manitik.('hart. and '. .. klarkry'a I eitaon Fee terma apply to pr. U. W. C.u" K. Jl. e.rity,.-.
In the the bill of Complaint. filed la thi. canne within nip.' Fever an4 Ague Ot re of Free Misonry. I.. 'a Manual C,_'. fhnrt nf Tatti.tumauce.di ,
action on subject Congress | poo- oJr\,: *r* aaihortml |o annmmcs 1t.tVll I ) months (from the data of the puhlioi |lon nf this ..1.', !>ola Arms for New York for lH>. > 'IIln.li,1|, .,. U, 18.\..
pie of the stare Bute are permitted to go in. T a an d lulata Kir County Commisikinrt i ; attli pr tins bill ecmplainl filed! herein will be takrn >* Poll' tha Prevention' and Tura of /.'. /.., M.nn>ni< irpti,6Finliral >.7prIeo$3. a

to any of the territories with their slaves and rn>vmg clocixtn' in Octobtr n..l.tT aonhaard affulnul them, TrovUvt. that thia order hapabtiahe. ,I Kmllt F..,... f>rrr anti . the I Ie ( admj'sion as aSfata .! In some soil, hoer, />."* A,.., ( u1 thttilf./ Ai lffifuli .ao.ulun.
When ready In the
at newnpnper publuhed Mid-
territory \\a are amhnrnoH' to snn"unca U WN ills' Circuit Honda and all other r"rn.of ilne,.a which' hatas .lory Hull''/ and Milk, 1)'gers( tnI.I'n'o. 1 00 Tlioa an.l :t-Pleasing and C.ltry,.
aba i ii to come into the Union with or ow vr onee a month for the apace uf Gill, Mfflea, Doves. ''realm. from
a. a eandhlita tie ra-ck Uim to tIme, office ulna mouth common pritfln in Ma'arla' or Mlanini, ,Trll"A" n.- Mik-a aniela. 1 hvMarhlna .
without slavery a* her own people may de.ermine. JaJjc of Probitu vf Laos Comity, ak the ..1,1ionIn J. W.\YI.FR Ihl.i.a, N"T\I.\.ANTIIJ'.hl| : l. vela, IVna.' 1.1., fttnti" 8'."1", l"nn Orna work malt,a by far lli. best floor* .11.1, | really
( The charge of Tree Soilum or Abolitionism I October n.at. rCHtmriK lP.kERJo.tgti.: nrely prolvrf any .1.n. m"nl. AM! ,Ikura and' 1- mama Icaa than to work rouith Itln,Or. It kr cheap

made against the party in the fare 1 ____ ___ July 8S, ((31)) 1853. nOm alum ...niny luoalillea.n-umanv' A Bin il, or Ililiouidiatane ,m"l l niiglitrm of llebrksh e,''.. Kinhnildi, II.I. .,eit In nnul 40 or 60. mii'|.'*-jf wahlaJ 1I..ply0|

of such a plalfi>rm, wa| an established (time. 1- t'Tb51r1cnlsoMs. JAMES T. MI/IOUK, ll. J'AV--t"P..V: LOTTER )'. l. .,.. nr any Injury' from .on.Uil'y( In.hsb.g Slyer Nival and Milk, In. inti-ndid" .*, .'. fir )- N.wpml.Juna tOil, I). LAUD
.fa ISiJ.
Mkluria ?'tsa.n.
annuvnca 'dim n* a ."Iid.t. rot bhetilTof Leon C'ounj ur IIM.n. _
hood and naiifeer dttarred or required any it tlia akxitHffi id October asut.tv. l. ?AS2i CS31iT I ll .ill In.nntly rhetk the .4s.ua In penona whnhata t> .. ." country prnmply altcndiil InJuly3.U5 -

argument to be used against it. __ v AClSSiiT. "Mil". ,.red (htm any l Iouih;; 0' >mie, fiom una d I.y otyIleImboltI's J U.) 1. AMES
Upon the Catholic question Mr. C. da.clared are authorlioJ U announce IIALKY T. LOTTERYi la Iwrniv ]rea, so :that: ihry nard never to have another I - -- ,

that ho wa utterly hostile to imposing DLOCKFR hill I, by ooniinuiiig j in naa aorariLitg t us Uirtelioiiv. Genuine PrpaatOI.I .
as a eiodidnt tie -eU-ction to the offiaa [KT TlloltT' or T11* anTs or TALI, ttI.t.1II': I'LOKIDA IWho1eftlI -
any penalties, proscription or disability upon of,... ',.. I_ 0.\, .! ika amaeinf Oibtannaanaa fillOlqU.] : The p.(lianl at onus begiua la reixiyrr 'PI''.. : ,
of his If had b. .\... _\CHJs, OUDKGU. tile and sirangth. and! conil u.a vna, (lorniam-nl KI.M 1011'1 HIGHLY lYlNCFNTRATtll:
any man on account religion. n ,
and .
radical' ) cure it ..r..el"I.) I
further the fullest confidence in our native $31,000. C L aim C. Una of two baitli s will >n wei for ordinary eaa'n COMPOUND FLUID ETRAC BUCHU. and

Catholic) II. IIt sure they acknowledgedBO II.t'W.ars V LE a* a eanJiiliita.uthotlne'l Cit to the vfh,a of TIIOM\S Tn.A.rand :ll. Wit.T. ba dmtrihtited, lIf't'ndnlf, In the folio*ing aonra may rrqu ra n.ora 1'lrvtlioiia' |ruilrdln: :: tire| Fur dill_ of the .. ., ". KMneya R x>nt 11'11 pItrjg' I

allegiance to the rope ti>ai was superior Ci>lli>ilur of Leon County at U>. Orandand nnprenedtntad tk.heme (In public, ..an. French and 81"| ''. ."NII'O, pails "," ..- |I".raa. StrlcluearakmaMaand iuil|| .Ii. .
election .
to their or equal" to X. Hut there In OctolnrMa. ensuing at c.-r> Hall Maonn, Oa, andt'r lha awVn anpt rinleni I'ncaOna Dullnr ilieril .Ii..unl ,,. la thotrtJ. Dr ihe Hiiuil nrjpina "lii-il.r in Malra or Famalea '
.noe Or fCulU"" M.I.copIl.n.I.! ... A Nea1 .. .\ : r"o whatever, lhay buns
accredited tea here \\n the church : IIIJ may) munis c ; !
were men, who Emma ;:I'lraxi ,un Mr. Brownseit fur etamplo taught
a* ha Manual I 1.1. _
unflounees ilrtrrmmntion/
an a eandi-Jala for Tax AMB-MOT aol 1 Uuljtct: of Loa mak you I Imve rpntrnelo-l, flue leti.l.ln whloli
that Catholics did owe iwpremo allegiance to (X.ntv at tha rlccliou la UvtulMr' ntikMANV Ihia the mont popular lottery tll...II.lIn.1 f"Ailmf /. UIOrC& 01 S4tF.TT.Nw.YohJsia. IV.ln-n once atn'ad in lha 'yiluii, will.1.0 ninly '-

the Popo in thins; tcrnporiul' as well a* re''!!. VOTttu I I'ItIII..I'l ramMria*.mt lo thy 1A..er.'. ira* I'rtftt II I. I$15 down from n". (.nrrnil n to anoihir, ,gn last Received from New York a fall

giotw amid\ .rW1 'be wonM trait native Ken. -f i. --;Hc t toy""**a,Vr.Latin. I hnva mat* s thrmloal rmmmoilop, of"fliau.m', I"" em.atitntlon, and atpp ti| ih,. Viry .nI..IIInl, r supply of
itowCiTii 'Ir..lly-b.'jl,1 Drugs &
such d..c rire. La could 7 erv PrW la dr .." at, each drawing Kivsa tin Aciia Cpa lii., d.f, n.it irant ) .If In tIme liam'a ofguaika Medicines, Faints
tuck-tans repudiate $ tI", ..rlho 'p 0 or A Mti.su ,
OftVa -
my of1 a* ( .II<.tol'. M ahisluymur ? .1"TI .
I ? r \\M -It"out.vJ'Iwc"1.- ..nil 100..1. whnilirlup trrry Jay In a eliy' likalhln' and Oils, Wfndowglais.
not **f a* much for mime J European Catholics liimlni'n clirtnl! ma hi Ont<4>rr l 1"5* ; .. itImwn ,ugtwil It (orAmnenir. Merrary, QnlnIna .n sub i bhhimla : All thapnpi Putty, be.,
and ; but I ha,. ? stun well eiitouditrd
.'aa were coining her in such 'immense, num.lien. hv Mijr eon< ipti Train, flit 1 1 rrA..rer'. Ottivr, Ire..tieetliIt I I Sirjihniiie, not mnd a p.I'I" uljilhrf ,lrcil. I the nn.l. timeS lo -4 HO-
In It. nor hat. I fiuul ,u Ito I ) .nnu Upon this "bo|. Catholic aspect uflheqnextion | i ITi; r mj'nlf beforn you as a canduluU fur CAPITAL-$8,00 ,, 'top IhM. scull I prow lila any I."r,. eonuti, iheirtrHka t u. raunol ba t-iof.,r.lln lime Six on l'Iull''. Qiiiuin, Farr Brand,
rltxtkin In the oftho \mmcnn, .M. Imeitat of* mimi'.ity Ii Iba lp.1II: ffcille,
position pirty UN .
L.P. IlEMIILT.D7 CIIIt C\.n".a 'Ilia tIght t.itriiwt; ; nl haul ri.n: ttlHHl. UUulirr doSIM .
was simply' this ; Tliey would not win fir IVJDLNCE Or I .._ I : p""oul..1I"
I 'rim1 .,Olll rmiurnt pliai< lana .,ut. ., ) Uajla. Caalur Oil" No. ..
t rr..r rnnedy
**y man who ackno.'l-geda ditldcd ailegi- I hirrnnh announat niM-Kl) >* a eanWata fur 1I,1t10, I t .oooI" llbarf Cuba C I'.., May t, I ti..h' \ .""" I't. a "edlflnca perftelly' .I ilr*..anl in ha. tilt) >. famn, ..
ance betmeea bts rminirjr and any (,reign Cl. rk oftlic Circuit Court at the rnniniK, Dck M-r rlro'Imn a of ''oflt) ,.rono 10 Silt III1CItIl0 J.ItIO M.. J. .\. HiiooiiJ-ncsrHIr : Tli. tins of me Jklna I" .ruulfr.tl1.111.! ."."J 'III .ia .... sal yet 100" ii NaaliW ..

power, civil or ecclesiastical, or \\ho acknowledged suit f'ioil yuur..trrtm. Y... lUnprrtfully "Ito 1 215011 '5 M I3.11I0 you nest ma waa Jui'j: r.-'Hl'! on "ilia I llh of ..". nail| w.inoouLtUittft'tiJU'1X.J'ar'Lal.[/ \" ,i t *... sill Uaa. It .._-_, _
mic.li Tltl f. WI1.II4MS I h.. aold about half ef It, smut I (., "" ulirr U K.KiNa. I, While l..a.l. .
any allegiance lo any power I ii2mJ to 1& 30110)) 18 Apl..o..tio'l'lrl..IIOO "peL a soC 1 ruiuidie., dora not dry Up lbs .,we tie (55"Fu5is "
his pioplu who buns sued It." *alllu'l that litaaurcd the blaml.Coniillulioniil.
superior to his allegiance to country.- *W I rim) .'., II
th" t3 : to nn.mncHMUFL w.vll..oo t!n x amnnntinRto |1ll.>.iMDrawlnga > lUm li bu orrUmly?, Moppm] the A got 'in ; Jibiliiy. by It
this be would not < nor or. \ L".alllt.n k.\.II. Ail "
Ileyond \
K a. a candid Ho f fleck uf Ilia CiroiutCourt /in Pkkil
>r ,
Kmtlaallnriliringtlikrui. Ordiraitritt. avery 0" who has .d ll, and aim i of the win* -rraof a tint |rrnlkidi mia-. brought .
ler require anybody to go beyond W. |JI"{ was of Ixtn County tha ikttlon In Ootubrr nrit IOUO lha lira Proof l'ain|
'ly eonfldtiitiul .n,111 My tUlrr, wlio h.. lud fur five uf tha human ran In "flt&mn.ty ftrsvea ,
not IxMind to refuse to vote fir n:UITC l>|ho- I Tin 0' I..I" suit \ul.1 novar Ret It I enr.pt ,u.s brilliant, h.|w. i.fpusroninsiimt" l .I".bl.t'nl IOU Ikiiaa SVimlaw (Iila4. aixirtad .... 4
Thouaiind ?
lie* for office uVleij 10 knew or fnd reawjnlo I-w. sri mliorne.l, to annntinoa, COITNC1I. I l'stitiht'ra.< ,Thaihanora tolal"' lliCapital ,. by (Jululne, Mi'l thai, only aa luni( li&0/.01. I hut this glorioui i mini ion 'if "lilh'i"la youth II I litrga ""rI/I."" af Iiiliilrri' Kialeriala llrnahea,
Prize In Iliu ul.I comliliialion /
.\ BIt.andd..I., (plan la I In '*. :: : :d : : 1'.I::; .n' Ac
bnliov hat hi\.14) t,. such a f-rr\ni\ alia.ii Court; of Leon COIIa.yallh.. dictum r Cloth: In 1 IVtnhrr the Cirvail nil.tw1. I I I OTA In lliU I In tO.otst. Itilb on all aolvnl llankaal t.k. it, HI now, I think, ,entirtlyauml j C. by u cnn,onleinewhlcls hi' cited,, I 17 muM tlni itifiil/blu beiHlll avtrykiidy And aa Miy 37, 1&3S.New i). II.. AMES..

Who could trocription Rtgiitrrtt t.it.as rat. I AollI.V. from lha
Ihure par
; uce. say gaiy| tntnty my ::: .
d.'lU-nta la ilia ennfinrd sml -
Imply 'In
In 'hi.Tm .] II. N :\\'rlIM.: eve 'UI"b"5. a" esn.litmte!In. .nn..no.Ice 1mt WII.1J.UI nor an 1Collet Ticketi-f5$1 23 00-Halves $2 CO- Quarters*! CM' II'' TO AfJlTIi SLfFFHERS lida, uu ".t.ll.| l 10 .. found aoiiuy boils .. Curi via --I FIt() I'11114A1)EJ4PJIIA) J I ,

: lUTTLn 01' ".'\. .** si l.. rlrvtlm III OikiUr Oc,t. Ad* JVHUS: ... WI LSTr.P.. MMtrJyly Talii. Bo nxna Arauaicrunies. Mrraury, jiilnine, and praviutlv BoQte to Niagara FalVi.
trvlinine Anti ..
| ur I'" of
-- I$t. 'V5. fl J (J.. F..I.ro'uln. any
The Cillowiag Utter written by AUivlulSt. 7'. <*. r.i". ./ /-tarn Cox/y .- I -- .oun-,-- I will known inrflitiemy; uflhena noilouiMIU II F l.M tiOI.lM iiio'i: ;:y tONCENTR.TIm, 111e| Or oa( .turlhrrii I.ik" & Ciiii,

Ariiaudlo Ln wifti.o.'ie( Jiy ufierllui' bnt KcLLow-CiTiisoi I hrrcwrlth announce' myxlf aun.li.I" PICIAL: Mtl IC\L ocr'lcf:. | >III.. {'roves. lham In ". It,..n.i"l| .n", ., ff f Ualnr.li COMPOUND FLUID EXTRACTSABSAPABILU. ud... riirc lc
tIm of Alma Mill IM 1 be regarded eninterckt1"g I it" for the .m. ."lam AsMix ant (Vllrrlort CURE OF DYSPEPSIA. : ;al fl 1 i 1 i ipli a,ur of inrrceuny : *. 'I'ha:. only
I rameilf In ainrtrm that la both and lurni 'rout Siirnniiah
the sura Ihrmigk la
.n'ut"l/lk'I"bcr skethim| suit| rrHttfuly! solicit I ffiugara Fall*
| rpha unilFnlgncd la bring eoniultvt, by kltrr from
} "Urn. FIElD or .It**, > raise .ttlTnifi'a. With W\t'.."ot, 1 .11 parta ..rtb. Union, I., tWa wb<> nra mil."rmn t.s.ln\\hol Ir.(Fureeet..l-.'. II M A AMKS'".:Curt, rallJiameaHIH'lIrN "li, and iltfanff thwrtrr f A.I/I by u.ty other
t. W. MOORE ,
Reji'.al I. 1831. \ I I. : Iy.p.pui.: and ilf oumnijueul grnrral: wiakiiMa, 'H hMIIII, Ja.5ie For Purlfjlnff lha | | | ,ramovlnf d, /lu.lf..
: aeiaes -
nutationand nvrvoua d.Ulity. JU'lnK fir UM. BI'\I\HKALLJr' : (Hunt's; ; /.1. .-. fP UK well kanwa 6mm claia ..i.UI .
stanch !beloved| | Li.uu Frrry, aid fir from .
Victory,Ticlu foimlyi teat Hw y.."I la hia, )prouica uf ni..iicine., turned sala by d'al.ru l generjll vJu'y log .me riury, ripowir and linpradtueo .il;; 'i .b..1 Bicaniililp.. "K"Y8TO. t:
SOtb I ,hot Ku..tiiMenmpjett II lifa, vkroiila liiutlonal iliM-naa arts ,,
Yesterday, the Sept., .at attuntiuB stout,. In Ika rArn "
eiiunly treatment uf Ihiadiataae | ;
A the .
< ea".i.'lt. .
reqmtl imany fritnnV I O I'.CUUKSS IT, 1(155.Orws ( rV .. a a f1 *i>naaila
< an '.t. uf the sat I the
'ly; I carried formidable position.le. .ft'r.; tiiusrlCs NmdiJuta dr J..1".of I'..". i iI I baiaeaaUi'd friMO t.s; Urya ctperlanoa ill'i ---------- rvtinht|and 11 10., f.m the only from bnaunih ftir .'bi *dal'|>bi* *ary akamala

fended! in>ra than forty tWi-aa} 1 Locus. \m tie. the eitMi'nir rlttlion in (Mohvr Aunt, sat will bo i atituta a peculiarity uf titatmenl' that will, rnakla aba nTlcl: I'Ior..I,. (,.t'.nllt"u.1I renwdy r euraof \rd"..<,lay, asMknvai ,

fought rerIK..II; 1 but aothing cart wl.kiland aJ..uU,110.. ."1.'.. uf hn 'rw..d kllow-eili. piturul lu *thai r.,/,lila"<, sad,tll."., aftrr B day or t.utreatmaul ', 0' l'sanicuia.* aNDUauauu K. K CoNuiKa of Ilia 'I| hoalnd Kheum Lifi, Atcah4 Palua llaad amid Wwrllmira I'Jr.-riltrni ufIII May tad Ju alhinJ $.&, July 4iuaa., | l 11th

Frmcti eoliu.ia.m, CUQI ned with Kn: liihfirmness. Kit /Bt'rully.BT7VI |"|n I ha a ,dry tungue I.eryl.,thirst, loaa already af apM| >\eomjieoecd'*,roust patita )hrroby gives that J4..l Direclura Lkme.'fnltrr| :Pininlia;. on (Ija I! F.il( and all I adalpbi AafU.( 1st|ha, 14ih iulrrntrtliata and .9,11.' dc Waduraday*., 0tfcavlng. Phil.,

At ft o'clock I made the attack .l K see lulharnnl ant raquratril 'o annoanea of bowi.If. pauar and funiitipn T-ll tha nut, dry, of tjia fhmmarutaaad tiaurgia It.I II. Co h" ordaradan Kcily I trupdouiuf| r>kn| a) a.d, arentb and ..acconiinoJaiiona ragurJi .

41.| the Rasslam were entirety roijted, and IKMUEt JONWMwndJ.ia, Tn A-WMOT 'nh., .i\h unnalural beat t-la b* troubled sits, .IIIMMI.| iuaialini.iil of four prr enit 0 lha aapl- rplllii article la sow prraeribeil by sun,' uf lli* BO ship' ruanmgon lha roe's au anar v* lha Key

lad I been furnished with cavahry. nwre IMn and ColU-cUof Laua County at tIle tlaulimi' III Uclo. I 1..11...., ."'h.la, his aliMp, aomoolaney, 1m.I tad .k of aaij Uumpaay la ba piM on lha X moat dwniulalH.d" I phyittuina In lime aoayry. Moat lila- laoocb watar, lUUmiKa an Dcltwtra
vuliUon I, wiih Ul I J4V ofUctubor Brit Jly doe of : and baa pruvad' HK>ra tlhckti& In than sad .
thousand of the might hare been bur neit I Iur I "lj.'i"l ur"tl""II""lh. hIt. praelica Buy" I Hay Ki tr-only Iwo ai.hle.t *.*.
tea enemy *a. 1y oit of < i u nuns U. W U W f N prl.paralloNuih'aruepurulls yH 14..,4 lo lha pubIlosMut. .-. Cabin
taken. Unfortunately. none. \\;;;su utliurur-In annoaiiua Mr:=1 hUM I I I, .rt..n 110., afar ape, two, ur 1llehn" Iraalnwntnl July 1 IMS.'. .ri.. .,.t! case of aocundary Hyjiliilia, Marvulal and I ISpmoflitisie I 1'asnagf,. .. ..t20

ThsmorlrftctI.; immense. 'flmehttietumlJ AS J. roithKIOaaa: : eM-lidata for 1. : ...B<.. Ui duupptr|| t. -- -- ----- --- J_._ ha.. inlily raouvorad In tim. Steerage,. .u.n.nuuun.a. H

upon which I am bivoucking-nay the very i n
soot which! Prince MnscbikofToccupicd yestnrd f>brr lint. 'lion MiJicina orwaidad by mail', with full awl ... MK WM. (J. IU'IltJl.SSIi! anihons'd la lor many years rv* ..d every nails ,Irwlnwnl thai KariroaJ Houta from 1'10,1".,,..aft'uoI. Ih*
-- I | wrlttrB dirrrtiona uf tI.. euoraa uf Na at and Aecnunla; thus lha K* 4a .! aould ba dvvla d. .baaa CWH funnih ratal alrlkinf' dkoitrat cliaipul and inaM iBIasaaung Koala fool,

twelve hundred men iuri lie "rnmbaL the JII: :. log t.JjItt.II.-M. John 'l..n|.'.I"., now lisle at I mwlioma Kir (S.'".)..Munoy rrmilk-d la all in- 113$. rt\KI : I I1iOAL a/ruling alum uf the stat InvatvraU dioajea, afUr I babes and Caaida) NMinf, ap th*" vallay of the

limb fifteen frM.i)>dre4. The ItqisitiKt hare Ii0.., Damn, 'Jlsnuvtr county, sear Rukmond bad | ttanvca should ba .ftgi.UraJ" at ll, oflj. a. alms ulinji were dvatruyad and, lha bonaa alraady. af- I Hhuilkill' bv Vallav '0'K". Ihrao h. 1I..du.h.! .
lost from four lo five thoutand. Sfy amtmlan. Agua ant Frot r ft Ihraa y 'rs, ,.umt*f the time had letters, t b* ",-mba undnrmfiwd. 1 COL'LEI 07 QCCRQIA. fcwU- i famous ao.t l r"fon.-fA, Pi"1.,I. .' illia'iutpurt-I,

aw filled with their wounded whose I am hil,* |WW5 a day, and raraiy l Ions ittan oooa. ka was !' % 1/.IM W. Itl.Iad. M. n., JIU Gd., tFth3'rIIKTWINTY.YOURTIcauraenf None*- /.itt ru lr>nn rvauonailila PhyawlaBa and I lulls and CanaudaifBar anj raacbinf Niagara
eel par ..4 with fevrra aa... a* this chill, kit kim and j I Sllfn bat. Prufivoraofaavaral Madu-al, Cullirraaudaftiltcalraof | r.II..nd.ha Or*.| 8|.peniun Untie' lu II lu's,.
**odiD( UTu Conalanliuoile] with my on n. alter tryiwA phsiaisns. 1.illi. p..a fA tile 'famoussjvertiasd | July 31, 18JS at,. X thai loaiilaiiun } I oluraa aarea from patients will b* louud ounipanying' ('runt Philadelphia' i,.....lag; uulry unriialted
have left than twi thousand niun.kels will I cuiniuunc lbs Ural Man.slap botb In tbicrndur b
more ofil
They sad ".I'h,." rmeomntnenJsd Is I4ia. was --- -- i tic Jk'wvtiaUr I'rvpiraliuBaPiesarlukl and aty ",.
.nJ| n.ptill the battle, field. ab..ut t. rota .p i. M .". whoa c."",'. ttpaniahMiatare Fresh Assortment of Groceries .e" Koirset of Beebe. !I ix-rbo 11., or II butll Ibrough tiyk ts lawif] .M.h.rr l 0 atop si
On the net d4b Marskal ail.Irewea lie ... upikas 01. b. g'4 twe II 11"0 but I r c a a,v i .Car $5.$41aupurtlloi. liiUriBudiat pumla >uja*..* their journey al 1!

French Secretary of Slat", *"d Wrists among fore h. had nw* mora tan a mgU ana, baiuclly super. PIR \\)1 1C I'EI EHrpllEHabaeribaraltavajaMraaiivad ." Analiany-O. M. N KW.I', M. J). *>)'U! In alrai"(ill to one galltia e pluaaura fai by lhaaxrntil fl..b. fira
cured and has nut bad chill or la.r luue. a 8..1-1.. A. IUUMI. M ll Hyran of Hanaparilla.Prrparad (fom Niagara P'aIi.thsa.waaion; UtUgtur |luf-
other things i ""To-day am a great man.- )1',. ana eat at tbuutanda she X HMwral I.Omaat of tiruaroat.shah they large D (. .no A. MEANS, M. I). and auld by 1'UtltllLO.\Iom, (.<. *'W i lu chase' 1281 lo C.n.mWu" .

On the fourth day slier writing thai teller he hans heo .t.'l thIs jest IUUM, atttrehi tir taiA.ana1 CaaA a/y .,' f..cl. t: Matins Mautoa. 'I h"'i| and >M. Jari.speut.d.aonL : 8 3Lbrataul "..t. aa, I' (brand HottM. I'fail ;:

resigns his command and three da)S after Li* sad bled p,"iAr. Aa ot T, iS. 6'oalaairr* aa lima,.via. fyt P. UAk\'.. I. aihntpl.ia.' Aganl tI......

resignation he die*. With calmness en the Anne IIAR .\RU" Jl.IXM tLL, .lral 40 Cask..'.aad! hhuBldara, tnWtetriua and iJuwaat %'un.. aid Inhala All lotlvradiraojadla Ih. IVoprirlor s, Afi.l| r.. Ma, II SolIVroccrics.

brow there had been death in the b"If&- and Mrdicina Htora, Muuroa hu*.t,1 1 alUbjusoa,|1*. I .' Pitta llama. J.A.F.VY.MLmISysiihigy 1 pad'. Imnwdwla atlaaliua. *

Whilst Ih* French General was thinking of -Fresh- Garden Scd t 4 Ilkda I lSal Cared.v.t lI., MIL).IK; :M.and llul'tub > 1..p ,-II. V. M. Ju X4, U35 a-ly FresIi( .

glory his heart was beating funeral marches Ckowa,. '' a smut .of M eoWia -L J>. KJI1I, For SaleIMNIEL'S" [AT TU* ou nAito or I. I. QAMILR.]

leo the grave." GROWTH OP 111 I .1"H"ni.ftugar, M.I.b.I ll.. Ctxn araliva and 1 1 8Tlt\W CUTTEK8, COSMIJjn a i. part .f the fcllowlnj anra'ra: .
Itbla. Phase Micruaeuaieat U
., FUt Turaip, CabUoa. IV-ats. A*. 3i l Grain c by
WUl CoMfMiitM Kukri.. To be rkh'maid RITA -1 1 ; M D itrK
fig) .
.!.., U II. AM JiH. J..K.1 fram.Iy ibm'. IJ-I'HII.L A MEGLVKI15. Float
Mr. Secretary of 40 1. .". .".)- MPUELIjM Rie.
Marry, our worthy AagutTh86. a y.J I V. & 1 JUIM S, l:>. Ijird
tonA:tinoflheminJ. --- -. Flna Kraadivs
State require only a satisfactory t.ae. \BalMlUoaKKiatfalor ,
M --4 n. $SIMMONS H.I Mare WhUkey '
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On. b rich ith .I..rl.I
m. w a OofT
may lYaatiamrlurrodaaurofNuriMry -Jl KIAII II AI I Wioaa,
hundred dollar, while another I In the posies.ion semI trmtum will beats u. d.. tnt Muality la Il pJ.I Risist, M.im. I NOTICE. Miss Path5 Cidrl"

of millions may think hlnxwlf poor; awl gtpUanbaf.... Itoard,ImiUdiqjj ..101... may S I. Lard I.". CtWa l I vlarea will U dahvaraj raatiUrly at ti.. A LL ".".. tail bud to the .",. cfO'.r.ntiy 1lot!! ', Ala libottise
Iw oblMB la aha family of this IVlBalpaJ, tie a lin,l- Panali.laU of 1 IOB rI- Uicua. rut" I t1.80
mil auualy
II wttl .
the neceitltles oflifir Ohy b s3urdvehC4 ara hereby .
are each *
a I laiIO.l. '
enjoyed umi aamb r oMts., !.pU of bo. mOat ashes, uVlay A '
Ui. ( ) la Uia andrriwd.
it i I. evidanl (bat the man who U best satisfied Fail ash TbU |l per mootk Foe re.ih.r I ''k' <..., .') f. Tt'KMifl
para.tars EiwBkir. r*,, l..gst
Faaa I.e lU ,
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with his poe lIloa. in the rirher.' rwpf*>$B| rain ef shIne, revelation., Aa 4 a: 1 I$ ..o.I .c.( t 0 J... l II, '1$ B_1. 1'11'T

To illuttrate she idea M,. M rcy related) Ma printed MUlugaa, whlrh nf ba u.'u4 by spa Iluiaa" b a kad Tauaea, Haoar" dared, J t..d.paruoatara.I.ii.J) : 0 -- U n",. htg*:,
W. shim Cbnx y ---- ,
.the following ancedota : While I was ( Aaj T, I8i4 aLAND \TOS. .. GI It.\T MM* $.\.(*.
Slate of New York laid he.'Iwa :__ > noti f. b stat. I IVII" ,,
.c .aaaai4a d-orea i. Shilsisusa -
rmr Chancery, lliaundur ,
called o. one morning by /otigh *pt';|I. FOR HALE 10 K.ra For Sail or lngu.| will ultr (r.. ., .! Iba timva and pUae all eliWI' artIcles esully lips I" ear ..._
a Rlnt
man of a back woodman, who stalked m andcommenced 'VILuI"T: 4d b.4w. Ik* Court IU.BM la she ei I 1 Wai.. CU st. .gnI '1' II K d.shsg lia Dunnllya iI.",... draiKBalad apn' a'.la ..f n ruiHioa' see,. of.la'd, w. .. aIat _t.t .._.. to 'If'Ia.iaII owe .
eonverealiofi by ioquinnj if ibis : wi the third Monday i IB kky I* Ha a Itia Cuff hoses, whb. Ika appwIrBanaaa Iharotu UaUaa lula la Iba Cky of A oiiUkhk-ol* and la Ik* ..It y1e atotne' Orlo.... ash N.w

.ws Mr. Marcy* iMukar .aa', Tw &.6.a HaBderd Bun ul laud, I ly. IUb. l Jrl .*. tut aab' 'I Town .fN.wpuet. KlorMa.r)" pr-uany of|hAP. Yuob si 1:1.u sad ill" t.aaan as e.sp asisaybee

I repiiad that wa my name. iMiLio CvaalybUii t> ( W the*(' ft IW- .11'ny. UO WLK*. milf f ',a"-: :;r< d. >iam di lh ALAC1ICJI.ANI| > fOlJ'.8.) .'" ottbase.ty. CsOasdrsasIaei.k
BillMarcyraaidhe.I ria.dcssaasL Twuthuassad Baraa -.D subs F.a I M. Os, ...,, :avaaMt U a ..:/ uiMMuna oil.I |iBiar! t 13 this' Cusuiotlrci.? I..OB heirs puusebauiag ahnqalisre, -

pteautiaaa otavftr awa d by Cat ,J' rjow, .1... ad t .Uuar4iB)" luaaa,w rtb Ib | XV.kala a4dUiiMM.wmUUr.rad In 1.tlsi.asaio|| l J.." III.".. t ,
I a.*ea<. ..t. ualta C. K. .1"UtTI 1I'D
a>iba from TiHaluwa haM by she Aduuawtnln lB tbkl MOSTMONDAT IS DKCFMliEK "hLLIl. I -
TOriCitbis .. I n. M. aoau am ar. uf shared Beit ;
Used to live .n Sot"'P ..'. ye >' aaVt aa ordar of ifca Cvu(4 {'|Dt la. i'i iflqltas.WdavtL: i : ,- ar iaar.. A *MrfpWB..may l. U this pUww. ea.a. part wblca Ik* lu 'akfci fgwuty wilt ba I', '6.\ ._11

I answered l in the .'rm.t',.. and lejanlo .II"'U. IbM.DiamolutiQq. II IliaitSfcie CaoMf, far Imise:Aa .r=aU amId b> the ..." Iba ufawaea I .,. ..p l nhi ulauBlhaFlh>irM< .>flAY IN -- ------ -

. be a little curious to hew who iny vieMorws law WIN *u a J, .* Iba tl K aba ba to past the aaatimg,yeas.& iso laraia,.I up. JANIJAItb I. ,.L..a In.. .. ,h.Jell Vt A Page Circular Saw. apparatus Conplete. .

and what k* $'a. driving II. r; rtn, i-- *a.sail. haw uf.I Haa.o Caawly, Flarfas:;ulylaOMMBMBftaakMBUBai Jaly li. 554 rslm4 fiuia Ik* ilL M.rb0 lh. 'palt.kiri.,1, Ifi..r.TX .
Isha4. ..
That' what I IM, vm,' er ted rive back 'X'PHK WHTPK CO-MTIBM A bLOtuJLR** BeNtuaWa haa bar a>MM Ikia bMwaa t _Jaly ft, 1$U fwa IflCMRY Tics trrna the will ba"_.a5 ashi Uur.1 ma's,.| his ramwiMUr FOB,a Sow Ja II Orn-ular, tb* ...,0-, OB* of ... 11.*>
4aaidvcd Saw
day Notice.
wnd.aR. Lgisig .. tesujid do. '.us bialtilb by aw al CMMM Alt pumes m4<*.4 la Tq Clote a Consignment.'PtlitasharidhamenrLeunlu t IX ..lbs aad.rai-a.iiJ ila la HBiislmiiBia. of one suit :.au ,' I,.wIth jima.aefumutajsgi4ate. Saw Port F'. *7. '36., Apjarase.D. LADD.prtng&ndSummnGoodj .
wI4u Ursneeiu4 i'tte I J. .ma IM SJrn. an r'.e' at.'t M lush. taia-aSoU b. rf S '
la Ud Mao' ko uo-,1 1 liufa W. P "1_ r It. .IfI patuvui Uw lur = < UU MNwalliaa <1. : vie pfouny |ii raw a
was Mine Dill ) ".i e slaml. _I." hera.' J. ( "' kd. .
pM< m *>al Ml nib jknl.r .ii.a 'I ; 'niy. will. th.b.t his l | ,mImi .'.. .
: .
I .. .. A. Lash WH ( MiamI
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I. iHBfiny| <
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1"11 .. ( .. ,
liir.ulhp. shy sad t i iami I. plaf' 't a > I u. ill i.i j I II'i .1 o.I.o .4iodi.u.lUvIf I, K. .
I : I. ; : .n I. 'r ht.I. h. r l.I.e'' smi'a S JU| lam mined III I ItlOef44t
Mv t".1
I "ro.t. ,.J tto t,' \i i ',?. J IT i m tatiti 'u I ,' '. iI a val.. f hillEuheceiIara1..iagrtiuiot.Ithe

bdJt7c.u( -. j t'.j I- \tt1 l A, I L' 'o'1 'I J T I, 'J'i h'' 'l" ,'., t. ? I I'' ':IN !;tl.D; I:. "h.,4. 4,. 1. weul. .* Uutxla a.U|'u.1 I b. the ass, -:
) I I r i I"i s.si 1 ''I ate Btual faaaitwU.
J ha. A" I J. ,,0. & .uraM.DU.UAM..




--- -- -- -


; ;

_ _ -- -- .. >
: : - IHt. .1. H. MtUCIIICELEBRATED !". fJrcnl !oiilhrrn' n nitdjACOB'SlORDIAL-.

I r -Ai.n.: dt1A:111LftfflL: NEW GROCERY UCOTTOX\" ( GI.Jrniir CATHOLICON, I )! TRGREATST--- 1

I \ 'i 0pnOTISION lor lAD Ktlirt 4. (. rf nfX .It iiy tra*, !I ISCO\EIY

1M g m 3 : J :! \ STORE. 1IMJtll M:". (r IV\ft lOP.:NT *SHOUTn Tltl.:;i: : TIXITII> 1 I.ONGSTAI'I.E rrr i c \I'IZ IT. .Ian ;I. pre emi. ; P It .,11" tat aal lime)* B pertt.vir.sar'atiee. restate ha lh r .

hit it* e.ra ,
MADill rinrutx which ba b-wm permanently
1PI UsAtt tt nUll I I arty ,\w
V AIID Gc:iTirMrv'i I IRMMIIX. ,\TH H. 1 ENlOhIThariuwi r -tir.-d fn'm I n. n' greet tal. 14,11 I* orrr ihi 1.v.Gin in tfrikmfljr I op| ._2vor1.JI J/ tine.ltieto ponern* for In which.lIlh.itl i.1) .t-Inf I it out off-where
(inol>'. 1\1 m ihh irfiy. and diionped of bin in ,rr ;t ,,k ; laPIn It :o.>.l Jiuira. Tin .nprrl I.>rnjr eM.ti'> otW/ l recixnoendvd,U.u- I il .h., bed wnltry.irrkci. > FOR ALL .( .. .

I rewtrmg at the will I <.wn ,44 ihusi hr. trade to ,lh. m hrwned w. like errit |1.1. n'",,' ,in ,in ,tt leavi;,( the lint cleaner mtri .,.. ..< /rmm I f : .111 called render th hl..nnl.urnpdud> D 5 ( Ckoltri hl. .

I NOW', eeepi4 by CUrhr A ttiltaM. Ml*. preatnlmz .wrarUni at ran-li.Intr* f,T th. r..1 ( knit. .nil.Idntt net cut brrsk of tn any won female tempt*'In I. I *ortan scalp. lo their nrkinat '" Jifiitioi. .
r nrwipnlof l perl"t n..hitItr." ) Kwn. notice .n.1 I p.itruMu| nf the public gimrally ii'jam ,I\ filer. tt the ..,ne time iim tiling to ,trip I "* that nolrinvrnt' .,
hng thiuJaIiI'ihi' ,( uniuwrn' VI'i.sa'p1. lint tint **ri and oily taming which u naliral lalhetapl Ofllee* *r* Paoiarti. .., aupply aT BOWEL DISEASES.ALSO
; > .It dm Mb tie I.
ir \) 1 I'u., er f ailingof .
band tb lint frrmtbe 1 n
praetl U part of ih I Ml CHOICE FAMILY AND OTHER OROCI- when picked V nwkmg II mi' Hair and .
.. Itiir k DPI fmrk 'mia' Mm lot of ed. wth fwra | t* I 11 cent f.tOWN ot. Ih* \> umb ; I u'en .., B perfect iBvifuralur much admire Tel the benttfnt ADMIRABLY ADAPTED MAMT
'..-- 'ia ck-and Col. 8illle| ItrraauJ Frwk ..! m IQII. I } mr I kin when ICI.. an the MW gin. A Lin or White.f ; the trung: who eo be K T
larunaTioiIND 11"and rlngM h* feel thai h* wilt perdnned, DISEASES OF FEMALES ,
On'1 It the S.. Mnxl Cotton beautifully. air.JI HBOKIC
11liwi .
(At the old Stand of Mr. Knight) tb advice mgfetted by king .1.,1 ly and *>
an CM* .4 wII., '. tram *OOI. '1000 pitiful per pay. and eo I I.:IX.BATWI or Erptctally IftJrplE Menstruation.
: iHrn*y and <":.1 H.Hh O.. ,., &....11'.in; part .r,. 'ollo.i",.loot! Khmr, Ha far M M.*uf.rturert b... tinted It. the 11,,11. in i TII" ... ; INcrDRII' Smuts obecrvauomi it wtodiecard all tok gnand. \or : ?

.4 nock IMrekln P*nt., ran Me llama iml WiouMen, Meat Pork, Pithiest I nacb '.1., .vnvilttw (at lh. Mill thin from sty L -) 'TAL III.o..o..rr. : atimalatinitoilt f th* hair.and keep alway *p< n the

runny ami Cvl'l < M* Tanta' Bmf, T.rd, 4uir Cured Ham In cai,ea, Jna nthef (hnIt l __ _____ r .oodinff ; PaiftriL .. B bottle the ,o.I.. fur Boaiona) ape, I \\ Virone. or JACOB'S CORDIAL ar* |..
', 4 : : 1w< imit iWyflHh \'w, awl. I I'l I. r,iTi>, "CAW.t..t. <".".. lnT, ClalrMMtn4 North (.a.li.r..., B.tiUAVB DfIII.! Si ,,..1.. AN_ Jon.tt.1 MmeTiOATiow, Ac, an, yen safely predict,la' h..ff.arlver lock I .t1 known to reqnir encomlumi :

.. umu ViIv.tN llmw Hnfirt Blark I and r n Tet. PtfprT, com* (;mnly. ...1 I Dr D I I.. Mil.ofWivne I'<-unIt with sit their areciwianjingMilM'' Cancer eicepl- and bald bead will b* i ..lh.gh the 1 lat. 1 cure, th* wont .... Dian&cti.
II CUM CWiiwrrrt, Hptee.. ofifl i ndt, "fftm. t Mid AdmaMmeamlei" awl Miveral mhri hive tried lh. Gin un Sheet> edt iht matter how levine er bow long ettndtng roe* may 'spew the dainty !. dark Sd ore the wont form *f Dyntarrad .

Whit.) M4tIIk* IF BAI ,: "re.( ('.. of efl kl'J., Puppet .. (Cotton lit pMt MOMI. and Ar* highly ple.'t I with NOTICE TOTIIE UNFORTUNATE FE tAL&. eye b*ever .prnl. and the teeth ,of pearl It eurei Cari/orniar Menca, Diarrb.a.
0- wnertHl siui.f. 'anew) IVkKM) (lyttrr*. trdine*, the reo.It.? In lena the New (lit I.I Ixuml I* myaetf declare .1. if the ". b withheld rr th* hilt, 4lk It rlieM the ***.rat Colt*.
4 A fin amortm-M bMa..r. rarftH IUTi, MatiarH: Kudu, i'r.n.rre. of all kiiW, ObnewHl, I' >... rlei Capt. Jhn Vusilsin of 101.1'''.*, I feel U a lily incumbent upon Marebl,'. Uterine ineonecquenc* i' b.* 1'd1 and hanh fib cures Cholera Mejboe.6th .
White I : I O4'd, .r. I HIIV (;:, fMT a4)Mllfi) ( r're.li ...1 la.h.i" Butiri,Cheese, "''. Vlnngar, who percttaaed Ik. r two then grey or falla off, OH of more 1 Cholera Infanlam
I Ihnwer Hir .nl in fun annhing and cferthlng ..".11, Cttholieon lint proved lit m* For year rn, than half i it* charm| and I g'i it ia B aoteroignpemady 1 CD'e
nk*. OKKm 1ft" Merino I tnhv; irt ,4 *. rl.re. lhl ,the bad reeeivM them in tim 11 oiewrshle I I almott unable! t* walkPhytleiani 7th 1 core Painful' Menttrtition9th .
health was th who
,, tIM. nuw Cfcmwl anl m rh,.ii.I' I 'HWhw kept inlnllin... lined hi. whot crop, il would hav waite I a differ, : falling of the fur thow who are h'I;: M reheera Pain in Back and
me I
,HlkN. nil ( "frt>h *r, -A'M"or hU( pronounced my are bat I, Mill all will are making only Li.
*nH ror ICmihrl .t .ne* of from 9000 la 101110 d 'lliw m vnrTh commencing with 9th) counteract aerroatnet dMy.
tffi'r.I lot Iti. p.Mto on rraoifrnMt-l.rm.nd wrM l adeira ...1 I CWrt W hwa. Whhh.y. T... ff'> inch thou it tr* n>rrMi.. .'all HoI)Izamn.4. Ibiitging, llnpe. TwIce Hrft.. A. uH .f wmVh w* floor shoe Th painnli'iil.'ien' 4c., calculated lo both In B perfect and healthy
*4 an ffiwl' II my oflVred In Ihle M,"" ( !. of I lint, in 19 hour. The 4* Inch Gin will burden In this miserable eonitl pritrrv 11th. It dupe' gloomy & Hysterical) feeling .
render! life *
4 mT fur isle eiihi r t .. ...' nr retail on aa rotnn a rtnt*. :
Ml r *
M (M 31,1 gin tone KNM la 110 poun-1 of lint in the **m* tionI F P. Newlaml recommended I I"r Marrhiti 12th it's a Trinquilner and Admirable Tom*.
nhle' terms for Carl or til J rrrftnc. M any nth i,m*' with proipior *ptfl), awl to run i long ass Uterine Call...'eon. After taking 'four bottle I find rr m tAo CJiltr */!*o Rent Etlnti Adterliitr; 37ScJlo A FEW SHORT EXTRACS FROM LET.
him lit the .
re my Stw Gin i ta.1 In cue of failure I with proeruttgIhry | .. for /. ( ( TENS, At
Insurance Company. health Gratitude reetor- < r
Mutual! perfect my I 1.,
Southern Particular. tnt I prompt allcruUm will at all time* b* I m7seUin ,
OP I IbORGM, pnld to the exxWia iJt tritrt d. amity auppll.. I will k* iiail inch* good.rrltHl (list 1300 For M inch I1S5 lion make intently desire; that all en, ini,alike I DOloII.! Much SO,'54Prof I hat need Jacob'. Cordial in my rarmry) india
\ hueme thai will : nnfirtunatemty find euro relief trots tb, incttl- fomnd It t moet efficient and ,In jadtmat.raluibl.
\ hive prrfiTted a ywtrm i< able, a. to parehaa lli'. newnt ant I sinaI dnairnhl?. it* purchaser, tmt a Man (.,ni.bod lo itt th* UinTinning I mable mMliainetUZAIIETIt. i quite' gray, I wo induced, wctk I remedy" 1ION HIRAM WARER.
AnnURY lulL rnr.IOU1T axu TREA.tltllJ. "I.. and at the tarn turn In keep tsp our cinch I tip Term Cth *n ten dirt' trial A NENVLAND.N .me*, lo make trial nf your hair rntorative I have Judge of C.. at.

II. TAMON, SIIIC'UTARY.: onn>.tint' .IoI'\1 1 of New Ouod hy alinnat erery teeI Thr will be t stock ofthct. Gin belt In T.l. 19, \\ett *'., Curt' N. Y. need I Ice* than two bottle. but the Illir hiv all .It given nan JI..un U being able t.
Tuor. C. I'. MC.CAY. AtTC**r.f ..I from New YIIIII and New Urlnut ltht.. at 'h. Erich Stars tecently occupied, by : The shove tlatemeol I know to b* truet I>. disappeared | and although my h fully at.taiieJ mend J cob'*Cord al-uiy own pertonal experience
I I \V. isIs the hn>r of an fniminarion nf oar Stock Meter. N.: T Taylor & Go for 'h. isis of tb.r, t r P. NEW LAND, M. It* original i color I yet the proeca of ehange b asil the eiperieix-e efmy neighbor and friends around :
MHK ab..e Company; take* in land. Mjni-n* and tel.. parchating clerwht HW din. gaaan, going on, .nd I have great hope that in i. m.. Ii a uffieienl guarantee for B'.t.belie' T.
J. Jo',.. risks, and ".ke on wgi. ....,,. on lhmoat J. P IIItACF.'nI.L CO communication addrewcd la the AgtntltTtUahatae I have n* kea,Ulton In *ay Bg. D,. ","" my hale will b* at dark aa fiirmelly 1 It to b* all thai it rorpone I* be j via! t u
.. Urine Catholicon invaluable in n'enn' diacat a have aleo been mech at the MM .
liberal term ; alei erntI. l.i( A *'' will .! wIth attention gratified Rrmtiy" II UNDERWOOD,
ithout Ih* add,lional Fit1 l a* rkargrdjbynorthern The .', take grrat;, t.hee.r*In arnlllnff' himaelf *, m* J. A.prompt CAItOILL, ACT. generally I bane wand II I in Fluor Alb.t, Amenorrhcra. and vlffor ofth hair, which before wa hl.o. Formerly' Judge Superior Court Cl.a .
4 : .Irlrlr: :' in Fl.4ri.mu. Tb* of thlaoreaekin.tarptnrn hit mews pratifi.l thank l'molapnus. I Chin: and in aires of entenei'euleeraiLl. dry, and it o.'sas.t l lo cum out' Ba I take Cb.rok.
comp.niet T. S.-The*. Gine' on b. en I. operation on utvrL U ."XCb I great m 'rccomaandinr" title ha.taloable .
bit rVirnde and the faa th lib of the aios aoJoi I.
enndmon which lo pubta generally Peepectfully .
very ,
( your medicine all
lourl.hlng lo
company la in a mo.l !hnrl Cotton' ih* commencement' of IheneilGi,* I afflicted with, bowel duet .
, .
lle.li. t 0 lh. nta who era) imlronair with whIch h* hat been fnvcired.aine i of lb. notice of lb. F.eliy.JOHN D C. RtFF fir which, I believe
>n ag t 10. .
1 a
II I bo .plmnd' by tp| nlng acaton h. Plantation' of Col. IIV \\il ORRICK M. D.. a eorerelgn remedyeciledlyaupenortoany _
fint ho .,nwked' into bimm-w to thia and now C *
;; lake rltk*. alp CAICAOO May I 154. ,
rep.T.d to llama, Uin. Wm Itjilrr, lio.. Jobn llr.nrh and ){jt| ,mor*. Md thing clue eve, tried kr
IIOPMNS, t MEINNII'; I"llto.. In retirlag h* mwl threrfal'y '.''.nd. the abnni W r'. I 1.lod.or I leon e"'In''* : Cottl P. W hi'nrr I I have nee.1 Frot.Wood'a lUir B de m.. A. A. GAULDINU. Deputy 0.
tnd far a* c.nle.m.1 R..a"at.o
whom haa of hie lock In trad I Ion nolib I what cent me,
A riI ') i lO. n firm, (to n* dieprwd )1 rn..U.nO. Th.. M. Whit. T. N. & I. UMirrkk you 1 It th of the Grand Lodge of
elicit *
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