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Group Title: Geography
Title: Strabonis Geographica ; volume two
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Title: Strabonis Geographica ; volume two
Series Title: Strabonis Geographica
Uniform Title: Geography
Alternate Title: Biblioteca scriptorum graecorum et romanorum Teubneriana
Physical Description: 3 v. : ; 18 cm.
Language: Greek, Ancient (to 1453)
Creator: Strabo, c.63 BC - AD 24
Meineke, August, 1790-1870
Publisher: Sumptibus et typis B.G. Teubneri
Place of Publication: Lipsiae
Publication Date: 1866
Copyright Date: 1866
Subject: Geography, Ancient   ( lcsh )
Genre: non-fiction   ( marcgt )
Statement of Responsibility: recognovit Augustus Meineke.
Language: Text in Greek; notes in Latin.
General Note: Paged continuously: vol. I, xv, 396 p.; vol. II, xii, 397-814 p.; vol. III, vii, 815-1238 p.
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Volume ID: VID00002
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Nostrae lectionis a Krameriana in iis, quos secundum volume
Strabonis complectitur, libris haec est discrepantia:

397, 28. ) yoptv 398, 8. 9. Sto dSl(atc [iot 31. PyZQ
399, 8. Aovovo 9. Zt4pvovg 26. rCFaIaQiovot 400, 17.
6ti'gov 29. Oaqpov 401, 1. 2. O1xotopiov 9. Kao,1xNov xac
'Afipdvcov 22. t- teaooatcov 402, 2. ONtvo.tlo'l f xa( i Botwv
5. 'Alirtav 8. E'ir Tzc1- ] liectius itracs 15. gelEao@Etv 31. 32.
Toaa avu 403, 13. Ta vra S E dtixwsco 16. xtnr 19. Botovs] Itaubi-
que scripsi vet scribere volei pro Botovs 404, 7. &vap(caY e eQrSTi9
16. 7raor xovio 21. o6idva 21. 22. Pnrortqpvov 405, 28. oiogov
TEs rctlatov 30. 'conAQTrig] Fort. add. io 406, 11. [ e] od@tog
19. TqodiSo 25. zoS- + t 6wrti sv 407, 25. 26. gZQ7(erTC f-
inXcgriv 410. 10. ieroSEv 411, 10. Hay ,dav 11. apov,
s"K 8 15. a yc~t, cat gQXjvr 412. 7. TC Ird] ZT& delet Spenge-
lius 23. rQOTdzQov 28. n'rjv t' cpoQrov 413, 15. 16. cto-
rEsvialg EIS 'aEovwE~ag 414, 9. ES 20. o6'var 415, 28. yvF
19. [fl] 'v 27. 7v Evs Jc Qi'og] Haec suspectat Kramerus, fort.
recte 416, 3. xuc Errnd ocpv i'va T 're.e 4. EQvtcra 7. OVTE
I, ?7#c~rrra 8. E Q~.Lae 11. vozTEov 17. trlXda"ct 417, 27.
TEf'~c6a 418, 4. z/cot 24. MvGoig 27. gs 419, 2. EfTOG~
vQted6ac ixns&trtin v *- aeoarstSa 24. Ei'xoa 420, 2. -vvao6daot
7. TtcoQiv.ova 422. 3. )avayoQicv 4. x~M + rljodv Efvat
4. Nsonr6dltXov 7. onziotal post Tz jLyse@o 10. 25. rsa-
caOmOv 423, 1. roi vvogv a- xdoavzxri 4. 5. cradoiwv zsaeaqcc-
xovza 16. x~ci ,;los 1~rv] Pro 4a.og fort. apa 424, 2. avTy
15. IHaotadsov, et sic ctilni in sqq. 425, 11. savslov 14. Ev-
yacto 17. ovciiOt 7orEiQ n~eravtDe.to 19. Nvypaiov 31. oj om.
426, 9. Tavayoqi[cv 29. vvcaxtalicov 427, 15. 16. t ve--
rovna yovv cro6i'6coa 428, 11. xatciarcavro Spengelius 12.
zarotov SHxc 22. Jtopoivrov, ML 6Lt& Sdov eaCrriyovvma 430,
14. 15. E'qP' ~XtoaTF O cUvrjg, 'i sv 7 ggqIxta rj '-PoSonr7, SIo-
Qov p7 6ov Qo'p 21. 'Pavtovs xta' Tovioovs 431, 6. rol6v]
Recte Coraes col o'i 8. eCEQ#d'ia 18. Zabov 20. NodpoS iX-
9fL 433, 4. Q dQLOS. ati 4 r ov 8. HIFio; ova 10. d4iltov
17. IS' ov 29. To Ei'vog om. 434, 1. AvraQtarTa et hic et
in sqq. 6. 6 jt 'PtIatov %xdorog 13. 14. 9ovvDCra] Rectius

fort. Oovv&iaa 435, 29. d sdynfry dcr6j Indicavi lacunam ante
irdm. excidisse videtur sxp~atLopsvog vel simile verbum 436, 11. El'
zod Zt 487, 23. 24. EQEq 6dv Al4ov xacc of "' azovo 26. dB
7nrQ 438, 2. 'TPPt&avs 26. orov om. 439, 5. 6. Z. vQlo ta
6. 1oItvopiQ'a 8. r add. post a~zrt ib. rzi xa'i ) 30. rpoaEsgE
440, 10. acUQva'vc.ad ib. qoorEQov 29. rQ6,p8eov nrE'CaavTE
[sslJ rov 441, 10. o'peit 'IlAvexois 12. a egoiJvcov 442, 2.
Axllog 15. AEile'ya 443, 4. yair is dliovg 21. 6' o'v 444,
16. 'Edoqov 449, 9. 10. Jzlac art, IIELo8dvsg sT avvs-ar avTO
10. xal 'EyZeslovg zel' 11. AvyxTrjaic 12. 'pQtoitoir HIE-
layovlar xai Eoqo80 14. 'EyZsloigt 17. Avyxarcai 19. "IQqa
21. NEorzoZlOpE] De Pyrrho Neoptolemi filio v. Vindic. p. 89. ubi adde
school. ad Euripidis Androm. 24. 26. Avyxrjc v 28. KsO Hct
450, 1. 'Pcoltaiost 10, rpe roltr 13. Z'3ipcepaq Kvdtae 451,
22. 23. s1'slj rosg . .. av s' OE wotE 452, 1. Ta 15. snt-
vzzL9?l/7svcog Tftapoug o(ov 17. x~zvaTXaiGTxcO [as] xa'i 25. E v
Totg 28. ITH lacyarg] Malim O2sraiaS 29. O@cEclagio] Hoc fort.
del. ib. 6B 453, 8. Z ,oroveav 28. xe(roivrvc] Spengelius u0o-
zoivvra. recte xparovvr i. e. maiu tenentem 26. 27. 31. ZacxFiov
454, 6. nrE'pv.ctnat] Rectius esset xis'oc 7. sir. TS& nqds] Quae
sequitur decem literarnm lacuna, in ca acesv scriptum fuisse, nescio
a quo notatum memini 27. yEa,-ltr] ystrat? 30. 31. ztvodv] Spen-
gelius d1svodv 455, 24. lovsaj 26. treOalu2iaoygdiijtov 456, 7.
"Hreovsg] "Wdogoes? 9. 6'] Spengelius ydo 457, 16. Iv 6Y d ~ ~
s'jv "Oaccav, lyyug om. 22. QS5x7S 458, 12. 13. om. 20. rpcacL
23. pestovta 459, 1. zjs t" THa.liaos 8. dvopdSovi 460,
2. Alvia 461, 5. x&dnlitov t g 7s g z Tj y ipst xiSvaat e &ll
zd zrjg lqy~s qi 'Ae3 ] Spe nglils xlaltcatov ly q fjst bet-
.suvarat, d& Td zd T Ai'qg r 'AQ toy 24. Alv~av 462, 27.
Mrq7svppva 31. rt'Qi z7T 464, 11. cya9diseg 14. gQyacta
15. apyQyEtq 465, 25. &yacci'sUq 466, 25. %wal [y&o] a rosug
Spengelius 466, 32. IIsayodvg 467, 28. 'Ic~tdQa Imo
"Io accq 468, 11. Ei'oUi 15. 'OpQ'oyopit 17. gccadxcop.
18. &Coiotsv 19. cgaQuxcdELaro 469, 25. veovorovj] Xpovo-
zrov? 470, 9. 'ElEovb 19. P et] Corrige operarum errorem
EX P(die pro ?XnfdAl 22. 23. Avoatipaia 24. 'ElsoiS 26.
'El sovca 472, 17. fpip7rs 26-32 om. 473, 5. acvral] dryra
r! Spengelius 6. u~gog. zt 'r MaxnsoviaE dinosocofsv 474, 3.
[Ti~] 'Eaddogs bv ovv 5. rsEa~6cov 7. Iovsg0] Corr. "IwvEg
17. perv stiva] t si'vct? 18. cprjaciv 6 Oovxv61isg] Haec fort. delenda
21. saQos@'vovw 29. Aloatxov a9vovg] V. Heyne Op. Ac. 2 p.
7. 475, 9. d' eI 11. rorctav 12. 13. 61 ldia a1c6dvrss 18.
ysjv 'QX'hv ib. adlcc6ix v 26. 6Sh cTrka 8vo 28. EXTOSg t 17v-
15v pigs ztjg s pof.js iov s HIvsLov' i zovzo 68 'or6 Td O@sZZatL-
xdsv -'ac 61 476, 14. 6' om. 16. r'v pitv Bowtcorav] zrv gt'v
['AzzLtxjv xce] Boa)ziav'? Vidit etiam Spengelius. cf. Vindic. p. XII.

477, 16. at' om. 30. V' om. 478, 12. al om. 16. "iQtkoUiv
479, 7. t rdltv ib. rav 8 Iae' 20. cagdyv 6] Add. videtur
TL 23. ovoLidtE ib. fE6 orm. 31. ~eOoTaXZ [L'et(v(] 481, 14.
zy t intwalAaeioiva 15. Bocowvoa 19. 20. kXEi- GTiazi rat ante
zrv aytv' E 21. o6 24. } 'A-r7vd om. 31. vS6pa, (9aag,
c~vQa Movarov 482, 4. ali add. ante KQavvoavito 20. x~m
arZsp] xti To 7rei? 21. ovv] Fort. delendum 25. aoLtS iprc 7 yaQ
Olgal'n,9sv lovre n~u Evhprov OlZgaX~ jo. si fv yUp 4v} O9sTa-
~tj 483, 1. dT zri zOV 1lrjvseo ~ai zoi ZEZlivTros] Correxit
Ernestus Curtius, nisi quod xal z~S rov6 2. scripsit. quod sequitur ix-
Pol's, idem recte scripsit I'pPolrjg 32. corr. it' 484, 6. 13. vEa-
capa et rcaaiofQs 485, 2. A lavtog] I'AqyloXog? 17. sviEovro
rolEt' av 486, 4. ,o6ftvov AdrY(Eag] Haec recte delere videtur
Curtius 487, 4. ZIleoto] Scribendum videtur JILfEoto 10. AdrQEOv
ut in sqq. 21. "9 lyyvvcrco 22. ~eri 488, 12. 'vq@ov 13.
Tdv zT KEdsovra 18 et 26. 'Al pELovi g] Scripsi 'Al pEstvir'g.
praestat fortasse 'A P aiq;g 24. cv@ic'v c g Td 489, 7. g2loava
10. o omt. 12. x Tro v Errwv rov 'Opiiov TExpac'torTO 14. xul
'Aqxoadxts] Haec fort. transponenda 10. post AsirQsaarxo 21. adra-
T ErQi'Oua 490, 1. ZrosiE6toj Quod revocandum 24. et hypo-
stigma post jyrTqeiav. delenda potius verba Td d' cigsiX(,sec. nrooairlx
ylrlov 491, 30. t9v] Delendum videtur ib. Zwazd&S 492, 2.
7oQ 0aVscat 29. lacunam om. 493, 22. MtvvYtovj 'ElZ)tvvtov?
30. 'Tnutawrt 494, 4. nrsi&av 7. xai Toiposg- alr 'Agatacl elat
6S] atcci Tr dog v.l at Xaci- sla. El ? 17. 'PSadtv 19. syd'l ib.
JotAEs, oarcov vfivovg 21. TPcrdvrjv 495, 11. KEXlaovuz 23.
Kvaqc7ctaies'6 496, 1. "Eqoava] Rectius videtur "Eqgavva 2. xali j
axpe om. 30. ph>v] Delendum videtur 497, 3. opvaitxrg] Hoc
abesse malim 17. 18. ouovviQog fL' o[ v 24. 25. HlZEIcslsd ov
28. 'Hil S 30. of (E roliUdov (sive potius 7rolsdtov) om.
498, 22. 'c6aETr 501, 17. a7rfiqp 504, 9. E;qEl a] Quod for-
tasse revocandum 22. ovrs 505, 16. Al eQov 19. o'au *6' 27.
mit& om. 30. roXl"i t xuit vo t'o oviav 506, 7. Iilaav et sic in sqq.
9. deOQd 25. post qqoal verba in margin posita 26. eacraai-
xovra 31. 'Evr wa] Scripsi 'E1aisa, at debebam 'ELnmra. Hesychius:
'E1LnEdgs 6 'Evtnetg oxratou;g. Quod confirmat titulus Thessalicus edi-
tus ab Ussingo Inscr. gr. 2, 7. ix rov EqVconov iv z6v 'El 1nr, adrd
zoi 'Eltrog ~ v Tz vitog. Itaque 'Eltrgs pro 'EvYrrE dicebatur, ut
Alrqov pro vizQov, ct alia. Hine corrigenda quae dixi in Vind. Strab.
p. 111 sq. 507, 3. qlc uiav ib. post dvzrov verba in margin
posita, quorum partem (inde ab i7Qnxet'crl) suspectavit Kramerus in
notis 5. rftig~p9rl ,508, 10. I 'AXctoi' 510, 8. nal ri Kv7a-
QeaaLa add. post Kovrpacitov 14. xca pro e n 16. z~roax.sieyi.v
511, 8. Kitvatotov 10. Batrvlog 18. Ocadplovs 20. ayo'ty-
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ib. ttkeyg ,.' 4;] Metilg Cuiirius Pelop. I p. 450. 547, 22.

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26. dpotQsov] 7oooQQ r SQ Hermannus ad Aeschylium vol. II p. 163.
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Spengelius 723, 14. f ; drj/.ot 724, 20. StuQe rw T nrordovac
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corrupt sunt 727, 8. "Oov 22. om. lacunae signa 23. zovvolpa
om. 728, 20. i'co 729, 1. 9. 'TId&ov 5. ypeiovqov et hic et in
sqq. 730, 26. 6dvavzrc 31. TcatvQiov] Hoc fortasse ex Tnv wv
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poOTraroi 15. ag om. 19. nrEQiotocaczs] De his v. Vindic. p. 190


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22. 'A1LipS] Malim :'. ''; 23 et 26. 'OoQueaCg 774, 1. 2.
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Berolini d. XXVI. m. Iantiarii a. MDCCCLIII.

Augustus Meineke.

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STRAno II. 2

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- EK TOT Z -

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6ioXidoveat. Epit. (i. e. epitome edita).
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- EK TOT Z -

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- EK TOT Z -

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- EK TOT Z -

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mol. M. p. 206, 6.
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- EK TOT Z -

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- EK TOT Z -

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pwcov Spddy6. Stephanus v.'Opdt ov. cf. Strabo 9 p. 443.
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- EK TOT Z -

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- EK TOT Z -

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- EK TOT Z -

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xov irovg rizv zotvz;tv AI1Iv. Eustathius ad II. p 850.
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-- EK TOT Z -

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- EK TOT Z -

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- EK TOT Z -

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- EK TOT Z -

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- EK TOT Z -

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- EK TOT Z -

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- EK TOT Z -

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- EK TOT Z -

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470 EK TOT Z -

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- EK TOT Z -

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- EK TOT Z -

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6roag cptAd6o(pov.... ovyysvopyvov Sxunicovt zr viv
KaqXqydva W2dvvt. Athenaeus 14 p. 657 f.

- H--

--- H --
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