t I

Cites Compliance -- IS OPEN AT I r ir' i i" S: "' .) The Central I Labor Union


With Civil Rights Law >Paul Tax announced Collector yesterdaythat Cornelia ..To j I and Building Trades

her office la the court-
house will be open during
WASHINGTON (AP) Presl. -In 53 of the cities, more the MM hour tar the pay. 1tl Council of Volusia
dent Johnion, reporting "wide- I than two-thfrde of the libraries meat of taxes during this
spread compliance" with the are desegregated. ruth period.
new Civil Rights Law, aayi It Nearly 100 school districts During November, tax J
"11 being obeyed la thou areu i were desegregated this fall the payers received a four per
where some bad predicted then report said. For the first tune lathe cent discount. This will County Heartily Endorse:
i to three cent ta
drop per
would b< massive dlaobedlence < nation history it added,
," I there are desegregated Institutions December
During a campaign atop In of higher education and
Chicago Friday, Johnson re- I desegregated public schools at the following candidatesLYNDON
leued a turvey of 53 cities of lower levels In every state
more than 50,000 population In MIX' EFFECTED Judge Backs
the 19 states which do not have "Thla year for the first time
1 B. JOHNSON President
their own this desegregation was accomplished
lions lawi. without violence, without .
The report was aubmltted to i Injury and almost without 90PerCent'Loyal' SPESSARD HOLLAND Senator
Johnson by Leroy Colllna, the notice," Johnson said.
former Florida governor who la The President said Collins :
director of the Community Relation reported "there ls still conild- HAYDON BURNS -GovernorJ.
Service established by arable work to be done." But he .i.

the righta COUINS'REPOBT law said the exceptions "only serveto OathTALLAHA'SSEEtAP .KERMIT COBLE- State Representative
point up the basic fact that
The report gave these figures: the general rule ls compliance." Group One
-In :51 of the 53 cities more In some sections, Johnson DELANO STUDENTS HONORED-These five DeLand High School students
than two-third of the hotels and said, the changes brought by : ) were recently cited for their high performance on the National Merit Scholarship JAMES H. SWEENY State
more than two.third* of the the Civil Rights Law represent Circuit Judge Hugh Taylor cold Qualifying Tests. They' are Sue Martin, left, and Edna D. Lang. Ado, left to right, RepresentativeGroup
theaters are desegregated.In the "reversal of generations of tt was up to the Individual public are Chuck Early, William E. Holler and Pete DeLacy (Sun News Photo by Gilmore) Two
46 of the cltlea, more customs in practice." official In Florida to decide
than. two-thirds of the motel "Adjustment to the law ot the whether he wants to be guided ROBERT STRICKLAND County Commit-
by a political party loyalty oath
are desegregated. Five DeLand Seniors HonoredFive
la being accomplished and High
-In 50 of the cities, more recognition la due those who or his OWl convictions. la votingfor loner Dist ThreeH.
than two-thirds el the >public> !have provided the leadership president.The
refused Friday
parka are desegregated. that has Judge DEANE SMITH Commissioner
produced these encouraging throw out the I M I per cent party County
developmental public loyalty oath. seniors at DeLand High John. M. Stalnaker, president two per cent of an high school District One.
BUY officials, clergymen, educaton.bUllnulIn.n Rep. Julian Bennett of Bay School have been honored for ot the National Merit Scholarship senior This certainly signifies
labor leaders and
Democrat, urged the their high performance on the Corporation, said: noteworthy accomplishment by
other community leaders and County a all these bright young people"The RODNEY B. THURSBY. Sheriff of Volusia
eountlesa private citizens have ,judge| to declare the act Invalid. National Merit Scholarship : "Letters of Commendation are
MAYTAG made the difference." Bennett bu announced his support Qualifying Test given last spring. : being awarded to SLOOP students Corporation gives recognition to 'County"
Deserving of special note" of Republican presidential Each student who la endorsed I throughout the country In two groups of students whu '
a Johnson continued "are those \candidate .Barry Goldwater butcouldn't by his school receives a formal I recognition of their outstanding achieve high scores on the KATHERINE ODHAM'SUpI"laoi
AT member of Congress who opposed vote for him without. Letter of Commendation signed performance on the qualifying NMSQT. The Semifinalist group, of RegistrationDR.
the civil rights bin with breaking the loyalty oath.BENNtETrs by his principal and the president !. I test We wish to can attention In Including William Lackland of
FRIERSON'SONTBMUUVAM all their strength and all their VIER'Although of the National Merit this Way to their high academic DHS, Is composed: of the highest-
eloquence while It was being Intended to give a Scholarship Corp. achievement scoring students in each state TEETS Write-In Candidate for
debited, and who, once the bill public official enough leeway to. Alan E. Balles, DHS principal,, I "Although they did not reach and In U.S. territories Some 14000 ,- Supt. of PublicInstruction
was enacted urged their constituents cross party lines to vote for president yesterday announced that the the status of Semlflnallsti In the Semifinalists take a second and followers to complywith the oath In effect requires commended: students are Peter current Merit Program they are examination to establish further
the law of the- -luuL'- 100 per cent loyalty In Bay and V. DeLacy, Charles Early, William I very capable students.The Semifinalists their eligibility to become Finalists (Political Adv Pill for t tnilttCouncil.
53 other counties, Bennett told E. Holler.o Edna D. Lang and Commended students and to receive consideration : Cbarl** Tobbo,OeAe I LaborCheetayf Trw )
the Judge and Susan T. Martin. together constitute about for Merit Scholarships.!
This la because only three opposed
Democrats are running
c-----T RE-ELECT ,the county including President
Johnson, and failure to vote for
any, one ot them would reduce I
KATHERINEODHAM his support, percentage of n. ,

Judge Taylor-said that if Bennett !' .
objected to the oath he I : ;iLZt
Ser' should have opposed It at the I Yr
time he signed papers,to run for 'i
office U
The Judge! pointed out that
y that there wai no legal punish
ment for failure to live up to the
oath Enforcement Is a matter flE: j '
.. for a candidate,conscience, the ,
Judge, 'ild."Whether. '
: YOUR your obligation under rP' tI
.the oath should control your
I whether strong
vote or your
SUPERVISOR OF REGISTRATION convictions on the candidate to !
-vote for president! should controlyour
COTOTT < '. "' vote, only you tea decide," I T. GOVERNOR
rqttnu_ ,
I ***.*** Ike ,Judge.. ,told Dennett**
Bennett said there had been
I Tears a* Depaly CIer'1''''' aa Chief Deputy Clerk.j some Democratic talk of trying

j I Tsars 1'ov. Isperrlser *f lettstoellea.t to throw him off the ballot because .
of his support of the Republican
Mew leetlag react Tens aa lisle r eUeal presidential nominal '
IC ..,.m..n Asta.e At !least half a dozen other Burns Means; Business;
''of the
Wnklnr Member at FlorU Interim. KlectlM Las ItalyCommittee. i Democratic member
legislature hive openly declared
their support for Coldwater, and
*.f Cealaeed Effleleat sad Nta-FarMis TreteeUea' tt several Including House Speaker 7.a Proven Progress
U Tear TstUf Llhte.e.' 4ToUtloal Mallory Horse of Tallahassee
'' have taken active roles ,la the l
( A'.. r4! fee ky XaUurta .. Offluun campaign. ,
j ,Republican 4 Best Qualified


, M: Pull. Lever 6 a A Mayor Burns has 1 15 years of successful public administration behind him as chief executive of one

of the,Southeast's most prosperous cities. _'_'._..., .' .- _
Re-elect Haydon Burns Is'a man of boundless energy and his days are long and full of activity performed in

the interest of fellow citizens.

;1 '

Sheriff Haydon Burns Stands For: PULL

4 A will itsaaei, eeeeweHrf. ...... ess). tlffch-Of-ffey te te recetzte et e pert DOWN

:Rodney B., Thursby unity sri |Metes' .ceHete sptesa thet wW el erlsNry. klgkwe teattmttea, eat",Ike
resfeeslkJBtifv, Relief awl ke ijvee _
lifer -"lIty!! eeVcetfenel! ,,.malty te e"ms BMwicleelHIes.Sefsrelf '

Here Ifcea 100,000 RerUe tteebrh wk Rlf>ti ef till ........ state" LEVER 3-, A

I On November 3 hag Hiker' seetarlealyWl wMta the fressewerk ef the Vale.. C- .

; "A Man of ,Proven Ability" ;;


Eight Years Experience Aa Your Sheriff!

Born and Educated In Volusla County

; Graduate V.tlrLDolWorld Stetson War UnhersUy II,U.S.Nary I I I II

, .* Member ef Masons. Elks. American Legion. "

Lions and Moose

v TruiUe ot) Florida Sheriffs Boys Ranch

.,. :

: Your Support and Vote Will Be Deeply Appreciated) Ia


Rodney B. Thursby:: .


e/ (Political Adv raid toe a?Rodney..Thereby) fftEOeal gee hy 1LBJ 1.o.h4y Dapnetf'L1as/.tP 71ea..n.a

.. R

I Opposed, Candidates Listed pile (FLOIIDA) ,

Violinist's Performance City HallChatter n, ;a :, A .

; Vote Race Set In 18 Counties ITALLAHASSEE

Praised By Reviewer tAP) Th* BROfflRDBroward Palm Beach-Group' 4-Robert SemliwJ-Rep Joe Davie olSaniord
vast majority of
4 dilates will be lerllltlcia.\ -Group 1-Re Day of Boca Raton, D: and Dt atd Rbert Hoover
unopposed In erwm Albworth of Fort tender Lout Bafalli ot North Palm of Fern Paffe R.Voluala .
Tuesday general electKm; but dale D and Beech R
: Roger Harper ofPempaan Grasp 1 Kermit
By I L. rERRirOTO flection on hi* artistic *"bfl y. Itteemed By REWARD RISROr opposition lilt developed I la th* Beach, R.Elrowardcoup Puco-R&p. Tommy Stevens Cobie of DaytM Beech D;
Sun News Musle hide ... News Clad Writer races seven Senate scene J-Taort! Me. and Jacob
to this writer that IIAcrardot and 98 House of Representativeeeeta ot Dad City D: and Don Rob- John of DeLand. RVoluala -
Regretfully, this! reviewer: was sage poise were ,less ta U counties rhersoa of Cooper CIty D; and inaon. of ZephyrhUli, R -Group >-Rp. James
unable to attend the lull performance tiff the performance would have ****: K tor Edward O'OMI"Y of Fort Lau- I'tn.Jlu-Group 1-John War Sweeny of DeLand D: and
Up election!
this! '
( .
do date It.BrowardCroup
had more dramatic Impact. \ year ate of St. Peterahurg. D: and Rep Glean Blanman of Daytona
Thursday evening at Only 131 licenses lor dogs bid been laaued by the city en ,'senate seats, and 1U House 4 Ronald Richard Decb of St. Beach Shora. R.
Elizabeth Hall, being The recital wee composed of Oct It, last eaUt'Th* other a Petersburg '
present day for obtaining annual licenses without payment Senate teat Sadnn ol Fort Lauderdale. D: R.Pinellas.
Beethoven "Kmitrer" Snnlta.Bacb'l of M cent come' up In 19 only for the first ball. The artist a per penalty. I and Rep. Jamea Eddy ol Porn
Chaconne lor solo violin.Franck' Under, a recently-approved i Unopposed I Croup 3 Arch colt Of Defuniak Spring, D.
was Salvatore Aecardo a very municipal ordinance does maintained candidate ar pan Beach R.RrowardGrnup.
accomplished and sensitive via Sonata In A Major and within the city muat b. licensed and inoculated against elected by the first vote they 3 Richard Carlga of St. Petersburg D: and Sam Campbell of Defuniak
two closing works one by Mozart rabies receive I and Ray Osborne of St. Peteri- Spring, R.
.Krelaler, the other by Faganinl. Fees for licenses are U for malt and spayed female animals Every Republlc candidate Brown of Fort Lauderdale. D; burg R.MnellaaCmup. Two nnoppoied Democratic
This left and John McGinn of
man doubt
young no and 13 for onapayed female dogs. hag a Democratic opponent Pompano I 4-Daniel Me. candidate for the Howe won
of his talent Beech R.
His technically and Inv It la essential to mention the Pet owners applying for licenses now will be required to pay AH ot the unopposed Mullen Jr. of Oarwater, D: aomlnattoa In special primaries
terprettvely. bowing powie.- accompanist at the piano Richard penalty amounting to 50 per cent of the applicable license fee are Dmocrti. candidate O.y-Lnuia Huntley of Or. and Mark McGarry Jr. of St. after tile nominee died. They
et a tine range of tone plus excellent Syracuse. The support given unless proof la furnished that the animal had not reached, ale la tllntl1'It'H tig* Park D: and Harold Hill Petersburg. R were
control In arpegiaturi and months in to the Oct 31 many of them had '*- 1 Ol Doctor Inlet R.
Accsrdo by this young man was age subsequent deadline. Mow Plnellaa-Group < James Levy County-Joteph Wilder
double stop which were beautifully The ordinance provldea penalty for Infractions of and party opposition during Dade-Group J-Ralph Faiths
Valentu of Cedar ,
absolutely impeccable] Display the of St. Petersburg D Key replacing Rep.
May :
displayed In ; Bach primaries. In heavily
the solo.
of Miami, D.
regulations pertaining to dogs. and Ronald Wedel
lag a sensitive rapport In hal and Charles Ralney of Clearwater Frank Marahburn of Bronion.
Democratic Florida -
Except for *n occasional flattening most of the
and But, apparently there U to be no Immediate crackdown. Although of North Miami R. .
ante timing R.PDIkGrnup
gavethe Monroe County-Bernie Ppy
opposition Ia 1
of found
sustained the
tones and primaries.
U Inh.
money provided police department'
soloist operating Dad*-Group Kenneth Myera
In a most desirous back. J-WaUar Storey ; Jr of Key Watt, replacing his
weakness the pizzicato execution budget for hiring of a dog warden, one his not
the latter PtobablYlf'lnr.acoustical. } ing especially in the Jut movement been employed. P Democratic opposition developed of Miami. D and Ted C. ,I of Rirtow, D: and Cua Net- father, who terved :e years lath
a Slack of Miami R.Duval .
of Beethoven' of U
sonata aim Sara wit R. HOUM.
In the a *
Aecardo ) heavily
gave an exquisite Provision also made bh. commission for Republicancounties 1 ,
where, being a tarantella Inform 't 1.. l-Cl\rl Simp
performance.: With no re- the tendency 1* to become obtaining a pickup truck for use by the dog( ot Browned Lake. Inn of Jacksonville D. and Lowell
warden. But the truck has not been obtained Palm Beirh. PlneUas, Orangeand
too exuberant with the tempo. Truths of Jacksonville, R.DuvalCrnup .
Indications Ire that official+ do not betieva Seminole.t'OLtSLt. r: WASNT THE REPUBLICANS!
pJLL The reviewer extend compliment the tog nuisance situation la great enough to COfNTTrepublican S Rep. Bill
LIspatet) y Ruined ot .h. tlitea U task remarka chest SenatorCnlilwater
to Stetson's artists and impose an Immediate strict enforcement of the t Jacksonville.. D and reffple.
aholds la
lecturers '" r G David Well of JarkonvU1 being "trltltr hi' tad thai hi* vice
\ committee for line fine new ordinance. "
[ ][ [ Ri-evard Dade Duv.
l. Indian
CNALKERE13 presentation It Ia I regretful that If a dog warden Ia hired, he reportedly will niver. Manatee Polk Sarasotaand 3 Rep. Tn tary al the fnIn\\ Ngrvmber w*.ld tars the w tU
these performances are not given work only part time. Volusla Greene of Jackionvtll. D; and lit tk>*t, ihnuld ponder the fen.lIIe IritliaiII
suaMMiMnsui wider publicity, hence possibly counties sent candidate Warren. Nelsoa of Jacksonville, wtin'l ih* Repvbllra .h. rrtab tIll
against the entrenched
L "... ...... 1J4-I3M attracting larger sudlences. City official apparently still are undecided Democrat, a Sextet In 1933 and far II aceeUac Into Mr rear
over what to do with what in some quarters U RISROP Here I II the list of IIVI-CrnUl'! ft R,p. L>i try ana world im-lrty at If II were a rp. *Ubl*
referred to as the "whit elephant'-the old candidate opposed wood Arnold of Jacksonville D: aa< tfrpeadahl member ther.ftf.

Chamber of Commerce Building djcent to City Rail recently Senate; b\ districtSexenthPollt and Tomas Larkin of Jackson-- II .....'t the Bepablkaaa .hll, alTckraa aialnal
purchased for l,0.000 by the city : elite tLIndian the ritnl a'rlr* of Mr. Churchill, ,greed <. give
WRITE IN SLOT NO. 31 Th building in generally bad repair, was bought br the city Bra Hill Griffin County of Frost Pup River-Rep. Art Karat Rush a free hand. .In the Balkaat.II .

upon motion of Commissioner H. Dean Bmlth of Ward 1. whit Democrat;: and Marvin Proof. of Vern Beach D: and Noble .....', the ReeuhllraM 1Ih. rMll7 divided,
urged that the police department ba moved out of It* basement Bon of Allhllrnd I... Republican 0. Ver Richard! of Vent Beach, R.lAKE I rlan< and sere ha hesdqusrters and into the building .
l1tlt-f'j""nl C01'HT1'LskeW It coast lot Rrp bUeaa. wh ane4 to tIle
County John
indication Ire that the police depsrtment' move is not being, -
L BlarkweU "f SI Petersburg H. Reedy of DutU.: C.mmssbt tokeorer ef a a4r4 mlllloa peeplela
Dr. Teets considered now D: and ten Bill Young of PInetlaa D: and Rep L. L, Baker of Colas EirH wh are all Itutilaa.,
Only plans for the old structure are to spruce it up" and. to
plant In its ysrds Park, ft, Mmmt Dnra. R. II ....', Ih* RepvbUcaa aamlnlittiUoa which '
Clumber grass offices still located In the eld building will be 13th-Dade. County Robert. Lee-Ted, I R. Randell of Fort I rtodam' ft?* the ....., taiga Catl Ccrmtay eat
moved once the orgtnlzstlon' new headquarters are constructed; M./ HI\'l'rllf rf Miami, D: Myer. D; and Robert Blackwood and len heat: Berlla eel elf tram the real .f the I I
on property purchased by the chamber on N. Boulevard. and Phil Chafed of Miami of Fort Mjw. R. free werid., q
Beach, R19thOrtns. !Manatee-Rep. Wilbur JVijd' It ....', the .e*.Mlca. 4mlalalratl thatpahllely ,
Work on prepsrtnt a muter plan for DeLand' airport has County 54'". of Palmetto. Dand: Robert' prmli4 that Mtarhnrl would! I* bach i
begun and probably will be completed within Dues weeks, sccord- Beth Johnson 01 Orlando D; Schultz ot Rrailenton. R. I to It* rlfhtful wara, Ike OIl...... tad Ibis seemly
log to city officials and Le CoUlana of Winter Oran e-flroup 1-Rep. Henrv al Tall |t,* central ef Mix-hurl to the Emilia.
y No An engineering firm from Miami I making the survey to deterimm Park R29th Land of Tangerine, D, and It ...', I tebllra 4mlnltlr..Ua that 4J.rld .
best ute for the spproxlmstely 1.700 sere of airport and -Inriim Riser! County-" Richard Courtney ot .4 Rees *a4 eve ..."., ef Narlh. Kra to the
industrial park which would conform to Federal Aviation Agency Ren. Merrill Barber. ff VeroBeafh. R. 1'11I.1.

rules. + \ ,, 'yfiJUfiKThe D: and Kendall Sharp of Orange Group J-W on.nllo'l II ....*', a ReMhllcaa admittUtrtUoa that tar
Initial survey will cost ths''city about p.IO .' according .. preliminary Vero Beach R.ttrd rer or Orlando, D: the held fnl.a the Ktrlla Itlaa4 which bad sever

Z.1Q. estimates.Actual OaceoU. Okeechobet John Durker ot Winter eeea ..,...,'* atcepl" tapirs thereby endtn.trlar
contract for the work has not been executed, even and Martin counties ..' ta the )lorI'laM
Sen. .
Iran nr.n..r.I'tIup J-John Jacob beN" I.' :a < f ewe tecurlty
Or though surrey work has stared Bids on the project UU ar* In Bmnson '
ef Klstimmee. D: *nd of Orlando, DI: and Rep,
r the hands of FAA officials In Mlsml. James Witso Sr of Stusrt, It Robert Elrod or Orlando R.Or II .....'. ride the ..,.IIUn.* that tine minet
A member of the engineering firm already doing work on
J7th-BrevsKl Countv Rep. .n...C.roup 4-Bnb AI1I- ,mr>* disappeared bkl4 the Ira Curltla Ia the
former FAX offieiaLOnce .J'
the reportedly was a .
FirstName survey James Dressier of Coma D.: food nf Orlindn Di and) Rep. first ,dine ,.... atur Wrl4 War U.
the master plan is complete city soy greaterletitude
be FAA lISh. and Virgil Scheack, Jr. of Co John Brumback of Orlando R ll ....', the RepublleaM ins ere*'***< the
would permitted by city's managementand
31 disposition ef industrial park property "f ren.1L Palm .rh-Gl'tlllp 1 Joel! Ray .f fin 41.ur., wtklm It ....1111. fr &!Irut.ell. .-
A good bet U that the master plea will call for closing two Home of Representative, by DavM m ol Wear Palm Retch. .. ta ettobllah. a haa ta Cabs ealy N mile hem
of the airport's four runway. FAA officials prtvknisly suggested cwmtv D, and Donald Montgomery otBoca ear share. ,
PU5H UP tact more thad two runways were not needed to meet aviation Bernard Croup 1 Rep. Raton, R Net t These are tome ef the ..*,111 ef Ih* 0m*.
requirement *t DcLand. _,* J me Pruttt of Ecu Celia, of Palm .t'1I-Cf'tlllp :3-Rep.FJTtmttt spills party which I* asking to be ..*U...4 U cOke
SLOT 91 e e IfIt Herschel. Karl of Mel. Robert ot Bene CI.dl. to 4* what Mitt I
,I The police detective division has bees reorganised ,...;i. tygas 5f1l1I.! R. I); and Daniel Gotham ot west CdltorUl Rma4ue
founds, formerly *detective in the two="I4/.loa/ ri Wg Palm Beach. R

Dr. TtiiY primary aim M a wrliln candidate on a In'k'' t ;;.from midnight until Ism,1 suit ,'t':' M yw > A.I S trap In uiln. pineOai Palm Beach Group J..J.m"; :. (P.oliflcoJ' J AdjroW For ft 0. M. Uithordi Treat,
Bt Nlbler. the ether detective I* ennng la thai toall'Y. plug 1000 mare la Hill* Maj'nor of West Palm Beach, '
ipublicoii Club
for School capacity but la subject to call for duty aa a uniformed policemen boreuzn: County and 200 la Mao- 'D: andR, p. Donald Arfd a( > i < i Mini )
Superlnt.nd.nt UtT Reason given for the reorgsnlsstlon was that there was aa tee,County flora Raton' R. (
_. .
.. .
Insufficient work load for two detectives --- -- ------- -
.-,t-w1 veer aetar. tur ,
'' '
ell ear 21,000 bays ni girls h |mpntHii thilr .*>,ctlalpprt 4 ',"
hli.Opirttl Florida Qualifies Funiignlion Set : :"'1\ 111\' "' ,

TALLAHASSEE (AP)- Florida 0>cr Citrus Fly ,.(
.* .1| ear, ichtdi with*! hcrinlH. '' | property tai
hu qualified for a 13.T mil- .&.: I
.ummtHti.Illtnlnttl line federal grant lilt construction TALLJLASSEE'API.- 'r'.' .

of classroom, laboratoriesand fruit headed' trrfi Plnetlai County \, .t''
** *f tk* 'Kkl piDrltal( meehGe end Hi effect'' .a libraries at Institution of to QiUfofif 14; must be fumU) : .
higher learning. gated before California will let
a.s ;
err ch D dr... Cov. Furls Bryant **ld Frl- 111ft.. FkirMa Agriculture Com d ;

day.that federal authorities had mlMlonet Poyl Conner said. J

AAirinc ft besestj'is; ttatiirilhri llsal | i Scbl' lari accepted the stats plan, thus California adopted the regulatlon
clearing) the way for the grant. after an erlental fruit fly
partbesing. Including' baying 1, *l ..ll*>lii| hiIUmlnitlt .,. .. Requirement call for matchIng was found, la St. Petersburg Ort,, t

financial basis with the federal IS. Extensive tripping has failed S y

*f "crlmlnilltr"+" end? iffllitnci .to ttll. pleat etaitructlca. money paying for 40 percent In IIII'IIlp any more of the ,Insect .
of construction coat for but the California requirement .
melee, for foliar ..... "
Obtila "J.., .a' tf'chnlcallnatlfutiOll' and 13 percent that Plnrlls fruit be turn- .

of the building cost for all Igsted I I. expected to stand ew ea .
PvMUetl .a... IHIf Far Br CUrar Charln) other. kind!! of higher educational through November" Conner said, .e+' 0. I

Institutions, public and private. Th* trapping continues, with .-


The "People" Are Supporting i

: t

Cherie Gardnernr: : ,

.. ; 41t
1 .tFgiy b

: I

Because 1 and ; 6 ...

,. -


| | | l M MHBaMB>|
Needs HS-CH Will' Restore BEACH POLICE :

RESPONSIBLE H TJH Respect and Confidence : CHIEF J









Elect A RepubKonCherie w .,. ..

: .

I .*.p w'? Elect JOHN R. (Jack) LYNADY Sheriff

County Supervisor RegistrationKmnlier3N I "..

Republican Candidate Vote No>'cmlcr 3 :. -
; Lever 9B r Mhlttkal

Iatttlro Ab PaW rr 91 Rune Oardaw / AM,, tow FM 11 Jdha L lyssdy/ :

j .


e t i

, f'" ,. ...., ...
- -
?- -

.JK; iftSiSTO d

} gr SEIf! AS 0 '

7"e i .

Legislative Service Attended Stetson Law School
"..' ,-11'".
I by Colleagues 10 Years Practicing Attorney ,\ rn.1. .:
i f t v /!
Effective Member in Committees19
Opposes Court House Re-Locati on ,
I amnan ofFinance 15 Years Resident of Volusia Country' ft'\ :": 1
& Taxation Committee I
Opposed to Food & Drug Tax '
oltn B. Stetson Law School .
Selected "Outstanding Young Man
County 30 Years of the Year 1959"!
,< (
ON NOVilVilErl 3rd lI -

r p ,
; ,I
Candidate Group Democratie Candidate Group I


.: Enthusiastically Endorse Sweeny and Coble For The State Legislature ..

W f'r DeLand, Fla. John E. Johns DeLand, Fla. Uriel Blount, Jr. DeLand, Fla.

Deland, Fla. Angus G. Davis DeLand, Fla. Irving Veino, Jr. Osteen, Fla.

DeLand, Fla. Patricia L. Weeks DeLand, Fla. Leslie F. Dyer DeLand, Fla.

,,1 DeLand, Fla. Emily I I. Right DeLand, Fla. Wendell Jarrard DeLand, Fla. .
: DeLand, Fla. Anne M. Davis DeLand, Fla. George Clark DeLand, Fla.

DeLand, Fla. Eugene Kleindorfer DeLand, Fla. Charles H. Lennon DeLeon Springs

:;: DeLand, Fla. r Otis Thomas DeLand, Fla. James McEachern, Jr. ,DeLand, Fla. ", ''''A '' :
,...., .
;' : DeLand, Fla. Anthony Barbera DeLand, Fla. Maurice F. Foster DeLand, Fla.;

!; .; DeLand, Fla. Athena Kleindorfer DeLand, Fla. Florence M. Grimes DeLand, Fla:

1 r DeLand, Fla. John E. McWilliams DeLand, Fla. Virginia D. Roberts DeLand, Fla.

DeLand, Fla. James 0. Eubanks. DeLand, Fla. John, E. O'Neill DeLand, Fla.

f DeLand, Fla. Dick McMahan DeLand, Fla. J. R. Spell DeLand, Fla.: J'
>te i
DeLand, Fla. Frank R. DeBartolo Orange City James P. West DeLand, Fla. t \
\, '
DeLand, Fla. James R. Mauney Orange City John F. McCallum DeLand, .Fla..' I:: (;
DeLand, Fla. Joseph A. Scarlett DeLand, Fla. Alan A. Dickey DeLand, Fla.,'; ', f'

k DeLand, Fla.DeLand W. Max Acree, Jr.' DeLand, Fla. Malcolm A. Moye, Jr. DeLand' Fla. .tlf' ,:,:: .,:'
Fla. Jack Johnson. *,s DeLand, Fla. Leon G. Van Wert Daytona Beach. ,f ( .
DeLand, .Fla. Walter Nordmann m DeLand, Fla. Mary B. McMabn DeLand, Fla. ;

DeLand, Fla. Hulen Ray ;, ', DeLand, Fla. Walter Blamjue DeLand, Fla.

DeLand, Fla. Joan Ray :: Deland, Fla. Florence, Blanque DeLand, Fla. '

t DeLand. Fla. T.J.HusfeldHenry n DeLand, Fla. Ralph R. Clayton DeLand, Fla. t ::1 './
D!Land, Fla. 'm C>* opfell 1 DeLand, Fla. Clara B. CI yton.De nd, Fla. l ,( ,i

; ; 1 DeLand, Fla. Frank Moere.;M" DeLand Fla. Dorothy R.'McGiU' Detand, Fla. .'f 1

DeLand, Fla. John D. Ward\\ DeLand, Fla. Ernest Hafner Hew Smyrna Beach:
DeLand Fla. DeLand, Fla. Hafner New Beach "t *.>r
John R. Goe, Jr. f I' Miry Smyrna 1 K. ? *4KmoACMU

I I **|S 11 OiLAND IFKMHBA). Mm NtWS llMDAY, NOV. I, 1964
5 wrs, ra

\: r UFA To Hear City Librarian

Mrs Manet Coons. ealof, 8_ lit tfc* misting. of the Retired
brarian of HM DeLawl PulSe PwsflfcB AMocuinon.
lihran will be gu* tbiatun ....... The meeting will be held, In
the library on W. Rich Ave
t : at Ormond
BNoIIlMll ,
\rat It 10 OB a.m Tuesday Members
are reminded that the Bevy
1 r!, 'rwY.a piatiiMd. dne not open until 10 a mM'I.
w 11Whh'h members and their bon will trU the re-
V ,a ran tour central Florida, a**. tlree' of the library fune-tinns
tnt club li large enough aeoard and what tt moans to renldpnts
,. tog to its otft"l'I.BUI of r)Und and Volusia. County.
the main function of the A tour of the library hat been ai
"E1 organi/atlon will continue to ', ringed to follow Mn LOOM
I banged finger. grace talk
and parts cataloguea ,and .bel'I Ml' urged to vote
nw stored supptb little Model\ either before or after the meetIng .

cart .

.,. N I I.

r .
.' ...... ,,1(_ '
The Positive ProgramTHE

COST FOR THIS BEAUTY UNDER $200 C II. 'Boots" Weathertngton
proudly shows his Model A coupe which Was restored from virtual Junk to Its sharp
George a looks. By scrounging for body ard mechanical parts, cost of restoration was minimized .
Model A Club member, works on what someday will be a full-fledged roadster. Graves Weatherington is president of St Jo has Model A Club, one of three such clubs
I already has restored a Model A from discarded old piece of car purchased by him in Florida sanctioned by the :Model A Club. (Sun News Photo by Bishop) OF JOHN F.
for $50. According to members, the club's purpose la to restore and preserve Model A

cars. Only Three In Slate JACOBSIDUUTID

r t" ..

Model A Restoration



i UNIV. or nouoA -t s

Br Br.RMRD PROP A buff according to club members carefully pieced( together through MATIICUUnO ".D.>
Sim Itew Staff ftrMerRanged Is In building the car months. of hard work or that
finger, splotches of virtually from the frame up; la ftbi* (laas had been u ed fl.
grew and, an sutonjotlv part searching Junk yard and old lemlvely to restore body paris S succusruiIUSINESSMAN
catalogue ore the mark of burn for dUrardid. and long damaged by nut
members of St Johns Model A forgotten body and mechanical MM CAOqiAlTKIMAt
Club one of (brie such\ organize pan. his worn station on the ,
lion in Florida When I pulled In a wreckedold Truck Route, which I le headquarter
The Wet Vpluila dub formed frame of a Model A my wile for th* MAN (:Model. A FOR FAIR APPORTIONMENT OP UGISLATURI It
two month ago, ha* )JuM screamed. bloody murder" Wee buffs). several old framea are (U4S OP POPULATION NOW CONTROLS)
been sanctioned by the National therlnfton II)*, pointing to a slowly growing Into full Hedged I ,
Model A dub of America There trim red roadnter, tf 1W9 vlntagt and shiny can II members arid FOR CONSIDERATION OP OUI'HTIHD OTUINS
are only 'tw. other'sanctioned "It took m. live months to part after part I Is the painstaking
clubs la the: stile" L!!burg fix It like you Sr* It now' .snd promts of building the roe PROTECTION OP TOUR HOMESTEAD EXEMPTION I;
and VaIparsls.t'It I'v. got leai this (TOO Invftnted auto. roe A MITES EDUCATIONAL STSTIM
U on. of taM than 280 lurhclubt The biggest problem la finding "This !r. sot a hot rod oulnt," (nOllOA RANKS
In Amertra whoM member body parts, members lay. M. Wealhertnglon ia>"s at' the Jit. 3616.114 NATION)
are dedicated' to rr-atoilng. chunlcal) and electrical part art Johns chib. "Our members ar POR COMPLETE TAX REVISION
preserving and enjoying Superb I quit easy to obtain, either from just Interfiled In restoring Ih*
llltlt Model! A Ford aulomobilM I Junked cars or auto parts manu- old cars so they'll run again.M (DEMOCRATS INTRODUCED A IIU TO, TAX DRUGS
and trucks I t.ctllrtrt.aUy George Crave Jr. a member AND IROCSRIES M Wl))
TRUCKS. TOO Weatherington displays a Model A truck owned by him. It Sa>'a C. H 800Ia" Weather. PARTS of tilt club, bought a dllt'ardtocl
was restored from bad repair through the s low process of searching for body and mechanical In(ton, president of the St. "1t you have the money, of Model A for t\0. Slowly h* hal POR CROWN AND DEVELOPMENT OP VOLUSIA COUNTY
parts and painstakingly piecing them together. John* club: "All that to required course you could buy nearly all acquired body and mechanic TMROUOH UNITYJOHN
for tnemberahtp \Ii''' that the parts 'OII'd ned tl) build a parts and la restoring\ the auto-
a person be the ormtbuilaitlc ,car," WeatherlAgton die. One mobile to I I. original condition.
--- --- F.
abed 17i1" tllInulll't1m'r.IM' supplies. Soon the once-4U.pld.'e4 aide n JACOBS
.. \1 t m.If wC''I *\ftvUln iiulnuo.u" horns) will!look. *s shsrp) *j WeatheringJen -
CostsDisc Th./ Club It.Mtrr: to 'tep plates fur rumble seat S roadf" Caa M"J.Ip/. HI* BMW! ./ rtBLtC St VICClw :
Living ... .
MUST SELL member sad \Ia growing.Weatherlnfton fender Because young Grave dotwat leader "N' *. ?rent R.Ur4 CblMr n'* SchMl.SBer4 .
) Hut matt buff continuallyheard' of >lembee. .. .. '
ttyt. f Mil upend great amount money .y. .tar. C1ill*>*. AH*. sad
rv mate there am !bees thai'. I for 'bargains' la ModelA on his project, a fender V.te.U Meant Heallk AM*.

These Electric Shavers darn operable Model A Again the region But dedication and a floorboard part found at a
bard work on the part of club I 'You'd: b* lurprlted just how bargiln Ire happenings which Member-..!....., reh,..,tea Church, Darteaa-0rmo4
Before We Move! member assures that then soon many old fender snd hood slid make lie hobby thrilling, Dirt .f Scalers.. C*, keel rack ....)".**,

WASHINGTON (AP Living will be more doors for Undd A or esn b* FAMILY AFFAIR"Our Be i-OirrST4\DINO l TOl'NO MAN or AMIIICA
All Prices Below Cost! ... la Model and In old Is Award.
coats toil two.tenths of one TIle .Itu" being a found Is Junk plies orgsnlutlon a family
bam and garares If you anon affair" Weatherlngton '. 1. Inc
..........e..1, per cent an upward Is September trend resuming broken the pin bidet for many yeah the lookout lor 'them"' Wx. $1 added to the normal' 0 Elect John F. Jacobs

The' Shaver Clinic will be : briefly In August tb. Labor TIle September detreas was therlngton say. annual due for membership'
Vogue Department said Friday largely la drug prices lie aald. Recently Weitlierlngtos'l Model I the entlr family ran belong lathe IOta CrtBLIC4 ITATK:
Housing coats went up two A roadster. and s pickup I dub, 'h* anti
Open as usual 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. i ment's Th. tecreai consumer took pric th.lades govern to troths Gr on. per cent reflecting truck owned by him. along will I One tb* club has grow and LEVER 4 B
higher ownmhlp outs and a ear coiulttlng of Unto mare cr are of sufficient quality,
until Nov. 7. 1084. This means It took HO M
: Saturday, i last month to purcha typtealconsumer (accesses* la fuel ell. textU than tram and motor, took part members plan t* enter cootettsapouored PURGE TO REPRESENT AU W PEOPLE OP VOIUSIA COUNTY'PolItkal

... .... ............ house furnlihlngi "'ntllurw.ucS la OeUnd Iflgh Behoofs homecoming by aatlqu sato clubs
,.................. item that could be housekeeping services sad parade. Few tpectators throughout th* Mate Including ( Ate, rsld For Bf John f Jacob
bought for $10 la the 1JSTM
upplles. knew: that the bodies hd been till BlrthpUc of gpMd cele-
(W* lake 'II' *U ".n r ai "trade) hued period on which the Index la -- -- -

i SCHICK PTMldent Johnson had already
announced the rU* la
MAGNAPOWER $14.98./, price\ In a Detroit speech la OPEN LETTER \
advance of the releat her by "
( CORDLESS th. Bureau of Labor Statiatlc .
1.jw Higher food !housing and .

SUNBEAM .. . ..:. .* 21.98, clothing prices contributed to .
tile overall September rtM lath iHc

LEKTRONIC 19.98W, Food prices rooD\ .nucM...* three.tenths ...."........At 'A"
: ..
of one per cent higher beaux :: 'awl
eti. ''' _
h'e .. ''.
KMINCTON of rte* la meat aad egg prkw \:. e a ...RAfTLA
Meal went op J.I per cent e DeyyyyM1.ay .N
LEKTRONIC &$28.98./,, from August largely b< Midwest farmers withholding t! 4 10 ..,...14.
OM FIOATUW NEARNORELCO livestock from tINt mantel la sa ., t iNr P1oN/of o.te6.r M '"" ?
effort to get mur money, th* VOIIiSI.4 II.1Pdd ". ohh....
s 5f$15.98./: bureau aald. A.
I .. the 10000rr.
Fresh. felts and vegetables t :npoybllit/ /n/K w ''''
J FUP TOP dropped T per rest, but were wMh..eoth mini rho
atlK about T per real higher .. / r4./'ZIoI:/
! NORELCO l3iti$12.98.A than year sgo. t b e/IKe el iii,.!..0 .'p r4w 1 r "ol J/n/ of"P'WdKro Sfotf h the
Overall, food IT / 111"0'
price were .h ey : rioter bed e
: t
, OM per rent higher than la XepumberlMJ. ,. ae ,. .n"fr 'ho tow 0 E rn0 fAe Macbn.e Mkr.Weq d
r rr na
''' '4 d
66 1098. On ( f "0Pt: +"6lkanp eiw that'rr" "ipj t Ihotr/,/D. pm Nor ii ! RONSON IIOI. development hi ;; In. .- .... bhp" lei
September was a slight drop la -

JKMW6TOM drat lb* eoct.*.t IX medical*. rice, the lrell/rr7phay 1eShlirf.h It en/ari...M 1:; fro 1": ?ui A1TOhL Y

AUTO-HOME $:& $16.98., Th* drop was oae.('eata of oil P .,a N WllKr IxOrM. .+ rah
per cent Arnold Ch**,> Sh.Rlr' ei hla'I h WIced 1' wAhearse s
tHMWCTONROiLAMATIC ant eommUsioner of the Puma C'lr 'p01 t I wrant
err 1o nt tl'/oe:: s/n'osf ter
of Labor Statutes said It : dog!'
>&: 1798., seemed. to reflect a slowing A. .0''n/ ode...,. r. IlryfdN tent, list _
down W tk. longurm tier lamedkal eeq tIto.bp 0i,1 world eMen:.......""pnen,. leePh ...Nogr
ONI Mt. wtUrt hair goalaD "" ''''' ...... M
rna .It v'c:0: ''It I
1".. :
laser Uas say other turn In ?: "0..Aenr ., _
REMINGTON & 1798., :eddir b/e6d0wn ;N'"leRemee: r ere rNa tepe/y/ retlal .
I'I d p :;:; N the 3SGrnry Mbe Mtterr: /eweh M/trgr, .
MME U1 i FEWCWGOUMIMKUMI tA... b ..e'"rbop polyg4' '5 Eued M 6I/ .act
d........ wbente Mere file ;z-: :: MAla ht j
.. .. M'Ne
SUNBEAM $9.98.,, ....,.., er Jlp,. ion. .....NnkM.... .... t h """ e SherHY Fmp Cy nbr, :I Pull Lever 6-B
eatKN h
IB9AT HUVHB/ _L f en, rn0.,. ay "knr ....n,1 eMrMsnr e"h Me It .... Voter For

a Iloou 1 .' IIrIJI to dein.. I.t"fid"..." It, M311rGr Mery'lr a....." 'se

SUW6EAM . .. ....i$10.00.i : I IA i ,. .. .. .I",It.. ""'ft.r,....It..ffl..(,..,".." "" """' JOHN R. (Jack_ )

oltTREMiNGTON'60' $5.00 -.......- fix I.. II pA"VpotRKwiwtlned, LYNADYItptUtesM

.. I .

t CssaUate fv



us N1til1 IMUVA I 211 L .IM.ISai 7144541I I -u1N-+:x1-.-..llr. PatM, Py .J. L s..ft INrai6er I I t ty ;


I_ S



GatorsWhitewashAubur14aO j -..

''A SporbJaro

Florida I Hatters iBOWLING> ,

Defense BounceSouthern y :


Is Rough e N IuD News Sparta Editor


I W. L.
I 11 1
Kirk aped 84 yards with one of Another fine goal tending effort Smith Fact K-Baad = 10 I
was' turned In yesterday afternoon Art> Plaatarlnf' o S T Remember These GriddersThe
two pacse he Intercepted u the ftoudnnmtraa"IHIII:: 44 T<4
by Dave Smith of Tampa Nn ...... ._ '
r 4 !
defense did mast of the wnrk in Ra 1 ? ISAlcOarmotta 10 Silver Anniversary AU America Awards were created la
I with Ron Heath of Warwick LauMry .1 S
muscling Florida to a 140 viaCory I' R t., and Tad Jones of 011I \. Hit by the editors of Sparta Illustrated at the suggestion of the
Saturday over Auburn. G I the SATURDAY SUB TIBNS late Herman Hickman. The final selection of the annual roster is'
I kosh Wls, providing goals W L.
Intercepted pltchout and a f tTAI' of citizens and of the
Aa the Stetson Elk a made by a panel distinguished announcement
pans Interference' penalty In the I sparked cam ,Rmi.rirrrrzm: ? 1 1Srha.Mr' :3} winners,will be made by the magazine late this month.
University Hatters to a 2-1 soccer Sinclair_.
end zone let up Florlda'i first This year 68 players were cited by their alma maters as candidates
win, over the visiting; Florida Land Saw ..____.. I 1)
touchdown early In the time' for this year'a honors. Nominated on the basis of their suoeeia >
Southern College TIINA'MIXIO
Kirk picked up the second' score : I It the third win' against W, in life In the :25 years since their senior collegiate gridiron

la the second quarter. wait tJull." Conatmrtlon I) Lj days, the grldders from the 1939-40 season comprise a slate
loss in the FIC and
Florlda'i a gate Tnirna A Cnuntry Salon 14 13 which: sparkles with exciting football memories as well as sn Impressive
Steve Spurrier. sensational .
the Green and White sole possession IAltnas Cltllllaa ___ U 13
sophomore, couldn'ttnuiter W*" .. _. lH record of career and community: service achievement. Da
I I 1 of first place and droppedthe Team No;. S .??..._?.= IS U you remember them?
much offense but the Moos to 2.2. Holl.r Motors .. _. it
Cator defense was superb IndAubul'ft" : Ne, 7 .:..=:,. ji 1:
After a scoreless first periodit Family Shoe .??..1' 11 One Florida resident I It emonj these listed this ytor.He .

mistakes I sever was Heath getting the first Taam: No.No.. I 4 __......?__ 11Taam S II U Dr. Carl E. Andrews ef Welt Film" Beach whs wet
stopped.rint 9 ri 8:53 In the second --
goat with : gone
9 5 emlnetsd ky Islet (slingwhere he was a track men si
downs :
quarter and it was' 10 at half- LATE JUNIOHS
Rushing yardage 80 69 w. L. well at an eutitonding tintsr ON the football teem Kt li

62 33 time. P.Lan-1 Lan.a Halt. ? it "IFull. chairmen et the Medicare Cemmittse ef the Palm Beach
passing yardage Jones scored his goal on a ., Cnnatrurtton H* 14 13 "

Fttiei' US 3 9Psssei penalty kick with 11:30: gone in ullv Art' Cnnttructlon Plan.Hnc: --..-.-...... 14 14 I: Medical Society and Is chairman ef the Surgical l.alnatlonCemmittte

Intercepted by 1 4 t U I / A 4nr I the third quarter Heath wa Tram Ni>. a ......._.._ It n at the Seed Samaritan HetpltaL
1.35' 39.1 Hum A Mark-la _.___. H 1ft
Punts Moc
solo dash the
j making a on 1 Paaan ...___.._.
A Rnna It 14.South
la brief look at the men nominated this their
rumbles lost 3 1 goalie when he was' tripped from !. thud 4S ....___? 10 11 Here a year

Yards penalized 42 55 behind to set the stage for the ; schools and present' resldence.:
I JACK and JILL ALABAMA Charles Albert Boswell Univ. of Alabama.
Little Jack Card, 165 pounds I pea goal. W. L. -

ef furious linebacker Intercepted With only 1-52: gone In the tVllla'a Mr Rig .. ..11 It CALIFORNIA -, Wffllanr J Miller Univ. of Penn, Joseph C.
a ralk-ina r.l.rtrlc' __.J5 It Shell, Univ. of Southern California, Don L. Walter California
two pastes, Lynn Mathews fourth period it was' Jim Darby Jarnha. Motors 15
II Institute of and John Wlnterholler, Univ. of Wyoming. Nn. I ._ == 1t Technology
picked off one.The getting: a marker on another ,. .......
Blitnna TI ....? n II DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA Francis x. Bearaer Univ. ol
absence of Jimmy Sidle penalty boot. Sam A Marfarat a tt 11

'Auburn's Injured All America The visitors kept the Maryland.
pressureon TUESDAY A.M. COFPflSimla FLORIDA Andrews Bates College GEORGIA Richard
the burden onsophomore 1 the remainderof '
quarterback put Smith during W. L.
Ronald Untv. of W. Howard Eetor Georgia
Amerlne Kansas
Campbell. Campbell but he Q'a 1114" 14'%"
Joe the period came up .lIm.l. _.__...._____ J1 11hmr Institute of Technology, Leonard Lawrence Long, Univ. of South
however, couldn't overcomeFlorida's News Chalet Oilman with a couple of great saves to 4tirane 11 Infinal.
(taupe ky ) ? Carolina, end John F. Stageman, Dale of Georgia HAWAII -
LYIS :::::::: 1s U. 1JU.
defensive rush plus a the victory. He also got ---
DELAND HIGH CAGE CAMPAIGN insure Rnwl.rlna., _.._......... l"i,* mPlnl'D" Paul Clifford Domke Carleton College. IDAHO Charles Lewis
strong wind that bung his passes PLANNING FOR yr some tine help from. bis full ... 1/ ITHupp Clark Utah State Univ.ILLINOIS .

a little too 1ang.TRIED\ .Dick Kinz.r... Coach Murray Arnold ... Chuck Early backs. l1fy-rp* Miners:::::::::: MH IS 11114 W Allen A. Berpier, United States Naval Academy.;

THREE: Miami defeated! Rolling yeaterdiy Cranleins _::::::::::::: la JlElSbt Allan P. Christiansen. Knox College, and Harold L Method Northwestern

: Balls _......._._ S :i
Florida tried three Held goals 31.
PRACTICE GOING WELL University. INDIANA Max D. Bartley DePauw Univ.,

la aa effort to pad Its margin L Olli"TI N PINS and James Z. Logan Indiana Univ. IOWA William Bliss, Iowa

but the wind blew all three wide Bnnil'' K.frli."tion 11-4 w. L tU, State Univ., end Nile Clarke. Klnnlck Jr., State Univ. of Iowa.

ef the pal poits. FOOTBALL >*t. Masonry ........_ 1flnllnwty e KANSAS William M. Beezley, Kansas State Univ., and Charles
It the fifth victory In six M.I.ri.l.l .._ 1* 1* Whitney Miller. Dartmouth College. KENTUCKY Richard C.
was Fri.....'. B.UIT Spot. _. In 11
games for 10th ranked Florida Chuck Dick KinzerTo RESULTS 1'.4. J.w.l,.r. ,..._. 14 11 Porter Purdue Univ.MASSACHUSETTS.

and kept the Gators In contention Early Clmlds. r pins"w.r.Co".. 1n I''p : Howard R. Grimes Grlnnell College

for the Southeastern Conference By The AtMitiue', PMII Art's Pla.t.rin6 I ::::-.:: 1744 U" Albin F. Irsyk. Unlv. of Mass, Paul Oerhardt Krueger Tulane

championship. But their CAII PMmblee livd__ II 1. Univ., Torbert Hart MacDonald, Harvard Univ., and Ernest H.
P'ri.rnp'.On I ieJamb.
performance was far short of HIOH SCHOOL! ehr.t:M.ta't-::= If .. $d4. Nelll.; Collate Univ.MINNESOTA .

T'ELAND.: n, Apopka 5 M.uay Lngle.enng. 1'. :0"w. % Harold Van Every, Unlv. of Minn. MISSISSIPPI
tat week's effort la losing 17-14 FiveSeniors ..."..." as TAYLOR IniAk1
to Alabama Captain Bulldog City T. 11..10'.... e IIIVICI -Jamea Earl: Ooolby.. .Mississippi: State Uiuv.. NEBRASKA-

Palatka I I.Ui. .nnniTllmvlll : L. Aana> A. uoDBon Univ. oi ...Dr...... NEW JERSEY wauacs &.
Already crippled by Injuries, Liu O.m 1decor
Rent Biker Union College and, Milton L. Silver, Dickinson College
Florida saw It. All Southeastern Lnpl II, BimiMll S Art a Piaaiarlnc. ..-._.. ITKmlth 11 ,
1A..10",. 11, LrmiinLkoYl e Ford A Seed _... IT 11 NEW YORK Arthur M. Griffin, Tufts Univ., Robert M Mo
Conference back Larry Dupree Chuck Early and Dick site Early. Klnzer and Jeff Car worked full court for 20 minutes. .w 5.1. >..w Hmjrrna :Baaeh 1llrtwiwvt VlnrliU riM .. ITItoLanit It Cormlck Swarthmore College Victor F. J, Obeck. Springfield
\\' OM-MII, T ;,.. ::
IV Sun N ::..
field he 114
oft the after a
limp raa Klnzer, lettermen forward and ard are. running at the guards Arnold hopes to hold a full scale H.wthorn,. 3., CVIir K.T 1V."I Ara I'nrpnrallon I It College George Louis Weber, Juanlta College. Frederick J.

the ball only twice. guard. will, serve as captains! of I but Sophomore Jesse Grove is scrimmage this weekend. ,. 11 II.'..... Blv.r ." a rwLand Onlf ----..:::::: isrlnnd U Teager, United States Military Academy, and Walter ZlmdaU.
ill 11 Barklty PrPort ', ,....
Cirrtlnul ..
Jordan sophomore a n. ratlniia 11 15
Johnny a the DeLand High School basketball pushing them both and will playa I Both Vernon Linder and Bradley M TamM I Dam' A Mariarata' 1* 14Au. Syracuse Unlv

who only recently rose from the team for the 1964 63 season great deal this year looked) good on the boards IjuiferiUI' Pin, foot II ., Maannry .. ._:::: -. 1* 11

"B;,' team filled In and led Floe according to an announcement The Bulldogs held their first Friday In the absence of Mc. Oktrhnb fort M.,Bnjrs.r. II Srhiwl Pants. 4Kxrih Gels I rlorloa. Moklla Horn Homes Oaa ._.... |i: ItO.C. it OHIO C Tid Ermlkh Meeat Unle (ellegs, AathenyRsymtN

ida with 38 yards rushing oa by Coach Murray Arnold. scrimmage yesterday ai they tellan. .....IIU. "..<-h IS M.'''''''.... IIMuml ? First, VIII,. ef Deyten Jahn C Killeher, Nstra

eleven tries.ONE "The two boys selected as --- -- V'..i" palm I..Haii B*.,14 oh Mmml ro...'Buch Hill I Tnivl SECOND NIAHTBM w. L Dame Unhr., end Jsha J. Venei Gas Institute sf Ttch

PASS co-captains are. ) among the finest ..-. BMck. 4 x&LKoAuto Park.__? 17 A neteey. OKLAHOMA Frank Ivy. Unlv" ef Oklehema.
EIGHT INCHES 21.19 Lauderdale l
I Lak. Wiwth' Jl fort IS
Spurrier was able to complete young men I have evercoached :0;...",." No. 4 .........?.. H.' 11tUrtunta PENNSYLVANIA Jehu 6. Service Temple" Univ.. Job T.Dkkinses .
only one pass la six attempts. ." Arnold said when announcing Film I JI.I<-II II Fort mires MeCartyrw Rt. ....-_.. U II
of the C.m S 15 Univ. If Pirhhvrah.( Robert C. Seed Jr, Lehigh
end Jackl players.'They
and it went to Randy the vote Rod.k
Y. B I.aoh II "II=
a for 17 yards, Charles Casey, are both very dedicated Alva 41 Cypress lkMnnra 1 Unhr., Peter J. lertsn This! Cslltgs, and Albert D. Slmpisn,

the;Gators' lonesome end who Is students and athletes and I am Iowa Scares Ohio Stag "\ '".rl Havtn 111 PihnliM I UK aMMlvwiwil Raton e SOCIAL w. L. MuMtnbsrj e.n,...

tearing season passing records convinced they will do a fine MrArthur IT South Fame RnltAore 15 t
he added Brnvtril I ar t>.vi. lIull..... ..rrt'rri" i_ RHODE ISLAND John D. Renton Unlv. of New Hampshire,
already. crabbed but one toss- job, '. r.r loach ....,... II Bole western Auto __....--.. It latllxnill Edwin Krause Western Reserve Unlv: John J. McLaughtry Brown
from Tom Shannon for la.farcl. Last year at starting center ''lliH rCorn Chen ... 14it 1IM
Unlv: and Richard H. White, Colby College, SOUTH CAROLINA
II II Cer'lr. .. ?
Early did an outstanding job IOWA CITY, Iowa (A?) -I snapback en the Ohio State 39. rompmia Mr.n Busch NaplM II north' )ilam111 ceased Lawn Sadie A TV .14 1H 1\W 14TVBary Walter Thompson Cox, Clenuon College and B. Gales MoCllntock -

Casey would have had another against much larger opponents. Explosive Iowa scored with' two Late In the second period snook 111.. Elbow Room .--,::: Jl Davidson College. TENNESSEE Sam W. Bartholomew,
Despite' giving away greatdeal Orlinfl Oak noise Ie O..lando IJoBa" Pharmacy ...._ I IIMtTftA
for the interference 30 to Karl Noonsnfor /
except pass passed yards ",". Unlv of Tennessee.
of he pulled down seconds left but failed on a try
la the end tone which, put the height a touchdown after Ohio H rintKl !I 1'Walr" SKIKIH TEXAS Bruce R, Alger, Princeton Univ.. Robert E.: BelvUle,
135 rebounds and earned honorable : Saturday t rir.uiU SK W. t.Tata .
baU 'OIl' yard from the goal la mention in the Orange Belt for a two point conversion Slate's WUlard Sander fumbled .l>iHn. 21,i rlty T Prnrtaalns __......' It 14 Southern Methodist Univ., Joe Boyd Texas AIM Univ.. Lloyd

early minutes. to let tnp-ranked Ohio on the Buckeye 30. """111 Sumntrr. I Cl.rm.i,it T lust _...._--.....__.. II UII. Madden, Colorado School of Mines. Chesley McDonald. AbUlna
Conference.This .Orlnnil P t l....tfr 14 floats| 1Cl ,..,,".. ....___..._. 15 :5Tl
Spurrier: cashed that scoring he is working hardto State salvage a 2119 victory Ohio State ...... T T T 0-21".r l U St. r."nhurf plait Room .- 1s en Christian College, and Charles Moner, Unlv 'of Missouri. VIRGINIA

opportunity, running live yards make year the move 'to a forward and remain In a tie for the Big Iowa ........... 1 < 0 -19! H"IHM" Ift XnrthMct t St.' l'tral Stores--: .. IS :115l..Ien 5 Richard W Bolsaeau. Washington and Lee Unlv: Will

alter a penalty aet Florida back post and la looking real good in Ten fqotball lead Bt lrnhurf 1'.1011.H w.. Sure 4 bold -::::::::::::::::: 55 11 15Mw lam E. .fcCUbbln'Vnl\ of Kentucky Edwin Joel Merrlck Unlv.

Florida could gala only 1M He is excel- The Buckeyes, who turned Pumliml II Camns.t Hnuthnatt S Methods .....___. 10 II of Richmond Seymour Shwlller, College of William and M.ry.Lawrpne. ,
his an
new position .... *
yards and held Auburn to 112 In lent driver and his shooting li' two Iowa errors into, touchdowns Clay VisilsWilll'IGds Hades Tirpon Sprlnsi ia 17 City Naw> Pert Richly. COOS ;N INOSJtrk'a ,G. Traynor The Lawrence Univ.. and Howard E.
the defensive struggle. W. L. Wertman. Ohio Untv WASHINGTON William BurweU BanU
strictly He should be and electrified the crowd
rapidly improving. .. Brailtnlna ManaTamU Jl' HHI lj, mufH II "''vII. Rait. _.. 1 Washington State Unlv
Aubura 0000- 0 one of the Bulldogs all time with a touchdown in three plays (Otis ThA"''' ""__ I. 11Intl
Florida 770 0-14 great forwards. He is also an in the third quarter stopped J...uit !l P.lm. .lU IInrnvolanil Pnta .I"......II tl 14
II Tn.r IJ (tl-l Pue.r Tnp ,. 14 14
Fla-Spurrler S run (Hall kirk) outstanding student and piesl- Gary Snook' extra point ru Orlaniio r...Winl'111 l 44 Wln .. Park e iAnkfmd ros.ral?? --Moms 14 50

Fla-Klrk M interception dent of the National/ Honor Sortty for North. lII.ri..n .1 111.11.11" r Villa\ Jets a Hatrftjrttnf II II
pus short of the goal
eight! aches fVnaa T Mount T..... .... 1 _......._ U IIP.CRA
:maD kick) el He should be able to supply their sixth\ straight triumph.On rWkavllla in :-'I'ftl":: .f S ..._...?-.......,.. 11 II SIml i
Attendance 47.100. the Bulldogs with the type Tampa rkamtwrlaln. II Lakeland. .
the try for a tie. Snook kaakiaan,
needed to
of leadership provide rolled to the left and was BOSTON (AP) The handicapped \TawhuU 1Paso'. aMulrwrrr w. L.
Foster Is CitedA the Green and White with .". II Fort Mad. 15Immehatu. rUn testisx It'AII.nHiinm.rkHf t
slopped by Ohio State's Dwight children followed Can .. 14 Fnvl'prW II .:___ It ..
successful -- -
other season. Kelley who earlier had blockedan sins crutches and In OMM a V THI 'i Una el Nn. 1 ..._....__. It IIPuhurhaa v,
transferred to DeLand day on wet. fiartw .. .,, II 14r
Klnzer k* T r>r a BIODIB BANTAMSMMW 1141 hick tw. 755.he .
lifetime membership In the In the middle of the 1963 season Iowa extra point kick. wheelchairs. The heavyweight Ie..v/tlS Tnuni IS St P.l.r.bun > Uan4 rvrla 'a.. It ItBb.rwIa.TVIIUama 1. Taam Na. 4 tl Tam M55 Mists M 51.455 ..,...
Florida Athletic Coaches As. .'. aBrandon :::::: f It .
In his .u. I. t Tom H* S I.
from Big reek W.Va., and was The finish was on more exciting champion was glory Tarros Spnnsa St nllll 1 /II'6.. Untieu. ... OSI j steps CASTAWAY MIXED
sedation and la the Central able to play only a few gamesduring than the start when OhioState's and so were the: kids.! 11 Tu,"" Tr..k I MIN CLASSIC, to, M,5 MC. IN. Highway Cark Market S. Plan
Florida Officials Association will Tampa Plan 11 Tampa Klne/ a W. Jimmy u...... ..,.' hiss alnfla. :
be to Ira Foster his sophomore season. Steve Drafter Intercepted Clay delayed the start of his Tampa Mnhlnann It Tampa Jaffar. Mnimnant ____ II tT .. ...." ewe, III. Id.cold Tranafarmar Chiata .. 1i M.y.r Mantuek....

presented today Through hard work that springhe Snook's pas on the first play workout Friday to attend a an" .... O .... fairy' __.. II 14Me Taam Pea f. Max tinfla, 417| ........ 1i 11II....'.. Pin I, Nil.f ..-
of Seabreeze Junior High School Ijlacl//' FrlM nutka "._.. It 14M.mnnak Mass, 51/5" twa. ill.pkist .. _'. .,
earned a spot on the vanity after the opening kickoff and Halloween party at a school for AA.lar.rkal04,." REnA II Scaly i 0.50.5 lull .
The award will highlight the in his Junior year. raced M for touchdown V._ II ,I........ 1.w at Tom M1rhstl.r.h :: 1:" 114 ,* PIN-BANTA'MSTka ,,,_,..-WIIH_. I.
tall meeting of the association yards a I crippled children. >i>n..lloB It C.......,., Catholic (!....... ..HI It It Plukkara .. Taaix N... 4 li IetSuSmtyec. _......'. .Slab
this afternoon at the Daytona qtirx GUARD The second Buckeye score a i The 140 youngnters, knowing 11 CsMoaa I". ._"..... la4 114 D.I..... Sun Sims a. C. K. De- alnfia tll| Jat* draw, k>aa.tnraa.
Dick la very quick and a fine Tampa MM<11at..* I* 4It.... ttJat K P. Shawm It II ......... a. I2tHi .
Don Unver- Clay was training Just "C- ,. ... ,
Beach\ Junior College.J. of twn-yard run by rlxi-k.r t Jai Park"r SMa Dail. Malmivaa. aiHa* H. 01505, .bt55 sle/N,
P. Miller. DBJC head coach ballhandler with plenty hustle firth, came after Iowa's Dalton the street, took e ae'NI.1 Jai 15post tt Jss RlIoait, 1 BOWLBKBTTSw: SOS'...rtS. iH twa, Va.Pam klan Aa..tll 0....., hih "' ....
defensive guard. While he .. I L. .. ..
as a .
11-: ..
Jaw W.
and president said the Hawk, '..' lS-yerd line. "We didn't really think he'd Jai Jarkamt tt ".. II.iak Kenny fMaarlwa .. tl U ," Mrs. a4rLSUUISAN
croup, presentattonmarks ago his service! included several ) II" tnmMn : ::: ...._ II M
83 yean of unselfish service clutch performances. His dedication Both Iowa touchdowns In the come but we were reaitv for I 'it jISSlrVa '1'... Na I ..--.__.. 1* M la' >Latkara(;:::::: I t i"wa ftStarti 0 MIICO
la athletic coaching service also set him Iftyw.tiki William S Bata Stan.are O.Sary Ma< first halt were
the make up by ; '
to "...... ia p.rnr<>r4 4MnMh A TV ti OaiM a III.rkn t, Oraan.lane .
for Fester. him l a fine r.7f along with miscues Snook scored on a two- Carmichael superintendent. ...............* 51Cauahu 1 SKINS'Tam t. ) ..IIDDII...... .IANIAM....._ 't Onii h....... A ewA

Approximately 140 sports of. Early. He, too is a good student yard "1III the first quarter "I told the class he would visit .lHi.' 14' TaUakaaat l>rliJklTnii'i'U ds 1 \ \ T..... "... t ---...-...... I Ii D.-, 5.1i..e's.. saw li CanoN StMiair Cafiaa C*.

fidala: are expected at the see and made the honor roll the first after Dirtier bobbled a punt'Hutch'Is them but they didn't believe 4a *a.. 14I T....% Na1 ._..._.... i 11 Tam >X.: 4 t ::::::.::::: i ITM >Batty Hankm' k.|l|
......... 4 U ,
)11.11II1".011'11' ..
Na ..
Ion. Major agenda Items for the six weeks ftII'. said one teacher. The I iota..t I'arvw 11 Tam tsti niaX tdraa. ttf.

effidala Include basketball ,completed children wouldn't start their 11 III.5'5'HLIrah / SILLS SCHATCM clip PIN BANTAMS" O'.oaa.. man"t. W.| The Bulldogs Just, : T Miami Mtmaa PIN .Mat k..h tkraa ..

mechanics and rule changes !I their second week, of practiceand Ailing party until he arrived." I Corn.. .. .... 51 Tore Racsne Rash ......_._' L.liIs .....m Nm 4 ............ W.!' L.5 ..... t kifk, aam amaia, loll'
.. ... area nn.
Dick Pace ol Mainland and well sarlaftedwith 'n. .. .. I' a
seems f* It ? -
day was surrounded quickly '*.s-t; a.A ddrCS tl: PMita.Ifew Calls I Raat... :::: it 11 C K. l>Ml f rca ... Tae. DELANO;
Bob Blair ol Leeiburg. both I N Juauwu
his '
the progress of eager: RRADENTON (AP Fred by his young admirer, patiently mesA.. DMaa ... ._... It U t.Laa< t-----: :: a D l
III ..
Southeastern Conference of.ttc1aI. While wa still have very far Hutchliuion, manager ot the Cincinnati signed sutncraptva. visited\ theclasitrnnrru I \ ....... U rhuuhoeeSe 1 MnTarco l'"l".l.l .-.. It I* M'XlIt .."Mlasi.. CMakm Do.Tt 5 PUm"' ..."t
will St. II InN l...kfT speak. to to be ready for Angus ManaiiM .
go baseball team until Oct. admired the color I NbUt.v '. II .w.. a Cnaatrr __ II t. w. L. K.r5Is.d 5 55 50 MI e1t 11 IINI
tine, the bnyt are putting forth II when he quit because of cam rut masks and coalumee.Although I Ap-IMSIraM\ II--Rsckarde of Tat.laMa. ..... riaa .____' n U U "'_.. rttkama ft 11 Ca a <
Canadian rider Ron Turcotte and ..have .. YSs4. TrasOwmm 154 Sara Si A P M.tH CalU.a. .
tremendous effort U1
a transferred Saturdayfrom late I A1liaesuts.e DILANO he rn 4 Stoics |arl Watar Caneibawat.
his first cer wu fnr his drill rest el J'w aRa15se ?
mating .t It 1;
appearance tot Arnold I MIXIOff. fk. > Cub Market 1NiMa 5 Tkalma .r .
accomplished a
!II L.Nlrklaml ; v. w.w klt
New York tracks thIa'lll', rod said. his Anna Maria day more than made up for U .dsa O. ". II 1 Chnetawalehue 0..111. Pow. a ..wwe ,' aM0na; -_ ia<4 15./15' ISIS __ 4U.S .
home to )'fanatMftmOl'lal Hoe. y.maeta CatteSS I tl: n. Wan*. = 14X r 1 .wl. M.u.M. .
via winner la 134 races at the by boning aa. amazing 11111I'ftulldl. Kr rr'0 II.--:: mat MN
Letterman Roa McLellan has e _..._. .rw CM. See. 14 M| Mvaty, ,,......., II.,.' j
Saratoga meeting. been doing a good ,Job ia the pltal here. __ Befnre that he did some ........ t'M." """ .,. t 'Otis' A P J"onon los .._ 1e 11 II 14e'atw Muck 5.u4Cm __== 14 Mow ....

and should add reboundingstrength His physician pr. Deara Shadow boxing and at ewe pnlitt "n a.S. L: COllaet a s'.-""".-."'" 1'HTVUiintl 154 j '" lam ,_ 51/5 ...... se,1y. '

pivot to the Bulldog attack. of,Brao>'nton. said Hutchlnaon's stopped pointed to the floor and "....... U.......... SRr. TtaS---* Oanva,......._. laiWktiMf IIt Hy etetlsaN' 05110W. L. 3551 5.5.5 ...-.:.. ..".... I1U. '

condition was "not nod.- He said .slMt'1 ... Watar CasA?.-. IS It 15wtn Ptedul _____" 14 14hIaM TtASMIMSTaa
ariH ttttlJ5k Ken Bradley Ken Ritter and Rr.S.. CIoI Saw __.... .. II II .
$ lBT Paul Harris continue to battle sail Hutchlnaon will remain at There's Uiton bang down I t4Mr. P i .'1. ri;4I e TU-:;::;;5l1 Ur4n.r A #rr* .. r.. ii I In ".. C.5.55.1.. a. Ta S..TM Isis C..Sle It T.a-tf

rc* for the other forward post oppo- the Ttradenton' hospital Indefinitely then* I '11'..... 4Sir 1 1K i'1Ircrl" w. L.II pVka_..far'a... Smptalr 4 Ito Party .. f.. Hatllaa I.PaAy. .
4hi" M Nn.,5. ... .
I r* v.a hot. _. 1tTa I A5,4 McCs., .f!'. fI5
defen .
and there were no plans to The. diamp't Man.4 :
a't1M" __ _._ I.
; (' O OS "onIM .... 10 ItTM AeM.e.5.p -
trawler him to a larger Institu Ltetna is scheduled Nov I /5,rectal klPMorot. 1"1.-" (155 ___.._. n 11vs. t Puma> 4'.Nra A. 'TV 5054 f' If kt.M... m55 a.w ':",:'1155
.er Ba4M
TiirliyfUlIsOutGeorge blast X at Hasten ("....II. I J'tor4.._A.51 DSsm.......11bstce e Pow-s c'wtOe.__.__.__ II II 115 itTa nTat tkVafcJITai"'

Mlad 1it501wea ... 1L P PIIIf MIOMTIPSMaa
n. n. Tae ---
TurbytO.. .of Pel*** ftaSliaM e ..< ...*..hM .. Laty- tatae >.
continued to have his racing SPECLUJ4'x8' Met 55 u '1wtSw.ete PALM PASHIOKSw, Turkey I.e > CtaMafin, 4, .<. Tiaaa
74. C ae it. 5. CareOM it .A... ti a-e.v sass' .. Paw
troubles Friday Bight' as he blewas */. Aeh1.r5 SIv -. ., __ i liCra M.Maacw ._ Si DaCaM N_
engine at the Ocala Sped- SHEETS .. k JIll.". UiLvl < *. P.flt _. _, I* 41Car 4. K>M Car A Trak at " l' Mia. __.__ IS 14otraa Shllt-
way la the feature race. .... 1Fyrw0aTS ..?..-......-. It 14S Am53s.11 f.. Ore.. A.._...._ soes..
A Peso 555
Ia the first he took .... !I ..... 15tlkwlm.2 >* _. .. II. t* 1 .
nee a (its. = =::::::.:. aiaa a- t tt 0e15.e Cow.
PLYWOODPANELING ( !. ........." 11 S U Berth Elltntne s1 _.. MvM 1.AI .
fourth but threw a rod through $ 40 _'lawua ... \ lrelnt. 111.resM FIIiIT w.wKl .C, k.a.. ->a Hat
the oU pee la the text race he 4 11.r tie S MnNTs5w. "AT.J"** ""/ *ix

/ TO ATTt1AETpu entered. He ls expected to be EACH 5555.P.ree 1. )I. AdwSa aAu S WaM. Oaairaarliai.. 77 rt L.S.:' LAKEHmN I ..:'::--1-_''' tIM,
out et attics for about four It T a> Or *
f"t... H II
., Coca Hnmttmf
Fit" Sat. "Fi'OIIIt
5TN greet.. at. 1S'CI' r<*l. 4 0.5.0 aakw ":.= 4 isPr. nun. PALM
Tula t' ._ a_... __. M 14a t __ *. Cede ..... t: <_..
This wu tile first FriellYtelacbtll.lldtlle.c1IoII Lumber "' .-*1'1. Conrad Co
11 P40 T'a'e Ala N : "iIl.a
will resume a week from todayat %lB.*Cr-.a /1t..afnsoIw54 r Oi U ear k. Tl'tlelt 15xm. t .... I5d A...'7 ..5.a.yKwt-Sep ran.

/rMteGs155 M Nd b IaAeU c01t1 tr twrtUt 2 o'clock aouce.and coatlau unU WfST MKJH6AM AT NMTkl DlUW 1. HWW u-"u Oa Sri.>raa 14. K C.4r&C"eA.4..**.&a ie S r=::::: --U'.y 4 .1S. l ,........ \p5yR1 S .t N. M,5MN Y.wwSi4... t55.

1 I ::14te. e

1 ---- -.

"" --- -
'" -- -- -


Bulldog Rally f Soar PastWildcats

Dulls DartersAPOPKA | The vialttng Branson Eagles
I used a 25-. halftfane Iud to

ar them to a 38-30 Rlverlandnwiference

"rill'' a ti i I ,,1 a \ win over the hosting
Two fourth quar punt speedy halfback Dewey Y Tajlor Wlldcatee of Plerson la
ter touchdowns by the visiting Wincey took a reserve and a game played I in Municipal
DeLand Bulldogs snapped a M dashed from hill? to the De I Stadium.
tie and earned then a :20., Land 21 before being stopped. A I, This week: the lights at the
Orange Belt Conference verdict couple of big 15-yard penalties I new. football field at THS are
over the hosting Apopka Blue pushed them back to near mid- expected to be installed and will
6IT Darters. field. Here Junior fullback Tommy be In use for the Homecoming
It was the second straight win Lawton stopped the drive by tame Friday night' when the
x1 for the Bulldogs and moved their Intercepting an Apopka aerial Wildcats host the Cedar Key_
overall record to S 4 on the year on his 43 and returning to the Sharks at S o'clock. .
and 3-3 for a final mark: in the Blue Darters 47. BU Schoasler was the spark.
OBC. This Friday Bight the Bun. On the next series of drives the plug for the Eagles Friday
dogs will be played a fast-1m- Bulldogs reached the 13 but lost night as he scored three TDs and

lemon Daytona Sand Crab the ball m downs.As passed for another one.

dropped In a rugged 7-0 Beach decision who hi the fourth the third opened period the ended visitors and NO WATER BUT A BEAUTY OF A DIVE Junior halfback Ken Gill ((20)) is The first six.pointer for the

Lake City Friday night. The put together a scoring drive of shown just as he hit in the end zone on a dive to climax i 24-yard pass play from sen 11 Eagles yards cams with as the Schoasler PAT went

Crabs earlier defeated St. Augus 63 yards la six plays. The key lot quarterback Gary Breclcenridee of the DeLand Bulldogs Friday night. In the Also la the first falling.
BIO END SCORES Junior end BiU Bartlett ((8)) tine. 2814. I play was explosive run by Gill: background is Wilson Russ ((32)) who couldn't stop Gill on the play The Dora won dashed 70 period, Jotuuu'Gt1If1l1
l cores on a 19-yard pass from senior quarterback Gary' as he galloped 43 the 20-8. (Sun News Photo Gilmore yards with a -
STATISTICS yards to by ) Bunt Irhfr..A II:."....I.. .. _s....
in the --- -- .
Breckenrldge second quarter Friday night for the Bulldog* Darter* six before being knocked out of ting the PAT
DeLand Bulldogs. Halfback Wilson Russ ((32) of Apopka 12 Flrrt D.wB .. II I bounds with 1L23 left In the t 1
k hmt> t the second quarter It .
is shown in the background The Bulldogs won, 20-0. t : : ,me.B : game Murphy cracked over from Giants Schoasler was .,
scoring 11
(Sun News Photo by Gilmore) ky MmitiM" the two and Eddie O'Qulnn boot. Cop on a yard
f a V..*. Rvihlni tae< ra pass from Dal. Dalvs with the
10 V.r*. ,...Iftl v. I ed the conversion for a 134 lead. kick *
J.'. '.... sat FINAL SCORE: mlisslng. It was Schoasler -
rsffsIS KUND (FLORIDA) SUN KIWI SUNDAY, NOV., 1964 1 PIMM Int. By again before halftime as he; -
0 rymm. Last fey : I Minutes lIter the Bulldogswere Tide dashed 1' Jordan
..Bl.I PunUi .... Flag yards. Leslie ; i
.e v.r<. ,...11..< ii. I In to score again for some lilt the PAT en a paw front' ;
Insurance points. This time they Griffin and
It was 330 at half-
The faithful Bulldog followers moved the ball 43 yards la six time. i
; were nearly shocked out of their plays with Gill taking a short The Giants came up with a
Lawn seats as the game opened with pass from Breckenrldge and hard fought 13 S decision over ,
the Blue Darters the Cone ..I'sae. VA7re wn..,. "
striking quick. they plowed the rest of the way yesterday to win the k S
ly and pushing the visitors back for a 24 yard six.pointer. Again nag -FootballLeague -with HI 4 ./I.. I.frwu/.Dw..e' i i\h
.t] on their heels. In record of M. Second C ky NHIK* J ,
f seven plays OQulna converted.Deland place wentto I ky .(MrtlM: I> a
they covered 65 yards for an was on the move as the Redskins 411 after they 114 ,.... Ru.hlnf M
Bowling apparent score but this six point. the game ended and reached the downed the Bears by U.T. ?II.a V.r.PMMI. *>Hld.. 11-js If y

er was called back because: of a 10 when time ran out on them.A Doug Wlahart enjoyed another 5 Pass.> Int. By S ;
V-S penalty and some of the wind big play\ on this drive was a big day In the league aa he P 'u",""*,IM By t..1 ,
By A- W' FISHER was taken out of the Darters' 21.yard pass from junior quarterback figured la all the scoring for the IS "...* PM M4 44 M. i,
sails. They came back and Don Whalen to Junior halfback 'Skins. He scored oa rune of ---
drove to the four but another Mike Oliver. five, M and five yards and Taylor got onto the

The new season 1964(5, for confines Agnes Rossell in the penalty and some good pass defense Gill picked up 178 yards) with passed to David Norton for In the thl I rd quarter whenquarterback f
the lawn bowler It now developing Fish Memorial Hospital and Ed halted them. K carries and would have had a scores of :30 and W yards. Kea : Everett Wood con.
rapidly In the customary Ills at his home. The sympathy For the remainder of the first crack at the 200.yard mark but McQuanie passed to Kevin sorted en a three-yard pall play
form. For a month or more of the dub members reachesout period things were fairly quiet didn't play la the final drive by Adams for one PAT and Steve with' the kick being blocked (
about 1330: "early bird" have to each on.. except for the flying flags on the the Bulldogs. Murphy chipped Spivey ran for another, Bronsoa came back with a TD .
bees In action: on the ranks at AU the members returning part of the officials. The period In with 63. Wlncey netted 15 Kenny Beck: tallied for the of their own' U Steve Bird
the W. Howry Ave. clubhouse from their vacations are exchanging ended and the Bulldogs had yet yards tor the losers on 12 carriesfor ....1'101. seven.yard rua. Louis tallied as he took! a 31.yard ,
at I a-m. to gel the benefit ol tales of their summer to gain a first down. a good night's work. vL u Vest ran the PAT.A pass from Schoaaler Jordan ,
the cool mornings. activity. Bill and Ruth Hawes In the second period the Bulldogs The defense of the Bulldogsdid fine defensive" game was took The!: a Griffin\ pall for the PAT. .' i

This morning activity wu also had an extensive motor trip finally got a first down as a great Job in the second ,t, 1 I played in the second contest as six Wildcats got their second .
noted' throughout the summer. through the West and up to i senior fullback: Mike Murphy did half. They were racked for 118 the Giants. held the Colts at the pointer as. Ronnie Puckett .
For the past 10 day, however Alaska; returning through Canada the honors with runs or nine and yards on the ground in the first one toot line at one time grabbed a 38 yard scoring toss
the member have been returnbe Newfoundland with a stop seven yards. Junior halfback half by the Darters but managed h. David Vest scored twice for from Wood and got some kel"blocks 1\
from their summer vacations at New Turk's World Fair. Ken CU1, who played his finest only 21 In the second half. Dave i o.u the winners ea runs of six and from Bobby Wilson' 'aatl'
and father each afternoon u Henry and Agnes Rostell offensive game of his career, I Hansen Rusty Golf, Paul Timlin lour yards and neither extra Tommy (pence. Again the kick
well. Social under broke loose for 23 and 15 point was ,ood. mlued.Is .
games are motored to Arizona, California yards and others did a good Job en defense .
the direction: of Conrad Post, and several areas la the West on this drive with a couple of once they got working to- Kenny Hallntan put the Coltson the final quarter Morris'Moody
games committee chairman.The and in the North. Yours truly fins efforts right over and gether. the Scoreboard with a one raced four yards for a'
new president U C. went to Central and Western through the Darter' defenders. The offensive blocking by the yard sneak.: This TAT also score and tile pass tot the extra

Deiautels\ has stated that the Pa., and to Wisconsin for a visit Finally with Oat left In the half Bulldogs was also much Improved taDtd. point failed
first Saturday night potluck with my son Donald's family. Captain quarterback Gary In the second ball. De- The Flag Bowl wUl be played Underbill\ ended the scoring as
upper will be this week. The Reid Kenyoa went to Northern Breckenrtdgq found Junior end I Land mustered only 66 yards TRAFFIC JAM Senior fullback Mike Murphy of hi Municipal Stadium on Thursday he took a five-yard aerial from
Bill\ Bartlett at the nine and the Bight. At 1.19 it will be Wood and Joe Strickland:
Wisconsin Walter and the
entertainment chair In
committee Dorothy rushing the first 24 minutes the DtLand Bulldogs, fight, cracks into the end zone
big flanker cracked In for six Colts facing the Redskins and dropped kicked tile two-point'
man. Lela Desautels. will be Rou enjoyed daily bowling "on but finished the Bight.with 243
with the go-ahead touchdown Friday night at Apopka. '.*
supervising the dispensing of the the green" at Spalding Inn points. It took nine plays to net Immediately after this tacounUr conversion.
food brought In by, the women Whlteneld. NiL The Hookers' move 75 yards but the extra Penalties were the >,-onW He seta a helping block from an unidentified teammate the Giants will clash .with) the One al the outstanding runs
members all of whom have activity war In Easthampton. point failed of the night. Although it seemed hi an Apopka end makes the tackle too late. DeLand Redskins. ef the Bight war turned ta by1'
established an excellent recordof M..., area while the Howard The Darters wasted, no time In u... nur.! uwn_ sw jirrn.. urn won, 20-0. (Sun News Photo by Gilmore) irUaJ ItMdJiua) Wood and he dashed 13 yards .
culinary ability. Alnsworths put off their "big getting back: la a tie as quarterback were "only" a total of 332 TEAMII W. ... T. to set the stags for the final
In the bowling activity this time" until last week: when they : Jerry Loin-sere connected marked off against both clubsj( Irish RollPIIILADELMIIA caams * 4 I 0Redskna THS six.pointer. ffpsaes played' '6
year we shall participate In the departed for a round-the-world with halfback Wilson Russ for a The Bulldogs were tagged with .......... 4 1 1 well en defense and Ronald*1''
32nd consecutive: for the tour. 36-yard TD aerial with 3:09 ten eight 13-ysrders aad the Darters DWGA EYE Colt .............. 3 S 1 Rldgsway ea the oAense for tartly
North Central Florida League. Lawn bowling activity In the la the bait As attempted rush with 11 There Is no telling how (AP) Dears ............. 0 I 0 Ota. r
This Includes five three-man HendersonvBle, N.C.. area attracted for the PAT failed and It was much yardage was refused by Unbeaten Notre Dame, rankedNo. JJ'lIlTEllAIRTOURNEY Thursday Night Mike Wells misted last sight's'
teams from each of the six clubs several of the local folks. 16. both clubs 2 In the nation, rollm to Its Flag Bowl contest as he was ta sn automobile -
Orlando Mt Dora New BIll and Bertha Simpson, Pete Late la the period the Darters o.L'm ....._____.__.I s e 14-M sixth straight Victory' Saturday Colts vs. Boars u'13)) accident late yesterday.
Smyrna Beach, Daytona Beach and Edna Allen\ Harvey and drove to the ilxyard line hut AM O,-...e..u.ttale.MM...s frm 1 Sr*-*.... in a 400 romp over Navy that Cleats ... RedskinsShuffleboard. He war treated and released
Peabody and the local club Emma Cubit, and Dr. Fred and were thrown back.4ECOfD ktnrltfl (M.H ,.11.*) Included three touchdown passaa I from a local hospital.t .
HALF A MUM M MM |rm lfisur. ,........,,' 'f T e-se f-
These teams will be Dullce Norris ipent considerabletone by John Huarte.Jack C.: ; -
scheduledfor .
(rvn <..ll. .> Members of the DeLand I : '
Tuesday afternoons beginning at Brighlwsters. Mr. and DeLand continued to feel the* S rte Snow. Huarts's favorite. Women's Coif Association .' .... w./Me ".tr...

in January and ending In March. Mrs. H. M. Valentine and Ted pressure third from the Darters lathe kh.1)D.O flfll 14 ,... ,r*'" CO'Q"'I I target, grabbed two scoring of the board and commlttfe ., (hMMIN. a.l w.pSu .., past ttwe.
Each team win have five con. and Polly Beal were at the new quarter. On a Bulldog 'Idea OOwlim "I.", -.. The fleet split end chairmen was held The ladles Singles Tournament fean..... tt Nn fie* sv/1/ ".

tests at home and five away. In rehire rinks at Old MID Flat caught seven passes, tying Jl Thursday at the clubhouse sponsored by the DeLand .) rv.* (.,... ftlMf ,I
addition to these league games Rock: N.C.J Emmett and Mares IN CONSERVATION Kelly's Irish season record of with President Peggy Mulr Racreatioa Dtpartmest, wu f -illo"-. MM "r"l W4.
there win be approximately 10 Fennel were at their place near U reception, played Thursday and Friday. (k(... ,r
.. .
presiding. a .........,,
octal or exhibition contests with AihvUle and did some bowling ___ The following In the main event tile winner (J.....* ..ut" ....... ...Hlft)
the same cities meeting alternately with the nearby Hendenonvllle a great month bralDllln today, irenatkMs rcom was Emma McGoslgaJ with T >y"'" B* ,... ...... W... I
were msdeiQualifying
I it<
home and away. Other crowd. Goals rounds for Hilda Young finishing! second gabs m M'JeI'1. ey* tow .imT > .
playing activities win Indude the I The local interests center Many Groups} Eye participation la the annual la Ihe CMiaolatloa event the (....=.Io'.ftll due.. S 51.1)>> trm 1 VVSr _.
usual local tournaments and around the clubhouse where\ Whitebait Tournament will winner' was Frances Kirk with y
some invitational tournaments. seven very fine marl rinks are 1I begin tomorrow and con Aladiae Ellas: the runner-op." Many folk win look forward"to kept la good condition for as tlnue through Friday. The Ray eat Madeline Roman. MOW 4U W. Howl)' Avt., enjoyed aseek'
the National American Lawn many as 43 bowlers at one time. By EDWARD T. WAlSH lag clubs wetlands wilderness If hole group most play M Wisconsin Ave., are home stay with friends at
time Is 1.30 daIJ When we talk conservation we a shore and beach ... .Johnson after
Bowling Tournament .wbich will Starting : ,.m. ) .od"tllln.COftMI'VatIoII holts to quality aid the apeadliig their vacation! OrmoadBearh.
Visitors .are, welcome b watch think la terms of the great tout- water wild their two John Swallows
be hosted by the Oearwater. LBC englaeers I *ln, hole group must play daughters, Mr. Mr. and Mrs.
ta March ef 196$. the activity: from the Howry Ave. doors and the game,fish forests, : ned councils blghora sheep at II. linN the front Sine ea and Mrs. William Weber, Suit from the Orlando Shuffltboard.
There will be a meeting at the side or come to the porch for land. poll etc. oyster institute and a fishing In- .- the course will be under red M&, and Mr sad Met Courts have been enjoytnf the1
local clubhouse tomorrow involving closer contact and pointers on The first Impression It to say: I shuts repair all qualify lag Frank Brusca. HajttaMre ..,. hospitality of the local tat 1.I.
the games committee the way the game la played. "What of. great force for tie I Also commercial flsalig. rounds* will be playtd ea Mrs, Ruth Mulilns his rettrs- Ruth and rrsaklla Spring re* <
chairmen from all the NCTL There are 30 different bowling cause conservation. AH these whooping cranes, jungle corks famous the beck nine ed from Huk oI. Yeas, ,fur turned tt au E. Rich. Av4 M
dubs At this meeting final arrangements clubs engaged m this activity lathe groups should be able to get and pulp cutters. Then are OWl: There will be so pairingsen attending the annual positing of after spending the summer at
for schedule dates State of Florida. It la an anything within reason." But many more but that Is a lair the world Tuesday and the game- the Xaaaaa Slate Garden dub Newcomh N fHURMH.
for all social games win be on old. old game dating back to the the fact of the matter la, there sample of the varied Interests over ef ,lit day will be low aet
the agenda. Other mattrrs relating fifth century B. Co It was played are a great many little forces which. claim equity the natural for low grass oa alne !holts for
to scheduling of other to England at Sonthhamptoa la12M la and out ef government e4ea resources. an rrvmbrrs. It la suggest
events wO be discussed so that and the green at that loca- fiercely independent aDd each Everybody wane to get /toll ed that members make up
copy .can be prepared If the tioa to still n ose. la America yea staking out their t the ad. M that Is why we must IEXP.RTCUT.OARD their/ ewe founomea a no !
completed program calendar for it was first played ta Boston laKU stay together and drive a little leas than threesomrs U : ,
1X443. The meeting is let for and now. vader the guidance Each: group looking through Its harder toward game and Bskprotection i they wish to also use the
10 a.m. end win be followed by ef the American Lawn Bowling own favorite knothole la deluded through our ewt'' game"f toed y U a ,
social bowling ta the afternoon. Association there are W clubs Into thinking it sees the Came and Fresh Water FUa' SERVICE qualifying reuad. FOR THE 19fa
During the past flu the loss la 22 states sad K cittes with entire conservation spectrum Commission, with the capon The Uholen may play
ef members by decease has been more than tffO member. and a reflection of Its own Importance atlas of your dub the fifth district their used round ef alee' e 11es.OLYMPIC TEAM
most unusual. On line different Lawa bowling claims more to society. The rearUonUta **- IIIOfta IJIa. and eI course hftl s after wad for ringer
occasions members Joined intMonJag players thai say ether sport lathe are Inclined to dlsdala the VoluMe County Council cf serves s* and paying theft respects world being popular to Eng tile Industrial conservationists Conservation dubs. I rousda. They are reminded Retail frwsMllyaalaUs these
to the departed: Bob land Scotland Australia, Italy but are Bnmladful of their awn Whether you know If er vt also. that their fine score fwal at levee. Jolnlnf Resall
Smith. Ray BtdweO. Mart Shapart. Spain South America Africa, lack ef inky, and the ladustfateonscmOoaleti we are faced with a pollution will be oat for QjaallfyUif 4th"" sire Mere than 10,000 Resall 5drnilats
Jack Gees, LeRoy taukm+n. United liaise Canada and other advocate th<.. problem throughout the entire for team play. who
V. A. Rice Lee Ramsey Bob d7><4tlla. former should have their heads slat. and we. your watchdog Cards must be signed. ta "" the
BaBiet and Charles McCnDey. A east new member GeorgeStark examined regarding the facts are AId daring the put summer has bees welcomed by the of Ufa.Noatatemtid. misuses* pesticides/ end as a re- score.Flab. Fag R.iall
hospttaJbaffca treatment.. required local bowlers lad has been pertktpatiag cKteM end suit ef this action, the federal lLpdr Mar pus
for LM Junes BIO la both morning and potUldaas VI odes bewildered twenunest will take ea addlBoa- -_
Simpson Lie CraveDe and Pete afternoon sesrioas for several by the Bomber of splintered ,.. at recpoasJbiUtiee\ Jar the pretecttoa gllsulbe Ittgii
Ata an ef whom are well ...ka. More persona are wpd toss all suppewKfy aiming at ef hamea life agriculture ...... waifs? "" .,.. tI .wenI"etsf.classed
Bow aad active: sr soom will be. la look lets .the. game aad. Its the same target end throw wp end wtJdU/e from advene effects ejvality swvke Lend Football : j1
At the prevent threat sympa- advantage After a short period their heads whet some. Beslot ef pesticide appUcalloe. swrk* iwn NM< fat Poe .,,,
tty Is expressed tor Sadie X* ef tastTBCtb aad some defeated MemjMa to explaia the reasons A program is BOW .la ardor. tl.hwd" fry MUM Meun.We 'Games Slated '
gar tadhridoantr. aad estimate have the ap.eneoi, 01 :
wards eoevalestaf at the Devol practice there earnee a place the cateat
Nursing Hone after an epentioi feeling that the sport Is Ideal for Farther N Is aa laaatt to lafcr ef each program at about five tbol. NetIg pdpalnwshe I
for a trekea kip: and. for OxarOeBama gentle ezerdat la the apt* air. that: an Pad sundry da>> Botcamprehead per cent er leas ef the total aspHcatloe I...,.,, puts. s.4 thehswwhew A pair of se-da beaeflt fonU _
at the BalUax. Gasp tal mad sunshine with. compatible Oe esttare ecological of pesdddm to the (e grfejwtf ewt tan games tar the Flag rwMbaO
ta a sfaafiar stmefloB Bases ...... but a endows la Bwdtrseisnr baited Statee each year.' The hosed aisle. the espart stasesNeMelts Usgue champloeshlp win he _
>*a. '
Sao. some strange: fed- Bw riBanslHis wffl coatlaae ..hrtM ,.fe clayed Thursday Bight ta Kunirt. {ice
..... this finiHtaaU el Mara pst M re pal Kadium. ... air
.tb lot
H ta bee scitaaUwbssi
There are aseods toes tor theisfiiimiu but ta ad to ..... evict, W r' tecreaQM tXrMtsr Ifer.TMs .
1964 NEW CROP PAHGOLA HAY t. II gattats as weOaabotaateal ilea ..... for the ap,wsd.fe ytsu bulaaea peg.
gerdvaa and see* ahylag ef asssseili rasiduM.resesnfe Is the ant season Isr keys
...... for campers SflfluatalnessHBners and pstJts Jab1DatIIaJII'III2'MII 111 ant ft has Braved to beaaeaftfUig MclRANW I
new it .,. it ... par MSsVTH $9.41 SAM JAMES
", Bameroas yoisnl IFeu6acewrntlrl te s*"re proper MMof .... TW' fnanHaajy.
fsr 'SLlt eduraUoa .ta severalcolon pMHctdefl_ wherever they are fame is seasaatlia kt t M w.*. 'e
'''. II
aad vbw: ....".. research BM4.CW. su* ARPHAdb ITttf die ehaBiBjiiaahiy .aato*| to Jt. >
at v Mas*, pratrleCMCBMS. Jaw ......... '" -
AT9 WC I far We $L2f lUMug ........ W1 Al-/ .,. CENTER
,. ...... the set- flag.r. says) specks are Ma* rrMfc.M4 norrbiwT sJONHB01 .. Aft proceode wffl ge towith blip
17.50 Pw AatauJ Per HetA .eves a beet ......,.. br sera art ensuing aksig BC4-MOBSC pester the etaa4 ffcrtPsnoV .
Pasture ft* Horns. Ate* ...*...' Ik4 haulm. lowly, .... are scarce. tMl the 'we S/avke Met W. 5.4'' Advaact iMbue are .. ]00 & B09LCTABBDELAND
Weeds ef aatwe. nut, wsureatoty. nod 1M wm tale hold. t)wa sale at the IMLaad ChMMhrr tC
Call Ww C Raw, 734- 585 After 6 ,... sMdoar enters, sod serf tithIng to stflt art up te par eary lit W. tkw matt Ave.r. OMmrce sr from the ply.... rLOfiTOA
water boat mreettas. a slue It tt. ialA4 .&Ift1ra,.* sue ... 7M-4-t7J>f fa The prices are M c.Ms for addle

asexuaoa.pine trsedera, boat. ttey IIU2aI .bo( watch .*. ,* Nd.JI rues,,Jar.f-fTnH. 1

1 \ I r r 1"' x
e J
4 a

- --- ----- -

-" .- .-- -,.
.. -

hie 11 ftlUNO,(FIOMDH) SUN KTOJ: SUNDAY, NOV. 1,1944 Second DayPlanned J { r ,' .J W J 7( c''Go VtbShP'JI af c ia rtc t1( ICD]

For [0 j .

DeLand Group ',To Attend Spook House i P e ran bedd1e deshle. ea

Halloween will come twice atone

New CHS Office Opening Because DeLand involved of school the In "painstakingwork" constructing SALE PRICES GOOD SUNDAY I MONDAY SUI ,

the spook house for Saturday COUPON* >I I
Halloween! carnival at Dempale

Three local women will attend be the 10th to be opened In the Brewster will be open School again the tomorrow attraction u FACIAL TISSUE BOX rate =Flodde d tit 99t
the formal opening l .of the new state. The move la part of the soon as school is dismissed III (Sit. lrr.l
office of the Children's Home society's matter plan to bring The Parent.Teacher Council of Attractive pfcnrle--assorted .
Society at Daytona Beach T'** It. professional adoption servIce he school invites all DeLand colors Compors 2 3 COVERS
closer to the parents and nMATTRESS
day )
students to visit\ the spook house ey
art 4tcLimit
Pluming to attend the openIng babies served.Other omorrow. .. .
ort.lna1y! scheduled for Oct. offices are l located in FTC spokesmen have an. ( S wrttl MUM Nee __Il/l) en Pals .... I
19 but Jelayed by moving difficulties !- Jacksonville, state headquarters pounced) that the spook house Is ....
are Mrs Norman MacDonald Miami St Petersburg Penia- divided Into three sections. In ,
and Mfi. Brands p, cola, Tallahassee!, Lakeland/ ,Orlando he "Addams Funeral Parlor" IN.
Crumb, both memben of the West Palm Beach and will be Mr. and Mrs. Addams ; '
tate board of the Society and Ocala with a unit office In Ft. and two children Pugsley and I COMBOSE I'l ,
Lauderdale "
Mr Arthur Lane representing Little Wednesdsy Lurch the
DeLand'a Elizabeth V. Harkness Caseworkers who will be working butler, win be playing a real s tSL e
Chapter CHS. The new office with Mrs. Anopol are MIll organ, and a 'corpse" will cometo ..., dash start. <
will be the Diplomatic Center, : Eva Martin Bullock, ACSW, and life( the PTC spokesmen said. Pocioqeof with full... 'IoN II|,.
South Tower, 100 Seabreeze Mrs. Yvonne McCutcheon MSW, In another section Lee Cart ed typo and .sort16C 14.Mi"-H cUcrty' l 1w aarieatl del' "I 38
Blvd. Daytona Beach. side, basketball coach will present Huafify combs- CM)' re .; .
The occasion will mark the The steady growth of the society the Dempsle "Globe Trot 2c, j tb
beginning of a new division for : is Illustrated by the more ers": Ricky Cunningham, Terry St Limit" s wItII Cm** *.. .... .fIIl
the 13,year old adoption agency, than 700 children it will have' Williams, Matt Wlmer and Jim
the largest, licensed private found permanent homes for In Joiner, plus cheerleaders lADIES'
agency! in Florida. I Called: the 1964! making It one of the largest The third section will represent mcoupoiv!
North Coastal Division It I II private adoption agencies In the laboratory of Dr. Jeckel
comprised of Vomits, :Brevard, the U.S. In the North Coastal and Mr. Hyde with operatingtable 'SPOOK HOUSE' RESIDENTS-The "SpOok Hpuse", CAPRI PANTS rnI
Flagler, and Putnam counties. division over 50 babies will have and morgue. a part the-Parent Teacher: Council carnival yesterdayat EMERGING
Resident of these countiea will been placed,with their adoptive At the exit of the spook house ,Dempeie Brewster School, will reopen again tomorrow 1 100/e cottosi creaseless wash j jI
now be served from the Daytona parents this year, the greater will be a .'"witch" and witch's after ,school hours.. Featured in the house is De- .... sllket finish aH |
p. aei..t ell srtfrrf GL2U9EcJ wear -
Beach office Formerly they percentage! in Volusla and Bre cauldron Land's' version of TV's, "Addams Family." Shown are p
have worked through the Jacksonville vard Counties. Mr. Addams pe1e fIn;;:! -:ytkhif : fashlas) colon -elzet 10-11
Donald Thornton, school principal as ; tflcki kwpsI'M.
office of the society MUCH: WORK V ote-I 8I1e Backed Mrs. John Wimer as Mrs. Addams; Ben Marshall as .__... ft*. COMPARE
10TH OFFICE "We are very excited about Lurch, the butler Jeff Beachum as Pugsley, and Cynthia tkM. F
TALLAHASSEE (XP) The ; ; nw.l/
Mrs. Eva J, Mope! ACSW, our new division and office I THIS PRICE!
division director, Harbor Oaks, Mrs Anopol said "and we are chairman of the State Board of Jo Marshall as Little Wednesday. (Photo by Kent's) .
Control hu endorsed the
looking forward to becoming an pro -
the local office will
explained Integral cart of the rommunltv. posed constitutional amendment ,Famous. Swift's Gold Crest- '
There I. a tremendous amountof lo revamp the board he heads. ICE CREAM ,fun jlitt- Asserted flavors 21r 271
work for us to do in this area Bays M. Harrison Jr., St..Petersburg ,CIVIC MUSIC GROUP '(Urnit J)'
THE T' CLUB and' we are confident we will lawyer : recommendedvoter
or,STETSON receive 'the' l local support we approval of amendment 2 Mearholotum PSISMS* \
need so'badly." In next Tuesday's voting which; 'OPENS MEMBERSHIPSA DEEP HEETING RUB He,. lie Tub* *)/>
Thinks Die* *.WBOWBm 1 Mrs. Anopol continued that her would replace the present board (Limit, 1) '
.rchit* MS/S, OBS. r .Stall-Is .ready to give quick and, wltlj.a nine.member group wiU* "" .......... .- '
support_of campus prtjecls.' ; terms,of nine,yearseach** ****. or_." _. __ MP. -
expert service to natural parents J. "
limited ,,number of subscriptions still are available for
for their, Harrison said I the changs VICKS COUGH DROPS 17t
planning adoption '
Athens the' 1 M"19 'season ''of the DeLand Civic Music. AaIOcl.tloo.Hell1'Y ,
Thattrs would stability
expected child to the babies provide greater Ukft I)
has announced.
and continuity on the universi Godfrey president
and children taken Into
custody '
Inc.' "
limited of
McCrory'i,, Although subscriptions are by seating capacity
DeLand Hardwar.Moun' for< subsequent, adoption and to both ties' were governing needed board because snd of that the Elizabeth l Hall, where'cOnCf'rta are held Godfrey said that Fever Thermometers 1 47
couples desiring to adopt '
'new residents of the DeLand ana as well as' those who were S- ?
"Lon waits receive tremendous growth\ of the system
Standard'Sn. to a"baby .unable to make definite commitment last spring may obtain I
in both size and complexity.celve
from the she
us past .
art rno i -\M memberships on s first come, first served basis
laid Moat couples re- their child 'within six f' Thr week of Nov. ,17 hw" keen' designated by the Civic <
mouths of,their appllcattatt4t' Music pemmJtteefor' closing the books on the forthcoming Secret Deodorant 7147nomi
y 1 ,Yolusii'Couny'' resident* "en 1 Iwlnted"eltrkstof, concerts. Godfrey said. During this week' I
LUMBER SPECIALS! the state board of1directors tor 1 i ,: )IrL:' WalTen'1Nett', headquarters chairman will be at the j
CHS are John It. Parkinson and Arthur Lane, 'Agency,.112 E.: Rich Ave, from.10 a.m. to 4 p.m. P ci.fe ef I straNk tats.
2x4 8'fE, ; Lodge Pole (S3) '?" $108 Mrs W, W. Judge Daytona Godfrey said that persons wishing! become members Bow! Cover Set swt4 ihM M ft mew howls 29*
Beach; and Mrs frSnds for the,forthcoming series should contact Mrs. Jewett there ........,. ".1...
1 1x6 & 1 1x8' V4.ta' Lodge Pole (O) tie $130 Crumb Dr. J. OUle Edmundsand u soon as possible.
Mrs. Norman MacDonald, 'JJurtng past seuoaa'Crodhey said, "Civic Music has H e-fn iI dIOVeelsgnat

Ix8. ; 1x10,1x12} : Cedar Boards 7 $92 DeLand.By the. first of the year a proven anticipated to be that a highlight the present schedule the winters of concerts la DeLand.will and conform It Is UTILITY CONTAINER I H with .aeewt W

-'Prksi iubstl] Is thingi wither nstk- board of directors; for theNorth, to1 Its put high, standards" rdr.Psi '

Conrad Lumber Co. :: Central representing division the with four I members counties TABLE 'CLOTHS ace aped 4.vlayi d .tsWD ; ::= 69'036e
will be appointed. This board
1.00 -, or
i Tumanla' Y.he
C t West Mlehljsi it North Delaware fhtM 7J4-4414 will be responsible for overseeing I Is the Island state I} ,
: the operation of the division. of the Australian Commonwealth; 1 PUC Delays ie Neck SryleP -

--- DESK LAM Me.l for Studsafi. .p 09
12t Veins
Comment OnWelfare'Film


tan Mea t.ya dune wish
Re Elect :e 1t'I' '-_"'"- bnklg-.....
TALLAHASSEE!: (AP) The ,., .......... .......
Public Utilities Commission has P"l/"
declined to comment on the Mm A BARGAIN

.. -. '. "The Welfare State," distributed AT $2.91 198
by the Tampa Electric Co. and
the Florida Power Corp until
JAMES H.Sweeny. alter a conference of Its mem GENERAL ELECTRIC HEATER
The film war privately I Nate Rubber Mats
screened Friday to see If It had Neeheyetsce .

any political overtones. Under a heetee tae well M .It ,.,.. MUhy ..., er Mtok.
state law, utility companies are 0 wen wroth. h fitr Mai-ewnN ,...,.-wi. eMN
y JR.t' forbidden to participate la any ewN.l ___ sit'*.

political activity. '
a sf The commission must decide / COMPARE 221b88
whether the fttm was distributed 19.45 VALUE __
Improperly by the companies foriwe .
: la connection with the current .
political campaign.
: ""The Welfare! State" was produced PET BASKET

f : '{| State Representative America by and the presents Church League a speechby fit

actor' Ronald' Reagan. SUPERLECTR1C HEATER
la a prologue to the speech 1 _
Democrat the church league disassociates I Il
'" ( Group 2)) l Itself from anything that might I bee Ydei wkh a r /-.N fin

he construed as politically partisan. I Meta Nn.estdhMeN
hads. sews w bN
Commission attorney Lewis .Ie MtYte. ..../.redee. tit .
? Resident Volusia 30 Years MnIo 144
County For : Petteway told newsmeu "Im"It ........ ..... -c..e. 51St.
,J. pretty obvious what the pie.lure ...... .....
... Hoeg mash
'. Graduate John B. Stetson Law School i The stands film originally lor \ a MM! tel : 14N. ill.-,'c..,..
tytsloa, \ broadcast, referred to a FISHING
., 11. number of topics ranging teethe

16 Years" Representing Volusia County j ', to the aomber amount ef of federal money employee spent ta '129! TACKLE

federal aid protrama. Regan SPECIALS eI

In The. Florida Legislature : : he generally spoke! ,"it.Ex.Newsman'Dlet opposed. the measure
:: UDICO Y'te
.. i'; ; U4 e.4 MNe. ... .....
Twice Elected By Colleagues As., BOBE, Idaho APt Lloyd<< CAN OPENER f'' met. eM .t lIa c.e.'ioIIfIIMer .
I lehrbas. M. ot Washington, aelrlq. M .e
D.C.* former 'Associated<< Prws also g: ..eSSu e..hd ...... ....
"Most Effective Member In Committees".Six foreign correspoadent and aide KNIFE e.M Net ....
to Oa. Douglas MacArthur
died ntda1. SHARPENER $33.95 1925

Years As Chairman ,Of Important :." j pie, .sassed. dn. UST
't' : -
1.! a 555H, 10 SPIMCAST 00Tf1T /

Finance And Taxation Committee ,I ;
,u ... aNnwr eels.ctIIW
4 1 "" .. eM .ISdd.ea
{ PI HATE EYE es ....., .....-


i ttleeeedw ..., ,.. UST .

: basIfatNn A.e, e.-ewhdhe' was .... dw .ol '--s.\ l1' m HVttbee. --'

_ KEEP JAMES H. SWEENY, JR.: 1y atnerttbtuJll ,M .Ha.y.. eN'' sir a/ .

cw..ikb.20 r
+e/tw COMPARE -e
YOUR STATE LEGISLATOR 1iRd1e.rast L3 UP TO tk 60' Lb

CM. Pel' All bJf Jss X. .....,. *r..) -"---- --- w1..e.-Ir.laMytte.etCtlttt m a.( Ht. EJMDr.s.w.1 Jn1J

) .
-- -
T\( S'c

r ,
:yr .'c'

Opens Exhibit Today .

1 1

Winners Are Named 1 1 Y : I Ia


i In County Art Show I 1 ______


By FEED SUSSERSMmiChairman. award at the 15th annulI Vo- I Sh W" honor. Four equal awards, I Frieda Stern DeLaad, Teen
Stetson Art Dept. lusta County Artists Exhibition of $25 were presented to Gladys al"'."
I A. scene of 'Adam County opening today In tin Sampson Blakeman of Ormond Beach for Honorable( mentions went to i
Fa*, by Duncan Hazelwood of Hall Gallery on till Stetson Unl. her painting Retreat. Gene Blair Boozer, New Smyrna
vanity campus : Boozer, New Smyrna Beach Beach for hit sculptures 'Com w 1IJ
Daytona Beach hit been selected There 1 II a $50 cash award "Th. Struggle; Laura Lock, placent Comrade;" Janet Asa
for the "Best In Show" that accompanies the Beit in DeLaad 'Little Refugee" and ten "Croup;" Richard Karberg i iN
DeLand, "North Amelia;" Waiter I
Knapp, DeLand, Regatta,"
and Hester Merwtn. New Smyr

r 1tea Beach, 'Zapotec Indian I
1 1 I Child." I
Ralph Bagley, director of the i
:i Orlando Institute of Art, served
u Judge for the exhibition. Following p
[ his selection ot the winners ul r4MC A

Bsgley said "It was' my t
privilege to judge the 5th annual I

J i. I exhibition and I am very pleasedto ...a I
'. note the quality of work has
Increased In this 15th
\ annual show greatly," FIRST PRIZE WINNER "Adams County, Ta", an oil by Duncan Hazelwood of Daytona Beach. has I

A tea, under the chairmanship' been selected first prize winner in the lath annual Volusit County art exhibit that open this afternoon at the art
of Mrs Gary Meadows and Mrs gallery on the Stetson University campus Mora than ISO paintings have been submitted by county artists. A cash '
I r Z Zii Dana Fojle and assisted by award of $30 went to Hazelwood and equal prizes of $25 each went to four other artists. Their works also arc pie
other members of the Junior lured on this page, Mrs. Gary Meadows, chairman of the tea that will officially open the exhibit this afternoon
Woman Club, win, be held and Robert Bagley( director of the Orlando Institute of Art, Judge for the exhibit, are shown viewing the top paint
from S to 5 pm. today la the 111,. (Sun News Staff Photos)
gallery to honor all prize winners -
and exhibitors. The public <
Is Invited to attend
Thla la the largest show In I
i k IYIa the 15 year history ot the exhibit how as being made up ,.f opportunity to exhibit: Is the be shared That Is the great shows that a serious creative
rf with more than 150 paintings, paintings that were begged lift main stimulus for artists and satisfaction for the artist and effort aid a striving for perfection
drawing\ and sculpture on dI!. ed from walls. snatched from the poMibllity of a rash prize I I. the true value ot his work." In art, Is an ever more ,
tr play by 87 artists. easels while still wet with paint, an added Inspiration Some ef The visitor to Sampson HaU Important facet of our Americas
I went to Louis Freund. Stetsons and some even were brought Into the paintings are sold each year Gallery of Art this month wilt way ef life
: resident artist and first DeLsnd on horseback nil with no commission charges. find a truly democratic exhibit. The gallery hour are S a.m.
director of the Volusla County was Noreen Rathbnne, and sincethen I There are good r aona for enart There ii something for all even to I pm Monday through ni- j
i Exhibition, for background her work has won several show but Louis Freund expressed ,, If few If any, of the work will day, and 1 to I p m. on Saturdayand
t some prize and has been shown In I It very well when he find I Its way to the MetropolitanMuseum Sunday during the Volusla
I material' !, and he some
Interesting bits of history gave galleries from Florida to Atlanta j said, "The Jay of creation: must of Art but this exhibit County Exhibition. :
He said "The first Voluila I
first exhibition drew 73
County exhibition ot art was
entries from SO artists and many" '
,1'j literally inhered In on a wing I'
o( these painters have not misseda
and Paintings bad
, a prayer show since, :
been at the Volusla .
dliplajed .
F "
\ "
f i County Fair from time to time rrlre money 'Judges expensesand ; : : n
I but had a tendency to get lost the cost fir t printing has 4 t t, .. \ '. "., ff'"' s ;(1,
among the quilts, canned goods, been borne by the citizens of the l r'I, .....\ : 'rr!.j a+u ,
, and grandmas luclous pies county made up of teachers, Wt. .1:, .. .. 1'IY" ,' a.
The pies appealed more to the merchants, and the artists themselves '} -t ', 't!' ; t '.
j YiAk't public taste but artists kept who could become a ,' r i \. ftr'" y.; '
trying anyway patron of the arts for one dollar : 1\.1\ ,i ( ,
Dr. 0111. Edmunds led the lIlt .
"The prayer that was' offered 'f\.. I ., )< years ago asked that the first with a generous gift u did
I Stetson sponsored Volusla County many others h
k Art Exhibit not turn out to The most welcomed patron r, Y
be another county fair show The that year however, was unsolicited as '
wing turned out to be a 1938 H. was the Negro' I ;, t
Plymouth station wagon with. Janitor of Holmes Hall Art d t
130: .000 miles on the spwdnrneter. Building who wanted to do hisp"
GLADYS BCAKEMAN, ORMOND BEACH. The ear was used to Scour the e
,..displayed. br>> Fred Mast smlih. Stetson art director county for artists' work and to I Literally thousands of paint
carry them ts DpLasd"TECNDA hip have been dIsplayed by
?'It.mP' hundred of artists who have.. .., ,
It was fortunate far the county lived la Volusla County Sixteen .
that Station was' able to hire years' ego, tourism and! the
the talents of Louie and Elsie citrus Industry provided the i
Freund in 1M9 It was through main Interest' and the aria were '
their untiring efforts that this left to Sarasota, Miami, and x'
whole area! has the reputationas Film Beach Over the years, .
IkeJuntl e\ttS' a center of art Interest.\ prominent judges always from ,
llU Louis Frrund la quirk to give another\! part of the state. have ;
credit to people like Henry expressed amazement at the
Saltanan of Dayton Beach, high quality of the work found d
whose studio became a gather* here la the musty "' i
SECTION TWO Sunday November 1 1961 lag point of artists' work la ART n rrat w ;yut r
that area.neund The exhibit la planned to coincide
aescriM toe first I II with the celebration of Na
tlonal Art Week, always' the
lint week ta November, The

If '1 ..

:t. : >>... I, .
."..* 1 t"i--" M. r4. at

.MeemsullA 84 .4bpUy: > wlaalag weiaa

Jai. ,
y z w s 1 {
r '

t .Mr ts.


f..... f P
::,' ,' ice' II IIV

1A' "-r. ., ',.:;

., ,/.J r rN
,,,\ ,
; ;
,I !J..t: "
: 14 ; + Ip U '.''.nrP' 7
Y ',"

; ..4'i'' ::r 't. 1* / '

t l
/ { t PTM


1 r ,
I 1 +
,; C 1 1 i

';1 r 4 t rr

I 1. '


(.Kn.. Gary HseAews flan await! wUaer .....a br fried ftier" *, 141. a4 Law Loch

of !is' '. (

"", ... T; "-:'-. .... h _":. .... '*;.; '_,.4 L ,.;,...).. '".- >,.V-j J.Tea .

... Y'F _

rEditorials j 1 MSB


,I "Lydon i We'd Like to See You
Anecdotes Seen Carter's Antidote
Sun News CHbices: i. "3 7: ; Take. Fewer Chances !" ,. ,. Jerry ,

For Name Calling In Election CampaignsBy

Sweeny and Coble

ALLEN MORRIS heckler's feature because ol posed to be looking after this

For State Legislature tA TALLAHASSEE: The Old the stage Hgbtteg. The crowd promise he made you. one Pope
Campaigner opined there was however didn't know or car died and h* let them appoint

and dedicated service to the nothing like sharing a bed witha and laughed the heckler out of another without railing a fingerto
Quiet efficiency foe to bring restraint into action step theml"'

I public are term which well describe West V politicking. EXFEBT SQUELCHER On what persuades voters a

lusia't- representative to the state legislature. 'Today a candidate can make The late Governor John W. library of book hu been writ.
and any kind of wild statement over Martin was an expert at squelch ten. As a candidate for Attorney
I James H. Sweeny, Jr. But quiet efficiency IC fYD3MOB a microphone and there's noon ing hecklers. In the campaign of General Richard W. ErvIn, now

dedicated service are often overshadowed bypoliticians there who might hit him" 1924, ODe of Martin' opponent Supreme court Justice used on

less apt but more vocal Hid Public Utilities Commissioner wa. Sidney J. Calls who had his campaign: card tile fact he
I Jerry W. Carter. been elected Governor In 1916 was born at Carrabelle. Judge
he has been since winning
I Because unopposed But In the old days explained on a strong antl-Gtholo plat Ervin said one voter upon reading .
the office 10 years ago, Sweeny is not a familiar Carter 'Tvt traveled with ai form Martin wu Interrupted the card exclaimed, : "WeD.If ,

figure at political rallies. Consequently, he runsa i\L many as tour of my opponents by a heckler shouting: "Hurray you com from Carrabelle I
I in In the Mm ear, and on occasion lor Cotta!" know you are poor folk and
risk of not being well known to new voters v-r
I shared a double.bed with one." At the right moment, when he heed my vote. I'll vote for you."

the county. The 77.year-old Carter may be could either claim or low the "A lady told me" recall

This year, for the first time sine 1943 regarded a* an authority on crowd, Martin Interrupted his Judge Irvin "I believe I will
electioneering. His name !has remarks to address himself to
vote for looka
Sweeny, a Democrat of conservative leanings, is you you
appeared 27 time on a Florida the Catta people: bit political"As
opposed by a Daytona Beach motel operator, ballot, counting lint and second "My friends, you gave your lor

running on the Republican ticket: primaries\ and general election, support one to Cato on his of patronage-seeking the candidates supporters
and his voice has bn raised In promise to run the Pope out of
This has observed Rep. Sweeny'sactivities b fortified
they *
| newspaper may by
many campaign when he was business. Did h* keep his
in the Florida Legislature since his the yarn that former Governor
not a candidate promise\ ? Not While he war
LeRoy Collins used to tell (And
freshman year. His voting record and leadership Politician Carter' antidote for Governor, mind you, and sup so, too did Vic President

have had few equals Not only has he so impressed campaign name.calling la the Seven Students Alben W. Barkley but a good I
anecdote'Tve tried
for always tory heed no state boundary.)
his constituents that he wentlnoppo.ed 'I
to give the people food for '
Collins said there
seven terms, he so impressed his colleagues that thought, along with making them Killed In Crash who needed a Job wu bat a wun't fallow

he more than once has been singularly honoredby laugh" Carter's laugh are specially qualified otherwU for

them. .. Usually on himself, like his WICHITA Kan. (AP) Seven State employment. This constituent
story about the time he Introduced high school students! an 15 wu cautioned that the
His fellow representatives those him to head himself to a constituent years old died la a smashup ot Collins\ philosophy, a* the Covert

the powerful and strategic Finance and Taxation "Are you the fellow I've been two can Friday night the Kan. nor told It. was that the Job

Committee a body responsible for determiningand voting for an these yean?" tu Highway Patrol reported.Six should seek the man. So the
rt"A "Yes. brother, I certainly were killed at the scene constituent walked the Capitol
recommending statewide tax levies. No more r+ I. am" responded Carter at a county road Intersection U corridon for days. Finally he

important chairmanship exists in the House, and yNs "Wan this surely teaches mea unties east ol Wichita, and the went to the Governor's office

Sweeny will again assume this post if reelected ,i teaioa. I'm never going to seventh died shortly afterward. with this message:
vote for another fellow until I The dead were all in one car, "I've been hen for a long
in November. I see him!" which had only one ,survivor time and haven't seen an office

Sweeny has been twice: selected by his colleagues ." MAYO STORY who wu Injured. Two person seeking a man yet. Let the

as the "most effective member in com Th* late Commissioner of In the other car also suffered Governor know that fm heading

__. ._ .0..r Agriculture Nathan Mayo was Injuries. horn now but U ha should
and casual student of
mittees, even a government .. -. II V"I JIll another who relished stories on One car struck the other happen to run across an office

knows that it is in committees. .that. the. himself u much. those on broadside at high .peed, the Marching lor a man, ten tt that
vital and major issues are settled.Sweeny" WASHINGTON UERRY.CO-ROUNIJ "f Keating. But Bobby Kennedy re* the other fellow. After hla only' patrol said Wreckage and IH be tiding out the Old Bainbridge -
f, lucid to move. opponent withdrew prior to the bodies were strewn over a wide road-and I'll be riding\
a practicing attorney in DeLand t At of today while Keeling 193J primary, Mayo met a area mighty den slow"

since 1937, is a graduate of the Stetson University K and Kennedy are battling It out countryman who asked:

Law School. Born in Port Jervis, N.Y" he studied Bobby Kennedy Accused to tee who should be Senator "Mr. Mayo, that man withdrawing .
from New York Malaxa i II stiR doe that mean you
pre-law at Georgetown University, Washington, living at 1158 Fifth Avenue, and run all by yo'taUT"

D. atrolllng In Central Park In. the When Mayo nodded "ye ." Courthouse

C.Besides his legislative duties. Sweeny has autumn suiuhlne.Another the cautious friend said, "Wen

been active throughout his career in civic and Of 'Neglect' Over NazisBy Important war crimes I sure hopes you win."
.. case on which Bobby Kennedy Heckling a political! speaker
I fraternal ventures, including a term as state vice 4 refuei to act wa that of has experienced a revival In FiII

president of the Florida State Elks Association Andrea Artukovlc, charged by Florida along with fashioned Comments

H. is not DREW PEARSON Malaxa permanent residence In the Yugoalav government with stump speaking after a period
James Sweeny an equivocating
WASHINGTON The bitter the United 3tateeSignificantly being the Hlmmler ol Croatia of heavy rfllane upon television
politician If he doesn't agree with suggested battle between Bobby Kennedy. It was the Nixon responsible for the murder of talk. Some campaigner

legislation proposed by a constituent he is quickto Democrat and Sen. Ken Kat' law firm, retained by Malaxa In 20,040) Jew and some 600,000 nowadays seen' By HELXN COILS '
to be Senator Whittler, Calif which tried to Orthodox Serbs puzzled when
One never wonders "whert Sweeny imp Republican,, Su New tua Welter ,
say so. from New York has evoked the: put a private bill through Con. At the trial of Adolf tlch- they run Into

stands" on any Issue charge that Bobby, as Attorney reds giving Malaxa permanent maan; Alexander Arnon, a Jew heckling but

It's good, we think, that Mr. Sweeny has General, was soft on Naxllim. UJ. residence! Rep. Pat Hill- Uh leader from Croatia ailed the old,omen

opposition this gives the voters of Volusia Bobby was an energetic, some toga/ R-Calll., close friend of Artukovlc as Ilchmann's chief were prepared. Her'* one way to ban your cake and eat it. too. Jeanne
times ruthleis Attorney General Nixon, Introduced Malaxa private henchman for carrying: out mats In ,Miami's Ooddtrd. chairman of the acbool board said at Tuaday'i mU
County au opportunity to express their continued wholly Dedicated to helping hi* bill In the HouMi while ,5 murder In occupied Yugoalavia. Bayfront Park log that "gym are built for the see of an children" Her comment

confidence in him. I brother. But In that seal, heIther Nixon himself, then a Senator, .' In 1941 Elchmana had sent one evening a followed a request by Taylor Junior-Senior High Principal
is recommend him 1I'llecteclaom. Important was able to maneuver It through cpI, Franz Abromelt. a to- heckler aoutht William Cuddy to use the gym for some dancea. Cuddy received
News to
The! Sun pleased
called "ipedallst la Jewish af to Identify thea .
Justice Department lain, pertaining the Senate Judiciary Committee. { permlialon.Mra.
,Y unqualifiedly for re-election. to Nail or else had a It would have become law hid fair,;" to Zagreb to speed up political or- MORRIS Ooddtrd solved the question about atadenU dancing poalbly *-
blind spot regarding\ them.It not Keating and the late Tad the liquidation ol both Jews and ganizatlonthere scarring the floor especially with basketball season comingup.
f is entitled to Is a (act that h* eompro- Walter D-Pa., been on their Serbi unless they embraced the popularly known a* "Little fine suggested the students have a sock bop or wear shoe
Volusia County two representatives robed the old L 0. Farben toes and blocked passage, Roman Catholic faith Tammany," which wont mark the floor We thick her suggestion excellentand

in the Florida Legislature. -runningmateto alien proper .propert, CM and Later, Milaxa managed to get Artukovlc, who wu Minister ot This particular heckler would her*'* hoping the students at Taylor High have a sock full

Mr. Sweeny on the Democratic ticket is a returned about $80,000.000 to a a ruling from the Immigration Interior In occupied Croatia, pet wait until the candidate pausedfor of fun.
Swiss which up a central office of Jewish breath and then he would Elizabeth: O. Smith, principal of Ortona School asked permit-
I 39-year-old Daytona Beach attorney, J. Kermit \ banking Attorneys group General had prevtous Bureau during the Eisenhower attain, opened various concentration about: don for bar PTA to sponsor a paid physical flints program after
to remain In the USA. But after
with whom has publicly "You're for Little school hour In the school cafetorium. That too wu granted.
t Coble, a man Sweeny held was a cloaking operationfor the Democrat took over, a camp, and proceeded to a stooge
Not only will there be dancing lessons, but student
stated that he "can work with effectively" 1. a. Farben. move developed In Congress to Issue a settee of decree, similar Tammany .
will team and
fencing, wrestling boxing
to those issued la Nazi Finally the candidate retorted:
last It Is also a fact that h* refuted review the caw and deport the Germany .
Since his hard-fought campaign spring The decrees were followed by "You thought Little Tammany Judo. That' fine, but In sell defense the Uacbr
i b .to open the case of twowsaltliy Romanian magnet. should Uk tb* courses, too. -
his stand clear matters of 1m- all when
Coble has made on tefugeei, accused of Said Rep Jack Shelley wholesale arrests and mu war right they got .
to the people of Volusia County. He has the murder with Jew and Orthodox your nephew out of prison!"
portance Nazi collaboration who are now D-Clf..ln! Congressional Barre Caldwell purchasing agent for the
v kill forced to Of coupe; there wunt
opposed extension of the sales tax to drugs and living safely In the United itate deba'e of Oct II, 1962: Jump over. school board graphically showed this week the
chili: executed In mat graveyard and the candidate after
On. Involved Nicola Malaxa, advantage of getting bid even to maga-
"Each evidence accumulate
food, and he recognizes that Florida's "hodge year !, or forced to Jump down ward said he couldn't 1M tb.Today *
the big Romanian Industrialistwho to establish Malaxa u one tlnes. :By getting them, the board lived $200
podge" tax laws are in need of revision. had bn till wartime of the most sinister figure to vDlapt well. over Its regular discount price One oddity lathe
the eesessseart
After Artukovlc
Coble has recognized the need of alleviatingone partner et Albert Ooertng, !have made his way through the to Ireland war., later enteredthe ttcaped bid struck reporters the Florid SchoolBook '
Depository In Jacksonville wasn't low on J
of the schools' major financial problems at Field brother\ Marshal of max of both Nazi and com United State, July It, IMS. either of it* two bid*. Out of state firm woo
the 1nHistory
munut dictatorships during
the local level He proposes a change in law to Caring, and Hitler and Stalin regime under the assumed tame elAloU Caldwell said that u far u his memory caned COBUi:
Anlch. H Immediately
wu him the Florida firm hasn't
won yet
give the schools state money based on the average who was ctiarg- "This la the story of a man taken under the wing .f the .. .

dally attendance of the current year' enrollment tel with financing who conspired with the Iron Knights of Columbus which Tuesday 1* (lection., the day that you the registered
the Iron Guard In Romania then with
instead of the previous year. This chsnje,would Guard at the the Nail; who outwitted hlivlclou helped him secure attorney to voters, go to tile poll to select the men YOU want to run your
I Ia In the
light against deportation. government In Telesis County your TOM secret voting
help provide the instructional units needed each time It was. accomplice: and finally Unfortunately! this made him a, Tk. A M Uu4 Prose machines. No one know bow you vote and dont 11 anyoo tell

year as school enrollment Increases. mass murderIng arrived In ell hemUpher with something of a Catholic ... Today la Sunday, Nov. 1. the you anything different
has to law makingthe Romanian several million dollars." Protestant Issue But In Yugo SOSth day ol 1M4. There are M The\ 1 Ia America and you ban not the privilege but the rightto
Coble a
agreed support
Jew Malaxa Shelley went on to outline the alavU when the fact wr days kn .la the year, express your opinion\ at the poll*. if you don't you are abandoning
of Registration's office a constitutional I* still living In amazing lobbying network of the
Supervisor it. known there war no question Today's highlight In hlltor'tOa your birth right Worse than that yon tot the politician
one. He has committed himself' to requiring New York d.. PlAItIO Romanian ex.Na 1. Other Congremmen about Catholic )leaden deploring this date In 1781. the lint DM your tax money to buy vote Row do they do this By promising
pits repeated did the .ame. Including tilt who)***!* murder Wrote special Interest group what they want by buying a mer-
legislation be submitted to bank In the United State char*
that all proposed attempt t. end him back to Frank Kowalakl. DConn.. the Bbhop ol Moatar to Arch. chant's vote by promise of boclne, or a laborer's by a promise

the people at a public hearing here. Europe. Cecil King D,Calif, AlvIn O'Kon bishop Stepinao on Nov. T, IMlt tend. It by Congress Bank wu ol orr.nIrot4. North- of 10 Job.
West Volusians are indebted to Coble for his The man who tint raised the ikl. RWU and WUllam Ryan "I had hoped that large num America,wu In Philadelphia and Yes. and In the put politician have actually bought vote
red flag ,rtgardlag Malaxa wu. DNY. here ef the chlamatlc (1I II'CaIlt.ol1C1) with a dollar but This wa* ahem 10 year ago when one official
opposition to the "courthouse jnovtrs"\ of Day the man Bobby I II running: The lte. kit Ksfsnvtr of Tennessec ) would enter' the Cath- It started doing business la wa accused of !mane tax session Be wa acquitted because

tone Beach and the Halifax Area. .Although-. against. foil the Senate... Ken. powerful member of olio Church: But the Stowralk January l $. b* could show how the money thai came Into hi* hand went' out
Keating. the senate Judiciary Committee, On this date to Individual to "buy" vote*. Dont soak your head la dis
resident of the east coast, he has forthrlghtly opposed and Logornlka (Croatian Nail
Back In 1M1. when Keatingwa mad special representation to otflclali) have abused their! pod' In 136 Mcfolangalo's paintings belief shrewd politician UU buy vote with promised favor
the move and has publicly: stated that he a member of tile HOUM then Attorney General Kennedy hoe\ .. The rosette have been on the ceding of the Sistine Instead of money.
will work to keep the courthouse in DeLand Immigration\ Subcommittee, .h* to open up the Malaxa case and horrifying. Human beings have Chapel were first exhibited. Politic U a strange and Slotting business. It's similar to

"where it belongs." helped block a mv to give have him deported. So did Sen. been bunted down and caught la 173 'tilt SUmp Act tIM 1 aa1llPfOdUCed.o.dwaJ* cr.... Tb songwriter bow.think Th tile world writer will fey bum think their tb* .script.. ,

It is our considered judgment! that J. Kermit like animals: they have been English tax en the Amsricaaceleale The COIt\ Nr.. th* eel makar the prop mat the eJecttkiaa
make It easier tat atan?
slaughtered! they have beta *. was >placed> t> the actor behind th* footlights
the sage binds aO work to MU
Cole and James H. Sweeny will make a working WOMAN'S LmTTION thrown alive over irtdilc**. 1M4, the UJ. peetsl money But opening day I* Just ILLS JecUao day. Until the chow
I that will redourii' to the SCAB DfTVmojn YM, aak turn It .M baa .....*. "From Walter and frets
team In Tallahwsee >> erter system went late epraOe > gee en, until th* people" g* to the poll, M lilt know whether
benefit of all the citizens of Volusia County and Iking U led yon. and ee> worry skeet whether ye. ar* CapUlna. six railway tnckUadtof *. another hit to born or a dren tfi**.
Making M "..* May" ler him. M wUI b. *..| fer
yu women, girls and chfldren final who dter
la 1S93. the UA exploded the n'. lilt audience er the -"relll the analysis
to the HMM waiting sad .......,. ,Tb Mar ye Hit say inter 11 were take to Surraaact lint hydrogen bomb at Enlwe- shine th* fate of th* actor or the candidate ea the political seen
tt* tatter.DEAR. .
They were an made to let
.: tok AtoO te tk* Mantua Island -
.. out. They were taken life th* *. Supporter el local candidate, regard!*** ot party have asked
f j ABBY 1 wed to "W beautiful natural mountain and mother and Ten MAJ.) Ceo. t questtoa which\ need answering. They want to know why there
>< blonde hair\ teal hung down to my shoulder My husband! chlldrta aWte were thrown evera N..cIeBatla1..t1tetedpt'ISlcltllt yean ago have hem few torte* about what candidate have to My W.tIecUcIa. .
heard a man eompllmnt me en my hair, and an I aaldt predolM. la tMs way they .
Cuba without
rJ! hire wu Thank jwi." but when w* got horn! my' were 1tII1e4." of opcoaittoe The answer ts simple Th candidates just haven't bees talkbe -

husband got mad and took a scissor and cut aU my hair So wrote th* CatkoUe .!top Five Indian! Prime to DsLMd. Where speech wen scheduled, they were covens
Get Answer oft equ rtrr el an lack from my scalp I deal think to his wpertor.Artukovteh Minister yean Means ago declared- India and reported. very few candidate ....tIII11 er state
I can ever forgive aim far this act lie bar always beena a* been the object Otee* spoke fea DtUnd during the pre-elecUoo ,.". .
very Jealous man with a terrible temper and I have ol a great deal ol IWgttloa ta wn making adequate prepera- We follow a policy not to print handout Beech** about what
And L' Uses him smash mirror and furniture but lit never the Vatted State, wtft the Stat tines M meet' Red the China.threat of aggression erne er two candidate* have to My somewhere else K several

Quickly touched me before th... My halrdreater Mid B win take Departntent oMrtaBf ry .*.Miig by candidate speak H la enly fair that th remark ot an b* covered.

.. a year to grow three lacbe of !hair.and .In tile meantime till Jttttfce Department to de Dink 0rIerrsdlllt DIeM of South Vkt Nam Ngo The\ year candidate have bee peekinc before m *f crgutMtloaal -
.AM.t.IL'AIC I titter have to get a wig or wear turban all the tone. 1'be' e*** aas SJ M all troupe mainly k* East Voiosta. There have been only
: JUUIC What do you think a fitting punishment for a husband like Mans to the Sup-ami flese wu egad hi a military eoup. two opportunities give t* candidate M speak to DeLaod. The

mbwibouM bT which bed that UM *...|Moa Jayeee* and Clvto KevndUbte.Th .
DEAR ABBYi Four :years age my husband aired a NO HAIR testy twtweaa the W e4 StetM Auto 'Bouncer.' Set pubM .... skews clearly ths-t tt prefer te see w4 hear

pretty, young secretary ()married 1 never paid much DU.a JlO Wit raUm4 I would. teal. feat and r go3*.** .k .... a4.tttrehr cevosteg cMtfUstea lacing eve ether These who acted party:
atttattoa to her. although ice did take !her to diner ee ho b* subjected I* a mental oaJiUnatte Xu nm h* *. Artdievrt eaa fee ... AUUXY. N-Y. IAP) New raUte are shady: uppotten tt th* sandiest,: what Ot* *
cuteaaBy when .*'. ark her to work late. I know they might. rN tof ot tb* Mel*. giar.. n.aa II itt PC aJaaldetlgaed date* see la we appear tetatty to preeept mew progress to th*
lunched toe ei luncuon C lobby lest t* bouce aa eauNeeetr.t ws ...
together many Ware X wM
II ,.
tar tile purpose of dries Three weeks CWfTHWerrUlTOYOUl tt yw .ttt. lit way.thing. AnorMT CeaernL. wu vt.4 br a ttmebB* bed woe Tomonew slits the lap weld tt peUtJe erttory wfp W NFL
And each ad ( .
every see wn* lit regtetered hwM sit dews
ago my husband received word that he wu being transferred are -c, VOTK. D yen dent Bke the wy thing. wgetag. .. .... many '.... to e.rrr tilt t>* the bJfkw wQ\ repUc eider and quietly weigh oeefc candidate'i armies M we lit CMC .
1 out of t wa. Now be tefl me that wan secretary VOTt: D yee've mine voted bate. VOTK. .:.,;r-" /'at. Dec rt'lMlln wtobw and Mtdated ra IqI. the state .tepertmeet These reorttMtxaal aneintimnt veer fee %.. w CM*haZM
i* getting a avorce (no children) and I II going with him! (Dual U MUaos *l yeer ......*.. rhea. ,.. ret spoke Artnbevle. lid sepereetlv *l motor vealcle
are bees to y**) for m t* appro *r dlsapprevc,
Abby do :you beh>v* la a """ 14'a tetvitloar H* never Mee.tey71 IMw gee ...,.) U ye. we.t Mre ttnw b* WM buy with etfer ,aaya.TM. These eaeadBMBto deserve the ease ronridersttest that SMftMdtaf

e mentioned that this woman wu unhappy In her mar after.werfc to go beat ad clean .p. g* t* tk* Uh fayewr thlnrt- At any rat I* refawd. eVtwrtuMt Mid father sew every artfcl and Mettoa e< at uses Cos
riage. Why suddenly the I have till feeling that something work ........ Dent M oaythtog er a }U I II going on. I* tt my place to uk my husband It y" ..... V* M. II wffl b* Ito ..... tmfwtMi tktag>; pen* eM trnahtn M 8o J>*raOHfombu more tkaa the eMrrt ypea mad Fat CanstnaUna sad you xaoet Mode If thsee ehanteeare
lie has something to tell met U t* bas, why.should I- w9 4. *H yi'. \ ta sane cue would cost Ins !fie th* best tatereste of Plaids



'" ... _, -__- .. .
.-:--. Jllr..l."" 'f;:
_-:- ','

TWW -1

c rp1. YOU Make The Choice!

I -i


A Man DEVOTED To HisRcsponsibilitics.HUBERT



t p rr ORA

Y Self-Serving Politician Who
(, e q u i r a y ,


SHIRKS His Responsibilities-DEANE i SMITH

PROGRAM SLATED FOR CHILDREN The Junior! Welfare League will present! the Stetson University
orchestra in a special concert for children at 3 pause next unday in Elizabeth Hall at Stetson University, The program
has b arranged by director Robert to bo th entertain and inform the young listeners. The program
u entitled, "An Introduction to the Orchestra Hause will introduce and speak briefly about each section' of lh IMAGINATION AND CONCEIT
orchestra and then each section will perform a short selection to demonstrate their separate sound The sections
then will be combined to create the full orchestra Admission to the program will be 35 cents for children and 50 ",;,r JS OHM MA" an ittimtutf aridity It Little Mvkirt N. Jink .tsf his. n.ttt4!
cents for adults. Members of the JWL are selling( ticket in the local elementary and junior high schools Tickets -tftrait tAicilb. BMIU Smith list, pelt khniilt' is Ai kitk far all. amatoii at '
\ also may be secured from any member of the JWL or by telephoning 734-0806. The trumpet section of the Stttson ? Slihia Ushtnrrf sad Hi Uabtnlty .t "., WI.
? orchestra is shown during a rehearsal.


I .l t NUIIRT M. IACOIS we, tenet to withdrew (grow pulls sues. it Ai i|* *f .
French German To Affect West Alliance J "''rt... ....... ll ttitimlt ntii i kiyiai. kit tintriL Hi hums iilfivftarthii,

Voting ,' Bad. ....sleet betas. a highly" ituinM. alry brat.r tri. ktimiumia ni a 0IVOT19PROVIDII

sad COMPANION ta Ms' ft..l,. Nb ttatrtoiiltlat km kiln ittfawii tut'IHpntty

BONN, Germany YAP) The In the campaign for the election, I Harold Wilson, who are ready te Knnrad Adenauer and "former
future of Americas alliance aiM due next fall Mayor Willy crept American leadership Detenu Minister Frans Josef 'I .. DIIM SmIA! aVttait' nt *f mi OnNmJty af FlwWt eats t4 eel al I..,...
with Western Europe depends Brandt' W West Berlin hopes to though they want a stronger Srrauii, both Influential members llalvirilry' twin. Hi erupts to detain yes ky taywf Hal ki emend| In irtkltotttnliilmirln '
ea two elections next year In put him out and give Went Germany > vole In the way It In exerdiert. of bin own Chrtattan. Demo-
oil Ian Smith! b Mt a frai'vato if .. sad It, NOT ,nUttctuNjalsir.
France and West Germany. It. flrtt Socialist government In the Weit German ram critic group Adenauer and r "' | y ultiaa M ,
Th* French polling date proh pal", Erhard ran expert mnre Strauai are working hard for .
ably win be set for the late fill rRttumrrr rnrn: trouble over this Issue from more cooperation with De j
ef 1963: It Is expected that Pm- Prosperous and skeptical of mm of his political allies than Gaulle,
Went Charles de Gauge will run any Immediate war danger, from Brandt who sees pretty tumos.AMOB: : ,.
again and h* should win eailly both Frenchmen and West Germane well* with him. This diMenilon will weaken ---t ; IMAGINATION AND CONCEIT
against any opposition now Its. are likely to b* more Erhard chief foreign policy Frhard. and the chance for hi* i.:4: *
sight concerned .with bread and but opponents are ex.Chancellor party to win the majority It 1;tI, < Dim Smith .,. me iiiirUmi' la Ai lids al kavbtf kiM 0 duty Malaa!
In West Germany Chancellor' ter iMuei than with d"/tnae( or wants In Parliament. The Christian +' liniittop tor I ,..... .
Ludwig Erhard la already deep foreign.affali'*. Many alto wantto Democrat do lot havt a :'I > : "x' .4 .f' '
teasers ihenriMlvei a* Euro, clear majority now, and It will .
pram after two decide of lIU UffNESOCIETY be an uphill fight to get It They > ,' :."' ;':' ,
ttotrt American leadership in world have been hurt by the Socialist 'i; HERE ARE THE FACTS:
t lOt affair victory In Britain. lessee la local
Such European are ready to election, and Mtbackft M both J J-? DHM. Smith was salted to help at k.B 1f Impntor Law ll, bit .hHurtto

se* the alllanc with America foreign and horn policy I nrry kls. skira al Ai .b.Ns M 11% ll Aa nrl tal ...".. MS chits ,
weakened. Theft leaders, how
,"r, know they ran not get SETS MEET In Franc, th* 'only Apparent 1 i..tIt.tta. tit.1'

support tog that for would the make military them ipend truly The regular open m.t.Inl chaser toward America for a chant will com li policy If D* \, feel Mm, s ualar' thliM, M IS% al, tilt rrk wile nnrfb" | H% al. At.'',,,;'

Independent of American nuclear of the PrLand Human Gaul! deride. not to nil one 1 ; r atmamtatUa. '*,
weaponi Nor can they get Society\ wttj bit held tomorrow of the main reaaoni why lit probably '"
, the kind of European unity they at the Florida will lit a candidate. Should ,, Mr. Jitias a/NtfftittaM a4 usirUiiti, art M alUwat ,
Power Horn Service I h* withdraw, Ma r '
plate on U* '
IT Would need
I r 1. iirt sad reared Is Vil,.il* Catty. IIIiAIiiugiflaT So (there is a good chance that Center. X covered dish ticket would most fiktly tit taken ;

h / the pulling neat and few] hauling years will within see Went more followed upper at by 1:11:the>> p meeting.m. will lit at Premier Georges Pompi .:t I I -,iO 1 Meatier plaids Milk Cimmlnlia's NaVihy CammNaa M Mid WW;}:p ii I

IOMISTUDIUMPTION era Europ On on. aid will he 730.: Pompidou. do* not hiv tit \"i;l i.,, IhdT.y .
the Caulllita who want In make Mini Edith Sweetief, Cautl i tremendous prestige .
and h* would have 1 Viet PriiUiM led Nrattor tl ViMi Ca.stMtlvt' Dairies,..
Law more troubl
the continent a. Independent a* society\ president will report
l possible of Anglo,Saxoni, ai on the three-day national Mating the mod prominent 4. Pint& Vki ..14... tM Dlnttor tf narit' 0lry" fii'mwi G+CMairttfvt ,
they call the Untied Statei and convention of the opposition candidate Genoa/
exHOant Uqanl S 1PSI. BrIll!.. On the other will be America Human Anrlatlon > I Defferre Th* odds would tit o* I Itott-wMi .",,,bttlt.. '
.Ad P.b al.AYT COILS "leaden Uk. Chancellor Erhard held recently la I Pompidou though. heeer'i'e' t4 S , and BrlUla'i Prim Minister Charleston, SC. candidacy" has not caught fir*. .. Mmikir lard al. Olmton rlirUt Oilry Finsun '' _, ( "
"*. In. his own Socialist party. AutilttUa'i lililtlvt' CtmmlttM" 'far several mslaat. ), .. }", >. "
During the meeting, the
and the communists may spilt .
date of officer for the his lupport by putting up' a eta I .. Mimkar Dilaat Aimkar. tl (...*.,... 4 '"
coming >eir will be dictate of their
pretexted Alan final plan. own 1. Mnta (*tit Meat tf ll. John" lip .... S7, .. i LM, DiUai)
will he mad for the/ rum 'ti
mate isle to be hid Nov. Kiiir Collide ',,; ..L i .. Mimkir Vilwto tatty CtttlimM'i. AimJitUa.

_1e1(4 } U All tl-U. interested, In RAWALPINDI, PakUtai 'As ) :. ., /. Mimktr Vilnla, (...,, Finn Itrna.
The Tlmn of PUwilpmdl
the protectloa and control Hid Saturday seven p.rannswen { 11 ProiH ttthrt bash ee itotwItlry' h,...,. :,,6-
of Mice. anlmali Sweeuer are said.Invited, two buses killed. and collided 11 Injured XX milea whet t :t MAIIIID/ .Lt. eli sbldrs sad idkht, ............ ,1. JACOHUYU WITH ;

south of thla tow. l SUPfOITI. kit' wtfi.t4 miser ..11.... t \\ t., \
rAND '
,.3 M ;
t A
.,. 1D.eai
ImM else aye be I II l-MllM' .r nears .l III, ham ee DiliadCfi
fY ti "
c..Ia. 'P.

THE '$'1 .'..IJtf/ .


ri BrU| B*.*i |*4tt. .i .htkftstor, ..torn M i 0iU.< C..Ia.IH, sapudleana

his ,kMr**... Me AM MS .M. D .......... kMtMii h KIH.latriAh .

tut pound miltioitf, mi. n-wa' Ie...,. M It My MMM, DM. f*!M, i MUM ITT COMMftHMR .1 sun
llj+t-wee.! a4 An IM MMiUt All put .Mk. HCUm
MtMlfll M fiVM M AN
11Ift sir ell..1II ,.. ....- w '"
Nth "llIoIltI-lWItdll te M1MKM JO MOVI TW COO,," MAT AWn PUtf MtAM. -

II S lit c_*Swat Oil .eJ...Hetttrt. CIa give Inle-* HOLLAND ..... /.h(1" ( hLAsuede pl.erl.y Iii riN| .i 4 tf.. ttton h Its

WtlKS ruE HEAT every. a ernIltf- ky A. a..,l* rib, KNOW .
.onUk c..IhaL..O..u',41\ t* MTV h a tea bar ., tint .tsnp Hiiaspaea < ....-..i. 6 lUll or co""n'
'.,CirccUtlta. ....
err.tit.ll tkrch fw>.-., Nat *< lr] .ISM the .argnMB) Dnfi4aj Die I COWTT1 iWflrtJL e
I-w.for .-....the heel aria at and Can. lUmWr, but IHarMa'a will esdbtw I Mttl M HOfV IT IfJNlIMIT1rS IMAWATieil AW .
(0tKfff" COtHII
.rr ft wiraiikvU '."" W pout IRtlllOflS mare,. ..... assts...
styled .. for. Itodiyt_ se TM fACTl-niCT NMHT" .. JAtttf A PtOVtN lUCOHm: DART fAIMtt AM
whel.... gel It It 1nIpa""last t* aB HorUIaM, P>enocn a grad '1 .uw. TOW COUNTY COMMmMNM M MtlKT N9. I Oft WYHWtt Irl.Vol .
Republkaa .hU. ttut M arim> ** the Mftiority r'
loves II' to 23% eft *.ttl I that gives HnaM a seat an. tot AroMutcal mad '
Space ScitiK Cmmltta: wn.*. arim napaiwatbtlity
fiIlIlI I* I* serve all nuNtr. bi the apgifkMjLtV : For And Il.ct :
TJT rV4 that km raw***.

JI oil HEATERS /1Mida. Malt .IiotM's town sd .Winnecte IIIIWI i
c........ N .M a eslusMi aeeel be sear/ i

c.w.'f.Pct..h w Hubert H. Jacobs'

Afuw $7St'1JA"'A' -- : I IjU

il' I s. C 'e
% DBTUC71) '

; L.HOLLAND. ; f County CommisiiiihirPULLLZVZR7B "j


.' ..We ..UMO 1"'J6Iat W.gel' f't I
r.. t t. t
Botiltwd kooe m2'771 F /
North ('114 f aimed a*.. Diibert I. Jsaie)




1\\ fit Z3 1i'.A.J:! : t.:2ifaae )Ui; hE"(1 ;: NOAY, MV.) I, UM HOLLYWOOD

Mon. Italian SingelBypass ,

o Tue, SBLUS

(OUANTin Wed. Movies For Broadway

York Ave. ,
11ESERYED)642) West New

HOIJ.TWOOO AP) Sort** Francht I paasteg up'moM
TABULOUS DETERCENr' I'>*m-hi. DM. nattM stager edit .la might dub and concert dates
the \oire n( t LM I" the to play the Italian lover in theRlrhard
INSTANT lik of a ......rt. ll pairing Up Rodger upcoming
A B m viM fee BnadwayJver musical version of "Time of the
KUV ; mines the handsome CUckoo. It was don in the
COFFEE singer opened at the Cocoanut movies ai "Snmmerturie" with
_, <:ro\e hire before a Wg film Katharine Hepburn as the visiting
LARGE SIZE 6-OZ. JAR land party h. has bees besieged schoolteacher in Venice who
with movie offers tell in love with Roganno Brazil:
They) all want m* to play t Franchi was born in Cremonabut
gangster,"' the 33 year-old Fran- started out in life studying
1 chi ad) at a recent interview! to be an engineer When his
Why doea Hollywood think everyon family. moved to Johannesburg.
who comes from Italy to South Africa, sergio went along
-- America li a gangster .and got a Job at a draftsman.;
HESTKRHTRO "I felt I was trapped so I quit
"Why rant ail Italian play a and starred studying opera. I
Western hero Airierica in those became the first t tenor in history.
days was the melting pot I'm\\ I think, id leave Italy to
BOULEVARD SATIRE In Blake Edwards' "A sure there were plenty of Italian study In South AfrIca.
Shot In the Dark," playing) today through Tuesday at out in the-old wtit" H* starred with South African
I Francht went into another I. opera companies and eventually
the Boulevard Drive-In Theater, Peter Sellers plays '
room and came out with a si* went back to Milan to study
a bumbling policeman Elke Sommer stars as the mur- shooter strapped around him. As a night club and television
(Llmlti Ont With Votir|]Or Mere Food dering maid in this Mirisch Corp presentation in color He demonstra ,
(Unit On With Tour || or Mere read Order FI I.e) Order gave an expert performer h* Is unique. H*
by Deluxe and Panavi.;ion, released by United'nnir lion of gun handling and fait mixes American folk tongs, jazz
draw and operatic! aria
I KRAFT'S "PHILADELPHIA"MILK I Said Franchi: "How about
..... ..
that I could be another Giovanni Europe and western Asia are

Wayne" _tile habitat(of the hedgehog,_

CREAM Film Star, Pioneer Beatnik IO SUNDAY SPECIALS

(Limit 4 Pleas) JII CHEESE Meet Aboard French ShipNEW Pan Fried Chicken. .... $1.15

\ Top Round Roast Beef . a $1.35

YORK (AP) Raised J Puzzled frowns followed polite Small Club Steak . . $1.35
eyebrows marked Chipboard smllM.
chat of Hollywood star Debbie They met on board the liner Includn Chekt tf 2 Vegetables, Sold, Drink, De.I.rtmorris' ,
TALL Reynolds and pioneer beatnik Fiance as she docked recently
CAN PG Raymond Duncan, 90. The eyebrows Debbie! was swatcbed In mink
raised were their own. from head to toe. I
Both art.proud of their positions Duncan, his shoulder.length
in show biulneu but they golden.whit hair held out of his I 'DeLand's Finest Restaurant
come from somewhat different eyes by a band, wore homespun
1 schools of acting and It showed. flowing robes The philosopher* I 217 North Boulevard
teacher, one of the tint of the I .
Paris expatriates still live
there on the Left Bank. OI"
TV RadioIn They eyed each other and
"FRESH" shook hands. Their chat as BIbb fII ;|:l Rf '
recorded by Michael Mok of the
'. 'COPELAND"PURE PORK Review New York Dally News, went aa

: FLORIDAGRAPEFRUIT' BAGSAUSAGE follows Duncan: : "What ort of work I #Ia races,ii
n o nc
:t By CTVrniA 1/WRY do you do, my dear g
AP T."bdon.RIdI." Writer Debbie: .(With an arch glanceat
NEW YORK (API Television reporters) "I act, or at least
5LB.BAG trend spotters people I like to think et myself as an ,Fully automatic spectacular 400
who watch for business pur actress 1 also sing and dance TV pictures are more than twice u
... .
pones more'olten than for'plea- Duncan: "Actress, eh? You'11 screens 'r
big tSHayi average
. ur, seem to have overloked have to come see me at Carnegie as
IB what appears to be a. new cycle: Hall" ...give you much more enjoyment
I the Oriental phase Debbie"Did: you writ the
/ for !
Last Mason when "My Favorite play yourself?!" onlxpetfflies-a-dayl
i i Martian" and The Outer Duncan: "01 course not. My
Limits" mad their debut thet play \I 1 absolutely spontaneous J
5 r* n d.spotters immediately Make tt 'tip as' I go along you
\predicted a fantasy phase Thf'lracellral' understand. Th* audience plays
1 ) was confirmed at the on me like a harp. What play
beginning ot this season with did you say you were In?"
the premieres of tour more .
Debbie: "I'm not on Broadway
shows relying on \lewers acceptanc actually I'm in the motion
of the bizarre or supernatural
"Bewitched," the picture business'Duncan
tI -
: Ah, Hollywood.
adventures of a sorceress m.c.rll'd
; They love me In California I've
to a normal American
J STRAINED : "My Living Doll," with a hud some of my greatest" luc-
heroine "The ceases In Hollywood ,
beautiful robot :
GROUND"GEHBER" Ministers" and ''Thlt Addams Debbie: "I grew up In Hollywood I .
Family" both comedies Involving myself"
i macabre characters borrowed Duncsn"The: trouble with
, is from horror movies and the movies Is that they lack
a cartoonists' Imagination. spontaneity. Everything U writ.

: BEEF MrHALKSNAVYtaut season, (there were two ten He down drifted" off to check with an

\ r. FOOD regular Oriental characters In aide, who was pawing out pamphlets
television, both comedies. 'Me \ about his Carnegie Hall v'29850
; 'Hale Navy," engaged in what performance Saturday
television would have us be- Debbie: (whi perln ;' "AD The American Modem" ,model 6-1)431) tn
t leave was the happy.go-liicky during tile crowing I thought h* Mahogany or WalnutRoilh.Also available
war In the Pacific, had a secret was a woman those flowing In Colonial
t ttyU,Chtrry finisn-your choice.
: LDS. f REG. pet, a Japanese prisoner of war robes can be awfully deceptive .
I who was part ol the Jolly crew .* .
:" and played by \"olhlo.\"o,and Duncan: (a* Debbie leaves Dramatic:27* rtillsm*. t pint the Most tf.p Mabft

: / ; ?i:: JARS authentic Debonair native, girl of.chasing Tokyo. Amos "Who anyway on? earth was that girl, performance your money cm buy!This hug screen

Burke of "Burks's Law," had with Chromatic Optical FDUr-iwteps you Into every

Leon Lontoc a native of thePlUlpplnee. New York's Smallest thrilling crn. And exclusive YIDEOMATIC always
H playing his chauffeur brings) you the clearest-sharpest pictures youth ever .
houseman and confidante NEWT YORK AP) Thesmallest sisn-day er ntght-etftematicallyt The "Bonded Or
Nobody, however, auspected theater in the city has
these would father what, for cuitry" full transformer chassis Is to dependable
room tor only 24 spectators but
: 99 65 television 1 I. veritable rash of provides fun-tune work for the strytet and parts guarantied, 1 year-picture tube

side-kick Oriental roles antecedent.for performerswith ; This two men who began It as a hobby !.ytsrt. par Gold Seal Warranty conditions! AI.82-

season however four have 12 years ago, Francis J. Pcschka Channel UHf IVHf Tuning of cours ._ 4..e
emerged and W Gordon Murdock ,
The performers at the Little
There Is It''f'ar.Gttt RickeyDer
born la Sail Francisco Platen are 'five,hand puppet" 1-: '1 .
Me where his father managed a operated by Peshka, and from '
'"SARASOTA" October to May each season present
Chinese supermarket, who plays ".
a co-starring rote with Dennis weekend repertory Tasting 99'
SO e ; ,
Weaver In NBCs 'Kentucky from Shakespeare to opera for .
Wttfc ki. ewNw I' GOLD Jones" AJ Dwight Eisenhower\ subscribers\
i h ek( e CHIPPED TURKEY Wong, an escape from Red Originally linn were put on
Fia > BOND China and the foster son of widower for friends but became *o popular Boulevard Appliances Inc.
FRYER Jones, Rickey's part as that four >ear* ago the two ,
e CHIPPED HAM Important la the aeries as that men quit their Job, and with .
PARTS of Weaver, who ba* the till the help ol a foundation grant 279 $." .*.)..". Pkeee 7HSS4I

role, became marionette tmprewlo.
y CWNw .. / N Rarwewr awry "MINUTI MAID"FROZEN MlfKKV ,StKlK* ---- -
ran ,a WN e ORANGE JUICE.- 99 Same Tong aow plays a 1"'f1AM: :..... -= ( '1: :: ..".= "::.'::'.: !
p Uti: scheming retort hotel manager
la ARC. new -Mickry series,
*NUJIV I* a promotion from hi* house- The Showboat Restaurant
bo>',' Job through an those rollicking -
l 50 EXTRA BISCUITS a 39yt ears of "Bachelor Fa
/ woe as cwew GOLD I a ther." He la probably the teat
1700 South BouItYud
known of th* Oriental aids.kickp
Ie.. ,w'Ca..NM"ae.r,. BOND "1Nt rOAMI110 UTANU*' H*. too, la a native ot SaaFrancisco. '

taM'i.i STAMPS AJAX . . . . 2 & 33 Jack See. tutu another CMneseAiMrtcaa the boon
Iron Saa Fran Due to many rvquexts.<< following will be effective

Lai.L g UWNT.Wlim") *. rtr, la.cast aa te> ejuat November 1st.

: AMTa publicity; skeet JWOAYJ--11e.iskHl.JOe.s.. WBBAn-l1 ....H1 ....
SUDS sCLANT friend valet rfeeTtoeJIdaiteand
e r r ? *
e thora la th*skH et Asth rteterfcn" Die. flewlf Seedeh,til Sem.e} Osdyi
ay FranrtaM ef "TasetW'sDay.
r lOWSUOSBCTBCDirAD H*. like tamM hags & Fried
YOUR CHOICE Roast Turkey
v CWT new ctaracttr. U sonxthinc .* : .

M) EXTRA GOLD ti e . r Jill ,9 a CWMdT Oriental cot w aFmirU .last Mfjaukl. Chicken, Top Round Roast of Beef or '$
Wren tag twN.e 1 3 5
bore la California eJ JapaBMe --
an/Piwe N III .4 Roast Pork.e..i.e.; .
. .
FN.e tee BOND arvtrta,wM plays. the Mpowwcrwtal'7 ,

Cashmere SOAP Chug lUeveaa aid'III aMUtaaf CRT '''Mr.w act ear Owl specialty ;:
STAMPS Bouquet ,
IIndll""," Tkla pretty rvmoJrl .$2' 25'
Roast Priffrt Rib. : .
la permitted t* speak pen . ?, .
left Kn,Usa aad t* ronduct her

2 Reg. Bars 23? 2 Bath Bars 33r set ty -with but thee msmsderiUe. '.JoIt'. Brwxt-dlg l- AH Complete Meals -

way"whatever else) tt may lot
be. U aol a emsedy.w flat r4r.



!1 ? :"'ft(. .,........... ,. -- -



Video Legislator HasAllPurpose' 4 1 ; Double Delight' Seen Over Liz 1 Montgomery I


HOLLYWOOD (AP) The tIoa for The Untouchable Immediately. But the aeries when! I could in to work afteg

movie crowd, being a sentlme. and starred tile films "John faced on* of the roughest' schedules the baby said Us. "Me sa4alx !
Ul sort always draws special ny Cool" and "Who's Beta ta television, an because weeks "How about fiver |
cheer from the sight of a MOoond..ntraUoft Seeping My Bed?" the Ashen were having a asked Maybe,' he conceded. '0$
(AP) Only a polW lan and give a poUtlcan'a performer who She and husband Bill Asher, production at their own. maybe four?* 1 asked
Dlek Crenna knows bow Dick "
answer. achieves
success That why
television director. were William Asher Jr wu born "I went back to work three
Crenna will vote Election .
on The
Crenna th.reI double
aHpurposs answer t Might In the
Day next Tuesday But Its been : 14l t achievement of Elisabeth Montgomery preparing another aeries when last July 24. By that time, moatfilmed weeks after the baby. I get *
tough keeping It a secret TVeD now Ivt studied the ,, Sews,.JWwtteh! ." sent the script. ot series are well Into their little tired some days But you
"It's one of the hazards ot matter and I sec your point of TIle town aim likes a hit, andIt fall production scheduled.. "73ewitchd" don't mind when the show Is *
Bill directed the pilot last had only the pilot. success, and tell .
playing\ a legislator on televUlon view and I knew that In such a seems certain that Miss Montgomerv's they m.wllched' -Be
November and It sold to ABC 1 asked obstetrician Ia"
timing a political campaign," serious situation there are always -1 television vehicle, my ..
says Crenna. two sides to the problemand "!It"wlteht'd.I a runaway
Dick playa Battery, a legists- rm going to give It further success of the new season.
'or In a mythical state, on consideration before I come to a For Liz Montgomery "Be
"Sattery's People""You final conclusion. witched" could be a particular

name It, and Ivt been The answer almost always triumph, since she cot It with noreliance fyout Passpolt to o .
naked It," says Dick "Who do I works except with the television \ on her famous father uccess .11 n
like for president what I think critic. He la Robert Montgomery,
aboUt extremism, whst's my "We've had only two critics suave star of film In the 'Mi
position on civil rights who don't like the show," says and '408, later tltvlalOlpnlduc..
Tvt learned to talk Just like Dick. "-And one ot them bas tr of Ma own aerl a and tor WANTED TRAINEESMen
been! knocking us almost week : President Dwight D. Bwnhow.
I ly. But he doesn't criticize the tr, and women ere urgently needed for

<' Best Sellers acting, he takes" shots at our ATHENS DISNEY FILM An American youngster Ul la not one to brood over IBM II'
political stands her lot aa scion ot
a star
Bobby Driscoll, meets an American legend tht great
PICITIONCAVDT When the show started out. race-horn Dan Pitch in Walt Disnty's "So Dear To My "Sure people art always ; MACHINE TRAINING '
mentioning that rm Robert ,
most of the letter writers asked
louthan' and Rnffantwrc Heart" playing today through Wednesday at the Athens
for episode civil Montgomery's daughter" she Person selected will be trainee! In .
an on rights
THH 8PT WHO CAME IN FROM prefer which /'Ie.eI'lot' ,In.
THE COLD. I* Cart "We haven't done one, because Theater The Technicolor feature, released by Buena remarked. "Why should that terfere with present lab| If yen qualify, training ten be flMnctd
JLLIAN HERZOO,Vidal Hallow that wasn't the type of Vista, also stars Burl lye, Beulah Bondi and Luana bother me? I'm proud ot the Write teclo)'. PI.... Include hone' p he e number' end
Toe RCCTOR: OF JUSTIN. AnchlnrloM situation we had In mind. Pea Patten.THEATERS. tact. ego
ple are getting the hang of what "It helped mt a gnat deal AUTOMATION TRAINING
you AgEr iyj7r1.wJCJI: Fl m- we're doing now like the l' when I wu getting started la lei llt-e/t DtUn4 Sea Newswj.
THIS" e ROUGH MAGIC SUwart show on bribery we Just finished ---- acting.
SHE MAN Wellno. rehearsing ,,"But after that Initial advanlast I'n
-- For years, Crenna wu than It' entirely up to
NONFICTION aquelky'Oced\ teenager THIS WEEKOOItOS'e VA10 you. 1' to prove yourself, ,
Tint TNTTBtBLB OOYEKNMXNT.: Walter Denton on "Our Miss 4ICJ108WEST or el.." .
Wlaa and ROMA .
MOVEARI.E: rCAST.Hamlntwar Brooks" Then he switched to .1011 The tilt nosed blonde has been

THB REMINISCENCES.: ITALIANS, Banlnl M' Arthur hillbilly Luke McCoy on ............ tr.* M NOTai.,.. .. .Tha......t..' IASTA8I following her fathtr'a proftulon
..... ....
fURI/Sw, Shulmait "The Real McCoys." matr Tht Sun .* for IOJllre with varying de- _
A TRIBUTE! TO JOHN' V XETT. Crenna's career la on the cannel. aa. NUaoalala. far asp IM.. AQJ19VKJ8I rt'"" She appeared
minute a* aarracliana.ATHENS
and Vmoetir VQ8IIe
NEDYJ.I'U. Ch.pH upswing. He also has the title ..u T4KQJ It JM live television plays. Sht With
/11JArtloIlTw role In the comedy movie "John + IMtotrn played on Broadway In "Lain
uissiKsWi: raps CLOSED so. Goldfarb, Please Come Home"which 'I1I.IAnRToday !: (D) Love" and in a Gary Cooper t'TurkeyTsOUR125
will open during the through Wednesday film\ Tht Court- Martial et I ,
fOUR end JUnarlea Christmas holidays Walt Disney's "So Dear to MyHeart" AAK4S Billy Mlt h.n." In recent times
HarttM with Burl Iv,., Bobby '. AQJAIS 174 eke has won an Emmy nornlna- Our OWlFried 1
Driscon Feature at 1:37. J:M,

.See Color ,On Display S.35 7:36,1:33. Both+ vulnerable Tickets Available Chicken
Thursday through Saturday
...tll wag K.rt, Csst Season tickets for Rover The
Tall of the Roman Empire"with ater's 17th anon will bt on sale With DrttstNf" All DINNERS Served With
1N.T, law S
Monday, Wednesday, Friday NightsIn Sophia Loran Stephen 2 A Pus 3 A Pass at the theater on the '... Sit.
Boyd. Feature at 12:30: 313: Roast Fresh Pork 1.35Jack's Inda tom o w
J.S4. 1.38.; 4 Pan Pass rut Stetson University campus, tram & ,
Our Showroom"If BOULEVARD Opening lead-4>K. 3:30: ) to 5 p.m., Monday through
DRIVE IN( THEATER Friday, according to Bruit Grtl- 'rIuadly' AhM.,b'"'
tlthi, director: The price la IS,10, 1227 Nerhb Boulevard I Restaurant
Today At ,:u, 10:03, "Lawof lid. ,'e 7"05
you've been waitingfor the Lawl.."." At S;17, "A ssssel.n..rsasasJACOBY Including tax Th* box-office ,
phone number I la 134 1111&
Shot In the Dark
---- ----------
------ --
Wednesday, Thursday At
something to happen '::30, 10t5.: "Comanchs Station"
with Randolph Scott. At 8:M. I
We Have Been
Proud To Announce
in Color TV; it tias; ": .,e-=- = Jane"Sunday Fonda.In New York" with On Bridge We Are :: :

Friday Saturday At 8,30.
10:43, "Horror ot Beach Party"
Wo have itl" with J. Scott. At 1:06: "Cu..., By OSWALD. JACOB Sales Agent In DeLand For j jI
of the Living Corpse" wltti) H. Kivia*.. EalanrlM: Aria Appointed
Warren. At *::TO, "Play It North's two-club: response was
Cool" with B. Fury Stsyman and asked South to
show a four-card major suit If
Recital Planned he bad ont South wss delighted
to oblige and after North raised PHILCO TV SETS i l
Dr John W ObeU ot the Albion to three spadea South continued:
College music faculty will to game. He did have IT very .
present aa organ recital at Stet<< good points\ for his no-trump : e

t, performance sot. University la scheduled Tuesday for The 8pjn. opening The play at lour spades Illustrates Here Are Just A Few Of Our fntrducforySptcialsl: r
c cr In the Elizabeth Hall Audi th.IN of deceptive ;
torium. There Is no admission technique by aa expert a :
charge and the public la Invrted. South the first dub lesd.
I I He had to won lost one trump trick SPECIAL OFFER ON PHILCO TV STUDIO ENSEMELlact 1 1I

on. heart trick and ont or two I Pfiilco 'J
; BOULEVARDDIJVt club tricks. There were two club this 23 TVI Btnch CifthlOfi It
losers at the start but he bad a t
I THIATII chance to discard one of themon C.ndl.hold.rtl Even the canniness T 16-lri.! i ;
dummy's fourth diamond.

I TeattMh' Tat Night Tt Thus he started proceeding by _.._ AUrMTHUM 219 .. ; rPortibt. :
Modal) 2)v 1A- CaOrtTtAMtvMNtw tashlnf the are and king of
popular Conwmpgiary .ty ng. trumps. This left the queen of ULUUTlJaUMU "
23 evsriD e'isg. tube "msss. Jttrtlns Time trumps outstanding somewhere.Then YI" TV Set :
274 sq. In. pteturs vltwMt| .... OesaSilS-Shew till South started OQ the diamond rtUoo 2r| Console with patented .
suit. Cool Chassis beak thtaeat ,
At lll: aid Hill The ordinary food player '
660It ,major eauat ot TV...
would lead the ace of diamonds .
WerIIllI TradeS IC followed by the queen and a i $12995WT
It has rectangular- LAW small diamond. East: would .
a big ..... trump the third eII.moII.nd
lead a club whereupon the defense \ :
looking picture UIlEISwUU would wit two dub tricks O .
then and a heart trick late,
Sets fit close to the wall *"- F South would complain about (steel It 1

'; tough, luck but aa expert South i swea.aalerar.e.a.arwa.aae.ea.. 1
Cabinets are slim and .. probably would bring home the Tae N.aMe.Ne.e......M......"/.......". ''I
DeMO- bacon. He would caaa his act of 1 TIle MIIoM./ ............._r. .................
beautifully crafted dlamoads diamonds and lead the deuce Illsnext of ....................... 1II".. ....NaMeaa a
to dummy's king.
iIi play would be the )Jack of See Our Complete' line :

Has color Indicator light '( ',-, r....Iud diamonds odds art from that dummy East would awl the not Of Philco TV Sets! :

"'ft. This would put South In Us _ 1
Chassis is hand-wiredt, has AI Iet.A/.H E.arl.Uua./ hand with the queen et dia.monde Philco
lie woulcosttaue by
power transformer :: les rt and playing the diamond tea ;
AN[ i
East: could cud or not. but South 19-Inch
Full guarantee.t'
year PETER EIXCMLUM would have his dub discard. I ;

Has 82-channel tuning fOMMBt Othello Plus O'Neill Portable i

Features Solid State UHF tuner NEW YORK UP) James a
Carl Jones .Is saving a straw TV Set 1 \
eus sonner long workout ta eat
Available In many fine furniture dramatic crisis after another.
Recently starred tn the rectal .
cabinets designed by Drexel a play, "The Blood Knot" 1....' WithStand ; ;y yA
next assignment the title role a j
exclusively for Motorola e ta "Othello" at tile CentralPark ewrlwlatraw

lg'tfed Shakespeare Festival la ,
color tub that ta round. August he does TNeflTs "TheEmperor
MOlt Color TV hew a ,
Jones" at t st BoaM
Motorola ehtngM all that with a new rtetangular Arts festival. After But .M re- i: )
Color tub. On new Motorola CoIor/tea you set tarns I* "OdieJIo''"" far a hags' II
picture tfttt U big.8nd pitural btcautt" this corners dcipfaia engagement.ATHCNS 199 SAVE !

rtn'l cut off.And beeau Jht new rectangular tub ,

It mote than fivt Inches Nxttr than round color
tuber Cabinet can bt sTim,trim and Wrtctivt.And ll-lAcJa W/7 AT f H

they fit dost 10 tile waIL :

M Color/65 gnu Nw 82
itund-wbtd power transformer cnanlt precision
craW MIl modem hand and dip wUtrina for tV Set W/f

tJreult eorMctions of bleb ret tt/...snq, art our _
bodied by'manufacture8 M ytw.......eovtrIng !
too txcJiangt or rtpair of any tubs pert arovttsl .

t l) %ctfvt In normal use Arranged tfvwgfi tat,Itbof mM1rr.tcwuccLOR. ate

.... Coma to for s ",101._.
.' t's..a.r

D&HTVMCWOIAT9 lea a IcNS 4i$4i261s !I II I ,, SclU APPLIANCES /.: I

m.aa' NOW PLAYMI M3 Wilt If.. York A,.. (Ofpotilt We iga!. Sioppfaf P1aoM r.tU8&8 -
sat Nit i

4 t V



rl" :z ctUND SUN run i
SUNDAY, NOV. 1, It44

.,.A .. 'Eagle Week'Proclaimed

o $ i



RI By Bryant
; :
I lu S Se

Mr*. Walter Kuchenbauer,
chairman of the Bald Eagle
Project of the West Voluiia
Audubon Society hat announcedthat
LIMIT 4 PLEASE Gov Ferris Bryant has
WHERE SHOPPING proclaimed the first week of
, November to Save The Bald
IS A PLEASURE! Eagle Week!
Pointing out that Florida and
Alaska are the major nesting
areas for the eagle In the United
t that Gov. Bryant had called at.
y tendon to the decline of America
I Poles' HEAVY WESTERN BEEF ; '( \ 'i national bird and urged all
citizen and organization to
r/? help protect them.
!t. "STEAK SALE"SIRLOIN I ', t Mri. Kuchenbauer laid that .
through the cooperation of many
citizen, over two million acres

.. 1 YOUR CHOICEBONE :, In u Florida cooperative are bald now eagle designated lanetuarie -
tar *. "This area support
: more than 100 nesting paIn of
eaglei," the laid. 'In addition
Everglade National Park has
:35 to 50 eagle nests and there
\ : are a few In some state park."
\ 99CROUND'&On She noted that preservation of
the bald eagle depend on "pre.
serving enough of h* preferred
'" -. ( ,,".) habitat, principally large pine
trees, and a feeding area ot 600
acres per pair"
The Florida Audubon Society,
through lit member, make a
CHUCK STEAKS lb.59C thorough census of eagle nests
and production of the young,
Mr. Kuchenbauer a.ld."Too
frequently they find that the
eggs of the nesting pair do not
hatch due to poison absorbed
HUNT'S YELLOW-CLING Swlft'l Premium SlUii by the parent eagles from fish

HALVED DELICIOUS New England Loaf;:;: 39- caught with DDT lit and water from areas the chemical sprayed
residues of certain detergents
remaining undlssolved In rivers
Swlft'l Premium iMunicliwdfi* N

PEACHES Sandwich Chubs s-:29-:: GIANT DETERGENT lakes eagles added.and also marshei.are found Many" dead she

She urged that person stay
away from tree In which eaglet
FAB are nesting and that parents
+Ar caution their children about this.
"And under circumstances 'r
2 #2 49c : said anyone to shoot at eagles," she
co ol "

: 39c
0 Navy Slates



t down: produce toile :' *T ,., w#* t(# 1':u a' from the Officer US.Programs Navy recruiting Team
s station Jacksonville will visit
** FLORIDA GROWNAVOCADOS the Stetson ,University campus
Friday Nov. I. The team will
< Household Bleach accept applications from senior
male students and junior and
senior women students to at.
ft: 49c
CLOROX tend the officer candidate school
at Newport. Rhode Island,
0' (Limit 1 pleaie with pure ho lit of $J or more) The male officer. candidate
: I school 1* a 16 week course of
,1'M, I' F&P Flavorful) Indoctrination In naval subject

: each 19c- SLICED BEETS #:an3 10c'.;,' I leading ltp,.tr.NR to.! a In commission one fit several a*
Jive or*it aft eorp.'f'rom OCS
the neWCnilgn) will report to one
Rene Hkow of many stations (navy schools
L 101tv. I for further training or to one of
"alr.spcclals a MACARONI : 800 ships and numerous shore
station In the United State
.. cCII PRICES EFFECTIVE. l, and overseas. There Is no restriction .
on marital status la
Margarine ,.....'.J.i>",. .2'9' MONDAY, TUESDAY, j1j% Very FineD 0.Kbet. this. program .

WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER t/e JMIA j Prune JuiceChlcktn . . . . . .. .3 *. $1 The officer WOMEN'S candidate OCS school
ImkrtW* / < Fhvwt .
'k'" *, J'4, '194 : .. (women) aIM is. a. It week
3 A9' ef Sea
Yogurt ,......./Ir ,!H* ",, !;:!:,..,. ..., The ; ", ...- ". 'course, The first half of the
3019 court*is served *s aa officer
\ M 0 Chunk TunaUncle : ,.. . . "t.. ...,.\:. ; candidate (enlltted) after which
: time the candidates are commissioned
.. frozen foods .ef ,__ _v.....rim VOLUMI NO. T tin's t : as ensign USNR. The

-.-CM*,Oniit* 'ii 1) PARTY PIE BOOK D J Wild Rice . :: .. ..:".:.::;,.. ,.;: 65'D officer second! half Indoctrination of this/ court and I I. the I II

Concentrate ., 4 '"lit". s1 1 0 ckpc \ VOLUMI NO. IHAMBURGER Ullcl, 1...', served cer. After as a completion commissioned of offi the
Siraw: :Of. AND 6 .s. is. .
Civ e t 39'CO'ncon'trato full week! court the new ensign
,u.r 49 20 VOLUME BINDER HOT DOG lOOK Curry Rice . . . V"u.. .. .... are assigned to one of
many shore stations In the
Uncle! I...',
....'.,..,... e..1eft 79 39 10.L United .State
!U' ,, -t, only. 0 White Beans . . .. .. .. . . ,k. 25'Ca at The tM OCS Stetara team Voice will for be testing located
e. -,59::
......... .. : and
.I:. latervicwtaf nroeesiloc Applications

T IOOr .p R6t IOO IOOO p\T QVV IOO ENJOY THE S There part of la the'are no applicant obligation strictly Voluntary.on the i

I J()( Green.."w-e-s Stamps! Jw( ,Green.trul ww.stamps.La....... HAPPY DIFFERENCE_ .,' 0 .# Atttcch Meeting x

e ,
IIUJHU B9. WHERE SHOPPING Uli Charlotte Smith librarian
.. _sloe, .. to the duPont BaD Libraryat
& S. .0400000000.0000000008 IM4 8 IS A PLEASURE PIIODX Stetson. University. 1* attend
IOOOOOOooopooooooo) S i 1 Ing the M!anaoal Library meeting Assoda of theSoutheastern

Ion In- Norfolk. Virginia, this
'lSomlr : 50 50IDI\Tl 1O15O IOO fRtR1iOO 1 M A R K fit T j weekend. Of particular intero-t)
s win be a dlscvssloa of the problem
Jw Green Stamps j"(( Green 'Stamps] % ot making the be.* use of
J7l Green Stamps
i .l*4X w.a/.a_.s Mrw. -..slrr resources tkrMgh cooperative In the southeast arrangements '
.. GLADE DEODORIZER o Meiwtll House Initent Coffee JOHNSON'S flU WAX J between libraries.PILUBURY' .
m-Nt'7";* I'59.P-SMMU JT I Ise St.49 26.... lice 9tc
., .. ..
p rlwrN. a 1111 w w. 1111d


50 llaA"; O "50 !50m.r l.r.A too 50 } j' .

( Green Stamps 1 Stamps J"j Stamps "\ ,. .
/ rOm Green
I TENDERLEA77NSTANT. ..TEA OvTrTCLEANER I;\ SwI/T1....w.nlMlUM..w....waD..... North, Boukvard, 'at East Plymouth r Area

'lerfe sire I I9e rtj. ice I B9e ._;d 12..i UOUM'k>> 49. 't. in College Plaza
) __ _B .S) l t1P/0NM1

'- ;Open:'9'A.M. to 9 P.M. Monday thru Friday rnuaa a .

pompeian 'ideal S swift's Wo a...", ; .. 9 ANL'ta 7 PJVL Saturday! J; *' ,.,H na SAISf a lu Deo/l

The RtflMTo 0 ,
olive oil do9food meats for babies Limit :f .

... \ ad tV' 'r
-121'. 3 .- 49' .. ,3.79'_ '-..-. o-lItttj -..:. -...-.. .. rte w ad W wserta z

e a f .'

__ 4U_ -




Erratic Recovery In Cigarette Sales { 7 sJt" i Is ScheduledThe ]

cadet corps of the Florid

Military School and College will

I Observed Since Government Report i hold a dress review parade to
dn.It 3 p.m. on the parade
cl''''ui irii\ on the school campus
si the Del.and airport This re

WASfflNOION (AP) The federal experts its future between the smoker and Us I na Is. 'I tw is open to the public
the Amer uncertain. habit lonely stage. l In addition to the cadet corps
Icy let* which\ struck on a very
lean smoker In January and I A real gainer In the wake of Dr. Eugene Guthrie, staff the Mack Knight Marching< Band
tiled Urn with noble resolve the report has been the small director for the committee and the cadet office will perform '
,J! has been melting away cigar the clgarUlo and looks at cigarette smoking as a The Lancers, the FloridaMilitary
Tot some smokers, so has the cigars in general They may transmissible disease with 60 School and Colleges
noble resolve finish the year with sales up 30 million cigarette smokers as the drill team will execute precision
But for others like Dr. Leonard per cent over 13REStLTTSG carriers and one third of high drill movements,
ACTIONS school students taking up the Several thousand spectatorsare
Minnesota Schuman-of this the\ Universityof is not so Meanwhile, there nave been habit. There can be no doubt, ST. BARNABAS BOY SCOUTS The Boy Scout troop It St. Barnabas Episcopal Church is currently! expected on campus for the
He smoked a pack and a half a these dvelopments: Guthrie said, of human susceptibility under the leadership of Ross Mooty as Scoutmaster The Senior Patrol Leader for the unit is Tom Bradley with occasion.
day until Jan. 12 the day after The Public Health Service "Bo" Walker, panther patrol; Graham Black cobra; an d "Ted" Tedford, Seminole as patrol leaders of their respective
the U.S. surgeon general s committee embarked on a long.range edu IMTBAT10V PERIOD These scouts from the patrol leaders cou ncil, Assistant patrol leaders are Bob Panton, Seminole;
condemned cigarettes asa cation program to discourage There la, he said an Incubation Dick Bell f.atrols. and Gene Burr cobra, Tom Lawson ii the Junior assistant scoutmaster. The. troop recently took ,.,'0 II'"
health hazard, and a smoking period In that it takes from part in the annual Ross Allen 'jamboree at Silver Springs. The troop is currently working on patrol projects \,\\ to,
of lice -The Federal deadlines Trade for Commis.don 1V4 to 3 years for average which include knot-boards: fire making kits and mosquito bars The troop committee Includes Dr Bob Hiatt, chair,
set cigarette habitual
He was one of three cigarette firms cigarette youngsters to become man; Charles Roberts; Sam Root and Robert Russ. Stanley Stubbs is the representative from the church to the
smokers on that committee One to begin labeling smokers, But by 18 or 19, half of
other switched to a new charcoal packages! and advertisementswith them are smoking regularly. local council. >,
filter brand. The other danger signs But even if every teenager In
could not be reached for comment -The tobacco industry prom. the nation quit today, Guthrie I AFRICAN.. ARAB_ WORLDS MEET Pegs HUM (FiORioA) SUN NEWS SUNDAY, NOV. 1,19NLife
on the present! state of his bPd a court fight against the said, it would be years before nH
habit FTC ruling: significant changes appeared In
-The Industry vowed to setup the death rates The person who
its own advertising police mOlt needs to quit who has IT
Dr. Schuman quit, and at bureau In New York City and ,, the highest risk of death, Is the In l\Norll' el'n Nigeria Seen Undergoing Change W0l8INaTO
last report stayed that way. He fine violators, but this Is still in breadwinner of age 40 to SO"We .
has not taken up cigars or a the I IIYTlt,
organizational phase do not buy the pessimistic
pipe because he might Inhale Congress adjourned without view that this group cannot Out

them. bringing up a barrage of bills I. be helped' said Guthrie who ia KADUNA Nigeria (AP) Balewa Is his deputy In the eminent and decided to rule lam south, Tag
While the report Is not a year that giving cigarette.controlling also head of the Public Health The way of life Is slowly chancing powerful Northern People" through it Instead "I cresting an l'rau"t million, e( Nigerla STRUCTUII
old, the best indications are powers to federal agencies, anda Service's chronic disease division In Northern Nigeria. where Congress party and,reportedly entire new administration, a* 's 55 million people live In the
sales have not totally
cigarette of counter barrage which would There are 19 to 15 million African and Arab worlds meet takes much direction from Bet was necessary elsewhere ia north Feb's Northern People
recovered from the Impact deny agencies those powers smokers in the population Though little,known outside to Nigeria Congress holds 'the- balance of MiMntTK Uftswsn stow i
the surgeon general report. More than nine months have today What they have done, Satin M to b and M M red nUMB COILS
Africa, this sprawling region oa expects As a result, the former colonial power It is the dominant part kr
Firm statistics are hard to passed since the surgeon general : others can accomplish" the southern fringe of the'Sa- usually is treated as a visiting power ia now regarded far ncr in the federal coalition.
come by but perhaps 18 bll promised ."no loot.draiilnl"In Looking back on the agonies: hats Desert Is one of the important head of state and not a provincial mnre kindly in the north than ia
lion cigarettes went unsmoked the follow up to the committees of putting together the committees keys to the continent. leader when he travels other lIal'I.It the country.
between January and June of prime finding: "Cigarette report, Guthrie said recently The northern region, i* only elsewhere ia Africa especiallyIn About 1200 Britons work in the lltil ii.t ...1111.. btiUsis. see
this year. smoking is a health hazard of that the most immediate one of four Jn Nigeria but 29 Moslem nations, He comments northern region government
Before the report cigarette sufficient Importance in the'' far'reaching and encouraging million people live her, more freely en foreign policy One of the hard sets of Nigerian DON MYERS
smoking was burning its way to United States to warrant ap results of the committee work than in any other single. African, sometimes to the anguish of : life I.I a deep rooted, ::1
new heights of popularity. In the propriate remedial action"So has been the drive it has given nation ; federal officials in Lagos Dur mutual suspicion between the It"mf tMUMMI MTIKT I
last six months of 1963, It was far, the most concrete research MOST! POWERFUL ing a recent visit to Jordan he 1
running 6%, billion cigarettes action has come from the unlla on smoking conservative, Moslem north and e to lym,H ,l.,*i et ptnd .11II MM..... nil
ahead of the same six months in, teral efforts of Dr Schumnn Even before the committees! The moot powerful single termed himself an Arab first the better educated, non Mos eel III NM,.,IIMtltSU lOADS M4 M- 4. ,
work done, ,Surif' and foremost. and suggested
was figure In' Africa most populous wan IUIMCI I Ie
1962. and others who have quit smokIng Luther Terry himself Just country may well be Sir Ahma- that Nigeria side with Middle M ii..., t. nt piMm s MUM" COVET \
But 1964! became a different switched to cigars or pipes, one fome 70 million American du Belle, premler'ot the north East Arab states In their dispute Envoy Ousts Thief tUKHNIU IIJIIIIl Mill l. w< It (HtM" I
story. Even with Its erratic or at least tried. smokers had switched to a ern region Federal.Prime Min with Israel him.Iwr, at*.**.**),Calls id KM. ..Mmi .
recovery, cigarette production It points to one salient factor pipe because of a slight cough ister Sir Abubskar Tafawa nir.r.ire: THIN TEX,%* COLOMBO, Ceylon (AD A b/?.....ed Pa's eo--
may end the year down 3 per no matter what else Is done the The regionis .
There was a frantic, almost day after presenting credentials uvts is,
cent overall and according to battle must finally be waged bigger than Texas It cam I
'" feverish air after the committee nounced a temporary atop :Ion Cecil\ B. Lynn new U.S. m I MMI ivtHWut useMn SN asarr nsusnteau HIIKI i
,1 issued Its report ,the sum of cigarette advertising pending under British colonial: rule much
later and with! less conflict than Ambassador to Ceylon, chased a
11 months of deliberating the action
Second Annual! Contention of government burglar out of his bedroom DON MYERS
validity of medical and statistical Some radio station cut cigarette the coastal areas,
A Minister and Healers Association evidence. advertising in night.times Britain found a comparatively Police. are Investigating the (Pnlllfcml. U.. Pale t* II f IX)!* MTKRS)
The verdict although ex .well developed s 1'slams of g.nv Incldent.
( 1531 Center Street! Holly Hill teenage shows or altogether .
pected was electric Cigarette vending, machines' i
November s,1 and 8 .. GRIHAMB REACTIONThe : were banned in hospitals from "St tti I
I very day of the report Massachusetts to Pennsylvania. w r
/ Services Friday night at 7:45 evangelist Billy Graham sug to Minnesota + :
jested that smoking clergymen The Defense Department i. ift.
Rev. Fred Jordan Speaker quit the habit, aa an example banned free cigarettes in all FLORIDA GIRL
The "Catholic Review" of the military hospitals from Washington .
Mass Healing Service Saturday: at 2:30 p.m. Baltimore archdiocese urged in 's Walter Reed to !Can
an editorial that all Roman Francisco Letterman General
Banquet Saturday.6:30, pjn. Tickets Catholic priests refrain from The Veterans Administrationdid I MISS JANIS BOYKIN'SRoAm&L
Available Until Thursday Morning smoking likewise In Its 168 hospitals
Illinois discovered it had on and IS homes lor infirm and WINS $25,000FIRST

,I' By Telephone 734.8584rf: .f \Its books a law dating from 1907 aged veterans. ,; ,
r feesliercote
Banquet Speaker Mahdah Love: prohibiting th* manufacture, Theiwwer* arrests.
sale or giving away of any substance sales to minors In Chicago
Sunday Service at 7:45- injurious to health, Including Then were smoking bans at *W* ,;r PIE 0f
tobacco The penalty: high, schools and colleges: PRIZE = ;
Rev. Enid Brady Speaker. up to $100 or up to 30 dsyi. Cigarette sales plunged :;.: : I .
A leading magazine an-. perhaps u much as 30 per cent f BOUA4 t J.OUlMCIIItpMCft HfcH

I 2 cue, 1II.1I1If'I..t(lilted.M.*.u.
Isf Of IKSISAI' llsftdlne) Al
IN PILLSBURY'S hroeu Bouts
) I t tssspoort ssl

NATIONAL BAKE-OFF ON A r. 2/9 cup shortsnlfiff\

'. ( 2 tsblMpoont butttf

flamelcss! ELECTRIC RANGE"Ovend29 I I.toft i'eO'S'1 '

I ,...IIfe;rswv HfluW CO/IM
bm flour whit' salt If) ml" 'ii'i beet
V I Cut l' lhortlftl0 until ml.tur. It the
rG sine Of smell ptss Iprlnkl"* a M 7lab's
G I spoons p.*cft liquid a Bills M
E':1: I Sims, Over Ensues while towing' '
rod stiMfij, Hghtty wit" fort. Add
k(1., I Squid i. driest, ,.rtlCl.., ue/lI"O
lumps,19 llde. UMil dough, M "M
\ motif fl.uoi to hold gmr.,Poll
9 'I v. I 1 tut hill" et>dough *! flow*!swrfsc
II 10 I Slrti t 4 kWlMt "'Ott man
I ;III'It"M 1.11Ie"$ p450554 b0aH'
Imo ,.'". Flic. Pile hone b'
tar 'ss"vKi" ,M. DM wttti butts
I CowtwthToeWleNoNeutsemi.
t ti fo m "tut tfwoA' Cut ls>gs silts '01 sera
ft ".."" Monte nm *' ten.mcnist
et u uf (d I fts 'cap low lopn". tut
edge by too nun IIIIftI I
I bottom lutarush" won
,r Mss Msct |uk*. Peke M 421* to* 10
smrlmta "'i.i M JW for M M IICovw
-.1 "rs"M I' m+MYttt 11m" If.., jestee Mwt\
.. *49* w Wt ,.M i..e ton M
!WIIIM"io .bslm. *

i f a leach Wisbi //
I !
;:1"J, :. ,
r,1" ; Ij 'all' ""q" '
f+ 1 I ] .sp.'. toms suftfi" .
;, t 2 tsslegooo toms emir

Don't Buy A Quesiionmark CamiMatd '., WIISJANIf IOYKIM, 17. of Melbourne, FU.. the first i.; .'' 1 215etleloseusehlawatk4Floridian

and the only Junior Contestant ever to win 2..........W.flIII.snrstl'iMlorn
First Prize of 25000. shown with her '"r..dlllflt1PIe" !oW'.'

! When you vote for a County Commisilonet In Dutrict ; .- bow much of his time this opponent 1ri.11. which WM judfed beat of the 80 Senior and 20 Junior I CemrM UfcN.MtiMdptKseao.can sy wa svrtpkmIPK aiueat." pe

One, you are really tiring ta executive to KC tote to the matter of living your tai dollars and *', -., entnee..* $in the competition. j, f. t I" .. (04 MmM trtscv;'" '. 'I vS
nal rocking and bikini their! favorite recfreaf
100 at.,
to It that your us dollars are spent to best advantage improving toad and buiJdin,. ,. yet 11'. I Sit t s on 100 iUmetaM electric Mite*, won $lOO.f 000 In.JI! nat '

.. Best for ALL the citizens Volaiit, that quettion...If YOU don't! want to employ i part- '; Pfllabur/e National All-tWtric Hake-Off, held Sept. (I'". ... 1op/t/g

,,,' b...Llltdy you want to get the most for tine Questionmark Candidate, VOTE 14 at the American Hotel Miami Beach. He tKoTieV woe
% And the total electric eperatlni coat for the entire I
by hiring a full time employee FOR.DEANE SMITH. a COUP
your money '
for the
/ day bake-oK war an amatJngly' low $1M 100 3 eYmce Htakeptan,...
... DEANE SMITH pledges be TENT candidate who baa had 1J JUt .of electric rinjee. .or about 71 H' pet ranje. I I" tIItI--.".--

; will give undivided! full-time attention to specialized.experience si a contractor, ) '/ fsmU"'' isbtMAoef tomon Juice
"A' ': PROVING ONCf AGAIN why over a minion Florida
the job of building a better Voluiu Ia yean of training as Building Inspector far, '. ',. !*< nave found /flair*!***. .tric looking cleanest,coolest" ,' f I I..... l e egos sued fed 2 tlbIte

which live and work snd VoZoiia and 4 Com.- "taI..t CHEAPEST, tool! ',. seooM PMCM iwM in SUM* sauces
to bring vp a t County years if Gty t..nd ....
J .I' j. : p 11Io C.ek sees ssw (MS*, I
(amil,..:Btrr and It's quite a big BUT, miirioner Dc1a d... DEANE SMITH, \ I ewAMaelw tell wasp Nkbeea

hit opponent hu rated We be will not who bit demonstrated outstanding leadership ::\ Now Owaoer than Eves to GO ALL'ILICT.'C' '' 'ci' I beets.,.........Ift..IfId/iI....-Ift""IIIi"IM"

be a roll time Commissioner since be bas, 1 i In comnvntry affair ind.will I _tnan to UNit In eombinetton with f.IfM.e.-! .. fueli. tr.?J JIMe1 wools IN" em .bwe.s at.-.
&** *.WM. Ml ode*... bStfNI.
other business interests...Now don'tiHUgo demonstrate that
t leadenhip again ,.,lilt Die'Iu o'wW eW./ltoped ii rei dppaaH tbdwa I MUMfy wed S">"

"Yet- tt Mlli fU( 100 awl |Mile
YOUR ,COMPETENT CANDIDATE 1 ewiee std ararq. em drnaeataLORIOA
1 '''''''' '
: ,
"!. > i I II >
SMITHknow .wt*Afttwrt fast *.*>
mi DEMOCRAT DISTRICT 1 t, .. '1' '1''PA'f; "'I"'t ".....' .. ,'" ,
is riJ '' '\r\ 1
.' ; ; t F .
j / POWI. COttPORAT10M Ir 1

r..awaanoasats two


N t .

"'" .. "" I' ,' '. " .....u.. "'.:... '''": ... \.U ::

'1J J I I'

Course morning at the Little Red SchoolHouse _______________________________________________
Healtli here Cuba Doctor Speaks To Hi-12 ClubDELTONA
Mr. John Bird\ RN. Instructs I s
the classes which art held tram M
I Set In Deltona I:30 to 11:30.: Residents art Invited K r

1\ those to needing tIU'OJlln the classes, and *. Hill members came increasingly uncomfortable native language, and teachlni S t1S
DELTONA A course In'Better asked to call Zeral transportation! Mallard, education are broke tradition Wednesday and and annoyed u he told bow the people to work with the tan drc ej1 _
Living through Health"I coordinator, at his Del Invited their wives to attend Cuba had "suffered economically plements with less effort sad
their meeting the occulon: being because of the United States," less money.
I being taught each Wednesday tona office the Interest shown In the guest and all were relieved when he He urged that we read thi,
---------- -- ---- ---- -- -- speaker, Dr. Luis Perez
-- of DeBar > finally announced he was speaking Russian Manifesto the Bible
I )' and Sanford. u a communist would pre ," o
and to
study ou:
I The doctor has been a very sent the story, by "twisting enemy, and become aware of hi
NorwoodSelsci popular speaker locally, and It Sects tactics. Castro, he said, plans t j
would benefit all to hear his PEACE CORPS dominate the United States, not
(*cleslye"'. niMsage. He was born, reared, The Peace Corps in his this year or next, but In years fa
and educated In Cuba, M that opinion, can do.more for us than come, perhaps In 30 years. Thi
I Select Your Homeslit Luxurious Large Lots be has been exposed to all anything else, by learning the Is the communistic plan, belni
I Corner of North Boston and East Plymouth Ares.e Phases of communism. worked out to the letter la 191]
Approximately :90 people were .' 1 Lenin said In the Red Square
LIBERAL TERMS o lit attendance, and all were attentive r "We are not going to fig b t
f and interested in what RENEW YOUR + America, we win surround them,
CLELLAND R. POLEN they were hearing. His opening DR1VER$ EICENSE and they will drop In our hue
OWNER BEVEtorE.P.O. statements concerned the history DURING TOUR like ripe fruit Dr. Perez c close I
'1 P.O. lot 1440 D.lond, ,Fl.dde. of Cuba, and Its many wars R/RTM/ MONTR by saying, "What we need Is i
and problems. The audience be revival of Americanism.


l 39' Colonial Frozen m
Regular Heavy ; i j Eii!!
l iit.
i ll !u
!) '' SAYg4r ''!!E'ili' 1 !!


GOVERNMENT I TOP SALESMAN Joe Coupas, left, his first prize as the top magazine ,
SALAD INSPECTED (;;: II't' salesman in the recent drive by the Junior Cass at DeLand High School to raise
CHIC. & RICECASSEROLES ,; 1 money for the annual Junior-Senior Prom and other projects throughout the year.
4-4 LI. AYC. Coupas sold a total of $178.20 worth of magazines and the class reached nearly $4,100in
:: sales. Making the awards presentation is Zeral Mallard, activities director at the
LB. I : schooL (Sun News Photo by Gilmore)


; ,,, ,;,. ;io..

News OfDeltona AvailableDELTONA


The West Volu-
dos Home Nursing Association
of DeLand working in Deltona
DIBS. ROBBY MORROW several days each week. Five
,w5WAY noun nurses are in the office. Anyone
RESERVED R*. 2* KICKS GOOD THRUNOVCMBER4TH ,Gizzards .b.19* THANKSGIVING TURKEYS may call the office. First visits
Rg Mf feW Boneless are available without doctors'
s Rolls v,19r Club Members orders. However, you will need
,N Turkey
? a written order from your doctor
Gfode-VrFrtwen Turkey Mend EVENTS SET for further visits.

Winps. . !,,29' ClothingDELTONA There are no calls made on
."AVwen Turkey CENTERIN weekends other than for emergencies
Stitch and Chatter
'Rao. ',* fir. "A' Frown ... Lb. Young Drumsticks fc.33 ;, Cub had nine women at Its DELTONADELTONA etc. such u Insulin shots,
meeting Wednesday. Clothing
was mended for the Methodist The cost Is nominal, and Is
Dicks 39/ T. Children's Home. Some sewingwas Events la worked out between patient and
Gt" QUICK taken home to be completedfor Deltona this week Include: nurse according to ability to
IU0. S1( Gr. -A" Frown it Ik. Young the Red Cross. ,
Got MAN FROZENTURKEYS 11 a.m Christian ChurchMONDAY pay.Nurse
The dub could make good use Stella H. May can be
Geese 39/ of any buttons, zippers, and bias 1:30 pm: Spanish. reached by calling nursing headquarters .
: tape that might be donated. If 3:43 p.m., Chorus. la DeLand 7341346 or
Sap 7*. Gr, 'A ,. Comlih Game you,have any of these items to 7pm., Lions. 7341349.
give[ It would be much appreci TUESDAY: Answering service In DeLand

I Hens "' .,. 59x ated.Gretcheo Oils read a letter to 4 1:30 p.m.p.m., Horticulture.Band will handle all emergencies.
the dub received from Katherine .
4pm, Psychology.: Receives Master'sMrs.
I Pee &ttf Maw Saw froten StufM 11.22 5-17 Holllster. Deltona recruitment 4 p.m., Science
UL chairman of the American 7:30 p.m. Carda.WEDNESDAY Betty Drees Johnson
Turkeys 39x 'eRq, 290 I 33 e3tl 39V for Red blood Cross donors, concerning Nov. S the, from need 4 ':30 am., Healthful: duPontBall catalogue librarian Library in at the Stetson new

It to: '7 p.m. at Dickinson Memorial Living. University has been notified
HEADY TO lAIC STUFFED WITH, LB. LBt. Orange City. 1:30: p.m., Shop. that she has been awarded hermaster's
THURSDAY: degree Jn library service
Fire Fighters 4 p.m.. Mathematics. from Columbia University In
7:30 p.m., Deltona Night New York. The official notification
FRIDAY: came from Columbia's Dean
Sweet, Juicy Florida Stage MeetingDELTONA 4 p.m. Social Studies. Jack Dalton School of Library
MORTON Frozen Chkk,Turk, led. Sallibury, Mt Lf, Ham 7:30 pjn. Teen dub. Service pointing out that Mrs.

I ORANGES The Volunteer SATURDAY 11:30: :, Band. with Johnson's was awarded
a DU
Dinners 2-7 9x fin Association had 32 the
x meeting Wednesday evening, J __ __ ___ __uu_
MINUTE MAID FROZEN ORANGE representing 11 different fire departments Special Sale!
in Volusia County. Addition Planned
The Idea of mutual aid was dls ALUMINUMAWNING
{ Delight 5 %, 89REGULAR / 5 49pII cussed further The association DELTONA Final plans have
IAS I has sent questionnaires to 'all been made for the addition to
chiefs of the department laVolusia the shopping plaza which win
County, asking for Include a supermarket drugstore WINDOWS
II \ 2"< DIXIE DARLING FRESH FIRM HEADS pertinent Information as to the and offices for Dr. Tansy,

Raisin! Bread 23 Lettuce 2 Hd. 39 the number day,of and men during on duty the during night should dentist begin Actual within two construction weeks eea u. hr Priced

I t-It. loaf x SWEET JUICY MciNTOSH alto the kind of equipment avail Conrad Umber Co.
able to fight fire, etc. to get the most protection out of
REGULA1l194 DIXIE DARLING Apples a. tee 29 A meeting Is planned within 10 the equipment and personnel KkUtus at N.DelawarePheas .
\ days so that these facts will be that Is available, which would 7)44454
Pound Cake t21L 29x V- known and plans can be made simplify mutual aid.


Milk 8 M
CANS earts Peaches 4221.1.RIG. -



lI EXTRA. EXTRA Sauce Q 3M $1 W p' Bob Strickland's

-. --..-- ---- EIght years at an Ormond Beach CUr
I e" .au. OVTMI. e iiAMD..... REG. 2f< THRIFTY MAID PlrwopP>-Gr'Irwl
OVr lftS>*ANB (HIKCrr CM w" PI M
Ice Crtam Ground B.afiTju.TnmiiJS 46", Commissioner hu prepared him to Mm
.... hIM! .se..ea"...a' .... Taa.N..r.-".., Drink 8 1. ?
____ ,,, *74 Cots yon ai a County Comml loner. _
He la dedlctltd to building a prosperous
.. L/AIUE STAMPS Miik.,10 I Cam 1REG and progressive Volusia County.

".... h... L..w 0.i era. ...
Whii "Acre OUTHMN Peat ceoL \Hanot k 43, tA. CORNED .

.... .... ... .. _
hIM!--- "'" """' -- THIlIfJ'f3MAIO &.
j ___ .,1 ,,,__ '7. Beef 1.1 -_ WE CAN BE CONFIDENT WITH .

==- == Catsup R Bots. .


.... hIM__.".., .... haS..._T..

M rrL.n_ .rA se Y/1 M1a.M.,. r.4r


I ... ,"'#. .

\ The mart P/ape To Go... For food Things 10 lat l' LEVER 8A ASK PULL LEVER IA

:.L More For Your Tax Dollar

w' Q'QIIIIae.I"" .Dade EW Dy a. /tritalae .

2 DeLand Stares To Serve You 845 West New York & 145 East Rick

; ; ,



wi't.-., ... sr.M-_- ,M'rrlar lN'--t r .



More Men Pee. ti! ptuw (netiOA) w urn SUNDAY, NOV. UIM I -
Sun. 'News Presents HOW THEY Nertl1ndVeIUJIa!

"' CAMPAIGNED1N61BC Than Women Filed tad Aster
i\ Builaau Neighbor1.

Review Opinion On CHICAGO- (tArn 'Tat- 'Cast Ballots By Thursby;; LOOMS FORABSENTEES PIERSON

tery \In disgraceful' In pri l6LW YORK (AP 'Women,

late life, but necessary In outnumber men m this country, Hardware & Supplltf
electioneering.' but not at the polls. Supervisor of Regurtrt-

That isn't a spokesman. 'Tuesday's presidential etee.tjnn Donors Told Mon Katherine Odhim rtmind' tIT OtC T itL.a tlUIPIIItION
for the Republican or l I- expected to underline this voter that J pm. T attlt; Ca
Ballot Amendments Democratic nation com fart of politic. We.Bureau tomorrow. 1 II the deadlinefor -

mitten speaking. The advice of the Census figure Sheriff Rodney Thunhy' filed ballot the rerun of absentee" Announcements

cornel fI'OI1Qulntul for 191\1\ show thAt then are. his October campaign statement! \
Thirteen Constitutional Amendments poses' unspecified donation to The present formula favors Cicero brother ft Julius about 64 II motion: men of voting FrIday showing contribution of this Applications' received .
by the S I
have been placed at the I the State ,Rperial appropriations mall counties by the distribution Caesar'' famous foe, Marcus aft In the rmted States coin.pared / 1.1.1106 and expenditure' of "1,," deadline)year Thursday werethe p.m.. PerseesisTNw
machine ballot by the state, Cicero.' with 89,2 million ,
legislature "
top of voting; I'll. during the month. s arson
I of the two-cent gasoline tax mont ever received 1U.B Mia
for the voter to approve or dii- one fourth of the sales price of Dr. John F. Latlmer ;pTrt If'I'f' mans any. Campaign expenditures\ and with 3.IHM. Tn WAY Tnp lord '
approve by pulling down the the sale of state lands and the even though the major portionof president of the American Yet If experience meaiu sny contribution ta date totaled M.711 .- Many from of' theserequests 1101111.vII C. 1ITLowraan'a

",e$" or "No" lever. proceeds of the unclaimed property the tax Is collected In the diiitcal League said thing It Is the masculine vote and W.S53 rtupectively. and were serviceman Restaurant
Qulatu threw In that ad- women stationed 12* N. Fi aiDji A vz.
Voters are reminded to pull law large counties. that will decide the election 'Candidate' art. required 'tofll throughout the nation tint to Atkfiti Tkwtr
the key of their choice and "e recommend that you vole Although Volusla County is In vice about "flattery" In In 19hO with the population their Octotier report by and the world. camp LwYANSPECIAL<<

LEAVE rt DOWN.By >J\0 en Amendment 4. a favored' position under the his ."Handbook" c( F.lectloneertng figures' slightly! l lower but the 4.30 p.m. toOr row. All of those who apply !

considering\ each amendS present formula the extension which appeared sex ratio ihntit the same, mom ,tot GIFT for absentee ballot do not Man
meat ahead of time and deciding Amf.'ndmpn',5,6Thil of the 1H1! formula for another B.C.In the campaign In M than i million more men Thuuby received' $'100) from fill them nut and return antt''V ON.*Vt VttV111 ntirk.4 WIrIt! =

whether the Slate Constitution 21 vein' i Is not fair. TIll distribution showed up 'toot than did the Yoluila County Pem Hem few of ,
should or ihould not be amendment will permit of thin gasoline tax shotild are a women..Thl Executive Committee', SILK: ) from th* deadline. Due TO IVCnrASE: tN: wTC.tNtt.
the voters In Eicambla, Lake, be reappraised and distributedon Quintu suggested procedure is In mPPrOLA "
a the
amended by the proposal prop-eM. preiU William Faust Ormond Reach, The record number e t PASO Y&AlTa
Martin I Okeechobee Palm
4 voter can record his choice Inlets a more realistic and equitable *; dentlal election' of 1JM.: thtme and Slpo, each horn John R. De. absentee request Indicatesa 'arR1', MTTLh. 'L .J
Beach Putnam, Seminole' and "The chance' are that aHTt'sy awrricr ,
than a half,minute. basin the have jer that women. gained. Berry' and Eric Watson New strong Interest' In this tlltnrEllt.U. TO \
Taylor counties to decide In a politician won't to
. The Sun New today Is briefly local referendum whether their He recommend that lieu vole"NO" fulfill any promises ht the right to vote, only bout a Smvrna Beach; J, R. Stephens >ear's general election BIO KNOW .
a outlining the major lacuna' In en Amendment 13. make fourth of the eligible women Ruth fender. Benin Goldhetg, Mr*. Odham laid.If tot>rk: 4 l t1aujl
county school superintendentshall and at any rate, urC
neb of the proposed amendments be' elected by the peoplebon animosity can be delayed' ball"'Pd. Henry' Yunlck Thomas A. !Koehler any e.t the local rare' ..r' *u KII.oI. *. K...

followed by Its recom appointed' by the school Amendment 13 until It la too late Why don't more' women vote? Robert Christian, Kln_, for office art clone, the MIllO. WYLIIt WAtCMsa. .
mendations. IteMiTheri hate com up Vincent and\ Pvle. William Gardiner absentee vote would he tilt Ilns.lly ta... aa
This amendment will? the (Ie all thing to all men "" .rho en All
give while and Ifp".lblf with a tsrlety of reason for19d0's all Daytona Reach, Mr and. deciding factor. .....b. I.e. .A.Wa1 lour Clu1.,.
electioneering ....
We recommend that vole voters In Saiasnta County the niha "N.e.
Amendment 1 ynu genera! 10 per ant differenr Mrs. date Marshall, Dr IavtdRaull'hnhl'rrf't. There. are n. 'JI' ...ptl'l'd
ITS en Amendment' I and .. privilege of deriding whether or !, indicate that your TEDFORD JEWELRY
'In voting turnout between all Orange City.Bill voters In the county,
This ,11 the reapportionment Amendment valuation not the first all 12,000 of assessed should grafter opponent..*, or art morally criminal low. men and women. Mostly It boll Fair Holy! Hill, and Mrs with U/ t In the 23 WentVolutla ,ten II. 1'l.. Teh Ail? t.raniWIaLiTD

amendment. which proposes that 7 be taxable on for achool property "Put on a big how dur down to ",nm'II'. connlderlnitpolitic John Pierre Sr. DeLand. precinct ,LDAA U 0.i ia .

the House of Representative' This amendment will give th.lPEtal.ture purpoaflonly. ing jour .ampallft-tbl dirty and! unladylike, and Fifty-dollar contributor..were Of the 12.1121'fItm 'IML Wa oivvOEmltniea: KVIClVrtKin
shall conslst'of 113 member' and the people will like It."Call lINt l left tin to men who" they i France.* Walker! J. E Summer- eligible to participate lathe lit 1:. tlarrA .
authority to TH-JII
the.Senate of 43 member' until provide The property owners would friends byname fondly' hrlleve. art used to hill Bruce K Gibson, all De- Nov. >I> general. election,
for line of succession for your .
wsern ,
1JT1 when the legislature shall state and a local public officials tf1thl'lr full $3.000 homestead nothing li more' thinking shout" Issue. Land; C. A, Lane, orange City' ; M.J7J art .lIlIt.nct t as wnir1CA N' Mw AN gL1)>
start apportioning Ittell every exemption to which they -- 171 from R. A. Da)'lor, Ormond Democrats, 14.TM si Rt- lrf'llt> Iot: '
In periods of emergency result are entitled from the assessed popular. Reach and 129 each' fromCharles publican, and IM at tads shop ten 4, .AVt.
10 years. ing from disaster caused by "Tllat'l the way It had 6.7.13lJII"nl'f''' iltrt '''''\'fltl"'l.4 lln.
valuations of (2,001 to J7.000
It approved this amendmentwill : attack. to be done In ancient Rome I. Toner, Orange City', pl'ndntl.r.rrlah. ClIt4-< ,
result In approximately'! 27per enemy The purpose of this amendment when the highest otflct In Cl.EAIWATEn (AD Plnel- f Ingram Stoke, and Mrs. LAY-A-WAY
cent ot the state populationtTectlng The intent Is to provide for I II to permit the people in the land wa at stake," lee County rejUtratlnn officials Gene[ Tetrone, ,DeLand i Harry Tree n rtttmn alas .fisT
a majority of the 113 continuity of government Sarasota. U they so desire, to Dr. Lattmer obnerved. IIII Saturday th"1l1a4 received\ Howard Jr., Jack Helmet Francis DeLand Sam BolUa, i iti taro thftfi ?)*
representatives and approxi- Although! many Floridians feel. 'help finance their schools' by I.Tll requests for absentee baJ.| O, Klemm. Arthur and\ ROM South Dayton j Qlrtord Card, THINK

mately 19 per rent c' the state that a lint of succession should permitting a school tax on the lots In Tuesday' general eleeilon. Dee, til nor Elsifeld, Clarence Mrs. Cult (Card Holly HW: CONNELL & COX

population electing 43 enators. be set up to injure continuityof first ti.000 of ......valuation.. Hideout, Dr Stephen W. flake. Clyde Abet Bob Krlng. Mr*. i t !'t. SIM. Pass. ". ..T>i
The U.S. Supreme Court ruled government they do not approve Many people believe that the l'oll.Jr nlclu r& They. Mid! the figure was IIllh. Richard Bell R, C William all Kay Kring Ormmtd; and Em. -

IB June that both reprwentattvei the vague language used people of Sarasota should be er' than for pievloui,\ elections Daytona Beach: Stewart Gawk< coin Hugrmaii. Daytona Beach, DmrA TeN lDWLA EM
and senators had to be in this proposed amendment.It given the choice of whether or Set Uy GOP er, William Roach, Rreely Sloan, Patrick and feline/ Moore, '0'. It! N. tVrA, fH. ... T4..lll

elected on an equal population empower the legislature to not they are willing to pay and checkers met at 'ColT; Mr and Mr*. Rufus Evans, New mend gave 130; Jamat P. Watt, SA.
bull. A. federal court in Miami fill all vacancies elective and school taxes on the tint tt.OOi Repuhllrini wilt have two poll water' Headquarter to rtretvt' Smyrna Peach: Frank DtLaney\ DUnd. tl, Edward J. O'C"n' I Sift shape
till directed the legislature to appointive. In essence it turn of assessment to help their watcher and a checker at each Instructions on their, duties by Holly HIU; Fred and tunes Rrl*< nits Orange City US: John. Ktan. I II I

apportion the state according to over to legislature the slate school If this amendment I III of the 21: West Volusia precincts.Mrs. Elmer Gate and Mri. Bottle MIl and Ray L. Morgan Post 'Ins and Petty Lou Kelly, Daytona ftIPlal'. riots ...."
Beach. and Merrill C Sutton ""al'lI. H0j John Hnrin Lake 1.1.., ('lima... _. __,
the Supreme Court's ruling. government during "period ot approved statewide it trill Joseph Beaudettt. vice Sieging. Daytona Change ''tli ,.,. 'I.e. n... "1-0"1
.ed amendment' ha* emergency resulting from disaster must be approved' by a majorityof president of the West VoluilaAVnmen This II the lint time that R.- Ormond Beaeh.OTBTK. Helen, no: B. N. Evans. Or-
attacked pmpo ai being unconstitutional caused by enemy attack." the voter in Sarasota County I 's Republican) dub announced puMlrani will have volunteer PONOM mend Beach IS; Mn. rrleda! H. '*e< t CeciHii
been under the ruling of The amendment doe not define tine recommend' thai :pee vote yesterday. worker la all tile Went Volusta Twenty.dollar donor\ were Smith Daytona BOi$ CrmlnetAhe

the U.S. Supreme Court. who determine what a "YeV. an Amendment It. I The volunteer poll watchers precincts. Mr*. Reeudett Mid. John R. Oadbee and Raymond ., Ormond. tlO. LOG CABIN

recommend that tole"NO" period of emergency Is, or dl-
Kt you curl
;,.. .
aster or -
on Amendment' 1. ". recommend thai you vote U.OMO N. :.:l.m..:: II PB::l4iitt. 114.11WVert ..

Amendment 2 YES *. Amendment 7.Amendment.

This amendment propose' to 8 Election Night Tally Sheet "LII e tar s taiiHwicH SANOWICH hie f-

Increase the number' of the Slate /ff"aate *.l\\r V* A W
Board of Regent, who direct This amendment removM iMt tvtHoliday >
the Stats college and university from the Slate Commissioner of On nor n attoti

members program, and from to seven extend to their nine Agriculture public land the and supervision the Bureau of of I I wl rn tote retultt b.eoul ovefleb ,, write /tltlerel alf Steak House

terra from four to nine years. Immigration.The vot6t n c prec' ota tpoce. 273 errs v. votes wiei$, f+wWirwr1wh1U IM N. SK T7URTAJD. BBUUT

This Board of Regents' will rt- Bureau ot Immigrationhas ....., ......
plus the current Board of Con never' been' act he. The 1961

trol. Legislature' placed the supervision / '1'4." Y".4eit
With the growth In state Ughtr and sale of public land /: 1 "' ..., Wpta. r...

education Institution, many under the Trustee* ot the Internal t J : s ffjpia"aR f flU, tlPUIUCJIf, WfWC< people believe! that the proponed Improvement Fund. 1'111.dl'plrtrn""t p 1....,.. polls.
amendment will give greater was established wllli 1

continuity to th board's program. Trustees to administer and supervise .. 10 Mon!.'. C 1'OfMrlU.AU.J. .tUt..1 POOL.i. in*. is.
al Its members' will be appoint.ed public land obtained {
on staggered term. They from the federal government
also believe it will fret the board It Is inconsistent to place responsibility A'ash 3 Neb'u S. 'A .el A AMtesertNSTONE $

a* the for public lands with .. .
from political pressure .. .. .. ant
members will not be changed to the Commissioner of Agriculture .. .. : ,rr..II\.. II. as1 iwn 6lt, "'n
... :
i ..t
n alnlorl ,
conform with each lovemor'l1" and. yet have the Trustee* 3. '
on education.We administer and supervise these / 5 !"tl' IdI & DRIVER

recommend thai yea role land TEXACO SERVICE

JTS: en Amendment 1Amendment, He recommend thai you veto Arhnsu' 6 t AC11'ilra ) & NlrrNatrpstwin C tea. so.i...f... "' .,. 1t.1114f
ITS .. Amendment LAmtndmtnt I. 2 GALLONS
3 ..
9This C ILTTa ..tU, 0&
: hew! Jmt, 11 '
This amendment: propose to ;l 40 $Ua
amendment wilt '
extend the maturity date on state
bonds *>r school construction Dade County to conduct ctvtt C \ /BAMX3.j PTA1tAN
whose payment 1* guaranteed by trial In branch courthouse offices CO'Of' 6 J : I, :.I1. NHldlzJco l '.. J .. :. ant a1tvo. ih. a 11414$
license tag mosey. Just as wt do la Volusla ..
pledged. ;

extend. The till amendment bond construction propose to County.We recommend thai jmi vett"t! t :ii .: ': ".r e' f\t"yo'\ + >I t3 t,,;: r Buslf1tss Services

pr&IrIJfrM Jan. 1. 1983! to "YES" ea Amendment S. I' lattM. SerrlteaeLand

Jan.increase 1. 2000.In Interest It' authorize rate from an Amendment 10 Dis7lctef Colt..mbia.. 3'' North Cirolipa n PAINtswe' noodles "'.1''."
c.". ."". (I" ........ Nett" 'I.
4 per cent to, not exceed 454 Fnactment ot this amendment' ....... '''.1140 also, I .. ....4.,..

per It cent.also provide for a revised will Increase' the number of Judicial DthNlrl 3 ,' '.' dorsal; \ O..Otl. 4 ) Woodworklnf Co.
to distribute fund to circuit In the! Mate from 11 ... st. sogwpxaT.' rsi ti .*t.ti
to 30- It also provide that there' '
counties on the $400. per hv k"
auvcboaal the unit. will .be, no reduction la the number FIortEi 14 j OhNJ 2S ,R '/''vniHi/: ..
feel' that this of circuit Judge residing In '
Some advocates ota xt'n'iMSAWnLTNQ. I II ..r in, i. LiNI.i "
win provide needed any county formerly a part : ""r 4'.1'
amendment '' circuit which may be divided Ceoraia : : { ? !iraa tiutllltR LC1.P5..
and flexibility! trill help In school In the financing Improvement .to form' another circuit.This win. alleviate 12 a .,ati ,t Oktt1u'.it: I ,, :t''
amendment help
sJd expansion of public 's .', .
aeheols.Otbetl. the overburdened. circuit Hawaii i Ore,,," 6 DAL CO.
feel, that this Is a stop- court In those area where 4f a Wee T_ *_ ........
Increase lee thrown
ftp procedure: Md what till population "' "as>Ain) .4 s m>. 111
Is to require' thelepdature excessive cast load on the present I laitio C' OTtfc. S4 IM4I4 t I.MI4T .. ..
tta"IlH all Judicial circuits. ',ntlSJfvIM+ 2' ftIt .ltel..I'. .._..iIH o _
to re-namIIIl auto rasa "..u...
We reromnvW thai ;M tett
school financing.' TO" tar Amendment ... "Lt.r.u.; '( :' ,
Opposed to the amendment! Il1tnOIS 26 RII", Island siCNIcoP1 C AJ.h"

are maul people who feel that Amendment 1 1 ..
should be
the auto tag money WsyoMIareellnaaAOAwbs:"
sued exdurtrely for road since This amendment provMes at lydars!: U. Solar C'r1)III') a
el .
ft come from the Ueeming additional way for Florida's Constitution : .

motor' vehicles.We to he revised.' It pro.lone. ., "'i-.f:: /re-

T7 es rtcenunenj. Aniedm.M Owl LAmrndmrnt y" Te to revise* to permit UM" constitution the' Jeflnlansrt la' 10'''' 1" 9 1. J S"YU\D.Jt. I .:J" ; "4 .. To Xyery Prtswrlptloa

wool or In part end to submit '
4 to the voters the sew edition. hilus r Ttrhtllfe :11Ktrtudjl ; tv-wZ.ADD SZHVICK
.oe..r.aso.ta ears
that There ta a drastic B4 far rM. .IpT..e
This amendment.propose enistttvtVwal' revision hi the _o. .s l e a I
a* wtO as tile Interest
Qe principal
State School Fund state as the current consiiisiioaIs 9 r Tea" 25 ...... l.a.saa4. e.w
of the 7) years ekL Because ",f .. at .v eh..s.r waaC
be used for constructJim' of IN n.....
schools Including JuniorcaQtgei grammatical error, amendmeats c:....= -=
public aad suUventtwt. The already adopted awl tie LOoJJ14II, 1' n U'ah tuar7lvnd VOLUSIA PHARiUCYBATHINZTTZ
eliminate those sections .
peed te
Cawtrntioa now prevMet that. which coaOM wttk today's law. sal ;.raz.. ..
Qe red prtartpal and Uwtela shall/ .- OareartealT rrvtston to nereMary.lender l' ,\ Y"mol'lt'I'1ud1,1t + '; a '
current' law. tt takea aenwiltefewal '
tile Interest' can be ***.
roaveatlMl |.. r*. .
Sled ...
School nOM
Tie present vtae the enimMiirtm aid whatever / U ,
apptetdnately 115JIIIIIfL i y"IftI:2: ,
beset tt adopts. to art subject- tt 3,
Part el B _
te nrai*
eofd .* teortty Iw edstlag approval by p II rapid step for frt
g w. lutmmtmt *s.l yes veto a
beads. Eve It .trter tpprove Iofint; 1 WastKjQbV.xJt.'tln ,, i '
amendment; not all the phi "TD"* M Aimnanisnt II. : tag ,ou pWrL Ai

dMl Will be available.y Amendment yells littl ODd outgrow

MMKU sckooler ef tt#see anashneet. f1uaa This: amendment pjopox te !' 21 .: ;i '," ', W tY.'lf4 1'. thftt baby DHdJ fC'"

b.that dttetrnMtta sad s** r that other motkrn amookinf
t oaPQe extend Okt *
amoat a. pr1IIdpaI naDa'ee westd sari nf tile eejll4 awnodary tae 114urtsoa! i' ,.<\ : t ": :' bVjxtrgtn 12 ': t i ,' f.-: l for fo d wed bay;%
1". i ,
Jsa.J i A A ...
,.." ta feed to 8 rear* +Vi sc ; 'I d.troJlm.
JIr"'I16e IuUdal fumlture. elaypea a
... note J... 1. I...,
bra rapMal ctatai eoOayOnneetM the .pfetieeal ,... 4Mr.Mt.loa hnswla w..* 1r\11iS +ppi 7' ) t" :'. ,i' WfJrW'1 ,3 "v .r ,w. err w +tlfr.J ittttoun ,S.H. JOUr un-

II enartr.rp JiUartllC .... will dope k* VMJ IT a Myerpeeled. needed Items for cash
and The" re.oeea TW pnrsaM el Ike eriiul -
set IICIIw tile through a low cost u
act we* H "r.... serntirytr
.... r_
.. I1N hA 11
Leto t21&1
va. hIS u. seta elKt tar ehead.e N temem.wl ..1lageans CLASSI1ID., t"r

*. t. eM taM ktO* re* tined Mar .btalaed
tral jjminegt tat..lQdpll'o rend puryatst.> C

.. .

.. -


ottaeo.alatt>t.l. Ir.111.1ATTENTION

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PAINTWO 434 PAPWK HAWOJNCIrmCB O .Ir :-I slnlp7N MnMmrld /j. 1 : UiKIDA HOMR!: OAK TOMPANTD4 C2 rkt CCrr ....tftt-S.",,"' rr,.'. :' ALl PfTIra manta..40..70n
EIXIMATK: QrvEV pt.10s I 415tral vaUMa l.IL'Plan" klrHaa '' K N..wyork. Phono H4-l t 1I I lit N. lInt 'bon714.1111
Ai aUlln M4-41IX ,....T.. 41m4. P.up .Mnll.p t1.r-fr041 $10111 a ....k. Praparatory 228 N.'A neUa 734-6066
... ..; la ,..'.In, until 1 ppolaiM Thou I PINt- WAIHtTANO. MahoaarHuiltr ., : >T. B.,.. nimlark ............ MrPl
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R.forMoaatil ... 0_., ...m.. addr.M and iihnna. MIIOP
ICHOOU Till RMAI.n: ..u *:.g<;ii'Me.\T or ALL KINDS
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:0;..., -- WE OUARASTKB UHAT WB ..
I. IL 7411111 I'Mee 114 4041
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SATSUMASNAVELSBollnlr.I Fio.r1.ri-: uaiially Unn>rriaarr. rnyal 1 Tnnuolia.yi 44 .... 104 W RICH PHONE TU-1SH ll>* If I plant R.aonaal.
Apptl..a5 .
2. h.Uh/ .... ,t : Blvd: fall T34.2.. .
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S.w .....Jab..., Fhon "....,1. EmploymentIS 41 PaLand un K.*.. lilt: HAT .IIMOItWR: rRAMfI- : HUM-*. 'lbJ' I'JW. N.w ..I&I'l DeLand's
1 IH1UHNATIOM Rrr rtion. 1I440M.IM .

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OJXJROM PH. "4..... 1 Antluua aimif ..d. mmpl.if. HeadquartersPRA17CSIPOR
.it. 11..d ."., and rhalr. IIKrauliful FRIERSON'SON .
WAITDCtti Part.. full tlm. Kv.. rhlna. ..bI".,, fftrouttfiiMinporlrd TUB HOOUCVAMOWNKR M I.*... PIYIIlhed. When ONE
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MAR.Q61, PANCAAI NOell: TAIo.JG l'hlll& 'n..... .....n.",. 'I l..', .11. Bl.4 PkM. II 4.1711 GUilT HOUt I if Country: Cluk
'M'1' &ATfIO'nYJ 11111. N. IllsWAIt4Iled MlMl. J tlallairnffl mi .... ..
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ADD4TIONAL HIIATTN'fI': \ X W. 't. Htrrlrirrator MAGNAVOXRCA d.ucuu. MMlo. Jl.t 34-Jt:4..
Mint ha itoat .: .k''Hr..p.BUY : _
wed 11 IHiirtio Poll 1714 III r. Vial. 1tP' 130
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Can OftEEN HEATING rt'KL for fra* | _N"_ phnn. r.ll.WAITMIIIII ., UJNA11Y11. PI'RNITVRIAUTOMONIUA WITH CASH l'... Thor 'Wuh.._.u....__.4I All: BATIf PUONB ".-.".. McGILL
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FUEL train' Mph arhiwl; ilrli fnr: onri PERRrtNAt.: IRAN' KHOV I" W. N.I. A,.. r.. TI44K
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NEW Una of gifts an" )r>h.trl,.i ran I Ell'I1CB I'\t.nlt '" Pnona 1#,....,.
CALL ,,. t,"u an iiional. urnlng nnnorunllT FINANCE CO., INC MOSS 11'11.."." (""P.t. WHAT WP HEU.FOLSOM'S. BLACK slid WMITWTTTrntrt '" Pb... RK 4-l
4 ROOM 211U
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fi Coat l1 yard : rVRNIOHU:
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ROY FRIERSON'S Inc.HEATINO OIL Alan milllnon RAPtOS Pkoao U4inT.MOOIRhl -- -- --
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Baaeh. ria. 7 Inn Corral** Air T.n.Alrrondilion.r PTWW BOH acwiNo MtCrrroTRaarrra : 0X18! BRDilOOJI 7150.
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torn BURNETT FINANCE CO.COIIP.ItTIII' ......hln..",IRM ol.rtnr; National ivp.w.OOOO actdinf.!!..1; *.. MAU. APPiiAwsaPARHIC BOULEVARDAPPLIANCES PLKX MlA.NrflOTA: CLOSC AVK.110ROOM IX. N. ,nIT 61. 1110

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r 'Wm. A. Mullen I." Wiitlil.. JAMES F. CLARDY M* and. t.HtATIR n.. In inml ,.nnd,, .'.,, 6413 R 1174. P..... 734./70 Repairs On All Mikes .Adult..... a 74.p..a.,.,, TI41MT.III .......:.11.. P1loM u..",,.

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830.1103THE IIHItIC't' MRAL 1NI1AL1Rn. FLEA MARKET" TYNER'S HARDWARE .. ili'ft"e... "' .... N..Ik.* IRK lt I, 541J1H(4111 .
BOIL 44 1'OI.ANO $0'4N7YI JOHN W. TCRNIRrIR1 :. Nh4. n131..1 Color T.V. Specialists ... J:. Howry. P11 711.1141
HIT HKAT 111 HAN MIA?. I'ItLAS1'RU..\ : Ainnv LIPVH4 SATURDAY. 0.31 K Xnr I i 101 N. n"4II.llOflOOM. tiii.' PURN.H uiLi. .
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ILICTRIO, HIAT, QUUT, Ar 1M-l4ja for gmin1,4.IKPUNIINCUD. lwn1LAND%:170"111171 t: ---i ,.I ....:34P7p1:, Baby Beds & Roll A.Waya L vJ"( fiio 1301 D0.PI.LX. b154nom5 ..rPas .114 bole..41. .
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(RVICI STATION ATTINOANT It..... Ml. .. ROBERSONCLARKFURNITURE _No a .H K. kirk. .__! "' '\1 .511 74)4305.
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Ill ui rnmriWfl \ II.".. .....,... Ill .. 11vd. FOR SALE h...... !>. .. /LTA P A WTUIS?' SAtT15TWWA1e 714-ir- 14-"1' or 14-4I44
rra for I..tal IHDI ofi ...t.... 4 4 N. D0. ... Ct tar sao.H.S HEAVY t&10) MO W II Mir 15r l41 Till SUIT OPT'. Mourn ltMCMMCN TOURIST' *. Now
of oor prodnMo lv wmMtMivorkmoo AL O Aalol R.MIMUa CARDBOARD. FURNITURE? MUWHa amPA PM1. 1lrmab.d. 4151 .,=; fell. 1 BR TT. |0 *,.*... h"'al
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Tom Mitchell Lumber Co. 4'41.41 ... 15c >- Ml rklw *4al
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Each A Bargain? PHONE RE 4--471. fTKXI* Cn I R_ APT!.
,'P U.. "". t4-.UIypMl3tarlllNIPMkIM 1 SN. FUMM. HOUtf. E,<4K Ill Wo oro Merchandise NO KUNTINd. .oM. r,, *.,t -- --- --- INN rr >MiPHONB
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Upholstery Shop Aid. ( Nalwa Ih1tri....,. I ._, 'Ioftaj' T.W. a W attar. TU-AM1 *,.*.
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SIN L C rollM J'II.. tl4.lo* 2. TRADE I..... 54. IttlP1.... Ton..,. 4 7.047w11.leata I IP*. IMniM ItoaM .nl..r.I fR'IHPIh011111011 4 Rn.M! *.4 'UT"APT =:M'.141l41u IMUt...: ....
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.I.N41,5r7 5F .....10' 11:4.: a I* UTILITY ramp trails Hn ........ TM'd aad c*.rau.4 I TAM '.""'".... p.N4 Pet.... .107q ('A U. "*.11I7 T
FLOOR 3. 11 PHIS rn 3a1WIIJ ,.... |-.. ir' tlkt P.riak4. Tpj.W \\ tJoa....IM UMAC f'\...... Balance Due $299.50 The ALLEN-WIHTE Co. ... n-u. 41 da4r1.
?( I YOW *.!.*_ |... Pb... MA4497TllNTlUIJt U..D 3 Pl. I7011 .a
151 I1o31AQ' Boulevard Appliance Inc. $3.95 Weekly 1......OU 10 Offlr. ...*.***.. FU.'An---5wN, 4X,1, $0404. 1M W' toa.: .. r".t.
IV 74 1MIS1 I; "iTlOl'N ltll AOTOkf "" .".t,. Sob Payment I1... lq3 r1. a04 41.111 .414 50 tI: I. n !
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GUAM: 7<* OId aiiai-ur. '* waj III"Y ftoiLAWAva. *** -c. 11. -P* .
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BOHREN TILE CO. J.ZA (+NAPLI RATTI Jacobs Motor Service MarkiM, 1 ra Vrn tCt INSTIL WAL1LIjw : *.nu *4i .-: .....*. paraiakj.4. ttt M 541.5. ILw.maPL
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63 Chevrolet


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Architects Sketch tf 2001 Ptlminta DrhiMagnolia 211 W.U Rich Aw. Phon. 734 6521
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WALL lug, rt.Blof ... Ix *.

ALKYD FLAT ENAMEL Shores ITB Ida! ..,......1. *

r ora SOD XODXM run cotois rot rat 1 Witch This Ad Weekly For Oar $1,995 :

norasioiu, ox Anna JICOIATOX.At .- On r Road WHOLESALE SPECIAL! I ....1111.1 I II

,.. e If tflffinBt' t.t 4MglitMly ... Tfctfi taint H wes prsIushMUy" Now ON DniUTI. '63 Corvair IMONU

/JJJll1iJlI1jl lfifJ4) Mi*.i ly flhtin4 Artktlttti nt mJMnklimiiih cut Tae MONDAY 1960 COUPI I

AH rod. with ..teII"I ,IB.ttritr. .
M ..,., IB why net !.*. rtun.YfiH ONLYI Ford Falcon ,
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DeLand Paint & Glass II.1H VtlM. eat1 iBws"i ;

Ivy wfcili It b Hill ...d.r ciBitrvctw .n4 ch.*.,.,,,,., Iwo .UrV U M.. lANK $8 97 HNANCINO i

Hi W. 6Nr9! Are. L T. PAtTM, OWBW 7J4-0S1 scams .......... ''P' today. 1111111
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torn harlaad'sIANX
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-- .fl M VII A Bin 1117MOUTH 61 Chevrolet

ArchU.clur l D.ign! and Supervision by FINANCE{ IOUIIVUD IUUYNISIOAN I

Need ANY Used Auto Part? TYE and MITCHELL. AXA. 4) Y......'.0......>*........c., De..., 41JWflSflIAib 1 a''Mtlc .11.'IeI\' ., ..
eylillel" '"*** '/St..|,

We have it or well get it for you! For Sale bra | FI -

..-....-.....-..-.-........ $1

3 Ttlaphon Circuits throughout the South! CLYDE C BENNETT Realtor : ELECTRIC WIRING : NATIONAL I i; ?

SIM N.Sptrkmaa At*. Grant CllynoBM : AND REPAIRS : .1 I II
118" N. Downard Phone 734-4559 : H.M.LIGGETT',: -BftNK

: Sill*.... h.1.wWd SPk1i1

WELDING ..... ..............1 | ......., cur ftMtlf"B"

w. Buy Late Model Wreck MA4)HINI WOXKAII9MTI0 I | ......* '-cvUiiBfAf MflhiA*) 11AtalataiBirBl I

S7.ILGUENTHER'S 17 AcrMftftranfmHAt $ S Mss.155hsI .'

''u ...... ASPHALt FAVIM Better Livin' A PUSLIORRVIOI TO MT '11 LI.eats lltn k,U 14 Rib | Special! $1,095

Ie0dnkl5. bISDIe" S1r.h1 Dill RON ft WOO WOK CI.IRNTII! OWNCHK ANI'> TO I ALL IIROH, rnofKKTT TOI; 'II lord 11111.4 $315101 I'

,,. ORACIB .COURT. in w. OMffta n. B* 44HILonkln '\'ol1e4 > THE f'ltllI'OUn&oNINIt : '1' ..... c..... |1M k.U 111..... .
I BBDROOM4)) I B t" 1te'tand 1,111
RAY UNKOV1CHrkM > HlOcil'I.ATIONii' for q 'II .1" ...WI. 110a4 551511.'l .
R frl| BWIMMUIO 7001.IIfI IlKT, NO, |. l'IID1> R1AI.T
InRolling led M71 k I.IM IB*. I I II I'ARWOOD
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U.% N. III"t &' n... .51. ... Han**. H.r4 r *4. lJUnln De. .
N.w TM Ave. rhnn.045.(1/," 51 M.....' |1M .... 111 M... I
U ".D. IUBMI For A P.rt.1.l f '.. OlwmaUte litl .... Ill m.. I ITN.WAlON I.

$400. DOWN 1/ .U r.r4M tztI ftL 111 M*. l4dU, blur, V4 .HlM, '.|
1 BBDROOW TRAILER 4I 11100.4. AcresEstates I ,... I talk mwUm CB Hun .( ON r..h CN. ACRESJiS3 DM.4U |TMkU. |14n.. .viri/hr Iitr BCI! _.
Chramar1 Mobil Horn Park 411 B. ** Jut IIM duwplus n, 4hn.ML:: I IBrlth I
Call IU-45M 4 .. ( tacos *M| In.I, HIMII* will ANR5CT: ,051 or lOoa .. ILYtArOs. Fr4M II" .... .11 w., .|.*.,. I
ACRI tak.h.nt I
nna. | 55 npainW $014. 554 '" .. 54 Psaua 11541.4 $31o..
tatka Rntal eotaa 117,101. | ), rnnnik'; 11.5111.7s .
Real Estate W ON HIOHWAV. I kmiM*. MIr1. OTTo 714.114U/.11/1 IIIU.... MM 114111015N $1,195I j
Kmllnt!! 5,5.r IJ4.10. _/ rir.Ant In* II..) KM.: /'/ IM! Ittit* IK tato K TridAPT. '. OI4mMlB IIM k.U III M.. I|

"MK" DIKTX. Bn>k r. tllIITIURJCTI '' t IN', AtreondlllnnM.n4 na. nm.. u Ckrr*ir SIPS .... 'II ... 111 i
U II/Ii.. '\ RUItAINO 1 LOAN n-MiR4 iwlln. Large. .kil>4 MOWI5 S.SP / l. sad P.w ,'51 D.4f. IIM.... ..I....
ABKOCIAT10N Int. Orion. tossed ( .I;) t// plus I fur .*!. M* 0ln l ltrwl
lit North rierKI* Af*. -17t1. : Miulir.. FtiMi. 1I4.T4Mtin. 41 n ....fI.1 MM kU III ... I ; ,
OWNER win MO 1 BH. C8 HOUMfurol.h OaLa.1l I'1a. I 5. c..... Kmliy 1IM .. .t... 11 D.5.11 IIM .... in ... 60 Dodge I
t CDHOOM taui
101'>.. CofBMlot. VUllty r*. .._w I1I.I04.C4 e.rMrtsad On North Spring Garden Ave. WE WILL BUILDON 1'11 ruitu nn .4i. in BI.. B
I n UN 'IT ('.*".l.| .,....,. 117 .. MATADOR MOAN
MUST ILL CB Ho.., I BH., I Ibcthc. S I ItOMOOM 1 talk 50VMrtand root ifrr on onn LOT Bl I .
n. ....
W/W ortwtlnt. Airman.HIOUCIO .<""' .*. _UMH.H TO MUILO on *uv .ITLImwtaIT MM ..). 144 m., ", ..ft""tlc"
ditlodal 045 CU17544754: 11114I LOW Iowa .11,55.! NORWOODUftVIVID C.4IU.. IMTk.,. |44:... frI......... "WIf If44fItef .
P" WIII& earl 141 W. Ro11. OW .0.1537 py..M M FHA-VA 0.t.d'. Most 1t0d 4'. .11$5501. 111d1, a31111.. Bt.4r IniH. IXM| "
Jar b.low ... Lrwa l Phone 5140.0.. LAIIOIL LOT. (. klfEROP 11 ...... I
valu* Citr* lute home.r-I. IIOITON .. .... ( I C9llrfltUll, r
.a lf/.t PhMM 7M-)). Close To Everything 73..307'I'I WISE, mc.. P0.Cl.ll54 5./114 R 5150 al": ..... .. Cadu4IIN 1.1. III...

WaterfrontLake THIB I .". I bath Ffem Rom. I.I HOME BUILDERS 'i W a ,IMrl.; bohln/; SAWOID Ayr.OP I I $895
U would b ...... 1 1012
m* TOO pro ad lawa. 734-5634 .h. 300.1 .5 I
Talmadge All tarauM'alu'iiMi. .......
lam 150505. rlnplae. 154< M. rrakMAfHIB > Jf KTENINOIFtoriJ : :! .
kal. .4b1. ....... ...." .... '.--.0- 'torI A... '
I BtDMOOM S MIA" Miitral tatr.eondttton54. -- OKWraAL OOITBACTOH
Dl>ell. Bal kmiwWill .ro.5i.517..11* ", ITIc.4 .t ralf $054BRAUN es 11011. W ,Iiil iiiJMi1A""it:: 0.004. US4M1It
D1cra.."':1.Mi4' DEAL ...... 111' n'* *.l.'. 0154 N." ".__. .. 1_ 59Pontiac 1
WITH JCplr REALTY O.NN Olt,1' / 554MA.041RT th, 30500 MtitihnrhxwlMOMIIITI 1 1'r5.RMI. .
REALTORS REALTY NAY 15... 15/41//,_
4.1 W. r.... Ph... T14-I7I1 Just Completed! MAIM Walls'. Aw.lst. 4-MOHHAWTOP
OTTO IRAON. 85.540P5. ftMrM .. 5)1 W. ... i r 05544011isC1. AttMMllM !.(. I 'I
11411,1 I t BATM. (an ross "' 111.1111INCOME W A4 D ,* CW
OPEN OPEN DAILY 1n111 BE:* IT. ,,,u'u. 1.1". ........ 114-MH OT ;... *.. M*. Iciflt, k11t01, .t.tlc ;
& >kNC al( Iita15411N41.11 .
141 I. Rid .wood. t BH.. tan* Mill, 5410. OPEN DAILf.BH. U 5500110. Nods'. I MR t' N. INTERNATIONAL OCUT fun Mk HY54.hIl1I. ,..w ...,., '
AUO OOM I. 4il W. Unl Tw.. = 1.-: T..n NA 111.101, II ,.. .... If ,... 5..554 5511 IC 4 1 1. Law aOMs/a..
Doa c- Peen.411 5 J1 Hr:;. t. I ..4 tokti //MHry lit I
HOUSEBest .' .. ... .. t.1.1o': ::1'.1"' ". G. slrss1. ale
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114.1155 A rtWtMrik
"me JlJnROOM: anti'. t *M I 5105000050ra10.4 xP5(3.70
FALL SPECIALS I CB. A/C, W rhwr% f*-. K 'LOCK fa I.px Muhl 11,001. IIIIIIM. I* 110..*. **4 Hi>lh> HML WOOD Nt JEEP
Designed HomeIn HtW Oh"i U tTM Brick TrmHMM. \ 5 Bedroom. 2 Bath Horn r as c lar t* bl Nrar Butwk. M co...,."' ,............ )r.4 |*t I* ISM VKMUN,. rdftOlAliFlorida 7,5.151'M $1,095
< .R. t or (v... .1...... AT KKFtXK CXM ... Oslo. Clr. 10.0.5.IT'S CURMTlCa AEA5T1w. "I..uf. I I.
DeLand Ooo4 .... via ship tnJ DA/W A. ROASTS. 1SIlda1' .. 14SIPSFantastic Loan Co. Inc MAMttTtH: i... ... 11MeSPECIALI A BARGAINrUNNIIMIO. ', ". f L", /i4. MTZwtm'f .
ALMOST low I MBTMM. ...... I SE, CB. Him, Buys in a l.dla 2111.7415}..LA" and .r 5t10: I, "/1--: /,111..0 y
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45. ., film She 1111d11Id.
Ross aee... ... < .. .... Pape Real Estate ,i&a"& ;r.rh.w. VMr. .. ." .. I
$14,500 TMMfLOVIkV Clifton Timber & RealtyD. | '" k_ .' INVIOTA 4 4 r tar..i*p. Wafu .,
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C. Meyers Realty "...... $0. 0./.s. Dn'.sP 01101 .04 201 N. Woodland Blvd. SI 4 Lww 1A.-.r-_ 4 P1s11ONNow ?,4 ,fins. 2.0001 TI .

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TRANSFERREDCWMtn MIA Mia** loll 4 flartda ..... 405 (5540 ...... .. .a ..-. MIl 1 5501101.. $44 0140. Sus DELAND STATE BANK -.In4.. rMM it4p0A
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Bell Bill
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in* -.Nth-_ 1..1.45 M7.5N. ... MAVC4! HOME I sad *5.430N.w JM x.1151ST: toUVkMt.! rn4.t1NEW4BEDR .5_ 04.50 1'.50W ;.cm. t'"I'---Mt: 7 ( .. ..
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t=r.:1 LwM.IS.LN 00451150.P50 ,....J,.a.P. .... .*TM.. OOM F. EDWARDS 1r'15.5)1.;: ...*.. 1su5Ai. ,. .441754 1/10'/ r I Meter Sales J
JOHN E. LEWIS 14 rMkk 110.Y M/M .. MMMtltM. *. **lto* M 11Ml 15417,1
ODTEACTOA .ha'. ,...,'" Week's Bargains! .7..p 1154, ...5..a 5N41.u OrSISSq.t1NR., *"tCllC. .IM>4 V.**. __ t'1p./W.ri30M.
Stetter Associates rrJ"
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Buys\ Beautiful New ? r=, __ ., "'I(. ,."..... JOHN E. mSKOP c.. M..i.aP = VVVKaw..|M. MVrr 455.55 SASS is' p4011. Is 011010.
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R//5. h $ /// 110.4.50 W *4Ml $.. /// .51 I.......... ......, M4 S. W4. fmM. ....... SKKis, iII aa.ilri
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'-.... ,. '- ,; .. ,'" ., ., . ., ;:' '''; \.'>. 1i'3' -=-:;:
''......" I YI ... .... ,_ .__ ,. ;: j../ Io.C.: ol1 .


I '


'It, :

i I. TO HONOR MARY KARL Page M DtLAHD (*tOR *A) SUN NEWS ***>",Mv- t, "641 Elected To Post

DC, Mary Lentoe Getotaf, pro-

It1" J Founder's Day Program Slated At Junior College was drama factor the elected department of at speech Stetson vice and prefMent-elect of speech UMvewlty.chairmanof and

of the Florida Speech Aa ocla.
t "
tina at the group's'{all
Mary Brennan Karl founder chorui under the direction of education branch In addition to The bulhtag wat sold In 1943 In Hollywood, Florida.In meeting r rs
oi the original\ Mary Karl vocational Dr. HoHace E. Arment will sine tie: college divisI t. and the Porter Machine Shop located this capacity., Dr. Gehringwill 1
lehoo! and Daytena Beach Dvorak's "Father of All" Mrs. Karl Joined the Daytona near whet to now Mainland be responsible for
Junior College, wIU be honored SOLOIST NAMED school system in 1930. Later, In Junior High School was acquiredfor of the Association comingprograms
during a Founder'a Day convocation Soprano Ann Ryan will sing 1939 she became! the director of the school.
Thursday at the college, Rosiinl'i "Inflammatua"karl 'The Opportunity School," a The school moved to its present the school! named In her honor.
Fred Karl, wn of the late will be Introduced by Hal small vocational training unit In Welch area location; In 1949 With the establishment of the
educator, will give the Found. Massey, director of the vocational Daytona8IXTKES because of the Mainland school junior college In 1958, the division
era Day address In the college division. I CLtBIn growth rate. "was" Incorporated as "The
gymnasium The public la In. I Area mayor and civic officials 1940, Mrs Karl secured the SCHOOL NAMED Mary Karl Vocational Division'
I '
vital to attend the ceremony I are expected to Join the college Moose Club, known as the "Old It was Mrs. Karl who was and It remains so at the present
I which will begin at 10 ..m. In Matt and student body for the Lido Club" at the time for the successful* finally la securing a time.
the college gymnasium. brief tribute'which marks the I school. deed to the area for'the School The campus library, completed .
College president R. F. Bergengren sixth year of DBJC' operationas During World War D, the unit Board. Although the did not live in 1959 was dedicated
I, will 'preside. The Invocation a pilot educational programIn gained prominence as a,training to see It happen, the communityand "The Mary Karl Memorial Li
will be given bv the Rev. Florida. DBJC Includes the ground for war production work. many of her fellow educators brary" at campus dedication
Barry Van Deventer. The college Mary Karl vocational, an adult ers. were Instrumental getting exercises in late 1960.

} ,

; ;'

: FOOD :

1 BIUE 1

j RIBBON WITH OPEN ARMS AND HANDS-Members of the DeLand Fire Department
\ FAIR again this year will repair toys which will be distributed to the needy youngsters of
West Volusia at Christmas. The department is asking for donations of all wheel toys
and dolls regardless of condition. The damaged toys may be left at the fire station or
they will be picked up by firemen by calling 734-3495. Cloth also is needed to make
dolls' dresses. Waiting to begin work are, back row, left to right, Chief Charles Hoi-
I ; man, Jake Jackson, Capt. V, V. VanLandirigham, Bill Jones and Inspector Tom Orr.
Stetasmets In front are Lt. Lester Stoll and Jeff Clay. (Sun News Photo by Gilmore)


I 215 344 I NIW ,YORK TTHACA N.Y. AP-Walter
AVENUE QUANTITY RIGHTSRESERVED, Francis Wlllcox,, 103, aa Inter I

wiFftH SPARE-RiElS National Book Week and nationally retired member known of statistician the Cor

L nell University faculty, died Fri\
day. WlUoox;was chief 'statistician !.
Nov IT I Is National Book Book for the 12th U.s. census la
1 Dog by Amerlcaa Kennel
J .. n o Week.: dub; ''Complete.',reek Traje-:
During this week the DeLand ..
dies (IT volumes) David
: Public Library will Issue a by :
FRESH! lB39c special Invitation to all mem- Grene; ''My Autoblosraphy' by 1902 :
hers of the community to visit Charles Chaplin; "Community
the library. Groups and You"' by Henry f
The following are among the Swift; "Modern Reader's Guide !
I 4CY GOLDEN RIPEBANAt1AS new books recently received: to Religions' by Harold Watts;
FICTION "Ever Present Path" by Edith .
BIDE RIBBON QUALITY "The Connors" by Mary Hamilton; "Cold Friday" by : Of ExtraPattison's :
Astor "Braun WhIttaker Chambers; "Many
} Serpent" by Coitl :
; Paul Hoffman: "The Chestnut Worlds of Leo 'Rotten" by Leo : )
Tree" by Evelyn.Page! "Leah"by Rosten; ."Wind at My Back".by,
; Seymour Epstein; ".tan On Pat O'Brien;'"Words" by :Jean : Paint Store!
Fire" Le Paul Sartre and "Reminiscen Ml feat
by Cette Blvtlie; : Bralerar I
'Corridors Of Power" by C P. ces" by General Douglas Mac. Phase 1M-1m .
HIi Arthur. !. ..........
Snow: "Agrlppa'a Daughter" by s us. ......:
Howard Fast.
"Song of Sixpence by A. J.
Cronin; "Doctor Comes Back"
i i LB BLUE RIBBON QUALITY LEAN FRESH by Elizabeth Selfert; "Flight of

: tonocents" by tin Yutang-: "The
i. GROUND BEEF 5 189 fortress" by Catherine Gavin;
-. I. Herzog" by Saul Bellow; "The
I Man" by Irving Wallace; ''Th.Wal.a .

I In the Skv" bv Josephine Law. C ,
q rears "Two Nuni" fcy Anne
:' CHEESE LI CUI 29c Hurt; "Word of Mouth" by
Jerome Weldman, "Sheba'a Lan
..; ding" by Thomas Baird. S
"Orphans of the Sky" by
iiiHiiiiiiiimiiiimtiiiuimimCAMPBELLS! ) tltlllltllllmllllimillimmilCRIST j I till It,.ltlllllllllllll." Mill III I IV niiiiiiiniiMiiiiiiiiiiiiiuiiitiiirSQUTHER'H Robert Helnlfln; "Vine and the
Olive" bv Margaret Banning, .
,, .0' I I r .,
'f "tRht! Night on a Sweet Fri I Iday" d
I MADE Marv Settle "And L .
Walt for the Night", by John
i Carrlnrton: "An Inch! of Snow"by I
by John Cunther: "Many Slippery .
QuickGrits Errors" by Alfred Crow- WITHGas
Tomato WorfzSnltines
man; "French Bride" bv 'Eva "
Stephens; "Darrell" by Marlon
Montgomery; "Mama Made I heat is ", Nt. No moving pats
Minks" by Sip Sandbunt;, in the _tin, cyele-lM> mautu-
IUIK, too. Cn -fwtlunr bunaclwuMr GAS
t "Dancers on the Shore" by
i .
than Gas flame.
a DtpeniN
:SOUP William Kellev.l'iOs.nrnoS' ;piped right Into your horn.
I ) / JEcwumica"whole"houat"hmttnf
3 :; "Scrutable East" by Robert comfort at &owe..
Trumbull: "From College to N. wonder more HEAT
Career"" by Adele Lewis; "Tour than 8 out .! 10 new Dr
Child Speech Problems" by homeowners choose
Charles Van Ripen "Had You 0.beat I
Bees Born In Another Faith" by
0 1589 ,(Lo'X s Marcus Bach;'"Radio Amateurs
''I Handbook" by Archie Colllna.
CAN, lOX "Modern Projects In Wood" by FLORIDA: Ho HIE
Patrick Splelman, "Teen Agera ompflnr
.! Guide to Dirt and Health" by
} Robert Goodheart: "The Natives
I UMIT-4 WITH FOOD 6RDERtllllllMIIIIIIIMIIIIIMIUIMMMII LIMIT-2 WITH FOOD,ORDER SAVE 15 uulsiliuuiuuuuuunuunnsI flattery: "Gideon's Trumpet"
n141nunnnltsuuiliibinuul i iiiiiiiiiiiiininiiiMiiiiiiiliniu
I s bv'Anthonr Lewis; "Enfln tnl 206 East .New York AT*. Phone 734-1951
Manual" by Jobs Perry' ; "His
I HOMEMADE GOOD BY t 1. torical Atlas of Religion by
: r ri Edwin Caustud; "Weekenders"
i by Max Gunther. AMOTT t. rrsiUua PuntoF
Fair "Parent's. Gold to OI drtft'1 I Vegetoble Matter I
1fLadU q Reading" by Nancy Larrlck;
"RUe of the West"; by WUlUntMcNelll ACaOII .....
IODM 4 Aa...
; "Dear President John
..... .
1- 5s55.
f HOIST SPICY ICED t&.., t son" by RID Adler "Creative 50.155115.. a w..a.'sIIOwwt
Use of Stit(',,"" by Vera ..........
ALL PURPOSE, Gould: Tavtalble GovenwtMtirtw fp,.....
SPANISH 'IA.. EATING OR COQKIN&APPLES' David Wise; "Handbook of UpMS.uus scar..he5ats
Christina Fresh and Customs =;tab t/hhgN:
by Fraud Welter\ : "C1lmp&.10& .1('... .......
BARCAKE'' G 7'f I;=:... :iialitr..plw: 1oI1I
Victoria Woodhull. candidate =-- 41 1tfaa.14
p I of the National Woman Suffrage ao..".. .. g .g 71ha.1l.yMa 7t5ra
'+ -. g
JUsodatVw la WX was tie Stc:0A lilt h l.ula un1..u
.M LEMON OR COCONUT { tint womaa nominated\ for the 911 ,,.=:: a/d.prtne.l*., eew..ii..wlktltw.h..h
) ,5r na.r. hMMa..
It C.
UA presidency .d15
II s.sM11, ...
11 L.rly twM M .salt let 4'5.5551 ern.11I
MERINGUElite ,4's enA,.. I 4IiwM-c ae N"M..wjM
39c : tTO II"'-.. _
29e 1Y"s- 00'IT

/ REGULAR 4? LB "aa'I

Ma...- : : _
.1.55-: I p

1 La 1J i : It aII"asM ..Me :

1 :'C] : 'J, I. p"nUTJII4 I ''MORTON FROZEN ASVT N A t-.r-aM r11 i :
; ,ar.sw5M
..... ;. .: LAOYAIRII.711.- : 1N01t100Rt t:;'

l30NUS'.,'nt1OCI; ,!s.a .TaltryBlte4. : fa!=-...
.....----"ft---..._- -' -4"-..."''.". fOR'r IET>tlbe0 i&-lass-III .

W'STOllE 'HOURS, FOOD FAIR ONLY: Na..M.urn M__:......., :ii:::

'OJI' ;3,a.m. ". ti 9 p.m. Monday thru Friday -. 93.m. to 7:11.11.: Saturday M.II8MCIAJIC M K*ca.ssa t,letwll caner COM I :=DOWW--

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ast Fair Way. BTrfcI
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swachea tow, UtSI

Serving Att West Volusia Comity

Clip Board '

No. 51 Vol. 13 Sunday November 1, 1964, D.Laod.l1orlda 32720"; eh.we. ,, Sunday IScBy


_' \ Johnson Predicts Election Victory I

\ *t' NEW YORK AP) President Johnson ram to Madison sated<< "motorcade through Nassau and scandal" that was "dedicat '('(III.rrvatm.y\ lit written v

Johnson has predicted Square Garden on Saturday County! ed to extreme Ideas, not to old on their banner But 'radical' laIn
victory for himself la Tuesdays night for a giant rally that IIi In the windup, Johnson accused value.** their hearts.
election became he said the COP presidential nomle I "They Ire not conservative Johnson
'' people believe his opponent'. laid In a prepared text, would Barrv Goldwater and his In the American tradition" the In his words chided Goldwater for
offering "a
extremism In pursuit of the end his campaign. Thla! carne running mat. Rrp William E. President said. "They are Interested choice, not ait echo," *n early
I presidency I II an unpardonable after two hard.hitting\ ar- Miller, of conducting a canvpalgn in tearing down Institutions GOP campaign slogan. Instead
vice." ances In Delaware and a tchod- ef rnudnllnslng.. smears not to preserve them the President said his rival bait
-ir : ,i.* ....- 4. ''A '4 resorted to "mudsllnglng! ," .
.. . .. .. .. ..! "1 tell
can you why they are +

i I H Urges 'Landslide'; For Lyndon people found doing U.out would. Johnson that overwhelming the said American"They k

reject their Ideas and their pro
grams. They found out that the
of i i great silent vote was a myth. .t'r

ANdELES (AD" Sen. I palgnlng for the vie presidency the polls Tuesday U early Indication votes that the economic! and captured. It.* They ef discovered the that the revolution
Humphrey called Satur Humphrey stirred la' a from the East point! to a social ogress w* have made "M* must crush mil mark extremisU"war a
)'. : for a landslide vote for Pres strong appeal wide margin for Johnson ',., never again will be challengedby today to wind up Monday night dying ember
Johnson to repudiate for with his plea for a "smashing ''TII. Issue of this campaign a band of cynical political la Salt Lake QI)'." "The ran smack Into the
; "radical extremist who defeat" ot Sen. Barry Gold- taU for much: more that a dose adventurers" After voting Tuesday la his good aente of the Americas
made the Goldwater cam water.A decision," Humphrey aid la"a Humphrey declared that a Waverley, Minn, home. Hum people, .
one ot the most sorry' source close to the Minnesota speech prepared for hi* arrivalIn landslide Is essential to enable phrey will await return la a "'TItfl)"' discovered: that a* far
In American political said Democrats art concerned Los Angeles. must give "moderate and liberal Repuhll. Minneapolis hotel room.' Win or a i the American people are
I ." that Californians In a President Johnson *n over tans tll regain control ol their lose, ho plant to follow up the concerned extremism la pursuitof
f Into Southern Califor key state wielding 40 electoral whelming. ot eonfideneav party from the small faction ot election with a vacation In th* the presidency to an unpardonable P1F11Wrr4t JOINSOff! t
; for a last weekend ot cam- vote might hang back from "W must make clear by our radical CoMwaterltet who have Caribbean. I vie*. 5..545 osunpalcv

t he I t Goldwater Bid For Dixie Votes ::1

of .

COLUMBIA SC, (AP) ""Government mUtt : Insure "That U a matter of the heart torn town of Phoenix Arts,* to seep' the peace, the US, bad

Sen. Barry' Goldwater wound up freedom of uuoclatinn1-the; : aid I conscience: ," he said. and In Ra Antonio .to Preside to he strong militarily. ,.v.
his bid for the South' vote Republican presidential "'candidate Freedom to aisoctatt U a Lyndoa B. Johnson homo state Both! Texas and the South are
i Saturday night by denouncing said !in the Brat\ speech lathe double Irtf'dnt'i1&' I* nothingat .f Texas courts key to the victory Cold
the! Johnson dmlnlstratlon South la which be has directly an" he said.Goldwiter .. I At Phoenix fc* termed water' claims htt going. to get
14 civil right act u "unfair Invoked the IMUO of civil flew her en the I "strtngs, distorted minds' next Tuesday.
discrimination la the private right, "but It cannot and should ntxt to last full day of cam- these that would unilaterally The speech be mad Saturday
attain of men. not insure association UeltV:: i airline from rattle In his I disarm the I country: laying \UutAppeals Bight war almost Identical with
one ht mad artier this week

I !; )G* f la Cleveland. Oklo, and ..t....
jJ.M,' ., .." h .....,;; .'- that 1*
I ,, '
'L'.r' I 9f ewut,1! ktierlatut.
:- "
: ti ':- I""gwerament should not dltcrVmlnatt

I* \ For Farm, Support among citJuiu .n lrrl>
n vent ground such ta I color
cued or religion and no politl
tai) leader balMv ft .!\nuld."Nt .
r-rame-t1"11,., act
) Iowa AP) In the final day of his campaign dos American grlcutfor\ character sisslntlea I* kl* by>> a J'll1I1.trlrba aide! -raker terted "whether governm .*
of William X.: Miller prom the Republican candidatefor Earlier 1a'all Sisal campaign, wholly! unfounded claim that the wilting to itoup to new Iowa to private ctttwi, .should vitiate
a farm audteoct yesterday vice president mad an appeal tour Miller laid President sorry episode of Jill own ...Ia.. dishonor the offlco h. holds by a the rights of torn la order to
r : :: a Republic administration for the farm vote Instatement a Johnson had "wilfully Indulged ant Walter Jenkins, bad a pansllel shabby attempt to besmirch tile further the right .f ether." I
make "careful and dili Issued In this agricultural himself la I reckless disregard during the presidency efPwlght record ot a very great greet.dent" H. said .ft.* ppoe4 the 1K4 tfi
study directed toward re center, of the truth. ,Eisenhower: << Civil Right Act becausoIt I
to the American farm Miner said a Republican< national Johnson, the GOP vice'presidential I "Tit. American people win I' MiDer't statement on* of the posed an lasu which h I. termed.
est the power to make his owa idmtnistrition would nominee asserted, "In. recognize 3011"", ,,'* effort! for toughest of his campaign. was "unfair diterlmiMtkNi U tht SENATOR C"onL" tUrn ,
I'P .." "promote a tree aid prosper* : dulged! la the lowest-type-of what It I 11a_ tfrploribl effort Issued Friday night la EnJcI.I private ablates of man ...a Dtxt. till /

fr for ',.

f r I, Nino Contested Races ,.. .... ; .....,..-..,.. ''''; 18,491 Veil VoluiiantEtlKiMa 'H

c ,
,. J

II., to.. Vote Seen ( Lengthy Ballot Faces Voters' ::1 Ito

i: \ Election Stories InsidePAGE t

I Vest Vi t... .', U 4tt regt*<.red > Whea pee. lilt the tint tit txp M ,..... bt PH. IF aro a4rW4ibai

1 u Volusia voter are going to fen a the piper test tilt wrltt-la. you Obey will teto *4 the ISM*.
Countydown 2-C.p ul. review of position maintained by long ballot Tuesday with at least7J aetomattcaily lock: Hit pointer .......t, 14111. ......" Thee
ter Johnson and Goldwater on every major cam key staring them fat the fact W_. This la accessary M a
Utuc. who they enter Hi* voting ma- voter doeial vote for both: th* p'sg ,uw. kt ItM only eyeebntel
t By HX1X COBLERu : through! the loeaOy oppocodofnce paljn rhlne. Where there lit .pete aaaiNiaced candldato tad writsla a Ned t.....
\ con : : Now hal Writer *. Each side I II out to garmer PAGE U -A complete ceunty-by-county breakdown flats 'Justice end constable race*, mother, rtccorcn .8 e
are every vote posslbl opposing candidates UU legislature races. there will N ,lever t
prognosticator even more After completing your voting Pet 1. Khool", _*. Inter.prtM .
the I the more than SO per' Across the top of the ballot PAGE IS Sun Nrwi comment editorially on Its choice lo pun dowse pull the big red kaadl tt the Pet IA, nre aiinn., Dowry 3
of of the 73.OS: registered voter have U conttttatton in the Voltula County state legislature rcei Voters ant urgM lit study die ...,., nil rsworda Pcb la Community Ce*.
Into la Volusla County will amendments oa which .to vole PAGE 25-A story on all 13 proposed state constitutional I constitiitloflal: smendments and clears" In* marklat sate opens t.r. DtBttyt Pet. t. Uses Qt*..
r It I ballot Tuesday ta the gen- their approval or amendments and the Sun News recommend candidates hopes entering ti. tho curtail for you ta oxK. ** g* Oty Pet. 1.'outhnuen,
,: b'' alecHoo. lino race there art Democratic tion*. An election night tally sheet reader- voting machine so they caaipoed Listed below. la tho aumher.. r>U lt Pct M Green FMesv ;
they only expect a bevy and Republican eppodttoa.Lyndon art Invited to clip ana till in at report earn.Tuttd.y up the election proces. palling pace 'and community N.1ouoardf Pal Mt IVwtns
the line eoateoted office B. Joknsnsi sad Hubert nightElection Pniu/ will b* epee from T a m.I fax all a W.0111I" Av. ctiMi.. OttMd; Prt. .;
the consttrutlosal amend H. Humphrey Democrata. are T p m All IBM la the .precinct tames.a en Isen tees
to opposed by Barry M. Goldwater at T- o m. will be Hrmitted fa.-.........- .. e
for / ben' a nard fought cam sad WlflUm B. Miler, Republicans Wy vale li the from' the presidential race for tile highest offic ofth "I cannot vote iwitU slur working
United! State TIlt Presl.deacy t.' 1I urI. It U IffIII| tkat bouae- e
J t ,: and WoPresidency.KTOVD N. elves and retired people' VOWearlier VOTE FOR
II : POT .,. :/' In lie day.
Second th ballot It EMinucnwiFor
spot on -- -- ---
RIDESOFFERED tilt contest b* eea incumbent those wed.. ate ring. 'aetugmachines BUSINESSEXPERIENCE
Is Demncratfe Senator Speesard UHoaand. taw tilt first Urn, one
U who I* oppMwd by Republics At A Glance are tile elemental butrurUnnst
: Cases R. KM Jr 1. After entering the kmtb.move .
For governor tilt voter CM "' the red.landed lever (tar
dr/ TO POLLS too between Haydoa Dora, me twists) to the right aid N1

Democrat and Cbarle* R. IWley. WAJHTNCTm' UP) At a e-trof with 154 to J7I RepuMI.I LEAVE IT THERE.
2. Pull does th* pointer aver
/ for free There two race'for the plaice, here" sow tht facts on I etna" pee VMUde tfeeded, lorcnntroll (be name of the r.IIOtIda'Inr ELECT
cs tit the poll Stale Km** of Repraseratv.epats Tuesday general electioaj 7W. whom your Pint to Pole U yet ;t rE, "
wffl Tuesday have been a** la Crovp 1. J. Hermit AT CTAXC Tat ".ldtt-I I P.OVEL'4CR1ltatlons ta nuke a *nto *k*. you ca peek
a by Jolla F. Coble. Crmocrat I* nipQeeil ryt JS kale seta: all 4.14ovse .1S 2S states, for sea's sane. held by>> tM potato back up end pulldowa
of DfM. chairman of the by Joka. F. Jacob, RepuMlria. sMwls! ; n SUbtru..w I 11 I Democrat*. T RepuhUr. cmiberI. .
Jayceet "Get T* vote .. tilt coastltutiMialatMndmeau. "
For flu 2 bKKmbmtks Cft-iaOag rM
group part affected by
teats tad Wmendmntt
Tk* Tot" ampel,.. ; fUll shoes 1M ,
Democrat Janes H. Sweeny Ir. HIM election, Democrats bold M-
InTkkIs' I Dedgo and BUf challenged by JUpubUeaa R* or rfrda is 40 Medge.trrnNO.' ">.*" *r W pnuner. .drMftOM.
Motor Sale hive CIfta BllMIU. aie I I YOUR t
era to assist tb* .r.,. I IftIHFn lACe PR.IEDEfCf. 4fr.ddeilJeihas.e Estimated timOoa U,..., pill dog a"ut.f
the sad provide tilt! aece** I cntoat >inr* they ta the sfcertff tare K I* hvcambwt I Y the Demorrto* inn* ,I rhrwlst 1IutJIed; taw' DWrId ODeCOUNTY
atrtanobOea to traas- I U beck ?
a pnJtr
& dIeM aeodg trsas- Osntterat ...., B.Tknrsby .iao*. .... Barry Cetfwtttr ttArtaou i xp*lH It cwt recer4 high efTV1 M vet you posh t* tuenrd d. LEAVE
who to sapml. by ft*. t* 4M lUpMlea casv4B4UU million and Men okMrwrr
taaad from tt THE POWrtW DOW?' after COMMISSIONER'HUBEIT
I ,
*. pabOeaa Jab R. (Jack) Ifiudy.rjeoao Wiser MM* JW" Of IfeOotecteral j ., II will be doses t* 'Ti mil- wrest*. ,
Smltb DeiftscraC sane tan .... U M staten 1. P C habitS year .
. '* **.rt. tell b* mad apse after nlda'gUI WatTL Lrf \
I ,
Hebert 1t.Jacobi foe tilt 1)Isefttt and ta* OMrfat ColMMbte.SXNATC mm New KafUad MHVIMS.line .
by WUphoeJuf .... Commtelnsipnel. u yes want lo wrtt.. a fdMi *.- :
V. .
1 a CoMrty
mi *r WBW sksrtaff Restless! fc* M sad dose at hewer ranging .,. 1M H.JACOBS
*am* pan op
tue Iq bow.-1 a... M t dates two V* Tease.. lawsets keel 4 pm. parts ., you .
ftttle slot atnv IKs petted rswdidiMVi
... .. -Taraday.TW N I* Ratvrt L.Dvmnrrat. wteklid.pat4 .** held by at Drrno.rtsrts. I T.-. I* I .. ntV
and writ ta
) R. 1rsapMse MM pew
b s !
la a aoapardsasi JlepisUic***. 001lCtaf Wwtnsday .ta wntera rearbellJI Cboirv.Tb .
P silk Dosurid P. West )Lyn' far 1W them aot tuWMl by this '. II AuteIwrORY: .
; M* prtmo par etxsOat.
stot somber norteepodeM
/ ....... *
potct J'ilea 4.1
.. rwrrmt' tlt. (4 then,.
preside V seww p t* treaMe. the. dire Otlo ....wr.
tile ..s4 1h. ayes On'* .Ilse.sde.t rr*<.. M lUpuMirsss, risk 11 till .Leel.. sieve m" L Reeled U felt pull up tM *"M, ye4
f'iftffvto'lr liefKt
and able tt ..." Jacob ieerithes. erlo. S. elthsDsmscra. ,*. ae+M I* ewitnl Setalt M tat Mtaa bane wee e4jkt"' << aad Drsn- camel ,trope tOW mind and awwuca .
*" > Coegrei*. I et tadurS.It ISle 1M deride u M tilt rrr ever ( A" rjf e r* H. nraear M. ueon .
act -- to *pp>>e i by Hs- 00515,1 0.
cease *. f.... Tt fieaatcrata ion 1M fitijUad] caadldatt use..ur .

r t 1. I' r .
*.. :- ", oJ' .-. --.J'...... ,'::'____--:.:.:;_.......M.. ". nRM." I .. ,.L .. :.o .......r....:_,,'},.. t M ev .n+ ..........- ....


'hr', .

I r 1

.m SUNDAE NOV. 1, ,,,-.
Ca mli dales Qiipletl --, ;, ; Page 2 DElAND Wt0R10.lT( : r.I ,

'.,,, i.' ,
1 ,. ," <,

LBJ Barry 'Boiled Down '-- 'S 1 ', ,

I H'; U.S. Astronaut Killed

What They "Said On What In Texas Jet Crash

a H

WASHINGTON (AP) Here important Issue In this cam with firmness and unprovoked

are quotation,, paign./ in a world such a* this attack with measured reply." I
from the thousands of words a nuclear world, tier la no (Aug. 12 at New York.) e I j HOUSTON, Tex. APCapt.. The crash occurred at EUInf-
that Lyndon B Johnioa and room for buster and Null and Goldwater "If I am elected r, Theodore C. Freeman a UJS. ton Air Fore Base, about mid
Barry M. Goldwster have addressed ( belligerence. There Is room only I Intend to come to grips with :. : astronaut, was killed Saturday way between downtown Houston

to the nation thus presidential for courage, Intelligence and this vital question The unfortunate when his T38 Jet plans crashed and the space center Installa
campaign year: reason." (Oct. 21 at St. Louis) fact Is that we are at war on takeoff. Con
ROLE OF GOVERNMENT CIVIL RIGHTS In South Viet Nam. American ( "., Confirmation of the death was THIRD GROUP

Johnson "A responsible Johnson "We seek to give boy ar fighting and dying in ? 'If lcf made by Donald K. Slayton, Freeman, 34, a native of Haw
government will not turn Its every American, of every race the Asian. ,Jungles and it becomes el i coordinator of astronaut affairsat erford, Pa., wu among the
back on worker wheel jobs and color, his full rights under more apparent every day the Manded Spacecraft Center third group of 14 astronauts selected
have been taken over by ma the law." (Sept. 1 at Detroit.) that this administration is drift. ai)4. here.U.S. Oct 18, 1963, and began
chines. Will not faze Into the Goldwater "1f you ever log that It bus no policy wor Ms training at this space center
sky while million of American hear me quoted as favoring the thy of the name." (Oct. S, atWashlngon. Feb. LFreeman

live In poverty, .a responsible right to associate without .) Arrests was an Air Fore
government II going to put education favoring the equally vital right MORALITY test pilot.Shortly.
at the top of our lift of not to associate look again,
Goldwater after the
"Something crash in
unfinished work." (Oct. 19 at because somebody' win be kid. basic and is PAINTING DONATED TO LIBRARY The Trustees of the DeLand Public! field an
dangerous eating Slayton and
open Dr.
Rochester, N.Y.) ding you" (Oct. 38 at New away at the morality, dignity, Library Friday presented this painting the late Edith Seller, librarian here for more 14 SupportersOf Charles Berry, medical director

Goldwatcr "This (Democratic York.) and respect of our citizens than 30 years, to the library. It will be hung in the Edith Setter room of the new at the center, appeared at

) administration, no mat. MEDICARE old as well as young high as building. The Trustees commissioned local artist Frieda Stern to do the painting. the nearby Freeman home and

ter bow you slice it, want to Coldwater "The Social well as low, When immorality Shown with the painting, left to right,,areMrs. Walter Schulze longtime friend of Krebiozen notified tile widow, the former

patesolutions on It to ii the people Security system Is not the way occurs: and you know this'I Miss Seller's; Mrs. E. B. Holden, a member of the Trustees; Mrs. Shirley Crouse, assistant Faith Dudley dark: of Orange,
from do
Washington Washing- to it effectively. On sure
ton-centered not statecentered.It .way to wreck the Social Security from the study of history' it librarian at the local library for 21. years, and the artist Miss Stern. (Sun WASHINGTON tAP) -Federal Conn. officially of the death.
starts at the (Oct
always top. News Staff Photo arrested 14 The Freemana have
U bureaucracy-centered, not system would be to saddle It ) guards Saturday one
30 television)
Individual centered. People with unnecessary new burdens, Johnson on "The seemingly of 18 supporters of the drug Kr. daughter, Faith 10.

generally are coming to such aa medicare W* penalize Insurmountable moral issues blozes who have been demonstrating FIRST TO Dill
recognize the lined involved: every aged citizen If w* thus that w* face at home and Heavy Vote JI( "t 1 outside the office of Freeman's death 1* the first

tree enterprise and balancd: bankrupt the system" (July S abroad today can be resolved by 'r'i i : > Secretary of Welfare Anthony for the U.S. astronaut team and
and aJl. ." \ ". ''' Celebretze since reduced the number of
economy aa powerful statement to The Associated men of strong faith and men of :: ', :" 1, J. Thursday.The astronaut
central government. (Oct. S at Preset brave deeds. The Identity of Is Forecastpublican \ryt:'.,, ,\ : t' other four gave up their to 28.Several .

V/aihlngton., ) Johnson ... "Is It asking too private morality and public .''..: f demonstration and were not T38s assigned to the
WAR AND PEACE much! for this bountiful country conscience Is. .deeply rooted In )" arrested. astronaut team are based at Ellington.
Goldwater "The outright lie to prepare a law so that older our tradition and constitution." Ma]. Howard E. McGonnlgle The planes are used by

that I am trigger happy the folk can lace l illness when It (March 23 at Washington) From PUlc 1 '. t'' .... l. .;. ;' ; of the General Service Administration the astronauts for maintaining
nuclear thing, 'Goldwater will Inevitably Comer and face It VIOLENCE .i. guard force, followingup their flying time and to facilitate .

get Hi Into wars thafi the most without the chill foreboding ofan I Johnson "W do not, of "' l ttil! t h'}; ., : on a warning Issued to the their travels to various
damaging thing I have ma Into. empty purse or an inade ;. group Thursday night, appeared space Installations about the
Cherie Gardner, ..
course, condone violence or This ; \ :: :
think la insurance '
But I that being overcome quate 11011(71"VIET : : :.
before the demonstrator this country.
the law into race is the last of the / "
taking your own countywide ; fI't. ? ,
<<: by 'Just people Hopping to NAM WAR hands threatening the health opposed contests: \ ; this morning and read them Title Freeman'sparents, Mr. and
think that no mal, particularly Johnson -: "W will not be } ., (1't.: .
22 Mrs John Freeman
of the
District Columbia live
or of our people. We do There are In various districts # near
safety .
American ", .
la We '
BO ever going to worn down. will not be driven / 1I'i -
not think that the violation of constable and ( Lewes, Del., where he completed
(Oct 12 at out We will not be provoked peace Justice ) ". '" \ I Code.FEDERAL
positn"/ into rashness. But w* will one right or the denial of one races. These only affect the .. ;"..'1.:; rIot. ',' .! LAW his secondary education inIMS.
right should permit the violation people in the precincts within ''' +'''' i The section makes It unlaw. .
Johnson "Peace Is the most continue to meet aggression /' '
of another right. (April 15 at the peace 'Justice districts ,, ,g', 1'1' ful to occupy federal property H* had recorded more than
new, conference: ) UNOPPOSED' .. during nonworking hours 3,000 hour ot flying\ time, In-

POSSIBLE RECORD WIN Coldwater "Th growing Most West Voluslans will find "They were asked to leave eluding more than 2,000 hours
menace to personal safety, to the names of it Candidates on Bf BERNARD BISHOP were elected.! It would be and told If they did not they in 'Jet plane

life, limb, and property, la the ballot without opposition. Sun Mew AiMcUH Editor chronically sluggish with fear'over would be arrested," a Welfare At the space center, however,
homes, churches, playgrounds, Supporters of these candidates In my heart I don't absolute the prospects of Johnson! Department spokesman said. Freeman attracted much attention

Polls Point Unanimously and places of business, particularly should vote for them to avert ly know that Barry Goldwater !leaving the scene and Hump Three women and one man by riding a bicycle between
in our great cities, Is the the possibility of a write In winner Is right But my gall bladder hrey taking over. then left voluntarily The other his office and hU nearby home.
mounting concern of every has convinced me to vote' for I But the gall bladder is sheer -four men. and 10 women Freeman attended the University

thoughtful citizen. Security from There I., however, an announced him for PresidentMy pain and, even If all the other chose to be arrested and left \ ef Delaware for one year
domestic violence, no less than write.In candidate, Dry, liver, spleen and pan. vitals were in good order, peacefully with GSA guard and graduated from the U.S.
To Victory For: Johnson from foreign aggression 1 I. the' Louis Teeti, who opposes"In cum. cress also apparently are not would prohibit me from voting They were turned over to district Naval Academy in 1933 with a

I most elementary and funda bent School Supt. John' H. Smiley. In favor of Lyndon Johnson other than for Goldwater. It : police and taken to Municipal bachelor science degree.
mental purpose of any govern So far, my heart Just hasn't has 'Just about been galled to Court where they were to He elected to serve with the

ment" (July 11 at San Francis A S. (Syd) Herlong, U. S. Congressman entered Into the matter. capacity, I'm afraid. be booked on a misdemeanor Air Force, and in 1960 received

i NEW YORK tAP) A nationwide with i per cent undecided. co.) CONTROL from the Fifth Congressional But my other organ the FIRST TROUBLE charge. The maximum penalty a master of science degree U
surrey of presidential! Johnson's lows appeared in NUCLEAR District, heads the list ones with opinion -. act up It did its first flip-flop when Is a SlOG fine and six monthsIn aeronautical engineering front

polls, local l, slat and national, tolls reported from North Caro- Goldwater "I suggest that of unopposed candidates. when confronted by the Democrat Bobby Kennedy was appointed the University of Michigan
showed them pointing unanimously lien and Arizona, 46 per cent Id the supreme commander of Florida Supreme Court Jus- candidate for President attorney general of the United Jan.CHARGES DROPPED '
NATO, who Is,, American and vies.presidentBAD States and a first real
Saturday to a victoryfor : each. an Goes B. K. Roberts, E. Harris sever On arriving there bat U.S.
President Johnson la next In Coldwater's horn state, a officer and probably always will Drew and Richard W Ervin and SPLEEN attack occurred about the time Atty John R. Kramer told them Long Ballot
be, have direct The Is bad. I of the
Tuesday's election: command over a spleen very Bay of Pigs abortion In the
statewide, nonpartisan District Court of Appeals Judge charges were being
survey NATO nuclear fore trained, think It might burst if I bad to Cuba.
To figures Indicated that dronoed
taken by the Arizona Poll, for John T. Wlgglnton have no opposition. but warned:
Johnson of ready and equipped, on European hear for four more years Johnson Throughout the administration "
> percentage: the If
the: Phoenix Cazete bowed tile Neither does Volusla on Monday morning you Faces Voters
par vote may approximate GOP IOU April 14 position _, addressing me as one ofhls things have happened to back
candidate running dos to County Circuit Court JudieJames' ,J "" no all of you, no matter
the .record high ot this century the statement) T. MJow Umurtcnns"mkt cause gall bladder nare ups.
President with 45 per cent N4eoa.STATE how sick you are, win go to
Associated Press bureaus and said t per cent were undo John**--M believe that the OFFICES wont, probably, Is the Some of them could be called JaU; ,"
throughout the nation reported final responsibility\ for all decision llfl'I'Mt. It secrete like madevftt't serious too.
latest figure In survey taken aided *.on nuclear weapons must State officers unopposed Include time Hubert HumphreyJut Far be it from mete offer Margaret Fuhro a spokesmanfor From age 1 '
This taken from t
survey was Secretary of State Tom the group, said "they feel
rest with the civilian head of the
of medical
his Four advice. But
Jaw. years or political
their Some
in, area* wan for Oct ,
24 through Oct. M and thetIUJ'eI .
they to without
Adams C. are going die
Comptroller Ray
cities, counties or statewide, government, the president of Hubert, along with the antics I would Say that If you feel
Non of thou listed including of were 1,383 Arizonans based on sanvpllflgs the United States;' July 21 Green Commissioner of Agricul of the Supreme Court and my pain In your heart when you kreblozen" and they will die Ideal Builders Supply, Ill S. Ala

a survey taken la Arizona; sews conference! ) ture Doyle Connor and State digestive system would be consider Goldwater as President In 1ail. bama Ave., De Land; Pet 3C,
Sen. Banr Goldwater' bane SOVIET RELATIONS ,Treasurer J Edwin L i'en. absolutely shot get a check.up. It might She didn't explain whether, fire station, DeLand; Pet 3C-L
Earl falrdoth Is unopposedfor And liver limply couldn't be bladder this meant'snrhe of the demonstrator Phillips N Service Station, West
state snowed the Republican: Editors'Clip Johnson "W must sever my your gall trying to
attorney general as are! might return to their gate Shopping Center W. New
candidate leading. forget that the men in the stand the strain If Johnson tell you something.Winners .
SCOFFS AT POLLS I Kremlin remain dedicated Communist State Supt. Tom D. Bailey and demonstration York Ave, DeLand; Pet JD
*. A Urns of trouble Florida Public Utilities Commissioner The demonstrators, many of DeLand Junior High School Gym'nsalum
Goldwater has
scoffed at the polls.consistently He said, I ,Board among Communists requires Edwin L. "Ed" Mason. Set them ill with cancer, have hovered DeLand Pet. JE, Volu
steady vigilance among Ire County officials and nominee around the entrance to ala Tractor Co., 1033 N. Boulevard -
last Friday night, TV had a
I men and most of all among unopposed include State Attorney Olebrene's office since 1 lIm. DeLand t Pet JE-L Deb
feeling for the last two or three CapsuleOf
I In Halloween Thursday, ,federal bias Beauty Salon U.S. t3 and
weeks that were going to win Americans. For It ,1 II the Dan Warren Public Offender protesting a
this thing X know the polls don't I I'tona PUV-t' 1 strength of the United Ststei Robert L. Wilson Clerk of the Indictment against the roduC!. Garfield Ave., DeLand) Pet IF

agree with me, but they never that hold the balance firm Circuit Court Jess Mathu, for Events Paint Contest en of the controversial anticancer ,Laundromat 1111 5. Boulevard,
have." against danger. (Oct 18 at County Judge J. Robert Durden, drug Krebtozen. DeLand; Pet i Lions dub De-

Record high In the presidential found en page M of today' Edi Washington) Tax Collector Cornelia Paul for I Leon Springs: Pet. S, Baptist ,
elections of this century lion; Coldwater "Th present Tax Assessor Jim Bailey, and Winner were announced yesterday Church: Barbervllle; Pet 6,
were Also in the story of the amendments administration has made the District: I County Commissioner In DeLand morning In the annual SUN NEWS VIA Bldg, Seville; Pet 14,

Franklin D. Roosevelt, Democrat the Sue News has included mistake of thinking that 'peace Harris M. Saxon. Halloween Window Painting contest Hopkins Hall, Lake Helen; :Pet

60 J per cent of the popularvote recommendations en whetherto ful coexistence: Is the arM as L. W, Summerlln ffl and 'THE: EAST IUBCBBAM WIG staged by the DeLand 13, Blackwelder building, Clifton
la 1JM. vote for or against a particular 'peace.' And it has mad the Jeanne Goddard are unopposed ASSOCIATION will hold a Museum and City Recreation .iTJCS JOIN | Pet 11 Palva'a Discount
Warren G. Harding Republican amendment W* believe mistake of trying to distinguish for election to the VoluMe County dinner Wednesday Department Store .. Spring Garden Ave

60 4, in 1920. this will be of service to many different kinds of communismand School Board Other candidateswho Thanksgiving at 1:30: turkey in the Florida Winners were selected in three DeLand; Pet ISA. Stetson Baptist .
clew of supporting some and not won their nominations without divisions FOR ELECTION Church, Minnesota and
A semifinal poll by Dr. reader, Power (Horn Service Center. : 4th and 5th grades;
George Gallup director of theAmericas others. It has Ignored the fact drawing opposition are Philip Silt and Tth ;Tradesand (th and Spring\ Garden Ave, DeLand:
A business will follow
Institute of Public that all Communists agree on H. Elliott: .Jr. for small claims meeting at I tua grade. The, paintings were Th DeLand Sun News Pet IT, County Barn, Osteenj I

Opinion, .giv* Johnson M percent !Homecoming Set, the same goal a* a Communist- Judge, James R. Massy for 7:30.All members, both current anelpa.t 'completed Friday afternoon on and Radio Stattoo WJBS and Pet 19, Town hall Plersoru
and described: this as an dominated world.' (Oct. U at county surveyor and James F. several store ,windows. In the win combine with the ABC
"unprecedented I..t!." At high School t Washington.) Robertson Jr.. for Florida Inland are Invited asked t* attend. Those downtown area. radio network Tuesday Warning Issued
attending are to bring an
CUBA LATIN AMERICA: Navigation District to West Voluslans -
RECENT nOVRd Ann MIller of Dempsl Brews- night provide -
item for UM illent auction table
TIle most recent nationwide Homecoming at SouthwesternHigh Qoldwater ''W. haw talldto PEACE: JUSTICE: ter School, a Sth grader, won latM with accurate, com- The sheriffs office yesterday

flgwei\ by pollster Louis Harris School wW be celebrated prevent Communist Cuba District 4 Peace Justice lance' THE VOi LILT fcETIXED ) lowest grad category for pie and fast election re warned that anyone apprehended
tram exporting arms, propaganda E. Relay and Constable W. M. her the window of damaging ot destroying any political
gave Johnson 60 par cent!, Cold- Friday Nov. 13, beginning with : RAILROAD CUB wW meet painting ea
water M per cent, with I percent a parade at S p.m. and uboteura. throughout (BUI) Slaughter are unopposed. Monday, Nov. .. at the TouristClubhouse Pokers Children's Shop Lucy The Sun New office on campaign sign of any
undecided Them will be "Rocketing W Latin America. Many Latin- The three unopposed candidate la DeLand. All members Stewart, a ark grader at Boston ft. Boulevard will be local: parlor' candidate will be prose
Newsweek magazine reportedthat Success. American nation have *x> for election to the West Ave., won In the MIddle category election headquartrrs with

a poll ot W Washington All &parents, civic\ and religious pressed a wUltciMst to support VolusU Hospital Authority are dish are asked and table to bring service a coverad for for her painting at the Family returns from all precincts: The attic reported that such

correroondenU "repreasntlng all organizations 'art asked to cooperate action: agtlnst Castro before It Walter Nurdmann, P. V. Proctor dinner at 12-30 Shot Store, and Dana Rattem. In the county being relayedto action i II a misdemeanor and
media1' showad !49 predicting with the school la tht I Ia too lat*. Out there hat bees and T. H. Scovc : pm. a Ith grader at DeLaad Junior ow offlc: for broadcast. subject to a fine ol $560 or six

victory for Johnson. Their total event and organizations are no leadership ."from too present There II Republican and Two Are Hurt High School, won ra till top division W* also will haw state month la JaILCUD
a4m1nlltrl tlol\ (April 14 position
coHMnsus gave Johnson 4S4 asked to.enter floats In the statement. Democratic opposition for theJjct for her painting at the Sun and national r e tar asthrouga or THANKS -

'electoral votes, to M for Coldwater. IrId., Information On entering Jehnsa-'The ts* of Cuba fustic and constable post In Area Wreck News elites.Each the facilities: of t aM sfaeerttly fratoM It .*

Boat can M obtained by telephoning si a bas for subversion ,and : of tilt winners received atrophy ABC radio. W* Invite you feet Yriwda .....,11 R..$...!
Pollster Samuel Lubell, summarizing \ Earl: McCrary, chairman Incumbeat 'Peace Justice Albert to Join us at 1490<< on your laff ae Mesh *** IM cares.
terror la in obstacle to our BAftBERVTLUS!:
persons Honorable winner included radio dial for fun election
his nationwide find- of the float commute, at I hopes for the hemisphere. Our D. Wiaiams U challengedby b'srtlate Friday mention ftewot a4 ataar well wtabea I
lags, Mid earlier this week, $. school. I be It has Democrat Marge C. Ulrica. wer Injured Carolyn Peterson Deborah I Bight coverage_ The program -, r..lr4 helm my alien war
first task! must as when. the cars
'Next Tuesday's voting should The football teem Is practicing been to Isolate Cub from the Incumbent Democrat Constable anernoM on Tool, Bonai FUeger, Laura I will\ begin at t pja. .4 (BM kMplteLII

bring landslide victory for President each day. Inter-Americas system, frus- Okcar Fapiiwa ls opposed by they were about.* Byerty, Suaaa Patterson, Joyce ) L r.Presidential ihueby) Tally
Johnson. Republican George Caulk. Bird: Boa Ralney. Mark Bauer -
la the state and local polls ante Its efforts to dectrov free OfttXGK CITY east of U.s. it, John Jarvis Dana DeSario,
Fire Cute Home : governments and *xpo** to anto Florida Highway Patrol Trooper
reported by AP bureau, In Peace Justice Tom Heady and Aaa
I M* tilt ugliness of eotnmyalsm. Orange City that UM
Jim Jones reported tot
Johnson's highs wen In New Judges tilt contest wen
York and In one Iowa poll Aa early morning fire gutteda That policy working.." Lloyd Sparks, Republican and car met headoa when heavy Mrs. Ruth Cochran. Joe Elliott:
BTMWIAlIotTh small lone Saturday al 311E. (April 30 at New" York) Democrat Constable Alva Flay brush along tiM Sid of IM roacInctId and Robert ZbendorL

New York Ohio Ave.. DeLand's fir AGRICULTURE: man an unopposed. tile driven,views,
straw ballot for Dally Saturday dept. reported. Johnson The agricultural Ia DeLeon Springs \Incumbent Mrs. Mary Mart** DeVrWa OSSINSKY and KnOt

showed Johnsoa with U.I Firemen\ fought the .bisae, commodity programs developed Democrats Peace Justice Charles .| D Uad and Michael W. Wells,
rt tile choices. In Iowa percent which damaged the b use's interior during led past 30 year have Lesson and Constable M. C Seville. both sustained mtoor lahirte ObituariesCAlherine Attorneys and Counsellors at Law

Wallace's Farmer and its .t'Oab.ata. for 43 served us well, .but they are laMed Beaslnger are woppoasd. aad both wr treated at
poll, takes
411 MaID SQeatDeytosa
minutes! ollrnprvvem t." Jam, H In Seville Democratic incumbent
Oct. JS, gave Johnsoa 10 I West Votusia Memorial Hospital ReInhardt
percent rtonda
CoMwater a Estimation of amount of dam- message to Ooagresa.) constable Thomas Load- Jessie set damage to th* DoVH '
per cent ace has tot bee mad, Occa- Goldwatur "Moat of ow bolts and peace Justice noraia* valcw at SBO and at
pants of the house were not at farm ills !kaYO ban UM product James L. Cad are ** th Wens' car.N* charges: Mrs. Catherto Retahardt.! a Tee Piawi 111 AnnoVftC. Tbot
for three
It"'unNd j horn when tile Or Started, firmeasald. *- of government prk.- dfb ng." PWrson Democratic to- 5to fOed. mldeat el Balmy
(May 39 It Redding Calif.) cwnbeats Peace Justice Jam** yeare, died at I:45 pjn. Friday MAX L OSSlNSKY
_hbnal4 '" .MJM S.I.YHa', O. Taylor and constable Harold in Halifu Hospital at DsytooaBMCB.
rt. rpr BM wan e.MrsRstahartt .
'a .rat rind
r Carnal are unopposed. CEMETERYMDtiUMENTS .
{ lryMtl woo April
a w inl.Iu E. Grislngcr M.D. JT. Utt to ....,.. ".1'. De LOUIS ossnvsxY JR.
>l eaNr ra w r'Alan' Gesrgi .
Nuclear Test
wt a nsttMr ol St. Asa'sCatfctlM
.a"V.sea. as u Drat. urmtcroQrtalM thatch la Dlry.Swvtvors .
Wilkes T* AaaMM Tit ttatml. WASHNCTOH) (AP)-\ low. VrCwT50H as sad l etne.i tsetse her husband Iran became. members d eta lino

yield" avetear test blast was seta Jolla M.. tMSaryt tw. cross ,
.. .*4 Marble 1.MIII Oestesky Ir. lid t OsitiskyJ
Of ills Offk at rlfftMT
J J. i.r.aA D"r ttndargmnd Saturday at GIll a ran.Mat J.*.. ol8rewlt<<. NY. and JeMpfc. D. Ett& LIaIt Oeeassky h.
Atomic Energy Cammisstoa'a tC CamcL N.Y.t two staters
act ewv.a eel
As RMears i .
Nevada tilt site. --- M eaM Is .. ... la Lang Inlaid N.Y.J aad XClf..1.fuN .
The AEC said the explosion) lathe ANewewosi a, vase levee graadchfldrM.RMOIT .
202 East New York c___ '
Mth weapons related tart M aarrfeM aid tw at t:. t

vie has announced la '". A tow VohsU Mouamtai Co. .... tt* A3n-Sumin .

tla1s.0'nn' MM DeLand yield blast has th* forte eqrtf Ieee '::1. DB/7 cfcapd.
cleat t* leas than 30,001 teas W "- ........ Burial vffl b* to Brrrstar,

... a.ta, silt TNT. K.Y.

1 1 ,t 1

.... .... .
.h .

Burns r a.'k "a

View Win, In __- SECOND FRONT PACE Sunday,

ic'-1\ 7rt ,\n AP> -

rea's 'Mr. No. 1 problem

Governor Bid' Mid General here!

.' crime ui
I "I

JACKSONVILLE (API- Both >aijn. said momentum to elect I ,! 7 \ to Florida
Democratic and Republican Ugh "has taken on unbelieveable I Jvdge Fridnv
nominees for governor have predicted proportions" r1 22nd what help hat<
they will win the election High has said be would take ;r--4 ;, Opens attorney genertT:
next Tuesday. no part in the campaign. problem of
Haydon Burns, the Democrat.le .L crime to gea-
I candidate told a Fort
Pierce meeting he would be the DISASTERSEigllt 1* a

first man ever elected governorof not only to
Florida with more than one As Frost agencies but to
million votes. 1 std
Burns declined to predict what
his margin would be. .AP) A man
JUTE: IMTTH within three decrees ot our '
By are a night de
About 2,438,000 art registered
to vote In Florida Run News Staff Writer forecast, wo aonslder It a good bank Instead
PREDICTS "'IX With a buoy season of hurricane prediction" deposited In hi*

Charles R. Holley, the Republican forecasting lust barely tuck. FIRST SEASON by two gua-
nominee, said In an Interview ed away In Miami, DeLand Dean ..tiIl1v1d1y recalls his ..
at Jacksonville that he "'Mr.nter" Rollo Dean first season her. In 1912 43 when. M. a beer dis
would win by 50,000 vote Accidents this mnl'lllnrlllnrl.Uv began hishid the temperature dropped four degrees said tilt man
Holley said he expected 1.(50.. ": year hcis with the federal- lower than forecast. : as ha prepared
000 to vote and that "either I State Print\ Warning Service. "We had a lot of nlticismsever nllllol"T: small; bills and
will win by considerably more */ Tt AMHliMS eon ro The U S. meteorologist who that \Ve had forecast a 1 low< tlahl. checks
than 50,000 or I will lose big." A flurry of highway accidents .k arrived In DfLand last Friday deposit vault of
Supporters of Miami Major and a fire killed eight persons : night said that his service this \ Trust Co. at
Robert King High who was and got Florida's weekend off to summer with the national hurricane Church Sets >
beaten by Burns in the second violent start I I, center. had been unusually they forced !him
primary last May said a write. The tire victim was four.yesr I active drove It Into
in campaign for him "has caught old Eugene Flax ef Oral.. Rescued Not only' were then more than I him and locked
tire in 29 counties." by a neighbor Eugene I I the aveiage\ number ft hurricanes Study Over Ha cut his
Mrs Shirley Williams state wandered back Into his burning this year, Dean said, but to escape Near-
chairman of the write in cam. home and suffocated In hla.bfod. three of them hit Florida "which I I p and ha was
IItl' unusual
Three persons died in a head- ) ..
on collision of a car and a pickup TRAIN VAN IIVOXG! NAMEDVietnamese Recalling (leo. the tint hurricane Sex BirthVATICAN I I
Ft. Lauderdale truck at Cocoa. The highway to strike the elate Dean : Neb. AT) A

patrol said the truck driven by said he "as "caught at home'when !', described as
swerved the capricious storm took a citizens of
News Backs FUveo Miller Jr 2ft, '
to the aide of Highway surprise turn and swept over CTTV (AP) Roman Nebraska cat
AlA HighCouncil .Miami. Cathnlla teaching on birth' e was In Jail to. *
GOP's nnRK tux control was under searching embezzlement
Holley Victims were Miner from Oak
Since: neo arrived In Miami examination Saturday on two Director Henry
Hill;; Cynthia Moore, 20 of Cocoa
during the night Dean was oft separate fronts, but It may be L Davenport,
and Linda Vlck 20, of Cocoa
FORT LAUDERDALE (AP) Confirms New Premier duty and remained at horn until years before any firm decisions Nebraska Stale'
The Fort Lauderdale Sunday : Beach. the storm departed. "Rut we always are announced ., signed a
News said that Republican Another wreck near Jacksonville hurricanes," ha
do this during In the Vatican Ecumenical \ misap
Charles Holley "may be some claimed two,lives. be added. "Wo never keep the Council during the part two million over a
thing less than a ball of !fire" Jerry Crawford 21, of Dunedin full staff at the center even It days cardinals and bishop roe I .
but "we do recommend him 'was killed when his car SAIGON South Viet Nam Huong as premier Saturday and a storm I* expected. Because, to question the I'fIlllurll""ld /
over Haydon Burns" for governor turned over and Thrones Harmon (AP The high National he called for discipline sacrifice after the blow 1s over tho a m Roman Catholic 'Inching on AP> Two
IT ot Winter Haven was Council confirmed Tran Van and belt.tightening! In South duty will want to take a break marital sex and birth' control.The la Florid
"DP plt. the recent attempts knocked down and killed by a Viet Nam's war against com and somebody else has to takeover" ,. Saturday\
council debate ended '
munism. Americans Paid ,they moat asten
by Mayor Hayden Bums to dear car near Fort Pierce
his skirts of a variety of allegations Fire Destroys were Impreised. by his displayof Replying to criticism tit weathermen Friday, and now a council drafting caies. The
take It
commUalnn must
concerning his personal finances WICHITA, Kan. (API On. II' toughness ,. over forecasting move.meats the arrest
ha has not given a very automobile smashed broadsideInto Confirmation ot the 81.)',.,. of the vicious atm'm, Deere Into account In revising a draftachema the getna had

convincing demonstration thatha another at a country road Negro Church old former mayor ot Saigon took said, "We made our mistake tohying modern world on the: The church communion'In the \ however,
deserves to be elected formal session
governor Intersection Friday night killing place In a brief to please the public. People (
la not expected to complete II.wnt'k *
the News said. council which
eight persons seven of them of the It member wanted to !know exactly how
1Iu. y. DEMALS U years old. JACKSON )tll.. AP) A took over the government from clone It would come, 'just whet* before another council EarnedOn
J'He fiat made a .greet.many Tbe. 13.year-olde and Dave predawn fire destroyed a rural Premier Nguyen Khanh't military the eve would pans. And trying session, III'rhApIIllI IIWI.IIn1)V .
denials and he has thrown lip Saxe all Negro Baptist church near Rip. regime Huong i* a civil ORDERED Your
17 of Wichita, were In to answer them, wo cut It a little /
a certain number of smokescreens Saxe : ley Saturday, hours after theMluis.lppt ian. At the dame time, a aturty MonayCantrWHt
: one ep. survived but was Freedom Democratic CHANGES RCKX" too thin ordered by Top '..ul1 U.tJune
In critical condition at NO COMPLAINTS:
a hospi
"But he has consistently refused tal. party staged a "Iet-oul.tb. On. ef the U.S. oht.rv'rI who lieu said that a< Cl"I.. 214 continuing This study ,
to open his financial records vote" mass meeting attended the session said of Is believed still In preliminary
winds ),
hour approachedthe
to the public scrutiny on the Sheriff Wayne Mooney of Tip. him: 'This man looks really mile' per .ti..s, Presumably the papal 8"
AUGUSTA Ga. state, "we tad the hurricanewu'nlnp
AP) Two
grounds his net worth and his pah County In northeast Mississippi and 110" study group and the council
tough really "'<< .41' th. complaint
were ao
military planes collided during up; i* '
financial dealings are nobody'sbusiness 1. a section free of any previous .communion will consult' but ,
the Impremlrm" wt, might yet .
.but his _ft." : rnatleuYf'n''lutll DC( Augusta today \ church burnings or bombings aheuttilt. Tto: Center work separately.When !
i and six airmen were re said the Antioch Bartlat l I- some.big changes. around (pre, of the hurrlrsne was.ery small'
all for the wit. Pop Paul first announced

and U tppeatttl that It would
t dep Belief Set .- t ported killed_ church seven miles from. Rip- la ale first public.speech mr* inky Miami by about :20! miles his study It w.. gener-
reduced to ashes.The
ley was
being elected I by the council. any assumed that built church
j .CHICO. Calif. (APP A hmnftt wooden frame structure and this ws< what we, forecast.
WASHINGTON tAPI'ced'dent' Huong sounded tough (le vowedto oppmiltlon to birth control wnulnj OnE HOUR
'Put then It suddenly took a
Johnson made available .coed. attending. party of was used this summer a* a '
crack what he called
dow en not be brought Into question' but
and went right
about 20 collegians, walked Into "freedom school" by volunteersof turn
Saturday $2 million for hurricane the of and to .
degradation youth
"W toM that limited Die of (he new contraceptive
Coo disaster.relief In Florida. a glass door leading. to a patio the council. ot federated orgsnlzatlons. clean tip government. He said Dean ton ssld.exact In* were our forecarts trying pUls would be etud- 01111'the
The White House. announcement early Saturday. his regime would revitalize the "bat
church& burning the right dowlIII He mile. And thiscan't
The glass shattered.A The wee .
said this II In addition to nation. effort! la the war Hut
his( week's council
1300,000 made available Sept. t four.Inch splinter entered, tint la live weeks ta Mississippi. against communism. bI dnn. with any degreeot I
drbite' several! csrdlnala andprelates
after the President declared the heart of Margo Mnrtlll. 13.Santa regularity
H. vowed t. break up a thriving the CLEAIIflG
This summer at least S3 houses The weatherman Is the first questioned very DRY
Southeastern Florida a Cm. Calif. She
major "dead
j was
of worship, mostly rural )Negrochurches : black market and to halt \It admit that Irving to predict validity of the church' birth fn
disaster at
area. on arrival
a hospital. Inlustlcea he said are being control! i1' j
behave teaching
Mont of the eligible works In were damaged or destroyed exactly how the weather' will suggesting
carried out by !local officials,
tires. trll"nfa that conjugal )love was necessary
I I. dUrirult
this disaster area consists of debris RAGUSA
\ Sicily ( A and said politics should be kept
----- forecastingThere for the spiritual well beingof "u M llsn
In temperature
clearance. The greater portion tornado whirled over the southern ef Lima. twin. ef apparently a 1
mile north The put
of the work Is in Dade County. coast ef this Medlterrsnesn CM carried a :crew .of" reference IOIIB :Romsn are so many factor the married couple, and **< New Turk Accuses
work Is that caa chsng the weather should lot be considered simply Mlalt MsrksflI
Eligible indicated Jeckaafr
Inland Police plat h
today said
two (
f and I"'JII. rivalry
jour pawngert
also, the White House said, In picture wind direct M. clouts from the viewpoint ef procreation.
persons were known dead and __ __ ___
I n that U we A WahlMn
Brevard. Broward. Martin Palm at least 30 Injured or lack ot clouds W. Ciao Cloth-a / Dat$
Beach and St. Lucia, Counties, The church now officiallyoppoae 1I
Relation ftlablialiril the entire concept il I dw Tuesd>tyWddneta gl '
Hellmp- ,
REMEMBER birth control, except for the
ten searched In the Andesa,
TOKYO (AP The New rhythm system. Put In a 1031.paech : I
OAt DOES IT BElT ranges Saturday for a Pfruvlas, China News said fatur Pope Plus XII said "-
O1EEN-I: riJEL DM. It Fee. Us Air Force transport which disappeared Ageftr of
I Adel Friday about WObe \ day CommunlM cllln' and" the rind motive* a
I I new African'' date of Zambia economic or social ssttire might

'i hive agreed 'Jo eetsblUh formal "nempt" a couple from the
I' diplomatic relations and **.. "".m" and obligatory carry
prt chap ambaiwadnri. '111111I/1'M the lust, 'rt." rr
i verve

:I a smart Santa. ttae+7sf Bill Holler's 4

join Barnett's 1965 f ) i

Christmas Club now! TrousersSport

make NawYa Vil9G6iappy ,

tad bN-!,..l.lLI r

{1 j i' \ Coats SuitsGoal I
e %\ ..
the .n.t"L\ ( ( As eau |
e. .
*1tsR f Plain Skirts. Swetevs'

Put nidi a rtgubr mount [
( ? "M r
vary payday, ar whenever you ; : a"'toenalota IlitT

tfnigooti .tea gift. I
i. your ; I
fund mount! Molts your ewn Ns.-; &: ti ,

Christmas imrryl. ,rp i j 31394



thtov ration of the D Lan4 Museum and I

Off Recreation Department, Friday decorated aeveral weeai.a ,u-.'t :i, a,. and' :a.,:' .. .a.d w" ., : I

store windows in tae downtown area ai a part of the .._."..ease s.. ....5My'.H Ia saa..esawy.a"t.. be ewes .so"'.' _raw.ia..w... Ma o.a"of ,
Halloween window paintint contest Shown decorating es. ta" ........ .- d.'a ... La.w't.. m _.a.eaa La. oRA S t Ii
_.. ea .... "n v.Nw..e a..w' wed. ear w. c-..
on* ef UM Sun News buUd&f window U UeUaaa Lee. t. I'"'' MotL/ere.eS ... M as e..p.a. c-e ON -.
a + a.a.e ..IYNM'. 5aa.. use
Sun News Staff Photo
( )
wee cf .... ,. 40'Mri.aa lR/w,

PnfWtM4 ""'"'


NATIONAL BANK brSh..tJ $480 AIM .*< UMP IH2MCT10N. D /

AS LOW AS { Each 79

oJ J -r.g e.- ...e.'e.. Sales U4 letter_M letter While
Bill Htller} [ Motor '
atatitt mmi eirosrr IMMIAMCI .coiroiATtOM "MARTINIZINGTeM

TOW UM GBMT 0 MMtTAXr ISO Eesdl SoaI..ud Pit 734-2641 TfciMtClUU .
111 .... hl.le.e "--. mufS0
1 I


Mw ni M
.. .

r' -

';':'- ::'Ii'' '. ; .' f I I Pl|( 4 DELANft FLORIDA( ) SUN NEWS SUNDAY, NOV 1, 1964

< 1t ?

) WomenBXtDRED

pg jh y 1 (' 1tC' for a

\ r IW

I 4:'

I-i ; r : "j, I American Legion Auxiliary I ;: 'I

'Names Convention Delegates XI _

I American legion Auxllian' 1 a,m, In a group Members *..<.. _
Unit Six In session recently m asked to wear their caps She
the American Legion Post Home, I also announced that Mrs Carrie
I elected the delegates' and Mae Roberts lute president
I sates to attend the would make her official visit to
department conference Dt>aller'l DeBary DeLand and Lake Helen
and 13 In the Cherry Plaza Units on Jan 9. A letter from
Orlando Mrs Jean W. Werr, fifth district .A ,
x Delegate named were: Mr*. I president was read 'ttr .t a
Charles OUi Mrs Irvine Run Planning Committee
sell and Sirs Jacob Kister Alter I Mrs Otis asked the planning
natei Mn Denver Smith 1\111. I committee to meet with her tomorrow
rharlei Lange and Mrs Everett at 3 pro Mrs Paul Plans For JWC Fashion ShowPlans
iLI OtT. VVooley Is In charge of the Discussing
Mrs. Smith faked for helper I Early Bird" dinner which will

for the rummage!, household be held In the Legion Home Nov. for the Junior Woman Club Fashion Show which Is scheduled for Nov. 24 at I p.m at
Articles For M uthodist Church llazmr articles and plant aales to beheld I 11 at <:30 p.m. which la free to the Stallion Union are underway as nmltteca meet to complete arrangements Them of the show.
Displayed Friday and Saturday at I all members of post Unit 6 and tog "will\ be There la A Wedding\ In the Family Pictured above discussing plans for the event are
109 E New York Ave. from Farm. Auxiliary who have their 1965 Mrs Arthur Sullivan, chairman, Mrs Robin Lenholt store coordinator, and Mrs. Raymond Buoy,
:Busy hands are sewing a fine leam: at work with the spray paint cans of gold and silver; till 4 pm each day. Any I dues cards AH those not having chairman of the sponsor contacts (Sun News Photo by Hunter)
tad the sound of the hammer and nw can be heard aft aver DeLand as members of the Women a donation for the sale may be their dues paid are remindedto
Society of Christian Service First Methodist Church get ready for their holiday fair This event taken to the add!ell after 10 tend them In soon Members are reminded to bring
will take place Nov 19 from *:30 a,m. until! a p.m. Inf the 'educational building Mrs, Charles L. t.m. Tbunday I At the' conclusion of the meeting Area Clubs Plan DEll Club Sets )ideal for Christmas decoiaUoni
Oault chairman and Mrs R. S. Miller are pictured above with come of the handmade articles to Mil, Robert McDonald la I a Joint social hour was held
Mrs Rutsell. Mrs Not'ember Meet and a sack lunch dessert and
fee sold Sun News Photo by Hunter) chairman of the candy tales I with Lange
She has announced the has a and Mrs Helen Carey serving drink will be served by the following -
Afternoon Event The DeLand Extension Homemakers
hofiteises The tables were \
number of kind of fresh candiesSealed 11 hostesses: Mrs Hilda
DeLand Branch, FCMA view workshop of next will seasons be given program A pre New Garden Circle In tin cam art on hand. decorated in a Halloween( motif. dub, formerly known as Young, chairman Delia hamlet,
Mri Charles --- the DeLand Home Demonstration
Lange reported
and for distribution of I Agnes MaMox. Madeline Ron-
Slated plans material Important promotional 51 houn has been given by auxll For Deltonans dub will meet at 10 a.m. Friday man, Frances Kirk Marion Sirolt .
Board Meeting members to the TB Chi'1st. Fish Jr'rsl {Volutia
Items QIthe agenda Other Welcomed At Meet lacy at the Florida Power Lounge Emma McGonigle and Paula
mal Seals project. The Somali Club of Orange MHIII.
groups are meeting throughout IIM/II"I; Record The program win be given 'by .
-- ----- --- -- -
For Thursday Morning the state preparing to bring 38 Popper City the DeBary Woman Club
-- Mrs Irene $ala and hits
Mrs L. D McDanlrl reported and the Village Improvement LENDING UBKART
world speakers to 20 Florida Of Garden Club shale .
Mn Myron S. Baker, city cities In January and February 1000 poppies have been ordered "k>c the' ..toltowlni..," *.'. wore ....hem..*4 Ih., Association Woman'. dub of Moore They Self win use as their
chairman: of the DeLand Branch Deland's sessions will be Jan for Poppy Day She Is working the DL..d I.m Ntv>. totf ylFluh Orange City extend an, Invitation .- subject Understanding'clubs Books Gifts
of the Florida Chain of Mil 2022 Mri Baker announced. Mrs A r Powell, president on the potter and window din Memorial to all of the women of Dt 1 will be hostesses, and all
slonary Assemblies has announced of the Garden Club of DeLand plays Mrs Louise Ilanschke re- ADMISSIONSMri : bona to a Tea at the Deltona dub members are Invited to attend REEVE & HOWARD
a meeting of the executive No ham In the house and you welcomed the newly organized ported six greeting cards tent Community Building on Lake and get acquainted with
Fred C Blackmer Wild.
board to be held at :30am fl'f'lllke having a chefs 1.lad'l'V" circle, "The. Gardenia Circle of Mrs Jacob Klster, rehabllita' Monroe Friday at 2 p.m. our Deltona neighbors us WEST rrouNA
.d. T. To cRev.
of salami! with e ; Rohlcy
Thursday la the Flat thin wrtps Deltona, at Friday morning tlon chairman announced aba DIE'n' Clubs
Methodist Church the usual Julienne cheese (Swissor session of the executive board had comfort articles, cookies, P RIngo Route two.DISMISSALS Special guest will be Mrs.

Reports from officers. commit Cheddar) and the mixed of the Carden dub of DeLand Christmas Joy Shop gifts, books, Richard Collins, Ormond Beach
,. In the Florida Power and Ruth Parrort, Pierson.WV FREE Estimates REPAIR.
tea chairman and the recent greens netting magazines game prizesready district director of the Federation
Lounge to Uk to Lake City Vet Memorial of Women Dubs, and Mrs ,
A letter of resignation from trans Hospital on Thursday.Mrs. ADMISSIONS Christian Behnke county presl. 1 TO J 1 I TEAK 8: SERVICE
Hearing Aid Batteries In Stock Mrs Joseph A. Scarlett vice Otis president, announced Mrs Alwlne Kroeger, Orange dent of the Federation of Wo DAT WRITTEN!
president, was read and accepted the Legion and Auxll). City I Rodney Reynolds\ 140 S. men's Clubs.Invitations. SERVICE. GLARAVTEEWATCH 1r1
AT DISCOUNT PRICES! with regret Mrs William lacy would attend the First Lens Av'P.; MorflTvJ. Hudson, will be delivered to -,. .

2 Peck 70* Sherman Blue Sage Circle, was Methodist Church Nov. IS at 11 1004 Talton Ave.; Fred Edwards, of Deltona\ and
67S i Pick '$1.SO" '401 each resident CLEANING VALUE! Includes:
BIT S. Amelia Ave.
No. 13. track $1.50 appointed to fill the vacancy are signed by Mrs Charles CLE" INO
Pick $1.50
112 log and announced the district
It was announced that this DISMISS\M : Hirer. Mis, Charles T: Ulrich ELECTRICALLY TIMED
VOLUSIA PHARMACY week Is the first annual state had' given the club recognition Mrs. Edythe Petterson De and Mrs Christian Behnke, 24 HOUR *POLISH CASE and BIND
'' conservation week. Mrs A, C for the tree planting program Bary; Mrs Betty S Lemmon, members of the committee. ENGRAVING: Only GENUINE: REPLACEMENT Part
open ant. te 10 pm. Dally Frank conservation chairman and announced that Mrs A. T DrLeon Springs; Mrs. Grace There will be a brief meeting SERVICE (Automatic and Chronognphi
Mr Wynn Walters Searing Aid Specialist Wilt Be Here led in the conservation pledge Powell was elected as the dlt Dennett Seville: Mrs Daniel after the refreshments. Mrs. lightly Hih.r,)
trlct six director, and Mri Robert
and explained what Croft and Infant 108 S. Blue
Friday From I I.m. to 11 NM conwrva the son Collins will explain the Federa
Every Mitchell was named to DeHuy'sJEWELERS
AID SERVICE tlon means and named plants Lake Ave; Richard F. Turley tlon and a vote will be takenon
DAYTONA HEARING on the state conservation list ttit. ,' nominating committee. i 510 W llngle St.: Mrs Nancy J. interest In a Woman Club Phone 139 NorthBoulevard
11 North Beach St r Dayton Beach Mrl Mack Hutchison explained DUplayn Painting Porter Tltusvllle Deltona
Mri M D McKlnzle showeda 73<<.1337
the design of the
-- -- -- -- -- -- -- ar I-For The officers of the respective
--------- -- .. ringement of the month painting of whit magnolia an epicurean first course
' ., Budei" ReedThe that will. be on sale at the ba04r serve marinated>a r tIe b 11. ., ,
budget for the Wit heartsthey come prepared In ( ,
year IWJ '
It was announced that FlowerShow -
read by )tn. Kenneth flook )lar ijftta sliced, smoked salmon
treasurer, and School Course V will be IlHVe1 a.'pepper' grinder, a cruetof ;1t.; .
adopted in IINA'
In Melbourne, No*. I. 10 and It olive oil and wedges of lemon as seen :'
Mrs Robert Strewn awards It was also announced that BUI opt hand
chairman explained how to ap Grow will give a show on Nov
ply foe,awards and tacomagud 15 In the American Legion BldgIt .
member to apply lot some of will design several arrangement
::L the state awards : and will have a guest RUMMAGE
: Mn Walter Wednwot't chair. designer He will auction off the .
Let Kittens .., '_
man of the forthcoming bazaar, arrangements and the proceedswill serve tt:, :.;
announced that the dale baa be given to the Card, Club SALE ,.- ,
r 4 been set for Nov. 14 and will building fund. There will also be you Caviar this Fall !
be In front of the pew College' a Chrlitmaa Mock Wedding at
Plaza Shopping Center the show which will be from Friday Saturday
Mrs Fred Stafford and MnJ J:30 to 430pm: ,
I p Bradley reported the Flow Mrs Frank won the door November me'J

en and Fashion Show, scheduled prize which was a large dracaena 109 East New York
1 'for March 5, has been cancelled plant.
k It was decided not to have this The next meeting will be Nov. America lei!." Ne. i CAVIAR CALF.. '
type of show and plans are being It time and place to be an end Avxdiary No. 4.IOJ I
be held discussed In the for new something garden center to. -nounced.- ___u __ __'__ '_ new taste in fashion trom ;

Mn Charles Early! chairman paradise
of the Garden of the Month pro.jests Jk.
announced that Mn Roy \ .
Taylor garden was chosen for
the 'Garden of the Month for Hera's calf with a delectable texture. Subtly

October ,reined. Sleeky elegant Just several of our
,Mn John Bartbel, chairman:
"appetizers" shown here. Discover the
of beautiflcatlon asked for voltmteen

j 3a to help the Junior High even softer, lighter feeling .thl smart .'
School students lean \how to '
trim shrubs MW.. look of Kittens/Kitten/ the shoes; S

) rater DereratioM kith i purr In every pair! : ;| _>"
Mn. Donald Page chairman t.r 1
of the Garden Center decorating 0I
committee told the color\ theme
for the center and the type of !1sy :
drapes to be used y
; ;
Mn William Sherman report 0EA ;:

lhc ed- ea- the--recent- -district meet.. i I, 1 : .

i .
ii .l 5

i Q t *daevwpe

Vh V1ewyy

y s i 1er b1.V1
I IA-'

1 There's Magic I LI3

in Molds V '
k Tenwa pranere .paode h eel i

uc* joy In the tanrantation.( ..i
will and the tondwiilr H
"EUzanciataPrUt" .......Tedey. seiterts are' I
dtooowerlnc PJOW adds era 'x
Travtltra' Cluck yeses worn and are uiinc lh... jSeAViT I
cot,grkM ehemkel. toctenMMytkv }
.... O..y. saw .t' la.4 .M a lekce MpssrrMNn.. sbepte.r e ,."

....... that trfvtlt anywb.n wrltfc greet |e.< _sar and<*ue Many> t m,many*.r w t.

Inks. The c....... |Itcht Is ..... with the celer Otamislrf la M..,ire .*, BOAT "RUncf L" 4 .....".4'In
ef the sheet sleeve, fruit bewel shell All la west swderw ICU sees yes.AMteed.lg.bel4ewra + Keek.f ... J
lull theft ceMferHkle, wrMle-frte. very .eckiM. ,.M MMrvt Faw tA"e'kMe 4. Green I' -- ,

I. tell ,b... purl ky Mkr. your Mat YRW lIeck Petent.l ;
vetcrtfMMn free eur w., atltg1
........ ..... 4119 ; \ r' "
$4998GIBBS' TOUR IPMAIMACIST tt cVig aricioncr JJ\$1'.f495 l \ .., a "
e e ,.r't \ .... ... "'r .. 1' s'r
d ..
a 't;
t" .
) 1', '\

MclRADRUG 7. ; \'.

STOM TOM'. CENTER jdtf v 1 ,,f 11if a1K1 L 1 1I' J wa :

Hank festered
13143 IHIevlki ..*.. kHUra. IOUUVAID




,'1' "'!''q".. "' ''''. .''' i ri 1. ituw moiioAi! SUN nws SUNDAY, NOV. 1, mi man Wtdl'lr\ncf.\ tteehmeeb: 20th Century Club
( i'l' Sustaining Mr*. David Gunby and. Mrt. A.
,r.:'" ;i H. Gaedt, decoration. M nbsti. of tile Twentieth O"nMy -
,.\ BPW Board To Meet OfSean of tile host
*** ffMfc
Honor CM will lIMIt at 1:15
: n.
Gardcn Club Group In addMoft to Mr*. TrlM**, pmIdent. : p
All officer ad chairmen of ar: Ml* Luriayn Mercer I TUMday at till Calico Kit< neaRestawant. i
l the I>t>Land Bmilnew and Professional JWL Actives dint vte* president; Mr. The theme of the
Activities Woman' dub are Truett Staidenmlr, second vice meeting will be "P MotIe' Aspgslal
weed to attend the board mN!. president! Mr. C. C Retmee. feattr on the programWH
; tog to be held. at Hunter's Retaurant. *. AetIml'lftlMor.* of the Jmlor recording secretary: Mrs. Doug be the showing of tildes ;n
Aisles Cirri\ banquet room, at 1:45: Welfare League are receiving la. Teal ft., cnrreiipondlng *e sretary CM Meirtco taken by Mi and
Member of the AlaIN CMfe p.m. Thursday. Member at. Invitation this weekend to the ; Mrs Fwd Gr.nlllm, Mr*. Leon Parkhurit on a re .nt
1S of the Garden CM of DeUld tending are asked to be prompt annual. coffee to b* given Nov. treasurer trip.
will meet at I p.m. Wedneiday and be prepared to tubmit{ report U by sustaining\ member
... ,... at the home of MM. Ry Mo* of activities, and plans Tht party will be from 10:30:
,\\ I\! Unit 108 E. Kentucky Ave Ct- for the November program meet aim to 1 p.m. at the horn of
,;, .,:l,;' hostesses will be Mn. J. f|>U ing. i Mrs. Stanley Culp Sdi W. Huwry Come To The Fair!
Wahle and Mr, Robert O 'oifle. Av* The sustaining member
y Hibiscus ClrrtoMr Club of tVLand will meet FllLy plan such an affair each year
*. O. C. Bauman wH be tt 2 :TO p.m. at the home of In order to keep the two group St. Barnabas Church
+ a rIt holies to member of Mr. A K Mickett.: 1<<1 E. India in touch with each other; to
teF c Discus Circle\ of th. Gardeii'Jpub ana Ave Following the business provide the older group with IoUInformation
of DeLand at her home on;,Wi esslim, a demonstration on on the League' current Wednesday November 4
tanct!* making will be conducted project and to atrength.nfriendship ,
Wisconsin Ave. Tuesday auf J30
between the active
l by Mi* Robert Strswn.
a.m. and lustln.n.1It'l. .
Member are remindedw to When you use canned mush Gordon Carbon 1 II g.t. 9:30: a.m. to 4:30: p.m.
bring article for the forthcoming rooms in a sauce, you may want oral chairman for the coffee.
bazaar, coupon and label to use the mushroom liquid as Serving with her will bt Mrs Luncheon In Tht Canterbury Hoal.Inn@ I
RDM Orte V? part of the liquid called: for In C. E. Trlbble, president of the
The Roe Circle of the Garden: the recipe sustaining group and Mr. Nor

'. ,: y
: : I'''' '
; -

!f .. jt1I I

r : I A t.)i, S" At ALWAYS FIB3T QUALITY ': _

a y -j.
dw va
tl I'

Y'hl \I"e II


FM Hospital Celebrates First Anniversary 01 Therapy

Jack Copeland director of the Orthopedic Center Dsytona Bsch Introduced Therapy to the
Fish Memorial Hospital one year ago. H. Instructed and oriented the following pink ladles, Mrs.
James Fetrle, Mrs. Norman Huebel Miss Marie' DeSlmone and Mr. Lester Doolittle WhOM duties OF PENNEY'SFAMOUS Ir
are operating the whirlpool baths, wrapping hot pecks. desk work and esulstlnf the therapist, Miss
Nancy: Young and Mr*. Moire Walter and the patient Tb. unit has frown Iron four beds to sv
six bed unit and la now staffed with elfh fully trained pink ladl... They are: Mrs. Lester Doollttle, ,
chairman Mr. Chester Earth, co-chairman Mr*.James Ft trie, Mrs Donald Skinner Mrs. Clifford
Reefer Mr. Ruth Excel; Mra. Henry Dock r and Mr. J. Lester Smith. :The therapy room at the
hospital U located: on the ground floor of Hie Tower ,
Pictured above are pink ladles ttrs. Doom, aDd Mrs. Bart operating the hydrocollstor
pack machine (top) and the- whirlpool, bath bottom). .
BF PEOMl'lllbPn

The Laura E. Lock Art School Chapter of BF Chapter Pro

will meet at 7:30: p.m. Tuesdayat '
Winter Classes the home of Mr*. David Edgar .

Start Monday, November 16 at 9 a.m. Grave, SOS Edmondson Oakrldge Ave Jr.,Mr will*.
& I
Isjlanen slid AaVranc rndsh(Adults) cohostess.Woman's.

(M....,.,W..II....'.,t M12)) Club Board .

820 North Clake St. Member of th. executive .
Jest( led.f tbsnh.1 Grill) board of the Womaa'i Club of ; i
DeLand will meet at *::30 a.m.
Phone 734-6867 Tuesday at tINt Woman' Club-

bouse, W. Mlchigai Ave. ; DRESS SHOES _


Sensational! Fashionable!

_r.l..h 1\ New Lycra" Uce Tex" : FOR MENREDUCED IrP

.I re
r r t \ by ; :;

t r e U.rfIiht drag Spandex tact ;"\ %
r r clastic : 20

,r. ,
r .
,r t r t Reinforced fsggottd front pan*!
.e, i J t Satin elastic back pain! f1'

j f Sort rWancawtW and kf bands "

+ ; .I t f t4 i; OuUtamBnf control WMttenrMOW /. e nagged leathers, soft calfskin, ..' :

1 t fS rich Ilainc.f inishcd calf .
t 'i W fH tow llUfK .
t ,
r tau ? u.2! war ar star <,'

I A % 1, ew s x I Ill "I styles, colors, sizes for everyone. ,

I r a .- - "
*"-- .*""" .:. every taste (

f r .
1l .. ,,'4
1 I
F $4" l rfc lteOf'I e dress shoes, shh-ons, clt1rrt'8h ,

F 't \ c '3"j ", Pcnnc/s famous TOWNCIUFT hru.nd. ". .
lOdra first quality ,
"i ,

I r+ ,

i I.f" t:"',
i ,f" ,

time Wits A..we ... :. '1 ..Ii ; .... ., tt

(Ptpetlkaa0.... $ i

\ leers fiNe 1f\X.. ...+ .I

J4-t2.... $5." DlEY fHO, ,
trove tf+ tat ." > \
Ieeten) .... full 0,.........lIlt,...Ddt J14 i ,..... .... Ht W Nee* Om (!mM Wr****J7J4.KIt I' ]:

1 ,.. ,


-- -
FUJI 6 ELAND ) SUN NEWS SUNDAY NOV. 1,1964lie's i I ,
-- Church Events I H I ; Legion, Auxiliary

t1 I I II For Women I / : I A Asit. At Members Lake City Hospital Visit 1I

fit Barnahaa Eplwopul" .

The St. Barnabas Guild St. Thursday 13 members of the _
Barnabas Episcopal Church, will American legion and Auxiliary
hold dessert meeting' at 1:30 ; visited the Lake City Veterans ,I fl I II
p.m. tomorrow in the parish + Hospital. They visited Charles
house. Dr. John Edmund Howell Keenan, DeLand and Charles
pastor of the First Bap4l DeWolf, UmatlUa.
Church will be tile speaker He The member sponsored a
I In the seventh speaker In a \
games program the atfernooa/
reties of talks on ecumenicalyear to
giving prtees the winners y?
arranged by Mrs. George
Punch and cookie were servedto
Andrew program chairman.Dr. 55 able
patients to so to the
Howell Is a l graduate of auditorium and a large amount
Stetson University! BD degree: of cookies
were sent to the pa
Yale Divinity School Phd. degree I lIf'nll,1n the TB ward. William
; Duke University at aROI'kpteUer 1 Baldwin and Hamblin E. Moore,
Doctoral Fellow In recreational directors
and threeof
Religion. He assumed duties In the Auxiliary members assisted I t t'M'
r j4/c Del-and July 1982. Hostesses will in the social hour.
be Mrs. Mary Leary, Mrs. Hugh Taken to the patients were 73
DuVal, Mn. J. G. Richardson I dozen cookies, US worth of I
and Mrs. J. E. Summerhlll. Devotional prize. SID check to the TB Ward
will be given by Mrs. H3 electric razor $60 worth of
E. J. Morehaus. Mrs. John Gallup .. looks $20 worth of comfort
president will preside I, articles and $18 worth of Gifts ,
Westminster I'nited PreHhyterliin to the Christmas Joy Shop. They
The regular meeting of the also delivered a box of comfort !
Woman's Association of the articles for DeBary Legion and % T'
Westminster United Presbyterian Auxiliary and three boxes of
Church will he at 1 p.m. tomorrow / comfort articles from World war,
at the church W. New
VI one', Veterans and '
York and Sheridan Ayes, Barracks 48t
The special guest II to he Mrs Klster _
4 4r 4y James B. Clayton DrLand at. articles from DeLand ,
homey who will speak on the Lesion Auxiliary
subject "Wills." A question and out of the proceeds VCWC' Realtors Receive TrophiesAt
answer period Is planned.Mrs Day which goes to
Harry G. Benford and: their flmilles.
Mrs Arthur G. Candler are In Making the trip a recent meeting of the Voluaia County Women's Council
charge of the social hour following Mrs. Harry Ervey the Florida AiaoclsUon of Bealtora.two trophies were displayed
the meeting, Elmer Centner, Mr*. were awarded the council at the 41th Annual Convention of
First Methodic' Church ter chairman Mrs. Association held recently In Tampa Pictured left to right
Members of the executive committee Mrs. Charles' Lange, Mrs. Vincent Could who compiled the Achievement Book
of the Woman's Society Mr*. A. F, I'cwcU Kelley Mrs. Helen won the State trophy Mrs. Jo Peck DeBary, president of
of Christian Service First Methodist Ann Davidson and Voliula. '.County Council and Mr. Vivian Pollard Ormond
I Church, will meet at 9:30: Weaver whme "Build America Better" project book for tile coun
a.m. tomorrow In the Rosemary Mrs. Powell Named District Six won the Stat Trophy for that category
.r r Room nf the church. Mrs. Pollard Is president-elect the council Those attend
I Faith Lutheran Church DeLand the dinner at the Holiday Inn In addition to those mentioned,
1 The Circles of Faith Lutheran Mrs. Louts Clark, Mrs Helen McCarrler Mn. William H.
Church will meet this week as Director FFGC In Cocoa Beach Mrs William Cheater Mrs. W. C. McAdtm, Mrs. Kathleen
follows: The Miriam circle, at Bridge Mrs. Edna Bsuerweln. all of DeLand; Mrs. Bert Leder
i t p.m. tomorrow with Mrs. Robert Denary, and Mrs. Alberta Warner, Enterprise
Colvlg, 409 N. Virginia Ave.; Mrs. A. F. Powell president Club of DeLand soon after and Mrs George '
Lydia circle, at 10 a.m. Tuesday, of the Garden Club of DeLand, served as Its first president rector of the 10
with Mrs. Gordon McRostte Lutheran was elected, District Six Director Mrs. Powell has just completed rate bridge In play
Retirement Center Cottage of the Florida Federationof the work of a National Accredited Land Bridge dub,
35-W, Oriole Drive: Ruth Garden dubs at the Federa Flower Show Judge. Friday night. 29
circle, at 2 p.m. Wednesday, with tion's Fall meeting; held recentlyIn ]Mn. Powell work as a district North-outh winners *
Mrs. Nellie Jar], Lutheran Retirement Cocoa Beach. Mrs. Powell director Is acting as the and Mrs. John
Center, Cottage 17-E, served three terms as vice key person In the state organization first; Mr. and Mrs. A.
Lark Drive: Mary-Martha circleat president of the Garden Club of, and to provide the connecting second: Lorta Weeks e'1e4tot
Year Old 2 p.m. Wednesday with Mrs. DeLand chairman nf various : link between the local clubs Walters third) Mr. :
One Johan Pearson, Lutheran Retlrement .- committees and at the present and the state president. The George PearsaU
Center, Cottage 13-W time Is serving a second term district director Interprets! and Eant-weet winner I'
Cardinal Drive: Naomi circleat as president of the Garden Club promotes the total program, Ida B. Wilson and
and Mrs Hart Tindal Merrtttr
Robert lllls: Tlndal. son of Mr. 1:30: p.m. Thursday with Mrs. of DeLand. A highlight of her policies and 'objectives of the Singer first} Mrs.
>Corner, was Friday one year at the old horns Oct. 10.of Ha Mr.celebrated and Mr. Roger occasion Oilmora with, Ruth lovanna, 37 Monroe Ave., term in office la the construction Slat Federation and NationalCouncil. cardi and Dr. 1 1 1liIII !
e party which Each director coordinates
DeBary of a garden center second Robert Leigh
*tE.acSr&duets Ave attending: were Warren, Cindy and Linda *CH1more, 'Trinity Methodist Church was'voted by the members and the Interests of garden McNaughton, third; frkei"L I
*KUnberly end Jimmy Hogaa and the honorea's deter, Trade. The Woman's Society n't Christian Will be completed soon. clubs within her district and Mrs. WJlllam Roeebo + '
Hla paternal grandmother Is Mrs. Hilda July, Daytona Bescn, 1 Service Trinity Methodist Mrs. Powell moved DeLand ,each director assists clubs In fourth.It 11lllhi J
with her family.In 1949 and became every way pmstbl Including
was announced
and the maternal grandmother la Mrs. Bob Adams, Banford. Church circles will meet as follows '
. ) circle one, at 2 p.m. tomorrow a charter member of the organization, program planning, lion had been ;
CIrcle of the Garden recommending speakers and being
Primrose American Contest
with Mrs
O. C.
I Democratic WomenTo I a source of Information and for the club's annual
W WlsconlllAve.
928 : circle
Inspiration. She presides at ellmeetings ,
Cooper'sShoe : Hear Reports two at l.10:: a.m. tomorrow, with" ship duplicate bridge .M
In heir district. There event Is ....
open to' tile
Mrs. T. Y. Rortes; 1009 W. New
Social' Notes. act 12 districts in th Florida
Members of the Democratic will be held at the
York Ave.: circle .three, at 2pm.
Service Woman's Club will meet at noon with Federation.DUMct VI has apoproJdmateJy. 70: p.m. Nov. It.
tomorrow, Mrs. Zark
3,000 members' and
tomorrow for luncheon at Calico
., Are.U Kitchen Restaurant. Williams Interlak Ave.; circle and Comments includes clubs In: Cocoa Rock. group Mrs. Chester
1011. Rich ) four, at 3:30: a m. Tuesday with\ chairman
ledge Cocoa Beach, Mrs. J.m
Wells and Mrs. Daytona
Mrs One Gray !
> .D.t. .Docotby .Bennett will report en Mr. M. R., Emerson. 420 N. Beach. turnery DrLand, De- Mrs. Henry Dnckler, HORMONE HAND CREAM airy *...-, .UPPv *
Qtra' Ave.. Mrs. R. M. Peters .w.yr H'vlnt tu.itifInUrtiiillMf ford Keefer, Mrs.
Shoe Setae Leon Sprints, Eau Grille, Flagler
Repairing. ihE3pcenr,F:0$1l14 I)
einnbeQe .. that soothes
To. ctlvMl.l ID* this velvety vanishing cream smooths, moisturizes
wilt be co-hostess cirri five
Woman's Out t lM'nt1ollh.y j ...... ,.'....! Item* art *f I..... Beach Clenwood. Holly Hill Mrs. Donald Skinner
AU Work Guaranteed .. at 9 p.m. tomorrow, with Mrs.Olin eel ,. Sun N.w.' ,....!.*. W..'. Indialantlr, Melbourne Beach, B, Curl and Mrs. H. your hand -t attended M delegatee.sTo !; ...,,
L I Martin, 234 W, Rich Ave.: I r..u"'..alas I!. Mlltfr MM** In Hustle" W.m...'. Indian Harbour Beach. Mel. of 10,000 natural'ooenlC hormone units par
Shot Shins Parlor I' cut down on stirring time, circle six, at 1 p.m. Tuesday, .ill.,. '1.... vest, r)4-3Nb bourne Merritt Inland. New eunct. And never gets sticky or greasy about HI 4 or. rep
scald the milk when you are with Mrs. R. H. Westervelt Ill Smyrna: Beach, Orange City S2.50-NOW $1.19.
-----'. '- making a cuatard aauc Cimella Ave.; circle seven at 2 Nancy Cklnner, Hartley Clr Ormond Beach Palm Bay Pier-

-I p.m. tomorrow with Mrs. Frank cl'. Deltona Is among the 1.T77. son Port Orange: Satellite Thoeac4/ ; DRY SKIN LOTION To keep an of you silken sortvn -
Maher 206 Verona Road D*> fall graduates announced at Indiana Beach and Tlrusvtlle.
Bary: circle eight at 2 p.m. tomorrow University at Bloomington dry, rough elbows, knees, hale, Helps protect your

: with Mrs. O. G. Ind. MlM Hklnner will receive Orientation CourseIn entire body against,drying! and chapping. Helps protect
News in the Spprtiii9, W ]fJ! ;: Knowles, N. Kepler Rd.t circle her' AB degree 1n Slavic :lair your entire family tool Dispenser top for easy application.
nlne/'JiM' :: p.m. tomorrow with II
language and literature 12. cz. StOO value-New 11.00.DOROTHY.
The: Golf Mrs Arthur Cross, 1303 N. Ala Physical TherapyAt
Six DeLandltes are the
bama Ave. : among IDS North St...
Circle "Y" will meet with tins! students enrolled at theUnlv..lty Fish Memorial Ph.a. GRAYDrugstores
of South Florida. They
I Joan Gleselberg., 421 W. New I
York Ave at 9 p.m. Tuesday, are Herbert. 1WI Jr., Canejr Slug The Woman's Auxiliary workers DrtiMi i
Kbella Kllthi. Manha' Urkey,
BletMtn Baptist Church Is Physical Therapy at FishMemorial .
Themes tendon Jr. and. IIMr. : r
I Members of the Woman's" Missionary Hospital met Friday l
Union, Stetson Baptist MagalhaM. Also attending for an. orientation! course in the :
from change ClII\ Joy DeHar .
Church will meet Tuesday at hospital auxiliary mom. A coffe
9:30: a.m. and 730; p.m. In the lobe .* preceded In* course. Present raemp.Sae.
,, church. Th. topic of tile program HAPPY BIRTHDAY TODAY'' were James. Pollard, hospital It
e k wk will be "Korea Ready for Lynne Marl. medrwwky C.... administrator, Mrs E. P. Erlon Wsrklif' Chi! I
Religious Change"St. Mam- basal and Gregory Ctrl president of the auxiliary Mrs.
''LI Peter's Catholic Church Wjnus. I II Lester Doolittl. chairman of the .
r Today following 1:30,1 and 10 1
ajn. Masses, members of the I QUOTE FOR THE DAY; _
Sacred Heart CIrcle will serve We have no mon right! to con-
1 d coffee and doughnuts In the parish sum happiness without producing h1 p'Ti-
a 1C hall. The members of Ma. It than to consume wealth Deland's
We Offer Most CompleteS
donna Circle\ will sponsor a bake without producing
isle In the parish hall. -George Bernard Shaw of
On Tuesday Novena Devotions GIC CARPE o. Quality Carpet
nf Our Lady of tile Miraculous In the church. Adult Inquiry M
the Mills ofMOHAWK
Medal In the church at tM: p.m. Cave la the parish hall will b* at From
Adult choir practtc at S p.m.King's I p.m. led by the Rev. John
Rodgers, non catholics areD.. BIGELOW TREND

Beauty Shop At Ti30 p.m. Wednesday mem- and OlberaC
hen .f tile steering tommitte ef RUGS
I 1tKt NP t.. ,.. fM...... ....... St. Peter's Fall Festival will and Inrtlij You, to
,I '''' meet IK the pariah hall; RPETS
I'' SPtCIAll On Thursday Orlando Central
$5 Deanery meeting will b* In c4y 92t nlKwe Shop af Romeo
r $10 WAYI Orlando of National Council of .drrawtat
4 OperatorsN Catholic Women with Mass at ll 734-5931
Aps.l lml I'.r1 St. James Church to begin at o< 1A0.nA

SHAMPOO A SIT .n.,4 $1.10 a m. Business and] luncheon at ... 0.. If IV Tedad up".'.. l"e eel hrt,1 .........
Cherry Plata\ Hotel.



11 pots Tned Carpet Mils

INNERSPRING 1 100% Continuous Filament 88

Osi er ell the ft tit. As Cell has .,*rtla| Jath .*. MATTRESS

ifyle ..*; ....i y.. et ate .la ell lied el WNtker. Nylon CarpetBEGULAALY 3

I. Mdvtlve CehVe a.,. (4( $% DaC,*. aly.itrVJJ : RENOVATION SPECIALrur $5.95 so. YD. I sa.TD.I .

% tettsa) ,It warts. ell wins', sheds rein., eel h :
eitsleter wish eae* *nr. With" ile-fr' ..t, ***.il 1..
heel yefce. sal cenfrtlMe IujHik oho Sim 34-41 .., w. fcnHe ,.. Te VsiM Owr Stare.SM Ow

letelar' ...! >M$ leaf, .ta astwil, ier|,./,. u' '. MAHUU IUND NIW com JOt $1450. lart' UUttWa ... let Agwmt./l{ I,

$1 US \
I e Ds Poe1 N. t.m.1J.
\ AUOi New Mirtrstm.. SprIts, 11...,.... lids, 944 Sin

\ **4 Kb| She Reds M4 Te Order et letHry Pricstl

'4j i Echols BEDDING CO.

l1t M.1..1. a.... Siefa/ :

I I Call Collect Sanford: FA 2- 321

is ..




j Officers NamedAt loge 7 DELANO (FIOK9A) SUN MEWS SUNDAY: NOV. !, 19" Silent AuctionSet Veterans, Auxiliary 484 World Community Day

WW-l, Luncheon Meet World Community Day wilt t*

For CHS Member ef World War One, observed Friday at the DeBary
NB Church Veteran Barrack 484 and AUK. Methodist Church. Coffee will
be served at 9 30
: a m. followedby
Diary will have a pot hick lunch
the at Id a.m. Mrs.
4 Annual eon at U:30 a.m. at
TeaMore Wednesday
: Circle Meeting tfj the American Legion HsJL Theodore Befler will be the pro
gram speaker
The luncheon will be followed
I I' A reorganization meeting and than 30 of West Volusla's by separate meetings There will A silent Auction and plant sale I
I election of officers of the Annie leading artist have con be Domination of 1963 officer I* being planned
Armstrong Circle ot Northilde tributed paintings or art objects) --
which will be used for a silent
Baptist Church, Woman'
auction at the
annual Children's
stoner)' Union, was held at the
Home Society silver tea on Nov.
church Friday morning 12 at the home ot Mr. Arthur
aa Elected to serve for the coming
Lane, 743 N. Tuxedo Ave.
year were: Mrs Arthur Gibson I Mrs Francis P. Crumb, genera .
chairman; Mrs William
chairman; Mrs. j chairman: for the tN, has 8oH
Falen. program
announced that oil paintings,
Bessie Perry prayer
water colors, ceramics and orig
Marvin Donaldson! mission
1 Mrs
inal Jewelry have been contrib
f 'h' 'h+ + study chairman; Mrs Frank uted for this purpose. Each will
Lakln community be marked with the name ef
assisted by Mrs Max
the artist and minimum
a price. .
publicity Christian;chairman Mrs. Keith and Mrs.Raines C., their Guests bids at and the leave tea may them write be 1964 DON RICHARD SUITS

M McQualg. secretary.It
fore the
was announced that food I II la charge: desired of arrangements object. for SAVE $10 EACH I I
1 to be brought to the church: :: and the affair are Mrs Norman Mad ,
to the next circle meeting fur
Donald, refreshments: Mrs.' C
the Thanksgiving Dulcet held Walter MuUln. and] Mrs. Bruce
The next meeting will be Cary, decorations Mrs Lane, $29.95l
Mildred $
.t the home of Mrs. Invitations. .
Clifton, 340 E. Kentucky Ave., Honor* Founder
It's Been 50 Golden YearsOn Nov. 20, with Mrs. Donaldson Bruce Cary la president of

M co-hostess. the local chapter. of the Child.rea's REGULAR $49.9S ...-.......... SAIL $39.95REGULAR I
Home Society known as
November 4. 1914, at 10 a.m. In fit Emerich Church Marvin D. Mentor chairman ot the Elizabeth V llsr neu' chap
Cleveland. Ohio Margaret T. Kovach became the bride of Law the magazine division. wtWh ter, In honor ot Mr. W J.
rence Bipos. Both born In Hungary they migrated to Cleveland Blair and Kantor, both senior at't Hardness. Mrs. Harkness connection $5500 SAL $45.00REGULAR
Ohio. He came In 1M7 at the age of IT and the came in 1111at vice presidents, led a rebellion vw' with the society date
the age of 18 They met lOOn after her arrival and they were against Matthew J. Culllgan. back to It* Inception at her home
married two yean later. The couple has two children, Albert who resigned last week *i president la Jacksonville where she and

Jess of Golden Late Wls. and Eleanor (Mrs Clyde) Lankford of the firm.Culligan r her! minister husband lived at $6MS .......... SALT $59.95
of DeLand. Albert and Betty Btpos have five children. Carol however remained the turn ot the century. Mrs.Harkneas ? <
Jean (Mrs. Ronnie) BtorU of Ft Atkinson Wls, Betty Jo. Johnny u chairman ol the board. has kept her Interest
Mary Lou and Robert Slpos of Golden Lake, Wls. Eleanor Blair and Kantor bad charged very much alive and baa aided Regulars Shorts Longs Portly t
and Clyde Lankford have two children, Larry who lives with his Culllgan with mismanagement.This the society .la many way during .
wife Ann.Louise In DeLand. and Sheryl Lynn Lankford of DeLand. was the latest action In the years. RH CUFF ALTERATIONS .
The Blpot family moved to Lake Helen in April, Ion and have a management controversy that Invitation are being tent to f
lived here ever since They planted groves and ferns and until hu shaken the already financially December BrideElectThe out of town chapter and friends
1953 their fernery toot much of their time In 1953 they did away torn company which publishes of the society, and] a general Mtoj Sot" situ. Net
with the fernery and devoted !their whole time to their trove and five magazines, Including Invitation Is extended to all West I
garden. Mr, and Mrs Slpos are members of the First Congregational the Saturday Evening Post. engagement and approaching marriage of MU Sandra Volusla area resident to tan
Church of Lake Helen sod she is active In the Lake Helen] Lou Woodruff, daughter of Mrs. tank L. Woodruff W. Rich Avs, at Mr*. Lane' home between
Garden Club. They are both member Of the Late Helen Shuffleboard and the late Mr Woodruff to William F. Doud. Rochester, N.t, the hours of I and 4 p,m. Thun\ StevensStore
Club and the Community Club. son of Mr and Mrs. Alfred J. loud, Rochester, N.Y., I* being day, and to chare In the support
Their children are Inviting all the Blpo,' friends In this area announced today by her mother. of the society la this way.
to an open house In their honor .at Hopkins Baa Lake Helen, The brlde-elect U a graduate Of Gainesville High School, l
Saturday Nov. T, from 4-8 pm. I Gainesville, and she attended the University of Florida, where ssld Friday that such person
----- ------ she was active In student activities She.I is .presently employed "shirk the mere suggestion of For Men'IlSNorlliBoul.Ttrd
{ a* secretary at temper Insurance Co Individual responsibility. Their
William Grow Will Directors ,i The prospective bridegroom I* a graduate of Aqutnai Calhoun purpose la life I It lost In moral '
NY, and received a scholastic scholarship
Institute, Rochester lethargy, indulgence and
Speak At Meeting Of Fire Executives to 81 Michael's College, Vnlverslty of Toronto, Canada, and graduated neglect of duty."
I from the. University ot Rochester He Is presently employed I
American Home Dept. PHILADELPHIA AP) The as a Certified Public Accountant with Price Wattrhnun Firm.
Board of Director of the Curtis 1 The wedding I It being planned for Dec. SI In Rocheater N.Y,

William Grow, local florist\ Publishing Co. Friday tired day \ J. KERMIT COBLE l ln.
Will be guest speaker at the Blair Jr., editor In chief, and rot of her husband, the late peril.dent.
meeting of the American Home PeopleIii \
Department, Woman's Cub, at and explain the. principal: of ; The will left moat of Ms estate DcyttM IMC* Cl.4el* fw steal t.*merstW' .
8 pro. Tuesday, when the department flower HIt In trot tor his widow and chil f
arranging arrangement The NewsLONDON \\
will honor members of dren. The amount of the estate
.. the Junior and Senior Woman'sCubs using live flowers will be was not listed.ASIIEVTLLE.. SIGNED THE PETITIONTO

I. at the' Woman Clubhouse given as .a door award. He has AP) C. P. Snow,
?. been selected to design floral the British novelist'scientist, NC AP) -
A highlight of the meeting will arrangements at the Volusla has been made a life peer so he Evangelist!: IJllly Graham reportedly
be the Initiation of new memo County Booth at the Florida could Join the Labor government tines not plan. l to endorse MOVE OUR COURTHOUSEn.
ben. Mrs. Maynard McNeeley State Fair and has been chosen and speak for it In the either candidate In the
chairman reminded the mem as a member of the design panelat House o( Lords.He presidential election.A tl aw
hen to brine articles for the the Convention of the Southeastern d '
ffJ Baron source: clone to Graham,
took the title
rummage sale. Florist Design School .In who lives In Montreal, NC.,
wta demonstrate ; Snot of Leicester, bill horn
Mr. Grow Charlotte, SCw
'" ____ ________ uU_______ I town Ftldny. 11* bad .Na said I la .V>vUl.,' NC. Friday
named parliamentary ..*-'ry that Graham IMP that 'his
1 a. to the Ministry of Technology.* lull Is to preach the Gaper

Newly Remodeled Fred L, Tbenrioa. pnwUent AP) A judge hu set said a Edgar Hoover FBI director
Florida Eat CMM Railway Jury verdict of disturbing the says "Ioea many Americans no
Company win apeak .. Hot- peace against Llndssy Crosby, longer rare about religious Ideals
GONZALEZIIISTAUIlANT eon University) buslmw slur 2$. youngest ot Bin, Crosby' and heritage .f re
dent. Thunday al II ew. .to loot 'lit a Thanksgiving message to
the Student taut: Building. He wai convicted by a Jury law enforcement: officials, he
Announcement el Tberntoae Oct. 19 en a complaint brought I -----
Oa U.S. 17 In appearance to made by Dr.Chauncey by a year-old woman who Sift ind rttin Out cird AW N Poet t Retired'tH
Elkln acting lout accused him of shoving her oft
ef the ...tool ef Bu lit *4 AdmlnlntrmUon. barstool In a Sunset Strip Bight-a < Willa Jean'sfair M f Vlrr 111 ItfA*'.. rWl ,,, ?, $(, Wr OHI.f. A
,DeLeon Springs the said the "tailor club June 19. tSSfflWmi lift) M (JJYSSI nag |ur;in rt. vnrt m. t) < dUKO*
will speak to the "'MoI',: Judge Jacques Leslie ruled f. { Styling Salon
Op.. 11 t30 A.M. te ':3OP.M. Dally aaMvnbly program. fe .hrlInUrettrd | Friday that the evidence! did not
Phase 'U.4141 I local cltbem are support the verdict I t nod .. Is a KesfeeMltoa el Ike Actual aifMtore Card *f I, ..,.It C.Me
.. I .
else InvltnJ.R LAP;: i, Dccya II
feOSTOft lira. John Then EXACTLY 60 DAYS !b for
I" Kennedy hu ""a named the Cosmetic Studio e. filing leg pdltfetl title* hewl1hch.

legal guardian of her two chll- I OCD Days A WeeklaMMe : ." kit nun -
dent, Caroline, 3, and John, .# AS.IM..>*t
j0 The court action Friday was 1.1 t4B.. flu AM. m. fM T7H

;; p effect routine the step provisions toward putting of the .. -- ---...., i e and 60 days from now 1
-- -----------

what will he do? .

We can't afford to fee our courthouse! '


OUALITTIpolaaelquerAtee I

ran k HwtJ ....... ; i L q CC BEDDING _SALE JOHN F. JACOBSLives
hip ,. arol .b 1hI.
.......UK white

toW ptfICIM. in DeLand and ha*,

$129'I '

/ as.aaly /yfl NEVER SIGNED Jlth .

3ta0pil'0i !

'tr "'
AWARD WH1lNODt31GN1 ... ..,.. ..... THE PETITION!

w "" '
A i..le sew.. l '
frrolr./b.11.. % ; ELECT JOHN F. JACOBS t
.... .... .. TRADE-IN
,. ........- S
elf ..... ..... 20 ALLOWANCEON AS YOUR ,





>wx (I4d Seld $;,*': i !

y "Ne. tls..aPp4 5 I.
_,sdd sbeeI seheadsleal SHOP BY PNNE
Rubric.. Seer 4+g si Msa awl M 1111 Mwbeerelbwoels POLITICALLY EXFEDttNTI !
bee... /eels.
gteae ; CaN Swferd f 322-6321 coKttt sal! SeMetA'
....... II .....fa 2

.1". .... e1wr1 --t...eti.eT29 wJd 6W en yeu with samples. ELECT LEVER

.-" r. Trolls It .Ihet tU MISmeae taef JOHN F. JACOBS 4BYOCF

lit.s .. a r ,!i
-do er Echols ... ittg Co.

11' MepeIIe A... Sadw/
.... I i 4reUTte AW. IA/e see er 45N r. a001/1

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::" rT' .
: 7 -t
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"'.. 54: ,.
i : :. "
: .
.r. l .' '
,j if'. '; .
: State Bank ; :
.' ..,.,

'Ie',1\, .;'.,,< :' .CHARGEDeland ......" PLAN ,;.. .' .;.,', .: j'

:' :I ',c :'
;t i ;., /,. ,

.q. .. \\I'

I 1'1Et"1BEh1 I \ ..< i'.,,:

liP ,, . .. 0 <" ,. t'i '''' o'f.;M.; :
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.' .. .. faV ;
: .. ONE CARD. DOES IT!: .,; ;, : r''
r '
.. .,. i. f
.v \ (' ; '
J ''I' '
., ,,
O 'J 'D......SUM Ink J
nit Hrarttvi Iriwt and.. |rm died Hntlflii jn at t t :
Deland StateBank mrmbtrlshre. Any*** with a Dilad Slat link Ckirgt plat I DSB Charge Plan ,

"C' It, Card virtu km n luarutiid chirps' icceant with. ,yew:" nil c.r".n!! yia mid ti uy,"tliirji' I It* for any p.rdi..i, JOHN DOE I j
'C f
d ': 0 I member 123 ANYPLACE
!f [" larj ir small it my ttiri h the writ Vilaili wit.
: ; "I' I; DELAND. FLA.


FOR RETAIL MERCHANTS: '" : ;: t FOR RETAIL CUSTOMERS: .. ;-, ::: r* ,:; .. ;:1

No Risk Or Credit Loss ', : '':J2'i".q< : : West Volusia Area Credit Privileges : r.i":\; ;:'

Yi. in glvn "Immidliti md Irmicakli,. credit' for dally salsa Raters mirckindbi.. II' with \' ':1 \ ..: .'.,,'<-. ,j
kandlidlntknortnilwiy. \ ," K, ."', ;..t .. ": I In* the if f it Diland* licatkB Ittfi it link the .Oarji..... Card Tea ua ikip .! ny nimkir If.I... ......' '. ''

.i .', : : + ; <,
:. /:';:, )'. .';

I Immediate Cash For Each Charge + :t4 : ;, J One Check 'Pays;All Monthly Charge Purchases

At the. sad if neb 'diy' ;|llnl kundlt ., apt if Tear sites, slips, mate. .. rim, .t.'Dtlaid. )r. .-.. i.: Ad yur pvrtkitM, foni ir smelt, nd r.(ordlii if wklck member step. m bll
'! sts( .lank,III y fur mcwif/ will trtdMid .Imntdlildy.' V --: .' : 'l., d rln{ |the Biitk art' killid( a .1. ttitiniat.30Day '

; ;r.
) .
No Bookkeeping Worries : Accounts Cost No More Than
., .. Paying Cash '

Tit dwit km t* lit n i cully, ICCl .''tn, ...,.rtftI'lIt. Tbs OiUiid Still!',Ruh o VhMdlN : rile knid. arH-wUi undM prtvOifi ait y.. ........
tki.. intlri'{ cycla.1( klHln. | irtcidun.... IlIv", Tat n kaikkitpliif wirri.... ...>.V ;
:. .
1''c.'w.: 0..J.1 11. .(f/" ..'..... 0'. .

No Collection Worries : ; ;' : .' :- Up To 6 Months To Pay Revolving Credit i

,. .. !. .i i '
The Ditmd. Stiti link dm ill the nshcten.d't.H. tIi| wirk. TM'in. triditid wltll.E> This, ptrmlts large .Inimdkti. pvrcktiH aid pravUti. a .Unjtr. aid utter way ti pay"
.Immidlititiikwkuwiriciivi! / s UP7 .f per Sala slips. ,f ", tl. with only 1 a smelt.kandlini chine a,tki npiM ..Ia.... ..i ., ,
f : 1. :: 5: : :",1a :
,' Nt. .! : .
\ .

No Area, Restrictions. t :.1 }!' : 'J:! ; ,No. Need To a rryCash' ;, : ':. L. .

Yiw .,. Wky tot tf cask. wkm nisq*Ckari. !rat kir .ntaB iton'ta
cutimtr pitucvitiMin will U Lady inmdid kictm Oiled SttH link Out*. carry a ysa My,M
1.., '. llvjui' aiywkira hi the. iriM if west Vilmta. mr ship it, yiw store, sad r a the ana. 'S .., -'r'','."r.,; TT.T"-.
10" .Ch..II. i,' ", .j.
'.( I : ; <>- "
'., -" t \ :
1 r I.i .

I Increased Number Of Potential Customers' 'Allows Better Family Budgeting :\. .; ': .1.

.. '\ *" ., Tki matkly kiV to yw wll km,a m rd tt alt ytw tamkar sNn., 'n..... H wQka )
Inry MI if the tkmindi .f( ppi! (kit cirry a Deland Stata tusk dens Card'wO ,: infer to knp ym....|... r1 'JI"? t.....
ki i .' ,H
pitiatiil cailtmr fir yaw itir* <&$;v... ,
., : ,., .
.,.. .' ..I... ..,. '".... '- .' ','' r1""f='<"",.J\, ""h' it.f
. '
-' '- '" .j. .
Strong Member Promotion : : :
: rs, D4ondstct.sanp '
:!!.t. C" Pi.|hn.. tk.,kmiflt il itraii... twuimr M ..... premdlsa,(. .
0 ." 1' \ \ '\ I ,:

I\I-5;;;:; STAH LANK - --.,-Ii';""; ;iM\.7\ ] r. : r' t.rl AN EXCLUSIVE SERVICE.OF:

',:.' : 1'JAtH.F: ': YJ -
I "Ckarji Phi' P NrtMim u I' tf: .' :
m lilt NM Tilt Aft. 0,'. (f .
I........_.,.-- FUridf () \ '' I.. ')i: .DELAND STATE, ..: I

:' ': "ii.uvj'i: i ;; ,: 't'JI ). ;
"I I !'PIMM, sod ni mn ..,.,.,,," n her I nl .tct.. a ...... sties. ,.... ..-" ,;!.)..r..,.'J '
.to Iki 9tlad '..1. to\ft\ "Oarii' PUn larks I i": 3'::1.:.. H MM d >' J
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.:. ; ;
i )tir* KMMI ..................................; ..,:. ....... \ I. ; t, B A N K ''. ,

Addmt. ...................I.................oJ .4r......,.....;;............!... 'I'. 1 T ..', I S'1'11t4"0 ..,, :. o 1, .. r.;!;: .J'. ;
: .. ;
I ..':t'JII"1 SItIf4 NN..i..NNH., ........'..N.NHN "H._M1. of Gold Carpet SlrYliL ./ !"','.;.... '.

: I K Title ...................".... ..... I $ > .fit '



News Review f.i' Fy r FEC Ordered To Abide

By Pre-Stirike PoliciesJACKSONVILLE

What Made History I II II

: (APt- The '1'11. fact that a strike II 1 la
I I Florida East Coast Railway has preheat on the FEC doe not
a y The AMMlate' ,,.... la a nuclear age. At one stop ht scribed as a "turning point" la been told tt mutt pay wager and Justify the wholesale l abrogation
In tea**** 01 oratory. the said "some people have more Catholic Church history It was provide working conditions\ eitaMtshed of Minting collective bargainingagreement.
long preattentJal cainpalgn guts than !brain," Time and likely, however, that no final by collective bargaining ." the fudge said
swirled. toward tie ctoie. again be used a favorite laying: enunciation of Church teachings nearly two years ago He ruled that violation of the
Meat of the poUa a* the week Telling a man to go to bell on marriage and conjugal rela. U S. District Judge Brvn railway labor act threaten Irreparable -
ended ald Lyndon Johnson and making him go there are how long It would take the Chi Simpson Friday lamed a preliminary Injury to. the public In
wen far ahead, but the Prenl- two different thing," seas to build an atom bomb. His I Injunction ordering the tere.t and to the right of the
dent, a great reader of the poll, Goldwater made his last call agriculture: policy was wrong, FCC to abide by agreement" FEC employe! and union.
wasn't taking any chances and In the East Thursday, then lie built his own cult u bad as with nnnnperaUng union at the The railroad has ordered to
"'II'Orklnz hard to make them headed West to finish up his till Stalin cultKhrushchev yr time they went on stoke Jan 23 revoke' notice nf changes It posted ,
come true Barry Goldwater campaign in California, one of hlmseU still had 1WS. He gave the railroad II July 31 1D6.1! and Sept 2.,
who also reads them, aid he the states he baa said he must lot been seen since his abrupt dada to cwnplv 13! and "condition of empln\.
didn't believe them. He predicted carry to win. All the way he downfall Oct. 14. He was reported The order: prohibits the Jacksonville ment" posted Sept 1, 19M!
that the political upset of the hammered hard at two main to be living In a I .Miami railroad from following The caw, brought by the t'nit.
century was In the maktn,. themes, Communism and moral apartment near the Kremlin ray and working condition ed State, ties In with similar ac
record vote forecast decay getting a pension of $1400 a I *, it established for new lions brought by the brotherhood
A was
On Tuesday, as the atom month He had a couple of I employes hired to replace strike- of Railroad Trainmen and
Predictions ranged upward cloud clear Johnson win be In neighbors, the reports laid: era and those observing picket the Brotherhood of Locomotive
from n million ballots to 73 Texts: watching the returns. y.M. Molotov and Ceorgl) Zhukov. I lines Engineer. ..
million The existing record 1s
Coldwater will he In Arizona.EUiE"'RERE I
r 68833000. In the 10 Kennedy ___ .....
Nixon battle Since then pop. Elsewhere In the world As the Ecumenical Council
ula'lon Increases have added 49 EDUCATOR IS HONORED Sandra Christian of OPEN UNTIL NOV. 71!
. Rebellion, mainly by tin min tions would emerge for several STETSON Stetson. president
In million addition.voters District to the of Columbia potential era and students, raged for days jears. Dr Ruth I. Smith, professorof the Zeta Tau Chapter, made the presen WE WILL BE OPEN ONE MORE WEEK-
in Bolivia with nt least SO persons education at Stetson University was tation and Dr. Frank R Tubbs of the
time residents, poll will taxes vote are for now the illegal first, reported killed. Thursday The final 14! Nohel prize honored last week at a dinner sponsor* education department served as chairman BUT WE CLOSE SATURDAY POSITIVcLYI

and thousands of Negroes have night the government of President were announced In Stockholm ed by the Zeta Tau Chapter of Kappa of the dinner. Viewing one of the Un fJ fJ r rrr "rfl' fI rfl
Joined the registration lists Victor Paz Estenisnro A British woman. Mr*. Dorothy Delta Pi National Honorary Education books art Miss Christian and Dr. Smith.
Crowfoot became the
broke relations with Communist Hodgkin
voted to Others left Linda
Republican National Chair. Fraternity The thapter..had to right, are Gregory
Czechoslovakia, accusing the third woman In history to win
man Pean Burch said he expects Czech embassy In La paz of the chemistry prize, Madame spend $100 for the purchase* of chil. vice president of the chapter; Dr.
Coldwater to carry Te'lll.Johnaon' supplying arms to the rebels Marl Curie and her daughter dren'a-' books for the duPont-Bdl Library Tubbs; Miss Johnson and Gretchen DRESSESWhipped
home state: make a Irene being the others Mrs. on the campus: and'had invited Fries, a teacher at DeLeon Springs
clean sweep In the South, pickupa Joint amphibious! m.n"uvl'rIof Hodgkin won the IVOOO prize\ Dr. Smith to assist in selecting the School More than 100 persons attended ,
couple of border states, win United State and Spanish for her ....orkJt\ determining books. Then as a complete surprise 1 to the dinner Dr. Smith, a member of cream, Arnel Jerseys
Vev In the Midwest andWe
states military forces, Involving 120 through the use of, X-rays, the Dr. Smith, the chapter announced during the Stebon faculty since 1934, is ad.v .
and \
ended FrIdaY. T!!e war games essential In combatting being donated to the library in the of the Student Florida Education
Johnson, crlss-crossing the Courted 'along a 145"square pernicious anemia name of Dr. Smith and will be known Association and is Stetson's official Juniors Misses Half Sizes
country by plane as balloting 'rntl. sector of the Spanlnh coast, An American, Prof Charier as the "Dr. Ruth L Smith collection representative on the State Advisory ,.
neared t
day was making no
cost the lives of 1) Americans, Hard Towne of MassachusettsInstitute
the dinner short talks were Council Elementary Education
During ori
claims. At one point he said: killed and of Technology, shared
'anvbodv who counts those crashes.In'plane helicopter the physics prize: with two Russians given by Dr. W. H. McEniry, dean of specialist! in early childhood education,
votes before they are In the Prof. Nikolai Bwov and the university: Dr. Evelyn Sharp professor Dr. Smith director: of Stetson's Junior $5.$6.$8Mld
ballot box Is gambling with his Britain' new Labor goem Prof Alekssnder Prochorov, for at Bethune-Cookman College; aide program and a member of the Association
1'fe and the future of this nation merit wasted no time in movingto \ their work in the developmentof Agnes Johnson, representing the Florida for Childhood Education, the
The rink It too great. The strengthen the British economy maser and later beams They Education Association in Tallahassee Florida Education AsIIIlltloland Delta .
President's con l'stent theme It announced a 13 per cent will split the prize money half .and Dr Ray V. Sowers, head nt fopr Gamma She 'Is listed in to sell for
wu for calm, deliberate actions surtax, effective Immediately' to Towne and the other half to the Teacher Education Department at "Who's Who in American Education"

'on all Imports excent food, raw the Russians. $14.98 $16.98 $17.98 $19.98
1 ch materials and tobacco. The ,

measure, said to be temporary, ATTEMPTED 'OUSTER VIEWED Pege t DKAND (no m) SUM KIWI SUNDAY, NOV.1,I". I
was designed to stimulate

and domestic for reduce things business the which outflow Britain enterprise of money herself I French Fm'11lCrSWullt' 'Slice Of Prosperity' AltSALIS FINAl 'e0

can make. Hardest hit were Open 9 AM. AJ '
members of the Common Market to S P.M. F

57 t to per Britain cent Next of whose hardest export hit PARES AP) -.French farmers system of governmental price' these celllrg uA minimum French farmer are also developing ,...'"1... A".I
was go the United States Flnt are up In arms about their ceilings and guaranteed' mini ratei tend to be the tame. new want Many seek ".e oauenu&Pjppcj"WeinghoUse.'..:.o.
official Washington reaction role in the national economy mum price! a sort. of farm I I Farms citing: their' own Using I machinery and modern quip-
was one of understanding. They want a wider slice of support mechanism. As far a* cow uy the ceilings must be meat
: France current prosperity As th. producer are concerned raised,
I they see It. they are being treated
Report from Moscow said the
a* poor relations\ a family
Kremlin wu advising Soviet .
of lncraslng affluent
party organizations and foreign
Communist that NlkltaKhrushchev That. I I. brief, .to the/ story
behind this week nnsuecMitul
TONSIlLITIS ws booted out
to esseat Premier
In thl because of 29 Instances of.rnllU* attempt
George Pompidou through a
GOOD OLD OAYSNot rat error and personal miscon vote of censors In the National
who said had
duct they
Assembly, a parliamentarymove
M tong 5th tonsil infection' seen the document said aimed really at President
anne*common teuret of treubis> It listed the*.) crimes, among Charles de Gaulle. As expected
Acute tonjillilii sent innumerable other: the majority \held
lltople0 bed and leda Mriout Khrushchev erred In sending firm government's and the motion got only 201
lit tiiildr HAS CUBE/1 SERVER AND I 140. MEAT PAN !
compilation psrticulirly V missile to Cuba, because he of 242 vote needed to overthrow
Tamil irtridioM becinu on*of lout face by \being forced to thai government
the most Inquintl nyuni l luadl, withdraw them. He reduced the ELECTION ETED
at I surgery. fight with Red China to the level Farm spokesmen Insist, however .
Today ill IhTt til tetnetiiwiA nf a personal' v.ndett.VIth Man. that this was only the
fee donnf worth of endive Tae.tung. He wan wrong about opening gun In a campaign 88FEATURES
prescription drugs mike W- came to grip with the birth looking to next year' presidential LOADED WITH ,
clill.rtllL An antibiotic(pwiciitilt control Issue, Roman Catholic election and to various mu
tor uampli)site check Hit leaders split into ronaervsrlv nicipal and departmental elec. but
tonsillitis ittack nittin 41 hour* and liberal camps The liberal tions. The heat will be on deputies
Vnitt to tin.oip ti(for tonsil were" demanding a thorough restudy from rural area who' supported LOW IN PRICE I
titnction bad iiu bun trui'yItdlKtt of Catholic doctrine\ on Pompidou ajid thus la
marriage and. birth control. The the ejes of farm organizations, Regularly

shut 7011 UK tee\nm Mifrritfiptions powerful backing received from betrayed their constituents, 3 DAYS ONLY
do much\a senior Church: leader" wu de Tim government fighting $269.95!
educe tile total cost of 11 Utaesfc! Inflation says any concession to flff
Only) 15 prtscriptlont t MEMO. the farmers on produce price
thousand cost it much n$!!8.In would push open the floodgate
*avenge till costs.."$XZl to !higher living coat. The farmer
lit trondir M My:"Todij'| contend that! the remedy" lee\ 6
,rtSCrtptlOflIt tilt htUest 1* reform of the Bati n'l snttquated -
&lrl'iJ II Ihto7" disc ibuttoe channel! lei Gobi burnt and 2
which frequently double aItem' 1 4\
Elector' Trays stores : '
0 tad
cost between Sum, I k
retail market 120 cubes
m This French farm sorest II 1 $ *
reflected la UM French threat to
of the 'Common t
pull out European : i
Market nnle- the six M-
p '))1L doe organization; soon establishes __
Sn.ilhJ'UgJ common market for agrV

KB( :R cultural ment'' aim product her The\Is to govern give y.-J-4

French farmer new market la

; .91w. !....... West Germany at price* .a nt Strap
above those sow prevailing la ? ....1
r' ,
J 734.0100ANw..e.c France. 4t1 Includes 14-pound If .
Farm produce to France Frozen Storage Tray '
1 n N. IM. 7244)77 come tinder a eompUranM .,.e ,

'k tl "i
I ) w

11 M Milt Pin with Lid a. t J I; 1

*tere* 9 pounds, lifts '

out for counter usePfiMiCritrheds 4 )

''a, :

.; t


2-Poilt4nShilfacf! .

lusts to hold bulky

Z ]Herns, gallon milk Jup

,, 1 4, r i u as y "
Model) RYD 22 ; I

/ 11.6 cu. ..t. NEMA Capacity I
e.ks t [ ;

almost 2/3 bushel ,

"' ; i I "
2t r iw: ( ;j '; f' !' 1 Y+' f

I "Wt Instill wA.; Semite
230 North BtubvardPBOf ( ?

Lucky Thunderbird Winner. ., 734-2771 m "''t.. Everything W* Stl'l"'

la ...*. iMrf *. basff !%-*. H TT a*.., tJ **... *m.....* **s .*,. *. ... ";" ARDWeek's
sew Utt TkeatetM (. .Mfcr ..*. .... r..*. I.... bile Mr lids linens ... 0"-THE-8OUlEV

... Jewel WUnD4ri4s a-.w. *.. vt*.ec II fie sew n M0tH >Mllt .
(*MM1 .....< *>*..... btu. ..Urt Loa ed 71.141,


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