con, but that be out upon and decided Ir. from )t:Izzilli, Garibaldi; tie cut ifs of i liiMTiLs. Tie, fnmvst' ,, about, \i"i. m lathr i is jut this : .Among a very large tu night. Tho n salt was niiknovvn. movements.EvMent ,' .
ilu-ru tistj tOlr l
'tr riderjoD'? case, and pot in Mr. lender the Irish 1J1.1\\'mcllt, anc.1l11allY from Smith war.lt ditinguishtl 1 il :liuxlf il rI -.uiin,in lx p.::><-)il us nl'r-tho; u:11Jlr.f letters written to ohtai'i, infor- The Emperor: has certainly: left (':;a- 1: intervention is eonfemplated, y' wg

sou' favor'of course The law that i is O'lJrien. From the letters it will IHseen I .l\ntJ Iruu.i t'Hln! nulorfuu.t.; > : i\iualiui: marion c"'J'l'ril' ; the counlry, early in nan: fur Sodmi. (( 'ara anm, i i.s a fe'.. miles I thoiigli Prussia regards t tw! movement, as
f i how, hard pre.SM.-d Smith O'Hricn an.11s mow a-nU: in Ill !Ii i, ltd us Diiw.r a 's j iortbeast; } ; of I'lMtimont.: ) too kite ..** pt.
Od.for tho Jew must also be good for I January one was received !froI:1: intimate :-
of I
g bnuv tier
c.ui-j < r -
was by the constable's towards the last ; J'I"llLb. ., nolu PVIM.S.: Aueriir-t :"I; l\'lIin-Xn: ofii- The interition of. intervention i is almost 'le
I i-lii
muvulsit friend
iiuiuy : jiieMietn
niiff > pn'-cnluig
,jbe Gentile how, when he fled to the hills, the t peasants .1il.I"J.: and titer pnu-.u-.J: I1""Jo Illi! ;.' I.f our tlirt'l1 vial iiiform.tio: 1: from I tho seat: t of 'war has offensively ann+nnu't'd from \'1t'nna and Etto

""" feared to give him shelter ; bow lie, UI"luaJ .1 h""llfIIII,1[ ,: :: I.nic '.'!I to which he >tt-qiU'sUd direct arswers.Tho .- been malt: public. The \mst ilutii>nals.ivs C I'MoretHT.Prussin:
frmlnttioux.; not wishing to bring injury upon them, Uit iu.\Vts ._ 1. iL ninth: question 1 was in thes words. assuntiiisi's 4t i' an unotlicial ehr.racter objects emphatically to thc .

.; To.tby'e place at our roast-head the i, determiiu to go down! to the plain, i iucompany : -- "What is the! character: of Jour pojial.i-; \\'n' in.n in chambers:: tl'rhtllat: course of Italy.

'.'came. of lion Silas. I. Niblack for CongresHJ I : with l utTy. lie was just about 1 T .\ 11 V .\ A X 1> 1'f11I'PF.' tion ?" To this I gave the answer, "1'11-1 .MaeMalion bad, cros.se.l limo Me-nz without Italy is threatened with complications I''

I to enter a railroad car, when be waarrrested. 5 opposition, and. chat Minister: of For-. requiring 'he undesirable: solution that I
and Wm. D. liloxham for Lieutenant ,
; i ai.d inferior !but
I : : Daffy endeavored to o.hid.1hll l Our merchants receiving their nl.1.1: is sparse ijualily : I.ihIJ'airs lIal
Governor, who were nominated attbe'TaHahas.soe friend} but the pistol of a policeman' I fall goods. a-l':1 greatly: improving.." The objection: i is bn: thin of France at Unissels news that { sacrifice: *. Uathtr than let tlmf, neutral I

Conservative Convention pointed at him brought him to .ilel c.'e.- that 1 1:1h" I hat the quality of the pul l,- Itazamo on I thoJfitlt ud x'7th had disenrajTed I jHnvers profit by our troubles! all tll"I"I\\-

op :a flat ult. :Mr. Niblack i is au old Smith O'lJrien was tab n by, a numerous Thanks to Cr.pt.l McKay I Sr., CaptMcKay ulation! / living around me is infer!+"r. F y his right after -lIl'l't' 1-'fllll'Ut'UIlII ers of t'arl-hallllllt stop us halfway

and highly esteemed citizen of Columbiapuunty escort to ]Dublin. "Duffy however, escajcd Jr., and C. L. Friebele, for tat r this I IUI:1t siuipiy that tin population t.T vuth th/ enemy. in I Ihu war of se-If preservation.Engtam 1L
I i ), fled to the Continent, and lived Tin outer journals hero continue to has broaehe-il; intention t to
and |nionally known to most of papers.Messrs.+ around me were not educated and refined: from
over twenty years of his life in Prague.INTERNAL give tt'a s private nU"I'l'-Illf French intervciH', but never 1I1.Miil arnwd interVeiition. -

'the people of South Florida.' ------ .Jackson Fiiebelo and I lumen-- proplrllat\"iug! never eiij'tyed the 11.1' successes ill minor: engagements.HEKI.IN The interests' of Europe: ; de'-

Mr IJloxham is a comparatively AUITUM, :H i.-TinPrusslms inand a cessation of all such .
: : KEVENTE TAXES.--Hy the thai returned from New r Monday of edtu.ation. This is what I nit-ant, and attempts.M
urI are se-nditig street loe-omotives and .
pan, born, we think, in Leon county, and Act of 1 Iln.I wIn that the '- -'.'---
Congrefs, approvedJuly 121870taxl'f last, all in good health. \11hat tortn: :: wordsused hug 11I'ao.1.i ( I before, :
; guns
;is beyond doubt one of the ablest men I in on sale imposed by the internalllevenue Strasbourg. hat does Reason hay I f'Tho t
: ('al be fairly construed: to convey, 1 Let tors f/ohi t tl I.>o dep.irtinents( Yo'iino' "

.' the State. Of puchstandard-besrtrs 1 the Laws, except such us are by e.lsting The Ciise'rv'at iv e s g'tv\.1 barbecue at I and every one knows that it i is simply and Anbe say tho Prussians; are ov,-rriinnini litilo iiiiiiu:... whi-u bitt..u by a -wlly- 'l 1
i laws paid by stamps, are repealed. Old{ rjtiit r..ito lomvrUiii ilunt.aU -I' '
t it.anil
and j
Tampa oieit CrvstalKivtr
Conservative party may well be proud, Section the to-day, : i''true'. '1\) make a good population two ; tbe environs' of Tru- c's 3.n.1 l l'l'oureuno !! tt
repeals .e.li'1,1h1' rtVrt i.f the!
special+ : tax on 1".i C'11. That
: on Saturday next.The cutting the lajlrsa.Isand I
and united active work will be tel-
by they boat and flats iRvded virtue and .
*, barges ; MI legacies and things aro education.A t I' rlpt. iluin'tutIiiiguonother lmu.1, JUII..t tt

triumphantly. elected.] successions ; on passports, and e>u grossreceipts. I i steamship! G'cc. Jf'rrrirtarrived at population way: bo virtuous: and jet HIe-SELS: August 31.-Pntzaino:. it I IfjH-ii.l <'ii nAM-n In.t111" in .r1f'.ti tboi ,t I

f this ( mar educated.! \111 l rig; no co-.ild still .hll'l'1111i' iu :Met/. j i muni.tif i.I'I!.. tin, luiltli nn lI lit \r."Ilht tit
CQ1iennU"i Semination. ', l1rNru llatanar'n3funday: last.- y J.11; ; { ;
Section 1 the ;
repeals Stamp Act hit i I InnAhdl 1 iulItU'atv ,
1- I 'call The Prussians ordered} -.i.! Xuw \)hat ,1'11 t
= su'htgood: rjml.itimi.: alsoa an nwuu
; 'W ab gton and Holnie counties.. ro.c.'l11 promisory notes far less than :I i iSI i (, -: ,! veserd.\y.! for II a\' I population, : mav be p educated. I : I
1< pooglass McKinpon. DO, and on debt receipt, of any sum, or for I}j, )1.\Iann.- the- (- illl'ncc' in luots ; bi.t; r.eitbt-r vruttld this be a g.unl on :tet'.unt of oxhahitions.(. i it. iiiti i:;nratt. and puffy thi svvtvin In the* Ki-t I i 1:

-: Washington county-Greenwood Wortbingtpp Va'lIIl.ntIf fish. ; also on. canned IT preserved jthUplaw 1st lust, by the llev.: IJ r i j ji jpontlUioi.: \ ] ; : : 1 Put where tii'I!; peoj.kare The I Emperor: is oxpi-rtt-d at Ceragiuin.Tho I any: tn i ri tii't it ajpiii;: "t tm! invi uMe j lklis.n Yj I'

the 'ibolh ediie-aleil and- virtuous, there yon Priiicois I i at \\1.111':. I III},'h ."-!';r\t!-.li' '.\.,? lIr".dt! } "-N. Tlitx .
': for Assembly. The Act also repeals the in'ontax t; I William E.: Collier, Mr. ('HAKLE.S: desirable = i n(>\( i'i< ;i"H let wkit /ni.I.skille \ I
lLx- have what will alvavs make so- P.\ss!;: August: 31.: Th-\> .3i.niioiir'! > follow iu
Columbia county.-Capt. Charles H. on amount less than 4Uilo.-' ('hurkslt'rr j ) to Mr FuiKE.NVi FJum: j eirty.aw, what I i intruded was simply sa"l''r "l1s from Me/Wes idTirm ,!i 11.1 cJii'l':r.orjtnr u luvlK-sH-vl: K' s.ifi:';n.-iril.? Kfiimni r'I'Iic.j .

., Eoss for the Senate, and Joseph M. T al.o..1n. _.. I'I'w : fo received ami duly : to say that tbepeopli' :TII. 1wl'ro that a batt h occurred( on Sat HI day. Itsj, your' of < i i.ht"11r t"1J..rh.II..11 i 4.(1l1l1.ri..1. tIlt in ono txjnmtiic -, It t

but and Wm. II. Hunt for Assembly I i pl\n'-I not educated and refined people, and tli.e'I'Q' informants say the Prussians! are ntreat-j I! uiilirokni wnt-M of Sitisf N't.)ry U-KtimnniaLt 1
IIoLnE TO KK l l'L.\CHED.-.AJ..iC's tt.xMir' s us tkit II. .tott-r'.s .
knows i ii the! truth and in iu .stl.um.-h I litt.-r:
i-Putnam county.-lr. McMicken for : 1'11' \ !, : j
z from North Carolina stale that the preliminaries I I>.oui Covatwkh has rece-ived by the \! respect they are inferior to salutes! \\1lis IIarl'I'llII'I".J. I 'The Public says, "3rac11ahnn is entiro-!II: >w-ss{ rtrintifDin'l\allch): : ; (tttu;_ n-KuLitin not :uu.I uutiMjInTi'inrtitis *- '. I

."the Assembly.. are being} arranged for the Iii::1" ]Jilllf New York, a fine assortiiientf ,i i'drv At the same; time, I have j I ly 1 {fnv ;in i !it's'i 1III1\1'lIw"I.I. and flan I lk'rfrrj Kiuii* IiHj'j y pr'ti"."rtiou4 in any iul.inil otht-r ui .mhot
.. -- pi-a goods! groceries & eilTers they are as : day i" :ma art il't > t
; now ,
The Xcw York 'rrbiune remarks Consenativcs plate they have sufficient j i l" ali wh. h ri.is.ni 1'i'U t us re
-, : a? a much a virtuous and orderly people ass j both' must bo light; I :. furred marebos t'ft then air In tilth 1 1I
curious fact, of'which DO really satisfactory vvidcnci' their i>ossrssion: to show that );, them; to his many customers at evict j any population I ever lived among.;. It I of the'ruwn( 1 Pritieo; used up ninny of his .lnl'M i j. iUlI". riil"t .iLLfr ly tL" l1l.ri."hi.Jt. : prt>- i. ..

expanation: lias ever been give, ihu Gov>iu>r bad done more than enoughta ; : which hate) but a ml margin for. prod::t han ilwr bnUnl a door since) I have: men-many are footsore and have to be '' can.w, ..lidlait in th r iiihuivttt d'uioriUrH.anal.r,'rntintitutioii.il l.y uiiv oth'r

| as firearms are rendered more and cause his removal from office, through: j.,; Ills stock !is well selected, and any thing g lived where I loW n' itI'. ]dt: tin t dlll-I transjiorieii in carts; thousands! have been l".ru".t"t with our LuLiu, ix-cnjutiouaua or J I i I !Li
\hat, becomes lessv destr uctit form of impeachment.! Some of t the I *' p'trvnitl'M. .
deadly war want e u Sets ad- iitig words of the ser.tcmv seemed 10 \(: left be-bind.! !
life. At IJunliuo' the 1 lots Republicans who blame Jloh1l'[ fur you \41 Loui \ j Tin TI -1"UI'lfTmti"ll"< nj'tiliii i !L ,
t of human politically vertisement. l'lTHrItl.t'l1 .\t the. ame time thatI I Lnsll') AngiM 31.-1'11' courts t1(.- .\" nMiltlo :and l 'wl4..rnUi ;irc 'ly -
th.\n .
one third of all the meu"engagedatVaterloo Vsing the State, express a vvilliu! { ,i .1 iS I clot Unit liiih
'vas I I tinpopulation is U1111'al'II. that tio! !Hanoi steamer'ity of 15o. Inrk in fowl air nut tiu('iin> M nt.-r. To I. ,
'' was one fourth. At Inkennunwhere ness to\vest\ in get ting rid of hiiiit I We !have n'cl'in.1 from 3icssr-.11's! t. I 1 said also that they are greatly imjirovibg. ; I ton was not. overloaded and was seaworthy tinfi \',-rs, I'liiiniH; tllxof'li r, listurUuici, .iijm there was neither a rifled cannon a .*' They are-improving in when she left i l ".w.'S"u.l"tI."r w n-us Jn.liu'1.r.tll".1 .
the field the En The New York U. and F. X. Yarn a pair of calf ski iI Ili.ir (.rlr-I port.Passeiit'tT 1 by lli M ius.il.i.munsi-I,.in. nl<, It ix iM.! I
loader : iit
gor a breach on_. Express{ says : Let the) gy. t theirenterprisi-; industry. I t travel between England and I that the ly
l.civsxiry : st -h
gfebi lost 'third.. At Magenta aud: South hull oK to her, cotton nail the :sholl for finish { s fagot frog will thrifty 'lu. lUi.l.Jl the .tnt \
; one ro "M..I (compares 1"- years they h. a Calais Is stopped. I tier 'r' lhl xl.niil.tlM>, HO L.I "|HitV, too r<. 1 ,
and .Solferino, with vastly better \f 'aJIOr.1iftb wllIlx. a drawing upon it "l'rt:41011 1,ibly: with shoe's of northern make, and as tion, thl'l giH.l o.d.l'ol will ho 'ptpula-I A .fplendid :Strasbourg library was 'Ubt afri.4iU&riea .

casualties were oneeleventh ; at parties who} 11I/1.$i have it, whatever arrangeiupnta : to (durability far surpassing any made! alI the t next gt iteration wi I be 'educatttl;l l'and ll t fr Yl'llll.Y the t bombardment' Yarennes. u!hid ri,.nsitiui the vit.il! systviii gut oj.i..r] t., tu! dJ.tt I- ,

'Chattanooga oce.thirteenth ; while 'at the gold l sjnvulajors{ make to ; they will be no longt-r open to the tb luic that ILNllLil it, tin- mifi-ty f>( "
there1. The Messrs.l'am, lwnltl..It..n.lc i iisul it
i. .
: .
{K6nVgratz, where fbo Terrible needle gun inono|>olize the m;: kit, and causei t the '!,; wiriUl'. ac-1!; reproach. This ; my explaii.ition and 1 Mneial< ) i"-ws state that the advance\ o f V''tI'It\.J\.| 111\i.;. \nt imi! rirtH .ne n thaltl.xt nnl ,- .t

'cJiused' such 'con rpLtlOu, the" los. < South to draw for "cu enev..: Cotton is ccpt our thanks for 1 this mst acceptable: j think>t all who are willing tu !Lt '"at1fl'J the Twelfth Prn.bn' army cl'q| s 'and :a n'a'ity' to flu bust important functions y .f r the; j Ij

only owe ttenty.thlyd..s ,jgold. Our eld bouts :are ] 1 l.ly tkit it e.mi r.'t'/uunI..1 tool ; -
were Ilf'R'Ht r.ciry you e.cwillacrdtit. JOSEPH l.OWS..; po'rtiv.l of the Fifth Freucli' army u>rps) tixj ;su. an iucultIL1\'r.tt!, .:\t- uiI -JL u.irnu-{; ; i i I III


& .- -


t i _
Prd SCf II
d $ -
'- ::-- -- -
ft- .iii.a

.-. .
= .',. -

: : :\ .' _.; ;:


.... .
: / ;
i ,.;' '

L. .-- II
oJ -

,. .: ,. 'C'i., i. .

'. .

Y Ai .

,. I .
l I .- a = ,


u ... ....' .' ,...YI""'..,.', I

Ii' Q M'.Q' Di.A'fi! E JHisccUanrOU5. 7\0. ( (Carte.PAINTSOILS! : 7'... ,

1 .
i 'To the Voters of Hemando and lUlkboronjfh / <

- Counties. LIMITED I'AltTMUSIIIl; I I AL i1r1tgs f 11Jtllitints! f '' ,

:; T. S COOGLEBv Esq., of Articles Partnership mado and executed by .
Z Brooksville is zw,1ICCttuDy nom- IMDOB BIXKEVTHAL and GCSTVE LEWIS- .
r .. mated as a Candidate at the, approaching SOS, both of Tampa Mate of Florida, rare \ &G. \"
ties of the "
r election to represent firstand second part respectively /
those Counties in the StAte Senate by and DAVID FoBCHoaizB, of tho City of New ,. J'" .
MANY FRfXNDS. York, party of.the third part,exhibit : Bring. Recently received a fine large s1b 8 /
BrookBvine Florida, July Is70.To AKTICLE 1st. UMME.ty ""ion to my former stock I amlprei .... '. I
1 llth That said limited Jl artnen.hipshall SPRING I from edto sell for cash almost article th t .
any can .
commence of datuJan1W".Y lot, 1870, and vii- be enquired for in the DRUG LINE. Among :', / '.'
the Voters of Florida. continue for five years, nnlnm sooner dissolved the many articles for sale in Store tho tot
my ; '
by the / .
agreement in writing of all parties ; lowing are a few viz .,
I : ..,
hereby n' "
announce myself as tiierein.UnxtL.idor BlunH-ulhaland GustaveLtwinKoo '
candidate for Congress at the ensuing Raw and Boiled Linseed Oil, I. ;-:
and David
general partners -
Turpentine I i.
election. Not pledged to ,
Forchi-inier id cjal that the business
sj' partner ; A variety of Paints, Ass'ted Paint T
earI of said partncrsmp shall be re gular merchandising Varnish and Varnish Brushes, DruabM"i" p rM

; derelopDMiai ty. .of tho resources' of the State, boards and tho man .ctur" of Cedar Sewing Machine Oil, Rock Potash, Y J/ I_ ,
and conducted under tho finn'tuUDe
Fresh. -
of New Window Glass, Liver "
Arrival Invigorator '
which KAdeneeof thirty-five years and asF and style of L BLUMENTHAL 4 CO., at Latest Ucmboldt's Bach, Gelatine .,;:::'
.aocla.tiOD_ h public ZD6D ADmtaSU1',6: Lave Taiujia, ninnlxirough FLu CbcoauM l ::!.
county "
Ilypophosphates of Iron. Soda
made; me familiar. Lime : I
AKT. 20. That said special partner. David Plantation, Ilostettcr's, Hart's I f.:
i = tTP H. KENDEICK.Okanumkee Forcheiim-r. has paid into said partnership, and Smitn's Tonic Bitters, Vinegar. I ;. ..
; June" r.'Oflj, 1SC7. the Hum of Ten Thousand Dollars; that studIsidor AT : Kaliston, FlorimtJ,' ', ....,
} '" Blnnu-nth$ has paid in the,sum of Two Carbolic Acid Bomdall At. (. W .. .
ThoullU1t1.'e! Hundred Dollars and that If in need of it- -" ..
you are anything the Drag .
HctD J btttr1istmtnt 5 wild BlmncutUal tho busiiM-BH and !Mud Leviiunon are to conduct ( ) Lino coll at.my Store and get a genuine articU.: "
of said firm at Taiupn and :
shall bo enti tied collt-cth fly to fifty par cent AND F. BRANCH '
of the net profits of said partnership tnxnsc- Tampa, June 14th 1870 .r ;."> -t: 7r
Notice. tions.ArU.Kfi3iL4thrJh.f.th. / ". '.

IB hereby trading t. $"given for* .ty a certain forewarning: pn":uisnorj'all. .pt'rMnS' noto nuulepayable from+ I variously transactions f<)r, limitation Jbo details, siKvincutionH of, 7th sail, Ac jwrtuerbhip, ,provide Ac.LSI :m -r: ..&. : :: :: JUST RECEIVE I D) 1 \,

to W.T/ 'ir'I1wr or bearer, for alHiutive DOR KLITMENTHAL. ) f
Hundred Dollars and drawn one day after OrSTAVK LEWINSOX. BY ., PER Steamer Florida a choice lot of OnL .# "i\ -'.-'-"
date dated about the last of April 7o, as. DAVID FORCHEIMER ics, consisting in part of: '--:.
R E. ;
aid note was fraudulently obtained. Tampa Aug. 30th. 1670. tf. Self Raising Flour Choice Family Flow... .1

September 3d 1870: J. SUMMERLIN,Cw l SCHOOL KOTICE.WE 1. Bliiinenthal & Lntd Cheese, 8ardineb Putt, 1\;F Faandlee. \
oketl, Well '
the underhigtiud, having! engaged the Starch I -
Look Here!} \I tl'n-ir.og of I:ev. I). P. J. Murphy A. M., Baskets Cbffee: Potash, _.o 'eSea !_I Sfe II ..... .
as Principal of our school Pleasant Hill, two ; \ Moss Farine, Canned Fruits, Cbndenaefl .. '* :_ !I! Ir.I
miles N. E. from Taiujni, will opon on the first and Milk Tobacco, Fancy and Washing Soap. ;
the Boston I.
Markets of New York Philadelphia ,
Monday in SejrtemUr next, ana will continuefor TUST RETURNED from Plantation Bitters and Vinegar Bitten. 1 I t-
1 J extensive voriod Stock, a ) ] tt
to-luoiiths the HflioLvKtic year. All who V'e have purchased in addition to our former t find | S\IB 1I We also have on hand Dry Goodr and even- ,
JUSUREGEIVED.; (} I tiuinsthoj Line of STAPLE DOMESTIC DRY GOODS, such as Clews .t t
1Iit-h'to'lm l of the advantages ofa I thing generally found in a First Store. I k
good M-liool, will d<> well to send ax Mr. isnEETixos otber" ... W. G. F BBI8. ; ..
DEmis. STRIPES, ntiyTs
f fi
Murphy has had 15 y.'txl't'ricn.6 in r-aeh- LIXSEl'i SOUTllERX lIOJJESl'U.\; YARNS tfc. '\ t.I' fy
BY Agent i 1
ing. Board can be hail in the neighborhood CASH b
; Tampa Juno 7th 1870. _
f. .
y -;,, .t 1 .

L. -G. Covacevich, SpUling realingandwritingpc BATHS Oi? TUITION-rmonth: $2.00 Latest Style I o f Dress \iqOM! 1 NEW YORK 1 i t i a-_ .

j : 4
Grammar Ht'II'h'I'al'lIY.. 3.(10< ) ,: In't
Latin and Gn'k uU.l.nnaW'B.1Ul.1 Higher _, t
Agent for JOHN lUII4LCIt.1)er : Bronchus of M.Lunatics 4.00 l) Such as Lawns, Cambrics, Joconctts Swims, Challiep, Orgondice, etc, etc., with TIlE UNDERSIGNED has Just received a -- ; to,
ment TniuniingB; {ot. of CLOTHING of '
JAMES 1lOnmS. : consisting 1 1t 1-
..hoonert't). W. Dill from New York JOSEI'll RO LETrus *. Drap d' ete 'Coats, BFk Merino Pants t t -
Jlj: ft large and will selected Stock ofGE1OCERIES TIlOMASJ.\CID50N, Alpacca Cream It tto
iP Duck
I Ml Im .nf f ( cnr $ imnxr ( .
August, 31t1L' 2w.EXECUTOR'S White Duck Cottonsdo" '. ; r
Grass Cloth Alpacc* ;
JL Brown LinenUndershirts It .
SALE I! Hickory rod White Linen Bosom .. f j
30 Cases Boots and Shirts, Ac. Also \ -- :
-ANIX- Will be told at auction in Tampa] on Throw.bay New Style Hats for Genflemcn, Boys and .: .. .e -
the Sth Liy of S (lU-uiK-r nut, aargu Ladies a
.t'x-k eI f goixlKlKlonj.'inji} to the petite, of Whicc \ : i'O
DRY GOODS Daniel l II. Tucker,decefw-1. ouiKihtiiig: of: the public are respectfully invited tQ 1 e
Corn, Hour. bacon, wolf chewing .t smoking call and examine. Prices will please all. "rt ..
,l>a, oils, vinegar oiwliidfH. water bnrkitx Meu'n, Ladies, Misses, Miss, and Children's Wear, from tho most reliable a L. FRf.BELE. (
in-ware, 1..lw.I'r, l ka"1, nails. can fniitu, 1..h- Tampa April 12th \ ._ '. t
At prices, to ooiTfgpnud'! with the extraordinary Ktcrx, gLvw-warc, runty, sunlini-H pilot} bread :
doe ne of nterchondiso in New York market. cnvrkt-rH, .1'.1 tliniKl, ImtloiLS pins l.ipsw i| ir> ttoz. HATS, for rEnOY'5' and YO lNDUCEMEt4iS A .i t
'- looVing-glaHMti, plow |'"iutH. ho's. hlarIYe 1 BEST : : ?t t.
a raV(t\ limndy. dry goods caq,,'nt4r'8 awls: -J 1 Flee
batcliuts. 411.0'11, LVDIJH, kniM-s und forksjirs J.b.'IK;
iiuitcLcn, rn\ -i"l"I:, Au% EVER OFFERED 15 TAMPA } I ; \
; -
7EILiLCISiT.Country CO. WLL PAY THE BEARER .. t pe -
G Groceries imrlunt and tlii.>r inntry tlf'C'llo l ONE ; : fur
mnurnllyareiutitaltoatten.L: liiirgiiiurt\ nutyIK DOLLAR ?
l\\ l.i l\\ FOR EVERY
I ) hftiL -
Com Halted. : Out Bacon. nay, Bugar Mess cured Fork ILinu SmokM Liverpool rums 1L L. MITCHELU Executor.Tampa. ) ".... ....i. 1 TWENTY DOLLARS I t in

in Cans, r ul bits S-ap, August 31st, 1S70. s. .
flalt Krtimena Oil oi't! PaLaines, Worth cf Goods Purc1lllStdfJT Cash, inMy .
ABHorteJ Candy.Soda, Muhiard,Sxrffints. Ly, ------ -- -aEXECUTOR'S -- and Brown '"
chewing Tobacco! Siuu- NOTICE. \ Store. uI
Rio Coffee, PfJ'per.
F1annel.l I
Tobacco, nm 1'nocheK assorted Pickles, ear v. !) WHKM FKUEMTIMQ: ,-
king V dlli.LoIJ8tenL i wrw.na iiuMitixl t t., tbu J-:1i1L": of D.inicl1L *. Hickory t. 9-
Jbodnish, Ma-kcr., Maooonnii vrn All
AlmundH l' cAl1ll, Starch, Soda) and Turkt-r late of IHUtilMiniiigli County.Hiinilo Domei- TIllS CHECK. i to
dixxarittl, will 'i.l.iiMx>inu fonviuil) *, -
)iatchu& ... and uuiUe 1'3)"IIl'ut ; and all jnrstnis lu\\iu ti _E. P. MUST W
d< inumlrt a:,: rursett .
h ( ltt1'trn tttl them t<. Uu, umliTKigtHil. duly anthcatie ,
Jrt atal, W thin tlio time l'r j ,'I*.'ril..II.v MITCflELUOit law.; 23: Firkins of Prime Lard, 25 Boxes various brands lIWluf New Goods : : -

Exucukr.Tampa. S. Hats
10 BLls of S. ti.1'ikc's
A Oo's. the boat T(1-O CdM)1ban.Lt)( ( of Clear Sidca B.XCOJI, :
From J. 1L Thorimrns FJI\ \ug. 31st. 187O.ENETUTOR'S ; ,. AT THE c.
Ubla sail agricultural oed houwjin the U. He I sintees

GOODS ::1OTICE.: ltIl'Lrrclri. Pork, 500 biishhcls Prime white New Store '! s

DRY : months after l1.'lt. I will prownt my awL 250 Bu.-htlrt .
Primo White and 1 al=
25; Boxtti Wt
omintx mid voudum to' the Ilonorab5( tt-rn Reserve Cheese, \
Jndgc ifi th- County court fur nm..Iur"ul-h;! 9i removed to my New Store, I am now 4 the
Xerrima& Do1 Victory, Spraguc, Accidon- C'IIunly.I'l..ri.1a, for.fimd ttlciiifiit uud tlthrhargu 10 SdkH of Rio Cuba and Ltgnira Coffee 50 Boxou of Kerosene Oil, i Having to furnish the public with any the -
taL l"acinc and BichuKmd IVinte. ILuiulU.iiManchf flunk the: citato of Isaac WdMN d.-c iL thing they need in my line, and cheaper than \
t T and Lowell DeLaini. *. French lUlinorals Piri'EU riATT. 30 lUmls: of hortod Crackre, 25 Bam: Iri li rotate 1t.8. E can be purchased elsewhere: I have just reed +\ otT
Mid Bw
American Cored I'.rmKina Executor, 10 Kegs i'f Powder Dozen of Jj S. Leventt's Axc Flour Corn, Liverpool and Bay Salt, .
and Maryland ,
flown Iron dad. EieeWor,1'owbattan Tunl"ug." 17tli, 1870. GilL Irish Potatoes, Onions Corn Meal Grits. Soda- .
Jeaus, Nary 11antu, Denims OJIAom :.01-ogs iw< ,rtl' OmonndWbit
Irnrcs. 1) <*tics Ulm..pan.1'itWitJ.1. -. Application to Sell Roal Estato. Candles, Matches, Shot, Powder. "

Ooate Oak e-iUon Strii, Ureas>et4, Plaid' lluttons.ttenabnrgH.Wuuc. 1'ourlButton"IUbUina 'Totitap iN hereby given that hip w.vks fnnu Vial in filet a Urge and varied Stock ofPlantation Epeom Suits, Wright's Pills, Laudanum, Pare. i _

: ; ;Silks, 15rai K Sill: Gart<.rM, I dot; 1 will)" '|>ly t.. the Hoiiornlile 11.1':0' Y & C gone and Camphor. of .
Trimmings, Shirt; Fronts. ('"'reeds, Blankets, ;of the County(5ourt 10, ati.l fur ]HiMii I >roiighiouuty Also a splendid Asssortmeut 'g
1'rin coTcw. Oil e1,tb, cotton Yanw and Blot I Florid, fur an inlet to sell the fol to'
of Fall and Winter CLOTHING. l'llIIinllar.,1 UJougiug to the! KnUki. t>f Wil- I S u 1 i DRY GOODS
and I hain Wilder, lat*of nail County il<
Shoes wit i! tiC N Calicoes Shirtings Sheetings, Osnabnrg /
;Boots & I: I, ofScrtiou. lST.-wiihliip2X\ South of U: Linen. Bed Ticking Hickory Stripes, DeniniH /
2'lJ"t.n.lth" S i: J ..f UUI S 1 K: I of MVtiim To wit the manta of our px'opK all of which has' tarn F.1of'tf'.1 with! the t(> ; DeLaines ."-<*.
7 Toww+lip 2S, Smth of Kuipi.:i. "lll ly- will i } !"! W.M ('IILA' PUR.CASll. C"I1I\Ij.t Exauiiiio our Stock: and you u ill TIN-WARE OF ALL RINDS
-- iug fwd lain: ;: iu said bounty and StaG thing you want, and WU will guarantee you lIati.faction us our goods arc new", Candles HARDWARE, WOOD-WABE r m stl
.n IO J.\-; H. WIJ. D., Adm'r. and sola ut i''ouUr rices.
HARDWARE: TILIJII': August I Ulh. 1K70.; (Gw.NATIIIIE'S : I. :; rOT-WARE. tl r-

Candy, .

I of ww kind with Son Burner, JogsJ.dmff C ROC K E H Y-\ARE.. ,
Iron, Cofioe' PoUfroni 3 pts to 4 Chewing

f yt4 J1ot.cnia1; c..cr,.LarJ.-.e DraM+e IJoJ lIilk rmndBuckitivl leer Pan"from Steel 3 to 6 Blado>qtll a]nUMl, I Plantation and Buckets 2 it-, HAIR\ RESTORATIVE\ \' 7 aX1: ) ) 0 o) The finest assortment of Jyat.

..ce.La t Wash Tub*, Grind Stone, SI ovcLi, Tea!: UFJtfLT OK : --k. .
Sp ..de Well Buckets,, l'oldd Lames, Axes.ooUars. TEARS OF STUDY AM Xll uun7.M : by each ShoesSplendid t in
Jonte .. Brooms Bar,x-.1 l, i,$orto.l w York ad,
Bfaot- IVjwdcr.' Plated Salon. Traoa chains i call at the ,
cedar Churns. row from 5 to 14 gallon, Vcp assortment of '
and ahallowOteni, deep and *baUw Sldde'ru' pt > 5000 Ibs of Dry Hides .
Bc-ll, Well S\1ur1e: > they MD
FrY Pan.Sheep and cow 8 a .. I
itoel corn )1illa. coffee Mills Axe lUndl., Q) QQQO) ) ,

Bharpe's mixed Needle Garden Hoes, lUkes. 7R Mfi1 JIIGIIEBT I'ItICEPAID :1..
0"0,1Tt$Spawns,Tablo, VLUXEXT11AL& &
CJocb. ::
swwa. Glatflwe. Kitchen su&. >ves,Office PRO And in fact, you can any thing that is keptlm
8pecta.ee! ye +and chairs, h_ '. __ a First Class Store and at prices which wil 1 aatonish
oroe. Give me a call. 1i
everything at price- to lire and let live
: Id DUCE.
Ant don't take our word for it corno and so 5 aX1 E. P. GRANT i ,

fur jourdveL I .
.. ---------- .. .
Tho Highest Market Price will be given for oU February fcth 187a! 1 i \
tints of It Qmtains Xo LAC SULPHUR Ac.
) .
X _ Fresh Arrival !1. .
Produce..Tampa GI--.1JX177Lt1'Ecf SIL VER, 350 OTTER SKINS -A t''

Country ami i.< entirely free from flu 1'vi.itmaus, BUSHELS CORN, .
200 "
June 28th.1870Pourulx JlcaUIt-flcstroyiny JJniys used in .::/ .
.A other Hair Prqtrat'unit.It For which We W BLS. FLOUR, .
choice LoaisLaaa Sugar at C pay the hirhClitlark<.t Price, I, :\ 1 IIHD BACON ",
is suns to rilc and drive out of the W. i ii
2000 | ', .
pounds for a dollar, for sale by community the Poisonous Prop.irutionHU lot 1 TCE RICE, ." ... ,
: .
BLUM & KWrAc- URO. iu UHH. Tnui n(in.nt and denims crjntd, it l CHEESE. ,> f .
Tampa, Aug. 31st, 2w will not Mil the liiurt fol>rio. :No nil!! no Hf.1- : KEROSENE OIL.CREAM '. I 1
/ I i u1f'ttt! no dirt iKrfWtly S.ifo, Cluiii punt EjlifcuLUllT CRACKERS. .' .: !
T>LUM ATKLOPPENBURO' have cboico Gol- Clt'tlt11c&.terAllWJt twao : l\t... auJYUtj1.1TiLr1 : : SODA and LEMON CRACKERS e .
WANTED A fine lot of Lonllatd's I
:45 don 'TUpat. U.QIJ JKT gallon. Try ItAug. 1 :; tf Superior CbevineTOBACCO. \I \
lwfaS It 'Cll1J'tfhll'rt.'v.'nfn1jtJlair from I..om- t. .
:314- For Kale by C. L. 1I7J.
ELE. -
lag Gray, imparts: u soft, gUnwy tll'l"ru":1U"O t .
rtiu': >\v"4 }) ndrull in had! I and rtfrejhirg t, ,-- 't' I'

A Mwrtnvtit ofDR" the load clerks the Lair from fidliugati..ofd! 500 DeerSkins TO PERSONS '. .,
HOSIERY and NOTIONSSuratreoeivcarand.a1n flt.Ol'-8 it to a great t'1kht 111 lnii pr lu.dur.lylust '
-GOODS. prevents H,' .Iid4ra, curs nil lInIll"N, MILL- : t
at vt-ry low priot, canon.,ua;tirup,tiouR lUiJ gnwaturrl Lc.L Office. ...... I ,
/ By IILUM&KL01'rENLURG. '- -- By / : ". j : MilL Th .e
2wCELLyoor It is wure Jlrg. 3hi& |i too SttU by Da. G. SMITH, P.it. lit....', (Jro1 -. i ii C. Brown, I .' I
1!ton .JwJ( "l.l. Miuw. PrriwnIonly] l>y'PECICTEB ., Fla., and] 1' I1
KLOPPENBUna. They are laying. the jTo whom altrdrre sbuul.llo iuMr hlgbeat cash priM fur it | 1 "bv nil tn.k'L..a DruKiNU( and Fancy I apply at this my services AGENT for those at a distance "t 1 .
Aag. 31st. 3w. >(;.>...lr 11.aalrrn't'he (lllliut-- i H put "I'| 111 uI I who desire to enter land. MY fees for enUriug '. 'I .. :
Tampa I penal Ujttlii UM-lo
wkIIR1)2QiOO : I 7> urirt of the arti.lo l blown in tliti (.iLt.vi.x !1t t For entry of 50 acres or I law, .5 per cent ";'1 11 i
\J.k )' >ur Unzgyi,4 for :LtllIl;Ii MilL Over 40 and nudt-r tiO...... . .3 > 4 )'
ILiirEe.k.ratiae. aulLkuNo I I Over 80 and uucr ICO.. .. . .1\i : t
(,tll'r. ,VI: .\Itl.XOW. AS lliiajrtlf: : <)J IF:. j.r. \uart.l\ to pun toga ('ED:( .\R at our \ above Mill, Oyer any quantity above ICO; ..,2 ', ;.. c.?..,, + t .1
SHINGLES; liTlsallarIraadu;.: it Lot tnsngavseL wvwilliiuy tla .;!....tM.trkil I'n.v. \V.. Mill *duly j-urrhits., g.. : | { : for build-; Persons can remit by express or Draft ;t I 3, -
; It U very delicately JM i-fumo.!, and l.l..t..> the w.inns Ktraightgnuii\ atu! a i irt<' trcin !.;.Jut.> utii roi--. ....> l'"t--.IIJI,., ..ul It i "" } Address-Tallahassee. Fla. /. ". .
.IQFIIOM URE. .. Hair imiift Ittultfiy milt ImuitifulFur St'>i u inches Mfuire ut the l\Jwcr tuO. I i HAL & CO. I W. K BEARD 1 1t
By\w .Law :L 1 LL'lENTIUZ .t CO.t Sole iuT,.uiiu by Di k. BRANCIL I Zoly 27. '70. t



...'., _,,;!',,",C'_......_. -_.. .....,-::' .L .-l.t""'""_,,,_,,,, &.,, A.. p---- --- '-::'. ..' -

bw.-.,' .
-A-T -
.'' _"", .( / .1" .- ."'.a:;, r r

pe s ylh-a. z
J' '''''' Iioft.-- !

4 Y F
." -
,, .) '
--.J' 1
-. -
"" "


!, l-- t

.. .
.. --
J,' .",,ar';. .. ,
'.;1. c; -
;,- -.- .. ,

: ..-., ..._ ... -' ._:= O .-. -A
; -
;I** : r- oi.l .'. : -' -- -- '- :' -:.. : ::: .: = :- :-,'- :: :' : -'
.. ,... -
_. .
;.". ---. -- ... ". -. .'
-. -- & '1 f rgal. JlbDfrtisrrcf 111 I I lUisrrUtlUr tiQtaS. The Great Mediral r ( i Discovery. TO TOPiinmANs' >:

Ifs: ]tfinl..i. ? : nisrSlsth nDON'T bllcrlirmrnt U5 I Dr. WALKEH'S CAI IFOK:;IA ; .

i_Jut : --.. ..:.. -- ---. : -- .. ,1--- -. r --,-_ = .- ; ,

\parties are forbiddVn fn m liitcil-iiu in .t Judicail Urvuit. stair t of 1'loddrt. .1GtX'lti WI\llt'J.-SUM) to $.:Nw)1N i Tiii 'iitiinirj VINEGAR BITTERS i t"I JJ' 1

-Y auynuivyrerand ,"ttl& tat:; in the fulit.uulg. uwtllti, j : That th. Fu'iatu PrMsi.J; r., .Shoo Fly )! >Miiii, Solnx l T"s.ht'rlIIItUt \"-uni; a' r.I ,
: "wjtoJI.M "and.T1nu tro Idot Cot tub' 1 OKDF.lillU 'er I'til'lisjied! in the CjiyVJf'Ta; lieu nod Jjulit-u u-nntu.1 tonmvass f.>r tie new l 1 Hundreds or Thousands. 1 i
2 : I Eh ft? .," .
UUU }: 1 TV-IT t.. their ..n..rtl ; : : = !
'Dgt'1lt.s. 1 PA" iu'satJCin-iut.'liO.'urid'lhesunion: hereby j bcx-OUK: FATlltK'S : ; or }I ti-atimony :

::/ @)1 l :L'ir"'lIit..II Chuu.mOrder, that F-v.k.:thi-i orJtr uud that be rn.-oid.-d the Clerk ou the noJ, i J I DODDER. IE I IJ i i Till; r.viry//7r7A"iro// .=2'. WHAT ARE THEY ? |n f e J? t ,. '

4 tit'v the Editor of the lYMXbVUK f-f thl..c'rJ..r. i .; r. w !
X Ik.ue at Chambcra. in th.; City of Tampa I Hy l ll\\3rl. 5Iir.cn. author (f the, l jK'i'ular E.- -t i ,

t 1M: I this 1th Xoveiubrr. 1WW.JAMEST.M 1 'I' ri..,r VIGIL I am 1J7to; sec "Night i tit.rurH." This nisistt-r' iu thxi ;ht mal q.3 v ; :, ..r ." -

\ liui'iii) ,;je ishows tis.nutuKl. lifhiti cull U-aiitit-s q ., .
.... GmJIJtgoJ. 1 jr:r1 1 .s.Iust'arrJVtilfrfmiXow Orh.l1l8.ith, in .the nr''I\1 U"us... with I'.l.Mxuini.: !: tlmvrrs.Sitiyiuy j _.> g J, :- .
will kvt Hl btfH-k thlrh111 rllwutl..utrictML l t ;
u lit r,
S I STATE OK Fuu-im. ( ; liinln win i iu;; iiiliuM Kflliunh iJH.litutitiliil c : r jiI.t.. f.W I
: :T Coiiutvof IMMiitrongu.t 1 I I! itivstlNlcomiapgf I U>.w.ilrt..1 MiMinthiiK. J lVlivht- I ri,' : > ,. : ,-.". .

: I'. LAOXS, Cleik ,,1111" ('in'nit (.)url. I II I till Ui\i-rs: Mighty maul". 'I Inlnlrtin.snict! *; .' .".aG Op- I '.-)V"/. p
JOTtS 1 1M.and for the 111..11,1.. f.,!vsaid. ] UIuiliVC: li TJ L1sur.: Ctiiinty Goods E tr NL You
3 .w August li:th. 18Ci '
j I 1tL Dry tl.-s-c U iu,:;lll1111111'nlwut'11allliIth.l hill. (I.> .D | _? -j,
I :
TnniC'I1i d.l lh.it tho loit-Koiiij w a .
'. -, ri": i 'i' n by ivilify !: eyr1n *
V. .__ LL__. __ .. ._ t -opy"of 1l1'"li i.qnd I order in>w V.u 'rcroid vi> in i-a. li Ilie l'II"lith'1I1'.1. l 1.t! tilil
a' A1'/M'r,111mhiwtiilIIh4Cwtll.,i I 'ithcfrl' ill n.ollice. }.aIN'r.; t 1'11:11": "lIgl.ill: ;- :II.I..ItIN'tl.: l.iJ.li! !III;. : r'. '.
I "
: U to.-u .lIArk 1U.II.nl1tt: ; ve 1"1.1..rl'I.1 i! V.ltiu-w.( my h'uul and .w'al I..flo. C U.O C K 1. U V VT All V. and S< ii.l uni\iTsil fur "lI'C'lIl.lr.II Lich i is a tall d'w.-riptinu ( 0 $. pA-; wA ; -i.iI it
ciiitiiiifiiil.iti.iii l tin f
\1" J Y c ae' ..: 'riu/; with, or tlt-lIi"Z'any of j ) Si] : I+tll. 141)I. j >y pass : I
.. vJ II
I "x'M. Uli .1I0 i 5Q50 ,
i iuth'tlslruug'
I'li.l'-Mvurs. 7 I
'' ; 4
1\I\1..k. N ti-rt rl' I' IAOXS. 1
.z'_ < 1 .
rat. .1..111.cthc'no
ni'e ) (I' LOT U 1 X / HE.\Y.J.\U: : ( K: '
gCt11 U.i '.' I Ch-rk C't CA HilWH.rounh; C... I1.L j i idminlstrators' 1 "Iot 1."il.I. l.auh.I..g; llalfl.la: : :. 1111 I CI:11\ : E ? ; "y i t PREPARATION j
'.. A. 'I. Ill; S. Si\tMtv.t. l'hili.I.lI.hia.| 1'a. tl: _. i
1 srlM
tr I I1IX BOOTS & SIIOKS.And ti. -
a' et
: Sale.
-- -

\ r. -. .... 3 !,. r-J, 1J.It. l.HII".1flfJo n1 : } l'j \HUNTS: \.\ TIlI'r"llI11: *. j ='= THEY'ARC NOT A VII.E r_=.1 I. I .

iu::' 1 "PENN LETTER BO OK: I .

-. (', llltIJ.\X) : Jl.1Jnp l AV I:. )r.iovx: .* i.i'.unity! I'oinl, iu and for the Coinilt 1 jol [. t
I o1.rJoorsp
will Thi.iit i1 the p-i-ales! lime, laltir :and liion_\ ., _
.11 JIANhV.1h Ilill>)lioioii;;h and Stale of FloliiLi., we : i its. rind Jirfuso LQlou. I
ho Ul. lit .. otliil -11. *lll-. Kitiiiv;;; inti-ntion of tht-a;e ; and none se it. n,41I.rcrtv&I W "''' :".ti..J. 'J A(4Y( sI s-
JuhwAI17rr | "
.1. 011 MoiuLiy. (II ) ; ; .I.usr.rc" i )
.' Compound' Extract
.lpwtil.'rs., J
n '.. Ill' .i.I..1 bidder, In fnmt. nfth,. t'lNnl} H"o' lull! la l pniist-its"" "'l"-i'il and e 'imi;<"V, am ; nuj Iruip.Uj a tru J t ,. I
rll.j'? \%u. ail (' uTIs Ih"lIl".ii"; 51- ; l.md ( .i\.Iilll, :a cull and lu Mill S'-ll yon Comls; ton Ia1,1., pl.u-etlie. .- uiiltrii, Irtirrninl.rii i t irl'u t.c.mk.un.: '1 N.\I'A I.'Utl I.I
tl.Kir iu the Ihe h tollotiin I r
nfciK iif lyre f t-iA LUrf' Ui'! i l.y i follow| av. ,-M..".U of I he .1:1101 l'iIJ..I..1 }:'I'atnleL.xv| t'1-.I r drrrarMl; .h' t.Ilr'rllu1Ihp tcaulMiNnhlddt' |+stlun" inj'ti. ,'t.I'\ill; l.-al.; ai.d lab with tin hand. I II M..uduf.Itrtwnt1'adtr1t 11: fr"l%.tl't'orfmHRflAil)" ,0 .
11J.1s. : )
end vil. III I 111' \ft.1I1o.I".1I1 :111,1'II :L"I I I alit luimilt (In vuotv it plcpt-ilt.t :and il H"\1; Ftmllfnt1. ',)' lt I ":_')_I'" ,

,": r '. I j lied\ all..lhul'(1.1 veal '"il./ I Vice2,2."i ninl l upward l*. .A.tipted! to ; l. nn I LU'H,.,9 \'J'l.. }..\lHLCll I, "" f
the F. i of :
The V.\ .f- AY i. S I II. .and 111"j j .u |.d.r6ltr :" .1, .r.r
.-C 1ll1 I 1'I :JX AY I 5. S *'t'I''i. S ol. K '.'0 I*, t-ont-iiiiin:; ; Ii j cirril! >i.1 l if: ,ImiiiH"*, ami dm H in.t l Ji.yilli ,.": i' 1 -"m.f' .. .'rl'II.1.I-1."""*"r..ti.M..c." m.ltt'-., .i "<" ft t
\\ Ills 1'ii-t; 1 Kale.Ad.Ir.s nn 1 11.U" .111:1: t of
Iltl: :L. 11t17rnrtitud Iay''E .rtvr..us tt '-
;4. : t ., tis! '. 1:1:1: r'
.1.1.041., t"lh.. t1'nl this S )I:1: and Ihe X I F. j of t j| 3 I'. (;\::.;;r'. .\ CO., I -rrlnmrt.N 'r..n iin-l't,1n Ions unuciLVIIIUl1ut:1111grent..runuwllraLt'ra .' .!
lie. SV J .r-I. ,nnd i-ie X I F.: 4 I of the X AV I|| ; l 'fefl I r $ I ltLtd.1'li: J'.L : .: e.. j""-
iHljyW 54 ( \lTui' U'n'.roj.cl I.-/1 .nl
': ', J ; I:.. T :.i. I:. j..i1. y "'('I..illill::.111. t?I IIMII I ; ,-Mt.m."n.tlio or bonnc other ura mo*not.I'J i.iuil: I i.r..uuwi .,.

"D1 ."1'," A I 11-\\' i I.itlt.r: solid I IHand ...-.1 lh'.n'ltiniHmitcfr.T'' : '.
;, .\\/I.1'lhe- \V 5 .f !t1i! .' S \V 4\ nnd the S F: if 1 J () h+ln...ral.l; ,. l.iU-r.d iiidnn nu-nts.' For Inaa-nm Uory nadC9roalo I\hor.- JI
01 .
:r"t, t.J')" .. thS \\" J. SJ..:. T !'. 1 III I: c..iit.iinintar. : PAIil' :AND\ l n IVIXTHI! \ !iI Ii.sfii-liti.fin-iilarH| ; I'.-... AiMitssi ) r1tsm. Ihloul.and ,'JJ"1.:ac c r 1 iitor-'- I

4t i4Wa.-i.-iv i j. c. I I\NH.V: CO.. liI.I..t',1.: : <.. 5tlon. Jis ..* of : ).' .
p .\II.llh.,1.ftl& 'B Hi::, S 'JS. T 27, U !o I I -. tilen.. :. r.iul I (1 M1l dorSuch :t- B U C H -' r
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JOHN( ) ) .IACKSONS.nAYIXi ( \ ( ) I I'-ii-ioti. M.I1'itif.hnru'h, )'a., ag., HI.. tfirUMHOf; the -nn.I hun.r.Iel"! r. J"
d"q.i, lr.1;_ : 1'1.. :LI"I(!i'i ,; mill th<> 1*4 I M"i ,'I M Lo.lis.lo.< li.l1"r.! tis:! ... .
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OI'K.M'.P S.
"ar.1.. w: 1 )'blt. "f r.\HOljlll\ I'lm'S K\I [ PATENT OKtjANIC VIBRATOR. 'I"III"III :INII\ I:run ,.:,% 1..."- .Tlit, !vi.ii.iH.ii-iit i':\rlnrr lU'CHU LE.lVMoir.i :
/ I injrit.; III.1'11"11.1. and I the 1'IIIt.j imlurt..l.ur.lm -. : i teli
11: y.111N1i1:1.yX: : : : \:1. iiRIt 1 I : "'<: rnn oi .,Y.II. ,'I'.111:1: : :.. .i I1\ 11'1.1; HBI.JIJ; .
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I lie l :111 :1.1. \ 1"ill.I"'I'I ? > "i; t I nu" : an.'olr : wiU t.1.c ; t i
I U 1111:.'..11 liitmi; l>t'-ii' IH.IIJ;III., l I.r I Into the KkrU th.bUxi-i |Hiro uU tha hel! tLl'f.:' \.a >r I'uri-AuiTiox. -F;",'hn in tacutv.lumper -

T- r ..no. CASH. 16.-t' ,,r.- roll :A: I I.". nt :HIM ran I.- not |..rrr|>tiblrTiniovi 1liilul t.lt! \. nn.1nt'urwnr1s.1"+r4tn'fh ln-rrie: >. by distillation to form M fin* .
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I'IXT\. l-ciiLrlit.t in lent' ln.iil.rl. M\ si".'U olDRY II and tiotMiiin.. .1.Uio the dot ,.<,T.\rl.' .tn.iny t"utmJ'N. .fCtua.ljr gin I'uUlvttra. .-ted by dipLu-fiiu-ut with -I i
ant r.'m..I.t. obiaimd. I Jiuwpt-r IVrrie jo
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1.1 I coin It U that tluit iu frotraii.f
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U .lining the.l.-pd IIOPM of Kile, the 1..11"\1| ill Iniu r( ,1011t.1.ollil t i.w.an ( 1..111.. ltirllllC i; .. lIrcntt'r.1ilrmdirut -
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1 1. ; \ > :!\- l.y tin / n .I I'.v t! >. 1.Ii } TinIliitliii: in mine \ Ihrsuudlvst.lJuality
1'a '. ki" -iiti( .1) prtiperly. .r tt'II1'Io'hl'lI ill I.! < sul'' l! iliu.-ials Mi.fl.iiii <;.-aids. Ti.1r j; Enid Ili-.tcny' i.ftlnVari4imt" r..id; Ajit'-j:: 1. ; t//'I..t. l pivdominatcf. ; I (
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:. t.,1' the. y*j.ir l.*,'<\ that uuy l 1Nt nni>:ii.l :hr..' ill_. I'.oitit,' Cli.'li.: 1:1.1101..1I"IIIIII": full de liption! the cols Addt.Xa'ion'. ; 1.\tIIJ 1111.1:1..11 ; 1"11 11..1.1. It \11111.

,.. .J.J ,S r t4)It : Gnn: .I. Ktl: 1. :iii$ j T..X f of X E a i. S 21, :T 2:I. U 21.! AV '. t.i.! ,'r.s.. I I.nri..1iF.: 1 : nor a Mliip ami therefore( rail ?
of( N K :i. S 21 I. T _".1. R21. X J ol X AV J :UIlj j,: I.adie'" U.'('" C uuch. I I LI j i lv u.1'i) iu t-.i. r. ttheulocror inlluiu.itk eiist. gal
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S't..fXWJ.I.'l'n: Jil. Si : 1'1
s .u 0-1:1 I !, \ < ;JIXTS: AVAxni: > 1 tin riu: \ \. \h' I i.r..li..lIl..I.II.III..II..I..1 !ter
: ;J. and K: tilt S F.: i S 2i II.> The X AV 4 of X I I'! Ready-Made Clothing \ th.'AMF.IMCAXKXl'ITIXC.: \ \ f'1".111..0.|
:} ) 1' : 1 : .i. 1.airl' t1s !j ,,1 )1\I'JXj' | Hoping that ton will SI\.r..I with n trial.
; 111..111 :\ I'n'l) > I !8
f\\\\ \ & Sh\\C Fi0.toii. Miwior: St. leniilt I I. list that in.-p-vliou iwill t with .t
rly' ol ii. Seward. thvt-ased ; dell iu b'' 11. ,. uul; I t 1 I i.pou l Litt t out
: t : : .. Sewanl. .\("-, N 1"I'I'r.I IIi"I.1111
; : J RiI"" It.HCIHH.t.D: IIIX11111.'lit : 1'.1\l KEI: NOTt\.S( ) ) CUF.AT: CIIAXCF.l: FOU) \.C.KNTS': : I fit lint; ff totitlihnfe.lain. ; for

.. ; U.lI..I.I'. i.\pns, IJ; :' T11111'ir l : II.SAll fr t'. S'Jii.iH-r| LMoiith.Ve. ":1.1 ;i.olemploy I: ;. Miu: [I" 1'Itllll)'.

-- ).ut.\w. .11:' 2ltlk 1S7 1. tds A 1 p od Aiifnl in eiy county it I I : II. liOlioi.l. 1: I.
hrh-TlV lurewftni'.i5' i'M"ii :, fioTii wn; rw 'r : _. tin- 1'S- mi 1-oiniiiif.ion. .r -silaiy t..II I i iitmllUV i;; I /!.".;.f '/./ 1rl'N.f./itI' 4

'. q.. I .iliuoaii)'4dtt! t..1i'I.1I0'd1l( ? at nI..1f. T A XeD LEe TOR'S SALE kinds of Furniture, nut Yt'olld UellotVlled: 1'.''!Ul ,.- I' 'y" lit; i..l J-JJ.rllt"; i L

ll'I1u.l ; ; \hi t' Win Ciolh.IJIHK: ; will l.utii t I' DR. SHALLENBERCER'SFever I I .
; 0 .T I1 .i \1"+ Iftiui want proljt.iblinn.l: I I'1.L.aniii : 1))!J Jaddress I 4
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?,\: ]) G mAtt Vi 4 t )1)fDJSQJJJ "Ii.1111! K.1: S. 1:1"1.\: .>. Mann- '!: and AgueANTTDo .

.'> I :Wililm St. X. or It iVailornStri
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.1 I jlg r- '7'llJ ill tt. Lira i o.j _rE.h"R ( l'lrg."t )1:1I111h'II11I1't"uli.>.N iuI

I he I AVorld. I
j --- -- -- -
f PG t WILL< lW-\V.\llK.: ( ;i1.\S-W.\JE i j ..UF:1Ts1'aurd.; : : I'or Xetv I IMH..L'! ". For ,-. !tow the (111.. I j' Xtiti-mU-r. UC.. I .

: i 11Jxno'.: (....).UXT; Y. I I't '1'\-.W.la'l"I'I.I.IY.: : S'l'OVKS: :I: j
E 1 i' Bridles DIcLcllau Saddles I|[ ina-k.-l. Applj at "".:.. It.r) .-:..1 >r ofTirnse. I Ii i fifteen years, and i is:still alr of all other :; lit ti-ciipitd l ti... pm) Store opjx-Mte my ntiiI ,

I !i .\ !1't I 'ril'I.I1 A .M. Kiniii-y, i.i'-:: Clustiiit 1 j I known !lli.. I .': not purge, does I nee, and Mt Mnc.-w.lul in c.ntdu'ting lilt.
PG Kill.-H.: >li(>t liiin.4 1111.1 1't.I"11 :
: ;' ". ri.iU. I'a. I nut sicken taw Itonudl. !is perfectly safe in ;I 1'11"11I.a." tvhi-rt; .th'flll..kll1"t been .ivilallv| Kit LcfvaJa
I I'IITI'I':: 01' Airi'llOKITYtsie.l: in 111.1 I|: .\ 1..ill.l1I: i"II"I'\ andlu U a.hlitial I doso 1 I. t'-ie him. I hate lNrtltaft'ribk l
under all
circumstance audit
btll'r\ I
liate i thix\ \ Ii' iul and t wrilin._ Inki.Vc.Smoking "j'I" any : I.I *
ii|1''u j j.till |l'lol.'r.| with his character "
:::: Ajiy |n-n* u Jufcins tbesti .atlle iiilhoiit l'.r-: r oil': r t'?r side ail fnmV: the Court ll.m-- ,I I.I.ur tnt.ttid ...,. fI..c.r' Aiil'.N i : I'S CIII\IMKIIV! U.>k. twill \ 1 tor l II III law only Mcdirint* lat will lIul.cut/rprine.

/ : iix-KMl' will IHI deldt wiaTampAtgrmt.3t11. (! ill lliockstil-: ilii.tr.l: Mou.Uy in X.- ( ; & Chewing Tobacco S"I r< /. i'fnitnull ifir'1'lrnr.Thepsi' CURE IMMEDIATELY I II.I.IAM I AVKIf.H: l 'I'MAX.Finn iI I ere

;.. DAX1ELC.ILIXT. ,',1111..1','lh7H dining the 1-pd 1 hnnr+i if Il Ll.-. t hef 'i J I ; I and iH-rniancntly (every f.mn'.f liver antI tt 1'.""N.WdrLtJllu1. ii-
', Cigars i & "|riiiiaik.ibi! > U i. r .
; pul.li-hi-d. !
l'riIN..ll'r"l''rl i 1'. ur. 111111'/1 tllO'r. !it ,
Auildoic ,
: |I A""I'.lJluS il.1 pcrfivt t lnll'lln""rillF 'b 1ui"ts. I
,. KIXI I: ME11'CII.IUM111111 nns In-ill-; eonipl.l.expustireol' 4 I the
us lv Millii-i.'iit to Nitisfy the! Stale nndCounty : ll. 1.\.11.1"1. i Ninth and nrownMrcctK
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(fttli r.itioiisorIJiii: ." 'l'et jig "" our ti.neni-; Jalarla. FhilathlpLi.wHewbolds I
I: jrtrtby ft.t'C\\l\-t1 jH-rsous: from kil'iiijordrifivg'nff TIIMIJ due by thij. I jmrlieH u"ilillit.( '' Sl. by all Druecisti. 'tbn
I I Mtt* in the folluuingii.uktiP ; s.xuo.GhtLrylair.l.I1.1s1nnl; back laic Fin.-. KVK: WIIKEr.1.1: im-nl. t Showinj; pall rligilrN|. fn>m the K'tt.stIn --- I
auy f'r I the highest.: t I'llilit'l:,' .1:1!:);. .rx .!/,' I''i.n/-j! vm, /. + off
IHW that .
I"it. I
and Uran.1 tllef.r:11 inuy'l""I\I"Lil. t '- CIIAMI'AC.NH: ClPlIU: :, I'dnT.:!:. Ac.SXU1T "
i rii/.ir/; .
: 'r, rol < iii'niiif ;. M.-tri.itie .1"11" "- "Allia I n ce I Li fr.e

: C.ol.y. \Yilliuu E.t- S1:1: of, S 1//, S 111UI1'IXI I:". ,lli"I" roii-.pirarir't. olliei.il inll'U'l.i'e., "- Flqid Extract Bncho rn.

:: f.C.. 75 1SJ.KW. T 21. ( 'hrnl!. \\i. pulling.!i .\ 'linrl.-.. lli-rt.itieal ifr M* o fy 1QT 1 1 r'. f f-?'***."* *'.*"'.*i isutJ"Ar>*t"J%- i ( r-
work. eont.iinin ?
P.-ut. John 1Kst 1 il"aI1ul.- to cuts .ill/'I :
I hn"1. I: rriclJ. 1L.I.-S K J of SAY i.i S 2fi, fal: overt tiling. can bo 1"1111.1111,1 iaiife.I 1 .", h'I'I .':i-s by a protniin-i.t I Sot.. mment. P t>vtl 1'rooir.iliiiii.. .
( t \
.x11\lf.i tAlI T. CAKliXTEH.: I U21 I. T2I.'tfd I. ... >i>. Otir 'Jil.lHNI roitK:: d\.t.\: s..l.1 ( .o' '
tie in I"i1. tii
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Finttt'A n- tstl!-1-. ut.sinlNNlstrsr. \.lilr. AV .li:1'1! \ \ TJiieoiif.titntioii.1 : OIH-,' 1tt1'...t..1 >
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.Itr.-uth, wire -S. K of : rvinie -
1 X K i S 20, .\ 1'. (- li "iiii|>ly of ; : 1 I
._. _._ _.. __ 1 U 'JtiT :l. : I rr. 1111,1. l Ili. :L l I.a.I 1..1..1..: 11.1.<. tIll. fl..t \';'. '. AYtnkiii-MS re.juir.-H th.Miid of r..1i.'ill" l<| S
II..a\ ( J'I stiruIhlnold inti i onttr the
]1.-11".". lit: ay i 'r'lu.jllali. I. \ NVMcm.. which retilo
.4 ,Jlti5 cUcncpn5. ,In ;$y, J(.lm 1)j /; J: n c i: i'11's : '- ,Ib ull..1.1'v (i\tntct: Iliu-lii) iiituriably; d.nn.i ](
: j 1-- -- --- - ---- .! v
11""lim'lIl IK .
= Sit.iV U. AV.- S E i of X AY J S :I. 1: 10.AAVkR .u.iri 1 rv o\r // 1 1rj : III.VI' : t. tiau.llull.lianof
<; 1:1: AT KIO: ITTIO.SIN : A :-J.t +Ity S II.UIs.
T :: SSr ,
hell, Jhf1fib' liiilirtih )'/"/s 111'1COTTO. I Er

A' Notice cC'I IrniiE T2L Jaiues-S) E J of X W J. H 2C It !1. ) .\ .1lIlJ/-S 1111x. 7;r11urli'.: I IIFLOlUnA I TKVOK:: .C MTot_ ::

TEAS AND COFFEES Hembold's Fluid Extract Buchu

Tux AY.AL 1. FUIEllSOX: BAKERY To.'ONJ-oliM T.. N.w(1 u::
Colhvtor Hirnninln: Co. ) ,
E. .. .- ) ITJUAC Ali ixrtuiiji{ TJIAT Tampa April, nth 1\70. t.NNotice PRICE( OF OLD Iu ulr.'t-liune 1"'t'r.\\ 11' t. r'nuLa a

'. .1. I have pu cluM.l Hie"e'hlire'htink;! (f <-at- IiiiTiiMvI) Farilili.s fur ) I VIciVitltVo11a New Yqr I.)' any ..tllt'lI'r&'i"Lmtiol- {'hJunlloo1ll un.gnUe4 .
TAMPA FLA. : t (1 nulirl ur rIr-
'. 0 'r lie iH-lonijiiiK: t.) .lAMl-S AI.PKI'MAX.: : 1'arUe I I ( Uttention. J'bllltlllll.'tiII lr ;
: ytliq'nrlsioo IIIN. i
r. v lining; any o! the-*-cattlr'wilhunt the lN'r- ," Ih1'nd. I Send fur ten Frirol.I. I MH\ \W'\\U\. tllUlMYI"'II'Ji': IJ. 1'l.en.t,,1 l"or Svhimw State .

= nlis.4.nof i myxtutx: pretiouJy) will ll'.ur..l e Frc' 4' The Great American 'i .-a Co., X : 1I1.1 1\\ C''rtl j.r. I : of tho t'trru,4 and nil couipUiuU incident la ,
,.': ,fo\.UIl1JI. U'rIlJ.Lr__ \ 1.T1 lwlu.r' hnviu) .kllmn'\I.t: n..t tin1 co' I .. '._F (.. /- 'i I .'. n. ;;,..( ,-,(f:111; :I.\ :\I i Y.Mj-st.. X. A" II. I I \ \.LIt I lilir.( !1.II."il'.I! |' li.it inj; 1..1 1.. the ",'x. or the dt-cline! or change of lift.
T. /I. t\\.I: .i { ./ t\. tni'Iii hed. .handisltIfrulnpLl,
s TA1I1\\td. .n..t1. f 'nlJ.r 1. tattf John lAJfnjue, lateof 11111..iN'rnug ft -.- I. --- we Cily
county, l-Tiridt. tl",.. tHl, lire rtijuifetl bl ( I'A'KIJYSATl: : UPAA" :1 11.ltl'| 6 l < t-* Hembold's
piefcnt I'F"
1 1; IX"I'ti1'nntsd: I "I Fluid
/ to stll our I H..IIH- I j Extract Buclia
; thiBltti the iunlrr>iI-:11..1.ll1ulit/ <..1 lul.'niu- | Will ale! 1.'J.t ,''11' i l A lu-w nnd r. Habl.1 : .1i.1.,; I: ttn.t. Afti.i.-nni.i.\. >r. MACKS. CMI\C |'rr<, i anf\ .
-Becei'vil- i.indnr.nl}' authvutieitted. wuliiu. 'Jntinu- i g1J l.u"h.I.k 1..lni\!' '1'.\\11,1, ICivVF<'. and HSVANA .tulu':1s. i ,
Meilieiue.( bv Pr. ., :
,. : I:! .. '1'Iallt .
,, pt>t'riIN..11'.r I law, or this. noli.-V vid IM ph-jul Muntly on hand '' F.iniiTH nu.i1r(i-r-h-inv-s X till un. C I' l iiXt.w A'l'KK ril t'n.iu KM*, tli.Fluri- Improved Rose Wash
: tilts:
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i iu 1'\.r) J T*' J S n fminte'I ,
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!. -. "_,1..1 Ktock of 'rdulu.1i.., t ardpntnlptlyaudNtttls. iFLOniDA BAKERY, : liioadway} j 1"1 fnuii NEW \'UKK for nil ..011.I'"T.., mi-1) AVill rni'iii-ally cxtinninnto tern diteai -
a Dg of j. F. iiExniisox.Adciiuistrator.: : 1 : 'Phis i llumbi J I .,' all ri- .I.ir lan.lingioii} t fli" Cn.1.I"Ult ; arisiny ftotnhnbitHof' dlswipNti/m at lit Ho
4 Jinn. whisk.7. i 11' ; '> I and 1 l'u. Uivrr.ii. esll'nw', little
..hHlf., FLCTCHKll.BLACK : 1 P's'I41in: ) ) I r or nn cluing** in dirt nr iol'011_
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t rrnp: 1'11110\0. Twmpi.I1n.Jnnr1'th,187(1. f.w. 1I jjl Tim line will lieenntiiii yulicncrnregx.nrd| ; coniplet<>lr
T.unj" I"'IIII.: .i.;-. ht'nj'it. color of ft.-w and hair ui .lloll.nt Hr. M1nt'rrtrdittllr I
: J 9 -- 1 1- .__ ,__ __ reeeive by n-tuni mail:ac-orrectpii-tnreol; you I )'ruranal the I..w..t 1n1N of frrightuin >. thoM>nti1eaKant| nntli"t'.ivni 'TOn" I'f'm..liM (n. I t ..t
hrwlal, ;ht1t. vour' innintiiinf.1 civilly' evrry | fncilir; t'; and Mercnry in all then tlueitw-H.'
future+ husband !
wife with. 1".i.I.
s Hr.,'unn, Plow* anil Foiiifc.Ikaid. ( Notice. I n UII and.Litr ', 1'I.intprH .nid 1L'r -hauls to ar.til t'SK .
rriI' I
SMITHING I'B' Addn-KH W. F.ti.I.
I'ox 1' t) ] r.i\tir'JI.I' i
AIJ1tW'C'I' .. A4(r Callow Fnoiitill! -X. Y.I i llll-lll'rlvt-it tf all tilt l-ell. !(tllll (. qn| ,.|,t Mild+. I : tI
elks 11014. n.tO.liirt.) -.1XIi- I ri-U'Iir; :M.iiiiiniiiioatirnaith New (irh-aiHnnd
-. '1.kw 1'rRLi. I lal1r.t..k Tnurtw. 1\Lb: PIUSOXShnindrmandsa) o f AVjn. J t Hrowu,* lute ainst..1 Hill theI'tnte s'I! I j:i C11.- inhhippin! ,! tlifir! i-mj.' I.| ; markrtand I Hembold's Fluid Extract BuChli!i

LIin u ('II".tIIr1.bll.1 Iril''Jr \V \lI',1' \ I iii nhtmuitii; nppie! +, 'I he all.ntion .
1..II h Comity. d.vc-iiwd. are In nly I noticed! \wr\\h\i\\b' II I u.1(
.\ ) ;rnt'ialda.Cur lt.4lr. I Pnlclits. linn.uli...
'P ; t>t pftwut tin in, duly autlientii-Aleil. to the ii n.l : i I are "1'.I'rl} C..1)li 11.,11| Sc w : In all .lii eiuii>M of tbt'llt11.ln" whether)
J.uA 1)'i ; TK't.dw, 41.nlrnttluitlill the tiro.pres ri1N.lbs.l.iw.t1u'iuntie or I: rrlll': L'Xllla.i I ;n i j I A'tiKK. .i."-11.1... the. I'.l.-t !hut I Jfiry ,':1 liivtveekly | ill;' in inal or f, male from whatever ciint-. :
\ <<4 TiekiIVrawti.s. : pstmburgs, ,Kplend in l;ar of their: reeot- I \ l- IK'W pi i.. .rd' t o.'l I 'I from ,\: Y' ik 6t l t1rN't; r'Mitr ,1LI111'tal.l'rfa TI.I.AUJCH I on;;:iimtiin;.I\II.llll matter of how long .CIUIMO i
.. fish1/nrw, ti till nil 1/--- I 1\1'1 .r \hovihji! to tile: nit T.t.TH l'.i i and ix : ill .tancl.i '.
1'1"\ : Iu1.1IJl1M'rwmt) tudlht4.l to"i.1 Ki.tUiire: : or- 'l Cll : : { nicKiup :I i ;; It N pleasant in tist wild odor,
t .I'1.-114(', ,. 4.kpored. for J.. ; 'ln''X' <'dvi..dt} '1 'iaist-1 with .Alutm !. TIMK: tiniit I I l.y otlirr" / "imnnv. !
f'-+ ttHl to make iiumedinte ivr.ii.nt.J01IXT. '. -r* et cry b.Q : nny 1'11. diHt-"in .action, and t .
|' \ <
L. G. COV.tt\1CII. t li : .* | relict riming !Win r
As li i..n of 111..1.. : I.t 'ri of ih. : .11, nvul,. i. Colliui tak'-ii to \.x ?
.' i.KSLF.Y: C'ril.1 ; J"r4 i' ..... .I/I. uh.tlmi. : Y"I. "iiti.ithronch! of ll"- T pn i punttioiiM of Hurk i>r Irim. .
K> April Oh /in ,ud 11 heel G {ft ,t- 1'1 ttdelajlit: ': U-iore the 1'nt.nt OjH.- !}ill.lviinriinrdat i ..
Adiuitiintrator.Tonjpn nut / II < |I..r ; I taut( "t nrM. 1.11:1:1 i:. I Th. hutl'-rinn' ; from broken.lown .
'I ,,June J.rlhl1O.! l bw.Notice n tiLhbnG III a ,1\10 (' .t.k ,r v.rTntyyenr+. 'Their .tnu-trim, and )::1. '' 1I APYAXC'IIS uut.levllfbtlan "-t iiijiu'dM u"|iis pro'nre the remedy at one. roniititu+ .

f Cash not to I.e 'ltl'n..1 )f" p1uICCv -/ ills r"I'HU Moil.L 1',111 .\J"I"i"; them.rt i-xt.-iiMtv ,I. in Xi-w Ywik nn.l Xcw l1:leans. I The reiul.-r mint >.> aware that how I
1lAkiuu.lepairilIi : SH <-thrr reliivjency. i i. J Under. the i-i.titnict r t -
any .
1.11 r 1..CIII111.1. with tho | Hlight} may U the lit tl\C'1t. of the hove L ,
if, It,.., "illl.! ;-'- at 1110 rntinuw inv.A tuitnj.lilel l eoutiiijiing; bill. iu-! I'.nt: .:lH-eP)Y:\.111t1h1'lll, It' r.'ri.t Kailro.id\ it in ivrkiiu to afftit{ the Unlilv health*'
to I
,I- -. done)ti ri-it-.nnnl.I.) tcrni Ilorci-d JI..1] nt n CM. :ar utoi-s i. nl- "li; li" MUXX: C.>:npany will l .dis|Hitch a "luI'r from mental and .
: J'AII' FOR monicnl'a huller I HID thankful tny/iiiy'. fri.'ii.li* nul 1.\ Xew Park tf New (trloan-t, i-t.-rv Snturday.! All

CIX MONTHS FRO) DATE I Mill I.rt"st'nt, fur: their Ina i -t patronaco.and !hope I 110'ill. _, every .Tn...lay nu..I.W.. ,-i verv ,'In""I.A.I I".*. 1"I I "

i \\C t9r6eansJ L ,1 uiy nocoiintM and vouchcnt to the Honotu- give i.ie a vail. +,k .\ .1' AYunti'd- iu the :,"tb. I.) 't.1) 1'natuul-": IveyAVe't nail N"w 1 Or- I.H the ) ; ..

: I 1 W Jud'a of the Comity Court of Folk! Coaa- 1l.KI\1'$T- .I | our new Uh-k. 'rl n jvurs in "M.t j "'have been lust'tnu-ttd yendniniU, !. t.\II\.:.. 1.\ 1) .t" I
1 1. ((1 I ty riori.Lo: for ft flnul w'ttlonient and ilihcluuxulr ".1 j Tanipu Mnrcli ] 4th 'CS: < -17-1.y. B Street" tar nt vut tnok ;: orders the i Vftiia, I liy, Liu' time I and 1 the 1..ti"11 eou.'iilnt I I $I..i it-1 i.dtlr rnW u ; G tNftl.tl C''C''Y'hC'rt'. trite I

: <.iu tlw estate of Zttchariivh Sew ird, tlucow- 6rt day, anoth.-r ;.i in lonr .1I '' Kn-: Maya'-,, 'n* }I'lKtuOlce: 1 n"II.. will .ll.4p.ili rri''. literetl t..r aldi\\ for TnnUHiJfe : II -
any IVril
rli td. IHI.:!--g: \ ; | .1..1'.11\' min,-nt 11.1 as th iuo>t c x-- t turn! 11\1. kn'watt[ port f"rwarlin& nil nidi'k I"U -oniTiiuuieatitiiiK. .. > .. I I.

1 fis G EO. ,,D... ALLEN DANIEL STAXFOnn.Excrntor.. J1.111'IIStilROI)1 I, citing iiiten-htiu! .ui.liiistnu-ti\o ht.t; io.ittoraoan be .( transmissiiou 1 :.
< : I / e\er jlll"1 E&tnt: tirniti ton Send for *>y t II.roule. I
.- t !I
.t.r > ..
f For Sale l : ratoi alayctly 1S7(). Cin.Final dn'lbr. W..rtLiugt"ll PuMiu &.Co., Hartford -. uejiv jTmpi !Win, Son (lit, every Fritlny t 1 1S ,
: : C.alft. H. HEM
I f i\ -- ---- L >avi-Tanipi t tjolii Xril"I y Fr.I"! } OiD. i
:illAlinUa 1
j SS lt.1U1OTi1J as Uiq BTRVN- .!:t p, i Notice 1 illAKKJ n! I'very arcuiiinuidalHui nn.' ility wi l lw l'u'/1.l M> ('UlI('Luu't'K. t! I

'. \ "i ..f.mu.,: Ala" plouhlo j irLice on 5 Large Bread .lfT.r.l..1 to Sltij(.i+.." nnd, ('oiw >;n,.,.* |, the, I t

',.f: "" .a.TMWlydy" lU11tll'J.1u.G nchs ttk SIX ilONTIIS from ditto, I u ill (present myl A.JenU of the hit at 111."i"I.. ) 5.W UIUUOWAT. New lark.ot1 i
; '.' liL 8 or 10 hiniaiocL, Iiajirovtiacuts, i i'! Ik'C'UIlUtlllhl'ol1tlJl'rtl to uw ll.nioni- SADDLER ', I l'our .1..li.11, ", I .

x E .!torif; slats rlcArcd.' Uwxltiug IIOTLSM. 1000 hat i;c "Jbl* Judo of the County (;rtlrt, of Iltruaiuloie t 111F: Hiihscriher rwpectfully InlL .orm* mecoinniinced I t'. tl. I'KUKIXS.itCO.I 'r"'II': Ii

h. ,a, trottj'in; Trarsory. and n fw nauonnas.rireL If ,- j County'Florida' f>r a final settlement anti d isi i : Public that he IIIM inuufaotiirl.ar ) .\ ,' I

.:.. .::t-. with tie plftfe, will lie old bOUMo'h old'I :i'charc" from the estate of John E. Johnson, lat( UriJOLSTEK Ac. I 2il Caron.lclrtSlnvt.'Xew' ; Orltaim. U'L G.ru.l. : .
sd-J"", ,i: tn HitrVn, forniturc n rat ctirpt.ntpr"K tool. :of said d..- .. .. ;M* lErrndorMipfriorqnnlityn I
: j couuty, tI ; j I I. I.. I:I HKITS.i (: 1 i t'n'c.. .1
I dsi i'n
1. :r.t :- ," VIN father infuruw.aiL.a' r>ly to 1 IIAXXA Froth Paily, )Krcular: cusu-mii-s, sp Ft \/ I Yi
]] I. JOHNSON. \ ftttond t > All batiiieiM in this ,1'w hi .\1,1' ''
: ,. lii.c tr i i I. |
4' ? 1.1: lte Clu-mit-al 1
: -TUT 'n j rally ) with I'll -KitulC! tf, Wareh1! .
\, > : Mri E. : WALSH. '' .Administratrix n.' .' :m.1 .1i"l'at.-h. ) o.dL ,I 1 171. I Chamlwr, 1 'I..I..I. \,-u \"i1.. uiil '- my e'
I jMb .

iff .\o"nt.

.. ,,'. .
p I .

r I Ii
-- v



-- -

The Florida peninsular
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 Material Information
Title: The Florida peninsular
Alternate Title: Peninsular
Physical Description: v. : ; 70 cm.
Language: English
Publisher: Thad. C. Andrews
Place of Publication: Tampa Fla
Creation Date: September 7, 1870
Frequency: weekly
Subjects / Keywords: Newspapers -- Tampa (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Hillsborough County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Genre: newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage: United States -- Florida -- Hillsborough -- Tampa
Coordinates: 27.970898 x -82.46464 ( Place of Publication )
Dates or Sequential Designation: Began in 1855.
Dates or Sequential Designation: Ceased in 1874.
Numbering Peculiarities: Suspended in 1861?; resumed in 1866.
Numbering Peculiarities: Resumed vol. 1 in 1866.
General Note: "Democratic" <1856>; "Republican" <1873>.
General Note: Editor: Simon Turman, <1859-1861>; Sam C. Craft, <1866>.
General Note: Publishers: Simon Turman, <1856>; Wm. J. Spencer & Co., <1859-1860>; Wm. J. Spencer, <1861>; J.E & T.K. Spencer, <1866>; T.K. Spencer, <1869>.
General Note: "Here shall the press the people's rights maintain unawed by fear, unbribed by gain."
General Note: "Tempora mutantur" -1866-.
General Note: Description based on: Vol. 2, no. 3 (Mar. 3, 1855).
Funding: Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05
 Record Information
Source Institution: University of Florida
Holding Location: University of Florida
Rights Management: All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida
Resource Identifier: aleph - 002013373
oclc - 11286473
notis - AKK0726
lccn - sn 84027568
System ID: UF00079921:00441
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Full Text
"'" <;


.. .. ",,-- ," --rr': .. T"HSHI
... '...... ,. ,
.. ..- r ,,"" .... ...
;,'...., *.
4 : :
l'f.it 1 I


.. : .

: .
-':" .., .
a'I :


-.. ,. -----..,., -- _' __. ---.. ---- .. 1 : .. -. ,. ,-:'::". --- --- -, -.- _--- --'". I :
.. : ,.., ,( ,
. I
,. "... '"' .. .. >. '
v t'
: t'
'- "
ViJ ... .

., t 1 t 1i
+ .
En. .
/ : .' t


l.L i, .

.-.... __ ,----... __ ._ .. ... ... .. ____ .__ .. ,_F1-- .. ._ .. .. .. T' \ -

&f. L. XITCHELL ditor, } Devoted to t\\c Interests of South F \or\Aa. ESTABLISHED IN 1858, i
%: X. ttP Kll7 ftro. prletor. s
.. --,- ,.

\\VOL. 5-NO.. TAMPA FI.01UDA] WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 7, 1870. $2.00 A YEAH.ie f ,

'l.-, --- --- --- -- -' -. -- ., .. t I
Slariba Seninsttlar Qlorbs[ I Mining I Flftecu 1"c'ah. Ilcuiarl) (' Seme aln 'hdlllll e. I iiA.ai: ) OVER A GKAVK.f 1 Gipsy TrlrTu

/ 4l : anaaaa I From the Kutluul (l\"t.) HeraR 1,
fg 1a
i1" iBi =-: =- -- -- There has been for days :
some past *oWKampment
_, t i ITCHY! OF STOLEN CHILD. 'nclIUtof; Charles Hark, the I
A French: relates: a thriling of what bo called gipsies -
J.W.AKDERSOiVSSOXS&fO.\ paper .llutrlt 1'avorile Itlaiid. may
$ JArfMt firfnUtlon !. cay and Conutrj. i << rcr 011
;!' which lately occurred in % I'arNian mar in Rutland, their camping ground ,

HATES--I i The J Kansas City Times gives the following riage. A couplo I'rt ('lItl'tl'tht'lIlsl'I\.s to having been change from time to time, If I
ADVERTISING 1'roni the mphis) APIM-A Aug. 12.We
l1ttDn i Jllttoi' story : be married, the! oride: about J IS years of not from day to day. On Saturday last

Nearly fit'lcc-n year ago there live) on nge; and possessed of consiilerubl! *' pl'rsoll.\\ have several times rvcvntly alluded two uf them called] at the Louse of Mrs. ,

_ 1I'Rlty: FLORIDA PCM\!SULAIt, the banks of the < )Hiin, but a fc-\v miles al attractions: ; the bridegroom, an rxUs'niely ] to the capture of Charles Hack, the Hublord, a idevr lady, residing on tho I
j murderer of tIle (:hcesle] Favorite
TAMPA. FLOU1DA.; AXDGKXEUAL from the city of Lllllis\'ilIc, a man by the t small man,, ageJ I 1-3. When tho i family on comer of Wales and] West streets, with

a, name' of henry C. HlIlfllrlh) I the family I eerrmuny was concluded} the' door e-f Ibsball I: Island u few months agl). Shortly bc- some baskets, Which I they offered for sale. i

\ ;J Square (oocnpying the tyuce; ..of_ .12_ .Bri'etetlines'irkasoneinaertin. .l.tOerr : COMMISSION( consisting him -lf, wife :and one child, \ was; !burst open, and, a woman of gignntiostAtnc film daylight)j on Wcdue.sdaj'' morning, Upon Mrs. Huhhanl
ntmt'ittaertion..73 a daughter! only n little over two years of i I! iiccompanied by a thin damsel say :o'clock, a squad' : of men presented they entered into nve.jxation with her, f,

< ererj anhye One clay the chih11'S'apl',1 I h'i igilant I fifteen ; und: themselves at the jail at Austin and de- she had
of burst
age. room ohwrthat
...........tn rwkooareu M I h into :tbe and one of them
.. ant
doe. Iv Vituf... ici.tm ere eye of the mother, and! tvuIdrrtd'fnslu furl'l'.l hl'ri'" through the ncmi-circle of mnndeil\: that&: the jailor should admit small! bunch her forehead proposed

i d n pn, one :sc z. ,....I'...... ... flQO llie hou not marked with the nnuiJx Drayton, Street war the tiny, guests."Wretch I I theiu-s in the ofi tojremove:
( Ld.atiutpettts no trace could be found of their darling scoundrel, tlit-if!" the cried, caught : neighborhood her that it originated uilbaa injory which If I
*of Inaertjfpa$ deidrfd, will fco pnblUhed 0Jr until reaching the banks of the river her turned I i i IVjton (some; few miles Ll'lo.Austin and 1.
SAVANNAH CEO.. addressing! : the husband, who astthht ] site had received) some years ago,
ttfl ordered ogt. ?pd charged.accordingly. bonnet tour Feat) near the margin of the I I! wLoui they wished: ] to deliver to him.I roultl '
; \ as a :sheet ; "this. is bow you tease t that as it bad affected jthe, l linfie U sI
'i .. Adra&entenU dna from fi }t insertion &) u.inf.s ,enJ. \vaU-r. Thc-n, indc-c-d, the I litlle one was me in the lurch l, who have sighed during Tile:I jailor, thus informed, ox-ned| theI not bo remedied ; wherwipwn ewe ei f the si

.L .eC.+i..leacaor1ifit.'ls. trusted tu our car, end! liWral .J iincts mourned; dead, ami only a motlu'rV fifteen years for the day when I might I door, and 1 was instantly seized by men in gipsies made a preteiwe of examining the i .
&fcEGAL ,ADVERTISEMENTSo made upon I'roluce In blot Uc: olyL. heart ran fathom the of tho be- black masks: and 110Illi'c' ,(' The bunch of I II I: t-
tOFFlCUL agony call Myself jour wife! Saving this situ 'hunch und ('nIUUlphl.d l passing: ,: her, t
) -- -- -
< -- --- t. criLMArnv.L. aUllx/'LA1L'a1': : r-at t'tl-i'arcttt. seized I the unhappy man by the collar had i keys was quietly taken possession:: of byi over Mrs Hubbaid'i: face Tki i If tk tt
i two who went the cell where Hack
Th Florida.rrtiinanlur Laving 1 yeti deait." .&- Tillllas l'tl on. Other children carte jerked him up under lur left arm as thoughhe men to I last she rememU-rs of the transaction ar

: ;ftd. on of the official jonrmil of the Sitlijjodicul J. fliiiuuRm\ l 1 & rn? 'Jo Jake the j place of the lost om at the were a crush hat, taking: no notice: of:! was confined, opened the door, and! ordered : Ihu time. On the: next day, Sunday, :I
: him follow thvin. few words
to I Hut
: > Circuit; the rate for gal; 1\4h''rti" fireside, and llie first storm of grief at I the his :.struggles. She addressed, the' Major '! wishing to use some nwin 'yrhe went to {

,. ..,Y. ",,,, ,went; viIll; >eMf>iUo..* : Cotton Factors terrible atllu-tion had given way to quiet in a \oiee of thunder *'I.i 1 arrive too passed: -the unhappy' man recognised in the place'where she was! in the habit of ,

Notice of Application for Letter -f.dminiMration. MibmNMon. Still the blue, dancing waters late J" "The marriage has: taken place," ', the hideously disguised: ; : strangers the keeping it, but could not find any, and

5 wtvkft __. ,.. ... .3u5 AND of I the (Ohio) al\\a\s caused inexpressible \ replied the Major, ':inch I request' you torelease avengers of Musk), :and tiemblinglj' Uhl') (::11 upon further search it was ascertainedthat : I'd e
sadness: to thciir bereaved i! hearts. I t their I mandate. ]ll' was! bound. on leavj ,
Notice to DcbUm and fKslUors. H w S flU M. Aiigustin; and to rc'lm'-? I I a dozen silver fpoons and some other

;. ':' -Notie* for DiamiwMl. C uionfji't. .. 12 Ckl Q1SIR.1LCommission:: : \ Five years inn IIIlI .family) remo\c-d "Not,*' said the giantess: "without giving j II hug; his cell\, and quickly carried to theriti'r articles were uti5sing.Mrs.lluhhanllilen .
,, : **fc x \y $t. l Louis where tliev lutvu re-sided I ever I where he was put in a skiff, which, 1
his deserts the Lillian who leaves [ remembered that
-NoticeofIiHwlmK-y. ..... . .. al CIlI him to i | .
with half dozen
I toUlC('. with Ihs! heie. "N'o that along a more in waiting; I she unconscious at the* time these: L.t
"All other Lfjjnl Notice and .\dn.rti..m..utJI Merchants me ;girl no, was
I *, Last Saturday )r r. Daiiforth) received j near by, was 11111<'1'11. The balance of had been r
( little two left and
mine liowlul
is not ll.e man. women
according to the njiw they I*'" :girl : ; ,
be charged .
wilt i tie in all
au anominoiis 1t:ter from the city, nrg- pajtj' nniuhiring .sometwenty- I. .
rest feel} :
lie had I better have n-miiiied; iltllt.- during the of the day a strange
:, .cap! and the number of ImwTtion enrh requires in'ftioo. Hay Street, Sni'iiunuh, Geo. ing!him to ('(IIIIup imme-diak-ly, if lie The giantess: frantically I raised him in the 1 five or thirty, got into the other skiffs, and i ing of dizziness in her head, and her suspicions 1 r eto
at the rate of one dollar per wjn.w i the whole flotilla rowed
mid his heMippo swiftly toI tor
z xvi heH 11I daughterln iii over had
"- ) head."IJcpcat aroused that she
air and whirled him round.. her i wen at mice !
:ti Aonlj for I5i IoUt'\"*. ofLime. before I favorite fsjand. Tho, : taken t ;
I'lxiopliale ec1 druwiie-il lliirle-e-n prisoner was
: ; ( Super > was I years ''' these and rw
what have said! site shriekc been magiutized l by women,
:; -It IJttrrited I. \ you |
--0-- out reaching the i-.lundallll. carried I
in tilt dllln Monday ; on ; :
Ale! 'f B"rJ.in. llo-|-.> and lion Tie* always on lintiillUnal '-1 his l'hiltl'J, \: is w like you as onej I that, taking; advantage of her unconscious t
!s' TERMS TO SUB5PUIUKUS' : ; ( { to which shelters the of
> tree
' ; last l. mill proi/ttcding to llie plaecdiiignatc'd ; : :a {grave one ,' ftiJI f ne
t 11wa i is to another-is she or not J" h condition, they had! taken the moue. -
*t JVr Aw"1! (iu ...h'ILIk'l\.') : .: ;;::?-OI) I'icililiriinhMl lit f.'usHMGiX. : in 1 llie letter;found a \\'oiuanvliom j yours of bisiftims old' Mrs'( ''food; wherehe I i
1 1i' did his. mouth. His & with them. Procuring a team J6I
., Ai'gHstin notpen' : l :
> tax Muutu ; : 100 Iuuu'r he had kno\\n in ether days ..r"piell! nearing I was hnllXOTIItI I I't'r
: ;
: theiisei/ecj h started in the direction 'of their -
.. -V. -.. I -- - -' -- V I i-Aei-utioner I \ Ids nose with her: ; encampment -
">L -. -- ---- h>"':I'" : J |< B. 1'\UA".t: I the grave, and a Vsiung; girl in iitlc-n- left hand and it violently. About ;i, .\ : : \ EIStON.Sincslheahove'vas : ; : I and, taking advice, proceeded I
; 5- 1 C., !. HNHI\J. I ,dance upon li':*r. Slu\poiite-d: ) !to the If I wrung i ithi' put[ in type we have 1 heard I another, ) I and officer. .
} .. ,Business tCar I thusIwo of tie guests moved by the to (procure a search warrant an I
i ; leI
version of thcubou alTair which}
child hi"i1i"U1C't.
immc-iliate-ly upon : saclog1'hhs coupled :
-.r, -at It --- JOSEPH FINEGAN& Co.t '' t'ntreatiesOf the bride, attempted to interfere While\ doing; this she was prohablyuH'ru.tl
: ; i js your dr.'Wiied\hild! and j I with the rsasuusassigned f"ir itwill, make t.j t.
--- but the uiragedomaii.. using: I } fcy the women, for, on returningto r
;, ft LI-: G'L: 1'lIh.'t'llI1PUII! an explanation which coniitced our rl'a.1c'J"1I'. \blood} run cold, and\ mantle ,J JI j
,.. the :bridegroom as a and] brandishing I her house to get ready to :go '
. weapon,
: J( --- -- him of the truth of her words... heir I faces wit shameshame: fur I the, 'a
" --- Q} IF a G it IT 0, \ ) him at arm's kngth; charged her' I officer, and! while up stairs, the two women \\er
; It that lie Idmself tin.* I degreadation and brutality of tin thunl I.
seems! was: T IIO- 'r-
'V. .1. IUUNRTT.at opponents with such fury put, them came ito the house, left a bundle on I
cent cause of the affair. ;.The'omaulhad 11f'1',1'1 c-r who expiated all so fearfully.V elearned he
i I j
: AXI) the tattle and that "it
"l'allllll' remarking
,il to tight.: I'01ice"tried : simply
1" >
r. T ) loved him his: marriage .. t that 1 the, prisoner was ,neither "' for
: prtinu'to ; l fi it
i >la\'lIr. Y 1It1 JIl'( tl not give yourself the I was sill right, they bad only borrowed I
: t tor a7 t Caw\ and when the words were spoken, binding hung nor shot, but buried alive: in t the sand
1r\ "
'f C (f: 1) nt'i.5..alOli\ 'll\evtltlnl\ tronble'; !' hoarstlv' 4-jacitlated I the giantess or something to that effect, went away.-- its
: o him to another, all the We.rst par.ionsof .. of Favorite Island.: This 1 )horrible death lmiull all of the
C ; -'l will lt /go I the rascal I of my own Upon opening the inw- It in
aroused and -lw4 cleJcrniincd meted because hi confessed
h'r ,
lIatlln'l're was "
: ,
|tioOKSYILI. FL1.t' ;accord.! Here, lilY beauty," addressing'the sing articles, as well as the money, withthe ,
,< upon revenge; and how faithfulj j after killing the old man: and )he raped three dollar ) '.
Jliif Street Xuriimuih (leu.IH'.r.UAL I'rid.'its! yssurlitti' bit: of a lI\an.- t exception: of some two or
; TH A 7T11If : ly she executed: her intention I tin uboefacts : 'i. the old woman, I then I.ilttlla'r, and. after foundIt as
T1IC : C'.lton silver
which in ,
: : PEACT1CE IS Al)1'.1scEsma,1s on con 1 have not broken him. We h:1t11": fur- was were -
' : JodM-jmlCirrniU. and ..'Mf l"r"'Ull.1th-n- << UH or to Our Purr...l"'uJruta in will testify.= :She had I h'pt herself '! the- lillis less here. Polhrv me, Itaptis- death., and before her n'mains wen'1 I i is5iippcised that the women noticed e-
f':;" Lion to all Laiimnatru4i,l to bile.Dx Ni'H Votk and l Lh..rl'.I.| Unggw.. 1 tops| I inforiiie-d of \\hcrcahotits, and when I '>, cold violated. t them:' most brutal)'. If i different
Mrs. Ilubbard!
I tine; and so sajiiig i sl II" thing il>j\vn Ilc.r' going to places,
; 2l lh. 1MW.; Iv and lron'Fir. urlli,h..lltt i ln. c-t rate, ten::III she Knew! I that shortly I deathould claim >, this be true\ we can appreciate the awful I Vitow
, j -- II victim at the feet! of iagents'; of the police :i'I Mid I thinking that she suspected them of
'., -HOBBBV: I her as hisiclini she determined to make death meted to so fiendishly depra'.ed aillaiu.
R.B. A.M. who at that moment uppiared at thtdt.sr. ,) the theft, and not having had time to
H-< Joseph B. Wall Ii i hinge re-paration in her power. Who I "I 1 will ,go she aildtxl "1,111 let him :'i \ We recall in a life of forty y ears !II I. properly secrete the articles, took th'i +Z.
,. can paint the jay of the father on finding; but 01.' instance of such; total depravityand -
e\-r npp'-ar !before me on hi:} ,wife's arm, 1'i I method to avoid a prosecution. .
- POST & HOBBY I II I he dead ali\e The woman it seems t that oec-itred ill California in )1SJO.i ().-
and I will take him between r>v tiium'jainl '
i; \. atPROOKSVILUE. 8 1 j\\ \' had only In'e-n in uurrity.sentsix months: "' 'i The wre-ti'h in that iase., had no trial, but -.e. .----
"' t t .. nrr \ 11 \ 1t (j'"rdilljl'r11II1 i Make but one iii'iiith- bet
\ fii'in. Cii.einnati., to which [ Iris TEI.U You WIFE.
'..'. ''=' I c-oining; plai-e fill of him. This little inehilCht.last} cats disp.itdicd: ; Ity : companions: in -If you are in
:. I Commission Merchants! she had: first tied with tin child.. :She'' : '. \it\\':! of the corpse. his lust had fed trouble or in a quamlarj', tell your w ife-- aloni.
; quite(' a gloom over the assembled gut-sts ,
/ $ FLA. ;said that she had :tlwatrt.ale.tl her as ; .1 upon. The] punishim lOt "m either case that is, if you have one-all about it at ers
11..1. I stared\ \ the fainting .
; no one e\en IOI.i\;: -
Ij*;::-. c'\V O'.hu.! .... I.a. she would her own daughter;! ,! to which i!': biidegroom from .he tlooruntil thel.tst \\as hardly -c\cie euoiigh.A once- 'I[ ('U to one, her! invention will al-
PUACTICE in the .tll 1 and 'th Jn.li- the child! testified, and begged; ; I that I the ; i _'.'_ suite jour difficulty! sooner than your
t WIDL echo\ of the of the injured the
attention | I heavy f'Jclt-h.p: <; I
-. CirrmU arlit ghi 1"ul,1 I A Ore clt ld. ,
: -0-- woman might be taken with them. The logic. The wit of woman hall been pr.us-
to iris (unH.L.MITCHELL-. fair hud] died in the! +"
5 tJltru..le-d one : !
Ln..iDt'tIR ttbe
nil away
the F >iii tl : l.a Cioesc Di.tuiK.rat.
)result was that yesterday evening; distance {i ed, but her instincts, are quicker and :
when they rai..tl1Jim to feet t
iis.'iu: rUt three t"ok the! train, on the North Mi>suti- and solemn, silence took their } Recently, a young man eif this city keener than her reason. Counsel with,

: : xUxai.ur.t IlRIiiu..u Joux J.\nc.'s ri llailroad' for St. ouis.. and ere this the departure. piiding,. himself; on his good looks: and honcsty your wife, jour mother and sister, and .
: tv. O. fllI&l": } lh.) 1'au.At.. waiting; mother has: received; the embraces )1 I| he-came enamored eif a beautiful lass: be assured light will flash upon your dark I .
June It.tl.! If-f.tf. 1\ ;er-
of her long( lost daughter.Victor -'.'-- I I and frequently called. on her and spent an ness. Women are too commonly adjudged t ,

tor U f n t jUi\ -'.'-'- A SIVPLC IIT: : SI-UK HtmIII'I.m: : evening in her MJl' ..ry. The lady always' verdant: in all but purely womanish .
rsoN & (JORiox
i-: "y Hinro, IlVDUoi'iltntiA.I : =TheN"orristo\vnlVnn.( I : ) .seemed glad to see him, and accepted !his : affairs. Xo philosophical utudriit of thuJ

Independent says : Jill Ibll', one Valentine )little presents and attentions with smiles, J t sex thus judges them. Their intuitions, dert.

t. TAMPA, FLORIDA. (lj 'l>> f.;. tt) W Wzatc 1) r'I:...i.il .\ I.KTTKU: ro.M' HIM ox Tilt: WAI. I Kittering; of )Dauphin Countj-, comtimnieated ,I }blushes cud apparent eagerLCsOne'' ; JKculiarity -- or insights: are subtle, and if they cannot : -

r t < I : III the :Senate! of I'tnnsvlvaniaa she hall: whh'h. tilt umng man see a cat in the meal, there i is no cat lett

-- ( .! '- ; '. sure lemcdj' ftrthe J bites I of any mad wOI'lll'f.tl.lt'l.t ilJlllirl'; Always, when there. ]II counselling; a man to tell hid

(k o ITTILL GIVE TCOMPT ATTESTIOJf '1'0ii \St) >\nTn"\\ic/\r /* ....m0 C\\'''' )g 1'roin his home in ( :lIt'rIlH'Y'id'r { mlilll l1. He said I that his antes I'r ha ] Incalled for an evening, he found her trouble) to his wife, we would gu j farther,

.. \J aU bonintiM,cutxui4 xl t,) hue tun.. lln;'i o has: written a letter, addresM-d tot i used it in\ (Germany: two hundred and fifty: buisily engaged; making rag carpet, which land!i advise him to keep none of his affairs
; t the woman of(:Se-rmany, which the ChicagoTinifi : I j jears ago, and that he always found it t to : she!t sljly: hilltl.tIIa, IIi!., blushes Mitfused | secret from her Many a bourn has been

Ji J-; J. F. lIE"1)rWtt1 tninlatis: 1 :answer I the during a icsidence of her fare, was tucuvrrsumo of the rooms of i: happily :Ja and many a fortune retrieved -
i; j. A. HMDIMKW. .. . JI'rlrl=:l"l1 ec neither of I purpose I n'l
.. .:. IJ\IK| | :: : This war i is a war i I a
I ; I tiltj'enrs t in the I'nited StateHe onIv t heir fist ure home. The young man offered by a full confidence in his
continue l tins nn.l
WEstHI: .{ J* HTKKKT.u inei and'8 at ffir our .t ft-riee dti y nor a war oflibersy: it is shindy! ill I'Ii.III'll it from u motive: of hnmanii assistance in cutting and 1 sewing the I !1 I better half."Gentlemen ,;

a J DDSOK & HENDERSON, to the ttrlchruaaudl'Inntersif IIill-l.<.i<> one tit'rapri,(. Two nations are going to ', 'This. remedy l''II..j.ts in the weed},J rags : his services were accepted' and! --'.' ,

and the aJjavdilcounliv for the vnlo of C''tlt. kill each other for theamusenu-nt I of two :' called chic'k-weed. It t is a.summer plant, i many long thing last winter! he labored 1 of the jury;' kl a West. 1'1

Lou and other 1'rudiico. .tu l for receiving auj rulers.: While1 thinkers are perfecting! '! known to the (Germans: ; and :Swiss; by the | faithfully, thinking all the time huw ern lawyer, 1 do not nu-un insinuate*

> !ffOfnt. s at aw, furwarJing Are !|lrt"I'Cotton| :ir.-.l to AII.1 inaVe Jkrchandi..r.We liberal .a nue.K ci\ii/ation! I be kings; jR-rfe-ct war. This: onewill { names of (:lauehiiell: ) bother: Major, or nice Ilitcaritet would look on the floor that this man U a covetous person, but I t

' .,. on l.'Un.iJIlIllt'. to n,. fr.ale in this Mnrk.-t frightful. : It's:her Ilnchncrdarm.! In England it is Laud"I how mm'hit would save from his: I. will bet five! to one that if you should
"l .
TAMPA FLORIDA.ITILL or where ili ii prffrrre-l 1 In !Ir lorwaiiluil, to our Tiny announce some master pieces.There called! l.'ed: I'inipernel) ; audits I botanical I i meagre: ;; income, as: the brilliant colors: werestksed bait a steel trap with a neTr three cent ,
CrirnJ* in 1.hetJ",01| Now Yin k, 1..iI..l..Jl.hin.. | is a 'gun that will kill a dozen me-n, 1 and wound I and it within six nt
name\ is Angelic rhmiicea.; It must be'gathered together im the : piece, I place inches of
1 Botjon Ralttn.orei I and! that I will kill t IlIIn alllt.-
or a cannon a I :
in .June bloom balls.i his mouth would catch his ,
when in full i you soul. I
had fifteen in tlif
---- Hiring jrnrn experience: Thes of the Rhine will be colored],
wave I dried! in (the shade: and then }IIIHriz'IJ.TIll' i Finally, the work was completed, and ,| wouldn't for a moment insinuate! that he
Cotton Couiuiitlon Biuinrxxn but it will bo the! blood of and
:; : : PRACTICE in Uw &lllbel1J1al by men, dose .of this for a full grown person jit was diseoven-d! t hut.I I they had rats i would steal, but may it }Ma) !e the court
II I the and free of the I t
EMtern CireuiU of tlteRtate.M1UIUAL. SAVAiumb, wit hate itn rxlcn.lc.l nn.l) goner nut bv grand waters
i is small in weight enough! sewed to lIIah.txl\" yard and gentlemen of the I olddn'ttu.t
,"., whom :a tcsisponnftd, or a I jury, \\
I acquaintance to we rrfvr with ,
von \II'
.. .. -
'.. I -- .teuet ilr.ithm, and st scruple: at onc-e) in beer or i i When the young man urged! that the him iu a room with n'd.hot millktor.cii. I r
mothers siMcr. and' daughters! j i I .
4 WV H.TI:<4)\. I .Many) water. Tor. children Ih"" d's'eisthesame i I lime for their marriage beset: he was : and the angel tiabru.1 to watch
You will all be in
r WM. \V. tOIJIII; are 'going; to weep. set it must }he, admim-teied, at three cl.f.: astonished at I I the.. information that she had t the.in."
mourning some for; their I own : ,
t Miriuw Inuit times.1 In appljing\ it must ho'' further use for him-I/he enrjut icai darer, -... 1
: and] I the rest for I the sorrow sit'ut Ilt'rs.
A. Dr. C. L. MITCHELL Oscar Cheesman used( ) green cut into pieces, and mixed reed !..I'l'1' /,tdl tAliytl tn him fur1i.'s I .;
is.. Ladies; what carnage, what a .shock in i l'OtH X.\\\-Wni t\'r 1omntt.t
/ with bran sir 11111"1' 1 fc-nl.) fur hogs the ,; I/\i\ta 1/('('. [ held MacMa.(
the coming; together, of these infuriated1condutt.'nls i UI'II by \
pnlveri/'d \\ee.l ;Is made inlo little balls : '-' '--
| jrrEESHISrnOFEbhlONALSEKVICESi WJlOI.I':.\J.1-: DKAMK) : : i.\ I.I-1 ire make a request ofjou. : I A Jealous IIieI ;lid.I ). !] him, then abandoned hy him, then closed .
> mr.ing it with Jlmr and water It
Since these, blind men f -rget; :they can ;, upon by I the Crown" l'rlul'L'1Innnfrl( )
:; 7'I r ta the dtiuna of Tanim 6"u feurronmunc; g,:: are brothers, be- I their Mstcrs.. Come to also be put on bread :111.11111111'.1', in houey : I,! .\ young; man, newly married: in hurls frllotyben), t I.f and 1 wuhsrepicntly fallen

country. pJU from Uio rtmntry iroptly hiKT -' CROCKERY & GLASSWARE I tlieirau tJ.! Let ilk take\ all the old linen molasses, W. The lev.! Mul.ltnburgsaid (county I I'a.. a few days back siievecdrd} i back upon by Situ nWWiu a

,' ".';" "* 1 1.1' our households& and scripe it into lint, ;- : = that in germany I thirty grains of ill making a ''I/IIII/f mjself: through beinga state e>f n.ind; bordering on destruction, to l

f tended to. this powder are given four times u day, witness to what: he? e-oticceded to be downright of
<11..11"1'1"1'" saIhL'lil woun-) say nothing lacing sadly
I T \VarrcnSt< !' lC' 1 I... lIly|a t
o r
OFFICE At Mr. Sv iu-I MiU-Lt-UV. n>i4th the first: tin ( bruhl"l .
b : ; r ... day, nonce a day for a whulc'wtt.k imprudence" on the of his .
deDCle. }'..I.. 2L 1,1..1. It will! lie a I beautiful I example\ aj j ;: part -' '-
,J-:. ,:Tampa. P7 May 1870 ly. grand) benefit, to haall our woimum- while at the same time the wound w if.". Sheww: walking along; arutin arm t .A sailor, passing through a graveyard
1l'IL\ '1',. i i. washed ""Iilh a decoction nf the with a hanspmc cavalier: a quiet neighborhood ,
this : of
played ill w .rk. Men make: wounds ; ; .-. -- ---- -- WI'l'll.1111 the puttder sin'wn in it. llrI /fi .
with the tinsiial addition
Ii'" -- jou, ladies, furnish I the renhaly : and. I trees, This!< was to much for Jack, shifting i
1 LOUISIANA I since there ue on earth: so many evil spirits Kitll'rillj..li,1 that he' in all instances ad lit \\ ers and water, when suddenly came i his quid e-jaeulatcd : ,'

: R. WILLIAMS, VOtl. br th- J'I'I I 1I1t'o::. ministered\ one dose. with the most upon her, and struck! I the young; man such I've- l.t'arllla,. t there are cases! in .
I resi.lt.s.,. This i is said I be the \\.1
li.ij-pj to 1IClWith stick! that he !knock '
If a he-avj: a :
I Vista wish: it-ns.l I jnii!I dwish I t itinabttle a man lie, but if I was dead] i
same remedy through which the late eil him insensible( \ the ruad. The may I
: :
I'E I : while we can manul'aiture: a upon it. i
p. Physician and Surgeon 0U1 I T l A i B I.1 K Dr. 1lowl ,
:\ large ittiutitv| : <.f lint."e will then diide WilliamtllY: effecteJ so many wife bent over her companion' in tie mostpassionate _' ._-_ ,

I tti I \'! it into espial parts: and. we will stud ,"cures.Tiio. manner :II III! called! upon} him bjhuiidml ;. The monument to I King ]Ilolnrt Bruce .

t I : qTAVISG LOCATED IN TAIIPA, offen I mir t Its Trance and the. other. to I'russui. i i iI' I -' --'.'w.-- -- cndcarmgname-s; : Itlupl'n liii eyes.'t'heliushiuhl tlt'l'igntlly fjeorge) (Crnikshank, which Ls, .--!

f .,- '. --: '"ia Piofienional t Scnico: i-) tiie CitiKt-us (.1 l: LIFE I raaixfB rwiPJAY. 1 pl.u-e iii\sell at your feet.! !i joinij'i'st' : elojiement\ on record took grew, frantic with jealousy, to In erected at i Kdinbnrg /, will represent{ .

-. .;. I' \ l. I'ul!! iIUa( : ). \place at Hudson. Michigan.I : la.t't'l"k. and\ was about to deal with her in the same the King in (' armor, standing on 'a ,

t.-.-j. : '.Tamp and ncinity.Omoe 42 CAXAL st, xiw OJl.lo:.\XS. I..\. -,..- -- Mast\,'r lYcderuk Tubbs of that town, way when she\ called him a murderer, and rock Tht statue wj 1 In ,i*

a ; -In Vincent Ln>rardy'ii J't.'h deuce. JSSfKSLIFK: POLICIES Intvablo t art.rL A few exeninfs tincc; widow, who aged I I five jears, took Miss, Schermcihorn: declared that now, as he had killed: her j /J"'lleo.ta1, in bright.the b r

U.... _., Tamp liar llth. 1870. -"rui-tU1uudlv.:witthur; uitUout, 1'iftrs ftnlowinint-ii, T" u uinl Knt'Kiuilow I'itrYtnx I was. known by !he entire eogreaaion::; ; : toItcgn aired three. \ear, combed her hair, )put brother, he might send her out of the fray granite It'l twelve feet high; pedestal t.!

t--. .f."" .," niiil U-rniK favorable : iu ally I in want of a husband: was the cj.ill nings i in aboxanal proc eede'lwith wlIrltlll.o.} i t- .
no UK ally n uij .iiiy .
; +- prajiugwjth great fervency. "O thoiiknowest her the when -'.'i -- 1 I
: : lift the l'Dik.ll'\t' WJUSEl'H ; to depot, they got on the A man at Cbarleitown went to doctor I
t : f> FXLISOX. PrrNdcnt : that i is the desires! of \my heart !" rear! j>lntform of the Western bound train : 1 Flora: pointed pensively to the heavy: to have a rip in his abdomen a 1I, ,

. .Examining. Surgeon< for the Fc-nsion Office J.W.\V.P. STO IHJil'Kll.t-:. Vi S.rrrtan.-.- I'ft'.ih 1.1. she e\ laimed. ''Ain-a-n !** responded not being: noticed, till the conductor received masses if doinls in t the sky, saying : "I (I up and \\111 asked how be got swe .

a brother. in a hl'll.lll.w\'c'lIt. It was wicked l for them. wonder those clouds si
i u dispatch They were where! arc going : said he was out riding with another man's "t i

"t '. Jolts MILLED", but we are Illlile sure t that several grot\'c'1t'mll'fH put oil: at < Jssro ami rctnrnd on the next 1 Her brother ri'l'u.'tl' ; "'I think they arc wife and mot her Volumes 1 ;

\ .AMI'\.;\., 114.r TUUIIW. F smiled on the ucc.tsion. I i i train Well pll'a..cJilh their trip. ,, goin{ to tlinuer.n} \ ta I ctuuld not have said mor husband. .r, ,



... .
4. a r ,
... .. j s "

..,....,.. ---- ;: .,-' "c. ..", ..... _::>__ ". __ .< .... ., ., -.f o.7".r.

.; .. .. ,-,. ."..- .yk _. '#,.L.
_,01'.,. ... .. .,. t.. ': loa .;J. sajMi A'w' 2 .,. _. ...-, : J.: ; ,'

1 .
a1 W

I -,. f Cn j
it w

;: f
, .

' .a. I, l

.:-,:: .,... ..,. .,..__,4 -. \ -' I iI .{ ; .

._ .__.._ .___ _._ _._ .. ___ __ _. _, I
., ------ -- --- --------.' -. ., ---- ..-h'- '- -- -' ''-'- _' "_: : "''' -.-.'.-: :' : C '., -:..------- -- jI \
: bt loriDx i't&ibility\ rur unc') : ". j I tttuit front ( hi. 1iuyt i j '111 schooner G d. 11': Jil: arrivrJ'al LATEST NEWS. I vvt ro engaged near :Xouart', but no de-taili ._ I

y. > v.. peninsular' .. 4 -l't.tit.'ll Ill( ofllw I XIV I Amendment (Cornjn inlt iii-c \. 1'. c "lIulII'r'iII.\.hl'I1; 'r.1| :' Ibis port from New York on, ,Friday last t 1 have "been received. Mcziercs and ', A I'l
-- _. = i I The between #
-c t I\IV: <;STOS, ,J.uuw.lIgu( I S. : I
,. 7." Tampa 1F'cllnt'sday, IltfD r .11.1"0. lei GonstituliiNKof, t ..linilt tl State; 1 11'almasetLt with merchandise: for the merchants: of iTbionville has"been; destrojed at two "lI

4 --- .- -- '-: .. -.- js\as follows : 5 \c'; .,, Is hue from lbt aims, wlu-rc' ,' Tampa.; Tim Dill will T'llIr !lo New- HAVANA., August a I.-The (Gaceta'ofiicially points by the Prussians t

; CO'SERVA'r 1.: TJCKIT.'r: ."No' sliaJl I hc"'a' he left with a (cummaiul :,Ollil men.- : York the captureand The Times Hut JIcMahon I is attempting '
person Senator or ]Hel- in H few days. 11'r hope to see her n'lorl } : says
J 'I' ': (On lulu ln was atUick '.l by the (Cii-
; .=, #,I .. r'si'utatieo I in dm ugn'tv, c.lr' eliv< .tttr tlf: bans' ami way lost t ,.,0() men, Killed and vvoimded remain perinauei'tlv in f Ibis t trade, tin sho tll of ( : I ( Figcurdo, Assistant t to it-treat: upon Solssons, hafting l
i 'y 1'ii !dent Vice J'resident of war, Gen. i ot1nigu'I'tunavaan.l failed tcVrelieve.ltazaine.
or or hold Any |j| 'n.tnr'
them Colonel Camara 1 Do delivers her hotter
freight and in
nniung i-heajM-r ; between
office, civil military> under the United : :UI. (hI'ral ]Dugnl Figuerdo nod i The mails are carried only
Miguel, and many: other officers, ami all i cuiidition. than other line. C ol. Fernandez.An. .
J States under any : Paris and 1-ondon. -
or Statewho
ron COXGlESS : any of (General: Valinasc-da's' luggage; canj j ,.., f
-- hon.wi-an.iL
Y previously taken an oath as a iueml>cr of., non, and $0,000 in gob! The object of !I Two ( lambs! ministers of the :expedition{ i is now I Iving west of t the The sport{ \ 'u, jockies, ;
T1I&f1Zi1ll14ACK{ C Congress, or as an officer of the United i islands. school girls an* arriving in gteat numbers 9 ry
the Cubans was to capture the haled Val- (Gospel were before ,J '
;; ,
{ up
Stales, or as a number any .State I, 'g- ulItl'1 The l Indies mil I Panama caMeprogresses from Frail,, .
but this
I Itnasetli they have; failed for
islature some real llir fancied grievance one day TIH'fl'ilirreat excitement in the Frettehis
)9If ootxm .0\""T1'. or as an executive or judicial i>!fficerof f- tune.. I wl.11!

any Slat1> to support{ the C.nsti-1 I Colonel Ampudia, from Man/anilla t tn '{!| lst w'd,. Judge Magbeu :lppllrc'IIo NEW : 2.r -Nicholas Ozacnite departments regarding the alleged ynipathyof -
tution of the United: States shall have' YnKUgI.t l'rotestants.witli t the Prussians. ;
I .J I # .TT ; : 1'ayaino, was attacked at Barrancas; (I friend, counsc lj agent, or something else ,' | from the Spanish /or' the

h- fO Ai FOB LlEBTEtfANTGOVERNOR.. engaged iu insurrection or rebellion{ ;j t(*| -Ivemilos tVom the latter placf, anti |yin behalf of one i>f tho .parlies, stated government, i is C.1\0), to ('OIUI. with the I Troops arc 'leaving all day; .
jigiiinst the aid and i North. -- -i
same or given (cent
1VltUlAl1Dn: to XIIMI fort f to the enemies, thrny+f. Hut Con- j.h:1I1 j after commenced six hours' hard fighting, when 114. i j ]law {points, &('. Upon one of bis law Gillian t throughout..tu1'rl Cuba.It .upon t'rl:4 of {peace' TIle EmjK'ror; is reported l ill at Setlon. '
retreating : re-
,' gretis may, by a tote of two t -hirl1" [uf jcriyJ: ( l reinforcements from ,llayamo, boenabled points, his colored. adversary took issue i is not certaiu vet whether the consiiltation The PritesJans will fiwlMc, [ >'Jah i>nycrrYcrsaillcs "

r. orunxcomtrx. each House,] rt.IUOlut:1J tli JLi1it)." [j with. his honor, law ; will New Turk Havana. trlll1 r. Tlie Prussians: only otoppedsmall .,
i ,- teas to reach t that town. 'l'wtle'I.l{ thl mil tkcurm e r ,
..._ .. ... ._ t reJnforcemeiit.H! sent to him. )
f la I : : Tbis is plain ;uJ'1 unmistakable and in I Ifdl1Ctingl ; "
.J' I Another corps for the same jihux-: left (completely : t the learmd Judicial to ''}
\llllihl'll in atteuupt
McMaliou an 'v
.- -t: DISTRICT,, NOMINATION. men for ofiice the foregoing I :llImauillIII1Il.'r: conunaitil of Colot.el 1 1Tarrancu I Y.\I -X-f: August :: .-The Crown : perseveres
t b-. __ gentleman: \\ t the latter uekimvvledged ., attack the beseigers at MetStrasUmrg /. :; .'
-r !!ut checked in his marchiby hl'r'I1' I'rint-t' has been in action with Ihe Fourth,
SLr should be examined and "the candidates : was .
| bis and advised. his will I probably, ,capitulalo *.? .
r.. U t 'H'-poii. Q17"Oft" ( \roIt 22o '.DISTRICT.Hon. ;I the combined, forces of Modesto( Dliz, Il.ft'al Twcllh and Seventeenth corps, mil tbeFourteenth : :,
; qualifications: do wit hI within t three Ila1..
I not ;
J come strictly colored l !brethren to make fricmls which uf the
I j Hall. anJ Marcano( and retreated lt> Man- corps Ha\'utiil army, forlificatioi'S manned to : .,.

; ')John A> Henderson in the provisions' of the law, be should I I zanilla. I leaving in their bands all hi.strains they IHd.lon. Mac.Mahoii was beaten mil IlrWI bevoinl ncxMistiiin Tho thus (Soldiers are lr> the Mtn.itiort.1 daily > "f

> *! bo set aside and another selected who t of fourteen cars. He made, an- tIll Meiise. 'J\w\! guns, some I i

iii-# OF. T.uIrA. comes up to the requirement{ : lendereither 'lheratlcmptwith l,.OO men, but again John A. 1 1'llkr1CI will address. : thousands of prisoners mil materials of 1 1'i t t ,
.'.***' '. ___ :;OU the people at Old Tampa to-day this be', war were'
was repulsed, losing Eightci; 'n cars .altn'IJ who
: '.,' Ixcutiycl.c'glslatiyc or Judicial i Four hundred J'n'uchmL wero |
:1 >.1..rl .JCOUNTY, NOMINATIONS* all the offices in a State are include-d. and la.loaded with wounded .rt'adl41lall1.anil- ing the opening ball of tho l'al, and PAIMS, August :'M, 3idnight.-'ihe! captun-d and; taken to Germany, escaped *

'r'. N.Jt he iut4.'lll1 to make the contest hot from : following i is official( : and returned to France. '.ti ti'l'degruns '
in this State previous to the war, as now, There are no troops fit for service in The march of t Iho Prussians on Paris from Paris are exultant, ;

,t,FOR,. ASSEMRLYMAN. '1HLLSDORO1 CO.. all officers were required to take an oath Santiago. 'Th attack: on LaDciha was \until the c.lc.litn. Tin- Radical: opposition secn.s to haI'll'n arrested. claiming 't that the Crown Prince i Is 1 hirt)'- f r
abandoned for want of men. More troops and their aids and al>cttors Lave continues! his ,
HOW JOSEPH BROWN to support the Constitution: of the Unit : I )1wIhl'l mIWC.'IWIt six hours la-hind flue calculation of the .
from Spain are required. About -1UO been to Mr. for
g } ) in\'it.t mCl.t JLdt'nul I M'riols engagement yet. Prus-ian staff and cannot arrive in time
l States.
Justices of the Peace ,
OF. GLT.A1t.WATER. HAUBOB.r wounded and! .Kick arrived here in the last Chalons has "
the of affairs the Prussians.
purpose lls public lt'tl alu\l111c.'lll. to effect junction with Frederick Charles.
and Over u-sinr )
County Commissioners were required two,' ('ks. 500 unfit for sender i
.. : but they dare nut II., They[ prefer to PAKIS I August :31.-The ministers ofthe r
to take this oath, and if a man in this either from wounds or sickness, or having Trains go fn.d as far as Uheim.i.Persons of and r .
ASSEMBLYMAN COUNTY interior and agriculture ii uimerce I
Far HERNANIX around like and make
slip Magbee low
served their time left last ,
State, previous to the war, held the officest Santiago by from Strasbourg Saturday saya oflicially visited the warehouses.! Ii t

; -HON. FRD'K: LYKES, of Justice of t the Peace, County Commissioner eamer. contemptible personal] attacks upon Mr.Henderson ]part of the town has sulle-red Il h.. i A committee of defence has been formiil : t f:
Yellow fever prevails the The is !I 1
among troops, which they think will never garrison well The citizens Havre.
-. OF;IBopi viuE. or other office which slIJpll't1 at
any required find the crowded.
hospitals are
come to his ears. But they are most tadly arddtwlned t rt : to the .\ late Turin jonrnnl says that Princo ; r.
him t.o lake oath The "California" andllccompeiisa ,1
f "P' an support'the Constitution sugar plantations last. I
Uimllton, Xagbcc, dr.t' attacked and destroyed I mistaken as they will fully know I'L'fure Napoleon: is n-stding then1. '. .
of the United States and were ] from Hotizancy that
afterwards )'Ikhl'S says The French clergy are moving active* / .
: d. I..'U.niilton. defeated in tho last. voluntarily engaged in the rebellion by the patriots after four hour :week from this day. t t.John the !atlk"11 Mae.iiahi l '>ns' army ly iu its defence. I aI

t- the of land to aidf' fight. Seventy-two volunteers were killed em the :'0th near lieaiimont: + : it ''
Congress grant public
or garc aid or comfort to tie same, and rirldy-fuiutakeu.prisouers. .1..1Eenderway candidate for [ airy drove! it back ,1.f'alt.t A scarcity of water for a few days siul'l'rt'h"Jllt.I 1j 1-
: / i jp Jhe 1 conatructionpf a Railroad to South be is upon: th. Bl.J.im frlltl'r. in case it is necessary to fill I
clearly ineligible to office until his Tho following list of plantations have Senator/ from thf : will : /
''. Florida_ and yet James'. Jlagbee been last month "California :1:11t ::t1io.trc the Paris moat. ;
pre- disabilities
destroyed pi
: ,
removed and
; are hy Congress) '
: '' address the people as; follows! : } French ramp fell into the hntsof St. ly r i is empty, :1-\.the pupils aro in ,
to of Her- "Kecompensa, "San Uafael, "San: Art'C117. i i.
y ;"ten'ding represent some negro a man who held such office and afterwards thl' Prussia us. the -
c 1t1:1tin'allt:1. ( ,'"Armonia," "l 1'iDnloritas At Old Tampa{ Xew Church Wednesday army.
T juftdo county and Henry Alhury, pretcn voluntarily aided fin rebellion and ( "l-ia Gloria ** "1-:1 Pamaso ** 7th The pursuit: of the French was continued The Pays says that a nephew of Uutiiurek t
September.Crystal .
i. dug to a of this who *" several miles and was Interrupted bythv who recently wanted raise legion !
reprint negro; county, would now take the oath prescribed II l J..a Clothildf, and "La Isabelita."
River, Saturday, 10th number: of ( anel provision t.i- of I I has been arrested
t voted in the Gainesville Convention for by law, would l perj jru,)himself, and shouldbe According to a proclamaticn: from General l'lh'lhrr. k,'n. 'anlll '. r

dies, game, Mr. Hamilton, who had oppos- sent to the penitentiary for it, as be Modesto! Diaz/ there are Spanish NEW: YQKt: : at } town i is .
orgauuing -
Lakes 13th 1-CI.II"pn.tl open ,
Charley Tuesday:
iu the District of his command ,
i *j&d.our* >: .best intercut. And this same most probably! would: be. To our save troops those in the cities, th. in ihe .1 ; I'lb 11.:I 1-s .111\am'l.\llo! \ lG-s.J: Hi 3::i-1 t; for defenev.Tho .."

James T. Magbe- who u working iu his Conl'r"atiril'lllls in South }'JoriJaH' fn'l': q.ltutI'I.InhI1ill' rose: anC.'rIIUU to 117 1-;;, Monitenrsavs the many Prussians .
field bee !! {
having n u wI dIll ;n.trca: to Saturday I 17th toe
which attributed;
was lo Iho of who have been
8tlt11'lr.FI report a c.xptlled actually
; and Ik-to interest were
otcn '
running WlU1t1ay, Jay j'ersonal preferences aside t the-! t towns.
Ia.IeIklluwsUltiStoreSaturdayailh h'ry
France anti
ln.udl'kt plotting against Prussian
abound and lagging Conservatives Subscriptions are being rai.-ed in San- 'r-
cot tot
mid look the '
'' bolely to legal qualification j send fur : September. :,.:w-Yo!: .\I I1t ::51.-Official) news uniforms were found! in the houses of fcnspcclcd -
to to to ,
value Spain; '
Vote'for Mr. Henderson, and telling them of your candidates. Send no man to the lagl object of money nt neutralizing I be- abolitionmeasure's ('raivlortl'si3lill, Saturday, 1st October.Alaiia from the Cuban( : patriot army slates that : persons Tho JHled: (Germans: \

t that AI,. Coogler Is their best friend.withvuch .- Legislature: who cannot take the oath that Government. : .ith October. eight, hundred: : of the rules of t the Upton'sfirst have' given false repeats of their (hard _po
uduI.I'IIIIY Tuewhiy; ,
: m\.n-.al( such friends'toTarapa. cargo ann -.v !\ the hands: of t the ships.Tht'MoiiiU'tir i .
wa 11 patriots
that he never previous to the war held Cubans :are compelled to sub,:-ribe one Hurrah Gth October. t
Thursday, 1 and there is p'llln'asll' to believe is authorized l to. contra- 'tiatl
They are only working for or the other.lc; '
ofiic under the United States way !'rallc'U"da
nor any calt ((' arc to a that they saved UK-! greater portion of the diet Its f
t lured "Ciegod.: .tt ; 'llliti'll'Inllllal's il.il,1 .t statement: regarding armed ships
.Jhemsclycs, and Mab ghee is only endeavoring State and afterwards aided, ia. s'rond !erle
or comfort
gave free cargo.
The patriots have tTihe: water." Il cusil.l.Yl leaving ports in the Prussian
I 1 to,create diylsiori! in the Conservative to the rebellion unless his disabilities ( 'rsprdes'gsvernu'ut! is at interest. .
1 am sorry to report the death of ( :Jen.Donati \ are requested to state that the O.i'Jlll'z'll.mil

'party for. tho purpose of putting in office have been removed by Congress. Mamml, which took place at tho Rev. candidate for 111.lssrulLly will romoseto e"ilUa.; The battle tat ween Dun and Slenay r urI
._._._ Joseph HI'\\, c NEW: YollK: .ingus4J1. .A special to without
,1tet.c1bgllt'C'fool! This ilaghee cries -- plantation t San Felipe, a few miles from was important results. IUS

: 'pjil : '*'Ob if 'put'John Henderson in DEATH OF AX luisa P.\Tr.JOT-TIIl': t.T4go lIe C'uba, of fever lie had the will accompany )fr. Hender I tho Courier 11. Elafs-Fnis! says; "Mnc-1 I ustsix.ltgustfl.-l'ilu: Prussians, fin
: you death at of Laurence and address the citizens HiHsbor- {lall'l has an HTevSivc': force of '
Prague, Duffy a companion slnall-pox and hardly rl'c'ln'rl'l, went tlhe son : probablv conceiving that MacMahon's aim was to .
J, i -once*.IeJ'tntt'pf.my am a ruined man, I will be turn- of Smith O'llrien, of IrMi revolutionary : field to tight fur his country llis ough county at the times and places in t two hundred thoii.sund of tbe elite ot I gain: the fn-nticr ami rffei-t a junction I.

x office ; Henderson is my fame, has revealed a strange his- place will be tilled by Gen.: ModeMo! Diaz. said: above. France. Everything: j Is in suspense waiting with I Ha/aimadvani-e-d (Ill t three lines-

1. 'enemy, and it b> not fair for him to sit on tory. Since 1850, Duffy has been a county as for the! issue of the l-atlle in Ardeniics the (Cnnvn f Prince marching via Coumiercy be"to

;my 'Jrial." pow,' Mr. Henderson can not teacher of the English language !in that Col. ].\H1 of the last expedition, lati- HAIMKH: ;:, ) "r along tho Nouso.'' cy, le Due) Fort Vizier and Yitry : "

.r, 'fern city, living in a miserably furnished house, led at I La Herrnduni. died at the hands! llIUITJt 1 1 70. J JMv } Paris i Uij'iJly l prepared and, fI.1 wil hlalrlli.ll. the fourth army, nuttier (Prince' Loyal of few

.this, man .out of office. He only has amt; as every body thought, {poverty+ of the ${umiardy. .Most of the 11'1 "fhis l'll'll.r : : { all her 11 and' )youth un' S.i.xony; keeping north of, Pont-a Moiissoutowani

norm ypte, and U takes two-thirds of the bint-ken. Iu the commencement of April h command were l.il'll or taken {prisoners rlll 1 701,;, l'till lt.l: f &rl: Tho Prussian army i i.v 'halon.s, at I the sanie< tithe observing .

Senate Jo rcmor a man from office.- be was taken to the hospital, and feeling mil she>t ufl'rWl.rll all'Jlill' has bcin' l'alc.1 to a remark advancing; on Paris by the t valleys of ; Met/, while Strininrtz, reinforc-i-d, N

)Ir. Henderson desires that nothing but that his end was approaching, he called a TIl water supply Santiago do Cuba : !; iua lit ter \\itlll by me to a friend 1 tho Aubo nnd tII'. It! i is cntnposod. onoihllnh l proeee-d t ihnmgh Ce'rdun toKlieimsj; his .

carriage drove to a and had him has bv ; but lal.kdlr, tit rest having: right sweeping the IVlgian; frontier: _
notary Ill'1 cut till the insurgents. and from the e
be done the but'Magbee in last January: copied j
'.justice may m premises, come into ihe vehicle to :l.koIIWIl bistr&tauicnt. i The sufferings from want of water is severe. Yirginia:, I t Irll'l! Iur: :h. I Ill., ,.,.. ...r.. _JI'Ifill.r1:1o.'t.I. ,;. _n, ...-!........ 'I'h.all".. ..:...
I' "* airs
is like the Irishman, be don'twant He there willed two thousandthrill's the t i.r. il 1'i:1rirur, into t the I tJif.'U- 1f.' 1".I ;ll,aloiifr tho line are seriously ; Germans: :advanced and covered limit country "-

justice, but be does-yes most ilear- t to tha advocate as bis executor, --'.--- Iu'h:', 1 un.dt-rstand; has given offense \ \ :aiiiioing; t tho iniwires. from l 1'i'lgmm :along Menz( to Auta, era

II two thousand florins to his physician and I and! is used j '}lxi'IX. August I. :81.-Paris aui]iris and rendered it ale
'Jy-r-to bold his dear ill-gotten office, and PRIX E 8 iui S\T.II. wlinui the KO!li.-rs ire to sr.ine, to my prejudice. impos-sibles; for McMaliou[
ho i if working to that end, and be will sup-{ il twenty thousand llurius, to his sister inIrelaud. 1 r,-v. ruitly Uii'U-l( t.\ 'till S.iliu IS.mj: tunl 1 I think; a fair undi-rstanding of I the( i n'lr""I'11 ill-tl MaeMalion! has separa'e: to reach Melz. 7P.KKMX the
lie then drove back to the hospital up in the 111:11Li.atM'u; Tuuia : | / of his opponents{ ,! :and vviii ie--
t :port no man fpr the 8t"lIat6.ho i is not where he died about an hour later, "AU':t of uiir roiulurwvLo WCC tJ/ont, tai ease is all that is needed to satisfy nil i liver battle {probublv!, todnvvith confident : : August .11.=The National jthe

<-ity and i-iil: ,,.'iHiit t. .11.L'l+.gll the \\nr Garcttehas the following! '; oft
fledged to JutS T 3Iagbcc';. Wo supPose +- sixty-three; scars old. His rooms+ \ve-re ,!. } \-l yvluaretvilliugtoho I satisfiedMi mi- hopes of! success :
riv.'ll ct tl) e.1 vi in ( ) : (" Sal.n 'I
; : m.
IJjIs gentleman now remembers thathe found lo be 4lirl). with svanvly any fur al.otlauuanll'dtut! | l.]"I'I..11'ru>*t iit Jr''l.! <."I,:uiitiuiti :41, that no just ground of ofiem-e bas j 1.>SI'uX.I;I t :::.-.\ dispatch from Tin1 I !, neutral powers are corresponding ,.

niture. In an old sack, however, wee *r.l i/t"n', tril to LI.I--.V !:. i- no.M, h. been A of the CV.raji.tnan sivs cannonading: was heard actively on the result LS far as reached. \\er-
,wa no, friend to William IL Ilcnder given. true I
$ found a' number of letters of great interest jar t oi tin Fourth ll.glow lt_..f rr .S.JHII