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Title: The Belize weekly newsletter
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BELIZE CITY P. 0. Box 324.
PAR 7 1966


A gilt edged investment guarantee agreement, under which the
United States of America, may insure potential investors from that
country against various types of risk was signed here last week.

Formal signing took place in tha Premier's office. U.S.A.
Consul MI:. Robert Tepper and Premiie George Price initialed the docu-
ments on behalf of thier respective governments.

Unlike earlier agreements affecting irlation between Belize
and the United States of America, the guarantee accord was negotiated
directly -between representative of the U.S.A. and Belize, with the
concurrence of the United Kingdom Government.

The agreement permits the United States Agency for Inter-
national Development (AID) to insure new investments by U.S.A.
interests against many normal commercial risks and such unusual risks
as currency inconvertibility, destruction or damage by war, revolu-
tion or insurrection, expropriation, nationalization or confiscation.

Insured investments must first be approved by the Governm.nt
of Belize.

Previous investment guarantees only covered inconvertibility.

Under the extended risk investment guarantee however,
emphasis is on economic development projects which further social
-3progress and the development of independent business enterprises, and
while existing investments are not eligible for the new coverage,
additions to old investments are.

Expect Greater Investment Level

By assuring investors protection against both routine and
abnormal risks, the two Governments hope to encourage United States
private investment here- thereby promoting development and employment

Commenting on the agreement Mr. Tepper expressed hope that
more U.S.A. investors will now invest in Belize, thereby stabilizing
the economy of the country.

For his part the Premier described the agreement as an
historic and happy occasion. He also observed that there has been a
strengthening of the bonds of friendship between Belize and the U.S.A.
since the arrival of Mr. Tepper

The Premier also spoke about the independence of small and
large countries in this nuclear age.


A n PV 2--

- -2 -


The Board of Reconstruction and Development Corporation lst
week signified thier approval in pinsiple of the draft plans of the
new Capital Consultants.

Present for this historic meeting were Chairman Premier
George Price, the Hon. Lindberg Rogers, Hon. David McKoy, Hon. Hector
Silva., Mr. a.B.E-. 'Anderson, Mr. H. Fairweather, the Chief Engineel
P,W.D., the Executive Officer and two of the Consultants from Londod.

Mr. H. Lindsay of the firm of Norman and Dawbarn, Architects
and Town Planners explained that the general lay-out follows the
original proposals. There have, however been changes due to the
necessity for economy in the cost of services--- roads, drainage,
water supply, electricity and sewerage.

Cut The Delay
:4'Giving. fuith e .details, Mr. Lindsay explained that while th;i
layout will be compact.because of the difficulty of estimating the
rate of growth, the site has been carefully designed to allow for
natural growth within the .master plan for the prestige city.

-Confirming the Board's approval, the Chairman thanked the
Consultants and the Premier expressed hope that detailed questions
would be quickly and satisfactorily resolved in order to avoid delay
in getting the.project under way.

The first thirteen days of the 1966 grinding season netted
2,075 tons of sugar.
In his January report, Sugar Board Secretary revealed that
by the end of January, the factory had received more than 20,925 tons
of sugar cane from the Cane Farmer's Association and the cultivation
department of the Corozal Sugar Factory.
'.. ".
Sucrose Content Up

Average sucrose content recovery was 3.72 tons of cane pr
ton of sugar far better than last year's figure.

Profit Sharing

Only 175 farmers from the 1,000 members strong association
took part in the deliveries.

Meanwhile the Company has agreed to a union request for a
four cent an hour increase in wages for factory workers'and start'
this year cane farmers will partake in 65% of the profit on tais
year's operation.

$20,000 OXFAM GRA1T

The Oxford Committee for Famine Relief (OXFAM) has approved
a Synthetic Maize Improvement Scheme. Twenty thousand dollars have'
been allocated for this project.


3 -I


OXFAM is the United Kingdom equivalent of CAIEB. It came into
being as an organization which assisted in disaster areas. However
'the programme has since been extended to help with.meaningful projects
in underdeveloped countries.

The synthetic seed programme was first introduced here
through technical assistance under the Mexican Technical Assistance

S The .OXFAM giant will help Belize become selfsufficient fin

A Role For Laboux

"As a minister of Labour I will do everything in my power to
see that our greatest asset, our human resources, are properly deve-

This was given by the Minister of Labour the-Hon. David
McKoy, as he opened a Seminar for Trade Union officials which opened
in Punta Goida last week.

The Seminar was sponsored by the Labour and the Trade Unions.

The Minister emphasized that it is up to'the trade unions
to wed the interest and dynamism of the labour movement with the..
interest of the emerging nation so that the Belizean worker will be
able to help determine the political and economic direction of the

Trade Unions,he declared, are an essential ingredient of a
democratic Government. They can play an important role in raising.
standards of living.


Names make news. Among the notable visitors to see the
Premier last week were:

MR. EINEST KROGH HANSEN, the Norwegian Ambassador to Mexico.

His diplomatic jurisdiction embraces Central America,
including Belize and Panama.

The Ambassador told, the Premier that much development
has taken place in the city since his last visit two years ago.
There was much activity and traffic has increased a great deal.
The visitor promised to recommend that full fledged Norwegian
consulate be set up in this country.

MR. GUY BRANTHWAITE, Of Newcastle Upoh-Tynr Univetsity inEngsland.

S The educationalist said he thought Government was wise in
adopting the UNESCO Report on Education.

Mr. Branthwaite who spent three weeks here -was shown
around -the country by the British Council representative. He toured
all the districts. What he found most fascinating was the variety
of people and the tremendous possibilities for economic development,
He was very happy to observe the dedication of the people at thier
work especially civil servants and teachers.

'T .Y V. C

LADY, BADEN POWE L, at the end of a foux day visit,to Belize,

The Wbi Id- Chief'Guide was. accompanied by Mis. Majorie 'Shea of, hower, a need for more trained teachers* He

:t.he 'U.S.A.
Lady Baden Poweil told the Premier that het stay in Belize had
been an enjoyable' one. She thinks Belize. is a wonderful country and was
Delightful to learn that the Premier is himself an old scout. .

During her stay here,tLady Baden Powell attended a Guiide and
',Sc:ut i ally" at the.-M.C.C. Grounds and. delivered a public lecture at the
,,B'liss Auditorium.

: Mi. iEMAN TILLET, District Officer for the Cayo District. ,

S Mr. Tillet ,recently back from Ottawa where he attended a
.i'i;curse in Administration at Cailton University, discussed certain
aspects:"of-his new appointment.

l-MR. B:.INRICK TRAPP, a Belizean, accompanied by his U.S.A. wife.
SMr Trapp is a design and Mechanical Engineer working for
Victor Equipment Company of Berkely California paying his first visit
after an absence: of .six years, Mr. Trapp said he was amazed to see 'so
many indications: of progress.
Mr. Trapp is the son of Mr. Samuel Trapp of the Marxketing
B / B ad.

MR. JOHN LUNA formerly of Corozal Town, accompanied by his wife, his
Sister and a brother-in-law. -

Mr Lung was for many years a projectionist i't the cinema in
Corozal Town, He now resides in Los Angeles,, California.


The Minister of Internal Affairs, the Hpnouxable Lindbergh
SRogers, has commissioner Mr. William Gordon Bryce, to prepare a ie-
vised:edi-tion of the subsidiary laws of this country in'force on the
:,'31st ofDecember, 1963.

'The appointment was announced in Statutory Instrument Number
S of 1966.


Two generating Plant Houses one in San Ignacio and the othcr
in Corozal Town.wexe completed in December, so was a new work Shop at
Mile ten on the Northern Highway.

.* ,.* .-"'' *.. .. .. .,..
I /{
/ "/

.. 5. -

The P.W.D. progress report for that month, published last.
Week also lists the following major works now under 'way- a public
Health Laboratory, new Police Quarters in Belize Uity, A Hanger at the'
SMunicipal Airport and repairs tthe seawall in the Hone Park,Area of
Belize City.
In the roads section, stabilization on tht Northern and .
Western Highways are continuing. Two of the three dredges have been
engaged on reclamation in Belize City.

Last .week the Ministry of Natural Resources called on all
Belizean fishermen to conserve the bonefish in our waters and espe-
cially within the Turneffe archipelago. Other restricted areas are
within a xadius of two miles of the mouth of the Belize River, Haul-
over Creek and'the Sibun River.

This country has ..beome famous with sports fishermen as, the
home for bonefish. The Minister let it-be known that its reminder was
publishedd in support of the drive to strengthen the tourist industry.
The netting of bonefish in thier habitation is prohibited by law .


The Economic Development of Mullins River Village was the
subject of discussions with villagers on February 6th., Taking past th
the e.onfab weru Pilic Officers representing the Agricultural, Fores"
try, So:cial ievelopeant' Depar.ternts, Ministry of -conomic Dcvelopment
and the District Officer for the Stann Creek District. .

The chair was taken by the Village Council Chairman, Mr.
George Flowers.

The discussion centered around the temporary Farming Program
on lands purchased by the Reconstruction and Development Corporation
and the Food For Work Programme.
It was agreed that the land will be allocated by the Village
Council. Only annual crops will be cultivated in line with a long
texm plan put forward by the Department of Agriculture.

In the -ourse of the meeting, Village Council ChaiRman, I .
George Flowers, reaffirmed his .support for the Government. He said
that his council will continue its cooperation with government in the
best interest of Mullins River Village and the country as a whole.


Her Majesty the Queen has approved the appointment of Sir
/John Paul G,C.M.G., O.B.E. M.C. retiring Governor of Gambia, to be
SGovernor. and Commander in chief of Belize in succession to Sir Peter
Sir Peter is retiring in July. Sir John Paul is expected
to take up his appointnant shortly thereafter.

: 1, 1 '

'3 .

! '

- ,8. -

-Si John, who wVll. be fifty next ointh, was educate ,'at ,
We.ym.outh College and Selwyn College Cambli dg, He was commissioned
"i ia the. -Royal, Tank g Rgin.nt ah' served with t h. British expedit ioazy ,y
' .fzcoe. in 1,940 whe n: he -ws &ptued. .. ,.'.

He joined the Colonial Administrative! Service in 1947,1 th'.
yeal he was c16d t, the bal as 'a member o'f .the Inner Temple.
../ ; t, -? : ., .L : .- . "


.An attempt -is being made i. th National Festival of Arts
t his;.yeax to embrace every aspect of the Belizean culture e .and to keep
', irae with the quick march fioward to Independence.

S. .'' ,The-National Committee is placing emphasis 'on national .dlama, ;.
S'music,. dancing, playwriting, and-folksong, arrangement.

The festival celebrates its fouzteenth birthday this year.
::' In all thi-srtime, .said a Festival Spokesman last week, the movement '
has s yved'. as a ,'unifying; force, bringing together all the ethnic
S.r -ou 'of tGhe.:eunt-:y. -Go'venment has consistently supported the.'
e festival. Movemn. '
i using Autho ity

S' :. Painted .to the Central Housing and PlanningiAuthority Toa.
the 1966 texm are .- His Worship the Lord Mayor of Belize City, MT.
.:'.Fred W, -the Repbsentatives Allan Authurs, (Stann Czeek.k To)wn)
Santiago 'Ricaalde, (Coiozal North) Councilor, Mr-.. Anthony. Me ig an.
.The Chief gngineez '-'Public Works Department, the Su'teyorb,,Mr. .aet'
W:- Waighti.and'Docto John. Reneau, Medical Oftficer of Health...


S,.. Calvert Milfort Staine, an Officer of the Most Excellent
"Odex of tne Blitish Empire and Justice of the. ,ce. passed away a
.homon TusPday morning' .
A tailor by( profession -M. Staine would have been 'seventy-
,'. o .i-o this month.


Twenty seven senior public. officers have been attending on
T:e. ,Role...of the Civil Service in New and Emexging Nations' being ,
conducted by CedliC Giant, Rese-arch Fellow of .the Institute of Econo.- ,
.mic. and-Social Reseaich of the University of the West Indies..

The seven week is -being sponsored by the Belizean Gove _-rmet
S in cooperation with the Extra-Mural Department of the University of
the West Indies and the Public Officers Union.

B '. Bclays Bank- D'.C.O. hs t-ained thirtnen 'membe s' of its, .
;. staff in Belize over the last eighteen months..

'The Coxozal Sughr Factory has ordered eight specially ,
.*d: signed t t ailer, capable of carrying ten tons of sugar 'ca-e each.
''", f'l am, Manchester firm.
;, ,i.. 1

3 -

N( -

. ,, i
r;.. ; :,,: ,
~... ~ '


Ui p
: i'


.According to a London Press Service Report, the order was
S worth $28,000.

The Ministry of Education has received a gift of textbooks
from the Government of the United States of America.

The consignment consists of more than 1,000 textbooks for
use in Primar-y and Secondary Schools.


RAs LIGHTBURN, President of the lNational Federation of
Christain Trade Unions, accompanied by the Secretary of'the Southern
;Christain Union,Elliott Antonio, visited factories in the southern
district last week

Theiz mission was to find ways of improving the lot of
.wvoks and improving production.

Reverend Russel Schirman, missionary of the Bethel Assembly
of God, returned to Belize last week after an absence of fifteen

AN INDUCTION COURSE for First and Second Class Teachers
doing the' seventh Course at the Intermediate Training Centre of the
Belize Teacher's College was held last Saturday.

The new trainees were welcomed by Vice Principal Roy



!- i ^~

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