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Official gazette - Dominica
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p ubi i5b rb b p -utbaoritr.


Government Notices.

Administrator's Ofice,
21st May, 1951.
Applications aie invited for the post of
Engineer -Draughtsman. Public Works
Department, St. Kitts Nevis Anguilla.
Particulars of the post are as follows:
SALARY $2880x 120 $S)10 per annum,
plus temporary Cost of Living Allow-
ance at the rate of $480 per annum.
Quarters are not provided.
years probation. TaE appointment is
during pleasure and subject to the
Regulations for His Majesty's Colonial
Service and Statutory Rules and Or-
ders in force.
DUTIES: General construction engin-
eering drawing, preparation of esti-
mates, taking out quantities, making
up specifications, superintending
any kind of construction work in
the field and any similar duties as
Applications giving full details of quali-
fications and experience, which should
include at least three years experience in
drawing offices of some recognized engine -
eering firm, accompanied by not less than
two testimonials and a photograph of
applicant, should be addressed to His
Honour the Administrator, St. Kitts Nevis
Anguilla to reach not later than the
15th June, 1951.
By Order.
Clerk to the Administrator
Administrator's Office,
St. Kitts Nevis Ag uilla.
7th May, 1951


J, MONDAY, JUNE 4, 1951. No. 28

Administrator's Office,
26th May, 1951.
It is notified for general information
that the Secretary of State for the Colon-
ies has selected Mr. F. C. CATCHPOLE,
M.S.M., a Deputy Controller in the Minis-
try of Labour and National Service, for
appointment as Labour Adviser to the
Development and Welfare Organisation,
West Indies in succession to Mr. C. W.
Burrows, C.B.E.
Mr. CATCHPOLE is expected to arrive in
Barbados about the 23rd of June, 1951.

Administrator's Office,
28th May, 1951.
IT is notified for general information
that the Secretary of State for the Colonies
has notified His Excellency the Governor
that the king will not be advised to exer.
cise His Majesty's power of disallowance
with respect to the undermentioned Ordin-
ance passed by the Legislative Council of
No. 23 of 1950. "An Ordinance to
amend the Boy Scouts Association Ordin-
ance, 1950."

Administrator's Office,
2nd June. 1951.
ON THE 7th JUNE, 1951.

1. 09.00 hours His Honour arrives at
Saluting Base. 'Union Jack' is
broken and General Salute is given.
(First half of National Anthem is


\ ~ II

e* r


2. His Honour inspects Parade and
returns to Saluting Base.
3. Troops March Past' in column and
return to origin l position.
4. His Honour moves four paces to the
left and turns facing Saluting Base
(Union Jack is lowered).
5. Ryal Stan lard' is broken. Troops
give Royal Salute (whole verse of
National Anthem is played).
6. His Honour faces Parade.
7, Troops fire ".Feu de Joie".
After 1st volley st half-verse Na-
tional Anthem played.
After 2nd volley -2nd half-verse Na-
tional Anthem played.
After 3rd volley -Whole of 1st verse
is played.
8. Troops will fix bayonets and give
Royal Salute (Whole of Ist verse of
National Anthem is played).
9. Troops will Order Arms' and remove
10. His Honour calls three cheers for His
Majesty the King (Troops replace
11. Troops will Siope Arms' and give
Royal Salute a- the Royal Standard
is being lo vered. (Whole verse of
National Anthem is played).
12. 'Union Jack' is raised -His Honour
returns to Saluting Base.
13. Troops will give General Salute and
then Order Arms'.
14. His Honour leaves.
15. Troops March Off -Band leading.
By Order,
Acting Government Secretary.

Administrator's Office.
4th June, 1951
It is hereby notified for general inform-
ation that a meeting of the Ligislative
Council of this Colony will be held at the
Court House Roseau. on Wednesday the
20th June. 1951. at 11 a m.

Administrator's office,
4th June, 1951.
His Excellency the Governor has been
pleased to give his assent to the under-
mentioned Ordinance which has been
passed by the Legislative Council of this
No 1 of 1951. An Ordinance to makes
to implement an agreement with the
Colonial Development Co-oporation for
the construction, maintainance and oper-
ation of Hydro-Electric Works in the
Colony of Dominicn.

;ETTE, MONDAY, JUNE 4, 1951.

1st June, 1951.
Dr MORRIS Veterinary Surgeon of the
Windward Islands is on a visit to Dominica
and will be here for a few days.
Persons willing to consult Dr. MORRIS
about Livestock Problems may make
appointments through the Agricultural
Superintendent of Agriculture

The many people who have visited Nel.
son's Dockyard in English Harbour in
recent years will be interested to know
that steps are at last being taken to repair
its buildings, anJ to put the Dockyard to
practical use.
A Society of the Friends of English
Harbour has recently neen established in
Antigua under the im;irnage if th,
Governor of the Leewara Island?; ain it is
hoped that a branch of the Society will
shortly be set up in the United Kingdom.
The aims of the Society are to repair the
buildings, and to keep the Dockyard in
good order, and to develop its facilities
for the use of visiting yachts
Like the Societies of Friends set up in
England to assist in the maintenance of
English Cathedrals, this Society in Antigua
will have a continuing existence. Ithores
from time to time to undertake various
activities which will help it to achieve its
aims. The first of these activities is
planned for 1952- a Caribbean Cruise for
yachts, sailing from Barbados and work-
ing their way up through the Eastern
Caribbean to finish their cruise in Nelson's
The Society is faced with a formidable
task. The buildings in the Dockyard were
surveyed in 1948 by the Senior Ancient
Monuments Architect of the British Minis-
try of Works, who estimated that it would
cost some 50,000 to carry out essential
repairs. The Society does not expect to
raise this vast sum of money overnight,
but it does hope to obtain sufficient sup.
port immediately to enable it to arrest
further decay, and to make a modest
start with repairs. It hopes that, as its
activities develop and as the Dockyard
becomes a centre for cruising yachts
it may gradually be able to tackle the
larger task of restoration.
Pending the first annual general meet.
ing of the Society a provisional Committee
has been established in Antigua under the
chairmanship of the Governor of the
Leeward Islands to direct the work of the


Membership of the Society is eper to all
people who have an interest in maintain-
ing this historic and romantic site. Appli-
cations for membership should be for-
warded to the Honorary Secretary of the
Society, Government House Antigua, with
a remittance as under:-

Subscribing Patrons......100 ($480-B.W.1,
or more
Life Friend...........25 ($120-B W.I.)
Annual Friend...... 1. 0. ($5-B.W.I.)
per annum.
Government House,
May, 1951.

Printed at the BULLETIN OFFICE, Roseau, by G. A. JAMES-By Authority



i I assent
4th April 1951. for Governor.

I Gazetted 4th June, 1951. 1
7IIEREAS the Government of Dominica has entered into
an Agreement with the Colonial Development Corporation
of No. 33 Dover Street, in the City of Westminster in England
for the construction, maintenance and operation of Hydro-Elec-
tric Works and Electric Generating and Distribution Systems
in this Colony.
AND WHEREAS the Legislature of this Colony approved
the said Agreement on the 15th day of Soptember, 1949.
AND WHEREAS the terms of the said Agreement are set
out in the Schedule to this Ordinance.
BE IT THEREFORE ENACTED by the Governor with
the advice and consent of the Legislative Council of Dominica
as follows:-
1. This Ordinance may be cited as the Short title.
2. In this Ordinance unless the context otherwise requires: Interpretation.
(1) authorizedd person" means any person duly
authorised by the Colonial Development Coruor-


ation to do any act for any of the purposes herein
(2) "the Corporation" means The Colonial Develop-
ment Corporation constituted and existing under
and by virtue of an Act of Parliament of the
United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern
Ireland and having its principal office or place
of business at No. 33 Dover Street in the City of
Westminster in England.
(3) "electricity" means electricity, electric voltage,
electric current, electric energy or any like agency.
(4) "electric line" means a wire or wires, conductor
or other means used for the purpose of conveying,
transmitting or distributing electricity, with any
casing, coating, covering, tube, pale, or insulator
enclosing, surrounding or supporting the same or
any part thereof or any apparatus connected there-
with for the purpose of conveying, transmitting
or distributing electricity.
(5) "Local Authority" means Tne Roseau Town
Council or any authority having municipal or ad-
ministrative jurisdiction over and within any area
for which any rights are conferred by this
(6) "works" means the works authorised by this
Ordinance and includes any hyJrranlic, electric,
mechanical, constructional lines, areas, works
buildings, machinery, appliances, engines, matter
or things of whatever description, required in
connection with the generation and supply of

Agreement to 3. The terms of the Agre:ement made b tv. en the Gov-
have the force of ernment of this Colony and the Colonial Development Corpcora-
law. tion shall have the force of law as if enacted in this Ordinance.

Corporation may 4. (1) The Corporation or any person or body acting
erect works on under its authority may--
land for purposes (a) erect or fix in, on, under or overhanging any
unddrtaking. land, any posts, wire, works or other apparatus
intended to be used in the installation or working
of the hydro-electric undertaking.
Provided that the Corporation shall first give
notice in writing to the owner or occupier of any
private land, if such owner or occupier can reason-
ably be ascertained or rost up such notice con-
spicuously on the land if the owner or occupier

cannot be ascertained, of his intention to erect or fix
thereon any such post, wire, works or other appara-
tus, and, if such owner or occupier shall, within
fourteen days from the service of such notice,
give notice in writing to tl e Corporation of his
objection thereto, the matter shall be referred to
the Governor and no entry shall be made on such
land for such purpose unless and until the Gov-
ernor in Council shall so direct;
(b) alter, substitute, repair or remove such post, wire,
works or other apparatus when so erected or fixed
as aforesaid at all times when, in the opinion of
the Corporation, the same may be necessary or

(2) Subject as aforesaid the Corporation or any
authorized person may enter upon any lan I and may-
(a) clear such land;
(b) dig the soil and remove the surface of such land,
(c) temporarily close or obstruct such land; and
(d) generally do all acts and things necessary for the
carrying into effect of any such purpose.

5. In the course of construction and for the more effective
working of the hydro-electric undertaking, the Corporation
shall have power, by their officers and agents duly authorised
for that purpose to enter upon and to cut an.d remove from any
public or private lands, any tree or any branch, bough or other
part of a tree growing on such lands within one hundred feet
of any main or sub-main used for conducting electricity and
which may tend to interfere with, endanger or otherwise pre-
judicially affect the working of the undertaking; but no such
officer or duly authorised agent of the Corporation shall, except
with the consent of the occupier, enter upon any private lands
under the provisions of this section until after the expiration
of seven days' notice in writing given to the occupier of the
land or posted up conspicuously thereon.

Provided that where any condition exists which is danger- Proviso,
ous or is interrupting or threatening to interrupt, the supply
of electric energy to the distribution system or any part thereof,
the officer of the Corporation may immediately enter upon any
public or private lands and take whatever action is necessary to
establish safe conditions and/or ensure the continuity of the
supply of electric energy, without the consent or knowledge of
the owner. Wherever the officers of the Corporation take
action under the terms of this proviso the Corporation shall
inform the owner of the action taken within 3 days thereof.

Cutting trees
and boughs.

ORD 1 3






Lopping of trees
so as to cause

Unlawful and
malicious dam-


Tapping or tanm
poring of

Liability of

6. Any person who obstructs or attempts to obstruct the
Corporation or any authorised person in the lawful perform-
ance of any of the powers conferred by section four or five of
this Ordinance shall be guilty of an offence and shall be liable
on summary conviction to a fine not exceeding two hundred
and forty dollars or to imprisonment with or without hard
labour for a period not exceeding six months.

7. (1) Compensation for any tree cut, any building, grow-
ing crop or other private property injured or destroyed in
consequence of any act lawfully done in pursuance of the powers
conferred by this Ordinance, shall be paid by the Corporation
to the owner or other person interested in such tree, building,
crop or other property.
(2) The amount of such compensation, if the same
cannot be agreed upon shall be determined by two arbitrators,
one to be appointed by the Corporation and the other by the
owner or person interested and in the event of their disagree-
ment, by an umpire to be chosen by such arbitrators.

8. The owner or person in charge of any private land who
maliciously or carelessly fells, lops or trims any tree so as to
cause damage to any post, wire or other apparatus erected or
fixed for the Hydro-electric undertaking shall be guilty of an
offence and shall in addition to any penalty that may be imposed
on him, be liable to pay the expenses of remedying the damage
so caused.

9. Any person who unlawfully and maliciously cuts.
breaks, throws down, destroys, injures or removes any wire,
post, or other matter or thing whatsoever being part of or being
used or employed in or about the hydro-electric undertaking
shall be liable on summary conviction to imprisonment with or
without hard labour for a period not exceeding two years.

10. Any person who maliciously or fraudulently abstracts
or consumes or uses any electricity shall be guilty of larceny
and shall be liable on summary conviction to imprisonment with
or without hard labour for a period not exceeding two years.

11. Any person, not being duly authorised by the Corpor-
ation, who taps or tampers with the electricity supply system
or diverts any portion thereof to any improper or unauthorised
purpose shall be guilty of an offence and shall be liable to the
same punishment as if he had been convicted of larceny under
section ten of this Ordinance.

12. Any consumer who wilfully or fraudulently, or by
culpable negligence, injures or suffers to be injured any electric
line, meter or other apparatus belonging to the Corporation or


alters the index of any meter, or prevents any meter from duly
registering the quantity of energy supplied or fraudulently
abstracts, consumes or uses electric energy of the Corporation,
shall (without prejudice to any other right or remedy for the
protection of the Corporation or the punishment of the offender)
for every such offence, be liable to a penalty not exceeding One
hundred and twenty dollars and to a further penalty not exceed-
ing twenty-four dollars for every day after the first day during
which such offence continues; and the Corporation may,
in addition thereto, recover from such consumer the amount
of any damage by them sustained, and in any case in
which any consumer has wilfully or fraudulently injured or
suffered to be injured any electric line, meter or fittings belong-
ing to the Corporation or altered the index to any meter or
prevented any meter from duly registering the quantity of
energy supplied, the Corporation may also, until the matter
complained of has been remedied, but no longer, discontinue
the supply of electricity to the consumer so offending (notwith-
standing any agreement or contract previously existing); and
the existence of artificial means for causing such alteration or
prevention or for fraudulently abstracting, consuming or using
electricity of the Corporation, when such meter is under the
custody or control of the consumer, shall be prima facie evidence
that such alteration, prevention, abstraction or consumption
as the case may be has been fraudulently, knowingly and wilfully
caused by the consumer using such meter.

13. Any officer appointed by the Corporation may, at all
reasonable times, enter any premises to which electricity is or
has been supplied by the Corporation, in order to inspect the
electric lines, meters, accumulators, fittings, works and apparatus
for the supply of electricity belonging to the Corporation, and
for the purpose of ascertaining the quantity of electricity con-
sumed or supplied, or where a supply of electricity is no longer
required, or where the Corporation is authorised to take away
and cut off the supply of electricity from any premises, for the
purpose of removing any electric lines, meters, accumulators,
fittings, works or apparatus belonging to the Corporation:
Provided that the Corporation shall repair all damage caused
by such entry, inspection or removal. And Provided further
that should anyone wilfully and maliciously place or erect any-
thing which impedes or hinders the easy entry, inspection, main-
tenance or removal of their property the Corporation shall
remove same at the cost of the occupier of the premises and
shall not be responsible for any damage caused by such removal.

14. Where any electric lines, meters, accumulators, fittings,
works or apparatus belonging to the Corporation are placed in or
upon any premises not being in the possession of the Corpora-
tion for the purpose of supplying electricity, such electric lines,

Power of entry
for ascertaining
quantity of elec-
tricity consumed

Electric lines etc.
notl to be subject
to distress etc. In
certain cases.


ORD 1 5



meters, accumulators, fittings, works, or apparatus shall not be
subject to distress or to the landlord's remedy for rent of the
premises where the same may be, nor to be taken in execution
under any process of a Court of Justice, or under any proceed-
ing in bankruptcy or insolvency, against the person in whose
possession the same may be.

Recovery of 15. If any person or persons, local authority, or company
Charges. neglect to pay within two months any charge for electricity or
any other sum due from them to the Corporation in respect of
the supply of electricity, the Corporation may cut off such
supply, and for that purpose may cut or disconnect any electric
line or other work through which electricity may be supplied,
and may, until such charge .or other sum, together with any
expenses incurred by the Corporation in cutting off such supply
of electricity as aforesaid, is fully paid, but no longer, discon-
tinue the supply of electricity to such person or persons, local
authority or company.

Rules. 16. (1) After consultation with the Corporation and after
considering any representations made by the Corporation or by
any other interested party the Governor in Council may make
rules :
(2) For the protection of consumers and of the public
generally against personal injury or damage to
property and for the testing and inspection of
electrical wiring fittings or apparatus.
(b) to ensure the provisions of a regular supply of
electricity and the due fulfilment by the Corpora-
tion of the obligations undertaken by it under the
terms of the Schedule hereto and to provide for
such modifications as may be appropriate in the
event of any partial or temporary failure of the
supply through Act of God, war, accident, indus-
trial dispute, failure of machinery, or any other
cause beyond the control of the Corporation.
(c) To provide for such enquiries as may be necessary
in connection with the matters mentioned in para-
graphs (a) and (b) of this subsection.
(2) All such rules shall be published in the Gazette
and shall have the f--ree and effect of law.

Penalties. 17. Any such rule may impose penalties for offences
against the same, or for failure or omission to observe or comply
with the provisions of the same or any of them, such penalties
not to exceed twenty-four dollars for each offence, with or with-
out further penalties for continuing offences, not exceeding,
for any continuing offence, two dollars and forty "ents for every
day during which the offence continues.



18. All losses, damages or injuries caused by the Corpor-
ation, their officers, agents, or contractors either in the construc-
tion, operation or maintenance of the works contemplated by
this Ordinance to any property of the Crown, the Government
or the Roseau Town Council, shall be paid by the Corporation.

19. The Corporation shall be answerable for all damages
and injuries caused through the fault or negligence of the
Corporation or of any person in their employment, by reason
of or in consequence of any of the Corporation's works and
shall save harmless all authorities, companies, bodies or persons
by whom any street or road is repairable from all damage and
costs in respect of those damages and injuries.

Damages to public

responsible for
all damage.

20. Nothing in this Ordinance shall exonerate the Cor- Nuisances.
portion from any indictment, action or other proceedings for
nuisance in the event of any nuisance being caused or permit-
ted by them.

21. Any person found guilty of an offence against this Penalty.
Ordinance for which no special penalty is provided by this
Ordinance shall be liable on summary conviction to a fine not
exceeding one hundred and twenty dollars or to imprisonment
with or without hard labour for a period not exceeding six

Passed this 28th day of March. 1951.


:Clerk of the Legislative Council

ORD Ir 7

; 1951



Terms of the Agreement between the Government of
Dominica and the Colonial Development Corporation.
t. is agreed as follows:-

1. The Government shall grant and the Corporation shall
accept an Exclusive Franchise to generate, transmit, dis-
tribute and sell electric energy in Dominica on the follow
ing terms and conditions:-
(a,) The Franchise shall continue in force for eighty years,
comprising "first", "second" and "third" periods
of 30 years, 25 years and 25 years, respectively, on
the following terms and conditions:-
(i) For the "first"' period on the terms and
conditions contained in the agreement.
(ii) For the "second' period at such revised
Statutory maximum lighting rate and such
revised statutory maximum power rate and
such revised maximum charges for street
lighting service as may be agreed between
the Corporation and Government or local
Authorities or failing agreement as may bk
established by arbitration as provided for
under Clause 1 (q) herein; and in all other
respects on the terms and conditions of the
"first" period.
(iii) For the "third" period on such terms and
conditions as the parties may agree or fail-
ing agreement as may be established by
arbitration as provided for under Clause 1
(q) herein.
PROVIDED THAT:-The Government may by giving to the
Corporation not later than three years before the end of the
"second" period notice in writing of its intention so to do
purchase at the end of the "second" period the whole under-
taking including all land, buildings, plant, equipment, trans-
mission, distribution and service lines, meters, spare parts,
stores and appurtenances used for or in connection with the
Corporation's electricity supply operations in Dominica, for
the actual physical value at that time without any addition for
compulsory purchase, goodwill or actual or potential profits:
and thereafter revoke the franchise as from the end of the
"second" period.
(b) The "Appointed Day" shall be a day to be
agreed upon and fixed by the Government and


8 1951


Corporation as the day on which, after examina-
tion of delivery dates of machinery and equip-
ment and allowing a reasonable time for con.
struction, the Corporation is ready to start
(c) The Corporation shall have power to harness
water power throughout Dominica at such
sites as Government reserves for public electricity
supply purposes whether on Crown or private
lands without payment for water rights. Provid-
ed that this shall not affect the use of existing
water wheels or hydraulic turbines by their own-
ers nor the right of anyone to use the power of
that part of any river within the confines of his
property, where this has not previously been
reserved for public electricity supply purposes.

(d) The Government shall reserve for the generation
of electric energy by hydro-electric works for
public electricity supply purposes all the Water
Power Rights of the Roseau and Mural Rivers
and their tributaries from their sources to a point
one mile down stream from the confluence of the
two rivers, below the waterfalls and no develop-
ment for any other purpose of those stretches
of the above Rivers and their tributaries shall
be allowed.
(e) Whenever requested by the Corporation the Gov-
ernment shall acquire under the provisions of the
Land Acquisition Act or any other Act passed
for the purpose any land reasonably required by
the Corporation, for intakes, tanks, pipe-tracks,
poles, transmission lines, power stations, access
roads and all over appurtenances of hydro-electric
and other electricity generating plants, sub-
stations, transmission lines and distribution
systems and shall transfer the freehold thereof to
the Corporation at the actual cost of Acquisition.

(f) Whenever requested by the Corporation the Gov-
ernment shall transfer free of cost to the Cor-
poration the freehold in any Crown Land requir-
ed by the Corporation for intakes, tanks, pipe-
tracks, poles, transmission lines, power stations,
'access roads and all other appurtenances of hydro-
electric and other electricity generating plants,
sub-stations, transmission lines and distribution

1 9


(g) The Corporation shall have the power to run pipe-
lines, poles, transmission lines and distribution
systems along the Public Roads of the Colony
without payment of way leaves, fees or any other
charges. Provided that any excavation or any
other disturbance of the road surface shall be re-
instated by the Corporation to the satisfaction of
the Director of Works and in the case of roads
or streets in the Town of Roseau to the satisfac-
tion of the Roseau Town Council. Provided fur-
ther that in the exercise of this power within the
limits of the Municipality of Roseau, the Corpora-
tion shall consult with the Town Council as to the
routes of the lines. Provided further that in the
exercise of this power in all other areas the cor-
poration shall consult with the Director of Works.
(h) The Government shall admit free of all Customs
or other duties and Landing Tax all plant, equip.
ment and materials for the construction, main-
tenance and operation of hydro-electric and other
electricity generating plants, transmission, and
distribution systems, office supplies and equip-
ment, buildings, consumer services and other ap-
purtenances of electricity supply systems used for
public electricity supply purposes. Provided that
this exemption shall not apply to plant, equipment
or appliances imported for re-sale or rent.
(i) The Government shall not impose any tax on
electric energy to be paid by the Corporation and
any tax imposed by the Government on electric
energy shall be paid by the Consumer. Provided
that no such tax shall be imposed during the first
15 years computed from the Appointed Day, nor
at any time at a rate which will have the effect
of unreasonably restricting the use by the public
of electric energy for any purpose.
(j) The Government shall s2ll to the Corporation
those parts of the existing D.C. distribution system
in Roseau which in the opinion of the Corporation
can be incorporated in the new A.C. distribution
system, at a price based on the fair market value
at the time of purchase after making allowance
for the cost of modification required for A.C. work-
ing. In the event of failure to agree as to price
the matter shall be settled by arbitration.
(k) The Government shall improve and complete the
roads to Laudat and to the Power station site
below the Roseau River Falls to minimum standard
for lorry traffic and maintain them at this standard.

1 1951


(1) The Corporation shall construct, install and put
into service on or before the "Appointed Day"-
(i) A. Hydro-electric generating plant compris-
ing head and intake works at the exit from
the "second gorge" of the Roseau River, a
pipeline and penstock therefrom to a slDcted
site below the falls on the right bank (look-
ing down stream of the Roseau River), and a
power house on this site containing Two-320
K.V. hydro-electric generating sets with
switchgear, step-up transformers and all other
necessary equipment, and having thereon
space for the installation of a third 320 K.W.
generating set or other suitable plant in the
(ii) An 11,000 volts 3 phase overhead main trans-
mission line to Roseau constructed to British
Standard Specification No. 1320 of 1946, and
branch 11.000 volts transmission lines extend-
ing north to CanefieleL and South to Loubiere
of a single phase or 3 phase construction, at
the Corporation's choice, and built to British
Standard Specification 1320 of 1946.
(iii) Suitable step-down transformers and over-
head distribution lin s to give a public elec-
tricity supply service for industrial, com-
mercial and domestic lighting and power, and
the lighting of public streets and roads in the
following areas:-
(a) Compulsorily in an agreed schedule of
roads and streets in Roseau and its
(b) By agre mownt in other areas according to
demand for service subject to prospective
users of Government undertaking to take
or pay for or guarantee a minimum con-
sumption of energy, the not revenue from
which represents a reasonable return on
the capital cost of the mains and appar-
atus required to provide the service.
;iv) The Declared Voltage for domestic and light-
ing supply shall be 230 volts and this shall
be maintained by the Corporation within
plus 4% and minus 8% measured at the con-
sumers' terminals.
v ) The "Declared Frequency" of supply shall
be 50 cycles per second and this shall be
maintained within plus 3% and minus 3%.



ORD 1 1


(vi) The system of distribution shall be 3 phase
4 wire for 400 volts between phases and 230
volts between line and neutral, single phase
3 wire for 460 volts between lines and -230
volts line to neutral, the neutral in each case
being earthed; or single phase 2 wire for 230
volts between lines, with one line earthed
and designated "the neutral" all these sys-
tems to be used, the choice in each particular
case being by the Corporation according to
load conditions and the most economical
method of supply.
Provided that any consumer may under
special contract with the Corporation take
a supply direct from the H.T. Transmission
system and step this down in his own trans-
formers, and for his exclusive use, to any
voltage of his own choice.
(m) The Corporation shall be entitled to charge the
following "Statutory Maximum Rates":-
( i ) Statutory Lighting Rate 24c. per unit during
the first 4 years from the "Appointed Day"
reducing thereafter by Ic. per unit each year
until the price shall be 20c. per unit. There-
after the maximum price shall be 20c. per
unit. Minimum monthly charge shall be
$1.00. There shall be no charge for meter
(ii ) "Statutory:Power Rate" applicable to indus-
trial power installations having more than
5 h.p. of electric meters installed:-A Ser-
vice charge of $1.00 per month per K.W.
capacity of all meters and appliances con-
nected (portable appliances being counted
as connected and each H.P. of meter name-
plate rating being calculated as % K.W.)
plus 6c. per unit consumed during the first
3 years from the "Appointed Day" reducing
to 5c. per unit thereafter.
(n) The Corporation shall enter into contracts with
Government or Local Authorities to provide a
street lighting service including the provision of
street lighting fittings and lamps at an agreed
schedule of monthly charges per lamp according to
the size and type computed on the basis of not
more than 8c. per unit for energy consumed for
all night lighting plus reasonable charges for hire
and maintenance of fittings and lamp renewals,
with a guaranteed minimum annual revenue. In
the event of failure to agree to a schedule of