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ub li!b eb b p lAut ori t .

VOL. LXXV ROSEAU, MONDAY, MAY 12, 1952. No. 25.

Government Notices.

No 101
His Honour the Acting Administrator
has been pleased to appoint t he Registrar
and Provost Marshal to be Official Receiver
of Debtors Estates under the provisions
of section 62 (1) of the Bankruptcy Act
(Cap. 1).
8id May, 1952
No. 102
IT is hereby notified for general infor-
mation that the following appointments
have been made under Dominica Ordinance
No. 5 of 1939: -
Mr Edwin B. Williams (Chairman)
Mr. Lionel Robert
Mr. Macfarlane Daniel
Mr. Austin Victor
Mr. Vernon Langlais
Mr. M. A. James
Mr. G. A. John.
Mrs G. Pascal
Miss Sylvia Hill
1st May, 1952
No. 103
His Honour the Acting Administrator
directs the publication, of the following
Third Person Note received from Buck-
ingham Palace:--
"The Queen and The Queen Mother were
"deeply touched by the flowers which
"were sent to Windsor for the Funeral
"of King George the Sixth. Their Majes-
'ties wish to record how greatly they
"valued these expressions of affection
"and loyalty, and to thank all who joined
"in paying this tribute to the late King's
5th May, 1952

D6 7A

No. 104


Clerk, Audit Department. vacation
leave from 5th to 20th May, 1952, in-
E 339
eau Hospital. G.S 0. Class IV, vaca.
tion leave from Sth May to 3rd June,
1952. inclusive.
E. 231
ROBERTS, JANILIA A., District Nurse.
G S 0. Class III, vacation leave from
1st te 26th May, 1952 inclusive
E 347
7th May, 1952.
By Order,
Government Secretary.
Departmental and other
Attention is invited to The Trade and
Revenue Consolidation Ordinance, 19'9
(No 5 of 1949) Section 26 of which pro-
vides as follows: -
"26 Before any goods are shipped for
exportation the exporter shall lodge
with the Treasurer a specification.
thereof in such form and containing
such particulars as the Treasurer directs
and shall make and subscribe a declara-
tion that the particulars therein are
correct, and shall, if required by the
Treasurer, produce the invoice, bill of
lading and other documents relating
to the goods. If the exporter fails to
comply with any of the requirements of


this section, or if any of the particulars
in any such specification are incorrect,
the exporter shall be liable to a penalty
not exceeding twenty shillings.
As from Monday the 2nd day of June
1952, exporters shall be required to lodge
at the Treasury. a copy each of their
invoices, certified by the bank, and bills of
lading, in support of values shown on
export warrants.
financial Secretary,
23rd April 1952.
The Commission which visited British
Honduras in 1949 under the Chairmanship
of Sir Geoffrey Evans, included amongst
the projects which they believed could be
embarked on by private enterprise with
every prospect of success, one for the
expansion of sugar production Briefly
the proposal was based on a target of
30,000 tons of sugar per annum in the first
instance. The scheme involved:--
(a) the cultivation of about 20,000
acres of which 12,000 would be under
cane at any one time; and
(b) the construction of a central sugar
factory of 30,000 ton capacity.
The Commission estimated that the
capital outlay required would be about
3,600,000 on both (a) and (b). This
estimate is by no means firm and in so far
as cultivation is concerned is based on the
assumption that it will be necessary to
provide for a labour force of 7,500
2. Subsequent to the issue of the Com.
mission's report, British Honduras was
allocated a quota of 25,000 tons of sugar
under the Commonwealth Sugar Agree-
ment, to which we will have the right to
accede up to 1953. Also since the Com-
mission's recommendations were made
the Ministry of Food price has advanced
from 27. 5. 0. per ton to 38. 12. 6. per
3. These two factors will have greatly
enhanced the attraction of this project
from a commercial point of view.
4. Sugar cane is at present grown
over approximately 2,000 acres in the
Corozal district and production of Sugar
is limited by the capacity of the small
factory which already exists. The Gov-
ernment of British Honduras is anxious
to encourage private enterprise to expand
the Industry and will be prepared to
assist in the undertaking by the following
means: -
(a) Land. There is a belt of Crown Land
stretching over about twenty miles from
Patchchakan to San Victor in the Louis-
ville area which contains at least 15.000
acres of suitable agricultural land No
detail soil survey has been undertaken on
this land but the report of Mr. C F. Char-
ter on the-Soils of British Honduras indi-
cates it would be suitable for sugar. This

comprises most of the western belt
recommend by the Evans Commission as
good sugar cane growing land. South
and South-east of this are two properties
S at present in private ownership which
contain, further a 2,001) acres of suitable
agricultural land.
Crown land is at present being made
available in the case of approved projects
on long lease (up to 99 years), at a pep-
percorn rental plus land tax at rates
which would be paid if the lessee owned
the land.
(b) Customs. Under Statutory instru-
ment No. 53 of 1949 approved undertak.
ings may be permitted to import a'l capi-
tal equipment and plant etc. free of
customs duty
(c) Income tax Under Statutory Instrn-
ment No. 53 of 1949, approved undertak-
ings may be permitted to deduct full
capital expenditure from chargeaole
income at the rate of 50 % in the first year
and 10% in the next five years.
5. Enquiries may be directed to the
Development Commissioner, belize.

Office of the Roseau Town Council,
20th December, 1950
At a meeting of the Roseau Town Coun-
cil held this day, there were present:-
Hon. C. A.H Dupigny, Chairman,
Hon. W. H. Sweeting,
Dr H. B. Hetherington,
Lt. Col. E. R. Rowbotham,
Mr J. H. C. Grell,
Mr G. A. James,
Mr Musgrave M. Edwards,
Mr L. F. C. Royer.
Minutes of a meeting held on the 18th
October, 1950 were read and certified cor-
Mr Grell suggested that in order to
save time at the Roseau Town Council
meetings the minutes should be prepared
and submitted to the Minutes Committee
for approval. After having been approve.
ed, copies should be typed and sent to
each member. Then at the next meeting
of the Council, if there were no correc-
tions to be made, the minutes should be
taken as read and confirmed. He also
suggested that the Minute Book should
be discontinued and a loose leaf book used
instead, in which a typewritten copy
should be filed.
Mr Sweeting agreed to the suggestion
and explained the way in which the meth-
od could be worked.
The Chairman stated that before this
could be started a proper book would
have to be ordered.
The Council agreed.
Accounts and Pay Lists passed by the
Finance Committee for payment amount-
ing to $6064.05 were laid on the table.
On motion of Mr Royer, seconded by
Mr Grell, it was resolved that the expen
diture of the sum of $6064.05 for the Ser-


vices of the Council during the month of
November be sanctioned.
The Statement of the Town Fund for
the month of November was read show-
ing a credit balance of $2661.69 on the
3Oth November, 1950.
The Town Clerk's. Meat Inspector's and
,Chief Sanitary Inspector's Reports for
the month of November were read.
Terminal Reparts of the Scholarship
Holders for the Michaelmas l'erm at the
Convent High School and Wesley High
School were read.
It was resolved that the scholarships
which had not expired be extended for a
further year
A letter dated 13th December, 197,0
from Mr S J. Lewis for the Education
Officer was read forwarding two lists
showing the Order of Merit of Candidates
who sat the Entrance Examination in
December 1950 and recommending that
Irvin Stevens of the Roseau Boy's School
and P'tricia Dyer of the Roseau Mixed
School be awarded the Roseau Town
Council's Scholarships.
It. was resolved that the recommenda-
tions be approved.
A letter dated 23rd November, 1950
from Revd. J Davison was read apply-
ing for the remission of the Municipal
and Land and House Taxes on the build-
ing known as "Chateau" in Hillsborough
Street at present being used as a school.
It was resolved that the application be
Memorandum from the Director of
Works was read giving the estimated cost
of laying a two inch pipe line in Bath
It was resolved that the expenditure be
placed on next year's Estimates.
A letter dated 14th December, 1950
from the Headmaster, Grammar School
asking the Council to waive the Enter.
tainment Tax on a dance to be held by
the School for the purpose of raising
funds for next year's Inter-School Tour-
nament was read.
It was resolved that the Headmaster be
informed that the Council regretted it
could not grant th- application.
A letter dated J3th December, 1950
from Mrs Agnes Wilson was read asking
to transfer to her the lot at Pottersville
on which her house now stands in ex-
change ior her lot at the corner of Church
and Castle Streets.
The letter was allowed to lie on the ta-
A letter dated 18th November, 1950
from Mr E. P. Munro for the Chairman
Central-Housing Authority was read in.
forming the Council that the applications
under the Buildings By-Law of the under-
mentioned persons were approved, viz:--
Muriel Blanc, Georgiana 6everin, Jones
G. Royer, Cecilia Mitchell, Mrs Agnes
John Baptiste and Frederica Teach.
That the application by Raymond J.
Bellot had been held over pending further
investigation while that of Emelda Le-
cointe was disapproved.
A letter dated 30th November, 1950
from Mr E. P. Munro for the Chairman

Central-Housing Authority was
forming the Council that at a mee
the Central Authority it was decide,
the application of Raymond .1. HeliL
remove a wooden house from St Joss
to Pottersville be detri-red for three
| months
The Council approved of the recommen-
dations of the Central-Honsing Atiithrity
with the exception of Mr Grell who stated
that he was against the deferment of the
application of Haymond J. i3eilot
A letter dated 1st December, 197,0 from
Messrs HI. IH V Whitchurch was read ap-
plying to erect a Petrol pump in HanoveTr
Street alongside the general garage, now
operated by Air G(erald Phillip.
It was resolved that the application be
granted on the condition that service is
given to vehicles moving in a northerly
A letter dated 4th December, 1950 from
George Mitchell comuilaining of a bread-
fruit tree in his neighbour's yard wnich
was dangerous to his life and property
was read
It was resolved that the overhangi;.g
branches be ordered to be lopped off.
The following arplications were recom-
mended to the Central-Housing and Plan-
ning Authority as coinplying with' the
provisions of the Buildings By-Law. viz: -
John Clive Jacobs-_- 1o extend a two-
storied house in Gte t Marlborough St.
and to alter the roof.
Euphrasia Giraudel- To erect a Ga-
rage in Bath Road,
Fanny Letang To extend a one-sto-
ried house in Victoria Street.
Julia Jno i3aptiste-- lo remove a
house from one lot to arn.tlU-r in Vinoria
Street, provided that trees on the south
side be removed.
The Works and Streets Committee re-
ported to the Counmil that when ispecting
the sites on which Mess:s Antoine Kararn
and Selwyn Prosper had applied tii erect
an oper, shed and kitchen iespecirveiV it
was found tat tie buildings had already
been started and partially buiit-
It was resolved that tne Jaw should take
its course and the owners served with no-
tices requiring the removal of such woik
or building.
A letter dated 12th December, 1950
from Mrs Miarion R. Thomas was read
asking for materials to pave the sidewalk
in front of her Hotel in liilisborough Si.
It was resolved that the application be
A letter dated 30th November. 1950
from James Isles was read, asking tne
Council to build the sidewalk in front of
his house in Field Lane.
It was resolved that the applicant be
required to build a wall under the front
of his house first
Mr Sweeting with the permission of the
Chairman retired from the meeting
A letter from Mr Holeman Shillingfo d
was read applying for permission to con-
nect his premises in Victoria Street to ttie
Water System of the Town.
it was resolved that the application be
granted and the property assessed for
Water Rate according to its assessed
A letter dated 20th December, 1950
front Mr Alian Grell, Market Cierk, ap-
plying for X1 da3s vacation leave from tue
2nd January, 1951, was read.
It was -esoived that the application be


The meeting was adjourned to Wednes-
day 27th December at 4.15 p. m.
Office of the Roseau Town Council,
28th December, 1950.
At the adjourned meeting of the Roseau
Town Council held this day, theie were
Hon. C A H Dupigny, Chairman,
Hon W H Sweeting,
Dr H, B Hetherington,
Mr G. A James,
Mr Musgrave M. Edwards,
Mr L. F. C Royer.
Absent:- Lt. Col E. R Rowbotham,
Mr J H. C. Grell.
The Chairman informed the Council
that the meeting had been adjourned to
consider the repealing of the Dog Licence
By-Law, 1903, and the Dog Licence Hy-
Law, 1903, Amendment By-Law 1913,
but before doing so there were two other
matters which he would like the council
to consider.
A letter No. 1138-50 8 of the 28th De-
cember, 1950 from His Honour the Ad-
ministrator was read informing the Coun-
cil that it would not be possible to ap-
prove the pay increases of the Staff with
effect from the 1st January, 1948 and
suggesting that all that might be done
now was to wait until the Town Council's
financial position improves, when the
matter could be reconsidered.
(Lt. Col. Rowbotham came in' and took
his seat.)
The matter was discussed and it was
decided that the letter be referred to the
Finance Committee.
A letter from Mr W. A. Joseph dated
the 28th December, 1950, was read point-
ing out that in accordance with the Gen-
eral Orders of the Windward Islands is-
sued by the Governor, an Officer in the
Civil Service, who is duly appointed to
act in a higher Office than his own shall
be granted, in addition to his own sub-
stantive salary an acting allowance calcu-
late I on the following basis; Namely the
difference between half of the two mini-
mums of salaries, provided that the salary
does not exceed the minimum of the high-
er Office.
That he was at present acting Town
Clerk in conjunction with his own duties,
with no assistance whatever, and in order
to cope with the situation, was compelled
to work almost every day from 7 a. m to
7 p m.
That in view of the above he was asking the
Council that a similar concession be granted
him during the acting period
It was resolved that the application be grant-
The Council resolved itself into a Committee
of the'whole Council to consider the Dog Li-
cence By-Law
The By-Law was considered, clause by clause,
and approved with sundry amendments
The Council resumed and the Chairman re-
ported that the Drart By-Law had been ap-
proved of in Committee
The report was confirmed
Mr Royer moved that By-Law No I of 1950
entitled the Dog Licence By-Law, 1950 be or-
Mr James seconded the motion
The motion was put to the Vote and carried.
The Reply to the Report on the Financial
Position of the Roseau Town Council by the
Financial and Economic Adviser was read by
the Chairman and approved of by the Council
The Council rose

MQONBAY, MAY 12, 1952.

Confirmed this 21,

st day of February 1951
maown Counil
Town Council


Office of the Roseau Town Council,
1st December 1950
At the opening of the Forty-Sixth Session of
the Roseau Town Council this day, there were
present: -
Hon. C A H Dupigny, Chairman,
Mr Musgrave M Edwards,
Mr J H C Grell,
Mr L F C Royer,
Hon W H Sweeting,
Lt Col. E R Rowbotham,
Dr H B Hetherington
A letter No 633/50-9 of the 15th November,
1950 from His Honour the Administrator was
read informing the Council that the undermen-
tioned persons declared to have been duly elect-
ed to serve on the Roseau Town Council for
three years commencing on the 1st December,
The Honourable C A H Dupigny,
Musgrave Moses Edwards Esquire,
John Henry Carlton Grell Esquire,
George Alphonsus James Esquire,
Louis Ferdinand Clayton Royer Esquire.
That lie had nominated the Honourable W
H Sweeting, Financial Secretary, Lt Col. E R
Rowbotham, Director of Wolks and Dr H B
Hetherington, Senior Medical Officer, to be
Members of the Roseau Town Council for the
same period
The Elected Members delivered a Statement
of their qualifications to the Town Clerk
The Members took the Oath of Membership
and their seats
Mr Grell moved that Mr Dupigny be elected
Chairman of the Council
Mr Royer seconded the motion
The motion was put to the Vote and carried.
Mr Dupigny thereupon took the Chair,
thanked the Members for re-electing him to the
Chair, and hoped with the coming of the New
Year and improved finances the Council would
be able to make substantial improvements to
the Town
It was resolved that the following Members
be elected to serve on the undermentioned
WATER WORKS: Dr Hetherington, Lt.
Col Rowbotham, Mr Grell and Mr Royer
SANITATION : Dr Hetherington, Mr
Royer, Mr James and Mr Edwards
FINANCE: Mr Sweeting, Mr James, Mr
Edwards and Mr Royer
FIRE BRIGADE: Lt Col Rowbotham,
Mr Grell and Mr Royer
MARKETS: Dr Hetherington, Mr Ed-
wards and Mr Grell
MINUTES: Mr Grell, Mr Edwards and
Mr James
WINDSOR PARK: Lt Col Rowbotham,
Mr Grell, Mr Royer, and Mr James
VALUATION: Mr Sweeting, Lt Col Row-
botham, Mr Grell, Mr Royer, Mr James and
Mr Edwards
WORKS & STREETS: Lt Col Rowbotham
Mr Royer, Mr James and Mr Edwards
Mr Royer moved that the Chief Sanitary
Inspector be appointed to act as Town Clerk.
Mr James moved that the Assistant Town
Clerk be deputized to act as Town Clerk until
the 1st March, 1951 without prejudice to the
consideration of the permanent filling of the
vacancy about to be created
Mr Edwards seconded the motion
The motion was put te the Vote and carried,
Members voting as follows:-
Ayes:- Mr Edwards, Mr James, Mr Grell,


Mr Sweeting and Dr Hetherington
Noes: Mr Rtoyer and Lt Col Rowbotham.
Mr Grell stated that, that this beink the last
meeting at which the Town Clerk Mr R M,
Green would attend as such, he would like it
placed on record that Mr Green had been in
the employ of the Town Council for thirty
years, like the late Mr Joseph Jones who made
the Botanic Gardens and refused ally transfers
or promotions, Mr Green had elected to make
his career in the Municipality that was a rare
thing in these days when Officers were here
today and somewhere else tomorrow:
Messrs Royer and Dupigny asked to 1 e as-
sociated with Mr Grell remarks
The Town Clerk thanked the Members for
their kind words
The meeting was adjourned to 4 15 p. in.
on the 11 th instant
Office of the Roseau Town Counmil,
1 th December, 19.50.
At, the adjourned meeting of the Roseau
Town Council held this day, there were pres-
ent: -
Hon. C A. H Dupigny, Chairman,
Hon W H Sweeting.
lt. Col. E. 1 Rowbotham.,
Mr J H.!'. Grell.
Mr G A James.
Mr Musgrave IV Edwards,
Mr L. F1. over,
Absent: Dr II B Hetherington.
The iChairman informed the Council
that the meeting had been resumed to
discuss the Reply to the Report oil the
Financial Position of the Rosiu Town
Council by the financial and Economic
Adviser which he had been authorised by
the Council to prepare.
The Report read as follows:-
Report on the Financial Position of
the Roseau Town Council
the financial position of tne Roseau Town
Council has been causing increasing an-
xiety and thi crisis has now reached a
head with the submission by the Town
Council of the Estimates for 1950 budget.-
ing for a deficit of $16,7'i4.64. 'Ihe ta-
bles at tile end of this report give a break-
down of revenue and expenditaye since
1946 Tne budget was balanced in 1946,
although during the year the Council had
to ask government for a substantial ad-
vance to meet a shortage of cash which
arose prior to tie collection of L and and
House Tax In 1947 there was a deficit
on current account of $U42. but in addi-
tion to this the Council repaid advances
from Government amounting 1o $4,<00,
making the overall deficit $3.60 'IThis
was financed partly from surplus balances
and partly from a further advance from
Government. In 1948 there was a deficit
on current account of $3,217 financed by
a further advance from Government of
$7,200 of which only $2 880 was repaid
during the year. In 1949 the deficit on
current account amounted to $4,570 and
a further advance of $2 880 was received
from Government. No repayments o'.
advances have been made since 1948 At
the 31st of December 1949 the Town fund
was in credit to the extent of $2,557, but
the amount owing to Government in un-
repaid advances stood at $7,200. At the
i1st of July, 1950 the Town fund was in
credit to the extent o, $1245 but out-
standing advances fro,:., Government had
increased to $11,795. A further advance
of $1,500 had to be made by Government
early in Septemo r to meet August com-
mitments. The situation now is, there-

fore that the Town Council are in debt to
Government to the extent of $13,295 and
have no surplus funds If all the items
included in the 1950 estimates were ap-
proved and carried out the Council would
require advances of at leart a further
$8 010 between now and the end of the
year The total of unrepaid advances
to meet. reourtent expenditure is not the
only liability of the Council towards Gov-
ernment The purchase of fire epulp-
ment has been charged to an advance ac-
count which now stands at $6 969. Ihe
fire equipment advance account was to he
retired by a loan to the Town Council
The Council have never been in a position
to pay either interest or sinking fund
charges on such ta loan
2. Owing to the fact that the Town
Council's books have not been audited
since 1947 and the complicated division of
responsibility for the Council's accounts
between the Town Clerk ana the 'leasury
it has not been possible in the timeavaila-
ble to prepare a detailed financial state-
wient. The contents of paragraph 1 is.
however sufficient to present a broad pic-
ture of what has happened.
3. The Town Council Estimates for
1949 were not laid before Government
until August of that year. They buget-
ed for a deficit of $7,953 No proposals
for increasing revenue were submitted
with the Estimates. but Government was
notified that the Council wishes to put. its
e.iuployees on the same rates of pay as
Government employees after the i948
salaries revision. In a minute dated the
6th of September, 1949 thlie Financial Se-
cretary stated that this was impossible
unless measures to increase revenue were
taken He recom'nended an increase of
the rate of Municipal and House and Land
tax each fio'nm I to 11% (the maximum
allowable under Ordinance No. 23 of
1937.) As a result of this recommenda-
tion a Resolution authorising an increase
in the rates from 43 9 to 19 was passed by
the Council at a me-ting held on the i3rd
of September, 1949 This resolution has
never been implemented. Only one of
the elected members voted in favour of
the Resolution.
4. Although in his comments on the
1949 Estimates the financial secretary
pointed out the absolute necessity of the
Council submitting their 1950 Estimates
not later tha. iauuary, the Estimates
have not in fact been submitted until Au-
gust. They make provision for employ-
ees being paid at the same rates of pay as
Government employees retroactively from
the Ist. of January, 1948 Apart from
that there is little difference from the
1949 draft estimates. There is a new
item of special expenditure (Reconstruc-
tion drains and sidewalks Queen Mary St.)
for $1,600. Another item of special ex-
penditure (Excavation of sidewalk Jewel
St.) is arevoteof money voted in 1949. Ex-
penditure on this project is proceeding.
A further ;item of Ekpenditure, the pur-
chase of land for a school garden is neces-
sitated by the terms of a lease which re-
quire the ( council to buy the land or sur.
render it altogether in 1950. Provision


of $2900 has been made for a new fire
hose. This should have been charged to
the fire equipment fire account as instruc-
ted in 1949. The format of the estimates
for 1949 was the subject of criticism by
the Financial Secretary, on the grounds
that no distinction was made between
ordinary recurrent, capital and loan Ex-
penditure and no financial statement ac-
companied the estimates. Ihese errors
have been repeated in 1950. The 1950
draft estimates budget for a deficit of
nearly $16,800.
(5) Both before and after the submis-
sion of the 1949 Estimates there has been
a bitter dispute between Finance Com-
mittee and the Council over the powers
of the Council to raise revenue. The only
constructive suggestion from the Town
Council to increase their revenue is that
they should be allowed to impose a "pur-
chase" tax of a fixed percentage of the
C. I. F. value on all imports imported by
merchants domiciled in Roseau. A simi-
lar type of tax is imposed in St. Lucia and
the revenue therefrom accrues to the
Castries Town Board. To tnis suggestion
the Finance Committee objects partly be-
cause it is not satisfied that the Town
Council are making the maximum use of
their existing powers of taxation and
partly, since Roseau is the main shopping
centre of the Island, because they do not
see why the taxpayer outside Roseau
should covertly subsidize the Roseau tax-
payer They have agreed to help the Town
Council financially but feel that this should
be done by means of formal grants-in-aid
so that the position may be clearly under-
stood by everyone concerned. The Town
Council feel that this procedure would be



BASE YE R 1946

Head Ba
Municipal & Land &
House Tax 1C
Market Dues, etc. IL
Water Rate, etc. 2
Sewerage Rate (
Dog Licences
Baker's Licences
Porter's & Watermen's Licences 1
Milk Vendor's Licences
Sale of Lands & Rent
Miscellaneous Receipts (omitting
advances from Government)
Dance Licences
Vehicle & Bicycle Licences 1
Windsor Park Receipts 2
Refund Burial Paupers 1
Total (excluding Advances
from Government 239

se 1946 1947 1948 1949 1950 Estimated




103.2 86.3
112 5 120 8
101.9 107.5
100 109 5
133,3 133.3
100 100
133.3 133.3
100 100
.80 120
100 200

66.7 8.3
62.5 62.5
75 100
100 250

62 5

50 100 101.9103.3 96.3




derogatory to their dignity and reduce
them to little more than a subsidiary de-
partment of Government. The Mayor
and three of the elected members are bit-
terly opposed to increasing direct taxa-
tion in view of the present high cost of
living. The refusal of Finance Committee
to entertain the suggestion of the Council
regarding the imposition of the "pur-
chase" tax lead at the end of 1949 to a
resolution being passed by the Council
calling on the Governor-in-Council to dis-
solve the Council. The impassed was tem-
porarily resolved by a direction by His
Excellency that Government should con-
tinue to make necessary advances to the
Council from time to time until the whole
matter could be reviewed by the writer
of this report.
Reasons for the deterioration in the
financial position of the Roseau Town
(6) The fundamental reason for the
present serious position is that expendi-
ture, owing to rising labour and material
costs, has far outstripped the growth in
revenue which has remained almost static
since 1946. Expenditure increased by
81.2% from 1938 to 1949 while revenue
increased by only 72.6%. On the basis of
the 1950 draft Estimates these figures be-
came 214% and 87.5% respectively. Re-
venue from rates, which is normally re.
sponsible for 70% of the total revenue,
increased by only 27.97 from 1938 to 1949
and by 77.7% on the basis of the draft Es-
timates in 1950. The trend of the increas-
ing gap between revenue and expenditure
is illustrated in the following indices of
revenue and expenditure based on the
year 1946.




Water & Sewerage
Fire iHrigade
Printing & Stationery
Uniforms for Constables
Rent of School Garden
Burial of Paupers
Public Cemetery
Tools & Equipment
Repairs to Buildings
Windsor Park
Bicycle Upkeep
Special (Excluding Repay-
mrint advances)
'I otal


i 0

2C00 100
=3,400 1000

114 3
104 8
107 (i
109 5

1288 6
186 5
121 5
107 9
108 7

155 6C

128 5
152 2
12.3 9
93 3
166 7

152 4
176 9
126 7
155 6

175 25 200 1750
129 1 132.3 131 192.1

From these tables it will be seen that
ordinary revenue nas increased by only
17 75; since e 1946 as compared to the
growth in Expenditure of 92';. In 1949
revenue was actually nearly 4% less than
in 1946 while Expenditure was 31 % great-
er than in that year Sufficient revenue
is earned on the water, sewerage and
market undertakings to pay for their up-
keep The main drain on the Council's
reserves have been sharp increases in the
costs of pensions (143%,) Administra ion
(52,) Sanitation (72.) Upkeep of Streets
(63,) the fire brigade (139%,) the cemetery
(100%,) tools & Equipment (150%) and
repairs to buildings (300fe) Most revenue
items show small increases, notably vehi-
cle licences (96,1) but it is clear that the
large increases in Expenditure no'ed
above could not have been borne by ordi-
nary revenue without a substantial in-
crease in Miunicipal and Land and House
Taxes Revenue from this source actual-
ly fell by 14% in 1949 and will show an in-
crease of only 201% in 1950 if the revenue
estimate is realized


() There is an important point of de-
tail regarding the revenue of the Town
Council to which I should draw attention.
It will be observed from the table of re-
venue at the end of this report that re-
venue from Municipal and ILand and
House Tax averaged about $16,000 from
1946 to 1948 and then dropped suddenly by
nearly $3,000 in 1949. The estimate for
1950 shows an increase of $3,000 over the
average of $16 000. One would expect
that this discrepancy would be explained
by an abnormal amount of arrears in 1949,
but an examination of the position has
shown that it cannot be explained in this
way. The estimate for 1950 is based ot
the actual tax collectable in 1950 in accor-
dance with the official assessment list for
the year. I understand from the Town
Clerk that the Council has never taken
into account arrears of revenue in pre-
pairing its revenue estimates- a peculiar
omission The amount of arrears notified
to the Registrar in respect of rates in 1941
was no greater than in 1948, as is shown
by the following figures: -


Municipal Land and House Tax Total
1946 $1,632 00 $1,680.00 $3,312.00
1947 1,710.00 1,646 00 3,356.00
1948 2.283.00 2,132.00 4.415.01
1949 2.230 00 2,291 00 4,521.00
Municipal Land and House Tax, Total
1946 $3 $37 $40
1947 5 5 I0
1948 299 402 701
1949 736 -.



The above position has not been signifi-
cantly affected by the failure of the Regis-
trar to collect arrears, as is shown by the
following figures.
If the shortfall of revenue in 1949 was
due solely to arrears the arrears notified
to the Registrar for that year should have
been three thousand dollars in excess of
the arrears notified in 1948, but there is
in fact only a difference of one hundred
dollars between the two figures. Out-
standing arrears of 1948 tax in 1949 are
nothing like sufficient to explain the dis-
crepancy. What the real reason is two
days research in conjunction with the
Registrar and the Examiner of Accounts
has failed to discover. The matter has
now been placed before the Audit Depart-
ment who will carry out the necessary in-
vestigation in connection with the exami-
nation of the Town Council's Accounts for
1947-9. The position is extremely disquiet-
(8) In passing I should mention that
the principal reason for the hiatus in the
Audit of the accounts to which attention
has already been drawn, has been the re-
peated failure of those concerned to pro-
duce the required records for audit. Even
now the Audit Department are being han-
dicapped by the lack of statutory returns.
Early steps to improve this situation are
Case of the Town Council
(9) The Town Council's case may be
summarized as follows: -
(A) Additional direct taxation would be
to use their own word, immorall" in view
of the present high cost of living.
(B) An increase in the rates of Municipal.
and Land and House Tax would not be
justified in view of the fact that rents are
pegged to pre-war levels as a result of
the Rent Restriction Ordinance
(C) Rates, which at present amount to
15% of the annual rental value, are al-
ready as high as anywhere else in the
Windward Islanas
(D) While Government revenue automan
tically increases with an increase in pros.
perity the Council's revenue remains sta.
(E) It is legitimate to expect the ordinary
taxpayer to subsidize the Capital which is
used by all
(F) Roseau has not been assisted by Gov-
ernment in the past to the extent of other
Capitals in other Islands. The case of St.
John's Antigua is particularly cited.
(G) A levy on imports is recognized as a
proper source of revenue for Castries and
no reason is seen why the same principle
should not be applied to Roseau.
(H) Roseau has not been favourably
treated by Government over the apportion.
ment of sources of revenue between the
two parties,

Examination of the Council's Case
(70) My comments on the above points
are as follows: -
(a) It is admitted that the cost of living
is high. but it is equally as obvious that
taxable capacity has increased, particular-
ly over the last two years. As far as I
can trace the rates of Municipal and
House and Land Tax have not been alter-
ed for twenty years. Very little has been
done to revise assessments to take into
account increases in capital and rental
value. There was a complete reassess-
ment in 1942, but since then reassessment
have been confined almost entirely to cases
where improvements have taken place. If
it is claimed that taxation cannot be in"
creased on account of the high cost of liv-
ing it follows that expenditure must be
reduced to keep within the limits dictated
by the amount of revenue available In
times of rising prices this probably im-
plies the contraction of services. In the
long run the community cannot extract
from the pool more than it puts in.

(b) If The Rent Restriction Or(inance
had really succeeded in pegging rents to
pre-war levels there would be some sub-
stance in the Council's point that it would
be unfair to raise rates in the face of this
legislation I am, however, doubtful if
the point is really relevant. An increase
in capital values would, in my view, justi-
fy an increase in taxation even if rents
did not increase Capital values have in-
creased in Roseau. The Registrar has
been able to trace two cases of sales of
property giving conclusive proof of this
In the First case a house was sold for
135 in 1941 and resold in 1948 for 350
an increase of 150%. In the second case
another house was sold for 80 in 1937
and resold for 150 in 1950, an increase of
87.5%, Furthermorean increase in taxa-
ble capacity may easily take place even if
rents are artificially controlled. I do not
think it could be held that the household-
er who lives in his own house should not
pay higher rates because the theoritical
rent for his house does not increase. If
his taxable capacity generally has increas-
ed and the amount of tax he pays is not
sufficient to pay for the services which are
rendered by the local authority he should
obviously pay more tax. The artificial
control of rents makes the assessment of
true rental values administratively more
difficult, but it, does not, in my view, logi-
cally preclude an increase in rates In
anv case, from the evidence before me, I
do not consider that the Rent Restriction
Ordinance has in fact succeeded in peg-
ging rents to pre-war levels, particularly
in the case of better class property. Nor
do I consider that the Town Council has
succeeded in all cases in assessing annual
values in accordance with the actual ren-


tals charged, inspite of the fact that rates
are supposed to be based on actual rental
values. There is a case of one building on
which Government pays rent which is ass-
essed at less than that rent. I have been in-
formed by the Town Clerk that before
any property comes up for assessment or
reassessment he makes enquiries into the
actual rents being charged, but that in no
ease in his recollection has the assessmentt
made been as great as the actual rental
would dictate. If this is the case it seems
fairly clear that rm st of the property of
Roseau has been seriously undervalued.

(c) It is true that rates of fifteen cents
in the dollar are as great as ary which
are ch.irge I in othar tovx'a in the Wind-
ward Islands. This, however, does not
mean .that taxation par heal in R)seau is
as great as in the other Cipitali where
asseisa-nnts hate h-en annually revised
and have taken into account changing
economic conditions.

(,i) It is true that the .revna. of. the
Roseau Town Counec; has remained more
or less static mnspite of increasing prospe-
rity, but that semrns to me to be manly the
fault of the Town Counril. It is perfectly
legitimate for the Town Council to vary
assessments in the light of increased pros.
perity in the same way as Governiment
varies assessments for income tax. Re-
venue from licences and fees for services
rendered has in fact increased over the
last few years (c. f the Table in paragraph
six,) particularly from vehicle licences I
am, however, not satisfied that the staff
of the Council have been sufficiently ener-
getic in seeing that revenue has increased
from sources other than rates to the ex-
tent which might have been expected in
present conditions. Thereare, for exam.
pie a fair number of dogs in Roseau which
have not been licensed The staff of the
Council rely on Gavernmnent informing
them what vehicle they should licence
They do not go out and look for unlicen-
sed vehicle themselves

(e) it frequently happens in other
parts of the world that the general tax-
payer has to subsidize the local govern-
ment of capital and other towns There
is nothing intrinsically heinous about such
a situation, but if it arises the problem
should be met by means of a grant in-aid
so that everyone understands the position

A local authority, if it has to rely on a
grant-in-aid must face the fact that the
Legislature, as the representation of the
general taxpayer, must take some interest
in how n grant-in-aid is spent. I am well
a.vare that there is a strong feeling in. all
the Windward Islands that the's is deroga-
tory to the dignity of local governments
Although this attitude is understandable
I think it quite unnecessary Grants-in-aid
form an increasingly important feature
in local government in the United King-
dom, and are not in any way considered
derogatory to the dignity of local coun-

(f) I do not accept the view that G.)w-
ernment has been unduly niggardly in the
provision of amenities and services for
Roseau considering the financial resources
which have been available to it. Roseau
has derived advantages from being the
headquarters of Government, particularly
in the medical and educational fields. In
the last analysis it must be remembered
t -at however much the Central Govern-
ment may wish to increase its contribu-
tion to the welfare of Roseau thee is a
very severe limit to its ability to do so
while the Colony is in receipt of grants-
in-aid from the United Kingdom.

S () Althoug'h it is true that the Cas.
tries Town Board are allowed to levy a
tax on imports that is no reason why the
Raseau Town Council. should be allowed
to do so. In my view import duties are
essentially a source of Central Govern-
ment revenue and should in no circun.
stances accrue to a local government. Tne
Castries tax is in essence a simple import
duty. The exigencies of revenue prevent
the abolition of this tax in St. Lucia, but
I hope the day will come when it can be
abolished as I regard it as pernicious. In
the meantime I consider it would be wrong
to impose it in any other Colony where it
does not exist. In any case conditions in
St. Lucia and Dominica are not identical.
St. Lucia has no tax equivalent to the
Dominica import "Surtax," so that the
Castries levy on imports can be much more
easily afforded than in Ruseau The imposi.
tion of such a tax would in my opinion
have a far more serious effect on the cost
of living of the poorest classes than a
simple increase in rates. Again, Govern.
ment already imposes a tax-it is known


as an "Importer's Licence"- which is
based on the amount of import duties a
given importer pays over a given period-
This is in essence a tax similar to the tax
imposed by the Castries Town Board since
obviously the amount of import duties a
merchant pays is a fraction of his total
imports. Admittedly the Castries tax is
much higher than the Dominica tax, but
as already explained, there is no equiva.
lent to the Dominica Surtax in St. Lucia.
Finally the import tariff structure is high-
ly complicated already and to add yet one
more duty, as suggested by the Town
Council, would merely add to the confu-
sion. In another report I have made an
attempt to consolidate the tariff so that a
single duty is payable on every import,
For all these reasons I am strongly op.
posed to the suggestion that the Town
Council should be allowed to impose a
levy on imports. The Council would have
a stronger case if they were ready to im.
pose a universal purchase tax on all goods,
whether produced outside 'the Colony or
not, but such a tax would be difficult to
collect a.d in any case I have sympathy
for the view that the costs of shopping in
Roseau should not, be made artificially
high by such taxes for people living out-
side Roseau.

(h) In comparison to the treatment of
Castries I consider that there is some force
in the argument that Roseau has not been
particularly well favoured by Government
in the apportionment of marginal sources
of revenue between the two parties.

Main conclusion as to Policy
(i) As a result of the above analysis
I recommend that the following major
tenets of policy should be adopted to re-
solve the financial difficulties of the Town
Council: -
' 1) That the request that the Town
Council should be allowed to impose the
proposed import "purchase" tax should
not be entertained.

(2) That the Town Council should in.
crease the rates of Municipal and Land
and House Tax.

(3) That provided the Town Council
agree to (2) above Government should
surrender certain sources of revenue to
the Council.

Increase in rates
12. An increase of the rate of both
Municipal and Land and House Tax from
4v to 1% would result in an increase in
revenue of 6,300 dollars (on the 1949 as-
sessment list): an increase to the maxi-
mum allowable, 14% would bring in an
additional twelve thousand six hundred
dollars. An increase to 1% is the absolute
minimum necessary, but the Council are
not likely to accomplish anything signifi.
cant in the way of capital works or expan-
sion of services unless they agree to in-
crease rates to the maximum allowable
under the law.

Other recommended sources of re-
venue for the Council
13. If the Council will agree to increase
the rates it is recommended that Govern-
ment should agree to:
1 Surrender the revenue collected in
Roseau under Trade Licences. (Head 5
Item ten Government Revenue Estimates.)
In 1949 this amounted to 4,900 dollars.
2. Pay a lump.sum in lieu, of rates on
its own buildings in Roseau.
3. Agree to the Town Council impos-
ing other licences on activities which are
not apparently at present licensed, but
which are normally subject to licensing
in other countries. The new licences and
rates recommended are:
Cinemas 10 per annum
Goldsmiths 10 ,, ,,
Gunpowder 3 ,. ,
Hotels 2. 10. 0 per annum
Tobacconist 18. 0,, .
14. I do not know how much revenue
would accrue if the recommendations
made in paragraph thirteen are accepted,
but it is unlikely to be less than $6,400.
It is estimated, therefore, that the recom-
mendations in paragraphs 13 and 14 would
result in an increase of twelve thousand
seven hundred dollars if rates were in-
creased to 1% and nineteen thousand dol-
lars if rates were increased to 11%.

Financial position of Town Council if
the above recommendations are
15. On the 1950 draft Estimates the
basic recurrent expenditure of the Coun-
cil at its present establishment and if th


new salary rates are accepted would be as
follows: -
Pensions 873
Administration 4.009

Ma: kets
l'ire Brigade


To these figures should be added for in.
crements (under the new proposed scales)
five hundred and seventy-two dollars in
1951. It is proposed that Government
should take over financial responsibility
for the fire brigade when the new equip-
ment to be purchased from loan funds
and the new fire station are available.

This is likely to take place in 1952 Allow-
ing for increments for the. other staff,
but deducting liabilities in respect of the
fire brigade, the basic recurrent expendi-
ure of tha C.iuncil will be as follows for
the period 1951 4



After i954 the position regardingincre-
ments should be stabilized.

16. Revenue in 1950 is estimated at
28,178 dollars If the recommendations
in paragraphs 12-14 are adopted the sur-
plus of revenue over ordinary recurrent
expenditure for the period 1951 4 is es-
timated as follows: -




Basic Revenue Proposed new revenue Total
$2S 178 12.700 40,878
28 178 12,700 40,878
28.178 12,700 40,878
28,178 12,100 40,878


19 000

,53 ,,
,54 ,,

The surpluses shewn would be available
for capital works, expansion of services,
and the redemption of outstanding debts
to Government.- It will be observed that
if rates are increased to only one percent
it would take two years to repay the
outstanding advances from Government
and leave nothing for capital works.
Recommendations regarding the
1950 draft Estimates
17. It is clear that it is now too late
either to raise the rates or to reallocate
revenue from trade licences in 1950. The
fact must therefore be faced that the
Council will be able to carry on for the
remainder of this year only by additional
large advances from Government. On

Basic Exp.

47,178 36.873
47,178 31,296



the other hand Government has been put
to some embarrassment because revenue
it was expecting from a new stamp Irsue
will not materialise this year. It cannot
expect any increase in the authorised
grant-in.aid. For this reason Government
itself faces a likely shortage of cash in
the early part of the financial year 1951
and there is therefore a difinite limit to
the amount that Government can afford
to advance to the Council. I fear there.
fore, that expenditure by the Council in
1950 must be reduced to a minimum.

18. There are only two items of expen
diture in the draft Estimates which can
now be avoided. These are the Epecial
expenditure item covering the reconstrc.


tion of drains and side-walks in Queen
Mary Street (one thousand six hundred
dollars) and the increases in personal
emoluments arising from the proposal to
pay equivalent Government rates of pay
from the beginning of 1948. It is recom-
mended that Government should not ad-
vance funds to finance the item of special
expenditure referred to above. I shall
discuss the question of personal emolu-
ments later.

19. It is recommended that the item
of $2,900 for a new fire hose should be
transferred to the fire equipment advance
account It is understood that expendi-
ture for another hose arriving in 1948 has
.also been charged to expenditure This,
too, should be transferred to the advance
account As Government will eventually
take over responsibility for the' Fire Bri-
gade it seems reasonable that Government
should take over equipment purchased by
the Council, which is suitable for Govern-
ment's purposes, at a valuation at the
time of handing over. It is suggested
that Government should be responsible
for the retirement of that portion of the
fire equipment advance account covering
the value of the equipment it takes over
and that the remainder of the advance
account should be debited to the loan ac-
count of the Council on such terms and
conditions as shall be agreed between the
two parties.

20. It is recommended that the item of
special expenditure (one thousand dollars)
for the purchase of a school garden should
be changed to an advance account. It is
understood that this plot forms part of. a
larger plot which Government .proposes
to buy for a new fire station. If that is
the case Government may as well buy the
whole plot and either lease the garden
plot at a peppercorn rental or hand it
over by deed ofgift to the Council.

21. I now come to the vexed question
of personal emoluments I agree in gen_
eral to the Council's view that local gov.
ernment employees cannot be paid less
than Government employees provided the
intellectual standards required for entry
into the two services are the same. Orn
the other hand I emphatically do not see
why Government, in the circumstances in
which it findsitself, should have to finance

the payment of arrears under the new
salaries conditions retrospectively from
1948 Government was not informed that
the Council wished to change the condi-
tions of its employees until August '.1939
The Council were told very clearly in
writing at the time by the Financial Se-
cretary that the proposal coulh not be en-
tertained unless the Council were pre-
pared to increase its revenuIe sufficiently
to meet the extra charge.' The Council
have not done so, but seem t") expect Gov-
.ernment to already large de.f-
cit made.larger by making the new salary
conditions retrospective. The position
regarding the payment of the new salaries
in 1950 is-rather different because the
Council had been informed that the ques.
.tion of their finances would be.the subject
of .n investigation later in the year. The
Council were entitleri, in my opinion, to
ask that the payment of these new salaries
in 1950 should be taken into account du-
ring the investigation: they are not enti-
tied to expect Government to foot the
bill for i948 1949 when they have failed
to comply with the'conditions which Gov-
ernment stipulated in 1949. In any case
I can only say that it was most unwise of
the Council to announce publicly that the
new conditions of service would be made
retroactive from the beginning of 1918
before receiving Government's prior ap-
proval in principle, when they knew petr
fectly well that they could not afford to
pay higher salaries In the circumstances
1 can only recommend that Government
should advance sufficient funds to cover
the new salaries in 1950. but should not
do so to cover these additional charges for
'1948 and 19-iJ. If, by its own efforts, the
Council's financial position improves suffi-
ciently in the future to enable it to pay
arrears for 1948 and 1949 the matter can
be reconsidered, but at the moment neith-
er Government nor the Council can afford
to do so.

22. If the recommnendaiions in para
graphs severiteen- twefitybone are accept-
ed the overall deficit for 1950 will be re-
duced from sixteen 'thousand seven hun-
dred and sevenfive dollars to twelve thou-
sand seven hundred and two dollars which
-will have to be met from.Government ad-
vances. Advances totalling six thousand
and ninetyfive dollars have already been


made in 1950. Additional advances to a
total of six thousand six hundred dollars
will be required over the remainder of
the year if expenditure is agreed as I have
suggested. Of the total advances of
twelve thousand seven hundred and two
dollars which are likely to be required in
1950 a maximum of eleven thousand sev-
en hundred dollars will be ultimately re-
payable by the Council. This sum may
be reduced if Government eventually
takes over any of the fire equipment.

Other Administrative Recornmrenda-

23 The strengthening of the adminis-
trative organisatin of the Council is an
urgent necessity Tne organisation of
the office is poor and the maintenance of
records orders on chaos. The staff have
sufficient training in financial procedure
and hive to lea'i heavily on the Treasury
Staff for assistance in this sphere The
Council's own staff should take far more
energetic steps than they are doing to see
that the C iuncil does in fact collect the
revenue due to it and to ensure that seri-
ous arrears of revenue do not accumulate
The control of expenditure particularly
in the purchase and use of materials,
leaves a good deal to be desired.

24. The procedure for the enforcement
of payment of revenue" in Dominica errs
seriously on the side of leniency in favour
of the defaulting tax-payer. This is a
matter which concerns Government as
much as the Town Council. At the mo-
ment the responsibility for the collection
of arrears of revenue devolves upon the
Registrar whose ultimate sanction is a le-
gal right to sell property to recover the
amount of tax owed. Action is taken
only after a lengthy series of warnings
and the whole system invites evasion and
procrastination oi the part of taxpayers.
The position is made worse by the fre-
quent failure of accounting departments
to notify the Registrar of arrears as soon
as they become due. A further complica.
tion is that in some cases (notably Land
and House Tax) the tax does not become
payable until towards the end of the finan-
cial year and does not become legally in
arrears until weil into the next financial
year. This means that any statement of
arrears at the 31st of December is quite
unrealistic. It is recommended that all

relevant legislation should be revised to
bring forward the time of payment of tax.
es which are now subject to these condi-
tio-ns so that all non-payments legally be-
come arrears at the end of the financial
year. It is further recommended that all
efforts should be made to ensure that the
Registrar is informed of arrears not later
than the end of January and that the
maximum period between the notification
of arrears to the Registrar and his takir g
action to sell the property should be oi;e
month. If these measures prove to b in-
adequate to reduce the amount of a reais
accumulated then it may be necessary to
introduce legislation to make the non-pay.
ment of taxes within the prescribed peri-
od a criminal offence. I consider, however
that the present system should be ade-
quate to meet the situation provided it is
exercised with sufficient vigour.
25. I am inclined to think that it would
be to the ultimate advantage of the Coun-
cil if it had its own accounting staff ard
maintained its accounts independently of
the Treasury The present system is ine-
vitable while the Council cannot afford
the overhead expenses of a separate ac-
counting staff and its present staff are
insufficiently qualified to maintain ac.
counts. But I recommenri that the esta-
b'ishment of a separate treasury for the
Council should be accepted as a long term
26. I believe that it would be to the
ultimate financial advantage of the Coun
cil if the boundaries of its jurisdiction
were extended to include Goodwill. I
know that the Mayor does not agree with
this view, but if the development of Gocd-
will proceeds as is hoped it is likely to be-
come the most highly rateable district of
Roseau The relationship between the
Town Council and the Central Housing
Authority who will be responsible for the
development of Goodwill, would have to
be carefully defined, but I do not think
that this need cause undue difficulty. The
services which the Town Council now pro-
vide for Roseau will also have to be provi-
ded for Goodwill and this will have to be
done either by the Central Housing Au-
thority or the Town Council. As the lat.
ter already have the rudiments of the
necessary organisation it would probably
be easier for them to take over the neces-
sary responsibility. An immediate deci-.
sion on this point is not necessary and can
wait until the development of Goodwill
has made tangible progress, but the mat-


ter should be borne in mind,
27. The legal position at present does
appear to require that the Town Council's
Estimates should be subject to the apnro-
val of the Governor-in-Council. As far as
I am aware Roseau is the only case in the
Windward Islands in which this position
obtains. In view of the present financial
difficulties which the Roseau Town Coun-
cil are now experiencing it is clear that
the precaution of requiring their esti-
mates to be subject to the approval of the
Governor-in-Council should be taken and


Municipal & Land & House Tax $16074.

Slaughter House & Market Dues
Water Rate & Water Works Misc.
Sewerage Rate
Dog Licences
Baker's Licences
Porter's & Waterman's Licences
Milk Vendor's Licences
Sale of Bath Lands & Land Rent
Miscellaneous Receipts
Dance Licences
Motor Vehicle & Bicycle Licences
Windsor Park Receipts


2646. 60
1053. 36
160. 20
88. 80
167, 04
38. 60
236 88
10, 00
619. 62
249. 60
1200, 50
180. 60

Refund of Burial of Country Paupers
$23916. 34
Amounts advanced by Government

The Reply to the Report was taken up,
Mr Sweeting put in an objection to the
first part of the Reply, namely the Histo-
rical Introduction.
(Dr Hetherington came in and took his
Dr Hetherington also objected to the
first part of the Reply.
After some discussion it was agreed
that the Reply be read paragraph by pa-
Mr Royer, seconded by Mr Grell, moved
the Council into a Committee of the whole
Council to consider the reply.
The first five paragraphs were read,
discussed and amended.
The Council resumed and the Chairman
reported that some progress had been
made in regard to the reply.
The meeting then adjourned to the fol-
lowing day, the 12th instant at 4.15 p.m

In his own interests, anyone thinking of
travelling to the United Kingdom in

1947 1918

$16282 88 $16539. 00
1235. 00 1867. 48
2478. 28 2694 48
965. 00 1047 50
242 40 199 20
85 20 75 60
154 56 183 36
43. 80 31. 80
227. 94 197. 00
361. 12 49.20
2324. 74 7235. 64
158. 40 148 80
1609. 40 8724 00
156 00 203. 20
246. 00
$26324. 72 $31945. 62
1920 00 7200. 00


$13862. 00
1431. 31
2852. 04
1174. 00
214. 80
84. 00
192. 0)
35. 40
292. 52
97. 20
3130. 27
139. 20
2034. 00
273. 58
127. 96-
25940. 28
2880. 00

Search of work should first study very
carefully the facts given below. In the
past. many men have gone to the United
Kiigdom in ignorance of the true facts
either because they have received mis
leading reports or because they have not
taken steps to find out the truth They
have arrived in the United Kingdom with
little or no money, no definite prospects
of work, no qualifications for the kind of
jobs which are available in the Unitt d
Kingdom and no arrangements for accom-
odation. As a resuiC, they have found
themselves obliged to live perhaps for
weeks, perhaps indefinitely, in a state of
poverty and misery, and have been una-
ble to retu-n home for lack of money to
pay for their passage. These difficulties
are not the fault of the authorities in the
United Kingdom but are due to the fail-
ure of the migrants to find out in advance
what the conditions are and to make sure
that they are able to fit themselves into
those conditions.

The absolute essentials for success in
migration to the United Kingdom are:
1. Possession of proper qualifications

it is recommended that Ordinance No. 23
of 1937 should be amended accordingly.
28. I wish to express my gratitude to
His Worship the Mayor, the Town Clerk,
Mr. Boyd, Treasury Accountant, the
Crown Attorney, the Registrar and Exa-
miner of Accounts for tho valuable assis-
tance which they have rendered to me in
writing this report.
Financial and Economic Adviser.
11th September, 1950.




Schedule of Applications foi Certificates of Title and Notings thereon, and Cav-eats, for the
week ending the 26th day of April, 1952.

Date of Request. Person Presenting Nature of Request, whether for Certificate
of Title or Noting thereon, or Caveat.

Request dated James Moris, Lord Bishop Hequest for the issue of a First Certifi
22nd April, 1952. of Roseau, and Antoine cate of Title (with plan attached in re
Presented Demets, Vicar General aspect of that portion of land in River
94th Aprii, 1952. of the Diocese of Roseau, Claire Valley in the Parish of St. George
@ 3.00 p m. by their Solicitor in the Colony of Dominica containing six
Clifton A. H Dupigny acres, two roods and four perches and
bounded as follows:-Northerly by a sheer high eliff; Easterly by land of Philomene Jeann
Phillip and Lucy Agitha Phillip; Westerly by land of D nald Robinson and Southealy by
River Claire.
Registrar's Office, A. H. MARIE,
Roseau. Acting Registrar of Titles.
25th April, 1952.
NOTE :- Any person who desires lo object to the issuing of a Certificate of Title
on the ahove application may rnter a Caveat in the above office w thin four weeks from
the date of the first a ipearance of the above Schedule in the Official Gazette and the
Dominica Chronicle newspaper published in this IsVlnd.

to do work whi:h is in demand in
the United Kingdom
2. Possession of enough money not
only to pay for passage but to live
on until suitable employment has
been found.
3. A definite offer of living accommo-
The reasons why these three things are
essential are as follows:
I, Employment
"Full employment" in the United
Kingdom does not mean that there are
unlimited opportunities of work of every
kind for those who are unskilled or who
are qualified only for occupations in
which no shortage exists. The main
demand is for physically fit young men
prepared to do arduous work and suitable
for and willing to undertake underground
work in the coal mining industries, and
for skilled workers in the building and
civil engineering industries and in general
engineering. Further, these skilled jobs
as a rule are restricted to men who can
show that they have served 4 recognized
apprenticeship or had equivalent training
and experience, and few migrants can do
this There is no demand for immigrant
workers as clerks, tailors, hairdressers,
photographers etc.
2. Money
It may take some time and involve
travelling about the county before even
a well-qualified immigrant worker can
settle himself in a suitable job and find
living accommodation near his work.
Those who have not made provision for
this period of looking round will find
themselves in difficulties.

3 Accommodation
No one should travel to the United
Kingdom in search of employment unless
he has been able to make definite arrange.
ments in advance for acc,'modation on
arrival Owing to the general housing
position, it is very difficult for men to get
private aecomodation; furnished rooms are
expensive and beyond the reach of most
migrants, and cheap accommodation in
lodging houses and hosels is very scarce.
It is not sufficient for a migrant to have
tha address of some one to go to, as most
workers in the United kingdom are unable
to put up a stranger for several days
while he looks for wo-k. Public authori-
ties are empowered to provide temporary
accommodation, generally of an instilu-
tional character, for those in urgent need,
but. pressure on the available accommoda-
tion is so great that few authorities are in
a position to help persons coming from
overseas whose difficulties arise through
their own lack of foresight. In areas like
Liverpool and the East End of London, to
which many of the migrants go over-
crowding is already acute and new arrivals
only make it worse Some migrants have
gone to Birmingham, Leeds and other
provincial cities but few have succeeded in
finding satisfactory private accommoda-
tion at prices within their means.
Finally, it is no use for migrant workers
to expect that the Colonial Office can
undertake to solve their difficulties for
.them. The Colonial Office is not in a posi-
tion to help migrants to find work o'
accommodation or to intervene in their
domestic problems.
25th April, 1952.


Trade Marks Office,
22nd March, 1952
ITED, of Unilever House, Blackfriars,
London EC. 4, England' Merchants, have
applied for the registration of one trade
mark consisting of Zhe following word
and device:-

in Class 42, that is to say: Substances
used as food or as ingredients in food.
The applicants claim that the trade
mark is not in use in Dominica by any
other person or persons to the best of
their knowledge information and belief.
and that they are lawfully entitled to the
use of the said trade mark.
Any person may within three months
from the date of the first appearance of
this advertisement in the Dominica Official
Gazette give notice, in duplicate, at the
Trade Marks Office, Dominica, of opposi-
tion to the registration of the said Trade
Ag. Registrar of Trade Marks
Agent:-W. F. Harrison,
Roseau, Dominica,
Trade Marks Office,
26th March, 1952,
PANY, LIMITED, of Westminister House
7, Millbank, London, S. W. England,
Tobacco Manufacturers, have applied for
the registration of one trade mark con-
sisting of the following words and device:-

in Class 45, that is to say: -cigarettes.
The applicants claim that they have
used the said Trade Mark in respect of
the said goods for 14 years before the
8th day of January, 1952.
Any person may within three months
from the date of the first appearance of
this advertisement in the Dominica
Official Gazette give notice, in duplicate,
at the rrade Marks Office. Dominica, of
opposition to the registration of the said
Trade Mark
Ag. Registrar of r,,de lMurks
Agent:--G. A. James, Chambers Roseau.
The Registration of United Kingdom
Trade Marks Ordinance. 1946

APPLICATION is hereby made for the
Registration, in the Register, of the
United Kingdom Trade Mark No. 5R4334
n Class 3 (Schedule III), registered on
the 19th day of March, 1938, and for the
issue to me of a Certificate of Registration
in the Colony of Dominica for the said
Trade Mark.
Dated this 13th day of February, 1952.
(Sgd.) G. A JAMES.
To the R3gistrar of Trade Marks,

Department of Agriculture,
14th March, 1952.
The attention of the public is drawn to
Regulation 13, S R. & 0 No 19 of 19"2
which prohibits the entry of heavy wheeled
vehicles, such as lorries and buses in the
Botanic Gardens Exception is made,
however. in the case of those lorries o'
buses entering the Gardens for the
purpose of collecting plants or other
agricultural material.
Agricultural Superintendent
IT is notified for general information
that the following persons have been
appointed to the Education Board under
the provisions of section 4 of Ordinance
No. 3 of 1949 for a period of two years
beginning from the 1st of May. 1952:
The Honourable F.O C. Harris, Member
of the Legislative Council.
N. A. Jeffers, "
The Dean of Roseau
The Rector of St. Georges
The Methodist Superintendent
The Headmaster Dominica Grammar
The Principal, St. Mary's Academy
The Reverend Mother Superior
The President, Teacher's Union
Mrs. J.W. Osborne
The Social Welfare Officer
The Education Officer.
2" The Administrator is ex officio
Chairman of the Board. The Education
Officer shall be chairman of any meeting
from which the Administrator is absent.
29th April, 1952


The Registration of United Kingdom
Trade Marks Ordinance, 1946.

Application is hereby 'made for the
Registration, in the Register. of the
United Kingdom Trade Mark No 600022
registered on the 27th day of July, 1938,
and for the issue to us of a Certificate of
RegisElration in tie Colony of Dominica
for the said trade mark.
Dated the 24th day of April 1912.
( .-d) W I1'. ilarri'ion,
Agent for Thomas S. Cunningham
To The Registrar of Trade Marks,
The Itgistration of United Kingdom
Trade Marks Ordinarce, 1946
Application is hereby made for the
Registration, in the Reg ster of the
United Kingdom Trade Mark No. 58485F9
registered on the 11th day of Agril, 19;8,
and for the issue to Horlicks Limited;
Manufacturers, (a British Company) of
Stoke Poges Lane, Slough. Buckingham-
shire, England, of a certificate of Regis-
tration in the Colony of Dominica for the
said trade mark.
Dated the 10th day of April, 1952
(Sgd) F O.C. Harris
Agent for the Applicant.
To the Registrar of Trade Marks,
The Registratin of United Kingdom
Trade Marks Orinance 1946.


Application is hereby made for the regis-
tration, in the TRegister of the Uniced
Kingdom Trade l1ark No 6S6380 in lass
7 (Schedule IV) registered on the 24th
February, 1950, and for the issue to me
of a Certificate of Registration in the
Colony of Dominica for the said Trade
Dated this 18th April. 1952.
(Sgd) G. A. James.
To The Registrar of Trade Marks.

Trade Marks Office,
26th April, 1952
COMPANY of 180 Michigan Avenue, City
of Chicago. State of Illinois, United
States of America, have applied for the
registration of one trade mark consisting
of the following letters and design

in Class VII, that is to say. Agriculturot
and horticultural machinery and parts of
such machine-ry
The applicants clai,, that they have
been using the said trade mark in respect
of the-said class .of goodsby there selves
and by their predecessors in business
since 9th August 1941.
Any person may within three months
from the date of the first appearance of
this advertisement in the Dominica Offi-
cial Gazette give notice, in duplicate, at
the Trade Marks Office, Dominica, of
-opposition to the registration of the said
Trade Mark.
Aq. nh'qistr'r otf 'Tde dMarks
Agent:- G. A. James
ANCE, 1946



Application is hereby made for the
Registration, in the Register, of the
United Kingdom.Trade Mark .No. 68,S849
registered on the 30Ch day-of September,
1949, and for'the issue to us of a Certifi-
cate of Registration in the Colony of
Dominica for the said trade mark.
Dated the 10th day Qf March, 1952
By their Agent
'1(T legistrar of Trace Marks


25th April, 1952.
TAKE NOTICE that the following properties, which were bought in by
the Government for default of Land and House Tax, will be put up for sale
by public auction at the Sub-Treasury, Portsmouth, on Tuesday, the 20th
day of May, 1952, at 10 o'clock in the forenoon and Certificates of Pur-
chase will be issued immediately.


Land & House 7ax, 1947
1 lot, Melville Street
1 lot, Holland Street
1 out house, Upper Lane
1 let, Bay Street
1 house, Pembroke Street
1 out house, Queensbro. Street
1 house, Egmont Street
1 out house, Bay Street
1 house, Rodney Street
1 out house, Upper Lane [St.
2 houses, 1 lot, 1 out house, Pembroke
1 lot, Harbour Lane
1 lot, 1 house, 1 out house, Bay Street
1 lot, Rollo Street
Land & House Tax, 1948
1 lot, Bay Street
1 out house. Harbour Lane
1 lot, Melville Street
1 house, Bay Street
1 house, Grandby Street
1 house, Grandby Street
1 house, 1 lot, Scott Street
1 house, 1 lot, Lagoon
1 out house, Upper Lane
1 lot, Pembroke Street
1 lot, Bay Street
1 house, 1 out house, Lagoon
1 house, Pembroke Street
1 lot, Harbour Lane
1 outhouse, Harbour Lane
1 lot, Bay Street *,; [ St.
2 houses, 1 lot, ] outhouse, Pembroke
1 lot, Harbour Lane
1 lot, Rollo Street
Land & House Tax, 1949
1 house, I lot, Bay Street
1 house, Bay Street
1 lot, Halifax Street
1 house, 1 out house, Hillsborough St.
1 house, 1 lot, Bay Street
1 house, Harbour Lane
1 lot, Upper Lane
1 house, Douglas Street
1 house, Bay Street
1 lot, Harbour Lane
1 outhouse, Rodney Street
1 lot, Pembroke Street
1 lot, 1 house, Bay Street
1 lot, Bay Street
1 house, Pembroke Street
1 outhouse, Rodney Street
1 house, 1 lot, 1 out house, Rollo St.
1 house, 1 lot, 3 outhouses, Harb.Lane
1 house, 1 lot, 1 outhouse, do
1 lot, Melville Street

Name of Owner.

Mann Charles
Bridget Desbeau
St. Hilaire Francis
W. Joseph
Mary Joseph
Misl n Laville
Ronie Magloire
Josephine Magloire
Priscilla Pero
Virginia Prince
Lucia Quetelle
Leonora Quetelle
Octavia Quetelle
Jeremiah Wayland

Clemie Adolphe
Margaret Buntin
Mann Charles
Therese Delbon
Rosa Dejean
Edwill Denis
James Daniel
Francis Paul
St. Hilaire Francis
Mary Joseph
W. Joseph
Augustine Joseph
Mary Joseph
Arthur Jones
Everline LeRoy
Josephine Magloire
Lucia Quetelle ._,
Leonora Quetelle
Jeremiah Wayland

Dulcia Andre
Rebecca Anthony
Edwards Andrew
C.L. Andre
Edwin A. Alexis
Rose Andrew
Japheth Anthony
Jermanie Augustine
Foster Benjamin
Mrs. Moise Bellony
Hudson Benjamin
Margareta Buntin
Stephen Benjamin
L. Bellony.
F.A. Benjamin
Evelina Bannis.
Irene Benjamin
Sylvanie Bethelmy
Gilbert Charles
James Cyrille
Mann Charles



Land & House 7 ax 1949 (contd)
1 house, Middle Lane
1 house, Pembroke Street
1 outhouse, Lagoon
1 house, Pembroke Street
1 outhouse, Queensbro Street
1 house, Rollo Street
1 house, Scott Street
1 house, 1 lot, Bay Street
I house, Bay Street
1 lot, tolland Street
'1 house, Pembroke Street
1 Iouse, 1 lot, Pembroke Street
1 lot, do
1 house, Hillsborough Street
1 outhouse, Harbour Lane
do Holland Street
1 lot, Bay Street
1 lot. 1 house. 1 outhouse, Scott. St.
1 outhouse, Upp-r Lane
1 lot. Harbour Lane
1 lot. 1 house, 1 outhouse, Bay Street
Mt. Eolus
1 lot, Sandwich Street
,, Harbour Lane
., Lagoon
1 Louse, Sandwich Street
I outhouse, Harbour Lane
1 house, Douglas Stre-t
1 lot, 1 outhouse. Hillsboro Street
,, 1 house. Pembroke Street
,, Middle Lane
,, Scott Street
,, 1 hmu-e, Pembroke Street
1 house, Pembroke Street
1 house, Rodney Street
1 house, Bay Street
1 house, I lot, Bay S reet
do I Lane
2 house-, 1 lot, 1 outhouse, Harbour
1 house, Pembroke Street
1 lot, Pembroke Street
2 houses, 1 lot, Rodney Street
1 house, 1 outhouse, Egmont Street
1 lot, Harbour Lane
,, Grandby Street
,, Bay Street
1 outhouse, Lagoon
Bedford Street
1 lot, Harbour Lane
1 House, Halifax Street
I house, Holland Street
2 Lagoon
2 houses, 1 lot, 1 outhouse, Bay St.
1.lot, Bay Street
1 lot, 1 house, Harbour Lane
,, Harbour Lane
,, Rodney Street
,, Bay Street
1 house, 1 lot, Bedford Street
,, Bedford Street [Lane
1 house, 1 lot, 1 outhouse, Harbour
1 house, Rodney Street
I house, I outhouse, Upper Lane
1 house, Bay Street
1 house, 1 lot, Bay Street
1 house, I lot, 1 outhouse, Bay Street
1 house, 1 lot, Bay Street
1 house, Egmont Street
1 house, 1 lot. Grandby Street
2 houses, i lot, Holland Street

Rosa Charles
*' nal Cannoville
Eva Carrette
,rince Codrington
Nirus Charbonier
Eulalie Caines
Weymouth Celesiine
Josephine David
Theresa Delbon
Mrs. Delvin
Heirs of C. Dubois
Horsford Dubique
Ayoub Dib
Rupert Dinard
R.B Douglas
Wi liam Dubois
Albert Figaro
Sinna Fadelle '
St. Hilaire Francis
hichara Ferole
Robert Garraway
R. F. Garraway
Steady Gillan
R.A. Garraway
Misellis Gabriel
Adelaide Hamilton
Alphonsia Hyacinth
J.B. Hector
Thomas G. Hodge
Earl Hector
Enid Hypolite
Josephine Israel
Amy Knight
Patrick Jules
Labrune Joseph
Cyrilla Joseph
Cecil Joseph
Seranie Johnville
Edest Jean Jacques
Mary Joseph
Musgrave Jno. Baptiste
Breezie Joseph
Louisa Joseph
W. Joseph
Philomen Jean Jacques
Crawford Joseph
Arthur Jones
Melanie Joseph
Stephan Joseph
Ernestine Joseph
F. A Leslie
Everline Lewis
Alice Laville
Alexander Larocque
Jno. Baptiste Lawrence
Eva and M. Lafond
Eva Laidlow
Mabel Lawrence
Everlina Leroy
Brunette Lawrence
Charles Lee
Emeline M eulon
R.S. Mitchel
,Z.E. Maglo're
Eva Marcelle
Olivia Matdhew
Mrs. R.S. Miitchel

Name of Owner

C s'?/^



Land & House Tax, 1949 (cont.)
1 house, 1 outhouse, Rodney Street
1 house. Bay Street
I lot, Rodney Street [St.
1 lot, 1 house, 1 outhouse, Pembroke
1 outhouse, Bay Street
1 house, Hillsboro Street
1 outhouse, Upper Lane
do Bay Street
2 outhouses, Bay Street
1 house, Holland Street
1 lot, Bay Street
1 house, 1 outhouse, Harbour Lane
1 house. Bay Street
1 outhouse, Harbour Lane
1 lot, Bedford Street
1 lot, 1 house, 1 outhouse, Bay Street
1 house, 1 lot, Bedford Street
1 lot, Bedford Street
2 houses, Harbour Lane
1 house, 1 outhouse, Rodney Street
1 lot, Upper Lane
,, Bay Street
1 house, Lagoon
1 house, 1 outhouse, Egmont Street
1 outhouse, Pembroke Street
Bedford Street
1 house, Grandby Street [St.
2 houses, 1 lot, 1 outhouse, Pembroke
1 lot, Bay Street
Harbour Lane
1 house, 1 lot, Harbour Lane [St.
,, ,, 3 outhouses, Sandwich
1 house, 1 outhouse, Lagoon
1 ,, Scott Street [Lane
2 houses, 1 lot, 1 outhouse, Harbour
1 house, Lagoon
Rodney Street
Rollo Street
1 lot. Egmont Street
1 house, Pembroke Street
Harbour Lane
Bay Street
1 lot, Bay Street
to. do
,, Pembroke Street
1 lot, Rollo Street
,, Scott Street
,, Bay Street
,, Upper Lane
1 house, Harbour Lane
1 lot, Harbour Lane
1 house, Rodney Street

Name of Owner

Ason Magloire
Z.E. Magloire
Virginia Magloire
Dorcas Montrose
Eliza Magloire
John Maglire
Civilia Matthew
Josephine Magloire
Eldica Magloire
Mrs. R.S. Mitchel
Z.E. Magloire
Joseph Nelson
Cyrille Nelson
George Noel
Est. J. A. Peter
J F. Phipps
Haywood Powell
C.A. Paul
Philomen Peter
Mann Pierre
Emilta Peter
Francis Paul
Stanley Parillon
H.A. Powell
Rachel Phillip
G.E. Peter
Lucia Quetelle
Octavia Quetelle
Leonora Quetelle
Charles Rolle
Mary Richard
Margaret Silcott
Simeon Simon
Agnes Toule
Simon Toussaint
Henry Toussaint
Richard Thomas
lonie Toussaint
Ermancia Victor
Thomas Veret
J.V. Wallace
M.A. Wayland
Vaines Wallace
Virginia Wayland
Jeremiah Wayland
Loderick Wallace
Rosabel Wallace
Lance Wayland
Friendly Wallace
Joseph William,
Joseph William

A. BWllARIE -Acting Provost Marshal.

No. 106.
His Excellency the Governor has been pleased to give his assent to the undermen-
tioned Ordinances which have been passed by the Legislative Council of this Colony: -
No I of 1952. An Ordinance to amend the Diplomatic Privileges Ordinance, 1948.
No 2 of 1952. An Ordinance to amend further the Provisions Ordinance, 1944.
No 3 of 1952. An Ordinance to ameni the Wireless Telegraphy Ordinance, 1951,
No. 4 of 1952. An Ordinance to authorize the establishment of School Cadet Corps.
897/51 By Order.
DOMINICA Gowernment Secretary.
Printed at the BULLETIN OFFICE, Roseau,-By Authority



I assent. W, MACMILLAN,
18th April, 1952 Deputy to the Acting Governor.
(Gazetted 12th May, 1952)
Be it enacted by the Legislature of Dominica, as follows:-
1. This Oidinance may be cited as the
ORDINANCE. 1952,. Short title
and shall be read as one with the Diplomatic Privileges Ord. 12/1948
Ordinance. 1948, as amended (hereinafter referred to as the 8/095o
principal Ordinance'
2. Part II of the Schedule to the principal Ordinance is
hereby amended by substituting for the title thereof the
following :-
Immunities and Privileges of representatives, mem-
bers of committees, high officers and persons on
3. Part IV of the Schedule to the principal Ordinance is
hereby amended by substituting for the title thereof and
paragraph I respectively the following:-
Immunities and privileges of Official staffs and of
high officers families
1. Where any person is entitled to any such immunities
and privileges as are mentioned in Part II of this Schedule
as a representative on any organ of the organisation or a
member or any committee of the organisation or of an organ
thereof, his official staff accompanying him as such a repre-
sentative or member shall also he entitled to those immunities
and privileges to the same extent as the retinue of an envoy
of a foreign sovereign Power accredited to His Majesty is
entitled to the immunities and privileges accorded to the
?assed this 30th day of January, 1952.
594/46 Clerk of the Legislative Council.

Pr nted at the Bulletin Otffice, Roseau, by Authority.
IPrice Id.]




1 assent W. MACMILLAN
18th April, 1952. Deputy to the Acting Gove rnor,


(Gazetted 12th May, 1952)
BE it enacted by the Legislature of Dominica as
1. This Ordinance may be cited as the
and shall be read as one with the Pensions Ordinance, Ords. Ns.
1944, as amended, (hereinafter referred to as the prin- 9 of 1941
cipal Ordinance.) of
19 2. Regulation 28 (a) of the Pensions Regulations, Amendment
1944, contained in the First Schedule to the principal oun 28 t(
Ordinance is hereby amended by deleting the full stop
atIthe end thereof and adding the fol owing :--
in excess of ten years, until the maximum
of four-hundred--and--eighty seven--hun-
dred--and--twentieths is reached".
3. This Ordinance shall bedeemed to have come Commence-
into operation on the 25th day of September, 1944.

Passed this 25th day of March, 1952.
1480/50 Clerk of the Legislative Council'

Printed at the Bulletin Office, Roseau. by Authority
[ /Pr ice Id.]


I assent W. MAC.\VILLAN
18th April, 1952. Deputy to the Acting Governor.

[Gazetted 12th May, 1952]
BE IT ENACTED by the Legislature of Dominica
as follows:-
1. This Ordinance may be cited as the
ANCE, 1952. Short Title
and shall be read as one with the Wireless Telegraphy Ord No.
Ordinance, 1951, (hereafter referred to as the principal 9/i951
2. Subsection (4) of section 5 of the principal Repeal and
Ordinance is hereby repealed and in place thereof the r plsac n
following shall have effect:- (4) of prin-
(4) "Regulations made under this section cipal Ordin-
may impose penalties for breaches thereof
not exceeding ninety-six dollars".
3. Subsection (1) of section 9 of the principal Amendment
Ordinance is hereby amended by deleting the words (f section 9
(1) of prin-
"or any of the regulations made thereunder" occurring cipal Ordin-
in the second and third lines thereof. ance.
Passed this 22nd day of February, 1952.
70/1950 Clerik of the Legislative Council.

Printed at the Bulletin Office, Roseau, by Authority,
[Price ld.]

1952 CADET COriPS 0 D 4 4

18th April, 1952 Deputy to the Acting Governor

(Gazetted 12th May, ;952).
BE IT ENACTED by the Legis'ature of Dominica
as follows :-
1 This Ordinince may be cited as the
2. In this Ordinance the express n "local forces" Short 'line
means any locally established Regular or Volunteer Inteipreta-
force, including the Police Force. tion
3. The Governor may authorize the formation of
boys over twelve years of are who are attending school Fonnrti n
of Cadet
into school cadet corps, and may authorize suen corps Corps
or any portion thereof to be attached to any established
local forces for the purpose of any special training.
4. The Governor shall appoint the officers of cadet
corps with such rank as he shall think necessary. Appoint
ment of
5, The Governor in Council may make regulations OtEiers
governing the formation, organization and adminis- Regulations
tration of school cadet corps.
Passed this 22nd day of February, 1U52
897/51. Clerk of the Legislative Council.

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