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Title: The Belize weekly newsletter
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S> JAN 12 19671

BELIZE CITY P.. .Box 324.

::o. 50 T ******- Up to 12th December, 19-6.


The General Revenue Ap;ropriation Ordinance for 1967 was passed by
the House of Representatives on Triday.

.At 18.6 million the 1i967 Buiget is :4.C million more than the
166 provisional figure.

The largest allocation $5,000,000 has ben earmarked for ex-
oen Iiiture on Public WJorks. On Education, a record of $2.5 million will be
;pent. The Medical and He:alth Services get $1.5 million.

Salaries for government employees will claim '3.9 million an in-
crease of some $700,000 occasioned by the increases introduced during the
present year.

The Bill was passed without a di::senting vote, following nearly
four hours of debate.

Contingency Fund

Tabled, in accordance with an "" rl.l-r pledge by the Premier was
the Report on the Tri .rtite ,Economic Survey carried out last May by a
team of experts from thie TUnite- Kingdom, the United States of America and

Tn another action -the house vote, d to establish a contingency fund
of .250,000 to be administered by the Mini.-ter of Finance. The money
would be applied for authorizing revotes on tho capital budget in order
that particular works pr-eviously approved %:y the Legislature,may be duly
executed within the estimated cost previously approved by the House.

Under the mesu*e the Minister of Finance is now authorized to
sanction additional expenditures nf up to .'50,000 wherever such expendi-
ture does not involve breach of regulation or raise a question of prin-
Tightening TTp

The motion also authorizes the allocation of funds between vari-
ous subheads of a head of expenditure.

The Committee of Supply will now be meeting three times a year.
'he Public Accounts Committ-,e has now b-:en directed to look into excess
axpeiniture, irregularity, waste and other forces of poor administration in
addition to its present duties.

This new arrangement have the effect of bringing financial control
r.ore into the hand of the House of Repre-entatives where, in keeping with
our constitutional adv-nce., it should be.

The House of R-epresentatives meets aSain on December 16th.
,-^ A g __


A hundred thousand dollars h-as b m n proved for improvements to
the southern highw-y. Work' i : to commence. shortly.

This was revealed on Friday in the '-ouse by Public works Minister,
the Hon Hector Silv.. The Minister was replying to comments by Represen-
tative Charles Martinez about the insolation of the Toledo district.

Commuters from the Toledo district have been spending up to seven-
teen hours on the trip to Belize City by boat. J'ith the improved road
connection, travelling time will be reduced by more than half.



The 500 ft. extenston to the runway at the Belize International
Airport is to be opened on December 14th.

The inauguration will take place in the presence of Mr Harry Jay,
Canadian High c ormissioner to Jamaica who trill be visiting Belize in
connection with the -Tripartite Survey Report an-: other C-nadian Technical
Assistance projects.

.G-overnment h-as given the airport :covlopment high priority as an
aid to the imnnrovement of extc:rnal communications. With the extension m
medium size jets will be commencing scheduled commercial flights between
Belize and the U.S-.A.


Fifty seven youths were awarded :duation certificates' by the
Belize Technical College on Thursday.

The feature address was delivered by Prrmier George Price.

Before a people can b-come a nation, he stressed, they must first
be of one mind about first things. In the case of Belize these are
one identity, one nation, one constitution, one democracy and one govern-

In a democracy, he went on, no citizen is deprived of his or her
right and there is room for debate and -a o.i'erence Of views about econo-
mic organization, devr-lopment and social policy .

*oe must wor' hard to attain the independence of Belize and there-
after we watch eternally to -sep Belize frr- and prosperous and as a one
people e upholding our Belizean constitution, maintaining peace and order
under the rule of law.

The address ended with this exhortation.

"Graduates of the Belize Technical College and all our Belizean.
graduates: your duty as good Belizeans is to serve your country and its
good people' and your service will be mighty and will prevail if truth a.nd
reality order your every day, all the way."

The Chair;lin for the occasion was the Acting Chief Education
Officer, Mr Joseph 2lackett. The cert:.-icates were presented by the Hon-
ourable M'rs. Lizarraga, Minist'r of Education.

.TT.1A. o_ (, T T Tr

The Sugar Can- Tne.r.:-_s' -'Association (A. ; ,-nt) Aill and the
Sugar In,-uustry (Control '.:-n;,-int 'ill) -uere pa~;d without a dissenting
vote by the Senate' on 'ur-:-dr. y.

First ". .':.r in th-: bo,- te was San-to;r JTus Ken who t-aced the
growth of the surar in--'utr.y n B~1 lize from its inception to the present
day. He wrs su-?porting the) ills, h.e sai, c.u. in the measures be-
fore the Senate, .Dovernment wr s see'kin:L to cor rectC as hc put it, "cer-
tain anomalies" in the ine.u-.try.

Following Sen-tor Je,,us -en, Sen- tor 7.TH3. Leslie, saw the ills
-s me-sures to strengthen the industry.

Fe.r Expressed.

Since -tI Cne rne .rr'.rs Assoc-.tion i- h:coaming big business, he
urged, its staff anl mran~gn,:ln sho~nl b- tr.ine in educ..tion, economics
nnd nlements of Iw,. Thi-' t1-e of !-hin' oull C-.d to renterr ef icincy.

O-nnoition sen-tor I-'inal!d '., .: su--m 'o-:t.: thc Bill but ex-
p'ressed fear 'h,.ut the no-r,' it p~opo':o.: :.-ivin-. Minister of iatur
n'esources in r .. .ul- tinny. the t'.nrth of t'' rinli.. s-- on.

"I envi-'.nge e 'iei"ncy in the bu .ina.. o- the Cne .arm lrs'
Association after the -pasage o. th- c :-n,.-'.ints" sai- Sen.tor Snnuel P.
Vernon. If thr-ce proved to be oned fIr f)!rth.-r ,.lend:.:nt; arising from
the operation of the new rs esuroe th:-. .'w could b? jrou ht back to the

An End To Division

_puinc for San rnd to cr~iiion amon the c--ne .rn rs, Senator
Courteney said if th--re -'.as not -n ., to tho ts division administration
of tho industry would be further cov-:.ic.ted.

When he intervened Son-tor T-arssock' ch r tedr that government had
created in unpl'-.,sant -.tmoslphere for the cane firmr rs when it guaranteed
loans from the TBanh-. N'ow, he .rent on, district f:rm-rs had ex-
tended their cane ields, a it w'.s u p to the ;o-I:rn:ant to solve the
problems of 'n.r1-ting.

Winding up the debate, Sen-tor J*Tmes Me th nkJed his colleagues
for-their support of the Bill.

Earlier, the Joha's Collece Atenc'..nt Bill -.ras re-d 'for a
first time.

The Sen -te mets ,"ain on Decem;b or 13th.

4250,000 IEAT %AC.IN.- PL ERI CO:L'LT1 TN

The Construction of an abatoir by Belize ie t Pac?-:rs Limited near
the Belize International Airport is moving ahead satisfacctorily.

A. report to this effect 7was ;iven the T"-i' of Represent-tives on
7ridny during the course of the debate on the b' -r;:t 'pe'ch.

A reporter who v' -ited the construction :;lte later said the buill-
ing which will hou;e the t!annry and *to:reroom has alr dy been completed.

/Te-.rly completed

Ne-rly completed is the abatoir and meat racking plant. This
building measures 30 ft. by 100 ft.

A delay in the arrival of some of the construction materials has
slowed down the timetable considerably.

50 Animals A Day

It is estim ted thpt fifty animals will be killed daily. While
the meat products will be available for sale locally, plans call for. Some
of tho products to he exported.

The plant will receive water from two underground wells dug by
the Company. Power will be supplied by the Belize Electricity Board.

The contractor is Mr Robprt Brown, a Jamaican National, who has
been residing in Belize for some time. Thirty seven Belizean workers,
skilled and unskilled, are engaged on the project.

According to Mr W. Ford Young, one of the sh :re holders, an esti-
mated $250,000 will be invested in the plant.


An Ad Hoc Planning Comnittee for Orange Walk Town has been
appointed by the Minister of Education, the Honourable Mrs Lizarraga.

In a press release issued last Wednesday the Minister disclosed
that Government has decided top priority should be given to the planning
and zoning of Orange Walk Town. Town Planners from the Department of
Housing and Planning are at pre-ent engaged with this undertaking.

The newly a-nointed committee will assist the Town Planners to
assess local needs and desires and to ensure -that the planning will re-
flect the wishes of the people of the area.

The Committee, said the release, represents a true-cross section
of persons living in and around Orange Walk Town. It is chaired by the
District Officer.

Members are the two District Representatives in the House of Re-
presentatives, the Honourpble Guadalupe Pech and lito Urbina; Mr Alejan-
dro Perez, representing the Town Board; the Revewrend Father Facundo
Castillo; Mr Victor Ayuso, Mr John A. Burns.; Mr Belizario Carballo; Mr
Gerald Smith and Mrs Sabina Laskott.


The Belize River Sawmill located at mile eight along the -n-orthern
highway, which recently cut its five millionth foot of timber in sixteen
months of operation, was visited on Tuesday afternoon by.the Premier, the
Hon. George Price.

Present to receive the Premier and conduct him on a twenty minute
tour of the establishment was the General Manager of the Belize Estate
and Produce Company here, Mr K.R. Fox.

The mill, developed in record time following the disastrous fire
in 1965 which levelled the former Bolize City mill, has been going flat
out to maintain the production rate of the old, f:,c:tory successfully.

/Approximately 40% of the

Approximately 401 o" the Coinrnany's export sal; o to the U.S.A. market,
makin a tan ible contribution to o'~r country's b -lnce of paynents posi-

"The company is ortun-te to have such :ine team of workers,"
IMr 'ox told a. rmporter aceomp'anyini the Premicr. Typical of the kind of
Belizean worlkr of which the General M anager rwas speaking are Mr William
August, senior national st the mill, r-Gorge Hamilton, who is a Saw Filer
and Roy Reed, the general foreman.

At present the mill is providing employment for about sixty men,

From The Bottom Of The Lagoon

Mr Price was able to see saving operations using logs reclaimed
from the bottom of the Hill Bank lagoon, sbme of which have been there
since 1928. Because of their water-logged condition these logs have had
to be brought to the capital by an unorthodox r,. thod by barge.

The mill itself, says our reporter, is a vintage steam driven
affair which, for -11 its age, works efficiently. Fuel for power is de-
rived from 'hog chips' which, when burnt in the huge furnace, provides
the steam to opra-te the machinery. Surplus hog chips are collected by
trucks which bring this traditional, cheap. and popular filling material
into Belize City to reclaim residential lots.

Speaking about other B.E.C. operations, Mr Fox said he antici-
pates a much bigger production effort at Hill Bank in 1967. Bad weather
this year had led to the contraction of field work. And in the south, in
the Independence area, Mr Vox said a total of four smaller scale mills
cutting pine and secondary hard woods are providing employment for more
than a hundred men.


Sixteen physical education '.its presented to primary schools here
in Belize City by Mr Guy T
Present at the ceremony was the Minister of Education, the Hon-
ourable Mrs Lizarraga. Government, she said, is deeply interested in im-
proving physical education facilities in the schools. The equipment do-
nated by CARE would help to further this goal, she said.

Accepting the nationn on beh-lf of the schools, was Mr Mark
Cuellar, President of the Primary School Teachcrs' Athletics Association.

Each kit contains a soccer ball, six hi-bounce balls, a basket-
ball, volleyball and net, plus a ball inflator.

The cer-emony took lace .t Holy Red emcr School.


Cane Farm'-rs of the Corozal District held a protest demonstration
in Belize City on Monday against provisions o' the two Sugar Industry
Bills recently passed by the National Assembly.

Another point of dissati-faction w s -:;he reduction of delivery
prices in the face of high production costs.

Following the demonstration the leaders of the Cane Farmers had a
lengthy meeting with the Minister of Natur-.l Resources, the Honourable

/Alexander Hunter.

Alexander Hunter. Present were the tWro.Coroz-l district Representatives,
the Honoirable S-ntia'.go 'ic.lde and the Hono-r.-irble 'Florencio Marin and the
Secretary of the Suga~r Board, Mr Severo Pinto.


Lady Audrey Paul, wife of His Excellency the Governor, was on
hand to open the Pallotti High School annual exhibition on Thursday.

School work exhibited included pastry, needlework and art. The
standard exhibits was pr-.ised by Lady Paul and the large turn out of
parents and friends.

Pallotti High is one of the first secondary schools in Belize to
establish a kitchen and make pastry preparation a part of the curriculum.

The pastry exhibits, says our reporter, were sold out within
minutes of the opening of the exhibition.


Mr Ivor Watts, British Council Representative in Belize for the
p-st twenty one months left Belize City on December 11th to take up an
appointment with the British Council's Establishments division.

Until a new appointment is made Mrs Sally Stalker, wife of the
Principal auditor, will be in charge of the British council office in
Belize City.

Paying a farewell call on the Premi-er Saturday morning Mr Watts.
said he was very pleased with his ter': of office in Belize, It has been a
pleasure working with his staff and meeting Belizeans from all walks of

Thinking M1r Watts for the .good work the Council has been doing
over the past few years Mr Price made special r -fcrence tr his fine raido
nrogrammes "The British Council Half Hour", broadcast weekly over Radio

It is expected that the new British Council Representative for
Belize will be arriving to take up duties here early in the new year.


HAPPY JAY, Canadian High Commissioner in Jamaica, was scheduled to
arrive in Belize on December lth at the st-rt of a four day visit.

Talks are scheduled on Canadian Technical Assistance and the re--
cently published Tripartite Survey Report. Cande. was one of the co-
sponsors of the survey.

THE W'.TCH TOWER BIBLE ATD TRACT Society of Johov-.h'-s Witnesses began their
Belize area convention on Saturday at the ,:mnori'l Park in Belize City.

Here for the occasion are of''icers John Groh, Assistant Secretary
Treasurer and Nathan Knorr, President.

/Jehava Witness

Jhova Witnesr:s conv.-tio-is are beinr: held throughout the Caribbean
.ndl Central Arric-a.

T0'E BAiT O7 TTE T I TIOrP :"-'IC ASSOCITr,.TION unr con uctor, Roy Straughan
gave a concert of Christmas music :t the t- ron Bliss Institute on Sunday,
December llth.

- IALES M. WOODS, Senior L -our Tnspector I-ft Belize recently for Quito
Ecuador where he is to t 'e part in a course on Industrial Statistics.

'ARDETA.S VILITGE, situ.-ted ne.r the Guatemalan border in the south is the
site of the fifth police; sub s-ttion in the Toledo district.

Est-blishment of the station was announced in last week's Gazette.

A 7-,T ICE FAlCTORY .H.S TTBE inaug::urted in Stann Creek Town. Owned by
YMlvin Jones, it has a daily cp-city of 800 pounds.

DOCTOR KITNNE~TT S. HOLT, Director o:' the Gre-t Ormond Street Institute of
Child Health, London, last .wo1k discussed the c.-ro of handicapped children
in Belize with the Chief Medical Officer.

Later, he visited the Belize 7ospit a.nd the Stella Maris School
for handicapped children. BJfore tlcving, he w-s received by Premier
seorge Price.

TI~T DOMOTIOT OF A.S. ADOLPTT3 to the post of Su .-rintndent of Police,
v.P. Munoz, to Assist.nt Suprrintind:'nt of Police and Fred Gill, to Inspec-
tor of Pilic ,, as announced on "ricLy.

"T7EILL,'RiPMO RODRIGTZEZ, who left Belize fifty y-rs ago, was back home on a
sentimental journey I.-st w-eek. 7-s w -s .ccompnied by his son Guillormo

The family resides in Zacapa, Republic of Guatemala.

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