<%BANNER%> ear ownership U. conparaUve I Clay County within a period of : .
ry wlde.spread In Clay County thrve years.By I
Only a atnaa Pfflft\cac. at way of aompartaon the I '
tarot .. IUD do not hare can Cn td Btatoa as a whote recorded .1 I II
The fiffurta ahow. aa af UM I Sa frcraoos of 11J prrOTIC 'I Oaf fbt b/eR1 frfIfI&I I

first of this pots. an avvratet and. the South AtLanUSltatee .w.awfw. C...., a.a.re.m Q.cce.oa.a.w. MW., 1 'o.
141 ear for curry IM tarn 111 lot cant '"
ttoa locally which Is .... Ttio number af rrfM rtdrara -=n. I r

than la many aortlons of .1 roao from 7JM to ITTI Mmebwt ........... .
ountry The ispourre hao boon duo to Aa.d.q.ns 0.-1

There has been" aa tnrra o, no saaafl sawn to the Ice 1M ..... ....... ,.. A HAPPY
aU*. m UM number af tw. arfamfltaa i Lyre interfot of the U...a..fto 1 1Nt
..... 41 prr used Jac3y .. cra. ... wanU ao bo back Tat U 14111 :
are now to that c>>a '1 of the .bl the ...... bet u.-- Anne "
The report which prvornUfcwra *ta, his ken to atrtr,
for afl parts .f the.Catted Cr ov>rrauaa OMU wffl bee Tit n 1.11(1
...... to Tram the'uadord 'I brow. Met Pre H scale.1 ,1IlfYEARI'
...... and Data levy.tea. .te the (M.I1I" ,... 1J
''I ..nil Mrtow ease tat*.. The 4
H shows tbat the sate U.. hums an Bade. ad. UnIt a.. ) '
b'. aided. eMJtef I .. .1 J ** 1
bvaaioMa r.Ni the lob Hay as they me. u >
1 .
. Aaissw Dime affrfUd are _.ed.t M Tr..uty 11urvNtart .I '
lea ........ parMng ..... sled r-.t.t tmm.N. .
_IDs star warts islet,) eaOi ...... to the tmtGoal
_... andanta. iatast. u-. yonhe'. bMeito
to *... a trw, ssquted loam. ike sto.bw ,
rs rw tag .M--- ... I bwl sows penis I :c f'.c<< << .("'.('.(!('ttCCttC ('(!( tC

'a. --... .i.-_ ,...,,'


I r .1

:FACE TEN ,' QHay( County Crescent m""SDAY.DttEMBEBU." ...

Daniel A Poling President of Memorial Home Community spoken by the Rev. Ralph O Korteltng Response, representing -
MHC Played Up In Corporation, Editor of Christian Herald, a church leader new members, was made by the Rev Roger 8
known throughout the world. !New members were presentedto OuptUl
Helm Dr Poling by Carroll M, Wright, resident director Dr. "Music was by Mrs. Frederick Andres, a "top notch" I
Association Journal' Poling delivered a short address violinist, accompanied by Mrs. Thomas S Cleaver; and by
"In behalf of the association, words of welcome were both the women s and the men's choruses."
Funeral Home
Memorial Home Community and its activities are described
I in the current issue of the Journal of the American
CHARLES HELM Association of Homes for the Aging M ". beautiful, coun NEW AND I
r' Funeral Director try-club style retirement haven for over 300 residents on ... RIVERVIEWRESTAURANT
approximately 200 acres""There USED CARS
is something doing almost all the time," the
Phone U84.!9CI)6) !)/ magazine says, "a 0-hole gout course, a golf club, an annual
golf tournament seven excellent shuffleboard courts, a ,
GREEN! COVE SPRINGS, FLORIDA annual shuffleboard
shuffleboard club; an tournament; Grain Cm Sprint .
HUT. 16 EAST p, 0, BOX 445 Hwy. 17 at Black Creek
of the thumb
gardens to work for those ; concerts
green ; When A Better Deal Is Made Tan Nets Win Make itt!
lectures and other programs for entertainment and culture
; a !large and active bird club; book review groups; a STOP IN -
women's guild; a women's chorus; a men's chorus; a Sym
posium Club for men; a remarkable church choir; other SEE AND DRIVE THE '65 HUSlXESfo; nx's; LUXCHEOX
social and inspirational functions.
'The two really big functions each year are the Golden
"The tttst Seafood, Rib Roast t, and Steak.v
Wedding Anniversary, honoring those couples who passedthe
rbene ........ Direct llnte }
fiftieth milestone together during the year; and the "
Xeu York.
Short of
Pall Reception, the official reception for those who have lax I84-SOS5 GC8
become members during the year
"This year's reception has just been held In the Com
munity's chapel the Penney Memorial Church A half-hour -
a S 1 1 it 1 S 1 taa a/ as '
? !
organ recital by the church organist, Mrs. Ono B Coons z'' 9rRK'Rip I t CtCttC ,
preceded the formal program The Invocation was by Mrs
Phorbe Dopp, vice-president of Memorial Home Community
"Thirty-one new members from seven states were received ,"'"
and welcomed. Present for the occasion was Dr. r
7. you? r',, :t'tl ky# t ; (xgd, i
iiiiiiiiiiiiuiiiiiiiiiiniiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiitiiiiiiiiiiiiii 1NIIIIIWIII11111N111aNINIIIIIINIIIIaIIIIIIIINIIIepIIIIIIII II11UapIINlleN/lIIII'or / .
r M 1 '
Year-round Ilealing ,
? -:-
. ; t1 7I : .
". "i .1.
l ..
YP'itri TH I'i: '
CRIS11xT: :; ,
J 1 ir.,,
1\ +
To Friend. from liotnoAn
u\uiy ::
( / f e.trLf i lr ever-welcome) : (CliiixtrniiH gift :::

fIapp I\ktii\ bOIL, &iMs :::t:

flOOn: () / )'('//1 r .ij .:-

t"OO( t t'C )'\'"n ' +
to old friends and new friends rk 5:
S, .tIS :-
wo send our best wishes (If more than two subscriptions are given, the price '',1''

Is $200 a year each ::;
W. J, ami (UtACK: WI'.rKH: : :.f
0 Walnut Btrrtt Grtrn love Sprints % .. I I : .. ;

_.lllilUUallli lIaNNIIIN4wInswaeuuhurmlrnxIIIWNINIexuINInrIIIxNIwmhuIo1uI!!I lIIlInUIIIIIIIIIIIJm1l1l1lftJnUl.r : +
- -- - ---- --- ,
hN"N".a"1a"til"\a t( tCtCtCtec w 1a1Mw'M"1!(%(%(!(! x rtCttt(!haMM"a! % %( ra!( 11'1 Ia Mw1a"w1M"/a"M t :C
.+. ih I +I r ,i


,I ij !"II

1: I l I I Vw'- ,

I I 1 1r t

1 I ,
j, !

) / i; i _

12 ,


; y !
I! ;


J 1i '

.. : ,x t fiwMO.M 'I

I '

1 I
t. I !

o 1 1I 1I
I r i + B

l ,
: 111

I 1 : ti !

I i I i I Ii "n



I i // Nl1NlJN'f/ rrtn tier f/'ltdl/ (

t ,'
t ./ M'r iluh.1 <;rt .m IC'W.t.. s ., T"i i, the irao for rn ainN" irm aNs'wsorirj eJ .wr (biLlhwNlrt'hriIr6.es

t ) .i.A the .sr4rus'1 2 u '
t hdt, pNeeg / (/ ail ,tkf torn ll'Juloy timet 01 ll r i..utt a.,l.
t I 1 L . ofI
J \ tO IIw..f' Nt' lilt H NtNfA. :L'+ : : ;I
I /.uJJi- t/SN'\ di ......u tkarrJ tntk glow, '
Mrtfjl ('//u1 /I"'fJ' to oitr I n f"r : I
i '. .. : I II
Ij I Iw
y 1_
r, 't \:," "\ lfi : II II j

,. IiI
I 1 I .'t i'j 'J \ g, i

Clay Oil CorporationOMX \ h' ECHIE'SU'llKHK i!'i

Omni Wanact Pv.3.nl .. : THE RKST: I'KOfLK MKKT: :
I 5 I kl'lon It -I t, KloritU l ,

: ). )\ :: j :f'>> :UH


. a (
-- -

.I, \ I

DECEMBER U. 1X4 (Hay: County( ClIresceut.( PAGE ELEVEN


I l', .. Impact Funds EarlyBy f foj


Zt M A Federal allocation of $128- eligible student a year," I
i' ;. 4 592 has been received by the I I Persons living in Magnolia
County Schol Board as an Interim Springs apartments contributed I
> I amount to
payment for students a significant
whose parents work or live onO the sum because a substantial
I E S I I XII(' (1 8. Government property! I I number of children living there : I
I I) The funds are part or a tentative are Involved as Magnolia I
allocation totaling $171- Springs is Federal property i f &4r 7*
458 which is based on the number There are also a number 01)
of students expected<< to be' army families living In Mag I I I
I eligible during the school year nolla who are responsible ro
Application for thla assistance a double payment; one because
GI is usually nude In November they are army and another because !
0i and acting School Superintendent -I they live In Magnolia. !I
Jesse P. Tynes Surveys of all county schoolchildren I 1-
i' Q, expressed surprise the money are made during the
\ we. received so soon Tynes first and eighth months of
i \ .M noted the figure thus year school to determine the ruim. I
I I II showed a slight Increase over ber of children for which the j I I I II
I ,
1 I 't the expected amount., county will be paid. Parent of \
i 'I 'We spend more than $loo school-age children will be ismlllar ''I j
: : annually for each student in with this survey m I 0
our county schools" said Tynes I which they are asked to fill out
% 4 "and Federal payments amountto and sign a questionnaire which I, t rJn
approximately $85 for each the child brings home ? ra
) .I!
: >> ------ ._._. pr
: !C t( t( !( !( t( A
II r JtJlce be
r" (
r I '

,. '\. 1 1 I
i :.
,I'I Iil vi h.
:. ijl t' t '% \ \il; I 7 iiur ir I 1 t ., you' 00

:: AS 1't"; .J. A I J\\ May! \ Your Wishes o()

: it I nnd youi's'May

: L- J it .., ;- f' /
: y t L. aqJ/Ii' All\ Come True !
12 EARTH AND .48 t j
: PEACE ON t..4s'I.. ,II .. _y. ? your Christmasbe
WILL TO MENThe i5 .fI3rJ J v:e all have special dreams nnJ
GOOD ;''i'mu' llul .F :nm\1\ beautifully serene
Upesforthfl. future., .may t thou
: joy of Christmas comes to our world I ,
'1I;'des that ".* dearest to your liouitJ and wonderfully joyous
t once more, bringing its message of hope Christmas Peace to All
SfVI I ,his CIirictnlus.
;: and love to all men. May we wish }you '. i i4: our sincerest wish that this holy e we take this opportunityto

'.. season will be one of great peace and
of at t this time
: happiest seasons la. .....j$ for our many) good friends.: thank you for your /


;. c tm fig., A rum
1 Penney Farm*, Florida) 4F ,
(}lrtym Cove SC&rfetmathe l11t1i I ASM) N'.11111.1'awll :

f F : tCtC tCtC !(tC .! :?(t( :C !c!( !(!( :C !(:( ..__ r_1._ Tn I'll' g J "iII ______ IIIIIIIIIU1I11U""IItUIIII.11II.; \
,- - --
:'j'; "' )II' . ctCtCttttttCt! < .e O
't O..t.'o. '
'r; 'r\ "
"I' .' e 9 Jfr.Q" e ..V,9'r '. JP'.g. e t r
: j r 1 e +
:!: 1
.. ,. '. f
I ,

; i / a : rvi,, E1qIIL1-[ A I

: "

rI I t '" .- ... \
LJ II ,r : ....
I 1Ifflhi "" -.t I

l; 1yflt' "
I, I I ::'A' : rJrinJ

/2 rk I ; ,' t .

r ( ;? A" .. I

I '\ .,". "',\
I'I' r f {
I'I' / I \' ,..,. \.
10 "
i ,1,sI Iv ,"II
: ,
I' I! JI t \ II a t't'I'., ItI" .
I J'Le9 iJ I / "
i tw I I l'I'i lI l// I

li 4 $ .
l i ' 'iii I


time to wish the] I ,

% f1
.. 4 ,
t best to all our friends Ir

: I .. /11" r '

i > j oaj l

1 Van Ness Buick Ii ,.1. ,

ttcTisisthesea'Ann all hams uebik .'

j ra ah a Mara foe race...when
1.1 IIBKKX: : niVK HPIUXUS( i 4I
ii ... ,re Trish erm LJSI a w yw atld yam. ''
14 .::1) ()raaKr At...* ."

1 Florida
Soap Corporation

. .. . . ,. .. /, .
." '- -:- .' 'IOt-inee In.I' ." ,wL.ccc.c .
.Ir .... . g ". (1. .9 .
xic vc'cv-c cc c (t(


... r rT1URSDAY
.. ""
I ...

_.- .. '- .

...... -- .".. .... . I It

I, r.r.I I

I i PAGE _TWELVE Lfay - ---- ----
MADE-TO-ORDEB Developed by scientists of I develops Into a full many- :KHBCeCCCW I :c :c :c
GCS Founders Circle the U. 8 Department of Agriculture -I branched tree with a conical. 68
a new pine .
the tree Is and straight trunk .
II a cross between shape
tree in
the Just the tree reaches if
Sierra Nevada lodgepole as i L
The new variety grows Its
pine and the shore pine. Christmas tree size, it develop. ?
Has Christmas own ornaments and decorative
: Parly cones Tony Jensen, assistant It grows fast about 6 feet decorative cones among the ... .r / / : i,
forester, in four to five year.and thick dark foliage
I The Founders Circle: of the I order and opened the program Florida Agricultural -
Garden Extension Service, reports ++++++++r++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
i I' Oreen Cove Springs with the reading of a Christ a -r t 7
I The new pine won't be ready ..t,
I Club held their Christmas party 1-
on Thurs, Dec. 17, at the mas story The readings were this Christmas, nor the next.I + .,
I W. Ive '. Co- I given by Bonnie Dean Baker But growers will get young I TIME TO SAY ;
home of Mrs W. ) "The Angel," and : + T.
trees for field In 1987
testing !
hostesses were Mri H. I* "Christmas In Many Lands"by I :-- + 4 i:
Blackmon, Mrs. E. 8. Qustaf- Dumbauld. ROMAN. FUTCII UEIIILY
Mrs Carl M "
son and Mrs K. P. LaRue. Exchanging of gifts and sing I Roman W. Futch 80, died i T- -I i if t
The Chrtntmas theme was artistically ing of carols completed the last week He is survived by the Ii X
carried out in the program. widow, Mattie, three daughters, C11111STSIIS, +fM Of
detentions and sled In the I Mrs. Irene Frisbee Middle- oJ.. ,
Eighteen members -
were present
freshments served Mrs Marie Wall, Oreen Cove,
re-I and one visitor, Mrs H P.
Mrs Verna Argo Circle burg Mrs, Melba Wise, anda
ident called the meeting Armstrong, of Dewier, Ohio son, Maurice, Jacknonvllle: ; a t9I' \1
H-H-H-* brother, L. H, Starke; 20
grandchildren, and 21 great I'
grandchildren Funeral was In Y.7M i 1# "

I with Mlddleburg burial Baptist In Mlddleburg Church : servant a woman could ask lor! tJ

Cemetery Helm Funeral Home ; o!
was charge.

Db'I Mrs. Madge Bensen, 74, of 4't.. o'- i
Penney Farms, died last week I L !
She Is survived by a daughter, I i ... ., II'
Mrs Margaret Luther, Orchard "
Park, N, ,. ;rfw
Y?; a son Charles ;Mr : i
Farlbault Minn; three grand / "
children; a great-grandchild, TO ALL OUR FRIENDS ...
:: ; iti
and two sisters, both in Callfornl .
*. Funeral was In Penney !;:. !!
... ,
Memorial Church with burialIn A. E. ANTHONY AND FAMILY I.,

r.; .. Helm Penney Funeral Farms,Home Cemetery was In I keystone Heifflitfl, Florida i
charge 'Co+++f III'' I 41+++++++++++++++ 111111111111IIIIIIIII'I :# "
1J1 +-++++-++++++++++++++' -+ 1++ ..... I : .>+++ 1 1r 5;

ib .

1954 'ba I- ,!!

j 'Merry 4it/ :'2 ;: h'I

Iv Christxmas. 7"o one and all 'r- 8'1

cf,,our many i /kNv1) yij
of friends during ) y
1 Y
r his ij
!__ happy season r c '1S
i l 1'
I ,;I.: e 1
t. }K y8ton Heights, }'J.orht"i' r
... t 'IS
++ .11. U'++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++4S m 1 .q

!ltCtC !C :c :cct: : .. .;' _
R .1964 = 4 5?
'''' ",' f J,"..' !!
Ii '. r
"0 ei

( '1H
r M. h

It 4 OLD A FASHIONED HAPPY ( and best bargain, looH!) !

; a. q\

\ !
J.i. I v,.. s!
t' '
I '.

t :i1 Q Qt 1r4ul + 17fit 'I'ii ofb

R ,i Your mali servant-electrlcity-ls en the job night and day e!

\ Never complains about long hours, never asks for a day off. \j

t lam xIt i, And it can do just about anything. Helps yen cook wash clothes or dishes. . ;JJ;

t,., lives you plenty of hot water. . does dozens of other jobs. JJ

No other form of energy does so many things as well as ELECTRICITY. And V
i., electricity works for the lowest wafts yon can Imagine M

::1 j Take advantage of' this magic servant and live better, electrically! M

i ; ,,,, 111111 r tiK
M t

I'k w

v \\} u

Jacksonville uCity
: Ir
1965 I

:r: R'bn nH Let us join with" )txi in Commission. ;

rri R ,. Or r wishing for the h'rr'cscN I
OUIFIIENDLIEST irnl moM Prosperous ' City Utilities.. Department $
T :
MajorCVnimitoioinr'LfiJ( ,, ('ommi".iont'r
r"manor, I'arka and /./....
of the joys of, II 'I

the Christmas season is the: Jj I ) 1 \ .,

'\ r opportunity to extend to oil of 4I t (',Uhi... ('onuni..io.wr w it

you our wisheso'l IJIU'IS II ItlTTKK: CL\fDK: SMITH
t tI ,Otcmi..intM'f rommi ionrrH 8I rj
1l 1C.....'a. .\1, 4.er. ...Hh.Sanitation u

't Avenue tlrwn C'vS|'rinn"

:: (ttC',. MapnoHa!. ,! (', .: .( ( .('': g, ... . 1111 ". It , III' I II II It .. II II "It . " 1111 It , I .)'


.. .- t ...:...

1 I THURSDAY,I DECEMBER 21, 1964 (Clay! ( >\j Q!County\! Crescent!- PAGE THIRTEEN I

'Chevron' Name For THREE UNIVERSITY TO GET DEGREESAT FLORIDAThree Lions Roar at Chovvenwaw I CLARA Graveside AGNES services ROESSIINO for Mrs I a )', )t ::;

County students will Clara Agnes Rorwllng, of .
receive degrees at the University .,.'% : ---I Oreen Cove, who died In aI u
Standard KentuckyCrown of Florida next month. a I Jacksonville hospital lust week j,
Patricia J. Damron of Oreen SJ &: i were held in Hickory Grovecemetery ))1
I I Cove will receive a bachelor of on Thursday She
gasoline brand. I
a states. .
science degree Claudia Chap. was 73 years oU.She
lime used by Standard OH I I Decals bearing the .
new name ,
man. of Keystone will receivea leaves two daughters s
Company (Kentucky) for more had to be placed 30,000 I M r I
: on
gasollne bachelor of science In agri Mrs J D. Butler of Green I1i0
than 50 :years, baa been replaced -| pumps In the Company culture. Receiving his bachelor 1I + Cove, and Mrs Robert Williams 'III
by a new name Chev 8,000 outlets In five i t / .
states In
I of laws will be Robert EI I of 8t Augustine: ten
ron Park F. Geiger la the addition all but the newest I Breen, or Orange Park, I eons Bernard Roetuiling, of 8t
local distributor. ,pumps are being repainted The Augustine; and Donald Raw i0
"With the change to the 1 pumps are red or blue depending sling, of Mineral Wells Tex I e
chevron name we are Identifying ( on the grade of gaso- CARD OF THANKSWe I U grandchildren and 11 great
our retail operations with | line. The Chevron trademark 4 grandchildren.
wish to thank all our
of our parent Is red. unite and blue. I ? I Ia
nose company 1 friends, Dr Olennan and the | Father Joseph Corde. pastorot .
Standard Oil Company of California The change the Church of the Sacred
was effectiveOct. I I
Staff of Clay Hospital I
," aid W. C. Smith, I
I heart officiated at the services
) for the many kind expressions
President of the Standard Oil will be na change in of sympathy during Helm Funeral Home was lit II
Company Thia Company and. station identification" Smith the illness and death of our charge of arrangements I
its subsidiaries had been using said. "Allona as we have serv- husband and father
the Chevron name in 28' ice stations In our present Helen Underwood Lions rretident. ,Jack Day, (left\) entertained the lions and ': :cc: :c :::
states, Canada and Latin marketing area they will be Beverly Marstellar their ladle at a Chrtilma Dinner at Camp Chowenwaw.Mr .
America before the addition of Identified by the Standard Oil Sandra Unde 'ood. Thumper' BUiUon spoke on the Girl Scout I
Standard of Kentucky's five sign Robert Underwood Jr. ramp and the Rev. C. van de !Maalen (right), participated(
._0.000000.0.000,_000-------.---------.---,_.-.-.-.--,-,-,--'_'_'_-_'_ _-_ _--'_-'_-_ _-_ _._'_-'--.--- \yl ;
,.a ,

r Mw&ii t V" V t IiThri g w

818 >t
;: ; 0'.wU '!s'a a- w !

,,- '. / i\'' U \ ;! ...'.
f' -- I ,
I "
1, iffaft1? ;. 'I r
Ii a -, '\ V 6.'I< 'I

R \ \ _
; i I
; II i9 tt ,
'. : I :

." ,\to. i'i
a I .1

LJ i I a.19164. J! A : ,
Xf'I .. . :" SIi
I 4ft .I i mTTr1i .

r.; Bed wishes N

LiI i JJIO"J. : : d of us ; ... ......I 'tr1 I

/ '<\ \ :

vJl 1? :' : Q e b' LIBERTYRED & WHITE i I ", .I4 i 1i,-

< f ,
IjY( .... FOOD STORES $14 ) _
{ ,) .... I
I; fJI-< / i I ;: B 1 1I
l '
? ? "S'alnut' I..t II 'Ii !,
GaLEN ('on: Ir.UNUltc ,
*Vz 4r.&JLI. \ L' ,
,, \ ''''; I .j
r. t (!(tC! !C'C t( '
,.' J
Ii *" -4 .. ) 7 ;:tCttciit: <
t '

.: . ', }, ,1\\, f' I
) qdy .. (
f' 1.
/- oJ, \
.. '" \ 1)rrJ i
J_ : III--
., 1: ,
1\ fl\\; oJ." ..'i; \ ef. i
J: I '
t Cr
<< t"
\ I "i"

II! ,;5t / . .: :A ;f. {/! Ar. , kand

j: 'J: I , I aJi w i

) { : : ' ,ri f-fJfII ..
f4VV4" '
'" 1

ai;f' 'r ..; .' I..M,! ,
rI r A1'
.J lfl1r
r rl'e Y' 'VX
A (
/. gl d9J r tDC

H c\ c IJJ' S
r I ErJ1"
\ 1uocooh
A 14HXv / \ IW
0)J '
j \f ilr# ,. :

V "/ / u ,1'ew'. )1'r4V, '...1tJ",1/ krnllk
r E Eg
..... dNf Aill'pl//

r' '4 N f'I It,. '.JiIl"1 fur frkmJ. end rood 1.aat lIj,

), rL.. I 1 I."/F la t.iah .Neil ottwr fell at. tWo time ut
kA ..{n a -y. IH! > yur W,,',. Ktaal'd! lh. f'i'|' >rt unity to
II.l .: ..it) rent a ..ry 11-1'1'1'| | ll,4i, ."Ujr 8..'ou.V . .

% ", }' --- \ .M lik. ali In lira ,.... our |'I(xIj e (fo

r ..\ \\ 1"j.)\ t ''''\ < 4Uiy I 'ra.tdinua' our !111'1( tffurt In In... our commit-

p t J shy A l 11'11.r |I".c. in whlrh (f't live INI worh
i 'II J ) y n hoppinttf end , to ronlinu oureml.aror to brine to our
'-. '" :*(. bw'J tel your Menabrt f I.mefs I ti.. iM'SI' Io..1bte, ,,''t't'trlaWrY"

*"" jj '" at th. !Inr.sl! I".UI., aaest'.
U 'fJ& T1eii tbfahtsa.e( let K. Jtof Irlvlr thAnk for gb
\ .,
MUBERGERREFRIGERATION our naanr W..r.if it\ '"' die ."hit
,' 'r:: oners- cove)' MPIUXOH. rLoum\ 4o ol.'rahors ins wbu'a! U,,, Kreat, atlsl) wfj. *

( ,.l pr.Krun n( Kara! kedrifuatiop.,4yil: < .
.... .. ,'M Ii toS ?
11. r...,,'. sled ..l lAp lfs4l SERVICE GUY ELECTRIC CO-OPERATIVE INC.
rare 1 ..... ,......... ..,... ft S ,
I 1i, cittx UIU sICa9a I\.f'''''' UerllhI. I1oridntttfi'
c.cc.ca: n.. >--J"" a hIlt3 1 r t (



FOURTEEN (CaV'QOunfl1!!( ( (Crescent

.i i How To Solve A Thorny Problem ++++f++$+++e++++++++++++++++.f4+a+a++++ar ++ 1ll
Phone Your' Friends
Removing undepurs from to seven times from five to
your lawn is much more practical seven days apart on young
than constantly removing sandspur plants Be sure to Early Bs PatientSouthern ; r
them from your,pants cuff. follow the directions on the ; i i 'L i
chemical package since a lit
Dr Oranvtlle C. Horn turf
technologist with the Florida, tle too much of this arsenic Bell Company facet II.tremendous problemin Ia
mixture could harm lawn grass. handling long distance calls beginning on Chrtatmaa
Agricultural Experiment Stations
To get rid of sandspurs in 8t Ere and continuing through Christmas Day according to

Met two weed and recommends killers atrazlne.- DSMA the use(Di-of i use Augustine atrazlne or The centipede best time grass to, John"Florida's Tucker, problem district manager.In handling the Increased volume of II w+1 I ll e:4jpI\\wItv\\ M7Q'

apply the chemical after the calls I Is complicated. by the following factors , :
If you have eoysla or bermuda first frost or about the middle 1 Oeogrrphlcally Florida Is In a position of being
grass, apply DSMA three of December at the bottom of a funnel in the routing of '
- - -- long distance calls Calls going to or coming ii s Liii ;
from California or Maine must go through the ,
small part of the funnel before they can be i
,,1. .'J.raw completed. ,
1M 3 Florid'* tremendous growth has been mainly 0
\ \ 'i through the Immigration of people from all over
i the country to our State. The large transferred b
population generates a larger number of long
distance calls than Is experienced !In other
ijIg'ii\ r I
states '
i 1
3. Calls made at Christmas
tend to last for a long
J er the period year. of time than during other times of 1P Icy/;

"Despite the addition of many more long distance circuits IA, f /41 1(1JL ( Is 1
we realize that delays on calls from Christmas Eve
S 1 through Christmas Day will occur" Tucker said
Every effort will be made to handle calls as promptly
as possible
i w Subscribers can avoid delays by calling before Christmas .
eve or after Christmas day. Also, Tucker said by
dialing: your own long distance calls direct you will save 1
delays In getting calls through If the circuits are busy
you should hang up and try later It might be necessary /
ii to try the call several' times before you ca ncomplete It,
day particularly If you are calling Christmas eve or Christmas 1 #
} c"p !
Reduced rates are in effect all day Christmas day,
11 not just after fl p.m. and please have patience If there Is -
a delay
While you are enjoying Christmas even and Christmas $ /
day here In Jacksonville, over 870 operators will be work-
Ing to do their best to speed your long distance telephone
If greetings to your relatives and friends.
if "So remember," Tucker says, "call early Dial your own

/ :! i long Just distance as the call Christmas If possible"packages you mall early arrive

In without time, an early call to wish season's greetings will through fr. I Ii

for ChrUtrnaj joy, With gratitude for your friendship
: AT CHRISTMAS. . For Yrar'foutitl/ Ilea though repeated yearly, ii
and the loyal support you've given
Jhe joyoufl tCrols of Chrlatmai echo TILE (''itl'lS'EST; It be and
Just a* warm a* can meant extend heartiest wishes
r us, we our
tfl* many greeting' ;::e lend your way.
An "
over-welcome) fliriNtmn oh-so :
gift ilncerely: Tppy'olidajt
that you have "ry Merry Christmas
To Frlpmln


t 'A FloridaGlirisiinag $5.00 Iwo
MiiMMmrir, w s y'enra/ Irnnke) Avenue Jrwii (Co\e SprniKH (J rl'11 Cove Hprill

(m more than two. subscriptions are given, the price ..w 7.,..,..,..,.,..,..,...-rr'r'l"r'r..............,..,..,..,..,....'. =.................. ., , , ..... ,_...,.."......,....."..........",...""..".....,,,-,..............,...,......_.......... .....
I IJ Ir I is MOO a year each). ..., ::): ,, jiii >>iJ '= i: "">>; :r.i >

'( : 4 i H H'e



,, .
r I L '
( ( 0

Ji i O a I i y,

I .

II ,\ ; y


ty c 4 ,

: ltwn; k \'11r.,,' I'DWell .ij

; With

? (W M.I I All

C ri tni a-the birthday of Him
) Ami .\

II : j 11.1'1'XI:\\" YKAK:

r q.,' 19G4Yikhmg %, .10 brpught'Lovo' to us. s ,.

::1 , \ )t>u all the warmth Uri tma -the dsy to remember 1 Ii

; and joy of QmMmu. .
59 saute
f 2Is! r.nBank r'j 1/a, bzir: / .

11 ,\.., I CIEANERS
E :
J i
I. :

fl : :

J Geiger'sFuel 'fCOIN, ; OPERATED

: Service i I If f ..I9> .Wl

\\Yat Outer StrwtQltKK of Orange Park DRY CLEANING

; : XCOVK': S1'i INS
.... .. .. r.9u c

.)- c :ca"U !(



UUDAT. DECEMBER 21. US* Day( ( (County! Crescent
___ __..
--- --
;; nn ."""", "" I

John's Radio & TV OF Orange GARBAGE Park's THTmSDAT tarbagt collection GCS Junior High PLANNED The Green BY Cove ELKS Elks are CLAUDE'S' COBBLER SHOP

Ul{ be on Thursday planning to welcome In the
this week tcoord'mi to Rob- Previews The Future New Year in fine sUe thlys NOW OFFERS -
ZEXITII ert U Nolan, town superin New Year's Eve. There will bea
AMAN'A XOROE APPLIANCES I tendent. By SARAH PFREZ dance at the Elks Club for nil U. 8. Illway 17
Nolan asked that residents all the Elks and their guests on ORANGE PARK, FLORIDA
-e- of the Green Cove Jr. High School
The student body
December 31 beginning at 9
put out their garbage a day
Experienced Service On All Makes f Models I assembled in the school auditorium shortly before the o'clock. 'umlUllllnnllllHfllmnllllllllllllJllIlHnllMIHlmnHllnlllUll NllIlIlIIlIJllIl1IIIlIInIIHHHIIIHIHmHHI/IIHIIIIIIIIIIIIIII/ IIIIIIIIIIHIII
earlier than
SERVING CLAY OOCKTT OVER 19 TEARS Christmas holidays began for a special, and probably once -- .
Nolan a native of Orttn
-e-e-' In-a-llfetime event ,
Cove asked that his t odwfches
24 West Walnut Street Jrwn Cove Spring! for a happy Christ. "Previews of Progress" was presented by two young men
Phone 284-U:! 2 mas and a prosperous New from General Motors Corporation in order to Interest young

I1IiilmIg..WllIlIUIIIIUIIUUIUllUullllllBllIIIllllllI! ".," "' .".,,'.,, .... ".. "."..........."" Year be conveyed to aO his Americans In the amazing and growing fields of science
These representatives IAn us glimpses of the future by
Merry Christmas ,from/ thr, Staff <,f Tin ('>;',*rut! friends. performing several amarinu experiment before our eyes We WI1i1:
-- -- - First a demonstrator took a container shaped like a .
t t(' : <<4'4 : !( .a : cake pan partially filled It with resin and mixed a clear
r liquid Into It. He set It aside and let It generate its own ? you a
heat At the end of two minutes a rubber "cike" had been .
i f baked. Used for Insulation, one-fourth inch of this rubber, t happy 'I' !
does the job of two Inches of wool.
For his next demonstration, he used a bottle contalnlni r. ,
I .... ('
a clear liquid which resembled gasoline. After mixing It 1..1. .
with a catalyst he shook the bottle until It became hot. I !
Jokingly, he remarked. "I've done this many times arvl
nothing has ever happened but If It gets hot like 11.1 I I'.Y ,. \ x
I rIl '

I nowPowt l i Synthetic rubber suddenly popped out fl'Ollth, """"'" .
bottle! / .
I In tne future then misfortune strikes and we have u I I
1 11 7' flat tire, we shall simply bring. out a bottle, mix the sight(
chemicals shake and come up with a spare! '\ I
I lie moved on to show a fascinating model 1 our run by
1 +' solar energy. The solar car, he explained consists of solar 1 I
cells .'hlcherate electricity by converting the rays of /
i 'r I the sun. Ills "sun" was a SOO-wutt bulb. Wi watched th' V .
solar car start and atop as he flickedt he bulb on and off r
We watched a )Jl't engine and.\ turbine In operntlon. I .
Though these demonstrations were noisy, the nolne wai tL .
I worth endortng rRI I: t.
r .A"araJ We sa .'how useful gyrosiopes can be to keep nxketioa .
their courses, and learned that a rocket just one degree r-,
off course will miss Its mark by 3,000 miles.
This pro..ramtort\ us fascinated by our glimpse of the f \
r future We were not only more Interested In science, but
some of us are even thinking of science anJ engineering an .

lifetime Our hats careers are off to OMC for a Job well\ dowel' r p I L'd'
---- --
/f\fi \ '",

1'or }' 'llr"'fIt1dt.dfj"IJ/ .1 (; U GLORIOUS YULEGREETINGS

Til I I.) (CKKSCKXTAn I: : I

WejWish For You A Joyful Christmasand I i I
vvr-Mi'lfimie ('J..ti M lnun gift Iou TO

To l'i'lends a\uiy/ from Immo I ItjM
( ) t hvn )'?firm
A Happy and Prosperous New Year I
M.CHI: It )'oar '

Charley and Ted Johlls .. QH.q+ore titan two crptlniu! are given the price I tl Ur.\\alnut Him ((1rer'n'nt'eSprulga'
II 1100 a year each I I OKI IN (Ylt .: sl'IIIVP4 .

,.:a:;,.. ) 1\t.::: :::: ,, ,, : ::: ::: '1 ... ... . . ).:I:>>: ):")aJ I 1/Y/Y/IM'I r1/I/'III//1..r'II'I/fall/1'1//I'; IiI7II'1flaatfttMtttttihtri r

:;}fittrtttttfttta' : ttttte+itttS"Fr7/M1N\rrtr': +;pttvttttttttttftbltttttttt t ,.. .. ........."ttM+H O. '' : ;rcptYttttt++++++++++++t+++fo+++++++++++++++++++++++++

fi The. -'City i (I $ "if ifr r

,, ,!
I m- ) !,'

f r I
0 J


N Green Cove Springs !




, TO ONE AND ALL .5 ( tea 1 *11. t

i, t
FORA r tr.

tJl (:
Il e it r
41J e ,

< _

5? r

V eO'

F *- + Jj t rO


AND i ,
i iil



( j :

New Year .

,w \ .

I: rnr: (11./1: ", :r.1"fJlI:. r' -:. -. w I
... ... '. \ .". I
or I'TlUTII:1I "IM
TIll IIII'.IIITJII\'T .. .. .

.. . . . . . . . . . II I III I . . II II . II . II " .. . . . . t II. . II II II II .. II II 11.11. II II. . . H. 114144+ .... . It .. ... ...................................+................ .............. . . . u P 1P I

(Hay!{ dounty dtrcscc\it



traditional Christmas plantis In cold Water. Be careful not E. Houston St. A PARTRIDGEWELL
the poinsettta which displays to let the stem from the water
Homo Deliver J : *' or For Month of Nov. N. Magnolia Ave.
Its color during the holiday damage the flowers.
U-]Iaul It Service season The alternate method is to
Phone 284-9250! : The poinsettia which was singe cut end of the stem pver Ray Chance County Director of Civil Defense report FLORIDADecember
Orange Are and Cove st. GREEN COVE Introduced Into the United a flame for a second or two the following activities for November: 27, 19S4 COMPANY
States about 1830 is a popular and then place the stem In cool SubjectCHRISTIAN J IIHCI ISM
Fire Dept Meeting
Nov 3 Keystone
seasonal decoration because of water. SCIENCE I 2" THRU 6"
, 8 work Hurricane Dora, project report
8 Special on
Nov 4
KOMKTIIIXO( nW' :\\ Its red-hued leafy bracts The I Poinsettia flowers should be
bracts are the pointed "leaves' cut at least 18 to 24 hours be. lOCK AND ARTESIAN WELLS
HAS BEEN \DDK1)) ; which surround the yellow' fore they are to be used In arrangements Nov. 9 County Commission Meeting STOP DRIPPING PIPES! ;
flower. and stored In a Nov 12 Meeting with Doctor Inlet Fire Dept. "."1', Well Sp.c.tIadELECTRIC /
5 Polnsettlas can be used m cool place away from drafts. Nov 12 Meeting with Citizen Band Operator, Oreen Cove STOP FREEZING
and cut flowers around the home The flowers will stay fresh Springs e6 In br..t cold amps PUMPS &
4 NEW DRYERS first treated to coagulate for about three days If treated Nov. 16 Meeting Doctors Inlet Fire Dept. Surplus property : VII WRAJl.DN WATER SYSTEMSF.
plant's milky sap, a process Their life can be prolonged a Nov. 16 Completed Self Help Medical Course 11 persons C
Tor Your Wauling Convenience which will reduce wilting day or two by adding plant received certificates ,"
Two methods may be used to I nutrients to the water. Nov. 27 Meeting Doctors Inlet Fire Dept. H. A. TERMSCALL
treat cut polnsettlas Immerse Do not place the flowers or The following emergency calls made or assisted In by FIBER GLASS INSULATION!
DorTPool's8ELFSEBTICI the cut end of the stem In I potted poinsettias near any air County Civil Defense rescue units, in addition to regular
hot water for about one min ducts In the home where they drills:
COW LAUNDET ute, then place Immediately I would dry and wilt quickly. Nov 10 Auto accident Hway 21 North 40 O 10
Nov. 11 Auto on fire 8 100 MORE ?PMTKT1H
Palmetto A Booston, Green One Nov. 13 Scuba search, South PalaUa St Johns River LONG DISTANCE
Open ti Roan Every Day List Your Nov 13 First Aid oxyfen, Hway 100 BROWN IIAItmVARR JckiMville, FL.
Nov 23 Search and rescue Moosehaven Orange Park
8-10 West Walnut Street
Tdo -Beodlx MachinesDouble
Leader S5s I'IID&Ie Lads lie Clay County Property All units Orange Park, Oreen Cove Springs and Clay Oreen Cove Springs Fla \\389-14381
County Keystone Fire Dept. and Florida Hway Patrol- Phone 284-5661
With Scuba divers used MfMlfJt Of flA t NATIONAL
Nov 24 Same as Nov. 23rd
Frank W.: Brown Nov 2J Auto accident Hway 21 and 100 WE, at The CRESCENT 5860 HYDE GROVE AVE
I The County Civil Defense has rescue units availableat wkb you d Merry Xmas
And Associates Orange Park, Green Cove and Keystone available dayor an dllippy New Year
Registered Seal Estate Broker night by calling Sheriff's Office, 284-3379>>, Orange
PHONE jfMfcfr] I Park Police Dept. 284-9612 or Civil Defense Director
Highway IT Grants Part
Keystone Heights 473-4280 or 473-4851. Write down one
I I'hoDe tl4-IS04 of these number.. I t COTNEY
284-9681 1 1J ----- -- n _


Fuel Service GIVE that special someone wI '
Q. Vivian \\oodard Cosmeticsthe SERVICECor.
same gifts to be received
tCl N. Orange Ave, Green Cove Springs by TOP beauty eaten and I Jacksonville!
Park King
for your stars like Rhonda
McCormick Concrete Co. Donna Reed Natalie FWmlq'l Phone! EV 0-3027 or EV 4-U91
"l [ : on
: ) : \' ,: .Al'4l'\o.inl'tl' with 11. H, 1tcCormil'k f & Son, 111('. Wrapped and Ready.So I TIREsFrom !

1. _, ._... Quick 8(>r\ico many how beautiful women do they not are.realise .

SINCLAm HEATmO OIL with RD-119R( ) corrosion Inhibitor Keep that beauty ALIVE' with the smallest to the LARGEST!
helps you cut down heating bills because It fights VIMANEOODARD MOIST-
rust and corrosion, heat, cleaner ERIZED Cosmetics and do not ]Hatteiu
gives you more heat per Distributor\ Miller Tirt'lfutolite !
dollar. /n the' liitetest/ Industry ,Sinee;; JJJ! : forget that EVERY LIVING
BURNER SERVICE SPECIALISTS: Our oil burner service
the mrrrlect
May you
men are skilled prompt, dependable.We .
Christmas and a very Happy
Olvt I New Vrar. and In
I Your Vivian. Woodard consultant
trained by the Korlrtyof
PLAID Make-l'p ArtUts ((831.A.) Station Road Sen'ice
j I .T 1I('!<1'40U\' 'iII('. .ia:!J.H:! :::! .IaekMOIR'ille' )llf'ncb--i21': l2:!:: KATHLEEN BAYER I 1>5 U. S. Highway 17 Phone !....4Jl
,i g r Phone IU. ISS

ICa i ir I1)1)1 l >>:I1 :I1r.I1:11:11: : $: :I1:11:11:11)1: : : i II1:11:11:11: : : : :. ;:Xtttttttt:: .:: : :tttttt: : : : :tttt :I1t.IIr.r.t.t.r.r.: :: : : :r.>> :t.t.I1:11:11:11: ; ;: : : : :I1:11r.r.: >>,

3 'Ii?

) 0 : For Year Round Reading .lf

( 1 I'': 1-I.I t- Clay. QIountn'dlresceut 'I i

r t "

ill I An Ever-Welcome Christmas Present V

,' .

\ : To Friends Away From Home t tn l' {

I :f' c '. 1.u I"JI 'j ,'

,. 'H.\\:.. ; J. \ v i;f i

..\ $3.00 I a Year ,
".. !\ > > to .... "
> '
i: ,' ,\ '. .
: I j t .

[';:": :$5.00 Two Years

.:t" .. ". *"*%V '

:k If more th.an two subscriptions are given}] rlT '

'" :)

,.1.' ", ". the price IS $2.00 a year each. -

( .

._ .(<< .( r.( .cctR' << .

T t l

.... ..! R .t. a 1

The Clay County crescent
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'' RY{
1 :
'. \ R'lV \

'cU" \\\510,\

a\\ T

. . A Merry Christmas to All from The Crescent Staff. .

.- .

o (!1av QIouutv rezt MMM -


VOL. 38 No. 51 UUKKX; COVK; SrillXUS) .'LOIUH.1'11I KMA\) '. DK: 'I\1HKK: ; ::4. 1lli4! --- _. . .Hi ( KM8---I'Ml-Hlt'l- -

_. ------ -

New Doctor At MHC Merry Christmas Christmas At Hibernia

By Herbert Myers -- 1890 A Gracious Era

The Memorial Home Community U most fortunate ,
l i
have Dr. and Mr*. A. David Thaeler. retired mlsiioriarles I't 1ti
(editor's: & Note! The following i* an account .f Christmasat
from Nicaragua, U their new resident physician beginningDec
N the Illhrrnla, estate of Iredcrlc firming In about 1190.
I. Dr Thaeler ha been
As the story Indicate the .beautiful old house was atlas
referred to as "a man who
e r wild children and the joy of Iou and giving the family'
combined faith and _ork
fortune had recently reached a new climax with the ttrlion -
The lollops:
story .f rrrdrrl Iteming** brother. rank. aa Governor of

"I've had no word about rhtrida. It was Indeed a time to write about. a grartoua

possible financial aid but era that I I. gone. These lines are taken from Margartt

I'm going ahead at any rate' Scion Iteming Riddle's "Ilihrrnla the nrelurnlng Tide.")
Thla indomitable spirit in was + r
k All over the South, Christmas is the biggest holiday of
the heart of a young 1.j +
gave birth to the medical : 1. .k rt iy' the year and Hibernia was no exieptlon Weeks<< before
then would be
work by the Moravian preparations
Hardy would alt on the else, of the lontz table In the
Church along the east coastof 1
Nicaragua, Arthur David cool big pantry. next to the kitchen and match her mother
make plum-pu.Idlnga and. fruit cake for the Christina season
Thaeler taw the need and
The children could anticipate the holiday by latching
heard Ood* voice calling him
the lavUh preparations; the plate of citron Handing sliced
it He f /
to do something about t
f ml ready. currants and raisins and other r*> itlng ingredl'lit -
dedicated hi* life to the
which went Into the making"
ministry of healing men* i.
BKaty always had an Interest' and free comment, on
bodies and bring eternal
(the proceeding Yea urn Ml*' llemln, you iwns like you
hope to soul
struck It )ra right\ die time, she would say Judicially with

On Feb e. 1934. h. left L UR UAU"sragua \ TIIA444NManagua iirr hlte ctp at an angle and, her black fate solemn for a

the capital of Nto moment a* she examined the fliiUliiM plum cake Then
A river journey of six day brought him to Blue
Margot mould say something to amuse. her slid she would
field, the largest center of Moravian work on the east r 7 f laugh with her loud tnfrttlou mirth and the children

cowl He left twenty-four hour later for Puerto Caben rI would Join in, not knowing the reason but sensing the all-
where he met member of the governing board of the :
pervading gayety which Margot and B Katy engendered
decided that the first j jt
Church. After consultation it was f Turkeys and duck would be killed, ham taken down
center of medical work should be started' at Bllmaskarms.
from the rafter Tim would be stropping rxcursont In
a small Indian village situated some 100 miles Inland on the
Jacksonville end mysterious parcel hidden away for the
Wanks or Segovia river which river Is the boundary line 0.7A
grad Day Buppllea of flrecriker would arrive to be held
between Nicaragua and Honduras 's M In ,readiness and finally the flay before Christmas would

A Small Beginning 1 arrive and Mardy and Bubble wire popping' with excite

Plans did not call for an auspicious beginning, a* that mrnt,

first budget estimate indicated. It called for only 1625 to wi 1. ChrUtmaa ever such lun *. ,between th. axes of six

be spent for a clinic building a water tank and a fence. In and Sent To be old I enough take part In the festivities

a letter dated March 23, 1034 Dr. Thaeler wrote. -Kren: if .1 with, no disillusionment\ believing all thing trusting all 4

the $625 U not available from the Mission Board' budget, people Mardy could never decide, in locking back through

win going ahead for I have a little money of ray own." the year., whether the day before' was more thrilling than

These were the depression day "back home" and fund ..M7T + the big .nnIIIMIt. The real' Mtltemenl began with breakfast

were scarce Needless to say, the $629 was sent and dur the day before Christmas, all through the meal there

ing the following thirty yean many thousand of dollars -r wa a feeling of anticipation, everyone plrasanter and

were forthcoming u he made the needs. known throughoutthe more talkative than usual Aftsrwsrd. group would formto

Moravian Church in America. I collect decoration for the house,

Today in the small Indian Tillage at Bl!.aakarma one
can find a complete little community called the "Ruth and off they would go down the river walk for bough of

Thaeler Hospital. The Doctor named this first hospital In II..... s em/ pea. iie awaraac.. In u...... t:.v* will a* at sad 11t.n4., afl.eana.Msebsgk's holly and pin and cedar, armload of' lnI'iAl to twin

honor of his mother whose prayers visit, and gift brought l>r.g Store from I _nlll 6 'rfera Wednesday (Crescent Photo by John Oitmerl) along banister of the. > stairs Hug magnolia branch would

encouragement and hope again and again to the young stand In the. rorneri of the rooms later on and there would

physician. Por there were dan of discouragement when be branch of orange tree. laden with fruit to add color

his BA. degree from Moravian College, his BD degree 8 On Killway 17 Is Middleburg Second all In such abundant, all for th* gathering Then would

from Moravian Theological Seminary, both of Bethlehem, be a hug mistletoe bough over the front direr, a traditiontrlcUy

Pa, and his MX degree from the University of Pennsyl- Mr, Russell Jensen,of Oreen also of Orrrn Cove, sloppedPolice \ adhered to by Fred who shot II down with a rifle

viola all failed to provide him with knowledge sufficientto Cove, suffered sever bark Injuries said UM fourth car failexl from a nearby pecan tree After the last bll of holly had

Install a power plant run a diesel engine, operate a on Monday when all car to. The driver police said' was Oldest City in Nation? been placed behind the .last picture, a scramble U b* dressed

water aystem. build and Install telephone communication piled up In two nearly .imuluneou Waller Allen also of Orern In time to meet the 'Manatee"" and the relatives from

for the growing community and plan and eonat.ructhe accident on th Black Cove Ills ear U said to have Jacksonville, arriving to spend' Christina In their old. horn,
second oldest town .In th.
dozen buildings that now stand as a lasting tribute to a Creek Bridge on Klllway IT piled Into Ute Nichols which I* Middlrburg th Until Prank and Aunt Lydia riming with their children

man who combined faith and work. According SlAw Trooper pled Into th* J non car which Pt.lesT, Prank Jr Seton. cud tlissbethj': Aunt Mary and Theodora

On August 24. 1934 the first clinic building was dedi. John Marsh the chain reaction piled Into lh* "Mullen\ car Sum amateur historian of' the town have mad out a Then would cams the Christina *v* harming of tM

cated It wa only 26 i )6 feet, but the Doctor mans, wa set off when a southboundtruck Allen\ was charged with fall good sue for ItTh ttorkisi By now She two lull girl were In such a side

"When we sang Praise Cod Prom Whom AQ Bloating' rammed another truck un to have his vehkl under story sues that a decade alter the. ettablishmerit of trltemnl that they wondered how they could wait until

Plow at the dedication we really meant It. And now look |lust ahead of It at the north control of M Augustine, a group of eokmUU dftermltaj to move morning' They ..r. cure they would not steep a wink, but

back upon that occasion and remembering that more than end of the bride. Damage to And) T.. Mere Inland to farm and that they fcrttW at what U now Middle.& they alway did PruWrH would waken them al. five cluck

100,000 people were examined within those walls, and more therutu wa said to be minor Mr Anita Womach, of Or. burg Among tlte*. first whit settler very such: name a* a* h* never Wlhrved In miring any of Christina The day

than 1,000 operations were performed' there, .e still feel and there were no Injun, ante Park was charged with AI" ,", Andreu. iKUbury and Taraliw. tVnn. of llieir d..- meant a* much to him a* It did to the chlhlrcn. This year

that the financial Investment of that first 162 was good The two truck dryers. boh of speeding on Tuesday sfur her cemtsnl IUD reside IN the Middkburg area, HIM wag a special reason for r.Jol lrg a* ttu. hoped for

The lint Aatertosa Kara Jacksonville, were Identified by tar rammed the rear of another Arrord.ng to Avery I'uW'tU, writing' In Uw Tm*.Vnnn son h4 arrived and wa now abnrxi a year old Another

The Doctor bas never been a person of Indecision Jan police a* Harry B Cooper' and car on KilUsy\ 11, ae- 14 year ago. It wa riot until 2M year later that the first Predtri*, SMHhtr flaming to Inherll llib>rna!

uary, IB)). brought the first Am.r1c.1hWW to Bilwaakarma Wllli J 13.11.Trouper cording to police American settler sieved Into Ih Mlddlewvrf area TheM "e UM for anyone to hop 'for morning nap on this

Miss Margaret Hellenrelrh. had aNwf'f1'dhe appealfor Marsh eakd the other Trooper John Marsh said labeled UM Chalkers. Pfennings. "..aU.. ...rdl,.*. |teglTh \ 4y. PrederM would *i fwt ,tit to girl* to their mother

the clinic She had come to the drclson to return to four rare were driving north Mr Womack car rammed "' .. rrwaM gno.dew.. ,. room where" 1 hUff fire blued on the Maitrt How the

Nicaragua where she had laugh In the Moravian School The first ear, said to have "been another car Ires than half a Chalker houa. rrtmted to hate been trvlll In 1140 bulky. Uicklng wtret.1 burred ... a mlra...b and M one

at Blitefttld then her father wa serving u missionary driven by Thomas Me Mullen !mil south of Orsne Park, I II Middlrburg'* oldest horn today, Tie three atoll tram considered UM difficulty old& Penis mot have lead in negix'

pastor there, She had responded to the need after correspondence of St. Augustine stopped si Th awond sr was driven' by building one th ants of Mutdkburg ...IaIIII., U rent stating such a chimney. ail liken m ruth end an believed
with the Doctor, I. Paulk else of Or. H. Christina ha ever MttMlUd thai the
the entry to th bridge to wall tkmald ; 1d to a family of ne.comet' ore, rapture of
His offer of salary was prophetic He wrote "1 dan, for th trucks to com off till .ng* Pert. who wa atucnptin .. that running In ....,.. lw. dulls fler.bet'' In Mh hal/i on
Da k to UM .oily day btr a4 durin the Ind o
know when your salary win come from but HI> give you brldf A wwond car driven by to make a left turn off OW < either M4 of the lit..,.... IfcbbW. dolt iirMf In *kf.Kw .
It U stated that the Indian h4 Urge temp (Ml theshots.
half of mine if you come" Throe dan after her arrival Mr, Jensen also stopped A highway' war sila wad Martfy 'In pint with real. half and eyes ofhMnly
.. Mi+IMmrfThry ,
Black Creek
she and the Doctor were engaged- On month later" onV.wnUnN third car driven by If Nichols. There were no Injun**. MM leas .|..,.... and loMd Never again would
0... .. AIf.a.ous
foraced a* faraway a* Smith .
Day, 1111. they wen married .in the ttttle church Shove M suits bUs In a ihlldi (Mart Prvdrrl and .Msrgo
that lure, a* .It I* stated, band- of |4rU na4e tamp en
In the village The Doctor's offer of one half of his salary and th b*.y, IA UM bid.i aiahegany M, and IK. |w. gtrl
became a -lity. The hospital has grown and "Its" InDuenr Bayard HocdownTW th short ol UM creek near the Iran** camp and bolt upuite al U. hostile selling, *.M *Mlalmiiig and seeding horn
a vUJe They used Oil a* their M4i* nUt. aahIng <
Christian witnea ha spread Weaua of the contagious than WM always a horn In th* lop *f *v.ry arforklng alMikwfMa
m wt at taw. Mss the $&. **** rem, lhen'" to UM Then Ihe..how
enthiMiaara of the couple servant would earn In with peon*
...... where they wovid vial ewri .nl rt n.u ship and
The W* of a doctor and a darters wife *l BUwsskaimaI MUrnyMtry CHratUnM" Merry Christmas"Cbrbtaue
UM> VsaA beck to tbetr reader..M. II It I Mated UM MMMfU
.utt. different from what it la In Amenta The day be. giT Chrtotma
| hed. UM" with UM ......* a4 a *.* of 4d.
gin at sunrise sad end when the last patient ha been elf"i
Billy ........* fOrw.f a tla ghteted |hee all Ml t4Uh4.
treat**. the final visitor sea, and. the grwwtng pOe of woe
,!. hUM on day, bwt tM ks only KMieay, !*. fctebwy r*. i
rtapondrnc answer**. Thl may be at drren o'clock ** ,,.t. ..., ..."'' cwos a b.IU* .4 that D*>Uir. be.i< fswgtti However, H M finks
later and even then emergent tall then to duty during +
\ a fact the there WM a fort al that kwsllMi dvrto* UMiJilaiil
the night. T, *, as.Usse54. ...
, tides war. aVmtl. eMnawnle* of Visited Pulse

eM.r* raa>(>>.4 these wild the IntfMM were deices) fartlMTaowth
A. CM rwMeni. aep thai 1 Mr* ........ wNA ethers.

Murrhee nouncesSheriff's ...* la UM frt MH M* cMUren .... *e*. a remise *hwjwe4 .

I tog* to fcef hA. Afl trod to Sliasw*d* hr fuss

'i." f tail .*re lies w.M mad th ladMM. *.*4
fir II' &. en In sew a4 s4. UMW end left. Mr*.

Staff ; flnwwam" her had ll..*.ver, ate r* w* ve
.. ; . along ltr.. ..i Mr and t*.4 her bank to IK fort ,

Sheriff-.**** JenalAfj tom n.-t sad o-w. AAr- t Mr MM w P PraU' MM peWued. antem w......... t

... this .... aawwaved. theappiMiaaetst ........ a-u.e PIIJL ;\ t data *f carts M..>...,. the aar ........ boa. bean ..w ,

01 slat pmamsMUMtfcerirr Karvry, deputy, KM at ens; and a..e. A....... tfc* ..I4.4 tow* to Ih Vt ea...... --s 1.

Mart J./... *W.iy, W.44otoo! bag fcsos/XHety stalls M lone *4 M 4Okw... UM send
drp.rsereN, aJ bwrv-Oa* KA albs tees to UM Used Now o* UM eU. *.x< r4. raw

bell..1Uroi..Mthelob 3, A. nerve Ua WenMMBM4 CWtaaaaa* lev IH. *ig M lye 9W se4 sod *4 VsMefJt sMtf Pee .4e* fraai Oree Cr sVelMi*. these

a* lion s..w arvritTs s4- Jab. F. 9Ufl.1V. lad week ew des. to UM rfcftatfa W ww. a. fats. tow* M leas a. IM4 Th ben. waWH ease

o..u IbrrUf L A traces Iares..raa*a ......... J. K $eel *j* oessee! TW lag cr.be.ara. sliia a****. a.. bxsflg b/feey of ........*. Nod M a *.. jf *4 pews slurt Alii.f beeskfs.Ihne would W a Misery to get reads
e4 ># tot** "a TIM UtMt .O4 Jive isw town, f** ti: IM at U ehewl|
aad Ae'1)ksese. air ba* OerWA .. W > A* sad. 1 to e. Nervy ***. **ee UM Aatnte. W aas she w rV n erf bulls by their irndnatt.
54 O tVe Lent .. prie. mat to Jibed Brut sad. pea M dawn IK II, *,' Pr4 uU r4 the prayers and then would b
M.gb ghsw. gassed nssagsf ** a J feymaf
Meal III ...... O.inlhl sr .... **ecwir a4 MIlo Cart** MSM*;
9U4H. eke peter./ bAe eves b4 a Msgl *ee1! >.*M Hmr to UM sH. ...... bar whets troy wl4 MTW Le; "' Cam A4 TaPaitMuT >WWI* nAepberdaW4M.
Jaohr. aiag r+... aperstor, seethe ... bees Mswed K9 gaalrmeVfatr Mrnt
eie..." .. t4 where. tt:. la na* Seen N.m1 wee ton .} Thal' llewu by N4 hTker
f > would
wb tw bel4.maOwn 0- ti.&a to W Tees 9tMsry. eto* 9'. ill.al *f IW fee *4 fieee* *** to* Mad*
,'Cs.gaeaed act face. $l K IOentbisted M 11N Tvrol
cad Ue W-C
cased see; reed 5psse t *1 WIr


FACE TWO (day( \ County Olrcsccut! THURSDAY, DECEMBER 14, 1964

(flag( (Eountg (Crescent! iJl tter5 la fye 1E,din Stars and Cradles .I

"W"AT It SOOD rOil CUT .If tOOB 'Oil TIll CRISCtNT" By I

ELIZABETH LEONARD CRONtR SECRETARY The full page ad in your Issue of December 3 seems to The Rev. Dr. George Beward
be full of plausible arguments for Installing a Job Corps
PUSUINIO CVMT TNUMBAT BT CRUCKT Para Inc.f. On that flnt Christmas 4-H Club '
Training Center at Camp Standing.
O. sox ere I
night it must be noted that
Cm Con IP1IPS e. FLORIDA Before a final decision for such a facility la made, a
TllirHONl Gel 114-8' few pertinent questions should be answered the subjectsof what lntereated heaven was News I
IICOD CLAM roiTMl Mis Ar SHIM Cavi Srami. FIOIIM which were not covered in the above mentioned ad. + something which all the village .

SUBSCRIPTION RATES 1. From what area are the trainees to be taken' disregarded. Men from

0!>R IKAR M I AOVAKCK . . . .. . .. .. ... W* Local Shipped In from distant cities? everywhere crowded the Inn at
. . . .... .... . .
TWO VKAHU I* ADVANCE 2. U local, how many are to be accommodated each Bethlehem and their subject of
year for the next five years? Next ten years? conversation was taxes and the
and TreatmentBy 3. If from a distance, how big will the school bet high cost of living. The theme The new concept of a total community club progranfor
Sewerage Sewage Number accommodated? which was agitating everybody all participating counties In Florlds. has produced mangy

DAVID L. WEINER 4. Will this be a new facility as to buildings, men'i was not the theme which agitated new directives In 4-H club work.
hall, barracks, and quarters for instructors heaven, Nobody lave a
Mr. Joseph Reynolds U a native of a fictitious town 5. Are Defense Department facilities soon to be abandoned thought to Jesus birth and The community club Is an organization that meetsan '

in Wisconsin called Lombard. Ha Is the owner of a hardware available for this training school? heaven that night throught of area location, after school hours It is directed by adul

store, which through the years he has built into a In view of the economic: pressure being put on business nothing else. So we are taught leaden both organizational and project. Thus, we now com
successful establishment. He also tits on the Town Coun and labor by,the President, the Job Corps should be able to that what the world makes In 4-H club for Clay
our program
to an entirely new phase
cil. Very soon, he will be called upon to vote on a com be economics! In Its approach to the problem at hand and DR. GEORGE P. HOWARD much of may be insignificantIn

plete sewertgre; system for Lombard. The town already hasa not be In such a hurry to waste the taxpayers' money. If the baby Jesus had been heaven, and what the world County.For.

small sewerage system, but moat of Its sanitary requirement Rear Admiral USN (ret. born in Orecn Cove or Jacksonville : neglects may be tupreme. a time progress will be slow However, total results
are met through the use of Individual home septic Chauncey Moore The shepherds were more should bring the overall 4-H club program
would have in the future
it not beenIn
tank lystema. These systems have become inadequate for Editor's Note: The projected center would provide than shepherds, u every farmer
this growing community, and It Is felt that health hazards vocational training for 1.800 young men from no more than a manger but In a garage; or businessman ought to be closer to parents interested citizens, and to the community

will result If corrective measures are not taken. 250 miles away. There Is no projection as to the number no shepherds would have wel more than a farmer or busi and county.

What Mr. Reynolds and hit Council decide will be who might be trained within the next five or 10) years Domed Him but plenty of police nessman. They could look after What la the role of the Extension Agent in this new
affecting the town of Lombard for the next 100 to ISO) There are many available military Installation, recently and salesmen, and they sheep very efficiently, but they ?
yean and probably more. The sewerage system hit town deactivated or in the process of deactivation, so It is not would really not have were also able to scan the program
Installs will be serving the great-great-grandsons of his at all certain a center will be located at Blandlng. If it seen or heavens. They had to earn The agent shall ssslst with the organization of the advisory .

generation . or at least It should be should be, the plan Is to erect 14 million complex of new heard anything.In their bread and butter but committee, mike contacts and appeal for assistance
buildings: dormitories, dining rooms, shops, laboratories, the morning
papers we they felt that man does not
Though Lombard 1s not a big town, there will be many
/ coordinate the total county program supply materials professional -
etc. What degree of leisure or economy will be used in the would have found barely two live by bread alone even if It
miles of sewer line to be laid. Dallas, Texas,'for example,
development of the Various centers remains to be seen. On lines with the news that a were buttered. If In their assistance, and train adult leaden
over 1.000 mllea of sewer line.
the bails of experience, chances would appear to be against child had been born In a garage thought and Interest there had
Mr. Reynolds will think about all of this lie will be told This concept should provide more Individual assistanceto
much of either.) In Ford
a coupe. There been only sheep they might
and truthfully, that If the sewerage" system falls, It will the club member With adult leaders clubs can be smaller : -
was no room In the hotels or have seen a strange light In
cost the generation of his son or grandson hundreds of motels; they were full because heaven and heard noise, but meet more often, have a greater program varieu
thousands of dollars to replace, while they are still paying CHRISTMAS AT HIBERNIAContinued
of a big football game they would never have un- create more opportunity for individual development anil i
for his.
( from Page One) There Is an old story of a 'dentood what It was all about. create tn opportunity for a greater number of 4-H club
With the population expanding communities through and modest presents for all the Island children who attended monastic porter who in his cell He who Is interested only in within the
out the country, there Is an increasing awareness that Sunday School. thU was Tlssy's special concern and had a vision of the Lord. Then 'earning a living will never county.
modern sewerage systems must. be Installed if we are to pleasure came the clanging of the monastery i master the are of living. What Is needed
reduce the Incidence of stream pollution and other health Miss Brown's Christmas tree to which
everyone was bell. Must he leave the What a man sees depends on
We need adult leaden. This is the basic need. Without
Invited, came next. The children remember the magic of vision to go In .l\Iwl'r'P' He what he U These Judean shepherds
adult I leaders, we are not able to form 4-H clubs. We nee..
Perhaps It t a completely new sewerage system a com- that tree, the first gleam of tinsel caught from a distanceas went and returning, the vision I saw what was all around
munity It planning Or perhaps It t a system to supplementone they walked up the path to her houae, the splendorof was atlll there, saying: "Hadst I them, but they were also able leaden in Green Cove, Doctors Inlet., Middleburg Orange
already existing In either case, the average person the long-leafed pine reaching to the ceiling In the halt, thou remained X should have I to look up; besides sheep and Park Penney Farms, and Keystone. If you at parents, o>
teems to find difficulty In comprehending the basics of blaring with trimming and laden with shining colored balls. vanished; but thou wert faithful I sewerage Without a basic understanding, he will be forever The climax of the day would be the dinner In the early and lot I am still here." i spiritual eyes could see angels. program, please contact the County Extension Office Idle-
grouping In the dark for an Intelligent decision evening. Such a dinner at has been forgotten In these It was when they were busyIn They saw a star behaving wild Avenue, Green Cove, phone 28 .5781,

In a setae If you are In Mr Reynolds position, thereis sparser years The conventional I dinner with what a differ. their lowly toll that the i strangely They got excited The program will not bloom overnight However, with
little difference between you and the textile manufacturer ence. Perhaps Uncle Frank and some of hit friends had
shepherds heard the music of i ana happy, and did something the needed assistance of adult leaden we can make an
In Ancient Rome, who sat In the Roman Senate been ihootln'g and there would be quail to add to the the akles. I wonder if any of i about It. The star led and they Initial start toward the overall objectives of the new Florida
What did he know about sewerage T Yet, during his term of delicacies them had stayed at home, leave ]followed and what did they 4-H program.
office, a sewer line galled the Oloara Maxima was placed After dinner the table and chain would be cleared away Ing the work to be done by 1 learn That you cannot sepa
under construction. It took longer than. his life-time to and old Pompey heard tuning hit fiddle for the Virginia someone else I wonder if any i rate cradles from stars. On the Actually the needs are veryample:
build, but he had a voice In starting it.; Reel to be danced down the length o| the long room. This/ of them had slipped
away to i night that Jesus was born they If you, at a parent or you, as a 4-H'er. wish the Clay
The Oloaca Maxims it still In service<< It hat been In gay and stately old dance, called In England "Sir Roger de spend an hour In the tavern of i and the Wise men learned that County 4-H Club program to continue and progress\ then
service now for 2,400 and shows little sign of Coverlry" was enjoyed by the assembled unmindful -
years wsar.
company the vlllane Then for such lives
i man not by stars only but you, the people of Clay County, will have to render the
You can better see by this example why a decision on sew of .... Last of all on this day of days. Christmas night there was no mode
nor I by loklng adult
any upon. the face of a guidance and assistance which It now required from
ersge borders on the Infinite. It would take almost sn entire would be given to' setting off the fireworks 1 roman glorious tinging I of tngela child the State level.
page of ",re.LI' to determine theoretically which Candies and firecrackers The rocket" would burst In start --"--
grandson of this Senator the Cloaca Maxims It serving. over the river' In long arches and with the last reflection -"'1" "" "" "'''''''''''''''''vwTV, .,..i.rr v-,-,..taP*e-,-S-,>*-vsevvv_re....ar v_+a.v_._._._._._._._._:w

What exactly U a sewerage system t Briefly, It ls a gone from the water, there would come to an end another
system. of pipes and accessories designed to gather all Christmas at Hlbernla. J1
domestic and Industrial wastes, and transport these wades J Ii

In water. to a sewage treatment plant at rapidly at possible

Bacteria carried by polluted water can cause such diseases FOK ' I Come and Santa. |
at cholera typhoid and dysentery One epidemic of see

cholera In Chicago In the 1850't wiped out five per cent of II 0IrIIA1'I I th; II .
the population.There I jii
are two general groups of bacteria Involved In I lIST1:1'INiThe : J
sewage and sewage treatment II

The first group Is aerobic bacteria This group It only I
active when oxygen Is present. Voice

The second group It anaerobic bacteria This group la oj Scripture I /1' f 1
only active when oxygen It absent ,
It U the second group, the anaerobic bacteria, that csuneproblemt. .'. J t.;;, I !

If you place an apple In a Mated J Jar, the aerobic t', .. -.d! .;JI\ !
bacteria will quickly use up all the oxygen present In the : rI .
jar Having done this they become inactive y \ v':4 1I
r t I 1 t'I.; '
This gives the anaerobic bncU>ia their chaiu-e, since t :
they are only active In the abaenre of oxygen. Anaerobic i 1\ !

bacteria putrefy the poor apple, and emit a highly odorousgas t' ''d I / ..
Open the Jar after the apple hat \been worked on by ) I = \' \

these demon and you will be overwhelmed by the odor 'pb. dll f I
Water U' the essence of any sewage treatment system, I

treatment It we were to the ctllrd fewest upon poaslble to reduce words a description, I"e would of say sewage that II I I r d:) :;

It Is a stream of water
flowing through homes, factories '
and businesses In which w..Ct'( material Is discharged, I ij ( (
Downstream, there Is a "filter'' the treatment plant I !
that removes these waiUs from the water so that the next .
,, town down the stream can proceat It for drinking water :\ \iIJ 1i!
a This it a tool piece to stop for a moment, and familiar. 1t. .f: liel
lae you with how aeware treatment plants work. 9
'. At. the treatment! plant, the sewage first flows through 1 i "W',4' j. \

a metal bar; screen that cairhe bulky objects, such ts U I
branches, cartons, tU, which are removed and disposedof. 1.t 7

The sewage then enters a relatively long but narrow
tank called a grit chamber The sewaae paws through the 0,

f t) trlt chamber quite slowly" while liwrianic: matter lucli: as XO\V RECORDS: Tidy: VOICE OFSCuim'IlK
und and cinders settles to the bottom to be removed,

front the grit chamber, the sewage" enters t much larger : TIn: HOI.V) III1ILK: g At Mayhugh'sWEDNESDAY !,
tank called a primary settling tank Her the If.... re.
make for a period of lime! while many of the suspended Tilt: NKW: TESTAMENT: : a

aolldt" In the sewage settle to the bottom In the world of Authoring King Jamea Version! ) t
aewsge, you should know that everything that rrmal" or
settles in a device tuch u DM settling tank U railed .1114,.. Here It the Talking DiMe." A rtwrM reading of the AND THURSDAY
Everything that b drawn oft the lop U called effluent entire N.'W TeaUnwnl wad ,for word and exactly u

mm the settling lank tludte u drawn off the bottom written. Read slowly giving vnple time for eontunpU. 3:00: TO 6:00: r
and sent to a large, cylindrical and train lank called a lion of each phrase There U |M> dramatisation. Oft*ee- :

digester In which oxygen Is alma entirety absent. lien l>haals, cemmenUry, nor personal I"UNEwn the Iin
anaerobic bacteria go to voik on the kludge Id stabilise It turn of the reader U kept secret to avoid a sense' of j

The gases generated U charvt.*uu of anaerobe bacteria personality, 11 :
at work) In the process are drawn off Do Your
to be ; Christmas
dupoced of
to and or For a.b&tdfonta& fur children for group tuterung and Shopping
power pumps other equipment In the
Sludge for Uw e prteentiy unable to read . The Talking
usually remains In the digester for about nl
becomes stable 10 days. and 1&bStN'-' a need' and bxuinee a Meaatng It will also fAT
enough to be drawn off and
sludge drying bed taken to a be el Interest to first and *cond ReaJera who *01 1fl

The effluent mill contains duwlved oUdit from awrec" the drat and current pttmMinciatktn ol every : lr
tank .It tht .tnnrn wxwd and Uwene.AIM .
settling drum
off the lop and sent to a trwlling
filter' ..'hkJII a very' large .bed of alone and loose grsvrt, available U a bMUtirul tad rampart Yoke of Arrtpture i

several feet tick The effluent U aprtad ours the bed with rero 4 player designed e.t rruny for u-.. Bible, j
rotary or stationary aprtnklm. Coated wash ambk! bad, wtwts Tt u player aIM plait any sue or tire record The MAYHUGH'SDRUG STORE & ANNEXGreen 1
ha. the bed purifies Ih dissolved aolkda u UM effWnl at Water ronUlM the enure Mrw Tr Umrol album. 110
the effluent trickles down to underdraln bnw.th Uw bed arante hrmna. phis the entire Boot el ISata i
Borne of the sewer beds we pUauc in the shape of hmwy.combe Magnolia St Phone 284. 111 1 Cove } 1
(nsUad of atone to pro,&de the aerobic fcarun with The New TraUanent album auy be had separately b Spring J |
men oxygen uw an your ewes player, ., h I

The effluent flow from the undrrdialM to a....... >":naftcin way be arrant** If d.'clred.f \ THE LARGEST ASSORTMENT OF CHRISTMAS MERCHANDISE
river lake or pond. aomeUmee paaing ihroush a finalaetUing IN THE COUNTY 1
lank on the way to reduce further" the amount fuxnd Iaywexe' 41' *< f'er'T ,mt'A,.,.<. fit ,V 2:1. '''/ 14 .
'% ;
d solid mattrr that may be preen in Hit elfluml L : S2A3
; J33JJ335SSiJ;!| ;.


THURSDAY, DECEMBER 14. 1..4 QUay County (Crescent!:

.sans..-- ne.er..._ ... tv

h :t- >>)- :aJi a- ( tC<< 4'.c'4 .. -. Woman '
Witnesses +' i of the Yenr-Thirl/ Years Laierl!
Name Gloor' G1
w; .
r.'o motion picture star epilomited Hollywood more flam
I I I- I\ ..nil) duniiB the twenties. and thirties than Jcon: Har, '
i he Will the platinum blonde "queen of the silver sci *n"
For News Service ,]No star wee more dreamed about, written about, end lied
Itli *iI'oul.i None burnod brighter-or burned out more suddenly:
sin- was dead at 26
H<-haul all the ahnutina-and the whl.pcrine-wero secret.
Vane Oloor. presiding minister \ahs Witnesses and drl" '? rnrcliveiy:) t guarded, that even a quarter of a century
I of the Often Cove centre- them together In bou gallon of Jehovah's Witnesses, i II.:; i iUIH.little.. more thin: ,o puss agent's fantasy
: I Christian brotht'l'hood"The Wh..1 'w. Ih. 1..1. .I. "
'" '
: M '
WI i has been reappolnted news purpose of the program Hallow" Wuy; did h-r :
director for the mld.'lnu I md put a bullet
la to aid Christians in carrying 'trad I leaving behind 1e
circuit assembly of Jehoxaht / out their responsibilities bothas lumnsinn suicide note
: Witnesses students and teacher ot happened on her ; l lI
r \ 1v 1 The assembly Is to be held I the Bible, The witnesses are / Mourns to San
c crU'n in Lecsburff; December :JJ-27 known for their door-to-doot *',irsc* What rumor really/ I
It Is expected thai' approximately preaching activities now being i hr' What was the r
l V ,. ----. 1.000 persons will be carried on In 194 countries I J- planned like a Holly
,' nectacle; so carefully
present to hear There will be no .t' ,
s the-'wdely sd- meeting (r vcd to cover: up*
"' vertised dslcourse': "Our Dl\id- the local Kingdom Hall this i I' Only Arthur Landau,
J\i ed World Is It Here to weekend berause moot of tho'e 2cnt and confidant, I
LI Stay" associated will be attending jenrs answers after her death
I I6L )' According to Oloor, more the assemblp. j GEORGE 1'NNAVANT c;ded to tell the whole\
l rI R' than 20 departments are being I end opened hit '
TO ALL ( .:... set up to facilitate the o Jt'ra. No salt water fishing/ licenseIs I George Dunnavant, a n author bums I ,Irvine and secret Shulman f.
teacher at mo'I
tlon of the assembly and care required (for sport Charles F. I result was "llarlow: An i
A MERRY for the needs of delegates but boats used for salt fllhlnar.// Rennet School hits keen mate Blo Monde", Like ,'
named ,
auliUnt principal ofthe sex
-- CHRISTMAS! Oboe estimate that 200 persons commercial fishing school, herself, the book 1
GREETINGS will volunteer their services a license says the State Board according to an !xmbshell,
TO ALLI of Conservation announcement this week" by readers from Hollywood i I
BRADLEY "These departments are or. I Jewie r, T)'".., acting Nuper- I New; York, Its lion picture studios have an
Inlendent of Public Innlroc- how stars are "born", nounced films about Harlow,
ganised to distribute the responsibilities Florida! hu about 1000 milesof and sometimes die, was I the leader
MADYLEN'S' FLORIST & GIFT SHOP [ that arise\ whena coast lint, and more varieties Uon. lie will aaceeed Thomas lieveable only because It ; the Joseph In E the, Levine field belr3 pro
.I.Ir. DRUG STORES Smith ,
{ lane group meet In assem of fish than any other who hi been named j true 1 1rubllshetl ductlon which li based on the

lOl Green Street Green TOT N. Osage A... bly." he said state In the Union says theBute principal* Ballen to succeed who will MluLoulu 1 edition by Bernard In a Gelt roll Shulman Biker book in and the start role Car of
"All of us work together like Board of Conservation.A toctatea. Inc at 1993 Hsrlow
: ""' :::"'-"'-' :':-':':':' Green Con SpringsTO 4 one happy: family," he said corn supervisor of element spurted the) within of the three who The platinum blonde star
ary traehlng In the jo !In 1039 made the
'"Bib I. recent of salt County nofn J III cover
water :
teaching unifies Jeho.rIERE survey ,
::! = I lists t an r. Tlm Msgsilne, Is again,
Mirry Christmas" from the Staff/ TIlt Crescent! -_ -- -_- sports fishing shows that Florida \ I school-sjratem.Ptdettrlint.- . publishing coup, has years later, becoming the
:r. !(tCtC t(!: :c :ccI I In Gulf anglers and have Atlantic 144,000 water boats ,I .- ---- been perback released edition In alf Three year talked, about woman eX

. .. i -rr
f , I and upend over 10 million : '
I tt I ,,_... r": .'. .J i j erman days a year at the lal1'l aperSillcjaus. CATL CHAT
,1ie 1-- _
a e I 1j j i 4"H"M"S"H"t-f-emM"HHfYULGT1DE 1
r H t i ; ... I If Pr Phillip M, Him, Dfevctor, Mihm P.l lade (.<. rtN C.",.,



I If I

1 II I

i'1" '....J,,-.: k jl 'rr /

0." v V 1 Jt

) t o. 'I{
.. l.
i! ) .. IN JAPAN
i. ....y. -mrt-t:
'. : I il \ A I EtLACIt PATCH
: On T
it /') A C.A T IAPOW
; I rlJV' 1b RIPnLNT
I'r--'" 'r t' Our .1..._ gavyu pSn ) F WOMAN DNA tmwol 'IS tOOK.o upON/ ASS(
: : I .11 ,,,swabdw.ne crottlnf' at Infer' "SNR50 MARK'BYCRTAIN
ftft I ...b4.., ...A.MMh .., IKtloni with 'traffic: "lightl .All Syo CATS AM stuT TOATIMU.
!rI' : JOY?1 should! follow/ the lights or K>* IT*ACUHtO 1H6T COHTAI'*' 1M SOUS /AII\UJ>IS.cEDING .
ff lfOLJL1 'w,'." and ,
I Milk gig
: TO OUR MANY nil It. Ptdfitrlam ihould con TIp.

ALL OUR FRIENDS Ii f GOOf) EIIIENDSINSURANCE Cider Ifwmit'vti"' trifle unit' TNt Bier WAY ro SAnjryywjfl ,,
I CATV LOU: of fin is
and Ul protectlvt/ m..tur.| TO
FRANK'S' TRUCK STOP to hold) Ktldentr Remember" I raaDer F1lI jWt fi fWRAt0 1 ,
CLAUDE'S In t colllilon/ betMtit i PI
lllwar IT ((4 Miles South of Green A FISH/ 'IT OG6cs'icoNTAIN A
Cove Npring) d !trlifl and i vthlclt the. /
pttl .
77 Boms WHICM cGood: w CTIC f.IH
: t( !( :C 1'a SHOP I I'fr COBBLER SHOP BRADLEY \'\\tn ilwiyt '0.... /NracrRu A CAT C rw 'OAr,

W. O. "'.II I.... rUlln.1 nit if.... niihoif 111 N, Oranit Ave, a
Pot RHMTO ('. Ortnto far, '111. -
Ores ffcvt Hprlno, Ik.

? Orange r.rk. rU. :.ht. .sr3' lrwJrwrrwl5. .r5 . . . . . . . . ... . (/
- - ------- - """ff""" "
)\):): ): )_:,. _,); I, ; ChrisEmo .
- '
:ccc: : ! : ,
Char rr
F. r
) ,

u ,1 ;r. 1. 4t1J .5. t r Ti All

; a' ''I Oat, friends

;; r 1 ,

n ; CcU'M JI ?M1 r ji3)

I ? )' '?4'r


I II II r' ti;' c j I J'j 't

C' j'j'1 M 11Ij / U ; 1'T'c .


I If I f 1 r r,1r


/rr % f II 1lbw r

gJr- I

i 1 1

f 1965Think .f


1\\\ y. J j' Cheer To j

crryvj,(srs3tssla3n.ev ro- a f j j All Our Friends

pcKt anal) hippinoi for( the confidence r j
"' k amtrrrg jour (giln. 1e44r. you hove shown V 0 II : linctrtljr hope tfut runt tolkliy"

f In vi.flfs'N. j I ka'O' it file varnuh nJ! that
( err yprisgs


I / N w/ "..... ... ri m i iI tee .. w..4 aua4 Cs... C.,. lpelate.
Isle !s, (ar..te A'- Gew. r* _] GUI Cull .nu'G4 C...., K Gras C.a eMW V I ..... 4a' ........ n.

: .)' Jt( =>>'.>' .)'.>I>>. J C .(!(!(!(t.( .(

- . ---

I :-


1Green Cove SocialsDr. Clay High Musical Units in Christmas Concert Hello, This Is Punkin, The CarT

and Mrs. Carl Dumbauld aon-in-Iaw, Dr. and Mrs. Robert ----- t". I
have M their guest for the L. Settlne and family 'l.J..w t Christmas holidays Mr. and ;
Mrs. Henry Armstrong of Desh- I Mr and Mrs J. V. Durhamare T
ler. Ohio. spending the Christmas I
r I, holidays with their cchlldrenin !
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Whiteof Miami. I
Halifax, Nova Scotia and Mr.
r II
and Mrs Ed. Newcomb of Lake Leon and Olen Hodge students
r (
Camel, N. Y., are spending the at Henderson State
winter months at the Qul-Sf- Teachers College in Arkadel- I
Sana Hotel. phia, Arkansas, are spending
the holidays with their parentsMr.
Mrs. L. T. McAnnally left and Mrs. Olen Hodge. Perkins, the J-month-old cat of W. W. lodges*, ma
last Saturday for University, I ages of the Quf-Si-Sana, ha taken a disconcerting way >
MIss., to spend an Indefinitetime Mrs. J. J. Brock spent the answering the telephone In the lodges* apartment Uhn
---'-" --
with their! daughter and week In Daytona Delaand, Last Thursday night in the director of the Band and the phone ring, Punklns, a stray that was found tw
- Bunnell, St. Augustine, and Jr. High Bcchool auditorium chorus <' companled by Artie Ann Mul ,>i a gathered singing of the chori month ago In the hotel parking lot, jumps on the telp
Pompano Beach Visiting friends the Clay High School Band and Among the numbers that the ford.Toward i I and audience accompaniedby phone table and with her paw knock off the receiver and
New Minister and attending gospel meetings. Chorus presented their annual band played were Berkshire the end of the concert the Clay High Band which then crouches down to hear what the taller ha to say sirs
Hills, I Saw Mamma Kissing the chorus sang a group was followed by the finale of Ilodfe first noticed the cat' remarkable behaviour la.
Christmas Concert 1 j Banta Claus, Hello Dolly, and of three songs Including 0.1 I "Ood of Our Fathers" by the week ago when the telephone suddenly stopped ringing
FIFTY YEAR OLD The concert was opened by others. Toward the middle of Come Emmanuel What Child Band. In her apartment Sow when the phone ring. If* a ran
CONCRETE COMPANY a number called "Imperial" i! the concert Elena Polka was Is This and the Carol of the {| Congratulations to the band between man and beast to get there first
SETS UP IN GCS which was followed by a welcome presented as a duet by Betty Bells. and chorus and their directorfor

I McCormick Concrete Co., ot; I by William P. Heney Jr., Sheridan and Brenda Tyre ac-1! The penultant selection was I a fine concert. Ii =_+

Jacksonville Beach, has established roe t esJ
a concrete plant at COl'NTRY GARDEN ; 1 "

Green Cove's industrial park CLUB MEETS M H C & Penney Farms LJL'' I
The company has the oontract ;aRj
to provide concrete for the The Country Garden Club ot! Reporter MRS. HERBERT D. MYERS, Phone 528-'131
multi-million dollar Johns- Middleburg-Doctor's Inlet held ;:
Manville plant now under con its annual Christmas Party last I The Annual meeting and I been elected for the Penney. I Then came the "plat du $
structlon at the Intersection Thursday at the HIbernia home Christmas Party of the A rte Memorial Sunday School for jour." Miss Hoover Introduced
of highways 18 and 17. of Mrs. H. E. Haglund. Mrs. Club of MHC was hold in th 1865: the Rev. Paul Johnson,, I Dr. and Mrs Delbert Sterrett
McCormIck was establishedIn II. M. Peterson was co-hoatess. Lecture Room on Dev. 17. After superintendent; the Rev FBchrtver of the University of Florida,
Duval County In 1(12 and Mrs J. J. Johnson presided. the adoption of the constitution assistant superintendent and the three younger members -
1 during the building\ of the old After a short business meetingthe the following officers ; Mrs. M. C. Tinkler, secretary of this talented family.
navy base at Oreen Cove it 22 members and their vis were elected for 1985: ,Rev. T. ; Mrs. Anne Button assistant Christmas selections from different !i ia
provided concrete for the land. Hon Mrs Hendrix, of Prize 8. Cleaver, president; Mrs. I. secretary; Mrs. Lloyd Per countries, a popular ;
Ing strips, the waterfront, cola,; Mrs Bwen, of Btarke and W. Foster, vice president and ris, treasurer; Ray Bohner, as* song from Latin America, and
REV ELMER LEWIS storm sewers, water supply Mrs Itedfleld enjoyed an exchange chairman of the social committee sfstant treasurer; Mrs. May delightful numbers from well-
lines and the rail spur, of gifts and a covered ; Mrs. Julie Baccus ace Orr, secretary: of literature; known musical comedies revealed -
The Pint Assembly of God Company officials say the dish luncheon. retary-treasurer; Rev. A. GO. Mrs. Ray Bohner, home dep't.i; the reason why this
Church of Green Cove, has I move to Oreen Cove WM only The next regular meeting Hempstead, Rev 7. R. Orion, Mrs. Ono Coons pianist; Miss group has been so popular with It's Christmastime
rerrntljr railed the Rev. EL hastened by the Johns-Man will be at the home of Mrs. J. and Mrs X. W.; Munsell, pro Ruth Trtvassos. secretary em TV and radio programs as also
tart Lewis as IU pastor to vllle plant, that they had plan. L. Boone of Russell at 10 o' gram and publicity committee. erltus. on patriotic and anniversary f again. . may it
mcceed June D. Sowed, Mr ned to com and they plan to clock on Jan. 28 The program An art contest ww1 followed occasions. Mrs. T. H. Runyon J?
l ewls tomes to Green Cove stay lone titer completion orJ.M' will be on house pl.nti. 'by the "White m phant" exchange When the birthday offerings expressed In a most moving be your merriest ever, with >/
from a pastorate In Fernan 725-foot building which provoked great were called for In the Penney way the appreciation of a responalve ,
diva.. Beach Mr. 8owell a McCormick, which will em. merriment. Oamea, and the Manorial Sunday School last audience that bad expressed 1 lasting Joy and happiness. yCHESSER
teacher at Clay High It now ploy approximately a dozen TYRE NAMED singing of -We Waft' You a I Sunday .U persons responded in sustained rounds of k
on leave .U get his master's persons in Oreen Cove, has Secretary of State Tom Ad. Merry Christmas" completed I applause. 'I
degree at the University of lour plants at Cape Kennedy ama late last week announced an enjoyable evening. The Deroe-; meeting of I I'I Tea and an animated hour ; 1r
'Florida The congregation of capable of pouring 1800 yardsOf the commissioning of Roy' W. The committee on arrangements the WCTU waa held in the'of laughter and conversation I MOTOR PARTSp
the church extends an InrlUtion concrete daily Carl Struts I Tyre. Keystone Heights, as a WM Mrs. I. W, Foster, sanctuary of the Penney Me. followed this unforgetable afternoon
to everyone to attend I. manager of the Oreen Cove member of the Clay County Mrs. A. O. Hempatead, Mrs. T, I'I morlaf Church on Den 15, with celebration. Green Cove Sprlnga r-J
At* services Sunday school Is plant. I Zoning Commission 8. Cleaver, Mrs Julie Baccus 88 present and Mrs. H. I> j Magnolia Avenue jt
t'at1151| Sunday service are Mn. U. B Pratt Mrs. C IL Rust acting as hostess. The The Indian Summer Club ,
at 111 and an' evanirlUtl &at of I Coker, Mr.. B. H. Nymeyer, L 1]I session evened with the hymn. composed' of MHC members
rally at liSI every Sunday The Every- A Very Merry Christmasto W. router, and Rev. P. IL\I: "0 Come AU Ye Faithful and who marry within our own
evening.Midweek service are thing Is wished for the our readers from the Batchelor. 1 the Invocation by the IIftlldinepreald.nt group held a dinner party at
held at lilt o'clock on Wednesday 'I subrrlb and readers of members of the. staff of Others present were: Rev.t Mrs. Helen Springer. the home of Mr and Mrs rtf
evenings. the Clay County Crescent the Clay Ccnjnty Crescent. and Mrs F. R, Oraoey, Rer. T. Report were riven Itry Mrs. I Clyde. Eckela'In Jacksonville
'"- S. Cleaver: get A O. Hemp j Agnes Fortaw Mrs. 'May Orr. fast Thursday Those attend.r .
rf '::tt< sell, Rev, and Mrs. R. S. Gop I members reported each had Ie.I I S. Button, Rev, and Mrs. Raymond '
till Mr and Mrs. E. A. Morri I cured a new member according , R. Gregory<< Rev, and ,
n son, Mr, and Mr*. C A. O. to the "Be One In a Mil- | Mrs. Frank Grarey and Mr. ,
Pease Mrs. M. C Tinkler, Miss lion Plan" Mrs Springer urges, ,' and Mn. Paul Johnson ,
Gladys Nichols Miss Sarah all to write to President John rti ko
Foy, Mrs. May Orr, Mill Carrie son asking Mm to rescind the The preacher at the Penney i
i : Tirbell, Mrs. L J Shaffer decision to put liquor In the Memorial Church: It o'clock .
Mrs Earl Brown Mrs. C. K. Canteens of Army Camps service Sunday will be the Rev t
Imbrte Mr and Mr. A. S. Bar- Mrs. E. R. Brown, program Frank Oracey, ,
1Y eww rows, Mill Anne Oodhall, Rev. chairman, announced that at ;
r. W Cole and Mn. P. R. Batchelor the January meeting the men Mr. and Mrs. Calvin Murray ;I
of the Community would be In of Montpelier Vt spent one JAL s sg
charge, with the Rev Gordon day last week as guests of their ;
S 11 f t Lois Wilson enjoyed a visit Craig of Green Cove Springs former pastor and ..ire. the 1/J .RIST
acv r. i t II with her nephew, lUymon liar M speaker Rev and Mrs. Bennett Curtis. ;g C .,.
: rls, his wife, and three children Mrs. Marshall Merlam led The Murray'. expect to spenda r s
Norma Jean Barbara the devotlona and read the month In DeLand and then to ;
Ann, and Christine Diane, of Scripture front Phillips\ trans visit Texas and Arizona, beforeretumi'mr j
11 Wtllsvllle. N. Y. !lation. Luke 220.: She cloned to New England.
.. 1
ii'n Mrs. Harris parents live in with the "Christmas Prayer
Oranite City where they will\ by Robert Louis Stevenson The The Rev Philip A-lrvatham. I
i Ir s| end several days over Christmas annual Christmas program Included Chaplain of the Mission Ho, I i ifor ,
1q Mrs, Wilson accompanied ,' a poem read br Monica I pltal at Vellore. South India, I
r.4 I them and will return In Jan- Williams; a Story "Christmas ''Madras Province. has been a ; .
uary when the Harris family Leiren by Margaret Apple roast of The Rev and MnKortellng I''
1 1I returns to rVw York They 1 garth charmingly told by He left last Tuesday r

I : I were delighted with MIIC and >' C A. Miller: and a Mn'j the Southern Baptist ;' HARRY & JOY'S ;
.4 enjoyed meeting many ol the carols by the Woman's Southeastern Seminary! at Lake I 1I
1r residents here with Mrs T 8. Cleaver as Forest. Raleigh North Carolina ;'< Walnut Street Green Cove Sprint '
1 | romphint; These were ""at-j I whore he t* completing \< Nse
beats ..carol.0 Little ,, some atuJlea before returning "
The following officer have 1' ,
\ \ Town o fUrthlehem." and "Joyto to Vellore next August _
I the World |I '- 1 =
rp I The Rev Far! K. Brown son ft:
i !I Th. MHC Women Gullet of Mr*. Fair I Brown will preach Ji r
!last seek presented their In the Penney Memorial Q
1\\ et an.
U r Church mornln worship *2 2ie
"' ChrMmaa
n' party
I If"i
I'i *. It o'. o-k nrt <
: There was a Christmas treetar
The H"y II R Rust will hid H
: -f enough to boll hundred
: i < ""ic r.Ht .'oMnn' : WHc the prayer imUn on WMft .n
n/aday. OrJO at 10 43 ,.
I I .th a total of 1171 for Florida i" .
I' I 'I mr,: ml, and on a Ubl"*. oiled eoc"! ;q
'. .> over toG bo<<1'C"t sal nrk-' There will bean IntermoryPrayer I
c cj Ies of lifts for the children M"'n' In the Lecture :
<<<1< neighboring. << vIlla! Mrs Room each Friday at 810 a mOn ;'
: 1'1 r a Wllnon. Drs dent of the I. -- I ;; rhN
::1 Guild pfwMrd Chrstmat fla,. tomorrow ji
j I 1 Mrs I11 Curtis IntrorfurxtM ihot a worship sere:'-. i
l *s A I Crumm .ho art the In the sanctuary of the Penrw ;i

:.1: BEST WISHES I; i ii l1 v \ +I With'" "talma a devotional* Ion ef Ilk meditation merthve;'I'clock Memorial Th.l Church ministers at in t than M o' 1'j'

2 -til be the Rev Ro-f II Ou. ;
i -
IOK A tyro n on* Button furnished tt
1 t 4 'till and th* Rev Charles M 4 t
he piano keramiwnlment for I
: I i HAPPY HOLIDAY SEASON FI FII Dashing In With m the*eurv hymn heard A ,short two trrtar bu tn- I ArkrrmanThro- ;. &

\\I ""Mmite* rv *ftti by Mr O see H"M piorVU tart ;. L.
d CHRISTMASBEST i R. Lymaa. and a tim-urn t water run ankh haw minimum MAY YOU HAVE f' u
report by Mr. It &mtlmt lied Wvwth for rllhPr. .
1 W. Burch Stump.. WISHES An ortn VM taken when I!, ".o Vtt nah and tnmrane, ; VERY BIUGHT[ - u
11 amounted. to a.tAn II .Incites: mackerel trout
attendof em ,IM, > '&Vt sad r 4 fun 11 Inch**; CHRISTMAS DAY! e
-- 11'ITt'Il11Ih'F.ItX00' : BUD'S GATE ma .nJ waww.ll WM a ..tjeanwd nw"ndT. || Inch**; a.J snout. IJ
reward far th II Inert.
. To Srtlt }1''r'k and )Y).f Tease . SERVICE STATION rat wanes who h4 ease croup th

.. I hard wo-t of pUnrsne vat May IbeOood Ltd taJ* HART FURNITURE \
IK O. II. \.\I.I. HAItinV.MtK: 1- 1OU.l:\tl1Z lAUK Onate -.. e f.AtiUan: MewUn Kkwr.tt lama an the pwel la Uu COMPANY

Ge.e. eve ....... .rry, Jetsswsa. and Run-n w rM arid aaake K analpuac.M W w..... Sheet GIwta C'_ ....... yI
ant the ..... TarWD sad en*,I* the wWi W ...
,.. Men Uw Matt .* TW t eaeewl .

- =



c% \
UwiJBt ntej/


MoD stoatS

GKELN CO\E "'. 18.22 10-17
All Stores
,"IP POUNDS POUNDS 1 ,,, !' ? ,
Will Be )
m. .O'vw CHRISTMAS i ; 1 1
y _
DAY, DEC. 25. 1
QUANTITY RIGHTS Scorn,Will Close At6pm These W-D Brand food Breasted Turkeys are Inspected by the United -= r
RESERVED 4/ Dec 24th. States Department of Agriculture and given the Grade "A" seal Each a /
PRICES DECEMBER GOOD 26TH THRU WwII Bt 26th.Open At Bird is quick frozen to lock In oil the tender goodness.W-D Brand Turkeys _,, 'r'!' ,.,..y,.,,
.. r
are special broad breasted birds raised to give more white meat. r
.,., '--l( ? / .
> oC"-
4J --
1 : .r
SUNNYLAND FRESH PORK. 111 Baking Hens 39xHAM -

Sausage . Lb, 39' i,1(I, Land 0' Sunshine \\ SWIFT'S PREMIUM_ , BONELESS ,
Pork FRESH BOSTON Roast BUTTS : u. 39'I I'I ftf BUTTER \\ Chickens Ll 39 Can Ham 4-2 ft O

READY TO SERVE SHRIMP Bax fln( Morkdl' l' Ducklings 49 Can Ham 3 U,' *2 59SWIFT'S
Cocktail. 3S I:?:' 79' \, LB, 5 9 ,J'j.. \_ CAN

Cream Cheese ftj.;: 29' .: S "AT Gizzards . 291.. :
Ham 79'
... Fruited u.
TARNOW (Rtgulor 49,) ;, 1. 8 . .,1..41
L.'!, .. . l' .,. .
Sli. Bologna I "k" 39'COPELAND "
FRESH PORK '.*" ct$ --l a. -411.. ,,

r Sausage . lb. 45', : , 'I" . : . ll. 59'

REGULAR 2/29 . LIBBY' .. s

Pie Pumpkin. g A 101 I(it I :t I V t: Country Ham 79"<

. SlA ;> .......
REGULAR 2/39 GREEN NT' .. 'f'f'N..r ....

1 Niblets I Corn 2 CANS 12-oz. 29 I. : ,, _w' .T..r U-:,, # % '. dJ( II'; "SUPfRBRAND1 ALL ruvow
'''''GA'\TA 'S .
Celery . 2 25'SWEET 61 \Il' \ h'I.
Stalk \

I! Mayonnaise . QUART 391 Oranges.. JUICY FLOSIDA. 5, Lb Bag 49'SCHOOL .....y REGULAR 23i 'r.:,:.'1'-,,. l 1!t t I Ice Cream ,5 -.;.

' Apples I . 5 49' x-- : 1', 0
48 Lb BOO HALF f
Detergent . . USNO. YELLOWOnions SAUCE ''\' GAL, 49," \,1), .
REGULAR 69< ASTORShortening . 5 Lb Bog 39 ,.;. AtG.S9t loti 1
FRESH OCEANVBAYCranberries 16.... ,.' I JI' ,
. 3 t1. 58" I Bt, 29' CAN 1 0 I ,}\.Jf/; '
P'Hi 1", r- !'{ r.I(,... 0 lAOaTON rAOla/ MiNCf Ml AT OH

D-Inner 1\0 II S 2 PKGS. 25; J.t\ ._ ), -v I(3 II 'Y.f"JW -/; __l AUO Pumpkin MOIMOrange Pies 3 ,5.$1.' .

;tJ I .: Juice 21Cane; 99'llttrteln
( I"' MneT' 'r r.- :IH MIAT
Wine QUART 79; "./ ; =:. .. Dinners . 2 for 79'

'..... ,
'l,(I Fancy VAMl '" rp'LrFPLrCU; "AY
aXTR loti( ,3::.T\l, Golden Bantam Potatoes t t . 5 obi 99'
I Ii. IA MUN STAMPS h1 GUlM STAM1' ( '% ;)-l1 4oT. ',e \
'.:t. ..::," -; '. : .. \.or "v I/I/ .. FAI' ',TAFF. CANADIAN ACE PA8JT, BALLtUTINC, IMBAVAP! AN NATIONAL! PJGAL
I "" Deviled Crols H Groud lee { .JV: ( 0 R N \ CApIINGS' rr'' MIL WAf it If" HCTIO" (C8..,&WI'".LI<,,,,.d ;trrOnlli ;:

;;; ;;; i 6 PACK 991
EX'4'1R1 I I l' e e r

I. Ctc..vl.. .4.., c...,...t. SNIM/I M'",' !NN.-S.-.NN...L k/ 0 IRAs 49 F ""f$ REGULAR:: 87 MAXV/tlt MOl$ \,;t
.c.: :-' -:. ":':.. ";;, I' 1.LB.

r EXTR nEXTRA rJ L ) .. l t Coffee. . CAN 69;
I ....WEEN.fTAMif i I ( .... (1.1
''I -.:: .. .1 , f RfOUlM 77* A'JO: VACUUM PACKIDCoffee
: : : ::i- -
I 4': T.r'..yl I.... d -.-- .... --"., -
l ----"h.- "--- "S w..u.Mt 10fS0P' TWOS K1 As.1!* 'tC IUCtlC, C.AN 59;
EXTRA. EXTRA Toaster N 6.99 . .
I caaN sT..w I .n,uiN $r.rn PIOAAfi 17t GiUCTTt iTAlNlISS STilL KAZOft
"? ..-. .//w.. & wIOl1Of.utT.CST.At.. :

..;.,.rprl. ....-ete s !r.On.lr..... ;. Iron . ONLY 6.99 Blades CIS'6-ct. 69,J
LAfinr' VAxrrv rvTTH Or 5 CAM; KA 4 .
i ,. Dryer 16 99 MOAAJt I7 CXI CRYSTALS
I .ll.caIN: stA P$ -G ISNf1AWf. . .
-::; -'::.- MAC.< HCKUU tUC7t CAN 1'LI.
T.r !iuye.e: :::. 1=:=?;;. Opener Ctv '5.95 5 agar . 2 25_ I. of


F ""'"

Q' Crescent
lap Olouniy
_SIX _____ .... ___ ___THURSDAY rPy DECEMBER tl 1984f

Delta Kappa Gamma Meets Ballot Batalion To Seek

Members Within County
f ,
The Florida Citizens Ballot ganization reporting these activities
I Battalion will begin enlisting Further when members
Py Pyv ___ A members In Clay County within I report or complain to the
I the next few weeks, accordingto organization officers of having
; George R. Johnson. presi been defrauded through
dent. misrepresentation by a com
r 'w Recently chartered as a mercial concern or merchant
statewide non-profit making -this situation is Investigatedand
y. corporation Ballot Batalllon, the farts conveyed to
I a was established In Duval County members via the newsletter.
1 ( eight years altO and currently In eight years the group has
III .. numbers more than 6,000 recommended, and members
members In the Jacksonvillearea. sponsored, eight cn candidatesfor
office In the City of Jacksonville -
Countering such political organization and DuwU County
as NAACP. CORE Only one of these was unsuc-
the labor unions and others cessful.
I The Chrl ?. meeting .f Delta Kappa Gamma honorary which seek bloc-voting Ballot The group believes In and
teaching society, wes held at the home of Mrs. Mary Batalllon seeks out the best wholly subscribes to the constitution
d Zellner on December 11 Carroll Wright, resident manager available candidate for public of the United States
of MIIC showed elides and gave a talk about hli trip to the office and puts Its strength: behind of America as origirulry writ
Holy Land. Pictured above from left to right are: Mrs that candidate. ten and/or amended by the
YULE MERRIEST, CHRISTMAS Mary Zellner, Carroll Wright and Mrs. Nelda Smith, presl- Officers and committeemen Congress. It does not subscribe
f JOYOUS dent of Delta Kappa Gamma. of Ballot Battalion maintain a however to some of the recent
WISHES TO EVERYONE close survellance upon the activities interpretations as handed down
of public office holders. by the federal Judiciary Particularly -
The membership receives pe- the usurpation of
Helm Funeral Home riodic newsletters from the or- states rights.
Oreen Cove Springs
Idlewlld Are, Green Cote
d oa
; 8 : tv
Merry Clm,<.tmas from the Staff of TIe Crt-scenll w
: May your holiday

') i ti J tL& L r gy p) Ir a lUWI \ }' be warmth bright with and ,) :__ *

;4 j q cheer.JTTUJ .

GOOD CHEERIi' i f l iiiliiil III I ".. "L I :i JI 117IszLa u

. \\ n mI Lull 1)1.tt. i, _O _

,/. .,.'. IkTr g k : II I j you) ouCQrIiIi { ; S", ,r

9 w 2 MAY YOUF
i sSl w
*. .:,1Y'Iq '1'1' :"!! 0II r
w M. I" a
11. 4a qtr \ l 0 s s 1164 N. Orange Ave. Germ Cove Springs it PEACE AND HAPPINESS

4' QI' iOne Block from }fospltalr
''t. ,:'. ,ee COOPER'S' FLOWERS f
I I IDol & !
;%/ ''Ie )'[lit N. Orange Are. Green Cove Bpringi
fi J t'- .' ; ADS 'HltlN'd 111(1$ ( HKSl' ITS THY LINE i,6orvir,

wW -_._--


Or GREEN COVE SfRINOS ) e* /,/ .Twists a
Loans To $<00 ;d!l'liono) 24-2.21(! :.!: :!I (OrniiKf) I'urk, }Kln.j "
Iii Orange Are, Oren Cove Springs

LITTLE ADS 1WINO IIIO HKSULTS-THV OXKI .: - :. 1 I rAtt (!tf fi nm e uiees i N Nat


- -- --- - -- 8
(rte C ,rrr

q ; / The Church of Your Choice
k 1 Ip
f1 t )
'is', t i

rsL 1 l .,... t 1I during 8W
1 IIr '
r I Ial If [ 8M

o 1 1f a The Holiday Season 8

iI '' / h
I \
I '
) eft 4r

!f Et! I.. ,!a: I ti, ku I i I

Bit BIes r ,i .r" ) o

1 YouChrisimasfime a I 'ur J
>i 1 x .. .

i __ a\ s
To you and yours *o entend very with for ti hK

1 spiritual and melet ial blejunji' during this n Let's not forget the true meanings I I
t4 I of Christrtus this day
on happy
season, and 'thrwithout th.t t'O"'l"C ynr. I III

11 JEANJOWERSr I I I, This is sponsored by the

0';a'Jfarbara, , S'dra*. I
l 14 Green Cove Yam
(I$ -. I Springs Company
'It- ?
"Mr R'OOtA" 14tlrenlte "Jt __
Turk, }1a. tlrauge 1'--. IlurhLmwhal' II gPAGE

MJhaFuLLat.I 4 U.q. .>


DECEMBER 24, Uil (Clay( > 1 County_a Crcsrccut; PAGE IEVEN_ :

I I 1IIIttIII11"IIIftIlHIIIIHIIII"IIIIIIftIIHIII1IIIIIIHlllRli" lmnilIRIRll mnmllmllmmlmuumlmumllguuauu9gllgmwlnlllaul

1 LEGtL NOTKR Clay CountyServicemen I
---- -

t'OILAY! (("('STY. For I'car-rouml Rrading
No. l.Tl
Army BUff Sergeant DavidS. 8US",
In The Mallrr, Of.: :
All CONDITIONING i-IIAMIINO! TIlE NAME: : Hunhea.' ton of Mr. and
I I'PIIOLSTERV OK RAY :Ml'RPHT 1 1noNAI.I' Mrs Jasper O Hughes, of %

I Orange Park hai been assigned

II I PAUL'S REOPENING Chart. lUjmond Murphy, : to Headquarters Com To Friend! away from home

: TO J'r" AiKlrrmi I'nknuirn.lir pany. 3rd Special Forces Group. i
REFRIGERATION : thai a I'HHIon for Chanv* 1st Special Forces, at the John I An enr.w'll"Onut 1'hrUtmas gift

All Legal BeTeragei 825 Magnolia Avenue u( Nome II.. b..n filed by Lou :i F. Kennedy Center for Special

SERVICE Open 8 A M. U 1A.P. Green Core Springs aid Rat in Murphy..r(0 a and ropy you of >"arereuolred urplfidlnm Warfare Fort Bran. N C Amedic.

Dural County Un Phone 2M-S784 I' triton on or lh*drfvnara petitioner'. to thin aitor.nrva. pr.. .' uprci.llst In the group r f 3.00 a year/

AI' ("........1... R."" ""C". North of Orange Park FURNITURECANVAS Yawn a IIh.... Ill H. uihMalnut he entered the Army In July
... n. H.g ""lee Ht. Clarke. FlorMa,. and 1955. $3.00 two years
9 8. Palmetto Street WORK I lll. th* orlnlnat of aurh 1.1.,1 l
BOAT TOPS a CUSHIONS IInMO I : or drf.nara to .aid priiii t,.:mIn -
Home Phone 2S4-I7I BOATS lh. Office of the rirrk .f f e
SLIPCOVERS MADE the Olrrull. Court on or rf..ii l Airman Apprecentlce JamesL.
Puslne Phone X84-8SS1 "New Furniture lh. lllh day of January. !lalf.: Burroughs USN. son of Mn ,lit more thAn two lubucrlptlons are given, the price
Thla nollrp.hall. \Ie "lIhll.h..I"n l
INLET with the Old Comfort. each week. for four urn. and Mrs Leonard Burroughs of. U 1300 a year e.ch>.
MARINA .*>-utl\ weeks. In the ruCounty \
Inlet recently participated
TV APPLIANCE C. A. Hl'MMELLlea4L Pr.no.nl.t Doctors ,
>.ti-d thla Intl doe ..r r l hp- In a large scale fleet
SERVICE MERCVRT i-.ml.fr. A. IV I.I4 ai Urn n.i' ,. Western .
We Repair All Brands OUTBOARDS SOTU'K !!prln... ,"lap County Ft?ru|, training operation In the
1 Avant! : Pacific called "OperationTall I
Servicing Clay CountyFor MERCRUISER SERVICE RO'1I111 1. (".,III.I tai I. ,
Sixteen Tear IN THE CIRCl'IT (' l'UT OK Clerk of Circuit C"a, I Back" "hlle serving Passengers In a stopped vehicle _.. tiiiiiiniiamiiiiuaMiiiimHtiniiiiiiiiniiiniiiBiiiiii
BOATS CLAY COl'NTr. KUWIOA of ('tar'lint' FI| r .1. aboard the attack aircraft carI -
Orange Park Ph. IU.I585FULLERTON'S TRAILERS IN CHA.VCKKV l 110 "'1\''''N II HOHMlll I should always jet out of(
No. Cant <11. IT. tl !>*puiy CI.I.. I tier usa Hancock
OUTBOARD REPAIR SHOP HERMAN CLANK plaintiffrATKlVC the car on the curb side. I CHOP

Drivers who have parked their -
f I I.PN (l. htRTll: '
IA CLARK d.f.nd.nt
Hwy 17 .
Orange Park
-- -- -- -------- vehicles should be especially
24 N. Are. Morirn' OK lit IT I.RUll. >0fl< K S ncla r
Phone 264-98IS THE 8TATK Of KUlltlDATO IN THK OOt'NTV JTIklKaOH'IIT ; -=.. -- careful In opening their door
Green Core Sprs. 284-4144 I "TttH'1A CLARK IN AM FOIL CI.\Y to (et out. Swinging the door I DOWN
too Into tral'
Route tMl Kil.' No. 110 widely oncoming
Airy Omrcl Hal l ..* ,la hereby alvrn thai lh.rial .
In r* Ratal nf fie cause I serious accl
Antltviej Used Parnltare YOU AUK HKKK11Y M1TI- ANNA II JOHNSON. IV,.....dSOTIIK I County Zoning 'umllll..h. may HEATING
FIlCH that a lull has b..n fll.dnln.t will" hold a I'ubllv lU.rlnu. on dent. 3.13, I
you In tbe obovo ntlllr"<1 TO IHK.miOH* Thursday JannarI. IM. alI
CAnnY'SFLOIUDA .'.u.. and you are hir..i>. r.. To all creditor* aol all |I.r on o'. lath "m. ,la Ih* fiwno .
Dbtrlbutor cubed to ..rv. upon platnUffi I 1'(0. ha1blM rlalmo or d..anda I Cninmla.lon Ckamlivia "f Ih* - -.- - BILLS Sinclair
TRADERS attorney whoi n.m. and addr ..am.I .aM. *.latv ('1.. Cnunty 'ounhnua., ilinpunx.
COT All Milk ... appear horron.. your wrll" V"u. and roil nr M Greta Sprint. Florid Jersey ten d.f.nae. If any to the hill hereby. notified and ritilrrit( In ..* of h.nrlni nliJiH-llona. ,
IS E. Palmer 81, Tel I84-S28 of hlch" la d.ll\.'reit .u |',...nt any claim and ilvmanita It .11' 'n .....In. 0 I.mll to YOU ARI Level out your heating; coat even In the peak winter
For or fthlih or *lthvr nf with Hvrtlon I, and M*..-
com..I.ln' In salt .ult. "I" you you mar funii.h to Sinclair's. Monthly Payment Plan
Antique 8. Orange Arenas herewith, .n ' b.lo. Jonuuarr hoop ...In.. .h. ....1.. '.I ANNA: lion I' l"mra r.ph III nf ArllcleXfI month China now
TeL 2(4-1144 II AO. 1011. U JI,"SilOS, d HOME DELIVERYCALL HIT.In 1.1no'\ or d.crw pro Hav County Florida. I., tk* In. ll.mil! llona, aatiwly la liar '
Orantre) ; Park onfm...> will|| !<. entered. a.,in.l County Jixt,.. of i'la\ <'""ft.y. Ih* folliiwlnc:: d-rllrd: proprl period. No Interval. or carrying charges.

Standing Road TeL SI4-I2S you f..r the .II-t praytd In the Count Cnurlhouein 'iii' ..n for a TralUr\ Pork fllNCUUU HEATING OIL with RD-Mt corrosion InhlblUir -
264-tft4 or 2I4-SU4 ... ...
bill of rompNInl ( ? Htirlnm. riat rminiv K.r.| Th. Houltiwvnt part of .Inn
Jacksonville THK': NATI'HK: OF SUP $'''IT Mil within. alt month finm .Id* II and th. North**.! part ofMrrllon i hrlps you rut down heating bllli beoaua It fights nut

Blandlnf a Cofflnj Kd. URIVO I Reef DIVOIICK.VITNKHX dote t nf iba firm nil'llaili of II In Township 4 and rorronlon itvra you more heal cleaner heat per
'REAL ESTATB my hand and the 'thin nnilih. -.. Muuth. Hani II KUal. .11.1 .
TeL 'TTI-I9H neal of .ald. Court at Or*..n CoYp r.eh psalm. or ... mond noel prihet o fnllnwa' II..IsnisMal dollar
Hitrlnia,. KlorMa. Ihla Tth day in "'11 In. an.l '''10.' ..lat* a poll nn th. KaM hniindryalnrraal
Wl TRADE IN ANTTmNO nf IVrrmbrr A.P IMI. Ih. pl.i'. nf ,..1... n. and Kn.tn'fV 'ill,. ..I 'r..llnn.1 II..' II nl BURNER SERVICE SPECIALISTS: Our oil burner servicemrn
or VALUE TWIN REALTY adilra f 'Ihrllma"t 1 Townahlp and llama skilled prompt dependable
ISEAI.lmxinoR: i. CARI.KI.K and must !.. ....rn C.. h. ih* -h.r. .It lnlrax-la with. Ih* are
Olrrk Circuit Court I rl.lmant. hM' *r...t i>r his at-. Norlk *ld* nf .lh* rtaht' nf. '
ACCOUNTINGREED Hilda T. \eth Hv IKKI.K' o orniiA"HT: tnrninr 'I "'\II1 limmi vililr war nf Atlantlr Ca.l' l.ln.. riUNTKD: MKTKH: : J)) ;('I'lm'rH: ( lnTH:
M."uijr Clerk nrillac to law lUllaav and run lh. .m K. Realtor HIi'MAllD$ O. OOHMKtt ': f'l-H erMt'lMr .h,ll it..\llv.r *. I" \\'..t alnna; tha afnrrauld RADIO niHI'ATrilKI: ) Tlfl'I'I'W'w. ..
<>.n.-,, for rialnllffn ald lor
ACCOUNTINGAND n,..k 11..111.. 'I.M. it,. riKixtr ImUr, (., ma'l, ....- Had .,iani RENTAL SALES .n i'v. dprln1nM,, 'm. to arh personal r.rr..nl- In a m.o slake I Ih.ni- K" "rthIt Mrit'f; : the toliMl: alwl) (4(yout (Jt'H.t( { HKKV1CK:
hl '
It.in. IT It II .IIv0hales I1 t: I fhalM I" afoot nrnpaCOVERING
off ACREAGE 6 LOTS here-l.p. y 0 tl 1"1)A. : Ihrnr $.."IIIU'. In' TaalIt nwana ymi ar* fullowtng' tintliwrlv -
...,... J "...n" Chalna in a .1k.. on Ihr $ Allow tin* car length for MIDDLJCKUHO ORANGE PARK
TAX SKUVU'K; ) P.a a.N. n' .II. (.'al W 11.od Nnrlk .KnunilrtP lln' IIf thtafnrtaaiil vrv'10 milt I..",.*
Lisle Kenney Owner Residential Commercial REWARD ", ..10....al of A.nl n 01nre..IA. plrhl 011. .... .if |Iwo PENNEY FARMS DOCTORS INUTTItEUJUIl
,?h.-. ,..oaat4P11,1 Ihll"'r I h.0 AIM'arfr Sa apN, ('ONaSI
7 N. Orange Ave. Green Cove Industrial Strayed or Stolen. Short clipped Ml/tlrallo0\ on .... IIII ".. ."I.I'h"* 50' \\'... chat ,the r ANn MCADOWDROOK and

TeL 264.1721Personalized Serving Greater Clay Ceuty 10'7 y5r North aid.. nf ,lh. afne..a4rirtitnfwat BUmtOUNDINa AREASCLAY
I Chalna' ,ihitMitnl
-- -
ServicesIn Notary PubHe white female Poodle from nf t.tln. 'ln. eopt5ir|
IYbllUTHN. Inr II arms mono .r )lac OIL CORP.
PHONE Marina Motel UOt N. Orange, -- All r'n In1e-..l"e". _SHOPat :
... ..... ..
Accounting & Tax .h.1I "rt".u Ali
i IS Tit 10 rilliTIT ( 101 SIT nr
Hclnrns Office 284-1(11 r'rldiy. I>ee. lllh. lUiel Showaltrrt i l'LAitH'NTV ri 'lllllA. ,In .l I... h....' .t aald lime A 01,1 N I IOW AIM ) WACrKIl: (U OIWM t
Home 2I4-JM1 I IS "CMANCKUT: Hi.
For I 1'0.> f.|.tiMl
ntiMiipHM Firms & Orange A... 8. at Bay .... phone 2I4-1I9I. :l.n"* I. illl.MiillK': plo atlftIIAl'llM.t l Ntntmlwlnallr lam.t' K.fuwi. HOME IMIOXK: 2rtlMH!):

Individual Green Cove Spring : I nit.MORH. That*man I

defended ___ 11-11. '1. 'IMI _ _______

IHKItH.I. I illl.MiillK' kO
I CLASSIFIED ADS Mania .boa A'r.ut I
I .
1a 11"04. Cat If"'n'.
riir AttIC iiKiiriir MITIriKI 1 1 ) t
> that a brit .ia. h.! .". fil.it' ... c
.. vast .iu |. Ik. .!...>. riHillM,
I..,,.. n4 .n. ar. h.t.ii rr %
I '1111'''' lo .ary ....in plaini' 1 I'
uliiirn.r who., name. .M'| a<1
WANTED llotmrkeeper. living FOR SUE Three bedroom, I.'."U. "OTU'IC. Or.. *, aniwar .k.r*.*i 'r a Ill.I. | 1 l
In opUoniL Two children I, hotine. Pine Panellnc. Lanegame. -? .. .4.f...a.a If any I.. ihr I.HIf
I .
(icnnlalnl' la .al4. .uit. ,. "i%
tied 8 and 11. Telephone OC8 One block o.uthwe.tfrom IN TILE r :TIT "' '"LIT IN .f a k.h I. **.ll..,... t.. ."..
front door of High KrnooL AMI r'.rt (11.51 "I'NTY., .h....IIh nn rap .tcor. 10.. ,.,arl
214-1721 7 II
p.m. ... II A O 1541Knee' J :
1 84) feet on Itonavenlare Avenue 1:11: (C.tt"15"" .0'' and or 4r. ,.. "var. ( t
OR KENT) I room collate I by III feel on \\'.. Mrert.UHI N. X'.1100 ..safe.will be ..C.,.... a.a .... I 1 4 r F
on river Furnlnhed. Phone (Ill TH imimKUN I>AV.I I ma.e Ih. relIef. "n,." in 'the 1 : ,
Mrriflre for ...h. l.lwoodtnhnMin : I I kit' ..' r"aaaSpS.
I Ml* II\NK. a eoriMtrallaaI1.lf.liff.
84-1574.. lt-.V R-.. SOS South Mar- I I r/ir wwiu."' ... ash! ill, 'IT r
: I
- ---- -- 'I' Yarn Mill). viiinu4. ...-(I..."un... -a. ..Itt'...1'.: .a .. .
IOR KALE I 19(1 Ca" Farm '
HttMir sad .
r .I..r .a1' Corfl .C arr. .
Tractor like new, Il2'>0.0t. Phnn 2l-6652.( ll-28tfc I AuIM HKNHT. Mi elf.; I lnelnlo rl .rtta 11(1., ,'h "to'
.I1 \s\ I/KAI.u4TfIM- ., ,
',0 lm "I. .4" 1.04
INS Cat Praalrr. with '" *M ..
MI u itKAU hi "ir 1111':41.:
....... I11". V/t11Y1 I II H.lidata .. '
ready for the wood. II. : _ .ne.Rf1fC: l CAM i 1 .Ya' 1

Per Information tall Green I IV tilt riltri'lT IHM'HT <.. Nu
Cove ZS4-K01. 12-Il, !4p nr. mrvTT n"iiii' I..k. ..l >'. Ibo rinal fWrr. if MMiRmartM{ Mill il.'k !
-- _. -- -- -- I IN 'IUN ''::11'' .I'I r..r ", >....!. a4 I.l..o1.r.d W .. '
REST ALII I lit floor apartment N.. 3 U the .._ >oo4.a.. l. ifc* ,I' a eh'I 4 Ir

(-room. I bedroma. t jHN' W KKT. ll.iomf I (rpli. c..*rt la on4 .fee .flay "... I'." Mp,lara PineltII t I
4 .. .tr ttvttmt. <. xk 1 1 l
bath, fnrnlahed. Aba I-bed M.'lir K*K/.T. |..,...<.llOtHK I II' I a.a.M.0 l..1110.. .... I. I.I I. 'III ,, STAR OFt
and ........ ....,. off oMI 1... r.;" 1 r
room apartment. lights nal IT ... .. -a i
.n, "" In x11 ra/alr I /011. 010$0i01 1 1t
water Included. Centrally located. ,I' 'rISE .1-16 uY. FUINIDA- ...,.... .. 1 t
"ICY !1.-4. T_' |"'' III niofkt. P.e.OI I 1 A
.. Ins To' ,MART K. I : .. I
411 Tend' Street. I. M.AoN >IM. K. fall 1% ISlE lot HI rtun i tit 1. 1
r.rmatUneallII4-I7J7. 13.171IUR 'f.r.r*I MoMli r.r.llAHK .. for.: I. arr NIOf M Lol: $0.r TI 41 iM.r; il e1 iwi "ti, \ i3E'I'IILEI IET
'; I
I HHMftHT IY1I- elf ,_. ..... .1 Pt.l 1- r rioMin 11 PMn.0bII I,

:- ;; -.lo- I i r 1Kh Yu1'" ''.i a .oll l.a bopI:fllr4 *.a.. II sad II .? Ik. Cues UK Ka11Tk'.rIYA < . ... (
RENT' ronvenlentlr ,10 IS. rblr. ...1"'" ...., COWSe p.I..CAI at Mop MAI-IK ll> IM a] lw ** 1 XI1
roar .....
To all i e dn > 04 r lih
tiled) apt. lurnmhed. I..I..C... 5..r. ler hr nqu11.4 ( 'WKr rWrM.
garage i .. .. .. .........". Pee<". vHk all airwlora ...,.. il.iit. .r l>*r>>._ .
Can 11&.1111 after SJ: ,.... 'a . ..4 aaalaM .*i4 k..le .1 \ > # I'OR I'EACR
aa.4 04 w
I I ...n,.., ...-. 0 w aM r'*'- . ?
..1..P ... Mi4 land. ..4 T* M
i I 4,... .pees' .r_a parr wet' kt kt ......... ..4 .....*.4 I.. p.. vW'x>>
alwall >
tit REWARD for Inf.r.latl.flleading ton ..,..... ..f .e, .. IIp 011r /101.4.a 01100.4 10.041. . ..... -
ola,0. r
0401 .aif 04 -
.. till motrrr of a ;r, ?r ,.01plaht a ..I',..alt... -.9. ... ..!.Yw..at.-ICN.... "..or.. 01Nb ,... .., .".. of l.0 mot i y v / ; INOUIt
1 11.. ' sad i>4k k I \
Ie .
"f .0x1 . ..... .......
.I haMd.
.kakk and while female rolUe ....,..... ao at M/.-. I.aW/ 1 ,.,,.pea/N.IM4..>.!!.. tl.wrt...l....'*k>l>-... .. Ne.w0 ........ Mlb. of I

4 __the oM. Call HAl' IMISI.r.u pr.of. !5.0_..* .'.<._ aMfkl..*. .palso" .1 1111. Cola 1", u. -0.011 ,..... / 'Itlo ( ..- d BI ( 'I'IOUBLU)
'J1&s'l II II:7..,10.1Iwo f .'. ... sad ..,.' nr r*..*it ri>4>i4. '1'*
I .. ....
or go t>7 IMS UlewIM A. 1111 renef peay4 I. c..j l>*. s .ktrk ... 000 ". ofn>. w IO. .." >'MHW tl ..... I Ir I 'S4i 1

-- .far, ,.IM....101Hr _., k.,..,.., a"tlai. !. >rk =it *' '. eio**. i I / \ ,
so1IILlri1L bit! a'It. '. ..Madswa001. \X'ORLD
Irn1L ___ _, IU'I"I''K OP. 0AIh al"IT1fr.1. -4 .>t.. !.. .0 ..> wM0n. ., 1
fe.0 10. 54
..IY..K I .eaa ik.o.k !..p m* I 1001 I
Io111NN I IIiI..C. a1T111a iwt! roM(. w/ band .... CN ...c..,.... .e .$........ f0.0.051... .a1(.: -.501044.1:kN oath.T. I ..

......, ...I rI.I', _. .. ..... f'rt of ",... r... .. fllah.. 044 01 .ISa bfa0O' w.N..f... ,.. / J 1 .
h .... ..... ....... f.0 .... MI.... I IIA. 11.04 M (0 0 W Sal
.e .ae sl .........,...,. .041 IITI. 00,1101 Y1.N1. Ik' till 4 p ...... of ..- a.kcl .. .....1 N.I. 10 .... /Mass... f
.. ....* III IM4 i,4 '
H. .1 owsnl. Pan f 1- ace M/ .f01.0a44' .. of Iho
.'U b. 0011 la .IA. ...." It I'I. .|Mi>.H 1154 d
a pi,, .., N1 I : i I <1... 14'.r.011 /b. .0... 1045 .M.100 01.01 eK k.. Ik* *...-*. >.... .,....." .,. {
,'arh P/.ada '.t C .. 'n":h1 I u. N..,* rt. 'Nea.e'et ._tIw ..... .. "- .., 5.,010051.1 4e ,'... ,..
I. M .. T1..4 10....." .p.11 C *0n.s'le e...ro' .. .o.ep of -. ..Ilse ..4 ... a ...,. .0
,4& Mae .... flr-t n...... 0611.tr'tvS. ,' -- Qr. thee IpoO& I I1. ..-... 0.1 01 11.4 .6111. 00014 -.
n.. 11 ..141 i M 1'llIH1r.1It /1.0Nrear ;
c. fM.0 i
_.Ih. ,. .I.,I l'eeti f. A.,..... r.1 .P1..1."t n.'p41u .. (Oat'.. ......... f.c0ILH.14t ./ T I *-'... It
_... ..4 t. Irr.wI I I t 14. YI.0 aO A. .a.....> IB* 54.4I r
veer ... EAItTII \
... ., ..... I n--4.I (t .. ._.
*. ....P ......_ .. -- P !. (meet I WIN 4 t. .0 *f
.... p.0. ..,.,. .e4 _! IIP1l1YTED - -l !-I41 1.tIB ''AI1'N '' !...-.-_ .l!.. ( pee tt.ivili ..r....... I I i
......... w ,... ..L1 .t .

I AREA BUSINESS DIRECTORY "" J Je 1 -'NC r.--. ,II I IL5IPLEASE !: I i During thin Holy/ Sruwncommemorating 1 1 e.&C-

.. . I .1.11111.11. . .. . T TTYY .YY" r
I the Mirth; of
I I iO I ,
- ,ryl RP or rue 'Qn..vrT l ..-a,..

--1PTUEeare -- - RAIL It ....nt.u CO. I AWtKICANof kMa aVt K I IOll.1' the Child llethlehem> m"yyou j 1 e e0ilA/ the Sear of' leihlehembwrm "

Ii" pwe thebo.i n- P1..Aa' Ii

gw*1bl. Joe Cp.INep1(1.OI ; vice:: tfrtr en 1 find tlt'/ source of jay 1 brfMI/.ma/| It Illumine'

Oft J'IIIW' prtr5tale. ..._. N.wo ........... i I

O. eerrte* wDPM. ass RL..r loot I I U_ E J'm..s If. Owl'arrQpaeAb2lw 1t your beer at iKli holt season,

y.... ands /w1..w'a! IT 14611IZIILILS \ aOgJwr and hope for fnticc elernutmm I

w prwo. wfl W I I 1

r. 4otrW. _.__ I Ihc..urt ..#. 6aio.aNpw 0 S.B NAR ACE HARDWARE

...... .-ue Offat\ I 1 .

CALL ca pOR AU. JIIGfftIn...... MOTORS ::1 i iC iTIIVRSDAY

rfUYTZD SCATTER 0-1 n....",.. !loam ttnan6M I Lawtl (7ertale f CNJ 5> I t

Mil Ea."M .. ... M. !>.... 4**. <*..0) C*.. .***.4*14 <>eea4 o r.lb. ru.

F"--. 24-SlM ..tn.ru., 8-WTt 8KMCI, IOAf 1614' 11 Are 450 ,....-. FIRC.i > .}-3 > > >,5 ;r);S-)'.>>.2,l..U:



i I ; ,:

I .

t PAGE EIGHT _ __ _. _

I Clay County Repudlican Is Middleburg Second. . Spearman Services ROSCOE who for II. SPEARMAN died Roscoe suddenly Hall A&P INSPECTORS KNOW GOOD MEAT

' (Continued from Page One) last Saturday night were held

! Host Bill Cramer homesteaded by John Barrow Sr. Many of the creeks and Monday at the Firat Baptist AND MAKE SURE THAT YOU GET ITEIi.

' landings were given the names of pioneers who were killed Church Oreen Cove
(I A fund-raising Republican ; tion. He also indicated that he I near there by the Indiana. Bull Creek was named after a Mr. Spearman, who was 53 I
dinner was held under the 1' was of the opinion that better man by the name of Bullman who was killed by the Indiana years old, was a retired llou- \
sponsorship of the Clay County public communications would while plowing Indian Fort on the north prong of Black tenant commander with 30 J t tI
Republican Party In Orange I have Improved the Republican creek near Middlcburg. was given the name because a Mr. years In the Navy.
Park at Charlles Restaurant position In the last election. I Beasley was killed there by the Indiana while he and After the purchase of the I J\\
Dee 19 with the guest of hon I Cramer also expressed his R -. Oreen Cove Industrial park by
there would be the city Commander Spearman
or, William Cramer Republican belief that an I
Congressman from Pinellaj election in Florida In 1965 because j r became Its first pro at the golf ,

County, delivering the main I of the reapportionment I course. I
address of the evening. Mr. problem lie advised Republicans *. I He was a member of the
Cramer's main emphasis was to take care that reglstra Advent Lutheran Church, of
on the Immediate need to ort! tlon practices were carried out Orange Park. He was also a
ganlze and strengthen further according to the law. Among member of Shiloh Lodge, Pft
the Republican Party in Clay other topics he spoke on the : A M, Veterans of Foreign

County and In other northeastern Cuban situation and present Wars, the Oreen Cove Fleet I
Florida counties U S. foreign policy Reserve and Clay High Dada

Guests at the dinner were Other speakers were Harold Club I
representative from Alachua, J Hill, Republican Executive He leaves his widow Mrs. .
St. Johns, Columbia, Duval, Committee Chairman Colonel Ell/tibeth R Spearman; two
and Bradford Bounties. Thompson of Alachua County, daughters Carol Ann and ti Ii {
Mr. Cramer engaged In a once candidate for Secretary Janet Lee; and a son, John. r
question and answer swislon In of State, and Tommy Oantt i Also a brother Herbert C D
which he indicated'! that he student at St. Johns River Junior Spearman Of Ponte Oorda (i ',

would rather ace a more qualified College and spokesman for Pall bearers were Own G '
man In National Commit- the Clay County Young Republicans Cove City Manager Den Zell-

teeman Burchi present, posi '1! I ner Jim Mecon Hank L'Or- 8 '

-- The original Cnalkrr house In Mlddlrburg believed Ube ange Homer Newell Ernest ..,... '.

A Visit From Santa the oldest building In the town I Parduhn. and Billy Montgomery ".r .... JirkMiilll neat "........, .......,.A'
.uppll..e ...,, perk. I....., ......,, .t fr. tar
Burial WM to be in Arlint- prlw... .......1.. ..... ., the ...... ... ....,.U, ...
George Brannlng were crossing the crock Mr. Beanlejr'ihorse .p. .... .ad checked Lr .. .'AP' .... .
had stopped to drink and an Indian hiding at the ton National Cemetery on .... I. ..,1111".. a .......e..Ilty.1 .....by I..p.""., I. ..leap.et. ..1...
Wednesday. ly .'.11..... al ,... p...... park ....11" .".,..1 .......
of the water shot him with arrow and killed him. ...,......
edge an I Ace 05 II.. Lads ruts al ... ....11......
Helm Funeral Home was In ? .., ..
for the her prlr.
Brannlng/ was not harmed as he was an Interpreter It,
charge of arrangements
Indiana Jl a \01' MMT H.: MTKMMI: ORt
"These first settlers lived on wild meat, rice potatoesand A IH "O'U1t' : .'1 Mien' :
hominy One night George Brannlng. one of the oldest r. "Pfrll-HK.tIT": (till.IT\' ...... ..1\\r ..... roil
.,... .
,settlers and his two brothers, Bill and Bob, were eatlnelupper'by THANK/ : lams. ..1.5.5..... Tba4 pupal .why.......AAP.... nals II...S.le.. .I. ,ana.. ....up...t..
their fire when an Indian shot an arrow it iilii Id eve. .. AAP ..,..... un. ... Meal ...'1... ,..
,... ..... .. . ,. ..
from across the creek and killed Bub The other two( YlIU .,.... laully.....11' ....II...1 tar ...b..rherbd... ....aadrr...._ e"Sb..
brothers threw water on the fire so they could not be seen ..... ,.. Yar . ......... Shut ae will.. ..,... pert
.....r I' .., per ramwa pac are ... paupl.tel.Grade .
One of the battles of the Civil war was fought between ..U.U".
Green Cove Springs and Mlddliburg! three and one-half
- ----- ------ - -
miles west of Old Town It was called the battle of Tiger -- -'
)Head Captain Dickinson was leading the Confederate soldiers .
The Yankees were successful and among the Southern
For your contribution ,tt
soldiers that they raptured was Wssh Brannlnir. He was TurkeY
Seal In their light against $
sentenced to be shot In front of Mrs. Bull Knight's house. mat '
There were two Knight girls Sue and Rhoda. The Yankee TB and other niplritory dit- 'i'v b"a eye
guard allowed Brannlng to go to the door of the Knight I f. oases to.and for the _
"MuJlC'r.RIht" Grade A Frown 4 'f
house to give Sue his old] fashioned watch lie handed It to Sg tlmiindiffartjiiitoHp

her Jumped! the high gate, tore off his clothes and Jumped |i.el'lus'111Y1.' lttol7lt>.Arg. Lb. 11 Ibs. up, I.b.39c / tC,
Santa CUui Is pictured above nrronndrd by a group Into Black creek. He was reported drowned by the Yankees, y"aThanks I. 3
.f amIUng children at the annual party given by the fleet Late that night he went to Tom Dilabury's and got clothes"'
) 4wn. Club for needy children In the area II. Kobom.prt Clay and St. Johns counties were part of Duval countyIn for the (Gift oF 33clUjpMWBKlMttllu
.ldrnt .t the Heel Ilrrrv, wit satUUd by J. C. llolromb those dan and court was held at St. Augustine In 1159, I '
and members .( the Ladles Auxiliary In making this event more than seven hundred people hived In MldJlrburg/ Later (Good Hcallli-Frura

a happy and memorable Ume 'lor the youngitrrs. the courthouse was moved there and It was known ai Your TD Assucialioi
l .. .. .... ......
Webster Before the Civil war two of the largest slave hold. -- ----------- ,

era were Oeorge Brannlnir. and Oalas A. Budlngton Budlng .L- :'..,;'- h.-... ..-.. I 1 j1; "A" Quirk Iroirn
ton was a sea captain lie was bom November 29, 1700, and W
died August 24. 1188 Ills remains rest In the old family 5OYasjJs 11'i BAKING HENSItuCrLli.

cemetery at Middleburg. O A. Prevail was aim one of the CLAYTHEATRE 2:
old settlers going to Ml.ldlrburg In 1851, I '
Nl1ptI f V'lth thin coupon pur ha.. ofAm f{
i '... 'i 39 C"Saprr.RJrht"
/ 01 *lit A\K. IA\\

I I 1 i rr, The Casualty Count ', :\'arl1' Green Ce>.. Springs I i (Iroiiiul. Cinnamon *.o.i f I!
l ; A ) Mon. Thru Than. I={ (..?.. ."*...<. .l..,-......4., Dee. ST .r '
Prevlewi 7:11: r. M. Short Shank Fully

I "" t 1 el X':"? .1 "t.. ;, 4v ul I\Nr.Mrr II. I Feature 7.11: P.M. l y.I.,.. _.._.....:..... tx"iI .

; 't"I"I" td.tj .: See A Complete feature A* COOKED H4M
( I Li4'l \
I "' 4.Jlyo :
r' 1 ;I Late A. ISI: r.\I.: r"i .:a/ui ii: l Shank

t i 1 1A 1a .ass 1 uL J : rlday I Fralurn 7 1:15: P.M. i: '..! rortJon 39c 'F49c
II Sal Hun. I r.:M. C.nUnuou. D' STAMPS I.b.

Tu..., Urd and ThunuDM. : With Ihli cos,eM ,.rrh... oi MjI ;l Tsptn John'i IS ... e*.
-r- /cr/ It, SI and 11 j. (>>..rrt Topplnv ..).. aI t i M!
I I p{ (VINO a'Iloet MIRtllANrM: FREE KIIOM i TOI'llll' 4'V'! Mj I: STANDARD OYSTERS 99<

.J1 ...,.. ...,. ... i
it + .''t Y I .. to r t I seed l" XI tjlJll.
/ j/ : ;b4it T"a r !.--. Wji Swift rrrmlum Canned I lb. bag
-Jo '

: 111\\ II : "'-:' O'D'\ Ih'!!........._...! ..... *; HAMS , 5 ID. CAN $3.69

i l ' ilyiui".a." .. ,.. ,................-...-.........-....
ffi.tli : : : : "$aJlC'.RllhI" lUg S .Ib Vao
((.nlln.... from 3 PJVI I IThar i iHtMHHHHF'vpiSTAMPS i

S: *. S p m. .
JOY AT CHRISTMAS( i a'( 1 w rII THRU: NTowirt! IN oitniT ,ij I 6 + n!!
r : Ar \those
1 Thursday, I>>H. SIIRfE 9piur K Strained
f Matinee I r.M. jii With lkl'. C n...." par, .... .r M 4!
: Olsen ky Th
eN/A1y1 i (j Int.iiui) COM| ..I(' I !';
Rank .f (lrr.. Cve Springs
... ..
SI N. ArrniMOrrrn I..p.s. Ibn ,
Orange to IM. Itd.
... fl'i l .
la a..a : .1.1.
f Cave prlnit
2 39c
art a Sas.Ilee
I SS Su.v5j feel 1iC 1ttl.:.W r .rs:t1.-fell lt.!K\j jI. \ ( nlll

) 1S AWl ruou mi prrUI'' Jan Parker fr..h y lUirJ PI"Apple' .*


> trl..n LII. -ae1-
I.Aey 'awtltl': All ruw Marrrl I 1Ir....

Jh W....." tle1v.re ... a..t1ve4! I 0% .. s. ,."..... ... IA1
1OIL1l't ICE CREAM 1 : 49c
off .IniwystcW.nts" t :

; _
- Jane Parker
I IH Q> loaf
J"'fI'U1): : )$: IIHINU Bin Utl'IrSTlffO: : \I.q. luau Ur.. flesh. Muffing Hrra.l iV
a. A T_
Ito*. ST. SI StT CHESTNUTS LB. 29 Jan* Fartrr I fc ring
a --.,. Fruit Cak** *.tW
r'r W.:", VtnIM Oe..ls
h i1\jf11.JJOt'z IrrU lOwtttS 1 pk.v of M
; THE SiiRVICEiiEN\ MDU 5JVUS. Dinner) Napkin* '
8'VeoNOS "Ahr.UVA.tOH ,... aNN(17 CRANBERRIES' 1 -lBI BAG
ARC DOING THPRPARTVbJ { : ( WNKtllO \ J1.ln or aru vuuuy tam c.W
>CO MtLP BOTM: ''' .:
lM.r.unr| !t10qf
CM : -a
UULeiVUR ANt) rlr.l Large
r PO buis B'9MN3 COUNTRY! -- I PiU.bsry ... MRlOr
wet, m PECANS
.... .rIO' U.L5At11N05BONDS I.... 1* 31. Jaa IrUt.E . t I I SWl59 itatlrrmilkUaiwrD lU..ih
). 'I Haw *..L Jar
liege fresh "I''.'.nt 1",ffp.. 1.10|
. .r r [ \ ( !
} \ EGGPLANTII..EACH I5c t tmalun*. ll.-M pM

t (1 til 23e
..) .t1! :
rr -
Merry Christmas 0 ... } I
A&' P WILL ?'.,6f rue Idol /** Awe
b I . ..
r Ian. > .p r. v C Spetags


.4 I SIM Mrs. It.

Orange Aveaae Gr rs> Cu* Apriag. .,' CHRISTMAS OrMkf* rr%

I( + \ Mew aa U. A4 ar. .... IW..." t....". Puiiaiir n

(tCtCtCtC .( :: a

---..,-- ... _. .. -
.-- ,.....,.,....
- I It'

,, .
', .
- -." "- -- -

.... ,, <:;t .er, .. ......, .
THE CRESCENT ., ..t 'J. ::, : l: Qiotie .. i( -I; ) r'.r I ,j t u rfI

Te telephone news Items, er far other purpose*. r 0
.. .
Green Cove and Penney Farm subscribers eiOrtngw
c en ;
tall CCS mIISI W I

Park. )lldd barr and Jacksonville

i subscriber call t6 lt51SECOND

I r

I ) } SECTION: GKKKX; COVE SPRINGS.] }.'LOJUD.Tlll' Rs: |)1.\) Y. DKl 'KMIIKR: : 24, \1161! 10 NTS I PEll COPY

GREEN COVE SPRINGS k):.11:aa I111 l a at a a "a j)s Il;, SjS, 1"111\"i I:irjrir.Si I ; :IaaaIiea; ; ,.ij ,. :aaIi J:

GM Shows Sun-Powered 4

Car At GCS Junior HighThe BOWLING.. $

Sunmobile a model car powered by sunlight a .t. I '
was one of the features of a General Motors science show. The Jokers whipped the ,
Previews of Progress presented at Green Cove Springs Jr. KlnirtUhers four games and 9n
L .
High School recently. the Untouchables won three t to ,.i
Previews of Progress is a noncommercial stage show move within two games of the .._ .: I
designed to encourage more students to make science and top in bowling last week 'Ih..k.
engineering their career The 45-mlnute program 1I'U prevented Rufus Tucker blasted a 1:1&: Si : p C\/J/ ,_ /
in non-technical language by a specially trained: total with a 221 tingle, and I A
two-man teamAccording Dave Kennett rolled a 202: I to a ic.4T': : 'I'
to John Hartnett Prevln'l lecturer who nar lead the Professors to a sweep
rated the show .the solar energy falling on one square over the 8-Balla '
mile of ground each day Is equivalent to the enegry in
I| High set for the women went
400,000 gallons of oil.The Sunmobile illustrates one methodof j
to Bart Christian with a 489.
of this energyDon I I r 1
recovering some
A 202 by Doc Turner and TonI t
j| Durrances 201 were other rood ij ,

scores, h ,
Bowling will resume on January I,
e 4. 1985, after the holiday t

Team Wen Last

Kingfishers , ,3S IT
r I Untouchables . 35 It ''II i
Jokers 3:1: 20 6 \ .
.. "
Professors 25 2'7 '
Champions 23 29 .1.. i,
Driven 23 29 I r.
Magnolia 21 31 "
6.Dalla II 311

1 I ... ,

M .1 RADIATNG I I 1% . If e. \' Q to i,

,c. J. .of: ,
nit Strickland (ILl) and Charkne McCall. student I ;, !
I e I if0'
at Green Cove Sprints Jr. Hlgb School listen to General andREPAIRING t l ii,
Motors science lecturer Mike Zemmln (RI.) as he eipUIni$ .
the SUNMOBILE, a ear that runs on sunshine The phot*, I IOUAR.'Snr.O 6 i
electric l cells on the hood of the car thai DonnU Is point. D
Inr at, change lunihlne Into rlrelriclty! and enable the WORK I! .t. .* I Ig
small ear to move The VJi MOBILE. which Uluntnle I ,
on* snetbod of Mini energy obtained directly. from the s.a, -, -. I ifrf I
was part of the GM science' show "Previews .f Proims," IA.t 11M rllvlunndrepaI : Fro m. "" + ,
which came to the school. :'
y l I r .- / \

dour radiator .
.- X

rT. I I BUICK PONTI NESS C, '- f! Green Cove Springs 1 f

41t Orange Annie
I I Grrrn Cove RpringsPhone I, ,; 1M

214.S SS
141.ISIS "flat line) I

1/ - - -- I

Modern needs Farming I" Yarn Company :Sfs

Mike Zemmln General Motors science tertarer, starts /
the miniature pulse. jet la bo forrirtmtd. as.Grem Cove MODERN ; !
gprlnis Jr. Illfh School students Mite Milcbrll ILl), and I jI-
Cathy taal bold their ear The small. but noisy, jet drmomtraUd FINANCING ftf
the principles behind let propaUion. and use For A !
vied to captain bow a turbine engine .,.,...... It was Just g I ,
.... of auny "U.." dravoiMtratlona In the GM erlrnee. pro* LC 4& \ ?
trim Pirl..ws of Pragma." .hk h appeared before the I

schools ttadent w,. II I

Rise in Car Production Credit provides I' 1t 1t
Ownership a single' speciallm
sours of credit, for ofl 1 ,

Noted in Clay CountyThe your needs f.rmhomund. . s relMfctesourr ,family , j I I t t. f J JI

of flrvandfti. airway '
automobile has b corns I erahlp hat gone hand.in-hud available. pro i .4 I ri
a more Important element In with the rIM in Incumea u by farmers for fannr nt
dally Ufe In Clay County than would be riperted In the CaM , loan low In coat Ulk > $
>rtd to each Individual
rw before. I of the avnate local worker. hi fk*.4 . and flnan<* l rrrt fi
Becauoo of the auto buying la. earning more than he did ceunwUn(. The are all
boom of OW last ,.. years, the Ptwvloualy and la aptndlni a part of the mrvlcws
number of can nowIII 10-1 I moor for better living generally offered by Prodtctlea t t
ally tope aQ previous Credit.
rMIr'da'l +
On the baaia of a As a result there has ben a
survey of America automobile not" Increase of 114 per oral .la .
population. It Is found that pasatn