1)rauunt.. n.Ui. intent for the b ueh' of the creditors of dutt.sliail rvinam iluiiuc the uiiht.and that said wu guilty thereof and the said .ubrt'tar *iiHt| lrtq tesaid i1.rk I lei>iiinan. 'lordeiiU due on the patrol shall {" nnitioo duty until broad dayhthton aUobe liable therefor to the same ptnaUioaAshispriucipsi. lt." ..* w hub it was au .Lt..., II sea, ..."..1 *d
ate life stdase'tumeut..ad after the payment the next tiioihinp..Sec. lu .is rtaders **iu in. VOIIUMCU.Coiil 10..r ..-i it t
PA *t:>Ul BM. G. Bdil ordained I1&3111e cc. 11. Ce it further ordaiued.Tnst said .. I .
: I'Ihe same, tne Surplus amount of the s lid pro further rum ptotei.e t.r li.g toe |>a.hoj roc latutLis
} In The 8tur. S. ti. Mills Me ri. F. L. erti ssigncd as Bl'ureaaid via* lo ,.. to the tnandantol( the paUul..all on meeting divide Mayer, may with. autlc and consent of the ." has rout btru ....l"'u.. UU tpse I. rs.a.ee I C
ori,ftes aforetaid, if any Bmouut should Lane the ramp, as t o.., a. may he cautenieni iiit'i two aid Aldermen lur good cease their,rcu.it..1 or ..i luu..eul. me juun>.i. .. tu.* a iir ..l .isacs
.1.1 J. IL D. I Fotitatiein
Bto> >. aims. li..tll. to them. equal | artier.tone! o."winch shall be placeu ou ar* any part ol said ntn-a and pena.iies, nr demise lu the Ulil.ii, tau nr ..1.. Oei ol mcie Uiait UChuitditu
l.all!) Mi. C. Fon me Mud ti-rvaut. live duty uuti I ou. o'clock A. 31.. aid the other any person lr'in Ute perlormauce ot patrol ,) bud lu.i.It.... but con .uu, 'lgu, .
The foUotv ing tenements are included ill the sail) remain said council room suhje to the dULY or dipeuM wrtu abet ,.mice atojeti| r, if a SiK"uy iuvre<*. ul .."ua.gc. use ..... kilt' ,
All In the I*!.:op LU'llutt. Cal.l| O. Cougar iJ and whicn .iil .ct to the
mortgage not j the
are order uftlieciimionndantof, said patrol when i military autnonties wliall take such mea IU+ uj..hs..ewburs.i : .i.rWW niunjo v,fittlS '
an.: Lary, Jo. N'cUon end Lndy, I 1\. 1). id Bsigi:MOlea IO tea pUt'lIC t.....,.. til lit- UlUUl I
lOi; ... All brat certain bcult.nd(iot ground,in Hid who ou being telieved shall repair to eaaary. and Uu. this oidtnanto shall aiwajsreceive uf...* prtrudlta.uate h.. uv-iu u..arrta.uaJ,
sty of at. An uatino. bounded North and East said room an< remain there snljectto 'he like nr a liberal ioutructionut the .firs: end \\ i.ne. .h i:loir, Uii. '.i'UlilblK. .CA... kihgOwea
41 : lots beloiif iug to brteada Gomez "'utn by o der until!d is; iarjt. d in the.morning, and it .h ill 1 second actions thertei; hail not IK coi.struvd: Iial.Ili.UI"a mu.".t** web MUHIi saris eZdttiuU "
e..t rl.1frJJUhtlrtal. I 1ft belonging. ta the heirs' of Ant-um Miert and b*> the .."t, o f tbe otficer. who shall be in com t to eaten to any person wn m.', nave tx en tuus taste .ceu Secclle... U.a 1 mush liar Ill."eril.all' .
Cs t by Charlotte etreet. And AUo. all teat wand at takij room. to cause a light to be kept tired i into the nuliuiry .rt.r. .-i the totted tateo ,.. erpasl u."& .1 ti'w ruin U ctof land .ilu sled in the county uf4oa.utn. t,>n-tantl) lu 'a" there, aud to t ke ehatgeof, or alibis fVriiiory until he silts. nave bleu uis an- uiitiiu aiauo w . q iu Territory, of Ftrui ....s "h..tile..l" end keep afe y any necii**. mu.aus,es, or other l charge from such .ervic : ItlCI abt'l,.V IlliOllgU Iba II.' l-ltl; ul .U* | I d Mciioug.h'a Ulark champ, tint butt ded naI' cokiund |setts rlt.und .U di--derlllter.uu., woo ; dec. 15. Ue i' ftl.ther.ordained. That all ordi- all imlnelicnucatiii. -wa.neat .&;.r.. t. tat or
llrws;beginning At the pine markedV Y M ; n.ay be airetttjd and brought there by any of said uauresaudlrart.ul'ordinanceshrtetulorriniutceuI or taprts.e-loc.Ui. .vpi4biji Seer .if v .n MBul
Ii it fiie runs 'OU'h. thirty 'fisu degrees pail, patrol. the city relaiing' lit pat rob cr ti atrol duty. spp..ilas PORT OP S".i'. AUUS'11XI:. II eastiiing ant hundred and fifty four chains, I' SecUe i furthisr ordained thud said patrol ;, be*nd the same are hereby r p..Ie-!, and this .IItlJU."" it a i.ii11 can u. in ,oruj is i .t !&
.. t 'rive link., to .our pine, with ih ..allJtt.I shall (have putter, and they.ie hereby authorized this old-nance shall be Hi force tram and after usB r..L l'Ar".t a. is e.o tatled 4 u..... t '01.UiU..rl .
ark or letter; cc end un< runs north suits to enter tutj ,hy >liatderiyhuu.., veitel or+oat >."afte. NVLKDON : Maor .'u 101 Uu I ts&rvi.Miiu u-e L.i.it ..iBO
ARRIVED.ficF m degree. tu -lsn..e.urinaoue hundred mud where they sh4U have reason to believe that any l'aaB..KAtti.t beMIU e ..!' .heT
*. S. F. MitU; Houthuick, ;Charcin. fi t) tour clmiii aud twdve ...".. bounding;; on slate or.tavesjare ImOourvu Ulcked. or des lt U"I.nwC'u..1 1 l&rU&'l'CIa.',&. 5. .II. A k.S
\ til t,...: '. II hnds viurmtri) ) fir Dun lt'-bert Mcllar IY. | withilvtietheru.e -auteruaybeutsupedbywbl" I Estate of Anna dec. and oiYTKr. "101. u UMJ u wsm tfie.* >.. I ...
p.l'; l.u.l"! }Voi.d, XY. rk. 10 I I atree, noubed ,me: ihenen the third line person or oib )rs, and to appiehuuu alldisordeily Papy, LITHUKI UHU.' "... CUU.|-,. .U ii.Is' -ud
at a, rtlns ""flU. thin) Gte d greta we,"onl bundled persons who n Q) be'Ibuuu Uicrctn,itud take thetnto OTll'E hereby given Thattr. r'x+cutor C..bdnruiua'* "J new .U..*. 'liu ..<.. rte .
O. :Htet Dol htti. Pciwoyer, Care>'s mid fiilj fu ir chains twelve ".>k.. to a pine witb said room aiid eutu th.m titers until they 1. ' | fair Ion ,. can tie takeu lire said Iud that this data. will their accounts to the .. .
't'.,. uotches; thence uitu tbe lands of < sic nnyor, tare present iuc J. : bi'iuv croni. n.iii. c.iu
tajviu. AI.Ie.I; the h iiurlli line runs ..uih. .ixty I con.waudaflt u said i utrol or oi the person arre County llouttof 81. Jolius CO..t,. lor nllo". et.U. the .011oua' A.". "h, Lo 'ul..J 10
AILED. 'h e degree* "..t. on* hundred and fifty four ; ,tiag sates ve ur.in/.,ur disorderly person ance and aeiilemencand thai' in .ii naatbpAars. IM- (........ ._.-... .e .. -M g. eeryu. lt.at
f.. tn"t p..Ia|)hj". I'eiinovf, Charleston.j Uilnns Ned I"eh.lmk..lu the begin in5, con I sr'|iers> 1 j t.u.id\Vntirl.| 1 Key West. 14(111114 by Miivejr two thousand l three I""dr'dall I next uioruing i lider oa;. ''tie ,.u'e of tint cap f. a float discharge (rim !ir A .Iroinistratiitnofaid 1'ub.1.1, fa d..III.U u. .Lr I'M JI... ;tteerKrre..b ."
S.S Millt. FnuMmirk..Cbarlevton.Wcctton scttrut) live acme of'la'.d. be tue an me more lure and dvteu ion:and it *b ili be the du% of. andtiayor l:-tate. of which all persona coneernrd wlO .. to Lie use ....irie y +uu4 -I. e-.e n.a .lo
-" :-- ._._ ur .... t lotiXtu ne me chaises exuihited against take due not ire aiid the g.).- rush pasties in | ails :c.,._(;. sub*
.'f ti'l'. nd 11.0.11 that certain tract of land cots'bas all ruth staves ir d<.orden) | v,.... .uu ou con J0<. S. SAN cullz: f Fa'r.. I't jeviiroui wbicn. beiitg u.tn pmii.taa. the) stand '
YICtH.Ii them. d'wbi e uy a hue FUAXI'ISHayVrf. GUt;, S al
% 1* !t aim t4Ua.ltwit. Lisa aum
nut eICl.ed'ns tie dllI"1, each nor lest than wo ''.1 anu to rise taut i.f in-ir witbiheenUiiHii
;In, at the C.,unrd rhaiibor, in the waaf e iu toe aunty nf St J/i nt. in ac.t1 1 write+r pursue. way
dollars each, 01 t>y iuipri.ouui"nt not ie e th ntwelve lUi in s'(cordial le lii-4. !uwaxu all
if .tine. ll seron.l Mn,.dat of rea.ld. al U'" &JIlt" eih1edJsck \Vrigbt.., near
\ti e
'v t :n ou > I : KIM i8LEV on" nl the
sac..uur. locumuiit
iior than Skirt or 'j ,. ...
user >
) Z eUII : |.urarar" lie wof"uutc<> | wlwew-ft
fffi2J ..' !rnf t for nn! i" rs unit*ftHI ILe ofiice3Vf tn. ,htrh Johns, and oouiided n- itfi ) Tr- ut Testamentary > cntora of the lduf
01 recognize th,m to appear Otflore the upuiior xifaiiTi eel snarl nxat riaca.. a t-io- .ud
1 >r. yid I four persi>i.s for AiJcrmn, to (: eh; kouiu uy firoLiU Creek: east by ian is! ofT t thereof tu tnseridcn J hn Fraser d t-l. hivirif adju'edtbe !'count*
Court at tOe Nat 'riii aulilul t;poi ,tr "'Uh.- .& ii.g iVUtolunies
f. nie veurI D 1''en..r formerly Isis l huds; and eat with the heirs sndH'.cu-s.nd
l mut.tloe-. e-I"te. hereby of
<*rgramlilrltava., upward ui 4 tnous-iuti ,'d. ut lee end of(tie
: l'o'llUt.J..II&'ItoO' and HARTOI b) id river.il t Ihlll immedi step after
given not ce. the
,( or outer coloured pcrwtus.to cause tneut to bopumstied eipira- year itch 10. i'r pneor. i"r'ite: tray: nay
.\<"t .-.r ati}' iritnlin l .pej'.rctli.r of The which tbealoreaaid property and proitmaau by wh pp.ug. uut exceediiig ti'irty nine ti I n or six months (rim the dato a.ereof, be will safety atn'r.< tn al. retardesutj ul "execution
71 1 1 nnltoniiiiUeiipenfibniUoVliick.s I A. II.I fiog the bef inning *>l tins notice, were umr..c.* .iri|.e upon bi or hat bare uses, and uuj House apnh tit the lion Ihe Judge of the County lbe11aicLatucak.ln101Zlsa u. not ..iu>i m
I t.:.1'. 't. \\EKOON.. Mayor. afurevaid to the of Court of St. Johns County for a full and final
aa secure sue P'111.tUI waste .ispiriious vinou-, or Other lutoxicaung II couipartHiii a Ise min. ..W:&. pubitcaliuii. ImeignordunieiUc
eel .in Ii.bta.ue .from th> aid Dirk FieiicbuiNUpetiiiuuen q.aura, tat) be,retailed or alit oitn-r trading ol I -ttlement bit accounts with said. Estate and It ut.j uut h.; .uiu> In u.enii< n
raV tTUGl''I E. PUT. E. F. t,, a.tel"'illd amounting in tbe traffic ma> bee: irau . A)*! AT f U.\IBI-nS. .b le, iogetd wide hwlul' interest ther'ou. up be Sound during the ui.tit aeasuu witnuut wittUn Z. KINGriLtY; merits are iuc'iittrsi .lite nul "iio: uteru ate
lu a 2Gus dll of tienteuiber, 1(133 $l I3J7U.'ne autboruy from lit* or tier sets ... Inn tress, SLAIItI.tane.l June IMU.: : touoratiie to tbcnuutry.. this )"gzuie wit be 0

4Mah October lath 1836. OI'1n.. overseer or uipl 'yer, or iu "inch an) siiveurslaves fouuu. baton sir cl<>.e ol tut e* '.,tit Inure,
|It i4i,r.cr-.l! 1 that tbe Chancery and reu* ''ne.aid Dirk Flstschman now i-iJcs be tree negrp B ur uiulatoen, ur other colored Superior Court-District of East cental ariicl Stow UH heirs 01 Ja...e* K. I .ul-
IB* l',rm, nf Ire Superior Court for the yorlo the limits of thejui IS-HI.lion'of this Court, pftisoi.,shall'at j)uy time be louuo (ottering or m dingU.C Ua)ttiii the Un Tiui'iinj thnt. II.i .
IHI ,'i(*. <>f :1. Johns and IMoiquito, aland I.thai is to '., Mitboui the Territory. of Fiorina which .... oreacuol the peace lull tai o plisse Florida. ;i: \\ Loufeiiow, ,..utiorot -' aut o.Alex.' Dr M.uird .
|J9jnid ovtr until M uilay illst day oft and a suit bis this daj been b>oubt iu I." Supe- or wiH-neyer any white paiMiw or person'r per Theodore FInial, f I I 31, authu. utuaUva*,' eta capt t'IU.*
imt li hills rill Court tor this District to be bejd iu the IeIU. bail be found associating drinking 01 L.m* vs. > I I r,.". author ol .'"'tr Onopk- Jaeob faithful,'
VrJ 41Mi it Vlnrkifthtday.at e'll} of du Augustine, and on the second Mon b,ing with i-cgrcts. muUui. vr whet coloiedper John Ilewl.it. ) i),I .Japhetinseaitb of a Fntbei,' etc 11 Ilk US
uitnn. Jtimrs .and Witueitrs aud all Ja:lii M rch au st. at ue ,.,ulu to w of the 'n ror.r*rued w II ;i., their attf uJnoce.IIj said Court application will be made. on the pirtof mnuey, or an) other thing, hal! t.". place, J.. nimedJolm llew|"". .nd all inkft per .1I1..r."uwu..1Jc\e.eUI. etc.. Jam GI .
ild order of the J oJ:e.JOd. fither iu or night ... .ibiaui .\. Uu ... L .
t ipr aud peutsaner. forajnujiinent of iorclo* the :day liter, season n coneernrd iu fie prem'Ms, that ihe said ermal .Aq t* il.. ircluent
t i IMl 8. tA CIIEZ. sum| of the Mtid moruag .and such legal' prncee ball be deemen tend token to be disorderlytiouH Theodore Floturd inttn.I* to iii.tltute a silt mi a of Columbia Cuiiejf, Wiltiam I. Mi>oe.
Clerk Sup. Court.ipcrior ; nines as ma be required to sell the said t:r/psr. ) within tbe'iut: :tit ol tins act end the tit.iise e.rtlill..n'SXe. fitly n to Umiel .I. UriaMuId. lie. h site I ohou author oi'dbipaud -be. ;
j 1 ty nixrtgsged, fur the bet-efit of,be trxirtgsgea. fur keeping the satin try fur tith r 01.said causes by bint th. a.tid John lle JOHN HUliMAN. be le.k eo aod rtriideiedfiitirelj null arid Lord. e tember. IK I. and a..isn d by saiGr is wold BuUcili* .>;n. ft. U V. U. Il .lctulu. author ...f'lall
Court for
IMF the Districtof Atty. tar the Pttitiousrs. and any t\niteperson Utui >uud ipretiaUigurin* to him the a .id Flotard of the undivided nvufiy, Brand,'* octet l' snce uf \ipt>1 lrou. etc.,
East Florida.TITIUX t pt y3th. 1830 kuij netting met u.uur.etlitig wiln any negro rnuUt* of that certain tract of I. nd contusing one thuu* Mra. L. 11. .+.iluur'.),)1,. .uUnn. U row no,
Frar f tour other s oloiijd pcrruu who shad bu ueemtd salad ecr 'niiginally granted to ore Martin Her Loudon. Mrs. t-lku. 311. trulie Kr. Calvin
+ TO rotiECLOSE A NORT LIST OF LETTERS. adisorJerl) peisjiu within the intent and ui-iaii nandez. h'inK.UI'' being in the county of $t. Colto.. author .r.t oul Yf ar. in Kurep/; Airs
G.I GE.drat ing of im act ald, shall be trtated accordingly Johns. and a.llIaled in thai ptrt of said c',untv Daptmte, Use 8. A l'b..I" ,. I' 'broederIUs
C. Rncxnut., and others ) tAEMAIMNC at $t. Augutttuo.L.Ilur. rit-c e. iie itjurttier o.dstued, Tbutit shall l known aj SJatnnzas, at the bead northwest > L. E. Lundoii Henry IU ticnoolrrau. .q
named in .bo petition. particularly 30ib olaept Ida0.tvtich he tue nut of' tbe mayor on toioplamt made or PMllieer's creek. Thut his petition for a fore '1')'"0" I'u"er. Kev Con>4.niine t.. tire. C'ol
>l il lilt tukru out in three mouths will be before' him or ". ue'vr im may hate reaaun to bo closure of! said ihortgage has been filed iu tbe of M'Keuueylion. I'. D Bsrnard. B M Uicb..d. f
nviriJfr versus sent tu the (iner..l Post (Juice as dead let lute that any ,person' or persons nave vitiated fire of tbe rteik of lI.tr'qr Court a ,d that at Esq. ftoi'eri Alorris, Ijq, ur John Batb fro
DUE Fi.ti.cnauB. teiei ( any of the ptovKiuuttj the bitter clause o, the the next October term ..f,aid Court be will ape fesMir Jttcutiou. U u. I b...), Ln..rptlul
OTICC 18 IICRF.BY GIVEN that eon 1 next preceumg.extiou attic act to iMiuehispro ply for i judgment and sale of said mortgag>d tran firmaaly tathe set f the Leg Ula'ivo Coun A.Audreo. L, ice.a lortuwitniuiUiv; name of the city of :u.'Au..tilO premises 0 A. I'UINAM. l'Juladelpbl.V I* Bertien r .. *-..r.w still
rift Kthit Territory, approved I lib leeeitib Jls Chas 8 Lowell : duected loan) cuaslsWeln said city. Attorney for !'.t tacr. fewir L l.. irtponte.V J. pi...... author of
t eotitl d "an act to regnUte thi foreclosure I II. Or '1. Lee 2 requiring sucn person ur parson to *|>,. .* Slay Jlst 1638Superior Guy Uiver,' b.IJ.1..r. .authotof' Uto*
j"I". by tbe COliN of eoa mon Law of I Was line; 2 Joa Lunlewey. for*, ins mayor aud audr men at stun time as tbeaaidinajoistuJ trapby <"! the Aborigibea of -\uierte.. e.raue
11'erntoTv,and far other purpose,*'o pstttiou Win Bracing; M designate shrew cause why Courts-East Florida L. ivj'app. Dr tfatuuei L. Metcall. Hon. JudgeHaU.authorof'UorderTmes'keUbcs
.plaintiffs in the.boT" cause, baa Wen bit err 01 thetrf icenee should .ot revoked and of the
duly Ilufds K. Bocrututianiual Lt M M.tcbell N CIIANCEUy.Wm .
West etc.. Professor Uafin-sqne. l'wlad lpbta,
I n tb. Clerk's Office nf the Court pronoouceu null tttiu void aod the said mayor
!.ia district to be held in tine t'nperinr of St. An -1 Hrilliuxhap Peter Malouu Cemp 1 shall. al.u issue ail!lUbpeonaa which may no no Marvin v... Phil... AoCrcws, Perkins Nt* Dr. Kusrbenbutgtr, author uf/Titer lo .ra in
Pin* in which Mid petition city the C ...p E U. Hugh Macdounnid cessaij ou Uhait'ol' .aulcity or wiaued ou bebllfu. shots and Joseph 1Y'hie. the P. lbc" James Montgomery fcujand, Noah
00tM II.td by tb.id see ends..t to tbesaid tenemants JohoE.| Butt : the del:udaUI O' defendants.dec. Before the Hon. Hubert Raymond Held Judge \ ..ter. U 1. II..John toman.J. ti..Id. Mrs
are paruculartjr' described and seifortb.plain. C. Ss.gtJC Miller F of tbe t:. U. of Florida ISed;wick, author of'Allen PrescoU. etc., William .
i? The .. b. BeltlurinerurdainedThat it. shall 1 HTT AI'PEAUING FKOi THE AFFIDAvit Dunbs aUlbor oflutor! of Ibe Art of
gage u dated the It ah Ootuber lt J. Chambers Comp. Wai 1 I )
a liable to f'.orerioeqr.an., th."pI.o'91 and erg Mora rerg be tbe,d.+1) of sai seeni CoopiiFranci tbe roof to arrest a .a'e" free mOist* reside witb uttbe Ter Leslie .
Hk' from the dfeb negroes eiusibal the defender t* author ufo Redwood. 'llojo ,
If* ray rmrt ued is as SenttnWr follows:-J ?S9 Tbe 8SmpF otlbl IUo,. toes aud other CU eJrtd persona' who may bo 1 ritor) Florida and within tto United tales, He.. Dr. Itn b. Piiiladeli, eia, Mary llua i lit, KM I
Uvtereuin boose and lot uf around l and N.U. I. fo.iiid in lad atree! at-.r ie0 UOUT of iNiue o'clock 1 it is OBDKRKD that the said defendanta appear gland. I. 31'Ullan. Ji Lsq. boston. Usv \V.
seal [ : m the in >ing Jofccph NeUon. I*. M* without a p$is. from rows white person 1 and answer the bill of complaint fie| f in ibis T Urantlev. 1'hiUdelpliU.' JlunVd NOI II. '
M g cI I Trnrtrng, city on if8t.Aogusiirve.the street formerly known Hospital John Dick. U. dull amborixedtu'givettand' to take Inset to' cause within four months from the at* beroof 8.n srd. Itt y. Onille Ue.ew.Julm' Kennedy
at.. called Charlotte as \\tnJ P.r ub.flon. Jonathan t.obertioo.J .I theirre.ptcuveb4wrsuWaetsutcmptoers or or that the aid bill IK ,.ltfn"con/OM. Lsq. author of Horse Shoe Uot4O on.etc. \VU*
N + m front. now the said street( ., boun J$. to detain thin until the next morning and report' And it w farther ordered Ib.I. copy of lbs} haw L Burton teq I'Uladeipbia.George Luat.I ,
on west and in
by street
MMT rear. on the eat by a lot belongirtf to the S K UiiTonlR Jaue Seville .. them w the said mayor.dec. order be published in the Florida Herald once a AI ... Ite". II JV hiub 'n*e. i D. Edward
ordained that it shall bez i week dnrmjr the above period. ti Gould Giemitto Mullen. Esq Mrs. Emma C.Eiabury.Itev.1. .
Uattttl IU. no it farther i
[ llulben s on the nirth bra lot now ...| Wan .GaswayH Goo if ten.rl Comp
.. Boston. Ker.Beately T.
Utb. 1836.RUB'T.RAYMOV1). ti. Gaunet.
I k I the dot lit the coinmaudaut of Mid patrol 10 I Dated April .
, Uloapng loins" Jo* B a.t..DCI EIi& F
on Oiill'iD .
D. James *
11. iNow Jersey t1.I
u ail such directions 01 II may *
nthb ouey major
l 'ot I rhri) tobal property Bravo lately and now bebincing the to the II' 'JoI1D 1barml at any time be given Him for the conduct of said Jai" Jq, tear?. D f. 1. nm4. Maine Miss II. K Gould. ev. B. O. Pea-

e twin of Haraael I'ook property in Bare ute ( T. 1..01110,iuc usi {eui with this ;ur any Other .A'ttuo copy-Attest I bod) Charles. West Thompson, Mrs K. A.

/w( +r.Ueoty Spanish Tares cotttsieieg.,and on Barb front side Jam B Harvey Lieut. 8. 'fuul, "w iu the '1 eiiito)jr of florid* 14' K. 0. G..... Clerk writers Ware. }:hose cll 1'.edits Tbro ibuiona"p: Berlin. to tho, end quarterly many other Re

teen and a ban Spanish varas. T. I. IlIrd.ubulhV.. tec.i) i 1. lie U farther ordained. That it stall! I .. .. and other eminent publications,Jaat..oa I
wo. that l 4 of l land and house thereon b the Co ipD. \m. Wallace bl1ba dul1 of 1M commandant al*-W. patrol ta Estate'oj Geo. 8. Model, dec. de v w ervedeneuariurns be foregoing: facto in

iflit ..*H Aagastine. in mock Ward. houn8 JSergt Se/gt 11 ebb 1st An.I ;. make a report in writing to the said Mayor withi f HI liE .uttJC'r ber bovine been ap, oined ad- relation to this Magazine saner it came inti* tht
8 1' the BorOi,by the lot blosging lo ten Ili I NVmJoLoitoaupD Martha L. \\ illitmi in nine:nouns after! he shall lure dismissed bit I J| I nnuistr-t of tbo above estate borobnoufief ) baud of us present.Proprietors,are (,ven, no tina r: .
ti forbea on the South by BarfaekSLi e [ Goo W ila.qaa. ., patrol ptaiiug therein the name of every membei.who all peraono who have claims *g hint it to vain r boasting spirit, but to show the course :
i east bv a lot lately beleufing to Anthony .lob Ifuaedy 2 Delia 'V..lIOU.SI' shall have fatted. neglected or refused tu, present the ame. within the time preocrib d by wnicit. intended to be pursued aud the tnsnawriici ;
to r. Bad on tbe west by George'. Street' .. m S Ire terCca peifjrm but duty > required by ibis act or w a .law. lohisaKent. .'aaicsM GOULD. Kaq in diAncnsUno.ftndtliosttwhoaro : are at cornmaad to efiVt the proraif ae* ., ;
of. north sad aoatb ninttonn rants and stall hive been pblty of any disubeuieuce i 01 r uidrbted to said oonir l i. row work tul s>*liberally commanded
peel,ted and ,, Peter 8ken Judge or Clerk o. disorderly condoctwbile; wider bM cotumaud, make .cut whim >
N east west twenty was rates,, estEe are die reqnelled 10 pavo hv the ubsic. .
frtH d btuso and lot beiag at the Hate of said 8 ltb. 2"10 County Court:. : ..IInl'partieuIIII'Iwbat I duty wa neglected, w r or to me a' Mandarin.. A. D. WUOU.An Addrest! HILLY % IXIMs.
*g ." ". occupied by the family" ofGeorge A n.. ELI r1I4 ALLEN, 4\ M. refused to be performed, and the aisconduct 01 r gtut 16, 1ts3d. I pnblisbsn, (. Verb

f* t \uguitine' Sept. $)O. .t I. disobedience I of which 1 1r rI. any member may bar, 1 .

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C.* "'1.1 'O ttUC'l| :'I'. Tue } aHr, MI lit new I t too:s stiail$ bu "I lie&I]' "y the atd I la>ur itid at leI ,- .ri4t fartRs "c."a,au .d .toioiui I coin* H oik 1..uH.-r'ive uoiurs able! becumit aawgredltu lieu naices *
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this WllO .tMVf |I' i I:ullier & <;0. in nlh au *, t fll'Ctloin; / lue d it thereof am contiuu- t.,ite Ilur ill* uOata".L&. l htl. d "' ,bu_ '..copies will be furnished I again rmew their *uLet.ii- m .:,.
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I "It| till V ,iihil'- d su iuiichi'j>*re.I iho L lIurk; : <. lii.liaru tabl ur sale i ini loeuhce tin,ju.iicr oftue .iccouipaiiing cuuCISUIS. Lol|> A .. or Faro UnJ'ar' note on aCtltlu.LI...

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-- ". .any nth.. .....tll..V. uS .'.,rc.ald. tiltI ti V//raoifi, jA, 4t. ,., at A CARD.fHiU.NDiil base their ub+cnptiru 1 1 i. oily I
t .hUll II' Iut.uur U'I..III..Jt it. >hall: par the rum i iiie t'uu.l.lktt dvf.. to make tue 4Japizm./ ; f : son it op* the w..rk that a i.quiCA'iea
\NC& t ulhV .O..IC. .Ju late U u ..l r .id cii together ugreiiab. to ihe uSe +and lue 1"UDCtu ti.e vu 1 IfMi:/ ,teasel. that do- ) amount become* ihrretHaijiUALLLttl
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O.i.l! .(...., !.> Hi. \i ). .ihd .14..flit. ; a Ito 01J ">f 4 I' il.Hl.u. !for ihf li.t-t meIi "a uue.! aldIlit gay.-to..phi lien in | tion b.in1* iBi'Mi.iu awl {ternuual indisposi i J of PUUTK.AIT3-

;1.' CO,} iu| ounctltItI. lU.ii :itI''L r' "IUtlU 'ted ui uu ueu| ins fur cl ey ntheideMCrip* juctirum whicti. being nun 1.IZ4.th.J ol.i..ul.stand. of the sv. 10J.lloer uueilVred with, the .uuutppt condition ';I brad willl** puuintd: ftery iu i.dii!
I 1 linu uriiftn' .j moVfih tn bf atoul,) IU rounuy. with llw leguUr i du
p,6such uf paid to tue taiuable wilii .the per- >tin *iUfKit autb"
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man. e of 'l.i i. c"imtri
1 1' Flu .n. oru It uc pasts d 'i+A v'd "Clo "'t', t4V'N ut r.iid I 'uumiiatacit wpcuraq,u fur tu pursue the team thrir way t judicial duties fur tome time,';I r j'0. ttil.iulttent foitr'ofL'ui ; (

I' ;ll1'ltlws .'.\t/ irdiii4iict in .nldiiu'ij inriiiii a ; Illf It.. in i>INIriluitllle.all e. I I.c I theeiitenai iu. hi uf cur lal .wil putt.It ,t i baa: 110:: 1....oio:9ao.t..se.

or ti ..'Cfititl-.ti4l <> '.n:. 0 I JI' \ 1'SOU -in, -. :. lI o1 II ".rt...I uid'tinc+ i, 'Hiat ifi ny CUlltsu'J.ur""t.. '1 he {Yolk'edl.t.m U oUI'U between. {. 'bus found i" .p, .tieo1"'e'o bold% the r,"nrt ghen 'I 1 bft f.'ila, 1114 itrt' lk w tbdl od"4I"I" *II .1.. >p' UI 1 I t retail tll.ulI'. n 17err LAKUC rAbts, ol a ciuse 4tiJ1euuhlulItprpLS Cu umbi,. at tho and w.II) Iff pubifc bed two in ?.tl.
d.. ,.' .,1. tb' ,. uf 61. A .i.u*'it' ', .p.i.+, d t -'m11111t1'. UI ,b.urith+:riutuiteiruu;; liquor stu .moutii.uiar.mguvuuunies: tame apoiut| m cunwqurnce f t t.. i? II Jini i ; h feft.liii.' u ? lu isle I 4.1 r. alure ti i r;wtIr> iiiut rut .i.\'v .r .!.Yr1 ol upward ol a Uuu..u. pages, at me end of the t.ant'Ps "XMi'f> iithn' J4 Its t .1.1.! risk i tin I. I'r .t' I' 1) r11f., 4d Itivlth 'uungt' 01 fciiuuin. or aUiui lii. hr or their ,".,. ,\ll1lu. I'r piio>ora beiieve they fn Du .I l 'e le.t, 'liecaiiMlth-iilneuol Stael.' Jane i'oiter Neris !
dull malts ,,". auti.til '" uf the .,1 ur lh plrlut.er. Cut Uiepijip". may and his f. miuV' ;e CampUl. 'UOKS,!
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'Y '\it tr t'l| 1 I'llii.-, ur to te. .l.., thrtr. tegard.1etut uf xecutioti miiy II impo; silii e for htm to A c.
Cif .main there for any (other purp< >e, UIIU" law the .' ,.'r.U'IU.R JIAGAZISK Hi not suiter read Jarh untille iu proper "..ou. Tlionamej rOle lime of the 1i i

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Iidl I, ." i'// / In .r 'i iavei oruunte.ttc. Ii may uut be amis to mention I and Claims' in this city. and other disttugtii h'd Bj.
.Ir.kl ('1'"ta $I$4l..uaut aid 'pe.ttcnu! al I lodiiuKan such IIq..ur'm or ',,about his laer.I here,that tll biuuti It !. ilerm*d j ared. <> fcer* n'.n Tiii +
aldIUI ) contrihutorf
ns''e.ii"nt p Tbn.eoflapl.IanFraattli
dl' ,.. 1.1 i th. i I. <>f :l A 4ga* HI'S, 4t I ortlieu pretiiuetf, tbd pasty ,d$ otH-nding hall merits art l.t"Ie..bJ"/ and whu, talentarr whore- Court in the ('.uutles' a'.ve attempt nanird in hold any &e Ac. are iu .1 I
..ItI.ri"l I i"t t 0 tune*; KI tilijuioii tllurri forfeit and lot before to prepar ti=>n.
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p se I 'h'; illi .\ ','r..lr1: I :, nu ftr .< th ul liCv li uU .. audli'ii111' inureohc ,ei be liable to beloru the ciuse of the ac ei.tli will l.eeilli'l at the <: L'laim DorJut retotrbabl! of tints of beaataland

eta ii" I i i. il I t iu','1'. ste-i. with anv IsrutirioIslk of r U.\e .his her lit lbrr :n+e re.oked. and .l-Y Cuiitain aruci. Iroui tin .pens ol Ja, e s K.l'aul-%uIUW. ember in xt. 'hancery Term for fep* F.rery: 'number public of the rJific** a* br* Jj

oMiiMiiin piiiLed in Coum-il. on tin jIb I cuv- ur Iiiii9 'o fu'iind' tn....aiwg, 1'luugine da"/,"'. C liiyani. the Rev tTli larse walk eobtsJtfl J
i.-. rsr-fully1 rtoIOIred .M uli'ig drtukiu Tiinotny Flint. II. ui.fliTsi ned trill h item to decide the few Ktaro pages printed u.. tae s JJ
IIJ'If ynr andFrWEKDOX I ur :. a. afurrsai 1 W. Longfeilow
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.utlur J|. qu r'lultr.rarrlyd titrl'
r In, neatly ed
01ts.e .J .aatliefu' ibis eitY. Uji .u" (u. ciiiiMcUon tht'teurJ 31, iliru. autuoi fdjudirati' n. aii'l aNo! to < ui crvrs..
r pu Major.. i snipping ulllli.ur i tier b"reb.C 'Ja. ta lahingtou.. the t'lumn e*ut* for andcr /
autuoi '
"a .... ucla hate been submitted. Tents lot( wilesteat..*, \e,. I I
utriuea. lipwrver. that the J4phvtiu .ta.cb t a Father' cte N cl.iiui To tonrinct .
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may > nted :
puuixuneiifHf'ireiuudiuay a cutulJlUlrd Leggctt. author ..nal pre at
.Ji ..IIN\N.i'in4: the wader, .iwner|, on thempluer author of :ux. lAc
or etc.
U. whiih | SACare, + iltnul' ill
.t..d > An ?tei.ee f utich .Uve r Uve Ls J..II hnn'IlleJudp will! bo found at his ty nlat.1 1J 1
ordiO4iice to pMVi j of uth'huniuf t'tll'a (l. ti iliiam ,\. Uurr, L I. U. Pre Chamber of appearance to At
aiiendu> to tui'iness dtteriptuai
i lull Uucfl'JU u..111 'Hint anal "pp.Mlenti money nut exceeding 4i tedullaril nor 'less than idell Columbia tutlrg',11'ilbam L. tuae K'.IIEU'l g ,at large, and Ski rrjtm
"a.4 iiilotli Cll 7,4t
.U- 171.'rJ.siie r.I"4hl", togel'ii-r with tb- Mathew I. Jur.; Jmfgenpermr f'oiirt' Dist E.: F. ia d/ rent ttai** t.a
Idrl. cuitAf dror nu+.imt.. -, _.'ann .4'.1.1-. 8t.Au ; ;the\ pnllisker
--- --- .arey.11 .111 tcillfo'tcar-i
,.n I I. Ut U urJaiae by lie JJtyvr an t MJr- SCE U' tin ltfurlherufd'Itlyd,[ 11i11 il any free ? )).. ,. a lluisteiu.-Ol "f'\'lra.author ul -.--a-U'liut'nlh"uJl'. IeD. Speciata, .6 "al,1I1 his an. : 1
men aftkt t tty t f M'i' ,ig*>tiiu I'lutHI A 4':f.lu rrrtuu ultiu..r utter person of colour mull 1 '''al }rand," Police uf Mtpoleou' etc. Superior Wur, will ia .ik p.sThe l
4li lM .. luuugo in "* .ho it U L. Court East future be .l 1I.
u a LIHdJ h. tacit of th. wardcui ud r rut huuse white vi* ,. !t. Florida livered* pit
'lunr"1,11..Ull.\.ua ilrowue tho I
city 11'ut, u .,... be ln+. thti she .liceU 110... .pintu.| ur, Walt Brother"J'bU"' ,'aul li!i. London. Airs." .+ Le.he, lUv. Calvin; iN CHANCERY. New-York.on! first of each month It I.a
lvit. ru,* tao ieda! I Boston n.ftiaau.udC! I
au "iar r-d y-fmnu! ,1 tfd hit k-pt chiji q. relay Ill aluie. > Coltoi author uf'Foui Years in Wm Marvin
eiioipom Europe Sin vs.. Pbilo. ia New Ul.
i all I 'r"* mtiu. it andtber. 111411,'r 'hici" UI'Ib 'I 1 liiniru| <>r s .a,I rill m fJr about...e h li"U e Dapooie, bats tl. A Philips'.,. Rev .. t! .hols, and Joseph T. "Andrews'hi Sab criWr*.**about she 5th T
hi*" i 'real ''*>' t. prmn .! ,ir ci'Ht* dl/rare, nr iiop( fot 4ti) artist ,,1II'I'u, kitiJens lawfully lira t:. Lsndou. R. brude, :.. form tnitt.iBg .. number. .iI 1 n

.>*4 (.r ,..- 1. 'p.rIe tall '. ,v., .'.a"cr ,.> ens 1t"1III'l. > d v r if .r IIH. ,hill, jbe liable to ar 'I ; 1 Power, Rev Cv"ntue dd.oJr.n. Col.q.Jude. I of Florida; tate will the t publisher, free of pota;', 1

Ie 4 id g
ii.i'.|.ls'i4tern*f'.II d. ny lot >.r "ciur4iley I tig thirty IIIIIR ctrl|*'. l'to'Cded< bowcT>er Esq. Itobeil Almris, Ksq Ur John IT ill of the Cumplainaitt FROM Tilt AFFJDA- annum I/FrUnarRIPrlu1S! 1 tt

U UtlJl I 4l- <*HO*. |151 ... Ii th. W ..!.."f .ill''I tu >t *4iit p'initfUiiieut sissy be crfiumuted nutiie lrsurnftJucuuou, \\.. n..b. Pro.. c.1 ihit: th.deff nda> in tbe above entitled gents p.abl.lure I in advance. ros'aniM 7Ii
I III "! ". H4VIII24 OU.I HC, It)C'UIC4IB._ hllil pj)meut it ihf I...) couvi' U'd of curb irau"l4tatur ol Koruer, W t"rty.Ames ." ritor> Florida wit 't reside without tbe Ter .ion cat two copies for*sided Isi V
i I tier ol fur( + sum t.q wnbin I'.e United States toy advancing file dtttar*.
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aidrity nut l'hlad"lpb.V : oaDKRtotbit
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i14."u. .... .. exc cdtnff bvontu u 1 it. said defendants Address L. .
II ml '1. ) in Hie IMI dl lMr.. appear
frmi. lfrrt I, It. teM t MU I WuU'lfaia. u. ; VV.J. tiiuuns and ana+leltbebillaf
in. a :j ..ill. luId author of V
"q' 'f tu >.util' III .c Ma/>*< tray ... 4ud 'Ouy River/. complaint Cle.l iu this
I (pier ju.t .
U.'hatchrrsulllurof cans*
pru r, niihtu four
0 ... | together a 'Uio months
'I'll-- 'Ie"
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; nnwrh.fn ..r"1 in ui < arc ;. iei I lurtier .rdaiuedi' 1 hi'app Ur pro torn/uaa *
rr rf. dauiuet. L.
t ...,. if Hon. And it is further
,p 4s. m I.. ttl.t"rm .,intf n-trio any Hall Iletaf. Judge ordered thai a TilE suhaeriber having been ap.w
s 'id ass) ice | UI ptr". bill 1 tifuiid'., ,author of'border Ta cop or this 1C
K .. I r n- .i.1 n Oar ( lying m any "kethe of the'',' order .IM pun,isiied in the FUrtd4' 4or of the above eats
I'" "'II 1141 l tall M o m* iic !. I '''. .Ie: .r t fither Fret, etc, Professur Herald,oacs a .
Kafiu s
nfii .Irt| puthf place n< Uiu "sque, week, donor the abov. notifies all

t pi) 1 .t." t l.1 nty ....L Ii Mir* iur- Cur iii4 utae of ji'OiicaUou Dr. Itusibeulurg.rtutb Pbdtl.hia. period. p.rton.bct have claims i tvD
ajitb; ; Datd
th .n" 'Ii "till 'It...I,.. Wtl l' I.f'l. Ifr s In l pet-'.< h-ili. >edeeut-d apuiiliciiiuiniui'e.Ier.o'l or the PacibrJames 1< + of 'Thre ., i in AI'rtI141h. 1836. present the same within the title

auJbi r..d .nnicstoC I .. "t",n!.cta.I, ..4 .... 'itthr' I ii Ii he lijbiu lo l I" taken to the and W rb+trr. I.. LM U. Jlautgomery Engand; Noah nOn.KAYAIOND REID. law. labia agent. jlluj| Ge-na
.x ."0." afth .,t. rointu a jail or ..0 Jlmao, J. Gould J51,11 Anf ustine. and
.I th '11" h. .ta.r wl'tp to om<* other ouvi'uii-ut and rare : authoi Airs top Court Dist. E.f florid*. those who are tadrt r
cu**. a -civit.. fmm. i" ''Wiier'-r ".. .u< or lmll fib etc., Wit ctipy Attest, are also requested to make 1 .Jlb
! f I! "j0r .'i a .1 1..11 .'HI lil'ii.| II1IIIQ lifer, and .ba,l Ufcsixn io Ills au United but of'Ili>aoty of the Arts of K B. (;lass. Clerk bim. or IB nl..t Man jaria. A. 0Augostie. -
the..r.-it, *-u b'f prrxon. be fit eject to a fine etc., C I .. !
ir<* !' >i slur of iit less than five Ihatet' Uu II. 1tt36.
dollaia. nun "not led,"Ick. author a t '
e 5J exceeding superior
ittitfutiff rfaacl t* h Leslie Court-District -
It doil4ta. ,
I mivr* tu etc, ",. Itwb of EaSt
: sun .Y ...0&11$ 't.ol .ir ( ..- 11'pna mu 11 not |ea than Philddelj). eu, Mary llowiti. xa* .
of .. prevent nyld_ II' day .d n '! "tce.lute fi.e dayat Cal gland. 1. Sl!'elan! Jr. Florida.
t ** tu boston. For Salem
v'urri, : he h a .
s i--n H -...ed.hllll.! iifgr. ii'iUtto, ur other I tlranttev, t. IyV. Theodore
I ..n" It* > .Imtd : p+*rM'n. whe- I'hitdelpLia \V Flotard, l
'rN'q .011'. in A PAIR
>* iiiit r>iimi i"X tn.rond fr of exftlli.nl howl sad
or a ,
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by UjvilteUewew.Johii Y-
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prevent n' busy lhu in-onetoH Uif R
n'Mirnrt{ "a f'lUo'al..r.l.l i a'iripfi.dee. liaui t. 1'a1UTICt Apply l at thelferaid UibrlanITAth,1
filt" ur'r.4ft. lurloa. tlq Philadelphia.+ : I: HEREbY
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t-n dol .* other br
|I.re .t H .n t..f I e"..* ff 8UO, '.r iMr .>n. .h llbeffiiiity of per i Cioukl, Gienville Alellen. Esq kites twins a''a conl'rln.d i.l.be w t
oe" in h any C. prtmile.
i I"r., r C'i errs' ari h-iiloin-f oonece Embury. Rev. E.1 a Theodore that the kid FLURIDA
tj* Li' or I'. jhMuniM. ofan-l fur Mhorifiinctor nf miliog G.U." Uoitou, Her F. Fiolad 1utaadr to institute ofF
hi* use any nnuiHinnist suit
II. D.
r or tit City }. riot Itr ilistnrbance. Utlh. New oa a
I in any steel, Brooks.,. E:.q. U4aie1 :.Js! 18 lvsitaagpEVERY
!V.ed Oriober tf, |IA 14 lane.alley ur other public pUein ..id Alaine. Miss H. F Gonl'd. er.ll t;. Pea SffiMSMWX .wo. dcC
e. icbaidfV-rv city, I b'1.' .. >Dtember.. ?T ?f the 96th .la7 or SATURDAY
\N'r. .'11) OLAREZ stain aooa"endiri.ahaUoncon C'hl.Ve. Tbompson, !Mrs K. A j I lto.1 and sni tiled
I j by rails
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J white$ ilertin. I nut Flatard' aT
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\I..r. j fin** -if { to a .ld many other padlrtded
rt 4 J"IRS \1. mULI d."aay dollars,notla or'n'I impri than+on fitM> aeDt nor 'lore M] than twenty wri.e.*..'"b.o..bulio..t quarterly! Ra*I :DlDd.C or'1 cart.in a.aytilull tract t I. bd eoataigialt ore moiety tho., 'Ai m. .oi
t Iotlrl' mniethinthref 'Dd than one or I ji' erved .rDIU&he publications. Barr woo aIDdea..Iih',I ,rant.d to 0' Martin Het' AT
or "thttr ira ne ro. auillatto, I relstiou loregoiog ra. in sari be..aam the eoaDI7 or FIVE te
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IJercna.\Wbtether t since it anCIattu..d:
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Ix N..ks laAar ifuf.*. | || ps by oil hip..i", notle.. then teal h'II.UI Proprieturs are given, ootin' \kDown ae U ata uteri "I the head CftUlllr PATAALZ HALT TXUJILT 15! A UrH.
I rultr.than tblttr r8.c. I 5 vain a' Yon
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"Oates NIII. I.' : &1. GOULD. cenlr to fetlll m.,' h.apt oblliu a per.I'I>y I. public. .liberally commaoded j pi 1 I tor s Jad'D&,trrm.Dd or.aief court,he will ap 'IINU'tair""It" pie

'" j jJAMK8 J Jt I 1atlieltar.a'' !allll, to, keep a",a4 m 11I,4.1.. 0' Address, UILEY PnbKshers A LONG.New .11 p nm. B or A.PUTNAM.AUola'7 pie IDOrlN'1I. Doe .ayenltemeall ail( be ouWe..cl1esi Ie propsf to 4

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+ 1 I oS


Florida herald

Material Information

Florida herald
Alternate Title:
Place of Publication:
St. Augustine Fla
E.B. Gould
Creation Date:
October 27, 1836
Publication Date:
Physical Description:
10 v. : ; 57 cm.


Subjects / Keywords:
Newspapers -- Saint Augustine (Fla.) ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Saint Johns County (Fla.) ( lcsh )
newspaper ( sobekcm )
newspaper ( marcgt )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Florida -- Saint Johns -- Saint Augustine
29.894264 x -81.313208


Additional Physical Form:
Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Vol. 7, no. 19 (Mar. 25, 1829)- ; -new ser., v. 4, no. 21 (Oct. 25, 1838).
Numbering Peculiarities:
Suspended for two months in early 1835.
Numbering Peculiarities:
Apr. 1, 1835 called also new series, vol. 1, no. 1.
General Note:
Publisher: James M. Gould, 1834-1838.
General Note:
Democratic, 1834-1838. Cf. Knauss, J.O. Territorial Fla. journalism, 1927.

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University of Florida
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University of Florida
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1M all the ek tfa VfcH *f m'.* "f, Me t ;Country's, thy Ge&s; riItA Truth's." ,

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KV JAflES .. GOtJ D. ST. A 'Gt1tT.tEt: OCTT' SEK 27' ,. 1836. NEW E'eIES-.OI. BI.- O.I 26. !I

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J .A.
KING LOUR PH1LUPPE. I FOREIGN. nrmy is instihurJiuaie end disifiretpd, and Legislative Council io 1628. and showed in ail has ever lacked. Itr.lut-c.th uf ,hrui has

\\'. copy the following interesting Decou t i- -- tbcn pre reed to institute a parallel of its that" matter much more sense and wsnl!om, aiways bad enough to fill at magnd.rstt& it
of bit m.jetiy of France and the present stet- (fly the Culunihia.) condition witbtlutof England which is than any Council since. In th. ptD.1 law m>it bo admitted Its often, su (ra..ing I ...et'
of owners in that kiagdora; *u far as Ins mjtth New VnnE Ort. 14. unfair and ofTensive. Tbe gossip a. t. the I of the State of Louisiana which i* unqu ; .ry keep. their hr-tin i'ork-.l Ui| s.... el...-ly I
it conceroed. from the Paris rom I appoint *o. of *o ambassador/ to Madrid tionably, best which exi-t in any nth< rat iu th-'ir n, MI... Neventiftless, Krtia. they
peaJeace of she Albany' DaHy Advertiser. T"EL'rDAt.. LATE: nON EMULAJID. ,,"al. tb il At. Guillemuiit bad refused theappoiatohrat I ,to of our union or sunny foreign nationof : have "the full extent as ate the horns of tcuckkolds.
.. Things have now arrived to such pile I Tb" 'parurt hip Or nheut. fast. lltirsely, and thai it had been ,b ooff'ored the wuild; ranted( by that American jurist .
that Louis Pbillippe is not one instant suiftusedsteoce. I sailed from Liverpool the 15ih Sept By ty M. Eugene do liarcourt who bad Edward Living tmi, not a particle of: la t.gar.I to the evil conseqaences resulting t
( Independently of bit difOIItfuted her the Editor <>fth. Ne" V'-rk Daily Ad. formerly! occupied the tame pest. the common law ufEugUud, as such is from the adaption uf tbe commeo I tr\ p'
subjects there are in France vertikt buve been nut in pn *eiiuii of tltiirregu' Letter* (raiD St. lVtr bur-<;, dated August adopted. In the introductory teport on the f of Eo,Uod, in oor criminal judicial proceed-
.r 700 foreign pvliiical refugee, In men c ..r files 10 the ofsailiiig.und London 30 affiraa thai M d. U .note bad deloau led penal law, made by Air. Le'ioltua. be loge, we noshed in ocr farmer oouber a
courage aDd resolution who are every da In the 15th inclusive roiifiinhig Park of the an eapl D.linn..1 the rerruitetnenl of five dwell at coiisiderat'le, I.Oltb.tIll| sound da.v! thai Utrly occurred ia the Superior
teased and tormented by his police. andwh 13tl., and later from all pant of Europe, with I men iu I IXXJ.whicuwasKoinsontbroug; 'tout rraiM'U may like Ahbaud, wih to drain the mure the Commercial and Shipping intelligence of.tho ,: the eDlIi by order fir the Emperor unit great .' .unliiy of adop 'na the com.en Uw I. and vague definition of C'olameola" terms
cf tbeir ..ufering by striking itiOiraulbor.- Intesi dares <, which w old bring an aflVc,ive force of t tJO. ; of Eueland )in any ,criminal code of tbe even our marvellously leaned deputy dis.
l1tC digger is a farciliar: D 10 tbe( Spa, The new. i i. not of triking. diameter. I I1 000 men '0 the ltus i.n una,. M. d. N. s-l I iselrude t\IUN uf .ur Uoo.Ve might* with great ,I. trict attorn jr committed egrigtuu> nlaa-
Diktd aatllt.Uaa. and the noble Pule ma; I The new French ministry' althonominated, :I Ii in rellylo the official note uf the r.rol"DI1.ad public utility, adopt in this der iD drawing au inJictmeut: f sir arson. No I
t.lohe tempted to wield it when reduced ,; were !>ot*niz'>d. M I Mule\ tho head i French M nba.sidor, tent a verbal m'lle' I IVrntury. every article in tbo peual cud. of exact definition of the word arson appease ill ?

,.,. deal p .ir Dud wat ue.. Alihaud it eppearrrisiu 1, w tie lck of a hilli.iu fever. The pr.'s* i.i i iI thai the s, eji; wa* adopted in rder to supoly L..uhiaua. our criminal c*'de. and be took it. according
bad U" accomplice iu Pant; but 1 full "f pecuxtiun| *. to what course the new .,the void i fti in theigarri.insbyi departure I But we must give our Legislative Cnun- to his own erroneous construction of the i
w..utJ not be atluiiubed if be was one of i I 1i 1}Imieals.r\. will take in SpunM all( '.*its. Thei i iI H'f the fore in them for th* uccupation of : cil due credit, for that part oldie act uf 1832w : term, without ,,&,referring I lllukstnne'eeom.meutancs : .

ratty who bul."ou: the kiug's death. I !i I crops, in France, as fir ns is n.ctTtdiued j' 111)110.1-)1' ) slap. uhierveil l deNesselrodr, Web relates tu larceny as they net rid of Ua"k u.. Edt Russ.lfand eva*
r t. eu fur the purpose and there had found htnisciioarumpao Prom Spain till\\ is unsettled. The Quern j pod{, tn the tutu' nditr ..f Grpnauy.The bush the :2Sih. of the art of 1628.By dicl"e-aubut drawn was found true hill
)' uf desperadoes of all uiliountudisappvintrd tutu Ix-r ('overnnunt arp surrounded ilb j taliml"ul'irs. Courier; FranViis .t4-es that. th.- Sul- t that si-riino in cnu.irul act of 1329. by this grand jury aud a trial oa it tool
in their expectation -.-} 'J 1 br (.roilnitpiux uf thp Cousti I ,Mane bad cut a new Haiti dheriffto the DivHiiofTurik it wuuldveem that tbe Council did not know j place in (court before a petit jury. No .vi if i- '

:!!ave conceived; the me*! .tiahoiic.l ptoj c""ts tution pprur tu t.e gist< ral thruu. b>'ui the j jot catiiintudine it nut to s \uU.-ul; told the attorney geuerul to l'ear n >iiriuf she """). Thfll'riul'I.tI..ml'.r.; i Obstacles>> jh. a rccruituie t within the U.le.- of which are classed among hornrd auiuials. f been commitled. but only the .uuming of a

,,,iu'i that 'leis name bi-Rnn ..y the fiat li-ttc ore opposed" const.qii'-nlly I lbrr israt the f j', nor ia, the passage uf the -uccuur whirl : And according io that teamed Couuiil.. all small shed, whit! in law or romm u cense
(0 the ulpbalKt. n hit b wa us mu. b .t* ttoy I order and ineflirii net. .The Cnri-i! tiotipshad f may be tent t.. it in the n ar which it about to cues must have h."rns. when i' i* UUJU':'. I! cauld not be cousidrro I as st bouse. This 1''
= that others noulu f,.Hu\v w hen be tt4D. uppe.irr.l riots d short dutauc ol Ma I Sustain. Thi* notifiratioii i i. more cmt>anuiinjr nod we sec every day in our atree's many :i. This evidence; in ao off Javir: a as within the
., flwrt' drill liHil. maoY a.ta.b, defeated a body .>f r<. *h+Tuni,ian sovernuieul a* it i i. nolunpcr ; large cows without. any born at all; such alSo view of the afu.esaid deputy iistri.-t atto ney. -
Tbc loyal Mimi) have u.f latr' lived: in a the Quer-ir II f .1 n'+. r..t.tee.1 l th:' iubnbitxnts supporiiil in it* pretu..ious against i U the! case with cows and oxen on Ice- i brfor be d,.*" this in tatc ol cou.taut terror Tbc kiu;; is nlraiii' mill then r. Iii..d. Uuu '"rl"llu,1 i*.ne.l he j the llrv of Cnnstauuue hy the' presence uf la >Id. a* ibe 11it..r, and geography uf that ( toinly ought tu hive: lire his nuide iu lra"v. t
'ono: au'p .l stud r"moaul eluded in his fifiiel i p.oihm ndlres.ed. to the ripa-, the) I French) ship uf. war. and his applied inI \ery I Urge island: I.elungtg tu Urn at ark. ; ing the indictment. The jury were convinced
rUnsu of. :Niunly \\ hell .uhhc adfair lUsh tmi.in I hut for some causi or other his vain *o the Euiupeau: ;Hgeut for ud.ire, "boappvar inform ut. A ,.arurt"u ago, in milting' a i that b. hi l made a gM... islands, and l :

i, "eatlt r his I pretence in Paris IIIh.u'I: ly nutty i% m.ti-iivi: i j not to have rc ived any instructions friend oho had been at several *e,,ion*, a j I they undxrtiMik to turn the Inch frl.my ufarson .
tfuur1.; bit aide to and fru u i.rotcicd l I.y In ..'.nJun tho .nonry marki-t. mutinuued i; low to nr. member uf our Lrgiilative Council uu ,ih |) into 4 iniJ"iie4Uur. id so drou I tau huud:t'tltt'nu' hvitiecu l nitrt>,ry. t"wnsergeants in the saute untrtihM' stale. Ain clean hi i1' I M.) 4. Qui;..)'. eflo in law of Gen. Stbas-; vague and ioiicfinitc langu g<* used in fr tn- t".lt..rdirt. N.iwit is n well -tled I
; : and poUfemen: iu cwioifd" ilothr, Mpprared he proscribed in n greet mrasuiu t am, i* t. ked.iTfur 1 Spanish! amhaksador. lug uur la" ., Wf I.araifuhul alluded tu the rule ,>f eri.uiisal (au. tuat a person in h. ted p
\\ 1'u bu ,1,1.1 tu rise t'olllltiu..lu.n i nf and *la percent dismunt pMnluii tnem.nj ..h..tian hinsscIG uttill under uomiuauou aid :UStli *PCtl'Ul, u'"kiut" h"gs dud all cow (..'.felvny f I rin ,,cud the wot k uf he palace, ho sets i hl" L.uJln %lsirmitg,; Ilerald + : ** rbel.t p r U'ar 5' in'utrr. M. alartindu Nord'a re- i t.. be burned :lu.ul.I.| SIt\ this gfotlenma ,me'laor llruiutt b* found ifuiitj "I'' '00f i
i tit in tar dehJ ,>1 night( suit re urns nt tbo I .t account it huh we pudluhrd fr>>m Ma I rpltl '0 "i ti i. ascprtaiurd. La I'uis. snyi, prided tJlW .,,If ut. bi. knu.ledieuf au.rt...., : "'louy ur not guilty Even U !&...... Md '
fame hour and no uue it aware of hi*journey : diid! reprrsfitt hotb the soVTiiuient and the tII..ylr f sits that i- had arrived in Paris aud that it craiitolgy, au! nil.e.) i.lly uf uutucl'1. ":?ar.'* b..eu suet.sir iiiiiut in the L i'lilictmra'. ""nr I

4 caul it l* over. A few day after the ..- i in that rapitalaranriouslyrtpeetiufi, is prohabl* ho will accept the office. uU h.... "youdurea> |njusiu-tf I.. the LrgitUtlve ;;inK the ttii tempt, the queen aud t mnt d'Appony, the :. tlir iti>lutiuit ,if n re Tifurh' MinUtry recl | : Tb.. J-Mraal du Cuaituerce asserts that Couucd. who' pad tbe rriininai sides the feisty criarg-d, the in *i 'nv-.t I!
Austrian Dm'JAf"tuur' n, talking; top; ilicr. in pcrting tl.,rciuir" ' .i.uld have been null| aid. v..i.l. It u the I
tile cmbtB'wrc i-f a window of tho chitvuti of rut pi'Mtiuu of .nr.iii: in tfpain.:! NolHith* j offers made ro him and C2ru.' Hebattiani iej} a blunder' iu ilatttu tio4, aud all cons i. ...in?, m many rprcts.. ia civil prornlme; f
K Ncuilly. The liil'-i was complimcntiu her stauJtug! ; the *" '> utifavor idle imftri'Miou i uierlitiet.4cbau., =IIJ6 bis embassy. at Linden among horned ..nlll.als. Tuey net phjsi* dn'hratiou canuot t'.1' .in i i c.>uu; rrcontraelit I
n'*jtiiy on the I.eauty of lhct.it'" and tho l..kte that; t"c tact 1.lii..1. vial ihangrs nrecalculatcil I for a place; la hr Cabinet. c+lly ronurt. Those animals all :hate ...rn., and another ex delicto. In ht. --in I
null. t\hrb the :grounds were I iaid out. their iu prudm-p, \\'. are inn iliiuft to an ici- -.l! :: __. _______ __. thougb %* cannot see tbvui oui,idr of thnr iualae.. there mu.i he w hat .* rsleJ.! lathe
R delightful.! rUle grove.*, &c. .'.\h. replied putH drnM"ti t.. adverse to our own buVel"JHub'run. CO)IMCN 1CA TIOiNS. '. bead You ini.ht a. "ell nl' thai tuck Uw teporti puMi.hd.. uf j Hiei I Decision ,
tbe queen' "hh deep siph: ",'Murer lAud ail -.. ., HP tfprat. '0 the int. reslt ofL"uio + holds n.ivt> n.< ln-ru, cc'au.itLty du not in the .hto of Ohio; m qwuKul. hat is,
hire C' rI3i"1' done agreatdexl tnmakptht !i'li.ltip| .tMi-n operate withlioglauditi fur the Herald. show thrill out ot their mdd es; yet il is well what is called England an-; in (we |..rsuate -*> ,
ab" 1Gr tarn nherc an a.n.lill- may lie ""nn i6I.j I''n.\\C I:. ":;& TELfIT'IRIAL till. LAW,. I'I'L I' horns-'* Ttiis gentleuiau being a lawyer byprofe the Indirtmeut( fir aD arrest of ju, IX.
M 1 l'phuaJ! those r."se trett.fite %iuu ao.. "*i uivo., pructice. turtbtr Let nut our readers be surprised at this o"e.
fw: .'('\lct' '.(ilw King i" truly f ao if.retrhe'i .The Mr..rngrr: :%$I.)_ that's. Mule is not In our tio preceding numbers, we mmlo obtcrvfd: *:lf ,IU aetiua s.f eri", COli. .houMhe in the Hute of Oh .,. of this new rained
.. 1 I letter d it % .t1wnt.hysDI..ird in the oflae of Fortigu3ltut souse rein rki %aahai we r..n.i.Iere l n.g3o.s brought tel a gcuiletnau.. who imagined wail quashal. We \uaericaa.ha. < ,
's '*<. <*U'i cnun.a > girt: : ,. lie has! inoHtird his bed y
"I' fa !ti- l'fcr,rtii'5 the (.tlut Mg pnruru.1I; b ;i I l'iiiiou r. ... attackI echo. surf I will for to drfrr is aux, un.u.r rrgul-.tn: : .I in our that adultery bad bet u comuiiitml.: t>y ibt been much inclined !". esoteric diction Oflite
) tome days in fwrcesin thin
,'.oaa a'utllal It Semis:, tine of the puiruthiiuuira'iuit pitons. rodformed DOW 'Inritory, social intercourse betwreu au acquaintance year we have coined maay. nouosfroinverh
lit un itilp iu Httntd. I (I.u.iuetl. Ho
a>! : 'Iftiu-re: :-si.ted in I' INllcr,* to has bypased (heart cf the kVgitla'ivpCouncil, uf hit with ana wife, aud should ue euR;.geda 1 I *. by a, di'ig the.y liable lolb.-r"rotr.
nulufd. .
sas dHat .a ptiyatu 1ututl' Irtiuse title tlCt'1> tu hu !uio fur four days.Ihcrf .- I and approved in l(;a"Ve have a attorney and cuuusel fur the defendant, i I, thus 'linking many ,words unknown in any
{Jalc'{ 'I 1 it ihriflore tit. tile
uJ rl;h'. n ere evtr c.nHc,tcd, t\bi'c ritesrrull realttt Mireruiuty felt inure hTvatiou s to make ou ibo.e saouid Idy d. wn this rule., iu arguint-ut to :: Enl hIsb dictionary oreveo Good ia Web
J J not in rut'-ii( unbuut luuuinjt tuxiui the compirliou uf the urn up defects' an rcgulaii'ius. U. Uu* last act of the court and jury; a I)$UOlluia... which ialway ', ster's Worcester's,'. American dictionaries. '.
apM-nr" | {
,<> ts! ,*. sit i bit life: a family flan bebotd as. loimmeiiit, tl-i'| Counc' ibo formrr criminal c..d-, {bat '* deemed a powerful argument in logic *> The English l.tngaige.: iu one i.upo-iant ;
..t>>-i..ti..1 Uluhil\1)| !iug It.df niuuud it. "U..tn..a: qoHrtrrpast four Sept.. 13. is!, uf 1824.).v .s eutil ell' repealed consequently : respect has an advantage over every other I
b* J-r tho" must bulinu* and fnjhtltil f sru.s "Ti.tf muriK wl,icb bus prevniird during unatover bl*>uitslics or blunders 1. Every cuckbuld wears' horns on in his modern or ancient. It i i. this; every verb in

rbi, 'trial f& \ifc, a .iilcr. uhd}"s treinl'liu! =; Ita" list (e.% mays ,'a. koiputvbntrdivved by may t I.e in tho act of Icftd.: they ought! not 'bead. I English by adding the syllable Ing to it, is
the "I'l .iii. rable strictly tote chargru ..&:alliit trIO Couuril; 2. There he cuckbold without' tied iutu .
!R ?' al a ffithtr a l tius"and a brother tbould i nun m cot. puu-liansbaiiui: can uo tut a pr sent participle or a Rood
return tic tium maimed tiy tumo n.ier .cvu undo in nib Furucli luud f which rai- which framed that uf It'!32 or the member situ hery. I anti' expressive uoun-often far preferableto
i; il machine. condtmu atr.stpsoy Hitn iiurca a "!Ire tc i tii.iciu bit per's ana t-xpo,c lunti m... rtcrof (prr.uus who .lduiu or never l Ihr bleiufhit and blunders, iu the acts pas..ed him. morn agreeable; to the. ear th a qtuufuit- and
." :'.0- rvrry tvbcie to iljfnme i 'ggrr,111111; ju-enr.., in the clmacit-r ofltalls, nd runjuiatly ill 1832.} and *IIICC. 1 slut> unfortunately "Then I would admit to the court and this it the case with every oih..r word trm.
\1.1: .t tile-!! to ruiictal under au. pp4rrutl) .>.< a .eaiiini took plucr hicb left fot, Flori'ia a aat of plaiaue: aud precision jury tint even it' the plaintiff bad b.ru. inside inatiju in the sime way
M *.*.MIC 1) ut, .ho "up..b..C Illfir.linon.I.I'"- ',. m n. Ia. tpiuUiiou ul the opening..' I of Ihi'pijase' $ ttu.J a lack of sound reason: ul his head be must have been cuckhol* A* the a'.ovp' mentioned ttanvd district
in: :alt.. thrrec: rtaiul) utmli t-tabs too tuutbr IVoiii the Ltnulou iMnriiingCbrouicle of the : gaud seas .' prudence an J discretion in fra ded. a.ul'b) clieut. tbe defeU'lant' would he t mtoru y his been elected a mf mber of ibo
>'nip&M4). fur tndutrr..iaga' (uitfortuue.Uc.i. .-. j,5tli rptoutuet.j| j I rning: our law*, have lways been from ..b.1'I'ulUioa guilty; 'hut that roust. hIt prided by tiieetainiuaiton t Ijpgts'ativp Ciiune 1 I. we iMjtr that turn "is
that uufuruU4ta. 1,roily! i it t ntnlcii U'e recr' ;ived last, nigh the P.uU ; : djiwu l iw the present time characteristic uf a skitUul pbrenolu itt. If after own expvnvuce; if cot from any othersourcp.
f the throne of i'rancr.: Ftf:> )....r.f. rcvo- 'I )luu"BItd .rill.rrsuCiulI.hn : uf Ibis iiiajoiity of every one of our feeling aooul the cranium *>f the IJlllottathctcrilui..I."i. bo will t to bit be.' effirts tu amendur
Tuead-iy; tli- two 'luricr : L...I guUtive ,;..uurd*. Itcnce the (f tir .- ., should .il
'tHinll hale dCI ratrd tie i....Ii;." "f ru&I- of %%t.icu had !been i.itherto kept the : < pr drcidu that there were cruniu eude. iu many important |points.Tb. .
'T. Party' iptrit itdert the buiniti bcuit ilvcr. winds.burdeu. by sumption agar", that though& a largo portion uu burrs. rather in ur uuuide of it. my client puJ.lt1 ha beau 10ruNI.d oy .* I.t. rub-
i r ; c'\.lt.us to n')'al c dstnihcs. It n...ttnidufn i Vise u ..rlhh three ..qbe members of the CouociLwero worthy. Must be acquitted. Il must be tan ituesiblethat lic, ttou in .ur newspaper h-re. that ibis
"'I"8Iall that hi.* heart watt barn !hers in till tl/t c days papers. II fttimanlv aDd -en_ible men in "private aud be bad commuted adultery against ins crntl ,inn i. "giftedTUI great talent and
; .iu.bUcJ
tbead; politics) eiiu'ny paiukra .u niu<'bcr : prohal.le it. poncy:iu of ih- new i tlon| *..tic afTiirt' they never were intendtdl neig'tbwr, wuuiever IN.iy have bees ibe ..... wrest rfa iatct mxusbiptli. t it evidently tauuolur lIu..ryn-.pec..ia'g t'pou evrrUitiogu l y;;ihe Supreme being tecome I legislator iiiciuu aud report.' Upon this learnrd a d uobudy ever heftm neardnrdtim'd..
I" in heart iu the usual plac.,/ | ic li.vir and tiecul.itious{ .appear. tu bt a* vittciuut I loj provp tiu. 1 he report that new attrmpt at n..ni- '. The iiiinulcriMl uutuiu. i e;"of.r. mrliueo I .r1, lot us turn' our ttuntion, the act of the expnu: v tuiudd gentlemen be railed "wice (uc* guitfiui non diitutintlum) as it no
"vi.n n had, been matte on .the kiuc the very p ipcrt Sunday : Council: "r sting; tu rrimes and misdelneatiers. 'U r.' uuillets of the law,** nu duuu that doubt colors fro ID bo hi?test nu>a >rilv->*
day Ah eau tvat exrcutrd which badaiufdai ( be.hcIUlI'r..u..f.. | u nun iut'iVtutiou l>y : DIJprc.iwod. 22t1 N..ember l&Ji isIs Lord Melbourne would nave been ruuud out : namely, from bit own pltxiu,.ut :..o. This
\'erllnun in
[ ;; .IU Spauub couteti' but
use cittlii from the silence ot R.iveruiu< ul. hoJ..ur..1 den Ueliate>.uoMi a lelt illi uat ofikially' emitnidirtvd iu tb- M untur *>.feslern. I Ilh.. Cabinet' aspirins thai. an Amha;.organ..durius a great man r uf them with the utmost pro course: chat -eu agaiusi bit Lordship nub purgature in this city, who would' u..i n si i-
| .,. 1 he arrest t f a young tinn unli t.e u alrea.'y! appointed 10 J..dr.d-hil prietv.. mign;. bistro remained utirepeale l byIhfiactsif Jr.. ur lady 'urtua. Tbe exatniuatiuu of tate tu verify tint admirable l'a'.Ii..ti..u.
long' beard, who bad beni Bern two day iu Mine flat not This llih February, 1x3 2. All the the cranium of lady Norton' husband (Sir Those who are eminent! di.aio'II..be.1 Air
i tyrcewion walking on the roud to NVuilly. ueitlt nell tiy tbo guru; ... 'Ir statcuicui. is Council bad I to do, if in 18& they aw fit : tiumethin) who hruu.bl the trim con. suit their own talents and learufo can at OQCO ...
I Sire rite lu that rumor; but the individual The Uazttiittiie(, ralld IbeHJI'II..il'"U nf.rtnli< to ameud lh-| ac of 182d, was tn repeal I only agaiu t Lord Melhuurue. would have .eu recognize it iu their friecds. Tbe p.o"t'1 de"
havioj t.eeu earch :d, Iud nuthtuc ttuc-tivt-r* ins .iclecr article in whiih: day con the thosa j articuUr sectiun. which. they deemedohjectinnetih clear proof of bas Lurdship'a muuceuce. aud of Florida must therefore, now be convinced .
cd no him to wanaut such tnppotitiuu, bo awn vita whiiti. wrltavr : taking *. and suhstirut pew< one. But to this evidence has Lordship, might n.iv- re that ha i i., in learniug md ahiliti+, u,
leas iaimedtattlv released.A t "I i .U.Tiiict's iibeady taken 01o tins} wise au(' prudent t plan in most cases, sorted if what .was produced ou the trial the first tarter a* Ilp ollri s divtiucuit i the
I I 'iiKoukU.eitiy, ; "uattl.hUI in :S" lI&t.laud policy in upI'lUm the- .seems to have been contrary the disposition bad app .sued tolieduabUul. Hut hi. Lord. purest diamoud (rum one of inferior hnlliaa- -

STOCT Cour A*Observing the uuu sir baud and n toiution m upon ibe and t mt(' of our council. They set about bip succeeded without exemiatug the scullof cy. LLNGUET. ,
lastly thin ranks t,f tbe Light; corps ,bit mor tbtr.it punt, th i hi hits dp khuwu.m ut. himselftvingiiuy on framing ;aD entire new act. embracing the pretended cackbuK1. att.l was highly

.ii niag, a friend! said it remiuded him of an, a.d,',,, cu-dii. lor on-l. btat.- verbatim uiaby i of the sessions of the former congratulated on his bouorabb escape from For 1M IltralJ.TD .
Fofftotry company **in the town be ramp I mnliXe fuo1iUtI, at II Mi'..utcr.iibiespivtttitht nct. which intended( to be wholly repeal tbe trim. con. suit uy tae King of Lujan IIUJGUUa'TY AND OCLAT 1:1 TUB Al_
(from which after choosing officers .n-l flit! \\ Miuutcrinl ed. Thus tt .y give themselves. deal of Tb. verdict was non cutj>us motcAur: ,-an RIVAL ur Tar NAIL.
tog up vacancies at the April meeting bad t sews, Situ 'i'l-mi-s: assert arrange- useless trouh).. and encumber our statute offence by ao majius rate among tuo nub'tlity For several m..a.bs past in this city, we
but eae private lie was a guod; soldier, I ut Auult will not the very confidently 'books with a\\ mass of unnecessary matter. of England.: have experienced frequent 'delays and irreg
cad .... very life of bis comrade* 'all there I o. aupj.t Mar Punfo- We really th. nk. that with two or three ex 1 It felluws then conclusively that acccrd alaritie* ia the arrival Nf the northern mail.

"frO..r Ultra. At May Trticiae after mutter i '1 be proceeding of tue: Duke do Monte ceptioas, Ihol..rimiual act of 1823 was much I'lug to ibo opinion of the Legislative Cuuucil Often it his out duly."". north of Cb.rie..
was over he was asked by a facetiousi&Huw t ells luwhrdsibe dwsss Journalist ssPI hotter! than te new one of 1832 uow in 'who framed the art uf 1&&, that hogs and ion. 8. C. and consequently! we kite et least
-how tile Coopany 'got along du-. t > have tnttrntd.uwe ridicule well* sears rur e. It ceftainly has this important a,1-l ]cows are all horned animals. The inside a whole week of lime in receivioj; oar letters
incite day. MOh! craodly. grandly wbsnia ...iuue.i some rumours 4* of his al. atbnateocc vantage, over'it-Tba common law of Eng 'boras may not indeed be to firm and callous newspapers and pamphleu. This pro.
Uoe but when 1 had to form Lets sections c"% .1. !IM> ins Iha the S.iss have re* land in criminal' cases, is not adopted at all; i as those which push out of the head and aro cceding is extremely inconvenient aud oftenseriitudy
ntaed tae trribl-B! l. Tran. ilhcd! tb French Ambassador papers bits di AS it rertaioh never should in such eases 'visible; but let any gentleman tibia is fond of I i injurious to U.Vllo is to bhtne

t. I lomatic tics. winch sort fjoke upon lb. Duke bar been ad plld. But by our criminalact I eating hots beads divided salted and sinon* i for this gross negtlgence and unfaithful performance .
From the I ed (a dish even preieired even to that art i of official duty? '
Buffalo Journal. tUolt su seriously to make formal or 832.. i ii| the very first section of the JlYo are persuaded
J. Reihlun.-This person was arrested atut suihe'Diet: rtio Chief a.t com in common law! of England in relation to bam) and he will find ia it somstbiag 'superior that iteaouot have proceeded from toe
ibis I &course crimea and is I to bugs brains-that must b. tbe ,bums neglect or carelessoe** of the potraast-r ia
rm-Hl. tits ihisdemranors wholly adopted
[ ewaieju ou a warrant 6 tasted in the Grace that, inasmuch as ao cea.I '
of soft and mallow nature. Such was the Florida, but we cannot much for
YIM tows of to tbo modes and degree of I a say as nil
Batavia. Gennestee couaty, on a i id1. existed in the Swiss Cantoas. so except all)
acute anti learned language of our friend those north of this Territurv. we know
cbtfjefrf punishment. This of tbe common
forgery His bail tar could' beu adoption
applied a itiauit <>nebv tbeAu'boriiivsbut
writ of antis again ( 70.* Now who bad be'D. member the Legislative nothing against any of them pc ton ally.
( l1.b... corpus, aad be wee brought c the same Hutu recommended him to bring rcpealfd-saciion
*(.rt Jed After this'certainty a great evil in our penal Council. With regard; tu Mr. Wai ten,our postm ..ieria
e fitryker. bearing bemref&aa i aarC'.n: ; "u his dignity before the legal
Again this gentleman oblryod."itb equal this wo have no hesitation fa. drela
code.. It lea, the of crimes and city
.d to the of hi bail tlibuu-ls.. I hit es nature
custody by raised fildbMontebellu.
'bin a laugh against misdemeanor in and i grasp of mental faculties 'Sir. you no doubt ring that frnet our d ,fly kouwIed-. i>f but
be \ casesague
was forthwith handed over to the uhicb militates much many
very indefinite criminal law haY. beard aDd teen even in the newspapers, order method, regnhrity aad vigiUatatteaUon i -
Jy of tbe aberifl; aad iceom rait ted to akaiutt tae; a duality l that DO
respectabitiiyolbia position at should ever Assuredly it cannot that the members of oar Legislative Council; to the dotes of hu office, and his uo*
Ijreucb Auiba\ .sador. fptseii.
The Pans i be difficult Jut] any legislator- of ordioar for the o<..t part have shown themselves to rivalled roortesy and suavity to even person
paper of Monday, still barpiog ba calls the office business
t learuiog and frame ncrimioal be numskuUc w at oo there i i.
W..... yen lave eot Uiji to ..y. tay omh :nun the Jlinisirrial' i stberes uqts. appearlithurdto code, embracing& vaowledge criminal to oftnei Now, die word numskull means a person Dot his superior to be await tbrousbout the .
lit a week deleoee strengthens your o,,..u- i assume that Marshal' tioult:! will which'i etery In Florid specially without brains. It i is. h."er. a (set which i Uolte.i Siat-e.
t.;t4 tUeeee h len injtmoo. dHul. bad ubl I aetepi.oi&re' under thriaew GoverouaeuU without, likely the tn occur anal doubtful can tNt proved i.y the most learned ana skill I We think that the frequent evils above
resorting to
1. [i' lie Courier Fraactis asserts that the French. common law Hartland vague fo thought the leI p brt nolwjut, that BO aeffioer of tho couai'1 I miaiioosil, have btea prodcctd bj tto esrr


,, ,

l .

a .. !F., I '. ..141. -" .-. .. .... I. f. '

c: ,

c ,tine itaprpp&lf, <"jjvI0gltf! ne swjolijfr stream, fire point co "percmtoiily ortlircJ, aed SPP"the, I There were57 deaths ia Charleston oSl I, Oo tbo CSili day of JUt I

tai uu the OovwooVfuliud'( it bee Mjfti11 maich army was directed! Drane and barer s the week cult n; 01% the 16th iost. Of Cholera '! feeding 6000 worms of the six a...

tow n In another i inBtbero i I ..bat.r, and I fur the mouth the where Ferry. LuekilJ'ho main object of the expedition JH-Wbitei 3, Blacks 31. Other diseases on the fjliage uf these 3700 Ibo.-.
tVjtWJffue the first f
or ourth rn sates rat or Ihaaapi was.ffected, a junction was formed I day t> August \IAN ...
fault arthe r istmasters. had ordered and cxpehtm to 11 eet with with Col. LARK who crossed the Witblacoocby 23.Mj. were transformed into tbrta b.....

.1 bik titv,, I4 I ;u he mail from Jacks full supply uf provisions} but on our at Gainesbattle ground, on the Cen. Gums, arrived New Or- finest cocoons I ever saw, (t4ta tf

viuX which it on thirty eight !tides nor arrival at the mouth I of the tthtacoocheeis inst. Smiles above our encampment having leans on the II Itb iost. bushels | presume would reel at fcZ,!
tb been lo bit march the sound of uf Mik) worth at least $15. S\
of us. and with g; eat ease might reach on the lath, to our disappointment/we 0 fear governed By \
every wait hy.bysuuiet; yet some, our artillery, fired daily a sfenalgun.Thus ; THE Wiitun GIBBOUS.We bare the September from the same tree+,.I'
ptimp ii dues not (rme till the next day, or no provisions, and we had noalterative; but has ended& for a time our opera. great gratification announcing the safety sufficient foliage to feed lU.U(

it may be brnu l;b so late in the night ..f\\ the, to march to Garet.ltrr, fork supply. On ,tions. Many\ horses have Uen lost, and It the 'passengers in Ibo Will JlII CtFbona.s which wouki jield three tar t_

.. day rib ea due, ..s it canoot be opened, till t this march our men experienced some cut* most be replace 1 Depots, mustbe established;. She went ashore at New Inlet from tu30s more. Far the above 300 tats I .J

I ibfolluwiug dayl This ot'curreclla" week, fering fair want of provisions! but on the bus we )fcavej j...,.,!red the proper locations.Wo 40 miles north of I Utter as, oo the morning cents each la..t sring tad esti

; and. has .lten<< occ irrsd Before. It may; per- morning uf the 19th Mnj." PEMCB| in advance i have f6 3u two.rooms strong bold ana of the 10th, between four and five o'clock. product 3700.[ will& bo worth st ,"rr

baits be said. tba in coming from Jacksonville severed at Carey's Ferry, and on ibo the means lo assail h.V.e have found wil-1!I there she lay until day light, and successful I ouch or $925. and the 3 bUlhels.,,,

I "to" '1 'm m. Aura. true by the regular and same day caused rations Dribs., supply of then ling and faithful guide iu -Ibo priloaer.qu. j: ixeniona being made to get her ofT. she fell worth fifteen dollars, n.akiog, &

,f tonal r mrS;, tbere < ras danger wf meeting With bole army to be transported, to meet then s .,,,, and derived much valuable inform I J Jrnation nearly! into the channel, and at two P. M., Deducting the cost ot 300 tray_'

Mime uf the busts! > Indians,and consequent* troops at Santa Fe bridge about 5 miles from them. They tell us that there i several of the passengers were landed with spring, J

I Iv the mail carried* took a circuituwa rijijtoiciiiniDK The Creek Indians have arrived at Fort is a Urge peace party in tbo nation who : safety on the beach. The Boat was then Ditto labor and .lreae..1 t...

tituflA tttr. mach of the liver, dun U D raae. ue shall soon be prepared to take the would.have sent in an envoi, but fromdread, I driven on a sand bank.aod shortly afterwards the norms and land, .

nearly to the ..... S nne montns ago therernay field with our brave 1 cnuosseeans, with that we should shoot him. they tell u, tba t i t became a total, wreck. The rest of the

bate bern sijme grounds for tbat opiuj ample supplies, and, we shallthen a,', conquer their f powder is nreily exhausted, and above j passengers gained the shore on Wednesday Letting a piufit oa tho3UDur: ) .....
ion 1 tut it b.s louk since eutirrly ceased.audtin the enemy aud ch'se'lbo war. all, that the two head cbif'lho most warlike i' morning, where they all remained until the the fist Jt-r.. of

such danger uujn exists. or has for sometime -. and the most hostile next 101'0",11. the one same evening wben they got on an adjacent Now it ibis should be carried et

pas' exUted. To the Editor of the Florida Herat of the ftlicasukies the other of the Long Island, and a portion<< thence proceeded to the second and third year, ts ass

It nits also tupOvued I tbat letters directedto ;in:-As it is destraUln to your reader SwamPtribe' were killed bl\lnj.r FIKCKat Elizabeth City aDd other places fo the neigh the supposed ease referred to, 1p.tllt b

oue .place, ar.. l rat by mail tit a widely r and to the public generally, toj !learn Ibo op- fart Draue- from that or some oilier cause, borhood. TAfr/w feint of the PasseoEersI ----.. WOIt'd n-..- .M.....".......J.. .._fu._A. VI_.f*Ai.S o**1ft...

ifi' teat plaCf. *i bit must bars proceeded I eratioiis of the army commanded by Uor.CaK perhaps the defection of the Creeks, wo,'I arrived here about 1 o'cock! this Non log, From the experience of the .list i

from she negbgeuK of. |iostia.sier Agnin ,you "ill be pleased to publish the fulr do believe that there is dissension among i in the schooner South Boston, from Oera- em year, I consider that good cat,,-

: newspuperssent leave ufteu'bevn delayed o I."iug.butt; ; but correct stat knf ut ruroi.b.ed them that their war spirit is broken and : cock. The schooner Atlas, is expected good land will produce at least baa

eutia-e"lo.I." whir I must have proceeded I by ouo who was with him.) tbat they will be whipped.buinMed. and perhaps momently to arrive with room of the of foliage e..eh. }
r fr.ae the n gut ur i igiiauce and attention i ie in On the 28th the Governor] passed the sbfpp-d before Christmas. 'I'h. bestspirit aeogera. A considerable number yet remainson pea The writer in your 'last ha ...

i i Ilo'lma.ler> "bt |mrbaps, oo the opening Huwaunee.uttba Old Town, with 1250 prevails in uit' army,harmony between tbe Island where they have a full suppl ante for cultivation feeding uf.or.
ol a was' allows m.- ..f uis fnenus and M* Volunteer Tennctseeaus and 125 Floridiaus. the regulars and volunteer militia and zeal, !I of provisions, and may be expected to rearthis snag foliage and other items of ..

quaiut4tn-es lu euw the room, where bf isas all mounted. He bad ordered] aa abundant courage and ardour throughout; all. city shortly. which I do nut think *

.u. ting slit $lette, and papers, aud to rumm.ing i supply of rations and f rige|' which nasthru Tile mail .blcbwuonbo.rdlb..I.1 lead of tbe result given necessary fur the )...
ID-ge thvolm 'akina Doe or more. .afoot at the mouth of ti fit river but We are pleased (learn that Go*. Call has Gibbons, is expected to reach here in the third year being execsuie, I Iin mss.lit.
oe.uIaIern rea in Id, .uOteei. and thr.." on lug to the sickness of t'ia crjjws of three conferred upon Maj. Pierce the appointment next schooner whoso arrival is looked! for my opinion, from tbe cperiettt "

io" d*'wan amon the rubbttli, or leating it steamtioats lying in the river, p,id uot ", Quartet m astrr General. Wo feel satis aa anon as the wind will permit with I bad all': experiments laade.the I
I 0'8 *nd loos- ..u tanle. brought to the depot. Such was the impatience afled that Ibo office could not be iu better of the passengers.The more I have been greater than there aadeTlp" &

'ir/e o.tnatrf-, Ueneral is uuau tionatiuguuted of abe Volunteers' to fin,-[ the enemy hands lie proceeds immediately in U.. some the uijett' of the writer
I r bly a .ullcta u d : for hi is vigil* that they prepared to make a [sudden rush Dolphin to Savannah and Charleston nubdiscretionary Dank of EnglanJ.-The convince the !put-lsc, that th- cult M,

lilt'. strict dud vabtt uanle' rule 01 utJiriill can on the fug lrt'.uwln4bllt th+y might ,be powers tu procure every requisite the last arrivals from England will advices by n.nlberry and and .ilk, might be& II
mid I we "U no doubt ilmi mhtu urpnsrd; and although an express from I fo/lhe Army. have a lucrative employment &
moir su
be *uoHSuf tug u >itni or unfaithful conduct teen Heed then lit rue Old 1' "0' overtook market bearing npon the money courage the culture of silk' neatljeo.
duct *if tiu.er the uodei bis tug (jMveruor tiitbiu 1U miles from that post / LATER FROM THE AKMY. gal in this country and apoo, our inter extent.cuuiiJeritltalabortogatb. to aIaosa

cuutrol, ur of tbe c insets tt mail ,biigs. bo iufartn of tbo improvements. The Dank of England
I a lu biu: voce lists 01 H full sup DLATU OF COL. LANE. ir is I : ,
"iII.JI..rIpt.:l id ehcs..nt measutesi'tsiamttrs tuami t tascrrG'tn t turn wanted :seems making war upon American rosfchaoti. af'
PlY every ; by tie army, bojfo We learn with deep regret tbe death of i See the ,letter below. of fulia ofroui the Chinese,or Muna,
nhu uiiitn
they err |* !hetaccurdingl. a ; utticers and men expressed a decided, uaivilrlinguiss cauli,'loan to gaiheroue '
I, A IICUS FLOKlUE.Oct. to delay their mart On- their this premising young officer, lie commit (Correspondence of the New York Ex White pom, ere
.:. ;"I'Q. umlbeiry. I bare teen ,_ .
route_to C."mii Uranv4_seven ndtans_ "were ted suicide, oo the day alter his arrival at press.] year in the ..uhuro..r tte met-w. .

.. as 'tI... .1 'Ji t Killed ana few, u any aiscovfrcu uj HID "'orlDr.oe. Hif had need tick several dan. LIVERPOOL, Sept. I. maitufiicture uf silk constantly em
.._ __ .. sp3 guard in advance,,:escaped tbo, unerring QWe delay for
-- and bad complained of great distress iu bit I riling the putpOMurceniPI nod am fully, satisfied

'l'uuriduy 2.!7. to3t3.: ILvl". tbe Volunteers.On head. Just before the melancholy event most correct information respecting the exis business! may he a profitable wor to 111I|$
the 1st of the Ghveraor
teacbed ting discord t.etween the Ameiieao surd in fiiuilipsas nell .
I l'Ult'1'A1. ihtOM l '1UE AUMY.Uy Fort Urane *nd fuuud tb fires of tbe took place, bo complained of the beat uf and the Bank of England the latter merechants It h i- toy intention to erect as a by large corps,. .

lie C5te+iui.. I Dolphin Capt. l'ElII- tueiiiy still iiurumg. They ad ele"led"itll the weather. Capt. Craft, in whoso tent be having taken a bold stand aDd refused to upon new and inproved |>lmof

Uufla: .ahtrh t.rri d''lass. .',ydirtCt from their women anti, cnildrcii by a few was, propose raising the tout and neat uut discount, and nil paper where the namee iuveinioti about M hicb you U1Dl hit a1
Bonn ouiy, dod nut fur the aces leutal of the
escape following houses
Gal" ''s Forr received for tae!. purpose, and while in trio act of do appeared viz :-Ba- beraalter.
ate the fulloitch '
) ) of/
a s p> found about Wacabuu nbo was riots; llrotrns; Wiggins; Wildes; .Morrisons At my eslablihmett'ibnut !00
jug i i.tu".UUF: skit ol. the movements of r hotly' pursued bUilD veto, we ibould have lug so, he beard a fall and then a groan Cryd.ns&io.; Wilson and Ligardi. The of the Chinese or Multicaulis .ti91;

the arm.* from the<< ime illrfi Suuauro" Old 'surpii.cd and pfrliO| destroye I this whole vmtiin. On going in he saw Col. Lane on President and Directors of the lien do not cultivation, and I *:u wan so'|i.surcoisful ]

T..nu up, to fur ti !ne of its itturn 10 tianta gang. of AJicasuckius, nitn i'owell at their his knees with toe point of bit word thrust doubt the solitary of all these bouses but they tisffd with the rrsults of e\periweat

Fr hridge. '.'+,ee} re.frum sources upon run De.'down As and it was kilted., lour of their number were into his left eye and the iiilt resting...the say was thai to cheek; chair the objects for adopting this course dy niadf, tint M inuhr course will (.

i' nbicti i bo utmost r iiiiucr can be placed. 1'tie Mtiuy remained encaniped at Fort ground aud which penetrated into the brain. ha' been immense exportation this t last ofgold which sued next year, as the most tare owl:_
and the
quarter; also propagitiu= trees anti
to\.III'I' w nauet:-Uhl" 1'onu with llraue* uuiil a junction could' be eftectcd: It is supposed tbat he committed the fatal to stop lodgements: of -tnterian secure quantity cf fulr.gr. I !acre.,
the Luur.c\ 13th with iUrfjor !',nits, then at litar;Creek on act while in fit of ties which increase tbo leaves' amdailyreaati
ode, under G"n. Arm n hose zeal aud ability, tbo Governor: relied a insanity produced by paper cuireucy and !"ppi'ig tbe prouts. to csil.

strong and the Ali die. Florida; brain fever. witboat'iaereutug. _. the circulating__ medium growth. of.the tree 4iid butelllbrs.t
Volunteers to supply ins urmy with latiuns. Nor did .Ln._ ''' .LL -
.. 1 n MW" &U.IIU.rna.I'O.II'. w.ou.. oume
esporu nave seen
on tt"e'.dth'ept. afro 30Ib be .. iiv rely in vain. <_MI me tit of .ov sprouts :
att rkad 1115ui yi iuv au Wo have been favorcb with the fallowing gold to the State OQ tiock tcrun.,; a ed of thrsrlearrthrceurf.urtimess1ujury
4ud routed a ..f Indians 10 o'clock, MU express reached) tho M gorIrum increased the
part} and killed discounta and and
reduced tbemeans ,
Paula Fe giving information extract of a lettea from an officer in tbe Ar.my every>utcrt.fing rmpel
4 ; lie an i veil' at Drane ; tuat of the flank, dltbnusb is
art late iuipruveil nltlioo
on the was ; li the
: h
IOU size
luriuiaos had rearboU tbOI"Cr! who is with the regiment of Creek Indians net tny
place directly eSected
0toutt4d shed' 0 ",.b the liank. it the iiiitn'';or and
tuber; the Indians broke 'lo ,lid IU fscortiiJg yei eight have IxFfum -..
'proiionstoCampUrneat by which it appears, that the<< Seminoles deposits ueio reduced liy those who did '
m .
beir. Futht Il > urn el-- =ri".e.1 I fsp
up camp at i Urine .u.1 l fled during o cluck U Uuurv alter the express, it. liaringa assisted awvincril. ,
or at least of Mr.JauUun to ibis loin '. with 31 .
the in a portion them are nut inclined U'bitJiinrjfi! nnd Dr. .
Alajor was the saddle
'mit. On ,bit Danger, Col. Cub and bra tbulecouiiu lad wholly bv
'beri inn on tu 1U0'U11. is zeal aud enrg t. submit upon tiny terms and that thoosaads. d', l.rs keeping itquiei f euiog a few tins i>f .Vur:bamptuti. its it ibe!" Ckiaesei
with the FloiittHicii i a Volunteers. no his like times all at a place.' "nary iat:tat to lie ailed: cf.tll!
> this that the require i ;it is this bopeofeuding the **sby nrgociation is \\o 1Yf'J
tu S. sits i 'e bridge ftitHrked a .ta..I.III. the ct'iifidciice uf the !l euerul m at au end. It was the are exceeding glad to inform von that ill u"" lcr to iiiiiltitily. list ire anti rofDr
small art. ), of lnOn < tans, end killed five dud, UlitJ. .e..u alms from want. Uu a policy to has coma to an amicubla a.. tv.iv, the tree tiny be ftt,
... propose terms to them but as these haveberh tbo particulars uf which have not beau Ju'i'stf
iituruiug ul, the 5ib Ibe muVemeut t.intee.sli'ghIlJ' C'tmin, the II
the was
C uing of treceived Ie :5th .,f Ortubrr "
made known
Mltj iu .u,* truiii snack tMeck, and ot| hw even rejected nothing now remain for them I here, but ',doubt M ill tud.y in tin ti.-W. anal l tin t"i'4 to he atedsstinjs.
Payne. OK .TS 'from G.... Call or ""0. Mr. Win. Dro"o and two ofthe .
to III;; of the next day, M jur I'lercje wits bra extermination, and extermination it mastbe. directors of the : the next fear.: In a 'large Idl
01 him at Fori Drat ,.. with all bis dispose t detucniiitfiit, rescued Fun Drau t a distance Gov. Call is determined. left hero Liverpool Joint Stuck Bask lumps rn.ty btva a J li..,bi (Drro.t' ronuJttlirm l
Lie turn and with ol, U5 miles to close the by post sod four oo Monday fur with n lion .luu ". The
jliis wagon,; train and ashe and (urnisned to Uo;. Call, luiVitu 1 ; teats
much provisions as could da"-".- rlllluu.- __.__n_ r..i--. _... .n.._..J.... .............M..1...' ...... war and it is said he' will ant recrosa the ant London the Iud returned" but last eveuiu.,, I I the :rout1tl will! tic uidrrrd us ft
for 1. "Timo
transport Suwanee river until it is as doe not allude to II.' roots. ..Vllbou it
ibis supply it was deem id auvisauje terminated. We may necrscH* !
incarmy.5th Ahjnr I' "l'C'e marcneu on tbe tu ,tiers on tu tbu \\ iiblacouchy) pass it at feel that no effort will be untried b) him to affair lau we The feel directors confidence iu ourcommuoicis prudent, for the plants (tom Sttdi.
the of
lu moruiug a 2 o'clo. k. and arrived too cove if I'uuuu fordable; aud capture their terminate tbe war aud tbe bank nero com "'r layer tr-es furuird 1 Iy ben ling dies '
.i at For. Drime on aturday she 6th with women aud children if ibe sboulU' restore peace within vincedby pursuing Ibo course .b., baa side bnucho; toberemuvrd to lie
elude' our distracted and distressed Territory.A adopted it would lead to the complete prut- I during winter I tin
ten dais provision ur> the Tennessee" 'bri us; or should' the user yet nut cootidertscrs
ration of the
,.....t. d'ov Ci.ll. u. retied ho t>ey'iod the banks, fall "aI10r.liver, to gentleman of this city received a letter In object they wished .o att.ua. I f'uUr.lt": |iyburying iher. ottusl
cm Monday the our oeKi we shall. bo able
8'li fat the du'dlrerted, tu be at Ora- from an officer nf the 11. S. Army dated at to give you earl* in the sdrtug will need ret&eal<

the Withiacorrcti'u rb>, Inking a hiw di hauls Old Cauip. aud ui.o ,,'iUiUeo. Head Camp near Tampa Day, 8th October lost. and more discounts tnincio particular, Money is scarce account of tate early formation ..Ir..;

with a view t surprise the 'Indiana : and Cut. Lane, at ibe head ol tie friendly in which ha mentions tbat high. presume they will make jt<*nd staad11'tttn ...

toes ibis it if t.. OP estary to cut a new Creeks. On the way the *uvauced. guard an Indian Chiefof Cuter

rod t.., .he ArtiitereiMri and Idliu nitb a tuntll.. eucampmentjuf Micka the friendly Creek Indians amounting to peony or THE Cnll'UE JUiLIIEalt' Manchester Ct., l\u.8; 13L
train fur
tb.iu fifty miles wbirb wagon.WH' sukies, the most warlike and hostile' of the 850, who bad joined '"in tbe War against tbe A writer in the Northampton Courier of --AAO

,performed tribe. killed. 13nico whu, did OIJJ fire a shot Heminoles, hl.inllllme relations the 3rd ult.! ever the shniatureul hJllk Cab. COURTS OP JOQt'I 1\1'-Tbe Ceitrtsl

b) me battaljuuiifS'Picrri artillery uud..r Mj and took prisoner 4 wotum aud,8: children. u among theoostiie IDeL". ._.hft._ .._ 4._ ..:.r...__.;.......i _..'_..,_. rtaitJ tn il lM.,irr. -.'A- tllja--- tt.d.- '-....mi .-.f.M. ---
; --- -
u n "'
2t.miaol..la: the "I i I ;
of U'"VU uf the
in five Attar au vicinity the camp I bat Campaign in Florida) under Gtsxi
days ud atthoogh DUtfod.d"lib eA mitiution uf tho squajns' it was 100 v s'muuiber cuttiugs, worth
of i I Scott- '
fuund that taut troops was sent to enter a and General G cuasid.r.hir fat urwat crooned with we bad readied the tifrer at the upon nego $6.00. may be made to yield their cultivator in
point most desirable that | of elation for peace with the Seniinoles. He in trees and silk proserntins Mi* campaign .|* *.
; the of
I uc vs, and n the m .ruing of the 12th the iiuliau tbeboly a neit profit 814.50 the' Creak Indians in
advaared families were on'tbe oppbtite side, faithfully performed hit duty, going about a first year,,$476,00 the second, and $GUOO,00 1 I AInbam is to com
guard fur, riled and attacked and the Maior Gt'aeralIuom! President;' i
a negro lonn. so called nils 3 miles hundred miles to meet the hostile Indians the third after deductios 25 per cent for : as "
larg ,.ar''tr ludiat :. routing and disper* above us, protected by a deep crookrunning, aud of over calculation, &c. Though our confi, fiadi-r t'enerals hraJy and Atkinses, a*
terms hers
sing ih-ru, kiliiug 15femalo arriors and taking 12 through. a thick swamp hammock, and ford peace to them. deuce in the success and and profit of tit* ; and Captain Samuel <7aopfresJt

pn.oncrs. Ting e next morning learn- able. only" 4t very dry .ea from I place a uetarhment of 3W Tenoe too Volun and in the most gasconading and insulting must eotafesss, wo bad come rirk. 1/a,,'lead. assure as the ser in *
the some misgivings
I ludiaowerr ,ri"'D"" hat there I teen uoder Col! Gill who returned in the terms, boasted of what they had done and respecting the possibility of realiziug such prat. ( tar which the President DI 1-
Indians on tbWnbUconrby ., opposite bank of evening with 3 killed, nillba tbo Jude.
the and 7,wounded enormous
shot by a would do. bey laid tbat they bud sums from so small an investment
I and that there ttero two 'train 4n unseen for 1 unable If;>> truss the whites !ia floggedthe It it true wo could not demonstrate the fal The New York Evening P4Ih'Js:."'
pl..ces where the foil creek from the depth of'water. every engagement; that they lacy of the statement discover pressure
ass were in the habit y bad cleaned the South or an error upon the money market: frst
a I prac.ir.bli. and them. the river and oo reaching the baiiks$ after two or three forts, which were entirely in dispossess ourselves of the suspicion that 9f the new hanks rot the ccmsinc'
ivul tf touud thou CPI our ar parsing be most rillannussnampevtrpassr: their power, and they recooaeodnd us to there was. some latent mystery about it, i,, their operatioas; were a principal! n.-
errs wi.lleo over ed on horseback found tbe which vet a Maine arithmetician this. Tbe.
: river flooded come out with a good supply ofdorsemea would stockholders were Ob d
: batik., Ih. approach o it a,vend with h'l greatly above its banks, and 230( jVdi over <%'faamt & find difficulty in dotcctia IVitb these views I| make Ibis first payments ofcapitjlsaJalh
,alluding to tbe food
douse under growth, ud Bonded for a whilst standing oo the edge of the fvater, and to which they wo should bar omitted noticing the state j i .. money was sucked into the vortex sn

:a temf a mile with fro I ::nprtiUed: that a barrier 10 unhook, for ties i, started they had reduced Gen. (Jala .' for moist iu detail or their results; hut *ben wo I new institution On Satorday tae

S I t Tho une to three (err nm- I throw. iu our. war. a Easy shot ..ere fired t tees.. They siM. tbat they bad just flogged nod them corrobo atid lathe experiments i tattoo took place; the N.. York Stsffft*
1 t and nranes) e atrr.t tat h.nm..k: truth me utter .lue. ana it was tau' much the Tennessee horse, and that they will flat vf the lIe... Cheney which ore'gave in our i threes out.it .is a;,sd.to ibe way of ten

.luuroached the >er, nod when near iUSrulty( that the (impetuosity of our men last number, we are compelled to yield to, J I rare aeco MO
the bank the Indian upened a 'brisk andppusite could be rpttrained"tbe firing was:continued us.All the force of evidence, and admit not nut y 'i dollars. which made the mode; market I

I heavy fire from tbe ; side It on Saudi tides without ourj t seeing the. Indians. bones therefore of negotiation being tbe possibility, but the certainty attach as. lIerI
t t I returno'i with was When the volunteers had,been recalled; ,Maj. ended, we shall push on with vigor and wo tonisbfaelnrofiti.Joe I

i found spirit o our side, but it was Gordon gallantly volnntfltred will. 200 of i Intend 10 give the gentlemen an opportunity. I Courier of the lOih uli. contains tho I Sao. There was a fall of saw
impracticable ton operate to advantage his men to silence tbe tJoa following communication panfed with& much ...
i no th..b opposite of putting their threats in frotn ono of the rain in Afexsat
'horseback and Ihpcliitnnuni. aide. To this the execution. Our 1\1.\ ... Thursday.
en were ordered toon commander i in chief was force Cheney, detailing more fully their And al'Uerlrom Leatfesly
Major Our then with 200.Ii.- the reluctantly induced to give his assent, and now amounts about 850, and we eiperimenund short fag tbat"Silk Cabinet" Va. of ibo :5th says .4Ve bad! I

mounted' aimi entire the hxmmork I feet gallant band earthed to sbeb nks. two think we shall be able to give a good accountof instead of overrating, has actually underrated storm with a blah wted from ue Neil.

cbcd mar deep in water and .eftr mnc ineiec* any force the Semiooles will permit the profit of the Chinese mulberry. commenced: snowies and haUis* seats
tb'iiuitb it t tb toil na to ,
b nk, and there firing, which "
our offs Oo before
apla.e en observed, the 12th of oigbt. This '
oil was meet. All are in fine health and May set out several. morning oar bos
'lIarl. viiE4jemeot useful in spiriis.end
; too gettiox rid of thousand
which lasted ammunition of cube Moms covered with '*
Multicautis snow.
of which
,o! ,I. a'*out?<0 minutes, in w iicb the gallant Major wbirb we bad lop much were recalled at a days will put aa fn the immediate, viclnityoftbaenemj. I took tor experiment 200 trees and, set them The Cbarles'"a.l.-enD.cesar/.
the sound
: of
. Gotdnu and bugle Maj. being on tea reds of ground Press, states bat tbo tbstwere
out 1
ot era were wounded. wounded iu or -l6tb of an acre. bouses in
t, the breast 1 by>> a Instead of covered .......
t Tb! 'lt4lr n as d.ep.u rapid and found oordtD setting the trees perpendicular, with snow 011 Titenls11J
to army, thus foiled they were
II. ciie..ble. by water We arc authorized placed horizontally in Ibo ground Q.
.impr" << fur ether horses or men. la tbeiraitemi'ta to crosa tee river.Tana end by Capt. ftmoytr to forming a continued row ,,f in the noAsia ir to save a cf tUl

Tie. troops were there TO recalled. AI the the war at a Mow, and almost wi bout say that the statement of the disgraceful out following manner flaring !trees fur- JusssaehussUsforiiio next Ceaff**

i. ssms, time a similar op' ration was going no The tea as,first bad but one of twit; courses ra. age-as it appeared'Q,the Jackson villa Courier rep five or six inches deep 1 ploughed laid the a roots I opponent Mr. Adams puts his claims ia this %&*
was to fall back!to Blacktreek ape' of and single stalk In being oaaUstdei.ssetai&i
ot be other crossing u tee, three or which wo published the farrow to that iris all
miles a
i'is Yule 'a for supplies-or 1 contradic end of the stalk ardt;.. Bat be is a most n ". tam
to advanci dab should /
taut" with similar lesulattrr s, ncapf that at the in the mouth of she riveri to eon muolcate onward in oar last if true; that ta was on board or three inches deep. Trio covered about two 10 go which way bo may ia ptfi titvi.. ,

place wt lost tbrr killed and five or six with Gen. HEAD tar Col. J.ABB. ob aiD j pro the vessel and saw the slings cube yard shot feet apart. From these 300 rows trees were and three ever doing the nation great good.

."+ouud'd. slur .,rui. an being nearly cx.ttyusted vision there. The last course *>s preferred array, a ballet hob through the mainsail and I so pleated I now have 3700 flue roots -
by the Gen. and Sy acounril of a man who was wounded in I shoots, which trees or REsutziars 8.ow 8rotut.11York ?
and tbo .pitsa a 01 the river being march was *_ rand the the left arm blI oa the first day of August f....
cmmnirncez'= reatlJ to "nr dis. ho disrdnrge of ibe moikets would ay.ralllj: feet in height Ado. savs:-"A Utter
and farther with .
that large
ppoiatmcnt no snbita friend in Skea.. acts
depot was ettebltba ho can I anal roots or the ciao tetas. g iwe aa
tl as nrodorq affidavit or
1 of tho f,.U | I 10010 quills,. common one of the most .'traordiaI'1"O.II

that em arty
.1 I
i J i ...
.t J.t iI

: I ,



r. .
"- -
A .
E1I -
9 r ,
ems. I

-P .."......"T'r -""'
--.. ? .


On Wednesday maroiag it com Also thai certain tractor lot ground In the AN ORDINANCE retaii&t to pctroU fof aLa LieD guilty;SAd II baD Lea &he duty said Kay.er I ESTftnitt?
-'e'uceJ 1 taowiug, aad it co sstinurd piofmelMfl. city of A..cn.lia..kuowD by the mm: of City of pt, Allldll bU. to issue"bis process jriutt.tuiu( IU tbs ""u. o| J A4a.awitb a ull.up.1 ur &.0CI9f.. su i .

si b. le of bat day rind the neuliit aouib-rn lot, bounded on the west, by Catlotalttt Aiicreds.i is necessary and "expedient for 4idcity* directed asno piokided.. against i It .. : .1. lean b'Utcr. a.". f a kits, dried *!*rno >
,* .be that the fall. of auow. bu I ou the north by B lot,called central U on he good government .f tsar i'1t' ur M Augns every ucb delinquent J reqt.iin.g him to aijieart *, sugar, ends er sctted.t i.w SOMII g..*. jar,
computed the suet by the waters of the b >thor and on the hue," the aTetv IIf IbIS sash.biutsis thereof "&. t- .re the said Xayor at such nine us he wait : with p.ene.,.i'chasl.eaabpa.t.ISlant. sp/cos( .
for ,be rapid tueltim would faro cqual.etarecfeeu oath by B Butall alley or Ian.,enaunng in fronton pre enratn in of the pubic moral. ""and the pro designate and show t au., if.u) be has ur can i d. ramaud bore yiuK"r, and u.r j ut..rante ,
Aitwtbeltiowl 1"1 BtitceLcB.adecptttbetimeth Canine street seventy three fret, and in veution uflenees against the public peace," hew, why alias should not be ase,ed against tie.too letter was w rat depth four hundred and fifty feet, down to low that a regular and ttfieieul patrol be established bum and the etus I.al the hid CoWmlud.D'ID..AI I oftquo| e.nd dns dar, ,..oitaiidJauu Glut
_. O.T.I dotruclien took plaN among water mark therein by pbe Mayor and Aldermen of aid city. be sulficu mjrrimaacts evidence of..c.. oeltu* Ii,roil aud the forest trees i> natch w err bro Aud elm! all that rertain lot of ground lino Wberef re it N hereby ordained by the said queue P-rt U me sad a aunt+.er of wtber wines cruder
the a. the buuJca uf mow retiiuft upon pital ward, city of tit Augustine bounded on the May or and Aldermen, ''a .-.r, white male see I.!. Us it further oidamed '1 h,t if the (tool lio ise-ports'r. Any artteio* '..1. &'I'a,.yte
kl D ducb a atorra at such a pcnodgofthe west in front,on Charlotte street III the south ,inhabitant >sad city, over steep and not .z. person appointed to cumuiahd raw paiul. pnreh.t od a. 'pate.. sash t. 'MD
'rot' without precedrnt iu this by a .lot and premise occupied(.llbe date wf the eedjii8aiMyyeerVoWg % 0Ue* liable to do dslluegirctortelusetoperlurrr.dr"t anj ol ill j <..' .a..4ed.; wtiiCii cell be
thar,tr' II altogether mortgage,) by William L.viuguun, on tbe north pat oldut therein.i* duties required *>f him by ibis ae', ..... on a.n* e.tdi' w f- eaab tit i- "., "lulia she ,"&lbO"
litoatf; .n' adds prominent item to ec by a Harrow "lane.which separate itfMro proper .See. *. 11,-itfuteherordained. that tbe ma)or victtonbtfore .h. Mid AU>UI, be bind it, any I fi.rpa.tpatrot>aie.id wicontin .. to for are 1
ccutrictties of the remarkable seaton.FOM I'.al the date of I'M mmtfag*. ownd and wren its eatd Jit, shall cause every such white mate sum nut lese than five U-tl+its' cur awls luau 'tan o ..f the MO*. u.au..a ;
pied by the Batd Dirk Fiei..chm n | and en the inhabitant U be enrolled fur such du y. and that i t I twenty dollars; and if any other II.b.t1 01 said tl M UAU' ALOiV.8t '

MALTA -The 11. 8.1 rinate Coti.titiMvu east b> Mataoc iriter. said .h".rur ie authorizes cud required to ca-ise p liol (who naU'. have rages* n nufd in manner Angnstioo U. t. 4tb ItlJti.Los .
ari .d .t Corfu, July yu, ciotn And.1... all|| th.t kit,.r ground,in aid city of not tesstha i ion of the said white mule inhabit* slates iu j stall ue.l"t or refuse lu |-o Juhu lit Augustine bounded fronting east, on til.tieorge ants to be letatled for earn and ever night to of any pan ul the dut.required w blue ray Ibis .
Biiaied b) tbe Po oniac, Adams bud drier, ten Spanub rsraa awl io depth perform pa rot duty within I be limits raw city. act urstulliiiisjenae .lumaelf ur uiMibey .a) BY the fuhtcribrr. a fold breast |..n. 'JI as I
2ilnr k. forty six viraa, bounded on the north by the dec. .;1. to it further ordained, that the aid order of the satu commandantor of the c..ui.u..a. (".., bale,.d?<> .. MannL.WMt ", first America Vice house and rot of Juan Giauoply, .iuUi by the mayor shall appoint wine suitable person from dant of his nquad. be .h.. ou cuuvictiuii sa a- a tug pl Cb.11 trolor. n-lioa.d with a> I
t..1m.10I1 Kte lla idauellu dctid.itiutnibdor. h ,u. ol Antuniii D.'.,. tail b> SL George's Inn lig thoje tbu detailed to cotnmand the same haul.mid. bit lilted Iblllt) aunt ii'tiet. than two cou ining tbe inters M 11 t.io find,. "1..r. '
1 ester la *.Oi.I Malta iu Direct and went b> rue house and lot of Antonio for the time be.ng, "hu .,. buobejedaud res- dollar* u> fernls brailbbt gradually recovering ;. Puuti decean'd. petted acct -dingiy, and said Mayor shall furnish huh pay went O. auy such hoe aid Sue cuts ifprowcuUwn e.lc. <:. a i.\ItI. I II
.1-| &.q. (i. d. Cumin' 'lunis, i II lad el". ..il that lut ground in the said city him *uh a I list of the men who cum p ie his patrol the 4' IelldCh/ mar be t... u and I -tine.Au D 1 p of:h. Auxuotiue, wounded a*"follows.-On the at least tw-i m four hours before ",time when couii.. used tu prUou until sam bus end roe shall For totlc.A .
also ,...tre.I sours b> an alley on the north by a lot of the the said patrol shall be required to meet who be (raid, U lea. IM shall be auouar utsei.ui;'d by
IK French mtui'try at out yet rerirgau ...r..r Mate.oGeradarrauia.oi. ".tby a lot hall cause Jlis men to be duly Notified at least order' the said Mayor a"d.\ .uur "xeculion PAIR of ex .ilenv tlu e,. and two I
fes.1, ). M. suiftutl, lJulc.b.trl. Mule. Mud af the hrira of Andreas llemenos. and on the twelve hours before tI.,hid time. may be issued and the muum rot the judg : rondhand c.ri'I" with Harness.,

JAuutaiUvt' b.vc til had .Ierne"1 null sue ,' west by a lot oldie estate uf Micha-l Crosby, ales 4. Ice it further ord uus d. that th. person uncut levied and semis ol the go.... end cti"it*>isof AI..ll.t ttbelJ riMi Udunu:
Kiri..ai. sbsis liens are 'u uhf..huI, that i measuring iu(front east and we.t, fifty seven 4 nd thus appointed to Miiuund said patrolshall have the defendant. .r.'I..u .oat were .teltjofwnipiiugi pen. July nlh. ; _
hi uui"!fu1& .r thry IMU tie -i.otiaied iu half l feet, and depth south and north .ist> feet power to k+ep Ii. ICeu under his comu.-ad lu ) .b/ 1b..act preacri ed 01'.1' J j'.
the ...IIIe' cdt'suet. M. Uuiaul refute tueof gore o. less. good order and to cause thm to deu.e.an them any start, nee ieeglu, tuulatia o* ouiet iwuisd J'II&'A- b.'l..i

r uul-n ,** tall tiavi.-, vu every ucca I And II.n. B certain tract ol land containing elves pro"riy. durina their term service, mid person the senUruceiuay be commuted. o.. the SCVCKTH VoLC_B or INS t'/czceta.Caaa. A10 .
"%er tu "6tMJh. the clumber of four hundred and four acres, situ that it shall t up his duty so do so ;and that he may payment a line ot hot leas saran IWu dol',ars nor AXI*,. 1",
Itoattne po aced in the County ol til. Johns. Territory divide ihemjiiituas many squads uhemay deem more than dollars, togetnei with \
lei.1.. loKrs .. aioui to retire lulu I twenty lire i'he Januur) i.uuii-er: oi tuoOK
, aViiu 1 .&alowaid. the fetal side of du George's l.ku expedient. : It.i) ." ierui4U") in* d. U.I. lie has the now in the ccunty of Mosquito ; the first line squad to eouiuiandtne .,.ni*>, wh shall be obey*'d I aId mil)or shell aol be eat.d. W coy cuts inprosecuiionaromuieured .era %uoiu.. .i.d ."..t JI"UI'use 1..11)'not U..uum. *

11I11U\lhr ur.uu" vi his )u..u""Irct tu running north thirty cast,) sixt) chains (runs a and ropect'id jccoruiugit. and shall have power, : uu ei tins act. nut that btr Issued under lea sup "+* oiioi rte ..,it ,
suit &uu. cun.1 :"I'.e..10 a pine; t ascoud line south f event) and it *1i sill be bill duiyto, preserve order imotigM ; Bllsui.-bcoetsasnewbttid entitled lo cn.igeesuall proprietor am editor lu toe Cries ..h. r.ontnuuy a(
,) .-- ---- ue. .ni..II.1O a pine ; third bud uoilU sixty the wets undt-r hi-cotniuuuil, and shall on lieing be taxed up in favor of too said city, and wuiculoo new .... was lIal'" I..c.d' :
---UUO; At the (;,neral /lloiiitnl the 'our..ast. fifty to B pine; fourth line south fifty furnuhed wljb a list of hi* men.by the c"'n..a.* I paid iuto the Tr*'a*iiry tuereof.tiec. to tue public, it wa *4mf%:. Haut lei t xe rue !
JACOBS | on 'eat, auty to ass.h; sixth tine formed and buUII. 1 dan of the 1 .ItrOI.tI"ftt them the requisite notice 13. be it further darned.. That any person gut tl'erow woulu bv '...(t"u cu. n.ie. iuouurabie .t Ji agcZlDa i
1S-'. I",.:. AMI.M. I). C mpany.tbe ed b) aid fake.Th of the dID of meeting. liable 10 do patrui duly b, tutee of ibi-act, b. AtutrtCrfU "'"'UtdK.. .......
: Drat'us. t tiec 5. IU it further ordained tbat the said relieve bunelf therefrom b .
'tore atd teoementi. mortgaged afore may lumuhing an Iu..d acccptao.e i public, MUuuly '.roit*
Ua lib test. SAMUEL PA or> C Comp aid.are subject to a prevtoitt alignment Dude p"trol.h"U. unless otherwise directed by the able bodied aub tiiute but such person abyss be age ". 'wtar on-i'.u, .. .. .b ."..e warn
p i"4 l .\r'i'lery.1 ': ) the Mid ui.k I'Ierstimandati'd Uth October I saiJ 11 n)or and .\ldermeu.lottet at b o'clock. P. i liable lor any neglect ur refns.! of his uu uiute, )U IKe.....U,-UiailIrt } tier 2.U I till". J.iH.n O'NeiL. G Comp,*' tai toliiatru, .teaUavi. Floyd Iluwnrd: It. M at the City Council rouai.which shall! be their to discharge or any ul bps duties. and for eYe thei.bi.st pain u. uur ell uuJ sou lie... .. :o.rd
I., 'rl'U, I,. i'na.V..u. .SuMtnDiiauiid Gen Gi.*b.. head qu .ter,. aim where that portion of ihe patrol try dlaoedtraau of orders or act of .t orderiy .. .e ".1.. t..! Mi k. ,'u. tiM ., ..It ".. i4.vft.af: > '
U. thr Ii5fli ult. Juut COLE, D Comp.PA il of wliom' turn residi r.i'the city of M Au. whim may not *