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Greet* Cow tlt-MM lUf>, mead Ml a* filed. shell *. **... J. UKNAKTKII: 'I.. ,.
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dressed. I real tko abet t*... and ice
he *A.on Camnc. M T.V. ..rk. I meek Eat of RI,..., ef (.,, Commie. Richard f Curdle .,. required t* file your aaawefIth
Board ?
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write .. Mr Ovi.U. P. O. BoiM
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Or. Park
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.\01111: I ,(l to( CmmtQ C :Crescent; TRt1UDA"FEB&VART:11,196: $

Methodist-Youth-Choir I
Flint; &', .,. .xhlblt fets ;
M H C & Penney Farms ,

li Oldest Chevrolet ICnown: to. Exist Given Supper On Sunday I
I Reporter MRS. HERBERT D. MTERS, Phone Stl-llU
The meeting of the WCT (Mrs W. P.) writes from 254 Free Rev. Alfred O. Hempstead The Red and Blue Youth Paula Llnaley,. Joan.Lancaster

U. will be held in the Lecture Florence Street WI I n s ted, ; Vice Pres, Rev. Frank Choir of the Methodist Churchwas Revonda Hopkins Tom Temple .
Room on Feb. 18, at 3 o'clock Conn. No. 06098 that she ii Oracey; Sec'y. Miss Eva Hoover E.
given a supper at the John Sabotta,
with Mrs. M. Q. Merlam as happy, for the 4th time, to bea ; Treas Mr. Elmer L. Mun Terl Hogan -
Jones Simons,
Methodist Church on Sunday Joyce
Hostess Mrs. F. C. Cannon New Englander In her native sell; Asst.. Treas, Miss Hilda i and Laurie Temple.
will lead the devotions and town of Wlnsted. She Wlerlngs; and the following evening In the church social
Adults attending the supper
Mrs. R. H. Smalley will give came to the MHC at Thanksgiving Committee Chairmen Garden rooms. and Mrs. Gordon
were; The Rev.
a talk on "Africa" The public time In 1950. She says Rev. C. M. ,Ackerman: The menu included spaghetti Mrs. Betty Rowlls,
'1 Invited nothing more can be, done for Library, Rev. Raymond R casserole baked beans with Mrs. .Joan Temple Mr. and

her eyes also that any money: Gregory; Literary Rev. R SOuptlll frankfurters Italian style A. Jones Jr, and
Mrs. Ralph
Mr. and Mrs. Olenn Storle spent to Improme her hearIng ; Recreation, :Mr. J. H. bread blue cake and "cokes. Mrs.' W,' Blodgett choir di
and Mrs. John Johnson of would be thrown away.: She Houston; Social Mrs A. 0. I Members, of the choir" attending rector.

Chadburn, N. C., were dinner mentions that her 94th birth. Hempstead; Welfare and Safety were: Sharon Rowlls 7s

guests of the Rev. and Mrs. day comes In August. Mr A. P. Ooetze; Historian, Letha Hansford Joyce BurkaPaul
Jan. Mrs. C. H. Coker Ass't. Hisiorian Craig, Carlyla: Hansford.
:Frank Oracey on Sunday, Oaaeuleel e
31, on their way from Orlandoto Next Saturday at 3 o'clock Rev. C. H. Coker; Clinic Scott Lancaster Linda Fuller- Try a. email results
Service Mrs. Ann Johnson, ; ton, Den Brunson Virginia simply acaaatag
North Carolina. Accompanying the Elton R. Stone Bird Club gT- '
For Geed Printing Job
Jean Ann' Karen a
Telken. Jones

the Stroles was Mr. Strole's will meet in the Quadrangle Audio Visual Rev. R. O. Kor-
at Reasonable Prices CaD
sister-in-law, Mrs. Elizabeth Mrs Elmer W. Munsell will ling; Reporter Mrs. Herbert Hawley, Judy Simons e
The Clay County CreMeDt.I
Mark Paran Hopkins
Wilkes also of Chadburn, who give the second talk on "Birdsof D. Myers; Transportation Mr. Buttle a
stayed here a week to visit the Bible. Mrs. Robinson the M. H. C.Corp, Rev. Alfred Stephen Hoopes Mary: Hoopes.

with Mrs. Oracey who was a will talk on the Towhee, Bird O. Hempstead and Lynn Sheldon -
college classmate of hers at of ,the month. ; Cemetery, :Mr. W. J. Eddy I
Ohio University Athens, Ohio Member Emeritus Mr. A. P

To the more than 200 readers tfr.3oetze. R. E.term Bohner to expire Mr. Bascom 1987; The oldest Chevrolet known to be In existence-a 1912 tourllf'm clel"': Is destined for IN GREEN COVE ON 'MARCH 2nd

The Rev. and Mrs. Daniel L. in MHC. who take The I Franklin, and Rev. T S. Cleaver an honored place In the day that produced It One of the Brat Chevrolets made In Flint the tar was
Snyder were happy one day Upper' Room, Interdenominational purchased by the Industrial Mutual Association for donation to the Alfred P. Sloan Panorama of I
last week to have Mr. and interracial, international ,terms to expire in 1968. Transportation In the dtjrs CoOtf* and Csltnrai Center. Seated In the car (I L to r.) are ADen J. Dillon,' i
Mrs. Lewis Watts of Hunting- devotional, Guide: When I IMA president; Dr. Roger \'ulJolt. Sloan museum director; William Crick, IMA managing director; ELECTFRANK
ton W. Va., spend the afternoon you receive your March-April and Gregory Fauth, a Flint .Insurance man and. antique car buff who located the ear (
Saturday afternoon, Feb. 0, - - -- -, - - ...
with them. The Watts copy: you will have the 80th n
Dr. John W. President
were on their way see anniversary of splendid of Iowa Wesleyan College, GOSPEL MEETING SET : n
go fishing with his brother In devotional help. This publication I Mount Pleasant Iowa, called AT CHURCH OF CHRIST Olds outnumbered boys: Services for Mrs. Mary: Pa- ,

DeLand Fla. The Watts were started in 1035 with for a'Ialt with the Rev and Mr. Sam Kitchlng of Mac. more than three to one in the cettl, who died last Friday Ina su

formerly parishioners of the I an issue fo 100,000 copies and Mrs. Martin H. Kesst. Dr Clenney. will assist the Church first semester honor roll at St. Augustine hospital were CITY COMMISSIONERIN
Snyders at the Zmmanuel at present has a circulation of: Orson Cove Junior High held Monday in the Pint Bap-
Henderson was on a business of Christ of Oreen Cove, Or. 75r
Methodist Church in Huntington 3 million copies which are mission' to see ,friends of the ange and Houston Streets in School and more than four list Church of I Green Cove CROP Xo. 1
read by many more than this college in St.' Petersburg and a gospel meetlrg. to one in the third 6-week- with the Rev Joe Olacher

-;: number Anyone who misses dropped by M. H. C. to see the The first service will be on period. according to A. D. Duck officiating.;
Mrs. Olive ; received a copy or wants extra copies, I Keasts Sunday morning at eleven o' principal. Born In Sununersin, Mississippi Ctlot
clipping from a Chicago newspaper see Rev. Charles Q. Cole. clock. Evening services each While aU students at the ,' she had been s resident lotI

which reads as follows: night at 1:30.q'clock.: and will school follow the same genral of Green Cove for 43 years, I
The for the 11
Former Boss, I don't knowIf The Rev. and Mrs. O Beattyof preacher continue through the 31st curriculum, Mr. Duck emphasized and was a member of the First Ca
I can take you back, Batter- Paterson, N. J., were guests worship service next Mr. W. E. Copeland of Jacksonville that each student Baptist Church. He
field, you retired two months last Sunday of Mrs. M. E Sunday at the Penney Memor. will direct the congregational pursues his studies In an ap- She !Is survived by her
ago; Satterfield I know sir.I Crosby. Rev. Beatty was Mrs lal Church will be the Rev. singing palate ability-level group mother Mrs. Alice Williams,
H L.
moved to a Senior Citizens Crosby's pastor Ill New Eng- Noyes The nursery will be open for For the first semester of Jacksonville; two daughters,
The leader
of the
Community where they have land. Prayer babies. eighth graders on the honor Mrs. W. W. Donaldson of Mia
golf swimming, tennis dance I Meeting on Feb 17, 7:30 o'clock The1 public is 'invited to be roll were: Ann Arrants Josephine mi.. Mrs. Karl: .Weedman. of
will be the Rev E. L. Ferris
ing volley ball and Shuffleboard .The following officers and present. Bryant: ; Linda Sue Cole, Orangedalt: three sons, Pur
,Please take me back chairmen were elected MondayFeb. lug each :Friday morning at David Doan, Jean Halllgan, vis of Miami Prank and William

X need the rest. I, for the,year 1965-86, 9:30 o'clock In the LectureR Debbie Mamel., Karen Harris both of Jacksonville; two

at the Memorial Home Com om. Pat Hodge .Lynn Martin sisters Mrs. Hazel Derrick, of

Mrss.. Minnie White Allen munity Association meeting PLEASE ], Johnny Owens Patsy Paterson Spartanburg. S.C., Mrs. WD-
I -. MEUNDA GLENNAN/ ON Sarah Peres. Debbie Sloan ma Biven, of Jacksonville; two
'j DEAN'S LIST 'AT sjasaMsaakt Brenda Tbomaf Douglas Todd brothers, Cia l u d. Williams
and Mike Williams. Rockledge. Pete Williams, of
Semester honor rollers In Cocoa; and ten grandchildren

Melinda OI e n n a n, he'seventh grade were: Ken Pallbearers were Luther Wilson r
USED CARS daughter of Dr. and Mrs. T funseker; Pamela Johnson Floyd Roberts, Wayne

Luke Olennan has been placed Lynda Klrker, Kay Stone, Dianne Oelger, Joe Cooper Ray Freeman

Van NESS BUICK-PONTIAC Inc. I on the first semester honor Swanson and Cheryl: and James Norton.
oil at Howey Academy How. Wood.( Honorary Pan Bearers wen

Green Cove Iprlngs' y-in-the-Hllls. For the third '-week-period. Lewis Wilson Charles I Bolocit your support for the opportunityto

Whoa A Better Deal Is Had Van Ness WIll Make III Grades are awarded on a art: Ann Arrants Lisa Bent 8r, Charles Bayer: Jr..Banr'l
numerical rather than a letter OJL p CAN Icy, Josephine Bryant: Linda ter P. Lowe, W. A. represent' yon.
3 -.STOP IN- basis and to attain the honor ,Sue Cole. Donna Edenfleld: Willie' Weeks. Robert Register,
roll distinction a student must pla v lHr Iherylon Foster, Martens Foy, Otto Rossabush and Barry The policies of the People will be my
SEE AND DRIVE THE 65 maintain an overall average I FORESTRRiESPLE'IiY leddle Hamel. Karen Harris, Perlman. : mission.

of .85 or above Pat Hodge, Lynda Kenney, Burial was In Hickory' Oron
Lynn Martin Chris Mllbergar, Cemetery.Helm Funeral Rome

Mem IM-lttS Ure4 Baa OF RAIN YET LITTLE WATER randy OTteil. Johnny Owens, was In charge of arrangements.' City Progress shall be our cause.
Paterson Sarah
Patsy Peres .
,. .' ,to;i'' gas MsVMtt AC* Brenda Thomais. Mike WU- ,Gary Wen. Janice Reddtoc; SUCCJoBSTOOETJUltI'd.: :

i llama and Max,Wilson. Susan Rivers' Gala ,Shearer,
I Prom, the eeventh grade, Arms Simon, Denise Smart Adv.
honor rollers an: Oayto: Burke, Kay 8ton, Dianne Swansea .- f
I, Ken Hurtaeker. Lynda Klrker, and Cheryl: Wood. == . -- --=:-:=:;==:::..-=- ::'=::-.-;::::-- :-

JOY's Great etS

Sr .

': y Price A B1 NpAH wi>, 0. ", .

i suQ y1Mpra710 ,' ,

. .
'/j.( ,'
/ : .
:.e' .*,*!.<.::: !. !. \)" ;" ) ..,.'"" " "

I .. ':'\I I
.. .,
", ,\I.J.. .,." j' .
: 4 ,'.. : .
r ."e, F j ;.* ,!v. .j. ?) .fin '
r \ ..fft ," *. ; C S,1' rI
Sale! sr" 4c1' "I .. : ",,'
I [ 'IM I f ; :


"j appearing in this space :W; 1 1-
: : 4w: sav . l' Ii r0 .lr..Jf' .40-; " ,

'I ;, would carry your message ."

THE LAST ROUNDUP h1 ,ti'1''. to some interested %atrone. 'rr;,

. -
,'-. ....-,. ... ... I I.'"
OUT THEY GO HURRY Why not rail 01 at -
heavy Spring ego thus permitting 1 only asmall J .
UNUSUALLY month. oftlIlt.r utilisation of the available 1: .
raln.\' of supply. Another factor is 284J166 '.
'blessed much .
SPORTSWEARENTIRE :: : seaboard and other that construction of modern ..
and water treatment -.' .
sections of the country: an sewage
above average supply of water plants has not kept pace Yo'ith and) place your message
'But In spite of the abundant our expanding economy ,.... .
STOCK SACRIFICED rainfall there will still be sections The Increasing needs of ,
of the country on water industry have overtaxed eit-: . where prospective patrons 10.
restrictions this Summer. ing wiser systems and the constant .

I I To supply be surrounded of water by: and a plentiful 'not- I growth has of exacted our sprawlingsuburbias Its tolL . cnn read about jour product "' \t; .

off have enough for normal usagemay Consequently,some watermatnscapable .
/ to but In the of pounds pressure a . .'
/2 Kern a paradox months ,ahead, will at times deliver only :COO: ? : :.- ... ( ;'.
.arid summer
of the excessivedemands
3COATS will hear the because '. . .
many Americans placed on them. The # Vt" .* rljt... 'f t'
refrains. "N water ,. .
familiar i result is trickling faucets and if1 t.'
ins the lawn between the hens'sof'or lawn hoses. < I'. oi t ,
"No washing cars on... -
Future Bonus rainfall can be vStkUyw: 1 .
'ElOUSES The question thunders hornet I fully sullied by every commun ee.*" ,
With overflowing reservoirs, ity. Support most bi given t>
why should there be a water water officials l in their q.wt .
SKIRTS SWEATERS thoiiage, through bond issues or oAr j.,
Perplexing! The National teaaa. to obtain the equipment \ "'" .
'Water Institute may have some they need to supply an abundant 1 ; : .
ROBES SLACKS of the answers. Foremost Is the amount ef water when It Is \ r".. .: 4" i .
lack of present needed and ia the quantity ti . . T ,e' I.
'Vll.o N\U estimates needed II we've had any '
water and restrictions la meet years we 1 .
ALL HATS that watermslns
be to start BOW
in areas of the should prepared .
I . pipes many { r .
-- ... -
10' country were antiquated years to -IJ.tlaaUolt.. I
\ .


tf S it 9wr---Kvmi-- >.j flp"'*"'" r :. !If"' ,.,. 110.1. ... .e.a +, L__. I.I I"II .. ........ -" .....-rII-. .. ..-

F :';. sWf41f: 11, 1913
1r t

I Keystone Heiahts I vet t New Hall Mural Be AGRICULTURE CREDIT
by Judy Graham pity t to NEEDS EXPANDING -..
-IfiOI - ..- The capital needs of sgri II.1JUI.... .

By Mary K. Schaeffer Scale. Red White CURACAO, UGEND AND lOitl7t culture continue to Increase !!!!
As Memorial l Af
|SS GIJJNIE: CAMPBELLMS Market; Linda Anthony Dedicated to and production credit assocla
"MISS KHHS" TITLE >* vnviiral "loner teases If
Thetas A Varna'T.V. tlons are participating to keep
; Cvrotoela the Caribbean-*Jmllre ..
GInny Campbell. If.old Dolores Murrhee for > Amedee'. plantation ..*.....- Late Hon. J. Edwin Larson their credit service efficient This week the Joker broke
daughter of kin State Bank; Carol Warren were all built so thai each was and geared to the changing the tie for first place beating
beth,..Campbell wu de- Keystone Jewelers;; Nancy I eatlly vlilM frem iielgKWs. '\ needs of agriculture, according hte Untouchable three game
bed "Mia: Keystone Heights ; Connor for Candy's I When pirate* ....c.N.-: 'At a meeting of the planning The program will consist of to 8. D. Saunders, of Middle- to one thus gaining a two-
|gh! School' from a croup of Station; Norma ValldJuIU; were Banted In the wanting fewer committee. for the new appropriate music, the various burg, director of the Northeast game lead
local .beauties on Thun- Trlest Construction Co.: atop sect) home' la summon old. City Hall dedication, it was speakers the planting of two Production Credit Asso Dave Kennett belpel the
)v, evening Jan 21 In the roll Baker for a E. cm Sew*now af the*'lovely' *M tavrhteJtflMtnt Asses).1'lItH.r. decided that the lovely mural trees and the tour of the buildIng elation Professors win four by rollinga
I cafetoruon. Qlnny II a Real Estate: Carol & k : l benlg created by Mrs' Dot after, the Mayor's wife Saunders ,has just returned 119 single, and 54. set. A
'or. for Pete O'Connor's Real E.tate coo Newman be dedicated as a opens the'door. with a- special from i a 2-day InstltuU,. In 470 set by Sue Thurmond was
[The croup of fudges IncludIg ; Basel Doyle for pas rr memorial to the late J. Edwin gold key. Jacksonville for directors of I high for the women.
Mn. Winifred Crawford of Beauty Shop; Jackie Pox: S Larson, who was to have been Inside the building, the mural PC As. r This week's standing:
|elrose; Dr. John T. :Beckum Keystone Heights the principal speaker at the will be dedicated, iehn refreahmenU The farmer-owned and operated 'Team Wee Let
Gainesville: LN Cake of PIn Dept: Andrey Flakes building dedication ceremony will be served. Production Credit Association Jokers ..... ... al 25
ilnesvllle: University of noli Keystone Restaurant; Mr. Larson had been mayor The public U Invited and has 231 farmer mem- Untouchables ? 46 2' .!

student, Ben Jones of Wilkinson for Brooklyn ( *ee Cunpe ere painted In a vaif ely ef switel,We*. of the town and principal of everything U In readiness with ben and extended I6.23B.530 Xlnrllah.n . .. 47 2.
rksonvUle. and ,Times-Union and Bally Ann Bane for ha* It that ena el Hie early DwHh (.vornars tem. the school, as well as an original the eieeptlon of that unknown 00 In capital purpose and operating Champions . . .0 I'ProIIllOI'I
|aft writer David Whitney of tone Oas Co. **thai the tresfc sva-reNetrlna. off the whlte-pahtfe* Keystoner from' Mead- quantity: the EArnER I credit to farmers of . ..: 3314 .2%
duonvUe; choc Wanda The program was In .- Ms eye* and gave Mm heaaWie Ne desrted ville. Pa.Plans the ana during the put year. Driven 32'% 43%
win. a 17-year-old Junior ,of the K.B.H.S. :yearbook from fleet Mm rVth-all MUlM M pinhd 1 In eslee-! are\now complete for The Northeast association "BaUa . . ,.. 2. 50
trudina ihet sull ,..
first runner-up: and Dianne of which Mrs. Claire Lutz penis the ceremony which will take Little Classified' Ads, make short and Intermediate- Magnolia . . ,. 25 II

jpman. a 17-year-old Senior the sponsor Credit for place Fe. 14, at J.JO: p.m. Bring: Big Results' 'to term loans to farmen In Clay -

c second runner-up. DUnne, of the planning ** to .. The meeting, which.. heldat Users, Try one and and six other counties with offices Team w. Lest
Mentally waa IBM homeoming staff business manager P the Clay Electric: conference In Palatka and Jackson Untouchables . 49 24
queenOlnnJ Theiss. room was presided" rover *ri your results! rills Joker . .. . . 49 24

was sponsored 1 by Audrey Flakes bv Uavnr U. V T4f.il.:*. 'ft*. IClnllahent . . 4' 25
ck,', Dept Store; Wanda 1 by of engaging contestants was in ." ....'....blued.and .1"industry Dvtch- ports--were- -given-;"by: >-various I TilE AhuuiNG' COFFEE & SUGAR EXCHANGEThe Champions. .. . . 31 I'
Driven ..
!1K 40.%
Idhead Branch: State Park; securing sponsors. "IrevkaUUmate' end] committee chairmen. M follows ?
Ind Dianne by Murrhee Xnsur- Mrs. Betty Bentley of eMeftt make II u : '. next time you pour a cup of coffee and stir In a spoonful or Professors .. 21.% 42.%
two of sugar, give a 'hou the men who make It all Magnolia ,. 25
nee Co. TtS. faculty ,t step en any Carlk., Frank Noone,. invitations Teak possiblethe ? 4T
herself a members' of the New Coffee A Sugar Exchange-and the -Balls ... . .. .
. . as as
S 1 I.rI i n.1Ita! travel Itinerary. committee decorations Mrs.
e m Included: of several beauty contests, : fascinating. way In which they ply their trad -- --
ackle Godwin, sponsored 1>1uth' sisted the. girls in .'. I".rts ....""4 + ,' { e Dick Spence-Thomaa; refreshments It all takes place on the second Each of the top teams won
the hlaneTi > efT floor of modern three game to remain In the
Beauty Shop; Carol poise and stage presence. Mrs*. John Bird and a t".1..tor'lalrS r
sretw* make*,(MB the heart ef New
olf'. sponsored by Clay B3e Dr. Bill Belloto was may Its. w.ll-etsekd Mn. Dan Pater; music, I Bill York's\ dlatrlct,when same position Doe Turner was
|tne Cooperative; Patty Shaugh- Bucky Bunce and David ,. m.ney-.evb'' Reynolds, Jri: tree planting, the Exchange provides a dally really hot and rolled. a 860 set
t8IIl sponsored by Bradley A ner assisted contestants on ..", .. Anthony Baker: landscaping market for the world's suppliesof while A! Ivey's 236 was high
e Laundry: and Barbara off the platform to Mrs Dan Pater and Don Mor- coffee and alert!i broken 11A slnile.
On the floor buy
The high single and three.game .
Crandall iponaoreby by Be- the hazard of high heels proceeds will go to the things an automatically In. yan; mural contributions, Mn and sell on behalf ef varied and
[lote's Drug Store floor-length gowns Book Fund and It was cured Charles Wallenius: telephone competing interests In all parts set for the women was
Other contestants Included: The girls first appeared I of what will be an There will be a luncheon committee; Julius Hanson: and ef the world broken as Agnes Turner rolled
Standing on rslaed platforms a 313 (370 with handicap anda
I William welcoming;Mn. WUllam Beam.
Cathy for BeidlerV street ensemble
then affair. send at 11.SO: ajn. till 1:00: see the exchange recording employees 406 ((660 with handicap>
Holiday Inn: Phyllis Masse for wear p-m. with Mn. J. Aisle WU- There will be a special group sensitive to every movement
SHOW TO llama In charge. of building hostesses consist' on the floor, every changein
beg of .Mn Oeorge Mean, market conditions, anti every
MANY Mrs William Wale will be situation the market
Sara MacDonald chair In charge of glassware collections Mn. Charlie McOlave, Mn The Exchange itself does not NEED MONEY?

of the Keystone Heights ; Mrs William Reynolds Ben PltU, and Mn John Bird. make prices) It Is only a marketplace ir.m'a.n.r> pr oft
', Club Hobby Show, Br;antlnques; Mrs A. Brain Den PltU .is publicity chair. ,The Exchange ntltherbuya .I tonne; bill. On
SEE YOU ATEchie's man nor sells any commodity for IU trading on the Exchange simply small l| monthly paymeab
a meeting of her com- end collections (stamps but own account In.ttad.lt providesphysical mirror the many factors, such Low U..KM. .....
I'T eat her home on Fri Urtlle. etc); Mn; A. H. La Mayor Brailey said he hopedto facilities to assist all weather and world political and as v. toM.ra*.tB R*...ire.l|
I Jan. 29. Owe, hand crafts ceramics have Judge Millard Caldwell segments of the world coffee and economic! condition, which affect
: sub chairman had a etc; Mn Axel Malmgnn. of the Florida Supreme sugar trades to transact business the supply and demand for coffee HJ J. SMITH CO.
report on the paintings Mn, Court formerly governor of In an orderly and open fashion and sugar. w, let* ... ellrae.r.
pro- ; John Bird. Orientsl through Its members,
..... .
she had made. art and Mn. Florida to speak at the dedication It I.. In truth the "servant ef
Oeorge Trice
established through producer and consumer".
replacing Mr. Larson. I
club win hold a Hobby Schaeffer: publicity.
on Thursday, Feb. 11 In Remember, you art Invitedto i
Hail, starting at dUplaf anything of Interest
: ..m. and continuing until you may have In :your hone
INOMN6EDALE : . I Just pick up your 'phone and
will be displays of call "any of the ladies men-

ceramics pointing! tinned h..... '. ...
.., various collection,
art. aO-n.'
read Hinting the CRE".
nave any object d'. try ,.
may be asked to lend CENT PUSS INC. The' ".rlee" ----....
it to the show or you may height.
ItID L /
Ie -
:you would be Ir,1 -
to sell In which ease ) '
will sell It for you
WAere'TA.e.Bt:' ,People eet I 20, percent eonunlMlon RADIATOR

you worry about your II.
., the flub will hire CLEANING -
watchman to see that
II I touched. and
If :you have a Homo-
J COTNEY ; Insurance policy, your REPAIRINGGUARANTEED 1111 It. iiiiitP

..,f TIR E f'TO' ) MFFM' 1 WORK

SERVICE Let! see olonn' ,., I Attir air gnat yurt lick this
I .a4.. $ Pontiac
whit could possibly
and repair I
Car. Park a Leg JackseeivtO. com up with nut?

PB.MI EV t-ltn or IV 44401fnm jour radiator .
'44V" I: .J t

4tlrh/ now r ... '

VAN NESS 'f11'\w,... .:" .

ANTI rif4' BlflCKPONTIAC-( ,_ .A r

Ik avaaBert t* Ik* LARGEST RS, TS WSNTCR .,
t tP'r
Distributor Miller Tim Autolit flatteries( I when LaRue Serv 419 Oraage AveraoOreeei
ha winterised flprlag
RE-CAPPINO: .:. RETREADDtO: I system. Stop In Pke- .. tMMSISMtUI
REPAIRING: I (lbs |M| !


: PARK I : \' (',,: STATION

Sinclair Station Rood 8rri j ...... IN.'I" PARTRIDGEWELL
Ue* Hwy 11 17
1M C. L........, 17 raw S44-44J1 Cove ',n..*


IMC reet
r THRU 6*


: McCormick Concrete' Co. PA_ WsN Jmeba. The

ELECTRIC ruMPS a 1965 Pontiac:' Car of the YSllrl11at's !

Associated with B. B. Mccormick 4 Son, Inc.j WArn SYSTEMS
t .
i' what!

: ., f. It A. TERMS . .: 1 :: We had to reach e cHnrtM
torr++tn sforg the line! And what better climax/
tot s e.,then to win Motor Trend, Csr of the leer A.*rd lot IOM7 Nothina
j could please< ue nose, ticept m yb*the *., people" *r*buylro our can And
,4.j Cl\ "1. tkt Merest of Industry Since 1912" I they ere Drtve or* and find out why.first, Irwng you !rw,)CIU'II buy one too.

Mk.e .

l -. ,, :' KEN COVE SPRINGS 284-3027' 13s9-14381


J&tbl1riJte-m.282 JubonriUe foad>>- 21-282J 5140 HYDI CtOVI AVI.



IJ w{


.\, ,

P.O& sac ' 'ri&i gal tUtrantg!i (LTrescent! TnTJBSDAY.vrZBRUABXUL_ __ IMSt

rf'Ilnt& Methodist outh.- Choirr

&<>lUtt exhibit ,eta
I. M H C & Penney Farms 1f r, ,

Oldest' Chevrolet. Known Exist
: to. Given Supper On SundayThe
Report MRS HERBERT D. MTEK3. FUne 5Z9-I1S1

The meeting of the W.C.T. (Mrs W P.) writes from 254 Pres. Rev. Alfred O. Hempstead Red .and Blue, ,Youth Paula Llnsley, Joan Lancaster

V. will be held in the Lecture Florence Street, WI I n s ted, ; Vice Pres., Rev. Choir of the Methodist Church: Revonda Hopkins. Tom Tem
Room on Feb. 18, at 3 o'clock Conn., No. 06098, that she is Oracey; Sec'y., Miss Eva was' ,given a 'supper at the ple. John Babotta, Ralph E.
with Mrs. M. O. Merlam as happy, for the 4th time to be er; Treas., Mr. Elmer L. Mun I l Methodist Church on Sunday Jones, Joyce Simons Ten Ho-
Hostess. Mrs. F. C. Cannon a New Englander in her native sell; Ass't. Treas.,'Miss Hilda gin and Laurie Temple.
will lead the devotions and I town of Wlnsted. She Vlerlnga; and the following evening in the church social Adults'attending the supper

Mrs. R. H. Smalley will givea came to the MHC at Thanksgiving Committee Chairmen Oar- rooms. wen The Rev. and Mrs. Gordon .
talk on "Africa The public time in 1950 She says den, Rev. C. M. Ackerman: The menu included spaghetti Craig.' Mrs. Betty owlla.Mr .
'* invited. nothing more can be,done for Library, Rev. Raymond R. casserole! baked beans with Joan Temple Mr. and

her eyes, also that any money Gregory; Literary Rev. R. S. frankfurters. Italian style Mrs Ralph A. Jones. Jr, and
Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Stone spent to improme her hearing Ouptill; Recreation, Mr. J. H. bread, blue cake and "cokes"Members Mrs. W Blodgett, choir di
and Mrs. John Johnson of would be thrown away. She Houston; Social, Mrs. A. O I of the rector.,
Chadburn, N. C., were dinner mentions that her 94th birthday Hempstead; Welfare and Safe. tending were: Sharon Rowlls _
guests of the Rev. and Mrs. comes in August ty, Mr. A. P. Ooetze; Historian; Letha Hansford. Joyce Burke.
Mrs C. H. Coker Asst. His- Paul Craig, Carlyle Hansford.
Frank Qracey on Sunday Jan. ; Try a swan CJaaslfle Ad
LInda Fuller'ton
31, on their way from Orlandoto Next Saturday at 3 o'clock torian, Rev. C. H. Coker; Clinic Scott Lancaster for simply amastag remits

I North Carolina. Accompany. the Elton R. Stone Bird Club Service, Mrs. Ann Johnson; Dell Brunson Virginia Karen For, a Gd Printing Job
Telken, Jean Ann Jones
ing the Stroles was Mr. Strole's will meet in the Quadrangle Audio Visual, Rev. R. O. Kor- at Reasonable Price Can
Rawley, Judy Simons,
slst r.ln.law, Mrs. Elizabeth Mrs. Elmer W. Munsell will eling; Reporter, Mrs HerbertD. The Clay Couty Crescent
Mark Buttle Paran Hopkins,
Wilkes also of Chadburn, who give the second talk on "Birds Myers; Transportation, Mr
the M. H. C.'Corp., Rev. Alfred Stephen Hoopes. Mary Hoopes,
stayed here a week to visit of the BlMe. Mrs. Robinsonwill

with Mrs Oracey who was a talk on the Towhee Bird O. Hempstead and Lynn Sheldon -
college classmate of hers at of the month. ; Cemetery Mr. W. J. Eddy,

Ohio University, Athens, Ohio. Member Emeritus, Mr. A. P.

To' the more than 200 readers Ir.Ooetze R. E term. Bohner to ,expire Mr. Bascom 1967; The oldest Chevrolet known to be In existence-a 1912 touring'model: la destined for IN GREEN COVE ON 'MARCH 2nd,

The Rev. and Mrs. Daniel L. in MHC. who take The Franklin, and Rev T. S. Cleaver an honored place In the dty that produced It. One of the first Chevrolet mad In Flat, the car was
Snyder were happy one day Upper Room, interdenominational purchased by the Industrial Mutual Association for donation to the Alfred P. Sloan Panorama of
last week to have Mr. and interracial international terms to expire in 1968. Transportation In the dty* College and Cultural Center. Seated the car (L to r.) are Allen J. Dillon,' ELECT'

Mrs Lewis Watts of Huntington devotional, Guide: When D1A president; Dr. Borer Van Bolt, Sloan museum director; William Crick, IMA managing director; ,
W. Va., spend the afternoon you receive! your MarchAprilcopy and Gregory Fauth, a flint 1u1ll'lllel1llU and antique car buff who located the car.
...__ Saturday afternoon, Feb. e,
with inem. The Watt ;you .will have the auui Dr. John W. Henderson, President MtJKtA
were on their way to see and anniversary issue of this splendid of Iowa Wesleyan College, GOSPEL MEETING SET BRAIN OVER BRAWN MRS. MART F. PACCITTI I FRANK

go fishing with his brother in devotional help. This publication Mount Pleasant, Iowa called AT CHURCH OF CHRIST Girls outnumbered boys Services for Mrs. Mary Pacettl. .

DeLand Fla. The Watts were started in 1935 withan for a visit with the Rev. and Mr Sam Kltching, of Mac- more than three to one in the who died last Friday Ina
formerly parishioners of the issue to 100,000 copies and Mrs. Martin H. Kesst. Dr.Hendel'lOn Clenney will assist the Church first semester honor roll at St. Augustine hospital were YOUR CITY COMMISSIONERIN
SnYders at the Immanuel at present has a circulation ol held the Pint "
was on a business of Christ of Oreen Cove Orange Green Cove Junior High Monday Baptist -
Methodist Church in Hunting-I 3 million copies which are mission to see ,friends of the and Houston Streets, ina School and more than four Church of I Green Cove, OROP No.1
ton. read by many more than this college in St.' Petersburg and gospel meeting. to one In the third 6-week- with the, Rev Joe Olacher

I number. Anyone who misses dropped by M. H. C. to see the The first service will be on period, according to A. D. Duck, officiating.:
Mrs. Olive Bay received a a copy or wants extra copies, Keasts. Sunday morning at eleven o'. principal. Born In Summers, Mississippi -
clipping from a Chicago news- see Rev. Charles O. Cole clock. Evening services each While all students at the she had been a residentof

paper which reads as follows: The for night at 7.30: o'clock, and will school follow the same ,eneral Green Cove for 43 years (
Former Boss, I don't know The Rev. and Mrs. O Beattyof preacher the 11 continue through the 21st. curriculum, Mr. Duck emphasized and was a member of the First
if I can take you back Batter- Paterson, N. J., were guests worship service, next Mr. W. E. Copeland of Jack that each student Baptist Church.
Sunday at the
field you retired two months last Sunday of Mrs M. E. Penney Memorial sonville will direct the congregational pursues his studies In an sp- She is survived by her
Church will be .
ago; Satterfield, I know sir.I Crosby. Rev. Beatty was Mrs, the Rev.H. singing plate ability-level group mother, Mrs. Alice Williams "
moved to a Senior Citizens Crosby's pastor Ih New Eng The Noyes.leader The nursery will be open for For the first semester of Jacksonville; two daughters,
Community where they have land. of the Prayer babies. eighth graders on the honor Mrs. W. W. Donaldson of Mia

golf, swimming tennis, dancing Meeting on Feb. 17, 7:30: o'clock The public is invited to be roll were: Ann Arrants, Jose- mi. Mrs Earl ,Weedman. of wI
will be the Rev E. L. Ferris
volley ball and Shuffle- The following officers and present. ihine Bryant, Linda Sue Cole, Orangedale; three sons Pur.
board. Please take me back, chairmen were elected Monday ng each Friday morning at David Doan, Jean Halllgan. via of Miami. Frank and WU.

I need the rest Feb. 1, for the year 1985-68, 8:30: o'clock In the Lecture Debbie Hamel, Karen Harris liam, both of Jacksonville; two

I at the Memorial Home Com Room. Pat Hodge Lynn Martin, sisters Mrs Easel Derrick of

Mrss., Minnie White Allen munlty Association meeting. PLEASE 1Q I Johnny Owens Patsy Paterson, Spartanburg. 8 C., Mrs. WH-
MELINDA GLENNAN ON Sarah Perez, Debbie Sloan ma Blven of Jacksonville; two
I DEAN'S LIST 'AT Brenda Thomas. Douglas Todd brothers Claud Williams
and Mike Williams. Rockledge, Pete Williams of
Semester honor rollers In Cocoa; and ten grandchildren

Melinda OI I e n n a n, lie1'seventh: grade were: Ken Pallbearers were Luther Wilson .
USED MRSVinNESSBUlCKPONTIAClnc daughter of Dr. and Mrs. T. lunnker; Pamela Johnson Floyd Roberts Wayne

Luke Olennan, has been placedon Lynda Klrker, Kay Stone, DIanne Geiger, Joe Cooper Ray Freeman .
the first semester honor Swanson and Cheryl and James Norton.

roll at Howey Academy, How. Wood. Honorary Pan Bearers were
Ones Cove Sprints y-ln-the-Hllls.. 1OPJLY For the third -week-period, Lewis Wilson Charles Bayer, Bolocit your support for the opportunityto

Wi*. A BeOer Deal Is Made Van Ness Wm Make Itt Grades are awarded on a art: Ann Arrants, Lisa Bentley Sr, Charles Bayer Jr, Waiter represent' you.
numerical! rather than a letter I CAN Josephine Bryant, Linda : P. Lowe; W. A. Underwood
; -STOP IN- basis and to attain the honor Bus Cole, Donna : Willie Weeks. Robert Register
roll distinction a student must Pc.Ev.NrFORESTFlRS herylon Poster, Jdenne1d.j Otto Roseebush, and Harry The policies of the People will' 00"my

SEE AND DRIVE THE '65 maintain an overall average I I[ leddle Hamel. Perlman. mission

ot 86 or above. Pat Hodge, Lynda Kenney, Burial was In Hickory Grove

Lynn Martin, Chris Mllberger, Cemetery Helm Funeral Rom City Progress shall be our canne.,
MM MMSU Mr** BMt PLENTY OF RAIN YET LITTLE WATERUNUSUALLY Candy OTfeU. Johnny Owens was In charge of arrangements.Gary .
fIiIIIiiI1' Patsy Paterson Sarah Peres.
Brenda Tbomass. Mike WU.llama Myers, Janice Redding;
I and Max Wilson Susan Rivera, Gale Shearer,
Prom the seventh grade, Anne BUM**. Denis Smart. Adv.

honor rollers are: Oayto Burke Kay Storw, Diana Swansea --. -
= ----
--- --- -
... _
'' - ---
Ken _tet. Lynda Klrker. and Cheryl! Wood. '- - ---

,!, kJ Great alt ; + at c? I .

4' : ', A6SNOAN1 ; Nmay U .
PritfSale 'WahR ." ' .' '

..,arRM . .
M" ..' .' .
1 1'" '. ,
( IN'ti-1/J t fA. f' ., 4". :, ,
' .. I
:"" i '

1 hq I ... 't 11ft.9. .JttlJlA. " ?:or, .Qw. t ., ,,, '. '
: tt. "" ...'I'.. re' .'It t", .., '., ,'I/- : ,
\ K ,r1+ ;. 1.' : '!I. ,
fair 8 k t< 1
1 I .

haws f''" a e

I 'I appearing in tins space; ' illy

: : : : t 1 +e" 'Q '. ; , '4 4t'i..t, :

: would "arry'your message|

THE LAST ROUNDUP !at" .. interested
: to some lu ttone.a .

, .
OUT THEY GO !r HURRY ---- :' }t'I" I. Why not rail us at s

1 I
thus onlysmall
heavy Spring ago, permitting r
utilisation of the available 1; <, .
drought, have blessed much of supply. Another factor Is S84-31C6; :. '
SPORTSWEARENTIRE Ue Eastern seaboard and other that construction of modern '' '
sections of the country with an sewage and water treatment :
above average supply of water. plants has not kept pace with and place your menage
But in spite of the abundant our expanding economy I .
STOCK SACRIFICED The Increasing needs of ,
rainfall then will\ still be sections
of the country on water Industry have overtaxed tlt- where prospective>>. patron ". "Ii' .
restrictions this Summer. Ing water systems and th* con- :.. /

To be surrounded by and a plen not stant growth! has of exacted our sprswlnjrsuburblas its toll. : can read about your product. .. ,
of water
tiful supply
Consequently,some watermams ,
1/3 toIh off have mar seem enough a paradox for normal but: ,in usage the capable of 600 pounds pressure , II '
months ahead will. at times deliver only COO " +/1 '
arid many summer Americans will hear the demands because placed of the on excessive them. The' ')0. : . .. u .
refrains, "No watering "
familiar result is trickling faucets and .. '

of..the**or"No lawn washing between cars the hours on..." sputtering Future bonus lawn rainfalls hows. tan be 'I 'h ." I, ,. f" ... ; r .,0; : fl' ,

COATS ELOUSES The question thunders home: fully utilized by every commun I .. ., .." >f' ..
overflowing reservoirs, be
With ity. Support must given )
',hy should there be a water water officials in their '.': ,
SKIRTS SWEATERS shortage? through bond issues or other '
Perplexing? The National means to obtain the equipment ( .. -
'Water Institute may have some they teed to supply an abundant i .I* a! ,
ROBES SLACKS of the answers Foremost Is the amount ef water when it is '
lack of efficiency of present needed aid U the qusntity
water facilities. The NW1 estl- needed. If we've had any
ALL HATS AT HALF PRICE mates that watermsins aad restrictions la recent years we
: : __ pipes in many areas of the should be prepared to start now .. -
counVT wen antiquated yean to remedy th*situation. '..

= .... .",'", .1 t ,..
-...**wveMM _. "... -/ :___ _.__ *- .. T L. C


UURSDAT t FKBaVVAJtZ.! 11,' 11/S _

. ,

| Keystone Height I "iI'( tllJy My Graham- New Pity. Hall Mural t to Be NEEDS AGRICULTURE EXPANDINGThe CREDIT w

capital need of agriculture BQWIIN.
jter. ss By GDINIE Mary K.CAMPBELL Schaeffer Scales' Red WhIte Super CURACAO, LEGEND AND LORIjI Dedicated As Memorial to continue to Increase}
'em* Market; Linda and
Anthony for i production credit associations -
|VSMIS3,KHHS" TITLE Theise. A I Tke mutual' "10M" ......" et
lE- Varnea T.V. Center; I Curate*hs Hie Carlbbem-almlle' are participating to keep
Hopper- 1-r-old ]] Dolores Murrhee, for Keystone to America's plantatUn .h.nh..M- Late J. Edwin Larson their credit service efficient This week the Joker broke
State Bank; carol Warren for were ell built .. thai seek was .fion. and geared to the changing the tie for first place, beating
beth,.Campbell was dared Keystone Jewelers;' Nancy 0' seedy visible learn a fteighbM. I needs of agriculture according hte Untouchables three game
lorvrtl Mist* Keystone Heights[ Connor for Candy's Service When pirates, checked b lewvipe. 'At a metflog' of the planning The program' will consist of to 8. D. Saunders of Middle- to one thus gaining a two-
*. gh School from a group\ of Station: Norma ValldJuOl for were lighted In. the warning tewer committee for the new appropriate music the various burg, director: of the Northeast game lead.
and local ,beauties on Thurs- THest Construction Co. Carroll ...*) each .he>.vt'. te summon. erfd. City Hall dedication. It was speakers, the planting of two Production Credit Association Dave Kennett helpel theProfeaaol'l
; -
Stets el the,, leveleW .hemee.MN . decided that the lovely mural tree and the tour of the building .
and \\j, netting Jan. 21 in the Baker for 8. E. McKay be vklree) I win four by rolling
di- I cafetorlmn. Olnnj U a Real Estate: Carol Stephensen C w new Ieurf'tj: benlg! created by Mr*.' Dot after the Mayor's' wife Saunders bu Just returnstram d a 319 single, and 84S set. A
'.or.me. for Pete O'Connor's Real Estate 000 Newman be dedicated a* a opens the door. Srtth'J a- special a 2-d.( Institute In 470 set by Sue Thurmond was
| group of fudge, Includ- ; Hazel Doyle for Keystone 00 1't memorial to the late J. Xdwln gold key.Inside Jacksonville for director: of high for the women.
Mr. Winifred Crawford of Beauty Shop; Jackie Tot for Larson who was to have been the building the mu- PC A*. This week' standings:
..l lelrose; Dr. Jehn T. Beckum Keystone Height Volunteer III the principal speaker at the ral will be dedicated term refreshment The farmer-owned and operated Teem Wea Lest
t8 Gainesville{ ; let Cake of Fire Dept?; Andrey Flakes for I I building dedication ceremony will be served. Production Credit Association Joker .... .. .. U 29
, inesville!; University of Flo- Keystone Restaurant: Brenda Mr. Larson bad beta mayor The public 1* Invited and ha 238 farmer mem- Untouchables ,,40 27

ItL ItD t student J Ben Jones of Wilkinson for Brooklyn Supply SvlhJtftgi M Cwrejee ere pointed hi a ve.ley.1 pastel)aHaeta. of the town and principal of everything la In readiness with hers and extended $6.238.850.- Kingfishers .. n 29
cksonvffl, and ..Times-Union i and Sally Ann Hague for Key legend lass It MM en* ef the> eery Dutch fevemert em the school, a* well as an original the exception of that unknown 00 In capital purpose and operating Champions .... 40 3943H
aft writes David Whitney of tone das Co. _Iwd Met rhe Inpit l swresiecllntf the wMte-aoln***' Kejntoner from' Mead- quantity: the EATHERt credit to farmer of Professors ...: 3314
cksonrtUe, chose Wanda The program was In chargeof bvfldlnfa-hurt Ms eyei end give Mm heoeVh He eWied vllle. Pa. the area during the past year Drivers . . . 32% 43 H
- win a. 17-year-old Junior the KH.H.8. year-book tart that hens jrhot Nine ferHi- ll bvlldlng be painted In telertrerilrle -*' Plalll110" complete for The Northeast association e-Balll .. . . 2. 80
i first runner-up'and Dianne of which Mrs Claire Lots lathe C that still perthts.Curocae's the ceremony which will take Little Classified Ada make abort and Intermediateterm Magnolia ,. _. 2S 81

pman a 17-yearoId Senior sponsor Credit for muchof In place Fe. 14. at 9.30: pan. Bring Big Results loans to farmers In Clay ,

second runner-up. Dianne the planning roes to Annual .,../ ? The meeting which was heldat Users, Try one and and six other counties with office Team Wen Lest
ddenUUj. was ISM home staff business manager Jim the Clay Electric conference Palatka and Jackson Untouchables 48 24
mint queen. The..... V room ,was presidedover' *rt your results V vIII. II Jokers . ,. . . 48 24
------- ---
Oinny was sponsored by Audrey Flakes In by Mayor M. !..''Beaslsy. :'Reports Klnflsher . 47 29
was charge
cky'i Dept. Store Wanda 'bleed ef Dutclrcleanlinetl G COFFEE & Champion . , 38 34Driven
; by of engaging contestants and and toelutrry were given.byVtarlouscommittee THE Ab.IAJJ SUGAR EXCHANGE .
.. ., 31H 40"
oldhesd Branch State Park chairmen, as follows '
; securing sponsors. with Ire picelcekaeN.ad, /
Ind Dianne. by Murrhee Insur- Mrs. Betty Bentley of KM.HJ3. temperament/ makes It amaH : Th. next time you pour a cup ef coffee and stir In a spoonful or Professors . . 39 H 43 H
jince Co. step> an Caribbean / Frank Nooney invitations two of sugar,rive a thou the men who make It all possible Magnolia , ,29 47
faculty, herself a winnerof any York
the member er the New Coffee A Exchange-snd the -Ball* .. .. 23 49
travel Sugar
Semi-finalists I Itlll.r.r,. committee decoration :
Included Mrs.
: several beauty contests assisted ; fairlnatln ray In Klrh Iliac ale that__ ____
hackie Godwin, sponsored byuth's the girls In gaining Weter. *,.rls abound 'i'p( Dick Spenca-Thomu: refresh It all takes plan on the second' n Each of the top team won
and the lilorWt "freeat" floor of modern I three to remain in the
a twslve-atory
Beauty Shop; Carol poise and stage presence menu Mrs John Bird and
itetus make the building in the heart of New
oil.. sponsored by Clay Decline Dr. Bill Bellote was m.e, and plug. It*, welHtecked' Mrs. Dan Pater music, BiU York'a Well: Street: district' ,where same position.hot and Doc rolled Turner was
Cooperative: Patty Bhaughay Bucky Bunce and David Bon- ttteae a meneytavlngThe Reynolds Jr.; tree' planting the Exchange provide a dally really a 860 set
sponsored by Bradley A nor assisted contestants on and "'''' / Anthony Baker; landscaping market for the world' suppliesof while Al J", 338 was high
e Laundry: ; and Barbara off the platform to mlnlmlzr Z Mrs. Dan Pater and Don Moran coffee end sugar. (Inile.Th .
On the floor alert broken
high' single and three-
Crandall ( sponsoreby by Be- the hazard of high heels and proceeds will go to the thing .... automatically la- ; mural contributions' Mrs and sell on be alf ef varied and set for the
lote's Drug Store. floor-length gowns. Year Book Fund' and It was sured.. Charles Wallenlus; telephone competing Interests In all part game women was
Other contestants Included: : The girts first appeared In the first of what will be aa There will be a luncheon committee: Julius Hanson; and ef the world. broken as Agnes Turner rolleda
Standing en raised platforms 313 ((370 with handicap anda
Williams Mrs. William Beam.
Cathy for fiddler's street ensembles .then eveningwear annual affair. welcoming
I send at 11:30: aJn. till 1:00 are the exchange recording employees tel ((869 with handicap
Holiday Inn; Phyllis" Ifasu for pjn4 with Mr*. J. Aisle Williams There will be a special group sensitive to every movement ,t
HOBBY h SHOW TO in charge. of building hostesses consistIng on the Door every changeIn
of Mr*. Oeorge Maasa, market conditions, and every
ATTRACT MANY Mr*. William Wall will be situation affecting/' the market
Mrs. Sara MacDonald chairman In charge of glass-ware collections Mrs Charlie McOlave. Mrs The Exchange Itielf does not NEED MONEY?.,
of the Keystone Ben Flits end Mr*.-John Bird. make prices( It Is only I a market
Heights ; Mrs William Reynolds ".m..."',, par ..it.nleing
Woman's Club Hobby Show,, Sr,.antlnques; Mrs A. Brain- Ben Pith Is publicity chair place,Th. Exchange neither buy i iI "III.. 0".
SEE YOU ATEche's I mae nor sells any commodity for its I trading on the Exchange Imply smell monthly p.m..t.
held a meeting of her end collections
com stamp, buttorflles own account. Instead, It .... 1smewl ....
mitts eat her home on Friday etc.); Mrs A. H. La Mayor Beasley said he hopedto physical facilities to assist provides all mirror weather the and many world factors political, and Ca ,....,....... .........
afternoon, Jan. 39. Oasie, hand crafts, ceramlta,, have Judge Mlllard Cald- segments of the world cofft and economlt condition, which affect/'
Each tub chairman had a itc; Mr. Axel Matmgren. well of the Florida Supreme sugar trades transact business the supply and demand for coffee H. J. SMITH C01w
Court formerly of In an orderly and open fashion and .. ..
sugar .
favorable report on the pro paintings; Mrs. John Bird Oriental through Us members rem. n5. raw
tress she had made. art and Mrs George Florida,' to speak at the dedication It Is, In truth, the "..'Yaat of n._ aa..eaasI
Tries established through producer and coniumer",
replacing Mr. Larson
The dub will bold a Hobby Schaeffer publicity I .
-- ----- ---
Show on Thursday Feb. 11 in Remember you art Invited
the Masonic Hall, starting at to dlaplaf anything of Interest
10:00: ajn. and continuing until you may have In your home,
INOMN6EDAIE. ':.00 pm. Just pick up your 'phone and
There will be displays of I rail 'any of the ladles men-

handicraft,, ceramics painting I honed h.re. '..
antique. various collections,
and Oriental art. rOB THE BEST In aa.,.....
If you have any objects a". teed printing try the CRESCENT J ..
art you may be asked to lend PEtSS INC.:< The' Peleeheight. --
them to the show or you may .
ItIDL- /
have something you would be Inn / -- -
willing to. sell M which ease 't. ,
the club will aril It for you
Il'11ere:Tke Betl People J/ttl- for a 30 percent commUalon. RADIATOR

In case you worry about your .
valuable, the club will hirea CLEANING .IiiI.i;
night watchman to see that
I nothing le touched. Sale

\1 fCOTNEY Also*-If Insurance you have policy a HomeOwner your- REPAIRINGODARANTEED I I "i:. .j,. .:. / III %: sou__,

, a I .
TIREWV 'u'rll' ) rr.al''l''u' I

It tl. SERVICE l..et t UK. rlcnnandrepair! Alter tlx great \raft lib this

I 'I whit could Poutbc potilblyeomt

Cer. Park A Eat JackaMvOl ", up with tttxt?

FtttMt nJIlt or EV .."'1 your radiator '," (*> tf'i: .
4 ; s*
I I t now iVAN ..

IIRlsl1r. NESS ,". 't \Wv .'" .:.... -- .

No ANTI rgca2YORKa1 BOICKPONTIAC- .' "''''.'fl. ,6-:
i ... tke asaaOeat. to tk* UUGECTtDiitribator { x/11/ WIN1R ,
I I I 4J. On. T10"
Miller Tires Autolite flatteries not when LaRue' Service
Oreee) C.vepeiag. i I
Station ha winterised '
RE-CAPPINO -:- RETREADDfo your cooling system. Slop la ...-... ....ltll

and la rrrrr
LARUE'S rr rer a,


Sinclair Station Head Service I ...... SM-tlM PARTRIDGEWELL
Js0 Hwy K A ITOteeei
US C. ... Hfeaway It Phase ... ...1 See Striae

1 %

idea rape
r THRU 6"


McCormick Concrete Co. ,lewl.g w. .,..,.". The

ELECTRIC ruMPS a I . 1965 Pontiac Car of the Year!

AstodaUd with B. B. McCormick t Sons, Inc. WATER mia ':,t ". That's What

f. H. A. TERMS '
C" ''", .1 V/e had to reach dines *om *hfe ilong the Itne. And whet totter cllma
tor t W inan to win Motor Trends elf of m* Yer Award tot /167 Nothing
could please M male,crept m.yfc.ill easy people are buyiri our ert And
"1. tke Inttrttt Indtulry Sinte 1912" they ere Drive one sd find out."any, .First, l thing you knew you'll buy one, too.ic .

:: you" Auntoftizio' PONTIAC: ocAitn
Pratt lONft DIJTANClMfcesevMe

/ nee

389-1438 j


Jack Jacksonville Beach-721-282J ,
onvai 721-SB22 AVf.

. -

.... .
I : : : ,

,. ,

H .
: :'

V'FAGfc ; '."1'' '

"t .

::4CPl" .'

SIX I .tn(to V.<
\ ,'" . ' '-'-" -'-" " -. ... '. -.-- >!'.t1r- :Q R',1., w""" .......__._. __._.... ----Ti'ii1iSr.Di'VAii: .
IrAGEEIGHT .: : : :: aI UUU 'O" 11. MM

;I Appoint, Let the People Speak! I'' LEOJU.AUCTION xoncnFIBLIO

(Continued from Page 1) The Clay County Board of
Puuiio Instruction will nold a
of ourselves as so engagingly charming that no New York PUDIIO ftuuuon at 1:75: A M. ,Maturd .
.y. t.wuary Iv, !/... at tee
manufacturing corporation can resist each and every one of County bitouL d..an'Lnt! at
the corner of Green *
us. btic t.. train Cove Spring-. er
They will tell you, the loud and articulate minority, that )Florida Approximately lUll Itmn5
"'til this will spoil our "little Eden They will tell you that win be sold on an IndlvlaualH
m bull to the h 1 B h e. t
money isn't everything bI d d s r' for ash .All
bales. are final with no refund
little of It will jive
But a
Money may not be everything or exchange and with.
YrR"t us a slow start from which we may begin to compete with out warranty. except ai to title, 1' S I I 1 '
All be
claimed and
such towns as Orlando and st. Petersburg and Jacksonville. < bl I I moved .hm School Board Property
alternative to the Job Corps training by 1:00: P.M. Wednesday,
If anyone has an 1/
February II. 1154 Item are '
center and its $4,000,000 annually, he should speak up. Per- r Identified by tag and number i I
that will distribute no such and may be viewed any day
haps we can find a company Monday through' Saturday fee-
filthy commodity as money but pay off Its workers In (ween the hour cf I:JO Cmi 4x0;
P M. prior to date of lale Items '
wampum. to be cold Include the fcllowln 1 1 4 is'k
Dump truck., cargo truck. jeep,
care. air comprniore, jeep engine. -
.? iia engineair cooled),
concrete mixer large), forklift

Named Star Student Clay Ml h Photo fuel pump < :Irpo: and. centrifugal dlaphram).,
(electric welder pipe and bolt I
Kay Malone, 17-rear-old threading machlnel dragline buo- i- I
Gordon s. n d rid ,e of ket (MI ', motor.V .
I daughter of Dr., and Mrs.' ( to 10 hone)), electric. holit, 4lrj
Grante Park, has been named John M. Malone, has been metal "brakes (I and 11 ft.),
bj: the Board of County Commissioner metal shears metal forming ma. r
named to receive Clay HI..bSchool' Chine forge. approximately two
*, to, the County: tone mlecellaneou pip rating.
Board of Zoning Appeals.Sandridge ? annnsl D,A.E. Good refrigerator (household), dou.
t + Citizenship, awed One of We compartment kitchen *lDk>,
managing partnerof hot water heater. apartment-
4 r@bMa the top three nominated for .lie electric .to...... apace hat.er. -
San Lebrydo Cumber Co., ..
'upl> ell drum and .
'' stands
the award, she was Toted by S
Mlddleburg, is a native of and other mlcllane* !
the school's faculty sae l1pm.
as the
Virginia who .lived In the
winner. She ranks In the top
County since 1948. He '. Y 'qt '
( 01 .
10 cent of her
per graduating Tr JIIMIK iir Ann
married to the former Dorothy FOR
class and plans to enter college .CLAY roiNTr.' FIOHIUA. ,
.I" Jennings, younger in PHOBATM
ned fall to study Ani POLE NO. "I A
,. daughter of Mr. and Mrs. S. mal IN RE! : "SuperRight"BEEF
Bryan Jennings. B8TATK: OF HENRI VAN

atld NOT CRTOP riuitn pgffffiSANotke

I IIt Ex ICCUTRiX.I I. hereby given that I SALE!
z k : have flied my petition for dl..
I k (I .bIfo trlbutlon and for final dliKharg ........
It ItI a* executrix of the E.ute: of ....__:
: Henri Van 7andt dereaned and
(.sEe that on Mar..h ID. 115, I will apeply 2ND BIG WEEK!

River to.the Honorable Thrmax J, ...................................
County Juice of Clavof
County, Florid.. for an order .
I attribution and for final dleehsrse i s._ 'AAP ......rtere U the sew Jarfcicavllle. :
\ Phcto
Clay High .* executrix of the will Meat ..... Mjhe sum .. "..**..R..*>tl> ej>all.lar .
John McGee, a Clay High School student who scored of Henri Van Zandt doctaied IIIII PLAIDSTAMPS' Is ....,..... a .M..I e..ee ._........ M ..... aIr.
laura Van Zandt .
tatleawtf ah Meat riant. 5s.a ejewlltr
tr 1481 on the Scholastic Achievement Test, has been named Z Executrix liiI ,' i ........ ..er'e ASP ....._.. .. flee .......
'.11. II. II 1.4CLAY .... at *e r ........aallr sew *)rt>*e. "5 e_
d "Star Student" of his school by the State Chamber of Com I Hlgkt ....U.,. __ eel? fmn _...... rare.Tkala .
RING THE BELL by TROY; With this Coupon a purchase .l, iLaundry i wkr Al _1..1.. Ma *wa epexivea,
JOIN PAYROLL merce. He Is shown with Howard Clou, whom he named borne economics consultant t* ......_ mrmt warekeaae, AP _.....<..e "....
Rln. ,uart ill I ....It....* meet I* vewpWtHy aatUfy e r Peerrear
Jones A Lsughlin Steel
the teacher who contributed most to his academic achlevrwent Corp- 8TA.PUFP _._.._... 49c! ', will ke .ke rf.llr r.'...4xt.
period of four ,ean. The student and teacher will For '
a Sprucing Up SpringWe Cespe.I geed lhre I... reb. r, :
be considered for "State Star Student" and "State Star gals know "preventive Jas ...... I ..perBI..htWestera Beef

I'I Achievement Tests be maintenance" at spring cleaning THIATBI IrR- 1 I
I Teacher. MeOee's score In the nay time Is a work-tiul money saver ........_..... ....!........_..:.t STEAKSBoneIn
a record for the area.L1 inside the house: Well, I've Green Ceve f BringsMeaday ............................_......
learned from watching my hide Bone-In Ib
innil,. at work on the outride of thru Friday _____. 49c
I j j'J> the house that the same principle Box Office Opens '7tl$ P.)(. IIIII PZAID I! Bone-In lb. Boneless lb.
applies outdoors ss will. Complete Feature As Late
It's a full J Test since my hui- As ':1' P.M. liiI STAIIPSJ : RIB .__............ 89o! ___.:-.._-. 99c
band> Invested In stainless steel Boneless Pull Cut lb.
No window combination storm and screen Saturday sad Sunday I
post. doors, thieiholds, gutters and Continuous from S P.M. With this Coupon a purohsae .r ROUND __.-' ..- -- -_- ...... 89c
'J ounipouts Today every single Our Own III. pkr: I II Boneless Top < lb.

piece of that beautiful. metal I LOOS"': TI<:A'-.-'-- 3io, I II ROUND __.____._._ IWo
ooks sturdy shiny smooth and I
newtMy I Weds., Thurs. and FrL ........ geed acre e.., reb. 34 i Boneless : lb.

husband assures me that February 11. 11 and It I bs ...$.. II CUUt.D: -J.L.; .__ 81c!)
No floor rust and corrosion resistant : "THE VISIT" '. U
hump. stainless steel will k ep.its handsome ....._..._._._._................... Bone.In lb.
I appearance for years, ave I tarring- T.IIONF: ____._-.990
us costly repairs and replacements. Ingrld Bergman and Bone-In lb.
We'd been plagued with Anthony Qalna
needlens expenses of that sort (Adult Entertainment) CLUB .... ... .._........__. ... roe
when we used old..hlollfd tnerials. ,. 1.--------1\ Tip Ibi .

No radiator.No : Of course. I'm most 'Interested Aau'rday, F.... (I i I'I SIRLOIN _.... _____ 8!>e
In how things look. One thing Bone-In lb. eSiHIAiN
; that delights l me is that there "FAREWELL TO ARMS"Starring I With this coupon A Purchase of : 890S.peg.Rigle
! no unsightly rest streaks on : Jennifer Jones and i Sultana Small I-.*. bot'l j ----.w-:--

painted surface of our house lock Hndaoa RTUFPKD: OLIVES: 3.'xj
thanks to non-rust- I ..I; Western Beef
ing stainless: dojlggtrs of all and C.epea. geed Ih ... rah. s. .1
sorts that mt husband used for "FIREBRAND"Btarl'lq .In g r.lg.w _ee ROASTSBoneIn
power steering. the window,door and roof Joints Kent Taylor I

For lady (and. men) spring l.__.. .. -_. ___ ....____.. ..____:. lb.
,gardeners, Jones A Laughlln
Steel Corporation offers some Sun. Mon. and Toe CIIUeK ..___._.t. .__ 4eBonelna
garden tool ad vice If wantyour Special I ASP Our Finest QualityAITLK
I you Feb 11. IS and If Ib
No brakes. shape tools and to good retain performance their beauty for "FT. 109" >> : SAU($ G 1.ih. cans HOc' ) CIIUCK ,_- ,- ,.:.___:.. 6JcInch !

power years, be bore they're tough and Starring Cliff Robertson Special I Ann Page Condensed 10%-o&. '- Middle CUt 10..

corrosion resistant. I found out TOMATO SOUr ... 5 runs 49c!> Hill ._.____...:....___ 79c
through sad experience what Special Ann Pace Tomato 1-ft 4-oi .
happens to Inferior metals In Wed.. Than and FrL Boneless Shoulder lb.

contact with the moisture, chem- Feb.. IT. II and It KETCIIUI'.2 bottles' 4.V CI.OI ._.._____ 794
o I J Some or the things you don't get In a Corvairk kale and soil minerals of gardenng. GODZILLA VS. THE TilING' Special I Welch's Grape Jelly or Tip lb.
t I(are among your best reasons for buying It.)I beet. Stainless notation to steel that provided problem the for Starring Aklra Takareda GRAPH: JAM Mb 4-oz. jar :39c SIRI..OIS ,. .. 8Jc ,

I' mel I light-weight and it easy I. AP Frosen Whole Peeled, 2.. bag

\ : to wipe clean Pretty, too. POTATO ES: _.._..__.._.r. :3!>c

!- _.. -- -= -- .;or -:. __ -:- -__= Special) Sultans 1-ft. can FREEZER BEEF'"SUJMr.RIh'

PORK &: BEANS: ____._.. JOe "
150 to 170-ft. ..,.
1 Special I Jane Parker l.Ib. i-oi.
IIIN'D QUARTER _..... Ib. 5 )c"SuperRlnhf
PECAN: PIK: each 49c
2S to 15-ft. ..,.

to 5-lh. avg
FRUITS ami ;(1FTAI1I.aFresh. : :
-.,"? Ib. 7l! c
full of Juke "Super-Rlcht" 90 to 100-ft. .vgIIOIM .

allll CALIFORNIA LEMONS t. dM. IK \\ BEEF: : ROUND' ..., ilk site

,, Eastern WhitePOTATOES
"Super-Rlgbf 27S to MS-ft.
.. , . 11-., tog lie arg
''65 Corratr Uoiua Sport Sidan Fancy. Washington' State Red SIDE: OF BEKF: : _.... Ib. 49c

TERMITES ARE SWARMING I DCUCIOIS APPLES .. .. Ik. lie -SuperRight150lTSft.' ..,.
Fresh Routed 1IKF:. FORE: QUARTER: _. IK SacS !

: Corvair by Chevrolet PEANUTS .. , . . ft. beg SeFreeh. -' r.Right" 15-HM-ft avg

Large, Crisp Pascal % hole! Arm Ik>tot Chock _.. Ib. 42c

CELERY . ... ._.. S stall* Us
"" Me one .tee and wae Aeeerr bye .
The beauty of it, of course, goes deeper of which'add up to some more (important call'McCALL I. peey fraeer .t w eddtelea.t .bergs.Per..h..e

than the things don't get. There's pluses. .
you Laundry Bleach H gaL llq.> Detergent. 1 pt I oe. lie off For Cooking or Salads
the other side of the coin what do Power steering? Power brakes Cor "

get in their place. vair needs them like centipede needs V ,, Detergent Olant SUe ISo off Fabric Sonnet 1 )II. o*. Valley Gold os.FROEEN .

Take the no window post,for example crutches. With most of the engine \,\ ,\," : SURF ... FINAL TOt"m teoff tie DRINKS l"

What. you do get is hardtop styling weight on the rear wheels, the front CorA -- Detergent Olant She liquid Detergent 1-qt. liq. W.T Piw Regular bet ...

with curved frameleas side windows-in ones are free to steer easily. And stops \ BREEZE: .. . :.... 79e WISK ... . ,. . 7XUarveQ FTDDWO reg. cite S/SIe
Detergent Giant 8ise> Pttlsbury or Rallanto i-oa.
Corvair closed mode! are quick and
every Hous JOe off
SILVia DIST: . . . lie' Bisccm le1ft
The transmission and driveline hump sure-with no .1. FREE INSPECTION INSTANT COFFER SLU
(II. l tie Detergent Giant Bile' AQsweHMARGARIXE .
you don't get means more foot room., nosediving. rolVr "f
.Thanks to Corvair's rear engine, the Come on tli/J rrmce Detergent Giant Sue DUJe Lily I fta. UartreQ Houe lib. ran

}|floor is practically flat. down to our JAX EY 9556P4' I nt'lTrAU.." . 1!e GRITS' .. . ISc corm . . Me

No radiator-the engine's air-cooled showroom and Detergent 1 DM. 1 OS. Nabisco Premium 1 ft. Red Label 1 P*.

-also means no water, no antifreeze discover the dif STRCP it
I ; '.. Liquid Detergent 1 qt Ik). 8tar-Klat Light Meat Helm Tomato 14 0*
and no hose leaks to worry about All ference. .'.oJ' -'
. (tOLD WATER "ALL" ''fie CHCXK nH.OL )9. KETCHCP tie

I Drive something rfa/y/ new-discover the difference at your Chevrolet dtaler't P.S.-Yonr friends have roaches" -.: Detergent LIQUID I pi. t tee OSLCX Shortening 4' I KM.SNOWDRIFT tie. Flavors DOG FOOD Enacts . .I ftS eUS .

Ctiei'tvlet Jievcllc Umy //. (})n'ilir. (on'f'lI(1t WHY

' t ..-........ -.- ..... .......-....-.-..-........-.. ...-.--.--.-...---.. ............-....-.-. SHOULD YOU. J flajf
} 09-3397 ..- 1t, .;: .' C'z 1 M.Osage Ave, Gree Cove Sags aW

.r 1..e L..r.e7 tare K
: GAIL MC CALL t SIN Hwy 17. Oraiage Park

;, ROBERTS CHEVROLET \, 1- Frtrea ht. Uk A4 are pad the. .... Fekv II

.. .. .. .
- -
I, Orange' sea Pstjau Green C.a String 1- --- -- -- - -- : -" -- -- -- -- -

i e -'

The Clay County crescent

Material Information

The Clay County crescent
Place of Publication:
Green Cove Springs ; Orange Park Fla.
Green Cove Springs, Fla
The Clay County Crescent Pub. Co.
Publication Date:
Copyright Date:
Physical Description:
v. : ; 36 cm.


Subjects / Keywords:
Newspapers -- Green Cove Springs (Fla.) ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Orange Park (Fla.) ( lcsh )
Newspapers -- Clay County (Fla.) ( lcsh )
newspaper ( marcgt )
newspaper ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
United States of America -- Florida -- Clay -- Orange Park
United States of America -- Florida -- Clay -- Green Cove Springs


Additional Physical Form:
Also available on microfilm from the University of Florida.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
Began July 15, 1927.
Dates or Sequential Designation:
-v. 105, no. 33 (Oct. 25, 1996).
General Note:
Oscar Johnson, editor.
General Note:
Published in Orange Park, Fla., -1996.
General Note:
Description based on: Vol. 20, no. 10 (Oct. 3, 1946).

Record Information

Source Institution:
University of Florida
Holding Location:
University of Florida
Rights Management:
Copyright The Clay County Crescent Pub. Co.. Permission granted to University of Florida to digitize and display this item for non-profit research and educational purposes. Any reuse of this item in excess of fair use or other copyright exemptions requires permission of the copyright holder.
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I 1


cnta"lQoun! t V ClInsceut ?U t.AGK' : TBEEK .
TOTJMDAY> ramCAKY. U. INS L L .. .. ,

---'. . '''','', ....., .,...... .., -.. ;
J ,1. .. ... .... : Lw..m.r.w.I ..
1 w_ ,.wyy .r.e.aw. ..... r llt f.. /1? .. ....

''THE' JOB TRAINING CENTER s t :Ae,.- z::::;_:hldltorlal. Paz. -', ,

'"" ltllftAftv:6n't..2nIDA l'enK. j

@, ((Elan (Cauntu (11rccdnf i t7. of ,!:Llhuary c :: r ''1


i ii


_ ''' J.U '':' '.. ..,
: '.v CHAMBER iiiour OKAYS ccs, IF ; : : !

'I As A Matter of FactThe I Pilot Job Corps Center in Small :;

County* four qualified municipalities will get doe Indiana Town Reports No Problems

to $9.000 from December dcuette Ux collection. accordingto
Ren Morris director of the State Beverage Dept. More -

than half the distribution will go to Oreen Cove. Morns Bald "Mora than 40 Oreen Cove and County political business A special committee of the Clay County Chamber .or

Oreen Cove would get $4.1098$; Orange Park 12.111.111; Ctrl* and professional leaden attended a second meeting Commerce Monday night unanimously endorsed establishment .
Keystone $1,49103; and Penney Farm 8951. Tb total on Saturday to discuss the Job Corps Training Center which of a Job Corp training center at Oreen Cove If the :.:
distribution eomprUei lea than one quarter of one be located In Oreen :-
County may Covet I Blandlng site Is rejected by the Offlcrof Economic Oppor
per cent of the total Statewide distribution, though the Following the meeting, spokesmen for both the Federal tunity.

Countyl population >i close to twice ,that percentage Government and the Northrop Corp which will operate the t rw A resolution passed by the 11-member committee .said

,* training center when It becomes a reality stressed to The In effect, that Oreen Cove should not compete with the
Crescent the vital need to reach a decision quickly and d, > handing site' but recommended the Green Cove City '
Sale for Burlington Industries. Inc., parent company of then act. Commission that action should be taken to u" t 1'I

Oreen Cove Spring Yarn Co.. in the current quarter art This was in contradiction to the advice handed out at lot center if and when OEO: decides Blaiia \.6D.

running approximately. I per cent ahead of the comparable Saturday's meeting: that Oreen Cove should wait until the L as a training center.. 11 "'c:1 ua"
period last year. sits at Camp Blending had been rejected ---i Members of the Committee dIICUUf\nf) to b'

Choke 1". Myen. Jr. president, said business continue Those persons ate_ very satisfactory level, with order backlog. ahead to their homes oa Saturday afternoon by The Crescent pointedout price be put on the City's Industrial park at this time

those a year ago.Espradng that the Office of Economic Opportunity would like Amortisation of the Industrial park revenue certificates
optimum a* to the future of the textile busl- as many sites to choose from as possible. costs the City approximately "0.000 annually The City

hell and the upward trend of the general economy through According to Otto the Job Corp training center I I. *II now taking In approximately $40,000 annually on various
the first half of 1969, Myers said Burl'ngton' expect sale located at Camp Attertaury., a de-actlvsted military InsUlUtton. leased facllltle there Thus the City could break even on an
and earning for It* own fleet ball. ending April a, to be one mile west of the town. annual rental from the V. 8 approximately. $10,000. .

"substantially ahead" of the similar period last year. Be Three hundred young men between the ages of 1$ and Representatives of the federal government have pointedout
added that result for the 12-week quarter ended January 21 are now enrolled at the center with an anticipated 'Oreen Cove1 Industrial park, Bwrchased by the City at that thousands of dollars would hIVe to be spent on the
3 exceeded sale and earning for the 14-week preceding early increase to double the present enrollment. Approximately a poet of anreslsssUly $750,64may be erespled as a : property to modify and Improve the "unused" facilities

quarter. 20 per cent of the enrollees are colored. federal Job Cera Training Center If a bare site on CampBlandlng .there to suit the needs fo a Job Corps training center: Further .
Myers noted that Burlington's record fiscal INN sales While the men are uniformed. Otto said military Ufs U rejected: by the Office ef Economic Opportunity. If the property were used It would be kept up by the
volume of $1.3 billion and net earnings of 1&0.11 million were Is not emphasised.! They are allowed to go home on weekends The Editor of the Edlabarg (Und.) Cenrler where a government.

considerably better than the average for the general econo he said adding that most of them do. similar training center .Is new located! told The Crescent Members of the Chamber's special committee are: State

my or the textile Industry. The enroUee receive $20 weekly plus $9 a day for sub that the trainees there are allowed t* g* hems for the Rep Louis Lv Huntlty, County Bupt, of Schools Jesse P.
.Capital spending of approximately 10 million Is plannedfor I .tence. Of the Utter, $4 a day U paid Into the directorfor weekend end said "weal of them ..." Tynes, County CommUs'onsr' L. 11 Lancaster Green Cove

1989 to continue Burlington's modernization and ex. fed clothing etc. Mayor Marlin Hsrrls, John Preston Hall president of the

paroion program. Myers said. The company Invested |M Courses now being taught at the center Include: for Let the Bank of Green Cove; Dr Russell Jensen president of the
million In new plants and equipment during fiscal 1X4Today's entry electrical appliance repair typewriter repair, auto People Speak! Chamber; John Slater Smith, executive secretary of the

textile Innovator, such as stretch fabrics and mechanic: body and fender repair welding warehouse Chamber, Dr. John Malone, Dr Paterson, J, P, Revels and
durable crease fabrics, illustrate the trend to new and better operation, cooking baking furniture, reflnlshlng, grounds (An },Editorial) Q. I. Robert. The Ust two were unable to be present at

products born of research JM added. keeping and building maintenance. The current dllemna of the Oreen Cove City' Commission the mHUn"School'.

Members of the staff are recruited locally. and, more particularly, the two member who fact an
Francis Otto editor of the Edlnburg (Ind. Courier, toed election contest on March 2, Is that the Job Corps Training

The stab Cabinet has authorized the expenditure of The Crescent that an Integrated pilot Job Corp training packet U marked "Rush" and they don't know which'Way .,.. ,
nearly $2.273 for work at Gold Read Branch State Park. center was located near Edlnburg (pop. 3JOO a year ago,' to dispatch: ItIt Board To Submit

According to State Parks Director N. X. Bill Miller these first as an Indiana State project and more recently federsllsed .Is fortunate w* believe, that there I* no need for a

fund will be used to provide a waterline to the new camp under the Office of economic Opportunity.Otto special election to allow the people! of Oretn Cove to say
ing area and for construction of picnic tables and grills tort said there had been no delinquency problems in they do or do not want the Job Corps training center. The Plan To Comply l With ,
camp sites.A .' Edinburg as a result of establishment of the center then snrtthatth question need only' .M put on the ballot on March 2 When.N.eetsost0.ln.flue'GIttkCbmmlsslon'W411aben.bavt

*, : *", P.. ..'::t. .. people of 1h\.1 n hadJnossptedl. tierethlnee'gxeC.. . ; '.' " ,
.** Act
national insuina Induutry sponsored plan to provide' 1 boon to the eomm ft1tJ': mandate to accept and relentlessly pursue the training eec- U. S.: riviTRights yr "
/If insurance coverage for flood and related natural disaster wjo- It was emphasised that there Is no competition between toe or to reject It. .
Urns ha been presented to the U. 8. Senate by a represent Green Cove and the Standing site which .U being advocated In the meantime, The Crescent again call for a IOnfronteUon (See Editorial on Page Two) j i'i
live of State Treasurer-Insurance Commissioner Broward by Bradford County leaders. The Blending site has of the four City Commission candidates to discuss The School Board on Monday voted to submit a plan to ;.
Williams. no buildings and would If It Is picked, be constructed onraw the Issue on Friday February 26 In Spring Park. The the C. S. Department of Health Education: and Welfare for -
ground at estimated cost of central and paramount Issue of the al.otboncsmbslgn I 1
Eugene 3. Gallagher, representing Williams, met this an approximately 1.2 *. complying with the Civil Rights Act.
week with U. B. Senator Harrison Williams (N J.), author million. On the other hand the Oreen Cove site .Is virtually w* believe, the question of whether or not we want an Intitrated School Superintendent Jesse p Tynes wit authorised to
of a Senute-pswd bill authorizing a Housing and Home ready to move Into when necessary' modifications\ are Job Corps training center st Green Covey Industrial follow a directive handed down by U S. DI.trltJud' ,. OHarrold .
made to adjust standing buildings to the requirements of park , with more than 14.000.000 pouring every year Canwell outlining Integration procedures to be followed .
finance Administration study on the same subject
the center. Into Oran Cove tills and the eoncommltant risks that by Bay County schools. I
A point that was stressed In Saturdays meeting, rx.Id in any new payroll will 'Involve Tynes pointed out lo member of the Board thai to take : I
Plans for the purchase of a 700-acre tract of land on the the Oreen Cove City Commission room was that s Job Let us not, for s single moment be fooled. any other course would not only Jeopardise the standing ef 'I
eastern boundary of Putnam County for a Boy Scout reservatlon Corps training center In Oreen Cove would be administered It was pointed out In the meeting last Saturday where' the County's public school system but would deprive them
were outlined last week by Prime T. doom president 'b, educated Southern people with no wish or desire to disturb the benefits and risks of the Job Corp training cenUrwere of more than $100000 of US. funds which the publle ;
of the North Florida Council of the Boy Scouts of the local social structure discussed that Oreen Cove .U competing In Florida, school system receives annually ,
America and Vice President and General Counsel of the It was further pointed out that such a center would not with something like 900 municipalities and development The plan to be followed U characterised as one of 1
Atlantic Coast Line Rallied. only serve a* an attraction to new payrolls but would give groups In the nation, that figure can be multiplied by 4$. public assignment and graduated desngregstlon.
The site six m'lcs' southeast of Melrose along the eastern vocational training many a Clay County youth who. even What dose Green Cove have to offer General Electric or At IU February meeting, the Board also voted to accept '
boundary of Putnam County ls high rolling land and Includes though he had graduated from High school la In a line of duPont or Weatlnghouae or one of the very few topnotch the $34,000 Keystone Height school: s-lmln'stratlon' buildIng -
a M.acre clear sand-bottom lake known as Lake work for which he 's not su fed electronics msaufacturersT What Indeed, do w< have lo planted while Mrs. Marjorie Long w.* acting superinUndent. I
LoraL Enrollees at the center It was pointed out will have a offer any blue, chip company? Do we have ocean or even The building contains offices for the principal as* j jslsUiit

In ten ,...... Otborn said, an enrollment of SO,000 bon wide program of recreation and guidance.; All such centers lake swimming or boating? Do we have anything better than principal and guidance counselor j!
can be predicted for the North Florida Council and half win have swimming pools baseball diamonds, football fiche catfish fishing? Do we have r.ntr.len.e collection and In other business the Board voted to sell at public sue I

of then will be of Scout and Explorer at* and will be and hobby shops. disposal systems Do we have very many good paved streets tlon a number of llama (s dump truck a weapons earr'er' I I.
eager for a camping experience. Present enrollment Is 14,000 The principal speaker st Saturdays meeting, who has theatre cocktail lounges, country clubs, museums music *U,) no longer uabU by the school .,,,t.m. Items to be ;!:
In order to purchase the Bad>n-Powen Scott Reserva- been close to the Job Corps development over a period of housing, recreation centers or programs, hotels or moteU? sold and date of the auction are to be announced at I.

lion, Otborn, said a Urge sum of money was borrowed months said he believed the payroll would be several times The answer Is no. date es *.,a'later
W have ourselves, and somehow we have com to think
greater than the $3 I million annually mentioned In the *
He stated that the first order of business Is to repay the '
loan and that a capital fund campaign' win be conducted In meeting a week ago Tuesdsy. Continued on Pare ElchO) David Brumltl. James Dojrle .1

an 19 counties of the North Florida Council beginning lav Jr and Bobby Eastham. A rleulture .;

mediate!,. Commissioners Hear Owens, 45 Others HonoredAt ; Edward B Taylor Automotlvs ,
County ; Janet Powell Beau

I Annual 4-H Reception llflcstlon of Grounds: Larry'
Lancaster. 0'R' ,... and] .
AND rra SOLD TO TOU.BKOTRCS Your Auto Tags Plea Laws
to Tighten Zoning
Ronnie Wail. Beef; J.nnn.her
Residents of Orange Put George .... Owens ssslstant their fields of excellence sect and Ruth Maxwell.
Count/ scent for the
Two auctions In Oreen Cov Keystone and Mlddleburg Pointing 10 a projected County meeting next Tuesday a14 he explained, would take care eight who will' leave past this Breadmaklnci Bette Jo Allen.
In the next 10 days are expected may purchase INS auto tar population of 70.000 to 120. o'clock.In Of personnel Inspect electrical weekend year lo become county Car",,. Theresa. Knew, Jo-
to attract Urge groups of In their own communities 000 within twenty-five years the fiscal year ended Sept fixtures and plumbing! In any agent" ef lleroando County I.F.F. acne Riasmsn, Susan Mansfield
buyers souvenir hunters and during the next three week depending upon the decree to 10, 1MJ. Crawl said 21$ buildIng new structure. Such a levy was awarded plaque. In reeoinlUon ; .. and Rebecca Wright
Just plain curious people.At according to E. Wayne Ociger. which planned Improvements permit were Issued by the would permit a small amount togo of outstanding *.r- t Child Child Development; :

11 o'clock this Saturday. County tax collector are ..u.am.ca.JaIMe E. Crawl,, Zonng Commission for a total back Into the County general vices to the County's 411 ward B Taylor CUUenshlp;
Keystone residents may value ,111,704. fund. Patricia! Hants. Marian
Henry Eberhardt. who Is ra. chairman of the County Zoning construction of $1 members st the annual Awsrls +y r Shale
lag the old 8L Dmo Hotel on purchase tags at HeixJer- Commlss'oa.: on Monday asked Fee collected on three build TIMfI.W plat blfl. he expU'ned. and Achievement program of Cheryl Knows and Susan
eon', Service Center from t totaled In would give the County Seeadiirf, Clothing
$1.211. ;
St. Johns Avenue, wifl sell st the County Commission to endorse in.- Permit the County 4-H Club Tuesday Jimmy
public auction two fire escapee. unto 1 o'clock this Saturday proposed legislation to the fiscal rest ended Sept 20. Commiaslea authority lo approve night Parley Dough Hawkins and
Mhhfleourf residents may ensure an orderly growth W4. tlf building permits were all tub,dlvlsion developments Mike KopetakCon.erration..
the original wheel that propea.cS Carroll Baker, of Lake Oe-
purchase tag st the MJddle- Crowl presented to members l Issued for eoRstnictltntuivlnga with respect to roevls, Also Harold HlU. Dairy
with the aid of pulleys lieu and Edward B Taylor, '
burg' Grocery during the ). drainage, lot stas-s, recreaUmalarea Wendy Wicks
) the original elevator In of the Commission drafts of total value of more than $ president of the BUU 4-H Dairy Poods.
same hours on Saturday three bOU which the Legislature IOO.A OO. In the four and s half and would further require Dale k>May' Charles Owen
the onee-eumptuou structure Club, received the Key award
Feb. 20. at months nitre the end of the municipal control over and George Saunders
win be sated to art on James Dog
a steel Ore door and casement and Carroll Baker and
and an assortment of carved Orange Park residents Its next session. The bills cover last fiscal year, he said. IM and above the County control Doyle, Jr, took he ouUUnd- j Care; Barbara EngI. Martha
Eberhardt may purchase tag at Commission spprwsl of all new permit, have been UsuH for on any such ...-'I'IIIGN planned Jones Paths Kemper and
wood pilasters, etc. log awardsPresentation
Sparks' Radio A TV Service residentialubdivldone cal or construction with a total value w1&hI. the County municipalities. Martha. Saunders. Dress Revue :
Is aIM amnx not st suction of the awards
., flooring old brick. during the same hours on more lots; issuance of .Iect I1- ''Of close to 11. OO.ooo. He estimated , ; Jimmy Bovine Danny
made Owens and Met
Saturday. Ftb 27. cal and plumbing permits: and that approximately ITS A second piece of proposed were by Harper and Coy Jeffers Electric :
window frames and doors etaOn _
Sandra hammock. taLen'bonw
Saturday. Feb 20. the The. tax collector's office an additional tax levy up to one building' permits will be Issued legislation would amend esistIng : Mil-s Cooper. Scott '
hi the County Court House half mm on the dollar to defray euriag the current flsral year stale lees lo provide that: demonaUstlon sa-ent Smith. Judy Wing and Sharon
School Board win sell st public .. Mrs. Margaret R. Nelson
School Board wffl be closed on these three the expense of the Zen The additional Ux levy, he Any electrical or plumb ng Wing Entomology; Jean Hal-'
suction labe Saturdays. Crier said.pear Ug Commlasion.Members said, would produce approximately code adopted by the Zoning County home deeronstratwnagent Flan Lynn Peep..... Dianne
Shops, at Green and Center reeonl>ed the County
I of the Comm laalon l $19029 which would Commission may provide that Marie Smith srvl Susan Svend
Streets, approximately 200 leader.
la an advertisement on expressed general approval of more than support a proposed no person firm or corporal, Me K sen. food Nutritlos; and Jock
Hems ranging from a Jeep to *
bathtubs and pip fating A page $ of this Issue .of The the proposals but deferred formal Zoning Commission. budget of than make any electrical or Forty'six additional. awards Bush. Oail Baker and Jackn.r..h.
description of these Items sp* Crescent. action until their special $14.900 The tnmeeed budget. Continued on pace Few were presented Winners and Gardening.

wII .

I ..au.. ..In".V_ -........"' .. -. TUV&8DA.I'. FEBRVABI' 11. .tes 1

(Wag County (Bmcent J.otJikket Around and About;J0tt, Only Fools .Are' Good? I

-.HAT II ooo rot cur ti SOOT rod THE cMscmr' By DUNCAN G. GRONER (Editor's Note! The views course and after a growing The .... Dr. Oeerge Hewar

DUNCAN WLDTHWAITI GRONER-EDITOR AMD PUBLISHER It is my considered opinion that the overwhelming majority set forth below are the au- spell, all we have to do is go
ELIZABETH LEONARD cnnurm SERETAIIYPUILlIIIII of the people of Oreen Cove and those others who thor's and do not necessarily out and gather these dollars out In gay red and a sly smile.

Ivan THURSDAY IT CKuctvr PRIM. INC. will be affected are in favor of the establishment of a Job represent the views of TheCrescent like taking wash off the clothes Instead he belongin", funeral

f. o. sot in Corps Training Center at Oreen Cove's Industrial park.. .) line.Now black draped,.around. < a, loose-
SKEIN CoY "' 11111. FUMIMTn.UMONi i we are not noted for jawed face with bleary eyes
It Is conviction that those who favor it had better
my none:
Gel M4-916
being wealthy people around and a red ,He looks more
IICOM CUM PMTMI r'" At SHIM. covi irwNM. FKHMM present themselves at the City Commission meeting at 8 like old soak on the.
here, and our town needs dollars an Bowerythan
SUBSCRIPTION o'clock next Tuesday night and so. If they don't there
I'' ) Saturday morning last, some worse than the lumps we like the, nlmble-wltted
OMB YEAR IN ADVANCE\ '..........'. ....i., sWt I is every reason to believe the articulate minority' that Is 40 people gathered in the are bound to get from some gentleman we are.'fond,Of'conjuring
TWO YEAR IN ADVANCE) ..un.un..eee opposed to It on devious and unspoken grounds will be imafinatlon.
Oreen Cove City Commissionroom of our citizens who wish to up In our
there and will convince the members of the City Commission '
to near .about a Job operate like the Newnited It was not stupldiyt that made
that it will the saying "spoil little Eden.
as our
goes, Corps training center that pot- States Government Our wealth the goodness of Florence Nightingale !
Reacting To The InevitableThe My friends on the City Commission don't like it when I slatted at Standing and may, is in our very nice town and Jane Adams of Hull

say this Is the central and paramount issue of Oreen Cove's be missed. the people who live In It., House In Chicago or of Frances -

County' public school system within the next upcoming election. But the man who speaks up in favor of A -personality wearing the Very few of us have any Wlllard. or Abraham-Lin

eighteen months or possibly less will begin to comply with the center or the man who opposes the center will get a hats of Industrial developerand wheat In the bin, because it coin'It was self-mastery'self.

the U.8. Civil Rights Act under a federal court. directive very clear mandate from the people of Oreen Cove on member of the Great Society takes all the bucks we can rake DR. OBOtGE P. HOWARDA grip and cleverness in weaving .

,l Issued to the schools of Bay County. March 2. explained to these people and scrape together just to pay criminal recently'went to the strands of life Into

The reasoning behind the Board of Public Instruction, At the meeting on Saturday, we were told there is a that The Great White our debts. Be that as It may I the electric chair glorying In something strong and beautiful1 .

In directing: School Superintendent Jesse P. Tyne to charta pilot Job Corps training center in Indiana. I took the painsto Father" In Washington would had rather make a hundred the fact that during his short We*will be. well, fixed tor

course of desegregation was not only that without action talk to the editor of the newspaper in the town of consider our Industrial parkas dollars a week and live In the career his crimes had been' solid character-building'\

the County's schools will be deprived of approximately Edinburg (pop. 3,800) to find out what the reactions of the a second choice if, we city of Oreen Cove than to given five miles of space in the we realize that there is nothing
$100,000 of U.8. funds, but that nothing but trouble could people there have been. He told me there had not been to move fast enough and do not live In New York and make columns American ,news- "cute" about being bad and
: his knowledge, a single Instance during the past (It the Issue by not wanting hundred dollars week. flaCor'
.come of anything but full compliance with the law. year confuse five a papers. Through a clipping bureau nothing stale, unprofitable
The lesson with respect to our personal and public reactions was started a year ago as a State project and federalized >It This statement either makes he had kept himself Informed about real goodness.

to such a situation Is abundantly'clear. Where it under the U. S. Office of Economic Opportunity several Well. I am greatly astonished', me sound like a kook. or there as &to the progress of It Is foolishness to flaunt the
I has been done quietly and in good grace, the damage Is months ago), of any misbehaviour in the town of Edinburgon to .learn from this man that are some things that belong to underlying principles\ that guarantee -
negligible. Where there Is a clamor, an attempt to stand the part of any of the integrated enrollees. these trainees would become 'me that money cannot buy. his "publicity: campaign." society's health. The

off the inevitable, everyone is hurt. If such a center can be located In Green Cove it will be electronics workers, skilled mechanics What's more, we have had There Is a curious streak Inhuman chemist dare not ignore the

We may take another lesson from the course of events supervised by the Northrop Corporation (sales 1350 million and one thing and poor' folks around here as nature that seems to laws of chemistry- The musician -

that legislative action by the Congress and vast Implementation last year), one of the nation's great space age companies; another Anyway, they would long as I can remember and make a good many' of us more must take into account

by the United States Supreme Court have thrust its academic curriculum and training materials will be set learn some kind of a trade, as the ides that we are going to proud of our faults than of our the laws of harmony A physician -

upon us whatever our personal feelings on the matter up by Florida State University. Its .director and Its staff they Ire school dropouts, malcontents get rich off of a' lot of other virtues. We treasure our "orl,. cannot cure if be violates

may be. will be educated Southern people. victims of broken'horn. poor folks just doesn't add inal sin" and fetch It out for the biological laws which govern -

Public segregation is. or very soon will be, a thing of 'What about a 14,000.000 annual payroll that will go, .., and I do not know what up to me.I Inspection every now and then. the human body. The moral

the past. Those who would oppose a Job Corps training to a far greater extent than Is now true, into Oreen Cove ail. do not particularly object We wouldn't part with the "old laws of the universe are as Inflexible -

center at Oreen Cove, or at Blandlng, are simply sticking stores? What about the food that is bought by these pay After the meeting I hear to a diet of fatback and deal. as all these other laws.
their heads in the sand. When they come up for air they rolls, the clothing, the appliances, the autos What about certain citizens say this Is a collard greens but take my Adam" us for friend a good the We have no use for goody-

will find the situation just as it was when they left us. the gasoline T What about the bank deposits? most exciting idea and wish to fatback away, and rm in big Pinch your old on goodness and hypocrky. Theyare
and "You
arm say: rogue
draw contract with the trouble. I cannot help
up a compare
What about a backlog of skilled workers any new Industry You rascal! You gay deceiver I'. both I weak. But genuine-
Newnited States Government the prison farm that cousin
moving into the area might draw upon? and ten to one he' will feel goodness is as strong as steel
the' Newnlted States unload
Buying Farris wanted to on
Alert What Is this foolishness that a Job Corps training complimented and will take as quick as a ray of light as
Government can have our Industrial my town with the Great Society's -
center will spell "our Eden? you out to lunch and order warm as sunshine, and as wise
park for maybe $1
What do we 'want? a poverty dumpling with wine as the wisdom of the Infinite.
r The casual remark of County Civil Defense Director year, which is $749.999 less Reckon I'm just pore but apple sauce
This the intelligencewith
question I have asked myself over and over just to show you that he Is all Jesus Identified
Chance in the County Commission Monday than we pay the Newnlted proud.
Ray meeting
in the past few days.A think he Is. Tell him that goodness, sin and selfishness
that no one should be surprised If we face a surprise alertIn friend States Government for the Had one of them one dollar you
of mine told last he'was with folly and Imbecility.
me week opposed to he ls model of goodman
the coming days says far more than would appear on Louis who property With a profit like things the Government put out your to be
Reynolds came armed with a letter from one of Individual It requires intelligence
a righteous
the surface the this, I do not possibly see how once, and it was the biggest
greatest banking Institutions on earth swearing his titles rood Any Idiot can go the fast
and he will these
The week's headlines tell of a deepening crisis in Viet personal the Newnlted'_Spates_ Government dam bill I had ever seen It accept
worth was in excess of 110,000,000. He opposesthe him gait. Any weakling can makea
dubious honors. Address
Nam where something like 30,000 Americans in uniformare Job operates In the red. wouldn't fit no pocketbook: too as
Corps training center because he thinks It would wreck of himself.
leading a greatl>F stepped up attack against Communist "change our little town." And, he avers, he would oppose a It seems these wards of the big for the bank;' folded the thus: "You fool! and he will
North Viet Nam. Great Society will have ai thing six or times hoping
mill for criminal libel!
If sue
paper even It's one of the great paper companies you CHURCH NOTICE:
The reasoning behind these attacks is that we are out because he does not like the smell of paper mills many as 250 Instructors or It would go in my hip pocket Yet he who sneers at sin

to convince the Asian Communists we are not backing out What seriously, are we looking for? about one for every six trainees . It always ended up as as an Invention of the preachers. CHRISTIAN' SCIENCE
of the Vietnamese war. and that these teachers bundlesome as a 33-pege Issue SOCIETY
Are we waiting for an industry that has, like Johns- Is the real fool. We thinkIt
I How did we get into it? will be very high class citizens of The Crescent. Finally had
Manville, something $70,000,000 of cash and marketable Is clever &to be devilish and .
The official version of that one is that all Asia is securities in the kitty, that manufactures sterilized with total salaries that to give It back and take some stupid to be good. As a mat Cer. E. Heostea 81N.
threatened. If India is threatened, no one, apparently has paper will run Into seven figures annually smaller .change.I MagMlla Are
towels and is .
headed by a blond native of the County who ter of fact It Is just the other
told them for they are not Involved. If Pakistan is threat- will only employ blond natives who have never been spoken will stand In line a block way around GREEN COVE STRINGS
ened, they don't seem to care, They are not involved.If to by a policeman Furthermore, the Northrop lone to vote a man In office FLORIDA

the Arab nations are threatened they continue to pay It Is Important too that this Corporation Is going to plant who Is against this thing, but February 14. IMS
program Is being directed We are prone to think of Satan
more attention to the Israeli threat by Sargent Shriver dollar tree. all the way from I will not be second in line SOCtFor
a brother-in-law Subjects
of the late John F. as a clown. We deck him -
The South Vietnamese, whom we are defending don'teven Kennedy and, far more Maggie's old tavern to the golf for a handout!
like \ importantly, the man who built
seem very perturbed. They change governments
I most people change underwear; they storm the offices of the Peace Corps from an international' joke Into one of the
great weapons of American democracy and American skills
their Protector. They pour gasoline over themselves and
. In South America
Africa. Asia and other
then put a match to It; not mind you,toa, North Vietnamese Neither waypolnts. e
Sargent Shrlver
nor Lyndon Johnson
nor George
but to themselves. 1
Obviously there Is no simple way out of this situation. Smathers nor Bpessard Holland nor Billy Matthews nor Ben

It must be faced and it may get far worse before 1 it gets ZeUner nor any other'national, state'or local official Can* Your
better. that this ls going to be a': perfect arrangement Convenience
Hells bells, we've been bobbing
for that last
It is, indeed so serious an alert would, as Mr. Chance Eden for apple in
many )'earl now. Let's get down to cases.
in order.
said, be Let's rrow.DIetter..


Helm to the Editor


To The Crescent: In our community 6 kkltllf e

Funeral Home We are on the eve of losingone In his eight years in Oreen .

of the greatest leaders in Cove Springs he has been honored Q \

the county. many, many times as: being -
CHARLES HELM elected President of the : I '
This man has been
a leaderto
Jaycees, Chairman of the Outstanding '
Funeral Director all those whose paths have state Jaycee commit.

crossed his and will always con tee (Outstanding\ Young Farmer -

"1. Phone 284-9G96 tinue to. He has been a father Comm) and others. .
away from home to those closeto His true qualities have not : r '. ': '

GREEN COVE SPRINGS, FLORIDA him, He has Inspired 'guided been completely felt'yet. but I I .

HWY. 18 EAST P. O. 60X 441 and helped those In 4-Hand am sure they will when he ls
&; 00.VT EI"JI.IIL When have to send money
other organizations while gone &PvW& ** CASH .you through

--, . "Leadership Is measuredby the mail, send a check made out to your account hero-or nee ns forn "
the lives it enriches .

How Much Money Must You Have to Invest in Stocks? not by those It dominates yin money order, cashier check, travelers check or other! .
George Maxwell Owens Jr. has .

Actually that Isn't tlio importatlt'quesUon at all. You can begin. i an 'done his share In leading the t.AFTER \
- I youth of Oreen Cove Springs
investment program with, a! comparatively\ : email amount of nton, :)'. up the path of success.I .
would like ; nA 'KI\O nouns V ,..
Investment Plan or you may invest in Mutual Futuls. to personally 4 ; 4
thank him for all the ::4J .
help he
You may buy a few shares "nt a lime, you may choose tho Monthly has given me In the PUt :years, 1: V Use our Battling Letter: Drop'M/. ,...

The important thing Is to decide 'nhnt} 'your objective is. If you want and I know all of the 4H'ersIn ** Conveniently located outride the Walnut 'Street t ,.:" ". ,

to lay the foundation for building an estate over tho years, certain the county feel the same door of the Hank. *
way. t
types of stocks are indicated. you 'want to speculate for capital Eddie Taylor President I 'jI.

gains, recognizing the attendant risks, that would cull for a different Florida 4-H Club Council : t. .

t approach.It To The Crescent: ." ,\

r' is nqt how much money, but what do you\ want for your money! We have but a few more I

r Why not talk it over with one of our Registered Representatives! days to receive 'and enjoy the V 'V Telephones
services of Clay County's present

Securities i are our business. Assistant County Agent It 284-3650 284-3999 284-3051:

will be hard. to give I ,him. .up ;;
and'no one will replace him.' 1

{ We will have assigned to'CUy ; ---or-: '

County another assistant agent ww J ...\
I Na .wu 1 aw whom rm sure will work his : Congress' 4-9583 rM
I: way up and Into the inserts

of our people, just as'-Mr, .'.#* .
IfmJer : -
Owens has done.He *: ,_ ' ,
; 1r4tUIrtO "\ ,
't has been a blessing to .
the youth of our county. We . "

are Indeed thankful to him for .:
the leadership and guidancethat *

f., his 4-H he program has given our son In LBANK of GREEN COVE SPRINGSonEEN

(ptJ'n la closing, we hope all the COVE SPRINGS PLOBIXU. '
t : .Lj- .ILL take an extra moment to saya

11' !4..JPL-, 909 Florida National Bank IUd,. fl'.Jj'-- ", well deserved "thank you"to saneuau 1000

Jacksonville, FU. TeL EL "'2" CCk.ru theBig Oator" and his '
.su lovely wife Frances Coural, OUttl o*<2 largest SankI ,
v", ''tA.l Joseph A.:Mathews James O.Holmes UI (jJ..y-7 l1 l.Nr Edward B. and
Michael Darby Alfred B. Davis
Margaret Taylor.



'. : ", .. .. '
." .J ,

1i ., K *I. ,,


Crescent! " .
\OHayaJounty : : riGCTHXXB:
DA'r.l'Da17.o'l.II, INS

I GreenCove: Socials I Colonel,. Suh! Clay 'County Servicemen I The .Cdsualty Count ir Ject711tercua!

EASTERN STAB NEWS reception and Mrs. Mae Hen AIrman Apprentice Charles Program at Port Jackson, 8. C.
T. Manhart U8N, on of Mr. During the course James ;
drlcks was in charge of d oortlona. > I
Oreen Cove Springs Chapter ., All Eastern Stars and and Mrs. Walter a Manhartof and Bruce received Instruction
-No. 45. Order of the Eastern friends are fhvtted to attend Orange Park, U a memberof in the operation and maintenance
Star held election of officers this public installation. the commissioning; craw of military vehicles up /.Jfi
..ao'clock on last Thursday Mrs. Alma, Miller'Worthy aboard the Navy's newest at* to and including the two and
evening January 38th.. Officers Matron announced the'lleat tack aircraft carrier the IBS ,one-half ton truck. I
elected for the ensuing year regular meeting to be held on America operating out of James, 91. and Bruce 30, .
are as .fo11o...; February 36th. This will bea Portsmouth Va. are 1961 and 1963 graduates,
,Mrs Eleanor Fltssimmons. special oecailon. honoring He U one of the 3.600 off Icers i I- respectively of' Clay Colnty

Worthy Matron: H 0 r r a c. PUt matrons and PUt patrons, and men selected to place High School. Before going on
.Knight. Worthy Patron; Mrs. and a special invitation to the new warship into active active duty they were employedby ::4'
,Nary Ellen Bellck.;; Associate these past officers to attend. service. Oreen Cove Yarn Company.

.Matron; Ralph Jones Associate Mrs. Lucille Bummerslll will ', Commissioning ceremonieswere
Patron; Mrs. Ethel Knight preside In, the East.I. conducted Jan. 23 at the Marine Private Frederick C.
Secretary; Mrs. Betty RowHs. Norfolk Naval Shipyard with Flakes, son of W. K. Flakes of
Treasurer: Mrs Peggy Moore H. Perlman has returned 'f, Secretary of State Dean Rutk, Keystone Heights.: Is attending

Conductress Mrs. Billle.Wilcor. from Atlanta where he at. ., at the principal speaker the Marino Mechanical Fundamentals -
Associate will have 60 School at the Naval
; Conductreu; tended the spring and sum The America
and Arm. trlala before going Air Technical Tranllng Center
Chauncey. Moore, mer fashion show., days of aea
SentineL\ to her homeport of Norfolk at Jacksonville
Appointive officers are u When the embarks with her
Mr. and Mrs. Waller Kelley
follows: Mrs. Lois Gravely, air croup the total crew will Robert W. Barnswell III.
have their guests this week I
Chaplain: Mrs. Mae Hendrtcks, as ", increase from 9.600 to nearly whose parents live on Oran,..
Mrs. Charles StrtbUnf and her
Marshal; Mrs. Irene Johns Or- \ 5,000 I II dale Route, Green Cove has .
daughter Sarah Emily, of
constructed at been promoted to specialistfour .
ganist; Mrs LUlle Bannell. The hip war
Columbia, 8. C. I '
Adah; Mrs Mart Ledslre. Newport News. and 1* 1041 at Fort Buckner; Okinawa
Ruth: Mrs. Evelyn Cooper. Esther feet long displacing 1'7.1100I where he ls a'member of
; Mrs. Betty Jean Jones Mr. and Mrs. A. D Duck \ I tons. She la the first 'warship the 173rd Airborne Brigade.
Martha; Mrs. Trudie Sapp, have as their guest Mrs. Duck's I of her name to serve in the Specialist Barnwell, assignedto
Elects and Mrs. Alma holler slater, Mrs. C. L. Cogblll of La- I U. a"NAY,. Company A. lit Battalion +. . WM PM A aWWn MY WMUUn KAplll amoa/
Warder. Orange Term. I 503d. Infantry, entered the MtHDCCan THilAM WMIM I TOOK PUVWM UMONMM *.-

Installation of officers will 'f": ,. ;. I Army Privates James 8, and Army In September 1963. He M fnwbie 1d ty ISMS
be held on Saturday evening Mr; and Mrs. Elmer John- \' i Bruce A.Robertson,sons of Mr., completed baste training at

/February, at o'clock, with son spent Sunday In Gainesville ,and Mrs. Slater B. Robertson i Fort Gordon,. Oa., was last KMM 1,100,000 preens wen UOael ef l IiI|und hi

the following; Installing officers where they visited Mrs. .I of Oreen Cove have completed stationed, at Fort Beaming Oa, ..."w-y.ee....... III It63.
presiding. Mrs. Irene Johns. Johnson's mother. Mrs. Prank a light vehicle driver course and arrived on Okinawa in
Installing officer; Mrs. Nancy Oreen. who has*recently been under the Reserve Enlistment March, 1964.

Rowe. InsUUlitf marshal; Mrs. hospitalised. '
Opal Reed, InataJOng organist: -
Mrs.' Betty :'Rowlls.> Installing Mrs. Deward Priest la a Lazybones CookoutT Don Pool's
chaplain.and Mr.ffletor .Ashley patient In Clay Memorial. Hospital.

,. obligation. tTa
'follow ...,-ratTJCI OOOt ttto AtlltSS?
A reception will the
Installation In the social hall Mrs. Margaret Cox of Pitts- ..,. fmnn, Qjaam, Om

of the First'Methodist Church. burg. Pa., visited her slater Oven M Bsejn .vary Day
Mrs. Irene Johnson and Mrs Mrs. A, I. Oarrigues last week.
Irene Johnson and Mrs Gerry I DavMs Leant Me- ..-.... Ih1isN UaJsiMs3SHOP '
,Farley were In charge of the Bruce FuUerton and his Dr. A. T. CevtagtM. Cavity health ffteer, kaa been FMfDrytUBTBTBomr

rBted In the rtertaa NsUeaal Oaard to the neck ofceloneL wmooicn

Liss with' (Mattel) Certngten esasaas4s the Oaard's ThlrtjrFlrth -
iwQay County Property BariUal Hesm4laL

Frank W. Brown
daughter. Mary'Kay, of Lake i Penaacola, who Ms a'student I
Lad M ocIaIII Wales spent the weekend at Florida State University.
with Ms father and mother.Mr. .
a_ Beal fade Bn1t. and Mrs, J. W. FuUerton.ef IMPROVEMENTSWITH
.... OS. highway IT Otaafe Pack Penney Farms and visited Miss Polly Paterson and Miss
rhs.e $4sNI relatives In Green Cove. f Anne Loftta spent the weeks A PCA LINTERMEDIATETERM
NOW AVAILABLE BCSINUS PROPERTY end la Pensaeola, where they "

iN feet freatage *. IT. . Highway 11 Carter Weed had as his guest attended the state convention

Max* North ef Orees Cv Springs) over the wsek-end his granddaughter of the Episcopal Youth Conferene elements far a SMeweM .........eagef. esters. effort LOAN tf
Louise Barwick. of *. -.*.. TIle earn eaters are always. k.aataaj ...... The effectMMger
It start ...parcel ef Ike....
Leading off for a laiybonee eoolmal are ITam-f Ineappta up II
Xaboba For these, alternately string pineapple chunks. green
7 to
pepper eqUINe sad marinated bam cubes m ........ Themarinld.r years repay
A nurture of seasoned to taste wits .11 1
any sauce, lemon joJee. aad the pound splees.i irievML Who yes compare the peel ef '
dry ........ sere timer about 18 ninutes PCA flnaselnf with eertaln ether ..
brtuhJng with mariaM* turned. type which. hare earrylaf charges, 'r' e
Cook& tin* lot Tfwbod French fries and mind vegetables Genies fees and lalerest prepay v 5
b about 24. BUirataS. For!>> low eager eaten, fun cut a packageeacsj event, you 11 see why II pay to.*.,
Attend of I...... French fries and muted vegetables onto individual /er iWa Bay major espied l.
wrap. Season each to taste, butter the vegetables, iaiseHs for farm with .asAarranged
> your
rM fis
placeto on grill.Turn packages minutes. .
every .
Fore Lt: ...fkefa.a. t ...._ ...Dot apol .- tar lewdest, fsrtstallerH p
q WIll. \* PCA gnawing

sari ... ..
fsassMsUUSUUeq =-r........ ---
>ooMg .....eg I l.bt.tpooo...... settle _-- U ....
margaria ...
(1IUHCII 4 sepo s tttesch ... '$ellLrm ......... 0.- IN BdsTew*.d 4+etti.s *
ComMas falls aid __ Ha** CM French NO* In lists Baedra.eMe
._ Jy. Spread sxaais. batter e* ml sides of rotU Place -U Ts. IT 4.U4I
.... w loa ,.. Ttesl tvetM eoaJs uaUl erbp. YUkL 4 IMHki ... IYesl. .....

At ICU fGE I JII're 'N to snteroff. j

HM Pun ON rVfwmwci Trms

The Church .f f Your Choice-: SALE you might 'UWIIIISI; : ti wine

L P.O. Does

Baturday, February 19Is sa wi .... CIIIIIV-WH'by'" MUCK _III.

".1. A. Paw Down at Daytona Beseh,we pre everyone.riotrt f loon at Buica's"Win PoliCy" ..
This Sm-iy Beginning ':00 pra. A V.8 Buick Special won over stiff f companion{ (orry. boys In CI.ulV-ln the
1965 Pure Oil Performance Trials The winning Special wit equipped with
; our 300 cubit Inch Wildcat 310 V-8 and Super Turbine Transmission

w 'j'r Remember that the drivers,In'thf PaHorminct Trials art skilled professionals' ,
y". b:1;. .. .7t 7tV and the ears finely tuned standard podUCIlOfmod.f.) .. (If It can be said'
4 bI'\\; :." that the Special Is"Standard"anything) Also remember that the
trials, art an exhausting, carefully graded test of a car's all-
'. around ability. In economy accaltratlon and braking Small vs.
( !, wonder the Special, cams out on top. Handsomely'
,r .
f" '. (The specific detail Our hero,avtractd 20,649 mpg In A
economy to score second among 10 cars. It accomplished G
i'< i"- the acceleration, t tit-from 25 to 70 mph-m, 9315

t . SKonds, for a fifth, And took another second .in braking:
'from 65 to 0 mph in 172.0 feet The cumulative result: L
< .: we won all the marbles .in Class IV,) '
\ storm I.n.tp.rtlcul.r Now then. If yaul! J going to enter something-like' a ear- q
A you might at well do.it to win too. Your BuICk dealer canIr.Iroduco A
: you to the driver's seat of a BuICk Special

There why N meM sense la ,, .. 1 lki
protect pow nounS under file
frsvelers UmbreHe of !Iowa
and Ask about our M n
.. I Hmee '1 fM y.end"kt .us t
.r .' .1\ worry abort* storm.j v
0 t

.. .'. '. j J. sue SMITH i i


: : This is sponsored by the W' ) /' INS.Kerth AGENCYU Oras>ss

Oreea c... fpetogsTVaMtSM

"..... SItJ. -".
HI tlMS IOCM MlHNIAS SWK4 MAII pi.oarlauKC SUUI11 Ia ret tMA
Green Cove Springs Yarn Company I
1 mews NnaasN
.......... --.....
.reef isnoMii moose Me INI M.r-cn ueit


..-, ....


dlag!( :cn ount resccut f': ".. TDUJL8DAt'," FEBRUARY H, Ites

.. ____. __

r V. .I. A. Honoi-s t'1(' '.. I CommissionersHear Executive Board, of OP CLUB WOMAN'S MEETS; 1

The Orange Park
-" ''' Woman
Past Presidents !;: : Plea For'' Clay Memorial Meets Club met last week at the

r ... clubhouse for a card party,
I '* J> Girls Valentine There were 43 to 50 admen
At Luncheon L Mrs. Julian White presidedat Rainbow -
: ?
Law"Continued Patrick's Day Palm attending a most prospero
Zoning St.'
.,JIf the board meeting of the Sunday Day and enjoyable evening

The regular meeting' of the Clay Memorial Hospital Aux- Easter. Plans for the April 1 fashion
'( from Page 1) Japonica -
VIA Woman Club was held '. DIary on February, : 3, at 7:30 Brownies George Waash- show being presented by Jean

at 12 noon, Feb. 4, with Mrs. t r'a plumbing installations or alteration o'clock. Several items of Importance Ington's Birthday.New Jowen are well under way At
Alex,,Pupkln presiding without first obtaining the next meeting, Mrs. SeIWJn
were discussed. members are InterestedIn
The devotional was presented D anjvelectrical or plumbing Chalker will speak.
uniforms and if
by Rev. Gordon Craig of the permit, as the case may be, Dorothy MUberger, special obtaining
9ti service chairman reported the anyone as one available, please .
First Methodist Church. and paying therefor such fee ...
a following responsible for trays contact Mildred Klnnear.
Mrs. Herman Reed reportedon as the Zoning Commission may
for the hospital on sspeclal We need your stamps! ThereIs
the organizational meeting adopt by Resolution provided, pRiNT NC
of the Greater Community i) however, the fee for any one days: a box 'at the bank and the
# Room for these. .
Auxiliary 'lTJT.I"
Service program sponsored by electrical or plumbing permit
t this club. shall not exceed fifty dollars told the Commission It was be- An Orientation program for

I Mrs.. James White read letter ($5000) nor be less than one coming ever more difficult to new members will be held February

received from the St.! Johns -, '. dollar ($1.00). Provided further hire first rate teachers becauseof 11th at 7:30 pm.: in the
\ River Junior College's Music no electrical or plumbing the low salary scale they VIA. Club building CALL THE CRESCENt

and Drama Department giving 8 permit shall be required for an receive. The next board meeting will

t dates'of var'oua forms of entertainment -' alteration where alteration does "Where we once had ten be held on March 4th at 7:30: PHONE: 284316BUD'S

l to be presented not exceed 28 per cent of the applicants for every opening o'clock In the Clay Memorial

II there during the months of existing installation. All moneys on the County public school Hospital Auxiliary Room.

Feburary and March. received by: the commission faculty, we now have one,"
Mn:Ralph Parkinson director pursuant to this section shall Lrtle: aafd.

I of District 4 of the State Mrs Ralph Parkinson, (left) director of Alex Pupkln. president of the Green Cove be paid into the general fund Members of the Commission GATE STATION

Federation of Woman's Club, district No. 4, of the State Federation of Springs VIA Womans Club at the luncheon of Clay County." said they would take the matter

was Introduced and gave an Interesting Woman's Clubs, Is p'ctured' above with Mrs honoring put presidents of the club. The third proposed bill seeks under consideration.The -KEROSENE-
I talk on Service and I I authority to levy "an additional Home Delivery or -
school system now receives -
.Alms of all clubs. and gave: tax uP to one-half (15) mill on Service Available
; dent during ,her :years, all of ice was played by Mrs, Frank drawn up Feb. 1, 1895, also'an BO per cent of the racetrack U-Haul It
,some history of interest of our the dollar all taxable
I which tied in with the historyof Canova at.the piano. original letter sent from this on prop funds. Clay Memorial Phone 284.9250
own club. erty in Clay County in addl-
each I, the club through the :years.A The Past Presidents present club to several other clubs In- I : Hospital gets $35,000 and the Orange Ave. and Cove St. GREEN COVE
The February meeting Von to an other taxes levied
celebrates Founders Day,' candle was lit and burned and honored were: Mrs. Lillle v'Ung' them here to discuss County gets the balance which
year in said County, for use In maintaining
at which time Past Presidents i during the program in memory Wood Bannell Mrs. H. E.Reed, and frame a Constitution.The the Zoning Commission totals approximately $80,000.

honored. of the 14 Put Presidentswho Mrs.William Burke (Ruth Jennings program'was enthusiastically ,
are and for the purpose of defraying NlppEb
The committee was I were no longer with us. ), Mrs. Lester Rowe, Mrs. received and commit
program the expenses of administrating
composed of Mrs. Frank Canova -I A Tree of Service was on a Brantley Lucas, Mrs.' L. M. tee was congratulated heartily.The the provisions of

Mrs. Walter Ivey, Mrs. table and as each present Past Johnston, Mrs. Elmer Johns n, tables and room were this Act. All moneys received Sl-

Warwick Kenney and Mrs. President was recognized a doll Miss Bonnie' Dean Baker, Mrs decorated In the Valentine by the County Commission, A94&uatLyCLIwi3Rs

Louise Smith These women on was attached to the tree, dressed A. D. Duck Mrs. J. R Jolls- theme. pursuant to this Section shall

stage Informally talked of the in green and gold, colors of saint, Mrs. Chauncey' Moore. The luncheon hostesses were be pam to the /Clay County .;: WHITE

accomplishments of each. presl- the club. As each Past President This club is the oldest of introduced and:cheered: Mrs Zoning Coning sslon."

stood her :years' accomplishments Womens Clubs In Florida,being C. L. Geiger chairman. Mrs. In other business the Com- HENS

LEGISLATIVE HEARINGS' were read a corsage organized In 18S3, Incorporatedin ,Harry Stewart, Mrs. Robert tnlssloners heard a plea from !

SET FOR NEXT WEEK in appropriate green and orange 1889, and Federated in 1805. Sudlow, Mrs. Victor Ashley: representatives of the Cltlsens FOB BALESPECIAL

I. State Senator Charley E. colors were pinned on her Mrs, Alex Pupkln, president, Mrs.William Powell, Mrs. Rob- School Committee that unallocated Kf N. Orange Avenue GREEN COVE SFRINGSJohn's

Johns and State Rep. Louis L.i by Mrs. Alex Pupkln. and a read and showed the original ert Machen JoI r,. Gordon race track funds distributed -

Huntley will meet with Interested song best describing her serv copy of the first bylaws, Craig to the County be earmarked '-
----- -- ----
residents of the County, for the County school

to discuss! proposed local legislation system. 31CAMPBELL'S .
Fifteen Year Award Radio & TV
next Monday, Tuesdayand James Lytle, of Orange Park,

Wednesday evenings at T"N.*. W '

7.30: octock. -::1 Word was received of the BOA -::- ZENITH
The first will
be '
meeting .. death, this week, of Kenneth
held Monday: evening In the \i Wayne Swindall. 17-day-old AMANA NOROB APPLIANCES

courtroom of the County Court \ son of air. and Mrs:Bam Swin -e-
House for residents of County s/ tait t Y brtg j \. dell of Attain, Alabama, The EGG. FACTORY Experienced Sentcc On All Male, & Models
Commission districts I and fl. $ "
a } child was the grandson of Mrs Oran.ecaaJe-R. IS sLViseo CLAY COUNTY OVER II YEARS
These include Oreen Cove, Pen
O A.Whittaker of Oreen Cove
ney Farms. Virginia City andRIlllleU. \ (rat right ...(... Nortfa 24 West Walnut Street Green Cove Springs

after Shands Bridge) Phone 284-3122
On Tuesday evening, they ", CLASSIFIED ADS.
will meet with residents of

County Commission districts 3 \ .S DISTRIBUTOS NEEDED

and 3 In the Orange'Park town How ged de ,.u feel Do

hall. Those districts' Include ... ..."...\ yon feel ss good as yea used
Orange Park Doctors Inlet, Y' to? Are you willing to listen toa HOLD

Mid I d Ie bur i, Meadowbrook, tale told many timrtR bat
Bellalr. Clay Hill and Hibernia. still ss Interesting! as ever?
On Wednesday evening. Senator ; or SO-on win want to bear '
"'Johns, and Huntley toe NUTRII4ATE STORT. If you're one of the 57,200 owners

will meet with residents of \ THIS Jl-year-el4 NATION

County"Commission district 4 AL concern barbs meet

in the new Keystone town hall. ...Mm sale plan la America. switching from Buick, Chevy

This district Includes Keystone, .... Yea can tara good money :*
Klngsley Lake, MacRae aNt ..-. and feel better aad help hsn
Ford Olds and Pontiac
)lmore. ".vLLiJ \ while MAKING MONET. ,
t4 Satan iavestneat needed
; ,I... :;, IN sent with
frJOgS backed per guaranteed next week
/ 'Ie a e ae werekaadla Refveaes

e tJ.?pNitwl lilies win be la U talk U yew
; "+M'Jt; next week. All replies) ceafUea-

J Jr\ ti'y tlal Ilea "N," Clay C..., ,
1 FtAH or racCBACXER> ; 1r J"----: ;::, i
'tto t;iIi
AND THUNDER ,:. J3. t ,
-, ] .
By Bob Btrto* Manes.aryrliklea : &: _
Ptt roodsRtiMrcn Center Try s> san OasaifM A4 '

+ I Both thunderstorm-', and +V ..:, 4. fee staaytr asaastag rtsmttsFew I _ i.iirfi'i;

Fourth of July firecrackers William. Heney (left) Is shewn above tMIThis plaejie was presented recoinltfen .( a Gee Printing. Jet
can turn even the bravest, most I Ing presente* a ,la.M by Jack Mnlllkln. Mr. Hener fifteen yeas as an awdateterritorial at BeaeeoaMe Maw Call :
stalwart dog into a ,cringing representative for Western Auto 'dealer with Wtttera A.t. Associates Stem, TIle day Only Cissisni.Red IBBI- !iIK W
; coward. Hunting docs used to
ill WQ tMarU
the report of shotguns, as well
I as city dogs who don't turn a ..
:laIr at the sound ct a car's Cross School
backfire, are set aqulver from Volunteers I''f.. x"tt r l. .r.: .;

the tips of their tails to their ... ...
/ 't' ...
noses at the sound of flrecrsckrrs l' ,
<< exploding around them or l :... :':": '. ': :]
thunder I .t"
Jnfhve. 'cVidoem.t
And fear 1t .-
necessarily start at :
luppyhood. Many dogs will l kN
Ijnore storms for years until a tim
f '
srtlcularly nasty c.-.s: breaks: : ,
.. tremblers. fact, if the tear is (
(:Teat enough It actually can this FREE: -
get 48-page
cause; fit:. ca:

: I ..: x y S comparison! X-Ray Book

, re , .,

to*coU save amdrtdt of aolhn|Ilf you're new Torque Command 232 engine. hit

r'sc one of the thousands.ho plan to change car more standard 6-clindcr power than Ford.

m' ,n, visit i )our Rambler: dealer-even if Chevro'et! or PI)mouth.Thai only Ramb'er

If your eoA shows stress atsuch )\4I"C ne\er considered Rambler before. and Cadillac among U. S. can have separate
consult veterinarian.is advisable He to It 1's the one car that dues to be compared. braking setemsfront and!rear.KaixUrd.

can give your you sedatives that will e. 1'j The' Car X-Ray Book gives you 4S pages oft All this and more in |196"', X-Ray Book
iiuiet t your dog And since most .*-byeiJe photographic/ comparison: onavailable only al your Rambler dealer

doge apprehend storms an hour \M, room engines feature,style, price*. Slop in and ask for your fret copy.Set and
or two before they strike, you
can get him calmed down be- Check the MUl! facts on Rambler and ID try the spectacular new Ramhkrs-the new

tore the really big b-nsj break. i( other popular makes.X-Ray roeat that 15 American CUwc,AmhaiuJor.Amerhan .
Then let ;your p,t pick his x e N Ambassador by Rambler*nh in brilliant .\fotort-L> / toLxcUeme
own safe ratt and,after some
pats and comforting words, .1 A.wh,1,1. .. L. yeA d Cr.IIt n rsee M w aw' e..ee J1.1'JO.-..,....,..Cyw.hu,
leave him atone. Hell likely 1 l.,&. Oe.. ,k.. I4.w.e.l Parma ..g ...... free r/. wieesq..y .. _Iw ..,.
dep through the noise.
Above all, don't take your \
dog out during a thunderstorm : : j : ''
or when firecrackers: are tx>p- 1e 3 Sensible Spectaculars-RAMBLER 65
And do let the outcoorPving 1 1a. .
.' dog In the horse for the lean 't ,.....t..l a.. .......CUISIC.M Y..reMe.N......IIIUICM;ran c..,..'-i.s
*.duration of the disturbance It's .
:the only humane thing to do. .. _. ------ ... -y .;; &-.::- ..
Feeding! tips Dogs need less The Red Cron School Vehinteers wb received their Mr. UUUn Bwly. Mr*. Ida Bee....... Mr*. M.rto BMniNj BESELER MOTORS Inc.

food generally in summer. Give Certificate bit week at the meeting ef the Charles E. >... tt *n4 r wt Mr Freak CaMve Mr*. Euilr

i.f your such pet as a Triskles quality, and preparedfood even Bennett r-TA are shown above fr.m left U right Mrs. Kahft Mrs Mary !>*_.. Net pictured are Mr Han 4J X. Orange Avenue Green Cove Springs

L though you've cut down on his FUurrne Becalus.. Mrs J. Saam. Mrs. Marjwle Tlaktor. Fatal and Mr*. Shirley SUM. Tke evrUneaUa were awarde -
rations, you're certain that he s Mn. Jerry WilUasju. Mrs. Cents Ticket, Mrs. Elala WU- < by tae be. Oecdea Craig. Chalnaaa ., the Clay CewatyCkaptw -- Vch the OeM,hye Shew en CSS-TV.Wed"rald'oola ,*d.y eeeerga.w"i iI -

to trios getting and all minerals the pro.ems he needs., vita. UamMB. Sirs Margaret n.....*, Mrs. Taebaa ........ .,_the AsMtieaji Rod Crass"rboto by Ge.rn!)

.."t! t"t

'A"'IYMMlF' "11. '. rr..



'l'llUUDA1'.I'EBBt1AB1'"U. II'S' t h :Q

1r "" ., t
0.m :. ....: -


I* kerebjr ,Iv.. under tprovlalona PI.WIUUA IN CMANCMRY1'HMdWILWAMIBUIt0H H' CHANCERY: IN AND I'OK CLAY COUNTY. County CommlMton of Clay
of Heotlon Ivl I.. NO.\ 4IM1 IfLO'UI I I MIN County at .:.u' ".101.. Tuesday.'
Florida BtatBtet. to each of tile BAY CHANCERY February II, mil. at the CourtHouse
llited below the 1NOS HA**, .. corporation THE FRANKLIN RAVINGS No. un CUr of Circuit Court
under "Ialll IItf.RU'WGND' BANK IN THM CITY OrNtiW GULF LIra UUUJRANCIiI Office Uroin Cove Hprlnca,
MR CONDITIONING am : YORK a corporation, COMPANY Florida which time and
al piece
BEVERAGES th. taw of Flcrtda.and lorordInR .
TtEAL ESTATIa1NIN WYNNBI rialntlfCHAKLK9 a corporation.
to the roord. of Ih. Beor. JOSEFli all bids roooivod will b. puoilo..
tart of elate, each and .v.r, 5&. IIITudaala EDWARD HOOKlUI Plaintiff.JACK Iv opunod ad read aloud for
furnlhln all labor and mato
MILBERGER inch corporation appear dollouent and. JUICE) W. HOUKRS.hi ... BII'IIII:1an.1:: .
Toi, rial
OK FLORIDA- Inatallln jail
STATE sealp.m.nt
dot thro. (It yaramor 0' THE ,wtt*. **e'endant. MARIE M. 8IKMKU. his wife, for JuvomU
In th. flllaaT report and
payment of 'a... under the prvlalon Had Strat Apartment 1-D NOTICE averTHE Ccuntf, Ur.*n Cove Springs
REFRIGERATION rt Section ") e.ll. non.d. Jackson HeUhta. Nw' York STATE OF .FLORIDA CLARA M. IIIIM't! hi. wife, 'lolda.
Hilda T. Neth Statuue, and that under the You are hereby. notified thai CHAKLNH: KOWARU HOOKK3: Dntendant.NOTICE Contractor hall propose a
.. provlalon of Mid Section 10..... a suit ha. ben filed .galnalyu tu. u I)IINCIC: UNKNOWN OF M IT lump sum bid. ,
Ural) Beverages Realtor Florida Dtaliilea. ald eorpor In the above entitled cane; MAILINd AODHKttH Doa IT. THB STATE OF FLORIDA-TO: All work ihall .. don la aooordanro -
SERVICE lion have been clae.ed a. .ub. and that you are hereby required Navy lint JACK F, I1KMKH.: : He.ld.noe with. the drawing and
,..... to dliaola'tlon, and that to file your aniwer with o/o Fleet Port omce Inknown. .pwlClcatloni, prepared by AlUaFr
'It UNTALIf SALES three (I) mon h* after dale ot lha Clerk of thl Court and* Nw. York Mow York You are hereby notified thai ,., A.I.A. Architect. Work
Alt .,...1..1... ..'....tl..I Open I A. M. t* I A. M.D thla publication>> each and every nerds a copy thereof upon the JOYCE w. ituuKim a still ha. been filed aaalnat hall bo In accordance with contract .
.ad a..... ..r.... ft ACREAGE ft LOTSXcoIdeatUl suck .corpcratlon llatd :below Plaintiffs attorney' w h o. C ./o CHAKLKS! HOWARD you end Marl M. Hlemer. Wll. Instruction to bldd.r
/8. ralmctu Street that. hat not la the meantime name and adilrea lit R HKi) TpJ Cennlr Lino filed Its rooorta due and aid BHYANT, FKKKMAN.HlCHAHDtKlN UNKNOWN, Mlemor In tho above entitled In* thertiio. which drawing
Home none SS4-I7U r.mmmuUI the Utea due tinder lb. prov OWATNONlit MA1LINU AbDKKtttl Hot IT cause: and that you are hereby and ooeclflcalkos. Instructions,
North of trlalSoniar Ion. of faction .. FloridHtaUtea. ', Harnett Bank BulldlncJackaonvlll Nay/ v Il... required to file anwerwith contract document* and form of
Ora.. Park boh :
B........ Phone 2S4I5>1 will b* certified to i, I I, Floridanot c/u rut Pont ofric the Clerk 0/0':1. Court, contract nay bo oecured rr ...
.' March U A.DItll. Nw York. New York mlnd at the 0".... of the Architect. .
Grater CUy OovatiNeUry th* Uevernor of tile State 0' later thaa. and to oars a copy thereof upon
Florida, who will tacos a .....00.l.m.UclI . YOU ARM HKHEIIY NOTIFIED the plaintiff or plalntlffa, alterlloiccro 117 Park ."..t. Jack
APPLIANCES BOATS rmbBoPHONR at that. tlm. dlciolvtn I It you fall: to do :o. Decree that a Dull has been fll.d aialne' I.'. who. name amt address 1.1 onvlll. Florida, or at the
sail corporation. Pro Confeaeo. will, enteredaalait I you la lbs above ea ea and you Towora, KalUr, Jnno Court Mou., Orotn Cove
APPLIANCE CLAY COUNTY yew for in* relief ara roqutra to file your anw.r and Uay, IIIO Florida Title: gprtn.*. Florid.
Beat Home In*., Orange Park mended In the Complaint. a.'j with I 1k. Mork of Chit Court Uulld JackaonvllU, florid, not leach. bid most b* aooompa.III. .
SERVICE Offfco U4WSM1BOMO Bradford Butldlna Supply Inc Tbs nature ef said cult and 10 carve a copy thereof upon later than blanch I, A.IK IMi. ." fey a certified or caahler'ichetk.
INLET MARINA Oran Con Springs for the forocloaure of Mortiaoncumberlnar the plaintiff or II* attorney If you fall to do ao, d.rro I or a certified or csebl.rsable
W. Repair AO Bees M4WMSS CanlUl Agency Inc. Orange : the property and Mahoney Hallow, Chamhera sad pro' ooikfoiao will ba *ni.rrd to County Comml-elc Perk prmli located la Clay Coons Adams Darnell National Rank aa-alnat you for the rollof d*> County Florida I In tho amountof
Servicing CIa, County Orange a, 8. at Bay It Clav Offloo Outfitter Inc., ty. Florida de.crlb.d aa follows: Uulldln-, Jacksonville I. Florid mended In the complaint, I III!.10, aa a uaraaty and
MEKCTTRT OUTBOARDS dree cove Sprlnar Lot Cisvba III, Block Four.teen not later then March 1.: III*. Ii; Tb. nature of laid suit being with an aa-roement that the bid.
For Sixteen Ten Greta Off WhinUPHOLSTERY Clover Leaf Plantation, I no.Oranie (Ill:. blKAIXWHROOK. YOU fall as to do, a Decree Pre for Porocloiuro of Morlixoitalxl der will not revoke or cancel hi,
MERCRCISEB Park Unit I. according" to plat .r Conr-.eo will tie onlered aItalnnt 111. rorordod on fr'Ulon for a p-Hod cf thirty
Orange Ph. 1..515FULLERTON'S SERVICE Columbia Levee Ine, Wines of recorded In Plat Book I, You for the relief demanded In ;. ..t"lr.lfil m MoruaitoIlooH flnl dav after the opnlnof
'ease *, current rubllorecord the Complaint. This suit !I. to (.l('. tiaaa Ill-It auhllorvrordo bids and that In the event the
BOATS TRAILERS I FlorMa Limited Rally Corp. : feH:: County, Fieri.da foreclose 1\ morta-aaT.. The real of Clay County, Mortis: POMrart I I. awarded I* th* hid.
Oranv Park "roll.r" proceeded .a.elB.t. !I.: and 1I'1".lo.lIr. of M..rt d.,. ho will within ten (II)
OUTBOARD REPAIR n Or... Cove Title Company, ..AND ALSO the following* Lot. 4. Block II, MKAIIOW. dated April IT, 10.1. rwor-Urt* on* dan .".? It aubmltted. nter
M N. Orange Ara. IHOP A Z UPHOLSTERY Qren Core Rprlnc "" ..b.d Item o.f equipment, now HKOOK. Unit I. aocordlnato April lit, 111 In Official H..<.. ''''wrlttin rontract, with. the
10. Limited ....urlt,.. if Florid. located In er upon the above RUt thereof '..,od... in PU >rd* Volume II. pap. ini.lll, Clef Count. Onmmlaalon In II...
Green COT Epo. II...*.. ,. IT Ortvnt Part Ino., Oran** Park described premised, t, parr II of ID. currrn .nl4> 111 MatnalU ATCBM.Oreem Pine Product Inc., Oren Con I* I 1"1A..ro fan In kitchenPre.to public recorda of Clay County, riorlda' and koch of which and lire to Clay Crnnty a roe.Irarl .
I Phone 2I4U5
nrlnr"* Water Healer ModelPt.wari Flitrlaa.Tnamher. m..,.*.... *npountor the ,..1. performance and payment
AOOOCMTDrO Cove Spring Vmlaolo Camps Incorporated with all atrueture sod nwlnadHrrlbod ir.lv bond with .ood and ..,.
Oraaa-a Park Warner reo...aed wall Improvement now and heroaft aid in properly *ltu> fir lent luretle. ..I1.'. 'n" to
Pleas IS4.I7I4 Clay Counl
INSURANCE Ptark Lana Int. rants Par healer Model OR-Il-S all on said. lands, and all future to.wMi ". rirrlda. Ih. Owner In th. amount of
REED F ACCOUNTING FORN1TOR.C Thermo-Chm Corporation, al Oallnn 011 Drum now or hereafter attarhtd to or Lot rnnr <4I and the Rant lOA" '"' '"* .,.*.". Orana Park Tormador wall IIlItor4 hathWITNEMH ueed in connection, with the halt 11'1\4) of t,>.t rln Md.l-r a said aa,..", *", I. Inoor
CANVAS WORK It le further dlr-cled that a cop Nobel "".111... OOOW premises herein d.. 'lb.d and Illnrk Nino (.). Pok'i Mubdl-IAI. grated In the .ro.....*1 form.
.AND FRANK mono BOAT TOPS CUSHIONS of thli notice be puhllah- rn.. my band and .ealnf In ddltlnn thereto the follow "'..Inn on !". Weal aide nf The cjl ftf ,... bond vhall be In.rludd .
TAX time In the CIJkT (oa'NT aakt Cnurt at than Cove"nrlnen log deacrlhed houeehold. anpll.ancea Kln.*lr lake. ai<..ordlntn aa marl of th. bidder'
SERVICE SLIPCOVERS MADE CHRHCKNT a newanewr. pub Clay C'tnlv, FlorMa which :r., and ihall b* Plat remind l In Plat Honk. I. h... hid nrono.al,
Isle Kenney. Owner Special Ant II."... In Orson Covo Port*.. th* Ilk day. ef February, A.I)., daemed tn futures, ami 0 I'd.1l, Bubllit r..ord* of bS 4nt1 faranrrllllealk.eOwn '
"New Furniture Florida. In which. county the gal. cart nf the realtviInl Cray .
1 N. Orange Ae. Green Core horn orfko" of the *hov* Ilitemrpnratlon .sni: '.> Point Ranno. and Oven IUMI Ponnly, Florida chi 'Ibis Owner r*.-rvo tho right twalva ..
1....._ with .......1 NMk. with tho Old Comfort"C. ore shown .11b.. nwonow ... 'ARLIIII.IQ Ill" Km.raon rn WITNKM my hand the lnforrnalltl.il In any. bid
Tit II&mlPerlonaJiU'd I.....'.... Cl-rk of C'rcu'tDv 'nnrt'Icy Pr...,.. \v.i.r Iloator Mode) (CSlnwsrl .*al of old Court al Urocn Coy and to reject anv or all bid, orn
Services Complete Inamnco Covont A. HUMMELCLASSIFIED ,"UL' .......11'. PIe-Ma I nn Ki>rl .., riorlda thli l/ik day accept an* hid and any ...."'.
LOT FIRE: AUTO IN WITNF4W WHCniCOF.hv .. I Vivian p. ?nhmDentrty Warner neeeeaed] Wall of Jnauarv, A l>, tUbIIkOItUS .hlnallnn of altrnat. that, (n
IaAooountlnlt hereunto art m* haind Clerk H..t.r-M""_i 011 Tin U AIUJ LID ,. Inde-ment. will S. for the.
HOMEOWNERS *anee 1 th. alai trnnf l.ll. II. II. I.. ,* Oallnn 011 DrumKlerlromnd Clerk nf Inc Circuit >dnurt' "nl I"'"..,. ** Clay Ccun"
; & Tax Byi. Vivian H.'iohm. Fl..ride. '
the Male nf Florida to Wall || *t.r Model)
Returns MORTGAGE LOANS ADS Ke.rne4 at "!'.lla.><...-".. (Peal Board nf rnnntv. "lIn""I..lo"l *
H08PITALIZATIONnvonei the ranll" thla the Ilk boy IN THM ('IRCt..., Cola 11'I' /PirajIl: .. I... II. 11 tIN | ra *f ( ., ronnl"Bvi .
FWBusinesg of ,.b,,..-'. >,n" MM.TOM ACM run PLAT foiNTtFLWNIUA. 1 WITNKMt' m* hand and th. moat 0...,.* ... Carll.le, ,.,.,tr.
Firms A Oroea Cove !S4S4SiMtuenvtllo FOE RCNTl MotelWoekly ,..., AO MECRBTAnr IN iMANfKMY par this Court at ii'.." Cove I TILE CIRCUIT COURT or ___ .... IILHOAt
or MaM TMh WILLIAMMUUK SAY* prlnaa, Flnrld. thl* II b. of
rhdividualsA SSS-tMS or monthly re.... reo ,..... 11. IMII INOB "AN"eO'IIQ Jannarv *.T>, Isle CLAY COUNTY IN! FIXWIDA
. Klvrrrtew Me. Plaintiff OROfUlli) |. nMDMi CHANCBRY NOTICH"futloa
... .. . S Merle ,
Bv M.rlo n ".....,.., No. '411 I* hereby lvea that th*
M u.t Wir...t. KHJC DIXTVEETW.D.Morris milt Mrtk of Grits c... IN nile COUKT OF MIL uN O. 1IOHTQN. *t lit.OF Deputy ('orb I FRANK: S. PANIEUI.: Jr, flat County Conine Commiealuik

Shan at BUck Creok. I-4U THE COUNTY JUlKJE. lidondsntaNOTICA : 1.lA. I.I.- .. II.. 11" Plaintiff. will hold a PiiblU HearlnM. on
CLAY COUNTY KUJUIUA. PUT v. ) hur.der. h'ebuary / at
CATIEY'S IN PIIOUATM. T1IU STATIC tlF 'LOHIDA-Tol I IN 171q COUHT or OWIr.NltOLYN B. OANIELII. 111 orkck p.m., In th* County
SINGER AUTOMATIC In -re': Morale ot MILTON u. HUK10N and TUB COUNTY JUliUS l1.f..II'NOTI..III i'omnila.lon Phambue. of th*
FLORIDA 'TBADBLf ANN III: K.: Jat.MtlNH.Ueveated.. hLAINU; J. HUll TUN. his wife CLAY COUNTY FLORIDA, or III'" C'lav County Cuurrhou Urieaj
residence and addrau unknownYou IN PJtUUATN. TUB STATIC OF FLORIDA-TOiOweiHlulvn Core Hprlnn. > 'korlda. Ion the
flCm Bpriawt. Thu... Sacrifice oewl.c MMhiMorlflnoJ TO ALL CRan)llUIM ANI era berey notified that Jn rot, R.'.1. of B. Daniel, till Raat purpo at heartna objeotloa. If
PKKIIUNH HAVINO CLAIMS KUWA11U Lunar Ml* Apt. M. Columbu. anv. to leaulnai a permit to ..m.
11 K. Paler. It, Toi ttw>MtAatttjwM btrI).. ,nee .. Pay bal. 011*NANUS AUAiNirr a lull In ta ban. above been entitled till tgalnityau ..au... U. NAQLK.U.c.a.ed., Ohio ARB I""ly with N.rtlo tJ1 said Heotlon

L OrA..- .neo $.. or rwUa.... part .*. SAID MfATK and that you are hereby roe TO ALL CRKDITOIUI: AND YOU: > that a lull IIRHRIir boa ban NOTFIM filedtied XVI.I'araa-raoh of the Clay County of Zonlna Article I
1 You and each el you are to file enamel with fKIUONrt: IIAVINO CLAIMS
uulred yes
Tot UWIH All Jersey Milk none II per onUi pyat*.U.Stwtaf hereby nultded and required tpreeenl the Clerk of this Court and to OH LiCMANU. AOAINfcT.. a..III.C sets I" ynti ab.... anti HeiiulatUina. namely to II.. the

Orange Park tnachlBO Elf *U(.. any claims which. yoW. urn a copy thereof upon Iho SAIL! kWTATiai required robe t.and..,... upon are hereby plain iriav.T.ir'mwi'1Commeftrlna' -'
or either of you. may hayaialnet I'Ulatltf'e. attorney, w h ** You and .each of
nMdbv K4.4 Tot. 1/l-N37 Fer nakeo ..,........... .*->- .. the eetato, of ANN IIR. name and addree let. fcereuy nutlfl.d I and rgolro4 you are turuont lift hddroae. attorney ...... name and] here Ih* tertlcn at the line olnt boo

JaoknonvilloBlModteC ,.Ut..., bUnd Utekc. .&c. JKNKIM deoteaed.'the' late of 'cy.::lI1mac".M1'iI0flf any 'tlaim :wktvh you. written ..appear'.11..., If hereun any,, I.your th* Iwien entlon I1 oat) II. Town
aid Co nty. to CountJad ? or .Ilb.p of you, m0' have hl I Voalh. Ran, II KM|,
bill rf complaint 'In old
A COBM Bel.Tot HOME DElIVERY Phone COLLECT Ja ko>IU* .f flay Couaiy. Florid. til liarnrll Rank llulldlnp against! lbs slap of JtitSWAHUI copy ef which. I I. delivered>uK.le .:,... the alaaiwlr rla-hl*
al his office I I. the court house Jacksonville. t, Florida WAIIUK. deceaea line or
late of o/'wer iaio Road
ni.tm UIlt4 ir or ..,It&. AA tee of aid County al tine Cove not I..., than Mafck 11. A.DM aid Counlr, toha. County Monet Poe l.rAp.'l''0". *' .'fore Nm JIrya/ aoutherlr aloaar

W. TRADE Bf AXUMMUOP rroolll .... win Florida within ill 0( Jedge Clay aid Hvht-.f.war lino
,.. delves. print*. oaeadar of County, Florida, lleral fall, not or decree a
CALL 1M..*.. .".SIM pro
or If fall te d* *o, f>ecr.e
ray di.tance it
of of *
TALDI moath from the timeIho al hi* a/flce In the court house '''n'.... will b. entered. ) aoln.l fool lo thoPoint
oMIftUon. t-1. lisp Pre ('en'._ will b. entered
fir.l pulillrctloa af this a, said County al llroen Cots you for Ih* relief prayed In the of kevlnnlnari, 11I."e.
for Iho relief d
aoll. Tie cople of earn claimer aalRat yen < print-a, Florida complaint entlaue enmherlr ahina ald)
o. within ala gal 1111 nf
,.. In the Camilla, ......, ..
demand hall. be In writing .".Ia, .... nlh. from the lint of. THN NATIMIH OF MAID SUIT '1. line ISO feel
and shall state the place of reel for Tho the nature forecloaiir of said af lull Murtiacaencumhorlna being tho flral publication of Ihs II 11:1: Nfl FOR DivtMirM.WITNRim . I 01st thanes to lurnla*akl ria-hr.way: al right rumeaatarlv aa.
doand poet office addressof notice. Tw Cull..1 Mh elm my hand and this .
the and tlc ..
prnperty full
the claimant and hall. bworn premlae* located In Clay Coun* or demand hall ke In wrlllna-, reel rf ..ld Court it lU... Cov.Pnrlna a.'ld1 ".ht.oJ.thene. parallelln
lo by the claimant, kui' ty "FlorMa .....rbed| a I..tl..wlI'. .114..11] stole Ik* plaee" ef ml* *. Florid thla lad day northerly I** fell thane we run atrlahl
...111" ..r attorney, and ancomnan Lot Ill). Itlitck deuce and punt Office addra of '. : I)' Ill' S.OMfiillll ana-lea I run weolerlv II*
CLASSIFIED ADS .led by a flung' fee of ..n. iIi II). MKAIUW.llrtH of the. claimant and shall b* I. OAlll.llll.R:, feet lo point. of bealnnlnar.
dollar and? uti claim or dh >K. I'nll I I. an-crdlna; to worn la ky the claimant, bit. (PEAL) flerk circuit Court All partl.a In Inlareel and rill
mood not ee filed ....11 be void' Plat thereof recorded; i lit Plat 0.Ml er aiiurney and . Ur Vivian H P"lnttl.ptly one ihall' nave an opnnrtiinllro
/ULttK V TOMLINA llook I. pace II, "I the cur. [ """ed ky a filinr f.* of *n* Clerk o.ehe heard al old time. and
AdmlaMralrli ef IhFatale rent 'public record of Clay dollar and .11.II .deli' or II.. RIINFST: '' J. JACYIRC
ft' ANNIR K. ('.""IP. ..,0'1.... mind not ea ril.d hall be Void tiorn." for Plalnllff' clap Ciranlr inning ('wlllml..I.."
FOR RENT Three non cot DONT TARE LESS WHEN FOR RENT MooVra ..,.. JKNKINH. dooeaaed. .AND Alas the followlni ... ./ ) ( .. C ALIFF Ill ...
Uto 'o* river .......... FortrfanauUion YOU CAN" GET THE BEST I cubed two todroooa oeMt.lMock T. J. JEKMINd, in.Attorney embed Item .f enulpmeat now A. Kaeeulrlu of the last *. Florida' I'halrman'
I-1. II. II II .
February U. It 141
fop relate ofMtlC located in or upon the a...* Will and Teaiament. et .
tall Green Con For *n .,M""' Icon oMfe.nl.mro bow will ,....... Tfcro : P JENKINS: d_aed. deecrlbed .,....1..., KIlWARD U. "'NAdLH U
1".S51a. I.UUe Pint publication. Js.ori Itt Hot .FclM ...in In nags and *.'....*
.t'BUU1' all pjortk ., Greet Cove I.II. II. 1-4. IIIK oven HR ll'ICnmk T. J JIIIMMIN<<111. ill. G'JLis I

TRIM SHOP t.dag, rlrer. ArUaUa. wen, l." Aero fan In kitchen Alln'",.,, for ",..,.,. ., UTTIE ADS BRING (
FOR SALE flea kodroooiOWM. Waa-nitr Water Healer /.n.IIIM FhWAlin II. NAlll"' !. .041.......
UkwIM nail Wool St. -p, wMoUfoOrlot. ......,.d TMP1 COURT OF THE CO'*. ( Iliswarl ,Flrat puhllcallan January II, 'II

Pine ........ Lori Oroo c... SpringtWo For. .IsfoGreem _..... ..... TY: 4tlH.Pl.. CLAY IwlMTY.rLAMina. ; . .Warner ,.......d wall .. l-ll. II, .-.. II ,
On. Mock oitUHaioa lu etaaBATaVDKLLA .sl.A ,
font - --- ---
I lave tho oiptrlonto. tS m.Wo COTO II4-H4t." : It Dalian oil drumMeier
free, front due of High. .....: I. Pet Relate wall healer H balk
bay thO Oa.OOMoA . . .-. II. II. u.. SHINS PE IICY..ed.TO /p/ W
IM fat 0* BoMVOBloro Aw pjiiii.Freo WITNESS haixl and ...1)
For aB row uphebterr ANU FKMPOMS my v
... kr 111 fool oo Wait Street FOR SALE SINGER IEW ALL CLAIMS OHMCMANI .f saw Court at llroen Cove
EetlaMteo. Pkk-Vp aid HAVINO .*'1.... Clay Crunly, Florida,
WU Morlfleo for rotk, EhrooolJehawen. DHIfwy. ...... U4-1MI. ING MACHINES. New .tMi.* F.4TATIC:* ..AUALNST SAID thl Ilk day of February/* A.M.,

R... MS SeejU MM.1 c.... ta new for ... ftwoal tof taw .! p..... Abo. hind M.ehlneo Yes and cub ef you spa here. ISKAMnnnROR:.
...* (........ Tan MID). sad lro4o..... w. ...... by notified sod required le pr* U rARM.... ..
..,.....) ......, work. real as" rlaim5 aed demadde Clerk ., Circuit Court !
..... SS4.MU. IMIt/e 14. It. II. .... (In All oaks of amaahleMO.lwilro kkh ye., oy elik.r of you.avy riy C.*.,.. FlorMallv .
: have .. the Wags ef Ylvlaa If. Pnfcml
.! G4r's Storo. WU
FOR REVT Ce. ,ml . [Mil* Irene Pare doaoaeed.late >...'" Clerk Motors s.l
T .* Ur WANTED Coeaponlot. .. step sit Street Oret. Co... Pleas .f oaM. Ceajaty, te Ih* C ua.y ; .Ml.II. tl. I.. Spring
dated . .... Clay County. Fieri.
tarico apt . | Jedao of
with .W<
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