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i.. To make this column a success again X will need your j I
/ help; a note or call from you about what goes, about where ,
1! recognition la merited And I hope In your letters. and this j
column, I ,.n. In time, can all these thing YIOt'Oura" but.OU"I.
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All Stores Will ftl r ? I :

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Be Closed OnJulv'4th , h : '.

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Team r.>r.vlt hens a.,.. ""ff. a enia4Bstton dub LMgnm ef Orn ('... Springs, 1M4 Mr. Imlln. I
-- trsphy set with a plagM which la I InwrtWd .. foflewsiOrsdy state ktter Chat he .*. r....Wtely" serprlnd and say (
XTRA A. Smith rr Ulan4lng servlee te tae yeilk grasWal) lr this r.........., 1..ad.r a.
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I'. V.Q"SCt'u't

Il"Ova, QItp. nt THCMDAT JULY I, IK&


., is studying medicine In the

il M H C & Penney Farms. University A memorial of Alabama.service nj

Reporter MRS. HERBERT D. MTERS. these (Zt-MIt held in the Penny Memorial

,1 Rev. and Mri. Roger 8. Seminary. Atlanta a negro I the Baptist wlnlstry) 1899, p.Church m The last interment Tuesday will at take 3,39
Memorial school where he remainedfor and his active ministry con.
Ouptlll arrived at place in the family plot
JULY'e Hinged until 1957. He was it
June U 'earLJIll
Home Community on Winchester Mass
11. ItM and are residing In tart place of residence awarded the degree of Doctorof
/ Apartment J05D, formerly wat at UOrange College. Divinity.In -
occupied by Mr SchuchartRe LaOrange Georgia where be 1889 he married Clara ARNOLD STAFFORD" MOORE
mlaslonary taught History and Sociology B- Osier who died In 1949.
Ouptin a -
I In the Congo for the I until he retired to mote In 1950 he married Mist Dorothy all of Cent OC8 fron two page sisters one, Mn.
Methodist Mlulon from 1914 to the Memorial Home Com Bradshaw of the staff
month. who 1s at present on the C. B. Thomas, Oadsden, Ally
to 1(20 where our Mr. and mu tt7, this
'. Rev OuptlU a widower. staff of the Mary OUn Clinic.of McClendon]
I 1 Cookout' Time Fun Time Time for good Food Mrt. BmaUey were serving.He Detroit, Mich, four brothen
knew Bishop Sprinter In 1(60 married the preeentMn. the Nova Scotia Hospital. ,
r. *0\( S I infn I
: OuptUl a widow from Dr. Archibald held peetoratet W H.. Albertvine Alt
, Time for Savings 'W OJ In Africa. After returning Burie, Oakland. Calif, Cvt'
to the D. 5. A., be spent two i one of the MassachUMtU in Glace Bay Dlby,
representative of churches he pastored after and New Glasgow N. 8, and Us, Manchester Tenn.,James
u a
yean the Methodist Board of Missions he returned from the million has resided In the 0. s. A- Boas Ala, also two grand

traveling over this field. since 1915, when be accepted: children.
"eountl7. Mn. OupUll bad one eon. a pastorate In the first Bap.' Interment will be at the

Prom 1.2I 1III Rev Fred R- Cook Jr., who U a that Church In Nashua, Mew Hickory: Grove Cemetery
OuptUl held three pastorate, U. 8 Government C. I. A. Hampshire. Helm Funeral Home >in
V one at Umestone, In the far worker at Fall Church, 81nce his retirement from charge of arrangements
northeart corner of Maine Virgin the active mlnlstery he served .
near the Canadian Border Rer. OupUll had four u Interim pastor In Can

1 and two other in Mess children by nil first wlft. ada during twelve successive We Need.
In IMS Rev. OupUll wentto one deceased and the others summers. In Penny Farms
'WILL BE Oammon Theological Paul I* OuptlU, Hagentown, he has been active In church
[ Md. Educational T V teacher affairs and was a leader In OLD & ANTIQUEFurniture :
I PART ri/LL TIME WOMK : Katharine p. Stewart various social activities In
I RtllabU maa or womaa waaud and Carleton 8. OuptUl, He served two terms a*
.. dtalaro I* Ikii area to itrvlco Duke University Student president of the Memorial and China
raita tor let WORLD FAMOUS
ALKA.8EL.TZER. ANACIN BUF.fCKIN Professor studying for PhD.i Home Community Association
A AND BATt.il A.hRINsold The OupUIU are .delightful -., and of the SymposiumClub.
*, \ I *.' vending thraiira mahlno our J lat.. haatr., motor,H1- people to talk to, and you .
boita for which. till. company will enjoy meeting them. At his death Dr. Archibald ! TOP CASH PAID
Armour Star Western DEJtFr. SIRLOIN I I will ittvra.!.*loallMia oatablUkol Dsel.r.hrpesew tad a\p.polsbd was within twelve days
791 .
; 1 I I I I Will epee. our ortpUnc. Mn. C. X. Dibble spent ghter Mn. A. R. Btacksdar
sot with
rear pr
e.nt .I:l rmBt colUet a:a last Sunday with her good Dorothy Archibald his dau- JIM CAREY
srea saLe ROUND .imuam( ,19t .,.ttn,11I HALL I > r>on>, BUT MUST. Icy of start Filch They of ninty yean of age. He II
ei MLoo HTMM ) Phone 284-3280
u C.
RIB 69t ''uon.bl. .lmm4latilr for l.. persuaded her to stay Bun- of Chelmsford II...-, his
i i i i i i i v..nlory. and tqalpmant, lT..fm day night with them. brother William of Penny
l it ur4. Muck ttti ear,
I ip.r. kftvrt wMkly, could nl Farms, and his brother Arthur .
WESThUASPORE I, up to. ei ooovoe p.r.r.ar In yourspar. The combined adult Bible C. of Daytona Beach
tlma b e *bl to start tonrt
I Inoomt should ittrt I,. classes at the Penny Memorial Florida: also a grandaughter -
n mollitilr.ooiurr .If. fully p.r l lqudlrl.4.ne. not fortlm. Church will be taughtby living In Chelmsford.Mass .
. ant le/Mlrn..tWRITE: : ||T. Rer. J W. Creighton during ., and a grandson who
In. Nam. Add,... ..4 Ption Y
RIBS 35C numbtr for lord '.'10.01 l In- the month of July
tire)I., .
u.. .tI..with. a company R.pr.
lBl 8 III.D4'HIII"DO".
MT Natural .ri...
MED SIZE ((3-5 LR) FOR HAIMJ UEIN(1 P1.. ..... M M.. ClayWed


k Loans Archibald a retired clergy
Ii. P g. 1 I man passed away in Penny
t Farms where he had resided Sh M1ME
From roofto
: ,"", It 1 for about twenty yeanHe J .a.
1.89 was a son of the late Rev. B.H. cellarA
V Arlchlbtld a Baptist minister

!\ > ;t .' 11..,... ImfmhHeUog er Ha. nrger "k|. ef II) born in at Nova Shelbume Scotia. He Non was s COLOR Sstards IIZTSI. July. .4. tailor ownors modern protection policy Travelers glvos for you your root borne(houesand to. I

l' BUNS Bcotla and was educated at its contents
/1 3 FOR 39 one econonv
/ ..A. I I 1 ; for Acadia University, Wolfrille, ksl: pscksgs. Ask us for dttadi
Dairymen N. 8., and Rochester Theological about our umbreKs of Insurance

i Kraft Mia er Match Seal Iweei .... ,.. ,r tro. !.. ..- Seminary (now Col. FAVORf SPORT e for your horns
MAYONNAISE -QTI JAR 38 for ropUconmit, U l Incr.... gate-Rochester DivinitySchool
I ? LIMEADE, LEMONADE, IM ., hard or guy. oqvlpaMnt.R He was ordained to FLUB this thriller . .
(Limit One With Food Order) &,.... oro anaacW fit --
your o>lry .....t..... biorovtoppUo ,H MtlWal MM Hi muia3r "il/>;s.N J J. SLATER SMITH
I P514 PINK LEMONADE 16.011 CANS to octwl dr I"" I'lf r..il.IM..
...t And ohs. y.. .... Murrhee II
IGE MILK 39 ..., yes ....... a '*>"iimar *t n... No" '1:. INS AGENCY
.. ........
10 FOR 99' ..talk.. AaaoriMla orNortbMit plawod.. -w.4i1.. .... Insurance Agency ass
tt North OsageOeeea
Del Monte pr.lr.m 101M T. .
WINTEll; QAKDK.V CREAM( ".. ..u.. Credit SUN MON, Tn!. Can Springs
KETCHUP 114.91,5',5* A-La. J.tyi | 7 Phone SM-SMS

It! Male 8tr..... ralatU I: THE INCREDIBLE '
BBQ ij SAUCE .3-si: o TeL BA 1.ISlI !I.CoUr N withD .........eeetra+elte
I I I I I RUgws.4 ATMM I.. KNOB Is..c..d. e.ww..eNEW

Regvlar. ...| or Rkhory ...... ,........ to*: RICHARD MCRRII'Phone .:--1'. -
I : I -'llO'OLtTF: COCONUT At - -
IT 4-1141 --- -
A Ihewhaat III Ca. 1Tel. # nl..,..

PORK AND BEANS 5 -- ---- I "
I I : ; 29c Ea. II, AND

(grit 4 With |IN Order) I -

Al\ Hel11FIIleral USED CARS

1IU1'L c' ., Van NESS (
California Wkm feedlMeIb. BUICK-PONTlACnc.;

STALK ; : Home,. Oren Cor Springe
( n f.)[t c- I 1fha. A lIdier Deal U Mode Van Has Wlfl Make Ut!


Funeral Dtrrctor I II'bonf $ $ SAVE $ $

OM .,

1'.. Cl.lee "Idafl. /1 :2y4.9!9 j'jG&UH ;
." r... ON.rJ .
..... tM-t SS D4w1 Lae
M4-SWI oct
J !' BAIT r. 0. BOX 441 I

1 !:-

II (.lisle mU! IN) . 574 I II
I Cotney Tire Service

I I INSTANT (G-oL) . nHi &

j c.,. ,... A &J.c J.e1.e..41abs..l
ara.til IT 44411
........ II'
9c 33cUNTLEY I1T1Q41LVDe ,. ia i

rues 1.0

I "..../' j I, RITZSADLVOrr.

I ..
I "'lt O

BRO i SALE- SERVICE : ._ the __...* to the LAaCtmDistribator

I Miller Tirv. Antolite Batteries

CIIKCK aIm rmcrs BEFORE ... ..


RADFORD Slndair Station Road Service

Bfefcny It On.,. Past oftxtot PAUL rvoiat m-tMt W C I. M4alway It ...... U434.1
I t .

\ J J.I e

-.-,-. -,-- ---- "

DAB.=n. OIay( (County:Cr¢ .Mottyr
- .
-. - ---
the t
... ,
I1a1 (

;1.30-+keIt NOW - ( but not for always)' : a

OREtll j,." .. :...t'.. i.\' 'II y
.era.ton., .. .......,.. .,.. ,-)1) "...
tit. .".
wr. I.: .a+< h ..I :
mesrn4.. .' . '" -

the : .. '
ery Into TheCtoutitif "t t .
.t4Jb ft. :
- .
.. : ,
,, ....... <, A
\ t :t .
.. .. \'
\t.r.to r '
. .!' . '.:i WI.."' ........ .......'.-. tot, ,"; .' '' '. '"., .. '.,

t I. (!1av( Crescent! r. "R

:. .. .

Delivered To Your House

. tI : Lj7 r
52 Weeks For $1.50. .


--:- Less Than 3 Cents t The
",CR.;.L I ,. ,; ,<

.,. .....,. .... ... ( ,U>1' lk +II/ISI'/III'T/.v' 011) .
.'1' .u..voll I. t.ft'.INWp .- wnill. .. I 11"I.--.oJ, ., I. .. ... __-.. .. f j rl 1 P r P r
,J"mo "'1' ., ... ... '._. =-.J-J. "") i,91"-*.n
adlN 1 4 tRMpp
4 > { I

H Informative e erz

? ,

- ... '.
- ; J .1K ReadableF1 : -

S -r :_ .1
SC. 1 y ,. -lu
. _
-\ -e- ...
I! w I It rr
,\0 "h '/ .
; t. 1D' .l: "'" '\ .
; "
t /! //.j"rI 1& "
'. Local e

,; ,
: .A ,
.. . ..... .
-- - .t.'t C tit" t r t
'A It. W'
: T I t' \\'' It.!;. .....:' .' .....(, . 4 ". t." .' v .D

. . . ; J. ; ..J .:.. "', ,'. .., ,

i The Crescent J, \ i _

.* .. : .
I ....., ,
f (. \ i I. ,t. -' j :...' "1.

"' P o. Btx 578 Green Cove Springs1M i '; .

'" ""
ir"'i J


. n
ttaz trca < !totj 1

.e i ;!

__ ___ J :_ I


'MMwf, ' 9 k

i' 1 9 r( v

. You ,And Only You

Are Responsible For The

I Lrv4j

Safety Of Your Community

', ".. t'r
r. ...

Give Proper Signals Stay Alert: .

Do Not Speed Dim Headlights V

, .
.. .. '. . '.t, *I,:".';' -j} CIVIC MINDED BUSINESS FIRMS .. .



A SAFE DRIVER AND BE PROUD OF IT YOU CAN .': It.; r1IF1Ax'K OF OUAXGR I'.II1K.iemb'r/ FDIC.....Oranqe 1 ark

BE A SAFE DRIVER IF YOU USE COURTESY AND Ill'li'S ST.ITIO.\.Orall.Qt'' Aienue.' (;"'fH Come Spring .

CLAY) Oil. COlll'OIlATIOX._ .--,,- _..IIrIjr8lilt''
.. t> .
('l1fSS'Il.1/TIlI..IlTR.. ............._XKX, Magnolia! Arenuf' C.CS
School I Is Out' ., tiKOHGK DAVIS<> I.\'. 11JI.I.m: AGKXCY* V ._Walnut' SI., GCS

,'.. !',* I +; FLOUWA SOAP w COMOHATIOX' ....__..._...*_J:;./ocfor Inlet'

:s'J. !'. HALL and .SUV....-Greet Cove SprinIVKY g.e
Vacation Time Is Here
) f:III'/('F.:liT.I T/( .\....1'almetlo+ Street, Green Coie: Springs

KKYSTOXK; ST.ITF:11.1.1'K.Ilenetrr FIHC.__KeV /tont lleiqhtt'
Drive Carefully I

.,.: ', ,, LVMttKR COMTAXY' .....Center Street Green Core Springs
For A ,',1',' -" I MWHIIKK IXSURAXCR AGF.XCY........... 'fldo..t lleigkt fe

(. .r;. I:. .MtKA, n, Kttate-Keyttome lleigUt"
Safe and Sane '.: :
.,; O1t.11'OF.II'EI'1;:VOTORI'.OroNge a l Ferris Streets CiCffRORKRTS

;;:.'.:3f}' (' : ,:T.OraNQ..lrer.we, Green Coif Springs

:' Iltf f ... ... '. ..
JulyStay (
I I 3 I : ..
., .' _\'. 0. .* Ate* Green Cr Springs

VAX XKSS HCICfC-rOXTlAC. 1.\'('__Green Cre Springs

[ Alert and Stay Alive l 11'.1CEIISI1rICEST.lTIO1'.Oro.Qe.IrwcrrCrrNC.re.Spi.Qr, ;
.; t' J
.I. -
i rt



THURSDAY 'nrLY'1. 1H Q11aV'Q rAGa txmf


or FICTITIOti NAVE Middle DISTRICT OP riocidaMimivj a. IN THE ClRCTJtT'' COURT OF Leaguers . 'tP"0' ; ;
Notice le H.r.by Olven that roibua wiles u k***. I, CLAY COBNT'JIW: >IUDA a 1
the l.rklaTnd., d.ilrlaf t* .n. ky .1._ that by virtue of a writ '1 In CrfAWCLKtNo. ;
a... hi kuatno.r un ler lh* flotltloo ef JIWEnu..t. dated Juao I. A.D 1114 .
name of >... .. Meter ..... t..... out 0' the District I ritYLLT A urnns .
BEST BUYS 8rvlc cpertment at 411 Nortkuranae Court of the United Statee for I 1'lAlntlftCLYDE i
Avenue in th* City of the Middle Dlitrlot .( Florida. oa : ".. I IClaan.
'i Green CcrSprints.. Florida In. a jud..ont rendered In cud< O WTERS.Itefonfont. ,: .r r II
t..tida to resister. the sold name Court, oa the lad day of Jun. I I
with the lork of the Circuit A.D. IMI la UnitedBute NOTICH OK HIT
Court ef Clay County, Flerldn." of America .r.nf acalnn I I THN KTATR OP FLORIDA I

JOHN A. McKINUETt.ll., : a feme *old TO CLYDH IV MYBKH:
AIR COJIDITIOXINO MILK DEUERTW.D.Morris le, '.1. I >b-a a'Ik'm Pry Cleanera A !, .K John Polanaky

Laundry .& .11 have on (hi. I 4 141 flmlth StreetKm.
LM8AL ilOTICB' day of Juno. A.D. lltl. levied I ...... Illlaol if db/101 .
MILBERGER -..-- -- upon the following laorlbd real YOU ARE!: HEREBY: NOTI.
IN THB CIRCUIT COURT or catate. situated In the County ,'f' PIKlk: that Salt ha .bn filedaralnat
CLAY COUNTY. FLORIDA Clay and Slat ef Florida to wit; past lit the above entitled cf r '1 .t. I
REFRIGERATION In CHANCERY All of the lot, tract or pier .>( auto and )ou are hereby tee ,; .,
Distributor Miry K. Brloll.r.r land "lylnar, situate aad being in attorney whoe. kameand addre # 5 w
rtalntHf CLAT CO1 NTT. FLORIDA, and ulr' 'cl iWBerv* upon plaintiff n u ltd elg.
All Jersey Milk 1 r n.I being. more partlcnlarlr d.... uproar. h.reon. your written. detrnM . 'us '
SERVICE .1 I Larry Drache'No. crlbed *. tl ,..t- oft the South >. If lilY, in the bill or ....".. f 5,
; pe"t .Id. of Lot I of Jane. .. Ed. .plaint In old cult copy. of whichM 1 '1 IAiTdi
I CHINOTICE ward. Addition to Town ef King. dollvortxl to you herewith. en ,
Air C *4ltl.kliiellerH wraHe HOME DELIVER l or BUT airy being la Section .. Yson. .or .bf"re August I. A.I), IM4
: d Relle Mhk.I ) THE STATE OP FLORIDA-TO) ehlp:i t South, Han** II Tat: a..hews Herein toll not nr durrre pro
Larry Brack.rReeldtnee on map recorded In Deal 'onfeiuMt wilt Is analnalon
8. r lmett. Street CALL IU.tllltI or S84-1KI I IAn&lu" I Unknown Book "K" at PC Itl of th* for the r.lnf prayed In Ih.

Home Phone ZSi.:>7SOBmdneu : YOU ARH HEREBY NOTIFIED Public. Record of Clay County" Mil of romplalnlTh /
that a suit baa born filed af aim! Florida' loss and ......' I* ,.., nature rf aaJd. KM hunt
Pbone Z84-95S1 ,* )- Vied Furniture I you In the abov entitled cane en th. Wet *M. of laid lot. r*. for divorce.
and 'you are hereby required t* o.rved fey a etreet. and. thai I WITNFH m, hind sod the
..... upon plnlntlffe' atlorn.y will accordina-ly' offer said. r.. peel| of raid' Court *l Or..n TV APPLIANCE CAltKY'S whone ...m. and address appear stale for sale) at public>> undue '8nrln**. Florid hie ITIh dyof
h.r.on, your written ..r..... If I I to the highest and >..t hlild-r, Juno A D, IMIUHOHOH .
SERVICE fXORIDA TRADERS .8to the bill of complaint la for cash, on rn. Sub day of July, C CAhLIUMn
said suit copy of which I.r AD. 144, .t II o'clock AM b.. Clerk Clr-ull Court r T
We Repair AU Brands Green OT Sprinn FUrtd llv.r.d to you herewith on or-h. fore the Court Heu.* door at Ip.sl l) Oran M Carlisle. ri
tore July II A.D. IM*. Count, Clerk IS E. Palmer St, TeL t4-mo I Or n COT. Sprlnr Clay
Servicing Clay Count Jt" eln fall decree pro Florid A TIM4 \ 1(0 MPP. Attorney for rinlnMrP
For Spleen Tear Antlfoe, S. Orange Arena I conf.aio will l>:t..r. aralr.it JOHN I.1a. J':;: UIR"1i:. drV a Ro. 444irren
you for .,.. la rte I, bra Marehal Mlddl, Dlttrlet Oev. HnrU' **. FtnrlUfw l
Orange Park Pk.444.9S15FULLERTON'S TeL SS4-SI44 bill, of rrliJl. or Florida Samuel M. JacobaenAaelatant >r utv Clark.
O"anep Park I THK!: MATURE Or RAID BUTT United "1.1.. AttorneyI9al.tltfl ,.| .. II. lisp
BFIM1 FOR Divorce. .
Blending Road TeL WIT a:1I8 my hand and the 411,1/. II, '.! 1 t
sod! of said, Court al Oreen Core 4EUAL: NOTICE 'r
JarkftouviDeBUndlof )) IU-IU'I
: ____,
I prlnci Florida. Ihl lib day efJun
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Green Cert Spn. SM-4044 Court frailOFOnuE t..:0 A I. 0I'1f1l IM niw "IRrl'IT COURT or 1.a

By Vivian H. BohmMputy No till
BEVERAGES YVnnl R. I'In.t.Alleru la CHANCKHYJ Plaintiff
I I for plaintiff Ass Allea Y..
Addr...! III Law Exchange llelntltfHerbert Klltl HOI-KIN
nulldlnc Y" Ixftmlint.
PAUL'SAH BAmVlNioiM' Jackaon-lll.. FlrldaIIU L. AlleaDefeadaat IIIOT" II OF BUT

SHOP I II. II M No. C.lltlNoncki TO TUB Fnlt,1 HTATM lI"r'UNM OP FLORIl'A-,
or slit V
.ld Unknown
Legal Berrrafes Complete Auto A furniture THE STATE or FLURIUA-TOl I YOU H AHM aro IIKHMIY= NIVTI.(

Open I A. M. t.1 A. M.Daral IphoUUrinr: IN TIna CIRCUIT' COl'RT OF Herbert U Allis Itre.llas run that a nil kee ben filed
II* rant KlBiemaa .
Till!: FOURTH JUDICIAL aitlnel/ you In Ike kke,e en.llll.d
Count Line 1408 W. Idlewtld Are. CIRCUIT or FUIRIUA IN AND Bernardino. CaliforniaYOU ... herebyrooulred '
end l
FOR CLAY COUfaTY. ARID HEREBY NOTIFlCD' calla ye plaintiff .," Cafe wan their hut lame of the klna, Tammy Lampkln, i\mmt\ IW"' .. An
lo **rv upon
North .f Orange Park Ph. tS4-I5
Green Coy Sprint. Florid I CASE IN CHANCEItY! No. 1171 that. la a nit Ito kaa above tees..Utl.filed .s.aleely. e..ie turner w....".."'name'', your end writ.I ed-. l*.*.. played Friday .1..... Shows above, Miller Dennis WrUkt Robert ....11. ChI lg

PUP Estimates NOTION or ADGPTIOlfPltCK'IKIli and you ere hereby r*'ulrod lo dr.ie*. ..appeer'...*. If ty. ,o Ill billel front row, Kermit Hay*, Cecil ..bal...., llraiy. Mike MlteheU, Caaeh James Palsy

BOATS IN UK:: ADOPTION INO'or satupon whose name and plalautr.dd.*...attorney appear complaint 'I" said.. Suit ropy Mike I"",. barkrew, Coa h Deaf n.,.
>oo 1'ick-up and DeliveryHandle DONALD RAYMOND itTllTNEn.by kereoa. your wrltle ..'..... If .f which le d ll ered U you -- - -
h.'....". 50 or b.r.r. Aesu.l
t* the bill\ ef eemplelni In
Any and All of lent wklck. le de.llv.red I. Alt IMI "('K
said eult ef CHIRCH NU
OBORU1K! PRATER fcuebeed and copy doer..
t'pholiferr Nerdi'II wlfaTo. to you ...,....11. .. er Her.ln fell not er pro Fleet Reserve Association
INLET MARINA .ollr.... will be entered eielnelve
before Jelr II A.D. 144H.reln
ROLD BAXLEY ... for the relief preyed In
KTIL.TNKR new BBTTT! fell not or .r. pro rilRUTIAN SCIENCE:
MERCURY a JOHNSON Owner phobttrrr SI yr. KATHERINE JUtfTim ofeee* will be entered,unit bill ef complaintThe ef eald' evil b511rfor
Ill THIRD KTHKKT iOUTIL you for the relief prayed in the nature. SOCIETY: Elects New Officers(
EDWIN BAXLET CANTON 1. 01110. bill ef complaint.THB had sad Ibm

CROSBY BOATS Son and pholntrrrr 4 in. You will pl.... lake aollce. BEINil' NATURR FOR DlvaheWITNESS OP AID SUIT eeel ., aid Court my at 0mn5 CoveNprtkfa Car. E. llotulon ",. .A 1
ERZT:: m.UUM C. A. IIUMMZLL'pheUUrrr PRATER hutbend end my band and the Florida.U. 1111ilEOHir Ibis Illk day N. Magnolia A,e. Branch M, Flint" |U. Mrs Margaret Miller I
wife. have filed ,In trie Circuit sal ef aid Court at Or... Cote or leu
I yr*. Court of Clay County, Florida e $prince Florida. Ibis Ilk day ef .L ClrroU CAIt1.INWaCl.rb IVurl. GREEN CO\F: nrRixnn leer, Aeortillon of Oren Vice President ,lee,

OUTBOARD REI AIR I volition praying' Ihet an ordtrmJcht June A D 1141. ke mad. trantlnc tkera (Court Baal.11OIMROIII)
,. 17 Grant Park ACCOUNTING dork
1.1'1" t 0 adopt IONALD RAT. diction of offlcen m.etInf Secretary elect
Phone CO 4 .Ml I. CAnLTSLB II r NKMO1JIAtlornoy
MONO DTIITNFR your minorHilld r.. I'Ulkllff' rpconUj Mr. Helen Wilson
Clark Circuit Court
and that THURSDAY, Ike Berri.c held Hunitayt "
. ,
lilt day of JULY Illat I ny Vivian, II. HoamI'.euly IT Main Plr..lJa.honlllm Th. nomlnaUaiu' were Treasurer elect
REED ACCOUNTINGAND .clock r.tol..r eald dry et III. flak rlurlae |. l". II ., m
courtroom In the Clay County Pennle' R. Dlnele, -- very iplrU4! with several Mn DorothM Baker

Courtboui* In Oreen Cove Attorney for PlelatlffA KOTKH candidates lot each of the Board of Directors:
lIr''"." Florida hae H. t.t for 4re.o! Ill l.aa EirhaogeS.It11pr -_____
A cordial' invitation U eitendM. okea( to IM Hlled and fUr Mowlam Howl Bho
PRINTINGFOR TAX SKHVICK.: ( Ih. hearlnc' ef cud petition, and

III Walnut St. GCS. you tre hereby Botlfled to appear JackeonvilU. FlorIJat. IN Till CIRCUIT COtllT OP attend the voted were caet and .waiter Joyce Telken.
and stew cuss If as,. you mar _ II. II, T I CLAY CUUNYYt FI-UHIUA\ to our M'tICfaLYAAL I
TeL 264.1721I'ertonalizr'rl hero why the prayer of salt } SeTII'r.fIN la CMANCKNfN eounUd the Drincho Ins Norma Kolaom. and
... LEGAL :: .... Chili
eenIlun .1I"ul" set .r.1' : t--
role Ellen OUfieltf.
coming officer arc M
ticrvieesAlrbllhtingl WITNESS MY HAND ANn Ell: WIN NELSON CLARKE. ___
I. THE iFAL OF SAID n>t'RT elr THB CIRCUIT V, URT or Plaiitiff' lows: Bhlpmat ......Idon' -;
Till BEST In all-roomd >r*.a Cove (....... Florid. thus CLAY CUIINTT. rUiHIUAla I 'IN THE (tlRlTIT: OlfMT |<4ANU
& Tax 111 da* ef J..>.. l.44ORORnE CIIANCCHY HAN JWNNIiIT'rg LARKI.Iw fl1B CLAY COUNTf, PmWIent elect j Boll and Madam rrt.nt

geed printing try the CRESCENT H""r" (Court .Heal)L, CARUILE Jame. U Kane Jr.. NOTION ... slit ndaal FUlHIliACoo.. Ma. Itlt1'lVlalll1l. Ooorit W Mf Miller hare Breed to han

n FRK: or THE ciRf'TTrnrnr J'laJolltty.*. 1IIK 4ITATK OF rlA>MIUA'-Tl Via ProeMenl elevlJeretnlrl I oovered dUh supper and

PRESS INC. TIM price I Ittlhin..".ForKirmu 1 &; FIltIDA.or CLAY COUHTY.II Uada Uef.nileet Kane IVAN. ".*JKNNaTrYkt/ l'ah1 "'LoAk".j OASIS FEIXCNAL ACMiilATIoN'NATMtNAL, a MONT erp.orollen j C, IlokambSreretary.Trewunr I Joint Imtallatlon. to be

1j\'jI".I", ) lr... M Carllilo No. CJMfTHE Tug ANN"il 'L' el*. . elotlOorar h U at the Flat. Reaerve
te rlfbt. I I>...tr Clerk Nosir: or su? ritu ikoi o ..!! k.. M.I..Uff.
Notary I uMp! 4-II. II II M I : pTATk OF FUUHIOATOLlBda FIKIi IkI a Sail .k** kea UM *. Vlefelmann nrttlon erubhouae onHighway
Kane bail ... you er* a..*., r.. JAMM A, WtlAON tad Board of DlrMtora': II, Eati. on Bun-
.... t,*k .....! ...,. lo **rv* .pa pleioilfri' HAI.HKL A. W"." 'N. ni"* wir',
......,.. Aubrey Baker day evening. July I* I....
Laa.vllls .".r... wkee ... tad ad' I. HenryB .
YOU ARC MKMi.ll"NOTIFIED: dr.M appb.e45e yr wrill.a koriiN or. Mir KoUom. Jot Marty The ecvrd dish ...
Yk.S[ i .
1S-J.Sillliill ] .... I Ik. kill TUB rUT or "I ,"I"A-
( I you I. tke ...... enlilUd ...... of compute: lo old ..I0;:: TO. Jamee A. Wlleo a., llerkel Albert ...111''". Yin per l a. extended lo nwm

a/eerve coo upon.,. plalaliff.....b' result-.4 attaraeyok Se .1 herewith. ouch, oa N bsf.l. fslr It .A. .Wlleen**a. kla wit.. r.*.ldenceoka cent MKIoakeyUnit bore and linked IUMU. the

*, .... aad ..,- *pporkereea A I* ItltMrij Yea ore kerebr nellflad' : Ikal II. LAmA 'Ineomlnioffkwrt InetalUOon. will Com>>
yeur writ tea ..f....., if fell' *.l *r d.*,.. pro a Sell b.n1.1.51.01 fou
I - -I air t* Ik.* kill r ooaiplaJat' Issill ...,.**. will be ..,.,. e*.let| .. Ik* *_.* .alllld ..... ead ares followePrealilenl : MeItH ImmodlaUly there
I WANTED-Riwken. k'". Apply cult I copy :, wkloh lo d.. r05 for Ik. r.li.f. Irate/. Ik. Ihepas. *.. ...,.., '.....r.. l.. elect arter
FOR SALE-S-bedroom. err,, FOR RENT-I bedf**** / *. !I. ...-chI 84 SadCofftw li'.r.\ io you ...."... oa or ke. bill I .f M1.plalsl. file your sa.aa milk. ,.. 4 l.rk
i fire July II A I>. IMIllerela Ta. Miur. of 1111 Sell .5105WITMP155 ., Ikle Ceart aed I* ..,.. a
crete block boa** *. shady lot aUbed hew with earport oa She*, OCS fall. set er ...... pro for dl....- ewpy ....'..f po sue. pUlollffor r ---

with carport t U OCS. II mlkt) large fenced UL CeBlraOy Weatod ,..,.... olll ke ...1.... Bfeleotre .y kaad aslb.* I .,...."r. ailoraey, whoa. = I l i."l( n : : CARD or THANK
for she relief. prayed la Ike M.I ef sold Court el Ore. Coteplaee **., aed *4dr.c leielk.r ___
f,.. NAS. ISN *... fit ( sear It..... Gaa Raaf*. = LAI. s rnnl I I kill ef eompleloLTke Florida Iki le hits day ofa 1 A A.ke-fcer. III Fl...

...Aly Inchrdec tease, and Ins I 1 I Ctrt lUn\f u....,. A "....u.. .. NATl'MBJ! : OF SAID SUIT J..' 1111. I M. Till NulldlJrkovlU. | ..t4 atOTICR I slats to eipre** my ..ppfeciatlon .
,korit or sE11PP's eita BKINr| pnN '..,.r.eWIThrEJM ( *eli. IiEOKne CAHI4ILEdork FUrld **l belie Ikto lie 1.4 "' U IIBNHMY niVBMTlUf
..,..... O. C. D. MSbeltcr* Bunch Pbeao 114-1471. Not' ** i. ....y l..... ....1 I. ray Ian aid Ik. irroil, <'.*rt.My of AeeueL A IK IMI I, John W base, she. *>aaooavleled to my men r
i-ii-a. Jo*>. P Hell fcwlff ., Cur mast af all Ooorl *l lama C*.. VIVIAN' H ....... "rr pal fell: I. d* o* dxr. ,la ,... Phew GCS 114-1411. tounly. Florida, ...., and. ky erlaoe. FUrlda, Iki. lib day .fJua Ixpely Curb pro eoafcMo mill b* ....,..I .f Cl.r ('05010. "." .... el lbs
I, virtue of a writ of .So..tIa.Sp. . A IX IM4.lCr JKNNkj| ,lJ A MOHTuttAlloto.r ....., ye* .NU relief t* fell lies. lk -J.-.I- I 1141. ofIke flowers sent 1M during my
.. out ef Ik* moll Clelnteoeri | SallmmnSnI for FUlollffFool _....d U Ike ea platl.Tke offence of : aad VI.l recent operation and ,.....
,la tad far (lay Coeair lifflee ..* 111 ...,. ef cold eull b.Ia, fi'"* a Po.1.ep end eceiea.cd
FOR SALE Ga Water FOR .LVI-I w,... .. n.,.... *. Jaaaary I.'" IMI.derrtb ) U rAMLIILEOfk comb l'., ..r..... ....r.... for Fofe....,. ., MeriaebMlee *. .*. ...,.,.... lo I ,..,. I* thetele
Hater SI taU (.... Ba4 .5 I JalMd hMa silts alee al IIIj ban ....,.. spb 11s ,.....,.. Clreoll sal 1.11.. 11 t.6L ." C ,.. ,.. prop.rly *..*.,. : eea.llerr will aerlriMKO't 5. porellonf. N. "BlIT Ifatcherorruai
II I properly .IleaIre I, Vlvlea H. .... ,Is Hey Ceeely. Florid, ... |* ike 5111. M>io>d of
AaUatatlc 141II-1IS7-OU*. j Crpme IL. GCS. Cooiael OCS !.. eed ..... I* Clay c....,. |Insole Clerk ._. e.rtb.d ee f...*... r........ T.II...._.. rurlda, ,
I Fi. *>r>4e. ....... K. loc...,. ( s.T1 C.--- l.l 14. fthMb 4. 85415)W.) el II* .... Mentor .../lad.
4 door H. TR an. W. W.lltl 114-MII. I ...rt.... "...., Metal AU".., for tleJallffAddrMe -- ..- .... MNmiK fall. ".. I e*.. 4l,*, ,..* W. .....
.H-1117, .Vacab4trallrr II..*.|||.| |*| Lear *a.k. .*|. I. plel rk"M>f ,.a.ed.4o/t.re. /. '.""
I tllily Ie.dut ..11"'.. TUB ,. I INAMU ., Meek 4. Feeoc II ... IIef 155,1./ aselL 51CN
ItM.N dw sad Ua I' I ., utiliiir buck "I ,....*...Ul.. Florid IN FUR Viol WUMST ... p.MM rrd of flay .- --- -
.> paja eflu 154.47 M..,.. TO RENT-4 apt'| I A I bed.r . I Hekor fork lift. ...... oil II.t f.IIN FU'NUa' .'...., ,,,,..*. taw t IitU_ .:.: .
.1 lory KNf WlTttya .y bead oil Ik. or ISIS
Pisa GCS 11/-0341- *'eaei 1 ta burl el OCS. CararalaWd. I r.rlabl..l/N ...,.. .... U&L."It.- IN in CIIAPX iilviaioN eel .. sold. foerl ol ilr.e. f>.. ".... le koreky el'c IkeLreuoal
..... IL 0.. till IIoWT"JIIU. Flrld IkW Ink sI1T/rN or tin
T'ar. IMm11 IM AVINO I/.lilt dey .. lo Plat l>*.ree ..1Vsoa5
I I T/ae.1 ... plus****! -I IANK t JM A ft ISIS ....... lo Mr.bII*.. Ikel.reriaeel h ..,.... I., 55045
I a oarpototlo
..." ..... OCS III-ITIS- -..,. THE rinrtiT COWHT or l'T.1.NtT'INwAC' IIKIIM'IN (' "INUdLJL lo a Plait" 1-.. .11 I oo.h.'.4 lilt, la IM Ctreollloo'l
WANTED: Tbre* parttl.. I Njdreell.* eea .*... CLAI ('UtI'"', Fl )Mll>A .a 11.01.Ihe (1r.*l| (** Mfkeelt : : '', b/meal la eeaeeeea af f'Uy foualr, FU'lde,
I York _,.. P Vl.lee. N Mho h ed MM. I Is Ik* rireellleorl I
I CMAhi miKo. Ita,.", eat JOHN r I will Mil ike proper 011010
111 hn ...u,. dlctrtbaUn. e '1 I I loedle said IIUNULEY M MkMiPIV.P.bee .if.. red JUAN ; M P, It. II Ixyelf Cleft. ., Cloy ,....,., ,.,......1'I'P I la tloe Ceeoly, Florida. d*.
GCS seed OPt aed II .. 71vraUBlac : FOR RENT-<-e.....a. wfBrmUaed .. .... propony of T A M Trails ....1"* LOWE.ruieuff . .EAk and TUNIS M. NMAUfc / I win, all| sue p m/.lle elei>4I s/'
M.aere i.ri.Coatpoay a Fl*. I II tl/0. I'e tier rooely, """ .'. d.. 1 ill i
oil M .,...*)L Pbod .. >* ..If4J. := I1a/L. ) =: *, Meek I ,KLLAIR,
< sl.4.sa rU erprii**, sad that oaIk ... 1.515ela I anted a If Kit ONO N..,., to plel
coaaJdrrtd) Writ P. O. B.s 'I rla, day COS 144.'''L I II I .* Ird .., ef A..C. IMI. b*. t>4VD UtwE. ..*.. *> *F II ITtHCMAO Ul II ItUek tk Mad.oa ... III.,.., nordod I Is rte" ash
Idooa la keel boor of eete.a '' "'1I1' o*. t'ail N.. I *.***.,., loplel
|-...ee| THS STATS fJII' '1 '..III.-'fO' 'Ilf TME riM/1'lT. "" |MI t ***** 1hs4 / '
1441. Jas. I *.ely ..let. *'r4rk I* Ik* .ortit* or PI rrTME P. rlBHHY sad I AMI FON. .... I 6yUWTtrtINIA<< r.or4d I* Fll **MB I, Pubis' ..'.. of Limp' Co:*:
i I ; foraw) ..4 to */4. FOR RENT-4 Paul fenaib. I :no:-. a*> eM dor ol tkeI >rvd LeaoLeeea / 1'00.' (... ".. II" *.rof to* Casslfl.0ld.. **klli. ale, U Ik* kl..... a4ki
*.* eaalaeee of .OMO T A atTrilr *. 4>rre< >eOj | Iae4j*. full,m NkHaibel I.'ln..1' rf>.HAL rKrL 1tIfr"" ,.*..... wHk' billet for ..._ at Ik. front
HELP WANTED .-. MATE I Ion.VilG .. *.... .. INW.dIL.110. ktoefenerle$ C..p*:ro IkMP ***4 a** bo f>... ...... 00. AewalATM'O. e *Mp< loll. aFACff HI AT 11I *.*r .. IB'* n" I'vutly r*.*w
rlth Efbta a4 vita. roan Ml twy 44.1/.0ee.eIk lo O *.. Id Sal la i*>. ..*.. **_ red ,.. .*...... OMI Mkll. .... .. Ik* kike4 **4b ha.* la U'eoa <*e.. Soda.*
FOR tllJM m 1 I .. ......... elf eo* w*. ..... ......... ,*io a/o r...M,.4 to Me ,**, ea*.M I FteUllffi .*.t 54410N oNSI. rb. froold FWi aet*..* II ** ank, bed>
TEAR MAN. Mart bo saM GCS 1I&-IttJ 1.7.4 I* .....*. *l Ik* foro**1 Oroar toO ASS ..a...' .fnlr'II" ... ... O,k ef ,... lo ri sad i **, *f ifc. 1110 ..*i. r..,.. far It, Ittt.
... ._*. Hovel B**. I wfll ,.... a eon k.. ..**) f od a...... 4* _.. a *.** e..'of .*.. ike4lUff 1 HAUL, M kUM'Ift/rVfl aa4JtLlir :***- 10 tt'oe C-e 5Nla/t .055151)5, (. CAMUILB.ie .
Wet .... aa4 wffllaf lo wart offer for elo 004 *>tt lo tae ,.. I* l.. o.*ve Minted **_ DO'' M* ...*.**,*. at*. U. NAMIlMlt/B. kt* wife, betoe.a lie* end, **4 *.|) n... (".... (ale!
....... pumMac elock. aU**' J' FOR REJrfl Kbo I W ue. ..,................f...,........ 4* keod.Ik .. ee4 ye. e.. a...-, r..otrod to ..**.y. .....-. ,.**.-* ... l.*..*....... 1'h'. It. ,IMI.L If Oraoo bl. Cartlal' *.
ti propMiy .... | _l l..itooal Pass serifs or eiryTNE 11105./0 fANLIMfl.Vlla
oo> pteiexirr* .mM.0.h. ** >* eor I f>***l" nerkPreeMaa ..
.....* reja4re4> A.o U lo 41.Fa ..... rely p....)eel la..4e sad .* Ib. e-.e.nr ., rfc* old T .. ..- Sad ...- aleafbee. ....4... Ja aoo *ill' .. FVrrWo.a4 rfAtn or ru*iir A- 15.511 al t S.y.e (-.o/ Hkbardeoa Walaoa
pavtVwInre ..... t. It I..., riBaaikla. taffe far< .,- M Tror MeoofaMvr* (.. yr woWS.a1 ee... if let** ika Isle IAN' If TOart M Ne'e'** ad Mobyit 11;; 5 Maw, ill ...... Peak .114la. )
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. .
J, _y po eaiiofy eotd . er. M Ike b,ll of ao.eelO4 la 'M awl e. t* d*. uecreo Pro N.rt..e, b>* .!**, .. id. >... fw o(1..c 1roa ......_..1.., FU*.da.Alir .
MdOafttr, r. P. a.. m. vni phaor ....... Cal fea. Tfara.l JOH" p MALI Mid **H. espy Of vateoi I* d*> '*fM* MM H .*4eed *f* olo .**-. *. A e..*,'".. AiMy.y. 1-i *.y. ,..
1 IUt. Mtfe Poonrt of Or Coo ty M.m/ ....*.-. OS ** 5* IW I- r4.*f _i iaa4..4 Ie !*> .>. ."..f *.4414411.1.
otoox ntdo XtlH. Jot. 1> UII ......_ __....... .*.**. Joy'fl! A.& 1M. .. ,...e4oe. tkio. ...) at M *.H k** k*** ,.... o.*l*** rt DL _
' 5.4 ..... eN ,........ 0 -.... Tim posh ro. M IIi sisal ..,..... .*-. UOAI. HOT1C1XCrnci
..:= vrU b* .ol'.4 Ma 4 Maorty exinlet .eto.4 10, eo4 lbi *. 14.5re.*
for I*. r-..., ,..,*. (.a la* LM |*co "" .*-* *.... **>*4 ** ,1.. ,:: ...*. artato -- -

I J: : : : : : : :DIRECTORY GN f eeorte'ocH4TlJ ill. MMattftw. ...<">.. flod /lost .4 Ibt r* 'r4. e4 :* r.t JlDDT OnrEW that UM >Qowiji 4ortbWlaMtf
: : : AREA BUSINESS i >. 09 SAID BCITrofc P.1. r t40l a east Isar ere ***t anal *.*. R .
P01a'J | *e .. M.e.*id M rial beat I.a :****MWf N pU'oorfe otir*>*ya wlfl M sold. al rU* 5..... M UM Silk day af Jury AA
, *da II Sal II. W ISO err *** ** >* lad 544m. 5
t'zrI wow . 144 .. UM CHI Men .! KdreteM letfta CMatf W a. H.vU
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W all Vorl .4 eVooo) flkxel Cortortda.. Mo TMIe *>.llpl o, Jah..s.WI&flw11. 4 ..'..... ta r9 the tuMvM ... u, MIN bereta H opfdaite
rTlLlm-.a "NolO''TIIASTERItwO 0fTW.B "YC.'TUDlf4tC w P1.r.. .. N* *of efT Teoi.iki mk *a1 ..,..._ ed .. 004 le*.' rko l*. ..4M
r= beree.a eel aar * ... .... ta.oUMr. wuh M p..*M* and eoetd .f puss sags anda4roTtM
o.CAfUJ' sees **) .z ..:. 04 flil ... If p..4a15.NM1.m., .
o Isle
.11. to ttart 4 *11 .. .._ .....
AIR BASE FT tXrtTU CO f'II.UJUCTPI..QVUOII' : ..arse1.r..a .... ad .- rn bOst_ *m) *. **4e.*4
FV. ....... EOt ..... d..4.'W. .suet .M ..- ...>*M pal for ,*. ,...>f .*>
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Cbnplplo' Bea.w.MMgr ...... ......,.... ... M.N. ,,- L fo.o lm M Wall *ar II. IMt *l It. H*. N W. H, ludfoar,,1 .?..... UI
NM'' ---- MPd.Ja C>t..ellfJ.gt. at Jaw. h. OwwegI A P.1 pta>oM. r ....vale .Nsa.e ataok*. ta: p..*eer *t4_i* Low I*. ... I A. ..... || Levy**** .. ..**... ,.,,...* JUt
CataftlH* M4.w. P. A Mf. sit e5.etSOa.aoa* 05.05 50' *. r**. S's rt.M*> d*. Low I*. It ..... M F.ley aVowo ..au Ill
.U aHO (T ,..... _. .... .4
BHIO Gee Saws MrUoSHOP a S.omu .1.N Ie as a -- Lot M ... io itfU4
lab- ru.e .cM.le a --- .. lie aed .55. 10 IS .N l.. j* ka t MI4Hrw ki.ue TalaH ,? ,.to. -,
TL111.iRIPieleaMae OtfkoOtThM B11tbM.. Sad -I I 1- -. IMatr5 5545 N ayo-taj fM I. f ir.1>o>. I .... Id Ubd f. H rol.'.4 &..*o ",. ,. '.-, tTI
.......d M ........M N OWl .*-*.*... I o pwi Sees 1441 Mf1 M/e IMp1a. .. San
pa.IsnaM .. r.lAOelenO wit,..* BM o4 ... .. t. Poet. M aid 1N a. '_. Nl1Y III" Nary ?
sad --.u. ooal W aa>>. 4-- 04
loan for Tra'elCee4 1.4. u. it at J run.* *. ik. *ik "' of ; ..... .itl ..-. a.** eod .*. ..... .. I, Mk, | ....... Pw. Mary *V Ola .?. ..'.. 1.11

Tnt.Dfn.hft& 1tn.atW Id1..4ras 'da.ls u"ft....... I **! .i *..4 <** ke* *.TM. 4Ve* U4 H. ... I *Mrl** Pk P. N. h... . ,,, ,.. .. if
lilt am p.4. ms Pi.e CvttoPVft HOME eli,. Cse.Me roll PPVoi*. tae* |H. ..*
I I 0 ...... /y 1111.. ef ,-<** Af, Mdl w. era J> MaDoaaJdl
ann PMMLR _xu. Idka rr -.TN ....., SV, >ei>aaanffl {.. "re rt.-t ** ,.* O./s. ,..... i 0s 5 .r 1 1 M11AIM.a1
FT -.". TeW U. II.<< '". A Jl I 010.5. 5", VMa M. awa.1*,
1.1. H Ml W b**>4, Chest. -

11 *

PAGE 1twllxCARD C!(an County Crcsceut?
+ ,TRORanAT, ICLT, 1. 1H4 H

OF THANEJUrn. Uulr kind apres Ions of :Baptist Church She to turvrved -
CranforA rmpathy at tile recent Oeath JEHOVAH'S WITNESSES PLAN ky her husband P. 1.
I family, with to thank Galley their of her Mother Richmond W. I ,Robertson of ace: one daughter Holiday Special! "Super-Ri$:ht" Short Shank
Mends and neighbors for Crump at Thomawlllt. H. C." CONVENTION AT JACKSONVILLESeventeen lira. 1C H. Pomeroyof
Mn. Cranford Galley OOB: .a ton Eddie: Willis

.t , I . . . .............. . . . - . members of th Won ho Mid, win to attended of DCS; a aWtr Un.' Pearl Fully CookedWhole
- - - TT
Wilson of Fla. and
Green Cm ooncrecatton of by 11.000 of Jehovah't Chavret
Wilton of cameo, Pla and
Jehorab'i Witnesses art Witnesses from aQ of the
planning to attend UM annual state of Plortda at' well at even rrandchUdren.Mineral
convention of Services win be held at 10>>
:A9c41iiialtLYCII3ANERSi/ Watchtower Bible and TractSocJet.J lag many from vUltlnc tome Witneetet II other states com- ajn. Payday at the' RuseH i ; 1 ";, HAM IULF 41 C
Baptist Church. The Rev.
at tbs Jacktonvlllt and Puerto Rico" Bald Oloor. n LB...,._
Jack HaU offwll officiate at
Coliseum July I though 13, The convention program
according to Vane Oloor prt will feature Bible discourses, the eervlcet-
tiding minister of tile local demonstrations and Uhutntt (Whole or Butt Half Llx 45*)
concrefitlon. wars thai the nlntaterial
It win be one of !7 such work of Jehovah's Witnesses. AUCTION
convention to be held thU can be carried out with Tint g..tlty"" Ttfgg'gggl
It* K, GRANGE AVX. GREEN COVE SPRINGS year by the nationwide imp. greater tfftctlvenesa. CAKETSFLORIDA r:: 7fW, !' ... ... .
. . :> ..... .:....,::. ::: : ::: .ROU..HalO'W
Jackfonvfflt "It't r. ;: : :::; ;:;::;;;;::'i";':' :>::::; ;' ; : ;:: :: STEAK U.-89
!!!4-S4 14444+444111 I 1444444 I $444tl,+,ltIlt, ''J+4+_ The conven- our desire to Improveour TRADERS r .
ministry and In this way 1.f .:
be of better Mrwko to the f S A&P STORES WILL DCj:: Saver BJchtWeelera.gaa Meaty.-..A.,.
community" said Oloor. Saaday, lair I r..j ::: ;;

I "And of the that't Green why Cow all member I ,... S rta. :. i CLOSED ALL DAY NSPARE:: RIBS 18.-49 .
cl The PENDULUMS J4 Springs
congregation an urged to I SATURDAY JUlY 4TH P\ TaracwA>,x.' Stick
attend the convention.'' f
"On Time And Always Swinging" : s::( BOLOGNA ? 39"-
HART E. ROBERTSON JutUe r a::*.1 ;:*.::! I 1 _
: :
Ura. Mary Elisabeth Rob.erUon pals Bead 11 A t4 pill. Be Bare Tt Have Eaevfk Bread, jVf AHre.d Brand Safe Cnred t-lb. Pkf.
art 70,of 117 W.Walnut : :? Milk. Err And Other Ilent Onn $ :
St, paned away at 2 FURNITUREAPPLIANCES n4 To tart Throofli The ff.s:;> s BREAKFAST BACON 111 t
pjn.today She wa a lifetime H': Weekend, ft
resident of Clay County and I III II : .'. r e : r ar&4leA" Preen greeted*Drami

r, I a member of, thetusseli I ;" lt:;: ....... .... ... ,.. .!yyyyShLIT: :i BROILERS LB.33

7 tl tlr tlr .....*.. 't.*. ..w..M'.w.Jf..... ., .....w...:.....'.'......:;..iW'.".o:..'::>,...: N :";rrri:.hsy ?
Fla. or Ga. Jai right for B-B-Q

nil V.
"': ;
'brallpG. 'Park, Green Cove, Middlrlurg? Charcoal 20 k: 89c

surrounding areas
-_The Pineal Service In :



wrA Claude R. I.....Ur'',, Ph. 4-tlll Ice MilkJAKB 1/Z :39c

i 1 1b PAftKF.II
!.1.a' I -----------
1 hn-iicli b Apple! ti.-------------. 7

Member at the quintet. ihtwa above, Richards, Leeman Jehnt and Heels liefBeliter ..EXPERTTAILORING j : v" { PIES Iftflbl PWD "f
are, L to r.j Robert Lee, Jim Dennett, Den .
1 r ., ST IPS I
The Green Cove quintet whole popularity at Tl'l'/HIKO/ dunce 1.I.b. With this !..,.. ..rehM. .( i

ion the rise as more and more fans hear their mimic, at J\'lItolle C )1W1 N;OZ. 45c MH-O-BII v IwtM Amatomm,! -"rimrt. rk RJ4t __I
]Height Beach, from 8 until midnight, Friday They life to 1.0 l henrd, Jr1r, / You Wait -t- Tiring' Your Work ToWalnvt Knch Sliced l'h't'Me - ;1C '

at The Green Covo Fleet Reserve Club every Saturday evening from 8 mAmm1fD B01J ALL FLAVORS Coupon tout lAX thru'..sun" < lair I, f

until 12. H I-C Drinks ....____u________________J;
.. Street and Cove l"rUMCTGK <
I 1.QuRrt mi1 "!WIl m
3 1 -() 894 2."& Kxfni
11- Ji
.. ; '
- ; .
I (FANS 1;fD Plaid StanijM -.
Save it AAPt Jane Parker Crisp 1-lb. &It .
kith this rtupoi ..re. .r
POTATO CHIPS (te*| .-... l t _i
Undersells Clayton Revels 1149' SalHUlustard t '_". c J9W
Nobody .
Save at An Jane Parker Spice Coke lAX .. J2
\ I Ma. '-... Leaf Coupon good thra l/ I i i'l JB

SPANISH BAR , ,29 ,' i!!. l .iiiii iii

LARGE SELECTION OF NEW CARS IN PRICE RANGE FROM $1788 TO $6,000, Save at,An Jane Parker Plala 1'lk.er Seeded Leavee m"'IM"1l11J1m.

', RYE BREAD ,2 [: ; Pln:d Scant I
33t .. tD P* 'r

LARGEST. SELECTION, OF CLEAN LATE MODEL USED CARS IN' CLAY COUNTY Save at Af Jane Parker Brown V. ef ServePktt. II *1m*. With this louse. ..rd..f _''JIll.

DINNER ROLLS ,2-29f JJi l'lili"III't; ; > '-r!.ks !'

I lAX T--I4 S
Canada Dry Ola Grape, Oranro A W Coupon cool bra lna... July I ,||


.j'.. 117: PLKIiGK: TO IIKAT All' AM'KHTISKII: PMCKSV FLORIDA OR QKOIWIA O.V Bur 4.. Get II let It.Oar Ova II Count ED,III"'''lffJlJ.Jm

(,11II1'I.EII.y. l'l.1'.1IOUT1oNlll".H.I.t.VTS... TEA BAGS ,49t m .f Extra !
I I I I Plaid StnnniMi
BRING US AN ADV AND MAKE US law Braaf' "., .
'." PROVE IT SIS Can .. tfl
With !'" roa.o. ..... .. .( ...J
',u. :+yr". I TOMATOES I' 8 $1,00, Ann Pass liMtltioa M
: VA'11.L1 n. Rot 25:;

; : VAUS'I I Af, Canned Beets or VTnele Ktrmel Ma. Cane .a t..... net"a. ..., Jell I ,|-l MIhn |
::, ;
CORN I I I 1 .l -89; .IMIMliJMlWIW1M! !ii
1003 Xcw'Yorker 19.V* 1'lymouth 4 dr. 1IU!1 .: eh"'IClII It\\\ t)Gt }'oral }'''rtorJ'Ir.. f
Factory&&ir. Fully 1 I''n: >t. 103 Club "KtnlmiHXtt Xora WI'I1 Stick KhSfi} . 'ully F:q1't. :QUO mi. ffwwz Values'HEINZ ,I'
. Valiant 4 dr. 1(11!) ('iicv St t. Wiflt.; 170UO) mi. warranty 1"
', I 10 Valiant. 4 dr. f .....1IW! eln.v, St". \\jni.! ., 1942 Fine 544)< ) 'J dr. 1'84f' SOUPS J ; I
' 1951'kv..4 dr. I 1IIV 'IWt(; Fonl1.1 dr. Auto.1'3. .. Lemons '
.. : AU ie A i M. c* \ ,
4'' .. ..VJJi \ 1MH! (.ht>v. 4 dr Sdn. ItKW) }'01'\1 4 dr Jal.. ".-..... ...... : t. I s cbt/a 2 3114 .1
,i'f' : 1191hev! Will. Factors Air v.sa..= \ RN
195!' ('hl'I I Imp. 1)59!) .) Ford'irn.. CtrSla ._ .... \l. '.\C'
., .M.., ., WJ.1!,. t'onair SpiiW; 1C!) .) .'01'\1 4 ,Ir, ."II :A !" CM : i '
".'.l1tl ''' 1 ?' 4 SIlL,Trans. 19.\9 Ford 2 Gal. ItT ... .. 2LEXOH -.3.31t. a ;; '
.. I. J \. .....,I.. r.. III | : Ir. go .; doz. 35cNtbtac
t "
I.It I ..... 1 ',,I'" ". 1 "n' 'U .. 19'1961.; < )Falcon I WKTU'4 dr.. a .. ,\ .
1-; I ..
J I I '. .4,I 4'" . ., ....Auto..v I JVICE IIf' "rte tt.t'
: axe Ford ('ty, Sdn. Refill for IM Cupt-k:
.... \ '
'.1' I Wpu .Factory Atr.VOLK8WAUKX billy cm IIf
.. .. '. itallry
) .
.. . :;2 >** *w'
." *4 "t1'le".R"'lfrAA!" 1'1\ 19eO! \\'t"\lr.G\1'I.( 1t2! ,*'''' r '
a i' 3.
n b
L' * 1958! 4 dr. Sine l S8 1.1! l :2 I dr. comE .
: .,. Partial Litti. $ 0,. SO ftftf Caro CAoo /' ,. V Prentata 1IALTIN Boa ,
.jt: 1 II v --- *< (/. t t 1 li lla,Zto au'b& 'hM IN RED RUMS , IBS.2 45fmfc <

: cac4IC/TcrK oatCma L ..... CalferateSTRAWBERRIES.

;-Clayton Revels Chrysler Plymouth, 'Inc. M/AY'ONL1S: I' E . .2 PTS.fcVfWfcaa '79t

r *

: ; M1050; : ::: North Orange Ave.; Green Cove Springsnm ; -* ....... .. IUa .u _I' .... art |.e4IU

let n (the Ire tkrv. k .....,.Nt..H*.
AtiI ** > <
,: r. .. ; .
'* I % .
K. Are Orreaj Cvw
I / / 1 / 0n8ct tfetectI1M
,.... '
"j :. \ 't I'\t. *
.\. .. .. ." .... .. ..."'" ""'" " BWW It. Oraaft Partr
"fA. *
'(< ::1\ >. *i. .J -0#. ,I. ... .
d. .. 1f I .
.. '
" e


..-.... .,u- F

The Clay County crescent
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 Material Information
Title: The Clay County crescent
Physical Description: v. : ; 36 cm.
Language: English
Publisher: The Clay County Crescent Pub. Co.
Place of Publication: Green Cove Springs Fla
Creation Date: July 2, 1964
Publication Date: -1996
Frequency: weekly
Subjects / Keywords: Newspapers -- Green Cove Springs (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Orange Park (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Clay County (Fla.)   ( lcsh )
Genre: newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage: United States -- Florida -- Clay -- Green Cove Springs
Coordinates: 29.992778 x -81.683889 ( Place of Publication )
Additional Physical Form: Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation: -v. 105, no. 33 (Oct. 25, 1996).
Dates or Sequential Designation: Began July 15, 1927.
General Note: Oscar Johnson, editor.
General Note: Published in Orange Park, Fla., -1996.
General Note: Description based on: Vol. 20, no. 10 (Oct. 3, 1946).
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Holding Location: University of Florida
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'I ...J'

-Wlf( Winn Dixie and Huntley Week-end Specials ,



of !" 1da/n/ Library \


,,..... i

-- ----- - ------ - ---- --
n se.s.usesu..w "

Sales I and_ Area Growth

Libby Claytor Named

As. .,A Matter of Fact, Spur Roberts Expansion:
n. '" y...*.... I : 1s

'Robert* Chevrolet *f displayed on the ftnO&nf. site
Green Con I Ie expanding Itsdltplay and all used care wU It da. Miss 'CongenialityOur
facilities In front of played ftcroa the' trtet.;"'"
,JU anslysi* of th* Democratic TuA-oa gubernatorial( Its gales and tarrioo building
primary shows that Jacksonville Mayor Baydo Bam hand4 I In"order to give Its customer
Miami Major' Robert Kind Htthth*.ort defeat or in*' Surfer doom to the wide tar.ety Arnold Stafford II.. it. t ,. .. II II It II . . It " t t " 11 II " .n

run-off candidate for governor lnhlitoo. .. '
't.f of Chevrolets, Oldsmo-
Mayor High & cuspr!** ron-ofl: eancUclait'rettlftG bike and Jeep now on the '
Moore Mon. "The Sweetest Girl
41J per cent of th tot to the weoad primary. Thta to th aufceV -- Libby in Flap!

lowest percentage a loser hw received tine 1933 wham David ,
A >00 foot win lit Funeral services for Arnold
Shalt toot 63 per cent and hi* opponent per cent
Tbt largest percenUft tote for Mayor Burnt cam erected to front of lbs buildIng Stafford Moore, 4T yean old. ,

from Lafayett County which gav the winner 120 to and ft 11.000-quare-toot who died Monday at BeviU, r What most of Clay County knew all alone wu mad eta
1 martin over hU opponent Holme County ram th* Jack. lot north of th* building la Florida win be held Saturday ,. tidal last Saturday Sight In Baraaota Florid wham la. *
onrlll* mayor a U to t plurality; .and b* racked up 13 to being pared and covered with' at I P.... at the Hickory day County Wry BtMbeth Claytor II, af Orange Fart.
leadeln Liberty and Union eo itt3e* In Calhoun County a metal canopy. Grove Baptist Church, with ", WM' crowned Mis Congeniality. of 194 at tb* Id** Plaids

he took an I to 1 lead; In Santa Roe his lead WM 7 tol. Q. L Robert, owner of the the ,,Rev. B. E. l Bummenill "'" Pageant final. "Ubby" M ah la known to Juct Stout

Clay was among five countlM that gee,Burrs a 4 to tplurality. big auto agency, aald the officiating. .... everybody iiNPhU'ecI th* heart of newamtA. eh apsqumse,'
Mr. Moor had been a re** siege hand. ountoaeanU and .M on* pageant ofltetol put
expanalon WM not only necessary I ,
In galnlng64l.093 vote to I1Ws 46S.J47 the victory to handle the can n* (Went of OCS before movingto \ 1 H wa "an overwheunlng1 'hoJo*" for the UU and wa t
margin of 112.641:tote was Warty double the different to presently selling but he Seville 11 month ago WM Clay County's that member of th *ffkl" MIll Florida
between Governor FarrU Bryant and Doyle Carlton In 1999. also a member of till Hickory Court
expressed the belief that the
Bryant beat Carlton In the runoff fey $,095 veU' area's growth will make th Grove Baptist Church. H* Almost from list day ah arrived sh* won th* heart
In previous Democratic runoff Leroy Oolllni detested larger display space a must. leave his widow, .nette' of( newsmen and was given excellent average by the Pawn
Charley John In MM by ",125 votes; Dan;UcCarty: Moore, daughter, Mn Betty coast praat. Although th* dM not pace among the pre.
beat Bralley Odham In 1963 by /1Nand Fuller\& Warren The newly paved area to Armstrong Gloria Shiver, a1''r ti liminary winner, th* WM', an obvious favorit of the

won over McCarty in 1041 by 83411 vote the north of the main Robert Jank. Mary Lynn EUlne: audience, For her talent reeenUUen ah* performed a
(Editor" Note: The Crescent was In error tilt) week building will permit the and Wanda Kay all from O. sprightly and profasaional song and daMe routine. The
In laying that Clay County had in both primaries linn display, he said of approximately I CJS Flv son, Bobby Ray Tampa Tribune tpoUighted\ her talent Wednesday morning;
Mayor Burn the large peroentag plurality of any countyIn M additional cart. Ban Francisco" \ Calif. Ken' With ken *f bar4Mea see Pile Cage lslly r*. with a photograph captioned 'TnCJWD FLXABCR.: Ssr. I
th State In the tint primary thY wa &n>>- A* can be Upon completion of the expansion net Jerry Larry, Richard selves eenrratnlaOeM her wQ wIchita and friend In ota-MU Clay County-Mary Blaabtth Claytor. tells how

seen from the figure above, It wa not true in th second an new ear will be Cont on pg four) pktsts'(1( to r.) CaaJrM af CKarerene Mr, fee M r- you Tant OH A MM With A Oun on stags at the MM
primary However, a 4 to 1 lead U IUD l a landslide-) ores, Fat CamO ad IJbVy Florida paeant' last night Her tong and dane weN anA
CItI.t..,. erow4_ ......... .
n n r----

All day placement tests for Students expecting'to at EKFVTATION FOR WONtXtrVL TOVNO LAO1IS
tend 8t John River Junior College this Fall win be given Fire Old
by appointment on July 1, II. 21 and Augue 12, according Destroys. Dwelling An official of the Mist Florida Pageant expressed *
to Registrar Robert Bchrelber.Th high. knouts &to th* people of Clay County staling Tea

fetonstr* testing. I* scheduled. to begin at 1:10: people t.| Clay County Hwayi' tend us the nkest (teto.
a. m. andend about 9 p. pay A half hour lunch period I* They era all jut wonderful."
'plane w..Q'IIIOmInC.s tftonoon'session. t'I .turdajp<< marnlni %M>a tuspensful day for aO eon*.

, **W* have about.IM *eeo *jKbeduled to.Ukejh*. .Ut* :., "' \\AlIta. Th prtUAjMrrwr*, *wr., ,Umiht. Mis !'*'. '
K' on JulyJ'4 w. are situ taking eptt eMW sold; ks?. ", ,J,)lI(1Itt"O t "ou4 t( ." ...
AH freshmen are required to take the tests .a* a mean I The rsraml .& Aatarttar. rtmiut wan -t.prYIIW.aUon _.
of determining claw placement and ability !level in various for tie flital\ Form WIre ra. and tension almost ;
tubJecU. Any protpectlve student not officially echeduled unbearable for not only eonUstants, bat also their fan
to take the examination may make an appointment by Ille and well wisherTh* show wa being timed and
calling 125 1S12 or reporting to the Registrar' office at cued for the .last tune Libby wa with that group of girt
the college rehearsing' In trtning gown and ws* one et th entrant
rhown to play th part of the five flnaosU. Kaeh of the.'

Atotal anticipated budget of expenditure of IJJ1J- fly girls were required to answer a question while th*
BIT for the fiscal year 1964-65 baa been approved by the e fttheri were offstage, Just a* th the finalist would be
Oam and Fresh Water FUh Commlcalon for operation under -
(Continued Fag Two)
the State Owns Fund" according U A. D. Aldrich dir n
The 1(64-69 budget Indicate a net increase of tSSI.IOl Back IM U* gd ...

over the 1X3< budget of t2.tM.T16. The anticipated re- .IA. Henry lUdl (rlgbl)

venue fro mthe tale of hunting and fishing license I II expected wbe. Mil the .....t4. tokwa reer

to exceed that of 1163-64 and a* remit the 1964- ) la rant *f bi* Mara tongue
63 budget Indicate Increases In services and capital out.
lay. I. tb* a4ct.... cc ib.* right, WIUUs* Gft........ wb tolerb

Prom state receipts the Commlatton anticipate thatIt *.*[bt Uw bMinew. |e skew .-11I11', ..... (These. *4rt.r.*
which wen Ukrm abet lltl wee teat to ibe Creae l by
will receive II40S.SOO from U of fresh water fUhlnglicente
Mr*. DtlU Gerbaril))
and I93I.MO from hunting license sale Various
reltowlag. tb. fir. **ly Ib. wharf M ..... Ib* ......
type of hunting permit will bring la additional I24I.7M 0..... Cv ..... .. lag rw4d ....,...
flows ftalorJay night f.a.lit pe Ar rdlM to Mr. "'..... Gerhard.. '
while eommertral licenses. flab and fur dealer, commercial: /
la vale to tb bsildiag tb* 4rwtort WM eigtMlty bm to !Issue
''boat, runt farm and hunting guide are expected to total save nested lai HIT at tb beer a fUb sad most
|46 00. An additional $212450 to expected from othrr revenue e4 ef resets lint I.I Orersi Cere OwMd fee the pact .>- *rM and graeery **wratod by usury ...... II ... dar
law tb* SUM .f bto ....,
year .w" rI'
sources, court cost and miscellaneous uth a* grass **d. by Marto Ugwni ft U.g bi .d ('U,. tb* II.,**. this week Mr.OerHardt aid
last eke we.bed to Ib* ales a* a to...*gr sassed
Ins, oil and tumpie teas f raan* slrwtar was) Ol eel see 1M water and bad aerv ..... CbM v. U IM4 II WM besigbt by Mr. Oerbardl wb

In addition to th* state receipt, th Commission ands ed. la II" stearly,''* ran, ft ......, .4 ,..... Pi M,..f- sold. U lies rear* laUe .. FMI, AMT ... .*.vsUd a nab i
cipate a total of 4516 640 from Federal Aid monie
MI. 0..... Or revreeewtollt.. Mr. ......... ..Uia.4dtb .*...lag factory ,..... la 1941 M way ..**.. bfWfl/. UUreetocraal

Fewer Florida tree were destroyed by Inserts this yearthan lees J-"tb* ........d ., U...i Tied *to*.4a. MWM S and to) steel Ml H be.*.. *Tb* Tbl
(hb,- a trop, ,... ." .f l-re.. .
barge (tb af *) a* rtoM U flaw
oneyear ago according...) th Florid Forest .mee. old lec* Creek I.,, wbbb WM U Ibe .. .
Oerbardl meld. It ... bees
which ha completed It's eighth annual aerial damage IUJ'. .**". el Mlag *..,.,w.... ....... Macb .l aye *tWsw .. tov. . .... .* set/ find Is CUMg
.. ** to a New J ,. UmUr a4 n...y to Mr,
.t abused tb .... .
_d._ barg wa* .. Ugsm-
cams u. oojDOt acre: of land were cover* >y alrcrert $ S4sca
Wine serial graph recording equipmeat Pin arraag* *urveyed .
fouled about 11.000.009 acre Th study stowed I' ,
30 per cent lee damag during the one-year period ended Boy Scout Troop 121 ,

in May. than during th* prertou 13-swMUt period. "I4 1 ,
As In previous year Ips bark beetle caused the greater
porUon *f Ire mortality.'Activity of th black turpentine i 1. 1 l y p JYw
I t4 M i <
beetle has decreased ketfly.from. last ,.,. Coulter ;.: S
aid, tad most naval store openOoM are/to b* fa goodeidatoiv r r"' ayf 1 3 (*
Sawfty activity etartn tie period wen termed 1"
Dead pine. manbevwd 14M.T60 rcprweisUoc oM 5 R
!4TM erd
i ili!

Th tMwrstty of Florida' reside FtoU ...... 9UI' t J

be aye mo agate Is ,,sea Oai nDf tttrd --J
ttmt r *sigs i b* tb* CMlr All '
Old faahtansd tewth .4 Jaty ....ua. ffaigtww
bsnaeUeg ....... w1Yb II IehiW piked 1y'.ts.nlq
Spoasored by the OalnwO. JDwaNI Oufe: th* snarl. .......
y hoe is N...... ........,
event featwa* a vWttng ..... .....-. varknsi anfartla-
moat art and Is earned eel ry a tiisnnlmi, Drrvwt !'lie teeg ......, beam, a.agog fee's her M u
tay. Tlaae W this yes?. ....t.. t* T,M awe Ieitw .M ........ .,. ...u... eded ..aI.......... n.r
......... I* *hrg.4 l. the tMMsi eeb jre4Ja. ter 14, r to tow fa.a>... .taly b *. +rpy uses sad
aft IereeW bees |*M isle 0.......
anN..a D M. Matthew at. repealed .. hen .
seed aereral offer *f aid tnaa th NsU.sal AsearUUasiaf ti ; 0- a was a rebska...... awns thaeib Cue.r. .
. ....... .t ..... whets .Mc
rj Jorra&t>H F.t* a* a ressjit *"f **.* rwr4 r HM *f. ...* Mses aft gstMd sad
lens which were *w tavIy bta ewe, la trewi** the. saiM f TWy Isang n eeOc 1 p.d slb.. bnestW! ....1
U* aieveaU awal. Walir.iisi heal i II saw * w4 dftw*.6 a, u, ..** to Fa****.

Motty.' th* Oingnsiaas gees with a ..... The fttmiTUrel Aw..Meg to Mary fraawlo aborl .
to ew lamb. ..*......, !iE fW -Wr.to..oirOwifnuibKa.TT( .? WQ4

If ttw eke traly to a .... Ito II lsep II t ewarw t wkc.61kM N.y wen's, Las., Ae slreIp04 ..O C.sdruiu.eg rurt4o to ......in* seeVMsid ..o gveye-..lam. ...ton....
pee. earl chases ....... M lts ftwbdlewti Cass.Isar. 4 .... _p'-beed.4 ally lee .. Mss t... hub
....... ... .. Sew. n..rt.t ..... Heee Ana. f5.o ..... N1Ie I sad obs a. .
.Salo law
"'" tea.
.. ... Geedus s $ I/4 ad
ftst tfste Cel I lnel.rsoer.. reed MacOs, .aVV, .....* .... Walter Stoat, fbwg *., K. 1/oua. at Is.wa1' pus g. '
taw C-' vles.. lawelll. Iy. "-- I .L" .... . pngeM waNr ..., wine tbel aye ....
.. n.rt.e..,. -.'* Af... rrM BWrto *W. -- b
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1,1 I
T'tarrZt titan- .. J .JW-r''N. '11.vM lust. PPsdse Bp Sag a.. sew add M sap as ewb asiN
a.- 'seam Neer, .edp Mast ... rrtov ..... Ta..... MO ...... lerlq lb bevwsl. .


r .. +

, TQKay

Clay( J (Eounty Crescent
r- -

( (Eountg Ercsccnt Our Libby . *t a later date.
Dave Talbott who double a* Executive DIrector'and
(Continued from Publicity Man for the Miss Clay County Pageant, stated to
Page the Crescent that "We have gained as much favorable
"{e J3ottikkcr required to do In stew short ley Llbby's time publicly and good relations through our participation in
arrived and she was ushered on stage. Master of ceremonies the Miss Florida Pageant as we could possibly obtain in 4
Bob Hoffner, Tampa radio personality, asked her: "If you any other manner. The newspaper (pace we have gotten
b; DUNCAN GRONER had to make a trip to the moon who would you take with > state wide and In the Suncoast newspaper* would run

I keep thinking of The Rev. Oorden Craig' plea last you and why?" Her eyes sparkled mischievously and she into six figures If purchased at commercial rates. The newspapers --4H
Sunday that by some Divine provenance, each of us begin to retorted ;I think I would take a bin strong astronaut with are beginning to notice the caliber of young ladle
consider and resolve today's problems without regard to me to.'make sure the ship arrived safely". '. ..thenafter'i'paUII we are ending, and WIn lose, or draw, they know we ire'
beenWhat she added "and I hear that the dark aide of on the snap". "Last year a member of the press asked San-
what yesterday's answers may have
with the moon Is cold JO be might come In handy there tool". dra Stump where Clay County ins, and she said 'Otye us
he was saying, I think, was that we ,
that The press, contestants and others gatheredjaughed and time and well show you. I think they know where ri are
out a lot of help from Up There, face the questions
the Ice was broken. Bob who had nicknamed her "LIbby the now,
may confront us today by the standard that may have I"Beckey
LIp" for her bright and perky retorts said "Libby, I should WM accompanied by first-runner up Pat Carroll .
been applicable yesterday.
have known I couldn't top you". and her two chaperone Mrs. Jeannie Johnson and DOWNTO
Some years back I had a knock.down-rar-out fight
with Bruce Catton who Is perhaps the most popular writer THE MOST DEMANDING JUDGES OF ALL Mrs. Oeneva Polk. ii
today on the subject of the Civil War Ills popularity steins "WE'VE HAD TOO MUCH HERE TO JUST FORGET ,
of 1861 Miss Congeniality Is the first of the awards given and ,
from his tendency, I thinx, to put the problems - MOTB-
in terms of 1984. In the New York Herald-Tribune of Feb. as the MC explained: "It Is perhaps pne of the most important Sunday morning was a time of farewells for the en v
ruary I, 181 (IS months before I moved ,to Florida), trophies presented here next to Miss Florida It trantsClose friendship had been formed In spite of the
I wrote that "when I was growing up In Virginia, Old Is awarded by the vote of the contestants themselves, perhaps competition, or perhaps because of It. The beautiful Landmark .
Wives used to frighten us children with tales about how the toughest judges of all. When her name was called hotel on Lido 'Beach was the scene of much bustle
all the history books were written by "Northerners," she was almost overcome with emotion and amid the popping and activity a* bags were packed and can were loaded.
"These tales have recently been propelled forcibly of flash bulbs and whir of TV cameras she accepted Just a few tears were shed In farewell. The contestant Pat c..n ((1)) and Beckey Campbell, Miss Clay

back to me by a series of articles your paper carried on I her Trophy from Pageant Director Jean Willden. Judging exchanged names and addresses, autographs and discussed County of 1M4-C5 at the motel where they stayed with
the background of the Civil War. The final piece, by Bruce from the amount of applause she was the popular choice. forming a sorority of Miss Florida Pageant contestants .- . .
Catton, recounted the story of an alleged dinner party After the pageant the official Miss Florid Court was Betty Kohlman of the St. Pete Times quoted Libby assaying their ehaperene This unique feature of observing the Mb

conversation, said to have taken place before the outbreak held on stage for Interviews and pictures. Libby kept "We've had too much here to just say goodbye and Florida pageant and training fir participation
William H. Seward and Justice John Archibald Campbell, repeating to newsmen "I'm just so happy I don't know whatto forget. Although she was Invited to attend the Pepsi Schol. was a
of hostilities. The speakers were V. 8. Secretary of State do "She was interviewed by TV newsmen United onhlp Brunch for the winners LIbby said she was "Happy, feature story appearing ID United Pros In most major .
the only son of CoL Duncan O. Campbellthan a member Press International and several announcers doing live dead tired and please if you dont mind I'd just like to get
of the United States Supreme Court, the only one of three for the benefit of the press before the chief chaperone home again". Our Miss Congeniality was again the scene newspaper Tuesday mol'lllar'COl11mOn.Sense
Southerners who was to quit the Court to Join the Confederate and the three runners-up were kept on stage 10 minutes of attention a* she came through the lobby amid hug
cause. The moral of Mr Catton's tale was that, according radio coverage The new Miss Florida, Sties Congeniality from contestants and chaperone and well wisher "It
to Seward, "Tolerance" wu the Ingredient neededto bulled them all backstage for "a good cry", took us a half hour to get from the elevator to the front
save t.hetuatlon.\ If this is not an oversimplification, The entrants were transported to the Columbia Restaurant door" a beaming member of her party said."
it Is at least updating history i .puling It In the parlance on Lido Beach for the pageant banquet. Officials As Libby finally left the Landmark Hotel for the
fashionable today.The explained that this after-the-pageant banquet was an innovation .last time in a week of hectic activity a guest was beard
truth is that Campbell regarded Seward as an I because "none of these kids can eat a bite before to say "With all that attention you would think the won
arrant.liar and (he) detailed and documented his belief the finals", the top award". A mother of one of the entrant sighed ;:
at and said "In the opinion of many' people. she did!I"
in papers and speeches which are to be seen by anyone "I DIDN'T WANT TO LET CLAY COUNTY DOWN"
the Alderman Library at the University of Virginia Camp.
bell's,quest for, first, an obviation of hostilities and, later, As Libby was ushered Into the Columbia with other Flat floors
fora cessation of those hostilities led him into many unfortunate members of the official court she WM greeted by her father.
meetings with Seward. And, at least according to and mother, ),fr, A Mrs. W. K. Claytor, her brother Bill, wide doors, foam,
Judge CampbellSewrd lied over and over about those meet-' and sister, Krtstle. Other well wishers Included ),fro Mrs.
lop Commitments made In good faith by President Lincolnto B. i. Colson, Mrs. Jennie Johnson, hen, Oeneva Polk, Pat seats, padded dash#
Judge Campbell were successfully and repeatedly sub Carroll of Orange Park, Dave Talbott and Mlai Clay Countyof
vented 19(4-65 Beckey Ruth Campbell, of Mlddleburq Libby -for luxury comfort
"It all makes one wonder if history is still being written took her place at the head of the table amid congratulation ,
by "Northerners" who would protect their own. So small of the large group of people present
a point raises interesting speculation on other, more important When asked how she felt she broke down and sobbed: red flying retie of a SludtbiktrIII
aspects of our history sine IMS. "I still can't believe Itl! I wanted to do something for Clay .Ill ill ry ftltvrtl and .,ee.
Three and a half years later I believe even leu there County so badly and I was afraid I would let them down. yev'tf! *if.cl' .to lind wilt" I* l rrin
was any' discussion In 1190 about "tolerance It was necessary --' People have been so wonderful to me and I have received < 'non ..,.ftti*. urt.
then as It U now, that the South "tolerate and so many' .wires And after)Sandra came down here and,I
accept the, viewsof the New England: yankee who were made such a good impression I was afraid X would let, 1
far less Interested in the plight of the slaves\ than they were, everybody down. But now Jin just>ao happy. J just thank :. -,31c.P .
In the plight of the yinkees who since the founding of the everyone!" And like all her predecessors, let us add, she
Republic' had played second fiddle to the political ascend- got In a plug for Clay County at every opportunity. .Q ---' ;1-.. .,
of Southerners. Flowers came by wire from The Oreen Cove SpringsJr.
ape' ,I repeat I believe we are all too likely to judge yes, Wombs Club and the Miss Clay County Pageant ..........ww..l.w. -

to-day's events by, today's standard. Assn. Wires came from many Individual and from The A
Just before th\ outbreak of World War II, I was' in Hon- Martin Harris, Mayor of Oreen Cove Springs, and the Studebaker
Germany, In Munich I attended the world premiere. ofRichard City ComUslon, Oreen Cove City Commissioners Ed: Taylor Suaday seeming was a time of farewell, above Libby V >

Btrauas's ,latest opera ..Prt denata.." The opera and F, Warwick Kenney Chairman Louis Huntley and teams aapplly la bf held room with Clay Ceuaty's tint Till COMMON-SINII CAR
by one pf the two or th"greatest' eompoeen la the worfcL, the Clay County Commissioner\ The Omit Cove 11U Ilirld I jF-trOnoaf m"deb.ksr'e xalsoSs. t.erer.c ,) .J
taken apart and laid la purple lair week "y "NIwewlL")) vrw,. and Jsyeee, toe Clay County Chamber of Cum-J- tnaay frem the ,t1es .....D&o I you ,.. at. M stn eat !.. pies 4....,.
was Day of Freedom) laid at the close of the Hundred mane, and the Orange Park Jayceea. Saundra Stump HLaii .. Ameag tie. saany eleee friendship made by Libby
Years War. In th.l midst of the performance, at the rear of Clay County of If 63, sent greetings as well u Mw Clay
the ,Munich Opera House, a clamor arose and the chant County of W4-65 Beckey Ruth Campbell of Mlddleburg. was Mite Pine Tree Festival, Sylvia Damon, picture abort
crew and drowned out the mamllous music "We haw
Jews" the Nail supermen and their wives\ and children - .
cried and, at length, the roar became so loud, the curtainwas Perhaps the most Intent and Interested spectator was .gg.N.ggtgt. NNt..e
lowered and the lights turned up. (very Jew in the Beckty Ruth Campbell of Mlddleburg, crowned Miss Clay
audience (Jews are famed for their love of great music . County of U84..& at the Mia Clay County Pageant in
and here in spite of the tact Strauss was a pseudo-Nail), April of this year Beckey wlU represent the county in
very Jew there raced out, gouged and poked as he ran by Itea at the Miss Florida Pageant Due to the unique holdover
men, women and children with their hat pins and pens and plan Inaugerated this year for the tint time Mill
pencils Clay County will be held over for a year of grooming and
The Bank of Green
A day or two later sloped In the Austrian Tyrol at training. This will Include an expense paid trip to the Miss Cove Springs
a wood carver's ahop. On the door was a sign "Jews Not Florida Finals and rebinds as a spectator, She win thus
Wanted H....." This was only a few months after the an. have some advance knowledge of what Is in store for her
neiatlon of Austria by Adolf Hitler I asked the old carver the caliber of the competition and will have a year' to pr*.
why he did not want Jews and he told me: "You CngUah-: pare herself. After the Miss Florida Pageant each year
Your Bank
men never understand. (In Austria if you speak English: she will have sessions\ with the entrant who represented - -
you're aa Englishman: : they had not, up till then anyway, the county as well as former entrants. This plan created
recognised' America as anything but a colonial outpost of much Interest In Sarasota and Beckey was Interviewed by
Britain, I told him that until littler came In there had the United Press corresponilant and ahe and Pat Carroll
been no Jewish problem. were photographed for a possible feature on Clay County
Joseph I. TrtplHt. whose family land holding in Clay
"Ah, yes" he said, "there was a problem. We Just dldntrecogniM

It." go back several generations, did not establish himself In
He was Judging today by the standard of another
day, or another man." r gk1t the County until II yean ago
himself and Bruno over the ground floor.
It has been a pleasure through the years to have Uu Born In Jacksonville and educated at the University

Little man with ao much energy and boundl enthusiasm "; of Florida (where be received a degree In Business Administration
Around and About for a trt.n4..nc1 once I worked with him an a "do-it-
yourself project. I will not make that mistake usia--at 1 In 1.40)). he served In the Navy an during

.y HtlOll SMITH the end of the 4&1.I"u so tired I dldnt have the strength i- f
World War n On his release from actin duty la INS he
to look In the pot on the stove In fact, I dUnt even akj ; 7 ,
Over on Palmetto Street, my little buddy Don Pool' what was in It. waa a lieutenant commander having been a deck officer
has don it aialn. When everyone) else U singing the blue On occasions. Don has packed his ba g and headed out '
Don and Bruno an seen at Mason Lumber Co. and one to one place or another, but he always turns up giving i on duty in the Atlantic during most of the war.

place and another loading up material\ for another business everybody the big hello and saying? that this ls the .best In 141 he joined a firm of certified pubic accountant
enterpriseThen.. Don walk to the front door of the bank doggone town In all the world and swain he win item
and run' around to the back Just In time to catch J. P. leave It ...aln.W. In Miami and In IMS be borane aawdaUd, in Oreen I

trying to make a getaway . It never work, but he trie hope not! "+ Cove, with Jon Bradley Be U ate ngagoJ la real estate
Xa aaae. you dont know Don. he stands about five foot The town eonratulUon to J. P. Revels foe his eitredtenary .
.servo weighs. maybe a hundred and thirty pound soaking i Ford lot and the pain he has gone to In order JOSEPH IRWIN TUrtlTT development on Doctor Lake sad Black Creek. A
He U usuallyaeen to make It an a***. to the town.,
wet and can work the pant off three men.
Dt rwW ef ta* Baak resident of Oraage Park he ha been" a SMtatMT of the
In UN company of a big ..... that goes by the handle Robsttl Chevrolet ls expanding and from what we
of Bruno, gather, they win be able to display no fees than fifty tenon Bank Board for two ye.,..
Doe earn to Orion Cove lotion at the end of World the front tone- J. W, William and Bill Ferguson ei.
War I and promptly tell la lows with the town staked pct great thing to tome to ow town.
out ao Many claims, he spread hiaaeell aa thin a* a pattyof Even as far back a* two e* three yean age.Ed Ya '
margarine one hot skillet and went to west No Job hills spent many bucks for a brand new service department BANK 0 GR1icious] ,f' pOVE
was too lane or to email and ho did and dew aQ at them.. at Tao Nee B kk-whkii to In the band el very raj* f OURTEOUS SERVICEThe'County's
a* It old task U going to haul htm aft ke the bad place able Fred Dsvta at this Urn*. The point ... Edward to
the minute be slows up.HU nobody dummy and figured the money wn sprat' for tut

West venture ta the WaahaUrta on Pataotto tire thing } Oldest and Laxest
and be U at this moment building bachelor Marten for W* who have worked la this IOWA" and have bn aWe to Bank
auks grttt tad beans through the bas yean-firmlybsBevt II
that Anon Cove Sprint* to ea the verge of ....** *. ?si

CLAY tour CRISCINTWMT leg comethlng sore than a good placee tottv.*. '" U
s. H .oao roe CUT it too ram .t..c ctmnr Our city 1a& aIIt. Ben ft Bner to stowty rrewtttfrom ; :s4 24-0061
euNCAI ouTMWAiTt aou .urn *.. rvuufUUWTH hto recent Uln*** sad to hating at the bit to na .4., or
UBMAM tOMn _. ..UO.CTAIT thing ea the mov Thto Iowa" ewe Ben a vole of thank ... _
SIICN NOZA-... _'ItIPAL ruiAU tor hto tin**** efforts In our bthalf.In -' .
Net***** test TMMV Iv Camera ..... to*. tact there. are gaaay tcUavna that have worked k.*. ::
,. *MJacamnm ." hind the scene, Warax no atones ftafcam** tar the Mare : I
"' T .uecs..dT a 'iat prosperity of Om Cm fkprtn a.'-ad they vtt coating* FDIG I
taTtl U work . Know who they oral l
son Sass r+a 'its tai"sutt"aM'.". n.w We thank DM fool. J. ,. hack. rats Mir aM atU
ONC'TCA IM ADVANCt .. *. elliaeaa MMtt PIt Private wed. Ken IsJmed >!ui*
TWO fAR M IoIJYAMf .. and torn wwckwt haa atttwapt I* prelI& by tbt*
i .uapIa.
l' -



.. 'TOTJMDAY 'JULY -1. IN4 \

All Star CandidatesThe . Well-Kept- Secrets" Tin Talking Sports J\\


then Cove Springs All Star Little League Team "Breaking the Ice." Is a phrase we're. all beard.
I will be chosen from the following 25 boys: COCA-COLA,. ever well acquainted we mar be with it, It doeiat make It
James Padgett. Jerry Coon. Jack Coon. Jock Bush Mike any easier to do Where to startt One must start somewhere
LeBlanc J. P .HALL A: SON,. Clarence Peeples Oft Vincent to here I to .
,David Koca Reggie Heath BESELER- Virgil Mullen As a new member of the community . and the new-
Vernon Willis. Charles Bailey, Danny Clark Ronnie Willis.J Nt addition to The Crescent staff. I take note of the fact
P. REVELS Mike Dlckerson. Aubrey Batton Cliff The Crescent hu no regular sport coverage. How much
Temple BURLINGTON Lee Dover, Ronnie Delp. Billy Interest exists! In It I have no way ;ret of knowing However
Jackson David Flgue Randy Masters. CHANEY8.. Arn In the month ahead I will try to give our reader a birdseyeview :
Miller, Jim Bolvln. Kermit Hayes. These players were of what goes In the County Sports arena In orderto
chosen by the coaches as the outstanding players of the a do this properly, I will need! help from all readers. Call
season. The Crescent and let ua know about porting evenUnot

These players will practice each day and the flea) All __ If you please. during Tuesdays and Wednesday when I am
\ Star Team will consist of 15 players who win represent otherwise' fairly heavily occupied l.8port.am.nahlp .
Oreen Cove In the District Tournament- the art of playing competitivegames
: for the take of the gsmo and the fellowship . splits
Tournaments governing district and state play an over Into our dally lives The politician without a sense
conducted under the direction of the Board of Directors. +..s1sa of sportsmanship Is a poorer politician, and worse still a
Dates and sites. are determined by the Board. Age limits an poorer eitlsen I believe
I through 12 :yean and will Include a representative team Three wetks ago I arrived In Clay County To my delight
from each member league made up of II all-stars. Teams and with some amasement I found there are very
A'lla Net profits are divided equally among participating teams. :;Li pleasant mays. Of passing away an evening I mean of ,
Suitable trophies will be awarded The 1>M State FLML. --- -- course, the Little League games where. our future eltlsen/s: /
+ Tournament will be held In Jacksonville Beach August 3> Rnfas Tncker. renter, past president ef the Green the Little Leagwe fer II ..*... City. C.ne1..kner E4 are learning to play bs.baU. As a rabid sports lover, I can
''IIor 4, 5, 6. Cere Springs Little ....... AseeclatUn. nan net given i, Taylor, left, served as master .f ef-anl. and L. L. think of no better way of building rltlsenshlp than through
.,. he tie reed ..- Judy, right president ef the COS Little UagM ....-
baseball tee fishing. He Is alt. as pulls baseball (or any other sport) played,for the sake of sport
a veiling the sign IIS feet away (plctared below) which latlon. ..k..... As the veil fall Mr. Ticker all In amass- and cbrnradeahlj), -
named the field In Us honor. Mr. Tntker has worked with meet "this was a well kepi M<<'nL Amusement. I was only slightly. amased to find In a
.. .. .. small city such as Qiren Cove Springs such a well constructed
!trLiilI1rrmmnr.! ;! ImrII.: : 1 a. .u nrenY!!,:nns:7.!
: well managed and well backed Little League u wo have. ,.
These In themselves are things for which the people of I
OI't'f'ICove may well be proud To be congratulated are
those who have given\ time, effort and funds to support this
n't'! fine work became this sportsmanship makes any community
A 1 t A a better place to live; and gives Its future a higher and
N higher calibre of leadership

!: : i ..., In Green Cove, the new Rufus Tutker Little League
Field Is a