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Title: The Belize weekly newsletter
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Title: The Belize weekly newsletter
Physical Description: Serial
Publisher: s.n.
Place of Publication: Belize City British Honduras Government Information Services
Frequency: weekly
Genre: periodical   ( marcgt )
Dates or Sequential Designation: no. 1- Jan. 3, 1965-
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.E, ,LL E hI

.. .L ..L E ?o

SPubi she by .the Gv. t n ntion Svics ,
S- ~ -r

T, ls, Cit '-' .. .... *- .

if f T a '" i
1T li s ut
C I a C tI-
o f i e I -...

S Ai: : : "" T h i sh. n SC : ".:Ll ri : l, C :ot i KyG -D
S. o '.. o, ct c u _3 i-s
M' I .L

," ...

aJ. Aixpox-b This has i-iv been,~ Aa the ily cib :.... ......:--.
.af t 2 .. .. ,.".

Mide x nzing T, SCFA-
w : .. .t h. .*,

Jica ve the approval f the i. As ocitio3 he .. :.

The Association no4 has full 1boD2x1'o-7> ow411 and oo1I ri"
to deal generally with "the pLiopety of the association ..
SThe thid piece legislation dealt with was an -mend
iment to the Labour. O.l-dinanc e This ms" >ex.n-i> toia "-:electe-d
Committee The eiasuiiC Cseks to- G"xtend pIyf 2or all public lhoYi: ys *to
indust-ial wo9 oke n b'ihgin-g t1h1 in .lin'' -ithenefits enjoy- d by11 C
Sgovennt manual kes .. .

M1321 L bD u' 2u r --s -
to d a enex 7_y cr ti .," p xt ?. 1:erscL..l i
,. ~ ~ ~ 'c ,. ,,. ,,,

,. .Anothei..g,;:., i.s tha. in publ..c co -tacts- bt contractors
.1ust tpay fai xatei -. .such.. nt..ctso, default inpja'i.wageC to
(,2 J11 4. C 'IV ,l "
their woxkexs, goveDxin.-_eit would have authority to. pay outstanding u."2;-a'ges
out of any balance due the contracto "

During the s sit -", of the House4'2on Friday 't 'was a2i2 ,un ,-

S/. ., Couni cationso
,-,L 0&LLv 1 v.. ,. .


.. U. *c

Com-unications a;d th on l Ei Rt Ji) 2epxre se.,-tat:ve. o the Oxange
Walk North Consti.tuency will visit the State of .Michacan in the
Republic of I-L:ico s official Gove.i..I t n epzIesentaties

They are to a ttend theu ceemonio- marking-, the bi-centenaxy
of the bi 'Lth of Jose -Mari. i ox II s: -one' of the uhe e s of Me xico-;o s .
Independene o
Theby .will be the guest of the govern nox of MichoacanL.


Be lize Times leve-.l; fox th. fix st tine tihe high level USA decision
wvhich- Ied to the de paxtue *o the AID- mission fx'Iom Belize in 1963.

A letter fxrom the Consul oif the United oStates of Axica,
Mx Haxlison Bu.xgess addressed to the ESditor of the Belize .illboad .
on the subject said>.

i ,llbozxdc .-Pol.L> is ..
i.tho.ut wishing t. be come associate d in any -y with.

youX polemics except fo the sake of accuracy perxmit meS to make several
c omme nt s on your eydit o ia-l of' -ust t~ 2nd
C*ONE CE did not teplacc the AI : progxamme hexe CARE
is a distinct activity and began to opilate in tBelie while the UoS.
AID pxogxrnme was st ill in :ffet~ .
.TO1 The UoS AID ps-ogx-r:e ga.s phDased out Bduing the
pe riod between the fi"" st. "i Januiy and the hixteenth of June 1963
The AID office in Bclize closedI as of the la ttcr date t These develop-
:e nts wexe notd publiclyt at, the ti, o

he AID withd.raal elected no .dissatisfaction with the
G ovexnime nt of iBeliz The action: t aken ihe.xe was paaalle.led by similax-
action in othCex: depn:d:,rt i the Caxibbean a-ea.
It was the result of the highest level policy changes by
the U.SJ govenCmeniit egaxding its foreign assistance pIIoga-i:e
.For the co0d .the Gove xrnment of Eclize objected to the
AID ~wthxawalw has Iue s teud thu .e turn of 1::.i ny tii; as and I am
suLe wou2ld2 wecoe is .xtu-xn whenve. oveIal.. U.S .policy in2 th .axea
Ywuld :exit this -too happen. -

rp5. IY S [,,} '1;.' 9 T PTi^Ll'Eiic

GUADALUPE" NOVEL, x on-iJ Yoh (x.:k ,.al. C.LE.TINOC NICOLSON, f n Xaibe -
o-hi:.-of thim Belize suLehts at the Natioal Sch.ool fox Foesst Guard
in the Uxited S/' ... .. Thexec
... @ he o

undex the Mexican Technical Assistance PIogxX N>~.e.o and Nicholson
ide the journey hae m. Michoac n to spend a few days of theki vaca-
tion with the i par S ts

The_ students left Belize i.n Febxuary },t> yeaX, .. Aec2cd-
ing to MX I, Novelo, they axe all well doing good i l eli V'tudies' and
pxparing themselves fox -service 'to lie on thei -e 'I.t':ne
*N"j.icholson fox his paxt, told the .Pxemiem i ,' they .w.exve-r:y
happy at the school. 'Although, .-he s h ade en difficult at
the Belisean stud ts .,ere fid .in the subject <3-t cou3:se develops.iuTh e us is Lof th-Lee ye.axs duLa.tion

O 1 '.. S ..

The StLa n dCeek Fa-x es Day and Agxicultuzal Show, fiLst
district efforL't of its .. got ucndexlJrway in bxightS. 1 sunny weath,: la st

.. Px:. itesen C>.to decla.Ie the Sh i atulxal Reouce s the .ino. Alen .der untex and the P-emiex r t-he KHf
G"e Pge. Pric headed a list of dis tinguished ut-of-town visitors,

Towids A F.ulle Cont ibut i on'2

Extending a -heaty wetlco -i e, the Ministe of Laboux. .the
Hon David McKoy said the purpose of the show was to bring f.eiri,-s in
the District _into ,h- Il.eligV and so encouCage .; t2 iake fullex
contribution to the aagricultu!.al 6evloymiiKnt k .. [,he county as a whole o

.LeMinister of Re.sou ces in his addss,
praised L or t he enegy the'had devoted to assu 1ing Uhe
success of the show'o He uged them to Keep it upo

....Other speakers .v RevK .Fther K arx Mr, Go .0 ge
WVastby of Hope Cxeek Village. and i.> .cSalomon Lewis c ai> 3 o. tohe
Hopkins Village Councilo ,

The ceremony began with the playing c .P..ite elize an
Anthem This ws w followed by p .ay jr s led t5 Fathe.K I,__xA:::" the'
$Society of Jesus andR ev Fat-he Sealey:.of the .Anglicas I mission.


Retu..nin fom Me3idal Yucat 'n whe e, as Minister es-
Ret zri~. f:cm e l, I -.. Du ,a & .n e, .-vi is ez..

possible for SpoIt he witnessed a sexis of Igles bet 'ij ,-.C the
.eli.zean Football Cha.p.ions, and, teams io .the UjniveLsidaci de Moniejo
arid fr on Cmpac.,e .

.. .., At a, brief ceaxemony be.foxe: the fir.s.t~ Mexico .and .Belize, .. .

In the -azle ga. .e se,. ies- ,t Blz t eiz eam w.on one d3ew
one .an lOst the other

In an i..rp:i ptu .goodil l ba.sket1l"l g-. against tihe
Montejo TnTiveDsity teamI, the BC pTlayes 1o st'34-2,

-Rec eived by Govexno:. SeCfio L uis Mesias on Sunday
1.9th Scptembe, the Gove1Eno assumed the Ministe that he is strongly
behind the movement of Independence fo1 C Belize1. He aDppreciates the
problems ~.h which the countyy is facedL he declared,

H,.'was piepaed to do everything possible to assist
Belizeans to maintain n theix independe'.nce after this has betn achieved.


Ap Dilot- -sc.he.. o... a "hdo 'in the b e,,Li:.ini of a xgular
.schools b oadcasting se vice. comince d last Tuesdayc

Many schools ..have a iL.eadyC L.received, tianseistoi sets .

S.The significance of thisL development i. that the work of
the. Lte.ache be supplemented by' qualified radio Tea.hexs.
"This is an important milestone in p"iniar y education ihere .D o Le educa-
tor 'coi-ented, Co d.1riLties a.e widely scattered in this county and
schools b oadcasting can c. mainly help to bning about a tiuly integra-
ted pximazy education systm .


Ten thous mnd dollax.s aie now available fox an immediate
start-with the deve op,...ent :of projects designed to bolster the tourist
indust ry

.In a c recent announcement. the Min Resource es v eld tha _t a C,) ~i.-d w gxant has been secured to
finhanCeG fu Ithei lop:ent at XuLnantunich the ;-/. uin. iii
the Cayo Distxict ..

"- -A second pi :ject would m.-aI-k th.e coinigb into be ing {of the
country first National Pa.k located in an axca nea.x Caves Branch
which contains, arnong other : attLacti.ons. the much talked about Blue
Hole r an extensive cave system and a fine specimen of ou- historic
.ah og a n y t e e ..... . .. ... '.. .. . -.

-A.t Xu.nantunich the plan is.. to speed up the ace of. ex-
cavations, and. establish basic facilities and amenities fo touristss
At St. Heman s Cave, :1 es.t xoom ele.ctical fit. a nd xudimentaxy
xesaue ec(ui:ment installed in o-dex to make. it attractive fox
nion-specialist cave exploxLs- to enjoy the 1,.vels of a-tvuly gxat..
cave system

/1 ..'.

kn the announcement a spoke san foi the Ministry of
NaturXal Repovcesa, which has responsibilityy fox Tou2ism declaxedJ
This immediate inve .'ent epesents the launch ing of goveInmen s
.phas. pogamme fo the settingup of tourist facilities throughout
the count~xy'. .Th two points selected fox px.ioxity development axe
paxt of. a one-day cixcle tux -~t west based oin the existing hotel
facilities of the capital Belize .ity

Tou.i st Biart d EncosIauaedr

SComrenting "on the Minisy f Touiism releases .
RaymoiDU. Wei tL ChaiaIin of the Txuii Boad said .The Boad
submitted prop'Isals alongIthese lines elie I'ts ce xtainly the
most encou aging development we've hadj i.n touism fxi' a long tim
'ICembels of the Boaxd wil naturally -g neatly encOu-aged .
speedy action gove n a the inist have taken in the d c
tion of implementing oux suggestions."
t>. .f :z. ... .'..

Inve stme nt O -o0tunitie s

With this initiative -government'is hoping that pVivate
irive'stox0s will no1w eLe the field with -a spirit of e ntep. xse a. con-t-
fide nce thereby satisfying the crying ned for services and facici-
ties in ot hex axeas of the county -


lThe Pxe"si den. t of the SenateC L .W Fxancis xetuxned
from iWashington on Septembex 19th afte attending the Wold
Cohfexence on WoYld Peace Thcough Law

The Conference was tended by some 3,000 delegates.

This was the fist time that Belize was xieplei.ented at

informative ffoxt .

With The VTP'S
T iTMany wosld figuLres we e present including P-es-ident L--B.
Johnson of the Unitted States of AmixicaC IMX Alex Quaison-Sackay,
President .f the Unitd Nations, Lord Denning of .,the United nigdomc
Five Justices of the. Inte national C o t of Justice and H Tnxy Rn Lue,
edit. x of Time Mtagazine

The inaugural address was given by the Hone, all
,Waxen, the Chief Justice of the United States of America and the in-
vocation was by the Right RevexedML.onsignX- Albexto Giovarnmetti
Permanent .Observex of the Holy See to the United Nationse


Plans .fo $6 SSO3 expansion pxogx-amm fox St. John s
College wexe unveiled at last Wednesday nights big .lu mi Associaticn
me eating ....... ... .. .

: -- J\ pie s .e'n' iw Fi 'Le ",'Webex, 'Iof the/ S osciety f"..
Je L "us- sid-th. d vIl_ .t envisage the construction of .an indust ial
axmst shop d, :,o sc ; s 1r..e i', diately a /nel .uildin f or S ixth FoXm
and HiIghei Educato n Ltudis. another new building the Ad.-
inistx-ation a.L .ibr a:. .Th'. -campus is als'o to be. pi:opely
landscaped a good :playing field stablisheo..

In. pr e se noting the plan, Fr <, We ba'^ 5 io.d ..S, i-c hrr^s
Colle ge was e;::pe ie "cing a critical stage in its development .
.....1 P ...I..... .
C iD I V-1( g r s :e ; s L C- C t t ...'...

jnd 'a "" h 0' 1 .-"
7T' 4,

ad over the nxt six yea by which. ti. SJ.C.

T1.1 becth A1. b.x3 n : th .Lve sa.y t.e i oji dbe inup
in 1.13.> vith GovLb I.a-(3 1 s 7 yeso: devJl p. at pj3ogr9a(> and the U1ihC00
Inepox.t on educ ti. ral '" : i

". a7xe 1 tur -a to hav. ha. and to still CnoyaB .
stengthn itself to :t any challenge to those principles" he de-
G.... r ub .. ..... I : II C KIN .3 C .;.C-. L. C .... C. : ...

w1d~ o1 fo3wald 11. H as..'son..b; the Zrolle ge culd c.a Iapend on the

Association:: to .assit.2 i7 "tv y. possible >a y to pi e2lie 'Lthe develop-
wment pb gcamt me t 7 :..ic. ha ,as( it the e.7 "r g7-7r 1 Iing Jih .i. .. dn. ab'

.. o wing B e-liz.e ... ... .. -_.,-
-axLI. E i l: .. p c..C

President of the .L.:ini Association. (re-elected) postedd o. a.

su ce sfulye a of act i ..... ..
SHe p scented. Fathe, Webei ith a choe- e ir.7 6 000 :

This will provide s .ity one scholar ships t, des.:vi. boys .,. .

fo.. the meeting. helc. at the Bliss Institut'. Audit- oiiine Among them

Educati.on 1:iniste :.rwho -holds the. fist .rSJC citation f.o. wox-k ,in the; /'
1 -1;. @ c 3 7:. o 1. ..7...1.. ..~. CC L 1 .. '7. C.. .> .,..* 0. Q ..... .
'.: 1 .1 .... 2. L 7 ..1 .. 's "-.I . !.- -" '.. .. ...........

AD9IV r3Uill.W i,' C etiing 0n,3 tie 1 1 :,e i the C.-oj al Su1 ti-a

Factor y3 o Li it'. 9 s3 fe: t d- a '1 the C* o --7<2 T< L -7. aV 1 1r l la8s" t Satu d.aayS iDby3

the Company ans- fe llo -]..L s'
iA c 031'r g .n .i7.Jioi,~ 7, 7 '--

.He L ke cd. ;in L.he sugal- i.: 'us.ti.y 99 t .hi:ivty year,-s'
Du ing this period he sas1. -.iC '1 :j Pft 3i x .. .1 61 tons in 1950
. 35000 tons last s .so


DIAI-E LALiEE'T, first member of Canadian University Sevice Overseas
arrived here and assujiied duty on September 9th.

She is a Labo.atory Technician at the Medical Department.

HARRISON BURGES outgoing Consul for the USA in Belize left fox
Washington on ,c dne sday

He was scen off at the Belize International Aixpoxt by
His Excellency the Governor2 Si- Peter StallaxdE Sevexal members of
the Womenfs Aux-Lilia y iaidhwoasfounded by Mis Burgess tux rned out to bid
farewell to their Hono ary Life Pxrsidento

A kTUCCO MAYA HEAD from Blize, l ent by the British Museums went on
display Scptonbo G 17th at the Cc.r:.i'. tTa Exhibition at the Royal
Academy in London.

A ASTRONONMY CLUB, sponsored by the Extra Mual Department U W,.,I will
soon be functioning in Belize Cityo

The Club will sponsor discussions, observations and a
variety of partial projects connected with Astronodmy e og telescope
building, meteor observations and satellite tracking

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