Phi Beta Kappa at the University of Florida, 1938-2001

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Phi Beta Kappa at the University of Florida, 1938-2001
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This book has been prepared for the use by members of Phi Beta Kappa elected by the University of Florida Chapter, also known as the Beta Chapter of Florida of Phi Beta Kappa, and by resident faculty members and officers of this Chapter. Its contents are indicated below on this page. Information has been provided by the National Office of the Phi Beta Kappa Society and Chapter records as of March 12, 2002. Data here has been assembled and edited by the present Chapter Historian, Richard H. Hiers, who wishes particularly to thank Gardiner H. Myers for assistance with this project, and Ms. Anne M. Newman for diligent preparation of much of the manuscript.
Members may also wish to consult the Chapter's web page, which is as follows: This Chapter Book will be up-dated periodically on-line with new information.
Copyright, 2002.
1. About this Chapter Book . . . 1 2. Charter of the Beta Chapter of Florida . . 2 3. Constitution of the Beta Chapter of Florida . . 3 4. By-Laws of the Beta Chapter of Florida . . 5
5. History of the Beta Chapter of Florida . . 13 6. Chapter Officers, 1938-2001 . . . 21 7. Creative Achievement Award Recipients . . . 30 8. Phi Beta Kappa Lectures and Addresses . . . 32 9. United Chapters' Statement on Freedom of Teaching and Inquiry . 38 10. Members elected to Phi Beta Kappa, 1938 through December, 2001 39


Ernest George Atkin Clifford Pierson Lyons Lucius Moody Bristol Arthur Raymond Mead Archer Stuart Campbell Herman Everette Spivey Robert Spratt Cockrell Daniel Cramer Swanson Manning Julian Dauer John James Tigert Harwood Burrows Dolbeare Dudley Williams Harold Loraine Knowles Robert Crozier Williamson James Miller Leake William Harold Wilson
Members of Phi Beta Kappa, Greeting.
Whereas, the liberal principles of our Society should not be confined to any particular place, Men or Description of Men, but should be extended to the wise and virtuous of whatever community;
Whereas, we, the members of Phi Beta Kappa, as a body dedicated from its very founding in the historic year one thousand seven hundred and seventy-six at the College of William and Mary in Virginia to the ideal of excellence in scholarship in the liberal arts and sciences, are willing and desirous to propagate the Society in praiseworthy institutions of higher learning; and
Whereas, we are satisfied that you are inspired by an unquenchable desire that your
institution be added to the notable company which enjoy the recognition of Phi Beta Kappa, and we have carefully determined that your institution is possessed of the character and standing which make it particularly worthy of admittance into this association and friendship;
Therefore, by virtue of resolution duly adopted by our representatives in the nineteenth triennial Council of the United Chapters of Phi Beta Kappa, we have decreed the establishment at this time of a chapter of Phi Beta Kappa in the University of Florida at Gainesville in the State of Florida, to be known as the Beta of Florida.
Furthermore, we have commanded that there issue under the seal of the Society and the hands of the President and the Secretary this Charter in the name of Phi Beta Kappa.
Accordingly, you and such others as you may hereafter elect and associate with
yourselves in conformity to the law of Phi Beta Kappa, and your and their successors so elected and associated are hereby incorporated and established as a separate and coordinate branch of the Society and are hereby granted all the powers, privileges, and benefits thereunto appertaining, in as full and ample measure as the members of the existing chapters enjoy; there being at the same time enjoined upon and required of you, in the organization and conduct of the Chapter and as


conditions upon which this Charter is granted, strict compliance with the Constitution and ByLaws of the United Chapters of Phi Beta Kappa, with the acts of the Council and the Senate, and with the Chapter Constitution herewith transmitted to you; and likewise a devoted effort always to protect the name and key of Phi Beta Kappa from imitation and indignities and faithfully to promote the purposes of the Society.
In Testimony whereof, the President and the Secretary of the United Chapters of Phi Beta Kappa have hereunto set their hands and caused to be affixed its seal this seventeenth day of February Anno Domini one thousand nine hundred and thirty-eight.
Article I
This Society is a constituent member of the United Chapters of Phi Beta Kappa' and shall be known as the Beta of Florida or as the University of Florida Chapter.
Article II
The purpose of Phi Beta Kappa is to recognize and encourage scholarship, friendship, and cultural interests.
Article III
The membership of the Chapter shall consist of members in course, alumni members and associate members.
Section 1. Only those persons shall be elected to membership whose qualification have been carefully investigated. With a view to maintaining the historic character of Phi Beta Kappa, members of the faculty on the Nominating Committee shall be chosen predominantly from teachers of liberal subjects.
Section 2. The members in course shall be elected primarily on the basis of broad cultural interests and scholarly achievements. The number of undergraduates elected from any class, including any who may be elected in their junior year, shall not exceed 15 per cent of those expected to receive liberal bachelor degrees in that class. Only those students whose work has
'Now known as the Phi Beta Kappa Society.


been definitely liberal in character and purpose shall be eligible to election as members in course.
Section 3. The Chapter shall determine the courses or work which shall be considered liberal in character, that is, studies designed principally for a knowledge or understanding or appreciation with training intended principally to develop skill or vocational techniques. The Chapter may take into consideration the results of such methods as honors work and comprehensive examinations and also the opinions of teachers and administrative officers concerning the character, capacity, scholarly achievements, breadth of interest, and general promise of each student under consideration.
Section 4. If graduate students in course are elected, they must be completing, with an unusually high record, at least two years of graduate study leading towards the Ph.D. degree, must meet the same standards as to liberal studies as are applied to undergraduates, and shall ordinarily be graduates of institutions not having a chapter of Phi Beta Kappa and the possessors of a superior standing in their undergraduate work.
Section 5. Graduates of the institution of not less than ten years' standings who, by contributions in the fields of the humane sciences and letters or by work of pure literature, have since graduation given clear evidence of the possession of distinguished scholarly capacities, may be elected to alumni membership. The number elected in any triennium should be strictly limited by the Chapter by-laws.
Section 6. Members of other chapters of Phi Beta Kappa who become officers or members of the teaching staff of the institution shall thereby become associate members of the Chapter with full privileges in the conduct of its affairs. Other members of Phi Beta Kappa in the vicinity may be invited to any meeting of the Chapter.
Section 7. The Chapter may make further limitations or restrictions concerning any class of members other than associate.
Section 8. Since good moral character is a qualification for membership, any member found, after being given due notice and an opportunity to be heard, to have lost this qualification may be expelled from Phi Beta Kappa by a four-fifths vote of the members present at a regular annual meeting of the Chapter.
Section 9. A citation of the qualifications of each person elected to alumni membership shall be entered upon the minutes and submitted for record to the Secretary of the United Chapters. A full report of all members elected, expelled, or recorded as having resigned or died shall be sent annually to the Secretary of the United Chapters.
Article IV
This Chapter shall send a delegation to represent it at each meeting of the Council of Phi Beta


Kappa and shall contribute its share to the financial support of the United Chapters.
Article V
This Chapter shall, by suitable by-laws, provide for the election of officers, the selection of members, the conduct of its meetings, and such other matters as may be deemed proper; provided that said by-laws shall contain nothing inconsistent with this Constitution or with the Constitution and By-laws of the United Chapters, and provided further that said by-laws and any amendments thereto shall not become effective until approved by the Senate.
Article VI
This Constitution may be amended only by the Council of the Phi Beta Kappa.
Section L The classes of member shall be:
Section 2. Resident members shall consist of associate members and the members of the Beta Chapter of Florida who are officers of the University or members of the teaching or research staffs in the University of Florida. Only resident members shall vote in election of members or in related matters.
Section 3. Members-in-Course shall be chosen from students in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences and other University of Florida colleges and schools as specified in this section of the By-laws.
A. Undergraduate Members-in-Course
2 Approved by the United Chapters, March, 1981.


The Committee for the Nomination of Undergraduate Members-in-Course shall be responsible for recommending to the Chapter for election to Phi Beta Kappa eligible undergraduates and recent graduates in the present or previous calendar year as provided below from the undergraduate Colleges in accordance with the following criteria and procedures.
1) Seniors in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences and recent graduates of the College in the present or previous calendar year as provided below.
a) Non-transfer students or transfer students who have earned 90 or
more quarter hours or 60 or more semester hours at the University
of Florida.
The Committee shall develop an eligibility list comprising those seniors who are candidates for the degree of Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science who have earned at least 68 letter-graded quarter hours or 45 letter-graded semester hours in courses offered by the College of Liberal Arts & Sciences, whose scholastic averages rank them within the highest fifteen per cent of the total number of such seniors. In addition, The Committee shall develop a similar list of those who ranked in the highest fifteen per cent of the classes graduated the two preceding quarters or semesters (if not already considered on the basis of their completed undergraduate transcripts) who were not elected to Phi Beta Kappa, in order to determine whether they may have become eligible for election on the basis of their academic achievement during their final term before graduation.
The number of undergraduates elected from any class including any who may be elected in their junior year shall ordinarily not exceed 10 percent and in no case shall exceed 15 per cent of those expected to receive bachelor's degrees in that class in any calendar year.
b) Transfer students who have earned at least 68 letter-graded quarter
hours or 45 letter-graded semester hours in courses offered by the
College of Liberal Arts and Sciences.
Students in this category who are candidates for the degree of Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science and rank in the highest fifteen percent of the total number of such candidates may also be considered for election. The Committee shall determine and assess each such student's grade point average at other institutions attended, and his or her major grade point average at the University of Florida. Such determination and assessment may be waived in the case of a student who has transferred from another institution which has a chapter of Phi Beta Kappa if the student is recommended favorably by that chapter. It shall be


the Chapter Secretary's responsibility to inquire of other chapters in such instances if so requested by the Committee.
In the election of members from the above groups, candidates shall be evaluated on the basis of their grade point average, the quality of the courses taken, and the number of "liberal" courses completed. "Liberal" courses are here defined as "courses designed principally for knowledge or understanding or appreciation of the natural and social world in which we live, as contrasted with training intended principally to develop skill or vocational technique." Particular criteria are as follows:
For a candidate to be presented with recommendation, the student must have on the record at least 50 quarter or 34 semester hours of credits in lettergraded courses in the arts and sciences in areas outside his or her major area. For purposes of this by-law, the six major areas are defined as follows: Humanities, Social Sciences, Biological Sciences, Physical Sciences, Mathematics, and Foreign Languages. For the guidance of the Committee, the Chapter may, from time to time, approve a listing of departmental or course prefixes and any particular courses that are to be considered as falling under each of the six areas. Such listings are not part of these by-laws, but the current list is to be attached to the by-laws. Only courses with grades of C or above may be counted toward meeting this outside-major-area requirement. At least 25 of these quarter hours, or 16 semester hours shall have been earned at the University of Florida, with no more than 20 quarter hours or 14 semester hours allowable from any one nonmajor area.
2) The Committee may also recommend to the Chapter for election those
students who have completed a minimum of 96 quarter hours or 62
semester hours at the University of Florida with a grade point average of not less than 3.85 in all work taken at the University of Florida, and have
completed a minimum of 45 letter-graded quarter hours or 30 letter-graded semester hours in the College of Liberal Arts & Sciences. The candidate's
record must create a strong presumption that he or she will complete the
Liberal Arts & Sciences degree program in such a manner as to be eligible for election to membership-in-course as a graduating senior in accordance
with the criteria specified supra. No person shall be considered for election under this provision more than once. It shall be the general
practice, when possible, to consider a candidate under this provision as
soon as she or he meets the minimum requirements stated above.
3) The Committee shall also consider candidates for other bachelor degrees
with status equivalent to that required of candidates for the degrees of
Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science, who have acquired a


background of liberal courses (as evidenced by the completion of courses equivalent to a major acceptable to the College of Liberal Arts & Sciences
including one year of a foreign language or its equivalent and sufficient
electives also acceptable to that College) which is equivalent to that required of those candidates. In order to identify such students, the
Chapter Secretary shall solicit nominations from the deans of each of the
other University of Florida undergraduate colleges prior to the periodic meetings of the Committee. The total number of such students elected shall not exceed one per cent of the total number of candidates for the degrees of Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science in the quarter or
semester of election. In computing the total number of students eligible for election under this provision, all fractions shall be carried to the next
whole number.
After investigating these qualifications, the Committee shall prepare and
then present two lists to the Chapter for its consideration. The first list shall
consist of those candidates whom the Committee unanimously recommends for
election as members-in-course. The second list shall consist of those whom at
least two members of the Committee consider possibly to merit election. The first
list shall be designated the "recommended" list; the second may be referred to as
the "presented" list. All candidates who have completed fewer than 90 quarter hours or 60 semester hours in courses taken at the University of Florida shall be
placed on the "presented" list.
The Committee shall provide in writing the following kinds of information
with regard to candidates recommended or presented:
1) Recommended list: each student's name; total University of Florida credit
hours completed; over-all University of Florida grade point average, and
student's major department.
2) Presented list: each student's name; other undergraduate institutions
attended, if any; grade point average at other institutions attended, if any; total University of Florida credit hours completed; overall University of
Florida grade point average (in courses at University of Florida); and
(using abbreviations or symbols) Committee's comments as to particular
candidate's strengths or weaknesses in relation to Chapter's standards.
B. Graduate members-in-course: candidates for or recent recipients of the Ph.D.
The Committee for the Nomination of Graduate Members-in-Course shall
present to the Chapter at least once per year its recommendations as to the election


of graduate members-in-course. To be eligible for election to Phi Beta Kappa,
graduate students must have been certified to the Graduate Council as having completed the thesis and course requirements for the Ph.D. degree. The major field of study of a candidate must have been definitely liberal in character; the candidate must have had an unusually high record in course work as well as in
written and oral examinations, and the dissertation must be of outstanding quality;
the candidate must have had a superior standing in undergraduate work (which
should have been of the same liberal character as that which is required of
students in the University of Florida); and ordinarily the candidate should be a
graduate of an undergraduate institution which did not have a chapter of Phi Beta
In evaluating all classes of candidates for election to Phi Beta Kappa, the respective nominations committees and the Chapter may also give attention to
candidates' capacity for original and creative work, their personal character and
integrity, and any letters of commendation from members of the University
faculty. The Chapter Secretary may solicit such letters of commendation from
Department chairmen in the College of Liberal Arts & Sciences periodically
during the academic year.
The requirements of the United Chapters and those indicated in these bylaws shall be regarded merely as the lowest permissible standards for this Chapter.
The committees shall be under no obligation to recommend all students who meet these minimum criteria, but shall endeavor to maintain a standard for this Chapter
which will best encourage scholarship and cultural interest on this Campus.
Those candidates who are unanimously recommended by the committees on undergraduate and graduate members-in-course may be voted upon as a group.
Those presented without recommendation ("presented list") shall be voted on
singly. Voting shall be by secret ballot, and a four-fifths vote of resident members
present shall be necessary for election. Abstentions shall be counted as negative votes. All discussions shall be held in confidence, except that resident members
are free to notify directly any students they know of their election.
Section 4. Alumni members may be elected from the graduates of the University of Florida of not less than ten years' standing who since graduation have given clear evidence of the possession of distinguished scholarly capacities, by contributions in the fields of the humane sciences and letters or by works of pure literature. In addition to the foregoing, the undergraduate record shall be given careful consideration, and shall be of good quality. No more than six alumni members may be elected in any Phi Beta Kappa triennium. The Committee on the nomination of alumni members shall present its recommendation to the Chapter each year, ordinarily at the annual meeting.


With each recommendation for Alumni Membership, the Committee on the nomination of alumni members shall submit a citation of the qualifications on which the election should be based. These citations shall be preserved by the Chapter Historian with the Chapter archives. A unanimous vote of the Committee, and a four-fifths vote of the resident members present shall be necessary for the election of alumni members.
Section 5. Persons other than graduates of the University of Florida, but associated with it at one time or another, who have made outstanding contributions in both teaching and research in the liberal arts and sciences, may be elected as Honorary members. Ordinarily such persons should not be graduates of institutions which had chapters of Phi Beta Kappa. Persons who are serving in any administrative position in the University of Florida or the State University System are not eligible for election as honorary members. No more than three honorary members may be elected in any Phi Beta Kappa triennium. The Committee for the nomination of honorary members shall present its recommendation to the Chapter each year, ordinarily at the annual business meeting.
With each recommendation for honorary membership, the Committee shall submit a
citation of the qualifications on which the election should be based. Citations in the case of those elected shall be preserved by the Chapter Historian with the Chapter archives. A unanimous vote of the Committee and a four-fifths vote of the resident members present shall be necessary for election.
Section 1. The officers of this chapter shall be a President, a Vice-President, a Secretary, a Treasurer, and a Historian, and they shall perform the duties usually incumbent upon such officers. The Historian shall file in the University Library publications of the United Chapters and of the local chapter. These officers shall be elected for a one-year term by ballot at the annual business meeting, and they shall assume office at the beginning of the academic year immediately following their election. Ordinarily the Chapter shall elect as President a person who has not previously held that office. The other Chapter officers may be reelected for successive or multiple terms.
Section 2. There shall be six standing committees as follows:
a) An Executive Committee consisting of the Chapter officers and the chairmen of
the other standing committees. This committee shall have power in all matters not
requiring a full meeting or otherwise provided for. It may fill any committee
vacancies, or appoint additional necessary committees, such as the Banquet and
Creative Achievement Award Committees.
b) A Committee for the Nomination of Undergraduate Members-in-Course, which


shall be composed of nine resident members elected by ballot for overlapping
terms of three years, three being elected each year. In addition, the Chapter
Secretary shall be an ex officio voting member of the committee. Each
September, the Chapter President shall appoint one of the elected members to
serve as committee chairman for the coming year.
c) A Committee for the Nomination of Graduate Student Members-in-Course. This
committee, consisting of not fewer than five resident members, who shall be members of the graduate faculty, together with its chairman, shall be appointed each September by the Executive
d) A Committee for the Nomination of Alumni Members. This committee,
consisting of not fewer than five resident members, together with its chairman,
shall be appointed by the Executive Committee each September.
e) Committee for the Nomination of Honorary Members.4 This committee,
consisting of not fewer than five resident members, together with its chairman,
shall be appointed each September by the Executive Committee.
f) A Committee on Special Programs and Encouragement of Scholarship. This
committee shall study methods of encouraging scholarship, and may arrange
special programs or carry out other plans for that purpose, subject to the approval
of the Executive Committee, by which it shall be appointed.
Section 3. At least two weeks before the annual business meeting, the President shall appoint a Nominating Committee composed of at least three resident members. The Chapter Secretary shall provide the Nominating Committee with a list of current resident members, and information as to the positions to be filled. The Chapter Secretary may serve as a non-voting ex officio member of the Nominating Committee.
The Nominating Committee shall, after obtaining acceptances from those it proposes to recommend, present the names of nominees to the Chapter at the annual business meeting, one name per vacancy to be filled.
The committee's report should include nominations for the offices of President, Vice President, Historian, Treasurer, and Secretary as well as the names of three resident members to
' The membership of the Committee for the Nomination of Alumni Members and the Committee for the Nomination of Honorary Members may be co-extensive.
' See footnote 3.


be elected to serve on the Committee for the Nomination of Undergraduate Members-in-Course. If there will be more than three vacancies in the undergraduate membership committee, additional names should be presented.
Section 1. Meetings shall be called for the election and for the initiation of new members in the fall and in the spring. The annual business meeting may be combined with the Spring election meeting. The dates for all meetings shall be fixed by the President. The fall initiation meeting should be held on or about the 5th day of December in celebration of the Anniversary of the founding of Phi Beta Kappa. The Secretary shall give adequate notice of all meetings to the resident members of the Beta Chapter, and, so far as possible, notices of the initiation meetings to all members of Phi Beta Kappa known to be in the vicinity.
Section 2. Special meetings may be called by the President whenever he or she shall deem it advisable. The President must call a special meeting at the written request of five members.
Section 3. A quorum shall consist of ten resident members.
Section 1. An initiation fee shall be paid, before initiation, by all persons elected to membership in the chapter, except Alumni and Honorary members. The fee shall be 40 dollars for Membersin-Course. The initiation fees do not include the cost of keys.
Section 2. The Secretary shall report promptly to the Secretary of the United Chapters the names of all persons received into membership, and shall forward to the Treasurer of the United Chapters such sums as are necessary to meet the requirements of the United Chapters.
Section 3. The chapter may levy special assessments on resident members by a two-thirds vote of the resident members present.
Any member in arrears may be removed from the roll one month after notice from the Secretary. Any member so removed may be reinstated by the Executive Committee.
'The Chapter is authorized to change the initiation fees for new members without formal approval by the United Chapters or national Society.


Section 1. These By-Laws may not be suspended.

Section 2. These By-Laws may be amended by a three-fourths vote of the resident members present at any regular or special meeting of the chapter, provided that the text of the proposed amendment has been sent to all resident members at least ten days previously. No amendment shall be considered in force until notice of its approval by the Senate of the United Chapters has been received by the chapter Secretary.
1938-1966, by Manning J. Dauer
Phi Beta Kappa was installed at the University of Florida in a three-day ceremony on February 17, 18, and 19, of 1938. The University of Florida Phi Beta Kappa Association, which preceded the establishment of the chapter, had petitioned the Senate of the United Chapters in 1937 for a chapter. This petition was granted and Dr. John J. Tigert, member of the Phi Beta Kappa Senate, and President of the University of Florida, was also the first president of the University of Florida Chapter, Beta of Florida.* Frank Pierrepont Graves, president of the United Chapters, presided. Mrs. Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings, Florida's most famous novelist, was one of the luncheon speakers. Claude Pepper, Phi Beta Kappa from Alabama and Harvard, and United States Senator from Florida, delivered the principal evening address. Over one hundred and fifty colleges and universities had representatives for the main convocation and the academic procession also included all members of the faculty of the University of Florida. Dr. Graves delivered a principal address as did Albert Shaw, editor of the Review of Reviews, and long prominent in the national functions of Phi Beta Kappa and John Kirkland Clark, one of the leading lawyers and legal scholars in the United States. There were a number of individual members of Phi Beta Kappa from throughout the state. In conjunction with the installation, the first initiation ceremony was held and a distinguished group of undergraduate and alumni members became the first who received membership in the chapter.
Since that date the University of Florida chapters has initiated over eight hundred
members, including some fifty alumni members. Under the chapter constitution and by-laws, undergraduates must be chosen from those with standing in the top ten percent of the graduating class of the College of Arts and Sciences. Undergraduates may also be elected who stand in the top ten percent of other colleges if these graduates meet the individual requirements of a liberal arts major, the language requirements, and the elective requirements, of a liberal education as defined for graduation from the College of Arts and Sciences. Alumni members are chosen from those who have been graduated for at least ten years and who have made distinguished contribution "to humane arts, letters, or sciences." This is interpreted to mean that there must be genuine distinguishment in the field of publication and, if a person is in one of the professions,


his publications must be sufficiently broad to make a contribution to general science or to general knowledge.
Those elected under these criteria have gone forth into various walks of life. Some have made significant contributions in the humanities, such as 0. Howard Hauptmann's edition of the early Spanish Bible and other contributions to medieval studies. Alton C. Morris, Charles W. Arnade, and Herbert J. Doherty have contributed to our understanding of Southern and Florida culture in their respective writings on folk songs and on early Florida Spanish history. In the social sciences, we would also name Alan Westin of the Columbia University faculty, an outstanding writer in the field of public law and author of the definitive Life of thefirst Mr. Justice Harlan. Edgar S. Dunn has written on regional economics, on the European Common Market, and now is a regional economist of the United States Department of Commerce.
In the field of the sciences and mathematics, J. Barkley Rosser, Chairman of the
Mathematics Department of Cornell and President of the Association of Symbolic Logic, has written his Mathematical Theory of Rockets, obviously on a timely subject, as well as being of great scholarly significance. His work in symbolic logic also is noteworthy. Incidentally, he is the one person who has been elected by this chapter who refused initiation presumably on the ground that the organization was not worthwhile. This underscores the fact that creative thinkers are individualists, which is another tradition which might be noted. In Chemistry, Charles R. Hauser has made important contributions and is currently a professor at Duke. Robert I. Sarbacher has done significant research in electronics and is a former dean of the graduate school at Georgia Tech. Numerous other members, too, have served in major academic and administrative posts both at the University of Florida and elsewhere. Among these might be mentioned such men as Stanley E. Wimberly, C. Archibald Robertson, J. Hooper Wise, John and Louis McQuitty, George R. Bentley, and Frank E. Maloney to name only a few. Furthermore, one should consider the contributions which have been made to the University of Florida and to the Chapter through the years by its associate members-those elected to Phi Beta Kappa by other chapters-who with other resident members of the Chapter at the present time number over a hundred and fifty. Marston Bates, now Professor of Biology at the University of Michigan, and Archie Carr, Professor of Biology at the University of Florida, have written numerous books and are well known for their research. In the professions there are outstanding doctors and lawyers. On the Federal Bench two of the District Judges, William A. McRae and William 0. Mehrtens, are alumni members of this chapter. Drs. William Turnly, Joshua Edwards, T. M. Palmer, Arnold deM. Welch and others have contributed to research in the field of medicine.
Those initiated in the University of Florida chapter have then shown their dedication to scholarship and to learning, whether in the field of research and teaching or in the professions and business. The chapter commemorated its 25"h anniversary with an address by Dr. Russell M. Cooper, Dean of Liberal Arts of the University of South Florida. The banquet on April 5, 1963, was followed by an address on "The New Spirit of 76." The chapter now enters its second twenty-five years on this campus as the representative of an organization which itself dates from 1776.


* The Alpha of Florida, at Florida State University, was installed in 1935. In 1966 these two were the only chapters of Phi Beta Kappa in the state of Florida.
Supplement by David M. Chalmers, 1992
In addition to undergraduates, The Chapter also elects to membership a small number of graduating doctoral students who have produced outstanding dissertations after attending undergraduate colleges which did not have Phi Beta Kappa chapters. Each year the Chapter makes a "Creative Achievement Award" to a student in creative writing or the arts.
At 1988's 50th Anniversary spring initiation banquet, with Ellen Haring, Professor and Chairman of the Department of Philosophy, presiding, the Beta Chapter had as its guests two 1938 charter members, Harold L. Knowles and Clifford P. Lyons, along with Mrs. Herman Spivey and Mrs. Robert C. Williamson, whose charter member husbands were no longer living.
As of 1992, since its founding 54 years before, Beta Chapter of the University of Florida, had elected a total of 2,614 members, and 211 current faculty at the University were members of Phi Beta Kappa from the various colleges and universities that they had attended.
Supplement by Richard H. Hiers, 2002
The late Manning J. Dauer, for whom Dauer Hall is named, was not only one of the founding and charter members of the Beta Chapter of Florida. He also, for several decades, chaired the Political Science Department and was actively involved in the world of politics. For instance, he prepared the amicus curiae brief on the basis of which the federal courts eventually re-apportioned the Florida Legislature. His "History of the Beta of Florida," prepared for observance of the Chapter's 25" anniversary in his capacity as Chapter Historian and published in the 1966 Chapter Book, is reproduced above verbatim. David M. Chalmers, Distinguished Service Professor of History, a nationally recognized authority on American social history, and also for many years, Chapter Historian, contributed further historical notes which were published in the 1992 Chapter Book. These also are re-published above in the present Chapter Book. Some additional notes here follow.
The Phi Beta Kappa Handbook for New Members describes the founding of Phi Beta Kappa at the College of William and Mary in Virginia on December 5, 1776, and the establishment of chapters at other colleges and universities, beginning with Yale in 1780 and Harvard in 1781. Phi Beta Kappa was not only the first national honor society in America; it was also the first Greek Letter fraternity. It also became a sorority in 1875, when women were first admitted to membership. Over the years, numerous members have achieved distinction in various capacities or roles. To date, for instance, six Presidents of the United States have been


elected as undergraduates: Johm Quincy Adams, Chester A. Arthur, Theodore Roosevelt, William Howard Taft, George H. W. Bush, and William J. Clinton. Another eleven were elected as alumni and honorary members: Martin Van Buren, Franklin Pierce, Rutherford B. Hayes, James A. Garfield, Grover Cleveland, Woodrow Wilson, Calvin Coolidge, Franklin D. Roosevelt, Harry S Truman, Dwight D. Eisenhower, and Jimmy Carter. At present, there are 262 chapters of Phi Beta Kappa.
A total of five Florida universities now shelter chapters of Phi Beta Kappa. The Alpha
Chapter was established at Florida State University in 1935; the Beta Chapter at the University of Florida in 1938; the Gamma Chapter at Stetson University in 1982; the Delta Chapter at the University of Miami in 1983; and the Epsilon Chapter at Florida International University in 2001. Only those institutions of higher learning that measure up to Phi Beta Kappa's exacting standards are authorized to install chapters.
The University of Florida's Chapter of Phi Beta Kappa is one of a relatively small
number of chapters authorized to elect outstanding students graduating with the Ph.D. degree.' The University of Florida did not begin to admit women on a regular basis until fall, 1947. Nevertheless, Ruth Shartel McVoy was elected7 as early as 1945, and Eva Marcotte Anderson in 1946. By the mid-1960s, the numbers of women elected began to nearly equal the number of men. By 1972, women students at the University of Florida constituted 36 per cent of the student body. That year, 54 per cent of the students elected by the Beta of Florida were women. An amendment to the Chapter By-laws in 1976 allowed the Beta of Florida to begin electing a limited number of honorary members from among persons who were or had been significantly associated with the University and had achieved distinction in their respective fields.' From its inception, the Chapter has been authorized to elect alumni and alumnae members.'
In its first year, 1938, the chapter elected just twelve members, and the same number again in 1940. In 1950, the number increased to forty-one, and in 1960 to forty-six. Still only
6 In this book, students elected on this basis are noted with the letter G following their names.
7 Here, and throughout this book, persons described or mentioned as "elected" are those who, after being invited to membership by this Chapter, subsequently accepted by completing the formalities requisite to membership in Phi Beta Kappa.
In this book, persons so elected are designated by the letter H after their names.
In this book, persons elected on this basis are designated by the letter A following their names.


fifty were elected that is, accepted membership, in 1970'", but eighty were elected in 1980, and eighty-six in 1990. One hundred and fifty-eight were elected in the year 2000, eighty-five of them women. Most of those elected by the Chapter, beginning in 1938, were students in the liberal arts and sciences. Election to Phi Beta Kappa by this Chapter is based not only on grade point average, but also upon students' successful completion of a wide range of upper-level, letter-graded electives outside their particular major fields. Competence in a foreign language is also requisite. In addition, the Chapter considers for election superior students graduating from other University of Florida colleges who are recommended by their college deans and have completed a program including a major, a distribution of outside electives, and a language requirement comparable to those required of students in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences. Through the years students have been elected from several other University of Florida colleges, including Agriculture, Business Administration, Education, Engineering, Fine Arts, Journalism, Law, Medicine, and Nursing. From 1938 through December, 2001, approximately 5,600 University of Florida graduates were elected to membership in Phi Beta Kappa.
All persons elected to Phi Beta Kappa already may rightly be considered distinguished, not only for receiving this recognition, but for their earlier accomplishments and the likelihood of subsequent significant contributions to learning and society. Only a selected number of members elected by this Chapter can be noted here. In the realm of public service, for example, two Florida Governors may be mentioned: Leroy Collins (H, 1980), and D. Robert Graham (1959). The latter has also served for many years, and continues to serve as a United States Senator. Members have also provided leadership in the field of education; for instance, Frederick W. Conner (H, 1991) and Harry S. Sisler (H, 1981) as Vice Presidents of the University of Florida; Stanley Eugene Wimberly (1938) as Vice President of Florida Atlantic University; Talbot (Sandy) D'Alemberte (A, 1984) as Dean of the Florida State University College of Law and current President of that University; and Joan Dial Ruffier (1961) as Chair of the Florida Board of Regents.
Many members have given dedicated service to bench and bar. Manning .Dauer's history mentions several who have served asjudges. Since then, Richard William Ervin, III (A, 1977) was appointed to Florida's First District Court of Appeal, and later served as its Chief Judge. Sheldon Jay Plager (1958) was appointed to the federal appellate bench, and previously had been
'" See above, note 7 as to usage of the term "elected" in this Chapter Book. A few years ago, in conversation with Douglas W. Foard, then Secretary of the Phi Beta Kappa Society, the present historian was advised that the Society's office was receiving numerous inquiries from graduates from the 1960s and 1970s who had declined to accept election lest they be tainted by association with an such elitist and establishment organization, asking whether they might, nevertheless, belatedly proceed to complete the formalities associated with becoming members. The present historian recalls that in the period noted, many of those elected here who did join appeared for initiation wearing shot-away blue jeans and tattered tee shirts, the obligatory antiestablishment, anti-elitist uniform of the era.


dean of the University of Indiana's College of Law. Frank Edward Maloney (A, 1942), Joseph Richard Julin (H, 1983), and Grace W. Taylor (A, 1978), major figures in American legal education, also served as deans of the University of Florida College of Law. Two Chapter members have been President of the American Bar Association: Chesterfield Smith (A 1976) and Sandy D'Alemberte.
Many members have made important contributions as practitioners in the field of
medicine, for example, Jeffrey I. Rubin (1962), Bruce K. Stechmiller (1968), Mack Tyner, III (1972), and Marylou Behnke (1972). Michael Dean Chance (1975) has served as chiropractic physician for U.S. Olympic teams, and is an outstanding practitioner of various complementary therapies."
Jean M. Chalmers (1975) has served as national President of the Southern Regional Council, and in many other public service leadership positions. Irene Zimmerman (H, 1984) virtually single-handed built the Latin American library collection at the University of Florida up to its present pre-eminent standing in the field.
Michael V. Gannon (G, 1962), was knighted by King Juan Carlos of Spain in recognition of his research on early Spanish settlements in St. Augustine, and is internationally renowned as an authority on submarine warfare during the Second World War." Samuel Proctor (A, 1941) is generally regarded as the dean of Florida History." Two members have achieved national and international distinction in the area of religious studies: Theodor H. Gaster (LI, 1984)" and Vasudha Narayanan (H, 1996). Professor Gaster was national honorary President of the Society of Biblical Literature, and Professor Narayanan is current national President of the American Academy of Religion; both received Guggenheim Fellowships. Corbin S. Carnell (G, 1960) enjoys an international reputation as a C. S. Lewis scholar"; and John Thomas Algeo (G, 1960),
" See Shigeki Nakanishi, "Alternatives Exist to Prescriptions and Allergy Shots," The Gainesville Sun, April 11, 2002, pp. ID & 4D.
2 See, e.g., Michael V. Gannon, Black May: The Epic Story of the A llies'Defeat of the German U-Boats in May, 1943 (New York: Dell, 1999).
3 See, e.g., Samuel A Proctor, Florida a Hundred Years Ago (Coral Gables: Florida Library and Historical Commission, Civil War Centennial Committee, 1960).
" See "Theodor H. Gaster, 1906-1992: A Biographical Sketch and a Bibliographical Listing of Identified Published Writings," Ugarit-Forschungen 27, 28 (1995, 1996).
" See, e.g., Corbin Scott Carnell, Bright Shadow of Reality: C. S. Lewis and the Feeling Intellect (Grand Rapids: Eerdmans, 1974).


is a leading authority on the history of the English language.'6
Per Olov Lowdin (H, 1980) and Nils Yngve Ohrn (H, 1986) have been recognized as world-class pioneers in quantum physics/chemistry.'" The work of two others has received world-wide recognition in the areas of zoology and environmental action: Archie F. Carr (A, 1953) and Marjorie Harris Carr (A, 1984)." Pauline 0. Lawrence (A, 1972) is a national and international figure in the biological sciences. E. Dwight Adams (H, 1992) has been recognized for his research and publications in physics and for his activities regarding protection of the environment." Seymour S. Block (H, 1977) has achieved distinction in two separate areas: in chemical engineering, as a leading authority on detoxification, and in literature, for his writings on Benjamin Franklin.20 Jerry N. Uelsmann (H, 1982) has won international acclaim for his photographic art.
As will be seen in the listing of Chapter Officers that follows, a relatively small number of faculty members of Phi Beta Kappa have contributed a great deal to the on-going, effective effort of this Chapter to recognize and encourage academic and artistic excellence. Chapter Secretaries have rendered particularly outstanding service: most notably, in earlier years, Charles E. Mounts and Corbin S. Carnell, and more recently, William C. Childers and Gardiner H. Myers. In addition to those named as elected officers, several others have devoted major portions of their time and energy, carefully reviewing the credentials of candidates for election as undergraduate and graduate members or nominations for the Chapter's annual Creative Achievement Award. Among others who deserve special mention for such service in recent years are Richard D. Dresdner, R. Brandon Kershner, Keith R. Legg, Ira S. Fischler, Martin T. Vala, John L. Ward, Lois B. Haskins, and Barbara A. Barletta. Though all faculty who are members of Phi Beta Kappa most of them elected by other Chapters are considered "associate" or "resident" members of the Beta Chapter of Phi Beta Kappa, only a few exercise
16 See, e.g., Thomas Pyles and John Algeo, The Origins and Development of the English Language (New York: Harcourt, Brace, Jovanovich, 1993).
' See, e.g., Proceedings of the International Symposium on Applications of Fundamental Theory to Problems of Biology and Pharmacology: St. Augustine, Florida, February 25-March 3, 2000 (New York: Wiley, 2000).
" See, e.g., Archie Fairly Carr and Marjorie Harris Carr, A Naturalist in Florida: A Celebration ofEden (New Haven: Yale Univ. Press, 1994).
" Professor Adams received the Florida Academy of Sciences "Outstanding Florida Scientist: award for his studies on magnetism of solid helium-3, and the Florida Wildlife Federation's "Land Conservationist" award.
20 See, e.g., Seymour Stanton Block, Benjamin Franklin: His Wit, Wisdom, and Women (New York: Hastings House, 1975).

that privilege and responsibility. A notation in the May 24, 1977 Chapter Meeting minutes illustrates the point. Fourteen faculty members initially were present and managed to complete most of the agenda. However, Chapter Secretary Carnell observed, came the time when: "Members adjourned hurriedly and piecemeal in order to meet other commitments, the remnant leaving about 5:30."
Recent years have seen a number of Phi Beta Kappa celebrations. The year 1976 marked the 200h anniversary of the founding of Phi Beta Kappa at the College of William and Mary in Williamsburg, Virginia." The present Chapter Historian attended the observance in Williamsburg, as a Chapter Delegate to the Triennial Council meeting, reporting back that orange juice, rather than sherry, was being served on December 5th in the Raleigh Tavern. This special date was commemorated by a "Presentation on the Bicentennial Theme, 'Liberal Studies and the Values of a Free Society'," chaired by Rosemary Park, Professor of Education, Emeritus, University of California at Los Angeles, the main address by Daniel Boorstin, Librarian of Congress. Other speakers included Edward H. Levi, Attorney General of the United States; Philip Handler, President, National Academy of Sciences; and David Mathews, Secretary of Health, Education, and Welfare.'2 In anticipation of the year 2000, the Society authorized publication of the names of all living members of Phi Beta Kappa with known addresses. The two-volumes of this work appeared in 2000.23 As of that year, there were 255 chapters of Phi Beta Kappa at as many institutions of higher learning, and some 722,914 members had been elected nationwide since 1776. The Society celebrated its 225t" anniversary on December 5, 2001.24
The Beta Chapter of Florida duly observed the bicentennial at both spring and fall
initiation ceremonies in 1976. A dozen years later, the Chapter celebrated the 501h anniversary since receiving its Charter in 1938. David Chalmers spoke at the spring initiation banquet, and the program listed the names of the Charter members. The Chapter's 60th anniversary was the
2 The Alpha Chapter of Virginia's celebration of the 190"' anniversary of its founding is described, along with a description and pictures of evolving versions of the Phi Beta Kappa key and the Raleigh Tavern, in "Phi Beta Kappa on Eve of Birthday," The Virginian Pilot, December 4, 1966, p. B-16.
" See generally, Israel Shenker, "Phi Beta Kappa's 200 Years Celebrated at Founding Site," The New York Times, Dec. 6, 1976, pp. 33, 61.
2 Phi Beta Kappa Membership Directory 2000 (White Plains: Bernard C. Harris Publishing Co., 2000), 2 vols.
24 See The Key Reporter, Fall, 2001, pp. 2-3, announcing the event and inviting all members to attend the festivities.


occasion for a special commemorative forum, held in February, 1998.25 Professor Bertram Wyatt Brown, Eminent Scholar in History at the University of Florida presided. Speakers included Samuel Proctor, Distinguished Service Professor of History, Emeritus, University of Florida; David M. Chalmers, Distinguished Service Professor of History, University of Florida; and C. Vann Woodward, Professor of History, Emeritus, Johns Hopkins University, who had been a member of the University of Florida Faculty in 1938 and delivered the Chapter's first sponsored lecture that same year. The present Chapter Book was prepared in recognition of the beginning of the 21" century and the 3d millennium of the Common Era, in celebration of the Society's establishment at the College of William and Mary, 225 years previously, and in anticipation of the University of Florida's Sesquicentennial observances beginning in the year 2002.

1937-1938 Temp. Chairman
Temp. Sec. Treas.
1938-1940 President
Secretary Treasurer Historian
1940-1941 President
Secretary Treasurer Historian
1941-1942 President
Secretary Treasurer Historian
1942-1943 President
Secretary Treasurer

-Robert Crozier Williamson
-Manning Julian Dauer
-John James Tigert
-James Miller Leake
-Manning Julian Dauer
-Harold Loraine Knowles
-William Harold Wilson
-James M. Leake
-Clifford Pierson Lyons
-Manning J. Dauer
-Harold L. Knowles
-F. Dudley Williams
-Clifford P. Lyons
-Robert C. Williamson
-Manning J. Dauer
-Harold L. Knowles
-F. Dudley Williams
-Robert C. Williamson
-William Harold Wilson
-Jonathon Richard Ashton
-Harold L. Knowles

2 See article in The Independent Florida Alligator, Feb. 9, 1998, p. 5.

-Ernest George Atkin

1943-1944 President
Secretary Treasurer Historian
1944-1945 President
Secretary Treasurer Historian
1945-1946 President
Secretary Treasurer
1946-1947 President
Secretary Treasurer
1947-1948 President
Secretary Treasurer Historian
1948-1949 President
Secretary Treasurer Historian
1949-1950 President
Secretary Treasurer

-William H. Wilson
-Harwood Burrows Dolbeare
-J. Richard Ashton
-Harold L. Knowles
-Ernest G. Atkin
-Harwood B. Dolbeare
-Charles Archibald Robertson
-J. R. Ashton, succeeded by Charles Eugene Mounts
-Harold L. Knowles
-Ernest G. Atkin
-C. Archibald Robertson
-Ernest G. Atkin
-Charles Eugene Mounts
-Harold L. Knowles
-Ernest G. Atkin
-Manning J. Dauer
-Charles E. Mounts
-Harold L. Knowles
-George Gillespie Fox
-Manning J. Dauer
-George G. Fox
-Charles E. Mounts
-Harold L. Knowles
-Hans Hammond
-George G. Fox
-Elmer Dumond Hinckley
-Charles E. Mounts
-Harold L. Knowles
-Arthur L. Funk
-Elmer D. Hinckley
-Arthur R. Mead
-Charles E. Mounts
-Harold L. Knowles
-George John Miller



1950-1951 President
Secretary Treasurer Historian
1951-1952 President
Secretary Treasurer Historian
1952-1953 President
Secretary Treasurer Historian
1953-1954 President
Secretary Treasurer Historian
1954-1955 President
Secretary Treasurer Historian
1955-1956 President
Secretary Treasurer Historian
1956-1957 President
Secretary Treasurer Historian

-Arthur R. Mead
-Charles E. Mounts
-Edmund Ruffin Jones
-Harold L. Knowles
-not elected
-Charles E. Mounts
-Harold L. Knowles
-E. Ruffin Jones
-Gaines B. Lang
-Francis Clement Hayes
-E. Ruffin Jones
-Warder Clyde Allee
-Charles E. Mounts
-Gaines B. Lang
-Francis C. Hayes
-Warder C. Allee
-J. Hillis Miller. Died. November, 1953; succeeded by George John Miller
-Charles E. Mounts
-Gaines B. Lang
-Philip K. Yonge
-George J. Miller
-John V. McQuitty
-Charles E. Mounts
-Gaines B. Lang
-Philip K. Yonge

-Thomas Pyles
-Stanley Eugene Wimberly
-Charles E. Mounts
-Gaines B. Lang
-John Berry McFerrin
-Stanley E. Wimberly
-James W. Day
-Charles E. Mounts
-Gaines B. Lang
-John B. Mc Ferrin


1957-1958 President
Secretary Treasurer Historian
1958-1959 President
Secretary Treasurer
1959-1960 President
Secretary Treasurer Historian
1960-1961 President
1961-1962 President
Treasurer Historian
1962-1963 President
Secretary Treasurer Historian
1963-1964 President

-James W. Day. Died, succeeded by Francis C. Hayes
-Clement H. Donovan
-Charles E. Mounts
-Gaines B. Lang
-John B. McFerrin
-Armin Henry Gropp
-Robert Barbeau Mautz
-Charles E. Mounts
-Gaines B. Lang
-Richard B. Vowles
-Robert Barbeau Mautz
-Richard James Anderson
-Charles E. Mounts
-Gaines B. Lang
-Richard B. Vowles
-Richard J. Anderson
-Robert Wesley Bradbury
-Charles E. Mounts, E. Ruffin Jones (summer) Richard B. Vowles (fall) Robert George Blake (winter)
-Gaines B. Lang. Died, succeeded by John V. McQuitty
-William H. Wilson
-Robert W. Bradbury
-John B. McFerrin
-Robert G. Blake E. Ruffin Jones (Acting Secretary, summer, 1961)
-Francis Tyrone McCoy
-William H. Wilson

-John B. McFerrin
-John Keith Mahon
-Robert G. Blake
-John V. McQuitty
-Manning J. Dauer
-John K. Mahon
-Daniel Cramer Swanson


Secretary Treasurer Historian
1964-1965 President
Secretary Treasurer Historian
1965-1966 President
Secretary Treasurer Historian
1966-1967 President
Secretary Treasurer Historian
1967-1968 President
Secretary Treasurer Historian
1968-1969 President
Secretary Treasurer Historian
1969-1970 President
Secretary Treasurer Historian
1970-1971 President

-Robert G. Blake
-John V. McQuitty
-Manning J. Dauer
-Daniel C. Swanson
-Paul Tarrant
-Robert G. Blake
-John V. McQuitty
-Manning J. Dauer
-Paul Tarrant
-James Richard Anderson
-Richard Hyde Hiers
-John V. McQuitty
-Manning J. Dauer
-James R. Anderson
-Clement H. Donovan
-Richard H. Hiers
-John V. McQuitty
-Manning J. Dauer
-Clement H. Donovan
-Stanley S. Ballard
-Richard H. Hiers
-John V. McQuitty
-Manning J. Dauer
-Stanley S. Ballard
-Richard D. Dresdner
-Richard H. Hiers
-John V. McQuitty
-Manning J. Dauer
-Richard D. Dresdner
-T. Walter Herbert
-William C. Childers
-John V. McQuitty
-Manning J. Dauer
-T. Walter Herbert
-Herman E. Spivey
-William C. Childers


Treasurer Historian
1971-1972 President
Secretary Treasurer Historian
1972-1973 President
Secretary Treasurer Historian
1973-1974 President
Secretary Treasurer Historian
1974-1975 President
Secretary Treasurer Historian
1975-1976 President
Secretary Treasurer Historian
1976-1977 President
Secretary Treasurer Historian
1977-1978 President
Secretary Treasurer

-John V. McQuitty
-Manning J. Dauer
-Herman E. Spivey
-David M. Chalmers
-William C. Childers
-John V. McQuitty
-Manning J. Dauer
-David M. Chalmers
-Richard H. Hiers
-William C. Childers
-John K. Mahon
-Manning J. Dauer
-William C. Childers
-Tommy Ruth Waldo
-Norman J. Fry
-John K. Mahon
-Manning J. Dauer
-Tommy Ruth Waldo
-Richard H. Hiers
-Norman J. Fry
-John K. Mahon
-Manning J. Dauer
-Richard H. Hiers
-Jayne C. Harder
-Corbin S. Carnell
-John K. Mahon Manning J. Dauer
-Jayne C. Harder
-Kenneth Byron
-Corbin S. Carnell
-John K. Mahon
-Manning J. Dauer
-Kenneth Byron
-Ruth 0. McQuown
-Corbin S. Carnell
-Jeaninne Webb



1978-1979 President
Secretary Treasurer
1979-1980 President
Secretary Treasurer
1980-1981 President
Secretary Treasurer Historian
1981-1982 President
Secretary Treasurer Historian
1982-1983 President
Secretary Treasurer Historian
1983-1984 President
Secretary Treasurer Historian
1984-1985 President
Secretary Treasurer Historian

-Manning J. Dauer
-Ruth 0. McQuown
-Don Murray
-Corbin S. Carnell
-Jeaninne Webb
-Manning J. Dauer
-John F. Helling
-Jaquelyn L. Resnick
-Corbin S. Carnell
-Jeaninne Webb
-Manning J. Dauer
-Norine Noonan
-Jaquelyn L. Resnick
-William C. Childers
-Jeaninne Webb
-David M. Chalmers
-Jaquelyn L. Resnick
-Corbin S. Carnell
-William C. Childers
-Jeaninne Webb
-David M. Chalmers
-Corbin S. Carnell
-Alfred Hower
-William C. Childers
-Jeaninne Webb
-David M. Chalmers
-Alfred flower
-Geraldine C. Nichols
-William C. Childers
-Jeannine Webb
-David M. Chalmers
-Gardiner H. Myers
-Karelisa V. Hartigan
-William C. Childers
-Jeaninne Webb
-David M. Chalmers


1985-1986 President
Secretary Treasurer Historian
1986-1987 President
Secretary Treasurer Historian
1987-1988 President
Secretary Treasurer Historian
1988-1989 President
Secretary Treasurer Historian
1989-1990 President
Secretary Treasurer Historian
1990-1991 President
Secretary Treasurer
1991-1992 President
Secretary Treasurer Historian
1992-1993 President

-Karelisa V. Hartigan
-Martin T. Vala
-Gardiner H. Myers
-Jeaninne Webb
-David M. Chalmers
-Martin T. Vala
-Ellen S. Haring
-Gardiner H. Myers
-Jeaninne Webb
-David M. Chalmers
-Ellen S. Haring
-Ira S. Fischler
-Gardiner H. Myers
-Jeaninne Webb
-David M. Chalmers
-Ira S. Fischler
-Helga Kraft
-Gardiner H. Myers
-Jeaninne Webb
-David M. Chalmers
-Helga Kraft
-David B. Tanner
-Gardiner H. Myers
-Jeaninne Webb
-David M. Chalmers
-Geraldine C. Nichols
-John L. Ward
-Gardiner H. Myers
-Jeaninne Webb
-David M. Chalmers
-John L. Ward
-Douglas A. Cenzer
-Gardiner H. Myers
-Jeaninne Webb
-David M. Chalmers
-Douglas A. Cenzer


Secretary Treasurer Historian
1993-1994 President
Secretary Treasurer Historian
1994-1995 President
Secretary Treasurer Historian
1995-1996 President
Secretary Treasurer Historian
1996-1997 President
Secretary Treasurer Historian
1997-1998 President
Secretary Treasurer Historian
1998-1999 President
Secretary Treasurer Historian
1999-2000 President

-Bertram Wyatt-Brown
-Gardiner H. Myers
-Jeaninne Webb
-Richard H. Hiers
-Bertram Wyatt-Brown
-Richard H. Hiers
-Gardiner H. Myers
- Richard A. Kiltie
- David M. Chalmers
-Michael V. Gannon
-Grace W. Taylor
-Gardiner H. Myers
-Richard A. Kiltie
-Kenneth D. Wald and Richard H. Hiers
-Grace W. Taylor
-Carolyn H. Smith
-Gardiner H. Myers
-Richard A. Kiltie
-Richard H. Hiers
-Carolyn H. Smith
-Joann Mossa
-Gardiner H. Myers
-Richard A. Kiltie
-Richard H. Hiers
-Joann Mossa
-Lola B. Haskins
-Gardiner H. Myers
-Richard A. Kiltie
-Richard H. Hiers
-Lola B. Haskins
-Mark W. Thurner
-Gardiner H. Myers
-Richard A. Kiltie
-Richard H. Hiers
-Mark W. Thurner
-Barbara A. Barletta


-Gardiner H. Myers
-Richard A. Kiltie
-Richard H. Hiers

2000-2001 President
Secretary Treasurer Historian
2001-2002 President
Secretary Treasurer Historian

-Mark W. Thurner, Barbara A. Barletta
-Barbara A. Barletta, Mark W. Thurner
-Gardiner H. Myers
-Richard A. Kiltie
-Richard H. Hiers
-Barbara A. Barletta
-Fletcher N. Baldwin, Jr.
-Gardiner H. Myers
-Richard A. Kiltie
-Richard H. Hiers


1948 Silas Kendrick Eshlemen, III
Herbert J. Doherty, Jr. 1949 Frances Jayne Crane 1950 Charles A. Holder 1951 Greta Andron
Annie Nobles Miller 1952 James I. Bryan 1953 Harry W. Dunscombe 1954 William E. Parker 1955 Elizabeth Otto 1956 Jack Jarrett 1957 David L. Willing 1958 None awarded 1959 Bradley Nichels 1960 Martha Jane Hester 1961 Roberta Balk

1962 1963 1964 1965 1966 1967 1968 1969 1970 1971 1972
1974 1975 1976 1977

None awarded None awarded None awarded Judyth Baker Edward Marc Treib Sally Stowell Curtis Jessie Bea Nettles Michael L. Mahoney Henry C. Wolking, Jr. James F. Williams W. Alan Harmon William Mickelberry David Bruce Darlington Valerie N. Miller William N. Oelrich Craig Stroupe


Secretary Treasurer Historian

Margaret Tolbert 1978 Jerry Dickey
Saul Ullman
1979 Richard A. Campbell 1980 Joseph Alden Detwiler 1981 Richard Taloe Harding, Jr. 1982 Walter Salas-Humara 1983 Gail Shepherd 1985 Deborah Thompson 1986 Tom Gillen 1987 Francis James 1988 Dana Moore 1989 GeorgeFickling
Michael Wine
1990 Milene T. Saavedra
Kimberly A. Velasquez 1991 Edward Wilcox 1992 Rene Otto 1993 Christopher Adrian 1994 Eric Nyros
Brian Carter (Honorable mention) 1995 Brian Hargrove
Edward Tharp 1996 Asa Shatkin 1997 Peter Traub 1998 Bethany Harvey 1999 Valeree Bennett 2000 Kimberly Rovansek 2001 Aaron Tune Collins


PHI BETA KAPPA LECTURES AND ADDRESSES Feb., 1938 Installation Addresses26:
*Frank Pierrepont Graves, President, United Chapters of Phi Beta Kappa, "The
Past, Present and Future of Phi Beta Kappa."
*Claude Pepper, United States Senator from Florida, "Students and the times."
*Townes R. Leigh, Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences, University of
Florida, "A Welcome to Phi Beta Kappa."
*John Kirkland Clark, Chairman of the Phi Beta Kappa Foundation, "Phi Beta
Kappa: The Fountain of Eternal Youth."
*William H. Crawford, President Emeritus, Allegheny College, "Phi Beta Kappa:
A Challenge."
Dec., 1938 *Dr. C. Vann Woodward, Assistant Professor of Social Sciences, "The
South in Search of Philosophy."
May, 1939 Prof. A.J. Hanna, "A Secret Quest for the Spanish Archives of
Dec., 1939 *Prof. George G. Fox, "The English Novel in the Nineteenth
Apr., 1940 *President John J. Tigert, "Effects of Temperament and Life Upon
Apr., 1941 Prince Hubertus Lowenstein, "The Foundations of the Coming Peace." Dec., 1941 Dr. T. Z. Cason, "In Search of a Goal." May, 1942 Prof. Doak Campbell
26 Lectures designated with an asterisk were published and may be available at the University of Florida Libraries.


Mar., 1946 Dr. Edwin Mims
Dec., 1946 *Dr. Melvin Brannon, Chancellor Emeritus, University of Montana, "Philosophy, the Guide of Life."
June, 1947 Dr. Alton C. Morris, Assistant Professor of English, "William Cullen Bryant's visits to Florida."
Dec., 1947 *President J. Hillis Miller, "Competition in Education- Condemned or Praised?"
Apr., 1948 *John C. Cooper, Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton, N.J., "The
Impact of Air Power."
Dec., 1948 Dr. Samuel Guy Inman, "The World Revolution." May, 1949 Dr. William G. Carleton, Chairman and Professor of Social Sciences, University of
Florida, "Toward Maturity."
May, 1950 Dr. John E. Pomfret, President of the College of William and Mary, and
Vice-President of the United Chapters of Phi Beta Kappa, "Social Change." Dec., 1950 Dr. Ralph H. Blodgett, Professor of Economics, University of
Florida, "The Economics of Compulsory Health Insurance." May, 1951 Dr. Marston Bates, Assistant to the President, The Rockefeller
Foundation, "Western Culture in the Tropical Environment."
Dec., 1951 Dr. Florence Bamberger, Visiting Professor in the College of Education, "The
Three R's-Then, and Now and Why!"
May, 1952 Virginius Dabney, Editor, The Richmond Times Dispatch, "The Most Important
Issue Before the South Today."
Jan., 1953 Dr. Herman Gunter, State Geologist of Florida, "The Mineral Resources of Florida
and Their Use."
May, 1953 Dr. Marten ten Hoor, Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences, University of
Alabama, "The Paradoxical Santayana."
Jan., 1954 G. Finlay Shirras, Visiting Professor of Economics, "Science and Religion in the
Modern University."


May, 1954 Goodrich G. White, President, United Chapters of Phi Beta Kappa, "Purpose and
Perspective in High Education."
Jan., 1955 Prof. William A. McRae, Jr., "The Liberal Arts and the Professions Today." May, 1955 Alan K. Manchester, Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences, Duke University,
"With Accent on Quality."
Jan., 1956 Caleb J. King, Jr., Associate Editor of the Florida Times Union, "The Place of
Liberal Arts in the Curricula of Journalism Schools."
May, 1956 Dr. Henry Allen Moe, Executive Secretary of the Guggenheim Foundation, "That
Blessed Word Mesopotemia; A Lawyer's Reflection on the Development of Law
and Liberty Based on a Recent Journey to the Middle East."
Jan., 1957 Dean George T. Harrell, College of Medicine, "Liberal Studies and the Medical
May, 1957 Dr. Joel H. Hildebrand, "Education in a Democracy-What is It?" May, 1958 Dr. Ronald S. Crane, Visiting Professor of English, "Swift and the Perfectionists." May, 1959 Dr. Thomas D. Clark, Head Professor of History, University of Kentucky, "Quality
and the Great American Stampede."
Jan., 1960 Dr. Peter A. Bromhead, Visiting Professor of Social Sciences, Durham University,
England, "Contrasting Roles of Modern Legislatures."
May, 1960 Dr. Philip Davidson, President, University of Louisville, "Higher Learning in
America-Variations on a Theme by Hutchins."
May, 1961 Dr. Robert McDonald Lester, Executive Director, Southern Fellowship Fund,
"Graduate Education: A Necessity."
May, 1962 Dr. Gordon Blackwell, President, Florida State University, "U. of F. and F.S.U.:
Partners in Florida's Future."
Apr., 1963 Dean Russell M. Cooper, College of Liberal Arts, University of South Florida,
"The New Spirit of '76."
Apr., 1964 Dr. Moses Hadas (Phi Beta Kappa Visiting Scholar), Professor Greek and Latin,
Columbia University, "Humanism, the Ancient Ideal and Its Modern Survivals."


Dec., 1965 Congressman Claude Pepper, "The Cultural Awakening of America." Apr., 1966 Harry Golden, Author and Editor of The Carolina Israelite, "What is the American Way of Life?"
Dec., 1966 Frederick W. Conner, Vice President, University of Florida, "The Two Cultures as Counterparts; or, 'Concord is Born of Contraries'."
1966-67 Juan Lopez-Morales (Phi Beta Kappa Visiting Scholar), Professor of Spanish, Brown University.
Dec., 1967 William Woodruff, Graduate Research Professor of Economics, University of
Florida, "0 America!"
1967-68 Daniel Bell (Phi Beta Kappa Visiting Scholar), Professor of Sociology, Columbia
May, 1968 Stanley W. Wimberly, Vice President for Academic Affairs, Florida Atlantic
University, "A Diller, A Dollar. ."
Nov., 1968 Harry H. Sisler, Dean, College of Arts & Sciences, University of Florida, "The
Arts and Sciences: A Look into the Future."
1968-1969 Willard Thorp (Phi Beta Kappa Visiting Scholar), Professor of Economics,
Amherst University.
May, 1969 L. E. Grinter, Dean of the Graduate School and Acting Executive, Vice President,
University of Florida, "The Desire for Excellence."
Dec., 1969 Alex G. Smith, Professor of Physics and Astronomy, University of Florida, "The
Relevant Universe."
June, 1970 Elizabeth M. Eddy, Assoc. Professor of Sociology and Director, Urban Studies
Bureau, University of Florida, "The City as Teacher."
Dec., 1970 Herman E. Spivey, Professor of English, University of Florida, "Looking Ahead:
Conjectures about the Next Thirty Years."
May, 1971 Paul J. MacKendrick (Phi Beta Kappa Visiting Scholar), Professor of Classics and
History, University of Wisconsin, "The Future of Tradition: Roman Architecture." Dec., 1971 Alexander Diogenes Wallace, Professor and Chairman, Department of
Mathematics, University of Florida, "Lewis Carroll, Alice, and the Human 35


April, 1972 Robert Nisbet (Phi Beta Kappa Visiting Scholar), Professor of Sociology, University of California, Riverside, "The Political Community at Bay."
April, 1973 Jeremy Paul Kagan (Phi Beta Kappa Visiting Scholar), Los Angeles, California, showing and discussion of his film, "The Love Song of Charles Faberman."
Jan., 1974 Charles Rosen (Phi Beta Kappa Visiting Scholar), Professor of Music, S.U.N.Y., Stony Brook, New York.
Feb., 1976 T. Walter Herbert, Professor of English, University of Florida, "Dramatis Personae
in Shakespeare's Sonnets."
April, 1976 Marshall Cohen (Phi Beta Kappa Visiting Scholar), Professor of Philosophy,
Richmond College and the C.U.N.Y. Graduate Center, "Morality and International
May, 1976 David Chalmers, Professor of History, University of Florida, "Charles A.
Lindbergh: The Hero's Saga, From Lindbergh to Evel Knievel & 'Walking Dave'
Kunst, with a Reconciliation of John William Ward's Celebrated Ambiguity,
Presented Orally by the Speaker, with the Aid of Tapes and a Few Slides."
March, 1977 A. F. Spilhaus (Phi Beta Kappa Visiting Scholar), Special Assistant to the
Administrator, National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration, "The Future
With Particular Reference to the Oceans."
June, 1977 Seymour S. Block, Professor of Chemical Engineering, University of Florida,
"Benjamin Franklin, Upstairs and Downstairs!"
May, 1978 John J. Compton (Phi Beta Kappa Associates Lectureship), Professor of
Philosophy, Vanderbilt University, "Science, Anti-science, and Humane Values."
June, 1979 Manning J. Dauer, Professor of Political Science, University of Florida, and a
Charter Member of the Beta Chapter, "The Intellectual and Activism: Ralph Waldo
Emerson's The American Scholar Revisited."
June, 1980 Charles F. Sidman, Dean, College of Liberal Arts & Sciences, University of
Florida, "Qualities of an Educated Person."
April, 1981 Heinz Eulau (Visiting Scholar), William Bennett Munro Professor of Political
Science, Stanford University, "Proliferation as a Way of American Political Life."


April, 1981 Juan Lopez-Morillas (Visiting Scholar), Professor of Spanish Literature &
Philosophy, Columbia University.
April, 1984 Theodor H. Gaster, Professor Emeritus, Columbia University, and Adjunct
Professor of Religion, University of Florida. Initiation Address.
March, 1985 Peter Arnott (Phi Beta Kappa Visiting Scholar), Professor of Drama, Tufts
University, "Greek Marionette Theatre."
March, 1987 Richard L. Solomon (Phi Beta Kappa Visiting Scholar), Professor of Psychology,
University of Pennsylvania, "The Costs of Pleasure and the Benefits of Pain."
Jan., 1988 Richard Bersohn (Phi Beta Kappa Visiting Scholar), Professor of Chemistry,
Columbia University, "Lasers for Everyone."
Feb., 1989 Irving Lavin (Phi Beta Kappa Visiting Scholar), Art Historian, Institute for
Advanced Studies, Princeton University, "The Art of Bernini."
Oct., 1989 Norval Morris (Phi Beta Kappa Visiting Scholar), Professor of Law and
Criminology, University of Chicago, "The Honest Politicians's Guide to Drug
Feb., 1991 Neil J. Smelser (Phi Beta Kappa Visiting Scholar), Professor of Sociology,
University of California at Berkeley, "A Collective Cultural Myth: The GOOD
LIFE in California."
May, 1991 John Lombardi, President, University of Florida. Initiation Address.
April, 1992 Andrew A. Sorensen, Vice President and Provost, University of Florida. Initiation
Jan., 1993 Hubert Dreyfus (Phi Beta Kappa Visiting Scholar), Professor of Philosophy and
Artificial Intelligence, University of California at Berkeley, "What is Moral
Maturity? A Phenomenological Account of Ethical Expertise."
April, 1993 Willard W. Harrison, Dean, College of Liberal Arts & Sciences, University of
Florida. Initiation Address.
Sept., 1993 Miriam Kastner (Phi Beta Kappa Visiting Scholar), Professor of Geology,
University of California, San Diego, "The History of Sea Water."
Jan., 1995 Bertram Wyatt-Brown, Eminent Scholar in History, University of Florida, "The
Desperate Imagination: Southern Writers and Problems of Depression."

March, 1995 David Porter (Phi Beta Kappa Visiting Scholar), Professor of Classics and Music,
Skidmore College, "Heroic Education, or Odysseus Goes to College."
Feb, 1997 Robert Shulman (Phi Beta Kappa Visiting Scholar), Professor of Chemistry, Yale
University, "Magnetic Resonance Images of Brain Function."
Nov., 1998 LeRoy Rouner (Phi Beta Kappa Visiting Scholar), Professor of Philosophy, Boston
University, "Ethnic Conflict and the World Community: Is there a Global Ethic?"
Jan., 2000 Matt Cartmill (Phi Beta Kappa Visiting Scholar), Professor of Anthropology and
Anatomy, Duke University, "Language and Culture."
Feb., 2001 Eliana Rivero (Visiting Scholar), Professor of Spanish, University of Arizona, "A
Latina on the Border: Views on the U.S. Hispanic Experience."
Mar., 2002 Richard Sailer (Visiting Scholar), Distinguished Service Professor of History and
Classics, and Provost, The University of Chicago.
As a society committed since 1776 to the promotion of liberal studies and the ideal of freedom in education, Phi Beta Kappa is firmly opposed to efforts, from either the extreme right or the extreme left, to restrict within our institutions of learning the impartial analysis and evaluation of any and all literary, political, economic, social or religious tenets.
The never-ending search for truth by the open and inquiring mind is a basic necessity for the survival of the democratic way of life. To the fundamental concepts of our democratic tradition, including the freedom to teach or publish the results of honest and competent inquiry, the overwhelming majority of college teachers are deeply devoted. To impose upon them loyalty tests not required of other professions, or for outside non-professional bodies to investigate their professional competence or integrity, affects adversely the morale of both college teachers and their students. In institutions where such practices obtain, teachers are being intimidated and students are being led to believe that colleges dare no longer engage in the disinterested pursuit of truth, but must become instruments of propaganda. Phi Beta Kappa is bound to be concerned whenever conditions prevail in our schools and colleges which threaten in such ways the American principle of freedom of teaching.
The Committee on Qualifications is required by the Society's constitution to inform itself regarding the status and practices of institutions sheltering chapters of Phi Beta Kappa which may


jeopardize the Society's ideals and to report such practices to the Society for appropriate action.
The Committee feels that at this time it is especially important to call upon all the institutions with which its chapters are associated to withstand the emotional pressure, from whatever quarter, to substitute dogma for critical analysis.
Note. This statement was reaffirmed by the Council of 1958, with the understanding that the introductory paragraph should be interpreted to include scientific tenets as well as literary, political, economic, social and religious tenets.
Names are listed under the years members were initiated by this Chapter. Names
generally are as listed at the time of election or initiation. Members initiated by Beta of Florida for other chapters are not included here. Alumni and alumnae members are designated by the letter "A" following their name, with the years of graduation shown afterwards in parentheses. In 1953 the chapter began the practice of initiating graduate students, who were candidates for the doctoral degree. These are designated by the letter "G" following their names. Honorary members were elected beginning in 1976. Their names are followed by the letter "H." The persons whose names are listed here became members of Phi Beta Kappa by virtue of their election by this chapter and by completing the requisite membership formalities.

Horace Dennison Atkinson Robert Buckner Beasley, Jr. Richard Spencer Burress Turner Zeigler Cason, A (1908) John Roland DeBruyn Harry Philip Edwards James Daniel Raye Thomas Mitchell Shackleford, Jr., A (1905) Stephen Hopkins Spurr Robert Lee Wilson Stanley Eugene Wimberly George Cressler Young
George Thomson Armstrong Charles Richard Benton

Chester Cassel Raymond Ehrlich Joseph Lee Geiger Hans Hammond Clarence Frederick Hyrne, Jr. Leland Joseph Kitchen Carl Braden Opp Thomas Myers Palmer, A (1919) John Randolph Preer, Jr. Charles Archibald Robertson, A (1915) Richard Cox Rodgers Louis Fleischer Snetman Alexander Courbis Vuillemin
Harry B. Brown Davisson F. Dunlap R. Ross Haeger


Morris Haimowitz Elmer D. Hinckley, A (1924) Percy Franklin Lisk, Jr. Don Charles Nearpass Morris A. Price Stewart L. Simon Edwin B. Weissinger J. Hooper Wise, A (1924) Robert Withers

John Nelson Howard Alfred Morton Kohn Charles Lamar Leggett, III Ernest Edward Mason, A (1925) Daniel Webster Montenegro Joseph Vincent Ridgely Charles Daniel Sherman, Jr. Walter B. Stovall Marvin Lee Weil


Edward H. Brazell, Jr. Emanuel H. Bresler Edmond D. Cashwell Carroll Evans Cobb Paul August Conzelmann Hugh Geiger, Jr. Herman Gunter, A (1907) Cecil Hastings, Jr. Oliver Howard Hauptmann, A (1925) Ephraim Walters Hogue William Walter Levis, Jr. James William Norman, Jr. Hugh Thomas Patterson Robert B. Ragland Simon Rothstein Lindner Smith, Jr. Neil Campbell Tappen Harold Perry Wexler

Evans Holmes Alexander Sidney M. Aronovitz Hinton Joseph Baker John Joseph Benton John Cotton Brown Arthur Augustus Broyles William Hugh Chandler Allen T. Craig, A (1927) Franklin L. DeBusk Michael J. Hansinger

Hartwig Achenbach Sol B. Alexander Albert S. Aronovitz Clarence L. Branton Warren M. Goodrich Homer E. Looks Charles H. Lasley John V. McQuitty, A (1929) William R. McRae, A (1932) Frank Harper Moore Robert H. Mugge John Hazen Nodine Melvin Sabshin Robert M. Williamson
Richard King Cole, Jr. William J. Lasarow Francis Tyrone McCoy
Marston Bates, A (1927) Henry Thomas Broadstreet, Jr. Jack Drew Emerson Ruth Shartel McVoy Charles I. Mosier, A (1932) Irwin Pollack Robert Murray Siegel


Allan George Anderson Eva Marcotte Anderson Eadward Murrell Brown Beekman Waldron Cottrell Lucien Young Dyrenforth, A (1916) Julius Clyde English William Robinson Frazier Robert DeWitt Ivey Edward Schaumberg Quade, A (1930) M. Murray Schechter Walter Harry Schuller Marion Donald Walker Thomas Hamil Wood
Louis Aronovitz Howard Bernard Robert Charles Bless Frederic E. Conkling III Peggy Purcell Dowling Garth S. Germond Walter Marion Haynes, Jr. Cyril 0. Houle, A (1934) Lawrence Kahana Kenneth K. Keene William H. Kessen George N. Kowkabany Mary Ghiotto Kubik Norman J. Lewis Howard C. Lucas Helen S. Marshall Alton Chester Morris, A (1927) Leo B. Selden, Jr. Forbes R. Simpson Charlene S. Strawn Robert S. Soar Henry Doyle Solomon William Allan Tisdale Henry G. Vanek John Elliott Walker

Mary Welch Harold Arthur Willis James Blake Wilson Fred Herbert Winkler
Theodore S. Benjamin Henry Eugene Bovis Robert A. Boyer Paul Russell Chalker Jacqueline Margot Freeman Cohen Henry Lee Copps, Jr. Richard L. Crago Nathan L. Crowder, Jr. Herbert J. Doherty, Jr. Corlis J. Driggers Hugh Chester DuBose Loring Sabien Ensign Robin H. Ferguson Gerald L. Gordon Herbert Smith Guy, Jr. William John Husa, Jr. Harry Maine Hutson, Jr. Melvin Levinson Louis L. McQuitty, A (1933) George John Miller, A (1930) William E. Nexsen, Jr. Robert C. Nodine George Rowatt Peacock Leo B. Selden, Jr. James Holmes Straughan Jose Pena Vazquez Irving Leonard Webber Alan F. Westin Samuel Jack Yosim
Sidney Adler Ruth Sullivan Admire W. David Barfield Walter Carl Beckham


Jordan Bittel Lucy Moore Brashear Alva H. Brock William G. Carleton, A (1931) Corroll Monroe Colgan Paul Harold Cootner Clayton Richard DeHaan Charles Alexander Dell Robert Joseph Dill, Jr. Silas Kendrick Eshleman, III Robert Louis Goette William Anson Graham Lawrence H. Gunter Frances Jayne Crane Harder Margaret Chapman Huck Herbert Kondo Harry Letaw, Jr. Joseph W. Lewis Ronald Jason Mann Edwin Henry McConkey J. Webster Merritt, A (1929) Michael Benjamin Meyers Edward Harlan Michelson James Lyle Miller, Jr. John Lee Murphy William E. Nodine Paul Guy Pearson William Wallace Phillips Mary E. Bunnell Randell Irving Herbert Schwartz Jack Hugh Scott John Thomas Staples Joan E. Swartwood John Washington Thompson, Jr. Joseph Clyatt Tooke Benedict D. Tutoli, Jr. Walter Weber Weigel Sorrell Louis Wolfson James Stollenwerck Wood
Walter Aaron Apfelbaum

Melvin Wilbur Buxbaum Amelia Harrell Crossland Canaday Julian Derieux Clarkson James Nixon Daniel, Jr. Robert 0. Davison James Westbay Day, A (1927) Cherry Dodd Robert Olin Fricks Glenn Victor Fuguitt Robert Pendleton Gaines Mandell Glicksberg Beverly Betty Stein Goldstein S. William Goldstein George Swift Gotto, Jr. Barnabas Benjamin Hicks Leland H. Jackson Charles William James Eilhard Nash Kahlenberg Ellis Lanquist Alvin Leitman Allison Luther Lewis, Jr. Wayne Babcock Lockwood Robert Stuart Lyons Joseph Darryl McCall, Jr. Robert McInnis Reuben Miller Anita Maybelle Johnston O'Connor John F. O'Connor Hillary Glynn Parrish Amos Lee Prevatt Wallace William Prophet Grace Ruth Kraemer Seitman John Raymond Trinkle, Jr. Theofilos John Tsegaris David Coleman Twain Jane Adams Walton Vaden Corise Patricia Varn James C. Wilkerson Herbert Harris Winters Lee McBride Worley, Jr.



Mary Louise Slagle Bailey Japnell Davis Sturrock Braun James Buell Chessington, Jr. Clifford Glen Coffeen Robert Gene Coffeen Jacob Ortlieb Cohen Dorothy Louise Eckholdt Richard Jester Fleck Ovid Lee Futch Mary Elizabeth Godwin Frank Rudolph Hellinger Ralph Edward Knight Fred Kowkabany Edward Julian Kuenzler, Jr. Charles Lawson Magruder, A (1931) Raymer F. Maguire, A (1915) Ferdinand C. Mautone William C. McCrary Malcolm R. McKinley, Jr. Burton Myron Michaels Edward Francis O'Day, Jr. Ellis Arthur Ruppelt Nancy Ann Schechter Harold Schulman Edward Siegel Robert Sidney Silas Gerald Sohn Dmitri Elias Thoro Yvonne Limbaugh Wood Ray C. Wunderlich, Jr. Theodore Dawson Wyly
Roy Henry Dippy Kathleen Everitt Allan R. Freemen Jerome Davis Gorman Anne-Louise Fletcher Gray Norma Ullian Greenwald Paul Gene Hahn Richard Harriss Hellinger Helen Margaret Hume Hinson

Jacob Edward Hipp Hubert Collings Kennedy Gordon B. Knowles, A (1915) Marilyn Kopelowitz Nathan Krestul Charles LaPradd Arthur Sol Leon Jeanne Elise Miles Seymour Cy Nash Mary Elizabeth Schisler Parsons Hugh Douglas Price Elaine Ritchie Margot Jane Ritwe Silverman Arthur David Schwartz Gerald Sohn Winfred Kent Stanley Robert Sheppard Yeats, Jr.
Homer Andrew Bain, Jr. James Anderson Baxter Robert Edward Benjamin Carolyn Jane Bicknell Black Robert B. Black Robert George Blake, G Carolyn Lucille Blount Tyrie Alvis Boyer Eugene Alan Browne Archie F. Carr, A (1933) William Frederick Crary Julian T. Darlington, G Harry W. Dunscombe William S. Durrell Minard Irvin Foster, G Robert F. Fuquay, G Carol Howard Harris Willy Ann Erickson Holmgren Paul S. Hubbard, Jr. Nita Nell B. LaPradd Donald R. Livingstone Raymond Paul Lutz Arthur R. Marshall


Jack F. Menendez Grace Marie Milton Justin C. Montgomery Barbara Redden Murphy Parris Paul Mustakas Eugene Brown Porter Edward Joseph Smith Louis Bryan Smith Royall Perkins Terry, A (1915) Frances Marie Glover Thomas Wilbur A. Thomas Mary Susan Ward Dale A. Warner, G Edward Bernard Weiss Barry Lynn Williams John Barney Wilson Patricia Celia Claflin Zoller
Adele Marie Silbereisen Algeo Richard James Anderson, A (1940) Stanley D. Angel Raymond W. Brandon Donald F. Davis Robert Owen Evans, G Joe Sherman Everett Patricia Earnest Goodwin Brooks P. Hoyt Janice K. Kenaston Earl Wells McKisson, G Calvin Harrison Mitchell David F. Rearick Neal Pope Rowell, G Marvin Winfred Russell, G Sam Schulman, G Mark Shovar Kathryn Laurel Summers Stanley E. Taylor Paul Thayer Thurston William H. Turnley, A (1919) Bruce Waller Charles Ernest Warner

Richard Abdullah Edward Amor Rudolph John Angelo, G Charles Wolfgang Arnade, G Robert Thomas Bass George St. Clair Beers George Robert Bentley, A (1937) Thomas H. Bloodworth, Jr. Pierce Kendall Bullen William Alan Burris, G Thomas W. Butler, Jr. Gloria Cermak Kenneth K. Cobb James Laurence Corey Corinne H. Corsette John M. S. Eshleman Orlando Fals-Borda, G Rosario G. Farina Robert William Gould William R. Hutcherson, Jr. Kenneth Allin Luther Harry Macy, Jr. Marsh Arthur Nesmith, Jr. George David Raymond Thomas Francis Raymond William Leo Reilly, G Mary Ellen Rickey, G Lawrence 0. Sands John Greer Slater William Howard Venable, Jr. Arnold DeMerritt Welch, A (1930) Susan Morton Davis Wiltshire John Judge Woodward
L. Earle Arnow, A (1930) John V. Atanasoff, A (1925) William Ross Bailey Mark Velpeau Barrow Marjorie Jean Andress Bayes


Helen Carawan Beach Waddell Alexander Biggart, Il Mary Louise VanNatta Brey, G Hampton Ralph Brooker Howard Noble Cappel, Jr. Anne Payne Cawthon Gail Virginia Corbeau Jerry Bruce Crockett John J. Denson, Jr. Beverly Ann Davis Albert R. Frederick John M. Freeman Jacquelin R. Goldman Jacquetta Wilson Hartley Wasfi A. Hijab, G Philip George Hill Jacqueline Elmer Jackson Shepard Phillip Lesser Ninalee Fox May John Harper Minnick Gladys Carole Nott Howard Irwin Pryor Mary Elizabeth Roberts Samuel Dexter Squibb, G Robert Lawrence Stephens, G Raymond B. Strauss, G Robert Theodore Westman Roger Coons Williams John Randall Wilson James Philip Wright Margaret Mary Zierer
Harding Willmans Ballough Grace T. Blakey Janet Lee Bratzel Richard P. Bratzel Ernest Joseph Breton, Jr., G Charles Francis Caldwell Adolfo Del Castillo Robert Scott Cleland, G Jo Anne Couse Cox

Jack Marcellus Culpepper, III Ralph Travis Eubanks, G Albert Roland Frederick, Jr. Charles Roy Hauser, A (1923) Conrad Frances Joyner, G Priscilla Savige Keels John Gaul Mather Jane Maxwell William Andrew McCollough George John Monaghan Thelma Louise Baughan Murdy Lois Jane Reid Sanabria Dennis Keith Stanley, Jr. Arthur Lee Sterne Olin Ethredge Watts, A (1925) Maryann Greene Weber Bettye Elaine Autrey West Gerald Douglas West Margaretta Thelma Whidby John Lewis Wilson Richard Lee Yates, G
Robert Lee Anderson Elmore Dixie Beggs, A (1931) Morton A. Bertin, G William Edwin Braun Donald Eugene Butler, G Thomas Deaderick Carr, G John Douglas Carroll Bartley Francis Conroy Jane Maxwell Day Adolph Harold Eisner Adelaide Gonzalez Few Errol Kenneth Finkel Karl George Gerlach Daniel R. Hackel Horton Holcombe Hobbs, Jr., A (1935) Jacqueline Adams Hynes, G Lawrence Delano Kelley Elizabeth Allen Landers Alvin Barry Marcus


Anne Meachem William David Mobley Kenneth Edward Neet Winnifred Moon Nielsen Sheldon Jay Plager John Richard Price Frank Elias Schwamb Mary Jane Phifer Parker Sommese Joseph Spiro Earl Frederick Williams Robert Leon Yates
John Jerry Bartko Marilyn Theresa Schaffner Baur James F. Baur Judith Bridges Booth Judith Anne Bridges Thomas Franklyn Bridgland, Jr., G David Chappell Brown, Jr. Joan Bannister Christie, G Jules Simon Cohen Don William Denny James Joseph Donaghy Carol Kingsley Flesher Robert John Frye, G Vincent Sanford Gannon Theodore Frederick Graetz D. Robert Graham Loyal Ray Hanyen, Jr. Jeremy Gallaudet Hole Leora Laurence Holt James Secord Howland Yoshimitsu Ide, G Oscar Frederick Jones, A (1937) Daniel Frank Kirk, G Joan Elaine Hurns Knapp Homer Knizley, Jr. Irving Earle Kupfermann Richard George Landini, G Raymond Wesley Lanier Frank Edward Maloney, A (1942)

Louis Joseph Maloof, G James Franklin Marshall Jo Anne McEwen John Edward Van Meter, G Darwin Pete Moradiellos John Robert Purcell, Jr. William Reilly Renuart Carolyn Blakely Richards Susan S. Norman Richards Anne Meachem Rick Hershel Dale Rowe, G George Boris Savitsky, G Paul Gordon Schmidt, G Harold Garth Spencer, G Charles McCorkle Statham, G Frank Joseph Strahsmeier John Edward Van Meter Margaret Jane St. John Wheaton Ronald Franklin Wicks Louis Charles Willard
Robert Douglas Abney John Thomas Algeo, G Charles Edward Baker, G Ralph Fortes de Bedts, G Corbin Scott Carnell, G Rahe Bassett Corlis, G Benjamin Maclin Crowder Harold Jay Datz Joseph B. Deeds Frank Bernard Fieler, G Harvey Harold Green Evelyn Kent Hale Walter C. Hardesty Dorothy Patricia Hendricks Martha Jane Hester John Fincher Howell, G John Paul Jones, A (1937) Teruo J. Kabayashi, G Fred Lado
Thomas Henry Lamb


George F. G. Little, G Fred Clifton Mabry John E. McLaughlin Charles Glen Moreland Patricia Duane Morgan Dennis Leo O'Donovan, G Paul David Qualls William Martin Reynolds, G Roy Joseph Roberts John Alexander Ryder Robert Irving Sarbacher, A (1933) Barbara Rucker Seaton Ram Prakash Sethi, G Dwight Ann Barnes Simanton Sherry A. Barr Simpson Emily Brown Stanley, G Richard W. Stewart Eleanor Ruth Sundell Donald F. Swanson, G Linda Fischer Wells Sarah Allen West Marion John Wynn Anna Margaret Yoakum, G
Linda Lorrain Fischer Alderman Ergasto Ramon Arango, G Sharon Louise Askew Joseph Michael Berman Sandra E. Blodgett Edwin Earl Burkett Alfred Alexander Cave, G Louis Clayton Corbin Suh Urk Chung Joseph Michael DeFalco, G Douglas Adrian Deurloo Joan Dial Ruffier Edgar Streeter Dunn, Jr., A (1943) Connie Jean Forsman William Ray Hare, Jr., G David Stanley Harrer William Addinell Hewson

Barbara Ann Horwitz Edward Eugene Irwin, G Judith V. Jarrard Anthony Thomas Jusick Mona Jean Gravel Knowles James F. Lang James G. Larche, Jr. Anthony D. Latford Newton Levy, Jr. William Bruce Louden Bruce Allen Mack Betty Ann McCurdy Stuart Ramsay McLeod, G Omega Ruth McQuown, G Carol Stark Morrison Paul Carl Mueller David Evans O'Connor, G Daniel Edwin Read, Jr. Charles S. Rose, Jr., G Douglas Athon Rossman, G Daniel George Roth Chris Baldwin Schaufele William Paul Sholette, G William Clark Thomas, Jr., A (1940) Mariella Davidson Waite, G Tommy Ruth Blackmon Waldo, G Peter J. Walsh Naureene S. Wenger David John Wilhelm Jacqueline Canton Winchester Harold Zwerdling
Ted Tipton Allen, G Scott Robin Anselmo Thomas Richard Anthony Lewis B. Arnold Rose C. Arnold William Gary Becker Robert J. Bellino Frank William Biglow Robert L. Bowie


Stephen Wiley Brewer, Jr. Norman Broad Jack Audley Brown, G Joanne Freking Bunton Kenneth Hugh Byron, G Virginia S. Caraballo Patrick Nelson Carlton Carol Anne Carr Carleton Veith Conklin Marilyn Covo Alice Lambert Cox Robert Detweiler, G Edith Joanne Frerking Michael V. Gannon, G James S. Gordon Saranne Granison Leonard Groeneveld, G George Monroe Groome, Jr. Benjamin E. Haddox, G David E. Hasti Edmund E. Hegen, G Ira L. Hershkowitz Sandra Judith Hershkowitz Harold Frederick Hirth, G Richard Edward Jones, III Hwa Yol Jung, G John W. Kirk, G Doris Ann Knowlton Arbuthnot John Graham Knox, G Alfred Ernest Kober Maria Dolores Lado, G Murdo John MacLeod, G Gerard Theodore Mayer Harold Edward Moore, Jr. Stanley Thomas Nolan, G Arthur E. Nudelman Patricia W. O'Connor, G Albert Clarence O'Neill, Jr. Robert Ernest Osteen Ann Day Price Marjorie E. N. Ragosta Thomas B. Rainey, Jr. Michael Kent Rich

Lawrence H. Ricker, G Ronald Rothstein Jeffrey I. Rubin Pedro C. Sanchez Jean S. Schuh James Gordon Shapro Charles Patrick Shields, Jr Charles Bassel Smith, A (1933) Marian Kathryn Solowy Marjorie M. Strahsmeier James McNeil Thomas Marjorie Reitz Turnball Harold B. Wahl, A (1931) Charles Stanley Warren Janet Collins Sleight Whitmire John Lee Wipf, G
James M. Alsobrook, G Thomas Ralph Banks Patricia Ann Bates Jack Snead Blocker, Jr. Donald Denby Bode, Jr. Dain Bogue Linda Virginia Crow Lewis M. Durak Florence Ann Dryden Joshua L. Edwards, A (1939) Elmar B. Fetscher Joseph S. Floyd, Jr., A (1943) Frank Reed Freemon, G Carroll Gerard Frison Michael V. Fromhart Frank Joseph Gallagher James Richard Gober Dixiane J. F. Hallaj Benjamin Edgar Hendricks, Jr. Ann Frances Hofbauer Paul Mark Hoffman Helen Marie Jensen Rosemary Ashworth Lamb Bjorn Lambom, G


Elizabeth J. Ligon Marion Lawrence Miles, G Neil S. Otchin William Charles Putnam Kenneth Owen Rape Barbara Ann Roman Joseph Henry Rosaler Peter Alan St. John Dorothy Shepard Kenneth P. Shivers Russell Donald Simbari Robert Samuel Smith Pepi Hilda Spielberger Judith C. Spurlock Peter A. St. John Stephen K. Stoan, Jr. Wallace John Swan Michael Dee Taylor Robert Garland Williamson, III Florence Ann Dryden Witte
Mary E. Conrad Alley John E. Alley William Barney Barfield Eileen Muriel Brennan David Don Carley, G Gerald L. Clayton Cherie A. A. Doverspike Leslie Clive Ellwood Charles D. Farris, A (1936) Robert S. Fennell, III Jackson Gilbert Gay, G David H. Gloeckner William Alfred Haddad Roger Malone Haigh, G Sylvia Jean Hardaway Robert Ross Hayward Merrilyn Sue Hire Robert A. Hollister Dorothy Lee Howse Juliette C. Wingfield loup

Ronald Jack Jaszczak Marian Lewis Jowaisas Arnold Martin Kwart Elsa Saavedra Lacey Kenneth Dare Lawson, G Sue Ann Lehrke Myron Thomas McCall Louia E. McCutchin Jr Margaret Holton Neal McCutchin Matthew Stafford Moore Jose Antonio Ojeda, Jr. Elsa Saavedra Howard Earl Skipper, A (1938) William DeRoy Steele, G William L. Steele Martha Irene Syrnes David H. Tracy Rolland Daniel Truitt Mary Frances Tucker Alice B. Luthy Tym
Thomas Edward Albert Max Leroy Allee Ann Schwab Beaver Paul Hull Bowdre, Jr., G Frederick John Breeze, Jr. Donald Fleit Burger Joe Teague Caruso Joan Sacknitz Carver, G Barbara LaRue Clark Eugene Ellis Clark Michael John Collins Mary Patricia Combs Aubrey Clise Daniels, G Warren Kempton Dean, G Marvin Hunter Dodson Verna C. Durrance John Porter East, G Charles Gerald Felder Agnes Elizabeth Loraine Fennell Alice Christina Wolking Ferran


Gerald B. Forbes, G Samuel Charles Funderburk Allan Ray Gaither David Trescot Geithman, G Cheryl Ann Goble Maryle Goodnow Theodore Flint Gray, Jr., G Gayle Margaret Bauer Harrell Carolyn Fraces Harrison William Walter Herring Mack Raymond Hicks, G Robert C. Hogan Richard Leslie Horn Michael Jones Linda Ellen Klein Marijo O'Conner LeVan, G Nancy Elizabeth Lucas James Curtis Madix Ada Patricia Mahon Mary Duane Martin Ulv Masing, G Danny Gail McElrath Donald Lynn McElwee James Judd McEnnan Barbara Bost McGriff William Osborne Mehrtens, A (1932) Michael Stephen Nabi Helen Virginia Neel Carolyn Frances Harris Nelson Richard W. Nelson Shirley Ann Nickols, G JoAnn Helen Notaris Gina Nykiel Lynn Ann Peters William Tedder Phelps Joseph Wesley Philp Isobel Camille Pierce Joseph Francis Pizzo, Jr., G William Joshua Platt, III Suzanne Porter William James Powell, Jr., G R. Scott Pyron, G Juan Jesus Ramirez

Julia Carolyn Revell Ruth Ann Davis Ryals Carmen Sanchez Sadek Augustine Samec Maria Elena M. Sanchez Robert Paul Schwartz Kenneth Arthur Seid Marta Beatriz Singer Kirby Lawrence Smith Gary Lewis Statton, G Marsha Anne Van Loon Tamburrino Ann Elaine McAdams Thompson Faith Turner Thomas J. Vickers, G Joseph Francis Vogel, G Robert Taylor Watson Thomas Neil Wheeler Donald Eugene Wilkes, Jr. Shirley M. Willcock Martha Frances Wilson Thomas M. Woodell, II Susan Raye Atteridg Zambito
Donald Winfred Adams Barbara J. Alexander Kenneth William Allen Thomas Edward Austin Robert Edwood Bailey Michael Alan Berke Lewis Berner, A (1937) John Boniface, Jr. Mary Lou Mitchell Brye Carlos Federico Bunge, G Margot Ernestine Brooks Castle Paul Andrew Colbert John William Domville Connolly, G Lynn Ann Rader Cook Barbara Anne Cooley Wendell Dan Curtis Tucson Dunn. G


Robert W. Eschenbach Judy Diane Richardson Fink Tom David Freijo Stephen Frederic Fuquay Lawrence Sherman Graham, G Sandra Elizabeth Gregory James A. Griffin Lina Ann Bussey Griffin Candance Meta Hampton Kathryn Jean Fentress Harry Anne Elizabeth Chipley Hartman Janice June Scheiffley Hernandez Alicia Hidalgo-Santos, G Donna Gay Jesse Jane Lynn Mucke Johnson Dennis Brian Jowaisas Kenneth Everett Kendall, G Pat-Louise Keuning George Allan Lyrene Jane Irwin Malinoff Jorge Martinez Marilyn Diana Masling McEnnan Patricia Alice Mitchell Marshal Warren Nirenberg, A (1948) Antonia Jeane Pleterski Novotny Charles Gard Oliveros, III James William Pipkin, Jr. Jaquelyn Harriet Liss Resnick John Sander Rice Jon Jerome Runge Richard Adair Secrist Lewis Edwin Shelley Theodore Roosevelt Steger, Jr. Bruce Neal Stewart Michael Linwood Stratil John Edward Swisher, G Charles Stuart Tullis Cornelia Van Veldhuisen Louise Walcott Weadock Katherine Leslie Murray Zaleski Beverly Fay Zlotshewer

Ellen Kay Abernethy Ashdown Richard F. Atnally, G Frank Wallace Averill Lucius Durham Battle, A (1939, 1967) Warren Leonard Bertner Eddie Jeff Blackwell Jean M. Butler Saundra Jean Butler Mary Margaret Long Brown James Allen Byrd William Ernest Cable Edna Louise Caruso Sharon Cynthia Cohen Alison Wayne Conner Anita Helene Cooper John Harry Corbet, G William Magnus Cornette, Jr. Gary S. Corseri Robert Whitney Curry, Jr. Sally Stowell Curtis Harold V. Davids Leonard W. Deaner Stanley G. Deever, G Jean B. DenBleyker Lee Ann Draud Donald Frankland Eppert Ronald Selman Eppert Terry Lee Gandy Raymond Dwight Gilbert Margaret Ann Lee Green Christy Franklin Harris Arthur William Herriott, G Alida Wattles Hilke Henry Belah Hinton, Jr. Richard Oliver Hire Norris Wheeler Hoffman Mary Violet Hough Karolyn Regina Huntsinger Richard Rodgers Jones Ray Kaplan


Susan Middleton-Keirn Patricia Ruth King Martin Lee Krovetz Joseph David Langlois Charles Gordon Long James Carl Lundquist Albert Richard Marsico Kathryn Martin Richard B. Mathews Edward Thomas McLaughlin Robert William Mead Martin Alan Meyers Walter Earl Meyers, G Helen Ann Weimer Moxley Ella Penn Scott Nayar Robert Paul Nelson, Jr. David Franklin Noble Douglas Dwight Noble Margot H. Norris Richard Grant Painter Marilyn Maze Perardi Rodney J. Plotnik, G John David Powell Sharon Rae Pschorr Gary Eugene Ragan Bonnie Lynn Ragge Roberta Ann Rankin Paula Lynne Rappoport David Wendall Robson Rickey Charles Seid Martha Lee Sigvartsen Patricia Marie Slade Cynthia Lilla Smith Judith Ann Smith Donald Raymond Songer Jon Craig Spearman Peter Richard Stahnke Johnny M. Walbrick, G John D. Walker, G Natalie Phyllis Zadoff Kenneth George Zaleski

Maxine Maria Aebi Judith Ann Moreland Arnold Alfred Charles Avenoso, Jr., G Patricia Hughes Bagdan Martha Hughes Banks John Joseph Bartholdi, III Dennis A. Benson Louis S. Block James Steve Browder, G Marvin Garten Burdette, Jr. Larry Steven Bush Thomas L. Byrd, Jr., G Wayne Enzor Campbell John Paul Carr Tae Ho Choe, G John Hancock Elton, III Michael W. Engelman John Irwin Fischer, G Charles L. Fisk Jr Jere Jonathan Fitts Robert Paul Friedman Elizabeth Ann Gordon Stanford Payne Gwin, G John Harry Haswell Eva Editha Haupt James C. Hill Garold K. Jackson Paul Roger Jacobs William Henry Keeter Edward Lee Kelly Martha Allison Kemp Ann Dudley Lavender Pelham Bissell Lawrence Charles B. Lieberman Jose Ram6n L6pez-Gast6n, G Beverly Kay Matson Nancy Lynn Maull Marilyn Jean Mcnabb Mallue Andrea Lehrke McDowell Phyllis Eileen Cribbs Mcvoy Gerald Wayne Medeiros


Richard Dent Melson Berta Maria Morse Montalvo Yolanda Morales Joyce Irene Naness Cheryl Lynne Neel John Carlton Norrell George Kenneth Norrie Janet Ruth Pagh Suzanne Mary Peoples Martha Elizabeth Reeves George Randolph Robison Ami Saperstein Mary Ellen Schmidt James Linn Schram Connie Adams Shea Jenifer Gayle Shmunes David Lowe Shrader Jack Burtram Shumate Thomas H. Sicks William Clair Smith, Jr. Herbert A. Speir, III Jeffrey Alan Staffa Bance K. Stechmiller Dorothy Anne Esry Sutherland George Charles Swanson Sandra Louise Parker Swindal Henry B. Van Twyver, G James Isaac Valentine, Jr. Lorraine Grace Viscardi Patricia B. Wallace Janice Marie Ward Gary Sheldon Weintraub Greg Williams Sandra Johnson Witt William Stephen Witt Sanford Vernon Yates
Andrea Tomko Almand Edward F. Baer David Edward Barclay Susan Bourg Baum

Franklin A. Baumann Russell G. Bell David Ralph Birk Peter Sterry Branning Helen Eileen Byrd Philip Bruce Bedient Linda Wilson Cantrell John R. Chapman Catherine L. Chisholm Thomas Anthony Coakley Stephen 0. Cole James Tracy Crown, A (1949) Mickey Rogers Dansby Merry Triplett Davis James A. Deleonardis Steven A. Dowling Bruce B. Doyle Nancy Fran Dzioba M. Jo D. Edwards Esther Fay Eisler Richard D. Finlay Sandra Parrish Fitts Glen Alan Fournier Farrel Lee Fort Sandra Sue Fuller Jeffrey Scott Gerson Grantolynn Grove Barbara Jo Hailey Charles E. Harris Jeanne Angela Harris Thomas E. Harris Stewart Robert Hershey Brian Donovan Hill Judith K. Houser Martha J. Jamieson Sandra F. Jewell Jacqueline A. Jordan Sandra Lou Kessler Eugenia K. Kienzle Jeffrey Hale Klink Gerald Louis Knight Charles R. Kovaleski Michael David Lack


Martha R. Lewis Judith Los Isaza Michael Leslie Mahoney Barry Leonard Malter Joanne S. Mandell Robert Brown Marcus, Jr. D. Alice Mason Nancy OhIfest McCown John Finley Mcphail Anthony S. Meyer Dennis Dailey Murphy Celia Michelle Newmark Alexander S. Nicholas Sandra Reid O'Neal John Bryan Page Harvey T. Paulk, Jr. John Craig Peterson Claude A. Pinkston, Jr. Frederick Jay Pollack Roslyn Helen Goold Pollack James Grier Pressly, III Karen Elizabeth Jerke Prevatt Francisco Javier Proenza James Edward Radiker Stephen Roger Ranck Fred Paul Rice, Jr. H. Robert Robeerst Warren E. Ross Martha Elizabeth Rupp Halley D. Sanchez Joanne K. Schall Paul Frederick Schippnick Robert Michael Schwartz Jeffrey M. Seibert Terrance Alan Smiljanich Mary Lee Smith Donald Byron Spangler Daniel Joseph Squillace Lenay Barron Suarez Anne Young Swing Brian Pennington Tague Elizabeth Elliott Thompson Robert Gordon Thornhill

Daniel Albert Toole Stephan Craig Tracy John C. Trentelman Joanna Marie Veldhuis Robert Bruce Walker Joseph Lofton Westmoreland Anthony Roe Whittemore Gregory G. Wilkins Walter David Zimpfer Donald Duane Zussy
Carolyn S. Atkinson Charles R. Balchunas John Rand Baldwin John Allan Bartlett Stephen Wolf Bazinsky Joan Bradbury Bennett Mary Elizabeth Borrowes Barbara E. Bower Susan Garrision Bradford John Douglas Canfield, G Deborah A. Chadbourne Walter Scott Cole James N. Conrad Mary Lynn Curtis Josh Daniel Davis Ann Michele Dekle Susan Linda Denkewalter Nancy Norton Dezio Karen M. Dolan John James Dooling Jo Anne Durako Sharlan L. Eng Richard W. Erickson Neil Jay Feineman David Sheldon Flynn Joan P. Fox Mitchell J. Fruitstone Bette A. Goldenstar Judith Miriam Goldstein Ingrid Diane Goldstrom


Stephen Lowe Gordy Linda Kay Green Susan Thomas Haislip Claude A. Harmon Suzanne P. Harrell Joseph Ralph Harris Zelda Jarman Hawk Kathleen L. Heaton Mark Roy Henowitz Katherine Lee Herschleb Vincent Paul Heuring, G Pamela Craig High Denny E. Hill Richard Allan Hixson Keith Hoeller Paul Everett Hoffman, G Robert J. Irvin Susan D. Jacobs Henry Martin Jacobson Judith G. Korchin Ruth Marilyn Kovnat Steven M. Kramer John Walter Krienke, G Karen Decker Lam Margaret Jean Langstaff Sidney Frank Lauteria Carmen Luisa Leon Nancy Volpe Leslie Barbara Joan Lieberman Edgar A. Lind. Jr. Kathleen Ann Lockhart Alan Mathieson Lovelace, A (1954) Mark Edward Ludwig Ricardo Martinez-Cid Kenneth Rodney May Lee Clatyon May Judye Gayle McCalman Nancy Anne Reid McCormack James Bruce McCurry, Jr. Martine Claire McDonnell Linda Eve Mitchell Anne S. Morris Susan Oconnor Neder

Joseph Edward Neduchal Philip William Petrozella Mary Patricia Price John Van Dorn Raisbeck Ann Witham Regan Paul Edmund Rice Gerald Joseph Rizzo Merle Susan Rosenzveig Phyllis Elaine Rosier Michael Eric Ross George Donald Rotchford Marilyn Ice Rotchford Helene Sue Rutansky Vladimir Scheffer Carmen Louise Smith William Earl Snyder Martha A. Southam David Eric Stein Bernardo Suarez, G Norman Frank Tate Pat Thomas Tidwell Sharon Fraher Tinkham Martine Valderrama Betty Wagoner Richard G. Wallis Frank Michael Webbe Patricia Lytle Whisler Florence Lynne Williams John Winters Lynn Toby Wisser Stacy Wolf John Wayne Wooten L. Sharon Wyatt, G
Carol Goedert Albert Arnando Jose Alonso, G Lawrence Michael Aschoff Jeanette Lee Atkinson William 0. Balanzategui Martha Jo Banks Mariceli Barreto


William Paul Beck Carol L. Beitscher William Joseph Berger Sue Bond
Joy Kurland Brill Robert Leslie Buckley Cathy T. Burres Stephanie 0. Carmen Robert L. Carrell Carol Catotti Edgardo V. Caturla Joel Cohen Lyndall C. Cool Linda L. Cromwell Zoraida Diaz-Albertini Barbara Jane Dickman Jack W. Dicks Robert Emmett Doherty Livingston Lee Eaddy Laura May Fiddelke Saundra Jo Fisher Anne Elizabeth Ford Stephen P. Franco Susan H. Freemon Naomi Johnson French Howard Albert Friedberg Shirley Karen Gamble Marsha Lynn Leiken Gould David Ronald Griggs Larry William Halderman Laura F. Hall Lawrence Milo Harmon, G William Abner Herin, A (1933) David Stephen Hess Deirdra Ellen Holley Randall Yoshio Iwase Susan Kerr Jack Richard Alan Johnson Fay Schlimper Jones Nancy C. Kelley Paul Maury Korchin Constance Mae Knight Lon B. Knight, Jr., G

Elizabeth S. Kuhlman Albert F. Kunze, III William Edward Lawton Michael Roy Lehrner Sharon S. Leitner Michele G. Levin Treena Kaye Levins Kempton Paine Logan Dean Leo Mamas Rusty Jay Mans, A (1952, 1959) Jeffrey B. Marks Rochelle Ann Marrinan Robert D. Marshall Deirdra Hooley McAfee Jack Thomas McCown Lee Macgregor Miller Dale Allen Myers, G Patricia E. Nichols James R. Niederlehner Stephen Lee Nipe Arthur J. Nonneman, G John Terrance O'Brien, G Ilse Johanne Ortabasi, G Eduardo Jose Padron, G Manuel F. Pajares Gael P. Penland Paschall Marvin Arthur Pokrant, G Joel Martin Rappoport Lola Jane Raulerson Robin Lee Riblet Pamela Lee Richmond Catherine Ake Ritchie Desmond A. Robbie, G Robert S. Sarazen Carol Ann Sarisky Nancy Schubert Susan E. Schwartz Karen Sue Schweitzer William Webb Selley Mike Loren Shaver Christine Mae Simon Barbara N. Skidmore Patricia N. Slattery


Robert F. Smith Christopher G. Soares Sue Bond Staffa Lowell Alan Stanley Bruce M. Stone Sarah Sawhill Supplee Natalie P. Tanen Barbara Ann Tennant Cathy R. Thompson Melissa Van Tine Donna Sue Bowers Turner Eileen Trautman Willem Van Veldhuisen Helene F. Wack William B. Wagner Carol Ann Walworth Barbara A. Weyers John Wesley Wilcox Barbara W. Williams Diane Estelle Taylor Wilson Barbara D. Wright Michael Robert Zimmerman
Mary Lynn Aimone Laurie B. Amick Carla Fredrika Anderson Kenneth E. Anderson Shannon Lynn Anderson Eileen G. Apostolopoulos Sandra B. Barker Rodney Joseph Bartlett Marylou Behnke Richard Belitsky Cathy Ellis Bennett Carol M. Bergenstal Richard M. Bergenstal Jack Walter Bettman Matthew M. Bliziotes Richard John Bowdle Eileen D. Brady Ann Marie Bronikowski

Richard A. Burkholder Mary Louise Burner Donald Beae Bush Raysa Maria Carregado
Donnie G. Coker Pamela Suzanne Cole Ellen Barrie Corenswet Brent Taylor Cox Susan H. Cox John Alden Cross Carolyn L. Cukierman Marcia Kay Cypen Robert Michael Day Carmen D. Dearing Cynthia Ann deLassus Eileen Mary Dooling Maxine Alexis Dow Gena Nunez Emery Lucille H. H. Erstling Patricia L. Estes John Sherwood Fifer R. Wayne Fuqua Marcia Ann Garnett Sue Anne Gassett Deborah R. Goldenberg Henry Vicente Gomez Sylvia Grosbard Gerald Allan Haas Mary E. Haemmerlie Alan Andrew Hahn Deborah C. Hall John E. Hallwas, G Robert John Harder Walter A. Harmon Janet M. Hartmann Dotty E. Owens Haseman Carol L. Hawkins Susan Stone Haynes George R. Hedrick Susan Louise Hennessey Kathy Lynn Stewart Higgs John Francis Hintz


Kathi Horne William M. Hunt, III Frederick S. Jaeger, Jr. Virginia Jane Johnson Robert P. Kalmey, G Harriet Miller Kavanagh Janie D. Kellams Lloyd F. Klinedinst Jr John Lawrence Korey, G Jannigje E. Kuypers Conrad Louis LaRiviere Carolyn 1. Landey Gary Wallace Lamonda Robert Elliot Lederman Michael Gene Lehtola Melissa Susan Leifer Sandra Kay Lemlich Sherry Lou Lively Mary Marcella Hudak Markworth Carlos Alberto Martinez Edward Michael Mastandrea Carol E. McDougall Robert Harrold McGinnis Pamela Karl McKeon Steven Douglas Merryday Paul Riley Michael Charles K. Michalka Lewis Dudley Miller Brenda Lynn Moses Lloyd Barrie Muccio William H. Myers, G Jon Eric Nicholson Constance R. M. Nutaro Janet M. O'Connell William R. Oegerle Cynthia Loo Palmer Sue Anne Palmer Linda Jan Payne Linda C. Pedretty Emily Reitz Pelayo Ruth Allen Peters Lois Elizabeth Phillips Charles Robert Pickett

Patricia Pritchett Alba Eunice Puissegur Carol Pulin Sharon Jane Raskin Judith Farrar Rebmann James Cameron Ressler Frederick E. Riewe, G Bruce Alan Rodan Michael Aurel Rosin Kathleen Marie Ross Richard David Ross Dorothy Jeanne Rowe Linda P. Rowe Linda Diane Moore Rowland Dennis A. Rowley Pamela S. Sanderson Paul Proctor Sanford Mark Edward Shamis Kitty Joan Morgan Simmons Roger William Sims Brian Andrew Smith Linda Jane Helmling Smith Stephen A. Spearman Linda Gardner Spencer Carolyn I. Landey Sukierman Janie Darlene Sweet Linda L. Stone Anna Margaret Tabor James Bogue Tilghman Margaret L. Toms Carole Jill Trautweiler Robert Steven Twitty Mack Tyner Dale Randall Venning Virginia Von Funk Bruce Wasserman George Thomas Wells William B. Werther, Jr., G Beverly B. Wiggins Melinda Harris Wong Laura Anne Wooten Lynn Diane Yates Marla H. Zimmerman


Frank Carl Zondlo
David Clifford Abdullah Douglas W. Abruzzo Leroy Richard Allen Louis David Allen Mary Louise Anderson Brett Douglas Anderson David Anderson, IV Cynthia Avens Teresa Rotger Banta David Jonathan Baron Alan B. Baybick Cynthia Benedictson Barbara Bennett Janet Ann Berardo Frank George Billker James Isaac Black Henry Eugene Blackwell Esmond Edward Blanton Deanna Kay Bough Eve A. Browning Robert H. Brozik S. Brian Burkhalter Robert J. Cardullo Saundra C. Carlisle Floyd Gerald Carter Justine E. Cassady Max Jose Castro Ann Colby Carol P. Cole Eileen Mannion Concannon Catherine A. Conner Oliver D. Crain John Richard Crawford Nancy Vaughan Crawford Marion D. Cusano Thomas C. Davis Juan M. Del Aquila Catherine C. Delgado David C. Dobson

Sharon Joan Dolan Nancy Sue Doubrava Lynn Sutton Dowd Steven R. Draud Nancy Price Drummond Barbara B. Edwards Don Nick Eliades Beth Fairmont Edward Larston Farrar Joseph Curtis Fetzer Ronald Paul Fisher Millicent Fleming-Moran Karen Lynn Roode Fooks Steve Louis Frederick Rebecca A. French Thomas K. Garner Mark Lawrence Gilson Stephen L. Golder Angel Manuel Gonzalez Barbara W. Green Suzanne Ellen Green Marilyn Diane Greenblatt Samuel Gulkis, A (1960, 1962, 1965) Carl Gunn-Staks Carol Barbara Haber Charles David Haltiwanger Linda C. Hesse Kyle Holmes Janet Holthouse Camille L. Hope Judith E. Horowitz Karen Dace Johnson Kathryn Klein Katz Beatrice J. Kelley Kenneth A. Klein, Jr. Mary A. Lackey Jerri Sneed Langer Gregory Edward Leach William C. Leach Susan W. Leake Sherry Lefkowitz Maria M. Llabre Kevin Anthony Malone


Bonnie Starr Mandell Ernestine F. Maura D. E. Mayhew Joseph Alton McClure Kerry Anne Mckenney Susan Edwards Meisenhelder Alison Wendy Miller Steven A. Morrison Judith Mucci Jay Paul Myers Carolyn Renee Nolte David H. Oskie Claudia Eileen Pearce Jacque Lynn Penick Philip Edward Perrey Harriet M. Pinsker Becky Ann Powhatan Nancy Price Ann Colby Quinby Peter Raben Todd Jeffrey Rainsberger William Gibson Reeves Simon Francis Rodehn Ellen Beth Rosenberg Paul Edmond Rosenthal Jose Miguel Rumbaut William P. Sacco Evelyn Dorothy Sapp Warren Stewart Sarle Arcadia B. Schaeper Frederick Schreiber John Edwin Schulman Barbara S. Scott Stephen Warren Seemer Clifford Neil Share Kenneth Warren Sharp Michael David Shaw Amy D. Shield Michael R. Silberman Nina Joyce Simka Kenneth Sissel Sheryl Jean Smith Janice McAteer Smolek

Sharon Mara Spector Jeanne Street Norma Karen Suhrer Joanne Lofumo Sutherby Theodore John Swiderski, Jr. Christine M. Tague Michael Warren Tittsworth Susan Arnold Toskar Alan Harvey Tralins Clemon Warren Tripp, Jr. Richard Dennis Tweed Lothar Georg W. Vollweiler Trevette L. Wallace Janice Moxley Warmke Cheryle B. Webb Barbara E. Weiss Christopher M. West Phyllis R. Craig Wheelan Allen Floyd Williams Janet H. Wise Gurdon Theo Wolfe Mary Sue Woodley Cheryl A. Wygal Andrew David Zadoff Stephanie D. Zisk
Marcia J. S. Adler Linda Faye Albritton Granville W. Angell Stephen M. Asmann Michael Daryl Barnett James H. Barnhill Joan Helen Bickerstaff Brian Robert Bicknell Willis Deanes Bidgood Laura Ellen Blackman Eugene Charles Blanck George Patrick Bozeman Steven George Brady Robert Craig Breese Joseph James Brennan


Douglas Scott Bringle Susan Brooks Gordon Charles Brydger Walter Gurdon Bunnell Joan Burton Lewis H. Buzzell, III Barbara Ann Cadow Ashby Lee Camp William Steven Cassel Ricardo M. Cazessus Daniel Harris Cohen Fernando J. Conill Daniel Patrick Conlin Elizabeth Conrad Patricia G. Conway Kevin D. Cooper Lewis F. Crippen M. Neil Cronin Catherine C. Czufin David Bruce Darlington Barbara Ann Davis Joseph Roy De Cristoforo E. Christopher De Santis Donna Mae Detrio William R. Dorsey, Jr. Jack Kevin Dulberger James Walker Edwards James Michael Ferris Susan Eileen Fireman James Jay Flick Raymond Daniel Fortin Kim J. Frosell Marti Harris Gammon Margaret Jean Gearing Susanna Slane Gillespie Lawrence Rubin Goldberg Roy Goldenberg Gail Gottardo Gary Gotthelf Ronald A. Gralewski Chad M. Gundy Dale Edwin Hamilton Leonard Hanser

Timothy James Henderson Susan Ellen Henry Anne Marie Hermida William R. Herrman Linda Helen Hoer Mark James Hontas James Martin Hosler Patricia Kay Hubbard Philip Wesley Hyden Dan Gregory Jacobson Joan L. James Sara Victoria Jarvis Scott A. Kallstrom Myrna P. Kele Robert David Klausner Linda Florence Koobrick Edward N. Kutch William E. Lamb Timothy Ted Lane Michael F. Lesser Susan Lynn Leventhal Laurie Jane Levin Dennis Roy Long Stephen Vaughn Manis Bruce Lee Marmar Marsha A. Mathews Richard Terry Maule Steven Lee May Mary Yvonne McCormick Dixie Sue McFarland Jane Ellen Megibow Melvin Chet Meisner Louise A. Miles Charles A. Moore, Jr. Donald Scott Morton Jean Louise Muthard Rita June Newcomb Richard Eugene Newhart James William Norman Pennie Lee Norton Cheryl R. Peek Byron Gregory Petersen Karl William Pilger


Barbara Ann Plotkin David Hurtis Pope Corinne Olasky Poucher Paul George Preste Mary Pugh Mary Elwyn P. Raum Ellie Tullis Reschmann Cambron Leigh Rice Robert John R. Rockwood, Jr.. G Arthur I. Rosenblatt Robbie Faye Rudnick Jonathan Sack Eric C. Santo Gilbert Alden Schaffnit Robert J. Schiess, III Joseph Leonard Schneider Eileen Judy Schuster Victor V. Sharpe Rose Corry Sherman Olin Wilson Shinholser Marcia Silbermann Mark Douglas Singer Laurie Ann Sistrunk Robin Carol Slafkes Ralph Leonard Smathers Barbara Marie Smith Michael Jay Snyder Maureen Somerville Salvatore A. Soraci Susan Lois Stern Joseph James Stonitsch Jack Strom James M. Stuzin Karen Gale Sussmann Petty Jeane Tarver James Howard Taylor Nancy Lee Wilkowske Teply Robin L. Thomas G12.ce Nell Tyner F. Pau Wagner Janis Love Wagner Tedra Atkins Widen Patricia Ann Wallace

Dennis Lee Warmke Joseph James Warner Carl Edward Wattenbarger David C. Weaver, G Michael Jack Webb Leslie Sue Weiner Glenn Howard Weiss Robert Lee Wheeler Karen Olivia White Mike Wike Rickey Roland Wiseman Ann Wertheim Wolkowitz William Gill Woodall Jean I.. Wyvratt Mark Yoffe
Moshe Adler Deborah Sue Anderson Merelee Martin Atkinson William L. Balee Kim Koski Bartley Joshua David Bash Patricia J. Bramlett James Kenneth Bright Jerome L. Bronikowski Mary Ellen Bunch John Robert Burke Carol Anne Burlingham Nancy E. McCovn Burnap Mark Alan Carlin Jean M. Chalmers Michael Dean Chance David Howard B. Cort Decarr Dowman Covington, III Lawrence E. Crimmins Rochelle Davidson Laura Schmal Davis Eileen Z. Dempsey Janet Lynette Gable DiFranco Jeffrey M. Dikman J. Robert Dunkle


Kerry Lee Byron Ehrlich Raymond Thomas Elligett, Jr. Gregory Benton Enholm Rochelle Susan Filker Steven William Fleischman Martha J. Fletcher Mitchell I. Fried Otilia Fuentes Lawrence Edwin Garner Mary L. Garner N. Ann Garrison Kathleen R. Garvey Sharon Dale Goldman Karen Floren Gracia Gerald Kevin Greenberg Terry Lee Evander Grim Caleb J. Grimes Richard Lynn Hackney, G Thomas Peter Hall Steven Webster Hamrick Paula S. Heighton Marie Patricia Evans Henkel Katherine B. Hilburn Edward Richard Howorka Betty Sanders Hughes Karen Elaine Hughes George A. Jacobs Hal Martin Jacobson Patrick Rene Jean Valerie E. Miller Johnson Emily Jan Joselson Loretta Flora Kallay Kevin Joseph Keltz Jack A. Kirschenbaum Brian Eng-Soe Lee Devorah Susan Levy David Seaman Lindberg, Jr. Michael Colt Loomis Gerhard Emil Maale Gregory G. Mayer Thomas Wayne McKean John Charles McKinney John Bertram Mcnamee

Janet R. Mcphail Robert Edward Messick Elaine Allison Meyers Virginia E. Mollnow Elise Taylor Moody Sue Ann Mullins Dennis Wayne Murphy Ned Lawrence Murtha Bruce A. Nants Marion Drescher Newman Gayle F. Nicholson Ann C. Ober Suzanne J. Palmer Ann Garrison Paschall Inda Diane Peoples William Oliver Pick Gregory Presser Lloyd Winton Procton Lorna Kay Hendry Prta Katherine Reed Scott Meadows Reed Robert Howard Richardson Sarah Kathryn Gaitanis Richardson Judy L. Roberts Thomas Ira Rosenfield Andrea Alice Ruff Joseph W. N. Rugg Robert David Safian Virgil Sanchez William Keith Shea Martin Dennis Smith Dennis Ray Stevenson Steven Mark Sultanoff Gertrud H. R.Taylor Donald Latham Tuttle, A (1956. 1961) Lisa Vanderwerf Jerrold Arthur Van Dyke Donald Henry Vliegenthart Judith Gale Vogel Theresa Horton Waller Mary Ellen B. Warner Richard B. Wilkes Frederick M. Williams


Alicia Browner Winslow Geoffrey S. Yarema Eilleen Zewski
Richard A. Adelman, Jr. Edward Nelson Akin, G Raymond W. Alden, III, G Antoinette M. Ayres Ingrid Sue Anderson Laurie Jo Anglin Walter Auffenberg, A (1953, 1956) Samuel Andrew Banks John Baric Maria A. Bartolomeo Patricia Lynn Bates Monica Malys Bekken Pamela King Benicewicz Gerald T. Berry Orin Lawrence Bigman Lowell Clinton Blood Rosa Ileana Bondar Steven Leon Branncok Wesley Robert Bray Terry Allan Bunde, G Lois Ann Bush Hazel Patricia Byrd, G Roberto A. Cano John Joseph Cohee Dan Scott Cohen George A. Corey Roy Curtis Craven, Jr. A (1956) Stephanie Dalvit Kern Michael Davis Murray Scott Daw Therese M. De St Aubin Salvatore V. Deangelo ,awrence W. Duffy Boyce A. Drummond, III, G Barbara Duckett James Clark Edwards Thomas Wilcox Ferguson

Mitchell R. Feuer Richard Ernest Fingerle Barbara Finlay Barbara S. Fish, G Robert (Bob) G. Fleet, Jr. Matthew Marc Fluke Kenneth Harold Gilmore, G Clifford L. Gionet, G Jeffrey Lee Glickman Lori Kay Golden Margaret K. Goscinski David J. Gower Mark D. Grover Patricia Lee Hartz Sara Barli Herald Goldie E. Litt Hill Seth Charles Horowitz Jonathan S. Huber Joan Waldron Huppi Susan Read Hutchinson Paul A. Jacobson Jana V. Jay Edward William Kallal, Jr. Barry J. Kaplan Patricia Ann King Margaret Krysiak Leslie A. Lambert Charles W. Leffler. G Deborah M. Levene Bernard Alan Lewis Wallace Lippincott Lisa Arlyn Lowe Peter E. Lundh Janie Marcus Kimball P. Marshall, G Margie Mayatte Randolph P. McAfee Sheryl Diane Michels Susan Jane Beidler Mistry Emilio F. Moran, G Patricia Marie Newkirk Nichols Nancy I. Ostrow Judith Bales Oxford


I Imomd

Raymond A. Parker, G Jack Edward Paulk Alan Thomas Pope, G Kathryn N. Post Gerald Eugene Reynolds, G Teresa W. Ring Betsy L. Holden Ruff Jacquelyn J. Schechter Karl Lewis Schilling, G Judith June Gilden Seitelman Ivan Jon Seligman Miles Hervey Sharpe, Jr. Stuart Robert Sheres Lauren Beth Sloat Chesterfield Smith, A (1967) David Gaddis Smith Linda Lanier Spear Sam Talbot Steger Stewart Wayne Stein Margie Kay Stevenson Eileen Ann Stoner Reginald C. Stuart, G John Edward Terwilleger Katherine J. Townes Susan Lynn Tuccillo William Taylor Vickers, G Joan Waldron Susan Pavann Walker Joel Douglas Ware, Jr Melissa Ann Warheit. William P. Weatherford, Jr. Michael Barry Wedner Dennis Wayne Wester, G Mary Jacquelyn Wilkes Lee Ann Williams Teresa Lee Williams Paul Thomas Witte Gerald Paul Young, G Richard M. Zabak
Mark Allen Adkins

John D. Anderson Jeffrey Lee Angel Janet Ann Baker, G Danielle V. Baum Robert William Barish Peter C. Bjarkman, G Seymour S. Block, H Susan E. Mahon Boyd Robert Mark Brochin Charles Russell Clifton, Jr., G Martha Ann Cline Clayton Winter Crevasse Daniel James Critchett Yuel Ray Cutshall, G Philip William DeHoff Kathleen K. Dietrich Jeffrey P. Dillon Alfred Charles Dyer Joyce Massey Edwards Richard William Ervin, III, A (1960) Loraine Lee Etherington Bussie A. Evans Paul David Feldman Natalie Fernandez Alan Finkelstein Robert Finkelstein Robert P. Frankel Sara J. Fredrickson Jeffrey Evan Greenberg Henry L. Gingrich. G Mary Luke Greene Larry James Griffin Thomas Ellis Grow, G Jennifer M. Hamilton Steven E. Harris Cynthia M. Heath-Smith Paul Frank Herman, Jr. Robert Scott Hobbs Michael Dean Holland John Burton Iverson, G Dale Robert Jackson, G Mark David Jacobson David Dwight Jaffee


Craig A. Jaslow Leslie Renee Jones Stanley Elton Jones, G Ching-Wei Kalieta Scott William Katz Deborah J. Kemp Patricia P. King Richard C. Klugh William Leland Kynes Debbi Lyn Landsberg Gerald Guido Langford Mary T. Leinonen Susan L. Levin David Marc Levy Ching Wei Liang Merry Ellen Lindberg Grant Mitchell Livingston Loren Cohen London Robert Paul Lowney Debra Ann Lueck Bradley Lloyd Marshall Karen Lee Mcgraw Marianne L. D. McGuigan Emory Robert Meek Leonard Joseph Mindlin Ultima Ann Degnan Morgan Lawrence H. Mufson Richard Alan Mullaney Jerald Eric Mullersman Peter F. Munger Charles B. Neckman Greg J. Neimeyer Jason Evan Nirenberg Neal Alfred Nirenberg Anna Jeannette Page Kathleen E. Page Carolyn Fae Parker Virginia L. Parra Anthony Harris Pelle Stephen G. Prom Clive B. Rayner Kristine M. Richter Marsha Denise Rosenthal

Lauri Beth Ross Carrie Lynn Schnelker Vera Lidia Selinko Elena Settanni Carolyn P. Shacter Richard Craig Sharp Robert Peter Sims Hillary Ellen Soloff Eduardo Daniel Sontag, G Janet Spear David Stevenson Christopher G. Strayve James Richard Thieman, G Joseph Edward Tienstra Gary Stuart Traub Lisa C. Tumarkin Ronald Edward Turner Lauri Beth Waldman Susan Aileen Warner Robert John Webb Laura G. West Wesley Scott Whitacre Sherrie Lynn Willman Joseph Patrick Worth, G Susan Helene Zimmerman
Jonathan L. Abram Lorraine P. Anderson Alison Patrucco Barnes Bonnie Louise Bates Suzanne Beairsto Steven Allen Beecham Amy Bell
Stanley Mark Bolotin Rebecca S. Bottoms Kenna Jo Bradford David Charles Braun Mary Lynn Bujnowski Robert J. Burke Fredric Chaiken Christopher P. Charlton


Mark John Clark Mark Steven Coican Anita Marie Colin Jean Carol Cook Mary Lynn Crippen Marta Schaaf Curtis Mark L. Damen Robert B. Diener Sarah Sevier Drew Lee Ray Duncklee Marc William Durnin Sonja Sylvia Klueck Elison Paul Douglas Garen Jay H. Garlitz David Alan Gatchell John Joseph Gayton Christy Rae Gibson Edward Bernard Glick, A (1952, 1957) William James Gooding, III Leslie Wareham Gould Alan Barton Halsey Stanley Chad Harvey Mary Jane Hastings Eric Alan Heller Michael William Hendricks Lonnie Herzog Melanie Higgins Jody Kathryn Hurst Georgia Toby Jacobson Sharon Strayer Jamison Thomas Richard Julin John S. Kastrenakes Ana Kelton Nadine Nagui Khouzam Valerie Kay King Diane Kolody Stephen Gilman Kolody Pamela Lewis Krop Sharon Strayer Learch Daniel James Ledbetter Ilene Singer Levenson Stephen Brian Linda Bonnie Joyce Losak

Patsy Jean Lynn Brenda Lee Lyons Andrew Lytle, H James Hubert McCarty, Jr. Greta Lynn Miller Stacy Mara Modin William E. Moore, Jr. Larry Allen Nathans Marilys Rebeca Nepomechie Donald Allan Novak Bryan Steven Obst Jennie Odom Maria Pantazies David Bennett Pearse Joan Susan Peppard Gary Stephen Phillips Andrew Bell Pierce Meredith Ann Pierce Steven Daniel Podnos Amy E. Pollack Katherine T. Pratt Gary Brandt Pruitt James Anthony Quintessenza Maria A. Rabelo Katharine Gunter Ratliff Teresa Jean Reid Gregory M. Rekuc Stephen Edward Richman Jonathan S. Roberts Igor Victor Robsman Peggy Ellen Rogers Jorie Rosenblatt David Simmons Roth Debra Jane Roth David Bernard Rydzewski Jeffrey Arthur Rynor Mark Schiebler Kerri S. Schroder David Ivan Shaw Khalid Hasan Sheikh John Farris Shelton Rachel B. Shireman, G Elke Ingeborg Siller


Peter Jon Simon Lorraine P. Smith Wayne David Soven Suzanne S. St. Cyr Billy Glenn Stanley Vicki Lynne Stolberg Karen Jean Stone B. Sharon Stratford Robert William Sury Nancy Ellen Swerdlow Grace E. W. Taylor, A (1967) Julia Ruth Thaler Jeffrey Howard Tomack John Paul Townsend Julia Coleman Turner Saul Ullman Mary Ellen Valletta Vanessa Lee Volpe Amy Beth Waldbaum Francis C. Wasserman Dan Edward Weitzenkorn James L. Welch Laurie A. Wellons Sally Ellen Wenzel T. A.. Westervelt James Richard Wiley Gary Alan Williams Aaron Howard Wolfson Steven Burton Zieler
Marlene Ades Paula Duncan Agronow Evan Kent Aidman Edward Paul Alper James Seth Amontree Chris Steven Andersen Tina Appelboom Thomas Lee Avrufis David Rhett Baker Holly Fay Baker Lisa Ingrid Banchik

John A. Battle, III Holly C. Bauer Patricia Macdonald Betz Aaron Kent Blackwelder Richard Blanchar Mark S. Blechman David Bryan Boercker William Morris Boggs Timothy Jon Boiling Catherine B. Bowles Catherine Ann Breen Jeffrey John Bush Amy Turner Bushnell Charles Homer Christus William Edward Corley, III Robert M. Crowl, G Douglas J. Davies Lloyd Marlin Eby Deborah Ann Edwards Russell W. Eggert Steven David Farkas Lilian Camio Febles Marc Elliott Feldman Todd F. Fibus Gary L. Firstenberg Susan Burnham Fisher Jamie Ruth Funderburk James Joseph Garner Steven Jeffrey Gilbert Jacqueline M. Gordon Debra S. Gorin Grady Roan Hartzog Linda Anne Harvey Keith James Hesse Caroline Nancy Hicks Terry William Hill Johnny Ray Hobbs, Jr. Holly C. Hoffman Donna Jean Hood John-Tien Hsieh Nancy Hughes Ing Charles H. Jackman Waylon L. Jenkins


Lisa Michele Joyner Santosh P. Kamath Athena Katsoulos David James Kearsley David John Killian Timothy Alan Kohler Janis Ellen Korobow Bruce Alan Kruglick Patricia Lynn LaPorte David Lavery Jody Lehman Richard Nathan Lenner Carol Ann Liles Mark Lee Lipman Victoria Marie Ludden Albert Eben Luer Sandra Lynn Luther Marguerite Lykes Lisa Ann Madoff Roger A. Marrero Charles Walker McBurney Emily E. McClintock Mark William McCue Bruce McFadden David Lorne McWatters, G William W. Merrill, III Darrel Lee Miller, G Lisa Ann Miller Lynn Alison Monk James Joseph Morano Elizabeth Ann Morgan Victoria Nassi Eric Karl Neitzke Paul A. Nelson Joel Ashmore Nevis Tien Quang Nguyen Shari Ellen Gars Notowitz Benjamin Ochshorn Michael A. Olympio Kathy Idell Owen Neil Brian Pollack Larry Robert Popeil Samuel Proctor, A (1941, 1942, 1958)

Linda C. Reff James Earl Roberson Peter Leonard Rose, Jr. Holly Fay Ruby Heberto Miguel Salgueiro Sandra L. Schilling Sandra S. Schlotzhauer Tammie June Shaffer Charles Martin Silver Julie E. Spitzer Diana L. Beyrle Sterk Steven John Stolting Sharon Arlene Stone-Elander Eddie Wayne Stover Thomas Grafton Teets Stephen Wren Thompson Carmen Agnes Tozzo Murray Linton Urquhart Douglas Allen Wadeson Kenneth Ward Neil Jay Wolff Jeffrey Joseph Wyneken Michael Wayne Youkon
Martin John Alexander Julie Lynn Bailey Richard Taylor Baker, III Helen M. Baldwin Susan E. Barfield Douglas George Barimo Karen Lynne Green Barnes Neil Wayne Baron Karen Gordon Barton Laurie Therese Baulig Jan L. Blickenstaff David Richard Bogdan Philip F. Bonus Sharon Gail Brauns Jeffrey S. Brinen Robert Alexander Cagna Sanford Allen Carimi


Samuel Carranza Paul Chatzky Mark C. Clark Elizabeth Jane Collins Le Roy Collins, H Suzanne Laura Ross Colman Susann Swaim Daicoff Michael W. Davidson Kathy Jean Davis Margaret Di Gaetano Pamela Reid DiMeo Paul Francis Driscoll Maruchi Garcia-Bengochea Anthony Joseph Gargano Patricia Dee Garrett Sharon Elizabeth Gifford Len Hillman Goff Francis James Gonynor Gary Peter Gordon Karen L. Gordon Louis Jackson Green Venetia Green Marci K. Greenbaum James Michael Grippando Davi B. Grosnoff Michael Joseph Groth Michael P. Haymans Daniel Lee Heinig Steven Mark Helfman Dorothy Kay Henderson Henry Wells Jewett, II Cynthia Johnson Stephanie E. Johnson Bruce Jay Kammerman Steven Mark Katzman Sue Ann Kendall Theresa Ann Kiernan Stuart Roy Kupfer Steven Russell Kutner Lourdes Fatima LaPaz David Andrew Lazarchik Jeffrey Lowell Lewis Bradshaw T. Lotspeich

Per-Olov Lowdin, H Anthony Joseph Lubniewski Pamela S. Lucia Daniel Jay Lustig Robert Bruce Macaulay Bernice Anne Marcopulos Marianne Marees Fernando Jose Martinez John Daniel McCallion, Jr. Sallie Garrett McGuire Angela Lucia Mennitto Mark Douglas Meyerson Michael John Miller Phyllis Anne Monahan Judy Ellen Morris Christopher P. Morrone John Paul Nardandrea, Jr. Phong Quang Nguyen Vickie Ann Obermeyer Keith Terry Ott Terence R. Peppard William L. Petros Michael Peter Postma George Edward Powell Michael Gregory Prendergast Richard Bart Rein Warren J. Repole, Jr. Jose Alberto Reyes Marie M. Tami Rives Karyn S. Roth Cindy Lynn Rynor Sara Elizabeth Sacco Marc Jeffrey Salzman John Malcomb Scheb Pamela Lynn Schiding Mary Paula Schupler Eloise Young Sexton Benjamin Scott Shaffer Arthur Ira Shapiro Leonard Allen Smith Mark H. Smitherman Kenneth W. Sprague Patricia G. Stephenson


Linda Marie Stiles Carol Yumiko Takami Thomas C. Thompson Sherryl Ann Tobey Amy Susan Tunis Laurence W. Twigg, G Gregory Neil Ullman Deborah Louise Vann Kelly Anne Vaverek Glenn Jerrold Waldman John George White, III Joseph Baxter Williams Steven Michael Viti David Alan Wahl Keith Tyrone Ward Dale Alan Whitaker Michael D. Wittenstein Ira Alan Zucker
Susan Sorrells Allen Roger Joseph Anderson Melanie Sue Lewitt Appell Bert Wendell Barclay Robert Steven Bass Cheryl Ann Bell Charles A. Bennett Keith Lorin Bilderbeck Kevin Kendall Blount J. Mark Brint Byron Keith Brown Frances Eileen Broyles Steven Richard Brunhild Cheryl Ann Bell Vicki L. Berman Carlos Alberto Carrillo Catherine Melody Carswell Paul Douglas Caruso Daniel Bruce Caton Christopher A. Cunha Don Cunningham Lindsay Adair Davis

Paul Alan Dawson Susan Ellen Dietrich Lisa Ann Doig Carl Edward Ecelbarger Joni Marie Emling Robert V. Farese, Jr. Jason Stuart Finder Alan Dean Flanagan Anthony Joseph Giordano Glenn Temple Gobbel Kristine Louise Griffin David Brian Haber Robert Lewis Harding Stephanie J.S. Harding Anna Laurie Hicks John Granger Jessup Julie Ann Kelch Alicia Wolfgang Kemper Marc Lewis Kessler Panayota P. Kleinman Suzanne A. M. Koch Gary Alan Kurtz Kenneth Bruce Kushner David Richard Ladd Vivian Gail Layne Mark Richard Leary, G Debra Marie Leptrone W. Bradford Lyles Laurie Ann Thomas Magowan Dale Jeffrey Matza William Mark McCollough William Edward McIntyre Mark Wallace Merrill Manoj Kumar Mishra, G Michael George Monticino Antonio Monzon Donald Bruce Morris Donald Richard Nettlow Loi Phi Nguyen Thomas Robert Nordman David Paul Pace Annette Karen Pelaez Sheree Lynn Pendleton


Rosalind Rami Rafanelli Victoria Anne Rambo Eric Loren Rhoton Debbie Ann Rinde Donald David Rose Christopher M. Salter Ira Charles Sand John Edward Santosuosso Marsha Kent Savage, G James K. Schooley, G Michael Bruce Seldes Joni Marie Sikorski Jodi Sternberg Simkins Lance Simkins Harry Hall Sisler, H Pamela Talan Stearns Donald James Steelman Julie Sturgeon Ming Tan
Melinda Ann Tucker S. Gnann Vol Khardt Violet Elena Walling Joanna DeMas Way Alan Louis Weiner Mary Elizabeth Riker Williams Karen Marie Williams Mark Vincent Williams Robert Eugene Wing Carrie A. Wolfberg Billy Joe Yates Dykes Maxwell Young Erik Henry Zander
Elisa Albo Steven Morrell Bailey Jeffrey Scott Balser Todd Huntley Baron Sheri Ann Barrack Eugene Stanley Boiling Ruth Boyd-Kletzander Dewey Lee Bracy

Dora Brazlavsky Francis Rene Brown Cheryl L. Cadrecha Avis Shirley Chen Howard Kelly Coates, Jr. Marjie Ann Cohen Jane Lou Collins, G Rena Lee Colsky Lawrence William Cooke Edward Craig Croft Albert Brian Crowley William Smith Daskam, IV Mark Allen Davis Audrey Beth Desky Peter Nelson Dezendorf Nancy Dinka Edwin G. Drake Gregory S. Dreyer Musa Kamel Farmand Elaine Stacy Fisher Arthur N. Freed Joseph Patrick Fritsch, G Antonio Francisco Gomes Creed Collins Greer, III Karen Lou Griffin Thomas Joseph Gruseck Elaine Stacy Haber Marta Toruno Hampton Carol Jean Harrenstien John George Heise William Allen Hemme Mark Elliott Holcomb David Yin-Kai Huang Paul Frederick Hyland Wayne Leslie James, G John Oliver Johnson Diane Marie Julin Robert Harlan Kaufman David Bruce Kenoyer Todd Edwin Kinnebrew Daniel Steven Krop Dana Arshag Kumijian Gary Michael Kupfer


Edward P. C. Lai Bruce Dodd Landrum Esther Diane Lange Linda Hamilton Leeper, G Daniel Elliott Levin Martine Arlette Libbrecht Vincent Jerry Licata Katharine Gordon Linforth Jeff Lloyd
Barry Ray Lockenbach Ann Louise Macari Lee Martin Kathleen Shewmaker Miller Keith L. Miller Linda Hahn Miller Charmaine Mary Millsaps Cheryl Lynn Neder David Robert Newsome Michael David Painter, G Makund Kanu Patel Mark Allan Pavilack Susan Poirier Gordon Macheath Polley Vikramaditya Poonai James Christopher Post Marc Alexander Presnell Shari Anne Prevost Jayalakshmi Koppaka Rao Albert J. Rhoton Gabrielle Eva Small Riera Richard David Salzmann Gerald Kevin Sanchez Paul Louis SanGiovanni Sally J. Savage Karen R. Scheinbaum David Lawrence Scott Daniel Warren Seekins Christopher Cole Shoemaker, G Alan Roger Shuster Greg Marc Silver David T. Smith, Jr. Emily Jo Smith Troy Farr Storey

Marilyn E. Swisher Robert Blair Taliaferro Cynthia Hsieh-Chi Tsai David Barry Turetsky Dwane Douglas Tyson Jerry N. Uelsmann, H Jon Michael Warters John Lawrence Weare Daniel Charles West Kenneth Talbert Wilkins David Alan Wollenschlaeger Anna Margaret Wood Frank Bradshaw Wood, A (1936)
Mary Margaret Agocs Wanda Marie Alaniz Elizabeth Fay Alexander Joan Calhoun Bales Lorraine Faye Souder Bernhardt Karen Lisa Brand Tamara G. Blenkhorn Laura Susan Scott Boncoskey Doona Kaye Chang Catherine Anne Coder Joseph Vincent Condon Donna Kaye Cooke Anthony John Coppola Michael Dear Cotton Vanadis Mack Crawford Allyson Florence Creasman Douglas Adam Cywar Robert Michael Di Sario Nils Marcos Diaz Mark 1. Dorfman Elaine Ann Dozer Mark Anthony Ebelini Gary Scott Edinger Elina Isidra Fernandez Dexter Price Filkins Gigi Gianelli Donna Jayne Gould


William Robert Grady Manuel Granaros Johnny Luther Harrington James John Hartland Lynn Luethke Hatcher George Calvin Hayes Christopher Burt Herrick Eric Wyckliffe Hoffler Lynn E. Huerta Rutledge Q. Hutson Thomas Scott Jennings Joseph Richard Julin, H Linda Ruth Kaufman Robert Colt Kirkland Kent Lee Kiser Karen Jean Kowalske Valerie Brooke Laing Beth Mcguire Law Jonathan Peter Lester Niels Lyle Lindquist Laura S. Liska Stefanie Beth Lord Cynthia Annette Milton Dennis Ramon Mosier Lisa Nason David Kenneth Neal Diane Carol Nelson Linda Ann Novelli Sherrie Ann Nunn Maura Geralyn O'Brien Cynthia Ochipa Jacqueline Ann Olan James Francis O'Neill, Jr. Jeffrey Louis Paonessa Eileen Pernicone Joyce Pernicone Jonathan Meltz Perwien Stuart Alfred Poe John Howard Pomeroy, A (1940) Sara Anne Price Eric David Rapkin Robert Rio Deborah Rose-Kroll

Christina Quay Rowles Marilyn M. Teeter Sandbeck Jamie L. Scheff Melana Teresa Scruggs Cindy Shatkin Peter Christian Smith Gregory James Smits George Arthur Stanley Juan Antonio Toledo, G William Joseph Triggs Julie Chi-Lung Tsai Donna Jean Ulrich Bruce Stewart Vincent Phuc Vo
Laurie Ann von Wald Ellen Marcie Waldman Patricia Lynn Werner Justine A. Wetherington Gary Steven Wigodsky Kelli Gwyn Williamson Gary Richard Yessin Lee Mark Zeichner
Thomas Mario Ayze Jamie Bramuchi Julia Lillian Brown Nancy Lee Bryant Margot Joan Callagman Heather Lea Campbell Marjorie Harris Carr, A (1942) John Benjamin Christoph Laurel Clark Franklin Stanley Cohen Gustavo Enrique Coll Mark James Cuffe Talbot D'Alemberte, A (1961) Bruce Warren Darby, G Amelia Lynn Henderson Dolson Kaye Ann Dowdy Eric Shonbrun Dubbin Yvette Carolynn Duffy


Theodor Herzl Easter David Walter Ehle Elisabeth Ann Elgerd Adam S. Fenichel Beatriz Eugenia Fernandez James Thomas Fesenmeier Dina Fichtel Gary Edmond Foresman Leonard Robert Frank Paul Michael Gardner Theodor H. Gaster, H Joshua Bruce Gillon Andrew Jay Greenfield Jerry Lee Hennig Grant Daniel Heslep Andrew William Houtz Sheri Ann Catazano Huckaba Sarah S. Hudgens Scott Stewart Katz Robert Daniel Kennedy Robert Travis Kennedy Regina Yvonne Le Verrier Matthew A. Leibert Charles Wilson Logan Steven Marc Lopatine Jeffrey Robert Lucas, G Linda Ann Mangu Jodi Rae Mattes Kenneth Ricky McCurry Sheri C. McDoniel Tammy Lynn Turner McDowell Linda Julin McNamara Arsenio Andres Mestre Audrery Robin Mindell Lawrence Alan Mishlove Deborah Sue Money Miguel Enrique Mulet My-Duc Thi Nguyen Dante Vito Nuzzo David Albert Olson Beth Ann Cecelia O'Neill Manuel Ricardo Padron Leslie Parsons

Clinton Christopher Pittman Robert Alan Pollack Alice Florence Higdon Prater Frank Allen Quinn Teresa Clare Ricke Pamela Susan Rogers Dwight L. Schmidt, G Dina Helene Schoenfield Scott Herbert Schultz Kami Lynne Seaberg Kenneth E. Staggs Jan M. Stasiuk Jeffrey Ralph Stephens Eric Charles Thompson Elizabeth Ann Thomson Donna Kay Parks Torres Christopher John Watt David Scott Weiss Brian A. Wheeler Julia Catherine Higdon Whitson David Jonathan Wolfson Madeline G. Woodruff Scott A. Young Irene Zimmerman, H
Lisa Adams Todd Michael Alford Patricia Arleen Aloise Andrew Martin Atz Joseph Brett Averbach Mary Elizabeth Bannon Rim Bannout Mark Velpeau Barrow, Jr. Joshua Frank Becker Richard Byron Bizot Charity J. Gardner Boudouris Michael Bougoulias Patricia Jean Bowen John Marvin Bozeman Mary A. Bradmiller Gary S. G. Bryant


Carl Creighton Capelouto John Yeuk-Him Choy Kathleen Margaret Citera Abby Beard Cope Richard L. Cope Frank Emmett Daniels Uday Dilip Daphtary Rita V. De Alba Maria Delgado-Hachey, G Victor Richardo Doig Embree Alan Dowling Jacqueline Currie Duffey John Andrew Eisler David Brian Feller Mark Anthony Ferrante Juan Pablo Frias Robin Frances Frydman Kristi Carol Garmon Frank Joseph Genuardi Steven Paul Glazer William Howard Goodman Dana L. Greenbaum Gary Steven Gutheim Chantal J. Harrington Brian Evan Harris Gary Scott Helfman Richard Gary Herman Karen Higgins Jana M. Holland Daniel Thomas Holley Angela Pearl Home Kenneth Lawrence Jarolem Rhoda Sheryl Kagan Louis Brett Kalish Sheryl Andrea Katz Jonathan 1. Konnan Linda Kay Krause Rhodes Martin Kriete Thomasine Ann Kushner, G Sharyse Lynn Levine Anthony Howard Lewitt Jonathan Lee Lin James Raymond Lisko, G

Lee Michael Mandel Daniel Ellis Marcadis Susan Elaine Marshall, G Maria Teresa Martinez Cathryn Ann McDaniel Jill Renee Weber Moore Victoria Lyn Moore Thomas Howell Moseley My-Huong Thi Nguyen Katie Ann Paschall, G Sharai J. Perkes Dayne Douglas Piercefield Vasilis Bill Pikounis Michael Paul Prather Clifford Andrew Purcell Bruce John Ramshaw Richard Franklin Read David Alan Richter Patrick Jon Riggins Dianne E. Rocheleau-Malaret, G Sharai J. Rosenblatt Mary Frances Rutte Scott Hunter Sacharow Graziella Saccon Marcus Francesco Sciadini Mark Peter Scott Julia Dangerfield Seanez Russell Craig Silverglate Amy Wade Smalldon Gary Neil Spears, Jr. Linda Lee Strain Diana Taranco Cheryl Lea Tarr Deborah Ann Thompson Jennifer N. Turner Mark van Soestbergen Steven Karl Vetter, Jr. Richard Vlasak Susan Beth Wallace Richard Meredith Westmark Hoke James Wilson Steven Parrish Winesett Howard Craig Zisser


Roshelle A. Zwick
Miles Ferdi Ardaman Robert Avakian Brent Oscar Baldwin Jonathan Bear Marc Steven Bedrin Robert Paul Beecham Mary Ellen Bergh James Edward Blackwood David Edward Blews Bradley Fitzgerald Boeve Jeffrey Norman Bott Carole Dawn Brathwaite Teresa Kay Brigance Charles K. Brown Karen Patricia Brown Adrianne Brownstein Judith Evelyn Burrus Lisa Rene Burton George Edwin Byers Julie Carlton Lawrence Joseph Caruso Luis Chu
C. Bryce Code James Curtis Collier Con Brady Curry Michael Lewis Davis Edward S. Desmarais Monica Laurell Dodge Robert Ronald Dubois Crystal Lynn Duncan JoAnne Eichelberger Michael Linn Eldridge, G Daryl Lee Figa Lorraine Claire Fischer Kevin Patrick Galvin Charles Robert Garris Ali Afif Gernij Aaron Ross Gilbert Meredith Devoe Girard

Kevin Scott Godbey Wendy Lynn Goldberg Jordan Lawrence Golin Kelly Dee Goodwin Gary Douglas Gridley Steven Michael Hacker Elizabeth Elaine Hall Jeffrey Robert Harrington Raymond Dean Hautamaki Robert Shawn Hayes Timothy Raymond Heath Tracey Leigh Henderson Laura A. Hobbs Tohien Thi Hoang Janice Marie Hornyak Shirley Ann Ice Edahn Joshua Isaak Birgit Amelia Jensen Carol Ann Jentsch Glenn Edward Jung Lisa M. Kelly Mark C. Kelley John Forrest Kirk Jerome Benjamin Klein Andrew Edward Kortz Richard Graham LaCamera Mark William La Starza Karen Ruth Langston Scott J. Leighty Ronald Anthony Leo David Jules Levitats Ing Cherry Li, G Alton Lee Lightsey Susanne Virginia Lefebvre Martin Peter Gregory May, G Marie Lucia Miville Risa Ann Rollins Moore Patricia Lynn Morgan Elaine Ruth Moss Paul Douglas Mullenix, G Edward Maurice Mullins Andreas Johann Nechyba David Lutes Norman


Patrick A. Norton Nils Yngve Ohm, H Elizabeth Esther Otelza Lori Branham Pfahler Laura Anne Dunn Pflug Mai-Anh Pham Patti Ellen Phillips Peter John Pitocchi Nathan Marc Rachman Annu Ramaswamy Venkataram Koppaka Rao Craig Jeffrey Rich John David Riley Christine Ann Rottas William Lee Rowland Jinni Marie Schmidt Richard Sale Schofield Joanne E. Seibold Kambiz Shamiou Joanne Lynn Shechter Eric Andrew Sheldon David Neal Silverstein Joel Sklar
Gillian Slack-Smith Heather Scott Smith Mark Henry Spiler Mark David Staritsky Richard Ian Stern Elizabeth D. Stewart William R. Summerhill Seth Edward Tabb Robert Hsien-Cheng Tai Roger Dean Taylor Ronald Scott Taylor Richard Stephen Tayon William Todd Thomas Laura Lynn Turner Mark van Soestbergen Jacqueline Verebay Karen Elizabeth Watson Gene E. Wicks, G John T. Woeste, Jr. Christianne Woolger

Tammy L. Yachabach Flora J. Zaken-Greenberg, G
Albis Acosta Michele Bressie Aitken Gilman Baker Allen Joseph L. Amos, Jr. Richard Dutton Anderson David Randall Aronoff Roland Vance Askins Troy Auffenberg Azita Azad Peter Barbatis Steven N. Berley Richard S. Blankenbaker Margaret Putnam Booth William Ronald Burkhart Michelle Marie Brown Dana Jo Caranante Barbara Ann Cain Carson Stephen John Cato, G Wuchang Vincent Chang, G Josephia Cheong Paulina Cheong John Richard Connell, G Patricia E. Culberson Agnes Guanlao David William Lewis David Dawn Marie Davidson Jay Paul Delinko Victor Joseph Di Venere Barbara May Diedrich Trini Louise Donato Emmett Matthew Donnelly Diane Cloud Dyer Martin Nicholas England, G Joseph Christopher Figini Leigh Ann Files, G Rodney Michael Gabriel Paul Douglas Gader, G Daniel Thor Garber


Julie Michelle Geisenburg David Leonard Giancoli, G Holly Kathryn Green Shoko Saito Hamano, G Elizabeth Naomi Hardin Scott Edwards Harper James Wyndham Haselden Alec Kenneth Hemer Hudman Aloysius Hoo, Jr. Mary Emily Hooper I-Chow Joe Hlsu Bruce Philip Johnson, G Erica Karen Johnson Ester Doreen Jonker Bridget Marie Kelly Larry Scott Kessler James Matthew Kiely Steven Miles Kogan Gayle L. Koszegi Michael A. Koszegi Laura Kozuch Scott A. Kramnick Michael James Kuge Lauren Parsons Langham Christine M. Laubenheimer Diane Murphy Laughlin Kathleen Susan Laurenzo, G Ilona Maria Lawless Monique E. Lawrence Phi Hung Le Ray-Shine Lee, G Colleen Elizabeth Cloran Lewis Ester D. Lincourt Alan Bradford Lowther Selena L. Marchan Elizabeth Kuhlke Martin Kimberly Joanne Maynard Michele A. McKinney Jay Douglas McWhirter Ellen W. Meader David Mark Meyers Suzanne Alyssa Michelson Jennifer Lynn Howay Miller

Michele Jude Miller Stephen Jay Miller Michael Mirabito Elizabeth Suzanne Murphy Kelvin Gregory Murray, G Catherine Mary Newman Kirsten Elise Nielsen Mittie Jo Ann Nimocks, G Michelle Benedict Nowlin Joanna Leigh Olian Louise Byrne Ousley, G Christina S. Overstreet Rossana Odila Passaniti Richard Kenneth Peterson David Jerome Pettey Abbe Riva Polsyn Mary Jodeane Pringle David Gorton Ramshaw Melissa Setsuko Reeves Alan Michael Rice Camilla A. Rigamonti John Michael Roberts Daniel Romano Catherine Deborah Root Bradley S. Rosen Barbara Lynn Greyson Rosenblatt Michael James Rutledge, G Jeth de Vega Salomon John Anthony Samarkos Mark David Schane Angel Renee Seibring Mark Alan Seibring Margaret Mary Sidman Bridget M. Silva Carolyn Jeane Simmons, G Nelida Natasha Sjak-Shie Cheryl Mae Smith Stephen Lee Smith Teresa Rust Smith Jeneen Maya Sokolsi Roy Gilbert Soto Andrew J. Spanier John Roy Spray


David J. Stallard, Jr. Lawrence J. Steizer Tamara Maureen Sheely Summers Julianne Loretta Swilley Cynthia Louise Tannahill Suzanne Michelle Gorowitz Trushin Judith N. Van Heiningen Lynne Vaughn Seth Charles Wachsman Robert Vernon Wallace, Jr. Curtis Craig Walling, G Ellen Waterson Susan Diane Weston Marion Robert Whiteford Brian Gregory Wilson, G Michael Kenneth Wing Randolph Frank Wojcik Judi Marie Woolger James Paten Young Kristine M. Zajkowski Carolyn Christine Zeman
Sean Karin Ahmed Andrea J. Applestein Jorge Luis Barinaga Ronald Jackson Boling, G Michael Brian Boyarin William Ensor Brohawn, III Susan Mearl Brumbaugh Jefferson McCulloch Byers Jean Marie Callahan Paula Carter Lisa M. Champoux Blake Harold Chanley Richard Steven Chess, G Michael George Clemens Sandra Elizabeth Dietel Janet Woody Doming Janet Gail Drake John M. Du Toit Tanya Lynn Dzwonkowski

Bonnie Gail Edinger Suzanne Kelly Edmunds Deborah Leslie Ellis Theresa Jean Ellis Arnold Douglas Fong Emily R. Fox Arlene Fradkin, G Robin Diane Fruitticher Stephen Lewis Furches Christopher Erik Geertz Diane Louise Staff Gillan Andrew Samuel Golub Evelyn Mary Gonzalez Tanya Lynn Gotch Emerson H1. Gravely, Jr. Jodi Michelle Gress John Collyer Hamlin Kimberley Anne Hayes Susan R. Heims Vanita Singh Hensel Oded Herbsman Jamie Lynn Herzog Maureen Holihan Myra Dew Hudson Arnaldo Isa Joel Keith Jager Tammy Michele Jasinowski Aimee C. Jimenez Jennifer Tracy Johnson Arthur Samuel Kimball, G Beth Randy Klein Natasha Crawford Moselle Knight Beth Ann Knowles John Howell Krantz, G John Edward Kraus Traci Armer Kurtzer Erin Marie Laipply Stella Louise Lamm Tammy Leathers Mary Ann T. Leiby Moi Bon Leong, G Catherine Redmond Lewis, G Kathryn George Lyon


Alison Gail MacArthur Kevin McKenna, G Terence Edward McKinney Avishai Mendelson Jeffrey Evan Michaelson Courtenay Hilton Miller Virginia May Mooney Jordan Mussary Shamal Dinanath Nadkami Susan Roberta Neims Daniel Hien Nguyen Lorraine Marie Novak Kevin Edward O'Brien Cynthia Louise Ockert Kevin Andrew O'Koon Michael Marshall Parrish Kevin Robert Peska Bridget B. Phillips Laurie Ann McCarthy Powers Robert Sephers Price, Jr. Francesca Quaglia Janet L. W. Ramsey, G Tracey Elizabeth Reeves Cheryl Bernstein Reiss Diane Richard-Allerdyce, G Liliana Ivette Rios Brian John Roake Morlan Ty Rogers Jay A. Rosen Jafar Ibrahim Rubaii Sharon Jeanne Ryczek Deborah Melanie Saff Elizabeth Ann Sainaon Jennifer Jean Saxe Murray McCowen Sellers, G Steven Arthur Shirley Bruce Franklin Silver Gary Glenn Smith Paula Jane Smith Amy Beth Snuttjer Eric J. Steincki Paula Stickel Josie Lynn Stone

April Mami Strauss Roger Eric Studley Kathleen M. C. Sullivan Jeffrey Scott Swygert Karen Graham Tillman Carl Wilson Turner Ronald G. Van Den Handel Victoria Suzanne Vance Elizabeth Charlene Vevera Alison Tobey Wachteman John Michael Waples Lynda M. Wasula Shaun Michele Weaver Karl Eric Weingarten Margaret Mae Briggs Young Todd Eugene Zeigler
Nancy Kay Allerheiligen Timothy Bruce Allison Elliott Reginald Ambrose Julie Applebaum Nicole Marie Arfaras Tracy H. Arnold Jane Ayers Alexander Baez Mark Edward Baird Laurie A. Bankston Thomas P. Barber Nicholas Peter Baric John William Beagle Morgan Ray Bentley Andrew Harry Berg Davin Janson Borde Timothy Jon Brazil Francisco Javier Brea Robert Wesley Bryant Sarah Catherine Burton Michael Caravetta Kerry S. Young Carlisle Thomas Robert Caswell Charles S. Christ


Mark David Cohan Jose B. Collazo A. Joseph Coomes Donna Elizabeth Correll Kimberly Ann Cory Peter Wilson Cross Steve Chang Davis Kathleen Marie Dougherty Mary El Dougherty Robin Ivy Drutman Thor Kristian Dunmire Lisa Carol Elliott Kimberly C. Enns Susan Elaine Eschrich Nimet Akberali Esmail Mary Burke Felder Andrew David Fine David Richard Fink Andrea Stacey Fixler Patrick John Formella Kendall B. Fountain Ross Stuart Franklin Daniel Kelly Froats Holly A. Gimbel David E. Gitlin Michael Louis Glassman Bradley Gordon Goldberg Jane Goodwin Jeffrey Mitchell Goodz Laura Beth Gowen Kimberley Collins Gregg Kirsten Leigh Haman Jill Lynne Hanson Michael Shaun Hardee Edward P. Heidtman Scott Allen Hemerling Jill Heather Boylston Herndon Gerard M. Hessels Marc Andrew Hillmyer Trongan Dinh Hoang Della L-M Holtzman Samuel Pei Hsieh David Lee Hudson

Gerald William Hull Farad S. Irani Jamie Elizabeth Jacobs Meera Jain George Joseph Jurich Stephanie Karp Thomasine Jennifer Kennedy Alan Eric Kessler Laurence Nelson Koplow Steven Jay Landau Angelo Frank Liranzo Pamela Ann Lyon Marnie Denise Marx Coreeen Ann McCarty Douglas Scott McDadden William Elliott McGoun John Patrick McGrath Scott Raymond Meeth Jane Kernie Mellott Jody C. Miller Loree Alyson Miller Lisa Mindy Moran Timothy Earl Morey Pierre-Yves Musy Thomas J. Nechyba Jeff Nguyen Tan-Loc Phuoc Nguyen Sara Lynn Nichols Nancy Lynn Novogrodsky Rebecca Marie Hinkley Nryos Kristin Lee Oelstrom Anna Marie Palmer Melissa Ann Panger Donna Whiddon Perry John David Pierce Lisa Dawn Piercy Anne Picard Pieter Cynthia Jean Poppell Mohan Ramanathan Ramaswamy Dawn Christine Reuter Chellyn Reid Rinchart Sandra L. Roberts Erin Elena Rowe


Roy Henry Ryder Mona Sadek Susan Sadoughi Edward Alan Salter Steven Craig Scheinfeldt Crystal Renee Scott Fernando Gregorio Serra Andrew Dean Shore Caren Lynn Sikora Michael Simpson Jeffrey Richard Smith Carmen Cecilia Solorzano James Haddan Sullivan Diana Marie Swancutt Yeong-Shiuh Tang William Michael Tave Scott Christopher Thompson Michael Scott Thorpe Guek Tin Toh Dara Francine Toll Carl Joseph Ullrich Derek Kurt Urban Tara J. Van Wagenen Mark Eaton Walker William Charles Waterman Leslie Anne Weaver Amy Lynn Weiner Sondra Wentzel Frank L'Engle Williams Nola Marie Wilson Robin Michelle Wilson Amanda Stephanie Wood Patricia J. Woods Nicola Louis Zagarola Janice Elaine Kerr Zilisch Gregg David Zucker
Reem Sameer Abu-Rustum Dawn Michele Agee Charles Ariz Craig Steven Arnold

Paul Michael Arnold Marla Cheryl Aronson Saidy Maria Barinaga Christopher R. Bartruff Bronwyon Sligh Beistle Deborah Rachel Ben-David Adam B. Bernstein Ross Logan Bilbrey David Ari Blum Nancy J. Nelis Bostock Gary A. Brooks Richard Joseph Bryant Jeffrey John Bushofsky John Kevin Cammack Malinda Jane Carpenter Kelvin Abdi Choi Li Liu Chu Amy Elizabeth Clifton Nancy Ellen Cline Jeffrey Randal Coker Jana Crouch Keith Wayne Cunningham George Michael Deacon Shannon E. De Armas Carolyn Marina Drazinic Ingelise Driehuis Cheri Michele Ehrhardt Stephan Eisenschenk Eva Marie Finney Daniel Paul Fraser Melissa Ann Friedman Thomas Matthew Gallagher Holly Melissa Gibbons Kathryn Anne Gomez Gaspar Gonzalez Chovine Gardner Gordon Kimberly J. Hamel-Page Debra L. Harman Charles Martin Heilig Laura Anne Heurtevant Debra Hibbitts Kathleen Marie Hill Jeffrey Lawrence Hinds


Tonhu T. Hoang Peter Grant Hodes Shawn Robert Horwick Phillip Ryan Huckabee Michael Victor Jablonski James Scott Jacobs Julie Therese Kay Georg Hans Ketelhohn Jason Michael Kissner Susan Kontor Heather C. Kuntz Karin E. Larsen Moyuen Mimi Lee Steven M. Lillywhite Barbara C. Long John Stanley Lord Paul M. Louis Angeli Rose Maun Jacqueline L. Maurer Thomas M. McAleavey Michael Earl McCullough Heather Lynn McKay Theresa Ann Mills Jamie Lynn Moore Richard Douglas Murray Jamie M. Nicholson Laura E. O'Riorden Jeffrey Gordon Ort Harvey E. Oyer, III Mark David Perez Jill Ann Perry Scott Mark Podnos Farahnaz Rahmanz Diana Kathleen Rogers Fillmer William Ruegg, II Kyle William Ruffing Janet Lee Scarda Mark Schwartz Hugo A. Scornik Adam Dov Shapiro Marie Agnes Shaw Daniel Herbert Sherman Charles F. Sidman

Francesca M. Sieni Kelly Jo Sigle Heather Ann Siler Kelleen L. Callahan Simons Scott Edward Skorupa Gordon J. Strauss Timothy Allan Sushil Michael John Thompson Wendy Michelle Tubbs Danny Eugene Turner Patricia Rose Turner Kathryn Andrea Venz Soledad Concha Vera Erica Jean Walker Norman Ellery Warner Patricia Warren Coral Barborie Wayland Scott Gregory Weeks Amy Lynn Whorton Geoffrey Bruce Wolf Laura Luise Hill Wolf Laura Elizabeth O'Connor Wright Yien Yao
Greta Ann Ziemann Theresa G. Zogakis
Gordon T. Abbott Michael J. Achinger Lori Elizabeth Ager Jennifer L. Alderman Gregory W. Allen Christine A. Alvarado, G Amelia Alvarez Dan Zvi Anafi Pamela Dawn Andrew Catherine A. Bean Sybelle Anne Blakey Rebecca Ellen Bogan Julie Lauren Bork Tamela Gail Bright Janet Lisa Browdy


Janice M. Bruce-Battiste Melissa Beth Campbell Joseph A. Carlucci Christine S. Chambers Scott G. Chastain Karen Leah Chisholm Rachel Ellen Chmiel Kathleen Ann Ciez Michelle D. Cohen Nicole Jody Cohen Frederick W. Conner, H Craig Anthony Cummins Elizabeth Dalton Beree R. Darby, G Stavria Daskarolis Jennifer L. Davis Salvatore C. De Filippo Richard A. Delucia Misha Denham Michael S. Doar Denise W. Donnelly, G Mrs. Kendall Elias Michael S. Farrell Monique I. Ferguson Stephen L. Fernandez Laura Hunter Fowler Saundra N. Fried Robert M. Fulton Elizabeth B. Gardner Carol Ann Gibbons Mark R. Gibson Julie B. Glassman Carol Janice Godwin Kendall Graham Stacy E. Grossman Jeffrey R. Gully Kenneth S. Haft Jahn Karl Hakes John Hall Francine Beth Halushka Marjorie L. Hilfiker Jerry Lee Hennig Jasper C. Hollingsworth

Bethany Lynn Horton V. Evan House, G Elaine E. Hunter Barbara loannides Margaret Joannides Allison W. Jacobs David M. Jones Poorti N. Karve Keith Stuart Krasny Mei Po Kung Mary Margaret Lanham Anthony J. Laudadio Pauline Olive Lawrence, A (1972, 1975) David W. LeBoutillier, G Steven James Leung Jacqueline D. Levy Anthony L. Lyon Trisha Ann Malkiewicz Gina Marie McClure James R. McCurdy Melissa Mendez David E. Menet Christopher Lee Miller Hollis Leigh Miller Dena Marie Minning Julie Beth Mislow Catherine R. Moore, G Geoffrey J. Moul William C. Nunziata Sheri Ann O'Donnell Stephanie Oelstrom Richard J. Oliveri Denis Palaganas Brent D. Palmer, G Robert C. Pellow, G Alison Ann Perdue Elena Elizabeth Perez Alison Marie Petrick Giuseppe A. Petrucci, G Andrea Mara Pless Carol Marie Poortman Heather V. Latham Porter Lora Jean Quay


Adele S. Raade, G Gary Ernest Raney, G Kandace Alys Rayos Neal Jason Razi Erik Howard Reece Carol Ann Rick Michael W. Roosevelt Raymond T. Rufer Christine Allen Freeman Ryan William M. Schaum Lee Christine Schendel Lauren E. Sieg Daniel S. Silverglate Lisa Debra Singer Amy Grace Slaughter James M. Smart Christine A. Smith Jason Arthur Snyder Paul M. Sotkiewicz Sharon Lee Springrose Eric Paul Stein Mara Gwyn Stern Shauna Gayle Stern Randi Jill Storch Sharon Lee Stump Tara Lynn Sulkoski Hilary Leigh Surratt Robin C. Sweat Stephen Adams Taylor, G Elizabeth Ann Thigpen Elaine E. Thomsen Stephen G. Tibbetts Joseph Matthew Touger Laura Joan Varela Janice R. Wachtel Jerius B. Wallace, G Nancy Shaw Haynes Walsh Wendy Jo Ward Rebecca Ann Ware jil Warner COdistine Ann Wasula Ji1 Regina Watkins Cassandra White

Mary White Daniel L. Whiteside Mitchell Y. Williams M. Susan Wilson Akihiro Yamazaki Tad Allen Yates Mindy Beth Yoskin Scott Andrew Zengel
Brent P. Abbatantuono Jason Earl Abernathy E. Dwight Adams, H Melody Elizabeth Altman Sarit Hanna Amir Monica Irene Armstrong Melissa Margaret Aubin Mark E. Augspurger Patricia Anne Bailey John S. Baker Craig Mark Banull Suzanne Farr Beavers Wendy Lynn Beck Tara Christine Bedford Jerald Alan Bell Allison Leigh Bennett Michelle Lynn Biewend Brian Chester Boholst Cindy Lee Brimlow Jon M. Brookshire Brian Allen Bruckner Stacey Ana Butts Jennifer L. Cabreira Daniel William Carroll Brien Daniel Cecil Scott C. Chapman Colby Rebecca Cohen Susannah M. Cornelius Leon Wheland Couch, III Paul Frederick Currier Ayman Ahmad Daouk Benjamin Randall David


Harel Deutsch Barry Earl Dickson Thomas Michael Donegan Sarah Garde Donnelly Aparna Eligeti Caterina T. Eppolito Evelyn Carmen Farfante Karen Ann Feagle Janet C. Felletter Christine M. Fortier Eric R. Frischknecht Kevin Eric Gaskin Michael Glenn Getty Virginia Anne Gibson Antoinette S. Gnanapragasam, G Christy Lynn Goddeau Stacy Lynn Golden Christopher J. Gray Arlene Haessler Jeremy David Hahn Gregory Allen Hamman Erica Denise Hill Marc J. Hirsh Yvonne Horn Hodges Gwendolyn Hollstrom-Hammill Kristen Joann Howatt Kathleen J. Hulbert Sean David Hurley Jenia Jenab Charlene Marie Johnson Kinnan B. Johnston Patrick Jerrold Joiner Timothy Royal Jones Eleanore M. Kattan April Ann Kirch Kimberly Ellen Klaus David F. D. Klingaman Jeffrey A. Klingler, G Scott W. Konopka Alexander Korovin Matthew Arthur Kosuta Stacy G. Kushner John David Laibson

Xiangfu Lan, G Robert H. Lawton Kristopher F. Lay Lindsay Lincoln Lee Lisa Michelle LeFort Peter Gerard Lemieux Garrett Adam Lerner Mara Kim Lerner Jacquelyn Kay Lewis Jose Luis Lezama, Jr. Shihai Li, G Shelley Louise Light Jennifer Lynn Loeffler David Brian Lotz Melody A. Mahusay Leonard Marinaccio, III Cara Diane Marshall Geoffrey H. Martin Dennis Anthony A. Mastando, Jr. Jennifer M. McBath Satyen Rajendra Mehta Renee Marie Melancon Jiri Milan Mestecky J. Andrew Meyer Joel W. L. Millar R. Anthony Miller Jennifer C. Milliron James Joseph Misrahi Brent David Mitchell Christopher C. Morris, G Sharon Nicole Morris Carri Lyn Munn Stephanie G. Munroe Stacey Ana Newsom Hanh-Dieu Thi Nguyen Mickey Lloyd Noland Dean Notabartolo Felipe M. Nunez-Vergara Armando Andres Olmedd Laura A. Ostrowski Benjamin C. Pargman Elaina K. Paskalakis Robert Gene Payne, II


Leah Marie Perez Stephen Viet Pham Gregory S. Phillips Sandra F. P. Plympton Erika W. Quirk Roberta E. Reilly Daniel Scott Reimer Roxanne Jannette Ried Joel Eric Ringdahl Aleksandra M. Ritums David Andrew Roskein Amy Meredith Rowe David Francis Rubury Joseph Kevin Saba James Erwin Sanders Lisa M. Santa-Coloma Jamey Alan Sarvis Jeffrey H. Schwartz Sheri F. Schweitzer Carina Eileen Self Mahesh Anjaneya Setty Halla F. Shami Meredith Leigh Sherr Paul A. Shorstein Martin Simpson, G Jennifer Leigh Slone Regina Marie Sooey Susan Lynn Staba Laura Althea Stanley Virginia Leigh Stecks Bonnie Stevenson Steven James St. John Peter Jackson Stoehr Shannon Michelle Stolfo Adam Scott Tanenbaum Leza Skky Tellam Stacey Marie Martinson Troshinsky Liesel Louise Tucker Craig Alan Turner Huy Manh Vu John F. X. Walsh Erika Walther Jennifer L. Wemmer

Andrew Osborne Westfall Heidi M. Whigham Christopher J. Wiggenhorn Laura L. Wingo Peter Aric Winkler Lisa Beth Wortman Zachary A. Wright Bonnie Lee Zigman
George Allan Alderman Raymond Allen, Jr. Elizabeth L. K. Anderson Dohn Alexander Arms Julie Anne Armstrong Carolyn Jayne Bellamy Arrington Ashley Michelle Austin Timothy E. Bajkiewicz Lisa Marie Barr Michelle Beth Bartels Patricia A. Becker Todd Jarrett Bennett Steven Morris Birnholz Camille Blake Douglas M. Bradley Tricia E. Bradley Jennifer Marie Brown Jody Lane Brown Brian David Burgoon Michelle Leigh Canner Stephanie Ann Caradonna Briggs Greene Carroll Sandra Elise Cash Monique R. Chacon, G Lynne Nowak Collis Shawn Elizabeth Costley Gregory Mark Cross Jennifer Gayle Demberg Tara Dionne Agustin Carlos Diz, G Tanya Ann Dorout Robert H. Dudley, III, G



Kathryn V. Dwyer-Navajas Regis Drew Ebersole Deborah Lyn Edewaard Lamia Ahmed Elmohdawy Gerard Gustav Emch, H Christie Lee Engel Andrea Michele Farley Leslie Ann Fiedler Melvin Field Susan Elizabeth Fisher Geoffrey M. Fleming Farzin Foruhari Annie Mauricette Fourcart Michael Thomas Francis Michael Joseph Futch Adrienne Gaughan William R. George, III Howard Laurence Glass Leigh Anne Glenn Marissa Lynne Godwin Erich Andrew Goldstein Hillary Paige Goodman Michelle Jersey Gormally Kristie Judith Goss Lisa Michele Gough Charlotte Greenman-Murray Eric Adam Grunden Xiao-Ping Gu, G Julie Melene Guttman Candy Suzanne Hall Jeffrey Thomas Hansen Christopher K. Harrison Kara Eugenie Hinson Melissa Susan Hirsch Bjorn Holmstrom Hans Christopher Hopkins Mingliang Hu, G William A. Hunt Ashley Robin Hurst Debra Ann Hyatt Dorothy Marie Iffrig Elizabeth Myers Igo William Francis Jennings, Jr.

Susan Denita Johnson Amy Rebecca Jones Sunil Nalin Joshi Stefan Lee Jouret Angela Dawn Kamerer Robert Kolb Kaproth Eliza Jones Karpook Lynn Brenda Katzler Scott Allen Kizer Elizabeth Knowles Natalie Joy Koch Mark Andrew Konkel Karl Christian Kronmann Gregory B. Kugel Stephane Gerard Lafosse-Marin David Eugene Lancz Joseph Benedict Lang, G Catherine Ann Langtimm, G Erin Kathleen Latham Adrian Marcos Lavina James Khai Lee Gary Kenneth Levenston Brett Eric Lewis Mary Elizabeth Liddell Larissa Athena Lim Lincoln H. Lippincott, IV Lloyd G. Logue Zheng Lu, G Paul Ryan MacDonald Thomas E. Mann, A (1966) Krista Michelle Manning Brian Joseph Marlen Shaula Sue Martin Karla Louise Mason Kevin Dean Mikawa Erica Jean Miller James Steven Mills Cara Moening David John Mohn DeMaris Ann Montgomery, G Michelle Lynn Morris Suzanne Louise Morrissee Yukiko Muraoka


Debra Susan Naberhaus Eunwoo Nam, G Brent D. A. Nelson Vicky L. Norton Angelique Ortega Ms. Shawn Elizabeth Parnell Kelly Todd Patterson Benjamin Rivers Phalin Eric Jacques Piard, G Linda L. Pierson, G Richard Dwight Platt, G Rebekah Plemmons Catherine Porter Shannon L. Powell Vivian Ana Quesada Daniel David Quinones Maria Minerva Rafanan Amy Paula Reynolds David Alan Rezelman Christopher Jason Rich Leonore I. Rodrigues Lynelle Marie Saari Esteban Fernando Scornik Alyson Scotti Hrvoje Sikic, G John S. Simons Michelle M. Simpson Laura Sue Wilkinson Smalley Elisabeth Holston Sommers Renming Song, G Steven Walter Spence Julie Anne Sullivan Risa Ilene Tashman Eric Christopher Tassone Jennifer Eileen Tatum Mark Joseph Tenholder Christopher M. Tuccitto Alev Marie Tugcu Colleen Warren, G Owene H. Weber, G David Joseph Weinsier John William Wettersfrand Mary Kathryn Whitson

Laura Ann Wilder Kathryn Boyer Williams Lisa Michelle Winters Troy Anthony Woeste Robert Mark Wolpert James B. Wood Kelley Maureen Wood Christina Marie Yeager Alison Lynn Zambito
Manolo Guico Alfaro Georgia T. Alvarez Peggy B. Anderson Mike Edward Arch Michael Scott Aronsohn Patricia J. Atienza Todd Balington Meredith Ann Barman Michael S. Benjamin Heather Lynn Bennett Marc Evan Betinsky Shannon Lynn Bizzell Kristin Laurie Black Jennifer Lyn Blankenship Kimberly Frances Boots Stephen E. Boyanton Larry Adam Brickman Francisco L. Cabigting, Jr. Anthony Loyola Cabrieira James Wilson Cheshire, Jr. Larry Edward Clark Benjamin Neal Cohen Jason Keith Cohen Susanne Michele Conefry Willima Joe Cooke, G Olga-Maria Christina Cruz Scott Michael Cummis Laura Kyle Curless Russell Raymond DeHart Vivek Raghvendra Deshmukh Edward Albert Doskey


Leslie Ann Draper Craig J. Ehrlich Sherry Nicole Ehrlich Kristin K. Elmstrom John Lee Elzie Erin Lucille Etten Brett Stuart Evenson Jason Erik Feather Keith Andrew Ferguson Scott Patrick Fleming Benjamin J. Fox Van Eric Fox Daniel Jorge Franco Nicole Anne Friedman Margaret Jo Friend, G Jeffrey Peyton Gann Christopher C. Gilbert Michael Dow Gilmore Theodore John Giuffrida Christina Gonzalez Sean Bryan Granat Jill Renee Greaves Daniel Aaron Green Nina Marie Hamblin Andrew Harold Hardy Charles William Hargett, III Kinberly Nicole Harrell Katherine Ann Harrigan Linh Duy Hoang Stacy R. Horth Bruce Oliver Hough Kelly S. Howick Sean Gillette Hughes Justin Pappas Johnson Natalie Dame Jordan Ira Andrew Katz Marilyn Lerman Javier R. Lizarazu Patrick C. McKann Stacy Diane McKnight Anthony Peter Mirandi DeMaris Ann Montgomery Kenneth D. Murena

Ada Chouwah Lee Neal Carey Joseph Nease Karl Thai Nguyen Quan Anh Nguyen Rakesh S. Parekh Royce Anthony Pauley Tuita Maria Perez Nanette Pfeil Walter Probert, H Nina Cecilia Rao Rachel S. Redman Shawn Tien Reis Matthew John Reschly Amy Paula Reynolds Christian James Rhea Michael Allen Roberts Eric Henry Rosenthal, G Kari Joanna Ryan Dennis Ray Satterlee, G Erik X. Sayler Christopher Brian Schaffer Kristophcr P. Schmidt Christopher J. Schreck Elaine Joy Scudieri Ritesh Shah Craig Adam Shapiro Jenifer Gayle Shmunes Lynn Marla Shuster Sean Adam Simon Carlos Ingacio Smith Mark Holland Smith, G Tricia Lynn Socci James David Steed, Jr. Matthew Howard Steele Christine Holmes Stenftenagel Timothy Lee Stoner Kavitha Sundar David Ellis Tawes Eric Devlin Taylor Pamelee Thatcher Steven Dane Thompson, G Lainie Michele Tolchinsky Laura Ann Tonjes


Dan Nicolas Tran Leah Christine Turner Georgia Tzanetakos Laura Rebecca Ulrich Kerry Thomas Van Voorhis Alina Aimee Vega Franco Mirisasha Alexandra Velez Shannon Taylor Waldron Caroline Anderson Watson Scott Phillip Weber Amy Elizabeth Weinberg Jeffrey Thomas Wentzel Jodi L. Werner John Ganson Westine John David Wilson Harris Bryan Winsberg Jennifer Diane Wolfe Zhijun Yang, G Donni Young Leah Christine Yust Jason Scott Zack Jeffrey Allen Zahnen Stacy Lyn Zimmerman
Lisa Michelle Aaronson Soumya Adhikari Rigoberto Castillo Advincula, G Genevra Marie Ahola Charlotte Lynn Antonelli Bruce Chandler Baird, Jr., G Michele Balizer Kristina L. Barron, G Irene Adel Bassel Kristin JoAnna Bassuener Julie Megan Baumhofer Mohammed Imran Bawaney Patrick Lee Beatty Rebekah Ann Bernard Donald Ralph Bly Nathan James Bonilla-Warford Layla Angelique Brock

Tina Chang Bryant Jacqueline Michele Bupp Sara Joy Burrows Karen Amy Burton Janet Marie Caffee Sean Christopher Cain Douglas Eugene Carlan Michele Lynn Carlin Jennifer Lee Carnahan Rebecca C. Cavendish Christine Cerrato Chris William Chronister, G Deborah 1. Cohen Lisa Lee Corteau Jeffrey Ryan Cottrell Rebecca Lynn Couts Carol Genell Cox Justin K. Davis Robin Rabb Dean Craig Martin Delisi Josias Norman Dewey Jacob Carl Dexheimer Ingrith Deyrup Cameron Dezfulian Chandler D. Dora Allison Myers Dudley Patricia LeeAnn Duffy Mary Margaret Edwards Eric Matthew Ellsley Gema Elizabeth Fernandez Donald Christopher Ferris, G Robert William Fields Rip J. Finst Kelley Deline Galvin Evan Robert Gartenlaub Erik Alexander Gillespie Robert Alan Goldman Clarence Cooke Gravlee, IV Benjamin Grodin Mikhail Yab Gurfinkel John Phillip Hage, G Jeffrey Wayne Hall Michal Y. Herbsman


James Stephen Hommerbocker Kinam Hong Dennis Michael Hueber, G Rebecca Leigh Huff Diana Chou Hung Jennifer Ann Hunter David Shakespeare Husted Tracy Lynn Johns Randy Scott Katz Christine Anne Kauffman Marci Joy Kerben Mary Susan Kilpatrick Erin Lyn Kinney Linda Michelle Klaips Laura Judith Klein Brent William Knotts Misty Renee Kolchakian Charles Scott Kopel Mary Elizabeth Kostka Erika Kuttler Carrie Ann LaBelle Frances Elizabeth Landis Tam H. Le Michael Scott Lee Kathleen Meredith Lever Maria Sue Levy Florian Liebig Pei-te Lien, G Robert Charles Lockward Holly Jo Loud Khoa Minh Luu Shireen Madani Kristin Dawn Mallatt Eric Maxwell Manin Vincent Charles Marconi Scott Bircher Mario Ingrith Elizabeth Martinez Marc Douglas McCain Melinda Robin McCool Charles Preston McLane Diana L. McLaurin Lisa Gayle McLeod Todd Davin Miller

Patricia Anne Miskell James William Moore, Jr. Boharak Moshiree Michael Richard Namath Kevin Patrick O'Keffe David Todd Orange Salil Jitendra Patel Teressa Louise Peterson Mac Samuel Phillips Jamie Katherine Pietka Anna Christina Plazzolo Matthew Alfred Presley Susan Ray Burtner Price Sonja Radas, G Alia L. Rafraf Jocelyn Louise Rathbun Christena Lynn Roberts Nicole Rene Robertson Joanna Elizabeth Rolfe Nancy Tara Rovak Joshua Brian Rufenberg Michael Alan Ryan Jennifer Suzanne Sanders Stephanie Denise Scott Robert Smith Sedaros Elizabeth Ann Tomson Sergile Erika K. Shannon Brent David Sieger Christopher E. Simpkins Catherine Leigh Sims Ashley D. Singer Matthew Abraham Slavin Anthony Ryan Smith Gwendolyn Lee Smith Jeffrey Norden Smith Justin Cole Speigel Anthony Russel Springstur Kristi Michelle Stahnke Elizabeth Stenger Catherine Vanessa Stober David Isador Sutton Ahmer Sultan Tarar Brian Craig Taschner


Samia Costa Taveres Emily Joy Taylor Holly Elizabeth Taylor Michael Grant Taylor Juliette Siu-Yin The Nancy Byrnes Thornton, G Sarah Nicole Tipton Marlene Anne Tromp, G Rachel Gail Viggiano Tricia Van Wagner Nathan James Warford
1. Jared Weiner Ann Michele Wemmer Craig M. Wilkinson Jason Nicholas Workmaster Michele Elizabeth Youd Liza Veronica Zidvec
Michael Christopher Akom Alejandro Eduardo Amigo, G Spring Ruth Anderson Christopher Charles Arrington Yaser Sedrak Bassel Francesca Dione Beaman Alisa Marie Beaulieu Nicole Lynne Beaulieu Rebecca Michelle Bergdoll Jenny Mary Bergeron Linda Marie Biles Michael Zachary Birnholz Norman Shelton Bledsoe, Jr. Donald Ralph Bly Timothy Matthew Braje Kai Beth Calbeck Erin Jennifier Carmody Amy Leigh Carstensen Andrea D. Chadima Christopher James Chapo Amanda Mae Clark James Michael Clark Stephanie Michelle Coffey

Jason M. Conaughey Sarah Heaton Concannon Angela Lynn Cooley Ivette Anne Couret Jeanne Lorene Crepeau Lauren Catherine Curtright Roman Paul Czebiwiak Phyllis Marie Dawson Elisa Denise DePani Matthew Francis DeVille Kevin Kourosh Dezfulian Jennifer Ann Diamantis David Lee Dixon Jeffrey Todd Donner Greg Lee Drevenstedt Anthony Blake Drury Kimberly Lauren Eckert Marc Howard Eisenson Alicia Salome Ellis Nida Emko George Nicholas Fallieras Cary Scott Farley, G Lisa-Maria Celestina Fascia Shari Beth Feldman Noel Reed Fiser Vassiliki Flenga-Anderson, G Chava Eleanor Frankl Daniel Scott Fridman Katharina Ann Futterknecht Jude-Frances Gasparro Herman A. Gleicher Stephen Daniel Goble Alison Goldiez Amanda Goldman Michael Brian Gordon Jennifer Carolyn Gould Robb Anthony Gray Clarissa Gay Green Nick Anthony Guagliardo Stacey Jennifer Harwood Julia Anne Heekin Armando Hevia Robert S. Hicks


Derek Taylor Hills Angela C. Holley Bobbie Jack Hollis, II David Robert Hults Amanda Hunter Lisa Ann Jamba Christina Johnson Diana Lynn Johnson Julia Ruth Johnston Amy Elizabeth Jones Jill Marie Kacher Carolyn Margaret Kershner Jennifer M. Kinsley Jennifer Ann Kissinger Lori M. Klumpp Michael Anderson Kolczak Rachel Nicole Koppelman Adam M. Kornick Minh Van Le Le Mirim Lee, G Brian David Leebrick Brian McLane Leo Ronald Mark Levy Michele Samantha Lewis Simon Keith Lewis, G Katherine Alice Listwan George Paul Lopez Gina Marie Lyew-Ayee Erica Marie Lynne Michael Mgbuyen Mai Elise Ruth Manning Kristen Lynn Martin Kimberly Mansell Juldie Nicole Mason Heather J. McCormick Sean Patrick McLaughlin Sarah Louise Mendonca Michael Daniel Menninger Jason Scott Morris Kyle Adam Morrison Kathleen Margaret Murphy Vasudha Narayanan, H Livia Navon

Eang Ly Ngov Stacey Jennifer Noelle Anna Nielsen Nowlis Jose Maria Nunez Jennifer Ann Nye Kristen Michele Oakman Jose Agustin Ortegg Joseph T. Oshier Effie Chris Pappas Kimberly Lynn Pargeon Mary Ristine Parkhurst Vida K. Parsi Anna Maria Patino Tara Anne Peburn S. Ajith Perera, G Barbara Pguayo Woodruff Austin Polk Kelly Ann Powers James Grier Pressley, Jr. Elizabeth A. Rambusch Karen Rausch Elizabeth Johan Ream Amy Heather Reisinger David John Remmer Joseph Evans Robison Alex J. Rose Ryan Evans Ross Rebecca Michelle Ryder Howard Lawrence Saft Amin Hasan Saidi David John Sanchez Sara Esther Sartain Joseph L. Saunders Brian Richard Scarborough Robert Christopher Schachel Lara Elizabeth Scheuer Robert Allen Schmoll Joshua Greg Schwartz Danielle Marie Sevier Kelly Kathleen Shimp Jason Thomas Shinn Sylvia Siegfried Donald Brian Silverman


Kathryn Grace Simmons David Henry Simon John William Sprinkel Kevin Earl Stanley Bradley A. Stearns James Lee Stephenson, Jr., G Eric Alan Stone Ann Elizabeth Strack Frank Thomas Sutton Kimberly Ann Swanson Kristopher Allen Swayze Stephen John Tebes Afton Thatcher Eric F. Tocci Karen Gail Topel William Anthony Tortorelli Angela Chancey Turner Montine Elizabeth Vona Joshua Alexander Vova Sara S. Walters Jon Ryan Ward David William Watkins Karen Beth Weinsshelbaum Clinton Nelson Wells Catherine Marie Wendell
-ederick Stanton Wermuth
-%an J. Wheeler, G 6-mes Timothy Whitfield David Andrew Wilfret Tara Nicole Williams Brian Andrew Wilson Amanda Margaret Witt Amy Winn Wrennick William Yu Alyssa Lauren Zamore
Daniel Howard Abel Kerri Lyn Arnone Andrew Isaac Aronsohn Heather Dawn Beach Jessie Lee Bech

Jarrett M. Behar Brian D. Blay Carsten Blecken, G Belinda Jean Blood Helen Frances Bowden Daniel Davidson Britto Jennifee K. Brown Kyra Lynn Brown Pamela Jean Bryan Molly Elizabeth Buie Christine E. Carlan Dennis Andrew Carr Eric Thomas Castaldo Francisco Javier Castano Christopher Heinrich Caviedes Anna C. Chesser Andrew V. Choisser Mary D. Clark Wendy Clevenger, G Heather Jill Cohen Nicolas Commandeur Ligia Juliana Coumeya Leah M. Coy Erin E. Crider Mindy Tucker Cummings Scott Bruce Cuthbert David G. Derrico Carlton Dee Dill, G Peter Jonathan Dobbins Kirk Paul Dockendorf Daniel Martin Dockery Alison Elizabeth Dohrman Todd Curtis Dripps Courtney Lynn Cowan Ellis Earl Edward English Thomas Victor Evans Joshua Ben Even Marin Jessica Feldman Rodney Ryan Ferguson Rebekah Focks Rebecca April Forest Katja Christina Fullard, G Mary Michelle Barben Furr


Deena Michelle Genauer Apostolos Athanasios Gionis Jose Rafael Gomez Megan Kathryn Grant Amanda Lara Guest Joshua F. Haddad Michael William Ham Kelly Jean Hamel Kelsey A. Hamilton Peggy Jinann Hamzeh Dawn Harris Barbar Carol Harvey Lisa Marie Hege Paige Loren Herman Dawn-Christi Heron Lisa M. Herzog Susanne A. Hill, G Luster Ross Hobbs Megan Marie Hoeft Oliver Robin Homann Dawn Marie Hurt Michelle Lynn Johnson Lilith Marion Judd Steven Jay Kaczowka Holly Sue Kaplan, G Allan B. Karlson Michael A. Karsh Colleen Frances Kelley Daniel P. Kilbride, G Kimberly Ann Kirkpatrick Patrad Kitbamrung Rachel Klein Michael Christopher Kosak Christine Marie Kroll Ryan Daniel Lamond Seppo Jalmari Lawe Namkyung Lee, G Rachel Elizabeth Long Nicole Lee Ludsen Kelly Magher Tara Helene Marburger Melissa Anne Margo Melissa Kay Marler

James Kevin McNulty Heather Evan Millington Jeremy Shawn Mirabile Anzir M. Moopen Laura Genett Moose Megan Elaine Mrstik Lan Mu, G
Shannon Marie Murphy Stephen James Murray Amy Susan Myerson Vanessa Anne NesSmith David Larry Newhouse Ashley Ayn Newsom John Noonan Christopher John Olsen, G Jennifer Warren Overman Alexander Papangelou Paula Louise Parsons Neil Aneel Patil Joseph Michael Pergola Francis John Petriello Kerry Noelle Philbeck Dawn Rachel Phillips Jennifer Madden Pinder Charles Peter Platt Lauren Cheyenne Ploch Marsha Angelique Pollard Jill Elizabeth Pongetti Michael William Povilus Mark Anthony Quintero Christina Marie Rankin Jana Lee Raver Michelle Lynn Reckard Jaimee Rai Reifer Eric Lee Reinholtz, G Kristen Klara Reyner Rebekah Melana Richmond Christopher Norman Robben Jill D. Roscoe Marla Nicole Rosenblatt David William Russell, G Holly Harumi Saigo Laurie Dana Schaffer


Kristie Taryn Schroeder Barbara Elizabeth Schulman Daniel Mark Schumacher Sachin N. Shah Sagar R. Shah Jonathan Bryce Sharon Jason Adam Shofnos Aime B. Skuda Daniel Trevor Spears Lori Ann Spivey Krista Ashley Stilts Brian Craig Strauss Gregory Blair Stringfellow Angela Christine Stuesse Bob H. T. Sun, Jr. Jungiang Sun, G Lauren Elizabeth Tarkow Allison Julie Taub Dorin Toader, G Eric Robert Trew Joshua Magee Trotter Bernard Chitongco Uadan Erik Justin Urban William Richard Vincent Shree Devi Visaria Heather Visser Brian Edward Vitunic Douglas Clements Vogel Suzanne Hao Vu Christie Marie Waldie Stephanie Robin Walker Jennifer Leigh Wallace Michael Bryan Warwick Eric Alan Wechsler Adam Solodar Wolrich Travis Lee Wright Anthony David Yau Carrie Lynn Yoder Megan Kristine Yunghans Naomi Lynn Zell

Nermeen Wagih Aboelella Michael Keith Agner, Jr. Jamie Michelle Allentuck Stephanie M. Altomari Vijay Chandra Antharam Marisol E. Arcila Adam M. Armstead Christian Harold Askeland Diana Crimhilda Aslan, G Christopher B. Bailey Scott Arvil Baker, G Jessica C. Barnes Sharon Phyllis Bazer Dina V. Belyayeva, G Kathryn R. Bennett Susan Marie Birkenstock, G Matthew Black Rachel Mara Block Carolyn A. Blythe Hozefa M. Botee Amy M. Brickman Daniel Da Bui Lydia Suzanne Burberry Jessica R. Burns Paul Robert S. Burton Erin Carrie Butler Michael Harry Campbell, G Mark Richard Caramanica Bryan Cameron Castle, G Matthew Mark Caverly Sarah M. Chiet Candace C. Churchill Sharon Corkill Cobb, G Casey Lynn Cross Isabel E. Cruz Steven Joseph Davis Vernon T. Deall Michael E. Decker Lisa Jean Dell Leanne E. Dolan Daniel John Dymtrow


Allison Colleen Eckert John A. Eggers Lauren Marie English Mary Alan Fox Melaine L. Freeman Michael Joseph Garcia Gregory Stephan Gardner Ann N. Gerges John William Gianini Jerry M. Gibbs Christopher R. Giordano Julie Elizabeth Goldstein Shana R. Goldstein Jonathan Robert Gottlieb Cara Ann Grasso Kristen Lea Grauer Catherine O'Kane Grinder Brooks A. Gross Joshua R. Heller Carla H. Hill John F. Hopkins James Glenn Hufford Nina Jain
Abby Leigh Jenkins Amber Marie Jenks Timothy W. Jones Amy E. Joyce Jason M. Kanov Hazel Y. Koch Robert A. Kosten, G Caroline Louise Kraus Chithra A. Krishnamurthi, G Liborio LaRussa Sara A. Laipis Marci B. Lerman Jianzhong Li, G Ingrid Ting Lim Jane H. Livingston Theodore W. Lorenzen Michele Nichole Lossius Rain A. Macrcks Erica Lyn Markovitz Stephanie M. Mayers

Jason Jacob Mendro Candice Michelle Mills Renee K. Moilanen Jorge A. Morales, G Laura Elizabeth Moseley William Edward Moseley Jon Erik Nadler Cassey Allen Neely Jamie Lee Neuman Colin H. Nguyen Sue Ann Marie Orsini Brian A. O'Shaughnessy Cristina M. Pascual Thomas Martel Patterson Heidi C. Peck Melanie Lynn Pockey Michael Pollack Richard Allan Potter Joseph Carden Powers Jason McKenzie Prine Lisa Diane Quick Joseph Antony Ragosta Michelle Ann Ralat Kara L. Rappaport Steven Gregory Rappaport Elizabeth Briana Reilly Ronald Lee Roodhouse, Jr. Cristina Maria Rovira Ada Diane Sarmento Joshua Avi Schneider Chad Eugene Seales Patrick Matthew Seese Gary William Shaeff, G Brian Paul Shapiro Michelle Denise Shardell Jennifer Lee Shea Brandi Chantel Skipalis Gina M. V. Slinger Sharon Suzan Smajstria Laura Michelle Sockwell Carina Hartman Storrs Jason Heath Szostek Amanda Anne Tarkow