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om? plantation or as nrntmrnta which v* iU-C.mmitireon Ibe Ju-liciary rrUtire lu th*> s.il.r..l "rcI a at'h.a req'ir.d.** IA place the I tCTea .tI, S -
'.'' th<* mansion of the planter' un such h.IArt" \. :".. of the U.S. in F).'Ma. Mr.Jnbn on.of etna ./iaatiUkl'. lime, ilia njMttled < *.a to p.r... .nch afloat the Estate of WlLLtAil, .
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bun d .. .tins bull bit hr wHhed l" inquire (roans
draw Cvut4ininofe cm at 'r.n. | .
*. .. bttS kph Gnat BriUiw and Metieo, aa hoabUo notified to pre* m tbo MOM to DM duly attested witliuotdehr.
with Ir.. tab%* altMiiti ,. t'bmmin: of for Judiciary C rare qu.I'I e. .
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.(. tre. whir MMbieg wall! 10.tr etit Uy pro and all p*> oat indebted at. rege.ated'mike
U'h'-rras !.. lh. contrary "* this i .h. ut4 ouch JuJx. of the Cucuit Curu-ere JermeUn aa*to S. oivawintity m net ewitoeil and a firm ...i..DC. .* imno(i.to P.1.... And all creditor, kg-.-
I limber b. cut in tow wet crmind. ravinr a*JdiJ * > I.larnaheir ihry grow cNt p.-.rto .utJ allowed to all Ihe thru t new Stale*. Mr. Ah JAMES K. PULK. OIl present their claims and demands wiibia t..*
liable dray (ruin the c.u-r* In' nrinn.d |<*y replied that a rang rea noa (.r the arfditi n. \, ..."*,. Jlsrch I! IS46Ma. yart front the publication bara.f will be fortrai a:.
a* Inter tManexc c.f those s'u's.tnurnt al nutn'rr bad ben prevrntcd br the Senator tar ward*barred.FANNV.
I.rancipb. and a .', tructr that ...Id ha*:* trim H,.... (\lr. Ur.to4c.) and he wnuM reSet Cuss Lrrr -TbU gentleman present WILU.\fS. Adaiiawtrator..
m the d.cay and cau ih .s'f.roe.c d.M et ib* qu ties tu him to .D'.,.,. Mr. \V, ,. one of the Prukisors ia Woodward Collec of MtrH7.MR I .

: iniat.'*.ur nav r .t| The ace of the nVa ant oft shout procr dd M dmoo.trate the necr .U I Cincinnati, and brother ol the United State Acadey.

111111'm nut t. tir cn id.*rti. :., gera lr Ham 1% .. hail g a Judge at Key \V M. anrbor at Senator yu..fhJm FlorU, bit also had bit DAVID L. tVLIITE.'r., i\ .i.. of tUt.
lh.r maximum bright and lull devt foprrnent at l', o 4irt"la aiaa a tmrd in fc* t Flo *da. Thc dime chanted by the Lrghhture of Onto 10.' a tSlmi..,. in which inttraetMN wit
tue,ag" of forty "-uri at K-y Wr t would bi* pan-ly an AJmUralty Yoke, and will hereafter be ihut dr>ina'ed.Nat'galioa | be imotrtcd ia English and Latin only, ba* fitted *<.
(enuil they prngrM but .''.'r. until they Court for the trrn.A' e I rite at a veer advanced ate static, or .r'l ia>eeiUof she North and Fist and would not ; b now fully resumed on the tlu! !. bet known pcrha ass the B ilo'e bo... no* own

h.ndied year Tbo e of Ihe live oak b-of Got service to tie re'Umt- of Floe id. aon. Tha river b dui to be clear of ke.CAttD. tel bf Mr. B. E. 1.". II. reapeetfolly aolicit ..1..
j can be best recommended for durable nmher Mr, John,Oiof La.said 1M-was tart brI,.aware share *f p.h1ee ,"0"|". pledtinki llai..I' 10 a
; ., ralt ii Ctcliaii.lltoehtrtoflwiltbo .
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are such aa have arrived to the period of a blln.1 i of the great amount ot bmiont iranMCtrd y motlorai III sett the li"-:

dred rearor more, if the c n.iruit.. Uw C. uric in FMriJa and he Uerkf now acquieaced I tender my unqualified 'thanks to my friend, F. orno> ry .Higher En(lit i braaehoa. $4. Z't s
tires are und and no viibl i drcay h prtvenLj j i i in the nrcrity of bating thrre Jpdgrt. for their confideno in rIM and promise ot tup Gad $4 par qnarUr. aceerdinf to adraoeteHtnt i*
The gigantic growth of this tree, at the age last On ia<'i inof Mr, Evaoa.tbar funber cooaidcra pon,"ual cannot be a undulate rotr the Ltru- poil .
meutiuord,far aurpaa any of it*prciei.. The I'I tiun of lh. bill was tWa postpno d. tenant CoIoiMlcy of the 13h k>f Flor Latin per qiatttr with fnglih. 't 10D" ,
npMearenvnt of one data limbs by myself In j I On the&b. fr.Ycutoffrrrda rcaoIutKKiiottroctioc Us Militia. JOHN LOT PHILLIPS. Toitioa payable ball Q.I.t,!ia adrtaeo.XSQoanertnioclodo
a horuimial line>&c9r,!ed a sty fire f-rt. whi a the Committee on Pioaocralo en- Cd*uci. March 31.1 & l weekaateloalroof ve tioa .
the diamrtrrat tb* junction carded tors zo qi.ieandieportopoo; tbeexpedieacy of payingto 8t. Anf.'.... March '234. 1346. 3 E ESTATE

| .I the toJ*. of own)' red and black ok ap, the t
cite of a rcoixlarir gnr thlhat l>av. .u.rirrdevenly would bare been entitled under dntributfrn Departed thus lif m Charleston on Monday ST. Josnt Co *TT a. t.Ia .'

winter, especially if growing taafor. act A.J ale Iu.. Sass.ulr beat if lu "'NJd warping a'W Li....i, U,. ANNA LKUPRlKRkl the tBitttr of UM Estate ot Gabriel! W. PtrpalU .
e"shade or oimpact m..nnrr.V.. I.rn'.lb.: Laid over.SPCCIALMUsAttCOP. : WILLING TOV. In the ld year 01 deed
the maturity of the species nf oats mud be her ,and fur a period of 32 earl the aflT age
comidertd ;iOfe..r-t nr appropriated fur tbip THE PRESIDENT liuo.I. and blIbttd contort of Mr. A. S. Wt| 18 HEREBY GIVEN to alt whom "f*
building ; for it n at ibis period for strength and TO CO.\CRr>3.- Courier. Du. may cuoeera that th* rab. ribor*. tiaeatort M
ot the
dusebgaty the wmid Mlujly drrtl and Th following h an authentic copy of be lmgoo, publisher the Etateof G. W. Perpall doc'd. have filed tWprtiiiao .
tbe liMigitudioal fibreaare toth and renting.Aa Special Meaag! tranaroi-ed 10 &U U. 8 &a ring a long protractd and were illness, she with the Judea of Probes for UM County .ddt
'k albummoua matter of -laic"e bateapok'ii. at--. derived much o>mfort from this connotation ot lobed praying:aa order of pair! of the Und beloreing
religion and feacetully breathed her last in to said LtuUorof ra meek thereof u maybe ace
6. mtrogrnund cNnp-tin l. it hid a TIN Sn.. tf tit ULeJ &Xt: the bop of a blt-used Immortality. Her re. _., '.pay UM just and lawful debit againet- ,.
"U"t'9oCb nature end lk YH which penetrate the wad ia vatbu.di. ... in their reotu.bnn nf tbelTth .*'.. Philip'. Church no 'ru. *J".y evening. nr tIM, wallapplltostili4Jje forth order afore.
reel ions dmhting air and water to .IM ini rMr wheiber. in rat .ruJrmra'. any circuimUoceaowoect aid B.A,PUTNAM.Mtreh L
of the timber. Isis evM-nl that this ctH-mca ;d with' ,or growing nut oC the Grin's S.-P:ANDERSON. Esomtore i'
Constables Sale.
action or fermentative pine*** matt be farnue.tl rebtrint ibia country, n quite at this imo 6th! 1 4G.. 4
by external rau***, or in* location in whrh IhCre.ee ttlnu, ar.tor military later ;-* aid, VIRTUE *.itel"' Fwri Facu to DM die Constable's Sale.
the wwkl i* placnl,-Tb* cl4. nprmrtinn and il M, -wtat .circurmt! ocr are," I have lo BY reeled (..Jatiet KhiQipa' C an.I will .d*.r
dm* mass .*f timber that are scorn in she hull rIp"the opinion, that a .JP precaution Jamand I for all at publi aactwia e U' Gods of UM Court llon*. BT VIRTUE( writ .f Fran Faria to of-. ,
from Jactieo frrfordl
l| of a handle ship ,/ the line on the sticks r* .such iocreaae.luity i. tM eitv of du AOJB.U.*.b ta..the iMMira of 10 Phillip co.n.I.m .
at Pablie Aeetioa II r..a.r tbC"* tlloao
C Httldeied ..f a vow.hle lu Ibis Action;all bough aaoaalmoa4cn6f the 21 af/X-cern. and J.cleek"lM bat M today ia March HII..n in the City of 8u A"'Ii. between tit L
iatartU .btellll.r Wharton bad
l I I .bere ." nollflub.h.I the term vf the bet last. I recomm' lad to the UvorableCM*. .UM th"abLI".ad. 4ih".f.I Mac ib.A.U, '.,in all that cur boors of 10 tort 9 o'clock oa Ibo first Monde, .. *
dneaaa *a lurking in she limb-r* prrrinut hi aiJeraiioQ of C M>gfra a a iccreaa rf our n*. Itia tto1 aad .*.'* t. ttaud ia Char.lott**tre wt in Mar neat, ell the nf hi.till* and interest which fit*
u e. The Incalll1e.of uaty.yard* wheretbermuat ft val forcr, oprciatly cf our atom Davy and Ik*Mid City .f at Aa|.oic.t at rose.t.eeppiedby ar WBABTAO bad .. ". I4tb day af Uetobor.A. I1444. .
be a proper depth M water onarrndablyplace the ra.iag of aa adequate military lorce to G. Brt & C..,aloe IN a census d.tUi.f HOUM and .i. all thai eeftaia tfiereaod prer'u..itaau.n *
the limber in a topographical aituition guard and protect web ol our estates a. m'ght] prnm**.M(ated ,a 3t. Goer|*Sir .t(formerly... Cbartotto 3irl. ia tbMid city of dU Aaiaii-. i
that I. unfavorable to the pmtrrattoa of the think proper. emigrate lo Oregon. Since that td ...eapid b* aM lava lloa. ClurW Downing.Wd.toMUrj at pr* eat occupied br Moaar.Geo. Fart. & Co.. I-.
wowd ..boat and moitxur accrlera'e the cbm period I have area mica** to recall or mdity | jodoMotia farorof ..*.IGo&d- aalit/y jadf oMtit tendered ia Jotie Uew/oiirr'-
and the C.. ft Wharto tad Satantl rttmo*. Court i. uror of A. II. Cole 'n livery| Wlarn
ical arlkm proro' fungout gmw.btwhno : these ,rrcouimeodt. OatHaeoouary, rea smith A -a 'arr .
.aid JdgoMnt sad Eue n'o. Uaaaferred to Ja,ti
nua iti Nt deptnda oo the chemical chao sea exttt which, ,m my J dpwtl'; reader il'' 1s.1.1.1816 C. niD. ANDREAS C.PACETTT.
abova vale b until the first ,
gea herrlrtfiire meriti*ed. proper not oolr that they hould be promptly The postponed Catabl, St.Joba't Cass ?
Could .alwara find a auitable hydrograph.tcaltaiint carried l into effect, butt.. additional provnnx.ab .I Monday In May neit. March 2. Marsh J8 h,184&

for a navy yard, where combined IIU 141 be made for be public JHeoce.Tbe **
with Ita facttrtie there wa*n dryness and purity cooaidvratioq of etch aJdrtkioal priviaioo Circuit Court Eastern Circuit EMtem Circuit T Florida.

of atmo pBere, many of tbreatasa that decoraP was brought blurt appropriate commiver ,, .C ..Ierl... I* C.4BT.Eaoch .
i ..
MW the nateriaU for building would be prevented of the two houses of Congas, Uaotwer lucall I* Cattcaar.Drrh Totkor sad Francio Tockor foe taraaoNa '
; but aaaueb locations cannot alwayab made by them in reports preparrJ, with ray I C Carr aad Joaa Pack ftrtbamtalrtt *t al al Crtd&.

found in abc t-orveyg for such stations we sanction. by abe Secretary ft War and the crodrtora.T D..Dia. Etocatns Ta.fteb.eeeb f Cbao.d'd. .,
mug:palMntly submit ia the Injurious effect of Secretary ot tI a Wa,.cia the 99h 0 December y* icr f**Crraf lorr. *t al.

) b.atand damp atmflapbera.Uwewr well guard .Ddtbte-bat' J taairr tatS; a mode of eomrao.nkaJkxt Martha P. 0nln Ad**! ofU.* E,ut* of Gtorn AVriet to Creaifors.PURSUANT .
ed and eeetilaUd the ahpa! be ia their and under
my with .
B.nSeru.. ad A.f e.t.s W. Walks.P ta .. ardor of tae Doe TWta,.
sheltered positrons,although It at nf the b
Importance that the geographical .'dualion* ol gable I'ubaeqornt events b,re confirmed mea U"|'.J.d.t ta* Eule,. Circottof P.eida.la Florida la UM abate sow.le.arir f dal.UM 9d d.sIC .
such pJaevMantHiU b* well, ondemmd std tak.eta $ the oplaioo that these rrcomrneodatkMS Were- t tpr.pt'fu I the ab **Cause.b4naf "a.. UM second,e4 Mark.lW.tbo erWitov**f Chariot Dowafoff. !I.
ioiocon !eralloa,II rivers martbe-, bnp. ,nualtOfta'T meaaurraU 1 1 Marea. I*4'. artdiior *f G* rg* Bartlett d.oad of dl Aafwatiae. Florida (who Iliad ia tb* Btoattt .i
mean ttaadard ssf the ibermometet.barometer, wu a were maxim J'M Father of hi* (who died la UM meath .r i.e.'. 1514.) aM rao > Itet.bst,1545.) ., ,.. u OOOM ia end pest.. .
bydrorwater, and mean quantity ol ,. country, that"to be prepared for war, h one of .ird M es-s la tad prate their d,"'. bats,* the tbfrd.b's before the..lae,abet, .4e .r 1M raga..
The aeaaon Ins cutting auk limner the moat rficient meant of Ares seleg ,.Cf1. .'.,.*.. tl'the saa.terr.tthi. Ce.". at his of tb t. Cenrt.olbi.oie.ostbo.Csst lions ia'i 1..
proper and .l .. lath Ort llo**% ia.city.r St. A.f uttin*. eat at St.Aagaetia. .. or b.aq the nrtk day .rJ.M
tidered. TIlle months of that. void by
will next be e*>* Julr a wg occaMM* riptnae s or V.br OM 0ih *T of J.M attt...M d.r..utbrf ... M d'( slt tboroof they wiB b*ieM.
i and Ao<', when the tree are in Mire and eultitattahp.ece"we.h.uhl "remember also shay wjfl b* asaladod frvm lb. 1.fi of aid few tae bed 6at.ard doereo. ;
tbejuloea clrtutating freely, ia de- Wetly the hat timely dUburacmaoU to prepare ftr dangerfreqoaaily a9Cr .. GEORGE K. rAI"IIANK GEORGE L FAItBAJIKa. e
beat period for cottiof( ;'.then the gmater port prrrtat much greater dtaburaemeote ; Mash I.Cbs..al.L Must I.Ckaneaty C.CirvaHnf Florida
't.- S ":k" .
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1Mlc' REW A1r. FAiIB11ARLEti '.;iIrIrart : JNHrkl .. F. ,,:; .I .

tit CHANCEJIY.KaodiCjodMrtartCoo4. Lf AMC11Y CIRCUIT 1fItT R"
KAfTBaUf' FLOftl
BI sent
SPRING AND SUMMER GOO D 8. Icruc C -CemakUaaata.v DA.BY OeMrIt ." .;
*. virtoo of M oHorof die Hon TBoVDooo- Act t..iht( M)WJaIt slat'Bate
Sophia Hoot, ben Sopkia Dmt,.. Ekasor P. LuJ.4,. of tho,S.*Jior Circa of Florida approved B*OBkorM08ELEY. 571 a... IJ.II.
i. < mm DOQ Hoot hot... aadoibort, beira of Jaoeph Dkcpio + aoa sainted .... 00*nd d. of March inataaU Goveia,.of Florida. do ho.by 'I&.o
Q i ,d.. ,aad Jokn MrTaWuoo AdoMOMUatof loaoottaiauaeo wborotakfOSE* E.LEYTi CLAIM ihataa-E4c4 .&T'M ...aebgty ";
dkc..* the aid Joseph DepiA ...fftdiaU.UPON ooojpkuoaat aad CHAR LE: 'RO BIOLI. Eiaeator alrp bt ay1 .bt d 'M Di'.... Beipda
ff VE JUST RecElv u .t their &,.".'.". Dry Goods and taiietj E.t.bh.bmeDi.sit dajt rilL ,.a4..C." flog tko afidaviu .Tbomaa Fernando M.Arrodoodo ..'cMW&ad sabers net" .atat.. otictft.r tlae. ICiTttIa of.llgw ;"i
.'! New York tb.ir .\ .ftipriai and 8..mer G.ct.. ,,. Eoot Solicitor set void Coaiptainaata.and wen 4.r.a4aau.1 .bell aR at pabtio eaJoiu Mat fillowq t ..' ...& ',- n7'J'-. an\DI
-'A HPLCNDID A8HORTMLNT Cot and plain DKtD/en.Tam""" aad Wise Gta it boiof n *do U appear that two of Iko said of tbo Cast H000.Ia tbo T*-a .of ".....0Ie. For on* -"w.of tbs r.n.. of*M
I or Bring sad 8rmmef. Ltdioa UrOM, 1 o*, ontta [C". Lemonade and Cba.,.,, Claaooa.Spiro .....Ie wits Aleiarder R. Taorpo aid Jn on tbo Uta die of April seat oetwooa tbo boon of 8tatoof.norida.tompoooit of,1atpanf, the iS1Weatof
CLOTHS CASSIMCRd AND GAMIWOONS Jan, Tinctoro B.n,,CandJo flhadoe.Lamp. B Thorp. rodo beyond the j.rrdrtioo othi. ua cad two.'[leek or that day, all tbo rigkt tkkfaodmrotwkcBthoaidClMrkM the Bawann a Rin For use Jfajor'tknl'
'S of en'1.a.r style and color lor G''lem"a's Preorrvt and Batter Ui with many otbet arti Coors and .ia the City or New Ye:k. Robiod. .ate of rralortbo Soeond DifUioa of the State 'of Florid p
Coit and Pant. c... conctitutiox a mot .,lnJetI and compWto ** It t....'".a ...tI.., that nooeo lo appear r. M.Arrodondev 8e.r.doe/d. kod,or tko ken or lofalreptooviivoofaideUioof tompoood or that pan of the 8uio Eat of Tko nW
t. CLOTIIE AND C'88UltRt8. ..orlf.nt.JCWELRY.. and *.. ,said kill el n.,. bo gives lo **.icfdtfeftcS. f. M.ArreoWdo.Sen. vtanaoo BJvorao4 known,U, Eat .and Sooth. ,|W.
raih>.aablo8pricand8umaMir tn,, Fr'Dfh sndAm.ricia PERrUIIERYA FANCY ... ky ... f.blic Uoo of Ibis ovfler ia *OOMB d.ceaod lad. .. ibo lAh day of July, 145. io and Ida. -
+ Braid Clo$ *i.,and C....ii*., or Beery "a.rt ARTICLES. *.*pp.r prioted Within skis Dwtrict. fur the .pconffonr loartaLi grant of land mid.,by Doa AlextnderRaaiitn. For one Btifiditr Crarrol for tko1 fint BrimjoVeompoood
.lr,fwlor for (entlomon'a Coita and rants I. boao An clef ant aortmoot of Jewelry, warranted oC .. **,.. i. **ik w"k. coocalivelrv laioadaat or C.b. oa or about the. of tbo Militia waat af Iho ApalatkaooT
life ae ortmortt sir o.tinf,ocb .. pUinaed bead the but qaa'ity. ..ch.*Gold Chains, Wit ft Key. tow Ibo oUu hereof.A Val day. or doctmber. 1917, ,. P.M.Arrodond and For ... BtigtJur General of tho eecond Sri.
di'ik.aml Attiu Mar oiUo and V.Uncii or tbo mat diamond and bawd f nfer Rinf. Bracelet, La. I od rt i.farther ordered.tk.t aale.oaid Mr.. *.* :... toko Midst ia a oquaro form containing two co..po.td .r the Militia ea.tof. the ApaUcbicotalal:I
t.eettitIe and of tho..t q*tlniea. die*' and Gent. breast and hdkla. Pina, Locket. i .pp*.raodaa werthNbia of comp'aiot within oooo haadredsad eighty .i.. thousand rit hundred androfty8voorjndlvoovoilhir west or tko Sowaoneo. For ono BrifMwr Ooao L
CIJOTIIIXU. bUn Thimble. Geld and Silver Pencil C****, eoih from the etptralioo of the Ue for tko oobli of an acra, Eofbohmaoro. of inthird Brifado. oompoood,of tbo Militia f+?
r! A rail .'Mrtm nt or|T ready mad CloU>.in| of the beaotirol Jot and Fancy Hair Pine and bed Or aa* cation of ibis orler decree pre eoa/ro willbo takaf the eoair thereof b4i.. the aloco known co.n'. of Columbtt.Alochua.,t Marion;BeT*
|lu."tylo ono beat mttoriat. sash at lr.. Back.ndOrercoitf. ment. ,, >Silver Comb, aintt them. a. Apaches inhabited io .other umoo ky a tribe of log and Hillaboriiofh. Per one $Jrirr OoMof
Jacketa. Pa'nta' and Vn. Uooo and Cotton !t Nee..leCft./b 8or. Cotofoe. Honey. GEORGE B FAIR CAN US.Clerk. Soorinolo Iodiao., and tho ceolro of aaidplaeo known or the fourth Bri<"..composed of tl'>. Militia of
8kirt, C ll.f.. Bill and Cotton l>r.wen| a b*..st Florida and Lavender Wale,. WiLt r..r.., Don Much, IMS.LO. u A...... to bo ron.,...4 aa ibo eeotro of tbocraaf I counties or Naru.Dae.ll 8u Jobs*. Ortai. |T.
liful) artieto' nf .pudera. Scarf. Nack Ti. llaodk rifice, Toilet Ponder, r..at am, M.e* *er and a* confirmod by the Supremo po"rt of the Lu i., Da oiodMonrool' I '\I'.
!rcbi fanilCrau. fbit* and brawn U.nn I'nl nn,'. Oil. Attanl lte*e, Ra-ran HiirDyo, Ac.nackfammon .- United Stale at J...*T.rm. 1834. mid Und.b- For DIM Colonel ona Lientonaot Colossi and*a.
tot and ({.mbroon fer lant.| ttMtor and PAol cad Chess D *ard* and ibe uno, l'tmV < @1D lag litoated io the Coonlioa of Alachua and MM Mor.r.irachRexinient.a;| follows. .
Cloth' for llvetsCostsGeutlem.i.nd Toilet G!.-., fWy lUt**, Card. Neodl ..tlS. G tlUnT CO., Java jaw received direct For she 6rt Ref mwnt. n mpo<. Wi .' hem .t c wdend plain Ur far Ca.*, L.die and (;,nIStMa'. Dressing Ca. from N.. York,by ski Bug 3*. Float their 'MI.And ales a1 tko nSt tit"). and Interest po* ***ed by t.e.mb1u..4 Santa ROM coon tie*. -'
rn O.tnbno llandkerefiefaol boaniifol quality Lit Hair{ end Phavioc Bm>b., Tra,eUitf and fancy .". ly or Poll.od Wtr tnU. d. Coortio{of every tko aid Charles I.,.. Exeentrr afiraid{ or F* r Forth, second Re tai mug, compoa d or the ".. denS
.. CmSrle j an axieo* TO a"ct"ment.r e,1k and CU- Batkcte. Silk Pnr*'. Motto BotUe GrftVatcbea, variety of t..ey e.d .Upl. ankles r"M for M,Arredoado Soar deceased or po.e..eI by tko .VaJlo..Dd Washingt counties t wt
i l.ti Pocket Handk-re mi e fa. A line n..ottment 01 l lVh1to Glass| flower fund. ToyTmwpei*. China Va. ins market. AW, ao *lf.ot*.* el L4VaodGefetUevV btr /idiat. in *tr other grimier x'u .' 'o'lwttMr. Refmut.compo! f the MlBtiaai:
\ Ouch and 11 ln lin, .twh aa Di.bop Lawn. Marble Orna wnt. Snofl ISft.... NaU said Tooth Drev Good or tko Libel reset *'lyle prior date '.tho **id i*. d'*enhed pate, within tboooond F"dldin.ad Calhoun' eoantio .
HoreanottandJaeonrtj Ma.lin* end Cambric. Book Brohe. Gl la.. and IV.odeaToye. DoHa Worvted ..d.. test vanetr..Wo.Ckioo.Claus, and Crockery .r>*. of Mid Ut oVcribod grunt, or int rf.r. For tko fourth Regiment compo$ d or the Mila.
and d eiai 11I.Iin..T. '*rn Blank.and adored Crapo-I p.a.ra.101'0 *!*. Ovate. Tin. RnOanni. PUfd l*.l*.,. and Wooden* sat "".kb. *eti.r> a decreo of |1h. Superior of Jackson eCtDn" *a
in grit n no y I Blond and rnmmon Lies both B{"f' HAitDWAKCAND CORDAGE. wa c.,lrd.*ro.*d CoteUie.SaddWry and Uaroet*, Coo rt of Iho Oi..icul Caat Florida iafator or.b.J For the fifth Regiment eoopwed'of tko Miluiarf,
ed and plain t Plain tit and d'rir..et Mn.Unt,Ac. Table' and r.oebl Koiv. of variMM patterns Bo ,.}.. iboe. hale ai d Cp BoooetU, Jewelry ,...E.Levy G.dden .an',. j t.
L\CEH AMD CUGING:4.erellt and quality| fctvf.\ ghee and O/trr knive*.Steels. tndPanryAttick*, tUk. and Stationary Coafecionary GEORGE R.FAIRBANKS. For the .i." Raf isent.composed of tho Militia..?
A variety ftr C.mAnel.W.. Thread. Cotton Razor. Sh 4r.and fcie.,..a and Table Spoon lVrfon*ry and Toy. in great vaneiy. all oJbkk Must. CJUacrry. C.H*. Loon and Wakolii connt't**.
I any Linen Uini.InWiMi* and Laoea.oftbo Leon Shovel and TOft,*. Ur.. and lion Andiron Botta have V.. ar4ehlv lotted otpre olrrr' lk P'.Aaro .. 3d March. 184(1Eaatera ( For iko aaveath imoot.roropoacd of tko Mii%
recent tvto and Im.ntif i1 I qtl.UiH. and Hrrew*..tr...,o-l float J1etk,Tacky tlrodndTiU city aod cooouy trade. They UkotkwopportnoKy toiprelkeir of Jsffenonceant,. .
nfjtVtM ANIl I 1I( tr.nv. IN. ... .t v.rir l r. -.- .... Car... NlM.*Tool Door ik....,. the public, ref ibo h..11 pate Circuit ofFl rllln. For th..icLtJa Ref imeot.eompootd or then.1dSti.'f
A e mpl let. Moitmnt of Glovo and HwJery I con Trimintn ;.i) Lars -. P.d end Ch-K Lock: Cape roMf e",...op Mi ikm for tbo year pt and bopot I CIRCUIT COURTS ST. JullN'S COUNTY.I Madison and Hemshoneoueties.; " Iiy i +iinf a f every ...it".r kind*. Colon and .a1itr iwlricH bet""..rr.nk .ltd 1..11 .Nrk*. A i.., Pp* -*, boveki sessile e ntiao of 'M ... C*. and ease CKACIT. ro the ninth Regiment.COt"pot. ..r the Mslih,
S In* attention of purcliaaera pirticolariy" and Hoe i, llooV ii< Iline*. hag C.0o*. Chain try "ulcort.. .f1. .' / tgnwd lo call ash *.t.5u.elh.irwail > Tko Soniborn Life Ia,oraaeo and Trait Companyfor Columbia IODn',. ,
'c'ef Had lron,C.<-. Mil-;*, Iron and !t.*l Pq..,.Bra aCandleftkka o. they aronw pe.p.odSesupplyd.rra.ath..tsd..ntasaesernw the n.o Ac., For the tooth Regiment.eompn.edor; the lmt.t
le SHAWLS. Itridl Ultta Bocklr andMinop*. Pet cad ,. all T1. AUehoa. Levy and Marion roaotieaJ n
II!. \nu'ftat'' '..."ln ltt.. h a. n" hri,'.T.b-t rn..ian Cap. !'.' nC r.w.s-,.Tn Sqearr. Rot**. tbnrf erne fri.odand p.tron*. hue t. *., that the ReUrc BDawptnjr) Esr.. CbarW W. Downing. For the ol vnth RetioHnt, cotnpo ed or tka
Wool Mtf.lino de lain Kab)" and Plaid, boll Gimblft. MoU. R,.** Boitor., Pinerr, l>rwigKtiive Good urn .. pw lr..pctr n ...win bo freelyetp..ed J.bn Uo.bi0(. Ned Do.ninClad Ln y Downing Militia' or 8tn'on.Dd Hillborooch too nib*. 11
*r,_ and AIM ill. a. very fiend aonment. *. tiers|| Combs, and Carry C... BeDow*. an4..IIM very I..HI pria. raiding and SI..., tko affidavit or the For the tw.iny Regiment compooVd of & .MXt
It1BHUNti. a 'fnh".1rt.; .., of One..*. had C!*.. Rape c,. Aat... C t1. n Isg3. I UPON {i.... Solicitor ia oath r... It being| of final and N. Ittuat el.r *
A rplendiJ' a'brlm,nt of Uteat *i,l* B nn tl.Tat .nd Cod Uo.. Mrin and Tonle Net TWIMO Fish 'I DTK sand Fancy "ootl,,. mad to appear that tho said defendant RebeceahDowamr For tLo thirteenth Regiment competed ell sly
Gts soy Stlm Ui l>on.tCTn,ilinf r/e.i-ry tariHtr olC'tlorand Uno and 1 H.",. *atl I Twine. Cloo Uoewhkmanv I John Downinf. Ned D..i.'. and Laey Militia of St.Johns Oranfo.nd SUi Loci coonlie*.
(er'' .iylt, also a fin* .nn."t of Cctl9'" nth*t .rtKl. IN the .lii.. GEORGEnURT.dk.COM,a, now vponiox a I I.rt" P...,, : rreido beyond tVo jarimJicUon of tbiaCoort. For the foartecDtb Regiment composed of Ik*
.( and
M Pane tiilk UradM, Gimp Silk. Cord &: BIIITTAMA.TINANDVOODEX \\Anc. T.ye Panry to w'I.e 8tato or Viffinia. Militia or Dado and 3Ioaro a..Dei.! *. ,
8TAPLU AND FANCY GOODS. Spittoon Tea swat(:fTrc ...*,T. KttVMof- Cft' for tko Holydaya.mil On motion of lAid Coaplaioanu. Solicitor It Ifordertd And I do order that aid Election. bo held at ale
.0.. I.d'a
An cll"f*nt Miorlment of llaltorine and Buitm and Cwp. l.wn Prrtlrr Tin Pon*. B. io., Pail. 1M,the .aid Reb. e.b Downinf.Eiqr..John precinct in the ***enl Cnaotiev.atwk'ick.thefiaorW
ins Muting, French Jaconet M.i.'lin and Printed* n"r".,*. 10-4 Tabs. Dntt Paw, Meor. \V.. FT THE BL08D. Downint.fio. D.wnmt and Lney Downing dp*p- election, oa the brut Maday. or October tart,..n
Ltwna and Ipe.etirnl!article'far hen new 1r..h..I. ,spice Bot Lamps M0FFAT'SYESETAILE pe".nd an**.r the said CompNinnnta'a bill 01 by lotpector appointed
ra* al!I.e, BUck and C.lnndJr'*M and limit UUHItombaiinMof "hrn. TwiMlW-r I/raitnr, MufiT a Itinr. Dinp.t*. complaint withittfonr niivtih from the *r't pnblira* to manato such election; and if each Invpeetor Cr
tbo m fmert anility t r..pli.h. am 2"h.c |lot.. Urfroaaitmall Wn oVo TnU, |Urk- LIFE PILLS ties ol thia order, aad it {io further ordered that nolr any e.-o fail or rfoo to set. then by such Ipnaria
Prtnrh Marinoe.I'rint.J a 8| ton.lid '_rtnH>nt. .!*. I'oiU. ,.,o an r* Dow|..\'*" ... Krrl-,Cloth A3CDPHCENIX tbo said last named Defendants appear and ibo veto* prevent attuch precinct may ..
Prench Engli and American Pntu tied Girth ,"Itt4I. and Itn*.lint, l'ane' Mat. and Ho fl. Ba.ket*, Bra* an wer the nail bill. of complaint. w ithin. ono month Sod.do further order that tko teioraa of said.
moat recent Style and Iron Wire. '*-*. Broo.'. and Wlt*p'. U'*.k BITTERS "Pros tko otptraiion .f llo duo pnblicaiion of this tina hal! bo mode by the inapeetere thereof lbrtkitk
Silk Hack' and blue black,r 'nprb q"ajUf{ i al. Board. Wlnir.a h and floor Bra lies. with miry TN blab sad.wi.d e.hbrttT \Jr' ,"... order, a decree pre eonr..10 may bo taken against .bet..cdoa. and directly tbo Goes u4
Plaid and Striped Silk of Lutes 'tk lit der***. : other ailrrb Iw!.IIIte ).,.. .t..1_ir.M J. .snNe.as.oy I...esa then or ei kr ., tkem.Ilio Commander-iorChi.f of tho Militia of due s..t. 4W
also Bonnott SUkt in Frost witty, Brown ear U"UT11) 5llinAr *. ... .ti. Art peat w M. bur s..ew.d 1M farther ordered that die pablication kerey' I farther order, that the Inspector or he rinses

\., Meacliod Sbirtinf and Mh.f>linrt Hfillinp' : Cot \* f4>h.rtaUV> Kid Mipj r.. Bokin and Gait sit. .... n-J past.t we b.rte....,5.re..rj.1M tt*.frM I sins.. K* m id* weekly in some Newspaper printed inlaid precincts ihallet np.twen" day before the ewctm.in .
|<*n and Lioan Orotbortt Cotton PUr.H'.t liw en o f l...'.f..I..I.l.". lM-Ml >-.en.* lists CokT. 04 :.gfOro.nn.iitx .a./ sine.a.t ,a*IMW.** Di;-trict Get the 'period Lea,oiiih.. 0 reo or moro public pUeta in their election d'wriek
$2.4ahteuoglBrownan ,cliod IInlland.t l I4"!*. common Itwt..rd *\.in f'rat variety S a Itrre a- (dinned) THUS DOUGLAS.Judy*Ac. ooticoof the Lime or boUior the election hereby ire
this, Cambric. Bnrlap and Oowlu.C oand p.d. mtnvnt .C I B.y. and Mi*** $lssr rlippr" end s.at JtIL Lt eII.1IL"na wLTaL S. L. BURRITT.Holicitor. Ac. d.rod.
dings Nero Cloth a fine aortmnt of :iJk an, B. *,... retie Mi.. Units and Brof an. in ;teat or jctrrc w m.o.\c JiwrcwjrtinBIUOOI Certified lobes iron ropy.GF.O Given under my hand at tko city or Tallakan,
1\\.1' Tabby Velvett*, Grams Un n. Silk and UW-te .t*\y, and *t very Itw p.i.., IrrLTni.'a4 1M ataoou Kloara X. FAIRBANKS EuOthnf'e. ( thi 20th day or Fe',.",. 1848
Sorfo.a real variety of costae and fine Irish L ( .
I*it.M!.ii..v a..o-. >,ors 21 Ib43. Clerk' C. C. E. C: P.Illankct ,
CarpKiox 4-4 and M nutting. Oil CMh.Toiie' \ fill oxortmeM of 111414'llrif.1ry. tAU. M. rM.a..b..w..l .b'e,,... t.overnnr orHorida.and CommandeMn.CkiefafI
COtert.T,bt. UMO,Cotton and Urea. 0"epr.Plaid, II.'.. >|'rnnf.V., C..r.. Cnrri fW., (.Itb. ..-N.,. t.M NW. *: thereof.Florida
sod Cb ek*. Nankien. Toweling, ('idti.'. Purlin. L4iJdk 114 g_. Ae den .ILJOC, Caottc..d u.aOC'Jl a.U4f. A* N ELEGANT assortment of Ilhiu. end'III'"
Raf. Wick and Wodet.ncVo,. ', Green tVn,. MltfCELLANEOU*. oo nrot ..cf)Lt>S A. curoiiw, ciruiic "**.jn.t rneeaved aDd for wloek.apby and 3Tnn.a" Stout
and Kftl Flannel I.. A -pk redid. article .f 3 olar zoo,.' *" ..por HNiLiup w. .mtJL r.- D. .flth. HIS GF.O. BURT. 4co.PER Pac&et. I t
TAILORS TRIMMINGS: AND MIUTAKVARTICLCrt. .. Trunk* hand Bot.. Plo.r Bro4* |)..inf coccrrr MCJMUX. Dt0ataa.DYLPEPt1IA. Notic ,.II-r.- Regales diU' Yukrt Win. Gaton Ci
J&.It Me .
I Itrn. ,!, C..lu.. Loolinf GU... Gnitr*, ViIm. ,ar..a._.-irr..e. ,' F. Perk will ."'*. a t'ico''" earn Fn.f
Bins Mack and cohered Sewinf Silk of et-.I14On. I, .. L+ 4i*>. UtAiKfVti.,.. Co.|noV Ca.ricU'liip eNIu.rr.lU. 'alai sea &t r 'r". PL4TU.u tcLooor Atoiand r now ckarfint the morning a& !)A. II, OD each week.aad will lem 4
quality |twist Spool Cotton Iff tbo bet ,"" .,. (1*n.s .. .. DouUtr Brtcl' Ci.... frrr Fusses| ACT*. 'cr. ..i"C articlein prime order at ,.tail.e a 4 1' Sa for Savannah vij. Maorfar.n. J.ckmoifV
burgs and Cotton Thread, tfilk and Cotton t1.! .. dings, Give. ll.th Urr<- .11.r..era, Hatett. It.tnr'Surpa.ll'haI FKVRR o.*>4 AOfK. f..-... tridiof dtaoe fro M IS. ontinl co"l SOIO< ) bn.hl" oc u. )1",".and alloih-r interoi .futa ailarrive
Trench Cotton. 2>ilk and Cotton Cord, rt-lk any I ... .ta.w.vds.w.i r W a ...a..J.nra.r ,.WJ n..r (Uy.Tini Dennis Plnnr.41 Bat tu Savannah earl Sunda LmiioM
Mohair Coat and feat Uiodinf. Gold ad rfilrf An u"'ut'tJt.r Usage and Medrine Paio'j and ..d.nor .. .e.rs w M.Iv.t ..e s..1i.w..n.s..l-of.si w a Cot!:-.. au UarrU t.,ar. 23 Ihrrrl 4th.l *... .lwBot enf era for Charleston tea,on k>... at*t morninx)o'cluck*.ia T H*
Wonted and Cotton Army LACO. CmUroilerMl Bo l/.tuft.. Tar IM&M. tc jitTvncn. a.o at craco.OBWDHAI. DrownS.ip.5Ti fe.. Kic..50 BirreU Pouto evening in th. daily line of Meawara ..
Flea Sword Knot, Silk rhea Patent L .tner 17S. BOOKS AND I KTATIONAR1 rort.tal WCuxrttxto" .. 50 Bar"b Uoi.a*, 100 Hex Lard Id Casks Tho Casino '.D'ia omnttion with Menr.WM!
Belt, with Plate Erabroid trod Star. Gold *'tatffluttona A Bca.tifol...wtrn'>riH f onnn.1. r, I".S. IWtntf DEBILITY Cbr...yQ Bit*. "larch* lldd. sperm| Oil 15 Bar burn and Wilder' Brit |hue ,,r Packers to 5 .
Shoulder Sttap. &c. 1"11" r.....,., Fancy Uoolt., Piimcr, Alma* M MHT..e, g.:N-'RDarts.MOOt A. UKjrU.JCJOJ,',u..ruar &MWWe.,Jyar1 ,*. Lund Oil. 4(1( Boie Sp.im Candle, and a hoe Yak'or WBieb on.>..eev.ry Monday o.m:.*
Gilt cut Velvet, Twist, Jet and rotnmnn rovrm nac S'h-I.tod Blink I* N.U.,A''k' .W*. Led,r*. Tex uric ctoua I"Q OKC. iof4rr& a.otta .t of article*..uUr kept by n. in alike qnan, The IM-bin dooa not return tu Black Creek ea kn
4' 1 Button, in irreat varietr, f..r Co"M.nd Paot.} sin., .nd Pa HI B.,k.. rM4ejn I'-tn-r. l>-n*, do.. Printing nrtZ.ZVSR ."ie..,he Utl.IU'1 acconimod4tH and all attention way IvaivaniMh.
l.nanand Cotton Tape. Braid. Eyelet Tiuuible, d..Sl t u.ee d.. 1..t'.I... \IIppi..I.\.ae.. COTPLLIMTa. I...Lhe-ad U. E. CARR.t Co. NAMES OF PACKCTS.
1'eot Uinj Pantaloon thrllr', Moots I and Lywjo ; Ti... do. |U.4lir.i day "'..1 do., iced said Ul.ktteshinF urau..r. )tStea.MKltat St. \ninuioo Jan. 1346.tOTICCi Tbo vemlacowpwinf his Lih..win hp..n.i\t
{ 'peoder End, Knitting Pm, Needle. d.e &'. Wa and U.fer*. Porct-Uin and f>mo nnrilat 1 r..L.t.0.ii.w 1L1AflhII a.r..t.5...Ali..I/.a.wt hereby '. to all p..Moa.!n'*re. dispatched retularly every Monday.r.A..11..1
nmpriinf a com pi Me .OtI, n' n( trintmmf for **,(ttlU..t Pen. Lad and JUu Prnril --rW a..a. r..ewMl-.f_..,.r.a< l\ ted in the Ex,o of Ch.rle' Lawton, dee'd Brig CLiNTUN Lyon- W"'.r- Jaw It.
Military' and Cititen Coat and rAh' I'l. i..gsulVi< .'Ii., C.rd*. Ink Stand. BWk aMIVd >inirr ixrun.jrurom &attrrr.lW'u rvorjirtrtnox that in two month frwn iki* date. I wilt pr *ent my BngAUGUSTAA.M.Sherwood. Mat r.Jt
CROCKERY GLASS AND CHINA WARE.Anrtitntire I.". Gen titotinf on eiun.ira .ortmeot ol torrsiAis el ii wren CJ.aLue .":. itr ant*. a* Fiecntor or aid .. .'.. to Inn lion. 3-
assortment of every vanes! as "Iu' ...tl.'td contmon tat.iary. */n* IIUI, rjcvrzra CBTOUC.TV the c.." of Probote. of St. John'eConnty. for 01amiaatjon New Bark VERNON. W. Ellory. M.ater.Jaaeft
and pattern conMtinf of Gianit and China: Diaitij HATS AND CAI'S.A rI.ll .. sbsal.d d..trr,. sad allvwanco. Brig SA ANNAII.
A. |
MV.v1.f,fill w rw** int ar lie M*d iin LJbawa ? WJ. ..-'.JalyT.
and Tea Sett*. Soap and Sauce Toirene. Steak Beautiful, aricl: nf bonallo Silk, PI-Ji and s5. JOSEPH LAWTOX.Qnalifiod Bug EXACT J.Jobut.rail..t.rJol. 1(.
and er..bt. lUbe BowU, Diniaf o.d Te Fur Hat, Cloth and Glazed C.|.. will bo oold at vrry r fI.U Y tw i..arobi sail. :7CDtot. RI'I' EPCEL C. B.Smith.Ma.terJu y"!31..
Plate Tea P.t*. ringer< Bowl Creams asprodi4variety low price,Al. Palm and List Wool,and Glazed n. K V. A' I. .. 1"- .. Jassry2t11846. Tbeoo ve**.1.! are o"D..nd.d"1 men amekj.
nf Pitcher, Ewer aiid Bain, Mote and II.lS Al.. a few Tu. anr Silk Pain Leaf and .L...v..*M*of Mrf kf tai Lib. penenco.who w.n..o every oiertioo to render
covert Jan, Baker'. Plattr and Butter UowU. Straw ton net*. tiLTtntCX nvlf CVLOOO,a1RLLLYat lolko I1KAD, ",r. NEW ARRIVALSGHR. eniera aa comfortable a* pofjbl( Sni:. .

The above citenivr stock of food h** teen particularly elected for this City and Country trade ami acaorct.li..s &1..'. JlTZL, lake They willuii| vooctuallyuabovo.aiidro) .a
will be plamiohed tom time to time direct from New York"with the mast fashionable food* end of tb* .i..a 111C.a.of curler i.ernytire DOtow dtoffabya8teaia'Boat.'; 'I
r ,' )>et qoalilio. thereby hoping to retain the liberal .'.onace wl..ch bo beta attended tot kern for the yeai W 0 lit....f ut .ass ..M LAGUIRE. now dirbarfif. W* are ro Berthaeanbo eororodonapplieationto .5
.Houses. ..i 1..i w d.iw... a l rf* and cboico axpply of Praise
sot. ,I.UItGEP BURT alt Co. B. E.
( t.-0.wn..d. a.i(.r ad orticlo CARR. AtV
ether which
_Ch' ill. I";'.. ewe a.ri.a M tia oeaally kept ky us. to
THE LIFE FILLS 15D FBOII BITTIU wolictt tko attention of tbo Trad, and private "'ti'Ci CL.
i. -- r.... .. k*if been purcba d at '
\fl10CH SALg-A- preoeatro IIF. SUBSCRIBER
/tLIAIitOCFRY PURIFY TIC BLOOD. T would leepeetfafly WnlhepablKthathAviofparrtrMdorN.H.DroW>
doted ,ricer and sir determination to ..u" a trio
.f I t Are rKOVIMO KTORE. Aa4 thai maorc all diacajc frost the rytteta. fliax adao from IJ. original CosL Our pet d.are the entire.line cf Mail Coacb. Stage* 40..raooiaj

AT THE OLD STAN r. LIFE FILLS and warranted .acI..1.ecuna..cd.'ioa to our Cutio between 8u Aucnttioeand Pwolaia dt Jokaa.b
r PIKMIXtltfao I BIT T ( .S .,..,.. 1. in connexion wi'n the U* S. Mail Steamer 8r JftaY
lo tW onUili.*,*fy. \\9 now odes to quantitJe to tko Tends at a Die iewaaud.Wm.Garson.wi'I. coniiano rendo/ofa* 1
I tI D&mm tJQo Tko turin of OW *.UM an sow*M.*>k*vtfco rout, ard retail. -."ic"4M. pr.. ... Carfowbkhoor facility and aerooimodaUwn to tkolravelUi coan**> t

I ll AY.. lleee ncS ptuebr. MARIA KL01'1.tS.IO days fr.ns N.w "'"k. ....d.d.'onln..tantrr. .on Nd.O" a.a G.t..rtr.I..1., ..w.war a...b.nrM4 a. preveal porrb..r* warrant.IW)0 ty p...r,lo. A *taf'will be in seediness upon f !*{, '
( ..bol.,. kept by them. They .elicit the attention. ofthe trade and priv,<-lmiUe... lea _.u.n is a.h'.f ar..e..T.W.a'.s 1..e ) U.... corn. VUU d... OU. 40 Bake Hay rival of the S'eaoiera *t Picolata b.convey paWaO* it.
_ M*..d opon their istiblisbmentfortbelast' jear. All order ahall bavo ifclie ,. N m. Tko vs. pun sail -. Is '1Ib..td'a Bork.brt. 10 M 0..K. D. I. & M doRioFloor. will be provided r.r. moderate ana' ev aary"IIUt.
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| mail f ilitiei and discount, and ot Charleston' prico. trade pwew wnh.'ibe IdTiorceaRico (Cb ko.; 35 Bolo Pilot fur furthoi !nfi rmatHin **
by the orif<.al package,. 1 her folbwiiTo .tow OWy we 1 1 ni.* ... given apply tip8.M.WAKE.IAN.
hot /a d. ..rtid Craeh.ra.6 u.u.
Brad 15 Maccatoni.
'w or tbs manv articlea_ now. boiagrecesvedt-_ bay .l..r **>*.*.. **WlO V lvl.r MaN PrHo
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TE'8-YOtlDCIlIO..oa. flo..T..b.Guapo. 81'ICIR-T'rtmt: f., )fate. CUve., CMHU 1''. SI Pork. 15 HIT Bbl.. F. )I CiijHaa
.. dr, '..rial,Bobs, Poocbonf,Sooch&x. I I per "i"""". rp- ,.4..w. *** Beef IOU it. AnxoMino E F.J.. 6.194ft.
K. Lard CO Pirkio
Hotter. 41 Boie
-S WXX.Z.ZAM .. >RVrr.T.JS r* Cheese
Ae.-lido. waf' ..
81'GARd beddo4 MBC o- HAVANA rIClIR\: t-In ce"I.ehe tan, ... .r d i irtio .o..S>roTor*. 5 Bbl.)lrilfl1. I Ca,k Cod hh. 30 Boiw Herrinx, IT EGRO CARRIED OF::-A nofra Mao.aaM
'T vado\V..rIDdi.; (bright)10'').Liquorice... Havaoab Pastel Cock, Candy JI" rah aoNirted Goata Jell/ I. halt Ib.and,be T., tote y IOJ Dates. and' tllf B. Soap, 35 do. Sperm Cao 1' AMOd, belonfinf to the eitato"'.' StffU '
honey I lN te.. 8. E.CARR alt C.. die, tt do. Tnowdo. in d. Acamaatin do. 30 tune and ennv.Ted to the subscriber a* Tnotn.
CUft"f.&,6c.-J.. O..n I do. frouedt Mocha: AMLRICAN FnU'FffUmon.. I do. 1 Hod. Oil Broi order marriage had.men' Skoraiwaaioledin t
fi.rpbeny. Con Ct.rch Sperm ( opj.1 Bbl. a by Gooifo
t-!* Chorolatet and prepared Coca I fl".'. Cinrer: n'n t on Lrmnn.tAtCCt Lard Oil U do. Sperm It.(. do. 40 do. Potatoeo.W Stat etI'et', and i*believed to bar* +
CANDLESCommon Sperm. and Tallow and +. .Tfn.,., Water*. "n tirooii (Catv p t .6t ... Apple. 13... Dawns, ads Dried iTppU.. Bent to !.'AnfnMinbvpfaonwbotrdedif
3' Wick. I. quart, pint, end half "art betting f et IeQN I do. ... Plume, | do. da Peaete I B.x Orne Tbo void net ro belonf to the *a>d tnt**utvaappooodtobtvoboan ,
11 Cbavirf white oMotodf "ar..c... dot C.lfr> Powder Italian Macaroni. Irli. ....'.rf1Ia. Veiled "''11".' lall. I d.. IA... 100 Coeoo. Not. 25 Boa A*.ortedCaady. .hipped.bo., JoDolaiL,
and Bmwa.TOBCCO. London o....ned Saaco. Jokn lJulr.Su' FORA AND SAVANNAH PACKET via. 2 t. Almond. I do Hickory Not. I den ....are warned afaiiat trading for.MMaoj
Plnr. /*and IBttCarndibUdiea Fteak Soc j Ilarvry. Pradirf. Cvic. l: eoce F PiroUu. hock Creek Mandarin. JackaoavOlo. E. WaJnuf, J. do. Fen do. I' io. Filbnrt do. and r'.lrdor fifty dollar, ,wjllbo I paid, wlth.i 1 1pease.
Twin. taper Tobacco Micaboyfonffi Scotch ..r Arict"vir.. Archovy Post.. Perrerftaoe*. St. John'. D"ffSi. Mary Brnnvwkk end Dari**- !' Bax Pea Nat*. 2 Doses H. H.Soxr. 10 Bib. .. if lodged\\o CharUt jail. A saita'"W '
a do:Regalia. Princip.. Mora La Norm., and other ML'ftTABI)$- t-"I"'rfi te. i. ..Inlt. sad or. Ib. Carrtiaf tbo U 5. Mail.the boo nomed place I Cbe*b*d do 25Aond Brown del ,10, do.-Mnl.*. ward .illbe trvooto !!ny poraon' whojormationrnfficienttoconricttho -.iD.
"node, and common S ar.. tin caoiler, bottle l.ncli:
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f tar Heovo do. I Bit Honey .1
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WINES LI QUO 1(8, Ae. Brandy,. Otard. Dopof MVti.T: OIL-U.rd eoaslN.rsneilk.. in b..h,. .1.*.', having .. tborookly .overhauled Bate lI.pt.3a'8.* Rio Coffeo 10'do. Ja ... 1Mocb andaaipped A mo.. tI&
1 A Co,!do UordeaaaJamsiea Spirit old ration or 1'2 bottle*} Ploieooe, lo b.lfcl>eiu of 30 kot.PICKLCS lr rdc .*and robin.raiailr,and bandto Rums do I to 4 Proof$ Holland and ikiedan Gin: ,... Per B. T. HUNT '
; her machine moch lmpiavd | a* Caia.> I Keg Na ef*. 20 Bok t* Champaign Attoraeft
Whiskey Scotch do, (a btu articles)Madeira win, : -French variety OHv*. Capers. Cores r. .;* xl. Mt"..d ti.a and t..fadski caao. 1 Toward Marsh Co.i d. Marseilles W.t.,.: cl.o.. Atttlwv. in c..s, 12 bottle each .srpaawdbyan,boat Ibo m" .Tkr bo4t.WIf. 3 Ulf. Pipe Brandy, 3 Pip. Gio. 4 HIT. Pip. .
pale salbrowe Da!.Gordon A Co. Ckerrr I'on; FLOL'WNew Butk.brt, Hyo Flour c....Oau rhoatSavaaaakavrry n.,., moramf boforotkodeptrlor Maderia Win. 3 do. do. Canary lo 2 Qr. Can i 1'ew And fashJoBatile 8 ,
I?b.mpstneheck 8parklinf vintage. 163*; B" Trackera, Chan. Batter. Lad, Ham. T.a*'' *of tbo daily lino.( Saaora IW CbarWto.. Port... 2Ck* Cia"*,. 10 Bbl. Vlnefar. 2 do- and Mtmmc Bad. r:.
/leant Vine,*" Ix+ndon Porter ia qo\rt and pinus Preretvee. fickle. Oil*. Prir.. and .teat e.. i wkirk kiss every ",..,. Al**, ass*.!Ta w. Beer. 2 do. Cider, 20 1M. do. *0 Ca k* Porter BURT & ,CO.. bare >at-rooiv,
Port Clarttt .H.I. ieek Champafr .fn qnn and eortmeiH of new.and frr b GOODS. BOW .gMICCLI.ANLOVSAI'.anie leg total* pa.fo la ibo Brig or Buk Iiai which 2 do. Scotch Ale; 2 false Cuba 7obacco. 2 Hbd.Kurstsebyd.20 G. New York a new IIId heastdahaaaottSpaag .
pint| Dord... Chest Rochell Brandr. half opened. andett .0. Muse Savannah awry Tk.rdir aid Satardar ft Bose Aortod PertorkoTabocco. { and Surnmai Good wbichan ,,now..|
'pint, Detract oV ro.| Cofnte and ChampafnoBrandr Met., Table Sah. New Yorkaftor Iko ."inl.," SuMaaUw.f/. 30do. Americao Sefar. 3d. Prileipi Stoioa Beat and for ale b, 'c, Q.q, M.Mmh9
Mkl Clrir .% eo. io half and qoarter' Pipe*, Velvet fork*, American he;ar,| Chorol Florida. ,' Brand. S Bbla' '."1_,. | do. .. .. 20 Boso ., IiW6. '
,pak i Akovntho do ., Fit. io ca ri Kirch l late, vizt S.el Spiced rarr.cr*.. *w.ttt iced P.*..nfr*wkk tkoir Uff* w31bo pot oa board Ploo*. S do*. A.*,. Sooff. 1UJ KM Aortd
!, .nwaaoer do la Fen Noiroi Cordial ef tarta Plain | prrprd Cocoa, C"hlt0..,. LJqvWk* of either Woe it ,.irt4. If.a.. 0" WUto Load.10 CaaMior Green Paint Assignee Sale. "
kiodtt Gin 'otaj brand a onporior asides; e.. r..... Ultl. ink, Pearl Br,,. Fancy Shaving The abov beat win leave a* *...iLeavo 10 do. FIBO Yordi a.1 Bbla. Und Oil.7S Box aadlo'virtao or an .,d.t
rartoMoym, Lo Norms and iborhrande.Ff end Toilet .. Ft nirbU n Bitter*. Wine Bee Paktka ovary Too.dy at 8 A. M. Si GU. (,.s, ilOIOil2. 2 Bbl*, Tnrpentioo, 13do. INpnridaaeo..,,.,. entered.on tho-'
flit. Honlnf,'8ardinoa, Palmon. Mckerl.Cod.Boef. ter, Writrnf Ink ond Writirf Caod. RJc*, ref *, Picolat I N n ,. pitch,.&, do. Rosin 3, do. Tar 10 Bale Ook November,1845 I will ofler for aja.Mp klia1'tion
,aoVIIIONI.-I'erk. H"tn*, Floor' Batter. Barl 1 f, Oat Meat AI... Con r<*. pity riv, i4 Black Crash M .* 3 P. M. ... f0I Brick, 13 do. Like 12' den feet A*, m IODI.I tbo Coon Hoooo,in, the.eyt
a.. a... Both ouch.. flreha.h 80.'IftCfl/., i4 Jork.n.... N ,. It njm.ForfreUbtnrpOMtvtvra \ sorted Whit Pino,30 Bbl. Um.. 30 Boibola lUir 'Auf.*tino... tbo VOfHl moeday of April'r',L'
,1fIT-a.w., I. a.K" Bed fir. been Zeiss.Cerntsts CUOCKEIlYAMGLA8P.WAEP.AS80nTr.DFhatfand apply m Cpu McNtlty I & & .. Plaxer. 5 do. Cement I C..k flM.|*., JOO the tight, sills ..4.1 Intrma ;pf Samue) H/ Wf
s Geooa Citron Data I frail| Pro .. TnGaTYta SITU a GICCT "n'.r ..tee,..*, Wood di Cfct korn. 8vaaaali.FERNANDEZ BaA,*ortod'kot 2 Bfl. Ch.lk i:d*. ,Whitwg.ISdn. ems. "be bas be.ad.el.red bsnkropt.'isitdallthetlraeta
In riaiar*a.Tamarind*. Fancy food. "tationuyC.ttoryW.ad A BIS BEE,Jackjoovitte. E. F. Beoom. |0 do.Pail, 6 Nm Tab..& CesLa Lacedtituate'I( "Iriof. sad bold|
KA'(. Sporn, Cantor and Elephant. "'.". Herd War*. II.u.Cap Boot, f hoe. Nail; Tk.v*.*r Sank Spaaldiaf rant io coonoetloB tear Ropo.4.Doaen Amorted Bod Cord. tho ,Co n.y of "Qn.,., etlfcd! Otsego i.
.t I" I/ Vary dmta old la fcaJf boto*. qaartrrifbtko. I IIi",..A e. Aln.fmtt a. orio o.t .r Crocks", wok ibis. Boat and BO okor, I* EaUrprwo ..LvkoMooroa.000 A Lamp sad eon.t.. eoeottas.ei of 8h.U' ode trlCr orp lt rtatlo'rtoptber'wia; IM
M.M, .gal ".dM...r cojoiot qoalrtio. and.:complete orb of Grtch, Cbipa I ,apd coaa oo waro. bandied sad t..(yira. mflo*a tbrr input Hwdwut,, .eckety"Bbtiaanr. ,tad. T ass. sad. ralaf 'of 8. rworkooj aidlroo '.rn
reooat laiportationI I i V*. \eI Iath..I..el.I.-.lint..' ;C''ft 7 .- t _.L AI'Old Ilta f > J(53KPH I M.'HElNAWDMr'Mlfftrl a--

a J.: 'I.-m.. Oet.bee l/,11ff: j jt. !I JolI. 18f*. b r r.-.1 l:. cil. t 'i.e '''., '. -.,1 \ r..tr.iuor1.



.<. 4t.' \iii. .t




... .,
.. .4.odA...
; -- ') -- > 4 c.. ._ W

Florida herald and Southern Democrat

Material Information

Florida herald and Southern Democrat
Place of Publication:
St. Augustine [Fla.]
James M. Gould
Creation Date:
April 7, 1846
Publication Date:
Physical Description:
v. : ; 57 cm.


Subjects / Keywords:
Newspapers -- Saint Augustine (Fla.) ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Saint Johns County (Fla.) ( lcsh )
newspaper ( sobekcm )
newspaper ( marcgt )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Saint Johns -- Saint Augustine
29.894264 x -81.313208


Additional Physical Form:
Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
New ser., v. 4, no. 22 (Nov. 1, 1838)-
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Ceased in 1849?
General Note:
"Principles and the people."
General Note:
Publishers: James M. Gould, 1838-<1845>; A.F. Gould, <1848-1849>.

Record Information

Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
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This item is presumed to be in the public domain. The University of Florida George A. Smathers Libraries respect the intellectual property rights of others and do not claim any copyright interest in this item. Users of this work have responsibility for determining copyright status prior to reusing, publishing or reproducing this item for purposes other than what is allowed by fair use or other copyright exemptions. Any reuse of this item in excess of fair use or other copyright exemptions may require permission of the copyright holder. The Smathers Libraries would like to learn more about this item and invite individuals or organizations to contact Digital Services (UFDC@uflib.ufl.edu) with any additional information they can provide.
Resource Identifier:
002057498 ( ALEPH )
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AKP5524 ( NOTIS )
sn 82015285 ( LCCN )

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JfMfter'j Sale.garter r,.. lW &allera f-.n. Rote of nrariatle acid, stir freely I until all "A frft stark Ytwtg .MM."-Under tfai* .

CircvJitl eC J'I.clda :Jm.Di1jtTllaSm; il.1i). 1 I OP BOILS ''a >Jee have ceased to rise then set it one heading! tae N. Y. Tribune hu some sound an'

CaACar.Meaa aooto CoL W. M. Son: Lit Hell Jtfani 1. 1S46. for some 34 hour aa\illbe water ia clear logical remark, a portion of which woextuc
then draw off the add water 'for the benefit or that class of our readers
water more
E. L vy. .. a..a& I| The cnotidvraUHi of tbs .saLtwal articlewbkbcornposeour.oile
h of and stir well so as to waso out all acid ; let it, whom they are particularly directed Read:
Y" RD tYTZT TVODATat a INner piles'e
...-. .....,of '. M. Arradaeda. et atfTTflRTUE m$ .a SIWLm.( : import to every planter especially him who clear again; decant the wafer, dry sod weighas It .b a common and must ruinous prcauuij,
efaaerderaftba Ha.. ,...MH AT roc POIUKS ret AWOK, tnrtrt &DY&JlCE, wtabestobeio/urrned ia bis ta.ia***, or who above-tbe loss ia. little more than lima I lion that simple Industry never leads to Comptence -
Jadfs of the Eaaiara Cirean*f Floe.y.s1..a4.at.tsdia there being soroetinvs macnsU In soil. To and that wealth is ntxearily pi",. .
ttrrtllal. DoLi4la AT tut tiro or i.t TIA" desires to improve bit land. I have thought'
th*ab.v. aatnUd...* sea A4ftrtittmrtt a.art.d *'O..O..fr Malt. that an article devoted to tba classing of soda ascertain tee quantity of Mol and r.Ur. wash uct of trade and generally ol fraud or crim '

MMd,,et March ,..,. ..,11.1" ,.,I..Ite. .f vacate ua,.Jar lK. Ant iatarli. .sad 7ft C,.. a. it is understood by chemical sad agricultural a known weight' of the soil It s a.-r, ami wb-nj The young mecbaoio or artizan says*0. it .*

WI.I. rat Dr 'M e..n II... i. tbs Tewaef w.aeb.eb.rq..p"a.. lwatet.dsniwo'aattipr writers would DOt be ambs: -.o
t.tt ie the Caeat/af C.I_. atlas 4th. .p rti.., tad _*, win U eaatdard lam thaa a time give some l forms lioc. relative to the for. I the rniduum-tbit ia the sand. Hut to be ac ray five or tea dollar a week m thu city, .>r
ITlf ...... th beats.r tea sad tw4tr.
H.r ant. till sad Inte"a sq.an. A di.s4at .ad. .. tb.w' .a.. ",a1 M matiou of solta. Bat thtowUI beattempteJ oo "curate. tIM vegetable matter and lime ia fact. ray tea or twenty dollar s month cardboard
sap the
4y 4 .idol. tbs ii rid twat C...,.... ... right... Ciaeatar ef F. M. by the "r. J I "Iia a general war. DOt coleriog btu all them should be taken ot t-and care should be takento ) in the country, aa the co may be-

......... tie..4een.t.....r ib.hairs er kgalatsrit.a W .. ( ...,.,.... .tter found in seila. Tbe terms used ia dea Ar. of Aid eatatsbad oaths frih sited, to poor off the water. quite true that a coloasal fortune was never r.-
... day I& 8tACOC.n eatiog land as clay, 1 loamy, sandy, tcfive
.J.b Ie<< .IB and u a certain graal af had mala Uu.rlll e.tatTtt.T DO very satisfactory idea of the cocdtioo of By this simple pia,, and at a cost of a few aliz' .d from the saving of simple and all.llCh'l

),snub G..ergot .T R..t Florida .. ortLTdM .. =s inland of n a arn.U .Dd very roe soil as regards these; nor do many noder cents, the plsnter caa M.ity tell why it h h_ forwerd labor and probably never will-But .

*4* day .r,March 1617. !. reread .ds laMa kjr spot of land| lying between lb. late of"r y. stand even what h aunt by loamy so.L AM \ land is good, bad or indifferent. If too much U M a greatmiatake to supposa that a comp. -

A ?*"., Baa. .'-...In' eight tb. aa d and the rrwfelaad ol Appkcro, ao4 well l earthy matter hs been formed from the gradual and It will not retain inoialurr. and will be tence may riot (by moat* men) be r-=aLz..1fr

M ...,..-rS..d.it..t.d.. to two....". af a MrvaM kowa to marineri for the rugged aDd danger. decay, or crumbling down or dorouegmungU what we term th'rsty; if too much clay it will m naked dowu right labor or that ua ar:
.,,birb sswn et'. 8wan..* rrrtr. ealted Alligatorpatng cf be hard to work and when dry will be as Dot constantly doing thb. All around Doato
abort rile., wen af a. OUt oatmeal coa... At Ibe citrrmrtj the different rucks that fu m the eruct of the .
-Crt" aevaa ihia auluuda the reaideoce ol a earth. Soils aardasa brick. The* latter lands will be Lowell and almost every city are coinforubiudwellings .
drrarj M poor of the
,........called Alligator T*....*.,Ied NorthUat being competed ma
r ?..1ai... forty Ini... .....-nt from d'.*** widow, who-e load" cantata I. calleJ the I tend which lures the various locks, will coo benefited by heavy vetetable dfpoeit and fall ol mechanics who comovoced without
.11' tic ptowiar the fotmee hud better. wit be plowed a dollar and never nude a guo4 b4rg'",.
.. .....aD' HMUiBtvsnUoarrm, Buena Via, Hcbl e.o... from fact that tile ufitlormlt Lain vsrtousmtkrist., aiailica, alumioa lime
.,..b. put..1... country sn $-.... under its k +ep a lamp buroioic in her window at oifbu iua
-......r Alsehea," 4e. rib diiithe aaidr"<' Durmf the silent and aoMarf wa-cbr of the m: silica alumina and lime are the pnoci. has tendency to make clay land lighter.and htiUM, and now live mdepeudeutly ther"cui. uu.

braes'ta be ..r.ey.dby lb" d.prent Can.r nib..be. rosy be len trimming ber little pal aDd give the general character to &land sandy lands closer ; vegetable matter, if nut tbe strings ol. tea or twenty )** of none

..Ihi'* Stat.. lamp being fearful that tome rniiKtiided. and aoi owing to their quantity
GtOltGt It FAIRBANKSMaatsriaCJiaoeary.. frail bark may penab through ber oegtcct ; soils. Hilica. (eao4.a floss si pure silez or aa alkali I'""* nr pora<< ,h in the soil. The nave received and laid up stile more iu in* i

and for ibis she rrceirct: oo manner of rrtnatieratioo silica' aU. ia granite, In .ad.aooes..ocJ ia subject b Interesting and deligtful! ; by pursuing lime and .e lauaU not contradict jou ; we inea I

8L Aa-jCao Marsh JOib 1M4.Constable' -it M purr unmingled phiUotbropjr. ..nda. 4t ia the material (tom whence) our win it farther we would ore why land U too cold .sircouui* as you cm b4S m averting; that I,. t

Sale. "8. ahittia a good dead la a ai'ahtwotld.." dow sad other glaja made, acd exists ia the what will make h retentive of moisture, what ;ie Dor cau be any kUouid bo secured u tulle ru ."..

dirrcd TiBic'a a lonely isle CM wt.o.e ruckT shore soils from the impalpable powder to coarse necessary 10 mite It rtoda tive&c. ward. Hut do not cling tu lao ,fatal) rawUkutuat
VIRTUE W writ of r..n facial to o* -
H Y a c..ft.l.m ftffrr The wild wa... brrak for ever more. sand-it Uooeol the most abuodaat abstaoeea 1'belOaJ.differ, so much as it b apparent a&MJu.ary ia never prospered.look S
( Joatwe PhiUipa' -
> rMl.*t fMblK rot MOIMNI in front of UM Court !II.... With a sullen sound, liketbetbuodert roar. in nature, being food ia must pUatssnd f ivetstreogibtoibe they must mik s ,rnecrwirthat even different back over tbe career of aioo-tentbs i>i t.
1 M*.tm' ..f 4k. A.r*.tiMv btw .o tlM b..f. of 10 ..Iks t.tgrata, and n the bard- fields should t' ex mined, and the good re tacit men astuog us, and you will had thw*
..t9vUc i.. tM &rat .hacl., ia March Mtt.all There restless winds atranre revels keep coring prtoopU ia all caoe. Pure and it ..ilea.AI.ai. suit H shown nut only in I England but i in America comm cad .life sea poor men, aad laid ib ".

h.ntbutMlf. sad interest which Henry Whanoa hadMlkt4cli4 \V.Dderiflla..d wailing set tbederp, ..* *ia tbe principal ingreJieot of the where tbe laellitfDe of the collators louiidauioo of their fortune* by caring por l.

.r.f M arch.A.U..I 8C3..a all that crJan Lake troubled souls that caooot aleep. sl.es. and ....Ie, rocK., and of clays. It gives baa induced a proper survey to be mde. The lion cal ttbe *camy proceed of their daily taitAwrwdnb. '

**, tad ,reoii.e* .ita.'"U Chariouteirvct watchful da tenacity to soil, and in proportion as It exist cheapest and qu= kcsi mode of impmveing they w."r" eubi to accuaiuu.
1rmdSityof 81 A.-tine... prttIfltOfOC.pWa"G. With care bjr night or ,. in the sil, will itcaue stitfaea., and deposition. our &lands or retaining them \\n their present property niora rapidly' by the help of ihuih.j.

.tort "CL. arm is a eettais ..Itiag 1I..nd. In winter stern or summer gay io run getber. A- to really purs clay, it is condition I have stated often. but will rile bad acquired, but they beguo witii little..,in t. f
Tb. mariner abuoa that coast alway.
p..i.esMasted 011 St. G.arg.8trret f.rrerty.waIt not known in soil itself balumina to it and I will du for this and could never have succeeded oincrwixiWe -
Chartea D... ",. any porcelain clay again again. so reasco. f
.oenftod the Uu I lea.
..'..1.....(/ a by|.4f ettMta favor*f eaa..t1CoW- For I bo' tbe.keel.re bright and fair, and silica ia nearly equal quantities; there are very many who will nik| oa re fur are out Holding up the men as utudr..
awth A c. va tieary Whart* ..4 gaa. el$ Tbo'aafet/ aDd site eUe brte and wbea pure clay is mentiooeJ. tha term n cemfMnd.loo. from & '''valuetes, but if iimutioa-we regard the ambiliuu &u be. r

iaM tf4 ANDRES C. PACCTTir.P Yet danger aver tbreateoa ibcro. used only icUtiicly to designate clay that will on urlag and thinking of it often they will up ricaetas grovelling and despicable B....

The a bo vewleia post poocd until the first On the wildest part of that wild spot- uo bemje washed with water depuaite oo and (eel like it wa their own Ilea find probably Sew men CAlli be truly independent or gr'wti, '

Noodt jr in AStral oeit. March 2._ Where other human borne M ni<- from eta), and is composed ot abut Mica 60 adopt. Another ret nn. Ibinr "r',," appear metal without some property and Du man can

Dwell a wiNtoin tone, id a bumble cut pans .Ilmina; and oiydeol iron 4J parts io impracticable at first alibi, repmtrdly seeing luiiooKutiy take upon bttmelf the rt.poolfibill-
Public AIIer. lUU the of and be lie ol a hJkband and latber without strivte.G
-Ueotydewf iro being coloring r eating of, they seem less so, mar
IT HAVING OECN lUUIDE) that ?.',,,,, ... Khe boa no mend or kinJrrd near; th,.. Lime, K fooJ ia chalk limestone. t/rd. Youn, M.W. mom. io provide tor those. woo have'a right toezpntol ,

ffirwActof.A..a. 164i cvtmn* within No ple4Mnt ."ha or a,unJ to cb.....- mtrti'c.: _beit,. coral, b-joes, &.c. Iill now bun a subsistence.. The young. wan wu..
tin p r'iew or the 3 J SertKMi .f tKa Act '"f Ifthi save nothing out "I his :
.. \\ by lingers .oe io bum., IMI ISr" 1 ; ftt crrj togirr tba names snot characters ol THE POTATOS DISEASE. I weekly or inuuiuearning -.%
.... th rrnf.a taut the
I Ir41 se..nMng .ndep
<< ...1. well rarely if ever save thing aid
i.vtiKli. their. hiUuiMN {i. rrrctcd. why. it tit-'....r Tba lwitigbtsb.deaare gatbtiiu ,,,,,...s ; as cUrurd ia Fur rtrUlKHl to etteodeVi these principal It it stated la some of the foreign;<< j-1Urn3 be wIN cannot lay up something any out ot a;mo
,...tb..nbt.*rd by their permit I'i..urvered..d ca niMKM-ct parts. a more noticr, that aa alarming disease is prevailing in Ireland j
Store diamal the itMi "e.uts.t crate salary, will nave
grw aught Jun never a salary uut i
the d, .blie c* strut's kctutcs Iran which obuta "
I. now pert u i
r ,
,.t r.d.t.ay in .. of the of dUeas d"I
c o
.W-t.K..rdaiamat it* Uinf II...a *oH. pr..of i* Wore tierce tbe wild wave beat the trcwoJ. ltee.1......tug: 'cqunce\Ve do not believe consumption this to be the cxse. which necao..ave anyihiti I-Vain cal the Apecutioo

sir' breiir 4iteUMaa. ...th. KrfH4.r a.4 Hee ; Yet that !louse dweller br tti.*"iH re ".* a..J.d....... i. refer..cs .. sad .N cle- Nearly po'a'oea.all the p'per.bicb ha*e been read be ol ln. clerk or journeyman thai kuurfy

''r,rr. lvf re! .the eomrn net-wwrl t.f the .aW... IVara nut ibe darkitewi f\\H-ttat\ *i cr. 1-/'.*, ry ,.il,cnfuitts as I .aiJur fare ol GOpit f ire the InUud.ueitWtS" 0' Europe, have con. apeudall begets now, and' begin to wi'.
.tw.'wx iU T,...... neapk4 I f . Nor' tbe read billuw ...,r> luar. cress, of a let and 40 of alumina and furred lad cluing that the d a.se with which
..Uart'. ..nlh-.rl.',.. P.t.lie. tldeth.ritbtt' i .. save now, uw cbances ol ever getting into t".
vr..rliTret"ill not only' be f.rfea.d.bst that ear Her' heart is blameless .oJ aod "t)do of iron ctamiCaHy combined-from the potato crop M affected a not poisonous.! linen are preciriouf and be will. out be like/
ir.r'.4"'I r,.,...it el.... llrr .,1. purr; which nu silica can beep a ted mcchanilclly Floor made of the d.ea ued potato cnntainanut to stay ia slier he ia.**
in rtauwa get
T... ..h.(I,",T...INt.ire prodsi..d, sa tie.dGred legal arrurr. or s y washing -lhcv are porcelain only the starch but the fibre with its ban-
Can well outward HkJjn
b Aar".iMIU ha.teen pot-o| <> d until th* &th Jaa* the plowui rt.)s. Tbd[ b free from any unpta...nt '."e ; it sill| d ELF-13I POILTAN CE.

ear,* t6<6. I From her lone cavemrnt beams a ray :2--V'ovrl fUj ta'f tile cI.,consists of 5 keep; several year, when the beat wheaten OrON' aid lucre was uo place' like Lnnd!

/7f or/cr-/di C..is.Man.AML Tb.1 cbertdb. 'ill tb i2aira ot des)v lu 15 per cent of silictais sand raised tonr would decay and deteriornte. blade into the uonsenM out u.I'a What>ettor'taktog
$ IWCLL R.gi.t.r. man. *
with da read biscuit it H light ,and nutritious, and 5
Laid Offi at NewnanvvilM. E FGEORGE 18epteab.r Tbe wanderer oa Its trcklv.s .a j.Tnru pure ever one may be eUcwfaere.be b
: ti. 1343.: 0 t 3-Cky Law, bas 15 to :30 per cent of ainJyiiMttcr muted in the proportion of one part' with one London. Is not the same true of nothing.s l
the long watches ot he night, wbica can be washed out. of wheat it .b better than if made of wheat cat -and of every I.'J"- t
1ew........ Like ve ula! guarding .crrd iigut, .c- U*""y, has (rum 30 to CO per cent of lour, only, and is thirty per cent eta .per.-. Whit, portion ot public our own interest little does New-Yutl ,,'

BURT. A CO. ar* new teniviag b'be trims' that lamp and k.vps it bright. sated.Ssaid TIM food thus obtained is equal to one third otbr really excite here' and how long any O'I.J I .

hoard tb* BeW. Basal Kojti. direct Oft. when the tempest wildly rave be.. his from CO to 90 per cent of mars of tee potato, viz : twenty per cent olbe of he moat marked draw aUeniiuo caa eveuoi '.
to bens
f... (New Ylf'a boaatifal ao rlmiH of Fancy I MOd. starch and tea per cent ot the fibre and
8n pf.)' her beacuo flame rna" ..'e, There must be a deal
good -nonsense" .in
aa4 apt U Good. .. which tha .U-alto..r parchaMr Home (from 6-A saWy tM contains about 10 per cent of >ran. The potatoes are boiled ihn dried be.
dismal 1 *. the
voyager a man think
.. grat people' care mucn tx. .
iiwlitir. No. I, fultl a fire, and rubbed up with wheaten flour, _
I Dec 6* l46.' The Watcher him after they have beard bi* name a dozlimes. >
Mighty bears her .
prsyer. Lands having lime are clued u follows, bar Lrfrbrg baa lately discovered vegetable casein. .
And many a *turro-to..ed osrk dots spare tog over 5 per ct.of lime : ur cborve. ia d..-e .t-d puutovs and be affirms A Maine daJ'uader" i i. a ,under .*.

Live Oak Agency. To recompense ber pious care. 7-Mar// ..*/, -krel."e it present eseceding that there M ou tolaoin or poison' usually in.,. immense duration.! Two or three day. an n
aronCE bjMraby .... that having beet sp very respectable life fur any wonder, and b.-
I. 6 and under :20 thb soil Us parable from the de ard potato. lie recant
..tecI. th. GsTtraoivaterths Unused But.. And thus the thro, percent may test[ the of
hr varying mason greatest portion wonders pa**, wni.
sand meads that the diseased. be cut into
manly or manly clay or misty Imm potato pie
tt:1. f. ha piatactba of timbrr *e the Nblb Patient and tirelea brro sod trs.e, out one in a hundred of the citizen ever ben c
: : rkwida.all pvrs....cobs assy ban tre.pa..d.t.1.11brnfter Her noble tak ..Uab. pursue as its proportions correspond with. the a* ca: a -tlDmeheJ 10 water containing three ing of them at all.

eusJt sty uef a. 17aa4aairi eet bore.8Glcraaa per cent oC sulphuric acid. Tab experiment How b it with the
hag d.. .gas>sy ant Li.a 0" or.ir She' never hope reward to claim; soils, are so callel when the arras the progress<< ol disease, and protects first countryman 1 He! may t n "
-..for aaeh Laada will M dealt witli .. lha lAw She octet luoksfor praioe or fame: lime eiceeds 20 per cent. There may tbeaouod, potato from infectioa. It appears 10 a toleubly extended circle ; he ti-. _
-. u.: JOHN TAYLOR.. liar only wish ber only aim be calcareous. day, or calcareous: sandy, that a pan of the albumen of the diseased day today no one of greater impurian '
Ages U. tf. A c., &&.c:. potato ..cvevcrted into vegetable casein by at. than mieU ; and be vets more of bbn_D late| ... }

J....'1 SOda 184;. The welfare of ber kind. If e'er Lastly-where vegetable matter gives soother mospberie cause Tbe great instability of ily, where be is important than of all nthn

Earth boast a derd to be anD most dear this substance induce the facility with which together lit* immediate neighbor tS'her .!.. i
character soils,
Itemoal. It b recorded: here. io uudergu putrcfacikm. Any injury to or be fancies they do look up to him, or -.' .
9-VtgtuUt w.+Ut, being of various kinds, potatoes least do look
I. PHILLIPS ai.*Ge..td.rna these not down ups him, and b. now
GEORGE health from the the ci pot*toes bout of
..... The warrior in bb country Deed' from the purr peaty soil, containing percent and then
'''' Pahlie haa .. OAe to the Now here- ii Germany hat such roteta somebody who may think *m .'.
taa k .M.ff Intb Ibt46.COUk'r Ated die -botgl *y as hb meta J Qualities. ol rsrdea mould. a a etfcct beea observed No soUnin or powon How different all this b ia town I The look.. .
can be be dbcovcred. Pa.toe thus cut In !
We thus difference rra.cskt i in
arc the that
Tbe statesman .ben be toil slices of a quarter of aa inch' thick and im ot the pe.eer.b in the street are enough I..
OF PROBATE. by day, I soil., and if se would cumin *e would find correct srlf. '
Or in the morsed io water with 3or 3 cent of sulphuric any exaggerated impottaoce. Tbei
wears thought night a ay, that tbe best soil is composed of all these to- per 1
COUKTTOr BT.IOMK'B.EIECDTOR8 Wins fame or fortune for bii acid may b*> preserved for a leoith of say as plainly a* poibleYou are nothing:
paj. getber with rotash, soda, Ace We also find **
look at The 1
Adaiiabtrsiats Gaardiaaa me. proudest glance will .
time and afterwards used in various air
tie that. ...., *....1 aeeeeata All who react the man,,'. part a sod may be barren,yet very rich in attar roo. From' !21 to 36 bouts b the usual wala.- ita watch' ; the most sssuming air will meet.qual .-

.aatUftlbd. ... ., bsfara the fro Ms"dsy U.J Hide ever in their aecret baforme of th Mr; th.t b, there may be UM much lime when! the liquor be drawn off assumption. A* to tbenootenso" ,.tpersonal
mersioo, may ,
af..eh and btpe that wall or sandor vegrab'a! matter. Profideoce order '
M every ysar.II may strength impart.But appearance, the vainest 'b and lU
remain of it
and all the washed you
....dill Tail .. ,....,ih.'ir ...*.1.l ...." tog that nth is U la all other things", the best in. potato slant bell will find
.a tot day,will ..;.ct ......IY.. 1* lass .feaMMiaa .. here, a gentle one waste. lies oa proper med.UI1I.V.. also aee, how away in successive portonaof water. The the general voice very will readily some whom .
ami ts .n....... Wbose lonely life proclairm that she many things influence our soils, sod the oeces pieces dried,. wbiia and of bile. weight, and pronounce their aupeii.ore. .

ATcrwr ibis Cevrl will he Mid *e .. trot Irma every selfish hope M tree any of knowing the excess or defect so as to may be ground imo flour and baked into bread flow
Taa..., af every Math far the iraaaaeuae ef know what to u 4 to rwmedlb. naL Are not with the flour of wheat. ,If the slices of dbe.. far must the rich man go to find on*
**ihhMw..a a. ill ''''''''' peRsia t* Ha Doing I deed so good lad great, theae matters of the interest ed potatoes are kept ia contact ,with weak sul richer than himself! The "000.0.." of-glorying
an importance to !
Get. af Probsts, sad ...."' ., la be ...* I. That aogrU. in tbeir holy stale, of the lintara of our sufficitat to merit phurio acid a.J l..r some time, Lfcbig thioka in rkbe*** cannot last long wbea HM>
,... IUlatJ"1( UT the isle ftilic. state Dent street
or show
the atwntioa they may be preserved to pit*. equaae the rich man t.,
Aad ea 1Mr.te4.., ef aaeh west aadfihtrdavt. .. ot legUlaiuraf I may place tat bimeelf outdoor, and when be cannot look oo '
jf-aaBsnary., CbaashsT. ....... win Oh I may" act,so IIkedf'antt. rouchrdiaoceoa: an agricultural sad geuJugi. of hb own door without ...It..* .
cat of Ml the firm TUO) ** .-Thb Meiflg more "
k a Bright ia Ua "OfW'a bat aooala a'liof, survey ftwJapi, for I am of Oraiift.e frs splendid than he can matter.

P.. B. oooLD. Jede* ef PraWts.u And liv, while rolling dear dcciioa- conviction that U would be wise to Inn her. shrub srema but I little kaowo far hedges yet Tbr above' will Cad tboea who make .

/ Af astlas,'Fabreanr r t teei. raw money to make this survey. Should there many person bare loaf believed it admirablyadapted er dash and the odd a gre -.
May it, for many a r :u,. day, be oo other possible advantage but the koow|. for tab purpuae, and eocloaed their trie. those who are more eccei ,

For '8aJC. B.an. like bet own pure be.con ray, edge of the coQsUtoeou of the soda and the prvtnaje with h. N..r Pbdadelphu there are Theatrong mat. will be beaten if di"-
pound to
A I N UNDIVIDED Tract af 1890 aars ef LWI. And guide tbs aoul to Y rlk'. waj. manly or calcareous deposit**, I Hunk that ledges of it, impenetrable to man or beast. sod try bbstreegth tbe IModetaee: the tall will be o r.t.pped. ;
/ .. ., the would To anal It b armed with formidable spines and fflectoally came: for still tightemng -
at) aaa third part *f It, I"'t' M ates rata pay all eiytaaa. yse the
*..a) M 8& A.....*, beeaeed ..1.,*by ...... r.r1l".IC.t..1 l p,.... a soil for the purpose of dsssteg U, requires I ,excludes fruit pilferer ,and guaneia The' belt. and enlarging the tourneur.-- '
1_ c...., ... CaM if .......fet Rudest *arU5aaaddMcria TO ...TIIIE.B. some little ski U. which Ia'dhpnpLanter Cattle will not brow.. on ita leave, Of tender grave will beout dose in gavity the gay .

,be ef she Laad, ..,,, U B. Cr. On redid Nspmck' U &M ciaaUer tffirs. Dq.. ca arrbe at by little any practice au* iat to, about; and U entirely free from the diseases\ ia frolic. the. witty la repartee, and the philo..

.c.Aagatiaeer ft* _D.. Cracbsr. CharUatea4th M Afnfrtn / Jb America ai.s.Wrists answer all practical: purpose*. I have given which bare made such havoc with the thorny I pber ia wisdom.

RC. bate. the heart but high'wuh pride Is the leoatl plats at iveomUe workalJoJeJto. A..A8. Even the rogue will be tnet-reaehed, and
tI:!"1rJ IM6.Ofice a.ou4lac. | We recommended ibis to our farmers. long each one over.owned I ia bb favourite depanment .-

r.J+ ef .Probtte.8T WlMO, from afar, Colombia's glorfesgleeof It is best to remove a little of the arofaceaay go. Iaomw arti of the West, the Osage -foiled at bb own weapooa

Quiet plw start. wbilaTajtis our praam It about aa I itch, before taking a sample ofoU. Orar'gn b used far hedge, nod it.GMT be, used N. y. Karitaa Frtsi. >s>

vOfflfB COUlftr. SMI, 4iII; It should be tbeta spread out and dried t Lathe ia the Booth with avery success' .< ;WUl someone The "
,;WonCE.11I HEREBY:tlVfiflM all rad. .... Bright shows oar star, when France regrets air. Take data a known weight My one '1J""it Catting'* may be bad oa the plan Tuscaloosa Mealier atatee that a ,nape '. .
....... .tbat Beard ef ...U- ay has baN orfaoaed ia that and .. -
aw ,Ceetety oar beta or two hundred gralae, .h for aa bout tatbn.f Duacao, Baq. In IbiaMi.B ,.,.. -&. county eta
wig......nM...Mt> 1'" .....'1.N Isw. expose to tbe emoaal of 949,060 subscribed for tla.CoBoo ...
Mtn Cart ..... fa ia...*.f J/tl 1L |AejajatMa.ee or more to a tempo'ate 1nt..aeJto-scarcely! t c purpoa.ol eftC'i8& Xanuftctory it,
HfMrhjtthtotl ... a
waist across trackless ocean, color wbUe papiir ie aa ova .waJgh&pi..II.. ,
Meeeafal Atrvit.... at 10 ....A. M. MI.laUaufBIA..Wtn:
Uralkud.wiAg. her atorro-defybc loss ia water. W broth dried and A tone factory la about to be .tablJd; ; Gr, dnr. A capital or ,
c Mslalcra* sat....)..** try ..Nell. way: at .webbedpvtsgsia IM8.8e t i i& b supposed be,
I.s baits k"trod ter lilt 4iemtersi..fl.C.... Na&iDM..U.iMtbe wreath wah deep.... iatnaame veserl where k caa be bee tale '"Falls Above TuecsJooen. oq the ,Black aeceesary.forthe may obtained, if

t rl a a tine, led to a red.heal-the loss .ia ftC I&t>1e matter,. Warrior RiverAlabama.. A capital f..oe 0 purpose. I

: f AAQI.B.J.dBi 4tf irate.wMh .. taw to IhM fliaga. lad lights io 1*'y11l Havie.itiojoa& ; free 01 ..... I. nuKcr. p caI 1 has already ba I seoued, and n.asuraa takento 'The I.toowxo < Cuba 4 for .'

I ..,.. A aLai ..... h teteak.lffttta' eke rtiavvttef with haH f procure ......'7 from the.Nocih, yea b promising crop well.o. tao..ensuio-, ,* *i't :: "

I a .
I' i Y a 1' .. .. It .
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".11. ... .' "e r ", ',.. .. .... .. ,I.. d ... 45
1111 I' .- ... "",,!,- 'i. 'Of '..J.
1 .; ... ..
t H t.- w a ..L 11 (wi

.*..,I:.'..... .'..",. .... .. -. -.....- t. ...: :. ... . --_._..... .. ........ ... -. I



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_. ----R--
--- From---fit riflia.-- extraneous I Influescr, baa defeated tbe well It I lony.eI bs.1dnmcrnSimufaneaodythere1 i f rj 1lo aTJlE" raovi' or I wb people ire protection and, peace
THE 1LOKIDA MIUTIA. I grounded claim of his competitor, who has hall. be a. protest entetrd. In casH-of such .. .:'; U a I. .t\ 10 sr at o n tu deveHB Ibe bouatt-out rrst>ue*. Z
I notice by Ibe P, I.m"tloa ol fan Excel borne to long the humble commission of cap- pro et there to no mode pulsed out.nor pow I: CerputChrLtti tbo-sti li4Iiua i Ihittfcitfr was I 'wintry; asV to the infrrt's of th, VaeN
leocy Gorernuf 0oaelfT.that the election ot ill lain and who baa ao well married promotion I mvr>aie Military officer*of,-od above tbe rank of Field at the bends of the people. This to an evil The consrqovaca will bf, that cue or ibe ,olla u LUiIn < N.KSi.rn pruvinf* tif t'-at an increwa- inleral trade. ..
itlo lake pUce' un'" first Monday in April- which many f.fth. States hart dUcoverrd In sr party may he denied rights skull theirs,,;,uhlac. 1 .ba4Ih4vsnlageof unnr'I"J Uaf.rstua. F,6'"J lie, .
A* yet I bare IIeahl but little said about these their militia system and have guarded against, or violenc*, gay be resorteiljo; to su*>ain' an with Inrrllijceat..esuw'a who hid refnlly been TilE OATlLt-ritLU or MAicflCgl
Important appointments. Tlo public mind bat and la one which I trust to are guarded against imagined fgau in the a.r.a1 VgaVprovitna kla ... ;iAffi?rsrnm 'k J1RIIr. '-' .i. KIf' J ..
not tern mound on she subject: candidate for by subsequent legation here Make the tm'ght oanv, lotnanoth oiia no< clus-oaa f rom Ibe information nbMird are as Tin field of Marriage is nut like .a.w i
these highly re pun.ibk commissions bare not captain's commission the medium throocb which to onmilitary. Tit- law provides fir a follows : The lain revi4otion of Ge,ral PAXJDU modern batile.groumls overrun with
ret. Bare In OP"or two instances made thrmrN which the higher coromlnlons' are lo be risen* o-rlain uniform but It Imve h optional with was exclu-UvHy military one Ii. which who tell you some truth and a gaud deal| ,f7ble.
elves known. Why W it that in all our civil' ed. Subject the i-piraliop of all to ibi -trt the officer whether be unifurmt ia ua*% t Mi, Of I large portion of the Mexican prop, *.). on.pmnL It HI left uiidUturtMii and not a ,.de w 2be
elections' however barren of born or profit and lOt word far it, the militia will be better twrhtyjesrt4 II.., anti lh. perrom wbn a. Thai the provinces nfTarmulipK, NewIAOIS found .,gw,,ih it. anti; I.1tttud.4 0k
'hM" m a y be. multitudes candidates. present officered better drilled and better organtrd. pint Iu high CGnI,; simply forth? dk.inc..1. CohahuiU! Sail Luiade i Polai, Z.tcnteciamiChihu description I had in mr |.ocket, nutia
lb"tn elvrt, and tbe public' mind to lathed !into A man having no particular love for rciliuty lion 4 line, and unle. the law compel ibrmto .hui ate T eep.ocuellld i" the ThbrvAivne' ..itrs..iM 0i
fury 'on the occasion I And now, %ben the ciu title, will be.itate tome lime before be stoops uniform In a certain {length *>f time, they Parades movement, amlmily nwnia fivnrablrm.mrot t cupeil, ... by a iimacl,. utter? MeL "I
lira soldier it called on by evrry high cmwld.ration to the humble and laborious romnawsion ol a sill re.lgn after .cq>iiring I he iit|..and net .ntlterreanirturetl.err.peetasdoWdeoeeof to declare by f.,rd, iheil opp*.n.ir,. .\us'rams wcroJOff 40UUO trlranijj.t wA.l.jt
organize, aim rquipend discipline captajn, where be mutt necessarily rxrrt htm bH General AatrrA h I. maid leitirr|he IndeprnC I least e.i&d'an'. \Sgt btA' UUSf mote'I. b
hlirvir. for the ultimate Jeleoce and assertion self, or fit.1 to commend bintsrlf 10 ibe favura Command, u.l l<-ss he carrm about hh Der>' the .rf these provinces and wool II have set up numb r N.tp leon formed threeadvuice h.w.-.lW y a
t of his rlgb'. public end private there to such bio attention *f the militia of his ltegij.vnt or badgt .>f mlf.ta'T."lteti.ilr. Wiibnut d.rl the standard f re.nlt m>,rrt mo.it. .i '..n" ol Marrngo ai g JPadrrfBUwna .assn I
l n lrcpy' indifference) tnan.festrd 1 II l i. that the Btigado. This feature in tbe military la wot ling fun her upon thvngtv features which mari pr"Y wly lhop.r.ldes, deaon raisin,,it thfl M.irrogo, sid uoo ''hmd+ this h lie hamleVeaa!
Militia, utderthe feeble and temporising polucy South Carolinabas mainly contributed to rrn t part Uetcrllrnt triMpt of the fjnitrd Stiles had i cr'n-a strong itting uf scarcely muse, than half-.w>doarfi Zvs. 1I
pursued here, since the first attempt at its der the militia what it ia-a pride tu lb. Sate ,! will( ctMclwl bY requeuing th"aten- piti Ni no tea Rio Grawdit. T| hope U now '". tlrtt line war Uiidur OHfdoQne., I
ttrgannaiion, hat fallen into discredit and w and honor to the I1lt 4.. It N the erection ol a ti Mi (4 fiiit.sry mrn lothe'ep Ii n II.and"ciir .". .d by Asian and that p pre that PA. second underVictor\ .,.tlltlc( Thud,' crHant Zb
not now deemed worthy in a imutate ih* ambl. school', in which military men are prepared for sing" bat no rfficirM 'itrgamiatin and drill aiot will not imtt with the fjoi 1 Stale and > Napo'aoQ 10 persou. It ia a broad fZu
Honor military pride of the nwny gallant spir military com mist ions,and, through wi tab they can be attained unkr the operation of i**ptrsmtlaw. that the d-pariureol lr. auon heAnvricnnHMXW with nothing intercept ... charge ot,ctrW
""thai Stir in our midst lla*> the war clouds I have lo paw as a aorlo.1 graduating .cbrJI.aI .- 8COTP.MK mini.''',.r.-m Ucti., will be th lignal forth" for miles be.. .scattering trees & buss .:. r
of serious portent, which I-ave lately darkened I This rwdersa Captain's curnmnt oo honorablo CALII'tjl4. United blab s ICI take strong mea rye lr put an tile t"&cep"ul. bt"n..rtuw, but deep str 1
uur political horizon failed to awaken In the and popular; and secures id Ibu. the school The (ollowiog! sketch of Mr. Calboun. h trnm crdtajhe ,qaitiwar now -e Kiig, That, the I ..Ilb'II rule bottom that panaed dtreci 1.t
l,ubfic inltid of Florida an anxious solicitude' of the soldier, the best military talent of ibo IbetvadY fen of a correfOuodcnt of-- the.-- -B iaton fce-it mea. :. t J effect th a oblect a ooU" tMt the- front of Here Victor'stoodT'lZAiMtrinu .t
taimonl h or the necessity of speedy andttwigciio country, and improve and quaff talent lwrnsl..a ltihigtpaltr: ft12c'lnt or men to the ; TmrICO be.vy artillery formed in the '. 1
preparation* ; or it it tht the ardent fur a higher sphere faction TI sod ucrulDnL To tNo'j whir ham not wets Mr. Calboun a liver, which would nt Pfuc.'i Ihe Held and cannel down on O.rdo".m.c 1a
aspirants, for military distinction bare examined I have ooticrd above p.nieut.rlytba Com .abnit.k.cb may mil bo unacceptabl He to northern provinces above stated their him back on Victor {potted* on the oibarol .
the la.. of Florida, under which the urea patty Mutter ftatun in.ur pte* at military law. a man i f about Ci feu.nf .g*>-bnut six test l-erlMneenl( secession from that repiNic of Mextriv the ravine The tirtiUun ol both, i srsjai
nizttton: it to b*,fleeted, and finding them enHicly I propose nuw to point out other deled incon In b icb*. Wugh the extreme lenderoe of HM That it would t.e for the teret of the wrrrmxeJ on ppos.ie side of Ibis 'sra.
Inndequate to the end coutrmplatrd, (,uittes and omiMtoot which not uwly met she I pearl gitr* him an appearance nf greater meted '& while the Go.tri>mem dial not dirrctly ..d.I"'', with the muzzles of their| ptroiiln
have preferrnd to dew their claim, and rtyretatbetrafpirationt tieauty and harmony ot tae whole but renderit b ithl. Ill hair its dark grey,very Ihkk ; and encourage curb a remlrion. lo indirect. 'ot touching, loud anl died into each'a4
I rather than make the failure exceedingly' difficult tu interpret s ne por very urnor; and be wears it brushed "p and |11 a..ure the people of the northern Province' er'. I'uretf and WHOIIIS lot two boors It did'earn aj
i j in.or.Anizirt.t, ihat mud occur under the prra lions of it. A great delect in the law U its Coon ttandisg erect frcxn bU rntd.eabcla H rath hy Ibo prudent rnmluci of the troops in their ptisttbie as I steal by that jjreaaH.
ant law I tun inclined to the opinion that to Martial future. Upon jud'Ciuut plan of company "r I..and narrow. Hit feature .,. I think.I ail vance on she Pansies, that the tights and pro. narrow I could almott leap .CfUIII ">aatiti
the Utter cause may be attributed the luke.wnrmnes drs'" and an efficient court martial with mt exprc.ive I net MW-.m| hu eye h p" ly .r.u wnuM bn '.,. without moles, armors could stand that Irngtn uf lime\odsj
\ thalexUts in reference to fail matter.In 4 sure and pedtliout mode of collecting fines a living wwoder--no man that I know. pnK .'.. 1..lnn of any ki-d. A political change thus ef, 10 eudi other, and steudily 'heal each ot er .
reviewing the prevent military law of Florida ss.e.saddepaendstbesuccess of military organ.ti4itun > p-netMtite a .'. I remarked him .b*" frctea.anj re ulliiig from operaiinrrt, neceanry ., They were ,but a few roda apart aDd theesa
.' (which waste result of much cans and la* and drilL Guard ibese two points well time ago -hm Allen wat miking' his violent IJ bring this <"e'l1m-n' nf Mexico to I non and musketry love- ,be r swept duwn a y
,. boron the part ot the CumnllN'whlCb repor and wrli-cta in other point may not be fatal.Iu4tbi attack upon kim and ulth'Migh hereplinlc lm. i.rm, wouM make it incumbent nn the United ranks of living men. At lengta sham induau
teal it,) it must occur lo- any nun *t all aequtinted leatureol the prescntlawtbcrrateradi. I ly and in a few ,rn'encrt demolished the argue States' in ru'",* negorj tion with Mexico to ble Victor sues compelled to rutlre btto.e Mi
with, the details ul miutnry science, cal l defects well as an incoogruity, that b. mints of ih* noi y Ohi H., yrt tbr nncnn-ci "Ifftprllt| IONCknowledge ha independence nf' supurior fuic- arm Ml back MI Ut item ,
\ that there 'It an utter incompletenc' .s in it ; the card Ibo niHice.no doubi.of tbe ienlaturc. curl ref the tip the coofe'npiootw clan e of bt* the northern pnn mce.. Thai the policy of the wm advaocugtu rn rat: him Ibe IITW IM.BJH
1 absence occasionally vi a link, which entirely Company Court's Martial have produced abut err.and th* unes r .huRlmg I.i bk:hair. plain imve.Tfnl ra nhvioatas regards a speeder adjust tecuud line of defeoce. but the furious starry
t destroys the force strength and beauty.of what ti.,n.la Inf y m Uocc that hits crmwnd.r myotMerVAtioO. ly de nn.traT.l that hI*a mm nf naturally went or the attain I with >lex teJ.and as securing of tne Auatrians drove them back while Gee.
; would otherwise tMt perfected and complete They were aboln bd in S utn quick and .-ii.iti. ferlincsand felt annoyrd tti the United ;hates ih<* Rio OranuV and a.por. ul EUmtx. having marched around aiuctj
", I t His not in the spirit ot captious .fault-finding." Carolina in 16U2- 3--and rigimmtal 0.,'. |I.s its rlrphtnt can U vexed by a m'">iit. Ion of Upper California. The policy h quite him on tbd riglt flank, and began lo lot
that I shall t attempt lo domont>irteaomeof the martial suit Muted. To tbi central. OMrt la be Hi. bead rt ether .'nsll-hardly. I believe at clear in bm.linr to th. United State an inde- quadrun after .qsad.ron of bw splendid Canjn
errors ot our present taw, but under the influence conv. ned once u"wicenr., (thrice in H. C.) ita .tamd.igi would .II. fine head- pendent; republic fll'ed with the most intHliftntif MI the retreating; colurntof; .Unnia. Bets
t of a hope that I may be able to suggest it was made :be duty of Captains to return their!I 0.". I umlrr a h h! verr rcmirkahte fKphie th4 Mettcnn populAtH,Ir.WPI to ut hv con ae.D; Into amOk'd Rely' foimil b.. troops II
sumo amendments that wi I commeod them tJaiaul.crs, which deiaultets had the right t-i 1 >n4'Ti cal as i.'.nir *n his acq'tireil gateau ...'tkme u f protect ion and great nmme'ei,1 l ":"'lun, and tatired w IhllUI ',' .. Is
cslves' to the favorbio opinion of the next leg mike ostht tu their excuse Ufore Ibrlr aptsin. te 4--hutb/ +viiScirntly great without its facili'w'.an'l petlilly "f frre.fpm from future he retre.it became general, and had fee Awrvut a
uUture and Induce such actioa on the sub} c. it they preferred not to attend' court |loerlUltall1 Ills dress it always a plain black without orn stales' of military despots to which MMM coiiiiiwinder, Alleles, uu.uetl the battle Dan.
at may bring the objects of or a nation within and the captain returned lb' s mebt of any kind-he makes no display of Jewelry hit teen subject ever sine it became Indepen totning short ol u miracle could brie wai
the r.ich of competent officers. Tn 13th a'c court by the corporal whose duty it was to be! excrpi a watch cham and bunch of seal l lent of Spun. That the advantage to the U. Bonaparte frotn utter rum. But be tlWuatll
tints rroyid.l l lotluwa: *It shall bathe duty there, to make return to the court of the pert?. which be weara after the old fatbio ned mmrvr, Stair would bo irffnentr hr placing such re ,M Itlu already won, aud thai it WM BO. lilt
or etch captain **f company lu enforce' within lion ot service oo defaulters. A copy of Ike! lie wears a plait black military ,stick with an pubic -ween them and the republic of Mix a pursuit, and retired' lo the rear, wrarjasivihatteini
hiICOlh'lnV. theimliuaand patrol iaw.of the flues assessed,and 'Jain.I whom,was posted up upright collar, ant ha, at you perceive at a ten..! by the extended and peaceful i"fI. ; and no wonder-he was eigtn/.aw
State. lie hall be rtiptmtikle for by tbe President at the d *or of the court room glance an ir.ter contempt f*r how nr aflccU'ion emir.d of trade. Tint in order to secure thin >ear* of age. But at that moment beam iearetl
the rom,f imlrmciitn and g"od ord on the AVld. bringing up Ihe reserve.D. .
company." All this U right-Hit a j siHility impnwdon the captain and if'bevul,* giuientat ps,-ma.tet. Parttet bad thus a no'ice old Hue clunk in which hr daily .!*. to tsSfltair.l true inures. wouM! br in a pernvtnent pence, bit mUd be put down_ ass " u,,tunly terkt the contmtsvtun and attunies this of their fanes. They bad thirty days silo and .*4. a. it it bad ilfNie .' "cl-nl service in which the rich rewMircrt of their countrr it ra a back| won,* replied N-puJn
obligation, lie should feel 'efron-Ib'e' as a man for appeal tu the colonel who, if be dnappmvtnl I" ent'tle it to be pen.ooej *.(T Get life in the would be urprHin"ly ilevn'opnlvthaf. lo avoid push on, 1 will rally the hue boo biwi JI1I.
and l on officer iocquith'fn. :ll ho< o ably anda ol ;b* decision of the Court remandd it '.ml ly wardrnf t" Nai ftilure to do.*, Huuld ..,1,. hit end,.,) again before them at their next srt.Ka. with fan .Calh u_*. .trl. if pakin M plain" tineS Meta hat awat, Keen the point dappui of re.Ti4 rapid retreat he said,-Soldier, .e ban
rrpuut-on. Now I t ut lok fwr- a moment in. views and their next decision WAS final, knees una um'ng :h* H ..t-r.a* Webster, ant tie ri>,,hoiilit notoner exist : Shot undr tie I tire d fur eiou h-let us now advanca jH
lathe time 13th . the means affordeU him tor carrying uut against all who had tailed to lake appeal trrrr HI in.p-' and flowers f ih tmir. 11|. mik-t ...'1.1 rrquir neither army or nary thereby iI.ulc.AI ihit momenl Ud-ce: 'lau a I"
duties esntCned him. Met not sustained the ioneLao4& placed id Ibc column o|* XAXJ gtruadicni f but al thstirr
succetttulff the I ty m"Jnf't.nsrnts of aciii".ir tk u'uil acmmpani.nr availing a great expense; that a cht pjt'iTern.ment
I r; htal.Ala! ,!cH
year, nitl' titlt snrructdriIL'' &C. Ax. Now. the Colonel having one copy . It it not Kit height cf absurdity to t.'lk abuu* t>ay.ma.icr aioih.r. it Iwxraine the imrri ui m-sly 'IJ"IC'. t<* gtspp'e with bn rcumcnt. .*.bli-hcod. These no limein this brief sad '.Oni** and they did *un,* tHcvymg lineal**
a C1p'.atI'" r&4Jh"I ibilU,. currt drill di ciptiitf duty of the collecting um:. to discharge hi'I \\ ith tIn1' *ntrnce to a Ll.,_. |II.| h.. no ha.tl Ir written rtvmoir in discus the reciprocal im*. till the hole army was routed mt4m
&M. a IK! hit< dtntnl by law the right to datr.tnere being two cUeckt upon bun. Tbe J.idging-r o wi..J'n.-no appealing. the ps ad vanage.that would flow to both countries. battle' became a slaughter. The Au.triaac
meet and liwruct' hit poniK but twit t''t III'if. result in Carolina, under Ibis euutt-manu I lecture Ain rictn etc..- p,trkihin.'* and and the rerunning p.igr art denied tu the plan airy till: hick on their UI u inlantry irauiibi;
da)s inn whole ,'e..r: Where i. the captain sues that tbe r Clnell'al: treasury was alt Ib it kiwi nf Ihinr-but he it clear and urn of "J ralio.. flit tinting that Ihr naval. rR them to death. while Ibo French horse ch.r|
who could, in two pieces of d.,..six months always lull and delinquents ultimately scarce < i.e in his rca orieg,and powerful ii hit attack lion in the Gulf *T Mextcii "h tiM bo t beisrcrn evrn qualify bit C4'mpan)', to rf9c Fines should be tv. I.id..o equalize them.nJ .'o she e'tI.o b. .pptlfWnl-... in she finel to the ht. b\\ .;.," with necessary prumptnrMand pre lance all cUasrn of per.nw liable U ibo per pre cnt imtnco, are hit friend." lie d *c+ an.l the po eM>oi of Tampico with a view tu precipitated, down its tkvp banks nil
'., ci*i..n, if a .utdt! n atttck' was made on him turmtnct of militia duty,upon lbe field ofurilLTliat rM dWeod to .lMlitl-'oui+ hit look ex. tl4 r*.ablnhment as the main depot nf supply' o .ream wascnokt-d welt: the bodes uf rurali
.' (11-it rot to be found) much Irs to instruct' point it o-i attained ia uur $present I.w. presses dignai'.ii better than wuru't' ,arl hit the amy.rp, ii reached the Panucn Itt Tan-
them in tbe school ot the aolJier' and oompnuy I The pout man who is unattlo to pal a fine, and ntntt uf sena sharper thin any :.woedcniinvective. pico rin-,. .n.1 San loiisdo Pi...l. The Coast to d. r .
.r Ando wth tlio.lonrl.nd Mnj.. They sir In justice to bs family, and wnobamn timeul' Taut white relVrrhg tit shoo tcol. of' the Pacific should be blockaded,aod Monte Bonaparte' star was still in the ascendasi
:slits i i..e made ponmtle for the ro., orgai war, no property.!ef end, obliged to do duy ring manrm .which hit recommendation of a rny anJ St Francisco takrnt po .etsM) nf by How changed writhe scene, as I I.jofce4sp
,tMfi N, tvrrecl tnttruct. 5tc, of their com.UMIM under in }irng6iit law; but the rich, who have -! -ar 4 ma%>rly inactivity bad been spok the naval' forcet In the Pacific. The reasons for it The herdsman wa wa.cbiug big' a*
|. ; and they have lo feces,', nibe hands" much at take i"*be i x.nt of w rand the pro, en 1t.and assuming that many senators and sob this are briefly stated : The reduction of Si on the quiet plain and the careless boaaw
of 'Heir captains, on these annual' occa.ion*, lectun attdMlelywl which will depend, lit a ers ui.letso>d br this -mem ioctk>e,** the Joan d'Utloa cojld only bo.rlTecteif. if properlrdtfer 1 driving hrs plow through iha earth onceawf
n raw Ignorant and untnftructfd militia not greet measure upon the efficacy of the militia sneering snsncrr in which be assured Ihoto whu >'. bY great lna, and when taken would rei with Ib' ead. ;Tbu BurrniJa ;looked
"((lu"I'J' devrn with military | hrs-or tech can afford to pay a fine,and will dolt. in many thus mKtrs n> d hit meaning tlut "I hey were exhibit a poin in our possession neither afford!, near bad received a slain army on its bos
ni .lltk' much the lev>n. taught in thot ..I.Ce8. In preference tu submitting to the Uligaesof < but 10 the born bunk" political science,** ex incftcilttirsata' depot nor at a martin, point nor tu brigitt,waters. been discolored i
schist the soldier and cum puny. And yrtf drill and thus qaaa.r,i.., IlM-nllCly, pre> e-i more.' be turned nnirwl so spoke i'at loran invading army on the city of Mexico blood' of men. 1
y 'b"'t' .,AU to drilthfir| in the higher and mono like the poor, far the attrrttoa ot their rights II.nneg nibsn. an elaborate half bout's via The road femlmg to Mexico- from Vera Crux --- --
r c.tn,Iicated evolutions of the battalion' and ou tbe field. To reach ibis end, it bat bern dtcatl'Mi of advice which all understood, bow. could easily be defended by a very inferkir Eastern. Circatt. eC ..r*." l
fr *" a.. responsible for any failure that may be found necessary in other Sistet. to spccifly a ever i her might have mi repre danaal
I' made. It Would ppsr equnlly rmyannble to line for tjefaut which war equal alike upon the Ho only deals' wits f ct..sod M c-Mentially n up m the Panuca to lUX)'men ; sir 5000 olunte Sctpbta Crsdiurs C. Lyaas f and"M..I.I.I Lyatt errs'io. '.t
take the xhout buy who nd not reached a rich and the poor but to add to this fin* a cn Ir.ceical men. Iledi!i cards all tbe Kte. and HtepKled 'r*,of wh.ch: them .hu ul'l be :KXX Texians ,"or" 't_
L knowl ur hbalpbitM:. and place him under lain |I" cent on their Stall tax This equalize In have a supreme cuntrmpl Ion nw! wh'i hive heist arms l hi their h,n4t for ten yeart. John Beard aDd Mary M. Avery AdwinttriM
a classical' teucivr. lo recite a lesson inCa he tbmg,end t nught into lines* tHibj-xn lo rrnm*>taphy'ictdt ming ttiem vr .o'':'. ll and 20UO volunteers from l.t>uuania. It more I aic W. Avery d.ca,sd
a. ir, and nuke the teacher trsponsible fcK drill" .instruction many who toad betor....od the'perc"Jkt.. .*>nd f rlerd v in .. hour ant I Irnopt wen required the northern provinces sat L Nr-lllt III Crtdilert.PURSUANT .
t Ibo 'failure. A field oMrer ctrrnM with him aloof' trotti the diacharg such duties. TIM a half.h.. been diluted a tlellatiorican s)seta Mexico wnuM iuinK them under 4bl** .m' et.. to ao frar cf the Hi*. lii
l the pride of hit station, and he has a right to operation of this principle to salutary end pr.c. M would kavr occupied at Iraa Ib o\.va.However. of whom Getr rnl ARISTA to acknowledged In ,<.af the Camera Circuit* 0
;.4 expect, that the captains below him who are Sic.I. ( w. may dJC-r lnnn 31,. .lh>eir in 1M the abbey. Tho vqutUron operating he'liwrTampcaash.ield drain u.. above cause bearing date theMWMarth.
A .Is the school' nrmtirt of the companies and am Au incwngruity ill our present law, prrs*>ou soro* tit* SJM |*i4iliC4l pews jet all must c... ; bre auppli with lUOQiatrmet ,I I846.th.creditor.of Isue' W.AvrrjtM!
pP made f'Hpon.ibi. f.r the r ix-ct instruction issell in ttn 2 1"t rule .t the 21. aectton.9 It H fr** that h h use .f ho greatest im ti ..1 the'nnd .rUn.bt ti. a m.t in She reduction uf has dt Awguilina Florida. (.W H *d in 'that1
I t' I and drill of ih" rrcrutt. will end up to him on there provided that company court ut inquiry agp, and hit great intthrctu! precoiei M I pl l.er. The plan tat the camruii;'. H a. follow*: iletoUr, l&4f.larar. eebi'suiicub.'r.>4)uir d to coma ids ,of In'iuf W a'thvrrdthn

rl i this higher fieMJtrpxffCi' recruits instructed l shall oin.iat of the Captain, etc.shall cunt, trn.leioI .ere a4uii"'al"rt by ice MniN.ui moraliiyof Sill men mucl rum r.,. tm Unn'ercr, and this Court its ki..: i ia ib*>. Court,lloott is
J ', in thedmentsry.pr.. upon the proper at each a.rpenymuder. shall hear txeuae fa bwlile. I believe that the wbi .". un"t"rt'andin of which drpndalheirnocciWuldischarge nun attendance at brigade ngimentat battalion hav never deed lo brralb aught two o oIum,mach on converging rants fnSartlyiit JHOO next.or in d.fialtth.rtof they _iDW. *'
i. of this higher< and morpcompltjccUat and company mutters aDd for good cause .J8irut the purity uf hr inann Ts. He htsmiihrr d* INtiri. and the cMnnuiiicili with (rum ibo. bea.afo' Mid decree. *
of duties otherwise every evolution wiiieti; he shown may rrstii; such fine or fines. Here i* ...bled nor ...ip4tei ; but when ex. T.'npicoal.ing ih.t line lie the P nuc" Ue t attempts, will result in nbortitMi. hit pride will pruvisi made for the remissioo by a Company empt f<*ralinxtrim l.ualw' d. ,hHil4Varrspent The P.atiuca thus heroines the bnf >. M.., 1.C"
be humbled and mortified and hn retire frrnn a court-martial., of finct impaled for nun atirud. ol bit pUuUlNNi.whicq |I.omt of Ibrt bet t>perali"n*. frtxil which negnllalinnt with 8t.AagaMli March S. tH46. .
'. position in which he h. tailed 10 be useful' ante at brigade mutters. I have looked in saw in the 7"Utb and exhibit throughout in ukt i.f M-xtcn would ntoni pruthtblr be b-guo. If the State ot Florida-CoHntSheriflTs
r and which bill covered turn with shame and throughout Ibo law fee the rtcogunioq >f any the excellent ta.H and the love ol ., government nf Mttticit prnvrd obstinate. the 1 { J...'..
confusion. Under the operation therefore, of such routAer as a brigade mutter. Ititcensin of it4 pri tetof. army mutt march onihe city i>f Mexico after
the present militia law no military aspirantcan ly not created by this law,and if it .a..1 would ivinf rced 10,000 the Sale. y;
h'- being by men principal
"f.. ltt tbe Hr.racUhur"l
hope to attain snore than the distinction of cr ainly be a novel thing to ear a Cump nj, nMn-jfacturrd last" she part of which might bo landed at Timpict I IK wi" ..., a ,des rtndarad la Ile.Q;
title, which it a barren one when not backed c>Hirt>m seal. under the shade ul aomeautcad. were year The Mod from Mtor to Montersy,' and thence 10 C.nn for tke Ea mount W iH i l iil i inc mtice :- or, ..emb \ tbtrtsir
by useful service. Under this view of the sub leg oak. formally revoking the decisions \J a day r, IU14Vnatnt
San Iuhde Poto i" toMtd lo.be.a goodonr
t7&VO> '1 1 9 WO wi
wrro f ItUASOrgU* aJarcb C. RsrXJUUsar j,
.; than itwrlf. Hut ; ; dug w.rein TaoMAf "
mind ol much
feet, Ibe public may be pardoned for C'i" court higher graoa muscal inaimmenNt Krta clocks 454.075 and she Country forth ample proVHHinsand TOLASO Ovate eoaiptaiNaata aM
I tinning, to some extant, the personal disinter tbe rule' to which w. nave juat alluded c.n ; ; ,
wstchetaad.Hwrlrr Uu3j24; brushes tlid. .. .. The need Iron .. by SMiillo, Ratp IN kMinrih; aad :as trast jJo
osledni of feeling on shy part .,f thoM who neither be interpreted nor ana%trurd MI at to affords 'facilities in the Robin dawill.
goo sugar rctlnnl 99UI uut| ..|and .>rm cm- equal script IUI.rl'tr ea sad Gabriel d, wtfa
; np
warmly aiplretoa 'C
E. prospect of being able todo anything for the Its pb" "OI'. Lay remit w>ch flwe**sreiits l9 canton; | t J.tQ'-cbcolal"; $'1.67l 1.- could be overcome in two days by C..oit Noun in the/e'uy of St. AepstiassiIrt <
,I diancemeotot ttiemititit.Gijttela to refer to fines imposed by sottta preceding I furred murthet The 'object of marching in, MovHy o( Mav Mil htwsa the errs J
** Conaiu/t ii.aboa1d be made more I clause! { but there to no antecedsMt, no court : 1'nt"lfft e19yJa3 1.4iU.61\1: "b I*" hail; tm and wa,. 1193,81 M.Ic..n' two oduornt to San, Lull ilu rutlIi.i u* secure, 'aad>8,o'cicxk.' ?A. .M. all thai i eartaiaroanJ lA sr f sal rtj*
honorable for In truth the martial even previously or ubsrquently p-la&1 wi'Ut s otrtsid stone dWstTmf1 bdais
law ,
they are most organ
,0Ad, that from
.r the only tau leaUjng'to( point "
OCX gghw and ruins tH7".a,, 1atsdantb.l'agistM'
; ? haildirigt tbartoa
commissions known tbe mil It Ia. tied with sufficient ck-ariirst to enable tie de.tailing r
responsible le ..the Rio Gramie.! ., A.f.vorable I..I'u.ioft Mould .
bats.4cc.. 'U<57.; hncklotwrrtt $8l l Jf; .untf. 8UAng'qttih, .r ...i4 'and banaoW v'tlnd
officer of she to at adia.tinctttiiowtedgeol
in time nf drill tech court arn e ,
they bl
peace. they and Ctgir. 99I4JB30; wmjew ware all, b*> pniJure4 aniongti the pupufatHM the omt bj.j btloiKiog. now arlsltlr!
discipline! and qualify" thl recruit for duty ,. their duties. This featuir, ''83M; k.luU.t11 : a.ar. &.,4S.I prudent til' lh lroop A detatthmenfmu ids amen. oa t ha'Sooth by "IM' k kafisffBWlaislyto
lit and in ihusquatilymg' the rrcruiW law, brcome I MI easential tu success,< ta loerefore ck riyjumbl a' 933; b.i,. >9J13,1UG: tola $'0.145; lard *.il remain' at Lnredo in ob ervn tfan road to San the hairs, of Aalvaia ".. aa4,soWert
tbemseUea Immctic.l.Jknand gaud oAorrs ; J ,,find rrquirea reiale"1u.c"1 refer* 21t.I o r* e's 1.17ZU7 b.Mit m&t1 AntooKsand keep Ihe Indian*in check. 1000 by Cb.rloita StrstlTain wtbh"tbafq
e and they give evidence aloe 0' love of mjiu{ Inc to. nuns sroas other defect and incotigrui lumVraadslnnKl; t9 MJ2U; firvwooJ balk mounted riflemen sbnuhi be assembled at B nt'" favor. a laiWtDal =
'"' ry life, by devoting ihemMlrre 10 Iheduin-s of ties, which would be tadtoua.ud which has no and charcoal Sl.OIU.tM. ; ; Fort and rrUreh thence on Santa Fe."'It would "cU bb,& \\U *, ,J \ 8:8"
an appointment' hkb to 'laborious, yet bumble doubt grown out ot the fact that the military Tbrro o.\U in 292 only be necrssarr to send 5668 regulars to the -'a '.nl 8L Job' C
and aOer all this labor and this practical qua:. commits of the Legislature la availing them 7M were manufacturing r present array rf occupnlkfar. raised 5900 Msre131ut iW..m n, t -
i Illation their' part, fur the dtochargaol the selves of articles fr .m whet Slate law on this <.lInee. sperm oil oflMa gallons whale volunteers which could be eflvded In one month O'I ea me title y
oil gallon of weber ml 79.740 loos .
;' duties! of a .tber'lraeSe .( commtosion bow subject"; ed some .cltoa.sad adopted otb I chaldron,bituoiraoo coal after tbe date of orders. In six weeks the whole jInta.fbMttpsa'efwasw.y. M We iea a..oe.bimstf ,4
ot auch law era which either explained' or wovdnt for the Eus1 ache ear .
5ftea M |I', under operation a I and 21065 ehsldroas farelgn coat In addilioatnlh army could been route beyond Ibe Ri.iGrirlti* rm.otylNtiasNaa.ggy.tt:
f a, ours that the whit fingered'and full but- executiua{ of those rrjected. I will paws on lu I' aritelrtof American : de. 'In thirty d-.yi'aJ\ltr. the tine of IhePaauca ado'.f/lfh.IS nss'kst' ta asei. .wsttey.s .
*+ur, prod ud loo (exorptmg ....r..1..
of wealth life who has nuke aom omissions which are fatal to theattcceaaot fulcot* does
omed spring or high w.*,cats and iron.) were consumed will be etablMued. TJa..t mrrBot ttAstdliesilMd bhb. lutrjny js staid
ever stood aloof from such low a comrntniun atcsptsins otganglion ia too**, tottaucra. The in manufacturing lo iha t3,15t &} 1 not enter into detail, far the military man willat saawa paaialoanttalaUa The..,..msqsi
aaiouot of ; *
:: .'. and .ho disdained to bar hU' fair law to silent un the .wt j e t ul cuotritrd rlrcliona. an Jpf lorna pnductina (web the *; nne-appreciatetk damonsiratio, H propo'Sea I..1i.nte .eidptei.'hMpaIpett l pe Sipeeefrhdls d
feature tanned by exposure during drill hours A a rlfCtion to now otC' red lot two Ma luO-.t WJKAjttl. The above list aamfXcrp contain ; and the statesman will as tidily grasp in I so.idiag r ...iil..
on foot, to a burning sun, has stfpd forward i jute Grimm! lour Brigadiers General', and liPid all the branches 0&.manufacture. consequences at most favorable la an honorabU t.Law. -..
toadug I'
.ben kid commitHH were acani, and by vfficera fur every Regiment in the Slate, and it neatly t peace with MCIJCO; to the improved political l 1 'J08. B. BANCHEZI
will be aomewbat rcnistksbla if, ia the clectloQBt I! with tbaexceptioo ot the great ones of couoo, b. I Pr. M. OBIWA Dew
list sire mstsnce of lamily. weaUb, or other wool, iron, sod leather, coolUon of u ir .ia contiguous' republic a as A. .. MCui Ap n, 1849.





e .


'Ir --- .' ... ..{ .
J -i .
.1 -
-Y'N ',' C t -

"e. "
r : .
, ear, .
v 1' p" P" ; ,

.iD !


-- .
-- -
-- -
a sestet q.at Dariod .oald eeawaeide- that blamtaVtce* iaf aa*' whit mat a/tha dol> ia graailr atreogtheoed racy kaowa ito JlM&er's Safe.

cp d'aad .aaaeW,.be ..,.,. to ofl irogefl fa eel free by eMUOoo; aad la a&.1 the whole woe. A COOl,y.,.1:1. .ute.'C1reu.fFi.rid. ", : -I
with intend of fungi ; but we do ant be 1 paUy cMnboe4 with the fluid iat emulateatteriootly. '1M Oregon territory no* nista between tINt I* C.AICBT. 't
tire firmer m ill t-v r .p r rd. that of 'M' Tbe tree, after Ibry are faHen United duua tai Great B'Uaio; and while Easels;sale v.aad Ftaae.Teeter fee UnMlr*.i '
At Use grand fmguie t4 _..-1' ia should ba Wa'-'iawt.p bewa .acI4cr.ri'. .. far a* we know the relation of the latter -.1 erditara.VI. I
.e rry day frnm ib, effrct wi dry edof fbnrap-wtw d and bark* with all European .Iiooa II re oft mo t pacific .
it may be aakPfhal h for dry rot 1 And the ""I..Dd placard In the moot favorable poI character aba ia making unusual and ex.traordmary Rb* eli Dowsing Ex., *f Caa*. De..iar..LetaL r ,

lung bat It {*jm krv,wn to afT cl tb.timber rJG rot atasr.oieg a"d"aictton. Until their armaments and warlike pre ration, esa.rd.r of UM II...T... .
veHs *d the cauw of ihfc *fl 'z t Well amoral the ordlaary procta of.foaiag wood aaval and Unary, both at homo and ia her BY Jadf af UM : CuxanioVriorOo.

answer u 1M former* the dry--rut ta catta d cno iott9 >'relr I exposing H to a current of North America poaaanaiooe.Iteaoooc BMd&. cc tba aacatid dr of March tatcia tW. ;
: the pmunniKN aVcuntpoaition nf the urge drrair. Ii wuuli be a detlratb thing if we be dMguueJ that, however sincere aawra tattled..**.will b, said odor UM dirwtMti' .
alMimrn which>cs. .. a ferment the en.ddAod alociirt whet this dry air couJ4 may be tee dmrauf ps ce, in the event of a al UM ta5enbr I at PnbJie Aacuoa,ia Treat of the
f ctwat rturot principlea that may If prnent be naturally maintained throughout the year; rupture ibeaa armaments and preparation* Cart H..I. th* city of St. Aaiaatioa *w she '
the wind. a. sugar and atarcb which dirio but.dfwidoratom would Got be ready obtain would be ned against our country. Whatever tfm day .f MT **.U btwta UM boar of la ami
.'' tbt fibera Itr the w(.x) and acoaVvmtM ed. The time MCIi'WIrr in rann the oak differ > may bate bero the original purpose oftheaaprvparaliooa. twes'e kIh. MIowiBf prvpctty. vai-Aa thai )
the fact b undoubted that they Mrtaia lot and ptaatit**. ti. aud ia die aity *f 8.. ; .JAnti.
'...1" .( rouahnxHia by the rmtioa of.mfftttft"eal..lh. according to the deatiny of the *rocure.faaia .
( O.three fungi there are twit tome t pec>e* and Ihe raring dlm nioo*' are now proceeding' ia part at lea., with a .. .. ,Bl. George boaadMl 8uHI Nonkarlj adjoiaiai tj tke th-

ciet-.aa IIIIt fir lott rrnna Gigatrram vhica 'of tboe wrri*that areetpoae.1 1 for dedication.) view to contingent poiblity of a war with rondooee prvoiiM* af of cord hear.Bntt.. Eattly by Ut fonarlowatd ..

I M.* in the timber like a thin broad pt'. of a plank proMbly would oni require more thin ihe United Siatra. The general policy of ma by Ubaa. Rim cad O. /.1'. CIaA1Jeou.
rlow: Ie.tbet And the Herpula DrVroetM,wlixh I twelve nvmtbs .,i1e a piece of tarter d n rt eo large of a red rrOour and wbiiMh at *could not be iborowcklr I seasoned in aeveaoretfbt announced,in 'b .Pftcla (rum the thronaa bSt.. Garg* duU
edge. A''bft awe eel ihradrjrrnt proorvda ," *; aid II placed h a humid situ. lae January last, and baa since been r.i Also the lot aid pr*.!t** adjoining said but det.cribd .
an ei etu f vegetable albumen ia thoa lion would not sea.w1 at all and tbn reaull tcralrd by lbs minwera ol Ibe crown in both prvaila**. aa St. Uoorg S,". b....lN
,. !. hat bare ben in mmW-rn u. far hip< would a dernmpoaiiinn (rain the formation of b'luae of P4rllment. Undei this aspect of out I .ttbrly. br lb* law deoevitwd *. .* ."
we may ....n th. latirr qoeuimn mm'n iicnl salts and mothmnn growth*. reUtioat with Great Britain.. I Cannot doubt the by l lot of O. I. r. Clava. ttoathoify by Pita.
aayinglhatthr, primitive oakt of G,.t Brit To benefit property rt P-'"tuna the mate- propriety of increasing oar mean of defence, La. sad Wavwtry by at. Gort*BUMU -
1 G Alt, tbs .lot baaif dirocilr Wott *f UM dwolfiag
la and lhn f|.f nur couo'rr. which wad used rlels tae hip boiMing and mcreate of our ni. bees by land anj *ra. This can cive rat boat*.'said Mtojntg .. boiag o. UM eoroorr .
the early tnn.trucimn of tbf ir navies waa vie, we pr pn5 that IIi |egWlat' ee* of ouryattiapprnpristemesnsfoe Brram no ciu ai of offence, nor increase Panacea Lab tad Dpanbb 8trrU btnd w..'. '
; an rich inatbuminotn matte aa the raka .. th t cultivation ofikoaenakath danger a rupture. If, on Ibe contrary w. ly by ta* Dwelling II...*. SoaUml bj Putar. "tt
cttrwtht .0.1 different lnealinn' am tare i indigenous' to ta ir region.' should told our arm io accurity. and at lat be [ laoo.aod Wftottrlr br Bpaaiali Hueot. -.

", thrreftiri the drymt and fungous growth In order lo ensure rjcce ia toch an undertakIng suddenly involved in buatiliiie fur the mamtro- Abe.a tract cf lead akaaUd I. UM Coaaty of fit.
mich llmb was not known nor nrr would a tract of land should BM *et apart of Irene aoee of our just righu.; without any adequate Jaha't,at I place called Dkgo originally f raated tai '
beets bad we the timber now of tbo** prim tbnoMad sere* in a favorable location fir their'I preparatko ourretpvoaibihty. to the country I Jess 3. :acAf*. tonuinina about ail bvadreit
I wuuU boot the Sboutd the at,.....-d Nonh sod South br ,lanJa of Be*;. '
t I ." forest of nu country Europe an l Omit cmwib*. Thrwtil f.'t this purpose should not I grtdteharaetet.
and coil I Jon between tiwtvocuu nti *, be avoided. Cft trrr otuto and WoaUrlj by pan Laadt ana
It wilt appear br tbt I we Intend t., maintain that the cau-e of tree selected for lra.taD tion from their native a.l sincerely trust it may be the additionul Eatitrl/4I.. all UM Die rthi plain ttUo and ialaittt af UM Eatavcf y
I ,'rot proceeds from the n.gtig ncr and want fore***. T1to.e that are selected for Ibi* charge upon the treasury ia making the mcr Clru Dtmvift( dtCea-ed. i. sod ta a etrteiit .
i knnw"dg| t I ia the tt\t&'t n nf tb*. trees purport ahouM be from for to 'fire year if *.ary preparation, will not be lo r; while, tract of land cwataiaiDf twenty tboooaad art|ranted .
'".Ibo effrcianf time and etp"urf are : the prncrwnf dee... Such h our tct me",. We recowmrrkl their being taken op iodtpeDabl for the maintenance, of our national Hi. btian.to the couth ol Indian RI',.0. tb2ltd -
i'iio' and without t nh- comment rrnorvd to In the later port of October, or the month ol tit hit and oatiooal b -nor.I S.pL.I'4'18' subject to a mortgage to the death.
many tvtin.a cnnnf'CI with th
under cnmideratiorv*.it N OM of the most I root, and immediately tranferm In the Mil recommend ion of my annual menage in rw- .ad dollar
i of ab le. Thra toed tbe'Otegvo Tb notice t. .b- AbA.llMranMioiat. !interest of tho aid. ..tat* ot'CA
i .."- to which the attention I that r* alloted for their permanent queriuo.
I "' people can be turned. mind for the iraapannn! .f the e trees are r ".. the lie.ly f f ibo 6ib of August, IW7 is i .ru. Dnift dectawd. ia and UM tu the said UweUtar ftu. '
II.. and
Premises oceopWd b1
The Woks nf North America aa deacrib br decidedly the best,aa lhn thy de crn.ioQ of she aubotUrdby the treaty itself, and cannot be I I Dfwmitf* which hare been>tif ned to the Midtk k.kr. .\6 t
Jtfiei.ax, consists of twenty nine 'JIf"- sap M cnmt lered. and the actai of the leare rrgardnlaaa warlike roea u'e; sod I cannot Dfi9g a*and lor bar doss ia UM rejv uio 01 '
'. and varinira, moat of wbkh are useful inhip quiescent, while that nf the ab,nrbi-g romkttcea wi.bboU my I rand coviction that it ahnuid Mid (JUrica Cvwaia/ -f R RNor.

bui.lirg: the one contidrrrd; the mo-t vee' *also,, becatt the nutrition which i h taken be promptly given. The other ,.eomrMnd..j I p.rtknUrdctcriptioaaadplattof aaid prop '..". .. '
ul and stands at the heed of she IM. h the live in by them H 14 ConrertibM into woody substance tmo are in conformity with the Chili g treaty 'rt 7'.' N It.d. tpplicatiAa t. th* t.b.erihr.GEU \ ,
Qvrent Vircm. It ta a perennial tree of without the cooperation of the let re* and would affxd Americaa citixen ia O.'- I R. FA RBANK'. Matter Clun.St. 'c

sow grnwth like the rf""t nf ita vp cirs. It H They ahoald "Nt apart at property a nee*.In coo oo more than the same measure of protec* Avgnttia March 5S1. Id46

to H<*ridi. where ih- m<*t e tt n.ive web a manner ae to bare amp1 morn Mr Iron wbkh has long since been exteuJd- to STATE OF FLOIUDA.
,.re-ta of this vuluahl trw H arm. This tren growth and the (rev act"n o| beat and tight on British subj*eta in tool territory. I I COtRTOE PROBATE, tSi.
twani'l 'o "n'.In lentil the causes of de.JfftM"I'.n. .llide*. Buch prka or nurseries in oar States Tb .'... .f ..! ttlaiioaa with. Sleitro it mitt io : John'. Co.".,. f .
would be flva tirii of the genin a. ..nt* ...hltl.fC.ort -
a*albumen urar and tarcb. than nv e comtn 11I.'n.' of tie Etut of J.\Uf.S L. PALMIIR.
; ( .. isobar i.r.Uitioa bas Ukva place ia that
dr crited therefore nf a nation than alll" marble moeomeoand I, dec'd.
nyof the '** fhi'rrjo ;
i. Ihe" n"fIIt| durable and l*.* iiabkio dr ees. towerirgedif.ee cn be erected. This .Ua watet haaJt. by.f which sew ruki Ik. e.un"1. nit tvtbt has hag p..pr eiat tale* Oath .ti'i..01 Burroofh E. farr.d.i"i.! .. 4
nitural immunitt' :, f with fell itiu 4gam pita lia lH|. . n.rnt'a corHideratr but a pplietble lo er deed. f.r an aUowtoco and final' fUliw nl of hi. a* !
d Ition, .hitud nest nr rto-k r ry Uartd Staut aid that
-c mN' we ika ditTaiaaca* .t**"a the .
and landed i-ior in thtC COllQe.and on 6liaf the mm..n iord rd the *aiEseeatne -- t
and ... nf in4irtlu l firrre pmo
1 locality "l it* growth, age 0.45557. do citctho freJilort. heir and all rOM.
fee frhip timber. This I. a nece.arv .itry. Theybnulil be tfanplanted on the 'M miart'er the U.rte t J titw to M-xiee.at he entitled U claiming di.tribatit thiro"of air? ?
n whch i i. applicaMf to I. wb- Is I utkinaof every farm plantation ; milking ".t. .xf UM tar M.a.. bad not be.. ree..ted bjto. kotat that.or Ot., be pr..nt .a the labia; and."tin .I '
) if oak that will be inclu-lftd under one the boundary nf heir different pcar i.in*, by titiag aatheritM O..o..r..io.of a cbaracttrbo of aid a'ccouat. btara this Court oeT.ena'ay the 5'h

| .! in the wqurl, I of nur mrtarkt. Tb bm the ernwth of there sylvan rran** that-- bare- ul t:.-iha--k.d-tlaitadSuiet contie4. ;fib.* n>ad judj iaJf'iK day .( May a..aIO o'clock M..by pabl..bit.-
; it irt itir the rtrdioa of d..bl.Ii": brenthe--p.i- of nation for cenurieI + rt pp. i ray copy of thus order in a .*.."r punted in th. -
table I At.UaTUS WITCllEtU U. D. oat to keep at.rtp I..irct..r owrMmy oa oor of St.A*jaatine.fnr.iety dart .iocla iro befo-
thu r Irt'b..re Aerated rrgmna high city
um .. of tboa
.*.thse.lela r.. .,. I. d tnt sunny
I and where .* I To G '. Ilia a A.OU,St. Auguttine.no.J the heariot.tf thia canto. ta wiuwta whereof I
I nd*. an "I"| cou..tr). they err I r.gslar Wilaanr pwtsha'h .. rsde ,t'c> ...u
.. ,dawrd .lb. They tohI'tUIJ.t.nd .boulJ .. bar bertuato set m1 baud.this 2d dar of Mreh I84U
by otbiy yrn "' lald..le. dtei,deruct a. .rl'' E. B. GOULD
where ,brie it amble rotn l-,r thrir J COBffretf ry u..
of 8t John't
,. "' with a tree acCff* e.( Air 2 brat and On the23J alt. The &+*t* then prnceede la *MW .t !.... *-eIiea. .,t,neet.'* it i ia my Jod{ Probat County

light on all .Ursaa of'm fen on
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