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; : el
.. .port"ie" art rfr. .m.t 5.5.100 .41 M 5i5" l)" IMtn I Po" Ill MntMM "Fa51 tltWH WOK II 1t
..If. "mt it..n CMMH. tn.."* tMtt,...-.. M IMUIMM .".... !.. .It. !.!*. .. IM M.t It ...."'"> I, M II St. Domimc For ctttloq oddrotl: R.q;(Vtr.ROSARIAN 84 HI 70Bishop '
fill. IMfll e.u" MWMW ITU IIII II II MM flMllMI ".. llMlif I. 115.,11. II nfl 'no FRIENDS"t
-C/ fill III IMMllM. HMIIM ,_,.. IM II II IM, .IIMBM'ltil K lit'.0 .".M t M.... .11 O.Irw .5154$ 50041' N. M h fS I N'a ACADEMY, WEST PALM lEACH WARM
.... .... ... .... .
IIH III It ( N Mil nw nil ()0111S II .' 1051'N11 II Ii ,. L 5 551

4 I

Aloe The Florid Catholic, Friday, December 17. 1965 Council directs men

Youth given goal oftransforming : Seek truth in thought, science I

T' Pope Paul V'l's message to men of thought and darken the spirit by the thousand .

worldYouth I It science was another greeting marking the dose of tta tricks which degrade It,
Ecumenical Council on December 8. It was directed to make it proud, deceive and deform .

were addressed at the December 8 closing the attention of the world when read by Paul-Kmlle Cardinal it. What other basic
ceremonial of the Second Vatican Council Pope Paul Vii t Ski principle Is there for men of
message to youth was read at the Mast In front of St. dr Lrger of Montreal, morrow with the tight of today science except to think! right
Canada until they reach the M- ly'
Peter'i Basilica by Grcgorio Cardlnal Agagianlaa of the
ness of light. For this without
Roman curia. TblIla { purpose
papal greeting: very special greeting to
A troubling effort, without
you, seekers after truth, Put do not forget that if
ASTLY, It It to you, young men and women of the world, Is dazzling brilliance. we
thinking something great,
i-i that the Council wishes to address its final : 4.nka to you, men of thought and come to offer you the Iti ht of
message. It Is first a duty. Woe to him
science, the of
For It it explorers man, our which li
who mysterious lamp
you are to receive the torch from the handi who voluntarily closes his
ef your elders and to live in the world at the period of the mOlt ___ __ of the universe and of history, te the light. faith
gigantic transformations ever realized in its history to all of you who are pilgrims ejfs He who! entrusted! this lampto
enroute to the light and to Thinking Is also a responsibility us Is the sovereign: utl'r
It li you who, retching the best of the example of the those also! who have stopped so woe to those who of all thought, lie whose hum.
inching of your parents and your teachers, are to form the along the road, tired and disappointed ble disciples we are the only
society of tomorrow. You will either see joursehes or yet by their vain one who' said and could have
will perish with It. search Asks bus rides said: "I 1 11m the light of the

For four years the Church has been working to rejuvenate Why a special( greeting for world, I am the way the truth

her image in order to respond the better to the design of her ePsu ,, ; you? Because all of us here, for parochial and the life".
,; Bishops and Fathers of the These words have meaning
Founder the
grttt Living One, the Christ who is eternally
Council, are on the lookoutfor for you.Never.
young.At truth. school pupils
the term of this imposing reexamination of life, she : prrhapn, thank God
now turns to you. It is for you, youth, e.peclall1for you that Whet have our Mforti FAIRFAX. Virginia (:NC-) hai there been so clear a
the Church now comes through her Council to enkindle your amounted to during these four A group of fathers representing poMlbllltT as today of a deep
light, the light which illuminates the future your future. years except a more attentive Catholic school groups In understanding between real
Undefeated In JacksonvilloBlahop starch for and deepening nf( Fairfax County asked the use science and real faith, mutual
The Church Is anxious that this society that you ire going the message of truth entrusted of public: funds for school bus tenants of one another U the
to build up should respect the dignity the liberty and the Kenny High School's unde- Conference Coach George GaaJlck, to the Church and aa effortat transportation of parochial one truth.

rights Individuals. These Individuals are you feated Junior Varsity football team releft, and Ernest De Lucco are proud more perfect docility to the school students ,
Do not stand In the of
C. Hk'hard 1I000hl rt,
The Church Is particularly anxious that this society cently captured: the winner's trophy in of their boys who brought the first spirit of truth. ea spokesman for eight acting this Important meeting, Have

should allow free expansion to her treasure ever ancient and the Jacksonville Junior City Football J.V trophy to KVnny'e gymnasium. Hence our paths could not of the Catholic representatives confidence in faith this great

ever new, namely Faith, and that your souls may be able to fall to cross Your road Is groups, told the Fairfax Count friend of Intelligence. Fnllcht-
balk freely in Its helpful light. She has confidence that you our,. ,Your paths are never ty School board, considering en yourselves! with Its light<<
will find such strength and such joy that you will not be tempted Requiem Mass \Wellhead dates h foreign: to ours. We art the the 1M667 budget, that bus In order to take hold of truth,
as were some of your elders, to yield to the seductions of Pope named friends of jour vocation as transportation should be proldd the whole truth.
egoistic! or hedonistic philosophies or to those of despair and searchers companions In \ for all school children This .is the wish. the en
annihilation, and that in the face of atheism a phenomenon of for former movie time of St. Paul jour fatigues, admirers of without discrimination. lie cournCfnient and the hope,

lassitude and old age, you will know how to affirm your faith 'man of f year \'.\lU:17.hUa: : :NC-- jour surceases and, If necessary said the renting and leasingof which before disbanding, Is
In life and in what gives meaning to lift, that is to say, the coc/e executive/ ( ) consolers In your discouragement buses for the parochial expressed to you by the
certitude of the existence of a just and good God. A stone wellhead has been and jour fall. school children has Fathers of the entire world

It Is In the name of this God and of Ills Son, Jesus, that we BEVERLY HILLS, Calif.NC by TV show found beneath the foundationsof urea unsatisfactory and expensive proven assembled at Home I In Council. .

exhort you to open your hearts to the dimensions of the world, ( ) Requiem Mass was a small church which might Hence for you also wt have .
to heed the appeal of your brothers, to place your youthful offered at the Church of the tE'onK' (NC) Pope IT the well used by !St. Paul a message and It Is this: Continue "1 say they deserve consideration
energies at their service. Fight against all egoism. Refuse to Good Shepherd for Joseph I. Paul M has been named Man t 1,1> baptise the first Maltese in your search without tiring as numbers of' the
give free course to the instincts of violence and hatred which green, 7). administrator from of the Year by CRS-TVs "The 60 A U. and without ever despairIng community and should lie al- ORLANDO
and all their tram of the network lorded the same protectionas
beget wars miseries Twentieth Century An Italian archaeological of the truth.
1934 to 1954 of llollywood'sselfregulatory ether members of the community
announced here mission carrying out excavations Recall the words of one of WINTER PARK
Re generous, pure respectful and sincere, and build ID movie censor ," he declared
enthusiasm a better world thaa your elders had. The Pope wet ao! named at St. Paul's Day in the your great friends, St. Augustine
ship code, Man of the Month for Dvcem- northeast of Malta has probedfir : "Let us seek with the The Catholic group wai supported
The Church looks to you with confidence and with love Mr Breen died (December br by the program, a presentation foundations, of a very old desire to find, and find with by Arthur J, llolma, With "
51 II Planer,
Rich with, a long past ever living In her and marching on SI at BrenUood Convalescent of CDS News church dedicated to St I'aul. the desire to reek still more" president of' the Fairfax y
toward human in time and the Home after a lane illness. council of parent. COLLEGE PARK
perfection ultimate destinies of le a special program( t. be U found! In the remains a Hippy are those who, while County
history! and of life, the Church is the real youth of the world. Auxiliary Bishop John Ward broadcast on Sunday, December atone earning a crude srulp- possessing. the truth, search teacher associations, and Wal. FLORIST
She what constitutes the and the charm of of Los Angeles officiated at tor Kurylo, chairman of the .., ,
possesses strength M l:KST! Pope hire ol bearded Re more earnestly for It In order ll If aloe
(CI f m. ) a man, a ..
the Requiem Mass, Interment Fairfax County cltUens commlttto tile |l| lw SI I I'llt'lWM
the to with what
youth that is to say ability rejoice is beginning Paul will be honored l far his man ship and the/ word 'Paul- to renew It, deepen It and Hilt II I MM
to give oneself unreservedly to renew one's self and to was in Holy Cross historic trips eulilde the us' U Greek; charactrrS. transmit It to others, Happy for school buses
Cemetery.. Mr Breen is survived also Fairfax II a suburban area
set out again for new conquests \atkae and for the Second; are those who, not having
Look upon the Church and you will find in her the fare of by his wife, three sons, \atlree (I'uiincll which clue. This has lead the team to found It, art working toward across the Potomac river
Christ, the genuine, humble and wise !Hero, the prophet of three daughters and a sister ed I I. December search more carefully for It with a sincere heart from the natlun'i: rspifaj. BILL BARDOEFORD
truth and love the companion and friend of youth. It is in the He war known II a tough early Christian remains. A May they seek the light of to- FACTORY DEALER
name of Christ that we salute you, that we exhort and bless censorship "cur." but Is Th Pope's brother, I4dovico itnne receptacle (for water PIANOINSTRUCTION
you. generally credited with clean Montinl t member of tars was also found near the Prelate named toInterAmerican SAVE ON YOUR
ice up the contents of U.S. the Italian Senate will be mtenlewed wellhead MW CAR DEAL

films and rescuing the Industry on the program The site fir( the church Is the post : Advanced Ph. tso-nn .
ORLANDO-WINTER PARKGary's from a boa office slump about the Pope and bn efforts rediUenal( place where M, W.\MIINOTOS (\O-Arch- e.gIIII'CMIdrtn'i Clause w, H.Y. lo I
induced by public indignation for and the uiwty 1mankind. /( ,, ...
peace. II welcomed by the bishop John P. Cody of Chicago 5 I Y"'IWillim .11w SW ;
over dirty movies. Industryspokesmen r'MaIeie after Ms shlpwrecVile has been appointed t number MomborSt. j1'1
claim I Breen's Winston Burdett. n mt correspondent % on his way to lt me In of the I'nlted Staffs lilshops' / Bayer ,. Charts 1
Duck Inn Herman J. HeidricS: rigid Insistence on obeyingthe of CM News, con- MAD. U.t year remains committee for Latin 44| Mmnoiol. Ave. Pals
& Sons Industry's! own code is a dueled the $interviews and brouiM( up from a Reman villa America and chairman of the Winter Pert. Ph. 444-4171
SKI' M HUM Tt'U Fit..,TilMllf prime reason why the I'nlted wrote the progrsm. known to have tlfOn .landing subcommittee fur later-
Stwt IM
HUT III* <-I" fflfff f'ft tft ......,*t( States Is one xf the few rattofls The broadcast will cover thePope's at Ute time of St. Paul Indicated American cooperation.' SPRAY YOUR CITRUS TRIES
el.wrw ... Tn4 IICIH HIM ,",.", In the world without national early life In nutria, that/ there had boon a II. succeeds Arrbblihop
'e M. SI. I I government imposed his years as a Vatican disv Pauline connection with the Paul J. llallman of Atlanta PLANT ANNUALS AND FeRTILIZE YOUR LAWNJ

censorship. mat under Pet* Plus XII. his place since at least 41Q A D. who although! remaining a and
FAIRVIEW work with the poor as Archbishop member. of the fllshops' committee
WALTER MENGES ear's finds" '
of Milan the d *Ui of This j glue more for Latin America, l"00 W FAIRIANKS AVL WINTeR PARKIn
requested -
Cleaners & Laundry Clothier; To ....* "Owr fie.... lay It for yw/" Pope John XXIII. Paul's rrrdrnre le this deeply) rested to be relieved! of the

p,1... 7>o Ftnoit In MOD'S. Wear BLOSSOM TIMEFLORIST lurresitan to the papacy, and Iradltten. chairmanship for health reasons
D.p."d.bl. F. ':c c.,. Ellt OrUndo Sw\\ dii.io" Homo
sots i. L WrrM4115 206 N. ORANGE AYE hit hl.t< of Monterey
St. Jan the Holy land India and the We Hoe The Memo You W.nt, So &..t'. Ct Te< .tkor|
I Ed9...'.", OrUnde Anew From 2510 S. O,."HJO BloM m Tr. the au.pit.. of the University. Archbishop; Cody was made )
4244722 Nit. GA ).1241s. t'nited Nations The empl.l of Rome and organised by the by the administrative! board
then of' the Vatican Cwmeii iniiituie of studies of the "Near' of the U.I. Conference of DEMETREE BUILDERS

GRAY'S JEWELRY will also be featured.The East, Ttishops. (107 test CoUnlol) De Phase! 27Mt2l
'''''sea NIT sw'lss .. ... ,
program was filmed I le .. -,

Watch and Antique Clock Repair CO. place, firtKla, >lil.e. sad

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nil ..n* e.-ra. s. Tea
... ... The Twentieth' retvy" .

began cnoecttg\ men of the "I .,': OJ m
month' this fall Pcf.. Paul u \
AQUINO'SSERVING Ute first MM of toe Year
cMA which, eipected to be afl annual "" "ALL OURCUSTOMERS
THf \ t-::
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broadcast of each year. *
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---- '- -- -- .----- -- -- -
..... '. -

I I rI r---

n Council closes Ten- The!-Florida--Catholic, Friday, December n. 1965

I Era of renewal given to guide world L-1 .j s 5t

Itsubenl tn- PIES Ht) which hold that the Bible is have already experiencedsome was planning to reform some and therefore time was need t v k

meeting adjourned in less than the sole means used by Godto of the effects of that aspects of the organization, ed to study it fully. r
hour and those who reveal Himself and His document, but there are many and he asked them to submit At the time the decision c, w
an ,
thought the council was goingto truth to us. more to come. By the time it suggestions and Ideas The caused great disappointment. err.
be a rubber-stamp affair A vote was taken on the acceptability is fully implemented the Mass first results of this speech However in the intervening
got their first, but by no of the document and many other ceremonieswill came two years later whenhe months before the fourth and
means last, surprise. in general. The results of that have been greatly altered reformed various practicesof final session, it generally was
vote were not revealed by what used to be called the agreed that perhaps it had
When the council resumed Archbishop Felici. who reported Congregation of the Holy Office been best to bring it back for
work on October 16, the showed re- that the needed majorityhad Media decreeAlso now called the Congregation another round of debate.
suits of the choice of the Doctrine of document the
not been reached. At this the The on
had .
that "straight ticket" w
been followed and that com point Pope John stepped in in the second session, Faith. Church's relations with non-
commissions and on his own authority ordered a decree on communicationsmedia Christian religions was voted
was position'widely of international.At the the document to be was approved and promulgated More documentsIn on and accepted by a large .. aaer ,-
the third general meet. withdrawn and redrafted.Intervention The Pope, at the majority in the last days of
the third session, but it had
log, the council Fathers is suggestion of the council, his closing speech of the
been returned too late to be sl.
sued a joint statement to the transformed the Pontifical second session on December
world promising to work for Commission for Motion Pictures 4. 1963, Pope Paul carefully among the documents promulgated
at the third lession.Revisions .
peace and social Justice and The Pope's Intervention was Radio and Television, avoided taking sides on any
stressing that "all men are credited with saving the council headed by Archbishop Martin of the matters still being pro '
brothers Irrespective of the from prolonged debate. J. O'Connor, an American, cessed But immediately after
race or the nation to which Before the first session adjourned into the Pontifical Commissionfor the council he ordered a The Pope's orders to reduce : /

they belong on December 8, 1962, Social Communications, speed.up of the council work and compress the other sche- f
the Fathers began debate on Its task will be to establisha and a drastic reduction in ma had some unforeseen ef
Unity's statusAt a document on social communications central office for exchangeof size of many of the documents fects. For Instance the missions
and on anotheron ideas, techniques and de schema was reduced to
the fourth meeting the the nature of the Church. velopments for the world'. The third session opened on 14 bare propositions.And .
Fathers began the long seriesof While the council adjourned dioceses within the wide field September 14, 1964, and closed although Pope Paul ,
debates by opening the dis, without producing any con of modern communications, on November 21 Its con came to the council hall to p u
cussion of the liturgy schema. crete final results, the first One of the most warmly debated crete accomplishments were speak favorably of it, later debate
One important developmentIn session had laid the ground subjects of the seconds the approval and promulgation showed that a great
the early phase of the first work for much of the resultsof sslon was that on the col. of the Constitution on the many Fathers decided to !
session was the Pope's decision the next session It also had legiality of Bishops The doctrine Nature of the Church, a major send it back for complete revision r.s .
to grant equal rank and demonstrated most effectively in effect teaches that dogmatic work of great .
status to the secretariate for the independence and diversity the Bishops as a whole, to- significance for future theo A similar rejection was given
promoting unity with the 10 of thinking among the gether with the Pope, share in logians and for all Catholics to the document on priest.
commissions.This Fathers, And perhaps most the government of the Universal It served also as the major ly life and ministry, which
decision gave the sec. important, it brought the Church and that they and reference point for almost had also been reduced to a
retariate an equality in debate Bishops closer together and the Pope are a college found. every other document produced series of propositions. It was
and in participating in made them far more aware of ed by Christ just like that by the council. objected that the documenton a3 rw'i.i.
all work of the commissions the universal character of formed by Peter and the Two other decrees were the lay apostolate was a
which related to its competence their office Apostles. published: on ecumenism thorough and long document
It also raised the secretariate's Between the close of the Much opposition to this and on Eastern Catholic and that to treat of priestlylife '
president, Augustin first session and the openingof teaching came from those churches in a few proposition!
Cardinal Bea, to the same the second. Pope John diedon who feared that the doctrine showed a lack of respect and
stature enjoyed by the presidents June 3, 1963.Immt'dlattly infringed on papal Infallibility Roth were milestones In the concern for the clergy in

of the commissions. on Ms election, and the primacy of the hurch's attitude and policiesIn general.The .

Discussion on the liturgy Pope Paul VI announced he Pope the field of Christian unity, propositions on Christian Nativity scene centuries old
schema closed after the 18th fully Intended to continue the and they realized In part Pope education were acceptedin
)However( the doctrine was John's great desire to foster but sent back for
general meeting and the council. The second session general Families place Christmas cribs be- minder of Christmas. Our Lady's first

council next took up the schema opened September 29, 1963. supported five by test great questions majoritieswhen on this unity. emerged revision. as They a declaration eventually approved ncath their indoor trees, and often on church In the Eternal City of Rome,

on divine Revelation. This time. 63 non-Catholic the subject of collegiality and While the third session did at the fourth session. their lawns throughout the United Santa Maria Maggiore (St Mary

The bone of contention was observers were present.The on restoration of the permanent produce some magnificent States at this season A Nativity scene Major), Is replete with Chrlatmaa
centered mainly on the fact opening discussions rank of deacon were voted documents, it closed on a note Around the Vatican before in almost every church and chapel of themes, one of which is thus work from
that it held there are two distinct centered on the document on on. of gloom because the long the third session opened It the nation is a traditional Catholic rethe 16th century, sculptured in marble
and separate sources of the nature of the Church. The awaited Declaration on Religious was said by officials of the
revelation, the Bible on the main accomplishment of this Another stormy area of the Liberty failed] to be council offices that this session
one hand and tradition on the session was the final approval second session was the dIscussion brought back to the floor for would be the last How- Christian Religion\ and on of ecumenism and peace A to end the council on an ecumenical .
other. and promulgation of the on the first part of voting after it had been re tier they had not counted on the Jews In particular, also joint statement of Pope Paul note by inviting the
Those who were opposed to Constitution on the Liturgy, the schema on Bishops and vised. the thoroughness of the council was promulgated at the and Orthodox Patriarch Protestant and Orthodox observers
It maintained that of the most and the government of dioceses The himself he Fathers and their eoniclrntlous who
the mat one sweeping Pope after fourth session Athenagoras I of Constantinople and delegates -
ter was by no means Important accomplishmentsof The Fathers voiced much had been asked to interveneand deletion to produce whom the Pope had by this time numbered more
theologically settled as the the entire council.Immediately criticism about various policies order a vote on the document documents deserting of an Some stir was created by embraced in Jerusalem in than 80 to join him in a
schema suggested, and thatit after the second of the Roman Curia, the declined to do so, since ecumenical council. the fact that the word "deicide' early 1J64: was read both in unity prayer service at I h eB.lIliea
would be a great mistakefor session Pope Paul established top administrative offices in he said the council's special With the arrival of 1965, God( .killing) had been St Peter's and in Istanbul at of St. Paul Outsidethe
the council to adopt that a body headed by Rome which assist the Pope commission for juridical Pope Paul made It clear that omitted But this objectionwas the Patriarch's cathedral. Watts,
position without more study. Giacomo Cardinal Lercaro of in governing! the Church. questions had ruled the ml the session which opened on answered with the argu It Is he very church to
Among the reasons advancedwas Bologna, Italy, long a champion Just prior to the opening of nority objection was valid. September 14 1965, would moot that the word itself did Peace in view which '*i>pe John h'd gone
that it would create ecu ( for liturgical reform, to the second session, Pope| Paul The minority contended that definitely be the last And not belong in a council document seven years before to pray
menical difficulties with the Implement the constitution received the Roman Curia the revised declaration was although it had an enormous ., Moreover, the rejectionof The document ackllO' l..tt. for the reunion of all Christians
Protestant churches, many of The Catholics of the world and informed its members he essentially a new document workload before it, the council what is Implied by the ed mutual faults on both sides and to startle the world

did live up to the Pope's word was very explicitly expressed in the bitter exchange of excommunications with his announcement of a
expectations The reason for in the text, which also in 1064 be'wren new ecumenical council
Just Published-In! Time For Christmas Giving. carried an explicit condemnation
this that much
was so groundwork Pope St. Leo J IX and (The author of this summary ,
of anti-Semitism.
had been donein
already then-Patriarch of Constantinople.
Although Pope Paul had In of the work of the Sec.
Father Gannon's Long-Awaited previous sessions. The events of those
previous sessions held himself days culminated the long decline ond \'.ticn Council Is headof
Liberty textTrue somewhat apart from of relations between the the Rome bureau of NCMt
History Of The Early Church In Florida: the council's work to give the Church In the East and the News Service and has reported .

to the Pope's promise Fathers freedom of action and Church In the West and led to the day.by-da events ot
at the close of the third session discussion, he took a much a severance ef relation for the council' from Rome ever
L.1 the new declaration on greater part In the concluding the centuries to foliw since plans' for it sere announced .
religious liberty was the first. session Likewise, Pope Paul chose b>' Pope John XXIII >
matter of business The American

hlt'rarehy11 again in Pope Paul acts
the forefront supporting the
text which had been largely Speakers at Council listed
IN THE SAND written by the American, The Pope delighted the
Father John Courtney Mur Fathers in the opening ceremony
ray SJThe of the fourth session by varied national origins
declaration was approved by announcing his decision to
and promulgated almost as establish a synod composedof By lather PUrld Jordan O. ..ILTlC.S

; JAc [ tkhl CaUwtlc9n CJUVtdI been written inserted, although a reference there had to world's representatives Itnhflps to assist of like the \',\ fin'C'(; ) The Italian council

the Catholic Church as being a senate in dealing with Fathers, It'd by Ernesto Cardinal Ruffmi of Palermo.

Jlohida, 1813 -1870 the true Church founded by specific\ problems facing the were the "talkingeet' in the Vatican Council But theFrench

Christ. This was in response Church were not far behind, and the Americana used' the
to fears by some that the On the very next day t h e
,;a with an Epilogue from 1870 fo 1965 document might give rise to norms governing this new microphone frequently either la rommliilon meeting
w- I' religious indiffercntism, al body were read out in the The Italians. were heard M* er I I. tflrrrl pen.tit r..t.Ha.
though the document dealt council hall At another period! times tn the 161 plenary meet- lions wick mte ....cllt'r.If .
only with the definition and lit the council, w-ben foes of .lap of the CowicH's four ....
The Of Florida Press Announces defense of man's natural the rellctmis liberty deelara- aloes the French 137 tunes, the many Bishops who
University : right to follow the dictates of lion wanted It to be submitted the Spanish 111. the Amert had applied In be on the
his conscience to still another revision the cans 17 and the Germans 69 ipeahers'. list had hal th< "This Is One Of The Most Remarkable The iVcUnlioi .. Son- Pope stepped in and ordered times. All other natwaakVnes tires but then were presented
the document submitted" as it are represented' with much front spearmg. because dot,.,.
Stories In Florida's 400-Year History.' was, .lest frequency In the total ofKM of defetos had been lavoted
Pope Paul'sChristmas The Pope himself sent hi speakers the total ef speakers would
have moiled
various MggestjMs on some Cantonal Ruftei led the Individuals
1hWJtafn/ With W Rata Old y/laA, ksdchs& and phofrytaphl. of the documents being pro with J7 appearances Also, one night hit the

rested While same of base This is dawn by a many occasions chit thecouncils
did not And (laver with an the suney by .NCWC New Service secretary genera!
Partial Contents IMMEDIATE DELIVERY! Mass Fathers and experts of 1 the after genmt debate ArcMishep Pencie Felirl a o.
seton tended Ute
rostrum tot fin
council, nevertheless all the were cteeed Statistics iadi '

0 The Founding of the Faith ( aria i... re documents passed with comfortable ute that the written lilt,"... said m KM during official one capacity nf the t,11JIk'u H,

S 4 95 on December :23! .t I p m the majorities those were more mimeroM ,.,. meetings that he had
0 The Florida Martyrs Vatican press office has announced than Ute spoken kind. Foreach
a reI" Pauls night U the. brogan the opportunity to be
O The "Golden Age" of the l"altrd1"1'; art his a- oral H&neBtton therewere heard on the tapir t under rnswieratis .
-------------- Mtwitted writmr .
r----------------- tM te
Spanish Missions Tie Fiends C.tholic P. O. 801 J5S1 Ort.ride, Florid. I During the morning of that ouacrmril .f She beriming *' '. in dcitreiko to
day the Pope will receive .f the reform et tine lUmaa others.
O Destruction of the Church I Please send ( ) copies of THE CROSS : Christmas greetings at an Cirla .. were swtUimH' Of fie AMteftcaa cense!
Fathers the one. who spoke C..1IttI Fathers iswke Lalia
by English Raiders I IN THE SAND at $4,95 each. audience with the Cardinalswho The flail closing roeMe .( .
: reside in Rome. mot fre jenUy was Francis -. aAtmtbg I" a*.es,-
the fennel'!
I**, dentMutrated
0 The Irish in Florida I The tiers of seats lining' the eftre what venatlemasj : ardwal Speaman of New
Problems of Church and I NAME -.---.-.-.......-..-.-... III01 St Peter's for the mere a Wt. lie WM beard U tea bbAa
: four the Pope Paul li. Both Ute Ute Albert CafnalMever ....,rlllfl wa UtIlt'
ADDRESS ... .. j pest years during rile PatrsMrfc Manny
State I I of Chirac. and Joseph ISSsifti
ecumenical council are being Among/ the fruits of the fuel.
I 0 Catholic Life in Key CITY I STATE, j ZIP taken down. session were the passage and Cardinal Rater ef St Louts Ftenca of Aattedi 01. toy' who spoke
"d. spoke revs tames James
At first it was announcedthat pro sv-gabon of the Combtu-
West and Pensacola I .. .... __._......_ I the seats, used by council bees on Divtae Bevetotsen Fraacu Cardinal Jklatyre of spoke CaKtttH. another e a e
The Church in the Los Angeles spoke five t.... French James ? .na. tie
0 I Fathers, experts, observers lad on the Church tn the Med-
I MAKE. CHECKS PAYABLE TO THE FLORIDA CATHOLIC I Ij Retard Cantata CttsMat ofBwtoa Assesses laymaa Mud lit
Civil War and auditors, would not be re- era World Decrees on t a e
.. .
.___ few tunes, and La*. fee course of the taw] sessioa,
moved until after the Christ- Lay Apostolate MMSMBS.
spoke fluent Lose.
renre Cardinal <*ekaa o<
j sass season.Later Priestly Life and Minurtn
I the Vatican press office I'atteral Duties of Hutof. a. ItaHjaMre tfuke t.... that 11 was general* eoncedrd
Axlls.b.p Feim ,
---C-- east the work of iietwtatkan of KiiKNU Isle It H .f Internthat .early th"* me' a re tpfttae4 .a'
manUMtf lard beo..... sat SmiMmt MM! l lastly hit the CMM-U albert once the UINMS aNSMMct am.ttJw*
It is snit Upt'l.tfthe Uillra the ItotlaraUtt see ihn tum l*.k tic' fW They were .U1-- Pubs... ate
University of Florida Press 'Urp; ; will have to be closed during Mutation.The: tag !. .kt others' lie Ike U'k of la*maitrrH sanest HOT| fc eMfiMC

the process. council rioted on a note lag, bat most were arthe ant ..ifh great tk"


The Florida Catholic

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The Florida Catholic
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December 17, 1965
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Vol. 1, no. 1 (Dec. 1, 1939)-
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Published at: St. Augustine, <1946-1957>; and at: Orlando, <1967-1997>.
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Diocesan eds. published for: Orlando and St. Petersburg, <1977-1997>; Orlando, St. Petersburg, Venice, and Pensacola-Tallahassee, <1984-1997>; Orlando, St. Petersburg, Venice, Pensacola-Tallahassee, and Palm Beach, <1985-1997>; Orlando, St. Petersburg, Venice, Pensacola-Tallahassee, Palm Beach, and the Archdiocese of Miami, <1990-1997>.

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,.. ., -


.f1/ VM 'miASJNIVOvij )... RqA
: I
jo uisHJAiNnXHOISIH / / ( y

viaaou jo v

.;.", ,. > < ;"7 ;.,. ,, dHoa-an lavHan :aowoi frf((2* I

rteftortdIa I ,; .'Al',., C tistmas&> **' '" M-."f;:, ,.<.,.": Vancan Council I

'f i :
oj ti" Priest ':' "
I Religious

Catholic.. a d? t" People: '.i,*'4'" ( .' gives to worldera

'.- ,i,

...: I send cordial" .' and..pat.erl

01.. ',, : greetings to alLat l this blessed renewal
X.\"II. No. 7 Orlando Florida, Friday December 17, 19M lOo of

season of Christmas, It' is my'

Ordination tomorrow \0 fervent prayertthat the great, ," : By James C O'.Velll


,,;.1 t. feast will lind. ll of us at the" --In all likelihood only

'\ : three people attending et!'*.

altar of f'f'I I y" Communion, for f "' monies in the Basilica of St.
at St. Peter's
Basilica' Paul OuUlde the Valla on

it is in this sacrament i that, woV*1 \ that rainy morning! of Jan

*> nary 25, 1959. knew that Rk ::1

W1XTKR:' HAVEN-A dozen local citizens left here Lakeland on January 30. 19,18:! truly experience the coming% ':\;; Pope John XXIII] had a

for Vatican City this! week I to attend the ordination of a and attended the public secret to announce to the

young man from Polk Count:y Patrick Dt-nnilll\tt'lf'. The schools of Winter Haven, except ". 'r Christ tofus.; May'this : world

Floridian will be present in St Peter's Basilica on Satur- for three years at St ?
4 jfc* Kven; when the papal
day, December 18, when Bin]hop Francis F. Rch Joseph School in lakeland. .i
the North American rector of and was graduated from Winter Christmas. of..r renewal' brtryg all ; Mass was over the thousand .
College,, ordaina him a Priest
Haven *> who hail attended did
High School in the .
a Mane that will "
7'30 a.m., Rome time.begin at land Mr. Webster was In the class of 1 56He our people to' f) 0 sacraments;A' not know that the Pope,

who had been elected lens
lumber business.Members attended the I'nhersitv' r ,
The Alitalia flight that left .
of the family of !Notre Dame an than four months earlier
from Tampa'a airport for :New who in Indiana his r of, Penance < of the Holy ,
York is a charter one that remain at home will Join their father's alma mater until { \ hid gone to the adjoining

carried aboard the new dio prayers of thanksgiving with entering the seminary in 19T>A. | Eucharist The> lord be with Benedictine abbey and
those In St. Peter's that a new He has been at the North ,
ceian Priest'i parents, Mr. i # + ji hocked the assembled 17
Priest is being given to t h e American College in Rom \a <
and Mri
Joseph E. Keefe. all '* Cardinals by declaring his
and his brothers and iNter Dwcee These Include thepaternal since lift! He attended seminaries '.you, 1 "*.4 .*.. '" Intention to summon an
,., 't., :>>:
grandmother Mrs In Masiathuitetts and i w .. "$, .Jo,'
Jerome Keefe, Miss Mary 'J .' *:.
ecumenical council.!
Joe Brian W H Keefe, and aunt and Arkansan. before going to I : 'J
Keel and M.
Keefe. uncle and cousin of the newly Italy to study.Fathers. |&t' : ? Archblshop) C? Ji"ran elj! The world learned of the i

ordained. Mr. and Mrs. J. R ., ,
Ids grandmother Mn J. .. i new in a terse bulletin of

C Webster, Winter )lli\en. Thornhill Jr. and Miry less than 200 word componed -
Thornhill. Winter Haven
and aunt, Mini Polljanna! : and by the secretariate of
aunts, uncles and cousins
Webster, Orlando, have left on mate and released hastilyby
the maternal side of the faintly accomplishall Blessing at St. Peter'sPo
by commercial flight and will I the Vatican press office.In .
join the others In Rom at the
short it declared the
Mr and Mrs
Floyd chair
Forum Hotel |* 1'1111'r., on geatatorlal ,
Mooney and family of Tamps: Pope planned to hold a a> ncxl blessed the! throng on Dccrmber R in St. Peter's

The charter" flight was and Mr. and Mrs John C major purposes for the revitalization Square aa he arrived to close the Second Vatican

scheduled U leave at II f.m., Webster and three children of of the diocese of Rome, to

December IS, from Kennedy Long Beach, California. rail an ecumenical council Council

Interaatlaal Alrp.rt In :NewS'ork lather ItU.TIMOKr: (NC) -- "AU of the major purpora" secretary of the council dis- to work toward unity, and paring for the council The Into St. Peter's kailllca and
Goodman who
cad arrive at the airport bona la Use Alfred! has was. of the Second Vatican Council have been accomplished cussed the Implications of lastly to revise the thief architect .f( the work Pone John was carried

I la Rom December ... the group In Rome Joined this Lawrence Cardinal Shehan of Baltimore aaid here At a Vatican II In several fields. Church'a rode of ranon law during mail of this period.. through the thousands In Kt.

weekend press conference In Baltimore after his return from (ordinal Tardlnl. Ills moot Peter's Square,
Among those on the flight toattend I* witness the ordination (>, birth control he ssldi "I later
I Today ,
Rome, Cardinal even years active aide MnnilgnorTerltle
the ordination are Father tomorrow of another Shehan Mid credit for the council "ti<- was Inslds the basilica were
Frank Goodman of Gulf- .alive Polk ounllan. ceful conclusion is due above all to tope r.ul-Io his see at this lime ae departure the Church and the world l-ellrl', who later was special diplomatic missions
wisdom, Imam the position and theteachings till do not know the farleaching made as Arrhblnhnp and (
port and his mother Mrs courage, patienceand from nations all Over the
The new priest was born In Council II "far td onied general of
Bernie* Goodman; Mrs vision." .urra .llh. Church I la the effect of PopeJohn' secretary world 1'lIfrtIo.r.. also oho
the fondest etpectattens" of lilt council,
Elizabeth DuCbarme Miss past." decision from 10 nnn
The Council has accomplished Pop* John XXIII, accordingto server delegates
Roiella Emry, Miss Karen all of the major purposes the Philadelphia Kven: on the day It was announced The yean of' preparation! Cathnlic/ t'Hurchei and alsofrom
Chip and Bernard Schneider, placed before It by prelate He noted Pope" Paul's (VI tn Its significance was represent an enormous Ihs World' Council of
'Taking nothing from the
of Winter Haven and "' her 4 address at the United' misunderstood Many newsmen work 1'1141 world's Churches unprecedented In
; Ray Pop John at its very start work of Pope John" Ar'h.blllMlp amount of ;
Romigh of Homewortn. Ohio. the Cardinal said and will Krol said at his Nil torn. In huh he urgedStatesmen thought tt war to be torn Catholic: HUltnps all un Invited the history nt pest council

The new Priest Is a memberof provide ..an excellent blueprint press. to seek to increase sort of lummlt mf.lln& of lo stihml' Ideas su( e" There were two last minut
conference of the
on* .
a family pioneer Catholics d k, for the futur blessings for the greatest food resources and "not rather the heaili of (hrlitUn chtiri hei (Ions and rerommendatmns, and rather inrprming are.

ia Winter llavea. FUty-thre his council (not an artificial control This Interpretation w a icukklv as were the HellgHnH orders rivals, prelates. representing(

years ago, the Keel family Cardinal Shekas" one of two a ss man of MieceMmr.rol *.sl stature Popi Paul..1sQknowledge 0' &lIrt"" clarified, by the \stl- and cnnjiregatMU, the Catholic the Orthitdtti, Palrarirhat. rf

no>ed to Florida from. Kan. Americana .n the member Kliile. "a year ago the pill can which announced that II unrmwfles" and fsniKlesof I..ow..

sal and began their! hotel council<< preildesct' said keespected his It took a man of was held by many persona as was to ho composed|> of only theology' and other cratersof The first she k of the noun
stature to direct the workto
business In Winter Haven an ..iraoiwemenl"Is the perfect solution" h* .said the world Bishops In com learning Hy the time It ell ram at tin very first general

The first Masses In the the not ,.. distant fulore" its end recent reports have warnedof mumbo with the 1'111'| was all sifted, analysed and meeting on flcllllM'1.1./ | .

parish wen celebrated ia the 4M about ckorck laws forbidding Th Archbishop an under- blindness and strokes |wsslblv The three who !knew what organised, I total of MMhemai Tbs Pop* had already, named,

l lobby of their hotel At that eallsg meal *. rrida. resulting from taking Pop John Intended to do that or J projects, had aometlm! ,before. the press i ide

time Jesuit Fathers came \'IVln sources had been Paul'sChristmas oral cnotrafejilives' The Pawl. dy were himself. his let'f''. .been compiled .ls of Ihs council's 10 work.

once a month from Tampa to quoted eatlter as saving the Pope and Drug Administration ,Is tar!. Mofmljnor. Loris ('aIM" .In Its four sefotnns with 11 lg lommiisions. asaln all of

offer a Mass for the people announcement would b* mad now making a study of the till, and the then secretary general congregation, the t them Cardinal* of the nllma"l

in the community Father A. ear"t. la lint question, n( Mate' Ikimenlco Cardinal lifII.'nnd'a 11('"' CiHtnrll presented rli ....tt; v II to hll the

Utiolais 13. was the first The Baltimore Cardinal On the rminrtl's statement Tsrdtnl the C'hunh and till assembled council l| Fathers,

Priest to come her regularly said the anooufK-ewent' would on lelslmni with the Jest, Pole John" 'later enjoyed world. with 1* fend
Th* Webster family moved be In the form of broad guidelines Mass set'Tin the ArchMnhnp said h* regards talking alMMil" his surprising mints. bnrshlp ii{ UH roimnmioruKvm .

to Florida from South Dakota Rev. Keefe with detail to be the final, version a i an announcement II* revealedhis Ihs preparatory commit. : before Ih* lMj,lne'< of

40 tars ago, settling Lak. worked out by improvement over arlir I I Intention privately ID t, Cardinal sioits.. set up In JIM, fast, the day hga. Ailnli*. (.ar.
of regional. lie con.ferences said \ \ CITY (%C't) drafts. Tsrdml who Immediately ,. were headed| by the Cantatalsof deal lenart of f.ille riam, '*,
Pop 1'11111 will celebrate a () the councll'i\ reviled with lieat enthusiasm the Roman Cwrls. The cone and naked. In speak !II I.
man) recommendsttooa had Chrulmas Day Mao at II n leachingn but the Tutee| re, work the various drafts .enld a motion l.> delay
'The Cross in the Sand' been mad to the lope and .. nuclear war In the doru | OA l pre
they will peofeaMy b* cfclli. a m In front of M Peter'sItasdka mend on the Church In the railed'' puhlwly that when he for |>r.J/"(.ts lo he! pr*.**...1 voting on IhoM who were to

rotesthe weather modern world. .n""uIIIeI) It lo the Cardinal fur debate went smoothly awl fill. Ih* IW commlmion' ofli ei
cult to harriMMs ArchbishopKrol
forces (he Mais kwtde lathered *t the Abbey of M the ounrll fsl (14 council Fathers on ear h
sand "Th total general pr*<
written by Gannon Elsewhere: asuMier, Amen" : Impaitof
can prelate Md the pre" hiss Tit fIll will be followeS the section' Is, let's getaway l'aul'l, they sat M ,ilenretadi log In Mom ws that H would ennimKiumi. i .until the )'ath'ii
by the Pope'sI'rbl el Orbl" from : of the Cardinals later I* a relatively simple and hat a chance to tumult With
G.\I INhS\'IIJ.K: The Vnivenity of Florida Press view OA the pnssstU relssatm kleitlnf. |o Rime and the' war went to "op Julin, !Individually rather .H.Ht vent Ijlll rfulthey each iilknr' fool who! would
of the Friday abotinMM II. said the document condemnalHin -
announced Tuesday the |ubl cation of "The Crmu in theSand laws Archbtshsp UMI J ...,14. from the kolcosjibot of th* nwlesrrms I to eipreii admiration' and know Iw the rwoot competent. men
to eipJam that hit "I'''.. lit choose,
," a history of the Church In Florida, by Father Krs4 W PkitoMHHa. srur tau Ik* square. ease Is M refledkm on was .Ml.tl, on (Pitcher II. lies,
du* to the fad that the .idea Juiepli" Cardinal >" Iflill of
Michael, V. Gannon! St. AIIfWI IW. Dr. Lewis F. Haine. r.. .. Iran RSSSM. said tk* Th 'IWy t'adlf'fIn deliver Smerka's defense piMlvre was overwhelming and Ml the opeiUg day arrived .\ Colnfns, llwrmanr ann
director cf the Press hiss de.cnbM taw subject of the Hs4y. lie* WM aisislM. It' a IMS. Vtstwai sewage. tie' added that the seHtnnref.rms hem !UratMfMIwr mfnllket pr.t'eaalee l .1 'I!. hr. suaiMHsd < ardinal r.I">
bread rule wes mU be ( Ut* right book as "one of the most remarks' MoriN fai Florida'sdlfl.year nait t a motion" Thus tile) fin> itMli
ueuwe'nallyy asfdraWe" Vsh- POCK:, back page ( i.." tears ifill( lisle pre- world, more than Stets of,

( > hutory .. them, meted save on wise back; page
Ctatreh Is KtarMs ...., ""' ''''' ,... .
Th* Catholic Church hi '1 S-.M *. '% v '
: ,
bet 9 M tosOfntVr '. IM.whea ; rof .
/ '
Florida\ Dr. Ilaines/ valet MIho *
oldest estabttthment CIf PUN Mesisdee do ., \ end four
\ .i
; ,!J Bishops
A"IIM beaded M. AwuMM. I >' .: 4'
the Chrtttian Faith hi t hI'nried e ,1)'J
Hd talker Faacmc. Lars .,.
Slates Founded at M ,......... I
k ctilIrat.
Augustine in ISM It Is .nowctlebratisg H UM Pont Grapes Mall M the Na- ,.\'- ...... ,. ,''-'-- < of work on December 8

iU 4fMh a suvraarr (MRS' First Csry S'at t h e ..1.1""

prwwre sf UM Chsvcfc at ttss \'l'C''S' cirv (.NO: _- Though hislnrv will re
The of the ... .
tropical lad weld heel ISMflfeart rued that 2U%) Father and i a/i many tH**>lof ian bruugt

Father GaaoM. woe aatss al > boyssrf. MM. lisSisaFrdav the Kecoevl V'atkan Council r" a sucewnful i"" Ins' '
< rotted acclaim lat tear tar
. .' more than UXHXJO) .Jlf'dato"' will Indelibly. rrnnnibr t '

nt Rebel FVtrida Bishop Titii a War wgra radMlie .lay- .,Poor flit nmt. 4* Lan wits no. ..... .4'r1 e 1 I1i'i4Lt f.t of its elm..,..
m w.s s
bishop. Augusta \'*rotla F'mfenMloI by the ma.-I e arms of the "IO''Q', '
i atns4r toysnan Frtssta sad)
which. fkfisMS M Peter's 4it's.' ,, KnMAna and 1 "I..,' .
with P. ISM
the 1.i chapters ef "TVe ed sre sw iemtvm '
(',... Is the 5a4" the PHetlkltUrUo *|. .Y UZI I .e. 1 from tkrmsfhMit tM world) .t imel l ur>'ler Use J.I".n' wuwItAood

has tM the wk.Utiory \u4 sit r rM ter sues which aMersMtr, is s.b..geeM
of the (kirtk'i find with, ttof>.t.*l.g sao.li .
Speaot u,..,..... U I .kMWa e Pape t?' Cram
lire crodrVs I. IWMae 1a t sk.re*).. kelveeaj It wee reoaaraf ut the ( again IwO. wn; .'
""c"f Msgs the frwN > ,..,...... ,. '
story the"
| -| sad IM! hetesu same open( 'ng a Mlihiiv s miter one t' ")

t. tk, posed Unw.nfte U rate IV ('revs Is the .55,5 Nil two a1uM01y h.fur csMSwit ralkn* 01 hi > nWUn ..,

.' .ta arlit met ingnarrabtt ftjd. 0*< l. offer ..Mmberr4 "t>... the SSMSi4 ("Mirk.' taaia, .sainted m his mars .,:
a W dtnrllK ruin mnl'iAlly '
MMes vHoVrBess aVUrt | iuun>*
atvk l the
foerI II,," an .hswr &U4ar I'"u, ... ( the' thrumand I h e
I reader" UM host" is tllvetn' a
,+ I.-hn |.. UMS StMSjiU M I., nat ,...
ed r., ,us .MI ckair on whMk hr was 41' Ja
walk maps led many.. TV Spnuk. stieenenf\ It' lI ,. 1 .haM.wd ..... Hie, ir'iwd nubs. I nee h udtalmgutsli.d
rare 4etrh" .
"n a 4 pfca( follnvMt h
Fonda way > tinn Itrina.M hew. become u.-'I II. t him 41 Ih. n i '
11' pM TW lorlH reprwlrcrsat tI the l I.... ,
npiJ lillft i ianti .. III > and \.. i'
ttemg MM CaedssoX r> I < U p \\irrn\n\ uMr
ell) person al UM favndg
.. ./ St AsgwttM at UMMrfosa a wart 4 that for coojtiswed two rmtttrieiTNt uni*> >rY. RlsllSfS' .I1.KIS*" ittmirand of UM Chur h
te-rut *
.f N.sate* dot DIM lit tilt nuMwBSIM .skx frees t toe cow talks wtrkmes k4 beesh
sssetMt >,.11 day alter 4f, Mist n-"
by tN lIMed Antemu artist w **V.!.sv 4 ky the fact 4* f.r days .1I.Ir..1I1I1 the
tiXM' a..*ls**. Ml Is4.0i*r .
Sful" w.
.. .
The .rsoaoallraot/u
artist that .less this H y.*r, shier pietderm.> Camps, benches
front stas tt Mw suit
i.pt ted tae Sp.aah set. U* i usa. stf !M' A. Min. tint lronleS chick writ powdraped
tiers *4 Lib r ... ad of VIM IsnslMM la4aaeh. Spectacular closing of Second Vatican Council Unlit M tssasssiirjr. |MI '. Is erlma.n bunting
.1 I oMkar oss srf a v
pI* Ia( a CNss ss the send > >< vMiM the SSSSS4 ., with. s "W," trim forming
.-.1) true w.-_ I "
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mart*! Craos SB SOT tasr Wio. kscfc crsct a At.i'\ .'.. MIl Tsilalioit. I*' '-nitr S .'f'Pie ;;! !I.: f'c..IZ4f' d.< i if's"henlteC" *. aa thrv wa.kJ : VaM. later a|"akwi( ""I 'tiabre nip. TH ''h.* rl<'M,r '.if the tIll?,r'S

.. M 1M .laistheg 1Mn. sal slag a HVSSrf IMM . ar"u
story u c.. lathe: ;:) THE: ( CTMiM oe !.. .. Peter a jnar'' \ pieta CV v in be ci'Mr' *ir pieces arI\I1 ..f ih* tm.t\\.i a. 'I" .... to Pup .'..... ", I MMUH1. page flu

., I

TIle 1orida Catholic, Friday, lkrrmlwr 17,1965' ..... -- Save peace of world,

I florida Reports i Pope advises women

Pope Paul VI presided at the ceremonies In St I

St. PetersburgHOLY GulfportHOLY .u, Peter'a Square on December 8 marking the closing of the

FAMILY NAME Second Vatican Council His message of the day to the

Holy Family Guild will The annual Christmas partyof women of the world, read by Leon Cardinal Duval of

sponsor a New Year's Eve Holy Name parish will beheld .. follow
Algiers ;
dance at the Treasure Island on Sunday, December 19 t tt w risk of becoming Inhuman.

Auditorium. Tickets are $2.50 rom 3:30: p.m, to 5:30: p.m. in now It if to you that Reconcile men with life and

per person Time is 9 p m to the social hall A German AND a d d rei' ourselves, above all, we beseech you,

lam. and music will be by "Oomp-Pah.Pah" band will women of all stain girls, watch carefully over the future
the "Eden Ro '.." play and Mrs. J. Nelson Urch, of our race.
wives, mothers and widows\ ,
chairman, assisted by a groupof
school mothers will serve to you also, consecrated virgins Hold back the hind of man
LorettoST. alone who, In a moment of felly,
hot dogs and sauerkraut to and women living
JOSEPHThe all Santa Claus will be present -you constitute half of the might attempt to destroy human

Ladies Guild of St. Joseph' with a sweet for the children ,. Immense human family. As civilization
In Loretto held their s.ct q
All members of the you know, the Church is proudto
Wives mothers of families,
monthly meeting recently parish and their friends are have glorified and liberated
the first educators of the human
Father Corde
Joseph expressed "
invited to attend. 11i't bf.' women, and in the course of
his pleasure for the race in the intimacy of
}ta.f the centuries, in diversity of
Name School choir directed
fine attendance at the day of Holy the family circle, pass on to
by Sister Elsa Charles uloii la characters, to have brought
recollection held on November your sons and your daughters
3, for the women of the 0,P. will go caroling on Sunday into relief her basic equality the traditions of your fathersat
parish. afternoon, December 19. Tarpon Springs. event on December 8 with man. the same time that you pre.

Final arrangements were They will visit shut.ins and institutions But the hour Is coming, in pare them for an unsearch
made for the distribution of to bring joy with Gowned youth are pictured on I left, pictured are, back row: Richard Lane, Timothy Curley, fact has come, when the vocation able future. Always remem.

Christmas baskets to the their songs. December 8 with Father WilliamH. Charles Basinskl, Francis Hruby, Daniel Cullen, Terence Curley; of woman Is being ber that by her children a

needy Neuhaus in St. Ignatius Churchat Gary Bickell, Father Neuhaua. foreground, Regina LaBelle, Rita achieved In Its fullness, the mother belongs to that future

Plans were completed fora SarasotaQUEEN Tarpon Springs. The First Com Ernest Cannon, James Underhill, Chlilk, James Maddox and Christopher hoar In which woman acquires which perhaps she will not

Christmas social eveningfor OF MARTYRSThe munion Class! received at the 8 p.m Patrick Cullen; middle row, Mari- Arkwright In the world an Influence see.

the members and their appeal for serviceable Mass on the feast day of the Im. bel Lopes, Kathryn Beyens, Nancy an effect and a power And
women living
husbands. lIe\er hitherto achieved you
used clothing, shoes, blanket maculate Conception. From the Leigh Howley, Roxann Johnaon, alone realize whst you can

and bed linens for the Bish That is why, at this moment accomplish through your dedicated .

Eau GallieASCENSION ops' 17th annual Thanksgiving when the human race is vocation. Society i is appealing -
Stanley Hytrek, Mrs. Richard
clothing collection received Bannon, Mrs. James McCabe, Priest warns 'The Cross in the Sand'of undergoing so deep a transformation to you on aU sides
The Women's Guild aided an overwhelming response women Impregnated Not even families can live
Mrs Delwln Mrs
Ascension parish Priests by from the parishioners of Our LaMay, with the spirit of the Gospel without the help of those who

boxing and labeling contributions Lady Queen of Martyrs \\llliam Jane Connell.O'Neill and Miss campaign written by Father Gannonfor can do so much to aid have no families. Especiallyyou
to the Bishops' Relief Church Sarasota.
mankind in not falling. consecrated virgins, in a
Fund. Under the direction of Mrs. James Daley, parish ,.... world where egoism and the
abortion (Chit en. 11 see) can Indians Curiously, that have
You women always
Mrs. Sid Hamilton, chairman, chairman of the drive, super MaitlandST. search for pleasure would become .
50 boxes were packed. Mrs. vised the sorting, packing and MARY MAGDALEN northward to St. Catherine's important story has been had as jour lot the protection law be the
Hamilton was assisted by I labeling i of approximately Members of the Women'sGuild ST. LOUIS (NC-A) Priest Island. relatively unknown to most of the home, the love of beginnings of purity,, unselfishness guardians and

Mrs. Donald Halsema, Mrs one.fourth ton of clothing. Invite the adults in the who Is a medico moral consultant Their villages bore such Americans. and an understanding piety Jesus who has given to

Louis Zakrsewskl Mrs. The committee included parish to attend the Christ for the National Fed. names as Name of God, Holy Now, In this new book, It of cradles You are present conjugal love all its plenitudes .
Hampton Austin, and teenagers Mrs Calvin Lallurd, president mas program beginning at 8 eration of Catholic Physicians' Faith, St. Joseph, St Francis In the mystery of a life bt. has also exalted the
Is told In its for the
Debbie Grunenfelder, of the parish Guild; Miss p,m. in the parish. Guild has charged Holy Cross, Ascension, and entirely ginning You offer consolation renouncement of human love
Debbie Hett Keith Austin, Rose Govone, Mrs Francis Maitland women are invited there is Pa very active and Our Lady of the Rosary, first time in the departure of death. when this Is for the sake of

Trudy and Dana Fay and Sandra Mangan, Mrs. Denis Browne, to attend the midwinter well-organized campaign Inoperation" The history of Florida and These pages also recountthe Our technology runs the divine 10and for the service
in this
Wallace. Mrs. Jennie Hebert, Mrs. retreat planned in l Holy legalize criminal abortions.country to of the American nation began tragic end of the Florida of allLastly

Name Priory, San Antonio, Monsignor Paul V Harrington with this positive contribution missions, the temporary collapse Soviets wants touriststo
February 1820 There will bea the gallant effort of of Catholic life duringthe women In trial, who
vice officlaiis of the metropolitan
second retreat there, Feb Spanish missionaries to im. British Period and Its reappearance use idle convents stand upright at the foot of
I ST. PETERSBURGBOWEN'S tribunal of the Boston
ruary 22 24. Make reservations archdiocese, warned prove the spiritual and material among Mmorcan BONN (NC>)> Russia's the cross like Mary, you whoso

locally for one with "Once a state grants a right condition of the Amerl- immigrants; the establishment many convents and monatUriel often in history have given

Mrs, Carl Warren, 647-6744. to murder the unborn, it is by the Church of Florida left Idle by restrictions to men the strength to battle

Altar Society members will only a short step to the posittion said for 's (and the nation's\ >)> first on religious life under com unto the very end and to give
FUEL OIL Edouard C, Craig assemble in the sacristy on where the state could order Requiem schools and hospitals; the munism should be turned into witness to the point of mar

Standard Oil Product Contractor and Distributor December 22 at 10 a,m. to the killing of unborn anda story of St. Augustine's international tourist attractions tudom, aid them now still; 1
Ue Your Credit Card for clean and prepare the church shorter step to commandingthe pioneer worker in church wardens in the 1820's according! to the soviet once more to retain couragein

862-2450 Vilon Metal", Ceramic sanctuary for Christmas death of living defectives, and 1830, the coming of youth publication Konsomalskaye their
OR (96-2939 and Mosaic Tilei then hea'thy Individuals Charities, NCCW Florida's first Bishop, Augus- Pravda while at the same time maintaining !
917-49(1)( St So 147-4101 tin Verot, in 1858, and his devoted The soviet magazine notes patience' and an esteem .
Pontiff /lauds "Thin Is a right which the WASHINGTON (\C) A labors on behalf of both that the suggestion is aimedat for humble beginnings.
state mutt have." Requiem Mass for Mrs Stella
never white and Negro Floridiansduring earning tourist
ST. ANTHONY'SHOSPITAL by Hamilton Stapleton, 94. for the Civil War and money Women, you who know hew
cooperation through capitalizing on the attraction
The Priest his
ALPINEThe expressed
many years active In charitable after of the traditional institutions to make truth sweet, tender
views In current issue of the
600 11 th Street North all undertakings, was offered and accessible, make It your
new Hurting Llnscre Father Cannon is director Many visitors
St. P.*erttrg for the finest in Nurtmg Africa, Europe the federation Quarterly of ,physicians'guilds 'journal of on December 13 in St.Matth.w' of the Mission of Nombre de would welcome the chance tostay talk to bring the spirit of this

Modern, Wall Eqllipp.dRUlon. Home Care. VATICAN CITY (:NC) which he serves ai cathedral here.A Dios, where tie Is curr.ntlybulJdLlI in the former religious Ceiaell Into initlluUnts,
native of Omaha schools homes and Ue.
Nebraska ,
.bl.Condllct.d 847157 dally
About 200 European and Afrtcan consultant.He a research library of buildings if the cells were
by 3454 2lit Ave. South leaders attending an eco said a major network recently and an alumna of St.Mary'l Spanish Florida history He modernized and restaurants Women of the entire unU

Sir! ri ef St. Francis nomic conference in Rome telecast a program, Indiana College she studied Notre Dame, holds the degree of Doctor of were added, It Is contended, verse, whether Christian or
Approved by were encouraged recently to of which. the "sole and evident Paris and music in Rome.art In In Philosophy in history from the and the structures themselves nonbelieving, you to whom
American Holy Name Church continue their cooperative efforts purpose was to sell 1914 she married Daniel C. University of Florida, as wellas could be better preserved.The We is entrusted at this grave

College of Surgeons JACKSON'SSHOES by Pope Paul VI, who abortion to the people of Stapleton, who had mining interests degrees from other American story was reprinted hereby moment in history, it is for
said the Catholic Church has America." in Ecuador and Co and European uuvtrsi- the German Catholic news you to sass the peace of the

contributed to their movement He said there were three lombla During World 1 ties. agency KNA. world:

Catholic participants on the returned to Washington.She .they ---... .,.... -

DON BARDELLA said program but "they were allowed .
The Church, the Pope ,
aided the late MonU.jnnr "
4 very little time and
% has supported all efforts that
Manager only Innocuous remarks of John J. Burke C.3P" In
641 Central A.,... 162.1355 add to the strengthening of theirs were presented after the formative years ef the National
and collaborationamong
peace He said for very careful! editing of their Catholic Welfare Conference -
NEW CAR LOANS peoples. original statements" and was one of the
this reason the Church Is happy
The Priest said the t telecast drlrgites to the tint rOD\tI-
Siti A.uI.rei"q..N 10 see closer ties between
concerned an unwed expectant lion of the National Council
1 Europe and Africa
Illtfll M Wlllltl riflM. of
mother, He said it was Catholic Women In UtO.

Between you and us thereIs "maudlin sentimentalism"which
She served several terms as
a reciprocity of gifts and gave no considerationto
The National Banks treasurer and member of the
/ of peaceful development," he moral principles Involved board of the National CatholiC
continued. and "its conclusion favor-
trm 111* MI lilt was
St. School of Social
Petersburg Service t
"The Church wholeheartedly able to abortion. 1
SL Pltlrikirf founded In 1921 under NCCW
U45 9th Street, North applauds' all that contributed
He scored the "medical auspices and now Incorporated
to civil and social
progress, panelists for their failure te In the Catholic University a
and In Its own way brings Its
ROBINSON INSURANCE AGENCY mention, criticize or Censurethe cf America
contribution Its
own message
premarital promiscuity Mrs. Stapleton was a ploneer .
JOHN H. RAFFTERY ( JrLIlll > we said of love to representatives and peace as of which ranted" the unwanted In the work of the Christ

Central I Ave_. Teltphone more than 80 nations who pregnancy Child Society, which was
founded In Washington In ISM
St. Petersburg 1622141riMM came to be present at the Monsignor( Harrington said by Mary V Merrick and now xx '
closing of the Ecumenical criminal abortion
is the direct branches
throughout the United r
Council is at the service of antithesis and contradiction States and abroad. She

J, l.. B.Il.rdPrsident the true good of men" of the purpose, spirit and also helped the late Monil-
Those who attended the ideal of medicine, as well asa
gnor Edward J, Flanagan
audience were taking part In violation of the phjiiclans found his famous Boys Townon
a parliamentary conference oath.CLEARWATER.
the outskirts of Omaha In Sarasota
r 1817, group packs clothing

Among these who helped peck and rrancla )Margin Miss ROM eo.Ollf,
iOp.N..T. Ecumenism theme for hip the clothing collected
recently for Mrs. Richard Banaon and Mrs, Janice

.1',1'11'1\.0' ..,... Council of Churches the annual Thanksgiving Catholic Relief Daley, parishioners of Our Lady
int A.*. r._ir .1.i .. y.r.yMm1411 Services drive were, from left ),Irs. Queen cf
tw ...... |M.*4 kr f,n,,I.C. ....U. CiE.\E\'A.IItIl"1I4 Martyrs Church Sarasota.
(NC>)> The policymakingcentral
The J. Orlende c., Ine.ROSARIES .
FRESH FRUITS committee of the
HOLY NAME PARISH World Council of Churcheswill
Sfanyer's RELIGIOUS ARTICLES meet here In early

Ml liN l.. ......... February to discuss the
GULFPORT DRUGS Grove & Gift Shop .-- "'M nMl world body's participation In
future ecumenical contacts

Q'frtm' / f V/9tncy/ THEE.RIPENED FRUIT and to choose a new secretary oooooooooooooon

EXPRESS SHIPPERS I AceHardware general

Your Neighborhood Druggists Self.Service Candiai-Marmetede-Heney The WCC an International e M
Phone association of Orthodox Anglican -
Phone 344-0011-5009 LaUview Avenue
2246 Gulf-to-Bay : I 4440174I4i)6ulfteley and Protestant

Gulfport, Florida I ".......... churches, has been dedicatedto I
10 Minut. Free Delivery Top Value Stamp Boulevard I the unity of Christians since /

its Inception In 194S The central Mire

committee meeting .

a new ecumenical center
dedicated here last July andwily
For Fr. Delivery Service Call 4U71MI take ecumenism as Its

AW.-T Mt r )Emergency: Phone 44M793 theme. Observers appointed SERVICE 'I

the (D!Jot J r by the Holy See will attend. n FD

2 s. Fie. A... .. Ume St.
I Ia

I I Mile South of Stidn., Point Road on South Trail (U.$. 411"y.'g ) Air rsRailsFwnhStalinFloatMarble ttt Cooling one Print end general rector. LAKELANDC0OOOOOO C 0

love our Seafood"INFORMAL end Weed Finely HafltfWed Statues cl.1.

INEXPENSIVE. Reatenablet Apply: P. O. lot 177 ooooooooo oo8Tvro $
Serving i from II A.M. PhI 24-2l2t : 2 Gulf to-ley W.d. Cieerwater (PKene' 724-)2 l Esc.weed. Honda 1

r i,



I The florid Catholic. Friday. December n. 19GS: s
I, t'
Florida Stephen B. Kali l l now ski I .. "f"l'iI'" ; .
Reports 771-6692, general chairman r n I ,; J '

Jacksonville CHRIST THE kiNG r'r'A r't r't'I
Members and friends of the I
SAN JOSEA Guild of Christ the King 1
Christmas program will Church Arlington, were entertained

be presented by the children December 9, duringthe ,

Mending San Jose School regular meeting by thechaldrf'ft's
choir of Christ the
under the direction of the
Sisters of Mercy to the members King School: under the direction 1 A
of the San Jose parish of Sister Martina
Guild Mrs. Hollice Crisp gate a
on Monday night. December -
20 at 8 p,m. in the spiritual reading ,
parish social ball and Mrs Mary Agnes Fogar S 1
ty entertained the guests witha

SACRED HEART witty poem

Sacred Heart parish will Gifts were presented from
the Guild by Mrs Daniel i y '
sponsor a festive New Year'i *A 1
Edance at the Garden Cen- Japour to the several Priests

ter on Riverside Avenue, from and Sisters in the parish. .r lit

9 p m. to 1 a m Music will be CATHOLIC WOMAN'S CLUB

provided by the George The Catholic \\omans Club

Hughes Combo. Entertainment : honored its members with a
will be furnished and a Christmas coffee on Monday.

delicious midnight buffet will December 13, at the home of -

be served. Decoration chair. Mrs Quinn R Barton. Cochairmen Jacksonville dock receives
man is Mri.ilfred Magnanwith were Mrs A. J.
Mrs. Walter Dudzilc as Bertka and Mrs Julian bar

buffet chairman. Donationper ren. First of Cathedral'smarble Italian marble arrives at Cathedralthe
couple ii ten dollars. For Members brought: articlesfor shipment

,.reservations please call Mrs. Du\al Medical Center.JACKSONVILLE Monday after Thanksglv Miami Marble and Tile Com Augustine, and this semblance .

log and says that goofed the pany. of a story was trans

delivered from Italy assignment; that the ship has Finally, we get the picture mltted to The Florida Catho

been here and gone af the crates en a truck, s e lie

By Bob MurphyONE the Tort Authority of Jackson So, bark to the telephoneafter the ontr problem Is now U And now t am convincedthat

day back In early October, the telephone rings and "ill* steered' me to Southeastern taking an ulcer tablet get the farts for a story 1 have not lost my marble

."n, a pleasant voice says: "I have an easy assignmentfor Maritime Company, general Exactly: 23 calls later I traced Well this takes some 23 or U it marbles

\ you." agents the shipment of marble to more phone calls and we still

dt"e1t It was the editorial' desk of The Florida Catholic 4. young lady with a Balkan Tier !. It Is laying there waiting can't find anyone who can tell
lJ accent efficiently flipped for customs inspection al us the farts not even lb. Consecration set for
.4N "I can use an alignment I Mid In all nauete.
H9 easy through: records and told me though: what they expected to Jlt'f'rlel'hn are supposed to Bishop of New GuinearITrSnt'nr.1I
Issae Editor said, "There Is a something like that and it's the \cttoi Pisani had just left find was beyond this reporter know
shipment of marble coming to leaving Italy sometime this Italy and was indeed heading Webb, I arrange for a photographer )How much marble Is there, (tSC-Bish-)
America from Italy I lor Jacksonville with a shipment we ask each Individually op.d tlln.te Firmln M.
month but I don't know the to shoot the crates, person
think and it will be used in Schmidt OFM Cap., was
of marble It due TThe
name of the agent, said the war but then he call back a n d
the Cathedral of St. Augustine consecrated to serve as vicar
Editor around the middle of November says they won't H him shootIt estimates ranged he.
1 ,Lzti Will you please track it I agreed to trace Puano unless the ship made until Customs has finished (ween 70000 pounds and M,. apostolic of Mendi In Papua
down and that New Guinea In St. Paul'scathedral
appropriatephotographs Pisanl. Pusanv. or, perhaps, some unscheduled stops, They told him to coma back till pounds.
are taken of the Piss, for all I know through .huh was not unusual later Well then, where was this here December' IS.
unloading. And also send Bishop John J Wright of
us some unknown agent to an "I I will keep you Informed, More phone calls 17 by marble mined or quarried' or
...a ......* aisai 11e.esel a story on the arrh'."" unidentified port along the the lady with the Balkan accent actual.. count to architects' whatever? Pittsburgh was consecrator -

I agreed that this sounded Eastern: Seaboard arriving at said courteously, shipping people, port people, "Not sure," they say But with Bishop Cyril J. Vr
like a fairly simple swgn- an unspecified time I so Informed The Florida doc,1tlIrktori., construction they did know It was finishedIn gel of Salina and Bishop

merit and agreed to under Catholic people, the Importer, a night Pisa not the boat, but Frederick W. Freklng of I..-
take itWhat. I srcrrltv rongratiiUlrd.. myself The arrival date was changed watchman on I'ler 4 the the town C roast as co-consecrators.
port Is It arming In that Ibis ass, Indeed a* six times, but I was assured The ensInformed fellow Bishop William 0 Connart of
and what 'u the name of the easy asulgnmrnl. that I would he kept nrHn.burgl'rtlcht'll the ser
adobes< that this Is only the
DEIHL ship I asked To make a long story short Informed the day the ship first shipment. Another load mon
"Nell, it will, arrive either docked in Jacksonville. Issues call for
of marble Is due In the near
In Miami. Port Everglades: Drama director So. when did the ship dock* future'

Jacksonville Brunswick, Savannah On Thanksgiving Day that's fight against smut
or maybe even New when While all this Is going on, ST. AUGUSTINE

,York I'm not too sure" says good art And 1ohodyU working at CI\CI.NN\TI (ISf-) the word lot out that there

said. the Editor: as I saw the the Southeastern Marltllnefllmp.ny. Charles H Nesting, Cincinnati mud he a big story brewingon

"easy alignment' turning in- will evil so nobody Inform attorney and founder of Pier 4 secret shipment
to a nightmare: expose ed this Intrepid reporter. Cltirens' for Decent Utura. highly classified and all that,

"I am glad you base narrowed VII,W 1t'KEI3C: ( ) -The So, what happens lure, Inc called on Catholic Well the wire service' boys,
the port of debarkation new drama director at Mar- college students and alumnito the newspaper reporters and 81
down Now can vou' tell me quettt I'nUerslty has said ttrll the Edits: rails ip Join the battle against filth the television. people began

what ship it will. arise on. an that w Mentioned' but uninformed and pornography throughoutthe getting the scent of a big
estimated time of arrival and anti pornography Man admits fraudulent "world story, M they complicated
Flowers fee .fl OccnteosFlowers
fetJ. whst shipping agent will handle ualots are among! the greatest lie spoke at Xavier Univer.sitv things by railing this rr-porter!
it*" I aiked enemies of art religious requests after being presentedwith << 'for Information. Wired Anywhtr
"The ship 'la named either They are ignorant of Its MU: ionic (NCIJn.ephMorowskt the Institution's, annual I honestly aniwered them
TWO FINE RESTAURANTS TO SERVE YOU the Piwino. PiMini. Pusany or potential Its nature and its '. 82, pleaded, guilty SI t Francis Xavier Medal for that If It was on. thing I didn't Carcabat Florist

2S7I Atf I.,,t.ie Blvd. $48 I AfU" ,e |l..d. method of communication," in Manhattan Federal Courton distinguished service' hat. It was Information/ ,
Leo' Jones said three counts of mail fraud hell the marbl got to St. ... .It u.so a. a.1.F
191 SS32 W 4524j HOMEOWNERS.smstss
i& Keeling spoke! af the cut-
stemming from appeals for
citoflvift*, FU. \ good. play will shoe "ll come fir "smut merchants"
---t funds h* sent' under the name,
hut will'" pop,', H dm n I. rates now pending ,hrfore Ih.l'nu..d PONTIAC
PRIME RIB -STEAKS Jai 'Brother Joseph Dam l Ian
Wk01; A .
l..y. ", Its reols Junes antertrd. Stairs Supreme Court.Tliene .
Open, 24 Hour m'"I t...,t--r 'Paul Claude), a great fur !th* u) 5. ca..., he noted, "will Banta Brothers
Attorney estimated that determine whether' generations
( hnsiian fuel of the theater" 5i
... .;.I U. Ambon's INTEREST hal plays that make Tennessee llornwikl had raised at least to tome will enjoy our IK Ml IMS 15)Ir'
;m YOUR ttvM. SAY IT WITHFlowers Williams appear mUd In $15 (Jill) a year for the pant present constitutional prerogti (-
hit eipntitmn of evil But 10 vears by panting himself > of polk- power eirnsed < MMsn
.rIWMt whil Tennessee Wlltlamsih off as a Brother cotlectirg for for the health and wel PrescriptionsSick

BEACH BOULEVARD ..w< tlte fascinating aide of worthy (harlllH11Gc".kl firth* moral wellbeing--
coil Claudvl shows its I had donations at our citizenry "
...=:-.::::=..- tllfJAMERICA Alyd Floret Of N E. Fl. cell,. its failurfi and ugh how mailed to him at the address The alternative Is "thepornotrrar1..n 9 r ZCDOIWddRccxn1

fid himself will 10',1, of a rundown hotel In Pittsburgh will tit able to

ff,3.Ie / THEHartley into goad rather than ,permitit or a bar In Manhat enslave to deprive our pea Budgeting?
to destroy t the human. bemr tan's Herald\ Square/ area. pie of freedom by chaining" IJJItU'lJ

_. UN ..as .... ......... Press according to prtMerutnra CaulK them In "bondage of hint and
a.caall.vau ....._ UH' Uier >ou bav sees e\'il Ronney and Andrew J prurient I desire," Keating, room supplies Ute Our Low Cost

1110 K.Ry Street mat lamM play you end Mahoney. warned Rental and laU
AMERICANZ Jecllaasnl.. F..... JS7J790Thunderbird up with some cmrfUkm that l lin Checking
M. a4l"rl%),", be rured" .10M said V. 4.1417 47 Kin? Sheet
_..... ( / .
H' DELAND AREAAL'S You CM keep .* aceu.
11f'hr".ItI'! drama rl
.c. recUr said Orlttlim Ihrml rte r*,Old .f yew .,*.1IdIII -

sloe l are I. Mime far lh. and really ..., to.

Buying A Car ? purity .( plans l rfflrrtlNg sreslKltc TOP SHOP your t> *l?'t witfc .ueiimpU
Nordmann Hardware
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crWInnj actevef iy.
'an, artist.. and lea 1M Top Mae"Com.d F>tK' ;n) T.dU' *(p."; .d
Get An Honest Deal t."",.
STEAKS t j di: Mt use tM theater A/c.d. D.L.nd Sporting C.o
It Art .... .
tee SEAFOODSUUCCrtBSWAY t br".4' slaw. of whoevr- .. rt M. MH ST. AUGUSTINE
Ed M.gfwd-S.e Joe P mll I ."i it and gives to It '
Jo. K.ko.-Sa JoM r.rnk '1've U hiatitut a ) SIAsaqwte.-VA4. ,I611
Tim Fvu-S+. P.JH.ddeclIt.r. H f i <'. program In our ) I CrWrl. PUt s.r..., S..1ce
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\ (


The Life of Our Lord Vatican Council IIDates

Catholic CommentCouncil Many believe in His nameon of actions reviewed I IIN

college, and restoration of the
of the Second copal
the four annual

ends: new era beginsTHE seeing His first miraclesIT Vatican Council the Church was en- order diaconate as a distinct and permanent

riched with four constitutions, nine decrees -
Dec 4, 196.1. second session of the coun
effects of Vatican Council II Church reminded all that the Churchis I was sufficiently surprising and three declarations closed Constitution on the liturgy
the liturgy
The Constitutions are those on -
that the moneychangers :
be limited to nor fully ap- not a mere powerful world-wide organization and the sellers of sacrificial the nature of the Church, divine revelation and the decree on social communica

pi'eclated by our generation The im but rather "the People of animals should have fled u and the Church In the modern world tions promulgated.Jan. .

pact of the many epochal conciliar decrees God" making a pilgrimage through life. before one man and His small The decrees are those on social communications 44 19M. Pope Paul VI made ecu-

may be BO profound and far- The ordinary faithful are not to lookon scourge Almost as surprising Frank J. 1 r ecumenism, Eastern Catholic menical journey to the Holy Land and

reaching that even historians and com- the Church as something apart from Is that the Temple rulers r Churches, pastoral duties of Bishops met witb Patriarch Athenagoras

mentators of the future may well\ findIt themselves; they are the Church. The did not arrest Our Lord for so Shtedone renovation of the life of Religious men and Mav 17 1964 Secretariate for Non-

difficult to render an adequate appraisal importance of the laity in the Churchis shattering a breach of t h e women, seminaries, the lay apostolate, Christian Religions created.

At this early age it seems not emphasized time and again through. peace They would send the missions and the priestly life and minis- Sept 14. 1964, third session of council

too rash to assert that this council has cut the various decrees. Temple police to arrest Himin try.The declarations are on the relations of opened.

The Priesthood is not to be regarded the garden of Gethsemanl-: Nov. 21, 1964, third session closed. Constitution
launched the Church on a bright new the Church with non-Christian religions,
not Not only did
why now piece of evidence brought on the nature of the Church
era in her history solely as a mystery transcending human did Christian education and religious liberty
they not arrest ; they against Him, misstated as a and the decrees on ecumenism and
The Priest is not
If any one attitude permeated St. understanding not even protest. threat that lie would Himself A chronology .( the Council follows Eastern Catholic Churches and the
December 8 it was separated from the people but one living Paul of t h
Peter's Square on asked what destroy the Temple proclamation of Pope t
them in love and service. They simply Jan. 25, 1959 Pope John XXIII at StPaul's .
among of the Church
Nowhere Mother
that of was
Mar as
joyous optimism. miracle lie l could offer as evidence I- title of
But In the week of Passover Outnlde-the.Walls first announced -
Unlike councils Vatican n
the spirit of hope, confidence and satisfaction past was of Ills right to do this Our Lord proceeded to give to the Cardinals present his intention promulgated

more prevalent than among the not summoned to suppress heresy, or unparalleled thing, the kind of sign( that they to summon the council Sept 14, 1965 fourth and final sessionof

of who assembled for heal a schism, or proclaim a dogma, or council opened
body Bishops understand and that
Me are In fact meeting for would June S, 1960, the motu proprio SupernoDel
the last time with the obvious air of condemn a modern error Its purpose the first time an element in Dot once but many times. So Nutu established the preparatory Sept 15, 1965. Pope Paul established the
was one of renewal, of updating and "believe norms governing the new synod of
having contributed their share to a them which we tend to forget that many came to commissions and secretariates
of adaptation to present-day conditions. Is Ills name, seeing His signs Bishops to help him govern the Churchin
historic venture so seldom do we meet Dec 25, 1961 the Apostolic Constitution
The decree on the "Church in the Mod like it In which lie did" (John t, 23)). the apostolic constitution ApostohcaSollicitudo
We must not assume however, that anything/ quite our llumanae Salutis convoked the council .

the work of renewal proposed to the ern World" may well signal the begin. world. They were profoundly St\, John gives us no detailsof for Get II, 1962. Oct 4-5, 1965 Pope Paul flew to t h t

ning of a new era in ecclesiastical-secu worldly men, greedy for power this of miracles but invitations sent to its General
council by Pope John XXIII has been group : July 20, 1962, tr. United Nations to address

accomplished. As of December 8, 196., lar relations The Church is no longeron greedy for money; but He adds a comment of Ids, separated Christians to send delegate- Assembly and then reported to the
the defensive looking out on the they did profoundly believein The miracles made council.
is own. observers to council on his visIt.
the real work of the merely
What happened during the world with a critical and often condemnatory God. When self-interest many believe in Our Lord; Sept 5, 1962, publication of the motu Oct 28, 1965, decrees of pastoral dutiesof
starting. made them In for a large-
go hut Our I/ird did not put and
attitude Of its very nature, the proprio Appropmquante Concillo establishing Bishops Religious
past four autumns was only a scale breaking of one or otherof
Church must have a critical attitude much trust In their so-quicklv- the norms of the council. seminaries and declarations on Christian .
for Pope John's "aggiornamento His laws they always built knew what
won belief, "for lie and non-Christian religions
toward the world, but now this attitudewill torn sort of justification Oct II, 1962, the council was solemnly education
Yet is that the
it highly significant renewal was In man Miracles could promulgated.
also be of and opened
and updating of the Church rests one encouragement A direct and unmistakable move men mightily at the dogmatic constitution on
Nov; 18, ,
guidance and fundamentally a favorable 0< t. 1%. 1962 council adjourned at Its
conflict with the will of the
now not merely on the precarious zeal moment, yet their Influence revelation and the decree on the lay
attitude. Most would not first session to elect its own commission
High they rould fade again And there
of a few pious reformers but rather on apostolate promulgated Pope
It Is noteworthy that this council have dared to face Deep In ground than mira- members rather than those suggested -
the bedrock of 16 formally promulgat was a surer also announced the beginning of the reform
spoke not of the rights and privilegesof their souls lay the certaintythat clt for belief In Him: as lie by prepared of the Roman curia, the introduction

ed concilia decrees. the Church but rather of the rights God could send a prophet would later say to St Thom Dec. 1, 1962, first session adjourned of causes of beatification for Pope

Among those decrees, that on ecumenism ; a miracle would establishthat Blessed are they that have without any completed results XXIII Jubilee -
and dignity of man and of the freedomof Pius XII and Pope John a
not only promises but already individual conscience The Church Jesus of Nazareth; was not seen and have believed June 3, 19G3. Pope John XXIII died period and the convocation of the

has borne much salutary fruit. Within more boldly than ever proclaimed her in fact a prophet sent by Him. John 20, 29)) June 21, 19f, Pope P.ul1 elected; announced synod of Bishops not later than 1967.

recent months, a German Lutheran self the defender of the weaker elements They asked Our lArd what St. John does not give us intention to continue council. Dec. 7, 1965, decrees of religious liber

Bishop expressed the opinion that had of mankind. She; is not the sign He would give They did any of these miracles I lit Sept 29, 1963, second session of council ty. Priests, missions and the ChurchIn

the spirit of Vatican II prevailed four not find Ills answer very help gives us something more opened. the modern world promulgated

centuries earlier, Martin Luther would champion' of the wealthy and the pow ful for the sign He offered priceless still, the name of. Oct 30, l')63! orientation vote taken favoring Dec. I, 1965! the council was solemnly
erful, but rather of the poor the persecuted one man brought towards belief
and ctaed
them had
have left the Church. not yet happened i sacramentahty collegiality
never Certainlythe and the Impoverished.A It was Ills ewe Itesurrectlon. by them and his conversation of Bishops, the divine right of the epic .NCWC News Senlct
present council's acknowledgmentof much more significant effect of with Our Lord.

some Catholic corporate responsibility the Council than any tied to specific We are reminded of the sign Nicodemus was a man of

for the disastrous split of Chris God offered Achaz (Isaias high position a Pharisee anda God's world
decrees I is undoubtedly the new spiritof
tianity, together with the admissionthat 7. 14)) "A virgin shall conceive member of the !Sanhedrin, I
ojicnneRS and freedom of spirit now For that sign the the !ruling Council of the Jews
the Church needs continual
and renewal have a helped considerably reform -. prevalent within the Church and the world had to wait seven hundred He was the first of his sort to Use adversity to grow in sanctity

obviously genuine attitude of good will years; for this, it would approach Our Lord.
toward old wound and
healing engendered toward those without. have to wait only two Ids oflt'nlnglord, were : image of John the Bap Ings of Providence; yet now
|preparing> the way for the. time when Hut the Temple rulers did dear affirmation: "Rabbi, Tilt
Finally and most Importantly, we which emerges front wt can set that wt are a bet
all of Christ's followers may be reunited all this not even know that He spokeof wt know that thou art come blow
must humbly admit that sacred the pages of the Gospels is t ter person because of the

council is fundamentally the work of His own Death and Resurrection a teacher from God; for no a somewhat grim one. Living which befell us St Paul. was
The renewed emphasis on the impor the Holy Spirit. It behooves us then What He actually said man can do these signs" unless in the wilderness along the not the first or the last person

was 'Destroy this Temple God bt with Him" (John Jordan river bo J. who had to be knocked to the
tance of Sacred Scripture both in public to cooperate wholeheartedly with its subsisting on a ,
and In three days I will rebuild 3, 2) locusts and wild order to head him
diet of ground
and in well honey in
worship theology, as as decrees! and its attitudes, The same who Treeshigh
It. It Is St. John Yet he had come by night,
clothed in toward heavenTo .
a coarse garment
the general use of the vernacular in the Holy Who directed the council lie
Spirit tells that the observation Ht
us Temple avoiding wasa
of camel) hair, he is the very the great majority of u.,
Mass and other services, cannot but must be permitted to direct and govern meant was His body: and we cautious man, In no haste epitome of austerity as he misfortune comes only occa

deepen the spiritual life of the faithful our Individual lives. To the extentto who know that our own bodies to commit himself Ht would thunders out his call to rt. ..lon.IInut there are other

end another to the art temples of the Holy Ghl.a move slowly, but that slow
give yet impetus which we cooperate) with Him In the pentanes and barges onward persons for whom suffering

tcumenical movement latter will lie be successful in the ,e not surpiixcd. movement was steady to his m.rt'r' death inHerod's seems to be a MeIon'oca.
But His questioners assumed progress all the same Later a value os the good
The epochal Constitution on the former dungeon : tion Some are afflicted with
that He was referring to (John 7. :50) he would speakfor John must ban possessedan things of lift.Wt chronic illness. others art the
_. the Temple out of which lie Our Lord In the Sanhedrin beneath .
attractive personality victims of circumstanceswhich
Question box had Just scourged a horde of mildly enough, to our taste. his wild exterior bt would hesitate to say result In continuing

greedy men Herod the Great but It was a brave thing that cause he drew to himself a so but many of us do tend frustration or grief

I had begun Its building forty. he dId. And it was he w h o band of loyal distipltt But to feel that we have a poaitivt

Why show Christ nailed to ? six jean before they reminded provided the hundred pound he Is the complete ascetic, right to a pain-frce and a hap Kurd sharers In the cross tt

cross Our lord: what nonsense of myrrh and aloes for Our totally detached from the py lift In lht'Of'1If admit VIM enjoy a privileged position

was this about building It Ix>rd's burial a'I.ler worlds attractions, that as a conkoquemt of Their suffering( fon tU

Q, I read recently your think that Instead of being In three davs* The phrase quantity of myrrh, wt m a y original sin and our own personal totes a permanent sight draft'

Item about people willing nailed Ills hands were tied to stuck in their minds all the Imagine, than even the WM| .\s inch he Is an f\ triad.In sins, we have sacrificedany .DOS (',etf for limitless grace,

their bodies to medical Institutions S the crossbar Why do pictures same When lit was on trial Men had brought to Bethlehem rebuke tt those .( us who claim to special treat whrrrvrr and whenever needed. -

to be used for research ,1 Mon.lnor show Christ i nailed to the before Uphas, this was the may lit templed to place tot ment on God part.. Yet, when .

Ihls, to me, sounds -1iw J. U. ross when actually He must sorrow, sickness or financial, ,

like a work of charily I would have been lied by ropes to the stringency( comes to us, wt Whether wt are among this

like to know your opinion, Conway riots? Everyman family are Inclined to feel cheated favored minority. or whetherour

however, as to whether' the A, Jesus may have been "Why did it have to happento own share of adversity Is
bequest should be made to *" just it Is
m* we ask average importantor
tied to the cross but nails for
Catholic hospitals only (by were surely driven through A secret serenity :spotlightedhat us to promt our sense
Catholics) or If general hospitals It l I. *n. tf the paradoxes of proportion The distance In
porta lion would nuke the donation His hands and fel't. St I.uk
or (Institutions would ht to a Catholic school tells us that when Jesus appeared By ltllr, John C Knoll soul, 1 adore Thet Enlighten a wife and family to support tf Die that very ides tht happiness brie awn the person

all right Impractical and I have to His disciples, after guide. strengthen and console a horn to maintain, mere .f (>od's! natural gifts who knows nothing but misery

A. Medical study and research secular schools near suggested His resurrection, they were CARDINVL I Mcrclcr. the mt. Tell mt what I ought to bills to be paid The mort we p
It non denominational stricken and : of Belgl do and command mt to do It. conscientious he Is. the great drift away from God thing health! wealth, sw

1 have had numerous inquirieson by. they panic saw a ghovt But thought Jems um during Woild War I, was I promise to be submissive In tr is the burden of his present Wt might expect that" !havIng cess and love-Is infinitesimal

this subject sinct my answer Q I don't think Christ was fanmus for many thingi- hllIlMlrlollnt ftr)thine that thou permit. situation when compared to the
said them health
to "VMiy art you perfect plenty of
appeared, and most of nailed tt the cross. The distuihcd, and why do doubts his learning, his test to happen to me only After the Initial sheik ht money and. success .la our undertakings dittanr between this worM Stufhttt
them from which( right of Ills body would leadership his sanctity Hut show and
cam arise In jour hearts! See My mt what is Thy will makes out a rttumt of his seeM give w adeep happiness ttt
far removed from have torn Ills hands loose' that was 50 years ago For bliss of Iwntl
art any background and !
hands and fret that It Is I experience.Ht { sense of gratitude and
Catholie medical school In and Ills whole bodyI ouldhau Myself." Waui't lit showing most people now living he is "If you d, this your lifewill \ goes from office to office\ would expand our 10for God From the viewpoint of the
fallen from the I but a name, an historical fig pass happily and serenely angels and who
such cases the cost of trans- cross them Ids wounds from agency to agency lit to the bunting point\ saints, look
ute with little relevance tt 1
the fart of God and
When the apostles (told their daily existence follows up ont contact after Neverthetots, it -.*M bt upon know
M. J. Murray another Some seem verypromising difficult to fmd mstMctt of what red happiness
Thomas that Jesus appeared Rut there art other thousands 'Consolation will abound lees means, we mortals must all
to them, Thomas who without knowinghim even in the midnt of troubles others art perMAS who have advanced look
pretty wretched. even ..t011I'
wouldnt brlitvt them, but much about him have Graces" will be given in pro.porlJon hopeful Ht meets sympathy in sanctity as they have grow
but or : and cold rejection, pity aidcontempt. In wealth It would bt moot protprrou .nd.mosthtlart
Strange true said. I'nless I set In His developed a strong affectionfor to the trials, as well equally *..t
These hardest
hands the print of the nails him These art the oneiwho strength to bear it. bringing art the difficult to eifabUth any correlation Assuming I'
our lift Is
of his lift.
Copyright, W5, NCWC News S.rv.cior and put my finger into the have incorporated Into )ou to the Gates of Paradise, weeks adult between fre dom ont long unbroken ef i

place of the nails and put my their lives his classic secrrtfor full\ of merit" In the meantime his prayer. from. sickness and growth In radar> series
I.I. better
w bt
hand Into Ills side, I will notbelievt If ht ran pray la urgent anddesperate Mount In. (ad. uv lives of .
y 'e. sanctity and have found a To the overly sophisticated t ." ? i J' ;,;-> i t,
ryn5.e or fur t His wife. chiMrtaand the Mints Indicate t h
tierwrtlort ; serenity in living which is the this may sound like too simplea toptmtitt lIartd.. forI t .3.s..e:
the next !Sunday when friends art praying too Aid. to tsprts. .it
SAiwr Then
BASH.wooucionoinj. envy of others. solution In problems, Joy tat:: to -t
y' Jesus appeared Thomas was challenges and decisions of Suddenly he receives a call fonaervftlivtlv. pmons who" !

I SOS nu.l 14 KXtS, thane and the Saviour said to llerr U his ewe wards It lift. It may appear Dually an Interview Is arranged a have arhwvtri a high *1'1 to.
JOlO him "li! here thy finger. his prescription job is offf'rtdIMd which of success or (dame art n..tnwtsMnly
AOBOTt E' mg !: naive to the UU .pro ass t) poof
IIOS5 wsarvwssf hands and bring initially seemed' unpromising. tfc* ssoot prav.M ..,
and see My ; "I am going to reveal to ptniplt who "before reachinga r'h4Flortdi1Cath.o.l
line thy hand and put it Into you a secret of sanctity and decision art atxuttomed to has iatipiicaMy. bona nut the mod cMirated the
doing of (tods
My side; and be not unb.hev'ing feeding all sorts of materialinto will
happiness If every day for Tile romblaatloo .( c otrlrull -
rsor but believing" (John 20, five minutes, )ou will keep a computer whether it *** effort .. man's nil d W. at mean that the

242"i. your imagination! quiet shut is their own minds or a machine part and rtmptott treat la the (. ('king* .f this ..rM. art

1AGa Q. I am In favor tf t h t your eyes to all things of Holy Spirit Isvarlably pays hH. ,.., If ( otI'l galls are

sense. and close our tars In .If. ..*.1. TW temperate it. aid. ...._ war t'N -...,
changes IN the liturgy exeeplfor )
r .
Vt as ( hrl.li.M ape. ** "" In" egln. _
'"' thing lr which I all sounds flf earth so as Inht rijmmml' If the m.,lel'\ ccsource / I M me sulks

would appreciate a* evplanatlon able t t8 withdraw into thsanctuary here Is a per nal God. wt It is another variation *f art sate. f.njp.tiM, IY IN 1- .. ..
matt the tf theInterest raw
Our family assisted ata ft >our baptized accept resbtr the old kit .( advice t. seek with ear \lutlot. t, C)rlatlUI. .. r.w eon
.f the lltly Spirit In # III ..
M rwy MImY
4 tS high :Mass recently, and t* soul) which is the temple .( everything which! happens to as though, even this j dependson M 015 w5o II Mti

our amarement the celebrant the Holy Spirit. then speak }ou and pray at though '.. __. It I ..
... But it does e
each tut of it p rt llT, worn that t>tmow Si'r's ....
sang: the (lOipel. The message there to that Holy Spirit saing \ eventhsng depend' on God ( '. ..w5wr .. M MM.Mr
urtun* stnikt M. 1- low L.r.M. .
Ml the Iwpri; |II h )lust with All)IlulIl at iinpwrUiMt U Thai M Ike' ..vw ,. U la* tae K.. W svlra eo._ .. ___
.NM WJWrnNt rre kr Af KW6re > wt h... i. ...... ..
a mm ri..,, .. twy. r Iht" .la.lng. Tbt .UI way .( U Italy Spout. Svul W nit any .nt wf us Is ..u.lh' mt- II.e.I. M'r\wr's s utlWt .. .U 1-
iL ku" *<* Wit Moot W II.. ww5..eowe
Iu..w eer..r.rusrrA *o. rc Jld| the Ga.p.l: | l was tumhbtiur puUbt U. Itt TbnJ .*trsva. dj what wt can an4 11 tmt .1 l lTfcwt

... """r.w .....'-..-- V. to al-.wr.J .,.a. ,' -- -- ---.-"- lit is th.rt U assist, gmJt c..s cW wUUU ..UU. U.["x art wry few U u EB
LaOe..n. "Th iU.a B ,
o.mo.ml5., M MIWeK.Wnwowalvme A To date wt havt !loa approved ga II support, encourage end enlighten. the tlttttMi ..&*.& a.t u It who easel h.k h.. k u s cc aen '

A.Uaer. __ CIf w,50ssanoe music for singing the wrlitca by Montlf** J. 0, There Is tit oU proverb m..(e III thO protdeen wlychbaa .. M ow ....*< .Wo wt set new e.,4 .aL..w

ale MAO.nMMle N/G.MCIa" C ji" Co: H In Knillkh Wt would teensy .LJ..II' laves which ass that Oed to bt seined wt timt UM with _sass .. -
raaa g .M*.rrwhuh .
.1'\.1 IMS ...
IT.O GI..1I11 columslil. lilrtrl am ws .
w eNA nrr terwrnees. ND r*+&** *.+*jma have to ting It all on ont note v ur never shuts a door but that Htoins lloiy Sptnt\ t. show M OM froM tt* vantof pointof a. _8

!' r." vtI Si wN.Y1 f***rt.nwwIf. .te+*na ia fnunrt% Mi .t and that would bt nvonot qurtlln (signed plratrl a window "..Yf e do not nicrumb t. today wt now CM MW wa -
rlorldt I.Orl. In
The Catholic
tr tv Mfnx< M ImdMMe N J5.er r.t.wr, Aenr.e.w. .) ...nrq., .. r.yw..J I...... preMurt mir atv M*|. .M
IKICM I dty.J R.e.J.rtM a Nee. NC etewm M.wfMJY clear. well modulated roses i I' who fur wi' rea An "r another there is a say out and it will the lima *. wen |full| rf r*
sir rra va.awns .i Lriw ,.,.a I.K/r o.# .J Aye e. M1J MI. preferable --- --- ------ has suddenly h>st his )ob. H tr N show to us stntmrnt aga.JUt ttt work Ikrce.her 17. 1K5

S. r f


Paul VI ... ._"" '....... ,." wo_ Five The Florida Catholic, Friday, December n.11HiJ

r....,.. ......... I! i. tt, .. .-

The week in liturgy

Papal brief declares

Council completed Christmas hymn rings out-

IN I his formal brief declaring the Second Vatican Council glory to God in the highest!

closed, Pope Paul has stated that aU of its decrees are .'tob
relifioucly observed by all the faithful." By father Paschal Boland O.S.R.

The papal document, read at the closing ceremonies of Sunday, December 1tForRTIl !
December 8 by Archbishop Pericle
FeUd general secretaryof StNDVYof Advent. (MaN of Sunday. Cited
council saluted
the council as "among the greatest
e\ents of the Church.: of Trinity.I

Following is a translation from the Latin: Man it a pilgrim a traveler,, a tourist on the earth who- .

Pope Paul Mi To final destination is the heavenly Jerusalem! the city of eter:',,1 i
: the perpetual of the null
memory I peace., whert Cod dwells. with his angela and scents The Si i

The Second Vatican Ecumenical Council assembled lathe of God assumed the nature and flesh of a pilgrim to help IfJ:

Holy Spirit and under protection of the Blessed Virgin and show us the way to the kingdom of bus Father

Mary, whom we have declared Mother of the Church, and r On the way man finds himself journeying by most dcvio' .

of St. Joseph, her glorious spouse, and of the Apostles Sts. routes, over crooked, twuting. torturous paths. He hurls hi

Peter and Paul, must be numbered without doubt among tht self descending into deep valleys where the aim does n. >

greatest events of the Church.In penetrate, and climbing hills and mountains whoso peaks ar :

fact It was the largest In the cumber of Fathers who lost in the clouds At times the road winds by green pasturesand

came to the seat of Peter from every part of the world, even through forests and pleasant places
from those places where the hierarchy has been my re* The pilgrim discovers that the way of virtue is often one
cently established. of trial and error Men become sinners in taking what seemedto

It was the richest because of the questions which for four them an easy way or a short cut and then find themselves

sessions have been discussed carefully and profoundly. Invohed In vices that strip' them of virtue. Depths and heights

And last ot all it was the most opportune, because., bear- are experienced as despair and exultation of spirit possess
log in mind the necessities of the present day. above all it one Meanwhile, a voice seems lo echo in the wilderness of this

sought to meet the pastoral needs and, nourishing the name world that encourage the pilgrim to continua on, "And all
of charity it has made a great effort to reach not only tht Interim for Council at time of death of Pope John XXIII flesh shall set the salvation of God" (Gospel" !),

Christians still separated from communion with the Holy See, Monday December :()
but also the whole human family.At Between the close of the tint the prelates whose names became right. A cleric who wan later ordained

last all which regards the holy Ecumenical Council session and the opening of the second well known from reports of Council in Rome for the Diocese of Alan a. on Sunday (Common Preface)

hUt with the help of God, been accomplished and all the constitutions aension of the Second Vatican (I dlscussiona, inc'udin: Joseph St Augustine Father Michael 3. A mountain Is a symbol of pride and a valley that et

decrees, declarations and votes han been approved Council: Pope John XXIII died on Cardinal Fringi, left Ignuio Ca.bricl Williams (center, holding a folio), hum lilly. In order to "makt straight the way of the Lord'*

by the deliberation of the synod and promulgated by us June 3, 1903. The world mourned Cardinal Tapiouni, bearded attended Cardinal Tappouni at the (CGOJ(1f'IIe|) must fill f'fr'alley and level every mountainand

Therefore we decided to close for all Intents and purposes, with the who called the Council prelate center: Kranzinkua Cardi dsy'a ceremonies honoring the late hill, for the mountains of pride must come tumbling down
our apostolic authority, this same Ecumenical Council called Pope hit elec and fill the valleys of humility to the proper level to smooth
and wondered if the new Pope nal Konig! partially visible behind Pope John. Immediately on
by our predecessor Pope John XXIII which opened October the way to !Ilea\en.
it. Pictured at ceremonies Cardinal Tappouni; Julius Cardinal thin Pope Paul VI announced he
11, 1962 and which was continued by us after his death would continue
in connection with the funeral Dopfner second from right; and fully intended to continue the ecumenical Tuesday, December :1
We decide moretvrr that all that has beet established for John were swine of Leo Joseph Cardinal Sucnens round! St. ThoniM, ".-11/\ (Maaa of feaat Gloria 2nd
irnodally Is to be religiously observed by all the faithful, for
Player of previous Sunday, Creed, Preface of Apostles.)
the glory of God and the dignity tf the Church and for the ---. -- --

tranquillty lid peace tf all men. \\. are. Indebted to St Thomas for expressing his doubt
On December 8Bishops about the resurrection of Christ from the dead and his demand
We have approved and established these things decreeing for proof before he would believe It Gospel, ), This Incident

that the present letters are and remain stable and valid, and provides us with more evidence as to the Divinity of Christ.

art to ban legal effectiveness, so that they be disseminated end four years of work l.iko St. Thomas wt should now be witntsses to the truth.

and obtain full and complete effect and to that they may be Christ preached so that our words and actions will persuade

fully validated by those whom they concern or may concern ltwt>M>< .'.. W wl) I.her Jacques MariUm. approached simple sung Mais to which diantrJ invocations used to others' that the Infant horn In Urthlrhem about 2000 years agois
DOW and in the future; and so that as it be judged and cliH ouncils linn that of ( Thomas said Lord and God':
ed for observers representingmost the papal throne the entire atsembly responded >t truly od. As St. "My my
described, all efforts contrary to these things by whomeveror the Christian Chalcedon in the year 4M The Gospel )>>
whatever. authority, knowingly' or in Ignorance; be Invalid of major As a spastic cripple approached lad lime they were heard was
confessions of the world, Joined behalf of t h t
on It reminder of another Wednesday December 22
and worthless from now on. was a at the close of the Council of
Given In Rome at St. Peter's, under the seal of the ring by a Buddhist monk who and afflicted the Holy Father was fruit of this council. Us constitution Trent In 15M. The only conn- Man. a* on und.,. (Common Preface)

of the fisherman December 8, on the feast of the Immaculate was Gandhi's companion visibly moved lit grasped on the liturgical re- cit slme then, the f'I.t.tI.
by leaders of other faiths him tightly in a Homan embrace nrwal.During. Having( different points of view about the same subject
Conception of the I.ul'd'lrCln Mary the year 19M. the can Council, ended In the confusion
Roman spectators have also and held him there several often brings!: about dissension between acquaintances friends,
third ear of our pontificate of the Italian civil war.It .
) become accustomed to these moments The man ) the Offertory Pope members of' a family or of a parish or even of a dimes., and
closed.To .
a.aa 1 '. iw ,1. persons, since they have been walked away with his head Paul made his own offeringsfor was" never formally also In the Church Itself, In Vatican II wt noted the different

prominent throughout tht high. the world J poor and die each Intocatlnn the points of view repressed by Itislmps in the council. This helpsto

j council Pope Paul has tingled Nest came a blind man witha advantaged Bishops and attendant responded dispel l Ignorant and brings new knowltdgt to bear on subjects -

r' them out for special signs of seetng-eyt dog The twtwn Hugene: Cardinal Tlsserant In drrlorUn rhanlt: under discussion, llowe\er. because of disagreementsone

affection and he did so again of the previous encounter w at dean of the Sacred College of "( hrlst ctasjutrs! (hrUt should never judge those with ol'l'oslnl| | clews to be mnlU

during this ceremonyIn eased as the Pope fussed\ happily Cardinals assisted by John reigns! thrltl hear us"Prayers out, but to least such judgment to God, "l'a s no judgment

the same tribune sere the dog Cardinal lleenan of Uestmlnstrr I list lesson)
over for Popt (Paul were
... men and women who have attended and Francis C.rdlnalSJt'lIm.n
A laborer from Milan was coupled with those for t h t Thuitday Ifeermbrr 23
the repretetf of New York announced
19 flt Datives sent by some 00 governments chosen to represent led wtrtIngmen -. ( gifts to welfare Institutions happy repose of his predtm-. May at on Monday (Common 1'ieface)
a Wearing Hut overalls sur Pope John, whose inspiration
persons representing art he marched proudly' to In Palestine, Argon.Ima act the enormous gather St Paul writes thatShat Is looked for In servants Is tr' t
1 the the alftK'tf'd.the the throne where hit. farmer India, Pakistan and log In motion Cod blessingwas they prove trustworthy" <( a Iqs, the poor Arrhbtahop kept him severalnwrnenls Cambitdia The gifts Were Invoked on I lie council t all servants of ChrUt, and friends also, sad should' manll t
workers, women and youthof Ut animated discus. then presented. to the ranking fathers and theotoglana, living this lru.laorthin.ee by !bring faithful to Orh!''. teas hll1a'/ I

the world Mn. prelatt" of each of these/ ioun- and dead to theist of the Church to whom lit gave the authority to

To each of these group from a Five ywuifelefS from five tIH. Special mention was given. terprrt, to bend. and to Inoien Sty this loyalty and faith' w .
Cardinal read a message Cardinal Tlaserant esplain- of ChrUCs) having become man for our
the end of continents represent tM to those whom Illness or per prove our appreciation|
t Pope Paul near ed their significanceTht sakes and suffering 'or us.
1' Then youth of 1".W." wore pro srrutton kept away.Christian
the rtpreoe-
Holy ratfctr. who re- observers of other
tatjves of each group weregiven settled te the Pope minded the Untied' Nations all Ftk:!.,. tVrrmber 24lfgll
a copy of their met of The pre-conciliar Mass was sent Nt On e ktod.r.- last October 4 ef the gravt governments> the People ofHt ( of ClirMma*. (Ua.a of feast Common Prcf

aje. the tail human family .' Ict'.1)
I by the .PH duty < and all the brothers of the
A murmur arose as the an mossy once sung
aid of the'
tent figure of French philoto and the Julian &choir but a to (tm to of the Us memberswishes human family far each the Adveot now tons lo t riant. It le I the final) moment h.rer. .-
leot privileged assembly prayed to 0 ed,
the Christmas' festivities lirgin In on. aontenct the liturgy
make concrete
to a Then they" prwlaimed th..lrr'llh '
for Christmas In the angel'sseeds !
gives us the authentic recess
Fathers gesture cm behalf of ('frllinproj.d.
Jesuit mourn chosen from various "". ceaftot belief, In IIw to J"..... "M *UI give birth to a Son and you shall
n itvo Hun Jesus. beeautt II. will save III. ptoplt from their
of the world .
parts holy Mt'end'Itiun r<*wm nlial ataa. (Go Htl II.) W. art the |*o|>lt of Cud and also of Ills Son,

Fr. Charles Lashley "This. donation, made at the Council and will ever ub- Jesus Chrlit.,
very momml of Ike Offertory serve Its derreet
Is Intended It be I'Mnitnout' M our faith !flaturday, rcrmber 23lUrlhday
of the Mass
i TOIPA Father Charles J Lashtey. 8.J. M. ataUtant a symbol' of the rkartlr ., the unaaimous our seMtMent. of Our Urd Jesse ChrUt. (First Mast,

principal of Jesuit High 8dK101 l here. died on Dr- entire (horck galhrrrd aroundthe unaMiWMt our fervent\ endnrscment Gloria, Creed! Preface of Chrtntmat second Maw, Gloria
Anastasia died day after he had auffored a severe hetrt of Its This Is led fnh.' Prrfact of ChrlaUnss
amber 12, ten days I' I. the persons 2ml Prayer of St. Anastasia, Creed : ,
Blessed ( ,. and the"
M of dice> City; ef' $". AKJIti Agnes. C.oU, Anoit tt" attack ta Tampa I I e h. d tt tarred Heart. III....'.." of Apuotltt, the It the forth of third Man, Gloria, Creed Preface of fhrtatmu,)

and ..ith ol Thy' M.,..vAt Fattier Uohloy. WM) hadtnt Church commuted' to ,
; i it An.st.ie Iflond. bur it They Just Mote this ceremony Our father Churih: belle and Christmas carols. announce tht beginningof
fee. loot of t.-. ,*!.>*. all Sit flvt y..n W hit KM sew pretwrtv\ Tampa the of t"raltlllul" Uw ef Chi:! .strums
It .,'. tM 'e..1 *. PrttothMdb Prayer pact the nwdmiht M..**. 'for the Jayou celebration of the birth.
o lees Nil ;I" Rom* *hr* tKo CNN trot a vears to the several' rears unfit r h. v "u rrad m I 1..In< and' (>irilwuh through the blood of liesred.enp5asi ri.d: ."+ of Norfc I Hand otic .*.. to and at Jesuit 1I.lCh !Sthool II .
t >dd. M o '. mevod, a. 18 ,... new rastawa t( <.1< repeated in
starts NUo s, that of midnight, the dan and of th* day, to help
.:.1. t*.. i. ."d'i sash .ith thewesa o..;et -h." *b*'e, bti*..d earn i\ I'd bt a brother Josephlaehie for Hw Joeult faculty a cwspl several. othrt languages"reds |( May ('h"tl l s kingdom lit undrrstand' Ix-tler ".,y and Christ pupa:.
Mttrt MI I
of S.ftC! 09:* who. to d..e tarn she (f.wrtfc c. ef years aoHu tift fruits abS. .h Gild com*' M. liMorning man When the en. ilrinrnt surrounding the
"f'C'II&e' .
...... wed b
was Ir..live t t tKo+yc Oerho )..ry. Under**.*" *r. U'9 tobcl ( UrtMsnt ram lor cMfemparartM la) taw has deifftod to bottow on HuCJMMfc "neat* ho to God Amon' (I'hrWm. fosliviti ..>at*.. bet ui past and meditate, let utay
.. .,. Now
.. Tampa
.,. 0*' Muat *-
Cesholc. F.:+II a..d a w:-t U.d to tko \\fn t the funeral se T..u Frieathe believe dirt Pa. Ikraugh. U>n ocummi huh |hre sung |Ih...|trils i la Silo! hearts what! UM angel tang Glory( It God In then
<" time lAfbrlr became at d.voted ral rtMK-U. m. .be ftudioutlygraaSMd **>*.|. and to mss of" good will (iGotptl of Midnight
..k* i if _".;....41 cI.iIy .,....4 pt'ocot. Thin. .el'. ;4 0 iwy'. .. h to ) rehalsg IkruMffc< the rrowdrdkquare |pease
lather Jwpb F Pleas er M Tampa was with mix' ire and open M.I i
"h..oM wIe. Mew it c.1e. Th: Floral. II d.d.....d I'vpr Paul stood ItgHe
'e r reel' A.J. trtsidMt of Jesuit. offered hit .how Iowa ef "New Or minds by I all of us wt bt.
lw.r.d.Oc to St A".tv.. !....'h red .' his, kkMhkg lo led weldThe '
Mais bet
h; .K .''t it .*.. no.04', ,(h,*. the Rfo, km Lane arch Yen hoar us HEATH FUNERAL CHAPEL
Ow.wes d.,. A D. )04, $ '"e high' wheel. chapel at Io Pee of (M IMsyfjr hid btgiM. tl
.t Smnwm; l I"... Th* aH. was third Tuesday Tfcat tic ecumenical le 1N a m. Now it ass I :na : Air Cod s.e 4 C .peI- M1: Lot
nwved I this <<
Y .. .. A..daa. A. ...erNe. "'*,..,., ash She sledtitttef ky In ..* Pop
",9 MTmoo,lH' Ike kody lorri rentnbmt theirlahnt m a vlgorova v testis I. HIATM rWot D.r*($orAMIULANCI
Ured mo+yd."" S.... ic star F.. ....., Ct w.$ 0.Pop. ,., urn sear MMtr for r....,.'s Jreah II l e bkh..l mca m fW Paul. said "In' tilt arms fOur SIRVICI
g the
A...**.* _..... is red .,, s..s....d ..-. ..<*"dM *. banal Wednetdar It the members of the Po c.- t s IIA" '. ,'.", .M of Chm.weS Ply .t t >. Jesse ralkers' cemetery tloh. and llamaS .11. menu M justice '
h of St A......... Add drtriiAHtkMkfJi -. beseech, Yen Mar. us
...... pet 04 Ieh.k' :p tit Cbr< lather UtkVt's Tk Hit onunMlral" rolls
.. ....M. the r1'b U tttwry., $e Father Utai .koved Tarn TN fennel corMtxaim of .
bs ..d aa nil h..... .
Thy holy ysMOfl cal patted
apa h* .... the prefer! 4ow which ltHw...d. iho '
Pep.. tnbw .d ..>>., in 44. 5.beech ,. aid railed mMr of AtrrtiattM < JR.
..<*> A,h Wt Wio -., InotiaVstU ef sisclK*". a* aasiatatith M... begaa wMk UM r.o4
.,,4 then .\04 (...f... w'ff, s....[... ..v CordIt .114 ...sy ef ...., at M l.wit I'at ,.......hip with Ih* pewit of ArrMM.hap Penn.. ,.,.Is.Ile < CICOPmtetinginJtnUK ; FUNERAL DIRECTOR

-. to St lab*. .a .,.. $4.L. .. ,ft.ily. at Impala tsiiversityMI ns.n ...s tteaal the school tear d I s *. rotary gotwtol ( \.o "r/1' i Ai i mi CVK.TO i. ciiAiv/ATtK Pees. 444.1011Srn
aejsl they asp raw him buhup John P ( wdy of i hI'' ,
.-"a S.. ;. .. !New OrkaM sad H M
M.".'. CaaVg. K a I. e. He .bed H.et reeeeXJy *indtd hive Hiahnot from at munvoontMenU in hat Bromisd' a worm 1 .d>
bnt kt was aras1WJ e4 r |. M edMtatiaaal cesalsr. than gollwrod rr com t'i tilt trim |p"IOn. n fxaa.nOiMr RSMiw

IAi. 1i.iiss.n.i: ._e l<<.tflI 117 a.t H88. ...* III Vir...., a rtftasMlmeeting fart led book H tile G..op..i iMsA PIN 14 at( the third annual Slia .. ;-f St. forikw 1 F....10.. For *0 Y*.t
Kt was as- ef the ........ Aaerialiea *- has boon enfhron'ridaly *l Colerue..1 the Cain.nln .
.. ....., ...... at a ..., .
'_ e r"
4. < seed It SM Katnt !Sew Or ef H cea>4ary Sclieels at the open III' nf tacongregation h ,Mr Awitrw JOHU S. RHODES Inc Funtr.l Directors
0..4A Dry.. ,,,b... r' Ire AahJ.... Se v.: lean. and then frMn 1M4 take .M alleges! a-u after Together the/ lien "'It.-. Joauarji till I III ,

Mt tad! A... s.. *-. i.JeSCJ VA 4.I4TI 1,4, taught at Jewel Hill kit re< ri it Ttfl. .,t, KoS'Xkfl aae AMIUUNCi SIIVICIA

ST. PETERSBURG ST. AUaUSTJoIr l+.b..l la New rVtssiHe .*4 lp..t kss |lad HOME
ear ... *f l). Jesuit days ta the hostifa! Several GRISSOM FUNERAL
Takers wkt 'lived A toe vein sft rather Laskler had II rWo. 141.1111KUSIS.M(1 I

doaalewa ....J1U.rt'l. .1< h4 a severe heart attack '

.. ......... .01,11..1' M ( TRIL tl HIbi' *
:..' 4, p :
1- .. .. '. a..J .....1 Lueeswr BRETT FUNERAL HOME OpesUeg t..te ...* > ... eel Mas.gi..alKYLE.McLELLAN

f'-cM.' :.. f:1li: 1 ils.rry.r

.tiUL ....,11.. INC.
4u u
..... ... ) ,
i PI J: ," ; 110. I

....... SJ5TL JACKtOHIUlII ,..I., I." ClawJ. del S. 17.4i A... Nweh $521511
...... A.., 17 W. Uhl+Old' STIifT .
O 111 ST. a.OUOwur..tAl&Wo J-Jti4 Ce** --- Som.o V:*
e. ..e..a ..d ee-.rw
,' ..are r.. Ml I'll.

I 1

The Florida Catholic, FridiiJ Drember. 1*, IUi! NWVNNHNNMeNOeNNNN Catholic
.. Tampa
---' --- --- -
Bishop Moore School (' .. '
Father High 1"
Lopez <
T.\ II\ The Catholic
High SchoolDUTOM High School St. Paul Students Mission I Crusade

(IIIL\\Ie) The annual sponsored a toy drive duringthe
: BI.UII: Caipcr Christina. tree sale which is High School past week to provide a
dayI a< a moot profitable
Christmas for
happier about
fund project
the big -raising
and rewarding ex|*>rien loi the Home and School A'. ST. ,'tnns: : rnG Stu SO children in the Tampa
"* at I father Lopoc The ,
drums St Paul &hool
.m tattoo of Bishop !Moore at High area
djv began with :Mast offered I hah St.'hooII\ well under congratulated those who wen On December 21, the day

f hi Father Dennis Murphy way according: to Don Clot. goon honors at the end of thIs Christmas vacation begins: I vr
o S R.. director of admwsions seschool reporter Area arx-weeks marking period the students will bring their ( S f
at St Leo College. rather parishes ate cooperating, as Achieving the dean's I list I gifts of food for the poor in
Murphy was on hand all day were Barbara Kcker. Patricia procession to the altar before
for those who wished to con in The past proceeds.vears are being set Ford Patricia NugentMadeleine Mass An event of the holiday

suit with him aside for future educational Riendeau, May Spi season will be the Christmas
After Maw each student repotted television at the school. radon. Donna \\iehaus, seniors dance sponsored by the junior
to his scheduled room Films of the play. Juliu.far..ar. : Mdrjbeth Dardis, Barbara class on December 29.
for a 45 minute. pound including liusin, Susan Smith
have been shown to
Tampa Catholic's Crusaders
lecture and discussion
juniors and Ann Biomkow-
the English classes" currently ; closed the IfMrt! football
Seven different *rn\iliin% studying that classic fromShakespeare. ski, Charlotte Young, sophomoies ) season as Ray Coast Conference .

were In progress! each of the champions
in the of The choral is spend On the honor roll were:
six; periods I course !group! .
:Margaret Cocan. Jane Cro- Defeating Berkeley) Prep ,
the da;'. me!: time after classes to piact -
t e for the Christmas program well Barbara Ktker: Patricia 28-0 the team maintained its L
ficpiesentalixes from the which they will presenton I-oid Candace Nagle: Patricia undefeated record in the con I .
various field were as follows December 17 at 8 p m. in Nugent, Madeleine l I ference. The overall record
: erf at i\. writer, !Mr the gym Riendeau, May Spiridon, Donna was 8.2 the Crusaders losing Board meets Daytona Beach Catholic Charities
Miller; editor Gordon Kipp Handmaids of the Blessed Wichaui, seniors. only to Leto and Jesuit High.
from the local :Vug-Journal; !Sacrament are collecting toga Also I Elizabeth DeLlsio, At the extemporaneousmeet Activities of the Catholic Chart- of St. Paul and Joseph! Huffman of mond McKeown of Our Lady of

Joel( Sajers, architect: Miss. and clothing to help make! Mary Frye, 1lollyIcGoff! of the Forensic League tics Bureau in Daytona Beach Our Lady of Lourdes parishes, Lourdes parish. Because they were.
Margaret Avres medical profession ;Margaret Sapanara Barbara Catholic December .
Christmas brighter: for a held at Tampa on board Beach Father Neil A. in the of three .
were discussed at the recent Daytona ; Rome pastors par.iahes
: Roht>l'thit"\ mien Rusin, Susan Smith, juniors: 9. Bill Cervone and
or decorator; William1I1l'h.! presented needy family the school They a recently statueof Kathy Aerti. Linda Santy, Philip Hughes received three meeting attended by the diocesan Sager, pastor, St. Brendan parish were not at the board meet

ell engineer: ; Mr Nixon i Mary showing a student Charlotte! Young sophomores first places, Tom DeBor, executive secretary, Father JohnJ. in Ormond Beach; Raymond Wiseof log: Monsignor Irvine Nugent,
hotel.motel) management: Dr beseeching her Intercessionin ; and Margaret Gray, Peggy:!: Femberg and Reena Lemhan taw left, of Jack Our Lady of Lourdes chairmanof Monsignor l William J. Mullafly

Games, dentistry; Miss Patricia heaven" The !gift is displayed Kathryn Ward, freshmen Jlaggi! !: received two firsts, one nonville. Among those presentwere the board; and Walter Fhelan of P.A., V.F. and Father David F.

Neu. social worker! : in the girls': buildingThe first went to Joyce Aaron from left, !standing! with Father St. Paul's. Seated are Mua. Patricia Page.
Dr De m e t. psychologist: Hornet eager: kept Catherine Alberte, Ronald I Lemhan, Joseph Bergen of M. Neus, left, executive secretary
Charles Jones insurance: Jesuit "
their undefeated" !season as Batty, Kathy Femberg and Jo Port Orange; Mathew F. Komatz in Daytona Beach, and Mr*. Ed-
Mrs, Walsh, librarian; fred they outstretched the Kissim Ann Young Forty Tampa
logan, coach.teacher; Sinter mee Kowboys 64.W, Dan Me-( High School Catholic students will participate
Thomas Miriam 0 P. teacher .
Namara Jed the Hornet romp in the three-county all robed this award with a through! their sons' daily Catholic Hospital Daytona BeachWOODS
Stanley AndJ't'altoI"
TMPA Christmas events annual Christmas
by scoring 21 points about team avenge; of %.7, schedule: and met teachers
ney; Fred Perrin detective, :30 per cent of the total The oratorio, W, H. Auden'i For forensic contest at the Academy Father Philip Ilalstcad principal group changes name

The Christmas program JV's also kept their record the Time pinm be. pie- of the Holy Names reports This was the first time that gave a short lecture at ST. LOriS (NC-The) Catholic -
with' Patricia tagan( and unsullied by taking the pie Rented by the Jesuit IlIgh Joan Niewinski. any recognition: was gi\en In the beginning! of the section.Kesulls Hospital Association of
Thomas Carey canning the &'hoolIaslju! Club at 8 the to the scholastic Fuel l Oil Compeny Inc
liminary game.Academy county of the Senior Placements the United States and Canada
lead parts enl off very successfully p m,, December" 20. The achievement of a football Tests taken In September has shortened its name to the Dial 2S2-IU2
of the guests are invited to attend Inn, Clearwater Jim Arias, team, and Barry was Indeed arrived" at BarrY, this Catholic Hospital Association rV Intent Meet
Tli* Or flub) under thedirection at the school cafeteria. school: (reporter, write privileged: to earn it. AIM at past! week. The purpose\ of There 8K2 Catholic hospitalsIn
of Francis Meten- Holy Names At this year's banquet, anew this meeting too football the tests were to measure the U,S. and Puerto Rico
Ion performed beautifully.\ Bishop Barry award was presented for players from Barry received" English: achievement, mathematical and 302 in Canada. Thomas Auto Radio
TAM; P .\ In connection the first time in the PCC individual scholastic award, ability, natural science
The seniors are making with I the humanities fair, This trophy, known a* the )Dun Karcher and Frank comprehension and intelligence Sale and Service
plans for their Christmas which the students of the High SchoolST. Golden' Helmet Award, is presented Burke both with a 37 aver quotient of the student We Only Repair; RedietHiRTZ
dance to he held In the school Academy of the Holy Names PETERSBURG! On to the PCC team with taking the ten Senior New films 111 Jof amt La.It .
hall en Tuesday, December will hold In February, the National the highest: scholastic team age.On ..,.....
Thursday, December, Pmella Thursday December !9 t, students at Barry did exceptionally N..siW" "M."'" be tit rnaoN awn
:S. Honor Society! of the average. hues N .wN.'
County Conference officials Barry held its annual pancots' well in these tests
school is sponsoring! a lecture met for their annual Out of the ten teams In the night, Freshman and 73 (per rent of the seniors Clan A, Kerrlon m
series on subjects related to banquet at the Candlelight Conference, Bishop Barry re- sophomore parents went placing above a score of 275. I [
Daytona Beach the humanities (l'lora1l1unobjtortionabJefor Mt.uj
the ---- 1 __
On Friday, December 7, rr / adult)
entire high school body heard r
I 255-3681
the first speaker. Father Thousand Clown, A
Furniture Books Fiancis Brou S.J. of Jesuit (Unit Art ) $27 N. Atlantis

Greeting Cards High School, Tampa. Father Madam. X (Unir)

LLOYD COX Brows central theme was Alphaville (French)

Office SuppliesCL Gods presence In the world (Pith Contemp ) JEANSKNIT
and the manifestation of that Sp. Who fame In From The

III North 2-347J Beach< Street presence Marge' during Franklin.Advent repports Cold The (Part) SHOP

Sacred Heart V It'''' '' 1\ tt uu a ttMS '" *- *-

College 1 Subscribe now
Kalian end Amerieen Foee"
riLLMtt, AlabamaThedean's ."" ,\\" \\ \ \ ut\\\
list at Sacred Heart Open t f.M.'til I II I '..M.I.nqv.t .
College for the first quarter
t I Fecilitie
includes 5 U I a 1RyblnlkI.,
daughter! of Mr and Mrs. M, rl. a S Lt\ e Closed Moxdeyt
M R)'bmskl, Lakeland, Florida I

,, BaggeH-Mclntoirt, RESTAURANT

FURS by REICHERT ,, r Inc.Funerel 1290 SO. RIDGEWOOO
D.frOM.alt Director
Mink Stoles Deyton Beach Port Orange CL 21357
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Seven The Florida Catholic. Friday, December 17. 19G5

V Text I or Constitution on Divine Revelation I

___ h_____ _

A L-uu-uwuvu liah translation u the of tnt the of"Constltu.tion an Enr-. Holy completion Spirit by constantly His gifts. brings faith to Lord word of God entrusted ky Christ the meaning of the sacred texts Is to be correctly Gospel I. stir up faith In Jesus, Christ and are produced In cooperation with theseparated
and the te the
Holy Spirit Apostles, worked out. The living traditionof lard and
on Divine gather together the Church brethren
Rtvtlationpromul.- I. Through divine and hands It oa to their successors la Its the whole Church must be taken into Now as well, all Chris
God the
writings of the New Testament Hans will/ be able
gated by Pope Paul VI on November chose t. shew forth and communicate full purity, so that led by the light ef the account along with the harmony which stand as a perpetual and divine witnessto use them.

18, 19M. Himself and the eternal decisions. ., His Spirit ., truth, they may la proclaiming exists between elements of the faith. these realities 23. The bride of the Incarnate Word

will regarding the satnaUo..1 Inca h preserve this word of God faithfully, It is the task of exegetes to work according 18 It Is common knowledge that the Church taught by the Holy Spirit is

Preface That Is to say, He chose U share with explain tt, and make It mere widely to these rules toward a better' among all the Scriptures, even those of concerned to move ahead toward a deep

them those divine treasures which total knows understanding and explanation of the the New Testament,, the Gospels have a er understanding' / of the sacred SLUJ! -

1, Hearing the word! of God with reverence I ly transcend the understanding of tilt Consequently It Is not from Sacred meaning of sacred Scripture, so that special preeminence' and rightly so, for tunes so that she may increasingly f< d

and proclaiming it with faith the human mind ((6)), Scripture alone that the Church draws through preparatory study the judgmentof they are the principal for the life her ions with the divine word here(

sacred synod takes its direction from As a sacred her certainty about everything which the Church may mature For all of and leaching of the incarnate Word, Our fore she also encourages the stud\ of
these words of St John synod has affirmed, God, has been revealed. Therefore both what has been said about the way of Interpreting Saviour. the holy Fathers of both East and U, ,t
: "We the sacred
announce! beginning and
end of all
things, can and of
Scripture is sacred .
subject finally to liturgies Catholic
to \r'ct
you the eternal tradition and Sacred 3
life which be Scripture
dwelt are
with known
the Father with certainty from created to be the judgment of the Church, which carries The Church has always and everywhere then and other' students of sacred thC< !>
and accepted and venerated
with the
was mad visible to us. reality by the light of human held and
reason ( continues to
What have see out the divine commission and ministry hold that logy, working diligently together aid
we seen and heard we an. Rom. 1, 20)) ; but teaches that it is same sense of loyalty and reverence of guarding and interpreting the the four Gospels are of apostolic origin using appropriate means, should devote
nounce to \1)).
lowship you. BO that you may have fel through His revelation that those religious word of God ((10)). For what the Apostles preached' In fulfillment their energies' under the watchful care:
ui and our common fellow truths which are by their nature 10, Sacred tradition and Sacred Scrip of the commission of Christ, of the sacred teaching office of tt;:,
ship be with the Father and Hit Son accessible to human 13. In sacred Scripture, therefore, afterwards' '
reason can be lure form one sacred deposit of the wordof they themselves and apos Church to an exploration and exposition
Jesus Chnit" I il John I, 2.3L> known by all with while the truth and holiness of God always ) toile
men ease, with solid God committed to the Church. Holding men under the Inspiration of the of the divine writings

Therefore, following In the footsteps of certitude and with no trace of error, fast to this deposit the entire holy remains Intact the marvelous divine Spirit handed on to us In writing:: This should be so done that as many

the Council of Trent and of the First even in this present Mate of the human people united with their shepherd remain "condescension" of eternal wisdom Is the foundation of faith namely. the four. ministers of the divine word as possiblewill

\'I1I1<'1n Council, this present council race ((7)). always steadfast In the teaching of clearly shown, "thai we may learn the fold Gospel according to Matthew, be able effectively' to provide the

wishes to set forth authentic doctrine on the Apostles, In the common life. In the gentle kindness' of God, which words :Mark, Luke and John \II). nourishment of the Scriptures for thepeople
divine revelation! and how it Is handed Chapter II cannot express, and how far He has gone
breaking of the bread and in prayerssee II. Mother \ of Cod to enlighten their minds,,
Holy (hurrh has
firmly and
on to that adapting Ills language with
by hearing the message of ( Acts 2, 42, Greek t.llI.) so that thoughtful with' absolute held strengthen their wills, and set men's

salvation the whole world may believe, Handing on divine holding to, practicing and professing the toners for our weak human ...lure"III. to hold, constancy that the four Gospels, and continues hearts on fire with the love of God ((1)

It by believing it may hope and by hoping revelation heritage!: of the faith It becomes on the ( ). named, whose historical character just the The sacred synod encourages the ions

may love ((1)Chapter ). part of the Bishops and faithful a single For the words of God expressed' in human (burch unhesitatingly: asserts, faithfully of the Church and Biblical scholars to

common effort (7)), language, have been made like human continue energetically, following the
I IRevelation 7 In His gracious goodness God has hand on what Jesus Christ, while living
seen to It that what lie discourse, Just as the word of the men did mind of the Church with the work they
had revealed for But the tank of authentically Interpreting among: really and taught: for
eternal Father' when' lie took have so well begun with .
to himself / a constant
the their renewal
salvation of eternal
all salvation
itself would abide the word of God whether written or until the day Us
the flesh of human weakness of vigor ((2)).
perpetually in its full integrity and be handed' oa (II), has been entrusted exclusively was was taken up Into heaven (see Arts 1,

2. In His goodness: and wisdom God handed on to all generations Therefore to the living, teacklsg: alike of the way made like men 1)). %4. Sacred theology rests on the written .

chose to reveal Himself and to make Christ the Lord In whom the full revelation lurch ()9)), whose authority is exercised Chapter IV Indeed after the avenslon of the Lord word of God together with sacred

known to us the hidden purpose of His of the supreme God Is brought to In the same ., Jesus Christ (he Apostles handed on to their hearers tradition, as Its primary and perpetual

will (tree Fph: I, 'I by which through commissioned completion (hue the for 1, W.: J, 13; 4, 6)), This. teaching office Is not above the The Old Testament what He had said and done This they foundation Ry scrutinizing/ In the light of
Christ Apostles to preach to faith all truth stored' In the
the Word up mysteryof
made flesh man might all that word of God but serves it leaching only 14 In carefully planning and did with that clearer understanding
In the men Compel which is the source preparing (Christ theology \Is most powerfully
Holy Spirit have access to the of all saving truth and moral teaching what has been handed' on, listening It the salvation of the whole human race which they enjoyed ((3)) after they had strengthened' and
Father and'come constantly rejuvenated
to share in the divine < lt). and to impart to them heavenly devoutly/ guarding It scrupulously ..nd.lp'.lnlnl the God of Infinite love by n special dispensation been Instructed by the glorious events 01fhrllt' by that word.
nature (see pb. 2, 18; 2 Peter 1, 41. gifts it faithfully In accord with a those for Himself a people to life and taught by the light of

Through: this revelation therefore, the divine commission and with the help of whom He/ would entrust His promises the Spirit of truth tit( >, for the sacred Scriptures rentals the

Invisible God (see Col. 1. 15. 1 Tim, 1, This Gospel kid been promised la the Holy Spirit; it draws from this one First lie entered into a covenant with The sacred authors wrote the four Compels word of dod: and since' they are Inspired

17)) out of the abundance of His. tote former limes" through the prophets' and deposit of faith everything whkh it presents Abraham (see Gen 13, 18)) and through selecting' some things from the really are the w.rd of C.ndld; / so the

speaks to men as friends (see Ex 33, Christ Himself had fulfilled tt cud for belief as divinely revealed.It Moses, with the people of Israel (tare Fx.: many which had been handed on by word study of the sacred page Is, as II were,

11. John IS. 14-15))) and lives among then promulgated II with Ills lips. 24, 8)) To this. people whkh He had acquired of mouth or in writing, reducing some the soul nf sacred theology ((3)),
(see liar 3, 38)) M that He may invite is clear therefore, that sacred tradition of them to a synthesis explaining some
and take them into fellowship with Him This commission was faithfully fulfilled sacred Scripture and the teaching Himself Himself+ II. so manifested things In view of the situation of their Ry the same word" of Scripture the

by the Apostles who, by their oral authority of the Churth, in accord through wordi and deeds' as the churches, and preserving the form of ministry' of the word also, that Is pastoral .

self.This plan of revelation Is realized by preaching by example, and by observances with God's most wise design, are so one know true and living/ Owl that brad cameto proclamation but always In such fashion pleaching. catechetUs' and all
handed on what they had received linked and Joined that by experience the ways of God Christian instruction In which the
deeds and words hating an inner unity! : together on. cannot with men that they told ui the honest truth about liturgoal -
the deeds wrought by God In the historyof from the lips of Christ, from lining with stand without! the others and that all Then too when God Jesus ((41. for their Intention In writing homily must hold the foremost

salvation\ manifest and confirm the Him and from what He did or what together and each in its own way under them through the mouth Himself spoke to was that either from their own memory plate' Is nourished a healthy way and

teaching and realities signified by the they had teamed through the promptingof the action of the one Holy Spirit contribute Israel daily gamed n deeper of the and prophets clearer, and, recollections or from the witness of flourishes in a holy way
the Holy Spirit. The commission was to the salvation of
words while the words proclaim the those who 'themselves from the begin 25.
fulfilled too, by those Apostles and souls understanding of His ways and made all the clergy must hold
deeds and clarify the mystery containedIn men who under the Inspiration apostolic of them more widely known among the na sing were eye witnesses and ministers of fast In/ the sacred Scriptures through;:

them the same Holy Spirit committed Ih.m"'a' Chanter III lions see I'.. 21, K), OS, 13 Is 2, U, the Word we might: know "the truth" diligent sacred reading and careful
Jer 3, 17). concerning those matters about whkhwe sturlv., emx>cli.llv the I'rlests nf Christ!
Itv this revclatiaa of salvation
the to >
then deepesttruth 121.
writing (
Sacred its have been' instructed see( tube I II and others such as deacons and rate.chats .
about God and the talvsllo .f Scripture
The plaa of salvation foretold 24)),
Rut In order to keep the Go mil shines oat 'for our sake !i. (1Irlll. Barred authors '
she li both whole and alive within the Church, inspiration and divine recounted and explained 20 Besides the four Go ministry of the word This Is to be duneso
the mediator sad the fulnrts kr them, la found as the Irue word of of all melatloa the Apostles left Bishops as their successors of the New Testament also that none of them will become "an
((2)) led; I. the husks of the Did contains the
'handing<< 0',," to them 'the interpretation these bonks. therefore Testament: epistles) of St Paul and other apostolic empty prr'l tier of the word of God outwardly .
3. God who through the Word createsall authority to teach in their own plate" written under divine writings, composed under the who II not a listener to It In
Inspirationof '
things (see John 1. 31) and keeps :II) This sacred tradition therefore, and II Those divinely revealed realities valuable Isnplrsllon, remain permanently the /Holy Spirit by whkh according wardly i4)< ) since they must than the

them In existence, gives men an enduring Sacred Scripture of both the Old and which are contained and presented .U to the wise plan of (ml! those matters abundant wealth of the divine word with

witness to Himself+ in created realities { New Testaments are like a mirror In sacred Scripture have been committedto 'For all that was written for our instruction which concern Christ the yard are confirmed the ,faithful (committed them, especially

(see Rom I, 19201 Planning to which the pilgrim Church on earth looks writing under' the Inspiration of the so that by steadfastness and Ills true teaching Is more and In the sacred !liturgy

make known the way of heavenly salvation at ('rod. from whom she kas received Holy Spirit the encouragement. of the Scriptures we more fully stated the .
saving of The
He went further' and 'from the start everything' until she Is brought finally for holy mother Church, relying oft might have hope" (Horn.. U, 4), (the divine work of' Christ Is preached(power sacred synod also earnestly and.
mam/eited Himself to our first parents to see Him as He/ Is, face to face (see 1 the belief of the Apostles leer( John 30t' the Is !told of the especially urges all the hrlsllan( fulh-
Then after their fall His/ promise. of redemption Joha 3, 2)) 31. 2 Tim 3, U; 2 Peter I, !1670: ; 3, II 13 The principal purpose| to whkh the story beginnings' of theChurth sal, esperialir Nellglaus. I.I 'tears by
111, holds that the books of both the Old plan of the old covenant was directed and Its marvelous growth, and frequent reading *f the divine, Scriptures
them the of
being saved (see Gen in 3, 151) and hope from" I And so the apostolic! preaching, and New Testaments In their, entirety ass to prepare for the coming or f Christ, Its gkuloua fulfillment is foretold. the """lIrel knowledge. set Jesus

that time on He ceaselessly kept the human which is eipresned in a special way in with all their parts are sacred and the Redeemer of all and of the messianic For, the ford Jesus was wllh /His Apostles fhrM" (/l'hll. J, I)1. 'fur Ignorance of

race in His care, to eternal the inspired books, was to he preserved canonical .because written under the InsptraUon kingdom, to announce this coming by as He had. promised (lose Matt 2s.. the Scriptures Is Ignorance of ( hrl.l"
by an unending succession of preachers" prophecy (see take 24 44 John S 39 ,01.
Uf to those who pertrverlmily do good of the Holy Spirit they have : ; 201 and sent them the advocate f Spirit!
itsitl the end of time Therefore the God 1 later i, 10)), and to Indicate Ms
meanIng who
as their author and have been would lead them
la search of Into the fulness (If Therefure,
salvation 'use Rom. 2. *7)). they should' gladly put
Apostles, handing on what they themselves handed on as such to the Church herself through! various types Ore I Cor truth (see John II, an) themselves'
Then at the time He had appomledHe !In tout h with the sacre>i text
had 10 IH
I received" warn the faithful to '11'. In composing the sacred books, God
called Abraham in order to make of hold fut to the traditions whisk they those men and while employed by Him Now the books of the Old Testament Chapter VI Itself whether It be through the liturgy,

him a great nation (see Gen 12 21 have learned either, by word of mouth or (iji they made use of their, powers and in accordante with the state of mankind run In the divine word or through: devotional

Through the patriarchs and after them by letter (tin 2 Thess 2. IS)I. and to abilities, so that with Him acting In them before the time of salvation established Sacred Scripture in readings, or through Instruct

through Moses and the prophets He/ fight in defrnse' of the faith handed 010fM' and. tnmtiin-. inem. ui- ). iney- as irue. authors by c'hrsst. reveal to all men the knowledge turns suitable for the purpon and other
, taught this people to acknowledge Himself and for all\ >see Just 31 .41.> rontignrd to writing everything of' (;Hid and of man and the ways the life of the aids whlth' In our hm*. with innrni.il

} the one Bvmg and !true
. father and Just Judge and to wait Includes everything whiib contributes 141' with men These book, though the ( mirth., are rommendably" spreadeverywhere

for the Saviour promised b\ Him. and in toward the holiness of We and Increase they also contain some things h" h are And' let them remember

!this manner prepared the way for the In faith of the people of God; and Therefore since everything asserted b> Incomplete and temporary. nevertheless 21 The C'hunh hat always veneratedthe that prayer should accompany the read

Gospel down through the centuries M the rhur h. in her leaching life and the Inspired authors or sacred wrdersmust show us true divine |pedagogy tit/| These divine Scriptures Just as she venerates ing of sacred !*"rlpture, so that God and

worship, perpetuates and hands on to be held. to be asserted by the ll (rSpirit same bunks then give expression to a the body of the l inrd, sine'e, esp, *'uUty man may talk together. for "we speak to

4 Then after speaking In many. and ail generations all that she herself' Is, it follows that the bonks of Scrip lively sene of God contain a store of I In the marred liturgy she unceasing Him when w* pray, w* hear Him/ when

sari d ways through the prophets, now all that she believes. lure must be knowleded as teaching sublime teachings' about God, sound wisdom ly receives and offers to the faithful the w* hear the divin saying" III
at last In then days God has spoken tttl bread of life from the tattle both .. '
of ( !
solidly. faithfully and without error that << about human < sword
In nil !*' W" Bleb 1. 1 12i) Foe He sent This tradMioa which comes from thelp.stle. truth which God wanted put Into thesirred of lift. and 8 wonderfultreasury aid of Christ's testy! It devolves 01 sacred. ftlshops "who

His Son the eternal Word, who enlightens o>vel... I I. the ('."II web the prayers and In them the have the apolulK. tr* htng" <,7r lit give
p writings ''J for the sake of
I i oui of
mvstery salvation" Mi .
has .
our Is presort In a alwsts maintained "" aod the faithful entrusted to them suitable
all M that lie might dwell
men "
help of Ike .Holy. >slrK (dl), sslvatton.
i among men and leU them of the inner- hidden way Chnitians' should tee wse run!(nun. U do to, together. with/ sacred InstriMtMm in the right use of the dnlna/

! most being of God 'fen John !. I UiJews For there Is a growth in the understanding Therefore ".n Scripture Is divinely Inspired them" with reverem e tradition, as the supreme" rule/ .f ,faith books eipet ,ally the Nw Testament

Christ therefore, the Word made of the realities and the words sod has Ms use fr teaeklMg the II Gin the inspirer and inlhir *f since, as Utplred ky (.'"t sod committed amt above all the Gowls| This ran be

flesh. was sent as "a man to 1I'If'ft"' ill which have been handrd down This hap- troth sod refotlag error, for rrforiwslloi. bosh TesiamrMs, wlielr arraigrd (kit cure and for all U wrlllsg,, they Impartthe d n* through translations of the sacred

He speaks 1M words of

  • :34)) and completes( the work of talvatiMi study made by believers. who treasure" that Ike mil *.k. Wloigi' U fled mar and the Old h* made maalfesl la the and mike ,the v./ire ., Ike U.I, Spins resound necessary and, really Iflf'fJu.l.l | explanations .

    which his rather gave )H'm to do 'see these Wags MI their hearts ,are Luke, 2, k. effkleM, sod equipped lee food wrk New. <'U.| !I. the. ..,d. of lh. prophets and so that. the children of the Church

    14 ill through a penetrating understanding of every kind II( Tim 2, 117, Greek Apmtl.t may safely' and profitably become cnn.taunt -
    Jolla J. M: 17.4)> Te see Jesus is t* set for
    of the spiritual realities which test). though Christ established( the ,new / with the sacred {Scriptures' and
    His Father 'John 14 'I Therefore.
    i iI like the Christian.
    they esperience and through the preaching >> covenant in His blood +see Uke 22 20; religion b* ,pinetra'H' with/ their. spirit
    .., Ibis reasms Jetst perfected revela of those eta have rereiv-ed through 12 However. snwe God speaks in M I Cor II. 2 i'> still the books of the Old !itself at! the preaihing of the Churth
    reed Scripture through cues In bema Testament' with all their smart "be nourished and regulated' by Furthermore, editions of tho sacred
    the by 'fiUUUag N tkreock HI. whole. episcopal I sucresskm the sure lilt of parts caught up
    .*rk of ssaktag Hiittett ,,....* aadnaaifestiag truth For as the centimes succeed' one fashion ili. the interpreter. of taredftrriptttre Into/ the prodamalKwi of \the Geoprl 131, sacred Scripture. for in th, sacred SrrlptoMl provided with. suitable fr,)it-

    Mlmtelfi, Ikreogk NM word, another the rhunh constantly moves In order U see clearly what acquIre and show forth their full meaning honks. the father who, is In heaven lutes shield be prepared alien for tip
    God wanted to rommuniia'e' In the New Testament. meets His children with great ewe and use of a-1, Christians and adapted In
    sad deeds, Ills sign sod wwtoVrs. but forward toward the frtness of divine! to uiSAouM ''seo Matt S,
    17. f tike 24 27 ifeaks' with IheM" and the (arts and their situ' on ftoth pastors of souls art:
    especially Iknwgk His deatk aid gUrtt truth sold. the wells of God reach thencomplete raretally investigate what mean limos K tt2: ( ..r.H. .
    reiirrertloe. from the dud aid heal fuMillmeat I I' her big the weed .tntetreally kntewM Hi, and In turn shed tight .. it ai. power In th. word of f.tll so great that Christian i generally should see to Uswti

    seodiog .( Ik* Spirit ef tralk and what God wanted/ to manifest b, explain it.Chapter. It stride. a. the twfjf**! anal" energy of dn. ''iilton of these in ono way srM

    The words o< the My father witness mesas of their words. IM fhnerh the strength of firth! for her ani4her

    Moreover He roe/irsned with divine fs the pretence of this "bvUig tra4.lKM V MM. the fond of the soul tile pure andeverts .
    )is kit'
    testimony what revelation peoriawved. who,* wealth' Is pnwrd into Uw practice Te sean k out the tntmtiun of the tarred tbag nxtrif of spiritual, lifeVMMMvtMrfttly way Ihrwigti, the

    that God is with. us to free ,It from th* aM Me of the ltetaig and praying writers. attention shou-ld be given The New Testament ( |hM ..oe
    darkness of SM and death and to raise fWrh Ttoouch the same tradition the among ether lh e.gs, te litersry. forms Iv apoilreM* to' err red Vrtfur For w rd of. led "may spread rapidlyaM '
    for 17 The word of Pest wfclrii hi. (Mpwwer .be Urlflrd". It ",". 3, I U amp" the
    truth is set forth and esptrsiH d>( MM vH of (OK 1 Into aid
    M of to .We Hers! Church s fU sees of the sacred .boots is artive"
    W fod tor U It soHaissn of ad .* Insure if rnefatioe l entrusted I. t''h*
    ferently which .
    tt knows. aid UM tarred writings themsf w texts are variouoty hit H.t., MI I iH it (MM |pewee to bustd
    The therefore bees.. sees Ism |. HI. II set tart awl ( birch may mere and fill
    Christian d' pe ss4Jsfl. es are snore protouixfly nderstonda4 tarsal prophetic. poet*, or of otherfarm year iff and give you poor, /heritage men Ihe
    at the cow awl defls*!** cave**, w. W dtorourse chows tt power M a nwit escetfeftf way heart tf nice.
    .......ly *a ie artne la /her aid Interpreter meetMvesligs'e in among all t..... who are maa 4N...I"
    : newer pass away c4 we nw wed MfisrhVr what the amen'" the writings of tb New Testa***** Acts 3*. >>
    s.aslsg I
    IVos 2
    Hsu Oo< .ha epos of old. Munlerrsyooty see Ili Just as the 'Pile nf the Crnir h Istttnn
    , sew swMr. metetMi lfcre the. writer amended .to and Far when th e fulness' of HUM arrived
    (tort ** .att>*tatM.. of sr Ird J*.MClVtstiseeiTM ros,er*< with the brtd of IhtMMedSo esaressH M particular espress cirrtMstan at-tuall' '... '.al 4 Ii> 1M.Word ...* m*.** fWohand B racy ..*.. tosh wiM !tkrlptwe "' "'-i thrsMmh mere. fre'i',' iti.leira'eim.1
    *. ad ts* Ifelt the KwlMrutk ,
    <. 14adTN : lJl V through bf ds.h" among, us II His fists*** of 'ul4 Iw provide for all! law (unities my rt.ry! ,
    .hom the tarts of the ,. usasg centempursrv literary form sisn w .
    rowe Gowpel '. uny SMS? hup (/or a new jtIM '
    awl truthwe John .II.u.I the
    graces I. 'Ml Christ M why Chwrk from
    arordame "
    >Jseel ...... ss the I.Kurrh ail throng her with the situation of Ms eretame i b.r the Me s4 the ....
    I ?be *ie re of faith lUm and ewttwe :!. $. 2t tko c ere
    k* God ... reveals a* e***>.. b"* .#. helm and makes ..>. seed ofAn wasted to avert 6W attention sacred mull author.W d,... aid word Mrf tnenfhM Hot the lid, Tsun.mst wturn M rah>4 |h. I* .i. rivw ''la 40, I, see I I' .

    -hx* S aa cwmraiU hrt who. *. self lr.wijr { 4 died abuaAisCI M threw Sues pad to the mstomsry ad' rfcarartens work b.. His death reMtrroittssi aarffjorimss f4itogMt and she has always given a I :Jr,

    I Is Gad often** the Ml sojher sea..f Cat 3.11., fit styles of fe.ittg. sfvakifig" and mar A.. ....1_ seal by taw .*.*.< plo. of hoar to ether "....,. tuna f'MtontM:

    abrilett and will to God who rnNla's I Hewe there. esuts a ctetso .. ssaa.e. fatal whstfc presided at the tame M of the IMy spins 1If... a4 I UtM *n*. etfMtoOf. thLtts s.ran

    14*. lAd freely aratg to tft* INdil rerea'ed and s msus ashen bets sea ...red the sarrH tea mine. knew as the vwlgjt' leas .. .
    : Hun. Te make tfcts ad of writer and to !the pattensme Hatlsg) Wee" Wtd eo from IW earth.He s-n r .- 'N ...-. ...-. 1,1' .
    by trad tton and sacred &ns sre For b (hof normaRy employed at that But MMS the word III God sfcwid b* amass.
    period .
    draws aH two U lllmwtf (to. lobs .5'50an
    fat ttw ef aid the ieemrbrip e
    pare ar *s.ibss si 01I./ tames, the l.
    then. from Cbssft. ,
    the divine bf
    fiewuig M t>
    same e-f -
    eierydjy dealings wstt
    sad one a* 12. K. ,.,"k Sail.. II* oho ...* has
    . of fee IWf Sport must precede wifcyelag. .as a rertaa way merle late other (tlt ,kr stfhonty, end with. aM'ersal, MYNA: io n ai s. I w iw n x s,. ,", h ."
    the words of fItulltt. ( Mm I U I c.. I II .
    II se ) use I. Nryyi
    tit heart lAd
    enlist tonal
    nerag .. to Mat iodine
    a aassty and! tend to.ard the same" end. w K and rend tn..-
    I. Cod. opewng the eyes of the surf and W. sore holy Srrtport meat be read Thte Mystery .tied. .... Wm. .a.,..".
    fwtsg "joy led ea" (. "*fyo+> III asseetag for Sacred Vrlptore Is the word of and interpreted si the same sped III oMser g"i.ratimM *4 st was sum re.tealed .|.., especially diem t*>* ortgHalIvifi ur, 5ims". C

    la Ute trwtk and beke' ng I" r.e4 teamoek ss K Is rootigoed .. wrttksg which was wnen 'I"' 1M toss seriousattMUm to His .holy .l|...ot!.4 sod. prep ief ihi of Ik* s*<.r4 bnnki Amt thmiM the seal. ides ter war, .- r. 'wS450
    ')). T. br "g about ace ever >nrU side r ts* sttolrtliM of IW dlbwJsHr nwttt be gives to IN r..1'M tto Hnt"f'orI'i see FP! >. 44 '.f..st '",-t*'' .nh arise and >sue < huri-H a>*> 1..a" ,...._.. M 5 5p... .1-N.e I naur 0.00'-OM.M .JpiersiyTps sC

    anderstandiag iosetetrv: the same .kDe saerrd In4d"",s takes the aid' ym" of the whole of Ie:,111I.' :if "/If' ".ol>, M mat 1"/ i-1' 'een the ''"<<"'._* apfrne. if (these l/aailatiims : : pgs eight


    \ \

    .; 1'. ,. .

    Eli[ ht The Florida Catholic, Friday, December 1'7.' 19M

    Walsh in Chinese prison ; -

    Sharing our treasure

    not forgotten by Pope Paul I VI -

    it... Teacher says of conversion,

    ROME (NC) Mar> roll hire< han received a papal the judge and a sister, Mary

    letter addressed to Bishop lames E Walsh M.M., dated also of Cumberland Ir 'comoletely life began'
    on the 50th anniversary of t:he RI hop's ordination to the The letters from the Bishop

    Priesthood. The American Bi shop has been imprisoned by avoid politics and deal main.
    ly with family matters butnl''er this da of ecumenismand 1
    communist i China since
    SOP his present privations and contain a complaint, e Inef'eallng friendship

    1959. sufferings as a heroic act of Judge: Walsh said The letters among all Christians, we

    Pope Paul VI told Bishop triplication being offered toGod never lack a show of good Catholics are called\ upon to Father

    Walsh. In part: (; for the perseverance of humor and the most recent enlarge and deepen that f

    "You have given a splendid (hmese Catholics their holy dated November' IS, contain. friendship The first step toward John A.

    example of true priestly fidelity : faith and for the eventual liberation ed a bit of light verse for a mutual understandingis O'BrienChrist

    and you have been trulya of the Church In that six year-old grandniece. friendship and we can promote ji'fA'

    loyal steward of the Cos. both friendship and understanding
    great' country from the handsof Bishop Walsh first went to
    pel' as St. Paul isI ont to ,its enemies" China in 1913 as a missionary by the exampleof

    call all Priests Meanwhile. the Bishop's Priest In 1918:\ he returned to upright lives and unfailing

    'A half century of dedicated brother Judge \\illiam C. the U.S. and served as superior charity and kindness towardall His life and love to

    and selfless! service of Walsh. who resides in Cum general( of Mar)'knoll. lie y men. other souls This is illustrated

    Christ the Priest the greatest( beiland Maryland mentioned returned to China in 1948, the Lt in the conversion' of Ruth H.
    This does not

    part of "hll'hI as spent in tin jubilee in a recent letter to year before the communist to Rosenau now a teacher at
    we are ceaseour
    bringing the menace: of the prelate The' judge said take-over IJ ('hri l and St Francis College Bidde-
    efforts to bring
    Christ to those ho knew him he got back this reply from ford Maryland
    His the churchless
    The Reds the Gospel !
    not, is a stirring example not Bishop Walsh: "European cultural herit

    only for members of sour own "Thanks for your rongratu repealed opportunities to millions in our land. age." she related ""II the

    Mar 'knoll !Missionary Society leave the country but he said 1 AI basis of
    ) lotions on my own Jubilee To ii' The true ecumenical spirit my interest in the
    but also for those wing Ml the truth I had not thought he preferred staying with the ., calls for an increase of such Catholic relIgion. The experience .

    men who aspire to this lofty about it until you mentioned (hinese Priests and people efforts for only in this way of the so-called 'existen

    vocation it during their ordeal. Action taken for can we hasten the fulfillment tial void' through Hitlerian:

    \ou have not stinted In He was arrested in 19r and unity of Christ prayer "that all\ totalitarianism and World War
    giving yourself! for the people "Well I hope there will he in March 10. the Chinese Mchton if Heliopolut ly last week in Rome and in Istanbul. may be one, even as thou II left me the only choice',
    from the family on Metrofiolitan
    have loved much. prayers
    vou so communists announced he .Father in me and I in thee, well stated by Karl Iluysmani
    that occasion and that will of Patriarch Athena- The excommunications each held for "
    "Ften today, a* you give had been imprisoned for 20 representative that they also may be one in in "La Has' 'Nothing was
    be a good celebration for me, of Istanbul, accepts from Pope the other for centunefl were droppedin left but shot
    a further Ovid manifestation )'rars. gorse( us; that the world may believe me a with the revolver

    of jour dedication In suffering lo be sure -" In fact, the kindI The Bishop I Is one of four Paul VI a copy of the joint Orthodox. this dramatic stop toward unity. that thou hast sent me" or my place at the foot
    like best
    for ( hrlst, you continue to Americans still held in Red Catholic statement read mmultaneouMy (John 17, 21)) It is generally of the Cross' )Faith was an

    encourage and Inspire othersto The Bishop communist China acknowledged that on the unexpected gift from God.

    a similar enice, 'jailors allow him to exchangeone average: Sunday more than "It has been nourished renewed -

    'For jour love of the letter a month with his Directives published 100 million Americans do not and deepened by Him

    Church and for your Ft'C.Fal'rl'flee family, alternating between attend divine services. again and again All I am doing
    Many of them art merely is to accept' His almost
    we are most grateful/

    Would that v e were able to Mexicans collect aid Pontiff initiates reform of Roman Curia nominal Christians while everwhelmmg good gifts,
    offer you :in person word of others have no religious commitment knowing that I am truly most
    f/si VIA. ...u rJattsM 0..1"0 of them
    comfort and consolation ''" 'am' re 'ugees of any kind. This unworthy

    Grcgono Cardinal ARagian.! Ml\l: J('() cm' (1\: (') A lather John P Donnelly ten of faith and morals anduhjt'.ts muting doctrine. Although it means that the U S.A. Is one Mil lean state' Is thai, with

    ian, who heads the \atuan campaign!: has been Inaugural. \ATIC\N CITY (NC) -- With the publication of ILIIl't closely interrelated will still correct errors and of the great mission fields of my conversion, a completelynew
    ed throughout th.Il'xlcan! with these Formerly some gently: recall those in errorto the world. Since! Priests and
    !: .
    office charged with missionary of directives including a new name find a new direction life began
    of these matters were re- moral excellence. new emphasis '
    Religious are already heavily
    work. also sent a letter to Republic to lollut medicines for its highest office, Pope Paul VI nan officially
    Bishop John W. (Coinher clothing! and money to aid the served to other departments/ is to he given to burdened it means that Catholic ''I was really created new'
    initiated! reform of the Roman Curia the Church'a
    Man knoll Superior Grnrra1..tver ZiOOOO. () war refugees: in South centNlnll of the curia preaching the GO Id. laymen and women inever out of nothingness I received
    lint tral administrative offices. Pope) Paul included In his Increasing numbers must instructions from F atherJoseph
    since Bishop i Valsh Nam under the auspices made for the selection of "Uf'Ridl'l. the progress of
    unjust condemnation by a of the Volunteer Em.comic : The directives rre contained extra specialists when they decree a historical sketch of human rhlll/.lllllln. in which help in the al|>ostolat of sharing Fulton 0 P then a

    Chinese communist court several Relief Services in a motu piopno, a document are needed for spatial thiu- 'the congregation since its the Importance .,f religion their holy Faith their professor at st. Albert College .

    years ago: and his consequent (SAMThe :). issued on the Pope logical diclsiiins. foundation by Pope Paul 111 cannot .be werlooled.\ Is at greatest trl'8sureI ith Oakland California and

    imprisonment in Shanghai donation will be sent own initiative! dated 111'1'1'10' on July 21. l')12: \ as the Sacred feeling! the faithful In such a churchless friends and neighbors was baptized by him."

    ," wrote the Cardinal "he through! Cantas Internal ion. her 7 and entitled "IntegraeServandae' : It further/ suggests: ( closer Congregation! of Roman and way that they' will folio the Her brief but moving testimony

    has been remembered in a alis in Home. which has Issued (\J Preserving Intact liaison, in line with the council Universal; Inquisition and its ('hurt'hi lead more fullv and To help Catholics do this concerning the totally

    special way not only In the the appeal for luges: ). 's emphasis l on Scripture, change in name to the ('ongregation mure Isis ingly l if they are provided the University of Notre Dame new life which began with the

    thoughts and prayers of aid, and will see that they are The title sets one of the keynotes with the Pontifical LibiaalCommiHfiicm of the Holy Office with full explanations Press, Notre Dame. Indiana gift of divine Faith should stir

    Marjknnlleri. but also In distributed by Caritas VietNam of its l'onll'nts-reform by Pope St Pius X in 1!NiflSime for the ('hllt h'l definitionsand has published two paperbacks us Catholics to a new and

    those of all Christians who of the Holy Office which The congregation/( the document charity I banishes laws Regarding matters Winning Cornell." deeper appreciation of our

    while, preserving its function states will operate fear," Pope Paul said referring tif faith and morals this t Is in which experts describe Faith and a zeal to share it

    Pope creates commissionfor as the defender of faith and either I administratively or to St John first epistle, evident by the very nature of methods of interesting unaffiliatrd with others By so doing we

    moraL in the Church will emphasire judicially depending on the "it seems more appropriate things." people in the faith shall help fulfill Christ pray .

    the positive aspect of nature of the case. and will now to preserve the faith by and "\\hy I lie-came a Catholic er "that all\ may be one'. even

    revision of VulgateVATICAN promotion rather than defense have competence on all mat. means of an office for pio- The Pope stated explicitly ," the moving stories of 12convrls. as thou! lather in me and liD

    that this refoi m of the curia The Press Is distributing thee '

    Poles Bishops' highest office wilt be followed on a basis a
    question << nonprofit
    tm (1CPope: ) Paul VI has created Among changes pub.
    by reforms in the other package: of one of the form..rand
    a commission for the revimon of the Vulgate, the trans lished on the eve of the ecumenical curial! bodies two of the latter for only Pope congratulatesDutch
    council final
    lation of the Bible into Latin which St Jerome made are: day, letter to German prelates The reason for this, he said one dollar sent with" your or. for radio-TV

    more than 15 centurion ago fw| Ab.v,) ( of R| Jerome' for| I Is the great changes which derRead .' MILURMVt: The Nrther
    The president of the commission the Revision and Fmendation e .\ change: of name In the FUKI: .IN (:NC' ') -- The Polish press ha* broken its have taken place both in "W inning Com erU land (NO The *'h anniverwry '
    j is Augustm Cardinal (iingregatltin/ for the )DIM'trine of the Polish Catholic hier times and events" carefully and keep the twocopies
    of the Vulgate in Home; fa. silence with a denunciaton of the Dutch Catholic
    eif (the Faith (('onJtr' alio of I Became
    Ben who before assuming the her( Peter Duncker I OP.. an pro. archy'a recent letter Inviting the Bishops of Germany to a radio and television\ company
    Doctrina Fidel) from the SHpreme
    (Catholic in circulation
    presidency of the !Sccrctanate official of the holy Office. ha. Sacred Congregation( go to Poland to join in the \I1'CO!' celebration of the millennium Water shortage moves churchless friends and among was marked here with a sperial '
    neighbors -
    for Promoting Christian Unity
    (her Alexander Keirlgan. an television message ofcMigratuUtioiu
    of the Holy little,. of Christianity .
    was best Known as a Dubbed I Irish Irancisean j father German claim to the former up Christmas vacation from Pope

    scholar Itodcruk MacKen/ieSJ" a e An end to the secrecy of The Polish government: German territories east of the MIMITSI.UU:, 1 !' : Maryland. The books .11hlp\ ton Patel M

    The secretary is Monsignor Canadian and rector of the the congregation's: (lpl'raion., newspaper. Zycie Vvars/awy Outer and Neisse rivers : with <;od's /grace, In winning, Thousands of persons in
    (NO) Hut to the severe
    Pietro Hossano, an Italian Pontifical Itiblical Institute. bunging: it Into the realm of commenting for the first time converts and reclaiming fitIriaMiji Holland saw and .heard the
    the Utter from the Polish The German: Itlihitps icreplrd water shortage here. St. Jo-
    exegete.Other )Home! : Father Carlo C 1\1. : public Church law. on each jear .1( jour i'v a prame the accomplish.
    advanced the
    Father Robert! Koch C.!SS nand .; Establishment: of t the Pishops I to their I Herman the Invitation In participate II'Ih College iii,. mtNiU( the" falho-TV center
    members of the !
    com counterparts. made public in In the rrUbmtl.nl of (hrulmas recess to iHttmber : -
    Father Giorgio; Castcllmo located here and urge it to
    mission am SDH principle' of the right of appeal Home on ]November; 21.!!> said the HHHXh anniversary of I'.. U.SlIe..r. In this way you will\ bring make' even greater strides in

    and e>f judicial repredentation 'Who aulhori/ed the Wish. land at a hrltllan nation. Rosemary I' f a f f.pl'l'ld"t
    Monsignor Salvatore Garo. Pope !St Pins X tiered a for all those called .."\NNNNNNNNNNSupport ,. expanding culture and inlormatNm .
    fobs rector of Home Ui ban rev Ision of the Vulgate almosta t Into doctrinal ops to comment on Polish Hut they said that when i l of the women, s college .
    suspicion by
    foreign policy. em vital problems unrated by the Sitters
    University; Monsignor: Claudio half a century ago: and entrusted its dn'Islons One of the ma Germans steak| of the right. The Dutch Catholic station
    Zcdda a consultor of the' this work to the of the of the Polish people and of remdfme In their former of (haritv. said The urgency Is one of the" large in the
    criticisms body
    jor the Polish state. without con. of the .local water shwtagencfessitatee Your Parish
    Congregation/ of the Canned; lie'netii'tines. to date has been that it did not eastern homelands. they do Netherlands where nearly all

    Father Angelo: Penna" of the Since 1933 this wink has nut allow accused theologiansand ( suiting! the Polish govern not have apart from a few that we cooperate communx atwna outlets are

    Lateran Canons of the Most horn carried out at the monastery religious authors to defend menlt"The exceptions any aggressive In every uy puMtMe with Holy Name Society run by religious or political
    Holy Saviour Father Benjamin in Home erected by mmitiburg: offtrmls to overcome
    ; themselves Polloh Bishops III their Intentions .' '''''' '''' '" "''''",u'n.. groups
    \\amhniq, a Dutch rrl"monstrall'n Pope Pius XI tor that the present crisis
    purpose e Introduction of the new letter hail noted thaI the laet Polish Catholics who had
    ian who is sec're ( council teaching on the colleglality that Poland wrilrm trrrl learned of their Itiihups' M The college hat ordered

    tary of the Pontifical bluest A monk of thin abbey which ( of Bishops: onto the furies were formerly part of lee via \atkan Itadio took Issue other emergency, meawres to M E M I An Invitation
    Commission Father. Jean' lessen water
    : U called /Iii, \bbey of M structural reform by ordering/( Germany: I Is Mill a sotirre <>fblllrrnrn with( the part of the mensage III '" east rrrd u mU
    The .
    Gribomont O.S R., prior of swimming pool| will tie 11
    between the tea a
    Jerome for the Revision i and that regional conferences of whuh stated \\ grant closed
    for the duration of thecrisis
    Fineniliilinn: of the \nljJte, Bishops he consulted when peoples pardon and we ask pardon"'
    Sends condolences on To reduce the we of
    said that If Pope Paul hail their subjects are under suspicion : The general reactwn In Warsaw .
    The Polish letter said of the
    ) water" needed to operate automatic
    death of Queen nut spread this work around in the realm of faith regions: taken over by PuUnd termed<< to be one of dishwashers. paper Our Ladyof

    on a much wider scale t h fhh.y and morals Specialists and qu.MMining Jut what the
    VTICcm/ Uoildiir
    (Ml) Ina at the end of / II (plates and cups will be used
    .\ of S would experts on the subject In question Polish should
    |I. Jerome Buihtip request
    telegram of condolence to that for Poland this territoryis whenever practicable in the jFlorida
    have are also to he consulted for tit
    an Incalculabletime pardon
    King Baudotun of Belgium on a question of national UI.t.PIIt.l' dining hallEDUCATION
    the death of dowager!; Queen to complete It. the decree states ." The German slaughter of }

    Elizabeth Pope Paul VI "The Pope ordered the' e The abolishment of at The Bishops of Germany in millmfli of Poles and the total

    promised prayers and offeredhis commission to finish its workin least two present positions,' a letter of reply made pubs dcMruetion of polish towns FOR
    blessing the "commissarlo" or judge December wel were' such great crimes. it
    two years he taid "It in Rome AEROSPACE AGES
    and the assistant who has MONASTERY RETREAT HOUSE
    Amleto Cardinal Cicognanl. might have taken us two cen corned the message' of ret on was Mid. that the expulsion roe cow

    papal secretary of state. senta tunes." been charged with censuring dilation from the Poles of millions of Germans from ctttioc tIftC'IbofIC MV PASSIONIST FATHERS

    telegram' of condolences to He said the abbey had been hooks While' they voiced sorrow for the lands east of the OderNrfsite anqu..cadem c '

    Belgian Ambassador to the asked to handle at least one The document establlihes a the terrible! things drone t" tine after the war end. .Itr.cunICII- Frill"r Earn; t-54nd.: r Aft meoe a... =....551.owl..., a p.tn4SidWl1 .

    Holy !See. Baron Prosper Pos- of the books of the Old Testament body of comnltors to the' congregation Poland by naii Germany coukl not be compared to tar IWOC"Ice / ai.
    them CrrdltId totlee.peoo' ; M"y !.,:,*? For ..:: p-:,: ..
    I wick. the Book of Wisdom [ with a provision they in effect t held firm to the ,..... 10. r_. .....
    Poimh Catholics also stressed A"y Wed.nd. )S R.." .....>. 12 at MNhowM.
    . Constitution on Divine Revelation that the eiputoion", of the oeNhl I 5( RIaud.d.ie.
    C'.APIII' !!
    /'INN. 15 Germans was ordered by the ,a..
    (Continued from page' seven) ail t-,," II. tmelml. ".,t S'WMIM> Sop." Hull u allied forces and was" a di '-'no. 1tmoI',
    limi II till III II 1'1') III1N .
    reel consequence of the war WnU Cot
    I Ct f II
    nt INoM 51,1.151.1114' e..h"It
    Footnotes) CIIMI, ii..ik, cm I ti M..it.M Im,M.. 111IWMI Kit M.M.... -i..ii M .... t n n Ie.11III started by Germany rather J. HedfwFltrUt-
    ,. I.II.X ClM.II,M. MtlM It MM U,. ..', ... .._.. "-Mi- _..," III II. I HIM
    cuss ...... tlMM"I, I... M i IMI,iH tm (IMIII.) ,.n* UN .iMii, ii in, km ittKi. ii KM n .... n, |11. MM M n. 5'. ..... t I 11111.. (nil IMMMICMHl than an act initiated M the Air Actltay
    011,1N mi n .. M H MHI TMM.t M KHixitt, IlH
    in Poles ,
    I"ftll tttM, ......,. ". \ 5 5 .
    ClHIII CulttltM M tin I Ct fn III innlHll, "11, .M IHIMM, tl."Ii:' ...", IW N M 41114111e
    CitMi" .* rill, n... a1.41161.' |...Mw UN M IMI III II "'Milt 114 iMlitrfM Hit (III' .... .< Tii ilt Fro A +o Lfe .H..ot If I...:.....
    ." I II 511'00 .,5 ll Ml 1N/1,1/ M 'J) 5t. .... II
    5 II.., .*","'" "" ** "H 'I''" "* **. 1. t. Ml t tt M Mon ( MM, 100'I I l..ll IMMMCMM HI n InuMi. 'l.....4 mlKI' HI. W. I HTMt ( :: HENRI A, MONTEAU
    CMfMI II,, 'I ..... M Cuiwm' iMItiM. nil I Cm IN !..... HIM. | IM.ItKN -.1 .
    trtidt.. 1 VII. Ml IIn SCHOOLSAcademy ,.. ..OULANo..ouvt..ONTEAU. INC
    I ..W. ..hltI M MM II II CtwJ K VlltIIM 4.-N lilt!, MtHlMll, "f>M4MlI.MM MM: 55. II. M tw >Ht..ii..i N kMiMiM. tamn t MimIMIMM ... JJ W"t_ u.0II; I..U;,.,
    I II iH'li H lei"two CMMI Itu HI HUH Inv IMI, .
    t-Cf CMM ,.,,. 'HIM MM mi mill II m I .0 ttll M lltMIt III' rw-e :: .itn T.... F\o.J.\ :
    I .
    T IM m INN 'n CM CiMtilmm It >....,M. III M III I. I N fl |4 II- f-tl KM 11 1It .
    HI mud tMititniM' w ,lit CIIHM. Mitt, Ill It It.* II I ... Mill nil H .. | IK t-. i nn. ii w M N i 'in r. 15
    5l0 t, ".. rtitlltiM ...,..... nit IIMII 1 1It -II 1Noi1. 'h 11.,1. ",. 5 r IC 4-.C' n-tnilm MU M Ctanl M
  • . Notori
    P,..-.,. IIIrt.ll lnM.1. "tfint .,."..," III I I. H f. Mlt i.MM- _iti.(imiIM It '''I\. MUM II. Itl.,tvll SoIN- MI CMuhM. Mr fnw'M H !.... !..- HIP a Of The Holy Names

    I lltl. MtMlKll .f i-et IKM emtM n I,tit. IMI...w m 'mi, twit IM irr ifi... n lsidst ,nd day school foe 9;rk. Gr,dcr to ..."... Fill,
    1/,1.11, ." erlfI. _..,.. I. 51151 I S'NMM ..11le.nn. -,... M MIMMM. '.los, HtlMtt MUM:. II N1445 t t-Ct fM III M|fMII. "M*. I1***"* 5e"... HMl .d t.d. Progr.m' mcludti. e.flq. .p".fof'y cod .......1
    I...Cf f'rit tititM. dm. ."."'i tMtt,lit.,M M IX '- .15n .....,... "Ct| K 1(4:. flu. I t fv 41 Mil -. Ml 517.5.044,5. ......, (waxoM Ht, "t... M fnmt ceun, "most. art .65 ip rtt. Condi.ct.d by Sn..... If tile Her,
    tutolii. fin CUM 4, "H fill, IM HUM HUM It"I U I m .0_ It tMn .._ .. lwl .M M< M*M lIMM. N,,TW,, 1319 Btrthofe lo l.."rd, Temps, Fiend.
    IIM fJMIItrim .. -It I..MI.,M. ".. Ck,II,M ..."... III 11 N fl .M tl in* ell U PMI w MIIN.K o L.A.JOHNSONPH.
    iI II 5n Cl P,51 "" .4 II Mit
    ..Cf eoll," if Trait MUM II. hi M ...* non) '" _.Ct LM till McIMN 'MM."Nm' M 5.. II
    .rlt.. II .- llMMI II WMlttll. 'll...tM flTMlllM, ". tnt 111 InNot n. ......... ..754451 5055th II .t ROSARIAN ACADEMY
    T -Cf f M III IMltolU IMtt III.II. "MM.tunl.H,... '.. ttl* II Ml U IWMI. N
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