3 tinnn'weraule I g p iginrantnf t of inveuilng slaves irmn their intMnti ; we 1., the critical state of the reUP'ou between awful condition of the people of Ireland 1< U
urgu.l.ef.tatiu *, 'h'nt w..1 .
MOit t.fI.d : ** tend -h.. know r" i ctniinu*, Shill h4%. donooir duty wrist w" h YI them two GunrnrTk.ntsV '
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the justice a liberal. ) ,1)f1.. r"hi' |1'Iey.1: liot 'hfiif- inv b'.-n rhufij'il for :h4.tr. ;. 'i'otaIh't ,,".q. but."Itn i. wiser than .. \ r are all waiting with solicitude IRELAND AND SCOTLAND. J

1 td's $am0Canlrxi'm0's, this J. 'f1u'i j 'uni '4 and fm ture tM gwn Itt th" blrM*'d c.lnel|I were ih 4 '4'I.. 'lIt..e:1"t.ts uuns must be for the opening of lha French Chumber some Uole I II The appalling account of the misery silstlt

> not fail to npprectMtu I J'hI' ly :h PutiM 1 sir terformell of v'sireern': gtawlav/ii.1m'tlct" "' higher and h..I II. rvrnthiUit it tmmplcs un I Am greatly mi..k..n there will be tho Irish will be read wiih the most Psinfer
by Mr. l U illn. m Hi 'dioc..*i'II nnd .I wtiieh I l. tome ex-
the imptfe rcr. on burg a e to offer I dttf
foot the 1 144
of mm a:td it God. chinrnt'. rnacted in, the Chamber of DepuI lere '. A private subscription was ,
JjU4tment of thu Tariff,
qurvi'.. Tli t sisal Mitn<* ienitik< ; tln.11 .un ih smite antwnis, hd l I So
laces<%m r during the which M
M about
Warrenton I letter to Coen'm'n"e. in Lnndnn for their relief and 1111"
jji In' ian ndmirabl- ;p.. c..ti*<* have irn nn I heard .t retrrt*>n< >d that t | K hjpuKr then Ibo I Ub.irtn2 la a Urge The opened ,.
H 11 u'd'lrI ami they regard; hMca"iinc %.... m i tf' i.>thus .l4rc. ale b'-athena,. and ihit .h", art part uf B iroi**-!id his mire qn intelligMicn i and number IIr oilier P"Uiibtriac"and siwller ai well as a sand pounds were subscribed in ten days' I
.nllte.t a remarkable in"t.nc t of m.nl aid j Ii shut Jh f.t the !. I i qu".IiOH, are Isar
statesimn. Iy I'I out seam : privi-res g-np* m-ire nporal OMnfuns j he wodd! never desire concurring. I amoy hl-r it to bring about a Great exertion ware made in Ed t
patriotic On
\ ,) all thnw Air.t..t|hip.. ih- other hand, in hue rrskJednbi.Uaqnvuri u f acrntnrf in the t t racape rum 4 gt..J m Itlcr.wh out the thought state of mind in both: Cngltnd and Frauce, rake large fund for the relief.nf .1 irelne4.I
and 'c
his Iii>
reipcct .nirnl' hive travelled
11111 paitot Clv.'gia ; cx mi* i.J card i 10 bet"mtoj '
but t>y nmomearrwntte pern whicn will render a war at the death of Louta Queen had subscribed JC2.DOO Prince
fare badly Itllt..dlltr.d..r .
th *i Brruh j..Ur. i, ivdrin the C4ro1m and VJr inli.Ti-iinfiai ; *, All the inte: W irrrxilons tit Ibo 3 iialimn, from whom the' h .".,hff +uf.re I r very ciuso, I jCoOO wrral dukes and bankers L0005'Lord
'J ; r.x-ev. a' / every cwn''oS'LI"I m'**i ol shr,other Slave '. eAI' be traced lotbb .1ft :.0fJI iaIf lrerenu. I UN deplorable but nevertheless ,
d uch unMiuteil' r.., 'r.. \\'. .1.. nut ro I! yet I heard tat half n dat-rt true. Fur 1 John Ruell Sir Robert Peel #*
member have J i :Stitr ; never man ,I know it h difficult fort .c t wilt, have never reuld myself. I connder thu war between Franco and JG300.
lo' '
and rvcentfy t't'u' i.n nintjitct* of I I l.r e that pr".Mle.llh"lt' slain sit-'t.drig wltr. in Int So Jth U* .o"ct.1 nnr thins but llnglanil to be almost inevitable, ludred I &c .

ridicule than that.ny.'Cly.which lhttTm in" r#, .y !,l'...1 w-AIC'I.' i iing I r-hip ; I never saw but one. I d.> not think that L hat-on this put ot the tyro a.i.l tyranny, oo think that almost all Europe will be ,involved The suflerinK In Ireland continue to l Inert**
if i aura faith :uetn.t) if Hie nwt rigid fcruUnr. should be trade, there> thai tit the "
I mater but I hav ;in before
4 ; wen nwie tears wear a **
great many yean a bete
the protectionist tallaciPof paw that ,
Mr. way stud it i h confidently believed
W..r..I.JItI. satls I It** f.utd. on an average, more than ono>
c nhrdby a limit of aietrs un tnt death ifs kind It will be. a war. for freedom ; 'fur cauttu'ti.lal
adrlphi -pi t the Fnleral leaders in put
( other trgnrJ. Itartur .* "lii.. nt puMlc worrttlp. Many relative under aod 11**
t cl'fir I circum :ances in a free of Ihrt pnojite of their proper shire in she Guv- The accounts from the highlands
r quite that their policy and theirgHber v.errs.. ? i I 'U'rrhi' nfldu.T, or ryvcr, ,.I'utl them :1 tte. Tr.. numbcl of the who' t
with their ruoiways among eminent feel 1 that they have bm long of Scotland are still very deplorable. _
a .
gumerif nre d'p.4Is1.1 l | metes. n!ntly build ct.mhurat.le ";ftCa..u. slave other things being rqv. U not larger tnougti th of kind is
fr rejected Engli'himtn in lefcrrncematter I Food ot carce .
ball 'h. ., I.K Ihrar.Ure, an'contribute (rtftf 3IW) than Ibat of app enters with us; in many inanc.no on this subject 'it is not my intention tu enter every *
a! in which En:luhmen sued Asnnricnnt; I., $3lH. p jf annum l tot the preacher. .: daub thl 'C4 u>n I li-t in the indu* fart&er on she |fre* nt occasion. land, Ireland and France, notwiihstaaJifftj.

4 fcavc 120.a contnion)Ir. \ intercut. In hit B.n on .pt't'Ch.1 I I litiMHtkeiif' tbeSutPt tbve *. a law forbidding knee and iiKoutrUt .(thine b Hjiid to another lime I I. may ICIYIt IOU my reasons Immense quantities hipped from the U
in Vetai.rargu'd unan 1
thee .1"Yr. lobe taught tu read$ ; but inminr J.b.JYby has there never arisen a soliety" 'loi ill UltJlUl for the opi"iol1l have )lust pressed. States.
land thu ill effect of' Ihe prutectiv y tern in ling placm. It i. A daalS J letter. The Uw |ill i pat down tne app ntlcrsdlp '1.t teiol ItntoU tI I will only now add, thIt Louis: fhdippo b every r,

whore., to pro'J'b"e Britmh Itaervit tendency h -rd sad uu'ry Gooriaon ibis point' wnjoc m Kmed a. follows f. .kouwn that eructs are practiced ; such year opening the eyes of the world to his MKXICO. .
s p jnurnnli now hold him in I'arcelsnf a tno t In34mat pvmpblet from tv the CAM with ot slaves true
rry r roairferr : they character which is a compound of or" 'he
his own arguments, and having dfcarJtxl their' B*t4in, worn circulated lo Savannah In Dec-m. ate:' di.phed and .bu ned bY I heir netgbbort.y ambi ton, .r ld.hacs. and talent for ad cunning.ninis The Now Orleans Blletin

t i, protective blm.ty: ttn as an antiqinted error ihrr Let IftM. A ctil'Mired minister, lo cnarge of a ; Bat It Is Involunt r servitude ;** ye: not un. tratioa such na few men have ever pos.rsedr-- says':-" W o have seen letters of 7ib!

charge |> ,tI1. with now holding high tariff onjfrpntion tat 201K (r.dna. read it, and dii I frequiiei ervitujf. 4J Ifafl"! food and rats But the end will cjtne. Cunning H cot wis from tbe cay of Mexico and from pit1

e' ; opinions which are nogihr( behind he nil. cOieredllbe; tendency Nat only evil. He car 1. men, doc'GI". bill n r..nklaJ trojtment dum. tag access to high sources of eelormati'y! <

-arcing' .intalligmce and eonc'u.Y"' experienceof rn d it lo the Mayor t f th* city and frmrd 10 let" s r ant dikto deathdoor, are all belief C .ie
Iho age. him of Its nt-achicvou b-aring. That oflleer l e'cu/ed bf the laws .r the State Are belie Fit. createth all things ai.d deitroyeih nil express In decided terra a ,r

Bui the ode.nl |I&t lrt am not without their r j I d'' patcbl.-d a iit*** efl*er with It In MIUed GrJus1Ai velte I nothing nr dampen tioa 1 I do Dot aver that Ibiu s. A little it lie, but a great ideal it once between the two nations wile very ,&'

cvu WaOoa ia tuv Kiujbidi journa'j such as it abe lygUIfjuro was closing biKMion fur I an try pall vh4Uhe l really earn,though many death ily bo amicably and honorably .uled.'

r r .

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v Y. .. . ., ., Ii .
.' .. .. _. eo. %. .. '.*'. .. .s...*.. .N'.' ....:.,... .. "
l 3\ .
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.1. t \ M.ii

-. T' -- .
---rr r.


--- .-- --- ._ .
CI+IT eD sr Te SENATE, It would co.t 15.000- nwn.-and- _labia --r"- -- -- _. -- .- ... __ .. ='1.. t (4... _.. f(

tits petitions prevented was one by and all to make Mexico aclamwleece thai to U1(,. jur,... .wInettrji.g per otice. I' 1.1 .

Ai rum ctthren a ul Vahiiigion' pray awn which *B alrr Jf bold to be ours. | ".. I. aripel> "c .. wiH. apply set1. J stile &t ,ri .
N r sJbt.t;' {. ale Itr uK "1"aiiritu| iui |iqu<.ritl J r. C. II Mledta the bumiolfr ut rose i ill I IS tfscksJak. 21 Comity for btannf id : ..' ,

IbIf' Capiud my be prnhibilrd. Tb" -ueb 'ecnti.eeoeld ..J.. But lhj onl I 15 Twr*. Kie*. 100 .or J.", ltah'.r aid we" Yerkracketf aBaal. 9& .
'(,011 rrlered' tu ibe Cuaimiiu-e on the 1J,.. touched the 4sllar I 40 Faftta tfirttar 100 JOI1.1 tllMP UN. -
si the Ci". Them was no .
1Ubi4 ern"i.I', ceriaintv thm ao Baa l.l t.rr otMf anid. OLD ''
we cwiU rench shot city of Meal.c' | 'F.8TABLlSIIEItLINE.t!
e'1 if then took at' lhe bill .. tc peal the c and loin there I I B. .'Ice. THE I VEddELdcwmpriMnf thi, line and
be8 >pte.ump'thll we m ill e>
; qd March. 1tt97. and alter few In+:nt to dKpoil the country, o* a t. m o / the bill N. Uri Wiles,.
hld.Ufrom Dir was postponed Folk
Mr. b Urjer than all the land befweoo for AlMthma. her tafora tiinirf nadrr Capt.. Cobb. MiU TcW, !
," let aid the C a>...,. TUTTLP D.ct. ct-ol. .a Jna 11"1 ",
Rocky ..
WwunttlBf. And
*d M grow Duller) another : bow otild .eadattlfB Tal 1 Tba M.. S. u4..
1 o1 )11' committre we bold shirt THE ba tae a et use old firm Dnrkley ,, him
OJ mutton was ordered on the Ten nee cu uQtrr in an offaosive war! If shah je M ... rudy i* Mwon. $hiH.nronl/aw) '. ..'... ii' .J .Jri.1i.

fr fof ttftnce MWM Mingura Dick.tiMn wnutd 'ke.ldl mom men and a still mice n eo prr petty a. .. naf this huts Jutr.rn MASON. frig Sierlioj Thompsou. ;.. 'a1+:
tDf1I Idle and t eJ.* and a still greater aacrtKcn of IiK I uWr a. far las ,tar IM7. Ha E. B TU7-l'LE. S. 1'1"4" .. Uumber .. ... ,

et.l A Itt writ ap stun Mr.C. Mid the ootaral oWacle were manrJ I t.rpriM wWrt r... ray ba JS46. .* L, Daldwio tmaett 1Tba .
rat[, MI JO" atu nincncrd was then hit liken Pllr There was the hot country very rstendcd, aoJ Irosutirrss rat H poet peid oolMin.he Adearticiaf; nboea ve..U ark an %f the firnt et I...*. "

lid CAI.NuoN .c remarks eight months. and not unlrrqocntly ten InIntb.were .. tocoaot.jUdtPII. X/.'od lateroum accomnhidatwno.aiid will ..4. h
! that never since ur country hi* bet -nost unhetiliby. March doubtful Tat Aueaor MASON laally a. advr road iMBedia1al/" after ..hiA.rut. 1
|J unhealthy -e 1
IIrms pOiICIOn.VC wet It1 tit aiatrrvi'inii can ba and ay
tri1* e writing to t'I"' \
now force enough yep
mote to march In Mexico eneoatrrinc ..hle.C t oticc.
'11' and there wa nho u qu,.t,0nHe L. UALUNYIN e\ Co.. dav.nr.h
.115'ttd t war, include. ho 1 1o' Nil Ibt're the romifo / lfw nnild oo' Mticnwould Ciif CavcdL tCoo_.. u .b'.d w the SnUeriber .,. May 30. |J'4r. ; ,

J ,dnnlr.ttC' .sun' lath btencnurarrj ; and if w. cot t \n ideas a .... { i adjatt theta 1H"C'n."b.I I Steam alwaja taken to Tjbea ta avdid detratldfl'P 1
} % e the .latlrrt CW Up.II' trupII who had we deal with A proud and an obtinii Tka arena;' pike a/ n..,ha. I :. N .VAKKMAN. tka river.. 4.

19UIt.rt .b" C.a.r) vr Ih" 1Ie".un. bllrt people' -full .4 delay renown**! for their n.rrl. IM rrqiuiU titk .f UM |R7.f "
trt ,rtant Qu !"timl welt how should caat Mar far UM .tl .. 1 O '11L. r-;
.-fbe 'mP disposition; t hold! tu'. a a .at | a f _
a to?tcu'ed J There were twu ways I paoad t ra aaacrs sod a bat! GIVEN. Tu lb. Cieditvra SUBSCRIBER would ill' '.
/ P Mr. C. saul if we tsilet' there w .,. boa'1 pceifuaT/ iI
another .
ih' ,
I'b' ruh i on in the hitie! ennntr anddifcntit P. C person IhepuhlKl'iailiaviwgparTLocdofN.: H. l/f
oneill third cnmpiifn. and if we hud n third cam : .ISi II.. WILD Ail i?. Ih..li..lul.uf Mill Coack

Ike 1abK totn spoke 0. IKJ"ltio.a.'hicb f-aun ciKjU we rain the mra and m-Mry) and dec'd. that I elaim my let wean St. Ana tiaai. Picnlata** dUgeaAe. rum .

loot 1 if we wen on wn -huIJ hair a gwrrilla warlike IVew Geed ... at the said deceased 91. Julioa I.
per Sch. cnnuejiitiii writ I". U* :. Mail .
C w'd it *'n grfte gttestt r. and .ne to that bftwreit Kr,rv" and Al ifa be, I6'h' day of Frbrnarynotl hive ... Steamer 2)1. i:
11r' lb*r.I" ibis abava t.s.l wa art Wro.. Ga.*en. wi'l' ..rll;..* i. renifrr ,
which lie bad: t'cn' has must '*' auras tween Ruobi and the Caucat< The BY Conrr of Piotai. of staid facility and
ap.ly, w Icat! the .'.. acrommiNlatmn Inthetrav.lKnt'enmM,
ilea HI j d r mcnt W1 that .bJ d.lell"Y". of voluntrenng was now r me- -rlf.II' aOaf .liidi will W 4...d.f M ., the Sheriff than,. ly pf*.iM,.. \ ,ta4 will hw in reirfin: ih* ._

.ijon .M ihrt tct i the beat, to brine ttit..

ioa seal mast and nsect*,Iul c id. This would rc.*ary 'n remit .Jll.000 n* n Cnulde e. 8t1'.rlder. )lee. Reef u, personal Fatal of which lo and (run. Si Anrn rrti.. and ;f nr* i*.rf ." ....

fruit in motet C and ID-MI honor. It heffKbiluUV raise them anal' if w. could whence would come -, -.b. llmiaf.Flaar. "... Clee ld thereof twed at the lim wf hi. wilt rx* pmvided tart mimfi*rate ana et.v %:..nin, .

; uu ..I'uS lld| "\1'1' all| lh<* war I the tnnnvy to pay them 1 0".4 r CbeAtc. E'sth b ... I FANNY aceordmc tn law given,fur further informetinii upolr ta8.31.1VAKE11tN.> -

itaj .corwiMeiit' The" CHUM** 1 li r Inch tmBr : !Many if the stat* t wrn pppre *cd with on fttu KJ. Dr a
.C0rtHWttce'l 1 WCrtt lI.n.-- d. nnd tf"-'e. plot Brta4. ?' Cu" Lantern IrcHll: ii' t
. aa tutu b'*. c-nild nut limr adJitumal tatalion. < y P.I.
.. II. Cra hi Saftr. ::11. Aua. n F.Jan.
*,,. s" nnr G. fem.
1 r".'I ulna t And if the ux. could bn r'slr J.) was .'. Cato. >| rh. Cities Ta. -- .
tlw IUiiird Ill noun."r '. -
Ttiw'ab'lmb a short mir 'h ngt+ zeal snot unsnimi in ''" 1'*.., Hja.a4i ItUek &e Caadk Hulled 'n18' In

To.r i"* 1fI11..n..'' du" t.ulr ritizen; tying an th wr Th-re were tnanwhl)c..j' Ud..Ice lfrti.r w Mb a gent .. It C.Aula. \U SAVANNAH II.

Tlrr i.olir, .l w..,. altos considered lured IbM w.r could bu. teen "v.ttdrd F.a., i. |)M7. R. C. W'il"I\\ FFORIDA ('reek Mandarin\fKETr .
Tre r1,1, dill suit n.L C.lIllr t fo Je. 1suRhln be .votit'd, Mant t bfllirrrd it unnwiflitutinnal Tai A Dill. 'o, *.$.. Ml. John'it lll irT.dl. Miry.lirtintwich: Ja<;k'itnTi) '
ert unit
'c dec. JHrirM
d..r, .ar. lit ..Lf"d Cun'eits I.. .1"CefJltt.. and unju,U M"nr tw-I lier, it oath rpllE UNDERSIGNED TAx J J Carryinf this U d. )1:11110 th.j Uor. r, .,! r'" J
the h1ruK.d'thc t1'ar. nod he rae uI/rll that : l. bn r"drd and net pr w JL tba rwaaif tit St Jelias the aCilah( ; nf Arthur St. M Hkew, Jt art*
sheer '-.Jtlfain, III'Cftu.cs the MeiN;:n* had I : .uld like tit (!*e hit ,ipic SlArti ifatrffi-a ia Skis city./ HL rbt CampUinaNti. end ;it N.hy. "I....,. having; born th,*ronrhl/ in.("..:, .

ttnr1 'be UO del Nurtf *. but could not contiMrntly now.Uut le I of etch ..,.aalll tka 6Ae John N. Smith. .nA al her Jrek.nsdrNl4a.ehnill. cod hand os. jtnv wi I.w1 .. .
TIle l'rt-.,id'flt and Ongrr lalld rf"Jtf.I..d sheer wa uno'hrr trrmendno. gor tIn | maatb. F.".". aad al PiUtka ibojiirwiiclioft of lint' sad 1 I'"Lllr'I : It"r maelse.rat 'fltlt lat+pthrr/:

*.primary)' uty-c"* sir ill' war the etatltsh.tirMH rent iniSg, li. ,'hltm hould this Irrri'orr belief j jI pr* eai .... far tba parpma South Carolina. f ii t|>(N>d. nrrMiiuu'wI-iiiiM 1 ..tIt comfort*)><" ttboei :"... t '

D'MHuJitry. C1.n::c** Inn avnwcil n.brr a 1 il obtained it I The north bad com** to the zltJ\e and Caaaiy Tat... for the on motion of 9aa tt il M, I.up..d by sissy. OM this r mii,. This ho..' i" ..,

,. ut/-ct limn thi.. .uit in the war, him', I: e..* h'itn ilint ihrrr>"hf .iul''d th/tt be Tate es.r. 81. said bill of Con..i'II l L- dt'Jls..ftp ur u,..1.ii, !alias t'as.w' far Cha,1...
it procutodThct
rut it was fi-c < i ifclf i If KIN wa_ li rrlme in the If Sta'rs with how
r | re
i F.broary lit. IbC7.I i paklicalion' of wlsi h ..".. ..."it.,. .
thi rry .
onl in -'f"11
If..n' IIr tau clninl. iruch l. dw| .. Ihtpa) tfp n horre 'n
crmvi ibpn ple i
| with Ibis ,. ins h. take a''' in ih Prig (Salk .
Circ 111 or lino '
.' cbjrci* i.f the %%nr hud horn main. I .1 ,, 'I I r N h;
i .1 tb :itt.. g entities wo il 1d l bem west ('lIaRCer) in each week. evt.aecu. a./ly. :*.u*".."h serer Tlii' ,.nts-I.. ,... r.I$K'ikrl.' the KM (Jrnndo > <''rnn.-.and hoawM avuretTii'l+m *n at Iha L II' Y YIRTUCafa d.rrre.r New V",k. after 'h- arrival of ke St. Matthew-' .

tsrdttId .'ecuda..lrly: act upon| the ch'ln.1) Out hf would it't( >pi into thi .u*jn. further AK IW Caaaif tilt J...*. that ..,,.. it* lJ..rC'ndllln. Florida

.,tr 1 Mr. (*."hi| he inty .lla4Ul 1 to n to .h.*w '.h.lih 1 day 01 .NavcatWr, A. D. l946.la a Bid *f .implMiii will... Pi"en:*, with their; h..g" waltlw pot It" Meant

air( ratb-rtnwrnt nn fn rate whet that char I IIId"hbl"trl'II" e retold to n. unanimity in uch a war. an4 I vtoKk U. H. Catt.4 ra. wan ** ", .( tint .... l. r ih i ,.f either lio- if ii '|1''irrd.

: "'fHHi'J; b*. It uutht It, be it :he iou'b *h Hi1d w the .ut j cl in thn liar' k.. A. Far w.rtf tad 9ttj A. r. a Dee,., 'ra t*./i. essay !! Th,'.*.w. ho.", will 'Irav <%. fnow|| : t

....." ..UI'JIII-! ,"".ll1m' :o i,or enun.'f tin re mild not IN one nun herein I.*., sal dtfan+4 al.-1 lull sell at pabte % |.4 re (.ihika seer* Tumtlk/ H A. tit.

f.'tt..t". Nt. ..-T.Iwart. )Iecll ur on.r I Ih'II' vigorou pruirtruiKMi ,/ the war. Tii re b.d fir.t da/ af M.rtli a+tl "i r. ). DOUliL\S.JH.I. .. |'rUt.. .. | | .. .
't..r tbll dt .n th. lltock Creek. ..
tit 1,1.41, I llbPCal hue .nly twcMSP'e .h.-j td ItuIM rtfkt bdf a .1 p. M. .
, rn.iztrlncasmlaln| in Africa,mans in ,
uk eeG .d.ae ia and,.the 'lla.ia i ; Cmiit Circuit J..ck..nm". ..
.- ,fur milih'| <.r and l a HVr sep tlic but u -liut she war cottunurkl 1 with u. and ...IJ "I'? Night
is tint All nu :n ei .f IaN I" Columbia County r.rfr,;.lit or paen*.r. ..
Kt lit i.wrr upon .sttr IntlnrlA.Ihrr be with u. it we were nut wt *. i. Jli. .. apply C.JlI. MrNeltronlM .
I l. KI wt t t.rl. '''1'.'r 1Y...| ,V. O*>fiorn.' :.Sufanrah
then IIltit.tc... wd. '.nu' ,if the Rrrnt.1 t. 3f r.1:...kd bow mists' c.mpeigns, ''0'11dc ta Iba tUkUa .r PieoUU outs tell' t.1in.it "-I.Jct.i i FERN\NDRZ & Rl nr..:. Jar'c.n".m.'I.'

| ri'l l in. ci muct,'d with Mir ."riKn ,rl.ibe C.CMnrled| lo have with n powerful l're. kaawabjilrt ... .r' TaCMi" i : Thp. W.'nrr anh SpaiiMinernn* in r.

i s4.r. ''Ilf'rr'It. a 1111'""r'tIMI4 rn'IrN I'Moll br ''holiii MrxK and girat natural .U
warn lof' ."t ",. 2'-1.e "ft".'t h.rhuld f1 1rh ;t.1 I I I. J... U..l1u..t a. tied .. dls'rlll.\zJ ,., on l.l.
n All our t ff.t:- w uld be tocirry 01 a -.It'" g' : .. C"u"' ..' 11' .n"hundred and enlyrlvr miles above
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...IaI .t.I.r..... U..:',n'"'.. ft: .I.., .....th .1ae' :,e t..t I..n.o,..",.. Thy wliny .e y..M; ".. A. a. Ia tract ., polo: | : .er tiwrwurd' harieii. Amelia DUIU.I, C...,11..1. } : ...

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.,.,t,.. uh',. ''I..p4: t IIM (ialtl''I I t llf .ttould i.tc .caini tlir a nn.l.i'.t nf the rt.1'.c.rn'eE'nrrt. AL.Asltb.t Andrew*, ii .. HrfrnrfaiiM, J ,"r
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h. s'$4 1'. d. 1! w' trld, :ire 'i. thi iot'uh.f tr Au 11I'h c.n. and .. IrultcU' I"t t j aSorr JT appear dg
ir.., .. and .. .rtal-4 t' .. tMl Mato ta H. that the Dvf'indjni .'.... rte :
1w.lirl.l': It. t- ti It to ii., i.n.intld I Iid ItV ** atu."r 'It"'''. 11"\.1"rt. ; ; an p-.na oiMliai.1
. h.r.Ul'4 t 1t'ilIlls, \. U. .N. "h,. .atd Ill it i y swn mrs ..b d ... T... u; : ihn ErtaM ,0 citulUa: .:h''rlu.. .An,-"II r..a Iesundtt.1..1i-'lir'i../

'I.... 1..... alwl l (..sr I i _- -- 50.0..i 4..sib arlh"'''If ..,*.deed In pre iiit.tlaIn of Ihii* C.Hirt. lh .* raid IVlrr H jnnili in lit. M.ir set
'n..1' ".u1.t 1MuJ1t IJIV.a -Uo". SuuiiLol i'.. i. li'. race n: tlNtrat tar r p.ral.f. t+ .it-- d.lay.u. .! alt reau.I..... and lib Aid ClirUt' *,| b ir A.,."... ."/
. .it Oar "U I$ I"".Iwr. ... 1'+.1! .N.2 t ..t...,... a.t,a I..t h. 1,1.) lily r.*'c | rurid, d b' ... .".. hie,... trio: a. i ..liv iu.s.wdiate par rer. this :4.18 .f S ,utli Iat lins : on luciuin of \\'u* 1.

u r' 1.4th Ie' Ih"' ...'.'h ..f'the IeI J NNStrr .: Leer /Nw I.' Ih? ,1Ii ,1u11ut. "ft. lush ago CUI' fttMat l-*aty "izhtitr (rum .be I'N. kt+ leaan l iwrMmiei.il* Forward s>iliritor for this CTnmifaiiMnr| ,
(/ ..., r.ttr':'". .. allirf Paid .. Itr* Ofl*ndthat > alt Prier bki-n
r ties;:./'tII'.n ctuaa ism aJpollay rue -..,. : II*. wltich ,l stet pre..nl iheif cliin Siri'I' moat; '
Ct.. |l'It'" ll. I Ami.. hers i'cn. hc 1u.I...,. Ilutlkt .ar Uiasii lr r1. (-itpli; /,. ,., from the p..blicauotl Ch'i.tnpherin'ftrwrd.apl| "ar anil a.."er th. <*"'r
I'ru is, NN"NI. qticiM 'r ,.., barnxl. |ilanani'n. Dill within Four Mon'h. llwt .
a "flrch w t11ra'e tl ctit. 1). : .ulu. +cw Iran) wtneli were c a or *am w
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; ,Atr Ih'nt'tl... '".:f'"t :11LUiIset! ':.wt". *iN > 1' A .'.r r.r4bvfl..Jfra4aJ-ob D.COLCAdunel",a'",. bet taken m. tu.rrr.d m r,,,.l Ib.,,. t8r
..,. 1ti." "I'Jh' I. 1' ItCt..I.1I'1iO' > iii.'.:|.* 4II.'I..C *teatl aimUiletJ ; timing ike. \j4f bsl l. ma UM 27i. 07 .f r- l .w A ml. .it. M further' ., .,.I. that a euv nl* thi. mar ..
I; Iitrtunr.llt 1 n-XI ten )earsy>r/jr f r'; uiid duiuif; ISM |* l sad \ij kin call modes a drerer hf' NanIMIM.I in ..an- LYrw.paper pnoufr 1 wIbis 11

... .. .i""I' u J't.mtil ".I'.tfCl'f ten )1'.'*. *i'ty' fucli .,.titi. ul is .urriy M.rnats m u."af" C. 1..1. '! lloarclitir.. ..ri i.' nce1'ireuite a week esin,+.:'i'l'lW' .t ...r J.''f'Uf
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,....... .I. ..'. ."- ..1- I'tNC. H'.tall"a ..h' cuuutn to brut* MIL red cl.,x inm t+i a |omit.w.Uut !t.teof AathelNaG.y. .T.r : bef Io..w. i. inform h.+ 31.h.. TIIO.Vrti5edtiirMalrn "uarliL.\S .. .;'
u U\"l'-'tUU, uv11p J 1w. 1.IItea.tv .. itie L iCttlaiura *i."It t 1.1 uy tlu std iu iuIII r the riM..tar
I whet tie T.Ut'C''tft w;u .., is:'!"Imrnrl.aM'n Mrz. divorce. stud byte the iactdant*sprrtiifti hie room are well ealeu -
tn; |Ih.er lo innt IN CHANCERY:
IIMIttl'"U'" 'I) C" al tml:'.rt"'tcr. In sex. h h"J only ; tt'u.ltl uMtirr rrterrt't.. where bcl Mig. ta the JUUI'U: C, S\ J.tslt3. or fawilrA.KEOGII.J: ..ph \. 1I.,.*" ..< En'.ur) Hill for Uilellaiuy.dec'd. 1
1",1., '. akd .. t'IMi ll. AattriaJse.ay 1d04
ial. wrrl AIIrCN,1. tltrn I C u.I". Tln M uuw the appNew N .tiuti of I+?ar. K. tant I a.royI.t. e ,
.tll".. yrr till w. Au "jltlI ':Aul 1i.ibits| COlin Jersey, id cat< cqucuc ul which uo longer \ Mherilf"" Mt j"nd I'm U .
l' "I.rtwat (ur uWI..lt"S spice lor I ure wrt-La'ul' the 1.I.urc.a lime a ad thaw i YIRTUCaf wrttaflha e U'.Celc.dcc'dJ Whippla AI Inch. .\"ms. vf I tnliuiion.frtwrf. ,'

tat? ;.,W..ut4h. mh.-l.rubkd ouciin twrilly I. iun.l vt tlic pc.'I.Ia*. money -.*\ up.a meie By Clerk Ofiea af UM : GIVEN.t UM ,. .. herman *i .l,. j ; r;

.fft tease It w..utd bit nithty m.m.u in.t" individual luto.tiki, .b.le.n iinioca e additiuo c eetr af 8L J.... R .tera all others caaceraed that IT IIAYIM. lwen made 'n.P!' Amllr ,
y tit )ear. Tin* country (New Mexico) nuidd Iu tuc MCitducuut keteta Jaba Ki"c. Senior, M this Court of Probate of .Si .." ,hat UM. (DofondanHAndrew %Vhlppli. i
-u rrnlute from Metico, farther from her than her practkMly bred L Wihrtta* a1iaiai.'rni .r n., ace
IroenV..hinct.n. For the tint ? .iMtnage INV SomerttU U'a4.. and JHa Lea WillUoM be, ... f;aor n W. c...deed.. lor md UUnn" Kirhkty. Samuel M ll ,:,+
nirv the
avr N m .ur new C<*j+tltrtwa pisei Cat.tis.e t:. M...' .. I.a
were innkine their p ovnMMi I htva levied r po. ..ct.ill_.p+ tins apply rtf' a final J. JOIH .., E: it
I:III'U'ln. ThU item iurondi upon she 1 inure general Bti.ictiuii titan the use ttcre rUe hart Ha.* |H tit, art af B. COLE. A.frini.lrat.r. J...., and Julin II. U. llrllanlrlwub 11fti..Iit. i
Lrd. \\4 s not b;cnu. .ll." Shan, i fermi '. But tin f e i*steed ot eo
d.artnte1. errsr not briue l.m tH"C"'u" they wrf I IfgiaUlioii iu reference to the per tlurinance ta .M 1.14.;". a.;'. ....ea / i. .Hiai of tiruffi. that h. i i. i ,

M by the Feternls! aUlbur..it"'l til' McxiTkrtfooritry ol ua : iltcriIr'te Bade mn'I1.eh. vr..tha ,.'H Aml-ew Fiiwbra II

I uid mansnaie ; wtucn migal materially aUiinmubihu UMI prat.n/ of aid d.r..." t! retie or f.rrelfr.ar-' ;.." H I 1'.wl.r. the! .aid (tcoif, Kirhfwy and t

hp would 'com mend to be held icOrinlor di voter, aod pier m MH T aid ."I"r $*rj fcila. in the Superior Cn iit n( kl..,,,. unuel t4iildrii. mid tNmlinl.atn F.1.. f
nM u il,1ute. but .. .uter'Ct Id 1I.n *. JOSEPH a.! .\ : day ol :September" 1 IKJ7 in w ( **rt J.J.I..d M in K. June poll l ...i.I4i, ,4
.114I us b. would f" Mozicn. : ..aU)' ..! the e'il Ie %'h cb now ieuli hum ba'ac.1 Jannary96 h 1811Mawtertl 3 REE3 ".. pUin'ifl :01,.,. Itr .l. .lth ':""."M.It..d If."hot .5.1 J"hl\ .
say lie would I \
!Cal 'tiiiOikibcration auU Ir.ud .11 this matter. .\M3 and other anofH. .
u1,1 her IIb w Md Mi-llartly H r in iN Urilitlivv l nn>l ve4JsM
CDtal tUCb I) lallan.I do to from hr fir,t. are Kiad Iu toe,tbeielure, 'bat ibe alii otion('be : pnbl auction in front r f f,MOM wherein ih" Kn >{"ui of Gri>al 1'rnaiu. '-'l1rr. .

k'nude I b rsre'11nu111 lee made be would I Lf uUture has been ceded. to tae mi*jtc: by Iberopecini I BY VIUTUi of a darnel of &.Tilla{ in the County ol tn Motion uf Jrlutf M U..,.... ..I..i.! ., f r ."\.'.k

would hlld] "II Ihee f1 east an ilrl'cubier. I cnatur 11 win )1, ttts. )Every day's alt E-era Cirraii hours oral OH .1..dA. fftiniplamiul. II in nr..,.d. that t. ..!'r! Vhiif J .,

fur ftr".uk t.e h.-Id Wlhoul luu grt"Q' a a3cri. I ubM't valron .rvr s u .U<*w that the present p'tt.viaious ilk ;Nave.bcr I5l8ia a"tuhe next the futlowmj Je 'i. plo \"': .. A it'lr-w ..uwl",. lIrirH>ll. II, .'uw rr",. i :
men And ninne>'. "- would Kolwia .mB hnl certain tract lM>re U ie..v" MalvM4 KicMer. : > .
lor : impose aT" I ut ihr law are eottitly i i.dt .1.|l fH .
sal tae of ? fO're..lillJ. ten per. centy"'llf"nicirllt the Wa mltrn't+nl settle Irgttl Uture is frusira.ted and '.... \V. 5.11I. wise andifidad ibitd part tit the Caroline E. M.uiden. Liiiib rt J. Jun-a. Mary I:
. 'orld Kcwnue to rn. lur Mil .t p h'e aactwn aa M. Cute coniaiainc thin Jou.. rfn apiar| and aim*rr I1'* ctiinpUininl'* Id't
"tUbe every day iu mne part ut the slate 'bi Marrii 1' 47 bK.. Hypo ... ** or land within f'Mir'uMititha and '
P4y''nl lf lh .Dtltcnstruu'e want uI ,ofiie tunuci ".'fev..n.. I I.Ihu I .r aJat C.. 11. II.U | akn now il. within mofitSauf '
than bclMrccu; Iwo and three mite | tt st *... ( Orsnx ) sod *it the .aloe w ill b. ukm a* can
lNefof dollar. A 1 l have giteti may acriuu atlcntkio lo tbe I OratlC- all 1M rttkt situ tad ia+ '0 Riw., ll"li/ai, fh"ftint I..seA atminll tl.eul,

Tie tfteet bf this lit aut'jecl h"Vel>xift Ueo cutivioccd that mot ill I toast .. sad ta ib* ....g .. 30 link on ih. Mrtb- bj A ad it H farther wrd:,.. that a rooy .| th'- nr'rr
"Ie. t reduction P would to nIt more out .11 ur'bc nuurruwal.pl/c.lurt.lut dtyovawb.ch ? I ji C.M Ont ta wk,aaa. I 'wet SOO rhiss. 9.Minki> h* pnbli"hrd in MIINO Newspaper printrd Miibu 'r
of ,
crest meuurrs fifteen million and the bard occasioned am much remark within J Uulct iatractaflf dea '.ibc by vaeanllao/eaftapn emr. Cite...nea a weak e,n-.eutarrlr for tit uiunt/i ,

'rld e) ht'Id which he and bit friends (free n Sew )ear .are the natural Cooarquencrs ufja I ..eight hanitfrd sad ..steal .) dated tb* 10th of Janua I. Peter H Ita.awICt.rk of sir rirtmt' '1L'kut

lie did It much at heart M.-. maniits 'p''I.r
u nder nut Ihink abet MCl'et1' w..ulJ hold nut > little tegut prrcatitKXi.. t, j jAs FarUa as the weN 4af Ika | JOHN HIMPSO.V. ,1i.re..iNlC'N be 'rH" Iranarritl*>ai \t.
ar r suck r aieof'aCI. ;ho would t+oa that been the prevented law nuw.tat.ds by a lolly and fraud ia ibis I I''K.rr*. ptaca bearded Ja.c bj lit' ,'af Oiaux* Cva..,. J..rd.of' rh...., .'..d i in U>a *l..%. f.-
* Wtre '' ''c and 1 el meaning| her no harm. laadi ... bv lha I*itt af d.m & ..hU.w.1Vil" +A my ku and -! j
eelrestraiiied at all and put ,
wet now maddrnC"t"lCUrd.' bold matter arc scat ; bjr .MUM l.ad aa4 Narth by UMJ .r "eJi"'Ullm. '1w.16b. dJ1""
and des I
'mrnt.I. Vndff a different she would oily une or the other.t the parties loemtclnsj Uffetber wrta a3 sad*iaf aUr the r I .e p rope ft) U -Ir.-d N"'D'taeo,. ItU. t-
e..e sa policy their fuinilira and upend are ilius led into mar appcnrataeat tbe.,.WUite ". 3f arch, *n. al tbe ant. P. D. DUMAS. p .
DtI to lvira lheca w *ace "".J' Suppo-ing this tificattoa. misery mud *utfVrm S but use public GEORGE R. Clerk' C C. of :4..J.d.. <:iHintr.WILL _

'lafJUtd we should not ..uffcr.V II murals mud auCMnl large are necessarily' im M.< ;
L. war ; its& MllLD ibis 6th ./ .r April .* .
its Lard 01 any kind cat. and wthnut 1 .Abandunmeiit orp swage, virtual A' Aoce.ahs..J..rry 2Jf Ill Reducrd. n the hours if III and 2 .'..,eki ahi:

Mr'CaU&ou.rnt 1wtdnwbltc.d, and vice and pnuprri*tn ate the fro \.lIce. THIS DATE Stair f.re ConrtHoaMst MeHonr. in said c.nutr.wr

'D tn .bow Il1/ opposition !.oitnrlre I quenl rrsults ot iitdrscrrtiun rod fraud ia these ,OTICC'M hereby t, t ta Sc Ao -., fivta
I wit try He was opposed in I U bec.u-e cat : arid tbriu and abet erring evils rt
.ar. se4 it no certainty that it would rod the t out ol the Mine cuss, it is U-licve l, iotbt totn stun ,.i..NM.d. Out al n.I,. A caatiaaaaca uf FUrida and the e..aff".r U,.... far tba/ear H-. J .
III h dieS it would 'lota us mci t. rttorteytepultliuo txxl evented by the iatefpusiitoaot af May east I .k.tlperNitiata aclicited. 7efclAet arOA ef bjml costs mid cler/M. fa aril 'lly t e l'

.td"onal TI.. teat and true I a Site f L-guUlure degree 1 .bicblci it btfttmemberetl, fax 8u Jaaas C.." FUut a AKEMAN. PI.pr..r. acres af t..*.. besot an anUividcd pn ar portti _:.' I.I
9ih I
1847. 10.IHM Acres *! to Psdra Wiranja '
carrJiac I a wis we were lId caatv wan Mid hut a tract grsaie ; ..:-
is ar much tuund iu Iwk .1''' the public talon* SM/ ih Weekiva this Entwh!
e.ooteoo..t and saJ known ss or Bit
mt aate Taacaara
.e salt till be. cr *f Ua .
q llae cltirnli.e Uo4J Ise presume eta as the public fioaiicea.-A'.J P*)*.. WaIktaMadse'd. part nf Mid Land HOW.d h, Mavae E. Le eP'uf'I I
It ltd out & ATF. *
merked. i .n make
l JOHN X.feN AUn.{ wlllbe Mild a tb,1 alai of February. IC47. fr9 } I
T..c..e, peace w., tot of Lnoooo baa lea. Jade of Pr*.aata far %
flail boar isdiacoverrd thai Use city Ftbsl6 alS47.OT1CE Acre of Lsjd beknttioa1 ta Wn It. kaaV..,..i i I
. 1 could tlt'f'oOft Le obtainedwm been sinking gradually for some tears. Tbe Suits iJ Finn for tha .t the Nnnb-wsat hostel *Tladiaa Rrrcn'(e/s..*,nth'rF% I
letirr "I would suit 111rz'c tiellctt.N Ute t uia.( tilt l I.i. baa A--._.r i...j
t.zu b bell cnae water ia the Thsmes is ruins; M the carne ta11o. Mid ott 1M 61h. 1& /IBIS biluiw'rug id lKaiata ..
dzen .t nt ti hereby g iei M Deemed..[th, Cora of F. M. Arrvdoudo, dft..., 8.V.. ,kdt I

61r tiee i at,. c. slid. wm u be eoft pd 1 1A I _. gstretr ptrsaa taiMed ulaitrrMad M. PICKITT. Lake G""tt.)' ". ice' t i I' *1

rr I.I ., 't .a CUll rWcJl w'tali. JWRNALAlttD. sit e1tb..r p.nle1a Hut / Adiaaautrtlrix. Alan. 51.1)0 sera or land on luJita Ei.er'kraMi.sihaDalaepiBN I
Ewagl"IIOfWt..r covd do 1 MARINE .rMty.otsy i sfatl pn... Iw I >frart., >(ftu .,,
ibM 'I.w "ch the no IM + than .. .. erq te,a A.rZlt3. halo far !! Jd.n ...'..t a aary. .. IIMMlafreeafbind. bshnxmr .ralne'rViN'iir
city 0 M"'n
It .t7 e.. told It : ia tad Coat sots ... ka hal !J I....K.;.. Wafer. I II. Ecbfuril atTi"bnH. and HeDiifaH,swamp. it:Im-
Morlb rhiW .
Vaa.ra.af the CrUto .(Creep of'fOOr .
4t.I&ai1dIDeU aDd I .. .aeeart d Kairaa. .'ig] r radirideduaet- '* ae *l ? n 4.
trdwbtt fray miHioaa atf fiasl ,svfuaaMat. B.-.. B arda Tkwia Pa. JOHN BU'Pa10N. .
,101 NCdeo lbettalunSld Ire sin by Dotal. 17.-Sch. ChKa'+eakr. Stubbs Baltimore JONV II. F0 B ewtt. 4 AMtil'ta1'llli t+rlf.teta-rl")1\ '

10 tslete peace ia Iter inset 1 J9.-fch,Co). HimmoDS, humbled,Charlc.aoa.I r'MwIlJ 1 Gk (047. 'B. E. CARR, S. Ct.t October G, 1346. Fua Ut ,Countj cf Otaafa.J. .

I 1' j j.r

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t I.


a -. J '- --- -- -.----I ._."_. t r ..M' '. '

:> 1tvv.r_ At .. v 1 t J r -

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114 YORK. I _. N&W.Qae..r r IN CUANCEEY- -- _
NEW s Joie,b M.II.,..,. Eu>r.of> BiU fat RoUcf.plc'
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Print Wa.r... Robert JfU r4.d.'c1. I ease".la era,,

1 MUCK KKMJCE ftctr Y rk racket Fr.mOLD ilia rab. .. .RftCEftV AH. PR TI9I91 NT.... I.. >aad Pie-Raw) -'. ,
Alibi e1t.n'tte iaSliahmaat l fat Wbipplo AloYrtb. Admr. of[ UiboJoa.tdrd. .
PRINTS ONLY > AT THE, OLD STAND Shensao ot al. J 1.
IY HAVING bean made to appear ethfaci
BKGWgTEK. Til C V I**EW comp;lint;bit Iml cod will aaJl (AmIBi a IT& that the Dtfendeat Wlipale A:
".r, Thursday a. f.H...1 QiTilE Andrew Fowler and Henrietta H. Fowler.Ricbtey .
44 11 rig Wilson Falter Ca,L' Cobb. aaik Tbartday, 8UB9CRIBCR9 etc e.- leetutof pe' tfcbr.Ti o.t..aiht days from New York. eho'ic and Malvina' RicbUy, Bamoal Meld H-,, .
stack of artkloe.,.sky kept aj t.. We. ;.rteXteodo -
CEDAR STREET NEW YORK. Jaoa I lib.Moe weBaeWcud lic4ttLopatroiuebertu Carolina XLHaalden. Lambert J.J01I" and MtrvT
PKl.vmi CALtC: M. ."." .. M BorkUy M. I Hi*. H Pit. ..IJ-E".aaa.:to ca.C*. Prtralo faaailioa and the Undo can be wpplted' at a Jones, and John B. B.MeHardf, reside beyoaV
ircbe4forcak and abort credit.A I' b'to llaoferd loew) BsMMsotn** fWi IiNnl'..' fr mail prkeo. Tbo follow g r"l call be rfopoadWapoa. Our auppPiaa will bo ro.coitad jurisdiction ol tbia Court; tbo aid Wbippkt And fit.

.11 ei&I.hce.tll''1'1.1 XCDUCKD PJUCE8, are .&.. at Biif .,I4.n..poo .M ** 1.1" 1A. re..Ia..lr." tim.lo bole nay be "airad. nod.. in the State or Georgia, that ba it inform.
Pb>Ur M lUmUff M 9ifc, TEAS-Yoanf llyl.c.ld from
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1 to G Cents The above voe.U are all of the "r4 class, with .Ac> Kafne4 Lor.tnnUdd.,| Ma- jars float In if o. Fig Blue, Laodon Suich. Candle kl bley. Samuel Maotden and Carolina E. ,

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THE I'RICES OF APRIL the dleaoMr tit. Mathews fieaa Florida.titaUrooH cot FtlK. *e...-Jjia Gteon s do, founds& Mocba WftUka, Pipe, Gernau da 'Night light. Door mataPerco i is an officer she British Nat, and

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n\Yi PRO 'I NEW IUCIIARDSOMiLVawfc AN UNDIVIDED Tract of 1d9\rcn. of Land, do; Refali*. Principe. Mays La N",., and otbor LmfU. EM flceaof Rose,. Peppermint. WiD''. fear montha.aad the taid John B. B. llcU' bH
BBI.S.. 117 Bate. HI I II44..R Crates.IF ') onv.tbiitt part of it Ii..o.t ItS mtUbouth brand. and eoio.oa Y.g.n. green, $Lro .. Orange and Berfamot; Cinnamon; dy within sit months of the some will be taken f1
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IS Bate.5 B1i la, 10 Ca... 6 Bondle' cart Cu.". and East if MkianMv.for Fank piiiiHUM FC.d.. : Mustard London: Cayanno Pepper Aid i it i k farther ordered that a copy of lib.
thy 14,1916. Itl1K r. & stns .oddi
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IT Actor 4h A"Jdd. 1642. eoawwf' within Febmanr 4ik 1846 \\.. (t fi. artkh:) Madeira WtaeIIcn. Soaooteh" Brown Venetian Red. sand Paper. Pu. "Couttof St Johns County. eertifrtT

.the of the 3J Sactioo of the Act ol l&b Ten. fjoftrc chocolate ,pieh.L .i4o Marotilkt eel >laU|.: mica.U.. Tar and Knaint Japan. Cop l V.Di.h. | foretoing to be a true Iranacriol freoj Z.
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other 15U Borrfe Bright VarnUhi Sash Tool all ,is" Black Lead 1
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thin. that ell' lime prior u. the da, of publical.ta.a"rd j' n Mcb, do *; *AyCF?.&. Aoeon.diabllf {,1.! Tartaric Acid Gin,.,. Prper sauce: MacaborSn November. ,,

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to bo made to the Kegi t.trr cud It,. I Plain Chockolaio tweet Slick Cboco room Ct t'. T...'.. d, Fih S...( a *ort. Brick. Powdered Ginger Rae;. Alum. Olive Clerk C C.of 8r..John C

.r"e'.required-.,. the eammeocenM-Mt vf the .*le.. I{I Bake'a Cocoa Paste, 'late kind: Pepper do Stoat..** Hitter henna Sy. Oil io Uatilo sod ba.keta, Nntmere. Saltpeter. NEW ARRANGC3tNT--ratty.
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tMTract CMot.. B. ix: C.\1l11. & Co. JOURNAL FOR
. ...In'm3nlhun.( ral""o zhl".\I,.,,b' h.en :i: ".tlt"' 7. I c4 G.t .". ..!*<< 01,A othayie.. Shelf and Fancy good Stationary. Cutl".,. Wood 18*.
I; to three dill net only be forfeited.but that OILS. F.!( and Winter Stnio l Sperm refined Ware Hard Ware. Slats Cape. B >ot.. t>hoet Nail.. TIIE JANUARY PJUMDiH.W .

.*rHehTrict also.of tlm.j'waeed t NOTICE.TUP. aaJ ..,, 'dVb !c; Taonoi.; Traiot Linseed .Ihntet. Ate Al o.-, loll nrtment of Crtckery, regret (and we do not reuII)toes rhii
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.t caby le the Townahir' prott.ill.d'f'be.tr red :, ; SUBSCRIBER re prcifotl/Inform tieatt.-t.ttd Oiiu.; complete sib of Granite China,and common w.". are under the necessity! of breaking up the prr***
'fh. | ii> untitthe bah lane r..t.I t'laninl porrt'ted of N. II.Drrac M. Asc.tine Oct. 1315. series. and commencing a ntn VOLOMK or tl e Usait
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SA UI..ItJtiilI.LR.titer. N Nt.and inconoetioa wi'b lU U* tf. Mail 8t.a.. s..>ltbH FALL AND WINTER GOUDS.ARC that -ecaono longer supply the new suhAeTjiwTwha

Ne.nln".I. F. I W. and \V M. Ca*ion will continue intender eterj naturally wish tucommence with the beiiaaW,
Offi:* I44r. I facility and acronimnd.ti.n lo lbeltenif roman i iI I -Our kind fri i"od,. who wilt have receive4 Jr.

September *. pot.fil. A .Urj.

Goods al reduced prices.WCCtLL fial dfth 8 Now AND to and firm tit Aiiruoitir.and if nere p..a".1 NOW RECEIVING from on board the Scb. Tmneit*. ten day from New York a splendid and bind in with tho VOLUME rod 1847; and the ..,,.

110CERlti tIIWWARE CllUCKLUY I Mill be provided f., moderate IsO vary CstfnnoA.*ot 11M.'or eve., variety .f staple and Fs nee Ggod-,suitable for the city and country raa/ewsiU will be a great convenience M toe dWut

zUULF| (jUOU given fur fuitl i intnrnmlwnapplf tnb.M.WAKUMAN. tnde-Hbe f.lawmi its a nMlr| pupot'lOa "r their F.J- *.,. rleij.ixi A beautiful orimetit of La. subscriber, who had only hoard of our pre*!nt s*.
tin attention a the tra-le private.. I PriprieuirC I diet and Kent*' Dre< e.. .*of tho eoel recent ,tyb...Dd of oiery variety o/ qall"J-tlD elrginl vie. after iu first number were iht'intH ami ..
and .th.,..0.h. vry large pply Hotel. n onntentof L.ce. end l:fi.g.. White and Colored 3lu'Iie1. a magnificent assortment .f Ball and now can fairly ".1110'4'i fe .xi*'vita tF,1 AeYear.

fife ('Omtl..unn ilkU.. iisualU ktlt. hI'* baa now j jleint t at. Augn-tine H F.J.n. G I64R.rUilFT I r r.e. Vtt. and Kob _. Gl,,.. and Iloeiory of the beat qualities and inandk). irarieiy. Shawls of Wa shall i *ui. ih-refur. N.. | of ouVULOMK '".

.,.elalrc." per Schr l-aac FranU. ihy-nli .,-| b'..tifft; | q"aJilr. alwi .mnio".i. great variety. b..oiifal I a*,rtment of Bonnet', Cap and Fancy on the 2il. of lane try and. lh' r ar\,.I lobo
4.4en.eteted with gre d care and pt rch wd ; THE BLOOD. I I RiUx>** cee..i..1 i of ev>ry vaiiety or Sbtd. lad q".hty. awry variaty of 'cilnr triuiminje An even pace with Father 'Fi'n j**. oIJ-fa-hi.is J b.C i_.',
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..uic".conom). whh, cnablca u l M 0 F ATf8 ctt'LwveaMnttmeiitof eMtbe..1 every dicriptMO. ,\I..n trn-ivo aimirlulent of Crockery Gland .", nine aid ending..

3 to u., dIn. China Wore Hardware and font*?*. Bri,ann!*. Tin ..nd.on.J Wara. Uoi tin U. E. CAR It. \ Co VEIETABLE LIFE PILLS and H.rne.. Hank_ and diatioiary. Iii nnettos. Iht end Cop tfavaiy variety of style an I quality tAI Th follow, are "'.e oy terms on wkiek d.

t ; 1XD> ... tI..pcn-r 1s.irnnent of J.I,,. Petnmart a.l Fancy Anitle*.-Alti feth.r co"'priemc one ol li>xc JOUMVALM fiinti h'd to .h.cribeu_
To Kent.TflllF. thoNHteiieniveaodeV.tr oriinentor Goo/. .If .rr..tt in line city | i. which tlio atiention if Ono lOP for ocieyeir ilt Otl>

L\ttar.AXDCOMMt'DIOUS HOUSE. |1 PHCENIX BITTERS their fofowr c*....r. end the pblio generally, ere r..p c.r..llr. ieq"ie'ted. Their stock hi. ben rte Three cuple 1. to onu a E. and dTtlHE. dhuita I nn the ors r of Cli$ i TIte 1c\'W"Ie" wiltk d..e ..owsw pr..> elected f.r Ibn art and eoMHry t.d.ill b* r. .. iro* ". time ... time. anJ will bofr'otyetbibiied Ittariallf ill mlcaxct.

."',. rtroet ..!.} Trra.nry L'*.| CHmr3leicrMnt4 will d.. wet to call and eio Snch a* wink to$*tncrJ#. and comtnexcewitV A*
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''' alf the nibAcriW. gIvANCl11:7.. .t el patuq..st,w.a tit coy. iw 11..11My en..st **a thrireilenmr ec..,..lbey willboeiMkM fututahtbeusaltee' Yuik price*. J'u'lIr eguaa are requiested 1'.e..1 uace W ds
|I'., term .,.plla .. TI.y at I..s .&toW rra.11.M tt./ ;*.. AootUn.(Oci.b4f i6, 180.I Urfire of PuUliiM'ioti, NnU7 Fultuu-sir m.

June tt 1Nd H._ .u". 1M ices, a.it, wr..111 das Iaw. d l __ ___ __ Agents supply.in;l. c"j .. ".1|,.
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OF LIVr.UWOKT. FCIIlOON->IPTION -I .n1L1rL>v ol iriilisatrmt I'Ulll \TI"N ut' fTlllErt p riner.hip h.retiif.re ',.,tn* between N _P. WILLH.
or""ilL jccrrc. CITKOMC a ncr r-imut X G n.,.. It. C. Cur .. J John I'erk.nt :4 it .
ANn LIVF.RCCIMPI.JINTOOUGIia. irrccrio.r jrL40/. w rio.\cr Till MINIMI QU.U& I"III.Y: l 1:1\11-, *> < TO LI.;T.ami .
/ Culd-. A.'hnit. l/i Ticu1t| of nr .'tl.1 tan Iona rCTXSS at LX7CBIHUQV9 COKrLAUln.to Tilt KDI.Mll: IU.II: 1:1." LW. I.\'n..'.... under the fur of Ge*. Uurt.tnd Co. !i. r v ifF ci
1Linf.. Pain in the tid rat Ure t. flpittmCIllood. ..tie.stn slid lrhla doNot d..ai ...dl Till: roitllU. QU.\I:1III.Y: PCYIF.Y.Till. this rfiv di.a.|.e... und tieolire i. authorized taunt 9! now "o' / m r luiMmj ;ttaitrn si a*
C.urrb Pa1piuii n ur the heart )PP'V I Is f.le ".slad s. .I.- WU TMIN. ILR RLYILIY.A I the .a..t of the cenreru 10 Ikinhhiio i.io. MAGN'U.IA IKIt r..to"I.HIIII.n ./!it..1
rid $orenea" n( the {:"I.I. Whoring C.t.,b, a. .at.4ei.s.t.a It sn.r d..w ...... /; : BURT, be lot at d .I..n!! runt Iin.udiato lie..Irs.//Olt.
non nif8,.ln CHOUC. .W *:COCD* L..w... aLtz.CoYTtraxW Applvlo U. 1:. C4\IU..Ir. C.
14.t.. I B K.CAKR.SPUn.br .
1'teeri y, Hrclie Fever Night COLD A. curuiiK. cn<>u\ nii.Nutrt: : .11 MAGAZINE.ikvw Nnvetnh.r 21. It9G.
roGue Cffp ctoraii<.., and all olh!i A'.cwu. ut CO"I/C_mux. v..edI..... I I.lb43. JtillN PLCK. '

t'.. Cheat, Lnnf and Liter coaauPI' tvxo&L &Ur.'I"rap 'I al..te Prril.lrityls are printed i. New.Y.rk.. P S, The hn.iue-' will b* coniii. ui>H by Gen.flurt <'liccs"c, ZSI.tlcr, Ju-J, IlamTTBACON.
Aent.lS. C. C \UU. r.n.AdtHIHI'rator'fC > U8IA.: s.. .e. .. 1.112 IdutS. isnm.diat.ly ua atritral hy the Hrri.li .(.tme.'. pure rk. FkiNr. <'r' rk- ,. dnju*, 951 <
Police. .uvpn.. ..,elf.rk tiest ..LZTatPLLA ww.drid,.IUnI- i.a ...'.1..1 1 s4s r it .ON hoe ..it. paper,an.1 etc ck4ii*( NII eit.wi ive *'ork .f g'anlt fur tliitciiy and ;. '..Ti lMcr.. r'I-e. Ie;.' o1.llae,
I I country iMdw-.M| iaki 4 this .pportunisv looltril a ,I.io-..... ... .
LITE e.F ucr.FEVER.. tai.bfats.pir.oh *- '.**!.-1'Lua.1&.,- pill| a .t wf f.esi! ; lT\Tr.' UP UihEPIIVOnDllUFF.llEC'll.LL aad AOVIC. rwn.r.edd.tn. I Lava briaR aiiCtMl f C'....l the t'J' cdiLaos. I II rntoiinNj,..r. of th* liberal D..truii..ta which was ate 27. I J.i. U. K.Cliolce crW..." .
dT. JOIIS.t COUNTY ..rr bits a ddee n,114i f.1 a -'r...ss4wiw leiMl J |<,lint. till C"IM""":
.hi inH iy concern *iUpl*.*a i. tike ftfh 00...N.o... .arld N a $L Ai ...in.. Septii l or I. 1346. (41'tlecrle>i. \
.. Tl wife read rime of lh-s 'Jid reri d.
tieeth'I .it w+rUi from tbw d.i.| or sa ...a .d U. r ilH r4&firr as U.. pliciiinn can be heard I ..I..U"'h TRY TMCM. HE ,ATiancn. A>D ac CCRUI.fOVLttttf cal. tea ere n nd. > t<* say n /liiH their pranr.A 'UTICE (8 IIEICEDY GIVF.N 'It .11 I w h"..'rt PER"i in* a well wteetr.l.I'ek end.dieittlne

lily' 'a the ItaiiArabl. the Jflfof ProSht <*f M'H 4111 NCR AX.af COWMCJIIOK% DEBILITY, I w.rk liiet. .are f ..'.i&.r 1.. they stead Lr in *dv.HC wSil> .I any I met enncerl..err"io,. n1ale..h.i.net Ile.tsse Mnlinn of the tr-id and private TiuuiicJ; ti.ef W*
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lit* AdoiMU-trnlioo of the ,..*. mt ti""r4 t. u'*. ItItI. ivirjju rcrcc r\rL4WMjro RtctreA- i I | e mii by a dignity.nd shut she .ulrrirtr intoiiff.sit month. nft.r lh" pub llntt,r. l.ird. New Chff. Pork D* t
8tpt. I. IBIS. TH03. DOUGLAa. Adm',. TrIM. ,"rvu.tw J r\D'rt LOU *Aft MrTtTt. I" cb sod. f.,. ..aaeo not vfun found in wutk of .1'l>c.iiwn of tine notice. lo apply for letter Jinni.nry Sh'Hil.|.r', Snlc*.-1.11,..,. Uuckwhe.i. CrY (11--

I party raccr.TrW Gem bin AdininfeintftMhtp of said E.La'e, to the take. Pilot Urfiiil-Cruobrii. ami L..t'n1M
'.'0 THE I'UULIC. txrxotr.LIVE tooJTNCM.MKKUUllIAL COJKPI.AXNTH. .r ne .. .'wI.r and the three K .treat L-- ptrtieein bltck.odaM4 .Ii. lad-. of Probata nf Si.Jinn's Crt'i.'ty. Mnlarara. f'yrnp*. Oil-.*, C.inile| >*nip.| rr'H r.-
t..d..db'l. Tory K
rah : AF.C_ D. A. PUTiNAil. Administrator. lists.. Iril.ere.l l>ri-d Irnitic. ...et... Jr..
THIS HOAI E JOUn .\ I r.ste WI N..14stt a .tr.1 ibv..di d Mentor w. -. b thQ""w..IMI.he,."..1, \V..iu.ter.are Tnry &theI.'Ib..r '* Anguat 2 tb. 1848. Apple.. \ Kni-oii; .. Almond.Ci"... Prima'.. Vie

MDKKld A WILLIS.TncfiM ,r_dwa eW soles.w rwvs'iis d n.s s.iOa.1'7etFIISLATI ; use.FlIt. and a full supply a. u...n, kepi Ky ".
OV AXJtrocx ourtrrr. "tewra .:.d.l.r.. Fotei n ttsaileriy"ti i it purely literary
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;: fags,. r.-"..il,lM and piinel. will be iudn tr'TnOY of I EL1.2", rjusrttr* caouc. \\ MkTh FAI.L 3TYLKS. Decelnlwr IG. 18.1(. _

.. i.tesrdtr. .",: 'tin.UnU und.r ilw titl rf't'liL PZZ.JSB. TU w.d .rf iWw wd.1r..r < pticvwl the KK.fRMT art !Ir,. than third; At the rileiuivw r a lnbli-hojeut of .& P rl.t,. Cr4ais.errt... 1'du"ee. U,.rkNh'4
HOME JllUllNAL. The netr..il .f e.Mi.tmlvrrernnf ...I.a.d fII e1..1..PM d aw,wsdq.dct w w*Urn Ubr .f ,:,. .f t' a t.inji. ropir. and while they are LKK & DKKW:TEH. n 'Kyo Fb>nr. Corn M-4l9-Ch nre fa mil* f1eif

e: an Improwiion iHtt M! NII'I..tIIll"t rcr ..'* J f.va hi IW l..4.M4,beck..jw.ts red. equallyll get up. they atfWrd nil shot iJiauuge lo 44 CKIIAR: STUEtT, in Hbind! h.iirP.Mi-ihoic Ltril > .31. didllamas.
h a piilnicil' paper .indue' the underaixned rdi R H B U X A T J x X. hsd era d. the ..truce our d. .r' ... \t\\ YURi.Cb.re \. || Uutter. A.*nriid C'lIItk". lyoi-m Kits.
l .'. t.i .tpr..1.No chtiacti inort dwiinciiy l,* put. .Ir..e ed11.nr1 dol.W.1M Tl.ac..'-:. \ are conreniratrd ..,1. all th* NEW New Pear'. Cracker, Cheese Pma apple old ': Tli
b,y' .. 'Iaf irwatd the nlln. which h. hitherto been milconilirv / hum" .r BLOOD /. ,.. IIBAD, "rr. ratatft t. .'ORI* A y'.cr. TYLE8nf PKINTKD CALICOES which hiv .h. Assorted Ihild FruitConfecloinarj, Pre

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'lone JOOKiit riUb tn rurnulieiiienaiNitniik ,,.din,. MM a.M. v LC L R*,d.swy*.trtre*+ Fat .., too. do. GtKIIVr M .ird. and aro t.fl"-rrH I(.r sale fur CASH OU AP- Fl nf. U. E. C.\IUt.

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and I n abort. 'It l"n.11 a paper br which feet THE LIFE FILLS 1\D FBOII JUTTED .., UUtk"POd aod lb-i 4 ""It... IU.COFonrcopietof C" Pureha r* are fiiar.nt.,rd the prices andtllowanrv PF.f\.fe* lilY 2u 0 now'.rats flour
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tM ewe .dJ.n of that 40 Pork
w1,;$ tin esn.ttnlIV" k"iI'ill vmw sit, S.i"". .. payment rrgnhr.ubMii4 and with ,niNl '
1''7 err ? .In *Jx. it* LIFE FILLS sad M fat '''-" knob bring sent *order,J.Aea UK Boae Soap *) Bbla Molai,
iMl..wi, ., it,"r 1t read air,relea"uenateatt. FHdNIX I BITTERS ftN..t copy .t. itl4G
l'f I f R'min.MCe* and c....n.. be & lihdrt Sugar 40 B-n. IJnffeoII
shall f4jrfmilitl tint, triM to f'U Ul rtfftr thin M 114 !.. .(..."plli.M.Tar *i mast -- _.. --- .
$i .
( resale in all CBMM .iW.t oipen"a ta the psbliJer.'li.r ': UK MLU on the 6th day nApril/ neit. 1 IIh""l .iun I llhd Shoulder
-' the "fa.U pare "f tw>* dftlUti p.1&.0 tine .q thew Udins..e aw pet Irv it...
aid a luiiry i it within the ...un.r "n"" .. laMa. s..L.ht r.ti a pJ.d f*riwrr inayaldty* don. thronth a P.et Y Y between the hour it f Hi and 2 o'clock, at the I hill' Kir >n.
p .rtlent unprotinsa .N..f.,',C..d--fi.,.e.W .i.e axe.& ma.t.r by b.kitin' hira lh. ....h. In b t rntine l r"." (louse at Mellon*:ll. in sail; ( County, naufpnriinn Th above article to the trade io qit nutie ;*+flf I

..11.'r"a. Jova.'L will bepnbrs.h i
cloy 1 at 9-4 llovt per annum,in.an,Siy m44ttnc&rj Three f.e .,by Tw a.icl"err"wit..tlri.I.til.g. eel a.wiur doe tity act t.a nrJriIW4.c..r. sty isle. |I....i4t .r the a..wy mac t* enclc U iaaletur. Lead tn .ltdl' the ''".* duo the Stale if Dec 15. hil6.I U. P.. CARR.Fashionable .A .

.. ,.. will be Mnt to nisi add... it any oar ..f thellnit.4 alai. prwwt ....-ft'"t 8 .-1'aildirrrtedis be pHbfUher. florid and the County Oran/eo. for thoyeur I84K. I hate and C..
r. ?! t.e S.l.rtd IW iM art C... .nitf.4 ass ant'Lr >. B -Tho Poofef*MI all the*e r.odieal. i I. ro.itnrM 7o, tKitAUtg el ud.*.4 a.r/u.fo p l. 46J<
Brhi ii i'rnvin .1ona
8ule. or ;M up in HURT & Co h,Tothid. landed aM1]
.,, .
"a..lt, It s.Msd .e..r Lame y
.nl ky ih* lair |"|itEre law. la aho l ... deltb being undivided or ofa G
Eve d lUr in dr.l.ci.Pntt part portion Maaar1Dovs
strong .,.pper..ln' sass they use iNd 1.- a..r..es teed i1... I tifol. Kflmenlof the latest stylo of .
/ .rf rof.t. m.kir r n in the tract IO.OWI Aeiea f ranted ta Pedro MirajnJ.
Matsis are rc'tHMtt-d tn id n' .{< iit.. re to.r .rid ora..WXLLIAX importatt satins and n.t-| and C.pII. contisting of viiisi''.
katowna tU Wrekiva every
.. ... *
mail < iher*. rr the E
.id .nakn .ft..ht4 .. eipen I I tlih Digs\ rim*. -
iv.nb ripli Ht 8. WOTTAT P lily end at low
of .id Land qn very price
I. .Ud.riat I thin sal Tons pan now owned hr Mono E.
(immediate rnt4e lirevf&mf Levy.
Now "Ittec't.er appt.eaiisnbe CM BrMflv MfMr af Jalmt area lice Twt October 1846. _
lie L'vittJ lo *1 Stns it dint Akin, will* ,oU on the fth of
will he jppl with tit Rrst neslktojtir aearrrit, r. Last y e Roil R..4 orIT I M F-bruary. 1 P47.>*22
All r,Mininnieti..< tt b-.d lre..* .pJsreigneJ at IU7 rdlt..t'M'. N-- .V.Ic. t peli.dieafwiuk, fitnl FREt OP POSTAGE. I I1.t.URu at the N* rth-we. heed of Indian River (eta,. trill beuU BURT & CO. Having just received *

the Up; u. P MltRHIrt.N : United Malm'.flail. I ,iCOTT & CO.. Publisher. on the 6th. 1 15 000 A ere.of Lad Ulooiinr loiLe G e Sela,. Alenindn a vrrv large quantity eft

P WILUA. I MAVANNAII PACKET Yi.. 6m llSFaliooSt Nw York. F.I.I* of F. I'. Arredondo. Aar'd.. 8. W.Jida of tra and Common Clothing such aa '
FF1RIDAAMI i ) Lake Gorf.) Dress Sack Coat Caa plata
27 r.4titft with whom we ctch nie. wil: e nfr Crflk. Mandarin Jacks-evil!* .
UhM the above. hn'oBI Itl. )1. .. Eastern JtuHcial Ircnil s-G 1r.CHltCourt Aloe SI.UOO sates of Nod on Indian River known Pilot Cloth" SattinettTweed
f....,. b, ropyiitx noticing ttt. J& <* Brnnewkkond Darteo_ I aa lh* O.I..pinerenl.Alto. "
Carrying the U 8. Malllo the ..u.. place. r n. JehR''COHRIY. fiesta
MeaU andTKE8UBrtCRIBEUH Mhoe". Tker'galari'team Packet 8t. Matthews, p )e. AioaUa'Don**. Cd kUiaaat, 1 II. [ 1060, atTornbntl aere of lend Setonyinf to the heir{ of 'rweedihirting'' K.Jean of"
(are II.w savsnirt .. Kcliy. Master having been boroofkly .'"h.... ... I. C.uca. McDa.all..mp it baioj Ca..irnor" Cloth
M< a<..1| bti 1.e,..full... h.rd rk*aod eahlat retail',aod baodo tiely. fnm .b. Peter Sken Visit. Carit'epher J UUItofvredoo { a tract of 2000 acre.. Tweed Frockteea OveraUa

.tal I f rd.n4 painted I her machinery much Impteved Andrew. eteL U .IHI..... JOHN SIMPSON. Pea Jacket Veata J '
{ a.(0lepeed.aeeammodetioa
100 pair Ldi; KM KM and Mnr ee. 8lip|.." end i and.r..rhM caosuHbo T basing been itfe lo appear ..,ilr'ril,. d October 6,1846. ahaiiff and Tai'Collector with many usher article io the line aJtof 1'

II.".. a fl'" ..1",.., enile.w .orp**.ed t'T.' boat on the rovta.This boat villa,. M aAdaviu thatti DefadaataP.lrrS Smith anb, For lha County cf Or.ng. pricing a compUre and eztaoMvaaMortmeot. }
par Lain Kid WalkUc KhiMi. a c.tr urticle.M i riveanJavanoahaverr Tbartday rooming; Keferalha CIarit.,Let Andr amida beteadib*Jurisdiction Estate er Daniel ilHlberf will be soil at greatly reduced price.

pair Ldit fin. ..itltr..r tHMaufalqu tin60 /, I .pa..,*of the daily line of tf<'mer for Chark.t0fj.Ahr of ..i. Coo..the i J Peter 8 smith in tbo Sute ol dec'd. sea.N St Augustine Dee. 7 b. 1846.

pair Lftdi** Rubber utter Hb r_, .erv .*.p h loawee every evening. Alan, ratenrera wish* P... ylvaiiia.aa 26 pair fMIeaa.n'altrr boa Freud bsate a fir's I Itnrloiako pa.*ga In the Brig or Berk lin. which Ike 8uta of Sauk ..... |on motion of Wm. A. kialeearmlererfuoiaof HEREBY GIVEN. t" the bti. PERSONS indebted 10 the lattaaa
artiete. leernol4eesnneheerv Tharvdar and Forward, 4ki.r t ibo Cooiplainant, the Eat t" of Daniel .. call sod,
rtt | Aatorday far tlolbort.. /,.die'dthat Butt A Coare requeued to
60'*ir G"*itUmii fitmM aad e wirr* vrv rUp I JVow V or k.after the arrival .r. Ih. Minbtwe r,.. It is eirderrd.{ Ik* Mid Peter Bk*>n Smith and hrtor I will rt the eight Court wek"f from the data .,. C EO. B '.r
991 plr GaU iMa very line and common 8b" Florida.' CbrMlofUrAr4rf*do appear aad a.wer the Co* John'. apply for Probate or St. St.Aninttinif. Sept. 1.1346.
Canary .
.en4 R'oC. I P..*anc'r*with their ba f(age will be pat .. board pleoa.t'.BIN vitl.4 i Four Month, or the some wit surviving ExecntrU a of.nl.aid"rAla. .,.or. my ac'oonta aa 1 Ladles' flannels :'
bo taken aa ca d against them.
IYJ .r easmoe N-I' and Brepn at very of either lien if required.TheaVee .
And it it fort rdersJ Notice ta sins tires that in sit month from the most recant fashion aDd of,B.Quality .
I n. I I boat will leave aa ,fellow: r > that a spy of tlai'.r. thi O
189-" Bole and )1M. 8lipp."t Sh**.., and BIO Dave PaUtka ever Toe d"y at 8 A. M. I ,Wbh.d i lot*ire Newspaper printed within the as t.1 servicing will apply Exeentrisof bibs Mid Court for a Sail diacbarxa Jnllrec.ireellnd fur Mtahy AM ./

*.. .f. tarUtjr of vilkj sad pice. I 1. Pie"" ". ". .' || II .4 rithit. o4* a week c*>n I7GLA9.far! fear tidEtat '. October .l'46. 0. BORT

7s.) par CkUdran CI..C4HD and tsry rood Black Creek M.' 3 p. K. )1.Tlio. D ,-. September ANN IIjJRLBtR1'- ATTfNG"Oct. Ct\RrET1NG'.JtU,iy.telvid ,
7th. 1
Conned.. spa. tbs 1111. 611I for '
... I JackaonviHa. 1' .e It MgfcuCipt copy Oeteber,181G. and by '
r nit 14beea and IIliprer. for N"". Women.1r7 F.rfreithtnrpa."ent.r. spply tIt McXoltyVBi5Bnh.JafV P.B.DUMMile/ .Clerk C C id Sf Jaba'a Cooaty. Notice for Discharge. GEORGE 1Itf. LT ..

A"I.erd.er tVsI A. C t.th.ra Aevooltasb A..I" ..I8ft, i.ii'1 PERSON intcreMed in /Luieof 46th.1846.Sew .. ,
oare.ael'e Gaiter*. for 14.e 4t GmUm. Fr.Jt i ANDr.z Wtm*. E. r. 8B C/ar.'pI.'.P>.i.'..Ac.M ALL : L PALMEK.decM.areherebynonled.JA- ArrIY.I.:
TIM 'D ......te. a cnUii aMdftmunt .r Tb. .. .
i Mirth '
*r $paald4sgran. {In conneeiirfjeitkibiRoatand I" Craaberrieatodpeuuee skit lo sit month after data I will apply |O the uoB GEORGE BURT A CO. ;
I'SMI sad .. et every etnety .I .gasluy.. will % .. .. 5A' AlataaerVJ!
,. 'Eatarprieo .. L.VoHi.oaahnadrodandtwaHy the Co..rl.r Probate of 8l Jobn'a ( ii RECEIVED pr Scbr.
tech.lone. .. .aDIy. hr HAVE" **
..4 at pM.I .
M. -
.Iw. mute.ltte I CabbetM discharge from tho Admiaittratorahip of aaid from Now York a d.ier.bMof
.'f' SEORGE IICt'; A C.. I... .ip.|tSt./,,', atf. I tlrl..l Frvit 1iC.af '7.6e. batiaf fully administered the "a ma.Aapttl Eat.1 Staple and fcncy 7 fooef to which''tbaparcbaNraiaaolicifed. a

c.. Idly I. Jets. Ooabarfr.I If.. .'cAR s* C... IM 8. B. |i CAR_ ..Adm'r. \.

.-.- .. .

j .
; '" > .
-t.' ; .
. ) .
I -1. \ .
r. \. .fat r



.' --.- .-. A _, ----4--- __ __ __ ._-- ,-.1 -_ .. -- IL ._ J.

Florida herald and Southern Democrat
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 Material Information
Title: Florida herald and Southern Democrat
Physical Description: v. : ; 57 cm.
Language: English
Publisher: James M. Gould
Place of Publication: St. Augustine Fla.
Creation Date: February 23, 1847
Publication Date: 1838-
Frequency: weekly
Subjects / Keywords: Newspapers -- Saint Augustine (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Saint Johns County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Genre: newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage: United States -- Florida -- Saint Johns -- Saint Augustine
Coordinates: 29.894264 x -81.313208 ( Place of Publication )
Additional Physical Form: Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation: New ser., v. 4, no. 22 (Nov. 1, 1838)-
Dates or Sequential Designation: Ceased in 1849?
General Note: "Principles and the people."
General Note: Publishers: James M. Gould, 1838-<1845>; A.F. Gould, <1848-1849>.
Funding: Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05
 Record Information
Source Institution: University of Florida
Holding Location: University of Florida
Rights Management: All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida
Resource Identifier: aleph - 002057498
oclc - 08822160
notis - AKP5524
lccn - sn 82015285
System ID: UF00079918:00271
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4 -. N 1r tL t. 1 L tJlt;It ., .

: FLORIDA; I .HERALD .,, : ,::: .:: ., f-} ,

I%k JV&sfl a*VM k v MBx _. -

D1 IDIamt m. mA Q ," !


r "J rlnc>Vi mmd |. AM. < Ps."" ,

-=- -, -- -- __ r
I f 1

.r J&MEI .. QOt1LH. A ftf nil I He, THt
--- ---
-- "
tats LECTOR i on CrttxAhy M,. H. Well Williams. 1 loaded, was driven a miles D4 a half ashore 230,000-leta by 545000 ban that on hand on I than that which a: pr*,aat adorns hh faxuriotis
ni1 }lTfm etiJ.i 1 Mr. Williams commenced hi. 'lectures Chi Ibo fury of the gale. J b'1 I the 3I-t uf Uctub-r I I.*U The cultivation of! filed ; for every bogsbiad that ia produced w
'1, na before the New Y.srk Hutnrical Society. Respecting the popuUtim Of the Chint Em 'be staple in the !rush E as' Indies ihn Brazii consumed within the limits of the Union. Th
.. ......A la.tev*>ning.ai the Central Prebyterhn Church plre. Mr. W aaM, wn had ra data but ihnt furntsh'd I I E> il.
. l"Ea TULIDAS. ( v.Dr.Ailfirm) in Bioomnatrcel. Tbu lecturemation I by :be Chinese, tb mgh this was morehanw ltd encrvasrd value, aid tnoyirld fur rxl$ftn. south will furnish an ample market for alt tl..'
a. a81M" m. DI.1LtD.uti maul eyconlnr c".e.d a grass ."tUGt .r Inr'l pt ea w'd of ant 3'X rEa AterVMe tit VAI'CE and evinced thorough acquiintanct The Cbintrcentu* mike the number mil reach 300.000 bile ; which with the Jlrub4 Our tobacco planters will assuredly) .
. pdll.&CI At THE V D ur ,lit YtAL sea the part ot the lecturrr with tht* pubjlWe <.. lions. Dr. Moftiaftn bell et this nasty cotrftCt bin rock of 2mOOU in Europe un the 3Ut ufCctobr ; a dtt II of relief from Ibo modification e.xpe.nenca .-f
'I Ot1.&I'r"I".erlt'd..I One Ooller p..r.quarer'rfU' give below a brief report tit bin l-c*.re. ; andebera bt ab'i tu ju 'f ihurtioh..td.fa. China was unknown to the civrltvd world un That opini m. In coofl ma ion of I'.it was stated year commencing on the In of 1847exduiiveuftto commercial revolution of Great Britain. the
& "".. Longer ,d,eriim titi Iii it had existed two thou and fear as a nation, that tbh gait number ar.rb "qutnt..."cI no on. wilt be c"nidettd less or until :h.* twentieth dynasty of ate etnprormn milr,or only 17m'x* th.nfai, found oo an av 5J9.00U bales aual only about fifteen weeks tide bad not teen abaidourd. It w regardrdas :
"Par na.". A di.eou ftl wade to tbote who ad- it of their own nation the Chinese have di.- erac, on aquue mile I ia Ca tand.Th c n.uinptioo in England. Now if our planter rxclu+ivly an article of luxury the
Ir1I.aM,r.r. dniiw I H| nit intercourse with foeigrr rs, wbum Dy Chinese.vinob 4 tit>f harden or cattle can even product 2,750,000 baka next year ol which prohibited throughout tne growth United:
rr". ;Ugi.; their law they have excluded from their lerr'no in be to *aind from Uw toil. None of the making allowance fur IncrenjMj of ion,ump- Kingdom and illS' deemed a meat suitable one
Pr ow 014" yMvsld's NAtUiraC ry. Ignnranc* ht* distorted much of what t* land N d'votrd lo p t'urife.Thn ton the supply for the year which will te'nim. I Stir lit,nllun. The 'government mnin/rAt no
NEVER FEAR. known of the Cbinme. TravelIrri have scrxJ med ur*d h; that cwxt easily tal+rd, pork ate uo she 311 October 1349 trun all snurcrs I opposition lo its rxterdcd use and could they .
Eycoot1WIN ErtaNBT.twdr urns whatever ti* .nlftC1lc and cur f1u. and .f anl! poultry. Th y have few animal* of any ..lIamuunuo3.l76UUU bites I ; and taking the I be convinced that 'the trta-urj would realtor ai .
Thing b this cl aro a. blues ea Never ntRht lest. I such made up their book The wall that kept kind. and wear very fe. wortllrn the Chine') from u* has now rxn broken and that few aHerp am needed l.i fura b wool Thn the demand Ibo tuck on the 1st ot November per pound** it does- under Henlylw"
Tb"t'p the l li r btatnfi's deadly bright Never fear tlbundettrrslt we may hope 10 ore Chinese traveller in our land yield two crop a yea. in aumroer rice 1949 In Europn will be 450.000 bah*-not e'. : cent per pound I believe that they w. uld ii,'i
own country and Weir ministers at our capital.. and in winter potato and ,, large by 315.UXJ bears as it was on the 311ol I hesitate tu ct-n-.roI to the reduction ; for tit l
TbcoEb Ibe i. ,rd.TbOl.b The nain* br which. know China h un The Chin- officer rate th- Inhabi'anta byvilNge Octotxr |lass i It is thus evident that price, though the change would ii cr. avjhe| ,, imports
the s'uaitnf dtathk.ptd. I known lo the Chmn.e. The term by whk-h *, and require if them lax, according to will nut tu maternity, it any lower then than ; MJIIKI millioii* ol dollars an occurrence which
Guy II pfr.rnt overhead they detignatn their empire a>gnifv Middle their popttlalion. If her populatimi wa over Ins, were on the Iii uf November.An I U l: de'.r..ltI"l for them 10 avoid, J"llhi. would
Nc'cr fear Kingdom" "All within th. lair .,.. MAn ben imited.it ia not mannab'e !<, auppose that iinpmiHja prrvails generally in England b*? more thin counterbalanced by the, 7bottfht tyrant' ale tl brIJth' -ath the suss.' "Th- fl-,wrr Line" amt they would qiwMly txbmifo the requirements that truin the recent ciurg in the British f.riftl qurnt improved coiuiiiiun! of public 1I10r.t. _
Neyer fear .IIe.veni* Drnstr. Th" word China !I. i!A. of she tnvtrnarn', ai Iber do now and the con.equent augmented d-matid for I rrmi'ntoo| 'torMiiuictiiig--the illicit i truffle bees
7boubthe black cloud i. tn sight. nerd from Tg\ln or CU,. the nanv of a . hirer rear I province in th. w.trrn part of China. Ev.*ry I per.', who rash ovej China two hundred trara in the United State will In ttnruferrrd fn mcutton coutrituiet us tnonnnd. ofvictuiN lo crime .unually. -
Thoubug a (n man It each kn"v". dynasty nn ro+eng tithe Ihronn takes a isms blare Ch,+. MoctM* it N still In a gn>l condition. field ttitbu growing of ceraal groin au l Nor do the vciuus (Irndeocira o! ibrwiiom
" bagowntdi. eftch 11n".. I r.1P'MI.lnc Ibinl..nd.. r.hultctt'r ..r h. .dmin- In 17ff it w partially, surveyed by an that her j if ter twu milli..is of balc ,ai tr" mo.twill ou uiijitHi. Mnji here. They teed to an
God M witb tbo lrecm4n braveNever intratinn. The present dynasty I* rained "Th** English "-fflc r. whoprooooncrd h a fair pri-- bet an averagt crop TnH. I. f.f I qai'e run liii.Ml' genrinl adulHralvm of the article, ,..Ih..
fear ITIt..uh purr dynasty ;" this lat .a*called "Th bright men of masonic th url hulls twenty centnrietagn. AJu nt, is an entirety niUtakrn opinion ; and I 'he ci iHumer I.. Irrquenily' ileirircd bunt mi ".
the bi.ta' curses rise Drnn iy." Th .shiner Empire. liea I b *wernlong. At it* ba. it h twenty right f.t broil U1l1' that *t will Ur Vsidemoiistrated by Site t* '"rf |1Hf\hu.t"II lr.t I.e houlJ nut nuccvrd in olit.tiumx
Never feat I1bou&b 74* and 14 tae*",and b lweHi lat 193 and tiny at the lap .Ib,, IN Eighth twenty suits ol the next year. As long as our plant*'* Iltalhich is genuine. Keprw .*".
rn&ftrrl' ingts b1az. j M9 north. I,* p,etrt length hH.lVI mil.: i., (-eI. Ilritn.overcprtvp'ecp! >or andthrnuEn can receive tea cent per pound fr their ample imams ot ihr se agKravitttoi. by the Irgimi.trtlmle's.
Never fear hr."fth 2.100. O'i. '.rrit"n'y i* 3.1100 miVni In deep ravinrsr.hnwhglhat it mut have cm!, in IKI lattjn-st in the world Can's in..e prmpermi have bran ,.-ainlly pittiMad opoutbrcon
"hnu:b tbar ."h'e '" cripple youth, length .nel"bfKJtI100 in brr dlb. Thcirmm.ferenrrc Its cnn-t ruction, a, iiimen amount r.l Ubor. ''anlbe cottonproducing un r ; nit.1 thf> win! .id. .."un ul the mini ry, bu hftl.-tb.
"b'>;:lb :bar treat no 4 ". with UCthf of China is 12000 mile It* territory At the di t.nm of'about three hundred years be stimulated in cultivate"tb"ir fields IlIlIbruUr without ll I|*hl""l rtfrct. A few ilnyn suites
WHmr.uli.lH.iru.li-. i* ana third latter than the vh<4<* of Hu'ope. th- ar* tmnll.Th ciu"i.ig twoKiMlkj Iu grew were one grew t... n !..".. bo..; of them waited upon Laid Job i
serer fear I"buulbtbc It* population, I ii 35fU)09.009.! or one-third that *; Grand Can begina near Pekin and! et* f.re-white there U a prtmptxt ol their milts. Uuv* l I. itcciMopnnirJ by d-x'lor iljritig of tlir
.:urm Itchl noli'. b.. wings. of the enlir globe. tend!" alm.t tolTr i It was 1M labor of flfi lug uib a price. 1 am excerdillgIy n s"u, Coinm.*," wbo: lorcibi) drr"% the I'rrnrir'a
frier fear! Chin cnnt.l. of +hre divi.ion, Chi ut rror" .n ".4r*.and wat built lathe twelfth century,I: as well uc account uf political Ms tteuioii tu the *u!+ \': tiu from whom in* ft ii.serer .
Tboorh ihe tempest death I..n; saints, r, which cmtain eighteen province. Want, when their wa nn'), enaln( any Importance coniJeriiiiuns lutea theta b-irvutinL' .'u"1 I w.ta rC."lw..d. 1 mu ,li.*|H"tU 10 hrlirtettLitai .
waiver fear! chm na and the four c' l.rtiies in the oo.nh west. l.i Eui.p.. II.'nd.| are poor. flint are rat*. b aerup a. 1 have nv ttoned and u. aialar..achtug r e' toU &I"llail'g "hrel.Wer .-
)In th*>ctoul' Tara.fh Ihf' 'l. fk b ."itib bl.w. an air, Th prnvin.'if i China I'rnper ar* )ivi nearly e..ttJ.UtO.UUO(;
GUll i H present evrry where- itndi.lrci. lik* oitr lot-ninlp' Pkln I. ih** rrctinn, and in arHbtr- place in the oppocite .,. every incentive ta incr-ni'tl exerts.r. and it wouUt not tin in hi. ."d tin dm ',( .n)
NYvcr fear capi'nt of thina Proper. I' t> twrntr etch eTh". They should b'rak Juwn the rival intrr..twhirl u"jld"r..tll |NI lion uf this III the ..1i IUlJ COO.dilloii .
mite In rirru. con"Ninint from two prrbfuniofMof China ar- variiu.. Zi'nnatint i I. tbrea'cnrd in tbd east ami hit can be of the liruvirt. (Out twivr! n oli:|.4
+" rrnra' to
run uaus ON xt'MiAY; MORNING. three million inhtb'lan'4. wh d.,nd ttpon ihngov can rnj,r rr mine of th* tuturk* of' dime in 'u ber miiin.r Up. tip the day i U brwad' aw"k % ''r'im*>nl prineipllv for their' -nprort. Mi without Inl..roel".ilh oth- raion All derj, ni any otn r-as that winch their own :I arn faruruMr, I stun di'po. d to ihmk dint
Tn".t"1 hove .tf' lit I**!. The Chic; *.') Inhabit :.ihl'"M provmc*an f the or '.I.l ace nand except*l'1 atinum. Coal pn.iperisy imperiously uige tbttiii to pursu**. s+iluiMry, prnceetiiKg will b, bud with rrlvrtuc.
etM in bright aI| rr bavirg from tune tu times. lu The in titer.Frntucu %
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r,, c'u"u"' "UM l- *| re ading China proper ; ant l are the s isat ntiivn rae 11\
11'd he..".r .Vr u-ir hejj ; Itn thI'n.' .. 'Marv air not et1 vrllnw a. ,.", I IT.a brran It b' .el in the eventh century *>currti br dirk and fnub'.ful: cl..uJ,. at I under her rtgie.'stint requi ea about'
tteL h.,".frc..:h. ".'glii.ihenrrnr Mring.. p"med In wr rogr rap+d.'.. Thor aie of a +rk'ts II' rrowa nq a wn 1I l Iris oe ,""Uh which .prima ttb shim* mdianily upon them. lr.ih"mnhoivibit the S.III. qu.uu"J Irom our crop i.l ltJ4d. that
r.. .'.rt<:Hro-o' hr"s.'tu.'attlher bring ; whi*>. wi'hon i' a n.i.1 l >mnlet.w.. VWr J th.*e*+L In.eudarnatth.'idrf Iwen I they J.1t. 'ity appreciate and di **rveU | sne old (hum Him of Idl3. N..r H there the
.a'I';I .!;<. fe.." ir .lT ..u..,k h'.)'" few linen ril 1 rh.k*. Th f uniformlr haw | 'f' y..re. It furrnh f.ir picking ve.r_ f'!)l f ifllC' L't thftn practically d,*>monvrnte lot likrllioud that HIIC will extend her cnn
1)"lIIt..tI, h't''.z.4'I's' lli." Mile* hl.sttgs blark hair n,i.l r.-, When fnrfigneia fir t T3i-crr.KulMib.hr*!. Th l'w... ure'pkkMj In the 'Cu4t." calculitin Inl"ralixt* uf nUinpliiMi mat.eri.lly. w. .lung. the commerce
." 'u.ui'ue biJ..s. Ih..ir inr.....: was;; went to Chin. it. if habi the amount wh;', t0.' In Grrtaauihuitd ttitllrfiid lobuci u hM inn
Think "f 'li-t l/ird- light hair and Mo* **rr. i- plan r .twJql-l1 21M. T..Mh Itr btt r. n by y annually cnn (
1'mnk'f hf l"..d, I n I.. h.n.t i'ihnL"rr d"ril are *>n*. I att'i .'-n are .ftUI"f n 1 it pkkl"t his tea tribute tp its weih.| Twit million caven nun.. tu'allyItlurril rNlmuiion lu (but which w
11'ha h..*ivcif MtMiMier diva e .. g ei l rise's. "r* rarrrO ant oM t" min who t per !. 1 ', wo'lM less worth Iht e,H rin,nH urn f.f aiderfd ci one ot :h" nrceajMric*. raibrr than
darn In China h. ohf f '
now no oarn >rigner'ban '
,"li" m .thf w.ik.> lie lint riot, devil 'r "k-I' their; b"in H. tu >|rr and! prrnar them h line hundred and ten millions i>f dollars. I; mtr a luxuries Itr' file. IlIdl\&. It ;a. e"-rd'iuf; tit
AIM :...cli*' li'in to ifnr Thif1'' "r""ern'. fN.ntek t. M,. Wi'fram lir dKriN min.u benrgueil b\r lb.t pUntnr, th.it n. he had nevi the pupulntiou ilicir maocriil enjoymenti .
their i4 the n''
m'r.1" IfIIMI..itr
Ailil i/a. .lhf11.ti,' "It" .. Lenin th'irnt'e.1r1 tic' ..fiWiug Ih.jtotheirrb el; b..r Th..f'rltnnut !&v Jh- pmnert of rolling urjlng, coloring, ,J..rnlly received more for a small crop then IIi aiij description .feud which utT.iJ. t(cfti
.'...ea..r .c.,1 "",. it .Ii.I. wid' ,11f- i ant -n'inr ih.I M. a largtofM*, there i i. mi inJuceim'nt tn augment 11"Uul'htlurn'excert' limas.! ; nml) Iiuin whit I A'
nprn'he C.urfsinn
ere as an '
'he'Iht hate gone Kith lie ilsIliing'ra'w.. Tv lid I, The ...t l-t I. p..t.-.t btttw-n bli... '' 21 the ". Such a .Irluiiun if r.ietice+l, up vu. hivtrii, the pruAnntrv pwrliculailr, ., I ri-fIJ -
., 'b' anrnc'nt'thr ..Tliil. taei's. einp'r..r .nn would .nimti9 ndver ely in his iniereyis. HP th,! n,c nl thin other' rntber than
d ch light opprart.tKl much; .the iri*. h- it I* .t 'msna an27 4+****+. and Ihn preen between 29 an, ev
i vie nce r
Atd'he | ring rrvrnlv ; |1"lh. Chmr na with ne. Th aim. and ,. 3-1 d<*r. 1 h! d tT-ttimr in ?et i. owing to 11 may ell IJ>M) bnlr.. which he cm make with iJep'lvrU ol it. I WM. inctimxl nt sane iUlltJ\ '.
"h" lwnk "i'h n JIMMM heart h, h"nr bndt i. similar rxtif IM Kf .o.| tbe diffit. ovof pre. .nut overworking hi* l.i borer*, Gar ten cent per give the Prussian ZoilViin credit for"Ui I
of th 'Ir lo that of lh' Ki.
tf itr fr'nran | .l whets b- will flml! b> fur lo>v duty a hicli U reacted <>r, =hente m. t
I'M into winch tin chun are waiting nrtrVbo Th Ci.i". think corpulentman paring it The a.lwer the tea pl..nt It sot tra* poun n pu' i a
tl'.i-e 1'r h. I..rd rare a grant \ crimp ,.f)X)bales at twelve nn I'taiw n Iht I. 'flt.! a very bonor.happy re"n. and they tinder lo The Cntne all drink tee nrwwn-ld'td.lhtM"b poo ml. A rival prmliicer would spring up In III the Mpjt'rglt!!* tOcent aabuu
\ ha.tfiid I ly t CIJarl'eJ' Ih..r. him C'fal I lh.r d.. IHI MM f"Ofn.. Th-r uses ''..ifnIr fnreig/t cninlrirs nf the consumption of ihn ae on print cv i, imu>r tl.e c let I II i
U'.CBDorn Atnarolans.-In :*. "ntr. of hi f.tr tea kind of n>sw or tpecira, of this rock licit would n'ce nrilr tI.uini.b. One ur the Irs* juiliriNtilr. at rrl.!. to the .ubjt I
Thck tnnn to**** to and fro, empire thrc it a tribe of uiwittdtiH Ab''rifin* .. it-,. other would bet inevitable.Thit whom it i> coli rtr l thti the our r i; !
Trying vain to pray; Tlf I"y"rmneh... mad' .y.r.1| a'trtnp'* to Chl..a exports annually one millioa pounds of p.rtH'nof our population which nlnca. the Uriti. ciiMom hou::. '1'heKsng iii .i .
TV Ctarrfilt. 'IH hut C'.me4 to ,fthlW subdue thrm; but their have in.ariabU *or. ..A.cd noel ufT'rang c''.).. nil lien wr .c* that have b rn ,nt nr tiSbuuresl fir 'I /fr.'nltl ..ulli". m. Travellera have never \ttrn ah'e to p Hral F"n'M F'srtsa Cant .. that t.ft4 fur the sick In thfir miner s. their lottrf *H; and little \* known rmp'nincthem. INCREASED COTTO.V C Rnl' RP.C O\l- Amelia. The grain grower if they pur. nearly nil user whom he '''IP'-*. On tli
AI..th.-,. n n.n, In h..; The Chln. w* riirrninmi have given up p.snr.n-ov".i'\n.:. OP iYrnonu. cue their avocation steadily and inJu.triou,lr. er .n 1ft ideal hut frwin she I Iof h.i g ht. .br.... 1be hft i.I ldi of *olwlu'ine them bv fire, art htpinjc CINU TOBACCO UPON LOWER DUTIES. will hrrenfier receive mast liberal rernunerat* lUO'::.sthusi III"a hf-nvy t>uittVs>.tfft n'hi .'
cbi" the lank with their voice of Suva, hat, iher mtv entice thin Into .uhj-cnon. Ine rrcnmo'flwt for their toil. Aecoiding to .ul jrct.. Mint one wutch Ihty gnelMiisiy, _' .
e Rr l nn the Iml, The MNnch. "'U ins h, tin c'tfifinn, .d with F.A.ltniT n"T"C Mnt.t, Dec. 27 19lfl.at ihcnnaofl9iO nee rlY 700.000,000 hu.hei.of '. fit I for the MilMMtancH of bu mn!ni ..,.
n.1 Itn the L'ad. the Muneal rncr. They e'nme Irwti the "" Dun Wllo treasure, up every tear/ girt, Nod are pr.ibat ly nf Ka'n'chiekirwigin-- : 'II'f"'t .aiHciently impre+*>*4 with the Import Stars in 1339. Af there WM at that limn but .unh CURIUM tbrou:htjii' hn ttwnrenlin ami .
They conquered China in IG40. .hhfturh n.imbrmc *nee. M, relate In ..-1' interest, of prndu a limited iiled dr agricultural staple* the far. the u'hrr .tatr s oi bur Z >lVrreir! ; buiAlti.
The rich mm nn his; bed car Uown, not more than .ii or $fvrn thoo and.- ring| a lrgi cmp In 1917 Are th-r gnral I met ..omewhat rircum cribed in his nperii- bun Ind"liulJ'l\bl.} 10 sit. exertions lu'tnss'b,
1\iPclrc !r riNlMd to ."r Th' have ruled China for c'nimKwrll_ Ir aware thus if they ...Mtd the ,;. to twentr lion, an-l a fair estimate could not be placed them over llmovrr and the uthi': nwat #'iI'e. '
trf chim-.-al*s the 1 fall Th" are whiter than the Chinese but like lh *mia vn huMrnl and Any thousand balrt.ther upon the resources of this west or indeed upon bas rnJ'-iivunnn tu emt rice them in this he ,.t
Unh'"d oat th' mr.wikc.frtch f'thor re rfprct |. evwr prohibiliir ihtl. In the aggregate, ih I; the middle States where the system of cultivat.ing ot the :.e CJII"V.. Can Ixivtt but totu r :utJ
'a'dIet.. m'wn-nt r>f thine Th 4 diiinn i railed brut Tar+ary, contain wilt realize fir meh hairs forty doliart -1 the Mith was mMe perfect. ThiHi 4n I* nf muk-j o( i'rutain, 2r"m which nny oolJelldL..
r a 'Be.100ft1 but I"nl, by a al.s.tr r divine .tMin' 71XMKK1 "qunre mile, or a fittt I*** than they ad.inl nr tb} rr,rti-nit that are new field have been opened since then while mui:. The tirtt, lo r.-du| et hr tohurco duty hatethe
.4 r the bt"d I" pay J ealllhn United Kte'rs east nr the Mi.ia,ippt.. mtd*through: .<1.,, to remove the otto +IeJI. r the condition of old one bit been considerablybeti rate which exis' 'n H.,n iver'and tlla11.
eta bark In .he.chimer .. thf y''" ',a tang' pest The Inl.hh.ntc are ajriciilluriin. In .M thn *uce** "ul cultivation the plant in the ire l. Now I am persuided that without ecnndto abolish bur ".nl'- duiM and riYClI:."
fr ICIlIht-tlh) moment are ftS tog fast. east part rut this province lira the Great nrrt E.t I"d.! Do stir know that in Great iW additional 'circa with such prospect for high .U. It she .1irt'S"1I "u tn.n"nn of con '16\ ;'
Think' oftb- Lord of central A.ia F.r *&+ The only road from tilt a on* hi we>itl? demand for th" article D rio ens are before them them agncutturKt can mnrcial ;IIL reou'lIttil" us or mimiiitn; any n
Think of tbr f,,rd- Europe China lay ...*>r th'ra tea .f and, and during nest rear will not likely fall be|.tw thir rahw. &n*.*nd miltinn ba hrl* of cereal grain gratitude fur (be favor which bat ha-east ahowa i? 1
An! the awe of the judgment day.' this was O'H* rravoti of the iw/latkm this t'PI'Ecftrire. .".Ii,, 'hot and tale*, or ono militia eight p.'r annumand Chit they will astonish Europeby her manufacture in our new tarifl" .h s should
06 hotr. b1e.-.ct Over this portion .:e acattered Mttlak bund rd and tartly ihixwnd bales from IlL such a result nett rear I mot ardently de. not betir,'" 10 make wirh concff iona. Should
le kit ftundllI.eIl.l a .. omn 4O( nf XKJ In nnm.er. It i. n cold of Januny the Hl.ti,f D.-cmb';r.Thi .i t.. It h proper In the great experiment which rte d*'clitfe to Act in the true spirit of lecoproci ,
The tiduit.: U4 (rum ataare fr.'tets reclon, the name Thibet afgnhyin tbe ctfion tear in Europe commence on England has so piciouilr made, and with ty-sucil as Ihuover tint m>iiiilr ted a readiness ;
or Cud the fief .ch bntnm swells. cold reti-Hi( the north. Il bas en elevation she If of November and on eqi eity| ( ter 0uch ,inguaradvantnce! + In nut .b..ls( cnun I. tu du pla'-' .we abuld rttalilt upon her at j I
MIlE rosy Father', low-. of 15.0UU fr't fnm the level nf the r-a ; and mln,1".n the 3l. .{ Octbr atllo"'Dt. The try," that we should make a full dvlopment nfoiir oticf, by the abrogation uf her navigatinn.trea*
D4 a'er tbelte.thfn lour echninc claim's rt"bnund. Ihlll "fcarlic traveller Marco Polo, roeottona 'be f.rnvr ia thn perir l at which the new crop bn rapacity f"r producing from the earth.Eur .-. ty with us; for while I am for conferring ihaiiMHit
T.n .U in land rranu.kI difficulty of makmc water hull in theta lofty rr I tine to arrive and roe I..Uehtela It h*. all .Dber .fter. will require all the ford trat I I I extended liberality, you will have per .
a a'outs One bs mon, hlend. I.n., The Hume fret if still 0 ?.. b-m broofht Into rtttkH. Hence it b proper we shall have to spnre.lei the7KiJ bars, abuod c iv''d f hunt the Irltera hicli tencbttl you b r. '
riltt.er 10 the voice when the misses bells The climate of China ia about 10 drgre.a that the studio bnild make up his statementof ant as it may on both sides of the w*t"r. I I the last ateumer to the flugs Of all nations.
a we colder than that r$ plae' In the tamo Ltitude trantactinnt I to artcl between By the neW tari& our sugar Interest I is not 1 would (sauce them in return tu grant us such
hiss jssg. or love fro.n the bra Yen., they on the American .b rtt. This i, owmjr Mr. W. between the** dales. The anGUIIl'cotton iaE z tctti protected to tb'iaamo extent aa it wee |[:advmitajrtN in commerce a* was at tneir bestow
I bir.k tuppoe to the lofty mountains writ,north, and <,iron wi ibn 31 tof October 1345, amounted in Ibfo : but when tbe planter takes into ac- j l I al, and especially ab ilitioa uf every vestige; .
of the lArd, on the Islands wf Jnpnn which are alwara crown 'o 1.3&600 UV On the 31st of October connt the ructioa of duty on the article I I uf 'feudal CU*Iom..
Who Think of the Lord, eJ with 'nulf. Canton In latitude 29 has the IS I A. It had been reduced to TllJKQ hales which he consumes uonn his estate, he The averuge annual quantity of tobacco produced
pities and loves to the end. climate of CharIMtO'lSh.nahL'e latitude' 3T9, 091JOOO' of which went bead la Great Britain. find that hn it not a sufferer by the ". Willi! in Germany, Aiutiia excrpurd ia A Wt. the climate of New York and at Pekin in ... while the diminntiya In that kingdom waa no Moreover, the mdallction of duty on the &&000 hog hend*. If a certain meajure whichI
Clarke I. iml'risontd In iPifaborgh; for tudn 4<.. thnuih tb. heat ..f ummr frrquentlrraiea I?. than 405.000 hairs. Thf mutt favorable cle In Great Britain at the lat semion of Parliament have heard it hinted is in conttmplatien .aCe I
.hltprlloof"d 11" Bt. Ynungsun. and "r. Ynunr n tu HO.the most intend ia exi' crd acrnnn'a, the United S tlr* represent the immedia'a and prospective in its bear cumplifthed at an early day, l leel warranted instating :
-II for ..uhinl Ur. Clarke and in winter, the therminn'ter atandlnc for works yield of the pretrnt vrar at ;much ire" cer (me,. will augment ennrumpikn It. considerably that this amount will bet imioalled, with;
and nccupr the aame ,11 and the ante tufrether at 10* b-l aCrtt f'ZcwdlnlLll well. hair the year live under the jrruund. Tb clima'e tend beyond that qoantitr; ,; Estimating the der a cover of thirty per cent from boa foreign bait next year ; and thU; h the only bright ft*-
of Caaton la one of tha moat delirhtful; production however, at SJtfOOOO and that of competitor, that he was secure from under the lure which I behold in the aspect of thing iiI !I
J tMw41. not company.probaoiliiiea. ih" wnfld varying between 40 and 80*, and all other couotne* at 575 AH Ulet. together recent duty. The annual quantity of su:arprnduc I I I Europe for :be tobacco planter. The suck ha*
fitncJ do not make one a* ld<*n In rin.mer flung above 90. The climate with the rock of 771.))80, b.-Iet in Europe on d throughout the world as well as I I been incrrasiog.. while prices have been du
1 uf China i. jrentrally aalobriuaa. Ihf'1.1 of October there wi boa supply recollect.U abont 800 000 ton ; or which from clmitig, fur the .fait five year In lint baud .j
etlna Msva aythnugh known to be such reer. The ani.u il Tr phwrns alone the coat begin la the present cotton year of 34 WfXX) '1"Of cane. without refc'nee lo the mapln tree or it b btavier by about 10,000 hoysheada than U.. :
a $alt on the rrpu'aiion. July, and contiaue until October. The are a.. this Gnat Britain willrequir 1 51.000 balea mangel wurtxel, 100.IXX are produced in the .. was this day in.1845. Tbe amount i6"buUlluo.- .
Bliss curtained tu be rotatory bejcmnlpf at the north the continental vlaiea'of Ear* M Mt0.000biie.; United States. Aa lucrative a pursuit as the 000 hogsheads, while speculatus hold about a' +
.When slants Anna has muiel hit and t mdinc' an the iutb'we emit. During and the United Satin i5U M bil' Total crowing of cn'ten prom vi to be henccf .s ward quarter a, much more. In addltiua to tbia tb,. .i
1 hf Resistf Ova tbrir cl ia safe th that ibe planter will, aioo j'crop which i I. now coming into market in ih... .
k 'hwaund mnn w. yndrr. etiettnuancn no v without a. demacd, bales. Th stock, erefom. I ara persuaaaU vugar
11. : G ten Tlllec.'latntioa 10 "., a.undaol' room. The speaker stated :bat on in Europe oa tho Ill' ol G tob '. 2817. will time as long at the toil -and climate favor I I' Uol eel States is represented a* an exceedingly
.. CM oeculuo an American ire,,! of 300 ton,half probably oadef so circwttunce- ,. exceed him bite cause to cultivate my taker plant )full|( oi.t reaching to upwards ul, 20UB0d bcf.*..':1IJI"I"

.. tkL : .. .


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> --.r ...I. :... 1'17' : <

,- .. '!
-- '-r T- 1
: -" -- t <
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'- "
hemda. On the l.l uf Ke 1t |ember, the .'u k jn 5k. II their npintooi about protection are frond the ye**** Tae law wa' p'*.-without time for are much more than paid ;t>ut should the things j ST.-to thjitt4Eba

New Orlims .. U't )eat*. IIMUIICII,r,1 was 17, in b, very ..*li.ti iuth
OCM$ h. I;.idHi|>. "i-...t f.OtICI ,tt.ildtyi twclvr.prcviou n"llftne .t.t Ihe fnrtii:" .z tJ' or $b Cnsa'd '.uen a ,law would rot 'u' been thought of. durations that the stave labors 'for nuthingll| __ -

month *. II" tussles. tht-rrfore that Hill: :''. .nJ 1'p''Cia'I' abat the prdcuieMil ut, :ihut tat tbenpp-ranctfofih'! p.ioipntcU It may ilaar giHNl bard.working mm in lha Ire States* February 33:iW

rsaslnsw I"h''j IIMMK a. they am .ft ties Its,! trarwuh ))1..1i iiittne BnxIfOi *ctitim nlrxicrh 'lie anise rrd, if ivery haute n..I. barer and are destitute especially' in *Hki.ers cr'lhc com- -, ----

n_unto.am morn likch '", rcctHlo tlinn ndtiincc.lifircunutrtiiOH *. liens i, a ,'. tun of Au.etican na* intifterablri- why .h;>uld ih t ma,irr dread luru which the slave: enjoy*. u Principles and the.people!

UuJ..r ,' it ig ntevinuly, the li.,..11-W .\, .ti self."'" -of itw tz-i j Dial the sited .h
''t Inlct..t' o1 the planter to prtnluc-I <. rur It umnt ir oi.
la*.l-'Mitrow iran| *"'btl" the toil HIM! cli i ol American .,!!. la rclereoca UMthr ticr entaoerl w-. .' Have not all pnt .TIN, and would _n'tnlllltJ rf tcrton'f hut God

mat. are ..Yuur.bl': tn.'r."j tar tnbacc.. 1'1ery' 1 1rrl..t intern the true policy of lh" U. 8at. .Iettt Ce.rcrn'n-n'e III nl prnvi.inM ngatntt Inflimttory tai.drctarrd it M Imnorublt: find the brd undo- our lust

HdininMration.it u bclsrvI'd.kvw iiiiiii riHnii in collision with the pulley and the .J..1 I Ie punplil-K |i au'ing the people .tiled but w nor emu liters bee will judge ; sst he

..'cd an cnifi id.r.ue' l *nd hate t's"I..1! iII .ot th! Untih sele rsre.t. II ere the imetrnf I. from obeying the lawn I d. not rnikn in'n r*. will juJgu tfcu cxercwa of cruelt), wneiber m The Indian Alarm.

.h.. infant nt their die 1 tt4nl, to CIC.tt tM C"tit .:ur.. .....tI... ar i hot In'.erhctxl WHO our I.nuk nt the s11.ingitt ref bnf' ; tbc e are e. white or black. But lie hm never declared The article in the Herald of the 9th) rof

.ulnd.1 1asthouth: ul l thcftaidtf in lorHjiti, COUIIUK. ;s udihfy "II. I, H a private miller for u. I" M UIU how I I vile! cnnoected* with the.stcln ; e.il.which the ,slavery kunombtf AS Hu has marriage.'* But Hehasdirectnt la by heritor of Now wW not wriCapUSpnigue "
htfo been Hiwar'rd' .r dfUvi- intich Metican in ol nc'* unJ "":r. vie .will im'ter. only can rem-'df; aol which flu doubt Maerviiit; <4 lo be obedient M their

,; in tbir pur|. tedrcs will demand tor I. That 'rmt..JJlh,1C b' Jles ;n oturr '* denomioates, JMilhful laud It was written at our request and Inftv .
t *-*-in ftumti in .tMtCf ) *-1 Mt en1 ds 1"t..1 'of c eHli'MiM lut buts men1 thins (muatera) \ :ed
r rend '1s' will tit" grn$11i'a$1n'I' .t' tre'ri.. ihr'ir! pr"tw.t lilt fw Utp', and one ciux-n from m .Iad*. They cmiKhaJvl I wuM! tn-ak up tbe e:1 ,.d." I'uilemon a slaveholder is called der the editorial head. we full r COOC,

1 rlr.rtaIis; It cont'dctnbecxtrn'! ..uer.-. ('", Alekic .p 1iation=hat vro nud vir>Jic.ie aI.,1c trade the Clue Hindering the marriage "our dearly buuvcd"brother.! ." Now if she the views it contained as to he sets rutlr
'tlllht'n. how,"..., It H imrHtrtnnt that thfO""It nAouJ the ju.:icn0f tnea..n,'x !Jonof T:x+ --ihnt we relation ; the* c.wld would teach the slaves relation itself be sinful could inspiration we P : .

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.e and 11 It"(Jurl. ctru n .d wh...1 nl'e)' thin for past pd'age! 0 ..d ptcsrnt war all iht-v w h'. can rr id it are bet *r ,crvaol" tban the "1. but 5>ou
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amply remumrrati g rntm lu the |l..u'I'I vr.KtcHangr work well ilone. lira onirM Uj;*n toe Teiaiqucsti but when a clan set the mclte* up"s tutors and system I condemn! ; it dries not necessarily be The cattle of

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1 hew York or New rlcnn., tin liif, n.iii. .rf "..lmtIlA..tn.hu4111 tbd ot er hand dsj ervmg 111 f Non, wrr approached In kindn". instead of end by the press pang involuntarily; if curnd,in the woods tithe thtt
l 1 shier roiumrnce from the t>'I..i"tt. Hill) C MM; nil abiivo pmt rx.cra$1un. The 1'rumJcat, me -- 3Iarciy I i. a'i's a K alnst UJd-,1I _h..bold.et. the slave 1.| wiiipid 'fur sunning ***ay, the s.,I- time ihrjr sirs

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Our fupciiurity in n pcrumnr)' |Mit.t.if *'!+?w.s. huw l'. ii.cui< the tarilf know nut nt nil h w and able rvit.. I have at question that the of. Fret courts amttng the <&tc".'* 11: Georgia white p(9r..ons.Ve nre satutied that tlatr. '

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As I his,Mnted t" re I iiecr w11r n.s'syoui' wo**, nt Ihc? principles and pu po et in view ofH lreVm*nt Ii Irreligious m.i4trM ; that this r f* art confined chiefly In th. ebivrr. amounts lu at this time nod "
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|lute.,'".p- dily Iho i-Xclianp, ,5 llm world! it wrl 'I r.al."ltI not: d'-cmur it prudent t-. attempt fl' eel by ihnmindt. llino! But they enjoy the labor of other i.j jin Ltt us ataiu" will be considered, bum

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I ca'.a "llot (ir.licium inutn.liy. C.M.fAimtjo. I It.'ntrn t.ssr: .;i.iiirni thnn-elve* WIih piMin it uiy uzly then oruM hire InUHer.r: rt r than purchase ; the at.rte. there is public preaching by ,some period arrives when they may be peaceattr.

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/. I 'rp'rt'.H! tlic use tlf tiank u rvrr d,vM'Ing} f >rilieni by the FrtlcMl' v+!aket_ in the .l.vc Aboti'iiiitwn hue (Irnt-hesl 1 ms security mroirs than in minr regnin- in our own State.

t< r.Hliy...t. ;ot n vc.",'l leie" :li N..rt nrur II.IUMJ ot It prr' 'intiire<. They h.Yd '..n.' 'for tiu | crmnrnt 1 1'I".rl.f the emancipated There are from l'JtX) U> loK() minister of all CONGRESSIONAL.

portmlnt doM' not carry nut in>>ru 4 }1L.e lenrd to their co1umu., we p i-cMve. much .I l lihtj Some are taken 'o Canada; but tb"1lare aswrrtchtil order", who usually preach every .Subbatu \ .%!,. YnW oflvreil she following ttsalut'kub

jo'd. Miiglu lnKJ-ft in l>'ii'l l tn.1 It>t week,.*it spirit. t. and f".:n *mh irf the inxc aclu*ct rxprct elf!'a* in the Northern' 3ues. They fine third mike their vermon* tally with the day Senate on the lOlh in* : lithe

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I: this 'J..lici"UI ds.tinc U nun!'* u. it .c' dem. not allow the *rml rjualny lU't blACk nun : fires k..' hen!-that they are abut l of that in a I publirn'i'Mi d routinm-d ;in It nrmtr;
faithful uurtcla'Ce: 'IIC v.auU wlncnvontiiiii craws c..:, i'U lu ilio -nJeIII.'be... on ihey .ll! not fcs-ocwio wits h-n nsrquaN. Bu out (turn the offers uf ulvjtioul |fund pnpfr tied' the 9ih of February js

\I utn Ire""ii re I U (iufxhno*.ihl*. Atf 'lout* tint) s'I.s*f lund. It"r It stun.std "'j; uand inteitsuate civil libcrir, wih: >.utMir? ..al., it little more llm llrfare elmm this long 1 letter Reverend Sir, of this uitrrrrfa I public HD**| upon the char'

f ... wtiliuKMly dr.wn| ou tn; tile ***,! .ol|. Ut.r l. IK, oph-ld$ in "$"i'; .:..MI l.i '*." p.."r....;. a naaM. Tbi>ugh all atiMJiiJ timniiy begladibi'tH allow lOt' :" allude to nn iti'motdoiiteMiCHlfiirs, body d. ,hey be rxdndr.i! from she 'Pln

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I lie, wuik<-lh.rniJriiniU nod CHIMU ut .ho die lV".hinolur, Cntutt. blacks in a fees Sate nut' Un ,I.tves nl thSitrh. tw"servant gtrh.nn: uuve' lxnh the j; February* in relation In the liII-enritle! ;.tl
t l.'r rot Main. -from ntiuud.iiit nnd I st.IittI UoI 'I Tht tao'4 are lr ini< ; and ,'hicI.1ablla" : ot accoinpanyin inn to this fret uprorlut&I I'j I Act tn raw; for n limited titer. un n-IJiJtw f

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emus to d *fmv tic* c.nit tat ilu-ir con.,rurljon.Who man. Hence1,1 rrgar.l wih y'n. tars ColomziloJ uu il I boJltel l r.teeuted for her imiinlri.Mnce. wndotsatisIse.l nnd 'lint hut '1'1"1'.
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"lul txp. <'rniicti'. ,prcK'nting in lint diItinct4 < UI"e.t1""C .INch .I..u..s ft..... u. ; rU I e.11C. bl'Hwmi as lh r. .c. We ,hall nut Iivu tu wit hci for ctetrYlk's w.itk otter her ,Hrtiv"| tn postj.nned; ,until the nxi rjny. when Mr. Yah
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,, Ibt'J. and this uiiprineip1, |, .1t"C.,'.... dtM.ing .. e r.". ,'hl'h I d i M+*I w.nui RIM cur cy tIlU.lnI. in the iMlv4t4in (J that egIc.-d li, lieMin her. Sho has written iw there let erablp ilt-bitr. iho! rp otition| war rt..t bi5vs

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Your, tiuly, A>inni<'.\N'JS.; V.!.1'is %ii'*w."r.rJ.arlr iirC.i'o.IHt(th'It she "..ale''!tr C..I.II wet <, wiU and tabs hate om* b c' nc. a- toeutw.whit tu Illinon." I have I.. .. blam- d witfi-m .tint i voted in favor of their p:).*':'. Wat
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Tin I-ATI: l'OntIG News "h.k.on .iT, I t'' c.rl+!+, 14.y w..h n" y"'r V14l .ill no' &., ,:. iq :il Ir*well with limn.uh .- i of tulk. which r.illnl forlh thp r..r,.,tottt'_
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tuloe of the Iles.Vt:-l4 ol lit*! 1'1wsr in nif'C.Miii'rv, ..... rich ill i.. .ring prupt| l. C'Jfii,o w<*a ff |ho* who a.. b.UiiJ Th",*iiy) .i It riit taint .'fshr tmis" li'pl for fit .kill&:1 her I'rr..ral.ltc- mull. she I.r. m'clnt..iy" IH rights ami Mt1Ii.
intelligence by ilio last aunnt"'r bears t*<:;, b<' pla.l. I..t-nJ... A'4.lill. <*filt<*i c fpiirnit a ass, cerUm aven ; etettif
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iiier c..un'r"tC in 1't1ur ra m..1 ltM iMirlMlly. "'..h.! A.nf.cAi r.ta''.Ch.' y.u I'-iivr, s. InV away pnae It wf inl n'*CfM.iry tn tlt'll'l ti il. Sir,;,, nt it .
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ut'iertrl'haar;, -not MI much if. payment itt intiictp4ti a Cn.i.si.sn I"u'h' tiwu .t tn five k.io\v iiuich in.K.. nh .J! n ir doiDr+'ic C'",:.'rns irli,iw,,: nt the 2U'h( and n enptnil'Q.w.'ss+
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Ad.uiul-tr"U"n. a< CoiitMind in ihe l'rr.. |M-II.|l. xttit| u" rrertMl4.. I hiv witnej in ,iU ..., qj3M.. they Edmund f1't*forsl way soutIf : i ocCiipied befor. her .Maj: "|f nrrived.The .
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