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Title: Science Fiction
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Title: Science Fiction
Series Title: Science Fiction
Physical Description: Serial
Language: English
Creator: Siegel, Jerry and Joe Shuster
Publisher: Jerry Siegel
Publication Date: January 1933
Subject: Cartoons and comics
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Source Institution: University of Florida
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The Advanco Gunrd of Futuro Civilization



J roxno Sio'ol, EDITOR



Scionco nust sorvo Civilizition; SCIENCE
FICTION shnll sorvo Scienco! 'Forinos nu-
thors h-vo combined tc nr-s"nt tho sturnnd-us m-rvols

roinforc-d by % -,ronlth of inqiinitinn!

SCIETNCE FICTION is ill thit its na-' innli's!
Cov rin- th- ontirn field of fintistic fiction,
whothlr the stnri-s don1l -ith nth'r nlannts nr
the rnrv-ls of futuristic cho-nitry, SCI~RCE
FICTION s8rorvos fro- nrnc'd'nt in that it nos-
ossos a dyn-.ni psrsonility onconnissod by
nr oth-r pni.izincj Th--rior run rin'-nt with
their nmzin' pl-uoibility in SCIENCE rIC'TION!

Stnriis ly Euo)nn I. Frank: '~H DREAM DIMnNSION
Din7rinhy of ED rARL 7PEPP


I bC

'. .,^,




- -~~5~~ --- ------



.: j '





J'S per ccor, ',

- i FI "'
jkrd of' CI. i.e Civ flizationr
n. 19i3 3 ''-. No III
Z *. .. year

Jeromgebiegel, EDITO-.
Joe Shuster', Art Edi+or

Issued t1 h lf iol t.h-r.ry month----
Ad eii\-st.;
SKimb rl.ey Ave.,
C 6veland, Ohio.

.. .. N ,

Ilust s' ton .......... ... .Shuster

The ipn of u i nr .n
ih / rHer02. S. Fir t,

The Dream Dir"- nloa
.._ ... ",. ---P'^F-. l

Science Fici ''s
J -

P; ~

Vandlis .-rrom .ic
+M ,- ,

Qu: ,.-riositisos

r-,. i -t,-r

Ed1 it c, r' T-".- i or ..
"I'- kAll 0f -

. '

,- -

-- P-,

~C __C_ ~___lr L~



-s -L_

n +hl-r Thrillin stor v Th- "Trit r Th- t
i of "Snnrine Th'- -nt -r" .;

S: lt *-* il e '*'e ev d "b-* --- h" -- *orl.d *. :;* } .g '
o0 cndesi-nsaion, hc ras --3'-rv ~-c rn'*
S+.' -ir ?ro-, e ppr,'-li.n 'r '* '- ,-r 'p ^ .i
0 r

"sn.'* "W" *ni' '. so ,- in 'l d-p

Sresr in'n- ar- or T" -'.-n n of
tmln -Ver. nut evnr A- 'x n he
S o; n' t n.-ir"t nd a't-o :7 t'-" fT-llOw 'o
fV' t oast. i
\t Inst '- l -*nv. r, 'n .p in b hi 1
nsarnh i' .e-3nir vi- rp i-ly r pn -1-
e' oft t tert o ri T-O' e r r-.- 'r,-'r'' .. .--d"
ner'-on -- "'nD7c.nd fC 'r per .1
at t'Sat nrlAfn+. "1"o.7 -rn't *r)l liri
to '.Tiv r "n rfl renl -' -rn 'i ''
1'r- in i- .red.
-"le rpsoc-t-r n' I t o ,s.-an L
ff.'r' iepd -s he sar 'that. Snll- ey -ore
:. cop y ?nnmrAl. iT'l 1m':-" n-. I 'T. 1
he'ter, ristpr.1' Th-n, qil.ri /S- S
D..Jious -- "That do yon" -rn' "e to do
for vou?*!Tot-i-i crooked, I
Es I hpne?"' -' .- n?
P 'j .-- "- .'. .'
Pro essor Sn "'gsly Inl-

tertior.s nre vnrely -hur n-

it r u o .. o.. j-

-e 1 r e e l *
.* :* .' 'l I

- ___

"lT 1'r"I TrIT'TON

TTo, no,'' interrnptee ^.''o rn,
steppinr- ou' of the line. 'Ird-ed I
don't, air. nu' -'" 'r r you? ''
,he -ro ""-,or in'.-. ",c ''im". q.
"Ernert 3r-i '1 r, 1'"-i :i.'t'
"e r'o--""-"-1n'-ou'er 'o',-ed in cnl'n '*-
'ndr-o rt. ''Bill Dunn, ol.lr-p1n on t+.e
roaL, at .our servicnr''

Im "l'ri'g sn nl -grin qnj einhoed -nr'
his erVs h-rdened. D.5 r' .hi mn ,,1|noc ---?
Dunn ,'orn1.-ie m' -''r -.'". .' I i3-
l.ive T' re "inn c-e 'in n'r-ir t -'hot I
rla '-.tad nxi ertX''
Cllrn n -"q *Sr% r" C, T.P a -i
I 1 i'l 1 'in 'eR "ni1" Dn, "' I '-iv ',. *t oe.n or

S''ATLL FAD -no (iffic l' *: -,.,7i' svecr-1 .%
IDunn 'o er-er '-is car. "''hcr hr rr o*f, At on'. *- er rrorr-oor -' n er'pr+,
r.n -ctl' r. i 'r him s ex,' "' r, .l.. In hoS't. 'P-renon -' "or m'n" "oraptf" l.nn-s.
r*e-' mini' PS 'i r -i1id '"e '9 r-."r' -0,o Pr r*'"tor0, rl re ".'o
"th, eYpt r;. 1. i-:', he -S ', I n "n "rri' r' r n ." "-oo", 'nr' nuld
nrir; ror-t -r.'-r lini: 7s'rl tr "Tor nre--' 'i' -v-y veren '.i h 'rvP-r,"n'':t oo', upon
t.'-t n '"- c rn -. hi i- "'-c o 1 "or -*orr
Sr-llry no. l-' rpo n1 rF;rsr q- nd w"- his
cr'-"cic 'l '--Id re-- I. 'ion th s",'i oc' IN A r-'o -nt 9' -- "' I r .'-.r.. d, nrshinr
'hen 'L'pn i--t=.r!lly. n r"'' '.vrn '-ro-o e ir. On '-.h rnlliny
All. -n- i'tin" r'r .'he "rof'-snor' s-':r l-'-or -- s n nlt.tt-r o' r.t'-minL r'ood.
ist-r ir'L r"' one 'nn'n'. I, be'.ic' r nip yIu'- ;u -'," inv rI" .
S -* i '-- "0 r- D t n+in-
in r'/y luck. diu r.. ..' "'' -ne",1 in'i "-r.ie -id ro-i
0n- c i"'c l cr 'rioi.s Sir le- I r h d nr- '' r '" n '- .in" on: V-- -. i i "nod
c 'red 'i fra'mernt c n -etoor --i.d unon '''' 'r--.d r n ""n','o nL
s *'hiectinr to ".'-an'L analysis foin-' '"e nr-o'-n. Ti c.nlo*e' 't-rp rn/' iich
presence oF --' t "- s,'l-rc-e d t o Ir q n -. 5 "or -'i -n'ic i 's
elrreent. "pon rurt*--.r invest;-.-tion hn 'l nr"'-.sor'nC eeron r, '. Pred *"eno-
"ad learned h-t, i exer'.e. '"-n-a in- ly n Dl"r -I ,n r..-- 1-i- cnrr-np. or
fl-'ence upon t.ep 1nbor- ory -"'r.-, to "' '""' x --'n d *-.n '
-"''onm it r.s '-S" .rii'-t'r+, d. Only fo'- '- i.. .' nr ~rt.ior h-d '^s n no"r.p in
,rains of t''-" rin rpi,,- b- T.n- ,- .-nrc n ofeO.
Irft, Diini -'"s --in- '-o he +.hi r-ciniOnt "o' ,ch l"' r u 1''---d hn"'' in
of one '- If of them, thoun-h he 'ano not 'ni c'r"ir, F~-l. -3n3 n .iS .'--. "TF'el
,-.nrre o' th-it. r'izz,, '' he "o--l-inr d. II'"ii-1 h-v- rten
A' Icnl tl tho pro es.or r're- up I=- too rirch'.
fore '-ir "'1-i C. "e 'irri-'r' "'.o it, 'l- "'P-r'r-n you' l '*-t-r rn'irr, 'd-
lo-Pd 'y Dunn. ied T .-..iej r e i i 'io" ,-ly. ''I con tn k
Srllr"- i'"n Vrc', d 4h- ',,i''rr e' to 'ro" in the mnorn.n- nhr'. I n Dori 'inn I
fuir-.iqhl D -'. -i'- o' ,n o F'"r pro "r.-on' n'1'-1 tr o'rfer y ou. One r mF., ','i'le I
Sit .i ."il--n m 'o~! hutllr. ''ll' hi ri-ht. h-i."k.''
"'hcn Dunn nnx+ 'ret "'--,lI?.r he sgmed "hm 0h h',- r'n-'** '4rrl 'n-' pr n +,rn-
n for cry rro'i "' c rn -"c, q'r- *.rr -"o o' "' r r- i1r, D --n.R, +n n'irn o'
had inncoil," en+.ored 'be hrusJe o. r the evil +.riunmah surrnou-.'4- :Iho n r-o t0sor,
first +.ir-. in -Ce'-'s bl: r-ce s n- o.tIrrrt ', i o r- "-n rir- 'j 'n-L
shove l-3't', r.l.,ti '".-sly orer od clo+hdes Snrov &'h4 "ve -ode --tii-
had replncerd bin rnve.d "r'r-.n's. heree --','j nCt or snne si'i-iit-r -n? lqrrihll e'.-
'ans qn .ir of 'ondidence -"ou hi thip nt ",-:i-.n* A.s the nro'eqao- I- '*t: t roor,
surprised GS3-llv. h" "'-s i'l ed 'ihl n .-il' don;ir to P ne.
'He r, nrP'-,sor -'rPr'r. 'i th rn 'Ti.' ro 'ne', "rn ti." rye0 "*s-.rnrr' F'n-.'-
nmil.. "'7hat r-reit t.rnnrform.'ion' 1+ -lc '*i"-on n -"in ''n..,
sees impossible t, -' you ore t'P o n n e 'I y rAy'rnrr *n "- r"-- 'oith
r v. 1 'IPI ''. -'.1 r, D n,,i. 9.s not in -i-ht. '"'+.h a
Dunn nodded. ''Yes, it is pocpiWle romn'l :n !J r~-.nion within Min. S -"Ic"u nn-
For re to look rennect- l.n. Sromrhr-- it's q '1.l-lAd ht t DIin h-r cnli-Te< upon the
hnrd for no to b.'lipvp ti- -f vo,'re doiner fl, or. ",t T-,'n be nan-r-e +.'-i floor and
this jun't ou' of he kin:'naos or ynvur o,"nd no trAcea or 'iS vi'in, t+.-=n ooirch-
heart. I've rccri-ed too -any h "rr knoks, 'd ''"' room i' no"n''nr a'-"r' nd Iorror,
I '-)ess.' e kn"' positively t-' no eOth+."'n had Tone




I -L-



,-ron-. An' -'hen the fl apin the fc -.-ind
hijffotred ..ur'ti np dre-- his attar'ion to
the open-'indo'- 'oe -rsod h'nar.ily.
D'.' n hid esc'enod

iCAR TR',F n.ALIZIG -hat+. he did or
*.hezrr he n-a hound, Dunn s-ar-ored donrn t
41-e streets. As '-e innroa cerd nnoDle,
S"'`oy .-*rRn: '--ny, helinvin" him to he
,inder ",- inrl--n.q -f -.ore no -crf--l 't-m-
i"Innt. 7-'te or exk.r n -ly "ood luck kept
him -r ay from tf-P vi-il'nt nve of o'"i.c-
ors of b'. l'-t'. 9 on Ol n r i:ns 'mahl.in
nchol-e ".n. 1'y *'ni' '.sh n. .'lon' the
streets -it 'iIll I-need, 'inro".r1'in- -vy
-"o rmiCj(1 1en -':n '-y. ,h pro 'r'nor'n
r-3i -'c n ** -i' --' d n.-..r e -iv.'Tlic
--'rk. H~ T 3. '- .-on ,"nl- n, into ii..- -r'.- .g,
t.--rinr t.h -o.i'b +fhe rd-ol'+.n o-rk, 1'Tke
an er-c-ped lun 'ic. In Iis blind r',n
ho raotS,~e no s'. .1 ''hen le ornt'-.d
u Lnc 'xn')'t c',ly j.n'o a ".r e, +."' rc .orp h
ra.-e' vned -0 *',11 'nrco o" '.hI viol ent
contni-".. '"o %.onp'eid i .o 'he -.o,,nd ;nzed
an;z 'iql f-conscioun.
Su'ren1.y, is b'- 1 -y +.hore on the
around, i vri L 'hlp I- loc?.! .t o0*' on-
frc.sion 'vr-'. union hin -ine. "'T tell
"ou, '-' v"o '-'0 'o l'i'-t'" -r' *"d-
y. rains is 1.,-i-. t'-i- rner nooi -n, rne'
hr-ins i- -h-i i i n' c-ot. I '"Th p
dn-m rtool; IT "o'. b'r .he 7,li -'"e culA
l'".'r bridge. I rotta h'eve t.h dou
Ua...o' .ta hve it-!" 'I'll -ni ,n-
tia he _tk rnn rour.d and then I'll I1nt
hi have it in the back.' ''-He's Just
a ijxP,-iae. "h'y don't you le+ him a-
lone!" Listen, you; 7e' eon't tand
for wel-chrs in this burg, see?!' ''
-Yonde r 12 't e 'athinkq I am; n sa for
hir to i pe hir dirty s1hose on?" "Lie-
teon C' ief, a thig s a -t. ?' -a-n
Pare' i -'ho did the killin', rYot me, I
ih houldnit iceal on a Dal, but --'-
"7So I ey-11s the ipchay Ipr not tV-ha4
.kind ova ere. Wellu, he j ust looko at
me and lIuehs himsali blue in the facer
SAn^ say, earie,id I et Kma!"
WYhat ,ihbnrish ras this tha+ dar.ed
into his brain like thousanta or little
lir ht-rysg?
'Gen-tlaeen, t-.his is a ser'iou
prolhcrn that nonfrohn- u'.." ''I'd hot-
ter -atc' tht guy. o looks bad. y
he's follo"'ed re rro-r Chi'o'o, "' o
hell 'ith tha anarchivtal's "I'd 4tarve
before I'd go back ,o fhsp nm.g" I
--C;O--- ')t
eish he'd kntcp on his o,'n feet'. A holl-
uva nerve he haed nakin' a sell. d-neer


like mo to fox tro. -iith .a nrlooki like
hinr.' 'Look hre. purk. You -"y be
tho a *r rnor+r on "in r- bhut, un-
legs you turn in your copv by +.hreo o'-
nlock you'll 'e oilt in t9e serneet n-d-
dl in sho-l-en.'' 'I ~u-t not For-
- '. +o .o -'k" p e-"rnr +.onorro '-or-in-" '
D"nn n-,ok his h',d. re -ic01ad ':at
the terrible nnise rnp'nr- *- "hin his
hAd "-ould ce"..:n. "~.-rcelI, hid he .on-
"-ivd t1o desire, bh'orR tl, nn.-til-
niCI dij nnpe-roed. A-rilptly '-q -t
i- ..-1 I --rn r c ...-.. Pro'e onor r"-l1ey
,'n 'Finkin- -t t'- r'ormnt, ho'-, he had
t-..ken Dunn's ase-pe.

A1 mu~E .-me r-on"n+ 11 oi: f *d 'bhn
jn'i bel)'-n to snT)M, vni-n %hn'+. undeil',
ndly 'Ton--" nonr o+h r t'rnn --
Pro'essor '"*'lav hr.- 'f. "'Te' "-one
-id +.'e .''n-q -rn e '. t- on" t+-t T'7l
never 'oc'n"' h'." -in. Ihn inP -"r-nl
.,,k. v pr,,"..o,, c T',,' -'.,Ln r. I'l
'-i' hi" 'l '110O'-. -~Iy v i "i, 'rnot '-v
-"n r"n ',? T.o-' coul ,P '-.,Mn ""B, t_
ed nm -'o+.in? P-r'-.,n I "o.il (d inform
..hq nol i'.P. h q r'+-.r L-vs. "-ell +her'c
he.'n in--'ouQ' r-ni''. Ei+'h-r t"-''* or
T'1 nil' '- c tO rir'e uno," hirm r'r-'r"A 'im.

A'-niptly Fr vonicr ce.aw. -p'"-'"ln.
Dunn -'i,pd. "ns hi" 'oinac -.r'zy, or,
sternor po bhib.lity, wnc hte 'rp er in-
And then the solution occtirreC to
him; thb monstro'is, iuneolioevn~ i tnrith,
Sorebo;:, somT'w'ay, Pro resor Sr"' 11.y h-'d
rrntted 'im --it h com" b"F.i" thi't d
reacted IDon '9.r. in this --"nner, h.d
shanmneq: 1"i, mind o tFihvt i oe mil', e'iar
thought ,,'it as th. a '??
.he five sobnps "'orn ~'ev n1l in-
7lu enc nd?
Sound -- yeo!
oun-th (Dunn t.iicher hiim.-l '. lTe
note no now- -'n-'-ion.)
Scent -- No.
Taste -- (Dunn rnis:'ie n pinch of
dirt and dronpod it into
his moiut'. Te se1"t i out

Sight --------
Dunn lonoidcroe tp, nroh'l e of n'i'hlt
Tqas it improved? IHo coulr he u~r' -rine
h etlhr it 'as or not?



:1 .' .n: n' ,.r.1 In 0ook 1In :-n T' e
: -. v n1 i~i. rnjri v' py ,1 -1-'l1+. i -'4 of
.' L'.7 ri' P ll. .^nt r- n 'nW- orf i-bT1. i
S. 'i intr+.~-st rcr-, *-." '? rn rrdc d it. :.'t. jn
"" "i' -"n ? : ry, "-"rt'"in 'roi" nr'nkn
.. .a.:: .:': I'arI
1 "" ". : "' 'ri.nr i n t'G '" .-'nrfi "r--

"L --+4-r t`-'n th- snrd on 1.i+ o--re
-h \ ":"-or +0 'I r- t .'-ou'r-,

'id *to 11i'j, Dnn --' vi 'v'fnoA --ird,
1en n 3 \ .' f-"1 not on '-.r Eh.
%:. 'I I' t' s.0 D.nT L': h r S I 1onr.
in- a lo'r nyr &iot.nCe -'-o'o --1i- rod,
p r'. )'' : :' -'-o nd in -n 5n-
.ni '.o d;. .Bolo-. v.m --nA :. -
o't "ror 'ot s-rir'-n or' 'inm 'o i init.c

--e:p' fo' it'f .-,xxxtut- d th
..1..? O'y, no.".In" -*1i00 --** in .. h .. *P'ci
o" 0 o iipc't I t ~v -.+r, '.cd ''i in-
.. 'r,' t, r an t, r'i on. "',", -rc -- "'ingq.
SOn, nw s ri4i 'ni. trc'-1li'R P. hure, Mih
o+t .r +'r'-." not-+-' 's', i Nrp'r.k o"
red li-ht.

AS D"'NM mritrher t'-.T-v no\rrec the
,- r n'or+ r'i *.~n'iL snnlr.n-r.tirf +-- rromn coc
ot"?er. "oIl sonmrd 'o "lo-, r-" L r 'i-an
to -i11k "croqs +.Ii cn il. 'r*n -rorc-n'- *4+'y
'"'Sk B^ -l -it+.hin --'ri ine f'i'*^n" +lbo ^reC-
r 'tre r"n out !imih-likn 'nlt..rclp
h-i' ni-ily '-irqnrnC ti-,Slf bou' th~ red-
/ n''irinllien'e. Other limbhs 1f~ed1d out,
l ^.*ily... encir-1.cd +.re red flp nnrd drc- i-'t- -
'--in-' th. trees rb Ib "h" .n-
q t..iy. 'he L-o ilien monu-'rnsitics "look
:^ .vi Lh eir r ,3' .tv fr"ortn +o ron croy
Soc'c" o+h)r.
An6 Diunn, -bile 'j.ill on "'.r.h, Wa
-it.rnsoJin thick inorodiM' T-enc, "-is
t .- ni ht ***ic1' :, tr'nnirin- 3t,000,000
1e : a r e o' -''ir -A li 1v -.,'ionl -.s in
4 'n p-rk.
The rod in'li'.i-nnle no,- hroci-ht in-
S: t''' 0o ia r po -,r '-'.e' it, 'hod not used hbo
Sore. Sudc'rly it exnnnde. 'h +t.i'-
... '.: like tent.' rV o"' t'e 1 rr- -onster snap-
S'... pod hritt.ly 1ndnr t.h ilneyncc-ed n1tnck.
ntl.re'v onn-ilfed 1 i j1r nidve-rwrv it xt
Could he fr.intl.y pon i hin 1-B red body
thnt i2-risoned it. Thor -iid-ony it. ony itad
10v-riod, nq raone.
S'"hnre ro-e 'hi-re '-r' 1r t-o
Ser-retirs +1-*P ro' 'n-s ,nt -- 'ht red-
** -. '- S
hl e -orti.on irrh+ n ,,Anlvy .1isp-
oe-red. "nco more Du-n, pi a,. and f+ r~-h.
lin. '+, ^h e o n--noss of the vision lie
had eliinn ed -'99 in h'e s'ado- of the

"ho strain and exnitront, the in-
rlnonce or -he drir, a 00 too mu'ch
fpr Dunn to d. nithnand. Tixhsuted to
his very soul, he dropped o'f into a
trout bl. d sl.ep..

T-34i THE thing tht' ,ed been iill
Dnn nl-okc the next M-orninr, it r:
':rdod its "urror.1nuni: *;-rcd i ':
lo the-- ln?:'.Inil.i rly r. I'o~ ry -" ",'-'-o ;
ly flooded bank. h i% '-h c" '--kle o'
sh-er nrn-s ren', it ro a to its feet
and stre'ched its nms. There i i be-
gan to follow the round ,o-,rd -ore
densely populate, disr.ri-ts. As it
walked, it sookes to itself.
"Fool! W7hy did ynui sleen on t:he
around -en t"ere -r' *^ousnpdns of'
unoccupiedP bodn in t"e orld!d! Koney,
obviously, wirs the reason. You lck-
ed money. No", hiln.riouns Koney is the
easiest thin- tn-t c~n beo ecurnd um-
on this planet! And yoiu 1ave ,nent
a full ye.r in idle wastefulness
vwhen you could have been living" the
life of a Prince, an existence in-
comparable in its eanre. It is the
greatest sin. I must atone for tht;
I must remedy ry financial condi-
tion. That -will not he difficult.'1
A grin of supnrioriiy crossed
the Supermantr f"se.
"I car do four things th-t no
one else of the planet can e-ulr-te.
e." are: inter,-eot interplanetary
-eseeoes, read the mind of any-ne '
desire, by sheer -nhtal concentra-
tion force ideas into peorleas ,nndi,
ond thro- my vision to any spot in
the universe .
''Fnrti'r r'ore,'' he added,
during the nih'h!- my mind has nasi-
nilated all the kno'-led-e that e-
xists in the univerrsc. I knon., as
much about Pluto as its inhabit-
Snts --hoqe information I absorbed.
I am a virtual sponge that absorbs
every secret ever created. Every
science is kno-,n to me nnd tSh mo t
abtruse iuentions are Yere childs-
play to my s-taggerihn in'ellect. I
an a v-ritable God!''
Thouc-ht of 'ir -ental)- ~h.Pvh-
ments s-'elled him ,-i :-h confidence.
He strode along -the road arro anti
ly, hin head erect, ogerecrive. One
mi.,-h' h-ve ru'no'- ed hi po .' 's -ere
overflo-in- ith h-n'.notes of t-"?-
enr.'us dPni: inn 'ion rathe.?r tf'q t he
enpty Rir.
He stoned tl'r fir-+ --. ; he met



nn.- inqirnd hrec +.he ,e-.ron+ uhblic
library" --n loncated. "no" roi 'vi n'- 'n
in "' n i r .--irv d, be .-'ror'r o f th-I
out n --ord o^ I'nn ". I scrr't u'r h'ct-
ly n t,,r' i o Whr r.h-h t '.o l s'- ri ," do
,i '10 c' *oc lr ,

En T T' 'r i rU '*l,- I ro. -cI-o
01 *or o or -.'i. ri r:
l o in'o t -r: mn .-.' o--y P o .
''Pro'er nr i t' -L ir' b o -1 ." 'Tho
Exnand 'r "ri *., '' r r '
n '.* I- .
."' q ." r r" I '' "." *
in 1 r '-nr'. 'nr o-i 1 -j In : ..-
pl-tiried, '' ',, it+,' r, rrin 'd in ". .
'Wh rdo I c-rc?'' 1 n.- -"'er.
'-1fn i I c" L '. c l' >- '
toinri-d ".Lrn.- .nt' '- Id, TI', -
to re' i. c j1 i '- r. i 7 '.r' -
e '' r r'.e-" i-n', "' ^ e *r
che oand a X'tno'
*0 s n'te "t fl l be' nn o r--d,.
s'v)p -riliou. I ne,.r f.,ph ',. o.v -r 1i
fe-t',-re. %d'c'envly he roi.red -i.,-.h TIu-
1htcr and tlarre 'c book 'n on th
1.t h h-7ore 'rr ;'- lnn-

he '+t -nd-nt. '" r.-' i u v 'Vow i*ll
have to bh ,'ui "t, !i r,'' -hp ueioned .
Th ,:r re o ) .',r in t f:' .- rT or-n f'"0 re
con,:Pntr-'. nr, No di -u''"---'n*. 11 'il
'nl nrn.td.'
T' Siiperrni ,iare" in- te: t.'-. ''If I
had a ray-+.tl0 i r 5 'thin r'-. '-, Tr !e "l
yo ou't oi crxi -r'o,' e ''-'-. .
. Q,'ic''ly '-" a't -nm'-nt reo r.,- r, non-
i 'ic slhei "-' s a ro' C: '"' '.-. n.,
"'7v 5wu-r,-rr' --,i '-:. d -.''cv -3 ',e
ri-ad ePr 'crr" .-'d .',"u h .,
A;i nld rl'.' erwin r.rk,.-, .rrc L rnmn
n* nnd nt &- 1 .i 'o 'P S -r' -"n. '.- nI'' t,
a morncrt -r-'r enin:, o" r'-'.i "the
f.upr? n' s .ir ", 'ri ,' le, -,i.t .*. -
mra cion n M.'--vr,-' .o i, -' "d .' -- 1i
.r:at, 'i :i ac' rp'Trr.tl ".-od
lis "-'n.. "Te RS1 pio di small ------'nn
fr r hi .: "- k'' ,n,. .o *' r -"d. .?
S p.-r-an re-d '. .ollowvin 'r o 'fri's
o-,on it- covpr: "IE.C' 'oC'"Tr '.
SI ."? -.' _" '* I ., V 1 rn .... ,r n ,...,4 i .*,
Sqp -r n' 9 'r -. "p red' -.d d -riI ,
rsaee.od or "' r,-i of ,r '" .-. -ho
"ip r-.r rpen' '".n -. 'r-.~- ''I -il '-t.w -

"l c ,I i. '-r ";-* '. -, -': ,.t-r-

-' c* --

r' e o r '-I- F --iT I-n i n 1.-I ""ri t'y 'o ni ,1 t "'*- i on, +.'"r "*n r-
-" r nli;- T itz -'-1, .n.r c-

i 'nn, 1 }' r 'l "r ," O ''" n -on.1 i:.. d
Tn1- T, -- n r z I A j

' r- o.

,',:.(. ": L' : r. a ,

S''T07 *'- Y rr.r- 'I and


,1 ,. ,-. "- n- T I-- ,- ,' ,i -

-'o l ,- r -- -- ,. c
irrrr-r" ". rrf .... 'V.i. "nir

in '- rr
L-r -'. I ', r ,
-r r-* ,, .' .. *r o-

-'ci + .o ; ,'rre. '-id c-
thi-, 1r. -- r'tv -,- 1-
In". 'n I" ,. -'rO T'^ "

I-o+ ; "T T 'r- '"-
1 + on ~ -T^.' '
'T '--ir Tr r'' .+.' r % S'ir n.

"- ,- o r. no '
"','r a"*n .'L if" "n *"'''' n t,'
:n" O"1 1 ? '?

fl'.yn D" '."' *"; '- '- i"-',I ? r .' c,!Tr| 11.
"'r^" "I- in n

"'i A'Co-"' .d 1 'tn -- nrs*

fl -'-i + i r 7. -r ', r time
1'- o,-urred 'o r A- o- nonq"n-' .911-" he
'- e- -` -,
.--n ya.^p "** ". 'i i '' -'cr i *

to v. you plate
o f e 1 cm -s 6

rl ,r .~PUT pw -. "
,~~Y. 2.;L. iY --i ~I_71

-- I

SCIv'-r T"TrTjON

~crrr~ Ir 1, ull r


The S,.pernmas approached thl cierk at
the drii-counter.
The clerk thought: 'I -onder iP he
'*:its so-e booze, tco?''
''I'd like a pint," the !.ip-r-'in
.'*'is ep rod.
''I .on.' + -Ird -rs, 'nd,'' +t'e clerk
-.Lid eP'..asively, cntional.".
Dunn leaned 7nr--rid.. ''It'- .11
rihl-t,'" 'he said iniler his br-A'th.
'SriFI ,'o .r '-0 j t l.nI't, i. a
close ftend of nine. He put i- P .'
The clear r-nched :'rler t+' c',nter
nrId hi- hand re *-e-lrod it'- a '-r-'-red
bottle. ''I e 9-r -. cr' he r". n -re .
Suidc' e 'l: it 'a l .'- 'i-'e '-1. -"r -n-
pen-rrd in .'.e Si .-r n:i's e ye-. 'T -o'
" ,'? -rods on yroll h! exc '-1 ? d,
1'T';1 c1 r' "'i '. '" : r

ion hbe-t to it..'I'- Fnd-r-l 4-
--nt, "' '"c '-1- '"e ''-" -ne -lor'- or --'
HTe 1"-"ed.
p",-.. '-.,i-,' U ijr- iyr.- *'9e '' "rk
''"One ,,,.'dr-d dnll rs '
''Robber!'' '"'o-'e -aross or to '"P
cnoler rol "o.''
The Sr--r -r 'ft the dri.'---to're
it one !-u.ndred "if ten 'ol.lnr-. 4 '-is
po:k;et. A r.l.tr:' ai ," told '-rt n-
sel ':' -. 'i I ir-rnsp i'?''
"is Corn ...d f',rro.-ed '*i t' e ir-
tenosit' or '1. t'"o,-'l s. At l?)' ihe re-
lax ,'. 'I i i ..rnon s e" "'on th dril, ,"
he 't-re' ''If T cn -~i'e ri to
t'?ii co-er, vn` '-n- n -i --rin1 in ryv -''.'
to- 'rd ',r-; ..rc-.1 i nr i ,-'tion, ''
'r",n -topncl ,'- 'irr 'n --onro-'"ed
t'-e side of a ""'' l in'. !Te )rnred '"w'
bc' n"1 i^. A +-"1 of 1 ?- o ,
srre',ed ur '+:. '" '~ i-- o' h i on-
-er.r-' 2.on. rrA'--r. '1 r r ined. el
A '" ioor, 1. o-tec bh "ore hio eyes. I1
w-_ of a r"-r --i+ iC r on .1 n r' 'e'f' 1,
reading t'-e d'ailv : C'-sr-t'-r. "'h i,'te on
t-e ne-nspnper '-n. '" r '" +-"r ''.' ,- irD-t.
"'e "ny hsanoened to pe 'ep 4--.- .'h. T'e
Siperr n -- .- l on'-ir t*' ... ,',- rour '-'rs
nti.- t'"< f ., e'c

+e.'-1n 'lnon n ar+icle.
r A! "T)T"'L S `.. A "T^1 ",o r '
nCOn OF 'r-" '?' f "A"OrARnT
'onl n1 ir ''rr r- '"-"-' -5 1 ',i
t.'nrt '5 '.'e.- '; t'c rn 'n, 1 pa1d en
7,1'in e \ -pl ii '' .'. o''q *; o"" '>.
St it a'.' + .' 'o on". "" ''
-re- 1-d e p ',oo' ies -- "e '-"t '"" .

''"' o".,-' s of -.r':' -r, h'ii r"ore
rordiil-r --""-- I, t'+,e'- s*of' rnr-rkto : "'^o
o-smed .e"-r- s o" 0' '-- f'rfrerlr v-' i i el s
iolor.-f "r i .s, *~+ r-i- "--,, tion.
" Y r vrn in nl t r re *.mi,' not
l or-d "'" -i1S; 'aI_ s' '. .s'ri Lq"I o9r-
"1 ~-'. L 10'" o- 1' -`1 r.,r n' "'r". "T'e '" (. ''
A -'nt+.I" e v';' ."o9. v. n .v;'..' .
in flnrfl'l. I10' '- 'i j nnie -
s'-" 0 "" "1 0 -- i, ''o "" "- ",. "', T-
1 oi'1'r i. ~, no ro ,r "r-

"A "- -' n, r' -r *., Tnunr'*
i '" r- *[;'. *, -- '"r +. o'
i-" '1' i!l'.1-i on o'r ''" in ', '

ArC)'" TI' "i5 >-r y st t.'-e
ATOit" T''-170. s -r-:-nvn v ~-S

ed 4.'!p 9LP,4- prMi-Lion r,' -in F--n.r.
' -r" -*e ". '- -...' r-"rom r ; 'r,.,
'nrr' -r'i or r -' -- '--' e-
An "n'irr prn"ir.ii9 ''- 'tr' r-' ,
"t' Ipr, Li *-1i'q lolir, rv arim
pr n ilr r,. %pa.
O, he flnn> p "- -Li -'-IT.' -i.,^~',
'v^ ", ni-t." re. "'r n'do ro o'-- "'ms o i
D,1n:n, t'e "*" he 1- -d- Ms"+red Mis
ri!- Lin.
"nri'. r t', -i ',rr *.... .'-* fnm' n-,i'nvr
-rt+.i" l : Tr-o +.Ip on''l1 n0,1 '-1* step-
ncd a rvr+.T ri "~ -.ir 'P --"n *-' he
- I In 1r,-n' f "il 1i-n D'nin. "o onri k.0--s
."1-0 -.rt 'ri '-r, -1rn1 -nc< -*n r -pd to
oPrf ar.- i*"or-ir-+.ion. nut F'l-" P'- t re-
* -'p, "t-- ''ron-hl c-r.'l .n- r "'n' he
'sg '6 a7 ty on-nl'n r n

r n-'-rv i-i'r. rv -r Im'i% e '0 rr.' r1 d,

n n' i Pn i r n

% -,in 'tr p-an 1 -'c r'' nttice
110 lin o 'in onri ,r ''r' .-r i --

Sn -)r)jr y + 1 .i ;nr-
.Or' o:ri 0 4'.... : 'r, '3 i

S( Pl,-' 'i a '" i ,n-r-'" :"'i"pTr aV T' .
91 + i n O -- n r I c

Tni '' "'0" O "r'- r' nr
JI fi r -r ''" I" '' r n ,*I

i i P r n, 17 -rs r -m 9-


,GT I'r ,,1 FT 11Trn'

too -,ea.t'y nd po--er4rl a citizen to
.is for the anke of he.an nub' i.ntvy. A
p ...''.01. o ist inf-rm-d 'orn..i '*.'. hi 3
ac'ior" hid beer the "*0onn(ci ni' rA-,lit
of r'd'-n" -ro"-. nPr-1. : i 'out I n'. "or-
nn.u rn-.li. tht he '.'- nrw-Tr 'a rrd of
"'J. iin-" D'"rn." "
Sue' enl .: alley IGor o to hei feet
-i '-h i ho ll.o-o of 'ne'r ind rn-o. "'''11
tell the &,-ole -orld t'- ~,-t*b 'hout
Dunn,"' he s-ore, ''-'nd they'll put him
,There he c.in't do n-y'hnrr-''i
He soured Dcncil nc -npmr -"r 'ep-
-'in to ri'o 'r-', h'n, .er' l .Lt+, r. "'e
told ho'" he h'-d ?'"en DOin frmn '"'-o
'-re-d in"-- t- r '"p 'ir t."'- ,-'-'I "" ir' -t
of t.bh -re-' t.e t x cr "'.-.n+ : P 'C-
+.try. He tlc oa' ho "' "'-rri-'i I- d
been admin:.-tered :i"d Er.nn'n sa ,lhorent
vaRn'i inP. ''And,"' he 'nn'l.uded, ''rnn-
less this cre+.ure is -n'ire' "',d '-o+
denrd like an 'pit, he -'ill -nro-, his
po','-s 11.l. ,trenet.'1m, incren-P, intil
he 11 'lOlr -.he ','e of th- '-orld in
t'r nal'- of '"is 'Ard!''
""'en L.'' lett-r n "o--1fpL -', 'e
cl' ed it in n- on'cn'ope, ad? -e--ed i.t i
tte Ci'ty 6di tor of t+.'e 1 -r-cst re"o manner,
then left the lahorntory -ic' T-.led i+..
Ynor r-' rnin- to his '1nh-r--nry,"
Profes-or Sn.'l.ey hen-in to thinK'. "1A '1e-
-nn to rnvy t'e po er of the lnn-r-,in,
ns rlimh as he hited tha.brinritself. Vi-
siorb of -orld do i;.ntior ro-e hn'ore ',.s
eves. "''y ,;h huld He rot n -mtn *'"-e nno-a:
tion he had 'rerdeC the Si'o'r-'-n -o"ld
tdke? TI'e lonr-r he t'"o "+.1t,; %.o -'--
er' The te-ot ion re,'.
The desire h-d -ro'-n so stqrnne oon
that he Cear.n to rechnnically -o alouit
the nroce:'ure of prep-ri"-* **- bi'',
'Then, -4'i' a *'isihle foc'c, he ao li zed
rhat he -was i-.ir-, he --e't to work 'it".' a
vil.. thnt vwIs 'I-o0tt "vnr'e,
Q0 iO'ly 'c ` 7 hu-ri.id "ro '' t o 0 r ,s-;
srl, --.'r'Ain- ` "' *.':- rnidc'itv "? rnrl'pe
lesrness of -a m' i.n. 'rr l.n''v 1is +.ns'
nenred co'olo'ion, r-n, fin-lly '- nit'edd
a +M"n livnlid into n '1-s'- and tit it 0-
way to c-ol. off.
Se"-ral -,r,'it.es Int r, -*'n 'le. nrpT)-
arntion h':d -ol.n. '.'i -' -:i l.y, he
rained tfc fl"'- ."nd prinared to t"':o +I-
ro,,r'. ,'-- ,t -o"'! d trrnsnforr- 1 ;4. -to n
Su pr'r-n,.
At th i. omnent +hia he~' to his "ome-

Ordir".ril" oe -"ould hnve di".ro--rded
it. .

Dunn had returned.
74+?t. Fsn evil leer aoon hin tin
fe-+.ures, S-ll.l.y lo--ered +.he P1'sk?
a~d ln t ',e room.
Sr'-ley's surmine hnd been cor-
rn'e. T^e %unerm'n '-qs nt.nnh-inf -t "he
entr-rrn -he" heA opnepd -t'- door. Ile
st.nped onir -nd 'Yvn enrnred.
'"iP + ,'n -1"';.rld milently to the
'"h.r'Lory, 'hnn Sr-n'ley .nn'e "or the
rir.t ti-;,. ''Rp.nort.- "'-t hnI h-nnned
to you."'
TI, 311,D0 r--nc.n did, rp-rA.- I nr -rlr-
+,-' ncn.,1 -ed n't-'L:n~. He had n
rstivp for 'Cainr. +."n er+irr *4r"+lt
It r'-- +.'t '-e I-'d deter'-.inAd tn mrr-
(dnr -'I,' aro' rpq-sr 'tPorP 'I 1c tL e
As Diun r'1t'-d 'hi -'r"alo'ls ex-
"Renri e ono t-r ot+."'r, S-11eiy's
aref arerr. He vision'td .'h-+t Ih rtnuld
do .-hen he hid +.'e s-"S no-'ers.
'D Du"1, he R.ird, "'O ."'e ,'nmr-
-rn h-d finicihd nnen"in-, 1'I nn
-oinn' to+.0 di'namaxefx'xxxtraniaxsx
drin': my, n-pr-'r-tion, an-'. T?'*.+. r' mnr
t'. t t-een +. "' n ."h of ii., "-"i .', r
. o -* .'vi "r'in n r'., -nT .iie the -
'"niv ra! "
Phie njqrr" r-id h'is rind, '-T'
*-noso no '"olois.: "'And rter I F-ke
the riru T'- "rraoin '.o disro-n of myn
r-inns '"i, ,in. -on. ir- -na
exi st, Ind' thI + -ill 'e "n '

noms to kill tj'in nr'rr-.rq an sucih n'-
l'rqn1 i '.; A 1 1 p ''' qo +.to op
po'i nind rflmqce o'a.
S' ,1' nm -'nr'ln qn -o''o to r"4 n 'o1a
f'lnk 'I- n'oninned t+,ltn Int chose of
his c e minl. 1'4t +'-'n-',* '-" cn.1ld raech
ik Dunn ist.ennnd 'Ir"-rd dr 'd "ocked
'is b r d r-i.*p,
Irn+.c tn.ly t.-e r-esnor n'r"rt for
a* Surlrrnn' n +trot+.. D-ii 'n'' i'c'
I rm ', I "-:P -'ern c'', "'rn, --- .'l '
s',dr'en roar, -nr-n" "'nr-.r"rC n'd --rPnned
,,is .irr naou.t "--'oinr "'"- chae'irt
ql*r'"' pl -'nd Pllner +'h Su'"nr--n off
Nis bh-l'nne. ''v y ot'" c"r-q',nd *.o the
Over -*d over 'Fe, rolled, fi.r-t %
one on 'nn, Ole" t'I" othnr. It '"-s i
h't" .- it" in "1-o+. i",.,"',et"',e'
H"-,ke 'or +o the 'jtl+.nr -o'ul'' "a tfe
""LB oF 'e ,'''? r -r.e.
4'rlr"'.- Pro Fr"-nnr ';"alley to"e bhir-
rnof 1oo"- 'r""rm Hl '

' ..






T'E I!I.'TI<'ATIO!AL Con-ili-tory, Coun;cil
vrws in s-esion. .'-th-red in the crest
hal] l ver- the represent-:.tives of all the
'world' s nation both l.r. .e .nd esr.a1ll. '1i
i'rcs the Preat-est Peac,- ''onft:-re-n.?e of aLl
tine,. I1', irrTl n I'. rr n '..ns field 'as'3 th'n-md-
-rinin at th.-- top of hi: '.'oice ''--- i. as
"'re h "e -- -..-.:re- d here, .it besil. ea ch
other w:it'. :.., enmity b-t-een us, so shall
Cur r --'. .t i' n'rtio'ns 'r in t_? fu-t..re;
f"ien:dly, ,.-f.t!.l r -.S. -
!.s i: -d .- -.te.'d imr ._el f, thund' r-
.:JC h\ nd,''.- ',iI *.' l i .:-d hitr:.
Chin"-.! ,-, .:rid .J-p., 're.:.- .r--'n and En0 -
lishran, /'- 'i -:.-- ni ', :-,i.*'tn, all srdied
S .nill th.at f..r
tih.- t'irs t ti. i' .- 1.i,-tor, otf the- -- ,:.,: I,
1il rc.-c- .: st .C .ir.e- d Into n c
t rec-r. du.j r in- t'r-. i -it+,"
rii I' L : L I- ,.' r- r..p d hi .:-.
tfor sil en u: fir --t sr.' -r, h- e I .I -
n oun.ce-d, ill b Itily's rnus .:n r of
p.. o, r. I .' -P ro.ti- ''
Gcrrct i r.:.-- to his f.:-ct nd rcrinned
en' "inr'- i : ': ith cr,: it rrl-'.i s r,-
t u-th I ,,oui.'.".,',_ --" e-'l-,ruTptly his fps.'''
un ri r'.,-.: r t .i R : ii,-'- tr nrz f'orrr.-.ti,_r. h:-,.
:.rr.i '-,l e s' 1l i:ri :': o r"ed. Hi :.. s n 1-
rrd '-ruel: His teeth .'r.:rc. r: .' ;-d in
a sn ier.
''-- c-:t '-._,'ri ini is h':,tbc:d of
dirty nrir.."hi + '
The silc-n': in t-h. r.-oIm -ti fl in-.
F--.ry I-an "". -- 'L d.-rr-tru."'.%
'"-,i "'.-.in.' i- res r t-ti".: r,: .',.:rr.:
"rot, hi=- t i :-' nt! "nirily h -. l:an t
urrir;ht ,-I h. a flo' t o f it :t r :.1 -
n'.r.i atioi.. .:.- '. in f'? hi i. "io l -1
o'L- rind :-:' hr rn r-hin n- npi t i --
thor i'di" a1 In -ianth:Ir ro n.:nt th
Ihal '"It- i' -i v r r. i i 'id c.ld
'..tl 'io-n "'.: :' -in- "ji+i. r_'g L-e %and
*'lulthc in i t r:-',:ate o if i -loIr-
friends. Tu: 1.-, 1. 'r, -:r "r7 ok: th.:
firnl peaI.. TM I : 4 1 --n+ '.er no .r i'+a t ':inr,
.h oth.-r 3k h-lt- filledd -'elveS-.

YF' '.ST A --. 1" li .7+ ln-d rpati tlr:.
to0 his .it" Edi :
* 'The '"o i t. T" '" m,' thi s lottr-r and
r c-,'or.r-.:n-J,:d -!- I pa.- it on. to you.
At fir h -' tC -'. : r s jui + ih, .-o- r'-1
' t nut, u. c ,r ho-r t 'in-s h1n-"'
bc.:.n d.:c i.'r l 't ly, he s .:-eted that
I ra s it .rto d:.o:, --nd in tr+.i't y'ou io
1 :.-i. into th. .t' -r. .: 11, that' s y".ur
a i-ni nr-,'nt J- .tr .-.-;r r.oauth shut II o_.0 ut
it. If there ?:,t.tlin. to it, *-r. '-rann ,n
;:c tusi"o. '

-.-*1.-rr:n .-. .. -te ih r- of'rrod
lettc-r rad hL-an' r}d t+hrr,.h it. As he
ra.id M, intn r-t gniiC'VPY.rd. "'his-
+1 -'d. i '.,".."n Is ',"r:vr ."
'I +T ~~r. to "oi c di 'o- r '-'he-
th -r it i- or icn't. in
As F'err-:St -iro" to P,- *' I C-r
'-,1 : ,'' s b '-miC 1" : cC n ,id. '-r.:-d .hr- r,-
-ti on hin or thii ",+:tt.- to + h-1 -' r. nt
t'-rld--rtirrin'- ." rntI If- '-h-,t the' rr.-
.- -.or t*-ed ''a tr .- it '..- .? l ik-'l"
.,hat his .Sur.-rman ,"'- .- ind -'"i .i+-
t rni: 3 b.t-c:oe n-t :.nr. ''..t richt thL
S~r1, -r 1. n' r.-. i- i'. '.-" '7 ? it -i.':t.ly
i-th t ,i? na7-it. re d r.-ri':l- d hr brin-' ev'.il-
.1-s aZ -ind I -ath uJrCnon hl ''- n .it'* rr more.
li'..--.1, did he hb':r.e to c-in -'ntrnol of
it :-.: first ,br -ri r', do-.-n its n cr,-nnth
..ittin,- it + ,:,' n-t its-if?
H,: had :comTe: t o r. d!finit co- nlu-
-ion -T'l1.-,r he' dr'..- '. n :- fl'orc -'r l1 1.-': s
re- '" ... in- hi- -.'.r h -'li -,b-d
+.li, : In' r-, -i +1- :, 1 ., .- "i itcd
and n.: rs .one.: "sm e. io r .. i-- '-d the-
S,+. T ,,a.'--, r. ', l+. I..- nti i+.:' h
rut hii h-and on tli.:- .o.r-:no. turmin.
it. "h door s'-.nr c,:n. For I mom-'nt
h h it+at,:.d, th -rn h.: ont -r-d. H-. -ailk..d
frr'n rooTT to room mr-.-tin-' n on,-.
^nd thn- h.- .-nt'-r-d n l-1boratory,
hi fir-t -i r,.s,- told r i-, that h,. had
sturbC -d ur. on enoTT.hin- ijr-,orta;nt.% h.
-"hc. room -'- in t rril-l.- -h-i, -. I- airs,
ta-ibl C ra f'- n, +3 ..'. l- ;,-'-.t, ] *s-ar.?
...-, _*- =rrn -h d. Th, r .'.-r.: -'id.rn+ -4i ns
,:,f batti+ ?. A .- r-5 th r--.r,.-rt-
,-r I-, l-, e.* ,:' ur:,on a I r-n- 'ri'-.- on 'cr-r
A'n th" fl-rr. Hnrden'd blood!
FPut .'Ioso?
I,d-'s rushed thro';,Th his mind, c-ome
irnchoh r:nt, oth.-r conrr.-,? 4' 1 st .."-
-ral 'r-.,r not to ',- d-ni-rl Profrsc-sor
r.a- 11.-.' had bi ".-n on of the: ." n in"onl '-d
in th.e stru-i l-. it scc-rr.d likely tvi,4
+h-I, oth--r had b.on D'unn, +h imn ,rrrTan.
'it ,"ro h-d -"on th. batt!+.:- Th1no' 'lood
a'nrk .d the floor?
A r,,-:.ibilit- o.:.'n-. r,".d +to ,i "',,.
1,-:.r .ht i ri '. h o'c".-j'-' d "'he- trambit-Yon +to
r'ulie +h. '":rl,d'd. P-'rhabs' thire kid ,.-on a
q,, ...i '- th -.rg'in .tin- fiht .-in "-hie4
one L th .E'-ro had boon '1-ilcd. 1 o0
+h1.:n, -nd, bbon,.th- vi.t'or 'And :-ho',~ec
ti :,.v.ict+.r .Liicht be-,' ', it. hr '-*ho-',as
to b]iam, for'h,?. lorl.4 id cinl o,..thc tti
of I-'re .? .' .. '
Fp'rr.t 'ran fp thc"O6,ua.' .an'
sr-ran'- ifto hs fir. *''IT-I rlcrm nt. irR was
stnrt>d-n id 'heo '-cts tiair 'n"r ori' 'fho
.- 1' i "

- I


streets to-rard the offices of his paper.
But ho had scarcely Ronoe .evora1. dozen
blocks boforo he bchaved uncomprche'nsib-
ly. Instead of continuing, alonE -.hl-. thor-
ofarc that -ould hav-. t-aken him dirc--,tly
to his dcstin-tion, he turnOd into a side
street atnd -,fter th-it into an-th-r thoro-
far,.- "hi:h -"as dire-tly pr-r-ll 1l to the
one non -'hich h.a h:d boo.:n tr-.'.:'` 'in,- rre-
viouis'ly. He "'.as headed in the orinositeo
Ho dir: ,tion.
Abruptly he, forrot thi tanrt'lin dis-
0o.' -r, h: hdi rnd:. Instead, t.he i ,-
prc vion 1hfid or- to himr tha' he. --as f:,i-
lo'i,-r in r -s i.-'n :-nt t ':hi'- h .I s to t-:..:-

In -a :'f. -' -inuto s h d lr:- ur. b f'or. -
ir.. Li -i nter.',d it. H- .-s m-.t ,
a .- or.i-i1, ':- r.inr 'r -r'he I. cd .hiM r into .a
du:t" -ofi'-. ','r. Dunran?' Forr:-t in-
'Yes. F. -z -.t d.'
Forrc.st o"nmplicd. Instantly, 1:-.-r of
me-t I- spr-on' about hin from the 'hn'- irs
side', crn.srin.- ,his ?-.r = h--st, n-f' 1.- 's,
in .-in unItr ka -lo rip. At thei sr.-_ r.o-
mi:nct 'o.r.' T r .-lizcd -*ht h-d h r 'n:nd.
He hI d 'c .-n 1:rou-ht h.-re under +h:. ,o--,:r
of t'. i :. r--tn' s --"ill.
-'1: -r"rLn h-d ?."ated hi s i-' f at
hiCs ~abl nd --r-as f' ..,inr th rerorter.,
''71h.- -re you?" Forr.:t ,-i- '"Sri-
11,:7y c.r 'uin?" '
1he 1 .un-er- -'n did not ans '-r *+ n'r.
HO s.:, ?r,:'d lost in 'onr'-ntr-tion. '--
rntrtl-, he :-':m..d to b: o -,-,-:- rer that
Forro:L h' iac-. n u uc tion. S' A-,I,-'. .
or '.nn!. '' 1- r n ,tedd, ruj-:le:d. ?,'crIc'ry
rlo'.-d t.- ''Ah -- yes. Dunn.''
':' killed d I 1.. 0, ""' '
"I kii..:d .,rnI.Ile".''
"And -- and -'hat arc yvo' e.ir, -.
do 'ith. me-! ''
"I hn- i: _. lit+ l3 rrm t-r to n + nil
to '-fore I dispose, of yo)u.' His t4ono
was flit.
Forrcr-t'! m ind rel ?d 'at thi? "lIm
de'i-'rn"ti ic n of his de:th.
"I .m, -Ibout to '-crd th rmi -s of
th *-orld to tot-al annihil"tion -ain--t
oach oth 'r.
And then son-'hin'r -:narnpd '-;t.hin
orr:st. HL .curs.ed a-t the inhur'nn -,:''-
st.-r, '!I d hirm e-"?ry insultin' :ritl:h--t
that occ.irrod to him, s-'oro to .'rn:C him
if he broke l oosC.
The "jp.nrmrn paid no attcrtion to
the scr.'--raina, p lcndine mnn. Ho 1clnchod
his fists and sttrod before him. As he
ron-ontr+cd, his fence slo'-ly t-istod
itself i'.:to .ju h -disjic.- of h-' nd

cruelty thnt Forrest '-ms appalled. The
Sun -rman -rno broadcasting thoughts of
hnto'-hi.ch 1ould rlunc. th- Enrth into
a living hell.
In this momr-nt of drnd and terror
th. rcoortrr cant" ?, sil-nt prnynr up to
th- Cron.or of +hc thr-it+on.d '-'orld. He
-rs 'cched the Om.nir.ot.nt 0'nOo to 'lot out
this h'nsrbh:-miny de'vi.
*'-3 it trui,' +h',-t Forrost sW'v the
look of Zhato r ,rnt f'rr'- tLh SiuprmTn's
'"n"- rind iterror rer.l t:,i i., or '-ri it
m-re f'n,:!
Sudcn'., th- 'ur.r' r n 1 oarnt oft his
f,. t. he. .''.nir ,o hI.d been sittin- up-
on rc 'hd -'-k. "''o.' h: -riod."'No!'
orr.-'t ~-,*-' h '-rn shoirtinc nt ithei
cr-''/ r-ir. -
''T.- t 'ssion'. hn.t .-'l'irp into th.
fi 1 ro. I :' ? +t 'rn rro -- 1 r'ecrinT in
the prTk. OnC' rnorr just unn unn
the -'-icrint, t1-' do--'n-'-nd-u 'r'' Tho.
i -rm n dr -' '. hand .7ro s his "'; s.
"t's the druz!r I+'s irflucn.- ,-ill bo
Iaone in in hour, cx u d And I *."n't
du tr i t'" e Ith. d r-i- n, 'S I ,nn roc'.'h thec
Ll-,rk Finnet -".?,.r: lies th.- n.-odcd ,!'--
.n+. nd th?rr is not tim'- rno-''-h for
t -: +.' '
Thr: anrrn i-nt, .- .nfid 'nt finrr.- hnd
d:o-.rted. Inst.-d, th:-r- no- stood, -
dro rpinc, riillu ion *d r~n.
Durnn r-ised hir h'nd -nd rcc rded the
rmi+O report-r. "I sac-, no,-, ho-e -ron' I
,-.s. If I h1d -rorkrd for the eo-d of
-'rrnnit';, y, ni nmr;e -ould have rCone dio--n
in histor-" *'it n n .lc-ssinrr -- in.'tcnd of
a curse,'' Hr r rrerl.nh.'.d tho rh'air 'and
t+.irrDnrd --ith some '-'rhnissm on its side.
'IIr fifth '-n rninut .s you 'will b.e auto-
rntti-nily r-l.-ns.d nrnd I -- he rrin-

n-d -'ryly, "I shn11 b. -- h,-rk in t'.-

Th.: End.

r, F&rrost J. Ac1rr-nn

H-r In-t st, O'EA';A, has rcoivr:1 m"rnv
fnivor-bl.' mrorn.- +- in th- rrnzin' in
7hiich i+t ,-. r-'d. It is int.rstin to
note- tht it -nrs o-riinr' 1" titled TIHE
H-r n.:-t --'ill b-. A "I '-ALL1TLA'TIOHl Tl
Tur FrnTRTIT DTIFEnSIO!, -rhich, i+. a'-,-s to
mn, t-k-s tho rrizo hook, lTin-, -nd cinker
for having tho lonr--st +itlo.
She '-'roto se-ris of scientific
4irill.rs of '-hinh only one nn-rr'red.




aught in the Dimension Current
once moro! ~-'rt breathed a silent
prayer oftVhankagiving. Even b-f-
oro the wavo of oxultanco had passed,
light shot into his consciousness and ho
was dropped swiftly do-n to thb earth.
With a.jolt ho struck solidity, dropped
to his knoos, thon straightened oroct.
An ejaculation oscaped him.
For the scone which mot Bart's yoas
was utterly unfamiliar! Ho was standing
inside of an arcna! A short distance a-
way arose the bottom of the mighty stand
which rose up and up to a groat hoight and
was ovidontly to
be used for so~t-

ing spectators.
The ontiro field was ba-ih:d in rod,
reflecting the sullen rays of th-
scarlet sun.
And as he stood therc, + 'ns:d, b:-
wildorod, the stargoring- t,: uni'!I iev-
ablo truth ponotratod his -,hirlin
sonsos. Ho had boon sot do-i- uron an-
oth-r region, por-
haosp upon an on-
tiroly different
elaniot. But why so?
Bhat incomirohons-
iblc v'-iry of th3
unlno,--i' rr.as rosTon- .
siblo? .Bohind this,

\ % ^'- -- __ ,.

_ 1 7~ _

t .. ... U. l

but unappiront, w's throw lurking a
guiding fato hrhi.h had reasons of its e
o'wn for p-rmittinr this to occur?
A sudden premonition '7.*rnod Bort to
be on his gLnrd. Ho f:lt as though mrd,
unfriendly .cys 1-rcrc rc-ird.in. hi4,
Bart look:d about ap'.rchonsivcly. Ho
could eac. only th. d-os)rtid aronn.
And in that moe-:nt, as hl- r.ut his
unc-sinn o- do'n to .i-, ,dtiv imagina-
tion, from b.-hind hirr, un'xp.-ctcdly,
carn,: '10%o, thra:rtcnin.: on:ir. 1"illinm-
son -!ir' -d and stcppod bick in nlarm
19 hI: .-.'..-1'- : rvizht of thi- sour'.; of
th-vt 3iou-.'d.
H- '-7i? :cnfronted by a smrr.ll tiJer-
lik- i-r-- ur-. It ..-s crouched in n
thr .it .ni. oi osit. ion, as though prop -r-
ing 5. r'.rin-. Its Tmoui+h ,'-as op.n, dis-
play in- t"-o ro-s of lon7, shirp t.: th
"':hi-" 1.::!':d ns though th;y could round
fl;-". dith one, :-as: snap. From the
b. a3t issued a 'ci-n.', stri'am of rr:.nc-
in mumbl is.
Just as it s.:.m.-d thit the arc-ture
I-."s osprin- spi at P'.rt's throat a
corrmmndine voico roirod out in order.
The boast rli.r d at Willi'imson, hosi-
titod, thrn slun:: off.
*IIFriLAnd! '
From no'eh-r3 'in n 'pp-rition nipearod
at T-rt'-s side. It -nis --gaunt, old man.
The rT-in 'Ias clad in tittnred rags. His
hand. and lcFs -'rer dirty and thickly
cov.-r',d --ith. hir. An uncl--n '"1 -1rd
gav' his faic: an unsivory look. -
rms, ind.od, a frightful sight and Bart
felt instantly rcpollcd.
"Wal .omei to The Altar, Friend."
There ,ras no provocation for on-
mitr and under the circumstances Bait
could be not'hii'but affablo.
''As you see, spoke Bart, ''I
lack raimont. If you -ould loan me
som2 :lothos -- Abruptly hb consod
sp raking.
The old man sensed the roison for
Bart's silence. "Hol' Hot" ho bollo'--
od. "The Ko-por of The Altir his rni-
mont a'plonty, but you would not think
so to look at mo. Ho: Ho! I havo
clothes enough to cloth a nation'f(
T-ho ni-mine thought occurred to
Bart that ho rnas confronted -Tith a
"Yeos," cried thq Koopor, snizing
Bart's hand, 'I hivo clothes in iab
undance, and food, too. C.omo ith met"
*B-irt follo-"od his t-ttnrad guido
almost iaginst his "rill.-Hon.rsB

thinking of Torrilt. Would he over soo
hor ~gin? If Malat had harmod her.....
hey cr'orb '-lking through an on-
tranco in thie stnd ndnd had cnt-rod a
dark room. Bart could not soo his guido,
but could h' ir him br:-.thing heavily.
Suddenly tli- .-r.r., Is flondnd -ith a
hoavy, red r-~d: .*-', P rt looked about
for th' -.-urco of i'lumin-tinn Ind dis-
cov.-r-d thit thr 1".i'-'t iarpoired to cnmn-
ito frCm th' '-'1.l of th-. room.
Th- K- DP'r --s m-tionine to a table
ind ciir in i norn'r of t"1i room. ''B:
sn"t.rd,"' hr. ur.-d, Tnd I -ill_ surely
v'onu-ith th -t f-.r -bi'M'h v'-u ask,"
Still trifP*.- distrustfull, B-rt
crossed ov:r tn the +t.n'-lC nd s-'tod
'Vi'th a fri''dl'' nod -nd n series of
satisfi-d chuckl -f that 'nt shivrs
rnrinr f ufb nd d..-'n '~illi inson's snino,
the K.op-r onorr- h-d n Inv-r cutting
out fr"r' th 'n n thn +hcrrrnsit- side
of th, room.
A ha'nv b-irri,'r smnsh'd d -'-n from
above? dividiner the room int- ti70 snp-
nrat.' nortins aind f-rminp -g slid "-all
bot-',cn B- rt and th.e rld man.
"A cry of cronot-rn-tion en his lips,
B-rt +hrps+ tibl.- nd chiir niide and
flun7 himself urrn th.e barrier, H on-
- eunt 'rd unvi-ldina st-nc. To his oars
Scmc screams of ins'-io rloe, -nd the
cry, ''No-, aft-r t-rc hundred yairs of
Sfasting, shrrl' The Sovon Fiunds be pp-
poisod, f6r tonniht The Altar shall run
'-ith a not, -nrm blood, and tho-gods
shall come to lifo!"

BART HOWLED curses and throats and
roceivoa lnught-r is i reoly. Inftf-
inted, ho s-oro he "-ould tcir his cap-
tor tn bits once he rrro froo,
Hours seemed tp pass "nd Bart tired
of pIcing his cell. Ho cnrofully ox-
imined ?very-inch of the room and found
no means of ,scipa. H., resigned himcrlf
to the hands of fato. He had returned
to this o-rld to succnr a girl ind no-n,
ho found, he himself --s in pressing
need of sBsistnocc.
Woe the Kccper really mid? Had ho
convinced himself that it -as his duty
to orrenrc sacrifice's for -rhitov-r
hoth.'n qods he -rrshinp,-d?
And thon, aft r Bar+ had spent hcui
-7ondoring or-r hod6uld mss thit stono
Sbirrior, it raised of its n-n v-lifi,-n
Too thunderstruck to move, Bart







starod-at the throo figa, es faci,:T him:
Tho-K erpor, Malat, ar.n'Trr`ill.
.l.... a.:lt -and Torrill. s.cemcd a,' sur-
prised to soo Ba rt as.".'i rimsn as to
sot them,
i.or a momenm't eacch r-y -rdod t-ho other
unspcakin?, motionless, thon -ith a-
hoarse cry of stiftisf-ctin, 1.'lat lcap-.
od for-erd, his hun:;-h nds cutthrust,
death in' hsis- cyv s.
The irrl shri-l:ed., ".:l-,% s i'upon
Williamson. In th-t c-,nfasod m-nont Bart
gJ.impsod the Kooor..roe:chinY for tho

VWitb' roveovrbr t,.n shpc.k, 'nhb
barrier s.a mn-od-.d:.n r~f,.e sr.r .lA.-i la't,
face cent-ortod --ith htc, halted-t ur-
priso flickorod -cross his fotur'os-. Ho
'Thirlod'. A doeifonin .rq-ir cscapod him-.'-
He fiunri 'hihtself upon the stono 'iid
screamed' curses. .
is bo ck --rs turned, B-.rt ';is- not a
coward but he realized that i'f he o-or-
pittod -ag.inst thit giannt in a tr'i'a- -of
puro pP-ysic'-~il:str.-ngnth, he *67ul'd xd'sur-
.dl3 n6c1 ccmo out..viotor. QicffcT3y .ho
turned and seized the chair he had boon
sitting on. Stcinrr focry-'ard, nA smashed
the clhair- against ..thq basq9 of'~. .-'
skull, Malat sl.umuocd liko a big' o-f -heat
At -that moment, from the "'r;thor-esi'do
of the barrier, thero camo a Th'-I"t -rf
anogr -Lnd. the-sccranm of ia il; In--a-
.frorzy B-r-t -thr1rC himrself'Torward-,?ad
.' '"a.'.r .d r.t the. bh-rrir -rith h 'il hi-.
:st'rength.-'ite hanr.t. l i .t and-r ley -of
cx'uitariclc-scapod' 1iim s Toh barrier.
bcgain to slo rly fii qWhei.itt-had-
reached the hoihl of one Toot; -he..
.... ie''J tirfm~l tf .flatup t tp he fl or and
Fi' od -ahrough.. Boforo'PWe tihag to-
hlis foot .he cauht f "im'ebsh -f Malat
.cravrlinF i-aftor. him, theh' h6 tuirne dhis
attention to tho-oth r o6ipants--of the
room. The Koopor' nd Torrill:rore strug-
gling at the lover. As he -ratchod, the
Koepor cast Torrill off and thriv- the
loVor do-n. At thQ semo ins'tant- their
came from behind Bart i horrible, -,oloc-
tri:"--in scream. As. art turned his
hoad, his face -Thitaond. Ho hn'd cnught
S gl-impso o-f M. 1.,at crushed 'to .-pulp
bono-th the -barrier
Gi;itting his tooth, BPrt flung him-
Sself fcr--rd-at the.Koopor, doterminod-
to choke the lif- out of th'efiond. But.
S boforo. h -,as. a yard to his ebj octivo a
streak o' motion Shot'irito the r. m pad
in-rposod itsol.f b.troon-th&-,t7o. Fad-
SinnP Bart, spitting -ith'rngC and f-r-c-

ity, nas the tig --like creature. One
instant it'aused-, thin it hurtled thru
space for "o'r s throat,, urged on by
the voncn7i-r cri'::r3 of- the Keeper. Out
Sflow'' Bhribs 1 ..:.;x hand. Stron)., po'wor-
, fil' tceth .r-n a-7on his.flesh, Only
": alf-c.-nsci"us nC -hat he did, Bart so-
cured'r *rip rn hoe biting, scratc'hing,
screaming thin,-:and flunur it to the '
fln- --rith nil his strength. Then-ho
bhent, _-i- d it;,, and sm.nsh, d it a7-:inst
the -o1ll.'Ho '-rn's upon- it again, and,
thrustin.' his "rm ,-bout its no lc, t-is-
ted and squ').zdd. There came a sh-rp'
..~n, nd the creature .feol tI tho fl-or,
S~ u:, rinr' in its do'th-thrros.
,--yjn ',-,akly Beqrrt turned his eyos
to soo smiothing-that -trnod his blood
cold. Tho Keoper, ,sntlinp-, insanely,
'ag-s .ra in'-'and -Ivoling a tube it him.
art dvinaod that it Tras.a deandly eoa-
bon. He'"rotiTdd flat -unon the fl." r. A
.";sizzling rav-screamed. over his head.
Cri'-s fror i- without Ponotrated into'
.,tho rrom. through the red-mistod vision
Brt -tsa"' -a giant mr4ail-cied' vision' Teap
through th4 room' s ?-ntrance.
Liton.r --' "
'he Koopr, sT'hted .,heo inrudor.:
* Snarling, ho turned his ray ubon^LLat'tan.
t, .t the same instant Lait, n let fly-a-
J. ,,dgor.T -o'ray-played. ubri -L' tihn. With~
'- chokig Cry, -Ln t.n ;-,hirlodd :nd fell on
his faI;o. But events ho (ell, the*
Koopeor stAigr6d forr'a.d, clutched '"t
his thr'Mt ,*Tron;: -r.hi.rh prp.truded f th
i -..d h *r ,'" f l. '. '1-
Oth' nd-firie -pour ing in to *ftS
r, Orm. no sprrf--t Bar.t'" A dsropd'" "
$flnashpd*bo ro his syos. A pnoctrating
.ain stun his sid. .......
A feomiin'ino shriekk. an, through the
rAom. As t- btliy fl-u-n.pngits7oI1f -gainst
him.' Tr-KS prsdc sod against li- 'o-rn.
D-irknoe's' flie-korod b'foreo his oyes.
He "as j worked to'his..fot, 'Hisseonses
-.- cleared. But the -ound in his side '-as
causing him 'trrifi-c agony.
S it i oa:I -brb tTod un in the arms
--,of a soldi -zo' He had, the loqk n- man
'"rho kno'-r ho is-g-oing .to d(A.
,, .Mai-mn'ti nod to Bart. ''I trailed
S.lt,.. he whispered, ''--and then....
this.'' Ho paused and nont on aftor an
inner struggle. ''My machine to bring
the. two -'rorlds to rethor -- it is com-
plotod' Yu willl 'find it t-t---'-

BLACKNESS, DEEP and diabolical, des-

_ r- -----rp--;- --- i ~~ ~._I

-L --- -e -L I --


'"--'-. '.1 hies
S": t'r .: i sti-
S,. i ',ut he' X
, ,. i.._ t st em ,

IT-TOOK Dave hannin fully throo mn-rnhs
to nurso his friend through foevr antd
mndnoss back tn numr-lcyn "nl oven then,
'lilliyj f5is-n did not complotbly'"ri'cov3r.
Yo.rs have passed -nd Bart Will!iaM--
son still lives in his little hut in
the- center of a iunr.l' villirb.:Hohas3

,r..-'. d nc" r to d n.-"cc, for he c-tnnot
f:rcr:.': "' 'p --' i- h rnrossed revr sr
q'' ic ly v .-. : } ._.' r' ,-- ,,
1 i '-.-. i 'urn! th-u'h
his -1 r f r f: i"r fillnent
, 1i: -' n ..' -r r turnedd
t th-. '. : .-n.
-,ut ;- n- ---_
Ai.l I-I,- ;- '.'. l i : *. ",'-,it .....

T rT E D

B-., I,. 4 C
--.- .- '-+'. ; k _- .._.. .: .

IT WAS on't&6mrr'rning of Nov. 27 th-it- -ro c.r :- th fat f.l1 n;-'s:
"Doar -r' -Siogo:-
I rocoivod thiis n-rnin-' ~"rov "f the ,-'" -nrd i- .-" of
your now magizino-! T; 1 "I'.E FICTIoTT!, and "-nnt tr thrnn.k y,'^ frr y:ur kindn-ss in ro-
mcmboring mo, Your stories iook much bott r th-.n I -'r. uld hvo th.-u-ht pr si'l 0 uvn-
dor the circumstances -- ind my ccn:~rtl-lti-n r- .- y.vu.
Ploase d, noit rnko y"ur n0o magazine t~ gnood,ho-rvovr, for
it jculd be unploms-.nt for ec t hyvce to j in the ranks of tho'un -ployod!
...........Sinc aroly., v .tys, _
Harry Batos, Edi~ r
P. S..Woll, it's just happcnod. I'vo just boon instructr'd to discrntinu~ ASTO'TNDING
STORIES -'ith thoe'J-;,'. i'-suo. Good luck to you'in your vontuiro!' '
WHEN WE finishod-Trodinmt tho abovo lott+-r --o +T-ro al.T 'sunk in cl-r'~. Of -1a the
mags oen the mnrkoJt hy did-it have to bc ASTOUNDING thnt-'rotot? We.V -ore o rticulqrly
sorry'to see A. S. go bicnuse rwe alrnys had consid-red,it suppri"r" t aIl othor
novsstand scientific fiction magazines. And -ro all hopo that ...hen prosperity comes
back it'll bring ;6d ld- ASTOUINDTNG STORIES bnck -,ith it,, *-rit-h the ablho Mr. Bates
at its helm.
THE ANT WITH A PrT"AH SOUL by Bob Olson, '-hich r-Ms '-riginmlly to anpb-ir in the
long discontinued MIRACLE SCIENCE AND- FANTASY STORIES, sa- the lirht in AMAZING
you'll find the namos of stories -'hich -7ore to inpoar in the next issue.. Koop your
eyes open, fans, and see if you c-n rocgRnizo thom- -hon they nppoer in othor onriod-
icals,' under difforont namos, pr'--P s.

If you'll observe the dr-rin's of Shuistor cirofully, you'll got a good idea of
hoer the artist hirsolef 'lc'Fo'ks Like rmny others, Joo Shistor has the h-iat of d'-a'-ing
a lik-noss of himseoif in- :''1 his characters.

SPEAKING OF Artis" Shluist'r,. you'll 'o introstdd 'to6 iTrn thnt in a rocont city-
wide contest ho'"on first prizo i:i1 post caontost for tho Chatiity Footb'll gamo.
Clevoland roadors of this magazine '-cil got the thrill of seeing our Art Editor's
rrork posted all over the city.

corded ur.-n B-rrt,

mi-ht hE'- s'u'r l -a f
blc p-- cr th!t h-id t- a
'v.I -ht ; .lu t .. .:! 1. 1 -.
th,: fli-!+t o ti- .:.


_ j ____ ~

- i --- ---, -

? + .* +* : + <,



A:T1 ',TILL d-olli,- on "': -, hor.'s n.-th'r bit rf ir
Sf t"l J. --zinc and 'jr A^ : or -re r1 l -r-tin in
-'il '. -.. first ti in +'- ': -tnr- of s' i -- ficti n
lu .., '. C--n st- '7-. Irr this t- -rt h-.s i-


v-. .: h --..rdr Fc i. R. r ,.: r- r t r- -i.- --r I-11y
c -nir -n "t 7:1 -.nd r.r;-.inin-, until i', ., .m. ? TvT
your 'n ..th until you ho'ir THE INTERPLANETARY POLICE
'-rit'.c.'. up into r-.dic-plny form.

--f 'i? r :rdy rpdors hncvn't lcnrnad it y-~t this is to + nnounco that TTT and
SFD h'.vo combined.

Theroes *-,616lel8t moro -70 cnuld toll you, but if -'o did -o w~ulcn't havo
-nythinr loft over for next month.
But just the same o'ro goinm; to snoak in one ma itomi nd it's this: it
is possible thet S-F mny bo printed 'bforo t-o or thra moro issues slip by.

A'7 hcck! No- thit wo'vo strrtod '7 can' t stopn Ri kinw the odi"or's rago, rre
can't help slipping you the glad nae-s tht- th'e B f~ sOmo top-nrt&ah.talos ihoad.
Ray Palmor's tio-pnrt serial starts next mon~t.; Aft"6H'5tht. David H. Koller's
thrilling CITIES OF GLASS 7ill run, after 7hich'll comio.e.novol length serinl
cllod (?) which is -ritton by (?) e-nd-(?); .i ;oll; i. Df ho ---"';' Dnrned i.f..tho-
od. didn't go n-n out out the title and -the n eos' of tio outhrrs 6f the Inst.
montionod yarn. he old.moani-o.... : .


The s.tartlinr, #isecovery of'a'"iant tfrom' anther -orld.. -
Road vwhnLt.h-tppcno' 1-hen Morod-ith,'th1o Man' from Space,
landed and intorforod'-ith.tho scientific progress of-
Mothor Earth.; This 60,000 7ord book is just out. Prico..
Thcnty Co0cnt. -o' :' '

The following beKss 'nro bound sirnil-rlyt o .THE MAN FROM
SPACE. Trnonty 'nts ch ':"

*-. NIBIeR *NorrT .0
THE MAN FROM SPACE and any 5 others, $1.00. With any
12othcos. -T.7 Dollqrs. All I5' for T'-ro Dollrs nd t-onty-
five counts.

Box 661 Lawronco, Mass.




-L_ ___ -L 1 I

Vr-t. "-ditor
,i ,-. ...- i ,- Thi s
- i -I her -,il1 il-
.. hunmdincrer.

S'rc-iv in.:;l Suni-
i. vc hve-- then
c r:f'oen-strip has

rr r~'."

Q ECR2 )# 3T i

C~~~~ *~`C9' Orf

'- -

N \I

Synthetic Li fe

The most rem-rkable of ll re-
cent scientific discoverie-s is
the invr.ntiorn of the Lifr-e ,y, L
"tiny inptru.m -ent thit literl-ly
eounrds out diseases in a humn-i

The. in-'-ntor, Fr-deri.-l : 1W.
Peed, prrdicts that the s'?,'ret
hidden in this ray may shortly
startlo the. worldd by ren.r'ine lif.,
in 2 c-orpsc!

Th, -i r', c person, inh- i. .1s I i-
bc'ut 3 t-blespoon of dirt c-v-
.-r" da:y. (17,600 pr-rtii-les
.:-r '-tic foot)

historic monst-r
rcr' -ntly di ~co"-
,-r-d in Arizona
inricito its
1-nrth to r-Tch
th- .iriRhth of
th,' Emniro Stato

/ 0


-- -- --- ---~-~-,-. ...


^ *

Now York, N. Y.
Deacr Editor,
S Just received the second issue of
S-F and thought I'd -rito a fo-7 7ords on
ho-? the issue improssos mo.
I rhven't ready any of the stor-
ios "oxc"pt Ackorann' s STTPER-SCIr7:TLTFIC
SATTEE. Although the author is a ood
- friemd of rmie, I cannot help but say-
th-t, I thinilgeos s little "ostontatiiou's .
-rhen he tolls in a dispuisod nnnnor of
an editor's inquiotud6 until he .rocoi-vos
AcokQrmann's 'letter favorably conmmenting
on ith_: oxtr-ordinnry issue.' Insttnd of
"--i'-r Ackorminn ho could: fust' havo -*-11T
uEed. Allon ;nsTCr, Bl-ck Darro-', Pichael
'ris-Mc-Not, Losstimor 'ois-Ink-Hor,
or any other r-oll-knon-m s-f fnns.
I T7ish you ou.d'print the nnr. on
snimalor pnper. It's vory difficult ot
S road in its present form, ospocially af-
S tor a rough journey through the mails.
Of course, I intend to stick -ith
you until, and after you got the 1,00
circ,ulntion hoped for. I'm -nkious to soo
mdrI of Artist hustor's --ork, nnd somoxm
mdro pages and stories per issue.,
I hope you decided to print this lottor
for if anyone roads this -rh is willing to
sell the first i-suo of S-F, I -ould like
td.hoar from him,
Sincoroly yours,
I. Julius ch--rt ,
(Thei k you for your kind -iishos, rr.
S Sqh~artz. You rill soo that your sugges-
tiod of n srmnlor size papor has b.on car-
riod forth. To had intended more numerous
and radical changes but last-minuto fig-
urinpa and economy, forced us n8t to.--Ed.)
Oklahoma ity, Okli.
Editor, S-F:
My admiration for the staff of S-F in-
croases. I had dxpoe.ed irmo.rov',-..':n+t, biut
not so soon as the sr-'ond i -suo. T-- cov."r
is good. I suggest yo' u ,O it as n' .-'mbl ,cm
for S-F. That stal-'-rt fi .nrc r.-lly, tvr-
ifi.:e 'ti adv.ncc -_uvrd. The fiction
-'it'" theo r'-sibl ex' -rtion of StiPER
7 IE'-' S E I'E, i' very ec.o od. 0 COr OF T'E
"'-FTTLAE i cret.co'. t. 1+ a :nI e "i*s "-orth
t.'.:e Tr i-..- +1]i.- o L n'+ c h-"" lr.ir-
tl-.-r -.d --i+ijr-,:cs of L-.lncr '-nd th --rthliroi?-

Part T-ro of THE DREAM DITF 'SION is far
superior to the first installment. I am
greatly disappointed in Ackrnnn' s in-
i+ional off ring. .!ayb I'm English,
but I couldn't "ot the point of it.
I -ins sun raised and deliihtod -rith
,the rrnny imnrovmon+.s when I received
my copy the other dav. All tofTothr, I
counted at 1' st oi-ht imnroviments,
i'ot imnortnnt of these arc the modirn-
:ietic cover and th' inside illusra-
+ions. I -ish to con.rattulato Sbuster
-on his excoll'.nt drn-rinrs. Pl.asc havo
more of them next month. Only throo
this time. nd hoe- about a drn--ring or
t'-o by Clay Fercuson, Jr.? Hone io rot
the colored cover soon.
I 'ras surnrisnd tn find my lttor
in the EDITORS TELEVISOR. And I fool
rnal ''ch'stv'' about being mntiond
in the editorial. At last'., I'vo ot (o
namo in a Stf. mniae But seriously, I'm
nroud to be a loyal sunrorter.
Good luck to ~rTIE"CE C7T'TO'; the
Advance Guard of Futuro Civilization!
Sine r-lvy,
D-niol Mc Phail
,(Tn aro glad that you like th' '-ork of
our Art Editor. Ho is rapidly gaining
an enthusiastic foll.rinf. He and the
Editor havo coll'boratod on a cartoon-
ceived th'e -'nroval of a ne-snaper syn-
dicate and is no-, in the process of bo-
inr revised. We are al'-"-ys h-pT)y to ro-
,oivo your letters of constructive
criticism.-- Ed.)

The Advnnce Guard of Future Civiliz'tion
Vol. I '" o. '
ren, 19?'.

The next i -'- of S-F --ill be? r-ileod
F-''-ru rvy st, 1't ?.

'-~ v~r

15i 7 z-r cor',

W-t.7h for the -ar--r-rinnc of ',r-'nd n7.-
s~icn'-e- fiction minnz inc n. tho "e*'s-
9t rr. r 4-1v+17 n-c-i-l- n' ----r nim,--d
AS TT'I STrI-77 '.7 Srr. P-PTL70l'. r nxt6

- ~ __ ._I __~_ ~____

'L L ----- --- 9- --- -I

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