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Title: The Belize weekly newsletter
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wEC 1 f 05

BELIZ CITY P. 0. Box 324.

No. 48 *********** Up to 29th November, 1965.

In four days last week, the Premier, continuing his glass roots
tour, met thousands of Belizeans in the impDrtant mixed farming belt of
the Belize Rural area. Everywhere, there were hcart warming gestures
of welcome and pledges to press on with the drive to glow more food.
Gales Point, was visited on the fist day aot and here, Mr
Alfxed Garnett, Chairnan Df the Village Council expressed gratitude for
the interest government is showing in the affairs of the village.
At FergusDn Bank the Piemiei urged the people not to be discouraged,.
Govenrient, he declared, is making every effort to help lestore losses
they sustained in the recent floods.
Grasie Rock's Village Council Chairman, Mr Ho~wric Hemmans,
pledged his village's continuing support for Government. The Premiei
Received a bouquet from Miss Gxacie Rock.
Accompanying the Premiel was a party of U.S.A. Foreign Service
personnel and a U.S.A. business executive.
A Great Welcome
Eleven villages Bomba, Nago Bank, Maskall, Co]ozalito,
Lucky Strike, Santana, St. Anne's, Rockstone Pond, Boston, Sand Hill
and Ladyville were visited on the second day.
In village after village, the traditionall welcome arch, made
of cohune plaited leaves, spanned the entrance. The blue and white -
Belizean flag was much in evidence and the villagers joined in sing-
ing "Land of the Gods" the Belizean anthem. And in stops at schools,
children priesnted pr-garmnes of song and poetry.
Mr Benjamin McCullsck of Sand Hill and Mr Rudolph Usher of
Ladyville welcomed the Premier and the Hon. HectDr Silva, who was
standing in for the axra Representativ the Hon. L.S. Sylvestre,
who is away on government business.
Third Day Out
Replie.entative Fred Hunte joined the Premier on the third
day as: the tour centered on the Belize Rural NDith constituency.
At Grace Bank, which includes Davis and famous Budd Banks,
the Village Council Chairman read an address of welcome to which
the visitDos replied.
For the villagers, Council Chairman Mr Fredrick Flowers
pledged support foD the movement of independence. A brief entertain-
ment rogramme was presented by students at the government school.

t.ZS40 / ............The


2 -

The visitors discussed the goals of the development plan and
other schemes devised to help the farm ts become more effective part-
ners in the building of the new nation.

New Ax&haeological Centre?

Before leaving the Pricmir was presented with a few Mayan
artifacts found in the Blackburn area. There are several mounds in
the area, Mr Flowers reported and suggested that the Blackburn lands
would probably turn out to be yet another important archaeological

From Gradie Rock it was on to :May Pen, Flowers Bank and
Burrell Boom.

The Buirell Boom Village Council Chairman Mr Eustace Gillett
pledged support for government. There were also speeches by Mr
James Sebastian and a representative of the young people of Burrell
B oom,

Flag, Name, Anthem

When Mr Price addressed the people in this village he stress-
ed the importance of the symbols of independence the Belizean Flag,
Name. and Anthe,~i

Winding up what correspondence describe as a very successful
tour the Premier paid visits to five more villages on Friday.

At Rancho Dolores, in addition to the decorations, a gun
salute was fired. The Chairman of the Village Council Calvert Pook
and Miss Gertrude Smith spoke of the villagers' determination to con-
tribute to the building of the new nation -f Belize.

They Will Not Falter

Following the presentation of a beautiful bouquet, thd Cock-
loft Village Council Vice Chairman, Mr Gilbert Cassasola said
Beliteans of the area would not falter in their support for goveln-
ment. "Our Education is an investment in our future."

"We are gir'teful for cur rcw school".

This was tutono ofmany slogans Mr Price saw on display as he
entered the village of Willows Bank.

There were more pledges of support and loyalty this time
at Double Head Cabbage, where the visitors were welcomed by.Mr Oswald

The vote .of thanks was by Miss Ella Elliot. Earlier, the
Premier was presented with a bouquet by Miss Helen Elliot, and a
gift of eggs by Mrs Martinez.

Bermudian Landing was the last stop on the tour. There was
an inspiring address by the Chairman.

Mr Benjamin Baptist and the school children presented an interest-
ing prpg:.amme of songs and poetry, including selections from the publica-
tion "Belizean Poets" published by the Government Information Services.

A special feature of the recent tours has been the on-the-spot
coverage by Radio Belize. As the t3ul progressed,.Radio Belize was able
to broadcast a lively documentary of the--previous day's journey, with the
voices )f the villageLs in addition to sound effects and the colour.

The tour continues next in the Cayo district and the south..


When'the Premier opened three new lodges in Vic Barothy's
"Caribbean Lodge" sports fishing establishment, he was witnessing yet
another significant step forward in the development of the tourist indus-

Situated at Big Caye Bokel at the -southern &-nd of the Turneffe
group of islands, the three lodges provide sleeping accommodation for
twelve guests. Big Cayc Bokel is strategically located in relation to
the coun:.try's choice playground for fishing, skin diving and hunting for
ancient wrecks,

The Premie r was accompanied by the- Consul of the United States of
America Mr Robert Tepper and his vice consuls. Also along were two
U.S.A. Foreign Service inspectors, Mr William EBudett and Mi Howar-d
Chaille and their wives.

In the afternoon the party went on to Calabash Caye and returned
to the C.apital on Sunday night.

Fo man :3rithri s' Fine Work

For his part, Mi Vic Ba othy paid warm tribute to the Belizean
guides working at the lodges, both at Turneffe and on the Belize River.
He had a special woDd of praise for the For-an Brothers, whom he said,
are helping a great deal to develop the tourist industry.

"They are excellent fishermen and guides and the country needs
more Belizeans to take up the wojk of prop i tourist guiding along the
lines the Foinan boys werc doing?' said Mr Daiothy.

Save The Bonc Fish

Continuing, Mr Bairthy said Belize is known as a bone fish
paradise. EaCh of these fish is w-rth 50.US to the economy of the
country through the re-venue eane-d fiom 8poits Fishermen.

Many countries which D :ce boasted good bone fishing have depleted
their stocks due to the ravages of -ntting, h L explained. And he ex-
pressed the hope that this will not ha-ppen here as the sports fishermen
would naturally go elsewhere in s::arch of this wily fish.

....And Clizean Poets"

- 4


The Minister of Natural Resources, the Honourable A.A. Hunterz e-
turned from the U.S.A. on November 21st after attending the tenth annual
International GCje Fish Conference and the International Oceanoggraphic
Foundation held in Miami FlrDida.

While thier the Minister toDk the opportunity of discussing
problems in the processing and marketing of lobsters and scale fish.

Following the Miami conference, Mr Hunter represented Belize at
informal talks which Mr Bethuel Matthew Webster and other officials of
the United States Government had in Washington with representatives of
the British and Guatemalan Governnments, to make procedural arrangements -
and to set the terms of reference for the mediation of the long standing
dispute between Britain and Guatemala over Belize.

The talks, which took place on November 18th and 19th, were at
government level.


When the Senate. convened last Tuesday the Presidentthe Honour-
able E.W. Francis in welcoming the Minist-r of Public Utilities,the
Honourable Hector Silva, pointed out that Mr Silva was making history as
the first Minister to appear in both Houses of the National Assembly.

The Minister appeared to answer questions with regard to reports
of the Electricity Board for 1963 and 1964.

President Francis said he hops to sc(. Dthr Ministers appearing
in the Upper House.

Following the Minister's reply, Senator Hassock asked for leave
to speak about the mediation by the United States of America in the dis-
pute between Britain and Guatemala over Belize.

Senators Vasquez, Meighan, Ken, B~roks and Hassock all emphasized
national unity on the question of self-detramiination fo Belize.

Senator MIighan then rIse to signify his willingness to be ce-
sponsible for introducing the second rLeading of several Bills on
Tuesday December 7th when the next meeting of the Senate is scheduled
to take place.


By The Hon. Anthony Greenwood, S. of S.

In a written reply to a question in the House of Commons about
his recent visit to the Caribbe:-n and Belize, Mr Anthorny Greenwood said

"That purpose of my visit and the first visit to Belize, Bermuda
and the Bahamas w-s to see -s r-uch of these countries as possible in
the short time available arnd to have discussions with members of the
Government, opposition le:ders and other repre.sent.Ltives of Public

5 -

Constitution Working Well

In all thirc territories, he reported, hS was encouraged by
developments taking placu '-specially in Belize and the Bahamas where
the new internal self-govern ment constitutions, introduced in January,
1964 are working well.

Speking about the economy of this country, Mr Greenwood de-
clared. "Belize is witnessing an increase in agricultural production
and, I was glad to see the expansion which is taking place there."

Mr Greenwood expirssed gratitude to all those concerned with
drawing up a full piogramme which enabled Lim to see so much of the
countxy- and to mei t so wide a cross-section of the people.


Tht dedication and official opening of the Belize Vocational
.Training Centri took place in'Belize City on Monday. Pxasent to de-
clare thie Centie open was the Ministci of Labour, the'Honourable David

The ceicrmny started with the playing of the Belizean Anthem
followed by the dedicatoly prayers, lead by the iRverend Basten of the
Anglican Church, the vL-ry Itev -rnd F thet Philip Pick, of the Society
of Jesus and the Reveaind C.L. Carty of the Methodist Church.

The Mast;r of ceremonies, Mr S.F. Smith, Principal Secietaly to
the Ministly, said vocational training is destined to play an important
part in the development of oui country by systematically raising the
productivity of the Belize-.n walker in quantity and quality. And he
expressed confidence that coopu~ation will be forthcoming flom the new
e stabli. shment.

The Mi :istel Of Labou r~

Delivering the feature address the MinistCr thanked the
International Agencies which assisted with equipment and technical ad-
vice. And he listed the principal agencies the Inttrnational Laboux
Organization and the United Nations International Children Emergency

."Graduates from the prevocational school will be allowed to
continue specialised training at the Belize Technical College should
their performance justify this." he announced.

"The govcLnment employment service," he went on "will wDrk
in close relationship with the Centre in an effDrt to find suitable
places for its graduates.

At this point Mr McKoy revealed that an Advisory, Committee,
made up of representatives of Government, Labour and Industry, has
been appointed to advise him on developing the kind of vocational
progra:mme most likely to serve the needs of our country.

Cer tificates

This group is now engaged on a study of standards for the
issue of certificates so that successful graduates will be accepted
by the trade.

- 6 -

Four Trades

The VDcational Tr inning Centre offers classes iin masonry,
carpentry, electrical work and plumbing. The staff consists of a
Superintendsnt, four instructors and a clerk all Belizeans.

Twenty four boys are at present attending the sessions at
the Centre. By e:rly next year, the intention is to have fifteen
students for each of the four trades mentioned earlier


Laying the commemrrative plaque fox a new community centre
at Caledonia Village on Friday, '"the Minister of Local Government,
the Hon. Albert C.attuse, restated government's pDlicy of working.
alDog with village councils in finding solutions to problems and
assisting in raising living standards.

The Minister cDngiatulated Belizeans of Caledonia Village
fo! their splendid show of cDoperation in building their Community
Centre, the first aided-self *help project to be nouDured with a comme-
morative plaque.

N t In Vain.... Not In Isolation

And Mr Cattouse paid tribute to the area representative,
the Hon. FlDrenqi- Marin,'to the Village Council, to Mi Matias Henry
and the Sugai Laboux Welfaze Fund though whose co-operation the
election of the centre was made possible.

"I urge y;u to continue to persevere with determination,"
the Ministe: went on. "Your efforts are neither in vain nDo in iso-


More and moic, Belizeans are becoming conscious that by
growing and buying B-lizean produce we can keep our dollars at home
working fDr the good of the nation.

Giphic evidence of this wv-s pr vided last Tuesday when
Daniel Alvaiez, a fr: D, San Ignacio and agricultural wDlker
at Central Farm, -aiived in BBc'ize City to put on an ambitious dis-
play at one of the largest department stores. On show ware samples
of his preserves Jalepafio pepper, cition pickles, carrots, cu-
cu.rbcr and mixed pickles,

.Mr Alvaiz said he prompted to put on the display as
a result of winning first prize f-r preserves at the Western Agri-
cultural Show.

"The- produce are ry:.'n in ,my kitchen garden. As the de-
mand grows, I intent to use the produce of Dther Belizean farmers,"
Mr Alvarez said.

He was alsD optimistic about the expansion of the industry,
which, he is convinced, will eventually reduce imports of preserved
fruits and vegetables.

- 7 -

THE BROTHERS ;ii AND LIONEL TILLETT, home on Tacation from the Nazaxene
College in Bethany, OklahDma.'

Ken is majoring in Political Science and Lionel is looking
forward to studies for his Mastels. His special subject is English.

The students, who will be returninL to the U.S.A. in late
Decembe:c, told the Premie they sincerely appreciate his govelinment's
realistic approach to independence. They had been well informed about
developments at hoine through the weekly G.I.S. Newsletter and one said
he keeps a copy of the Belizean flag on hand to display to his fellow

TWO FRENCH CANADIAN YOUTHS, heal Lymburnei and Jean Guy Lecleic who
are on a toui of 120 countries in a round-the-w)rld triT.

Interviewed at the Premii;'s office the boys said they
found Belize City "chrini aiind Blize.ns, friendly, helpful and
ope n-heai t-ed.

"It is a place where we feel we would like to relax" one of
them remarked, "but we must push on. We have a lot of gCrund to cover
before we retu n to Canada to eiiter university in 1967."

MR. J.D.S. BACKWITH, area rep-~lsentative of the Harrison Line.

Mr Backwith s office is in Jamaica.

He .r:.s on a tour -of Central and South Amoeica and Mexico.
"The Ha:: is n Line," he said, "is anxious to improve its seIvices to
Belizean clients."

MR. J. FOX THOMAS, JR., Assistant Chief Landlan in PhilliPs' ExplDra-
tion and Pirduction Division.

The Phillips technician said that with Lhe axrangements
already in train it looks petty certain that Phillips Petioleum
Company will be sinking its deep probes in search of pctroleumi some
time before the stipulated date for drilling s io time i N Veterzi,
1966. His company is vwry optimistic, he reported. From his ob-
srvations, he would say the )thcr companies engaged in oil explora-
tion are similarly optimistic about their eventual success.

"We are very happy about oui rilatisns with the Belize-
gove rTnment," he remarked

MRS. CHRISENDA HOARd who has spent the last 20 years in Central
America. She has now returned homre to set up a practice in Physio-
The r aphy.

- 8 -

Foreign officers, here on an inspection tour. They wE e : escnmt ad
to the Premier by the U.S.A. Consul, Mr Robert Tepper.

The officials spent a few days in Belize surveying the field
of U.S.A. consular operations, here. During their stay, they had a
r.und of talks with government Ministers, senior public officials and
leading members of the business co1'munity.

Apart frlm these formal engagements the visitors also had a
chance to see something of the countryside and the attractions of the
Turneffe group of islands.

A two day workshop of CDmEunity Development officers ,of the
Social Devel.opment Depart nent and Peace CUip Volunteers engaged on
community prIjects was dcclaicd open at the Bliss Institute on Thurs-
day by the Minister of Local Government, the Honourable Albert

In his address, Ml Cattouse discussed the Seven Yeax Develop-
ment Plan as it affects the Social Development Department. The plan
is so designed, he explained, that all sectois-should move forward to-
gethie, attaining the stipulated level of development by 1970..

The Repiesc native

It was important, he emphasized, that constituency represen-
tatives should be made aware of projects in thei aiea. As a member
of the Committee of Supply which pi videos the funds fo~ such prD.jects-
it is important that the rcpiEsintatives be left fully in the picture.

"Peace CDrp Voluntecis," he continued, "can make a signifi-
cant contribution to the development of Belize." :He himself is
anxious that perfect coop'iation should be maintained between the
Ministry and Departments under his portfolio, the Piace CDop and
Village Level WDrkers.

The Workshop was started with the playing of the Belizean
Anthem on the ai rival of the Minister and closed with the playing of
the British Anthem.

Othdri'addiesses were delivered by the Social Development
Officer anl the Peace Corps Director for Beiize.

Panel Discussion

A special feature of the workshop was a panel discussion
which br-o.ght. Ltether the Lconnmic Secretary, Assistant Secretary ~o
the MLn.istry of Economic Development, the Principal Secretary, Minis-
try of Local Government, the Assistant Social Development Officer and
the Peace Corp. Director. The aicial Development Officer was moderator.

THE CHAMBER OF COMMEiRCE'S quarterly meeting, held at the Fort George
Hotel on Thursday featured reports by the Executive Secretary, the
President a:', treas.urer.

/........ .Pr resident

- 9 -

Ilesident Gomez disclosed that a strongly worded letter had been the uditDo of the Miami Herald denouncing dexogatDxy statements
againstt B:lize made in that papex by Smith Hempstone, a indicated column-

IEOFFREY J',iii Biitish ecnom-ic planners and adviser to OXFAM anived on
.iday on a fact finding mission.

He met the Governor, the Prxmi-x and had talks with high banking
Sveirnment officials on possible Oxfam aid tD Belize.

x:i'EPHEN I.. STREETR, DixectDx -f the Amirican T-uxist AssDciation here,
h: i put it "tD find out f=r myself what Belize is really like" spent
'3ur days: here talking to people in govcnnment c.nd commerce concerned
*"'ith pl? ejecting this.cDuntiyts jiage overseas.

;'Ti' 1964-65 CUP FOR PHYSiICAL EDUCATION was piecented to the Salvation .
::-riy School by U.S.A. Consul Robcxt Teppei fox the Peace Coips. The
T.'incipal, Miss Joan Se.1aey received the award.

1'i{RTiEN TLACHIRS wexe successful in the final examinations for the
.alche rs' Diploma offered by Saint Geo~ge's Tiaining College and Saint
janns Teache~s' College.

The examination was moderated jointly by the staff of the two
ll:ges and the .'sses-sos of the Institute of Education, U.W.I.

Howard Burns, Df th Saint Geoge's Training Col1ege gained a
:iJstinction fox his Individual Study and achieved a general standard
,ival:;;nt to that l required foi an Honouxs Ccrtificate.

..:7'* STAiN CREE:hK T'.!, BOARD, considering a ten point agenda, approved a
2'g,284;60 gratuity for Joseph Flores a long ti.e emplcyec- of the Board.

'i: FLCJWERS BANK VILLAGE ROAD has been declared a public 3oad. This
io the result of an 0ordel by the Ministm of CommuLications the,
u:auis.ble Hectoi D. Silva.

The i jad which measures app oximately three miles and fifty
;;v;,n chains co miences anta i on tLi Bumxel Boom-Bexmudian Landing
..i.lage Road in the Belize District.

I.i RO..AL SOCIETY OF DRITIlH jCULPTORSLOiDOiN, has reported that entries
.. B-elizean artists fDo the Six Otto Bait Award received considerable
.t i e nation.

Geoxge Gabb and Fxunk Lizama submitted entries.

- 10 -

MUEFFELS DRAMA GROUP thrilled an enthusiastic audience in Oxange Walk
Town recently with a pantomime entitled "The Light House Keeper's
Daughter" and the Mexican Comedy "Sunday costs Five PesDs."

The proceeds were in aid of a schDol building fund. Present
for the Dccasion was HDn. ElitQ Uibina.

FRANK HENVILLE attorney Gcneial hcie fox the past ten yeais has ie-
tuined to St. Kitts in the Windward Islands he is to take up
private practice.

On a farewell visit tD the Picmicx MX Henville said he and
his wife had witnessed many improvements during their stay hrie.

He was quite surs that undex the devoted and dedicated
leadership of Prnmiei Price, the county will move fo~waid t3 take
its rightful place among the independent nations of the wrlid.

+**+ + ***

.' :: ^'

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