"Gran what makes you rry so?" been given and lost ; and was to be itf Jiuardert and the Travelling PMlf. Hear what Mr. Barlcesdate of Virginia,.says of BE\D AND BE CON VI NCEO. Remittent Fevers Fever sad Apue,Cia ills pa.I..le will never bedUebwed. ,. -
T. S. MCKERSOX, Leinau's American Fertilizer. Testimony from "",".,,, fa favor of Ii,. llnnfland's and Fever Dumb ''.Ueneml.UeW>tr. tight V nnc nan-lei no In!** ".,itetet ye B"makinc
The old man clasped Iho child to restored by the creditor when found. nSrj'rtprid.o,. Upon Tobacco Fertilizer colehnteil llenutn Ilitu**, prepsri-d t>y l>r. C. M. Sweats and all other form of disease which haves your r..e known in one who,from tftrtn

his bosom; kissed him again and When the man called again, Hopper any my thing I ever plants used.your I mean to try it surpassed ou. Jsrkiuni for Liver Philad"IIhh'Complaint| | Dy Ttan"|>rp-i,.rented., Jaundice kuaw, Nervos remedy. common origin in ialaruzurZtasm& This subtle ami Ton rep-many et.I.IIIIT.rtns thick they cenninly"""befriend|tasaifwtIlit'0swa yim. | <

again. After thi emotion Had a said to him in a quiet J. hOLMES, my wheat crop.tliis Year.. lllenurchased Ji. Oehlhl'.I...of the kiilsi-,"!.AC. atmospheric poison which at certain seasons is uon"id.abI1' he rl.. and ere\... .*. Al*'.. "**..
& ? way- General Commission Merchant, 8v{ tun I. ikon| fclJrren, Alrximlriii, Ala., "ptemb.r 30. inhaled at every breath is the same in th-s fatal.hnifMI...4 bow ms.y a penmiJiaflhma. **
little subsided, he bade tho child. tell Friend Jones, 1 understand thou 100 WALL !r.rw Vonc LKIXAUrt AMERICAN FERTILIZER. can be I85J, raid: uWs have taken pains la introduce jmarnrrman character wherever it exists,North. South Eastor ..who.I"t have been sn orawwsl te..

his hast become pious lately/ WILL pity particular attention to sales or Yel had at half the prices. ofUuano. HKteri." ,and we Bud It to be vary valuablemedicine. West,-and will every where yield to this newly has fsded(loss lb.earth:
name. low I'ine Lumber Lire Oak aud other Soutlivrn discovered antidote, which is claimed to be the HlrtrlnresM the nretlia ate rapidiyreirO"dappliestlia tr1**
I;.A.Uobip..on. Bellefnnir, Ala..January 30, 1811,
"thomas Whc said Ho in solemn tone greatest dtstorery in maliciM madf. ,of a aew Ib..r..p".lIea..I.1
Bonncr tly, replied, a : Timber and Produce; and to orders forpurchubin; imM: "Your heoIl&"ill< utiii-l eventually have a 'laigsisle tw : _
Wr.\h and Cnn.li'l.iuacl lt>
the named after Yes thanks to the Lord I have Merchandise. JanllJOSEPII \ ; all thOM who used u in the fall liked it vet' This specific is so hartrless that it may be taken
boy ; Tip grandpa. Jcwelyy! Jewelry much. Tbr people have been mm h deceived her by by persons of every age, sex or condition and itwift ly cared,sad. full Vitor rr.inredCOuNTRY INVAlID0Caa -

.."What do you Say ?" said the old found out die way to salvation.. GRICE trilling patent lrnniiianij that' (IVf U the sale nf not substitute'lor one disease others still worse, have (sy .1.ti.C; Iheir i iwitbaltlhetrcymplom .. etplirill1.
General Commission Merchant Savannah. your valuable Bitten and will, until it b"omllkllny" as too often the result in the treatment by Quinine 1".r..IIIIauJ 1di
iron "Thomas Bonncr grandfather 'Andthou hast been dipped, I hear.. At ." *, per --T\
i4 your 85 WATKR Sv. NEW You*. Mercury .Arsenic aid other poisonous or deleterious Dr.K 'p medicine,apprnpriMcd ee"""*'.
' 1 J" continued the Quaker. 'Dost thou and C. r..wler.Tu.kete ,1h",1'J' 1, IMI, said:'I P rwardc4 K BJMI .f the "',11Mparke" *2J*
r Tile prompt attention given to the sale of 'TJkJTJTICE. am in constant and regular receipt "The Biitpn are rllinf! well and I think wry will roi drugs, not s particle of any of which Is admitted I. .enrer,cay.OAMAGB IMIKIltflTT.READ

'.-"Yes" lisped the boy ; "and he know James Holden ?' alljnrticles of produce eutruiited to his care, Iv of rich, and bcsntful varieties of Jewelry iiuue so, atttieycive fxxl saUxfartHm to thiMewbo.bave into this preparation. or ilanhooJ;
sndallordlra The 1 Youth and
proprietor claims these extrsonli-
promptly complied with. in n.ed them. I distinctly -
consisting of Diamond Earrings
lives with me at-". Mr. Jones answered in the affirmativc. spl89-tf_ Crosses part and Studs; fine Iting'Pin"enamelled Modal, Or. II. P. Leonard, Faylle t'onrt House. Ala..Jan. nary results from the ose of this Natural Antidote. A VIGOROUS LIFE OB A Pa.
10 IHS3siid "Voiir JJiitvr have done wonnVr Malaria.
"Get cane aid the old man, lions leeve>Button, ar-ruias and Nubs Collar- Ibfi.eellon.* in c. ',.
my Auctioneer A youin,a ann or G.M. llnhhert Eq ,1 It will entirely protect any resident or JraveHer DEATh.KINKEI.INflNSELV .
"and come Ellen ; be quick child." Well, ho ilso was dipped some fine Buttons 18 k't and Stud, Imported Carbuncle. do. do.; .ribi.emintybtd been forseveisl month undrrlbe* even in the most sickly or swampy localities, from PflELRVATlX4''Y"It
gold Hountings Charms. of bent
ears our pruliU"ne without and theea..report.o
relief .
They started off at a quick pace, time ago,1 rejoined Ericnd Hopper, AND' comnssiorj BUSINESS. I have the best assortment of good articles now "iluaUtfut! and &t. youniinan..lthou!h: any Agne or B.lions disease "whatever or any injury (oruuagthevfre.nrth-celswlirb i*a work ciulnrnily rrqnirvd. a*.dlwel an.VrUKb'a j/tIIt

ri HE Snbscriber having been appointed an Auo on hand ever Shown to customers. Rich box scarcely able to gel about, commented with "" Kitten from constantly inhaling Malaria or Miasma. ,
. which soon brought them to the poor, 'but the neighbors say they didn'tget JL tmneer for the county of Dura) by the Uoveroor and glass! Brooches of the finest kind pearl for family lie found .o much relief from the nut bottle, It will instantly check the Ague in persons who GUlli"> '. l

though neat lodgings of his son.- the crown of his head under wa of Florida, will attend.punctually to all bus. hairwork or Daguerreotypes very, having in our city eontinned intake, aenmpletecure waselfket have suffered for any length of time,*from one day With Rules for the'Proongat1Lifejust !
IDea entrusted to his care. From his long expen.eMe'ln the best artists ed.'He U AW pert rll, ..n and stout. to twenty years ao that they need never have from tho Press
his The devil into tho in.both branches of tho United *
There ter.
he beheld old friend crept unbap- MOBB TBSriMONY: FKUH TUB SOUTH. anatktfckS
this capacity, be flatters himaclf that hI tiutcs. Lava by continuing its use according to "*
of the ,4 tetter WHS rriMlllaii nf.25 ce nil." ;
Unr-rings t workmanship Vf.
moi> exquisite II. CMIt"1.\hlle"blll'l, October !5'
; Thomas. Bonncr, seated in one corner, tized part, and has been busy with will afford satisfaction to alt who may require his ,different patterns and sizes. I'have seta 18J3, saldi "llavinf sold your Kentucky DIUe,. sow tkn, I dlJ'\'Ctiona '. ,_hampe.t"-daIJR. KI""tUoIH;
services. All shipments emtagnnienta; made to in morocco of find It b"lly.I..r..tloo It will immediately relieve. all the distressing rr* hla, Pa., will rrurr ae p) oriis.r elllI rid
baskets while his -swathed him ever sinc I afraid cases Ear-rings. Bropch and Bruce in every iiuuutce that has .
weaving am they him will be promptly and faithfully attended so.urza&xcss. let; Ear-rlnjtland Brooch and Brooohea iro. cows under my.I .tI. suits Bilions or Ajrue disesvs,suck u general. bnuas ",.'.r..rit.r ._ ..,"

limbs showed how unable he was to didn't get thee quite under water. I J ported of bncst qu.lityof gold single.and unique Nelsun fc dwards, Salt.s! Kentucky June t,I&SH debility, night sweats etc. The patient at enee r.fltprwtare_foe, ,. ttonb.nenC.fIYI"-
T. Of Holmes and C. Drew Jacksonville. pat- said: 'Wereja4eei'.h.ruemyoi. that ibis lastly eel*. begins to recover appetite and strenjrth,.nd continues shiM Aeu, .pprw wbok'&e In,
.' !his task. His think thou had'st better bo terns. Jly assortment of Ear-rings and Brooches .Wbkb admll lio pntAl.
perform necessary dipped Boston and VUlalonga, Savannah.. bratvd Medirlne. fully maintained. the castled repnlaikm until a permanent and radical cure is effected pn-- 4 a
'larger than usual having bad all the new patterns which bas been :. AIII.'UftN) ..>!M poopaid
(iven Hi and ftsvn| Ie1Itetl-la.
lovely daughter, tfie'wifc of Charles, again. Bancroft, Betts A Marshall Charleston. brought Cln'- : ,- virtue,we nnb iiitatlnfly say deMnret it." 'Finally,its nse will bannb Fmr and]ATU( from = _,

was out seeking "employment to As he poko ho held the receiptfor G. U. SMITH. Gold! and er'Vatchea"for,'ladies'and gentle 'J.".. eel i J. W. Barry, UHiomown, Ky., July HI, (ttmliies and sH elasses. Farmers eel will laboring DYIH 0 RablhhintisU
up Jacksonville, Fla, Feb. 23. 1854. men. I have the best stock and greatest variety 1 IBS,said "We have beard afsuny c.berTnrmed men by adopting it as a'preventive be from Renovating
hw needy twenty dollars. The countenance ever before exhibited,(Crystal>. not ) by the BM fit Dr. llnofland's Merman Bitters,.and believe Apia or Bilious attacks in that season nf tbe year YfIr'lo4llwl.gear tinBATASNAn kri '
*' excepted.) It M be a valuable. .". ..." ; which while 1 it Is the most sickly U the most val-
fault too I with .'
of can invite GEOBCI1.BTABUSBIB
MIt's.nll sobbed the old professed FLORiDA.IRJaVJPORKS. confidence orders from Florida
'. my pious man became elsewhere-as J.OraHl, Irvine, Ky.. June W, IU, said.. ">Vs : nabH>one totbem. ,
man, an embraced his friend, who scarlet,'and ho disappeared Instantly alL I feel sjunTed-'mjrstook' roust have sneoscdsd In InimdwiPt your tlooflund* DU. : One or two bottles will: aM""'h', ordinary rr 1831 ".
please Order can be tent. by mail, tail package tern I'QwI.I.u.1I4 others pnrcbaa*.taem by,Ushslfdosen ''tilletI Snbscnber fraternl tn his p1 _
'was amazement. *articles returned In and .' .. ', some nayrequire tnnre. pirectiiins printedin THE favors.Ji
pptrifledwith _... perfect.afcty through. dossn ., O rmsp, French and S .ni.\.- each .Sir their eontinoed .
U.S ira: VT. BIGGS A CO JACKSOSVtIXE/FA. an officer of. one of tho steamboats. Hr.F. -Fadn all Bro Knbxvllls' Te .."April I.. accompany In a44iajllllt is the impfovements I D ,
"C mo, said Mr. WhcatlV, 'cdme1oyoaithm ISM, ... "Tour bitter era now.selllm v.3i.t, ''btU') '" -.One Dollar. Libers dispuunta m deto that ,
GBIFFEN. Ust visit tit
A lay of to JLIt-* are now prepared to" execute promptly orders > G. the trade. Trd circulars furwarded qnired br Mm daring his: .
light cpmmunica.ted,
all :' tro win live together Successor to the late it.'Eastman *nd every nrrsnji that' bas nied it'so far u..have. I on spplieation lmanl""ll"l.11,
thc of for bepS sbl*tn. ...bcs bsneiiiw4",. and tho article will be CAOM ned on liberal Nootl has made It'
understanding .is value
j. ;. thcro is Dicaty .of room inoy more Steam Engines: Saw ja9 June.1854.; :BaVsjjnahGeorgia; Thftte Bluer.are .eutrrely vefstaMet Ikey bivifnrsteandiln terms to responsible parties In every IeCtioaflk his b1wl fIrt ita sow ensgresteryriev "kI
: .. than Mills Sugar Silk '
a'volume committed to memory. >sttheninesy>UHM,swvct". all ) country; > II Colors fill

,house.for us all.! .. .> Mills',and Pans, Grist.Mills,Hors .: 'William'Grothe: / be...toripirass.us well a.Melts.- > .. '-JAS.' .A., BHODia,Pn>pHe|.r, U bhawls,.which.etrns tJJujl' JpI..IL -

"0h how happy shall bo !1". ho A Powers Iron' ,, 1 : r tOresJhyNapacabl.drsJerIPVwyWhSfsaadby10if '. "apL'5.11 hWwi-- I. wlaJ.*? fimtr him.itb _._
observes that looks under Brnss
wag he I.1d, Castings, WATOHHAHEa JEWELLER; T, MCMILLAN, I Ooelle..u's Garments Ded.1'I1ed

,. >exclaimed, $llea and her. father the-marriage Tiead foe tho news'of sod .every .ari&tl'of )Machinery.. Cait'ng.: Foreing. ; May J4ck! TiU ,Fla..4 !I -4- T--s Private Hoarding. as mar lle-1'OII.md. D tile sa "a.
. (11l!.Room the Post Office)
; 'will lore.our Httlo Thomas vaml< Iho wcpk.k ,and UlackamithWorkaw-3il ; Stoejabouiaud adjoining. ITSimandersigbed- desires to lotem persons who .,lei which P'e. s". I.
other repeinng: ,HAVING returned front ibegtf -I:1AIcT: oIL Lamp; Oil, o.dJ.8oap T* X are in mutt of Mcasant Boarding Aconmnodstioos patrons sod rrieecl I II
hell bd your pet;: won t,ho iatbcrf They will continue the mtnnfbctare and keen offer bis services e.-5'and bacoo sod Buck and Drop Shot Joit receivedndforsilebf I w a'private family, that ho is prepared to -- Ladies' 3nnssta Diet BIenC3' jilt

"4'4t1." said W' old man, 'Uthink It-Is the opioio'r of .tl-a doctor that eonstsntly on band, their variety, of PLOW the public generally; With r the -rJIOnB18 XIEL.V i teaeivts 1t th* most Jkshioeuhle st .,Qvd11 TrIII"

: ., his TIMBEB CABT8 CHAINS *. .to Isst twenty-six year*, as' ."Watchmaker\ hi hopes br tals the I LSaiI.UWiHr'lI.&lI1mtA ..
tho lawyer gets living by plunder which they OoOfe and Cohi enbudaa4, by 7bcL55bh1k000.t; : iU; .fIIt'I'
: .
J I.! Jikel1 r ; ) respectfully invite patronage ." '. ,Jy$y- to giv entire utls&ctton,_ to those who wish tabav' ek.1 rreUiL,"- :.pUt' -Apnts u.requested beaU upon isMH7 penoo Ortkft "..
d' .si4lf ; wbilo tho: lawyer thinks ,tliat."thod ., their wort'be. a workmanlike mann', or.1 11I1 residcuos es the corner ofand without iebirps #freight IoSava00'by .
food d winkle obtains his pORE-40 barrels,for sale by ';. atcb Clock. 14' Jaw.Irspalred. :daborteIt 'gATt HAYtf-.l00 'n4J to!..bT l Adrian strs.t&. ,:'MANUEL. .Berheea-ALEANDhILqtl01l'.
When' by .
honger Ctor pill-ago.
grows. : : .
J. B..D." JUU4IL1 .tMa, .-I. 's: J. B, D. ,At'1J41f. !.ebonyip%2cpvsmbs4!,'& t lilt 1-11



S .

f I .


The Florida Republican

Material Information

The Florida Republican
Uniform Title:
Florida Republican (Jacksonville, Fla. 1848)
Running title:
Florida weekly Republican
Alternate title:
Semi-weekly Republican
Portion of title:
Semi weekly Republican
Place of Publication:
Jacksonville Duval County E.F. [Fla.]
Columbus Drew
Creation Date:
May 17, 1855
Weekly[July 1856-<Apr. 1857>]
Weekly[ FORMER June 1848-Apr. 1856]
Semiweekly[ FORMER Apr.-June 1856]
Physical Description:
v. : ; 58 cm.


Subjects / Keywords:
Newspapers -- Jacksonville (Fla.) ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Duval County (Fla.) ( lcsh )
newspaper ( sobekcm )
newspaper ( marcgt )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Duval -- Jacksonville
30.31944 x -81.66


Additional Physical Form:
Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Cf. Gregory, W. Amer. newspapers, 1937.:
Began with July 6, 1848 issue.
Numbering Peculiarities:
Suspended Apr. 6-June 14, 1854; June 5-July 9, 1856. Cf. Gregory, W. Amer. newspapers, 1937.
General Note:
Editor: C. Drew, <1848>.
General Note:
Publishers: C. Drew, 1848--[1851-]; Thos. C. Blanchard, -[1855-]- Jan. 17, 1856; Charles W. Blanchard, -[Feb. 7-Apr.16-],1856; William W. Moore, July 9, 1856--[1857-].
General Note:
Description based on: Vol. 1, no. 3 (July 20, 1848).

Record Information

Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
Rights Management:
This item is presumed to be in the public domain. The University of Florida George A. Smathers Libraries respect the intellectual property rights of others and do not claim any copyright interest in this item. Users of this work have responsibility for determining copyright status prior to reusing, publishing or reproducing this item for purposes other than what is allowed by fair use or other copyright exemptions. Any reuse of this item in excess of fair use or other copyright exemptions may require permission of the copyright holder. The Smathers Libraries would like to learn more about this item and invite individuals or organizations to contact Digital Services (UFDC@uflib.ufl.edu) with any additional information they can provide.
Resource Identifier:
002033813 ( ALEPH )
02707282 ( OCLC )
AKM1526 ( NOTIS )
sn 83016261 ( LCCN )

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f 'c .t ... '. # ... .. .1:,<.' .> "'";.; 't.. .'j .
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-V' .4. ._ : !".'T1 .< ,."1 _: Je 7. : : ')&I.B-! J ..' ,: ,g.- 'u. ."",I. .".,'" -;-0'... .,1...,.... '.'.'.'''''p>iI" ,.,.t...'

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1.4 tp c '.. -..;. '; itt. F *. _,-II ..*...,..,.,.", ,;A ..,..t... 1-tt l..;...'r...'.00.;.'.<.(........t......1-....:,._:..... ..'"' 1t'"..S ..... _._ .4 ,- '


Jo.:: : DOLLARS.- PER-ANNItZPI._.- ': -. _. .- .': ';uw*'II**VI...-> ;--:, :'::.:-.':; ,-J1fHj'liABBIO"OFl- '" .'.- _AlIEBICAJ7EUPmB,'. : : .OVGETTOREST,OS THS. .BOLII/BisIS-' S OP' THfiCOX3ENfrQP. '' THE. :Li-: .....1t. idTO. .;oJ '".; : ....,. ,4 :. '. .,'. .>' ( 1Jm' jYjj4

-- -
10. :
,.. s-::::: : _. ; -

i....; Uolumc;; 7. -JACKSONVILLE:: ; MAY ::1'7" $ 1855.. :.. .. Krnnbttro &. -1-.

t -
I ioctj.! Selected. 0torn. ny'v rt. heart"Seemed.to stand st.in'with They found me several hours'after Jl1is'CtUQUc! its" looked, in one 'anq'ther's arms and I Tim ;V FAJMTHTEIX.Xcrojr. .

to" _. childish fear ; with.the thought ward, with my arms clasped tightly were walking up and down.with the .. -.-

. i.'J;:; :; THIe IU oalPt"aucu.- .]-- From tAd. OliN Bf' ttd. (as if I his l life,were at'stake) '' ..mustsave around his neck/his head resting on A YJTERAUYftJULLLwr. water, swallowed, up in the intensity 11' "&%Jet, ... .
t. L THE; SISTER'S SORROW. him r"away I would fly,scarcely my bosom and my hair which had i of their -
clieerfnllI gin place to the ''hUo"'illKuti"I stopping until I had gained the been black as night, turned almostas -We' take the following sketch of peacetho guardian angel Farewell; said & youthful lover, u
of the
which were scut u< for publication.woth fancyand diction from the Home above them all, ho pressed his J Irps to the white brow
4 -
of the forest How
UY ANGELA PEBCT. densest part where it is now. got to
grayas with face
i the writer "bjr a so lit wjth ajoy as to1 fill of
? Column maiden
III' of the' a for it bad
itTbti :
Sandusky "Register.
fallen tree I would call In I ;
mounting a him I never frenzy,
4 j agIig,n article in a late number'"of jronr papersaitIIc4 "I don't know but you are right; "Frankey! Frankey I" at the top of must have dashed into the my water and It is from the pen of Q. J.j,Victor all the atmosphere with.radiance. been decreed that he must go. far .
t: ; The Loue C rib Squaw. Sarah it be wicked but indeed from which of such as no eye hath seen. This was henceA-that he mast win
; may voice, and so shrilly I 'could hear gained the side. But he Esq ,.a'pen, tEe honey a name ere
4'' tHE LOXE CAR1B SQUAW.DrflF I: it the low .my ; opposite often the.:little sufferer's vision, as she lay he cairiL.lt 'Uess one his
4 cannot help was replyof 'it reverberate like. 4 bell amid the was dead. 'My Idol-my only earthly Hymettus drops, and to which might tp '
.'.*. me Ae poisoned arrow,hs&U 1 the old lady, as she sat trembling trees and rocks. Then, if far away hope-.-struck dead before our everyday literature is indebtedfor : looking dows drew on into twilight, as tho sha? bride. *
my eyes
Irar, and let me flr, in every limb, while the wind howled I heard "/ierEBessie I" carried home and buried many of its.brilliants : great curtain over the Farewell, said an old man 'with
my spirit They us
the crimson Wood .eek, the younr" cdme golden scene and the child was asleep, locks and. furrowed
To 0-pccJjreernIdic npill and the rain beat sharply against' failed not to send tip thank him beside my mother-but God Down they eddying throughthe still in,the Golden Land snowy brow, as

.;-'" windows. thee, God I" and off I bounded, callingto mercifully sent long weeks of air like messengers ofsomedeadhope ** 4. fondly to his bosom ho pressedhis
Tin pot to bunt the wIM: jnguaf: "So you have said a thousand times, and, dropping upon the earth, children's ,little ODeS ;-:.for he was
him and then that I of that
now delirium I knew not second There was'a rustle
"- every so without
Out bounding from liia laif, mother ; but I do' believe if you rustle,around over the walls within one starting on his journey to that land,
1 wild aud rdII might know where to follow. When burial, until the yellow leaves were morning the frost had
Iii 1 p.M him by, thoujtb to bear the until ; come, through from whence no! traveler returns
brought goodsense finding
Jror glare.J your uponit at lengthpanting and excitedI stood sadly above his in the yard, arresting the darkness of the
L j eyeball*on roc these rustling grave the" leaves I night, and all the Farewell,. said: the'man of wealth&
could overcome fears. 'place by step;the Autumn ,
., you
beside him "oh Frankey how antnmn wind. Ever since that fearful leaves
heart I ieek, my were crisped- Little his vast
., ,;If a murderer's Why, to me it seems like mistrusting lay to 'wither and be given back as possessions flew from his
Ie III track: him o'tr tbe plain, Providence." The daughter-in-law could you ? was interrupted with, night, I caunot'calm myself during a again: to mother Earth. All throughthe Grace, now grown very pale and grasp, like a meteor from the brow
...., nil itprii.ts by the rock and stream "Bessie, how foolish you are to think thunder torm. withdrawn almost from earth shud- of night: .
of those
ne'er turn back -gain. was one uninlpassioned even such I could be lost. But I Sarah understand tin season they have been swingingin '
Miall a man as docs not dered as the curtains were thrown Farewell Mid little she
and believed little the air music for the loverof a child as
.IIII.. Fur fUk., be ,,'ul*'murderer-!../ in temperaments"nervousness", and "low as ". won't do so again, so wipe your eyes!" and calls it folly-but I cannot thinkit unwritten, making harmonies -and back to let in the sweet sunlight folded the white wings of her dead 4
spirits decking
orIII See j c my w' rrior', brow 1 1JIuw Years rolled on.and he must: leave us sin., May GQd forgive me if I again, for,she knew the leaves would dove and laid it down within a tiny
she did in the existence of with their graceful forms the
cu'd und Hl lOb. God! tbcrt'n blood as mer- to for college. My\ first grief! have mourned too deeply for dead great| talk to her she
prepare my no more. Long lay which her own tandhad made
it ,,". maids in the sea. As she sat there old trees and the modest shrub alike grave ,
And : DO and moaned and horw
ojiun how I he
jn.ru but
4.I' full of health and wept we have been separated so.many until their had become gazing out upon glittering scene, beneath a roso'rec.Farcwell. .
.7 "bill but Ijht n'filit hit youthful bead acti"ity"igorously of tried to keep back l his own tears, as he years, I feel sometimes as though I that of presence treasured friend whose as where the frost,had speared with its said! a noble youth as he

Wai pUutnd..o: thia breast. Ftitching away upon a snowy piece promised to write mo "every day, could not wait for my summons to go. some silver all.the green drapery of the left his native: land to'jraze the ,
... 'Twai the Cent time., and now, .o soon linen, you could see at a glance that face ever brought sunlight to the upon
and to love me more than ever. Often of late when I sit here where, leaves and flowers ; and the tears grandeur of distant nations..
she the above all
beWI To bare *<' cold a rest! although was person Life seemed a blank to mo after he we used to play, I think I hear a heart. came to her eyes for the first time, Farewell, saM a broken-hearted
other5 who be trusted in the have .
..- llrms me the. p"illnnett urrow, hattclAway ? might case was gone. I could do nothing'as of voice calling, "Bessie 1 Bessie I I can- AU through season they in grief. She said the leaves would widow,as sh plumed her spirifcwingsfo'f .
of s.tlden be it and
jigLi all,) Kt me fly! emergency- marriageor talked together by day by night,
.. yore, for my divided soul kept mourning not come to you-tho stream of death talk to her no more-that tho smi, MiL t n. -
boiiit sick thought wild, death so, too was she the last have answered to the wind and rustledto
)If I "prow* my grew one
. (Orpcid ,tre Idiel! that should be brought in for its mate. I must hasten my divides, us, but shrink not when you the have made revelationsof light would now grow cold and come Farewell, said a. daring warrior,
or ye daily contact waves
- story though, for it is growing late, shall step into its cold waves, for I only through dark cloud that the as hc.presscd on to the battle field.
with the listener after
Iily She turiu-d t. ;;:ra p tlio wc"poni', tut ( a desponding heart or an although I could talk of him forever. am waiting foryotron.the otbcrside !I" hiddcn'things to long winter would leave her desolateand Farewell, said a stricken, mother,
Wb.t ..iml her lund nu. .u.J: frob ovcr-taxfd nervonssvstezn. So when .. mysteries of life and death, have impressed -
lIe came home and staid one winter alone. Poor child! It
she closed
'&1 I 1111I.11. hi r *hi:.uk.and! wJdy! gnoS. : in answer to the last remark, the old the heart with lessons of was a as the eyes: of her sweet
::;..io"'tiI. 1111 if .t"r..J I l&1elniecki replied ''I know in and then went away for two years. WOMAN'S LOVE. beauty: and and cheer and blessed thing, for the Saviour to comejust darling, and pressed onoionj, lost t
-- ) Three- months had scarcely passed, ; grace ; then to beckon her to sleep again kiss its brow-then laid it
1&ow Jl t'ro",a rnJ: -C'rrnl cr'-.s rose tbtra whom I have believed), and that 'not One of the! editors of the New Orleans thus have they wrought a strangely ; upon baby
when, without one hour's sickness, for when the'noontime came and the in the silent
) lu-nlntt-le t.. Ul.! a falls to the ground without Picayune, in a recent article on ,marked .mission-wby; should their
WI'Ii sparrow
mother died. Oh the watchers
darling down to catch thechild's Whit
Sin:g.zJ) on-aia A'.i'\r her IIl.1:1 His knowledge' ytt this fear seemsto my the moral culture of the affections, death be unnoted unrecorded. ? We stooped means that word, farewell,
-rlo4a :;leIkl4 be iiii4 c "I".n. night of that blow .It seemed to breathing, they found that she blending harmony, sweetness, and
hare brought me completely I underits relates the following pretty story : should be recreant to truth and holiness -
me I could not live nor did 1 care bad indeed, to the Golden Land docs it fall with
.. .. ; gone melancholy Why
.II. ,?try. G-rrfJni; *b l.l. tJnb ly meniILfi' control, and I cannot help it ;" I In the course of our peregrinations, did we not name. the virtues of
:! : ,, to, except for him-for tluy had beenmy where the.leaves were never touched such a crushing weight the lia-
ie low.
III IIw.1; "e0' 101141 could not resist the impulse within : wo were introduced to a family consisting the dead leaves and flowers ; and we upon
;. heart's idols. Now we must be with frost, but always whispered with ic er's do
It .U'cro'-'X'l" l Ji iu wiudiidAnil ear-why bright eyes grow
i of widow and two the'altar of
.eir'lie me. Stealing softly to her side. I a lady now pay our worship I
." all in all to each other and in musical sweetness that filled the
a checks
luxtd hii: uuird. rll>ll ; agony dim, and rosy ,rival the lily's
placed'}: ( myself between( her and the daughters. The eldest was about the desolate shrine by giving up the
aul0F .. I groaned for him to come. sonl with the bliss of ever growing whiteness this' momentous'word
. WI.ou. wiktd: men with cruel: bands: and dear lessons as
window, so that I mipht,: shade her twenty an exceedingly interesting hour to 'memories '
ll'iii bruscd liiiu uiitu Oc.( :th, A letter was dispatched, and I beauty. falls from tho Jipj of some lon .cher.
and of
well educated and time
from the fierce flnfhes of girl possessed of summer
eyes : lightning spring '
' 'F..tlu'r the S-iv.our lhId.: counted hours until he should isSea ? e.
bIa& tiirgv. .. and' drawing her head toward considerable personal attractions. In which offered the leaves as their in- -
: Mid y'itie.lllll b.; brculli. :1.rri1'0( long, rainy days wore the demeanor of the sisters It was a !lovely! day when little Alas, I it tells to the lone heart, a
I stroked the white haiJ'laid
CIa' ..K*:'wwwi I full: : lie.ir !a.: Mtcit' :: TO"CN'ft : mo, gently on, and I felt ho um.>t soon be here. general the terpreters.We child whose "Grace was placed in her coffin and tale of weary year1tbile! -8 .loved
her widow'sonppind there was a striking contrast knew a once,
IICII so nCjtl'unc1er
bit :: 6 ,-! r.g liv.ii ttbuTf\; Towards evening 1 grew nervous and borne away to the grave. A smile one ia toiling in a distant land-of a
...lIrs0 .Stjj Clir>Kiwu. thiW.! 1 will: rTiiijraThy : ';: endeavored by !speaking uponotcr restless beyond control and throwinga youngest one was all gaiety a presence was as if something of of the most exquisite! expression! had 'vacant chair in the old man's dwelt.
her candor her features made visible in its fea
mind on
divert Heaven
ua ; :if jiuil hlurJcrL..t Iivi1'" siiljeetsto? from shawl around I told themI transparent were settled her face of
... jr light me strangely upon and ing- poverty and mighty struggle*
the that that enabled to read her In its those unutterable -
t one wisevidently cauiinglicr you very tures. eyes were
down the'brook to when the lid of the coffin with tho cold world df childhood
Ftu- w1.t 1 1, flic! tiiiw h>'r arr.i1'" : was going by even was
>linl tu.r d sat r tui> uc. menial( I and physical! agony.'; watch for him. They tried to prevent heart. Etfery word, every mo"c.eriuced l depths of love and spirituality I closed it seemed as if it grew sweeter, weeping at its first sorrow- r leaYing -

,rite4- II r M>nli.\ .. -. Ou *hii.u bor S.\luur Inui){! succeeding glare of light the tremb-- dark that "a heavy that she habitually 'chewed tUc cudof sensual creature. In its sweet little stinctively he closed of
was getting; ere happiness, more joy,- blighted
!. What that and
bitter melancholy. talk those
'. And now oho rt:itu u\r li.I; audTli woo.I, hug returned ; ;and when at length summer storm was gathering," but all were thoughts reve- away such beauty from the earth. hopes and broken vows-of beauty
.. the fctorin ceased; and the sun came idea was in a young girl, of-course lations of soul which betrayed how
a1a \
t l'.r.1Iojll'I' Mi O..O!, of no avail. But the.autumn demanded the sacrifice fled from earth,while lonely. mourner
Flu. ,uim ni't I.." l lfclir out in its midsummer splendor, thep every body might "divine. After a near to God.and the angels its daily
- : near r JH> pic's luJga "So::; much the more reason for my : and it was given ; so the child waters a tiny grave with burning
pcnk u'lIh't.ICIl.l! nu t.>ue. (e-ed> :: my hand und ':-aid- time a little intimacy having sprungup being moved.! When the morning
in the
s.II. going, said I. "The brook i&swollen, was placed grave while sighs tears. Ah I farewell is the language
I::: = between and the widow, the itslittIO and the
.... But year Lr year, lur"Jt.r'nCII: Y Oil arc a good girl ; this after- Ihe bridge gone, and I shall go to us stole room sun- and sobs answered the moaning of of earth.
And ,'..t.,\. ){;:ft. arc (,.u.I.I. nofiu when the grass i is dry, you shall point out the fording place for him." cause-of the melancholy in her eldest light nestled, upon its bed, then the the wind through the trees around. In tho bright! ,glad morning,I have>
! Vluru:klttpn the husband of u.r lore walk out with me and I will try and daughter was explained tons. They child deemed that it was one ofGod's Grace .
Little had! and
the beautedus flower but erei
soon gazed a
- I waited not long, the wind in the gone upon ,
tkuvalb ihelonit luiiu'd. had been brought near a family smiles to cheer the day
". explain that which I fear to .up come ,
your dead leaves gathered around and the eventide passed forever.
meantime rising and the twilight away
- where there youth of her own if in communionwith
.aIt7a' > upon and reciprocal affection was smile. The souls
jjriff too leiji'to hh.n110:1 -, Providence. age, a that coarser '
with their dead have been. lulled-
perishable body own bright
by some
tie nmk. li hl ; saw a horseman darting down thesteep the result of intimacy between them. of shrank at
: 1'.rgreiIe.s ahed After dinner she led me down the men away .
... beauty.Reader. dream but with the dark still
hill. As he neared the founda- night
I. ,. '
I. of
: b.ludt.tIh.r: \ became
sutzy The mother aware for too
only such they are ungodly -
lane and tl.c field that '
through green do realize that each the vision has: .
,:::1IlIr tions of the old bridge I called you departed.
of her daughter's feelings the illumined bed.
Lone Curb: <{'i household has its 'little Grace It Methinks that thus it is in life. In.youth's .
Stop: Oh, stop !I" He heard me not, hand
Thy lov. the-demand made for her by the would mount
""' det-p uiulyit:;; shower as an emerald until we came by) side.Vh'eu sun
is the Divine Presence fair
1s M.* holier bt.l'', Ihy ; ; .!Lt I and was about to plunge on, when I the Tho of the : become with everyheart morn clasp some gen
nji.r.t can lover. position and the noisy
..... ; to brook or rivulet 1 : for young high day
a may say suffering through the frailty and cor- tle one within our fond embrace, but
,, "Man
Frum II ui .!! screamed above the wind, !
lujj .ll.all"LJ!
: such in regard to worldly without then the
the rain had swollen it, so that it couple was ; the tumult of life of Death's 8dloan
ruption our nature divinitystill ere we arc aware
.. yet ,
VI 1mLIT.l.U ; \ boy Frankeywhoever are >
you render their marriage would beckon the
.y L* C.mr.'rrl: 2U', .Sji.; went dashing its miniature waves affairs, as to little creature and its voice is pleading! for the angel has woed the loved one to hisowncoldboom.
. the bridge is !I" Ho reined ; ;
- .. stop gone in the extreme. The household around and tell of the
---- -- each obstacle in its imprndent
course as
purity of a better life at. all moments ,
ia his horse aud shouted back
... WnOL1SOJIE Al)VICE. out to her which had
. if it in its widow therefore pointed thoughts and feelings .
were trying own pretty when the world is away from_the Bright gorgeously bright"areffce
'14. "H iIloa there who ? Will
41r.ss We do not know who to mimic souse more pretcndigstream. are you daughter all the evil consequences been impressed by the visit of its
lj is the author! way, "' thought and the heart communes dreams with which we have decked.
show where
";I (IC the nhoIcMKns you me to cross? which wouldentail on her, and the good angel l in the sunlight; and it
: hints given below, with the invisible things ; around.INFLUENCE the future, but when the time approaches
"It i ia I
, hut nit nutter: who it i*, they deserve We seated ourselves -upon a large, me, Frankey, answered latter like a sensible'young woman would seem as if the angel had been ... in which to test their reality -
the wind. for few minutes
,1IIIoIt.... to he written ia characters of gold, s-quare, flat stone, under the.shade: of as subsided "it is mc-Bessic-l j. have concurred in tho justness of her there; for such converse of life and OF 3XABXIIAGE. we behold that vision like they
and to lie circulated noble old elm and after mother's views. It was then agreed death such blessed lessons of faith:
- among all class a a.pause, Habit and long life together are have departed.
been for for I feared
watching :
11M of said with you, between them to remove from the and purity never fell from human
Let all
people. read and profit my companion a sigh- more to happiness.even Partings and farewells cast their
did know about the necessary
....II.. liv them : "Many years ago I had a dear,little you not bridge. scene of danger; and the family accordingly lip since the day our dear Saviour to love than is generally ilDa ined. shadows all along life's pathway, bat
4. Never make of brother who used to under this "You, Bessie braving this storm established themselves ata i bade his disciples be comforted for
.., use an honest play i No one is happy with the object of they tell us that; there is a land
.410 voman's name ia an improper place very tree with me-olil l how loved .for my aake'Oh, darling, you have spot forty miles off, where we first I his l loss. his attachment, until he has passed 'Vliert "farewell tears no more uo i$.d

jo-' at an improper} time or itt a mixed that boy 1 ho seemed a part of my always watched over mc, have always saw them the young lady promisingto Thus would glide away the day in many.days, and above all,-many daysof Upon the cnanrcleM bore;-
been.my guawlian angel. Where are with the with all who came That there the holy one who me VShall
company. Never make assertion own being. Wo were always together hold no correspondence delicious converse misfortune with her. ...
. IMt
..... 'parted no mo. '
-I.. about her that you think arc untrue our studies and sports were the same; I I your wings that you cannot fly across gentleman.. Circumstances shortly within the reach of its benignant The married pair'.must know each ..

."...... or allusions! that you feel she herself) if"one fell sick the other by a strange to me, that I may fold to my heart" called us to another part of the coun smile! ; the halo of immortality seemed other to the centre of their souls-tho Ob When! wUI ill it not the bo ties rerj now*weeV riy...:. -

,...,..' would blu.h to hear. When you sympathy was ill, too. We felt,acted my poor, motherless, little sister ? try, and but about nine months subsequently to gather around Its.head arid faceso mysterious veil which covered the Shall b*united once aJS D,

-III 01: meet with men who do! not scruple to and looked alike ; I have often heard and I heard his deep sobs above the we were again thrown into glorious and iueffablyrswect were* two spouses in the primitive church Within the plea of ilearea f

.. make UPC of a woman's name in my mother say that when. she came rushing of the water. intercourse with the family 'at the its every feature and expression.The .-- must be raised in its inmost folds; 1 lore to think of that pure Wut;

....". a rockiest: and unprincipled manner to tuck us up in our little bed at "We'll soon be together; bro'thcr," said place.. Somewhat to our surprise, visitor would steal softly in and how closely soever it bo kept' And its white(inlet*throng

.rL"I'.... shun; them, for they arc the worst night she had to look closely!:! to see said I. "Ride up thc"str'eam a short we found the widow with her youngest glide noiselessly to the bedside, fear- drawn to the rest of the may,world. And To sometimes I JIJ(ala up'TOT.string au g.. hart upirtt,

,:.; members of the community men lost which was "Frankey" and which was distance! while 1 follow on this side.:' daughter only, the elder had left her ing to disiiirb the air around'; the What I account pf a fit of caprice ""

to every sense of honor, every feeling Bessie. How happy wo were-' And "No Bessie, go.home now. shall homo forever. The explanation was child had a welcome and a kiss to or burst of passion,am I to be exposedto I do not ttnog mean chiM while I dwell here MoiffAn .

..ol. of bumanitv. Many a good and wor when after such a rain as we have find tho place vuryvoll... See how it readily given us. It happened that greet file comer, and its heart would the fear of losing my'wile and my : But wheo I reach that better tome. *

I-... thy woman's character has been forever had to-day, we used to peep out of rains I there i is a fearful storm gather notwithstanding every effort on tho bo very glad that there were those children, and to renounce the hope of Where none_caD say- .firewU.p.

ruined and her heart Uroken by the door down into this field and see ing. You go, and I will be with you part of tho young lady, the passion who loved to come thus to the sick 'pasaing'ny! declining days with them? THE.LAUGH OF WO2LUT. ."

-..0'1r'" ftjic,manufactured, by some bragging the dandelions and buttercups which soon." Something urged me on-I she'.had conceived for the companionof room. Let' no: one,imagine, that fear will '
1tJ"'fIIIJf'\ villain, and repeated where it should seemed almost to sparklo like stars could not leave him-and answering her infancy could not be eradicated.Her Little Grace was marked for one make me become a better husband.No A Woman has no natural grace

::$ pot Lave been, and in the presence of in the long preen grass: waiting for that I1 cared not for tho storm, I gloom and despondency daily, of Azrael's chosen flowers. A life of : we do not attach ourselves to more bewitching than sweet, laugh.

fHIIIfI'\ those whose little judgment! could not us to come and pluck them ; when we hurried forward keep pace with his hourly increased. .She. uttered no suffering had been it?.own; and now, a possession of which we are not It is like the sound of flutes pn the

...-,.".<. deter them from circulating foul could at last pcrsuadcnlothcr it "was impatient horse.. The rain was pouring complaint, but it was :plain, that when five summers were being numbered secure \ we do not love. property water. It leaps from hter heart in a

wd bragging report.' A slander isMOOn not wet in the lot," with what a bound in torrents; the thunder roaring, memory, 'like a worm m tim bud/ tho angel was writing up the which we are in danger.of losing. clear; sparkling rill ; and the heart

propagated, and the smallest and a shout we flew down the lane, and tho tall old trees groaning and. preyed upon heryoung heart. Riding record of the sufferer's earthly visit 'The soul of a'roan. as,well a* Ins I that hears, fecBasIr!?, : bathdJn' theeoolexbilahttTng

........,,.' thing derogatory to a woman's character eager to see if our newly constructed: swaying\ to and fro, as the fierce. one ,evening, m ,a carriage with her ere it .bore :tho soul away to the body, is.incomplete without: .his wife; .i spring1. Hate you

it-/1.,1k'I't "' trill fly on the wings of wind dam across the brook had been lighting twisted in and out among mother in the outskirts of the village bostfra of that Saviour who had gone he has: strength:she'has beauty ; he ever pursued an, unseen her fugitive

-.. Md magnify as it circulates, until its wiuhed away, or to fly kites, chase their branches. But what cared 1, where they lived, while ,the latter before; -sas'iug"Suffer such as theseto combats enemy and labors in the through trees, led, on by fairy

.114. monstrous( weight crushes the butterflies or "play king'' on this so long as I knew whoso form was was endeavoring to arouse melancholy, 'come unto me." field, but he understands nothing of laugh, now there, no.w here. now Iost.

",. unconscious'victim. licspect poor the stone, which we called our "throne." near me, and so long as I heard his by descanting on the beauties na- When .the day was gone, and ,the I domestic life : his companionls wait- now found ? Wo have. And we are

.,,., name, of oman : your mother, I: made them leave it,when they look cheerful voice, ever and anon, asking ture, she suddenlybr kc out from her shadows would begin to dance I ing prepare his repasts and sweeten pursuing that wandering voice to this
ttstcr your in the front if I was safe? and exclaimed..Look at the trees the child, wouW aay.. Sonie imes. t come tans In the
_. are women; and as vou would the others away lay torpor among ., his existence. :Ho has,crosses, and
r Luc their lair: uamo: .untarnished yard. Here we used to sit and, watch Soon the ford was gained, 'and I yonder oak in the middle, of that turn 'to'the open window"and 800m10'1t thoj partner.> of.his. .life, is !thereto, midst of care, of sorrow, irksome

......' *M their lives nncmbittcrcd by the, the .'hanging bird," that year after called, "Frankey, the right place is plowed! field! "I would rather be in ita'oonvers'with'tho invisible soften them :his daya maybosad and business ; and- then" we' turn away

Slanderer's bitter tongue, heed the ill year built its nest upon the same just by the largo oak treoaryou )}.oreton's wife and live upon acorns spirit of the night Tbe eyes would; troubled,but in the chaste arms of bis and listen; and hear it Tinging;

:' wat your own words bring bough of this old tree. Those were there?" beneath that ..tree, than be the brideof seem strain d,with gazing into {he wife ho finds comfort and repose. through tho room like r. silver cell,

'" the nw>Ucr, the fistcr may or the wife upon of golden day, and! although cachjof Yea, darling, .close under its a prince Struck'almost speechless land which itti'naglncd'.Iay ,beyond Without- woman man would be with power to scare away the ill'

f!. wmc fellow crcatorc.Christiana them appeared then.as.long as a year branches." by her daughter's unaccustomed the Golden West;,,and its.picture of rude,gross, soIl ta y. 'Woman.spreads spirits of the mind.How much we

_____-4 p.- docs to mo now, I cannot remembera Wait, theft, until it lightens, and energy, the poor, wido '!'looked J at the being in that- land.were*such as around him the flowers"of existence, owe to 'that sweet taugh'rIC'tufD3

I. !& in Greenland very sellf single one that boA left a sad impression ,. you can see your way." '' hers moment,and bujrst into tears would cause"the eye1 pf'the watchert as,tho 'creepers -of the forest, which thoprose Jilt pcolry ;--.1 darkeomo flings

doni. j ever, absent themselves fromwotBhi upon'.'my mind. At last Just then'the-sky.was illuminated "Dp! : you: really! ;meaa.: ..that, n tty? gU intentlfoutintoho! .west tobe decorate; the, trunks .of sturdy oaks showers of sunshincover

: pllbfic ? on'' 'account. of- tho whenVo'were declared old enoughto with a bright'dazzling; glare, .reveal Then as .there, is, living Gotf1QU : .assured,that the heavens were not with their perfumed garlands. wood. in which.wo aw travelling ; it.
:::t Lher. When it is so cold that go to fichioolmj troubles com.* lug''4istictly the:whole,surrounding!, shall)Jiave him.' I 'am toQjnucb;of'a rent a'wiy and,the spiritual home re- 'Finally,the''Christian pair live anddie' touches with! lfgh* fenour of death sleep,.

SheIr breath freezes and forms l tciclea nienccd; for'wo were taught: .in separate landS apo. .The :next,,moment, with.B' woman :not'ta understand: you, and IwiH vealod ,to mortal'sight.: ;There -was imUed;' together") they tear the whlehisn&uior tbtftmage ,

'" o u their faces, they yet.go lo g die- rooms, ',a das:: ;the IxtyVwero sharp,.rattle. like\ the dis ha.rg. .of( no' Ipnger/oppose your..wJshes."' the deep" 'river -gilding,, "byjwithshores fruits pttheir onion ; i in ,the dust,:they but is coiisninedyithdreams: that are

:%.. tanees, mon, women, and children, dismissed sooner than the girls;} ,Frank l JjVavy* artillery, Jhe bolt descended: ,. 1hetwo:. .were in.an.instant locked in "of t.silrer'sands;'ancKfieldsdressed lay:side)by .side. anti they are reuni shadows, of" j immortal"e, !!?.*, .

...,.. Ulrougli DOW and icc, and storm. to was led into'temptation i ;and would Btrwcki' and:came,'tearing, splitting,: each ther's lannif'Aweeping-! of in'green! ttnd gold,wjiiltfbov- todbeyondthetomb.4 .- .* -;
tho used
Ilse of. prayer. ; occasionally 'on 'to the;woods you crashing down the oak tree.) heard: 1ovo'andgratititdO4'hj': ; : 'relturned. cr3't of shadj an&'br1gbflcisyqre.Iookingout; S .- .' '-, -... >'oo1k, .Arrucnos.;--JoEnewton'

.u .u.in ijjj1 Country nOD are Cbri8t sec there,where bo delighted i in build. one' !crcam'of agony*, saw horse and home instantly: a lel'leiirasfo'rjhwlithaddressed'to.thb ; ; upoartha rvcx'';:anda1qngtho.bankaof4ho. .,.; Our tempers. ,are like 'an opera* to.say,' "Jra_ InaTti1T: Ma his rest
t$4Z&ttpt. thcc who Uol\d '. : : "bark houses.ft aDd"plD.J1Dgi riderTon* grpnhd'cncircledby! a : 'lover,,and'the wed* : streamsweregfttaered glass-.which 'makes'the object email! here; bclow.GodinllitVand'if (-.I1om Ia
public ing' .. .. will
..\.. p IIl all wc: bCtJ,{ how 01 diatf.At such timeswhen.I returned 'streara,:-0 t'r.'th: j e'n" .' ll/"Vaajlarkagain : ding of tho 'young jcouple-woa\ ; _dulywithin the' most.iloTe11"tbUdren: or great, 'acc6rdin'lolhe.{ .' ndyoa; that" will not_do' ;ke .

i1 ., LI,r 4<>_ ... i n1' }Jiorof *nd found e, 'a4 tofFri ed. and l that tras the l last. I}knew,, IOlemulJe4. : 9 month' earth 'trer looked upon-they ir8J'O look through; ,. "t It on fife. e.
';: ."


H .

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r -

1JIt.Ii.sTT1L11TI .
> .
..,.._ '-..._., .. .. .. _
'- .

ii Jflortba TaeCroW; &c. The ,Cotton Trade of tae'halted State*. *eJ'eop1i: :on'' 'tke' S i :J1t1 .G1 \i" Kntw.N riixoisaxi A ounD5iii.-Tba following ,Pxocecdints ..r.dIe .
'abe Ucpubltcmt. jF '__ ., U-eomtoiBded- ,
-- "_t ? a./; j"fWDiacomrafa _ar.. ; I from t.bt:Boston Post,
gleanfrom our exchanges aoatt items,la, re i Tbe PhIl deJpbia/"f irw indebted to Misers : *_ S' ThtState Know Nothing Convention IHiads uae earefal permal of*Mrikrif know-notWoga i, \ Coeval CKAMSU,May
JACKSONVILLE.- <. 'to tht'pVospett of tht gn> uro1jhiotn1 Kefl,Brother*1 Co;at New York*or valuable :A-bawb1cb., ? i thi!pot almost," sdjoirtaJonYrlday.venIaaf1eis; ftahny*fbiioiCt.lt .*The New EngUrfd kaow-be4hings are coining Council met for special parpoeea \'

I ri&Iji '. of Southern and jWeateni States, and U win circular 'relation-: to 'TbCotton Trade of the daily rtreUtiou. ; wonders. ..C ree b' stated that thus..ifUreptien {ook'.place out officIally the ant&laterjr; pUtfuraw,. It 2 : Present Hon. PHILIP fl.t8E1 ''
? s
; f mote times akd btE' tb|trorjbl wUh a1aU'1queatioD' <* # e stated thai at the recent meeting of the Utaachoaett Messrs. A.8. BAUWIX II.]
beethM ia eondi- United Stat. .,It:bf fall of useful Information. B.Boa,O. '
Thursday 17 1855/ they art quite a flourishing: 1. !
1 tt 411 May ,1 I wouderbaaust : 4I'iIiuth: .I council ia tida cit*, ftIOI.tiou".n XXTT, Sr., and 8. N.
tina. espedaUy"wheat, rop. U lbs Northern, alx'principal t ebtppltig months being over;the 1CII'Ii1lal1M aaodena'' JOie ta naT*.withdrawn passe* ia favor of tht aboUtma ot slavery L W tile WILLl4Jl1t _? _

4 Rail Road Subscription. and Western. Stale'*, the accounts of the wheat following facts are given concerning the disposition ** Us-resignation of,hb seat IB the:Ua* achuetU PUtrict of ColOmbia and IB alt tbe United States Councilman Williams ,preaenttd &#:

: receiye thus far. Dtur'aaIe4 frTh'nflulapauy1ttheeetta .Legislature natu Ja la- UrrHoriea'and.detlarihg,that; M' more,, SlaTS Swart.an accomtircpenaes .
,. crop ara cheering, and H it hoped that thy jprict of. of 11a.. cotton cToWkjMtbeanalysis ; .chaises against bin an Unit IVY I,
th. e m .5, States be admitted iteflbe' *, but the deed the
(prop44hu1 caa cltyOtnotiiisuf;.
Tb.st1o -
I of ,
ofa Towa SubscrJptSon of flour notcontnu.so high, after harvest as It' 'as IntelRgibleVs"possiblet the authors the festlgated: '
.o may slavery can be tmm,Iml d *&,t.U now exists.
: & #. l Tin eM of tbe construction Uie Flrd. Atlantic has been for the past'twelve months. The great oircular'thow the' quantity. taken by. each, class, .ef. ., payana that for sonfi weeks IOscltbe'.'She'-was' De- .fho California Know'Nothing State- Council harejected the Mate cmntefI New.1I.mNLire fctet at COB- [ Couac9maa, B U.

t 111 anS tiulf Central Railroad, ..deide by the extent of or country furnishes ground for hope buyers' \12'' .to the lat 'uf November, the average catut ttna looked wptlnW certani. afterwardsTiRcovered .front itaplatforaf the Catholic test;. in cord on the Jst and .tel and adopted resolutions ; Couci1is't'a5ktb bill; wioUtteer 'a
voters In favoFof distribution of each of tbe six months since br beteeiueorts'waZthe through 1at protesting aninsr the repeal I of the M'mowttri Cum- I ConSisting l of Urmra. lIOn
; .. o Jacksonvilleja that we may not be visited with famine, even if weekly Louisiana the" thing"J been done.f .a1J4
and the Nebraska bill and -
abip promise, fugitivestate
and towed into against
8trait of Magctyaa, was the motion Council
fln the ;& ., by a majority of the States should make that date tbe total taken by each"to the present adjovrnei O't'q
O oU2 some nothing. 'The': Kaow Nothinga of PitUburg bare passed law, and pledging the party to resist: the uas4
the entire tramberot total taken by each ta the whole of last Pacific bribe:, Massachusetts., T >l: 11j} Totet cut Ti m.jot1.nd ILUSOIS.-The Chicago 7Vft *,of the Lh innt. date, tbe 'i resolutions I in furor of organisation.Tbe .. extension of *lav 'ry. These facts "
P-Ifl.t or.the .,. .open bow tbe northern 'brcthrcntbc of "Ytch .
each exact
to position
required by
t altothtnnmberof) dO.lKlt and< the quantity still
1. ,rolea'polledwen .not large aaya-"W. recollect a waaott bm."y season, ---'CIro
OreeDdfitedODbOidtODCeatur Know Nothing Jodge!in Stetson Maine baa the order at IlieNuithi l1ILflTklSi
ceived from 0. II. "v ,
at w had..anticipated, .0wng'ID.p i th years when on the 1st day or May the country has make!it equal to that of lag 7ear : u_ altio; Magellan Ffc 16.ntl disbanded and burnt their records.. ____ Attovt It.t.l..L
$ :
off the -
absence from Town atthetimeofelectiop looked so beautiful or the growing crops.of .wheat "Great Britain*took-till 1st Nor., 68.000 bales, ,' '. ,." r r S NOTICE.THE T. C.'BLtxcBAtia. CTrrt
o.ner know and per week in Ngvembcr 2t.OOO.ln December, which contains semi tatementa so startling that ,Gen. Shields! Ills said,is to eiiado Governor a..1Iftl

,il be In riol of many of Under whom,inch we circnmaUncca t- oats and grass the no severe thrifty cifld as they weather do now.continued Not.wltb.tanding -March,).in January, and,in llIH April in 80.800.MakinJr February, 43,000 a total in we make tbe following extracts. Jrora the appV if Minnesota open 'lllfpc etiou" of the Territory, LADIES ot the Sewing Society of the C4lncu.V&taaz- ,. 11.1, tt"l"

.ubtptn. 48.QOO rent respectability of the source, we ace no reason he likes the idea. Methodist. Episcopal ChurchSouth; tender their Council met to
the active and pursuant adj
and consequence of until the first week in April and farmera were quantity of l.OSi'.OUO) bales against 1.&J4.0QO ; .nrnmcnt
\, .,1 -' .uncompromising I hostility of the r ;real oppotcrs fearful of being unable to get half the grain planted in all last vca'son, thus still requiring 515,000 balesto t for -doubting tha narrative.' -> remarkable' it II.. Kxowowxca PacstXTU>.-Tbe'Grand Juryof' grcatfuf thanks tor the liberal support and aid Present: 1100.PHILIP FR \): .

.1' of the who operating upon fears and that they bad been calculating the make her purchases equal those Of last year. The writer aays-r- Monroe county New Turk Lave presented which they received ou Wednesday night eth Jnst., Messrs. \:tnitaowix. II. II. flo..
% meur th upon France took till lit Nov. 29,000 bales and of at the and Fair for the benefit of said "G.l
per There being no of a change weather Supper TCBKXCTT and 8N. Wiiu ..
)1tL; I lop iel.b1! disposed t the ploughing and planting season is greatly advanced. week'tn November, 54UO, 'in December 7700, in I obtained leave appearance of absence,for a few dan the 'order,of Know Nothings" among its bills. Church. S 'Ci.uneilman' ifJwin C..M'.

1H! .. duc tem t 'it, and an The three or four weeks 'of delightful rending January 1)000) in February, 11.000 i ia Match and accompanied by my classmate and chnm. Dr. ,lA Know Nothing State Contention assembledat J. S. who kind to moved. that CbaBe
;I1 1.k t' : apparently: amaller" majority Sa thus pt than in April were improved greatly and pro 200,000 17,000, end bales in against April 14,000.894,000 1Il1kinjf.awtalof in'all last season, TUinbridjr-dcl AssStant With Surgeon labor, iis and. tended difficultywe on SyracusN.. Y., OIl.tho 8tb i t which' .crcry .I give To them, thevnse SAUIIIp of the "WAIIWcGTONiIALL was enough ," an for..railroad election of the Town, in re.jirj. t.J,_* |
Terra Purge. great pnrjMMes.
I that the result in
S ,\ 'V j really exists, 1 hgby bably one-third more land was plonghcd than ever thus still requiring !,(to make her purchases scrambled up tht ,moiin1ainide, which line county in the State was represented tiny tender their thanks, also to others in and Whereupon, Councilman:

encouraging, and expresses a decided determina before In Northern Illinois during the same corresponding equal. those of last year. .' the whole south-eant shore of those Straits and The Mobile papers'of the 6th announce the : about Jacksonville who kindly contributed. resolution TarkaettWl..wing v lit
.j J' tlono.tbepaitofourcti&enito .id.tbe efforts ort period of time. Spring wheat in all in "Other Foreign markets tQplt till 1st Nov. 12000 :after ascending 3500"feet( we came upon a plain nf of tbe Know \ wk'ch Was *v II
i '! the Company. Those 'Induced t Tote against it and so II to cover the ground with its beautiful bales and per week in November. 800, iu surpassing richness and brtnty; fertile fields i,corn Nothing ticket in that city. Dr via LADHS or Tnt METBOBISTMiy Sottn.COMBIERCIAL K< tt '11 J' that up December, 3lO0, in January, 10,500. ia February ths greatest variety of fruit trees in full bearing., George P. Scarburg Professor of William. and 17 EPISCOPAL CHCKCB; 1U1lt'IU be held .t Ihe"uuttll"IIIreOll z.t
:i' I f under the alpfbe.ion, great personal green verdure. The amount sown is fully one- 10.800 in March,8--XX, and in April, 6600. Making and signs of dvilbntion'and refinement meetingus Mary College Virginia boa been -- ------.- -- May, IW.V-taellw.ci.scorifefc *?'-*
.t sacrifice was a Arira1 inseparably connected fourth larger than ever before and the prospect a total of li">8,000 bales ugainat 241,000 in all last on every aide. We had never rend any account appointed a RECORD. said Town, upon the qwM.uu: Of a T.IMI '.l! *

ki\\ '1 twith % Tewa subscription in aid of this tria could not look more favorable. season thus still requiring 141,000 bales to make of these people, and thinking this island was Judge of the Court of Claims in place of Judge tion fifty tb.M ,id do.lar) t""mrd..1w. t1Ir

1. will soon learn that their fears were groundless' Oats are also generally harrowed down and their purchases equal those of last year. November wholly deserted except by a few miserable cannibals Lumpkin, of Georgia who declined. It is Mid Shipments of Cottons lion> uf the Ponds Atlanae u4 G.a{4etnJ
:( : ""American consumers took till lit and wild .beauts we bad come well armed that RaiI-Rue"l. Those in favor .f
I Ii and will become ardent supporters of it :We In dome cases above .. The amount put 47,000 bale and per week in November 8400; in and yon can judge of our surprise. The inhabitants Judge Scarburg baa never been Ii"any way I From the Port Jjcksonrille,fur the week ending will vote"S1Ib-06r'l.tiuD"-tbcltlC''I'P'IIIl'If.' 1uit"I ,,

{ be placed at the disposal of the Company to enable Corn bas not been plantedNbut farmers are rapidly 18,700; in March 87,000 and in April 2l,000making in all ,' but exhibited signs of fear, nor any unfriendliness. The Pisttburg Union announces that two hun by S miuole! 5; SU Johns 2. "JlClk'd at ";4. .\. 31.and kept'PCt'use.,1 "
r a total of 416,000 bales, against 60R.OOO Our dress amused them and the first ). Messrs. A. Ifcvjcett, F, i P:
being C. 1
jg them.to putbtr work under contract at an early ploughing for it. and if-the weather continues last thus still requiring 190,000 bales to dred members of the Baptist Church at Manson- 'S.- Oak : .. I1\Ia.1114 i
p' season ; white men ever seen by them iheyjmtgined that are appointed lu"pect rs", .jJ ,
..j .f" 4 day, an expedite its construction, .far.t the favorable they will,probably close their plantingby make their purchases equal those of last'csr. we had come from theIr; (God the Sun on some town hare seceded bccau: : their: pastor had joined; MAY IMnrketa.SAVANNAIf. 11.-Corro-c.-Arrived that raid Inspectors maU rt-tura ..r elct1ii.'.

I riuwtnnee, where we understand they will meet the the 15th instant. How much more ground will "The grand total and so far the disposed of still, then, sums peculiar errand nf good. They are the noblest the Know Nothing since the 3rd inst, 4,578 bales Upland (t, n* per, to the Intendaut ou the A.y following uVrtrST

)l''' Middle Florida Company. be covered with corn this year than last depend up to make 2,003,000 the purchases bales, of all quantity equal tol those required.of last nice I ever saw, the men'all ranging from 0 feet A new play has been produced at tho National railroad, 172 from August* and landings ou the C Coiucilman Baldwin! : nioTed the crt Ti.

;i. : !. We perceive that a meeting of delegates from much upon the weather The high price of the would be DU2.000 bales to meet Vhich there to 63(,well proportioned,very athletic aud the straightas Theatre, Boston entitled the "Nunntry Involigalion river via Darien) and 423 do Mca fulauilii. t" lIty.t copies of llw ro ituUua ] llkd -
an arrow. The women were most .j
; both Companies, i appointed t take place at article gives the producer confidence in its future, is the stock of 854.000 bales now in the ports and perfect models of beauty ever formed among, averaging ," or the Smelling Committee ou a Lark! Its The liiiles.exports Upland fir and th.37v same do period Sea,J"land"-letn'iIlJr amount to 8,7v4 that ths Mirtbal be n-quv-Rtod t. p..stOk '
": L the 24th inst. make arrangements and exertions will be wanting the future receipts for the remainder of the season. 5 feet with small fret through tbe Town wh'ch: '
{ AIJI on t as a profitable crop no much lad high very plump and hands said to abound in fun. on band and on shipboard not cleared a stock miitum w.. .
F Ircrc t th eady construction of the road. to inttelU'e.the number of acres to be culti Whether all will require as to enter as iu this and' with a jet black eve which takes you br ntnrai.We of S7,5yf 1i bales Upland, and !,'.'!4 do.Sea I.Iind" Cutll.emlnllia";! pixncnfol lwamouating -
is too
e year, large a question upon surrendered at discretion, and remafued two ViBCixu IXI\'BDSITr.-\eeordinjt to ciiltom and du. Sea ".
; vated. circular. ag-aiist I-S'iMU balc.'tUI.land., 2,97V to |9 73, ',r wurl .Iune
i1i Confirmation. weeks with this strange jjcople. previous to general elections a rote has just boon the time last :I'tuk
: a'The grass crops promise well. We have never "Were the receipts for the remainder of the season Their teachers of relgion; : speak the Latin language Islands same year. Road ; and, also, a bill of $1.| fruua
I in taken of the students at the nnircrsity, fur .Thc sales of the week amount to 1009 bales, at .
'I which -
I A interesting and impressive rite performed seen clover timothy and the wild grasses more only to equal those came subsequently and have traditions from successive priests govcr-S prices ranging at frwm 7J1 to I III ct*. ton A Graves f. a well bu.-i le" wlicli; '
;\ 'er & to this date last year or soc previous flCC1liCln.it through half hundred eentnrie nor, At., and Mr.( Wise received 21 majority out of .1lnwt
1 in the Protestant Eric Church of this advanced thus early in tbe season. During the is that there would be a serious deficiency a Thu receipts in the Un.tcd: State np to bin ordered to be )paM.On L
apparent They tell ti* that this Island was once attachedto a rote of SOI-McConus( for lieutenant!
last that of Confirmation last few days has as if by the the after this date were governor time, as couipared with last year pvu tuo following motion vf Cou-icHinan
I, place on Sunday morning grass grown powerof as largest receipts the main land j that about 1UOO years ago, by and Bocuck fur reoult Oik. the Tm,,,
s attorney general m'jurity.11 :
; ,which was conferred; on 33 candidates, twelve magic, aud if the weather proves as favorable 4GK.OUO bales last year-the average fIr the previous their records their country was vis'ted! by a violentearthquake i-ecrc-ise at Mobile..14iV'> was aolbirirlzed; 'heal on JK( 'r*. IVbce4 CUMf -
after let this Is the first democratic -
; L of whom were males, and the remainder femalet during the next as it has during the past fonr five seasons giving only 245,000 of which occasioned the rent now known majority ever given at New Orle-.ull..17.iltS -r the private: subscnptlbu: lL>tJohns. ur tLun&iae .
) general rise rivers
j May; but even without 'a 85 the of Magellan that on the of the the university it is considered a. favorable sign.
; top -
The rite was performed by. the Rt. Rev. F. IL weeks the crops will be one-half' heavier than the there is good reason to calculate on a Urge excessin mountain wh:ch lifUd lU head to the soil whose Texas........ I ,\.S .

ti e RcTLEDCEwho &made *abrief Episcopal visitation last year." the 'future deliveries. We some time since observed base rested where the waters now flow stood, their An election at HarperFirry, Vn., "resulted; Florida....'.. Z6.c,9'i5 O.i motion of Counc'.lin: U IIJw'. )J.

.,; : .- t this portion of the Diocese. Being compelled YtnGI .-The Fredericksburg JItraU says the that little if in any incre-fsc the could be last expected great temple-."hich, according to their description after a dl'jCpt'rat''trnJr : (in which: both parties Increase at Savannah.. ...;. [.3.103 Hoi-g ami Williams were III'PllinW laC"iiuatltt"

:: risit the extreme western part of tbe wheat prospect in Stafford and King George, for averaged till May 86,000 as even bales April w week receipts which could year not as compared to the one now cxistinj we ftnv, made every exertion tu secure the victory) in ." Cliarlei-t.m...... Cj.. t to investigate the aceim-its of th* t1, !.

;.;j 1 .Dio t tbe Bishop is now e route for that point twenty-five miles along the Rappahnnnnck is nn- be greatly exceeded while per in May they averaged feet must high have, built been of..the!)purest feet square pantile, and marble.over 1100 the defeat the Know Nothing The Democratic Virginia and N.Carolina i7WJV-13l( ",423! due the Town, anl I report at next nKifc'ntVnnellnien .

j t t A vrfry interest .manifested by the usually promising. In many fields the growth M otiljr 43'JUO bales per week which might easily be The ship i i. in sght that will carrytluis to von, Mayor, Recorder. and Couugil are elecU-d by -" : Hi ; make doubted with a general rise of rivers. The facts Total Decrcaxe............. It)4) >t7SKA wbiwntap
members of other knee an early harvest. and I must now close only saying tit the official large majorities. CU
: public, very many religiousdenominations high, promising arc so far confirmatory. of this vic.', for "'itbutallY ; )ISLANDS.-Wlieii we dosed our but weekly pointed a 1 1u.o on tbeblluf Uwc:vvt

,: '1 I: of this place in tbe ceremony, as LorisiANA.-The Richmond (Madison parish) touch general rise the receipts this week amount bo report filled of with Dr. Kainbridgc the- mod t interesting to' the Department and valuable, will GOT. Gardiner ..of MasiachusttU, has declinedto report we nut.O\. a fair denuml. wi Ii ch has been .reported that they had euou'iurf n4 W.

: was by the large attendance upon the Journal, of the 4th inet., savs-"The weather is to 8>\(10 bales, against fii\OiH last rear and by matter and astonish the American people. The : remove Judge Loring.FRionrexen .' very well sustained during, the wek just cl>isc l. .1 found that it hot been fI'j.W bJ lite tot
j ninr warm, tbe earth is very dry, and the crops telegraphic advices from Mobile and New Orleans, vessel be the The princi|"l inquiry U for the butter grades the It. .
to clippir from "
very ship Creeper,
: proves .
morn it that the tables of next week will show AT vHS K. N.'s.-The Limerick lower qiul.ties being dull of sale. The trail ic-
1 I "i The Bishop preached the I ron on tbe occasion, arc suffering. Corn is being enten up by insects, 17"W appears) bales at Mobile against 40 0 last year and the will Chinch avail!myself Islands,of with th'a piano opportunity for your to port.send andI Chronicle (Ireland) of April 21, baa the Allowing tloii: (.r the week amount tu upwunls 4>*0 bile>, A motion wu made. to lay it on tic! tiliV; tlA

I ( and the Rev. WM. Bocasj Rector of the Church, and there is no remedy while the dry weather lasts. 41nOO.tew' > Orleans against 87,000 last year the of ( yon beoveruO4) paragraph: at extremes ranging from 12 ;6/33 eC'III:4. The : co.iciirreil in.: :
painting to
a specimen on poreehiinuid
: ; of the is out fat and unless we have first increase at the latter since January.- former figure for au inferior qiml.lr. The bulk nf
officiated in the other portion morning Cotton dying very port old and an image made of gold The Minutes(: w.-r. then read and. ippnval
years ; the Jess with the sales were at 2<>()TZ7.: cents. Kcccipts of lbs
Thr/e will probably be an increase week "Yesterday (Friday) ship fiftr-
j; service. rain soon it will all be destroyed. The prospectfor every and iron, taken in one of their wars. many ,.canbef Ou U1 tUU,Council adjourned.,!
__ six left for Montreal. Tbis-vctvl week 423 '. Exports 37u bales.
this month greater or less, according to thu state the p:!: ) nc. u
; 1 corn is fully as bad at present as it was in 1 gl. of river" lre Straits of Magellan existed.They capable of accommodating five hundred but the Rite.-The salts of the week have been limited I'1liL1I .': .:,l .ld.

: The Madison Messenger. and to add to our distresses, there is none of the number shout three thousand men, women Know Nothing faction in Amer.ca: baa deterred to 2-Jtf CS.-1.1, at WnWr( ll>e bulk! of the .J.s Attest :
and I
From lltt Journal tt Courier l'linit.. children and was: assured the population the ionner figure. T. C. Bn\CH\iin. Cirri (
f many from leaving Amend. being .n near .suvZ
in the
The above the title of a new paper just old crop country. has not varied two hundred, as they bv
i st.rl prove Tennessee and North
and I }'LCJl"L-\\'equnteGc..r rin. .
Pensaeola Railroad.
c in Madison,Fla, by F. J FILES A.T.R. BAREFOOT, TKrEu.-The Nashville plll/llt1' of the lab Montgomery their traditions for immemorial ngcs As the VIRGINIA ELKCTJOX.-This election takes place Carton brands at $Ut.Jll per LIk.i -

L lo :. S the first number of which is before UB, it is neatly inst., aiyi, the weather has been dry cool night The citizens of Pensacola are somewhat elated aged children grow multiply feeble too they rapidly are left they to die are, and sacrificedby if! the on Thursday the 25th of the present month. The i CUR .-We hear of sale .f cargoes, in l"t4 of ..7tEJJRRIJ .'lL.
t t prnt and well stowed with reading mattr.I .- and morning, but quite warm at mid-day and in with the prospect of an early construction of tbe the priests. This order 'comprises about one-Governor other Slate.officer. members of Congress o ClO> bushels iu lots autl at upwards wholesale! at 1.$:l I.;,<'audrt.ta.lat> pi'r bushel. t I'We') JUST RECEIVED: Fli)1

I L: I; position, tbe Jnt stands iod pudeot and tile afternoon. The planter begins to complain of Florida portion of the Montgomery and I'ensacola ruth nf the population" and"what the ancient and of the Legislature, are to be elected.Mr. .- per quote bu .Iiel. NEW YORK AND BOSTON,

ja article of the showers of rain that Greeks called GYmn"l.h. They are all of Wise in late stated that he had of sales of lot of Northern.
7.: r alluding t position th ppr the absence of the grateful Railroad. That part of the line lying iu Alabama, neither will admit a speech 11.1'beaf| a A J'reah Stj'plv of

"qJ .I : .Editorsavs: April generally bestows but as yet no serious rc- is, we believe already well under way towards one into peculiar their race order., They live they, for; the most a stranger part- spoken H3 hours in (the canvas, and expressed from ,vlurf at |1.40 tier hundred pounds. We Groceries and l'rovi& u.
sales of K
f* In .br; our Editorial" department will b su't baa been canned by tbe dry weather. construction. Most sincerely do we wiih that the near the beautiful stream called Tanucun. "h'ch: his conviction tint be would be elected by K, 00 have is selling no large I nun .store at istern$1.G=)tu:,ri and port.Sorth(.ru at 12 BEL nor.:;

f.'I mana gloves. In this capacity The Chattanooga Adttrtlttr of the &th says:- I'ensacolians wbo have so often suffered from "the takes its rise in the mountains, passes through the majority. The Kuow. .,thinlr4 claim a majorityof flJii hundred pounds. 2 ,b, H.urs.I' IILi1NTJTOJY

,''i.f' t know no maij, -owe allegiance t n pry. sect beset .not "salts" but by showers I, magnificent valley of Lenvn and empties into the Mr. Flournoy the MOL JK.T .'. We Cuba. in lot, at 21 cents '} .1" :
.;I'J : society; but stand an independent detennuiea Chattanooga -- by hope long def rcd which maketh the heart sick, Atlantic: at the extreme south-western point of the 30000. Know-Nothing candidate >! qti..te 5 A'AV.s o..lIt\JC'fl'Ir;
:. :, to conscientiously pe.form what we consider of the most cheering character. Thursdaywas may not again be doomed to disappointment. Island. X fur Governor mate speeches, but ieaves |>er g-illoii., The stock is m xUratv. We have s.0 I..f\1:1':

iL our duties aa public journalists, and alwaysfl a rainy day-not one continuous.full but I'ensacola onykt to be a great citr:-and with a 11 This residence is chosen for the sake of their the whole I matter in the bands of his party friends.: heard of>f Cuba no large arrivetl sales vpsUnlay.IfACUX ot New. Orleans. Due 4 1IFKKL* H 1.Tt.Vif.4I'IETZLU;

l14 .I tilt who Hi ar renpontiitihtyl Itiible to come "To,pltciW rod others, weI heavy thunder clonds rolling, roaring and approaching railroad completed to Montgomery thus connecting curdled frequent, with purifications.soar herb Their They diet cat cona'sts: of nrlk rice! Tbe Plattu County (Mo.) Arym gives the proceedings cargo: .-We quote S.desat lii@l();;c.. Sboulderl 3 2 linXt da *r.LAi'X iKt.L.TK.I Jo ;

i I (.? aay- 'Ba irs, AXD rise KOT." on every aide! attended with bountiful her with the mt of the world, cannot fail tu and all frnlts: and vegetable esteeming apples it the at a mass meeting of citizens in favor of ut. 'J!Alrttula'j'ie., atuNUnis nt li>fi bas
:I t' We extend t the linurnyer a cordial welcome rains How the farmer will cheer np and the become one. height of impiety to taste anything that has life., slavery in Kansas held in Western Missouri Resolution SALT.-V.'c iu higher Ur,o lots bgure at il.lij: sacL.CHAKLESTON. puiil.. : i. JP.LM.f.VTLTEC.LIDLEI;
t\ ,:,1 with tbis dispensation. Let the earth They live in little huts nr cuttajrv*, each one by quote. _._ ,_. j per I Tff.rj/.TS siRri';
} ., into the fraternity, hpilgbahue may attend crops grow The Gazette of May Cth has the following: :* were paiu&l that the necessities of self- -- 1 .? .'rt.U: 'I'. .1',
himself avoiding and "discourse employing i
rejoice the oats clap their hands the corn leap for The lit instant being the day for the company defence tli.it all tt the Introduction MAY lo.-Corrof.-lU-ceivi-d; .
iL opening all their time in contemplation, and their religions require persons opposed 5 L X. C? J/f1L.tSL.;
; I r ... .joy, the wheat sound the loud timbre! and tbe bids for tbe construction of the Railroad according duties.' They esteem this 1 life but a necessary [of slavery into Kansas rfionld be expelled the paAt week b.I'-'irolIllf1-IlG! ( baeMby! ; water. antiwagons 1" .'.4f'J, f'FEE:
bales together (1,4:11.( !> bales ( rrei-
t that in ; e
: |3F I appears we were error .regards 'nance' have general fandango, for the to the advertisement of tbe Board a numberof of Nature which- voluntarily Ii' K1TS X.U'KEREL ;
; garden dispensation they from the territory-that such shouldbe pontling week last 4,;') bales.) .:.I.rl-d;>
persons year |
t :; t th Cuill of tbe 'ol of the last county favorable bids were received and considered.The undo as a evidently thirsting after 8.i' LD CUbt'&ll AMt HAKE:
day of drought is diaiated in this aqueous visi proposal ofMr. Johllll. Ives of Louisiana, penance treated as robbers and traitors eud tbi-y had no in the stifle time tu foreign j.>rlK,3,M; bales ; E1.LIS 4 UDTIIIL
election in the dissolution nr their bodies and
I' notc our lat,issue We are in- ; firmly belieVing coastwise, 2lS'j bales; luaLing the total exports,.t mayl7 _
tation. was accepted conditionally Ly the Board. We that the soul at death is released from right to expect: the protecti-m of the law. The -
4 } fore. Jad e of Probate had nothing to resolution prison the week 7,'>73 kilo; and IC"II\"inrunlltnd astnckof Furniture Furaitiire !!
of tbe
tte Rannn.ia annex a adopted by the
.! witb duty. devolving upon the Inspectors. GIIO.cu.-The Jtnrrnal ft- Courierays I Board on tbe copy subject. and .launches forth into perfect liberty and hippincss. late proceeding in the case of park, the editor of >$,': bales; inclusive of 1abales! on *hpbtunl SUBSCRIBERS have on toil a k

.; ; We it not thiuk any difference wh'ch -"The recent rams In the np-conntry have The proposal of Mr. Ins is substantially to to Therefore du, bewailing they arc tine always tint cheerfully are alive sad disposed the Lvmi/mry were ratified, aud it w.is declared not cleared agaiiiAt a stock of 4,0bKs, THE. i-f ir.dnonie Fnraitawcici4'!
I tbe it done accord done much towards dispelling the gloom tlmt was construct and equip tbe entire road iu all its parts celebrating the funeraU of tbe dead with joyful that no argument should! be held with: Abolition ami I 124-S botll.'JIOII..l.ipbollroJ.tllme time la>t year. S., sLVTJL T.IRLM La't.iCL.I'CKJ3 .
tJ .1 f poe duty so long '& the of the planter. for f20iHX per mile, to be paid' as follows as the solemnities and : The total receipts since uur last report aiiK>iinttil (; cinrxs. trrt.'zur.
fast prospects Missouri: Kvtr: and
over jl the
_ gathering triumph. except ; bonfire .
J and we h not the least doubt but work progresses i $\, ) in money Mid tbe remainder presses # K3hO 1 bull>.vagain"t 45S'bales same time l-->t I IUf.LlL'S, si.rii.i. tY'ITAfl( fLTi
: ;1 q what it' Letters from various parta of the State now speak in the bonds ">f the cityof i'cusaCoU and 1 'S. the rope. Tbe resolutIons also pledged llu members rear) making a grand total from the 1st Stpteni- and uth.r artcks. (tin i.iinS O.usts III15P.S
I ; & *a.- .f the hopeful condition of things. Crops of every of the Railroad Company.Mr. The Effects of a Rail Jload. of' the mecdng to go tu Kansas, and uvl.t in her to tie latest dates "f tlJij4.I: bale, against they pUilr llwiut.lvt.s to sell\ fr Vawwj aba 1
t. t 'WeIearufromtheThridaa&Jowr.aZtbataa in Ives furnished the Board 2iS,015 bales the Mine tiie tot anti 9, description are reviving. In some sections addition to the most satisfactory expelling such corrupting aluvcs. A grand meeting year tier can \u- blv nbtaimil Li
elcctfon herd in Leon on Monday the 7thinsL to the cold succeeded by dry hot weather, testimonials of character and ability. Railroad village are comparatively a recent tales the tear .l'I'U\oUJ5. Uecnrase fmiu last I We'are r-efliiijr\ t I wi5Mus *"
feature in called atl'arksvilkfrtbe
t'. & of of Rttvletd ly tAle 1'rtt'uUnt and Dirtclort t>f the Tillage building. They usually begm was 4th. year r. .1,921TheaggivgiU'salrtof lr.t1.". .-r berth nf Uli>re In iha etc" 'bdkr ts
i' t take tbe sense th legal TOt la farmers have been threatened with: trouble from Alabama and Florida Kaitroad Oumpany, 'That with a depot followed bv a |>oet office a blacksmith --- ---- the week aniomit tll 13lj.I, I bOOKS, and LM.Mijjiit >."', lhas sic aialJ

county]l regard t aubrbing t Railroad pur. the 'seven year locust' A letter now before n*. the proposition of John B. Ives Esq., with the additional bopandllieciiiitentsof, a couple of |>cdcr's! NEWS ITEMS. bales, nt.pr.cfs; ranjr.ng front s S twlO,'* cent. I -. to a > ntik.ru nuiLct. i iWe
i" t i i1 L p.tbe were ,ot polled, 337 for, from a rained correspondent dated Atlanta,the specifications be accepted noon condition packs duly distributed iipDii hair a uIisen; vlielves For LO.XIJ COTTONthe inqu'ry' c nt7niHg!iVd. 1 rmpeetfnl'y? ask tbe lteiit: Hi of ParkM j
':, Noreproshadbcen received in that a subscription is made by the I'ensacola New I and there they ace burn, aud christened, aud wait. Dr. Timely, of Cuba claims to hive: discovered and prices firm. The stock on sale bc.IIJ,however before Luving elsewhere.niayir
c : 10 7th. a postscript: City Company of (100,000, and that a reasonabletime jog to grow. that.vacriuae rims after light aud moreover conipHM-d or indifl'reiit ELLIS 4C.V11
from Fort Braden and paMing through the -
J.ckon' Buf Princ 'The agriculturist has experienced in this sac- not exceeding two months be allowed to' The'trains rnn to and fro, and the passengers system qualities, the transactions of the week have probably -I
i1? and it i presumed that P was bd tion of the State as in most other for months the said Company decide upon the proposition, see the little group clustered round the trick, and of a negro, is rainless lor the white race. not exceeded :.J i>r at most SCO bales-price PAID FOB

J l cither those 1.lae past, the gloomiest period of Irs life; rendered and that when aid subscription is made a formal wonder what they do there. and why they do not The Kinney expedition: is advertised to sail for for Sea Inlands rang'n: : from 27iiV) cents |>er Ib Land Warmfe t !
1 eel even gloomier 'for weeks past by the sound of contract entered into Mr. John B. hell furnishing go on with the train. Central America aud for a C-w, "Vpward For Florida*, :..l1tet" I Bounty
the 19th inrt.
4 We were favored last week by Mr. W. locust, resembling the hissing nf ateam engine, to tbe directors of said Alabama and Florida By and by,Houses get to be an epidemic,and np and Mains front lKdfa cents. FRASEK.Miak .
Burro with a mess of Irish Potatoes, for until this morning hope revives' by an uU/atiioned Railroad Company adequate security fur the completion they go, here and there, and all about. Streets The amount jjf gold'shipped from Melbourne toGrcelung RICE.\Ve report the smite extremes fI f pr'ei: '* BY rillLIP

c-$4 foe rain, with a promise of more. of tbe Boad within two years. are staked, and lots are measured, and public ,* Australia, acc the discovery of gold as fortnerly-fmm J-)', (rfiiijJ-tlie bult: of tli* __ inyl-tf-_ -
which be baa our tub were grown or his The prospects ef tbe Cotton planter on the seaboard PensacolalUilroad Office May 3d, 18o5.WALKEB square is reserved and they,bivc justice and a sale, however, being etiVtU! at from $."%4ii:'X- API'L.'lGON.

'_E place and i th fuCC P.t we bare seen this have greatly Improved by tbe recent rains, Atl &:. doctor and a young lawyer,and "stated preaching"once tu I5th January, 1S.V, reaches the enormous sum COBX.-lo the forepart of the week shad i.VW ? 'lIE undersigned las just re,4vttl a

i4 Lk a and all descriptions of grain and root bare P'tAla.AFIa.R.BCo. in two weeks. That's pretty good beginning .24,738,0O0-uearly f I2i ,'u00,'j00., bushels,principally North Carolina, received were flew BO7N. :'IiuJ::'., aunt bbi2V.
J l S.- crops II. F. IXGRAHAM Secretary. but it ia o.x a beginning. A young Sophomore, Over taken by 3e l<. at from (l.Ii>Q>(1.12 per l.iislu-l ; l.ov f r r.Lmayttf
5000: dollars has been subscribed fur the which lie will sell
I I fST We notice among arrivals il Charles to far revived as to afford hopes of a reasonable 'S. i out of funds and looking for a place to teach a within i day'or two 4ixn bushels via Norfolk sold very M. F. IIVDliLf

1 tonoe8thlnstthatcflli.ExeelleucyGovwo.th reward to the cultivator. Fruit in some localities Memphis and Charleston Railroad. winter school gets off from straggling train Nebraska Territorial University, at Fontcnelle. at tl.l2(41.15, aud I30U bushels from North .
U doing well and without serious pnll blclt-llot some day Every body knows be is there. He The amount is daily being \:.!. Carolina at *1.13. I r% Ratid I IO
.4 ,
% of this state. reached there at two o'clock and at r7i.f te.tineniI: rveeIvU'4
T aquarUr UJIT. About bales North River dl the maliy *
We have before 1500 were -
the Charleston -
.1. reasonably to be anticipated ur market will be all (saya .ffta past three everybody knows who he is, and what The firm of Gooderham Ilovrland A Co., To- posed of at $1.:) lOu Ibs. daily iu fever fCcae lIabLE? FarEs t.*

-' COXGIKI or MASOSS.-The Grand Xt of the supplied at an earlday, with many choice varieties dard) the 5th annual report of the Memphis and be v, and ,'benee.lte ia,and the Squire sees him, ronto. are to get $60,000 drawbacks nuder the reciprocity Flora.While per the stoekls rather accumulating, wh'ich has seeer faloI!

Grand Lodge (Masonic)of of Columbia such as peaebca.pears grapes apricots! pomegranates Charleston Railroad Company. It ia at great and the doctor chows him round the town-waves treaty. there is no adequate demand to cause an advance ka4it'. jaea
t length Js prepared with much carp and gives a his bands towards the prairie, and dilates upon iu of prices and we continue our former quout.ou.: Mir 2,
Dr. and with for
Charles figs a surplus exportationto it
1I! S.ril. recently r'e ale fair exhibit of jibe affairs of this resources; towards the town, and pronounces a Upwards of 5,000 foreign emigrants arrived at of l0-'tttt( \'' per bbL-at which IxxiU-r are Ma. J. A. Rnooni-D Slrelncs The li
1 i- from thee o the Grnd Lg Northern markets. New potatoes are alreadyto eulogy upon its enterprise, and the \ 'unit man is the port of New York during lajt week. generalty firm-in supplying the demand of bakers >* sent flue was duly rrce'ed U1IS
1 4 ia Paris, asking that a delegate be bad daily'in our market though prices-nle From this it appears that, beginning Stevenson charmed and over the store be climbs at once up and retailers to tIled wholesale. transactions! April, and I hand you hvrvwuk a' P

r. i the part of-the District b attend aCongress high-*t tbe rate of $4 per bushel. Corn, melons a point on_the Nashville and ChattanoogaRoad one fl-ght; of stairs into a "High SChOOL" The Maine I liquor Law went into erect in Delaware lesser rates Weald probably. have to be submitted; ro' "

I of Masons of Onnd.Lj t and tomatoes will soon follow." In connu n with Charleston, the gradingand Things go on bravely, and a public spirited In- on the Sd insL An increase in the price of )O .-Cuba selling prices ranging from "Thivc sold bunt one-hal of
\.W t assemble iq dividual who as he says, has more room than be boarding.at the hotels went into operation at the S2&S8. New Orleans I w held and sale from people who have used it are astisM tba&
; I F Paris'0. ttta 1st t take into consideration The .zootd published in, Marign County, Ga, masonry is completed to Decatur in Alabama, rants, gets the painter-for meanwhile such an Stores made at 84@tt cents. cured them. 1 1 hs certainty! pC tbIiW$

4 the condition pKim) and says that notwithstanding the dry weather the a distance of 832.10 miles. The cross tics art all artisan has taken passage in the village *, nU to same time. A general storing away t-f liquorwas Bcor.We continue to give our last qnaLitions: every one who has used 1t. acI t' "

i p I for.the U1Gn Glob crops look better is this section' than we have upon the ground-the iron chair and spikes are greatness-to emblazon his name in very bUck observable for several days previous. of 94'J31r Shoulders and iOojO>,' fur Side were of long standing. Jly *itsl'y !

., t aot t ode. 'batTr them., 'ck"ard. U all ready. The track-laying it let to able and letters upon a very broad board and there is a Tbe Sutnptcr JlrpMita* understands that tbe it for five nr six rears buck and e-- JSUt
-l k: may appropriate and .. Te Grand Lodge ever seen Corn though remarkably responsible general rejoicing at the new "Hotel," where the : stopped except bv QnlnW. and
I ft o the District be itself unable 1 short promising: and tbe stands of' cotton are contractors. The work of laying the lawyer argues with the storekeeper nightly while Hon. Robert Toombs wilt soon leave fur Europe COXSIG: EES. as ihe would tate it. is vow 1 !b.

1 ; t send over a'suitable but otc bas almost universally good. With fair seasons from track was to bare been commenced on the !d the doctor completes the triangle npon the destinies f where be will spend the summer, and return in I'er steamer Seminole,from S'l r4nnah\ May 0Disbee cured bv your rented -'
nttY. made instant both at Decatur and and will of the. work in general and Deuutdom) In par time-to take hia scat in the Senate at the opening I If it tliu continues
i directed th Grand Master t lnd GrandMaster now till the crop is abundant yields would Stevenson ticular. ,I & Canova J U Spenc r. A U I Inssey D

-I in Paris commission blank t be ac- most certainly ensue. Tbe wheat crop is also very be completed by November or December next.- What they lack now ia a newspaper.- .By and of the next station of Congress. Nichols G Perdue. U Kid I. Wright Co G W think if will, you sni may 5r.expect fruelI

corded some worthy M:son-wuo prom'sing and if no mishap Lefal. it, it will be From Decatur to Tuscumbia a d distance of 45,. by. an old press 1 U for sale.in.. neighboring town, The cM'remment.. directed a civil suit t> be Cole Chas Summers T E Buck mID,Tboa Andrea Yours,Tt
p t
fp .. ..D/: be, attending the :orl'me. Exhibition "n much more than an average crop. Such con miles the road U completed and in running order and bench a and"tramping the jour" has !( 4PQ to write their their commenced ia New York against T. Butler King, Mrs stemerSt.Jobn'IlarkncssPer .',from \'IInnah.Mar 11- marl-lm SC.L ) t !
$ S r Paris, .t act on the occasion expl.ie above, summation is mOlt devoutly to be wished aa bard and by the 1st of January, therefore the whole leaden the 4pc&CW will ount&bate their obituaries late. Collector. of tbe Customs at San Francisco, W limes Fairbanks A Co. Undnall, lodges $10 UEW4t1ID

4 the representative of the )ln te District times' ia around both as regards something to eat distance of 129 miles will be in operation and theecmnexion& the schoolmaster do the puzzles and the poetry, Cat, fur a balance of about $10,000 claimed by B, C;, J Mode Mrs E Poinsett. lIE above reward will be p

t o and the money to buy with. We bare bad one or of oar city extended throagh the. while tbe blacksmith and toe merchant promise to the aceonntigg officers of tbe Treasury to be due 'Per steamer Wclaka from Sa..nllall.1I.,13- r whowiUde1iverton1es1mYl

Clbi_ p.- two small showers since oo 'Ias'- bat'nothing to whole valley of Uie-Ten euee rirer. be liberal patrons in the way nf advertising. The to the United States from Mr. King.At UkCJ H H Bonrs J MUM tor. F Bethoiw, J C Sumpter Couatr. Florida three v*
paper r like, the Village it ia small. shut I. N A Hull E J Jaudon MrsG C roe'Ferry, tijiht mouse eWC*
Brown Dru. my
FALUXO ore iv oua For the next auction at '
I I OUT BIPb aacAD.BTcrn brag on. We understand, however' that a few beginning Tnscumbia with theViluige It grows. Norfolk the usual quarantine has been already Gibbs, S Martin. some yellow about the face; three W i

i so EUI-UDt'. Commercial Chronicle,, miles below; this place on Friday. there was a very the grading and masonry ia under contract to tbe The ,traina used to whistle and rhig,and bat jly enforced against vessel from tho West Indies Per steamer Carolina from Chnlet'ton.1Ial1 S- I old : rnacbed mane and tail,srissmalIbeIlbraudedontbestP

'aad 'e comparison 0 the heavy rain." Mississippi lint. The right of way baa at last fUr slacken their' .speed. Now. they atop altogether, ,the Spanish Main, and all other ports where Etna Lcdwith F J Pans Irs E S Kelly Gen
I Amounts of breadstuff (from been secured through are more to get off and more to get on. ed on with a1vithcTCOlbirSU124th
exported New York FLORtDA.-The Ptolntula that"thecrops the State of Mississippi diseases Kelly, C U Sheffield, W A Drew. J D Miller. Cur-
Tampa says j.The tavern-keeper takes State of a pedlar malignant or eoniagious prevail of March, ISM, and was ka1
,.foreign : 1st and the road baa been located JI! under and map ton A Graves F C Barrett. T D Dexter. Alexander
bWe April contract who
p Jat o( corn and cotton are exceedingly promising happens to be his guest over a rainy Sunday Miesnopy. All reasonable eito
: and Twenty-six bands employed! in i gold mine in R W Biggs Co, T C Blancbard J F Rngcro
: will be and discovers
completed by July 1856 tbe whole that geogrsphicdcentre
is the
1f l la the Ooontiea( Ilcniando, Sumpter, and Depotdom R, Hunt D UainevJI M Sadler. W A Young.Bloodguod any person taking np sword
;l ; 18M. 185S. lint of 266% miles will probably'b completed by of the county..' There II'.. 'immediate county, Georgia recently procured In Dr H Paramore, at De Suto, IIcrnaad Oint.mayl1 .
cold weather A S
Wheat flour, bl..... 441.588 J4I.7U! nUlsborough Notwithstanding the winter of 1866; and give.us ibusY continuous agitation.. The seat of J -\'Justice herself nine ,wikingdaya $1,450 ,worth of gold from BM Bon"J. Sammia .
Rye flour.;. ....... 4,605 U.MT experienced }in- the early port of the epring, the scales and all.roust be removed thither. surface ore some of which. had.been thrown aside.
Cora-nieaL.. ........... M.5M 15.W8 planters bar.ybeen .(fortunate. i obtaining good line of railroad communication to the banks of the They work at it, electioneer about iL bid for it,' for fifteen'"Nn. Something
river. get
) Whcetbushels..J,018,892 Mississippi :
stands and receiving showers of rain just whenrequired ve4s iJJ
_' Bytbu bela...?..... .01,063 &U9 The average coat of.the road.will"be*about- $17,.' Now 1 the hnddle'U a village: 'now the Tillage is The deaths New Yorl city week before .last, C D. OAK baa just rec
and at tbe; beautiful S sale
delighted "
are town '
Oats, busbeti.. .. prospect ; now the town is ahire-town the '
: t 751 jvm a ; now amounted to 493 rii 73 men 7d women 112 LIST-PORT OF JACKSONVILLEENTERED. CsndarC'TheseClucki
828 per.mJle and the whole coat 14,940,263. ,; Three New
CombuabeU theme old inhabitants shire-town-ia
? j. .. .. l.6uOo4. J,2& before Th pro- .* -'S. -..-l ia l- *" a city The blacksmith's shop h. boys and 150 girls. :' only bav.tob0'-
.5 fell to be weatbcr-wUe,1' are predicting-e fine grown *!.to a,half doscn factorieti the lawyer Umultiplied : S S .
S t
rJMt; Bitat FLOwxVour prisoners crop' > The Work ;will go on. by'! ten,"and the doctor br slr.;.nd tbe IB Baltimore, there, were 88'de .- 43 'males May' 8-:Brig; Bonnie Bird Snowball N Y. saab nooth. They: mily
escaped and that the industrious In this of the
; : year planter section storekeepetknks down his prices ten per cent. and 45 femp1eaf which 13 were colored. -. 8.Scbr Gumeir, Crowell. Savannah. but they also keep(he cbaflt1UjL
frmsWsLkIohvmejiI.toth1acUUDtJlMtF3dIY -at least will bare abundant cause to give Now f hit the- thwesltbyCoinfes of Leon, .to compete with nineteen new eomera. r M J-.Brijr G L Buck man, Wright N Y. correctly; the calendar part

t ntght., it 1 supposet they Woti@ a thanks, to. the great Giver UtaH Good for the aU Jefferson aad )(sdioii2! ;; bare'determined on pled And all this. Is accomplished,through the' agency' During the preseat year there will probably be ''.' .9-Schr Denmark Cromwell,'Boston: at 13 o'clock. jyited Is'eaIt.a ic
Two'of them were for railroads. and l locomotirea"- bla ilst of raised sufficient manufacture six ". E..Ias Knuwltan, Neif Haven, tar The public are ,
a. Clo cl dec most unprecedented fruition of his a icul&4ratlaborI ing their frith for the tonstructioa of theflallrosdthowork:5miLb. J\ apace a grape crop to 9-Brig at OAKa J<"?-
J0bfzJ his:; I two or three, .. i, -T'i ;., thousand al.e-c.whi,wine aud M j_scbr Daylight Mitchell Du toa. inc these new Clocks, *"
hundred .
_ ppa I.lm J year, and A friend b. wrltte aa from Uerosodo : ealculated', to' sccrta1nty The lawyer ia a'conftrjadge doctor n baa gallon N'' 10-Brig Richard. Wass Boston., Ocean stree Jacksonville* ;

TbooUs! D.,o .for kli bl.wi and beat.ing County,'that corn aa Ugh aa a maaa'breast Ie sot Tht, bonds of either of:!ilacu.PvuaLlea] will, rank frown :trich'the blacksmith u and.the So- the demand for the)'article-- ia said to far, exceed ; ,* 11-Brig Monticel'o' ,Brown. Bath. $

-or of-bis daagbtera t Kbe fia* an.aottjutl sight there.-' Similar pleasing appearaneea among the best securitic ill the market. They artto Dhtmore.U'married Andjettled.Tber haves that,product,,notwithstanding t passage"-r.! all "1 18-Brig Emily Parker Boston. UIJI1$ III

'. '- -auoMdMjd/hKaUiAWoaods._ aid Eppa may b known been* remarked'maujr parts of llills- :'bear'.8: #'" Jolerest 'abd. are ab 4a tly guise Lyceum ittrtadert and :la with Library a wU and>W a-little o>nmn of daily city that/e-itejto. td., .probiulto7qnor[ 'laws./. ', )V U- -lBng-Bng J Wanderer H Kent, seed Abtott.f-Y.NY.. ; a

fnmfriM btriaiMftfe. GI..y one mislagJlnger.n borough and doabtleaa Sampler. aJa&iA 'secured, '1l.j.fCc ih.1 dDI'I ot alien on all thepropertyref I, how thej. talk of f mr,city' A***?an no.. longer 'Citixens of JTissouri r and Kansas ,Territory hive 1*- .Brig Amanda; Rota. New Hartal L At NO.

S > |Lenf .$ cooaly offers:two .. I the'respective Co.i & ,Aaaabidsatioa Wffcn and pagans .They are cifiiena. ?, <"t held a mcoting'at Lea ven nrtr..mtd; mucb exeite> j p::>CLEARED* ,- -,* ", Shay )BBI5. Old MaOIIgIbeI$

.. >ln Ara4 AJlAe a/4lJfwf.U. ir'arrest The petition;.Mtdreaaed to thVkgUUtareof Ma*. *f tht tonodenoi felt not only' 1 fa fbi bonds I.' 4 A* -'1''v; t-..-' "': "f.0-1. mint, :anddemiade tMcCreai'-the murderer" 5- '9Scbr r M gvar.'Littlefield, New Bedford. I bbi Bourbon de BFES1Y

otbtr two wereponfloed' \'beL-Ahh.NJ3sWr. ., aachnaeUj bu'been circulated and'signed b>.a btaioOh..work;.. msjrMention The PtUraont'<( .) ElecUoa7bits molted''I* Clark,', frotorji koioimander .
.. ; : hal cIred legal rotera from all four of the poliifcsl that I Jeff informed ota thtcboiot.of 4 bin.'Their demand,1 bow. N WoosterJIenre*. .
; intelligentcitizen of rea dstaoer U May hy ajtmall, miJority purpose of hanging .UQj o Bird. Fickett Boston. _. do dod Sherry;

N oii.r..di_ .we parties in the iowa 01 Uiaadale Berkshire County, day or toroigv tbat$ a.respotuible. gsnUwnsn Mthat" ,\aad;fi/lefn;pm0erati0'' ovBoibnea :Uf tAmerican. ererws*refitted.;Clark was tanrdend ay McCrea! : .tK3IORA! D.\.t : ., \ : -dobasketa

: hl.and by twelve.other cttiiani TWesternrMassachuaettt : Cvanty'hss alreHyoffered'to'grade.tht road, ,AecordI"jt fa:a dispatch-to tbt, Rich wbo*.U. 'lawTWV,oa acconat of diffknltj.grew! Tbe ehr May Flower, fur tbia.port. elcared at a fleidie1c. tbJP4'zo00cboicsSegril

::- #aod that. CuL DJ worth was tlacted'to &e ,calling trpoo the two brioches to request i qi pre' the iron'through Jcflbrseultakhijthe mood pipe' thert'iraa "peat .w..ici.og.amonc. log"out of aa ejection* When.lia Jvul i.fired the ew.YorkOntbe.tbhi**.".' ,. ..5.- -4 : S S Jnst Received and- tH

; .t ,tfjiititf re fry,J4 O't.t.a.: Henry Wilson to resign' hUoffice tf Senator,W 'nrt' tfcJop ii:1' mile; bondf a'I. Ajnerfcaaa/v: )-0;on'.ide: '' ".1t'. irmt' ;.Tictory.-' I ; :
t 1 Ir( ; account,- t- bb potilidl rt1'recoedent; :"uJbkk par meat.at'ionu"JiiH> lNdj"J J Tbqr 'Uoubtlest exMcied(the'K'J eI.'anlut: t t4andconve'ed'i. 1" .'h."J.'. fmmngJUt "w'taken* vTbafcWj York* kSh:Tito test.* :o' "'. Mvjif'cr.-. : J WB-.

J 4 \. :r 4 ...! "- : ( ,! W 19. blsiqn'.L
rr. C*:!.'.9 : ,.'.- .,. t- -t .-.... V f. ":.4- 't t 4r,. '4 tt ',1 )..!." >'" .. -!..h.to.1- >r J." -;' .t. .-. lpjt .4:1 #... ::' .' ; ,- ., '. ; f ,. ... o.I ".1:: ;J;' \

;; .



n .. .
. 1 2'T -
: ,-.,- :_ 'F -.-_. ...-.-. . :. .. __ = -.n __ .'..,___-. .-."_:__-,_- ._ ___..' . .-..- ,
., : < .
7 ,- 4dAE1yL4ylrRoT7Z4s .
.l : j ; I- .
: : -r" -
| i -.j.4. ...' ... Jat : -
-'- .
;:; 'H3W': "- 1rI:11t ,..,it- P EciUa Dir __
; !
( S t. :' t t l g: -
'rrrnmt. ; : 4 t '>. ,:: 1 fo' VAT 3L712'
# -.i\ *, *< .. _. '.'HE, CBJLCZ OI'P '.. :

i : I" .' q- ,J j
-- : r UJ1L Stei.ers at lb.C.nvt
I -.C''O&&r"G- ..56WOULD ; ; !... guf of .w'tlN J=do'wwitluii ,
,. to
; '? : pry
; '
; : Tow,omt Bom it alw J '
C II '. an< d Mir >l w.
] : t'. '-.'.\." 0/10'. .. : -- -:. ; *** *** of Mule Haneea A DM.ittmbatv Cart

J .iN.'j.t. f: "tf' I 'I Levied ipo* under an aitachaept aadJ.jr ntBl
A- Rt : klO v tiiiJ iti. obtaiMd.afratnat June K. Law, ta faftlt >
11/t! t. : ; puiiietjitQaje ::1 ,Cllril Francis St6i&1I Trustee- and old mderift EttenT T

: : :: !J1 g:;' :."IJ NUS : .: ; s. I i ft .v1-- ""J:: inform nttf ttto ii LtZ: short 11Otico'pte apy 9 AyIJEL .;' U,. .laniecflfour.. CIz'oClrtat Coutof ut1wy-threat Cotntty"t"RLm .

: kuidofUlFLE. other .' t .
or in 'JiaU
-U1 ; HUNt a style*1I.Ufe'1IallCd..br 'n .

t :: :and \VHt,$, 1l at .a. small>Ad .:..:; J '1' 11: I ". Land a'.their any m&et runufolCtonRiftCtlj*: 'They keep OliOS constantly r Piatoig -ELjJi4: ; ", :' FOli. 8AtN 1.4IDts' ..3.7- t\

; foll l.c8'viz :' : ': L. r-, sp .: Powder. ShotLead i.ion CaJlllf flaskaShut -\ AUP c..4 o LlT.f).*jfcCrtreUeif If aster,*Jill JKAt"rOTLANr- > .La Cvr eoa.tyef
,} (! l wiligpr t. Pouches and Elastic and ryiny
$ ,. Onn\'o'add oth.- Charleston "
: : : every Saturday at UlPpa.it J IB.m; Ajnchii OU the west *ide-.TNWBaV.
\ and v.jN' J" SportsnvmVi II articles.! Together With. Bowie ,for the St.Johns River direct stopping JacEson L. about n. II1tt. fh1tit .ra..e'. l'ra1rie.aacl
| Provisions., &m* '. _, Knives and Dirks of ctefy descripion: aftd-; variety koaviI1e i '+coUta, and Pulailra lI Tuning; will twelve itile. from: Ulcaao "r1aCt tract contains
I' : ?roIIl, *EJ AR3.frcHH 4 J to 440 p.T 1,000;', .4, uC other articles-, too nun'(*oa* to mention., leave P.latb evenr Monday at t a, mat .) PicolaU 129, acrea, about 100 acres r.
TuUACVOinrim*. Fig, Rough and Ready, and 'lthJes.; Shot Guns 2f 'f4 I
I jmd Vistutsj repaired and 10 m.; andf-Jacksonville tat Charleston II) acres more
: ,, \'ell". Dnnk; ..' .. '1folmeeA. l1t11-sin t.JsrUte-fld. wtt1anted ntl7Cmttcdntcd. Tuesday It 3 'About rtesrIylwepsr,4 lor, .
riCKELS,1 eallun 1.2 f allnn, and 1.4 (linn! ]Jars i lupp\y-of\ the abuse III1icl cooswntJl '. a. m. 400 acres oftl tract 18 rod h
"yivp' ti IA".',('fflio, No. |. rate 4 faMil and TnUel| A Lange a\'l1nnah Th X-LOBIDAJL ILShiaft,Masterwill I leave and the greatest portionrof the balance U exeeReat .
*.,, V\'l>RCisTi: IK SAUCE,fepp.r Panre; v.-u'Owdert .fur sale, a\. .Charleston, .Illd' 0" .prlcc. TI E'.tt Charleston every Wednesday morning 10 a, mH pine land, railed with hickory growth. Thbhuid
: -, M UTARD. ,(;aea, tilnaamoa. 84ra,-NuUnecf. ; fi,r 'Jacksonville; where she connect with the is well adapted to raise corn,cotton saLem ,,ucr
1 I N.Ortean, III.ACK rF.rrEKn. ; : 8\l. &1l"TUll.Con"h'r| >oda.1atlrl'alt$ ; ,_ Passage a.New, ,York $20.TrSMaULiiie. tille .A
: Assorted Candies. - ISc. per ft every turday Morning taking the inside a sufficient fOrce to being i& Into wtjvalioB. The
$ ; Ifflu1 ,IA 1st. t'Owder,1 4, 1 llLrr"d CaiiMern. Jlc. ::8eIDl-Weekl ; route going and will dUtrkt to
Assorted Fancy Candies ,- : returning; touch at Ueaafiirt healthy the year roond and the drinking
Wines &c. Almons aaaorted -. ,. <- .. gj i.i ", : Hilton Head Darien.Brunswick and St, Uary. water excellent. .
; assorted .... .. Freight will be taken for Black There
: GIN. Iliilliud, and fillet Mottoes -: -* Wo : Creek.'Welaka and aft ome eomTertaU. dweninjt tarns,
: Family R'eVIS.:5, ChnmJtlllner Madeira,Sherry, rort.TCDeritrf', No charge for Boxes or Shipping.fcbS2 Enterprise;to be transferred to the Darlington at and a gin house and stable upon tb,place- _'
I ithn-tandMalan; '. J, B. D. HANHAM. r- H- !.! Jacksonville., This Boat has been put on the Tbe mbov will H sold low for cash, on approved
CIIAMPAONE crOEK Ale and Porter. The new and splendid side-wheel 1 steamships:_ Inland route far the accommodation of Traveler paper, oa reasonable time with kffkl (Interest
Goods of every Description;( Knoxville,. 1.!IlO tons, Capt. C. D. Lndlow, along the line and those who wish to keep u much Apply tut-Qen. B. Hopkins, MayfwrtiHll. E. Fta,
and Oils. ,
\ .TUB: undersigned ;Is now prepared to announce Augusta -1,5410 tons Capt. T. Lyon, a* possible in ahorfct who.ta my authorised asrent to act in the premise*.

) Ckarleitan I FltlNCIIZI7JG, a pure artlrl>>, the public and his fellow citizens that his Florida, ,: toM Capt 1,!. Si Woodhull" "They are first class Boat*,with fine State Room acp&7th-tr. way, aic$DE&j.
; 'J OILS, Un-etd Olar) ,! Tiii., Whale and Lard.' New Store ou.Bay street is now l'Q'ided"ith a '.AubaD1.31O! tons, Capt G. R, Schenck;, and the every comfort will be bund usually required I, hare a knowledge of the excellence of the
1Iard full assortuientvf Goods'of cvfry description consisting will leave Savannah every AVeancsday and Satur., by Travelingpublic.TheVeonaeet with the land herein offered far sal..and 'believe
are. of Onw.-rics, nd Provision Lineal of In .
day as follows; Florida and a. far that II enbrx a4vcn4ages7 tMpthef t'Q
(R I'tTONE> *, Trowrlf,Avp-n, P"Ient Wrcnrhe, Dry Goods and R nd? Jludtf[ Clothing. Mouth aa Tampa Bay. They also connect with the aoUMt eiceUeKt -
to be
Knoxvillp,.....Saturday.AprH 7th ISM. rarpaaeed \\m Florid.' 'Tb.uThShrgttc4 .
"'. -iOvenpCrl'ldlPS.FrvPanSndtfrflafnnBakers( aid.Ta1e \ of New York Boat and Railroad Lines from this
cverr Description.
; : AlilH, IIOOK) ANn IIINGRH huge Nails lll.p.fcfiUple*, I'iaLnandFnLamps. .ooking-Glaii4 &. Florida.... ....Wet lt'lldu.r.., do' lltb, do place. ,_ WlU be always ready to five Informatuit .
iill\i.lNGIIAMMER! Augusta,.;.....Saturday,.,.. do do &. os the Mace. if n* e4sary-.'. .
c.t Hamon-r 14'h.
al kinds. / and other
Saddles & IUr engagement
| tlLardwlLr& to .
M particular & Tin
I apply
will tw la
I ,prlea CD_ with&h UUMM.mylOtf .
M.NMILA HOPEa a 4, i and i 1-4 Inch. wleiwWiircandTin \Varc. Alabama,......Wednesday,. do 18tb, do. w. y LA WTO'r tCf.. .
I KnoX\'ille.......MaturdlY'. ... do 21st, do March 8, IKS. 'Southern LMOPKS s. '
l And Fancy and useful! arltclca Whart 4
a variety
I $ .. for Florida, ......Wednesday,., do 2tb. do. AgefltforJohnlLaunders.ForSale. .
andllmmP-koeJiing .
nd Wagon, I Padde I Haimes Grccii.IIjimei, Blind Bridles, gcucrul .ptirpoaes. .Angusta.Saturday.... do 23th, do FARE.REDUCED. "
I would iuvMa who .
; I respectively .1.nrclia ICu are ... .
| -5.lddICIIlllld Breeching. -_ Alabama..ednesday,. May 2d,. .do
1 1 Domestics. im in want I have Rtttdy-mtuU oil bund II great C/lJlr.l-Nfl variety.tu give me. ,a call, Knoxville.....Saturday...... do 5th. doFlorida..Wedneday Cabin Passage from Charleston to JVh/> A Valuable.tract o'f Land on :melii'Island',
i ., do fith do. about i miles from the contemplated oVpot
To Ladies and others, I would also offer York 'Twenty Dollars.
: : : ; 'I| ulstrimbi Factory Thread, .. of and E.incv Goods which my 1 shall assortment Augusti. .......Saturday,..,, do 12th, do .,- ..'.. Yellow Blun, containing 7iO acre gwod, planting
I ; : : Shirniigs and' Marines Stripes. Dry roplcnisliod.I Alabama.......Wednesday,., do Ifith,' do United land. There boa the, premise a mill dwelling

) ,rO &c. keep fcball constantly sell moderate and Knoxville,....:Saturday.... d., lltb. do States Mail Line house, and out bouse, a CottonO and Gin house,
I ( ; I always upon MORRIS accommodating KIEL. Florida, .... ....Wednesday,., do 23d, do NEW YORK & CHARLESTON all of which together with the prtmUe, will be
I ; l ; ; ; t ; I IlnHiin.-: Wirc'Hcnrth and Wtiint, Anirutta.Saturday".... do 28ih do old reasonable. : .
I ; I M I Selves Brntus and Wire; Axe Helves, )Matches tiov30lyM p itlabanua..Vethiesday,., do 30th, do .. STEAM PACKETS Also, two amall tracts on the MntK end of the

; l i: Wish ; | fled Cords Plough Line .Clo'.hes Pins, Table Malts New Spring and Staple Goods Kuoxttlle.... ..8:1ll1rd..Jolie 2d, d.i --- Island, one of two hundred and the other 4fly,

I expect to keep a fi"ppJy'of the above arti Florida, ...... U'ednesday,.. do 6th, do. ((8E11J.YEEKLY.s1l .) acres containing luxuriant growth of Live Oak.
I ; ORRIS KEII. has i just received in part his Augusta ,......Saturd4y..... do 9th, do \ I.U: )) ton. 11. Dcrn' Conthiander.sLtR1ON Also a tract containing one hundred and thirty
; ; % I : supply Dealer) ? and Planters at as low rates supply of spring 'Goods as ul" I large Alabama.. ... Wednesday,., do 13th. do 1.2IN} tune, WK. J. )'osT&B' Com'r- acre, adjoining the Seato tract on the St.Marj'a

: ; l Savannah with freight added. quantity -Staple Goocl,. KnIx\'ille..Satnrdl\r.: ... do Ifith, do JAMES ADGER 1,21)0( ton, S. C. Turner, ComV. liivtr.j Apply to .;
Among, his Dress) Good arc- Florida ...... U'educvday.. do 20th do SOUTHERNER, li)00 tolD, T.1>. EWAX, Com'r. JOllY U. VONCE Ais .

; : h, 1855._ ____, Swjss iluslms I Augusta, .....Vatnrday... do 2ddo Leave Adder's Wharves every Wednesday and Jacksonville April ISth, 855j -. -
--, __-- ---- -. -_ }'lIlIcyl'laid niul other Ginghams; Alabama: .. ... Il'ttlnesday.. da 27th do Saturday aftvrnooiM after the. arrival of the clra
Fineprmted Lawns; Knoxnilc.. ...Saturdlldu 30th, do from the South amfWcat Valuable. Property For Sale-
1 ; Lace Muilm and Bull'orgaude: Dresses;, These .These steamships were built expressly- the offers fur
ships are among the largest on the coast, The SuhscribeV sale onaccommodaUn
I'ripted Juconut ; unsurpassed in speed, safety, comfort, making Line. and for safety comfort and speed are unrivalled ;' term; UW Island
: ) % ; ; ., 2 Bi'ragus. ChatnbniiV, their pasVigas in So to 00 hours, and are commanded on the coast. called ANilE, formerly known.
I ) ; ; Grass Skit U, HdLf-s Ac. Ac. Tables supplied with every luxury. Attentive ,
by !kilt'nl. careful and polite officers. Havingclepint Drayton Isjand. .guate in the Rim.Cr -
: 0 With hIlUllrUus.ut.ber'.rticled of Spring Goods. and rrmrteoiu commanders will insure travellers
stateroni accommodation, they offer a sa. Johns about SO miles above
; -nih 29-tf. '::1 __,_. -- most des'rable'converaiice: to New York. by this fine every jwsSibte comfort and. accommo Palatka 13 miles above Welaka and S miles above

I : ; WSPRIWa' GOODS. Cabin l'a.'IlItl'..:...%..... .. ;.*.$2'X' dation.Fur Fort Gates at the northern entrance Into Lake
; ; Steerage ....... ..$.i freight or passage; harl&z: elegant state George, whieb Is about 19 milesln length and 12milesin
] ; : AND NEW G30BS. 'I'HE ULd.flsglPd: ) beg leave to aniumnce to I.II.IIJEU'OIW., FAY A CO., room accommodations. apply t.litXRY., width. The tract contains l,4i acres of
\ L tint hive .
: their iiinueroVis psitroiiS thrv re- ; MISROOX "'
shell sham-
ab- S"0 and
Agents in Savannah.SAMUEL Land oT whfch ncica are
: l ; ci-ived portions: of their "tud"f; : XE\V"SPRIXU Charleston So. Ca. suited
I. MITCH ILL, mock Lands; of ui's about 200 acres are far
; : ; (JOODS-among M-hich-nrc: & bountiful a.*irtmcntt n3Oy.ipIl2 18 New York. Cabin passage, f:ao; Sugar Cane.and tUc remainder fUr Cotton add Pro
I' Broadway
I l> CASH ONLY. u't Spring and Snnfrter dress"gHidH con!]5.ting in __ Sti ragf, 8.APT. visions. Th growth is principally Water and

; part of' French, English and American Printed and Submarine: Armors. : 9th. pl-y Live Oak Red Bay ''Sweet.Uum Cabbage

I | : I 1 hi.s oM friend, the c't'zons: of Jicnnvi'lt> and vicinttv! ,. Plain Jaconet: f1 Printed Lawns; Silk Tissue "TIE subscriber who was the contractor with Palmetto wild Orange and Ptnew -There are a
: ; ; Bitrrge Paris Rubfrf; Pine ns!>rtmonts <>(-White D United Suites Government 'for Steam Communication '
commodious store- Xo. 2, Sainmis' Block! he has just re- the the removal I ; number of Sweet Orange Citroa. Lemon and
I I I : .' of GROijKlllEi: und l'JlOl'IO. t> which lie offt-rs Jaconets :Swiss and Plaid Muslins; ; good assortment of the late stc-im fr git )Missouri from the "BKTWHH Lime Trees which yield Fruit"and the groves of
; : iiL. invite"uttcnt.ou: purchasers. Auion" hill variclv of Embroideries! and Fancy (Jo-xU; Ladies bay of (Jihnilter, after the work had been ab m- Savannali Sour Orange trees may be made produce Sweet
I : may and MissessSpi' 'ing Bonnets LuU-.t Stales; Bonnet d"ilc'by English engineer, Is the invetitur of an Oranges in two or three Tears- by budding.Tb..
Ribbons : Lndicn; Misses and (1Iild''hu ;,all "improved .Viibmarine Armor" through which' val- &The new aDd elegant oteam- improvements consists off large and valuable two
i BIlLS EXTRA GEXTSSKn: FLOUR; sizes and styles; Hosiery; Gloves, Ac., 4c. nimble auxiliary he so Miccest.sfiill succeeded, now -.rGi' Packet":T.J 0 US'S.Capt. story dweling house and out bouse, which cost
i : ; 3 BIJLS: CIDER VIXE'JAR; All of which: wdlbeso'ldatthfir UIIEAP a.1SHSTuNt' offers for sale submarine armors that have no JAMES FBEEBOBX, will leave over 14,000. Games of every kind abound on the
1 U' lit low prices. equal. They h;ive bi-en adopted nnd purchased bv .Savannah cvcrjr Thursday Island and fish and water foul.In UM Lake A
l (! ; ; VIXEGAR; BLOOUGOOI A ROUSE, our Gores nl1l nt. and are now in use at the several !, morning at 10 o'clock for 1'ulutkn touching at all river steamer passes by the Island within few
1 "
; ) >E.C; 1 PICKLES; Rl'td'lIlJllhdin Nary Yards. The Greek Government have pur- the intermediate points. hundred yards of the dwelling house twice a week.

; ; 4 BOXES; apr 2S Corner_of n.lrld Ocean-sta.! i-h:is'ed then} for the coral fiihery; one man can ob. This boat bus. been built expressly fir this trade; Apply either to the subscriber or to B. A. Putnam

: ; A. 7IODU & UROTIIEflS tail iiKire coral by their use than thirty: naked has large and airy state room accommodations fur at St. Augustine Fla. J. C. CALHoUN. *
I : : ; 1. CASE TABLE S.VLT divers. They have also been purchased"of me by passenger, and taking the inland route present Fb2 j
: ; 50 U.US": WHOLESALE AXD RETAIL the Rtiss::in and French Governments for the purpose superior accommodations for invalids and ) ; .
; : Clothing and Dry Good Store of ex-mining the bottom of ships and building Thin boat will leave Jacksonville vn her return Sugar Bill For Sale.
; BEE-; 1 PEPPER; stone walls under water. to Savannalmererv Sunday morning at 3 o'clock. subscribers offers for sales 'ral abl.

I I ; ] ; 1 BOX GROUXD; PEPPER; Jjt UK Sign of t/e Giant Red Cap, )By their aid a diver can descend wilh perfect For further particulars inquire of CapC FREIBORX THE Rolled Sngar MilL .The Mia waa,nsed

| 5" SAMMIS' BRICK BLl'LDINO.HAVE safttv. t<> the depth uf 130 feet and work' with tin board, or toCLAUIIORN for several years by C I. John II. Mcintosh and
': ; STARCH;, great tlcilily."lIlk about to any. distance, aud remain 4 CUNNINGhAM, operated admirably every respect. Tbe Mill ia"-
jii"t received and are nowopi-ning their
.:: 2 EXTRA CLARET: as long as he leu"ell. Savannah. in complete order and will be stjd at a bargain.
\ i 1 'Spning.ste kof Dry Goods and A commission appointed by the Secretary of nr nEE ft CA30YA, Jacksonville.
i : i Enquire of B. Wilson at the Burlington Mill,or
; l : .\ COFFEE:; 2 CHAMPAGNE CIDER; Clothing, compr:suig-the most perfect assortment tbe Navy to test the.r utility Witnessed an expcrimell' BjiXET & TEASDALE 1'alatka. address him furfurthcrparticnlai.a,a I the Mandarin

1 ] : ; 6 LOXITOX 'MUSTARD; : ever bc-tore offered in" the' town of Jacksonville. at the Gosport Navy Yard where a man splSy May 2uth.OPPOSITION Post Office. B.A.POTXAJand.
t't They will supply1 the inhabitants of the city and
J); walked two miles under water and remain six; JACOB WALDBURQ.declVtf .
; ; 4 CANDIES; country, with' onperior and f"shil't.1.articCI! in bourn withont -ascending tu thu anrf.iceat, the LINE, Adra's Est.John-H:'Melntoah
his line on bettc.rcrtni-. pan. be purchased samc't: of ,
: ; 1 KEO GINGER me quantity gunpowder was placed
; eUewhere.Tbey the U S. ETail
under vessel that ,sunk Circuit
]! :: : t was fvbich completely Court for Dnval Coniity
2 ,
: !! : ( : : \SKETS OLIVE OIL; still continue to keep open tier: store at shattered it in pieces, by its md the machinery of Bn"EU' *
So. loa B the Sews
iv-slreet, next to Morning
: : I ; : :0.1'1; iK( : CONGRESSWATER; office Savannah, Georgia., apll2! the steamers Hiunboldt and Eri was recovered th. Palatka. Fla., and Savannah Ga. DOkMAX 1 '
__ _
; I 50 pant sninincr as well as many other valuable (ISSIOI ALL TOU war) V.. >Assmnpart; Attachment.
< ; BOXES SARDINES; JVillkiii& OJ-Ollie H.cks'b, cargoes have been saved by their VIA PICOLATA BLACK CREEK; AND S. G. SAKSOX. I Damages laid at (.300.

l ; ; 2" OLIVES AND CAPERS; aid* The price of one of my armors complete is JACKSON VILLF.FLA., AND ST.MARY'8. above named defendant and all other per
l 2 WATCH3L2KER AND JEWELLER, one thousand dollars they will last in constant BRUNSWICK, AND DARIEN, GA. THE interested are/hereby required to ap-
I ; CODFISH. ; use ten years. Also lor sale improved voltahe The Ik'8lnlllcket WEIJIKA at the next term of this Court for the
; pea
| In the Room the Post Office v
I I: RAISINS; 2 CATSUP; I ( adjoining' ,) batteries insulated wire and cartridges fur exploding -ij Cant. ?.,KINU ,leaves '. of Dun) and plead to .the declaration .filed iit

I ] | ] 1 BBL ALCOHOL H.YIXG returned from Europe, iigiin bogs gunpowder, instantaneously sunder ..alttr.11 : latfca every Monday morning this case. R. DOR MAX, h Pro.Per.
; ; services his old friends orders '
, I I o&er his to and \ promptly attended to.J01I.V > at 8 0 tuck.Arrinll Jacksonville E. Fla. April S. 185.'Ina
: ; ; 1 WHITE BEANS; he pubic: generally. With experience: for the E. GOWEX. at Jacksonville same evening, and leaves
.ast twenU-oi as a 'Y Watchmaker lie h'res my 1002m. S3 India St, Boston Mass. at 3
I \ : : 1 SPLIT PE.VS; ycans. Tuesday morning o'clock touching at all the Hardee's LiveryStable...
H g've: entire ti"f.ctiun to tht.'o who w:sh to hays intermediate places M above.
) :
| ; 2 DZ) CANS LOBSTER & SALMON; heir n-ork done in a workmanlike manner.f Notice Thsough faro from "* Picolata, and Black B RING provided with a large number of fine

2 h. f Watches, Clocks and Jewelry repaired at Creek $s oo., bones and carriages, Mr. Hardeo offers the
I ; 1 ; BIlLS N. MOLASSES; he shortest notice. fbSSy .! TO CLAIMANTS AGAINST THE Through tire from Jacksonville'. 6 00 following schedule ot prices to those who. may favor '
3.S I !: ; 5 RECTIFIED: WHISKEY; U. S. Government. Throngh tickets'are furnished from Jacksonville him tenth their patronage. "
i ; I 12 QLuclioneer _. to Charleston for'.i< So 01) Saddle Hone per dar, y'j j-'- $! 00
I t i ; ; BOXES ASSORTED TOBACCO; tile recent AetofCtingrj.ss| cstablishuig perh1Idav. .' 00
| AND COOIISSION BUSINESS. BF ;3Tbe Welaka connect with one of the New '- ,1
: : ; ; 2 FINE CUT of Claims it is "provided that said York and Philadelphia steamships from Savannah Single Done and Boggy, Per day ,. '.'.i ::5 (X)
11.: Subscriber having been appointed an Auc Court shall hour and determine all claims fnund.e .. '. .5 II a a blfdx.ories 00 -
: 50() BAI.E.S HAY; 1' rioneer for tIme county of Duval, by the Uov.rnor I ? upon any I'&wlf Congress or upon any regulation every Wednesday., ... Two Ilonea and Carriage,per per daY'S 00

ART::' ES GENCRALLY FOUND IN A FAMILY of Florid i, will attend punctually all bu* of an executive department or upon any contract K: R. lUKE Palatka M .. M U, perbafldayorlcaaJ4 00
; GOOCfR\' 6TOR iiens entrusted to his. '.'. 1-mm'his long experience express or implied with the government of BISIJEK A CA, NOVA Jacksonville. Drivers will be furnished ta those who may require
i ; \0. 2. in this cjpac'ty' be fi.ittor himself that tit the United Stabs, which may be suggested to it fb-24f M. FFITEAU ,Savannah. them with.the horse aud carriages without
I J. II. II. BOURS. will afford'satfcfactimi to all n ho may require his by u PETITIOX filed therein ; und also all claims S any extra charge. -

I | | service All nhipinentd or 'IlIIlIi11l11eutzJ'made to which may be referred J>i said Court by either FOlt "WELAKA. The horses which are hired at this stable are
I .. him will be.promptly. ttud fiiithfully,attended. to. House of'Congress. It shall be the duty of the warranted to be gentle and well-broken for the
I : L IIfEJtE xc4s. claimant in all cases to set forth full itemcut: of The steamer SEMINOLE, service which they are required for.,

I ; : & _f AND) SVIIIDEB tt G60SS. '. T.1J. Holmes and C. ,"'\. Jacks Unlle. the claim and of the ACTION TURKKOX 111 CoNGRess [ ;. Cttl't. l'oliTCLLo will'roceecl Conveyances for persona wishing tit travel in the

'I.b I Boston and Yillalong-a,Savaunalu or by ANT or TUB DiEPAimntNT, if such action has _'. ..h_ ._ to Wiaka on day interior will be promptly furnished on short notice.
I Bancroft. Belts, t ).Manthall (11111.1<,"11I. been had, specifying also what person.or personsare 81st insL, and continue U> Hones with or without carriage mar be
I '- .: U. II. SMITH. owners thereof or interested therein\ and make regular trips to that place every other Wednesday hired by the week at a reasonable discount from

: : !, : No Long CretlitsllAT Jacksonville, FliCFtu. 23, ;$. when and upon whit consideration such. person or thereafter nttil further notice. the above prices by application at the stable, near
% : ; persons became. so interested-" For freight or passage applv to the Jndsen House -
1 6 FLOP1DAIRQVW'ORKS Cases in thin Court will b'e docketed'nuimbered, 6 WSi.!; .t CANOVA, .Terms InrartabJrin Adramc
: : S argued and decided in the order in which they are Jan. 25th 18-tf. Agonts. X" B. Horses kept oa reasonable terms.

& GRATED filed, and should oo.preparccl with much care. If For Jacksonville,Jan." 1855. ly
.. the decision be favorable; the case will be sent to Enterpriser
: fur ill action which, if also favorable
W. BIOGS & JACKSONVILLE Congress :and intermediate Livery Stable. _
: BAY-STREET, JACKSONVILLE. R. are now prepared to execute promptly, orders will be final, and the claimant,will'receive his : Landings- the fpnE undersigned baa now'completed' hi* ar-
of the U. S.
: money at the Treasury AL .JL rangementofor keeping open during the winter
) a general assortment of New Good, at their new store which, : for Vie offer our services, and.will give prompt aqd -' : St. John's River hi*. Lirery Stable, -

as any" other hoiimj in the cuaut.r,. They have adopted the prin' Steam Engines, $aw :Mills, Sugar faithful attention. to all cases confided to our care. The Steamer DARLINQTON Captain JAVISBEOCK at the former stand on Newnan street on'- thesquare ,

a-id invite the attention of the public to an examtnation of Hills and Pan? Grist Mill? Horse BIRCHETT DOWNING, ;will leave Jacksonville, every Saturday above the Bnfflngton! House.Simjcto '

In. it will.be found the follow.ing, with many. uther articles 490 &wtf., Wathlitgton, D. C. morning at 8 o'clock,arriving at Palatka same day. hone at all times furnished fur riding
, Powers,.Iron and Brass Castings) April I 26, '55. Leaving Palatka i o'clock.Monday morning w orainglyorin attached to baggie and other

Goods.S and every variety pf Machinery. Casting Forgoing connection with the steamers Carolina and Welaka, vehicles. -

'Linenss and Blacksmith Work, Saw Mill, Steamboat, BOUNTY LANDS will reach Lake Monroe II1m a,. Returning! To citizen wishing rack ommod tiop'4Ir' to
Cheeks ,
i Rum1 other repairing. .And Claims ;Government.. win leave Enterprise at 5 o'clock Tuesday moriing, strangers sojourning in Jacksonville during thq
JLmregta, Urn De Rhine Silks upon and will be at all time to furnish'
They will continue- the manufacture and and Palatka' 8 w'clock Wednesday morning. winter, be happy
; Cam ore; Bobinets keep offers his services in -
constantly ,on hand' their variety of PLOWS, THE undersigned' again arrive ,Jacksonville same day.T: .- such conveyance*a*they may require for jnmjey,
], laillefl. Cr.iM Lands under the'late act of
: | TIMBER; CARTS CHAI Ac. Bounty A. M. REED. Ag't at Jacksonville or transient ri4eI1L. A.,BLISS.Nov. ,
S to which
Spool| Cotton Cords Congress the provisions[ of which have been.so ? .
respectfully invite patronage. jy6y- }nlf B.R. REID. A< t at Palatka. i m. :
Brown Sheeting, lllenchud Sheeting fully extended. .
Stripes| Drills .. GREENVILLE His experience in obtiining: Bounty Lands,'and Steamer:Mount Pl sant.Th I.- Seas bland Roller CottonGins..
& ; .
; Oo.v
Braids the
Staying H'ebbing, atten hug to claims of every description upon
Eyes Edging add Inserting ,Mcu's Miirta' G iitra1. Comhilstioia Jlercjiauts, Uowrnment arising in-FlorkLt gives him great -.*#* ; steamer,which baa been 'TDB'aqtteriberrptewT for OM Ebml patro-t
;. "' -'. f' ALU 0. facilities. fur heir effectual pret eo He will i AX put in condign (Effective reclpieJl takes:.
t saV.service is neDared to this opportunity to inform she Planters'V SEA
make prompt application in cues of claims for- ,5_ now
V '
: Shoes. .. TENNESSEITA*.. lJWeSTERX) PRODUCE.r .'. .- .' Bounty Laud and other nmmrm iilm ,.T. To' resume her regular ousinesaon ISLAND COTtON,that be continues to manufac-.
III ; t>., Men's Fine Boots ., Al a J ri1'Office in tho upper story of Patkhprst. A the St. John's, in the towing-,vessels raft, tore the.latest improved .. -
It.lih C\l ,' FORWARDING MERCHANTS' Mama lJllitdilfg. Ocean allW. near"Ita.. Ac., and performing-such other service aa may be Roller Cotton' Gina, Doable a.d Single

Kin Brogana. d%+,. 2f'T Oil!. b r ,IC"'n.d' Georgia. 'mh9-lf. J'Ol1N \. 1'EICE. appointed by special contract. .- at the lowest n *,roJ' UM durability.fidfity of1

a :'tlipper". :: I -e.. Engagements may be at any time entered into ,tbe Gins.*.Apply. at the following
; EnauwLudndFancj3hoes- .Tennessee Produce DYING AND with the Captain in charge of her, at any noint at Aol. :
-a Cloth tiptied Gaiters,, .. Renovntinf Establishment. which she!niy be upon the ron or .t fter 1'1'0prictor. A nbler A Hoeg Jacksonville, Florida.-f f t.

{ ,. Lasting Congress Qaitenl, FLOUR BACON, CORN,>c. t 73. Yorl-tretttnear; She Gntrt house, 1LtRLES. i WILLEY.. 8. B.Thompson A Ox, Black Creek Flovtda.Hessn.Richard .-
Ie leather & '*
tipped' undersigned Ut to i Clmttanooga:Tenn, SAVANNAH, GEORGIA.-f' .
Yontbl'.lJn'r-III, THE opened an offico Savannah Oa., for __ ,rn.\aLI8BIDIX l8. afeCharles'DeWaal: Benet A TeaadelL J .
: "
: calf Brogan. : George L.Brown, Newnan ville, :
the of aelling and .
'. boea, a large stock Ac. Ac. purpose rooming, shipping, or Ten.nessee r HE" Subscribes-grateful ,to his pairop T. D. Dexter Mineral Springs .
and other Western 1. fur their continued favor would elate '
produce,. and an-now friends -
*V;Caps. in daily receipt by Railroad of.the articles above.named. that in addition to improvement in Dying acquired A'.U.C'TIO.VEiEB, ] P. Mamford, Centre"iU. .. p. Georgia.-a ,
.' Palm : We still keep an office at Chattanooga him during his lait visit to Englan4tn4 S-McCall
Leghiirn Pauama, traw, I caf ; o1, Felt, IDdrade open by Bessent & Collins Trader hilT Gecrgis.JamesLKing&Cd. '
; nata_and Blonmers.&uldlerpj.< -- > for the purchase or shipment1 of produce 8eot.land.' has made arrangement for extending l .* *
from that point. GREENVILLE i 0)4 his business by which he U now enabled Dye a JACKSONVILLE', E.F. .- ,
.tJfIf : : ., .' Silk and Woolen Uardee A Co,,Savannah ,":
2u7 IfcjHrtreel. Savannah.AprUlg.1855. greater varietv.of Color on la any part'of; the County'attended. to .'
.".! to tbe dernandettbe. market.- ,' .-' 't ," bresse. Shawls Ac.; which ho trusts
.Hardware : : please all who may favor him with their patronage.Gentlemen's Goods sent to the subscriber on-Commission, T'uen Richard 4

1 : *A Carvers,' Pocket Knivt*; Butcher A 5noe Knives, : : Eagle Ftiimdry.OK : 'Garment be required Dyed in the Cleaned same or superior Benovnted. -. ther attended for private or auction' disposal"forwarded will be quickly; Tat Hevward A Dawson Wkynesvdle Charleston, Georgia.;South Carolina-"> ,'
a may to and amounts IIpcediJT
: .tyring Balances, ..;/\lUIIII Xhrd. Bcl u... : -. 'f '. style which 'ha* generally:II.mucb, >Uscdhia Subscriber has been known in.this community fcr the. subscriber keep oa hand .f low price*.
., Null*, Butt*,. .JIookat\lltDJI'II < BoSH and Brashes. ,110 a3aorepuiwfts at'
CART tt.. !& l'uJt.'UTB I patrons and a number of > u Auctioneer and otherwise .
; Lock, Hooks A Maples,. tWindow Sops, neVbyed Bleached'and Pressed I in years lowest rates. '
: LadiCl' that in.: '
< i-ecommeiidationbttdea3res
: ( *.- '. ApiMle"Ae: f w* -A. SSawa A .. RiOhm Va. lie offers no Person* in want of Gfe*. wSl pJea .KreM their''
nd from
] ger, : .1,: !. .:. the most, fashionable**ty leal Orders }the quiries should;be made concerning himself of an, .
{ Levela f* order the Mbscribor.A Mai' w'
(tyirit 'Aqnaret Roles Terras moderate. to
K1JtW rpHE .Subscriber manudctBrea d.hia Work conotrv ponetnally attended to._ commercial house at the place of his. residence. '- Gv 'b1
!. ,Chisel,1' 'Tap oftrS k. cte. rt ':_. ; above establishment will received tohisAgentu. : -T1101 4k
for the
,.. tJL' StationaryStdani> Knrieea, oran, required Order Since the fire be bAa located his store OB Forsytt '
I : **. Bucket, flooms1'sfla,4 AxHelve; .'ie. power; allQ:liia eeebeatect.Pott&bls" Steam .without charge rfrehjht to Savannah'or>-. *, street on the burnt district where his Auction bns-: Jacksonville e.A.ph..I8i6. I .

&. Stationerys**"_ gineA-frttO 18 to U) horse power, which have Hra.Hllbeaa-lacktlOn"iUttFta..1.> .1 "\ mess U';.bo at present conducted and where he STOBfi. .
: '' "den encncjl.qoivertaltsfccti .ttogether with Etarj !eb -lr- \ALEUNDE 'O.&IdAJW y. keeps on hand on the moat reasonable terms n .
:: : tt,Pa Peuen*, !, r i A aSnjc, taii. k.Jcob. (> .
; .4 JrwU and light readiue., Itii ,q ..>-i : ,r improved Circul FSiWjfiIhiVtt ed-"ftr; :. l' Brought. Jail, .,1 f FAMILY thtOCEIL3'AND PROVISIONS' 'Corntr fl.Funytla afid PW.&riitTBB
cawa r..,The**Hill art eoortructed anycbe amiilaSinerr the 7th insL ian; calling himself _- ..DCoarrar" raowjct. S.Jecinber'opened a Stort at the above
ffiFrovisionss' : a-negro
f I I ?_ & ; "1< .JI.J ox'Jtaae and aay* that-h* belong 'David; ." 'I lS' '_ CHARLES. : WAALT1 place sad will keepeoBatantlyM hand
; : HaiM'JJacnTPork Lardeou.T; ng er JJackjrel '.Uill oCall kMluraishedj together : t1'C
; fn
allot near Fort'Cnmv Alachua *o oty, HeUaboat 1
; PRO bss
1l1. ; &. o.' 'iI' .j L J{ .Wt tD .c..ti tr.l cIi ; flva feet eight or nlite inches high, rather Good Groceries.s, Jocf121J4Y1i Y1S .

i.HOrB. p.j F"; Tlj': .' patch audtaiton'm tiaWetennVt and dtout built, black, ha*intelligent looking face,high Snbacriber* Moceuon to J.B. Hawaii,oaHowelU r'sll'; >td.hiD Baltimore, .tth Lowest Cash
jhsbIr i Kagfii.'. MiU.-l>fl erectad ,Also flat ael tiom ,CB oU,Baddies.
Ilourbea Wkia-r-1. EctWed-sndrnmou forehead; talk with {rood sense and appear veryIntelligent comer baa on hand*- full aaaortRientDf *J: i c ,:>
j1Aey. Ptn.ola&iafrom4tQ IGdsy,4&1: ;'It, : bro Groceries ell te sad Harness ud wYuld resyectfuliy solwit. .share
I s.b..n..Act.t-.lI; f' 'r. ; bad on when "kea.11' *':pant*, familjr wjliichthey wifl ,
Bovi Pv,RAH Pro1 Ie&nrP. 'J '
.' ;. ( '
; r .1.," """,'-" {1IJI > I : .::; wItftibIttind, *blirt overooa!(soJdfer*.) t.ircash, otpatroftq'e. : '-
aJteIlJ.'fX fJ fl..fl ." ANTou'Lmp Oii, Caaalea 8oa.'t'.- ..The owner or owner *M reqoeated to come forward he1OD' handaUll. timeVai .isortmaat t..f .; d.cT-pao < i', UDf ..

( lad"Hair Crushes. JJreNiJlK.CornIll; sLok1nGuei! cte1 I bacoo. cI pu ,tiel.u R jOI ,1njJaDcfW prove t I'y f articles f' WI' preseal 1&ock.'w. fJ'er to.aUnd aaJ6 1. 't:::' :':;' t tJtnl XIE ,away_',,or bwdrb.d ift with aooording ... prj! t 'ai&kWsri iuici& .3 500! l
*& tbop .o'may-lle ittdaM to call b..,'fJ1tlJa" pe Coffee laa Cof,: \\t1sf"'au. ro .1. bh ; ::-;:. ".:.A.'B4:1tOQABTU1J4U, t-- : jp&4.TltA'flTS.
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-. -

THE FLORIDA.REPUBLICAN, .NEw4r. PATRONS._. ; ;CALL k PLNG,' !iiH reriotiicalfl] ., ,. "WATCHES! $EWELRY/SILVER WARE .. i .':RLNKw'TiiLea. '

18 PUBLISHED EVERY THTJBSD AT I t. >-. SeemroiL ,, '
I tXTTOlWEm JIT .LAW EftrlT Copte t f I ". f .
JtckMtariiler! Daml 15. P.i byTUO.C.B1.NcthitD. TO ALL TOIOSl 'f '.MAY CONc RN.- LEONARD tJCOTT A CQ-1 New YoriCwntfoMto H* '4 ND: = .a :Ze.J. ;

., -, ,. I JACKS0NYILLj'LoBIDA. the fbIlow1nfllritah Periodical,rfc: R.til\ 1oo,000c.pIee $old1Aqw

) This thing called patronage 'is a I April- !. 1865. fc TuB MroOS-QTIABTtRjrt (Cfcnservsiive_ )), '.. Ed1ttoa.KeYIIetr aid I.t..

' n._Three Dollars per annum parable poa or.JsbecTtpu It 'v EdwardSlssell Jr. : .- '. .. Jasthsno& .-...
.erllll UII r.per. queer thing. is very correctly re ,. : : r.J. t&1EJ..4G1JFx..BLc, .
B_,,r aot PfcU before tht expiration of theyear.are marked that it is AT LAW' THE EDINdBtTRO REVIEW (Whig. "' '
by some one, composed ATTORNEY .' -" : .. DB.
rharre $4. JA-o.KS NY1LL 'E' ltDA : C ,
:1t. Ae>erU, Mienti will b.'Ierle4 M tin''II"rlll''lIt": i of as many colors as the rain- OFFICE HEED'S --. THE 30BTH\nJ1Rt1KW f Free Church)) \: ) Q :' '. SCAt. "un.&sa S

0.e Dollar per*)Mra(of twelve line*) for the Ant,end hues ; BUlLDn1 WOULD'mpectfttllY Inform the eituensnf ttU'pUw and surrounding ejrantry that ba has .. 'IL' iioo It .. Tq
.. ..t .Five Un.ga f-H every rabMqii'nt Im-ertlon. To bow and is as changeable as the April 18, l'- THE ,WESTSflNISTTB (Uberal). opened,*t6OMEBS -lfEW BRICK I3UILDINGvish aJar aDd veil select...I r.Iai _

yearly A4rnl rn a liberal dlsrminlwillbe ra1*. All of the'chameleon. ,.REvmv. edst0c1oIte A*, ;- <* fc 2- L- .*. 0-'; _' t r V ." '; ._
,rasetit( A VenU mems (e rpl bjr ,.00. tuvinr. J. P. Sanderson, BLACXWOOD-S EDISB'on MAQAZIXE Tory). WATCHES JEW LRY SILVER WARE AND FANCY GOODS i ?e00,. .
mala*;_lit wiik Us offict) mint ba paid for preOM One man subscribes for a paper AT LAW ofneyyszeoswilh i'II.
m nMicati... it in advance he ATTOBJnST. AND COUKSELLOB The present eri&icaIlItatG of European affair To which the attention at the Public invited. Getting mj-Goods direct from tit*Jfe York manufacturers ","h 'f
for .
Pwmai at a dtstsaes eec rnrrra their renuttancci for and pays goes 'DSl Dtb.as n anuca. will render these publications untumally interest ;J am prepared to offer nY customers.inducements, both.as regard sty!")and price that eaa-

....,,by the (.II nl"'l home and reads it the year round Jscksonville Jan. 17. 1850.__ tt.Copartnership lag dorter the forth coming year. Thy will oec'P1a not be surpassed Charleston'. or Savannah., .sdvie Iwtbfir. er
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FRANCIS L WHEATOX.Jacksonville. uclul..ely
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Application 01 discuses 01
!' 00 inr .Nov.13th.18M. no 16-It: Periodicals that readers must look '>r the only ., Silver Patent Layers; / CUTLERY: TII which I.a deflate or pj.. till.

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No aimoancmwtu will be ,a.nle the tame MaerootiMnfed name on list of subscribers' SMITH & BRADFORD; ivent*, and as such, in addition to their well- a ;- manufactory Gtorjc sbove dmeasfs,and s freI flit iClV'
your tenbolm A of Pocket Knives Scissors ,
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.ir.In .. advertise-but says nothing about -'ALLIGATOR AND NEWNANSVILLE,FLA, tyf Arrangements are now permanently made JEWELRY: Such as Corals, Port ) ., Accordions. Per the majority thOM a'tWof who sdvtrtm.--.***1
ty DritlshPublj"hera
M.'IIIIifoUi..I"rtrd..Dtell.a Will attend & business entrusted br the of EARLY SHUTS from the
promptly. receipt
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the aaihor1**am : paying for it. Time passes your to them. by which we era enabled to place ALL Consisting a
c-.k1ItI.ThP,bS POITP8ID. ; )I. -WHIT. SMITH IL BRADFORD. BtruKTS in the hands of..ublleribe.. about Gold Guard, Fob and Teat Chainn Papier Hache.Jewel Cases, Rosewood Work Box- the best Sieges in the United IEw?*if?<
and dun ova
i patience is exhausted, you ell Portable Writing Desks; Reticules I Fans me pleasure to 'Ic
Office at Alligator. Office at Newuausiille.feb51y as soon as they can bo furnished with the foreign Ch t lainK,Lacketi. Bracelet, Pencil, recommend him to tilt *
A PRETTY STORY.. him he flies into a passion-perhaps copies. AltbtMigh this involves a rery large outlay Cmaso. Kern Seals Diamond Rings Regard do.; Combs Brashes. Thermometers; Children's TOTS, or to the victim! of 1I'I.lpraetift| i M ris s
Tea Bells.Together, and
Gold Thimble Sleeve and Collar practitioner *
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but dorCttease Baker Periodicals at the same low rates as heretofore viz: Brooches Rings; may the .
V "Well, I think its likely; Another man has been a subscriber ATTORKCT. AT LAW, i'er.aon. Gold SpecUcIcs Ere Glasses, Plain and S tlttng j mention. ._ wlrqrjC So .
"more. Your brother Children's ,Scarf Fins, Ac. -N.B.....Clocks Watches and Jewelry FI'O .1_ D 'j. 'U""IL
me any some time. He becomes tired of Alligator, Columbia Co., East FloridaF. far any one of the fonr Beviews f3 <)") Loops t,, PlilIItlJlt. & m .. f'. -
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and pay you Measurer and Inspector of Lumber for or more of the above work Thus: Four a Ie the IIIII___ .
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contempt. some copies i>f Bbickwood: or of one Bcview will be Fancy Toys, in whose -ce
cause of her delinquent brother, patronage. May be found, when bill services are desired. on sent to OliO addrens fur $9 ; four copies of the four selected by himself which will be sold vcnr cheap|.r CASH I consulting in port hf Gold and Silver one may safely cuufide pmfnwumitl'bemlltl.nl"t gut ,

who" had married in opposition to inquiry at the Republican offlce.innelO Reviews and Blackwood for $31); and so on. Watches of every variety EisrhtDnT and Thirty Monr Brass Clock. Fine O.,ld JeWl"lry.ul every ALPSI.Von

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disinherited.. like the editor-don't like its Francis Land, will be leli\ered through Agents, FREE or POST- Htou' Set & Scale Gold Riugs in great variety Gold Pens, I'cncils.Tooth Picks Keys Senla A ('n_. class Itf diseases of which it trestV. ftWdl .

Mr. WhcatlyVaa a rich old gentleman principles perform the duties of a Measurer of AC*. When sent by mail. the portage to any part' Gold A Silver Sleeve Button Stud*,ThiinbK-s Gold A Silver }Fob Vent Curb, A ftiatiliue C'hains. all technical term. it sddrosscs iWf toft.2f;

-too "t iggish, too democratic, WILL in the place of Mr. E. Whitney, of the United States will be but Twenty-four Vent. Gold Lockets & Charms fir its : .. It is free from .11 S?
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mirth and wine and or vice versa, or something elseyetgoes F. L. very respectfully oners his services to the and communications should alwaysbe Salt A Mnsttrd Spoons; Soup Ladles; Pie Knives, Butter Knives, Pickle Knives A Forks, ..rui author ff5. devoted many years tn the Ift"
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given Timber Mensurer. addressed post-nnid t< the Publishers the r.&ri..u
regularly to his neighbors and public as a Knivis Fine Steel(Table Ktiires. complaints 'rearl'd nr
sat in his aTm-chair from morning nv-23t LEONARD SCOTT it CO.. Silver Plated Tea Sots, tutors A C5 ke Basket: Silver; Plated Fork. Spoons A Butter Knives.. I.tt'e! breeth b.f"f .,,J too |little U-U.1?
reads it-finds fault with its
his and contents, M Gold-street New York. Card n.bfa G CUndleoticks ... Brituinia.Ware, Tea Sets and ttu>ton. impose, he has aft-red U,the w..rI.r..t tb" "
until nigh smoking pipe disputes its'positions-alel quarrelswith aiCBARD. T. Bincnrrr. CHAS. T. POWXIXG.BIRCI1ETT N. B.-L. S. k Co.. hive recently rxiblixhrd nod NEW. SHEET 'MUSIC INSTRUCTION BOOKS iHHiuual price?( 2" reu bI the fmituf 7

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story 6f his own exploits in our i ATTTOBXEYS AT LAW AND AGENTS M.ictie; and Leather Port Folios Rosewood and Mahogany Wrili.ig: Desks ruulb | p-.rv-Lt IObhllld ha ; !
sees an article ho likes buys a I'r..f.-Norton of Yule College, New Haven comilete ; ; llair. Cloth ( Teeth knowledge impsrtd .n this illnhl'ble't.
battles filled FOR CLAIMS in 2 .N. i-ctitvo, IfiiH) and Nail Bru.lies.l'arian '
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ITc hai too Children the number per quarter. This too is No. 4JM, Seventh slrrcf, ugis, 14 rtcvl und G)0,) wood engnivingr.. Price, Marble Terra CWta Flower Vase", new styles; Violins Guitars, Flu 1I,Flagolct., Bnnjos, to ( youth undir thw m.rtifietu chlt cn4jy,,
sing hour. ( patronage. IU muslin binding, t'<5.JT Flutiuus A Accurdeuus; Violin! A Guitar String, best qu-ility. A'lcocatt 'l<1'

disobedient son and the beautiful girl WASHINGTON CITY. : This work i* NOT tie ell "Book of tlie S CUTLERY.R'idgera' A I'rtbvterian. elerym1n! D

before spoken of. ThS foni girl Another (bless you it does us good. Patents Will five, Claims prompt f.. attention Land to the Extra pro ccuton!Back nf farm," lately RLSLSCITATCB and thrwrn upon the Scl.! .& ', best quality; Pocket Knives & Razor, in great virictv; Pruning "II..nU-rfs Medical .Minuassvs; Ohigi- -TVsi..wyg r-et

to see such a man,) comes and says, Pay Pension &'.r,bcfort-'OonyroKs Bminty and the Pny, YCJ'ltIDl'purtmentl' martef.. Knives *n.l Shear I'or'e Monnaies l f.trdlIIC.'J', O-inbs, Perfumeiy, Moor*, Hair O.I: 1i'I.allo.. upon thon-wnd of cur youth 1>.r evil RM:.4
went on pleading. "The for which I .have paid is All tmiiits and ; red variety of othir Oo d,, such as srr nsu:illv fi>nnd in h do him year call ti-ti-d to their care V. B.-n'ntefie, Cuxlau J ll p'lireJ-anJ VfurranteJ. habit '.f -po.il1t..n.! : nithmii IT
Jtiftlry ,
"Dear father, forgive ; yon Planters > jnlltfWHOLESALE mlirnr lilt
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about to expire : I want to pay you be sprvdily f.i.tlifuliy! attended tn.Mestrs. II arnlei'S ._ and l l-nrf.il c.eseqttvnro.iirnvi Ult'I f
beautiful he B.i. D. will "'b.1I ,
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the oU patronage, but Owners and worn-out Lands? ujJyrn down aid thcv "l. n,4 k..w tile,
"I think it's likel-/ .saill Florida. No pro*;Von: lias as yet btn made otpoor tile Anrthrijr) rb-trr.h bed .*
1.Another I cr.n -
and rare for the payment of tin-so cia.",. but it is bclit-red use LKINAU'- lewfcirj.cnandicBu.Hicethepuliic -
' man : "but don't tea o me, open mil d as la
that if iud, contica i-ff: w.i
man: ubcrihcs-wants strung ma >rU be inudc C ugress !
tho door a little ; this plaguy rooin will ntibrd rcliif. American Fertilizer. & RETAIL nti-naMy human: to reimnre Hid w;d- prva4 twn* 4
you to give it to him on advance Thcvnlno give piit'cuhrnttcnti.'m: to Claims fur nliHvd.niw, w.mld! e.n-fcr lh. pajating
smokes so. terms ; he gets it regularly, reads i it Buck I'ay, R4tinc&e.iu the prosecution,,which, A,af( f> (/.,,If1hP i ;
"Well, continue. "Ellen "wontyonjust I as also in rejected and suspended Pension and fli'tl6 "t".air"l/,1 for tJo pact thru 'parl ua HAT STORE 11Iktn I'tIt1
he"sees or !
it time (CoT n carefully, praises every Ir, JI.'I'/laa.l. ) tboop lb
sec her now-she is so good; Buuutv Land Claims, they have been very succ I'tU'trlllII.. JI1/I" aisttLih..ilsUdn tiu'li tI..n"-
as being a good paper *ful. "-;r9-lIia.aol it te ILf/.I" f JIZRMt'I.l oil r-n&.1'
and the little boy, he looks so inno- you REFEn1'XCE /:,: ;E."I"l" arfl/l'mg "f IF/teat (brn, c:: JLEE E scjarmtihc hum in "'CJ.eert iiy th.g..

: wishes you success, hopes others will lion. J. Morton U. S. Senator. l'uf.iva. .: .".' cent. the
"' subscribe and encourage it, feels disaPpointed S. B. Mallory, U. S. Senator. 6VI.V JiK II Alt AT HALF TUB PlaCE OF gout you aw lit ac"111o _

"What did you pay? interrupted if it is not i issued regularly A. K. Maxwell, H. tf Bcprvscntatves.: Q L'AXO,;*',''r. 'I'ltda/,aol win not burn the*ttJ.OXLT CAinHS !. CANDIES Jr..lln.O.iec-py; (seeortly .nt'ol..n.:1 be knotc.1
the father "a'boy 1 ha-c 1\ grand- E. C. Cabcll FLindt. *25 A TO*,or 2,24 tr"
: by 20 pounds, 15c pound. free elf pijffe.. 1 1 M:y pit iif the taiu4
1 and is the first to complain of its Ex-Gov. T Brown Tallabtsiee.Hon. 4lM l'trtti>: child ? Why Ellen, t never knew Ia .r c.t.r; it UInp.e.t
.J.J. A sure rfmtity/nr Me Peaclt ll'orm and the Cir- 250 13c" "
non -all this he can do Ct.MariannnFli. ( : ) CiJ>I>lii A CO,, .
t that before ;"but. think it ,'er.likely. be appearance dreams of unless; \V.A..'ur\v.Jrd. JuJgc Eoitit'nCt. P Utka cliliofJft\ ]. /'''';,/ r, SUGAR PLUMS[ assorted, br 25 2rc ., I'jn, I I'lOlld!.:lid.p'ua.Pfj : : l'IILI&ah.ri& Lc
yet never paying Florida.
"Well now give In! my chocolate dun him and then with, dfcT-tf.- GEORGE A. LEHVAU, FRUIT[ DROPS, '"' 25 2 c'" u :: -Booksellers, Cinva.rs and tt.Jj,t,

.i ,. and! then go to your music leaBOBS. you will, good John P. Baum & Son., Xo.1 9 fx utli Front stm't.Phila-lvlphia City,.., )[OTTO "S. 25 20c" ., iupphcdunth.tinci.lx.T4< leruww
promise lIe put you off. This State of|i'ennaylraniai.7Delivercd j
I too is DEALERS IX free of Postage, at any Wharf in-! LEMONSYRUP[ 5 gallons & upward, $1 00 per trnlion. pliilailclnliia 3 Medical Iloasc-!"
Ellen left hin. The oil 1 rrn'.heart < very common patronage. OIL tie .MV%>-.,-". >, It. Kltiifcll
I: la rot patronage a curious thing 1uJ Pnii.Ai>Ei.pni4.O. $1 50 mrnnnt 'b.r to relent. : ASDCOMMISSION Fine, Hila4' 'bia,J.
.\ ia that uhoa honestmen A. J.ElxU1-1)cnr R'n; I used your Americnji IVVU.Iff
: day
"Well he went on "Charley% was great MERCHANTS, \ fertilizer, and1 found it equal to the best Peruvian ,
No charge for boxing or delivery to Railroads or Steamboats.T. Arrapprireul that P KlXXr.I.IX.RII _
little wild get the reward d.ue to honc..ly.which Charleston, S. C. Guano. 1 nt :alwaysa good boy, a or so of these enumerated above JOH-C P. EArL] [JOHN A. B1CM. much opposed to the use of chemical manures, but 0. maE, *nnilivt-l-rf .".,.. II.ra.:I-MM ihatni .
but I him au.l will it this Please send .tiheahu I ..,i(_..'T. Tl..*
ftt college indulged ; I[ use again season. me S> Cor. mitnmajmrirurUlnnt
spI12JOSEPH BroughtoH and Whitakersts.
will obtain the reward ? Now, it _ _ tons to Smyrna Delaware. "Oi of Hi* Been iifertwtt vt
; ;ho was always gooi: to his old father, will be seen that while certain kindsof WIIILDEN; ALEx, IIr.a P.\TllIt.'IOJr.. Dcc. 14, 154. ly SAVANNAH, GA.DYSPEPSIA l'U'fllr')' ..tlisxNi bedWTV
V-\!" OF 1'1rnr&
for all, but he disobeyed me by mar- the life and Dealer in Faints, Oils, and Glass, : Sear what Jlcvrs.Tlnmly! & Neildif, of Wilming In the frealnml nra rla.at At-tmtt t bit.-Mff rteJ .

;rying thi3 girl \tct. as fly old patronage are very No. 11 Ilarno street, ton, Dcluwure, siv.VTc bId imp'r'rrtlT ni,d".,": his erahW Pi KiS i
essence of a newspaper, there are have received intvlligvuce from Farmers who : HUnK Y HALr- KILt..q'h..r( ..ta Mi.k .. 4rltpi.s.visiqi.'.
friend and soldier, Tom B.r.iner, used CHARLESTON SOUTH have used Ll.'innn'lIm..rlcan Ft-rtili&r; both inChcsU'r 1- proveihal..1.I1..f Ihe.a'.es'.fe.av.dviWi.
ito must Poor Tom! certain other kinds that will kill a i Keeps constantly fur sale! a general assortment of County and in Lancnster Couatr, and to AND local'*'oiwcmumiinl.aI..;>k...,*._.."..b1. .5

: say, we forgive. stone dead. Paints and .Oils of all kinds, Yarn lahea, .whom" hare null inau's American t'crtiLicr,. Jaundice Chronic Nervcons Debility .nrir'iif srvirarrHbli" 19 rt rain h JHN,braiiai IN,
:31 would give all the oM shoes I have paper .. Window Glass,ann Sasnes,Spirits of Tar- that it'was equal to the beet Utmno. or : Tea Depository: mlrrirf jrl ".II) *n1 f lalmirtt .pi.p if d.s.iie

pentine,Spirit( aa, Cotton Foot-Gia Disease of the Kidneys, and t I ) and,i-frmamrr mnosM).
became of him. fleer what Mr.
know whatever Warner *
: says N .
1 THE BITER BIT. Fixtures Glue and Brushes T\K.: i"1TItUI.1Z rirrun.Th.te
If I could but find him or one of his various, kinds. : I have ten a must, beautiful field of Wheat, in all Diseases arising from a disordered -1 HOLMES BUlLrING, OPPOSITE \I. ". evil Iwbtlb _li_ ,."..l..
Janll-y the neighborhood of the R'sinf: Son Hotel) on the Liver or Stomach .I Dn. BALDWIN'S' OFFICE .J....I..".. ..,_... spwhh .._
; children I Heaven grant they arc not Upon' a certain occasion a man Old York Uond. and UJHUI enquiry found it hid : "ACKSONVILLf. ,oJ,aoit wl+ h. ii ani rr-iwB.nl 10 in INW,..
called old with due- Transparent Window Shades, and been raised by the H'WJ' of Leinau's Amcr.c.m Per Shell a. ronitipntlnn Inwnr.l l'lip, Fu>l.r.r laninoJinilip WriEftC is kept ct>nunUr on hand a large H (ri. *riHiai'i>biiirf<.l.. In .,? _.. ..,.
an quaker a
\ Buffering! This plaguy smoky room; upon tilizcr. Lave made mind to lie,i.l i, \i-iJiljrof Ihe i>imnnrli, Naii e" i -.11 svlvrtt-d ...rtm..nt of give*,i. I'- a .,iu nf prnu-acied.iitMdInu..aM.
how water If I dill but hill for twenty dollars against an estate Paper-Hangings, Upholstering and load of Fertilizer.up my purchase a Manhunt, i3ii> I my eyes Warehouse your ",?ni"rh,Sour Krueiaiinn, sinkIng or r'lut'fring at tH 01 thee..Ru
Bedding received by the latest warranted IWruii-HMi p* It ari awair lrau
. he had been to settle. Hoar what David Field Esq., of Camden eo.. arrivals ,. .., .
: know who this girl 'a3.my Charley appointed the pit nf tin Sinmach :4w.lQn.lnc. LI. ra""d, II ur- fresh and genuine. Also mil tkry ISM 'b* ic-nfl' tre he..d.t.l
Wholesale and Retail 179 King and New Jersey, savs: ftc-I end Itifficult Hreaihinx, Fluncrius of ih ll. .
-ul, MMnce and atw nmaubltui-l.-Di.,a.4 vawism'a
has married ; but I never heard her Friend Hopper put it away, saying of & I used Ix-innu's American Fertilizer upon my Chnklnt cru3.-aii.i.rnasjn., whrn hi a ly in. p.nInr" Perfumery. Comb, Brusher Soaps, tl.- mind.l .

name. I'll find it out, and-" he would attend to it as soon as he corner King Berrisford-st., Wheat Fit-Id', and they exceeded any. Wheat Fieldsin HimiieH.,(vMn, Hoi i.r \\>h.l-ernrr hot i'iht, r Law?, JJttrniif Fluid &c. TtIt-.rortll.'ae tit.iCfeet4 hrean..4rlie.imie'
Charleston S. C.7l' neighborhood. KVvc-rand tlull Tain In tli, Ilrail7 IteKetmey nt Ver.pirsii.nyeIIowse..u .labor with" a.rwiuo.ed wi..r.ni w.pl) l.aat"
A "I think it's likely," said the old had leisure.The man called again .ul rriJ.tTtrtcei Farmers my of New use the Fertllzcr.Hear loc 'kiu slid t2Paia in His wh.ch will be Mild low fir c-wb. .I"c,. lll.'le; I. lardy ami ".10.II. w Jnilluie. mT
1 '[ Jersey
i> t
> tiny a '1'qtQJfJtflrfmmff td"c .ioill. back chvai.limb,k.,j>oilil.'n FI' -b.onin w f i.s .:its
: man. a short time after and stated that he Good: fti.ooii rotl. jj the beautiful had need of six dollars and was willing 1,000 pairtnf VTIXDO W. /IAb"i;!; loo Jfatre*r*. have n ed Iicimm's American Fertilizer uPon tint deprfuinn \ dcspatcn.. tip care uminclptte hi.."' >ep>;' the ptWIW"
Ellen led into
ll.i room a A> Wheat Crop and tlia Wheat is fir to CAS UK \ hr
vf ttrry J-ctcriftto */'Maim, BoUtcrt, Lace my superior done il.w. I..nol rnlet m;Hinwm* UftICI.
k tny, about two year ohi. IIjs curly to give a receipt for the whole, anil Mutlln Carbtin*, ftamast*, Satin J* Lnin. my other Fields here 1 use Jnano,SnpurpWphat* Dn. nhoiril".1.1 r a nitftwiful *lhi .bu...t.II.lullrlllu: iba.i.eausdit I
Agent tnr the NW York ft kin Tn ..
Curniet. JiUnd Fir Srrrn, t'fnetitin Blind and IJviiyard tan re. "ComfW'ny.I *early f tiie
if that
head and checks could not but sum was advanced. This Tea.f : .
rosy te. .Adkind. jrphor4eriii, at'4tAebvtinenuttaJ iU UPPER PITTSOROVB. New Jersey. GERMAN BITTERS I d'rvctimpurtitnin; ,and "f 84 varieties fn>ina Threetre enn'UenHoHi which .houLjawakn0lal.stina
him. proposition excited suspicion and the I ,]{ to I ft. ill a package all warranted and at tiC t.. nilirlyituii'd.MAHItl .
1L1114 make one attemUtl to in all it*ImnfJitn.tSJGuh GEORGE A. LEIJr"u-Uear Sir: I have used your Dr. M. .,f \.R
C. .
"Who is that ?" said the old man, administrator decided in his own paid for llorila. JfoM. American Fertilizer upon a very large fiVl'd of Prepared by xtreinely low prit't'So r.qaetbefeltPm'm'; vevrral 'reiiJiIna..la, i
.- H. W.: KINSMAN & CO. Wheat. The field had never in tho memoir of :Jfo. 120, Arch street, Philadelphia.I I HT Country DenlerssnppHed,by order- thai II may "e teollsrh* w"/ "I pstnat tiapp'
mind that he would till in .
nothing ; with CAN!!. ,
wipinghiscye.'Thatthat*. pay the oldest iuhabitant.produced anything but Indian: accompanied fiHild IM) veil whieb .ver* the nnsiii. ef. -

i is ( 1QrIcs'a boy "said he had examined the papers of the -dcc-1ly ._ Grass (a weed.) My neighbors' laughed at my Th'irpnweroveith* nboro Di ew.j U not rwlb-d, (UAKDEX. PLO\Wl.'ll.SlEDS.\ PL.4.\' <**, wrWheiss I.,m;ed,.n t.,.true Mieree IS*** -
That new and splendid Hotel cultivating that field and nsinar your Fertilizer. ifeqqaUed, by any olher' preparation In rhr United afstiL.always kept on hand. ..taM..4iieId., In bow many eo.M il r'fdI"aphyi.ieaI
Ellen, throwing one of her arms cJece eJ. Searching carefully among But the crop vf white bearded Wheat which I Mite: .. the core*attest, in niauyrane alter mkIlruIphysicians may 8-flni. T. McMILLAX.KflODCS 4i'iU>ilillcalKi.. unitiMu'nlBirntr their tr dais-

these ho found for the THE BULLS HOUSE, raised was the admiration of all beholder I sold hal) tailed.TbcMhltur A.plyibe.wI.iIetl' .'.I1I..r
- around her father's neck while with a receipt *
J JtCtJ&tl greeted s n t.s Corner and are worthy the attention of dtvulid Inhere )fMlr nistrua5 ami rl.iird .
ofHtding the Wheat -
to Mr. of
identical items Whitney, Ulasaboro New Pn.*..slnf great virtue*In the reriiflratiuo of Dieae* ItNetnl.cYlritlo daedmireuihraed. -
1' the other she the child his moncy.mcntiqning Fever Cure
placed on Stl'ed8. Jersey, and send you a l nnchfor the Crystal 2, the liver ami lower i\nnilr\ Esercininf Die moM & Ague RE.Mr.MnKB
!knee.: The child looked tenderly up date, and circumstances of the trans Da si CP U ca so tt OD ua 9 6O. O.9 Palace at 9i'ew York. I am now-preparing a larger e rehlntpower weak,. an-I I anVetlonsofthn l IIiI" l lf KATUBE'S He who|>lece.bi, ->ell under Hr. klnkeliaSi5"
(1IdfuI',AIuJ in a ttylt not txettJttl out of tit, field for wheat this 'iall. and using your American .organe, they are,withal,sale, certain and plea on, .INFALLIBLE SPECIFIC. .. _TflllIsi.'lT eouM. in bi. bonne tt p.Ia.
in his face,.and lisped out : action stating that a due-bill had wc of A'tw.York, continue oprit for tlie rttep.tiott Fertilizer in preference to Ouano. ISAIAH WOOD. I4BU :FOB the Prevention and Core of Intermittent and rely I ..allte aourane tb.lthe.