1816., suthaltlusrrtsmnl.IClnlrtl0orrattingU much rcli;,!i. The iIlUUt.dli.t'id.. | mid that Ij'ird .MuUrave should l IHI mud. t[i she. mtrjicd|! fur a..' o',ight; n'.tt>. bivo be< n if otter 'viat>fiitr <'.iri >Klcl. ituifrrtgitffiit I'.cir R'.' r
revenue continued! in use hi thi country 1 : 'hini..h'r. 'I'his Lord Meltiumnu did i I 1II11"-Stlrn,1 ....
nit, of a wild i r tine; grove is of O'uo ins I prime I iudu1ei: ill," coast f,II..",...
fur 96 .ear.. 1'ranro bat jiit nnnnunceri ol' lull shirt ,clilut111111 in, i! t ,. k* ,..'L. .,..
I pnrtauct to t to rh&Jt"'I.'ho have the (mull s' not jccl to, nr- "I'l fly itf t a I ou rcr, llr. E4
I r .,. her tatenti u to follow the exaiifiplo of Lie inonniM'du' in t>) u h"te I..r.
collected nud tqneescd in a horsemill. The oljeelions a high qtfrfer Tho Htemnhont .Florida, Cnpt, llctdoird Hi-ill aniliiiioi; : i it thus e,<

!iantlftod. abolish to ti cried there. juice is barrrled| and sent to diflVrtnt mar. Tho result i is, that when Lord Melbourne sailed. on Fiiday halt fur Jn'1" 1IJ. bating: give; ours >iur views on the matter as4 ..k

I knt.,bring in request as an ingredient in CuO I.in l I. retreats! which will bo in nfeiv weeks Lord rouMe me tu n"e he( 'languftgoaviifiout or i.t.. ..
wuNDEa-noifti nrAKCIKtiT hon.d Jen. llernaridez. and suite and
AS Ar.TtqUAi.iAN ;? drink The straight young shoots lire John Husell) uiiddiiicillcaues must follow. on tilj<>riiii2 nt)*"lf lu tlty i: resp

t CITT Of AZTALAN.from cut and shipped bundles, to bo used as It issaid on good) nuthui ity that there-will the Sloop Splendid, I Mine pithtroops andpiovitimis ,.( b.iug itner a/re or gn.is. l'lt--

4 We recently copied a paragraph one walking sticks.LATER. bo no tlis.uiutioi! .Parliament. There may I sailed f-.r .Mosquito mi Fridaylatt. I April. Q. E.
of the Western papers>> combining nn aft i
not bo immciliutely MI chnngo of tlumiiiMlrv.
I count of the d'ucoverjr of an ancient city in & di.ulul'on ; the 'Cnpt. Hainan** and Corn'* comp : Our eon rj;'ornlcn t Q. C. I U. hat ,
but a must bo ro .?
the fur nest. At the time no considered FROM: ENGLAND. .ult.-Uail.: I nit* Mounted Volunteers' uiarchcdat! the pi.uuied! tu ii4 something1 Ir" uztler. f&f

the whole affair ai horde ring tint much up The packet ship Westminster at New .. .. I same time for i that: jdace. I *. i* 'lu seek pejiii-m tu .

on the marvellous 10 lie worthy .of implicit York from London and the North Amtricafriun CAflngt ojC c n Jition. ThoNewark; DIv ,,- i solicit. They built Inrn ; ilyuttkit,
credit but now it in so very au : Liverpool, bring London paper to the "' i a similar ta4.
; appear Advertiser thus niTS n rrmarkablo" in S.lmutl right n Ian wn* tried nud convicted
column nf tho Chirn" J7th. and Liverpool the 18th ult., inclusivn. .4 view when used separately" but .
the the
form in "
thcniic a stance nf this sort. Puuihly the I'., cr will uf the rrimo of sun-der.. tit a former term r.....
The folio items from
go: American, that we' can no I longer with- ing are copied not be happier: or more useful thau the bum I i It tho most rriblj" term. and it i ij .....
oIIa bold our hour It till duubtlts {provide the Courier, Gazelle, and Mercantile Ad* hie pastor. of the Superior Court, and who was awarded ; sary tu use theta Together. It'i i. ..

i abundant speculation fur the learued of eve vertisfr : We notice that Lord torah (the' I lute Rer. a new trial, was agiiu tried on Thursday i if salsrry. .!
we be
ceuatrj. Hahjdo.i, Dalbcc\ Palmyra.aiid The cnntinertal'news has been mostly anticipated Mr. may permitted! to Bsvord. ..
rv Fraser. long well known in this viciui 'last and convicted. A motion iu arrest .
Theme ruins that by the Paris papers per Albany. i It was not considered
Memphis l'roHnt ty as a Presbyterian Clergy mini, atdili'rmeuttimes ..f judgment' hiss: been made aud! argued IfQfn&f
The' London. market rather calmat .
oeceinhabited people who are well money was formerly tu bracts
by use like
were 1i bumldo of the churches at | the f.i jJn
"pastor tfe! .
the last dates but still entertained 1 oil behalf of the accused by John Drjadutc.
known to us by the record! nf old history many 1IYestfirlJ
and IJuitlehill) took his seat and being mure emphatic : ** Tb
But here, in the back and beautiful nilds ofNortfe f apprehensions" the suffering was by no oaths of office nt the opening uf the House Esq. counul I fur. tbe prisouvi. ou the ground ,1 must stmittil sect of "t fier..| 1 1t

America has been discovered the means at an cud. of Lords oa the first day. There are strange abut sorrnl) members of the Grand Jury, t I'hari.l't" our reiign'n? I I lir Ns
ruin ef large Iud half ,buried city, or the Hy reference to tbe Liverpool Markets\ somersets iu lift. but we cannot think \\utttfi\
I .. population I of which nothing whatever it it will! he seen there has been a further re* ushkhfuuudth,11 ty Q.
of doction !I.. cotton.Wo was qnushed, ncre aUo members of tho E. EL
known, They are prooablyn race f We
From the New York Daily Express.KiaTo t sincerely "i.b!
( from the are to state, that the ship Clot- success- Q. R |
who leave ,entirely pasted away sorry : : Feb. 5tli, lti-17. Grand Jury who found the second bill, under ; ill i Iii, laudable
frceofifee earth. Certainly tho Indians of 'rorr, ROBIMO.I, (ruin Liverpool. for New i \tnJtrtaktng, aud hope tln .
As I which the
mentioned to uu in liut I hud priiuuer was tried and! como- ,
the and tbeir forefathers never ,'ask. was to'IIIlo" on the morning of ) my I h it we have said above .. 1
present not the least douM! tint in ilo uf iho 11I:1"0t'"ligAtm" \ a .,
Jurors. ,
II'j pro- (luo'tlyYere incompetent
dwelt in dd.Jthe mounds of Misicri and Ibo I5tb February, near Tuscar. and sunk I chi rstnts'ou of( Santanderho! would! submit to I Mmou the dorkroaI lo'ra, s

Ulioois, particularly) the singular structure in SO fathoms "water in 30 minutes after the iiirtates; of the British and that Ibo affaire ; ottjecl' of..it *.tended' atofiitiju ads i
Monk Mound, bear evidence of bavin she struck. The mate, one seaman, and The rye of a stronger on v i Kiting Chntlf ; bat I

been constructed by a totally different seven steerage pastrugcrs were lost. the arrival of New Granada would dp nclilrd. sly j Ion; i it Nt unto attracted by the great profit' **Ah! who can tell lutv: herd it i* tocKeti, f
hereof II. M. ti vii
and more civilized people than any of the 'It would seem that a le ,'u.1 espedttionagainst ( ju 1Vauderer.rum ion of beautiful: fl"vrors and shrubs. ti Inch : Tho steep w here Fame i It.rood c
i (so called' aboriginal tithes-thi* < ii, eQ) Ax Constantine is at least delayrd. Marshal \ I news that Mr. :!Ruvl, w-c(tdo have: UritUh received Vice the ornait.tnt the dwelling of the rid'b. No .people 'I shines' afjr.; TfIItIt

latest, the di.coverciI11l"U of n hirh are I built CkAl'SEL> bas.been removed from his in the United Slate me more ilevou-t!
with .brick, is evidently the work of men command on the coast of Africa, nud that I Consul at PHii....:..) nits set nt liberty, and i t lo the cultivation of flutter! than: the citi .

who well uudemand the arts of masonry station given to Gen. DABGSMOST.. :I bad gone on hulrallhe Madagascar frignte. s|i zeus of Carolina none mure distinguishedi ; G&'n. Jack,ou rtat la \\bft\\u\\ : ea15tli ...

surveying and fortification. The influenza though apparently" di'min The Superior Court of Carihugfim 'uadannulled i for refinement anal! courtly of inpiiner*. ioit. au,1 I was received with the 1_

H thong Aztalau: wasbuiltand by whom ,Vias in -}vii K laud still continues very prevtwleut the sentence given at Panama. | The absenceo| flutter* from u ,"",.IIi,,;. est eniliii.i.i..oi by tin* people." U embtA t n

peopled, ; wa leave to the learned in Archie << it) France cud Germany. I against; the Consul, and now. by a new n.hUire. i it ii'i pruutuft want. of refinement orof mty ed on the Iti h in a rAm 1 boat, suit '| 1

"fegjt merely rellla.kin; that some of the A Frankfort pnpcr states that reports' prevailed Paredes and Dia+ sure condemned to !I tiring else, yet their pfeneriiVMiittdy<< : give* react bis; bel'ivt-d) HennitazesAfrly, .i it....

more remote Indian tribes ore said to have in Italy of revolutionary plots! having six mouths!>> iiiijiri, onmenr, and tu pay: 4 con ,i n stronger nn idea that! pence and innocence lieiog exposed lu further fatigjo "ia Irani 11
ideradlo finr. The nuihoritics of lira G/.,&
been formed there in connexionvith Patiam-t dwell within We ;; t. ttCspta
traditions nf another nation having unco eg* tbu ;I nre Inppy tu notice that

l fisted in .North America. In the ChiragoAmerican rrpcatcd. attempts>> on the life of the King of are It to bo remains dismissed for from their einj'liiyment.; ; ,fhecnltiiie' : ,of fliiwer i i..seco'oinr! ; moors* fa'i- n Cooper, whuse iudus'iy a.'ha&.
the Gnnadian. )
newspaper there is; D drawing of the Fieucb. at well as with the 'late military t now In :10UO government iooaldf in our iiwn ci'y-but rte itkit i that cuts, a. Ju-Ue' Advucatr, at tb: 1..1t-l.$ n

i the supposed citadel I of AztnUu, u, it now insurrection at Htratl.ur,. In coiucquenco pay $ierliog tMr. Ituucll i far ii-orr atfentioii \\ ere p rid t.. this delight ry Court i>f Inquiry iu .! .
and Hull null tlieii c patrliie ;tUiiu !
he auti.fied.! ; : >
of these it 2s said that the ful .
t stands. It i iof great extent, the walls about reports! members I occnparioit.A >rni"ii iccuiunltoni, of buiite. belts
fortified' of the family of llonaparle in Italy, hu'', ----- --- ------ --. *,memf krcj In* .
: five fret high: and regular by struugnbutments ----- op au interest in ih, Court won hittt rorlt et'rrlllul! Jrsm!
rc cmUinj" ; such' are used in''I P assess large estates, especially) i in die S A'fl r: 'V\J.\: 3.r l1 : the till urc of fluwers ill Charleston: a largosoiiety veil |prsur.luruu! ; llt* whol: li'iie of rs

the walling! uf both nnrient and modern nil-its' uf the Pupa Aro more strictly elmni'l: has l-fn f.-rmcd.of! which ill** I lion. stun! b... l.eru aj'j'oiiiirJ: by .' 1r. l' w
The thus cmplot,ed I 1. entirelyrircummurcd limn before Ine mutiny SlralJ! Wcdncs do- j'.Mr. P iitietti' at the heid. nnd liVrnl t io>*a
lows. space ?.._.. ._ft___ I.L. _' rg.. April 5, 1837. CUrf Clirk of sue U at Ifp; ;,rnrtco't sts ,
nf large extent, and containing [''''''' nuirmeu ruin nn intimation lias been ;, prcminiri* artf offered fur the deautifulproluciiiiii .
-.- ._," -.--.. must b:", commrnrrJ Hit* i'i u.cbla! -gc of LliJatr.
four inoumU fur defence placed' given to them that it would not ho tuwcl- ( ( of the (Inner pnr'en. e.' ,
& square I i FOR OIJLKGATi' C0i'ftttlari.ATR J i.t.iiii Co i.1. r 9 active "t...''irs. ru:.; kc.. ,,
advantageous! posutinus. .'I-ere is the, ':"'1110 if they took op I their roUlcnco in any f, Coul'l such u variety lie in.'i'uh.,1 litre it I IiJ:e "if tu! Jtruiy and! lu..in"sl.IM-

remains of a road formed of stone masonry i other t aulaty.'I An.: ., .S. ; :rJ.'tr.. :t2 "JJt1 would') It the anrranc tmt only "f is,-an'iwi11;; rafdi fit him fur tin' !O situation aru.y and we Air.

which debouches on the: rivr. Outside ,; s,'iu motions have been made in the -- -- our city in a hih .1t'rce.IIU :chi of tuSti: rea',u t'* l>i'ivu? iha i il.i Ii. i !

i then alls'nf the.citadel! : .rr numerous moundscrdeiftty House> of Commons by radical inemhfrs. AND IMPORTANT FROM TILE vatin; th>. tr,-te, oust awnkeiiiog the strut '>i* .:Mv iiiftrtor, tu 1t.! d hit"r"'I.lau..t-.fat! ,'rrs i,f rbf.wi-I

in ended>r wa.like \ urpou'sand I the one to take way from the bench of Uifehopt AKJIT-Cnr.r.nito I:CTILLlotUt: :. thit'S of our citizens f<*r the but shiest .pr*.>duf: fe.mt !hureaur. \IdroldiIJl..

vur)'iss, trans 3 to U5 feet m hrih| Thu the :privilege, of a seat in the upper' I Dy nil otprc.t which nrriv3 J Bans( wliieh .Nature, with her litters! hand!,

nulls Null buttresses are of brick and twrn- house cud tb" ot.'ier! to do away with the rrhursdny I tins,,;'recd before u*. The Sttan ichisttr cut J.Rt)1..

ty feet' in breath ; mid the ratite plan of property qualifications in voters. They ucretioth from Fort' Dado we have intelligence tojho20th 'j Tlie above is copied, trout r.n Augusta st ppi P"pray tint StclfI JurlaTI'
; ''
the citadel i i.evidently furnie lou mathvina* lost, but still there. were a sulOcieatiiumtuT and of the most gratifying clnra-'ter. Wo now uteitu I bu Pnper. <
tical .princi|>1es. of votes In their fivor; to excite seri Many uf tho chief end their band, have ; I entirely agree; : with the woitby the! stcariitiuat: lit the fir West. nu.leant n

The drawing which we refer as \\tas *us ul.trni for tho permanency of IIriliataIwo iarntd Editor: ; cnlliviitioii nf Fhirtr nlfuril* r i

the descriptive particulars accoir. panyiuft it, j lustitutioutboe motion carried the como scnc: iuargone toTtimi'u;. IUy I ton ugrcfttitU urruraliaJ-nlid: i i. all eel i f'(01fl11t Pam Sun.
and there i i. '
ore tile results t,f an actual| autv) by N. F. n hole fabric oulu full. n strong prrspett of peace. |I deuce of the purity and refinement of j i r.PITAPIION

I Her Es q. who states *od C'uu6rllJl"ane uftbe : The Secretary{:; : uf Foreign Affairs hid Our savrge foe I bas Ittu compclltil to con ', Pt"II'fJ.: in taste *. CHARLES. t

\ strange theories mid opinions uf scholar, been interrogated' in the Commons on the I I sent to remove beyond, the MU.usij> ,!, nnd no part nf the Southern coun Reqnitseat in face! t
j :
diameter nf subject of the uf the IJritUU; vessel try, would the caie bestowttl Qsi t TKACK u.i
in relation' to the early! our capture : preparations arc making; tu accomplish this upon sera, TO Tim MCMOETIT :
11'esterp'lerritory. Will the mysteries of ., Vixen by the Russians. In the first instance desirable 'i meet with richer, reward than in Wit Augtisline. .i!
uoveilfdl Of truth., the he replied" that the matter bad been submit object speedily.We ,>> j. ; a
Avilat ever ue The few roses t lit! at
nro scattered throe 11111
( rwet 1 is rich in wonders and! in nil probability td to the Uw officer of the! crown for.'heir; ', 'have beeu politely favored with the I': iMo ices t

tbisitnnly>> the first in train of dis* opinion ; Rod subsequently' stated that it following extract of a 'letter to i gentleman I our gardens: ; the Spanish, Pinks that ile.-o- CIIAULESTUK TENTH:,

coveries for future record) and admiration. would not be proper at present, to make !I uf this city dated Fort D.iJe' March I .'Gob. rate the balcotiio ; n'ttktinai.a [wekuow Of our nlf* I prnvuknl! hit eTpoNinn kas .

This ancient metriopolis>>( nf a bygone: world this opinion, kill'" n.Ve !o not think from You undoubtedly have had. de1' not if we lightly! mil lh<* tidtite] that the throne of 'hi,. (.." (<.'Ir.e.,.I'f hrrartf]

,! 1 bas eft {traces of being some miles in cx proout appearance, that it i* probable that I tails of nil the doing* n iii! us ince minute"ur kit I! oriiptnent our 'little r..urhl-ell prove to ; f..::1 tls. which the French na: 'tin ,vitt*l.is .s.

I tent. It is situated in the ton nsbip, 'If Jcffenoo any thing serious will ensue, particularly HS It wlnt ;' just vciiceancr. upon burn nod Ii; ..
to Topkulika to .tiJ
I sfcms that iho Indians I Iwere an Inter ; extmt the Flutist' t
the ills stated that Lord Durham the llri'iisti, mav. Porn
!west uf Mil+'aukle; and on ,, sick of the Octor.! 9. };6;;
nest side uf the nest brands of Hock f nmliasstdor at'etcrsLurg. remained on shut ncfo 'happy its lo take war nt ourselves nnd f (piss: hi. agreeable l libur*. in Illi.( rrs i..u.. !i Sucrectlm:: t<. the Tl>r....<. fra"r.4'u:*.

River. J JDdHffri best t.-rm' with the court there. T I.,IIRI;| : chance of coming to uidt'nsltare of tlu first We wi uh some of ,those I Issues and< etidaIL f! ::eptrnibrr" 10. I '
I date frum Franco terms. There ii nn d
our ..
are not later limn u..-_ doubt that the war i ii (.nr.t. ..l. .... t". ,.. .1._ : C'* nrn"ult u*. obis have li-ltum, A tut,. ft-. .Ii liratiacJNlrJl.liu: :
I .. -- -- *- -*- %* S*V
,.; IdltTlo-l). ;lnzariu B uia, thoc rcreind'ih'rl1il: ), we talo occasion chit fi have p -- '" "11 .e i talent; ', Awl hayiDj; ; l>rrii r..rniUr leilitoncd ealf.
+ tvottld
CountdeCassa.Iguia. na. raftaiii gonerl 1 ti-;in to rrlcr h, Its.. -tfte of thi. 1 in that \ inntiu.'htCil power tu contract... Our camp: pruI't'r unite to give rnt' ur. in ;\ulltt..r ihe" I.H... jear. "

of U.N'irit from J8':4 Sln.1 l 1W7.: Dud at- c-ouutty. :d\lu"IIIrmiut'lIt! j : in whicti ntpearthe !i \\u*!\ ." Hutitli of thy with lldlsh Seninul'' b, wl.'u sire, mu ncnitnt to the cultivation of Floweri' ; and He du!i-d in cxwV. :'"''f'naft.tt! G.I336.

t way* bore the character of a umich rn'h' authtbotreaty :
list, and 'skilfd{oflicrr. llcin ,ohnoxiou to life of Louts riiiliijipi l Anoider plotto i siipulaiioin. whuh/ require* we cantot.re, Wr war,,.,, tat smith tdeman "belli'"
,; thou nl!) to I hu tlirro l by oho I why an .fgricldlsurall.cirte -
I 11
the LHttyal... *, be h1.m.lc.t: l M one i>f their sm'miilnti him, it i ill :ails. l, li-s lu-ni eli.ro'cICII. Clut.d with his but t proximo. tiuu Id IIC l ,. "ar not with him ,)...*,.
it victims A novil an'i t rttrocimu uuiile .*f lit* ii: .tlr.iot n poi outr iti 'liu' ,pil- il arc nlrriily'' Tarn- :: isiJ funi.tc! l..r thf ("url..e| >fhot Hi *>rr.wor. i in.?Mec i hliact eta f)1ueaiiott

getting rid bf political "Utflt,'. wu ;invented lair, and n pert \\iv stir out it ii. net''-'sary ('ot pa.I'ulltp'n uln-i! ? nil arc to :&utu.r.o: l b y the 10th. '',, only ,...HuE in tuo:, .!. vcIupctLetit: ; if tbe .f a weal 1; mm:*, ft Hl; learlr: busat
in pain similar In that which in lat ''ai"! ouTety to utiti-rvo the mot Zealous 'precaution i yc-iterd.'iy lie in, -ml l,r< tntsurnncu h'un' II f tlictoutttryauJ .proJucitt: it nlftuf'.l fur them.
j of 'huts father' *
iStptetiiber raiuod nn exp' |"ion at ltal'l.h'tr.: I *. A <: inlr l Ie")'* lo i is R.po4en'of., % ,'* that tho 1 hatihd i h f+ lI.u'J1l. lie'U alai+/tj in |.ctfccti 'P. but of ire'Im'i"g the. flit. \ ir!t.r. stair I.i. .;w.: for m! te 'ulftt w
pool pool t office and! fin,llyUilltHl the .tluinp. : Aooihur fart, indicative' uf ibt ..11111.f mural and ort-,1 uitlt t1 cm. itself i brit nAtbrrattw.1 l a "lai'tf'ff ,
in CU"IHlil'lI fIr : r j'ltIifI
rufi 1; clerk. Letter {Mimed with ilnJomtibpowder ;: cling; in 1'11 is. ii t'tr toiiihiug incro ,AJivlvKi.Kir reply tu u qifHiuu f as :w what the : our ;pardcm, nUll, o.rt hardy, utiJ, of l 1M.i ,riv.tti ehnraetpr.Aul 1
sand mixed ith the harp onus' of ;; *fiu the !iumbAr ofiuicidu*. would "f; iMiuM, do ; .replied I tll.I.; :hot rcari'i: th.te hautiftil aril t'elir-ite! fi,ru;s { wtn-ii his ulf 'I+('H a. n kmJ) !b laI"!l lrenmW.l. (

brass uftil ( n' hat here njciitione.J.) uviu I j PORTUGAL. I I ordered it,course hut it! 1111'\tour.rll: in 1 ; as .Micannpy l bay/. i for ul.iMviiiirtue I nature !has *u L.n.i'y' j f.r..- a* ifeey ,....++. an I ifcft'-f!: '''

sent to various iodividuiil, and nmon; others '' The ndiicrs from Li,!o'n nro to the JOlla 1 tin iiHliuii would iliDin not, the furry "f .. vial .dili-1, nfiolcsiMi'e den! *, b-ttu| ..ir* mtdu l hit it nut !'e (urgeltd ii tt'tit h" tt'as'.ur :'mu
to GM. E ui3. He .. seam' compel' nt onee. II t ti '
w s : HI itlareetabltf of d.? ,. be ihj"
February which tiioo w as not
rumor of n i I have liiid nrauycnuvrnltuousttuthJum! cnc st!,iciltirli ma!.c out ilimnte. wuly kin: w !h's tns i itfie lItH
t runiiil which were several clerk ,, of t'' !! .ivo .iJtf'rUtlut,.
cHnso e all' I .i4 of tr.iti
= ministry were nl. The Abraham "Hi.uio; :
writing. and f ilnemug un txtraordiaary i i do Sa! per Alligatorand& Alicnnujiy. ,, nnd. i j i I but \\ ar* nro over ; tit: src.itjiJ hiri : lei that ''Iit! ., I
Mnrqni linlit; ; ii ."III\'II"f n. (I'rcsu : have not .lli. 'lo.-ist ----- *, ;; itt not the nor crowue.!
lookic; package; bcforo I him. most confi-i I I| dent. of the Council) and Wcprct)' uf War ; 1 Icnlioti to fulfil +the duulpl| of (heir iince'ro in- :: they say lin submitted" nud Philip, nra'lPowell l.i..1s hac .Jtllli.,1) it. kt o"Ieo' r....

dentist" bo opened it under the flap/ of tljo I j j j 11 I. de Castro for Foreign Affair ; Minuet Alli ntur i ia most sen term>idc! ,kuli-ci'ihfd shrewd! ii.-. fire rXl'utc.J! C"U.Iay to tend in I r\f.lult-.1! | fu-irre-i, ; and! that .others like fci*
table, not to the nntire suf the IIrt.t..
attract persons hive I I...
Auicnio do Carvalho for furliitl
I Finance' MI to think matte set
| nod their to
; nudjl\'ulo man: "..rlh..n{ the adUston. lu the of yet
Indiiin, Treaty
near. This caved his life tho under I..rl' PayurjCoding.
ft6 Vnsconiellr If then will l.ii foil. *
Cnptnin of the from
( ) for Ma have hn bight estate *
navy i :
seen. i is
Jumper ,
nf the taWereceived tho murderous I.I in n decline, from, | : 7h time i.i
contents, at we trust fast
lint > bk
For tho Ecclftfitsticnl and, Justice ( oI| Isruarluue j death ill a fmei-n i land l 11ft viewed wilt i
pulmnmry tifiV-eiimi.
'but nearly all the fingers on both Department believe i t i : it i n scttildo man t I when. I'',- sword' stud Iit .fJnll""cll iris -
i i. tin
no one yet n.imnl, : but from the slate of ass health sj.rar political crime be "t'e.f. ;
were shattered bl-iwn off. The hand.j I conequeut
or Lo.tuojf, Feb. 17, I will I ; hall bccume .
give : Ihu
yon tin important | 'low spirit much 1 pluw>> share nUll! pruning
in which' ,this accident tlisposod fr I i
happened, I piece of The : peace;
l nous. Jriih! : Cain* Abram is a cunning hook' : why not sciZO oho More in sorrow thin in **
atirfior bail from the Counted During net is uoiv ucgroof; gjotl; rou.i.r.1' j appropriate: ea-: anger. ,
secretly iipsnciating for shut I i
the KiQJ;' illness he was deprived' if bit of the Island of Cub.t.; It takes pussestion allots with tho Seminoles nail uho can do't sat:; the first day of May next, fur ushering" -
Vtltoria the more as a lomatic than other Miea\ i inepy : Imlian JjrVr*.-A hat scea nkia
cajgrnana sent to : ind preventedfrom I form of a pledge any ; intu birth n society, such rumps
or for huo
mortgage, four mil as wit ; .
is ;
ioMni; tthe kings cause earlier than lions lint tho fat old foul wo thought him, I our city dnriug; ihi past two day, (vtys *.
I sterling>> to be advanced to the hut rind let it not bo
ho did by General Ienoanductu- j an ephemeral f effort : '':'Columbu Inquirer ofih) ltd lust) t!.st" t

suto of bit band, and.. \\\l\ '&,elllh rendered Mr. Stevenson, minister that I allvexercising gal..nvtr(! ; he was rc.1ce doomed to languish as soon as begun ; but a "battle ha* IM-CU fought during tbe ..arlr P1
him enable for to able' in appearance>> with the of the week the 'line ....
mountain warfare; but ill seek an interview nitb Lord I'almerston Council his re* pro/re/judiciously framed: ) and suttaiued by on of Kimeti

Ibo siege ef the Bilbao 'bo proved |Juth his the subject It is troy said that the on marks eyineing judgement, and hi* deport t a zealous determination to make it useful. I 31 aeon, !)0 miles from this place betareet.

Ulcnt gad. M* humauity. lie is a tall fine alion .bat. alarmed tbe French Government negoli tout suitable anti comjmrting I with but nom Those who think I .party of whites and the Creek Indians .**
inal with
looking oW .agreeable in his manner! and that they intend to abandon all \ : rank. us upon this sub- t refused to route in and emigrate. \\'....*

and eni4w4.*.!iralr! attached to his profess conquests in Africa in order to remove their Tbe above is fully confirmed by official Joel nro requested tu meet at the j been uualdo tn trace the rumor tu>> iU so'res.

.Ion.-""" *a Spain. .pretext in England to take Cuba. The any ad. despatches received from Gen. Jcsu Court Room in the Government House on and therefore, cannot express an ophite' f*

vance on Constantino bas been Since the above P the first day of may next at 12 o'clock 'I its correctneis. It it I is laid that strerslV
Wild counterman was received to the
Orange Crow Nothing can lie tied null this view. despatches Ibo Whiter ft'cro.woundtd,one kitted aod t-
is end that
more glaiMffting the traveller a rumor else (have arrived (from Gen. Je such measures May\ be taken in the
to ,*hnpas.* iti the high diplomatic circlet :up for Gen, plantations destroyed and two aelttl
JI tlirou t the uninhabited woods of Last merston intends( to Cuba that Lord Pal. Hernandez, which have been forwarded to .premises as to tho meeting" then end thereto killed belonging to our esteemed 1411 '
get as check
.F.ride, tfeft* the wld} orange ;roves which the further advances of the United a States: te hi01'by express... Pnv.ito accounts state that bo assembled, may seem meet end pro. citizens the Messers. ELLISONS, I surly

per Talbot county It is certaia that a party .

F i w : -, : :" ... .j ... J"N" !.. : ,' I .,.... .." J!. w y I t

,, .. > .

',!Ii-!:.,I"! "- d
!,ili' ::., !'J
s1 4G.", ., '.





no toO ufahD h"stUo'' prwVinra yet prowl-! 'A quarrel between me nn.l my "fu" i Cityl Ordinances. Superior Court-Southern

through tb.nv4ints of CtIab"dI", rj Ic. IaIt'd the old man; ""!nit do! you ,I WIDOW/\ \\li IIUiMVN.;. from An ORDINANCE requiring tbd draining of District Florida.IN .
t+ 'Cain" "I offence begs leavo tu return Maria Sanchez Creek. of .
geekidg to do mlchtjf;, Red it is alto certain mean no Sir icplied I
several scouting .parties+ of whites hive th. first 'l l.ut I read your divorce in inv pa j her thank to the Cram Jury l lit tin Couiitie> lie it ordained by the Major Dud Aldermen of CHANCERY,
ibat someday*in pWtuit of them thes per nnd iva puzzled to account fur it. I ;, uf St. Julius aud Moipiiio I'nr M dollar and .., the City of tit. Augustine, That persons owning Wm Marvin "", John M. Fontane, Frances 1:
bra a i ; twenty 'live cent, her donation .
prevented to a" a lots borderu! upon or through which the said Delespine. Mopl.Vallue, G. B. Wallace.
.tu.h'entll the ruin r. the probability ".f supposed uf course that you and Aunt Het* I by the lund" of 31r.' Klin: U'alleu, bring tho a* :' creek called Maria Hanchez creek within the Frances Delespine Krailine: Delespine, Ma

trntb:.1into i .e)' had quarrelled.*. Hark ye, Sir, rc'- IIIOllllluflinaae'Jltcrleclrrou.lh. CiuuadJulY a I j! limits' of said city may ruu, shall open the same tilda Delenpinc. Henry Delespine, Joseph
---- ponded! l ilio old maii,"I am evcniy years : tho .present March li riu opposite tu or upon their respective lots, so that Delespine, Jo* phiuc Delespine. Mary Deles
A bill-ill* RCiter.ilId old aud uifo i it i cig'it wo ln\o lived Nt.Aagu.tiae.JthalarcsidJ7.: John Archibald Chuk.Miebaeli
Ridltr /II'tHfIfn. my ':ty ; I the amid liny bo properly dratted, and if any .pine, Drvsdalu..
of 'kith .11 II'' bo sustained by nine 'uril' Dud raited '.'.': -:--: --.: -= -- Timothy Street.
Intlr1its,'t.! I Ih'f toguiher forty ) mach vocals shall after due notice from the said izar in.
1 every tents? his been introduced Ilhirlttm children ; im.l there hat never been ', R.ITdo.1.?. I Mayor cud Council tingled tu da an, shall be 11T AITr.AUlNJ ,FUOM AFFIDAVIT .

the N. V.rk A+* .,14. *. '''? 11.tro.. I I the firfct ill .Tit n rod word between us in nil COM 'jiMinr Orncic. Sr.KH. jci* U"nnlc"i. t j tin duty ofihu said Mayor and ionncii to cause .11 tint all the above named defendants except

Itrrn; amivfuwrrUtt 1rracrorli uf I fir rightt find I! our lives. Divorce ? ittrvrcel I divorced ;, >/ ..:.Hffine /:. <'. JhnliI J i, I IdJ7. s :j I the same to bo opened its nforcnaid at the proper ,I Henry Dclopme. reside without the Southern
tftr :.>N." sty the first I from myold twnanl 11hy'list the devil I Ir 1'111 I Hi: l 'U wing coiiiiiiiiiiic..ti-ui |IUta been :: COt and charge ultimo owner or owners of suet! judicial District of l'1urida.1AI that they all re
,re t Ktty : *' j I' n..iJ' tu ma l y.the (;rlel.11 cuiirn Hiding lot or iota; thu s ltd cuit and charge to be runty I site! within the Eastern District except the three
' ii.nb the | .p rty. I "I.a real. a ni ,'ersyllI,1r1uuittR had; sew y St 1..lllIftlUetl. reside
( rAIIOI Juhti4. and ie i |iiiulijiu: >l fur ilio iu Bred of smith owm-r or $owner by an Action of ,I ,
to any u itttin at the time of I milt'tc no re-ply. but coolly to.ilc tho furu'1liull of tlt..d c..nCIt ,[! a *nmpit beforo the nid Mayor i>l any .Iu hjll"- but out of Territory, and that the bill in the
W shi'r .uarnN' nfier tbhM ..a.uFtt'.f: the at t.u4 paper from hi. hat tend hunted it tu tl.o old J. t'. Ks.'i\iDl': i,!! tic" ol' limo peace lonidiug in said city l together I close ifiI.d.-Oat>KKKDlbal the and defendant

couirtra* to he v,. in tier t"ia s am'* In at, hti niih ilio: Ht.I of his spectacles ; l.ieul.anIA".I.Cuuturllh.,l '' with fifty per cent ilam.igy* ihcicon.Sec. *, except. tics I hat three named: appear and

il. I b..furu her csvdture. enJ the income nf I jir then acid here road to "lii. utter duma)'. an I'I'i 'I :. He it further .iained; That if the own nnawcr said bill within two months after tho
r 1I"r r.t Ire "hall nil *'M to lie husbandi. t i.fiiri'rtl f.'r-.icuient: : of the netual dis Tics.M. t tI ci ur owner of any such lot or 'lots shall lio non first publication of tin order ants that the three

.luring, M) iil'of tiM vut. fe, wiih'Mit her .eon I'the mV.ri i'utii.it l.omts ulllllll..r 1&1"ir' i ,lugu tinf; Mart, 1,1 1 1 IK',7.:: f 1 i rridcnts/ having naa:irnt its a u. city! ifluvm; last stained defendant appear and answer thenid
till wlfUtlll'd HUH, tin IU'II..I i i. iho uuiliurily of tin- State, Sis,-Tin ComuiJtuUiig (u.rll: hi.tm: in* inch ngtiiit the ..... ti.;viit "!mall refu** fa comply bill within four months' after the first tmbli*
lly wc+ > by ><*v.r.:
j jTho
Celtv'tt inxtuK'tiotiii: I fi nl. jlaj'ir (it'ttenl:.tp, with the alru\liilII-* contained in the first elaune c area of thin order oiherw'no the aid bill bo \*'
tu K HI Mel I Oat his. wife's properly, n;.ui. oi'tha l poor old couple, nt find : .
din rclutmu to the i! Leery of ration*, 'fruit ,: of the forfgmig fcction, then it hdl be lawful I..c II pro tUIfJiun.I
her & ..''. at by tin sins of ,lap $utle the iuK tlieni?lvf tn'u can jenlijy he imagined lli j pubic| serves, to Ihu ii'ifortnmiH nulH-T-:i 1 f.ir the raid Mayor amid council to cauae limo nuid; And it is further ordered that this order be

,;,1.it i HOI entitle] tt. at the time of hilia 'i hat ni.ht th*y ixcjit; "n Depurate em tiy Indtin iffprtMhtiom, direct' me ta nuk I er.-fk to bn optjneduiij property drained through j jsucli published! once a week in tho Florida Herald,

dem'ue. in ili'r ..r.!,. ili.dl have dowtr. !. pill.MV*, lint early o.i t tu foil'nvin; .1.iy, the )'ull/u'llIt.illhHllhur.\\IIIa t it lot or buts and tu IIcli| sit much thereof at published in tit. Augustinefor four consecutive

tho thiid. eni.,n .pr.diiIruni : iu m irri.l womrntu good ul'i sn .1.| lni'l;f.1 I un' fur u marriage: l.iceitec. i you will In, "nvcruc'l' b> shot in your future !<<. ,public auction, to this hi;hent bidder, on after giv* months.Dated..

in akiti., c..a"""..i d tluir hu.l'aii'U lJiitllh; ,* foe, welt btforclhc urnr.t iio4 nt thus IIIMI. Tliez'e trnctioiM it HUH* ,, ing thirty day notice ol such sale in some pub* December. 7th. 1835.

1.. of any real or .person-f .tale, except thu nafiistrrtruutl ", e duly joined n ccnnd dtf tll.lIluu given in contiMjiU'iicoof its liaviiig ill newspaper .printed iu said cityu; will bo suf JA11ESVEDD, JJ/..
thereof tvilhu I the' pcrmusiuu of limo together each thai been rOJlre.eulc"lo Major ijeofial Jcsvr.thal ,,I ficicnt to pay the costs and charges opening A Copy. ,
income fervently praying
I ,
glut abiMcn had been piaclMcd in the receipt of and draining together with tii\lp.rceut.thereon A. A. II. JACCSOV, Clerk-
I the Chancellor. the lrg!.liituro would never ngain iuterferouith ration t'oftl ll.llensan.Canfurmably .
I at :{ and all costs : piovided always that the owner .

1.t t-r-from 1'hiIudel, kit (cars. tbo il.ilti I their .. -Lowiiii'//c Journal j jOn I, to these instructions you will or owuer* of any lot or lots so sold or any pans Notice, .
.ineutiou ihofitciirreutc ]1 wiih hold rlttiuurruan I I I or, portion thereof may redeem the same by pay ALL WHOM IT liAr CONCERN,
Thu I ,
uioru .!mf't"ll1a of r.day.) /Jit-That iho President will clone | !1.,1.| Cititcitt kupiux gaining ettablhfunentt. ing to the purchaser or purchasers at any lime, TO especially ibis Creditors, IJeirs; Leg _
I of seveiulfd5lurfS i-i that city onU the Lnnd Office, and in ihi way, partially: ,I .1, t't7"tlfte". r f g""ai"J 'IIb/i.bunl. i I within twelve month after such sale the full aloes and all other. interested ia the Estate of

: -l'IHd.: '! -h. ) relievo the country (rusts the evil resulting ;, a I. "',:, hers' i f'pint uoui*tiyuur in tfu ftciglJ"JT.1, amount of the purchase money together with of CAROLINE ELIZA MclAROY.4tefd )

-l i (rum tho Treasury Circular. //ioof/o the / 0" and j, one hundred percent thereon and all costs lAd The subscriber administrator of aid estate, ia.
s .1 "'b&I u sup I It uretl lo live a thousand) I .. ..._-- j 4th. Laborer preferring idtcntft to labor in the : all snbe<}u,tit expense which the said purchaser tends to apply' lo the /udjge of tho County Court

t %curs uicording lo tliu ettiumtion of liulluiinudLiccpede. I Prosperity (Ilil.Ia. always been the cause of public! unite the high merges otrnl.In or purchasers may have incurred by opening fur the County of tit.Johns at the session of said
t It ilcal\'ulalud that H pair fur and it case where in obedience to these initrne and draining such lot or lots together 'fib| the Court lo be holden at the city of tit. Aogn-tino .
,,. I .,f tsh dt ni t) live to count out lets than 7:, groa; oils tu'mcti. this adversity; i: lions you may deem it proper tu with hold raiious addition DrOne hundred percent upon such ex* in Aid Cvoaly oaths second Monday Octoberi
is easier fur a man to bear this .patiently, from tho"e who have heretofore received them,
for bu
penses. (
t iWU.OUJ.OOJ) uf their ulftpiing. Ac it* //rifvrd / next a dtseharfo Will administratorship
I Ihal?uu, tu fJrget'likmselfiu Ibo other. !j you will inform the partial, thatjyour deciiionI Passed in Council 20ih March, 1837.I of said estate ; and will then and theta present

l G'ostttc.tr i I in that respect may in the event of their ditMtisfaction B. U.GOULU, Meyer. hid accounts with ..icI.ta", and Touchers, and
-- --- -. -
Lie '. Hunter, in coitttiiaud. uf the Steam COUNTY COURT, tiT JOIINti COUNTY.AT ;' commanding 4heiewitb General be or appealed injiis: abtence from the to com the Test, B. SEGUI Clerk. make a final settlement of the if me. .
M l)4de has uceudod tho Wyth t CIUIIBKRS. I
]) at jfr { wandintoGcerhete.(
i AN ORDINANCE amend an Ordinance Adm'r of C. E. McIIsrdy Me. .
t.j Jarooch). uinvurdt( of iiiueiy miles from : CONFORMABLY TO LAW.iiHCRDXRin' 1 am further,directed to require that yea will entitled 'an ordinance to regulate the mode of March 7.1837. 45tim.
. j!> mouth. He ssw iiUmeiou* partie* uf ; bald at tho Court //OMITSIN front time to time report to the commandiuctien- grantini and b.uiullicenc.. for the retailingof

f" JiidMiu on the bank "Otao ri\.' but nn' the L'Hpef.Augjtliut, on the first Monday enl the nausea of such t>er.oii*. .yon may under spmluou, vinous, aud other intoxicating For Sale. '
t.IIul irtd on by them, (;real .u'uher. of of May next, for ihe purpo, of circling one le- ih\< order exclude ruin receiving ration. liquor wiihiii the City of ril. Augustine and
* elt'lv "Cru id Uo sues. 1'rti. Gu:. leg.tie |u ,.,'rf flit this Territory in the Congress' I PHI, fur other purposes." tfSfbltl ACRES OF LAND, near
I ol'iliM United 11'CI. Tim 1'olU will open tll| U 1 Very f-pectfolly Ue it ordained the MPF DUUO'S Lako. :
3 --- -4- by I'orlud Aldermen of
. IJricf.o" !RltaJ ill Frncc and BilKland. A. M flii Jcln"
Paris bread u UJ ecu deter, or hbout 5d hiss 'echo' of I tliein'' 1. JinrLct, Fraud Cue, (SiSucd) h. u. cms WOLD. any deafen in any vinnu spirituous, malt or Sundry LOTS and HOUSES la Iowa.
1 ID '
DII' Jants .11. Guitd, r.'J' I A*. ('en. Att' .
Adj't Drig. Mnj '
I other intoxicating liquors by the bottle -ALSO-
t j sterling for a-III*. lrA. C tj.t quart or
in be WANTED
I France heat tour i i 4: francs for 15J \3XT IMI. I{ any larger quantity to drank in his or her HIRE a HAND, either
I 1' Marion.
C Lilr.IIIc.t'rlll"ulkJ |lh..; equal) lo about Ju,'Ige County Court .St.. John ( uunty.LIST' f, .., COI _- -?rt_. house or shop, or in upon or about his or her Whitt or Black by the month or the year.

b e 3i; rut an A mericaii l-arrel. The price of OF .1(111"lIfslrlllo's SRI,. 'I sue t premises.or malt, or to nlb"r.permit nloliclllhlliqu"any men vinous" tu spiritu be thus Apply at this office.
oft heat bread i* iu LL'1i'E1tS.Ia11AlNINU I N VIRTUi I'; of rrdtr of the Jude S,. Augu'lioe March 8. 1837.
p I pound I t I of the I drunk under a penalty, ((if a white or free colored -
tr_ 'Serb York C| cts.icts.. II' I. the Post Mice. at St. County Court fr tlm County of Mosquito 'j:I parson) of twenty dollars fur every offence,
Inll.te'll 4 '! Au;uttlne, Florida l l on tho Uksi March j I will offer for sale at public auction in the city of to be recovered before the Mayor of said city or Superior Court-Eastern

f I'.ult 1 '-4 cts, I8.'j7.i,, *v 1 icli if nut taken out iu three months 18'. Angu"tineoii the trot Monday of June nxt. any Justice of the Peace residing therein | one District of Florida.
, H--- t nerds mote or leas. being the southern part of a to the ale of who and !
any sue re
runJrr aI.khierernrntWe liivo bold( ( may
1 lotieis.U.
M 1 tract of laud containing 1500 acres, originally !I cover the said penalty. and ire slave, of thirty \
\ .' .kiliful home movers I in this country ; John C. Kerr ; granted to Ambrose !Hull by Ihe' Spanish Coy.i I II nine stripes, lo oe inflicted upon his or her bare

Mr. Urowu aud other* ; wio think nt'thinguf Dr. l.anc II. Ilaldft. !Is U. Kellog;, :i I crument, situated near New timyrna, in the back upon conviction before the said Mayor or Abby Dezterwidriw andidminutrttrtx ef Ho .

r. .'t< :iui"a tin eo story maiuiou up, u hill 01 wi i,,, | .V* :! County of Mosquito in'what was known as 1, any such Justice of the Peace. ratio 8 Dexter deceased Thooiu Dexter,

I ftdtvn a hill or round nil manner of corners, Mrs. ""rau. eilMIjr( AUt.1 Emily E. Lo I ''urnbull' west swamp I I Passed in Council, 20th March. 1837.K. and Mary Dexter.

:_( without disturbing it* grfcvity sn mueh as to all, rill;iw. I i I ALSO. 1). GOULD, Mayor. ...
it siulla; drop from a brimnlmi tuuiMcr ; "hutivedou'd William nlla M. All tint piece or parcel of Land, containing 1 1 r Test B. SEGUI Clerk. William 11. Gibson.
22*> leas. being the by his Honor the Judge.f the
acies. niaro or ao'itliern
nheili of theai would nndi-r James L. U Sergt. 'fla',. Mulli' i I ORDERED
. ; rilili.
1 of tract of Land also Comt for the Eastern District
or .
granted to
lake tha feat described in the f. ll,mwin: parn C. gal Comp. I). yd, Superior Court-East Florida.
Lrose (Hull, containing IIJI acres, situated m.1 I + of Florida, that a bill in be above cause being
rw graph, fur curls an ainotmt of compensation Henry. Cook U. \V. :1Itrliu.U. j(! ;New tIIyrn:, Moiquito County and IN CHANCERY. filed in Clerk office ofibbcourtat St.! Aafastine

tit" It j i. pr i urcil' fur its mi'cpjsfnl fontMCturs.Mriuit : Hester Cooper John Mrllae, :I I on th. North by Innd belonging to the fotat of :!,. Peter Mitcbel, ) and by an affidavit, it appears that th*defendant V

. < eple in uhicti !the bells of thy J. Cleland JnJ..r \\III. L. McCru I Mary Diinhani, d,-c. hiving fir in nouthernboundtry vs. Ms PARTI no*. \Vm. M.Gibson, resides in thie territory butt

fir Hunch' i.f ;Jolini do Mailoc, nt I.i-i-ux. Ch t1Jio". 2 Cl n'urkV.8.0.2J. ihoouthirn liouiidnry! lineifihe caidj ,, NThcmldi Urunh, & others. ) without this jndicbl district; therefore we said '

4, in C Irsos! n.. h'";; has r"i.I..II'.vo the Crossuiau !,.:"-. C. A. .May U. ,j! tract of IJ2): acres auJ fronting on the .iII.ltuI f ON 31. lion of the Complainant tiolicitorand '' defendant is required to appear in this court and .
4. ....ul.e of thd :building. It wi. ttisli d to re'* 0 S.Iranuus. I rough liver. I I III. I it having teen been made to appear .by answer the said bill filed, within two atea elms
I! .\ PUTNAM. I II I I Ilittidavh,thai Tere,a Arredoudo. and Louisa and j i mm tbe data ur Ul l advertistuenUor time and
" mate i.it: over tha printipnl! ,riilrntitt n di<- William Di'pcyster.2 .Matlam: Jos. MuF' f
: A'19i r i:: l. A. Hull. I and : :-aI'asiuinrants Khza: ;ilclntos1mlieu bill wiU be t>Ukenf coxfttto against bin.;
,at,, '.,urn '.f u i fec'l. 'i, he h'iht tlr she rtct' ,I ea |\ tulle, I I 2.M. March 837..ddniiilih'ntor'.s'. I I ry It Sadler. Catherine Idler; John 1!. Me -JRODMAN..
J.fa; ,li-. -t from iu hfltr. whirh tII C5 fi"-t Paul. Fuller U. S.A N. I,I Ii.tO.h Kllz: 1). Clinch, John II. Me Solicitor the cofflplaJaaata.!

;.ttie i tic p if* Kent of the <,htiivh tu its pin. C. John a. cibhtaoun. .Voticc. Inrush Ciineh, Mury I.. Clinch Unneau March ella, 1836.
it1'' ii'< i t'*. 'f'.i.1 lii,ti MM ttn.|P' Iltk"11 by luor Phillip iWlinlf !II. j I, r:J > III:; L'Mll.K: : 1iNh1)( bcrclt give, notice ,' L. Clinch Jr. Henry A. Clinch' Catherine I

A | 1I"'r,. .tl. \lr, tl't: *. nf C <'Hr 5mnnl I.I. I. J.ivi i III. (J,.r.loti. 2 I*!. Juhu \\'. J'Jacll', I I il. t! al |I.t> will! preienltoihf I lloiKirablu the Cimmch..lichulas! It. Clinch C orge 31. Clinch AN] ORDINANCE fur preventing accidents

.' 'i.ii.:. It'< |I.i..i..ux.i nut! .c.'6mjdi. >heJ 1 in the ,,'clida1: I'. (i.ari" u. S. .\. I IJ I I County Court of tlm County of Si. Julius at slid eight Clarke lutt.'nfanU, Joseph, Liwton, Daniel J./\- that may happen by fire,aud for the suppress

+- 1u 1 !1.'II.: ,"\tii .r.tiltal)' niu4n"r. Tho cu"I it ala II i Uarbiiek.( Miss 1t..1"..Peck I J I next teriiilh''ri'ol, HIM nccouut and vimchwrs of a portion of time defendant iu the above ( km of nuisances.Sec. .
{II ulI.ned
'suit out of thii'l'crriter and
... I hi* A.lllltlll.rlttll1u| : uf ihu I IItitR ofA.MItUOSKt : + ; some I Be it ordained by the Mayor and Aldermen -
Hr. feaiiil.
i I l nigh the livil | it. fintj-ni Pirrpuiit
1j .1'J.j u \\n* tier t. S. A. Urcrif J Jwood. oflhein in the United ti tales and otue in the
I of
a t I the the
HULL IcreuHe.l-wince City
the |l.a.1 elllfiuent: of, Augustine. That if
red 1 11 and Marten' P-Hieo
+ .ei I'rrpriiilicuUriyi. then muved U oat Indies IT Iti ORDERED that the laid
lh for IIIU utauullatn.'II "UII" tll'nint ofj of what sex. noodiiion
t I aunt ; any persons age soev
lsoriz',,lally fiom its old h.. its nctv po iiion Louu M. (JoKUboJ MiiiPatl. u, j!: the said Court. IIK.NJ.: A PUTNAM. absent defendants do appear and answer the said er, from and after the publication of this ordi

"itll i-ut nieaToldiiig( being raised I .ihu lit. rough. L cis Patton !i Adtn'r Jl:.t A. Hull.I !: Complninants bill of Complaint on or before j i t acute shall fire any guu or other file-arm, or

: .1 I >alls! tlf ihe rhurch bfn| mudf to servo II. s- I I Mardi 2:. JELlinANT:I7. 4":' ;: the tutu diy of September next, otherwise the j shall snake or ctuse to be .ade.., Mil .r utter,

[ >rue ,';irpo I ." of a alliliO till 1's hi.-Ii to impel 1 it. 'fI'l t u" llauly, tJai1-, i. I aid bill will be taken pro eimfifto against them. or ofTer to expose to sale, any Muibe,rtcketa or
Ia nanliw-l kti-jidily nnd) m!,hectically alum;. J. \\ llohrnn. JUlir. s.yase"1 '.;if;..; BTVJRE. t I 1 lilted And it is further week ordered that this order be pub. i' oilier fire works or ahall cast throw, or fin any
Ibj !1'" IU b>.ing not only l"f< in their( 'places.Ibut Ja. IlnrtiRan, Comp, John S. : IniuM-liold FIJUMTUKi: for : el'tembernUl once a in she Florida' the aid Herald.iillth day Datedat of I 1 .q'rib,, rockets or other fire works, within the

the sooth
alto!,. co.t uf tllia hold Jllult'r'ltkin: nas tin J. \\'. Il.tugitoi.! 11'm. Tippet, S. C.J. March 1?37.- It. KUUT. RAYMOND UEID, commencing battery of F at rt Marion and eastcornet running of south the water r

\\httnJrtd dRd fifty frauc-.u..ya the Pilot do Miliii, POI: l .tiLl Judge tiop. Court DtsL E. F. the shore of the harbor at low water mark along to a '
Lttieus. (r..u which ive Iitl..i.. arcollut..J Sert. Smith-Johu- V. e of \
COl'ttcst.IC. point east the Alagasmo Guard house and
---.J 1":. COM.r.. *OI|. Ca..pi. Duvid: Van Annooi) ': and UAUNEtiS.HAND Thst!t U. GID08.{C'erK.' from thence to Maria Sanebez e'eek, and from

.'Ien.lluler C. Jen- n'.., 2'j price $(Im11..1: ( to this olllee al's thence along said creek north to the old Spanish
lilarslt StIle.IN
**Jrj Eta! lr urt.t 1V. f fI" enl.enchment.lbd u thence eat
llurmm s hnll come to iiius*, 31 arch .J, ld'7. Si.ACK I along said
IJIIRlltHlur.-'J'hu (;uci.Gul'11lrrcuty';. *tnttllal i John William v VIRTUE i.f a decree of the Superior ontrenebmentlo lace beginning, wThout

that two full rata .I Hiu trees \M"Qgroatid William A Kin,loO. Jii.ll itlinin lf.r.A. r1tii iM) U'JVIXG.i Court and to me directed 1 will expose to r Ihe special' license of the Mayor and Aldermen

1 ldJ! ihij from the iu llaliftv.fittit ; L.'I; i iJntno '111: C'.ldrQfotlllurltt UOWNIXG public sale on the eighteenth day ol April, of said city,shall be subjected to a fine aol ea.I .
: next, between the hours of\-l and 1 o'clock of I ceediug five dollars or uuprisoumcet not exceed
V'r 1 uaout. and placed ill ox sled, \1. lomtg, 2 .IL will stand during the season at the (;rnvo Unit day, in trout or the Court House door in I ing five days j aud > convicted be a

a anti' iu tint pt..itiun dniun into that villagrai 1':1,18IIl': : P. M. j fdrn/erly'word by Cba H. LCUH, Ksq.: opj.o' t the City of til I, Augustine' all that certain tract :!i! slave,he, she or iraheJuuI I subject to Mad fine .

r t |a '!' :; cc of hveiity: ini4e. \ Their removal H*. Augiutjue_. |lat_. .Apiil' H_:j7._ i i site Dr. \\.fttl"II'* (irovi*. Tcim, Jtl for time oritndcoufUtiiigofone undivided half part of as s or whipping not exceeding thirty nine lashet, '
1 IIttlli"'.'.! n day and half. 'I'!,e 'tree* aro dc- ,- i pevon, nUll 'J5 lo uutire. I'or pedijieu and tract or cue th 'uiaad acre,lying and l.ing iD' and the owner,tiustee or person under whoso
Au JUJl I \A.\CK: fur lhi
+t'III'J i tu dreHrvtv tttn nluido' of Franklin Ilr.'iUu arpointincut > reft-rt nc;n, upply Iu I; iho county of tit. Johns, and situated af a place control such slave or slave .'mall be; shall be liable .
,.... of a'1'reiiurer fur thu City uf:t. Augu*, Tlir.O: : FLOTARIl.l. : railed Mntinzss.at: the bend of the Nonhuentor for lid fine and costa,to be recovered
I }. i_.t1, II P rih n.s u t ,lu... urn! Ua..te lino.r'tc. '. -f --__.. _.__ in a
!II.' 's I'n.ru\ttl l hi, .H4i'U ll until{ Ptilicer'!' Creek which aid tract of ono thuii nummary waybefore tht Mayor or Justice of
:r they nre "ui.li | I I. lie it vnlulnt'l ly the Mnytraii"1.Ildtr.
and acres bv the the Peace, who shall lake the
was cognizance
\"JI ire.Q granted
i f'.I' : H lt.'ftttiv. not sufi a?4Hl in leN.f Iu 'i''if .ill!".';,". Tli.it( ihi-re nhall Spanish goternmcut.lo.Mnriin complaint *
any l.U I n; afn>r ihi l.ite\vu "hall' apply Hcjnnndi'Z. nUll convened by : Providrd-tluweverifcat neihingherein
I. : ;a, "UUin'; I !I" 1'Inhlt',1 j Miiuunlly by the Mi.l' MnuirnutAtdoiMun. t 1 tu the iii'iM ::,.} the Jiiii!:i? of tint County tht said: i ( gnntpe, Martin Hernandez to John T. contained shall t In* CtU'lIlru..d lo interfere with the
i .. t. .!I.i.'t'dIJ.' fbc .It..r t CHI and' Hunt a Tri'iKiirtfr.,for ilm said! tits, u-In. : fourl of :t. J..!.. C"III..r' 1.-1I1'r. of :Admin* \Villmni4, and ronvpyiul hy the unM U illinni' 10 United titalr! IrOlII'or Territorial militia, or
iMl'tiniuU'ii; i !
Ij; \ I. ;1111 .Jt.lc lilt 1..1. .ad hectic if HJXUI t ilivliars-' ftc thai* nest lluiiel! lirinwold'iiiid the .iid Dti. with or l..r.OIair.. in the
tig iy uliict i<;r.ilioti on ih" (in..I.! list: Iu of Win. H.All'tii ciMivvyedby any prron | opinion of
ofitt rate :l.uijil tli .
"I'"I' IIf' \. It i. tslllcb I. u.. in .;. Ii..tlt lllMIHHIItl d"U.f'In itv4 ,:I h iii JHMJ MIDI KM: ]1. bit of St. Ausu tiiiu/ in; e.ai.l county, iriitw.dd tu John I ll Il< watt; by di't-d. and 'mar.enge.lImy the Mator.miclidUchariunf. firing, Ac. shallbe .

dm; i h'a i. {:11" beret )pr cii*.* I iu tin' nurh.lIlil c.f...trite,,m"111 ur Pill,.11.: c.lit.,*. I./N,IIIIIIU iiiru\i fluidv \' di'roased. nt lh> tiiti ; of hu ml' m ii.of. uhicti nil Ihostud I IeraI 11'11, |.' Th"tltl.rt Fiotard deemed neceary, or do'ue in the legal di>ch irgeof
\a lllilil .nf inlrt t. d u ill pliuivo Iii till. nutiro.TIIOS. filrtwrhebuicdrr.lnntst'teIiI( \ four dollaii and l any duly' or ohlig-tliiin.' '
tt trey .. \\.11 itlaTlo : I I"r..c.
)c risen t It" Ihe .lId I..yur nud! :11.t.rrturn. run.litiu51l'J L
t1!I. BUrCiI.I!' ; mu"ty on Ment4 ; lilt above n.iincd iiiuliynlcd ,; :Icr. 3. U it Hither ordained. It shall. IHt the
[ > i.; "% !! 14 s.ry w r Jn tJ luck. I.r.cotl" fur UMI t'ttiilif; *.l! pirrfiir-Muucv|H:" "' !'ulio"' ; ., .
I JU;. s.sAM'iii/! ': 1t3rlIIIUI's ill tract of iiio thotiiaiul nrri in en|>eciiil duty .lIn' city niN ener to enforce
V :"Ij : iMii, ",ll boy hive If do |alt fmnithif .a.'r.It .;I/"H" .r,1/; Th.ii JlIU ....., 1 3L..1HKttditlt,. Nuv. Wlh, I Iti.} ; tetivd till tii M.itiniy, the a.iiii Tbeodoro Fiotard .>f ubiicrvanco of tin ordinance and 2i is here
,41 t -1 II': .. i. tl4. seats. .,r .tl l'urtiI.' u.. what. 1111h"n'lur..r.. .h.'t.II.ct.il,1 .tai! ;'" tinii) h' ... a debt t>f\ twelve linndrt'd cod evenly fuiir dot1 by authorized tu apprebriid any and all minors
Il"j .. '. at au iutoiie &utls rHtr: t ,'III tunI It I ',afier ba, 1'.1; fltr it.. lltoft.1 h."e' e j' 1 lirs and ninety cue cents ; toa'i-thnr with nineteen ur "lin II'h..UlIY be guilty of any breach of

I ";tHII't'I" WIU!. .; utlr a?ft'.c,; nnd) lit rtli' -f".i J rif '..bll1& hw |tn.d ..v.*r I"I"$ .rlf'lt. 1 HI/It'f'. dollar: nn.l twrnlv I' firs cenUnut thin ordinance ;in his (prt-n neo and tale them

lI\'r. arm ct.udiuntahs aU&jh'O "IUt4lUenuII) -melt iMerfi.i.Sec. t. M'i!I i i j \VMG.: II\VIH, < before the acid M.iyoroi any Justice of the Peaestu >

Mu ,, rv. lf lIu | diulunuunsd :*. i, i tit 'f4'.:.:in.-'. Ti.it tu Jitw ."")' : : Deputy Manttal.' IHI dealt with: a* Ilrr,.. i it i provided.
J qia4ty stsall drawn$IMIII Hut 'IVm-nuv nr ai J $, : (;'wjutyfor &11..11 \diiiiiii-t tr.itiua; HI tl)*. oi- M,noN I li.'i. lr I ':. ; Her. :t Uu it further ordained. That the one .
I. iU; ) dui their (uac 'frjltt* the Iun'Piug tity.sr.lt .., fir "ilIHUt'IOI.X: .. .
11t& t JI ih, lla and l t. l. to IIf aid --- -- -- -- Inlfol all fines arising under this ordinance shall
IC I "c liat i' an+1 ia the \\iutr bls.t. tu taw Alckrmm, ","III'I.tntllllIH( f.Hffai,I : hud 1 d.:-tt,.111!! ir<,UM}nr f.r Slut j i...IU') drUVCJ. ,;tlitt': of Anna Papy I dec.tTlCin lie placed at 11,, deposition of the Mayor,for the
".r 'iul! Ji ilir fiUH-real : i I:4: IUAM) : I:. iAmgtt I I8t !
at".I.Uld 0" in pill ffriifurring b9crvanceandtheoth
I: gitpii.Tliartbif
"af iwHirt uf nimrcy 'by iJw imid Ti' .
: t. IMJ ..iMcIItaha a mid tiMvur, and comih.wtfnt' I 1IJahr"h: 'last: .1s I : f. < l'i of ihu aUovc l-Ntate: \vjllln: f,ur tvt-Kn fwm' n h.df; shill l"e |placed| tu the credit of the poor
_. ,. _. .. .. (UIII''.'
> -- '-- -
-- l.y-:tUi rit.hc.rtl"., ..Joltld. this data, will present thir ncenunln lo tin I '
We I:"u .an 1'.Ih: II rrtoty fire lie it/.rtArrcr./ainc/; Tint it shall" t IK ; i ltlle of! (i(t1. 6f. Moll, tl L'. County Joint( of tit. John* Comity for allow Paused, the 23d Dee. &.

li6l.; .! u..be 'Iktet It, I)..n ttory min the duty of H iid .I'ruit.+art-r to 't.II.,11. tit nrrontit j i' 'B1 111-:! HtilHcriber having been appointed' ad 1 nnro and settlement;and that in nix month hr- K.: II. GOULD, Mayor.
t It.. t )111.> .h'"' titre. All Slur r..ddfi hooey t r t.u.rtttrtr nil UNI"')"* wlnefi ii.ili c'iine into bus't li mini"trnt r of tbu above csnte. herulynulilil' nfior they will make application In said Court Attest. II. SKfiUI.: Clerk.

I U a imt; cxlrre iea4itl'a ui.d with how SWIJfI a'.J"8I tlrer. lrcl4id. 'J nil j.riiu:9 who have claim against it In f:.l a final discharge Trans their Administration -
..t1 i \; :: >ec. fi. He it further nrilaiM,Tint the snit J pre* nt the M.IIIIU, within tho limo proscribed by .said l'tato.: of which all pcrsous coneorncd will I Take Notice. -
t I
tloiu J, iiit
'mt .ruIiln."n'-I..H..u. Itt I mo firanlri '',...iirtr hall do nJi!' '".l two ;ui4 a half: per I law t his agent, JAMM M. GoyLt>, 11.11I; | :. : tike duo notice. t JUST received I.y the Schr. H. S. Wills, a
t ; late ic *i itttl Ucol1..iu ri.-ivud l J Ilim. and two 1 .\uU.tiuu. undtno who indebted tti said JOS. s. A CIlr.Z. of fresh
., ;. 1 Nlltll".II1I111 JHUHCJS >y / ; t> arm EI'r e. *ioce ie.. such as while
: 'rankf"irt. it si ?oar took ad v.inTlwy r cent nj'in alt nm" di!i*(>nr-cd by o.-tao: nro "lo requested to innko payment to FRANCIS GUU S Havana lump anti loaf Portu Rico, and other:
i .' lit't 11.lt cacc .1i' oriltuu (h. n"'I 'fill "Itiin M. a /lull C'Miipoukntiou (fur hi* Cr\'ietl. him, or to mo Mandarin.. A. I). WOOD.i AIn) '.M. 1830. I sugars, tea coffee, lard, butler cheese, New .

hl'ly.: ] ;+u4 1,1..1"tl offabody. !ltI..liul j..k" I IUD J'1Md 1I"clulacr: 5, ldtL: ; t tl. i jJ r An:u-ti 1st r, I Hal;. --u it ordained by tho Mayor and Aldeiinen of Orleans molasses,hauis.eitron.currents,rewoos,

1..I.uu'ttm'.o : handed J.. 1) (ML'M), Mayor.JULfC _.. -- --- -- -.- -. I''the City of:t- Augurtinq That so much of the rune.. dried applet, Charleston gnus sugar & ':
a as application( for the divorce .rll certain 1' i,111It1'1tltl: )( hlGUI: CICrk hl1(till!,I'Y.: ono of the i second section of tho Ordinan entitled. 'An butter craekaVs,sperm and tallow candles, fours

: [*f le, aud" the bill as uiuaU paMOnl without > s MlTICi; i* hereby (jives, that ZKIMlANIAIf Hxecutora: of the Estate of I Ordinance creating the office of City Constable and eights onions,mtceelovesand other spices I

t "niraUr rmjuiry Homo days afterwords, j 2 aI.< .. .\.. AU.of, widow of Thompson John Prater, deed bavingadjusted accounts paused 7th March' 1631 aa requires the City many other articles too tedious to mention.
ilemau ( Mumui, latu lruu.liIlO., due., sad JosxniIt. with the heirs asuitnii i of said estate hereby Constab'e! to give bond in the penal sum of Ono Also,on handaa usual, l liquora and;veins ofa t.
iu of diale
f adistaut 1 part the ; detest, till built or either id' them, at the I gives not cc. that immediatell after the espira* 'Thousand Dollars,be, and the Mine ia hereby superior quality.0, the cask, Ho, or bold, .
, rk"C read iho column uf ho Frankfurti i end ofaix weeks fro in this dale apply tu the lion of six months from iho date hereof, he will repealed ; aoJ hereafter before entering upon gratafitl to the public for past favors and will b*
I mnuwealth. closed 1 the r sm pt la f urprtte lion. Judge of the County Court fur the County I';, apply to the lion. Ihe Judge of the County the discharge orbit duties, the Aid officer shall thankful for a Continuance of tla same and everr -
1 Berried ofT to his neigliho a venerable ofHl. Johns, fur letteis of administration an th Court of til. Johns County for a full and final! enter Into bond in the p.n.al.up') of Two Hun* paint to Meontodate customers psrtkakrlr

"itu, and art a'tin ed; "Why, neighbor. Estate of theaaid Thomson Mason.JOd. settlement of his accounts with laid Estate, andor I dred Dollars, conditioned for the faithful discharge whea children or aemnu are seat for article
Letlttaai.bed; I never head' ufauy quarnodvourtu L. SMITH, for himself. his discharge as such I. oeutor. of the duties of bis office. all will be sold low for uth.WII.
I And as Attornovfr. ANN MASON.Nor. Z. KINGSLBY E, B. GOULD, Mayor. IARCALOW?

t".'heut,'OIi!.! c .amjunt :3rd 1830. I St.Angustine.iI5ih June183G. 1s Attest, D. Scoot, Clerk. Feb. 13, ]837,


t .
t t
,. .
J ,.
1. A.. :
1- 1 .
S .' .. ,
I -
: ".
I II .r
I .- -to

.' _,.,. # -1" .' 'II,.

yak l .. Z
L } ifs 9 rR F l,1
: '. :


L-L--L !'f ,
____ .i- ---- T r -


a ,

I AN ORDINANCE relating to patrols id the or le issue his process fottiiwiib in the came f, CITY COUNCIL ROOM

per OFFICIO, City of fli. Augustine. said city, directed as above provided against ST. Acomrtwa.bah Dtc. MIl.t

r Al1GVSTIN E n .leU.it it necessary andexpedient for every such delinquent,requiring him ta appear Ruolnd.Tba tile 1I'.If".J "... J
.l the overnoent cube City of81. Aogus* before the said Mayor at such time as be stall authorized ootiff all prgna tlttg
1837. tine;" the f safety of the inhabitant thereof "the designate, and show' cause, if any be baa or can this city retailing aaae........1ft.
I I "'and the anew, why a fine should not be assessed against ti- than sad
hEREBY GI preservation of the public morals, pre ouq oast, tbeee w>ma
him, and the retain of the said commandant BUIW-d
Tibiae vention ofod'eatcS.aiD'i the public peace ,Nine Pin sb
S to a that a regular and etticwnt patrol be established I be sufficient prioa evidence of suet: delinquency or before the thirty 1m day at the p e ti

i. : .j< Council therein by the .Msyor and Aldermen of aid Clt,. with the UdilWlC8 ottW Ci9I111iIW.. '
r ity oft Wherefore it is hereby ordained by the said i dee. 12., De it further ordained. That if the dlunce to regulars 1M ... o -.z.,::'fgrauUag ..

} ._ following aiayoraud Aldermen That etery white male : person so appointed to command said patrol, UceDCel for lbs retailer 'ti bt4
\ inhabitant ofsaid city over sixteen and not e&* shall neglect! or refuse to perform ail or any or the lions and other ieIDSlUlalliqaotlw iIWa
for of the Legisla cwjding sixty years of age shall be liable to du : duties required of him by this act, be shall on conviction ty of Sl.Ac satins and fir" ;",

104 alofihis 1, tho Territory of patrol duty, therein. : before the said Mayor be fined in any eed lane s aM I''"* ADd tit b 1., i "
tSee.l. U.it further ordained That the mayor sum not less than five dollars: nor more than the penaliits provided ia laid erajatat
,t his tMout'Cetr An Act rela I' of said City shall cause every such white male !! twenty dollars; and if any other member of said pot in (area on the first cloy of Jan.. ,
1.7 tbe and misdemean inhabitant to ba enrolled for such duty and that patrol (who shall have been notified in manner It M farther Resolved that lilt at-.f,
P : afotes..id shall neglect or refuse ta perform all, be in th
filed Aid mi/or: be authorized and required to causenot ) i I I pnUlitbed Florida Herald.
fur this I ) February, 1832, less than ten uf Iba said white male inhabit I or any part of the duties required 01 him Ll this A trite copy of the minutes,

SaRi.ie. forced and all ants to be detailed for each and every night to act or shall misbehave himself or disobey any I I BERNAKD'.8EGU
,, Itiel perform patrol duty within the limits of said city order orbs said commandant of the commandant .
!! are&' ;I and all persons dec. 3. Uo it further ordained that the said of his squad, be shall on conviction u aforesaid AN OUD1NANCE to amend aa ?,.....

; :. Iau. j I l the mayor shall appoint some suitable person from be fined in any sum not less than two ating the office of City Constable 'I ....
.0 to ...
promote among lho.e thus detailed.., to command the same dollars nor more than ten dollars: and fur the March. lint. .
,; sail ( !! and safety of this I fur the time being,who shall bo obeyed and respected non payment ofany such fine and the costs *jf'prosecution : Ue it ordained by the Mao aad At

unite accordingly and said Mayor shall furnish the defendant way be takeu and :I the City of St. Augustine,That se....
t property solicited to him with a list of the men w ho compose hi. patrol committed! to prison until said hue and cUlII.halibet I second section of the Ordinal*.. .,
'' vatm
U j violators thereof; at least twenty four hours before Ute lime when paid, unless be shall be sooner discharged by : Ordinance creating the office of .""
t at in the said patrol shall be required: to meets who I;I order of the said Mayor audAldermeu: or execu-4,,I passed 7ih March 1KJI. as reqaSst TE* :
.- Wart violators of shall cduse his men to be duly notified at least lion may be issued and the amount of the judg- :t Constable to give bond In i the penal.saaiLi

Royal : to slaves, &c, to twelve hours before the said time J:I went levied and made of he goods and chattels I II 1 I ThoNsarid Dollars,be, and the sea. it
dedin I Sec. 4, lie it further ordained, that the person of the defendant. Provided that where the pen-i i i repealed} anJ bereaner, before Bate
t the rear thus appointed to command said patio),shall havepower I ally of whipping is by this act present ed against the discharge of bis duties the said west
(late I further enacted to keep the men under his command in j I any slave, tree negio mulatto or other colored I II 'I enter Into bond in the penal sum ef T.
,late ) good order, and to cause them to demean them I person the sentence way be commuted ou the f I II [ dred Dollars.conditioned for the r e
I I of : having the le- I selves properly) daring their term of service, and II I payment of a fine of not lesa iban.two dollars nor charge of the duties of his office

s heirs ft! I slave shall suflcr that it shall bo his duty to do so ;and that be may 4 more than twenty dollars, together with the I I E. B. COULD.+
e divide them into. many squads as be may deem costs prosecution. And provided also, that Attest 0. Sxoci. Clerk. ***
t or rear, and member of each said shall be entitled !. costs in I'
I go at largo expedient aud to appoint some mayor, not any
e, squad to command the same wh shall be obeyedand prosecutions under this act but that AN| ORDINANCE: for prevsnUot
such I
h, Alto of I person, per respected sccordiugly, and shall have power all such costs as he would entitled to charges I'I that may happen by fire,and for the
f city shall be fined in and it shall be his dutyto preserve order amongstthe shall bo taxed up in favor of the said city, and 1 t ion of nuisances.dee. .

1'' Cot on J. ; hundred men under hi+ command, and shall on being '',I paid iutu the'l ru..ury thereof. I I I Uo it ordained by the)Mayer sal
the one furnished with a list of his men,by the comman ', dec. 13.: Ue it further ordained: Tbat any per dermen of the City of d!. Angastias. ,..
on Proctor. of the Ju- dart of the patrol give them the requisite notice son liable to do patrol duty by virtue of ibis act, II t any persons of what sex age opens

of the lima of meeting. I|[ may relieve b"unelf therefrom by furnishing an I .r,trans and after the publication of 1M :

two feet See 5. Ue it further ordained that: the said able bodied substitute,but such person shad be nauee shall fire any guu or other fired

s the said further'enacted patrol shall, (unless otherwise directed by the liable .fur any neglect or refusal of his substitute i I shall make or cause to be made,. Nil Nor .
; '. & ; said Major and Aldermen.) meet at U o'clock, 1*. to discharge all or any of his duties, and fur ev I II offer to expose to sale any tquies.......
I down shall gh.c.a M. at the City Council room which shall be their j i 1 I cry disobedience of orders or act of disorderly ;, oth.r lire works or shall cast, throw,'"r
Also who head quarters, and where that portion or the patrol i I conduct of such substitute, as though be himself IIItJllibe., rockets or other fire works -ilia
city of to a slave isi who may not'for the time being be on active was guilty thereof, and the said substitue shall city of tit. Augnsdne. cwmpiiicd wni.
t j I?,, or charge of j jI dutyshall remain during the night and that said also be liable therefur to the/same penalties as his 'j commencint at the south "corner of u*

street; ; patrol shall remain on duty until broad daylighton principal. I battery of Frt Marion and roans'....
t the east j I I the consent ofI the next momiug. t'1 I tcc.14. Ue it further ordait.edThatthi laid ,i the abuse of the harbor at low water aufe T

oath by such control I Sec. 6. De it further ordained that the com Mayor, may with the advice and consent of the point east of the old 3lagaziae tuaid lea*It
on C. i I I tnandant of the patrol shall on meeting, divide said Aldermen fur good came sAeim,remit all or from thence to 3IarU Sanchez tee"",
,/ 'I she shall be fined j.I the sauii,as near as may be convenient into two auy part of said hues and I penalties, or excuse thence aiong said creek north to loaeU .

water !!! i one drill '1 i equal parties,one of which shall be placed on ac I,, any person row the perioruiauce of patrul entrenchment,and from thence east aJu
f And c live duty until one o'clock A. M., and the other duty or dispense with the (.airol altogether if entrenchment the place ofbegioaiajTj. ?

.t., pital! I bo imprisoned} shall remain at said council room, subject to the the military authorities shall take such measure the special license ofthe Mayor sad AWofsaid
; west in 1 months at the I I: order of the commandant of said patrol when ) as in their opinion ta render it uune city shall be subjected to a fiae ttt

s by a let ( they shall relieve the party on active duty essary and that: this ordinance shall always seeding five dollars. 01 imprisoomettBst

r ? I, Jury. j jI j I who on being relieved shall repair to receive a liberal construction, but the first and ing five days;and if the part coa, ett.I..
t + by a .. enacted I I said room and remain there subject the like or (f second -ections the reef shall. not be construed slave he, she or they shall I be subject to
ty,at further der until discharged inure morning and it shall tu extent to any person who may have been mustered or whipping exceeding thirty Bias
pied by I I shall buy. I II I be tho duty of the otlicer. who shall be in com into the military service ri the United Statesor and the owner,trustee or person ender ,
: east, I I mend at said room to cause a light to be kept of this Territory, until he .1&aUII.e; bee discharge control such slave or slate stall le;sat]..

And !j j I from any slave ,,,, constantly: burning there and to t.ke charge uf. from such service; ble for saiJ fine and cost,to be recuvtrel its{

St. I!! produce, or and keep safely any negioes. mulattoe, or other fee. l 15. U"it I further Joined.. 1'hII all or.i! Piun-nary wal. fllre th*> Mayor or Jasti*
Ceorge :'; I I: coloured person,and all disorderly persons,who !| nanccs.and partle.fordiuaacesheretofore in force the I'eice, who shall take cognizance&t fti
furtr :,!: 'ithout a ticket I i 1 I may be arrested and brought there by any ofsaid i, in this city relating tu patrolsurt'i patrol duty, ;i plaint: Provided h
\ houM. or owner or over- patrol. 7;i bo and the same are hereby repeated, and that e inttiued shall be construed ..ioterf teI
; Lou.. : ,;, tiec. 7. De it further ordained that said patrol this ordinance, shall be in force iroin and alter its I United States troops or TerrUorii ......
Street,. I I j(; such:; shall have power and they are hereby authorized passage.= WEEDOiS"; Mayor. !; with any persons or p*>rsousi ia the' "

.. Pone' of such thing ofj i l to enter into any disorderly house vessel orboatI ,: 1'a...ed. June23d. ldki; ,> the Slav or.such discharging filiDIe AG
j i
'And I I where they shall have reason to believe: that any \ L- PIlOSPECTCS'or deemed necessary,or doue In the legal
nf St. I'I so buying, ac- i I slave or slaves are.harboured.., trafficked or de..liJ : ofany duly or obligation. .

oufb by J r shall I J i iI I with whether same may b, occupied by while THE I Sff. 2. Ue it furthcr ordained.; It.-11..
beireof \.ing on others and ebend all !f 'j persons or to apps disorderly "J.\CI especial duty of the city messenger ta t
of the j in a sum not j I persons who may be found therein and take them Ad LA 11 & GltLUORY bating; purchased the..b"rYaDee of thin ordinnncv. and a.M
west by 1 I I dollars I I I, to said room and detain them there until they : H the eiublikhuieiituf the Jacuoxtillt by anthtirized to apprehend. anv aodai] .
''j: can be taken before the said mayor and that the C wrier, of the la'e Proprietor, I.. Cur, i ier & or,!I.n,...whu .nlY be guilty of any i LrtIH
f' 1 half' feet not exceeding i) commandant of said patrol or of the person ar '., Cu will!l continue saiu ,papei and issue the next t this ordinai.ce iu his prra-i.ej. aced tale

more' or I I I't the discretion of: resting such slave! or slaves or disorderly personor : number in two weeks or sooner if practicable. before: the s-id Mayer any Justice efii

And ;! persons shall report to tho said May or,ttio (i The incubus, which pressed heavily upnn to uc dealt! with w here u i provided.
tainiug : I II next morning under oath the cause of their can this establishment as to lorcc it iutu au unnatural See. 3 Do it r..nher. ordained That tie
ated' in i, tote and detention;and it shall be the duty ofsaid sleep of sum, mouth duration, i.i removed, and li..Ifof all lines ari-in,under thin onfiua&cv

: i I )), Mayor. I II Mayor to examine thu charges exhibited against the paper Will appear under entirely new and La 1I"u.1 .t that d"rn-ili fI 'aIae A1ay tfia
} tow iu :I -- & --- all such slaves or diordtrlyl'er.OI..., aud on con we trust,most favorable. auspices purpose IIr enfurriiij it. rl-seivancr.abdtk.
'. tinning !i!,: Papy dec. viction to punish them if white: persons by a fine I, Although forced. b** the demand fora paper: er half shall be (>laccJ: tu tie credit of tae
I c;pre*s dolUis each lest than fund.
not exceeding nor two from ibis Sectiouiutu the Editorial ranks we
r ui, & 4'S. i given.rhstthe will four L'i+*cutors I dollars each or by imprisonment not le-s thin enter with a "right hearty good wilt,"aud hope I'..,.. 'd, the 34 Dec. a6.t : .
f in weeks from ,
,iur a 1;i twelve nor more then thirty six hours or to commit appearance i in their carps will nut be uuucl 1 1t :.11. GJULD.hp.:
west. ; their. accounts to the i' or recognize them to appear befure the Superior! come to our brethren. .Attest C. SEra:!. CleVk.::
J ded for allow
by County Court at the next term thereof, to answer said Thu interests ofthi.detracted and bleeding!
t The ; that in nix months here I i, i
and slaves (
: charge iconsgroeaaudmulattoes,
I' portion of our T"rralurJ-IJ. varied scenes Take Notice.
to said Court
said "
are or other coloured tu them be
cause to
by the heir Administration of, persons ,, which are being acted.-the tragic parts performedtaw I received b l die
fUST Srhr.d.S.
I'! i punished by whipping, not exceeding thirty nine | untold wants and .utfurilll' of our home* y ? .
IJW6 to persons concerned will 'I:I i stripes upon his or her bare back, and any house I lou, houseless citizen.demau-J, that a Public 99 ,uPI.lrof rests! croceeiea. such at
GlK.in. I I II I where spiriious, vinous, or other intoxicating IiI Pre4 jnized and attained: by talented audI Havana limp Dud loaf. Peru Kka. sal
all of > r. J be retailed sugars, tea,euffee,lard,
I I quota may or any other trading olj <) responsible! 1I.n. should be iu full operation at butter cheese,
gotto'nv, CUE J |j I traffic may be carried Uhf iu which any slave bal : .JacksonvilU.a place situated not on the borders Orleans' molasses,hams.citron.currents,
tite said : I; ,j! be the runes. dried Charleston
{ found during night season without writ- only but within the theatre of a savage war apples, griti.w,
date of. \ & lor the appoint. I j i ten authority from his or her muster. uii.tr=.s, whose character is in the annals butter crackers sperm and tillaw cadges, .
or the for the City of St. Angus', i overseer or employer or in t.laic"allY slave or''i even of American border unparalleled warfare. t and eight*. onions ID1Ce.cloYf..Dd....

pert I i I slaves, free negroes or mulatoes, or other colored I The aaJcharacter of the many other aruVes! too tedious meatioi.
mortga. ly the Mayor and Alder persobf,shall at any time be found loitering or in ( Seminiiles.power it been our misunderstood Enemy Also,on hand as a.uaJ.liquor..Dd! *s'
duo to t i I ,. That there shall I which any breach of the peace shall take place and uve: seems all (, the superior IInatt: .by the cask gallon er
misjudged by ow even public
by the said Mayor and J.I or wh'ueyer any white person or person or per. functionaries of Government down the grateful tu the public for past favors aad -
I I our tu
said for the said city who sons chill: be found associating drinking or gam t thankful for 4 Continuance oft: e same...
skirts hunt
humble the of their
said IM j I I corn planter
I discharge or the duties ;: bUng with negroes mulatiocs or other colored their ry pains to accomodate customers
AU } a bond in the 1' where I trig grounds-Unappreciated, prowess. whetlrhldrenorservantt
penal sum persons or any betting or gambling for areseat&r
their skill their of llitheito
means war- over
... Cd'ref with cue or more good 1 money, or any other thing, shall take place, ; looked, have been those impenetrable fastnesse ill will.be solJ low fur cash.
by lets j sureties, to be either in Ilia time OARCALM
I|t approved day or night season .-those bulwarks "not made with hands V.'AJ.
lot !: Aldermen conditioned'1 shall be deemed! and taken to be a disorderly s Feb. 13, lE'' f7.
west by of those duties. I j, house within the intent of this act and the license t which nature has every where in this part or,
I I Floiida, reared for their
quite certain itt I i" irwl.That all moneys fur keeping the same may for either ofsaid causes : -their defence and up,protection.peculiar The deeds operations which: : Estate of Geo.S.stied!, &\
aced rendered .
be revoked null and void
been collected entirely ,
led !'I or the Seminoles have already done caine sudden TWIIE subscriber! having been sppe*
.: : for the and any white person thins found.preciatiDI drinking *
I foHcwt; use and bene- i I ly upon our startled sense,like those red bolts, JEL mioistntor: of the above esuts.
first kiss I I!I be paid over to tbe 'I'rea.1 I toot other betting rolured or quarrelling with who any shall negro be deemed tunlat I II I which,le"piug from unheard clouds break notifies all persona who have claims sgaast 1

lLl1 r .... person within the intent and I I suddenly iu thunder upon our beads. present the same, within the time prese**
a disorderly '
twelve f I, Joined, That no money'I ; ing of this act person and shall be treated accordingly...mean I A new campaign is about to open. Such law. to his agent.jAXKsU.Gooto. Es1.s

mark or I I! Treasury. of said city ex* dec. 8. De further otdainetl' That it shall I arrangements, and will be made that intelligence : Angustine. and those who are indebted MptaPal restate
roar mide: the :', of the movements and of are also ,
by Mayor and operations our requested to make :
lie the duty of the made.. .
fifty ( I i I that nil orders for the :'j: before him whene'er mayor... on have complaint army in Florida,and ofthe doings of the Indi him, or to me at Mandarin. A. D. VVU9 j
j or to
reason -
the II ) I the said Treasurer shall ;; may 1!. aus, their visitations upon uureeltlementlauW ,i August 1st, 1636.ZEI'IIANIAH .
: liete that or (have violated!
- "'" to a tree And countersigned j I i, any person persons there, will at the earliest date, be found in the f
any of the provision of the latter clause of the
id. fl
rose I i I columns our paper. I I KLNGSLEY.. ese
section ofthi. isauehis
I next act tu
and fifty ", That it shall beI piecedmg pro The present Editors arid Proprietors lUsuut Executors of the EIIIIiI
< ce s forthwith in the name of the of :5t.ul'a.tiue .
four I,I to render an account ,' ,\ directed constable city said & Co. design to pursue au open manly and John Fraser, deed bnvingadjastedibei"
tavius which shall come into his such to any city I j 1 decided course-supporting the interests of our ,<,, with the heirs and assigns of said ..,..., ,
requiring or to be
five :I aforesaid. person persons appear I general: Government and particularly' the inter giver not ce. that immediatsly after tae u,
chaise !I ordained That the said said fur the mayor shah and aldermen show*\ such tune as the I j I eats ..four'rerratorTeDd Citizen*-giving fear. i!I lion of six months from the date hereof at'I '

Uining 'I two and a half per his her mayor theiri ice designate should to be revoked cause why lensly' ,,'come weal or wo.'* praise where praise j jI I I apply to the Hon. Ihe Judge of lie !*
or nee not
tad I}I by him.and two I is merited and Centura where censurer deser Court of St.Johns County for a fall sail
null and void and the
.. or teat. all sums disbursed by I."allal..u pronounced issue all which said Le mayor I i I wed. Truth ou r Cynosure, and justice shall :' settlement of his accounts with said Citat**
And lor his services. may necessary or his
discharge such
our Palinurus be. U Executor.
i i ;, 1836. on behalf of said city or wished on behalf j II '. KING3L.
Uiateg I I I ol the defendant. or defendants. The JatlaontUU Conner will be published Z-
sate to D. GOULD' Mayor. and if St.Aag0stine.2Sih
tiec. d. Ue further ordained That it shall weekly the increase ofour subscription June 1886.
.,.. Clerk. I
y. list
shall be
found sufficient meet the
be the duty of said patrol I and of each member expense,
the river
the paper will be enlarged. Los
thereof to arrest all slaves free negroes mulattoes I I
Creek; ; is hereby given that Teraj-Foe DOLLARS *
per annum payable >
and other
: the
persons who be'' I Subscriber a gold breast pa
Dt.said T. ; : ,. widow of Thompson found in the streets after the hour of Nine o'clock : in advance. If not paid till the end of the year, BY shape.daed with brides **.i
by :j I ,dec., and JOSKPH. Five: DOLLARS will be charged. I
1'.11' without a pass from some white person a tight clMNnnt color and inlaid with a
AH either of
them at the duly authorizea to give it and to take IDem to I 07 The patrons of the paper while It was i coot+lning the letters M.11.114 fiftdetsuitably
from the .
date the in
4t apply to the bands of the late proprietors, are hereby to
therrre.pectrvehomes rewarded
owners at
employers or leaving
,;.; gel, as '1 Court for the County to detain them until the next gpotniug and report notified that all debts due the Establisment are Office. C. d. -"'
eerwa on th them to the said i iSec. transferred to HASLAM& Co. to whom remittance _
I Ui tfee t Mason. mayor. f dfAognstioe.Aognst 23d J J
whete 10. Ue it further ordained that it shall bathe will be acceptable. The paper in its new
SMITH for himsetIT
lei the : *... ANN MASON. duty of the commandant of laid patrol to : character will'be sent to all subscriber; and iioX1JA HEKAL
those who have Currier
paid & Co.in advance
o 8f..... obey all such directions of,laid mayor as may :
at any time be given him for the conduct or said I for the second Volume will receive the remain 18 FOBLtiBCD:

yetd tae patrol not inconsistent with this or any other lug numbers,be placed on our books aa subscri EVERY WEDNESDAY
teat fete ,I WOOD law lu the Territory of Florida. ben and credited the amount paid. eTAr

.ad ft I I' office until the IHtb dec. II. Ue it further ordained. That it shall No apprehensions need be entertained that JAMS* K. .,ao_
tierC I 1 I for supplying the U.S. be the duty of tbe commandant of the patrol to stoppages of the paper and delays or issuing,

L- City of I" Two Hundred cord of make report iu writing to the said Mayor with will which be have hitherto to muchin used the fearicr FIVE DOLLARS PER ANP\nIIL....''
d, of l ll'tod, to be delivered and in nine hours after he shall bus dismissed his repeated. II4 LAM & CO. .,
Mid e atthe St. Francis Dar patrol stating therein the name of every member JaebntiUe. E. F., August 20. 1836. PATABLX HALT IsUBLT IS ADTA |

'ill of ifer in such quantity not ex who shall have faibd.ueglected. or refused to INALNOTICC-All 'r.
sure of" aa the AssU Qr* peiform his duty as required this act,or who ,Estate of persons hatlngcUimjagainsube '. AoTJcmTiSKMBBTS: tewrted at O trc

du>ft M require. Proposals. will shall have been guilty of any disobedience or .'uDIr.. are' th.late Marquis de per square, fQr the )Sfst .fawfrtfea

'tr .",, for furnishing Fire disorderly conduct while under bit command Subscriber previous requested Co the to:JIlt present January tbeni to neat the ty Cento for each stn....oaa*'

r: J BROWN stating refused particularly be what duty was neglected or All persona indebted u>;the said Estate, are altorequestedto I.r .d'ertlt,......Ia prwporlS
to performed, and the misconduct
.will bo
mike to' OQO considered itsa,tbulA
A. A. disobedience of which
Qr. IluI.r. member have
I.. Any may
I '. been;guilly;and itball be the duty.feaId Kay D 31 01IAS, LE CARON. disco_t stasis to then nhoij ,_
t r....,.'.'. by tl1lo.,


r i
,. t 1! ,

\4 .

'I] I

I I 1'

.................. ...

c ,
e = 7!! -

Florida herald
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 Material Information
Title: Florida herald
Alternate Title: Herald
Physical Description: 10 v. : ; 57 cm.
Language: English
Publisher: E.B. Gould
Place of Publication: St. Augustine Fla
Creation Date: April 5, 1837
Publication Date: 1829-1838
Frequency: weekly
Subjects / Keywords: Newspapers -- Saint Augustine (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Saint Johns County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Genre: newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage: United States -- Florida -- Saint Johns -- Saint Augustine
Coordinates: 29.894264 x -81.313208 ( Place of Publication )
Additional Physical Form: Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation: Vol. 7, no. 19 (Mar. 25, 1829)- ; -new ser., v. 4, no. 21 (Oct. 25, 1838).
Numbering Peculiarities: Suspended for two months in early 1835.
Numbering Peculiarities: Apr. 1, 1835 called also new series, vol. 1, no. 1.
General Note: Publisher: James M. Gould, 1834-1838.
General Note: Democratic, 1834-1838. Cf. Knauss, J.O. Territorial Fla. journalism, 1927.
Funding: Funded by NEH in support of the National Digital Newspaper Project (NDNP), NEH Award Number: PJ-50006-05
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Source Institution: University of Florida
Holding Location: University of Florida
Rights Management: All rights reserved. Board of Trustees of the University of Florida
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oclc - 02261128
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Succeeded by: Florida herald and Southern Democrat

Full Text
L emu. ,

tJ I .I -
.1 I\ I 1. ",' > I. .. ..-

,.. -.. ... A j f- 0 -."r... ,: ..
I '- .. I. : ;
: *** .

-J1J1: 1 a& JIlJllb, J11 I ,

:i t c .

"tet all me, ends f AOB fll",,'.' (it, IScthy. Country's, thy GetVs, and 2"rNlla.t" ,

I .. ... ., -
.. _I!! .::.
". _- -----,---------- --- ---- -- --- .11 --- ---r------:

BY JAMES JI[. GOJO>. ST. A,1G1JSTINE! AiEill4. O, 1837. flnsw SERIES-voii* is.-! #. 48.
__ _00 -- _.. -rPRESENTMEN7S- __ I ...-- .- _.- ---- -
-:::: BV AUTHORITY.LAWS Military Academy deportment to consist of fa,.. Heis a poor man., and It is disgraceful transmit Washington, voluminous documents

__ .0 eight builiiugsat! five bundled dollars each, Of the Grand Jury,for the Counties( St. to Territory, that this debt. should remain and prepare to hold again the Court .
I four thousand dollars; Johns and Mosquito. unpaid. NVewould recommend that the of Appeals at Tallahassee, oa the first Monday

M For grading the grounds, about the exercise March 1837. Jailer bo required to keep a set 'if books separate of January ; at to this court are carried!
ball and removing temporary build term 0 from his private concerns and showing up on Certiorari, all appeals from the mat*
logs, three hundred and fifty dollars; The Grand Jury fur the counties of S'. the time of receiving and discharging= titude of Justice Courts and Courts of Com

tt For compensation in the ctiog professorof Johns aod Mosquito, in presenting the state prisoners nnd amount charged and received mon Pleat of the whole Territory.

chemistry mineralogy and geology: : at of the counties they represent congratulate for fcei.And Tbe Judge for the District of East Florida *

the Military Academy, between the first their fellow citizens on the prospect of peace l they da further to pre.enl.lnd would acts at Chancellor and Master of Chaa .

of September! QUO thousand eight hundred and a speed termination u'f the horrible warfare call the IIcrillauendnn of tho'civil author eery ;Judge nf Appeals a'tlla commissionerof

I and thirty seven, and the first of September which basbeen urged, within our bor isles of this el'y to the numerous receptacle claims, and Judge of common pleas and

v one thousand eight hundred aad.thjrty eight ders. Dining months has this iniseinbte war of vice and iniquity;kept byt/rce( negroes and sessions. A most laborious and harassing
I :
I : at tcwtty five dollars per month, three bun with the Indians been continued and it i it inuUltoes. tbiD its limits. Information duty for one Individual, to say nothing of
or TUB imiTKD STATES PASSED ATWeXlT painful contrast our former, and present
dreddollars; having: been commnnicMed to this body the correspondence necessarily growing out
1'1J& FOURTH COCGRE. S, For a painting; room for the professor of situation.. At it* commencement our population that they arc resorted to by slaves and others of these multifarious proceedings. Yet they

SECOND sastotr.Pulmtic. drawing' eight hundred dollars. was rapidly increasing, our lands much ta the injury of their master and have been performed, when the health of

Approved March ,I.I837.I'ublitNo. were gradually improving; in value : new employers ; the Grand Jury wouIJ recommend the Judge, and the state of the country,
.- os.IQ. settlcil eats were springing up quid our !.citi and urge it upon tin Common Council would enable him with safely to travel. Bat

AN ACT to suspend certain proviso i of 14. zees beginning; to reap the fruit of years of to take such measures at in: their judgment ; strange to say, that although bit duties arc

j .An act to alter mid fcmend the several) An ACT re'pcrting& disrriminitating dotes care and t..lI.Vhat now is our condition; may teem most proper and best fitted more than any other Judge in the Territory,

: acts Imposing Julie, on lporlsV, ap Dutch end llelgian vessels Iud their scarce vesti:o remains tho capital hirb to remove this nuisance ; and i if they have be it paid Its*; and what .is still more iatxplit -
the fourteenth 4J of July, eighteen upon hat been expended in these cuuntie Tbo the .
proved not within themselves power tu prohibit able to us, he is not paid the salary ta
" hundred and thirt j two. j cargoes. improvements which gave wealth or competence the sale of ardent spirits (in any quantity) which be is entitled by law. And the Grand
enacted the Senate on//owe r>/" Be it enacted by the Senate and House of to their owners, which faruuhed irnloymrnt color would
Be it by !I Unlttd by (hose free people of they Jury would here say* that from the facts !I.
Representatives of" United Stales cfAntf \i Representatives of the States of Am for many and which directly or advise, that application be made to the next their possession, the ctfarse of Judge Reid

rica in Ccngrrsi assemlktl" That she [ .provisos J., ericain; Congress nsstmliteit, Thai tho same indirectly aided the business of nil the com Legislative& Council l, for nu act ranking it an hit been tueh. as to promote the but 'later'
of the tenth and twelfth clauses bf the I' duties shall he 10vied and collected, in tho munity have been entirely swept off; oud l indictable off'.tOce.Vo eats otdse United States ; the prosperity
of the ) to alter and amend I ports of life Unit.sl States. on Belgian vesI without the limits eta few ,fortified places,
.cunt! section acts ; ( \ feel much gratification hi stating that and welfare ol the inhabitants of this Judicial .
the several acts impairing duties on i IOrt"ral.e.1 I sell and their cargoes which are now 1t"i.cIlan'l there remains no evidence of civilization or the sets' wall. under the superintendence of District ; and should meet the approbation .
July the fourteenth eiahteer bun-I| I collected on Dutch vessels and) tlniri trace of otl-rr than savage ocru ration. \ h.1 Mr. Daney, is being' built at rapidly as the of all.

drud and thirty two lie. and the sa nr are i i I cargoes ; but nothing in this act contained. in these fortified places are gn'h.red t.. nature of the work will admit, and from its The Grand 1 Jury request of his honor the

hereby impended, until tile rlute oft 10 next j shall be contained the President shall nfilm ho construed U. Stales' to from pre.rr.vcnt er, such of our one prosperous pnpul ii? : .i, j jas : neatness and solidity, feel "assured that the Judge that these presentments)' be readin

section of Congress. J I be are lint cmtdoyrd in active service ngaiiut' object for which it it i intended; will be permanently open cents, and puh'isbed In the Florida
r .(furring, whensoever may deem proper. ,
POLC : the War and it attendant dfcraso }
1C. enemy attained
JAMES and that he order a to ha
the UUh.h and llt-l iau vessel. cop
I both ngninst; ,; : and misery, have ntrrndy. carried off many: I Iand And. leave further to present, as a transmitted in
)lluuioof Representatives.M. they eg to our Delegate Congress,
SpeaVrroftbe or either nf them, and their cargoes.the pro )
nre making: npid inroads: nil the reinnant. j the consideration nf ournel"a"IO
dcorvin and aim each cf
manor a to member Ibo Lo
\ V\N UUUKN, ,vision of the act entitled "An Act conrtrni ,* .
iu the situation of tbe
1 : giilative
Vice r.e.illcnt i oft! o United S ntea, I i iog discriminating" dutie.s of tonnage an.Iimpost ) In the causes wbieti have produced this I I Lots belonging to the United States, lit this! EDWIN T.JENCKES
I 17ih of
nod President kif the Senate.Approved I approved day January sync we have: had no participation our only!' city, tu wit : 1 be lot ou Hay street, now occupied Foreman ofthe Grand Jury.M. .
and '
March 1t, JL8IJ7ANDKBsWJACIvJON.: 1 I one .thousand: eight tneniyfour. warning' uf iho evil d.-ty w to ("lime'a.. the as a Blacksmith shop ; the Lot ou TUCBER.. Secretary. .
yell (.tcho IndiatM iho buu-hcry .'four citizens the Public Square ki.own as the Old Custom Gabriel W.
Marcb.1837.' : PupalPdtr
Approved and tbo flames of our burning dwellitisi. House lot ; the lot known as the Dr*
,... -- j George Giifo.Francis Antonio J. Triay,
I. nun Harracks lot : the two Powder! (House
J'uMir.-N II. Public.-No. R;. Gilt milian Barcalou,
We recomtaend Lois, and the old Guard douse Lot.-That
I earnestly to our Delegateand trillion
Tratcrs Henry Ferris
the'irisdktion i iDUtiict of the
.. rftTind
AN ACT t An ACT making nn litionnl appropriation
exhibit of
mir l.rei lntive Council to ur;;e our while some nf these lots a mass Darius Alttn, B. SegvLEllas
Slate fur tho
Court uf United for the nf Indian hostilities
suppression claims, "pnll Cftlrcu.: mid we appeal to the tottering stone walk: and tie receptacles of Matthew tiolano, Italians.
District of Arkansas.Re };I for the year unft thousand eight bun.1 of fellow be made valuable to apurchaser
justice nnr countrymen for suchrumpensuln filth they might T. H. Daaimetl. Js. Hernandez
it thacled ly the Stwte anj House nf sired mid ,
thirty seven.lie
for hisses as sill enable our and nn ornament: to' the city,
Representatives of the Untied States ofAmerica I' it enacted by the Senate and House ofRepresentatives situation iu it. Aug. Poujaud Hevkiah PinJckan,
citizens to their lands at the close from their couspicuous They
reoccupy Theo.
Ilistrirt Fhlard P. B. D"aGI.Gta. .
af't4.' That the *
in IIUt tAe United
Congress vf Congress o
of the "nr.'ilhlJui such aid, great: numbers therefore, earnestly recommend that the act
E. Wallace T. Andrei
plates for the Oi.I Joseph
i.f the United I
Court States in Congress utsetnlled. That 1 the (UII -
| uf our valuable eiiiz- us must be lost totheTerritory of Coiigre, authorizing the President nf ibo
,.f Amkau"asshdlhave. : the same jurisdiction milllions "C dollars shell be -
trim timer sum of two ,
from their inaUly!! tu providethetnsdvrs United l :States tu designate what lot are teqniied -
DIUI'u\\er, ill nil Icspccts whatever i I{I I and iho same is hereby! appropriated to uith the nbiotnto necessaries: for for public purposes and directing POFOLAR MAXIMS.-There are very many

that ta- eivcn by th., fcterut' district courts I''defray any expensesMthirh have: been, or share: senirniPiit of their land You cannot the sale of too others, bo carried into sayings iu frequent and daily use whote or.

of the United States' nn" net uf Congrcn.approved !j,i may bo incurred in preventing; nr suppressing i repay tads for months of anxiety and nmierv. ; fect. er.\\ I Ijiu and authors are entirely unknown and

March thirtieths eighteen hundredmid : the hostilities i-f any Indian*; to bo expended tiny have euduredyou; again surround ;; The Grand Jury in conclusion of "b.cb.like the priesthood of Melehtlsdec,
tan entitled "An art to regulate tnuto under lit? dirfrtion of the Secretary I withrrlaiious; & business far the eannotrefraiu appear to have had an interminable dura
them friend: von cannot ro- present term t
lu.1 in tci course with Indian tribes, and toprrscne of War. conforniaote' ta tho art nf Congress dnstatu than in theirhuinrs.niili'tho" comforts from eXl'r..ill;: their regret and surprise at 1 tiou* The .Lain aphorism often quoted;

peace on the frnytiers"'r by tinysflWqurnt of the uil1"!r.ntb nf.M l llr'la. and I the second which years of libor 'bad gathered about the effort made by our Delegate, in the late J "Quos Deut volts perdere, print da
am of Ct'iibres* rnnccriiifirinm nf :March\ and second of lust and mental," .
Me July .
e..i.... from this Juilitial J
tiut tI of to
ruhef..mcnuor. hoots them ;! yon can grant inch pecuniary: Congee remove
(Tenre*, air thcrtin .fferred those whom the Gods wish
> rf tho nets io. ennlilo for Land to destroy they
will ) district
them lauds all proceedings
as to roosts t< IIOK ,
tiny In committed againsf the lists of the Approved ;Marched, 1337.P .. and save them from absolute bcggnry. Claims) and Losses, sustained in the years ),, first afflict with maduoM: ; fur a long timerested
luitcd ; in tow-n. settlement.. nr under similar
sate. guy nflSWaud: 1814. to the District of Middle a obscurity. It was
territory belonging to nny Imn.ni mho .iu Pul+iir.--No. 17. The fraud Jury preinif moat the roads "'lurid... This if carried into effect, ould i afterwards foundibat| ; it was a translation ofH

amity l ,%"hibr, Untied State*, ..C"which nay." .> An ACT roiieiTiiiug: Pilotsi nnd bridges generally, nro in n deplorable prove ruinous to the interests of the unforiu- Greek latnuic verso in a Fragment of ..,
usher district ul &I.Uu lrd Slates; m slate and wonM call public attention to
court : yhair Senateand I Euripitlea.I .
enacted the
: lie. it by into sufferers and claimints, and defeat the j
jiiriidictinn.Approved the subject at one outs.. utmost irnport".leeIntllis I! An error is also universally prevalentwith
i Houte Representatives; oj the United States ends of justice ; as they would l be constrainod |
; hi Mirth 1837. # ( America in Congress ustemllrd. That it tretion of nf site rnulllr,. They con to abandon their claims, for want of the j regard; to a Latin verso said to have
{'oJ the of the last GrandJury
| --II ""II"'MY be lawful for lh* master nr cur in presentment means of prosecuting them, at sn great a 1 been conposcd by the poet Drydeu. As Ibo '
in relation to the Pit olntn road. The j
r..t.lic-r\u! commander# (fussy vessel coming or goingoui distance from their homes. The Grand Jury story runs, Dryden, was ordered {with the
AN ACT to protldo for the support nf t'.e'; ..('IIn' port situate upon, tho untera, Goveruinflnt road from this city to Jack'on- are nf opinion that this uncalled for tnesanre other bi-ys Westminster .bo..l.! where ho

Military Academy e.r the United. Slutts, 1 "hir" arc thehoudary between inn Stales, vine, requires some repairs but not of a very the part of Col.. White was not gratuitous I Ion 1. then tai tt write a poetical theme on the

f.ir the year. eighteen hundred cud thirty to crisply any pilot duly licensed or nuthorizej etprnwivi*, kind nn the same rlsadruin i hut originated with: some designing I! miracle performed by Chris at the marriage
St. Angnttinft In New Smyrna (nhich is n feast i'i Cu.... The. future was then
seven.Be |It iy the bounded ">n the said eta.m person no friend to the welfare nf CastFlorida. i
it enac'ed by t\e\ Senate and Hour of m, tiT,, to pilu said vessel to or from said port; mail route.) the bridges hnvo been mostlyburnt To the complaints of delay iu the more famous for indlens. than talent and

Representatives Unittd Stattt of{America !j i any law, tishge; nr custom to the coals ary or dmlroyed by the Indians, nnd is im the decision nftheso claims by his Honor Judge only presented the following Hue 81 a fulfil
road in IN condition
in Congress aseemlttdt Thafthe (olluttisgsums : present ment of bit tarkt
Ii. notwithstanding.Approvid. recommend thatwlseneverhsrepair. Held, the Grand Jury ore of out sentiment.: '
be, and the name are hereby" appropriated I March 2d!, 1637.. passable. They; strongly. arecomreueedabridge! They believe hn hit done every tiling iu his "Vi+lit ct crubuitlympha pudica Denm.

to be paid nut of any money in the j I I, Tnmnkn Hirer should be poner for the furtherance and speedy adjustment 'The concioos water aims its God and
across au.
treasury Dot otherwise appropriated for the i i I and Idosbed.' But is altered
i nf them, which his aiberduties i this only an line
support oldie Military Academy for tho :j American Love oj Occujvtfan. There is fed' to those formerly built. The utility the unfortunate state "r mho country would j from the subsequent epigram of Cra.b."',
UDII thousand tight hundred and thirty .: proUal-ly no IJt'"pld uu earth uith whom of this road: trill bo vastly increased by such has which is in Isis
Year I 1 j a bridge. The road from this city to P.ldo admit of: and if any unusual: delay ne- found Epigramata Sacra
seven, to wit : bufinesscunsliiuirs .plo4inre. and industry .
cured, it was inconsequence of the claimants Cambridge IG31 8v s
Fur i'ay of the officers, f adc ts and ctusitisai I| amusement in an eqml degree with the (which i is also n mail route) it now much from the disturbed stito .
I not being able
"Unde vestris
travelled, and becoming day of intro ruber et non sun parpnra Im-*
Stales of America. every
fifty six thousand mid twelve dcd- inhabitants uf the United of the such "
to procure testimony
I( condition is country
l..tI. Aetieneeiipati t as wnnld w"rrlulthl Judge a
For subsistence oj officeis end radeis. source uf their happines.itnd the foundation, of bad and so long at the location of the snarl decision without great injustice to the parties Qua rasa, roirantes tam nova mntat a*
is unchanged, from the nine mile house to
thirty cine thuusaud fivo hundred laud ixtr 1 wretchedness uitlmut it; and instead iif the concerned. They cannot 'believe that quastNameD.
** the horrors several miles north of the bend of the ;North
Iii ullar.I'or "dulco fir known but
meiite River will (le limes We the residents of Florida and the citizens of convive aguescite ....
at impatsahht. are praaient
soul of
forage officers horses, ono thousand i ,idleness... Business the very anI the United States who ore interested have
two bundled &ud fifty twit s ul1Ari. I American; he pursues it, not as a meant nf of the opinion I that by removing this portion conception nf the arduous duties which mien' ,

For clothing of ntficrrs'' servants, three : procuring for himtelf and his family nil of it, to the westward of Caltltn e ssrnn.p n tbe Judge ''as to perform. The Grand Jury Nympba pudica Deam vidir, el erubolt**
good; rend can be secured at n moderate. ex-
bttwdred ad thirty dollar I human felicity. From the eailiest hour in
in of this effort of our Delegate
Fur dtfru)ing the expenses I ..fthr ,hoard of the morning until late nighl.the streets mire pen,. The present route is over extensive MI consequence Congress, taken iu connection with his, A man belonging to the beet root sugar;
flats and overflowed the tide
'.,nrl at West Point, two;ihouiauil anU ... I| thronged; bv men of all trades and proftssions. the marshes side. and ihf by the other circular letter of the 10th nf February last mauuf-iclnry ..f Saint Saslvc, near Valenci I
nn one nn ,
tea dollars and fur reut each following his vncaati'iii like a swamps the of few in
eighty addressed *to the people of Territory edges a dy ago a moment of irritation
and crossed the North river and
For fuel itatiuneryt printing, transportation t| jxrjxtuum motile, as if be never dreamed of by several uf
bad salt creeks. the Florida, wherein he lus attempted by riling nut a dispute, threw one
and eijht tblusand dollars; a cessation from labor or the possibility of water Hy route Reid ilno'' of into
postage: proposed those flats and creeks will bo avoided putation, to cast rrn nronii Judge his companion a vat full of syrup.
For repairs, improvements, aad rspcnies6fl'uilJio } becoming fatigued. Nthbcr is this hurry dry firm ground secured l and these is : a delay nn his prt in bringing: these .. I Finding this o rich a joke the victim scram
.. grounds, road mharves, boats of business confined to the largo& cities; itcmimiunicftt'S leave submit bled and
hastened the
; nbnndanre of' timber at hand for the small : to a speedy termination beg tn I out, to town, to lay a < .
sad (eaves. ten thousand oho hundred andseveotyeiht itself to every village and a statement ofthe following judicial unties complaint before a maglstate. The trustwas
the branches.
that be
;; dollars "1II.eut, five cents.ajjr hamlet and extends to and penetrates the bridges. may required over which he is called upon annually ta perfcrm. I very severe, and before ho reached hisdestination
For adjutants and junrJermater's western forests. It is as if all America hero the syrup became _o completely

flrki DIDO hundred and fifty dollan: I] but one &;i ..wurkshop.over the entrance The Grand Jury have inspected the public On the first Monday nf January, he holds candied that he bore all appearance of an "
For of which there i. the 'dazing i inscription prison, and present that the prisoners I -
philosophical opparitvw. repairs : Tallahassee which' enormous stich of barley in to much
Court of at
w lilt same, tbrco hundred dollars: I I No admittance lItre except on ,..dnu*.,' have a sufficient quantity of plain food; and occupies a some Appeals three nr four weeks. lie 'j that when became to the nsogitrato'sdoor,

For_odell for ibedepartm&flt of engineer* [Urund't Americans, in the Social, Moral, are otherwise at comfortable' ns the miserable then returns St. Augustine and on the his arms were glued to his sides, lad ho wa

I UI, tbree thousand dofarrFar t. aud Political Condition. vaults they occupy, will allow. Two second Monday March holds. a Court for obliged to entreat a person passing by to put
models for the drawiuf department vaulted casemates of the Frit, aroused as the .bell for. him! Paris
t; I .. St. Johns aud Mosquito. On pe( second paper.
the The above themIs
'".null and cunUugeecief of the dtpatt-. |i An AwiWEB,-A testy gentleman was broken public prison.and rermitlIhe terrace water to beabsordcd Monday in April, he holds a court ('nr Nassau

writ "f chsrnUi/y, and InMrumentsaud ra- incessantly pestered by his neighbors with up by the stone al cites beneath ; thence he goes to AI ichua. and holds. SOLID AIR.-Tho philosophers of Paris,

rain*l fur the inathuinatteal' depsrtrucot, !I inquiries after hit brallb; 1111.1. losing all which are per etualy porous dripping and;are otherwise court on tho third Monday of the tame by the aid l of tremendously po"rnlarpa,..

Ii-t Vet bendredaud fifty doHtrt; I, patience with the most assidupus of these onsuitahle'fur the safe keeping, of pritoners. inou'.b ; the court for Duvul sits next nn the Ins, have tureeeded iu the consolidation of

foeidental aPonsosn/tbedepartment :' intruders, "Tell your master" said he to the Into these vaults.ere from necessity first Monday MaV\ and lasts to the end of the carbonic arid 1 gas. one nf tbe constituents

ftiartiUerr.For three hundred J 41ars; 1 servant, "with my complements, that I am crowded, while men and negroes men and the month, generally. He then returns home; of atmospheric aid.so u to be both visible tad

Biiicrllaneuns items and Incidental pretty well this morning, and shall continue women those confined fur trivial offences of and on the sicond Monday July the courtI tangihK The subhance at the late sitting.of

peae., Clue tbonsaad MV; hundred and so for 21 mornings to come." the most; sedans crimes. Every feeling of I'I I for Laud claims commences its session, and ,. the French Academy was distributed to the II.
sweaty seven dwll&rs and lit, cents; I that exertions should bemade usually continues thioogb the months of July company, tasted and handled; the seatatioa
Fsr completing the ctotytet. 1, one thouUQ the Prets. Charles Ham humanity requires for I and August. This court adjourned he holds I. produced 'Ly itstuch is described as the .impression
to an appprnprfatioo a
sand "Independent procure
hundred and filly cents: second
; saute a court of Chancery that sits ou the ofextraordiuarycold welch anv gas
Editor cube Cincinnati Jail wo our Delegate to use
Per tbt erection of a tuiaVto buildin; tu mondBsq. ; request I Monday of September, and by the time the procured when returning from a state oat'It
following remarks 00lo.eraitll"a all means In his to tliat'cod. A suitable
the pungent
teatsia... the public: storei Ali tboQsiod five makes communication 'ia his paper:-* building for power a Jail with arcomndolions business of this I It through, the period. arrivesfur Is added the company were much surprised ,;
dodarnro ; therefore i.1t the be the (} holding the October term fqr! St. Johns st the slight effect resulting the organs
no for O'fnl-
.. and have not read it aad ; jailer, may put on
tbs preparation s3Cyarl eon and Mosquito which meets on the second of sensation from the contact with a sob t
sanction. An oploloD.tem.to be rre.lent.Ir meat lot in the rear of the Court House fur
shuttles or P.rmanenl VAn t suitable for Monday of that month ; for Nassau on the stance, the loach of which congeals the
least hero and) that could take
wlthmany at abnnt $5,000 officer
+!"rpestten. ptloters. WtekiVub", and so net universally to, ; second Monday of November, the Court for spirit or"iue and mercury a.ct"... the
Iwita Cincinnati, that the nenspaper press is charge uf. the public buildings now on the lot, ; J"
,'H for tbi .implements nf the
ssfa e"frs its Editor. A'achas, Ibo third Monday : same thermometer to descend to 80 degrees below
...paterissls.elfM! t1su.....dollars properly free for every body but which for want tome resideut superintends for the first Monday
; this aid will month and Dnval on zero. To what I is this world comkg If
Fa ... ... etlf. its:PK ,a Mf &f I build- Io deference to this prevalent' opinion nt, are suffering daily Injury in December; which like tbo former; ceo these French satans are suffered to go oa t

Itaf k..... aU roWWry ciercUe, io communication Is inserted eventually require expensive rrpilrt.Tbe etally lasts to tbe end nf that month. Thus with their expermeots,aad that convert the j

b thtt'iistiimi! 1\ ro tirProp ri- The opinion" be speaks of is not con,,* Jailor has submitted to utbii accounts ends the tear, but not the labors of the vert element wo breathe late ba&teots and )

1lriri 1 tbsesstid"'d."l litl; I fined to tbat'rtac.s-PAil4tltlpAlCl ; and shows a balance due him from Judge. Ho has then to arrange his, papers ; Icicles, Ih.,.may next catch the mast bidden
For tN ercctien of new barracks, for the old. ; the Territory of about eight hundred dol. s

; ,
I i I
.... \ ,I
.. -

I .. { .4 t li 0I ..
II eta. )

I ,." I -



,__,._ -r M .y:a,_ -. :. ... .'- .. .'-... .- ... ".,....--.:. ...-. :_: _A2 q- -- ;:



::1f 1S!

----- -
------ --- I -;- r-T---

I i ( T! S

r Tcsll anil Meiicn. 'I'ho" laul., in. the I : still cuii.iuuo: Income iu. thoughlowly. Mr.. EDioo-Tlt
t t'''''hits' of the bruin r t too lumpsTltoAlexaudria a sometime: m \tl nits .pKnpjiroaJltcd upon; } caKoq-iM
of Matter. and .p It I cJ t :hoHr4rijLm af |Wj|!>U',onT the i' tiiguo will bo rOUlIlrho.lsc".u. I will write A .portion of the Army had gone; tl' .. shouts of fashiouaMe Societ)'. airier es

\ IMttfhl'rIl1.I'nce-) n hue tf the inflnrufti. The Whig Mini1 form of that
tivi ly seatierWon the frotiml, und! from Wly ; that I 1".10 """"
1 Gazette. says; 4 It i U re the tl p ,glossy leave over faill d. tit ,pin 1 trI thnkiiig.! : A rrii i i. it hand.j would thence move for Tmn.ia bny. It is Infrequently rrgairr.l.. .."ho tBj'nsa ,Is

potted. nt Washington, that (,en. G.iiues bus duo the limit {pl luasslh Vct upon the mind j' "Ltvi-.Bpooi.. .'6h. 18._Wo Are 'happy t 11 saHI'"t' tlieotlicrtwoo uiptinie* of the South trite the little light!I.. tway posst..ita-...:

Uiaito an unqualified tleninntl' tu conduct tho Nut t a brauch has suffered( from the pruning inform our rca.lei. that tie! rI!rtys of the 1 pro* Cartdim b.itt'ili"u have been ..ral..reill" this 1 arrive at the tapiiHtt C'HtduuHUt! ..#
tIM war in Florida; an J this too before the knife, the graceful (.iron uf the tree retain... sent ministry urn aunt',creJ. Tho discord place, lurrmiiii u.nit tfi-Jr term of crvice Imt: tu he exclusive | r"lfIe""Ifl. bt

t 1Ct1I'tlCO in hit case hat: been promulgate: I, the elegance it received from nature. Il-ii- I which tlittn. b. thocaiiiict, prnmntcii, } chief 1 years siuie, tint quite a tiurtrorets'atuoHg '
ur pethaps decided! There isnls:I a rumor. ing th-Mr tops into the apt us ni-', 'upv nil:""r ;: ly by Lord .Mfllmurno and Lori 1 John Km i I c\i-irpx.1 1I = Wu vc hcaid of no IIHH tlcpre, t the editor. i tl craft as lu the eta.
intend to receivennhrokcn 1 sell i i. nsitircil, imltsrribalilc.! Tim datioii4 f"r so t>e time. of she .1 la I 1'
ho .
In eurirs bloi frolic ate sure
that rcrinitt r iniln" the tipermnst mns and to i I r'lrOit&uII'5. ser Steib.
I I ..,... ___ __ __. __ ,Of .
\ rays of the sun, tthicli dun uich t I.rcu.i r will n".t tlll..r:;&'" flit a thy looseritc f t I .SluII'. ..
.! Uo leaipieil tu think nro rottve)rd I'r.im ? hair surrender! (''f ho whole 1 patronag: I The! oI.iii'ins of the Court of Inquiryreci'iitly : I know ins; lithe of the laws of .

: Ihhof floucr tu flnwor.nnd fromlrnit t,. frnit.'>* rich s of IteLt.id into the hands! uru'C..nn..iI. nnd : n*tuiitdul at Frederick, rein luMitlnd! And still| less| tr the Inr."viage' cf es,""

t. Jauuary I5il( the fi.it lottery in EnsLiud nut{ Ii4lmy are tM.: The' pulp, of th" so fruits 1 Lord J oust. protMtstliitt if ho bo iutcrf rC'.I'i he (lobe of th j 2JM:! ) lust Th court 11t..v.ole iz lJwM the i/M0r.t'aNl$\f

: was commenced I** do dr.al tticwet [ thirst n. tmd thu wiili in. the: ilntnljuti'.u) fir> t'liut: pntron:tgo, i,*'. thus y+.ti wouU ittfurm 1
4 <|nMirhes yutur very i. ca: t sin f tt'ti 'o o!i (:1 u. : COTT Tlie uf, n
door of St. Paul's Cathedral, mid coo.I I 1 nir y sin breathe in situ n place rofreics! IIP fir ono. will not mnnli: ; in ..nit','. f h> b ,1rrrmsr I f" tot ttyu*.t ly

t .... tinned tli n whig tlay aid night, till) 1'ie Gilt url j I 1 ami rcinvignrair$ you. 1 hnvo: |pass:-d| thru' | In .short it In* c.iMtc, tu 111i4. that tho nd-l pntdieatitiii uf Hcn..f4' ficiil( report! it tty. '1'1'{ Ug I nut Nat "t.o ttor

May fnlhrs, iu::. Tlieru were 40,1)00) I..H. nt '!. n griivu iiftli' ,o U"IIIO tied full a mie! inivtciit. ministration i i. tftnll) iii<.idved ; and th.it t of4di July. lnt; .it rr-nntal+l R< l'r..julid"l) ";1.. i\-.w.I very awsw,* I.r irj..II&' ...as,
1 10,. each Tho prizes .un.i.t..1 ..f tho oM 1: the! Itf the lrii! Reform itttraitt or t.r .... -
.. Their occurirncc i it n uro itnlicn- ff'jtl'lI"ll iMunieipal to tile .public nerviif. und. iojiiriou .tut lnili @ liw -1. 1i1J. ;:
,., ( anti flisuted. royal |Plato ami trinket; there I lion IIr l.nll.ul&l& ivhich! in the lo"then..t'rll Kill h)'the! !I11--1 of L-inU will; !i.. mad- tie! >tidiuo| of tln! Ariiiy." "'1'b', r court :tl'." Ii"h o'3cif in the rau jJerktwl. s Dr 0"..
were tiuh!.uUs. Th* profit: of 1U4 scheme tHiit'on: of tint country Urtthcr.: crnr-t. Thi* exeiisc forth''.ir retirement from oliiee. Lout I.. in,; I' ,!fI/ik IIIUN : is .:'ue rip ,. ..

amounted to tthui l :.'0OUU/) 'I'hefatt Stale S "n iiiolc Indian luulluuIO.* njua t "i.< f o I John U".sC'I'f". nmimii. tfi.it! ; Lor l Mcl* I ctnsi..crs! : t.e! ccinitro 'ihe oa GtnAintntjbyG ; I p.rdsri.! zv I''. of 11M F3r't rsi.ua."?ar11r "

lottery was drawn on the 15th of Octoher" I their hore on orange which lho