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*e l/-n ,a rtetsl: 41-aani Il l)'t -' 14e.i* (% tpt ?7 prto1.a htint a L. i1. COXETTEK'Cohitaandcr. SILVER KM&AXDFM'CYGOODS /t, #
tccfMKt wiiBtne cd' ll'JITcJiES.JE1VEIRY, Hae in store and yfill sell at small adforcagli _
f ice) matt be p&td for preTWw a
$ w paMicatta. W ILL wotne her rern'sr tri fur lit* *on, ru- wbch & Pnblfc Is Snrlted. netting ir, Go&di direct front the K w York.mano en' waital fntree.i4, beztea

.i eva*.at a 4 Wa t n**m their remmaactsforcrMf byleTU>ir Soath Wbarf; f a TUE. DAY. fkc-I.ulers, I aml .uvdt4 er mv ctJmrr* inducsuients. t4 M regards sly! wd price that eay with advice !
!idVefthiVgfr,(be < .tpabiued the 25tnin t, at half twt two*qclocfc, P. M:, and Abt be Surpassed'in Cbazlestunor !ahbC.h rtnc the folio wing articles, viz : a faalliar styli.,svud
4fo.UesMe.are ie1ve hut)) aix Bonsar trerr TUESDAY at the aame time *be will leara AaMe assortment nay be /4-* :- t and every S sIng th.4 w.3a:4:
,1o -jackfcourille Picoata and'PaUtka and the ur.nvei'raido.; ; Gfr0ceri.es in& Provis wth etrestt
fotT ; WATCHES.Rn < ns, ncy; sa oat1m e( **
square*.Toe U won tb IS 00 -
tbe St.Johns Rircr. "
other landing on Rtoz QiIdjoai'aScttktt- Females frsm
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b1iP 4 saek. *
-4Ko Lt *e.llde)4br.sad oih'r ltu.he1.i aadtr*( *A ppnration f f Inun of atfuiotunUon, 409 AIIL-tur. Madison, and other interior towns of a Detabe4 pure corn; adyarrante MACKEREL,"Mtoh| Cbees.Eaglmlu( Iwlrf, Qeiia.w tia t of diceanca uf a dtIc*
k.it Apptka1AOe t3fd1Mmjla&I ei East and iliddl*Florida,St.Aogtutins and Tampa 4' ti fcanlnea?. :-* \ LAYER RAtxUMi.lsiB *>saa4 aitrf tnSMiBR P1CRELK g&1an.1.2'dbi., s,14 pike Jars; To which U added
SQTer Patent Levers Qf3TLERr \NDY CIlBERiRSCtoocwlaia.Mmwi asleep, LPCoat.NO.I. S'a1.tts.sa1T'.41.t) | 4
trsidr i w outbe Gulfof JJeiico, \ above d'M se and
WMo CAROLINA will learePalatkat 'Detached a.Lapinea : celebrateof 5To I3UFVL.Bt..Old Uvae.t JVI aad Mocha, WORC tfli*$AUC t,pepp.v sae*;Yssi Puwd.u a treeti,,
ItouaoevetSKatofetaJUatetforAffie*, iRttnrnlngtbo toano&etorr of.OfOip sad
From the torn wr of 1bT.d4mos
31 t7lTAKti,( Clftna
able itae same bebCfopaIded at '( '. Tlv' .."(Mf>llKB towdsr'aed Yawag Ily.o., sv1, ia.HI pk NRtaima;
aai a Tborsday moroinj.
&SoX ooniisUng rs.
i.teuholdi SUI4R.. ,(Yo.e rooo Ieo,aid N. Ortean HL.ACK84J ? r? .CkWVS, J'reat,, .
wm the aao&iIt rbzted. be 11 o'duck, and JackaoorilK on }'rldayat 8 o'clockA. (With and without bnnth cases.) ort. Sbeaw, laxort, Ac CA N DteK..AdaW4aI.dist eel $ er. E9ATIJZ',C.oSM.g ota laW.$a .. JW.tbe tL'l ,
EditnrtI. tbStO1dZflh$1 aotks tt pnvt.$ beact UI chugild.aD. M.reaching Charleston that oi bt, connectm All from good makers, and will- UwarracUd. FANCY GOODS FLORIDA iaVltUr,Waw.Orlfas>felaM i; 5HOT,IAJ,rowdcr,t 4, i.Aig4,ss caat.trs. 'CAL }lavaL"-Tb.

laftgei, ObLw7, aM 1&UEIgi B KieewUl* with the New.York steamers both ways good time keepers. majority of thoa, wh.,
pvbli.bd t&UL For freight eagtcemeaU and other particularfapplto JEWELBY. .. Such as Cowia, Port Jlonal Aceordiocf, Perrftimcry rs, Wines, &c.Ut drr ftc*of wlixh: it tr,*,., T
No coamiieMIou! 1D..r14 otlfM accoapaalei byGaonaaairtiioiis W.M.LAWTOSrACO- Lnbioa and other extract Fuacr Soaps, BRANDY .. :.. t ..a4flJaorat,; th. best Coflfrs hi ihnie *?
the aathoi'i V&ML Ajrenta Southern Wbar&BROWABD Oonsj1 tof- l' per! Mache.Jewel Cues, Rosewood Work Box.ea. titiS. aseu"i Mooaga1aila,Old FaaUf.Rye WINE4. L'buapsjiie,%ltHr*,Sherry,Port,Tea trIC9r, pLisure t ,PcTnmrs4 '-'
ataJOHN P1 be OtPL1$. Gold G uardv, Fob'and Test Chains; a,4UfdiiiJ.oa,; I1-artists.$ 1i1a t
JOUN Areot, De k Rticu1e Fana io th3 vktl.e
Portabli Writinjf
; .
AMMQNC! C'lUKi AJaaad rwut.Paints
-- Pcncua ROM jTaaiaiea J Mew Cagtaada; ,
--- Chatdaina,Locket Bracelcts aa
1_ Sept. JackumTilU; Fla, CombaT Brushes Thcrmomtcr ; Children Toya, and ericrieriec4 pnmcstioa:
S Crossra,Keys, Sea a, Diamond Rings, Peard do4 ,,
Tea Ii. and Oils.PI. mtgrty tb.y !
W. pie
: Gold Thimbles,Sleeve and Collar Huttonsj wiin Tarions articlea, too nUmerous to ,
ATTOBHCT AND COUXCELLOBJacLtoarillr .xtw; Fare Reduced. Studs CaffPina Brooches, Ear Rings; Together pAINT -w's LudN..ladpars, dIVhar.Lob$ I YKiNl1 ZINI3. a pareaflkt. Fresa A. ; .
York mention. price.. S J *'j"l7 ,'LhWedf Olac,*pen*,Waal*sad La/4. TlRlQrvIjf ,; Lfy
Cabin to Hew 20.
Florida. OoldSpectae1eajeOlsssesPlaIfl'IU4S5iBh3X1i Jf B....Clbckf,Watches, and Jewelry, FLiZadifLi.-.f T $
WILL practice io the Eastern Circuit of SemiWeekly.S fully repaired and warranted, at the -S Hardware. tmtimonr ta the
& *, and tbt Counties of Chart ton SILVER WAItE. shortest notice AX-L.eVPett"COhhhfls sad Ryan,; GBIVU4Tn. TrowrN.Aefritfatent WeihL1, of the 'Med.cal Miea4"Diseas.vrtbe sbltp1

*nd C3Hl, of Georgia des 12-tf. lone Comprising Dining and Dessert Forks; AM C$' IOYEL( and pde.,(JMIis IkP. J"Tr ,Oven.GrLIdk.Frv' rwipsIr.Mi.ree $skei'i Ptmt J O,... ,
U/S: Mail Table, Dessert Tea Spoons; I'FERMS CASU4E NTEV a HOES,Noa. .3 aad 4Corn MUM, IUUK4AYIi IllNazI,4,has.gs ,.aita, Itp.a. aplei, IrnT Manto;. hare cn *de
: Edward Bhscll Jr. Salt and Mustard do. NOT. 2-f 4AWCrkI.IUtTrfl4'Sad Island; aIhlNG.lO IIiMMR$ 1.$. llami.'n, abichbi.kill baa b
Sugar Scoops; ; MANNILt.d lUr 34 1's.d 1 1.4
TUACfiUUAlNd, YUIb taa ; erfect health in .
e ATTORNEY AT LAW 4ND The new and splendid aide-wheel atcamshJpt: ;
x3i: SADDLERY. been cow&rcd beyond njj
KNOXVILLE, l. OOtona,- Capt. C. D. Lc.oow, mcntof&tiinal
Rotary Public, AUGUST, 1,5O tons, Capt. Too*; LTI*. Has Removed to Reed's New Building:, Ocean Street, Saddles: Mexican,Kentucky,Spanish and Wagon, I Padded llaime. Green Flalmes, Blind.Cridloa, of tbe functions pn4a -

OFFICE ix REED'S BUILDISO. FLORIDA, 1 SCO tons, Ca$.M.S.WOOD ICLI, JACKSONVILLE FLORIDA. Collars; Kip, Split, and Uugskio, | Cart Saddle and Breeching.Domestics. of Ten ry. 1 do net know by ,
B. Scaascs[
G. ,
"- ALABAMA, 100 tona, Capt ,
< feaaioo. I bare bevoIMHO
April 12, l s55-ly Fxjnvc KarnnunhEttry Where ho has Just rccwred and on hand, a large assortment ot thi acqi'
Will Clocks OsnAgs, Coweta, OWC | yu>rida Factorj;Thread, *
CALL & FLEMING, DXESDAT F and SATURDAY. WatcJics Denims Tickings Shirtings and Marines Stripes.'Woothvare Whntaswdila. kfn
tin f hidisetrtqe
. ? early ; E
YTTORXEYS AT LAW, These ships are among the largest on the coast, Qoods &c. &c, one is whims pfesain '

JACKSONVILLE FLORIDA. unsurpassed in speed, safety, or comfort, making Fancy Toys, Buckets Painted Tubs Cedar snd Painted I Brooms: Wire, Hearth tad Wbfst may feiy cuode tbeiniy,,. "W1I4tt7ltD
their in 50 to 60.hours, and are command' selected by bimself which will be aold rery cheap for CAMI I consisting in part of Gold and-Silver ; ; | .
Aprils pasfiagm .. hour Tlr-.*.' Clocks Fine nt Well Buckets, Bail Boxes; Nests( Measures, Selves, Brass sad Wire; Axe Belies, Hatches,
Diz and Gold
ed by skilkil, careful and polite officer Uariog Watches, of every variety, Eight 'birty Jewelry, every Wash 'Thi* is, with.mtbensLe
. :- 1655.J. elegant aUlerum accommodation, they offer a variety, Jet and Gi old Stone osaic ins and Ear Dwp Cameo and Lziva l'ins Diamond Pins anj Brushes: Scrub, Shoe, Horse,and White ; | Bed Curds Plough Line*,Glothea Pins,Table MttaHARTRIDGB and intelli W. work

- P. Sanderson, moitt desirable conveyance to few York. Rings, Fine Gold Ea/ Rings and Drup in great vsrietyFine. Chased and Plain Gold Rings, Fine &TIMANUS expect to keep a supply of the above articles daa3 of diseases of which I it tr.z

ATTORXET AND COUNSELLOR AT LAW Cabin Passage..e. ....f30.Stecrare Stone Set A Scale Gold Rings. in rent Yariey, Gold I'enic,PenciIs Tooth Pickai,Keys, Seals 1 Dealers and Planters all technical Semite it addrtiaeTujllfilTof
hand and will supply low j
Pa&. as rates. it* readers. It is freo ft5 knS

Jacksonrille, Jan. 17. l&XJ. tf. PADELFORD, FAY .t CO., GoldJjockets & Charms of Every Variety. as they can bo obtained in Charleston or Savannah, with freight added. matter,tad no parent, however

.- Agents in Sarannao. > Jacksonville, Flan May 10M, 1855. iceS to placing| < II i iii theauthor
James M. Baker. SAMUEL L. MITC1ULL, Pure Silver Dinner A Tea Forks; Table t Tea Spoons; Dessert Spoons Prcscrre.Spoons; Sugar, has devoted many years ta ttT
nSOy-Apll 13 Broadway, New Y rk> Salt_ t MunUrd Spoons; Soup Ladles; Pie Kmres, Batter Knives, Pickle Knives Forks, Fruit the yarkus complaints treated
ATTORNEY 41'LUGAYOZ LAW little breath to
Jinives, iine tet isnie ainirea. puflT. and too Iiji
COLCKB1A COCXTT, EAST fLOib&. FARE REDUCED. Silver Plaled Tea Set', Ckators' Cake Baskets. Silver Plated Forks, Spoon it Butter Enires. NO.: impoae, he baa o&md to the
p S.' '4 Card Backets, Candlesticks, Ac. Britannia Ware Tea Sets and Catora. nominal price of 2i e Bts,tb

'- BL A. CARRUTH, Cabin Pas.cagEfrom Charleston to Ah NEW SHEET MUSIC, INSTRUCTION BOOKS, &c. yyara'- must teacher successful praeticeNo -

ATTORNEY JIT LAW York Twenty Dollar Good Stock of Fine STATJOXIBT; Visitine CfercU; Papier Mache and Rwewuod Work Boxes: Papier knowledge- imparted or parrot in this shoold

Alligator, East Florida. S.. Macbe and Leather Port Folio; Bosewood and Mahogany Writing Desks; Hair, Cloth, Crumb, Teeth NEW STORE AND NEW GOODS. would sareyeaw of pain Hwtifie iarta Saii

Omc next d.*>r fc G L M. W. Smith, over United States Mail Line and Vail Brushes. to the youth, under their dur *'
jun14 .4Jctrher !'iui-Am. Parian Marble A Terra Cbtta Flower Vase, new styles; Violins, Guitars, Flutes, Flageolets, Banjos, AdcotaU "

.- NEW YORK & CHARLESTON Flutiuas Accordeona; Violin A Guitar Strings, best quality.CUTLERY. FOR CASH ONLY. A Presbyterian ekrrjma 1*
SI1TZ1 tV UKADFOUD, .' "Banter's Medical IIauua"

ATTORJ\'EYS JIT 14W J1XD STEAM PACKETS, Rodger Scissors A Shears, best qnality; Pocket Knires & Raiors, in great variety; Pruning upon tbousands of our youth!,aqa by nil
(SEMI-WEEKLY.) Knives and Shears Porte Monnaies, Card Cbses, Cbmbs, Perfumery, Soaps, Hair Oils and Washed, THE Subscriber begs leave to inform bfs old friends, the citixeos of Jacksonville and its Vicinity, influence tbe ; hart bees
Solicitors in ha
Chaucer, and a great rarictj of other Goods, such as are usnallr fonnd in a Store of the kind having taken, the new and commodious store No. 2, Sam mis' Block, be baa just receirtd habit of aelApoltoTon, withoj
ALLIGATOR AND NEWNANSViLLE, FLA, NAMIVILLK, 1,500 tons, M. Berry, Commander. Jil Ji. Watcltt Ctocttaud Jtietlry! Jtepaired aitd Vfarranted. jani 1-ti from New York a complete assortment of GROCERIES and PROVISION'S which be offers and fearful eons qoences npoapostentr. t&iea.j,
Will attend promptly to all business entrusted .M \K1ON, 12'tf tons, W*. J. FOXTKR, Cnm'r.JAMES at a small advance on coat, and to which he invites the attention purchasers. ''Amour his variety mar The cunstitnti n tt ss--i-
to them. AIXJKK. l.o) toni S. C. Turner, C-em'r. be found are raiamjf .mili s hare beta

1L WHIT. SMITH H. BRADFORD. SOUTHERNER Leave U i 0 tons, T.D. EWAK, Com'r. rnI0DLs' 30 BBLS & HALF BBLS EXTRA GENESEE FLOUR; broken down and (hey do not
Wharves Veduesdi and

--- "
2 CASKS CHOICE HAMS 1 WHITE WINE VINEGAR ultimately to remove Ibis wide
These givauihhips w ere bnilt expressly for the For the Prevention and Cure of Intermittent ; ; human pnai IMB

RICIALD 1. BiEcnrrr. : DOWXIXtt CUAS. T. DOWXIXQ.BIRCIIUTTA Line, and for safety, comfort and bi>ecd are unri- and Remittent Fevers, Helmbold's Highly Concentrated 1 NEW BACON SIDES; 1 PICKLES; blessing wretchedness next to the, relizion wmld CMfcr ujs(ht
the "
aVTTTORNEYS AT LAW AND AGENTS Tables uu supplied coast.with every luxury. Attentire Fever and Ague, Chills arid Fever,, 1 SHOULDERS; 4 BOXES thi(or the present use adcorning of genrts

FOR CLAIMS, and courteous coiuiuauders will insure travellers! Dumb Ague, General Debility, COMPOUND 1LD EXTDACT IUEUU, 2 BBLS-PRIME LEAF LARD; 1 CASE TABLE SALT; slain! tbuusaoda intoxicating upon tZauussigj.g drinks)i g

ICo. 400, Seventh strcpf, by this.line every possible comfort and accommodation. Night Sweats, and all other forma For diseases orthe Bladder and Kid 2 LARGE NO. 1 .MACKEREL; 50* BAGS scours UbalFufthe to the alUicted human nee. Accept ay tea*

WjJSHLVGTOjY V. For freight or passage state which have 2 HP BBLS FULTON MARKET BEEF; 1 PEPPER and, odim Be>ewurkrr
CIT having elegant of disease a common neys, Secret 'Diseases, Strictures, ; io tbe guud Work you art NatarA.fpgtd .

WILL practice before the Court of Claif. room accommodations,HESllY s nph to ML ROOy origin in Malaria or Miasma. I Weaknesses, and all diseases of 12 BBLS ASSORTED SUGARS; 1 BOX GROUND PEPPER; in."

prosccnte CUims before Congress ThUw NATURAL ANTIDOTE which will 12 BREAD AND CRACKERS 5 STARCH One cup, (securely enTelopedirab fcr rted
Charleston So. Ca. a ;
the Sexual whether in ;
ftod the eereral liMms Organs free of
Drjurtmcats. jy resident traTeller in 'i po Ugr, to.any part af tat fa
Cabin passage, |20; entirely protect any or even Male Female from whatever 6 BAGS PRIME RIO COFFEE; 2 utt EXTRA CLARET; State, for 26 cent, ur six eupim(*$1.
Steenige, 6. the most sickly or swampy localities, (troth any or ,
ELLIS & LEDWITH, NOT. vii;. )-pl5-y Ague or Bilious disease, winterer, or any injury j cause they may have originateclandno 2 MATS OLD GOV'M'T JAVA COJFEE; 2 CHAMPAGNE CIDER (l post tf. I'b'lacklpbu.paid) CO.DE.Ik CO, faUa

AUCTION JljVD COMMISSION from constantly inhaling Malaria or Misaina.: how 1 BBL SPERM OIL; 6 tttt LONDON MUSTARD %3f Buokdlers, CannsscnaadSoikin
It will instantly check the Asue in persons who matter long standing.If ;
ITIerclinuf For Enterprise bare sufl'ered from any length of time, fo tu one you hare contracted the terrible di.eie 1 LINSEED OIL; 4 CANDIES; supplied"' uu the mist hbcral krms.Dfl. .

Prompt attention will be pren to all sales and day to twenty years, M that tb y need never to which, when oure seated 111 the ay&tcin. will surely 1 SPIRITS TURPENTINE; 1 KEG GINGER; ; 11ti.t.D:
entrusted to our care. intermediate hire another chill$ by continuing use acconliog fpj down Irons one jeuentioii tu %ai,ib r( nudef-
Jacksonville, June 12. ly Landfns the to directions. The 'patient at once begins to re- It2riiIg; the c-.jnstaiiSion and tapping the very viulfhiidi 24 BOXES ASSORTED CANDLES; 2 BASKETS OLIVE OIL; CLI.EitK.milGERMAN

St. John's T/1 raver.Tbe / corer r.pptte: and strength, and continues until a of life, ilu not trust yourself ia the h ind* of 20 NO. 1 AND PALE SOAP; 4 DOZ CONGRESS WATEB BITTERS
AERF.TT & ALEXANDER permanent and radio! cure is ea ctd. Qiuckh h-i urt up every d.iy in a citf like tb.'s: ItII ;
1ELLrGROcERIES ix Steamer DARLIXGTOX) Captain JAMES One or two bottles will au wer f'r ordinary and tiil tbe ]apcr v. tb jriarin? r Nit! >od-, too 1 CASTILE SOAP; 50 BOXES SARDINES; Prepared" by Dr. C. M. Jacba
DUOCK, \vil ie PROVISIONS, &c. at 8 o'clock, arriving at Pdlatka same day% tit German, French.aud Spiuisb, Hcci.inp.iny tech nut 8vquiutcd with their tricks. You cautiot be (I u CAPERS; No. 120( Arch street, I'b&ddgti
x.-aviii''; Pulitka 5 i/clock Monday m< rnn: r in bottle. I'r-ce One Dollar. LibcMl discouuU too CJttful ia the belection\ u remedy iu these :10 HERRING; CODFISH; ttILt. IFFL.-rr.tLLY ClltL1YEB

General Commission Hercbants, councci with ihe steamers Carolina a inl Weuka, made to tbe trade.JAilES Ca45.Tbe. 13 HALVES& QUARTERS, RAISINS; 2 CATSUP( ;
attend to fcli : mmls of <;.iion an WILL Piixiuceto Cu r.Y.: nandSarann wj iei-e EnUrris{ at j< cK'ck Tuesday morning byjtrninent ithr&iciaun the RIVUI.M remedy ever DRUMS FIGS; BBL ALCOHOL;

*nd make libeul adrdcccM oa the fume. and IVlatka at 6 o'clock. Wi-dncsday tat ining,and EVIDENCE SAFETY. k uwn. It in 4 nicjrtftr.e: ptt fccllv i Io-i ..vil in its 1 CASK LONDON PORTER; 1 WHITE DEANS;
arrive at JacksttDTille nuine d tv. NEW Youx. June 11,1835. tato. and very innocent in it* action, nud yet so .
t-1toi.: and "
JtCiTJEyr ( Jaundice
rmr t-f Lay 1 Chronic
1 ( XerrcoalilIHty
- -Oceiji .1reti, A. M. REEl), Ajft at Jackonri11e3] "1 hire made a cbemic.il examiuatii 01 thruugk th4t it annihilates tv .ry | .xrtice! >l" the TENNENTS ALE; SPLIT PEAS or

JacLsouvillC FJa., julf IU IU UEID, AK t at l&l.1ka. "ftiode! ,* r>rer und Ague Cure,*' or "AutiuVte to : r.uk and Joisuarous Yarns t ( tli drzidCnl dZ.'w.ae.; 1 POTASH; 2 PZ CANS LOBSTER 4 SALMON; JHseitse:; of the }iuIneyi
) MaUria and have tttcd it for Arcnc, iKrcury, an.I, uuliKo; other re.ueUieS ih *
,. C. BIRKETT. M. ALEIA'1)ELEinxurm es not y up the 1 2 all biscuscs ariala from
lNGLL' SI'Z1 !L1CifINC4. Quinine, said Str ebuine, but bare nut fotioJ u ds.: *. is* in ilic l bhI. BAG ALMONDS; BBLS N. O. MOLAS. ES; t

\7HIXrJEY, p % 'UESE Machines, hare lung t>talned: the PIT title of.eUber in it, nor bare I found auy Mib- *t.i4.t1t4trfl54l: iK-bility,brought on by self-abu, 1 FILBERTS; 5 REcriKiEn WHISKEY; ordered Liver or :omch:

Surveyor and Inspector or Lumber for I. bh.t reputation in lie Uuitod i iTtfC stance in iU cou1MftiLtiou{ thut would! irvc iajuriuua a uiu t terrible di e.i4e. which IM bru.ight tbousan.S < 1 BRAZIL NUTS 12 BOXES ASSORTED TOBACCO Sbcb as t.s..taptih.'i| Ht In* irC 'dvs. 7
Duval Co i n if, FIU T Pf7-1 COLD MP.ULL-Ir )ewitly to the cinstitutwu.EVIDFxc1op. of the! hunt iu race to u.itiuiclr r.ire thus ; ; htl.kiA lh is..g, r sIiiy.V IPp5tL'44Il.uIir
tntorm It's old fi lends and the public! been uvTAnlcd tu tbcni nt tbgrt Eiui.&us; -Jt b''ivtii; tLe l-rtlli'-int bopjj of jvr .iii, nnd blight! 1 MADEIRA NUTS; 2 FINE CUT *. t I'ai s.f *...a4. I iU.*.. MS5IO

WOULD ,that birin! jr recovered hs: health! the PaUce of Indu .trr in Vnr., ui.-i thus tEci : MERIT. ing iu the bud tbj gUinou, 4rub.tou of ni. uy a 2 HALT CHESTS TEA 50 BALES s..c5'our iraI4I..is. INtISg fItI.ikSt. .
has rrsoiucd bla fuitner patronage lie can be f-ui-J ct li's! tci .dtnoeon rct imjrurcrneuts h3rC jiL lcu a4d Mn. J. A. HHOU**-DiwrSirTliv'lMX i.fi.e1i- lt.rae-lv. Mid us a rned.cme tvliicli must l>eiietitevi TOGETHER WITH ALL OTHER ARTICLES GSN./1ALLY FOUND IN A FAMILY re.I.s d Iic.iii U.P.4LIEII.f. b.ti.ik44 *

the corner of Adnn aud Hulls'Streets (*r&ttbefitore thiy lun w.llinut IKIJM-, wiib cse* to cir VMII Kfitt me wi>a duly rtcctvtd oii tL-j ltd of rji l>uJ r, fn>ru the aiuIy delicato tu the couiiuedtnd tSDOJVT FORGET JrW* """ Lhukiai tarl'.rit'of .'.4 vii.m, 1.4)1.., it W5'5 t.I1Aibirve' a SIII
of S. N. WILLIAMS. oa 2 -tLCcnper iprrt'ir at double tIi.t.rdiirirr Fpoid, KU (tutTtyjce A j.ril.! 1 li.>re "old ub-mt ouc Luif t f it, saul 3 < de>|M riug inr. $lid, uu equal is to be found aid and f ai.lu &?i5 iir .rkPl() 4r4i.p.yvssuwbe.4
as much tvoru can ue uuin iu a tin;. far ''npe pe! wln> h-tve u>c Tbe.rreatesl clolbit.jr n1 ,.li.e iu iti b4 t'urcJ t llirn.; I It bio eel taiuly stu-K'd| | the Ague Jacksonville, May Sd, 1W.. h.itk.ekeihia.&e ,,i.J..a hI.45Iinui.g
. & Fraser Ubisbuient.! in the count the thecxclusireJr. n.4vIaiaIe Hi ct.Ts" 'e uho has LIMMI it, uud *;xyof the cia llcliubold'a UihIy Concentrated -- -- --- -.-- ai 11*. 1.1 h, ai.aapsug4 IIrrat

They are coin;>eteit to 1ea-fut-m every "were of li'r.g tt-tuJing.' ily fi.Ur, ivbj.bsIt! it COMPOUND FLUID EXTilAOTSAFISAPAR1LLA --- 4vi'vr"&n"I ,'flbS.
1 U'.pd L.a. e.L1 VI U(*
for fire six b-ick uudc.iud!
wJrL or it
FACTORS sort of in tbe most |erfcct stjle. yti1e neergI *
$ jof fc-t
As tUcr j are very greut outiibers of Inferior or stopped] except br Quiutur, and that onijr UK long; I. hi ko.s ...j ...aaao.ar.er..trrie 1km
AND entirely worlhUv ewirginictncs! : of '!i Lenuri as kite wiHiId tike it, li now, I tbiiik, tatircly wkkb il i,rreo.4im-u.jrtl.
: Commission Elercliaiits Dlod xlt, Aviv, V Mwn, U rover A liuker, and cured by vwur remedy. Fur I'JirfILe9 t4 !:iooI, rnflci,; V114 deas Ill a.< "s.* i.iiiej ath. t1 I1I*
other r4fr1t", 'wlut-li have Lei H !M, bat Ciiiuut C. II. JlcGINLY." ariciAfa'vii& ezce :1 At'rc.r er-cur. anJisapt.ukRce lNgw FILL Ih *r : .a: a ti. stass'aisi s. .',. rh. m.4Pa..Li

.. BAY STREET, SAVANNAH, (IA. be u ed to ny adraotj, we brrvby oQlr to refc in ci.rQnk euitutio,4tJa.ieja', AND T/MTEE\ G8OiS. .paa1isi.u.4.I.es..4IJ. 5 34511pfrpari&t. 1sb.
' VK. ACDLKT Cocrsc.] [Jxo. Gu-pe& I'c&ira. '*i pl4M14..lilaftd 1davidisi
h Produce of tvcnr docr:ptioo kod! on ones of >ur own manufacture, is excnAxuR rnaNEW Take no mure Arsenic, Touico, Mercury,Quinine. tile o4q rtaU.ant.J;( LJQP #iqJn m ail p rtio ibita('>i< ir >
AND LATEST ltlPKHVt.lt HACaiXU. OH Ilbxlftlterms. Febraiei'i', Strvcbaine, or Anti-Piriodc of any the cure f.Stvr dec 2Hm( ? All uhi! iu - be bn ken uj and dmtroycd. For ..rtciuIAN poisuns proves them tu be the "fTajiriug; eilber tit Su>tUitig* tftii* fitat*, 'Jitter, 1'impUi on tin ib.i,rvie4 I, Iradly .r r* iiin] jir l ''il.i II.s4aieL
a pi'j.Iy by letter or perboujtllr at our 'ew York t.iUe medical i.niicip'i-H, or of meiccn ry quacks. Jlu: and all Scaly Eruption 1-f the .S.';tTbU /' .
General Commission r.Icrcliant Office.X. The only remedy iu cxutence that is both MI re nudRHODES' nrlicle is cow pr .cribvu by K.UII > of the CIr. aridrhii&d.Zj.Lis.s >lana.V >ry,>a> SIM*

:6 WITKU SrM NEW YORK.$ D.-Local Agents wanted to tniVe sales of baranIes. is Ifl.ibt di tii: tii>hed jibybician in thv country, and BURTON & GRAVES a.

truer and prunnjit &i.cutiou rroii to the f ca'e of o tr improved .vn-inj; niHcliiiie To peruonspnp FEVER AND AGUE CURE. hs pruved more eihc"i.t iu p'ruct.ee thin uny pre- ?
all articles cf produce' e Uu.-t>l to his care, rly qualified for the hu!,iuexs, a rareopM rluiuiy For sue in T UftuaM.ee by 1). II.AMES; Jper-| p.ir.it'oa of hHr par.lla yt-t uQ'jicti La' tli.ubl] c. Wo. 3 SAMIHIS' BLOCS tgbalfl.tkv it.fliFrK
S. and all orders prouii.tlr complied with.pl2t for pruiitabie and p!nstut rnipIoyiiK-ut is STKPHKX S. SMiTHf"Uluunt F rrryfli.. Sun HA R. SvTenl c.uj of Mxn.ntlaiy S.vpbiliii, JKrwirial BAY-S7RSITP, JACIKON7ILLS.tbvir E GWJIMI aI'-- l.tl I* MVt IS
> -tf offered. I. >d. $INUEK CO., ALL, Jr.. and by dealers geuerallr. und .Scrcfuli.u d.rtoasv-H Lave entirely recovered in rre* Sal. lit V* a. .e;if i sS s..inaa.&stb
, :'- Principal 6/n>k5i3 lima Ju.iyt& T. june itU t-j.r 10-Jy the iocnrubiewani.H of our Public Institutions Subscribers have jnt receivad a generil assortment of New Good,, at their new store which, b. '.iimiMfNi K it,4 r iw.4.n MI KM t** *
jr. u o f j 31 K s, HKAXCII Orncts--47 llitiyTvrSU Ji->stiiii. 142 wlvch .h.ul f rtreihuciit iai.soy ye.sra res4d ev'ry mode '( L forc4sb, they will sell as cbcsp as any atlwr hoae in the cuutry. They biveadopkd Ibe prin.ciple I r witS rn... a4,. vsI. aI
General Cornmisfciou Merchant} Clu-suut Kt, Philadelphia: Jo5 Da Him ore St., Notice to Planters."WITR. that tx.iilj be doi. ed. These Cises air "smiU prnfits and quick reariei," ant Ioiit Ih ist&eaition of the pubc I. an ezianinatous of takil th' i.r. ss4 t .ni ie's'a I.ILS.LUII ih S

100 WALL j>rM Nsw Yvzt K, Lili.uiorc.; 2 S W luut .SU. CincinDali.: 18'' $t. arnlsb htrik'njj yxuni] !le* if tbj wlutjry etlectofth.s tbvir stock before purchasing elsewhere. In it will bo fvaiad the following, with many other articles l.t4iS,3i4Ik! ,> am>t'.tuixir ILSI'541L !
WILL pay particular lUotion j' wlesof Yel Cb*rles St, New OileJns. Gloveranlle.: 1',. Y. J. LANIER, take plensurein inform- mcuicoA iu iirix tinp; s.inie of t"lieui ..t too numerous to mention: ..I whi. lit v tin taNa III- ives
low Pine Luuibcr, Lire O..k, zwd olbcr Suutbern) SSiKroad SL, Xew i rk, X. J. nor 29-3tn. J.iJL inp the CiUzeua of Jlnml Miidailjicent counties inrcterute dis.-jse, after the gLands! were des- Dry Goods.m I l94 my *M.'I D'VTh II.It*+
Timber and 1'nxluce j au J to orderi for pur .bd>.in that be has employed R.V.. UlUUS & CO. of trJLtIl l, 4iul the bost.i nlredy ittitcil.OTICa. Prints ". hiiqikir r-f aPm e*.j- ui, I *' a
-- Herchafidlae.: JnllXkat JackiKtnrille Kla. -Letter from ou4ijle!. *. Checks, Linenss.GmDe eu l I'lisT..7,41.INI iiutIy*t.lo.akty.*
11. P. HAECHEE tu manufacture the.CELEIILtA'I'El re i> Physiclins Jncunets Grenadines Bire4
and 1'ruK-SMirH Silks, ATIIH1 &:Fvc-T' aFTLk'
) LANII MILL, of several il ldicil C)l leg**, andcerthciks Florence Silk lUiu'ton Cuitiune 1157tpUk'
e iic\r n iii s>Icati trill be louud Lawns Musliia,, be Lames, .Bobineta Cr.pe. I'tr esTair.ri IIILl., Ki iii' eL% %(V.vL.

HILLS E USH, K3Hoot Dot be t>urpt scil. He Las sibii wide crreit improvement acLmlzyjas] x bo h l'rk-i-| .rai.ons. Cravats Hosiery, Spool litton, Cords \.dJ., 4 WH ..i1.flr.C. .

oe flj eptctd'4 at ii j and Queen Jflakcr, on the orijrioal pt-m by att.iching a or6 I'RICJM.bte Fiud: Extract of liucbu, $1 per bottle, Gn sa Skirts, Oinaburghs. Brown Siwvting, lilcwthcd, Sheeting ', J....,, 'Iir i.. tusiribjcto
ujiance Wheel uud c isi I'nllicn. Me.aira. HimwnA i..r. Ticking. Plaid. Py.p.p3a,1411. WOI'IIII,
4 G3 Do.si m p.dfvrittd NEWXAX STREET, Godwin of Ul( ulii, Ala., unijutjcturo a mill, 1'cices, r.'uij Extract of Sarsipjrilla, $1 per :Mu;quito Nets, Ribbons, Braids, Stripes Staying., flriL.1Ebbi'JVbmle y ass 'ii b wo my eir.Iki sue iwrt5 ISlb.
Two Door urportcd to be the "Liuit-r Mill." ilr. L.txieaas btttler d b.>atcn fir $*- -equ U iu strength tu one Bone phy-l. ian. ant all f vb. .a ur awIVniU
i. a .t c st4 .tcteieJ out / from rot>vlli-SI. tu lt, with that g4llon nf $ of S-iratMrlla. hooks and Eves, EJiug and Inserting, ilen'a birta, ia lpia.rln r..Ju. I was. twlr4 5 4
nothing < MiimficUtry and be jrrnn Linen Cambric
; Handkerchief Ac. Ac.Bools. 1WO
Cty of S tv> \ we4nu tyinft-r tit Jacksonville E. Florida Tsriala. 1.rirr ad % i
rtcp. Prriureil[ bad uU II. T. HELJI1JOLD.
' jUtes, that'they will not grind u luucb ustbeir bv hk I
tion o/IJuir&r.am! te cer'iii j'1j; warn 1.4 b.a.i.ss4 Ii' 5.7 wats I.' *
T. 'flE i-ulioriU-r rerptttfnlir nmwuncc to his Aleuts warrant. They wuin.ht thai to Cuetuut, 3 CbcKtout bircel, near the Oirard A9 Jzoes. IVbiU 'a wy way Ikiuj I"N'1C WftI M
. aZf- S. MCKJlt.OX, it l.traicr p;tn us ami the pub'ic) :; gent-rally, tb Jt grind from one hundred to out bjt< Jnl: and liftyu.uhhcls IIoii.v, I'liiiudclpbia x Ladies Black Silk Congress Gaitera, Men'a Fine Boots, ton. a wait jlaj; 14 :%oeih a a Mel,a'1T7
J'vdtrttr. be his liken the kU re mitrlv* ticcupied br J. W. of roe4l pert day, whereas they will not Tubehtdof colored Ties, a .v .L-. time abytieas: w.trtin >l Fwwk A1 *
JOMI II 'wx :: Huce. wi 4 d'8IHiS: of the fin h ken AU letter directed to tht 4. ( ,ii, ikl a4 anarIf 1IV *
/inei-t > and btyle, and Mr. l liuitr baring in the business several! Prvprittttr or Agent French a -
Dealer in Paints! Oifo 1. *I is Uitak peon.,ad one SC*be*
and Glass.K !Ue ;J not tsujK-rior to any .heretofore"UVred to years, will warrant his Hnllit-cr'mdtli.riy or forty, rtctw_ inunediiU atUtttion. _Je l-ly.. 1f GoatBuakins. a. Eia1saL1d and Fancy 5ho s : pi.IMHIM Imrr-fci ia mr ra, ,aMt,sfIi tkI91 ,
CHADLESTOK, SOUTH CAROLiNA, lie- Call, n Iiiciftelf that $tli general satisfaction power, and in the same proportion more or less, DYING AND titi U Kid Ties U .L4tln Congress Gaiters ly kek'&ud l ; ih.i'.o *-l)r. iIisoflu4" "
:eeJs anst.autv: fuT** gicil i.ri.int of 4)a hjfircn heret<.frc, will t-niitle him to tho scarduig ta Uie power applied.ilr. Renovating Uitablislmicnt. Enameled Bouts? Leather tipped ler*,"pr nrr.1 by >.iv.awl fc* I.I.IPI.4*531 I
Patts and (liI Ut all LiId :LniIses } fct">:nj ,* of i\p\ t wbWwh well fit ting Bool JL has numerous certificates from those who 78 lort+trett, ntarfkt G/vrt lli
Window Glass,au iriL* oi'tui.peutine ., Kivde nut of the bt ui At rial*. Ho trill cadeari.ri hare his mills in use, evincing lierefiiwency! : and SAVANNAH, GEORGIA. Boys Shoes, oOf j Brogaos. iu..1i..i,4..d i.e b lh.u. I lledIdiiS4it.khazlia w'&d 1r7 15

,Spu1t I Cot 3/ooL.ti a >give iuti Ti.lio.i tu all who may firor him with the hili6rittiou they bare aifcrded those who hare MTABUHaEDIX 1832. Children Shoes a large stock, Ac. Ic.Hals sIutrd.ael Jdoi 1Wa

FiUaici', Ufcc rtudU .1r&uIeiuf a c.i.: tbtni in operation. E Subscriber grateful to his and A9 ky it tb in cli taw wa i,r M mirdk l hi.I bs SAfl.r
% IOD LiuJ.'r81IEaret Jauil-y : r Rq>:ring done at low prices-and at short All who wish tbescnuiiiu"L.VNIEIl MILL" T friend for their continued farurs patrons Caps. tearbi g b..aeeeiJas ..db5m1iw
e" ( -jy -ly. and its iRIpflaVCUe0t4| can t4>Uiu them bvHpply* that bo is I3iw would state A good assortment, comprising Mfiis* Leghorn Panama, litraw, Palm Leaf IFool, Felt, tad Wide a pitiie.lpttri aed aa..le..( C dydp'!'
WindovCliadcs aadUplicistcnnj lag to Miinnrs. Wiucur 4 Citutr, Aflpati; ; on Hilk and Woolen prepared to clean, or Dye all colors Awake Hats; together with Children IKu and Blunmera.Saddlery.. lve! bin iM-ariy all UM Uinm I iad 1.41;W' '
Drewes, Sluwls Ad, which MMCb mod In bin n.e. its aa* eea flt'
? Charles De Waal L.G.l'ri.ti.'iaq.,NewnansTill; CORXKUCS JATU, ha trusts will M
aper.liangin and generally please! all who may favor nv r or tb*MO* kind nt pedwli.Ml
. edIngWariiusc, Ilagnuti; Oiiuch couuty, Ga.-or our.vlre ..iitiy him with their pHtsoujge. Ladies' white Crape A well selected stock, suitable to the demand of the market ben.ti.I by Ii Itaaii say vtf be tiM
( Jseksouville, Shawls cleaned and beached the best mr* bees abk!.let any ai r* fo*htm It
Wholesale and Retail, 179 King and AUCTIONE1iiR All orders will meet with prompt attention UMiioer, or djredatiy color that in be very required. Hardware. will oi.tar r.-'Jirw, sie .bipi 1 a Jo1I W

corner of King & UernsTord-st. Warranted to give suti f4ctiou, or uu sale For Ladies' Bonnets, bleached dyed may and prewed in Hollow Ware, Knives, Forks & Caner, Pocket Knives, Butcher A Shoe Kailve; $005 Ii.pi..lte..9Iet1rtI17y0ef.. W.Mi
JACKSONVILLE E P further particular*. Ad . Charleston] C. i ALES, ia any part of Uw Comity attended toy LAXIERAJOXES.Juck Oe ,tlemeti's Garments Dyed, Cleaned or Reno- ttjffee Mills, fbains. Rope, Nails, Butts, Hook*Jt Hinges. cU i&sr.w.h.vedtrati. Poc; sat.,1 si.q
14vZiZeTs4r *'aq J1 t 'jrmrnfrafI. ;i.d respectfully Kolicitvd. .ctUZ 9-1y ouriile, Fla* rated, as' may be roquiM, iu the Mtue superior % Screw; Files, Tacks, Bolts, Locks, Hooka 4 liples. Window sup., store krcpvr U FlotW lad ek'ewl" ,
mlioi'' Gtod.w! rt t it,// jr tf y/j <}< 'h*tfnt'to tbe H'tiJlAJiLs HIST f.r privii; or unction di jtoAal. will and friends. Drawing Knives, Planes, Gouges Level Rules
1,000 pairU'lAttV ; loj JJtrcst*. be quickly A. ?lODE tUIWTflr4S patrons Spirit .uires .
; JacksonrillejgH
tf 4try d* cri}>l*>+. -A** P4fWp IMti Jt fitmukd to&ad amounts tpmlilr Tl w Wbeu parcels aretfcmt by Railroad or Steam Carpenter's 8&ih& Tools, Cbtsets,- Tap Borers,Ao. Ac. Sept 27.,ly .
**d Jlmdt:* Cartel**, Jfn*
    iuuiu Uy ftr WHOLESALE AND RETAIL boat, word khould be sent him by letter through Also ?WUOD- II4R% such as Buckets, Booms,. I'aJa! Axis halves, Ac.
    OornleeM..JiKudt.; flrt&rttf f't inn a ttuiu>xjcfyeur im Auciioiieer and otherwV.c tbe Puatmliice. that JJUarn Gr9L ,
    : no he way know where to cill: Itooks, A Slatloncry.
    dd. 41 L Js f Udotaterr, c.Jt.4.Lu4, He ofil'ra 09 toimu4z.tkus, but desires that iu* Clothing: and Dry Goods Store, for them, Aiftirderi from Jucksourille, Fla.. can Blank
    .1IddUMds.1S4,t a4 us raa4ft.tM'iuA uufut( ( rbould be inade cuocvrniDg buulf be baaJed in to Mrs. IIrkned Milliner Adams Books, Fools fUp sad betterPaper: Pencils, W4fcti, Puoa, Dealing ITai,Blank! Books, AND
    anj Jit the Giant Red Works
    t& with
    Sign tf i a selection of School Ikoks S'Iaudard nod h'zbt
    Cap reaJiug. O'JTZAY1O
    J said JjJjj CommercUi I bouf-e*t the pUco of h.. residence. street, third buusa west of Oce n. (In th Room*adWoi: lb.FUSS
    H. TV. JUNHHAX & co.dec.fly He cau U !ivHiud wn lUy Street, next to Apothe BAMUIS' BUICK BUILDING. fcb 8-ly ALEXAN DEU GALLOWAY- Groceries A9 JProvteions.Au returned (runs ,' ,

    cary Hall, i .*re will 1 be found a large/ stuck of A y& just recetrvu and are bow opening their .A full assortment- of Famirjr Groctriesj llama, Bacon, Pork, Lard, BeeC Toogaes, Uackerel.! .L.
    A : FAuiHr ic. Groceries and Prorwba,Shoe, Dry Good _& extensive Sprjog .stock i/f l)>ry Goods and To Sea Island Cotton Planters. Potatoes, Beans, Flour,Br ad, Crackers, Ac. Ac. the public Wi lhJuslasttweutrVxyw ,d
    DENTAL NOTICWM. *hch will be oSercd oa M reasonable, terui* Clutamjr, comnris ng the most perfect as irtioe t 1 1IIB aixivTittirued still cbntiuucH! t<> uuitufac- Wines A* Xiauors. as a Wa
    a* they CAH be obUInwl! any,*wUere else, for cash ever before ifc-rtd ia tho town of Juckaouriiie. L turc J3ta island. (Gin ta give entire.at3sctiia 5.ibe
    IfOSTWIClLp-the dtixeu of ckunrtlle! rcepetfuflyI-cud! its- &ud country produce. They wiU supply the inbab.UuU of tbo city sod the latest Itnprored pUnr, Ko0rCwttou lnrs* Jih>ti! Jul CUARLES DE with Champagne Madeira and PorfV'utes, cbiMppa, Ac. Ac. anal JweZrj
    WAAL. cuuntry, superior and ftuhloiub! articles ia pat furors,*nd oltciUpsttroBa e'fi'On ib<.w> that ClUCks
    Yietaity;tb&t, luring M>tacJ *u filc oa Fi>r*5tbMrwt ,
    ; wW Attend f* nil brauclica tit Doatulry, in FOR SALI. tISeWld'e.his Hue, on better- terms than cQ Vc purcb* td ,r. io. u
    bs eaeat and carcTqll A Lot and- ih4ico. Those wantioOioa will pld &pprov.d wmR.rUW.ll.Hiae ;
    maootr. with a Kitchen They still continue to keep their! store- at Mtssr. ILv&TVX r J-ck ; Drwulny Combs Lnbkloj -GIaasea, Ac UtR,
    diiugteeUjdestroyed witboot .Z2.ax4 good wdl cf water, x>e r tbe buaioeas Kmp rjitrely few article of our present stuck, we oftr ta attract _)p awl New Qrloiiia $iigar.-psr bt'j
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    NSOUtQ ', 1AMjjtx $

    S .

The Florida Republican

Material Information

The Florida Republican
Uniform Title:
Florida Republican (Jacksonville, Fla. 1848)
Running title:
Florida weekly Republican
Alternate title:
Semi-weekly Republican
Portion of title:
Semi weekly Republican
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville Duval County E.F. [Fla.]
Columbus Drew
Creation Date:
December 20, 1855
Weekly[July 1856-<Apr. 1857>]
Weekly[ FORMER June 1848-Apr. 1856]
Semiweekly[ FORMER Apr.-June 1856]
Physical Description:
v. : ; 58 cm.


Subjects / Keywords:
Newspapers -- Jacksonville (Fla.) ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Duval County (Fla.) ( lcsh )
newspaper ( sobekcm )
newspaper ( marcgt )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66


Additional Physical Form:
Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Cf. Gregory, W. Amer. newspapers, 1937.:
Began with July 6, 1848 issue.
Numbering Peculiarities:
Suspended Apr. 6-June 14, 1854; June 5-July 9, 1856. Cf. Gregory, W. Amer. newspapers, 1937.
General Note:
Editor: C. Drew, <1848>.
General Note:
Publishers: C. Drew, 1848--[1851-]; Thos. C. Blanchard, -[1855-]- Jan. 17, 1856; Charles W. Blanchard, -[Feb. 7-Apr.16-],1856; William W. Moore, July 9, 1856--[1857-].
General Note:
Description based on: Vol. 1, no. 3 (July 20, 1848).

Record Information

Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
Rights Management:
This item is presumed to be in the public domain. The University of Florida George A. Smathers Libraries respect the intellectual property rights of others and do not claim any copyright interest in this item. Users of this work have responsibility for determining copyright status prior to reusing, publishing or reproducing this item for purposes other than what is allowed by fair use or other copyright exemptions. Any reuse of this item in excess of fair use or other copyright exemptions may require permission of the copyright holder. The Smathers Libraries would like to learn more about this item and invite individuals or organizations to contact Digital Services (UFDC@uflib.ufl.edu) with any additional information they can provide.
Resource Identifier:
002033813 ( ALEPH )
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AKM1526 ( NOTIS )
sn 83016261 ( LCCN )

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Mr. Rol rid' ""the"owner of the them fiKKn eight Oasttnr ll I -enrrto-d bccn .a ( .
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1nteezEwifttTi1 ADO a i i1MItHtl
Of'atCID.Jr"bidtieacb! penhive image. tall, lithe nnd acilve, and potss. the-lower extremitv :of 'the ,island; When l f iaS J firifehed, 1& ordered' .L.cr .n aiKk.-. He never Iralids jou-wiili Tcai2y "IV mob and putty =::: eti:4 'iYS
jug education that fitted him / and once Jtsked, .iB 1f if1 t-hese .. nil jjie rararf -barjrnj .J:
And reet nur retroepectiveiB ryc an oruny dipping] ihe paddle hastily In the. two or the aneu to conduct ihe .girls' me arms l n'OEot ,aotlglbJir.Thomton r lamp Slt1j in
:.ddeowrTgo\ Ocict isto-which lie might \>e current-he: In a, moment going.j'rDPidJ.y lo Ihe:Tjoat IVlicn they.ajiprbached' hands conia iron it iMrt-miite; bread' s W"t i

wrllawed t n,like some IOn lay thrown. Jle loved to wander over down,keeping ,close to .the to. :lav hands ,.a: them, ''two liliesglafronkth ,: tjr mend a pair of BockA, !fatihei; c: oethak ciasly, law":1Br1e1'e.'b and teach,: __ 1 ibrss4 4'up ,
3, the hlllp tind arotmditislbm that it was:enough 1'O now that she coal-d rt 1hI&a11. .
..but JIUt fr'dk ; .. valleys ; habitual sense, of : covcxidbe. two, her, to make -bett ,Btdf then &uftie ert J
Tbii .the J Ul1r 1t t ofear*, and- in jnauy ,of these wanderlufr. fi'? he so peculiar o"back-woods men fell in their tracks,asnd Walter make trills::pn,tliejuano.I 'workwor8ta : adidi .,fimirtbg' to Ae toasL- involved&e aft&a Sa *ee ;

1,1k1 Ji.t..n the IIhU.f1r' 1':1&t was accoaipanled by some hardy liunters. He Vas!OfD opposite to; and Pranb jKiundDtt fonsrard.. !Mari i ;dogs and !iorrea on cricket d, That"-srtmlflUit' ffspeil !haais. lttiewL osa.11*IigL

A".lf r4cb dream like.rUlon c&ats' back wood man,with the trusty rifle,, ,the,upper find t>f It,jind crossing :the tinnnd tlie4worcmnining- men started ; ,ottomans and i something styled' wOuldit'?' v OUr .1O\.r the aiai1: ik

A.fJ4tYuub t.jikrouLtlnne "' who found williusrjrajill to teach' current that it Imd divided, stepped,. fonrardipihelriiflesr :Jut Trcre: a landscape., tie was not literary "l a. hoW'Jlw.' besiaesmair' ..{ilfeit s *

fer wt Offlt? in&M. 'Theyoung either :Henry- Thornton' conldu don'i,want: we In the kitchen, and Icm ', !TM" (L 1*

harp.that 'rakc apmJ1a 0 ing Roe at fall run through the for Ipst from sight. Traversing the'distance m ; The two men"iefi, and; tolerate Hhai land-, of alisnrdity. ,In not pajlicokrJ/ there.' n.1e"I

aok8 plain\if'e Bound; est, and teach the various mysteries t.alfe lower extremity, through* Hartin: Beeing :thai the ,odds were his opinion n woman lad iiiiichi4betterbe X.don *ixocan to 4& aj life doing iiotip1kTen! e i.M ,

rfet1ins bigbted-bflpe! ,de1riedDftTh aubeud- of being an expert "hunter. a thicket of trees,and dense clusters against him turned, and 'bearing asjeep,than patting her thoughts housework,or fretting a&EratBerraiits.JVa .. his f atwe iestiur. obcw. iar.laa&

.naen world, and vuund.a .I ffbBT Since Mn glenn] Lad lived in her of reeds he soon found himself upon the IntervenbdiuKince fell With a. Upon *paj>er.. He thanked fortune. .' Oioiablfl jgi. adcriau nlitoflf ttAWJi xr-oj8ierj. U X& at i .

'the o.1d teat cottage Walter Roland lad: the verge of a mall-oporilug -on splash into the river- In trfeif
tt.t twiibt'i lii1o'red boor been Intimate In her household, and looking cautiously] through the thick 1rt s, they heard lilm crawl up,the on .tedious siiy or-egotistical -, 1srin Ti..4tont.. .. d4sr eIn.t \ Olf&

\r W 1M d DJ'.I'Ie'i PwerJbat knew the character of Alice. lie folge,, he saw twor men sitting! 'bank on tire opposite ride. and a few.BteDS :! bOOk, Besides..blsHclcndidnttcare 'Tho"bride'sg'hcd..an!. 1)emed.klck people. :They jeeaei'llhtgiotcr &,

mca orv inspires; and had many opjwrtunities of being in J1.r ipi1L' fire,-preparing supper, for more,and the 'noise' ,of"his, retreating about politics, being A regular in Tier cLalr.Dut gels seat to earth on ftlb8. .

Aid happY the ahf-y.cbrilrtia irb4ej.ti bdm' repose wo her presence! for his sister Mary what ne supposed b.,their compa.n:1 }. ibotsteps. 'was lost in the JLnow ,Nothing" in regard to the 'jour cousin Mary Ieepsiio of love.in I'.I,: .: ..
in .
gjprf item of, AI,.ar chI fttiT'L"L and her1wcre fast and intimate friends.' understand it now," ,thomrhtlv"alter distance._. help and still.gets tine-' 'Thcpne was ofmestctye,aai ,Jc ,
-- the next 'Presid rit. As to
S.TUE ii I4RT. He had never spoken a word of loveto ,"that vlllian has left these They knew that they had nothing being "AI) cousin: .Mur.is: rery foolish the wen fanned limbs, which hers.

XERltr- her; but there Is a language that worthies to await Ills return, vhile more to fear from Tiim until lie could the-war tell the Eat sac could not to,do so much more 'than she needto snowy drapery hardly concealed- is

I to bate*merry Lcati expresses itself by the eyes andman he Ins,gone on'business ; that,to.me get:Assistance &om some,of his tory!i positively whether Sevastopol ,' And then her hands are as her erect eanng and,steadyeye, exhibited .'

Boreiyr abort we rtar; ner and those for whom It is intended is too palpable to be misunderstood." friends;; and niler.securing Ihe two in vras the up :or hanrls down,of;;; ;.the or whether Allies orUus-was brown asa gypspy'a. theliighest i degree etrenght i

kyr'P frisdom in a tnerrr heart will read it rightly Walter retraced his footsteps to men that were knocked down, *who.! 'I never iiappened to notice them, 'and'eonBdence. Her right arjairMextended
siaas Reformation
WbafcVr the world iw may bead MT.jkUawphy It was the Fall of 177-, the war his canoe, and turning' its course now began to revive, and with the !, broached: either topics never 'I onlr remember she makes delicate in an improve 1jBestnr ;
mar lift of the Revolution had muSkets that ,fated to do ; 'Temperance yas -ana. the upwards jarherc
find rat flaw, already begun up the river, quickly followed after wfre good fit for wives talk pastry plajs piano nearly night appeftrcd. tef

jnt And pre tne the many pLiloBoLher and many a scene that is always incident -! the party ; lint they were before him. service in the Ting. :cause,they started only about 'So it.drunkards'will lie to ,that as veil as Sour olr rejoined Mr. T', have placed her .darkest. TpiTiUjon, )
Thai*happy with a straw. to war was entailed npon the and Trhen he reached the place from to return. | Helen Thornton sootlnnglv.I 4, while en the left rec.Mf1 her delii:i

country from Georgia to Maine. i whence he had started, lie liad not Many pleasant things "were said j minded' female was fact not' .a "strong' wish,you wouldn't quote cousin cate companion in form'mid omm -

Jflifc bat brings u are happiness told The hardy backwoodsmen of Western j been able to ,overtake them. Soon on each side,as they Fpod on home I ; a himself uponwhicJierhiusbauthlelicitatcd Alary. l ionft likeShe's comparisons. ance the1 roLtrast ,if the odbcr,"fo> 4,i

TOaf ltLijsaswe bard to bay the)'rich ones try North Carolina; ever ready t01 before him rose ihe hill we nave Something 'V nJter'said to Alice in a little. .* not n \a drudge :and a blue. You she UTIB dropgmg like ajteia .-..

TTah all their heaps of p>ld; take the part of the oppressed were' mentioned, on which was the two' low tone, that" ctused len to lalusli said you didn't like blues.*. moistetic. rSrcaLing "ders, : ..,.
firm and undaunted but and to falter low, 'Tes- We have said that two ,months 4J'don't blondes favorite her bright nut troubled- ecanncf-
!huxpb& .let other ar patriots; as I houses; as before described, It rose ,a thrilling ; are my 'eye
Vbtte'er tbry will of ni'mh.Tfco yet they had escaped many of those I precipitously from the water. Near, but as to' what it'yas. we leave to comprised the married life of the and you are,as pretty blonde as 1 the air "with.ardent butvaryinjiglan. '

hn;! the most may truly! bout frightful scenes that they were fated j the middle,Vhere the-assent was the the imagination of our readers. latter. It would lie gratify ing io ever saw''She's ces. ,Suddenly light like tho" ira t

HeV prt the wcalOi of earth. to witness; still they were ever on i steepest, a bug rockjuttcd out over Frank and Mary 'were mutually I add that& his happines was complete, an advocate .-womanV Sashed out from the"heaven 1t.Dt

jiere'i beautY in the merry heart their guard, for tories were swarming stream, forming what is.known, even pleased with each other, md Frank I that he had. nothing to wish for.; rights, too. Bow often youVe said Faith and Hope hailed with exU1q .

A mora]beauty too; overlhe country, robbing'the de to this day, as the "l\ock House,"" sighed when J he thought t he lad not '::but candor comj>els me to say that that you were glad that I don't interfere songs the ascending .tar' 01 .

Itibovs the heart's is an honest heart fenceless of their property. I where a few men might, defend it even riches, nor a name to lay at ler .. he lad discovered a little alloy In with Jb-ubjects which don't' hem. -',-.- >

ThitV paid eaclt man his Sne; One eVening Walter, thinking it a from hosts of assailants. Walter feet. .. his gold. To be,sure it would pass concern my BCX. And now 'you .are :. Years rolled away, and the itraa-: '

And tad a of hare wisdum'e of ahat's fears to, epare good time to hunt duckstodk his rifle I knew that one of the party was aware It was not manyweeks before for pure.metal, but close examination finding! fault with my LonselTeepIngThat's ." gcr was seen in Jerusalem. He wasa 4

Jjd Despite awkw the ch<*fc lesa sorrow epeak and,started for the river. His path of its locality, as a afe place from :. Alice Glenn changed her name, for disclosed the fact. In1.: word his the very idea, my ]ove.- 'meek nnassuming man,whosehappt-

Tie eye weep fewer tears.Tif wound around tbe hill untill he reached observation, and be .guessed they Mrs. Walter lloland, and Walterwas trpffee had been exceedingly muddy "I'm only regretting your nonInterference ness seemed to consist in acts -of be-

the river, when parting the bushes would remain there until nightfall.He proud and happy in winning the for more than a week, and when he in matters that do concern nevolcnce the:human race. XLer

no may shroud itself! in clouds be found his canoe and stepping mused upon his situation,as be fairest hewer on the Yadkin, cautiously dropped hint to the effect your sex. .* were deep traces of sorrow.. hit
wrath ben
Tke tempest ; Into it let Prank joined ''MIl ion'6 Brigade," that if her personal attention was :Mrs.Thornton defined 4her posi-- countenance the
ItfciuL acpark u enter the dart lightly loose the fasten- sat In his canoe, undecided what to ; though no one knew .
lu reniirht i k within. fling and in a moment was floating do. He was not.able to cope single and }his wnmiander iound iiim to be given to the, matter the evil jnight tion'imwl'din.tclShe did not ,design why he grievedfor lIe live fn'tho ]

Tbffi Ut-awjy, let.lltrr sayTTJukTer down the broad current, where the handed with so many, for they were a faithful and ,a trn! soldier, and, be remedied', bo rather. tartly responded -. burying herself In 'the kitchen, practice of every virtue an$ vas JOT- *

titty wIH: .f ui: th; beautiful and the picturesque met his all armed with English muskets, for many a dijjing feat was -ty'nthfulh". -that 'coffee making was not or attaching IJf r el(to Biddy* he i ed by all the good and wise. Uj-aai "1

Vk."tcklite nii! may tiu'r boast gaze at every turn. It required but lIe well knew their business. He I accredited to hint JK OIKof the !'l!er business, moreover shutting herMit had :married for "home and main- by it-wag rumored tlat the .stranger ,

IL'..:4 tUr werhli__(if crtli.Slfi .___ an occasloiial j4rohe of the puddle to must hare friends to assist IKUI in I midnight nt .d..bIf Marion: ,upon up in her' : ',chamber, in a miff,, tainance, not. to fpend her time in worked'uifraclesthatthe Wind air, ,:

-.0-- keep !UB craft in the middle of the :; the emergency. A mile Across the the lories, a malL wa takeii prioner j' thus depriving lain of her precious.conJafly .1 oiling pie crust, 'or moulding bread.. the a uub,pK>ke.the dead leaped tho 1

Slo .... ren, aid: down }he went-now ., river lived a friend and he knew,t who was knpwnas one of'the most :, for the.rest of the day. IlcRry-niornlon looked surprised ocean moderated its cbaitbtg' tide, *1

---- ___u:. .:.-_. over a shoal whrrs he shot bwilily that Prank Eastman; never turned blood-thirsty tones that ravaged tlic !j kiss and a new curt ,;ct ihtr .: A1 end -wonder, for lie felt surprised..' and the very thunders articulated \

r.... : ":' .;. forward at :iu arrowV jKvd Wen on f.-uia an :tIpen.l1or'help. The shades' countn1'be: A\rhyrs. were inccnseda right the next .1110 rn ing, \ That his adorable helen could beperverse le is the son of God. Envy assailed j
.TI1E 't ,- him and when the saldiejv *> Mr. Thurnton thnnvintr in gratis : when It suited her, lie veil him with the
R and
I L t: he t t!* j !lcid: iiosim of tut- tmhrok'V 'evenlntr, were fuM t fulfing upon theseine charge ofsorrtay '|
,,' -.riti''C' -on !he w :iL Son lit us Le crossed the river and-t found that he, was in their hand, he'i Apology for his ill-timed suggestion. !,knew ; but,that.the should put down ] the voice of the impious Judges coni i

1 Stcrj cf fee Hralctis. ary Ti-S!. ,. c.Uit; <. ujw>iht r ?1 O:, where his ca- started t far the. Prank 160Ufe.hen was quickly conducted a tree, lie remembered that! all mankind ( her feet to? determinedly. set him to 1 t demnulhuu to death. Slowly and1-1

1 **** !':I ux' writ quickly and silently over; Prank kut-w his vshes; he soon had where he wa ]left dattjrlir.g betvreen .and( we mayas well include 'woman-4 thinking. The young husband did t.iickly: guarded, he ascended,the hill
Ii" Iii wi ir D.L4o. kind) seldom attua a perfection 'wl h his i wife '
.: tiiou as far as liie eye Could reach. his rifle: ready, nnd was ou the way Heaven and earth, 'before Marion i not > to perform the du1 of Calvary. heavy cross bent him

Tticsna MI ujriu Uje 'J.1,0\ :.ii! las'l- 1 1JaJ.e. dn ri The Yadhin. one uiibroliearhcct ior .r. Itztlau4's.sear knc\V aught of it. PriLk seen him that roses 'always grow flint in the hmnej I j 1 tics belonging! to the domestic but to the earth. But earth leanedTipoa

-tr\'au: .y tce var'ir'piiie of wutcr met the gaze until! it *ix iiwiiths before a man lad stud found he was; the infamous Martin diate vicinity ar/J raiilowsj!| 1 14jlC'j be:: would take the gene- his arm,and Hone dipping; jiifilans ia ,
: : who had him and and ,black clouds arc often seen to- 'rrslKfjernsion of.mutters-; lie was las blood Tnocsted to this ,sides
l'tMtr: or _\:::. .fl. :'01 n..' iurnod tu the l 5taL'd was lost( from : come in ihe neighborhood) I by the, escaped ,{ pit ;
when rescued the irIs. : getber. ,a clerk'with a moderate salary, ,and .._,
ten two
they i i
ud! .. drifted -- <
us.*fcvu. : .sen rhou .t:: 1.y :xV cunoc:: tlowly name of Martin. He soon became ,
hut : At the close of the devolution.Prank'] I Is, a curious fact, but no less prudence was indispensable to his Haay ird ETcasxs. ,* .
1r; not with i f i heated bril- aiou! ?, while: he 1:1'it. full Icn'tli acquainted with Alice Glenn, and
Eanee : returned home with the title of[ true,that love ecai'cely.ever outlives situation. Tie tory need not l>e ,f' .p,
that uiuriit tl day r of\uu-t. in it, vita ai rlQe ready to grasp ut not Jon:; ,/'er lie offered her the honor f J
bad bread thick coffee lengthened., )Vaste and Our homes-wltstarc their
A noMe rivT ; Major. He found Mnt'Y' olat.d still,| smoky tea improvi- corner
ran through: I the fcrineboitoai.rriujej a numwitV! :r-irht of lme. lIe had of Vi> Irand. ,Alice had always '
-- hard boiled .discolored] silver d 11re"jn the kitchen, flOOD brought stones but the virtue of
t tlthc ovcrhangiaf seen uolhlnjr a* yet that be thought ; assisted him,anthere: were several unmarried and in the. prune of wo- eggs j nismn, end
i litnb.-tur"'C'lU1Wrtt I' manhood. Not long:after he linked i and soiled table linen. After all the :pecuniary ..embarrassment while In on what does social well being,,
and birth, und I worth Foo'hiit; :. As lac. went on, rumors that he was a tory, and she j rest
his destiny with her;lor life,and never : romance and rhapsody laid! to ins j the parlor incapacity and ignorance but in homes 3Iui
htsl: u,' i-l, ihwl in the yellow the river seeino-1 to men from Its ? refused the offer la a maatier that 11 our we* not
IT8ftfAzzumzt did he the IlL n. *! charge, the little gentleman deals In of Arhatconstitutes a true woman trace all other of oniibed'
regret blessing
: find ciiuied "to the tortuous windings. and the} ?amelovellacHS left no doubt. He 'was maddened at.
A 'villas! stands : practicabilities. He likes breed, antUbu.er and'real lady,laid the foundation life tothe doors of d
IcpoTmciA pleasant upon our private
% l tall In't. 1ld cathr: of z\C" cf'UA at every (the refusal! und swore to her that she ;
looe tlacir the 'spot where.} ,-Wai f ter lived but ] and he wants the bread light: 1| discord: wlifch time uidlupt lessen. ? Arc not hearth stones
hold ; our
fell ?\vrrej.:iir.! to theTLter turn. A *mal! island of a few acres i should l ehis v.ife, with i l or without .
fc fd-c j every trace of Ihe ihoukj tliat: stood and the butter sweet he is a little ;; The charm of the. white hands had guarded iy lovely forms, -conjugal
drt -t'd'i ih the rich t I ItlU .! in extent a quarter of ii mile ahead her consent, and he had left the coun-
; rjiie .lTt- rrijrt.- and tempi ing loomed uu from the4 ou oi'lhe nv1cr. -.i i try. Walter knew of his oath and thereat that time .has disappeared, exacting. too; Insisting thut gaiters,, departed .Mere personal beauty filial.and paternal -.,The cornerstone

fan. Tri.ii! tie river on the iitiVrdied Xow the bushe., parted to "hi? i! wlieii he saw Martin iu the boat, Le. and but few know the Incidents we'!lank lietter neatly laced than when .without Intellectual- attainments, a of Church aid State, more sa .

a L'u.ti iKKioin, though; yet right, and the sl'ur r rijtple told that '! knew what his intentions were.. have recorded. j open the and flapping at thesides the vlili -worth.fuud of Think COmmon of sense It, and Benedicts moral, cred than either,more nccessanrthan ..,
thtb&.d I. strings trailing on groandrHe ye both Let cruniblevand
our temples
u1l'Cti\uju111.ud 1 ; aiill creek ; That eveningAflceimnd Mary had
uiak its contents
DOI a # cj
Ad"crtl.J.:1 ; in search of conuubial .
ed .= .1 was even known, once,io take felicity.CoxrnlL&L.Ifon State levelled with tho .1
U capitals
$ of it
uiu piantatjons.! that it well; the broad current. A few 1 taken a Ion? stroll in the wood to -
or1 ; tt't:1Uil1ith tie rcii j prortiw : ttrokcs from the padilic turned his : jrether, nnd It vas nearly dark before Advertising Has Given many u an.abrupt leave of:a lady on the os1cf1sih1e I.I dust, but spare our homes! Let no
of of dis- wish
plea dissimilarity to socialist invade them with LTs TrHd
uf back&Lrd under the returned. They.stood talk good business! J' grow
ngrlultt: course,auc waning overhanging they '
-hill afLer hul, until their oak- I bcslit$; that almost iHd the I ing In the little path ll etween their Ha saved many falling business. I!' pos1t uu'; but the shrewd people wealthy, get married. What It coststo plans of community.. Man did.not

red tops were J Ictstiu the distance; j fact (if iheir being an outlethe found homes, when they 'heard eoiue person Has Rescued many a lost business. tuipected that the true reason ivas support one vice will keep sixhuldre. i 1D\"ent;and lie cannot Improve abrogate
bile' t' because.he wore dirty collars. He i. Until .a young Tnan is them A. private :slither IQ, ...
acre and there rom au oiienaiunii 'iriuiself in -l WTTiiw opening, WiLh acreeu :: approaching Thinkingperhaps, it ,Has Kevlred many.a dull bosiuceR. I t
be whimsical and extravj married he;is tossed about from one In two hearts "dearer io each ,
a ( i cd its blue guuilleuveu (limbs before him that hid : was Walter, they etill stood .there Has Enlarged nianyL jguiall lui.iness. i- j may cover
but he
tonrd j agant sometimes, is just;as: degree of ungodliness to another, other than all in the worldTlcgh.wall
; und evervtree his form from anything on the river, ; when a hand was laid upon the slion1. : I I ,
leave his castles and Ills"health mud character exclude the of
fcuroio i .sct-, until strength to profane eyes
f..r the'e cou1j I and thrust i in their Has Preserved a large busi-i
as reach yet euiucuMitly open; to watch 'whatjasei i der of each, a gag many j liursted and liuman scc1ueioAe
tle down three meals
.dres ,quietly tp'the -ere completely vp every lacing;
ed '
ta the rt iicudaut hues ; be fciretched himself at full j mouths. They were hurried to in Talk,about for children feel that moil'
and the .done fur-
Of toLer. ness.Has n day a cigar evening,as: your t-ongress nough
-.L. j I length in his canoe to watch for .. rit'cr..wherc. Martin had 1cl'tllis. boat. Secured success inevery .1inBi.- a feather Js to obey the laws of.grav- waiter .and,. :sea 'bathing 3! Therein cr is a holy and peculiar name.- iiia -

1nnn1Le.rh-cr"WflWar. tIle hills almost rose i j 1S'uuc. 1f and -when they were seated, hC oruer- nC88.. ; itation. He "writes lender poetry, jiothlng the Lord ever invented for, is home; and here the birthplace
t d-e cxcfi.t where Magy had been thc time when belay ed hi! menlo hurry the boat down Will Kill off old fogy business. virtuous-
be I,f I 1 too. t but generally insplratlou .sCzet the health, equal to a "woman. or every secret, thought. Here the
zndhecreek there at the mouth !that little] tho river. ,And Caused many to mind their ;
along ,
10 fwc-pt him after cutlug lieurtily of roast plied t tl ,r ere young men permitted Church and State must come for their .
toltrilJUte t1, ir offering! of pure '1 creek-a favorite reortIor the wildfowl \ Walter and Prank were two' late. business l, ; the .slv rogue ;Jaipws that an t to get married wlien they iirst -felt a origin Jind support. Oh I spare onr

1nt.e.ao.mtain: -rater to the current and along the river. Perhaps un j,They knew 1 by finding ihe bonnets .hereafter; advertise your- "busi empty StomaCh is not favorable ;ioemooth -passion for muslin And calico one- :,homes The lord -we ixperlenca

-.ihut iiistAute a long range of rnounottt i.I i hour had lassedwbcn he heard a ofiheiwoptfla 1.hnt they were carried ness in the KBPDJJLICJLN. rhyme,or.soft seutinaer I hull of the hereditary diseases that there gives us our wth in an infinite

) the landscape from be-], slight noise and looking up. saw half off. Walter knew that they Somewidoavrjiflie-$5. chap, who has* 1 -The'boncj1ltooJ.1'lIld jmi .expired-, the Istzrnan family are afflicted with: goodness; tbepunity.and disIntcreFt! .
ducks around injcircles would at the island for iheir
!in dozen wheeling stop tried it Insists that in the rather the ,months allotted, ,toLt'hntintereftinr would be iinuhuld.Dmziicu ., cdnesa of Lone is our foretaste and
ilittltIi1jcr courting or
that ach time became ..analler i iI < nnd rapidly they hnr- .
the river hin' companions, '
,,1te up a : Ik' different institution period; for It liasIjoen I. our earnest of a better world, la
i altogether a '
In'ecl1itou.sJy from 'I in the river -direct- ned the canoe down the current country ,
Ii"LeD the vatrr, to.tlighit from the .article. In ascertained that' BCason can,bo ''nr HOUSE OF G. relation there established nd ogtoS
it hud reached the summit;t liy before lain; then4 grasping las When they arrived At the Island ho city ; mea1 .1O.nn; Perhaps nothlnis::: surer sign of : ed do we nnd through life the cHef
Ijy ,
.ldU1edoutbward : fouier,1ncc, get protracted jiroper
'I shoulder left.the lioat ind penetrated, iownere say you : '
he his !
do- slowj".rtiscd to ihey: I .
forming a than irreverent solace and existence.
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Lhel.eIr situated. It cjmmanaed. just then he heard a noise like the Alice Hary jaEhore iheTe- or.mal1Danri erfine silk,great]jewel* the burned and ftrled steakontboilate our hearts cen pained to see young : ? One mother is worth 'a thousand -

oftLe surrounding conn-,,1rowingofiiboatconiingnp the river and a.'ked them to partake of rruid.girlffotip mvn&m oricm.% efore Iiim.,made n wry face at,; men manifesting demeanor ,and : friends one Bister truer -Ann
4 ,as you look : and ihe finger was stayed, The past that had been prepared for liE, : ..W
eastward ., lie jftdvlned ins friends to.go io, the- tls cnp,of coffee took )ne mouthful :attention to the service that which: twenty con psnioM
.1beripling surface of the Yad- cautious nature of the backwoodsman return, ; but they' both" refused. rural'districts when want; lof or llifc tdaBuny leathery toast, suid:: was: n6t:befitting Audience cHamberof'tlieDelty -.who hove played at the .liwnnder ."
.1DItr said .Martin up:
eIes feasted itself 'ihe first, "You bad better, ,
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the.scetempted had developed the
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1hat themselves-with tie .or thenLfipoke .
r 'l'e .bye iodeL symptom ofalann. The ducks hew "f or you have a long. .journey' before: ply calico 31 jgood M ear' Helen/: this tendency rcxlubited 'by jonng.ladles who date back to the' ntme:scene ari
A few hundred vards from Lnd took their'course the river u.4uI ': '., innocenceJaui.. Tla
up- np y s-s I44Tbougbiosttog1it e II1tfr 11J t It rargues ihe shallowness of wa onof iop ,
ko.e*aa another, and but little at abaost nrrow speed. The: 'I. rl
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    In appearance io its igbZt1t sound or rowing grew Bearer, and: ,"UT vltai we have:been dears: the TnaSden-Baidio ier 1o"- 1J1'f'.ad!(. i VeSavc seen young we', a4W, years only make

    1rnB BO emoowered inucoud a boat, with three pen, Appeared *njaghi. ; sultiected to Boch ircatraQnt'r crvhcn iiisac&casijurieUn "..Kg"t'1 1 1o nskr" ladies elegantly resaed and earing more nacred and more Iropartaat: the

    only get occa- One b.r JiiB manner,. shewed. : "Y- OIl'know: said Mnrtin- "with a'>' and,. :*1ikers.' t. bwd'1 Because'BheniakDs the 1est1iscuiti &;1 the'-dsttrnal lu&rks ef Teppecta- ta.1 Qr1 JdneU.

    iiLtltp8 'Of It The roestbat that lie-was ihe irecter' of the tliers. -I : oasiiaulethiat': I proise2 to .-U.iman's .- 't.-t'cr'M1W'. JI' ". .- ," biera&sgcandissociations, who :up,itifltaMfT awy : t
    ld :
    iu the rustic garden ritn As soon .u Jtk iSaatttres were::1:1iJ TYJ1lt evcI1Lt3'oardisilcasurc,j 'W eye wir ore uean-, 4TJndoubtedy1',.a Jnu", otb&iieuiilj seemei consider the s-rlce of theAUITGHTT'ES .plierel"J' divide, bet :toee wb*

    eend the lioneysaddely jBC11l''Wat '._ d grit- and 1 will f'Wil niy p"o }, Ixave: tf1w-k: *lear,: 1sW e'.t spOrI evcrtkig. xe iurini; ao BIOTCftr 4itcaLlon .1Me juqr&lng, nrheaaiate .at ..1e.w.e.taa..iind
    10, with Ursaer and. bra.glJ iri 1ong2 : be as; ila ; &J 1it&r emS -Orc ,g ,
    over the door, ed tiff rifile a grass YB 'l only aner' ie, .IB 'eycr, reverence.ikao. a i,4aeM
    1Le guardian infiuesce of his lips wett firmly. ce j rcs6ed to-, s)\' eec tri-tJ' 3irrnintkkIesn. ai' ,. 4,0 :a'nvc., : persuaded 4o leave.ifflr.rTeIt ; e'n4.. "I"-l ...'4hi.1M.ll wheJhy:

    4I1t1d ,:for Alice GIC811, WBeziius -. : r&r-.io- ,.1l.- -t;", .. "V 2in1t1e ,, J 'TiM.-. n 'v1t J '\ ).:7 emt.eu 3.i:to' .10, .; .'- ,..1a..iiiD VeU.oaa.. llAe1T8, *fi y we am choemtselveaafi4tkfl IW1&
    '; of the cottage. 'vrin"f\7' .Be a.t "W1tdeaty "n Atlln..u': ) .H-IJ THIS the firatte: e site Mil ever 'witb proprtcU''m'JL".ee 4'!or',p.l""ll&tet'er yearg_these. is
    1d i4eafle1'e
    1lrIet1e *ith her iðer.ui.w ,M'-e !. Rt.a? A4 : Iwo an;feje&igaed 1. *k 8 .: RearTaB"p.IeL .I :JBBJ be i..ber indi-, .-e 1ew ,. ar1.J .

    !'t1t ,&ace .G1eaa:bsa at l bet_-t ig1A : ,ithzic, : a-if. ..JJiiIf..ect.Jo IettiML
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    4.- ri -: Arrrir'I
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    I *. SAMI4Z3 ; : Harper*' Sheriffs Sale.
    frOIfl Th1
    The Govis A Cbuuto BATTdurrlFrom all, aeomnUs i ft appears :- ,

    cub11can. Ga, bai been purchased by Joftxra 'Cussr ff r- that*g t f b4 Var U r gia*ta Roamike Stato HAIU'ERP &TOP.t BOOK, LEVIED upon and will b*

    taerlof the TaltabMsee Stvttiul. Mr Cluby totho Allege, Ta. ,1ar'portion' '> of 'tb.c stuknt* ;G _. 3IIYAL- -os TU. ML'flOI AND !lh.os.! i in th. TOWIuw ,f _
    S 5 the first Monday U
    l- e5S i J.ais.iry ,
    ; ----s
    JACKSONVILE. :surprjse of til bii!d friends, in" :Florida; baa. tare rebelled; jal5t the aotboriUeCpf thaMnsttution -a : tA' :' *: j- ; ceLiLiA, DeeJl*. BTOXElfSeeewe' EUELD W.I ; eat bidder the Wtming u, w w 7

    _-,-_-- V .- % (oitiirf!tbe Plerc*..Democracy.: Ta bT* aalatatorhefiosesoff / Vnd haveV, ucceede\l\ ta wtnolnpYetO tdyte it1c bu.ired; at 2tewror *(h serca 111Hz cC thees?a1iJ7* pnlsr $fttrpbvn CvoiBHoUnr. 1L 4m 4, -

    Thag1 December 20f J855.M. ,with lb. following V their can e a portion of tfij feult The.dlffif nUyoriirjnatedjp '' byO Hay i bter'a viees'friro Europe. S .1- periodical* reeetvrd In quantity oad now Ifamparir*; dAnfftlonttwUarof,Carrie lssiaj,,

    Indeed, we almost''dar : to, make a'nrerpfngaffinnatioB the dismU**! of a atodenl 6>r' ot aV n Cal(iL l. & ;tb '..ppustinRflob The only testate of news by the Daltie t Is, that for aab. Harpers Magazine for the month opens % f.T _i_ ___%w_,_-1 $ vl.

    A. CAMCTW, h our wtttemxtd Agent at ,. that ther* .ia ttotfa Wh'gorlAojv' tending recitation. The"atndtnta conealtinjIitaa5importaiitprinclple ThaIrniat with ajiighly Interesting *4'illustrated| acoouwl WbetfcHi*i1wii. nJ. 1st and tdT'"
    W Columbia Ov, FIVf obtaininK ubcoUeoting Nothing in Georgia, who. bad he cpenC the past : was Involved In this transaction oftb*matntIn fllyexpiaIedtb*olJectf.tbtCueventio'fl4 tbcrir U a'TarietyX-Wmori tating,there a prot'pett of the conquest ofUexieo b; HeniandoBy (brteL- Angel and Ante Tui .
    ,td all nontea due this office two rears in almost any non-Sjgttbolding, "of peace. -On, iay* tlut, Ko sia directly w- J. d Abbott. This U followed by "IJTT.bfancea ValUrfa Law cC Katk-utttilTut "
    c pin :.that It to fatt inlrcncbed japon tbeir rlghtas jrtuce4f harmony In theIrpruceedIi3a.5 of lb. HUalMipph bT.B. Thorpe* This 5 "
    $ t&4t.Igborhod. wimld 'tint:bare-frit cotnpellarto TU the Denvocnitie them, quested Prussia to m k concJliatory oftV-r* to tho H'iTwkkootb( M awuMof DJT
    ticket. Not to hare .>ne' so, would have- a body, made the cause of,th* expelled member cteeeyorueveaIher, Western Powers. Prussia is said to bare accepted U the first No,of voLl*. Hiiiiartfa.Amrri aay.l vol. lit;

    ;ar. B-PAUIER tho Aoiericaa NeuspaperJLfent. been In almost every cam, to halve aided a jaic tbn their OWP,and declared-war.against thS faculty,- ln conactpeneeftb the miwfoKTAtotria iAa nti. But be most dcfioitet S 5 Manuel on Demurrer.1 viaL
    ia wa'oiar rToIZTh ACKXT for thts | awrlo | own convictbps of nrht abd propriety' in the As the retitation balls were desertsd and thenofl4riTl1! S S & Bt-ck'a Med ical Jiiri.pr dca( 1st
    a cbnseqcencc when Cunren.tion sj
    tbtcitiw of DostoB/Nw-York aod.PbiUaTabdas is* r >rtca have been_ arbitrarily rU aBgalnsttbtatcetion was uinved pad i at tun.daypCxtato'cb na f Vamor U thaij>ropositU>os bare been DECEMBER 19, 1S33. Abbolt IMI Sb pping. t Vt4. .
    *- Ignored te meet n )
    -dnl/topawcrtd to take adrertLvjBiaoU and everything Jike study | *dJQtr12. a ii 4hmttted.totapoleoo In Ub.l{ Russia, which United 1Itate. Criinia l laws. Id VAL rBriccifaCriminal

    and nbacriptkms at the rates required bym. We wonder tf Mr. CHsb/, living I in New York*, formed which paraded in, disorder tht streets of with upeadoortaa4Jd1 P% 4 *edtatsi4td1te1I and geatleineabe can be honorably acce|>t d1rTla! i,Buui* wil| coclad. -Jirst Arriyed: : EviJ n.,7i ,u ; -
    will b regard asrayments. Iliaefficti Satan indignation meetangVbeVd in the chapel; lion sit Kul oo CrioK. I l4aJd24
    HiatTceipU for 1 Instance, would Tote the ftjrJ "Democratic t inVited to stted #* S2.AU with th* 'VTrftera:.Power withoutinterreution'of ret.
    . are-Boston collar's Building; J ew- with"&tudefltsbts" and peace: PLASTER OP PARIS Chilly'* Criminal Lw, 1st.id and
    - JJufcdin >fcabi K E ; >Stfl Detpocratio ticket? 11* members tb either or and Mnof
    York .Tribnue or call WooUbary rtport,I taTSj
    menbeT ttd
    f -with aieCbCsmna4pledgea'i&ed tu1 snchutbeT BRIDK H IR-to which w.
    surmounted a flUgj itflottjatorjr Americati tarty, ;
    comer rmhrnnd Cbcsnut Lreets. talks as fbon h Democracy wu"&and the accediaft and ruaranieemg meof inuepenuence ComtocV Reourts. 1st, L Snl |iJfcJV*
    : darin*tpe. ing',01 the attention of those needing such building
    the present
    \am ;all aver the coaulry.jp* looks top us. ; never again to attend Profo party as !nybe on flOtioU.COflIStitUted elS'. tbo pJOBbiaa Prin ipalitie* apd the freedom of material. -S Aznvricaa LeJaiig Cases. lit sad 24.oi. -
    ; were $
    : For President'in *or JUlsey's rgcifcitions, and to biro the dstaias | ibis Couyeutson Cunrenthoim C.mckliug' Trvaii.e, 1 vol. >
    very like' Soft'Democracy' which? so poys the gates; and invited$ totake seats Intbe thoD1ickSa; -bothi parties continu*-prepafa- ALSO,. BarriCa Practiet, 1st 2d
    and IH
    d student, ninatated risk.. At this ,The meeting ; roli
    JOHN :J. ;ORITTENDEN, Pierce dynasty befog abmit as unreliable aa the at 'an/ participate in deliberwUoiuc lions 'for war, !but not 6 enter upon active bus* coIN; FLOUR: : RJCEj JTfflT BUTTER : TowntunVa New form. 1 vol.
    Mgo of tbev4>fbcfrQdings .a1 meeting of the rest- then d 1b(following..wmmittee, .TijjQjj.IIppki..CMewr. ; 5 ArrJth POTATO& TVRX1P& et
    : ranked Black Rtpub4icanum; TbWKr Democracy Trac lees. tilUies up to the date agreed upon. L41fl; ; ; UAIuidst.ttsSl; vu:,
    qfKenfucAi. Dining, ?
    dent members of ttfe Board was called and oegotiilions >- Uuited States Gazette 1 niL
    : stood square up in. New York axl endorsed Hen Call, Our. Brown and B F.?Allen, to P0toisfnesa All this is 'possibly premature, bat hope ire ALSO, ,

    4. ,. For Tlcc 3*resident. t'hd Nebraska Bill in all its features-yet the opened between the belligerent parties. far the action of tha Con $tiOt?; wbenjttueeta5on strong that terms of peace will be arranged. A large and Tsried assortment of F rnitur.enuskting' .- ; Sergvnt ll4ionLsbclluL AH Attroctioo, 1 vol.I .
    4 The truce resulted in a compromise which divided tiezt!!parsuant t4idJournmetit of Chair of every raj'wtv; Bureaus
    Frank Pierce JlirHf Monday excitement about American affairs bad almost Taylor* Law 1 voL
    Democracy are down on the ,' S :Tbo Table Sinks Dub Mand Be.1- ,
    Boards ,
    ,,. DANIEL S. DICKINSON. aiding'wIth the students, The Convention was then permanefttly & Aide ,
    the J/iro'o, torn are down on Mr. Pierce and the faculty, a portion the unauimoi) election of ezOove0r'lrot subsided. SS ' stead, Cot. RrfrigeAtnrs. Centre Tables Card llireuiaDsaciivcvylyol.Wheeler .

    . a 'f qJJ o York.jr his*uppotinu: Kow tee should like to be informed whilst the other, embracing Prof I4and the. p.toftssors I re.identand hun. John.D.irhlflg of llihIbori jb. The lanisbConfeencomot,. on tto 2Otbbulhad Taye. &fa*. Extension Tables, and other article Phillip and on A Slavery mo* 1 evidence vol* '

    ,__ !_ which branch of Ibis'Democratic, party In the of.Modern Languages and Natural Sciences and Hop.A.W. Kicholsoo, Escambui, Vice Pros0nmotlnnthe no action.. < too numerous to mention. All being selected GreenviTUj on evidence on ,tad and';,sa4

    > ',Tbe illness of tbe proprietor will,we tru&t; Free Statk mean when we see and hear so considering; that too much had been yielded to idaents.'! meeting 'thenlUjouraed S S until the Prussian Chambers fIn the speech of the especially for this market. S.ctt3.. Peter Report,1,i. *, 4, Si n '

    2* a anScient apology to ocr readers for the Lckcfmatcrhth1sweek's the refractorstudea'la declined performing duty --S A fcvr hamdsomo Cottage- 13. H, 1J, 14 ndnthvyL
    much about Jth "LtiHoavtic ticket" being the Monda/nextateVcloclsP. King announces;decidedly the continued neutral-
    is e. until the whole matter could referred to the R. K..CALL; CAarmn.L. S "vty Our Terms art C4SII-and Prices Howard Repori*, 1, % /'5'v 7 $*,t .. .
    only one that it is safe thatseciion of tbo Union and m > of Prussia.Sine 19; 13, U and JSth voL 0
    'recommenced |
    1 to rote. .Perhaps some one who is not so new in trustees. And thus the battle W RowLfl&crIdrf. nnimporbnt changes bare occurred in Xotr. Gale and Wlieeler oo Easennt,1 toL
    Removal.Tbe'oEce The students being strength S v
    S with renewed energy. ELL1SLEDWITH& \JJ.PEABODY7S HillUrd on real property, las sad Sad .
    the Pierce "Democratic harness-as Mr. CUshy likriDtY, 3rd l last*3 o'clock, P. the English Government. ***
    confident bf su > S Jarmanoa will. Iii and
    encd the alliance were now !d .1.
    of the RrpvVtitta bas been remove\ cou give us some light on tbsjoct.; bj, The Convention met persnant 'to i<>urnmeYit, There i3 nothing lurther from the Crimea, Asia S Fearoes Reminders
    which doubt they:consider completj upon from t atantle a on aa4 24 nrlUper
    ... eels, Oor. Brown Delegates
    Ihe third of Uoca'soew trick the Black Sea. i
    to blockfjcor
    story or SS Legate 1st .
    VD and 24
    withdraw bearing $1raw.berry f Ph|,
    erof Ba/andOceat-strcctsat which place we, Death Robert II. Griflin, Esq. learning that the dissenting professors, bad HilUborough Orange D val, -Siwsaa. Columbia Leon- p.. Perpetual" Tailor'* LtadtoVd: and TCOMUL"! vaL
    n'from the Faculty. hamilton )Jadi[ n, Jtfferson, WakuUa, From Mexico.S S VIlitUard
    .5 Contract
    Storf 1
    ball always be pleaeed to SM our (friend The feelings of far commnnfly received a pain- --- Gadsden, Jackson, holmes Walton,- Totihii toe, S AS THE SEASON has arrived for transplanting on Sales,*1,vuL ', I
    U.- shock morningTnlbe aunoanccment FBOU MKXICO.-The followingextract from ;a Snta-Rosa and Escambia were in attendance. Kew ORLCAXS, Dec. 12. the Sraw>oerry, .1 take this method of ad-
    fuI yesterday Story on prouiiaiMiry notes 1
    . The Legislature, a: The President briefly addressed the Convention vising the Gardeners and Horticulturist of Florida. voL
    : .the death Jloaiar U. Otirnx, Esq., says the letter I recently received from friend ia-Tampico !In exposition of tbe nbetts.jriflcPlea) and porpo.WtWAn Via Texas, \ro bare Vera Crux dates'to'tbo jBth, how tber. can obtain my tcerJxariny plant*. I Story on agency, 1 voL

    . Vr.it.-***_--I.--.* ---t. .>v. nt.Xrt* f j1** IMIs ;niLt:1qho: dkd will *bn\r ihotAmericiajcaD'tal ant enerzr would ... ;**q to the members add Jfexlcu to tbt> Cth inst. A conspiracy has will carefully pack the plantain earth ind moss, Story on Bills cf Excbaort, \ ifa -

    .f State adjourned tutedtt on Snrday last as we resilience on South Broad struct between tvrtlveaud sooi- cued a change in Affairs on the frontier, if present to lay aside their old political pirju- been' discovered ia Mexico, the object of which Is to go to any part of Florida,In safety. 'Tbe planU Powel on contract, I voC

    lean,from our Senator, (Gen.Tjorsfx ,who arrived otc o'clock on Tliuj day ntght The deceased anything like a permanent and stable government dices and plant themselves doctrine.fairly. and squarely to make Urao President-Uraga,Padro Miranda, win be put up in packages of from 100 to-low, at Story Story oa 011 Site Partncrshi, 1 VoL,-1 VwL'
    the true American the following rate*:-100 fir $4 SDa for 17 3-0
    on Tuesday morning froa TallahMscs. had been in ill bcalth some two or three months were formed ;i.An' English: gentleman who had upon The Committee prerionslr appointed prepare and Co!. Orsollo hare been arresteAB. oLRobtes fur |'J; SOU for, f 13 ; or 10Nt Iir; $20. Packages j lUbrrts on Fraud, 1 ruL

    The only mailer of general interest which en- within tbs-treek past apprehensions were felt for just arrived fronr&torce,informs me that a company bntJnessfortleattiou of the Convention, made bus been appointed to succeed Almonte., It'is rumored may be sent daily to Savannah by express, aid Milliard oo Mortgages, lit and 2d rot,

    aged the attention; of and was passed by the legislature his recovery, and though his dcatlkwas Dot wholly Americans, froniNew York and New Orleans the following report, accompanied with the rc n>lu. that Commoulbrt will retire froiq the Min trod thence, "Jacksonville by boat Printed Archtbold Livermore on agencies lit sad 24 aL
    and bill.- tons annexed, through their Chairman, Gen. Uop- directions will be sent to each pnrcbaser of plan IK. Prsetice. lit sad 2JL
    was the census apportionment unexpected, it saddening to realize the. loss of have purchased tba well known silver mine kin : : S istry. The church is opposed to the Oovern meat. Orders the &sb will receive Robert on fraudatait eonveyoaccs,1 voL
    accompanied by
    By this bill the following! changes in rcprcsenta- one who cnjoyd, so univcr&alliue' aflection and nix leagues from Katorce. The Mexican traditions The Chairman stated lint the Committee had met Things are ingeocrat confusion. prompt attention Kent's eomiiMrnUries, I voCFarren'

    lion weVemade. The counties ofSumptcr, Volu- esteem of his /ellow citizens! and who filled so and old Spanish records both give almost fabulous no difficulty: in agreriii; to the resolution*, which ---.-.--.-.....--- -- CHAS. A. PEAT1ODY.'S Billaao equity. 1 voL S

    sift, aad Manatee ire each for* the first time apportioned prominent a position of public usefulness in our accounts of remarkable yield of this mine in he had the honor to submit to the consideration of Loris NAroteox w OCR GRAU Mazzzr.-The- dec 12-8t Colnrr S bu*. Go., Nov. lot. iS. Clerk Badowena and Practice,t vol.

    a Representative, whit! Marion Madi- midst. Few men possessed in so eminent a degree the d.ys of tho viceroys, before' the internal of the the resolutions Convention were, wlcn icid: on>tr'mteint motion and ot .Mr.upon Allen the, Rochester Union states that the agents of tha Jacksonville ? 1'urrij'a Uiuvcl on Law Factor DXtH and>airyklstaod24 Urukej, I rot.vjl.

    oa and Cblambia each ere allowed! one additional the qualities of mind and heart which rdorn and troubles drove off he workmen and filled up the question f their'passive, the sumo were unanimously French Emperor hare been largely engaged this urery. ih; tty on Pleadinglt and 21 voL

    BepresentatiTe! -anJ Gadsdcn county oscs one. ennoble human character, &nd which command shafts and gangways with water. The purchasers adoptedwithone-disscntiug voIce to the fall in purchasing wheat in the West, 'on, bis ac TUG Subscribers respectfully e ill S.noj>t cat Index to the laws of ta CalW Mpitv

    A new senatorial district is formed in East Florida the respect and friendship of all. We leave it to are represented by Major McMickcn of New York second Your proposition Committee : to and count. They purchased OOO.vOO bushels,of-which 50fJ the attention and adjointug of the counties citizens* to ofDnval lst:4>> anti dgr:3d t vol., 123 and i voLUutUJ

    consisting of the couaties of Sampler, Yolu-. abler hands to write a fitting tribute to 'bis memory. CapL Forbes Britton of Corpus Chrisli. and n business for-the'; appointed'action of this prepare Convention.report GiO.OOO came Jo Uuffilo, and 550,000 to Oswego.All .- : their choice slectiuusof Fruit State* Digest. I hat and 2 voL

    $!&, Orange, and tJrcvard. The connty of Aladraa gentleman from New Orleans.; Should order be having attentive consklercd the subject committed but 40,000 went down.the Erie Canal. The !: ._ ,_ Trees. Grape Wines, Ra pbvrrv, CUitty on Contract?! vol.

    is detatcbcd from Marios, and forms a Senatorial S.. restored they expect to put up their machinery to their cure, submit !for your consideration and same 0 agents are still buying*' S in Illinois and other Goosebtrry, Currant Strawberry, Horse Radish, United Stiles Suntes at hare,I, ;

    district of itself. This girts t he East a gain Kci.-CapL ALASTCR NELSON, well known and commence work next fall. My informant adoption : \V- frn VJtifi< tn in Georgia active That the Americaij party of Florida, now? embled'in the ground formerly occupied b/ Oliver Wood, One Case.Tosat.sfywoeeeutisns.
    aM the of as an end energetic man, ha* ; ;: :
    ef two Senators. These are changes learned that the first named gentleman bad left General Contention, do ratify and adopt out by W4:5"p deceased fronting the Plank Road. issued set of tic ci.ccii .

    which we are advised-the other districts and takca his departure fir Kansas. We hear of a Montery for the city of Mexico, to obtain a special the platform of pri.cpl? **, promulgated bv the Also, Circular.Saws from iS to 43 inches diame Court of Duval Cour.ty in bvor f D

    counties; therefore remain as before. So our own good many others tvho'dcsign! settling in the Territory. permission to introduce the implements National Council; of the Amencn party at Philadelphia :MB. FiLtxoRt.-In the course of a speech recently ter S Saw Jlill, Billet, band and othVr saws of llogaus, v'. John W Price and she otlcr irtfvor
    CiutLES HAMILTON necessary in June IT..* however to the following !- delivered Hon. length and to sail this market, all trotjiBaLewell of C. W.Schle iu vr, T*. Jhn W. Price nV
    will for the next tea have as at prestntXme Cupt A. of Cas. the !, supject, by the II. Marshall, at Louisville pioge ,)
    county years Ac., to commence work The mines at Real & .C Saws from this ncvtv poiaUU out by 1'Uiiitiff* Atbirntvs.
    * "* (iff. rs to raise and hundred modifications: SIsh. he announced himself in favor of Mr. Fillmore >, manufactory.
    equip one emigrants -
    Sesator audjtwoJleprescntativcs. de Catorce have all been unusually "productive'this That we will maintain and.defend the con establishment Invd been thoroughly U-stvd in thi* UBI.UI IIQWDEY,

    A new revenue law upon Ihe cd ralorem! principle carry them to Kansas, and keep them there until season. When my informant left, one friend stitutlon of the United States, the Union as it now as a candidate_ _for_ _the_next_ _Presidency.LIEUT. rtgton of f country aud found U> be the very best dec 8 Sheriff \>( DiiT&l CimaySIZELIhU.E.

    auw passed both Houses,just prior to the adjournment the question of s-lavcry i is settled, provided he i. had f 14,000, in bars, detained on account of-the exists and the pihtta of the States without d.m'nutioii S ever offered in tbi* market for cutting the pine .
    M&rny.-The House of
    The particulars of the bill we have nifobed with funds to the amount of $:!MOOH).- tuldin! that the constitutional liberty of the Representotivesof timber of Florida. on ami will be M4 Ulore tht Cb
    This is dangers ofiheroadt-A' O. Picayune.M States u the supreme object of our republican js- Tennessee has adopted a resolution in favor of Just received and for sale donbleextra superfine LEVIED I in the Town uf JocktmivilT t
    suGice il to certainly a reasonable proposition and '
    not room at present to insert- say S. Let,,. Gvucseo Flour. Porkj Lard in barrel and n'tkiu*.
    in J
    the restoration ot this officer to bU former that Jfond next. In tho
    bowerer, that nothing scarcely escapes taxation- the enterprise could not lie under the leadership l'nIxca scmicorr.-It has been announced 2-nL That the American party of Florida unqualifiedly position Refined cngan>, Cbauipugne; Cider. Pilot Brvt.il. the following y tMtury mt of land,to wit kijtder.
    hi U.FLORIDA".
    cats, dogs, boot', hits, old ccat, and all!, we believe of a better man thin Cspt. HAMILTON. that "the Czar has dismissed Prince Meuschikoff condemn.-, nud..ir.Il endeavor to counteract the 5.-Navy. Sod i, D >s!..n. Duller, and Sugar Crackers' by tb,? Begining oi tho margin *t It* rivet ?t joIN:
    all fffirtis hy any sect or to bring t. S birrvl, CuUVts by the sack, IC. iuis. Soap, Candle,
    I l jury tiiuidrvil-and
    its from bs offices as chief of the Staff and as the two tva fv-vt: above &. Sowa T1 k
    come under provisions. RCXA WATS ix Uosro*.-Tbe Boston Starch and CandIes by the box Hatch-, SegiiWrai -,
    ANOTHER ROTTOV IXSCS.IXCB COMPAXT.-The ubuntn nniiin of Church and State,and ntti.Tly.di.1olrtitn *- ; t-ni corner st lai U belonging la tho
    The bill for the erection of anew county to be Comptroller el the State 4ifXow York IKS iurrsti- Imperial Convoy, and has named Gen. Count Adlerberg any intention to prescribe a rdi iou* t<>t asa correspondent of the New York Tribune writing "ping paper and Twin New Y. ik I ily tin K'londi t te-iru S.iw Witl. Ihea rating wam I tk if

    called from cf Daval was passed II as his successor." The personage referred qiuKfic.itiou f.ir office, and. tint in btlrocatingtlw cured llanw. Baom, pure G /hye. part gated the afljfrs cf the Mechanics Insurance (Pec. r.lh,) *ars: The ship Middlesex, Capt. Cook forty ti.drecs Wrur. tw >.hundred aa4 In M
    : Con where land tf.iw will
    :* firkin from the the
    through the Hause, but put soundly to sleep! in to as dismissed, is the son of"the' prince of principle* of the Amerlwn party, we wlnh; it which arrived here on Sunday from New Orleans, country more ur k-** u* atreet.. laid out by Joan Twr
    pany of Xew York city,nnd is reported (o be utter through
    .tbe Senate. A resolution was intn>duced in the ly unworthy cmlit. It was organized la.1 April that name, known in connection with the present ol every citizen tu the lull, free and unre tr.itned brought two ngg: rs who .ere picked up off the All the aUive article will bo sold atthj lowest give %VIOt*along aU trevt, two szj handml r tint u4tiwl Is.,

    Senate by Gen. HGPKIXS, awl passed that bodjr, under affidavits that the capital (jIi4'Mr wi war. He is removed from an administrative eierc.sc of his own rsLgious opintoim aud wor the coast of Florida iu a small skiff out of sight CJLiSU PH4UES.. S to a e.>ru r.. Ibenuuauta! furty twf atpa'Ea
    countcommissicuitrs to give st, but retained near thepci'in of the K. H. COUWIN Jt CO. '
    tbs ship.
    mtLorizing I Emperor. S of land. f, two hundred and tfn fvet ra..r .r IM
    paul in, ia cash. Of tlfs. #SOo- %rai borr d of Jacksonville Fla. Dec. ftth 1.fN.
    i.> .. ,
    5rd That Congress has no to etiblish
    sixty days notice of aa elect ioa by the j cople! of p. power U.. sail nvrr, tliea a!>mg said river to tSepL. 4b
    of "Division" John Thompson in.five days nftcrwanls, Tbuup- Indian Outrages iu Oregon. or prohibit slarrry in any Tt-rntory in the UnitrdSutes ]{.-Th Lijrbtat pr.ct paid for Land g nin cwtni.g one acre up*tW lip ii&
    Duvl on the qncstioa or Liver Complaint Dytpepsia and Files
    cuuaty son reviving fl,.SOD ftir its use; for the rrmaiudjrc.f nor in any nunner to interfere with the exisiLncc ClufZ naIl one half more or lot bctar ea DM R 14'
    "j o iris'ion." If a majority rolod in fAvor of! the The correspondent of the Philadelphia Ledger, of tie! institution of slavery in the District PHtUDCLruu, March 1, 18-V. and the water uitha river St. Juha& B><.a44en
    capital !
    were two
    Division, the CXmnbtioccrs ncre to fix the wjiiingfipum; Washington on Thursday, : Columbia. Dr. C.M. Jacks m-Dear Sir-For the pest l+n Middlcburg Hotel the North and Wr Lv a *lre t;no tU **kaiid
    awl make suclictbe. thirds of v.Lich are found to b worthless. The says 4. That H11 citizens believing in the principles of years 1 hive IK-CII severely afflicted with the Liver VIt by a tivtn. antl ou the South uJ blbv
    cf the
    boubiory liue new.county, only rctujl capital! at the time incorporation was "Letter have l.en received by the Commissioner the American: p-irty, as above declared hhall be Complaint! Dyspp5ia; and! Vies, vuffering COD- MIDDLKCDRr EAST FLORIDA.TERJIS lan.l ol Jamv Winter, oa tlw 5.rta miiTa

    &rrangem nts AS might be requisite. This 3SV, sad the coaipany has issued 1.1S< policies of i Indian Affairs from Joel Palmer superinteodcnt henceforth considerj and acknowledged! member staidly the pain* and inconrsnience attendant : 't by the SL Jidans Rver.
    of Indian Affairs in the Territories nfWithh'.ncton
    rc bltition-towcTcr! was defeated in the House.TuetKvrP&tJXU of tile Mime. upon'buch cotnpl.tints without energy, being To lecutiou issacd oat of Ctait
    -TBAX KST Bo A no, (I.5O( rca t>*r. aat.vff aa
    for St. Johns Bar, wblcli the sggre ale uaioatit ol nsks bctag over two mil and Oregon, detailing gome horrid Your Comnitlee hare aljui tb uht it th'Ir;: duty carcey! abe! to itlnd to any bnsincM. I used I'EILl.IXENT t.TO.iFtW551C.rgiiiis Court of Dun! oantr. L> f ror of J ha CGroxoi
    1 lion. outrages perpetrated by the Indians in those Ter to bnVrut fir>our consideration and adoption the A great deal of medicine, with no Apparent change, Jtclnto &4
    HOUSE is situated near Ulaek Crevk, *. Ta. teQueera h. ,property
    tha Honor last session iwcked iutoftcockeJbartnthe Boland
    :passed was ._ ritories. It feenis that Mr. au Indian resolution until I ii.d ''iloofland German Uitters."
    S. following your l .
    ii. and distant 13 mJe* from thj $t. J44nisRiver iut by Piautitf Attorney.djc'tf
    Senate, All t1irt. to pu>s CfliMxA.-Cvl. E. R. Jl.irdin, who recently returned Agent, has been murdered by the Mvaires, together 1st. Tint a >iit: with tome 6-i miners. The letters Ix.-nr date of bo held at l'bIadeibia? the 2-'d of tree from pnin and ache of kind, and feel like .
    the fcUl, as heretofore,j.rovtd fmitics.Tbe from Georgia la Nebraska Territory,writes Ptrty { on day any mile from Mgnoliu 1 1 is locntetl on u hill!, ur- --
    lh-16th and 1'Jtb and
    October I the information
    convey ?"ebftury next, or at such other time or place usuiur a DOT mm in every respect, and unhesitatingly ; Sate.'VVrtneofadeeree .
    session brief and business rounded bv a dry, healthy country, and hclterrt!
    was important' the Editor of
    to the Platform, under date of November that: the Iruihn tribes had concentratedtheir be ile5iantfd the b-isis i oCoiigres'ion.at recommend your Bitters to all invalids.
    was put through with a trill, aud Senators arid lOsh, giving some very interesting fact in forces and, to the number of s'.rne t.s) well Is'presitt.ititti| ,. f upon>r th'> purpose of noininatin' ; Yours. repccUully, JOHN R. CORY front the, d.imp to Invalid, chilling atmosphere, whicu U soppressive the II..... Wai. A. FORWAHD.in Chinccry! oa ai abs tl iftt3

    members generally are now t;. !la cnjojiag the reht vn to the Tcrrlt rr,and the thriving condition armed the whites.warriors, were threatening a descent ujtou cundid-ite* fIr the office President and Vice I'rca- No. 12 Lagraiigc Place. The Roov are all provided with fire places,and thy wf Aiigu' I** npim bill 8ed! bye

    awceU of domestic lIflh!. ofXebra city. This city, now nutcbering 6Wiuhabitant On the It'th, a party of white, under comminn do appoint thnv Sec adrcrt'ssmcnt. dec 1-4t. are welt furnished, Lrgt acid cottifejrtaLe.Thu l .'tiert* aj iiu- Siiiim l Spencer aLaadwmha
    npw and ii f.c.hii L. hiarr,64w.&aa1l.r
    U. trsrelieg ni s are o fi.'eil bv Kr'irmti
    with all the neccvsary comfort and JIij-: Ivinnev bad n fight with a pirtv of Yakamnhs tIelugstes, with their alternate to the .qti any
    The Snpreais Court. and killed several of them. It sitb rtpresent other point on the St.Juhu* I Itvr. Four f> .m hl.'tert.. 1 will *>{mM tif M! .
    conveniences oIKf: ? has been built at the old American pirtr (theSute uf Florid iit the Natioiml FUR WONDER t t DELIGHT.W"ISltiflghfl UtJlIii
    ;, tip lJ
    qucotly appeared that the akamnns were a tnend-- Conrention viI thtf placu cich we k. than a rl>ng direct In.i -f t!M l $ U r. IU ton CuwtJ,
    Returns bare been recoircJ of the recent election Military: Station, (Fort Kearney) within twelve \la' tribe, sud l in DO way connected with the hostilities. referred to ia the first resolution. Ci tumunCfcti<>ti with, Ch.irUHtoii, S.iranuah, Eiter -1 kw ,; (k4Crilicd prupr-ty. $ I wit:

    for Associate JnMJce of the $r prcmc Court from months. The census taken Isrt fall, indicates aIopnl..Lton The Siahs h:* become fricrht<:ned and fled Srd. Tlntin th9StlteofFiori1l it is lIcill )>rUe. Palatka, Jacksonville and other >tiruivdiaU Alt si.t crttam pc or pHretl ol Und Ijkf
    slaves. i to the mountains. The dan/er from the Indians ; carnally ) points. A iuaI: St ige L'tves fir>ewuHii>- aol LvOiita&Uii iii th town JtckKAnAk, a
    before ofO3-onTy) 11 Com is worth cotnmx'niU'd that ccntnl
    From the and
    nearly theentireStafe. figures prcciuctcomiuiltees
    is represented as imminent. Great excitement county rifle every Tuesday slisraisZ-n.ll two ni ut* fr miMaguolta tlio o u.i iv, ..i 1) iT-I ui.d State of FlorKUvkiMtwii sI
    tis we are lead to infer that Col. BIRD M. PEARSOXoi 2U cents per bushel. Pork 4 cents per Ib. Butter existed, and aid is asln-d of the General Govenment of com-fpondeucd bo immediately .ap- J4tC1SONVZLLE, E. FiOlliDA. and one from Ntw River are rrcvivoil urid lU'M rwtcil iu tlwptaaorplut oft

    this city u elected. The official canvas will 20 cents. There is no excitement on the slavery to fcecure the subjection of the savages. The 1oitt5i1.4th.: That this O.nrent'on do each w *k. Ihe curr. uncltig ..u.try abi-uuU iwu, a.* l it iiuiab'fc.ur < I) in qam D.cabd

    alone determine his cwjority. The combined question-all qukt aud fricadlr."VEGETABLE .- letters were received on Saturday las, and vesterdy Stan JinsCeiitr il CotuinilU'e of Corr now pppolnt loticc fr a WYMAN with git'if, tbui afllrdiu great S attraction furlAIrtsnsen. t*.,,'aiJ Lt lKcg: situated attLvCorar.tut X4
    -... the necessary instructions were forwarded to pu For yth >rots iu siid tiwa. sod beia bt
    rote of Messrs. Frascr Lancaster and this $rnte4 Florid, at Tallahassee and it i* thexe'i
    Putnam. ;
    Invalid will find here comfort und attention hundn-d and fivo fwl qw
    GROWTHS CALXFXA.-An Mr. Palmer. i2kJADIcliri: every nie> >irvUKit. oao
    OP of tli (lireiiti that
    Smith, for exceeds that of CwU Pearson, yet by ngricu'lurul i e :* in one of the important that can reKsonab/; dj ireci. .i.J tot b-jiiig bxaniletl ou the North by 1's

    the )lcralityay.tem ofuto. be is fortuuatsin show Ins jiist bees held at Sacramento, POST OFFIcE STATISTICS.-The entire receipts of dutic* of I Ibe State Contra! Committee, as well al- Dr. J. il. Krrcnui of luduna, a Physician of trc4t.oi the 1st by Market street,oa the Sis'k
    at which the of the >9 that the County und Precinct Committees, AND VEEa1LOaUIZT ten will iu .. lot aaimwfcA'll
    pmducti country were exhibited vt-tr* practice be utteuJ uccut luc bv lot number one. and tIN Wut by
    obtaining more rote than any oibcr one of the for prize. The show of animals was remarkable the Department from postagij on letters, of news is to collecV, rrjn vanij dis oiniiutc reliable information house during ibis Winter. an iMiuaix fiu.uU.r S.U.g-th with all M a'

    candidates in the GekL papers, 4c., from 1st of July 1853, to SOth June UMIII; all uhj'ct.4 cilculatdl t>i inform WILL GIVE HIS FRANKLIN PAYSO grtUr tli*?preaUc* tiwrenti.fi .
    ,,CoL PtlEsox will make aa upright, dignified only as given evidence of confiitrable 1S04, sum up six million twenty-three thousand the jteople uf the true nrincipK-s uf the i ishicy pn>- ilec.6-tf. i'roprietor.Reward. lC URl.tHJ3OWDEN.Sb4.
    improvement' the bavJof horses since the Amcr- poseJ to be introduced into the aJiuiuUtrutoi: ; of WONDERFUL AND AMAZING
    and able J udge-.and altbsngh we voted for another, two hundred and sixteen dollars and cents siiiiiiprs
    cans have been iu posYciion of the.State. The seven the (reruir.ent of the United SUtcs by the American Performances in the above HALL SALE.up. .
    we must congratulate JuJge PEABSOX upan hi* exhibition aujl Thctntiro receipts of the Department from the jwrtr.5th. $25 EVIED o and w.ll be s1'l befonComt t
    elevation to so honorable and distinguished a fruits vegetables was really curlons came sources, from 1st July 1854, to COth June That it is the sense of this Convention that cm Thursday Friday and Saturday L fl-iu."e. to the Town JackiM

    position.I -the farmer from their rariety and precocity 18. .. I.. acd the lattor from their gigintic >tze. Pumpfius seven of the Anu-ricmpirtyr; whould be luId in the Stolen from my Office a Gold Repeating r. the folli wi g j>r>jvrty: S nrjcwSa**
    ty-three thousand and ADMISSION 25
    forty-four dollars seventy- cityofT.dlahasieeait such lime as shall be d sig- cts.
    'Nu Speaker .Yet." weighing 12J j.ound*, beet-root7J feet long, and Harriett and Jane, and 1 Town Lot brfisaiafMtha
    nix cents. The increase of receipts np to the fiscal tailed by tho Stats Central Committee, on tho baMS Doors at C 1-2-Commence Watch. North tilde of tha Highway at UMcorner!**

    Such is the language of the despatches vre bare a ftilk of Indian corn 34 feet Irgh, were among year-closing on the 30th of June last, amounted of the repri-wrntuliwii to the Qeneratl Assembly, open & Levi Johnson sad[**
    she "znouster"uftht, cihitilKm. The vtgetjblcsof for the pur|>uiie of Dominating their candidate fur at 7 1-2 o'clock. dec 20TIIE KJ? of it-all of which you can see a* soon as ntng North, nineteen, degree West abootiip "
    been receiving fcr tie past two weeks fnm the to about three hundred and fifty thousand dollars -
    tl "s country grotr with a luxuriance unequalled lectors for President and *ce President of the you put your. eye. upon it. It bo two crystal!*, r.nl to the line between MXtioa 13 and 1J, IJ
    House of Rqjit.entilrts at Washington. The ; but the expenses uf transportation of the United Stab, rind candidates for such other Slate the iuuer one cover the works,ant Uut. >nury- ship 5, South, and R.inge2I.Eo th<**
    cewhcrc but they are deficient in fl.tvor. It j
    last ballot of which we have educes ft'Wil f.irBant ap mails hare proportionally' increased. olOwr n* sit filled by general election. _L while repeating the image arc all in motion, one to she afore* :d North side of aoid Htjhn r*
    ]Ier* that peach and pear trees frequently produce On icotien, the following gentlemen were strike the hour and with another the W
    *. (American) 10.:; Richariwn, (D ni.) T4: > appointed LADIES of the quarters; thence South Twenty West along 4
    it dinhle crop in the same reason* The pro- VESSELS BCILT DCRIXO THE YKIB.-The Secretary tha St tte Central Committee of Correpou- METHODIST EPJS- one turn'a wheel/and the other st traddle! of a way to the place of bv,: nningooto afl*
    Fuller of of Pa,(Whig American) 53 necessary to deuce, viz: Thomns Un wn, lien Chaires, Sj., COPAL HEWING SOCIETY would bench and hold*chisel the wheel aud when with* S*
    '!luetivcness of the strawberry pjiut is also ven of the Treasury reports that for the cud- resH"ctfully upon acct of land more or lei. gtber
    a choice 113. There are various speculation at to remarkable. lad June SOth there built in year Irecn A. CLains, Thomas Randall and Thomas | inform the citizens and strangers of the Watch stop repeating 4ake it up. On the pmvenieats ihercon. Said Town Lot lyiaO.liiiItkburg' .
    the final result. p.. were the United States liar ward.On Jacksonville that TAIIl back of the cae i is a smooth round circle, and ia in County of Duval.Slate otTo **

    Ia the Senate, Mr.Adams of Mississippi has introduced Tns USITED STATES TUEASCRT E5TATaS.-TIIO 831 fcbips and barques, 128 brig, tO3 fichrs., OCO motion, the names of Gen. Ed. Hopkins of a and SUPPER will it a engraved I. D. and a heart. satisfy an execution issued oul .f thi
    sloops and canal boats, and 243 steamers-total Eo/t, Ueu. R. iu Cull ofilid-lle and Hon. L. W. take plac at the WASIIIXGTOy JTALL on Any person returning said Watch ta me, or Court of Duval County in favor of CoakE1
    a bill for a rnodiGcalioii tbe naturolizition following i is given as a summary statement of the 2,024 vwsel ls, of an aggregate tonnage of Kowley of West Florida, were nominated and CnitlSTllAS EVE ((24tblnjt,) the proceed of giving laioruutiua *i that I can gut it, shall vs. Wright & Keen. Property poieUdPlamtifl 1 bf
    653,150 '
    laws. (wtimites for the appropriations required by the unanimously c'octcd delegaU-s to the.Vation Conreution which will be for the of receive the above reward. Attorney. This 3d dvcS'
    -S.. Secretary of the Treasury: For deficiencies of the tons. There were built in Maryland 14 i>hps? and ofthe Americaa p irty, and Ilin. W. 31. purpose aiding erection L D. HART. URIAH BO\VDCI. _
    1.t re pleased to *tate that Mr. Wrt&x 5 Ire, Ex-uv.( Urouru and J. li. Koulhuc of a new building for the Worship? of Cod. ,r*
    > current fiscal year $2,567,737,of which f 1,188,181 btrqucs, brigs, HO K-hooncrs, 3 stoops and 4 Junge Jacksonville,May 10th, 13J3.-d C-4L decC Stwn-rnf( DOra Cooatr
    tbo celebrated arrived tl St. were elected as alternates. Any contributions from friends to this cause will
    Ventriloquist, on steamers-total 122 vessels! with
    is to supply deficiency in Pi$office revenue. Estmat.s aggregate On motion of Mr. Uoulhac the Sale.
    resolution SlicriXT
    following he RUNAWAY *
    gratefully received and d2 $10 REWARD
    SetMUuJt tram Savannah yesterday, rnu nill re tonnage of 22,024. Maine built 213 ships, 107 was S !
    permanent and indefiniteappropriatious adopted : be sold at the Court
    1 main c for feur We karu that he and 63 schooners. Jfcfrie T/y/ ILL be paid for the apprehension WILL IMI"
    among a JajrX which mar be required for the last three quarter brigs That it h the sense of(this Convention Jacksonville, on the
    bas procured the W'eLnton Hall, (? .iuw Bhxk) uf the p.. that the month of June, Itf.v;, will be sufficiently i1ZitGiZNES FOR JANUARY.llB und deliver/me,or lodged in some safe day in Jubairy next, to the highest '* '
    current fiscal year,uudcr firmer acfs'of con. Amur AT COLLEGE.-A quarrel, which soon for the National Cooreotioa of the American Jail, where !_ can get her, a negro woman, llendrkks'M4T
    and will fpalr: no pan fo amine all:! who may ft vorLimwitha may : Subscriber will be in due receipt of the steam Saw Will known as
    grew, f 3, M23. Estimates for the next fiscal fatal party.ilr.. M- named MAlt Said negro ran away from nrv with wbi "
    visit See adrertucmcnt in another prove occurred at the University of North S the following Mftgxxine* Ac., for Januarr, the appertenancea and fixtures,
    yiar including apprtpriations by >rmr acts of Carolina (Chapel Hill) on the 7th inst A student ilooring a delegate from the West, Mated and their respective periods of issue. Order will plantation on the id day of Novembec IasU SlTui d<>ubt steam euginaj also oae duiu&f BB?
    e4umn.tr. Congress, ofK>rn aucnt and indefinite character that ilr. Wright Georgia *, fresh from uu unimaUd be taken for furnishing other publications not about feet, high with a scar over the corner of and 14 acre of laud-property aitaated IU
    named Siogk-turr, of EJgecomb, N. C., was iu- ? contest ia that State, was in the city.-and hemured hero named: her right eye, her upper front teeth are some what county,on the St.John'* river, about*

    The Regatta which will come off at this .>2T;,4C7a.; Including permanent and indefinite, stilted by another named White, of Tennessee.Singletary .- that a committed lie appointed to wait upon Illustrated London News; Ration's (formerly scattering, says hei i* bttween SO and 4/years ot above the Town aito known as llagoouasitisfy

    :place on the Slh i it. "ivind and weather permitting it ifi.,lHTu5 ; to wh ch add unexpended ex.bt. approached W. with a stick in his hand ilr. Wright and u,k him to address this (Conrention. Gleiitmu'tf) Pictorial Leslie's Gazette .of Fashion; age, quick spoken, and walk very light oo h .r an execution iutied out ot th1
    Jlr. Wright accepted the invitation, and ud- Leslie' Journal Home Journtl left foot, in consequence of h-iving a seedy wart Court of Dnval ia tavoroM 8II'1
    to attract hither thug appropriations not rcqnind for the present to demand satisfaction when ; ; Spirit of the county
    ? pramlftes the latter drew
    many..pcrsou a pistol dressed Convention for about an hour, in a Times; Blnckwood. Graham The under the heal of said foot. All! steamboat captains Son vs. Thonia J. Hendricks
    from various sections of this pvrtfoaof the South.o thcl year, $IBrOffKi7. Total estimates far the and shot him. The wound it is fcarcU, will strafifof: elorieiici. wit and humor rarely equaled. Review;'Yankee Notions; Ilirper Uodcy; Story lla'cl Book are cautioned against carrying off*.iiti negro, k* UKIAH BOWDU.

    >; effort: will be' spared oa the part of the club fiscal/car, 169,450,402._ _ S prove fatal. White has fled to Tennessee. At the conclusion of Mr. Wright' address, the Scientific American; Hunts Merchants' ila'iuinc--; aba said she intended to dress in men' clothe* dec 8 SbrriShcrilPs .,
    i S p.. i ., Convention aj .arned tlua Jit. christian Parlor! Magazine. aud go on a steamboat (or the purpose of getting
    render the occasion of
    cue brilliancy good
    or T/JUS Corrox Ccor.-The Galrcston Civilian, Ax AucRiaiv VESSEI, FIBKU AT.-Capt, Nicker THOMAS BROWN, r iit. The J'ict'tral JlrMer Jonatten will be hand to North Carolina. Vl* |ii rew.trd will bopuui Sale.TT .

    dei. enthuilaMn and /part. Arrangements for of the oOlh ult., in its commercial article, says: son, of schooner Harbinger, which arrived at L. W. Rovn.tr, Secretary. for sale ou chiriatmas-.fihled ta overflowing on with t.) convict any white person of h t boring her. EYIED oo and will be mid before thi

    such a state of affairs are alrca! Jperfected.. In Tcxis the veafher has continued favorable pictures for the times. Address ALLEN DiXON, ILl House in the Town of Jacksoa 0
    Boston on Sunday,from Jacmel,reports that when S dec doe 20 Co., Ga. the bigbm
    having: fur securing the cotton crop, and where the yield half ALABAMA ScmtME COKB.T Jews*,-Tbe 'Hon.A. c. DREW, Bookseller. first M-mJ IT ia January neit, ta
    t The Governor failed to return to way between Cape Tiberon and Cape Donna dr. a cert In lot of Laud bounded on

    the General Assembly the Bill for the abolishment was short that task bas been nearly completed.We .- Maria, his vessel was fired at from the shore, the S. Walker, of Talladega! county, has been IMAGIC. XAriTJGKif WOTICI2. North and West, by Uods t I Imaaas

    of the Supreme Court a*U required, the impreaion *- bear, however, of plantations on which the cannon ball passing only about ten feet astern.- elected to lid Supreme Cuurt Bench of Alabama, TrpECEIVKD! and fur *ide as suitable present* ALL persons are hereby forewarned against on the Sooth by a rood or $&ree
    e whole crop trill not be secured before the Christmas to fill the rawncy occasioned by the resignation JiQ' for boy f itt the Christina holidays, 3dozeu for two promissory Note* made by, let w.d. tuning between the lands Of
    lie hoisted
    j revail* that the Court no longer exists. The immediately his colors and was not the nndtrnigued,and po-abu to Samuel lands ova.4*
    Buulugtoo. and
    holiday The and cool weather of Judge Cbilton. 5 fine Magic Lanterns, same with bluck maun aad sahl tot TZ9
    present dry grouud on
    : paint is a mooted one at theStattf Capltol-altbo' further molested. the slides, and the figures rivid. Said notes are lor Five Thuaml Doitari, and Fiunegnn. containing woe aadlQ
    l iAnuch more faromble the sugar than the S.. .a very a each-both( bearing date of the then f
    ttaay Irjral groUsoifn thereabouts freely express crop I. number Annual for chriatnws and New Years Twvuty-i'irat day T. geth r with Ibe buildings '
    ibeopinum.tbal the Court*of Flarwl* previous warn and moist atmosphere. ELCCTIOX or SIXATOU.-The lion. James M.Mason John W, Rand, the noted bank robber, broke and a number of pretty Juvenile present Books. of May, 11 ; and due on tho 1st day of January beiug in the countof Dushaiid Ss1

    it anwcg the things that Supreme were Cotton continues to arrive pretty freely at this Senator from Virginia, was on Saturday re- jail again, at Concord, N. H., the 8tb inst, by 5-dec g-J- 0. DREW,Ocean. rt-ct. near B/. The consideration, 1S-VJ, the other for which the said 1st day Notes of were 31sy,givcti 184. Conrt l>, satisft of burst an execution i issnid i in fivdr o1 Of If M"'

    t a port, iu the absence of river navigation-tbe chief elected to the United States Senate for six years sawing off the bars of his cell window. ThjB GOLD PENCIL FOIWD. having fulled 4bc/ will not be paid by th* Willunn 3iouney county prupurty, points1 O ?

    COXTTWO*TO DcnocRAcrSix Sanlliern Sen'titersia supply being by way of Houston, where upwards from the expiration of his present term of service large dog kept at the jail was found poisoned_ In A1 GOLD Pencil and l'etzwere left accidentally undewigneU. W. P. STARR, tiffsAttorney. URI4H Ow'D

    IJ .Senate of Wa bingt>a bare given in OC 16,000 bales baring been received, and 11,000 i. e., from the 4tb of March, 1 857. The vote stood thoyard. 5- 5 ;t S*. eora* days ago, at the store of Ur. Drew, ELIZA C, STARR. !ief
    ,tbeir adhtiioo to tbe Dctnocratie party. Tbiswa.a4e i.. which the owner can received ;br' properly d's- 4ugu.st1aO&, Dec. 10th, ItCtS-dec 12-tf. r
    since lit ;
    known ia a formal and iSebuite manner on shipped the September. The /cceipU at -for Mason, 124; for Summers, C5. XJais cnbmg the same, and "payinjr the printer'- for Sheriff's Sale.Tf .

    the tth JDftt. Amoog the oao.cs of Southern this port daring the week ending this morning sum "- p.. General It !Li said, has written a letter to a this advertUeiottnt dec 20 Livery Stable. EVIED na sad will be "M be&ir the

    Wbiff. mentioned as having goue over, are' those np_ 1;:19 bales. The export, 2,718 bales. The Whig memberi the Missouri Legislature committee In1'ennaylvania-whjch will make iU ILl Uo *rf Dour in The Tuwn ut Jack1"sb.

    of Ur. Benjamin, (.f Laj )lr. Gtrw, of Mo Mr. The Laraea Herald, of tho 24th nIL, reports that held a, meeting *Jefferson city on the 30th nit., *ppcarucesshortly, withdrawing from the field asa /JL A COMPETENT- Ting unemployed Aecouatant and whose eve- T_., snbscriber will keep constantly on tnnJ first Monday ia Jtnujry SIZI
    ,of Jli; aadlr.ToombsufGa.st1rIm4Jka4frJifira4L candidate lor the ( whoill II.i supply of good Hoixa and..Buggiv to kfcCoaveynuva -*- bidder I buy aainea Ua '
    the daily receipts cotton continue undiminlxb- and resolved that; the National Presidency. < S be nnemploved durwg the negro
    Whig Party still bolid furui&lied
    So ; : But U is net ,.,. ,. will y' ) to any part of the cuuuUr. year if agv la aatwfy *n eweuww
    Mh&rLfrtt cfJIA, and Oe/er ofJtf. bare ed. Main street is rendered almost impassable by lives-and ia the coming Presidential;con test, "to THI WASHIXQTOX UOXUMMT.-p.-! -Tbu work on this the 1st joUufpuHlijir and making nut bill*- for Hois** bonrJrd bf the aingl teed, day, week .or the Crcuil Court of M d.on **hfTyr'r'1t'
    January next
    C. should there
    the be poe desiring mouth.. By muderaUi Sumwl J.
    blockade otwaguu's and bales. show themselves worthy of the of the an/ : charges Cud personal attni- Thomas C-ifcKain. ye.5
    ontradicted'Uie report aa rtar4 tieaselrea, they -. -_ _...- Upublic.[ ** The structure, says the h'ixr, baa been "suspended 'for snch, servicj.: ; .Apply5at this office.. tIM( ha hopes to gain a liberal share of patronage!, puintedby ?hiuilr* Atkr'w1'

    gLduto.irhatJtetberejaeft! of Ihe 1a1lrp2nr. FAILCBE or .$!) & .- TbeBovton Posts holding a State convention at tbewantuffptl*, ? Dec 20 btabhi wa Adam*.street in the Wr t J part sit the dec
    5t, Louis, on'the second Mond T of April\185 .'. S 4own He aUu baa k U for the accutniutKUtion
    Taf/ncTcr bare bea 'fleorit* rs the failcrc of the PoUdora Lumber Compan/ -S.- P*I-i i > of -
    i Is mtid for ttio purpose of appointing delegates to the Genera Adrian WoHof $th iIexica Army,has HOTIOB Wggon and Drov r*. Sheriffs Sale.EVIED ,
    will bs.Tbose paW .-iirUU that f :
    u5a irefl iirautce they fccrer t> n firm in B-wtoo amiafcrtberln MONTHS S
    after dat0i fl ) l.4ine IIEHEDITH
    ) Lnvent1onIto amved in Paris' SI2t wCirhllpr.sent our PEAUSOS and will be
    Djixiiv.iter S'ationaltWJiV< nominate eand'dales ; accompanKhl by his alJ1oc.unp.PAYA I poiur
    d.nllog U and
    Ii if lawUrj, agjrcgat4 others to I be How.ILenjamin| JLf Court iwu.eizatb.
    ,t wbo ma/ desire their taoks posted l I1bUi5; *2V,4yO. h ;.ant"! jtaJcJ that bvtbe President and Tlc Preildent 'of the United S Hopkins. Jodganf pnkbate* based 1r the ciunty e CASH FOU RAGS oath. Ifi&dsyiiiJnniT71u
    State wa* or> UtBo; .,The Pbiladlphl* papers n- of-7>ural, and UUcf florid H aud ask t4b*diaefc will be '
    lb.fi iI4-ZIVISU
    bills $4bontLc4 previoo to"tha 1st dy;Jnua, itupeasiun of Ur. Priee'a lumber tsi4li&b. rucominnde&I GASH paid,per Linen or bidder, 1 negroI 1irt 1zecntion
    nominee the death, at the odranced "age of,8], ofColeamufl rext, vonM do well to refer to the" 4rotb-- men at Grand B4y,*Lower (feud- uhrw ban- Mr. IftaocS. Tattle,oae of tba old iUUiicoi. of t1er1whc U greatly dlsti g hbpdlthDs tiiUle urGoorge F. ATcifT'lat. of said Ctuhtr$ Crow the colored.! .:. : -. /O-D county ha favor

    Eeat to no&er#. inn.2' .. 4,04 ti.ng .TP,dctLutw- at_ -apport" tt if Dt1, Augusta.-died- -oft S WCdiesday._ S :: ."/.- r: 4ps) Itl Ci.ad.a i tho S watgt1B .S#, ), deceased.dec 1.GtnEZ&qXa. CATALINA' -0.OB SKIFF UPO., ad'x.a4'r. -. 5'- .5 .;5 :-' DeslerjaPapez.Ic.JQT,1tb. i .5: ., a thrSi.sr decS *-. ..1u't.d Os

    -- ( -:' -- s ; S S S ; 1* k5 : .;5d.aa!
    .4 i : vzS l i.J -U : : : : .
    : '- ,- -e ; i- I : ; &,- S 5 S 4 :' : : .L- --

    .1 r I : :- :; '. r4. S a-1 '


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    S- ; S I ,,, .
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    255mbe t>ufl 11W doorthew. I ; w' tj4

    !.*SS.T bp
    ;, vrz'"' f1dnck )1 Ii tbtitettli L 4JViAthjN S S s 8fJ ',JO. pr Xfctj in _
    _is:: ,1tb vbrhL1Ik 'Tak&h tract-of Land tm-'AmeTa llan , ih; 41mZ bRU'C, *fld itssaated .1 .L bout Lmih fruwa% & '
    4i e jiaiITiIGEt1'1iANS istewplMel depot, Cmdea*f Geor;lA, ,* ,i
    I" JMiul GuUTty; ;. S XeilOiIO ptatig
    abti Itf* mile *bt.e$444O : Itad. bere a en tee,pre1aea a safl dweflia .

    *&tiiCurt *wtf bouss*a4 cm t IWOMI,a eelten mnaaii Bin bowe;
    ( *; if -i.i.j rbtcb- .qrTaRJr3y 42' Lf'
    topper vththpr-
    ;;* $ CJ4E8 -Jmc sviU.i-I soWreaaonsblt.o .
    : -. 5. t&.X..b S 1Motwooten: 'Na4ary'ovTzcE.t2ulwi'8 ;:

    OULI.inform IhoimWic that tieytrepw- e of,two hundred, JUM! tbos&er Mi, Eur4T-T:
    hev1r; 1h&evmTtYurt1IdhIe Will sellihe followThg Goofls -Yt&Iesa1 VT 'ES"1 manalictnre at short, utiee any acres, ceatafeiagA loiamat growth of Live OiL'AlaG'a April isisiHj, '

    j kind of KIFLE or otfernUX in a strle on.urfu tract coataiauig..boaxtred Mil tbirtrf ._ -5
    %oi"rT. and Hetail Charleston ""SavamiaTi sod by any makers. They keep eoastaatirw aLbeSa ton tract oa fee St Mary's 5
    b'trs Mon.' nt or hand at their Biter,
    lLLtIF n RmAnf4ctoly, ,
    .. .
    W .' t th ht b44CT. tbei2 > *- 4'*- :. Pgwttrr,Shot, Iadi"ercasioa Cas*..Flasks,Sbot ltaLx 4T'Oiy: JTA'oTLz1i'Ler'

    iaiiir ks pfl Iltqdncli.; 3jtiJ tth6Xt' Prices :viz : Pooche**J-WuvHaMic Rsa\Wad .arid ober.Sportanun'
    with-bith iL;eue mi3cleaTober -wUh Bowie -
    *hio 01W 'dwelling ntsc, 15 TICTCel3ibbed Ihrns; .nILpaI otii; .- yU /; 1nies: and ii irUc ev ytiescr tioBj dc a vs.. eee4.r''MLI,,. Aprils;I85S.
    i-- in HuvaLIv 5' 't $ J jo4( rict TTLLr'Nr askat't
    :; 1tUtd ; 4 of.lber*rtieIe too jwmerous-to mention.
    bait iiUeeT 10 iired: .' .. j iu5NudVoit7,en tb.Uh day of : -
    Suymr Eifl .isanary1
    John i flTT .bont Hanuj attrp; ; SS ? ;Shot Uim* repaired and 4t
    ; 11an(4 *. S4d ta .W Bbls Les* P
    _ V ie 5JjSS5r uut r the Circuit, Leaf Lard; : .: 4'Wsbin ,mpn iI; 1:4 Sal,S1dX'f supl4I, ol tbeIliOeUtW.I !Qu4Ilyw . *? S aucieotttu I i-t atTaxes and az.penae xrrou1L: rD SsJau.1,1U

    lUror f 131 L.U.ylt y.T .20 FerkmsGfhen flutter; ZOO Totaah IR *I4i2 Cuw; Large aale.av Uharbstoa LI4STMUB&II pricee S .fur the 7oar.1II41-whith tract ofCXhislSlh .
    > .. for ,
    $ laud i ) t >
    .t1Mrktt iJt; 5 bb1aJdftXine1Ir; & ova* by AJPrnoas JTSoeg, eetaidtn **"
    *' S Cosmopolitaii .M**!**?
    ,LjIe14Ticks.tILtTI BOtfDEf.I 10 Half bbla Market Beef: *_ & bbls Extra Apple'Vinerar; \ Candiail 7,100 ''

    $berifl >atnl tntmtr. 20 Quarter bbls No.l sindSlIackcrelf Jrf.' 4".- ST"i liure .Sbcid Viue ar| 1'Usoried'Caadies.' -. *, -. 35c'peAssorkid A jj ,.
    *** ij.17tLLbe.Jdat 50 Ketts No. 1 and2 Mackerel;, ; )1ackrTht bbDW1J. oU YacUxi'1ies--' K |lc., r.* 1uthoui A ? IkTi II.2IdbiBAL 'of' October. 1835. .mORXET TS L*
    the Town 2-Half bbls Salmon; '- 1 Iflid Oil; bb1 .&Imol: : : asod, 5 34 -4.1Iotloea&ortod :L.w.uIauzxIloTu1)I. *
    . t1R CucTilirnisein the 1irt : JDday nJ'v SO; Boxes Herring; 60 boxes TobacEwlbs s/8fandjllttt .. l \ ,. 5- 0 5uC. Tax Aasesawr and Collector, 'ixunauz;jcottfnl;'dijurr JifA. ,
    JacktJilIc on 4 tkses Sardine and Boxes j* 1 Keg Rough and Kead/Ttibaccu
    U .( $ Udder, the steam *. Jf 3( S t) chriOxe'or8lupP.
    eat,* the bX' Ibe apw 10 2 Lb* O>4 Fib- ', sSO 1 /iiic in vincible Tobacco; t2 J4. p1Lt(1TflfyElrrN.sTO1EAYD A RUANGEMEXTSJortBSecond A*milColm. l. CAX r"

    ubtch don ; Bbls Mitchell'*double ExtraTamtly Flour j 10IIart*Pearl,Urch; 4 bbls Linseed XU; .. JectJon'ol'this xiew and iwpnlarlasi ati '4ZTojtRYAT 'LAW

    _c :trt ilMb Eith dweliiu? bon and .20 Hal bbls Superior Genesee Flour; 2 bbls llolldLinseed Oil; SIIELT ntos r 3i4& for the diffusion.Literatare and Artjh: r been LTI >e .Bold ,fcefoYc tho 'Court :Alligator, it Y1M

    $ nsied in Jaral 10 BUs Jt ekwheat.Fl nr;- JJ Owes Olive Oil 20 b-ixes Yeast Powder; S : CF4CTOM made on the most extensive cale. 5' ia2oorrin ti&T.wn ofJackaoim'iUe, Orrrca text door to CoL M. W.jaoll .
    M4proprty 1i1t 80 B< xex Luckwheat Flour; tJOdoz Clear torcbcrs Friend; taken the Tin Shop Our*!cuotr.:m otbiith J
    4 LI about attbelora tInE Sabscfiber baring Among the works already engaged is tbe far- < .ftysei erlMeJVw >jeMs **
    ym5 U1 &.JJhub Mapjuliaold toot 50 Hag; Ilockwheat Flour; 2&iiOO A-gars.*s urted; .4 Gross Hatches; Jomerlyuwn br James 'JL, Ilogartb, .would famed 1S6 .*t tbsut Isar esmktea aw -I
    _ kkuon U 2<, Hg Graham Flour; ViBagsTlye.Tloar; .12doz Painted liuckeu SS }Iiflknown IbePA .
    of the Circuit ; respectful rytnfurmfiiiirictMls and the public in a AMA SStTTALUOATOB & KEtre
    _ jsucd "GEJVQJZ ,
    ticciltioft fl1aTorf Iicrsonjgor. LCG., 0 Bbls Pilot'IJre ; GflhsSudiDread; 12 dox 3 irnnjr llrootn*; ir cm.r&1 tint li*trill ftndutt Lbs Stuvo-.s.ud ShctJron.huaiutss. :CRUUIEIZ"which' acres of land. To. besokifrr Taxes doe oa said 47TO1XEYS
    0fUgTa1rIUtY 20 Xavy Bread; 10 Bbls Sugar (Crackers; lOdox tbflee MiUftinssorta!* ,*' .in all its various branches,And trill eripnally cost Ten'Tbonaand Dollars.Jn property,and 42' tt4W

    oWDEY.S1wrfl 10 *' BnUer CYackers;&boxes Maceoroni; 0 Ueams Letter'Psper-20 a 9'CipTaper.; Iteep) constantly on hand general assortment of. fjrnunc: the-new Collection, the diffusion -of iAiAfrUfl.Eov24th,1833. $.HvIt.*,*i* nBeery,

    i:1uATI_ _ 5 Boxe*Vermicelli; 4*)boxesEng./Aairr Cheese; 10 Note Paper ; STOVES AND-SHEET laos WAttE. works AKUICAX Art. .and the encouragement Tag' Assessor and Collector. AK1J HEW AS37lILEr"KJL

    0 bbl. Mercer Potatoe :SO bbls Pink Kye Potatoes; .20 Kegm fTTgupont's Powder which -rill-sell at trrcrr amafl profit,-bis motto-' *t.American',jreBius, bare not been orerlookpd., Will attend promptly to all TmshMsa_lalriiili
    at thc Court Houcra t, iSilver Onions; 1 bbl Cranberries ; & fitoe* C&astcr* Powder* : '* *" being tyiick sale and stnall profit,*' /All kinds x>flUwting Commissions! hare been issued to many of the ATTACHMENT JUSTICE C13UHTBOD.TXT to tbcBU
    ;grjIicoId! 60 Sacks Rio Ojflee Sacks Lagnia Cfcffcc 1000*b Buck Jind most distioctiished American Artists who will Uojuux .
    JO Jnn'1mt10 Sam Sworn
    J-ckwarnie;on llw ; ; -; Gutters, Lead, Cupper'-irid Iron work ) to 949 OaWniux'IL Jf wnra.'SMITO, n; 'flhtADVD..
    I I the bigbe&t l id- UatU Old Gorrrnroc&t Java; '500 Ibs Bar Lead; 100 Keg* aila; dioeat" lKirt notice. Job -work ;and 'repairing joontribnte some of.their finest productions ITs. }. Office at Animator.ntconr. Oksrat XemaawllIs
    stocday w Jan cxt, ttj aslleudnclsJiUl.! 1 Bag >f Mocha Cbflee;6 >i CnesU Oolong.Tea; 100 Prs Trace ftiain; 4doIIajni;- 5 executed with dispatch. Old! Stores pat up and Among them are three Marble liasts.executed by a.TArcrrr, 'Damages' 150 00 fab4y

    , ,$ kuuwu nd ZitU>re ,with wblcli is 6 ?$' Qiests Green Tea;& tiud* St. Croix Sugar; 10dozBlind Bridles ; .1 "dnz iraggon.Saddles; Pipes fnrubbed. ,. *, tbe greatest living Scalptor- HiKAiL I'owus: TUEDefendaatandall others interested are -

    the$ PC aJU dIUU boue, S LJids ( tubSugar SO bbls cVusbed Sug-r; '10 izXeTerctts barr axes; Pitrchascrs WOUld 3o well tn cal at the Tin Store 'GEORGE'WASHINGTON, commencement of thia vcnAaD r. caA.T.ATTTORXET8 .
    4vbk$t ine_; one situated: iuLlnlfrtV lObbUlirown CAifleeSugar; 10 C. ttiffaSugar; 2 broad txrs ; on Biystreet near 1!.. W. lliggsA Cw'sJFonndary "The Father of bis dioatry; suit attachment.. returnable to third Monday in IUCI1L'TT & 'Wl4YG
    f land property :0 bbls N. O. Molasses 10 bbL Grocers 5" ""fXillinR'Axes Febroarr next in Justice ,
    . 4< river about halfsaiesboTctheTon ? Syrup; ; 20*laz Aze'IIdres; and examine before purcUawug elsewhere BENJAMIN TRA--VKL1N Court of Dura County..
    .oa the.SL J *t "* Masrnolia.- 1CT .Exlra Golden Syrup; 20 "Rcid! Ixicks, assorted; vnora 'SAMUEL.B. YUNNPAgt.pIFTD914L4tkS Joe to be bold at JacksunTille,and to appear and plead AT LATT AND -L *
    , Philosopher
    site fc otrn as ;
    -60 boxes.assorted fikndies; .20 "Pad Lock?, assorted ; tatbesame, .
    ts iii1 )). out tf the Cirtttcscrttib1ITI $00 IU Soft Shelled Almond; tXt InrTackef, Owper A Cfc,Se&rs1a. dDa-.4n :nE4uID: 'WEBSTER, Given nnderoy hand and seal lhs 7U clay ot TOR CL.IIM3, ,, .
    cocrtt, in favor fc5 AaionTf :00 Ibs Filberts; 500 Ibs Brazil Jfnttj; 21ba1sgitLt.yint,;' : Store Tbe Suteaman. Nor..A.-P.1835. WH, P. DEW ESL.S. :Ifd. 40O, Sofcutl i1reet

    Sb& s 50 7>rnms Figs; 1 tiise Prunes; 2 Fraila Jatcsrums ; &000 Ibs Wanuilia llope, assortoiLnaes; i:: TOLEL-4dy.enteredJast Friday Jewellery murning after was half burglary past A special asrpt has rUited.Eorope and loade 'noT6-Sm Justice of tbe.Peace. WJSIILVGT03T CITY. .
    rnj.tit.lwWDN. ri // Sultana lUisin*;-2 bbls-Pickles; *iSM* lb Tarred UTOC, assorted *:zcs; careful and judicious selections of foreign works before the Court T QalC
    Jewelry taken tberefnwu pmciieo
    -ilait's 10 boxe: 1 Gal. >j GaL Quart awl Piut Pickles; *f"l IaAttn Duck ; &psVuuou li.eaa two o'clock 8tiugin and a quantity part of fine Gold LadiesBrvast- of Art, both in Bronze.and Marble j Statuary and &N.'Wfl.LL&s'A Co. Attachment in Justice WILL- pztMecnti} Claims before >CangrM|
    Coirt lIow'e in the 'Sbnxes'WaluntaiidTomStb TO ( i1 Packing Yarn fle& Choice Paintings. Court for Durall!
    M tne ; Ockzin, old County and the several
    ; Department
    ni be pins and E4rring also soaje Jewelry, aome, vs. jy
    Ih ters ** Natural Prw 10') 1'r ; The whole torming-a large and'Taloable collection Hum Sworn
    Jacksonville, on 4 rres; OreyMackenand G1b1flaakU. I- to $1? S3
    Toys ; Tniurcd d which wan broken. Awo,were
    tel, tu the 1ath: >sl bidder the 4 WcUl; dw Preserves; 1OO tL'bita llmekensrd; a some and ''drawers of Paintings And Statuary, to be distributed I JonNj.LAuraL: : I Damage Bond $34 45I
    work number -
    T 15 !;L1 LDI" 1111(1. '4 *' ttirrant, Grape, OrangeiLemon'Jellies; Vases Ileary Kvrky's ; taken of fr PatentLefcrandAucreEscapementWalch-% m my FEEl among the members of the Association'for 'I'be defendant ajid, a Bothers interested, are _ErTlIsft; T.Trnwii.*, -

    *2 fixtures, wrfh which i iSB oue 4 *' 2! Ib StOi! Fresli I'eac1e ; 2 bales .trip.I Cbttou Goods ; moenient more or.1e54 apart, cue common .gold the Second Tear. B hereby notified of the commencement *f the ..qucrio, JtXD COMMISSION

    ,nr.De ah4$ dwt4t: Iu'W.4sd 4 Lobsters 1 and 2 lii ( &ns; -S b lc* S-4 Iieclinjja; 2 biles 0nabnrg9; Patent lever case', bicl was Apart. Also .some Term*of, Membership."The above suit by attachment, returnable to the November **
    _ Dlcrcbnat .
    U w'4 Iul-ji1-vI≪ ULttd an 1)viizycth ) .4 $1L1ni.h Ohr ; :1 LUscFlannel* ; I catso.N'attcncfs and Jeann; bras watch coses and cne brass wateti,anme silver -payment of three dollars constitutes any term of said Court, and arc reqaired to *
    rct't. ,b4u1 half a Itð .<$ Adannntinc tiuidles; 20 dz Hickory .Slori: ; duz Grey}1auiSbirtc! ; watches, atnoagtiblch one common,-with,.a silver one "a member of this.Association. and.entitles appear and plead to the*$nt tntb n the time pre- Prompt attention wilL be given to all aalei

    , !1 R Lu' i. '. awlen_ 1 ) '' Star f'andea! ; 5 boxes Wax Candles; iQ&te II.x ts mud Alices; citaiu.Jsu ouq: half a -dollar gold coin, and -A him to either one of the following Magazines for scibcd by Law JUASCIS LWIIEATOX.ctggJSS3 entrusted to our can. '
    vf J Cifco.ti 'Wax Candles assorted Colors lOt .Sacks o HOT8 JuUigeof the Peace.Jom :J.icksonrilleJanc 12. 31BA
    ixii l.Mled aut ecI ; .Salt; number of tiiher rtie1es. one year, and also a ticket in the distribution of '_ !
    1)atiil C" in'w 4ottL i, SiierSisrifs 1Od4, Sperm Candles; IUO.biIe Hav. AlMMinc Brown'nrixL-d Frock :Coat, quite new, the Statuary and Paintings. S. T0W5SXXD, ) 'Jltuchincnt in Justice !

    ( h4.i5 Jacksonville Fla. Dec. 12th 1R with lioru Untton.! and bJ ck figured linang. The-Literature issued to subscribers consists of 'Ta.JomrvJ.Laxms, I ETr &AtTAW1

    _ _ 5i>. 1 will give tifty dollar fr the recuTery of property the lollowing Monthly Magazines: Harper's, Put ; J Cotrt? for Dtrral Conntj.SCK aw.au's.GJIOCERIES
    Sale. fetoitn, or in projwrlittu to the amount revTtVed nam's. Knickerbocker, lilsckwooVTs, Graham's, Swoo-x TO $*) 00.-DJIMAOK Bon fsrt uo. PROFUSION'S, &c

    "LET YIJILIGflT3O (. and detuctiun of the thief.m.v Godey's Lady*a Book,and H mehold Words. T1IE defendant and all others interested, are Also
    WILL be sold at the C iKt House The First Meeting ; l'EUil IiulUtHMt, Sperui and SHIXE AtUtnantnio, &c. 1if.wL'aflOTIIE.. Persons taking fire memberships entitled to by JootiaedoTth*Commencement of the Gener&I Commission .0.

    I V ,ia tat T wa *rf Jirks *Tillc.on t.ketiJauurV dez! Barninjr Fluid mid C.m- -5--- S any tire of the Magaxioea for one year,and tJtix above suit by attachment, returnable to the third attend
    Sperm Oil l.ir ale to shipment of Cotton aM
    ext. tttho highret + 1 OF THE 5Ii.uzuTT4t; 'Roard.rb ticket in the distribution Monday in Iforember next (the same tein a WILL rrwlneu
    ALlX.MER. to
    Chsrirston and Svzaalt
    M.lL with Ui<- u tcrt bycor The net proceeds dcrired from the sale of Court day, and a regular term of said Court )and
    dtt 3W jq pm PiOKSDA :21EGATTA CE.17I5, 15. ::u. 1 KeaTa Exchange.Cugnac : UN A WAY mi or nk-tn ia U], of February memberships and make liberal advances oa the sams."STVl' .
    nibxnRv,wait *acM* > *.thStetn E* j _ti last bbv'fJtarrH. Spnueritowned by'Mr.GeoipeFJcittrng are devoted to the purchase of works of are required to appear and plead to the same within -
    !. UtetTt & .
    WILL TAXC VLMffi AT JACKSONVILLE, my JZeduutgr Cbnrff May _.
    4 *JI d.flw: : MSIU Mt (4 'r() TII sjc: ." ,* ,->f Ffeitiw.} IfcitMni. Said L.IV Art fur the cusuiuxye.ir. lime-proscribed by Law O&JA ttrttU
    :.: .iuLM iu liut.ti Omnty, on the 0.\ THE Sim DECEJ1UEU.f clLI) Jiraudy, Old BourLoa i.nd 31 The oct 2?, 1555. riUXCIS I* WnEATOS. ,
    is jiUrtit it> j. j> coroplexwu Aclraxilapc* Jaclsonrillc fl
    >N T1IU1LSDAY strth Jccetuber there will btvLP years
    h lap / j1 POT 6 Justice of the Peace. .
    vi b i I sine <'vf ItWIi Wbit-key, X. H and Jamaica
    fcMwm .& Sail Bt*at and limririg llice. the Bow Ila. Iluuv Umt4 lect hibratbrtek spoken, has udulll by becoming a member oi Association, -arew .- r.'c, iKsrrr. ALUAXmEDLUND
    5; s.a3n a, )La.i1. s.44 V. 1.)4:% ti e3eg in cmnnirncv at V o'clock and the Sail Boat liacIf )ld I Port,Madeni;'llilaga and Chainptigut? WIMC, l look. Tiie ttbuf e retrard v..Il be paid 1r bis 'nppreheniuii 1st. All!! jteroons receive the fall valve f t4eirU1p4OHI 180XICE.TITHE .
    .i.:4 't < : tit? Circuit Ctrt vt Dtiva! Vie,Porter, Clianapagutf Cider iir3d Cures Wntr
    and dcliTcry to lUG at Fleminiagsur # at the start in the shape of WHiTJSLEX '
    o't sterling
    irk.I Sobsrriber -
    &t 1 / forewarns all against ,
    IB Uf'TU l4 JIShhd R4lf.t Cu., .11 gd for iiiodiclual {vr utberpurptnes for that 1 re-Hum. persons
    Cy I uni-t iJiko two nr more baits, owned bv dlff sale the Ji4aid, no, can ,Magazine! Literature.Sid. JL trading far two Notes,given in favor of.Jaa. Sarrxnror ami Inspector or Xaaater.ior
    1h54r4)L *>* Uica by 4hRr2S 16tf.. DAVIS FLOYD.FOI1 Each incmb-r is contrlbuttag I*w ?Js Dnral
    l unc..aMTtd make Cooutj
    LiilAll )kWDEYz.h.rfir I -! u prms 14. a nor ii. iAtnETr.t; AIXXAXDEII.PUFF1 #_ purchasing Anderson, fora certain bay Aaae, (a&tbe bee of
    -g-t' | Uai m>ift be ei.tcrwl with the Steward' >y ; t. I choice Works of Art, which irs u be distributed the Xotes will show) as I am determined not to WOULD iafen* bra old friends And tbepobli

    I emld enlrw* Iji 'orc 9 *cl(>ck.Mi. tlu cveaiug pre- E'U5'Fz PYE' : o'w4k4.A4. among tbcuudres, and areai tbe same pay them until tle, consideration id proven to be ,that bating rccoTerwl lua bMltb.
    tinC or1l1nneI -1oItI. ti- th.racv, far winch tlicv an to coateud. C COD Srs rariuu brands '1e VERY .le-raLle: and pleasant residence just time encouraging tbe.Artists,of the country, dis. sound and rood property. Jigs resumed +is former duttea and aolicits-fb&rpatronage.
    lVlILkcttL V i | AH )itauhich irt( fwru race nliill cj.uf up fc **; wq and for nihat just rcct'JTfdy JQ. without the corf'Orut limits of the Town burning thousands nf dtiliarn through its agency.. TOI. n. jonxsoy, II* can be fiwad at his mudeneo os|
    4.r; s :ts. .4J viit'vtih. a*' w tbi.! JiHgltud: t Len-portoJ on briheStewi 1umuitl pricvs raugmg Iruui .5 oj of Jacksonille. Also, 1'ertxius in rrutUtiny tvnd*for men bersbip,will TVbJesTill .: t<' tl* ULI4 *...Jska" -i urti?, Mini ti"tijy stivrTtniin nrcRiaaiwsll cr. < < jcr toUAnilETT; A corner lot immediately in rear of Capt.John plcaso give theiraddrtu i full* stating Store of S. N. V/luxistj. eel Si-tC
    .$ ir.Cv.tarps1r1anc2. ALESAXDEK, Clark's residence gut!, nearly opposite Moooey AG the month they wish the Magazine to commence,
    >tli. strike or WPJ any finil play whiwrer, fl Ui* j ju nor 15 CJHHT f llv mruJ1J CAJIEO
    ..1ij1j ,. iiil '- and t.RAXDY .
    t1te } Atu irod lure the letter registered at the Post Office
    kiu8 to
    l2-s kd l SUiwurtis .ii utljuJglngi such >M> Fouudr-
    a.i4..ie Maa I I man* .>r iu a *hal! bepr-'hioit'-ifmta n 6U.trj wuig j' DCcit. Thit valuable mill kite, wilh cr without! the prevent loss; on the receipt of which, a certificate \ D MOSAIC JEJV'ELRLreturned Cooper & i&ser

    awJ 44 cr >H LU 4Jetty 114I1 ii t.r Mi i.ip i..r uy .J the parses tat 1hs>* Club, iud i ii : machhierj* upon it, recently occupied by Lease Ai of membership, together with the .Magazine desired r | IIEsnbseriber baring just from Yew
    I4c.st..fl14. >t : i t. ) sucli i ia PEACHES, Guiva Jellr. Ginger >uiters? baw lutlL .\l 6U, will betorwarded to any part of the country. JL Yurk with a large and beantilnl variety of '
    the: niL> (intT >r J p.r.ia ctnj yi g iii,1 Preserve FACTORS
    abit iU T.4 .' :* apiidiapi 14L1). .M i'r.'srinni t-hiii itotrtcjv .' the punteif Taniiariud-s OSire*, VVorcx ttrhlnfe ,Tlut very desirable place nine miles beloyr Those 'trbo purchase Magazines at Bookstores, JLwELBYSILTEE'WAEE&FANCY GOODS,
    aurlcrl .Ml d <4.: 4'tbe t i- I %Vthlt the I&UICL1& bi to the : and iVpjter SAUCV. S*rduies, Tomatsi and JackHiinvilIc, on the river, kcotrn as IlcdJy's will observe that by joining this Association, Ikeyfeceieet&tJljffazM laThes the public to examination ,AD5
    es11U given \\-Jnct respectfully an
    CtmhduL. .- : tv. ;;11lr44 IIeuyJcIi ?* CaUnp, Ac.. Ac.,j; t received bv thssubromiT i'oiut. n4t tn lir.' raev erbtr- of his stock, cuwipriwnjT as it does, some of the
    of !
    Ity ud t n5a *trret*. F r Terra* apply toXov. distribution, all at the same they now : ;
    7 a'ud:n. e4tal ll jrire fifictm minutes notio bya price ipay richestand most dkbionable styles cf Cameo,ilo-
    it U..Lth bw1iY. 4'rf __ v_id BAiunrrr & TI.EVTAIJLE 22-tf. G. C. GIBBS. for the Magazine alone IUT STREET SATANNAH OA.Wtf. .
    - .ijuitl guu i 4ufv'tiK h* ur l t.Urtmg, ii s.-L eizeb sale Lara and Scroll Jewelry ra great Tariety.AfcoSUrer .- ,
    5r2zIVILL b)11 ,ie are rea.j sk1 uut wit lor thu o tLil are :> J2ATA15hES; Beautituily' illustrated Catalogues! '-jnring fall Ware and Fancy Goods, suitable for .AroutT Course.] jJxa. Coeris.F"
    i44t. : descriptions, sent j'rft on application. holiday and other present which will be sold r1'rodgc of 4gj dlde2Oni
    k st l.i :at 1Je'a! ;:: t J1nne The JuJges tcat4he* trtl iie Stewards hall ci: jj rrjIJliV"E! r ijur in barrelj lull barrels andS New Goods Fur iieuibcr bir address cheap for cask nor 15 CEO. FLAGfi. erery:

    ia UH 4 m .1 ..*4, (4* 1t IIrJLi4n Stiealldif Kt if, and th dccUmn shall be Ui: k. Mfjand Prime l' rk. FulUin MarkttT CLL. DEUllV, Actuary C.A.A. '
    Ji&win it. j,' ,. I Iw The b4w1A.i'Hu tnrttch Lit ir.urt. Leli.ti-, J.Ldr. ke1 Bjcf Tousnie: *, 'sbe" Uuarr,cbeeft"fextra) JUST RECEIVED AXD TOR HALE, At either of th principal ouicvo"Knickcro General Brokerage.TI1E ,
    ) ..' ut4rIe Kicc, H mis, "C'uui. March, Uacxuhatit Fkxiratid cker Magazine"office,'S4 Broadway
    ; M.ti. +f' e:1ia&JwIiHy! \vit.ltt; or e rerl.Tor undersigned is now nrqwtred to sajre the JOSEPH ISf CE,
    VL. leIa1t( .1fl4 *ht1ti&, 4 rh'h te- .Sail a i3i li. w th'd* the !hue t b; run Jrisb: (ilem-r. J'utmtocjust f | receared by JN'0. 1 IIOEG'SLLOCK. New York, or Western Office,.166 Water street, : at latTTS in but line of business General Commissfon Jlerchant, ,

    *.aic4.iv aki& Li4k ; aib wi4hibsd.1saeif vZI l lis ittrriMtK
    .44 --p-jIilly jaiuUiti "' fjjtrlifwea tulles, aiJ Itw 1JJ4I S.Tcruis 15.tRuITT., ALEX.tNDL:::. fEof lhetargv tnd best selected stock of any other effect placed iu bia charge. .Lrtters STRiCt and proznt y frtnrm t 1 t ?9 fit
    Imsl A W..J.iU4'. r.n-f. i b-at l 4h ; i *siL: fly Cash. _v Dry Gwida uud( Grocera-si, hrovisiun,Fruits, addressed for information, will be promptly replied all articles of produce entrusted to 'hb eaami

    I L1 ''r. 4 ,t.* .tfr kuwij 1 ..M4&uiZ.b &- ul.T1i sail boatit tc La classlfj.xl Iroci three ta ten 1iora CtroLtt"K l*? ir. rs, Wines,Liquors, Ac. Also :.LQTTJ2RIE3, to. Ills peueml acquaintance iu this 'S'taie, ali urilers promptly cuaiplicd with.Gcnctnl .

    .1 '.. 1Ltfl IeU4 ..u; ol ib,Cyt&1icyi iIu nc-t tin-o allowed! f it ui9Vr ce fif toatajejuv 1UUUEL.N; : al25 Xaeks Exf MeddenoJ : J'P1'44rl ut Iflfl1 and Shoei'iit Orrictor TUB MABTLASD CO.VSWUUATED Lorrnics, nod others, render it unnecessary to append reference ;;t:4f '- S

    v 1. cnt ut 4i.1 0 sJ i41Ith to be dtcrnined L.iiter. LnL3nI !? f/j berg Flour just mtjvt-d Unted: *: wa li 4 **t a portion of stock on Ihi.iiiui.Ju.y ht, *. BENJAMIN liOIkUmS. .
    '. t'r4&d I Ues>. I and weamship. BAKUCTT A LEX per AX 7 CU bud and oa tin- war lien All Ticket or Certificate of l'
    thLl&.t.vzE: si.e Bu.ta classified 1st and 2dea tracec fcu $1O. dec 12. IN*.. Xo. 1 J.'eed' Escbaogtf., fr 1i l>bl*.A;IP1"-'I i all jectc'l! witli great care. in the Lotteries authorized 'fry the Stale of Commnhtion 'Merchant,
    hrI's ..Ic. 11zE.cu.t .. Gt LLSs. I rotattK-i*, Pmkfyi iiid Jicrceru.u Maryland bear the Lithographed Mgnature uf F. ACABD. im.j \VAM.tJT., Xrw ox, ,
    J2l.c. Shoes Shoes :: ll.i*. OuMm) *, White and lied.du ,:. BUENAK, (euerJ Agctit fur the Cuaimcior, 'rSH LLET.3IARIUGA( fn n Paris bu the how Wilt pay particular attention to ISleS cf T.J*
    WlLLh t'k1. at &, ( !Toe Boat first eel, 1st prize, silver cup and pcrw. G.& bt.t.} s.ur. and by any tuber are Irjuds. LiJa. or to inforo. the citizens of Jjtcksanrille that 1 loir Piac IMIssle% 1 JT: Oak, and other Soutbem

    4a.r... iL .a(;J.tck%..n\ -5kfia tl't cet.d Sd subscribers have im hand a duiatitr of :.t'sid Owing to the numerous applications from all she is now ready to open A :French school, llario Timber and i'ruduca; asd to orders furpnrcbstnMerchandiac.

    third d ** THE//.. .>: Jij OG.iy$; Tvluch for ()u.A will l..lt l). nble Extra. |wru uf the country, lire management will give T taught in Paris and in the first schools of .

    I.11rMcit4W! j .,,. l1zrc j411:, J;?uit.'.:)'gly tlktap.Jt1IETT :1 LJt. : ew Iscn Sid. their atteutiou tit the Ciliugo' orders*for Tickets New Vutk, Connecticut ,and SonUi'Carolina site
    1tiitt tttj %%hicb $bt.t 1 M -TTincingUjat, 1 pnziMlrcrcnpipure. A ALF.X.tNJjj 1 do ii(, Mi.' lui.ri.10lL ur Certificates, in the Maryland Lotteries. feels herself full! r able to ioitiato ber pupil with 'runt licit ami apZmdId hate!,

    ,i. C.i, ; dwc4h :d 4 4 4 dec l. Xo. 1, Ie-d'Eiclusne. *< MeK lVrfc. I'tTMoua at tt distance may confidently rely upon the principle*and graces of that beautifuL Ianuagu.zarLzLiCLS ,THE; 'iT.q jgij '

    sst 4 14 .4 : .'.- tiiid tit Jufl j All Sail VfUfls cnlcn-d for the race must IwetI _ 2i; Frk4i; i,Extra G whca Butter.4T having their orders for ;.-. base iSnjitriur CLes. and Uwtrict cuulidcccu observed.ThchC Rt. n. T. Cappau and Miss Fedsmcb. 3 ew-

    I4( as, Mn.1i*. t. j lluli'ward-. &IK* at the! jwnnt itADilated for ) tliji 1 riGS can bei ibtaxped if5the sujmcri-! ii bblifc J. buses,7; bags Nw Buckwheat. Lottsriea are drawn daily in public in the York; ,Miss J. Iraper.. Hartford, tX; Jl'mv J.Dnpre .

    Mm ia b4.4d iI 1 (' 1CU41 tlW t-tart at s. quarter btJ. re 11 urcbaai-r8. 1>M IMtk i Salt. City; t4 Baitiniure, under the superintendence of Charleston,IS. C. sa,a siyL. osi arcon!.! ud .f 4&

    i.iir ('1 ziagIe jt R'ti'COtCflJ f2r tl4c! r.ec znftt be ntSauiiu..Wbri dec la JUKUETT A ALES t>. bW*. Tkum, Gin llraudy! Whwkey aoj Wine.li tbt Bute Luttrry Cumxuuaioner. Heavy bond Fur further information apply to the French City of AVr Turf, wtMw.a ..javr 1. r.ccp
    *t.4a C1uC .t. I tbnSLItdby eight carkd bt-l quality JJraady. are given to the State as ncuritr for the payment Confectionary on Ocean-street. angSdJ2otuc 1e jCQer41ers g4i l F.

    .- -. IiwJN, %eri.Jzii lUti Scv. :rJi aud receive their-liags and uuaiSrEWAcrt School Books.X .1 daLst l dry IVfti Wine. of.ail lnzeai. Tbe price' of Whole Tickets are Si::ii, ,and 'Orizaiueiitalln T. s.Paints Nimo ;
    :' ti n. 1 tub il iieira. 1 sits Holland Gin. from fl to <20. Half and Quarter Tickets in pruportiou. 'S in tiu n

    hAL4 / JaircG.. DJ1!, T. O. Ilnlmc, II. 11. X hand and for wlc, the f lluwing SelwolB .2 bbls.cl fliiurbou Vbsikev. ?
    L twer. s-ia S8kr. ipcel linCinglia, r-amuwl May, Wm.T. s
    i Lit IIM Ai 12i f I U. H.B<>ur>.. ii o v4t i.,r in ] ckagvs if ordered: Mitchell'! Gwgrapbv &a lufr pncuaas can b4.fuuud iu this t$tate. Lottery, wbich Prixw vary in amount from $ito J eated. offers his services to the citizen* of :Dealcr in Oils, mad G ,
    and solicits
    JIs k, Jaimary urxU a eertawi 4# be ihPPlSJfJ'' .lVw#, Sarannah; (brir,. & Atlas; Primary do.; A ncwnt du.; Walker' and wuv lii J. C.BUOWX.QfTRA'P $iiMOih,*, ttccurdiBg to the Flea of the Tkkets. Jacksonville, in the above AMES branches 1IAKKNES3.T a. J o. 1 1 UajBo stree ,
    .. uwii W 401 Spaare i CI1&rkf3tu will cntil day of Uace and iend Wrb icr' l) 1w.: ccpy ; ; CIJA1L'ITON OUTfli CAILOLXJA
    3 b. .i 1f1I7II%& OZ .la. ; GBSH When of Tickets b tbe : Jf. B.-GUdin-r, Graining. Urouzmn;. Ac.excucted ,
    t, Ig tAC.Tt & *- LJls; to tbw office. 1 fct,2d A 5d Class Buuk; D.1 vies A Smitli'sArithmetic > tbe price $1 highest prize with neatness and dipatca. apl2fi-tf Reep S coostantlr (fur sale a general aasorta.u14
    is about......
    EIy ... ; Lincr&m'* do.; Towns rvriiu Spvl-! Pamts and ills of all kmnda Varzsisbe.
    u : f 1i (iireu:1 When '*' 41 (
    : ler and Uecucr Wel! tter'h |2 $W,00U MILINIz:1.
    bit New Store ; > Elementary puller; .
    OIE Window Glasa.aao
    ( S T Sznesjpirtiaof1'aa.1)entino
    zr .U1 4i Imr .,1&t. M 44 M 41 04 5 44 44
    \\11Lird UiinrcrMi llistorv J $ looted in Jacks m-
    .... J ; ( ut* Cbt-inistny 0 44 44 ** 4 liwus HARKNISS, having ,Spirit ttas, Cottoa FooUs
    & I'a.1t. I'r.1t.1t E OI> 3122S LOCK. Watto on the Jiiud ; SoidlieV XaUiral HistorV; 4 44 44 II 04 $10 -44 44 fb.000 JilL nile, FU. would renpeetfully inform the Glue mad BnuhevW
    4 da Ic.1b.eZ*. rSJlIIE Sal MTiber baring but recently opened aJo. Guidr.c'a Pictorial llit-ttirr* U.S.; Scbuljt Cufn rTTflE Undervigned, 'dealers in general S1ETI _) ladies thereof and iurroundnmge"untry.that she various kinds. .Jaally
    'V 1i.UZOTi Upbam's Mental! PbJIoiiopbjr the'I4u- With numerous Prizes of,|HpA, $. ,.OO'1uuu, will be to receive orders in her line,
    vrdl lrtted Mock ol Gnwrrics, Provwioa*, ; ; _JA_ CII.lJIZE, Suited to tbe wants and ttet bappy .any
    > :ria i lldtjl (.r1ntT.! Lqu'rt Acrc*i>cclfuUr inritets the public to call trated CumTMHition 'ILwAKniniu rii rim-ra tit ibtt stizens Jackiwinnllc lUKLtbt} surronndincuuntrr f2tK; ), fly iO, 'Ac. Ac. Prraons can remit us any that may be entrusted to her. Residenee on Monroe Transparent Wi

    hrLI Eil. s.thi: examine the lowing! aniclea, with many American do: Parle* Gwgrapliy; Cfljiv Uooks, ItaTc cwmniencet! opening their STOCK amount, Irma one dollar upwards, that they with street, sdjoinin the Presbyterian Cborcu.fgrNilL Pap.ThiieddIVarehoo
    of which forward its tolae
    plain and with !le&BnnikY tat invent, oil receipt we Ladie 'and -Mis bonnets, Rentle-
    t mention. cxaiu|> in GuLTiUtOWAKU'ci U1I1CK! IIUILUIXG at the *,
    WILL l uthtrs too uumenms fold at lli Court House iMigar Crutch and llrt>wu, Fl urt Coffee, lions Latin (irammnr; .UrcuIIn's SpanMi wliaif of the Charleston Steamboat Agency. in Tickets in the Lottery deuignaUJ by the pur- meu's hats,Ac* bleached,pressed and'dred.FItUIT ,, '

    4'T1Jaz.aan ist i J.&MntiiL, (1 tbe iirttas Batter,Lard, Buck Witch, Bacon, Hams, do.; Urcullii' (Jrainmalica Inglesa; Meadinhjrtnish -** Having dona buaiu<*3/ar'many years in Carolina, chaser thAt,or will, if none bo drawn be designated Alter the, then bnycr some has Lottery Aprit.tf Who1ea1e uni 'ltctfilTlO Xingi

    1w3t. ti tb. I.o'.t tiddcr. Sde and Stiauldm. Uic Cheese, Ilcrings, i and Englitih Dictionary; Bullion's Latin we kfl.coofldent that utir cxcrieuce] will enable us got of & Bcrrisford-ft
    c&L Sh tbe Ticket.in .possession. An Oilicial Scbtaicof comer ,
    ; ,, Ihsedrd', and Tea Header aud Grammar: Cbuk'a tiixiar. furnish tcnu*that will give satis&cliontt -SUUUDEI1
    iU. Mackerel in :;kiti. BUck Grren to good*uu .Ibc bu sent with tJl the tickets TREES a: .
    w n4 Un-es %Vth Width Butler iStigsr and t>.KU Cracker, C. DKEW, > all who war give iw a trial. "We propose nellicgi Lotterywitl, sAL 'Charleston, S. C '
    ihk La3l ; aiM, OUt IMot) iired. Lemon Syrup Soap and StarchfcAidJo dec 6 Ocean-street, near Bay. i "GAiSJrunA-lXfVJfTUri'llOJ/frCJSr fti ordered, can-fully sealed in an ordinary -envelope roa __rruo46T
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    Hunt. Mag
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    of the of Baltimore and in the lVatITreesgriIUdJi2a ,
    Cs&ity .. *sirf Oil,'. S rdii**, Lead, Fowder and Shot, zincs published! fir the year 1$.>5, to be delivered City Daily fine selection 6) ,J3iMt* Fr AfmAt* Tead*** ,Jttimdt
    fl4r.cb. NiU and Spikes,Slicnw, a giu&I assartment of ncrioatcally as they are issued, at "bit storu iuJackMHirille Our Stock will consist mainly of A'jitHiual A Circular Inlclligeaccr!cuutaining, WxLtngton all thu i schemes, D. (X will be Sefcct ATarirtyertbebestFw Almond. .d, -t -* toswectoaugecye3.rsoId M 7 : U I iJt J 'f>*<'kffri7' *.*********** **

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    flLt Le .wd L. Homes early, and those for tbeTown of Jacksonville I.1)e1aine. Kerseys aud Linseyc, F.X BliENAX Citron -? -0 >, JStolOO II. V. EINSaiAN & CO.
    -. 11 t th Cuwt I1ons lU the corsfr-tf T.TLOTARD. will! be delivered to subf cribcrs at llitsir esidcuces. Kaglish Meriw, Otscaurga, ; JS'u.4 Calrert Street, Dwarf,Orange,'(fine) 10
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    IILIdriCkf' Mill, with received Well**new 1'lan of Stbastopol, enable the subscriber to order according to tb&demand. Florence do do Cambric, DAll of the different and finest -rariettesJrom P.MARcBDt! :

    ii', aid with which is o cluwon CP colored, with full map cf the Crimea, *ud Jdec 6] C. B-UK\V. .tlJacas, *ssorted, Khetttog and .Shirting, -. '4 00 cents- to 100 :
    inbural&Lu&LaIf l pectjre a.rmnc.' But LILy copies rcceirod, &ndi NEWBOOKS Muslins, assorted, Ticking, Asaorted -Undersigned jncspectfidly Tetnrns bis '. ".. :W cents w"0*" .; JSoot .fizi; -
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    CaurtHOUSE. 1 plates. paper, price Cambrics lloisery LFftiicvBJk > on
    and them continuance of theFur
    patronage beg! of JJ. WILLIAMS, Proprietor.Talatka T't'o DGOr% IronJtxtxattcUk *
    Gee. t Gbb Agt C. DREW, Old UOmdb7JItLStbCfls; Trimiogc. Blankets.Xccdlo .

    nor 22 Ocean Ht,oqe d>mr from Bay. _i Geoffrey .ilonctoii-by llr.Aloodic; wurked CoilarsLarly'i silk Glove, i'the accommodation of those who may desire: ; ,'Kor i8-t. ESIIoriis.

    tt Ur.ur BOWIEY, HOOKS, fTATIONEIlY, Ac., &c.rflhJIE bo.Forayer-aiy Sunai{ do do SleeresGuDt' do doBcitea a ounlortabk eating Saloon, ha will open on the.ieth 5XI THE subscriber wpeetroHr aii_ uaeu to Ui
    cotuitr.uic wudt-Sguedha i pcued*Book mud StaLL The New PurclitAC, or Early years" the Far 40' iLi Chiine.lrsahLineu, of October, a Kestauraut at busies Cream : VE OAK.: p strons ana the pablic jr nendly.Itat

    : STJEET tkiaarr SLur; in Ocean street,one door from We t-br.lUbert Curl ton; Damask Table Cloths, and Confectionarr Store,whcra be witlkeep, (from 'Shook* and Stnve*. be baa toleo the sJgrg formerly occupied by J.W.Pace .
    Capt. "G.biwuV Narrative of tils'Imprisonment .Itibbuutf, assorted, dtt Napkins, I'.3I. OystcN,1kefSteks,Chickens -* semi hre be i* prepared to Baak Ambler A llo*f s new building oa Bay street, 4JUM Jacksonvillewhere: lie has now fur sUc at oUerredeo, in Ja ra; Handkerchiefs, jusorted, ilk and strawJJouets.Clothing. S llamand Eggs Cakes,Ae.-also, Hot CoSVe FOB! and difficult pieces; also, IktjsbesdSnooks iimd--Huuc oftho nest flnisbaadsSTlevaad
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    b- Lllue : tIpei ..r the lie has opened also a portion of bus Teveri .-by George Haml; luta.lil or those ofm .delicate bealth would do well dressed Cypress Stave 4 and 8 Jret*and, t11Pe fumaolf; ttaTlSflhe a.aI M4
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    nity made through the season.Uf Crotchets amid Quarers, or .Itevelatious bf an .do Pants. ICegro do able terms by the week or 'the month.- ..
    1e Pt A oadbIei Tiia lat*leading periodicals to be bad .at Opera Manager in wy.iIaxiIzretzsk, titi Vest. hats and Caps ..1Otedrwckand Country) people be acoommodjitjl with deals made l ontcf tb b atmaicriaUK JH. *
    ( Iraia: cns t, ALSO-Stc-pl m .Central America Stephens* Cravats suit .tbtar taste and produce.>4fuHTcd as pay to gifft satiafd.um. to all who aayr Iirtr Maiaealt
    i*"*! Mij;.E L. bON.tusu.Tht the cuaatcr, and Ttgnisr **mubacriotions taken .Ijr f $ Hhirts and Collars. : Waljn.
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