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"i rvly) stanlnjr the rmtsby cutmoff unrowi'tlngly *- thi con Jufonf Liebig. S..n"I'Ib" bet -Aryl! .tR\f.: I lr11. i'elf is generally! und justly pnn id'j,ed ai a fi :
| letter from ,
I the nupply, frc.m tho Iran. tar a <. Vr-y' rifn that ih in n Independence{ *
pro. j f jr. :r* of .N'cw Yo'', u-ver nufitr an oat I\\OT"'F. .rrttrttbin.r test of she general 1 hrnlthfulnei'{ of li calt
crop u bibs It I.i follows t
r'. length. of IJ:... WereM\ Mini imP rtunce T"'n' cf th.ffnm :.. wail .tjctq rtlt'd y. March' as
'jf the :eat!s to the h
"wJi of plantt, pr.ip.-fjy uid: *"L th. prac i .II'c."Ur' Johnson 'j**. h".e"c.r.. .* -muh.b"at'-I wail Irr Vd en U". :rrviol MnikUt ( Jib dir) of obrsvat'uu III any portion of our city would ju( .t arrival! frntn Sint Fe. which place *bI
-. Isig'a tiM+'m'nt. b w:ttg 'h* :h a: April usei' I' UM Court UOQM S1. J JI
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of! in bad!
tuplaisgcu'n wd ltd tidier hiv, J ,-ii satisfy any one ,that it M A natural cradle left| Jun.13. T her bring very
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jiurcd' iw. 'In their thov wi-ro oer
tium tou ue' C K-S, this,' *ca l ( days on journey .
| nn" i. Otit greariy ..',...4 in q flcocrvo to anal
'lrH ,nt 0' uf i-ul Lucien Maxwell
Ojiat'; iiv 1 .'."tt1'..k. cvdsueratly CAOtMlin/g the ! "jrc end to as-i.t ci,irtTt prncti!.'". iif' _. JIII.It'I I I Tuo accommodations fur the ennumg season: snide their ''a Gun T.VM. !tldYhn f
j DM.I tin* !i4t varyingli"rn 35 .rr cent iu j hat'
An intimne nnd impodunt: councc'i'in cvut* i |IM.r cent. Hat n .ithr of tbd i bcmis't appear I Itn t'r'-('h :. alit k ezrentise sand cmnror' Me. The Klo' Wa *
ortwrcn nxnculsuro: *nl camutry c..uhml.J fmvc C'ntidertd thc CpoiJi'Ht o* ine grain, 7tc. .rlR1f. .r.-li CIJ.\X'UU. H.ii5r. the large Plan'ers! Hotel and the nevI t j uidituM eteJly A brnnch of the recent cofwp1>:

..tuh'ceal&hs: al11}'.,ttl'! '''. ',1. ..n,C"..t.. i.stdctahld no .. L."e teitemterrd the di ,',hCU its the I A'tc.'i.a ttiattrt' Adr/si",ilnhsr "f \.%>t_tinVal- I ttlul H ct-and Ih\l"t 'h:.. [rjt, Gen. p' jj
I ami t. Magotlta (m*. I Taw
1reuual 1. J.f 4 rd, t'"t'H 3f recently erected Leil. Stephen leeShenlT of
&accuracy'" I 'a Jin,. 'ua1 Ct'r''I''t1 iDeI \ of ibecroi*. Sup''rf.clil rvntvHi. faun! e' rises. acmw.n lUnry :
I of Application nny 'ICI. in tub*.. nit .." :h'tJrJ'IIi .iften 1I--"IIul j; Let I xj .' fr .n.t I... I hy our enterprising neighbor, Mr. H. K. Carr uthrrArncricnntamuuntitIg tnmo.etbinl's

ii "tJt involved in uneec'ninty. 'J'litrij.J, r,- th r.. inrr.tig.Isna al''ear uail.jtpd; the ,euditnl ; ) T k.flat l' **n mvfa .. appear I? mTiJitii duly I with.: other comfort bio boarding houses* tv-xtith: tho AlrAld? of Tan-, And other a5upp. ,t1r,
in I
-f. 1/ t1 t { b-rt PiU nf Americans8"b
,t.,. ,. of the fttialtiu ur of ----j "m. N1Ain :'>s1,1 l to be favorable tu lh : ;st.n1.. nil,, nndf actual prartKv. will frequently eibiba tlair.' sho .... aa.w .I1.111..1 e'ipiyaat 'n..11 I. will i.e nmjite aiui pleasant accommodation .,

f in: niirrt. and! :b* dT'CfmMa'mn of! !t1. c.:.. "&I.'t; unity ..d error. I M.I. .f Gtar.l4 sad bra vtsd UMS jaii..litftnin of this I to ail fc'hu sway ilcie to ':tit us.Il'o I tn killed.!! .f.Gov. 1.
'tituciiU or each .>.nii'*. 1 Ant to large firm .
pr p rliipfff muse hnp'.r. c..u WH nn A vwt A
A.! i"'tsn tit iluhltt .r "lIalr.i, p'rhap, the Itc"t I that invalids make aUlcked.I
tons result' than nny ..thf*r J tpjrttncn; !. !, to "'''/ sat rt.uft. M tltc ation oftninu It :. ',r"r."? OiJriU: I34 t..l 1U.h n r.11t4 a great ml.Ink* ; tho neijjhNif hood, where ho was
The kn'i,'ledg rut Ih! U came c'en. ha 'ni- of fcrili7iQ eUln. Lt t q'.ire.t 'ft arp-at and ent't Lsraaut'. in retu'rriog to the North too eiirly. Their I 't-h,. in"arnt.. h.,: :.Is't attacked 31r, TUr lc1
fj : :ub4 jnr<' art kMt. l I. ro31r.
plants composed of v.irnrio coinbinati- of rasa rfi-cH n filivir hill 'II Ila.fnt I.r s.s ,. 6r i dr ..lire asst : conslituliotj* having beccmtf habituated to the !this d* til'>ry. T.I mask a ar\'Ilnt.dt:
four tlf-rncntt, cllrbml, 1t'drot+n. oar j:'n, and fI'J.tlf-d|' tfif"f'1"I1Iac1r fact; that Iu "I.ii:. o* in ln* .r tttl* (:.,.. *, I.. rya,.- wtN I.tII tab" _tarn.thim I: mild and tqual l of .the with etfrht fIc n. and had) kept riff the ofde
in'ruior ty ft-rtihj sods atJ tcmperatute South a
iitrogen, may aflP/rd ..,me v. rr 111'101 .utjfn.lont ae I I t so 'far, but hh late ..n'ntuallr. remains tor
well|| K *>Mrn planta Arcs found t<* cmtain them. AIM it itfu-At* O'JrrfJlhtl f this Orrf return :o fe Nurib finds them more I Bl
in pmc ice. It/ "n- whl:. fur iniMt.c., s r pf- -r { predisposed told An extiress hud been soot to s>
.be proportion of .thr*.? r.ora'li'u"nL. wi cn i.| N sw. AUn',iiif will *1 fIwI..t proportion nf the d.I, ..IW ky ens "r IJ..t .0..1' be pub. lo take cola, and aggravate the disease :hen i ifthey 'r' but Mr. Miller reports that there were nom e
ferliliting mttenaU exist in different kinds INhcI; i. ,. !!.l thi Canine
u'.n..ure a.rrw r""r .ft thll
1 and
4rn arrive at a corn *ran ve vnlj t <*f dttl., +rent and I had mnainttl at the North. It would be than 400 efficient m.;n with Price I'I
beuc-j .
: I ,e v luf of mtnuT for llrt 'pae. .r G.f Tet
miy not
kind of grain. Aiul) .mtn*'_ that anme, vr rQtable be co/tiined at lea.t.USixne by a pe ; TIH>' \-< n.\i.Tzn.L JaJtnr for letter fur All! invuItiN In remain iHrough 'the, fort Mnrcy) north of thw own. was :
produc contain rrK>rt tarch than otheryotnc 1 couditjon to receive a garrison Lora P70"rac.
/ a
.4 viuutf chemical eXAmmaU a. A cumparuoa of 1. S. F. IhJl Jar Clrff MR! county dJ whitt : whole year lliaji Its teturii North at aU.Vu hare'
abound In gluten ; .om'r contain a large common manure with- r.zltla.l. (..ti', lli ob re to k s true COJ.T of the Or.I.t'AtlfM tay. The gun?, moreover would
w! ('o!'lun of oily in.Mcr, mid other* lie ditiJouithed Cptd: in striking light-'DJe: ibis pro.' l f"rJ i't s t !atitlyd u"s..! a' ..aid ttrn! know that the ieu! w common thai. jbccausc''r, mounted as'1tele still in tbe towny '

4 ; tor other Ingredient Now. some ot* t 0(0114 :...rt.Ta "the winter H mifif.' the summer must be 'vfrry t forco nf the rabble was. in Tao abOUt ,
I II A ton of minor rtM. 2 poanjt tad 4 :. ef pata.b'N | wv.fe, whet".(I It-rsanto MI '.,n.1 and I there ; of shelf
te and e chance '
theta aro 5 s' wartnclimaten ,
I tj another nbJ'Ct. If. f<.. in"tairc, tn feedingnirnaU Rate. I .fx th* s*.l ,lit C'.M s, tts e Oatt h..'e atC swelled by Ibe Puebla 'Indian &Ct 'n' boca
taa.fe" I 10 ..dt j l.| ihi ,eitntrrnih day ef Frbroarj A. U. the temperature exhibits. neither et-., tbifl.. lof. .
I % it u intended' to fatten th grain would lie pointed tut n. best, which mutt .. gatnas m...'. b w "I"' 1447. I tame, but h generally ple.i aat, And seldom or ever that t.s11.v i ica would noi ibiuk otiWA1 **. r.II.\I.LlU.\\,". ns
4 largely contain, oil ; tf to m.k thm' trow in fwmi .. 51 A'. w '- rcvcr "ppt uit In summer. Upon .the sea.co4it :' to br -siegeu..'but wouM at onc marc&o'

f J 'lsn ftnd'mu'eulu pir:*. ttuwc' which atiound 1 .* tnaonrc 1 ". 4 wtpt '.del l acr* KdcifeC tend ItiHcrtin;s. I situated AS St. 4\u\'itlno i*, the tem P trft.:!I n.- t the crowd. They would.uodoubfedijtiered .
; \ I' in gluten ; if the uh Jc act it to nuke a cow yield 1 1 c.o' W H scattered( on the first spirited, attack.
., of lemJcr".J
,. j r.mrn.Thre Ct.1- IL lure summer is perfectly dcligbtf ( d"'
"' .
f buitftr. ftiod rotiiftininif oily mailer tboufd be manure 1 y" eb3 tine: \ ,. f W f. ilurpby, with Government 3t.t,
.. tI Liaca Edlia.I"rl&ill' is L'ic'
givn ; ifo yield cbee*<*. ben MM, p!n< and clover c.'De". 61H pat! wI tu Nt4Ilt' .1,!: iii .r she Nut be'IIr..1 quat all. |. by tbii ea brent, which blows cool and ra.I : met tviibJn'' (U\" .dBJ' of, Santa Fe. Ira

ihouM'be giv i ."n ; and.f milk: in gwnlttymetcly I -re It will, t>e,.wn fiat rocul of n.. enrich, lI ale Dktod Co3ds. CI:1n.r.&.. .,.1 cur. I". I fishing during iho day, and renders the nigttis; i Intttv bearer of deapaiches,, V. rpet.w
ucculent IIKK J .buuld bu *ttnpltiyisi. Uui nl inj" ingtr4rn'u site (full thirty inievr. ity tune r"._ .,01 tads!. tf.r. "." ..1, tbs with hutrig' .5ratn.g. 1,;I couple of Java'uurnetofFutt William( .'

I itioJtch in thee initanc. an .Iy."nmay tfUjrtc..t a* rest in quin'iiy; in guano a* fb common otter crh! I. the DlUI'I I Our advice to invalids is--ol all events Jo: notCtUrn 11: was thought; "r b'ntn Fe. that puotiu.sici
jlul' practwyet shill mutt be determined by I 1'l C1icJ"J: 7 tt5'v I goaoo pojucc: (rum ibirijr to seventy I 'Jardll Ibth 1517. / : I*fore the lath of June to any latitude I' but was foiled in it. Cen. Don!1.han b



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--. '- .
.(-'*.d y/gtnst- -----friendly HJ npprwich I ttceptjou Chlhuthut: &c!: b.i"Inch _' ,r : (-,tits- d-u---Applicants 1-( 1--- -- under- -r- the Florida 1 -Armed- Occupation--- -1 -- -Act- of- -the -II COUKTOPor PKot'n S :.t d\<. .v and. ._fa-."4.t'tllha._ blc., I

L tlr ,'.1.user f a .,..\Jnubt..l:,. .n.1 tttuw4C I ith August, ISfJ, to whom 1 permits were granted! fur settlement on"ln., ..,,$T trod Jontt, 1 I IJf' : ""iU\'i Mi :.XIJIKK GOuD.d :. .f'

I"I, ,.I .r w'lll" h" urCfO-4IIarr tn rlrtts :. iatiivhicli ore not bur"4 vtd at the dates of Mich pcrln Ln' *sill brie n.:* !'.I' l!'"ir rftir il l **x'in' 1 n XVI'-Jtrffr: '':o.l. &u'l V. Co. f
.. ,. Icli Sanit IV .,u the tt.w-1 hSW en .'r f'-'fet< .!.. Ct.t >Tr4Nr iuof 1+14. Jf v "pJft'r.4Hi I II I irpd.rft from f.
-rile IxrTC ( ". I- 11I..IU.urT. ,> L. du. .f ctaulhDU It..le swatr's ed tlauthe plitiof (... fcl N-. V"k. 1...tiiilwl a4'rttf.eitf of tat. : I
fltfU 1 .inrt aDd .eiT at,kpr.oi ?
4 .. ..a pr..toib1){ tlr'u't ere tomortow. 11 It.t ,crttfd '' been ftU,6eJ.4 4nthl t-jr iKo jurtjor i; >"ral M iW 1J 4'id .11lwbi .htll P.ei l's raJ.i sllna4 '. ? and S\JII', r l'lIy.t.u \hirh itm ",'-i-tluo ff !
:. y .. t.\'t )'ltU luub.r int.uai.iuou with rr I.." tbr! IU' rVr *oitMwi$". lMMt4ii. sod Uwl Ui. p nod of .trtven''* ,l:med tIthe uj.1 Ace rot rot. ;.. .rc.'t" tn-.r irjcnJ it,' .""Uf't .l. t:neral lr! ire eftvet ,

ltd! I' ytfTMj'Uan. llr I J'IIC.1r.'ho- Lad intl t.. f 't'n'' like'l. '.* his bnomMfeiK*,., ,ml the p.ttxot tr ...n*r **ction .ipv i "L.d. it 111f'ats / In"Ins."'''di and) mil 10 .'Iu r tj h1.1 t .mMUrt to w. uf c.n. to lIr! t eou.'d '1'' ., ci nf>n'e. a ui4li p >

irrtf'rd 1 n * Fe <*> 'wptcinitorctd. I hll,1 d." i 1 rtnire *tbt C4t '. **{ T .
ot of j ;.'. .. -em"UM nl. tie rltb a a. .r ttt.s 'r.wa.hip. .e.I.J to "f wrh ,,. K. ... b"IIo'IIln' .
The nrcr'tri iy *n."ff urn". .uttra. s ,1.e irq' [ fNJIetrser ...h .f ... niHM!. rot the tnttiirtin .r n-irh i tLa.i. r ""h.'e$ r.u..1!".. ';..,-
',1 tll..c.J."n.. "l1h ft, r .t'.n of ''trrttl' 'ut1. ; Aes 4u..4,Me, 1';_..U.,va VI I.efute :be ui4 Jatts.attfiaarty p..r p".el'1I t. tea 1 efts. I ...; ** nit}pr*,H-rlj| p>ciin IK it It a Cnurt ,!" I i.i: .. Kfr. 'I ch. ..";uand! Au...,:.n pnn't of the :
) chlrae\t't! of HIP iiili bi/ ,elite vCv., .. ..aii.sne I. '*"t ..bI 4l ::8 unit t parr ':1'11'1)i ul* W
sn.i14".5 fl"d unu, 1..4 at> I itiut; t" to dune m ttrmAwl
'i'raftfn.'b n ,ball 'Yt mtal/' Such |I""e. fllhAq.J t., \. \11'1teII$ a. t..f.e.'a ed L7 U. k'IIrL.J l .f twj or u or. dr m. AH iV *-i.t T...4ae i f .>ch wk.. lifts .n .u... C-n.,.. liana s.' ," .,,5J \..Iin( I. 5
u rJkIM1r 'fOff'-It'd tsupttent ; wnw fc "'.t tlsw't .4.te at: ... pstl.tuiati as t iLl s ettletbeai, .sJ ;ntt"1 ,'teat air .tv t1'o.1.1..'. IIf LU'htl, F/thctl and' A.
I. .
aii. 1.iluYid I .III if ntCif Hj. Chstst hu!',,,. watt b* '
ur I. If 't d".I'4' of Ute 1/att Lt tt.I4/trr % :. 'INia 4 r. .n' t au..d..J t.. V "c"tn liH.l 1 Cisth. ant: C" ..lbl.r... I'tenrh and t
la... M p.1 ,..ql ':.I.. uf t.....< ..0".tI..u ",culi.d.. .\'t ":1 r.r- : K. n. G0ri.b. .r i t.".It.h "Ult....r t.t" aul i'an., aim an I

r Wt eee" I/1u't14WU tu IIU INtiCLilltI f//!_al "4'. tuwj .'U.u 1.. tr/.d .r it,. I' I..'... i ,latn.tia .. 1urh 11. I "Blot ...nftm'nt'if. enl ttire.t oal ik 3D.1 4, .
., 1)41 1 -- ._ .. _. .a'la )I..r.'tlice "lid \.aW.:11. 1. .
.. the -
r.tttfC", .. ;. in CM3 nf -- --- - ---- : tioltutluattbqus! .

'I'fStt t .r t a. r.II, ;IK ******** "l th- :ttrii.l Ut '4vW1M.4ll: ---I ltsrtte. I N -= .::' rett4rrlerg'aatett; 1'Itattt'erv :. .Ic.A it1 I. -J

ot-r' II> VIRTUE.: of a rtVf In* Circuit Court Mnple and I'nncy G ood.. I f
J C'I: 'J'':. ._._ & I > fur the CIJ'.'" .r-I J..".. 'n',l4 nil Ih) t I'" A .N LXl'L.NHl'L I t irt!tt ..1' h 'lute .;uu".. 'uri \
J 1.,441. Nsr !I.rlrt.t it "JI"- t......., .:1: .h, u f :o..,SV I). I-4H in :.1 <*riain ,....* mliKh JM. *. t.'Mii.biK. Swi.. 145.t'ul.1Cl.4.1:! .ar 31 n.!iu. :!

# 11'tt'rltltltt'lW" ih publication "t t nnnni.w 7' w .. f\I I .. .. we" It. El (:-.tlt.(0"* w.rnen-iipUiiM "'iU. 1.1 ilm-nt eartr ''"''' ..r Uea'l.cJ: L.rtuu. ,
I't.., ItUS I iss'I'.r "l'lah'1
ihcSowtfcHn CuMf***, cm il<* o rt,.I ;b =et.ts4ere. ., .. hen .\. li ,v.ird *nJ 11.y <\ !'." vrird .. "lf. wrrrhe ] .., rrt>u.i .,.II.i'| irn Cutlt end un. ,
( -0 et.IMd-I.,1t s.II at p,. Ili l on \;...-.. lhh .It U..bIU:', "0"11, ....f J.intll "h"fIII.C 3.J I
i.i:t.f |U :ai.| h"h'l: tn ;...J %fit: a d uiirv !... pnres. a .

.,, ,I 'f'. I rtrlal.e1. .r"...if.,.t two..we. $444t..o 4* : 4 tit,t .",. aft r, an I.M"sth.lsJi./wnt dr.rnl' rd per'fl' 'a II'i' "..f ( tii Mfc >u c.Juiir..sf srrl ,
c.- Cgattx'hcUntesi! : t.Ef:' t;.:. 1 hrtC.41h 1.111 rnt4.: n'I :, tef.. tiu Ail (hit :Mrl i>(" I hml !h''; ."tinfj i nn-J ... I:,... .\t"1t'.. lL.r th': IS:.t lt>nil az.o' LlC AUP-' .

c.J'uc C..n4'r. .a 1s. tier beI44ttl ( .. ; 1"t." =1 J.4ln" 1,141 1'a/l 1 INUia. .I.-.e. 1 ".I.1t j TI*.r .IHiIlIle.. I Iw. .:'..'r anti.\VlutiK'iii' ..,, "f wa.
ed' ear: ltlli r.+ '.I''+rftly ev. Iilths N .. IIi I :... ur1'eolatr tJoo" sT 'UJ\W SD-I Galn4fi' t'u.IIUi'stl. C:..f\.... ;..1 I.iueu Hm I':. :.J IS,."..
1iTft MI'vie' Gulf : pJ drvtii in Ibe cutnmniHJ.y '1 a'1' 1'M.ta M : LiHiwn bjt lh. c".* iif "TM." bring lh. fire lhnn 1. I 41tt! ....:., ,,,.HI riiiti vvUitu-nd "'",O"'ttJ d oi!icti.

.tctl I** bu I"**" ,'Hjved' !,). CotiiiiNMJjHri; 'r'k.1'I.uij I"" lgMe: u w- I|, .IB.1 aero (tact jrranUd bj tl Sp,ni-h (t"' iniu-ni and I'an.hllr, lur Ii, n.j. I.'.LtPf. tens ami Sd*

'Itafit" i I.. J"M 1I" rta. and M wl lfuseta..UIl1'. fI' i.t.;. I ti"lf Kris Liner and yep. C'ti>lh a tr> tine ass
..11 .!t''' A C"J'I of 1" Uity. for 1'1.111, tl.lre s.,. r. I : .Of'mtntof ,i.t ,.
Itei tb' Mlh 'I'.(
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anal brit;: a'1.. tf .e ut laird r.n'.)rJw .ir ii l wlrri4 Whii ti .
." f.'t.1 141.4 I.I* ilia.tto'1 h.. brti1 Thin/ fi ve II"" j Ill .s t 'V. .\. rll'' ''': b* J-t.l, : "" '" i, find IJiuwu (;.! .""killMi.dXX ..,...d fi. rpiaitri- I
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r N alias, .r .11 :'Iw, I.n.Ite r..n.tll"1 nl c..iifmd tin IfKh .
sit CJ (f"L'f'JP" Sf rtt thrr' L..adt l.t..I. .
ttr Hto '.ftfCt trt-5 "vcr Din* tjl '1''hells rts.rl "l>: ; .
tt'ftt' ) Ha J oInJ Jilt f ",. ;s t1" .. 1i'4t'fir \.',th ,Itrf of ,.I ..t.". 'I""I".c. Ittur Cltrck. Tiulel Ci ,,.. llaiu1 .' ,
,II"" (" hurlNllti'nail. .. "l'.I. I..... "h 24th'. "f'k"s'11. h I I q.. l I i,... 1t1U..t iU .n fir tir. ..r:..l III hindr dao'I I 1 a>k '..l.. Lin uri ..r.-uwliii X irking and XX...,. r

---. r'Ier4$ $e-ra Nttt j In' ..,. .1 .all tra-'U; c*'i. .4' To oi tnctI I i dtuz..I'utullkrr l'flhI.1&1.. tho 1\:111'1..1 J-n-.
T"t "4't rat 1'a ;1ew .Oflf4llthct"fIt't : 'ra :-h. I Ab. M .. alrl, '1 "fC" tIrh i., C'.'. ,. :
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till ., g'I still 14'th |,1 A'1It'f: 1ltent ._ .. M/II f... :.".., w..11It"t. BtaV.latR'. ,rah .u 1t e dr= h.. kt on. II J'u. pares, u K. IARIA Co.St L :1I'itx.1.: + 'i."t ...... ,.-.,. .."f.l I+. n"t.s J'4s.'es. Jfj

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Isstioe 1 111 a.Ibe r"lfttilf, t U v* *f r-a 4 atK h* e I. li A 'la"iaJ\lp. C44.,. lI.rae. Cirtf".'. ,.
.. .. ...r--4 .144Ht I" UIP "... .r sb.lsle1utleJI.1 ..., *P eU*"i6 a'in,. or Its'alsnf.. a. made at Ciid. :*t4MrbtTr4,eHin iivl Carpal U .lk 6'1 Swe.! 'il.I roil U''_au. aate "o'lm"I!!(
JO'U'II :4. ;!A\CHCZ. a1 ritT i .. I. rniitiha. .. .. .aet.. .......: ii, at M--r Is .r t.C.wt.\ AMfMklv hell in (*. _.I late Trtth with tnjuj{other ar:.rf.m'oZt tli 14y" i...: M,. ... Y11.1".1"''Vl". ..1 U...,.,_ 55";TOh.4
-'r" '.17. Seoul "d U.tMl. tti. rlh. .bfh ."a.. se ehtagcJ t .n, hU fit t EO. lil.RT.V a"1 : end O.UI.II "tIIIl *aru tjf und at I'UI'J' nGLU. I

---- -I r. I.!3. st.'L: A I.Tu..e I.J h.Nl.Jh.Nl. .. real'r .. , .1.1 Ike ebo-n 'ofete rhetSatf 31sre1 2:11 1.17. ...t'.1 prc 4. lit tn' A Cu.

.' ''nllr. -a.ails r. I'j ate t.t:. f I I .. .../ Iwt tLa h.. tI fete, yes,. rr.. --- )I."M.II. a: _._
(1II A'aiet1nts 1,'tosiri,/iret. UoJ CUim.' Add rUtll. t. rs4.d d..1urM .aad .1 I.bRreby'.*..rnl, t>n tt>. t*>ins j j"t ISotict. a --- -- -- -- -
tIIa. ,.It, tires tJot t'f 1I.t lIe is amllt.o COC11' ... 'I.Tu... ,hI4 "Ie are r' C th.t r'1. al !ieaa.>irtl al ih4fr 1 A LL ITR3O.V< indbt 1.1 the SM,,ii,!.,. ere Cordae. I:

u.y Itr d 1'ntsu Terms .bllUt beb.i i tit d.- o' i.I-. 1.111 I II. hf.t .etu n "fIob ti's a.o.nJ' 4 r.fI-ritIl'W" .h4tletI I' j m. Mi ite.l ttf call and a lju.l tfn-ir a.eslat.. 'r.\UIt. ."..1 (Pi rkct K.II\t4 amu t every ti- II
: V..ft S And al. IAU and W.'r the UMI.IAM IA tl \Ult adtot .d.,foi'. .. iko fir.t V;.1'11"11)a.her.: :* 3! tv,%KLu.1S.: ui hal| .> -iiJ ('i6u.. Uuied' :Sho an.l
aa,11D41Vt lCi'I r r. and ,"czueIhe nwn.n 0' IAle .'fl4r .s ..r". h' C"'U"-r .r sb. ,". 'rixt4 ta ha hdfr ., Si Au4n.f'". Jjn. 3'h. I'1' O*.ierKri- :"jtnrl, i<:i
'ht ,,., ,, Gn ;1ft.'ru"., ."d Ithrt tear in ill IMtoI9 (..NMy f..1.-0 3lar Ip11s aa41'ly711sttyil 4.f :. 11. si/ .a< /, TMt the Fret 4fh,a INtalc ol* Daniel iTiiticrt Icn I -1111 ;1)v..I..ul l'uu,(. ,lra4. .lndifon.lint'! ..n.1rr""u

t1nl ;" \0 else nlrrrmslin' .. lJ r"ud to lscali ..t..1-7_ -.- -- A.**....* .k 4,. law/J d f.o hlati.a..hili li.i Cnppr anal! r mil \iU>. Tark "nJTo
row, the:,Iw.,hui0: ."""t'r. -- ..oUrrU11r,1 : 1.k. r'a "JtII .. IVi 1i'.1 ).... In (kt.It.r. ilccNI 1 i It. s':4: l{..4 .m r 1",4 rs or.t t aMlr Cup-n''.
n c:. C TAniLSar.'RACY.r ..,b'nd Iflrlt.I soil r"'f _2hI lV ins Mwa.a 'UTICC 1:1 flr RtRYivv. \. t'. Ii. hirrrJttoi ii: IJfIoOt 1.1.111 and 1 nc4: 1..J..r..1) Chllll.1
ht P L. iihr.1.9:14.1Ii.1eeed.t.trh./t. Ira of .. i..... .\-..a.Ir 'b, 1 I.; end i>f ... K:"i, lnf I..irl'I' IoU:, (::111'1.>t .! :itiJ Trunk '0IM'1.. -\ie phoveN and
-.A.flee. ,..rdJ .:hh,1317.pia 1, g41. f. pef/I4 rphde4 s. <*..lril>tit... iI ..'.. .." c... ene..4 M fiurtl, .., ul." r.,'r. icM.lhst in.tzM w'.li. fr .>n she d>... 'pr I4..lartte nl.d. anted 11... 1l,",.. lied Uii'g's Do* I
.n r.t.un4 fatal NJt iti ,> lint tl aD4.for .. :., ",.I. ,L-. "'-'Dta..ct .a" rv"). 1..fHr I will apply ..1 the C.'llrt e f r,>.i* of > cur 'f ninJ tit .I.. :sid lisps Cuff Mills Iron und
c r rC.onu I Nf nni I ..a4 ,.,-wt .. il** Court .r PrhM J..f1o' tnl. h., si*;itt of mj .ee>''iott a j Stt-l tiiur< t l>r rtrt, "f P| J.Le, {l'< Crldi.rN .1K. I for ML. J*.Ui4. e...... ll' : .. .orb |.-. wherein e/tht. r.. i :teashetmI4t H 1 o 16. I lurY.'in I 17s".'", .f uh' I:.'.,.. .1'.1'I :, and 2)tirri4pi+f icn-i.., C.ip "nll.tJwdft' Tr/

N Ot"rbbe ItLr i..u. ts.l I hit aaid < om tJ'tf.4. Nay alrls.p.t..NniVoeeh I U. II. >r.\"'=. "Ir- .I..r Strut. I 1, srfarit'. i. s1.n titan. lb it in lit mon'fi (runs this $gM.fl.i p.l. dlJ, "ii Iulft .MohVi4 i\ij' 4 Bra!.
CAPtB t1a'Dd"a.e, Iwl.'ear I.U.ODI ATIII.\2S IB* n>,.. "f tb. I,Uta ol'Georr I. L. Clatko |iri r II. Aecaes c.tJ" N.atL j 14144"I I will pp'y .tolh ..H! Cut fir 116< n..1 l Im har;.. I I Billion* Ir
: .&.isty of & Jetln/ .. 6D.1 rtIIK.ltat. Paned 1I..f 1epfeteaiWlr. Dt'nt.ber4'1. !I I" r4rtttiag CIt '111iit of 1' r.I. ...... ,I Curry Comb* i r-nr-al, 4.'>iiii.iit of IWu.>!". Lc.Inv. :. .
Rat I
l'dUM1. tar r. JOHN M. I ONTANK.r.uniUr. IUl'KLlltr.:. I I I .... bud l.nfJ'. 'I etrrl.'rld 11R"r" Tress ahil.t'I'wuuda41 / :
allp.'lIItto IMd"111t1f't"d! hlthontdeat'srdp MS. I.
.bt"d u. r. ..octttd to1 make to.mrdi.'e '.]f"1a _l547." : KiintlKT IIROW? pta V la. afM. ".pt" I i S.plmHi :ah._13__W? Cnhr. I' : T.iu. Clothe t.iiMta Fi)h Ii;it.e* and
"ir' Ata4 IU creditor*, let.fe.s .ru! n.f**.. enc .Sotfee. P. "A" CItrk they' a"ttt.rn f 'rt'lor',- t Il.\Ia."h+nk 2a 1 H17. iLU UL'UT V Co.

_ht'belrn" 4 t ". sMM not I'.C iKirpobli t(1Ti1Cie herby Laren to the .Jhtllf.. Min U. 1-47, tim; BALSAM i.ivrR\volrr FOR l U\Jr --_. -.- .-- -
,tahea Aetli.Js scull. ire late iron the l' 1'rt'.sr r"'f'MI"./f'tttA"W++ c'r .. e .d all I
b r It Tlfl.V .\'i It LI"IR CUNI'LAINT 1 for .
:. .aU be f+rn.r --.d., b.d. L other p rsn1..'inteu4ed. iS.tnf Mt 1M ri..t )'..4., Private onrdl.JJ !*. CoU. A.'hma. tlit!cult or lb.,... Discharge. J
n, .wIIOUGIJt5 C. CAItRAdfuiatrtnt.r.el May .<.tt t .h,,H' pr.e.nt Ut tH. Cart of "roha' lit 'UU CHIIIII PI. Asq ioiof fm h.1< COal Pain in th* !lids 01 Br.t ..,piitin; .r, a. 1.1. PKKSUNS iniVrr-ifd in rhf rotate .r IA'.. 5
:tit11tILG. tlLalIcltt fir !t. J.has C.wInty l"M1t ..rh rlrf sadcnntlr ', [ r t..4. asrd the pebJr. thaJshts lit.iy 6ttrd IIuo4. t" "iurh', Patptt.trr .r I'le tt..,. (l'Il. i IKI/M. "'/\J.\IfK.1tr..I.It! 'fohertbl""ti..r. ,
wlt'te it'd e"urt mea" IM. Im Jot w.. ac.ei.nntri .'rp his .. s.4 is .w ptepii .8... e raa' and .i.n.r..( Ib. thf.,. *Vrff ""'In e..NII., I bit in 4ii''mifitfi lit'? d.ili I .ilf.irl 1i\.r11 fo Ihw Il.m
IloRHt'C"Q end V'ut4 te a f '.. I' ttta of Itichttd,lf.. re.rsta I4. 00 id.t.. .. i.4. a,4 wa ealca* ( ll.etK F.tet 4K ,hif ". of I'rnhir.e "relt J"tft 4'nunii; fist 'IIti..C'btr
Or tl"t tlMHt recent 'ub.n. ray "r Oceutifal \.. ,..d&d. ",>iia.r far via f U t*".:... It.... ...' r.t.n:pnl.'.. and all uthtr .\ ., =- (ten. ill : .l'nr..t"h'I'i" fl'' u1d' .
a. JOHN'Cmaior: \ J. U Kr.OGII. j III'M. -fltffi.ath..U.j/ fi.U a4minitere'J ifl It'me 1 i iANgu
Otto' III.trttc t'f.4J al/d f.r ."'-b1 f1.Ia.6. .. L,":. nil I.iu .ttItn.! 1 II. I'. .
et 'G.I SE-17. fit Aag.sriaeoe
.,. GLhlIT.L co. fell.IOtb Julys' I hj.IPD', n. r. C.11R



I. I __ -

--- "
-- -- ,
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To the TraJe. Far bolt ; WOT" DiCh18ri1lI. ;I New Arrlral. NEW ARRANT.CEMNT.

r c. nlt 1'. cu. art m ivn f b> beb hn su'.a.f.1.e LOT OF bTOCK CATTLE, aUotlor HAMS, Belter. Lard. Craeiei*. FI."j GEORGE BURT A CO.HAV THE HOME JOURNAL FOR'IW.
Charleston. f5ca.l* Rice.tUt .?& eec.a dill number more or ... 1 bo etotk i.n..r CHOICE., .. 3ea|>.. C"-_. Picket RECEIVED pr 25ch,. Al.t i tie. jut I THE JANUARY NOXBEH.
>blT"r. iu .. to run ." from New York a desirable lortmenintioa 1
ca..n. purchaser Ct. AIII. ', and ia good condition boc wb 'e. At retail.Fbr I I I We (and we do not )
regret rexretioaay that
*!+rd 15 Apply 10 JAI tS I\tOGIi. ary:. 147. U.E.CARR. Co'heme J euple and fancy grab to which the upoicbu.r. i are under the necoy ity of breaking the H
St. 4.,..... Jaaaa I!h J17.I'ttbtic i. aolrcited. I I up pt+leh
1 Jetlu. <' Bntlcr Lard Haia | acre.! and commencing a *ivt VOLVMK of u)e flm
JOO.IAL Jnutnry-the ilamand lot Ih. Brat
or COPARTNERMHIP.- Aeticr.IT Pork. FV ur. Cr+tk-r., S"g", Syr to '.%
DISSOLUTION BACON. Hew 08.d. Seta. Del rle. tend iiuuiliera, having aofar exceeded
+h I''or. ea"'i,, under \VI\G HKF.N: DECIDED: that S.n\eu .. .",.Tubecon Coffee, Ri ..l .rn.II.,. per oar ealcahiuj.
ant irui or M ASUN TOT'I'LK.I h " di-eul. ., ,.. tI"r 4tb August, 1642. coruipjthe withla. peal a c. ..tIftft..t vI rmll ,nod.... .t r.ralL B Y tbe above" veal ve are receivin t', rb that we can nu longer supply the with new laUc '

'I by ftiotnftl' e n.wnt. flu burin. *** of the old firm perview vf the 3 j$ Sectioa of tbe Act of tSik Ur.Me,27. 1f16. M. E. C\RH.A Cr.t supply, we aolicil the attentun nf trade who na.lIywi.b commence the lets'
all of which will be d.I"1. a Iriflmi vance i -Our kind ri..d., who will have 'tt.n"
will M. thereof tee tract .
tuldtyJtJpa *on. Juno Id41 amending may eat I op
Original Package. Lard P..rk. Butter, II Ba- I number. of the dona JouiUL. will submit tr
JOSEPH: MASON. on which tneir habitation It erected, .btre it otb,r Notice for I Discharge.i Y"d1
e.n. shnu.d.. Mea Beef. Dried Beer D.... we h-ipe. lathe having two or .hr. extrabind
C. 0 TUTTLU.Now ..'uud.nd P'I'I ,
than that embraced by peitnits M LL PERSON interested m the tatate .( JAI > Cheo. le' in with the VOLUMK Id47 andraneiPml
\ Cud I h. II-nin,. Sound PinR Ap ron tee..
Vfk, M.W:. $1816. yet at any lime parr to the day oI'pabe| IRUS L ',\.'I EH.d.c'.... 1M,byaoli&Hl.tlMl 8'.. Cheese tngli.h: CM'te Finn .".tw.t. will fx t gfent eunvenH'n-a i. Inv .
Tli* 1.Ad|<>ric ird will continue the AdorliingAC" aala_ it.tbciesg ..s .alr1. p.r i. r"'k1t
1" guard against io sit ..Blt alter dale I will. apply ." the hoesthe
.e Flour, Kiln Uteri M lees.. H,., pri *.
.. .. ,
CI l Hie ,On l 'l OMU ee**'Ulll. it.ada teethe hrHf sad lit
h."It .lted. .. CT... for a
CooitTro/ .( St J bfTe .
Mi Kr, 0..1'.". Urea?. .*,.la Crackers Syruji Mohit I rie afl r in fret innub ra w*>r. then<*l*(* sad
JOSEPH: .r tier cake..1ta e h
M480N .$ ..' .
taker. IS .t".I..h, ol aau llatate.: i '
| ..l Jeerer.'JI cd la fnirlv commtntt Mt I'cltmt
New *<*. Htiney Crw tlyterp row cn toss Uj
Vista.1).e.1.I lt!4fl.VJTICE JL
-- inc thee Iran..nrcnpi. /.M.eteted lab.In I 4M vt f.H. e {".i.rrrd tbo a t MM.A vac CM'.. Itl'trhi Choir T.,. Imperial O'4Hyoa.Yowrg Year We ,hHi ""-. th ref'H9. A ..1 .r."+
is I II CUIU\: 'Gf\'Et\. Tvih* itdii.raA three ..n,"..faf, .. .t.t.c tlskt u.i i igbe .. .c.*tl.l"4d U., K.CARR.A'lin'r. Ilyo.m Itla"k Ac e..dl.! .. Sperm Talkiw. VoiV)& nu the 2d of JiutMrv. and. Ih4,, ... 1"

..4 Hir; at I.w. .n>l .:,.,h..r per tt. ii.i.rr.1 *. le r.nehTr et .ill tift nul l j be forc tf1t.t.t this twhracrd fJl; Oil. Ac l..rU .r with a great .'f article even puce with Futher Tinoe 'r old.fa>hi.ine Ten CofIVc niocolatc $ b11'
...1 in Mil r:>t.te of "'ILLIA'ILUAld.. br Ih.*r permit 'M. I ITba I :. ht7.? U. l c**. (v*>Ami.t AlfU V !1i I l "te ..f 8 1. John C'MtiiU. deed that I rUini my sill of the Toe w.hip' prodain. lo W.rered .LI IIYSo.N vrrj choice, Rir.>. -_

( .<. **rin in* r"rwiiMl' i Eiato ur ih. ..;id .!< ceiiai d {ia Au''....*. ba teen Pwtp.acd| .nlillb *tkJan. .7 YHn M w Cnba do i..retcH Periodical; fallowing are the omly ,term* nn whkk

114 I tint Itn Tue.-t l4v the $IG.. r'av u f IMtrnerjr M.II I u'ry. l46. 4;4N I'nwder ** Lass .. KI PUUI.U'TltJN Uf HCMK JOVKMALM furriih d! to *ui.crib ,:-. fa

I ''III.$ ..| .Iv lo lU II.iit the Court v( I'. bltt of .4Hliuiity ,t Ryeristef. c... -u,. | ip'rMl ** 31..hi do THK! LONDON$ QUAKThRI.Y REVIEW, One cop for ouryear ''00
M ** d ,olit .
RUSSELL. HUrh S pic *
J % fur an order eurnmanding the Sheriff SAM L. Reg.s1.r.1.snd TilE KDINOURCill: RI.V LW. Three ccpie to one add lre. 500
; .* It. summon Cowiiiii."
; e.(< .tf, ..iJ Duwar. in the personal I..,.ln wfwhirhli t'\ r I. Itl1:. nlH". Cocoa Paste 'late TIIL WB TJIINa I ER KLVIEW Such as wi h t.i nbtcrJ. and connnenca will
,.... .. C.\RR. JL Co. '
: B.
.1"l *ii Nnd *u mike return thereof. nomrdmt t" .law G.)ozI 11 at reduced prices. I rk.t 27 tA1G.PUXIPT. DLACKWOOD'S EDINBURGH MAGAZINE. Office of Pubhcitiioii, Nn 107 Fulti-, '.aace. W4

j J... Ut 1 IH47._i'ANN'ILUAM a r.uucr.Kics II\IIO-.V.\RE CRuc u.RY AND r -TBE- BLOOD. Agents apply single vopieeonly I ,,

UltLr GOltU8. Tho above P"iodical. are printed In New York, GEO P. MORRIS
on :: OF JuoiiE or PROBVTE, ( wfibo tra4 ,ital. .M O F F A T'8
CAM. atf wiion imniixiiatrly on their arrival by the Urituh teower. N P. WILLW.
CAIKT JoH'a '::01:1I"'. ) WE r.miW' ..d .,..,.'n.. ..rla.Ie supply VEIEtABLE.LIFE PILLSPHdNIX.BITTERS in a boautiTul cl."t,p..on fines waite pa par. aoC4ro
i \* heM I., un to .II p rota concern .. I rent bear .. fM
N'1TICr. of a/Urka nail* / sax (euhfalrnpi..oft otlinal-Uuc."OOD. WA A- Choice Gr. erl"
he B Mrd f Countv Cnnsni ... 'Mh
.ine A, chargrd per ltthr,. lu" r'.ukhn lb.he'. teat being an eiarr ltcimilo of the Edmburfh ads I 8C OuNKR: MAY FLUVVKR
well .ktfCI wqb treat pattbo..d lion.
:.,..t ln. ,.r ti ".n. a wall elected lcck and .
i- in the City "U Attjntlin.nn the l l *olicittk
term lay iT April. drat, atiU ck. A.. M. for the. ..ttiiu w+annsa. wt.ich enables see loTo seJ.e t de4 i 'c\. ....' w1Mb. p.. .al..i Tho wide spread of theo splendid ''"iuch.ea. lemon of the bade and l private (.uaifi.. tu tae fats! v
I t. t1.4 'i.... x.. he we .. tees eta deedless tu mortals the if .
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r such t i.i.! a* soar nr P rlr' betneghs .
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t! I II. GOULD Jn4 vf Probite.S ItcnI.T via Mann tee .ra4 i.7 trance 1..e by t1e kM.1 political compkiinn or each U matkrd by a dignity Y Cake. Pilot Bread- .ruched and Lo f 1'
| in; L\Knr.AM> COMMODIOUS 1I0UJ4C 0. evl.hw r"nd.r a.d fwfb araneo Mt on-a round in wo tk. of a Oil Candle .
Anru.iin.. Varies 14th. 1947.I6IN.S yretp,1 *. nap, Apple
seed :fI'U It C. :41"'... .. ,..cortt"r..r Ca..,. : .x cJ.c Isis pat character v ''1M., Cnnberry, 1)ri.d fruit. Peachy. rV

i > \ IRK. .. Atm"itd lr*"n *<"'". ('.h''aI Mrs'srnes au4 L,... a' pre-at 1'CP..i..t. 0cttr ow cjrxo>fc *. cwjr. >sxLIOOU They embraco tilt views or the three great" pnrtieain AppU..Jr,. Kai on-.. Atniiindd. Citron Prane.Ln phi
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the I'.iua Tory
I ,. CU"flua", and "."teut Curt"m*. fttrrmil) br glees GnU fc LX7 H COM7UinnXOJOO OD*. Fig. and a full supply' kept I v art
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.. V. ZS.'. CIICZ. and the n Quarterly" are Tory :
tcb. 4 .IM7. U, C. Co.t.1"r:8. I'of leriM | pl/ n. 1 CA It R *
I CAKU & I ..w.i a1.t..l.w.. .ebr wIt Minbar h Un"..*' WbiKt .nd'hl' \V..a.nioler' C.
J.tte lfII4U. _. fw.bna.eaie.. rtew...Ite.e rat o. .t. December 15,18.16.
I 4" : Cop"" .' nrei 1'b.l1in.. sacs RadicaL TIM" Fureixn Quarterr1"i.! purely literary
f) 1 '- I'r... trl.non. lel.trr..un.ed Ba'nnn: J Ui*T UI'.C'niVr.D: per JklH oir 8ira.Ba rrnDlCh. 0_ ..CMOUC.awe aW 0UOC 1.L.w.1.A+. ..,r1..i as&u bring d. Med principally to criticuuia on loreitnCootin .-

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IVOrim 'J l ItflT. II E. CAUuA Co. in twiginrl .... ... COlasUMt'rUV..4 se1 ill ter
I I ) : iitl..a.w el. arACORtfrPT The price u I the Rf.rRtf Tt are less thi a nne-third
I __ _._ 15. Pecks dill, SI$ fishes Ittf.If. I .11.0. DoPrt a. or ,:t. u( t'to lureign cops.. end while they are r .
Upped Nil:11vs'.estlilt T. re* U-. 100 Krt lrd. wraP BrU& .. wilt. dr welt I. atfurd all that Ink, ,.111. and mill Vml,.. bustle B..ardi Tiwiahl
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I "I'< F.rtun. lUiier. luil Boa" deep, '. U.'.., and Cecewatr.
'i"tlUO.A: It riAVANNAlt PACKET rip sir IM par uritZLAflr 7141U J.,m over the Ejlit* r..der.Tt.rUI l leer pj
1 I 3i<0 U..tol Care utter articl*ON lik.q anl rt t a ixvcr.TUT :. I B. I: CAHK.&C
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: Julin'c Ill'di', Ht. Maryi.l llrunowick and Darien Peasant TO BR MADKl.t ADvaact:.
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the U ri. M.111. the. ibor named : .> l Ice.-Ura-.gc For any ODe of toe fvur Review, $:t.liU p er annum ,
Carrying plates I AtucfttofM i I Alit.h.the Np.trw t.lpet s.a .. i "eye FI Mir. C./rn .M-.I.-Ch ice family fW
f The regular t Learn Packet *t. Matthews, 1*. >tcl C.RRI-. t wNw.t 010 M.w.J..w r M..Ne- For any two do. 6l>0F .. n Hbi H>id hill Hl hI l C'hoicu Lir.. 'Met'erJf bd
t :elty, >l Master 'liaving horn tliornuility nverhauM, THEM.tC MTUHtn A\D 1C cram .f ony three do. T.IM) II"** Butler. (;
1 ill' ; ' Tai A."r for the Cacaire4' rOULIII a/ CUNrtCxtuv.On1YERAL I' For all four of the Review. .. | rk".I..m"n. pit,
her deck*and cabin .ill..d' | handmMnelj fnrrii.h* [ Orai.jc w new tend" lo .ire rrlom Af DBBZZ.ZT7.ncrxx. j jGOClT. F. New IJ. ,'. "*rnrkfr*. Uli-i>, r. Pino apuUoU '.

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l..t t|.e"J. .ec""amn.J't.iuu andeomfart.he cannwtboMirpM i|.en .wi G. the yeas $347.' llaill h. found at Kit Lywax, orujwwjruxrrnw auau.YA- "ond and the 4 Revtewi, I U.Ot) rice in fine under, now .landinc from Sch. )Jar
.edt< anjrtMit i on she r.....T..ItNa will) urrrxx ALOUD. J4L.DKZ; LOSS fr' CLUBBING.F
y ar if ri.ri i. wh.r tor-w may be used.S. bin. Coot- nT B. E. C.1 It It.4 CI -
ire "|(iiurotif the d.ih' ineif$ Cd'amerifor Cbar.lon. \'IUGIL DCrUST.Tat ur.011 r. be H nttn one .dJr Mon payment of the reguhrubecii .

\ ,hi'lil$Ifue. "*.iy .".,,in.. Al.<.,ra* enrra wi i.h. 'uc..Ur..c. c...,. htkltCS< nIIAIL flh.iA.P ss.- |>(!.H f-r three-the (fourth copy bvin,? grjti*. Hay, Torn Flour, -

.. n.- ** take in the Rrigor lUrk line which Enterprise Fel$ 15. Is47. .Aa e..Mast,1. .r...s_.M.enq..I.c.I. Ill R*mitt*nee* and communication must be PF.h: 31 \t I'LOWEK. now Unding.
.4 .a Aovantssh .vefv T1iur"d4r and Saturday for i ,w.-(2.t... ..el made in all ca.e. without eapen"" to the publUhera ; Bei! Har 2'i() Mrr-l ls Flour

i \iw \ .rk,after the arrival' of the fit. Maubewafram 'u T 11 CFDii 11 C--- rtJr s Y s7. .xcxrocn 55.4. OCOtVC ouiturr..'rICTIU.r Yea wvaccxpwy *-The farmer may alas;. be done thronih a P.*t nil lUli lit.!. Ftor IK) FurkiiH KnlteillllKx

I'lorida. trtTno"4f' uar. PALYTtfra CHQUC : ma
., I..e":.r* with their $.agp6e will be put onboard THC IIOMEJOUHNAL.IIV P I L 14 .. n. .irs.l FWiee.t.f. .,Li.: hi. rr>cept and H>rwarJinc the receipt by mart, L. rd 4U Barrels .Pork
r *if either line if required. MoKRId A WILUd.TMI. I w cave.d ri.f JI Jftft.11 lilt es.e.f. LaSNh.iee..a |' : or the money mar be enclosed in letter, lies' U">r. if imp let UM Mn.i|

i The above boat will l pate aa follow jLu4o or ,iwt iit.' wflb Ntio r1..a /*. *raid\dir."ted In the publisher 51 I hd Sugar 40 Bt:. "'"If V ,
.boot o .
CrH PAINT i.IN tit -c" .
PaUtka ever* Tae.dry at 8 A. M.PicoUu it |'.Kaa.rawodaltedan4 i..p .o4. will >MI >a M| It H II V x A T 1. 'I. -nr. Alva..ea IW >. 0 -ThefwUfeoo alt these Periodical- i ill rep 1 llh,I leek,. I llbd ShouUerjI

1 r .. $II .. ., on ; Ulick Creek ,. 3 C. it.Jacksonville. I10MC JOURNAL.' Tbo nore 4u .r o.e I..dl : nut rBLont ,.... lt>LAD, crrr. iJUyimaer ral j. makint a "'important' saying in 'he abate' nrtilr4 w the >?-4e in qiuo'tlieCTi; .

t .. .' .. .' 19 Night. .'en that..- 1.1' .. .JtrxirtrjrirtUJ.NTW.cnoroi.i. .i|>.n- in mail *nlt,,,.b.,.. nil cnrk"se. at Charlv. "titrr;fr*!.
e"rreof't'fli as impre .,. SZNO'B EVIL, loka | /e milfi cilia d Dec 15. I 1840. |>. I.:. CtRlt..t f.
I Forrreithlnrpaa.ent.r. apply t Capu McNelty M a political paper, batindoerd ..drttorawtipreaMuehaiaetrt tted edi .t au t"lC E.&of IHry dt.criptuss pri ltcid ** Tares throvjkv
..nbo \Vnod & Cleglmrn. 8av.Boah.FF.RNANDCZ mere di It V Hid' ln..: Jarkaonrille. E. r. Sing forward the nm wbicla b.. hiiWno bean only } ,..1..1.1...... i ll'ttrr'*...*.ic.di.A.. rilyc/AVw York these Fashionable If n 1y and Taps.t"1 .

T,. ita4mflr Harah dpanldiniran* in connartTiilnhi ocondary in Iw tld4t. Tba geu r a2 rfeargna 1M f .eta ea.e..Ys.i..od. a...1.e.u.w ,.W hI, will i.blsthl FR I:.: hP 1 1'J T fa. M U RT, A. C. h'rt lU, d/ landeJatw

I ". float and mi iher.' t" F.nterpri: on L... HOVE JocaiiAL sill a. to turniase.Ad+aininf oradinx. | THE LIFE rILLS no PHK.MI( !( BlnlU LEONARD: COTT i CO.. I's.hli.e' ,.. lir"lae-cutDlf"lIllIr the k.rr.t -ryl.of I...

t' hundred and twenty.Cvr aillte above Pa to mAo a brief and e* npl cbrMikto of ,a.i.* i Paltry THE BLOOD G ni II n fiilum 9t N.. Yorkiolliiiitc. Bo a* Hat end C< pn.qtial.'ty toriaing u( every nrir'l'

kl. up the 8t.I"lIu', River. event, lo g i.. the cream nf new '"'. to keep e I ind *t very low price
July 8.434ft. Ovate bfnl to,k-oat for Cteoioa IJieratoic. Mn I .k sad I A.l ties rroove all disease (rags the>jitenuW <: Ut.'tebar 1G. UH,;.

r Ant and U coon l. forniah a ?tp r bf wb.cJs/rr1 i A SrfJt w. tw LIFE. PIUS .a4 G ntHtT.:0 Having jest rec.i' by the -

4JII.1. HE HOLD on the nth day nf April ..t icier sesey lute fl1 ttit4 tee liru. 1 his pl.w o11, h a3. >..II..1 X BIT T E R S h.I ". "M ... o Schr. Ak i<"n.ln e a tore lade. quantuv of 1:1. TO LET.GNill .

..ei tin .l.o'imnf III need 2 n'tloek, at the dad to aid t ari- wii.n e..' in;'..", .. tlrtH c- M w. ..J..".a;. |,. and Cumniou Clotbinr.uch aa r Jir new a..J .u i ildtn; t.Mn a., i
..'iri II..,eae at JHelUnnlle. in said Cvonlaaufciiit eau find new on4 V4loabU atu.eti..; bat .r waa Tie .. .rwM saw psi p M... ),., hack C".. rants I' ..\ I.\ >teiMidlenan.ittibe

pirti'in ul the! fotli"'ini Trart n r (.rant olt p.rp.e will.! M c ntantty kept in vi .. tit to wee a -..(. ...G./In.... i.per., .,.. week ..p.k1.1..Iec,.lancet .'. TiM. t'I.lIa". SattintttU fct at A sue ill trips, I in ui--dune |I... .,.ion.

r nf ,.. ..ii.rr and |*tf lh I'" >r, h$ and the (:nsre',t nf Orange for the year 1"4'1.\ JUU ASrrn'MiI ea that wia1 ,'ar.e.rat parr 0. i1 e al'sv",..w shy ..wy t.If Tweed nhirting ** K Jean I Nocemhee' 1'. 'r3G.

7 w 6., told all" 1.1 ull,.. .
i Lin.,. (meat ace Mtidividfd pan .r portion vlMMItfl ( pertesat aad .J"yn; :a I. sry i. wttbia u. IMa.t w1.ibis 0.7 N.eeee cave ..teas.wial Is ss.t w I.wn.n w.I 4.tob.,4 Tweed Frocktaea 1/v.rell. 14tdics' Ron netsOF
: $ t : 4cr a cranid Pedro Miranila orate Pea Jackets Venn
la and .iI' .wny.n:I.s W y1.c .w &
d'1 1, ft the Wrekiva .r the Eniluh Bit tipring, THE II n.K J.,;a.,t will b-.pebti.b4'd"1 seta"' .Golf 14"Sand 4.4 hwek tC.c.c with many ntherarticlM in Ihtt line altrtrether rom- the' nio
.. -.1.J Land ...w nwn.d I., elope. 1 "t. dry at fi per ."i ari.l>', ...4 aQc Three ,".4.asU ly prying a contplo'o and estfn-i.i o <' : whiciiitl Qna .'.. JIMI i eceived and f.r "'e by

"I A'. well|| W oM' on thoiith f February. .m citpW seill)M rent i* MHJ d. B. .C T1'AT. be robe at greatly reduce price October' G.IIli. (I. nVlrr.t CO

'. iif Lend bebneinf Win. II. ilewd.iluatrd United Jt+t*.. ,r the Uriiiia IVotionr don apin sal ..,..,. t.ermt.f Aad.eJ ure.t,If.. T.r*. 8t Augustine Dec Tin Ito46 --

the N
... she Cih.I50IHI.Acr'.i,f $I".d""unai' lnshe Puss Maitei* .' reqnetl- to actai afttit, tee D. C. CAttR & Co. Hoots and Shoe .sew

rre:.u. "r F. M. Arred.itda, U c'd., H. W. sde ol ashes etiplinns sad mike lewituoc TilE SUBSCRIBERS. are nuw o..ninr an els!

". (!mrg..) New.. .ritwr*. if HDdUu aopliratioabc aw. St-.hooncr Vnnrtn at aortraent of flout and Shoe..a* follow, : lurk Packet from 8avatnah.

AU- r,$l.utO arrea nf tendon a4ian| River known will bill 4ppt*d with tic Arai .akrtlf.e. tcriiiAHr 17 DXYd FROM NEW YORK. RICHARDSON.T4tJfc m:

she Delevpine grant .nm inie. .\'*.. UOI( .ctr* nf I I"n4 Salnniinc' to the heirs Dr! the underfirntJ.. at 107 FolumMrt*!. fi w., ..Ir"fit. OlFlr tl u.- ,. It. i:. Carr Ar C... I HMkin. a very .nperiur.rtei.. ticVEadEl.3cuwpei.intttisltoeand.111ev

Ixkfunl atTornttul! and )IcUuc.U.nmp it bf .. r MonuiH. li Utr 1.5 Iblet, IU C.... S Boodlea. W) pair LadMKid Watkins' Huoe. a new article. T ,-, .. fullnwii

fa undivided tract .f *KM) arr_. N. P, WILU4.O" )Isy 13,1'i/6. (5 UIJRT& Co. 2.i pair Ladies Sue caiiertof b..t..ul.J" eli; llrig, Thursday Fuller, Capt. Cobb: wiU Tlatrt!
J'H'N' tlU.r80N. r.Aj'M..ith *bnm we etth.ate..71 eon- 60 pair Ladies Rudber over shies, very cheap Jose lei

rih.iifl* end Tai Collector far (classic b, either eopyiuf or noticing Ib* abate. of'Trtt / ZttFtoa.lOa..1 Ctww. I. 25 putt Gentlemea'a very CUB French bout, a first WoiM'. .. If.. .1 L
CrJ'tIn,1re. Burble
October C. 1641. 1'.r the County e( Orange. -- C.... .( SI rate article.SO I I.Ship HartfurdlDewr ; tiL

NEW YORK. I NOTtCr. i. lieivby !given tn all |erona having pair Cattlemen common and coarse very cheap Brig Sterling. ). Sannoman" J"It/

IX CIIANCr.RY Print Warrbooa. I ."...aiottlw AliTIIIAS 20(1( p4ir, Geotleuiea very fine and common Shoe PhiUr .. Unmtser Thompaon.. Ilk

Joseph M. Iler"tndet. E cr. f\ hell for ReUef. Dia.Koliert I'KI'IC ICEDU('EI.. CAPiLLAUU at.Joboe C..a..t,. .'d lap'. ., end Rrofwie.4W I L. Baldwin ba"en M J
nl the ale t. Inv defy atte,l.d wit debar, and p-ircommon Negro Shoes and HJ
3lcHardydacl | euerylnjesnetions nit Brogans at very
At the exirtmive EuMi hmen| Cpr I The above are all of the firM el**, *
Is >and 1'u-It.ts V.'bir.r'e all per.*oa indebted.regecst..d make innoodMtepavoMMt. low prirr. 11
O NLY sail
lund dation will poi
\ Al4ric' $.. A<.lmi. oftributiuii.IXwil. | HY I A IK! aQ creditor*,leg.le .sad P eta..en 20U p.i ir no,.and Mia ea Slipper. Shoe, and Bro I tually stateroom advertised accomm and the arriitl4the
a* after
Hh!rt. nHat.I.IT J li led U distribution, wh. shall sat pr out tkei gana of ever? variety of quality and priceIMXlpair I immediately
tileamer Si. ftlalhewa from
II A VI Nf2 been uud ""P'tt'| titfaciory b/ .EE k BRI.S'I'ER. : cUtoMaod d-.,.. ltiIJia ten pan from aLe publi Children Clotha.acoinmou and very good Florida.
titatrroMn b. h the A 410
1 swit that the" iVbippio, Aldrich. 44CKDAR8TRKET cities br.. f. wit W .mer aiierward barred. In.- can writing lo
Andrew F iwler and llenr. BURROUGHS C. 2iOe.i, Shoes ao 1 for L. BALDWIN Co., 8.u.rkMay30
na II. Fn $.,. George NEW YORK. CARRAdmioitrator.Oeesneber < Slippers Negro U'omon. I4+4G.
KieM'y ...eta'ifll'' IlicliUy, Hamuel) )..l en and li h I5IG. d Peru ..p.
Cirolino", .'.uld... Li.nt.'Jt Jun and Alary r: Tlll STuCK *f P1JhTE1CALlCUCdaearl 30 pair common Caia.,. for Ladiea & Gentlemen Steam alwaya taken to Tybeo to avoid d.teatf

Jnn', and Juhu U 0, > "|| rHv. re.ide b.yoi>d ihiuri .II rrrvnilv L'Y pii'rba REDUCED. (or ca PKlCEd.b and short crr>dit. ATGREA1 Estate fGenrao W. (UoleOTlCEIdHEREUYGVENU (1cc'11.. Iki above connitute a compteti assortment nf, the. river. 4 -j

.dictinn ol bit Court: the aid Wltippto AHiicrtr are offered at | > tree Acir.lrg- C.ta and hoe. of every variety of quality and will

( ide. $in the flute ,.f <**>nrgia, that b* i.r"r... from N au* a.all .ld at greatly reduced pric-.. I Circuit Court : Eastern Circrfor ,

and bati'-vcithea4H .\. F....,a d II..n'... 1 to G Cents Mil June tm tf ike Can f ',ofaa. of St.) GEORGE BURT Co. I I Florida.

II.Fowler' the (;e"rg. Rtchley. und MalvinaIttrhlry. (Pet Yard) I..'. C../. 1.Up'.J account. M Admin OctoberTG 1S4G. In CHAXCXKT,

H mual )laul
MmWrt! J.Jnn a and M.rv K. J
e4ld" or South Carolina,"..d hat th* .ai.John B UVlcllaHy |7* Purahaaera ate gaaram id Ute pfk .nd atlowanae .barge JAMES B. WILE A la.i......,. I FALL 8TYLF.3. v*. > A Bill to teted11A
I ((4 tan nftiefll'U. ti..British Navy and resides made r.r. ,i,.. neiiolp I. Dec d. HIlL f m At the estenYivw F tnMi.huieiii of I John N. Smith suet Gregcry I Ac. -

ima where in the K'ngdom .f Great. llritain.On | Catalog... (reB"tteI aawl corrreted d.ity11 )-> I LIE & BREW: TER. Yale Defrndml., j
Motion nf lrlutT 7il l Uorm.. solicitor for tlernnipUtntnt. gait ting she | rtre*'ar4 plar>4 ia the ...d. of 8r. Taylor'* 44 CEDAR: ATKEI.T. I V PuN reading and filing the affi< ni. 0
It it ordered. th.t the acid Whip b rs.aitdaeol with goods ordered.Oranirr D.LdAMfi' ItVFJltvOKT. FOKCON4U3IP I iNEU YORn.Wh J '\'It.-one' of iM Cum r'laioanlre 'l!

pe! Atdricli. Andrew Fuwler. llrnrietta II Fowlr2eorc y I I TION AND LIVER: COMPLAINT .re are conroniratrd n.arl''y all the NF.XVaTYLEMnf being made tarippe f this John N. tfnuUi Ms

Richer Matvit. KichUr. H.muel' Manl4en' ('enul)' 1 %1-1 r 1.rS a e.B" COUGHS. CetU A.,...Difficulty of Breath CAUCOES which heca the Defendants, merles beyond the ,

Caroline F.. )Miuldeu I..beorl J. J.n-.. liar, F: \1 KTUE ..r .''re* of To .I in to "id. 01 Br. I, Stilting of .ea produced in this ennntryor imported for the fall Court and in the State of South Carolina. '
June. d4 appear and .n..rr V'* ct tnpUinatit'fl Hill 1 law ,.wfeo.d in the H stead llli od. .....". Palpit. .ii>*. of uV II.,. Oppre* irad. and ant olT-rodfur ale for CASH OR li ia therefore ordered on motion of 9Eq .ass

within four monthssodthe.aid tuba B. U. >.kll r. |;>.t II Hi nid.en th*V4tb day el l 8*"POll.p'embrt Cast$1837 in of sine and 8r...fth. Che.t. 'Vhoa ,iaf C.(b, PHOVKD: CREDITat AP Fllioct .. aolkiu r cf said Com leinaotr. .

ely within ail mnntH of the .. wall be taken u ..- Kno.-,..,...ORLANDO 8. REE3 war plain iff a Ploali*/ ll cbe fewr, Ntgbt Sweets. Difficult or PRICES 'GHKATLY REDUCED. I I lice to ap?eat and au.wer said Bill of C*t P

lee. againtt thorn. and 8AHUI.L \VILLt\M8 ai d oih ra w-rede Prvf..a 1.C'ftIII.a. and aa other A .clfo..r .Within thela.t fbwi data.ST given In Dfndant by the publication of :br*
A." it M Scriber ordered, lint .f I tht tbe Cb*t, Lec.e.Users *
a ropy ord. PurcXaarraara guaranteed Mire Newnpapei printed within this Cires'
b i Xew. fes.d.nts. lhall.eatp|| .blie aoctKKi in front' f4. 1840. '.'I"' B. r.:. C.,RR Ib.pike. andallewancea sNti111R
"Iihed. .t" paper Iri"trdihi... this Court Hoo. at Malk n vide in the County I IOrnc & C. mad for a given period.CT apace of four nMiitho, once ia each week
Circuit CHle. week eon- cut.relr for sat montliI Cauloguea renewed and lively from the date hereof.
between the au.lltoart l of aW atlrc.era ( Mrrociod daily) re *
n r
Cater U Duma. Clerk of the Circuit she ,1. day n UfUlht.r.. tbe f aL.wing.Midiy*crik I (" oltuaf the pri* *"4r. pieced in the handa of ba ers And it\i.hereby ordered, that unteta tba Deft. .
givrn n tfco creditor fceirt J
Cooi of tit Johne County, rortify tho .d to wits All :hit naiu NUTI.r.S. f mad mat'ith vnod ordered. appear and eoiwer'to thin Bill of CompUiaiono
i foregoing to bo a true tranarrint from tls.Hronrdeor property tract or parcelof per* M*..&W todietnbatian, sad.14 August, month from the expiration of the tiai 'tpahlioalion
nf dl.idad i
land ron itii'g an n" ibird of
part theplirutioa f p-tooiiterttd.ib4t oa the firt .'. Wbo
+ rnni'teronrn>dMi the ab..*erntnM ad'1 of thia order Decree eea/oM
46.Skerif's a
I ea"eI I Wi.r**.* my band and oea! ralk d Or n,e Grove containing, three of May seat I *b,tl rf.r>nt lo the C ort of Probaio Sale.IRY taken agaioat him. /TV tJ.
I h4*..d t unhanded aer* of land ." or lev .
lyein for .s..J..a. Flo
Gains inch
.f WB-. ., til. tat place 10 Mid "
Augurtine the I6tb, dty .fNovember. VI RTU of of (Signed) THO. DOUtiLA8.JCertlfttd
IM of a writ fieri (acres i..D4td!
"' 1646. MI meaty Mowiutio (now Orang*) and easel wbrie *4J 4>oat may this U Icldmy acr4nt from
naVd the l. Hider llalifai' the Clerks Office of the Circuit Court to bo a true .
to on eau r mnn'ng an4 Youelira of the Dtale of Rtfbard for the '
P. B. DUMAS. north 91". weft K 3 rluW.3d Isaks.a .kunrib bya Cutest, of 8t. Johns Eastern Circuit or Florida dnARUROUOH. Court Ci/eajT
4 Clerk C C. or dl.J..J.n. County. Walgbtmandec'dJU1IN wherein John Kin Senior ia August 29,1846. Court ,f. Columbia Cm'
canal runninc peach two wa. 380 *4tiDe 0.1 Bake, M.FCNTANE' plaintiff and Martha
zee>t. ,
and OIl the are* aMia Mithhy vacant laM' as appear* r"IGrIl 1847. L WiHiama adnintarairix .r eremah Ivee, deed, '
Notice. bv a eurvey ol John Parcel l dated the lush .(JiaearylS44. and] Jt hn Leo William her husband are dofendant Laces Edging nadA I..rt

MOKTMrt AFTER D \TF. shall mate Pri Ate Reardinr.TUinsUB : I have levied upon and willespoae for aale before tbs GREAT VARIETY of CaDl 'io,".

FOUR Miio i to the Hon. Judge nf Pmbat for JOII PIWP80N.Fheriff 'UlBf.R Up feats i.form hie Court llouae door In the city of St. Ao,nstin. on ton and Linen EdfincInertin, sad LM0

.the of tuninn sad S... K Florida, for tboMliutoitnl of Orattgn Coflkty.MelloBvitle .4tket>oblie. that be baa Utoly! fltudpbi Made tae firat: day of March next wiib/n legal, the moat recent at of the mat atiM
t Ctwuiy.r II awe in il r..t.t..r lets' buband Oct Wik P*4G. I boe. aid Meow prepared act 1(0..04*. a ,I be ,Joe l ltowing negro woman ..... My t She worked bona,. ChimMoU*. aadfaota ."
14 W my few Bxnlaied.eitber U. ,... Kitty, agod abont ibirtv .five ".. LevUd w'
JOHN W. PICKI1T. D. .Mrd.of the Ci raprcuHle n are wall cakir i, upon and Ladiee dress Capo and TabfU
aforenid. c I1CKITF.. uu U "' h. ,.te.r the .u p repent S* potlpoaeJKff for bfV a..''.**0' f.aiilU*. -i.jI tatMM property of laid dVendaata and* to be told U er article ia the 'line. .
Cy .. ',It Meadaj ia April, 1 447. at the ..sta.U1.e J.VME3 K can it.. I fly aid writ of >ri faciaa. t OEO. BURT -,

t, Bunion. 10 ConnU., h1/T. FlvUa, ( d4aiai.tratritJ45. shad ,IAN. 1 I Pt, 4ngeds.Y$ ",191G. IIDII'" 26th JOSEPH 1517 8. SANCHEZ Sheri,,. I March 15th 1847. .

A .M

_...,....,...,...........rn w.- J ................. ---.t.-- -- -.-- -- --- .. -L.__ I Av

Florida herald and Southern Democrat

Material Information

Florida herald and Southern Democrat
Place of Publication:
St. Augustine [Fla.]
James M. Gould
Creation Date:
March 30, 1847
Publication Date:
Physical Description:
v. : ; 57 cm.


Subjects / Keywords:
Newspapers -- Saint Augustine (Fla.) ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Saint Johns County (Fla.) ( lcsh )
newspaper ( sobekcm )
newspaper ( marcgt )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Saint Johns -- Saint Augustine
29.894264 x -81.313208


Additional Physical Form:
Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
New ser., v. 4, no. 22 (Nov. 1, 1838)-
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Ceased in 1849?
General Note:
"Principles and the people."
General Note:
Publishers: James M. Gould, 1838-<1845>; A.F. Gould, <1848-1849>.

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University of Florida
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University of Florida
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"ME' 9ff. & ULB. at. A....U.e, Tawelav, Xmrch KX U4T. .,.... Ser! a-YOL. X1I-XO. 48.
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........-- - -- -- I -- : -- -- -- -- -- -- -------- -- a r
lif Esea JEttiNG OP THE CITIZENS CHAKtE the property of baring ridded Ibva much, no tnA at al! time, malntaki their xquAtrrr, full SCIENCE AND AGRICULTURE. /
J18rtHj! ) iI jJjU1i1. I TUN. II I iK>men ia for 3ouitk Die ne proposed alanonorthucomprumne. viu" and complete, with whatever other communities THe past five years have bin remarkablv
: In purmtncc of public notice an unu..u.lI | Whence then the they bold connection. Aa to our rights under distinguished by numerous. and extraurdlnar ."
.n.a.: am..aAY. If I HH nnd *nihu.t..UCnrriinxnf the citizena..4' prrtetice for the pretnaian introduction of auch the Coo U it u l ion, we hold it to be clear and un.luestionable improvements in the useful arts. A great p. r
I C1arlNlunarid' .....-mbl..J at the New The inleat the that the alav' Slates'
II r17ILIIM" IYlay TUtt'DAT.z. I a pruv.vmo at to Oregon, at canasta .hofdin; are lion of these have suited from the direct "I'(
.AUiUII.1 .w I are on To""' day er..niue ihr 0 h in't. .ius of's pnnciide, intended M the basis of fuor entitled to an equal participation in the terrilo plication of scientific principles. The wonderful
m.r utlZMLLAa.Ea ANN1.. rN AnA.CE,, :The ,,"tial was railed to order bf JOB E su'e .C'IUII whet b worn aa a gratuitous: latilttolbt rlf't tithe U"'edIat"'*; sod we utterly deny advancement in nearly all branches of nn-. a
", Alt. THE END>> of 1HE TEAR.JH9trttti GRtw. Fq any u" h'e m..iioa South 1 Bet if *e am allowed to the right' ef ConjrrtM! to axcludv a new State.ipplytflg uf.cureJt.hicb SMI eminently distinguishes Id'
FIn WLUtl f iomtrd Or* Dollar per uahClrrnn' H.,.. llrjiRT OAILCT w'. appmted Cbstrtnen doubt upon UMb>ll itself tie tote upon Mr. Bunt far admission to our Union, on ae prevent century from the paste Is largely milcbled j:. ,
"."".for the first la.ertion..Dd.Tft Ctt And the It.Unwanllfndftmcu were app atN .amendment not 'o be rnutakrn: lie prop tulle of|be existence of any domestic imtitu.Ibo to science. It was a thorough knowing .
/1.chsbngseatills. Longer id ver tie.aiu tiC'f Presidents: .w.d the citrnaioo of the Miaauuri com prom* which wu tolerated io the original Thir of chemistry and mechanical philosophy th:.' t
rfrortion, .Mi a. eves w ill '* eoaidsr less H n. T L 11.zdirat'tfl.lln. D. R.I?<,tr. lira IM line westward of the Rocky MaanUina to enabled. James Watt to place the au-a-o engi" *' ,
chi s.1 ...ql.t. A discount toads le lbse who ..a. ,. P J>.ftU.., floe J J. C4Utorll. ll... Wet.i tb** Pncificaod it was f1'Jcttd by a Urge cwJaniy. teen.Your Committee tecommtnd tic adoption of .t once before the public .. a powerful and H
wrties,the ikea, II- JBann to" H....F. 11 Elmo'e.,1ovMif& the follow to i resolution : f ficwnl machine-machine which ban wnli.i I 1.
Intr.o. #JI ling. live Bier 1J"re.1I..n. J 8. The twit mlairestallna'icb your OnomiNi Itt./t/WpsiAThat toe opinion rltbiemeet- the memory of niiddle.a '\ men almost chin _. I
H.J ..,..... '.. Iht"l HttftrL E'f U. Il... D. Dose ..e wnuld pm ol is Ute mot-on by Mr. Preston lag a submission lo the proposed exclusion from ed Ibe face of cly.lis.'d| countries; and bax .|>r.r> .
Tilt BRIUGC ur iroll8.Dowae.t a7 .w.Jg. .. ndsdee June' R-<<. E'f. If.. KiMg.o| New Yk. loioiruduce a bill proTtdIn inequality of benefits in the Territories' of the low', villages and cultivated fields In r. gi i"I' ,
.. dlvwn.drNaaItT.the a. trifte. Etq Dr P1ilip TiJp.e.n lor the apprvpM Goo of tbrt millkxw for Jailed[ Slates, beyond what. already yieldedby where, but for this invention, nothing would l- .
mere UnforautuVenof m''t.n' 'b"I..tI.i.ln gentlemen were ip lit i!<,'iatio$ a Draci* wi b Mexico, atiackicgiairrto the Missouri Compromise, would be uncle sven but uabroken Ionsit "' '
\, puh'rit 8"Ctrt",....: .ubtar ciallytbeWiloxilprorfa Tart lass 'oat dishonorable and debas-g. Very great advantages have resulted from lh.. \
$to K..aly;lo i..rtun"bar death t tSArvit. Y Turrtt Fq.ltut : was M>*-.I oed by a Urge mtjt'nly ol the House 2d./hWceo\Tbalihi question si paramount lo precision with which the principles of in"tb.' 1.
i* '-KAIU. .K.Jr- K>q. ot !beiepre rnalhm.aiMiooly! failed because ill considerations of party or mere temporary matics and nv-chamcal 1 philosophy may beaj 1' '.
Tr.VthraplenJerltmitonrd t *nit*Chairman. h.vinc+ announced ib* meeting for ruin rt ulrrd wee of two-tkirda to grant policy ; and that be who falters and, Ears like I plied in arming practical retulH. Thr ftc: I
lilt her "nb l.r"l + K fjitttd. and rmdf to pntcrcd l.. .. kite to introduce a bill out of itt order barters his bitrnrixht' for a maw of pit % I to .Iead.fl,. )lr. I'. DCLLA Tout aflrraxxn**eloquent prefIn.irl' "I'bi.. morrtDrtit from New Yurk wa succeed recreant the mem ly of the past to his dutyin ntructing machinei), and in civil engineering, I
Y."ti|.sod IU felt! remarks, 'ioirvduced' the 1.4luwiog rewa rd by Mr. Wilinut'a lea wal of bts amendment she presmtf, and a traitor to posterity. which rcur.llon enable+ u* to obtain befonrial. j
.greets: ol be 8("1IItUU precedeicg which was carried and 3d. Undid, That Ibis meeting cordially respond ( '. H ot the greatest importance. Tho ninthematiciin.
Look la her garments 1Jl.ft.Itf"d. That the citizen of Charleston bare tbe Bill seat lo the Seiute of the United States lo the resolutions lately paired by Ihe who known this force uf gravity inw
Ctmin: | like curemsnlt t db--r\'td. with pride and pleasure, the able and wan the Wilmot pro VIM attached tbereloWhilf House ot DelegatesintheState ot V trtiniathat lit in hi* cloftrt and tell us without error ibis ,.. 1
V fcilrtib' were con-UatlUiip / digniied conduct of th) Hon.JOHN C. Cant...... txT ie the UOUJT. a member from Illinois I they hereby reiterate the same, and adopt at I II-city of a falling body and the precis increase .
from her clothing ; in dtil*nee ii!' ib" riiehta ..! th" itouth, and the (Mr.! Putt a.) again, proposed; the adoption in I exprtsiing, not only the >n Tau tier up luttaiitl/ .""tWll".ol the C.rititution' this m.tlti.ut the tweet Ibe Mujours tom prom.i and ol Charleston District but aa they believe. br calculation from knowledge ot il.i-
Lotion, owl lu.thing. Re..lotd. That his rff:*n. in their! behalf de e t which pr >p'rl ..m was again rt ecieC. 1 ot the State orSoibCrolinasad as they coulidentfy vel/1cuytnecxact length of a pedulum to tx a' to
Tech her not*tfurnr"U I retv.'the btKbeel uppniVnl) Mild fullrftl CltfI]. It i* true ,b.llu the Senate the Wilmut pro. hope of the whole South. .ecund: The engineer may uncertain, b 'fur..
Thick. .f her mournfully dnc.ol his c"o.!'iiutits .nd Ibis lorrting ten ...., was defeated by a vote ot thirty one lu The Virginia Resn'utions are a* fullows, vrzBtilntolttd : he erects hit work Ihe brat form ot an arch; t.. '
(i.uty' end bu sully tArt der IMII their' cu'dia welcome on his return to tniyoue* but your Committee are constrained mnnimotfy by tht Genteel A IItm afford the } renter atmigtli IIK"llbllbe prtt of ibi ftuitu of her, hi I.* im-iM*. to believe lb,t it would be a da" rout delusion II, ,/Virp .l,Tb., the Uovernment .,(the Unl ot a supermcurabe/nt weight ; or he my calcu
All Out rtn.iii< of bet In rordanc with the last rr elution th* t>* loi>, ul.4. ibis .uc.1+ ae ladictttveorthe view ted S.ate his bo control dir.ctlr or indirectly. late accurately, the angle at which the 'lock
NOW U pure WMtnilltJkliknod'eptcrutioy/. lrr"idtnt appHntrxl the allowing jcmtlnrKr of ini r n..i.. upon the principle involved. Tae mediately' bf Immediately, over the institution ot gate ui n canal should meet to hive ho greatest
MM he Committee, to whit up'n uptn Mr CAL remit k.ol she :4e..tor.'ntm she non aUvebold. ,slavery and that in taking) any such control!. it security against the piejwu'o IIr the head ot
sinus and iarltr b>. prrs"nrt at the Meeting, lilt State: who votrj agamtt bit proviso, evinced O'lkJ.lbe limit of its legiiinuie .lunctl rw water upon them bcToru a single trial! has eve' j
ha her tiiuuuvU viz:-Vl* .r.. P. tHIa ToireV.. A. i fln clearly that lb-y oppoard it only because by destroying the internal organization ot the been m' ile.
.iU cud.. uIHI"lir"h JoaiU II. Dukrs Robert Gourdin and I".1 they thoucbt it was not the propel ,fide and .e Mivereigniie; who created it. Interesting aud important practical rrsuh.
V..ath last all bas di'tisi.I.s.nua b.r fun 4m. c.iioa to car ry .ut the policy it embraced. Nay 2. Hr' !ttMni0viaj/y( That under no cir are alk> obtained in the manulaciuro of vanou** J
.b. b..uuU. Mr HATHC moved the appointment; of a Com- I their II.a d.-d.t4111101 manifested that tbo.r eumstancn ll tbw body recognize a* binding articli "f conimerct, by the applicatnnot th. :
insure ol twenty Ue prr..iiM I** prepare| std r.* I I ..a.aaur.hen the Territory was acquired an) enactment of the Federal Gcvertn-ni which principles of ch n"'tlrl' Geology h-is reodervil
Mill, for *U dips vf Ivlt, port rc mutMtiii tor the contid..iation of ibe would t" fajiwl united with ibe other tfeuatorsintti baa for Its object the prohibition t slavery in great aid in the art ot mining :n all iu d pan
()...t'I. Cos', Saws!>,- M.*etinK ; in regard In 'h.* kctHKi .of C.n-ir's ih t HMO vcbotdiog dutrs.j any territory to be acquired either by conquest rnents. Not only in nxptuMlioiM: 'fur the mon-
1t Ipe '''It,' .M"., IIIM .*f hue upon Ills ", r"1 wad ameitdtnent .4 the Three.. ,j j Yuur Commit consider the action of the or treaty; holding i is to be the natural and imte valuable metNln, but for the coarser, but not le>'
(JuI.III' w fUrmniljr.! 1, )Main Dill!!: inuttts m he IVi/nt P,..,..... Senate, -ben lakinjc la coooectloo with Ibe feasible tight of each and every citizen ot each important articles salt and coat, tun ut thou
Thr. tnotNiii w*. cai* rxi slid the Iulluwsngttenttrsnsn piKlaimtnirn! 'kxt ot the Northern Senator and every Sta'e of the Confederacy, hI.reside scuds might often have been saved. by a knowledge
I.p UI'| h.*t trt.H' aplwtsnird. -.u4 cssnmittreC.l I ......." nub** imijvrtiiy la atroogly coofirmaloryoj with his property, of whatever description, in uf the relation, and character of the rock)' (rani tin e..."t., / U'. //.yf, IG.a. D. KfeiNg.. // lh'*M Co.VKMKMI already t' pretlf'd.: to theCeteinuiia'iiid any lerritorr which may be acquired by the strain at the surface uf Ibe earth t .
.11-=, uir. a"t.".., tr..d U'' /' AVh.VIill-.'i.twumt.rnla./t.Neiee.. *.. tat Itwuiet I A. 'I.t..'..I... LKJ. IVm. D. /'.rier. elf. M C.I' In unfair support ol heir cunclu K>of jour I with any foreign power. natural philosophy have beeo 'Iuioufl ly applies
dlrrde.a1E.q'l'A's.J Un;er elf C G ..IcmM CHf.m'Irt' would trIer l.. the tune and ieiup 3 ReJted anaaimouj/j.Tuil: this General Aeinbly .. in niacainery and engineering;:, and ch'mi.tll ,
\VhlltdlM.l <. N' a. h.r (..1. tr f < ""C'. J;*q C IAorflny.. Erg u.... .If tA... |Jut the l'ir", w.b'b and Dcmocrai.throuf .- I hold il to be ho duty ol ",er111J"n. in and gt-olog), m inanuMCiures; and inining,-:-haled t
\t NN w..S ht!, ....ti/tr. I I I, n. 19 tttdtkk &M.fftr.9' C, A/ /'at nun, h"ut the oon'tlaVcboldiiiK States in the every section of this Confederacy, if Ihe Union. I lo the apparently plausible conclusion, that J '
4 .,.1.', E.q Jlcry IV C-mnrr C.q C..1.frreuer. e'f' Itl'eu..llrtwrvti she two w1aQen of Coogrr k dear to bitnto opp'ise the passage of any law uOII le>a illlpurt.ulL iuuts| might beat vice 01 t
11.4 ....4 h'alhr r 11's' I Jaws lm".I;,,, J. N Ctrdoo, E'f J.t'I. I and dowu U* the prejrnl tune, a. affording a.luttJ. fut whatever purp'" by woich territory to be tai.ied by the application of science lo ngncul
.... ".t" ...1...r.r ore ". U'.l1n'. L''q U. X. tlrt+Ui, /"f. Dr..E ...: evidence lb4 she |M ple of ihoae Statmulam acquired may oesuhjfx: to such a restriction.i. ture. From Ihe rapid advancement ol kCientv
,.'t J..a.'I a'..... I.IV. A-,/.. J InU.t;.,. J.alte I-tli.. the aaiou ol* their Rep'tienUtivri in Rt*>tf I \et' idea. .U| f eq. V. L X.vla.r. E"f. U' C Ctt W, E.,. c.'r"' .. above mentioned pn iio snakes it the duty gaining giuuiat. that some great iii.-! extruordi '
....1.! foi Hut rutty Hull JuHV C I, AUJOCN teal thru intr 4luOtl liu! this U not all-we baveibe further evidrttre or every slaveholdmg State and all ton citiwjereof nary results are about to tnk'i place ; that tn.
.H"t'liri.Mil "'".".fI'sdat tu ttie wtI"I. Ihr cl.Un:: a..crtiblagr fU'le c.t the action ot the Lr-gulatures of nine as ih-y t'llue their dearest privileges slow progress in xgricultuie which practice suds,
'be .uu= and i xxivrj him ..iiu ruihuia'l.c cuceriuj. .., slit IlUu..I.'cboldlhl Sates who hive DI.! their soveieignity, their illdeP'* d,.,..>e. their experience; bavt ettcsed, will shun vomiiieitc*
Iltl' .t Mau' ..,..1..1' which lu ing a leitfth' : .ub. dnL im4r luovrd in this matter and we have every rights of property take firm, united and coil.certed taking Micro rapid and powuiful strides ; thn:
Nc a VMW..citjr ("U. : Tli cUai.niiM. b>-n4l. (',.! :he I.Ire.' enl re ren.uti to apprrb-ud that others will follow action in this emerrl"'ac". -e are 'uboutlo remove the veil of ub.eurs.y
JltftfMt ....U ..,.., present cord-ally welcome tbcir dutiu I iin..* pokeiiarr t'enn) lv ni.. N-w Jersey New kn I n a lutiooj were before the meetinfMr.CiL eratioiMin cuiture, und -istand ev"rt.-pfooe '
2't'.tbrI.I h.,Sl.atl. KUi,.li. .I I (:......? Vo.L KhotMt Il4iid, Vermont, New HampshireAU It_.dC71 we. .In"U...._." called for. and ...........,. havn.K and *o completely' control the growth of j,*....,.I
I ttNI1I ald Cllautr rly I.I.Lt. Mrf. CALu'.ua briefly but feeling! rrturnrdin .victiuMrtu, Ohio,and lIncbl aQ. ThelxrMlaturv xper e4 k.. warm approbation of bit report is almost \u set IIMII free from the litborluig ,: '
... L, I.lf'h esi'*C'l ron'...and a. Cwuducttd toi a : of these Kutrt have all more than and raaolutions. spoke much length In Ma the earth by the i-.e..iof his h.n. '"
"Ib..w" fr..... .1. euuuruee, .at ui be right ol tb* Cli' .ir itnctiuoed Ibo Wilm-C pruvito. They hive 100-to ibe .ecealaC'lOn.1t Congress upon mat. other: war Ifs, that I..u ogricUMuiMl mil.t ]+t t,
I...... G..s'. ..,....d..te : Mr 11,1'.'. tnun the Committee of twmif pj a ved resolutions dmounceing aiaverjr .. a ors dcttrlr involving the honor and interest of near Ml b.tad. !fir n morn ih>uougu ex,
!'t.w.uIe.trsu.grdItt'I..e! I five tubiiiitieJ the lullwii.., rel"'fl.nJ ie.olu* great cal..u1l..J inwiKCM nvi al and political lbe Soetnern S..ta-alld the aggressive spirit. lion, will clearly ?h>>w ih *.1 we ha** fit. n I
hU" : evil prwtettinc against its further exieosioo manifested in the nunstaveholdniC| States. HojepicteJ fur drawing such a conclusion ; that Ibo' f J
tb.Uuip quiver "b.t Committee to shunt bat hero rrfrrrdbe and linttructuig i their Senators and irtjoortjir ia most forcible language Ibe rxtiu I kCinnce-s Ian y.: N* )el ufCotnplisiud directfj .,
"..f.f sN th, ritrt. grave qUc.I.uu wbicli bu Lr..ujlil u. Ulrat thei Rvrreri stiver in Coocress, ,to ,r.:u.t its ol this 'p' orijtm-its. ohjeci>>-its CIMIMIutnce little for agriculiure.ud that yore <.f ". iud'
\Vi-U i'rHm 1&U1.I, s la.hL Beth.s. ta C .i rmKC( !luttjr. It* ir|>urU intrdduc.ioa luioany other ttutct.or 4e"ritorksol ( if not properly met aid the remvdy.Jo .- patient eiperiiiicnl "......t yet determine 'many
., windowt'r .nd.euelDln', That in the opinion of the cumniitrr the d ? the Umicd .Suus. Jo not these fl1::' which was repeatedly interrupted during the progress iNjiniswbichareuIreaily by many peraons taken
MtrrrtM timid from 10 btuement ve'np'tsrnl.dthe last ear nt the ...-at Itl to** indMputab'e.' prove to demontratioa ibe of hte remarks by the plaudits of the audience fur craii'ed. Tim MIIUJ pncMioii with' which
U..k. bJ Dibt.>inAMio#.ntf Federal Guvminteiii. in the H'HI glove boldblattt trectiics.ol opinion which your Committee' and at Its close the whole assemblage c..ocIu."I4I11+ have bren arrived nt in other u its, !' '
generally KiUicnH a cundiikiu lor thine*. hare exprrtwd,that a grease nu ferity of the manifested their concurrence in its seiiiiiiMiits entirely out ol tiu-qu"*rion b. ti. A grunldrul
TIlt I .r Ihreb in repaid to lint duiue4ic in.lautsunu, p collar people>l Una (tanirt aod! nt.all parties in the by the most enthusiastic chvenng. u( uncertainty+i, a long tune ),,t .lo' OfB<*. tremble .ud'a."r' ; Ui the? thus h required Uo iin..t Krjreaiid earn. ...... .lavrMdmc ttt.te>.. base deliberately de- I The question was then liken on the Report atiei.a the application uf other lICicucft.k l6U. dart
cat ioi Ut dark Rich.fJaimri. e.l con iJeralKn III| Uit hule peopld. ul. rtin liber..telr determined that the institution r>f its I and Resolutions of the Committee- and they oi cultivation. Tim invettiguiioo ot*(|aee
Ur the black I slsve.h: .ling. 3 He*. \.ur C4Hiiiii4tea think ....rleball net within the limits of tae United 1 were adopted by acclamation. tail, slncll chemical, i* fur easier than lode
Nt4.liuw lif.', history, trey percrive, aa the rv/ n''..ribe.e ii**.io.Coq State: extend beyond Its present boundary thai \V. AI.ITUt PIWOLC, B.q submhed the fol- torinntc the intricate and combined relation
Gtacho bus ".Ua'a toyltcs y. gross which bat jut c4uMd md of the h trr it i shall a-.: bereafier' exit in any Ten i tor). and 10-ln resolu'iws whicb being secoixied hv Ju exiting between chemistry and vegetable phys
Into. be a.uI'dAI par: of tfce ptecediiif fIoC.1 iu tb" lane and that co Slate chill be admitted into tae Union SITE H. Ucxa.E+q- in some very happy remarket iology In the tied plnce the unalyais ot soil. I r
OIL,O'e'Mtesuy''"",. wirtd white! cinprf i4 tine N.trlb-rn pni. durmjc use inter.fa in which It not forever prohibited.It was unanimously adopted : i* one of thu m'*i d.tticult of all kinds ul earth* '
id in Ore L 'g1.1.'ursw u o*.*.t of tnj n nny be that party considerations, or viewsof K v lMrl.Thar the ihanMof this meeting be 'y u-itt y I... In be nrxt. vegetable Caeinblry Mnvolvea r
I, .. plunged botb ve-6iatei .cuiiclu'ivi2rV4 uce via Cited de pole, will prevent, for a time a deSnitoaction tendered lo the Hun. A. P. BOTLXX for the vigi- in a great deal more uncertainty than 4
N.ashen how C.ldl ternvnat-oa ou sbn part t f tb- riUies that UltUn this determination but that its en.Ilreeriet tinci a1Sd ability which he ha displayed in other dfp'iitiiHiiit of she lMk'oce. Thirdly, theenarge ,{
Te.r.u.Ia ri,.,. realUsers .y- slavrrr.aasll not here*I trr el.': in ..ii)' ,.t the when necneary. b flrrnlf resolvedIKI the station :'s which he has been elevated I by I which are conxtttiiiljr taking place in "
the brick Or it. trrnturic4, ol the Unites! Si"!I". and that ouKthall I ,..ur Oimniitlse cannot doubt. T. wait for the voice ot the State, and that ibis meeting t*> end giowtli' of plant curiously iiifluencrd o. {
'goers it-tput .ot..&.,. Use C..n.lltllt.OIl.r.ln "*. rii itetcr.tit wise and "tDlt'rout. representative the Hon. I llotxts conduct m<. .'.ue. by tie naiutu ol ilia soil anJ the many
use i. it, drink 01! h, .r.clur COm.Ilet'.I..a III. important atite What is proper lo be dnne la the premises, wonhr of men who b..,.. beet rmtru'trd! with different itiNti-ruiU o( wh-ch ttconjis;*. "4iui<.- +
.II'VCI csutTate moat' I" tbetaetsan.Icsrcuwes au. 1:1 Up.Hi which your Commiitrej will not underake to recom. the solemn duty of sustaining the honor and fitted fur II"iulitJ..l&ne1"lbc': .iut.--arelroiu
Mr o tenderp u ",, tubcissen tests.Tice inend. They tlrvm it a great and solemn ques right of th sir respective OH tuurncir. these causes cud the time required to effect , u.ILia call I r brat indication a bleb abel prop .., |U no- two, demand Of an intunt.calm and delibetatecontideratioo Mr. Houna then came forward and wa received liiem, end the iiu.iute quantities ot mailer controlling ,
'......4 ...teDd.rl),. tiic. is the Witmul f4'"....., lutroduccd bjrfntxnur a of rverf Southern mans who val with great cheering. Ho very forcibly them" often entirely beyond the clotte"
Y"'I...4.. fair I 'r Iran Penn Gs ae* ioaol C f &tdw Let labs. frigid!, mnodrnont ot use two inillkin bill u'bltrJliD' firm united aid concerted actkwj Is certainly which so happily embndiai tDeir sentiments .
:t..I1-too, ngldlr k be apl''uttr.tscn, "I that for net..ati'.s a nere* ary. and in which be malt heartily concurred Hi Now the object of iln +e remarks not to d..
tfmsash.end tacll1.-/ tht. peace with Mrxko. iba: .l4Vrrr should te torftvereiclu4ed. Your Committee submit that what the no*. was repraitidly sneered during r hii remarks and nounce nor discourage' bo application of nc'eucto *.-
Asa tiergestaeg wml.e. ." Th_ p... nl 1 ibe lluufeof Kpr slave holding St"tea regard as slavery, simplyis at their conclusion 1 agriculture t ; tu\ the revere, to prevent a total
lei bhudlrt iiUlive* b/ a vote sit B4 to bO. with us a political I Institution, by the prefer Oa motion by Ores MILLS Esq. rrj'-cliou tro.n the dnMppoininrcnl and db-
t At an early |*ri"l of tb- .r. juttriplrrd vathm of wa' :hthe iw.iracwin the tUtbffnt.rf'l The meeting adjourned. gU"t t. which. must: follow the practice of boldiuj;
r- n"dr.ultarilll a bill was ported, for organizing a 'IVri'orUI : : who .ob.blllbrm.: in not very unequal H. BA ILY, ChairmanHardware up i talto hOIJe1l.| If an enterprise ia atleodeUA .
!anraga eehee. ..d.,i..pah UtM'erninrnt 10 Oiejfon any in Ibis again .at numbers may live together, aa experience derrotstratet S. Y. Turns. Secrelar iet. mglb iiwUnt-e uf tuts advancement i< .
Nita tae 4arenl ininiducrd pruvivo tbat alavrry .t *ul rI.shsfde.Paltist '"r excluded : .4I rrfer"oce being, purpose ibis relation and the i *vi'atl. result would be man crm DOW produce about two hundred lime*
r.t..I.P. 11oIed I" the lute wte.snprurtoe established the destruction of one nee or ibis nther. No end Cordage aa much cotton goods in a given time Iiom tbi
srihisg. y in the t.djustuieatut the M..c"1 C.orFOYO"r-- other relation bu ever been suggested by which. Psckat Knives of alowwt*try TS- raw material, u be could seventy. ur eighty jeaiitf" (
tptttrel by c.etu.ely! This ea Id k.. ve beau tn'ended t .ly AI the .U' they can liveu>c tb*>r la lu abrrs .i pearly TABLE .tulitT aad Patiron Betch.rYhaa'i .
J, W6aaaite ,. uncuti U a principle ; the principle ol the equal without a condict. Continue this relation 1 r 01..r KDi... dice Razors l4eirAlr. Tea IDe!, Table t Some years ago twenty thousand pound-
t- ioesest 1Csalbr Wilmot proviao tbnl slavery iWuld be excloded and the tUvekuldmg tdates will ..maln. t ZMM..s8a... sit Toe,. Braaa AMi,... Ba.and were expended in England, *in u useless eearci.
: rM- from all lbs lerrit..r ot the United SUtcw.- grist and flourishing oomnsjcityv Increasing In Hersws Bra C.,.pas and C).at Nalre Taclu sad fur coal in Iisistaagssnnd. Although there wen*
Ae., ..e bLW(. From llifi high ourtkera latitude of Orrjoo; and wradh and r-upu1ahon.nd 'iddmg more to tbe BrsxU Rasps sod Fibs la great variety Cat II".I' some appar nt indication, geologist, could
no.......("mylag dusc0ly. she stature of itf pndvction it clear teat noafprrherition wraith an-1 pro prtiiy o* for rest of the Union T..U Door Tnmai8t sad U k. Pad and once have predicted f+ilur. All are familiar."
-.r "f'Ut I d itd bare ham eotrruiocd. that and ol the world than any abet community "f Locks Cepboaid aadTrnak U ad NilCollars .. says
Vnuld be sexually introduced! into equal numrra. la other reUtloo we will SpadM lugs sad aauU U... tho' Dot in search of coal ..
ever II.
ataavrf any U u. lid now le. frequent along
111 ..,I&..... sad chaise .... I.... Co. roe a
..l.....,iar tart .rftutftr,. ....ides ie f>Md faith with bfcom* loipovrrbbni aod snstcbed-mitrrable, Siaal Br.. CaafUsSjeka BrWU Bitts. B-djUa valley of the Hud.on ; in which there nuv
Asa{ ,III.- ....... vtMft she south baa ever adbe.rrd to the corn, ourselves iihoutat all cootrbotiog to the prosperity I cad lIunope tqMrts P.rotucka Cape 8portP..cIeI'" been expended more than half a million: of dolUiawuhin .
!-ve sus N Mt&viKt proaUe. wkich at vari 4ii time abe his tat or bappinesaofotbrra Tu preserve Ibis. sues @peb lu' Bslao G....... ?(obi Brae.Bills. the last rtfiy years." And Murcbi.
tka _k. of '.r tclClI and union entered int. m itUlioa. Tour C-mrnitiM ire well cnavmcrdUsttheslavtbotdingSta ... Dr..wiK.. .... Y8.... Hene Card. end Mil, in bit treatise on the geology uf Wale remark y
"- 0 rWtM BttHttto. tN' si..., III.In. was a guaranty that she mt jealously +vatca Cara C..b. a ....I evennto 1' .r &...... Bd. ** that morn wealth hen been expended ; t
.,Reps, ion: eotuw to w "gist would awrrr ask for the rnenw of alararybfjond their ncbtt under the conalitation muat beset ... ..... CW 7arr+.. ... lIeslp !tope.. Bela sad the um-leaa search for cowl. in that part ot tb-
esni muul.ctsr.d .. r. Linea
..... Ie be 1M olr I ..eettf'tI sn .*3(1( of north .lit&a&r, she line of theM upoo U'II. proportionate ilfiueoce tntenjled to Ifs retie aiI TwieNoah. C1it1 e OEO.u. BURT Cetf acid c uratr), Dn all the geologic II I liivcstigaliou' lit
Ilea':. betrst eagle IIoUrl compromiM whatever may htrattti be aecurtU to them by tie coraprocnUas' / the whole' world have cost. .
II.,..... Ie .lIKhtN p1' ift. doubts entertained In Ibe Soti'h ma to ,ibat compact and above aU..1 at all huede,-1 Mud 9tl Iblt. !is


I .. i

! V.- I


....... -- -_ t -- -

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1.. .. --- -- _' _. ..L_ _. -_ L-- ------------T --.- -- -- T"F --"==. ---

..1'_, rultar diflicuH",( ) that enterprise U not torn! "".(one ccursw"' 4s bit T tfttu .n' ther. bit .liin.-5 >, "mat s gr,*\ ih in Plauts. aria irquat' r ST. A&iSTItit:' Noith. of haltstd;'-or.n earlier return will.,..

ro rverrl.'a tir rrprernling i. at ray of accotn. the difference: marie: .oiitlfmi;&oifi nicrilfqiattcntioain ", nr, Tetarun*. < I nine we outjof' ten. render futile the benefl;

.' ,t. tif c.mcalmjf iu, difflculiMg and |racri6twJ telea. ( ca.i'cftji: )' tc Jrrurjllltnfdlnrdlrect I' O >a uf\iht most | wcrful minttrci i i. po&Jrrtt I dorjveJ from The winter's +11.tJrn.
,..iif n. aJ -IM'H****. That 1 who arc elPeftelfnt Jj flC 4M _. ? ;:Ja patatton trans Light a+wiUl uHT I Tuesday, March 30, Sol 7. ttr .. : -

,,'r'.., HttJtvdnltk' ,'lIt.OI.m.+ front this dft The difficult r .if arnviai fat a correct practi' "hv Is M ..ift..npan 'wisnjly>i, will l| dr.w la- TInt(

top' Mtiiiueiit ff! 1J11f't.' t* I'd l.) rrfW even the cat conclusion, in relation to the quanlity oftIUtrnnafet t)%nn Umvjlnlinc-, ,,wnn: Principles and lhcpcoptc.'t J The latent newIrom Gen. Taylor
nisUl be cured. Hence, nne A &Ala t(: tal1'as..orpyt.U4 h pooa 7 OGDCIJ..r plb thitcaj
which ani I
t.p. jrif in train / ant Lf :""IJ'=" -. .. I ianaTlo.t
,... Jf the JrAle tt'jurlc. Ita ,'Cirtr'r' .It In tt will tccviJcotfrvatLc facuabuadmcilr protc*! ( r1.. td.ftft CC; 8 watts I 1' : Tnt Amir. t be relitd upon| IH from AZUV iVeucu. whrrol',

MA. it with fal* color On the: !oilier tamf." I.y f .tme. f+f jtj. bst farmer in New Ctgltndn ,e .-* at."' G"4 l" -" d.l.I.* Rrgimenl of Mmnttd Rijltaien-C pl. Wig was on the 2lt i ul. nnl! tho unce rtainty oHj

**v |I".t b-nU ii tn %trip it 'd'! it* nr.i'lcu! .e|U| gf h Wrtntt' N** 1'.k., tail .fn j:-trtl1"to10*a m* J5 pho'pb acid j I i iM '}iam \\ be. Mnjur. .cb.IO.1St7... position short that tune utTurds surtJcicnt ei i.
,.rH'l nhiM r' hues dumcttfr. thai |.Mpfu t'Oi'cJ wits| .. .. -
glnilll.tIad .t' r, i. rone vlf tMivem Lt.,4n **HJ N O hence of : tlitlicu'iMS: with which' he U
.'1r1 m,y twined!. "ud ucce,* itittcad uf elu fattening h;jrt. thai tlc the nhMHt fat uji n.r. we we that guano aril! ratty etceealteft | ICT Our citizens were gratified with A IcclujI tt'r tar.

tt.n i Irt the c'.n'lI'q.I
A !brief h" d'fli.ieiMort in which An ilv{ sta. in o *irr Cart f, rill! ,hiw tbe c *mf f tplntiy. fertility ; II'hhl' the liter i IKTMCV- "c'Y : \ heard only tbe cuncluJiu/ portion of th; obstructed lhrt hi* beer aufUcier.t limes

"*ie BCc.t it sxlc:t..t !u dirt'cironhr tapefit agriculture. ina). v..&H ol different nuielHH ol llust a4it:Uiit sl".U,"') tit cOiiipvultuil :i.iuun 11lavni'f. I"CHlrfte "ntl wrra IUUCIa enturtnii1.d. ,\t tht I havo heard frrquently from him .

+. 'fve to Ihlw! in wlnl grcatr.t tltsnce t wa-i 01 ln. wit toVa ::
tmdlli.. heads 6.a1.
Will b. nf.rejord.IN two were exnmmed. and i itlin
wheat i* gluten: ; ot '!:! rycb.ltf"at ba. t4A dfa.uu1 lb" Cvtoparattv T.tfu<> f meje attfciem minuret'
the fir.t place, R in 111 Jcerlim! r'*.u1i' i. tot J Ii *hf* c I"'t ti'JM nf character hi intuit dt-cide ton as an otlicml mes tt'n"r utatei thai up It
toc,+nt'Aia 1: prr Cent j B4iaru i.21 ref; !:y mily vim* that: analyts Indicates.
1. 'iD'vVtf.l fur in "'. quarter, than m the ft"I: em. !U. Davy ne':1I1.-,1! it, par Least from is ift cr.l J "r. tbe avrrag* t.f .\..ttrnrn i< uken. r i hit. -Jec.1 l wh, It art? >uNn,itteit l t. his exert the Ziti acvernlexpr:'! ha J nrrivedg At Cam

11n ref the prl.'''iple4 .tf rn -b+nicnJ ,hiltt+"I'CI\.1 ..nZt ltn ilusnufsrt 'Iknit ; rtllfl1 :itllulr3i I. Theft ar .,.1ny'ill,er f-$** which Chem- ituttoTtf, have- been highly rlC'OIsrd.Ve ai 1 ,) from ."'ncrty. (di'tanct le*!, than 2A) m

i 'h1? cutuiructi'j'i ol farm i npl;m"nis an-I and fro' Unitary sils tit 19r cut Hat the jetty i p-'ii's nut a- teal t1We tar lunnure. which the I last of which stated. that Santa' Anne wty,
iine A great and d'. cidt.J brieft. fan already j ii'44uwtd i UtKVlainl t. ittfrrfuifnt doj-endoocu mi jch ar-. I'xmJ n lul MI I"s(":,. Many nf the c. rnthrr! skeptical! <* to the tiuth of (he sciencel)}I fiircu of 20.000 tour hnd urumnned Gea. a

I 'rum this CHIMP ; md n-t d ntbt ma 4n.Iy#<% if prated l.j the far tbat tbs nature o( hon@\er, it .i 'tl AiN jiy, er mheJ wuh only yet we must confo we were rather S"I-"rem i', and he hid rrt'sted r and th u on IhH Yenilt r.Jir, ,

'"tofel might I.e l '"'J'h sis ioved.. 4rnpbtie''ynd' ho tail mtv ciuui::' influncr the "ult. ooe or too r<*her*, nt'en gir wa rAI" tlu':". r i ifrequ'ily at ?omo of hit examination: *, t i '
,.nderc'l It h'c-r. nnd at the 's*
: ',> A strict ob<*rvtnceof thin ntMr of fjrt', inauu.'v unlr. gave scarcely lU per | <* injurv. Sdj>twic M :", nitrate I I I.JtIU: f1.11NIlo't'ccIINY. that an cnpigument; bad commenced.

1 "I $th* m"c! \nie.llt"'C, and cl tfflmi .,(' tflutwi. > st,1J.J o,. "a than three l'f J.. ZNIi4dtr, at lime silica.1rash. and This: M A new f.-m of an nM "cience, th'3 ob. It seem- very certain that; o-nr di'mten 6111uccurre.t

diners, t.. 4'"', 'rttint I""CI."J lv whore nl'e"'g'h j a< ntach wile's 'A"'lred poC'erl.:1 : Um.1 a.theru.*> ha.* hnra ICCKIWII tn p'. J.we ct'r.ioidiflktt 'bt'd of which i4 i to ft,, file artiti. between Cannrgoand Mon
i r fnditpcnfiblf.mtd! w here II I"t iti i. hat rei-ded! ; In Ir i ItJt.ltAnce, ric i nvmrnonia some "lr irii rh ; but m oth r Cit w!re val ;!1 memory I ferer,&I t
itid *In rbnnf.mtf nn.l I adaptm the moving *. uH! CKI| inejtm, or rather III create nn nrtiticiilmenery. kis aid.lhu: n train of 1'2O wagons had bteil
I : pit the p' u'o a/ Itejt4 tn ceot'.in'mire % f% :u nuny rau*a cjatr+i tHtt': Action .
I air in the test r"'c''l'l" runner t,. cu>ctthoinndcd than '.her van rigs ; and & Q'uU11 is al *iCon. iliac thi' nnernaantt; nau" Cl'nih :., Cthl.-- Prnfevtnr MiLt vbitol our plncelllni ]k.;n nt Rami', about 45 mile east ref that fani

1 '# ptifpn. It h highly ...rntial that tritllrJ tu.t't.n'. -\t-it bv t t d.I Th- ,.Ml mar i,lrridj jwpplte.1' wish Um: t: "viek, nnd g ive a !lecture on the subject be- .l tliaitlitJMurrounilinf country was fillediMexicnu sib

cry thing of the kind in cr'n4tantranp/ny. nndrequiring I Tt.e anily.s* at ( l4)it wtil also !Jicae what I droagnt may derange iHirHy th-ir nct>,'n ; ana for. it lir:tf audience.! Th efituplfs ..rbtt :s I war la.I tz. This
for it. u. % r"iha; < thoui..n.!< of r j.l 1'1.,.". are t,4d 11 1'1I1.;4y ai In\nu 1'1 pItt". other infl j*:ncei naw unk::o rn in 4) pmduce: a uncertainly.!
l,C4t 'd) tnotitin of the hind in n Kinsli* dtv! I I tag in tte r l..n c '1" .\ camUcrable portion similar r.-*uk. {; ;p unro( hs svsttrm were Astonishing tlu rev iitdica very Jo cieJl1. an interruption of COILI

I houlJ not Ilea ncMrtibred withn ieep i p.ttid I., 'U1f-'b '& Si e- s'sUel lo fait s..,.sb of "hMt.No. Cmttmtn un.\ud *n-J <*.ht!. m"rlt.'h.Jb i |era:' U lure Iitic.i nf wordt Ami 'figures; a' onc,. inunication.Airriin. .

in ,'pi ht. The l IMb< rcr who \ie-n th. pant h.te. clef tr i. .1.. iean.l to c.aat't. a large ,... ant *n puwerf, ;r..h.n be mwc 'r.iliy !! Almost' wnh'Hit, -xanmuition. Of the utility atI f .-nn; at No.v Or'ean.*, ,>Q ife

I. Msually makes "','b it na I lvi than ''0 tbrJ1fIC3ntS tiuti j U..,'d a cr,.| ut'driver! le osnei fM!tly Vneffcul! thin any dfht-r. lr,iH ike CetMio'T of |:the *)*:rin of !1'rof. 'ht.tsWe are nut prepared lath from nr:1znosfe.. that the aboa
,-Vokcs in nn hour or twenty th
of ten hour, It many fart wart .'rerigot it vtr0ct iii iiit'i e<*i! tu civu till opinion. Several systems hent.,fur .M.tfarnor, hadwn\ scoured' and that nnnerf

t '& ii.(csled. i h inad U'tnrCf'1l\.tra)' h!avy, Cvrn i:II C')"., |Unt*> nth U'41m: ; rkver ub. sits' rt irvittIf hlnJ' a I us.t..n..r. tI-1) sew 't"J !lHt- in it- iiiventta hatu: :proved total fjilutts.: Tho while tie "nemv hid been tlt cuyerrt. This factw,

t ,) the! amount of 1m ( pttutt.l, thru tlinggrn !i j I tt. wn the siir. "ml is nut rX1au.ttng. lout Jwtnu t't .f\ It.: bias it.., fIlIt hay r\tll..unl".t ; art, w"j f' I lrete, consuls" in the 'It1r.I"licJJ: ufitlcis think add "rCt"to the statementi of Dr. /rni

,.111 fuu'c uw+berrly .;'p.'IIc-. ' :""flt".' tn i+I c'IUi.4 its Kay the piavtder fur tne w.nt* of ky the jnuml ; it It i rda in ammonia nn.l u'hcr |' whereby one ,!-:. buinc brought to 1110). an.i satifiesolr: mind that S30tAn' ucirr. .
<'o l I"! thttt ten th',.t"ttlS ; 11.I"d"If five ton in iln \fbl' t. .nun*I m,tt-r-. r!.'iHifig frw". thf vrrriinnf ; inlrtducftt! ;
J ii untie day. In turner niirhme, worked I byt.t I .' toGS" ory, a tram of others th it. Iff of ing eat sorno grand scheme cf operations 'lieC
I r.lsal'til, lifctaUo fjfOrtJ that In :Jditinn to ate! it .' .iBinwr awls I d-nved Gate
.v' t # ., iucludipg tv.ijj<'t and cur' as well mtnrrshing tho uU4l .u4uic ttJuincfll. there arc abase tear thrsr's. nree 1'.." '" ,... manly. the MILKS h',s 'tryllltb nCUrnnltmllllulI Gt"n. T3rlor.

rn4chine' ". and even 11.'. "'" nnd hareS rf.i4ic or eatthr ,tituenft. irxst fir .tach .t- ad"\nr.c"< ; and giiitm from it, grnat : If this be true ; and if lien.Taylor shouMw!
S rows there i ii nu .!vjb! in hearty nil cae v A iwj'tertaJ Kilts Oar; city KA* teen consklenMy enlivened for
'I.IIntt1,1 RMichmx
:.tC 1Urar4sb'y Iain. 'D use lend! 'I"t. anJ! baM** to tnii il+ ("if' IIH pniitin'u whit will; b
''I' 01| power. A strict .tg4ii1, arc it'di! pcn'jbte tojhf bealttty gronm.. There 15554, s1 :i"tIr "I"| |"lra.t..1tP1 'st1gk I scternl w,.e'ks by the vitits of strangur-i in search the (-rli'ct the (;:
upon country 'W T.nllrwin
i'nnciplctiand 11& i irmilb fl
.sntic> applrr'attIJn. ,
ll "It" l.scr h4E,v r.Iv' e I. t"t ,
: tHtt.oo'I&tllllr of
are s' .211. n.Lh., Alumina. nlK-t a > health Attracted bj itt. well tslibi! ht,
i ircp
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Sucb kn-m'lodge would be n1.! highly' tks. x sup rt'nt"!, w..s is 11'J. .nJ era fl : k' I I t,",if \.I.. ; r ul l'.1 Inslgr.. .

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vegetable proJue'i.i- "t r :tnfil culta fa. and! SIKH 'ub,tanccw in un'ik-i p "'ft" li '. ami2M? j! 'M'.p" 4mNrt.t+. loss *M-rf| al".Jr ".a..1 t. hrt.ithlsic! .. aS t. o'\u"'i, tli. ''Tb* ( 'Iv"ra.-r. not feeling hUl. :U .Iu'bor.e

who should UI"rd..e mi It*r unti the .lVctnf.rtti'jr of ihese pUnttf. will) .h'>w u 4; Iris yub,iaiic 9 are I II Atth.i.sgb is. ,",. ... -rs-"..5.,s. tern :'rt:. A 'e ruin i pcren to cnll{ ... she'i v .1 hin'i fr", had coir.ntun: '*
l loan "n!.k,' rllfll.\tc and ,s>ilUutthii ..1 Me l'"i' ips.sclt.'t-... t' ehrbi"'at 'rrs ..! its that te.tlciiifiit; in l.'v'l. hni l>en ,.ik"
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science; .Uc'( t ''cotnc4 fry u''ful t.he <' And tt {,...itf 0.1 a rea"a of il e UCi foot 'HCCttiat 1 I "u ar,1 tt rir .Irit3*>?'. >e':.., err ..t.rlktala"I : :. vr.l '.| .II|! writer". A? the ftnJ when it w.* 'g.. '
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